Note – This story was co-written by MasterAaran and myself. Our long-time editor has edited it for us. Dialogue in this part of the story is in English, other than the terms of endearment which are “dorogaya moya” (my darling), “moya konfeta” (my sweet), “moyej l’ubov”u” (my love), “moya l’ubov’” (my love).


Sonja kicked off her heels as she entered her house. It had been another long day, and she didn’t feel like cooking after it, but she didn’t really want fast food either, so she flipped through her list of delivery menus, then gave a laugh. “Might as well just order from my favourite place,” she mused to herself and picking up the cordless phone, she dialed the number she knew by heart.

A familiar voice answered the phone at the other end, and she sighed in pleasure at hearing it. She had been forced away from her favourite things over the last few years due to a major case that had been on-going against the Russian mafia presence in the state.

“Nicolai, dorogaya moya. I’ve missed your delicious food…. Da, dorogaya moya … I want an order of Basturma, Mushroom and Shallot Buckwheat Kasha, a Classic Georgian salad, Zelyonye Schi and some Chocolate Vodka… Here is my new address…”

“Sonja!” Nicolai answered on the opposite end. He was grinning ear to ear as he spoke with her, even though she couldn’t see it. She had been a long-time customer, and a regular buyer from his delivery business, when the recent trouble with the mafia started. Over the last several years, the government had cracked down heavily on any and all traces of mafia that they could find. Every few weeks for the first year or so, there would be news of another cell that had been taken down. Eventually, they tracked it down to the ‘Boss’ himself, who had been captured and taken to trial. If it hadn’t been for his brother, none of them would have escaped arrest, but the cunning new leader had expertly thrown the police off of the trail of the remnants.

Though no one, especially as low as Nicolai, knew exactly what had happened, it was rumoured that the new boss had even turned in members of some cells in order to protect others. Either ways, the commotion had finally settled down and business was back to normal…except for a few loose ends. The boss had put a hit order out on all members of the witnesses and jury that had taken part in the trials. All male members were to be assassinated, all females, if they were young and pretty enough, were to be taken. Poor Sonja was on the “Take” list… and unfortunately, Nicolai had been named as the contact that had to do the deed. For this reason, as soon as he heard her voice, he picked up his cell phone and dialled a number which would send an automatic tap from the business phone to the phones of two of his mafia companions.

“I’ll get your order out and bring it myself, Baby!” He said into the phone. “See you in about half an hour!”

“See you soon, Nicolai,” she said, hanging up the phone. Knowing she had a little time, she went to her bedroom and changed from her work clothes and took a quick shower. The warm water sluiced over her naked body, making her sigh in pleasure. She washed her hair then sighed, wishing she had never seen any of the horrible things that sent her into hiding, far from her friends and family.

After a few minutes of relaxing under the hot water, she turned off the taps and reached out, grabbing a towel before drying off. Slipping into her favourite fluffy robe, she dried her hair under the towel. Going to the bedroom again, she pulled out a pair of panties and slid them on, admiring her long, shapely legs as she pulled up the silk thong. She then pulled on some sexy lingerie, loving how the silk felt against her skin and the way wearing it made her feel, even though she had no one to wear it for. A black silk robe slid over her outfit and draped over her curves to complete her outfit.

Hearing the doorbell, she smiled to herself and hurried to answer it. “Nicolai!! Lyubimaya!! So good to see you,” she said after opening the door, and kissing his cheeks. “I’ve missed you so much!”

He stood there smiling at her as she gave him the customary kiss on the cheeks that she always greeted him with. He felt a small pang at what he was about to do, but after all, it was his ‘job’ and she was a hottie. He had long dreamed of being with her as more than an acquaintance or friend and now was his chance. Sonja would never be the same when they were finished with her. What she couldn’t see, was that his two associates were on either side of the door, pressed against the wall. Still, he had to play his part, “Sonja! You are finally home! I am happy for you!”

Nicolai stepped inside her home, and as he did so, took in her clothing. She was dressed in a sleek silk robe that played upon her body excellently, accentuating all of the right parts. He held out the container with the food inside letting her take it from him. As she took it and turned for a moment, he beckoned with one hand. The two other men from either side of the doorway stepped into the entry. They were Trevor and Ivan, two fellow Russian mafia heavies.

Ivan was tall, stockier than Nicolai, but any extra bulk appeared to be all muscle; a pistol was strapped under his arm in a shoulder holster. Trevor was a bit shorter than Nicolai, but much wirier, and clutched a knife. Both wore white tank-tops and camouflage jeans, and both had the same insignia tattooed on their shoulders, that of the Mafia, a curvy woman lying under crossed pistols and surrounded by the Biohazard symbol. Just before Nicolai had arrived, Trevor had cut her phone lines from the junction box, so even if she tried to call the police, it would do no good.

Taking the container, Sonja smiled, “I’m not home yet, Nicolai. And I doubt I will ever be able to go there. Not after all that’s happened.” She turned towards the kitchen, unaware of the other two lurking behind Nicolai. “If only plays a big role in my life now, Nicolai. If only I hadn’t seen what I saw. If only that damned prosecutor hadn’t found me.”

Under her breath, a string of Russian curses slipped through her lips and she laid her forehead against the wall. “I just wish this had never happened, and that I was home. I miss my friends and my family. I miss speaking russki. I wish it so badly!!” With all the years Nicolai had known Sonja, while she seemed in control, he could hear the tremor in her voice, a faint wavering that told him she was near a breaking point.

That tremor in her voice gave Nicolai an idea, one he acted on without hesitation. He slipped up behind her, his hands going to her waist, holding her gently. “Sonja, you are so beautiful,” he whispered into her ear as he leaned down to her. Catching her chin as she turned to look at him, he leaned towards her luscious mouth, claiming it in a kiss as Sonja turned in his arms. Against her lips, he whispered, “You are not alone, Sonja. It’s going to be alright. Just trust me, Sonja.”

She seemed to have lost all reluctance and reservations. He felt her melt into his arms and his kiss, and he pressed his advantage, letting his lips trail across her cheek to her neck before returning to her lips. He pressed her gently back against the wall, and his hands moved to the belt of her robe, untying it and slowly pushing the silk apart so that his hands could slide through and his fingers come in contact with her barely covered skin. His hands moved from her sides, up her back to her shoulders where he slipped the robe from her shoulders and then took a half step back to stare down at the lingerie that she was wearing. “Do not be afraid, Sonja… Let me help you…”

Behind the entangled pair, Nicolai’s companions were snickering to themselves as they entered the house more fully and waited for the right moment to move.

She smiled up at him. “Da, Nicolai. Da. I need you so much.” Her attention was wholly on Nicolai and thus, didn’t see the other two stepping into her house. She gave a small sigh as he stared at her in her lingerie, making her mentally pat herself on her back for not wearing a plain pair of shorts and t-shirt tonight. The way his eyes roamed over her sent a thrill of need through her. Her black panties left little to the imagination down below, but the top… Her top just covered the tops of her nipples, leaving the top of her breasts bare, and had a pink tie holding it together below her breasts, laced up tight. The sheer black fabric showed her figure off to perfection though.

“And you shall have me, Zon’aoj…” He could barely keep himself from her, this sexy woman in front of him. He made up his mind then and there that no matter what happened; he would keep her for himself. She would be his; he would beg his brother if he needed… but there was no way she would be left to the whorehouses and brothels that was the fate of the other women. That would not stop her from her current fate though. He smiled down at her, “I want you with me… Forever, Milaya Moya … If only it didn’t have to be this way…” His fingers ran from her shoulders to her ass, cupping the panty-covered flesh and drawing her close to his body. Her clothing, smell and attitude were driving him crazy.

Had Sonja pulled herself away from Nicolai, she would have seen the other two men, now with their shirts and boots off. They were preparing to rape her, as was the plan, before taking her away.

Sonja looked at him, his words making her wonder. “What do you mean, Nicolai? Be what way?” With his hands on her ass, gripping her firm globes of flesh, she couldn’t pull away. She started to turn her head to the side to see what he was talking about, but before she could, his lips claimed hers again, keeping her attention on him. Her arms slipped around his neck as she pressed against him, a low moan slipping from her as he held her close, his mouth ravishing her own. Her eyes closed as she melted against him, her hands sliding down his shoulders and over his back until she got under his shirt. She gently tugged at it, pulling it from his pants and sliding her hands against his skin.

Nicolai was becoming lost in the feelings of her touch, and her taste. He struggled to keep his mind on the job and not on the woman herself. He cursed himself for waiting so long, and yet he wouldn’t have wasted these last moments with her for the world. As she began to slip his shirt from his pants and rub his back, one of his own hands left her ass to reach up and gently grope her breasts.

At last, he broke the kiss, “I’m sorry Sonja… but you see… you crossed the line when you told the prosecutor all you knew… if you come quietly and don’t struggle, I’ll see that you aren’t harmed…” He moved just enough that she could see his weapon-wielding companions in the background.

Sonja moaned softly as his hand found her breasts and started groping them. Her back arched, pressing her covered slit against his clothed groin, as she practically begged for more. His words, though, acted like ice water on her libido, and she opened her mouth to scream in fear. ‘Guns and knives!’ she thought she had gotten past that, long past.

Instead of screaming though, she broke down, flinging herself at Nicolai, hiding her lack of clothing from the others. “I didn’t, Nicolai. Please believe me. I didn’t tell them anything,” she said, sobbing against his chest. She knew what happened to anyone double crossing the Russian mafia. She would rather kill herself than end up the way they did.

Why had Nicolai been sent after her? He wasn’t Mafia. At least, not that she knew of. She trembled against him, knowing what was about to happen, but she knew she had to face the issue. She also knew that if she showed any more of her fear than she already was, her fate would be much worse. She took a deep breath, pushing away from Nicolai, flipping her hair back over her shoulders as she looked up at him. “I understand you quite well, Nicolai. And I want whoever is in charge now to know I didn’t run from my fate. Do what you will. Just do not expect me to forgive easily. I did nothing wrong. I did not tell them anything. They told me.”

He held up his hands, “I told you, Sonja… co-operate and I will make sure you are not badly harmed, and you will not be sent to the brothels.” He waved the men forward, taking hold of one of her hands and squeezing, “I will ensure you are mine and no one else’s…” He stepped back from her and finished stripping off his shirt. Trevor laid the knife down on the table in front of the couch, and Ivan followed suit with his gun. Both could tell that they would have no trouble with her to the point of needing to use violence.

Nicolai was evidently the leader of this band… and he had been told by the boss himself that if he pulled off this job and one other, he would promote him to the second-in command position in the mafia, which held considerable power, enough to protect Sonja from the horrible fate of so many other women. “I cannot stop this from happening now… but I can protect you later…” he said, stepping away from her and kicking off his boots.

Sonja trembled, even as Nicolai held her hand, then let go to strip his shirt off. Her eyes remained on him, not even looking over at the other two. She knew that the method of dealing with female snitches in the Russian Mafia was to gang-rape them, and then force them into prostitution. She also knew that the groups sent to gang-rape them were all part of the Mafia.

The one that laid down the knife though did not strike her as a Russian. In fact, she thought he might just be a thug member. That level of the Mafia did not have as strict a prerequisite for membership as the main Mafia. She had seen the lower levels including everything from Russians to whites to blacks and Hispanics. So, this one must be white, since he didn’t look Hispanic or black to her.

She fought against her fear, not wanting to give them a reason to say she was resisting them, though Nicolai knew she didn’t want this. He could read her face better than anyone she knew, and while she was behaving, the situation scared her more than anything else ever had; even the whole trial and the hiding forced on her by the FEDS.

It didn’t take long before they were all stripped down; even Nicolai was naked now, standing before her. But where they didn’t see, he could. He saw the terror in her eyes and in the slight flare of her nostrils. He had always cared for Sonja, and had nearly begged his brother not to put out the hit on her… but here he was, and they knew what had to be done.

Of the three, it was clear that Ivan had the largest member. It only made sense really, that it fit with the rest of his bulk. But yet, mostly hard as it was, he was only just over six inches long. Trevor may have been shorter in stature, but otherwise, he had become known as, “Dlinnyj” or “The Long One.” His cock when hard measured out to 10 inches, though had only half the girth of Ivan. Nicolai could safely be said to fall directly between them, both thick and moderately long. His was a cock that could be said to be a handful to any woman lucky, or unlucky, enough to have it enter them.

Nicolai made the first move, stepping back to her to grip her arm rather roughly and jerk her across the floor toward the others, who instantly stepped forward as well. Gang-rapers such as them didn’t much care where the girl was when they took her, so the floor or bent across the table was good enough for them.

As he forced her to move, he was thankful that he had been there. If it hadn’t been for his connections to Sonja, she would have simply gotten a group of thugs that would have totally used her then taken her back to one of the many hidden brothels to be sent immediately into the rings. Because he was here, he would be able to keep his promise to her, and protect her from that fate. Not to mention that he had been able to pick two men that he knew personally owed him favours, and would obey him without question.

Sonja gave a low cry as he grabbed her arm and dragged her to where the others were. The closest thing to where they were standing was the kitchen counter’s rounded end. It was a small breakfast bar and she found herself bent over it before she could say much. She closed her eyes, not wanting to the others to see her fear as she was forced down over the cool granite countertop.

The bottom hem of her lingerie slid up over her ass, revealing the thong underwear she wore under it. The black panties matched the top she wore, though there was no pink tie in front to match the pink lacing up the front of the top. Her firm, shapely ass was divided by the black fabric, drawing the men’s eyes to it.

As she was placed across the countertop, all eyes turned to the ass that was now presented to them. Her head would hang over the other end, perfectly placed for one of them to get a blowjob while the others used her lower holes. Before either of the others moved though, Nicolai held up a hand, speaking in thick Russian, “No one touches her until I do… You know that I reserved her! You might need to hold her down.”

Ivan immediately backed off, but Trevor didn’t, not understanding Russian. He got the gist fast though when Ivan grabbed his arm and motioned for him to grab one of Sonja’s to hold her down. The two accomplices moved to the opposite side of the countertop and gripped her arms tightly, forcing her to stay where they put her. Nicolai’s hands moved to her legs, caressing up from the backs of her knees to her thighs. He let out a deep breath as his fingers caressed her ass then, and felt her warmth as he brushed aside the thin lingerie and hooked his fingers into the band of her panties, pulling them down her ass and pushing them away.

Sonja felt the two grabbing her arms, holding her down as Nicolai moved behind her. Her body quivered as he stroked the back of her thighs with his fingertips. She had to stifle a low cry as she felt him pulling her thong panties down, baring her entrances to him. While she appreciated that he was going to be her first, she hated that her first time was going to be like this, a rape.

“Nicolai, be gentle. Please. I don’t want to hate this more than I have to. I… I’ve never been with anyone before.”

Nicolai let out a small gasp as he saw her slit come into view. His hands gripped her ass-cheeks gently and pried them apart, baring her inner star to him, and showing off her cunt much more fully. She was such a beautiful woman, he nearly couldn’t imagine that he was doing this to her. “I will go slowly for you, Zon’aa, Moj Rebenok… You are mine from now on,” he said to her, and then moved so that the swollen head of his cock was pressed to her slit. With a small hump, he pushed inside, finding the way blocked by her hymen.

When he felt the proof of her innocence, he looked at the other men, “This bitch is fully mine… you can have her mouth for use now… but her lower holes are mine alone. I will increase your pay…”

Sonja gasped as she felt him pushing into her, only getting a couple inches inside her before a low cry slipped from her. He was right at her hymen, about to take her virginity. She pulled forward, not wanting this to happen like this. She knew it was going to hurt, and… What did he just call her?

“SUKA?? Did you just call me a bitch, Nicolai? I thought I meant more to you than to be called a bitch! I’m not some dog! I swear…” Her words were cut off as Ivan grabbed her head and pushed his length into her mouth, shutting her up as he moved her head on his cock, forcing her to suck his length.

Despite his harsh words when speaking about her, his movements were nearly as gentle as the most wonderful lover. While Ivan was rough with her head, Nicolai gently moved his hands up to her sides before gripping slowly and pushing into her. Her hips were against the counter in such a way that there was no way she could go anywhere now. His large cockhead pressed against her hymen for a moment, stretching it until finally it popped, and he slipped further into her tight tunnel. Trevor had her hands pinned behind her back with one hand, the other stroking his cock. Nicolai breathed as he felt her pussy for the first time, “You are so delicious, moye domashneye zhivotnoye, so lovely and so tight!”

Sonja was thrilled at hearing so much Russian at one time again, but as Nicolai pushed deeper into her, tearing through her hymen with a strangely gentle pressure, she screamed against Ivan’s thick cock as he filled her mouth. She couldn’t pull away from any of them, not even Trevor, who was only holding her hands behind her back. Her body bucked and writhed on the countertop as Nicolai fucked her tight cunt and Ivan forced his way deeper into her throat.

Trevor was clearly not Russian; every time one of the others spoke in it he looked clearly confused, but remained as he was holding her hands. Ivan gripped the back of her head with one huge hand, twisting her hair and forcing her deeper and deeper on his cock, essentially raping her mouth and throat. He let off a constant stream of grunts and gasps, with the occasional curse thrown in. Nicolai wished fervently that it had been only he that had come this evening… if it had, he might have been able to bring her in without any unpleasantness at all. He couldn’t deny the feeling she was causing though, and slowly picked up the pace, fucking her steadily now.

Sonja gagged repeatedly as Ivan fucked her mouth and throat, forcing her to take more and more of his length into her mouth. Soon, he was fully entrenched into her mouth and throat, fucking her face vigorously. She couldn’t block that from her mind while Nicolai was fucking her tight snatch. He could tell she had been waiting for the right time, or the right person to give it to, and now the choice had been taken from her. She could barely move into his thrusts, though her body squirmed and writhed on the countertop as he moved faster inside her.

Nicolai couldn’t wait to get her away from here, to where he could be alone with her and fuck her by himself, when he didn’t have to force her to stay down and take it like this, but again, he shrugged the thoughts off and concentrated on the delicious feelings coming from her as she was wrapped around his cock. At last, Ivan began to grunt faster, and within seconds, his cock was spurting deep into her throat, as he pulled away. As he stepped aside though, he caught up her hands, and Trevor stepped right in front, pushing his, much longer, cock into her throat, saying crudely, “Take it, you cunt!”

Sonja growled as Trevor stepped forward, shoving himself right into her mouth and down her throat. His words set her off, and she thrashed under Nicolai and Ivan, trying to free her-self to teach this punk ass a lesson in manners. She knew that Nicolai would know why she was going off like this… especially after her exclamation after he called her a bitch! But her movements only served to tighten Ivan’s grip on her wrists and drive her against him.

Trevor was, as Sonja guessed, nothing but a thug class of mafia. He only cared about doing his job and getting paid… and in this case, getting off on this hot girl that was for use in front of him. He didn’t care what she wanted, or what she thought about this. Ivan was able to use one hand to hold her down, but he released one of her arms and brought her hand to his cock, so that she could stroke it.

Nicolai concentrated on what effect she was having on his cock. He pounded into her quickly, maybe a bit hard, but certainly not as hard as he could have. He was grunting faster now, feeling that he was going to cum any second… and then the dam burst. He rutted fully into her and released his built up cum with a gasp… letting it flow into her tight tunnel. As he came, he moved one hand to her ass, and pushed a finger into her asshole.

Sonja stroked Ivan, knowing better than to fight against him. Her eyes were clenched shut, hating what was happening to her. Feeling Nicolai cumming inside her, a tear started to form in her eye as she felt something inside her start to crack, but it was the insertion of his finger into her tight asshole that sent her over as she gasped just as Trevor was thrusting into her mouth, his length finding no barrier to her throat as he slid fully into her, pressing her nose against his groin.

Nicolai grunted a few more times as he came, filling her pussy with his cum as he continued to move in her slowly. At last he pulled out of her, but left his finger in her ass, wiggling it around and pushing it in and out a few times before he drew it out as well. He saw no reason to speak, though he knew she would especially detest this next part of her rape. He placed his cock at her winking rosebud and began to push hard into her. Trevor, meanwhile, was using her mouth like another cunt, force-fucking her throat with wild abandon while Ivan made her stroke him. His cock was still hard and pulsing.

He was right. Sonja felt him pressing into her tight ass and her body started thrashing wildly. A scream lodged in her throat as Trevor fucked her, not giving her much time to get air. The pain of Nicolai stretching her tight ass out had made her stop her hands motions on Ivan, and if he hadn’t kept moving her hand, she wouldn’t have kept stroking him. Her body stiffened, as a single tear fell from her eye as she was used by the three of them.

If Sonja’s pussy had been tight, her ass was even tighter. It gripped him like a vice and nearly didn’t let him move. If it hadn’t been for the slickness of her pussy juice still on his cock, he would never have gotten in at all. He gripped her hips tighter and pushed until he was fully hilted. He left himself there, and put his hands on her ass, rubbing gently and saying, though she probably couldn’t hear him, “its okay Rebenok… it will stop hurting and you will like it eventually.” He slowly began to withdraw from her then, slowly beginning the fucking of her ass. Trevor was beginning to grunt now, and his cock throbbed in her mouth and throat as he began to cum.

Sonja choked as Trevor kept his cock in her mouth and throat, his length throbbing inside her tight confines as his seed shot from him and down into her stomach. She cried out as Nicolai gripped her hips and forced himself into her tight ass, her body trembling from the pain of his intrusion into her body. Her hand stilled on Ivan as she tried to recover from the pain and the choking, unable to get a breath as Trevor’s cock filled her throat.

Trevor finally pulled out as he finished cumming, stepping back and taking a breath. Ivan grinned and pulled her fingers off of his cock, still keeping her wrist entrapped in his hand. He stepped in front of her, and Trevor stepped close again as well. The smaller man took her other hand, and then both of them shoved their cocks into her face, Ivan telling her to suck them both off or risk being hurt. Nicolai gave him a withering glare at that, but then returned his attention to her flexing asshole as he began to fuck it.

Sonja shook her head, lifting her head some, glaring at Ivan. “I can’t. There’s no way both of you can fit in my mouth. And I’m pretty certain you won’t hurt me. Cause hurting me will affect your future jobs. I doubt either of you want to work the… sanitation detail,” she said, and then cried out softly as Nicolai moved in her tight ass, causing her to buck against him.

Ivan looked at Trevor and repeated her words in English to the young American. The boy growled and slapped her face hard, then jammed his cock back in her throat. Nicolai growled, barking out, “Hit her again and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of a ditch before the night is out… I’ll see to it… personally!” The boy’s eyes widened at the tone of his voice and he backed up, pulling his cock out and looking frightened. Ivan laughed and again translated, causing Trevor to gulp. Nicolai turned his attention away from them and back to Sonja, picking up the pace now so that he could cum in her ass, and they could move on. It was already pushing the time that they were supposed to be here… some of this yelling might attract attention from neighbours.

Sonja’s head snapped towards the side as Trevor smacked her, a red imprint forming on her cheek. Before she could say anything, her mouth was stuffed with his cock again, and she gagged, choking on him. Her body stiffened as she thrashed, trying to pull away from Trevor, but before she could, she heard Nicolai’s words, and suddenly, the American boy pulled back out of her, letting her catch her breath again. Before Ivan could step back up to her, Nicolai had claimed her full attention as he moved in her tight ass. What Nicolai didn’t know was that the houses next to hers were empty. She wasn’t going to inform him about that, since she wanted the painful anal sex to end so they could go to the next part of her new life. She knew that Nicolai would have to bring her before the new boss. She just didn’t know who the new boss was.

Ivan was too busy mocking and laughing at Trevor to stick his cock back into Sonja’s mouth. He found the situation rather funny for some unknown reason. Nicolai, on the other hand, was grunting and groaning, feeling his cock stiffen inside her tightest of holes as he banged her faster and faster. He was feeling her ass grip him and it drove his pleasure higher until he couldn’t go any further. Gasping again, he slammed into her, and tightened on her hips, filling her asshole with his cum in waves until he was spent, leaning heavily on her raped asshole as he did so. He pulled out and released Sonja from his grip, barking, “Trevor, get dressed you ass and get the car up front!”

Sonja shuddered as she felt him filling her ass with his hot cum, his hands holding her against him as his seed shot out in bursts, his length throbbing with each burst of seed. Sonja slowly slid to the ground as Nicolai barked out orders to Trevor. With how vicious Trevor was in violating her throat, she was glad that he had banned the two of them from her pussy and ass. Ivan would have torn her, and Trevor… well, he would have hurt areas deep inside her. It was bad enough that she ached from Nicolai right now. She waited until Trevor had gotten dressed again and left, then looked up at him. “Nicolai, can I get some of my clothes before we leave? I’m pretty certain you don’t want to bring me before the new boss with just my lingerie on.”

He was bending to pick up his own clothes and pulling on his boxers when she spoke. He glanced between her and Ivan, who was still staring at the sweaty and cum-leaking body of Sonja. The leader nodded toward the door, “Wait in the car with Trevor, I’ll get her fixed up and be out in a minute…”

Ivan instantly obeyed him, heading over to his pile of clothes and slipping into them. He then left and Nicolai turned to Sonja, ” Da, Sonja, but I have to come with you… just so I can tell the boss I didn’t leave you alone after I got here…” He finished pulling his boxers on, and pulled his trousers up as well.

Sonja smiled and nodded, lifting her hands so he could help her up, which he did, pulling her close to him. “Zon’aa, I’ve longed to feel what I did for years. I wish we had been able to do it without the others, but things had to be done the way they were due to the hit placed on you. But from now on, I swear to you, the only person you have to worry about pleasuring is me.”

Sonja nodded, her hands sliding over his chest as she leaned towards him, her face turning up towards his as she softly kissed his neck first, then along his jaw line. Slowly, her hands slid down his arms until she took one of his hands in her own smaller hand. She turned before he could take her mouth in a deep passionate kiss, and led him to her room.

Once in her room, she pointed to a drawer, smiling at him. “Can you get my lingerie, Nicolai? You’ll know which ones when you see them.” She turned to her jewellery box and lifted out a special piece her uncle by marriage had gotten her to celebrate her cousin’s marriage to his son. It was a delicate gold chain with her name in the Cyrillic language on it: Зоняа. It was the other way to prove that she would not have spoken to the FEDS. The other was buried in one of her drawers, and she’d always made sure to keep this evidence of the FEDS crooked tactics hidden from anyone who could use it to make her talk.

She dug out a short skirt from one of her drawers and a white shirt, and then dug out fresh underclothes. She pulled on a garter belt, pulling a pair of black panties up over the belt. Moving to the bed, she sat down and pulled on a pair of thigh high stockings and affixed the garter belt straps to them to hold them up. After making sure the stockings were in place, she pulled on the red, black and white plaid skirt. Then pulled on her demi-bra and slipped her shirt on, buttoning a couple buttons, tying the rest of it under her breasts. Rising to her feet, she walked to her closet and fished out a pair of black stiletto heels, slipping her feet into them.

Moving back to her dresser, she pulled out some sexier, slutty clothes and grabbed a small bag. She didn’t need to take a lot, not if Nicolai was going to take her as his, but she wanted to have some things she knew she liked and fit her.

Nicolai’s heart soared as she pressed her still lingerie-clad body to his and kissed his jaw. He saw all the signs that she wasn’t really mad at him, and that she accepted his words. He would have kissed her if she hadn’t moved him toward her bedroom. As soon as he entered, he was directed toward her dresser and he strode to it, smiling at her. He pulled open the specified drawer, and grinned at the collection of sexy lingerie that she had collected. He looked back at her, and then pulled out a very sexy item that he loved…he figured this was the one she had intended for him to grab. By the time he had finished looking, she was already dressed in her stockings, panties and bra. He gave a low whistle and admired her as she finished dressing.

He handed her the piece that he had pulled out, and then said with a chuckle, “Is that everything? You have enough there to drive me crazy for weeks… why didn’t I approach you sooner!?”

Sonja grinned at him taking the black lingerie from him and packing it. “Is this the only one you want me to bring with me? Aside from the one I wore earlier?” she asked softly, her eyes twinkling at him as she bent back down to get the DVD evidence of her innocence. She packed that halfway through the bag, and then dug out a few other pieces of jewellery that held sentimental value for her.

He chuckled at her comment and bent to look through the drawer once more, finally pulling out one last set and holding it out as well. “You know that anything else I want you to wear I can get for you,” he said with a chuckle. He watched her pick up her other jewellery and a DVD that he hadn’t seen before, but didn’t ask her about. When it looked like she was finished, he said, “Come, we’ll go to the car now and take you to meet the boss, then back to my home.”

Sonja closed the bag after putting in the last piece that he liked. “I know, Nicolai. I just wanted to bring some things that we know fit me, so we can get the rest a little easier. I’m pretty certain you don’t want to get me anything that makes me look like a whale, or something that cuts off my circulation. Other than these three, my lingerie will be what you buy me.”

She slung the bag over her shoulder and slipped her hand into his, following him to the car. “As for why you didn’t approach me earlier, Nicolai, I don’t know why you didn’t. I wish you had back then too. We would never have had to deal with this if you had. And why didn’t you just come by yourself?” She said softly as they walked.

As they walked toward the door, he gave her hand a soft squeeze and looked over at her, “I couldn’t have come by myself… the boss ordered a hit on you, and since I knew you the best, I had to be the leader on it. I am only glad that you are not terribly angry with me… from now on you shall be my woman, my only woman… YA l’ubl’u Vas Sonja.” As he finished speaking, he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it. Then they were at the door. He flipped the light switch and they left the house, climbing into the back of the waiting car. As soon as they were in, Ivan pulled away from the curb and headed away from her house.

Sonja snuggled against Nicolai in the back seat of the car, closing her eyes as she leaned against him. She didn’t care about looking to see where they were going. She was too busy being thrilled at his words. “And other than them,” she whispered to him, “You will be the only man I’ve been with. And from now on, there will be no other men to touch me. The only one I will give myself to is you.”

He put his arm around the woman he loved and gave her a squeeze as she lay against him. The boss was his brother, he was sure he would have no trouble securing Sonja’s future with him as her lover. He cuddled with her as the others drove, taking a winding and confusing path through the city to throw off any pursuit. It was nearly half an hour before they pulled up on a side street off of one of the main business roads. Nicolai opened his door and handed an envelope of money to Ivan, speaking in English so Trevor could understand, “Take the car to the garage and then divide the pay…” He got out, pulling Sonja gently with him. The building they were standing in front of was a rowdy nightclub that catered too many that would normally not make it into one of the popular places.

He led Sonja into the front doors of the place, into a room choked with smoke, but instantly off to the right, to a small and insignificant door in the wall, which he opened to reveal a staircase leading to the upper floors. The stairs were made of wood and creaky. The wallpaper was peeling and tatty, but when they reached the door at the top, a large Russian stood there blocking further passage. He took a good look at Nicolai, and then opened the door, speaking into a radio as they passed.

Once inside, it was like they were in an entirely different world. The carpet on the floor was lush, of deep reds and purples. Golden fabric hung on the walls, and the scents of many perfumes were in the air. Another guard came forward and beckoned for them to follow him. A row of doors lined the wall to the left, and an open gathering space dominated the right side. A table was set up with several men and upper class women, ‘companions’ occupying it. They walked past that though, and through a double door at the far end.

The guard left, closing the doors and they were left alone in the room with a man sitting at a desk, head bowed. He looked up, and smiled. He was someone that you could say was ‘ruggedly handsome’ with dark hair and darker eyes, a smile that was both mischievous and malevolent. “Nicolai! Moj brat! I see you have brought the woman back with you… this is Sonja then?” He stood from the desk and came around it to clasp Nicolai’s hand in his and give him a hug, before looking over at her.

Sonja watched them, speaking up for herself. “I am Sonja. And I never spoke against the family. Dmitri was my uncle by marriage. Do you think I would speak against my family? And this,” she said, sliding the bag in front of her, digging out the DVD, then handing it to Nicolai’s brother, even though she didn’t know his rank yet. “This is further evidence of my innocence. They told me what happened, which I knew was nothing but lies. I was never even on the stand. They bought off other ‘witnesses’ who would testify the way they wanted. But because of the type of trial and their falsehoods, they hid me away.”

Nicolai’s brother remained standing next to him as she started off into her speech, handing him the DVD and insisting that she was completely innocent of any charges. From time to time as she spoke, he glanced over at Nicolai with what could only be described as amusement of her attitude. He took the DVD though and turned away, walking back to his desk and setting it down. When he turned his back, Nicolai hissed, “Shhh! You must not speak to the boss in this manner! Even if he is my brother, he is still the most powerful man around! We could both be killed!”

From the desk, his brother laughed and turned, “Quite the feisty one you have here, Nicolai! She is certainly a woman worthy of you.” He stepped back across and caught up her free hand in his, kissing it. “I am Sergei… and I must apologize to both of you for this deception.” He smiled at both of them.

Sonja gave a laugh at Nicolai’s words, replying, “I spoke to Dmitri like this. He encouraged me to speak my mind around him. But due to my feelings for you, Nicolai, I will be more respectful around your brother.” Then she stilled at Sergei’s words; a deception? What did he mean? She gave Nicolai a quizzical look, and then said, “Deception? What do you mean?”

“You see, Sonja, Nicolai… I knew perfectly well that you would never have told the prosecutor anything. It still remained though that while I knew this, no one else did… and so I put the hit out on you, and purposefully put Nicolai on the job. I apologize, but I had to make it seem real, or there would have been trouble in the family…” He shrugged and bowed his head a bit, then settled back on his desk.

Nicolai blinked at him, then turned to Sonja and said, “I swear to you, Sonja, I didn’t know of this… If I had, I would have never allowed it to happen!”

Sonja grew furious at the deception, not because it was against her, but because Sergei hadn’t told his own brother the truth. Rage flowed through her veins, bringing out her inner Russian spitfire. Her body trembled as she held back; having promised Nicolai moments ago that she would be respectful of his brother. Turning to Nicolai, she reached up, her hand, still trembling, resting on his cheek. “I know, moya l’ubov’. I do not blame you for what happened. You were just following the orders given you.”

Looking into Nicolai’s eyes calmed her enough that she could face Sergei without flying off the deep end. She turned to face Sergei, giving into her original teachings from Dmitri. “Could you not trust your brother enough to tell him the truth…To spare me from having Ivan and Trevor using my mouth? All of my suffering tonight could have been saved if you had told Nicolai the truth. Being with Nicolai was one of two good things to happen tonight. The other… well, let’s just say, you’d best get used to my outspokenness, Sergei. I’ll be around much more often now.”

Nicolai looked down at her as she held her hand on his cheek, profoundly glad that she loved him as much as he loved her. He stepped behind her and put his hands on her shoulders as she spoke to Sergei, who seemed to be taking this very well. In fact, he found it amusing to a great extent, and refreshing as well. It was so rare to have a beautiful woman such as her. He had no doubts that Nicolai and Sonja would be excellent and valuable assets to the family in the future. He inclined his head, “I have already apologized to you both, and I can do no more. However, it is good that you both are here. I must send Nicolai out on another mission the first thing in the morning, and you may remain with me, Sonja, until he returns.”

Sonja didn’t like that Nicolai was being sent out so soon after they got together, and her displeasure showed in her eyes. “And what is the mission this time, Sergei? What are you having my love doing now?” She looked over her shoulder at Nicolai, a wicked grin crossing her lips. “Do you think you’ll be up to leaving first thing, Nicolai? After what happened between us earlier, do you think you’ll be ready to leave me so soon?”

The boss smiled and answered her question, “It is something like what you just went through… though this time, there are no family members involved, and he has no connections to any of them… As you know, Dmitri was sent to the gas chamber because of the trial. The prosecutor himself has a beautiful young daughter… and revenge runs deep in the family.”

He chuckled, the sound coming out quite evilly, “Nicolai is the only one I would trust to be able to lead a mission like this. The daughter and her best friend are returning on a noon plane from the hiding her father sent her to. I intend to bring them into our little organization… the offspring of that snake should make a fine pet and plaything for myself… But I know I won’t get her unmolested unless Nicolai goes to keep her safe while the boys rape her friend.”

Nicolai waited for his brother to finish speaking before he answered his love, smiling back at her look, knowing that she would be able to hold her own in bed this evening, “I don’t wish to leave you Sonja… but if what he says is true, I will return to you at our main location before tomorrow is out…”

Sonja shook her head in denial. Dmitri? Dead? The FEDS had kept her without television or internet while they hid her from the family. She stumbled back a step, leaning against Nicolai for support. “Dmitri dead? It can’t be. How is his family holding up? Ekaterina? Stasziya? Yvgeny?” She whispered to Nicolai before looking to his brother again. “I did not know, Sergei. The house where I was when Nicolai came tonight was one of five that I’ve been moved to since the whole circus started. The others had no television or internet for me to keep updated on what was going on.”

Nicolai took Sonja’s shoulders as she leaned back against him. He let her rest there, against his strong chest, answering her words, “I’m sorry Sonja, we didn’t realize you were under such lockdown… he was put to death last weekend. Ekaterina is trying to hold up… we brought her safely to Sergei’s residence. Poor Yvgeny was taken into custody along with Dmitri, after you were hidden. He has not been released. Stasziya has completely disappeared. She was not found by either the Feds, or our men.” He leaned over to kiss her neck, even as Sergei finished answering her.

“I too, must apologize for assuming you would know. As it is right now, I am still trying to completely pick up the pieces from what the Feds did to the family. It’s a mess; I have even had to sacrifice some cells to save others. But we shall pull out of this, and we shall have our revenge on them… Tonight, a police station in the far south end will suffer a tragic ‘accident’ during shift change… Tomorrow, Nicolai will capture the daughter of the prosecutor, and we shall turn her into our newest whore…”

Sonja trembled, ashamed that she hadn’t heard about Dmitri or Yvgeny; but she had an inkling of where Stasziya might be. She would talk to Nicolai about it after he got the new mission done. She didn’t want to distract him from what he already had to do, and she knew that the only way Stasziya would let anyone in would be if it was her blood family. “Would it be alright if I spent some time with Ekaterina tomorrow, then? I’d like to let her know that I’d had nothing to do with what the corrupt federals did. And as I said, that DVD is proof of that. It shows the feds trying to tell me what to say, and trying to force me to testify against Dmitri.”

Nicolai knew it would be up to Sergei to decide if she could go to see the older woman. Ekaterina had been like a mother to both him and his brother after their own parents died, and they both treated her with respect. Sergei nodded readily, “I see no reason you can’t… we will leave tonight, you and I, and go to my place in the city, the one where the girls are trained as well. Ekaterina is living in their old penthouse. I have left it to her, while I take the slightly smaller room below. There is plenty of room for you to stay with her until Nicolai returns. And it would be good for her to know what you have told me, set her mind at ease… plus it would be good for her to have another woman from the family around to talk with.”

Sonja listened, and then replied, “Nicolai is going with us as well. He could leave for his mission from there. I don’t think it would be a good thing for us to be apart tonight. We have a lot of time to make up for.” She turned to look up at Nicolai, lightly kissing his jaw. She turned to face him, her arms slipping around his neck as she stretched up on her toes and kissed his lips softly before laying her head against his shoulder, whispering softly against his neck, so only he heard her words. “There is no way we are sleeping apart tonight, moya l’ubov’. I want to feel you inside me again, your body lying on top of mine, your chest against my breasts.”

Sergei chuckled and nodded, “Of course, Sonja… you are a pair of lovesick doves.” He turned away and walked to a door at the far end of the room, giving them some privacy as he ordered his car brought around. Nicolai eagerly returned her kisses and smiled at her words, “I would have it no other way, moj dorogoj… you belong to me now… and I want to feel you wrapped around me as I fill you again.”

Sonja giggled at Sergei’s words, though he had already left the room. “What did he expect…For me to hate you? If it had been anyone other than you that came to bring me back, and did what you did, I would have hated them. But… I must say, Nicolai, I’ve been in love with you for years. But you always had girls hanging all over you. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think you felt the same way about me.” She pressed herself against him, her soft breasts flattening against his hard chest. “You were the reason I was still a virgin earlier. I never met anyone who grabbed my attention the way you did. I wanted you to be my first. And now, I will not need anyone else, just you. Nicolai, when this is over, I want to have your chil-.”

Nicolai had to chuckle at Sergei as well, but his attention was nearly immediately drawn downward as his girl, the only girl in his life that he loved, pressed herself into him. He felt her chest pressing into his and gave a low grunt as she whispered. He answered her back, “You always have been the only woman I love, Sonja… because of my job and position, I often have had women that are interested in me… but none of them were you.” He leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips and run one of his hands through her hair and down her back, “I would want no other woman to be mine and bare my children…” He smiled down at her, then motioned that they should follow Sergei, who had re-entered and was waiting for them by the door.

Sonja smiled at Nicolai, and then turned to look at Sergei, blushing softly as she realized he’d seen the moment the two of them shared, even though he couldn’t hear their words. Before picking her bag back up to follow them from the room, she whispered, “If that was your way of asking me to be your wife, moya sladkaya, sladkaya Nicolai, then, da. I will be your wife. I want to spend my life with you.” Taking Nicolai’s hand in hers, she picked up her bag again, and then followed them both from the room.

As they walked across the room toward Sergei, the last thing he said to her was, “Moya L’ubimaya… Moya L’ubimaya, Krasivaya Zon’aa… Nothing could make me happier.” Nicolai’s brother appeared to be rather amused; a grin spreading across his face as they approached and he patted them both on the shoulder, then led them out the door.

A pair of armed guards led them down the halls and stairs to the opposite side of the club, where a black armoured limo waited for them. They piled in quickly before the driver expertly pulled away. In the outskirts of the city, the leaders of the family kept a mansion; no one knew who owned it except those few that lived there. The mansion itself was built exclusively for the comfort of the Mafia bosses and the families.

It was here that Dmitri and Ekaterina lived, and now where Sergei did as well. Because of the respect for his uncle, he let Ekaterina have the entire Master suite of rooms to herself, the ones reserved for the Mafia boss, until such time as she decided to move into another room. Because of this, he had taken a guest room, and Nicolai and now Sonja, would have another.

In the back of the property are the other buildings. An old barn, converted into a stable and kennels… a set of three large warehouses, and a ‘block’ house… a square building designed like an apartment building. These buildings all served the purposes of the Mafia…

The limo pulled up in front of the ornate gates, and was instantly admitted then it drove straight up the asphalt lane to the front of the spacious building. A butler met them, opening the door so that first Sergei, then Nicolai and Sonja could step out. Sergei led the way into the mansion, now their home, “I will bid you both a fond goodnight, and wish that if you manage to sleep… you have pleasant dreams. Nicolai, I’ll see you in the morning if you can manage to drag your ass out of bed… and I’ll tell Ekaterina that you will see her in the morning Sonja…”

He walked away from them then, and the butler motioned for them to follow him. He led them up a grand set of stairs, and down a long hall to a pair of doors in the right side. At the far end, another set of doors would lead to the Master suite… across the hall would be Sergei’s room. After they entered, the butler bowed. “I’ll see that you aren’t disturbed…” he said, in a thick Nordic accent and closed the doors.

Sonja smiled at Nicolai as the butler closed the doors, a twinkle in her eye. “So, you want some of this?” she said with a soft purr as she motioned to her slim body. She watched him step towards her, and held up a hand, the twinkle in her eye getting brighter. “Ah Ah Ah! Not yet, lover boy!” she purred out. “Strip for me, Nicolai. I want to watch you undressing for me first. Then I want you to wait on the bed for me.” Her tongue ran lightly over her luscious lips before she finished, “I want to give you a show that you’ll love. And I want to watch you getting hard for me.”

He stared at her lithe and beautiful body as she asked him a question. His intent must have been evident, for she began to tease him, telling him to get over on the bed and lay down if he wanted to see a show and have her. He complied, in no way going to decline such an order… he wanted her, and he wanted her now… but he could wait that long, “For You, Sonja…” He stepped across to stand next to the bed and slowly stripped his clothing from his body. His hard and muscled chest came into view as he lifted his shirt off, then kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants and boxers down. His hardening cock came into view, and he crawled onto the bed to lie down and watch her.

Sonja watched as her man, her love, stripped for her, then lie down on the bed, letting her watch as his cock hardened. She licked her lips again then gave him a seductive smile. Her hands came up, slowly unbuttoning her top and freeing the tie, letting the fabric fall from her arms to bare her breasts to his gaze. Her hands moved to cup her breasts, hefting the C cup mounds in her small hands, her thumbs grazing over her pebbled nipples. Her eyes never left his body as she watched his cock harden even more. “Like what you see, moya l’ubov’?”

He gazed at her with appreciation of her beauty; no one was more perfect than her. Her breasts were the exact size and looked magnificent on her, “How could I not love what I see…. you are more beautiful than the stars in the heavens…” He breathed, huskily as he stared at her. His cock rapidly rose to meet her gaze, going from slightly hard to semi hard and further in the space of only a few moments. He was near being as hard as he had been when he had taken her the first time in her home.

Sonja purred and smiled at him, turning around, wiggling her ass at him. Her short skirt just barely covered her ass and as she swayed, the fabric swished, showing glimpses of her derriere. Bending over, she spread her legs, watching him through her scissors as her hands moved up to hook under the sides of her panties, slowly dragging them down and giving him a peep at her mound. The very mound he deflowered just a couple hours earlier. “And this, moya l’ubov’? Don’t you just want to bury yourself inside this tight little hole? After all, you’ve been the only one in it, and crafted it to fit your cock perfectly.”

He couldn’t drag his eyes away from her, not that he wanted to. As she moved to bend and pull her panties down, he swallowed. She was such a horrible tease… gods he wanted to ream her ass… and that was what she was asking as she gave him peeks of her flesh. His voice was deep with lust, “You know I want to… I want to jam my entire length into both of your holes… fill you as only I can…”

Sonja purred as she stood back up, turning back to face him, her eyes going to his hard cock, which had swollen even larger than before. “Spread your legs, Nicolai.” She watched as he spread his legs, and then crawled up next to him on the bed, her skirt, stockings and heels still on her. She kept herself low to the bed, letting her hair brush along his legs as she moved up, then the outsides of her breasts brushed against his thighs. “Time for the fun to begin moyej l’ubvi…and you’re going to get the best blow job you’ve ever experienced.”

He groaned as she climbed up between his legs, her hair and then her breasts brushing his skin as he looked down himself past his rod that stuck straight into the air, at her. He couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but there was no way he could or would stop her. He was rather at a loss for words after she spoke, but he managed to croak out, “The fun won’t end for the rest of the evening, moyej l’ubvi… I long to see what you can do…”

Sonja smiled up at him, the look in her eyes promising him that he was going to like what she was going to do. Reaching the juncture of his thighs, she smirked and leaned down, her tongue slipping out to brush lightly over his balls and the base of his cock. Slowly, she licked up his length, her tongue bathing his cock as she moved up to his tip. She licked his head, her tongue sliding over the cum-slit at the very tip. She was definitely going to tease him…A lot. As she felt him thrusting up, wanting to slide into her mouth, she gave a low, throaty laugh and moved her head to the side, sliding her tongue back down his length.

He waited and didn’t have to wait long. She began to tongue his cock and balls, licking him from the bottom to the top. Oh how much of a tease she was. He tried to get her to go on his cock, but was met with empty air and another lick down his shaft. A growl of frustration and muttered Russian curses slipped from his lips as he glared playfully at her. Just wait, he thought, just wait until I get you under me later… He shook his head and resolved to enjoy this as she teased him relentlessly.

She licked her lips as she slowly and methodically licked every inch of his shaft, feeling him tense up under her tormenting tongue. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it too, but she wanted to get him to that point just before he blew. Every stroke of her tongue was designed to bring him closer to that point, and she even worked her mouth further down, licking his full, aching balls with her tongue, then sucking each one into her mouth for a full bath. Finally, sensing he was at that point, she stopped and slid her mouth back up his length, taking his rock hard, purple tip into her mouth and sucking on it while swirling her tongue around his head. Finally, she drove down on him, feeling his cock sliding further into her mouth as she started working his length over with her deliciously naughty mouth.

“Aaahhhhggg…” he groaned as she suddenly popped over his head and sucked him into her mouth. He hadn’t expected that, thinking that perhaps she was going to drive him over the edge and make him cum before he even got to fuck her. Now he was going to have to try extra hard not to cum… Her mouth was more talented than it looked, and he wondered if she had ever given a blow job before and how many if so. He grinned down at her, reaching for her head to stroke his fingers through her hair as she made his mind go in circles with lust.

Sonja moaned as she heard her lover’s groan as she took him into her mouth. The first time she’d ever had a cock in her mouth had been earlier, and then it was forced oral. This time, it was her love running through her and controlling her actions. She’d read many stories about love and sex, and was using that knowledge against her lover as she worked his length to the back of her throat. Swallowing quickly, she eased his length down into her throat, letting her tightness work in her favour as she worked him over. Slowly, she slid further down his length, taking his hard flesh in inch by inch until she finally brushed her nose against his groin and her lips wrapped completely around his base.

He had laid his head back on the pillows of the bed when she began to suck on him, but his eyes snapped open and his head came up when she went all the way down, “Dammit… Fuck! You are taking the entire length of my cock!” he exclaimed, groaning afterward as he felt her throat convulse around his glans. He didn’t know that she had never given a proper blowjob before, or he would have been more than amazed to see and feel her doing it now. He grunted and couldn’t help but buck his hips up a bit into her throat, nearly on the verge of cumming again.

Sonja moaned softly as she heard his exclamation, starting to move on his cock, her head bobbing up and down as she deep throated him. Her small hands slid over his thighs and up his sides before one slid down to cup his heavy balls and caressed him. She wanted him to cum. She wanted his seed to fill her stomach and coat her tongue and throat… and she would get him to cum before too much longer. She could feel how his cock throbbed in her mouth and throat, her tongue caressing the vein that carried blood to his shaft.

He groaned deeply as she continued to suck him, massaging his balls at the same time. He tried to hold it back, to keep her sucking on him longer, but it didn’t work. Soon enough his cock was tightening up on its own, jerking beyond his control as it shot load after load of hot sticky sperm into her waiting mouth and throat. He bucked on the bed from the strength of his orgasm. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. He reached down to grip her hair, not pulling, but just having something to hold on to as he let out a long moan.

Sonja gulped his seed down as he shot into her mouth and throat. She loved the taste of him on her tongue, and moaned herself. After a few minutes, she felt his cock throbbing, but nothing else coming from his length, and slowly lifted up from his shaft, letting her tongue drag over him as she lifted her mouth from him, and licked her lips. “My sweet, sexy Nicolai. You taste so wonderful on my tongue. And I loved feeling you throbbing in my mouth,” she murmured, giving a last lick over his tip, collecting the last bead of cum from his shaft.

He wasn’t really sure what to say back to that. He was still coming down from the high of his orgasm, breathing hard as she cleaned him of the leftover cum and her saliva. He could only smile at her, grinning like an idiot before gasping out, “You’re tongue and mouth are like nothing I’ve ever felt… you are more than wonderful Sonja! I want to taste you as well though…” He leaned up on his elbows and gazed down at her.

She purred and slinked her way up, letting her breasts caress his body as she moved. She slowly dragged her lips over his chest as she moved as well, then licked and kissed his jaw line. “YA l’ubl’u Vas, Nicolai. And I would love to feel your tongue working me over,” she purred against his lips. “Now that I have brought you pleasure, you may touch me and do what you will to me.”

He wrapped his arms around her as she crawled up him and kissed him as she came. He pulled their naked flesh together, her breasts to his chest, rubbing her back and whispering, “You tempt me, my sexy vixen… I will take now what I wish from you…” He chuckled and twisted in the bed, rolling over so they were both on their sides. He slithered down her now, cupping her tits and nestling his face between them, licking and sucking on both of her luscious mounds, tasting her flesh and nipping at her nipples.

She moaned and arched under his talented hands and mouth, her body igniting as pleasure shot through her as he nipped her tender, pebbled aureoles. She slipped her arms around his neck, holding him against her as his mouth worked its magic on her breasts. “Ohhh Daaa …so good, Nicolai… Feels so good…”

He took in her words with a moan as he continued to suckle on her and nibble at her. Her nipples were so hard, he wanted to remain there and suck on them all day… but he also had further objectives. He moved lower, pushing her over on her back as he did so, sliding down her skin and gradually getting closer to her skirt and pussy. He found himself at the edge of the fabric and moved below it, sliding it up her legs to reveal his conquest, her centre… He moved down again, licking above her clit and around her mounds… then moving to gingerly run his tongue just over the very edge, teasing her as she had him.

Sonja trembled as he moved down her body, already eager to have his tongue against her dripping slit. She groaned as he teased her, fanning the flames of desire inside her towards an inferno. Her heels dug into the mattress beneath her as her fingers clenched the sheets. “More, Nicolai… Give me more…” she moaned, her head thrashing on the pillow.

With hardly a noise or word, Nicolai slid his hands up her legs, caressing her soft, tight skin, coming closer and closer to her centre before sliding around to get a good grip on her hips. He continued to horribly tease her for a few moments, sensing her pent up frustration. When he felt she was near to begging him for it, he suddenly dove deep into her love-crevice, running his deft tongue from bottom to top and swirling around her clit. He tasted her for the first time, her sweat, her juices… her. He inhaled sharply of her scents, and resumed his frantic licking of her sex.

Sonja let out a low keening as her lover’s tongue found her slit finally. She was so close to cumming from his teasing, and now, she arched, bucked, moaned, thrashed and writhed under him as he licked her slit. Every few moments, she felt his teeth nipping at her clit, sending jolts of pure pleasure through her body and making her cry out softly. With effort, she dragged her hands from the sheets and moved them to his head, delving her fingers into his hair, tugging gently on his hair, pulling his face flush into her soaking cunt.

He made a gentle “Mmmpfff” sound when she suddenly pulled his head against her pussy, but there was no way he was going to fight her. Why would he? He loved her and her taste too much to do that. So he continued to lick and suck her juices from her, tonguing and biting her clit and lips, driving his tongue into her hole and running it in circles, wanting to drive her to the same intense climax that she had done to him.

She arched from the bed, pushing herself into his mouth as low cries of pleasure tore from her throat. Cries that just had to be let out not stifled. Her body writhed and thrashed under his hungry mouth. It seemed like hours went by as he ate her out, but it wasn’t that long. It was only a few minutes after he started that she stiffened up and screamed out in pleasure, as her juices coated his lips, tongue and lower face.

He grinned into her cunt, continuing to lick and suck her through the orgasm and out the other side, until she was shaking on the bed with the aftershocks. Her hand had gone limp on him and so he leaned up, smirking and crawling up her body until his rock-hard cock was at her entrance, and he could look into her eyes, “Now that I have given you what you gave me… it’s time to move into something…. deeper…” As he whispered the last word, he pushed himself into her, until he was completely and deeply hilted, touching her cervix with his cock.

Her back arched as he slid into her, sending jolts of pleasure through her as her body welcomed him back inside her. Her cunt was still so tight around him, gripping his hard shaft with velvety slickness. “Ohh, Nicolai… I love feeling you inside me…, bringing pleasure to my body… as you sheath your length into me,” she whispered brokenly as he slid inside her. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she looked up at him, her eyes shining with the love she felt for him. She pulled his head down and kissed him, moaning softly at her taste on his lips and tongue, then gave a single buck up against him. “Now, fuck me, Nicolai… Fuck me like It’s going to be our last time,” she demanded huskily.

He groaned as she entangled herself with his body as he rammed into her. He grunted then as he began to fuck her, “I will fuck you like this is our last night on earth…. you will be screaming my name many times before morning.” He grinned down at her and leaned in to kiss her somewhat roughly as he picked up the pace in her cunt. Both of them wanted it fast and hard, and that was what he planned on.

She moaned as he kissed her roughly, and rammed himself into her, his cock ploughing into her as he claimed what belonged only to him. “Nicolai,” she moaned softly, as he moved in her. Her eyes were closed as she held him close. “I love feeling you moving inside me. You’re the only one for me. I want to be yours forever; I want to wear your ring and name with pride at being yours. I want to carry your children, and create a family with you.”

He smiled as she moaned his name, he knew it was the first of many times she would call out that night. His pace steadied, though it was a brutally fast and hard one, driving into and out of her like a piston or jackhammer. He whispered back, through his heavy breathing, “You will be my only love, Sonja… I would have no other wear my ring and bear my children but you…” As soon as the last word left his mouth, he claimed her lips once more, ravaging her mouth with his tongue even as his cock did with her pussy.

Sonja moaned into his mouth as their tongues tangled and his hips drove hard against her, his hard length finding a warm welcome in her slit. With every thrust of his length into her, moans and muffled cries of pleasure left her mouth and slipped into his. He drove her pleasure higher and higher, until she couldn’t handle anymore. Her lips tore from his as her body arched from the bed and she screamed in pleasure, just as he’d predicted. “NICOLAI!!!!” Her tight cunt clenched his cock, milking him as her juices coated him.

He let out a short back of laughter at her scream, though it sounded more like an out of breath grunt because of the speed at which he continued to fuck her, even as she clenched and milked him with her cunt. He knew he would lose it soon inside her, but that didn’t matter… she wanted to have children, and he would do all he could to give them to her. He leaned over and kissed her neck, nipping at it as well when he suddenly felt his balls tightening and squeezing inside her, rocketing off a massive load deep into her pussy. “Sonja!!” he hissed into her ear.

Sonja groaned as she felt his seed shooting deep into her, and turned her head at his hiss, kissing him deeply. She was floating on cloud nine, complete with its silver lining, as she slowly came back to herself after that mind-blowing orgasm that he just gave her. “Maybe one of these times, Nicolai, I’ll be naked when you take me,” she whispered huskily as she slid her stocking covered legs and leather heels over his legs.

He smiled into the kiss as she passionately took his lips, then he breathed back, “How about tonight, moya konfeta? We aren’t finished by a long shot…” He gripped her tits in his firm hands and gave them a loving squeeze as he leaned in to kiss her again, before rolling back onto her opposite side and letting his hands trail down to her skirt, which had ridden up and been bunched under her ass and around her waist.

She moaned and arched into his hands as he stroked them over her body. Pleasure flared through her as he caressed her. “Moya l’ubov’, I do believe you plan on making it so I sleep the whole time you’re on your mission tomorrow,” she said with a soft laugh before her eyes got serious again. “Just promise me something. Promise me that you’ll come back to me and that nothing will tear us apart. I wouldn’t be able to live without you, moyego Nicolai.”

He chuckled at her, whispering back, “Perhaps you will sleep all day tomorrow… and when you wake, I will be there… ready to take you again…” cuddling against her. When she spoke again, he could tell she was worried. He took on a serious expression himself, nodding, “I promise that I will always come back to you… and I will never let anyone come between us… I would never be able to live without you either… not now, moya l’ubimaya…”

Sonja snuggled against her love, both of them taking a few moments to catch their breath before she rolled on top of him, her bare slit rubbing against his shaft. “What is the first piece you want off me, Nicolai? My shoes or skirt? My stockings can’t come off until after my shoes do. Maybe a little game of strip fucking? Every time we stop to catch our breath, I take off another piece of clothing. I think it would make our loving more sensual than just a quick strip and bend me over.” Of course, her position lent itself to removing her heels better than it did to removing her skirt.

Nicolai looked up at her as she rolled on top of him, then down where their bodies met, where his cock was poking up and her slit rubbing against the bottom of it. He smiled up at her then, before pulling her down for another kiss, “Let’s do it slowly… your feet surely must be sore by now…” He chuckled, letting his hands fall to her delicious globes, “Let’s see if you can keep up with me long enough to take all your clothes off…”

She giggled, leaning back to pull her heels off, the movement pushing her aching slit against his hard shaft. “Question is, moya l’ubov’, can you keep up with me?” she asked as she raised her hips enough to slip his cock into her wet cunt. She sank down onto him, moaning in pleasure as she felt him filling her again, starting to ride him, cowgirl style.

“I suppose we’ll find out, won’t we?” He said to her, a playful and mischievous grin finding its way onto his face as he said it. He gasped as she plunged onto him, but he wasn’t about to let her get the upper hand on him, bucking up into her as she came down on the next plunge, hitting her cervix lightly as he did so, grinning all the while and gripping her tits, thumbing her nipples, “Let’s see just how hard and long you can take it…”

She gasped as she felt him thrusting up into her as she slid down on him. She loved how he felt inside her, and moaned down to him, “Long and hard is just how I like you, moyu l’ubov’. So the question now is, how long can you stay hard inside my clenching walls?” She moaned softly as his hands gripped her breasts, her nipples hardening again into pebbles under his thumbs. “I plan on trying many positions with you, Nicolai, so don’t get too comfortable under me.”

A smirk appeared on his face, “Long enough to fuck you naked… and then ream you on our bed…” He pinched her nipples hard, and then chuckled, “By all means… I long to fuck you in every way imaginable… there is nothing I would not do with you.” He pulled her down until their lips were touching while they continued to fuck. Her taste and smell were like no other… though right now they were tempered by sweat and the thick smells of fucking.

She moaned against his lips, the softest, gentlest kiss she had ever imagined. The feel of him pumping up into her, the sounds of their bodies wetly smacking together, the scent of their lovemaking in the air, the scent of her lover right against her nose…All of it combined to make her body arch against his as she rode him, her hips writhing against his. A smile crossed her lips as she lifted up and pushed her groin tight against him. Her walls gripped his length tightly as she purred softly, “Let’s see how you like this one, then, Nicolai.” She turned around, leaning down over his legs as she kept his shaft buried inside her. The fabric of her skirt barely covered her ass, giving him a teasing peek-a-boo look at his length as she moved and it slid in and out of her.

He groaned as she rode him, kissing him at the same time, and then changed positions as she had warned she would. He gave a small growl as the new position put yet different sensations on his cock, rubbing different places in her and in turn making it feel different, and yet the same. “Dammit Sonja… you are a fucking little vixen…” He put his hands under the skirt as it flounced with her movements, running his fingers over the skin of her ass. Now it was his turn to play something on her. He let his fingers slip into the valley between her ass-cheeks, and on her next thrust down, he found her star with one finger, letting her drive him into her own ass.

Her fingers dug into his calves as she felt his finger sliding into her tight little star and a cry of “Nicolai!” escaped her lips. It felt strange having him in her cunt and his finger in her ass, but she also knew that her lover would teach her all sorts of new things to try and see if the two of them liked them. But for now, she was riding him with both holes, her walls gripping his slick shaft as her ass clenched around his finger. She moved faster on him, riding him like he was her mount and she was a cowgirl. Grinning to herself, she turned her head slightly and started licking and nipping lightly at his calves. “You taste so… delicious, moya l’ubov’.”

He grinned as she cried out, knowing he had taken her by surprise and was giving her something new. She didn’t protest or try to get off of him though, continuing to ride him and fuck herself down onto his cock and finger rapidly, and he bucked into her on each stroke, increasing the pleasure that both of them would be feeling. She leaned over then and began to kiss and nip his legs, adding another set of feelings to him. He grinned down at her and gave her ass a light slap. He couldn’t taste any part of her from here, but what he could see was beautiful. “And you look gorgeous… fucking yourself on my cock.”

Sonja moaned softly at her lover’s words, riding him hard then suddenly pulling herself completely off his hard cock. She grinned against his calf, shifting her hips enough to tease him with light slides of her slit over his tip. She loved hearing him growl with frustration as she teased him, then shifted and slowly eased herself back onto him, but this time, his tip pressed against her tight asshole. Her back arched as she cried out wordlessly as he filled her backdoor.

Being on his back the way he was, there was only so much he could do to her when she pulled off of him and stroked her slit over his cock. He wanted to be back in her, and the look on his face and tone of his growls told that in no uncertain terms. She finally sank herself back on him, this time in her ass. His groan mixed with her wordless cry when he felt the tightness of her rosebud spreading around him.

She moaned in pleasure as she rode him, feeling his cock stretching her tight hole around his thick cock, her juices the only lube they had as she moved on him. Slowly she moved to where she sat up on him, riding his shaft as she moved, her breasts bouncing along with her. She looked over her shoulder, a smile on her lips, “Want another angle, Nicolai…One where you can put those magical hands on my luscious body as well?”

“I would love to work my magic on your body, moya konfeta … And I can never get enough angles of you…” He said with a smile, reaching as far as he could to put his hands just on her ass. Just seeing her move, her tits bouncing and her ass rippling was enough to send thrills through his body. He was breathing harder, though he wasn’t near to cumming yet. Her blowjob and their previous fucking had ensured a long night ahead of both of them.

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