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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this fantasy about being made love to by more than one man. I don’t mean rape; I mean being made love to. I can’t even tell you when I started thinking about and wanting this or even when it became a conscious desire. It was something that I accepted as a part of me. I didn’t think that I was crazy or anything like that, it just…was.

My name is Allie Walker. I have never been married although I am far from being pure. I am what would be considered a big woman, I am short somewhere around five feet two inches, very dark skinned with a short afro. I don’t consider myself ugly by any means but I’m not beautiful either, I just am.

I live in Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains not far from the Roanoke River. The house that I live in was built by my great grandfather and has been in the family ever since. I don’t know if any of you have been to this part of the country but it is simply breathtaking. It almost feels like another world, in the winter when it snows it looks exactly like something that Thomas Kincaide or another famous artist would paint, the spring and fall are just as breathtaking.

I live pretty far from town with no close neighbors which is fine by me. The only visitors I get are hikers that have gotten lost which happen quite a bit. Other than that I spend my time alone. I don’t really work because my parents left me fairly well off. I do however write for a website, I write articles about anything that tickles my fancy and I get paid quite well for it. I don’t really consider it work because I enjoy doing it.

I keep myself occupied by reading, watching movies and television and playing games on the internet. On occasion, I’ll call one of my cousins who lives in sunny California and catch up on the latest going ons in the family. She’s been trying to talk me into moving out there but I don’t want to, I like it here too much.

It’s now September and time for me to start getting ready for the winter months. It’s not unusual for me to get stuck up her for a couple of weeks at a time so I like to be prepared. My list of supplies is on the table waiting for me as I make one last check on my supplies. I checked the gas supply for the generator and decide that I’d better pick up a few extra gallons; I have more than enough oil for my lamps and enough batteries of every kind to open my own store.

The last thing that I check is my toy drawer, in it I have every kind of sex toy that I can think of. Just looking at them makes me tingle. I have time to pleasure myself before I make the drive into town I decide. I totally strip and lay on my bed; I have a ritual you see. I always start with my breast, I don’t know why; I just do. My nipples are already hard with anticipation of what I’m going to do next; I am blessed with breasts large enough that I can suck on my own nipples. Whenever I do, I imagine that the tongue licking them belongs to someone else. I lick and suck one and then the other imagining a mouth on each nipple. I reached into my drawer and took out two little suction cups that fit onto my nipples and I squeeze moaning at the sensation of the suction. I squeezed each cup several times squeezing my legs together as the sensation traveled to between my legs making my clit throb. I take my time with this, part of the game is seeing how long I can hold off before I let myself orgasm. Sometimes to make things interesting, I won’t pleasure myself for several days, this time it’s been two days.

It isn’t long before I can’t help myself, I don’t even need a vibrator to go over the edge. I take one hand and place it between my legs while the other one continues to squeeze the suction cups on my nipples. I make little circles around my clit and then I’m over the edge. I don’t try to keep my moans of pleasure quiet, who’s going to hear me? Afterwards, as I’m recovering, I wished that there was someone else to do this for me. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been with a man, months in fact. The last one was a hiker who got lost but as good as it was; it wasn’t enough.

I got dressed, grabbed my list and jumped into my van. It was late afternoon and I knew that Tony, the store manager was waiting for me. He had already called to let me know that my supplies were ready to be picked up and that he would be happy to load them for me.

I was surprised to see that the store was closed when I got there but he was waiting for me, as always he made some comment about pleasing me.

“You know, there is more than one way to please a person.” he said with a grin.

Usually I ignore the comments but today was different. I don’t know whether it was because I was still unsatisfied from the earlier orgasm or if I was just realizing how handsome he was but I decided to take him up on his offer. He wasn’t married or involved with anyone and we were both consenting adults and I really needed something other than my toys and my hand.

“Put your money where your mouth is.” I told him.

I think he was actually surprised when I accepted. Once he got over his surprise, he took my hand and led me to the back room where he kept a cot just in case he got snowed in. I can see that he is already hard in anticipation of our unscheduled afternoon sex. He grabbed me before I had a chance to say anything and kissed me hard at first and then he gentled, the last kiss I had was from that hiker and it was nothing like this. His mouth moved from my mouth to my neck licking and sucking it as his hands went under my shirt. My hands were trying to pull his shirt out of his jeans; this was lust in its purest form. Tony grabbed my hands and held them as he kissed me again.

“Slow down, we have to slow down. I’ve waited so long for this.” he murmured.

I had no idea of what he was talking about and to be honest with you, I didn’t care. Minutes later, we were both naked, it didn’t occur to me to be conscious about my body and apparently Tony had no issues with it judging by his reaction. He kissed my shoulders where my bra had made marks because of the heaviness of my breast. I moaned as he took them into his hands and kneaded them running his thumbs over the now erect nipples.

“I knew that they would be beautiful!” he said as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked one and then the other.

He then put the nipples together and took both of them into his mouth and sucked hard. I swear to you that I almost came. I pushed my chest into his face trying to encourage him not to stop, I was almost there and then he stopped. I could feel his cock pressing into me and I ground against it trying to maneuver it so that it would slide between my legs but he had other ideas.

“Lay on the cot.” he instructed.

After I was lying down, he knelt beside me and began to kiss his way down my body starting with my mouth. His right hand was stroking my stomach and was headed to between my legs, he stroked me everywhere but where I wanted him to. He kept me tottering just on the edge, when he sensed that I was about to come, he moved his hand to another part of my body. Finally, he was where I needed him to be, he didn’t need to tell me what to do; I opened my legs as wide as I could and waited.

The wait seemed to be a long time so I opened my eyes and looked at him. His green eyes glittered as he looked at me, and then suddenly, he was on me sucking and licking me until I screamed only vaguely remembering that someone might hear me.

When he was finished, he moved to the head of the bed and offered me his throbbing cock which I took without hesitation. I licked and sucked on the large head until he was moaning for me to end it but I didn’t. Who knew when this would happen again? I let is cock fall out of my mouth and stroked it relishing the feel of the soft skin in my hands. I took one heavy ball into my mouth and then the other sucking each one gently.

“Allie! For God’s sake end this!” he moaned.

I released his balls and took his cock back into my mouth, I swiped my tongue along the underside where the head met the shaft, I sucked and licked until he came in my mouth and even then I didn’t stop. Without missing a beat, he was between my legs and was ramming himself into me.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I begged.

This time he listened to me, we came clinging to each other. For several minutes neither of us moved nor spoke. Tony held me close as if we were lovers instead of two horny people who needed some relief. Afterwards, Tony dressed and went to load up the van while I dressed. I had expected us to feel awkward around each other given what had just happened between us, but we didn’t. As a matter of fact, he actually kissed me and told me to be careful driving home.

I drove home feeling as sated as I’d ever been, I relished the feel of Tony’s semen as it leaked from me, the thought that we’d had unprotected sex occurred to me. The thought of a baby wasn’t an unwelcome one but I knew my body, I wasn’t ovulating. As I unloaded my supplies, I realized that I didn’t go to the post office, my winter reading order was waiting for me. It would just give me another reason to go into town I thought.

I had enough food and supplies to feed a small army I realized but better safe than sorry as my dad used to say. I went into the spare bedroom and checked on what jigsaw puzzles I had, if I was going to make another trip into town, I’d buy a few more. Other than my books at the post office, I was fully prepared to spend the winter alone.

The next week I went into town to pick up my books and made another visit to the store under the premise of forgetting something. Once again we had incredible earth shaking sex, afterwards I thought that the only thing that would have made it perfect is if there had been more than one of him but beggars can’t be choosers can they?

“There’s a storm headed this way, do you have everything that you need?” he asked as we got dressed.

“Yes, thanks.” I replied and made some comment about the early storm.

“You be careful up there, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” he replied.

Before he let me out of the store, he gave me a hug and a kiss. I had the feeling that he wanted to tell me something but changed his mind.

“Just be careful alright?” he said giving me a final kiss.

The predicted storm hit three days later. At first I could see several yards beyond the van, by afternoon I couldn’t see beyond the van by early evening I couldn’t see the van at all. I looked up at the sky watching the snow as it fell and sighed. I was going to be stuck for at least three to four days if not longer. I changed into my flannel pajamas, checked my flashlights and oil lamps and settled down to read.

I must have dozed off because I jumped awake to a banging on the door. I frowned wondering who would be stupid enough to be out in this weather. I crept toward the door and peeked out around the curtain, there stood four of what had to be most gorgeous men I had ever seen. I cracked the door open and spoke to them.

“Can I help you?”

“Hello, we were headed up the mountain and got caught in the storm. I know its stupid but none of us listened to the weather before we left. Could we possibly use your phone?”

“I’m sorry but the phone’s are out already.” I replied, “But you can come in and wait, they might be back up soon but I doubt it.”

I know that I was being too trusting but I couldn’t let them freeze to death could I? And after all, this was as close to my fantasy that I was probably going to get. They introduced themselves as Matt, Louis, Paul and Kevin. It was clear that Matt was the one in charge.

“Kev and Paul, why don’t you grab the bags out of the truck?”

I watched as they ran out to the truck and grabbed three bags. The snow was falling so hard that I almost couldn’t see them until they were back on the porch. I stepped aside and let them in getting a really good look at them, gorgeous was an understatement.

“What’s your name?” Matt asked me.

“Allie Walker.”

“Well Allie Walker, why are you up here alone?”

I explained to him how the house had been in my family for generations and that I liked it here. It dawned on me that they might be hungry. As it turned out, they hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. I cooked a huge meal and had a blast doing it; it was nice to cook for someone other than myself. When dinner was over, they insisted on cleaning the kitchen.

“It’s the least that we can do.” Matt said when I objected.

I looked outside; the snow was still falling heavily. They wouldn’t be going anywhere tonight.

“It looks like you’re stranded here at least for tonight. I have a couple of extra rooms that you can use if you want.”

“Thank you for your kindness.” Matt said with a smile.

I love men with dimples, I love men that are tall and I especially love men with long hair as long as it is neat and well kept and these guys had all of the above in spades. I think the shortest of them was around six-four with Matt topping that by a good three inches. I could see myself smushed between the four of them. As I looked at Matt, I thought that he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t think of who. I did find out that they were all brothers and none of them married.

“Why aren’t any of you married?” I asked. Matt was the oldest at thirty-five although he looked much younger with the youngest of them, Paul being thirty.

I caught a look that passed between them, I don’t know what it meant but it set me a tingling.

“Women seem to have a problem with us.” Kevin said.

This piqued my interest.

“You all seem like nice guys, what problems could a woman have with you?” I asked.

“Thank you for opening up your home to us.” Matt said not answering my question.

I showed them to the spare bedrooms and the bathroom and then said goodnight.

It was well after two am before I settled down for the night, I usually slept in the nude for easy access to my body but with four men in the house I decided that it might not be a good idea. I woke up to the smell of breakfast and coffee. I went downstairs after putting on a housecoat to find the table set and breakfast ready.

“You didn’t have to do this.” I said but secretly I loved it. This was part of my fantasy; it was part of being made love to. Once again I wondered why these guys weren’t married; their wives would be very lucky women. Kevin fixed my plate and sat it in front of me while Matt sat next to me.

“Don’t you ever get lonely up here alone?” he asked.

“Sometimes but I find things to do.” I replied taking a bite of the bacon that was cooked to perfection.

“Do you get visitors?”

“Not many and those are usually people like you that have gotten lost.” I replied.

Breakfast was absolutely delicious probably because it was cooked and served by four gorgeous men. This was something that I was going to remember to the end of my days.

I never saw Kevin move behind me, I only knew that he was there because he was rubbing my shoulders.

“You are a beautiful woman, much too beautiful to be alone.” he said as his hands kneaded the back of my neck, “Don’t you agree Louis?” he asked.

“Wholeheartedly.” Louis replied as he knelt to one side of me, “and I think that Paul would also agree.”

As if on cue, Paul was kneeling on the other side of me. I was getting nervous, not afraid really but just nervous. Something was happening here that I didn’t understand. Matt knelt in front of me and untied my robe and unbuttoned my pajama top.

“They’re right you know. You are beautiful” Matt said.

I’d been called a lot of things in my life including the dreaded “N” word but never beautiful. I didn’t say anything as Matt stroked my now exposed breasts.

“Take us to your room.” he murmured as he ran a finger over a hard nipple.

“Why?” I asked already knowing the answer. The thing that I had always wanted was going to happen and I was afraid.

“Take us to your room now.” Matt said his tone firm but not mean. He was someone who was used to being in charge and not used to being questioned.

I stood up on shaky legs and looked at each of them; the bulge in their jeans was hard to miss. I led the way to my room and stood at the foot of the bed.

“Strip.” Paul said, his tone just as firm as Matt’s had been.

I hesitated.

“Are you going to rape me?” I asked nervously.

“Would you like us to?” Matt asked.

“No!” I said quickly.

Kevin moved closer to me and kissed me.

“Good, I’m going to tell you why women have issues with us. We like to have sex together with one woman. Most women can’t handle that, can you?” Kevin asked as he kissed me again.

“We also like to use toys, do you like toys Allie?” Paul asked as he took one of my nipples into his mouth.

I gasped at the sensation. I could feel someone behind me; Matt.

“We also enjoy some pain but it’s alright if you don’t. Have you ever tried pain during sex?” Louis asked as he took my other nipple into his mouth and bit down hard enough to sting but not really hurt.

Matt was behind me running his hands over my ass before putting them into the waist of my pajama bottoms.

“And sometimes, we like to touch each other while we’re having sex with a woman, can you handle that?” Matt asked.

By this time the house could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have cared. My entire body trembled as hands and mouths explored my body.

“Allie.” Matt said gently, “Will you fuck with us?”

“God yes!” I moaned as someone put a hand down the front of my pajama bottoms.

‘One more thing.” Matt said, “The only thing that we ask is that you give us the pain that we ask for; if you want pain, then tell us. We will always listen to what you want and need.”

I agreed without hesitation, I had never seen two men together and the idea intrigued me, no it aroused me even more than I was. Matt moved from behind me and eased me to the bed. Paul and Louis sucked and nipped at my nipples sending me to seventh heaven while Kevin took my legs, peeled off my pajama bottoms and handed my legs to Matt who was at my head. He spread my legs as wide as they would go giving Kevin access to my throbbing, wet pussy.

“Open your mouth.” Matt said firmly.

As soon as I opened my mouth, he leaned forward and slipped his cock in slowly. I began to suck at him trying not to bite as the others sucked, licked and ate at me. I screamed around Matt’s cock as I felt Kevin slide two fingers inside of me and began to thrust them in and out. Just before I came, they changed positions until Matt was between my legs. Kevin held my legs as Matt had, his cock in my mouth. Then Matt was inside of me. His thrusts were slow and each time he was deep inside of me, he swiveled his hips and rubbed against my clit. I was going to come this time and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop it. Kevin came in my mouth as the Paul and Louis stroked themselves as they continued to suck my now sore, swollen and sensitive nipples. Matt came with a growl deep inside of me and still he rammed into me. I came screaming like a banshee very glad that there were no close neighbors.

I was soaked with sweat and breathing hard from my exertions by the time they were done. All of them crawled into the bed with me each touching me somewhere. Matt was behind me, spooning me, Kevin was in front of me with his arm around me and Matt, Paul’s head rested on my thigh and Louis’ head was against my legs. It sounds like it would be uncomfortable but it wasn’t, I felt more secure than I had in my entire life.

I woke up to soft moans; Paul was stroking Louis’ cock. As soon as they realized that I was awake, Louis reached between my legs and began to stroke me until I was moaning with him. Kevin woke up and began to suck my nipple.

“I want your ass.” Matt whispered into my ear.

I felt him place his cock between my cheeks and gently push and prod until he found my virgin opening. I felt pressure as the head of his cock pushed against me.

“Relax.” he crooned into my ear.

“Paul, suck on her clit.” Matt said.

Suddenly, one leg was being held up in the air and I felt a tongue licking me, I was going to come. At the same time, Matt continued pushing into me. I felt the large head of his cock enter me and it hurt. He stopped and let me adjust before he continued. Finally, I felt his pelvis against my ass.

“I’m in baby and you feel so good.” he panted as he began making short thrust inside of me.

Gradually the pain disappeared and was replaced by a deep pleasure. I had never thought about anal sex before and I was finding that I enjoyed it. It wasn’t long before I came with Paul sucking on my clit and Matt thrusting into me from behind. Kevin came while stroking himself while sucking on my nipple while Louis sat back and watched stroking himself until he came on my thigh.

Matt was the first to recover.

“Get cleaned up and meet us downstairs, we have things to talk about.” he told me.

When they left the room, I took a long hot shower. As soon as the warm water hit my nipples I came, I couldn’t help it. I came again when I washed my ass and pussy; this was so much better than any fantasy that I had dreamt up.

Breakfast was ready by the time I made it downstairs. Louis held my chair for me as I sat down while Matt fixed my plate. After breakfast, they shooed me to the living room.

“Read or whatever it is you do.” Matt said kissing me and tapping me on the ass.

I was in the middle of a scrabble game on my laptop when they came in. Matt sat next to me on my left; Kevin sat to my right, with Paul and Louis on the floor in front of me each of them rubbing a foot.

“Allie, do you know how remarkable you are?” Matt asked, “You were perfectly comfortable with making love with us not even flinching when we touched each other. Very few women could do that.”

Making love? Whatever happened to fucking? I wondered. So I decided to ask.

“What happened to fucking?” I asked.

They all looked at each other and nodded.

“At first it was just fucking but once we knew that you were who we thought you were, it became making love.” Matt said, “Allie, you belong to us.”

“What do you mean belong to you?” I asked, “After the storm you’ll be gone” I replied.

Matt looked as if he was trying to decide whether to tell me something or not and then decided to tell me.

“Allie, you are our mate. We’re werewolves.” Matt said as if he was offering me a chair.

“What? Werewolves? You don’t look like werewolves!” I said never mind the fact that I had no idea of what a werewolf was supposed to look like.

“Didn’t you wonder about our stamina?” Kevin asked.

“Yes but…” I faltered when I looked into Matt’s green eyes.

They glittered and I saw something move behind them. I looked at Kevin next, his eyes were a light brown but I saw the same thing. It was the same with Paul and Louis. I was angry.

“That’s just freaking great!” I said, “so now what? After the storm you go away until next winter?” I asked not even addressing the werewolf issue.

“Allie, sweetheart, you’re not listening.” Matt said, “We belong together, all six of us. You are our mate.”

Six? There’s another one? What seemed to be a million questions flooded my brain, how was this possible?

“Allie, we’ve known about you for the past six months, we waited until now because you wouldn’t have invited us in otherwise.” Louis said as he rubbed my foot.

“How? Oh god.” I moaned not even knowing where to start with my questions.

Matt took over and began to explain things.

“Every few hundred years our family is blessed with having one mate for all of the brothers. The last time it happened was probably well over six hundred years ago, those would be our great grandfathers. They are all alive and well but have stepped down and handed control of the pack to their sons who each had their own mate, these are our grandfathers. Our father has passed control of the pack to us and we are the selected ones to have one mate for all of us. No one knows why or how, it just is.”

He went on to explain how they were almost immortal in that they could live for thousands of years which prompted the question.

“What happens to me? I’m human. Do you find another woman or what?” I asked.

“No love, there’s a ceremony that we go through that will make you as we are. It involves some pain and a lot of love making.” Kevin replied, “But we will be taking a majority of the pain.”

I had to bite each and every one of them and they had to bite me, according to Paul, I would be one sick puppy for a day or so. The question was did I want to do this? And then I had a question.

“What about this full moon thing?”

Louis chuckled, “That’s true to an extent but the fact is that we can change at anytime, the full moon just makes it easier. Having said that, you will always be safe with us, even in our wolf form; we will know you, your scent is imbedded in our brain.”

“The question that we have for you,” Matt said, “is if you will agree to the mate to the five of us.”

“Where is the other one?” I asked.

“Not far. Why don’t you go upstairs and relax? We’ll take care of things down here.”

I knew what he was doing he was giving me time to think about my answer. The bed was freshly made, the dirty sheets were in the hamper but I could still smell the scent of love being made. I lay on the bed and closed my eyes and tried to work through all of the information that I had just received but all I saw was four men making love to me. I opened my eyes when I sensed that I wasn’t alone. Matt was standing in the doorway watching me, for the barest of seconds; I saw his wolf in his eyes. Without speaking, he crossed the room and got into bed with me. I snuggled next to him as he put an arm around me; I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was woken by a kiss on my cheek and by several bodies all with erections surrounding me and I wanted to touch them all. Matt spoke first.

“Touch yourself, make yourself come for us.”

Without thinking about it, I opened my robe and pulled up my nightgown and began to pleasure myself. It wasn’t hard to become aroused, all I had to do was look around me and remember how it felt to be made love to by these four men who said that I belonged to them but did they belong to me? It was important that I know that this wasn’t a one way street.

One of them, Paul; moved my hand and replaced it with his tongue.

“Do you belong to me?” I asked moaning as a nipple went into Kevin’s mouth.

“Yes.” four voices replied as one, “We are yours.”

Louis was sucking on the other nipple so hard that it was painful. When I whimpered he backed off and licked it until the pain was gone. After that he sucked just hard enough that it was almost to the point of pain but not quite. Matt touched my cheek with his cock prompting me to open my mouth. I heard him groan as I sucked on the head.

“Allie, bite it.”

I hesitated, that would hurt.

“You promised to give us whatever pain we asked for, so bite my cock.” he insisted.

I bit down gently and I heard him moan in appreciation.

“Harder.” he moaned.

Once again I bit down and once again he groaned in pleasure.

“Again!” he screamed.

And I bit. I felt him shoot into my mouth as he screamed his release. Kevin and Louis were on their knees on either side of me their erections pointing directly at me. I took a cock in each hand and stroked and pulled until they both came with loud moans. Paul was now inside of me slowly pumping in and out, his eyes closed totally oblivious to everything around him. I tightened my muscles around him breaking his concentration. Kevin reached down and rubbed my clit as Paul pumped faster and faster until he came saying my name. Kevin rubbed my clit faster until finally I came as well. I fell asleep with hands and lips kissing and touching me.

The next time I woke up it was past lunch, Matt was sitting on the bed waiting for me to wake up. He greeted me with a soft kiss.

“Lunch is ready whenever you are.” he said as he got up to leave.

I took a shower and changed into a clean nightgown although I don’t know why I bothered. Lunch was absolutely delicious. Paul made a peach pie from canned peaches that had I not known any better, I would have sworn that they were fresh. I made him promise to tell me how he did it. After lunch, matt took me to the living room leaving the others to clean the kitchen.

“Allie, do you understand what’s happening here?” he asked.

“I understand what you’re saying but I don’t understand how it’s possible for me to be the mate to five of you.” I replied.

Matt looked surprised.

“That wasn’t the question that I was expecting” he said with a smile.

“What question were you expecting?” I asked.

“I was expecting you to ask if we were really werewolves, some mates still question it even though they see It.” he replied.

I could understand that but I knew and trusted what I saw.

“I have a question for you.” I said, “Why did you wait to come to me?”

“It’s like I said earlier, if we had come in the spring or summer you wouldn’t have let us in. Believe me when I say that we wanted to come long before now, it was all that we could do to stay away from you. One of us was always nearby, you were never really alone.”

It hit me that he probably knew about the hiker, I felt the need to explain but Matt shushed me.

“No explanations are necessary, we didn’t expect you to be celibate and it’s not like you had a constant stream of men passing through.” he told me.

“You’re not angry?” I asked.

“No, we’re not angry. You didn’t know about us and if you had you wouldn’t have had sex with him. But I do have some things to tell you so that you can make an informed decision about whether to become our mate or not.”

Matt patted his lap indicating that I should sit there. I hesitated, I had never sat in anyone’s lap before and I thought myself too big for that kind thing, when I told him that he became irritated.

“Never say anything negative about yourself; we think that you are perfect as you are. Ask any of the others and they will tell you the exact same thing. I also speak for all of us when I say that we love you and will do whatever we need to in order to make you happy.”

I was dumbfounded.

“How can you say that? You don’t know anything about me.”

“You can learn a lot about a person by watching them.” Matt said, “And we know all we need to know. We belong together. What other questions do you have?”

I couldn’t think of anything but he did.

“Allie, our home is about one hundred miles north of here, there are many of us and as I explained, we are the ruling family. I am the leader of our pack and my brothers are my cabinet if you want to think of it like that. You are our first lady, in other words you carry a lot of clout but I have the final say. Once you decide whether to mate with us, we have to leave here and go home. We can leave the house as it is and come back from time to time if you like but we can’t live here.

If anything was going to be a deal breaker, then that was it. Leave my house? Matt didn’t say anything as I thought of a million things. I made myself slow down and take one thing at a time starting with the most important thing. I finally got what I wanted and it was better than I could have dreamed, was I going to let the fact that I couldn’t live in my house going to stop me from doing what I had always wanted and needed? Then I had another thought, babies? How would I know who the father was? And would it be born looking like as human or a furry little creature? I decided to ask.

“It won’t matter who the father is, we will all be their fathers as to what they will look like when they are born, they will look human and will grow as human children do until they are twenty-one. By then they will know how to survive in the world as a werewolf.”

I really needed time to think about this and I couldn’t do it sitting in Matt’s lap. What I really needed was to go for a walk but the storm was still raging but had decreased in its intensity. Matt let me up to go to my room. I lay on the bed where we all had just made love not that long ago and closed my eyes. These men accepted me as I was, they even considered me beautiful. I was being treated like a queen and I was completely sated sexually. What in the hell was I waiting for? Suddenly I realized that I was making this much harder than it needed to be, it was a yes or no question, did I want to be with the five of them? Yes, did I want to live with them for thousands of years? Yes, I wanted to wake up in a bed with the five of them surrounding me, have their children whether they are puppies or human.

I went back downstairs and found the four of them looking through my DVD collection.

“Cool! She doesn’t watch chick flicks!” Louis said happily.

“Amen to that!” Kevin said, “But look at her martial arts collection!” he said obviously pleased.

They were so engrossed with looking at my movies that they weren’t aware that I was standing behind them.

“Hey, she’s got the whole Ken Burns documentary on the civil war.” Matt said impressed, “and Gettysburg.” he added.

Paul was the only one who hadn’t commented yet but he soon did.

“She’s got like a ton of cook books! I hope that she brings them with her if she comes with us.”

I made a small noise and as one they turned around.

“I made my decision.” I said quietly.

The four of them stood frozen in place waiting for me to speak.

“Yes,” I said.

It took several seconds for it to sink in but when it did, I found myself surrounded by four big men. Matt picked me up first and kissed me before passing me to Kevin who passed me to Paul who then passed me to Louis who handed me back to Matt.

After the excitement died down, Matt sent me upstairs for a nap.

“You’re going to need it.” he said as he hugged me again.

I went back upstairs and lay down. The bed seemed too big without the others in it; I jumped when I heard someone behind me.

“Want some company?” Matt asked.

To be truthful, I did; I didn’t want to be alone and it wasn’t because of fear. I patted the empty space next to me. In three strides, he was at the side of the bed and then I was in his arms, I wanted to talk but he wanted me to sleep.

“Close your eyes.” he said as he lightly stroked my arm.

He spoke in a low soft voice that would lull any insomniac to sleep. When I woke up it was time for dinner, Paul had outdone himself. The pork roast was cooked to perfection with carrots and potatoes. Dessert was apple pie made from canned apples; I would definitely have to take my cookbooks for him. We talked quietly throughout the meal, apparently this mating thing was a big deal but I wasn’t nervous anymore, I was ready to do this.

After dinner, I was sent back upstairs.

“Take a nice hot shower and we’ll be up shortly.” Matt said.

Each of them kissed me murmuring a “thank you” against my lips afterwards. I wondered where the fifth brother was and when I would meet him. I took my time in the shower; I wanted to be sure that I was as clean as possible. When I came out of the bathroom, they were waiting for me, each of them holding a white ties and Matt held a blindfold.

Matt led me to the bed and sat me down.

“Allie, these are the ties of mating. You will be tied to the bed with these; it is a symbol that you trust us to care for you and not to cause you any unnecessary pain unless you wish it. Since our fifth brother isn’t here, I will apply his for him; the blindfold is for me to apply. Remember that I told you that the only real pain that you will feel is when we mark you but we will do it with as little pain as possible. If you need to stop, just say so and we’ll stop to let you rest.”

I had been under the impression that this wouldn’t take more than an hour or so, I was seriously mistaken.

“Just how long does this take?” I asked.

“All night, the marking will come at the end of the night. Are you ready for us?” Matt asked.

“Just one.” I replied, “What’s your last name?”

“Christianson and by the end of the night, that will be your name as well.”

Matt helped me into the bed and tied my right wrist to the bedpost while Kevin did the left one. Paul tied the right foot while Louis tied the left. After checking several times to make sure that the binds weren’t too tight, Matt applied the blindfold. I heard murmurs of approval as I lay quietly entrusting my safety into the hands of these men.

It seemed like a long time before anyone spoke but when they did, it was Matt.

“It is with great joy that we claim this woman Allie Walker as our mate. Allie we welcome you and pledge to you all that is ours including our bodies, our hearts, our souls and our minds. We swear that you will always be kept safe even at the cost of our lives.”

There was a moment of silence and then they started singing a song whose words I didn’t understand. Later I found out that it was a song only sung at matings such as ours. It was probably one of the most beautiful songs that I had ever heard. Its meaning was clear even though I didn’t understand the words. When the song was over, I heard the bedroom door open and then close.

“This is the part of the ceremony where each of us gets to spend time alone with you. We will each say the vows that we have prepared for you, none of us knows what the other is going to say but as Alpha, I go first followed by Kevin, then Louis and Paul. If the other brother were here, he would go after Kevin.”

I lay there blindfolded and bound to the bed as Matt said his vows to me, I cried as he promised love, protection and encouragement. I tried to stop crying, I still had three more men to go through. When he was finished, he kissed me and told me that he loved me. By the time Paul was through, the blindfold was soaked.

“Keep your eyes closed.” Paul said and then he replaced the soaked blindfold with a dry one.

Once again the bedroom door opened and I heard the other three walk in. I couldn’t tell who was where but only that all of them were there. I gasped when I felt a warm mouth on each of my nipples and another latch onto my clit. A fourth pair of hands massaged warm oil into my skin, I don’t know who was doing what when the orgasm came but it came hard and fast knocking the wind from my sails. I must have fainted because the next thing I knew; there was a cool wash cloth pressed against my forehead and a glass pressed against my lips.

“Welcome back baby.” Matt said as he gave me a sip of water, “Just little sips.” he said as he gave me another sip.

They gave me a ten minute respite before beginning again, I was moaning again and pulling against my restraints a few minutes later, I wanted to touch them. Paul whispered in my ear, “soon sweetheart.” I felt something being applied to my nipples, clamps but not the kind meant to cause pain; these were the rubber coated ones. I felt a tongue flicking across the tips of my nipples as the clamps vibrated on low speed, I cried out when I felt a vibrator against my clit and another against my anus each rubbing until I screamed. This orgasm was more intense than any I had had and I just couldn’t take anymore. I loved what was happening but I had to regroup. My mouth and mouth was dry from screaming so much and I needed to use the bathroom.

“Matt, I have to stop, I can’t….”

“It’s alright, you’re doing great.” he assured me.

I was released from my binds but told to keep my eyes closed until they left the room. Why I don’t know and it really didn’t matter. When I heard the door close, I opened my eyes; someone had thought enough to leave the lights off but the bathroom lights on. When I came out a large glass of orange juice sat on the bedside table, I gulped it down without stopping.

Thirty minutes later, there was a tap on the door. I was soon tied to the bed and blindfolded again. For the next thirty minutes, they talked to me about whatever came to mind. I was beginning to recognize each man by his touch. Matt’s touch was firm but gentle; it was the same no matter what he was doing whether it is sucking my clit or my nipples. Kevin’s touch was pure eroticism, he was the one that was massaging me with warm oil; he would make one hell of a massage therapist. Paul’s touch was the opposite of Matt’s, it was soft, teasing and he would be able to keep me on the edge of orgasm for hours if he chose to and then there was Louis, he was in a class all by himself, he was a combination of all three brothers present and probably the fourth, he had the most creative tongue of all of them but the others weren’t far behind. I couldn’t wait to find out what the fifth brother was like.

I lost track of how many orgasms I had and gave up trying to keep count. I felt my legs being untied and lifted in the air and then my hands were released. The blindfold remained on as Kevin lifted my head and gave me a drink of water.

“The time for the marking has come.” Matt said from between my legs, “we will each come inside of you and will mark you, you in turn will mark each of us wherever you choose.” he added.

I felt mouths on my nipples, Kevin and Paul’s. My legs were being held open by Louis as wide as they could go. I cried out when Matt slammed into me, he pumped slowly and deeply and when he felt me tighten around his cock, my legs were released so that he could lean forward. I felt a bite on my right shoulder and then warm blood trickle down and being lapped up. By the time the orgasm was over, the pain was gone leaving a dull ache that could be relieved by Advil and a hot shower. Matt’s orgasm began just as mine ended. I was vaguely aware of biting him although I couldn’t say where. I heard his howl of pain mixed in with the pleasure of his release.

Kevin was next. His mark going on my left shoulder, then Paul who marked me just below Matt and finally Louis whose mark was just below Kevin’s I wondered where the fifth mark would go. In each case, I knew that I had bitten a man, werewolf I mean but I didn’t know where. It turns out that I had bitten each man on the back of his left hand a fact that pleased them.

“It means that you love each of us equally.” Kevin explained.

By this time, I was punch drunk from exhaustion and I giggled uncontrollably causing my new mates to chuckle.

“Time to sleep love.” Matt said as he curled his body around mine.

“Okey dokey!” I replied giggling.

“She’s really looped.” Louis said laughing.

I woke up that evening feeling like I had been run over by a truck. Both shoulders hurt, oh hell; all of me hurt and let’s not forget the fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. Two of them were always with me, one to take me to the bathroom and the other to change the bed. The other two were in the kitchen preparing what they called the wedding meal. Through out the twenty-four hour process, they kept giving me sips of something that tasted like boiled weeds.

“Drink it; it will help with the pain and nausea.” Matt said as he poured the vile stuff into my mouth. I don’t know when I actually fell into a real sleep but I didn’t wake up until the next evening. Matt was sitting on the side of the bed reading when I finally woke up. The bed was clean and I was wearing a clean nightgown.

“Welcome back.” he greeted.

“Is it over?” I asked.

“It’s over for us; you still have a brother to mate with. You gave a good mark.” He said holding up his left hand.

I winced, that had to have hurt.

“Did it hurt?” I asked feeling guilty.

“Hell yeah! But it’s fine. See? It’s already healed.”

A tap on the door interrupted us.

“Enter.” Matt called.

Kevin, Paul and Louis came into the bedroom.

“How is our mate?” Paul asked as he greeted me with a kiss.

“I’m fine, how are you guys?” I asked.

“Perfect!” Kevin said as he held up his left hand. I had marked each of them on the left hand. I had a vague recollection of Matt saying that it was a good thing.

“I hope that you’re hungry.” Louis said, “Dinner is ready.”

I was famished, and dinner was fabulous like always. The storm had let up but we weren’t going anywhere for at least three more days. We used the time to pack up my books and whatever else I thought I might want. I had to remember that they only had a truck so I couldn’t take my rocking chair and my hope chest.

“We’ll send someone after it in the spring.” Matt told me.

During that time my education as a werewolf began, the first attempts to change were hilarious and I could tell they were trying hard not to laugh.

“Come on guys, this is as funny as hell!” I said when I looked in the mirror and saw only one ear had managed to change.

What I found interesting was that Matt told me that not all female mates are able to change; it’s something that is found out once the attempt is made, no one knows why not all of us can change but it was clear that I had the capability if only I could learn how.

Three days later, we were ready to go. I had very mixed feelings about leaving my home but I was excited at the same time. The phones were working and Matt made several phone calls as the others packed the truck. I took one last look around, walked out and locked the door. My van was already parked in the garage that I hardly ever used.

“Ready to go love?” Matt asked.

I nodded and climbed into the truck sitting between Matt and Kevin in the front seat.

“We need to go into town first.” Matt said as he pulled out of my driveway.

I thought that odd since town was in the opposite direction of where we were heading but I didn’t say anything. An hour later, we were pulling up into the parking lot of Tony’s store.

“It’s time for you to meet your last mate.” Kevin said as he helped me from the truck.

The four of them led me into the store. Tony came out from the back and hugged each of the brothers. I realized now why the others looked familiar. Tony was the fifth brother; it explained why he was so concerned about me and why he tried so hard to get me into bed. He saw me staring at him and grinned.

“Tony Christianson at your service but damn you’re a hard one to get into bed!”

“You knew who I was?” I asked.

“Yes, I knew. I was sent to keep an eye on you.” he replied, “let’s roll, we have dibs on the third seat and lost time to make up for not to mention a mark to give and receive. By the way, strip and put your coat back on.”

“What?” I asked shocked.

“Strip and put your coat on, I can’t wait to taste you again.” he said licking his lips.

Apparently the deal was that since he wasn’t there for the mating, he got me to himself for the entire ride home. As soon as we were in the truck, Tony wasted no time in taking my coat off and laying me back on the seat. In no time flat, he was as naked as I was and hard, he got between my legs and put them over his shoulders, he teased and sucked at me until I was screaming for him to let me come but he ignored me pulling away just before the orgasm came. Finally tired of teasing me, he took my clit into his mouth and sucked hard. Even before the orgasm was over, he was inside of me saying his vows in my ear as he pumped in and out with slow but steady strokes. I felt his cock grow inside of me and then I felt his mark go just above my left breast. It hurt like hell but then it was over with. I took his left hand and bit exactly in the same spot as I had the others. He howled in pain and pleasure as he emptied deep inside of me.

It took me a minute to realize that we weren’t moving; I heard soft moans coming from the seats in front of us. The other four were stroking themselves to orgasm. I spent the rest of the trip straddled across Tony’s lap sitting on his cock. It didn’t take me long to realize that of the five of them he was the one with the greatest stamina. By the time we got to where we were going, I was sore but not unpleasantly so and he was still rock hard, I was giggling again as he carried me up the stairs and into the bathroom.

This had to be the biggest bathroom that I had ever seen, not that I’ve seen that many bathrooms. Tony put me on my feet holding on to me so that I wouldn’t fall and stripped with one hand until one of the others came in to help. Matt got into the huge Jacuzzi/bathtub first; he sat down and got settled before Tony helped me in. I sat in front of Matt between his legs with my back resting against his chest, the others got in and sat as close to me as they could. I was no longer giggling but totally relaxed in the tub with my guys. The question I had was why Tony didn’t tell me who he was.

“Every time you walked into the store, I had to bite my tongue but it wasn’t my place to tell you. I had to wait until Matt talked to you first. I spent the entire storm jacking off to the memory of our two times together and imagining all that they were doing to that beautiful body of yours. Allie, I’m glad that you’re here, all of us are.” Tony said; his voice filled with emotion.

After we were out of the tub, five pairs of hands dried me off and oiled my skin. I was rapidly adjusting to being cared for by five men.

“Time for dinner and then we turn in early. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.” Matt said as he handed me a pair of pajamas.

“What’s happening tomorrow?” I asked.

“The rest of the pack knows that you’re here and they’re going to want to meet you so tomorrow we’ll be available for a meet and greet. Tomorrow night is the mating reception; it’s basically a party but a formal one.”

Reception? I had nothing to wear to something like that. As if reading my mind Paul assured me that I had a dress that they had picked out for me.

“You went shopping for me?” I asked nervously. What if it didn’t fit or it was some funky shade of green? I thought.

“Tony told us your skin tone and the colors that you seemed to favor and a rough estimate on your size and I have to say he was pretty much on the money.”

I imagined five gorgeous men in the dress department and laughed.

“I bet you got plenty of funny looks.” I said.

“You bet we did!” Kevin said laughing, “But I think that you’ll like our choice.”

Dinner was cooked by one of the house staff and was delicious but I thought that Paul was the better cook but then I wasn’t being exactly objective. Matt introduced me to the head of the household staff.

“Marshall this is our mate Allie Christianson. Allie this is Marshall. He runs the house so if there’s anything that you need or want he’s the one to make it happen.”

Instead of shaking my hand, Marshall gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“That is standard pack greeting for newcomers.” Matt explained when he saw how startled I was.

By the time dinner was over, I was stuffed. I made some off hand comment about if they kept feeding me like this that I would be fatter than I was. There was a stony silence around the table which was broken by Matt.

“I told you once before that I don’t want to hear any negative comments about yourself but if it makes you feel any better, you will always be as you are and as far as we are concerned you’re perfect.”

“I wasn’t being negative.” I replied, “I was just stating fact.”

“Allie, if we were meant to have a beanpole as a wife we would have been given one, we are more than pleased with you. Now let’s finish dessert so that we can tuck you in.” Matt said.

I soon found out what “tucking” me in entailed. Each of them brought me to orgasm at least once before coming themselves. By the time all five of them finished with me, I was exhausted, in minutes I was sound asleep with five bodies surrounding me.

I was wakened with a gentle but insistent thrust between my legs and a mouth on my nipple. I opened my eyes to see the top of Matt’s dark head as he sucked a nipple. Kevin was the one with his cock between my legs, I came first then Matt and Kevin followed shortly afterwards. One would think that I would be sore after so much lovemaking; I was but not enough to tell them to stop. I wondered where the other three were and asked.

“They’re making sure that everything is ready for the meet and greet today and the reception tonight.” Kevin replied, “They’ll sneak off with you later for a quickie.” he added kissing me.

All too soon it was time to get up and face my new world. We dressed casually, all of us in tee shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. After a quick breakfast, we sat in the enclosed and heated front porch and waited for the first visitor.

“Where will the reception be?” I asked hoping that it wasn’t going to be outside.

“We have a building that is used for meetings and things like that.” Paul replied.

The one thing that I truly loved was being touched and it didn’t have to be in a sexual manner and with these guys, someone was always touching me. I was going to ask a question when the first visitors of the day approached. It was a young family and when I say young, they were less than two-hundred years old and they had just had their first baby. It was an adorable little girl that they named Angela, I thought that it was a fitting name because she really did look like a little angel.

After they left, I wanted to know how old my guys were so I asked.

“I’m the oldest at seven hundred, after that we are about fifty years apart.” Matt said.

“Wow.” I said, “You are old!”

The day was progressing quickly with Louis, Paul and Tony getting in their quickies whenever they could. Then around four, it kind of went to hell. We were talking among ourselves when all five of them tensed.

“What?” I asked looking round for the source of the tension.

Matt stood up, took my hand and placed me behind him.

“Sweetheart, I need for you to stay where you are and don’t say anything.”


“Shush now.” he said cutting me off.

The other four stood next to Matt, two on his left and two on his right shoulder to shoulder.

“Vincent.” Matt said in a cool voice, “what brings you here?”

“I came to meet your supposed mate.” he said in a voice that was just as cool as Matt’s.

Supposed? What did he mean by that? I wondered. I also wondered why Matt didn’t want me to meet this man. My gut told me to keep quiet and I listened to it, I stepped up closer to Matt and cuddled against his back. I could feel the tightness of his muscles but I felt no fear coming from him as he spoke to Vincent.

“You know that she is here, most of the pack has already met her.”

“But I haven’t.” Vincent replied, “It is my right as pack to do so.”

“It is also our rights as her mate to deny you that. If you want to meet her, it will be tonight and only in our presence.” Matt replied.

I heard Vincent snicker.

“What’s the matter Matt? Afraid that she’ll want a real wolf?” he asked.

The other four of my mates let out low growls of anger.

“Stand down.” Matt commanded, his voice holding a trace of amusement.

“You have our answer, leave now.” Matt said the humor in his voice gone and replaced by authority.

Vincent must have hesitated because none of them relaxed until he was gone. Matt turned around and hugged me.

“Thank you for obeying us.”

“Who was that?” I asked.

“That is Vincent O’Dell. He is of the opinion that he is more qualified to be pack leader than we are. He believes that we are too soft and that the humans and werewolf should be kept separated with the exception of the occasional human female who is a mate to one of us. He’s been waiting for a long time to challenge me and now that you’re here, it will happen.” Matt said.

“What does that mean?” I asked alarmed.

“It means that he is going to challenge me for the position of pack leader.”

“How does he do that? Does he pick a number out of a hat or something?” I asked.

“No love.” Kevin said rubbing my back, “we fight.”

“Fight? As in to the death?” I asked. I was beginning to panic.

“Worse case scenario, yes. The best case scenario is that we will be exiled from the pack.” Kevin said.

I was shocked and horrified that I could lose one of my mates.

“Let him have it! We can go back to my house.” I said already beginning to cry.

“Sweetheart, it isn’t that simple.” Matt said.

“Why not?” I asked, “We just get back into the truck and leave.”

Matt held me close as I cried, this could not be happening.

“I promise you that I won’t get killed.” Matt said.

“You can’t possibly know that!” I said pulling away from him.

“I can say that because I have something that he doesn’t- you.”

I didn’t understand everything that was happening but I did know this, they hadn’t told me everything.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I asked.

“Matt, we have to tell her.” Louis said as he stroked my arm.

“Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?” I yelled.

Matt took my hand and led me into the living room, sat down and pulled me into his lap. The other four surrounded us their hands on me. Matt gave me a few minutes to settle down before he spoke.

“Allie, if I lose the fight, not only could I be killed or exiled; Vincent will take you as his mate.”

“NO!” I screamed as I jumped out of Matt’s lap, “I’ll die first, please lets just go!”

I stood in the middle of the floor and begged them to leave.

“Baby, we can’t.” Matt said as he stood up and walked over to me. “If we left without fighting, we would be hunted and you would never be safe. I won’t do that to you, if by some chance I would die; Kevin would be next in line and it will be fine.”

“Fine! How will it be fine if I lose you? I would rather spend my life running and have all of you instead of losing one of you.”

Matt took my face in his hands and made me look up at him.

“Allie, do you trust me?” he asked.

“Yes but…”

“Do you trust me when I say that I’m not going to die?”

I closed my eyes and opened them.

“I believe that you’ll do your best not to.” I replied.

In spite of the situation, Matt laughed.

“Fair enough. But I’m going to make a promise to you, I am promising you that I am not going to die. I know that you’re frightened and understandably so but when this is over the six of us will be going to bed together.”

All five of my guys surrounded me and hugged me but I had one last thing to say.

“Matthew Christianson, if you die on me I swear to god, I’ll kill you again!”

As I dressed for the reception, I said several prayers for Matt and his safety. I now had an idea of how a woman must feel when her man goes off to war; it gave me a whole new respect for them. I meant what I said when I said that I would die before allowing Vincent to touch me. I sensed cruelty from him; he would hurt me just because I belonged to Matt and his brothers.

I put on the dress and looked at myself in the mirror, it was beautiful. They had chosen well. It was a deep red in color, the style accentuating my positives like my breasts and relatively small waist and downplaying what I considered to be my negatives, my hips and ass. There were a pair of pumps that added about two inches to my height.

Matt came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“You are so beautiful.” he murmured.

He led me downstairs where the other four were waiting. I gave a little curtsy when they clapped and whistled.

“Before we go to the reception, we have something for you.” Paul said as they all lined up in front of me.

When they were in place, he took a small black box out of his suit pocket.

“We had this made when we realized that we would be sharing a mate.” Paul said as he took the ring out of the box.

It was beautifully made; my birthstone which is amethyst was in the middle surrounded by five diamonds.

“Please accept this ring as a symbol of our never ending love and devotion.” he said as he slipped it onto my finger. It was a perfect fit.

Louis then stepped forward with another box and opened it. There were five wedding bands each identical to the one I had but the stones were smaller. I took a ring out of the box and starting with Matt repeated the words that had been said to me. When I had placed the ring on the hand of the last man, I stood in front of them and told them that I loved them. I didn’t have to say it to each man, it was understood that I meant all of them.

I tried to push the challenge out of my mind but I knew that it was going to happen. It only made sense, everyone was going to be there and Vincent struck me as a showoff. By nine, I began to relax; maybe Vincent had changed his mind. I had just let out a sigh of relief when I heard Vincent’s voice.

“Matthew Christianson! I challenge you for the position of pack leader!”


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Mercurial Ends

Chapter 5 – Trapped in Feuds

Tabor sat alone in a corner of the busy café in Greenwich Village. She appeared insignificant, just another young woman in a bistro biding time with an overpriced latte before having to rejoin the rush of New York City. But Tabor felt like she stuck out like a paranoia patient, she couldn’t help herself from constantly throwing glancing towards the door and over her shoulder at the wall behind her. The wall seemed to have eyes bearing down on her.

College students surrounded around at various tables enjoying their salads and flatbreads. Their computer screens glowed with word documents and their Facebook accounts. To eleaviate her nervousness, she eavesdropped on the table of NYU students, wearing matching knitted berets and sweaters. They argued over a mid-term Power Point presentation’s design colors because it didn’t match the stock picture of a penguin on the slide.

She smiled and sighed remember her days at Brown sitting with her girlfriends bantering over art and teasing each other’s latest bombardment of criticism from their favorite hate-to-love professor. Those days were simpler without vampires, werewolves and mad scientists; the days before she was nothing more than a student and a struggling artist. Now she was something she was not quite sure of — was she a monster as these other beings were and what was she really truly capable of.

Stress began to mount and she pinched the bridge of her nose tightly shutting her eyes before she popped them open. Again nervously she looked around the room and the door. She was just waiting for Shy to magically appear with a disapproving scowl matched with complete fear drowning his eyes.

She told him she was going to meet her mother in the city. She assured him by giving a location and time, he even overheard her mother agreed to meet her on the phone. However, she told her mother that she was running late as usual and wanted to make a stop at a store. Her mother would unconsciously lie for her, if and most certainly when Shy would call, providing the almost-perfect alibi.

Finally, she walked through the door. Julisa, the young looking vampire quickly came to the table, dressed in the latest designer fashions and bags. With trendy black boots and colorful delicate scarfs around her neck, Julisa seemed to blend into New York City better than Tabor. However, Julisa also darted looks over her shoulder nervously, probably expecting Menefer to track her down and drain her blood in front of all the college students. Would they even notice? They all looked so entrapped by their social networks and flirts over coffee.

“Thank you for meeting with me Tabor.” Julisa sounded nervous — even this was high stakes. She pulled her sunglasses off to reveal the most captivating eyes Tabor had ever seen.

“Your eyes?!”

“I’ve been romanced by wolves,” she beamed and her nerves melted away uncovering complete happiness. Julisa’s eyes continued to glitter like rainbows in a prism for irises. Tabor couldn’t comprehend; she gulped the saliva that had been building in her mouth as she anticipated Shy to interrupt at any moment. Her stomach turned, she knew it was her aura, punishing her because she was defying her master. At least Julisa was a vampire, she got vampires; it was werewolves she needed convincing of otherwise.

“What do you have to tell me? I am sure Shy has caught on to me by now and even though I do need my space, I don’t want to put him through what I had done before.”

“Yes, I understand, my father is the same. Tabor I need your help to stop Shy from waging war with the wolves.”

“What do you mean? Shy is not thinking about wolves. He is up to something in Finland.”

“He…” She swallowed her words and they both looked towards the windows, doors and walls as if they were bugged with wires sending every nuance of their actions to Menefer and Shy.

“What do you know?”

“Shy, Menefer, Ilsino and Genevieve have decided to wage war against the Lycans. I was there. Please Tabor, I love the wolves. Please stop him, they will kill them all.”

“Why do they want to kill the werewolves?”

“Tabor, lycans and vampires have been enemies forever.”


“A very old feud. I am not sure they even know what the original feud was themselves. They are just prejudice against each other. The one who knows — you need to speak to Da….” Julisa trailed off and shot a look at the door and sighed it was only a tall lanky college student, not her vampire-father.

“Would the werewolves wage battle against Shy?”

“No, they wouldn’t,” Julisa paused again, she was censoring herself but this time Tabor knew that it was for her own benefit.

“They would wouldn’t they?”

“Yes, yes they would. They would if they wanted to and had a thought to, but now it would be careless. They are busy trying to re-strengthen the clan. I caused a discourse.”


“Yes, what about him?”

“Is it true he drained me? He could have saved me?”

“Yes. Well, yes and no.”

The frankness of ‘no’ in echoed in Tabor’s head but the more she let it stir in her mind, the more it burned hot anger in her belly.

“What do you know about power auras?” Tabor whispered spicily.

“Some. I am not an ancient. I was turned only 50 years ago. But my uncle, Ilsino, he has told me many things of vampire history.”

“Why does a werewolf drain me; while a vampire can give me power?”

“I am sorry, Tabor, I do not know. Can I count on you to help me to stop Shy.”

“What do you mean: Stop Shy?” Alarm came into her voice and her eyes narrowed on the young vampire.

“I mean, if you cannot help me to stop him; the werewolves will.”

“Do you mean to bring me here to threaten me?” The wooden chairs all around the room began to scratch the floor as they pulled away from the tables. The eerily slight and sound of grinding wood on the ceramic tile caused all the NYU students to look up from their computers like prairie dogs. For a moment the room was suspended in fear until the students determined it was nothing and continued to clip-clap on keyboards while laughter and quiet conversations continued.

Tabor hadn’t even noticed what was occurring around her; her anger was mounting hiding reason. She wanted to slap the vampire that had risked her relationship’s harmony with Shy. But the vampire’s eyes shifted around the room, her mouth dropped in fearful awe of what had happened.

Carefully and deliberately Julisa spoke, “Tabor, we have to stop both the werewolves and vampires from fighting. It is not the same day and age that they were able to engage in battle and still keep their lives from affecting the human world.”


“Why, what?” Julisa spat.

“Why should I care? I only care about Shy and if you mean to hurt him, I cannot help you and I will not let you.”

Julisa rubbed her forehead, “I am sorry if I seemed to threaten you. I didn’t mean to. I really need your help. And maybe you can learn more about yourself.” Again Julisa looked at the empty chairs that had mysteriously moved away from their tables. “The werewolves have been around for centuries as long as vampires have. Perhaps they can tell you something about yourself.”

“I am not too sure that the werewolves are friends of power auras. Daemoric drained my energy. He didn’t save me from the horror I was facing.” Tabor pulled her collar to the side revealing an angry red rash running from her shoulder across her collar bone. “They attacked me in my sleep.”

“You have to understand, Daemoric had to think of everyone, werewolves and vampires as a whole. Tabor the scientists were not going to discover what you were. You are the last Aura, your death-”

“I told them! They had me on a table, they were opening my chest!” Tabor sneered in a near yell. The bowls and plates began to shake violently against their tin placemats on the tables. The dim café lights flickered. “They tortured me, they inspected me, looked at my entire body!”

“Tabor,” Julisa tentatively reach out for Tabor to calm her. The students around them held their rattling dishes to the table, fearfully.

“I have nightmares every night and he could have saved me. A werewolf decided to let me suffer! Why?! For mere secrecy?! It was worse than any rape, worse then death. I begged to just die every moment. Daemoric could have ripped their throats out! Werewolves are my enemies.”

At that moment, Shy was walking through the door and with the expression she expected: anger and complete fear. Immediately her face blanched with deep regret. She shouldn’t have come, she hadn’t spoken about her ordeal ever and now she yelled it out in public.

Julisa was no longer nervous about Menefer who shortly followed Shy into the little café. She was afraid of Tabor. Whatever power the girl had was amazing, yet Tabor hadn’t even taken notice to the strange occurrences around her.

“Shy!” Tabor cried and hugged him tightly to her. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Tabor, its ok.” He exhaustively exhaled, his strong arms wrapped around her body.

“Julisa what are you doing here?” Menefer scolded.

“Nothing Father,” she stood and walked towards the door but her eyes never left Tabor. She regretted not listening to Galief’s advice to stay away from the aura. The girl whom seemed like a simple mortal toy of Shy was indeed extremely dangerous. She feared for her life for the first time since she became immortal and remember the anxious ticking clock of frailty.

“I knew you would try to sneak away sooner or later. It’s okay. Why are you crying?” Shy tilted her head up to him.

“I didn’t want you to worry,” she buried her face in embarrassment that the entire café heard her true confession.

The students started to pack their bags, computers and netbooks, not really paying attention to Tabor or her outburst. Many of them were busy texting their friends or asking each other if it were safe to take the subway after the “earthquake”.

“Come on, let’s go see your mom. I am kinda looking forward to hearing her latest.”

Tabor shuddered still recalling the welstrom of emotions that gripped her, finally expressing her pain about the Institute. “You are not mad.”

“No, not now that I have found you. I know you, Tabor. Let’s go.” He reached for her bag and held her supportively in his other arm. “I love you.”

Tabor only nodded and whipped her tears away on her sleeve, taking his hand tightly in her own; she walked with him out of the empty café.


As soon as Julisa was home, her father had sent her to her room like she was a insolent teenager not a fifty year old vampire. She peaked around the door and found Menefer sitting on a chair around the corner like a real parent.

She huffed at the room he had given her fifty years ago, it was a stark contrast to the grimy Lower East Side water plagued squat she lived in before Menefer changed her. The room was magnificent, much larger than her former single-room studio apartment with a communal bathroom down the hall with a toilet that never flushed. She shared her life with seven other runaway teens in that rundown building. It was a hard life that she was eager to leave and embrace the offer to play princess-daughter to a lonely man. It was indeed a decadent room fit for a modern Egyptian princess with heavy furniture wrapped in red velvets and everything she ever wanted. With a bat of an eye, Menefer gave her the world except she wanted what he refused.

She heard as small pebble hitting the window. Just in time. She smiled and quickly ran to the window, opening it to Galief. The tall lanky man with chocolate hair and an effervescent smile stood in her room and embarrassed her as he looked around at her youthful trappings. Yet, Galief also moved around like an awkward teen. His long arms moved this and that way, not really knowing what to do with his large body but it was unmatched by his beaming smile.

“Coast is clear,” She wrapped her arms around him and his seemed to growl with satisfaction.

“Were you able to persuade the girl?” When he spoke, his true age was revealed and his raspy tone dripped with perfected masculinity.

“I don’t know. She scares me to be honest, but I think we need her more than ever on our side –more than Shy. She is the key. We need to turn her against the vampires to make her join us.”

“Darling,” he smoothed a curly lock of her hair behind her ear. “You forget you are a vampire.”

“But I hate what I am.”

“How can you hate what you are? You are you — just with a small deformity.”

“Deformaity!? I cannot age, Galief.”

“Neither I.” He smirked with his eyes and bit the corner of his bottom lip.

“You do!”

“Yes, but very slowly.” She stood on her tippy-toes and kissed him deeply. A wolfy growl moved into her mouth as he swept her up in to his arms. The man’s gangly awareness vanished, he wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed her against the wall with a thud, not allowing her lips to escape his. “I love you.” His hands pushed her skirt higher, fingers tightly squeezed her flesh.

“I love you too.” She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck keeping them together while he quickly undid he jeans.

She grunted exquisitely as he trust into her, she didn’t care about Menefer down the hall at that moment. She dared him to hear and realize she was really lost to him.

Galief smiled his eyes matched hers glowing as if they peared through the darkness of night, speckled with rainbows. It was a sign of true love which spurred him to attack her neck with kisses, so like a vampire that sucked his victim’s blood from the choice vein.

They lay in a pool of afterglow relishing in the entanglement of their limps on the plush carpet. Julisa’s fingers traced the boarders of a wicked bruise on his chest.

“You are right. We need Tabor to turn against Shy.” He stopped Julisa’s tracing, his strong hands cover hers – he didn’t like the token bruise inflected by the aura on him in her sleep. She would have won hadn’t she been struck by the mysterious bolt of fire. “The aura is our key.”


Tabor slumped in her chair as she sat at Shy’s small two-person table looking out into space; her spoon absently stirred her strange brew of yellow and brown dinner. “What’s wrong Tabor,” Shy reached his hand out to touch hers bringing her to the present.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Her tempered eyes fell on him.

“Come on now. I know something is wrong.”

“Well then stop reading my mind.” She snapped her hands away from him.

He only shook his head. “My darling, I don’t have to read you mind to know that something is wrong.”

Tabor paused, she looked him and saw the same loving warm bright eyes she had longed for in desperation. She recalled being so alone, trapped without hope and in the dark of the cage with only her festering wounds. She wanted Shy so much, just to have his arms around her.

She smiled slightly and took a bite of her food.

“So how is it?” Shy asked as he sat back in his chair, his arms crossed over his broad chest. He was waiting for his “I told you so” moment. She insisted on cooking dinner herself tonight.

“Edible.” She bit the inside of her mouth and avoided his glance.

“Good.” He arched an eyebrow. Unbelievable he remarked on her obstinacy to himself.

“I never understand how you could enjoy cooking. You don’t really eat human food.”

“Human food, phhha. Not much different from what I eat.”

“Except you drain yours,” Tabor guffawed. Shy only smiled and dipped his spoon in her bowl. He tipped his head back and loudly slurped the stew for comedic emphasis — he won, Tabor doubled over with laughter. “And I guess you are a sort of vegan cannibal?”

Shy only smirked wickedly and crossed over to her. He towered over her, he was so sexy it made her shirk back in sheer awe of how lucky she was to have this handsome man-vampire-person in her life.

He pushed her hair away from her neck and dragged his finger down her throat making goosebumps travel down her arms. He loved tantalizing her just to get a rise out of her.

“Are you going to tell me why you met with Julisa today?” He only rubbed her neck with his soft lips.

“She wants me to talk to you about going to war with the wolves.”

Shy stopped his pursuit and arched an eyebrow,

“Did she now?”

“I told her to fuck off.”

Shy growled in laughter and devoured her in a kiss, “Are you fighting my battles for me, Salome?”

“I’ve decided I hate the wolves.”

Shy only hummed, his attention turned to the other side of her neck. His fingers traced the red burn mark the travelled down her neck below her collar bone. “Are you going to tell me how this happened?”

“No.” She responded simply.

She didn’t want to think about her dreams, the Institute or wolves. She was done being a victim. Tabor reached for Shy behind her, pulling him back to her. He kissed her lips from above that made her feel so content and strong.

“I’ll be right back. I trust you to stay out of trouble. I won’t be far. I am going to stop by the local private club of mobsters.”

“Be careful, Shy,” She warned.

“Of course my dear, I am only a mere vampire.” His eyes glittered with his sly smile with a brilliant row of white teeth.

Shy kissed her forehead and then locked the door tightly as he left. He ran quickly down the stairs of his building and then stopped to listen if Tabor was following him. He quickly pulled his cellphone on and made a call as he left the building.

* * * *

From the mountain top everything look barren on the other side of the range. Everything reflected oddly like oil under the sun. The world was hardened by a hard black marble like substance. The sky played a dissident chord hanging both the sun and moon on the horizon together as if to collide. It was the largo movement — the world after destruction.

Tabor’s eyes burned from the sulfuric air, she blinked hard trying to stop herself from feeling the pit in her stomach that wanted to become a wellspring of tears. Her dreamscape was no longer lush, beautiful or violent; it was just barren with emptiness and full of lost.

This was the world after the drums died to a silence.

She never expected him to betray her. He betrayed all of us by killing her. a voice whispered in her mind that strangely sounded like herself.

Emotions played through Tabor rapidly changing from anger, to betray and always landing on love.

“You’re feeling what mother was feeling,” a masculine voice said.

Tabor quickly turned on her heels towards the voice still flooded by the strange feelings that plagued her with grief. She tightened her jaw defensively as Daemoric approached her. He wore only black pants and his pepper salt hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He has muscular abs that many men long to achieve. He was a threat in so many ways, yet he approached Tabor with his hand in placation towards her. She wanted to attack him but every breath she took, create a rush of emotions from this mother. Tabor crumbled to her knees in tears. “She loved him. She love him so much. He betrayed her. He betrayed all of us killing her.”

His heart seemed to stop for a second, and then raced as she rose to go to a large basket-like crib he hadn’t noticed earlier. From within the basket she withdrew a tiny bundle and walked to him with a smile on her face.

“This is your second born, Lucien Davariel.”

His whole body set to trembling as he allowed her to place the tiny infant into his arms. He had hair made of the finest, palest gold, and the icy blue eyes were like his mother’s. The baby boy fussed a bit and turned his head as if searching for a breast from which to nurse.

“No wings?” he asked, unable to tear his gaze from his son.


Davariel removed the blanket from around his son until he lay in his arms with nothing but his diaper. He held the baby with one arm while he used his hand to feel his son’s soft pink flesh. Lucien flailed his arms and Davariel marveled at the perfect little fingers. He counted ten little rosy toes with a smile and laughed when the little one tried to latch onto his finger as Davariel stroked his plump cheek. Bringing baby Lucien up to his face, Davariel breathed in his sweet essence, memorizing him. “Lucien. My little Lucien. You look just like your beautiful mother.”

“He’s going to have your hair, though.”

“Let’s thank the Divinity that’s all of mine he got.” He gazed at his son, feeling that he was the most perfectly beautiful child in all the universe. But, wait…he had another. “And my first born?” He noticed the look she had given at his earlier words and began feeling apprehension. Again, she turned and gathered another baby from the basket. This one was much larger with jet-black hair sticking straight out of his round head. The infant’s skin was pale and he looked older than his delicate blond twin. The baby seemed to startle when she lifted him from the cradle, and began to cry. Luciel soothed him with gentle words before placing him into his father’s other arm.

Davariel’s heart sank. He was looking at himself with black hair. Though the child was still an infant, he looked irrefutably like his father and to make matters worse, his eyes glowed unnaturally bright. He had his demon blood…and his cursed face.

“His name is Devon Luciel. W-why are you crying?”

“He looks too much like me. He’ll be put on a pedestal and made to think he’s a god, like they did to me.” How shallow, vain, and selfish he had been back then.

“It doesn’t have to be that way. We can disappear. There are places that are still unlinked. I know of plenty of worlds where we can fit in just fine and be happy…safe.”

“The demons want him. They want both of them. Devon will be the new dark prince and Lucien the sacrifice.”

“They won’t find us,” Luciel assured gently. “Trust me.”

He felt terrified. Now he had so much more to lose.

He pulled Devon up to his face and took in his essence. He began to feel Lucien growing perceptibly heavier in his other arm. He looked over at his other son and noticed something slightly different about him. It was as if the baby had grown right before his eyes. He looked at Devon to notice that the infants glowing eyes dimmed a bit. Was the babe using his power already? Davariel’s hairs stood on end. This child was too powerful.

Luciel made to remove them from him but he held them tightly and shook his head.

“Let me hold my sons a while longer. Please.”

“You have to eat. I helped restore you, but you still lack proper nourishment.”

“Restored me?”

She shivered as if reliving some horror. “They’d bitten you all over and torn your flesh almost from the bone. You had bite marks even on your….” Her eyes lowered to his groin and began to tear.

“They bite when they mate, Luci.”

Her small frame shook with fury as she hissed. “You mean r—”

“No,” he begged, interrupting her. “Not now, Luci. I don’t want to dwell on that now.” He looked from son to son, smiling, and then looked at the woman he loved; the mother of his sons. It was everything he ever wanted, and more than he thought he’d ever have. “If only we could stop time and live in this exact moment forever.”

“If that were to happen, we’d never see our babies grow to be men.” She came up against him, taking care not to press against the twins, and began to kiss him.

The sheer magnitude of love he felt at that moment propelled him into a fit of shakes he couldn’t control. He felt his face drain of blood.

She broke away from the kiss, leaving him seeking its warmth, and almost toppling over in the process. “That’s it,” he heard her say.

The babes disappeared from his hold as sweat broke out on his forehead. He clasped his arms over his chest, his eyes searching about wildly. Where did they go?

” Calm down.” Her warm hands cupping his pale cheeks made his eyes snap back to her face. “I only teleported them back into their bassinet. You need to eat and rest a bit.” She kissed his forehead and threaded her fingers through his hair. “You were more dead than alive when Remuel and Zakreel brought you in. You don’t know how extensive the work of restructuring your entire back was.” Davariel felt startled when she hugged him and ran her fingertips across the smooth expanse of his back. “There was an entire team of doctors and scientist working on you, trying to repair the damage from having your wings hacked off.”

Releasing him, she walked over to a low dresser built along the entire length of the wall to the right side of the large bed he occupied. The wide bed sat in the middle of the room. Grabbing a small mirror, she went back and showed him his reflection. There was another mirror behind him on the wall at the head of the bed. Luciel pulled his hair over his shoulder revealing his now smooth flesh. No more wings.

“Where are we?” He turned to scowl at the mirror, knowing how easy it was for demons to traverse them. He resolving to get rid of it as soon as possible.

“Earth. We’re within the grounds of the were-tigri people. They’re protecting us. And, like I said before, we also have five were-wolf sentries, along with the reapers.”

A bowl of hot stew appeared in her hands and she began to feed him. The stew reminded him of when he held her captive.

“I tried to kill you.” He remembered battling her on Earth.

“That was another Davariel, not the one I have before me now.”

“I don’t deserve your kindness. I’m a monster.”

“No you’re not.”

“I didn’t tell you the condom broke.”

She began to laugh, her gaze turning to look with adoration in the direction of the bassinette. “I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Would you have stopped our coupling if I had?”

Her stunning blue eyes blazed into his. “Did it look like I would’ve been able to demand you pull out?”

He remembered her cries if ecstasy when he’d taken her that first time, and began to ache between his thighs.

“Luci,” he sighed with longing.

The bowl of stew disappeared. She used her hands to nudge apart his drawn knees and crawled up against him, between his legs. He settled himself into a semi reclining position wrapping his hands around her small waist. She was clothed in enticing garb that consisted of a clingy pair of low riding shorts and a tunic held up by thin straps, her midriff exposed. Her breasts were larger now and she had faint pink marks on her hips, he guessed, from her skin accommodating his sons within her body. She was beautiful, the mother of his sons.

She began kissing him, her tongue sweeping into his mouth with urgency. His hands slid into her beguiling little stretchy shorts and cupped her pretty rump. He wanted her, badly, but guessed he wouldn’t be able to have her yet because she’d just given birth to his babies. Her body probably hadn’t healed yet.

“I self-healed, Davariel. I-I…” She raised her head to look into his eyes. “I need you.”

Again, she kissed him making him shudder. Her fingers caressed his hair, stroked his cheeks, and squeezed his shoulders. He rocked her against him, moving his hips under her as his desire spiraled feverishly. Another small shudder went through him, making him moan against her lips.

“Oh, God, Davariel.” Her teeth caught his lower lip. He felt it all the way down to his aching erection. “I know I shouldn’t be doing this to you yet, baby. You really need to rest for at least a day.”

She made to pull away, but he kept her trapped against him with the sheer force of his hands wrapped around her waist.

“No,” he implored her. “I need you too. This will give me strength, Luciel. Love me, please.”

Her luscious mouth ravaged his as he felt her hands brushing his long hair behind his shoulders. She nipped and licked at his lips before reaching around to his left ear, tracing it with the tip of her tongue, giving him goose bumps. When she thrust her naughty tongue into the shell of his ear and tweaked his nipples hard, he sucked in a ragged breath between his teeth and writhed beneath her. He moaned, rocking against her in rising desperation. She reached down and scraped her nails along his length. He almost shouted, but managed to clench his teeth on a strangled groan. Fuck. If he didn’t control himself, he’d scare the slumbering newborn twins.

She continued her downward journey, caressing him as her teeth and tongue tantalized his nipples into stiff little peaks. The woman was driving him crazy. She continued her onslaught upon his nipples, nibbling and lapping away at them as if they were the sweetest candy. He squirmed in delight, but ached for her to go lower.

Her tongue traced the outlines of his muscled abs and the line that marked that area from his hipbone. Davariel let his head drop back in surrender. Finally, she reached his penis. He feared he was going to come before she ever got her mouth around his straining tip. His knuckles turned white from twisting fistfuls of the sheets in his hands while she kissed his thighs. Already panting, he bit his lip and arched his back, stifling another shout of desire when her tongue swiped up his full length. Her eyes shot up to his, drowning him in their silvery blue depths. Her pupils dilated wide, making them seem darker. Holding his gaze, she took him into her mouth and sucked. Biting back a harsh groan, he let his fingers go into the darkness of her hair and held her to him as he undulated, spreading his thighs wide with his feet flat on the mattress. She continued to suck him into her hot little mouth, her tongue working him in deeper. He growled with pleasure.

And then, she grabbed his balls and rolled them in her palms. “Fuck.” His voice broke as he came. Ecstasy. His head arched back and he opened his mouth in silent agony. All he could do was gasp and pant. She swallowed him down, until he thought he’d die from rapture.

He panted in the after math and blinked down at her in wonder.

She kissed his thighs, smiling up at him.

He grinned back. Silly girl. She thinks I’m done. He was barely getting started.

“Ride me, Luci.”

Her eyes widened in shock. She didn’t know young Seraph’s could go a few rounds and not lose their erections for hours…sometimes days. He might no longer have wings, but he was still Seraphian born.

Tearing away her skimpy little shorts, she straddled him with eagerness. As if savoring the moment, she lowered herself slowly. She was tighter than a fist. He winced, his eyes widening, not expecting her to be so tiny after having given birth.

As if reading his mind, she giggled like a naughty girl, making his heart race. “I told you, I self-healed. Everything went back to the way it was before I’d had sex with you.”

He almost crossed his eyes when she finished seating herself completely onto him.

“My love, I’m in heaven,” he sighed.

Being inside her again made him want to weep in joy. He never thought he’d feel her heat wrapped around him again.He touched her face and caressed her hair, assuring himself that this was no dream and he was really sitting there with his beautiful Luci clasping him tight. He couldn’t help the broad smile that spread across his face. Luciel’s pupils dilated and a soft sigh escaped her parted lips. She stared at him in awe making his heart thump hard.

“I’m the luckiest angel—I mean—man alive.”

She caressed his cheek, her eyes darkening to a liquid blue, “You’re still an angel to me.”

His heart sped up at her words and he felt her sweet essence grow stronger. Whatever the scent was, it was only for him. That made him happy.

It’s just as good as love. He pushed away the shadows of sadness and fear, not wanting anything to mar this moment of intimacy with her.

Now that he’d lost some of the harried edge to his lust, he could relax and give her pleasure at leisure. He wanted to drive her wild with need.

Unfortunately, his sons had other plans. No sooner had she come the first time, bouncing wildly on his lap, one of the babes began to fuss. They stared at each other wide eyed, panting, then began to laugh.

The second she eased herself off him, he bounded out of bed and rushed to the bassinette.

“I could have teleported him to us, you know.”

He just shrugged, scooping Lucien into his arms. Again, he sniffed the baby’s sweet scent into his lungs as he carried him to his mother. He gave the blonde infant to Luciel with reluctance and watched in fascination as his child nursed from her pretty breast. For the second time, he noticed the babe looked larger than before. He knew that Seraphs sometimes grew in spurts. It had been a necessary evolution for their kind to avoid falling prey to ancient predators, but it wasn’t something you could see right before your eyes. It was supposed to be gradual.

He rose once more and picked Devon up. The infant still slumbered and stretched with a yawn when his father took him into his arms. He still looked the same at least, but resembled a baby of about a month rather than a newborn of a few days.

With a smile, he felt the downy thatch of jet-black hair that stuck straight out of his little head. He looked funny.

“His hair is going to be like yours.”

Luciel giggled. “He’s going to have the girls going crazy for him.”

Those words had his smile dying a quick death. Memories of how people used to grope at him, until he just kept himself locked away at the castle, came back to haunt him.

“What’s wrong, Davariel?”

“I don’t want what happened to me to happen to him.”

“The universe may have put you on a pedestal, but you never knew what love was. We’ll give our sons more than enough love. They’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

He wasn’t convinced, but didn’t express his fears to her.

Both infants fed and having helped her change their diapers, he placed Lucien into the bassinette, then turned to take Devon and tuck him close to his brother. They both slept peacefully.

Stifling a yawn, he realized Luciel had been right in assuming that he needed to rest a bit more.

She insisted he finish eating the stew she had one of the wolves prepare along with a bowl of varied fruits and cheeses.

She fed him, smiling when he licked her fingers every time she fed him pieces of fruit. He felt peaceful as she chatted on about the people protecting them.

Now, his belly full, and his lust slightly sated, he felt sleep beckoning to him.

They lay together, with him pulling her back against his chest in a comfortable spoon position. He promptly drifted off, sighing in contentment, his sweet Luci wrapped in his arms and his nose buried in her fragrant hair.

Chapter Nine

Luciel woke with a start.

He was gone.

She let out her power to locate his life force and sighed with relief when she realized he was close, only to tense up again sensing he was in severe pain. Snarling a vicious curse, she teleported to where he was.

There was an empty aircraft hangar in the were-tigri compound that had been converted into a high-tech training hall. She’d taken to honing her fighting skills there every morning.

In the very center of the training area, Davariel lay bleeding and broken once more amidst a circle of reapers.

“What the hell are you all doing?” Her shriek of rage echoed throughout the large training hall as she rushed to Dava’s side.

The reapers sprang away from her approach.

“He said he needed to practice sparring,” one of them answered in a small, timid voice.

She knelt down and flicked away the bloodied hair that covered Davariel’s face. He was a mess. Blood oozed from his nose, half of his face was black and blue, and his arms looked deformed—most likely broken. “I should just leave you this way to teach you a lesson. You’re barely ready for sex, Davariel, much less sparring.”

“I need to be ready.” He closed his eyes in apparent agony.

“Well then let your body heal completely, you moron.” She raked her fingers through her hair, growling in frustration as she tallied all the scans he’d need now to repair all the new damage.

One of the reapers leaned over to another and asked, “What is moron?”

The other just shrugged with a perplexed expression on his face.

Luciel scowled at them. “Why the hell don’t you idiots use the holographic weapons in here?” Surely they’ll understand idiot. She barked out a series of numbers and codes and a bright sword appeared before each one of the reapers. Black wings ruffled and silver-grey eyes looked at her in surprise. “Go on. Take them. You’ll find they feel real enough.” She also grasped one, testing its weight.

Davariel felt embarrassed that she’d discovered him beaten and defeated, but wondered why she didn’t heal him and let him participate in the sparring now. “What about me?”

Luciel’s eyes flashed to him with an angry snarl. They had the same cold predatory look she had when he’d first engaged her in battle in the Edenian Science building. It came as no surprise to him when she swung her blade and sent it through his throat. Still, he couldn’t help but stare up at her with wide eyes. Had his arms not been broken in several places, he would have touched his neck to see if his head was still attached to it. Luciel grinned triumphantly at him. Heaven help him, he loved her.

“You can virtually fight for real without actually killing anyone,” she said withdrawing her virtual-blade.

Luciel’s lithe form turned toward the six black-winged death angels, then crouched down into a ready stance as she beckoned them to advance.

The reapers smiled and approached, spreading out around her, their wings opening up.

“No. Don’t use your wings. You’ll kill her,” Davariel snarled.

“Shut up, Blondie,” Luciel spat, her eyes never leaving the targets circling her. “Alright, you bunch of feathered sissies. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

He watched, terrified, as Abdiel approached her. The golden haired reaper was still a chickling, only fifteen sun orbits. Baby-down covering his wings, but he’d been the one that had slapped Davariel clear up to the ceiling of the training hall with his wing. Had it not been for Eriel, who’d intercepted his fall, he’d have been nothing more than a bloody smear on the cement floor right now.

Abdiel swiped at her with his wing, making Davariel cringe, but, to his relief, Luciel spun agilely over the moving wing, her arm spinning in a complete circle. The virtual blade flashed, apparently severing the wing completely off. Abdiel cried out in surprise when his wing drooped limply behind him. Luciel took advantage of his shock and sliced the blade through his neck, beheading him. He fell to his knees, stunned, before toppling back, his eyes round.

“Game over for you, kiddo. Now who the hell’s next?”

Abdiel began to wail. “I can’t feel my wing. I can’t move my body.”

The other reapers looked dubious.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Luciel chastised. “The numbness will wear off in a few minutes.” She turned up her nose at the others. “So, that’s it? You bunch of morons give?” When they looked blankly at her, she rolled her eyes. “Do you surrender?”

They all tensed and scowled, finally understanding.

“Reapers surrender only to death or lust,” Eriel hissed.

They attacked and were wiped out with the same ease as Abdiel.

Davariel watched, memorizing every move.

Davariel felt livid. Luciel had healed him, but kept him in a semi-conscious stupor believing he needed rest. He learned how to communicate with her telepathically and constantly begged and argued with her to let him awaken fully. The headstrong woman wouldn’t listen to him. He wanted to scream in frustration, but his present state wouldn’t even allow for that simple release of anger.

He began to refuse her attempts at feeding him, clamping his teeth tight so she couldn’t get the spoon of broth into his mouth.

Release me —he demanded into her mind.

“Not yet, sweetheart. When you’re a little stronger. Now, open wide.”

She spoke to him in the same tone the high priestesses used when he was a child. It only incited his anger more. How dare she control him this way.

He could feel her fingers trying to make him open his jaw. Davariel clenched his teeth tighter as he searched his brain for scathing Edenian phrases.

“Dava, open up,” she insisted.

Bite me.

Her fury was palpable. He could sense her struggling not to dump the broth on his head. It made him want to laugh and goad her some more. He’d stick out his tongue at her, but knew she’d seize the opportunity to shove the damn spoon into his mouth.

“Dava, you’re acting like a spoiled child.”

He’d heard that plenty of times before. Summoning every ounce of strength he possessed, he lifted his hand and stuck out his middle finger. He knew it was a very offensive gesture for most Edenians.

He heard Luciel snarl in indignation, could feel her fury, but it didn’t last very long. He smiled anyway, then sputtered when she slipped the spoon full of broth past his lips. The little wench. Davariel pursed his lips and blew, making the broth spurt out all over himself and her.

This time she almost broke the bowl when she slammed it onto the nightstand by the bed. She was really enraged now. He turned his head away from her fearing she’d whack him.

A few seconds passed and nothing happened.

The bed dipped and he felt her straddle him. What was she up to now? He turned his head and tried to focus on her. The image kept fading in and out, but he was almost sure he saw her removing her t-shirt. Her fingertips stroked down his torso. There was no mistaking that. They dipped beneath the waistband of his loose drawstring pants. He blinked trying to bring into focus the two pretty breasts that bobbed over his face, when he suddenly felt her delicate fingers slip between his legs to cup him.

Fuck. He groaned in response to her teasing. She knew how addicted he was to sex and teasing him when he couldn’t respond they way he wanted to was beyond cruel.

Luci, what are you doing? Let me awaken fully. I’ll do whatever you want, just let me fuck you properly.

He knew he had no shame begging that way, but he loved sex. Not just any sex, but sex with his love, his heart, the mistress of his soul. He’d lie on his back for a month and swallow down whatever she wanted as long as she sat on his loins. He’d turn over and pound her into the mattress, too. That would be nice.

Davariel felt himself going insane with lust, but her only response was to rub an enticingly erect nipple over his lips. The dark hazy mist that pulled at his mind grew stronger. No. He didn’t want to lose consciousness now. Sweetness filled his mouth and he felt the strongest urge to suck and swallow.

He lost all sense of time. Within the endless black that imprisoned him, he felt the ghostly dance of her fingers stroking him, the warmth of her breast teasing his lips, the sensation of ambrosia filling his mouth, feeding the increasing ache that built within him…to have her.

The blackness ebbed and his body felt light, almost weightless. It would have been soothing except that his balls felt like they were filled with lead and his cock actually hurt.

Davariel blinked his eyes open, and then doubled over as the painful sensation between his legs finally hit full force.

“Fuck. What have you been doing to me?” he wailed through clenched teeth, cupping his stiff penis and petrified balls.

One look at Luci revealed her nibbling her lower lip with a guilty expression on her face. They were both in the sunken tub of their bathroom.

“It was the only way I could get you to feed. I didn’t know that you’d stay….”

Feed? What in Hades was she talking about?

“Does it hurt very much?”

As she spoke, he noticed a pearly drop of milk clinging to one pert nipple. Feed.

His dick still hurt, but he felt so enraged he ignored it. “You breast fed me?”

She flinched. It was no wonder. He could still hear the echo of his roar in the room.

“You wouldn’t eat…”

“You had no right keeping me unconscious.”

She glared at him. “Stop screaming.”

To that he replied by slapping his hands on the edges of the tub, and roaring like a beast inches from her face.

Her icy blue eyes flashed as she bared her teeth at him. “You spoiled ungrateful brat.” She sloshed around in the tub, turning to leave as a slew of expletives poured forth from her.

Davariel wrapped his power around her and yanked her back to him. She fell back on her ass, legs spread wide around his thighs. She stared up at him in shock, her pretty, plump lips forming the perfect O for him to shove his cock into.

“Your pussy or your mouth,” he snarled tangling his fingers into the wet hair at the back of her head. “And hurry the fuck up before I decide on your ass just to teach you a lesson on who’s got the balls here.”

He knew that was a bit much, but he was pissed and horny; bad combination for Davariel of Angelos, reaper, death angel, ex-dark prince.

Apparently, none of those lofty titles had any bearing on the gorgeous Edenian female before him. He forgot who and what he was dealing with—a Master Guardian. She wasn’t just any Master Guardian either, but ranked an archangel.

The tingling in his free hand should have warned him, but it all happened very quickly. She used her own powers to slap his hand with much brutality upon his poor throbbing dick, screaming at him “go fuck yourself.”

Stars shot out before his eyes as he yelped in pain. “Bitch.”

Through the black haze of pain that threatened to engulf him, he heard a sound. Blinking, he lifted his head and felt his heart break. Luci was crying.

“My love…” he began, his voice coming out strained, but she vanished from sight. Teleportation. She didn’t go far, though. He sensed her presence in their bedroom. He took a deep breath unable to avoid the loud moan that erupted from his throat. His cock was still throbbing.

“Luci, please.”

If he didn’t regain composure, she’d teleport somewhere he wouldn’t be able to reach her. What if she left him? He couldn’t live without her. The thought made him want to sob. In desperation, he crawled out of the tub. Lucky for him it was sunken. There was no way he would have managed to lift his leg. Just crawling up the short steps was agony alone, but he endured it. Luci couldn’t leave him. If he had to go on living, he needed her.

After everything she’d done so he could grow strong and healthy again; she’d bathed him, combed his outrageously long hair, fed him like baby from her own breasts, tolerated his obnoxious belligerence—and for what?

He’d treated her no better than a whore, and then called her bitch. Another sob hitched in her throat as she hurriedly yanked on a t-shirt.

“Luci, please,” he begged from the bathroom.

She steeled herself against the seductive pull of his cambion voice; that sweet voice he used to manipulate all to his whims. Her mind listed every crude cuss word she could mentally throw at him.

A firm pair of hands on her shoulders made her freeze. She could hear him breathing behind her. Was he still in pain?

“I’m sorry.” He sounded as if he were trying to hold back tears.

She melted. She was human after all, but didn’t turn to face him.

“I’m so terrified of losing you and the boys.” The soft masculine voice wove its magic, making her close her eyes trying to resist its hypnotic pull. “Please try to understand me.”

She felt his breath against her hair seconds before he buried his nose in it and inhaled deeply. She shuddered.

Closing her eyes, she struggled to retain her common sense. “What does that have to do with you trying to kill yourself?”

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself, Luci. I needed to practice my sparring skills. I no longer have wings. I’ve completely lost my abilities to fight. Even my powers as a reaper have become limited and are quickly fading. Soon I’ll be just as helpless and hapless as a newborn Edenian.”

“Why do you need to relearn to fight, Davariel?” She finally turned to face him and didn’t like what she saw in his eyes.

“They want our sons, Luci. We’re no longer important to them. It’s the twins they want now.”

“They won’t find us. By the time they do, the boys will be too big for them to brainwash.” She stared up at his face and saw something else there. Horror gripped her and she began shaking her head. “No. Davariel, no.”

“I must, Luci. The rift can’t remain open like it is. I cracked it open; it’s my responsibility to reclose it.”

“No. No way. You’ll be killed.”

“It can’t stay open, Luci.”

“Well you can’t go alone.”

At that, he scowled darkly. “You will not go with me.”

What an insufferable blockhead. She bared her teeth in anger and he actually took a step back. “If I don’t go, you don’t go.”

His golden brows drew together, but he managed to keep his voice soft when he said, “If we both die what will become of our sons. Be reasonable.”

Images flitted through her head, but she ignored them.

“We’re not going to die. We just have to plan this out. We’ll gather as many reapers as we can to guard you while you close the rift. If you go alone, you’ll never get a chance to even try to close it.”

Luciel watched the play of emotions drift over his heart wrenching features. He had goose bumps from being wet and she used her power to strip the excess moisture from him, leaving his hair gleaming and skin dry and glowing.

Even without wings, he was still exquisite, perfect. She led him to the bed and laid him back. For the longest moment, all she could do was stare at him.

“Am I still ugly to you?” he asked.

She could see the vulnerability in his vibrant electric-blue eyes. It touched deep into her soul. “You never were.”

He closed his eyes in an expression of relief. “I love you, Luci. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Don’t ever let me forget, Davariel.”

He reached for her, but when she reached for his stiff cock, he grabbed her hand with a whimper. His prick ached so much, he didn’t think he be able to stand her fingers touching him.

“It hurts so much, my love.”

Her lip trembled with a little pout. “I’m sorry, Dava. I didn’t realize you’d be in pain.”

He traced her cheek with a fingertip. “I just need to come.”

“I’ll do whatever you want,” she said clutching his hand to her cheek. “Tell me how to give you relief.”

Davariel shuddered, staring into her earnest eyes. He pulled her fingers into his mouth and sucked, wetting them with his spit, Her pupils dilated as she watched mesmerized. He pulled her saliva slicked finger from his mouth and groaned, “Fuck me, Luci.” Davariel opened his thighs watching her eyes widen in shock. “Fuck me till I come, my love.”

She seemed unsure at first, but the feel of her tentative prodding at his rosette, made him hiss and moan in pleasure. Slowly, her dainty fingers sank into him. Davariel growled and spread his legs in a wanton display of lust. His cock twitched and his heavy balls shuddered.

“Oh, yes. Just fuck me. Take me. Make me yours,” he panted gripping the pillow under his head and bucking his hips in tandem to her shy thrusts. He felt his hungry hole swallowing her digits and panted. His gut clenched warning of his impending climax. “Please, oh, please, Luci,” he begged shamelessly. “Fuck me harder. Make me cum. I hurt so much. Need to come.”

Her thrusts became faster, his pants harsher.

“More. More fingers,” he demanded pushing down on her thrusts. She used three fingers, and then four, until her thumb joined the rest. He bucked so wildly that her entire fist began breaching him, the burn driving him insane with lust.

His cock spurted, making him shriek. Pearly lines of cum draped his quivering abs and thighs as his balls emptied out for what seemed like an eternity. Davariel twitched and bore down on Luciel’s fist as her fingers rubbed deep inside him. He cried out in ecstasy, tears leaking from his eyes.

When it was over, he realized she’d slipped her hand from him and was lapping up cum from his quivering abs. His cock lay still rigid against his stomach, but it was no longer sensitive. Davariel yanked a bewildered Luci up his body and kissed her deeply. Her tongue, coated with his semen tangled with his.

She sighed, trembling when he released her lips. “I-I’m glad you feel better now, Dava.”

Davariel grinned at her, his cock twitching in excitement. “But I’m not done yet my love.”

Luci gasped. “Oh, God.”

Chapter Ten

Luciel followed the sweet voice beckoning her, her boots clicking on the dull green floor of the corridor. She’d awakened to the soft whisper calling her name. It sounded like her Dominatio, but she wasn’t sure. The cherub had only appeared to her three times in her life; the first time, when her parents had died, then again, to give her the divine sword she possessed. The third time was to console her when she discovered that the beautiful angel she’d fallen in love with as a teenage girl was the dark prince she was being trained to destroy.

She turned a corner in the corridor and stopped in her tracks. The baby angel hovered before the door to the main com-unit room. Luciel approached with a smile. Her Dominatio was such a pretty little creature, its golden hair streaked with a thousand shades of gold, its luminous eyes a crystalline shade of vibrant blue. Electric-blue.

“I never noticed before,” she whispered, her eyes narrowing. “Your coloring is just like Dava’s.”

The cherub never spoke a word to her, unlike the one her son had, but she could feel it communicating with her through vibrations of emotion that threaded through her body like the notes of song, resonating deep within her heart.

The Dominatio hugged her, and then opened the door to the com-unit room.

Crisp, cool air rushed out, ruffling her hair about her shoulders. As soon as she stepped into the room, the overhead lighting activated itself.

The were-tigris had also refitted this area to accommodate a state-of-the-art communications unit. The floor was shiny black marble, and the walls padded with deep grey acoustic material. The center of the room had a pedestal used for virtual interface. One could converse with another as if they were standing before you. At the far end of the room was a more traditional console, with a fifteen-foot holographic screen. The overhead lighting dimmed and the holographic imaging projectors over the pedestal blinked to life.

Luciel gasped, drawing the attention of the humanoid that appeared on the pedestal. Jet-black curls bounced over wide shoulders as the inhumanly beautiful face turned to peer at her over its shoulder. Obsidian eyes glittered in a milky white face, looking at her from head to toe. Slowly, the creature turned, the black cape draped over its shoulders whispered across the white of the pedestal. A man. He let the cape slither from his shoulders, baring his naked torso that was as white as her son Devon. He slipped his hands into the pockets of his snug leather pants and strolled over to where she was. His boots stopped at the edge of the pedestal, and he smiled, revealing his pointed fangs. A vampire.

“Hi.” His demeanor was sultry, flirtatious…dangerously so.

Luciel had to remind herself that he was just a holographic projection. Nonetheless, she approached him with caution.

She turned to look for her Dominatio, but found that the little angel had disappeared again.

“Mine does the same thing to me. Just pops in and out of my life, like that.” The vampire snapped his fingers, and then used the same hand to coil one of his curls around his finger as he leered at her. “My, but don’t you look appetizing.”

“You’re an archangel?” Surely he had to be lying. A vampire?

He tilted his head to the side, staring at her with his bottomless black eyes. His hand seemed to reach for something in front of him. Fire blazed and magnificent sword appeared in his hand. The hilt was black and glittered with hundreds of jewels. The black scroll marks on the blade were similar to the ones on her own blade.

A divine sword. So, the vampire wasn’t lying after all.

“You look surprised.”

Luciel analyzed why she couldn’t seem to take her eyes away from his. He barely blinked, and his eyes stared with piercing intensity, like a predator. His brows drew up in amusement. Oh, yes, and he was pretty…like a girl.

“I don’t meet many vampires. Don’t think I’ve ever come across one who was an archangel.”

He lowered his sword, resting the tip on the floor while he leaned on the hilt and studied her intently. “How can I help you?”

“Help me?”

“My Dominatio ordered me to help you.”

Her own Dominatio had led her here. Still, she was reluctant to speak of Davariel. He was on every Master Guardian’s most wanted list.

“And what makes you think, I need your help?”

The vampire turned and strode a few steps away. His black spiral curls danced against his waist beguilingly, and his muscles rippled when he spun the sword like a baton in his hand. She imagined he had centuries of practice wielding that blade…among other things.

“Perhaps we should start with introductions.” He spun around, a smile gracing his blushing lips. “I’m Drakken Nehzilini, Master Guardian and archangel protector of the newly colonized Sjoria.”

Luciel’s mind began to race. “Isn’t that planet on the very outskirts of the galaxy?”

“That would be the one. Not too many aliens have populated it because of its strict measures to keep everything as simple as possible. No big cities on Sjoria. Lots of oceans and rainforest, though.”

“How does one go about to colonize?”

“One doesn’t.” He raised his brow and tilted his head to the side. “Oh, damn. That’s it, isn’t it? I’ve got to get you permission to live on Sjoria.” He rolled his eyes and huffed. “Why me?”

Her Dominatio and his had arranged this, so it had to be done. But how would she manage to transport Davariel, the babies and herself, and keep their presence secret? She was almost at the limit of her power cocooning the compound with a power shield so no one would detect their presence. Little by little it was draining her. She knew eventually she would need to relocate to the unlinked outskirts of the galaxy.

“Aren’t you going to tell me your name?”

The vampire’s sweet voice intruded on her thoughts.

She took a deep breath. “Luciel Ngyuen….”

Drakken’s sword fell to the floor with a loud clang. His lips went pale. “The dark prince’s mistress?”

“Mistress?” She almost went into an insulted tirade, until she realized he was right. Hell, she was still sore from the last pounding Davariel had given her only moments before. Luciel felt herself blush.

Drakken put his fingertips to his colorless lips, staring at her wide-eyed. “Is he with you? Is it true you birthed his child?”

“Twins. Two boys. Dava is sleeping right now.”

Drakken shuddered. “I saw him once, before he turned. I’d been allowed to enter the holy city, but was forbidden to approach him. We followed him at a safe distance, always watched by a dozen armed reapers. He barely acknowledged our presence. The king of the Fae planet, Marahk, was with us that day. Davariel spotted a group of Greis in the multitude that had gathered to…worship him. They had brought a child with them. The small Grei female was dying. Davariel had her taken out from the crowd and brought to him. He carried her the whole time, singing to her, kissing her forehead with a tenderness that….” Drakken took a deep breath, his eyes staring deep into Luciel’s. “When visiting time was over, he begged to keep her, arguing that she didn’t have long to live anyway, but the high council refused, plus, the Greis were incensed that he didn’t include them in his private serenade. Before they took the weeping child away, Davariel tore one of his primary feathers out and gave it to her. Have you any idea how painful it is for a Seraph to have one of his feathers pulled? It’s like yanking off one of your fingers.”


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Chapter Ten

Alex tumbled once again as Jake hurled her onto the mat. She had been working out and training with her brothers every morning since they came to visit. It was early yet, so the gym was free of the pups who usually loitered and worked out on the other side of the mat, where all the weights equipment were located. Rance and Andrew were standing to the side. Andrew had a frown creasing his brows, arms crossed over his big chest, as he watched Alex roll nimbly to her feet.

He and his brothers had been on the estate for several days. The wolf shifters, as he had observed, were reservedly open and friendly to them, although he could sense they were also wary of their presence in their midst—as they should be, since he and his brothers were humans. No doubt, if they were not related to Alex, their knowledge of pack’s existence would have signed the human brothers’ death warrant. He would not delude himself that these beings are as they seemed. He was too cautious not to assume they were half-beast, therefore were likely prone to the instincts of their feral side. Any animal threatened in any way would lash out, so wouldn’t these seemingly normal beings if put to the test?

Watching Alex interact with Rance and the inhabitants of the estate almost eased his vigilance, but just one show of animosity toward his sister, and all hell would break loose. She may think that she’s a mighty alpha with all these mysterious powers, but to him, she was still his sister who needed his protection. That thought brought him to his present concern, prompting him to quietly ask Rance, “Shouldn’t she be taking it easy?”.

“What do you mean?” Rance asked abstractedly, keeping his eyes on Alex as she attacked Jake with a series of punches and kicks.

“Aren’t you concerned about the baby she’s carrying? I wonder if this level of activity is good for her in her condition.”.

The tone of Andrew’s voice pierced Rance’s absorption in observing Alex. He didn’t like the way that Andrew was implying neglect of his mate. Turning completely toward his mate’s brother, and his emerald eyes brimmed with annoyance and a touch of anger.

“I care about Alex more than you can comprehend. One way of showing my care is ensuring her ability to defend herself, if necessary. We are a hardy bunch; there is no danger to her or the baby in her womb. Our females are not fragile or prone to miscarriage as humans are.”

“I still don’t think it wise to risk it. Even if she is now a shifter with a hardy constitution, what if because she was once human she should therefore take more care than a normal female shifter in her condition?”

Rance looked thoughtfully at Andrew, trying to gauge if he was just being aggravating or sincerely concerned of his sister’s welfare. After some moments of quiet consideration, Rance appreciated the wisdom of Andrew’s words. He abruptly nodded and acknowledged the wisdom of his advice. Much as he was certain that Alex was perfectly safe training and working out even carrying the Promised One, he’d not risk his mate’s and pup’s health on it.

Turning once more towards the mat where Jake and Alex were sparring, he sauntered casually towards the two.

“Alex, it’s time to take a break,” Rance called out mildly.

Alex glanced at Rance with a questioning look. Usually Rance would work her out till she was ready to drop. Her sparring with Jake did not even cause her to break into a sweat yet.

“What’s up? We’re just getting warmed up,” she asked Rance once he’d reached her. Jake looked on with curiosity, but not much interest.

“I just thought we should cut it short since your parents are coming today, remember?”

“Yeah, but that’s not until later. If I know Dad, he’ll take his time driving down here. And besides, they’ll be staying till they leave for their trip to their European cruise next week.”

Andrew joined them, “I believe you should take it easy considering your condition, don’t you think?”

“Huh-?” For a moment Alex was at a loss as to what he was talking about, until she realized that he was hinting at her pregnancy. “Oh! But I doubt there’s any danger.”

“Are you completely sure?” Andrew persisted.

Looking up at her mate’s face, she tried to discern his stand on the matter.

“I guess it won’t hurt to be cautious,” she finally conceded, albeit reluctantly.

Taking her hand, Rance steered her away from the mat. “We’d better get Armand to look at you again.” He handed her a towel to wipe off as Alex fell in step with him, leaving her brothers as they got ready to spar.

“I’ll see you guys later for breakfast!” she called out over her shoulder to her brothers.

With an absentminded wave from Andrew and a grunt from Jake, she hurried off with her mate.

“What’s going on?” She demanded, after they were out of hearing from her siblings.

“Nothing,” Rance responded with a casual air.

Alex stopped abruptly and yanked at the hand Rance was holding. Turning, Rance looked back at her. “What gives? Usually, you won’t get satisfied until I’ve rolled more than a dozen times on those mats. And now, I’ve barely broken a sweat. So –?”

Sighing, since he knew he Alex would persist until she got her answer, he finally told her of his conversation with her brother.

“Andrew pointed out that since you were a newly turned human we should take better care of you in your condition.”

“In my condition?!” Alex shook her head in a show of frustration. “For your information Mr. Big Bad Wolf, human women don’t just stop working out or training the minute they find themselves pregnant. And what does my brother know about pregnant women anyway? Unless a woman had health problems or has trouble carrying to term, she continues to do normal and regular things in her life. Besides, I’m now a wolf shifter. Our constitution is way better than that of a human,” she huffed.

“I know. But I thought we should go and visit Dr. Armand to be truly certain. I’m not going to make you stop training. I just want to have an expert’s opinion to put my mind at ease, not to mention your sibling too,” Rance quietly replied.

Lately Alex had exhibited a short temper and a marked increase in her libido. She got frustrated fast and her aggressiveness tended to flare hot. Although the episodes were short lived, it was becoming a concern for him. Maybe it had something to do with her rioting hormones and pregnancy, maybe not. Seeing the pack doctor would be a good opportunity to find out about it.

“Well, okay. As long as we’re clear that I’m not going to stop altogether until my belly gets too big for me to do so.”


Rance put his arms around Alex’s waist and started walking again towards their suite. They met several pups on the way to the basement and their greetings of good morning echoed in the hallway. Alex and Rance responded and nodded in acknowledgement but did not stop to chat with them. Once they reached the landing at the top of the stairs, Rance turned to Alex.

“We might as well stop over and see this mysterious girl Malik found, since we’re going to the clinic. She’s been up and awake for several days now but refused to talk to anyone. Maybe you could coax her to talk to you.”

“She’s the one they found in the woods, right?” Alex asked.

Rance nodded briefly. “Yes. She’s been battered badly. I still need to know her connection with the rogues. And believe me, there is one. She smelled distinctly of them when she was first brought in. But she refused to say anything. Not even her name. I can understand that she had been traumatized, but we can’t help her if she would not tell us anything.”

“I can try.” Alex felt bad for the girl. She’d heard of the extensive abuse the girl had suffered physically. Although the physical wounds would eventually heal and fade away, the mental and emotional wounds would take longer to heal and probably scar more deeply than the physical one.

“I also need to go find out how the interrogation is going with the captured rogues.”

“I think you should take my brothers to observe and maybe help too,” she suggested.

Rance stopped in his tracks and looked at Alex with skepticism, “I don’t think that would assist us in any way. We’ve been at it for a couple of days now and still they refused to give up even the identity of their leader. If your brothers get involved, the rogues would only clam up more.”

“Why?” she asked, arms akimbo. “They are highly trained professionals. I’m sure they could give you a hand. Sometimes a new pair of ears and eyes gives new perspective to a problem,” Alex trained narrowed eyes at Rance, “and I’m dead certain they could be trusted, if that’s what concerns you.”

Rance face was carved in granite. No glimmer of emotion showed in his face or eyes. If she were not intimately connected to him, she would have been deceived into thinking that nothing was bothering him. As it was, even tempered slightly, their connection seethed with his repressed aversion in getting her brothers involved in shifter business.

With a sigh, Alex wrapped her arms around his waist. “They are my brothers, Rance. They are not just random humans who are not privy to our secret. Besides which, their leave is almost up,” peering up at him, she looked pleadingly. “I trust them…I’d willingly put my life in their hands. I think it’s about time to hand them a measure of trust, don’t you think? You’ve seen how my brothers are very protective of me. Once they learned that those rogues pose a danger to me and mine, there would be no stopping them. So why not let them help?”

She nuzzled his chest, “Your invitation to observe and help would serve a long way in assuring them of your trust. Please, for me?”

Rance hugged her to him, “I hope you’re right.” With a resigned sigh, he let his arms fall away.

“What the hell,” he grumbled, “I’ll let Damian know we’re all coming then. Well, go ahead and take a shower. I’ll be up after I informed -,” he paused as Alex frowned disapprovingly at him. “After I NICELY asked your brothers for help,” Rance amended.

Alex beamed up at her towering mate. “I know I’m right. You’ll see.”

Turning, Rance retraced his steps to the basement gym. All the while muttering to himself, “Pussy whipped…never thought to see the day….”

Laughing behind him, Alex yelled, “I heard that!”

Watching his impressive form disappear as he rounded a corner, she finally turned and entered their suite. She’d go ahead and take a shower and get ready for the day.

She couldn’t wait to go downstairs and eat breakfast, her rumbling stomach demanding nourishment. Patting her belly, she smiled and thought of the baby growing inside her. Hey squirt, the way you make me want to eat constantly would upset me if I got huge as a house. Good thing shifter metabolism burns a lot of calories and I can eat and eat and not get any fatter.


“What was that all about?” Jake asked as he circled Andrew.

“Huh? About what?” Andrew replied.

“Fuck that! Stop being deliberately obtuse, I don’t buy it.” Jake jabbed Drew on the stomach. Andrew blocked and delivered a roundhouse kick that connected with a dull thud on Jake’s side.

“Ooomph!” Jake staggered but immediately regained his balance and faced off with the grinning Andrew.

“There’s nothing to tell.”

Shaking his head, Jake advanced on Andrew and delivered a combination punches and kicks.

“Yeah, right. As if I’d believe that. I may not be gifted with your INCREDIBLE perception, but even a blind person can sense something going on.” Jake’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

He smirked at his older brother, “And here I thought you are one jarhead who’s oblivious to subtle signals. I clearly remember your former girlfriend complaining that you’re hopelessly clueless all the time, unless it has anything to do with sex, that is.”

With perfect precision, Jake delivered a kick on Andrew’s left side and punched his solar plexus. Failing to block both attacks, Andrew lurched on his feet. With a glint of determination on his eyes, he advanced on Jake and circled, looking for an opening.

Jake smiled with satisfaction. His little brother was pissed. Drew had always been serious and exacting, especially with himself. His failure to block would make his brain analyze each tiny detail and catalog it for future reference. With a smirk, he crooked his finger, “Come on, squirt, give me some challenge here.” He loved it when his brother took the bait.

Andrew’s muscles tensed in preparation for his attack when Rance’s voice rang out, “Jake, Andrew, can I talk to you both for a second?”

Turning, Drew raised his brows in inquiry. “Sure,” he replied, after a small pause.

Jake and Andrew walked up to Rance, curiosity evident in their faces. “What’s up?”

“My mate, er- Alex, had suggested that maybe you could help us out with some matters. That is if you’re interested.”

“Alex said that, huh?” Jake looked at Rance’s face. He could see that the man was not fully convinced of the proposition. Andrew’s brows were furrowed, which was a bit telling. Jake wondered what secret these two shared.

“Does it have something to do with the attack?” Andrew asked.

“Yes.” Rance replied tersely. “So if you would get yourself ready, I’ll meet you in the dining room and we’ll go after breakfast.” Nodding, Rance walked away from the brothers.

Andrew and Jake shared a look. Both knew that Alex had put Rance up to the task. Neither believed that the proud Alpha would ask a mere human to help with pack business. But if it has anything to do with the attack on Alex, they were more than willing to help.

Devon approached his older siblings. A towel was slung on his shoulders as he wiped the sweat off his body from working out with the gym’s machines.

“Hey guys, are you done beating each other up? I need someone to spar with me. I haven’t had a decent training on the mat since I started college.” Seeing that both brothers were seemingly oblivious of him, he waved his hands in front of their faces. “Hello! Earth calling Jake and Drew…”

With an air of preoccupation, both Jake and Andrew turned to Devon. “Sorry, Dev. But it seems like your mat time will have to be postponed for now.” Jake patted him on the shoulder.

“Why? It’ll take thirty minutes tops to put me through my paces. Come on guys, you’ve never shirked your duties in training me before.” Devon said bemusedly.

“Sorry kid. Rance had invited us to observe, and maybe help them out with some matters.” Andrew responded.

“Can I come? I’d love to see the wolves in action.”

“You have to ask Rance, then. I’m not even sure what’s going on yet.” Andrew said.

“Come on. Let’s get ready and see what the mystery is all about.” Jake nodded at his brothers and started for their rooms to get ready.


Luc was happy to finally get the all clear from Dr. Armand. His forced inaction chafed greatly. It would have been bearable if he was able to study more about the Promised One’s prophecy, but the ancient books were too precious and valuable to be handled outside the temperature-controlled archives room where the pack kept them. So, he spent his time in the clinic hashing out the dilemma in which he found himself mired – - after Alex visited him that fateful day.

He was ordered to take it easy both by Rance and Alex, so he was left with a lot of time on his hands. It was a good thing too that Alex stayed mainly in the estate since her brothers were visiting, so he did not miss much.

The day he regained consciousness would be indelibly imprinted in his memory. That was the day that he knew his mate existed. The delicious aroma, although faint, woke him from his torpor. His senses flared up and awoke a great need in him to locate the source of such an enchanting aroma, so naturally it was startling to find his Regina gazing down at him when he finally opened his eyes.

When Alex came to visit him in the clinic, his usually inactive cock chose to wake up and take notice. He secretly squirmed as his tool slowly elongated and throbbed in tandem to his accelerated heartbeat. Initially, he was bemused and alarmed at his reaction to Alex. But, as his brain started to function, he realized that he was not reacting to Alex; instead, his undiscovered mate must have rubbed her scent on his Regina. Thank Luna, he’d thought, as Alex, unaware of his dilemma, regaled him with the events after the ambush.

Discovering that Alex’s brothers and best friend came to visit, Luc was equally elated and horrified to realize that the delicious smell that made his cock as hard as steel could only belong to Alex best friend, Pam. It was a good thing that he was nowhere near the mansion when Pam arrived, or she would have found herself bedded and mated in no time. He totally doubted that it would be all peachy after the initial mating, although, he was certain that it would be hot and intense. From what he had gathered, his mate was one feisty female that relished her sexuality and was not ready to settle down any time yet.

Now the question was how would he get his mate ready for shifter mating? She was human and he was not sure Pam would be as open to the paranormal as Alex. She was also a career woman who’d carved a position in a cutthroat environment. He did not want to make her resent him in the end, because of what she might perceive as a ‘forced’ mating. Not that he’d heard of a true mating ending in disaster…but there’s always a first time, and he did not want to be the exception that proved the rule.

Maybe he should tell Alex. She was Pam’s best friend after all, so she knew Pam better than anyone. At least he would have some idea how his mate would react. He only hoped like hell that Luna knew what she’s doing mating him to Pam. As far as he could tell, he and Pam were polar opposites.

Trailing after the Alpha and his mate with her human brothers as they walked to the Pack Clinic, Luc wondered when would be the best time to broach the subject with Alex. He believed Alex would love the idea of her best friend becoming one of them, but he would have to contend with Alex’s brothers who had adopted Pam as one of their family.

Just thinking about the complications that would arise with his mating made his head throb in pain. Grimacing, he reprimanded himself for not being grateful for Luna’s gift. Some wolves lived and died without finding their mate, and here he was grousing about his great fortune. Taking a deep breath, he resolved that he would show his mate, when they finally mated, how precious she was to him.

A nudge on his shoulder broke his line of thought. “What’s got your boxers in a twist?” Troy asked curiously with his trademark smirk. He’d noticed that his usually unruffled brother was oddly tense and exhibited a seesawing emotion of borderline giddiness to trepidation that bled into their twin bonds. He wondered what was causing Luc distress.

With a placid look, Luc shrugged and kept walking.

“You’re more broody and reticent than before the ambush, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” Luc grumbled. “Just have a lot of things on my mind lately.”

Troy grabbed his twin’s arm, making Luc stop and stare impassively at him. He took the time to watch Luc’s eyes carefully. Shaking his head, he dropped his hand, “No, you’re not fine. Something is bothering you.”

“Of course something is bothering me. What with all these attacks happening, who would not be bothered?” Luc responded cagily as he looked away from Troy.

“Besides that,” Troy waved a dismissive hand. “There is something going on with you and you’re hiding it from me.” With a penetrating look, he grinned lopsidedly, “No matter. I’ll get it out of you somehow, you’ll see.”

Irritated at Troy, Luc turned his back and kept walking. “Leave me be,” he grumbled. “Come on, we’d better move before they get way far ahead of us.”

“Hmmm, I see. Are you sure you’re the real Luc? You’re grumpier than a bear that’s awakened from hibernation. What would cause my calm and collected brother to become so erratic, I wonder?” With a considering look on his face, he kept paced with Luc until they reached the Clinic.

Just as they stepped inside the clinic doors and before Luc got the chance to dodge him, he spoke thoughtfully. “I know I get like you when I don’t get laid for a long time…but you’re not like me, and can actually go without action, which to my belief, is quite an aberration.” A dark scowl was Luc’s response to that.

With a thoughtful look on Troy’s face, he continued. “The only thing I can think of for this mood is when a mature wolf has found its mate, but the mate is just too young and has not reached his or her sexual maturity yet to be… mated…” With speculation in his eyes, his words trailed off and the smirk on his face slowly disappeared. Luc’s face reddened and a brief flare of panic showed in his eyes before he managed to shutter it from his brother’s scrutiny.

Amazement and incredulity clear on his face, Troy grabbed Luc tightly on the shoulder before he could make his escape. “When -? How -?” He nearly shouted.

Luc breathed a deep sigh. Leave it to Troy to be so dramatic. There was no way to keep his secret now if he didn’t make his brother vow to keep a lid on it. He saw his Alphas stop and look back inquiringly at them upon hearing Troy’s exclaimed questions.

“What’s the excitement?” Alex sauntered closer. “I for one would welcome some good news.” Alex asked of the brothers, eagerly.

Luc glared at Troy, reminding him through their twin bond not to open his mouth. ‘It’s my secret to tell. And I’ll let them know when I’m ready.’

‘I concede that, brother. But don’t you think that it’s a great gift to finally find your mate? I for one am happy for you — scratch that, I’m overjoyed that Luna had blessed you with a mate.’ Troy responded with all seriousness.

‘I know but let me handle it my way first.’

‘Agreed. But please don’t take so much time, this is not an obscure language or prophecy that you need to study. It just is. Accept it and you’ll be happier.’

Nodding his head, Luc turned to Alex and smiled briefly.

“I’ve been favored by the Goddess with a gift. Although at the moment I don’t really know what to do with it.”

“Huh? You don’t say? Is it some kind of power? Did she visit you while you were unconscious? Is that how you found out about it?” Alex was so excited for Luc that she couldn’t help wearing a silly smile on her face.

Rance considered his beta. Seeing the disquiet and uncertainty reflected in his eyes, Rance wrapped his arm around Alex shoulder and slowly turned her back towards the hallway. “Luc will tell us what it is when he is ready to do so. Let him figure it out first.” Nodding back at his beta, Rance said, “Remember that Luna knows what we need. So whatever it is, rejoice that you are one of her favored.”

“I am … I will.” Luc said solemnly, nodding at his Alpha.

He watched Rance and Alex walk away, and then followed discreetly behind. Troy was looking at him quizzically but remained blessedly quiet for once.

Alex and Rance decided to split up once they got to the banks of the elevator. She went ahead upstairs to visit with the mysterious girl, while he and Alex’s brothers went down to the basement where the holding cells were. Luc and Troy continued on with Alex. Once she was done visiting with the mystery girl, she’d follow downstairs, as would they, her faithful security detail.

The door to the girl’s room was open and Alex saw her sitting up in the hospital bed with pillows propped up behind her. The girl was staring blankly outside the glass windows. Watching her, Alex noted that she was on the petite side. The girl had short spiky blonde hair that seemed to defy taming as it stood on end on her head. Alex couldn’t really tell what she looked like since her head was turned away from the door. Her slight frame was almost dwarfed by the hospital bed. Her arms still showed some faint bruises, but over all she looked good for someone who’d been found battered as hell and half dead.

Clearing her throat, Alex knocked at the open door. She knew the girl was aware of their presence, since they’d determined she was a turned shifter, and thus probably smelled as well as heard them arrive before Alex even knocked. The girl slowly turned and trained guarded bright blue eyes her way.

God! She’s just a baby, thought Alex.

The girl’s face looked so innocent and young but her eyes were full of torment and pain. The girl blinked and immediately shuttered her emotions but her eyes belied the turmoil seething behind the bland façade she strove to present to them.

“Hello. It’s good to see you up and about.” Alex took a couple of steps into the room. “I’m Alex,” she smiled gently and pointed behind her where the brothers remained quiet. “And these two are Luc and Troy.”

The girl looked from her to the two men behind her. The flare of panic was immediately extinguished, but the sour smell of fear lingered even after she mastered her reaction.

“It’s okay. We’re not here to hurt you. We want to know how we can help you.” Alex did not attempt to come any nearer since she sensed that the girl felt cornered somehow.

With a reassuring smile, she asked, “Would you like them to leave? I just want to visit with you for a little bit. Would that be fine?”

The girl nodded her head and trained her eyes on the men.

‘Go. Leave me with her. I’ll be fine.’ Alex urged the brothers.

‘As you wish, Regina. We’ll be right outside the door.’ Luc answered for them both. Nodding their heads at the girl, they walked out and stationed themselves right outside.

Looking uncertainly at Alex, the girl’s lips curved in a slight smile. But other than that, no other sign of welcome was extended.

“Do you mind if I come nearer? I’d love to get to know you more.” Alex slowly walked forward and sat on the chair next to the bed after the girl nodded her head.

“You know my name,” Alex smiled. “Would it be too much to ask for yours?” The girls shook her head and ducked her head, as if hiding from Alex’s gaze.

“Grace…” She said so quietly, “my name is Grace.”

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Alex kept her tone as mild and soothing as she could. She kept a smile on her face to appear less intimidating. She didn’t have any experience dealing with traumatized people. All she knew was that their experiences would leave them broken and fearful for some time. Hoping that by presenting herself as an ally and friend, it would encourage the young woman to open up.

She’d read somewhere that it helped some victims to share their painful experiences. It would be like lancing a wound that had been festering and finally letting out the infection that was causing the infection. It would be painful for sure, but ultimately helpful in the healing process.

This girl sitting before her had suffered untold abuse. She was strong enough to elude her captors and escape in the woods. Fate and Luna had led her here to Alex’s pack.

Alex was a strong believer in destiny. Rance and her mating was a great example.

Alex believed that this girl was destined to find her way here to the Estate. To what purpose, she did not know yet, but she would do her best to assist her in finding out in any way she could.

Looking at the vulnerable girl, Alex felt a strange affinity for this waif of a girl-woman. Although her conversion was not marred by violence, they both were humans prior to becoming shifters.

An inner prodding made her compulsively project comfort and tranquility to the abused girl as she sat quietly by her bed. She hoped it was working, because she didn’t know what the hell what she was doing. Though bumbling in the dark, she felt the power flow out of her. She hoped that the child in her belly know what he/she was doing, because she certainly didn’t.

Alex sat without speaking. She watched as the girl’s stiff posture slowly relaxed and the haunted look around her eyes diminished.

Grace kept her gaze fixed outside her window, having no idea what to make out of the woman in the room with her. She sensed that in her flight for freedom, she had stumbled into a place inhabited by beings like the one she had left.

Leery of them when she first woke up, she had later on concluded that these beings didn’t seem to want to harm or hurt her. Still, doubt cast a long shadow over her mind as to whether she should trust these people or not.

On the other hand, their female Alpha exuded a calming presence that silenced the shrieks of terror in Grace’s brain. Having Alex sit quietly in the same room with her acted like a balm to her broken spirit.

Alex watched and patiently waited for Grace to say something else. She figured she’d wait the girl out and let her volunteer any information without any pressure from Alex. If Grace shared her experience of her own volition, then she’d be on her way to healing.

Several minutes passed. The girl on the bed did not fidget or show any sign of restlessness. On the contrary, she seemed to relax more and her eyes began to droop. A slight smile curved Alex’s mouth. She’d heard from everyone that Grace was incapable of relaxing and shedding her guard in the presence of anyone. They’d even had to resort to sedating her to get her to rest more.

Finally, Grace’s even breathing and closed lids revealed she had succumbed to the arms of Morpheus. Alex stayed a little bit longer. She heard Luc approach and turned just as he poked his head in the room. Putting her finger in front of her lips, she mimed “quiet”, and inclined her head towards the sleeping girl. With a smile, Luc nodded.

Alex stood and walked out of the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She waved her hand for Luc to precede her down the hall. Deciding that they were far enough away not to disturb the girl, she stopped.

“Something wrong?” asked Alex. Luc shook his head. “Are my parents here already then?”

“Not yet. But Rance requests your presence down in the basement. He would like to have your take on the progress of the interrogation downstairs.”

“Why didn’t he contact me himself?” Irritation was rife in her voice. Rance could have told her himself through their bond.

Luc appeared uncomfortable answering her, “Ah… He said that you have your walls up again.”

“Walls –?”

“He could not get through the block you’ve put up.”

“But I did not…” She trailed off and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she looked inside herself to determine if she’d unconsciously thrown a wall to prevent her mate from connecting with her. Deep in her psyche she found it, but it did not appear to be one she would usually put up. Her mind blocks ordinarily looked like a brick wall. This one appeared to be made out of hard faceted glass. It was more like a diamond really, shiny and slick in appearance. Her bafflement grew into alarm, thinking that someone was manipulating her mind. Following the signature thread of power, she was surprised to discover it was coming from their tiny offspring.

‘You are full of surprises, little one.’ Alex mindspoke to her baby with affection.

A gurgle of sound that she interpreted as giggles echoed back to her. Satisfied that it was not someone sinister, she left and blinked her eyes open to see Luc studying her closely.

Arching one of her brow, she smirked at him. “Everything’s fine. It’s just an idea of a joke from this one here,” she patted her belly.

Luc’s eyes rounded in surprise and awe, he opened and closed his mouth like a fish on land. It was so comical to Alex that she started laughing at him.

“Care to share the joke with me?” Troy said, as he joined them.

Shaking her head, Alex linked her arms with both of them, “It’s nothing Troy, just me having some fun with staid Luc here. Let’s go and see what the big bad wolf wants.”

“Huh?” Troy asked bemusedly.

“Rance. Your Alpha, hence the Big Bad Wolf.” She grinned.


The four men standing facing the one-way mirror watched grim-faced as the rogue slumped unconscious as he hung in chains on the wall. The rogue had been disgustingly uncooperative and downright defiant at times.

“Any suggestions on how we will proceed? Torture doesn’t seem to faze them at all.” Damian said quietly.

“Everyone has a breaking point, you know that,” Rance replied. “We have to keep going short of killing them. We need to find the weakest one,” he said thoughtfully.

Andrew and Jake stood listening quietly as the two men conversed.

“The other alphas had the same result. They were unable to extract the whereabouts of the mastermind’s hideout or lair,” Damian reminded Rance.

“I know. But we have more at stake here at the Estate.”

“What do you mean?” Jake interrupted.

Shaking his head at his Prime, he looked at Alex’s brothers with his penetrating gaze. The two refused to lower their eyes and remained locked in a silent battle of wills with Rance. Damn if he’d let these two humans butt their noses into pack business. Granted they were Alex’s brothers, but if they continued to ruffle his fur he’d bite a chunk off their hides.

He gave both a toothy smile rife with promise of pain. Neither blinked, much to his surprise. Even the hardiest and toughest wolf shifter trembled in fear when Rance trained his eyes on them. These humans had balls of steel to not be intimidated by an apex predator who could kill them in a blink of an eye. Not that he would — of course. He could not help but have a grudging respect for Andrew and Jake’s silent courage.

Vaguely, he heard the ding of the elevator arriving. He scented the delicious smell of his mate. The bond snapped into place again and he felt Alex’s presence nearing. Breaking his gaze with the brothers, he swung toward the closed door to the hallway.

‘What took you so long? And why did you block our link? Good thing I could still sense you or I would have run upstairs thinking something was wrong.’ Rance mindspoke to Alex as she stood framed in the doorway.

‘Hey! It was not my fault. Blame it on your pup. He or she thought it funny to block you from me. Alex replied with mirth. Why? Did you make any progress yet?’

‘The pup did it?’ he asked, incredulity laced with healthy amount of pride. ‘As for our progress here, there’s not much to tell.’

Rance smiled as Alex entered the room flanked by Luc and Troy. He lifted his hand and waited for Alex to take it. Twining their fingers, he drew her to his side and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“How was the visit with our mystery girl?”

“Quite interesting,” she scrunched her nose at him. He thought it endearing and cute. “She told me her name and she actually fell asleep while I was there,” she said with an air of excitement.

“And this is progress, how?” Rance asked.

“All the days that she’d been conscious, she refused to talk. And they had to resort to drugging her to get her to relax enough to sleep.”

“Remarkable….” A speculative gleam entered his eyes. You’re not telling me something you think is important.

She grinned triumphantly at Rance and regarded everyone in the room with them. “When I was talking to Grace -,” she broke off when Rance lifted a brow at the name. “The mystery girl’s name is Grace.” She explained to the room at large. “Anyway, I felt this need to project a sense of security and peace. So I did. And guess what happened? It worked!” Alex claimed excitedly.

“How?” Andrew asked. “Is this another thing that came with becoming a shifter? If so, why not just compel those rogues there to tell you what you want to know?”

Alex brows knitted, not knowing whether she should tell them that it wasn’t really her, but the baby inside her. She looked up to Rance for guidance.

“Not everyone is gifted with this ability.” Rance explained. “I can compel any wolf shifter to change because that comes with the territory of being the Alpha. But I cannot compel them to do anything else against their will.” ‘Except my mate of course.’

‘I heard that!’ Alex responded.

‘Not that I would do it again. Unless, of course if was is for your own safety and protection, then I would do it without remorse’. Alex canted her head in assent. Not that she would give Rance reason to compel her obedience.

“Is this the first time you’ve tried it?” Jake asked with interest.

“Yes. Why?”

“Maybe you can use your mojo with these rogues then. I gather they haven’t made any progress, even with the help of those silver manacles.” Jake told Alex.

“Huh? I’m not so sure,” she looked uncertainly at the rogue shifter in the other room.

“Come on Alex, at least try. Were there any adverse side effects you experienced after you did what you did?” Andrew prompted.

Swinging her gaze back at her brother, “No, not really.”

“So what harm would it do if you practice on him?” Jake dipped his head toward the slumped rogue.

“I guess I can try,” she said rather reluctantly. Alex was not even sure if she could command it. All she knew was that she felt a need to project at that moment. How could she help if she was unsure herself?

Rance turned her to face the mirror. The chained rogue was slowly stirring to consciousness. She watched him blink at the bright light trained on him. Seeing the two enforcers in the room, he slowly straightened and glowered evilly at them. A smirk curved his split lips.

“You’ll not get anything from me or any of us,” he spat scathingly. “Your days are numbered. The Promised One will exact vengeance. Blood will pool aplenty as he ascends and your so-called Alpha Council will be no more.”

“What is he talking about?” Alex asked, confused.

“They are claiming that the shifter they’re following is the Promised One of Luna,” Damian answered.

“B-But that’s impossible!” Alex replied. Rance and Damian nodded while Andrew did not miss the certainty in Alex voice.

“They are a delusional bunch, Alex. We know that. But they believed whatever drivel this Pretender fed them,” Rance said. “I don’t like the timing of this. Neither do I like the coincidence of his claims.” ‘Especially with our baby confirmed by Luna as the Promised One’. Rance whispered in their link.

Alex grasped Rance’s hands tightly. She was now more fearful for her baby. Yes, Luna had given the baby powers. But a baby was no match against an army of deranged shifters, which were not thenormal run-of-the mill variety, but monstrous and hideously grotesque perversions of shifters.

Rance patted her hand and kissed the top of head. “It’s okay, Alex. Remember, Luna’s on our side.” He smiled down at her as he cupped her face and caressed her cheek tenderly with his thumb. “So, are you willing to give it a try?”

There was no way she’d let her baby be harmed if she could help it! The attacks before were not just centered on their pack alone. Once the existence of the real Promised One surfaced, this lunatic would surely do everything to try and kill her baby. It had tried to kill her before, and rampaged through her home when it couldn’t, to destroy Rance and presumably thereby destabilize the Alpha Council; and that was without even knowing she carried the real Promised One!

Laying a hand where her baby rested inside her womb, she sent a promise to protect the tiny life with all of her being. She felt Rance’s warmth behind her before his arms enfolded her. His big, capable hand joined hers as they lay protectively over the tiny life inside her body.

‘We’ll keep our baby safe. Our pack will lay down their lives to keep our baby safe,’ Rance avowed.

‘I know,’ she met Rance’s glittering eyes and held them for a moment. ‘But if I can do something now to make certain of our child’s safety, then I’d willingly do it.’ Looking back at the rogue behind the mirror, she steeled herself for what she needed to do.

Finally, Alex nodded and took a deep breath. Cleansing herself of all tension and uncertainties, she sent a silent prayer to Luna for guidance and help. Alex hoped that this would finally help them get the information needed.

She mentally nudged the life inside her, asking for help and cooperation. Not knowing if the baby could actually understand words yet, she also sent pictures in her mind through her connection, letting the baby know how important it was for them to accomplish this feat.

‘Okay we’re in it together. So help me, okay?’ Alex asked Rance.

Rance flooded their connection with approval and the pride he felt for his mate. He was humbled by her courage and willingness to do what needed to be done. Hopefully with this newfound ability, they would acquire the identity of this Pretender.

He pushed a tendril of her silky curls off her face and tucked it behind her ear. Rance looked intensely at her upturned face and kissed her on the brow. With a slight quirk on his lips, he breathed on her ear, “Always.”

Electricity arched between the two as their heated gazes locked in complete understanding. They were completely oblivious to the people in the room with them. Lost in a world of their own, Alex started to reach for Rance as he, in turn, bent to her. An exaggerated fit of coughing and clearing of throats by her brothers broke them apart.

Alex’s face turned red, mortified that she had forgotten they were not alone. She smiled sheepishly at her brothers. She felt Rance solid’s presence next to her and looked up at his face. As usual, his face did not show any emotion at all. She tapped into their connection and felt his irritation at being interrupted.

Hiding a secret smile, Alex turned to her mate. “I’m ready.”

Rance waved his hand at Damian, “I want you to be in that room. You do the questioning.”

Nodding, Damian left right away and seconds later entered the adjacent room. He placed himself to the side of the rogue to give the people in the next room in full view of the rogue.

“I’ll take it from here,” Damian told the two betas. The two men stepped back and stood to the side.

Rance turned Alex so that she faced the mirror. He stood behind her and cupped her shoulders.

‘Would you want me connected with you while you try this?’ Rance asked Alex as he rubbed her arms.

‘I’d want that. Maybe if you’d channel your powers to me we could make it work the way that you want it to.’ She looked at him over her shoulder.

“Andrew, Jake, can you tell if they’re lying or prevaricating?” Alex asked.

“I had some training in interrogation, but I’m not sure the same markers in detecting lies could be applied to shifters, sis. After all they are a completely different species. They may not respond the same way humans do,” Jake answered.

“I’m a trained sniper in my QRF team, Alex. So I have no knowledge of how this works, but I’m willing to help out in any way I can.” Andrew said.

“I know, Drew. But still, you’re the most observant and intuitive of all my brothers. So I value whatever contribution you can make.” Facing forward once more, Alex nudged Rance. “I’m ready to start.”

Rance opened his link with his Prime. ‘Damian you may proceed.’

Rance felt Alex tense under his hand as she tried to tap into the ability that would compel the rogue into telling them the information they needed.

‘Relax. Don’t force it. Let the power flow through you.’

‘What if I mistakenly influence the betas in the room too? Remember what happened in the dining room the first day I joined the pack?’

‘Don’t think of failure. You can do it. I’ll help you. Rance let his essence flow through their link.’ He meticulously weaved their powers together.

‘Alright, now try to picture a free flowing brook… try to center your power and direct it towards our target.’ He felt the gradual building of the power and magic inherent within their bond. It slowly grew in strength as the luminous color of their essence bonded together. In his mind’s eye, the strands of his power glowed deep vibrant blue while Alex’s were a shimmering scarlet. The strands twirled and whirled together as they weaved themselves into a rope of power.

Strangely, he saw another strand appeared and inserted itself into the weave. It glowed iridescent gold and silver. The new presence joined their mate bond and made the weave stronger, more tensile, as it pulsed more magic and power into the bond.

‘Wha -? Who?’ He exclaimed as more raw undiluted energy and power rushed through them than he had ever experienced before. Alex clasped both his hands and lowered them to her belly.

Rooted to the floor, Rance felt the power pitch and swell as it gathered momentum.

“Don’t worry. It’s the baby,” Alex whispered quietly.

“By Luna!” Rance murmured in awe.

Everyone in the room was astonished as flickers of light appeared to surround both Rance and Alex. Soon, the couple started glowing as they were surrounded by the shimmery sparks. The light grew in intensity until they were fully engulfed by it. The almost blinding light seemed to pulse with a heartbeat of its own. In a flash, it arced into the next room, penetrated the glass and hit the chained rogue straight on the center of his chest.

Like a marionette being jerked back by a string, the rogue shuddered and lurched in place. The beam of light spread outward from his chest, to his head, torso and limbs until he was fully enclosed by it.

Without any prompting from Damian or the betas in the room, the rogue started talking fast. Revealing information they’d been asking him and his cohorts for days. He spewed addresses of the locations of their various hideouts and dens. He divulged experiments done converting many humans recruited by the pretender, all of whom were of criminal element blinded by the promise of wealth and power. He exposed their plans to impregnate women and raise their own armies of shifters to overthrow the Alpha Council.

Finally, he told them of shifters who had joined them secretly but had remained active in their packs, prides, clans, and tribes. These shifters were the ones who felt scorned by their ruling council or slighted by their Alphas. Those shifters were the ones who fed the Pretender valuable information as they acted as spies for them. As to the whereabouts and identity of their leader, he remained ignorant.

After the outpouring of information, the light slowly died down. Rance still had his arms wrapped around Alex as the light finally blinked out.

“You guys okay?” Andrew cautiously approached the couple, who remained stationary.

Blinking, Alex turned to Andrew, “Yeah, we’re fine.”

Rance squeezed Alex and let her go to turn to his betas. “Luc and Troy, have our computer experts search for the owners of the addresses given to us. We’ll also form a team to storm the nearest hideout.”

“Shall we inform the other Alphas?” Damian asked as he walked in.

“Yes. I will inform them of the latest development. I’ll place a conference call and let all the other Alphas know. Meanwhile, find out everything you can about those properties. There will be some paper trail that would link our Pretender to them, I’m sure.”

“How soon do you want to do the raid?” Damian asked.

“Tonight,” Rance answered grimly. “I don’t want them to have more time to regroup. I’m sure this Pretender is aware that some of his followers were captured. Time is of the essence. If we could mobilize our betas right now I would do it. I don’t want to go in blind into any situation, and needless death could be avoided once we have the floor plans of the place… I don’t want him to slip through our fingers, Damian. I refuse to have this Pretender threaten my family and my pack.”

“I understand Rance.”

“We’ll go with you.” Jake volunteered.

“No. I can’t risk you.” Rance replied immediately.

“We are trained warriors, Rance.” Andrew added. “We know how to follow orders and work as a team.”

“You won’t be fighting normal men. You’d be facing shifters that are three times stronger and faster than you are.” Damian said.

“Are you completely invulnerable? Immune to bullets?” Andrew asked.

“No. But unless you hit a fatal shot, shifters could still inflict damage that could kill a normal human.”

“Then we’ll make sure our shots count then.” Jake nodded to his brother Andrew. “Just give us good, reliable weapons and we’ll try to keep away from the frontlines of the battle. We’ll try not to engage in hand-to-hand combat.”

Alex was a little concerned, but she knew her brothers. If they had made up their minds to help, they would find a way to do it even without Rance’s approval. She felt Rance’s questioning gaze on her. He was waiting for her decision. They were her brothers after all. With a sigh, she looked at Rance and nodded her head.

“Alright, but whatever I say goes.” Rance fixed steely gaze on both Jake and Andrew. With a nod, both agreed.


Rance quietly opened the door to their suite. He had just finished his conference call the Alpha Council, informing them of all the possible lairs and hideouts of the Pretender. His team of computer experts and young Raphael are now busy tracking down the identity of their nemesis. Now they could try to trace him through the properties’ ownership.

The Alphas had all agreed to move in tonight in a synchronized raid. After finalizing strategies of the operation, he thought he’d seek out Alex before her parents arrived. Seeking her presence in the mansion through their bond, he found her somewhere in their suite, and from their bond he gathered that she was having a quick nap. Lately, she’d sneak a nap after lunchtime.

Dr. Armand had assured him that everything was fine and she should keep up her routine. He cautioned on shifting when she reached her sixth month. Otherwise, she could engage in training as long as she didn’t get thrown around too much.

Crossing the room on quiet feet, he glimpsed his mate sleeping peacefully in the next room. He stood silently drinking in her beautiful features and ripe, voluptuous shape. Rance thanked Luna for the wondrous and priceless gift of his mate.

His eyes devoured her as she slept, unaware. He would never get tired of looking at her. A slight smile curved her luscious lips as she quietly snuffled. It made him smile in turn. She looked so innocent and serene in her slumber.

Love and carnal hunger rose in him. He had vast experience in the latter. The former emotion was quite new to him. His heart overflowed with the unaccustomed but welcome emotion. He thought himself complete before he met her, but his tiny mate proved him wrong. Sometimes he felt like he was fumbling in the dark dealing with her, but he was learning a lot and learning fast. His mate may look soft and delicate, but underneath laid an iron will and heart of steel. She never backed down from challenges and never let her weakness limit her in any way. He hoped and prayed to Luna that he could keep her from any of the harm that seemed to surround and threaten them.

Savage hunger rose quickly at seeing his mate. Her delicious smell wafted to him and instantly made him hard as stone. Walking quietly, he approached the sleeping form of his mate. He listened to her rhythmic breathing and the steady beating of her heart.

Alex had taken off her shirt and jeans and was now clad in a chemise and thong on top of the duvet. It showed her generous curves, ready for ravishing. Rance’s ardor rose swiftly. Quickly divesting himself of all his clothing, he stood staring at Alex. The globes of her breasts were pushed to overflowing as she slept on her side. The curve of her hips and buttocks was enough to make any male salivate with a desire to squeeze and fondle each creamy mound. He briefly palmed his pulsing hardness before crawling gingerly on the other side of the bed.

Kneeling at Alex’s side, he bent his head and nuzzled the fragrant skin on her hip with his nose. Gently nibbling on the soft flesh, he slowly meandered, laving all the way down to her full ass cheeks. He gazed appreciatively at the twin mounds. Skimming his finger lightly at the crevice, he traced the thong bisecting her bountiful cheeks, following it down between her thighs. Already, her pussy was getting wet for him.

Rance rubbed his cheeks lightly on her supple ass then ran his nose down the crack of her ass. Lingering on the aromatic opening of her pussy, he lightly pushed his tongue out, tasting the wonderful juice of her arousal. Alex moaned in her sleep as his saliva mixed with her cream. Not content with tasting through the fabric of her thong, Rance pushed aside the material with his insistent tongue. He was instantly greeted with the undiluted sweetness of Alex’s excitement. Her sweet musky flavor exploded on his tongue, causing his cock to throb in need. Sitting up, he positioned himself behind Alex.

Putting his nose at the juncture of her neck and shoulder, he inhaled deeply, taking in her unique and captivating scent. His hungry body grew rigid and his erection nuzzled the crack of her ass, seeking succor. Rubbing back and forth, he let his cock tunnel between the luscious mounds of her hind cheeks, bumping now and then at the top of her slit, grazing her clit.

Alex undulated in pleasure, but remained asleep. Though lost in slumber, her body recognized Rance’s as her nipples grew taut and her pussy secreted more honey. Savoring the smell of his mate’s arousal, Rance’s nose flared in appreciation. Much as he wanted to lap at the font of her juices, he wanted to wake his sleeping beauty slowly. So he contented himself with slowly trailing kisses on her jaw and down to her neck, licking and lapping the salt and sweat off her skin.

His big callused hand drifted down her arms and curved over her slightly rounded belly, carefully caressing the slight mound where his pup rests.

Alex moaned in her sleep when Rance pulled and sucked on her skin. Eyes fluttering open, she smiled seductively at the feel of Rance hands cupping her heavy breast. Turning her face towards him, she blinked and met smoldering emerald eyes.

“Hello, Beauty,” Rance rasped in her ear.

“Is that my new pet name?” she asked huskily, grabbing the back of his head and tilting hers on the side to give him more access. Her breath caught when he nipped and licked the mate mark.

“I thought it appropriate, yes,” he replied with a smile in his voice. His hands pulled on the straps of her chemise. Grunting in frustration when the straps caught on her arms, Rance let his claws emerge and ripped them off.

“And I see that you’re playing the role of my Beast then,” she tsked at her ruined chemise.

“I can be whatever you want me to be,” he murmured against her fragrant skin, running his lips up the beginning of the slopes of her abundant breast.

“Hmmm…definitely…my Beast.” She sighed as his warm mouth closed over one distended nipple. Rance alternated between the two breasts, sucking strongly and nipping at her sensitive tips. The pain-pleasure of his rough caress brought her fast to the brink of orgasm. Tunneling her fingers through his lustrous hair, he pulled him to her breast more. “Rance,” she pleaded, “more…” She felt a tug on her hips and the slither of her thong being pulled away from her body. With lowered eyes she saw Rance fling the scrap of silk behind him.

Rance moved on top of Alex. Nudging her legs apart, he made a cradle between her supple legs for his bulk. He did not immediately join their bodies together. By the way Alex was squirming, and by the dewy wetness of her pussy lips, he knew she was ready to be dominated by his iron-hard rod.

Locking his gaze with hers, he demanded, “Tell me what you want.” He breathed on her lips.

Alex stared deeply into his eyes, seeing the same feral need to join their bodies, she pulled his head down and nipped his lobe. After swiping it with her tongue caressingly, she breathed, “Take me…possess me…make me yours…in all ways.”

His eyes flared savagely. Taking her mouth in a hungry kiss, he surged forward and buried himself deep inside Alex. Her walls welcomed his domination as it wept lubrication and clasped at him tightly. Both breathing raggedly, they stayed locked for a brief moment, savoring the initial unity of their flesh, They exchanged a passionate kiss, tongues dueling and twining, then Rance pulled slowly out of Alex. Alex’s arms and legs tightened reflexively on his neck and back. Undeterred, Rance pulled until only his knob was inside her. Gliding back in, he set a leisurely pace. Tunneling in and out of her, he let his tongue engage hers at the same time.

Panting and sweating, Alex clung to his muscular shoulders. Rance alternated between driving fast and pulling out slow. He ground his hips, making sure the root of his shaft brushed Alex’s clitoris constantly. The pace he set was maddening. Every time he ground himself deep in her cavern he hit her cervix causing exquisite pleasure-pain to shoot deeply through her. Alex arched in intense bliss as she exploded in climax. Her walls clung and gripped Rance’s length so tightly that it was almost painful for him to withdraw. Seeing that she had reached her pinnacle, Rance proceeded to hammer into her.

Alex screamed his name as her orgasm rolled endlessly. Sweat dripped down on her as Rance pulled out and flipped her to her stomach. Alex braced her body up on her hands and knees, as Rance positioned himself behind her. He palmed her ass and pussy. With hands wet with her fluid, Rance traced her rosette. Alex’s breath caught in her throat.

Rance dipped his fingers into her soaked sheath, fucking her with them briefly, then placed one at the opening of her anus. He crooned at her as he gently inserted a finger. Keeping herself relaxed, she pillowed her head on her folded arms. Jutting her ass up in the air, Alex spread her legs wider for him.

“You’re so wonderfully tight…. Relax and let me get you ready for my cock.”

“Just be gentle,” Alex said.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” Rance kissed her spine.

“No, just feels different.”

“You look so fucking beautiful,” Rance breathed reverently. He kept kissing her back while he inserted another finger into her tight passage. Trailing one hand under her hip, he located her clit and gently fondled and rubbed it.

“Yesss…” Hissed Alex.

“Feels good? Wait until I get inside you, babe.” Rance promised as he scissored his digits inside her. Alex started moaning as the feeling of fullness intensified. She was a little apprehensive, since Rance was huge compared to a normal man but she trusted him implicitly.

Rance nuzzled her asscheeks and nipped gently at each globe making Alex jump. Feeling his slight smile on her skin, she pushed her rump back at Rance. With an apologetic lick, Rance ran his wet tongue on the abused skin. Loving the piquant sweet taste, he proceeded to drift to her aromatic crack. Pulling both cheeks open, he watched her anus and pussy wink at him welcomingly. Bending, he breathed in her addictive smell and proceeded to rim her puckered hole aggressively.

He inserted his tongue in and out of her, letting his saliva coat Alex’s anus and anal canal generously. Knowing that his huge size would prove to be a challenge to get into his mate, he dripped his saliva into her canal to further lubricate her. The healing properties in his saliva would also help.

Parker Montgomery put his contact lenses in and took one last look in the mirror. He blinked twice, letting the plastic lenses settle over his green eyes. He ran his hand through his hair. The short and spiky dark blond hair was as good as it was gonna get. At least the messy style hid the stupid cowlick on the crown of his head.

He was dressed simply in a pair of blue jeans and a fitted white cotton button-down shirt. He wore a blue and green friendship bracelet on his left wrist, given to him by his best friend. He pushed his feet into a pair of black leather shoes, not stopping to bend and untie them, just wiggling his heels until they slid in.

It was the first day of school. He couldn’t believe that it was his last year of high school. He was a little bit nervous, but at the same time, he was excited. Hopefully this would be a year to remember.

Parker shut his bedroom door and bounced down the stairs. “Mom? Dad?” he called out.

He listened for a moment. Not a peep. He let out a sigh. Nothing new there. His dad was a financial big wig at some investment company whose global headquarters was downtown in the city. His mom was a lawyer. Both of them were more concerned with their careers than their son.

Parker looked up at the clock on the kitchen wall and then quickly chugged down a glass of chocolate milk. He was going to be late if he didn’t get a move on. He pulled on a hoodie and grabbed his phone and backpack and raced out the front door. He pulled the blue and white Forest View High School ‘Timberwolves’ lanyard holding his keys and student ID from his pocket and locked the door behind him.

Shell was waiting next door in the driveway.

Michelle Wilson was Parker’s best friend since junior high school, when her family moved in next door. Shell’s parents were both successful business executives and the two kids often hung out together in the evenings and on the weekends. Well, when Shell was in between boyfriends.

Shell was wearing her blue and white FVHS cheerleading uniform. Her hair was permed straight and slicked back into a tight ponytail. She looked way cute today, with her flawless, mocha skin. Her uniform accentuated her curvy shape, complete with perky breasts and a tight butt.

Though Shell and Parker were the same age, she always acted like a big sister towards her shy friend. Parker had always been grateful to Shell for helping to break him out of his nerd shell. She was truly a good friend.

“Hey, Parker,” she said with a grin. “Ready for the first day of school?”


They got into Shell’s Honda and she took off, heading towards the high school.

“Hey, you should come to cheerleading practice after school,” Shell said after she turned down the radio.

Parker looked at her like she had grown a second head. “Are you insane? I am not going to be a cheerleader. I’d really like to minimize the ass-kickings this year.”

“We already had tryouts at camp last week,” she said with an eye-roll. “And besides we don’t have boy cheerleaders. We have mascot auditions today.”

“Okay, now I know you’re insane. I’m not going to make an ass of myself in a ridiculous ‘Tacky the Timberwolf’ costume.”

“Okay, first of all, you know damn well it’s ‘Timo the Timberwolf’. Look at it like this, Parker. It’s our last year of high school. This is your chance to be somebody. Get invited to the good parties. Have fun. Go on dates.”

Parker shrugged. “I don’t care about that stuff,” he lied — to himself and to Shell.

“I’m gonna keep it real, boo. You’re my mission. I’m gonna get you out there. Get you a man. I’m gonna get you laid.”

“Oh, yes. The best way to get myself a man is to wear that stupid costume. I don’t know why I ever came out to you.”

Parker decided not to mention the fact that he had given another guy a handjob the summer before eleventh grade. He had made the other guy come, so that counted as sex, right? If the other guy wasn’t such a bastard, he might have told her what he did. No, if he told her, she’d demand all of the details and Parker wasn’t about to go there.

“Boo, I hate to break it to you, but I knew way before you told me. You’re a little zesty.”

“Remind me again why I like you?” Parker pouted.

“You know you love me, boo. Look. You have to do this. You’re a good dancer. I mean, how many years did you do gymnastics?”

“Up until tenth grade. When I got my ass kicked almost every week.”

Shell shook her head. “You shouldn’t have let those assholes win. You were good. Anyways, you’re doing this. You just have to come and show off your dance moves and do some flips. They’ll love you. Don’t we have fun dancing in your room?”

“Yeah, but that’s just fooling around. Not in front of other people!”

“Just pretend you’re pumping some Madonna in your room by yourself. ‘Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it…’”

Parker rolled his eyes and sunk down into the seat. “I hate you,” he mumbled.

A smile spread across Shell’s face as she said in a sing-songy voice, “You’ll get to change in the locker room with the football players…”


Shell pulled into the school’s student parking lot and parked the car. She and Parker grabbed their bags and weaved through the parking lot towards the school’s main entrance. As they walked across the lot, Parker drew in a deep breath.

Colton Butler walked past, cutting across the grass, flanked by his best friends, Trey Williams and Jed Stone. All three of them had freshly shaved heads, looking totally bad-ass. They strutted across the lawn like they owned it. And for all intents and purposes, they did.

Colton was a total stud, one of most popular guys in the school, if not the most popular. He transferred in from out of state last year and quickly became the top dog at the school. He was smoking hot. He had dark brown eyes and a sexy black goatee and mustache. He was always sporting a five-o’clock shadow. The last time Parker saw him, he had a head of thick, black hair. The shaved head suited him, though. It made him look rough and rugged. He had an arrogant, dominant attitude that Parker thought was so sexy. Everything about him screamed MAN, and that made him very appealing — not only to Parker, but the entire student body. The girls wanted to fuck him. And all the guys wanted to be him. Well, Parker was in the camp with the girls on this one.

The weird thing about that was that Parker couldn’t recall ever seeing him date anyone. Though it sure seemed like every girl in the school threw themselves at him. That was fine with Parker. It fueled the boy’s fantasies that he was gay and that he was saving himself just for Parker. The reality was that Colton didn’t even know that Parker existed.

Colton’s best friend was Trey, a tall and muscular black guy. Trey was insanely handsome and excelled at all sports. He was captain of the basketball team and the quarterback of the football team. He led the football team to regionals and state the past three years. Girls threw themselves at Trey, literally. The rumor was that he’d been through all of the cheerleaders and was working his way through the rest of the senior class. Of course that was an exaggeration, but not by much.

Rounding out the power trio was Jed. He was big and brawny, a total redneck, built like a power lifter. He was a defensive linebacker on the football team. He had a long, shaggy goatee of reddish-brown hair and sported a couple days worth of beard stubble. It would probably take two weeks for Parker to grow that much stubble and he sure as hell would never be able to sport any kind of beard. It wasn’t a secret that Jed was gay, though no one talked about it for fear of getting their ass kicked. The rumor, according to Shell, was that Jed had turned out quite a few supposedly straight jocks.

After Parker was outed last year, he worked up the nerve to try to talk to Jed. Being the only other out gay guy at their school, he thought maybe they could be friends. The big jock looked at him wide-eyed like he was some kind of leper and practically ran the other way. That sure was a self-esteem booster.

“Damn,” Shell whispered. “Trey can get it.”

“It should be a crime to be that hot,” Parker whispered back but referring to Colton. “What happened to their hair?”

“The whole team shaved their heads at football camp last week.”

“Huh. He’s bigger, too,” Parker noticed.

Colton had to have grown at least two inches taller over the summer, making him well above six feet tall. He also filled out a little more. His biceps were bigger and his chest muscles were bigger, too. Parker’s eyes drifted down to the bulging crotch of the big jock’s jeans.

As if he sensed he was being watched, Colton’s eyes shifted and locked onto Parker. Just like every time Colton happened to look his way, Parker felt an electric jolt go right to his core. His knees went weak and his salivary glands began working overtime. He swallowed down the excess saliva as he struggled to put one foot in front of the other.

Colton’s gaze burned into him and Parker automatically lowered his eyes. He bit his lip in an attempt to hold in a moan. How embarrassing to be caught staring. Again.

But Parker couldn’t help it. Something about Colton drew the smaller man to him. His crush on the other boy had grown deeper and deeper over the past year. He really needed to get a grip. What started as a crush was bordering on becoming a full-on stalker obsession.

Once the three guys passed, Parker was able to finally let out a breath and breathe normally.

He lifted his eyes and watched Colton’s retreating back. His eyes drifted down to that perfect, muscular bubble butt. If he thought the summer away would have cooled off his fantasies of the big stud, he was wrong. God, if Colton knew how many times Parker had beat off thinking about him, he’d kick his pervy little ass until nothing but pulp was left.

He was snapped out of his fantasies when the head cheerleader, Kim Reynolds, walked up to Colton and stepped in his path.

“Hi, Colton,” she said sweetly. She thrust her chest forward, not so subtly, showing off her ample bosom.

“Hey,” Colton said dismissively as he walked past her.

Parker watched with extreme satisfaction as her face turned red and she turned on her heels and stormed in the opposite direction. The little witch wasn’t used to being ignored. Parker loved every second of it.

Shell nudged Parker’s shoulder with her own. “You are such a hateful bitch,” she whispered.

Parker’s huge ass grin turned into outright laughs.


After school, Parker headed to the locker room to get changed into his gym clothes. He almost backed out twice, but he did promise Shell that he’d show up.

Only two other guys auditioned for mascot.

Parker had to admit to himself that his gymnastics background really helped him. He was able to do cartwheels, handstands and flips. After that, they had to do a simple choreographed dance routine, following one of the cheerleaders.

Parker was just barely voted in. The cheerleaders seemed to be split. There was Shell’s group, who all enthusiastically voted for him. That wench Kim, the head cheerleader, seemed to have something against him right from the start. She gave him a nasty glare from his first step into the gym.

Of course, Parker knew exactly why she didn’t like him.

The rumors started last year, at the beginning of his junior year, that he was gay. Parker knew exactly who started it. But he didn’t deny it. Most people ignored him and left him alone. Unfortunately, not everyone in the school was tolerant of people who they thought were different.

Kim wanted to go for Donnie, the class clown. He wasn’t as athletic as Parker — not even close. But he was funny. His take on Timo would have been more along the lines of Goofy the dog.

But in the end, Parker won the vote and became the new school mascot. He was quite proud of himself. Of course, once they tossed the bag containing the costume at him and he looked down at the snarling wolf head, his smile evaporated. Had he actually volunteered to run around in a furry grey wolf costume?


Once cheer practice was over, Shell walked with Parker towards the locker rooms.

“I’ll meet you outside the side door,” she said, then jogged past into the girl’s locker room.

Parker rinsed off in the shower, then got changed into his street clothes. He was grateful that he didn’t have to wear the wolf uniform during practice. He grabbed his gym bag and the wolf uniform and headed out.

As he made his way to the locker room entrance, the football team started pouring in from the practice field.

Seth Forrest purposely knocked him hard with his padded shoulder. “Watch where you’re going, fag.”

Parker pressed himself against the wall, getting out of the way. He tried to avoid Seth whenever possible. The big, muscular jock made his life hell. He acted tough and macho, Parker knew from first hand experience that it was all a front.

Parker snickered to himself at his bad pun.

Not paying attention to where he was going, he turned the corner and nearly ran straight into Colton.

“Sorry,” Parker mumbled, his eyes instantly dropping to Colton’s feet.

“You’re all good, Parker,” Colton said, leaning slightly towards Parker’s ear. His voice was deep, resonating in his chest and his breath was warm as it floated past Parker’s skin.

As Parker stepped out of the locker room, the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. Colton had called him by name.

Colton Butler knew who he was.

He closed his eyes and savored the moment.

“What’s got you all grinnin’?” Shell asked.

Parker looked up at his friend. “Huh? Oh, nothing.”

“See something good in the locker room?”

“Of course not,” he said defensively. “Don’t be nasty.” He looked around, making sure no one heard. He didn’t need to be gay bashed by some jocks who thought he was checking them out.

“Well, something put a happy face on you.”

“It’s nothing,” he said as they walked to Shell’s car.

As Shell turned out of the parking lot, she turned down the volume on the stereo. “Hey, what do you want to do for your birthday?” she asked. “Besides Colton Butler.”

Parker rolled his eyes and thought for a moment. “I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.”

“Okay. Well, how ’bout I throw you a little party?”

“Just a little party, right?”

“Yeah, sure.”

The grin on Shell’s face was his first clue that he was in trouble.

“Speaking of Colton,” Shell said. The look on her face told Parker that she had gossip. “Did you hear about what happened at football camp?”

“No. What?”

“Adam was apparently about to faint from heat stroke. While everyone stood around in shock, Colton took charge. He got him cooled down by the time the paramedics arrived. They said he saved Adam’s life.”


Even though he had no right to, Parker felt a sense of pride at hearing about Colton’s feats. And he found himself wanting him just a little bit more.


That night at dinner, Parker was eager to share his good news with his parents.

“Guess what happened today at school.”

“What, honey?” his mother asked.

While Kate Montgomery looked up across the table at her son, Barney Montgomery’s face was buried in his BlackBerry reading his never-ending stream of emails.

When Parker realized that his father wasn’t going to look up, he continued. “I tried out for the mascot auditions today. I won the vote. I’m the new Timo the Timberwolf.”

“Good for you, Parker. Isn’t that right, Barn?”

Barney looked up from his BlackBerry for a split second. “Hm? Uh-huh.” Before the grunt was out of his mouth, he was already looking back down at the screen, his thumbs tapping away at the keys.

“I’ll be with the cheerleaders at every game. I have to go to the away games, too. Maybe you guys could come and see one of the home games?”

A cell phone started to ring. “Clear the table and take care of the dishes,” Kate told Parker as she pulled out her phone and got up from the table and walked away.

Barney got up and walked out of the room, mumbling and cursing to himself as he typed away at his phone.

Parker sighed and finished up his dinner alone, though he didn’t have much of an appetite anymore.

He cleared the dishes, putting them into the dishwasher. He tossed the last bits of food into the garbage, which was full. Deciding to go ahead and take care of it before his mom or dad yelled, he pulled the bag out of the garbage can and tied off the top. He dragged it outside and dumped it into the big plastic bin just outside the back door.

The night had cooled down some and there was a light breeze. Parker closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. It was so quiet and peaceful outside. He loved that the suburban subdivision they lived in was set against a forest.

Parker walked over to the edge of the kidney-shaped in-ground swimming pool. He looked at the moon’s reflection in the still water, then dipped his toe into the pool and watched the ripples distort the reflection.

He stared up into the sky, wishing that his life could be different.

There had to be more out there than this pitiful existence. It would be nice to matter, to be important, to someone somewhere.


When the back door opened, the black wolf dropped to his belly. Though he was hidden at the tree line, on the other side of the black iron rail fence that surrounded the back yard, he didn’t want to take any chances.

A sweet scent wafted through the clear, night air. That scent was forever blazed into his memory from the very first time he smelled it. It smelled like heaven. It smelled like his.

He watched the boy toss the foul garbage into the trash bin. He moved over to the swimming pool, then stopped to stare up at the sky longingly.

Soon, the boy would be his. He was tired of watching.

The wolf would no longer be denied what was his. He would no longer be denied his mate.

Very soon…


The next day at school sucked ass.

Parker totally regretted taking phys ed. His reasoning was that it’d help him keep in shape and it would be an ‘easy A’. He didn’t factor jock abuse into his reasoning.

“Keep your eyes to yourself, faggot,” Seth muttered as he walked by, knocking Parker with his shoulder.

Parker rolled his eyes and closed his locker. As if he was interested in Seth Forrest. “Asshole,” he mumbled under his breath.

Seth stopped and turned back around. “You got something to say?”


“I didn’t think so. Don’t you got some cocks to stroke or something? Get the fuck outta here.”

“You would know,” Parker mumbled.

Seth froze in his tracks and made a grunt sound. A very pissed off grunt sound.

Parker quickly walked past Seth. He knew that statement would get him into trouble, but he didn’t care. Seth was an asshole.

When Coach Carswell, gym teacher and head football coach, announced they’d be playing dodgeball, Parker groaned along with half of the class. The bigger guys were ruthless at dodgeball and it would quickly degrade into a pain-fest for everybody else. As Coach went over the rules they all knew and hated, Parker took the time to check out Colton like he always did, taking extra care not to get caught staring.

Damn, he looked good in that tanktop and those shorts. He had very well-defined biceps and pec muscles. The tank showed off his ripped hairy chest in the nicest way.

When Coach blew the whistle to start the game, Parker had to finally peel his eyes away from Colton so he could keep from getting creamed.

“Hey, Parker.”

Parker turned towards Seth, who was holding one of the damned red balls, bouncing it between his hands. The smile on his face could only be described as evil.


Seth looked over at his buddy, TJ, and grinned. “Smear the queer.”

TJ threw the ball using every one of his beefy muscles and Parker jumped out of the way in the nick of time as the ball went whizzing past his head. Parker looked up to get his bearings, but it was too late. Seth threw his ball and it slapped the side of Parker’s head hard enough to knock him backwards. He slammed onto his back hard enough to knock the wind from his lungs.

Colton sat in the back seat of the school bus staring a hole into the back of Parker’s messy blond head. He wondered what it would be like to run his fingers through it, to grip it in his fists while he held him firmly and kissed him, hard and deep.

They had just won another away game, and everyone was pumped and the bus was rowdy, but it was just a buzz in Colton’s consciousness. His attentions were elsewhere.

The sexy little mascot had his dick hard as a rock. The way his body moved in that wolf costume… He was clearly athletic and could dance, and there was a hint of sensuality in those movements at the same time.

Fuck, he wanted some of that!

He unconsciously licked his lips as he thought of walking up the aisle, pushing Parker onto the floor and fucking the ever-loving shit out of him. The thought made his cock jerk in his shorts.

Aware of a flash of movement, Colton refocused his eyes. Trey’s hand waved in front of his face again.

Trey turned his head towards Parker, then back to Colton. “Why don’t you just go get him?” he asked quietly.

Colton sighed and relaxed back in the seat. “You know why.”

“Since when do you care about rules?”

“I wanna do this right. We have to both be over eighteen. I’m not gonna do anything that will fuck this up.”

Colton looked back at Parker, who seemed to be playing a game on his phone.

“That old law was to keep old pervs from stealing teenage girls, claiming that they were mates. This isn’t the same thing. Dude, you wait too long… You saw the way that guy from South was eyeing him up.”

Colton nodded, his eyes still watching Parker. The corner of Colton’s lip turned up and he growled low. Some fucking bench-warmer from the school they just massacred tried to talk to Parker in the parking lot before he got on the bus. Colton was on his way to rip the guy’s limbs off when Trey called for Parker. The asshole wisely backed off and Parker obediently got on the bus.

“Besides,” Trey added. “You can claim him as yours without fucking him.”

Colton wanted to kick himself. He was so caught up in his out-of-control hormone surges and nightly fantasies that the thought never occurred to him that he could just date Parker.

“Thanks, man,” Colton said.

“That’s what I’m here for. To tell you when you’re thinking with the wrong head.”

Trey snickered and Colton couldn’t help but laugh.

“Look at this,” Jed interrupted. He held up his phone, showing a picture of someone’s backside. The dude was wearing a black jockstrap and nothing else. “This boy insists he’s straight, but he’s sending me a picture of his ass in a jock.”

Trey laughed. “That’s an invitation right there.”

“I know right,” Jed snickered. He pulled the waistband of his shorts out and put his phone inside.

“What the hell are you doing?” Colton asked Jed.

“Trying to take a picture of my cock.”

Trey looked at Jed and blinked before turning back to Colton. “There’s something seriously wrong with him.”

Colton and Trey laughed at their pack-mate.

Colton looked between his two friends. He had felt a strong bond between the two men as soon as he had arrived at the school.

He initially resented having to pack up and move across the country, leaving the home he grew up in. After being ousted from the Santa Fe Pack, his father had petitioned with the Alpha of the Forest View Pack, one of the largest and strongest packs in the northern US. He got a job with the sheriff’s office and within days, they had left the only home Colton knew. Of course, Colton was very familiar with the reasons they had to leave, but that didn’t make it any easier to swallow.

But that first day at Forest View High School changed everything. He met Trey and Jed. The pair of best friends immediately opened their circle for Colton, and the three became inseparable.

Colton was a natural leader and the other two recognized his ‘alphaness’ as well. He quickly became the trio’s ringleader.

And then he found Parker…

It was like Destiny was smiling down on Colton, offering him a life he never imagined possible. And he was going to make the most of it.

* * *

Just a couple of months into the school year and Parker was tired. Cheer practice was exhausting. He felt stupid being the only guy there and he knew that some people made fun of him behind his back. He tried not to let it bother him since most of the cheerleaders seemed to like him. He was even friendly with a few of the football jocks, though he wouldn’t say that any of them were his friends. While he wouldn’t call himself popular, these days he felt that he was liked by more people than just Shell.

Then there was Colton Butler.

Parker didn’t know what to do about him, or what to think. He hadn’t made any further moves on Parker, but the big jock was always watching. Parker would feel the hair on the back of his neck start to prickle and nearly every time he searched with his eyes, he found Colton staring at him. There was an intensity in his gaze that was a little frightening, but also exhilarating.

At first Parker loved the attention, but after two months of nothing going nowhere, it just got to be so damned frustrating. The couple of times Parker tried to approach Colton, the other man just turned and walked away before he could even get close. But still, Parker’s crush-turned-infatuation never faltered.

At least that asshole Seth Forrest was laying off him. For two months, the bully and his lackeys had steered clear of him.

And now, after a four-hour bus ride, Parker was like the walking dead. Even though they had just won another away game — their record was undefeated so far — the adrenaline high was wearing off. Everyone else was so rowdy and keyed up, there wasn’t any way he could sleep on the bus.

Like always, he ended up sitting alone and ignored by the jocks. Not that they were mean, they were just indifferent. To pass the time, he played games or listened to music on his phone.

He could hear Colton and his buddies in the very back of the bus talking and laughing loudly with the guys around them. He turned around in his seat and looked back. Colton instantly looked at him as if he knew that Parker was going to be looking. The tip of Colton’s tongue swiped over his bottom lip. Parker gave him a quick, shy smile, then turned back around.

He closed his eyes and took a calming breath. Parker’s dick stiffened in his pants, just like it always did when he thought of Colton. Unfortunately, he couldn’t whip it out and take care of it like he would have if he was in his own bedroom. He’d take matters in hand so to speak as soon as he got home.

With a sigh, he put his headphones on and tried to get into his music.

The bus finally pulled into the school parking lot. None of the jocks let Parker out and he waited patiently while they marched through the aisle to get off the bus. Trey finally paused and let him into the aisle. Parker shot the dark man a grateful smile and hurried off the bus.

Parker stood by the curb and realized that the second bus with the girls hadn’t arrived yet. He was stuck waiting for Shell to give him a ride home.

He walked over to Shell’s car and dropped his bag on the ground and sat down on the pavement. He leaned back against the car and looked up at the sky and covered his mouth as he yawned. The street lamp in this section was burned out, but the sky was perfectly clear, not a cloud in sight. The crescent moon was high and bright, bathing the earth in a soft light. As everyone cleared out of the parking lot, it got quiet.

Parker’s eyes started to droop shut.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Parker’s eyes snapped open. He drew in a breath and jumped to his feet. Seth and TJ came around the front of the car and trapped him.

Something told him that this wasn’t going to end well. He recognized that look in Seth’s eyes. He was no match for one muscled meat-head, let alone two. Parker tried to make a run for it, but Seth grabbed him. He wrapped his arms around Parker’s chest, pinning the smaller boy’s arms against his sides.

“Let me go!” Parker shouted as he struggled uselessly against Seth’s grip. The boy was impossibly strong.

“Shut the fuck up, cocksucker,” Seth hissed. He looked towards TJ. “Shut him up.”

“I got something right here that’ll shut him up,” said TJ with a smirk.

“Yeah. A hole is a hole,” Seth laughed.

If he was gonna go down, Parker was at least going to go with a fight. Parker hawked and spat, hitting TJ square in the face with a wad of snot, then kneed him in the nuts as hard as he could.

TJ grabbed his balls and roared. His face turned red with rage. “You’re gonna regret that,” he said as he wiped his face with his hand. The huge jock hauled his fist back and Parker braced himself for the impact.

As TJ swung, Colton appeared out of nowhere. He grabbed TJ’s fist midair and twisted. A snap had TJ howling in pain. He fell to the ground screaming, clutching his arm. A jagged bone stuck out of his bloody forearm.

Parker was horrified. He felt sick to his stomach from the sight and smell of TJ’s blood. The bile rose in his throat and he nearly lost his dinner. He was barely aware of Colton pulling him away from Seth. Trey punched Seth with a right hook, knocking the bully hard to the ground.

“Get the fuck out of here,” Trey growled, giving Seth a kick in the ass.

Seth pulled a whimpering TJ up from the ground and helped him to his feet. He glared at Colton and spat a wad of blood on the ground in front of him before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “This isn’t over, Butler.”

Colton was completely unaffected by Seth’s words. “Are you challenging me?” he asked with a sigh that indicated he was bored with Seth.

Seth’s face went red with rage. He grabbed TJ by the good arm and dragged the whimpering teen away. “You’re fucking useless,” Seth mumbled to the injured boy as he dragged him towards an obnoxiously large yellow Hummer SUV.

“Are you okay, Parker?”

Parker turned back to Colton. Colton had his hands on Parker’s shoulders and was staring at him with an intensity that took Parker’s breath.

“Are you okay?” Colton repeated, squeezing the shoulders in his meaty hands.

Parker snapped out of his shocked daze. The intensity of the situation hit him and he started to tremble. “I-I’m okay.”

As Colton put his arm around his shoulders to comfort him, Parker’s face became warm and his pants started to become tight. Colton’s hands were hot. Parker could feel the heat through his shirt.

Colton’s voice softened. “What are you doing out here by yourself?”

“I’m waiting for Shell.”

“The second bus is delayed. They had a flat tire. C’mon, I’ll give you a ride home.”

Parker was stunned into a daze as the bigger boy walked him across the parking lot to his car. Parker had to be dreaming. There was no way in the world that Colton Butler not only had his hands on him, but he was holding him.

“Wait,” Parker said as Colton opened the passenger door of his car for him.

Trey tossed Parker’s stuff into the back seat and shut the door. “See ya tomorrow at the meeting, man.” He cut his eyes towards Parker, then looked back at Colton and nodded.

“Thanks,” Colton said. He tipped his chin up to Trey as a goodbye before Trey ran across the lot and got into his own car.

“Wait.” Parker turned back to Colton, putting his hand on the jock’s forearm. Something like a static shock had Parker jerking his hand away from the warm skin covered in soft hairs. “I need to tell Shell.”

“Send her a text and I’ll put a note on her car just in case.”

Colton gently pushed Parker inside the classic midnight blue Lincoln and shut the door. The car was practically a land yacht, an older model, but obviously well cared for. It was nice and roomy with a big back seat. Parker pulled his cell phone from his pocket and tapped out a quick note to Shell.

“How’s this?” Colton asked.

Parker looked up at Colton. He had scrawled on a piece of notebook paper: “Took Parker home. Colton”. It was short and to the point, though the handwriting was barely legible. Colton had the penmanship of a first grader.

Parker held in a chuckle. “That’s fine. Between that and the text, she should be okay.”

Colton ran across the lot to put the paper on Shell’s window. Parker just stared at him, still unsure if this was a dream. His phone vibrated and he looked down at the screen. ‘OMFG!! CALL ME ASAP!!!!!’ Parker hit ‘close’ and ignored the text.

After Colton put the note on Shell’s car, he ran back towards the school. Parker watched with confusion as Colton stood against the wall outside the gym’s side door. His hands were in front of him and his feet were shoulder width apart. Surely he wasn’t taking a leak against the school wall…

Parker’s phone vibrated again. ‘HELLO?! HOOKER, CALL ME!’

Ugh. Parker tapped the ‘close’ button again to clear the message.

After taking what seemed to Parker to be the longest piss in history, Colton jogged back to the car. Parker was drawn to the bulge in the crotch of his loose shorts that flopped back and forth between his thighs.

As Colton slid into the driver’s seat, Parker shut his phone off and shoved it into his pocket. He was pretty sure he was blushing after checking out Colton’s package. The smell of Colton’s body odor intensified in the small space. Parker was having trouble breathing. He drew in a deep breath and shuddered.

“Are you cold?” Colton asked.

“No, I’m okay.”

Colton turned in his seat and reached into the back. He unzipped his gym bag and pulled out a flannel shirt. “Put this on,” he said as he handed the shirt to Parker.

Parker wondered if it was clean since it came out of Colton’s gym bag. He gave the shirt a quick sniff. After inhaling the exhilarating smell, he decided he didn’t give a shit if it was clean or not. He slid it on over each of his arms. He was swimming in the shirt, but it was warm and it smelled like Colton. He rolled up the sleeves and buttoned it up. He turned and gave Colton a smile.

Colton stared intently at Parker and wet his lips. The look in Colton’s eyes was so intense it made Parker drop his gaze and look away. He was aware of Colton staring a few moments longer before finally turning to start his car.

* * *

Parker’s nerves were so bad on the drive to his house, he thought he might actually throw up. His palms were sweating and his mouth was bone dry. He rubbed his hands on his shorts and concentrated on breathing normally.

When the car stopped, Parker looked out the window and saw that Colton had pulled the car into Parker’s driveway. How the heck did they get here? Parker didn’t even remember giving Colton directions.

Colton put the car into park and turned off the headlights.

Parker blinked and turned to Colton. “How’d you know where I lived?” he asked.

Colton just smiled.

Parker unbuckled his seat belt. “Thanks for the ride home. And for, you know, what you did back there. I really appreciate it. So… um… I guess I will see you later. At school, I mean.”

Colton just stared at Parker, who found that he couldn’t look away. Colton’s hand grabbed the back of Parker’s neck. He pulled Parker forward as he slammed his mouth against the smaller man’s.

Parker moaned and returned Colton’s kiss. He put his hands on Colton’s chest. The rock-hard muscles were warm to the touch, even through Colton’s t-shirt. Colton’s other arm moved around Parker, pulling him close in an iron grip.

Colton’s tongue pushed between Parker’s lips, demanding entrance into Parker’s mouth. Parker had no choice but to open for him, allowing Colton to explore and taste him as he desired. Parker had never been kissed like this before. Colton took without asking and Parker realized that he liked it. No, he loved it.

Colton broke the kiss and moved his lips below Parker’s ear. Parker let his head fall back and roll to the side, exposing his neck to Colton.

Colton made a noise that sounded like a growl. The deep vibrations sent a shudder throughout Parker’s body. His dick ached so bad. He was perilously close to shooting in his pants.

Colton kissed Parker’s exposed neck, chewing and sucking at the soft skin at the base of his neck, where it met his collarbone. Colton’s goatee and mustache were rubbing against his skin, sending prickles of pleasure down Parker’s spine, straight to his dick.

“Colton.” Parker moaned wantonly, trying to pull the big jock closer. He knew that he would have a mark where Colton was working him, but he didn’t want him to stop. If Colton kept it up, he would make Parker come.

Parker’s hand drifted down Colton’s chest. Jesus, his muscles were hard as granite. His abs were like a washboard. His fingers trailed down Colton’s front until they rubbed against the elastic waistband of Colton’s shorts.

Colton groaned, and again it sounded like a deep rumble in his chest. His eyes glowed amber for a split second, obviously reflected from the light from the car’s radio and dashboard.

He suddenly pulled away, leaving Parker confused and wanting.

Colton sat back in his seat with his eyes closed. His breathing was hard and ragged. When he finally opened his eyes and looked towards him, Parker drew in a sharp breath. No one had ever looked at him like that before. Those dark eyes looked at him like he was prey, ready to be devoured.

“You need to go,” Colton said quietly, his voice a deep rumble.

Parker nodded, suddenly feeling very insecure. He reached for the door handle, but turned back. He had to take a chance. It might be the only one he got. “Um…. Shell is having a party for me next Saturday. For my eighteenth birthday. Um… If you want to come…”

“She already invited me and I already accepted. I’ll definitely be there, pup.” He reached up and rubbed a finger along Parker’s jaw. “I’ll see you Monday morning.”

“Okay.” Parker was stunned as he opened the door. “Wait. What’s Monday morning?”

“I’m gonna pick you up for school.”

“You are?”

“Yup. You’re my responsibility. Mine to take care of. Make no mistake, Parker. You are mine.”

Parker’s head began to swim. No way all that just happened. Colton leaned forward and kissed Parker again, hard and passionately.

When Colton pulled back, he rubbed his thumb along Parker’s bottom lip and Parker closed his eyes. “Your lips are swollen.” The thumb slid across Parker’s chin. “Your chin is red. Did my whiskers burn you too bad?”

“No,” Parker said. “I liked it.”

Colton smirked. “I’ll see you on Monday.”

After Colton pulled away, Parker slowly opened his eyes. “Okay,” he said with a breathless sigh. “Oh, let me give you your shirt back,” he said as he started unbuttoning the soft flannel.

Colton grabbed his hand. “No. It’s chilly. Keep it.”

“Okay. I’ll give it back next time I see you.”

“No rush.”

Parker reached in the back seat and grabbed his bag. Before he shut the door, he looked back at Colton. “Goodnight, Colton.”

“‘Night, Parker.”


He shut the door and waved at Colton. Colton waited in the driveway until Parker unlocked the door and went inside his house.

Parker watched through the window as Colton pulled out of the driveway. He stayed there until the taillights of Colton’s Lincoln could no longer be seen.

* * *

After pulling into the garage, Colton walked straight through the house and out into the back yard. He was too keyed up to go to bed.

It wouldn’t be long now. Just another week and then Parker would truly be his.

He nearly lost control twice tonight. Once when Seth had the gall to attack his boy. Good thing Trey was there to step in or he might have shifted and ripped the asshole’s throat out.

He almost lost control again when he was kissing Parker. Fuck, that mouth of his was so damned good. His lips were so soft. And the way he submitted to him, letting him play bite him and mark his neck…. Parker had no idea what that did to him.

Monday morning found Parker’s nerves about to bubble over.

Was Colton really going to pick him up for school? Thinking back, it seemed like a faraway dream. Colton seemed to have done a complete one-eighty. The hunk didn’t even know Parker existed, then he moved in on Parker, only to pull away. And now… now he was all possessive and aggressive.

It might have creeped Parker out if he wasn’t completely and utterly turned on by it.

He had practically locked himself in his bedroom all weekend. A blush crept up his cheeks as he thought about how many times he had smelled Colton’s shirt. Not to mention how many times he had worked his dick until it was practically raw while remembering the way Colton touched him and kissed him.

Parker took one last look at himself in the mirror, checking out the outfit that Shell picked out for him. Satisfied, he grabbed his backpack and gym bag, shut his bedroom door and bounded down the stairs.

“Mom?” he called out. “Dad?”

He didn’t expect an answer, but when the doorbell rang instead, it startled him enough that he jumped.

Parker opened the front door to find Colton Butler standing there. Colton Butler! At his house! To see him! Oh man, he looked like a god dressed in his blue and white FVHS letter jacket, tight denim jeans and boots.

“Hi,” Parker said. He bit his bottom lip to keep from sighing dreamily. He still couldn’t believe that Colton was here.

“Hey, pup.” Colton stepped inside the house and shut the door behind him. “Your parents around?”

“No, they’re already at work.”


Colton grabbed Parker by the shirt, yanked him close and then kissed him senseless. He worked his way down the left side of Parker’s neck, then pulled the shirt collar aside and sucked hard on Parker’s neck, darkening the fading mark. He sucked and bit at the curve of tender flesh and rubbed his bearded chin across the mark.

Parker let out a quiet whimper and grabbed onto Colton’s hard body, his fingers digging into the arms of the larger boy’s jacket as his knees buckled.

Colton groaned as he nipped his teeth along Parker’s neck. “Damn. You taste so good.”

“You didn’t shave,” Parker whispered. Colton’s goatee scraped along Parker’s skin, making him shudder with need.

Colton stopped what he was doing. “Is it bothering you?”

“God no,” Parker moaned as his head rolled back, giving Colton more access.

“Good, because my beard grows fast and I always have stubble.”

Colton continued kissing up and down Parker’s neck. When Colton finally stepped back, Parker opened his eyes to see Colton’s smug grin. Colton rubbed his thumb over the base of Parker’s neck, seemingly pleased with himself.

Parker blinked. “It’s warm in here,” he muttered as he wiped his forehead.

Colton gave Parker one more quick kiss before picking up Parker’s backpack and gym bag. “Let’s go, pup.”

Parker locked the door behind them while Colton tossed his bags into the wide back seat of his car. Parker jogged up behind Colton and grinned at the sexy man.

“Why do you keep calling me ‘pup’?”

Colton chuckled. “Because you’re cute and eager to please. Just like a puppy.”

“Oh.” Parker ducked his head, trying to hide the blush that was creeping up his face. The nickname was all kinds of embarrassing, but Parker decided that he liked that Colton called him ‘pup’. He liked it a lot. “That’s okay, I guess.”

“Glad you approve,” said Colton with a smirk.

Parker had the strong feeling that Colton would have kept calling him ‘pup’ whether or not Parker approved.

“Hi guys!”

Parker groaned and turned around at the sound of his friend’s sing-songy voice. Shell was bouncing down her front steps, waving her fingers. The scheming smile on her face was enough to make Parker very nervous.

“Hi, Shell.”

“Hey,” Colton said.

“See you at school,” Parker said before he quickly got into Colton’s car, hoping to save himself from any potential embarrassment at the hands of his best friend.

Colton pulled into the parking lot, taking one of the parking spaces that was miraculously empty at front and center. Parker wondered if people purposely left it open for him. He wouldn’t be surprised.

Parker got out of the car and grabbed his bags from the back seat. “Thanks for the ride, Colton. Um… so I guess I will see you later… maybe? If you want… I mean… Um…”

Parker wanted to crawl under a rock and die. God, he was such a dork.

Colton pulled his phone from his jacket pocket and looked at the screen. “We got plenty of time. Relax a little. C’mere.”

Parker moved around to the other side of the car where Colton was leaning.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend before?” Colton asked.

“No. Have you?”

“Not until now,” he replied. He pulled Parker close and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Parker blushed and glanced around. He couldn’t believe that Colton just kissed him in the school parking lot. The public display of affection was so inappropriate, but Parker would never deny a chance to kiss the hunky man.

Colton pulled Parker to his side and leaned back against his car. He appeared to be casual and relaxed, but somehow Parker could tell that Colton was on high alert, taking in his surroundings. Was he worried about being seen with Parker? No, that wasn’t it. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have kissed Parker.

A loud pickup truck pulled into the empty space next to Colton’s Lincoln. Jed shut the monster truck’s rumbling engine off and hopped out. He spit onto the ground as he rounded the truck to join Colton and Parker. “Hey, bub,” he said to Colton. He adjusted the backwards ball cap on his head as he looked between Colton and Parker. “I miss something?”

Colton put his arm around Parker’s shoulders. “Yup. Parker agreed to let me be his boyfriend.”

Parker smiled. Like he had much of a choice. “I don’t think Colton would have taken ‘no’ for an answer.”

“I get what I want,” Colton said, puffing up his chest.

Jed chuckled. “Good for you, man,” he said with a nod of his head.

A silver sports car pulled into the spot on the other side of Colton’s car. Trey got out and grabbed his backpack. He walked over and said ‘hey’ to Colton and Jed, holding out his fist for each to tap. When he held out his fist to Parker, the smaller boy mimicked the others and tapped Trey’s fist, feeling like a total dork, but desperately wanting to fit in with Colton and his friends.

One of the varsity soccer players walked past and caught Jed’s eye. Jed leaned against his truck and casually cupped his crotch. “Hey, bud,” Jed called out to him, his voice low and growly.

“Hey, Jed,” he mumbled. His face turned red and he picked up his pace. Jed massaged his crotch as he stared at his retreating ass. He clicked his tongue, and muttered to himself, “That’s some good ass right there. Gotta hit that again.”

Parker had to pick his jaw up off the ground. He couldn’t believe that Jed was acting so… open. But then again, he had just kissed Colton. Even if it was a quick peck and no one had seen them.

A pair of cheerleaders walked past. “Hey, Trey,” they said at the same time before giggling.

Trey nodded with a lift of his chin and winked, flashing them a dazzling smile. “Good morning, ladies.”

The girls giggled again and ran off, whispering to each other.

Colton shook his head. “You guys better not get anyone pregnant or so help me…”

Jed laughed. “Don’t worry. He made me wear a rubber.”

“No one wants to hear all that,” Trey said with a laugh.

“I thought that guy was straight,” Parker said quietly to Colton about the soccer jock. “Isn’t he dating that girl on the basketball team?”

Jed snorted. “Straight. Yeah, straight onto my dick.”

Colton ignored Jed’s boasting and looked at his phone. “Let’s go.”

Trey and Jed flanked Colton as they started to walk. Parker trailed behind until Colton turned back and grabbed his hand. He pulled Parker next to him, forcing the smaller boy to walk in step with him, right between Colton and Jed. He tried to pull his hand away, but Colton wasn’t letting go.

As they made their way across the grass towards the school entrance, Parker could feel everyone’s eyes on him. They probably wondered how Parker had managed to get in the position he was in. With Colton’s tight grip on his hand, there wasn’t any doubt as to who he was.

He was Colton’s.

Parker smiled happily.

* * *

Parker was surprised to see Colton waiting by his locker at lunch time. He glanced around. Was he really here to see Parker? Not that he wasn’t happy to see him. Parker had daydreamed about Colton all morning, barely paying attention to his classes, and grateful that the desk covered his tented lap.

“Hi, Colton.”

“Hey, pup.”

The sound of Colton’s deep, rich voice had Parker’s dick pushing against the fly of his jeans wanting to come out and play. If he kept leaking into his underwear like this, he was going to need to change them before the day was through.

Colton grabbed Parker’s hand, pulling him with a gentle tug. “Come on, we’re going out.”

“Oh. I usually eat with Shell.”

“She’s a big girl. She’ll be okay.”

Parker bit his bottom lip and looked away. Parker didn’t want to be mean to Shell, but he really wanted to go with Colton.

Colton squeezed Parker’s hand and his voice softened. “She can come with us if you want.”

Parker grinned. “Thanks.”

Shell jogged up at that moment. “Sorry I’m late. Oh. Hi, Colton.”

“We’re going out for lunch,” Colton said to her. “You can come with us if you want. Let’s go, pup.”

As they exited the school, they were joined by Jed and Trey, who took their normal positions flanking Colton.

“Wassup, girl?” Trey asked Shell as she moved up next to him.

“Boy, nothin’,” she said with a giggle and a hair flip.

Parker coughed into his hand to disguise his laugh and Shell shot him a dirty look.

“You wanna ride with me?” Trey asked her.

Shell’s face quickly changed into a smile for Trey just in time. “Sure.”

Trey looked over at Jed. “You’re in the back, bubba.”

“Asshole,” Jed muttered.

As soon as Parker and Colton got into his car, Colton leaned in and kissed Parker. He rubbed his hand over the top and back of Parker’s head and then squeezed the back of his neck. His dark brown eyes stared into Parker’s for a moment before he pulled away and started the car.

‘Colton missed me,’ Parker thought as he relaxed into the seat, feeling more comfortable.

They went to the burger place a couple of blocks down the street from the school. The place was crowded, but as soon as Colton walked in, it seemed like a table magically opened up.

Lunch was great. Parker couldn’t believe how much food the three big guys packed in. Colton, Trey and Jed each had two double cheeseburgers with the works. That was like a full pound of meat! Parker could barely finish his single burger.

The burger was nice and juicy, one of the best he ever had. The juices dripped down Parker’s hand and he leaned forward and swiped his tongue up his hand. Feeling like he was being watched, he looked up to see Colton staring at his mouth. “What?” Parker muttered, feeling self-conscious.

Colton’s eyes lifted from Parker’s lips to his eyes. He let out a quiet grunt and leaned in close to Parker’s ear. “You’re so fucking sexy,” he whispered for Parker’s ears only.

Parker didn’t expect the lewd compliment, but he liked it. How could he not? Colton Butler thought he was sexy.

Colton nipped the skin of Parker’s neck with his teeth. Parker scrunched his shoulders, hiding his neck from those biting teeth, and laughed.

He was quickly finding out that Colton was a very tactile person. Colton turned back to his lunch and Parker watched him for a moment. He had a feeling that Colton Butler was going to be a continuous source of amusement and surprise.

Shell and Trey flirted the entire lunch and it was funny to watch. Parker couldn’t wait to get her alone to tease her. He was already positive that she was going to tease the hell out of him.

As they headed back to Colton’s car, Colton opened the passenger door for Parker. As Parker moved to get in, Colton stumbled and spilled his entire to-go drink all over Parker.

“Oh my god,” Parker gasped as the cold soda and ice splashed all over his neck and chest.

“Oops. Sorry, pup,” Colton said. Before Parker could even do anything about it, Colton had pulled out a shirt from his back seat and held it out to Parker. “Here. Put this on.”

Parker pulled his sopping wet shirt over his head, wiping off his bare chest with it as he did. When he looked up, he saw Colton staring at his chest and his hard nipples, his tongue practically hanging out of his mouth. Parker blushed and covered himself modestly with the wet shirt. Colton snapped out of his daze and they traded shirts. Colton casually tossed Parker’s soda-soaked shirt onto the floor of the backseat.

Parker pulled the white polo shirt over his head and smoothed it down. He was swimming in it, but damn if it didn’t have that distinctive smell that just screamed Colton. He looked down at the left breast, where the logo of the Timberwolves mascot profile was stitched. Below it was embroidered BUTLER and the number 66. It was the shirt they got after they made regionals last year.

Jed and Trey snickered. “He’s smooth,” Jed muttered to Trey, who nodded in agreement, clearly impressed.

“Are you sure you want me to wear this?” Parker quietly asked Colton, glancing towards Jed and Trey. “It has your name on it.”


Colton held the car door open for Parker and shut it behind him.

* * *

When they got back to school, Colton pinned Parker in the doorway of an empty classroom, hiding him out of sight. He leaned in close, his lips hovering above Parker’s. He wanted to ravish his pup, to feel his cock surrounded by Parker’s body. All he had to do was move forward another couple of inches and Parker would feel his arousal. It took all of his control not to do that. He could wait. Just a little longer.

“Colton,” Parker whispered as he looked around.

“Kiss me, pup,” Colton whispered back.

Parker lifted onto his toes and pressed his lips against Colton’s. He opened his mouth as Colton’s tongue slid into his mouth.

Damn, his pup knew how to kiss. And that meant he’d be good with his mouth in other ways. Colton let out an involuntary groan. Just the thought of his cock sliding into Parker’s mouth was nearly enough to make him come.

The clearing of a throat had Colton reluctantly pulling away. He didn’t have to turn around to know who was behind him. He could smell him. He wanted to growl and snap at the intruder’s interruption. Parker hid behind Colton, wanting to hide and shrink away.

Colton turned around, shielding Parker from Principal Shaw’s probing eyes.

Shaw narrowed his eyes at Colton. “Don’t you have class, Mr. Butler?”

Colton glared back at him. “I do.”

The older, grey-haired man looked around Colton and lifted his brow at Parker. “Mr. Montgomery,” he said with undisguised shock.

That only pissed off Colton more. As if someone as sweet and innocent as Parker wouldn’t be caught dead with the likes of someone like Colton.

“Mr. Shaw,” Parker muttered, not meeting his eyes. Colton could feel the trembles coming off Parker’s body.

Colton moved to block Shaw’s view of Parker. He ground his teeth together as he stared at Shaw. He didn’t like that the man made his pup feel scared, made him feel small. Colton wasn’t scared of the older wolf. Colton was bigger and stronger. He could take him without batting an eye. And Shaw knew it. Colton never moved his eyes away from Shaw’s.

Finally Shaw averted his eyes, gazing down towards the floor. “Get to class.”

Colton scoffed and sneered at the weaker man.

He turned back to Parker and rubbed his knuckles under his pup’s chin. “Wait for me after practice, okay?” he said tenderly, trying to soothe Parker’s nerves.

Parker’s eyes darted to where Shaw was hovering, then looked back at Colton and nodded. “Okay. I’ll see you later then.”


Parker gave Colton a sweet smile, and Colton watched Parker wave and hurry off to class.

He gave Shaw one more glare before casually strolling to his own class.

* * *

After cheer practice and a quick shower, Parker met up with Shell in the parking lot. “Hey. Colton is giving me a ride home.”

“I bet,” she said with a snicker. “You’re already the talk of the school, you know. Holding hands with the campus stud. Walking around wearing his regionals shirt.”

Parker ignored her comments. “You seemed to get pretty cozy with Trey.”

Shell shrugged. “He’s hot and all, but he just wants one thing. And I, sir, am a lady.” She flipped her ponytail and batted her eyelashes.

“Mm-hmm. That’s not what I heard.”

“I told you that in the strictest confidence, so if you bring it up, I get to kill you. And I told you that being the school mascot would get you laid, so you owe me big.”

“I don’t think the mascot has anything to do with that.”

“People are shocked that Colton is gay, you know.”

“Not as shocked as I am. I know people have been talking about it. When I walk into a room, it’s like everyone suddenly stops talking. It’s gonna take some getting used to.”

“Well, I don’t think you have to worry about anyone or anything– Hey, I thought you said Colton broke TJ’s arm.”

“He did.”

Parker turned towards the direction of Shell’s gaze and watched the football team come in from their practice field. He got a nasty glare from both Seth and TJ. TJ, who was holding his helmet with his right arm — the arm that should be in a cast.

Parker looked back at Shell, completely flabbergasted. “I… I swear, Shell. His arm was broken. I heard the snap and I saw the bone sticking out. He was all bloody.”

Colton broke from the team and walked up to Parker. “Hey, pup. Gimme a few minutes to shower.”

Parker got all flustered thinking about Colton in the shower, but was able to recover quickly. “Okay. Colton? I thought TJ…. Never mind.”

Colton nodded and turned and caught back up with the rest of the team. Parker watched him speaking quietly with Jed and Trey, who both turned and looked at Parker. Parker immediately dropped his eyes.

Shell looked at Parker with a raised eyebrow. “Uh, ‘Pup’?”

“Shut up,” Parker muttered, ignoring Shell’s snickers and trying his best not to blush.

* * *

“Thanks for the ride home, Colton,” Parker told the big guy as he pulled into the driveway and shut the engine. “Do you want to come in?”

“Yeah. I can chill for a bit.”

“Cool. Um, maybe you should park your car in front of the house in case Mom or Dad comes home.”

After Colton moved his car, he followed Parker into the house.

“You got a nice place,” Colton said as he looked around.

“Thanks,” he replied with a humble shrug. “My parents do pretty good, so…”

They went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of water bottles, then moved into the family room.

Colton sat down on the sofa and pulled Parker down with him. He put his arms around him and gave him a blistering kiss. As he pulled back, he nipped Parker’s bottom lip with his teeth.

“I like kissing you,” Parker whispered.

“And I like kissing you.” Colton moved them so that Parker was laying on his back. Colton laid on his side against the back of the couch. He cradled Parker’s head on his right bicep and wrapped his other arm possessively around Parker’s waist.

“We should talk. Get to know each other better.”

“That’s a good idea,” Colton said as he planted soft kisses along Parker’s jaw.

Parker closed his eyes. “It’s hard to concentrate when you do that.”

“Mm. You smell and taste so fucking good.”

“Yeah? What do I taste like?”

“Like mine.”

Colton kissed Parker again, then stared down at him with an intensity like Parker had never seen before. Parker was about to laugh at Colton’s corny ‘mine’ line, but suddenly it didn’t seem to be funny. Heat was pouring off Colton. Parker could feel Colton’s boner pressing against his leg.

The next morning, Colton picked Parker up for school again. He had lunch with Colton and his friends, but this time Shell made other plans. Parker felt bad, like he had ditched his best friend, but she insisted that he go. Parker suspected that she was probably interested in a new guy.

After cheer practice, Parker waited for football practice to finish up. When Colton asked him if he wanted to hang out for awhile, Parker quickly agreed.

Colton drove to the mall and they went to the food court. Colton bought each of them a cherry slushie and they shared a big soft pretzel with extra salt and cheddar cheese to dip it in. They found an empty table and sat down across from each other. As soon as they sat down, Colton stretched his legs out, trapping Parker’s in between.

Parker let out an embarrassing laugh that sounded perilously close to a nervous giggle and Colton smiled at him. Colton had a way of putting Parker at ease. Parker was able to relax and enjoy himself.

After they finished their snack, they made their way through the mall, and Colton obviously had a destination in mind.

“Where are we going?” Parker asked.

“We’re gonna play slot racers.”

Parker looked up at Colton skeptically, but decided to go with it. He followed Colton into the slot racer shop. The store was one huge race track, which zipped and curved all around an elaborate miniature town. The little slot cars were remote operated and they sat on top of the grooved track. Aside from the shop’s clerk, they were the only two in the store.

Colton paid for their time and they both picked out their cars. Parker chose a little red convertible, while Colton went for a yellow muscle car.

“Ready, pup?” Colton asked.

Parker nodded. When the light changed to green and the horn sounded, Parker pulled the accelerator trigger and his car took off.

It was a lot of fun. He and Colton were both laughing their asses off. They shoved each other with their shoulders while talking smack.

When the heat time was up, Parker’s car was a fraction of a second ahead of Colton’s. He jumped up and let out a whoop. “Yes! Eat my dust.”

Colton growled. “Let’s play again.”

“Someone’s a sore loser,” Parker joked.

Colton didn’t reply back, his mind was already concentrating on the game.

They played again, but this time Colton smoked his ass. Parker hadn’t realized how competitive his new boyfriend was, but he should have known. They played three more heats and each time, Colton won. Colton didn’t gloat, but he smiled smugly, clearly pleased with himself.

Parker poked his bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout. “You’re supposed to let me win if you want me to put out.”

Colton stared down at Parker with that intense gaze. “You’ll put out either way.”

Parker smiled. “Are you so sure of that?”

The corner of Colton’s mouth turned up as he struggled to keep a straight face. “Yes.”

Of course Colton was right. Parker laughed and Colton finally broke out in a smile.

Colton dipped his head down towards Parker’s face. His voice was a husky whisper, forcing Parker to move in slightly to hear him. “What if I leaned down and kissed you right here, right now? Would you still let me, even though I just whooped your ass?”

Parker’s face flushed and his laughter turned into a nervous chuckle. He cut his eyes sideways towards the clerk. His tongue darted out over his lips.

“One more game,” Parker whispered.

They played one more game. This time, Colton pulled back at the last second and let Parker win. And when Colton took Parker home, he made sure their on-the-couch make-out session was hot enough to make Colton’s loss worth it.

* * *

Somehow Parker managed to make it through the week. He was more than ready for his birthday party. He couldn’t remember the last time he was anticipating a birthday this much. He wasn’t sure what Shell had planned, but he was excited because it would be the first time that he and Colton would be hanging out together with other people outside of school.

Sure, everyone knew that they were dating. That was apparent on Monday morning and it didn’t take long for the entire student body to know. He went to school with Colton every day, had lunch with him and then hung out after school. After just a couple of days, he seemed to fall in line with Colton’s friends like he was born to the position. And Parker noticed that it was always the same configuration: with Parker always on Colton’s right side, standing in between Colton and big Jed. Trey flanked Colton’s left side.

Parker loved his time spent with Colton. The big guy was surprisingly sweet when the two of them were alone. While in public, he had a bad-ass persona to maintain, but he never treated Parker like he was a side-piece trick. In fact, he treated Parker like he was the most important thing in his world. Parker soaked up the attention like a sponge.

Parker took extra time getting ready for the party. He quickly decided on a pair of jeans that were a little tight in the butt. They also made his package look pretty good. He tried on a bunch of shirts before deciding to go with a simple t-shirt.

After several heavy make-out sessions with Colton, he was pretty sure that tonight, things would be going further. And Parker was so ready. He was eighteen years old now, officially an adult.

Tonight, he was going to get some dick.

And something told him that Colton would be more than willing to give it to him.

“Parker, can you come down here?”

Parker grabbed his phone and headed downstairs towards his mom’s voice, following it into the kitchen.

His mother and father were standing at the kitchen table smiling. “Happy birthday!” they both exclaimed. On the table was a small chocolate cake with a single lit candle and an envelope.

He gave them both a hug. “Thank you.”

Parker leaned down and blew out the candle. The cake clearly came from a grocery store and said “Happy Birthday” on it. It was the same thing he got every year. Parker didn’t really mind. The grocery store cakes were a lot better than what his mom could have made, not that she ever attempted to bake anything.

While his mother sliced the cake, Parker opened his birthday card. It was your standard boring ‘happy eighteen’ card with a picture of a cake on the front and a pre-printed ‘happy birthday’ message inside. But also included was $300 dollars in three crisp one hundred dollar bills.

“Thank you,” Parker said, giving each of his parents another hug.

The three sat down at the table and enjoyed a piece of cake.

“What time is Michelle picking you up for your party?” his mother asked, setting aside her cake after two bites.

“Shell’s not picking me up, Colton is. But she said we needed to leave at 7:00.”

Barney frowned. “Colton?”

“Parker’s new… friend,” Kate explained. She shot a look to Barney that let him know her thoughts on their “friendship” included more than just being friends.

“Have we met him?” Barney asked, looking between his wife and son.

“I’ve seen him around a couple of times this week,” Kate offered.

“His name’s Colton Butler,” Parker added. “His dad is a sheriff’s deputy.”

“Carlton Butler’s son?” Barney grunted. “I’ve heard about that kid. He’s trouble.”

“He seems like a nice young man,” Kate said. “Awfully big, though.”

“He is nice, Mom,” Parker quickly added. “He’s not a troublemaker at all.”

Barney shook his head. “That’s not what I heard. A golfing buddy of mine works in the sheriff’s office and he’s told me plenty about the deputy’s son. Drinking, loitering, cruising, fighting. I don’t approve of you hanging out with this thug. You know, our company handles the Sheriff’s investments. He’s quite wealthy and powerful.”

Parker chose to ignore his father’s boasting since it had nothing to do with what they were talking about. But he was shocked. Where the hell was all of this bullshit about Colton coming from? “That’s not fair, Dad. You don’t even know him. He’s not like that at all.”

Barney was interrupted by his BlackBerry. He looked down at the screen before looking back up at Parker. “We’re not done with this conversation,” he said, pointing his phone at Parker. He got up from the table, answering the phone as he left the room. “Montgomery… Go ahead…”

Parker sighed and turned back to his mother. “Mom, he’s not like that. Honest. I don’t know where Dad heard all of that from, but it’s total bullshit. I’m eighteen years old now and I am not going to stop seeing him.”

Kate Montgomery narrowed her eyes and hardened her voice. “You better watch the way you speak to me, Parker. I won’t take that kind of backtalk under my own roof. Do you understand me?”

Parker dropped his eyes, realizing that he had pushed too far. “Yes.”

Kate reached over and squeezed Parker’s hand and softened her voice. “Now, why don’t you have him over for dinner sometime next week and we can get to know him a little better, okay?”

Parker readily nodded in agreement. If his parents just got to know Colton, they’d realize what a great guy he was. They would be happy for him because Colton made Parker happy. “Okay. That sounds like a good idea.”

“Good. Now put the cake away if you’re finished and clean up the dishes.”

She gave Parker a pat on his shoulder before walking out of the room.

After putting away the dishes, Parker sliced a nice, big piece of cake, wrapped it, and then set it aside for Colton. He covered up the rest of the cake, then went to the living room and laid down on the sofa and anxiously waited for Colton.

As soon as Colton’s car pulled into the driveway, Parker jumped off of the sofa. He grabbed the plastic-wrapped paper plate from the coffee table and pushed his feet into his shoes.

“Bye! See you tonight,” he called out to his parents, not that he expected a reply from wherever they were in the house.

He shut the door behind him and hurried into Colton’s car. He set the paper plate on the seat between them.

“I brought you a piece of birthday cake,” Parker said.

“Thanks, pup.” Colton leaned in and gave Parker a smoldering kiss. “Happy birthday.”


“Where’s your jacket?” Colton asked with his brows furrowed and a frown on his face.

“Oh, I forgot it. I was in a hurry to get out here. Hold on, I’ll go get it.”

Colton shrugged off his hoodie and gave it to Parker. “Here. Put this on.”

Parker pulled the jacket on without hesitation and zipped it up. “I think I have more of your clothes than you do,” he laughed as he bunched up the sleeves.

Colton leaned over and pulled Parker in for another kiss. “I like you in my clothes,” he said with a growly voice. “You smell like me.”

“That was an odd thing to say,” Parker thought.

He lifted the front of the sweatshirt and sniffed. “It does smell like you. It smells good.” Parker leaned in and gave Colton a quick peck on the lips. Before he could pull back, Colton grabbed the back of his head and pressed his mouth onto Parker’s, sliding his tongue inside, kissing him until he became lightheaded.

“I have something for you,” Colton said. “For your birthday. I have more for later, but I want to give this to you now.”

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a friendship bracelet braided with black threads, accented with silver. He took Parker’s left hand and tied it around his wrist next to Shell’s bracelet. He gave the bracelet a gentle tug, making sure it was fastened securely. When he did, the blue bracelet finally ripped.

“Oh no,” Parker moaned. “It broke.”

“Oops. My bad, pup,” Colton said. He balled up the other bracelet and put it in the palm of Parker’s hand.

“It should be fixable,” Parker said as he examined the tattered ends.

“Probably. But would it be okay if you just wore mine?”

Parker studied Colton for a minute. “You broke that on purpose.”

Colton didn’t meet Parker’s eyes. “Maybe,” he mumbled.

Colton looked so cute right then that Parker almost laughed. He was surprised that Colton admitted that he broke the bracelet. But then, that was the kind of person Colton was. Maybe he wasn’t perfect and could use a lesson in tact, but he was honest and loyal. Parker felt it deep in his gut that he could trust Colton, and he could show Colton that trust by returning his loyalty.

“Did you buy it?” Parker asked as he ran his fingers over the new bracelet.

“No. I made it. Jed showed me how.” He smiled proudly.

Parker noticed several imperfections in the braiding and that made it absolutely perfect as far as he was concerned. “Okay. I’ll just wear yours then.” Parker pushed Shell’s bracelet into his pocket, not wanting to lose it. He would put it in his box of mementos when he got home. “Thank you.” He leaned forward, seeking a kiss and Colton didn’t disappoint him.

Colton gave Parker one more intense kiss, then put the car into gear. He looked back as he pulled out of the driveway and sped off, heading away from town.

“Where are we going?” Parker asked. He ran his tongue over his swollen bottom lip. He could still taste Colton on his mouth. His chin tingled erotically from being scratched by Colton’s goatee. And his dick was so hard he could poke a hole through a steel plate.

“To the old water tower.”

“Oh, okay.”

As Colton drove, Parker leaned back in his seat and discreetly pushed his dick into a more comfortable position.

Parker had never been up to the old water tower, but he had heard about it, of course. It was a notorious party hot spot for the popular kids at school.

The old water tower was located on the outskirts of town, up on a hill. It was still in use, but a new, larger, more modern water tower was built several years ago and now fed most of the city.

Colton pulled off the road onto the unpaved gravel tracks that led up to the tower. The chain link gate surrounding the structure was already open. Colton parked in the gravel lot next to Trey’s sports car.

Parker got out of the car and walked around to Colton’s side. Colton grabbed another hoodie from the backseat and pulled it on. He held out his hand to Parker. Parker grabbed his hand and the pair walked to the base of the water tower.

A small campfire was lit, bathing the area in a soft, flickering light. Shell was already there, as were Jed and Trey, plus a handful of the cheerleaders and football players that Parker was friendly with.

Jed was sitting next to a cooler on the tailgate of his pickup truck.

“Hey, birthday boy!” Shell squealed. She ran up to Parker and pulled him into a big hug. She gave Colton a smile. “Hey, Colton. Thanks for coming.” She grabbed Parker’s hand and tugged. “C’mon.”

Parker let Shell drag him over to the campfire while Colton joined Jed at the tailgate of his truck.

* * *

Jed handed Colton a can of beer before pulling his own out of the cooler in the bed of his truck. Jed and Colton tapped their cans together in a toast and drank.

Colton never took his eyes off Parker as he stared at him over the rim of his can. Parker was standing with Shell and Trey and seemed unaware that he was being watched as he laughed with his friends. But Colton had been watching him for a long time now. His boy was fucking gorgeous. His big green eyes and messy blond hair. His happy smile. His tight body. Just catching a smell of him made his dick twitch.

“Congratulations, man,” Jed said quietly. “Parker’s cute. Quite the catch.”

Colton shot Jed a look. “I already warned you once. You touch him, I swear to god, I will fuck you up.”

Jed held his hands up. “Hey, I’m not trying to poach your boy.” He took a drink of his beer. “So, you’re both mating age now. What are you gonna do? Hey. Can you even mate a human? You gotta bite him to mark him, right? But if you bite him, won’t he turn?”

“I don’t know. I need to talk to Dad or Alpha Forrest. I don’t really know how this shit works. I don’t want to hurt Parker. No matter what, I won’t let Dad or Alpha keep me from him. He is my mate. And make no mistake, I will have him.”

Jed downed the rest of his beer, tossed the empty into a pile, and then grabbed another can. “I don’t know how you do it. I can barely go a week before my wolf hormones go into overload.”

Colton laughed. “I have more will power than you do,” he said, tipping his head towards Jed’s empty beer cans. “And it’s not your wolf hormones. It’s because you’re a man whore.”

Jed spewed beer all over the place. He laughed and flipped Colton off as he wiped down his shirt. “Fucker.”

Colton snickered before turning back to look at Parker. “Besides, I know Parker will be worth the wait.”

The truth was, it wasn’t easy at all for Colton. When male wolf shifters go through puberty, their hormone levels spike through the roof. They spend as much time as they can sticking their dick into anything that moves. It was just before Colton’s first change at fifteen that he lost his virginity. He had bedded more than his share of willing partners, mostly male, but there were a few females thrown in the mix. But after finding Parker, he didn’t want anyone else. He physically ached with the need to feel Parker under him, submitting to him.

Colton felt a little guilty for snapping the bracelet Shell made for Parker. But he didn’t want his boy to be wearing anything that came from anyone else. It didn’t matter that Shell wasn’t a threat to his claim. Yeah, it was a dick move, but he wasn’t going to apologize for it.

“Are you sure he’s the one?”

“Yeah. From the very first time I saw him and smelled him. I just knew. You’ll know if you meet yours. You don’t know how hard it was to control myself when he’s near. Whenever I smell him, I want to push him to the ground and take him right there. We were making out a couple of days ago and he accidentally rubbed my cock over my shorts and I almost lost control and fucking shifted. Right then and there, full on furry.”

“I ain’t looking to get mated now or anytime soon.” Then Jed chuckled. “I bet he would have shit his pants when he all of a sudden had an enormous black wolf on top of him, humping on his leg.” Jed and Colton continued to watch Parker laugh with Shell and one of the other cheerleaders. Jed cocked his head to the side. “I bet he’s a virgin. Yeah. Definitely.”

Colton growled deep in his chest, directing a menacing glare at his friend. Jed had a lot of experience taking virgin boy ass. He’d better keep his eyes, hands, and anything else off Parker’s ass.

“Parker’s virgin status is none of your damned business. Don’t make me tell you again.”

“Sheesh, Mr. Sensitive. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just saying. Are you gonna tell him… about us?”

“Yes. When the time is right.” He sipped his beer, watching Parker over the rim of his can.

“Just be careful.”

“I won’t tell him anything until after I talk to my dad or the Alpha.”

* * *

Parker had a great time at his party. He was glad that it was just a small gathering, nothing crazy, just people standing around talking.

Colton let him have a taste of his beer, but Parker decided he didn’t like the taste at all. Jed seemed to drink half of the case, but didn’t seem to get drunk. Even if he had a high tolerance to the stuff, if he kept drinking like that, he was going to end up with a huge beer gut.

Jed left right after Trey disappeared with one of the cheerleaders. Jed had said he was meeting one of the baseball jocks for a little “batting practice,” complete with air quotes and a devilish grin. Parker didn’t want to know any more details.

Soon Shell left as well as the others, leaving Parker alone with Colton.

Colton extinguished the fire by tossing sand into the firepit, then held out his hand to Parker. “Come walk with me, pup.”

Parker walked with Colton through the woods. It was dark, quiet and a little romantic.

Colton pulled a plastic zippered baggie out of his jacket pocket and held it open for Parker. “Want some jerky?”

Parker reached in and pulled a piece of dried meat from the bag and bit into it. “Mm. It’s really good. What is it?”

“Venison jerky. Jed’s family makes it.”

Parker gulped his bite down. “Like deer?” he asked with wide eyes.

“Yup.” Colton pulled off a chunk of dried meat and chewed it.

“They shoot deer?” Parker asked. Not that he should be surprised. Jed was a total redneck. Of course he liked hunting.

“No, that’s cheating. They like a more hands-on approach to hunting.”

“Oh,” Parker nodded. “Right. Like bowhunting.”

“Something like that,” Colton mumbled.

Parker took another bite of the meat. “It’s really good, though.”

The boys walked together in silence, enjoying the cool night. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. Parker wasn’t cold, though. Just being near Colton made him feel warm.

They eventually doubled back around and made it back to Colton’s car. Colton opened the back door and the two climbed into the back seat.

“It’s roomy back here,” Parker said.

Colton wiggled his eyebrows. “I know.”

Colton leaned over the front seat and put his key into the ignition and turned on the engine. He set the radio to a quiet level and turned the heat onto the low setting.

He sat back, bent over and reached underneath the driver’s seat and pulled out a small box. “Happy birthday, Parker.”

Parker gave the big guy a quick kiss and pulled the top off the box. Inside was a leather cord necklace laying on a bed of cotton. Parker pulled it out and drew in a surprised breath. Hanging from the leather cord was a small charm: the side of a wolf’s head in profile.

“Thank you, Colton. Is this silver?” he asked as he touched the charm.

Colton’s face twitched. “No. It’s platinum. I had it modeled after my tattoo.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Here. Let me put it on you.” Colton took the necklace from Parker and clasped it around his neck.

Parker looked down and touched the wolf. “I love it, Colton. Thank you.”

“Looks good.”

“Yeah? I’ll wear it always.”

Colton’s voice dropped an octave. “Good.”

Colton shifted in the seat, easing Parker down onto his back. “Show me your belly, pup.” His voice was deep and husky, sending tingles up Parker’s spine.

Parker relaxed back against the seat and did as Colton requested. He didn’t know why Colton liked his stomach, but he’d do anything that Colton asked. He lifted his shirt and closed his eyes. His breathing hitched as Colton kissed and nipped his belly. His warm breath and the whiskers of his goatee and mustache against his skin was so erotic. And Colton’s head being so close to his crotch had him throbbing in his jeans.

Colton flicked his tongue across Parker’s belly button, then slid up and laid down on top of Parker’s smaller body.

Parker liked the feeling of the bigger boy on top of him. He shifted his legs a little bit, bringing his left knee up so that his leg straddled Colton’s. Colton shifted, resting his groin on Parker’s.

Colton pressed his lips gently against Parker’s while he lightly stroked his fingers through the smaller boy’s hair. “Are you a virgin, pup?”

Parker knew that he was starting to blush, not unlike a shy virgin, but he couldn’t help it. “Yes,” he answered quietly. “Well, I gave a guy a handjob once.”

Colton made a rumbling noise in his chest that sounded like a growl. His eyes narrowed into slits. “Who? Tell me,” he said between his gritted teeth.

The demand made Parker a little uncomfortable and he tensed, though Parker had to admit to himself that the jealousy and possessiveness was kind of hot, as was that growling noise he made. But still. “Colton, that’s not fair. Are you a virgin?”

Colton closed his eyes and breathed in deep and let it out slowly, then opened his eyes. “You’re right. I’m not a virgin, but I haven’t been with anyone since I moved here. Since the time I first saw you, I haven’t wanted anyone else.”

“Wow.” Parker laughed nervously. “I just hope I can live up to your expectations.”

“You will. There’s no need to be nervous. Just do what comes naturally.”

“It happened before.”

Colton frowned. “What happened before?”

“It, the… you know… the handjob. It happened before you moved here.” Parker’s voice shook as he spoke. He turned his head away from Colton. He didn’t really want to go into the details, but he knew that Colton would know that something was wrong just from his voice.

Colton rubbed his nose along Parker’s neck, scraping his goatee down the sensitive skin along his jugular. “What happened?”

Parker paused for a moment, considering. He didn’t want to lie to Colton, so he just blurted it out. “It was the week before school started. Eleventh grade. My gymnastics coach gave me a key to let me swim at the school’s pool. It was pretty cool, you know, because there was never anyone there, so I had complete run of the pool.”

Colton nodded along, but didn’t say anything, so Parker continued.

“Well, one day when I was getting out of the pool, this guy was there watching me. He was one of the popular jocks, and never showed any interest in me before, so I was completely surprised. I don’t even think he’s really gay. Anyway, he cornered me in the locker room shower. He was a little aggressive. I liked it at first, but he wanted too much. After I used my hand on him, he wanted more. I pushed him off me and he lost his footing on the wet floor and I ran.”

Colton had his eyes closed as Parker told the story. His body was tight and tense. Parker nuzzled his nose along the hollow of Colton’s neck. “Are you mad?” he whispered.

Colton’s eyes opened and he pulled Parker back to look him in the eye.

“Not at you. Never at you.” Colton continued looking at Parker. “There’s more to your story. He wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Parker looked away from Colton’s piercing gaze. He nodded his head slightly, confirming Colton’s theory.

Colton’s fingers turned Parker’s head towards him. “Never tell me who it was. I won’t be able to control myself, and now that I have you, I don’t want to risk going to jail for murder.”

Parker let out a nervous laugh. But he didn’t think that Colton wasn’t kidding. It scared him a little bit to think of Colton being violent, but it also turned him on a little bit. Parker wouldn’t want Colton to get in trouble defending his honor like he was some sort of “damsel in distress”, but he realized that he loved it when Colton got all jealous and possessive and showed his protective side. It confirmed that Colton truly cared about him, and that this wasn’t just some random hook-up.

Colton kissed Parker slowly and deeply, sliding his tongue inside his mouth. Colton pulled back enough to push the hoodie from Parker’s shoulders and to lift the shirt over his head.

“Fuck,” Colton moaned as his hands roamed all over Parker’s exposed chest and stomach. “You’re fucking gorgeous, pup.”

“Your hands feel so good, Colt.” He grabbed the hem of Colton’s shirt. “Take your shirt off, too. I wanna see you, touch you.”

Colton lifted up and tossed his shirt away. Parker rubbed his hands up and down Colton’s muscular chest, feeling every rippling muscle. All that hair on his hard pecs that he had been dying to run his fingers through felt so good under his finger tips. “You’re so sexy.”

Colton laid on top of Parker, pushing his legs apart with his thighs. He began a slow rocking motion, grinding his hard cock into Parker’s, while he kissed the smaller man. His tongue stroked inside Parker’s mouth, aggressively chasing Parker’s tongue, claiming every inch of his mouth.

Colton pulled away and kissed behind Parker’s left ear, making the smaller man shudder. Colton slid his tongue down Parker’s neck, stopping where the curve met his shoulder.

“Oh god, Colt,” Parker whimpered as Colton began sucking at the base of his neck. It seemed to be Colton’s favorite spot and it drove Parker crazy when Colton worked it. Colton sucked and chewed at the extra-sensitive skin, sending waves of pleasure down Parker’s spine, straight to his balls. The big jock never let the dark hickeys there fade away. At least with the weather getting colder, it was easier to hide it.

Colton lifted his head, then lowered it onto Parker’s chest. He took one of his nipples into his mouth and started to flick his tongue across it. It hardened instantly and Parker thought he might go insane as bursts of pleasure radiated throughout his body.

As Colton worked the other nipple, his hand slid between their bodies and unsnapped Parker’s jeans. He lifted up and flicked his tongue across Parker’s ear lobe. His breath was hot inside his ear canal as he whispered, “I wanna taste you, pup.”

As Colton unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, Parker thought this was it. The object of his fantasies, Colton Butler, was going to suck his dick. Parker was going to just die and go to heaven. Right here, right now. He was so aroused, he was scared that he was going to shoot any second.

Colton buried his nose in the nest of dark blond curls at the base of Parker’s dick. His tongue flicked out and tasted the musky flavor. He lapped at each of Parker’s balls and the V of his legs. He buried his nose there, inhaling deeply. “Fuck, you smell so fucking good.”

Parker’s hands moved to Colton’s head. He let his hands rub the short mohawk and the smooth shaved head. “Feels good, Colt.” He tried to pay attention to what Colton was doing. He knew that he’d be doing the same thing to Colton very soon.

Colton’s tongue slid up Parker’s length and his lips captured the crown. Parker knew he wasn’t very big compared to other guys he’d seen online and in the showers at school, but he thought he did alright for a guy of his small stature. He just hoped that Colton was pleased with him. As Colton’s mouth slid down his shaft, enveloping him in wet heat, all concerns about his size disappeared as did any other conscious thought.

Parker bit his fist to keep from crying out. He had never felt anything so good in his life. As Colton sucked, he moved his mouth up and down, his tongue fluttering all over. Then he made a moaning and growling sound that sent vibrations through Parker’s core.

“Oh god,” Parker cried as his body shuddered.

Colton’s free hand moved up Parker’s body. His fingers found Parker’s mouth and Parker took them inside and began sucking and tonguing them, mimicking what Colton was doing to his dick.

Colton pulled the fingers away and Parker felt them pressing into his crack, against his ass. Parker spread his legs wider. He knew he was acting like a total slut, but he wanted to experience everything with his boyfriend.

Colton’s finger slid into Parker’s virgin ass. It burned slightly at first, but the pain was quickly forgotten as Colton’s head bobbed faster and he sucked harder. Colton’s finger began moving in and out, twisting and turning. He wiggled the finger and tapped something inside Parker, making him buck up from the leather seat.

“Colton. Colt,” he warned. “Babe, I’m coming. It’s gonna shoot. Oh my god! Colt!”

Colton didn’t stop, he kept working Parker. Parker bit down on his fist to keep from screaming as he emptied his nuts into Colton’s hot, sucking mouth.

Parker stared up at the roof of the car. He blinked his eyes, unable to process what had just happened to him.

Colton moved back on top of Parker, pinning him down on the seat. He kissed him hard. Parker could taste the last, unswallowed remnants of his load on Colton’s tongue and it drove him crazy with lust. He was dying to experience Colton the same way.

Parker broke the kiss as he reached for Colton’s jeans. “I wanna suck you, Colt. I wanna make you come, too.”

Colton growled in his throat and grabbed Parker. He flipped them over so that Colton was laying on his back. He unbuckled his belt and popped the buttons on his jeans. Parker gripped them and slid them down his hips.

When Colton’s dick flopped up and slapped against his abs, Parker gasped. He knew that Colton was big, but he had never seen him erect.

“It’s so big,” he whispered.

Parker’s hand was shaking when he reached for it. Colton’s dick was heavy and thick and felt hot to the touch. Now that he had it in his hand, it looked even bigger. Colton’s bush was grown thick and, like the rest of his body hair, was untrimmed. The dark hairs spilled down onto his sack as well. He slid his hand up and down, mesmerized by the way the foreskin slid back and forth across the head.

Parker leaned forward and gave the underside of the head a lick, causing Colton to groan. He mimicked what Colton had done, giving him the same treatment, licking his tongue up and down the shaft, then sucking each of his hairy balls.

But Colton was impatient.

“Suck me,” he growled. He grabbed Parker’s head and pushed it down onto his dick. “Take it in your mouth. Suck it.”

The hot head of Colton’s dick slid into Parker’s mouth. His foreskin retracted and Parker tasted the musky sweat underneath. He let out a whimper and closed his eyes as the flavor burst across his tongue. He moved down as far as he could until he was about to gag, then pulled back up, sucking hard as he did so.

He quickly developed a rhythm. His hand stroked what he couldn’t get into his mouth. Colton was right, he just needed to do what came naturally. And apparently giving Colton a blowjob was the most natural thing in the world.

He moved faster, but the hand on the back of his head slowed him down.

“Nice and slow,” said Colton. “There you go. Slow and deep. Just like that…”

Parker slowed his pace. He slid down slowly until the head of Colton’s cock bumped the back of his mouth. Parker choked and pulled back.

Colton groaned loudly. “Fuck… Don’t stop…”

Parker had an uncontrollable urge to pleasure Colton. More than anything in the world, he wanted to make his man happy. He wanted to make him come. And when he came, he was going to let him do it in his mouth and he was going to swallow every single drop.

Colton’s hand gripped Parker’s hair tighter in his fist. Parker could feel that muscular body tensing and relaxing. Colton’s hand pushed his head up and down, moving just a little faster. Parker tightened his grip on Colton’s dick, using more hand motion, unable to take as much with the faster rhythm.

“So fucking good, pup. Don’t stop. Oh fuck, I’ve needed you for so long, baby. I can’t hold back.”

Parker opened his eyes and looked up at Colton. “Mm-hmm,” he consented around Colton’s dick. He didn’t want Colton to hold back. Colton’s brown eyes were so dark with lust, they appeared black. His hand tightened around the back of Parker’s head, holding him, keeping him from pulling off.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth,” Colton grunted through gritted teeth. “Swallow it for me, pup.”

Parker never took his eyes off Colton as he worked his big dick with his tongue, mouth and hand. Colton’s balls drew up tight. His shaft grew even harder. It swelled in his mouth.

“Don’t stop. Keep going. Like that. Just like that. Fuck! I’m–!”

Colton’s body bucked and his eyes fluttered closed. He grunted loudly, muttering curses between his teeth.

Parker felt the head of Colton’s cock pulse against his tongue and a burst of hot, creamy liquid flooded his mouth. He swallowed as the prick jerked and shot into his mouth again and again.

Colton didn’t stifle any of the grunts he made as he came. He came hard and he came loud.

Parker managed to drink all of that thick semen down. No way in hell was he going to let any of it go. It tasted way too good: musky, sweet and salty, with just a tinge of bitterness.

Colton’s body continued to convulse as Parker licked and cleaned him with his tongue.

Colton slumped down against the seat and his body went limp. “Fuuucck…”

Parker finally moved up Colton’s body, kissing a trail up his abs and chest, until he laid on top of that bigger body. “Mmm. I really liked doing that.”

Colton chuckled lazily, his eyes half closed. “Hm. I’m glad, because you’re gonna be doing it a lot from now on. You give good head, pup. Best goddamn blowjob I ever had.”

Parker blushed at Colton’s lewd compliments, but at the same he swelled with pride. He so wanted to make Colton happy and he had done that tonight. Feeling Colton’s hard, muscular body under his made Parker’s dick start to leak. He loved the feeling of all that body hair against his smooth skin. He slowly rubbed his hips back and forth and felt Colton’s cock start to re-stiffen.

“Fuck, I’d love to go another round, you little stud, but I need to get you home,” Colton said with a sigh. “It’s getting late and I don’t wanna give your parents a reason to keep you from seeing me.”

Parker pouted. “I know.”

Colton stroked the back of Parker’s hair. “I wish I could spend all night with you.”

“Me too.”

The two got dressed, pulling on their shirts and buttoning up their pants. They climbed out of the backseat and Colton opened the passenger door for Parker. Colton jogged around the front of the car, but kept going, heading away from the car back to the water tower.

Parker turned in his seat and watched his boyfriend run to the base of the water tower. He spread his legs shoulder width apart, tilted his head back, and let loose a torrent of piss all over the base of one of the tower legs.

Colton slipped into the front seat after he finally finished. Seeing the look on Parker’s face, he simply shrugged. “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”

* * *

Once Colton dropped Parker off, he headed home. He felt damn good. Nothing could ruin his mood.

He didn’t expect to see his dad still awake. The brawny cop was sitting at the kitchen table, still dressed in his brown deputy’s uniform eating a bowl of cereal while reading the newspaper. He looked up from the paper when Colton stepped into the room. “How was your party, son?”

“It was great, Dad. I had a good time.”

“You stay out of trouble?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna go for a run,” Colton said as he began pulling off his shirt.

“Sure. Be careful and don’t be out too late. Also, I need you to take care of the lawn in the morning. I want it done before we go to the pack meeting.”

“I will, Dad. Goodnight if I don’t see you when I get back.”

Colton stepped out on to the back porch and stripped the rest of his clothes off.

He closed his eyes and dropped to all fours. His bones snapped, his muscles reconfigured.

Seconds later, the black wolf tore off into the forest.

* * *

Parker couldn’t sleep. He was just too wound up after his date with Colton.

He went down to the kitchen and poured a glass of chocolate milk, and looked out into the backyard as he drank it. Looking past the pool, he stared into the forest.

The back of the subdivision bordered on a small forest. It was pitch black past the treeline. Shell was always afraid of the woods behind their houses, but Parker liked the woods. They were protected and houses would never be built there. He always liked being outside and he loved to swim at night, when it was quiet and peaceful.

Maybe a swim would relax him. He walked over to the pool’s electrical box and turned on the pump, the heater and the underwater light.

He went back upstairs and pulled on his swim trunks. He grabbed a big bath towel and slipped on his bathrobe and went back downstairs, out the back door. After he dropped his robe and set the towel aside, he descended the steps into the pool.

He hissed as the cool water hit his sensitive areas. Deciding to just go for it, he dropped down so that he was neck-deep in the water.

He closed his eyes and just treaded water for a bit while his body adjusted to the temperature. He moved into a back float and stared up at the sky. As he floated around, he thought back on his date tonight. He could feel his cheeks heating up and his dick started to harden in his swim trunks.

The silvery light of another full moon splashed across length of Sandy’s naked back and the swell of her rounded buttocks. She stared out the window sightlessly at the full moon where it sat in the dark sky, taunting her with its silent perfection and indifference. Her eyes were dry, she had cried out all of her tears several full moons ago. She had dropped all of her classes at the university and had not answered her phone or responded to her mail in months. She waited each full moon for William to return but he never came back to the cabin. Two more nights of the full moon remained though she hardly knew why she bothered waiting, she knew he wasn’t going to come back. Sandy sighed and wrapped her arms around her pillow burying her face deep into the soft cool fabric of the pillow. He wasn’t coming back. Somewhere deep inside her she knew the truth but her stubborn heart would not accept it. She flexed the tendons in her arm, feeling the skin pucker and the muscles tighten around the scar that had been left there. He was not going to get off that easily, Sandy vowed silently, if he wouldn’t return then she would just have to find him.

William sighed and hunkered down against the wall of the cave, pulling the thin flannel blanket he’d stolen tighter around himself. As a wolf the snow and ice didn’t bother him in the least, but as a man the cold bit right through him and left him blue with cold. He stared up again at the unforgiving moon set as in the inky black sky cursing it silently for the torment it brought to his life. The wind whipped through the tops of the fur trees outside of the cave filling the air with the rustling of their bows. His thoughts turned to Sandy as they always did every waking moment and most often in his sleep as well. He couldn’t find a way to forgive himself for the pain he’d caused her and the look in her eyes as she cradled her bleeding arm. He closed his eyes and could still see her face and the damage his fangs had rendered to her skin. He couldn’t bring himself to go back, so he just kept going, further and further from Colorado and the woman he loved.

Alexander Collins sat quietly in the booth at the local diner. The service was slow as usual, and the coffee was stale but it was the only place in town to get a meal at this time of night. He was stirring in his fourth sugar when the bell above the door tinkled as someone entered the diner. Alex let his gaze sweep over the young woman who had entered the diner; petite with golden brown hair and well tanned skin. She was quite arresting in her beauty and was in possession of a body most women would kill for with the most desirable breasts Alex had ever seen. She paused inside the door of the diner and surveyed the room, her eyes raking over each person in the room before they settled…. on him. Alex blinked thinking he must have been mistaken in thinking she was looking at him but she was still looking right at him and beginning to walk down the row of booths straight toward him.

“May I sit?” She indicated the bench across from him in the booth.

“Please do.” He returned her smile.

She slung her book-bag into the bench and slid in, her tight jeans molded to her form as she slid in and her breasts bounced slightly in her t-shirt as she settled in her seat. The waitress wandered down the length of the restaurant to the booth.

“Can I get you something honey?” She smiled at her and cast a glance at Alex.

“Diet Coke or Pepsi if you have it.” She smiled back at the waitress.

The waitress smiled and walked off to get the soda, returning shortly to place her drink on the table and hustle off to help the truckers at the other end of the restaurant.

“So to what do I owe this pleasure?” Alex queried finally.

“I understand,” she smiled at him. “That you are the local wolf expert in this area of the Rockies.”

“Ahh,” Alex smiled finally, always the wolves. “Yes, at the moment I’m currently researching and studying the wolf pack of this area and occasionally I drive further north to do some co-operative work with some of my fellow researchers. Do you study wolves, Ms…?”

“Sandy White.” She took a sip of her soda and look at him again. “I don’t exactly study wolves per say, I have however been researching nomadic single wolves. Wolves without a pack.”

“The bachelors and the fallen.” Alex pursed his lips for a moment. “They’re fairly rare as far as wolves go, I’m sure your aware of that. Most solitary wolves are either old, sick, or ousted from their packs and don’t live long alone. If they can’t form their own packs they often die or become livestock killers and are put down.”

Sandy nodded. “I’ve read quite a bit about that, but I’ve been trying to track and document solitary wolves to see how long they can live on their own and how long they live before they form their own packs.”

“An interesting idea, how can I be of assistance?”

“I wanted to know if you’d seen any solitary wolves lately. Any new wolves to the area that haven’t made any attempt to join any packs or form their own. Particularly a large male with gray/brown fur and yellow eyes, about 215 pounds.”

“That’s huge, even for a wolf, most wolves never reach that size.” Alex paused. “You seem to know this wolf though so I’m assuming you’ve seen this animal?”

“Yes, I’ve been tracking him for awhile. He’s been moving, heading north from what I can tell, and I’m trying to pick up his trail again before I loose him for good.”

“Admirable, you must really be devoted to your research to have come so far.”

“You have no idea.” Sandy gazed at him. “Have you seen my wolf?”

Alex laughed. “Yes, I believe I may have seen your wolf. There has been a large male skulking around the pack’s hunting ground. I’ve only seen him at an extreme distance and never quite clearly but he appears to be huge and of the right color. He’s been hanging out around the outer edges of the pack’s territory which runs along the eastern edge of the ridge and up around the lake.”

Sandy rewarded his information with the biggest brightest smile she could manage. “Thank you!” She reached for her bag and started to slide out of the booth.

“Are you going to leave right now, or would you be able to join me for dinner?” Alex grinned at the absolutely joy and eagerness in her face.

Sandy hesitated a moment then returned to her seat. “Sure.”

William caught the scent of the rabbit on the air. Trotting quickly through the thick icy snow he tracked the scent down to the slope of a hill covered in sparse vegetation that had managed to avoid being buried in snow. Crouching low he paused at the edge of the woods and eyed the rabbit munching quickly in the open. He crouched low on the snow and ice and focused on the rabbit, staying downwind and quiet. The rabbit hopped slowly down the slope of the hill closer to the thicker growth of vegetation near the base of the slope, closer to the forest. William paused then sprung leaping across the space separating him from the rabbit. A scream of pain ended quickly as William snapped through the rabbit’s fur and broke its neck. He trotted off across the field back into the shadows of the forest. William torn the haunches from the rabbit and downed the meat as quickly as he could, gulping it as quickly as he could tear it from the carcass. He was hunting on the pack’s side of the valley and needed to eat and get out as quickly as possible.

A deep low growl rumbled from the bushes to his left. William froze instinctively and dropped what was left of the rabbit. A snout pushed from the undergrowth, followed by a deep black head and forelegs. The bitch curled up her lips and raised her hackles growling again. William leapt to his feet and danced backward away from the female wolf. She ignored the half eaten rabbit at her feet and inched closer to William her teeth bared and her fur bristling. Two more wolves pressed in from her sides and added their own deep growls to hers. William backed up further into the field and checked his sides and rear as the three pack wolves moved in on him. William spun on his heal and ran at top speed, his strides were at least twice the length of the other wolves and he easily pulled away from them. William flew across the field as quickly as his legs would carry him, outdistancing the chasing wolves and escaping into the hills. It had been a long time since William had felt death nipping at his heals and it reminded him why he’d stopped trying to live with real wolves several years ago.

Yawning, Sandy got up the next evening to meet Alex again at the diner, he’d promised to give her some maps of the wolf pack’s territory and mark where he’d sighted the big male wolf. Sandy smiled as she dressed and hoped that this time she had found what she was looking for. It had been 6 months since William had bitten her and she had tracked him across the country and over the border. She hoped that this time she may have actually found the right wolf. It was hard to imagine that William would have come so far and that he’d have turned to the territory of real wolves to hide out, but it was probably a lot safer than trying to pass himself off as a dog.

After quick shower and the necessary pleasantries of making herself presentable again, she donned the new pair of hip hugging jeans and a fresh t-shirt she’d bought last night before she’d turned in for the day. Another full moon hung heavy in the sky as she stepped out of her motel room, day two of the three nights of the month that the moon was at its fullest. It was a rare blue moon month, the moon would cycle again one more time this month to its fullest. Her best chances of catching William would be while the moon was full and he was human, unable to disappear into the night as a wolf. She quickly ran her hands through her hair and tossed it back into a pony tail as she stepped out of her hotel room and headed toward the diner.

She smiled as she slid into the booth across from Alex. He returned her smile and handed her an envelope.

“I’ve marked all the locations where I’ve spotted the wolf in the last month.” He indicated the first map in the manila envelope. “I’ve also included a general outline of the packs territory, that’s the line marked in yellow. He’s stayed on the fringes of the pack’s territory and does most of his hunting on the west side of their range in the valley nearby the lake.”

“Thank you,” she looked over the map at him. “This information will help me more than you will ever know. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I’ll settle for dinner and a walk.” Alex ginned. “As long as you don’t have plans for the evening already.”

“No I don’t, dinner and a walk sounds great.” Sandy smiled and set the envelope inside her pack.

The meal was unremarkable, the diner serving fair best suited to truckers and RV’ers who happened to need a quick hope meal on their way through town. They animatedly discussed wolves over their dinners and compared notes on their fields of study. Alex was quite impressed by her knowledge of wolves and their behaviors and social structures as well as her insight to the wolves private lives and interactions with their mates and pack members. Sandy admired Alex’s strength of vision and belief that research and education could change the way wild wolves were viewed by humans and hopefully end the needless slaughter of wolves by ranchers and farmers who blamed every livestock death on them. After they had paid they left the diner and headed down the street back toward what passed for a town. Like many other places along the road the town consisted of a church, a motel, a school, a few small stores and businesses, and the local diner. But it was still one of those places where people could walk down the street in the night and not worry about getting home safely. Alex and Sandy continued to talk as they walked down the street toward her motel. Finally they arrived at her door.

“Thank you again for the information, you don’t know how much you’ve helped me.” Sandy smiled at him.

“You’re more than welcome and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you need any more information or equipment I’ll be heading back toward by base camp, it’s a small cabin on the east side of the lake. I’m usually there unless I’ve gone into the field to photograph or video.”

“If I need anything else I’ll stop by.” She reached into her bag for her key.

There was a quiet moment as Sandy smiled at him and prepared to wish him good night. She knew Alex wanted to kiss her and she knew he was interested in her more than just as a colleague and she felt bad for giving him hope there could ever be something between them.

“Good night.” She smiled and turned toward the door to unlock it.

“Good night.” He smiled back, though it was not as sincere and turned to leave.

Sandy leaned back against the door as it closed and wished things were simpler. She was a woman, her lover had left her, so she should be free to move on with her life. But it didn’t work like that and it wasn’t that simple, she was connected to William and he to her, they were lovers but more than just that. William mated for life, it was his way, as long as she was alive and he was as well they were bound together by that tie. She loved him and she wouldn’t leave him to waste away his life alone. She felt the warmth of her tears as they spilled down her cheeks and onto her chest. Nothing was simple anymore.

William was more careful as he stalked prey along the fringes of pack territory now. They knew he was out there and they wanted him gone. He skirted their boundaries carefully, only risking coming into it when he needed to get water from the lake or one of its streams. He trotted carefully through the snow and ice and hid in his cave when the moon was full. Life had taken on a dull, monotonous tone without Sandy. He no longer looked forward to the nights when the moon was full, they held no promise or happiness anymore. He spent those nights curled up in his cave, burrowed under the blankets he had stolen to keep off the chill, waiting for daylight and the return to himself as a wolf. Tonight was the last night of the full moon for this cycle, but this month was special, it was a rare blue moon month and the moon would cycle again to full before the calendar month was out. He sighed, his breath blowing out through his snout in a chuffing noise of canine depression. The sun was slowly setting, throwing the snow into a multi-hued sea of reflected sunlight, glowing orange and pink like the sky above. Night was coming fast and William headed for his cave.

Sandy packed the last of her things and checked out of the hotel. The last night of the full moon and she had ground to cover. After turning in her key she walked down the road heading west toward the mountains and the wolf pack’s territorial boundaries. Her back pack was slung over one shoulder and lightly packed with food and a few of the most necessary supplies. Her stride was confident and without hesitation as she entered the forest, covering ground as quickly as she could for she had a long way to go.

Alex watched her walking into the forest, unaware of anything but her destination and seemingly unafraid of what could happen once she reached it. The woman was strong but this was no way to carry out research, she was liable to be killed by the elements. Underdressed and with a pack that couple barely carry the most basic supplies he wondered how she intended to get to the wolves let alone spend weeks watching and studying them. She was brilliant and she was beautiful but she seemed to have a definite death wish.

The full moon came and went without incident. William stood on the ridge overlooking the valley as he pondered where he’d find the best hunting today. He was tired and sore but hungry as he always was after changing and he needed to feed today. Deer would be the best bet, but taking one down on his own would prove difficult. Rabbits were good snacks but it would take several of them to sate his hunger. He turned his head and breathed in the wind scenting it for prey. There was a tantalizing aroma on the air, not deer, and not rabbit, but something much better. Caribou. Not many, five or ten at best, most likely a herd of young or old animals that had been split off from a larger herd. Traveling to meet them most likely. He moved quickly, running down the incline and heading toward the north where the scent was strongest. They were outside of pack territory so he would be safe hunting them. He ran fast and without tiring. They were close, he slowed to a lope and stayed downwind, drinking in the scent of them. He came across them in a clearing feeding off vegetation below the snow, digging down with their hooves to reach it. He slipped around the clearing and laid in the snow downwind of the small herd. Six animals total. Two young does, three older does, and one very old buck. He surveyed the animals slowly, the buck seemed to be the best bet for a kill, he was extremely old and seemed to be lame in one hide leg. He wouldn’t be easy to kill but he was the weakest of the lot.

William knew that surprise wouldn’t be of much use, the easiest way to kill would be to run the buck down, scattering the rest in panic. He raised from the ground and growled loudly, watching as six head snapped up from the ground at lightening speed. Panic ran through the animals light water and then ran, scattering and plunging into the forest in all directions. William leapt behind the old buck and snapped his jaws nipping closely at the animals heels. The buck bawled and cut to the left heading in the opposite direction of the other five caribou. William harried the buck for miles, twisting from one side to the other side of the buck changing his direction and forcing the animal to run himself ragged. The wolf’s jaws clamped down on the sides and haunches of the buck as he cut him from side to side. Within ten minutes the buck’s sides were slick with blood and he floundered through the deep snow, struggling desperately to keep moving. Finally William dove in and grasped the buck by the throat, hanging suspended by his jaws as the caribou thrashed and expended his last bits of energy trying to remove the wolf from his throat. Slowly the buck slid to his knees and finally fell to his side as he suffocated in the jaws of the wolf. William released the bucks throat panting through his jaws as prepared to eat.

Sandy tracked the big male wolf. Tracking the wolf’s footprints was slow and difficult. She had to pause to rest and to eat and she lost ground on William each day. She hadn’t caught sight of him yet, but she had no doubt that the prints belonged to William and that she would find him. She trudged onward.

Alex set up his base camp on the side of a small ridge that overlooked a portion of the meadow and forest on the edge of the lake. He knew that the big male wolf had been staying in this area and that he often slept in one of the caves on the ridge just across the meadow. He hunkered down to wait. If he waited long enough he’d see the wolf, if he waited long enough he’d see Sandy again.

Days and weeks blended for William. Hunt, sleep, move. Hunt, sleep, move again. He avoided the local pack by staying on the move but he remained close enough to the cave in the hills he used for nights of the full moon. He had scented other wolves several times in the last few weeks so he moved quickly: never staying anywhere for very long. The pack knew he was stalking there territory and he could expect them to be keeping a higher guard and looking for him as they traveled their boundaries. He had to be careful not to get caught by the pack, he couldn’t run from all of them.

The night of the blue moon was unseasonably warm, clouds covering the sky and the threat of precipitation on the wind. Alex wrapped his thermal blanket tighter around his shoulders and swept his binoculars over the meadow again. Nothing yet, but full moons usually heralded nighttime hunts for wolves. He spied the wolf as he broke from the woods, trotting quickly across the meadow heading for the caves in the ridge. It was the big male, he was nearly loping to cross the open area quickly. Alex saw the second wolf burst from the forest, running full speed at the big male. The second wolf was much smaller but it appeared fearless as it sped across the clearing.

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Loretta fluffed her shoulder length brown hair and sighed as she sat in her car watching the vampires go in and out of the seedy looking club. She really needed to get her hair cut. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn it so long, usually preferring to have it a lot shorter. It made life a little easier when she shifted to wolf form, her fur more sleek and figure hugging.

She wasn’t usually a girly girl, preferring to be more of a warrior; a hunter and protector. Her sleek, well-honed body was testament to that as was her position as Beta in the Hanlon pack. But ever since the night of the war last year she felt a little part of herself changing inside. She was letting her hair grow, paying more attention to how she dressed and moved. Christ, she’d even caught herself considering trying on some nail polish the other week.

She shuddered at the memory. Thankfully she had managed to restrain that girly impulse. She could just imagine the taunts she would have gotten from the other Betas if she’d shown up with bright red painted nails. Still, they probably would have looked pretty spectacular, almost as if she had talons which were dripping with blood. The image made her think of ‘him’ and her insides suddenly got all warm and tingly.

If there was a hard way or an easy way to do something, she always managed to select the hard way. She had been so close to death that night that it had taken her days to realise what meeting him signified. Only when she was back on her feet and getting around unaided did she finally realise just what had happened and just how screwed she really was.

Loretta sighed again and opened the car door, well toned, shapely legs rippling as her feet hit the sidewalk and she climbed out. She was here to see an asshole and it didn’t look like he was coming out of the dive in front of her anytime soon. Which meant she had to go inside.

Her wolf stirred deep inside her, excitement warring with trepidation at the thought of walking into the nest of vampires on her own. They could kill her in a heartbeat and there was a good chance they would. Her only hope was that the man she was here to see would be present and would stop anything bad happening to her. Or at least she hoped he would.

She slid her hands down the sides of her deep crimson mini dress, her lips quirking in a little smile at the brevity of it. Cedar said to go in with all guns blazing and then had taken her shopping to buy the item that was now clinging to her like a second skin. She might as well be walking in completely naked, the dress showed off her body so much. Now that would have been amusing, watching the shock on the vampires’ faces as a naked Were walked into their territory.

Squaring her shoulders, Loretta leaned into the car and grabbed her matching purse before straightening and locking the door. She couldn’t put it off. Jared needed to know what was going on and the only way they could find out was by asking the man she was here to see. Heels tapping loudly on the tarmac, she crossed the road quickly and entered the aptly named club The Dive.

Sharp eyes quickly took in the large open room, the dark secluded areas which would afford humans with little or no view but were easy to penetrate for a Were. There was a medium sized dance floor with a few swaying bodies on it but mostly the room was full of private leather clad booths. A quick scent told her there were maybe a handful of humans present in the room but the rest were vampires, who were suddenly turning to look at her as she strode quickly across the room towards the bar against the right wall. She knew they could instantly scent she was a Were and that they would not be happy with her presence in their domain.

The brief, fragile acceptance which had begun between their species almost two year ago had broken down pretty quickly after almost a hundred vampires died in the abortive attack on the Hanlon compound. Now they were back to where they started, the majority of vampires detesting all Weres and the pack ready to kill any vampire who was not a personal friend of theirs.

Loretta reached the bar and stared intently at the man behind it. The music had died and a silence hung over the room as she felt close to a hundred and fifty pairs of eyes boring into her back and one pair staring at her face as intently as she was staring at him. The bartender’s beautiful face twisted into a grimace of disgust as his hazel eyes swept her with contempt. He hissed loudly into the silent, tense room.

“No dogs allowed,” he growled loudly, hissing again when she hopped up onto one of the bar stools and rested her hands on top of the bar.

“Andrei hired you,” Loretta countered, forcing an amused drawl into her husky voice. It was better to let the entire room know as quickly as possible that she knew their boss. It would halt any action on their part for a moment. She knew he was their boss even though vampires didn’t run in packs and have Alphas the way Weres did.

One meeting with the vampire all those months ago told her all she needed to know about him. He was a cold, ruthless killer with the most amazing smile and laughing brown eyes which he used as his best weapon to fool others into thinking he was harmless. Andrei Romanov was anything but harmless. He ruled these people in the room and he set Loretta’s wolf on edge and her heart thumping with excitement. She’d always liked to live dangerously but Andrei was a step too far on the wild side even for her. That hadn’t stopped her from volunteering to come here though.

Her mention of his name tamed the room slightly. Well, it brought a thoughtful expression on the bartender’s face if nothing else. He leaned down and picked up a phone from underneath the bar. “There’s an arrogant bitch in here who doesn’t understand the concept of no dogs allowed,” he said shortly, his tone full of anger. He listened quietly for a second and then looked at Loretta. “Name,” he barked ominously.

Loretta’s lips twitched slightly as she considered her response. He must have called Andrei. She tried not to show any sign of relief that he’d had the brains to do so. Maybe she wasn’t about to die in the next couple of minutes after all.

“Rose,” she answered, her lips twitching further. She was playing a dangerous game, relying on the vampire to remember their last conversation. Maybe he had forgotten her completely, it had been almost a year ago and vampires were such a fickle people, swiftly moving on to the next thing that caught their attention without a second thought for what they were leaving behind.

The bartender hung up after listening quietly for another long moment. He turned and grabbed a bottle of red wine and two glasses, putting it down on the bar in front of her. His head jerked to the door to his left marked private. “You’re to go down.” His attention turned from her immediately, his eyes raking the room quickly as if silently conveying some message to his own kind.

The music suddenly started up again and Loretta breathed a sigh of relief as she grabbed the bottle and glasses and moved over to the indicated door. Andrei clearly must have remembered her. She felt a stirring of excitement inside her and tried to dampen it down as she pushed through the door and started making her way down the long flight of stairs before her. She was here on pack business, not personal business. She had to keep that firmly in mind.

Andrei Romanov leaned back in his chair, his keen ears listening to the heels tapping lightly on the stairs as the spicy scent of cinnamon drew closer. He tapped a long finger against his lips as he smiled slightly, his interest piqued as to why the little she wolf was entering his domain. She was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. He couldn’t work out which one at the moment.

Not a lot surprised the elder vampire anymore but the woman approaching his office just had, for the second time. The first was the night of the war, when he had found her broken and close to death, still in wolf form at the time. He had gone to put her out of her misery but found himself unable to do so. It had been disconcerting to say the least and very out of character for him.

Instead of killing the she wolf he had healed her with his blood, giving up a secret of his kind which was once closely guarded. Had she kept that secret or had she told her Alpha at the first possible opportunity? It was something he had always wondered about when she came to mind. Something which happened much too often for his liking.

Still, he couldn’t help smiling as he listened to her reach the door, a little shiver of excitement coursing through his body at the thought of seeing her again. The last time she had been covered in bruises, her feminine beauty hidden under the damage done to her body. He felt as if this would be the first time he was truly seeing her.

The office door opened and she stepped through, stopping in the doorway. His brown eyes quickly travelled over her body poured into the most delicious little red dress he had ever seen, his appreciation for her tempting womanly curves causing his blood to heat slightly. Damn, she was surprising him again, or rather; his reaction to her was surprising him again.

She looked hot, there was no denying that. Her breasts were pleasantly firm and rounded, the plunging vee of her neckline showing ample creamy white flesh. Her small waist was pinched tight in the dress, her hips flaring out as the tight material clung to her like a second skin before ending mid- thigh showing off her strong, sleek legs. She wasn’t a tall woman, maybe five feet three or four but in her red patent leather heels her legs looked so much longer, her calves so graceful.

His eyes travelled back up her body to her face and he actually struggled to keep his expression carefully neutral. She’d let her hair grow out. The thick brown locks rested just on the top of her shoulders in silky waves. It really suited her, softening her slightly sharp features which couldn’t really be termed as beautiful in a classical way but were exceedingly attractive despite that. He smiled as he watched her silently, seeing her deep brown eyes sizing him up just as intently as he was her.

Loretta was so still because she quite literally found herself unable to move. Andrei Romanov was even more beautiful than she remembered from their first meeting. Granted she had been in a considerable amount of pain and close to death at the time, but even still, she had registered his inhuman beauty despite that. Her memory had obviously been clouded with the pain because it didn’t do him justice though.

His long, light brown hair was loose around his shoulder, his brown eyes intent as they travelled over her body very slowly and actually caused a stirring of liquid heat inside her which she fought down before she started scenting up the room in a very embarrassing way. Her gaze slowly roamed over his strong, hard face, taking in the strong brow, high chiselled cheekbones, hard, granite jaw and soft, slightly curved lips. The vampire was a walking advertisement for all things that were alpha male; hot, sexy and extremely dangerous.

His big body was huge even sitting down. She knew he was around six feet tall and so strong he could snap her neck with barely any force required. His wide shoulders and arms made his white, silk shirt bulge slightly, the soft material at odds with the hardness of his physique.

Her gaze didn’t get much further than that because he remained seated but her memory of him knew she wouldn’t be disappointed in the rest of his amazing body. She could still remember how it felt to be draped over his hard, muscled thighs, of how he moved with such grace and speed as he’d carried her almost tenderly in his embrace that night.

Loretta met his eyes when he travelled back to her face, seeing a hint of amusement in them. They were his secret weapon, able to lull his enemies into a false sense of security before he took them apart. Andrei Romanov may be the most beautiful man to walk the planet but Loretta Simpson wasn’t the most stupid woman to, she knew exactly what he was. Her eyes stayed locked on his for a fraction of a second longer and then she clinked the glasses in her hand and moved into the room.

“Hey asshole,” she drawled smoothly, her lips twitching in a little smile as his widened even as one of his eyebrows quirked up at her greeting.

“Hey Rose,” he answered, finding her irreverence strangely refreshing. He wasn’t used to blatant disrespect. In truth, he’d be tempted to kill anyone foolish enough to address him as she had just done, but the little she wolf somehow managed to get away with it without sparking his ire. “You look much improved on our last meeting.”

She set the glasses and bottle of wine down on the desk in front of him, coolly opening the bottle and pouring out two healthy glasses before she responded. “Vamp blood sure tastes like shit but it does wonders for a girl’s complexion,” she retorted with a little laugh, taking her glass of wine and sitting calmly down in the leather chair before him. She tipped her glass in his direction before taking a sip from it.

Andrei threw his head back and laughed loudly at her sass. Yes, she really was quite refreshing, as long as she didn’t let it go to her head too much.

Loretta watched him with bated breath. She had thought long and hard on how to approach him on the way over. She had sensed that he responded to strong personalities on their first meeting. She tried to measure her inner strength whilst trying to appeal to his baser side with the skimpy dress. That she had also managed to appeal to his sense of humour was a bonus. She would live a little longer, maybe long enough to find out what she needed to know and make it back to the pack.

His laughter trailed off as he picked up his glass of wine and tipped it in her direction. “I’d say you had balls, Loretta, but that wouldn’t be anatomically correct,” he smiled softly. He took a healthy slug of his drink, enjoying the deep, full bloodied wine as it slid down his throat. His mouth watered slightly as his eyes dropped to the pulsing beat at the side of her neck. Her blood would taste so much better than the wine he was drinking.

He stiffened imperceptively at the errant thought. He had tasted her blood before when he had healed her back, his tongue lapping up her bright red succulent essence as he’d waited for her to heal. He knew what she tasted like, had remembered the sweetness of her taste many a night since then, almost craved it. But he could never taste her again and he knew it. If he ever bit into her tender skin he would kill her instantly. He couldn’t stop his venom from releasing the moment he bit, it was a physical impossibility and vampire venom was instantly lethal to a Were.

“As much as I find your wit mildly amusing, I assume you are not here for a social call?” he finally said, dragging his eyes away from her neck and meeting her gaze head on. She looked wary, most probably having worked out just where his thoughts had been going just then. He liked seeing her knocked off balance. It appealed to the predator in him and let him see that she wasn’t nearly as confident as her arrogant entrance implied.

“My Alpha needs to know what’s happening with The Council,” she said quietly, a thumb lazily stroking over the bowl of her wine glass as she kept her gaze locked with his. She watched him frown, a flash of irritation appear in his eyes along with something else. Wariness? Did he have something to hide? Something pertinent to the pack’s survival? She instantly became more alert, searching his beautiful face for some answers but finding none as he closed down his expression expertly, a blank mask settling over his features.

“And you came to me why?” Andrei’s voice was cold and hard, his eyes narrowing intently. Had Caleb told the Alpha? If the other vampire had he was going to have to do something, find a way to counter his interference. He couldn’t allow the Ancient to run around telling all his secrets, especially to non-Vampires. He didn’t think Caleb would have said anything. He had said he didn’t want to be involved in Council politics. Maybe he was reading more into the she wolf’s words than were really there?

Loretta wasn’t unaware of the sudden tension in the room or the way Andrei’s big body was suddenly coiled tightly as if ready to spring. She wondered what she had said that had suddenly sent him into such a feral state. She couldn’t counter the slight shiver of trepidation which coursed through her body. She had to be very careful with what she said next or they might be her last words.

“You’re the only one available to ask,” she said carefully. “Caleb and Annie are in Europe. No one knows where Demetri whisked Mara off to but they are definitely out of the country. We know your brother is too and has been for months now. So that just leaves you, Andrei.” She let out a slow breath when she saw him relax, his hard expression melting slightly and a hint of amusement coming back into his eyes.

Andrei willed his anger to subside, scenting her fear and not liking the acrid scent it gave off. It interfered with her wonderful spicy scent of hot cinnamon which he particularly enjoyed. Her explanation seemed plausible enough. If the other vampires weren’t around and the pack really were concerned about what was happening in the Council, they would send a representative to him if he were the only ‘friendly’ vampire available.

“Why you?” he asked curiously taking another drink of wine as he relaxed more fully. He watched a slight flush of colour tinge her cheeks as she twisted slightly in her chair.

“I volunteered,” she answered after a short pause, taking a little Dutch courage from her glass before speaking. “It seemed imprudent for the Alpha to come himself given the uncertainty of our welcome, plus his mate has recently given birth and he doesn’t like to be away from her. A Beta seemed the logical choice to send.”

He watched her silently for another long moment. “Why you?” he growled softly, repeating his question and smiling slightly when she flushed with colour again. She really did look cute when she was all flustered and knocked off balance. He was enjoying her discomfort immensely.

Loretta sighed and met his gaze, knowing he wasn’t going to give her any information until she answered what he wanted to know. “I argued that there was less of a possibility of you killing me than any of the others,” she admitted truthfully. “You had your opportunity to do so and didn’t take it. I figured that gave me a fighting chance of walking out of here alive.”

Her honesty surprised him. He wouldn’t have harmed any other member of the pack if they’d come but she wasn’t to know that. He had no need to harm them, not unless they attempted to hurt him in some way. While he had no great love for the dogs, they were under Ancient protection; at least until the Council came to a decision on what, if any, retribution was to be inflicted because of the war.

Her bravery amused him and he felt a little flicker of pride in her which surprised him. She constantly surprised him, engaging him on so many different levels. The little she wolf intrigued him greatly as did his own reaction to her. He was finding this meeting with her was more than he had imagined their next meeting would be.

He smiled slowly, standing up and picking up the bottle of wine. He rounded the desk, interested to see how she would react to his nearness as he poured some more wine into her glass. His smile widened as he detected the increase in her heart rate, her hand shaking ever so slightly as she held the glass as steady as she could. He perched on the side of the desk, looming over her. “You seem a little nervous, Loretta. Something bothering you?”

Loretta’s wolf howled loudly as she unconsciously tried to shift away from his big body. He was so close to her she could feel his body heat and it was setting up little sparks of electricity in her body, making her wolf ecstatic but making her human side very uncomfortable. The smug smile on his face told her he knew exactly what he was doing, that he was deliberately playing with her.

She felt her anger spark and tried to tamp it down. Losing her temper with him wasn’t the way to go. It would give him the upper hand; make him feel superior, that he had won some kind of battle. She wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

Setting her glass down, she stood slowly, bending forward enough that she knew her cleavage would be amply displayed to his intent gaze. She smiled as she watched his eyes narrow sharply and heard his breath suck in hard. She took one tiny step which brought her almost toe to toe with him. Even sitting on the edge of the desk she still had to look up at him. His size was impressive. “Nothing bothering me, Andrei,” she sighed softly. “You?”

Their eyes locked for a long moment, both of them rooted to the spot as they both issued challenges and waited for the other to back down. The silence in the room suddenly seemed very heavy, only broken by the soft sounds of their breaths rasping out way too fast.

Andrei struggled to hold himself in check as the little she wolf challenged him so blatantly, her head tilted defiantly to the side. She was so close to him, her sweet scent teasing his nostrils, her body heat like a blazing furnace as she stood so close. His body hardened in an instant, lust spiralling sharply inside him. He stifled down a deep groan, his nostrils flaring as he watched her eyes darken to almost black and scented the wonderful musky scent of her body answering his.

This was so incredibly stupid. They both should know better. He was a vampire and she was a Were. An impossible combination and yet he found himself moving almost as if he had no control over himself. “Stupid little bitch,” he growled a second before his large hand wrapped around the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his.

Loretta whimpered softly as Andrei’s mouth took hers in a kiss so devastating she felt her knees tremble the instant his mouth slanted over hers. Her wolf shrieked her joy as his hot mouth lazily nudged hers, his tongue licking slowly along her bottom lip before pressing for entry. She sighed and parted her lips, allowing him to ravish her mouth with bold, hard strokes of his tongue, meeting him half way so she could taste him as thoroughly as he was tasting her. This was so wrong. She shouldn’t be allowing this to happen but all rational thought was leaving her mind as his hands moved and began to slowly stroke down her bare back with a surprisingly gentle touch.

She moaned and moved closer to him, pressing her swollen breasts against his hard chest as his hands reached the curve of her ass and he pulled her lower body towards him, spreading his legs so he could fit her between them. Her moan turned into two as his mouth continued to devastate hers as her body connected with the unmistakably hard ridge of his erection which he ground against her stomach with a deep growl.

Andrei felt as if he was going up in flames. Her sweet taste was intoxicating, the feel of her soft curves pressing against his aching hardness enough to make his body tremble with desire. He shouldn’t be kissing her, touching her soft skin, pressing his raging cock hard against her sexy body but he was doing all of that and wanted to do so much more.

If he didn’t get some kind of control he was going to bend her over his desk and fuck the living daylights out of her. The thought shocked him even as it made him groan loudly and grind his mouth harder against hers. Just the erotic image of Loretta’s legs spread wide, her ass in the air as he slid between her thighs and rammed his thick length into her soaking wet pussy was enough to make him almost explode.

He had to stop. One of them had to stop before this insatiable hunger got out of hand and someone got hurt. More accurately before she got hurt. What if he lost all control as he felt dangerously close to doing already? What if he accidentally bit her in the throes of passion? He didn’t need to bite, to feed whilst laying with a woman but he liked to and was in the habit of indulging himself. He would kill her if he did so and he didn’t want that to happen.

With a muffled growl he ripped his mouth from hers, pushing her away swiftly, keeping a tight grip on her upper arms as she stumbled slightly at the speed at which he separated their bodies. When he was sure she was steady on her feet he dropped his hands and raked one of them through his tousled hair, his breathing harsh and ragged as he regarded her disappointed face.

“Do you have a death wish?” he ground out angrily, moving back behind the desk as he fought to get his breathing under control and recover his equilibrium.

Loretta watched him, her heart pounding erratically, her wolf howling her disappointment that he was withdrawing from them. Shock rocked through her body in deep waves. She wasn’t shocked because she had responded to him. No, she was shocked at the intensity of her response, at how quickly she had forgotten all about her personal safety when his lips had touched hers.

Staring at Andrei’s rigid back she took a deep breath and picked up her glass of wine, draining it quickly to steady her nerves. The situation was impossible and she couldn’t deny that. The angry vampire before her was her mate. Her wolf had taken one look at him and declared he was hers.

The combination of a vampire/were mating was just too dangerous. Her wolf wouldn’t listen to her though. She had claimed him and nothing was going to satisfy her until they joined together, however they were going to manage that little problem.

Andrei finally turned around, his expression carefully neutral as he looked at her briefly before sitting down behind the desk. “The Council has not reached a decision yet,” he said as if they hadn’t just been practically ready to rip each others clothes off a matter of moments ago.

“Very soon there will be a change in the vampire hierarchy; a new Council will be sitting. The consensus has been reached that the outgoing Council erred in its judgement of not getting involved when Graves’ aggression towards the pack became obvious. The Council Elect has been in training for the last half a decade. They have considerable power now that the rotation is so close to happening, it is only a week away. They have come to the decision that the outgoing Council does not have the right to make a judgement therefore it is postponed until the new Council has time to investigate the matter.”

Loretta’s mouth dropped open in surprise. His honesty was staggering. He was telling her valuable information about how the hierarchy of his people worked, knowledge that no Were had ever been privy to before. Her Alpha would be very interested in this news. This was the second time he had let slip something his people wanted to be kept secret from all Weres. “You appear to know a lot about it, Andrei. Is there a reason for that?”

She watched his eyes narrow and expelled a deep breath. Her instincts were still sharp even if he did turn her knees to mush with one kiss. He had told her so much more than he probably wanted to with that one slight narrowing of his eyes. Andrei Romanov was part of the Council Elect. She was certain of it and she was certain that her knowledge was shining in her eyes as he watched her intently, his expression hardening.

“Did you keep my secret, little wolf?” he suddenly growled softly and she took another deep breath before she shook her head in the negative and watched his lips firm into a tight line, anger clouding his deep brown eyes.

“Did you really expect me to?” she countered softly wishing she hadn’t finished her wine so she could settle her nerves a little more as the atmosphere in the room dropped a couple of very chilly degrees as his displeasure sunk into her very soul.

“Do you think because you healed me that I would betray my pack, Andrei? Jared needed to know. I am his Beta and it was my place to inform him of any little titbit that can protect his pack from your kind.”

Andrei pushed his anger down reaching for his glass and then changing his mind, pushing it across the desk towards the she wolf before him. He stood up again and crossed the room, heading for a hidden compartment behind a wooden wall panel, taking out the bottle of cold blood and pouring himself a generous glass to soothe his desire to taste her blood. He drank deeply, poured a refill and carried it over to the desk again, watching Loretta drink from him glass.

He wanted to growl as her lips caressed the glass where his own mouth had been not so long before. It was almost as if she were kissing him again. He sat back down and drank some more blood, his eyes fixed to hers as she watched him, knowing what he was drinking. It didn’t appear to bother her and he felt his lips quirk in a little smile. She really was a brave little thing. Didn’t have the sense she was born with but brave none the less.

“You got what you came for, Loretta,” he finally said, suddenly wanting her gone from his presence. If she stayed any longer he didn’t know what he’d do next, what other secrets he would unwittingly tell the little she devil. She seemed to have a way of slipping under his guard and loosening his tongue. “You have all my secrets now. Run along to your boss and fill him in on all the juicy details. I’m sure he’ll find them riveting.”

It was clearly a dismissal, his tone bored, his expression remote. Loretta couldn’t help feeling disappointed but she knew he was right. She had come here on pack business and she was leaving with the knowledge she had come to collect. She rose slowly, smoothing down her skirt as she stood. “What will the Council Elect’s decision be?” she asked, her tone brisk and to the point. She could be as detached as he was.

Andrei snorted loudly, shaking his head at her sass even as he smiled in approval. God she was a complete pain in the ass but a very sexy, delectable one. He considered her question, his eyes raking over her body slowly as he came to his decision on just how much he was willing to give away. “You would stand with the pack if the decision went against them?” he asked even though he knew her answer. She didn’t speak but she did nod her head, drawing a weary sigh from him.

“Then you know what the Council Elect’s decision will be, don’t you, Loretta?”

She stared at him with a puzzled expression on her face, her eyes questioning him. Sighing loudly Andrei stood once more, moving back around the desk and pulling her hard against his body. His head dipped to her neck, inhaling deeply at her wonderful scent, his tongue snaking out to run lightly along her fragile skin as she trembled slightly. He knew he shouldn’t be getting so close to her again but he couldn’t help himself.

He raised his head and their eyes met and he saw hers widen slightly in surprise as he allowed her to see past his guard. “Does that answer your question?” he asked quietly, his gaze trapping hers as his hands ran down her back as if he couldn’t prevent them from doing so.

Loretta swallowed hard wondering if she was getting the right message from him, needing to hear the words but knowing he would never say them. Andrei Romanov would never admit out loud that he would protect a pack of Weres because he was attracted to one of them. She finally nodded her head slowly, unable to find her voice with him being so close to her.

“I believe this meeting is now concluded.” He arched a perfect eyebrow at her as he spoke, releasing her as abruptly as he’d gathered her into his arms, resting back against the desk and folding his arms.

Loretta picked up her purse and licked her lips slowly. Her heart was thundering loudly in her chest, her wolf prowling in agitation as she prepared to separate from her mate. She couldn’t stay no matter how much she wanted to. She couldn’t be with him and she knew it even if her wolf wasn’t happy with the turn of events.

Her mind was whirling at what he hadn’t said in words but so clearly intimated with his actions. As long as she stood with the pack, he would ensure that no decision would go against them. He would have been as well as acknowledging verbally that her interest in him was returned with as much fervour by him. But she knew he wouldn’t utter the actual words. Not Andrei Romanov, cold bloodied vampire. He would never verbalise anything that would make him appear vulnerable in any way.

“Thank you, Andrei,” she said quietly, looking up at his hard face, so very tempted to press her body against his again and see if he would have the strength to push her away for a third time. She smothered down a deep sigh. She was a fool to even think it. She would be playing Russian Roulette with her life again. It was so very tempting though even if it was incredibly stupid.

Andrei growled loudly, seeing the conflicted emotions crossing her face, knowing exactly how she felt because his rigidly crossed arms were the only thing that was stopping him from doing all those delicious things he had been imaging doing to her. If she didn’t leave right now he was going to lose all control and give into the insatiable need she created inside him. “Go now!” he hissed quietly, his eyes burning with fire as he struggled to keep his more feral side under control.

His sudden feral expression made her heart lurch wildly in her chest, her wolf growling loudly inside her, her breath quickening and her eyes darkening as she reacted to the wildness within him. “Wrong move,” she growled softly dropping her purse to the floor and giving in to the need to feel his hardness pressing against her once more. Her body arched against his as his breath hissed out loudly and his arms came around her in a crushingly tight grip.

He held her tightly, stilling all her body movements, trying desperately to halt her aggression so it didn’t fire his any further. “Stop,” he hissed, a deep guttural groan escaping him as she twisted in his arms, rubbing against his straining cock. He caught a glimpse of wildness in her eyes, her wolf close to the surface.

That explained why his hold was not having the desired effect. He had never had to restrain a Were before. He had no reference of how much strength to use. She wriggled against him again and he was completely lost, his head descending to capture her mouth in a hard desperate kiss. God she tasted better than the first time he had kissed her, sweeter, more intoxicating. The hot musky scent of her arousal filled the office and made his body twitch hard with lust.

She uttered a soft breathy moan and the combination of her soft curves, sweet scent and husky sighs drove all rational thought from his mind. Only one thought remained, how he was going to fuck her senseless until she screamed his name in ecstasy.

“Andrei, rip the dress and you’re going to regret it,” Loretta growled against his lips as his hands tugged hard at the material separating her body from his. Her words stilled his movements and he raised his head to look down at her, his eyes glittering wildly.

“Fuck the dress,” he hissed reaching for the fragile straps to snap them from her body. She seriously wanted self control from him, after pushing him to the end of his endurance?

“I’m not going home naked,” she laughed softly, her hands catching his wrists and applying a firm pressure as she stepped back and quickly tugged the zipper down, letting the material pool at her feet leaving her standing in only her heels and a red lacy thong.

Andrei’s breathed sucked in deeply as his wild eyes travelled quickly over her creamy white skin, fastening on her firm, round breasts with their soft pink tips hardening already in the cool air. “Come here,” he growled softly, a frown darkening his face as he saw her smile slowly and shake her head at him.

He glared at her in confusion. What the fuck was the little she devil up to now? She wanted this as much as he did, he could scent it on her delectable body. Christ, she had pushed him and pushed him until she finally got what she wanted. Now she was saying no after stripping off half naked in front of him?

Loretta struggled not to laugh at his frustrated expression. He had obviously never been with a wolf before, didn’t understand that the wildness inside her craved that he had to be strong enough, fast enough, and dominant enough to take her. Her wolf demanded nothing less. If he wanted her he was going to have to work for it.

“You have a lot to learn about Weres, Andrei,” she sighed softly taking another step backwards, running her hands slowly down her hips. “We’re not insipid little human females. We don’t fall to our knees in gratitude that a man deigns to share our passion. If you really want me, then you have to prove you’re capable of taking me.”

The predator in Andrei sparked, his lips curling into a chilling little smile as his eyes flashed with excitement. “You want me to play chase?” he growled softly. “That seems a little unfair on you, Loretta. You know I’m faster than you, stronger than you. You know I’m going to win so why bother with all the needless time wasting?”

“Who says it’s needless,” she laughed huskily kicking off her shoes and shifting instantly, surprising a startled hiss from the beautiful vampire in front of her. His surprise lasted barely a fraction of a second before he came at her with a feral laugh issuing from his chest in a deep rumble.

Loretta growled and streaked away to the right, nimbly circling the desk and putting it between them. She watched Andrei’s head turn lazily to the side, his eyes tracking her as his hands began unbuttoning his silk shirt , sliding it effortlessly from his broad shoulders.

Two things registered in Loretta’s mind. The first was how rock hard his chest was, all rippling muscles which promised strength and the ability to defend her if the need ever arose. The second was the fierce excitement on his face which told her he was enjoying the chase, that she could expect to be overcome and forced into submission when he caught her. Both had her wolf rumbling her approval. Any thoughts that she shouldn’t be doing this were completely forgotten. Her lust was in control, her need to be with her mate completely dominating everything else.

She expected him to come at her again but instead he turned away, unbuckling the belt of his jeans as he crossed to the office door and slid the lock home. He stripped completely naked, standing before her without a hint of self-consciousness as he let her eyes peruse his body slowly.

God he was amazing. All hard muscles everywhere, his impressive cock standing proudly against his stomach. He was thick, rock hard and had been walking the planet long enough that she knew he was adept at using the powerful tool between his legs. She howled softly, her body flooding with moisture as she felt her mouth start to water. Maybe she wouldn’t try so hard to get away? Maybe it would be more fun to submit quickly?

Andrei felt his blood boil at both the heated look in the wolf’s eyes and also the soft howl she emitted as she hungrily ran her gaze over his body and found it to her liking. His lips quirked in a little smile, smug male satisfaction flooding him that the little she devil was reacting to him the way she was. Her scent was filling the room so thickly that if he didn’t get his hands on her soon he was likely to start ripping the room apart to get to her. This chasing thing was mildly entertaining even if a little frustrating. It certainly got the heart pumping and appealed to the predator within him.

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