It was another glorious day in Laguna Beach, nice warm breezes and smog free air. Natalia walked out onto the patio with her morning coffee in one hand and her laptop in the other. Her naked body loved the feel of the sun waking her senses.

It was five weeks since the pool company changed the schedule that brought Jose into her life. That tall, handsome pool man with the fantastic cock had charged her sex life and that of Pam’s and Jill’s as well. They had joined in the fun on the second encounter with Jose and had become addicted to him and his two sexy girlfriends.

Mmm, Natalia thought his girlfriends are so fucking hot. Her fingers slid between her puffy lips and she stroked absent-mindedly while thinking back to last Monday. Jose had called and asked if she would be interested in him bringing them over to help him clean the pool. She had agreed immediately.

Pam and Jill had arrived about a half hour before Jose and quickly lost their clothes and any inhibitions they never had to begin with. Natalia told them that there was going to be some additional company coming but didn’t tell them who. She liked surprising them.

Jose arrived with his girlfriends Donna and Cat. They both were hot as could be.

Donna had jet-black hair, a lovely face with great eyes. She was about 5’4″ with full 34C breasts and weighing somewhere around 125lbs. She looked simply scrumptious.

Cat was a tiny little thing who looked delicious as well. She stood just less than five foot tall with bright red hair. Her almost non-existent bikini revealed a hot as fuck body, full 32B cup. Cat had them surgically enhanced and they looked lovely.

Jose made the introduction to the three naked women.

“Jose, you son of a bitch. You said they were attractive. You didn’t say anything about them being drop dead gorgeous and oh, so sexy. Cat, we are over dressed for this party,” Donna said as she slapped his strong Latin arm.

With that, Donna and Cat had instantly become naked and headed for the girls. Jose dropped his bathing suit and walked into Natalia’s waiting lips.

Natalia opened her mouth as he approached. Her hand grabbed his hard cock and she guided it between her hot lips. He slid so easily between her lips. Her tongue guided him deep into her throat. She slid her face along his length and felt every ridge and vein on her tongue. He fucked her face so well. She loved the way he held her face as his cock explored her wet mouth. She knew she was becoming addicted to him. They all were.

She thought back to the sight of Donna licking Pam and Cat crawling inside Jill. She knew why they were his girlfriends. They were as insatiable as she was.

Her fingers continued playing with her clit as she re-lived those moments in her head. Her body moved, her hips began to grind on her hand and Natalia exploded in a terrific orgasm. She fell back on her chaise and gasped.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to be late for work,” she said to no one in particular. She rushed to get dressed and hurried to work.

She parked near the door and ran into the spa. Jill was laughing when she flew through the front door. “You look like you slept in.”

“No, I was up early but I lost track of time. I was kinda remembering Monday and…”

“Your fingers got wet and you forgot you had a job.” Pam yelled from her office.

Jill doubled over in laughter.

“What are you laughing at Jill? I won the bet. Pay up bitch!” laughed Pam.

“Again, I just finished licking your pussy two minutes ago. If you want more, just say the word boss,” she giggled.

“Yes, that is exactly what happened if you really must know. I poured a coffee, sat by the pool and kinda got lost in the moment. Tell me you haven’t relived Monday yourself,” Natalia said. “That goes for you’re skinny ass too,” she yelled at Jill who was still laughing.

“Actually, we were just discussing it before you arrived,” Pam blushed. “We agreed it definitely was another hot Monday at your pool my dear.”

“Oh, I get it. You verbally reminisced while Jill licked you to into many heavenly orgasms again. You came and so did she. You call me twisted, ha.”

“Something resembling that,” she smirked. “What’s on your mind other than Jose?”

“I got a call from my lawyers and I have to meet with them this afternoon. It’s important that I get these documents signed. The schedule is fairly light but I need to get out of here by two.”

“It will cost you. You know it will,” Pam said.

Natalia lifted her top and walked over to Pam. “You want payment? Lick my tits dear. That’s it, suck them and get them hard for me. Your lips feel so good baby. How is that for payment?”

“Mmm It’s a down payment sweetie. I’d need about three hours for payment in full,” she laughed as she licked each nipple one last time.

“Damn that fucking Jose. That guy got me started this morning and I am so horny right now. Now I have work to do.” Natalia picked up the appointment schedule and saw who was on the schedule for her first appointment. She smiled and left Pam’s office.

Frank was her first appointment and one of her special regular customers. As she approached the spa room, ‘Thing’ walked out of the room. ‘Thing’ was the masseuse from hell. Seeing her leave meant Frank was ready for Natalia’s attention.

She opened the door and saw him lying on the table. A small towel covered his hips and the special treat she knew was under it. She locked the door and stripped immediately. Frank loved to fuck and she needed that right this very minute. Frank loved to have his cock sucked. He seriously enjoyed Natalia’s hot mouth over most others.

She simply adored his tongue. He could lick a pussy as well as anyone she ever knew. She walked over to the table and stood at the head of the table. Frank was lying on his back, eyes closed and relaxing from the vigorous massage he just had. Natalia took her long, perfectly manicured nails and began to scratch along his chest.

“Hi Frank, I hope you are feeling horny after your massage,” she purred as she leaned over his head. “I sure as fuck am. I woke up horny and you are going to get to scratch this itch for me.”

Her subtle breasts fell across his face as she reached for the rapidly rising towel. Franks hands caressed her breasts as they passed his face. Natalia needed his cock now. She climbed onto the table and dropped her pretty pink pussy onto Frank’s hungry mouth.

She reached for his delicious cock and felt his tongue glide between her gaping, wet lips. His hands caressed her legs while his tongue traversed the lovely valley of lust before his eyes.

Natalia opened her red lips. His sweet cock stood tall and aching for her talents. As her face fell upon him, her tongue washed the tip of his cock. Her hands caressed his substantial balls as her mouth began to please this fine man. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and held it as his tongue slid along her sizzling twat.

Natalia removed his cock from her mouth and held it tight against his stomach. She took long licks along the sweet, sensitive underside of his shaft. She knew that drove Frank wild. Her eyes gazed over at the length but more so, the width of this man’s shaft. She adored the feeling she would soon know when it entered her tight pussy. He always stretched her so tight.

Natalia dropped her face onto his shaft and gushed as his strong cock stretched her lips. Her wet mouth soaked his cock as she greedily sucked him all the way in. He invaded her throat, which she opened to welcome him.

She knew she had an extra clit deep in her throat. Few men could hit it but Frank could. She was so glad that she had little, if any, gag reflex. She could take just about any size cock and milk it perfectly. Frank fucked her throat and Natalia began to cum flooding his face with her luscious flow. Her hips crushed his face and her explosion increased as his tongue slid deep into her hot twat. His long tongue wiggled inside her while her orgasms rapidly built in number and intensity.

She turned around and sank herself onto him. He held her breasts and licked her nipples as she began to ride him wildly. He stretched her so tight and she loved it. His lips brought her lovely nipples to life. Frank licked and sucked her sweet nipples crushing her ample breasts together to get both into his mouth at once. Her pussy screamed in orgasmic bliss as the itch she felt was cared for perfectly.

“Your cock feels so wonderful Frank. Fuck me harder dear, Oh, that’s it you sweet man. Fuck my cunt; make me cum harder dear. Yes! Harder my dear, fuck me deeper, deeper baby.”

She clamped her pussy walls tight on her intruder and held on to him as best she could as his cock pounded her. She was cumming hard and he pistoned her through yet another strong climax.

Natalia lifted herself off his hard cock and positioned it at the opening to her tight, hot ass. She began to settle herself down on it. The size of his cock took her breath away but she would not be denied. It took her a moment but she slowly sank onto him and began to ride. Her ass bounced up and down and her pussy gushed. She was so full. His large cock stretched her ass to the breaking point and yet she rode. Her eyes teared up with joy as he began to thrust upwards into her. She loved this. She needed this and she was so happy.

Frank held her breasts in his hands and squeezed them softly as she attacked his shaft.

“You’re ass feels so good Natalia. Oh keep that up baby and I’ll be flooding your hot ass with my cum. Fuck my cock girl; slide your butt all the way down. So hot, so very hot. I’m going to cum darlin, Oh I’m going to cum.”

“Oh, Frank cum in my ass honey, cum for me. Spray your hot cum in my ass. I’m going to cum again too. Oh yes!”

The simultaneous eruptions lasted a long time and Natalia collapsed on Frank’s chest. She kissed him and then kissed him again.

“Thank you baby, I needed that this morning,” Natalia purred.

“You’re always so wonderful Natalia. You have never disappointed me and I know you never will.”

Natalia dressed quickly and kissed Frank once again. She left and hurried to fix her hair and makeup. She giggled as she looked in the mirror. Yes, she did have that freshly fucked look on her face. Life was good.

She finished her appointments and hurried to the lawyer’s office. Natalia’s uncle and aunt had died in an accident a couple of years ago. They had no children of their own and left everything to her. They were wealthy, having many investments and properties. Natalia was no stranger to money but managing it came with a substantial learning curve. Her lawyers were very good and they had been very helpful.

They were both very sexy too. David and Ali were best friends whose father’s had founded the law firm many years ago. They had both graduated summa cum laude from Harvard. Every maneuver they made with her affairs proved they had earned that distinction.

David and Ali grew up together and their relationship had led to all sorts of discoveries. They played from the time they could walk. They learned about everything from butterflies to romance. As their bodies changed, they explored the differences each of them was experiencing. The older they got they discovered each other in a more pleasurable ways.

They had excelled scholastically. Upon their acceptance to Harvard, they had rented a stylish two-bedroom apartment. One bedroom sat empty most of the time. They studied, they fucked, they ate square pizza and they made love.

They mastered their professions and their kinks as well. They were good with other ‘affairs’ as well. She laughed when she thought of their oral presentations.

After parking her Mercedes in the parking garage, she slipped her panties off. They were only going to get in the way. A client had discovered her panties in the sofa in David’s office after her last visit. Ali had called and told her she had them. She was laughing saying how embarrassed David was when it happened.

Natalia entered was and taken into Alison’s office. The office decorated in soft pink and grey furniture made clients feel comfortable. A large glass desk sat at one end of the office offering Ali a beautiful view of the hills and skyline. It also offered select clients a spectacular view of her long legs as well. The other end of the office had a comfortable sofa and two matching chairs. The office definitely fit her personality.

Ali and David were in their early 30′s. Ali was a striking brunette with long legs and slim model-like body. David was as handsome as Ali was gorgeous. He had the body of a swimmer, long and lean with a gorgeous six-pack set of the most delicious abs you ever saw.

They were an impressive legal team, always stylishly dressed to impress. More impressive in her mind was the vision she saw when their clothes came off. Ali had perfect breasts with tiny round hard nipples and the sweetest pencil thin landing strip leading to her delicious pussy. David was a walking wet dream of a man, strong, virile and sporting a nice seven-inch cock that fit nicely everywhere he wanted to put it.

The business portion of the meeting lasted less than ten minutes. David handed Natalia a series of documents to read and sign. She took the packet to the sofa and sat enticingly on the center cushion. She read the documents with David on one side and Ali on the other.

“Are you going to get me in trouble again Natalia?” David asked as his hand traveled up her thigh. “I think you did that on purpose.”

“Would I do that to you?” Natalia smirked.

“Yes you would,” Ali cooed as her hand lifted her skirt to reveal her wet and naked pussy. “Mmm David, perhaps we were wrong. It appears that we are in for a late lunch.”

David’s hands slipped between her legs and she shifted to allow him better access while Ali directed her where to sign. Once she was finished with the paperwork, it was time to get down to business.

David knelt between Natalia’s legs and lifted her high heels resting them on the sofa. His tongue began to trace the inside of her thighs as he moved toward the slippery gash that he knew would taste so good. Ali lifted her spa tee shirt from her body and began to lick her tight, hard nipples. Natalia loved how they knew exactly what made her feel great.

Ali held her ample breasts and her tongue gently circled her brown areola teasing and sucking each nipple in turn. She knew exactly how to bring Natalia’s nipples to attention. As Ali sucked, her clothes came off revealing her sensuous, lithe body.

Natalia turned Ali’s face to hers and kissed her deeply. She held Ali and dropped her face onto her perfect breasts. Natalia’s tongue teased and licked her spectacular body. She could have been a fashion model. She was perfect in every aspect. Natalia licked her breasts and then began to travel under them and onto her rock hard stomach.

Ali climbed onto Natalia’s face, the thin pointer directing Natalia’s tongue exactly where she wanted it to go. Natalia loved pussy, she craved it and she had to have it everyday. Today Ali was her special treat and one that she always looked forward to. Her tongue circled her belly button and down onto her slender hips. She moved to run her tongue along the dark strip of fine hair towards her prize; Ali’s puffy folds and the sweetest hypersensitive clit imaginable. Ali was sensuality personified. Her every movement oozed sexuality. Those who knew her intimately knew she was a tigress with an unquenchable passion. Her most intimate friends loved her responsive body. When lovingly licked, Ali’s reaction always sent Natalia over the edge.

David was very engrossed in Natalia’s pussy. His lips and tongue were bringing her every pleasant sensation he possibly could. Her long legs opened wide and she loved the sweet broad strokes of his tongue. David had removed his shirt, tie, and was struggling to remove his trousers while he licked. Natalia wanted to see his naked body as just one look at him could make her body gush. He was the perfect man; muscled and sculpted with abs she could lick for hours.

Natalia’s tongue dipped into Ali’s valley of desire and began long, wet strokes along her bright pink creases. She purposefully left her clit alone. She didn’t want to touch it until David had himself firmly planted into her own tight twat. Natalia soaked her face with Ali’s sweet wetness and she teased her lawyer lovingly. She sank her tongue into Ali and licked her deeply. Ali rode her tongue wildly and then began to cum. Her tiny ass shivered and shook on Natalia’s tongue as wave after wave of wonderful orgasmic bliss washed over her.

David grabbed her ankles pulling her ass to the edge of the sofa. His strong cock began to ride along Natalia’s lovely valley. The large velvet head felt so good as it glided along and over her clit. He slapped his sturdy member onto her clit and she moaned onto Ali’s fabulous pussy.

Natalia knew he was teasing her and it just made her want him more. He placed himself at the entrance to her sweet, hot tunnel and began to sink into her. He felt simply divine as he entered. She shifted her hips upward to experience him fully as he began to fuck her so sweetly. She felt his balls as they brushed her asshole. Soon, she hoped, they would be banging her rosebud hard.

This man could fuck and fuck hard but he was also a kind lover. David was a man who always insured his woman would enjoy whatever form of lovemaking that was going on.

He stroked her deeply and powerfully and Natalia began to clamp her talented walls onto his cock. She wanted to feel every inch of this fine man as he took her to heaven repeatedly.

Natalia ran her tongue up inside Ali and closed her mouth over her wonderful clit. Ali’s body began to vibrate as Natalia’s upper lip closed over her sensitive clit. When she felt Natalia’s tongue begin to softly stroke up under her clit, Ali’s vibrations began to increase in intensity. Natalia kept stroking and Ali started shaking uncontrollably. She was shaking, cumming, and flooding her chin and her tits. It was a flow of massive proportions and Natalia wanted more. Ali began to grind her body hard onto her face. She felt Natalia’s finger circle her tight asshole and Ali went ballistic. Her entire being belonged to Natalia and she would not quit cumming.

David continued fucking Natalia extremely hard. She was enjoying so many rapid-fire orgasms. Her body grabbed him and held him as tightly as possible to receive as much pleasure from his lovely cock as possible. With every outstroke, Natalia felt her pussy walls extracting from her body. She was so proud of this ability and the time she spent everyday exercising sand strengthening her sweet pussy. It just made sex so much better. David’s balls were slamming her ass as Ali’s supersonic quivering crushed her lips.

Natalia felt it building. No matter how many liaisons she had, none could create the feeling she was about to experience. Her skin flushed bright red. Her breathing became almost non-existent and her eyes rolled completely back into her skull. Her hands became uncontrollable as every muscle and tendon in her body convulsed into a total body orgasm that rocked her world completely. Her pussy bathed David in a torrent of cum that would not stop. Her ass was smoking on that sofa with the friction of her flesh against the subtle leather.

Ali began to calm down and David kept stroking. He loved to fuck and he had his two favorite women in the entire world with him right now. Ali climbed off Natalia’s face and turned to watch his cock as it slid into her sweet pussy. Ali leaned over and began to lick Natalia’s hard, proud clit. She watched as David continued to stroke deeply into Natalia. Ali cupped his balls and guided him into her. Natalia watched as she was fucked and sucked simultaneously. She went off repeatedly yet again.

“I want to suck your cock David,” Natalia purred.

David stood up and both women knelt in front of his gorgeous cock. Natalia took his hard cock in her hand and ran it over her lips. She held it out to Ali and watched as her lips caressed his hard cock. Natalia began to lick one side and Ali the other. David’s fine shaft glistened with Natalia’s sweet cum and the two tongues that were assailing his cock so lovingly.

“You love that beautiful cock, don’t you Ali? I know I do.”

Natalia took his cock and put it between Ali’s sweet lips. Her lips parted and her tongue snaked around the broad head. She took it in and Natalia watched as her lips closed around him. Natalia was watching the devilish laughter in Ali’s eyes as his cock faded from view. Natalia smiled as Ali removed David and offered him to her. Natalia took him in hungrily. His lovely cock slid down her throat effortlessly. Ali and Natalia were shoulder-to-shoulder and swapping David between them freely. Ali’s hand was caressing Natalia’s pussy and Natalia was returning the attention.

David’s legs quivered and it was apparent he was going to cum soon. The two women wanted his cum to fly and they made no bones about it.

“Cum for us David. Spray your hot cum on our lips. We want everything you have baby,” Ali purred.

David moaned and he began to swell. His stomach hardened as he began to shoot streams of his hot, milky cum onto their lips, and tongues. David moaned as his balls propelled his semen into the mouths of these two precious women. Cum was dripping onto four lovely tits and the two women were smiling broadly. The women kissed and licked cum from each other’s face and breasts. They took David back into their mouths to insure they hadn’t missed a single drop. They kissed him passionately as they straightened themselves up. They dressed, kissed and she left their office as happy as she could be.

Natalie had things to do and places to go.

Natalia was not looking forward to tomorrow night. She had to attend these charity events but she didn’t enjoy them at all. They were full of arrogant people who looked at her with scorn. She was young, attractive, rich and sexy. She would go and she would be as elegant as she could be. At the same time, she would raise as many cocks as she could if only to get the old perverts in trouble with their wives.

People said she didn’t have a sense of humor, yeah right.

Before she could do that, she needed a new dress and some killer shoes. She headed into town to plan her seductive foray into the dreaded social scene yet again.

She had a vision in her mind of what she wanted to wear. It had to be over the top sexy yet classy as could be. Nothing fit that bill like a little black dress but not just any dress. She wanted a dress that was stunning and she thought she knew just where to find it. She had several stores she had fallen in love with and that was where she was headed.

The first two stores had nice clothes but nothing caught her eye. A very attractive woman in her 40′s greeted her in the third store. She was strikingly beautiful with jet-black hair and a well cared for body. She appraised Natalia as she walked in the door.

Natalia explained to her exactly what she was looking for and why she needed it. The woman, who Natalia learned was in fact, the owner, smiled and said she thought she had several that would fit the bill. She pulled four dresses from the selection and showed them to her. Natalia smiled, as they were all very nice. The owner asked the other sales clerk to get two other dresses from the back storeroom. She was certain that she had perfect dress.

“I know exactly what you want to do. I’ve been there myself. You seem to be very much like me. You want to look as sexy as you possibly can be and drive their wives nuts,” she said.

“That is exactly what I was thinking. I figure if I have to be there, I should at least make as many of them want to fuck me as possible. How bad does that make me?” she giggled.

“It makes you and me exactly the same my dear. Come with me and you’ll be able to try these on and see if you like any of them. Would you like a glass of wine?” she asked as she walked Natalia past the dressing rooms and into her office.

“A glass of white wine would be lovely, thank you. My name is Natalia.”

“It is nice to meet you Natalia. My name is Brenda. I see you work at the spa. I’ve been there a few times. It is a nice place.”

“It helps me pass the time. I enjoy being there. Most of the people are nice and it is a sexy place to work,” Natalia smiled.

“I imagine it can be hard to keep your hands off some of the clients. I know I would have a terrible time. The older I get, the hornier I get. So Natalia, you can see what you have to look forward to.”

“If I get any hornier I won’t know how to handle it,” Natalia laughed.

“Try this one on Natalia and let’s see how this fits,” Brenda purred.

Natalia took a sip of her wine and removed her tee shirt. She never wore a bra and her firm D cup breasts looked so nice in the tri-fold mirror. Brenda began to undo her skirt when a shocking realization flashed through Natalia’s mind. She had never put her panties back on. By the time that registered, Brenda had removed her skirt and was folding it while reappraising Natalia’s body.

“You definitely are a stunning young lady. I wish my body looked as good as yours does. It used to but I guess I can’t complain. What I have is not too bad. My friends aren’t complaining so I guess that is a plus.”

“I think you look lovely,” Natalia said. “From what I see Brenda, you look yummy.”

Natalie slipped on the first dress. It was nice but not exactly, what she wanted. Neither the second nor the third suited her. The fourth dress was nice and so were the fifth and the sixth. With three eliminated, Brenda removed them from view. The dress Natalia had on was extremely hot. The cut and style accentuated her beautifully. The hem fell mid thigh and made her legs look terrific. Natalia was not saying no to this one.

Brenda undid the zipper and her hands brushed Natalia’s breasts as she removed the dress. Wearing only her high heels, Natalia stood naked while Brenda retrieved another dress. Natalia stepped into this one. Brenda slowly smoothed the fabric over her body as she was zipping her up. Natalia looked into the mirror and decided she didn’t like this one so much. Brenda unzipped her again. Natalia felt her hands fall over her breasts again as she helped her out of the dress.

Natalia’s nipples firmed and grew hard at the sensuous touch of Brenda’s hands. Brenda noticed her hard nipples and looked into Natalia’s eyes. She hung the dress up and walked back to stand in front of Natalia.

Their eyes locked and Brenda ran her hand along the side of Natalia’s body. Her nipples tightened further as Brenda brought her hand up to cup her lovely breast. She leaned in and softly kissed Natalia’s lips. Natalia began to undo Brenda’s blouse. The silky blouse opened and revealed Brenda’s lovely tanned breasts. Natalia palmed her fullness and used her finger to circle her quickly hardening nipple. The two women explored each other’s breasts and Brenda leaned in to kiss Natalia’s ruby red lips again.

Natalia returned the kiss forcefully and passionately. This striking older woman was turning her on so much. Brenda stroked her tits, bent and began to tongue her hard nipple. Natalia undid the clasp of Brenda’s skirt and it fell to the floor. Brenda stepped out of it and kicked it aside. Natalia smiled when she saw Brenda clad only in thigh high nylons and her heels. She was like Natalia; she wore no panties either.

The unexpected burst of passion overtook both women and Brenda dropped to her knees and spread Natalia’s legs wide. Natalia watched in the mirror as Brenda began to lick and suck her swollen clit. Her tongue felt wonderful as she parted her lips and darted into her deep, lust filled canyon. Natalia saw Brenda’s back and spectacular ass as she licked her so wantonly. Her body looked terrific reflected in the mirror.

Brenda parted her puffy lips and her tongue traveled enticingly along the entire pink valley. She was good, very, very good. Natalia felt the beginning of an orgasm building. Brenda’s hands came up and she grabbed her breasts as she sucked her deliciously. Natalia’s orgasm came quickly and she began to flow deliciously onto Brenda’s hungry tongue. Brenda licked every drop and she wanted more, much more.

She stood and kissed Natalia’s tender lips letting her taste her freshly flowing pussy on her lips. Natalia loved the taste of her own pussy but she was determined to discover the sights, scents and flavors of this lovely woman in her arms.

Natalia moved Brenda to the stylish sofa in her office and pushed her down. Natalia parted her legs and knelt between her legs. She leaned in to kiss her deeply. Breast-to-breast, lip-to-lip and flesh-to-flesh, the heat in Brenda’s office was becoming intense.

Natalia’s tongue traced her parted lips, teasing and exploring. Brenda truly was an exotic beauty. Natalia lifted her face and began to kiss her eyes and her chin. She lifted her face to kiss below her neck and down between her full, firm breasts. Her nipples stood to attention as Natalia’s tongue circled them and when she took one into her lips, Brenda moaned sweetly.

Natalia licked her firm stomach and onto her hips. Brenda’s threw one leg over the back of the sofa to allow Natalia full access to her lovely naked pussy. Natalia’s lips traced the inside of her slender thighs and the scent of her arousal was intoxicating. The beauty of Brenda’s pussy was breath taking. Natalia began to worship at the alter of this goddess and was instantly rewarded with sweet moans and rivers of honey. Brenda began to cum sweetly and with each stroke of Natalia’s soft tongue, the climaxes came harder. Natalia’s fingers entered her soft tunnel and she began to stroke her tight sheath deeply. Brenda arched her back and exploded onto Natalia’s face.

Brenda was far from done. She jumped off the sofa, opened a drawer, and pulled two items out. She handed one to Natalia who grinned at her wickedly.

“You are one spectacular bitch, aren’t you?” Natalia asked.

“Oh baby girl, I think we both need these right now,” Brenda said as she threw herself down pulling Natalia on top of her. Brenda tugged Natalia towards her lips and she sunk her tongue deep inside. She took the double dildo and slipped it into Natalia’s pussy. Brenda directed the smaller one into her ass and she began to fuck her sweetly. Natalia shifted her pussy and dropped her engorged clit onto Brenda’s hot tongue. Natalia did the same for Brenda.

The two women began to toy each other luxuriously. Each one loved their bodies being invaded simultaneously. Asses and pussies were pleased while their clits enjoyed suck lovely licking; could shopping get any better?

Both women came hard several more times. Natalia knew she had made a new friend that she would have for a very long time.

Natalia selected the perfect dress. She was going to draw attention to herself for sure tomorrow night.

“I hope I get to see you again Brenda. I thoroughly enjoyed today and I’d like a repeat soon. Perhaps some time, you and your friends can come and play at my home some weekend.”

“That sounds wonderful Natalia. That really does. My boyfriends will love you and you’ll love my girlfriends too.”

“Great, I have a question for you though. Do you and your friends have to work on Monday’s?” Natalia asked.

“Actually Natalia, we are all off on Monday’s.”

“Good dear, I’ll let you know. Mondays have become special around my place. I’ll call you and let you in on what is going on. I need to hurry and get a new pair of shoes before the stores close,” Natalia told her.

“There is a new shoe store in the next block. The owner is Tony. Tell him I sent you. I love his shoes and he sure isn’t bad either.”

“I’ll have to check him out.”

“Check out the shoes too,” Brenda quipped, as she smacked Natalia’s ass.

Natalia walked down the street to the shoe store. What a wild day this had turned into. First, she was daydreaming about Jose, then Frank, next David and Ali and then Brenda.

Her eyes glazed over when she walked into the shoe store and saw a gorgeous young black man behind the counter.

As she approached, she heard him on the phone, “Not a problem Brenda, I think she just arrived. I’ll definitely take good care of her. No hon, I don’t work Mondays. Okay hon, I’ll call you later. Thank you for the referral. I owe you one. Yes, I know you’ll collect. Bye.”

“I take it you’re Tony?” Natalia asked.

“You must be Natalia. Brenda said you were beautiful and she wasn’t kidding. Let’s see if we can find you something sexy to go with your new dress,” Tony said.

He turned and Natalia thought that Brenda had definitely understated how hot this man was. He had to stand well over six foot tall and he was simply delicious. Natalia followed him and sat down so he could measure her foot. She knew her size but she was never one to stop a strong, sexy man from doing his job.

Tony sat on the stool and took her leg in his strong hands. He put the device down and measured her foot. Her legs parted slightly and she smiled inwardly. She knew he had just had a good look at her naked pussy. When Tony stood, Natalia could not help but notice a substantial log in the leg of his slacks. He returned with several pairs of elegant, lovely stilettos for her to try on. She offered her foot and Tony slipped the first pair of shoes on. She knew she gave him a good view this time.

Natalia got up and walked in the shoes. They were very nice and very expensive. They felt comfortable as well. She looked in the mirror and they definitely made her legs look great.

Tony looked at his watch, “It is closing time, if you don’t mind Natalia I am going to lock the door and then I’ll be glad to help you out without having to divide my time with other customers.”

“That is fine with me Tony, I would like that a lot,” she said as she was trying to figure out how to get that man where she wanted him.

Tony locked the door and dimmed the lights. “If you come with me, I can help you without upsetting any late customers.” He picked up the boxes of shoes and walked to the back of the store where another fitting station sat. She followed him and could not help but notice how tight his butt looked.

“Did you play sports Tony?

“I was a wide receiver for USC but I never made it to the big leagues. I hurt my knee in my senior year. That totally ruined my chances.”

“I am so sorry to hear that. You’d never know it to look at you. You definitely are fit.”

“You aren’t so bad yourself Natalia. Not bad at all,” he smiled.

He tried the other shoes on and she decided she liked the first pair but she wasn’t in any hurry to let him know that.

“Let me try on the first pair again Tony, please,” she purred.

He reached for her leg and she lifted it shifting in her seat to open her legs wider. Tony had a clear unobstructed view of her pussy and he held her leg while he put the shoe on her foot. She shifted and raised the other leg as she wiggled her short skirt higher up her thigh. Her pussy was totally out in the open and Tony was staring at her unabashedly.

“Do you like what you see Tony?” her eyes dancing as she asked.

“Natalia that is the nicest thing I’ve seen all day. Brenda said you were beautiful, she didn’t tell me how hard you’d make me in the process.”

“Hard is good Tony, hard is very good. Be a good boy and stand up for me.”

He stood and Natalia undid his belt and then his zipper. His trousers fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. His briefs held a huge bulge that she desperately wanted. Her fingers grabbed the elastic and pulled them off. Tony had a thick cock that had to be over ten inches long. Her eyes grew wide as it sprang towards her face and bounced off her cheek.

Her tiny hand circled his massive manhood and she felt the blood inflating him rapidly. She could not remember ever holding a larger, more perfectly chiseled piece of man flesh in her life. The purple head grew quickly as her hand ran along his length. Thick veins gave it its shape and it looked like it belonged on a statue.

She looked up and saw Tony staring down at her. She held his cock against his stomach and began to lick long, broad tongue strokes from his high, tight balls to the tip of his cock. Tony inhaled deeply at the loving attention Natalia was paying to him. Her wet tongue circled the huge head and the silky skin felt so good on her lips. A large drop of precum sat atop the purple head and Natalia’s tongue licked the delicious fluid, spreading it onto her lips. She once again looked into his eyes and closed her mouth over him. Her lips were stretching wider than they ever had before and she wasn’t certain she would be able to do this. She did know one thing. She was definitely going to try.

As Tony slid into her mouth, she felt those veins as they passed her lips. Her tongue guided his shaft towards the back of her mouth lovingly. The further he sank, the tighter her lips became. She felt him at the back of her mouth and she felt herself totally relax. Would he fit? Could she take him in without gagging? His cock began to enter her throat. She felt him stretch her throat so tight. She pushed forward and he sank deeper.

She began to suck him and her face began to fuck his cock deliriously. With each down stroke, he sank deeper into her throat. She was proud of the skills she had perfected and this was setting a new record for her. She pounded his cock and pounded it yet again. Her face was riding his shaft and her pussy was flowing like a river. She was sucking and cumming and she wanted it all. One last push and her lips were against his pubes. His entire massive cock was in her throat. She stopped and concentrated on the feel of his chocolate log firmly planted in her throat. Her body shook and she was cumming like a racehorse. She began to suck him again, wilder and faster than she had ever sucked a cock in her life.

It didn’t take her long to realize that she not only wanted his cock in her throat but she had to fuck him too. She looked and marveled as she took him from her mouth. He just kept sliding out. When she thought he should be out, he kept moving across her lips. She held his cock in two hands and licked the tip once again.

She rolled her ass up and pulled him into her tight pussy. Her pussy was on fire and this man possessed the fire hose that would quell the inferno. His strong body began to stroke into her. Tony began to fuck her harder and faster with each successive stroke. She was wailing as his massive organ screwed her very well. He wasn’t taking his time to build Natalia up to an orgasm. He wasn’t making love to her; he was giving this woman a spectacular fuck.

Natalia’s pussy clenched him tight as his enormous prick drove deep into her. Her body was flailing as she rode along the lovely pole assailing her body. Natalia loved to fuck and she had known well-endowed men before but none could compare to the wonderful man currently occupying her body. He was handsome, strong and sexy. His smile belonged on television. There was nothing about this fine black man she did not like. The one thing she loved was his strong, talented cock that was making her convulse so well.

“Tony, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me baby. Fuck my tight hot pussy. My pussy is on fire fuck me Tony. Please Tony, fuck me harder, Oh yes, slam that cock into me. Deeper please, Ohmigod Tony, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming so hard.”

Natalia’s screams of joy were loud and coordinated with the massive spasms crushing her fine white frame. Every part of this was erotic. His dark skin against her tanned body, his gigantic cock slamming into her tight hot twat and the glistening white smile on this man’s face kept her cumming so very well.

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