“Tonight you will be tested girl, make no mistake about it.”. Those were the words he had spoken to her just a short while ago yet already she felt she was at her limit and still he show no end to his intensity and resourceful, relentless physical, mental and sexual assault on her mind body and soul. She wasnt enduring it, but rather relishing it for she knew if she did all he asked of her then he would finally believe her dedication ad devotion to him. Deeper within her also was her desire to please him and she knew that submitting to his will was something they both needed.

It began that morning with those simple words.

She made sure she was dressed appropriately (wearing nothing but his favorite thong) and .had dinner ready for him and waited for his instruction to eat after serving him. She began eating and he instructed her to eat quickly as he expected her to be done before him. She shoveled in the last bite and looked at him expectantly. He instructed her to take his cock out and begin sucking it. She gladly complied and was in fact grateful. One of the things she loved about the man was his generous nature in that he allowed he to do this quite frequently.

When he returned to the kitchen he was holding a set of ankle and wrist cuffs attached to long nylon straps, a blindfold and a set of foam ear plugs.

“You can finish cleaning later, I have other plans for you little one. Come here.” He spoke softly to her, knowing he didn’t need to be harsh. She approached him slowly, eye downcast, stopped before reaching him and kneeled at his feet, still looking down, spread he knees and rested her palms on her thighs.

“Do you trust me girl?” He asked as he gently and almost lovingly caressed the top of her head

“Of course master” she replied confidently. Inside though she was frightened. He has never in all their years actually asked her that. It was an unspoken truth between them and although he had often pushed her beyond her comfort zone she has never ‘safe worded’. She knew she wouldn’t tonight either; mostly because she wanted more than anything in life to please him. The satisfaction of pleasing him through her pain or his pleasure gave her so much peace and comfort it at times overwhelmed her.

With speaking again, he grasped her hands and helped her to her feet. As he led her to the large dining room table he took a moment to fully take her body in again. Though she stood only 5’3″, her ass was firm and her 36D tits were firms and hung perfectly on her 130 pound frame. Her narrow shoulders and trim waist only accented them even more. “You really are stunning my dear” he mummered to her as he picked her up easily and laid heron her back on the table.

As he secured her arms and legs to the four legs of the table she stared at him. She smiled as she watched the muscles ripple softly under the smooth skin of his six foot 225 pound frame. Not an ounce of fat on him she thought as she leaned her head back and recalled all the times she had experienced every inch of him, feeling his weight on her, clinging on to his back as he took her over and over to incredible heights; moving his thick and long manhood into her. The last thing she saw as she opened her eyes from her memory was his shouldering blue eyes. Then only darkness as he slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

“So you say you trust me. You say that you are mine to do with as I wish”. You say that you are all mine. Tonight I will test that and see if you mean it”. Tonight you will let your mouth, pussy and ass be used as I wish.”

Inside she smiled. She knew his proclivities. She knew what his cock and mouth felt like all through her body inside and out and if she were honest when asked would admit that being used by him brought her more pleasure than anything ever could.

Then she heard him pick up his phone, dial seven numbers and as she felt ear plugs going into her ears she faintly heard him say, ” she is ready. Come in and see what she has to offer”.

Panic begin to set in. How could he? Why would be take advantage of her gift of herself to him? He couldn’t let another man have her! She belongs to him! Then she realized that this was the test. That if she truly was his then she was also his to given and shared if he wanted. But this was too much, she didn’t want this. But she was afraid she only had two chi ices: do as he asked and surrender herself all to him and trust him or risk losing him forever.

“I’m yours master” she whispered.

She could hear muffled voices through the foam plugs but could not discern voices, location or number of people in the rooms.

Then it began.

Fingers on her nipples. A gloved hand stroking them softly and pulling them erect. Thick gloved hands between her legs, pulling on her pussy lips. She moaned in spite of herself as she felt the arousal building between her legs. She felt the strange hands turning her head to the side and felt the tip of a condom covered cock on her lips. She opened her mouth tentatively and accepted it. It felt so different than his but she knew ( hoped) that he was still in the room and would be proud of her. Maybe if she performed well for this stranger he would reward her somehow.

The gloved hands continued to maul and pull her tits and clit as the assault on her mouth continued. This man had stamina rivaling her master as she was sucking hard and pulling him deep into her mouth and he only got harder, not closer to cumming. She took consolation from the fact that at least she wouldn’t have to taste his cum. It could never compare to the sweet nectar of his cock she was so accustomed to. At least he would let her keep that even if this man would take her in every other way.

She felt her mouth suddenly empty then warm breath between her thighs. A smooth face began to move closer to her pussy. An erotic mix of emotions filled her. No man but him had touched her there in so long. She missed his rough bearded face on her sensitive skin, like a thousand tiny picks of erotic pleasure. This face was smooth by contrast and was taking time slowly licking her from her exposed ass to the top of her clit over and over. It was the contrast that was setting her on fire and causing her juices to flow steadily. Her feelings of shame by being touched by another were being quickly washed away by her need to please him encouraging her impending orgasm. Her breathing was fast becoming rapid and shallow as she felt him slide a vibrator into her. Plunging it in and angling it up she felt it turn on and waves of pleasure washed over her as it this mystery man continued to gently tongue her exposed clit.

Just as she started to cum, he took it all away suddenly. She cried out of desperation then gasped as she felt a large sheathed cock being forced into her wet and waiting hole. No one had entered her in so long that she had forgotten how strange any other cock could have felt. Guilt swam over her as he began to steadily pound into her with a rhythm that was as foreign to her as everything else had been tonight.

Even through the thick protection she could feel him swelling with his impending release. She felt her self cresting again despite her attempts to not enjoy herself, and knew she would cum just as he did.

She moaned out loud and began to cry out as she felt herself soaking his latex covered tool. His gloved hands grabbed her thighs deeply as his orgasm took over and he began throbbing. She was still tightening as the blindfold was smoothed gently off her eyes onto her forehead. She blinked rapidly, her eyes adjusting to the light as her body continued to shake with the ends of her orgasm she looked up at the stranger who was continuing to pump into her tied, wet and used pussy. Her eyes met the blue loving eyes of her master. His face shaven, smiled down at her. She sighed as she came back down and looked at him with confusion till she noticed the black leather gloves on his hands.

“It was you master?” She gasped with surprise.

“Yes little one. There was never anyone else here. But you have proven your dedication to me. You have shown your commitment to pleasing me and putting my needs above your own. I’m so proud of you” he said as he leaned down and gently kissed her lips as he slid his length from her and began to untie her.

She collapsed into his waiting arms…

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