Until a couple of years ago my wife, Amy, and I both worked for the police. More specifically, she was with the vice squad and I worked in fraud. So each day we would go in together, team up with our respective partners and do our days work until it was time to go home – same as most jobs, just not your usual employer.

From time to time, if a big bust was going down, we both understood that the other would have to go incognito and may be away for sometimes days and other times weeks until the job was done, so it wasn’t unusual when Amy told me that the Chief had asked her to go undercover to infiltrate an organised crime syndicate and gather enough evidence to bring a prosecution into place.

I knew better than to ask her any details of the investigation, but wasn’t surprised that she’d been selected having proved on many previous jobs that she was the best in the department at this kind of work. One of the reasons for this was that Amy looked stunning and guys that should know better kept falling for her. At 37, she looked ten years younger and had a figure – 35C 26 36 -that should have graced the pages of a glossy magazine rather than being covered in police issue uniform.

After 15 years of marriage she had kept better than I had at 39 and despite the fact that I was still blown away with her looks, we had settled into a fairly mundane routine of work and weekends and were guilty as other married couples of taking each other for granted.

Anyway, Amy went off undercover and I got on with my job, but you know how it is when you get the feeling that things aint right, but can’t put your finger on it. Usually, she’d be able to give me some idea about what she was expected to do, but this time she seemed particularly close lipped about it. I put it down to me misreading the situation, but something kept gnawing away at me – like she was going to have to do something that she knew I wouldn’t like.

I was on a day off when, after eight days, Amy came home – briefly – “Look honey, I can’t stop. I’m right in the middle of this thing and it’s big, but I gotta get me some more clothes seeing as it’s likely that I’ll be gone longer than I thought”.

She looked animated and excited like I hadn’t seen for a long time – and I didn’t get the feeling it was anything to do with seeing me. I watched her as she ran up the stairs and within 5 minutes she was back again, suitcase in hand making for the door.

“Hey, hey!”, I called ” What about a kiss for your old man?” and she darted over, pecked me on the cheek and ran out to the unmarked car parked out front. The speed of her visit and her indifference towards me got me thinking and while I tried to put it down to the pressure of the op they were on, something kept niggling……………………

I went upstairs and started to look around. What had Amy taken with her? I felt guilty as I began checking through her wardrobe, but I’m a cop and know when things aren’t how they should be. As I searched I made a mental inventory of what I knew she had taken and that was when I started to get concerned. Amy didn’t have a lot in the way of sexy lingerie, but every piece of what I would call her better items were missing – lacy panties, low cut bras, hold-up stockings….all gone! I checked her hanging rails and her high heels, cropped shorts, mini skirts, vest tops and sheer, see-through tops were all missing.

My heart was pounding and I could feel the blood pumping through my neck and head fuelled by the suspicion of exactly what sort of mission she was on. Reluctantly, I went over to the wash basket and, having moved all the clothes she had put on top, I found what I had feared – several pairs of Amy’s panties were screwed up and pushed to the bottom.

I picked up the first pair and unscrewed them and saw on the gusset the recognisable stain of dried semen. As I worked my way through her underwear every pair showed the same until I finally got to the last item which was Amy’s favorite g-string. The sides showed evidence of having been ripped off and the gusset was still damp – in fact it was wet and as I put it to my nose I could smell the unmistakeable scent of male spunk in my wife’s underclothes.

I sat down heavily on the edge of the bed and tried to gather my thoughts. What the hell was going on? Now in a normal marriage the husband would challenge the wife on something like this, but in our case Amy was on special ops and I had no idea of knowing when she’d be back. I also knew that I couldn’t go asking around at the department or do anything which could compromise the safety of Amy or any other colleagues involved.

I spent a restless night tossing and turning in our bed and though I tried to push them away I had images of Amy being fucked running through my head. I felt jealous that another man was taking pleasure from my wife’s body and the thoughts of her doing it with someone else and cumming on them, made me hard as I pictured her naked, riding another mans cock.

When I woke up I had formulated a plan to find out what was going on. I knew her log-on ID for the department computer and it didn’t take me long to discover her password written on a slip of paper and tucked behind her police badge which was always left at home on uncover ops.

I went into work as normal and, on the pretext of wanting to do some additional work at home, I signed out a laptop which was set to sign on to the police network when it was fired up.

That evening I set about discovering my wife’s secret. I logged in and checked the schedule which detailed the assignment of each officer in the precinct. Amy was on something called Operation Showdown and what hit me first was the small number of officers assigned. This normally only happened when there was a suspicion that one of our own might be a ‘risk’ through some involvement with the suspect or whatever. Given the nature of the op I would have to be very careful indeed.

I clicked on the Operation Showdown tab and was prompted for Amy’s log-on ID and password – all standard police stuff and the face screen changed to tabs with headings such as Background, Suspects, Evidence, Known Links and so on. As I read the background it became apparent that the principal suspects were four black Americans known to have left LA and relocated to southern Alabama. The IRS had flagged up a suspected huge money laundering operation, believed to be earnings from a prostitution racket with these four guys living the high life, but with no apparent income being recorded.

Having got the drift of the problem I checked the guys out. All four were known to LAPD, but nobody had ever been able to prove that they were living off the proceeds of crime. Potential witnesses had retracted their statements and, in short, the police had never been smart enough to get the evidence required to send them down. I looked at their pics and for all intents and purposes they could have been lawyers or something. Tall, well built, dressed in suits, they looked as respectable as the next man.

When I opened the evidence folder I took a sharp intake of breath. A bank of thumbnail pictures came up, taken from a long distance with a telephoto lens and all showing Amy with these guys. What shocked though, was what she was wearing; Amy had on a tight vest and was obviously braless underneath. Even from a distance her nipples clearly stood out in what I guess was early morning coolness. High heels made her 5’9″ body look even more slender and her legs seemed impossibly long in a short mini skirt.

Amy looked like a slut as she stood holding the arm of one of the men I recognised from his profile as Jerome Jackson. It looked like the surveillance snaps had been taken at 10 second intervals and I watched Amy and the men walk from the front door of a big house to a waiting car. Jerome then held Amy close as she kissed him and I could see his right hand holding her breast as she flattened her body against him.

The next two shots were where I got my lucky break. The photo panned out to take in more of the scene, including the front of the house and the second followed the car down the road ….and I recognised where it was!

More photos captured Amy out at clubs and other private houses, mostly hanging onto the arm of the same guy, but a sequence of five, taken at night through an uncurtained window of the house showed Amy standing, clearly naked, legs apart with her back arched and hips forward and sandwiched between two of the black guys in the other pictures. These had been taken at a closer range and I could see Jerome, the larger of the two men with his hips positioned between my wife’s legs and there was no doubt that Amy was being penetrated by him. The second man stood behind her with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks and her breasts held in his large hands.

The first four shots were all similar, but the fifth showed Jerome standing with his big hands on her ass cheeks as my wife wrapped her legs around his back and her arms round his neck as they kissed. I stared for a long time at this image of my wife fucking a guy with another man, or even men, in the same room. Amy was very prudish when it came to sex and had been angry when I once suggested we visit a naturist beach on vacation…………..

“There’s no way I’m gonna have a load of men I don’t know looking me over. I think it’s disgusting that you’d want other men to see me naked – you’re turning into some kind of pervert!”

I never mentioned it again! She obviously didn’t feel like that now!

I sat there stunned. I mean, I knew that sometimes in Vice the female cops had to dress up as hookers and parade themselves on the streets to lure punters who were then arrested. I knew that playing a role to infiltrate an organisation often included female cops who would have to flirt with suspects and even get into light petting with them, but surely full blown fucking was not expected. Besides, Amy had always said that the idea of fucking a black guy was something she could never do, but what I’d just seen, said otherwise!

That night I dreamt of Amy being fucked. I dreamt of Amy with her legs apart as a thick black cock slid backwards and forwards, in and out of her cunt. I dreamt of Amy cumming as Jerome fucked her standing up in the middle of his living room……….and I was their audience! As I slowly awoke these images remained clear in my mind and I was unable to stop myself from stroking my own hardness to orgasm as the endless tape of Amy fucking Jerome played in my head.

I had to know what was going on or else I’d go mad. I’d recognised the road from a job I’d been on a couple of years before and I could sure find the big house I’d seen in the photo. So that night, as it got dark, I parked about a mile away and started to walk. I soon spotted the police cruiser where the surveillance officer was armed with a camera and positioned myself where I could see both them and the house.

After an hour in the shadows, cars began to arrive at the house and I could see the place getting busy inside through the window where the shots of my wife had been taken. Then, Jerome moved around closing the drapes and the view was shut off – both to me and the cruiser.

I walked across the road and straight through the gateway of the house next door – just as if I lived there, made my way round the back and hopped over the dividing fence, hoping to hell that no lights, or worse, dogs appeared. The back yard remained dark and silent except for the dull beat of music coming from inside the house. I let my eyes get accustomed to the dark and then took a look about. No dogs, no lights, no security system, but there was a low sloping roof leading to an open bedroom window.

I was soon into the house and checked the room out. It didn’t show any sign of being in current use and no light showed around the door. I opened it quietly onto a darkened landing. Music, light and talk came from one end where it appeared to open up into a large galleried area – too risky if someone came upstairs. No. There had to be another way, so I climbed back out onto the sloping roof and crept along to the end and got lucky. There were two, high ventilation windows with a perfect view of the gallery and the room below and no chance of being seen.

The window was slightly open and as I took in the scene the sound drifted up to me.

Amy was easy to spot. She had a long dress on I’d never seen before, made of a white, almost transparent fabric, which scooped down at the back to just above her butt crack and plunged deeply at the front to her navel. She had no bra on and as she walked about I could see her breasts move beneath the thin layer covering them. I guessed she was wearing a string because I couldn’t see the dark triangle of pubic hair at the front.

The was one other girl in the room and she looked about 25, a little shorter than Amy, dark skinned and black hair. She wore the same style dress and it did nothing to disguise the fact that she too was naked, or nearly, underneath.

Every other person in the room was male and black. I counted 42 of them. All smartly dressed and talking politely to the two women.

Amy was more animated than I had seen her in years and at first I thought she was drunk until I realised she didn’t have a glass in her hand. Then it hit me – she was high! I would guess that she’d been given a cocktail of drugs because she looked alert and spaced out at the same time. And she definitely hitting on the men in the room; leaning forwards so her dress fell away and her tits hung free, and standing so close that her pussy would press against a thigh as she talked.

As I watched with a mixture of shock and amazement, the lights were dimmed and the place went quiet.

“Gentlemen. Will you please move away from the centre of the room.” and the crowd parted, revealing a thick, white circular rug, maybe 20feet across.

A low, slow beat began and the centre of the rug was illuminated by 2 spot lights, one of which was directly below my window making it impossible to be seen from the room. I stood up a bit to get a better view as Amy and the girl moved to face each other below me. They swayed and moved in time to the beat and approached each other until they were, hip to hip, breast to breast and their lips locked in a deep kiss.

The men applauded as each girl took hold of the other’s straps and slowly slid their dress off until it fell to the floor at their feet. I had been wrong about my wife wearing a string and I could see how I’d been mistaken. Neither she, nor the girl, had any pubic hair and as they broke their kiss, they took it in turns to lead the other around the room to be admired by the crowd. Then they walked to the edge of the room where Jerome stood and bit by bit they stripped him naked and on their knees, one on each side, began to kiss and lick his cock to erection. It looked about 8 inches long, so not much bigger than mine, but it was half as thick again and solid, jet black. He then lay on the floor with it pointing upwards.

He crooked a finger at Amy, beckoning her until she stood astride his hips with her back to him and lowered herself until the tip of his thick cock was just touching the area between her legs. I watched as she closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and very, very slowly sank onto Jerome’s black rod. His hands moved up her slim body and grasped her breasts, pulling her back onto him so they lay back facing the ceiling.

I caught my breath at what I saw. Jerome’s cock was buried, full length, in Amy’s ass and he had used his feet against the inside of her ankles to push her legs wide apart so that her shaved cunt was displayed to the watching group. Everything I was seeing was a further shock as my wife had never let me anywhere near her ass and on the couple of times I’d tried she’d left me in no doubt that there was no way that was going to happen. Yet he she was, willingly impaled on Jerome and what’s more, enjoying it.

I heard Jerome say, “Which one of you black studs wants to be the first to fuck this beautiful white cunt?” and then to Amy, he said “You got something’ to tell them Babe?.”

Amy seemed to be looking straight at me as she said,

“I’m a dirty white slut and I want to be fucked by your big, black cocks!”

The men encircling the rug removed their clothes and once they were naked, Jerome slid Amy off his cock and she lay on her back, with her knees drawn up and legs apart as a guy of about 25 knelt between them and drove his cock into her and I heard some very familiar words……

“Mmmmm……that feels sooo good!”, the same words she always used when we made love, but then she added words I hadn’t heard before, “Your cock feels so big…..it’s filling me up,” and I watched as this young stud clenched his buttocks and drove himself into my wife who responded by raising her hips to take him fully into her.

He didn’t last long and with a few rapid thrusts, he emptied his balls into my wife’s willing vagina and moved away. I saw lips of her cunt hang open and cum begin to leak out just before an older, heavier man took his turn with my wife who by now had her head turned to the side sucking and stroking a big black cock.

I realised that this man was bigger than the first as I saw Amy’s eyes widen and she moaned “Oh! OH!”, around the cock in her mouth. This guy was probably mid forties and was taking his time with her, using much longer strokes before burying himself deep inside her cunt, eliciting a grunt from her every time.

By now, Amy had another cock in her free hand and some of the guys were taking their pleasure with the other girl. The man fucking her quickened his pace until he yelled and stabbed his cock deep in and spunked up her. As he got up and moved away, I got a glimpse of his softening cock and realised why my wife had sworn. I’d guess he was at least 9 inches long and that must have reached to her cervix as he pushed right into her.

One by one these black men took their turn being sucked by, or fucking Amy, and as they did I looked at the men who were standing about, waiting for their opportunity and I spotted three with what can only be described as mutant cocks. Now, I know that it isn’t just a myth that black guys have bigger cocks than whites, but these three were truly alpha males when it came to sexuality. All were well over 6feet tall and all were incredible physical specimens – well built, without being over muscled and without an ounce of surplus fat on their bodies. But, what focussed my attention, was their massive cocks. Not one of them was less than 12 inches long, as thick as Amy’s ankle and had a heavy ball sack that hung between their legs. I’d heard of men who’d been described as ‘black bulls’ and now I saw that they really did exist.

They watched as, one after another, more than twenty men fucked my wife and, as each delivered his spunk into her by now red and swollen vagina, the pool of white cum she was lying in, spread.

As if they had been waiting for the right moment, the three of them moved in as a team and pushed aside a man who had been just about to take his turn. Amy looked up and her eyes widened in horror at what she saw. “Oh God! No! I can’t take that. You’ll kill me!”

She closed her legs together, drew her knees up and started to raise herself on her elbows. One of the team quickly dropped onto the rug at her head and grasping a nipple with each hand, pulled her sharply backwards so she was lying back.

“Open your legs, slut!” he commanded, but my wife drew them closer to her body. “I said, open your legs now!” he repeated. Still she ignored him and then he spoke to the other two “Open the slut up for me.”

The two studs each took hold of one of Amy’s ankles and swung her legs back until her feet were either side of her shoulders and her already well fucked cunt, leaking the cum of 23 men, was lewdly displayed to the crowd. Pinned like this she had no way of resisting and the first stud moved around and placed the head of his foot long cock between her labia and slowly began to open her up.

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