Sian was at work on the Saturday when a tearful Tara arrived at work. She had told her boyfriend of 2 years what she was now doing for a living while she was away at University. She had been away from her Yorkshire home for over a year now and had been pretty homesick at first. She had settled in now though.

“What’s happened?” Said a shocked Sian when Tara burst out crying.

“I told Simon what I’d been doing working here.” She said through her tears.

“And he didn’t take it well I’m guessing.” Sian replied, stating a bit of an obvious fact.

“No.” She went on. “He called me some horrible things, then threw the phone down, saying he never wanted to see him again.”

“That’s horrible.” Sian said, hugging her in an effort to comfort her. “Don’t take any notice of what he said, don’t start hating yourself for what you do again.”

“But I am just a whore.” She cried. “He’s right, I’m worth nothing.”

“Don’t ever believe that.” Sian told her. “You’re a strong, independent woman. You’re in charge of your life, and don’t ever forget that.”

Tara calmed down soon enough. She was still upset, but Sian’s kind words and plenty of coffee from Rose the made helped her feel better. She had really loved him, that’s why he didn’t want to deceive him anymore. She had kind of hoped that Simon would understand and cope with it like Ross had with Sian. He didn’t though, and Tara could see why. Who would way a girlfriend that slept with men for money?

Sian and Rose urged her to take the day off and curl up at home in front of the tv, the best remedy for a split according to Sian. She told her that Alison would easily cover her shift. Tara refused though, saying that she would only sit around moping more. She was determined to work this shift and keep busy. The more men the better was her way of thinking.

Tara’s first couple of customers were just standard personal services, just the quick suck and a fuck service. She really gave them a good seeing to though, thinking that Simon was going to call her a slut, she would act like the biggest slut she could.

She then got the sort of client she needed, a double with Sian. The man paid the full £300 for the full service, lesbian show, the full works. This would be the first time she had been with Sian, she had worked with the other girls, but not her.

The man was in his mid 30′s, nice looking, with a reasonable body.

“Let’s be really dirty for him.” Tara said to Sian. “I’m going to give this bloke the fuck of his life.”

“Come on then, let’s do it then.” Sian agreed. “You sure you’re ok for this?”

“Yeah, it’s the only way I’m going to forget about what’s happened.” Tara replied.

The 2 girls decided to undress on the landing, giggling like schoolgirls as they did. They walked in absolutely naked, giving the man quite a shock as they did. His flaccid cock was soon getting hard as he caught an eyeful of the girls lush bodies, his eyes unashamedly looking and their tits and pussies.

“Would you like to watch us for a while?” Tara asked him. “You can joint in any time you want.”

The man nodded, he seemed happy for her to take control.

Tara and Sian started off with a sloppy, wet kiss, exploring mouths with their tongues, running fingers over naked flesh. Tara lovingly licked and caressed Sian’s breasts, she could feel herself starting to get really wet now.

Sian was also soaking by the time they fell into a 69 and tasted each other. Tara went on top, holding Sian’s lips apart so she could work on her better. When she did finally look up at the man, he was staring intently, slowly wanking his rock hard 7″ cock. She smiled at him and motioned for him to join them.

Sian groaned louder again when she felt the man’s tongue start working on her hole. Tara still concentrated on her clit while her tongue fucked her.

“Lick her arsehole while I make her come.” Tara instructed him. Sian had never heard or seen her like this before, maybe this was just the way she decided to deal with her heartbreak, the client just thought it was his lucky day!

He did as he was told, expertly rimming Sian, ocassionally probing a little deeper inside her anus. When Sian came, she nearly leapt off the bed. She clamped her lips over Tara’s clit, rolling it gently between her teeth. This in turn triggered off Tara’s orgasm, making her grind her pussy onto Sian’s face

When Tara opened her eyes, the man was now standing and wanking much harder, his cock level with her face. She put her lips around his tip and stopped him from wanking, making it clear that she was going to see that he came.

Tara immediately deep throated him down to the stump, making him shudder with pleasure. She wasted no time, sucking him as hard as she could, taking his entire length in her mouth each time.

Within a few strokes, Tara felt the familiar warm, salty taste of spunk hitting the back of her throat. She took the first 3 jets in her mouth, swallowing them, before moving her head away and letting the remaining semen go over her face & Sian’s pussy.

“Sorry to keep you down there so long darling!” Tara said to Sian, finally letting her up for air.

“Don’t worry about me, that was lovely.” She confirmed.

The man also looked pleased with himself, he had 2 girls that were going well beyond what most working girls would do.

The 3 of them spent the remainder of the hour sucking, licking and fucking. Both girls took the man anally and vaginallly before Sian made him come in her mouth, sharing his seed with Tara before they swallowed it.

“Jesus!” Sian exclaimed after they had seen the man out. “You were like a woman possessed then!”

“Well, he thinks I’m a whore so I’m going to act like a whore.” Tara replied. “I hope I wasn’t too over the top!”

“Course you weren’t babe.” Sian said, giving her a hug and little kiss on the cheek. “I really enjoyed that. And don’t worry about what he said, you enjoy yourself however you want. It’s your body.”

Tara felt better. She kept on having down moments thinking about what Simon had said to her, but she knew the worst was over. The job may have cost her a boyfriend, but it was all she had at the moment. She made up her mind that she would steer clear of relationships for a while, she also made herself promise to be up front with the next man she got close to.

For the whole shift that day, Tara acted like a complete slut. She swallowed come from at least 4 different clients, and again let a man have her without protection. She didn’t seem to be able to control herself.

Over the next few days she carried on like this, giving the ultimate service to her clients, and also picking up random men in bars for sex. Tara knew that this was risky be she went ahead and did it anyway. Within a week of the split, she picked up 3 different men in bars around town, 2 that she took home for the night, and 1 gave a blowjob in the toilets.

The following weekend Sian was again working with her. Tara confessed to what she had been up to in the week, which shocked Sian a bit.

“You really need to be careful.” Sian told her. “Look, I don’t want to sound like your mother or anything, but you need to look after yourself.”

“I know.” Tara agreed. “I just couldn’t stop myself. I told myself no but just couldn’t help it.”

Sian could see her beginning to fill up as if she was going to cry again. She didn’t though, biting her lip and stopping herself.

“I went and had an STI test today.” Tara told her. “I have to confess, I’ve done a couple of the customers without condoms too. I’m really sorry.”

“Bloody hell Tara.” Sian said. “You’ve really put yourself at risk here.”

“I know.” She replied. “I just lost it a little bit. Have you never done that then? You must have slipped up at some stage.”

“Well yes.” Sian admitted honestly. “I’ve done it a couple of times and felt awful afterwards. Don’t say anything to Ross though will you?”

“Course I won’t.” Tara said.

“Just promise me you’ll look after yourself.” Sian urged her. “Get this check back and draw a line under it.”

Tara took it on board, she made a promise to herself to stop taking risks and start using protection again. She stuck to it as well, going back to protection with customers and cutting out the one night stands.

It was the Friday of the next week that Tara got results back, they were negative. She felt a huge relief. She also knew that she needed a follow up test in 6 months, but the negative was a big boost for her.

The following weekend Rose got a call from a man wanting to make a booking. He had a special request, he wanted to film a video, set in the parlour.

“What do you think?” Rose asked Sian after she had explained his proposition.

“I’ll have to run it past Ross first.” Sian answered her. “I’ll do it though, why not.”

Sian explained it to Ross later that night. Basically, the man wanted to film a Bukkake scene. He said that he had between 20 and 30 men lined up, and wanted them all to fuck the girls, then come over their faces. It was pretty extreme but most girls wouldn’t consider this.

The director offered them £2000 to film the scene, and said it probably wouldn’t take more than a day to film. This seemed like the easiest £500 they would ever earn.

“What do you think?” Sian asked Beth on the phone that night.

“Sounds like easy money to me.” Beth replied. “I’ve done porn once before, it wasn’t that much fun but it pays well.”

“That’s the main thing.” Sian said. “Tara is on for it, I just need to check with Alison tomorrow now.”

Sian and Alison were working at the house on the Monday, this gave Sian plenty of time to run the idea by her.

“Bloody hell!” Alison said. “I think that’ll be a bit much for me.”

“Oh come on!” Sian begged her. “It’ll be fun! Ross and one of his mates are coming over to keep them in line, and they’ll all be tested beforehand.”

“I don’t know.” She said. “Let me sleep on it.”

Alison called and accepted the offer a couple of days. Sian had predicted that she would. Alison always seemed to be the most reserved of the 4 girls that worked there, but she too could be wild when she let her hair down.

Sian called the director and let him know the job was on. They sorted out the date on the following Sunday. The man explained that the session would be very simple. He would just film the oral and fucking, then the men would line up for the cumshot at the end.

On the Sunday, the girls arrived at 12pm, followed by the director and 2 other men with cameras. They allowed them to set up in the main bedroom, getting the light right, and the angles all sorted.

The director introduced himself as Joe, he was about 40 and in good shape. The other 2 lads were in their early 20′s, skinny looking men that didn’t have a real job. They probably didn’t get paid much but did get to have some fun on the set.

The girls were now ready in their underwear as the men started to arrive. They were young, old, fat, thin, black, white, everything. Some were good looking, others clearly not so. It was a real mixed bag of men. The girls even recognised a few of the faces.

“Right people.” Joe started. “I want the girls in the centre of the room obviously. Only rule is that no-one comes until the end. If you think you’re going to blow your load, stop. I need you all to be ready for the big finale.”

They all agreed. The girls then took centre stage, peeling off their underwear, waiting for the men to join them. The first few stepped forward, bringing a selection of different sized cocks for them to work on. The smallest was a tiny 4″, the largest about 7. The girls began to suck them, switching back and forth between them.

More and more men were now arriving at the flat. Rose was seeing them in, inviting them through to the living room area. Ross was now overseeing the organisation. He was filling the men in on what was needed while Joe and his assistants filmed the action. A few of the brothel regulars had also called by and been invited in to join.

When Ross went back in to see what was happening, all of the girls were now being taken in a variety of different positions. Each of them also had a cock in their mouthes, lazily giving blowjobs, trying not to make the men one yet. As men pulled out, another was always ready to take their place, the girls never had time to think about what was happening.

This carried on for the best part of an hour before Joe called to cut the action. He had always said that he wouldn’t stop the action too often, so it was more natural. The girls were just about ready for a break by now. When Alison made her excuses and went to the loo, one of the cameramen followed her to film it. Despite her weak attempts to tell him where to go, he persisted, Alison eventually letting him film her pee.

“Would any of you girls consider doing a golden shower scene?” Joe asked them.

There was no reply at first, then Tara came forward and offered her services.

“I’ll do it.” She said. “I don’t want any on my face though, just aim it at my tits.”

Six of them went through to the bathroom to shoot, Joe, Tara and four of the men. They all took turns to pee

over her tits, sending their warm, golden streams over her pert chest. Tara smiled and played with her tits as they peed on them, washing herself thoroughly with the stuff. Joe was delighted with the stuff he was getting here, all of this was a complete bonus.

Back in the bedroom, Sian was chatting to Ross, while Alison and Beth were deep in conversation with a few of the lads.

“Will any of you girls do Anal or DP?” Joe asked them.

All of them shook their heads to agree it was ok, the thought of the £500 spurring them on.

“Don’t worry.” Joe continued. “This won’t take long. The way we edit it makes it look like we got more footage than we have.”

Joe got the girls lined up on the bed on all fours. They spent the next 10 minutes being fucked anally by a large selection of men. Each man took no more than about 30 seconds before letting another in. It was a filthy sight, the girls were beyond caring who was about to enter next by this point.

They were once again given a bit of a break while Joe and his crew got ready for the DP scene. Joe kept this much more organised. He kept the number down to 3 men for each girl, making it much easier to supervise. He had the men rotating positions for the next 5 minutes until he signalled that he had enough.

The girls all now looked pretty worn out, they had been going for a good 2 hours now and they were all getting a bit sore by now.

“Right then.” Joe announced. “It’s Bukkake time.”

He was ready to film his grand finale now. For this part, the men would simply file in, come over one of the girls and then leave. As crude as it was, that was it, the reality of porn. Joe also now stripped down, announcing that he too would be joining in for this part. He also signalled to Ross and his friend that they were welcome to join in.

The girls all knelt on the floor as the first gang of men came to join them. There were about 10 of them in the room at any one time, all working on their erections, getting ready for the action call.

The first of the men came over Beth’s face within seconds of Joe calling action. He was one of the older men, his come dripping out onto her chin. A second man then came over Beth a couple of seconds late, spurting a large load over her. Other men were soon firing loads of spunk over the other girls. Joe and his crew were filming happily filming as an ever growing line of men filed through the room, dumping their loads all over the girls.

After about 15 minutes around half of the men had fired their loads over the girls and were leaving. Joe was urging the rest on, as were the girls, talking dirty to the men, telling them to come over them. Each of them looked a complete mess now, there entire bodies splashed with the sticky liquid.

Ross had now made his way in and picked his wife to join. Sian sucked him, looking him in the eye, covered in strangers come. It was a surreal situation that Ross would never have believe he would be in just a year ago. He soon grunted and let go a torrent of semen over his wife’s face. She now had the stuff all over her face, in her hair, and all over her body.

After another 10 minutes it was done. Pretty much all of the men had deposited their loads over the now messy girls. All of them were thoroughly smeared in come, looking and feeling like a complete mess. Joe was delighted with the footage he had got. He promised to be in touch as soon as the film was edited, leaving with a huge grin on his face.

The girls cleaned up and sat to enjoy a well earned beer in the living room. They had actually quite enjoyed their day, and were delighted when Ross handed them each a large roll of notes.

Tired but happy, the new porn stars left work. They would have to go some to top this.

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