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Trevor anxious to start the class so he could start pouring over his student’s questionnaires, walked deliberately around the front of the auditorium. The questionnaires always gave him an erection as he discovered this year’s virgin, how often she masturbated, and what sexual fantasies she might have. Finding virgins with intact hymens was especially rare but so far he had managed to find at least one every quarter. He would then borrow medical equipment from the anatomy instructor to give the seminar a clear view of the inside of a woman who had never let another man touch her. He used a colonoscopy scope that lit up and gave a great picture that he projected on the large screen. He was always very careful not to penetrate her to leave everything intact for his favorite part of the series “fucking a virgin”.

The students began filing into class. He watched as they drifted in saying pleasantly, “Please fill the front seats first, we will be watching a film today”.

He would say this every few minutes or so as the rest of the students sauntered in before the class started. Trevor introduced his TA, Eric, to the class. Eric was one of his returning seminar students and a personal favorite. Eric was a PE major with an exceptionally large cock and a very muscular demeanor. The site of him soaked more than one or two panties Trevor was sure. Eric would be running to the computer lab to print Trevor’s seminar extra credit invitations after he read the questionnaires and sorted out the students who would make the cut for the Role Play Erotica seminar over the Understanding & Treasuring your Body ~ a discussion on safe sex and mutual monogamy. He liked to teach the Erotica seminar the weekend before he taught the course on responsible sexuality. It always amused him the adoring looks he got from his mature, responsible, conservative students as he thought of his virgin and teaching in front of her knowing what he did for the remainder of the quarter. Often he would engage in a mutual sexual relationship until she moved out of his class enjoying the taboo indulgence.

Trevor wondered if anyone noticed his erection as he excitedly panned the room and his students with his gaze.

“Please pass your questionnaires to the center aisle so Eric can collect them.”

He busied himself setting up the film with anticipation. He’d leave Eric in charge of the film so he could spend the next hour and a half separating out the papers. When Eric collected from the last row he quickly walked up taking them into his hands as he left to read them privately in his office.

Trevor’s office was around the corner a few doors down from the auditorium. It was a small office without a window but he had it well lit. Sometimes he liked to lock the door when he had students in his office so he could have some privacy. He liked to tell his colleagues that his subject matter was sensitive and when a student had a question he wanted them to feel safe and at ease. He didn’t share that often when girls that attended his seminar came into his office they were looking for more than answers to Human Sexuality topics. He put in a comfortable sofa and had his bottom file filled with adult toys he liked to take out and explore with these girls who, before they attended the seminar, had never heard of or even seen some of the adult products that were designed to vibrate and massage their G spots.

Trevor walked around and set the papers down in front of him then did the initial sort. Some of his favorite questions:

Why are you attending a course on Human Sexuality? What do you hope to learn from taking the class?

What kind of birth control do you currently use? What is your current knowledge of STDs and safe sex practices?

How many sexual partners have you had since you’ve become sexually active?

Describe your sexual experiences and your attitude towards your own sexuality.

How do you feel about masturbation? How often do you masturbate?

Please describe any fantasies and fetishes you would like to explore in more depth with the class.

Have you ever watched a movie that excited you so much you became noticeably aroused? Please describe what the characters in the movie where doing that excited you.

Trevor always did the initial sort on how many sexual partners his students had. He really didn’t care about the question unless the answer was N/A or none. He was happy to see he had several students both male and female that had never had sex with anyone. This year he had 5 students.

Their answers:

Kara Johnson:

I am taking Human Sexuality to understand the historical aspects of human sexuality from a multicultural perspective. I would like to understand my own sexual anatomy better and to explore other sexual lifestyles in a safe environment. I don’t fully understand STDs and the different types of contraceptive choices available.

I’ve been fearful to have sex with anyone because of the social stigmas behind having an STD and I don’t want to catch anything. I’m taking birth control pills currently because my doctor recommended them for some menstruation issues I have.

I haven’t had any sexual experiences yet but I’m hoping after taking this class I will have a better understanding of sex and to feel comfortable exploring my own sexuality and finally getting away from my parents domineering religious crap.

Masturbation has always confused me. I’ve wanted to touch myself many times but when I talked to my mother about masturbation she invited a priest over to talk about the spiritual ramifications of touching yourself before you’re married and I’ve always felt guilty for wanting to touch myself. I haven’t masturbated other than to feel how wet I get when I get excited about something and sometimes it does feel good to rub my clitoris when I know no one is watching.

I have had a fantasy after watching a movie. I was at a friend’s house whose parents watch Showtime and HBO. I liked watching Gladiator with Russell Crowe but Spartacus “Blood and Sand” & “Gods of the Arena” really excited me. One scene had a Patrician come to the Ludas wanting to have sex with a virgin and he put his hands into two naked beautiful girls (slaves) to see which one was tighter and then had a gladiator take her virginity roughly while he watched. Next, he violated her from behind at the same time. I’m not sure why I was so excited by the idea of losing my virginity to a gladiator while some rich perverted man also had sex with me in the ass but it does excite me. It’s probably a good thing I can’t lose my virginity that way because it would probably hurt but seeing it in the movie really turned me on.

Trevor nearly fell out of his chair. He stood up to go lock his office door and sat down to read the paragraph over and over knowing he was going to offer her what she was fantasying about and that he would be the one to drive it home in her ass for the first time if she let him. Eric would be the perfect gladiator he was built like a brick shithouse with a cock that was larger than most and he looked like a gladiator it was perfect. Trevor unzipped his slacks and reached his hands in to gently stroke the head of his penis picturing being next to them while Eric roughly pulled her close and inserted himself into her breaking her hymen violently while he watched. Trevor was stroking more passionately now as he took a break to enjoy the story play out in his head. He’d seen this scene. The gladiator drug her down and roughly inserted himself inside her then the Roman demanded she be on top fucking the gladiator so he could shove her down and violate her from behind. The slave was crying and was devastated. He was surprised this excited Kara. He exploded while he visualized how different being turned on by a movie to actually doing this in front of the other students in full costume would be for her.

He went to the next paper.

Kristy Nelson:

I am attending human sexuality this year to learn more about sex, sexuality, and my body. I would like to explore male/female anatomy and learn more about how a large class explores and interprets this subject together. I would like to hear women that are a larger size talk about how they overcome body issues and how they feel about sex and being naked in front of someone else. I’d like to learn how to be more comfortable with my own body.

I am not sexually active so I don’t need birth control. I don’t know too much about the different kinds of STDs but I think society spends too much time worrying about them. Many of them are treatable and the permanent ones really are prevalent and not that big a deal. Getting aids wouldn’t be an interest. I would like to avoid that.

I haven’t had sex yet. I am a little worried my weight would put someone off and am embarrassed by the idea of a man seeing me naked.

Masturbation embarrasses me. I’ve been excited by movies and books and have felt drawn to play around afterwards but I’ve always thought maybe someone would hear me or walk in or that someone would know I’ve been doing it. I’d rather not do it then have someone judge me for doing it.

I guess my fantasy would be to find a man who loves my size that I feel comfortable getting naked with. I would like to have sex and learn how to feel comfortable. I’d like to hear about how other people masturbate and how they feel about it. I guess I’d like to learn how to relax and enjoy my own sexuality.

I do get turned on by movies. I watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and I loved watching her go from being shy and awkward to being more confident. I also liked “The Mirror has Two Faces”. Movies where women overcome issues around weight and men who enjoy them unconditionally excite me. I watch “Drop Dead Diva” and feel I could be more like her and learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m hoping this class will help me with that.

Shawn Trebar:

I am taking this class to learn more about sex. How to find it, how to get a girl to agree to it, and where one goes to seek it out without paying for it.

I don’t care about STDs but I guess learning about them would maybe make my mother feel good that she’s helping me pay for college. I’ll probably bring that up next time I see her.

I’ve not got laid yet but I’m hoping this class might help me change all that. Maybe a horny student will latch onto me and want to help me get rid of my virginity.

I masturbate all the time and love porn. I read stories online. I like amateur porn that looks unrehearsed without all the dumb music and fake looking porn stars. I like the younger girls with the older guys or the stepdaughter does the stepfather. Taboo topics turn me on.

Trevor enjoyed reading this one. This kid was in for a good time his first time out. He had a feeling he’d being seeing him again as a returning student for other seminars.

Jane Brooks:

I am taking this course to learn more about responsible sex and safe practices. I want to learn more about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. I’d like to see how other people interact and discuss sexuality as a group.

I’ve never had sex because God intended for me to be pure for my husband. I’m saving myself for my husband. He will be the only man to ever touch me.

Masturbation is wrong and this questionnaire is almost inappropriate for a college course.

Trevor quickly dropped this one in the Safe Sex Seminar pile. This student didn’t interest him. She was uptight and he felt sorry for her future husband but knew he’d probably be as uptight as her. Erotica Role-play was not for her.

Jim Baker:

I’m taking this course because I think learning how other people handle sexuality and topics around sex and sexual behavior will help me with my seminary courses and it’s important I learn other peoples thoughts and values so that I can be the best pastor I can be for my congregation when I finish school.

Trevor stopped reading and moved him into the rejected pile. Someone dedicating their life to bringing people closer to God didn’t need a two day hands on practicum in Erotic Role Playing. This guy would enjoy the guest speakers from local religious groups. He set his 3 virgins in the Erotica pile and set aside the other two.

Trevor enjoyed reading and separating the more experienced students. Nikki Johnson was maybe one of his favorites.

Nikki Johnson:

I’m taking this class with an old friend. We wanted to learn more about Human Sexuality together and thought a group class would be an interesting place to talk about sex and our bodies.

I’ve had surgery so I can’t get pregnant. I would like to learn about the different kinds of STDs. I’ve been lucky about not catching anything and would like to continue so I do ask about a man’s history with STDs but I enjoy having sex without any latex or barriers so I am I guess higher risk.

I’ve had sex with around 30 different people give or take a few. Most of those were with people I was dating.

My sexual experiences? I guess I like boring sex the best. I like the man on the top. I like things to be gentle and to feel a man’s weight on me when we are having sex. I like my nipples to be nibbled on and pinched. I like to be kissed and talked to when a man is having sex with me. I really like having sex with my friend who’s taking this class, Edward.

Masturbation is something I do every day if I can’t have sex. I’m a very sexual person. Edward actually bought and mailed me a vibrating rabbit to play with for when he was off on a job or not around. He’s called me and listened while I used it while I listened to him touching himself. He’s introduced me to erotic fiction online after he got me to write him some erotic stories based on a character he developed. Some of my best relationships were with people who weren’t uptight about masturbating in front of me. If one person has an orgasm before the other one sometimes it’s fun to finish off with the other person in the room watching.

Fetishes and fantasies, I like reading rape stories, step parents with their step kids, I have kind of a perverted sister my family adopted and I wouldn’t mind fooling around with her and watching Edward fuck her while I’m fiddling with her clit and pinching her tits. She tried to show me her breasts last time we hung out together then kissed some horny blonde chick right in front of me. I’d really like to have an opportunity to do the wrong thing with her rather than the “Catholic guilt” thing. Fucking my sister would be amazing and watching Edward fuck her in front of me would be a shocking diversion especially if she let me touch and play with her while they fucked in front of me.

I watch Californication, Spartacus, porn, & lots of sexual movies. On Californication I enjoy watching the X-files guy having sex with all these different women while being such a gentleman and a nice guy. His character, although a horn dog, is still likeable and someone I would actually want to fool around with. Spartacus is just straight up violence and porn. I love everything about that show. I liked when he was fucking the blonde bitch whose husband was responsible for putting his wife into slavery and when they took off the masks when they were tricked into fucking each other he went into a murderous rage and started strangling her. I’d have liked it better if they kept fucking while he strangled her to death. I also liked the scenes where the slaves were forced to have sex with people. One in particular was a wife who was honorable and faithful to her husband but she was a slave so was forced to fuck the champion gladiator and she suffered through it then towards the end she got turned on and started enjoying having sex with him.

Trevor poured over each answer from his students especially interested in the Twins, Teva and Deborah, unfortunately Deborah’s answers really did put her in the other seminar but Teva’s interested him enough not to separate the girls.

Teva Baker:

I am taking your class because I have no idea what a Human Sexuality course will be like and am curious about how an instructor approaches the topic.

I am taking birth controls pills. I’ve never had an STD but do practice safe sex with men I’m not planning on having a relationship with.

I’ve been with a few men and women. Probably around 20ish combined.

I think masturbation is wonderful. You’re in complete control of your body and how you manipulate your hands and toys. I often masturbate while reading erotica, watching cable, watching boyfriends on the internet touching themselves. I love it.

My biggest fantasy is to have sex with my sister. I know she’s never been interested in having sex with me because it’s “incestuous” but we are identical twins. I want to kiss her, I want to suck and bite her tits, I want to use toys to excite her. I’d love to put on a strap on with a vibrating dildo and fuck her. I’d love to have sex with her and someone else.

I did watch a movie on Netflix called “Dairy of a Nymphomaniac” which I watched a few times. I liked watching her with the black man in the Jacuzzi tub. When he went in to fuck her with a bottle it shocked me. She wasn’t in the mood but did it anyway because he liked to fuck her with it. I liked watching her in the Jacuzzi tub while she leaned completely back exposing her breasts as he pumped into her.

Her sister’s answers were very different. She’d only been with a few people. Deborah was much more conservative then her sister. She might be a problem in his seminar. He really wanted to keep them together because they were gorgeous and had great figures. He was starting to see them maybe with an older man playing the role of their step father or a black student which seemed to excite Teva.

Trevor sorted the papers into two piles then walked over to his PC to type out the names for Eric. He grabbed the list off the printer and headed back to the auditorium. Eric would need some time to prepare the seminar invitations. Once printed with the student’s names he would call them forward and watch as they walked to the front of the class to grab their extra credit assignments. This gave him the opportunity to look over his innocent student and get to know the other students who would partake in his yearly class orgy. Eric enjoyed this part too as he made the invitations he would check out the girls who he might be able to screw that coming weekend. He was particularly excited about the twins. They had made the Erotica pile. Eric had no idea the Prof. was going to give him a special treat and one of his virgins.

Eric came back in and handed off the invitations to Trevor. His confident walk, athletic frame, and cheerful disposition were intoxicating. Eric stepped out of the way leaning casually against Trevor’s desk with a great view of the students walking to get their invites. The class was almost over.

Trevor began, “I am inviting each of you to attend my extra credit seminar. These seminars can add 20% to your course grade. You are welcome to attend. I have separated you into two different groups based on your answers to my introductory questionnaire. When I call your names please come forward and then you can enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”

“Nikki Johnson and Edward Roberts” Nikki and Edward stood up, they were toward the back. They both looked like they were in their late 30s early 40s. Nikki was overweight but walked with the confidence of a thinner younger lady. Both were dressed well. Edward was muscular and attractive. “I’d like to talk to both of you in my office about this weekend’s seminar. I’d like your help setting up and help with the first demonstration. You can meet me in about 15 minutes down the hall in room 217.”

“Kara Johnson.” Kara came forward she was a few rows back. She had a near perfect figure with full perky breasts. Her hair was dark brown almost black and straight. She looked quite a bit like Natalie Portman. An innocence about her that was intoxicating. He would be watching her walk away fantasizing about Eric fucking her while he pushed her forward violating her virgin ass from behind. He wasn’t disappointed. Her firm heart shaped ass looked incredible in jeans. Eric watched her come down the stairs and when she turned to walk away his breath caught in his throat. He remembered her name being on the good list. Even if he didn’t get the opportunity to fuck her he would enjoy watching as someone else did.

I live in the mellow town of Olympia, Washington. A nice place, though quite rainy, with lots of places to hike, kayak, and backpack. Bicycle too if you don’t mind getting soaked. I’m an average, middle-aged guy, in pretty good shape, and I love the tight, fit women that seem to be everywhere around here. After getting divorced a few years ago, I found myself alone in a small house on a one block long cul-de-sac. The house isn’t spectacular but it’s clean and well maintained and has a large yard. I grow a lot of my own food, and what I can’t eat I give to neighbors or one of the local food banks. Lord knows there’s plenty of hungry people out there.

About a year ago, a new family moved in next door. I met them a couple of times—a pretty single mom and her smokin’ hot daughter, Stephanie. The girl was in high school but I didn’t know her age and we barely said two words to each other. The mom, however, was a lot more interesting and I made a point to chat with her if the opportunity presented itself. Eventually she accepted my invitation for coffee once but made sure to mention she was seeing someone. All very friendly but it was clear she wasn’t available. Oh well, I had to try, right?

So a few months rolled past. We waved at each other or made small talk if we were out working in the yard or checking our mailboxes at the same time, but that’s about it. Stephanie rarely had friends over, which I thought was odd. Don’t young girls have millions of friends? In fact, the only time I saw anyone her age over there was when they had a party. Based on the giant “Happy 18th Birthday” banner strung up in the living room, at least I knew how old she was. But the party was quiet and her few friends soon drifted away. It seemed to me that she was kind of unhappy- she always seemed to be moping around, never listening to music or jabbering on her cell phone the way other kids do. I don’t have any children but a few other families live on my street and I see kids walking by all the time, so I have an idea what “normal” teens do these days. Stephanie seemed like a bit of an outcast, but it was really none of my concern and I didn’t give it much thought.

I work weekends and have Monday and Tuesday off, and I often saw Stephanie walking home from the bus stop on the afternoons when I was home. Last week I was pruning the bushes in my front yard when she walked by. I was shirtless and caught her looking at me. I’m a reasonably good-looking guy in my 40s, muscular, with a hairy chest and, I’ve been told, a cute round ass. I’ve been ogled by women before but I figured with the age difference Stephanie wouldn’t even notice me. What high school chick looks at guys that are older than her dad, right? But her head turned as she passed, and she even gave me a shy smile.

I felt my dick get hard just looking at her. I mean, this girl was hot. She reminded me of the actress from Pirates of the Caribbean, Keira something-or-other. She had one of those perfect oval faces with naturally plump lips, a button nose, and wide, innocent blue eyes. Slender but not skinny. Her tummy was flat, her tits were perky little torpedoes, and her lean legs led up to the ass of a lingerie model. Long, light-brown hair framed her lovely face. Oh yes, she was quite a package.

It was September here in Olympia and quite warm, so she wore shorts that showed off her legs and a scoop-neck sleeveless t-shirt that clung to her small, jutting breasts. And of course she had a backpack slung over one shoulder. My cock kept swelling and I had to fight the urge to rearrange myself. What would she think if I started grabbing my crotch when she walks by?

“Hi Steph,” I said, and waved. I made sure to tense my abs and stand up straight so I’d look my best.

“Hi,” she replied. Her eyes never left me and she gave a little half-smile and a wiggly finger wave.

Since she was staring at me I thought it was only fair to stare back. I just turned my head to watch her exquisite eighteen-year-old body glide by, and she didn’t seem to mind. Most of her long, straight hair hung down her back but two tiny braids were pulled back from her temples and clipped in a silver barrette at the back of her head. All too soon she was gone and I returned to my yard work. At least I had the chance to push my dick into a more comfortable position. I figured I’d be jacking off tonight, but what else could I do? No way was I going to put the moves on her. Legal or not, it would be scandalous if the neighbors found out, and her mother would probably kill me. At the very least it would make for a tense and awkward situation, and I didn’t need any more stress in my life.

After finishing the pruning, I hauled the cuttings to the compost pile in the back yard. I figured I would clean the gutters and then call it a day. Taking the big ladder off its hooks on the side of the shed, I leaned it against the gutter and climbed up. I sat on the edge of the roof and started scooping out the leaves and branches that had blown in from a big storm a few weeks earlier. Oh, the joy of home ownership. I worked my way around the roof until I was on the side facing Stephanie’s house.

Her house is right next door, separated by a six-foot wooden privacy fence. There are no windows on the side of my house facing hers, and both back yards are blocked from the street by another fence. Several huge rhododendrons and laurels grew along the property line. Stephanie’s bedroom was on this side of the house too—I’d seen it when I cleaned out the gutters last time. In fact, the only way to see into her room was from the exact spot where I now sat. Looking down from my high angle all I could see was part of the bed and floor.

Then Stephanie walked in and flopped down on the bed.

Talk about feeling torn! Part of me was hoping she’d strip but I knew if she spotted me spying on her I’d be in big trouble. But she was so fucking hot, surely it wouldn’t hurt to watch for just a second. And I did have a legitimate reason to be up there. One glance and she’ll know I’m not a voyeur, just some old dude cleaning out the gutters. My throbbing dick convinced me not to rush off just yet.

From my vantage point I could see her luscious body from tits to toes. Her head and shoulders were outside my view, which was good because it meant she couldn’t see me either. I waited, not knowing what to expect. I am not a peeping Tom and would never have gone out of my way to spy on a young girl, or anyone else for that matter. However, I found myself with a great view of a delicious eighteen year old and just couldn’t bring myself to move. I knew her mom worked days and would not be home for a few hours, and no one could see me up there unless they were on their roof too, so I felt relatively safe.

She was laying on her back and I figured she would start reading or maybe watch TV. Nothing would happen and I’d get bored, finish my work, and go jerk off in the shower. But as I watched, I saw her hands drift up and start caressing her nipples. She kneaded them gently, then began massaging her small breasts. My dick sprang to attention and it took all my willpower not to start stroking myself right there on the roof.

Soon her hands slipped under her T-shirt and the massaging seemed to get more forceful. I wondered if she was one of those girls who can orgasm just from tit-play. She started grinding her hips a bit and I began to hope I’d see a full-blown teen orgasm soon. The cock swelled so much it almost hurt. I should probably leave. But I didn’t.

Suddenly she tugged at the hem of her shirt and yanked it up over her head. One hand worked a breast while the other slipped under the waistband of her skirt. Oh man, this was really getting hot. She rubbed her crotch for a minute or two, her hip gyrations getting more pronounced. Then she withdrew the hand, reached behind her back, and undid her bra. With a couple of wiggles and a shrug, the bra ended up on the floor and I got my first look at her tits.

They were on the small side, but firm and perky. The areolas were about the size of quarters and a blush-rose color. Her nipples looked like pinky-tips. The breasts were slightly up-swept and I was sure if she stood up they would not droop but would point proudly skyward. Tiny torpedo tits. And her skin was flawless—not a blemish to be seen, smooth and pale, and absolutely hairless. A wonderful example of an eighteen-year-old girl. I would definitely need to get of the roof before I fell off or my dick exploded.

Then she unzipped her shorts and wiggled out of them too. I admired her tight teen body, now clad only in red cotton panties and cute, striped, teeny-bopper socks. Her hands again drifted to her tits and crotch, massaging and rubbing as her hips moved left and right. Then she tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slipped them off too. She kept her legs clamped together and slid a couple of fingers down into the patch of brown hair at her crotch. I figured she was working her clit, and based on her gyrations it seemed like an orgasm could come at any minute. Then I got the shock of my life.

She spread her legs and a rock-hard cock sprang out and slapped against her flat belly!

What the hell?

This teen fashion model is really a guy? Oh man, I never saw that coming.

I consider myself straight. Yeah, I’ve been blown by a man a few times and sucked cock a couple of times too, but I’ve never done anal and I’m sure not into kissing or body contact or any of that stuff. I had a gay roommate years ago and he would give me “mercy sucks” when I struck out with the ladies. That guy could really suck cock too, but it was strictly for release, I never considered it a relationship or anything. So maybe I’m Bi, I don’t know.

I thought I was watching a hot teenage girl rubbing herself but it turns out to be a hot teenage girl with a dick, and if anything that made it even hotter. I’ve seen some tranny porn and gotten turned on by the thought of sucking a dick that happened to be attached to a woman, but I’ve never done it.

I kept watching, unable to tear my eyes away. Her dick looked to be about seven inches long, straight, and hard as a baseball bat. Pre-cum dribbled from the tip. With one hand she worked her balls while the other slowly stroked the shaft up and down. Her hips arched and she picked up the pace. I knew she was gonna spew soon. Watching that babe work her cock just about made me cum right there.

Then a squirrel came bounding down the fence, running along the tops of the planks, making a lot of scratching noise that sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard in the afternoon silence.

Stephanie sat up and looked out the window, straight at me.

Oh shit.

Now, it was pretty obvious I was on the roof working. I had on leather gloves and had a couple of scrub brushes sitting beside me. But it was also obvious that I had seen everything.

Her eyes got big and round as a terrified expression contorted her pretty face. What should I do?

I gave her the most dazzling and appreciative smile I could, and offered two thumbs-up. Staring right into her eyes I tried to convey how much I enjoyed what I saw, and that her secret would be safe with me. She seemed to relax, then smile a bit. Shifting to a kneeling position on the bed, she made sure I had a good view and began stroking herself again. I just stared, astonished at the sudden change in her attitude. This girl liked me, I thought. Maybe she was even thinking about me as she masturbated. Her smile grew bigger as her hand pumped her hard cock. I couldn’t take any more.

Leaving my gloves and tools on the roof, I scrambled down the ladder and clambered over the privacy fence. Walking up to the window I realized couldn’t even see in. The ground sloped downhill and I looked around frantically for something to give me a boost. I went around the back of her house and found an old six-foot wooden ladder. I carried it back, leaned it against the wall below her window, and climbed up about half way. Once again I could see into her bedroom.

She still knelt on the bed, tugging her hard cock. She gave a lascivious smile stroked a little faster. My cock was about to burst. Why not take this all the way? I reached up and tried to open the window but it was locked. I looked at her, licked my lips, and pointed to the window lock. After a moment’s hesitation she clicked it open. She lifted it enough for me to get my fingers under the pane and push it all the way up.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was about to climb in the window of my neighbor’s house to fuck an eighteen year old girl who, despite her luscious female appearance, was actually a boy. First time for everything I guess, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste.

I climbed up one more rung, which put my face just about level with her cock. She had stopped stroking herself and knelt only a couple of feet away, flat stomach and torpedo tits and rock-hard cock tantalizingly close. I reached out to massage her small breasts. She moaned and pushed forward into my caressing hands. If it wasn’t for the dick I would have sworn she was a girl. But there was no ignoring that cock. It needed attention fast.

Sliding my hands over her taut body, I reached around to squeeze her firm ass. I pulled her toward me. She crawled forward willingly, a look of desperate lust on her fashion-model face. I wondered how much experience she really had. Judging by the almost manic gleam in her sky-blue eyes, this could very well be her first time. I was determined to make it memorable.

She knelt on the bed, dick poking out the window, exactly level with my waiting mouth. I cupped her balls with one hand and held on to the window sill with the other. I didn’t think I’d need much hand work to bring her off. Her breath was coming faster and she thrust her hips forward, anxious for a warm mouth to finish her. I could see her dick jumping slighting in rhythm with her pulse, making the long rope of pre-cum that dangled from it twitch and swing. Yeah, this chick was ready to spew.

Licking my lips to get them nice and wet, I gently took her cock head in my mouth. She moaned louder and I thought she might shoot it right there. Slowly, I slid my mouth the length of the shaft, getting it slippery wet and tasting her pre-cum. I teased her balls and bobbed my head forward and back, forward and back. She was hard as bone and smelled feminine, not masculine at all. I slurped some more, lavishing attention on the head and underside. I knew firsthand how great that felt.

“Oh God,” she whispered. “Oh God, that’s so good.”

I sucked a little harder and took as much of the shaft as I could. I got all but the last inch, and then I squeezed my lips to get a tight seal and gave slow, gentle sucks. Not so hard that it hurt but strong enough so she could feel the suction. Then I backed away, maintaining the suction and slathering her dick with my tongue. I bobbed some more, sucking and licking, working the shaft like a thousand-dollar hooker. It felt so good I started to moan a little too.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” she said, sounding almost panicked. “That is so good. I’m…I’m…”

I sensed she was unsure of the etiquette involved. Should she just fire off in my mouth? Pull out? If this wasn’t her first time it was pretty close.

Backing off, I let her cock pop out of my mouth. I glanced up her tight teen body, past those pointy little tits, and made eye contact. I said, “It’s okay, go ahead and cum whenever you’re ready. You can let me know you’re about to shoot, but don’t hold it back.”

She nodded, her blue eyes locked on mine. Her mouth hung part way open and her breasts heaved with her fast breathing. This chick was ready to explode.

I released her balls and held on to the edges of the window frame with both hands. If she came as hard as I thought she would, I didn’t want to risk falling off the ladder. Licking my lips for the final suck off, I again took her cock in my mouth. I went right for the deep-throat, or as deep as I could manage, burying my nose in her sweet-smelling pubes and getting a good suction. Thrusting my head forward and back, I sucked that cock with everything I had, moaning now almost as much as she was. No way could she last much longer.

“Oh God, oh God!” she moaned. “Oh shit, oh God!”

She grabbed onto the window frame with both hands, her body starting to shake. I reached around with one hand and touched her ass, pushing it forward to suggest that she move her hips. She must have understood because she started thrusting into my mouth, moaning even louder. I hoped nobody walking down the street would hear.

I kept up the suction and she thrust like a maniac. Her legs tensed up and I could feel her whole body tighten. Her rock-hard dick drove in and pulled out, over and over. I knew this was it.

“Oh God,” she said. “Mmmmmm, oh shit! Oh shit!”

She fucked my mouth so hard I was glad I held on with both hands. Grabbing a handful of my hair with one hand, she mouth-fucked me a few more seconds, moaning and making incomprehensible noises. He dick slammed in and out of my clamping lips and it was all I could do to stay on the ladder.

“Ahhhhh!” she cried out. “I’m cumming!”

I felt her hand tighten in my hair, holding me in place as she ejaculated. A huge blast of hot liquid squirted in my mouth. I managed to pull back enough so that only half her cock was in my mouth. I didn’t want her load going down my throat, I wanted to savor it. Hell, it was the first cum I’d tasted in years.

“Oh god!” she yelled. “Oh shit yes!”

Blast after blast of hot cum shot into my mouth. If she hadn’t been holding my head in place I would have enjoyed watching this load shoot out, but she wanted to cum in my mouth and I was happy to oblige. Moaning so intensely that I almost thought she was in pain, she just held onto my head and emptied her balls in my mouth. Thick, warm liquid blasted over my tongue, filling my cheeks until I thought I would either have to swallow or abandon my suction and let it dribble out.

She kept my head right where she wanted it, pulling her dick out only an inch or so and then thrusting it back in with each squirt. It tasted mildly salty, but not bad. Sweet, delicious eighteen-year-old girl cum.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, finally winding down. “Oh God, that was good.”

I released the suction seal, allowing air into my mouth, now full to the brim with hot teenage sperm. All I could do was say “Mm-hmm,” nod my head, and gently work her shaft.

Her cock was bathed in her own cum. I again looked up past her heaving tits and into those blue eyes. She had a dazed expression but also a huge smile. I kept eye contact as I bobbed on her cock, enjoying the warm cum. Slowly I brought her down, feeling her cock soften in my mouth. I’d never swallowed cum before and wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with this mouthful.

As if reading my mind she said, “Do you…still have my cum in your mouth?”

She asked so innocently, I almost creamed my pants. As it was I had so much pre-cum leaking from my dick I was sure it had soaked my underwear and was well on its way to seeping through my jeans. With a few final, gentle sucks I let her half-hard cock drop from my mouth.

“Mm-hmm,” I answered her, nodding in case she didn’t get the idea.

“What are you going to do with it?” she asked.

I gave a little shrug, and then an idea hit me. Since I couldn’t talk I just pointed from my lips to hers and raised my eyebrows in inquiry. Hopefully she would understand that I was asking if she wanted it.

“Oh,” she said, seemingly taken aback. “Well, I never…I mean…”

So she was interested but embarrassed. I patted the bed, indicating that she should lay down. If she had any qualms they quickly disappeared because she lay down on her back with her head just a few inches from the window. I climbed up one more rung and leaned in over her.

Her perfect oval face gazed up at me expectantly, both excited and nervous. Her big, innocent eyes looked at me, then drifted to my lips. I’m sure I looked like a mess: mouth covered with saliva, cum trickling down my chin, hair a tangled mess. But I could sense her excitement as I bent closer. I brushed my lips against hers and felt them part. Her tongue probed my lips tentatively, then with more force. She totally wanted my mouthful of cum.

Reaching up, she caressed the back of my head and pulled me closer. Her tongue pushed more forcefully between my lips as she pulled me down, kissing me with more passion than I expected.

I locked my lips to hers and opened my mouth. Her tongue slid inside, probing between my teeth and stroking my tongue as the cum drained from my mouth to hers. Moaning again, she held me close and kissed me, savoring the warm liquid that filled her mouth. I placed two fingers on her throat and felt her Adam’s apple bobbing as she swallowed it down. After searching my mouth with her tongue one last time she released me.

“Hee hee,” she giggled. “That was naughty.”

“Oh yeah,” I agreed. Without being asked I came the rest of the way in, climbing over her and sitting on the edge of the bed. My cock was so hard I thought I might cum right then. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. It was really happening—I was actually in bed with a gorgeous, naked teenage girl. Well, not quite a girl, but she was better looking than a lot of the real women I’ve dated.

Looking over, my eyes roamed her tight, young body. Her nipples poked up like pencil erasers and her cock had only deflated half way. She stared back with those big blue eyes and I knew I couldn’t hold back any more.

In a flash my shoes, jeans, and underwear lay on the floor and I stood beside the bed in only my socks. I guess we matched because socks were all she had on too. My cock poked out at full hardness, bouncing in time with my pulse. Pre-cum smeared over half my length and a thick rope of it dripped slowly from the tip. I watched her look at my dick, her eyes opening wide with excitement as she reach for it tentatively.

“First time?” I asked.

She glanced away and nodded, as if she were embarrassed. It must be weird to be a high school girl but really be a guy. She’d probably been through all kinds of teasing, or worse. Maybe I was the first man to accept her as she is, to be genuinely turned on by her. All of her. I said, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but I’d really like to feel your mouth on my cock.”

She rolled onto her side, looked up at me with that sweet, innocent face and said, “Really?”

“Oh yes. You are so beautiful, I probably won’t last long before I cum.”

“You want to cum for me?” she asked coyly. I half expected her to bat her eyes.

“Mm-hmm,” I replied as I crawled onto the bed. On my knees, I brought my throbbing dick within inches of her mouth. “You want a mouthful of cum?” I asked.

She giggled. “Another one? I don’t know…”

What a tease. Well, I was gonna cum even if I had to stroke it myself. But she reached out again, taking my cock by the base and gripping it lightly. Her hand moved up and down and her gaze dropped lower to watch herself work. I scooted forward, practically sticking my dick in her mouth. Her hand kept stroking as my cock got closer and closer to her shiny tongue.

“Mmmm,” she said, and opened her sweet, plump lips.

At last her warm mouth slid over the head of my cock and I almost shot it right then. She removed her hand and her moist mouth glided all the way down my shaft until her nose was in my pubes. Her tongue swirled around my head as she slowly pulled away.

Reaching up to massage my balls, she moaned again. “Mmmmm, yeah,” she mumbled around the head of my dick and started back down for another long, slow slurp.

I knew this was going to be tough so I started imagining gross stuff, like the muck I cleaned out of the gutters and the dead mouse I found that morning. Not very exciting but it did keep me from blowing my load after five seconds. I tried to relax and let my dick soften. I stayed really hard but at least I didn’t cum. After a few slow breaths I took a chance and looked down at her.

That angel face looked up at me, as innocent as a baby. But the twinkle in her eyes told me she was really enjoying herself. I think she’d been fantasizing about something like this for a long time, and I was happy to help her fantasy come true. I reached down and stroked her silky hair, gently thrusting into her young mouth.

I still thought she was pretty inexperienced because she was doing the same things to me that I had done to her. Flattering I suppose, and it left lots of room to show her new stuff. She squeezed the sweet O of her lips around the base of my cock and sucked. Pulling her head back, she maintained the suction and worshipped my throbbing dick with her warm, slippery tongue.

“Oh shit, that’s good,” I said, feeling myself start to tremble. “I can’t take much more of this.”

“Mmmm, mmmm,” she mumbled, and picked up the pace.

She gripped me again, stroking my cock in rhythm with her bobbing head. Twisting her hand around my shaft, she sucked harder and went just a bit faster. It felt like heaven and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Oh god, baby, you’re gonna make me cum real soon,” I said, feeling the delicious warmth of her young mouth sucking enthusiastically on my engorged cock. Given her inexperience, I thought I should point out an important issue. “When I cum, it’s up to you,” I gasped. “Swallow it down, take it in your mouth and spit it out, or back off and let me shoot all over. But whatever you do, keep pumping your hand, okay?”

“Mmmm-mmm,” she mumbled and nodded.

I thought about mouth-fucking her the way she did me but I figured she might like to bring me off entirely on her own. It was her first time, after all. On my knees, I leaned back onto my elbows and waited for the inevitable. My cock pointed straight up as this delicious teen bobbed her head up and down, stoking and sucking for all she was worth. Her moans got louder and so did mine. Tongue swirling, sucking harder now, her lips and fist pounded up and down my throbbing dick like a piston. I felt the tingling in my balls that told me a huge orgasm was on the way.

“Ah! Oh yeah!” I shouted. “Fuck! Here it comes!”

If it was possible, she sucked even harder, moaning like a slut from a porn video. She was enjoying this as much as me. My balls got tight and I knew this was it.

With a groan I ejaculated into her willing mouth. I moaned and bucked my hips as blast after blast fired from my rock-hard cock. She was moaning too, slurping and stroking and bobbing away. I looked down but her eyes were closed as she worked my spurting dick. Cum dribbled from the corners of her pretty mouth as she struggled to swallow my huge load.

“Oh God, that’s good!” I shouted. “Keep going, keep going! I’m still cumming…”

Another hot squirt blasted from my dick, and then another. God, this chick was draining my balls like I haven’t been drained in years.

“Uhhh!” I said, shooting another red-hot blast of sperm into her mouth. Her head bounced up and down and she kept moaning like she was being tortured. Fuck, I didn’t care. Another thick shot of cum blasted out and I could just imagine her bobbing Adam’s apple as she gulped it down.

“Oh shit,” I moaned, finally nearing the end of my orgasm. “Oh God baby, slow down a little.”

I felt her suction let up a bit and she slowed her demanding rhythm. Still, her moist tongue spiraled around my shaft and her warm mouth coaxed me to keep going. If I could cum for an hour, she would slurp it up without protest.

Eventually my dick quit spurting, but she didn’t give up. Now I knew for sure that she’d never sucked a cock before. I’d just dumped a cumload that would choke Linda Lovelace but she wanted more. I could tell by the low, throaty groans that this chick would gulp anything I could give her. Didn’t she know my balls were empty? For a chick with a dick, she sure had a lot to learn. If she kept sucking she’d pull my bladder out through my pee-hole.

“Slow down, honey,” I said. “You got it all. There’s nothing left.”

Oh shit, I thought. What a fucking awesome blowjob. I hadn’t been sucked like that since I was in college. And still her angelic face worked my shaft, staring up at me like she was looking for approval. Oh yeah, I approved all right.

“Fuck, baby, that was great,” I said honestly. “You have the mouth of the gods.”

I had no idea what that meant but it sounded good. And she could suck better than most of the women I’ve known. Holy shit, I thought. If I can just keep this sweet little cupcake, even for a few months, I’ll go to my grave a happy man.

I felt her lips clamp the base of my softening cock and then pull upwards, squeezing the last dribbles of cum out. This hot, slutty muffin wanted every drop of sperm she could get.

“Oh shit,” I said. “That was spectacular.”

At last she let my half-hard cock slip out of her mouth. She smiled at me but it seemed uncomfortable somehow. Like she was embarrassed. I don’t know why, since she just gave me the cock-sucking of a lifetime. But maybe that was the issue.

“That was great, honey,” I said.

She looked at me, a young, delicious girl wracked with guilt.

Her lips curved into a taunting smile. She was trying to be innocent but she knew that after today, that part of her life was over. How much cum can you gulp before you realize you aren’t a virgin anymore?

I suddenly felt a little guilty. Have I just taken advantage of a young girl who’s only trying to find her place in this world? Didn’t seem likely, given how much she enjoyed gulping down my hot load. Still, something was going on that I didn’t know about. Her angelic face, so full of hope, told me that she needed the same thing everyone does: acceptance.

I would accept this chick ’til the ends of the earth. That heavenly mouth? Those firm, perfect tits? I didn’t care that she was really a guy, at least biologically. My hard cock needed a place to unload and I found it. Just like she needed hard, throbbing proof that she was desirable. We all have our needs.

She collapsed on her back, wiping the trickles of sperm off her cheeks.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

Either she was the world’s greatest tease or she was really, really insecure. I didn’t care which.

“Honey, that was great,” I assured her. “You have the sweetest mouth I’ve ever felt.”

It was true, and I think she understood that. Nodding, she stroked my dick and said, “God, that was amazing. I’ve never…”

Again with the innocence. Maybe my cock was the first one she’d ever sucked, but I’m sure she’d thought about it many, many times. I was laying in the bedroom of this saucy high school girl, and her mom would be home in less than an hour. Could it get more dangerous than this? Maybe, but I didn’t care.

Her rosy, sperm-slathered lips gave a shy smile. She looked at me like a wide-eyed virgin licking her way through a butter pecan ice cream cone. Whitish-clear liquid coated her lips and dribbled down her chin. Her innocent gaze seemed to ask, “did I do something wrong?”

I like to think that I’m a decent guy. I really hadn’t planned to spy on her, suck her sweet young cock, and then crawl through the window and force-feed her my dick. But that’s just the way it turned out. It wouldn’t take long for my cock to get hard again, but in the mean time we chatted. She was actually a very articulate girl. We talked about her daily routine. Frankly, I was curious what her life was like. Did anyone know her secret? Was she getting hassled at school?

Turns out that she was bullied a lot the last place they lived. That’s why they moved. Her dad, unable to accept her seemingly strange behavior, had just left, and it went downhill from there. Everyone at her school knew her as Steven, at least before she started living as a girl, and the harassment got worse with each passing year. It culminated when a group of boys cornered her behind the gym one day. Seems that they alternated between smacking her around and trying to get blowjobs before one of the teachers showed up and put an end to it. But it was obvious that it really hurt her.

It’s tough to be who you really are, and stand by it no matter what. In the end, Stephanie and her mom had moved halfway across the country so she could have a chance to start over. Here, she was just Stephanie and no one knew any different. No one even suspected, or that’s what she said. I sure never did.

She rolled on her back again, stretching languidly, for all the world like a delicious eighteen year old girl wiggling on her bed. Her nipples still stuck up, and with her cock tucked between her smooth thighs there was nothing to even hint at her secret.

I knew her mom would be home before too much longer, so I had to decide what to do. We’d talked for maybe ten minutes but that was plenty of time for my cock to start inflating again. My eyes roamed her taut body, drifting from the striped socks that bunched at her narrow ankles, up her smooth, lean thighs, past the patch of hair at her crotch flecked with stray blobs of cum, over her flat belly to those small, pointy tits. She watched me admiring her young body and gave shy smile. Her full lips curved up almost unwillingly and her luminous blue eyes were both alluring and somehow hesitant. With that perfect oval face she could easily be one of those teen models, showing off her trim young body in department store ads. In spite of her luscious curves she seemed insecure. Given the reality of what dangled between her slim thighs, I guess I could understand why.

For all I knew this would be the only chance I had with her before guilt or fear made her refuse to see me again. I leaned over and kissed those plump, fashion model lips, licking up the traces of cum as my hand drifted to her tits. We made out for a couple of minutes and then I lowered my mouth to her nipples. I sucked and licked them, squeezing them gently and getting soft moans of approval from Stephanie. She opened her thighs and her rock-hard cock sprang out and smacked against her firm belly.

I reached for the cock and began stroking it. My mouth drifted south and slowly engulfed the head and she moaned again. I gently bobbed up and down, giving long, slow sucks with almost no suction.

“Mmmm, yes,” she said. “Keep going, I like that.”

I moved down so I was now between her slender thighs. Bobbing my head I massaged her balls, and then let my fingers slip down into the crack of her ass. I poked gently at her asshole and she gave another long, “Mmmmmmm.” After slathering my finger with a thick coating of spit I again pushed at her little pink button. My middle finger slipped in and she groaned.

Sucking a bit faster, I slipped my finger all the way in and then pulled it back almost all the way out. I slurped her knob and finger-fucked her tight teen ass as she started gyrating, bucking her hips up and down and groaning in ecstasy. I knew exactly what she needed.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked.

She lifted her head and looked at me with those wide young eyes. “You really want to?”

“Mmm-hmm,” I assured her, nodding. “You’ll love it.”

Almost ashamed to meet my eyes, she glanced away and whispered, “Okay.”

That was good enough for me. “Roll over,” I said. “Get on your hands and knees.”

She did as I said, but reached for a drawer on the nightstand. Pulling open the drawer, she removed a small bottle and set it on the bed within my reach: Astroglide. Oh yes, she’d just been waiting for a day like this. She looked back and gave shy smile. “Take it easy, okay? This is my first time.”

Oh lord. A virgin, delicious teen ass just waiting to be plundered. I nodded solemnly but knew that I would pound her as hard as she’d let me get away with. If her previous wild abandon was any guide, she’d soon be begging me to fuck her as hard as I could. I would be happy to oblige.

I had the most exquisite view of her slim, round ass and firm thighs. Her big, hairless balls swung below her pink, puckered asshole, which was already starting to gape. I knew from fucking women in the ass that the hands-and-knees position was great for opening her up and easing my entry. Leaning forward I kissed her round bottom as I worked a lube-dripping finger into her hole. She groaned again and I could see into her butt. This chick was totally ready for my cock.

Getting on my knees behind her I gave my hard cock a good coating of lube and moved the tip the entrance of her sweet hole. “Just relax,” I said. “You can set the pace, I’ll go along with whatever you want to do, okay?”

I barely heard her say, “Okay.”

I pushed forward and the head of my dick popped right past her sphincter. “Oh!” she said.

“You okay?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she said. “Feels good. Do more.”

No problem, I thought, and pushed in more. She moaned as half my length sank into her slippery hole, then three-quarters. Finally I stuffed my entire cock in, right up to my pubes. I stopped to give her a chance to get used to me.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she said in a throaty whisper. “Oh God, that’s good.”

I pulled out about half way, very slowly, and then pushed back in. Her groans got louder. My cock felt like it was on fire, this chick’s ass felt so good. I’d have to be careful not to pop off too soon. Slowly I fucked her tight hole, then a bit faster, holding onto her smooth hips as I thrust into heaven.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “I like that. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

I picked up the pace thrusting my shiny cock into her tight, lubed butthole. My balls slapped against hers, which almost hurt, but I kept going. Faster and harder I went, slamming into her like I was fucking a well-worn slut. She groaned louder and pushed back against me.

“Oh shit, oh God,” she said. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me!”

The window was still open and I hoped that no one walking by would hear. I rammed her good and hard for a couple of minutes, my heart racing and my dick struggling not to explode. Then I slowed down, dropping the pace and backing off the intense fucking.

“Why are you stopping?” she gasped. “Did I do something wrong?”

“You’re doing great, honey,” I assured her. “I just want to change positions.”

Reluctantly pulling out, I pushed her onto her side. “Roll on your back.”

She did as she was told, an expectant, almost scared look on her pretty young face.

“Lift your legs up and hold them,” I said, guiding her hands to grasp behind her knees.

Her hard cock was dribbling pre-cum like crazy and a big, shiny slick of it coated her cock and belly. I knew she’d want release soon. Bending over, I sucked her throbbing dick for a minute or two, sliding two well-lubed fingers into her steamy butthole. Her moans got louder again and I figured she’d spew if I kept going. Straightening, I smeared a bit more lube on my engorged cock and again lined up with her pink hole.

With one slow thrust I pushed inside her as far as I could go. She gasped and I felt her butthole clamp down on the base of my cock. “Just relax,” I told her. “You’re gonna love this.”

She nodded but still looked a little scared. Now, I’ve always been a limber guy. I did martial arts for years, which involved lots of stretching, and stretch regularly to this day. But I think I took her by surprise when I bent forward and took her cock in my mouth even as my dick slid into her ass.

“Oh!” she said. “Oh wow. I never even thought…”

I couldn’t take her whole length into my mouth while I fucked her but I could get about half. I thrust into her slippery ass while bobbing her knob and slurping away. She groaned her loudest groan yet and I felt a shudder run through her young body. I knew she couldn’t last much longer. I sucked and slathered her trembling dick and rammed her hot, wet ass. If possible her dick got even harder, and she let go of one leg and put her hand on my head, moaning and thrusting. I sucked for another minute or so but the strain of being bent almost double eventually caught up with me and I had to straighten up. But this allowed me to slam her with full-length strokes which set to moaning louder.

My parents are gone for the day. I am home from college for the summer and have not yet found a job, so I had decided to spend all day lounging around before I begin my job-hunting tomorrow.

I knew the men coming to fix our air conditioning were coming at 8am, but still, I am sleeping when I hear the doorbell chime downstairs. I fly out of bed, still in my tank top and boyshorts, snatching my black silk bathrobe and throwing it on as I rush to the door. I am not awake by any standard, and brush my tussled hair forcefully away from my face as I open the door.

I clear my throat and smile sheepishly as I open the door, tugging the slinky fabric across my breasts. I am greeted by an older gentleman; most likely well over fifty years of age, with a few signs of once-dark hair intermingled with the overall silver sheen. He has a freshly-trimmed goatee, also black and gray, complimenting a set of beautiful teeth that sparkle as he smiles at me. He pulls his shades off as I am opening the door, and I am startled by how unusually attractive he is for a man his age, or any, for that matter.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” He says, looking slightly embarrassed, “Did I wake you? I’m here to look at your upstairs HV/AC.”

I have no doubt that I look like a madwoman, and can feel my cheeks burn as I blush.

“No, no, please don’t apologize. I knew you were coming, I should have been awake!” I laugh nervously, and brush at my hair again, quickly replacing my hand to keep my robe from falling open. There is a strange pause as I notice his eyes following my hand.

“May… I…come in?” He asks slowly.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” I curse at myself internally. I am so embarrassed. I step back and pull the door open, and his steel-toed boots land heavily on the parquet floor as he steps inside. I close the door behind him and lock the deadbolt, then step away and watch his back as he flips up a few sheets of paper on his clipboard and looks over them. He is tall and well-built; I can practically see the muscles of his back through his white shirt. I cannot remember when I last have seen a man that looks this good. A surreal combination of being practically asleep and having such a sexy creature arrive on my front step is having an odd effect on me. He turns and looks right at me, then at the door.

“I’ll be coming in and out quite a bit,” he looks back down at his clipboard. Strangely, I feel my heartbeat begin to pick up as he says this, and actually feel a bit of a tingle in my lower abdomen. Oh my god, I say to myself, I am getting horny.

He looks back over at me with a confused expression on his face the way someone looks at an idiot.

“You might want to leave the door unlocked, Miss. I’ll need to go out to my truck in about five minutes.” He smiles, possibly realizing how uncomfortable I am. I unlock the door and apologize.

After a few moments of silence- him looking at his clipboard, then over at the thermostat; me standing quietly at the door, pulling on my robe and now attempting to cover up how stiff my nipples have become over the last two minutes.

“I’ll need to go up into the attic,” he finally breaks the silence, “If you show me where it is, you can just go back to sleep. You look very tired. I’ll also need to see the upstairs thermostat, if you could show that to me as well.”

“Ok,” I smile as charmingly as I possibly can, given my lack of makeup and hairdo. He chuckles as he follows me up the stairs. I have no idea why he is laughing, but I do so as well, finding that I have overcome my discomfort and initial shock of being awakened so suddenly.

He follows closely, and I swear I can feel his eyes on my ass and the backs of my legs. I wonder for a moment if it is possible for him to catch a peek up my short robe. Surprisingly, I find myself hoping that he can!

We reach the top of the stairs and I stop under the attic hatch.

“Um, you’ll have to pull the rope to bring down the ladder,” I say, smiling as innocently as I can. He smiles back at me, looking slightly clueless. He reaches for the rope and hands me his clipboard.

“Why, is it heavy or something?”

“My…um… I’ll…” I motion subtly at my robe. He stops cold and I see his eyes widen slightly as he looks right at where my hands are resting over my breasts.

“Oh! Of course,” He seems to pull himself away from staring at me, and continues to unfold the ladder.

“And the thermostat is right down the hall,” I point as I speak.

“I saw it, thanks,” He says, looking up into the attic. “Thank you, ma’am. You can go back to sleep now. I’ll just leave the bill on the bench downstairs by the door.”

I smile, a little disappointed that he does not appear to be as interested in me as I am in him. I watch him climb up into the sweltering attic and feel rather ashamed as I realize how undeniably wet I am just from watching him move.

I sneak into the bathroom, brush my teeth and put on a little makeup. I then head into my room and climb into my bed, closing the door behind me. I can hear him shifting boxes around overhead as I lay there, and a terribly naughty thought dances into my head.

Lying uncovered on my bed, I pull off my robe and slide my hand down my tiny sky blue skivvies and begin touching myself, thinking about nothing other than the gorgeous man sweating irresistibly just a few feet above me. I am so wet, and cum almost instantly. I break a sweat instantaneously, the lack of air conditioning making perspiration immediate after my explosive orgasm. I arch my back and moan as I go for a second round, pulling my tank top up and off so my peaking nipples can feel the air move as I breathe heavily. I pinch my left nipple with my free hand and start to think about him.

I want to fuck him so badly. I bet he fucks hard; he looks so strong- like he could drill me for hours without even breaking a sweat.

He is all I can think about as I run my fingertips up and down my slit, curling them up and over my swollen clit repeatedly, wishing he were doing this for me. I wonder what he looks like underneath those grungy clothes; whether he is gray in other places as well… how huge his mysterious cock must be! A man that looks that great in his late forties or later is one of the most rare and intoxicatingly erotic things I can imagine.

Now, here is the beauty of this house’s floor plan: in order to fold up the attic ladder, you must open my bedroom door or you will scratch the paint off my door and the wall above it.

He will have to open my door and he will find me.

“Oh god, I want you to find me,” I moan as I hear the pressure of his boots against the steps of the ladder. He is coming down! There is a pause in his steps, perhaps he is contemplating whether or not to open the door; worried about waking me again, worried about scaring me by intruding.

He knocks twice- with one of his knuckles from the sound of it- I gasp as I see the golden door handle twisting and the light from the hallway seeping quickly into my bedroom as the door inches open.

I groan loudly, and throw my head back as I hear the door fly back and hit the wall. I cannot see him, but I know he is watching me. I am covered in sweat, no doubt glistening in the dim light of an early, overcast morning emanating from my window and the light from the hallway. Legs spread wide, hips tilted upward, breasts heaving, and moaning and squealing like an overdramatic whore; I am sure I am quite a sight to see as I blow through my second climax just as he steps into my room.

I sigh forcefully as I calm down slightly, dropping my knees and laying a little more still, my eyes still closed. I stretch my entire body and continue to breathe heavily.

My eyelids flutter momentarily before I look up and see him standing there at the foot of my bed. I begin to laugh. How surprised he must be!

However, he does not appear startled at all. His chin is tucked down and his light eyes are peering at me from under a lowered brow. There is a glint of something I can recognize only as a powerful lust, and his chest is rising and falling dramatically. I realize that he is panting, and I let out a naughty giggle as he smiles fiendishly.

“I am so sorry, Sir,” I purr, rolling onto my stomach and crawling towards the foot of my bed. He mumbles something through his teeth, his smile growing as I sit back and pull my panties down. I am now completely naked.

“I wasn’t sleepy after I caught a glimpse of you,” I said affectionately. “You just looked so good when I opened the door; I couldn’t help myself. I hope you can forgive me for my indecency.”

“I forgive you,” He finally spoke, a twisted smile forming on his tempting lips.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” I smile coyly and lean back, easing myself back down onto the bed once again.

“You should be more careful. I’m a stranger to you. You don’t know anything about me; I could have come in here and done something unmentionable to you.”

“You could have,” I barely manage to speak, my legs trembling as he speaks. His voice is deep and full of power. I pray I was correct in assuming he fucks like his voice sounds…

“But would you have wanted to hurt me?” I start to sit up to walk over to him, but he flies over to me quickly, almost as if he were on fire. He tears at his clothing, peeling his sweaty garments off him as efficiently as only an older man can, and is on top of me in an instant.

“You’re a ballsy little girl, aren’t you?” He growls as he pushes my knees apart. I shiver as he speaks; I swear I am about to cum again just in the anticipation of him entering me.

“Letting me find you like that… Were you thinking about fucking me? Huh?”

I whimper in a mix of pleasure and shock as he shoves two fingers deep into my pussy, using his thumb to press firmly against my clit, his coarse skin rubbing in a quick, circular motion. I nod my head in response to his question.

“Yeah, that’s what you were thinking about. I could smell it when I was climbing down the ladder, sweetheart. I knew, I knew.” He grabs one of my nipples with his left hand, and then presses down with the palm of his hand, squeezing the whole breast with great force. I gasp and wrap my hands around his wrist. My hands look so tiny compared to his.

“Shit, you’re so wet!” he moans, pulling out his fingers and using them to rub my swollen flesh coarsely as he climbs over me and lowers his face down toward mine. I try to sit up enough to kiss him, but he grabs my shoulder and pushes me back. My eyes widen and I smile excitedly.

“Kiss me?” I whisper, raising my eyebrows hopefully.

“Kiss you? Kiss you? Is that what you want?” He presses his left thumb against my lips and I greet it gently with my tongue, curling my lips around his finger and sucking on it suggestively. He exhales forcefully as I do this, and watches closely for a moment with a look of awe before regaining his tough facade.

Getting up onto his knees once more, he grabs my head and pulls me into a sitting position, using both of his hands to plunge his throbbing cock deep into my mouth. His size is as I had hoped and expected, sliding perfectly in and out of my mouth as he clutches my hair and groans loudly.

After only a few moments of this, he pulls me back and pushes my shoulders deep down onto the mattress, kissing me forcefully. Our tongues meet blissfully, and I wrap my legs around his back, attempting to pull him down onto me. I whimper girlishly and buck my hips up towards his where they are hovering over mine, gazing up at him pleadingly. He smiles evilly.

“What? Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me,” I breathe, reaching for his cock with my hands and leaning up to kiss him again. He is a dream to kiss; his lips soft and his facial hair coarse.

“Say please,” He commands, kissing me again.

“Please,” I say playfully.

“Say please, Sir.”

I whine and try to force his hips down with my legs, he laughs.

“Say it!”

“Please, Sir!” I say reluctantly.

“Now say, ‘Thank you for fixing my A.C.’” We both laugh.

“Thank you for-” I barely have a chance to say it before he has thrust himself deep inside me, splitting me open in an instant. I let out a yelp of enjoyment, but am unable to catch my breath before he is hammering me furiously.

I usually try to avoid being loud during sex, but I find it useless to even attempt to silence myself. He is fucking so hard and as deep as is physically possible. I look up at him helplessly, and he is smiling, watching my face as he grinds his hips against mine.

He kisses me passionately, moving his lips to my neck and down to my breasts. His breath is hot and rhythmic, coinciding with his thrusts. I am aching with pleasure. He works his way back up to my neck and whispers into my ear.

“Is this what you wanted, baby? Is this what you thought it would be like?”

“Yes!” I pant, wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging tightly, “It’s exactly what I wanted! It’s perfect!”

“Then cum for me, angel. I know you’re about to do it; I can feel you tightening,” He runs his right hand down my side and up along the outer edge of my thigh. He is right: I am on the verge of my third explosion; he is too hot, his cock is too thick, his fucking is too good for me to last a minute longer.

“Come on, girl, come on!” He coaxes as I feel the electricity of an oncoming orgasm building all the way down in my knees and deep inside my stomach.

He sits back on his knees, pulling my hips up higher and looking down at me as he impales me with the full length of his erection; watching me arch and squirm as he holds my pelvis tightly against his own. His thrusting pauses for a moment and I realize that he knows he, too, is going to cum.

I hear him growl as he begins to fuck harder than ever, forcing himself to the brink of a paramount release.

“Come on!” He barks, but I can barely hear him over my own screaming as I fall victim to the most extraordinary apex of sexual pleasure I have ever experienced in my nineteen years of life.

The sight of my eruption is obviously far too exquisite for him. I make sure to watch him as he throws his head back and groans brutishly as he manages to get in his last few thrusts before he jolts himself out of me. He releases my hips with just enough time for me to scramble to my knees and inhale his pulsing flesh before his delicious fluids come pouring out into my expectant mouth. I use both hands to milk every last drop out of his beautiful cock before sitting back.

For a good five minutes we lie on my bed, trying to regain our breath. He kisses me sporadically, pulling my face and body into his each time, occasionally moaning and laughing to himself.

“Good thing I got that air to work,” He laughs as he gets up and pulls on his pants. “It’s burning up in here.”

I walk him to the door without putting on my clothes; he sets the bill on the bench and grabs me, pulling me into him for one last kiss. Neither of us speaks of attempting to reenact the amazing scene in the future. I watch him drive away, and sigh.

This was one month ago. The bad news is: I have honestly missed him, and wish that I would have suggested we see each other again. The good news is: our downstairs A/C is broken…

I got up from his lap, leaning over and kissing him once more before walking away. I put one finger up and said, “wait.” And I turned and went into Lo’s room. In there I got blankets and pillows and piled them on the dresser while I got changed. I left my black G-string on, put pulled a cheerleading tank top on over my naked chest. Damn, I knew I looked hot.

I walked out and told him to stay where he was while I made a make shift bed. I was teasing him by bending over to spread the blankets out on the floor all the while my pussy lips were being spread and he was getting a great shot at my hot ass and my very wet young little pussy.

While I was doing this…teasing thing, I was not only getting him harder, but ended up getting myself soaking wet as well. Not that that was a bad thing, but I was embarrassed that it would be noticeable against my black G-string. But, just as I was thinking about worrying about dripping my juices all over the bed I was just finishing making, he came up from behind me. I only noticed because I could see that his feet were now right behind mine as I was bent over adjusting the pillows.

I smiled to myself knowing that I had just gotten this man so hard and horny that he had to come to me. I slowly slid my body down and turned around so that now I was kneeling on the ground in front of him with my legs bent at the knees and spread wide open for him. I was balancing on the pads of my feet while looking right into his eyes and found that he was looking right back.

Then slowly his eyes left mine and started their downward journey over my entire body. As his eyes fell, so did the rest of him, and he was soon on his knees and in-between my spread legs. He started to take his clothes off, and of course I didn’t help, I wanted to watch him strip for me, and he did.

I was leaning back on my elbows watching his skin come into view. He had broad shoulders and his skin was a perfect golden sun-kissed brown. His upper arms were well defined with just the right amount of muscles and his torso flexed as he lifted his shirt over his head. I could feel my juices leaking out of me, soaking through my G-string and running down my inner thighs. I knew then that I had to have been dripping all over our bed, and I didn’t care he looked as if he was mesmerized by the sight of my pussy leaking for him. There was a wet spot on the front of his jeans that didn’t go unnoticed either and I was glad that his precum was leaking out of his hard cock.

My nipples were hard and pressing into the cheerleader tank top that I was wearing and I couldn’t help but notice that his nipples were just as erect as mine. By the time he had undone the button and let down the zipper of his jeans it took all the restraint I had not to jump on him and just start fucking. Instead I licked my lips very slowly and leaned forward and proceeded to stuff his beautiful cock deep down my throat and he let out a low deep groan as I devoured his manhood. When I thought he was close to cumming I stopped fucking his cock with my mouth and sat back up wiping the spit from around my mouth with the back of my hand.

Kneeling in front of one another the air was thick with lust as he grabbed the bottom of my tank and pulled it up over and off of my head. I hadn’t put my bra back on so now he only had my G-string to remove. He wasted no time in pushing me onto my back sucking on my throat dragging his tongue from my collar bone to the lobe of my ear and sucking on it gently. He continued his way back to my collar bone and down to my breast and teasing my nipples while he removed my drenched panties. He slowly released my nipple from between his teeth as he watched his hands pull at the sided of my panties. The center of the G-string clung to my pussy lips from being so wet with my pussy juice that it was the last part to cling to me as he rolled the panties down and off of my legs. I moaned when I felt myself completely nude and utterly open to him. I didn’t know what he was going to do, and I didn’t care. I just wanted him, needed him deep inside of me.

He spread me open even more for him, I felt as if he could see deep into my cunt as he slowly licked from the base of my swollen aching little pussy to my hard throbbing clit. My back arched as my hands went to the back of his head while he ate my pussy. I moaned and groaned and looked down at him and couldn’t believe how good it all felt. But, I couldn’t take anymore of this teasing and I needed him inside of me badly. So I pulled on his hair softly but enough so he knew what I wanted and he started to make his way back up towards my face. Dipping his tongue into my pierced belly button and giving a little tug on the ring on his way up past my breasts and onto my mouth where he kissed me deep and hard and with a passion I had never known before this, before him.

He sat back up and asked “do you have a condom?”, and I surprised him by telling him I was on the pill and to not worry about it. He was kneeling with his ass resting on his heels and he laid down on top me and started an easy push forward inside of my tight little pussy. I told him to go easy because it had been a few weeks for me, and he said that he would and that it had been a while for him as well, so he needed to go slow. I figured he just didn’t want to cum to quickly.

It was a very tight fit. As he was working his way slowly inside of me he sat back up leaning back on his heels not once leaving my pussy. He pulled me up onto his lap and I started to ride him. He felt so good as he slipped further and deeper inside of me. I leaned back so that I was supporting my upper half on my extended arms but never stopped riding him and he started a deep hard thrust that started the begining of one of the hardest orgasms I had ever had. My cunt started grabbing his cock pulsing and contracting and he thrust harder and faster deep into me. There was an urgency that we could both feel and I knew that he was close.

We didn’t speak just looked into each others eyes as we continued this amazing fuck. I was the first to let go, and I did with loud deep cries and grunts and it felt to good to be embarrassed at the time. He came right after me and flooded my pussy with the fattest load of cum my cunt had ever had, well it was the first load my cunt had ever had without the protection of a condom. But, it was huge, and when he released he grunted and sweat was pouring from his body and he slipped from my contracting pussy and onto the top of my body where the last remnants of his cum dripped from the tip of his spent cock.

We lay silent and breathing heavy into one another’s ears and finally as he was pushing himself up and off of my body we looked at one another and smiled. I let out a laugh and said “wow” and he mimicked me before rising up and going into the bathroom. I laid there with his cum still deep inside of me, and relished the feeling of it oozing out of me and into the crack of my ass and onto the blankets below me.

It felt so hot leaking out of me as it cooled as a result of the contact with the air in the room. He came back and laid next to me still naked as I was still naked as well. I got up and felt him start to pour out of me and couldn’t help but think ‘god, I hope there are more times just like this’ it felt so good to have his cum inside of my body dripping out and down my thighs. I never thought that it could feel so good.

Flushing the toilet I went back out and laid next to him. He was already half asleep as I laid my body down. I asked him if he needed the alarm set, and he said no. We lay with me on my back and him on his stomach his face turned away from me. We fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was Saturday morning 6 am and he was getting up and leaving dressed in the same clothes that he had come over in the night before to go to play in a golf tournament.

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