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We’d been seeing each other for a few weeks. I’d pop round on the way home from school for a quick fuck, sometimes on your settee in the living room, other times on the stairs right in the hall. A couple of times you picked me up from school and took me on a short drive into the woods. Sometimes, if I had ten minutes and I was at home, I’d pop round and give you a blow job and then run back home.

After three weeks like this I managed to get away for the night. I said I was visiting a friend, left the house, went down the road, and then sneaked back up and into your house. We spent all evening in bed together. I sucked your cock and you licked my pussy for the first time. I posed for photos for you and showered with you. I took my clothes off as soon as I was through the door on Friday and didn’t put them on again until I went back on Saturday evening.

One night we were lying in bed when you asked me if I’d like to go away with you for the weekend. I said yes, I’d love it, but where?

“A nudist place,” you said. I thought you were joking.


“Yes, it’s nice. Feeling the breeze against your bare skin, the grass, the bark; it’s how humans are supposed to be after all.”

“I suppose,” I replied. “What sorts of people do you get?”

“Oh all sorts. All ages, sexes, races, and some families. What do you think?” I didn’t really know, I’d never thought about it, but it was a chance to get away, and as long as they had a room we’d spend most of our time in there. I didn’t imagine it would be much different to any other holiday. So I agreed.

A school friend of mine had moved away a few weeks ago and I told my parents I was going to stay with her. They drove me down to the train station, and about half an hour after they left you arrived and I got in your car. We drove for about an hour, eventually turning off the motorway onto country lanes.

“It’s not far now.” You said. “Actually, there’s something I need to tell you.” I was a little nervous “Given your age we can’t say we’re a couple, can we? Now, don’t worry, we’re still in the same room, but I’ve had to tell them you’re my granddaughter.”

I burst out laughing, “Your granddaughter?”

“Yes,” you said, “pretty silly I know. Are you ok with that?”

“Sure,” I said, still smiling, “that’s fine.”

We turned up a wooded track with the sun breaking through the leaves. We came to a gate across the narrow road with a speaker next to it on the drivers’ side. You rolled your window down and pushed a button. When the answer came you said “Greenbourne and granddaughter.” I laughed again as the gate opened. You looked at me and smiled too. “Behave, or I’ll tell mum and dad,” you said with a wink.

We parked the car, took our bags out, and walked over to a wooden building which looked like an office. There was no one around and it was very quiet, just the sounds of nature. You opened the door and I went in ahead. As my eyes adjusted from the sun to the office I was startled to see a naked man in his fifties stood in front of me.

“Hello,” he said, “you must Ms. Greenbourne?” I didn’t answer, I was pretty stunned as I took in what an unusual situation I’d got myself into.

“She is,” you said as you came up beside me, “I’m her grandfather.”

“Excellent,” the naked man said, “I’m Terry, it’s a pleasure to have you both here,” he said, “a real pleasure.” He repeated, looking at me.

Terry got the key and took us to our chalet. On the way he gave us a tour of the place. It was off season, he said, so there weren’t too many people around, about 15 or so, but there was a sauna, gym, tennis courts, hot tub, and several acres of woodland we could walk in. Our chalet was small but clean, and was in a cluster of other chalets. As we went in Tony wished us a good time and said he looked forward to seeing us around the camp.

“You’re very lucky to have a granddad who’ll bring you somewhere like this,” he said before taking one last lingering look up and down me and turning to leave.

Inside the chalet we dropped our bags and had sex straight away; me bent over the sink with you behind me and my face pushed up against the window. Afterwards, with your cum dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs, we undressed, went to the bedroom, and lay down.

“I think we’ll have fun here,” you said.

I smiled. “Keep doing that and we will.”

You smiled too. “True Stace, but we have to go out and about round the camp as well. It will look unfriendly if we don’t.”

“I don’t mind being unfriendly,” I said “I’m here to spend time with you.”

“I know Stace.” You said after a pause, “Me too, but…it’s something I enjoy. And you like me being happy, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” I was a little upset by the idea that there was something I wouldn’t do to make you happy.

“Good,” you said, pausing again. “If you want me to be happy Stace, when we’re out there naked, if you’re sunbathing and your legs are a little spread when someone walks by, don’t close them. I want us both to be totally relaxed. That’s the point of this place.”


A little later you decided we should take a walk. “Naked?” I asked, hoping you’d say I could take a towel or something.

“Naked.” You answered. So I sat on the bed and pulled my trainers on, but was totally naked otherwise.

We stepped out of the chalet and I was all nerves in case someone saw me, I was tingling all over. It was as though my body wanted to be so sensitive it could feel even the slightest glance at me. You were relaxed and I wished I’d felt the same. As I looked round at the other chalets I froze and went cold as I saw two guys on their porches looking at me. They were sat in the shadows, out of the sun, and were at least in their 40′s. I wanted to move my hands to cover my pussy and tits but, as though you could read my mind, you said softly “Remember Stace, relax.”

You took my hand and led me off our porch “Afternoon.” You said to the guys, and they eagerly said the same back. As we walked past their chalets to the path leading out of the clearing I could feel their eyes over every inch of my skin. Their gazes were hungry, I could almost feel them pawing at me. Part of me felt sick and embarrassed, but, to my surprise, part of me enjoyed it. My pussy tingled a little. Not only was I doing what you wanted, I also enjoyed the feeling of power I had over those guys.

We walked until we found a wide open stretch of soft grass. I brushed a space free of any twigs and lay down, and you did the same next to me. I closed my eyes, and I felt the sun and soft wind on parts of my skin I’d never felt them on before. My nipples hardened from the gentle breeze and I felt the warm rays of the sun on my vagina lips. I enjoyed the feeling and opened my legs up a little further.


I was woken up suddenly by the sound of laughing. I raised my hand to my eyes to block out the sun and saw, standing facing me, a stranger totally naked. He was about two feet from my ankles, which had spread wide apart exposing my pussy to the stranger.

“Sorry,” he said to me, “didn’t mean to wake you up.” You were smiling as well so you two must have been talking while I slept. The stranger crouched down so he was close to me, reached out his hand and said, “I’m Glen.”

“Stacey.” I said shaking his hand.

“Just been talking to your granddad,” he said, “shame you’re only here for one night.”

“Yes,” I said looking at you, wondering what else you’d said.

“You have your own chalet Stace?”


“Shame,” he replied before realising he might have said something wrong “You know…”

“Cheaper that way.” You said.

“Yes. That’s nice,” Glen said, “very nice.” I could see that he was staring at my bald pussy spread wide just a foot or so in front of him. I looked to you for some instructions, hoping, I think, that you would distract him or indicate I could shut my legs from his invasive gaze, but you just smiled and nodded your head slightly in Glen’s direction and, instinctively, I knew what you meant. I looked at Glen’s small, wrinkled cock and saw it was getting hard, its head twitching upwards.

A buzz ran right through my body seeing the effect I was having on this guy. I smiled back at you and sat up, resting with my arms behind me with my elbows on the grass, crossing my legs, and leaning far back to spread my cunt as wide as I could for him. I wondered if he could see that I was getting a little wet from showing myself off to him like this. I could see his cock take another leap upwards, which he tried to hide by facing away a little. Glen flushed, mumbled a little, and said he had to go. “If you fancy a break from you granddad come over and say hi,” and he was off into the wood. When he was gone we started laughing.

“Bet he’s off for a wank.” You said.

“Probably,” I said, “but he didn’t look at my tits once.”


That night was another first for me. I was washing my hands by the kitchen sink when you came over to me like you had that afternoon. You kissed my neck as I felt your stiff cock against my arse. I sighed and leaned back into you as your hands ran up from my hips, over my stomach to my tits, stroking all the way, and taking my nipples in between your thumb and finger, and rolling and squeezing them gently. My pussy was soon soaking and ready to receive you, and I offered no resistance as you bent me forwards over the sink again. I closed my eyes and smiled with anticipation as your left hand played with my left breast. I had my right hand working on my other breast and my left hand fingers rubbing my swollen clit. I couldn’t wait to feel the tip of your cock against my swelled, sensitive lips.

Suddenly, I felt cold jelly on my arsehole. You were rubbing it around and poking it a centimetre or so in with the tip of your finger.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Shhhhh Stace.” You said.

I knew what was coming, and I knew it would be painful. I took my hand from my breast and grabbed a wooden spoon by the sink. You took your hand off my tit and placed it on my shoulder, pinning it to the counter with all your weight to hold me in place. I felt the tip of your cock against my tight virgin arsehole, which had only ever had the tip of your finger up it. I thought of what your stiff seven inch cock would do to it, gulped, and closed my eyes.

“If it hurts Stace,” you said “it’s ok to let it out.”

You were guiding your prick into my arse with your right hand gripping the base. You eased in the tip easily enough, the swollen helmet which pulsed with blood. Your finger had been about that deep in before. “Here goes,” you said. I gulped again and squeezed the wooden spoon handle.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” I screamed at the unnatural, burning, tearing pain in my tight arse as your cock forced its way in. You stopped and stroked my hair.

“Shhhhh,” you said, “there Stace, it’ll be fine.” I looked at my hand, white from squeezing the wooden spoon handle so hard, and then it was gone as my eyes closed from the pain in my arse from another deep thrust of your cock. I screamed again. Tears were streaming down my cheeks I noticed. This was worse than when you’d taken my virginity. I took some comfort from thinking that while it had hurt at the time, I was fine with it now. This would be the same, surely?

I let out another scream, which I tried to stifle by biting my lip as you pushed in again. This time you were all the way in as I could feel your pubes against my arse cheeks. I heard you grunt.

“Fucking hell,” you said, “that’s tight.”

You didn’t thrust in and out, hard and deep, as you did with my pussy, instead you rocked rhythmically backwards and forwards, our hips moving together. There was no new pain, but there was plenty left over from your entry. You stroked my hair with your left hand and held my hip with your right as you fucked my arse. I tired not to make any more noise which would put you off.

Soon the pain welled again as you pushed deep in me and I let out a deep groan. You were tensing and I knew that meant you were about to cum and you did, heavily, filling my arse with hot sticky juice.

You pulled out slowly which hurt as well. I let go of the spoon, surprised I hadn’t broken it, wiped the salty tears from my cheeks and tried to stand up.

“Agh.” I let out as the pain from my arse shot through me again. You pulled me close and patted my head as I buried my face in the silver hairs on your chest and sobbed.

“There there Stace, you did really well, I’m so, so proud of you.” I stopped sobbing and said thanks. “That’s something I really enjoy, you made me very happy.” Not only was I now not sobbing, but hearing you say that actually made a smile flicker across my face. Then came a knock at the door.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Probably some of the others here come over to say hello. It’s a friendly sort of a place.”

“Can you tell them to go?” I whispered weakly.

“We can’t Stace,” you said, “we have to be friendly back. And remember, I enjoy it here and like doing this.” You looked into my eyes “It makes me happy.”

“OK.” I relented.

“Good,” you said. “They won’t stay long. Go off to the bathroom and clean yourself up a little. Remember, you’re my granddaughter.” I walked painfully to the bathroom.

I shut the door behind me, wiped my face and straightened my hair a little. I could feel your cum seeping out of my arse, so I pulled some toilet roll and ran it gently up in my arse crack. I looked down at the paper to see cum mixed in with blood. I dropped it in the toilet, ran another handful and did it again. I repeated this a couple more times then flushed. I looked at myself in the mirror once more. I looked ok, but the pain in my arse was throbbing and burning. I took a deep breath and went back out into the living room, trying to hide the pain as best as I could.

Sitting around with you were Glen, Terry, and another couple of guys. “Stace,” you said, “you know Glen and Terry, this is John and Mark, they’re in the chalet two down.”

They both said hi and I managed to reply. The two of them, and Glen and Terry, were staring at me like they had been this morning. I immediately became very self conscious about being stood totally naked in front of them.

“Take a seat Stace.” You said. I couldn’t really say no, and the only seat was on the small sofa in between John and Mark. I walked over, hiding the pain in my arse, their eyes roaming over me all the way. I came in between them, turned my back and taking a deep breath began to lower myself onto the sofa. The pain was incredible but I managed it.

The gap between John and Mark was so small that my hips were pressed against theirs. Both continued to stare at me, and neither made any attempt to hide the fact that they had solid erections. Neither did Glen or Terry for that matter. I was turned on as before to discover the power my body and sexuality had over these men and my nipples hardened but the pain I was in stopped my enjoying it as much as I would have otherwise.

“Your granddad was telling us you have to keep this secret from your parents,” said Glen. I nodded.

“Yes,” I said. It was kind of true.

“Do you have any other secrets?” Mark asked. As I turned to face him he made a big point of looking me up and down.

“Then they wouldn’t be secrets,” you told him.

“There was quite a bit of noise coming from in here just now,” Terry said, “everything ok?”

“Yes,” you replied. “We were taking a splinter from her foot.” I noticed that John had snuck his arm around behind my shoulders.

“Is it just me or is it hot in here?” he asked with a wink. The others giggled like schoolboys.

“It is a bit warm,” you said. “Stace, maybe you could get us some drinks from the fridge?” I didn’t much like the thought of getting up and walking around given the pain I was in, but it got me away from Mark and John so I took another deep breath and pulled myself up, the two guys making a close inspection of my arse as I did so. I kept my cheeks tightly clenched and headed for the fridge.

“You’re a lucky man to have a maid like that.” Mark said to you and I heard you all laugh behind my back. I shut the fridge door and came back with five bottles of water. I stood in front of you all and crouched to put the bottles on the floor. The pain shot through me again, though a little less than before. I was beginning to recover. I took the top off one and handed it to you. Then I turned and handed one each to Mark and John. Then I heard Terry behind me cough rather obviously. I turned to him and he was looking at you so I switched my gaze to you wondering what was going on.

“Er…Stace” you said indicating the floor underneath where I was crouching. I looked down, and a wave of shame and embarrassment hit me so physically that I could feel my skin burning as I saw a few drops of blood. I stood up and headed straight for the bedroom and as I shut the door I heard sniggering behind me. I curled up on our bed and cried. Not for the pain or embarrassment, but because I felt I had let you down.


That night my arse was still sore, so you lay me face down on the bed and spread my legs. You put some more of the jelly on your little finger and worked it into my anus. It hurt, but as you pulled it out and pushed it in slowly the cool jelly made the burning go away a little. You stroked my hair softly with your other hand. Soon I began to drift off to sleep, with the breeze fluttering through the curtain by the open window, and your finger still gently working me, stretching my sphincter. We were going home tomorrow. “I hope I’ll be better for the netball match on Tuesday,” was the last thought I remember before falling asleep.

Quite, scared, breathless, heart beating out of her chest. The virgin stands there inside Gatwick Airport in London not knowing what to do. She didn’t speak English, only Spanish. She mistakenly got on the wrong plane. ¿Donde estoy? The lost girl says, as she walks around like a deer in the headlights. He stands there from afar, 5 foot 10, leather coat, black tee and jeans. He says good bye to a neighbor who needed a ride to the airport. He looks at his iPhone as he turns to leave and sees her. Young and 18, 5 foot 2, 110lbs. breast DD. He moves to her as she starts to cry. Like a true gentlemen he wipes her tears away. She pulls back, ¿Quién es usted? ¡Déjame en paz! He grabs both her arms, his grip tight and powerful. She looks at his face, he’s bald by choice, she stares into his brown eyes, and feels herself losing all control. She reaches a hand up to his face, caresses his cheek feeling his stubble. He knows at that moment that he is her master, her life and body is his to own.

He leads her to his car, she is lifeless, a dummy, a puppet and he pulls the strings. He rolls up to his flat and takes her inside. He walks her into his bedroom and locks the door. He sits her on the bed, not knowing what to do with her. Why does she submit to him? Looking at her huge breast he feels his jeans tighten, he starts to sweat. Quickly he grabs a few neckties and lays her down on the bed. he binds her wrist and ankles to the bed feeling a rush blood from the top of his head to the bottom of his other head. she lays there, she does not move. What he wants to do to her she’ll allow it to happen.

He goes into the kitchen and gets a knife, he stares at her and makes a choice. He slashes at clothes cutting, tearing, and ripping them off. He drops the knife, takes off his coat, pulls off his t-shirt, she takes a good look at him. His broad shoulders and muscular forearms, his big pecs and hard nipples. His hard ripped 6-pack abs. his whole body covered in hair, not thick just very lightly. She watches as he pulls down his pants revealing his thong soaked in pre-cum. He takes it off and sits on the bed licking his lips while stroking his 10 inch uncut cock. He slowly sank down meeting her pussy, touching it, rubbing it. Opening her lips he see her hymen and knows she is a virgin, this makes him extremely hard. he kisses her lips, he runs his tongue all the way down to her ass and back up. he lightly licks, not wanting to break her hymen. She moans softly, this brings a smile to his face.

Suddenly he stopped, he get on top of her and looks in her eyes. Slowly he runs his tongue across her closed lips, she slightly parted them, and his tongue darted into her mouth. It was a natural instinct that she begin sucking on it. He slowly pulled his tongue out of her mouth, moved to fuck her face. He rubbed his cock across her lips and then across her entire face. Across her nose, her eyes and all over her cheeks. He pushed his foreskin back so she can kiss the head. she licked up and down the underside of the shaft, down to his balls.

Now sticking straight out right in front of her face, she opened her mouth and sucked it down into her throat. After his cock was nice and wet he move back down to her pussy. She gasped when she felt part of him enter. She felt a pop inside as her hymen broke as he forces all 10 inches in. her pussy ached terribly, as he held his position and let her get the feel of his equipment inside. It didn’t take long and soon he begins to make small humps, out and in, out and in. The more he gyrated his hips, driving his dick in and out of her pussy the more pain she was in. she screams loud and he does not stop, just humps her faster.

She tries to move her arms and legs but they are tied up. he slaps her hard across the face for trying to get away. She cry and screams and he fucks her faster ripping her pussy open, it bleeds. He says yeah you like that don’t you, you dirty slut, you like this big hard cock in your virgin pussy. He smacks her again when her screams of pain turns to moans of love. She’s not to enjoy it, she is there to please him not the other way around. After an hour he cannot hold back any more. he could feel the explosion building up inside, but before he could cum she squrting long streams of pussy juice as he fucked her. he speeded up his thrusts and pulled out, let out a loud scream and like a geyser shot out all over her, shooting gobs of cum. But he was not done, he stood on the bed and began to piss on her. Her then untied her and laid on the bed and said lick it up and she did. So happy was he to have his own sex slave. The End

Adriana bit her lips, concealing her pleasure. Her little hands grabbed the bed sheets tightly to keep from being pushed away. She unwillingly let a shy moan escape.

“Heh,” laughed Bob, holding Adriana’s hips in his palms. He paused then kneaded her soft bottoms while Adriana waited for him to continue.

His hands massaged up her lower back, caressing Adriana’s soft skin. He roamed to her sides and grabbed Adriana’s perky breasts, pushing his cock all the way inside and pressing his body against hers. He leaned down and kissed her shoulders as he tweaked her nipples.

He moved his hand higher to her throat, and held her chin gently. Bob made Adriana turn her face as he brought his face to hers, kissing her lips, then snaking his tongue into her mouth. Adriana obliged. Bob’s tongue danced with hers, sucking it back into his mouth.

“Little slut,” said Bob as he re-positioned himself behind Adriana. He gave Adriana a hard spank, and then another.

“Spread your cheeks,” commanded Bob. Adriana rubbed her sore butt cheeks for a moment, then used both her hands and spread her butt cheeks apart, making her face press into the bed.

Bob spat into his hand, then rubbed his spit onto the tip of his cock.

“Tell me what you want.” said Bob, smearing his cock against Adriana’s asshole.

“Please fuck me,” said Adriana, muffled by the pillow.

Her muscles clenched as she felt Bob enter her. Even though Bob had been coming over every day for a week, it was still such an unnatural feeling for her. It always felt so full, so big inside her ass.

“Who woulda thunk that Adriana is a little anal queen?” taunted Bob, stuffing his meat all the way in. Adriana groaned.

“I mean, I always knew you were a little slut, but other people probably think you’re a little sweet innocent next door girl. Just look at this slutty little ass, taking my dick in and stretching around it.” said Bob, his hands roaming up to her sides.

“S-stop, I don’t like it,” said Adriana quietly, her eyes wincing.

“What, you’re gonna keep pretending? Did you forget how you were shaking all over, and begging for ‘just a little more’ last time?” said Bob, grinning. He gave Adriana a loud slap on her ass.

Adriana was speechless. She didn’t know what came over her when Bob fucking her last time. She was so turned on that she lost her dignity, and begged her rapist to keep going.

“Only sluts do that, slut.” muttered Bob, slowly churning his cock into Adriana’s ass.

For a couple of minutes, the room was silent aside from the occasional moans from Adriana.

“These moans are getting louder, are you close again?” said Bob, leaning over Adriana. Adriana breathed heavily, shaking her head.

“Go ahead, you can touch your pussy,” laughed Bob as he slowly milked his cock with Adriana’s cheerleader asshole.

“N-no,” mewed Adriana.

“It’s alright Adriana, go ahead. I won’t judge, just bring your hand to your pussy and rub it.”

“I can’t…” cried Adriana, planting her face into the pillow.

“Look at you, so wet and horny, it’s okay to touch yourself,” encouraged Bob. He grabbed Adriana’s wrist and brought it under her tummy, tucking it between her legs. He held Adriana’s hand at her pussy and rubbed softly.

“Ugh…” groaned Adriana, spreading her legs just a little bit wider.

“Good girl, see, it’s fine,” said Bob gently, letting go for Adriana’s hand.

“Now keep rubbing your little cunny while daddy fucks your slutty little ass, okay?” said Bob as if he were talking to a child.

“O.. O-okay,” said Adriana, her face still planted into the pillow from embarrassment.

Bob put on his biggest grin. He was victorious.

“What a good girl…” said Bob, pushing his cock further up Adriana’s ass.

“Does daddy’s cock feel good in your little bum?” said Bob, fucking Adriana harder. His balls began to tighten from Adriana’s cute obedience.

“Yes!” shrieked Adriana at the change of pace, turning her head to the side.

“Yes what, baby?” said Bob, thrusting harder into Adriana.

“Yes it feels good…” said Adriana, in a defeated voice, her body involuntarily pushing back at Bob’s cock.

“What does?” urged Bob, stopping momentarily.

“D-d.. Daddy’s cock,” said Adriana, trailing off, hiding her bright red face into the pillow.

“Mmm… daddy’s cock is going to fill up your little ass again,” said Bob, then slammed into Adriana as hard as he could.

“S-stop talking like that,” begged Adriana, her body pushing backward at Bob. Her little asshole swallowed Bob’s cock as Adriana slowly fucked herself.

“You want me to stop, don’t you?” said Bob, landing a good slap on Adriana’s ass, his hands hungrily groping over Adriana’s back.

He then slowly pulled his cock out of Adriana’s tight little ass, letting just the tip linger at the entrance.

“NO!” screamed Adriana, turning her head back to look at Bob. Bob grinned down at her, stopping for a moment.

“Please.. I’m so close…” whimpered Adriana, actual tears forming in her eyes.

“Please fuck me Bob… I’m so close.. ugh..” begged Adriana, her little butt pushing backward at Bob’s cock, riding on it.

“Bob…?” he asked, raising his eyebrow at Adriana. His hands pushed against Adriana’s ass, preventing her from pushing back.

“Ugh… No… Daddy, please fuck me, … daddy…” moaned Adriana, even meekly smiling at him for a second. That smile used to work on her dad before.

“Keep it up,” said Bob, kneading Adriana’s ass as it milked his cock. Adriana sniffled in a little girly voice, whining for Bob’s cock.

“Daddy, please fuck me again, please fuck your dirty little girl,” mewed Adriana, her little ass swaying left and right for attention.

Bob, assured of his dominance, resumed thrusting his cock into Adriana. His cock stretched Adriana’s pink hole, forcing its whole self inside. He watched as Adriana hopelessly pleasured herself while being impaled by his cock. Her brown hair was tossed to the side, and she had little beads of sweat on her forehead. Her pretty lips were bit down as Bob pounded her from behind, her big brown eyes looking behind at Bob.

“Mmmeeeee,” came a muted shriek from Adriana, her eyes shut as her body shook under Bob. Adriana brought her other hand to her mouth and moaned quietly.

“Whore,” said Bob nonchalantly, as he continued to pound Adriana’s ass. His pace slowly picked up, and his breathing became heavier. It bothered him that Adriana had an orgasm.

“FUCK, you’re such a whore!” he shouted at Adriana, his voice filled with anger. He slapped Adriana’s ass as hard as he could. Then both his hands reached up and grabbed Adriana’s tits, gripping so tight that her tits overflowed between his fingers. He thrusted harder at Adriana, using her tits as handles as he slammed her little raised butt down with his hips.

“Wha.. Bob, stop, this hurts!” cried Adriana, her hands reaching back in plea.

Bob held Adriana’s wrist and pushed it up behind her back, holding her down as he continued to ram his cock down into her asshole. Adriana wailed under him, her little body squirming to break free to no avail. Bob sat saddled on Adriana’s little ass, his entire cock buried inside. He thrust down into Adriana, holding her down by her arm and his weight. He pushed Adriana’s head into the bed, muffling her cries, and continued to plunge his cock into Adriana’s squirming little butt.

“Take it, you fucking whore!” shouted Bob as he pushed himself over the edge, cumming deep inside Adriana’s ass as he fucked her. Her little ass squeezed on his cock each time he pulled back, milking his cock for him.

Bob fell over on Adriana, his cock still buried to the hilt in her ass. His hands forced under Adriana and cupped her tits.

“That’s what whores get, you dirty whore. Your fault for being a whore…” muttered Bob, slowly moving his hips, still fucking Adriana with his half-hard cock. He breathed down Adriana’s neck, grinning to himself on his conquest.

“That.. that was bad..” said Adriana, turning her head away from Bob. She felt Bob’s cock stiffen inside of her.

“Heh,” laughed Bob, gripping Adriana’s breast harder.

“No.. that was really bad… ” said Adriana quietly, beginning to sniffle.

Bob couldn’t help but to laugh and enjoy the weeping little girl under him. His cock grew harder as he lazily fucked Adriana’s cum filled ass.

“Stop..” cried Adriana, pushing at the bed with her arms, trying to get away from Bob.

“Please.. let me go,” she said, squirming harder. She could feel Bob’s cock filling up her used little hole.

“Seven days, seven days we’ve been fucking, and you’re turned off this little episode?” said Bob, leaning up a bit.

“N-no, I just.. I can’t, you can’t keep doing this to me…” said Adriana, working up her courage against her neighbor.

“I can do whatever the fuck I want to you, you fucking slut,” said Bob, sitting back up on Adriana’s ass, his now fully-hard cock straining against the inner walls of Adriana’s little asshole.

“That’s not what I meant..” muttered Adriana, biting her lip again as Bob’s cock adjusted inside of her.

“So what the fuck did you mean, slut?” yelled Bob, slapping Adriana’s ass again.

“N-nothing, I didn’t mean anything,” surrendered Adriana, biding herself for another assfuck.

She whimpered as Bob fucked her asshole again. She could feel his cum gushing inside of her as Bob used her body. She fought the urge to cry again.

“Good, you dumb whore, now come clean this mess” said Bob, in a satisfied tone. He climbed off of Adriana and sat on the edge of the bed.

Adriana supported herself up, wincing at her sore ass. She got off of the bed and knelt between Bob’s legs, where his hard cock hung proudly between his legs. She brought her face closer, and gently licked Bob’s cum-covered cock. Tilting her head side to side, she used her tongue to do what she thought was a decent job at getting Bob’s cock clean. Once she felt finished, she sat on her heels and looked up at Bob.

“Not yet, you dumb bitch,” growled Bob, grabbing Adriana by her hair and pulling her between his legs. He pushed Adriana’s head below his cock and pulled her face into his balls. Adriana opened her mouth and licked his once cum filled testicles, carefully sucking on them and tracing her wet lips on the wrinkly skin.

Bob laid on the bed as Adriana serviced him with her mouth. He shut his eyes in bliss as his teenage next door neighbor flicked her little tongue on his sweaty balls. He imagined that the only way this could be better would be a beer in his hand. He wondered how long he could make this last, or if he’d go to jail by the end of it. Either way, jail or not, Adriana had already made it worth it.

“B-Bob?” mewed Adriana, stopping momentarily.

God, this dumb whore will never learn, thought Bob. He got up from the bed and smacked Adriana’s face, putting her in a daze.

“The fuck did you call me? Are you SO GOD DAMN STUPID?” yelled Bob, pulling his hand back for another one.

“N-no, what did I.. ugh, sorry, I’m so sorry.. I’m so sorry..” cried Adriana, tears gushing down her face.

“Yes, you dumbshit, YOU ARE WRONG,” yelled Bob, “What did I tell you to call me?”

“I thought.. I thought that was only when..” Adriana cried into tears, covering her face with her hands.

“And I thought you could be a good girl,” said Bob in a stern voice, holding Adriana’s wrists and peeling them off of her face.

“I can, I can!” yelled Adriana, her big teary eyes looking up at Bob.

Bob pulled Adriana closer by her hair again to his cock. Adriana looked up at Bob momentarily, and then opened her mouth.

Grinning to himself, Bob pulled Adriana’s head down, savoring the sensation of wet teenage throat engulfing his cock.

Bob gripped his fist tightly around Adriana’s hair, and forced her to bob her head up and down his cock, using her face like a sex toy.

“Ahh, fuck, it feels so good Adriana, mhmmmm…” moaned Bob, selfishly thrusting his hips against Adriana’s face.

“You love sucking cock, don’t cha baby? Look at yourself, slurping on it like a little slut. God, you’re so beautiful…” said Bob, his hands roughly massaging Adriana’s face.

Adriana looked up at him and nodded yes.

“This little girl wants some nasty cum in her little mouth, don’t she?” Bob asked, tilting up Adriana’s head by her chin.

“I bet you sucked every cock at that your school… Yeah, I’m sure you did, you cute little bitch. I bet you’re real popular with the boys… Just look at how slutty you are… Tell me, are you popular with the boys at your school?” pushed Bob.

“Every fucking cock at your school… you disgusting whore…” muttered Bob, forcing his entire cock in and out of Adriana’s mouth as she stared back up at him, her mouth foaming saliva and dripping down her chin.

Bob pulled her all the way down, and clenched his thighs, locking Adriana between his legs. His dick hardened even more as Adriana fought to escape. He twirled Adriana’s hair around his fist, and pulled her hair back tightly while keeping her in place with his legs.

“Take it, slut,” he commanded. Adriana looked up with begging eyes, obviously agitated and stressed.

“Mmmm, so goooooood…” taunted Bob, his hips shifting little by little, keeping Adriana tighter in place and pushing out his pelvis further at Adriana’s face.

Bob rocked his body on the edge of the sofa, moving his cock very little inside Adriana’s throat. He loved his power over Adriana. There was no way that he could do this to his wife… But Adriana, an even younger, hotter, sexier girl, was under his complete control.

Slowly, Bob loosened his thighs, but kept Adriana’s face pressed into his pubes with his hands. He pulled her head back, deliberately taking his time unblocking her throat with his hard cock. With a loud pop, his cock broke free and slapped against Adriana’s flushed face.

“Mouth open,” said Bob, stroking his cock fast while pointing it at Adriana’s face. Not soon after, he started cumming straight onto Adriana’s face, covering her face and hair, with a fair amount shooting straight into her mouth.

“Hah… now that was a decent blowjob… What a good cocksucker… What are you Adriana?” asked Bob in his taunting voice again.

“I’m daddy’s good cocksucker…” said Adriana, her head dropping in shame. Bob’s cum flowed down to her chin and onto the carpet.

Please note: This is a follow-on from Unsuspecting Roomie at Camp chapters 01 and 02. Please read these prior to reading part 3 as it will make more sense.

Jasmine rolled over and climbed off the bed, stretching towards the ceiling and savouring the dull ache in her loins from the pounding Dave had given her the previous night. Her nipple also throbbed gently as it brushed against the thin material of her t-shirt. Padding over to her suitcase in the corner, she peeled her t-shirt off over her head and dropped it to the floor. The shower was still running, Dave obviously savouring the warmth of the water. Dave’s body pressed against her quickly came to mind and she had a passing thought of slipping into the shower with him, but she wasn’t that brave. She probably didn’t even want to be naked when he came out of the bathroom, come to think of it. Despite last night’s forays, she was still a relatively shy person deep down.

She heard the water shut off and walked across the room to grab her towel so that she could at least cover herself up a little. Dave was faster than she expected, though, and she heard the door handle turn when she was only halfway across the room. She didn’t want to look panicked, so she continued at the same pace.

Just then, two things happened. Firstly, Dave, upon seeing her cute little bum sauntering across the room, let out a playful chuckle, trotted up behind her and took hold of her hips, causing her to bend forwards from the hips so that her hands were propping her up on the bed. Secondly, however, a light knock came from the door to the corridor, followed by the door opening slightly and the face of one of the male prefects appearing.

It took a moment for Joshua, a final year student helping out at the camp, to register what he was seeing, but when his mind took in the image of his music teacher, fully naked, being bent forward over the bed by his homeroom teacher, he quickly stammered out something about it being breakfast time in his thick Afro-Caribbean accent and closed the door. Jasmine and Dave listened to his quick footsteps as he escaped the scene. Jasmine looked back over her shoulder at Dave, both of their faces horror stricken. The expression on both of their faces clearly meant one thing: this had gone too far, and now there was the possibility that the entire school community, not to mention their respective spouses, would find out.

Dave swore under his breath, stepping back and letting go of Jasmine’s hips. Jasmine quickly righter herself, heading for the bathroom without saying a word. Behind her, Dave mumbled something about taking Joshua aside at breakfast and having a word with him.

Although Jasmine was quick to shower, Dave had already left the room when she stepped out of the bathroom. She quickly dressed and headed for the meals room, her heart pounding as she came through the doors. Scanning the room, she could see neither Dave nor Joshua. Serving herself a plate of rubbery-looking eggs on toast and a cup of luke-warm coffee, she sat at an empty table and stared down at the unappetising breakfast, her mind racing a mile a minute. Glancing up as she chewed a mouthful of the eggs, she didn’t get the feeling that anyone was looking at her at all, which calmed her down slightly. A moment later, Dave appeared at the door to the dining room, followed by Joshua. Spotting her, Dave came over and leant down to her, mumbling that it should all be ok, then wandered to where he had left his breakfast. Glancing over to where Joshua had taken a seat with the other prefects, there was no sign that he or his group were giggling about anything or that he was doing anything but listening to the conversation around him. This, and the fact that he had always been a relatively quiet boy with a healthy respect for authority – possibly due to his fairly strict Afro-Caribbean Christian family life, from what she knew of him, and having only moved here about a year earlier – made Jasmine relax considerably, even making it possible for her to finish her eggs and coffee in relative calm.

As today was the last full day of camp, and the buses would be taking them home early the following morning, the day was scheduled for sessions on relaxation and trust – a nice calming set of session to finish off the camp. Jasmine was happy with this, having composed herself after the earlier scare. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit that she had been pretty reckless and foolhardy, the heat of the moment getting the better of her, and she was now thinking much more rationally. Dave, for the most part, seemed to be more relaxed, too, and as they entered the large recreational room for the morning’s session, Jasmine breathed a silent sigh of relief that the camp would soon be done and she would be back to the normalcy of home-life.

All students, along with Jasmine and Dave, sat on the floor cross-legged as the session leader, a yoga instructor/mediation teacher in his mid 20s by the name of Cameron, stood at the front and addressed them all. They would be doing a number of relaxation exercises and a number of team-based and pair-based trust-building exercises, he explained. Firstly, he took them through a 20-minute meditation session involving guided imagery. The scene he described for them to imagine involved a rainforest in which they were to sit and simply observe their surroundings. Jasmine relaxed into this exercise but couldn’t help images of the previous two nights popping into her head. She successfully allowed them to pass, however, and came back to the rainforest image each time. As the exercise progressed, however, the images started to intrude on Jasmine’s rainforest scene such that she would suddenly be imagining Dave standing in front of her in the rainforest, his cock inches from her face. Having gently banished this image, she would suddenly have her mouth stretched around Dave’s nob, her tongue teasing the tip gently. Each image was a little more intense than the last, taking her from Dave’s cock in her mouth, to Dave pinching her nipple, to Dave bending her over a the trunk of a fallen tree. Jasmine could feel her nipples hardening and fought to keep her breathing steady. What was happening to her? She thought to herself, dumbstruck at the state her mind and body were putting her in.

Once again Jasmine brought her mind back to the pure rainforest scene, pushing Dave away from her thoughts, managing to re-establish a semblance of calm. Suddenly, though, the image of Dave and Joshua standing side by side appeared. Both were a few metres from her, staring at her with hungry, lustful expressions on their faces. As their eyes roamed over her body, she realised that she was naked, her nipples poking straight out and her legs splayed wide where she sat on a tree stump. Looking back up at the two men, she realised that they were also naked. Dave, older and thinner compared to Joshua’s 18-year-old, toned ebony body. Suddenly both men were a few feet closer and her eyes were drawn to their crotches, sitting at eye level for her. The two cocks twitched under her gaze, Dave’s thick white shaft in contrast to that of Joshua’s. Although Joshua’s looked about the same length as Dave’s, the shape was somewhat different. Whilst Dave’s was almost a perfect cylinder, Joshua’s mushroomed out noticeably at the head, his purple nob sitting like a squash ball at the end of his deep brown shaft. A moment later Jasmine’s hands were wrapped around both cocks, feeling the difference in shape. Involuntarily, her head leant forwards towards the younger man’s twitching member, her mouth opening wide…

“Ok, how was that everyone”

Jasmine heard the words echo through the room and jolted out of her erotically charged meditative state. She must have gasped or made a similar sound, because suddenly all eyes were on her. Her eyes immediately fell on Joshua, sitting forward of her to the left, his head turned in her direction. He wasn’t looking at her face, though, but down between her legs, his tongue tracing a path across his lips as though out of hunger. Glancing down, Jasmine realised that a large damp patch had formed on the crotch of her shorts. Quickly, but as subtle as possible, she brought her legs together, stretching them out in front of her. In a split second, Joshua looked up at her and their eyes met, both of them blushing, before turning back to the front. The instructor made a brief comment that it can be easy to get deep into meditation, obviously trying to bring attention away from Jasmine, and started describing that they would next be doing a music-based meditation exercise.

This exercise went smoothly for Jasmine, the music managing to keep her distracted from her earlier fantasy, and by the time it had finished she had managed to calm herself down again and the patch on her shorts had dried even if the slight moistness between her pussy lips was still lingering.

Next was a team-building exercise, the room being split into girls and boys, and then again into smaller groups of 6 to 8. The idea of this exercise was to stand in a circle then reach across the room and take another person’s hand with one hand, and then with your other hand take a different person’s hand. You then had to, as a group, untangle the knot that you had got yourself into. It was a lot of fun, and tended to end with the group falling into a giggling heap on the ground. It quickly became obvious, though, that the two teachers and the final year prefects were just too much taller than the year 7s, making it difficult. The instructor decided to split the prefects and teachers into a group of their own (as there were only 3 girls, 3 boys and the 2 teachers all up) and then continue. The prefect/teacher group was a little tentative at first, having been grouped based on gender before, but they quickly relaxed as they got used to the physical contact. Jasmine was careful not to take the hands of either Dave or Joshua, worried about how that would look, but contact with them was unavoidable as the knot was untangled and people climbed over each others arms and slid between people. Every now and then David’s elbow would brush Jasmine’s stomach or the back of Joshua’s hand would be pressed against her back as the human knot manoeuvred. The group was soon giggling like the other groups and Jasmine relaxed and laughed along. A few times she made eye contact momentarily with both Dave and Joshua, and nothing seemed at all awkward, making her relax even more.

At one point Jasmine found herself straddling Dave’s arm as she attempted to climb over but got stuck. Dave seemed oblivious to it, his attention being elsewhere, but Jasmine noticed Joshua’s gaze fall between her legs where Dave’s arm was pressed. This was enough to spark Jasmine’s arousal, and her nipples stiffened involuntarily, refusing to subside even after the knot had moved and she was free again. A few minutes later, Jasmine found herself with a body pressed against her back. With a slight turn of her head she realised it was Joshua. Suddenly she realised that there was something hard poking into the small of her back, making her gasp slightly. Looking around nervously, she realised that, luckily, noone was paying any attention to her – noone but Joshua it would appear. She felt him shift his body down, seemingly trying not to push into her as much, but now the protrusion was now pushed against her left buttock. For the second time this morning, Jasmine felt her loins heating up and the stirrings of lubrication beginning to build in her crotch.

Again the knot moved, leaving her – to her surprised disappointment – free again, and a few moments later the knot was completely untangled.

The instructor announced that one more knot would be completed before lunch. Jasmine was day-dreaming, her arousal taking her mind elsewhere, back to her earlier daydream, but when she jolted back to reality she realised that Joshua and Dave were the only hands left to take. Dave looked slightly wicked, while Joshua looked at her sheepishly. Swallowing, she reached across the circle and took the hands of the two men, young and not-so-young, that she had just been day-dreaming about. She hoped that they didn’t notice her slightly sweaty hands, and even the contact of their two hands on hers made her breath quicken slightly. Joshua’s particularly – his big, strong, dark hand gripping her dainty white hand made her quiver slightly.

People started to climb over each other, attempting to untangle the knot. Before long, Jasmine found herself squeezed up against Joshua’s back, his muscular buttocks pushing against her stomach. She was sure that he could feel her laboured breath on the back of his neck as she tried to control the sexual energy pulsing through her, and she felt him push back slightly, glancing at his face as his mouth opened slightly and his breathing quickened. The knot moved again and Dave pulled her, gently but firmly, into a position so that she was somehow straddling his thigh. It would all look fairly innocent from a bystander’s perspective – simply part of the exercise, and for Jasmine it could also have seemed innocent if it weren’t for the way that Dave was rocking her. It was almost imperceptible, his thigh rocking slightly from side-to-side, but it was enough to send shivers through Jasmine. She couldn’t believe the situation she was in – Dave seemingly trying to tease her and turn her on, and Joshua looking sheepish but obviously aroused. Over the next few minutes, Jasmine almost alternated between the two men. Dave proceeded to pull her into precarious position after precarious position, each of which brought various parts of her body into contact with various parts of his body, while Joshua, at least seemingly, would find himself pushed against her – his thigh against her bum, his arm across her chest, his crotch lightly brushing her arm. Nothing explicitly forward, not in contrast with Dave, but still suspiciously happening more than would be expected by chance. Joshua would barely make eye-contact with her, either, only occasionally glancing at her nervously, which only heightened Jasmine’s arousal. Dave, on the other hand, seemed to revel in the way he was manipulating her, his expression when their eyes met subtle but clearly acknowledging to her that he knew that she knew what he was doing and that he knew she was submitting herself to it. Jasmine was more intrigued, and to be honest, more turned on, by the young dark man. She was sure that he could tell what his contact was doing to her, and she could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was aroused by her, too. Somehow no-one else seemed to notice this, but it kept finding its way into her line of site. He was so coy about it, though, so subtle yet constantly present and apparently not wanting to move away from her. The thought of the young man that had always been so quiet in class being aroused by her in this way made her pussy throb. It was all Jasmine could do to prevent herself from moaning as she shifted, one second having Dave’s arm wrapped ‘innocently’ around her so that her breasts were being gently crushed by the embrace, to her forearm being lightly pressed against Joshua’s crotch. She could feel his rockhard manhood nestled in the crook of her arm, twitching from the contact. She gasped – up until now the contact had been subtle, almost ambiguous, but now here she was in full contact with the young man’s (her student’s!) cock. She glanced up as they they transitioned to the next position, Joshua’s eyes meeting hers momentarily and almost scaring her. The look in his eye had changed subtlely but powerfully. Now a look of lustful need knitted his brows, making Jasmine nervous and excited at the same time. Joshua pulled her gently but firmly into position, seemingly no longer feeling the need for such subtlety, making her lift her leg over his arm so that she settled into a slightly bent-forward position, Joshua standing behind her and their hands held together between her legs so that his wrist and forearm were lightly brushing between her legs. The sudden contact with her engorged vulva, albeit minor, caused a soft whimper to escape Jasmine’s lips. Luckily Joshua’s face was the only one close enough to hear, positioned at her left shoulder. She looked tentatively over her shoulder and saw the young man’s nervous expression, looking slightly worried that he had crossed a line. Jasmine felt the need to allay his worries, giving a slight smile that might have expressed more lust than she had intended. Joshua’s face relaxed and he breathed in deeply, a look of gentle confidence crossing his face. Jasmine had never seen him look this way before – he always wore a look of slight timidness. This look suited him, though, and suddenly he appeared to go from being a boy into being a man. Jasmine looked up and saw Dave looking down at her face. Although Dave couldn’t see the position of their hands, he could see that Joshua was behind her and that her arm was going down roughly between her legs. Dave’s face had changed to a look of slight jealousy, of being usurped. Jasmine wanted to feel sorry for him, or guilty, but she quickly reminded herself that Dave didn’t own her – noone did. This thought steeled her resolve, and with this certainty in herself, she gently rocked backwards, her eyes on Dave’s face as Joshua’s wrist brushed her labia, sending a fresh jolt of pleasure through her, and she rested her pubic mound against his large palm, allowing her legs to give slightly so that she was pressed firmly into his hand. Dave saw the look of pleasure cross her face and looked away, shamed and embarrassed. Jasmine didn’t care, her swollen pussy lips her aching for the attention, and she now rocked slightly, causing friction to tease her. She was sure that Joshua would be able to feel the dampness of her crotch, and the thought quickened her breath. Over her shoulder she heard Joshua moan quietly and she grinned within. Wriggling slightly with her hips, she felt that his cock was pressed once again into her buttock, and he was pushing it gently back and forth.

Jasmine knew that they would move again any second, dreading the moment that Joshua’s hand would be removed from her crotch. Just as she was thinking this, however, a sudden movement took her by surprise. Joshua’s thumb, not entwined with any of her fingers, fumbled for a moment around the hem of her shorts and then slipped beneath her panties. Jasmine’s breath was caught in her throat. She was unable to breathe either in or out for fear she would cry out as the young man’s thick thumb clumsily brushed across her bare lips, smearing her juices, then flicked the rock-hard nub of her clit. She bit her lip and stifled a scream that threatened to escape her throat, involuntarily pushing back against Joshua’s thumb. Next thing Jasmine knew, Joshua’s thumb slid along the slick length of her slit and up into the slippery entrance to her already pulsating pussy, almost pushing her over the edge into an orgasm. This time a sound did escape her lips – not a scream, as she managed to stifle most of it, but a slight grunt. This caused the other prefects in the group to turn around, half of them giggling.

“Miss is uncomfortable, I think.” Said one girl. They still couldn’t see what was going on, just that I was bent right forward in what probably looked like quite an uncomfortable position.

“We’d better untangle that section.” Said one of the boys.

Jasmine simply nodded, her voice too hoarse to speak, the kids giggling at how red her face was as Joshua quickly removed his digit from her pussy, panties and shorts, making her eyes half-close for a moment from the sensation. Dave looked at her, a hurt expression on his face. Ignoring him, she climbed over and under another arm with shaky legs, the knot finally becoming untangled. They waited patiently while another couple of groups finished, Jasmine controlling her almost animal lust, and the instructor announced that it was lunch time. Jasmine quickly headed for the female bathrooms to clean herself up, but was suddenly aware that Joshua was following her. He came up next to her and stated simply: “Come with me.” He grinned.

Dean walked up the steps to the Foster’s palatial estate. It was Saturday, time for his weekly “tennis lesson” with his boss’s wife. Although they never actually played tennis, the only times he ever saw the court was when they were out by the pool fucking, Dean stilled had to dress the part. You never knew when Mr. Foster would make an appearance.

He was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts, a blue polo top and sneakers. Carrying his tennis bag he made his way to the front door when his cell phone buzzed. He pulled it from his pocket, lowered his sunglasses and read.

“Running late, but please don’t leave. B there ASAP, I really need the workout.”

The young man read between the lines. Mrs. Foster had become careful with her texts, never sure when her husband might read them, but Dean got the picture. Mrs. Foster was in need of a good lay and while she didn’t mind sharing him with her best friend, or her sister in law, she was insistent that she was the first stop on his weekend trysts.

Dean opened the door to the large home and stepped inside out of the heat into the cool air.

“Let urself in” came another text from the cheating housewife.

“Already did.” he thought as he strolled through his boss’s home.

Dean had almost begun to feel guilty about screwing around with his boss’ wife but ever since Dean had solidified a position at the firm Mr. Foster had become more and more of a jerk.

After one particular meeting his boss had pulled him aside when Dean had spoken up and told him to,

“Sit there and keep your fucking mouth shut. I’m not paying you for your opinion.”

Dean had wanted to quit right there, tell the old man to fuck off, but he didn’t. Instead he made a few calls and fucked both Mr. Foster’s wife and sister in law.

“On that very patio in fact.” he thought as he passed the large glass entrance that lead from the kitchen to the back.

Dean set his tennis bag on the large island in the middle of the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He found a beer and opened it. Slugging it back he heard the front door open.

“Oh good, I was worried you’d take longer.” he said, closing the frig.

“Who the fuck are you?” a voice said.

Dean turned, but it was not Mrs. Foster. Save for the dark hair, this was defiantly not Mrs. Foster.

A young woman, Dean guessed early 20′s, stood before him. Where Mrs. Foster was shapely at around 5’5″ this young woman was leaner at around 5’10″. She clearly had a nice body, but in a very modern way as opposed to Mrs. Fosters classic and sensuous curves. This girl was wearing tight black jeans with rips up the legs. She stood even taller then her 5’10″ frame on 4″ black converse all stars heels. She had on a tight white tank top, a wife beater in fact, and it showed off a full sleeve tattoo down her left arm. She had a smaller tattoo on her opposite wrist. She shared Mrs. Foster’s long dark hair but this young woman’s was pulled back, the front in a high poof and the sides of her head were shaved, almost like a mohawk. Her large sunglasses concealed her eyes but he imagined them watching him skeptically.

“Daddy issues much.” the young man thought to himself.

“I work for Mr. Foster, at the firm.” he replied, “and you are?” he asked extending his hand.

She did not take it.

“You work for my father?” she queried. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Oh I am giving your mother tennis lessons.” he answered.

She removed her sunglasses, glaring at him with bright blue eyes covered in too much makeup.

“She is NOT my mother.” she snapped back.

“Step mom?” he asked with a smirk.

“Yes.” she answered.

“Makes sense.” he added with a nod.

“What’s that mean?” she continued, walking passed the young man and going to the frig.”

“Oh nothing.” he said, feeling he was already getting a good beat on her.

Dean forgot that Mr. Foster even had a daughter. He remembered the photo on the desk in his office but that was of a much younger girl, barely a teenager then. She looked a far cry from the tattooed punk chick before him. Dean had a feeling Mr. Foster preferred the younger more innocent version.

She pulled out a beer of her own, the fizz of it opening and the clatter of the bottle cap being tossed on the counter was the only sound. She drank from it, eyeing the odd young man in her house.

“I did not know you lived here.” Dean said.

“I was in Europe for a few months, but even when I am here I am not usually here ya know?” she answered.

“Like to stay away?” he asked.

“Are you fucking my step mom?” she asked boldly.

“Excuse me?” he replied, seemingly unruffled as he assumed was her intent.

“Not that I’d really care, my dad probably deserves it.” she added, leaning back on a small breakfast table.

“Some strong words.” he replied.

“Ehhh, you seem too milk toast anyway, probably spend all day kissing my dad’s ass.” she poked.

“I don’t kiss anyone’s ass.” he said firmly.

She raised an eyebrow.

“No? You look like a preppy little weasel to me.” she added.

He laughed.

“You think you got me figured out huh?” he smiled.

“I know your type, I meet one of you every year or so. Running around sucking up to my dad, even trying to date me to get in good with him.” she continued.

“Trust me, I would not try to date you.” he said.

“He probably made you come here, give my step mom lessons.” she added.

“Wrong again.” Dean said.

“No? You look pretty young. Does he have you running around, fetching his coffee, doing whatever you can for a few of his table scraps.” she jabbed.

“What about you.” he retorted.

“What about me?” she said, a little agitated.

“Did you pay for your trip to Europe?” he asked.

“That’s none of your fucking business” she shot back.

“Yeah you don’t seem to be a big fan of mommy and daddy.” Dean said.

“He’s a sellout and she’s a whore, and she is not my moth..” she replied.

“Yeah, yet you have on designer jeans made to look grungy, a tank top that probably cost more then my rent, and what are those sunglasses? Gucci?” he said, cutting her off.

“Fuck you, who the fuck do you think you are.” she said.

Dean stepped a little closer.

“You seem really uptight for such a…” Dean smiled and gestured toward the young girl, “wild looking girl.” he finished.

“What’s that supposed to mean.” she replied.

“When was the last time you got laid.?” he teased.

“Fuck you, you can’t come into my house…” she started

“Your dad’s house.” he interjected, moving closer.

“Whatever. You can’t come in here and talk to me this way.” she pouted.

“I bet no one ever does. No one ever tells you to shut you’re fucking spoiled mouth.” he said calmly.

She slapped him hard across the face. He turned his head, closed his eyes, smiled, and turned back to stare her down. Her heart was racing.

Suddenly he grabbed her aggressively, and kissed her hard on the mouth. She fought against him until he let her go.

Her chest was heaving and she stared him down.

“To answer your question, yes, I am fucking your step-mom.” he pronounced.

His eyes bore holes in hers. She stared back with a wicked look.

“And you are right, your father is an asshole who deserves it.” he said before kissing her again.

This time she dug in and bit at his lip.

“Uhhhh fuck.” he moaned and he yanked her away.

Spinning her he bent her roughly over the kitchen table.

Her body slammed into the wood tabletop.

“Fuck you.” she panted trying to push herself up.

With one hand he pushed her shoulders back down, and with the other he tugged her jeans down over her ass. He admired her nice round bottom. He had to admit for a skinny rich girl, she had a great ass. He showed is appreciation by giving it a nice firm slap.

“Uhhh you little shit.” she moaned.

Dean reached between her legs and felt her sopping wet cunt.

“You love it, you are so fucking wet.” he said

Her head snapped back, staring at him over her shoulder.

“Fuck you.” she growled.

He smiled back and slammed 2 fingers into her dripping pussy.

“Uhhh shit” she yelled, closing her eyes and dropping her head to the table.

The sounds of her wet pussy being finger fucked echoed through the kitchen. She slammed her hands down on the table and pushed up, throwing her head back. Her back arched and she pressed against his hand.

“Yeah you like it don’t you?” he teased.

“Uhhh noooo.” she moaned.

He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her back further.

“Don’t lie” he whispered in her ear as he slammed his hand against her harder.

“Uhh I’m gonna cum” she admitted, reaching back with her tattoo sleeved arm, her hand grabbing her ass, opening herself for him.

“Yess you filthy whore.” he spat, pulling his hand from between her legs and slapping the other cheek.

“Don’t stop.” she begged right before he plunged his fingers back inside her.

He continued his assault on her tight hole and in a matter of seconds she exploded in an intense orgasm. She gripped the table with both hands and she tensed and came all over his hand.

“FUUUUCKK.” she screamed, veins bulging in her neck.

He watched as she came hard then collapsed across the table.

Before she could recover Dean spun her around on her back, laying her on the table.

“You dirty fucker, leave me alone.” she said, but her actions betrayed her as she assisted the stranger young man in removing her jeans.

He yanked them off over her high heels and tossed them too the floor while her hands began work on his khakis. Dean noticed another tattoo running across her flat tummy. They were both breathing heavy as he pulled his shirt off and she freed his steel hard cock. She let out a gasp as she pulled it free and stared at it.

He smiled back down at her. His hands reached out and grabbed the neckline of her top. With animal lust he pulled and ripped the fabric apart, tearing it down the front and exposing her tits.

They were perfectly round b cups, a big contrast to her step mom’s fake DD’s. He reached out, massaging them as she jerked his stiff pole.

“You like them huh.” she growled.

“Your step mom’s are bigger.” he taunted.

She swung to slap him again, this time he blocked it and gave her a smack across her cheek. She looked enraged.

She grabbed his head roughly and pulled him down to her tits.

“Yeah but these are fucking real.” she moaned as he sucked on her erect nipples.

While he sucked on her perfect nipples her hands worked his large piece of meat, trying to pull him inside her. Dean pulled away, smacking her hand from his cock and replacing it with his own. She watched with great anticipation.

“You want it?” he asked, rubbing his cock across her pussy.

“Don’t tease me you asshole.” she growled at him.

“Say it.” he demanded with a grin, slapping head fat head against her swollen clit.

She squirmed on the table, her hips rolling back and forth. He could see she wanted it.

“Say it!” this time he shouted it.

“Uhhh please fuck meee.” she let out.

Dean drove his hips forward, impaling his boss’ daughter with his rock hard cock. She threw her head back and screamed out in pleasure.

She spread her long legs out wide as he pounded her pussy harder then she has ever experienced. Her whole body was shaking across the small kitchen table.

Dean put one foot on the table, grabbed her by the neck, held her still and drove into her deeper then ever. Her muscles tighten as she gripped his arms, unable to even moan, she let this stranger fuck her brains out.

She turned her head trying to capture one of his fingers in her mouth. He let her and watched as she sucked on it, unable to control herself.

“Uhh fuck baby you are so hot.” he said.

She released his finger with a pop.

“Hotter than my step mom?” she teased.

With that he pulled out and yanked her from the table, shoving her to her knees. She didn’t hesitate and just as she hit the floor she had swallowed his entire shaft. He gripped her long mane and fucked her wet throat. Gurgling noises escaped her lips and filled his boss’ kitchen.

“I don’t know but you are gettin there.” he replied.


Mrs. Foster hurried from her convertible to her house. Dressed in a little sundress, sunglasses, and sun hat she made her way up her front stairs, rather quickly considering her 5″ sandals.

She was in need of her weekly visit from her husband’s employee. When she entered her home she expected to find Dean watching TV, but instead she was greeted with the moaning and the distinct sound of flesh on flesh.

When she finally made her way to the source of the noise she found quite a sight.

Dean, her “tennis instructor” was seated on the sofa just off the main kitchen. Her stepdaughter was sitting backwards on his lap, her legs wide as she bounced high and hard on his rigid cock.

Both were sweating and swearing, totally unaware of Mrs. Foster’s presence. Her stepdaughter was slamming down into the boy’s lap; her long ponytail was bouncing wildly with each thrust. Her fashionable poof was loose, strands hanging down in her face. It wasn’t until Mrs. Foster tossed her hat across the room and practically yelled,

“I can’t leave you alone for a second.”

that they finally noticed her.

Dean continued to fuck his new playmate but at a much slower pace.

“Sorry.” the young woman replied with a nasty smirk.

“Not you, him.” Mrs. Foster shot back.

“What?” she said looking over her shoulder at him.

He smiled back.

“First Deborah, then Jane, now Christy.” the married woman pouted.

“Jane?” Christy thought for a moment. “You are fucking, uhh shit, my aunt too?” she said.

“Your name is Christy?” Dean replied.

“You little slut.” the cheating wife added.

Christy shot her step mom a look.

“Yeah this time I was talking to you.” she added.

“Whatever,” she looked back at Dean with a smile “just don’t stop.” she panted.

Dean grabbed her waist, she leant back, resting her hands on his chest, as he slammed up into her, pounding her little cunt.

Mrs. Foster looked on, watching her young stud, chiseled body glistening with persperation, as he pummeled her step daughter’s bald cunt.

“You animal.” Mrs. foster began, removing her sunglasses. “You just better have your stamina today.” she added, taking a seat on a comfy chair across from the sofa.

The unfaithful wife sat and watched her husband’s daughter get absolutely hammered by her young stud. She watched Christy throw her head back, arching her back in a way that was only good for deep fucking. Whenever her hot young ass would meet his powerful hips the sound of their bodies colliding would fill the house. The sound would be joined by Christy’s guttural moans.

Mrs. Foster noticed the young girl’s tank top still draped over her shoulders but torn to shreds. It made the married woman think of the several times he had torn away her own panties in a fit of sex-crazed lust.

Mrs. Foster’s pussy was wet.

Her legs involuntarily opened and she began to rub her thigh. The scene before her was just too hot.

“Fuck her ass.” Mrs. Foster requested.

“What?” Dean replied looking at Mrs. Foster.

“Uhhh yesss please.” moaned Christy to the ceiling, totally consumed with desire.

Dean look back at the hot young woman atop him and smiled. He pulled his stiff prick from her cunt and lifted her. He took her to the row of high stools that lined the kitchen counter and sat her on it.

He positioned her so she was sitting reverse on the chair and she knew what he wanted her to do. She clutched the backrest, wrapped heels around the legs and arched her back. Her round ass stuck obscenely up and off the front of the stool.

Dean dropped down, licking from her pussy to her tight ass. Shivers ran up her spine as he did it over and over before finally standing. He gave her round ass a slap.

“Again” Mrs. Foster demanded.

“Yess.” her stepdaughter cried out.

He obliged, slapping her ass again and again and when Christy reached back with both hands and spread her ass apart, Dean pressed his swollen head to her asshole.

Her body looked incredible, arched and twisted in such an erotic position that Dean’s cock, however impossible to believe, grew harder, and when he slid his rock hard shaft into her tight ass, Christy felt pain and pleasure she had never experiences.

“Uhh yess, fuck my ass.” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Dean plunged only half is thick shaft in her ass, marveling at how tight she was.

“I think she likes it.” Mrs. Foster commented, as she pulled the hem of her dress up and tugged her panties aside.

Dean’s eyes shot to the married slut, watching her work her pussy. He smiled wickedly at her as he took in the scene.

Here he was fucking Mr. Foster’s daughter in her ass, as Mrs. Foster watched on, rubbing her throbbing clit.

Christy let go of her supple ass and twisted to her left, exposing her young naked body to Mrs. Foster. Her tattooed arm swung behind her as she clutched Dean’s neck, trying to pull him closer.

They stared into each other eyes, her mascera running a bit from the sweat, and the few tears caused by his huge cock in her ass.

“Come on, fuck my ass.” Christy taunted.

Dean pushed deeper as Mrs. Foster rubbed her clit furiously.

“Harder you fucking pussy!” the stepdaughter added through gritted teeth.

Dean’s strong hand clutched her tiny waist, pressing it into the seat, her ass sticking out even further, and slammed his hips against her upturned ass.

“Uhhh fuck yesss.” she responded, letting go of his neck and clutching the back of the seat, holding on for dear life as he pounded her tight asshole.

“That’s it fuck that slut.” the step mom encouraged.

“Pleeasse!” the stepdaughter agreed.

Dean grabbed Christy’s shredded tank top and used it like reins, pulling her back into him as he slammed against her.

That tall chair was rocking back and forth, creaking and in danger of collapsing. The shirt ripped completely from Christy’s body, just a rag in Dean’s hand.

Tossing it to the floor he took hold of his tattooed slut’s long mane. Pulling her head back, mere inches from her own round ass, she stared at the ceiling but unable to see, blinded by lust.

“Fuck meeeee.” she begged.

With one hand on her hip, the other in her hair, he did just that. Mrs. Foster watched these 2 beautiful bodies fuck with such force. She worked herself, feeling she was close.

Dean pounded her tight ass until finally he announced.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Mrs. Foster snapped to attention, sitting up, still working her throbbing clit.

“Yes, cum on her, cum on her slut face.” she demanded.

“Uhhh you fucking bit…” Christy began.

Dean yanked her from the stool and shoved her to her knees before she could finish the sentence. She stared up at him, panting, chest heaving. She was rubbing her own wet pussy, as was her step mom, while Dean stroked his impossibly hard cock.

A chain reaction occurred as Dean ejected a huge rope of cum into the air, landing across Christy’s hair, down her face and into her mouth. Christy spit cum from her mouth and came hard, stiffening up as Dean continued to send thick potent ropes of cum onto her face.

The whole scene was so hot, so depraved, it sent Mrs. Foster over the edge and she too came.

All three orgasmed together, their moans mixed into one song of animal lust, all sharing in this moment of hedonism.

Christy knelt in amazement, her face plastered with cum. On her nose and forehead, all in her hair and even the shaved side of her head dripped with hot young cum.

Dean stood over her, panting, staring at this sexual goddess. The only thing that snapped him out of it was the sound of high heels clattered across the hardwood floor.

Mrs. Foster sauntered over to him, took him by the hand and said.

This is the beginning of how I turned into a sissy boi. Part 1.

It all started about 2 years ago when I barely turned 18. I’m Chris, a typical kid, goes to school everyday, etc.. I’m blonde with a small and baby smooth body type. We lived in a house that was part of 5 house complex and had a shared pool, jacuzzi and sauna with the other four families. Well it was 3 because one house was vacant for as long as I remember. Until one summer, a family with a son Luke, moved in. His cousin Rob was helping them unpack; he didn’t live with them and I barely saw him there. He looked about 30 years old.

For most of the summer, I had the pool all to myself because all of the old neighbors went away on vacation and the new kid stayed inside all the time. I used to lay around by the pool in my tight shorts, try to take in as much sun as possible.

One day my parents were going to get groceries and asked me if I want to come with them. I said no because I wanted to sit by the pool and jack off for a bit.

When they left, I thought to myself I should swim for a bit, then rub myself in the showers by the pool. This was ok because my parents were out and the neighbours don’t have a view of the pool showers.

So I went in the pool for a few minutes but the water was a bit cold. But at the same time it got me so hard and horny. I don’t know why but it made my balls shrink and my dick jump up in my shorts. So I get out of the pool and practically run to the shower stalls so I can warm up and stroke my dick.

As soon as I reach the shower, I turn up the hot water and sit on the floor with my back against the wall. I slide my hand in my shorts and rub my dick as I let the water fall right between my legs. As Im rubbing my balls with one hand and feeling my balls with another, I start touching my hole for the very first time. It felt good. So good that I reached to my lips and sucked on my finger. It turned me on so much. I slid my hand back right down to my hole and put my finger slightly in. I felt so naughty with the hot water running down my body and on my hard dick.

By that time I wasn’t sitting anymore. I was laying on my back with my legs spread as far as I can. I noticed that my shorts were keeping me from easily reaching down my ass. I thought I should go inside my house so I can get in my own shower, lock the door and get naked, but I was too exited and horny so I said fuck it. I took off my shorts right there. I was naked on the floor of the shower, my finger in my ass while jacking off.

It was only about 20 seconds of me getting naked and playing with myself that I look up and see Rob, my 30 year old neighbour standing in front of me. He must’ve came quietly and the running water can hide the noise pretty good. He’s tall, tan, very sexy and a bit hairy. But at the time I did not know his age because we never talked. So I froze. Literally. I just laid there with my legs spread, a hand down my ass and the other holding my dick.

Suddenly he talks. “Don’t stop lil boy, keep going. You look really hot.” I don’t know why but that turned me on like crazy. I was thinking in my head “Well I consider myself pretty good looking, blonde, skinny and smooth!”, but still, it was so hot hearing it from someone else. At the same time I was shocked and surprised by him being there so I sat up to reach for my shorts.

He quickly steps on my shorts, stops the water and says “Come on kid, you know you want to keep going!”. And I wanted to. I wanted to so bad that my dick got hard again. He noticed it and laughed “I knew you were a slutty boy the moment I saw you. And you look girly too with that smooth skin of yours”. Just by hearing those words I felt my hand slowly stroking my dick again. For some reason I was so tuned on by being called slutty and girly. Without warning he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. It was the first time I see another one’s dick this big. It was cut, thick, shaved and much, much bigger than mine. It’s now right in my face, inches from eyes.

“Ever sucked cock you little fag?” he asks.

I look away and say “No” in a low and shy voice.

“There’s always a first time boi”. He holds my head and turns it around so i’m facing his cock again. He pulls me closer until my lips are touching the tip of his dick.

“Kiss it” he says.


“Come on it doesn’t bite’” he answers.

I had no idea was I was doing at the time so I give it a little peck on the head and moved back. It was so soft and smooth and felt like nothing before.

“Good job, slut” he says, “Now use your tongue”.

I come closer and stick my tongue out and touch his pee slot. I liked the way it tasted. I felt dirty and I loved it. So I quickly lick it a couple more times then move away.

He grabs the back of my head and pushes his dick rubbing it all over my face. As he’s slapping his cock on my cheeks, I reach down to feel my hole.

He smiles and says “We’ll get there soon boi.”

He knew I was enjoying it. He pulls my head closer to his cock so that it opens my lips and forces the tip to land on my tongue. It was my first time doing this so I didn’t know what to do. I licked it while holding it between my lips.

“Just open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out son” he says,

So I did. There I was, sitting naked on the shower floor with my legs spread and a cock in my mouth, and I loved it. He pushes his cock as deep as he can until I almost gagged.

“Watch your teeth kid.” said Rob. This was kind of like a ‘break in’. He wanted me to get used to it quickly.

As my mouth is now filled with saliva, he starts going in and out of my open mouth while my tongue is sticking out. He’d stop for a few seconds to let me breathe then starts to face fuck me again. This went on for a few minutes until he bent down, his cock still in my mouth, and put his left hand on my dick and balls. I move my hands away to let him feel me and let out a soft “Mmmmmm”.

“You like that don’t you, you dirty fucking slut?” he whispers while almost gagging me.

I can only agree “Mmhmmm” because his cock is buried down my throat. I am as hard as I ever was now as he’s touching all over my smooth cock and balls, stroking me a few times. He takes his hand to his mouth and spits on his index then places it right back down my crotch. He spreads my legs even further apart and rubs his wet finger on my virgin hole. It sends chills down my spine and I start sucking him like crazy.

“You’re doing a very good job for your first time” he says, “keep sucking cutie”. I look up, smile at him and continue feeding on his cock.

Suddenly he asks “Ever had anything in this tight hole lil boi?”, so I shake my head with his cock in my mouth. He tells me i’m a liar because my finger was in it when he came in.

I pull his cock out of my mouth and in a very low and girly voice I say “Sorry. My finger”.

“That’s right fagg, and now you’re going to have mine in it” he says.

“But your hand is big!” I shouted. “It will hurt!”

“Maybe at first, but you’ll love it” he replies, “Look at you, you’re a cock loving slut!”

He was right. He completely had me in his control. I was sucking him like no tomorrow and I wasn’t going to stop. He slowly and gently pushes his finger into my hole. I can feel it stretching me bit by bit even though he barely got his finger tip in. As soon as it starts to hurt he takes it out and pulls me to my feet. He turns me around so i’m facing the wall, my ass to him.

“Bend over, put your hands on the wall” he commands. I do as told. “Stick your ass up, I want to see that smooth hole you got”.

Again, I obey. I was so submissive to him. I felt so dirty and naughty standing naked in a shower stall while some man was using me like a doll, a girly slutty doll. Now both his hands are on my ass, touching and feeling all over my body. I feel his right hand slide between my cheeks and start to caress my hole. By now, I’m melting in his arms and just want to suck his cock again. He bends down so that my ass is in his face and pulls me to him. I can feel him kissing and licking my ass. He then spreads my cheeks and teases my pink virgin hole with his tongue.

“Fuck you’re so so soft and tight boi” he moans.

“Oooouh” was all i can whisper.

“Yea you like your virgin hole licked don’t you slut?” he asks. As soon as I moan “Yy-y-yeaah”, he pushes his tongue into my hole so that it’s barely in. This sent me over the top.

He tongued my hole for about a minute or so before he spit on it and started rubbing it with his finger. In one move he put some pressure and I felt his finger half way in my ass. It slid in easily from the spit but it hurt like hell. He pulls it out slowly then pushes it back in until it was going in and out of my ass like butter. At that time, I came without even touching myself. But it wasn’t about me, i felt the need to please him like he did me. So i turn around, drop to me knees and take all of his cock in my mouth. I felt like a pro now sucking he dick and he very much liked it.

He’d moan things like “Yea that’s it, suck my cock bitch” and “Fuck, i love virgin boys that suck like little girls”.

He was now moving faster with his thrusts and I was about to choke a couple of times from his big dick but I was loving it.

“Ahh, I’m gona cum if you keep going slut”, so I took it as a sign to keep going.

Suddenly he yells “Ohhh fuck i’m gona cum, fuck you’re such bad girl!” and instantly I feel thick sticky stuff in the back of my throat.

I try to move back but he held my head with his cock in my mouth, so all I could do was swallow what I can from his cum. Some of it was dripping from my lips down on my chin and to my knees.

I lick my lips clean and rub the cum that fell on my knees all over my cock and balls while looking at him.

He smiles down at me “I wanted to fuck you Chris..ssy, your tight virgin ass is so hot! Next time I wanna cum, it’s gona be in your hole, get it slut?” He then adds “And you better shave, it will feel much better with your hole & balls completely smooth”.

I shamelessly nodded. He put his pants back up and left the shower. I turned on the hot water and started to clean myself up, looking forward to seeing Rob again, wondering what it would feel like to have his cock in my tight virgin asshole.

To be continued.

“Next time I find you online I’ll tell you a time and place so we can meet. You will suck my cock before I fuck your young pink hole.”

That was the last I heard from my new found online 50 year old daddy after I got naked for him, jacked off and acted like a slut on webcam as he watched.

A week has passed since we chatted. He had me hypnotized. All I can think about was his last words, how it can all go down. Every time I went online my dick got so hard in anticipation, hoping he’d sign on and use me like the little slut boy I am. But he never did, until yesterday.

I woke up horny as fuck, so I got in the shower, shaved my balls and ass baby smooth, cleaned myself up and went online. I hoped I’d get to chat with daddy again, or maybe find myself a new one.

I started watching some porn, slowly playing with my dick, when daddyCok signed in. I got so excited and nervous at the same time. What if he asks me to meet up? Will I go for it or chicken out? I was so horny and tempted to message him but I didn’t.

A minute later he says “hey son.”

I freaked out. I was sitting bottomless in my chair, my dick rock hard with porn playing in the background.

“Hello daddy, I missed you.”

I knew I shouldn’t have said that because it gave him control over me. Although deep down that’s exactly what I wanted, for him to take full control of me, mentally and physically.

“Turn on your cam boy,” he says.

I was waiting for this moment. I gladly complied and sent him an invite. I had the cam showing me from the chest down, sitting on the chair with nothing but a t-shirt, rubbing my hairless balls and rock hard dick.

“Just as hot as I remember son. Take your hand off your dick boy, I want you to remain horned up for today.”

What does he mean stay horny for today? Does he want me to meet him? Today? I started getting nervous but I was too horny to care, and he knew it. So I did as asked and sat there like a piece of meat being eyed by this perverted old man. I didn’t mind one bit.

“Stand up and turn around kid, i want to see that ass I’m going to fuck.”

I immediately did without a thought. I got creative and began rubbing my bubble butt cheeks, bending over and showing him my hole, rubbing it ever so slightly.

“Sit back down son and show me your face now. I hope it’s as hot as your ass.”

My head was telling me no, but my body didn’t listen and was ready to do anything for him. I tilted the cam a bit higher so he can fully see me, my face included.

“Hello daddy :p ” I said as soon as my face was in view.

“Nice, very cute son. Are you sure you’re 18? You look much younger.”

“I am, I just turned 18 daddy a couple weeks ago,” I said while blushing.

That’s when he got serious and straight to the point.

“You need to get fucked today boy, look how hard you’re getting just showing off your tiny body.”

He was right. I was so damn hard being watched and I needed to get fucked. I didn’t know what to say so I typed “I do daddy, I need your cock inside my tight hole.”

“Listen kid, it’s time you get that tight hole fucked. Now you will go shower, wear sweat pants with no underwear, a t-shirt and a hat. You will email me what colors you’re wearing right after you get ready so I can immediately recognize you. You will go to Greensbay mall by your house, sit in the food court and wait for me. Be there at 11 am sharp kid. A minute late and you won’t find me. Understand me son?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. This stranger was giving me directions so he can fuck me, and as nervous as I was, I was also too horny to care about any consequences.

“Ok daddy.”

With that I signed out and went to shower again. I wanted to be as clean as can be for my rendezvous. I had less than an hour to get ready for daddy. I quickly dried my body and wore sweat pants – skipping the underwear as he demanded – a t-shirt and put on a hat.

I went back to my computer and emailed him: “daddy I’m wearing black sweat pants, a blue t-shirt and a black hat. I’m leaving right now.” I shut down the computer and headed out.

The mall was a short 10-minute walk from my house, but it felt like an hour. The whole walk there my dick was rock hard with anticipation, and I felt like everyone knew that I was butt naked underneath, knowing what I was about to do. But that didn’t matter; I just wanted to be used by daddy in any way possible.

As soon as I got to the mall I sat at a table in the food court like I was told. It was 5 to 11. I could feel my heart beating so hard out of my chest that I thought people around me can hear it.

Few minutes pass and I see daddy approaching. Our eyes meet. I felt so shy and looked away for a second then back at him. He winked at me and walked to the bathroom signaling me to follow him. I did without a thought. He looked so much bigger, stronger and more commanding in person than on cam; I was frightened. I tried to hide my hard on as I made my way to the men’s room, but I’m sure some people could see it under my sweat pants. This only got me harder.

There he was standing against the handicap stall. I felt so small and helpless in front of him. I thought to myself this guy could use me any way he wanted to and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

“Come closer son, don’t be shy,” he said with a smirk on his face.

I got closer to him but didn’t do a thing. I just stood there looking down in shame, knowing what’s about to happen. He pulled me into the stall and locked the door. There I was in a public bathroom stall with and old stranger, about to get used like a helpless slut.

“You look much sexier in person boy.”

He grabs my head and starts kissing my lips. He began slow then started getting rough, groping me all around, fondling my ass as he moved his tongue inside my mouth. I was in ecstasy. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening and I was loving it. I felt like a little girl in his hands.

Then without a warning, he turned me around and bend me over with my hands on the toilet seat, making my ass stand out.

“You better have no underwear on or this stops right now,” he says as he pulls my pants to reveal my smooth girly bubble butt.

“Good boy. That’s how I like my son’s ass, bare naked.”

I was so glad I followed his instructions; I was so horny and didn’t want this to end.

His hands started roaming against my body, exploring every inch of it. One hand rubbed my ass, occasionally touching my hole, while the other reached to my balls to caress them. I had no idea a man as old as my father can make me feel this way. My inner slut began to come out as I moaned softly, swaying my ass, giving him more access to my most intimate parts.

“Look at you son, you’re a natural whore. I knew I could take advantage of you the minute I saw you on cam.”

He was right. I wanted him so bad right then and there. I let out a few “Ahhh” but he immediately put one hand on my mouth, telling me to stay quiet. I complied as I felt my pants being pulled all the way down to my feet.

All of a sudden he kneeled down and I felt something wet on my hole. I looked back to see that he had his face in my ass. I was having my ass kissed and my hole licked so I couldn’t hold back my excitement and I began moaning again. He stood up, turned me around, grabbed my head and looked at my in a very commanding way.

“I told you to shut up kid. Stay quiet or you’ll regret it.”

I was living my dream of being used for this man’s pleasure so I tried to stay as quiet as possible.

“Time for you to taste your daddy’s cock, son.”

That’s when my hand unconsciously reached for his cock, rubbing it over the jeans. I could see the outline of his cock and feel it getting bigger in my hand.

“You want it boy?” he asks.

“Yes daddy.”

“Beg for it son. Show me how bad you want to suck my cock.”

“Please daddy, I need your cock in my mouth.”

My hands were shaking nervously as tried to undo his pants. He laughed and helped me with the zipper.

There it was, the cock I’ve been thinking about for a while, picturing myself sucking it, riding it, right here in my hand. It felt so hard yet so soft at the same time. It was much bigger than it looked on cam, and I thought to myself I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in my mouth, let alone my tiny tight hole if he decides to. But that only added to my thrill.

I didn’t need any further instructions. I dropped down to my knees and gave his cock a kiss. I wanted to start slow to make this moment last but I couldn’t. I was so horny for it so I opened my lips as wide as I could and took the head in. It felt even better than I imagined. I began licking it, sucking it as deep as I could, making myself gag on purpose. I wanted to show him how slutty I was feeling and how naughty I can be. I’d lick the head slowly for a bit while playing with his tight shaved balls, then open my mouth wide and let his cock slide straight down my throat. My face fucking lasted about 5 minutes before he grabbed my t-shirt and lifted it off my head. There I was, kneeling naked in a public bathroom, my pants around my ankle, sucking this old man’s big cock. I loved the feeling of being used like a dirty girl by this powerful dominant old guy and I never felt hornier.

He was abusing my mouth so bad that I was slobbering all over his cock, with spit leaking down my cheeks and dripping on my thighs. All of a sudden he grabbed me by my armpits and sat me on the toilet seat to continue his assault on my mouth. I was much more comfortable now so I kicked my shoes off and took off my pants, spreading my legs like a slut. Now I was a real whore, butt naked feeding on a cock while playing with my own dick.

He kept fucking my throat a bit more then all of a sudden he said “time to breed you son.” I must admit I was a bit scared. His cock was so big in my mouth and I had no doubt there is no way it’ll fit in my almost virgin hole. I just hoped my spit from all the sucking along with his pre cum would be enough to lube me up. But that didn’t matter. I just wanted to grind my smooth ass on his pole, feel his cock head rubbing my hole, poking it, leaking all over it. But i didn’t know what to do. I wanted him to take control of it all and use me like a doll. And that he did.

With one motion he picked me up, turned me around and pushed me against the wall. I braced myself and tried to stick my ass out as much as possible. If there was a time I needed to act like a whore it was now. I was living my fantasy of being used in public by an old stranger’s cock. The only thing I thought would be better was to have two old guys use me as their toy right here in the stall. Now that he had full access to my ass, I felt his cock rubbing my hole, his hands stretching my cheeks wide apart. I couldn’t help myself but let out some slutty moans.

“Oh, daddy please put it in,” I heard myself say.

“I will son, but shut the fuck up,” and he slaps my ass really hard. “You don’t want anyone to walk in and see you getting fucked, do you?”

The slap hurt, but it got my dick harder. I didn’t want anyone to see me naked with a cock up my ass, but in the back of my head I wished someone would walk in and this would turn into a gang bang. But I remained silent, until he slid his cock head right inside my pink hole.

“Fuck that hurts!” I yelled.

He didn’t seem to care as he reached to my dick and grabbed tightly on my balls.

“These are very smooth and tender boy, I’d hate to hurt them so stay quiet,” he says fondling my balls and stroking my boy dick.

“One more sound and I’ll leave, get it slut?”

After little pushes in and out, my hole needed more lube as I couldn’t take anymore of his cock in me. So he turned me around, pushed me on the seat and without a word shoved his rock hard cock in my mouth again. The thought alone that his cock was in my ass just seconds ago was turning me on like crazy. I fed on it like it was my last meal. I rubbed my face all over it, spit on it, licking his balls while slobber covered my cute face.

I was as horny as ever so I started mumbling words like “I love your cock daddy, I need it in my ass. Please fuck my tight boy hole”.

“I knew you’re a cock loving whore,” he replies, trading places with me.

He was now sitting on the toilet seat and placed me on his lap, my ass facing him and grinding over his slippery wet cock full of spit and precum. It was the most intense feeling I ever had. I wanted to feel his cock up my pink hole but I wanted to take my time savoring this moment. He was playing with my tiny body for some time now, face fucking me so roughly that I knew he’d cum very soon. But I didn’t care. I sat up just enough for him to place his cock head at the entrance of my asshole. I felt his hands grab my cheeks, spread them wide and then pull me down on his cock. It literally split me in half as it slid in completely and disappeared inside my ass. That was exactly what I imagined when I first saw daddy’s cock on cam. My small boy body jumping up and down this old guy’s gorgeous cock.

The thrusts started getting faster and more intense. His fucking was getting rougher but the pain was soon turned into pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of it. I’d feel his hands touching my chest, rubbing my nipples, sometimes he’d reach over to my dick and balls and stroke my for a bit. I was about to cum a few times but he removed his hands just in time to keep me horned up. I loved it.

“You like daddy’s big cock bitch?” he whispers in my ear.

“I love your cock, I need it daddy!”

“Keep bouncing on it kid, I wanna cum inside you.”

“I wanna feel your cum in my ass daddy, please cum in me!”

After a few minutes of this action, I could barely sit up so I bent down and put my hands on the floor, my ass sticking out with his big cock inside my hole.

“Oh yea boy, you just can’t get enough cock can you?”

“Fuck me harder, please daddy.”

“Hold still boy, here it comes.”

And without a warning I start feeling jets of warm cum spray into my stomach. He was pushing his cock so deep in my ass that I could almost taste his cum in the back of my throat. His cum kept coming for what seemed like forever until I heard him sigh and push me off him.

I fell on the floor and just sat there. I looked up at him in shame, his cock getting soft with drops of cum leaking from it.

“Come clean me up slut,” he commands.

And who I am to say no. I quickly threw my lips on his limp cock and sucked it dry while stroking myself. I hadn’t cum yet so I was still hard as ever, and the cum he just shot in my ass was leaking down my thighs, making me even hornier. With a few more strokes I cum all over the floor, holding his cock between my lips. His cock and cum mixed with the taste of my ass made me shoot like I never have before.

“Good boy,” he smiles.

I smile at him in embarrassment and say “Thank you daddy.”

As I laid there spent on the bathroom floor, I watched him get up and put his pants back on without a word. Before he exited the stall he grabbed my chin and lifted my head up looking straight into my eyes.

“You’re a hot slut little kid, your body is mine now.”

“I’m all yours daddy.”

“Next time will be even hotter kid. I’ll have a friend or two so we can really use you like the slut you are.”

“Whatever you want daddy, just tell me when and where,” I say ashamed, trying to look away.

“I’ll be emailing you soon son.”

“I will be waiting daddy.”

He lifts me up, gives me a deep kiss on my cum-covered lips and slaps my bare ass one last time. I watched him exit the stall, leaving me naked with my cum filled abused hole hungry for more cock. I got hard again just thinking about what has just happened, looking forward to my next meeting with daddy.

I got up by the pool, still naked, cum and piss covering me after the gangbang of my life.

As soon as I opened the back door to go inside the house, I was surprised that the living room was quiet and virtually empty. Last time I was conscious, this place was packed. Now, everyone was gone. I looked at the time to realize that I had been fucked by 8 guys for at least 4 hours today.

Inside, all I saw was daddy and uncle Randy, the owner, watching TV on the couch with towels wrapped around their waists. They didn’t notice my coming in so I decided to quietly surprise them. I was still tipsy & horny as fuck so I wanted to thank daddy for the amazing time I had earlier.

I slowly crawled over to the couch, hoping I could surprise daddy with my lips on his cock. He saw me before I could reach him.

“Look who it is, our doll is finally up.”

“I am daddy, and I want to be used again. See, I’m still hard!”

I was smiling, holding my erect dick between my little fingers.

“What a slut,” said Randy.

“Come to daddy little boy.”

I had no shame. I was surprised at the words coming out of my mouth.

“Can I suck your cock daddy? Your little boy wants to get fucked again.”

“Of course son, your lips belong on my cock.”

Already on my knees, I crawled between his legs and pulled off his towel, exposing his big cut, perfectly shaved cock. It smelled very clean, unlike myself. I was still covered in nasty juices from earlier.

Sitting at his feet got me hornier. I felt like a really dirty whore about to be abused again. I was a filthy teenage slut after all and I loved it.

I dove immediately onto his crotch and took his big cock in my mouth. He wasn’t hard yet, but as soon as I held his cock between my lips, I could feel it grow and pulsate down my throat.

“Yea kid, swallow my cock.”

“Mmmm daddy, I love your cock.”

I got it back in mouth and gagged on it purposely. Spit started to drip down my chin onto his balls.

“I just can’t get enough if it daddy!”

Again, I was shocked at what I was saying. I was sobering up, yet my words and actions were as slutty as can be. Daddy has really turned me into a cock loving whore.

For his blowjob, daddy didn’t do anything. He just sat there watching TV while I took care of him. I was playing with his balls and licking them, gagging on his cock until slobber was covering my face. He was fully hard and I gladly swallowed all the precum that was building up in my mouth. I was addicted to this taste so I started going faster on his cock, trying to squeeze as much precum as I could.

“Slow down son, I want to cum in your ass this time.”

‘This time’ I thought? I guess he didn’t cum inside me earlier.

“Ok daddy.”

I stopped and moved over to Randy’s cock to get another taste of it. Unfortunately, he stopped me right away.

“You’re a hot slut, kid. But you’re fucking nasty, look at yourself! Go shower first if you want my cock. You stink little kid.”

I was disappointed. I just wanted to suck his cock for a bit until daddy was ready for me again. For a second I thought they were bored with me and were going to kick me out. I was really upset.

“He’s right kid,” said daddy. “Go get cleaned up you dirty slut.”

“The shower is the second door on the right.”

“Make sure you clean your hole real good. We’re going to seed you again son.”

“I will daddy!”

I was relieved when I heard daddy say that he was going to fuck me. They both had plans to use me again and I couldn’t wait. I quickly stood up, and as I was about to walk away from daddy, he slapped my ass very hard.

“Look at that fine ass! Hurry up son, I want you back here on your knees in ten minutes.”

I ran to the shower. It was in the master bathroom and was very dimly lit. I wished I could get fucked in there.

I started the hot water and lathered myself up with a citrus body wash that I found. The smell was so good and fruity that my dick got hard without a touch. The hot water running on my body and my fingers cleaning up my hole turned me on badly, so I unconsciously started playing with myself.

Right before I shut off the water, I saw Randy and daddy slide the shower curtain wide open.

That took me by surprise, a wonderful surprise. Two hot naked daddies were there, ready to take full advantage of their innocent slut.

“Now that’s better son. You look like a shiny new toy.”

“Yea, and this toy seems ready for more cock, aren’t you slut?”

“I’m all yours uncle Randy. Can I suck your cock now? Please?”

I could see myself in the mirror. I was licking my lips and touching myself all over like a teen slut in heat. I looked so hot.

Randy didn’t wait. Standing outside the tub, he pulled me closer to him and threw his lips on mine.

His beard was rough on my smooth face but I didn’t care. I kissed him back so passionately, showing him how I slutty I was feeling and how badly I wanted him to take me.

His hands were already on my ass, and his hard-on was poking my stomach while my dick rubbed on his hairy thighs. We made out for a bit as daddy watched and took a seat on the toilet.

“Step out son, on your knees.” Daddy pointed to the floor by his feet.

I did as ordered. I was now kneeling on the bathroom floor with his cock right in face. Right away, Randy grabbed my head and forced it down, shoving daddy’s cock deep in my throat.

As I continued feeding on his cock for a few minutes, Randy left and came back real quick with a brand new bottle of vodka.

“Let’s have a party in here,” he said.

I was in ecstasy. I was wishing to get fucked in this bathroom and it was about to happen. I couldn’t contain my excitement so my lips let go of daddy’s cock for a bit.

“Yea daddy, fuck your little fag in here. But you have to get me drunk first!” I immediately went back to sucking his cock.

“She’s a real whore,” said Randy handing me the bottle.

I put it in my mouth and drank as much as I could while daddy was caressing my face.

“You’re so fucking pretty, son.”

“Just for you daddy.”

Randy was standing behind me so he took the bottle from me, drank a bit and passed it to back daddy.

I immediately felt the alcohol rush through my body and Candy started coming out again.

I put my face back on daddy’s lap and started sucking his rock hard cock as he drank. I could feel uncle Randy’s hands roaming on my clean bare ass, his fingers gently rubbing and fingering my hole.

Suddenly I felt his goatee between my ass cheeks and his tongue went right into my hole. I was being tongued with a cock in my mouth and couldn’t ask for more. Actually I could, and I did.

I got off daddy’s cock and said “Uncle Randy, please fuck my hole. It missed your big cock inside me.”

“Beg me for it slut.”

“Please uncle. I want your cock in me. I’m a fag and I need your cock in my ass. Please just put it in.”

“That’s it kid, tell me how much you want to get fucked.”

“Please breed me. I want you to fuck my bare boy hole and cum inside me. Ahhh…please fuck your little boi.”

“Then suck my cock, make it wet slut.”

He moved next to daddy, shoving his cock in my mouth.

I heard daddy chuckle . “Suck you uncle’s cock son, show me what you’ve learned.”

I looked up at him, smiled and started alternating their cocks in my throat. I was sucking uncle Randy for a bit, then daddy, sometimes both of them at the same time. I felt like pro.

Randy’s cock was getting harder than ever so he went back behind me, placed his hands on my butt and forced me to arch my back so my ass could open up for his cock. It was so wet from all the mess I made while sucking him.

As soon as I felt his cock head at the entrance of my hole, I pushed back and his cock slid all the way in one motion. My hole has had some practice from all the cocks it took earlier, but it still hurt as fuck. I literally could feel his cock hitting my stomach.

I tried to scream but I couldn’t. Daddy held my head tight in his hands and forced his hard cock down my throat, making me choke, gag and slobber all over the floor.

I was being abused by these two old guys, being treated like a fuck doll, but I was loving it. I didn’t want it to stop.

Randy’s cock got dry after a few minutes of fucking my ass so it was much more painful going in and out of my hole.

I told him, so he took his cock out, spit on my hole and resumed his assault on my young ass. Daddy’s moans were getting louder and his cock was leaking so much precum in my throat. But I didn’t want him to cum, I wanted to feel his cock in my ass first.

“Daddy, can you fuck now me please?”

With his cock inside my ass Randy said “You want daddy to fuck you boy? My cock isn’t enough for your hole?”

“Good boy,” said daddy caressing my face. “How about we DP him?”

I didn’t know what he meant.

“What’s DP daddy?” and I put his cock back in my mouth.

“Hahaha you’ll learn soon enough kid, just keep sucking for now.”

Randy slid his cock out of my ass, lifted me by my arm pits and sat me on daddy’s lap. My back was facing daddy and I could feel his cock grinding between my cheeks when Randy stood up next to daddy and shoved his cock in my mouth. It tasted amazing, a mix of precum and my own ass juices.

My hole was wet from Randy’s precum and daddy’s cock was even wetter so I reached to it, trying to guide it inside my ass. It was hard to focus with a cock down my throat, so daddy took control. He lifted me by my thighs, placed his fat cock head at my hole and let go of me.

I slowly fell on his cock as it went right in my ass, inch by inch, like smooth butter. I now had daddy’s cock in my hole while uncle Randy was face fucking me.

Daddy kept my thighs spread as wide as possible, driving his cock in and out of my ass with ease while my balls and dick were being fondled by Randy.

I was so drunk at the time and I didn’t need any more alcohol, but these guys had a rough night planned for me it seems.

Out of nowhere I see Randy light up a joint, take a few drags and then pass it to me. I took a break from his cock to smoke a bit before I pass it on to daddy.

I got back to sucking Randy while daddy just rested his cock inside my ass as he enjoyed his smoke.

“Ready for a double penetration kid?” asked me Randy.

I was in another world with 2 cocks filling both my ends and my inner slut was taking over. I was so hot and didn’t think about how badly it could hurt me, what it could do to my poor young hole.

“Do anything you want with me. I’m your little toy daddy.”

I don’t think he understood what I said with his cock down my throat, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t actually asking me, just preparing me mentally for what’s about to come.

Randy stepped away from my face, reached for a bottle of lube from the sink and started rubbing it all over my hole and on daddy’s cock.

Daddy was done smoking so he began thrusting in and out of my ass again, this time much more violently.

My hole was gaping so much by then and I was so out of it that I wasn’t feeling pain anymore, just pure lust and excitement.

“Hold still slut!”

Randy placed his cock right at my hole and began pushing as my daddy held my legs wide open, kissing my neck with his cock still inside my ass.

Slowly but surely, Randy’s cock head made its way into my hole, rubbing on daddy’s cock.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed so loud. I couldn’t take the pain. My eyes were starting to tear up.

“Please stop, you’re hurting me! Uncle please no! One cock is enough!”

“Shut up and take it son.”

I was literally being sandwiched by these two men, sitting on daddy’s cock with Randy pushing his body on mine, both their cocks penetrating me together.

“You’ll love it slut, just like you loved everything else today,” said Randy.

“Just relax kid.”

I screamed again as they both began ravaging my once tight boy hole harder and faster.

I thought the alcohol would numb the pain but it didn’t. It was hurting even more as the assault went on. Bit after bit, both cocks made their way in my ass together, until they were both deep inside my hole at the same time. My face was covered with tears but there was nothing I could do. I just took everything they did to me like a good boy,

“Seems your boy can’t take two cocks at once.”

They both laughed at me crying and ignored my helpless moans. Daddy actually turned my head back to him and licked the tears off my face, kissing my lips all along.

“Ouuuch daddy! Please stop it, I’ll do anything you want!”

“This is what I want boy so shut it,” thrusting his cock deeper inside my hole.

Randy was looking right into my watering eyes, fucking my ass like it was a slut’s pussy.

He leaned over and started licking my tears then shoved his tongue in my mouth. We kept making out for a few minutes while they both slid their cocks in and out of my open hole, my cries meaning nothing to them.

Suddenly, I was getting into it.

“Fuck your boy, daddy! I want you to seed me, please come inside me daddy.”

“That’s it son. I told you you’ll love it. What a fucking slut!”

“Yea take my cock. I’m gonna cum inside you kid!” sighed Randy, forcing his cock in and out of me much faster now.

“Please cum in my ass, breed your little boy uncle Randy. Breed me together!”

“Yea son, move that tiny ass on my cock. That’s it, bounce up on it, good boy.”

I moaned so loud as I reached to my left to grab the bottle of liquor. I chugged what was left in one gulp then held Randy by the waist, pulling him closer to me, making his cock screw me deeper.

“Yea boy that’s it! Take my big cock.”

“You like that son? Two cocks in your tiny boy pussy at the same time?”

“I love it daddy. My pussy needs your cocks. Ohh..yea…fuck your slut daddy!”

They were fucking me in rythm now. One cock slid in as the other went out, Randy adding spit with every few thrusts to lube their cocks up.

“Are you proud of me daddy?” I asked out of nowhere.

“Fuck yea boy, make daddy proud and take it like a girl.”

“I wish I had another cock in my mouth while you both fuck me daddy.”

I smiled, turned my head back and kissed him on the lips.

“Next time sweetheart, you’ll have 2 cocks in your ass and 2 in your mouth, I promise.”

“Hold still bitch, here it comes.”

That’s when I felt cum hit my insides so hard that I thought it was going to shoot out of my mouth. They kept their cocks in my hole but they both stopped moving for a bit.

When Randy slid his cock out, cum started oozing out of my hole and daddy began fucking my ass again using Randy’s cum for lube.

“Taste your ass boy”.

Randy slapped my face with his cock, making some cum land on my eyes. I sucked on it like a little baby feeding on a nipple, swallowing every last drop of cum from his pee slit.

“Mmmm uncle I love your cock, my ass tastes so good.”

“Suck his cock while I breed your ass boy.” Daddy shoved his cock even deeper inside my cum covered butt hole.

Now clean, Randy’s cock got soft between my lips and he jumped straight in the shower.

“Fuck that looks hot,” he said watching me get screwed on the toilet seat.

Daddy grabbed the inside of my knees spreading me wide and started lifting me up and down on his cock like a little doll. I was 18, but my tiny body was that of a 15 year old, and daddy had no trouble bouncing me up and down on his huge cock. It felt like I was being impaled by a pole.

“I’m gona cum son. Ohh fuck.. Take my cum you little slut!”

With a couple more pushes, I started feeling jets of warm cum hit the insides of my hole. Daddy hugged me so tight and as he was cumming, he turned my head to him and started kissing me deeply, almost eating my lips.

I heard Randy cheering from the shower “Yea breed him, fuck that’s so hot.”

“Fuck, what an ass boy, take my cum. You’re mine now little boy.”

“I’m your little girl daddy, seed me, make me yours!”

Suddenly daddy’s cum stopped shooting in my ass, his cock got limp and just slid out of my hole. I was still sitting in his lap.

“Get your ass off me kid.”

“Yea get in the shower with me, I’m hard again watching your ass spit out his cum. I need your soft lips on my cock again,” added Randy.

My legs were still spread wide and cum was starting to leak out of me now that daddy’s cock has unplugged my hole.

“You heard him boy, go suck your uncle’s cock,” Daddy pushed me off him so I can join Randy in the shower.

I looked up at daddy and saw him smiling. I smiled back.

“Was I a good boy today daddy?”

“Fuck yea, more like a good girl.”

That made me giggle and I was ready for a cock in my mouth again.

As I was getting to my feet to join Randy in the shower and do what I’m told, I leaned over to daddy’s cock and took it all in my mouth for a second.

It wasn’t hard, but it was so tempting, just hanging there infront of me. It was still dripping cum so I gave it a few licks to clean it up, kissed it for a bit and got up to get in the shower.

“Ouch!” I screamed as daddy slapped my ass harder than he ever did, making me jump into Randy’s arms.

“This ass is mine kid.”

“All yours daddy, wanna fuck it again?” I asked jokingly.

“Maybe I will,” answered Randy, “Now suck my cock sissy boy.” He pushed me to my knees in the shower, forcing his rock hard cock down my throat.

“Come join us daddy!”

“You just can’t get enough cock, can you pussy boy?”

“Yea these young sluts like to get fucked all day, don’t you little whore?” asked Randy, moving his cock freely in and out of my mouth.

“Of course, especially by you guys!” I tell him looking up to his eyes, his cock getting bigger between my lips.

“Use her good,” said daddy as he made his way out of the bathroom.

“You know I will.”

Randy and I were alone in the shower now.

With water running over us, I sucked his cock for sometime until he turned me around, bent me over and buried his face in my ass.

He tongued me for a bit, licked my balls and sucked my dick until I came all over his chest. We cleaned each other up, him fingering me from time to time. I sucked him for a little longer but he didn’t cum.

“Get out of here slut, it’s time you went home.”

“As you say uncle Randy.”

I licked his cock and balls one last time. He slapped my ass, gave my cheeks a squeeze and continued lathering himself up as I grabbed my towel.

When I stepped out of the shower, I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed out to the living room.

Daddy was laying on the couch, naked, with his eyes closed, about to fall asleep. It was past 8 pm and we’ve been fucking for a whole day, he was surely spent. I know I was. But for some reason I was still horny. I guess I always I am.

I quietly walked over to my clothes, put them on and as I made my way to the door, I took a look at daddy’s amazing cock and felt the urge to suck it one last time before I leave.

I slowly bent over near him and licked his limp cock resting on his thigh. I gave it a few deep throats and felt it grow in my mouth when I saw daddy open his eyes and smile at me.

“You know just what daddy likes son. Good boy.” He was semi hard and his balls were so tight, just like I love it.

I didn’t say a word, just smiled at him and kept sucking his cock. He caressed my head like I was his little puppy, thrusting his hips a couple of times, moving my head down to make me lick his balls.

After a minute or so, he said “Enough kid, you’re wearing me out.”

I stopped, put my head up, looked at him and said “I’m gona miss you daddy.”

“Oh I will too kid,” he smiled at me. “We’re gonna do this again very soon, don’t worry sexy girl.”

“I can’t wait daddy!”

I made my way to the door, stepped out of the house and started my walk of shame back home.

She and I meet in a local motel, we only have a few hours before she has to pick her boys up at school.

I have been longing for this meeting for oh so long, I have wanted her every since she turned 18 and graduated from high school.

Now here we were, her , my wife’s second cousin, and I finally meeting to play out our six year love affair.

For the past six years we have been texting, and secretly talking on the phone to each other, telling each other what we wanted to do to each other.

The phone sex and sexting all started when she posted something on Facebook about her boyfriend, the Doctor, being an ass. I text her and asked if everything was alright? She answered me with; “Yea but he is an ASS!”

I asked what was going on and She told me he was messing around with someone from the hospital.

I told her then that he was crazy, that he had her, a 18 year old cutie, and he was messing with someone much older. I guess that is because, at 54, he is much older than she was.

I then, in text, told her how if she were my live in girlfriend/ Nanny for my kids, how well I would take care of her. Not only financially but in the bed as well.

She responded by telling me that she and he had not had sex in quite a while, that she suspected he was Fucking the other girl at work. She also told me that after she had her son that she felt like she looked fat and ugly.

Well one thing led to another and we started exchanging pictures via text. At first it was pictures of her in a nice dress, then in a bikini. Then I asked for one of her nude so I could compair to the one of her in the bikini. At first she said she was to embarrassed, but with some persuasion, I was able to get her to send me a self shot of her fully nude standing in front of her bathroom mirror.

I almost came in my pants when I opened the picture, pure beauty.

So in return I sent her a picture of myself, fully nude. Then she surprised me and asked me for a close up of my, in her words, “A picture of your beautiful Penis.”

So not wanting to disappoint a sweet young woman that just called my 41 year old dick beautiful! I sent her a picture of my Penis.

I was hard with excitement before I could get the phone camera app loaded. I sent her a picture of my fully erect 8″ cock standing proud!!

Her response, “Mmmmmmmmm! I want that!!”

Which leads us to this meeting at the local, out of the way motel! ( don’t want to have anyone see or recognise us!)

She is dressed in a thin, very short, pink sun dress that she loves to wear. She really likes to wear it to family functions, so she can flash me with her ass or her naked pussy. Her long hair is pulled up into a ponytail, she knows that is how I like for her to wear it, because some of our fantasies require a ponytail. I know as soon as I see her dress and her hair, I am in for a treat today.

As soon as I get her in the room I have her back against the wall, and I have her skirt is bunched above her waist, her hands are on the back of my head pulling what little bit of hair I have, as she shoves my face into her very wet pussy.

I am tonguing her pussy and sucking her clit for all I’m worth. her pussy juices cover my face, run down my chin and throat, my god she taste so good!

I am squeezing her ass cheeks with each hand as I eat her sweet pussy. And every so often I snake a finger into her tight little rosebud asshole!

She is continually cumming on my face as I try to make her orgasm.

She is now fucking my face as she pant’s “eat me”! Over and over.

I suck hard on her clit as I bring my hand around to her pussy and stick two fingers into her wet little pussy.

I suck and tongue on her clit as I finger fuck her wet folds, and she continues to guide my mouth and fuck my face!

Then her orgasm rocks through her body!!

As I continue to lick up her juices, she pulls me to my feet and drops to her knees, pulling my pants to my ankles with her.

She looks up at me as she licks my ridged Cock, and she says,” I have wanted and waited so long for this moment.” And she engulfs my Cock with ease, never loosing eye contact with me. Oh how good her mouth feels on my Cock, as she fucks me with her face. Bobbing on my cock with such speed, I grab both sides of her head to slow her down, but with all the excitement of the moment, it is too late and I explode in her mouth. My Cock squirts the first big blast into her mouth, she pulls off my Cock and jacks me off so that the rest of my cream covers her face and breasts.

As the last few spurts land on her stomach, She pushes me over to the bed pulling my pants the rest of the way off in the process. She pushes me back onto the bed and climbs on top of me as she finishes removing her dress. She straddles me, starting at my knees, she sexily kisses her way up my body, stopping briefly at my semi hard Cock to lick it before continuing on her journey. She kisses her way up to my chest where she licks, sucks, and kisses each nipple in turn. She is driving me wild, as I lay there and let this beauty have her way with me.

She then sits up on my chest, her wet slit only inches away from my face. I can smell her pussy, and my Cock starts to respond. My mouth and tongue respond as well. My mouth is watering, I can almost taste her just from her smell. My tongue is stretched as far as I can stretch it trying to lick her wet slit, as she teases me.

Then in one quick motion she is on my face,my nose is rubbing her clit as my tongue slips deep into her pussy. She screams in ecstasy, as I eat her tight wet pussy. I can feel her pussy muscles squeezing at my tongue trying to capture it as my tongue darts around, in and out, trying not to be caught. She is riding my face and grinding her clit on my nose, I would swear I’m going to suffocate in pussy or drowned pussy juice.

Just as I thought I would get a breath of air, her Orgasm hit. She began to shake and grind her pussy onto my face and I kept eating and sucking for all I was worth. Trying to make her Orgasm last but at the same time hopeing I would not pass out from lack of oxygen. Then as quickly as it started it was over and she fell off to the side of me, still convulsing in the aftermath of orgasmic bliss. Her pulsing pussy leaking her girl juice.

I rolled her onto her back as I kissed my way up her body to her mouth. As I kissed her with the passion of six years built up sexual tension, I sank my rock hard Cock deep into her very wet pussy. I wanted to revive her still lingering Orgasm and try my best to Fuck her Silly!! I bent down and started to suck on her erect nipples and felt her pussy squeeze my cock.

I pulled out and flipped her over, pulled her up to her hands and knees, then slammed my Cock back into her doggy style. With one hand, I reached around and pinched the nipple of one of her dangling breasts. I reached up with my other hand and grabbed her ponytail. I pulled her ponytail as hard as I could, she screamed, telling me to “FUCK” her. So I fucked her with force, all she could do then was grunt and moan, as I rammed my rock hard Cock into her pulsating pussy.

I slowed down , I was coming to close to blowing my load, I’m not ready for this to end. Then I feel something on my balls, she is reaching between her legs playing with my balls, This sends me over the edge and I fill her pussy with my cum, which triggers another of her orgasms.

As I finish cumming in her wet pussy, I let go of her hair, I pull my Cock out of her pussy and bend down and lick her cute little asshole. I finger her wet gaping pussy, and smear some of our combined juices over her little asshole, in preparation for my still hard Cock. She now is rubbing her clit as she looks back over her shoulder and wiggles her ass in anticipation of what is about to happen. She is as anxious as I am, and Tells me to spit on it!

So I lick and spit on her rosebud ass before lining my Cock head up with it and pushing. Man her ass is tight and doesn’t want me inside. But I persist and push harder past her ass muscle, and it squeezes my Cock as I enter her cute little poop chute.

As I grab her by the hips and I am Fucking her ass, she has laid her face and shoulders on the bed, and has her perfect ass in the air so I can penetrate her deeper than before. I can feel the head of my Cock hitting her Cervix with each stroke. I am in heaven, balls deep in a 24 year old ass and she is telling me she loves it! Screaming she love it!!

She is still playing with her clit and pussy, as I continue to fuck her ass. Then she pulls her hand from between her legs, and I can see the girl goo on her fingers. It is shiny and slimy looking and she holds it up to my mouth for me to taste. I suck her fingers into my mouth and taste her juices again. Then she returns her hand down between her legs to her pussy. This time when she pulls her hand out all four fingers are wet and shining. She plays with the slime on her fingers as I fuck her ass, then she takes her own hand to her own mouth and taste’s herself.

That did it! The sight of her sucking her own juice from her own fingers sent me over the edge and I filled her ass with my sperm. As I started cumming she returned her hand to rubbing her clit and she came with me.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of filling her ass with my cum, my deflating cock slid from her ass and I collapsed onto her and the bed. We embraced and kissed one of those soul reaching kisses, and we both fell asleep.

I was awaken a little while later when her phone rang, seems the school wanted to know why she was late picking her boys up.

She hurried and dressed and kissed me goodbye on her way out the door.

I sure hope this will come true one day!

I am 47 years old, and my wife does have a second cousin, that is younger than I, but we only flirt with each other! I have hinted that I would if she would but nothing has come of all the hints nor the flirting.

She has flashed me her cute little ass and pussy from under a sun dress, she doesn’t wear panties, at least not that day. Was that for me or does she always go pantyless?

Usually after a family function I go home blue balled from our flirting and have to take care of myself in the shower, my wife rarely wants to have sex.

Maybe one day I will get the Balls to text her and maybe my fantasy will come true.


Travels in France – Part 1

My formative years, of which I can say nothing on here, left me with a penchant for old men, exhibitionism, taking orders, and anonymous outdoor sex. Now I am getting towards being an old man myself I thought perhaps its time to relive the memories and share them with others.

The summer after I left University I went to Paris to stay with some college friends. Unfortunately due to an illness in the family they had to leave and I decided to travel down to the south of France on my own. With limited funds I chose to hitch hike there.

With even more limited French and a general reluctance by the French to give lifts this turned out not to be the easiest way there, and towards the end of the first day, I had had only progressed about 200KM down the Route du Sud. Just as I was considering sleeping in the field behind the rest stop a lorry drew up. This was very unusual as French insurance rules usually forbid it, but I was not going to argue.

I climbed up into the cab, and tried to make some stilted conversation with the driver, a real heavily built guy in his 50s, without a great deal of response. Lapsing into silence I must have dosed off, because I suddenly became aware of two things. One, it had got dark. Two, there was a large hand stroking the outside of my thigh.

At this stage I should point out I was wearing a pair of the very short shorts fashionable at the time so there was at least a foot of bare thigh showing, and to be caressed. The shorts also failed to hide the bulge that appeared instantaneously in my crotch.

“Tu l’aime?”

“Oui” I replied.

His hand continued to fondle my thigh moving slowly upwards, with occasional breaks as the driver changed gear, until he was rubbing my crotch and my increasingly restricted cock.

Tapping on my shorts the driver said – “enlevez-les”

Doing as commanded I raised my hips and took off my shorts.

“et la” – pointing at my t shirt.

Stripping it off I was rewarded with a tweak of my left nipple.

“Et-les”-tapping on my Y fronts,

“ici?”- I objected, knowing that although we were in open country, and too high up for any passing vehicles to see in, the N6 passed regularly through towns and villages where we would be overlooked ,

“oui, maintenant” he said firmly, in a manner that broke down my resistance, and off came the pants,leaving me naked apart from my trainers.

My cock sprung to attention, its large circumcised helmet leaking pre-cum. I spread my legs both to give him room to play, and so that my left knee came into contact with his right thigh. His big hand grasped my balls roughly, squeezing them,and feeling the sperm filled sac. Then he started to pump my prick as if he was trying to pull it off.

“Trop vite” I complained, and he slowed down.

Closing my eyes I played with my nipples as the insistent pumping started to draw up my spunk. Soon my balls tightened and a stream of cum splashed over my thighs, belly and the drivers hand.

I looked at him and smiled.

“Bon?” he asked

“Oui, tres bon, merci”

After cleaning his hand with a cloth, he passed it to me and I wiped up the stains from my body, and the seat, and the dashboard. Well it had been a week since I last came!

As I went to pick up my pants I heard the command “Non, laisse!” – and realised I was not going to be allowed to get dressed.

We drove for another hour or so .Yves, as he now introduced himself, playing gently with my cock, getting it back to hardness, but without the level of stimulation needed to cum. We turned off into a service station, and Yves parked at, to my relief, the back of the lorry park, well away from anyone.

He pushed me across the seat and slid along after me. Undoing his trousers Yves took out a nice meaty half erect cock and grabbing my head pulled it down so my mouth was over his waiting rod I started to run my lips and tongue down his shaft. I felt his dick get longer and stiffer.

You are so young, so pretty , he murmured – at least I think he used belle, not beau. I felt his rough hands all over my back as i worked my tongue and lips faster. His hips rose as he started to fuck my face grabbing my hair to push my head up and down his cock. Soon I felt his body go stiff and warm cum shoot into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, with Yves still holding my head I had little choice, and the rest trickled out of my mouth.

Releasing me, Yves allowed me to sit up. I saw his eyes widen a little when he saw the raging erection my servicing of his cock had given me. Placing his hand round the base of my prick he leaned over and took the end of it in his mouth. Licking round the sensitive skin just behind the helmet, whilst pumping me with his hand Yves soon had me on the edge of another orgasm. Removing his mouth he pumped harder and faster as my hips writhed around on the seat, bucking up and down until another stream of spunk sprayed over me and the cab.

Passing me a tissue and telling me to get dressed and follow him, Yves led me into the restaurant of the service station, to a part reserved for truckers. He walked over to a table where three other drivers were already eating, and motioned me to sit down. I slid along the bench and allow Yves to sit next to me had to squeeze up next to one of the others, who introduced himself as Bertrand.

Surrounded by the truckers I soon lost track of what they were saying as they talked in fast colloquial French to one another. However I did seem to be the main topic of conversation and it soon became clear that a graphic description of the ride was being given. Yves was fondling my knee under the table and the Bertrand seemed to have the same idea. When I felt a foot belonging to one of the men opposite on my calf I began to panic a little. How far was this going to lead? I was somewhere in the middle of nowhere in France, with four guys all of whom were heavier than me.

As I finished my meal Bertrand said to me in broken English that Yves was going to Montpellier, but he was going to Italy, and could take me all the way to Cannes or Nice. I thanked him and said I hoped Yves would not mind. This Bertrand translated, and the reply from Yves caused a burst of laughter from the others. I gathered from Bertrand that Yves said he was a once a week performer, and that Montpellier wasn’t a weeks drive away.

As we walked to Bertrand’s truck, Yves gave me a pat on the arse, a quick fondle of my crotch and wished me Bon Voyage. Thanking him I climbed up beside Bertrand, grateful I had both a lift and only one guy to cope with. Bertrand must have been late 40s, short , squat, powerful, and needed just a beret to look typically French. Despite his appearance he was not as assertive as Yves and allowed me to keep my clothes on, contenting himself with stroking my thigh whenever his hand was not needed to change gear.

I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I knew we had parked in a lay-by in the bend at the top of a hill. I was greeted with a superb view of dawn rising over the wilderness of the Camargue.

“Its nice,n’est-ce pas?”

Yes I agreed, “very nice”

“Now you undress for me, non?”

Stripping for him as I had for Yves, he ran his fingers gently over my arms, my chest, his touch bordering on tickling. For what seemed for ever he teased me, stroking every part of me he could reach except the parts that were straining for his touch.

“Lie down” he instructed.

I obeyed as much as I could, my back resting against the lower part of the passenger door, my legs stretched across the seat. Bertrand leaned between my legs kissing the inside of my thighs, working his way towards by crutch. Licking my balls and then along my shaft, his tongue making me harder and even more erect. His hands stroked my belly and then played with my nipples, causing furthers tremors of excitement to run through me. Sliding his mouth over the end of my cock, he started to suck gently, his tongue working as he did so.

I grabbed his head with both hands urging to go faster, but he continued his slow tantalising approach. Such a contrast with Yves’ urgency and with the powerful hairy chest he revealed as he took off his shirt.

Lying over me, he kissed and sucked my nipples as he squeezed my cock between us. I felt his hardness through his jeans against my thigh. I tried to unfasten his belt but he was a bit to far away. With an agility that belied his size he swung himself round so he was standing crouched beside me and I could reach him. Lowering his trousers and pants to his ankles I manouvered his cock into my mouth and began to suck, trying to match my rhythm to that of his hand on my prick.

We continued pumping each other, until I felt Bertrand’s body tense, and a gush of hot spunk hit the back of my throat. As it did so my own release came, not as powerful as previously but more intense from the longer build up. I lay there with cum on my thighs,belly, and dribbling down my face.

Bertrand silently dressed himself and passed me a cloth to clean myself. It seemed he was a bit uncomfortable after this, perhaps a basically straight guy with guilt feelings, so I got dressed and tried to make small talk for the few hours until he dropped me off on the outskirts of Cannes

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