With a pleasant sigh, I rolled onto my back and stretched out beneath the covers. Soft morning light streamed in through the window overhead.

I’d just had the most lovely dream.

Except, it hadn’t been a dream at all.

I buried my face in my hands, giggling. Me and Lord Ruvano had made use of every last inch of that gigantic bed last night. I could hardly believe half of what we’d done together. Of course, I’d been so horny I probably would have fucked a table leg. Not that I regretted it in the least.

And why should I have? I’d just had the most incredible night of sex in my entire life and I was waking up in the bed of one of the most influential people in the entire kingdom. There was a new king on the throne, and with the Steward dead, it was a new start for not only the kingdom but me as well. What did I care if I had to make that new start as a woman?

It wasn’t as if my manhood had ever gotten me anything. As a man, I’d always been given the heaviest labor in the palace. I had to jump through hoops just to get a woman’s attention. I was thought of as stupid and slow-witted by everyone who saw me. Why would I ever want to go back to the life of a dirty stable hand?

Now I had beauty and freedom; the best food, the nicest clothes, and the grandest trinkets. Most importantly of all, I’d have people waiting on me for a change instead of the other way around. I’d be a fool to pass all that up.

Even if I one day changed my mind, there didn’t seem to be any rush. Lord Ruvano still had the wand, so I could change back whenever I wanted. For now, I couldn’t see any possible reason why I shouldn’t just enjoy my sudden reversal of fortune.

Lord Ruvano had left early in the morning to attend to all kinds of matters which I was fortunate I’d never have to worry about. Having the room to myself, I dozed in for a while longer, only half awake. So relaxed and comfortable, I could have remained between those soft sheets all day. They were so different than the course linens I was used to.

It was some time later when I was roused by Lord Ruvano’s return. I heard the doors closing behind him and the familiar click of his boots on the floor as he approached the foot of the bed. Then with a quick yank, he jerked the covers right off of my naked body. I let out a shriek, half in surprise, half playful.

“Get up,” he said. “There’s too much that needs to be done today for you to sleep until noon.”

“Is there indeed?” I said.

I would have thought last night would have dampened my sexual appetites somewhat, but seeing him again, I could only think of the pleasure I’d felt with his cock inside me. On all fours, like a cat, I stalked across the bed toward him, my breasts swinging freely with each step. He was looking quite elegant in that black tunic of his, but it was already quite rumpled. It must have been a rough morning. I kneeled before him and grabbed his cock through the front of his pants. It twitched appreciatively.

“I can think of a few things that I’d like to do today as well,” I said.

He smiled, taking a deep breath as I rubbed him. His cock stiffened, its contours becoming more defined as it pressed against his pant leg.

“Mmm, I can hardly believe you still want more. My cock is raw after what you did to it last night.”

My pussy was a bit tender as well, but I’d risk a little pain if I could recapture even a fraction of the pleasure I’d felt last night.

“I hope I didn’t injure you too badly,” I said, opening the front of his trousers. He didn’t resist, merely stared down at me. I reached inside and found his warm shaft waiting for me. Pulling it free, I saw it was every bit as long and hard as I remembered it from last night, though now a slightly brighter shade of red.

I ran my tongue around the swollen head and wrapped my lips around the tip in a sloppy wet kiss. I wanted to taste him again, but my pussy was tingling in anticipation as well. After swirling the head of his cock around in my mouth, savoring the slippery warm flesh against my tongue, I let it pop back out. It slid down my chin, leaving a glistening trail of precum. I licked it from my plump red lips as I looked longingly up at him.

“If you’ve had enough breakfast now,” Lord Ruvano said. “There ARE other matters yet to attend to.”

Reclining back on my elbows, I spread my legs for him, my pussy lips sticky as they parted hungrily. “Please, just a little longer…” I said. Going down onto my back, I began rubbing my breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingertips. “Please…”

Lord Ruvano looked down at me and shook his head as I reached for him with my foot. “Are you sure you’re the same woman I first met those few short days ago?” he said. Gently, he brushed his fingertips across the inside of my leg.

“I’ve always been this woman.” I said, rubbing the underside of his cock with my toes. “I just never knew it until you showed me.”

He smiled and, taking me forcefully by the ankle, pulled me across the bed. As he held my foot over his shoulder, he sank his cock into my tender pussy with a single violent thrust.

I let out a long protracted cry. My warm folds were on fire after last night, but the lightning that raced through my impatient flesh more than made up for the pain. With my hair splayed out across the bedcovers, my body squirmed under him as he began his long, steady thrusts. I bit my lip and clutched the sheets. He crashed into me and I threw my head back. It was just as good as last night. Even better.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I cried in time with his jabs.

I wrapped my other leg around his waist and helped pull myself onto his cock. My breasts jiggled from each impact. I kneaded and mashed them in anxious desire as his cock raked over and over again against the soft flesh inside my pussy. I was going to cum again, just as hard as ever.

But then there a quick knock at the door and Bakoro stepped into the chambers without waiting for a reply. I shrieked for real this time and pulled off of Sir Ruvano as I scrambled to find something to cover myself with. By the time I jumped off the bed, took up the bedcovers laying on the floor, and wrapped myself in them, Bakoro had already gotten quite a show. He didn’t even make any effort to pretend he wasn’t staring. Oddly I didn’t mind all that much. I must have been growing more comfortable in this body than I’d realized.

“Latest dispatches have just come in, m’lord,” Bakoro said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder as his cold eyes remained fixed on me.

“I’ll be right there,” Lord Ruvano said as he casually put his cock back into his pants. I nearly sighed in despair upon seeing that. I would have liked for him to finish. Turning to me, he said, “It’s time for you to get ready.”

“Ready?” I said, readjusting the bed covers but nearly dropping them entirely. “For what?”

Lord Ruvano smiled broadly. “The king has requested a personal audience with you.”

“The king? With me?”

“You must have made quite an impression yesterday. He’s been doing little else but talk about you all morning.”

And why did he want to see me? I hadn’t done anything to catch his eye — at least, not on purpose. And I hadn’t tried to make him think that I was the least bit interested in talking with him either. I knew that he fancied me, but with his wife, there wouldn’t be any chance of him trying anything improper with me. What could he possibly want?

“I’ve summoned servants to help you get cleaned up,” Lord Ruvano said over his shoulder as he started for the door. “There isn’t much help available at the moment so you’ll have to make due with your old friends from the kitchen staff until we find you some proper chambermaids.”

I barely heard him. Bakoro had continued staring at me until the last possible moment, the lust plain in his eyes. Despite Lord Ruvano’s warning to the contrary, he still wanted to have his way with me. At that moment, I was nearly ready to drop the sheets and let him. Had I really become the whore everyone already thought I was?

The two of them left the room and the promised servants arrived in short order. Greta was again among them. As my bath was being drawn, she approached with eyes respectfully lowered. I almost wished she would make another off color remark about how big my tits were rather than keep addressing me as she did.

“Will you be requiring any Lankshire Root Tea or Banann Leaf Ointment, mistress?”

“What for?”

“Very well,” she said, turning to go, “Your bath will be ready shortly.”

“No,” I said. “I meant, what are they for?”

Greta looked at me as if I’d just asked if water was wet. “The Banann Ointment is for the…soreness…” she said, motioning uncomfortably to her lower regions. I suppose it stood to reason there was little doubt about what had transpired in these chambers last night. “And the Lankshire Root is to prevent a child.”

A child? The possibility had never even crossed my mind. But I WAS now a woman and Lord Ruvano was indeed a man. If I had been trying to get pregnant, the things we’d done last night would have been a good start. My stomach lurched.

“Yes! Both please!”

The tea was dark, foul smelling, and bitter. I nearly gagged swallowing it but wondered if I should ask for a second cup just in case. After bathing, the Banann Ointment did indeed help to sooth my tenderness, but even the finest silk still felt harsh against the sensitive skin between my legs so I chose to go without any kind of panties. The dress which had been selected for this occasion was more conservative than some of the others I’d worn, but it still showed off a great deal of cleavage and hugged my body close enough that it wouldn’t take much imagination to know what I looked like underneath.

Lord Ruvano returned shortly after my preparations were complete and escorted me to the king’s private chambers. I still had no idea why he wanted to see me, especially with Lord Ruvano along as well. It didn’t help my churning stomach any to have my pussy exposed to the air like it was either. With each step and swish of the dress, I was reminded that I was not fully attired. Thinking that I was going to be presented to the king like that caused my cheeks to take on a rosy tint.

Apart from a somber mood still hanging heavily over the rest of the palace, everything seemed more or less to have returned to the way it had been before coup. A few doors showed signs of having been hacked open, but all the blood was gone, the servants again scurried about on their tasks, and the nobility stepped respectfully out of Lord Ruvano’s way.

The room which made up the king’s personal chambers were of a more human scale than the great halls and throne rooms I’d seen yesterday, but the decoration was no less generous. Very few but the highest members of the nobility were ever invited into those rooms. A handful of them were already waiting in the antechamber upon our arrival. With the way they spoke in hushed whispers amongst themselves and glanced at me out of the corners of their eyes, I was thankful to have Lord Ruvano at my side.

The doorkeeper was sent to announce our arrival and within seconds the king’s booming voice shouted that we were to be seen in right away. The gold-chased doors swung open and I took a deep breath. Me and Lord Ruvano walked through with the other nobles filing in behind us. For a personal audience, it apparently wasn’t going to be terribly private.

The room we found ourselves in and everything it contained was starkly white — the carven pillars, the polished floor, the arched ceiling overhead, and even the marble throne. Austere in design as well as decoration, the room was entered through a door in one of the long sides directly across from a matched doorway which stood open and granted views of the gardens beyond. At one end of the room sat the throne atop a short dais, and at the other, the only pieces of furniture which did not conform to the monochromatic pallet: a large, perfectly rectangular block of black granite and a few crates. The way they were cluttered there haphazardly suggested they were new additions which had not yet been properly unpacked or arranged.

Looking just as brazen as he had when last I’d seen him, King Rosenthall jumped from his throne at the sight of me and bounded down the stairs. In the middle of my curtsy, he took hold of my hands and pulled me upright, kissing my fingers as he stared into my eyes. Unsure of what the protocol was when one was being accosted by royalty, I attempted to stand my ground without clinging too obviously from this mountain of man pressing in on me.

“Oh, Stephanie, I’m so glad you came,” he said, kissing my hands again. As if I had a choice to refuse a royal summons. “I was feeling lost without your beauty to inspire me.”

I glanced at Lord Ruvano out of the corner of my eye but he merely stood there without showing the slightest sign of concern. The other ministers shifted their weight uncomfortably, but were equally mute.

“Um, I’m, um, honored by your summons, sire.”

“Yes, of course you are,” he said. “We didn’t get a chance to speak yesterday during my coronation but after Lord Ruvano told me about your skills as a conversationalist, I just knew I had to find the time to make your acquaintance as soon as possible.”

I smiled nervously. Skills as a conversationalist? Was Lord Ruvano trying to make a fool of me?

The king motioned toward the garden. “Walk with me.”

“Of…course.” What else could I have said? “It would be my pleasure.”

Offering me his arm, we passed through the doorway into the gardens. Lord Ruvano fell in with the other ministers of state as they followed us at a respectable distance of several paces, remaining absolutely silent the whole time.

The gardens were similar to those Lord Ruvano had shown me previously, but this was a private section reserved for use by the king alone. The sunlight sparkled from the last of the morning dew which still clung to the lush green foliage. Most of the flowers had yet to open but the clever way which all the paths doubled back on each other turned the relatively small space into a labyrinth of intriguing views.

Plodding along beside the king as he droned on about how wonderful he was, I had very little to do but take in the sights. I listened as best I could, but without being given any chance to speak for myself, it quickly became apparent the only trait the king needed for a good conversationalist was one who could stomach his company and listen to his ramblings without speaking her mind.

After passing around a hedge, however, the king suddenly came to a stop and turned toward me. “You are without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the entire kingdom, Stephanie. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since I first saw you.”

With my back to the hedge, I could do little but blush. Down the path we’d just walked, there was no sight of the others. They must have been waiting around the bend, right on the other side of the hedge.

The king squeezed my hands in his and kissed them desperately. “I can’t take this any longer. If I wasn’t already married I would make you my queen.”

“Sire, I don’t think — “

I jerked back as he leaned in and kissed my neck. His rough beard tickled my skin as his hands gripped my waist and slid up to cradle my breasts. The feel of those gigantic hands on my body sent an thrill through me. I felt like a little child in his embrace, totally at his command. His kisses worked their way up my neck, his tongue occasionally flicking out, rough against my soft skin.

“Sire, this isn’t…oh…” I whimpered effeminately as he pinched my nipples through the fabric of my dress. Again I looked down the path but there was still no one there. “The queen would surely not approve…”

“Fuck her,” the king said as he forced his lips over mine.

I cringed away, but as his tongue invaded my mouth, I parted my lips and kissed him back just as forcefully. I was still so horny from last night I couldn’t help myself. He mashed my breasts and I could feel my pussy growing damp.

Backing away from me, the king reached between his legs and pulled open the front of his trousers. As he released his cock, I gasped. It was huge, as big around as my wrist and with a swollen, knobby head befitting his burly physique.

I wanted it. More than anything, I wanted it inside me.

Seizing me by the shoulder, he spun me around and pushed me against the hedge. I tried not to giggle too loudly. The lack of control was exciting; as was the knowledge those other men were standing just a few paces away.

I stuck my ass toward the king and spread my legs as he lifted my skirts. If Lord Ruvano wasn’t up to the task of pleasing me, then I’d just have to make due with whomever was willing. The king dragged his bulbous cock over the folds of my pussy, letting my slippery juices coat his shaft. My skin was still tender, but that monstrous cock would likely hurt even if I weren’t.

Leaning his massive body in against me, the king wrapped one arm around my shoulders and groped my left breast. With his other hand, he took hold of his cock by the base. Slowly, it slid down the valley between my ass cheeks, stiff and hot.

“Have you ever taken it in the ass before?” he whispered in my ear.

I nearly cried out in surprise but he clamped his hand over my mouth, stifling any utterance I might have voiced. There were always those who said doing such things were amoral. I’d never yet found a woman who was willing to let me try it with her, but the thought of having a cock that large invade my own ass was terrifying and exciting at the same time. I felt the head, lubricated with my own juices, press against my puckered little asshole.

“Just relax,” he said.

I did as instructed and he pushed his cock forward. The pressure was intense. There didn’t seem to be any way it could possibly fit. Involuntarily, my body tensed, instantly sending a tinge of pain through my ass. I cried out but his hand over my mouth closed even tighter.

“Relax…” he said again and I did my best to comply.

He entered me, slowly but steadily spreading my reluctant ass. As his head popped just inside, the pain was pronounced. I was thankful he backed out then and lubricated his cock from my dripping pussy once again.

Stretched as my ass now was, the pain was more bearable when his cock returned. He slid up inside me as far as before, but then with a forceful jab, drove it in even further. It felt like he was pushing my insides up into my stomach.

I bit down on his finger to stifle a cry and he laughed in my ear. Softly, he began to rock his hips. At first his massive cock slid back and forth only a few short inches, but as my ass became accustomed to his girth, the pain lessened and his strokes became longer.

“That’s it, Stephanie, swallow it down,” he said in a low, breathy voice.

Each jab carried his cock a little farther into me until I could feel his hairy thighs resting against my ass cheeks. He paused and then pulled it back in a single long, smooth stroke. It wasn’t anything as intense as being fucked in the pussy, but I still couldn’t believe how good it felt. As he dove back in, I let out a moan and pinched my eyes shut.

He must have taken that as a sign, because he went faster this time, quickly building to a furious pace. With each thrust, I could feel his hefty scrotum swing forward and slap my wet pussy with a splat. He grabbed my hips with his huge hands and practically slammed my entire body up and down on his cock. It was oddly intoxicating to be dominated like this by a man so many times larger than myself.

I could feel the pressure inside me building. I was going to cum without hardly having my pussy touched at all.

However, he beat me to climax. With a deep muffled grunt, he rammed into me and I felt a warmth spreading out through my ass. His cock moved more freely now and a wet squishing sound accompanied each thrust. He didn’t stop ramming into me, however, and the slippery gooeyness spilling from my ass only intensified the feeling.

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