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I was returning home from work and was expecting my wife might have something planned for my birthday. We had been experimenting with some more uninhibited sex lately, and I was hoping that I wouldn’t be walking into a surprise party with our neighbors, but some sort of more intimate surprise. I wasn’t disappointed.

I noticed Nancy’s car was gone when I drove onto my street, and when I walked in the front door; I saw a note on the table.

“Dear Jim – Happy Birthday!! I got you a special gift and he’ll be arriving at 7. I’ll be home at 10 to hear all about it. Xoxo Nancy”

I wasn’t sure what to think. It sounded like Nancy had ordered a man to come to the house tonight. Was he a male prostitute? We had been discussing our fantasies lately, and we had both admitted we had same-sex thoughts. I told Nancy about some experimenting I had done in college, where I had found that my roommate was bisexual, and one night after we came back from a party, we had sucked each other’s cocks. That started a full semester of oral sex with him that I had enjoyed a lot, but hadn’t tried since. Nancy was really turned on by this and wanted to have us experiment with another man. I thought the idea was great, as I had always wanted to see her with another man, hopefully someone with a large cock. And I had great memories about my time spent between my old roommates legs, and would like to experience a cock again. But our discussion hadn’t gone much further than that.

Last week after a great blowjob, Nancy had let some of my cum flow from her chin to her chest, and had pulled my head down to lick it off. The forceful approach she took to feeding me my own cum made me hard again right after I had cum. The taste of semen brought back a lot of memories from college, and started me thinking about arranging for her fantasy to become a reality. As I lay back with the taste of my own cum in my mouth, my beautiful wife leaned in and kissed me, sharing the rest of my load. Our tongues lashed against each other as the salty prize was swapped between us.

“Mmmmm, that is SO hot. I wasn’t sure how you’d react when I moved your mouth down to my tits – there was a lot of cum on them, but when I saw how you lapped it all up, I knew we could try some new things. You do like the taste don’t you?” Nancy asked as she teased her nipple with a fingertip.

“I do.” I admitted. “When I spent that semester trading blowjobs with my room-mate, just the smell of cum would make me hard.

“Well, we’ll have to think of some way to get you some more won’t we?” She smiled as she looked down at my still hard cock. “What’s this – you didn’t even get soft after cumming? Oh I like the way this is going….” Nancy straddled me and slipped my erection into her very wet pussy. “Mmmmm, that’s so nice…..fuck me Jim! Fuck me now!” I couldn’t deny her.

So now here I was – waiting for some man to show up at my house to do…who knows what? I decided to shower and see what happened. As I stood in the stall with water pouring over me I couldn’t help but notice I was already semi-hard – clearly the thought of a man coming here wasn’t so bad. I soaped up paid particular attention to my tight anus. I had never experienced anal sex, but had often fantasized about being taken by a man. Maybe tonight was the night. I dried off, grabbed my robe and headed to the computer room to watch a little porn before 7.

I lost myself in several hot sites featuring all sizes and shapes of cocks, women with large breasts (just to reassure myself), and my favorite – men and women sharing cocks. I was so hard my cock was dripping pre-cum that I absently brought to my mouth to taste. I had lost track of time, and when I heard the doorbell ring it took me by surprise. I shut off the computer, closed my robe and went to the door. It seemed a little odd to answer the door in my robe, and at the last moment I thought maybe I was way off base & this was something else entirely, but I figured I’d take a chance.

I opened the door and saw a tall man standing on the porch. He was about six foot three, and had a large frame. He looked to be about two hundred and forty pounds, and in his mid thirties. He introduced himself as Ken, and asked if he could come in. I stood aside and he walked past me.

“Glad to see you’re ready for me.” He said. “I don’t get a lot of calls from men’s wives, but yours sounded very hot. From what she told me, she wanted to you to experience some new things tonight.”

“Oh, I’m really at a bit of a loss – this is a surprise so I’m not sure what the plan is….maybe you could enlighten me.” I said. I noticed he was setting up what looked like a massage table.

“She told me you’d be surprised – also told me you had sucked a little cock in your day, and wanted to try it again. Was she wrong?” Ken had finished setting up his table, and stood ready for whatever came next.

I thought about it, and this was the point of no return. I made up my mind and went for it. “She wasn’t wrong – I have and I do. Are you a masseuse?” I was trying to figure out exactly how this all tied together.

“I am. This is a little different from most massages. More…. possibilities I guess. Why don’t you take your robe off, get on the table, face down and we’ll get started. He started to take his clothes off as I moved to the table. Once he got down to his briefs I could tell he was starting to get hard. “Your wife requested someone who was fairly well endowed…. I hope you don’t mind.” With that he dropped his briefs and I saw what he was talking about. His penis was at least two inches longer than mine, and it wasn’t fully hard. And it was thick. The wide head extended through his foreskin. I thought to myself how much Nancy would love to see this big, masculine cock. She had commented on lots of the men we saw on our last vacation when we visited a nude beach in Jamaica, saying how their large cocks made her wet. Well here I was with one just as large, and I was pretty sure I was going to get much closer to it this evening.

I lay down on the table and noticed right away that rather than a hole in the table to put your face in, the head rest was small, and would allow him to stand very close to my head while he worked on my back. As Ken rubbed oil on my shoulders and upper back it become very clear why this feature was important. As he worked my tight muscles, his now erect penis was right there in front of my face, bobbing up and down, rubbing against me as he moved. I saw the glistening drop of pre-cum on the tip and felt the heat from his groin as he moved past me, working on my legs.

The massage went on, and I became completely relaxed. My cock was not, however, and was getting pretty uncomfortable under me. Ken seemed to sense this and asked me to turn over so he could “do my front”. I did, and of course, my cock snapped up against my stomach, hard as steel. Ken didn’t seem to notice, continued with his work and moved from my calves up my legs, massaging with his strong hands, really doing a professional job. When he got to my groin I felt a light brush of his hand against the underside of my cock as he moved to my stomach, and continued up to my chest and neck. I had been anticipating this may lead to a hand job, or maybe some oral, but was disappointed as my cock strained upward, untouched. I could feel the pre-cum streaming from my cock, pooling on my lower stomach, as he moved around my head to concentrate on my shoulder. As he did this, his erection slid over my face and came to rest on my mouth. I tried to get the tip in my mouth, but at this angle it was no use. It bobbed from my reach as he moved to my other shoulder.

“So, it looks like you might need some special attention to some areas – you’re very tight. I think maybe you’d like to give at least one of my areas some special attention as well.” Ken smirked as he stood back slightly. “Roll on your side and I’ll see what I can do.” I moved on to my left side and Ken placed a cushion under my head. He paused for a moment and then placed his right hand on the side of my head, steadying me, while he fed me his penis with his left hand. I opened my mouth and suckled hard on the wide head as he slid more and more of his beautiful cock into my mouth. I moved my hand up to pull him deeper, but he withdrew. My mouth remained open, awaiting his return, but when I opened my eyes, he was no longer there. He moved behind me to start the massage on my leg again. This was a little different though.

“Please….I….I need it.” I said softly as his hands moved over my hip. Before I could say another word, I felt his strong hand, freshly covered in warm oil, slide up my inner thigh, trailing over my tight opening, linger to apply pressure, and then continue up my hip. He moved my knee up so I was completely exposed, completely accessible and moved a warm, oil covered hand to cup my balls as he pushed a finger (which met little resistance) into my opening. I was so relaxed, and so in need of his touch that his finger slid into me up to the knuckle easily, drawing a quick gasp from me. The sensation of him holding my balls while he penetrated me with was almost too much. I felt my cock surge, but didn’t want to cum yet.

I heard his voice come from behind me as he withdrew the finger, moved it back into me, and withdrew again. So slowly. “Mmmmm, you are tight down here too, but I think we can change that. Is there anything else I can do for you before we move to the next part of the massage?” His finger was joined by a second finger, stretching my hole, and making me feel a need unlike any I had felt before. I needed him inside me. But first I wanted to see more of that thick cock.

“Please let me suck you some more…I want to taste that big cock again before you fuck me.” I heard myself plead.

“Oh, so you think I’m going to fuck you do you?” I heard his voice moving from behind me and knew I would see the object of my lust soon. I opened my eyes as he moved in front of me. My head rested on the pillow as I watched him dry his hands on a towel and move closer. “Open your mouth and suck my cock…or do you want me to fuck your throat for you?” I was about to answer when he moved the fat shaft to my face. I opened my mouth and he placed the head between my lips. I sucked and ran my tongue along the ridge under his wide head. He began thrusting in and out of my mouth.

“Mmmm, that’s it, suck that cock…your wife told me you needed this…told me you were a cocksucker, and needed to be fed a real man’s cock. Oh yeah….you are good at this. I’d love to just fuck your mouth and shoot a load of my cum down your throat, but I have other plans for you.” He popped free of my mouth as I looked up at him. “Roll over on your front.” I did.

Ken resumed the massage of my anus with the warm oils and soon had three fingers moving deep within me. My opening was fully relaxed and my hips were starting to lift off the table, trying to draw him deeper inside me. Without warning, he pulled his fingers out of me, and I heard him squirting more of the oil. But it wasn’t being applied to me. The slick, stroking sound told me that the main event was about to begin. Clearly Ken was lubricating his big cock to make the next step as easy as possible.

Without a word, I felt him get up onto the table; it’s wide lower section allowing him to place his knees on either side of my hips. I could feel the warm, hard length of his cock slide down my ass until the tip slipped past my opening, then pause. Ken reached down and positioned the flaring tip against my opening, and held himself there for a moment.

“Just relax…I’m going to apply a little pressure and if you push out a little, this will be very nice. Your wife told me you were a virgin – that’s about to change…” I tensed for a moment as I anticipated what I was sure would be a sharp pain as he entered me, but then relaxed and pushed out as I felt him push in. Instead of pain I was amazed to feel his entire cock slide smoothly into me, with no resistance. I felt so full as he just kept pushing more and more of his long, thick penis into my body. When he was in to the hilt, I felt his body press down on me as he relaxed. The sensation of feeling his weight on me, all the warm, full body contact, and his deep, complete penetration of me was so incredible. I had never felt anything like this.

“Oooh my…..that is so good. You were relaxed weren’t you – you didn’t tense up, just accepted me as I slipped into you. That’s so nice…..I love taking you like this.” Ken moaned as I felt his hips start to stir. “You have eight inches of cock inside you right now….you know what its’ like to be a woman….to be taken… feel your man enter you and take his pleasure with you.” I felt him start to withdraw. His cock slid out of me in one long, slow motion, making me feel empty and incomplete before driving back deep inside me. He started a nice slow fucking motion and I knew I was close to cumming until I felt him pull completely out. The shock of the cold air invading my opening was startling.

“Wha….where are you going? Put it back in…..I need to feel you.” I pleaded as he got off of me, off of the table.

“Don’t worry – we’ll keep going, I just have to put this on.” I watched him roll a condom down his long shaft. “Now, roll over I want to see your eyes when I take you this time.” I rolled on my back and he lifted my legs over his shoulders as he mounted me. I felt him position himself at my opening and in one quick motion he slipped into me. The feeling was slightly different with the condom, but still amazing. “Here, hit the dial button.” To my surprise he handed me a cell phone. “Your wife wants to talk to you…” Ken began fucking me while I somehow hit the button and heard the familiar sound of being connected to my wife’s cell phone. Ken stood at the end of the massage table as he held my legs and fucked me in long, slow strokes. My own cock was beyond hard and dripped pre-cum constantly. I heard my wife answer.

“Honey? This is SO exciting! How do you feel? Is he….is he in you right now? I asked him to have you call me when he was fucking you……” She was talking fast, obviously excited.

“Oooooh, oh, oh, yeah – (gasp) he is……oooooooh, he’s so big, and it’s so deep…….I can’t believe it….” I was barely able to talk as Ken started to speed up.

“Oh honey, that sounds so good….just let it happen…..I want to hear you cum…..tell me how it feels…..or just let me listen…….”

“Mmmmmm, he’s……..oh! He just went so deep! Oh, he’s holding his cock inside me know…grinding his hips so I feel very vein, every inch of his thick cock………starting to pull out…Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“What just happened? It sounds so good…….tell me.” My wife was pleading.

“He’s really fucking me now…..oh, oh, oh…..yes – I’m, I’m cumming!!” My cock spasmed, sending cum flying up to my face and all over my chest. This didn’t stop him from thrusting and thrusting, fucking me hard and fast…he had to be close. He buried his cock in me and I reached down to hold his balls. They were drawn tightly against his body….I knew he was about to shoot. “He’s going to cum in me now honey….I can feel him twitching…..”

“Mmmmmm, here it comes – I’m…….”his words were lost as he held himself deep inside me, and his cock gave a strong pulse, followed by several more as he filled the condom with his precious load. I could feel his cock swell, and pulse, and it seemed to be hotter.

“Oh honey, tell me how it feels!” My wife was almost shouting.

“Mmmmmm it’s nice, so warm and he’s cumming so much, I can’t wait to see the condom.”

“Are you licking your own cum from your fingers?”

“Mmmmm, of course……Oh! He just pulled out of me. I can see his cock & the tip of the condom is bulging with his cum! He’s coming closer……”

“Tell him to pour his load into your mouth….I bet you cum again when you taste his hot sperm!” My wife was so dirty…..I loved it.

“My wife would like you to pour the contents of that condom into my mouth.” I said, matter of factly.

“I can do that….here try this while I get it ready for you.” He rolled the condom off of his cock, and placed it in my mouth. I sucked the last few drops of his load from him. It was warm, and tasted so manly. The smell of the cum in the condom, and on his cock was making me hard again. Then I saw him move the condom over my face. I opened my mouth, and waited. Looking up I could see the ring of the open end of the condom as he tipped it and a long stream of white, warm semen poured into my open mouth. The heat of his sperm, the taste and the thought of having his essence inside me was too much. I dropped the phone, and grabbed my cock, which exploded with the first stroke. I couldn’t believe the sensory overload as I swallowed his warm cum, and my own shot out of my cock. I had never cum twice in a row so quickly in my life!

I picked the phone up form the floor and thanked my wife for the amazing gift.

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