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Sian finally got the weekend off that she had so looked forward to. Beth also took a few days off allowing the new girls, Tara and Alison to take over most of the work. Tara was the youngest of the girls, a quiet, petit student of only 21. Alison was older at 33 and more outgoing, but they got on well, enjoying working together.

Alison would enjoy another first today. Her first threesome with 2 men. She had racked up quite a number of conquests over the years but never had she had 2 at once. She was more than happy to try this.

The lads were Sian’s regulars, the 2 geeky looking lads that she had seen 3 times now. They wanted to see Sian when they came in but were more than happy to try someone new.

“Rose tells me that you boys are regulars?” Alison asked them as she went in to start. “I hope I can be as good as Sian.”

“I’m sure you will be.” One of the lads replied.

“Will you do Double Penetration?” The other asked.

“I’ll see how it goes.” Alison replied. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Is Anal ok though?” The first lad asked. He was the arse worshipper, it was a bit of an obsession to him.

“That’s fine.” Alison replied. She didn’t have much Anal experience, most of her sexual experience had been straight forward, no nonsense fucking. She had only really had one long term lover in her life, he had introduced her to the delights of Anal sex, but it had been a rare treat rather than a matter of course. Alison realised though that this was a must in her work, she would lose to many clients otherwise.

Alison took their cash back to Rose and let the lads get ready. She made sure that she had her essentials, lubricant and condoms, then went for it. She knew she had to make this good, they had paid her £200 for this.

The lads were undressed and ready when she came back in. Alison wasted no time in kneeling in front of them to suck their cocks. She knew what they wanted, the full porn star experience, and she was going to give them it. She gave them each about 10 strokes before she swapped back to the other, keeping on wanking them while she sucked the other.

Alison was really getting into this now. Although they were paying to use her body, she felt like she had control over them. She could do what she wanted, make them come whenever she wanted. It felt good.

They soon moved onto the bed, Alison removing her knickers and bra before she laid down and opened her legs. One of the lads wasted no time getting down to taste her rapidly moistening slit. She tasted divine, he buried his head and lapped up as much of her juice as possible. Alison was finding it hard to concentrate on sucking the other man, and within a couple of minutes was coming. She gasped as the man clamped his lips over her clitoris, shaking and bucking her hips as a powerful orgasm washed over her.

The man licking her then started to nudge a cock inside her. Alison knew she should check that he had a condom on, but felt too weak to even ask him. She had continued to suck the other man, and was now beginning to taste the salty pre-come that was starting to flow. He was close now.

After a few more seconds, he pulled his cock out of Alison’s mouth and began to shoot his load. He semen was raining down on her face, some landing in her mouth, some going in her hair.

She was a complete mess but had no time to compose herself as the other man was fucking her hard now. He seemed to be spurred on by the sight of his mate coming all over her and also pulled out, ripping off the condom and shooting bolt after bolt of his come over her tits, stomach and pussy.

Alison just laid back, she was out of breath and covered on spunk, what a sight she thought!

“Do you mind if I take a picture of you?” One of the lads asked her.

She would have usually said no, but she liked these lads, she had the feeling that they wouldn’t show them around. Anyway, why care even if they did? It might mean more business!

“Go on then!” She replied.

The lad pulled an iPhone out of the pocket of his jeans and snapped off a load of pictures. Alison held her messy slit open for him, showing her moist pink hole, now gooey with white come. He got a few close ups of her face and was done.

The boys sat back and relaxed while Alison cleaned herself up. She took a few moments to wipe up the huge amount of semen they had deposited on her.

“Do you do rimming?” One of the boys asked when she joined them on the bed. This was a little kink that Sian had introduced them to.

“What me rim you?” Alison asked.

“If you don’t mind.” He continued. “Sian really got me into it.”

“I don’t think so.” Alison told him. She didn’t really want to turn him down as she really liked both of them, this was a but much for her though.

“Look I don’t mind either of you doing it to me.” She said said straight after. “I’ve just never done it before, and I can’t say it appeals.”

Both lads nodded, not looking to bothered that Alison wasn’t prepared to do this for them. She began to work their soft cocks back to life, kneeling between them and giving them head alternately.

Alison then knelt up on all fours, getting ready to suck the lad on the rights cock.

“So do you want to lick my arsehole then?” She asked the other.

He was up in a shot, she didn’t need to ask him twice. He started by dipping a finger in her wet pussy, then rubbing it gently around her anus. He then started to lick, flicking his tongue lightly over her bumhole at first, then starting to circle it. She had never tried this before, always thinking that she wouldn’t enjoy it. The man knew what he was doing though and was now starting to enter her tight ring with his tongue.

The man then introduced a finger into her bumhole, taking it easy at first, before easing another finger into her. Alison knew what was coming, his fingers were soon replaced by his sheathed cock. There was a brief shooting pain as he first entered her, although this soon subsided. He started to fuck her slowly now, pushing his cock all the way in, then withdrawing all the way so only the tip was still inside her.

Alison had almost forgotten the cock in front of her. Once she was settled with a cock in her arse, she started to work on the 8″ cock in her mouth. She was soon sucking him again with long, lusty strokes, taking almost his entire length into her mouth.

The lads then changed places, his friend now probing Alison’s arsehole with his tongue. This again was just a prelude for the cock about to be thrust into her. Alison was loving the feeling of the 8″ inside her. His cock wasn’t as thick as the other but the length made it feel delightful.

“Can we try the DP then?” One of the boys asked her.

“Yeah, no problem.” She answered. “Just take it easy on me, I really haven’t ever done this before.

Alison rolled a fresh condom onto the cock she was sucking and got astride him. The man then held her bum cheeks apart, allowing her friend to enter her again. Alison screaming at first, it was quite a shock, feeling so amazingly full.

The boys started to fuck her slowly, one thrusting as the other pulled back. They were now quite well practised in this art after their sessions with Sian. The man in her arse was the first to come again, thrusting deep into her and releasing his load into the condom. The other lad was taking a bit longer, so Alison offered him her arse again, knowing this would tip him over the edge. It only took him another minute once he swapped holes, shooting another load inside her.

The hour was over. It had flown by in the end, although the prolonged anal session had left Alison feeling a little sore down there. She had still enjoyed the experience though, the job was certainly not boring.

Tara had been picking up a steady stream of full personal services while Alison was busy. It had taken her a while to settle in at the house, she hadn’t really opened up much for the first few weeks she was there. Beth though, had managed to get her to open up a bit more on a really quiet day.

She confessed the Beth that she was really hating herself for selling her body, and it was really starting to get to her. She had also confessed that he hadn’t told her boyfriend about her job too and was petrified about being found out.

Beth had told her that she needed to separate her feelings from the job. The only way to carry on was to put all of the thoughts about her boyfriend to the back of her mind. If not, this wasn’t the job for her. Tara had been thinking about these words for the past week, deciding to give it one more weekend or to get out.

The few customers she had seem that morning had been ok, one of them though had really helped her. He was about 40 and was a real gentleman too. The sex they’d had was superb too, he had spent ages going down on her, making her come twice before she did the same for him. This was the first experience she had enjoyed in the house.

Later that day, she had another memorable client. A man in his mid thirties came in and immediately picked Tara, asking for the full service, with absolutely everything included. He paid £200 as he was also wanting watersports. Tara had always balked at this before, but after what Beth had said, she decided that she was going to go for everything. It helped that he was extremely good looking with a fantastic looking body. She really fancied this one.

When Tara went back into the room, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The man’s cock was absolutely huge, by far the largest she had ever seen. His body was a fantastic specimen, not overly muscled, just fantastically fit. Tara’s only worry was now whether she could take his huge length. Still, she was going to enjoy trying.

They settled together on the bed and began kissing, Tara stroking his huge member, feeling him grow in her hand. She couldn’t resist breaking off for a moment and taking a look at it. He was somewhere around 10″ she thought, not massively thick, but huge nonetheless.

Tara was desperate to taste him now, so she knelt between his legs and started to lick his shaft. She was adoring the earthy taste, taking in every inch as she teased him. Tara maintained eye contact with him at all times, she was now taking the tip into her mouth. For the next few minutes, she alternated between taking him in her mouth and licking his balls. The man was loving this, so Tara traced her tongue down his perineum, teasing him closer and closer to his arsehole.

“Pull you legs back.” She told him. “I’ve got a little treat for you.”

He smiled and did as he was told, allowing Tara access to his anus. She flicked her tongue across his hole a few times, before finally starting to settle into eating his hole. She also managed to continue wanking him slowly as she rimmed him, he was getting close to coming now, Tara could tell.

She then went back to his cock, clamping her mouth around his piece, wanking him hard. It took no more than a few more seconds before Tara felt a warm gush hit the back of her throat. She took on another half a dozen huge spurts before he subsided, choosing to swallow rather than spit as usual, she literally sucked him dry.

The man then took no time changing places with Tara, laying her down and spreading her legs. She was already soaking after what had happened so far, the man just dived in, giving her wet slit a real tongue lashing. He buried his head, firstly working on her outer lips, before heading deeper into her hole, then concentrating on her clitoris.

Tara came easily, he knew what he was doing, she shook with the intensity of her orgasm. The man then pushed her legs back and returned the compliment by rimming her. He seemed to love her arsehole, pushing his tongue in, working her up into a frenzy, as she came for a second time.

“I want you to piss over me.” Tara then told him, totally out of the blue.

“You sure you don’t mind?” The man replied, taken aback by how forward she was.

“Course I don’t mind.” Tara told him. “You’ve paid for it after all.”

She led him to the bathroom, and joined him in the bath, kneeling in front of him. He aimed at her tits at first, letting his golden stream out over her ample chest. It was soon a massive flow, as if he hadn’t been for a week. Tara was loving every second of this, and would have let him do just about anything he wanted by now.

Tara then returned the favour for him, pissing all over his chest and cock as he laid in the bath. The man had a huge smile on his face as she squat over him, keeping eye contact all the time.

The man was rock hard again now, they took a shower together, kissing and touching almost like a real couple would. This was the closest thing to real, normal sex Tara had experienced in the house. Once they had dried off, they made their way back to the bed and carried on. Tara sucked his cock again, she just couldn’t leave it alone. She took more and more into her mouth until she had managed all but a couple inches.

“Can I Fuck you in the arse?” The man asked.

“Yeah, course you can.” Tara told him. “Please take it slow though, I’ve never had anything like that up there before! And you don’t have to use a condom if you don’t want to.”

“Seriously?” He asked her. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“No. It’s fine.” Tara said. “Just don’t tell my boss, I’ll get sacked. It’s strictly against the rules.”

Tara laid back and spread her legs for him, he entered her without any resistance, inch by inch until he was fully inside her. He fucked Tara hard, making her scream with pleasure, slipping in and out of her slick pussy with ease. She had to stop him after a few minutes as he only had a a few minutes left.

Tara got on all fours and lubricated her arsehole, handing the tub to the man to apply some to his cock. He again licked her tight hole and inserted a couple of fingers to get her used to it. She cried out in pain as he edged the tip of his cock into her anus, it felt absolutely massive. He slowly pushed until about half of his length was inside her, then started to slowly fuck her, pushing his cock a little further in each time. It didn’t take long before he was buried up to the hilt in her arse, fucking her a bit harder. Tara was screaming still, more with pleasure than pain now.

The man then made a loud, long groan and held her by the hips. She felt the warm gush of his come spurting out into her arsehole, it felt wonderful, just the sort of sex she had needed for so long. She did have one sobering moment of guilt as the man withdrew, feeling the trickle of his semen starting to leak from her bum. She knew she shouldn’t have had unprotected sex, but she couldn’t do anything about that now.

Later that day, Tara made up her mind that she was going to tell her boyfriend about what she was doing. She needed to unburdon herself, feel free to enjoy this work, either with or without him. One way or another, this would be the new start she needed.

A husband wants to know where all the white women in his conservative suburban town really go at night (NOT knitting circles and gin rummy!)


Rick’s wife Dina goes out nights and doesn’t come back until late – looking disheveled. She says she’s going to crochet and knitting circles or Tupperware parties or girl movie night or scrapbooking or Oprah book club night. But she always comes back so late and always seems so beat and exhausted, never even saying a word to him, just collapsing asleep. And she often stinks really bad, not taking a shower until the morning after sleeping in a while.

One night he follows her to see what’s really going on. She drives through the bad area of town and parks on the street. She walks down a block and down an alley. He doesn’t want to be seen, so he stays back and watches from a distance with his binoculars. As he waits he sees lots of other women from his neighborhood – his kids’ teacher, Miss Applebottom, their Church organist, the librarian, the cheerleading squad, his wife’s sister, their babysitter, etc., etc. He thinks maybe she’s telling the truth, after all, it is all women, but why drive so far out of the way to such a risky place?

He falls asleep in the car and is woken up in the morning by a basketball bouncing off his windshield. He’s harassed by a bunch of black guys and drives off. Looking down the alley, he sees nothing down there at all.

One day he accidentally finds rumpled up, stained slutty clothes stuffed in her bag she brings with her, instead of yarn and needles. He confronts her and asks what’s really going on.

She gives in and says, okay, she’ll tell him the truth. But she can’t describe it to him, she has to show it to him for him to understand. He says “let’s go”. She says it’s only open at night and there’s one other catch – only women are allowed in. But, she says, he’s always been a slim, kind of feminine guy, just an inch or two shorter than her and clean-shaven. She says they could take the day to go out and buy him some clothes and he could pass as a woman.

They spend the day shopping for clothes, she makes him try on really slutty stuff, g-strings and crotchless panties, picks out a wig for him, does him in really tacky make-up, pumps, a push-up bra, etc.

That night they head out. She takes him down the back alley, but they don’t go into any of the buildings. Then they turn the corner and he’s shocked at what he sees. Tons of anonymous black guys lined up in the alley doing all sorts of horrendous things to all the white women from his neighborhood that he saw before.

One woman recognizes Rick’s wife and walks over. To Rick’s horror, he recognizes her as Peggy, his boss from the bank he works at! He wants to run and hide, certain he’ll be recognized, but his wife holds him there. Peggy walks over, kisses Dina and asks who the new girl is that’s with her, sizing Rick up lewdly. Dina lies and says Rick (or, as she calls him, “Rachel”) is her friend from out of town and that it’s her first time. Peggy smiles and says he’s a lucky girl and calls Luke over, the ringmaster.

Dina explains to Rick that this is what the ladies call “Mandingo Row” – the black guys call it “Nigga Alley”. White women come here to be used and abused in anonymous, dirty, back alley sex. Luke comes over and Dina tells him that this is her “cousin” visiting from out of town and that “she likes it rough”. She pushes Rick to his knees and makes him suck Luke’s cock until he cums down his throat.

When Sian arrived for work on a warm Saturday afternoon, she was surprised to see Tara there. She was working with Beth today, Tara didn’t often work on Saturday. She soon explained though that she had decided to leave. She had found a new man and wanted to concentrate on him rather than working in the house.

Sian was disappointed to see her leave but could understand why she felt she had to go. Tara had been heartbroken when her previous bloke had left her and wasn’t going to risk it happening again.

Tara said her goodbye’s and left, leaving them back to just 3 girls working. Sian felt a bit sad that she had gone, it had taken her a while to get to know Tara, but they had gone on to be good friends.

The next job would now have be finding a new girl. Sian wasn’t prepared to go back to working flat out like they used to. Now Ross was also earning from running the house, she had enjoyed working almost part time.

They put an advert in some local papers, and also on their new Internet site, hoping to find someone sooner rather than later.

Sian checked the website the next day and already had a reply. It was from a girl called Kirsty. She explained that she had moved to the North East from Brighton 6 months ago and hadn’t had any luck finding work.

She was a pretty, slim girl with a lovely pair of tits and long dark hair. She was about 30 and although she had no experience as a working girl, Sian had no doubt she would be a hit.

Kirsty agreed to take the job on was plunged in head first to cover or Tara the next day. She was quite glad really as she didn’t have time to get stressed about it.

On the Monday, Kirsty was working with Sian. The morning was quiet as usual with only a couple of Sian’s regulars coming in. About 2 hours into her first shift, Kirsty finally had her first client. He was about mid 40′s, average looks, build, everything. He picked Kirsty and paid for Oral without a condom, this simple job suited her for her first time.

The man was sitting naked at the end of the bed, ready to go. He didn’t seem to want to hang around.

“Keep your underwear on.” He told her. “I like you in that.”

Kirsty did as he asked, joining him on the bed, starting to stroke his cock and kiss him. The man pulled away from her kiss, he seemed to want no other contact with her apart from with his cock. Kirsty didn’t like the feeling but knew this came with the territory. She made up her mind to get this finished as soon as she could.

Kirsty took his stiffening cock in her hand and began to wank him. This finally started to relax him, he now laid back and let Kirsty pleasure him. She took the head of his now rock hard cock in her mouth, alternating between soft, teasing motion on his tip, then swallowing his length right down to his pubic bone. Kirsty had always been proud of her ability to deep throat a man, he was loving it.

Within a minute of this attention the man let out a relieved grunt and released his hot load into Kirsty’s mouth. She swallowed every drop, even though she knew he hadn’t paid any extra to do this. Her first job was done, it hadn’t been bad at all, a little cold maybe, but ok.

The rest of the day passed quickly for Kirsty. She saw about 6 more clients, mainly just wanting the basic personal service, so it hadn’t been a bad day for her. She earned £100 too which would also help.

On her next shift, Kirsty would get to meet a couple of the house’s more perverted clients. Her first customer of the day was a regular man in his late 30′s. He was delighted to see they had a new girl in, and booked her for the whole hour. He wanted an anything goes service & paid the £150 requested.

For the first few minutes, Kirsty massaged the naked man, just making small talk while she did. When she turned him over, he already had an erection, his 7″ cock looking like it was in need of her attention. Kirsty got in place, between his legs and started to suck him. She gave him her best, keeping eye contact with him as she sucked and licked his cock and balls.

“Will you rim me?” The man asked her.

“No problem.” Kirsty replied. “I’ve never done that before though so you’ll have to tell me if I’m no good.”

Kirsty licked around his balls, and down his perineum as he lifted his legs up. She then started to swirl her tongue around the outside of his hole, making him groan as she did. If Kirsty had been worrying about how it would taste, she wasn’t now. The man was very clean, she was enjoying this.

Kirsty began to probe more deeply now, gently penetrating his hole with her tongue. She could see his cock twitching as she tongued him, so started to wank him. As Kirsty delved deeper into his arse with her tongue, his breathing became heavier. After a short while, the man shouted out and came, firing bolt after bolt of hot come over his own chest and stomach. Kirsty then moved back to his tip, sucking the last of his come and swallowing it.

“I hope that was ok?!” Kirsty joked with him.

The man just smiled as he caught his breath.

For the next 5 minutes the pair chatted, small talk again, passing the time until he was ready to go again. It turned out that he came here every other week, liking to alternate between the girls for variety. He was a really nice bloke, and quite good looking, Kirsty was enjoying this.

The pair then began to kiss and touch each other again, she could feel his cock coming slowly back to life.

“Would you like to go down on me?” Kirsty asked him.

“I’d love to.” He replied. “Can I lick your arsehole too?”

“Course you can darling.” She reassured him. “You can do what you want with it.”

If the man wasn’t fully erect before, he was now. The promise of anal sex had him ready to go again.

Kirsty laid down on her back, spreading her legs wide for him. The man wasted no time getting down to eating her wet pussy. He knew what he was doing, making Kirsty moan gently as he licked her. She then turned over, arching her back slightly to allow him access to her arsehole.

The man kissed her bum cheeks, squeezing them as he did. He teased her with his tongue now, flicking it up and down her crack, without ever touching her hole. When he finally did, he went back to rubbing her pussy while he probed her arse. Kirsty was now hanging onto the bed, screaming, knowing she was going to come soon. The man continued to probe her arse with his tongue, and sensing the moment she was about to come, he buried his face in her bum, pushing his tongue in as far as her could while she writhed and came.

Kirsty had to ask him to stop for a moment now, she was too sensitive to carry on for a moment. While she calmed down, she put a condom on for the man, applying a generous amount of lubricant to his cock, then her arsehole.

She laid down on her front again, presenting her arse to him. Kirsty felt the familiar twinge of pain as the tip of his cock entered her tight hole. She soon got used to the feeling of his cock, he wasn’t too big, and gave her a nice feeling of fullness.

The man gradually built up speed, fucking her slowly at first but getting harder and faster as he did. Kirsty started to play with her clit as the man was now slamming his cock into her. She screamed when she came, feeling her anus contract around his cock, he still didn’t come.

“You’ll have to stop now.” Kirsty told him after about 10 minutes. She was starting to get sore down there now.

“Why don’t you wank off over my face?” She continued.

“I’d love to.” The man replied with a filthy grin. “Can I piss on you after that? And would you do the same to me?”

“Course I will.” Kirsty replied. She had long had a bit of a thing for watersports, having been introduced to this by a dirty older lover she’d once had.

“It’ll cost you another £50 though.” She added, remembering this was work, not pleasure.

The man reached into his wallet and pulled out the cash, handing the 5 folded notes to Kirsty. She lead them to the bathroom and knelt in the bath with the man standing over her.

“Come on then, give me your spunk.” She said to him. “Cover my face in it, I love it.”

The man was speeding up now as he wanked, Kirsty was playing with herself again, and was really getting carried away now.

“Wank that big cock harder.” Kirsty told him. “I need to see you come, feel it all over my face. I’m a dirty whore, I love it.”

The man was now approaching orgasm, her dirty talk was doing the trick. Just as he was about to come, Kirsty lubricated her middle finger, reached between his legs, and inserted it into his arse. The man gave a great shocked yelp and promptly came. Given that it was his 2nd orgasm within an hour, he came a massive amount. Kirsty kept her finger in his bum, pressing on his prostate as his semen poured out over her face and down her chest. She was covered by the time he’d finished.

“Jesus.” He exclaimed. “That was fucking amazing. No-one has ever done that to me before.”

“Men love it.” Kirsty told him. “I’ve met a few that hated the thought, but loved it when I actually did it!”

“I’d certainly try it again!” He said.

“I think I need cleaned off now.” Kirsty said to him with a dirty grin on her face. “Time for my shower!”

The man waited for a few seconds then felt his warm flow start to trickle out. He aimed it at her tits at first, before testing the water and moving up to her face. Kirsty didn’t flinch and just kept on masturbating. She kept her mouth and eyes shut, letting his warm stream cover her face and hair. She finally came as he finished, having washed her clean.

“That was fantastic too!” The man said. “I’ve only ever done it once before, I love it.”

“Do you want me to return the favour?” Kirsty asked him.

“Yes please.” He said. “That’s something I’ve never done.”

Kirsty helped him to lie in the bath and squatted over him. She held her pussy open so he could see her intimate parts as she let her stream of pee come. It washed over his chest, down his stomach and over his cock. He looked like he was in heaven.

They took a proper shower after, then Kirsty showed the man out. That had been a fantastic experience, one she would happily repeat time after time. She was loving the work at the house. The money was great, but she would also have to admit that the sex was fantastic too. It was perfect.

For the next couple of weeks, Kirsty worked 5 days a week on average. As Sian cut the amount of hours she worked, Kirsty was happy to increase hers. She was happy seeing a wide range of different men, doing lots of different things. A few of the men had little fetishes, like having her dressed up, light bondage and waterspouts. She had also seen the man she’d had her first great session with a couple of times, he had become her first regular.

Pete, as it turned out he was called, was a really nice bloke she thought. He always wanted to try really dirty stuff with her, but was always respectful to her. Kirsty was really getting to like him.

“Can I take you out for a drink?” Pete blurted out as they were getting dressed after their latest session. “I know you’ve probably got rules against seeing clients, or just don’t want to as I’m a sad case who pays for sex.”

“No. I’d like to.” Kirsty replied, sensing that he was nervous and waffling on. “Take my phone number, I’m not working this weekend if you want to give me a ring.”

Pete left with her phone number and a spring in his step, Kirsty too had a smile on her face. She hadn’t had a regular man for a couple of years now. She knew it might not come to anything, due to her line of work, but at least she wouldn’t have to have that awkward conversation explaining to him what she did for a living.

Pete did phone her on Friday night and arranged to meet her for a drink. They spent a nice evening chatting and drinking, before going back to his place for the night. It turned out that Pete was divorced and wasn’t really ready to settle down, but he was keen to keep on seeing her.

“Do you want to meet again next weekend?” Pete asked her as she got ready to leave for work on the Sunday morning.

“Yeah, I’d love to.” Kirsty agreed.

“I don’t know if you’d like to try anything like this, but I’d love to go dogging with you.” He asked.

Kirsty thought for a few seconds. She had once been with a few men in a local park when she lived in Brighton, so it wasn’t something she had no experience of.

“Ok.” She replied. “Why not.

“Great.” Said Pete. “I’ve always fancied trying these things but never found anyone who would try it.”

Kirsty thought about it on her way to work. She knew that while he clearly liked her, he was just looking for someone to live out loads of his fantasies. She knew it probably wouldn’t last with him once he’d tried everything out, but why not enjoy it while she could, the company and sex would be nice now she was so far from home.

“I’ve found us a meet on Friday night if you can make it?” Said an excited Pete.

“Yeah, I can do that.” Kirsty said. “I’m off on Friday. What have you got in mind.”

“Well, it’s not a traditional dogging meet.” He continued. “Let’s leave it a surprise shall we? I promise you’ll like it!”

“Ah, you can’t tell me that!” Kirsty joked with him. “You can’t leave me hanging!”

“I’ll pick you up at 9pm Friday.” He said, hanging up before she could argue further.

Kirsty was excited. She had enjoyed those sessions she’d had in the park and was loving the though of trying something like that again.

The week dragged. Kirsty’s shifts seemed to last forever, and were pretty dull and straightforward compared to Pete. By the time Friday came, she was almost wet with anticipation just thinking about it.

Pete arrived a minute after 9. Once Kirsty was in the car, he gave her a loving kiss, then handed her a blindfold.

“Put this on.” He told her. “I don’t want you to see your surprise.”

Kirsty did as she was told, her hands trembling with nerves & excitement as she put it on. She had no idea how long they drove for, it seemed like miles. Pete kept chatting to her so she didn’t get nervous, Kirsty was just dying to find out what was in store.

Pete then stopped the car.

“I’ll be back in just a minute.” He told her as he got out, leaving the music on just loud enough to stop her hearing what he was saying.

Kirsty felt a twinge of fear at this stage. It dawned on her now what a vulnerable position she was in. Still, she trusted Pete, even though she hadn’t known him long.

“Right, we’re all set.” He said, leading her by the hand from the car. “Don’t worry, I won’t let any harm come to you.” He whispered reassuringly in her ear as they walked.

They went in through a door, Kirsty could sense it was lighter, she call also smell the strong smell of bleach. It smelt like a public toilet.

Pete opened a door and led her into a small cubicle and locked the door, then took her blindfold off. She was in a toilet cubicle, a larger one that looked like it was once a disabled toilet. She said nothing as she looked round, her eye then catching a strategically placed hole in the wall. She caught on, it was a gloryhole, that was the surprise!

“Look we can go if you don’t like this.” Pete said to her. “But after you told me about the things you used to do in the park, I thought you might like this!”

“I love it!” She replied. “I’ve seen this on videos before, course I’ll have a go.”

Pete gave a loud whistle, this was clearly the sign for the men to come in. Kirsty had no idea how many he had arranged, the excitement was killing her. She heard the door next to them go, and the shuffling of clothes, followed by the sight of a semi erect cock sticking through the hole.

Kirsty dropped to her knees and took the piece into her mouth. It felt so dirty, sucking a cock having never even seen the man’s face. Even she had never tried this before. He was soon fully hard, pushing as far through the hole as he could, allowing her to take more of his length.

Then without warning he came. Kirsty took the first couple of jets in her mouth before letting the rest go over her face and clothes. The cock quickly dissapeared, the door banging as he left. Kirsty looked up at Pete, who had a huge smile on his face and a video camera in his hand.

“Hope you don’t mind!” Pete said with a smile. “I couldn’t resist!”

“You’re a bad lad!” Kirsty replied, blowing him a kiss.

When she turned around, another cock was now sticking through the hole. This one was fairly small, but she gave it the same attention nonetheless. He didn’t take long either, coming after no more than a minute. Kirsty again took most of his load over her face, some now went in her hair and again over her clothes.

This went on for a good half an hour, a relentless flow of cocks being presented for her to use. She had lost count by now exactly how many she had done, it must have been into double figures now though. Not having cleaned up, Kirsty was looking a complete mess now. Her face, hair and clothes were saturated with semen by now.

Kirsty got up for a moment to stretch her legs, but there was another cock thrust through the hole. This one was a huge black member, possibly about 10″ long. She sunk to her knees again and started to pleasure this massive piece. This man lasted longer, but she continued to work on him for a good 5 minutes until he too came on her face.

The toilet finally went quiet, allowing Pete and Kirsty some time on their own. He lifted up Kirsty’s stained dress and pulled down her soaking knickers, bending her over the toilet. He started to lick at her soaking slit, she tasted divine, driven on by the lust of what they had done, Pete had her coming in no time. Kirsty’s legs buckled as she came, screaming aloud.

“Come on, we should get out of here.” Pete said to her. “Police sometimes do the rounds of these places.”

“But you haven’t come yet!” Kirsty said to him.

“That can wait.” Pete said to her. “We’ve got the whole night ahead of us yet……….”

My apologies for taking so long in getting Part III published. There have been severe storms in the Chicago area and my area has been hit twice this summer. I purchased a generator and went 5 days running my house on petrol—egad was that expensive; but the wine was chilled. I then went an additional 4 days without the internet! Somehow, I survived!

If you read Parts I & II, jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally’s series, the following summaries should provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today’s sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally’s—a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim—a close friend of Olivia’s, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia’s after her shift at Sally’s. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the ‘Flogging’ room– where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived…


The end of Part II…

Kim’s legs were long and they blended perfectly into her tear dropped ass. She was probably ten years younger than Olivia and hadn’t gone through the birthing process. There was a good reason for this; a thickening cock adorned her body much the same as mine, but infinitely more erotic.

Olivia glanced at me for my reaction. My cock said it all. Olivia whispered in my ear, “It’s why I asked about sucking cock and being fucked in the ass. Kim is so hot; I knew you’d like her but I had to make sure.”

We all met in the middle of the foyer, exchanging very lusty and sloppy kisses while our hands touched, fondled, squeezed, and pinched whatever they came in contact with. I made sure Kim knew I loved her cock. She showed me how much she loved mine by falling to her knees and moving into a wanton blow job. I could have cum right on the spot, but Olivia broke things up by saying “Where’s mine?”

Kim shifted from my cock to Olivia’s protruding clit and began licking and sucking it. Olivia steadied herself on my arm. She wore a glazed, almost crying look of pleasure. Kim was an expert and knew exactly how to get Olivia off. I was taking mental notes.

Olivia fell into my arms placing her hands in Kim’s long blonde hair. With one loud, quaking moan, Olivia came. I held her for a few moments and she quickly recovered. She then pulled Kim to her feet and began to lick her own juices from her face. Olivia gave me a side glance and I knew what was expected.

Falling to my knees, I took Kim’s seven inch cock into my mouth and attacked it as eagerly as she had mine. I had been with a trans-sexual before but never in such a setting. Those trysts were in some shady motel or back alley which always made me feel cheap. Tonight, sucking Kim’s cock was as natural as licking Olivia’s pussy.

Olivia broke things up saying we hadn’t completed the tour yet. She told Kim we visited the flogging room and I had performed brilliantly as slave Bradley. Kim had a look jealous of envy. Olivia gave Kim the choice of the next room to visit.

Kim didn’t hesitate and selected the ‘Room for Fluids.’

…to be continued…


Sally’s Part III

Olivia broke into a knowing, lusty chuckle and told Kim, “We’re saving that room for Saturday.”

Considering it was still Wednesday evening, what pleasures lay ahead?

We were just a few hours into being kinky lovers, and our kinks were meshing perfectly. However it did seem surreal: Olivia, the office manager; Olivia, the watch dog; Olivia, the prim and proper; Olivia, the rumored lesbian; Olivia, the seductive and erotic—taking me as hers. And me, Brad, a.k.a. panty boy; desirous of kink; wanting and willing to give myself to her; it was all very heady and moving fast.

Olivia continued, “We’ll still have wet fun, pissing is part of my orgasm; but the ‘Fluid Room’ is special and meant for parties.” Moving behind me, Olivia wrapped her arms around me and began caressing my naked torso while looking at Kim over my shoulder. Her breath was warm in my ear as she spoke, “I’ll show Bradley the room along with the rest of the house tomorrow; but at this point I think we all have a deeper need.” Olivia’s hand circled the base of my cock and shook it in Kim’s direction; emphasizing the word ‘need’.

Kim licked her lips, letting her gaze drop to my thick shaft and then slowly lifting her eyes to mine. “Well then,” Kim’s voice was low as she stepped closer to me, never breaking eye contact. “Then may I suggest the ‘Room of Boudoirs’? With the full moon and the cool night breeze we’ll be bathed in sexual luxury.” Kim’s long nails were tracing circles around my nipples with each word.

Olivia cooed in agreement, pressing her mound into my ass with a slow grind. Kim moved forward allowing her hard cock to brush against mine. Olivia took both in her hand and squeezed. Precum oozed from them and Olivia used it to lube the heads triggering reactions in both of us.

Kim moaned and pinched my hard nipples firmly with her painted finger nails. My knees buckle from the pain and pleasure. The three of us pressed together; cocks flat and rubbing against our smooth abdomens; and a wet, silky mound grinding into me. Olivia’s thick clit was pressed between my cheeks.

“I can’t wait to share Kim’s cum with you.” Olivia tongue was fucking my ear as she spoke. Kim’s mouth attacked mine and I began to suck her cock-like tongue wishing it to be the real thing. Six hands hungrily explored, groping whatever flesh they found. I would have dropped to the floor on that very spot if Olivia hadn’t given the word, “Let’s get to the room before I explode.”

We moved quickly to the staircase; each in a hurry, yet still fondling as we went. The room was at the top of the stair case. Olivia threw open the large double doors exposing the enormous expanse within.

Moonlight was streaming in through the floor to ceiling French doors making up the entire far wall. Long silks adorned each door. Kim didn’t hesitate to open each and the cool night air rushed in. The silks lifted and an erotic dance. The air bathed our bodies in sensual pleasure. .

Olivia was at the room’s control panel. Soft music began to fill the room and lights slowly illuminated a half dozen large circular beds strategically placed around the room. Each was the same, and no two beds were more than a step or two from the other. Black, sheer, silks hung from the ceiling forming a harem like perimeter around them.

Red satin sheets covered the plush mattresses. In the center was a mound of pillows covered in the same material. These may have been beds, but this room was not meant for sleep. It had but one purpose: sensual, erotic sex.

The remainder of the room was dark. The thick, dark pile of the carpet was warm and sensual to ones feet. Although you could see the walls and the ceiling, the design of the room dud not distract from the its intent.

Kim turned from the doors and sauntered to the center bed, her cock swaying before her. Parting the silks, she crawled towards us with a beckoning motion. Olivia led me to Kim who was now at the edge of the bed gently stroking her cock and opening and closing her mouth in a most inviting and familiar manner.

Before Kim could touch my cock, Olivia dropped to her knees and engulfed it. I moaned as she gave it three or four deep stroking sucks before letting it pop out. Without missing a beat, she guided it directly into Kim’s open mouth. Kim began where Olivia left off sending waves of desire up and down my body.

Rising to her feet, Olivia gave me a deep kiss before crawling onto the center of the bed. She elevated her ass, swaying it in wanton lust. Our eyes met as her fingers went to work on her protruding clit. Her juices ran thick and her aroma was intoxicating.

“Suck his cock. Get it very wet. Lube it well so it glides right into my asshole.” Olivia was now rubbing pussy juice onto her ass bud and slipping fingers in and out of the passage. Her eyes fixed on Kim’s mouth as she prepared her ass for what Kim was worshiping. Our random moans mixed with the sounds and soft night air. The atmosphere was intense. .

“Brad, I need you. I need your tongue in my ass. Finish getting me ready.” Olivia’s hands spread her cheeks wide offering me her slightly dilated hole.

Kim stopped her sucking and pulled me onto the bed. Crawling between Olivia’s parted ass my mouth covered her brown bud and instinctively sucked and licked it. My tongue circled and flicked around her hole. Olivia’s ass responded; pushing back into my face demanding my tongue to penetrate her.

Lost with need, I consumed her anus and pushed my tongue into her hole. Olivia’s bud opened further, allowing me to enter as deep as possible. It then clamped shut around my tongue capturing it in her passage. The musky taste drove me wild. We repeated these lusty actions over and over.

Hearing Kim moan, I gazed up to see her cock being greedily sucked by Olivia. Every one was frenzied. Our moans and cries intensified. We were over the edge.

Olivia moved onto her back, wrapping her legs around me in the process. She positioned her ass for penetration with the head of my cock at her entrance. I slowly pushed in my shaft. Olivia gasped, moaned and a lusty “Yessssss” poured from deep within her soul. Kim’s cock went back into Olivia’s mouth to be sucked while it fucked it.

Olivia’s ass loosened; taking me completely into her passage. The pleasure was overwhelming. The warmth of her ass drove me wild as we started a rhythmic fuck. Reaching up, Olivia pulled my head to hers. She wanted me to suck Kim with her.

Our tongues intertwined around Kim’s head and shaft. Olivia fondled her balls with one hand as the other went to her swollen clit. The tempo of our fucking, Olivia’s masturbating, and Kim’s thrusts were in synch and getting faster and faster. We were moments away from ecstasy.

Kim started shaking. She slapped at her tits and pulled her nipples. “Fuck yes, Fuck yes. I am going to shoot my load. Fill her asshole. Fuck her.” Kim was out of control/

Olivia moved her ass wildly making my cock dance inside her. My thrusts became animalistic. It felt like I was driving her through the bed. Our mouths greedily shared Kim’s cock head. We both wanted the first spurt of her white nectar.

Going stiff, Kim arched and unloaded. She was crying, screaming and yelling random words.


The first stream was Olivia’s but it didn’t matter. Kim’s hot cum filled both our mouths, splattering on our face and lips. It was too much for both of us—too much cum and too much lust. Olivia came in a torrent of piss and cum. Her juices splashed across my abdomen spraying all of us with her mixutre.

My balls erupted and streams of my cum filled her. Olivia’s colon spasmed. I could feel cum covering my cock as we continued to fuck. Our mouths were still entwined around Kim’s thick shaft. We kissed, pushing her cum to each other. Kim collected the cum from our face with the head of her cock and then feed it to us; moving it from one mouth to other.

Reaching between us, Olivia removed my cock from her ass and shoved it directly into her pussy. This shot more piss and nectar out of her, producing a small quaking orgasm.

Kim slid down next to us and joined our cum swapping entanglement. Olivia and I began a slow fuck; the squishing sounds of our union were hypnotic. The three of us licked and consumed all of Kim’s cum. Her taste was sweet and we sensuously savored every drop.

Eventually we slowed, collapsing into a heap, each rolling away from the other but staying close. No one spoke for a few minutes as we recovered from out lust. I came to life first sluggishly propping myself up on my side next to Olivia.

Our eyes met. There was tenderness in our gaze. We smiled and kissed one another as lovers. A bond was forming and we both knew it.

When Kim recovered, she propped herself up on the other side of Olivia. In a natural motion we pulled Kim to us including her as our lover. Kim and Olivia were glowing. I felt a comfort impossible to describe.

A light conversation started and Olivia told me she had been waiting a very long time for this night for. I told her I was blown away because I had no idea. Kim said she and Olivia worked this whole evening out over the past few months. Laughing she said, “I can’t tell you how many times we came pretending you were here.”

As we chatted my hands began to caress Olivia’s body. My gentle touches were having an affect on Olivia and Kim joined in. Her nipples tightened and her clit started to protruded from her lips. I moved to position my face closer to her mound.

I began a feather light tracing of Olivia’s outer lips, clit and mound. A renewed passion began to build in all of us. Kim slid down a bit giving her mouth access to Olivia’s nipples. Low throaty moans came from Olivia as Kim began to suck her nipples. Spreading her legs, moisture seeped from her box. Kim’s cock was getting hard. Mine was thickening in a hurry.

Round 2, 3, or whatever had just started.

The night continued like this. It took the first signs of daylight to bring the evening to a conclusion. Even then things were kinky. We all showered together in the adjoining bath. We freely pissed on each other, tasting, drinking and savoring the nectars.

Kim told us she had to get home for some sleep before heading back into Sally’s for the Thursday night bash. “I assume the two of you will be joining us?” Kim asked.

Olivia replied, “We wouldn’t dream of missing it.”

We all walked together to the front door—still naked. Our clothes were outside. Opening the door was a rush. The morning air was cool and being outside naked in the front of a house gave us all a rush. Kim dressed on the porch as Olivia and I gathered our things.

Kim needed to use Olivia’s car since her car was still at Sally’s. We agreed to talk later about taking care of the car situation. After a final goodbye kiss…one in which our tongues were again exploring one another… Kim drove off.

Olivia took my hand as we watched her car disappear down the road. Looking at each other we smiled and pulled each other into a deep kiss and embrace which began lovingly and ended up with Olivia’s pussy dripping and my cock stiff as a board.

“What a night,” Olivia sighed. “Let’s get some sleep. We have so much to do when we wake.”

Taking my hand Olivia led me back into her manor.

“And to think, we did all of this without any panties. Imagine…”

…to be continued…


This story will continue with…

Part IV—Thursday and Thursday Night at Sally’s

Part V—Friday—Alone at the manor

Part VI—The Saturday night party at the manor

Part VII—Sunday and the realities of going back to work

Part VIII—The conclusion

If you have a particular scene or fetish you wish me to include, please send me a note and I will do my best to work it in.

After the party which his mother attended, and in which he was tricked into a bizarre initiation of her, leaving her face and hair covered with his cum, Ben had taken Jean, his mother, home, and they had ended up in bed, Jean desperate after being on her own so long. They had also taken the opportunity for Ben to have sex with Barbara, who had introduced Jean to the ladies group.

The truth was, however, that after that weekend, for the next few weeks, Ben had felt rather shut out from both of them as he returned to live at his flat. He knew that Barbara and his mother had bonded in a special way through him, and they were discovering the joy of lesbian sex, a newly discovered joy, with Jean still having a corner of her mind which said that sex with her son wasn’t really right. Ben was happy for his mother – for the first time in years she did seem full of joy. He hadn’t seen it since well before his parents’ relationship had broken up. He knew that weekend had broken a dam for his mother, and for Barbara. It had broken a taboo for them, and to Ben they always seemed to be in bed together.

For Ben, it was back to the routine of work and friends – he would be described as “between girlfriends.”

As the next party approached both Ben and Jean became more nervous, wondering how they would handle it. The truth was, it wasn’t a real problem. There was no doubt for Ben that it was more embarrassing to be naked in front of his mother, but it was already pretty embarrassing, what he did at the parties. It was even more embarrassing when Ben and Tony were made to rub their cocks against each other until they both came, but Ben found with his mother there he was as aroused as he had ever been. For Jean, there was an embarrassment, but she actually felt some pride. Her son, there, doing what he did. Proud that he was such a good looking lad, proud that he was as “virile” as he was. Jean also noticed the glint in the eyes of many of the women there as they watched him – all these women hot for her son.

Little changed for the next party. For Ben, his mother was just becoming one of the women he was serving. Even when he had to suck Tony off and swallow, he didn’t feel particularly embarrassed by her presence – he was already pretty embarrassed by the presence of all the others! For Jean, there was a sort of suspended moment as she watch this lad who could have been any lad performing for these women.

The remarkable thing was that no-one at work had any inkling of what was happening, that Ben was part of the parties, or really had any idea that the parties even existed. It was a real surprise for Ben when his boss Margaret Bryant who was host and organiser of the parties called him into her office, the Monday after the party. At work she was in charge, Ben got on with his work, and rarely did he need to relate to Mrs Bryant – as everyone called her – no-one dared use her first name. This was different.

Margaret Bryant invited Ben to take a seat by her desk. She sat the other side, as handsome and aloof as she ever looked. Even as she sat there Ben felt the “power” she exuded. He was surprised at her hesitancy – she was never hesitant………………

“Ben, you are fantastic at our parties. Hope you enjoy them as well.” Ben knew it wasn’t a question he should answer. Margaret Bryant continued. “Ben, I love what we do at those parties, but I can’t help it – there is part of me psychologically that wants something darker. Wants to behave much worse.”

Ben was quiet – he didn’t know what to say. Margaret Bryant continued. “And I love Tony so much, and he is so gentle that I couldn’t be horrible to him. And believe it or not, even Tony has a dark corner in his heart as well.” Still Ben had nothing to say – the truth was he was stunned by what he was hearing, and had no idea where it was going. “Ben I want to ask you a favour. Feel free to say no…………”

Ben was even more confused. No-one said no to Margaret Bryant. She told you what to do, she didn’t ask for favours. “Ben, myself and Tony and some special friends – none that you know, although some come to the parties – have talked about this and booked a, um, special chalet in the country this weekend. For what we call a ‘dark’ weekend. Going Friday, coming back Sunday. We need a victim. We want you to come and be our victim.”

Ben stuttered. “Victim?”

Somehow there was a feeling Margaret Bryant was back in charge. “For a dark weekend we need someone we can do, um, dark things to. We want you to come and be the victim.”

There was a pause. Ben wondered if he should speak, but Margaret filled the silence. “I’m not prepared to give you any reward for coming with us. If you come, we will take that as a sign you want to be with us, and agree with whatever we want to do. There will be no safe words. No way out for you. A weekend when you are simply the victim of whatever our dark minds can conjure up. And even worse – Tony will be on our side, and not yours, this weekend – I said he has a dark corner in his mind!”

Ben was amazed that he agreed. He had realised it could be painful, humiliating. Truth be told he didn’t know what would happen, but felt the real menace in what was talked about. But he said yes. Why had he said yes? Ben didn’t know, but he said yes. They would pick him up on Friday at 5.00pm, to be at the “special” lodge for 6.00pm. He was going! Part of his mind said he was going because he had a free weekend. Part of his mind said he was going because it could be a bit of a laugh. Deep down, Ben knew the weekend could be…………………………

It was in the car that the reality of what he might be going to struck Ben. Margaret and Tony were in the front, he was in the back. His mind was racing – he didn’t know who else would be there. How many. What the place was like. What he would do. Where he would sleep. Margaret had given a few hints – the lodge was luxurious, and fitted out for this type of event. There would be a couple of people employed to act as cooks and general helpers. Still Ben had no picture of what was going to happen, and when they insisted, as they approached the lodge, that he be blindfold so he couldn’t find it again, his level of anxiety rose even higher, allayed only slightly when Margaret had told him – it would be a tough weekend, but he would return changed. His anxiety returned when she told him not to forget it was going to be a “dark” weekend, when they and their friends were going use the weekend to “express” the darkest parts of the minds. Put aside the decent parts of their minds.

At last the car turned into a gate, and drove along a gravel drive, so Ben guessed, before pulling up, the engine turned off, Ben helped out of the car by Tony. His eyes took a few moments to adjust when they removed the blindfold, but it gave Ben a chance to look around. He could see the lodge was well hidden from the world outside in the trees, the lodge itself surrounded by lawns. He also took in that it really was a lodge, built of pine. It was a lodge, but much bigger and more luxurious than the average log cabin. He saw the two women in white dresses, looking very much like some sort of healthcare workers, waiting to greet them. Both were in their forties, short hair, could even be two sisters. They were introduced to Ben as Maria and Martha. Ben also noticed another three cars already in front of the Lodge, and heard Margaret say that everyone else seemed to have arrived – he guessed perhaps another three couples were there as well as the Bryants.

After they had entered the Lodge, one of the women – Martha – who worked there pointed at Ben and asked: “I assume this is the young man you have chosen for the weekend?”

When Margaret nodded Martha asked Ben, in a friendly voice, to follow her, and led him through a door, then down a corridor, then into a small room with a bed, with shower room and toilet off. It was at that moment Ben realised that although he had a weekend bag, it was still in the car. When he said he should fetch it he was told firmly he would not need it.

The next hour at the Lodge seemed perfectly normal. He was led to the sitting room, met the other three couples – the women he recognised from the parties, but the men – their husbands – were strangers to him, but friendly to him. The food was out-standing as they ate and chatted together. Ben, being the youngest by quite a way, felt a bit on the outside, but the others made a good effort to include him

At last the meal was over – Martha cleared the dishes, while the other helper – Maria – said she would prepare things for the evening’s entertainment, leading Ben back to his room. Ben was aware that he would be the entertainment. He knew it was going to be difficult………….

Again he found Maria friendly, but when she ordered him to strip Ben was suddenly embarrassed and wary. He slowly removed his clothes – it wasn’t as if he hadn’t done things in front of an audience before……..

Maria made him stand still, and put a leather belt around his waist – it was lined with felt to be comfortable, but he wondered why there were three or four metal rings attached to it. He was about to ask but she ordered him out of the door, along the corridor, across the lobby to a room he hadn’t been in before.

Maria stopped at the door. She turned to Ben: “This is where it begins. This is going to be the worst weekend you’ve ever had. You are here to be humiliated, tortured and punished for their enjoyment. You will suffer more than you have ever experienced. You are nothing until Sunday. This evening is only just the starter……….” Maria reached up, put a leather collar around Ben’s neck which she padlocked. “……………….and there will be no escape.”

The lady opened the door, and led Ben into the room. Ben had time to look around – It wasn’t a large room. Around the edge there were comfortable settees and armchairs, which the others were already occupying, chattering to each other, drinking coffee. The room was tastefully decorated in burgundy, but well lit. In the middle of the room the floor was covered by wooden flooring rather than carpets. Fixed to the wooden floor were some hoops. Ben didn’t have the chance to take in the rest of the room…….

Margaret Bryant – clearly in charge – stood to her feet. She walked over to Ben, pulled his dressing gown off and ordered him to hands and knees. It was a different side Ben hadn’t seen before – she had always been strong, but now she was harsh, demanding. Ben dropped to his hands and knees, and Margaret moved him around prodding him with her foot. At least he seemed to be in position, and he felt her put the hoops over his forearms and ankles.

Ben felt very exposed – naked – except for the leather belt, on hands and knees in front of all these people, his legs slightly spread. There was nothing he was hiding, as they made snide comments about him. They left him there for three or four minutes before he heard a sound – something being wheeled across the floor.

Ben jumped as he felt something pushed to his asshole. He tried to look around, but could only see a metal post on castors. He felt something pushed into his asshole, getting wider as it was pushed, until somehow it was inside him, and held by a narrower neck. Ben was tense – he couldn’t imagine what would happen next……..

It was a nozzle – cold water was entering him through the nozzle. He cried out in shock, but his cry only made the people in the room laugh. More and more water was entering him, filling him. His intestines seemed to be stretching more and more. It felt increasingly uncomfortable, and somehow seemed to be chilling him from inside. He couldn’t guess how much was in him – he couldn’t guess why his cock had gone hard…………..

At last the inflow stopped for a moment, but then Ben realised – they were just re-filling the bag, and more was entering him. Margaret Bryant had decided a litre and a half would be enough, and stopped the water when she felt he was full, and removed the nozzle.

Again Ben wasn’t aware of what was happening, but something was being attached to his belt. Suddenly he had worked it out – he felt the bung inserted into his asshole, and realised it was fixed to the belt so it wouldn’t escape. He felt Margaret Bryant massage his stomach, making the water swirl inside him. But quickly the loops over his wrists and ankles were untied.

Ben fell over on his side. He felt bloated, cold inside, he muscles were trying to expel the water, but the bung wouldn’t allow it to leave him. He squirmed on the floor as the enema worked in him, but couldn’t leave him. He heard the others in the room laughing and joking at his struggling, as he squirmed on the floor.

Suddenly – Ben felt the pain through his lower stomach. Like stitch, but a lot worse. The pain was excruciating, as his muscles cramped. He squirmed, stretched, tried to expel the enema, but none of them seemed to make a difference. He squirmed on the floor, crying out to be helped, moaning in pain, but no help came. He heard voices around him, but no-one moved.

Ben was left to squirm on the floor – he cried and moaned in pain, but it was the dark time for the others. They found it funny, to watch him squirming, they found it a turn on to hear him moaning and crying in pain. Ben was lost in the pain of the cramping, oblivious to the couples in the room begin to enjoy each other, in their dark way finding his suffering a turn-on, enhancing their love making.

For two hours Ben struggled with the pain, oblivious to anything else. He wasn’t even aware of when the others had left the room. He felt himself being lifted, by Maria and Martha, and half helped, half dragged to his room. They took him to the toilet, quickly removed the bung, let him sit and instantly expel all the water inside him. They wiped him clean, then rubbed him gently as the cramping began to disappear. They helped him shower then put him in bed. Even the two women were sorry for this young lad who had been through that, and it was only the beginning. They had seen some harsh things in their time at the lodge, but somehow this lad was going to be tortured worse – normally no-one was given the enema treatment for more than an hour. They knew: the rest of the weekend would be worse…………. When the pain had worn off it took Ben little time to descend to sleep.

When Ben woke the next morning, the sun was already streaming in through the window of his bedroom. He was also aware quite quickly that he had the hardest erection he could remember. He also heard Maria and Martha giggling.

The two assistants were in his room, and he was naked, and the bed clothes had fallen off the bed – it was clear what they were looking at…………….. Ben quickly sat up and tried to hide his modesty. The two ladies gave him shorts and a t-shirt to wear. He was allowed to shower, use the toilet, clean his teeth, then was led to breakfast. On his way he saw one or two of the others, who nodded to him, but they had all had their breakfasts – Ben ate alone. It took him a while to shake off the tiredness, although the previous evening felt a distant memory. The bizarre thing for Ben, when he reflected later, was that he never ever once thought of running away. He was pretty sure he would have not managed it, or would be caught if he tried.

Ben ate his breakfast slowly and by the end felt revived. As he finished Margaret Bryant appeared, and sat on a chair opposite him. She looked at him, spoke. “Ben, we enjoyed yesterday evening. But today it will be worse. But don’t worry because we will enjoy it more.” Ben knew it was still the cold harsh Margaret Bryant – somewhere in her psyche the switch had still been turned. “Come with me. This morning is simply humiliation.”

Margaret led Ben to a set of stairs which seemed to descend to a cellar, down the stairs, into a room lit with spot lights. The room was covered with white ceramic tiles, both floor and walls, and again there were hoops in the floor. Ben thought it looked a bit like a “wet room” sloping to the centre with a small drain at the lowest point. Ben now knew why there were hoops. “Remove your shirt and shorts” she ordered him. Ben did as he was told. “Lie down, on your back.” Ben did. Margaret spoke to him again: “this morning is going to be about total humiliation. Yours. No pain – that’s later – just humiliation.”

Margaret stretched his hands above his head, his feet to the sides, and tied him with the metal hoops to the floor by his ankles and wrists. “This is what this morning is about,” she whispered to him.

Ben watched amazed, as Margaret pulled her skirt to her waist, took off her panties and stood astride his face. For a moment Ben was rock hard as he saw her pussy above him. Then the warm gush of urine poured straight onto his face, splashing, running off through his hair. The smell of urine filled his nose, the warmth of the urine felt okay. In seconds Margaret was gone, Ben left lying on the floor, feeling utterly humiliated.

A few minutes later one of the men came to the cellar. Ben watched as he walked over to Ben, undid his flies, pointed his penis, the liquid pouring onto Ben’s face, smelling more pungeant. He was gone….. Ben knew that it was pouring off his head, through his hair into the drain.

Through the morning it was repeated several times. Both the men and the women coming into the room, emptying their bladders over him, the urine getting in his nose, having to taste it when he opened his mouth. When it was the women he sometimes caught sight of their pussies, but he quickly closed his eyes. Was this treatment even worse than the enema……?

“Hi Ben”. It was Tony’s voice, Margaret’s husband. Tony was crouching beside him, speaking. “Normally it’s me and you, but now it is me, in charge of you. You know, I’m nice, and I like you, and enjoy being with you, but just occasionally I’m as bad as my wife.” Ben felt there was a menace in his Tony’s voice he had never heard before. “I’m the last one – we’re going to have lunch in a minute. I’m going to have my fun.”

There was a pause. “Okay Ben,” Tony said softly. “Open your mouth.” Ben paused, not sure he had heard right. Suddenly he cried out as a hand had grabbed his balls and squeezed. As he cried out he felt something metallic put in his mouth: he realised he couldn’t close his mouth – some sort of device was holding it open.

Tony stood above Ben, took out his penis and pointed it straight at Ben’s mouth. Bent felt the urine pouring into his mouth. Ben managed to close his throat initially, but couldn’t hold out. He had to swallow. Swallow hard. Ben found himself having to drink down Tony’s pee. The taste was bitter, unpleasant but there was no escape, and there seemed like gallons. At last Tony’s stream eased, then stopped. Tony was gone.

Ben felt terrible, and felt sick, but within seconds Maria and Martha were there. They undid his loops, gave him some lemon juice to take away the taste, then helped Ben to his feet. One of the women spoke. “This is wrong. They shouldn’t be doing this to a good lad like this.”

Ben struggled, feeling full, and gasping at the lemon. But he managed to speak. “I agreed to this. Don’t worry, I’ll take anything they can do.”

The two women helped Ben into a shower, and let him bathe in the warm water for several minutes, allowing him to rid himself of the pee. They wiped him, then gave him the t-shirt and shorts, then led him back to his bedroom. In his bedroom there was a spread of fruit, meat and pastries, and a cup with tablets in. Beside the cup there was a notice which said “These tablets must be taken at 1.30pm.” Ben picked at the food, enjoyed some of the fruit, refusing everything else – he felt bloated from before, and relaxed – his clock said 12.30pm. He dozed for the next hour then did as ordered – he took the tablets. He had no idea what the tablets were, but he wasn’t frightened to take them.

Lauren was on day five of her ritual. It was October and unseasonably cool as she walked back to her dorm from the library. She could feel the pressure inside her, a gentle push, a gentle reminder. This would be her first time doing the ritual since starting college that August. She was 19, slim, somewhat plain of features with the exception of incredibly beautiful white skin, the color of milk. She had kept her blond hair shoulder length and straight since high school and tended to dress rather conservatively for her generation, preferring skirts and tops that her peers may have considered a bit librarian-ish. She always wore bulky clothes during the ritual, favoring a dark sweater and sweat pants.

There were a few students sitting outside the dorm building as she approached, smoking cigarettes and talking. She avoiding making eye contact and quickly maneuvered past sitting and standing students, showed her ID to the desk as she entered, and headed toward her room.

Lauren was somewhat fortunate in that her roommate had already dropped out and moved on. Her previous roommate, Amanda, had gone a little crazy during the beginning of the semester. Amanda had thrown herself full force into partying, started missing classes, and by the end of September found herself hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after a frat party. Amanda’s parents came that weekend and took her home. So Lauren had her room to herself.

She entered the hall and moved toward the end where her room was. A few girls were bullshitting in the hallway and some looked over to acknowledge Lauren as she passed. She hadn’t made many friends yet. Lauren never really partied in high school, though not because of lack of desire. Her parents were fairly strict and Lauren never really knew anyone in the “party crowd” to get involved with. Everyone seemed to party at college. She’d been to a few parties with Amanda before she left school, had a few drinks, smoked a few cigarettes, but she really didn’t understand the appeal of the whole thing. There was a buzz on campus that started on Thursday and culminated in Friday night take-it-to-the-next-level boozing and drugging that left the campus completely dead on Saturday mornings and early afternoons. Lauren felt apart from it all somehow. All the girls on her hall seemed to go out every night and she hadn’t really had a chance to get close to anyone.

She entered her room, turned on the lights, got her iPod stereo going (a random playlist of pop stars of the last few years) and laid down. She could feel the pressure in her bowels. Sometimes she could even convince herself that she felt it getting bigger moment by moment. She gently rubbed her belly through her shirt. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. She squeezed her anus tightly.

The ritual started in high school. Lauren wouldn’t shit for six days. At first, Lauren would almost be staggering in pain by the sixth day. She would be incredibly uncomfortable, dressing in bulky sweaters for those last few days, and think constantly of what was inside her. It was incredibly difficult to resist the urge to evacuate her bowels by day four. She’d feel the urge to go come on suddenly and powerfully and would have to strain with all her might to hold it in. She’d had a few accidents but had gotten much better over the years. The ritual had been modified over time as well. She now managed her diet during the six days consuming massive amounts of fiber and little to no water. On day six she would drink a bottle of Milk of Magnesia and that night would erupt.

Lauren dazed up at the ceiling while absentmindedly stroking her stomach. She could feel the shit inside her, she could feel the urge to make shit, she could feel the weight of it pushing on her colon. She could resist it. She had been worried about what might come of the ritual when she left for college but Amanda unexpected departure allowed Lauren the kind of privacy she needed.

The other problem that prevented her from performing the ritual was the set-up of the dorm – this particular building had group bathrooms for every hall. Lauren had considered either waiting until late at night or doing it in her room. She settled for doing it in her room as she was absolutely terrified of the possibility of being found out if she did it in the bathroom. She would have to push the waste down the sink afterward and make sure the odor was taken care of, but she felt pretty confident that if she waited until the early morning all the other girls would be asleep.

Lauren got up, undressed, checked her email, and went to bed.

Today was the day. She felt very uncomfortable and decided to skip her morning classes. When she showered that morning she gently and lovingly stroked her stomach, amazed as she always was with the pot belly that she had developed in six short days. She had a little difficulty walking and hoped no one would notice – the sense of discomfort was quickly escalating to pain. She sat, naked, freshly showered on her bed in her room considering whether or not she should go to her afternoon class, distractedly and gently rubbing her thighs and pussy.

She eventually decided she wouldn’t go, composed an email to her professors telling them she was sick, put on her sweats, and laid down to watch TV. Despite the pain in her bowels she drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later she woke up when someone knocked on her door. There was a moment of horror and surprise, quickly followed by composure.

“Hello?” Lauren asked from her bed.

“Hey Lauren, it’s Jake. You weren’t in class today – thought I’d drop the notes off.”

Lauren sighed softly. Jake had been trying hard since the semester had started. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him, but that was also just it, she didn’t really find anything particularly attractive about him. She got up slowly from the bed, feeling the flares of pressure and pain deep her bowels. For a split second there was a moment of absolute terror as Lauren felt a sudden and powerful push from her insides. She could feel the shit on the other side of her anus, pushing, demanding to be let out. Normally she’d totally focus on the sensation (as it was best on day six, reaching an almost unbearable intensity) of pain and discomfort and think about the waste struggling to get out, that which was part of her but not her, and would feel pleasure on the edge of the constipation induced pain. Her eyes widened, she steadied herself, and the sensation passed.

She opened the door. Jake stood smiling and handed her a few notebook pages.

“Are you ok?” Jake asked. “Heard there’s a stomach flu or something running through the dorms.”

“Uh, yeah,” Lauren said, looking away, “Just feeling blah today. I’m ok. Thanks for the notes, I’ll bring them to class after I copy them.”

Jake kinda forced himself in her room and she shut the door after him. He sat down on the mattress that used to be Amanda’s and tossed his book bag in the corner.

“Dude, Patterson’s class this morning was bullshit anyway, he just gets up there and babbles on and on about his stupid stories, you didn’t miss anything. Are you going out tonight?” Jake asked.

At Lauren’s school people were very likely to go out drinking even if they had been sick all day. Everyone else seemed to experience this excitement that pushed them, body and mind, to throw themselves in to the college experience. Lauren was somewhat mystified by it.

“No, probably not,” she responded, slowly sitting down on her bed opposite Jake. “I’m trying to not spend too much money this month.” That was one of the only excuses that the partiers would accept for staying in on a Thursday night.

“Yeah, heard that,” Jake said. “Did you hear about what happened to Preston and Frank last night?” Without waiting for Lauren to respond he started telling her.

Lauren zoned out a bit. He did this often, telling her stories about other people she didn’t know and didn’t care to. She wasn’t sure what she could do without being rude or mean to get Jake to leave her be. Suddenly and without any warning she felt it come on. The pressure rose from the background with a fury and Lauren suddenly felt her anus struggling to stay closed. She gasped despite herself and groaned softly.

Jake stopped and looked over at her.

“What’s up? Are you OK?” He looked over nervously. She felt her eyes tearing up against the monumental effort required to hold her anus closed. She groaned softly, again despite herself, and looked up.

“Please, you need to leave, please..” she started.

“Are you ok?” Jake said, his eyes becoming more and more concerned.

It was becoming unbearable. She couldn’t hold it, she strained against it, it was so painful. The effort required to keep her ass closed was incredible.

“Please…” she gasped. “Jake get the fuck out.”

Jake stood and moved to her bed.

“What’s up? Do I need to call a doctor?”

“Jake, get the fuck away!” she shrieked as he sat on her bed.

She felt it. It was like her anus just caved in. She felt it open, and all the while straining with all her might to stop it, she felt it, warm, slide out into her sweat pants. She groaned, closed her eyes, in rapture, and let go. The shit came in waves and didn’t seem to stop, like a single unbroken log being pushed into her underwear. She convulsed and inadvertently pushed harder, moaning, feeling the wet warmth against her thighs, her pussy, the sensation of her anus obliterated as she only felt the shit. She couldn’t stop now that she had started.

Jake stared at her.

“What the fuck?”

“Please,” she gasped. “Please leave, now, please leave now.” She heard herself and she sounded hysterical. She couldn’t stop. The smell started. She closed her eyes and pushed.

Jake jumped off her bed. She could hear him, but it was on the periphery, she relaxed her anus entirely and gave herself over to the sensation, feeling the shit thundering past her anus, moaning now turning to screaming. She tried to pull her sweats and underwear down but couldn’t fuly concentrate with the pleasure. It kept coming and coming, six days worth, filling her pants.

There was a break and suddenly she was aware of Jake again. She slowly opened her eyes, panting now, covered in sweat, the smell unavoidable. Jake stood by her computer, eyes wide, staring.

“What happened? What is that smell?”

“Jake, please leave,” she started to cry. The shit started seeping through her sweats, the smell was becoming unbearable and incredibly obvious.

He stared at her. She was sitting on her bed, drenched in sweat, her legs somewhat spread, a stain on her pants. The smell was horrible. He couldn’t believe this was happening. She sat crying.

She was crying in shame and humiliation but even now she couldn’t stop herself. She reached down and started pulling off her pants and underwear. There was shit everywhere, getting on her comforter, dripping on the floor. She stood with her underwear and pants around her ankles, shit smeared on the inside of her thighs, against her pussy, she could feel it clinging to her ass, dripping from her ass crack. Her anus closed slowly and painfully, pushing the last of it, a fully formed lump, out and onto the floor of her dorm room. She took off her sweater and kicked off her underwear, standing naked and clad in shit next to her bed. She couldn’t make eye contact with Jake and turned around, crying.

He stared at her naked from behind. Her ass was covered with shit and the smell was horrible. The whole room suddenly felt very warm, like a jungle. There was a mound of waste coming out of the small pile of clothes on the floor, shit piled in a short stack on the bed. She was crying. As he stood silent and amazed, Lauren reached around and put her hands on her ass cheeks, gently smearing the shit. The touch, the smell, the feeling of dirty shit clinging to her ass, her thighs, filthy shit on her pussy, the wrenched stink – all of it, together, she couldn’t help herself, and felt her pussy warming. She moaned, softly, and still standing with her back to Jake, pulled her ass cheeks apart, slowly bent slightly forward and pushed. Liquid shit rushed out in a spurt, spraying on the floor, down her thighs, covering the thicker shit already there. She groaned.

There was silence. Jake stood staring, unbelieving, his mouth open with disbelief. Lauren stood up straight but did not turn around. She could hear him breathing. She inhaled, deeply, slowly, and gently started to rub her breasts, smearing her beautiful white skin with shit. She ran her hands down her stomach, feeling the tightness there that replaced the pot belly she had only ten minutes ago. Her anus felt on fire, she could feel it quivering slightly, a bit of diarrhea slowly dripping out and her pussy felt wet from the inside. She concentrated on the sensation of the warm shit on her pussy lips and smeared some into her neatly trimmed pubic hairs. The smell was overwhelming, disgusting, and in a sudden moment of clarity she wondered if the smell was obvious from the hallway. She gasped, held her arms at her sides. Oh, god, no, no, no, what have I done! She heard Jake clear his throat behind her.

Jake moved slowly to pick up his book bag. He looked at Lauren, naked, dripping with sweat and shit, her back to him, grabbed his bag and moved to the door. Lauren, still facing away, said nothing. He quickly opened the door and left.

**** ***** ****

The cleanup was horrendous. She hadn’t had time to properly gather her cleaning supplies and set up beforehand. Her bedspread, sheets, and comforter were all ruined. As were her sweats and underwear. The shear volume of shit was also a problem – how could she transport it out of her room without anyone seeing or smell it? Then there was Jake.

She waited until midnight. At midnight all the girls that were going out were out and all the girls that were staying in were in. There was a window from midnight until about 2 AM during which time few if any students would be in the hallways of the dorms. She would of course have to be careful about girls headed to the bathroom.

It took almost two hours of carefully carrying trash bags downstairs and out to the dumpsters while avoiding other students, security guards, and randoms. She spent the next two hours carefully cleaning and sanitizing her room. Luckily the shit hadn’t penetrated through to the mattress, which was a good thing as she knew she’d have to explain if she tried to get a new one. At about 4 AM she deposited the last trash bag, got a shower, remade her bed, and fell asleep.

She laid in bed until noon. She stared at the ceiling and listened to her music. She was both angry at herself for ruining the ritual and humiliated that Jake was witness to her filth. She wasn’t so much worried about Jake telling other people – she suspected he wouldn’t and felt pretty confident that few if any people would believe him if he did – she was upset and somewhat mystified at her behavior. The ritual was personal, it was private, it was for her and no one else. And now it was ruined. What really bothered her, though, was that she performed for him after it all started, performed for him despite herself.

At noon she heard a knock followed by Maureen’s voice inviting her to eat lunch. Maureen lived on the hall, was nice enough, though a bit obsessed with joining a sorority for Lauren’s taste, and always wanted to get a group together for lunch. Lauren accepted.

She ate with Maureen and her friend Alison. Lauren found Alison, who lived on the hall as well, incredibly irritating but generally good natured. She lived for boys and was rumored to have already fucked a bakers dozen since August. The fraternity boys all seemed to know her on a first name basis. Lauren had never really talked to Alison on a meaningful level and didn’t care to. However, she and Maureen were decent company for lunch as they were up on the dorm gossip and felt it was their duty to make sure everyone else was too.

After about an hour of discussing the week’s hook-ups, both actual and rumored, Alison met Lauren’s gaze and out of nowhere asked:

“So, what’s up with Jake Henderson? I saw him leave your room yesterday with the weirdest look on his face. Are you guys dating? Are you guys fucking?” asked Alison. The way she said it suggested she had been waiting to ask since she first saw Lauren.

“There’s nothing going on, Alison, he was dropping off notes. I don’t like him like that.”

**** ***** ****

Back in her room Lauren wondered about Jake. What did he think about what happened? Would he bring it up when they saw each other again? What should she say?

Maureen had convinced her to go out that night. Normally she probably would have stayed in on Friday night but she was feeling oddly trapped in her dorm room and didn’t want to spend the whole night there. She was also feeling pretty good from eating a lunch that wasn’t selected for its incredible fiber content. Her body felt relieved after the purging of shit. She loved that part of the ritual, that sense of being new somehow afterward, transformed by pushing out every gram of feces in her body, purified. She felt good.

She stared at her body naked in her mirror as she got ready. Turning to her side she observed her slimness restored, the pot belly completely gone, only a smooth stomach now. She turned again until her ass was facing the mirror before grabbing a smaller hand mirror and moving to the bed. Laying down she positioned the mirror so she could see her anus and vaginal lips. She stared for several minutes, gently flexing and unflexing her anus, softly rubbing her pussy, watching the juices slowly gather on the lips. With one hand she continued rubbing her pussy while with the other she started stroking her anus, slowly, in small circles, before wetting a finger in her mouth and slowly sliding it in her ass. With one finger in she flexed and unflexed her anus, watching it in the mirror. She pulled her finger out and examined it for any particles or colors and smiled when she judged it to be clean. She smelled her finger, smelled the gentle stink of her ass on her finger, that particular and peculiar smell that she loved over all others. She wondered if her ass smelled better than other people’s asses. It wasn’t that her ass smelled like roses – it smelled like ass and sweat and pussy – but it was like a pheromone or something designed specifically to arouse Lauren. It didn’t quite smell like shit but had its own unique stink. She would often penetrate her anus with her right middle finger (to the second joint, always) in the morning, carefully avoid washing it the rest of the day, and smell it inconspicuously throughout her day. The ritual was born out of the impossible fantasy of saturating herself completely with that smell.

Laying in bed, she put down the mirror and tried to stop thinking about Jake witnessing her the previous day. She found it to be difficult. She gave up and focused on continuing to get ready for that evening.

She was supposed to meet Maureen downstairs at 10 and had about fifteen minutes left by the time she had finished putting on her makeup. She was wearing a pink skirt an inch longer than any other skirt she knew she’d see at the party and a simple white blouse. She decided on her designer flips flips and her favorite purse. Checking herself out in the mirror she knew she was ready. She looked cute but conservative and secretly hoped she was boring enough to be able to blend in at the party.

The party sucked. It was at some frat guys house a few miles from campus. When they arrived it was already packed, the music was terribly loud, and they only served cheap beer. Lauren had trouble hearing Maureen over the music, refused to drink the beer, avoided talking to boys, and decided at midnight to walk back to campus alone. She spotted Maureen on the back deck making out with some random and decided that Maureen probably didn’t care if she left without telling her. She maneuvered through the crowd, pushed out the door, and started off down the street toward campus.

Despite the windows being down the car seemed to fill up with the stink of Jake’s piss. Lauren felt it coating her chest and face, she had the horrid taste in her mouth, she felt disgusting. Fuck this asshole, she thought to herself, Fucking presumptuous asshole.

They arrived at Jake’s rented house. He shared it with two roommates – John, a part-time student and bartender, and Jenn, full-time student and hippy chick. Neither Jake nor Lauren spoke on the walk up the stairs. Jake swayed just enough to let Lauren know how drunk he really was. He struggled with the keys before opening the door and walking inside. Lauren followed.

Jake motioned for Lauren to follow him as he walked toward the back of the house. He talked as he walked.

“Look, Sasha’s room is in the back – just go in and grab some sweats or whatever. There’s a shower in there, go for it if you want to.”

“Do you think she’ll mind? I’ll bring the clothes over tomorrow after I wash them.”

“Nah,” said Jake, suddenly seeming embarrassed, “She’s cool. She won’t care. I’m going to go change.”

Lauren watched him walk toward the front of the house before entering Sasha’s room. It was dimly lit and almost the Platonic form of a hippy chick’s room. There was the faint odor of incense in the air. Lauren moved back to the bathroom, stripped quickly, and washed her body quickly with a washcloth and soap. She tied her hair up, checked to make sure the piss hadn’t ruined her makeup, gathered her clothes and put them in a trashbag she found under the sink, and went back into Sasha’s room.

Lauren went through her drawers, found a grey sweatsuit and pulled it out. Then she heard the door open and two male voices.

She moved toward Sasha’s bedroom door. She could make out John’s voice, Jake’s voice, and someone else. Jake was speaking too softly to be heard but John, as was typical for him, was overly loud and obviously intoxicated.

“Whoa, whoa, wait wait…. she’s here?” John asked. Lauren heard Jake respond but couldn’t make out what he said.

“In Sasha’s room? What the fuck man?” John said. More mumblings from Jake.

“Damn right son. Haha. Dude, Jake is dating this shit freak from school. Yeah, yeah that girl!” She heard more mumblings. “Freaky chick shits all over herself man!”

Lauren realized she had misjudged Jake. He had told John and god knows who else. Surely John will tell (or has already) everyone and anyone. She knew John through Alison and knew he was a drunk, a loudmouth, and an asshole but was also popular and well liked by the student body. While she had thought no one would believe Jake if he told anyone about what had happened she knew people would believe John, even if he was telling it second hand. She quickly dressed, grabbed the trashbag with her urine soaked clothes, her purse, and left Sasha’s room.

John, Jake (now clad in shorts and tshirt, urine free), and another guy were sitting in the front room drinking. They had heard Sasha’s door open and were silent when Lauren walked in the room.

The third boy stood up and offered his hand to Lauren.

“Hey, I’m Mike,” he said shaking Lauren’s hand.

“Hello Mike,” Lauren said, avoiding eye contact. John and Jake stared at her.

“Hey Lauren, man, what’s up?” John asked, staying seated, “What are you doing over here?”

“Uhh, she was dropping something off,” said Jake.

“Oh, is that right?” John said, feigning interest, eyes bright with laughter. “Was she bringing over some toilet paper? Or diapers?”

John started laughing. Jake blushed and Mike sat down, smiling and chuckling with John.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” asked Lauren, feeling anger rising in her chest.

“Well,” John said, with a smirk, “Jake told me a pretty interesting story about you. About something that happened yesterday.”

Lauren looked at Jake. He was blushing, staring at the floor, avoiding her gaze.

“Oh,” Lauren said, turning back to John. “What happened?” She was expressionless.

“Well, he said you got a little messy. He said you did some pretty sick shit in front of him, stuff he’s never even seen in porn before.” She could tell from his tone he was turned on. She felt her anus tighten.

“Fuck you,” Lauren said as she headed for the door. John got up and moved toward her but she brushed past him and went out the door. John followed her down the stairs.

“Where you going?” he said trying to catch up with her as she walked quickly down the street. She turned down an alley and picked up her pace.

“Fuck you. Leave me alone!” she shrieked at him.

“Wait, wait,” John said grabbing her arm and stopping her. “I was just joking, come on, Jake is a fucking liar.”

Lauren stared at John. He moved closer.

“You like shit?” he whispered, pulling her close to him. He raised one of his fingers to her nose and she inhaled the faint but unmistakable odor of ass on his finger. She closed her eyes and breathed it in again. She opened her eyes and gently pushed John back. The alley was lit by streetlights but it was lined with high walls overgrown with vines that obscured the houses on either side.

John said nothing. Lauren watched as John reached behind himself and put his hand down the back of his pants. He closed his eyes and grunted before pulling his hand out and slowly raising his finger back to Lauren’s nose. In the light she could see dirt on his finger and as he brought it closer to her nose she could smell the shit on it. She felt her heart beat quicken, a sudden warmth in her loins, the familiar clenching and unclenching of her anus.

“I..” she started before John slowly inserted his finger in her mouth. She stared into his eyes as he slowly moved his finger in and out of her mouth. She could taste his shit in her mouth and closed her lips around his finger, sucking hard. She closed her eyes.

She heard John unzip his pants and the rustling of his jeans as he let them fall to his feet. She could swear she smelled his cock. She opened her eyes.

John pulled his finger from Lauren’s mouth, letting a string of spit drip down her chin, and wiped his finger around her chest. He stood with pants down. Lauren reached down and slowly cupped his balls, eliciting a small moan from John. She felt herself getting wet and she continued to rhythmically contract her anus. John leaned closer and gently kissed Lauren as her hand moved from his balls to the shaft of his erect cock, stroking it slowly. She felt John’s tongue slip into her mouth, opened her lips a bit more, and felt him push his tongue deep into her mouth. She could feel the heat of his cock as she slowly stroked it, a bit of pre-cum wet her hand.

John pushed Lauren back toward one of the walls in the alley, but gently and while staring in her eyes. Lauren leaned back against the wall, stroking John’s cock with one hand, and with the other she took his finger. She raised it back to her mouth and slid it back in. The shit taste was gone as she sucked it and listened to another soft moan from John. He pulled it from her mouth, reached behind him, inserted the now moist finger back into his asshole before pulling it out and putting it back into Lauren’s mouth. She could taste the faint flavor of ass. She closed her eyes and moaned.

She felt John pull his finger from her mouth and then place both his hands on her hips. She kept stroking him, feeling his cock start to throb, while he slowly pulled down her borrowed sweat pants. She had put her underwear in the trash bag with her urine soaked clothes. The cool night air sent the hairs on her thighs and ass on end. He leaned in and kissed her while she felt his hand move up her naked thigh and rest on her pussy. He gently started massaging it. Lauren could feel her juices on John’s skin, she smelled the excitement of her pussy mingle with the musk of John’s cock and balls.

She pushed him back, staring into his eyes, pulled her hand slowly from his cock, before turning around and facing the wall, her back to him.

“You know what I want,” she said softly, almost whispering.

Her anus relaxed suddenly and she gently moaned while slowly bending from the hip and pressing her chest and face against the wall in the alley. She felt John pull her sweatpants down to her feet. She felt his hands on her ass cheeks and he slowly spread them. He knelt and she could feel his warm breath brushing against her asshole which quivered unintentionally. Lauren let out a low groan.

She held her breath and could hear John inhaling deeply, could feel how close his nose was from her anus.

“God, you smell so good,” John whispered, inhaling again, closer this time. He pulled her ass cheeks further apart and she could feel the tip of his nose on her anus. He inhaled again, slowly and deeply, before sighing gently. Lauren slowly let her breath out and felt her anus tighten then loosen. Her pussy started throbbing, she could feel her juices working their way down her lips and she imagined her pussy glistening with her juices.

Suddenly she felt John’s tongue at the top of her ass crack slowly sliding down. Her heart sped up, she held her eyes closed tight. This had never happened before, she had never had anyone touch her anus but herself.

She let out another deep moan when she felt his tongue reach her anus and slowly circled it before gently pushing against it. John softly groaned and gently slid his tongue over her anus. Lauren reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit very slowly and softly.

She felt John pushing against her asshole with his tongue, wet but firm, and she felt herself slowly opening to him. She groaned, again loudly, as she felt the tip of his tongue enter her. John groaned and forced his tongue deep into her ass. She quickened the pace on her clit.

For a moment she was completely lost in it and became aware that John had stood up. She felt his cock, throbbing, rubbing against her ass cheeks, slowly moving between them into her ass crack. She leaned her upper body against the wall and reached back to pull her cheeks open, breathing heavily, as John rubbed the head of his cock against her anus, moist from his tongue. John groaned, his breathing quickened.

“I wanna be in your ass, I wanna feel my cock sliding in your fucking ass,” he said, softly and slowly, into her ear. “I’m going to cum in your ass and I want to watch you push it out.”

“Wait,” Lauren said, softly, again almost a whisper, “Wait…”

She felt his body against her and his cock pushing against her asshole. He grunted and pushed hard, Lauren gasped with pain, could feel her anus tighten.

“Wait,” she said. She reached behind and touched his cock. She could feel herself sweating, the wetness all over her body, could smell his sweat and his cock, imagined him, moments before, with his tongue sliding into her ass. She moved his cock closer to her pussy and he tried to thrust when he felt the wetness of her, but she held his cock firmly.

“Wait,” she said. She closed her eyes, holding his cock right beneath her pussy, and briefly concentrated for a moment. John felt warm liquid run down his dick before he heard her piss hit the dirt. She moaned softly and relaxed a bit more feeling her bladder emptying on John’s erect cock. For a moment she could feel John’s upper body stiffen and thought he might pull away, but she felt him relax as her warm piss ran down his cock, across his balls, dripping down into the dirt of the alley, down his thighs, down her thighs. She guided his cock back up to her asshole.

John groaned and pushed. Lauren felt pain, felt her anus resisting, felt herself tightening against the burn. John pushed harder. His cock was coated in her urine and he could feel her asshole slowly accept the head of his dick. Lauren moaned loudly, grunted, and suddenly squirted out the last of her urine. He wanted to see it, he wanted to watch his cock entering her ass, but was afraid of pulling away from her. He felt her start pushing back against him, her ass slowly opening up, slowly taking his urine lubed cock, and Lauren’s moans started getting dangerously close to screams.

“Shhh!” he whispered in her ear. He pushed again and felt his cock slide deep into Lauren, so tight, tighter than any girl’s pussy he had ever had. The thought of what he was doing was suddenly clear in his mind and he could feel himself getting ready to cum. He pushed deeper, his hands on her hips, pulling her onto his cock, and felt it slide completely inside her.

Lauren let out a loud groan and felt John pull her into him violently, felt his cock suddenly throb uncontrollably in her rectum, and John let out his own groan.

“Fuck, oh God, fuck,” she heard him whisper in her ear. She thought she could feel his cum inside her and found herself wondering if it would come out when she shit. He pulled her onto his cock again, hard, and she felt his whole body tighten before relaxing, his head resting on her back.

She felt him slowly pull out of her ass and groaned with pain. It struck her as odd but reasonable that his cock leaving her ass felt just like pushing out shit. However, she could feel her anus straining and knew it would hurt in the morning worse than after any of her rituals. She felt fluids drip down her backside and legs as John pulled himself out. She stayed resting against the wall, her borrowed sweatpants, now themselves covered in urine, around her ankles, her asshole rhythmically flexing as she tentatively pushed out John’s cum. She heard John pulling up his pants and zipping them. She turned around.

John hurriedly pulled his pants up, avoiding looking at Lauren.

“Uh… look, I gotta go,” he said, apologetically, still avoiding eye contact.

“Ok,” Lauren said, staring at him.

“I’ll.. uh… I’ll see you, ok,” he mumbled as he turned and stumbled down the alley. Lauren watched him go until he was gone.

This story isn’t too extreme but it has so many elements of different tastes it could only be placed in the Fetish category…..


I woke somewhat aroused. It was your email from the previous evening which had me captivated. You told me of a fantasy and how you wished me to make it true.

In typical morning fashion I needed to use the bathroom. Being in an aroused state I decided to make my first golden relief atypical. I stepped into the shower and moved onto my back. The warmth of my flow was delicious as it covered my torso and splashed upon my lips—a taste I so very much savor.

I envisioned being ready for your first nectar of the morning.

Enjoying the physical and mental warmth, my fingers worked the stiff buds on my chest. The intensity of my pinches produced a feeling of ecstasy. I imagined your teeth producing the rapture. With wet hands I went to my flesh which had thickened with desire. A few firm gropes and twists had my cock very swollen and ready for the day.

Standing, I turned on the shower and lathered. Instinctively I inserted a slick finger into my back passage. The pleasure was wonderful. It was followed by other fingers until all four fingers of my right hands were moving in unison—wishing they were yours or a probe of your choosing. My lathered left hand deliciously twisted and pulled my swollen flesh.

Although there was a strong desire to continue, I did not. I finished showering, shaving, and brushing my teeth. After drying I put on a pair of sweat pants and a baggy sweat shirt and slipped into a pair of flip-flops.

I made my way to the basement and to my computer. I re-read your email and my mind drifted in thought while my flesh and buds were clandestinely caressed by the material moving across my naked flesh.

My mood was extremely devious. I searched the ads and found a few worthy candidates. Although it took a few weeks to finalize the details, the day was finally here. I let you know the night before via email. I decided to match the same style with which you told me.

It is the early morning hours and you are naked in your warm bed. Over the soft covers which cocooned your being, a pair of hands begins to caress and massage your body. The feeling is more than soothing; it is arousing.

You sense the covers being lifted ever so gently and feel soft material being placed over your wrists and ankles. The feeling stirs you. Although expected and requested, it is still somewhat of a surprise. Opening your eyes you see nothing, for the soft blackness of a blindfold prevents vision.

You do not struggle, but willingly allow your arms and legs to be restrained. The cool morning air licks your flesh as the covers glide seductively from your body. There is movement and you feel a body between your open loins.

Smooth fur envelopes your ankle and begins an enticing journey over your legs and torso. It spends time caressing your breasts and nipples. It finds your neck and face and outlines each feature. Slowly it moves back across your breasts and to your mound. A slow and deep massage upon the top of your shaven area brings your folds to life.

The feeling is one from which you never weary. Your hips begin to respond; pushing back against the pressing fur trying to have it touch your pleasure center. The fur never does. It senses your want and denies.

As your desire builds, the familiar sound of a low hum fills your mind. A warm round knob is placed upon your mound and moved slowly around your area, producing a vibration deep within. Eventually it finds its way to your bud and the lust is overwhelming.

You are aware of straps being placed around your thigh and the wand being positioned firmly against your growing button. An involuntary moan escapes from within as you grind into the device– a device whose sole intention is your pleasure.

One set of bindings are released and you are gently pulled onto your side towards the center of the bed. Stopping you from completely rolling over is another body—that of another Woman.

The softness of her breasts push into yours. Her mound moves against yours while your arm and leg are pulled over each other. You are retied leaving the two of you in one another’s embrace. There is buzzing from her loins also and your vibrations mingles. The warmth of her body against yours and the thought of another–being captive and stimulated in the same manner cause sweet wetness to flow from you.

Passion overtakes the two of you. You and Your unknown pull each other closer. Her mouth finds yours. Her tongue joins its willing partner. It is the taste for which you yearned for so long..

Nails begin to dig into your back. Waves of desire scream through you. The fur gloved hand was a lost thought until the straps of a flogger remind you there is another still in control. Involuntary moans pour from both of you. Mounds grind together as each sting of the straps forces your mouths deeper together.

Two bodies start to shudder and shake. Pleasure overwhelms you. Your releases are violent and wet…very wet. Along with the thick cream of climax comes the morning nectar bursting from full bladders.

The power of this morning seduction rocks you and sends you into a deep state of self absorption. Slowly thoughts begin to resurface. You realize you are not restrained. There is no one next to you or in your chamber. Was it a dream? Who was my seductor? Who shared my bed? You feel around and the sheets are dry. However your bladder is very full and you have a heightened state of arousal.

Rising you decide to make your morning golden release atypical. You step into the shower and lay on your back; your legs high against the wall and your hips elevated. The warmth of your flow deliciously covers your torso and splashes upon your lips.

Your fingers work the stiff buds on your breasts. The intensity of your pinches produces a feeling of ecstasy and your wet hand goes to your mound. You do not bring yourself to a final release, but rather decide to stay in an aroused state…… for this is a special day.

On this day, your love will make your fantasy come true.

Kirsty could feel the anticipation tingling all over her body now as she walked down the hotel with Pete. He had told her to meet him at the Hilton Hotel in Newcastle at 9pm on the dot, to wear her favorite black dress and no underwear. He had been quite explicit in these instructions, she couldn’t wait to find out what he had planned for her.

Pete and Kirsty had been together for 3 months now after they met at the Brothel she worked in. He had been more than happy with her continuing to work there, which delighted Kirsty. She didn’t have to worry about keeping this part of her life secret like many of the girls working there did.

Kirsty’s life was good, she had a man who clearly adored her, a job that paid her well, and satisfied her constant need for sex.

Pete came out when Kirsty knocked on the door of room 312.

“Hi babe.” He said kissing her. “You look stunning.”

“Thanks darling.” She replied. “So what have you got in store for me then?” She was desperate to find out now.

“All will be revealed!” Pete replied. “But I need you to put this on first.” Handing her a blindfold.

Kirsty smiled, she loved games like this, putting herself completely in Pete’s hands suited her submissive nature.

Pete helped her tie the blindfold, positioned her in front of the door then slid the zip down on the back of her dress. It fell to the floor leaving her naked apart from her high heels. She felt so vulnerable standing in a hotel corridor naked, but her trust in Pete was complete.

“If you want to stop at any time you tell me.” Pete whispered in her ear. “I won’t let any happen that you’re not comfortable with.”

Kirsty nodded an agreement, she could barely speak now, she was almost shaking with anticipation.

“I love you. Pete told her as he opened the door to usher her in.

“I love you babe.” She whispered to him before following him into the room.

Kirsty could see nothing, hear nothing. Pete led her to the bed and sat her down. The next few seconds felt like years before she felt someone sit next to her on the bed, putting his hand on her leg and caressing her thigh. He had rough hands so it wasn’t Pete, she knew that much. She was getting wetter by the second now.

A second man then sat the other side of her now, starting to touch her tits, kissing her neck as he did so. How many men had Pete got in here, she had told him once that her biggest fantasy was a huge gangbang, the more men the better. Could this be it?

The men moved her into the middle of the bed and laid her down. Immediately she felt a pair of hands opening her legs, kissing up the inside of her legs before licking gently at her pussy. Kirsty groaned out loud, it felt wonderful, she was overwhelmed with feeling of lust now.

She next felt a cock pressing against her lips, she happily let it into her mouth, sucking as deeply on it as she could. It felt huge, bigger than Pete. She really had no idea how many men were in the room with her, she was desperate to take off the blindfold but knew this was part of the game and went with it.

The man licking her was now working more intensely on her clit, Kirsty could feel her first orgasm approaching. She let the cock out of her mouth to scream with joy as she came. It felt like she was going to explode. The action was quickening now though, so she had no time to recover, a cock was quickly thrust deep into her, making her cry out with shock and pleasure.

Kirsty then felt another cock the other side of her head, she was now alternating between the 2 men while a third fucked her. It felt amazing. This went on for about another minute before the man pulled out of her. A second or 2 later she felt a familiar warm drop land on her tits, then more over her belly, then some on her pussy. It felt do dirty, so nice.

Another pair of lips and tongue were soon exploring her wet slit, licking up and down, probing her open hole as deeply as he could. Again, this was soon replaced by a cock, thrusting hard into her. There was very little finesse in the fucking she was getting but this really didn’t matter, all she wanted was hard cock after cock.

The man repeated exactly what the first had done, he pulled out and shot a huge load of semen over her stomach and pussy. Another cock soon replaced the last, fucking her hard. She still had the same 2 cocks in her mouth so this must this was 5 she had worked out. How many more? It was unbelievable, just what she had fantasised about for all these years.

Kirsty worked hard on the man to her left with her mouth now, she could feel his cock starting to tense now. She had learnt to tell exactly when her man was going to come in her few months as a prostitute. The man let out a grunt and released his load into her mouth, Kirsty swallowed some but the load was huge so she let his cock out of her mouth, sending the rest of his spunk over her face.

Almost the same second, Kirsty felt the cock inside her explode, flooding her cunt with hot semen. There was a break in the action for a few seconds after this which made Kirsty wonder if 5 was all Pete had arranged. She really hoped not, she would willingly take on 50 men now if she could.

“Are you ok love?” Pete asked her. “Do you need a break for a bit?”

“No I’m fine darling.” She answered. “How many more have you got for me?”

“I suppose you can take your blindfold off now.” Pete told her. “Are you ready for a surprise?”

Kirsty slipped the blindfold off and looked around. All she could see was naked men in various states of arousal. She tried to take it in and work out how many there was. The room was huge, there must have been around a dozen men there plus Pete, with his camcorder in hand. He had also got a camera on a tripod with a light set up. He was living out his dream of being a porn director, and he was clearly having a great time.

Kirsty took a couple of seconds in the bathroom to clean herself up before heading back out for more.

For the next half an hour she took on another 6 men, all taking turns to fuck her, and for her to suck them. They again covered her in come, her face, tits, stomach and pussy were covered. She was also full again as a couple of the men had came inside her. It all felt so filthy and nice, the reality was even better than her dreams about doing this.

“Do any of you want to fuck my arse?” Kirsty asked invitingly, moving onto all fours and wiggling her bum in the air. She hadn’t even bothered to clean up this time, she just wanted more.

A man came forward to take her up on her offer. He was black and about 6ft 4, he also had a huge cock, about 9 inches Kirsty thought. She would have preferred something a bit smaller to start with anally but she wasn’t going to stop him.

The man planted a tender kiss on both of her bum cheeks before pulling her cheeks apart, revealing her tight arsehole. He flicked his tongue around her rim, gently working it gently inside her. Kirsty was quivering with pleasure now, being rimmed was one of her favourite sexual treats, she was delighted that someone was doing it for her before the fucking started.

He carried on for a good couple of minutes before slipping a lubricated finger inside her anus. Her worked more lube in and inserted a second finger, keeping them inside her until she was comfortable.

“I’ll take it slowly.” The man told her. “Tell me if it hurts you too much.”

All of the men so far had been so respectful to her, no-one had tried anything stupid, and they were all courteous enough to ask her before they did anything.

When the man edged the tip of his cock inside her, Kirsty nearly jumped off the bed. It felt as large as it looked, and had her in quite a bit of pain. The man must have realized this and stopped for a second until Kirsty was used to it. She considered stopping him for a brief second, then decided to carry on.

It did eventually get easier, the man was able to edge his entire length into her before finally starting to fuck her tight hole. She had never felt anything like it, never did she think that she’d be able to take a cock of that size in here arse. The pain had now turned to pleasure though, it felt really nice.

“I’m going to come.” The man told her after a couple of minutes. “Where do you want it?”

“Come in my arse.” Kirsty told him. “I want it inside me.”

After a few more thrusts the man came deep in her hole. She could feel it twitching and releasing the hot liquid into her.

“Thank you.” The man said to her. “You’re fantastic.”

Kirsty smiled and blushed a little, she felt proud that these men were so into her. She remained on all fours and another man took his place behind her. He again licked her bumhole, really working his tongue in and out of her now slippery ring. She wasn’t expecting anyone to do this after the first man had come inside her, he didn’t care though, taking his time to savor her arse.

When he finally fucked her, the man lasted no more than about 30 seconds before he too came inside her. At least a couple more men did this to her before she finally called for a break again.

“There’s one more thing I want to try while I’ve got you all here.” Kirsty told them. “Double penetrate me, it’s the one thing I’ve never tried. I’ve got to do it tonight, who’s up for it?l

2 men came forward immediately, erections in hand, ready to go. One laid flat on the bed, allowing Kirsty to straddle him, sinking her wet pussy down onto his hard 7″ cock. Kirsty leant forward putting her big round tits into his face for the man to lick. The man did this while holding her bum cheeks apart for the other man. Kirsty soon felt the tip of a cock entering her bum.

The pleasure was immense. She had never felt so full, she was now even more stretched than when the black man had fucked her. The man began to fuck, the man on top pressing Kirsty down onto the other man. The angle now meant that the man’s pubic bone was grinding against Clitoris. The orgasm that followed was unbelievable, Kirsty flopped down on the man beneath her, nearly passing out.

Both men carried on fucking her hard. Kirsty was feeling so drained after her orgasm, she wanted to stop now, but barely had the energy left to speak, let alone stop them. The man fucking her arse grabbed a handful of her hair and rammed his cock into her as hard as he could, shouting obscenities as unloaded his spunk into her bum.

The man below held her bum cheeks and continued to pound his cock into her pussy. Kirsty then felt another cock pressing at her slick arsehole, before sliding deep inside her. Thankfully for Kirsty, this man didn’t last long before he also came in her arse, followed shortly after by the man in her pussy.

“Stop lads.” Kirsty asked them. “I really don’t think I can take anymore.”

She could see about 6 of them still sporting sizeable erections, but there was no way she could take anymore fucking.

“Why don’t you lads wank over her.” Pete suggested. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that.”

Kirsty nodded her agreement and flopped down on the bed. The 6 men that were ready joined her, positioned all around her. One by one they came, raining semen down on her face, hair, tits, stomach and pussy. At least another 3 men managed to get hard and come again before they were done. She was covered.

Kirsty went for a shower while the men got changed and left. Pete was seeing the last 2 of them out as she emerged wrapped in a towel.

“So was your gangbang as good as you always hoped?” Pete asked her.

“Better.” She said. “I’ve never felt anything like that DP, I felt so full. I only wish it had been you I tried it with first.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get my chance soon enough.” Pete said. “Besides, I really enjoyed watching you having such a good time. And we’ve got the video to relive it again!”

“Give me a couple of days before we watch it though won’t you?” Kirsty asked him. “I think I may need a few days off before I let you near me again!”

Kirsty was out of action for over a week in the end. She even had to take a few days off work to recover. She could tell after a few days that Pete was starting to get frustrated, he hadn’t even joined in on the gangbang, choosing to film it all instead.

“Do you mind if I visit the house again?” Pete asked her. “I really need sex and I know it’ll hurt you. I just can’t wait much longer.”

Kirsty thought about it for a moment. At least he’d been honest with her, rather than just going with someone. It also felt better him doing this rather than going to pick a girl up. At least there would be no emotional involvement.

“Do it.” She told him. “I can’t expect you to wait.”

“You sure?” He said, giving her one last chance to change her mind.

“Yeah, Beth is in today, go and visit her, you’ll like her.” Kirsty told him.

Pete went to see Beth that night, he hadn’t met her before and was immediately attracted to her size 16 figure, 42DD tits and long dark hair. She was bigger and different looking to most of the girls working in these kind of places. She had pale skin rather than the usual fake tan, and was very natural, nothing false about her at all.

“What can I do for you darling?” She asked Pete.

“Would anal be ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, no problem.” She replied. “Anything else you’d like?”

“Would you pee on me?” He asked.

“Yeah, I don’t see why not.” Beth replied.

Pete paid Beth for the hour and chatted while he gave him a massage. Pete explained to her that Kirsty was his girlfriend and what they’d done at the weekend. Beth wasn’t shocked, she knew Kirsty and her man got up to some wild things, she just hadn’t met him until now.

Beth had a slightly less wild lifestyle these days. She had been settled with her fiancé for 2 years now, he knew what she did for a living and didn’t mind, but had no interest in doing the kind of things Kirsty & Pete did. Beth felt a slight moment of jealousy, she had always fancied the idea of a gangbang or orgy with John but she knew it would never happen.

Beth spent the next 10 minutes giving Pete the standard service. He laid back while she sucked his cock before rolling on a condom and riding him. She was enjoying her own little fantasy of being surrounded by a dozen cocks as Kirsty had been and ended up coming, the first time in ages this had happened with a client. She had almost forgotten about Pete for a moment!

“Sorry.” She said blushing. “I got a bit carried away there!”

“Don’t apologize.” He replied. “Glad you’re enjoying it.”

“Do you mind if I suck you again so you come?” Beth asked him. “I get really sensitive down there when I come.”

“Course not.” Pete said with a smile.

Beth decided to give him a treat and took the condom off, taking his swollen length into her mouth. She sucked his entire length, taking him in deeper each mouthful until she could feel his pubes against her nose. Pete couldn’t last long, he soon groaned in appreciation and released a huge load into Beth’s mouth. She held onto his entire load before depositing it into a tissue next to the bed.

“Now I know why you needed to visit me!” She said to him smiling.

They spent the next few minutes chatting. Beth had been drinking large glasses of water since Pete had come in, getting ready for his next request.

“Right, I need the bathroom.” She announced. “Care to join me?”

Pete followed her across the landing to the bathroom.

“Do you want to sit in the shower and I’ll stand over you?” Beth asked him.

Pete nodded and did as she directed. He got a great view of Beth’s neatly trimmed snatch as she got into position. Pete had always been attracted to bigger girls, Beth looked fantastic to him, she wasn’t at all self conscious about her curvy body as some girls could be.

“Right, where do you want it.” She asked him.

“Anywhere.” He replied. “I love it all over me.

Beth started to let go and a small stream of clear urine started to trickle over his stomach and cock. It felt delightfully warm. It soon became a stream, she was really letting go now. Beth aimed her stream higher up his chest, then aimed a small bit at his face, testing the water. Pete didn’t flinch, making it clear it was fine. Beth finished off peeing all over his face until she was done.

“God that was nice!” Pete told her.

Beth smiled, she wasn’t really into watersports but loved seeing that she had satisfied her man.

After a quick shower they moved back to the bedroom. They had 20 minutes left, Pete was as hard as a rock again and was ready to take Beth’s arse. She applied some lubricant to herself and a new condom onto Pete’s cock, lubing him up also.

Beth got onto all fours, presenting her plump, rounded arse to him. Pete got in behind and tasted her arse first. He worked his tongue around her rim, tasting the strawberry flavored lubricant and Beth’s natural taste.

Pete then replaced his tongue with his cock, and gradually edged it inch by inch into Beth’s arse. Her initial sharp intake of breath soon gave way to a small whimper of pleasure as her arse opened for him. Pete started to fuck her, slowly at first until she let him know she wanted it harder. He happily obliged, plunging his rock hard length into her until he filled the condom with another load of his seed.

Pete was totally spent now. This was exactly what he needed. He kissed Beth on the cheek and made his way home to his girlfriend. Things were coming along nicely.

Author’s note: This is a fantasy. Well, so far… My thanks to the young woman who inspired it.


The train was late. Sandy fidgeted nervously before the announcement board, impatient in his lust. He reached Platform 15 as the train sighed to a halt, searching faces. Then she was before him, breathless and trepidatious. Maybe scared. But that was as it should be. He grabbed her roughly, pulled her into a harsh kiss. No love, just lust, and their mutual needs. His fingers slipped under her slutskirt, found wet cunt:

- Good girl. Did you have fun on the train?

A whimper:

- Sorry master, I couldn’t find anyone to fuck. Just flashed a couple of guys.

- Aye weel Rachael, you’ll be punished for that. You had your instructions.


In the taxi she was shaking as she fastened her collar. He locked it, reached into her top to maul her tits. God she was perfect, his new slavegirl. Soaking cunt, fear and lust in her eyes. He fumbled the driver a twenty, attached the leash to her collar, and dragged her into his home:

- Lose your clothes.

Her eyes fell. He took photographs whilst she stripped, his cock rising as her young body was revealed. He’d had her once before, just for a weekend, under very different circumstances. This time there was no cause for equivocation on his part: she was his to do with as he wished. She wanted that; had travelled three hundred miles to get it. And in using and abusing her without restraint, he knew he’d be punishing the lover who had recently abandoned him. God he was turned on that a woman so young was his slave. But there was a problem:

- I told you to get waxed slavegirl.

A whimper. Tears. She shivered:

- Sorry master. I… I couldn’t get time off from work.

- Uhuh. So two infractions; no wax and no fuck on the train. You need serious punishment, slave. But first, your cunt must be naked.

He grabbed the leash and yanked her into the bathroom. Pointed to his electric beard-trimmer and wet-shave gear:

- Get on with it.

She sat on the edge of the bath and switched on the trimmer. He watched engrossed, taking photographs as she applied it above and over her cunt. The brown silky hair fell away. Soon all was reduced to stubble, notably damp around her labia and below. She turned off the machine, glanced shyly at him:

- Is that better master?

He moved to her, stroked her wetness, kissed her mouth gently:

- A good start slut. Now the wet-shave. Here, let me help you.

He filled the basin with steaming water, put razor and brush in it to heat, and removed the cap from his shaving-stick:

- All yours slut. Want me to soap you?

She nodded. She’d never used a shaving brush before. He knelt to inhale and lick her wet cunt before he started. Tangy and dirty, completely unlike the sweet fruitiness of his former lover. He liked it. Licked more. Was tempted to continue as she began to moan, but resisted. For now. He brushed a rich lather all over the stubble, gave her the razor:

- Completely naked for master.

She stroked inexpertly till his frustration required him to intervene:

- Your master needs to do that.

Within minutes she was shaved, rinsed, and baby-smooth. He was unable to resist, knelt to suckle her tangy sex:

- Jesus girlslave, this is beautiful.

- It’s yours master. Your cunt, to use as you wish. You own it, I promised you.

- Open your legs wide, I need to examine it.

He peered and licked, then slapped it hard:

- I know you need to be used. You will have your needs fulfilled. And you’ll get your first proper orgasm, I promise you. Now, bedroom.

During the previous scene they’d shared, she had said she’d never had a full orgasm. With anyone, in any way. He’d been frustrated that he hadn’t been able to give her one then. Was determined that this time he would.

She stood in his room, her young body trembling. Delicious small tits with puffy nipples, quite unlike the proud hard ones of his former lover. He shivered at the memory. But this girl was his now:

- What does master want?

- Slave has earned punishment for her infractions. On the bed, on your back.

- Yes master.

God she was so deliciously biddable. His cock jerked as she lay on the bed, legs spread, cunt glistening with need, waiting to be secured. He stripped quickly, padlocked the cuffs on her wrists to the headboard:

- Lift your legs. Ankles beside your hands.

Her cunt and arse gaped invitingly. Fuck he was going to enjoy her. Use and abuse her, but in doing so pleasure her. Fingers trembling with excitement, he secured her ankles to the bedhead. She was all his. She wanted this as much as he did. She was bright and intelligent, though he knew her life was troubled. He might want to help her in other ways if he could, but for now all he could give her was the abuse and sex she craved.

He knelt between her spread thighs, smelling her delicious need. Licked there, cunt and anus. But before he fucked her, she needed pain.

Opening his intricately-carved Chinese chest, he selected the flogger and nipple-clamps ordered specially for this girl. Both were too evil to have been used on his former lover; but he’d discussed them with Rachael, shown her them online, and she’d been eager to try them.

The flogger had steel tips to the falls. The clamps were crocodile clips. He moved to the bed with them. Applied a clamp to a puffy nipple. She screamed, so loudly that he considered gagging her. He had neighbours:

- Too much? Want the other one slave?

She gasped, tears running down her face. God he loved that…

- I’m collared for you master. I haven’t called my safeword.

- Jesus you’re gorgeous…

He was panting as, watching her writhe in agony, he applied the other clamp. His prick had never been so hard. He showed her the cruel flogger:

- Want this too slave?

She flinched through her tears:

- As master requires. Slave has earned it.

He ran the steel tips across her face. Over the soles of her feet; down the backs of her splayed legs. Dangled it over her cunt so the tips just feathered her. She squirmed in anticipation. Sandy was trembling with excitement. He raised his arm and the device flailed her gaping vulva. Not too hard the first time.

- More?

She nodded.

The next time wasn’t play. She shrieked as the cruel tips assaulted her nerve-endings. He heard no safeword. Started beating her seriously, but knew his excitement was getting out of order. Nearly beyond his careful self-control. Had to stop… His cock was dripping. Needing to spend in her. He ate her first, relishing this sharp new taste, and slid into her inflamed cunt:

- This what my slave needs?

- Ohgod master yes. Take your Rachael. And master?

- Aye?

- That was wickedly good. I’m so close…

Unbelievably beautiful. He fucked her with care at first, ensuring that his cockhead struck her gspot on every thrust. Fingered her clit, watched as she squirmed and moaned, knew she was rising. Wanted her to achieve orgasm, his strange needy girl. But he couldn’t hold out much longer as he took this sexgirl forty years younger than him… such a tight cunt…

She tensed. Convulsed and screamed, her eyes rolling up. And his spunk surged in her. Jesus, what a gorgeous fuckslave.

He sank on her groaning form, sweat pouring from both of them. Licked her everywhere he could:

- That was so beautiful Rachael. Thank you.

She smiled shyly at him:

- You made me cum master. For the first time in my life, you made me orgasm. Please, undo the cuffs. I need to hug you.

Tenderly, he unfastened her. She moaned as he removed the clamps and sucked her inflamed nipples. She hugged him tight, and he licked and kissed all over her face:

- God that was wonderful, my sexgirl. A most beautiful scene. And the fuck… your cunt is heaven. Thank you for allowing me bareback.

- That was the best scene I’ve ever enjoyed master. And to think, we’ve several days together now… your girl wants everything you wish to do to her.

- You’ll get it all, sexgirl. But before we get dinner, I think you need leather.

- God I want that. But please master, can I pee first?

- Only if I watch.

- Oh, I remember last time, you made me pee in front of you. I’d never done that before. It… um… it was exciting. And humiliating.

- Come to the toilet. You don’t know what humiliation is yet.

He grabbed her hair and dragged her to the room, clutching his camera.

- Crouch over it, seat up. I need to see and photograph everything.

She crouched. Her face was anguish:

- Please master, I need to but I just can’t…

He moved closer, kissed her mouth as he stroked her inflamed cunt, teasing the clit, easing his finger between her swollen folds, rubbing the urethra:

- Piss for master, slave. Piss now…

There was a trickle on his fingers. He put his hand to her mouth so that she could lick it off. Then the camera clicked as the urine gushed from her. The most delightful humiliation shone on her anguished face.

- Now stay there slut. Master needs to piss too.

Camera still in hand, he crouched close to her, kissed her mouth, and pointed his cock at her cunt. This was new for her; last time she’d begged him not to do it. This time there was no protest. The camera clicked as his yellow liquid sprayed her sex. He wiped her dry and instructed her to suck the last dribbles from his cock.

- Good girl. Now back to bed. Hands and knees. You need leathered for failing to seduce anyone on the train.

God he knew how much she needed pain. Relished the heavy belt as he hefted it:

- Just leather slave, or the buckle too?

- A… as master wishes.

Fuck. She’d get it then. He started with the leather, edging it as he swung so it bit hard into her presented arse. When she was glowing and marked, he knelt behind her. Her cunt was streaming. He lapped the sexfluid, pulled her arsecheeks wide, and licked into her anus. He’d have that later… But she’d asked for buckle, and she would get it.

He swung only twice. Drew blood on the second strike.

Left her whimpering on the bed, donned his dressing gown, and went to fix dinner. Called to her half an hour later when all was ready:

- Come and get it. Use the red dressing gown on the back of the door. No other clothes.


The dinner was simple: grilled salmon steaks, boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli, fresh tomatoes. A bottle of fresh light French white.

She ate hungrily:

- I didn’t know you could cook master?

- Nothing fancy, but I’ve learned to look after myself.

Once they were done, he ordered her:

- Master cooked. Slave washes up.

- Yes master.

She’d just finished, was drying her hands, when he moved into the kitchen behind her. Reached round into the dressing gown for her cunt. Good and wet:

- Come here slave.

He dragged her into the living room, fingers hooked in her vagina:

- You told me you’ve never squirted, girl.

- No master, I don’t think so.

- You’d know if you had. That means you haven’t. Let’s see now…

He took her into his arms, kissing her with a passion that surprised her. Tweaked and played with her nipples, then drew the clamps from his pocket and applied them. Not the vicious ones: this pair had soft covers where they bit her buds. But they still hurt: her tits were recovering from their previous encounter.

She gasped into his kiss. His hand went to her cunt again: drenched. God he loved how she got off on pain. His fingers curled into her, found the spongy patch. She groaned in his mouth as he began rubbing:

- Master’s going to make slave squirt.

Her arms wound round his neck, mouth against his, slack with desire. As the rubbing intensified, she began to tremble, her cunt squirming in need against his busy hand:

- Yes master. Slave so wants that.

- Just let go my little whore. It’ll feel like you need to pee, just let go, let it happen…

She shuddered against him:

- Ohfuckohfuckohfuck…

Her entire being convulsed, and his hand and wrist were soaked. He knelt and drank the last few squirts, then carefully wiped the rest of the liquid with the dressing gown she wore. And removed it:

- Now bend over the table. Master’s going to have his slave’s arse.

She obeyed, smelling he flowers he’d bought for her arrival. She didn’t much enjoy it in her arse, but she had collared herself. He didn’t go to the bedroom for lube, fetched olive oil from the kitchen instead. God her arse was beautiful, bruised and blooded, young and inexperienced. He’d never before needed to fuck as he did at that moment:

- Pull your cheeks wide for master.

She complied, trembling. The fact that she didn’t like it in her arse made it more exciting for him. He thrust his dripping cock in her. Oh jesus, so tight, so exhilarating. This was all for him, and he used her hard, didn’t give a fuck about her this time. Reached to pull and maul her tits as he fucked her… knew he wouldn’t last long. Balls tightening, ohfuck, the terrible beauty was born… and he filled her with spunk. Delicious pure dirtyfuck. She was a delight. When eventually his prick softened and withdrew, there was shit on it:

- Up slave. On your knees. Clean your master.

He stroked her face tenderly as she took his limp cock in her mouth.

Before they went to bed he ordered her to remove the chain his former lover had fastened round his neck two years previously.


There was much to do the next day. He’d promised to buy her clothes for promotional photos for her website. There would be social fun afterwards.

She was scantily clad, so he slipped a light raincoat over her form before they left the flat. It gave him satisfaction to parade her through his city, collared and leashed. He bought her clothes. But he was really looking forward to the shoe shop. She wore a short slut-skirt, thigh-highs, and no panties. No bra under her translucent top. It was hard to find a shop with male attendants, but eventually they managed. She was scared witless, and had to be dragged in.

- Can I help you?

The attendant was about forty, reasonably good-looking, with the unctuous manner of salespersons everywhere. He was even rubbing his hands. His brows rose when he noted the collar and leash.

- These black boots in the window. Do you have them in her size?

- I’m sure we do sir. Perhaps I should measure you madame? Please take a seat here.

She sighed with relief, removed the coat, and sat. At least it was in a corner, and didn’t face the window.

The man brought the measuring device and knelt before her:

- If you could just raise your left foot madame, please?

She remembered her master’s instructions and parted her legs a little. Raised her left foot. The assistant concentrated on the measuring device. Eventually raised his head to look at her. His eyes widened in surprise. Excitement coursed through her and she flooded. He must have seen it. Fuck, she could smell herself.

He was a professional; he’d seen it before. His recovery was instant:

- Thank you. Now the right please, madame.

She parted her legs wider. Fiddled at her collar, and unfastened the top buttons of her blouse. She leaned forward, close to the assistant’s ear. Whispered:

- Sorry, I’m a bit deaf. What did you say?

The man’s head was reeling. This was beyond his training or experience:

- Err, your right one now, please madame…

She leaned closer:

- My right what?

- Um, foot, madame. Please.

Rachael sat back and placed her right foot on the measuring device. God she was enjoying this poor man’s discomfiture. The tops of her thigh-highs were soaked.

Master touched her wet cunt whilst the man left to search for the boots:

- Is slave enjoying herself?

- I was terrified at first master. But now, yes, you know I’m very excited.

- I’ll tell him to cop a feel then…

The assistant returned, smiling nervously, and knelt before her:

- I think you’ll find these are the right size madame.

- Please put them on for me? My back’s sore.

Her legs parted as the assistant began to slip the first boot on. She raised the leg so he could access the zip at the back. Her pungent aroma filled the air and her cunt gaped before his eyes.

Sandy leaned down to the man:

- Like what you see?

The assistant’s voice was hoarse:

- Fuck. Err, sorry sir. Aye, of course I do…

- Want to feel and taste?

- Shit. Is the Pope a Catholic?

- Go ahead then.

The man looked nervously at Rachael.

- You don’t need to ask her. I own her. I give you permission to touch and taste what you can see.

The assistant zipped the boot up. Nervously looked round, then at Sandy, a question in his eyes.

- Go ahead. Slide your fingers up her thigh. She wants it. She wants you to touch her cunt. You can see and smell how wet it is.

The hand was shaking. It moved slowly up the thigh. Rachael quivered in excitement, and the movement of hand and thigh stimulated her further:

- Go on. Touch me. Touch my cunt.

The assistant’s palpitating fingernail caught in her thigh-high, and a slutty rip appeared.

- For fuck’s sake, touch me. Get me off.

His hand moved up the last few inches of fleshy thigh quickly, slithering on her juice. She moaned as he reached her sex:

- Slide them in. Get me off.

He knew what he was doing. Twisted his hand so it was palm-up to her sex, and his two middle fingers entered her. Sandy tweaked her nipples through her blouse and she wailed softly:

- I need it hard man. Wank me hard. Thumb on my clit.

Sandy watched in fascination when Rachael’s hips rose from the seat, her face a grimace of sexual anguish as the assistant grunted to serve her. But she couldn’t cum, and the man sat back, defeated. Sandy kissed her mouth:

- You did well, slave. Thank you.


They ate in a wee Lebanese restaurant in the West End. Sandy was ebullient; Rachael a bit subdued after her experience in the shoe shop. The restaurant staff had looked askance as they entered; they’d only ever previously seen him with his ex-partner. But both the service and the food were, as always, impeccable. Once they’d finished and paid, he stroked her sex-sticky thigh under the table:

- If we find someone suitable, do you want your DP, slave?

She shivered, looked down. Then up in his eyes, a glow there he hadn’t seen before:

- I… I think so master. I’d like… to know what it feels like to have two cocks in me. Yes. Please.

He smiled, delighted at the final assurance in her voice. He and his ex-partner had discussed MFM threesomes at length, had three times tried and failed to arrange one. It was an experience he’d wanted for years, and with this biddable new slave he knew he’d have it. He drew her from the restaurant and hailed a cab.

The munch was in an elevated corner of the pub as usual, not in a private room. None of the attendees were friends, just acquaintances, and he’d fucked none of the subs. He’d removed Rachael’s leash, but not her collar, before they entered: it was etiquette not to be too overt here. He introduced her round, noting which of the doms seemed interested in her. Left her to her own devices and chatted to a couple of subs he fancied, whilst watching who was talking to her. One of the subs was very friendly. Strange how women sometimes appeared more interested in an attached than a single man.

Rachael had been chatting to Gavin for some time. Sandy liked the guy: he was reserved and intelligent, unlike some of the self-important fools who style themselves doms. He made a date with the sub for the following week, and joined Rachael. He sent her to the bar to order drinks:

- Hi Gavin. D’ye like her?

- She’s a bit quiet, but she’s in a strange city I suppose. Aye, she’s nice.

- Fancy her?

- Oh fuck aye, she’s red hot. She’s been flashing me; I could smell her.

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