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All the way back to Bobby and Sherry’s apartment, my mind was in a blur. I had just had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life at the hand of (or mouth, rather) another man, and on top of that, I had helped bring him to orgasm as well. Never before had I experienced this, but now I wanted more. Funny, I thought to myself, I hadn’t really even been interested in bisexual porn (except for bisexual females, of course), and now I was incredibly turned on. As we walked, Sherry’s hand kept roaming to my still-hard cock and teasing it, or telling me what she was going to do to me when we got back to their place.

“I so loved watching you two suck each other’s cocks,” she said in a husky, sexy voice. “I’ve been wet since we got to the pub thinking about what we were going to do, but fuck! I’ve been gushing since I saw you with Bobby’s cock in your mouth, Joe!”

“I can’t believe how much you made me cum,” Bobby chimed in. “It’s like it was never gonna stop!” I knew exactly how he felt. I told him how strong my own reaction had been.

We finally reached their doorstep, Sherry showering us both yet again with kisses. We were trying to be ever so quiet as we had a group grope on the front walk up to the building. It was pretty late, but there were still lights on in some of the windows.

The interior of their apartment felt nice and cool in comparison with the way the weather had been trending. Once we were in and had the door closed, it was like Sherry had been let out of a cage. She immediately stripped off her top and bra again, and was all over Bobby. I stood just enjoying the sight of the horny couple kissing, caressing, teasing each other. As their tongues explored each other’s mouths, Bobby’s left hand cupped one of her breasts, then began pinching her diamond-hard nipples. She squealed in pleasure. Bobby’s other hand reached down under the hem of Sherry’s skirt and began stroking her pussy. She gasped in surprise as he fitted two, and then three fingers inside her, really frigging her. He pulled upward, his fingers still inside her, as though he were trying to lift her up off the floor by her cunt. This just drove her more insane, and she let out a moaning, screeching howl and kissed Bobby even more intensely. I couldn’t contain my arousal any more – the sight in front of me was more than I could handle, so I pulled out my cock and began stroking it slowly as I enjoyed the show.

“Bring that gorgeous cock over here,” Sherry growled. She kissed me as I sidled up to her. Her free hand grabbed the base of my cock in a death grip and she threw her head back and succumbed to the feeling of an orgasm racing through her body. Bobby finally broke the kiss and said, “Mmmmm…baby, hold that thought. Let’s get some wine and put on some music — we’re gonna be here all night.”

In a few minutes’ time, the lights were dimmed, dozens of candles where glowing around the room, and we were all cozied up on the couch sipping wine. I sat between Sherry and Bobby, as we all mutually fondled each other. Sherry was obviously perfectly comfortable sitting topless while we all talked.

“I wanna watch the two of you play with each other while I masturbate. Put on a show for me while I finger myself,” Sherry said. She got up from the couch and went looking for a bottle of lube, then brought a chair to sit across from us so she could watch. She was really getting into this, and spread her legs wide as she sat in the chair. I was getting rock hard again, and watched while she pulled the crotch of her panties aside to diddle her clit. Damn, how I love watching a woman masturbate.

After a few minutes I stood up and removed my clothing, and Bobby did the same. Sitting half-facing Bobby on the couch, I drizzled some lube on his cock, and then did the same for my own. Soon, I was enjoying the feeling of his warm hands on my cock and balls, just as I hoped he was enjoying my touch. At times, he would circle both his hands on my shaft and stroke slowly up and down, and at other times, he would massage my balls until I thought I would explode. I’m a multiple cummer, so I wasn’t too worried about cumming too quickly. I tried out a number of hand techniques on his rod, lightly twisting toward the head at times, or giving the head a series of rapid little mini-strokes. The effectiveness of this was obvious as he moaned and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

“Want me to make you cum?” I asked him.

“Mmm…not yet,” he said. “I’m enjoying this too fucking much.” I immediately slowed down my stroke and lessened the pressure. I looked over, and Sherry’s eyes were glued to the activity on the couch. Excited beyond belief, she had three fingers buried inside that hot little hole of hers.

“Have you ever been fisted?” I asked her. She just smiled and nodded her head yes. Then I watched as she spread herself even wider, and the remainder of her hand disappeared up to the wrist inside her. Instantly, she was writhing in another series of orgasms, one trailing behind the other.

I decided I wanted to taste that cock of Bobby’s again, so I moved down onto the floor in front of him. Gripping his cock with my hand, I sucked his weighty balls into my mouth – first, one at a time, and then both together.

“Ooooh, I’m getting so close,” was all he could manage.

“Good. I want you to cum all over me,” I said grinning at him. I took Bobby’s shaft into my mouth as deep as I dared, and then I felt the incredible sensation of Sherry’s warm, wet tongue exploring the crack of my ass before it settled on my puckered asshole. The feeling could only be described as a bolt of lightning up my spine. While I licked and fingered her boyfriend’s huge erection, Sherry’s tongue dove ever deeper into me. A hand reached under me and milked my dangling cock, stroking it from root to tip and back again.

“Holy shit, that feels fucking amazing!” I cried out.

“You’ve never been rimmed before?” Sherry chuckled.”I love eating ass, as well as having mine eaten.”

“I guess this is a night of firsts,” I grinned back at her. I circled the head of Bobby’s cock with my tongue, while I got my own dose of pleasure. Before I knew it, Bobby moaned, his hips bucked up, and several huge jets of cum exploded from him. I opened my mouth, receiving the first one, while the next ones hit my chin, cheek, and then draped over my hand as I continued to stroke him. I increased my speed, jerking him frantically and massaging his balls. I wanted every drop of his cum. When I was satisfied that he was temporarily empty, I put my mouth back over the head of his cock, sucking lightly and tasting the bitter-sweet-salty results of his orgasm. I felt Sherry’s hand in the back of my hair, grasping me lightly, and she came around to my side. She kissed me crazily, licking and slurping the rest of Bobby’s cum off my face. For the finale, she sucked each of my fingers into her mouth in turn, making sure they were completely clean of his spunk.

“Think you have a few more cumshots in you?” she asked me.

“Oh, definitely,” I told her. “I can cum at least three or four more times tonight”

“Yum…we’re gonna hold you to that,” she said, obviously excited at the prospect. “I want you to fuck me, but first, I want you to cum on Bobby. I wanna give you a reach-around and see you blow your load all over him and in his mouth. Then you won’t cum too fast while you’re inside me.” We stood up in front of Bobby. She crushed her hot little frame into my back and side. One hand cupped the underside of my ass, and the other took a firm hold on my tool. It wouldn’t be too long before I came, I was so turned on. She started off with deep, long strokes, working my entire length, and momentarily, I felt the added excitement of her middle finger slipping inside my ass. I’ve always loved anal play and the amazing feeling it gives while being stroked or sucked. It couldn’t have been but about three or four minutes before I felt my load of cum welling up inside me again. I told Bobby to get ready, and as Sherry jammed her finger deep inside my ass, I let loose with a long ropy stream of cum that landed right in Bobby’s mouth and down his chin. He leaned further forward and sucked me into his mouth while Sherry continued stroking me.

“I want you to fuck me, Joe,” said Sherry. “My pussy is aching to be filled with that big cock.” With that, she shimmied out of her skirt and her thong dropped to the floor. Sherry sat down on the sofa, delving a finger into the folds of her pussy. I was so turned on at the sight of her gorgeous body in the golden candlelight. Her nipples were the size of pencil erasers with her excitement, and her pussy was making a wet sloshing sound with her frenzied fingering. Those beautiful, muscular legs were spread out in front of me, beckoning me.

“First, I want to taste you,” I told Sherry as I knelt down to eat her out. She was sweet and tangy, and I loved the sights and sounds of her ecstasy. Her breathing got heavier, her chest heaved as she moaned in pleasure, and her hips began bucking against my face the closer she got toward orgasm.

I circled her clit with my tongue, and she started whimpering in her next major orgasm of the evening. I kept up the pressure to the little nub, while I inserted two fingers into her, searching for the g-spot in the top of her pussy. Apparently I hit it, because her whole body started spasming all over the couch. At the same time, my balls were now being sucked into Bobby’s mouth. I like them being treated somewhat roughly, and he was doing a good job of using his tongue.

“Come here,” Sherry said, pulling me up to her and kissing her pussy juices off my face. I felt a hand — I don’t know whether it was his or hers (I was still busy kissing Sherry), wrap itself around my cock and guide it to her waiting warmth. Like a velvet glove, she encased the length of my straining cock. I felt both her hands grab my ass and pull me deep into her. I sat still while I was buried balls-deep in her, savoring the feeling of her clinging to me. I started a deep, slow rhythm, pulling almost entirely out with each stroke, and sliding back in ever so slowly. “Fuck…me…now,” she growled. Her passion had turned animal, and those sexy damn legs locked themselves around my waist. I love the feel of a strong, feminine woman. At this sign of sexual abandon from her, I again pulled my shaft out all the way to the very tip. Slowly, slowly, slowly, until I heard a low growl from her throat again. I then slammed the length of my cock deep into her with force. It took her by surprise and she yelped. “Oh, fuck yesss! That’s what I need!” I repeated the whole process again, pulling out slowly, and plunging in ever deeper. I was bottoming out in her tight little cunt. After maybe 10 or 12 times of this treatment, she was practically begging me, so we developed a steady rhythm that was driving her wild. From time to time I felt Bobby’s hot breath on my ass and his tongue or his hands on my balls while I fucked his girlfriend mercilessly.

“I want Bobby to fuck you while you’re inside me,” she finally managed to say. “Think you can handle that?”

“I’ve never taken a cock before, but sounds like fun to me. Just go slowly please. The most I’ve ever had was my girlfriend’s toy in me.”

“Don’t worry — I’m not trying to hurt you. I want to do this more than just tonight.” I felt Bobby easing up behind me. He had gotten the bottle of lube and was putting a generous amount on my tight asshole. I felt a finger, and then two, working my sphincter as I sat still, my cock soaking in the wetness of Sherry’s depths. It felt damn good to have him manipulating me like this, and I was really excited to have him try this. I definitely enjoyed it when my ex-girlfriend had used her small dildo on me.

“Maybe you can fuck me sometime with a strapon,” I told Sherry on a whim.

“Mmm…Bobby loves when I do that to him. It’s such a turn-on to put him on his back and slide that big rubber fuck-toy into his ass while I stroke him.

“Damn! I’d love to see that!” I told her. If possible, I felt my cock getting harder at the attentions I was receiving from Bobby.

“You ready?” he asked. I nodded in reply, and felt the head of his cock poking gently at my back door. “It might be a little tight at first, but I’ll sit still and let you get used to it.” I felt a sharp stabbing pain for the briefest of seconds that made me suck in my breath. Then, true to his word, he sat still, allowing me to get used to the intrusion. I moved around a little bit, and told him it was okay to try a little more. I was definitely warming up to the sensation quickly. It was awesome to feel his slippery cock slide an inch at a time to fill me up, just as I was filling Sherry. Chalk another one up to new experiences.

After a bit of adjusting to the angles and the new feelings, the three of us began rocking, a little faster and deeper each time. Fucking-A, I was hooked with this! My mind was melting with the idea that I was doing this, and loving it. Words don’t describe the intensity of what I was feeling. I think we were all moaning and groaning at once. After a time, I don’t even know which one of us guys came first. Sherry must have had at least four or five orgasms, each one gripping my cock ever tighter. All I know is that I enjoyed the feeling of having Bobby’s hot cum pumped deep inside me. Who would have known?

We all moved upstairs to their bathroom, enjoying the break from the pumping and pounding. The shower was rejuvenating, and then we all collapsed onto their king-sized bed in a squeaky-clean tangle of limbs. This was definitely the start of a new era in my sexuality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this experience. There is lots more to come, and I have some other stories in the works, as well. Please leave feedback – I would love to know what you think.


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