This is a pretty lengthy start to an idea of my rendition of A Little Mermaid.

All characters are eighteen or older.

Also, the excerpt in the beginning is a throwback to other fiction I’ve written. A little explanation of how I do my mythical creatures is sometimes needed, but footnotes aren’t an option, sadly.


Though a well-known creature, merperson anatomy is commonly misrepresented due to centuries of misinformation.

Since they mate and possess gonads like humans, the trademark scales of a merperson begin to form beneath their buttocks and a few inches below their genitals. Their bottom halves are not one veritable fin. This mistaken assumption is due to the fact that, though mer-people do in fact have two separate “legs”, they commonly swim with the appendages pressed tightly together. Their scaly limbs do end in luxurious “tailfins”, however, which are composed of flimsy membranes. This makes it impossible for them to traverse to land, but they serve as beautiful props in mer mating rituals.

– Excerpt from Mythic Observations by Aspen Leroux, p. 67, chapter III


Zelda burst through the surface of the ocean into chilly twilight air. After waiting a second for her gills to close – an initial reaction to air- and for her lungs to take over, the mermaid inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of salt and fresh air. Nearby, lightly silhouetted against the setting sun, a galleon bobbed on the water. It wasn’t the shadow that caught Zelda’s attention, though, it was the indiscernible shrieking.

Zelda cautiously swam closer to the ship. Her father’s warnings about humans flared in her mind, but they were ignored in favor of curiosity as the screams became louder. It took her a minute to realize the ruckus was originating from an open window that, presumably, led to the officers’ quarters.

With the help of an opportune wave, the mermaid made short work of climbing the stern of the ship. Zelda perched herself onto a decorative ledge and peeked into the open window; she felt her heart twist and her lower stomach prickle in a mix of shock and excitement at the scene.

“Let go of me!” a blonde woman, adorned in a dingy dishwater brown dress, pounded her open hands against her attacker’s chest. He had her trapped against a desk, his hips grinded unabashedly against hers. Chuckling, the man further pinned the woman against the desk by snatching her wrists.

“Wouldn’t it be a pity,” the man’s voice oozed like oil as he leaned closer to his unwilling prey. Despite her thrashing, he brought one of her hands to his lips and ran his lips over her palm as he continued, “If such a pretty thing like yourself was caught stealing from the prince? What’s the punishment for theft, again?”

The woman’s hands instantly closed into fists as her struggles ceased. The rosy flush left her cheeks as she bit her bottom lip, worry painting her face into a miserable expression. Finally, the servant woman averted her gaze and muttered, “How may I be of service to Your Majesty?”

Zelda felt her lower stomach tighten as the prince purred, “Submit to me.”

With a dismal expression on her face, the servant nodded in compliance.

“Good girl.” The prince turned the woman around, anticipation evident by the lump in his pants, and shoved her harshly forward. As she bent over the desk, his hand went to her neck, holding her down as his fingers tangled in her locks.

Zelda’s hand began its descent down, over the curvature of her breasts and the slippery flesh of her stomach. Her fingers delved between her lips, eliciting a shiver from Zelda just as the prince hiked the servant’s skirt over her hips. With her legs forced wide apart by the royalty, and relieved of her modest covering, the servant’s pussy lay bared before the man and, unknowingly, to the mermaid.

The prince ran his fingers over the woman’s lower lips and she responded with reluctant whimpers of pleasure. Zelda’s fingertips lightly traced her clit, sending soft brushes of delight through her body, as the prince’s own fingers began the same ministration. However, unlike Zelda’s gentle self-pleasuring, the prince’s fingers rubbed roughly and quickly against the servant’s own sensitive nub. Instantly, the servant mewled and writhed while the pressure in the prince’s pants grew. Involuntarily, her hips pressed against the prince’s fingers and a pleased grin curled at his lips. He slid three fingers into the servant, enjoying the way her muscles clenched at him as he sawed the digits in and out of her. It was evident the woman was frustrated in her own body’s enjoyment, as she tried to stifle her wriggles and bite down on her moans.

Satisfied with her reaction, the prince removed his fingers from the woman and undid his trousers. His fingers wrapped around his pulsing cock, stroking it a few times before leading it to the servant’s swollen pussy lips.

Zelda bit her bottom lip as her gaze took in his dick. Long and thick, with a nice plump head. The mermaid had to admit it looked positively enticing. Her lower stomach tightened and prickling tingles coursed through her body as the man rubbed the head of his cock against the servant’s pussy. Zelda could almost imagine how it would feel to have meaty cock stretching her, filling her. Then the prince jerked his hips and easily thrust himself roughly into the waif-like blonde.

With a grunt, the man began to pound into the woman, enjoying the half-dry friction of the servant. The blonde whimpered in pain, her whole body tensed around him, but the friction soon had her drenched. His free hand, unabated by uncertainty, delivered a stinging slap to the woman’s rear. The sound of his palm smacking the soft flesh sent jolts of pleasure to his groin as his balls tightened.

It also sent an excited rush through Zelda’s lower body as her pussy became drenched in her juices. Her free hand joined its counterpart down below, slowly sliding two fingers into her hot cunt. Already, the muscles clenched at her fingers as Zelda continued to watch the prince fuck the other woman.

Ragged panting tore at the prince’s dry throat as his fucktoy whimpered. Whether it was from pain or pleasure, he didn’t care. The almost unbearable tightness that gripped at his balls was the only thing on his mind; he wanted to push himself forward, over the edge, and fill this little peasant whore with his hot cum. His hand tightened on the back of the blonde’s neck as his other palm came down harder on the woman’s ass. With each spank, her pussy’s muscles clenched tighter and tighter at his cock.

Zelda was fast approaching her own peak. Her fingers worked more quickly, teasing her clit and finger-fucking herself. Her muscles tensed as hot warmth curled through her body. Her impending orgasm pressed against her body and, with a full body spasm, a hot tidal wave of ecstasy crashed over her. Zelda bit down on her bottom lip as her body trembled and, just then, the ship tipped on a particularly large swell, tossing the unbalanced mermaid into the sea with a yelp.

The prince, on the other hand, was having a tougher time reaching his peak. Frustration clawed at his gut as both of his hands went to the servant’s hips. Forcefully, he slammed into harder, trying to send himself over the edge. He was precariously, and stubbornly, perched on the very tip.

Snarling to himself, the man dragged his cock from the servant’s sopping pussy and, without a warning, rammed into the woman’s ass. A shriek tore from her lips as red-hot pain accompanied the man’s cock, but the prince continued to pound into her ass, intent on coming.

“S-stop, it hurts!” The blonde struggled between standing there and somehow pushing the royal dick off her.

The man didn’t even acknowledge her word, though the hot pressure of his oncoming orgasm was made all the sharper by the woman’s pain. It didn’t take long for him to reach his peak. With one last hard thrust, balls tightened, his muscles tensed, and he was finally sent hurtling over his proverbial edge. Pleasurable heat bubbled through his body as his release unleashed spurts of cum into the blonde.

Still panting, the prince removed his slowly softening cock from the orifice. He cleaned himself off with the hem of the servant’s dress and buttoned his trousers before stepping back, “I’m done with you, peasant.”

The woman didn’t stir. Only a sighing whimper signaled that she was still conscious.

“Well, off with you. You’ve outlasted your use.” The prince sauntered away from the servant, toward his bed. Exhaustion weighed on his limbs.

Stiffly, the woman gingerly righted her self. She took care to smooth her skirt down, delaying the inevitable pain that would accompany her first steps. When the prince harrumphed, the blonde knew she couldn’t dally any longer. After a pained curtsey to His Majesty, the servant hobbled toward the exit.

Zelda peeked over the ledge, cautiously. She didn’t wish to be found out should the unoccupied couple happen to turn their eyes toward the open window. Though she missed the finale, due to her impromptu dive, the mermaid still wanted to steal one last glimpse of the prince.

Luckily for her, the prince found that moment to be opportune to change his sweat-stained clothes. As he tugged his shirt over his head, momentarily blind to the peeping mermaid, Zelda received an eyeful of his chiseled physique. The best part, however, was the happy trail that naughtily dragged her eye down from his navel to the waistband of his pants.

The second passed and as soon as the prince’s head pulled free of the shirt, Zelda dove back into the ocean. Her flushed cheeks tingled, despite the cold water that whirled past her face, and her breath caught in her throat as her thoughts whirled around the image of the prince. It was an instant connection that Zelda never experienced before and it made her heart ache with desire.

As she swam deeper and deeper into the sea, the mermaid soon made her choice. The prince would be hers and she would be his. Zelda’s gaze flicked down at herself, briefly noting that her finned feet would be a problem. The thought was quickly displaced, though; she knew just which witch of the sea to go to about the fishie anatomy issue.

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