Sian finally got the weekend off that she had so looked forward to. Beth also took a few days off allowing the new girls, Tara and Alison to take over most of the work. Tara was the youngest of the girls, a quiet, petit student of only 21. Alison was older at 33 and more outgoing, but they got on well, enjoying working together.

Alison would enjoy another first today. Her first threesome with 2 men. She had racked up quite a number of conquests over the years but never had she had 2 at once. She was more than happy to try this.

The lads were Sian’s regulars, the 2 geeky looking lads that she had seen 3 times now. They wanted to see Sian when they came in but were more than happy to try someone new.

“Rose tells me that you boys are regulars?” Alison asked them as she went in to start. “I hope I can be as good as Sian.”

“I’m sure you will be.” One of the lads replied.

“Will you do Double Penetration?” The other asked.

“I’ll see how it goes.” Alison replied. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Is Anal ok though?” The first lad asked. He was the arse worshipper, it was a bit of an obsession to him.

“That’s fine.” Alison replied. She didn’t have much Anal experience, most of her sexual experience had been straight forward, no nonsense fucking. She had only really had one long term lover in her life, he had introduced her to the delights of Anal sex, but it had been a rare treat rather than a matter of course. Alison realised though that this was a must in her work, she would lose to many clients otherwise.

Alison took their cash back to Rose and let the lads get ready. She made sure that she had her essentials, lubricant and condoms, then went for it. She knew she had to make this good, they had paid her £200 for this.

The lads were undressed and ready when she came back in. Alison wasted no time in kneeling in front of them to suck their cocks. She knew what they wanted, the full porn star experience, and she was going to give them it. She gave them each about 10 strokes before she swapped back to the other, keeping on wanking them while she sucked the other.

Alison was really getting into this now. Although they were paying to use her body, she felt like she had control over them. She could do what she wanted, make them come whenever she wanted. It felt good.

They soon moved onto the bed, Alison removing her knickers and bra before she laid down and opened her legs. One of the lads wasted no time getting down to taste her rapidly moistening slit. She tasted divine, he buried his head and lapped up as much of her juice as possible. Alison was finding it hard to concentrate on sucking the other man, and within a couple of minutes was coming. She gasped as the man clamped his lips over her clitoris, shaking and bucking her hips as a powerful orgasm washed over her.

The man licking her then started to nudge a cock inside her. Alison knew she should check that he had a condom on, but felt too weak to even ask him. She had continued to suck the other man, and was now beginning to taste the salty pre-come that was starting to flow. He was close now.

After a few more seconds, he pulled his cock out of Alison’s mouth and began to shoot his load. He semen was raining down on her face, some landing in her mouth, some going in her hair.

She was a complete mess but had no time to compose herself as the other man was fucking her hard now. He seemed to be spurred on by the sight of his mate coming all over her and also pulled out, ripping off the condom and shooting bolt after bolt of his come over her tits, stomach and pussy.

Alison just laid back, she was out of breath and covered on spunk, what a sight she thought!

“Do you mind if I take a picture of you?” One of the lads asked her.

She would have usually said no, but she liked these lads, she had the feeling that they wouldn’t show them around. Anyway, why care even if they did? It might mean more business!

“Go on then!” She replied.

The lad pulled an iPhone out of the pocket of his jeans and snapped off a load of pictures. Alison held her messy slit open for him, showing her moist pink hole, now gooey with white come. He got a few close ups of her face and was done.

The boys sat back and relaxed while Alison cleaned herself up. She took a few moments to wipe up the huge amount of semen they had deposited on her.

“Do you do rimming?” One of the boys asked when she joined them on the bed. This was a little kink that Sian had introduced them to.

“What me rim you?” Alison asked.

“If you don’t mind.” He continued. “Sian really got me into it.”

“I don’t think so.” Alison told him. She didn’t really want to turn him down as she really liked both of them, this was a but much for her though.

“Look I don’t mind either of you doing it to me.” She said said straight after. “I’ve just never done it before, and I can’t say it appeals.”

Both lads nodded, not looking to bothered that Alison wasn’t prepared to do this for them. She began to work their soft cocks back to life, kneeling between them and giving them head alternately.

Alison then knelt up on all fours, getting ready to suck the lad on the rights cock.

“So do you want to lick my arsehole then?” She asked the other.

He was up in a shot, she didn’t need to ask him twice. He started by dipping a finger in her wet pussy, then rubbing it gently around her anus. He then started to lick, flicking his tongue lightly over her bumhole at first, then starting to circle it. She had never tried this before, always thinking that she wouldn’t enjoy it. The man knew what he was doing though and was now starting to enter her tight ring with his tongue.

The man then introduced a finger into her bumhole, taking it easy at first, before easing another finger into her. Alison knew what was coming, his fingers were soon replaced by his sheathed cock. There was a brief shooting pain as he first entered her, although this soon subsided. He started to fuck her slowly now, pushing his cock all the way in, then withdrawing all the way so only the tip was still inside her.

Alison had almost forgotten the cock in front of her. Once she was settled with a cock in her arse, she started to work on the 8″ cock in her mouth. She was soon sucking him again with long, lusty strokes, taking almost his entire length into her mouth.

The lads then changed places, his friend now probing Alison’s arsehole with his tongue. This again was just a prelude for the cock about to be thrust into her. Alison was loving the feeling of the 8″ inside her. His cock wasn’t as thick as the other but the length made it feel delightful.

“Can we try the DP then?” One of the boys asked her.

“Yeah, no problem.” She answered. “Just take it easy on me, I really haven’t ever done this before.

Alison rolled a fresh condom onto the cock she was sucking and got astride him. The man then held her bum cheeks apart, allowing her friend to enter her again. Alison screaming at first, it was quite a shock, feeling so amazingly full.

The boys started to fuck her slowly, one thrusting as the other pulled back. They were now quite well practised in this art after their sessions with Sian. The man in her arse was the first to come again, thrusting deep into her and releasing his load into the condom. The other lad was taking a bit longer, so Alison offered him her arse again, knowing this would tip him over the edge. It only took him another minute once he swapped holes, shooting another load inside her.

The hour was over. It had flown by in the end, although the prolonged anal session had left Alison feeling a little sore down there. She had still enjoyed the experience though, the job was certainly not boring.

Tara had been picking up a steady stream of full personal services while Alison was busy. It had taken her a while to settle in at the house, she hadn’t really opened up much for the first few weeks she was there. Beth though, had managed to get her to open up a bit more on a really quiet day.

She confessed the Beth that she was really hating herself for selling her body, and it was really starting to get to her. She had also confessed that he hadn’t told her boyfriend about her job too and was petrified about being found out.

Beth had told her that she needed to separate her feelings from the job. The only way to carry on was to put all of the thoughts about her boyfriend to the back of her mind. If not, this wasn’t the job for her. Tara had been thinking about these words for the past week, deciding to give it one more weekend or to get out.

The few customers she had seem that morning had been ok, one of them though had really helped her. He was about 40 and was a real gentleman too. The sex they’d had was superb too, he had spent ages going down on her, making her come twice before she did the same for him. This was the first experience she had enjoyed in the house.

Later that day, she had another memorable client. A man in his mid thirties came in and immediately picked Tara, asking for the full service, with absolutely everything included. He paid £200 as he was also wanting watersports. Tara had always balked at this before, but after what Beth had said, she decided that she was going to go for everything. It helped that he was extremely good looking with a fantastic looking body. She really fancied this one.

When Tara went back into the room, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The man’s cock was absolutely huge, by far the largest she had ever seen. His body was a fantastic specimen, not overly muscled, just fantastically fit. Tara’s only worry was now whether she could take his huge length. Still, she was going to enjoy trying.

They settled together on the bed and began kissing, Tara stroking his huge member, feeling him grow in her hand. She couldn’t resist breaking off for a moment and taking a look at it. He was somewhere around 10″ she thought, not massively thick, but huge nonetheless.

Tara was desperate to taste him now, so she knelt between his legs and started to lick his shaft. She was adoring the earthy taste, taking in every inch as she teased him. Tara maintained eye contact with him at all times, she was now taking the tip into her mouth. For the next few minutes, she alternated between taking him in her mouth and licking his balls. The man was loving this, so Tara traced her tongue down his perineum, teasing him closer and closer to his arsehole.

“Pull you legs back.” She told him. “I’ve got a little treat for you.”

He smiled and did as he was told, allowing Tara access to his anus. She flicked her tongue across his hole a few times, before finally starting to settle into eating his hole. She also managed to continue wanking him slowly as she rimmed him, he was getting close to coming now, Tara could tell.

She then went back to his cock, clamping her mouth around his piece, wanking him hard. It took no more than a few more seconds before Tara felt a warm gush hit the back of her throat. She took on another half a dozen huge spurts before he subsided, choosing to swallow rather than spit as usual, she literally sucked him dry.

The man then took no time changing places with Tara, laying her down and spreading her legs. She was already soaking after what had happened so far, the man just dived in, giving her wet slit a real tongue lashing. He buried his head, firstly working on her outer lips, before heading deeper into her hole, then concentrating on her clitoris.

Tara came easily, he knew what he was doing, she shook with the intensity of her orgasm. The man then pushed her legs back and returned the compliment by rimming her. He seemed to love her arsehole, pushing his tongue in, working her up into a frenzy, as she came for a second time.

“I want you to piss over me.” Tara then told him, totally out of the blue.

“You sure you don’t mind?” The man replied, taken aback by how forward she was.

“Course I don’t mind.” Tara told him. “You’ve paid for it after all.”

She led him to the bathroom, and joined him in the bath, kneeling in front of him. He aimed at her tits at first, letting his golden stream out over her ample chest. It was soon a massive flow, as if he hadn’t been for a week. Tara was loving every second of this, and would have let him do just about anything he wanted by now.

Tara then returned the favour for him, pissing all over his chest and cock as he laid in the bath. The man had a huge smile on his face as she squat over him, keeping eye contact all the time.

The man was rock hard again now, they took a shower together, kissing and touching almost like a real couple would. This was the closest thing to real, normal sex Tara had experienced in the house. Once they had dried off, they made their way back to the bed and carried on. Tara sucked his cock again, she just couldn’t leave it alone. She took more and more into her mouth until she had managed all but a couple inches.

“Can I Fuck you in the arse?” The man asked.

“Yeah, course you can.” Tara told him. “Please take it slow though, I’ve never had anything like that up there before! And you don’t have to use a condom if you don’t want to.”

“Seriously?” He asked her. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“No. It’s fine.” Tara said. “Just don’t tell my boss, I’ll get sacked. It’s strictly against the rules.”

Tara laid back and spread her legs for him, he entered her without any resistance, inch by inch until he was fully inside her. He fucked Tara hard, making her scream with pleasure, slipping in and out of her slick pussy with ease. She had to stop him after a few minutes as he only had a a few minutes left.

Tara got on all fours and lubricated her arsehole, handing the tub to the man to apply some to his cock. He again licked her tight hole and inserted a couple of fingers to get her used to it. She cried out in pain as he edged the tip of his cock into her anus, it felt absolutely massive. He slowly pushed until about half of his length was inside her, then started to slowly fuck her, pushing his cock a little further in each time. It didn’t take long before he was buried up to the hilt in her arse, fucking her a bit harder. Tara was screaming still, more with pleasure than pain now.

The man then made a loud, long groan and held her by the hips. She felt the warm gush of his come spurting out into her arsehole, it felt wonderful, just the sort of sex she had needed for so long. She did have one sobering moment of guilt as the man withdrew, feeling the trickle of his semen starting to leak from her bum. She knew she shouldn’t have had unprotected sex, but she couldn’t do anything about that now.

Later that day, Tara made up her mind that she was going to tell her boyfriend about what she was doing. She needed to unburdon herself, feel free to enjoy this work, either with or without him. One way or another, this would be the new start she needed.

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