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Having a steady girlfriend through most of my high school days never stopped me from cheating with a number of girls who caught my attention, so when I went to university it was more of the same, till I met Karima.

Karima was older than most of the girls in my class, she was 30, long brown hair, soft skin, mixed as she was half arab and half white, with bright brown eyes and a stunning body….thin legs, nice juicy ass and the perfect boobs.

She was shy, reserved and a virgin. She was saving herself for marraige apparently and had turned several guys down. Her friends said she had not found the right guy so as the years went by, she began to believe she would always be single, and that added to her shyness around men.

I was facinated by this girl, sometimes things just click for no reason, and thats exactly what happened with Karima. I saw her for the very first time in my Maths class and couldnt take my eyes off her. I could sense she was aware of my attention because she kept glancing at me after every few minutes and met my gaze for a few moments before she lowered her eyes and turned away.

Once I saw her at a beach party, all the other girls were in their bikinis except her. She was sitting on the patio wearing a white top and a transparent white skirt which showed off her pink panties underneath. I remember going out to grab a drink from the patio cooler and getting a good look at her crotch as she sat with her legs slightly parted. That alone turned me on, because it was Karima!

Another time we were squeezed in an elevator together and as it turned out she was squeezed just ahead of me. I deliberately pressed myself against her ass and revelled in her smell as I let my cock harden against her behind. She could feel it yet to my surprise and delight – she did not make any effort to move away.

As the doors opened on the elevator she quickly glanced at me as she walked away with her face flushed bright red.

That was the moment I told myself that whatever it takes,I will end up fucking this girl one way or the other. I had to have her, something about her just drove me wild.

A day later, I was at the mall with my girlfriend Natalie, and saw Karima. Natalie was busy browsing Victoria’s Secret, and I tagged along to pay the bills when I saw her passing by. We locked eyes as she passed by went into the store right across.

This was my chance I thought to myself as I hurriedly told Natalie I’d be right back, and made my way to the store Karima walked into.

As I entered, I saw her by the door she was pretending to go through a stack of shirts, but in reality she was by the window and once she saw me walk in, she looked up at me and smiled.

I walked across to her and tried to hold my voice steady “Hey! We’ve never met but we’re in Maths together and I’ve seen you around quite a bit..I’m Brian”.

She continued to smile and held out her hand “Karima”.

I took her hand and looking into her big bright eyes, began to smile and said “I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while but….” I shrugged and she gave me a knowing look.

She laughed and said “is that the reason why you keep staring at me”?

I laughed and replied “That and a couple of other reasons”!

“Such as” she asked?

“How about we talk about it over dinner” I replied.

She laughed again. “Wont your girlfriend be upset”?

“Maybe. But something tells me I don’t really care” I smiled.

Thats when she realized I wasnt just flirting with her, she could see this was real, and I wasnt messing around.

She began to blush and shyly looked away then back at me. “I don’t really date but…I want too with you” she replied.

I smiled. “So friday night”?

“Okay”, she replied. “Do you want my number”?

“I already have it” I grinned back. “I looked you up in the student directory and on facebook”.

“Oh God” she laughed. She looked away shyly “I’ve never gone on a proper date before, thats just not me. I cant believe Im doing this”.

“Im glad you are” I replied “So I’ll call you soon”.

“Okay” she smiled as I walked away.

As I walked back to Natalie, all I could think about was how attracted I was to this busty little woman, and how badly I wanted to undress her, lick her all over and fuck her as hard as I could over and over again.

I went home and called her the same night. We chatted for over an hour about all kinds of stuff, and we hit it of so well it seemed as if we knew each for years.

Friday couldnt come soon enough but it finally came and I drove across to her apartment to pick her up, armed with roses and chocklates.

I walked to her doorstep to pick her up having made reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant, and knocked on her door.

She opened the door and my jaw dropped, she was wearing a stunning black dress, with straps around her shoulders showing off her neckline, the dress was tightly wrapped around her body showing off all her curves, ending just above her knees, flashing her soft legs.

“Wow”. “Im totally speechless” I smiled, handing her the flowers.

She blushed “Thanks Brian..come on in”.

“Do you want to head out instead, we can go for dinner and I can come inside later instead” I said.

She smiled “Actually, its a bit of a surprise so come in” she said and held my hand and led me inside.

She led me into her apartment, the lights had all been dimmed, and sitting in the middle of her dining room was a table set for two, with candles and soft music playing in the background.

I looked at her with a surprised look…

She said “I thought I’d cook for you at home instead..hope you dont mind”.

I smiled “Dont mind at all, but you shouldnt have done all the work…I couldve helped”.

She laughed “You can help me clean up how’s that”?

“Deal” I replied.

“But first…may I have this dance” I asked, as the music played in the back.

I didnt give her a chance to respond as I grabbed her and pulled her close to me and began to dance with her.

She wrapped her arms around my waist and gazed into my eyes as we moved to the music, and with my right hand I began stroking her arms and her waist.

She rested her head on my shoulder and I began kissing her earlobe, slowly moving to the music enjoying her smell, and her body next to mine for the very first time.

“Mmmmm” she murmured….

I ran my hands down her back and across her ass, tightly bound in her black dress and squeezed her ass cheeks.

She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and I couldnt hold back any longer. I kissed her lips with passion,pulling her even closer and pressing my cock against her crotch.

Her lips opened to meet mine and she darted her tongue out tentatively, I met her tongue with mine and began unzipping her dress…

She pulled away a touch and whispered “Brian..we shouldnt be doing this…not till marraige”

I pulled her back and said “Hush…I want you feel how bad”, and held her hand and pushed it down to my cock…I unbuttoned my pants and pushed her hands down to hold my hard cock…

Surprised by how fast things were moving, she began pulling away until she felt my cock.

She gasped as she felt my cock in her hands…and she began stroking it with her fingers instinctively, and once again began kissing me hard with her tongue all the way inside my mouth.

I knew then she was mine and quickly unzipped her dress all the way and pushed the straps over her shoulders, kissing her shoulders and her neck as the dress dropped to the floor.

She shyly looked down as she stood before with me with her black bra and panties. I couldnt stop admiring her body, and I slowly unhooked her bra so I could finally see those amazing breasts that I had dreamt of kissing and licking since I first laid eyes on Karima.

As her bra fell off, I took a moment to admire Karima’s breasts…they were stunning just as I had imagined, big brown nipples erect just waiting for me to take them in my mouth.

“Oh baby this is wrong…we shouldnt…” she murmured as I squeezed her breasts.

“Oh God…Mmmm…..” she groaned as I took her nipples in my mouth and began licking and biting them softly.

She began to rub her hands all over my hair and my neck as I licked her big brown juicy tits, pausing for a moment to plant another wet kiss on her lips.

“Ohh Brian….oh baby” she groaned.

I pushed her slowly back towards the sofa, sitting her down as I unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers.

She nervously looked up at me unsure what was about to happen next…clearly she was not only a virgin but also very inexperienced with anything sexual.

This will be fun I thought to myself as I guided her hands to my cock and had her push down my boxers exposing my rigid throbbing cock right in front of her face.

Her eyes sprang open in surprise as she looked at the size of my cock with nervous anticipation.

“Oh Brian…it’s so big baby….” she purred.

“Its all yours baby…suck it Karima…take me in your mouth babe” I replied

She went to her knees and I guided my prick to her face.

She opened her lips and I slipped my dick in. I clutched her head and slid my prick into her warm wet silky mouth.

“Oh yes…ahh,” I groaned at the sensation of her lips and tongue on my cock. I drove my dick on in, and then began sliding it back and forth. “Oh yeah, that’s the way, baby,” I huffed. “That’s the way to suck it. Baby but you’ve got a wet hot mouth. Oh baby, suck my dick, suck every inch of it.”

I hunched my crotch on her face, humping my prick down to her throat. “I’m fucking your mouth, baby,” i panted, “I’m fucking your throat.”

She sucked voraciously on my cock, using her palate, gums, tongue and lips. “Not so bad for a virgin” I thought to myself!

I felt my balls swelling and the cum churning and swirling in my bag. I didnt want to cum just yet. I slid my dick out of her mouth and went down on my knees and pulled her down on her back.

I slid her black lace panties down, raised her legs and drew them back, and went down on her. I buried my face on her pussy, rubbing it up and down and around.

“Yummy” I thought to myself as I tasted Karima for the very first time. I clasped her hips and went to town on her cunt. I slid my tongue in and licked and sucked her clit, and then began jamming and flicking and jabbing my tongue in her pussy.

She clutched my head and lurched her cunt up, mashing and grinding it on my face as she lost control of her body. “Oh, ah, your tongue,” she panted. “Oh, it’s so long and thick–ahh–Oh Brian baby I’m so wet.”

I tongue-fucked Karima, zipping my tongue up and down her pussy.

“Oh god, eat me,!” she gasped. “Eat my cunt. Fuck me with your tongue. Goddamn, it feels so fucking good!”

I smiled to myself as I thought about this virgin who I was eating with my tongue in all her glory begging me to fuck her.

She reached down and pushed my head hard into her pussy, as she humped her body wildly off the bed at me.

“Unggh! Uggghh! Ohhhh!” Karima’s body felt like it was on fire, she couldn’t stop herself from moaning and she couldn’t hold out any longer, her pussy felt like it was about to explode.

“Oh god, oh god! I’m Cumming! I’mmmm CUUUMMMINNNG!”

Karima felt her body shudder as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably around my tongue. She arched her back as the ripples of pleasure rode through her whole body, lifting her lower body right off the floor.I licked her cunt, taking in her pussy juices as they flooded out. Karima couldn’t control her herself, she thrashed her legs about – she was having another orgasm, then another shot through her, she’d never experience anything like it in her life, the fact that this was so wrong in her mind, being a virgin and wanting to save herself for marraige, made it even more intense.

“Ungghh … YES! Ohhh … Guuuhhhh!” Her cries of passion echoed round the room as at last the pulses of sexual electricity slowed to a stop.

Karima just lay there breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. She brushed her sweaty long black hair away from her face, her whole body was dripping with sweat now.

She looked down to see me still lapping at her cunt with my tongue, teasing her clit. My lips were filled with her juices and she kept thrusting her pussy up towards my face.

“Come here” she huskily whispered. I let go of her clit and moved back up planting quick kisses along the way until I finally reached her lips and stuck my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her sweet juices from my mouth.

She hungrily sucked in her juices from my mouth and turned me over so she could climb on top of me, rubbing her pussy against my cock and planting kissing along my chest. I rested my head back and let her do what she wanted.

Sure enough I guessed where she was heading, down to my balls – she buried her lips by my sack and started sucking my balls wildly making loud slurping noises as she sucked me like a pro.

I felt myself getting hard once again as Karima continued sucking my balls and stroking my cock with her fingers. I pulled her off my balls and turned her over, spreading her legs and placing her on all fours, her ass staring right at my face.

I thought about what I was about to do and smiled to myself, knowing I had never done anything like this for anyone else but finding myself filled with a desire to lick Karima’s ass for the very first time.

I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her higher and just below her dripping pussy tucked between the firm globes of her ass was her cute puckered hole. Clean, pinkish tan, clenching as she tightened her ass to thrust her pussy up into the air.

I stuck my tongue out as far as possible and lowered my head. The tip of my tongue flicked against her tight anus.

Karima gasped with surprise as I flicked the tight ring again.

“No, baby. Not there, not there.” she whimpered.

My tongue flicked her butt again and she quivered as though she had touched an electric wire. I raised my head and looked once again at the clenching ring, took a deep breath, dropped my head again as my rigid tongue pierced Karima’s ass and drove into her.

Karima whimpered again. She gasped as her lungs demanded air.She spread her legs giving me room…arched her back again, all her thoughts forgotten she pushed her ass back towards my face.

“Suck me, baby. Eat me. Oh my god, my god. Brian baby….I’m going to cum, going to cum, I’m cumming. Oh great god. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Goddddddd. Your tongue’s in my ass, in my ass. Oh, god, so dirty, so nasty. Tongue me, baby. Can’t stop cumming. Ohhhhhh, again, I’m cumming again. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Your tongue, Oh god, your tongue is in my butt”.

Karima shuddered as she felt her orgasm all over her body, her legs gave way and she fell back into my arms. Breathing heavily she looked up at my lips covered with her cum and kissed me hard, her tongue diving into my mouth tasting her own cum.

“That was amazing…I cant believe you did that baby” she whispered.

“Mmmmm I replied”:. ” My cock was aching with desire. I had to be inside her. She could tell I wanted to fuck her brains out.

“When you put your tongue in my pussy, that was the best feeling ever”! “But then you tongued my ass and that was even better//Oh God baby..I cant believe we did this”.

“We arent done yet babe…” I smiled stroking my cock as it sprang up. “Your pussy is next…I want my cock inside your little pussy babe”.

She looked into my eyes and then down to my cock. With a smile, she moved towards me and began kissing me hungrily, her tongue now freely playing with mine, while her fingers began stroking my cock – getting ready to feel my cock inside her for the first time.

To be continued!

I was in a trance through the rest of the night and into the next day. Every scintilla of my attention was focused on one thing, Jolene.

I had an older friend buy the bottle of Southern Comfort and a twelve pack of beer for us. He took another twelve pack for his trouble.

Around noon, my parents said goodbye. I filled the refrigerator with beer and made sure we had plenty of ice cubes. Then I raced over to Bobby’s house to spread the news. As I ran threw Buster’s back yard, he didn’t even try to chase me. He just lazily watched me pass. As I did, I said to Buster, pounding my chest, “I’m the big dog now.” I leaped the fence and vaulted into Bobby’s back yard. Jolene was only standing a couple of feet away, and I almost ran into to her. It startled her, she screeched and fell back on her butt.

“Whoa! Jolene,” I blurted out. “Sorry!”

“For goodness sake, Richard! You nearly scared my pants off.”

I reached down and helped her back up.

“I bet that was your plan all along.” She patted my cheek. “You’re so anxious to get them off, aren’t you?” She dusted her bottom.

“Ah…well…ya. That is why I’m here. You are most certainly right,” I said grinning.

“Naughty boy,” she replied.

“My place is all ready for tonight. Are you?”

“Mmmmm. I do believe I am.” She leaned close and whispered in my ear. “My pussy has been wet all day thinking about it.” She giggled, pushed me away and ran to the tire swing.

“Come push me, Richie. You don’t mind if I call you Richie, do you?”

“You can me anything you want, Jolene.”

I got behind her, pulled her back as high as I could and gave her a push. She squealed. When she came back towards me, she looked over her shoulder.

“I have a confession to make,” she said and swung out away from me. When she came back at me and asked her what it was.

“I just like you so much,” she said and swung out again. Back in, I put my hands against her hips and pushed.

“I like you too.” She flew out away from me, squealed again at the top of her arc and came back.

“I mean,” she said. “You’re such a better lover than Bobby.” I pushed her and away she went; then back again.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sweetie.” I pushed once more enjoying the feel of her hips in my hands. And she swung back again.

“But when I’m with him, I’m wishing it’s you.” When she came back, I grabbed the swung and stopped its motion. She leaned back against my chest. The smell of her hair was intoxicating. She reached back and put her hand on my crotch.

“Jolene, he’s my best friend. I can’t do anything to hurt our friendship.”

“I’m not asking you to, Richie. I just wanted you to know. You’re my favorite guy.” Her fingers caressed my cock into an erection.

“The three of us will have a great time, tonight, but I want a lot more alone time with you.”

“Okay,” was all I could manage to say. I wanted to tell I her I loved her, I adored her and I was willing to do and be anything she wanted of me. I’d walk over broken glass bare foot into hell itself. Well…almost.

She stood up from the swing, turned around, looked down at my boner and smiled. She reached up high on the rope and looked at me with her sexiest leer.

“Do you love me, Richie?”

“I’m crazy about you.”

“Tell me you love me.” The tip of her tongue darted out and wet her lips.

“I love you, Jolene.”

She reached out and ran a finger tip over my lips.

“I think I love you too.”

“What about Bobby?” I didn’t want anything to hurt my friendship, but Jolene was clearly in control, and I was clearly putty in her hands. She pushed her finger into my mouth.

“I’ll keep Bobby happy sugar, but I’ll be thinking of you. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Jolene; what ever you want.” There, I said it. I relinquished all control.

The back door slammed, and Bobby came bounding out to join us.

“Hey, bro,” he said.

“Hey, dude.”

“Bobby, tell Richie what you and I did last night,” Jolene said with a chuckle.

“Richie? How cute.”

“Fuck you, Bobby.”

“Tell him what you did to me.” She twisted around still clinging to the rope. Bobby looked back over his shoulder at the house; then he nervously laughed.

“Jolene has this…ah…long dildo thing. She had me use it on her.” Bobby looked uncomfortable.

“You aren’t much of a story teller, Bobby,” she scolded him. “He took my long dildo thing, slid it deep into my pussy, turned on the vibrator and fucked me crazy! I thought I was going to die.” Jolene laughed.

“Woo wee! And then…he stuck it up my tight little bung hole, and ass fucked me good! I nearly fainted with happiness and joy.” As she spoke, her words were interspersed with laughter.

“Wow,” I said. I looked at Booby and then back at Jolene. Bobby was blushing. “Wish I could have been there.”

“Don’t worry, sugar. I’ll have you both at the same time tonight.”

Jolene clearly loved to embarrass and play us. I loved it, but I’m not sure how Bobby felt about it.

“Look boys, I have to go get ready. You are taking me to the all night movies, right?”

“Yes, mam,” I said and bowed. “We will have your chariot waiting, my queen.” She giggled and ran off toward the house.

After Jolene went inside, I looked at Bobby and tried to read his face. He was unusually quiet.

“Bobby, you okay with this?”

“Oh, sure, man. I mean…I don’t know. It is kind of…weird.”

“But fun, right?”

“Well, sure,” Bobby said. “But still…”

“Okay, man. What’s up?”

“I’m starting to feel bad because she my cousin.”

“You feel guilty?”

“Ya, I guess so. It’s wrong, right? Incest and all that?” I nodded my head. I wasn’t about to admit I’d love it if Bobby were out of the picture. The idea of Jolene all to myself for the summer was too much to dream about.

“Look Bobby. If you feel that way, then maybe we should just cancel.” He shook his head.

“No way. You and Jolene can go at it. At least I’m not a virgin any more. The guilt is worth that. No use spoiling it for you.”

“Wow,” I said and sat down in the swing.

After several long minutes of silence, Bobby cleared his throat.

“Look, bro. You better go clean up and look like you’re going to a theater. I’m going for walk. Maybe I will go to the movies by myself.”

“Ah, man,” I protested and stood. “This is bogus, dude.”

“No, it’s cool. I just can’t do it.” Bobby turned and ran down the dirt driveway and disappeared.

“Well, fuck a duck,” I muttered, but the voice in my head said, yay!

The back door opened, and Jolene’s father, a big burly man came down the steps toward me.

“Howdy, young man,” he said.

“Hello, sir,” I replied. We shook hands.

“You taking my little girl to this all night movie deal?”

“Ah…well, yes sir, with your permission.”

“Bobby’s parents say you’re a pretty good egg, so I guess its okay. When will you have her home?”

“It usually gets out around three or four. If it’s okay, we’ll stop for breakfast and be home no later than six.”

“That’s what I’ll expect then,” he said, punched me roughly in the shoulder with a stern look and walked away. The punch was clearly a message, or more likely a warning. My bruised shoulder could have cared less. What ever Jolene had in store for me would be worth any thrashing that man could give.

Just before dusk, I arrived at the front of Bobby’s house and knocked on the door. Bobby’s mother opened and invited me in. I had showered, shaved what facial hair I had, brushed my teeth and put on a nice pair of pants and shirt.

“Hi Richard,” she said. “How’s your folks?”

“Pretty god, Mrs. C.”

“You tell them hello for me.”

“I will. They’re in LA right now.”

“Oh, God forbid. I don’t envy that traffic.” She called out behind her. “Jolene, sweetie. Richard is here.”

After a few minutes, Jolene came around the hall corner. She wore a dress that hit her mid knee, and a cute blouse with little hearts all over it. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail.

“Hi,” I said. I was taken by how sweet and chaste she looked.

“Hi Richie,” she said. “Good night folks.” She kissed her dad’s cheek as he glared at me. I tried to smile.

“Good night Mrs. C,” I said, and Jolene and I went out the door, down the steps and started walking toward down town. She put her hand in my arm.

“You look very handsome, Richie.”

“You look…gorgeous as ever.” She squeezed my arm.

“There you go. Being so sweet to me. You’re the best.”

We walked for a couple of blocks before we turned the corner and double backed toward my house.

“It’s too bad about Bobby,” she said. “What happened?” I was surprised she didn’t know.

“Ah…” I didn’t want to break his confidence, but I went ahead and told her. “He was having a problem with the whole…cousin thing. You know? Incest.”

“Ohh. So sensitive. We aren’t even first cousins. My goodness! Second and third cousin are fucking all over the planet,” she said with laugh. “It’s good, clean fun.” I joined in her infectious laughter. I couldn’t disagree. I had a couple of cousins I’d love to have some good clean, fun with.

It was almost dark as we approach my house, and she took my arm and put it around her. She wrapped her arm around me.

“Well, at least I get you all to myself. But I was looking for a little threesome action. I’ve never done that before.”

“You’re kidding,” I said flabbergasted. “I thought you’d done everything.” She laughed big.

“Uh, uh,” she replied. “I haven’t even been fucked in the…you know…back door before. I’m hoping you can do that for me. See,” she said, stopped and turned to face me. She took my hand in hers. “I still have a virgin hole and the cherry belongs to you.” I held her hand as we walked up to me door. Before entering, we stopped, faced each other, and planted a long, wet kiss against our lips. Her tongue swirled into my mouth. Mine darted back into hers. My cock was ready to tear through my pants.

We went straight to the kitchen, and I mixed up a couple of drinks. Jolene hopped up on the kitchen counter and hiked up her skirt high enough to show me she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Damn, Jolene,” I said and stared down at her sweet, bald mound at the top of her gorgeous legs. “I’d be dead right now if your daddy knew you weren’t wearing panties.” She giggled.

She took her drink, and sipped on it looking at me over the top of her glass.

“You know what my pussy needs right now?” She slid a little closer to the edge of the counter. I shook my head.

“Guess,” she commanded.

“It needs to be licked?” I said the obvious. She smiled broadly and nodded her head up and down.

I took a long sip of my drink, set it down on the counter and fell to me knees.

Her pussy was so pretty. She spread her legs wider. I reached in, gently parted the delicate lips and gazed at her inner sanctum of feminine beauty. I leaned in and inhaled. I loved the way her pussy smelled.

“What a perfect flower,” I whispered. I looked up at her and smiled. “Your pussy smells so good.”

“You talk so nice to me, Richie.” She brushed my hair off my forehead. “No body has ever talked to me like you do.”

“Wet my finger,” I said and held the index finger up to her mouth. She leaned forward, took it into her mouth and slobber all over it. I brought my hand back down and slowly extended it toward her open vagina until the tip softly touched her clit. She moaned, and her thighs and stomach muscles twitched a little. I looked back up. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back.

I started rubbing my finger in little circles around the flower petal like inner pussy, passing over her clit with each circle. Jolene continued to moan.

“You know, Jolene,” I said almost in a whisper. She brushed her fingers across my hair as if to say she was listening.

“I’ve never know anyone like you. You’re the perfect woman.” I was just beginning to figure out how to have some power in this relationship. Jolene definitely liked to be sweet talked, and I liked to talk that way. But everything I said was true, and she loved it and I loved saying it.

“You’re beautiful. You’re bright. Your sooo sexy.” My finger continued its journey around her vagina. “Your pussy tastes like ambrosia and smells like a flower. You make me feel better than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. And when I’m inside you, I feel like I’ve come home.” I really poured it on. Jolene groaned, put her hand behind my head and pulled my face into the vortex of her warmth and wetness.

“Oh, Richie,” she said as my tongue dove into her sweet, tight tunnel of love. My hands groped up to her breasts and gently kneaded the soft, pillowy mounds. She placed her hands over mine and started rocking her hips.

I lifted her knees up and her head fell back with a thud into the wall cabinet. She didn’t say a word. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pressed my face tighter into her softness. Her breathing became heavy, and her pussy became wetter.

As I slid my finger inside her, I started sucking on her clitty. Jolene shuddered and gripped my head tighter.

“Oh, god, Richie. You eat my pussy so good. You make me feel so good.” Her body began to quake. The juices began running over my chin and my hand. She humped and shook and groaned.

“Yes, yes, baby. Suck mama’s clitty.” She cradled my head and every time I sucked and pumped my finger in and out she said, “Oh, oh, oh.” I truly loved the taste of her vagina. The inside texture was so smooth. Her clit began to grow fatter and extended out for my tongue and lips. I tried to get my lips around it, but it was still too small. My mouth was plastered against her with the clitty in the center as I sucked on her sensitive flesh. Apparently that was enough. Jolene humped and twitched and bucked against my face.

“Ahhhh,” she started screaming, “Richie!” As an orgasm swept her away, she flooded my face with her delicious lady cum. I was in haven. Jolene was indeed an angel of mercy.

As she started to relax and giggle, she pushed me away.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet lover boy,” she said and slid off the counter. I took her in my arms. She kissed my sloppy wet face over and over.

“I love to eat your pussy, Jolene.”

“Oh,” was all she said and continued her little kisses all over my face and neck.

“And I love you,” I muttered. When I did, she pressed her lips to mine, slithered her tongue into my mouth and kissed me deeply.

After a long kiss, she leaned away and looked into my eyes,

“I love you too,” she whispered, and gently caressed the side of my face. “You’re so sweet to me. I just adore how you talk to me.” She put her head against my chest and snuggled.

We stood there in the kitchen holding each other. I couldn’t believe how I felt. I’d never been in love like this before. I wasn’t sure it really was love, but it was the best feeling in the world. She sighed heavily and stated talking in a soft voice.

“No one has ever talked to me like you do, Richie.” She kissed my neck. “The boys back home are more interested in a quick BJ, a hand job or a fast fuck. They never talk sweet like you do. I know I talk like a slut, and I guess I really am one, but you make me feel so special.”

I kissed the side of her head and said, “You are special, Jolene. You’re the most wonderful woman in the world. I like it that you’re so free sexually. I love how you talk slutty. Let me spend the summer showing you how special you are.”

“Oh,” she gasped and clung to me. “I am yours, Richie. Make me feel special.” She kissed my deeply. I sucked on her tongue when she slid it into my mouth.

“That’s good to hear, my sweet wonderful Jolene. Now I’d like to take you up stairs to the bedroom. I don’t want a quick BJ or hand job, and I’m not interested in a fast fuck. I want to hold you into my arms, and make love to you all night long. I want to show you just how special you are.” I didn’t know where this stuff was coming from, but I was on a roll.

I kissed her deeply again, swept her up in my arms, and carried her up the stairs. We struggled a few times, and I almost dropped her. By the time we got to my parent’s bedroom, we were full of giggles and I tossed her on the bed.

I then teased her and talked in my worst Oklahoma accent.

“Now little lady, you give me that quick blow job so I can go down to the pool hall and have a few beers with the boys.” She laughed and scooted away from the edge of the bed.

“Don’t make me come after you.” I grabbed her ankles and pulled her back toward me. She screamed and kicked her feet, but some how I managed to hang on.

All at once she stopped. Her face became very serious. I knelt on the edge of the bed and slowly lowered myself down on top of her. I looked down into her lovely face.

“Are you really in love with me?” She asked. I didn’t answer immediately. I just looked into her dark, brown eyes.

“Let me ask you a question,’ I finally said. “Have you ever been in love?” She blinked a couple of times.

“I don’t know. I thought I was. But he was…a rat. I guess not so that it was ever returned.”

“I’ve never been in love. So I’m not sure what I feel for you is love, but I swear to God, Jolene, my heart is so…so…full for you. I hope this feeling never ends. Maybe it will. Maybe you’ll go back to Oklahoma, marry some rich oil man and leave me with the memories of the most wonderful summer of my life. But tonight…right now…ya, baby, I’m so in love with you.” She smiled.

“I’ll take that.” She started unbuttoning my shirt. “I surely do feel a whole lotta love for you.” She pulled the shirt down my back and ran her hands over my chest.

“Richie, no matter what happens when I go back to Oklahoma; while I’m here, let’s pretend were crazy in love.” I lowered my face and kissed her.

“That won’t be hard, Jolene. I am crazy in love with you.”

“Me too; It’s so much fun being in love,” she said, hooked her legs around my hips and twisted, rolling my on my back. She came up straddling me.

I unbuttoned her blouse and she tossed it off the bed. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. When her breasts fell forward, I caught my breath.

“God, these are beautiful.” I ran my fingers lightly over her nipples watching them stiffen and grow erect.

“Uu that feels real good.” She arched her back pushing her breasts out. Her skin was soft and smooth and flawless. She rocked forward, put a hand on either side of my head and lowered a nipple to my lips. I reached up with a tongue and swirled it around the bumpy areola. The nipple became more erect. I took it into my mouth and gently sucked. Jolene moaned.

After a few minutes of switching her nipples back and forth in my mouth, she slid down my body and started undoing my belt and pants. I put my hands behind my head and watched. She pulled the zipper down, pushed the pants open and my cock bulged up under my boxer shorts.

She started kissing and biting my cock through my shorts. I groaned and moaned. Very slowly she rolled the top edge of my shorts down until the head of my cock cane into view. Jolene swirled her tongue over it, kissing and licking.

“Mama wants to see her baby’s cock.” She sat up, and I elevated my hips. Jolene slid my pants and shorts down my legs, over my feet and pushed them to the floor.

“Mmmm. Mama likes,” she whispered and took my swollen, throbbing member in her hands.

“Uuuu. It looks like it might explode,” she said with a giggled. I assured her it was about to do just that.

She cupped my balls in one hand, held my cock in the other and squeezed, making my glans swell up into a purple ball. She made little animal sounds as she lowered her lips to the head, kissed it a couple of times and then swallowed it and the shaft. Her tongue rolled around massaging the velvet skin of my cock head. I closed my eyes, and the room spun.

“Jolene,” I said in a long drawn-out gasp. Her mouth moved up and down on my cock. She ran her lips from the crown of the head all the way down to the base. Her fingers tickled my balls. Every few seconds, she ran a finger gently over my ass hole. Up and down. In and out. When she stopped her mouth movement to suck solely on the head, she used her hand to stroke the shaft.

***Just to clarify this is a made up story, all characters are over the age of 18 and are fictional, please leave comments at the bottom otherwise I would not know where to improve. This story was painstakingly edited by RexBrookdale***

There Melanie sat, her head in her hands as she desperately tried to work out what she should do, flee or her follow her morals. How the hell did she get into this position? Well it is down to two 19 year old men, Dan and Jimmy and their devious minds. Since neither of them were blessed in the looks department they had trouble with the ladies, first at school then later when both of them sat jobless at home.

To say that both of them were bastards is probably being too kind to them. Dan tall, pale, spotty and had the most intense eyes ever seen outside of the reptile family. Jimmy on the other hand was shorter, and was average in pretty much every single way, save for his rather unsightly pot belly. Lacking in funds he wore hand-me-downs from his skinner taller brother, his hair was cut by his alcoholic mother he was lucky to have his ears still in tact, though his hair was dirty blonde he had a bright ginger beard in short he looked ridiculous, perfect fodder for bullies.

So they both became crafty in their ways to get close to woman way out of their league.

Quickly they realised that they could achieve accidental gropes in public areas. The busy crowds on the trains gave perfect opportunity for a pinch of an ass or a touch of a breast only to feign clumsiness. When people have two choices yet they see only one available is when they are most susceptible to be manipulated. This is the setup Dan and Jimmy strove to achieve.

Their minds worked overtime to find a good enough plan, not just to get laid but to get an attractive woman at the same time. The woman of choice in their mind, a shop owner that Dan had come across first and since that day he had been back every day since to look at her and start pointless conversations with.

The shop owner in question was Melanie: a fashion graduate and a rich daddy’s girl meant that she had the perfect grounding to open her own ladies’ fashion shop in a busy city.

Unlike some who design clothes Melanie was neither ugly nor plastic: thanks to her mother she had natural beauty. She had bright blonde hair, and big brown eyes that added to her beauty, sizeable breasts, and a soft curve to her buttocks. Like many in the fashion industry she was very eco-conscience, wanting no carbon footprint and organic clothes, all in all she just a very nice girl.

Melanie had never dreamed that Dan who came into her shop asking about clothes for his girlfriend was in fact just lusting after her body, whilst she explained the process of organic cotton. As she talked, Dan’s mind wandered; he fantasized about bending her over the counter and pounding her from behind.

Getting Jimmy to agree to the target took little work after seeing her run to her shop in time to open it. Her bouncing breasts took Jimmy’s breath away as he too had constant dreams in which he had her at his beck and call.

Their moment of genius came to them one day while watching a comedy for the umpteenth time; one they had seen several times as youngsters. They would never have dreamed of its impact on their lives. The particular scene that caught their attention was when the bumbling detective was accusing a funeral procession of hiding hidden treasure when in fact it was a funeral and as usual he was confused. It was up to the detective’s assistant to get him out of trouble which he duly did by pretending that his superior was insane and thus had no control over his actions.

A touch offensive, maybe, but very effective. If it could work on film why not in real life? Jimmy was the first to think about using this for their sex con game: find the right situation and make it look authentic. Hell they have hidden camera shows all the time, he reasoned. He told his plan to Dan, and after intense scrutiny they felt they could use it. The question of morality, of tricking a gullible woman, quickly flew out the window at the chance for a fuck.

Jimmy’s plan was simple: one of them would enter the shop on a quiet day near closing time, then the other would call the store to ‘warn’ Melanie there was a mentally unstable man in her shop and it was her duty to keep him there until the cops could arrive to take him away. She would be told to do whatever it took to make sure he didn’t leave. And that ‘whatever’ was the most attractive bit of the plan.

Jimmy had at first thought their plan was water tight: what could go wrong? But he realized there was indeed a lot of risk involved. He could see how fine the line was, between total success and complete failure. but if everything could slot into place then the rewards would be sky high for him.

Out of the two of them Dan was the unlucky one, he had been visiting her in the shop several times just to see her face yet this was his downfall. Melanie would recognize him, and though she was naïve, even she would not have bought it. So Dan reluctantly agreed that he would have to forego this encounter. Thus it fell to Jimmy, who’d barely spoken to a woman without his knees giving way, to try and trick a woman into fucking him.

Jimmy was ready made for the part. He was fitted up to look like he had walked in from off the street: clothes that hadn’t fit him five years ago, and shoes like flippers. His only flaw was his acting. Despite rehearsals, Jimmy constantly choked, fluffed his lines while blushing deeply. Dan was exasperated. Melanie would more than likely laugh rather than be intimidated.

They had targeted a day already, a national holiday, on which there was to be a parade through the city. In her infinite wisdom she’d decided to open up for the day. She would be lucky to get even a single customer come in to browse let alone buy anything, and as such it was the best day for a con to happen.

The day came racing around, and soon it was upon them. Early that morning, they met up outside of Dan’s house. Jimmy sported a faded star wars shirt, his belly poking out underneath, jeans rolled up at the bottom and fastened around his hips with a tired belt. His sneakers had tape wrapped around the soles to keep them from falling apart. The only thing of worth was the video recorder hanging around his neck, which he had borrowed to record the occasion for viewing at a later date.

It was 11 am; the parade was in full swing. The happy crowds ignored the tramp and the sinister-looking sidekick as they walked and whispered urgently to one another. Jimmy was starting to get nervous. Sweat formed on his brow, his feet felt heavier with each passing step. Not only was he worried about his acting ability, but on a rather more serious issue even than that: he had serious misgivings about his ability to perform sexually.

But it was too late to turn back; their plan was in motion and the momentum carried Jimmy and Dan closer and closer. They walked up the hill toward the shop. At the top of the street, Dan wheeled away into the local library, phone in hand, whispering urgently to his friend and keeping up his spirits. Thus fortified, Jimmy kept on walking and all too soon found himself standing right outside the shop. He peered in. As predicted, the shop was completely empty. and the street empty too, the shop not being on the parade route. Swallowing hard, he stepped up and pushed forward on the door causing the bells above to jingle loudly.

Having watched several ‘psycho’ films, Jimmy copied the common stance, head down, hands together, fiddling his thumbs and shuffling his feet. He was greeted by a smiling Melanie. Her pale yellow blouse strained around her pouting breasts, and her floral skirt swayed as she bounced toward him.

“Welcome to my store, how can I help you?” her voice sang out. “I have gifts here for girlfriends, mothers, and sisters. Fashionable, eco-friendly, and reasonable prices, what more can you want?” She trilled out her well-practiced litany.

Jimmy slouched inside. He lifted his head to meet her gaze her warm brown eyes met with his squinted ones, glancing shiftily around. Acting the part, he wandered listlessly through the large space filled with racks of clothes. Knicknacks and other chick pleasing stuff rested on shelves and inside glass counters. He saw that the changing rooms were at the back, not for the first time Jimmy’s voice failed him. Melanie’s stare became more quizzical, she experienced a customer like him before.

“Sir, are you sure there is nothing I can do for you? I don’t want to pressure you, if you need me just give a shout.” With that she left Jimmy alone in the front of the shop. Jimmy badly needed this to help himself regain his composure for the coming con.

Several minutes later and Melanie came out of the backroom with the intent to remove Jimmy from her shop, his presence was making her uneasy. Her movement however was stopped short with the shrill noise of the shop phone. Jimmy knew that at this moment he could walk away quickly and quietly without causing a disturbance but his feet were stuck to the floor.

“Hello this is Melanie of…’

“Yes, I know who you are, listen this is urgent. My name is Dr. Korney of Bells Asylum we had a major breakout of patients today and I’m calling to let you know. Wait let me finish, many of them are harmless however I am faxing you over pictures and names of the most dangerous one. If you have any information on any of them it would be appreciated. My number is on the fax.”

The line went silent as the fax machine started whirring letting her know that the phone call was indeed genuine. She ripped the printed sheet turning it over to be greeted by Jimmy’s face starting blankly at her. If she wasn’t so scared she would have fainted. Searching for the number she picked up the phone, dialling frantically wanting this ordeal over.

“He’s in my shop… oh God, he’s in my shop. What do I do?”

“Calm down, is this Melanie?”

“Yes, he came in about ten minutes ago and hasn’t spoken. No he hasn’t left yet. What should I do?”

“Right, take a deep breath. I have informed the police they should be there shortly. It is critical that you don’t let him leave the shop. He is a danger to the public.”

“But he’s not a danger to me, is he? I haven’t done anything to him, can’t I just leave him in the shop and I leave?”

“He is not a danger to anyone as long as they don’t refuse him, he can turn violent if someone says no to him. It’s deep-rooted from childhood. Listen, I’ve just been told it will take up to half an hour for the police to get there, they need to get through the parade to you. So keep him in that shop otherwise you will have let loose a manic on society. The city is counting on you, can you be trusted?”

“I will make sure that he stays in this shop, you can count on me.” Her voice became stronger with each word. Dan struggled to control his laughter as he practically signed her body away to Jimmy. He heard her put down the phone.

Melanie took a deep breath and made her way over to Jimmy.

Whilst she was on the phone Jimmy had been pacing the shop wondering where best to put the camera, he finally decided upon the best place. A shelf that overlooked the largest dressing room was just the ticket. If there was going to be fucking, the large bench in the dressing room would make a suitable place. He placed the video camera and set it on motion sensor. Just as he’d finished making sure all was in place and the view captured everything in the room, he turned around and spotted Melanie emerging anxiously out of the rear office.

Meeting her gaze, the nervousness in her wide eyes was plain to see as she walked toward him. She walked slowly, her mind in overdrive trying to work out how to keep him in the store for thirty minutes. Upon reaching him she found she still had no solution. She would have to trust her instincts.

“Do you see anything you like?” The usual singsong voice had faint signs of tremor betraying her confident demeanour. As her confidence ebbed from her body, it seemed to be soaked up by Jimmy, whose stance became more upright and aggressive.

“I like you.” Had he just said that? He could scarcely believe it. What was more, maniacal laughter followed. He couldn’t have hidden the mirth, even if he tried! His head fell back and he let his laughter boom out, echoing around the store.

The effect of the laughter on Melanie as she stared, was instantaneous. Her body froze. She felt petrified inside and lost most of her powers of reason. Her hands began to visibly shake, her eyes darted toward the door measuring the distance. Should she flee? Her legs were rooted to the floor.

The plan required that she’d willing submit; he did not want to force himself physically onto her. Jimmy continued his act, seeming blissfully unaware of her plight. In reality, he watched the biggest part of the whole scheme unfold. Well, maybe truth was better than fiction, he thought. Suddenly he stopped cackling.

“If you want me to go, I will. I don’t mind, with looks like mine I can get any woman I want.” Given the all-too-obvious joke, he still succeeded in maintaining his character. He glared at her, trying to arrange his features into a sort of crazed yet serious, cock-sure expression. As he struggled with his demeanour, he found it difficult to tell which way the few turning cogs in her brain were turning: if negative, of course all was lost. But if her response was a positive reply he would be getting the ride of his life! He waited and glared, fish-eyed, at her. Jimmy found himself wishing he had Dan’s eyes, capable of effortless fish-eyed goggling.

Meanwhile Melanie stood stock still; her strong sense of civic pride battled with her pride. She loved helping out the community, wanting to help less fortunate people than herself. The cogs turned, the balance tipped…. Her mind was made up, the hero inside herself tipped the scales in the end.

“Um… well… that is …” She unconsciously wrung her clasped hands. The hero inside herself sounded a bit un-hero-like, to her. No help at all. Kind of wimpy and hesitant. Why oh why had I not taken those lessons in karate, or self-defence back in college? Her mind whispered. She stopped thinking entirely, and turned to autopilot. “I think that you should possibly stay here, I mean there are loads of items here you haven’t seen. And I do think your staying here would be best for both of us. Yes. Er… Yes!”

And, you know, you do have a certain, something about you, a je ne sais quoi shall we say… Something about you tickles me.” Her confidence started to grow with every passing word. She pasted what she hoped looked to be a winning smile on her face. This was more like it; the courage to be … a hero for her community.

Briskly, she stepped around Jimmy toward the door. He turned and watched her fasten the bolts. Click. Ker-chunk. Done.

She turned to face him once more, hands slowly rising to her blouse, undoing one then two buttons. Soon her blouse was undone, her white bra peeking out to meet Jimmy’s lustful gaze. His breath caught; he gulped … or was that some sort of burp, giddily watching her shrug off the blouse and reach down to undo the knot that held her skirt together. She stood there just in her bra and panties.

Jimmy hadn’t blinked since she’d started to disrobe. His fears about getting his little man rigid were unfounded as it sprung to full attention. He’d at least remembered to brush and gargle, he’d taken extra care washing his dick that morning. He felt sexier.

Melanie was now in her comfort zone. Back at University, she had seduced more men than she could remember, and now she was back there again. She remembered the come hither moves, sway hypnotically as she moved toward him. Her perfume intoxicated his senses, as she came close until all that was in his view was her lovely gorgeous face framed with all of that golden hair….

He held his breath.

Awkwardly, she manoeuvred around his potbelly; after bumping into it, he grunted but just kept staring in wonder, fixated on her sexy loveliness. She stepped a little to the side and leaned forward, craning her neck till her soft, spongy lips pressed against his.

Using all of her powers from her seduction games, she held the kiss, and then he felt her mouth open slightly to take in his bottom lip, biting it gently before releasing him.

She moved back into to kiss him full-on. They kissed for several minutes, their tongues and lips fighting each other for supremacy within each others’ mouth. Jimmy pulled away from her, he had never experienced a woman’s lips before!

But he knew that if he wanted more this was his perfect opportunity. To back up his point his right hand moved to her bra-covered tit, fondling it, feeling the large weighty orb in his hand.

The disgust in her eyes was evident as the Jimmy moved from one breast to the other, his hands enjoying the feel of her silky bra to his hand. “You know what I think? I think that we should move this up a level, I can tell you’re gushing for it. Or I can still leave … but god help the next woman I meet, and the one after that, and even after that. I’ve got a load of lovin’ in these balls waiting for release and you’re gonna miss out.”

He released his hands, snarling to embellish his repudiation of her disgust; and made for the door.

“Oh no you don’t big boy, I want everything you’ve got. I’m gonna make you as exhausted as … as Lady Gaga’s jockstrap!” And there it was, the steely determination in her eyes once more.

The final hurdle between Jimmy and his virginity was finally cleared. He pulled her to him, sucked in his gut and gyrated his hips, pressing his groin against hers. His boner jutted out, straining painfully.

“Ohhh yeahhh….” He kissed her deeply his tongue darting out into her mouth as he groaned in lust.

She moved slightly away, freeing his contact with her groin yet keeping their lips intact.

In his sudden spurt of lustful energy he reached for her bra and tried inexpertly to pull it apart. He couldn’t get the clasp to budge! He pulled on her bra, practically oinking and snorting in frustration. He twisted the resisting cloth and pulled at her bra painfully in his brutish attempts. Finally, with a squeal from his latest fruitless try, her hands jumped to replace his and she undid her clasp for him.

Unleashed from their confines her breasts stood proudly on top of her chest, her little nipples capped each great orb. His hand moved to her now bare boob, the flesh overflowed around his outstretched hand. He raised his other hand to join cupping the tit, feeling the warmth pass to his own hand. Opening his mouth he took in her nipple, sucking hard on it feeling the nub swell under his assault, his other hand continued to knead her other breast.

When his mouth dropped to her nipple, his tongue darting out to swirl around her areola, he felt his blood rush to his cock, and began to go with his instincts.

Melanie started to feel lightheaded, she looked out onto the street as the thought of someone walking by made her blush. Jimmy, completely lost in her boobs and skin and tongue and his own throbbing meat, could care less how he looked to the outside world. His main priority was keeping himself from exploding in his pants.

She pushed his groping hands and outstretched tongue away and, taking his hand, in she lead him straight to the largest dressing room.

Once he’d stepped inside, she pushed him down onto the bench and kneeled in front of him. Her hands dropped to his crotch. Popping open his flies she took the top of his jeans and leaned down to pulled them off. As usual he was going commando; his cock popped out hitting her in her face.

Melanie had never liked giving head but the hero inside her told her she had no choice in the matter now, so begrudgingly she opened her mouth. Her lips moved to suck his cock, gently, her tongue laving the top of his mushroom head as she slowly guided him into her warm cavern. Before she could take further control, Jimmy thrust his whole shaft deep into her; and she gagged and spluttered in surprise and protest.

“Give it back,” yelled Kimberly, chasing her little brother down the hallway.

He was running with her journal open in front of him. His sister was nineteen years old and she still wrote in a journal, how pathetic. Though in defense of Kimberly, her little brother was eighteen years old and still was immature enough to sneak into his big sister’s room and steal her diary.

“Come on you little creep,” she hollered.

“You’ll have to catch me first,” he replied.

She chased him down the stairs. They crashed through the living room, knocking over a lamp in the process. Then they flashed through the kitchen where their mother, Mason, was standing over the sink washing dishes.

“What’s going on you two?” She asked, but they were out the door and in the backyard before she could even finish her sentence. She watched them through the kitchen window, practically adults and still wrestling with each other, rolling around on the ground like a couple of toddlers fighting over a toy.

Kimberly had developed nicely, beautiful long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes that could gaze you into a trance, and a body that most women kill for. Perfect, full and succulent breasts that bounced with every step she took protruded out from her chest. Her hips were wide and seductive, and she had an ass that was just the right size: not too small or flat, and not too big or flabby, just the perfect little bubble-butt, as some might say.

Jeffrey, on the other hand, was a completely different story. He was eighteen years old and he looked like he was still right smack dab in the middle of puberty. Pimples still covered his oily face; only a little peach fuzz was all that grew out from his chin, and he was still as afraid to talk to girls as a fourteen-year-old boy. Obviously his mother wasn’t going to come right out and ask him the question, but there was no doubt in her mind that this kid was still a virgin.

I mean for God’s sake what does he care what his sister writes in her diary? And why in the hell is a nineteen-year-old woman still keeping a journal hidden in her room?

Then the rolling around outside stopped and Jeffrey let out a high-pitched squeal.

Mason, concerned for her son, ran out the back door and into the yard, where she could get a better look at them and see what had happened.

Her jaw dropped at what she saw.

Sweet young Kimberly, the innocent and perfect daughter, had her little brother on his back with her hands on his knees holding his legs spread apart and the heel of sneaker grinding mercilessly into his ball sack.

“I warned you,” she hissed.

Jeffrey whimpered something inaudible.

Appalled, Mason yelled, “Kimberly!”

She let go of her brother and spun around, her innocent hands behind her back, while he curled up in the fetal position, whimpering like a little puppy dog.

“What on earth is going on out here?”

“It’s his fault,” Kimberly snapped back. “I told him that if he didn’t give me my journal back that I’d make him pay. He started it, mother. He was taunting me. For Christ’s sake I’m a nineteen years old! I deserve a little-”

“Shut-up,” interrupted her mother, her voice quiet and stern, no longer yelling. “You go into the house. I’ll deal with you later.”

Kimberly sighed, rolled her eyes, threw her hands in the air, and stamped along the yard back into the house, like a toddler marching down the hall and off to her room after a temper tantrum.

Mason watched her until she heard the back door shut, her eyes like that of a hawk, then she relaxed and knelt down beside her son, still curled up and whimpering. She stroked his hair and said tenderly, “Are you okay my baby boy? She really hurt you down there, huh.”

He nodded, tears quietly running down his cheeks.

“Okay,” said his mother, “Why don’t we get you up and get you inside, get a nice bag of frozen peas for your ball sack, and have a little chat with your sister about what she did to you, okay honey?”

He cradled his swollen manhood, whimpering on the ground like a puppy dog.


“Kimberly?” Mason called from the bottom of the stairs.

There was no response.

“Kimberly!” she said again, shouting this time.

The innocent and perfect little Kimberly came out from her pretty pink bedroom, stood at the top of the stairs, and in her schoolgirl voice said, “You called for me mother?”

“Don’t play games with me young lady,” said Mason. “You did something really awful today, you know that? Do you understand how much pain your brother is in, how painful it is for a man to be hit there?”

“He started it-”

“And you didn’t even just hit him,” interrupted her mother, “You twisted your sneaker with all of your body weight on his poor little balls. You could have irreversibly damaged his testicles like that, you know, could have prevented him from ever being able to have children. Do you think that’s a fair exchange? His nuts for your Goddamned journal?”

“Yeah well I don’t think he deserves to have children. He’s a rotten little brat.”

“Kimberly!” shouted her mother, appalled at what she was hearing.

“It’s true,” little miss perfect persisted, “Besides, I didn’t hurt him THAT bad; you’re so exaggerating. I just gave his pathetic little marbles a taste of the bottom of my shoe, and he SO deserved it.”

“Is that really what you think, that you didn’t hurt him very much?”

She put her hands on her hips at the top of the stairs and rolled her eyes.

“That is IT young lady,” raged her mother. “You come down those stairs this instant!”

Kimberly yawned, unimpressed, and said, “I’m actually kind of tired, mom.”

“Right now young lady!”

The little princess sighed and nonchalantly replied, “Fine.”

Her mother watched furiously as she leisurely strolled down the stairs.

“Come with me,” said Mason, grabbing her daughter by the wrist and dragging her down the hallway and through the living room.

“Ouch mother! You’re hurting my wrist,” whined Kimberly. “Please let go or at least loosen up your-”

Just then they entered into the kitchen.

Kimberly couldn’t finish her sentence. Her jaw dropped. Sitting at the kitchen table was her little brother Jeffrey, naked from the waist down, gently rubbing ice cubes on two incredibly swollen and blue lumps that were protruding from his crotch. He was in so much pain, his eyes clenched shut that he didn’t even hear or notice his sister and mother come in.

“So, young lady,” said Mason, “Still think you didn’t hurt him very much?”

She just shook her head, her mouth open wide. Then, getting a hold of herself, she said quietly, “No . . . I . . . I didn’t know they were so sensitive.”

“The poor thing,” said her mother, rubbing her hand on her daughter’s back.

They both stood there for a few minutes, watching poor little Jeffrey rub ice cubes up and down his swollen nut sack. Then, wanting to give him a little privacy, and figuring that her daughter had learned her lesson, Mason said, “Why don’t you go back upstairs, sweetie, okay? You said you were tired . . . and you look tired . . . I’ll help Jeffrey upstairs shortly and we’ll all go to bed and put this incident behind us.”

“Yeah,” said Kimberly numbly, staring sadly at her brothers testicles.

Then she brought herself to look away, which was quite painful, and walked out of the kitchen. When she was halfway down the hallway, trying to get the image out of her head, Kimberly’s mother jogged lightly out from the kitchen and down the hall to meet up with her daughter.

“Kimberly hold on a second,” she called.

She stopped in the middle of the hall and waited for her mother.

Mason leaned in close to her daughter and whispered, so that Jeffrey couldn’t here, “Honey do you think you could do me a favor?”

“Sure mom, what is it?”

“Well, I’m worried about how Jeffrey is going to be through the night. I’d like to check on him every few hours, you know, to make sure that he’s okay. And I was wondering, since your room is right next door to his, if you could just get up a few times in the night and check on him? You’d save me a lot of trips up and down the stairs in the middle of the night.”

“Sure, mom,” said Kimberly, feeling good about her task. Taking care of her little brother would help to dull the guilt that she was feeling for being the cause of his painful predicament.

“Thanks honey,” said her mom, kissing her on the cheek and sending her off to bed.

“Goodnight,” Kimberly called down to her mother as she climbed up the stairs.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” said Mason heading back toward the kitchen.


Kimberly woke up in a daze, feeling around for the alarm clock on her nightstand that she had set to go off every two hours. The beeping stopped. It was in the middle of the night. She got out of bed, putting on only a soft plush purple bathrobe over her naked body and a pair of pink fuzzy slippers over her feet.

She stumbled through the darkness of her room, flashlight in hand.

Then, when she got into the hallway, she turned the flashlight and pointed it straight ahead. Her vision was blurry from having just woken up so she gave her eyes a quick rub, and then headed next door toward her brother’s bedroom.

Just before opening the door she stopped herself; there was a sound coming from the room.

Jeffrey whimpering.

She felt a pang of guilt slam into her stomach, instantly waking her up.

Then she gently turned the handle of the door, opening it just a crack, and softly called to her little brother, “Hey Jeff, are you okay?”

The crying stopped. Then in a voice scratchy from crying, he responded, “Go away.”

Kimberly stepped into the room and flashed the light on her brother. His face was wet with tears. Then she reached around in the darkness for his light switch on the wall and, once she found it, flipped it on. Both of them had to squint their eyes for a moment to adjust to the brightness. Then she stepped in further and sat at the edge of his bed and said again, “Are you okay?”

Jeffrey was naked beneath his covers. His chest visible, a few strands of black hair covering the acne that ran down his chest, up and around his neck, and down his back. “What are you doing in here?”

“Mom wanted me to check on you,” she replied.

“Yeah well I don’t need you to check on me; you’ve done enough already.”

She sighed and said, “Look Jeffrey, I really am sorry about what happened . . . things just got out of hand is all, and besides, if I had known how sensitive they were to you then I most certainly wouldn’t have done it, honest Jeff.”

“Yeah,” he said, thinking about what she had said.

She looked at him for a moment, and then she looked around his bedroom. Posters of swimsuit models and female celebrities with perfect bodies covered his walls. Assortments of hand lotions were lined up on a shelf, which Kimberly figured he most certainly didn’t use for his hands. Then she looked back at her brother, forced a little smile, and asked, “How are they doing anyway?”

“A little better I guess,” he replied reluctantly. “Their not as swollen as they were earlier.”

“That’s good,” she replied. Then she remembered how swollen they were when she saw him in the kitchen. The image disturbed her. Wanting to really make sure that she didn’t do any serious damage she asked, “Can I see?”

He gave her a disgusted look and said, “What? Why would you want to see? You’re my sister Kim; that’d be too weird.”

“Come on,” she persisted, “I saw them earlier. I saw EVERYTHING earlier.”

“You did?”

She nodded.


“I was in the kitchen when you were rubbing ice on them.”

“You were?”

She nodded.

“Man,” he said, his face flushed with embarrassment. “You must think I’m pretty pathetic then if you, you know, saw EVERYTHING.”

She gave him a concerned look and asked, “Why would you say that?”

“You know,” he said, his eyes lowered to the covers. “Because of my size.”

She chuckled and said, “Oh please, Jeffrey. I’m not so judgmental that I’m going think you’re pathetic just because you don’t have a huge cock. Besides, I didn’t even get a good look; I was too distracted by how swollen your balls were. I just want to make sure you’re okay is all, you know? You’re my brother, Jeff.”

He sighed and, pulling the covers aside, said, “Fine.”

Kimberly looked down at her brother’s swollen package. He was right, his penis wasn’t particularly big, but she wouldn’t say it was small, more like average. She told him this much, causing him to blush. Then she examined his nuts. They were much, MUCH, less swollen than earlier, but they still looked like they were awfully sensitive.

“Does it hurt when you touch them?” She asked.

He shook his head and said, “No. It’s more of a ghost pain, like a dull throb . . . I’m not sure how to explain.”

She nodded at him and then began poking and prodding at them, rubbing them gently her hands, seeing if anything felt different. Her eyes being so focused on the ball sack that she was massaging, she didn’t notice Jeffrey’s growing erection until brushed against her wrist.

Quickly, she stood up and backed away from the bed.

Jeffrey covered himself back up and said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just–”

“No,” she interrupted. “Don’t worry about it; it’s not your fault. That’s supposed to happen.”

They both kind of nervously chuckled.

Then, after a brief period of awkward silence, Kimberly said, “It didn’t look small to me.”

Jeffrey sort of perked up at this statement, looking like his old energetic self for the first time since the incident, and said, “Really? I though it was, you know, pretty small.”

“Are you kidding me? Why on earth would you think that?”

He shrugged, “Just from things that I’ve seen.”

She smiled and, teasing like, asked, “And what kinds of THINGS are these?”

“I don’t know, just some things.”

She laughed, “Jesus, Jeffrey. What are you afraid that I’m going to run downstairs and tell mom if you say the word ‘porn’?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “It’s embarrassing, you know?”

“Well it shouldn’t be,” she said. “I watch it too sometimes, you know. And besides, you can’t compare yourself to those guys. Their cocks are freak show big. Believe it or not those things wouldn’t even feel good; they’d just hurt. The girls on those websites are actors, you know? They only pretend that it feels good. Trust me, Jeff, you have a good size, a perfect size actually.”

“Yeah well how would I know . . .?” he said, referring to his virginity. “I’ve never even seen a girl naked, in person I mean.”

Kimberly thought about this and, figuring that it wouldn’t be such a big deal, said, “Well you could see me naked, if you want I mean. I don’t know if you’d think that’d be too gross or anything, I am your sister after all, but I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to see, you know? It wouldn’t’ be a big deal to me or anything . . .”

Jeffrey though about this and then said, “Yeah.”

“Yeah it would be gross or yeah you’d like to see?”

Nervously, he said, “Yeah I mean I don’t, like, want to or anything; you’re my big sister, you know? But I am kind of, uh . . . curious I guess.”

She laughed, “So is that a yes?”

He nodded.

Slowly and seductively, playing around like, she slowly slid her robe off. First it slipped softly over her shoulders, and then quietly passed her breasts, and finally dropping silently to the floor above her slippers.

Jeffrey gulped loudly.

Kim laughed and said, “Like what you see?”

“Yeah,” he said numbly, sliding one hand beneath his blankets.

“What do you think you’re doing down there?” She asked, just teasing.

“Nothing,” he replied quickly, as if she didn’t know.

“Psh,” she said. “You don’t have to hide it Jeffrey. I’m doing this for you to, you know, make up for what happened today. I want you to feel better. We can consider this making ourselves even.”

He cleared his throat and said, “Can you, uh, come a little closer?”

“Sure, I guess so,” she said, moving up beside the bed.

Jeffrey let his mouth hang open slightly. Since he was reclined slightly on the bed, his head was level with his sister’s neatly trimmed blonde bush. And her thighs looked so nice, thick and muscular, but not too muscular, and her breasts, they were so supple. He continued stroking his cock beneath the blankets.

Then, feeling bold, Kimberly lifted the covers off of her brother.

He didn’t protest, though he stopped stroking once he was exposed.

“No,” she said, looking down at his erection, covering his swollen balls, “Not a bad size at all.”

He chuckled.

“Would you like me to . . .?”

Jeffrey’s eyes widened, he looked frightened. “Would I like you to what?”

She laughed, “I don’t know. Do something, you know? I’m just trying to make it up to you; we don’t have to do this at all if you think it’s too weird.”

“No,” he blurted. “I mean, no I don’t think it’s too weird. Not no I don’t, uh, want to.”

“Okay,” she said, smiling down at her helpless little brother. “So what do you want me to do?”

He thought about this and then, in a robotic voice, said, “Whatever you think is, uh, appropriate.”

“Psh,” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed beside him. “Come on Jeffrey, your imagination can’t be THAT boring. I mean geez you spend half your day up here jerking off. Trust me, I’m not going to judge you or anything; just tell me what you like, you know, what your fantasy is. What turns you on the most?”

Jeffrey thought about this and then said, “Anal.”

Kimberly’s smile dropped down into a frown. She looked at him with a cringed face and said, “Anal?”

He nodded. “Yeah . . . why, is that, uh, too much?”

“Well,” she said, putting her hands in her lap and biting her lip. “It’s not that it’s too much, so to speak, it’s just that, well, quite frankly anal sex just doesn’t feel very good. It’s very, very painful, to me anyway.”

“But it would feel good to me,” he said in his defense. “At least . . . I imagine that it would, you know? I’ve never had any kind of sex before, so what do I know.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “Guys seem to enjoy it. But I mean that’s my butt, Jeffrey. Do you have any idea how painful it would be to have a cock as thick as yours shoved up there?”

“I don’t know,” he replied bitterly. “As painful as what you did to me today?”

That familiar pang of guilt hit her in the stomach. Then, quietly, she said, “No I guess not.”

They sat there in an awkward silence, each with their own thoughts.

Then Jeffrey asked, “So, uh . . . would that be, uh, all right?”

She sighed. “Yeah I guess so.”

His eyes lit up and his cock began bobbing up and down in anticipation of his sister’s tight, sweet, hot asshole.

“But just this very one time, okay? And this will be it; we’ll be even after this.”

“Definitely,” he replied quickly, not wanting her to change his mind. “We’ll be completely, totally even after this.”

“AND,” she said, lifting a finger, “You have to promise to stay out of my room from now on.”

He nodded, “Absolutely, Kim. Anything you say.”

“All right,” she replied nervously, a twinge of fear in her voice. “Let’s do this and get it over with.”

“Right,” he said. He sat up from the bed; cock gripped hard in his hand, and said, “I’m ready when you are.”

“What are you crazy? You can’t just put it in like that.”

“Right,” he said, shaking his head. “What am I thinking?”

Jeffrey got up from the bed and grabbed a bottle of lubricant from his dresser. He squirted an enormous amount into his palm and rubbed it up and down his shaft vigorously, the excess lube dripping down onto the floor. Then he looked at his sister and said, “Okay, now I’m ready.”

She shook her head and said, “Silly boy. You can’t just rub it on YOU. I don’t produce any fluids in there, so you have to rub it in ME too, coat the inside of my ass with it, you know?”

This story contains bisexual sex between 2 guys and a girl. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it!

It all started the summer after I turned 18. I was a little bi-curious to say the least (actually I was more than curious, I wanted a dick in my ass!) but was always too scared to do anything about it. See I LOVED anal. I mean LOVED it. Honestly, I liked fingering my ass more than “rubbing one out.” I got to the point where I could nearly fist my own ass! I felt like a pornstar.

A bit about me before I tell you any more. I’m about 6’2 with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I work out a lot, so I’m in pretty good shape. I’m really lean, not huge and muscular at all.

One of my favorite things to do was go to craigslist and look at the different “mw4m” postings because yea I wanted a dick but I really liked girls. Then one day I found the perfect listing:

MW4 BI guy

Looking for a truly bi guy to be fucked by my gf and I. She wants someone to eat her pussy and I want a shaved ass to fuck. Must be HIV- and DDF.

Me-6’4 195 lbs 8.5″ 26 years old

Her-5’5 120 lbs medium tits, nice tight ass

You- 18-22 hwp, enjoy anal, submissive

“This is it!!” I thought to myself. I quickly sent the couple an email saying that I was their man. While I nervously waited for their reply I started to get really hard and began playing with myself. Then I realized that I hadn’t shaved in almost a week, so I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower.

I soaped up and shaved everything from my legs up. I was smooth and sexy and I knew it!Since I figured I had the time I began soaping up my ass again. I could feel my cheeks sliding against each other and my little asshole begging to be fingered. With an invitation like that, who was I to deny it? I began sucking on two of my fingers imagining they were the cock I would be sucking later that day then brought them down and slowly slid them into my asshole. I was so turned on at the time that I literally moaned!

After going to town on my ass for a few minutes I rinsed off and got out of the shower. I walked downstairs (naked cause who doesn’t love walking around naked!?) and checked my email. To my surprise the couple had emailed me back already! My cock instantly sprang back to full hardness as I opened the email. I was so nervous I could barely breathe! I could feel my heart thumping in my throat and I felt as though I was going to throw up.

Dear Allen,

We would love to fuck you tonight. Please be at our place no later than 8 o clock. Come loose and ready;)


Tom and Cindy

I was so excited I could barely concentrate for the rest of the day. Finally around 630 I started getting ready. First I grabbed my dildo (a nice, thick, veiny 6″ deal) and started lubing it up. Then I got into bed and began fingering my ass while stroking my cock (7.5″ not too thick). After I loosened my ass up a bit I started teasing myself with the dildo.

I began to slowly push it into my ass, just the tip at first, but gradually pushing more and more in until it was balls deep in my ass. I moaned out load and began stroking my cock again. I sat up and began riding the dildo hard moaning louder and louder till I was about to cum. I laid back and stroked my cock till I came HARD. Thick, ropy streams of cum shot out getting the whole way up to my face! I licked off what cum I could reach with my tongue then got up and got in the shower.

After showering again I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 7:20! If I didn’t hurry up I was going to be late!! I put on shorts, long sleeve shirt, and sandals and hurried out to my car. If I was nervous before, I was near panic now.

Soon I arrived at Tom and Cindy’s house. It was a decent sized hrick house with white pillars in front. I walked up to the front door and reached to ring the door bell. Before my hand even touched the bell, the door open and a man (Tom I assumed). “Hi, you must be Allen, come in!” He said to me.

“That’s me!” I replied as I walked in. As soon as I was inside, I noticed that Tom was already naked! He was about 6’3 and seemed to be in good shape. He had black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. I noticed all of this after I saw his cock. It was erect and covered in what I guessed to be Cindy’s juices. It was at least 8.5″ long and THICK. I started to get a little worried just looking at it.

“You like what you see?” Tom asked me

“I’m not going to lie, that’s almost a little scary! I’ve never had a cock in my ass before and you are way bigger than my dildo!”

“Not to worry, we’ll take it slow,” Tom said as he winked at me, “However lets get some ground rules down before we go up to Cindy. So basically you are going to suck my cock and get fucked in the ass by me. Cindy is probably just going to watch at first, but you’re pretty hot so she might join in pretty quick. When she does you’ll be eating her out, then you can fuck her ass or her pussy. You can cum as much as you want, in either hole, but whenever you cum you need to eat your cum out of her. I’m going to cum in your ass at least 3 times before the end of the night, and I expect to keep my cock in after I’ve cum, so you’re going to be pretty full. Sound good?”

“Of course!” I replied.

“Ok, take your clothes off.”

“Right here?”

“Yes! Take them off!”

“Okay,” I replied as I began removing my clothes. After I was naked Tom motioned for me to start going up the stairs.

“I’ll be up right behind you, I want to see that ass.” When I’d gone up a few steps I decided to tease Tom a bit, so I stopped and spread my ass cheeks showing my hairless ass and my nice pink hole.

“You mean this ass?” I said as I spanked myself.

“Mmmm yea, that’s the one, now hurry up and go upstairs! I want to fuck that tight little hole,” Tom replied as he smacked my other cheek.

I continued the rest of the way up the stairs and went into the only open door I saw. When I walked in, I saw what was easily the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my entire life. She was tall, at least 5’10, with long blonde hair and amazing tits. They weren’t small, but they weren’t huge either and her nipples were nice and small and erect. From there her stomach curved in in a perfect hourglass shape down to her ass which seemed to be amazing from what I could see.

“Hi…you must be Cindy” I stammered, still taken in by her beauty.

“Mhm, and you’re Allen I presume?” She purred back, her voice oozing sexuality.

“That’d be me. Wow…I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are amazing!” I told her.

“That she does,” Tom said with a wink in her direction, “Shall we begin?”

“Sounds good to me, I can’t wait to get at that cock.” Cindy replied (and I really hoped she was talking about mine).

Tom went and sat down on a chair next to the bed and motioned for me. I walked partway there then got down on my knees and crawled the rest of the way, doing my best to look sexy. Once I got there, I began stroking his cock with one hand while I cradled his balls in the other. It felt even bigger than it looked! “Tom,” I said, “I have a confession…I’ve never even sucked a cock before. I’ll do my best, but keep in mind it’s my first time!”

“Would you look at that Cindy,” Tom said, “He’s a virgin to sucking cock and he said he’s never had one in his ass before either! Lucky us.” This was true, I was a virgin when it came to cock. Obviously I’d nailed plenty of girls before, I’d even had sex with a shemale or two. But I’d never even had sex with a guy before. I wanted to be the fuckee not the fucker. If I wanted ass, I’d screw a girl.

In response to Tom’s comment about being a cocksucking virgin, I decided to dive right in. I moved my hand further down his shaft and put the head of his cock into my mouth. It was far bigger than I expected, and I was almost wishing I’d found someone with a smaller cock for my first time. But now was not the time for regrets so I continued.

While the head was in my mouth I began stroking the shaft and playing with his balls. I started flicking my tongue around the head, trying to do to him what I liked girls to do to me. Then I took his cock out of my mouth and started licking up and down the entire shaft. I could taste Cindy’s pussy on the cock so I’m guessing they were fucking before I got there. I decided to go deeper and put his cock back in my mouth.

I started going deeper on the cock, taking more and more of it into my mouth. I got about 2/3 of the way down before I gagged…hard. I honestly thought I was going to throw up. I quickly pulled back but kept his cock in my mouth. I really actually enjoyed the taste of it. I wasn’t sure if it was his pre cum, or Cindy’s juices that I liked, but whatever it was, I liked it!

As I took his cock further in my mouth again (but not to the point of gagging, not yet at least) I felt something at my asshole. I quickly realized that it was Cindy’s tongue. She started rimming me, then full on eating my asshole. It was amazing! She was able to get her tongue surprisingly deep inside of my ass. I could have stayed like that forever, with her tongue in my ass and Tom’s cock in my mouth. Soon though, she stopped and backed away. Then I felt something else at my ass. This time it was her hand. She began to finger me, just one finger at first, but quickly adding a second then a third.

Her hand was small enough that I really think she could have fisted me, but she didn’t put any more than three in. She just took them out, added more lube, then put them back in. After repeating the lube, finger, lube cycle a few more times, she began to finger fuck me hard and fast. I started moaning around Tom’s cock.

Cindy continued to finger fuck my while Tom grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down onto his cock. I started gagging again but was able to control it a little this time and thankfully didn’t throw up (something tells me that would have ruined the evening). He kept my head down low on his cock, ALMOST to the bottom, then moaned loud and then let me up for some air. As I gasped he looked at me and said, “I want to fuck you’re ass sooo bad. I’m going to make you scream into Cindy’s pussy while you eat it I’m going to be fucking you so hard.”

At that point he pulled me up and Cindy took her fingers out of my ass. Tom picked me up (he was surprisingly strong for his size) and threw me onto the bed. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees and started rubbing his cock against my asshole. I looked back and saw him rub lube up and down his cock, then smear the rest of it into my ass crack.

I looked forward again and was surprised to see Cindy in front of me already. I hadn’t even heard her get on the bed!! She smiled at me and slid down a little so her pussy was right in front of my face. I could feel Tom teasing my ass with the tip of his cock as I began to lick Cindy’s pussy. I started by slowly sliding my tongue into her pussy since it was gaping a little from Tom pounding it earlier.

As I slid my tongue into her pussy, Tom began to slide his cock into my ass. It was as if I could feel every single inch slowly pushing in, stretching my asshole in ways it had never been stretched before. True to his word, I moaned loud into Cindy’s pussy as she moaned from the attention I was giving her. I began to lick all around right inside of her pussy, then I pulled back a little.

Tom was still slowly feeding his cock into my ass, at this point I’d guess he was about 4″ in. He stopped for a moment to allow my ass to get used to his girth, which I was very thankful for. I began to suck on Cindy’s “lower lips.” After doing this for a few seconds I moved up and began to lick around her clit. As she moaned, Tom suddenly thrust the rest of the way into my ass causing me to moan as well. I felt his balls slap against my ass and he kept his cock there for a minute as I went back to licking Cindy’s clit.

After he allowed my ass to get used to his cock, Tom began to fuck me, very slowly at first, with long deep strokes. He would pull his cock out until just the tip was still inside of my ass, then push it the whole way back in until his balls slapped against me. At one point he pulled his cock the whole way out and shouted almost triumphantly, “Look at that virgin ass gape!!”

“mmmhhhmmghhm!” was my reply as I was a little preoccupied with Cindy’s pussy. It wasn’t that I couldn’t feel my ass gaping, or his cock pounding me, but I really wanted to get Cindy off. It’s always my goal to make the girl I’m with cum. At this point I was literally sucking on her clit as if it was a little cock and fingering her pussy which was driving her wild. She was moaning even louder than I was!!

As if angry that I was giving Cindy a better time than he was giving me, Tom began to pound my ass harder and faster. He was still fucking me with deep long strokes, but the were much faster and his balls were slapping against me much harder. I felt like if anyone even touched my cock I would cum a gallon.

Soon, Cindy pushed my head away from her pussy as she came in my face. She didn’t squirt, but she definitely gushed! She looked at Tom and said, “I want his cock in me RIGHT now!!” In response, Tom forced his cock all the way in and pulled me back onto him so that I was riding him. Cindy positioned her well lubricated pussy over my cock and slid down onto me.

Something about her pussy, I’m not sure what it was, drove me wild. She wasn’t too tight, but it definitely wasn’t loose. When she got to the bottom of my cock I said, “Cindy, I’m really about to cum, you should ride me quick if you want my cock before I blow!”

She responded by riding up and down which forced me up and down a little on Tom’s cock. The sensation of having his large cock inside of me and Cindy’s amazing pussy wrapped around my cock was too much. I began squirting stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. I could feel my ass contracting around Tom’s cock as I came, which in turn became to much for him and he began to cum in my ass!

Cindy slowly got off of my cock, careful not to spill any of my cum, and walked back around to the head of the bed where she was earlier. Tom, true to his word, didn’t remove his cock from my ass after cumming and continued pounding me hard. I couldn’t believe his stamina!

He forced me back into doggystyle which put my face right back into Cindy’s recently creampied pussy. There was already a little of my cum leaking out which I hurriedly licked up. I started tonguing her pussy again, trying to get as much of my cum as possible. I could feel Tom’s cum squelching around in my ass as he fucked me and the idea of it turned me on more than I would have ever imagined.

I continued slurping my cum out of Cindy’s pussy until she said, “I think you’ve gotten most of it. Remember what I did to you earlier? It’s time for you to return the favor.”

I didn’t even have time to respond before she’d rolled over onto her stomach and thrust her ass into my face. I’d never eaten a girl’s ass out before, so I was a little tentative…until Tom thrust his cock in extra hard which forced my tongue into her ass. “In for a penny in for a pound,” I thought to myself and began licking around her asshole. Surprisingly (or maybe I was just ignorant), it didn’t taste horrible, it was just like licking anywhere else on her body. I began to enthusiastically rim her, again determined to get her off.

Tom started pounding my ass hard, and I realized that I was hard again. I wanted to get Cindy’s ass nice and lubed so I could pound it. Tom kept fucking me harder and faster until all the sudden he came in my ass HARD. I could feel his cock spasming deep in my ass and I swear I could feel the cum leaking out into me. He moaned and slowly pulled his cock out, but not before reaching over the side of the bed and grabbing something. Once he’d pulled the whole way out he pushed something back in and I realized that what he’d grabbed was a butt plug.

“I’m just gonna take a little break…this has taken more out of me than it normally does,” Tom said exasperatedly while he sat back in the chair that he had been in while I sucked on his cock. I turned back and continued eating out Cindy’s asshole until it was soaked with my saliva. I then backed away and lined my cock up with her asshole.

I started teasing her ass while I reached around and began rubbing her nipples. I slowly began inserting my cock into her ass until I was balls deep. Then I began fucking her hard. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to las long with the butt plug pressing on my prostate like it was and I wanted to make the most of the time I had in her tight ass.

Given the way she was reacting, I’m fairly sure Tom didn’t spend much time with Cindy’s ass. She was extremely tight and was definitely fairly new to the whole anal thing. I decided to make the most of it and began pounding in and out, hard and deep. I began playing with her clit with one hand while I spanked her with the other, then began pinching her nipples. Soon, she began to cum. I could feel her ass begin contracting around my cock and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I began to spray cum deep into her ass in what was easily one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life.

After I’d finished cumming I pulled out of Cindy’s ass and collapsed backwards as she fell forwards. We were all exhausted to say the least. Despite Tom’s boast of cumming at least 3 times in my ass, he couldn’t move to fuck me and I was too tired to get up. Without realizing it, all three of us fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning spooning with Cindy, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Tom was still asleep on the chair as my cock began to stir. Cindy woke up as it poked her right in the ass. She looked back at me and said, “Again?” with a wink.

… be continued….?

This was my first story so any constructive (read positive AND negative) would be greatly appreciated! Also I’m considering continuing along this story line, but I also have a few other ideas I’d like to hash out, so if anyone would like to read more like this or something a little different (probably something strictly straight, maybe with Cindy) let me know!

Trevor anxious to start the class so he could start pouring over his student’s questionnaires, walked deliberately around the front of the auditorium. The questionnaires always gave him an erection as he discovered this year’s virgin, how often she masturbated, and what sexual fantasies she might have. Finding virgins with intact hymens was especially rare but so far he had managed to find at least one every quarter. He would then borrow medical equipment from the anatomy instructor to give the seminar a clear view of the inside of a woman who had never let another man touch her. He used a colonoscopy scope that lit up and gave a great picture that he projected on the large screen. He was always very careful not to penetrate her to leave everything intact for his favorite part of the series “fucking a virgin”.

The students began filing into class. He watched as they drifted in saying pleasantly, “Please fill the front seats first, we will be watching a film today”.

He would say this every few minutes or so as the rest of the students sauntered in before the class started. Trevor introduced his TA, Eric, to the class. Eric was one of his returning seminar students and a personal favorite. Eric was a PE major with an exceptionally large cock and a very muscular demeanor. The site of him soaked more than one or two panties Trevor was sure. Eric would be running to the computer lab to print Trevor’s seminar extra credit invitations after he read the questionnaires and sorted out the students who would make the cut for the Role Play Erotica seminar over the Understanding & Treasuring your Body ~ a discussion on safe sex and mutual monogamy. He liked to teach the Erotica seminar the weekend before he taught the course on responsible sexuality. It always amused him the adoring looks he got from his mature, responsible, conservative students as he thought of his virgin and teaching in front of her knowing what he did for the remainder of the quarter. Often he would engage in a mutual sexual relationship until she moved out of his class enjoying the taboo indulgence.

Trevor wondered if anyone noticed his erection as he excitedly panned the room and his students with his gaze.

“Please pass your questionnaires to the center aisle so Eric can collect them.”

He busied himself setting up the film with anticipation. He’d leave Eric in charge of the film so he could spend the next hour and a half separating out the papers. When Eric collected from the last row he quickly walked up taking them into his hands as he left to read them privately in his office.

Trevor’s office was around the corner a few doors down from the auditorium. It was a small office without a window but he had it well lit. Sometimes he liked to lock the door when he had students in his office so he could have some privacy. He liked to tell his colleagues that his subject matter was sensitive and when a student had a question he wanted them to feel safe and at ease. He didn’t share that often when girls that attended his seminar came into his office they were looking for more than answers to Human Sexuality topics. He put in a comfortable sofa and had his bottom file filled with adult toys he liked to take out and explore with these girls who, before they attended the seminar, had never heard of or even seen some of the adult products that were designed to vibrate and massage their G spots.

Trevor walked around and set the papers down in front of him then did the initial sort. Some of his favorite questions:

Why are you attending a course on Human Sexuality? What do you hope to learn from taking the class?

What kind of birth control do you currently use? What is your current knowledge of STDs and safe sex practices?

How many sexual partners have you had since you’ve become sexually active?

Describe your sexual experiences and your attitude towards your own sexuality.

How do you feel about masturbation? How often do you masturbate?

Please describe any fantasies and fetishes you would like to explore in more depth with the class.

Have you ever watched a movie that excited you so much you became noticeably aroused? Please describe what the characters in the movie where doing that excited you.

Trevor always did the initial sort on how many sexual partners his students had. He really didn’t care about the question unless the answer was N/A or none. He was happy to see he had several students both male and female that had never had sex with anyone. This year he had 5 students.

Their answers:

Kara Johnson:

I am taking Human Sexuality to understand the historical aspects of human sexuality from a multicultural perspective. I would like to understand my own sexual anatomy better and to explore other sexual lifestyles in a safe environment. I don’t fully understand STDs and the different types of contraceptive choices available.

I’ve been fearful to have sex with anyone because of the social stigmas behind having an STD and I don’t want to catch anything. I’m taking birth control pills currently because my doctor recommended them for some menstruation issues I have.

I haven’t had any sexual experiences yet but I’m hoping after taking this class I will have a better understanding of sex and to feel comfortable exploring my own sexuality and finally getting away from my parents domineering religious crap.

Masturbation has always confused me. I’ve wanted to touch myself many times but when I talked to my mother about masturbation she invited a priest over to talk about the spiritual ramifications of touching yourself before you’re married and I’ve always felt guilty for wanting to touch myself. I haven’t masturbated other than to feel how wet I get when I get excited about something and sometimes it does feel good to rub my clitoris when I know no one is watching.

I have had a fantasy after watching a movie. I was at a friend’s house whose parents watch Showtime and HBO. I liked watching Gladiator with Russell Crowe but Spartacus “Blood and Sand” & “Gods of the Arena” really excited me. One scene had a Patrician come to the Ludas wanting to have sex with a virgin and he put his hands into two naked beautiful girls (slaves) to see which one was tighter and then had a gladiator take her virginity roughly while he watched. Next, he violated her from behind at the same time. I’m not sure why I was so excited by the idea of losing my virginity to a gladiator while some rich perverted man also had sex with me in the ass but it does excite me. It’s probably a good thing I can’t lose my virginity that way because it would probably hurt but seeing it in the movie really turned me on.

Trevor nearly fell out of his chair. He stood up to go lock his office door and sat down to read the paragraph over and over knowing he was going to offer her what she was fantasying about and that he would be the one to drive it home in her ass for the first time if she let him. Eric would be the perfect gladiator he was built like a brick shithouse with a cock that was larger than most and he looked like a gladiator it was perfect. Trevor unzipped his slacks and reached his hands in to gently stroke the head of his penis picturing being next to them while Eric roughly pulled her close and inserted himself into her breaking her hymen violently while he watched. Trevor was stroking more passionately now as he took a break to enjoy the story play out in his head. He’d seen this scene. The gladiator drug her down and roughly inserted himself inside her then the Roman demanded she be on top fucking the gladiator so he could shove her down and violate her from behind. The slave was crying and was devastated. He was surprised this excited Kara. He exploded while he visualized how different being turned on by a movie to actually doing this in front of the other students in full costume would be for her.

He went to the next paper.

Kristy Nelson:

I am attending human sexuality this year to learn more about sex, sexuality, and my body. I would like to explore male/female anatomy and learn more about how a large class explores and interprets this subject together. I would like to hear women that are a larger size talk about how they overcome body issues and how they feel about sex and being naked in front of someone else. I’d like to learn how to be more comfortable with my own body.

I am not sexually active so I don’t need birth control. I don’t know too much about the different kinds of STDs but I think society spends too much time worrying about them. Many of them are treatable and the permanent ones really are prevalent and not that big a deal. Getting aids wouldn’t be an interest. I would like to avoid that.

I haven’t had sex yet. I am a little worried my weight would put someone off and am embarrassed by the idea of a man seeing me naked.

Masturbation embarrasses me. I’ve been excited by movies and books and have felt drawn to play around afterwards but I’ve always thought maybe someone would hear me or walk in or that someone would know I’ve been doing it. I’d rather not do it then have someone judge me for doing it.

I guess my fantasy would be to find a man who loves my size that I feel comfortable getting naked with. I would like to have sex and learn how to feel comfortable. I’d like to hear about how other people masturbate and how they feel about it. I guess I’d like to learn how to relax and enjoy my own sexuality.

I do get turned on by movies. I watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and I loved watching her go from being shy and awkward to being more confident. I also liked “The Mirror has Two Faces”. Movies where women overcome issues around weight and men who enjoy them unconditionally excite me. I watch “Drop Dead Diva” and feel I could be more like her and learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m hoping this class will help me with that.

Shawn Trebar:

I am taking this class to learn more about sex. How to find it, how to get a girl to agree to it, and where one goes to seek it out without paying for it.

I don’t care about STDs but I guess learning about them would maybe make my mother feel good that she’s helping me pay for college. I’ll probably bring that up next time I see her.

I’ve not got laid yet but I’m hoping this class might help me change all that. Maybe a horny student will latch onto me and want to help me get rid of my virginity.

I masturbate all the time and love porn. I read stories online. I like amateur porn that looks unrehearsed without all the dumb music and fake looking porn stars. I like the younger girls with the older guys or the stepdaughter does the stepfather. Taboo topics turn me on.

Trevor enjoyed reading this one. This kid was in for a good time his first time out. He had a feeling he’d being seeing him again as a returning student for other seminars.

Jane Brooks:

I am taking this course to learn more about responsible sex and safe practices. I want to learn more about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. I’d like to see how other people interact and discuss sexuality as a group.

I’ve never had sex because God intended for me to be pure for my husband. I’m saving myself for my husband. He will be the only man to ever touch me.

Masturbation is wrong and this questionnaire is almost inappropriate for a college course.

Trevor quickly dropped this one in the Safe Sex Seminar pile. This student didn’t interest him. She was uptight and he felt sorry for her future husband but knew he’d probably be as uptight as her. Erotica Role-play was not for her.

Jim Baker:

I’m taking this course because I think learning how other people handle sexuality and topics around sex and sexual behavior will help me with my seminary courses and it’s important I learn other peoples thoughts and values so that I can be the best pastor I can be for my congregation when I finish school.

Trevor stopped reading and moved him into the rejected pile. Someone dedicating their life to bringing people closer to God didn’t need a two day hands on practicum in Erotic Role Playing. This guy would enjoy the guest speakers from local religious groups. He set his 3 virgins in the Erotica pile and set aside the other two.

Trevor enjoyed reading and separating the more experienced students. Nikki Johnson was maybe one of his favorites.

Nikki Johnson:

I’m taking this class with an old friend. We wanted to learn more about Human Sexuality together and thought a group class would be an interesting place to talk about sex and our bodies.

I’ve had surgery so I can’t get pregnant. I would like to learn about the different kinds of STDs. I’ve been lucky about not catching anything and would like to continue so I do ask about a man’s history with STDs but I enjoy having sex without any latex or barriers so I am I guess higher risk.

I’ve had sex with around 30 different people give or take a few. Most of those were with people I was dating.

My sexual experiences? I guess I like boring sex the best. I like the man on the top. I like things to be gentle and to feel a man’s weight on me when we are having sex. I like my nipples to be nibbled on and pinched. I like to be kissed and talked to when a man is having sex with me. I really like having sex with my friend who’s taking this class, Edward.

Masturbation is something I do every day if I can’t have sex. I’m a very sexual person. Edward actually bought and mailed me a vibrating rabbit to play with for when he was off on a job or not around. He’s called me and listened while I used it while I listened to him touching himself. He’s introduced me to erotic fiction online after he got me to write him some erotic stories based on a character he developed. Some of my best relationships were with people who weren’t uptight about masturbating in front of me. If one person has an orgasm before the other one sometimes it’s fun to finish off with the other person in the room watching.

Fetishes and fantasies, I like reading rape stories, step parents with their step kids, I have kind of a perverted sister my family adopted and I wouldn’t mind fooling around with her and watching Edward fuck her while I’m fiddling with her clit and pinching her tits. She tried to show me her breasts last time we hung out together then kissed some horny blonde chick right in front of me. I’d really like to have an opportunity to do the wrong thing with her rather than the “Catholic guilt” thing. Fucking my sister would be amazing and watching Edward fuck her in front of me would be a shocking diversion especially if she let me touch and play with her while they fucked in front of me.

I watch Californication, Spartacus, porn, & lots of sexual movies. On Californication I enjoy watching the X-files guy having sex with all these different women while being such a gentleman and a nice guy. His character, although a horn dog, is still likeable and someone I would actually want to fool around with. Spartacus is just straight up violence and porn. I love everything about that show. I liked when he was fucking the blonde bitch whose husband was responsible for putting his wife into slavery and when they took off the masks when they were tricked into fucking each other he went into a murderous rage and started strangling her. I’d have liked it better if they kept fucking while he strangled her to death. I also liked the scenes where the slaves were forced to have sex with people. One in particular was a wife who was honorable and faithful to her husband but she was a slave so was forced to fuck the champion gladiator and she suffered through it then towards the end she got turned on and started enjoying having sex with him.

Trevor poured over each answer from his students especially interested in the Twins, Teva and Deborah, unfortunately Deborah’s answers really did put her in the other seminar but Teva’s interested him enough not to separate the girls.

Teva Baker:

I am taking your class because I have no idea what a Human Sexuality course will be like and am curious about how an instructor approaches the topic.

I am taking birth controls pills. I’ve never had an STD but do practice safe sex with men I’m not planning on having a relationship with.

I’ve been with a few men and women. Probably around 20ish combined.

I think masturbation is wonderful. You’re in complete control of your body and how you manipulate your hands and toys. I often masturbate while reading erotica, watching cable, watching boyfriends on the internet touching themselves. I love it.

My biggest fantasy is to have sex with my sister. I know she’s never been interested in having sex with me because it’s “incestuous” but we are identical twins. I want to kiss her, I want to suck and bite her tits, I want to use toys to excite her. I’d love to put on a strap on with a vibrating dildo and fuck her. I’d love to have sex with her and someone else.

I did watch a movie on Netflix called “Dairy of a Nymphomaniac” which I watched a few times. I liked watching her with the black man in the Jacuzzi tub. When he went in to fuck her with a bottle it shocked me. She wasn’t in the mood but did it anyway because he liked to fuck her with it. I liked watching her in the Jacuzzi tub while she leaned completely back exposing her breasts as he pumped into her.

Her sister’s answers were very different. She’d only been with a few people. Deborah was much more conservative then her sister. She might be a problem in his seminar. He really wanted to keep them together because they were gorgeous and had great figures. He was starting to see them maybe with an older man playing the role of their step father or a black student which seemed to excite Teva.

Trevor sorted the papers into two piles then walked over to his PC to type out the names for Eric. He grabbed the list off the printer and headed back to the auditorium. Eric would need some time to prepare the seminar invitations. Once printed with the student’s names he would call them forward and watch as they walked to the front of the class to grab their extra credit assignments. This gave him the opportunity to look over his innocent student and get to know the other students who would partake in his yearly class orgy. Eric enjoyed this part too as he made the invitations he would check out the girls who he might be able to screw that coming weekend. He was particularly excited about the twins. They had made the Erotica pile. Eric had no idea the Prof. was going to give him a special treat and one of his virgins.

Eric came back in and handed off the invitations to Trevor. His confident walk, athletic frame, and cheerful disposition were intoxicating. Eric stepped out of the way leaning casually against Trevor’s desk with a great view of the students walking to get their invites. The class was almost over.

Trevor began, “I am inviting each of you to attend my extra credit seminar. These seminars can add 20% to your course grade. You are welcome to attend. I have separated you into two different groups based on your answers to my introductory questionnaire. When I call your names please come forward and then you can enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”

“Nikki Johnson and Edward Roberts” Nikki and Edward stood up, they were toward the back. They both looked like they were in their late 30s early 40s. Nikki was overweight but walked with the confidence of a thinner younger lady. Both were dressed well. Edward was muscular and attractive. “I’d like to talk to both of you in my office about this weekend’s seminar. I’d like your help setting up and help with the first demonstration. You can meet me in about 15 minutes down the hall in room 217.”

“Kara Johnson.” Kara came forward she was a few rows back. She had a near perfect figure with full perky breasts. Her hair was dark brown almost black and straight. She looked quite a bit like Natalie Portman. An innocence about her that was intoxicating. He would be watching her walk away fantasizing about Eric fucking her while he pushed her forward violating her virgin ass from behind. He wasn’t disappointed. Her firm heart shaped ass looked incredible in jeans. Eric watched her come down the stairs and when she turned to walk away his breath caught in his throat. He remembered her name being on the good list. Even if he didn’t get the opportunity to fuck her he would enjoy watching as someone else did.

“I can see old Toby Fforbes now,” I laughed, “Screwing this Turkish whore up against the wall of the whore house when,” I laughed again, “He lost his balance and they fell sideways and.”

“Captain Darrowby please!” Miss Price chided as she walked beside me as we followed the rest of our party along the path beside the river Colne in the glorious afternoon sunshine.

“Wrenched his member!” I added, “Groin strain they called it, three weeks in bloody sick bay and they gave him a damned medal, wounded on active service.”

“Thank you Captain,” she said, “When I need advice on the whores and whore houses of empire I shall certainly know whom to ask.”

You see when one reaches a certain age and rank, in my case twenty eight years and a Captain, one does seemingly become irresistible as a potential husband to the unmarried elder sister of the latest debutante beauty, and I had long since perfected my speech designed to repulse at once even the most ardent admirer.

“A pleasure, anything you want to know, any position, anything I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t seen that’s possible.” I assured her, “Shall we catch up with the rest of the party?”

“Have you no more tales of Turkish whores with which to regale me?” she asked.

“Indeed I have, if you are interested,” I suggested.

“Indeed I am, it is my favourite subject save but for watching paint dry,” she insisted, “For myself it is the fornicatory behaviour of the household servant which I find absolutely fascinating,” she smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye, it un nerved me, “Hastings our Ostler well he has the appendage of a donkey, and often consorts with Milly, the scullery maid in the stables in the warmth of a summer evening.”

“Oh,” I gasped.

“Oh yes, poor Milly, she has such struggles at times to accommodate him, such struggles,” she exclaimed, “Yet she returns time and again to be abused.”

“In plain view?” I asked.

“Oh no, but from the attic window I get a view, I slip off my robes do you see, bolt the door and caress myself as I watch,” she explained, “My bosoms and my peach and everything, do you see and with a rolling pin do I imagine it is Hastings ploughing me.”

“Miss Price!” I exclaimed.

“Oh yes, indeed Captain,” she continued, “Sometimes I bite upon a handkerchief so I do not cry out such is my ecstasy!”

“Miss Price, please!” I exclaimed anew as I felt myself blush at her impropriety as at the same time my appendage work from his slumber at the thought of Miss Price disrobed.

The line and swell of her breasts was clear at a glance such was the cut of her gown, a graceful neck ripe for kissing, yet the same gown hid her belly and her haunches, were they in the same mould I wondered? her legs, graceful, her feet were not particularly dainty.

“Captain?” she queried, “Are you quite well?”

“A momentary discomfort,” I explained as the need to release my appendage from the constriction of my under breeches became urgent, “Will you excuse me?”

“Perhaps?” she said with a wicked smile, “Perhaps not.”

“Miss Price please!” I said “Look away.”

“Why, shall you expose yourself to me Captain, do my words instill uncontrollable lusts within you?” she chuckled.

“Yes, I need to adjust my dress woman.” I exclaimed plaintively.

“Then show me!” she said, “Is that not what you had intended all along, to expose your mighty shaft that I might leap upon it in unbridled lust?”

“No!” I protested plaintively, “But I must adjust.”

“Then I shall look away.” she said.

Thankfully with my back to our party and Miss Prices gaze averted I released my belt and breeches buttons and eased my shaft from its constriction to lie upwards.

“Five,” Miss Price said, “Out of ten.”

“Miss Price!” I exclaimed as I stood in the scarlet uniform of a serving officer with my rampant pink member in my hand.

“Definitely a five,” she said and she laughed, “Now put it away you look ridiculous.”

“Oh my lord,” I exclaimed as I struggled to make myself respectable again.

“I suppose you would like to see my mounds?” she asked.

“What?” I asked and I’m sure my shaft grew another half inch.

“My mounds, my teats?” she asked, “Is that not how officers judge a wench?”

“No,” I protested as I continued to struggle.

“It is only fair,” she said, “Really.”

“No,” I replied, “It will not be necessary.”

“But you can tell your brother officers that I showed you my teats,” she teased, “Popped them from their constriction and allowed you to inspect them with the utmost thoroughness.”

I struggled anew, my swelling was to excess now, he sought relief not constriction, “Please Miss Price, do not torment me so,” I said but she moved around and bent from the waist that I might better see down the cleft between her mounds and by so doing I saw the promise of a flat trim belly surmounted by the most desirable soft yet firm mounds, neither too large not too small.

My mind wandered to softness and clouds and that pleasant warm feeling began to overwhelm me, Miss Price appeared but as a dream and before I knew it it was all far far too late.

“Captain Darrowby please!” she wailed in a pretence at shock as the first of many great gouts of silvery emission erupted uncontrollably from my member, I knew not what to do, as my seed burst pulsating from me missing by no more than a fraction the hem of her gown.

“I am so sorry I am truly mortified,” I said, “How can you ever forgive me.”

“I’m sure we can make some arrangement,” she said, “But perhaps a five was somewhat mean, I shall say a six.” she said and she bend down to where a small pool of my emission lay and dipped her finger in in and brought it to her lips.

“Mmmm,” she said, “Slightly salty, Hastings often makes Milly lick up the surplus from his shaft when they fornicate and she always says ‘Ummm, salty.”

I stared aghast, but before I could frame a reply she added “Oh no, I shall not lick you dry sir.”

I stared helpless, our party had now slipped from sight, “Your kerchief sir,” she demanded and took the same from my pocket, “Allow me,” she said as she briskly wiped away the slime from my shaft and marvelled at its resurgence, “Still a six,” she laughed, “Now put it away before it gets you into serious trouble.”

“I really am most mortified Miss Price,” I apologised most profusely, “It was entirely unintentional,” I pleaded, “Pray how may I atone for my impropriety?”

“Indeed, I am mortified,” she said her eyes twinkling, “Its is insulting when an offer to display one’s charms is cast aside without consideration.”

“So you are not discomfitted?” I enquired hopefully.

“Oh no, but wait until I tell Mama!” she replied.

“Then in due course I shall take the utmost pleasure in viewing your charms,” I agreed, “Mounds teats, and every other thing that you wish to display.”

“Shall you start with my mouth like as with a horse?” she asked.

“No, your haunches like I am seeking a whore,” I laughed, “Come tongues will be wagging.”

“Then haunches it shall be,” she said and she bent from the waist placed her right hand upon the ground and flicked her gown and shift up her back so they displayed her haunches to perfection, and then she rose, “So, out of ten?” she asked.

“Eight, damnit I’m swelling again.” I cursed and she laughed,.

“I think we should rejoin our party,” she suggested, “Before you do something you might regret.”

Our absence was barely missed, Mrs Price was busy with the younger Miss Price, Adele, fresh from school in her first season,and my Miss Price, Amelia, was to all intents and purposes an inconvenience her girlish beauty waning to the pleasant comeliness that comes with the age of one and twenty.

“Shall you accompany me to dinner?” Miss Price asked as we returned to Harthope Hall the residence of our host Lord Harthope who as Mrs Price’s eldest brother was Miss Price’s dear uncle.

“I would be delighted,” I agreed, as I acknowledged that Miss Price was proving to be a far more pleasant companion than I had expected.

Lieutenant the Lord Melchett was the reason I was invited, they couldn’t invite him alone for ther matchmaking with Miss Adele Price so they invited me as his immediate superior officer, and as Lady Harthope’s banquets were legendary I would have been foolish to refuse.

He came to my room as I dressed for dinner, changing my day uniform for the second dress uniform as appropriate for polite society.

“Ah sir,” he said apologetically.

“Yes sir,” I replied as though I out ranked him Militarily he out ranked me socially.

“This afternoon, sir, Miss Amelia sir, you dallied sir.” he said.

“Indeed,” I agreed.

“But why sir?” he said, “I wished to dally with Miss Adele.”

“And that young sir is why Miss Amelia dallied with me,” I submitted, “Adele is too immature for dalliance,” I submitted, “She is a butterfly, a peacock, let her fly not burden her with children before her time.”

“But our peacocks can barely fly two yards!” he declared and I raised my eyes to the heavens.

“You are too young,” I replied, “Sample succulent whores while you may and when you desire because young Geoffrey, that Price girl would milk every drop of jism from you and there would be no whoring if you were wed.

“Really sir, every drop?” he said in a remarkable display of stupidity, “Oh my!”

We sat together Amelia and I, I think Mrs Price thought it convenient, and Adele and Geoffrey likewise sat together.

I drank copiously of the water provided, Geoffrey preferred the claret, port, elderberry wine, nettle wine and everything else with the scent of alcohol until he was entirely intoxicated, though sadly not insensible.

“Darrowby says you would drain my snake entirely were I to marry you,” he suddenly announced to no one in particular.

“Geoffrey,” I cautioned, “Watch your tongue please.”

“Did you really say that?” Miss Amelia asked, and without waiting for a reply she added, “Captain Darrowby does say the strangest things why he regaled me of the tale of Toby Fforbes and a Turkish whore and,” she laughed, “He lost his balance and they fell sideways and wrenched his member and they gave him a medal because he was wounded on active service!”

There was this awkward silence.

“Captain Darrowby please!” Mrs Price exclaimed at length.

I blushed crimson, “Ah, that was not exactly it.” I squirmed.

“Why would you say such a thing?” Lady Harthope asked, “In polite company.”

“I, I didn’t.” I tried to explain.

“Darrowby, I think you should leave us,” Lord Harthope added, “And for gods sake sober up man!”

“Miss Price,” I pleaded “Please.”

“Just because I drained your snake earlier does not mean.” Miss Amelia Price stated and then a great howl arose.

“Amelia, please!” Mrs Price shouted, “Decorum!” but it was too late, everyone remembered we had tarried far behind.

“Darrowby,” Lord Harthope cautioned, “Have you despoiled Miss Price?”

“Sir?” I replied at a loss for an explanation.

“He revealed himself to me Mama,” Miss Price explained.

“Did you?” the Lord asked.

“And he asked to see me bared,” Miss Price continued. “And showed me his emissions!”

There was consternation, Lady Harthope rushed from the room to be sick, Mrs Price looked aghast, Lt Melchett looked bemused, Mr Price grinned sheepishly.

“Darrowby, I asked you to leave.” the Lord insisted,

“Yes go you horrible, horrible man!” Mrs Price added.

“My apologies sir,” I said, “Miss Price, is.”

“Go sir, out sir!” Lord Harthope reaffirmed, “And you Miss Price, if you please.”

I stood bowed slightly and strode from the dining room, out into the high wide entrance hall and stepped out onto the terrace, in, if I am honest, a state of shock, the sun was setting over the hills casting an orange glow over the valley.

I heard footsteps behind me, Miss Price, “Oh Captain Darrowby,” she laughed. “And I thought you the most tedious stuffed shirt and here you are being completely outrageous.”

“And I thought you a grown woman!” I snapped, “Not an irresponsible minx!”

“Would you like to feel my mounds?” she whispered.

“Very much, now leave me before you feel my hand across your haunches,” I cautioned.

“Captain Darrowby, where are your manners,” she replied, “When a girl offers a gentleman the chance to sample her charms and he demurs,” she explained, “It is considered excessively rude.”

“And you are hardly a girl.” I pointed out, “You must be twenty and one if a day.”

“Rude to excess,” she laughed, “I shall see you later,” and she drifted away into the evening and returned to her room.

I walked around the gardens for a few minutes watching the light change as the sun set fading from green through orange to ochre before it disappeared into a uniform greyness and with the last rays of the sun I returned to my room.

“What delayed you?” a voice queried.

“Miss Price?” I asked.

“Indeed who else would await you,” she replied, “Or have you such a bevvy of admirers that they queue up to greet you?”

“Oh no, no of course not,” I agreed.

“I was joking,” she explained, “Now shall you inspect my mounds that I may be released from my obligations to you?”

“Miss Price!” I exclaimed, “This is entirely improper!”

“Then be quick,” she laughed and she bent down so I might view down between her mounds, “Or perhaps tomorrow,” she said lightly and then she slipped past me, “Good night!” she whispered, and then before she was through the door she stopped abruptly, “Damn!” she swore quietly, “Mother.”

She slipped quietly past me again and sat quietly upon the bed, “Mother is prowling,” she explained.

“But what if she finds us,” I whispered.

“Then your reputation is destroyed forever!” she exclaimed.

“Not mine yours!” I exclaimed.

“Then keep quiet!” she replied.

I went and sat by her upon the bed, “No damnit I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb so show me!” I demanded.

She turned on me,” This has gone far enough!” she whispered but I grasped her by the shoulders swivelled her so she sat on the edge of the bed, “Captain,” she said, “Please I have indeed ruined myself with the rolling pin if we are found you are entrapped sir.”

I raised her gown and shift, the soft light revealing her shapely calves clad with short red woollen stockings and revealed her soft pink thighs and beyond the soft peach like entry to her womb as all her charms were displayed to me. “Oh Captain!” she whispered, “You must resist me.”

“Indeed,” I averred, as my fingers explored her softness, and as I did my shaft was once more finding himself constrained.

“Then there is no reason for propriety?” I stated as she moistened and I confirmed she was no maiden.

“None,” she agreed. “You are well and truly ensnared sir.”

“Then we are of one accord,” I agreed, “I am indeed entrapped.”

“Only if we are found Captain, now your discomfort, allow me!” she said and her hands were at my breeches, I wanted to demur but dared not lest the disturbance bring witnesses.

“At least allow me to hang my jacket neatly,” I requested, but she shook her head and worked diligently to release my member, and when he sprung free full of desire she caressed him gently and I drifted in my mind to heaven.

“Captain, I own I have never seen anything so rampant,” she whispered, “Pray relieve yourself, come!” she whispered as she grasped my shaft, “Let your seed flow Captain,” I needed no further bidding, “Quietly!” she added and I realised I was moaning as the pent up emotion flowed in liquid form from me and into the dish she reached from the bedside table.

“I sought to spare your reputation,” I suggested, as the flow subsided.

“Ah, such noble thoughts,” she said as she dipped a finger into the silvery liquid and transferred it to her own sweet soft pink slot, “I by contrast have no room for sentiment,” she said, “Mother!” she howled, “Captain Darrowby had defiled me!” she shouted but in vain for when I cupped my hand over her mouth there was just the faint happy chatter of inebriation from the withdrawing room to be heard.

“You damned fool,” I exclaimed, “You shall have your come uppence Miss Price.”

The light was near gone now, I unbuttoned my Tunic and hung it neatly, my shirt, cuff links, belt, breeches, socks everything I placed neatly as was my wont and then I climbed onto the bed beside her, “Does this Lilla licks Hastings clean or does she lick him to rampancy?” I asked.

“Lilly,” she said, “She is called Lilly, and.” she said as she grasped my member anew, “And you are rampant enough sir, you will treat me kindly won’t you.”

“No, I’ll ravish you like a Turkish whore,” I said, “Noisily and passionately,”

“So why are you whispering?” she asked.

“Your reputation,” I whispered as with her guidance I sank deeply within her, easily, warmly softly, perfect except that her gown was rucked up around waist, and her mounds were covered and inaccessible.

“Captain,” she whispered, “Am I?” she left the words hanging and she sighed.

“Yes, hush.” I suggested as I ploughed her gently at first and then faster and faster until with a crescendo of passion I reached the heights of heaven and reached my release within her and as I did so I buried my head in her neck and kissed her passionately to prevent myself crying out. We laid quietly afterwards, she slipped her gown off entirely and we lay together bare and as the moon rose I explored her mounds and teats in its silvery light.

“You capitulated very easily Captain Darrowby,” she whispered.

“And I thought it was you that surrendered,” I corrected her, “But the result is the same I fear, shall you tell your Mama or must I,” I asked and there in the mid night should our tale have ended but that a shrill scream rent the night time stillness.

“What was that?” I gasped and again a scream, nearby, agonised, plaintive from Melchett’s room just the stairwells width away fromm mine.

“Darrowby!” someone shouted, “He has Amelia!” and then before we could make ourselves decent Mr Price and Lord Harthope had burst upon us with candles flickering and the lord’s patent whale oil lamp blazing.

“What!” gasped Amelia.

I knew in an instant, “Melchett has pronged your sister!” I whispered.

“I say unhand her sir!” Harthope railed.

“Tis done sir,” I said, “She is mine, Miss Amelia has done me the honour of consenting.”

“So I see,” Price agreed, “Might have asked first, manners and all that,” he said, “Could have done worse, a lot worse,” he said, “Goodnight.”

Harthope was left flabbergasted with no axe left to grind except the impropriety and so he also left us.

“Oh!” Amelia declared, “So what was the scream?”

“Melchett, come, get dressed we shall investigate.” I suggested.

Melchett was only persuaded to open his door after lengthy persuasion, and there upon the bed lay a distraught Miss Adele Price.

“He professed love and inflicted agony sister,” she sobbed as we entered the room, Melchett was half dressed, his shirt on but naught else and his appendage stood nobly to attention, I wondered what the problem could be, certainly in was no greater in girth or length than my own if indeed it was a great but when Miss Price lit the oil lamp and it burned with a clean yellow flame was all laid bare.

“New to fornication are we Lord Melchett.” I asked.

“Indeed not sir, I fornicated frequently at school.” he averred.

“And you Miss Price, you are pure?” I asked, “You have not shared your sisters penchant for observing the fornicatory habits of the peasantry?”

“I am pure but not innocent of the ways of the birds and bees.” she admitted.

“Then you are too young!” I averred.

“Hardly Captain, Lilly is barely.” My Miss Price offered.

“Surely you do not wish this half witted peacock for a brother in law?” I asked.

“Indeed, he would be an excellent catch.” she agreed.

“Then in that case my darling disrobe that we may demonstrate the ways of love,” I suggested.

“I’ll miss you.” Natalie told her husband as he was walking out the door, heading back to his native France.

“I’ll miss you too, and you too.” He kissed their baby Aleph, who was in Natalie’s arms, on the forehead before kissing Natalie and leaving.

She waved her son’s hand as Benjamin got in his car and headed towards the airport. Natalie re-entered the house and put the child into his crib. Suddenly, a sound came from the kitchen. She walked in and found her husband’s cell phone going off. Curious as to who was texting him, she picked up the phone and saw the name “Jenni” pop up.

“Who is Jenni?” She thought to herself.

She opened the text message and was shocked by the message. It read, “I hope u r on ur way, I really need you. I’m hungry and need your meat.” As she was reading, another message came through reading, “I bet u can’t wait to get here, that cunt Natalie doesn’t know how to make u feel like a REAL man, but I sure do.”

Natalie sat down as she began to feel faint. The anger and depression running through her mind were beginning to take over. She jumped when she heard a door slam outside her house. Knowing that her husband realized he forgot his phone, she deleted the messages and placed the phone back on the counter. She gathered herself up and walked towards the door as he stepped in. Natalie did what she did best and put on an act to prevent him from noticing any distress.

“Forgot my phone.” He walked past her and retrieved the phone. “Bye love.” He kissed her again and walked back out the door.

“Bye baby.” She yelled back.

Once the car pulled away, Natalie sat down on the couch and sobbed into her hands. She couldn’t believe that the man she loved, the man who fathered her child, was cheating on her. She had wondered why he was heading to the airport three hours early but never suspected any wrongdoing. Now she felt alone.

After an hour of crying, she heard the mail truck pulling away outside. She wiped her eyes with a tissue and gathered herself up before exiting the house to retrieve the mail. She slowly walked her way to the mailbox and got the large amount of mail out. There was too much to handle and all of it fell out of her hands and onto the ground.

“Damn it!” She yelled out.

This caught the attention of her neighbor’s eighteen year-old son.

“I’ll help you out Ms. Portman.” The tall, long-haired teenager walked towards her and helped her pick up the mail.

“Thank you, Jimmy.” She said, sniffling.

“Are you ok Ms. Portman, you look like you’ve been crying.” He looked up at her as he continued to retrieve the fallen mail. Natalie sniffled and remained silent. “Ms. Portman?”

“It’s nothing Jimmy, thank you though. Can you get the door for me?” Jimmy walked up to the door and held it open for her as her hands were too full to do it herself.

Jimmy carried the last few letters in and placed them on the table as Natalie sat down. She was still sniffling and trying to hide her tears.

“Thank you for helping me Jimmy. Can I get you something to drink or eat?”

“No thanks, I don’t need anything. Are you sure you’re okay?” She nodded at him. “Okay, I guess I’ll go home now before my dad yells at me.”

Natalie watched as he walked away until she yelled out, “Wait!” He turned around and saw that she was approaching him. Once she reached him, she placed a hand on his shoulder. “I could use your help getting something out of my closet. I’m too short to reach it and could use a tall man like you.”

“Okay, but I should tell my dad first.” He responded.

“Hold on, can you carry Aleph up to his room and put him in the crib while I go talk to your dad?” She picked up her son and handed him to the boy.

“Okay, where is his room.”

“Upstairs, the first door on the right.” He walked up the stairs as Natalie went outside to talk to Jimmy’s dad.

“Excuse me, Mr. Long?” The man, who was working on his car, turned around.

“Hi Natalie, what can I do for you?”

“I need Jimmy’s help with some things around the house since my husband is off in France. Can I borrow him for an hour?” Her voice sounded a bit flirty.

“Sure thing, just make sure he does the job right and does everything you ask.” She smiled as those words crossed her ears.

“I’m sure he will do everything perfectly. Thank you.” She turned around and walked back into the house.

Natalie entered the house and ran up the stairs, finding Jimmy standing in the hallway. He was looking a picture of Natalie at the last Academy Awards holding her award. She walked up behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“That was the best day of my life.” She told him. “Come on into my room, I need you to get some boxes down.” She led him into her bedroom, her eyes looking down at his ass. She opened the closet door and pointed at the boxes. “Can you get those down for me?”

“Sure thing Ms. Portman.”

“You can stop with the ‘Ms. Portman’, just call me Natalie.”

“Okay Natalie.” He reached up and retrieved the boxes, one at a time, and placed them on the floor. As he reached for the last one, he felt her hand press against his ass. He turned around and looked in her eyes. “Did you just touch me in the butt?” Natalie smiled.

“Maybe I did.” She said softly.

“Why did you do that? Aren’t you married?” He was confused.

“I just found out my husband’s been sleeping around with some whore…so no, I don’t really think of myself as ‘married’ anymore.” She grabbed onto his arm.

“But…but…aren’t I too young for you. I mean no disrespect but aren’t you almost twice my age?”

“I’m only twelve years older than you and we are both over eighteen. Your dad is ten years older than your mom, so it shouldn’t be weird at all for you.” She pulled herself close to him and kissed his lips. “Besides, I asked your dad if I could borrow you for an hour and he did say that you had to do ‘everything I asked’.”

“Really?” He began sweating. “I…I don’t…I don’t know Natalie, this doesn’t feel right.” He tried to push her away but she held onto him.

“It feels right to me. Please? I’ve had a terrible day. Please don’t make my day worse by walking away.” She bit her lower lip and gave him a sad look.

“Damn, I don’t know.” His voice was cracking. “It just-” She started kissing his neck. “Wow, that feels really-” She began running her hands through his long hair while pushing her body against his. “Oh my god, I think I should go.” He tried to leave but she pulled him back and shoved him lightly on to the bed.

“I bet I can change your mind.” She got down on her hands and knees and crawled to him. She ran her hands up his legs and up to his belt. “Have you ever had a woman touch you here?” She grabbed onto the bulge in his pants, causing him to jump.

“I, well, I…no.” She giggled at his stuttering.

“So no one has ever done this.” She undid his belt and yanked his jeans down his legs. Natalie leaned in and kissed the large bulge in his briefs. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as Natalie pulled his underwear down, exposing his eight inch cock to the actress. “Wow, you have a big cock for such a young man.” She grabbed on to it and started to slowly stroke him.

“Oh god, wow that feels really good.” He was in disbelief as the famous actress he lived next door to for so long was giving him his first hands-on sex lesson.

“If you think that feels good, what about this?” Natalie quickly wrapped her warm mouth around his hard cock and began sucking hard on him.

“Oh god!” He yelled out as her lips worked on the head of his cock.

Natalie spent the next few minutes giving him his first blowjob, a memorable enough experience only made better by the fact that it was Natalie Portman giving it to him. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and stood up in front of him. She looked him in the eyes as she pulled her white t-shirt over her head and tossing it towards him. He stared at her chest, only covered by a white bra and salivated.

“Wow, I never thought I’d see you like this.” He was struggling to get his words.

“Don’t give me that Jimmy. I’ve noticed you looking over the fence before when I was by the pool in my bikini. You’ve seen me in less than this.” His face went white. “You didn’t think I saw you, did ya?”

“I…I…I didn’t think that you…you saw me. I couldn’t help it, I-” She placed her finger over his lips.

“Calm down, I’m not upset. If I really cared, I would have said something. And I most certainly wouldn’t do this.” She unhooked her bra and exposed her breasts to him, still big from her pregnancy that only ended a few months ago. “I know you’ve been dreaming about these for a long time.”

Jimmy couldn’t believe what was happening. He could have sworn he was in a dream as Natalie pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him naked in her bed.

“I took your pants off, you take off mine.” She walked closer to him waited.

He reached out and unzipped her jeans, pulling them down her legs and down to her ankles. When he looked back up, her small white panties were in his line of sight. He stared at the underwear without moving to pull them down.

“Are you just gonna look or are you going to unwrap my gift to you?” He quickly pulled her panties down, revealing her slightly hairy pussy to the young man.

“Can I?” She nodded and he kissed her wet pussy.

Natalie moaned loud as his lips touched her clit. He didn’t suck on it, he only kissed it. The pleasure running through her was intense as this fresh young man was making her feel amazing. After a few seconds, he began to suck on it which only made her happier. He worried that her moans too loud and that his father would hear from outside, but Natalie was smart enough to limit as much of her potential noise as possible. She pulled away from him and pushed him on his back.

“Ready to become a man?” She asked as she crawled on top of him.

He nodded as she placed his cock at her moist opening. She plunged herself on to him, which caused a loud moan from both people. She jumped up and down on his cock as he reached up and held her boobs as they bounced around.

“Oh Jimmy, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Oh my god!” She yelled out to him.

“Oh Natalie, I’ve dreamt of this for so long. It’s better than I could have imagined.” She bent down and started to kiss him as they continued fucking.

Natalie placed her hands on his chest and forced herself up high, almost letting his dick fall out, before slamming back down on him. She could tell by the look in his face that he was in heaven right now. She did this several times until her arms got tired and continued fucking him normally.

After a few minutes, Natalie crawled off of him and lay flat on her back. Without her saying anything, Jimmy crawled on top of her and slammed his cock in. He pinned her ankles down next to her head and slammed all of his weight onto her pelvis. She held onto his hair tightly and forced his lips onto hers. After a few seconds, she released her grip form his head and reached for his ass, pulling him into her cunt harder.

They fucked for several more minutes until she began to feel a rush of pleasure fill her body. She gripped on to the sheets and screamed out. Her moans were louder than ever as she felt her orgasm building.

“You’re making me cum Jimmy, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum around your big fucking cock.” She continued moaning as Jimmy slammed harder into her, waiting to feel a woman cum for the first time. Natalie arched her back and let out a long moan as her pussy began contracting around him. “I’m cumming Jimmy, I’m cumming! Can you feel it? Can you feel me cumming?”

“Oh yes Natalie, I can feel you cumming. It feels so good; your pussy feels so good!” He was yelling almost as loud as she was moaning.

Her body eventually relaxed and became Jimmy’s personal sex doll. She playfully placed her finger in her mouth and let out small moans as he continued plowing her.

“Stop, stop.” She whispered to him as he slowed down. “I want you to do something that Ben won’t ever do.”

“What is that?” He was confused as he pulled out of her.

Natalie got on her hands and knees, sticking her ass out to him. She licked her finger and ran it over her asshole.

“He never wants to have anal sex with me, can you please do it? I haven’t ever had a dick in my butt and I want to know how it feels.” He spit on his cock several times and spread it up and down his large shaft.

“Okay, just stop me if it hurts too much.” She smiled as he pushed the head of his cock against her tight hole. “Ready?” She nodded as he began to push in.

“Ooooohhhh.” She let out a long, slow moan. “Mmmm, that’s so good.”

He forced every inch into her until his whole cock was inside her. He began to move in and out slowly, taking in the amazing feeling of her tight rectum around his cock.

“It doesn’t hurt does it? Can I go faster?” She said a quick ‘faster’ immediately after the question.

He obeyed her wishes and began to slam into her faster and faster. Her moans were back to their previous volume, loud enough to fill the room. To her surprise though, the sounds he was making were almost as loud, if not louder, than hers. She pushed herself up off the bed, arching her back and showing that she was enjoying her first anal experience. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long when Jimmy told her he was close. She pulled herself off of him and got down on the floor, kneeling in front of him. He furiously jerked off in her face as she stared up at his face.

“You ready?” He asked her.

Natalie didn’t answer with words, but with her actions. She opened her mouth wide while still looking at her. He gave himself a few more pumps before he exploded her load all over the beautiful actress’s face. Stream after stream of his virgin cum landed on her face, some landing in her mouth. She laughed as he shot some in her eyes and hair. He shook the last few drops on her chest before she grabbed it and began to suck it dry. Her tongue cleaned every last bit of cum out of his cock. She let go of it once it began to soften and swallowed the contents in her mouth.

As Jimmy sat down to relax, Natalie used her finger to scoop up the cum off her face and eating it. Once she was done, she sat down next to him and began to kiss his neck.

“Thank you so much Jimmy. You made my day!” She giggled as she pulled away from him. “How does it feel not being a virgin anymore?”

“It feels great Ms. Port…Natalie. I’m glad I could help you out.” They kissed once more before getting dressed.

Once she was dressed again, she held his hand and led him downstairs. “Hopefully we can do this again sometime.” She said with a big smile.

“If you need me, I’m only a few steps away.” She led him outside and stood on the step as he walked back to his house. He met up with his dad, who was still working on his car.

“Hey, did he do everything you asked?” His dad yelled out to Natalie.

“Yes sir, he did everything I asked and did it perfectly! I know where to go if I need any more help!” She yelled back before walking back into the house.

Karl didn’t think he could love his wife any more then he already did but she surprised him last night. They had always been traditional and not very kinky so when she brought a vibrating finger attachment to bed he pictured her going into the store to purchase it and he felt himself swell from the memory. She had become more adventuresome lately and he welcomed the change although he didn’t understand it.

The first time he saw Nicole, he was the attending physician at the ER the night her husband had his accident. Karl fought for hours to keep him alive knowing if he saved him his life would be a worse kind of hell then he was in now. He came in unconscious and Karl was sure that soon after impact he would have been out so he doubted he felt much pain. He felt him slipping away and prayed for his soul as it became futile to keep trying to revive him.

At first sight of Nicole’s face, her tragic look of concern heightened by a frail figure and a stomach larger than any he had seen in a woman her size, he’d fallen in love with her. Her petite frame invaded by her babies with her dark hair and creamy skin. She was stunning pregnant.

He carefully walked towards her slowly, “I’m afraid …”

Nicole started screaming, “No, please God no. He’s not dead; please tell me he’s not dead.”

Karl walked towards her gently cradling her hands in his own saying, “I’m so sorry, he’s gone.” Nicole’s legs buckled and she began to drop. He reached around her waist and held her. He was still holding her 18 years later.

Her daughters loved him and to him they were his own. He was so proud of them. He had put them in the finest schools and helped them with their college applications. Both had been accepted at all their alternates and had decided they would attend Yale that fall. He was staggered by the tuition bill for that first quarter but had a healthy trust fund building since he married their mother in case such an event might occur. He had brought her twins up right. Neither was allowed to date until they were of age. The girls were more interested in community, school, and being active in their church so they didn’t complain too much about how strict Karl & Nicole were on dating.

The girls were identical twins and had grown into beautiful women. Karl loved walking around with them, his future Yale graduates. Both had their mother’s beauty with dark hair and perfect skin. They were both fit and impossible to tell apart. Melinda was the oldest by about 10 minutes and was more adventurous. She was bold and daring. Jennifer was more cautious and serious. She was more conservative then her older sister. Both had breasts that were perfectly shaped and a little on the large size for their tiny frames. Karl was often annoyed by the gawking that happened when men noticed them. He was especially pissed when he saw men become aroused around his daughters. This sent him into a rage that almost cost him dearly but he made due with dirty looks and kept his fists at his sides.

Karl hunkered down with his NASCAR video in one hand. He flipped on his 3D flat screen TV with the surround sound turned on and popped the top off his beer ready to watch the race. He heard this was a great one with some crazy accidents. What he wasn’t expecting was that his wife had taped over his NASCAR. He was a little disoriented. He saw his wife with someone he didn’t recognize and nausea set in as he realized that he was watching the beginning of a sex tape.

The stranger touching his wife was wearing the finger attachment she had introduced him to…. he watched as his stomach turned and his head began to pound, the vein on his forehead rising as soon her hips would be rushing up to meet the stranger in his bed doing things to his wife he’d never even heard of. He listened to his wife’s voice moaning and calling out. Karl in agonizing pain watched the tape beginning to end. It felt like someone had cut his chest opened, ripped his heart out, and was stabbing it repeatedly with a blunt object.

He wanted to kill her. He wanted to destroy her. Then it came to him. What she cherished most were her twins. He had an Ivy League pile of money to spend and an excuse to rape his daughters. He was pissed, he was vengeful, and he was rock hard. Watching another man fuck his wife got him really in the mood to shop the adult toy store. If she thought her little finger attachment was hot. He was going to go on the biggest shopping spree the local sex store had ever seen. His first stop would be “Fry’s” to pick up multiple high end camcorders with enough tape for editing and mixing all the different angles he’d planned on filming with her twins. She was going to see the tip of his penis entering each virginal daughter as they screamed and kicked. He was going to capture the expressions on their faces and on the face of the twin he wasn’t fucking as she watched. He went for his wallet and the door.

He didn’t even remember the drive as he pulled into “Fry’s” knowing some happy employee would be hitting pay dirt with commission. Their top of the line camcorders filmed images in 3D no need for glasses. He loved the details and the sales pitch. He picked up 5 JVC GS-TD1B 3D camcorders with a few wall mounts and tripods for capturing 4 different angles of the twin he was fucking and 1 to film the girl who would be watching her sister get fucked. This stop cost him a little over $9,000. He wondered how much he would be spending at the next few stops getting all the sex gear.

He pulled into the parking lot of “Lover’s Package” also not remembering much of the drive. He was going to need help shopping with the amount of toys he was planning to purchase. Luckily the two employees helping him were accommodating. He let them know he was having a swinger’s party and wanted everything they had. He bought vibrating strap ons with little cocks, huge cocks, he bought nipple clamps, leashes, a ball gag, and he took his time with the restraints. He found one that was a Velcro sheet with several straps that could be released and moved so he could reposition the girls as his mood suited him. He was worried the girls could get free but the salesperson assured him that the Velcro had a good enough grip that whoever he put that on wouldn’t be able to get out.

He bought paddles, he bought lubricants, and he bought drinks to make them more sensitive. He bought a sex ramp. He’d never been in a store like this. He cherished his wife and God. This was all very new to him. Looking at some of the items he was buying he felt himself get aroused as he pictured his daughters. They loved and admired him. He was their daddy. They were his little girls. He picked up a paddle and slapped the side of his leg feeling an uncomfortable sting. He’d never spanked his daughters growing up. He’d never needed to.

He’d restrain Jennifer first while she slept and put on a blindfold (before she woke up), full restraints, ball gag, ear plugs and muffs. Jennifer wouldn’t hear him, see him, she wouldn’t be able to call out or move. He wanted to restrain her neck, both her hands, her legs with her knees loose enough he could pull them up. Jennifer wouldn’t know her father was the one fucking her or be able to scream or even move. He’d be in complete control.

Then he’d get her sister and put her into wrist restraints only so she could flail around and scream and kick and raise hell. He knew she would. Then they would have to both be patient while he set up all his camera gear and figured out where they needed to be. He wanted his wife to get the full edited view from all angles including those cherished close up shots. These girls were both virgins and they would be screaming “daddy” in many different ways. His wife wouldn’t be home from her rounds until the morning. He could take all night being as loud as he wanted. No one would hear.

His daughters would be turning 18 and at midnight daddy would be there with all their gifts. They would be of age and ready for their coming out party.

At 11:30 Karl started gathering what he needed knowing both girls were sound asleep. He opened Jennifer’s door quietly grateful she’d insisted on two beds in her room for when she had friends over. That couldn’t have been better planned. He started quietly bringing in all the camera gear and the sex toys worried he might wake her up but she really did sleep like the dead. He doubted even a fire alarm would wake her up. He gazed lovingly down at his daughter. She really was quite stunning even more beautiful than her mother. At 11:58 he had everything out and ready. The last two minutes seemed to be an entire lifetime. He was ready.

He had never been more aroused as he watched the clock roll over to 12:00. He gently placed the blindfold on his daughter careful not to wake her up. Next he slipped the ball gag into her mouth and lifted her head to cinch it down. She started to stir and woke up startled. He could see fear on her face as he quickly moved in to restrain her to the other bed as he set up the cameras and the Velcro sheet he needed for the restraint system he had bought. It took him over an hour to set up all the cameras and get them turned on and chalk out where the girls needed to be for the close up cameras. The wall mounts were difficult because he couldn’t risk Melinda running in trying to rescue her sister. He needed to get her wrists cuffed before she woke up or his revenge might be thwarted by his feisty daughter.

He gently released Jennifer’s restraints and carried her kicking and struggling against him to the Velcro sheet and laid her down. He pushed one strap through her wrist restraint and placed her arms far away from her body, (all cameras rolling), he wanted those perky breasts exposed clearly for the cameras. He pushed the other strap through the other wrist restraint and had both her arms spread widely apart. Next, he slipped the ear plugs in her ears so she couldn’t hear her sister scream out or reveal him; he then put the muffs over those. Now she was ready for the final touches. He restrained both her legs as she struggled against all her restraints. She wasn’t going anywhere. He left her sprawled out and naked with 4 cameras on her. One tightly zoomed in filming her untouched pussy while she struggled against her restraints. He went to wake her sister.

Melinda was still sleeping and oblivious to what he had done to her sister. He quietly slipped wrist restraints on his lovely daughter and roughly pulled her to him. She woke with a start staring at her dad.

She whimpered, “What the hell? What are you doing? Dad? What’s going on?”

He answered her by pulling out a pair of scissors as he cut off her pajamas leaving her sitting there restrained and naked as he roughly grabbed her face and kissed her.

Melinda fearfully started to scream kick and struggle against her wrist restraints as Karl lifted her throwing her like a potato sack over his shoulder and carried her into her sister’s room where he tied her to the bed. That’s when she noticed her sister and started screaming.

“You fucking monster, don’t hurt her, I’ll kill you. You son of a bitch.”

She scanned the room and noticed all the cameras pointed at her sister. Then the one aimed at her sister’s crotch as her sister continued to struggle against her restraints.

“You sick fuck what are you going to do to her?”

Karl looked at Melinda and said reassuringly, “I’m going to take her virginity, then yours, and then by the end of the night you will both be begging for me to fuck you in the ass.” He pointed to a floor full of toys all spread out for Melinda to see. She’d never even heard of half of it. She was terrified. He’d gotten butt plugs that he didn’t think would fit into the girls but the salesperson reassured him that if he started off small and stretched the girl he could make the huge ones fit no problem.

“When you let me loose I’m going to fucking kill you, you sick fuck. I hate you. How could you do this to mom?” Melinda looked like she was about to throw up.

At the mention of Nicole, Karl turned his face towards Jennifer looking for the best camera angle and started to lick, suck, nibble, and flick his tongue on Jennifer’s nipple while Melinda watched. He brought his other hand up to caress and massage the other breast. The response was almost immediate. Jennifer’s nipples got hard as he ran his hands down the length of her to see how wet she might be getting. Her body betrayed her almost immediately and he dropped down between her spread restrained legs to taste her, trying to be mindful of the 3D images his wife would be watching later. He started flicking his tongue in and out of his young daughter’s moist pussy bringing his hands around to push her ass up against his face while he caressed her ass cheeks with his mouth buried in her sucking, and flicking his tongue against her clit, brushing his face back and forth maintaining an almost constant pressure. This drove her mother wild. He felt Jennifer push her hips and her ass into his probing tongue grinding her pussy against him passionately.

He noticed Melinda had gotten really quiet. He stopped and looked up at his other daughter. She was looking lustfully at her sister. He knew he wouldn’t need the restraints if he was mindful of what the girls wanted him to do but he was going to hurt & stretch them after he took their virginity. All the toys he’d bought were going to get used.

He looked towards Melinda, “You wanting your daddy to lick your pussy too and grab your ass? You like what I’m doing to your sister?”

Melinda said softly, “Yah, can you come here dad?” She spread her legs invitingly.

He loved that he got that on a camera with HD sound. His little girl wanting him to eat her pussy knowing the floor was full of toys, some she had to fear, he didn’t even know how he was going to get them to fit into these tight unfucked girls. He would find a way though.

He looked at Melinda, “It’s not your turn you naughty whore. Daddy is going to have to spank you & put some clothes on you until it’s your turn.”

He went over to get the naughty school girl outfit he’d bought. Ironically it was in Harvard’s colors. He thought that was a nice touch and he grabbed the paddle. He turned Melinda around so she was facing the wall with her ass to the camera and started spanking her hard.

She shrieked wildly, “Please stop that hurts. Stop. Owe.”

With each hit of the paddle her body jerked forward. Then he unhooked her arm one at a time to put on her new outfit. The top was white with deep cleavage and a tie on the bottom. It barely covered her breasts and tied together at the bottom. He pushed her breasts up and used it to suspend them playfully biting each one as he leaned in to kiss her deeply his hands twisting her nipple firmly. He felt her respond and was surprised she was opening her lips and letting him bring in his tongue flicking it like he would be flicking her pussy later.

She couldn’t bring her hands around because he had them tied off. She strained against them trying to get closer to her father. He lifted her butt and put on the red plaid mini skirt. He had also bought platform stilettos with a thick glass base to add height and sluttiness to his little student. He was going to teach her how to please her father. After he dressed her, he went back to the floor to grab some underwear. The front had a butterfly. The butterfly’s body would insert into her vagina while the wings flitted against her clit. With the remote to it in his hands, he lifted her legs and slid it up to her butt. He looked in her eyes and kissed her lustfully feeling her respond as he inserted the butterfly inside her leaving the wings resting against her clit. He showed her the remote and went back to Jennifer.

He faced the camera and started to undress. His cock was engorged with lust. He looked at Jennifer, his conservative daughter. She was gagged with her arms tied apart, legs restrained with plenty of movement in her legs so he could lift and move her ass, eyes and ears covered. She was completely helpless. He went to her and roughly spread her legs open looking towards Melinda. Making eye contact with Melinda he rubbed his cock against his daughter lips and placed the head of his penis against her untouched pussy not penetrating her. He felt her react and squirm. He turned the remote to its lowest setting and looked at Melinda. The expression that washed over her face made his dick actually throb and Jennifer’s wait was over he grabbed his shaft and guided it plunging as deeply into her as he could go. He felt her cringe and moan in pain as her hymen gave way. Her back arched as she struggled against the restraints. He wanted to kiss her while he fucked her so he took the ball gag off.

“It hurts, it hurts, owe it hurts.”

She wasn’t able to say too much before he covered her mouth with his own forcing her lips open and flicking his tongue into her at the same rate he was pumping his cock into her incredibly tight cunt. He kissed her reaching around her body to massage her ass clutching the ass to bring her up to meet his thrusts. He pushed her up into his thrusts as he pummeled her. He turned up the controls for the butterfly panties. Melinda was moaning and grinding against the underwear watching her father fuck her sister. Melinda moaned moving her hips in the same motion her father was using with her sister.

“Oh God, dad, oh… oh….”

She moved against her wrist restraints writhing like a wild animal. The vibrating butterfly body and wings were at a heightened frenzy. He was pile driving his daughter and felt himself getting ready to just explode. He wanted his girls to cum too so he kissed Jennifer again drawing her out by forcing her to return his passionate kiss. He lowered his head to her breast and began suckling on her nipple while he threw his weight back and forth his ass swaying against her. He pushed into her clitoris until he got the response he was looking for….. Both daughters were going to cum for him. He backed up to drink them both in looking back and forth between both girls. He felt Jennifer shake underneath him and knew she was close so he pushed and then with all his weight against her clit rolled his ass back and forth sideways until he felt her tight pussy start contracting against his cock and he exploded inside her, collapsing.

Karl relished in how tight his young daughter’s pussy was looking over at Melinda. Melinda was his most challenging daughter. She was bold, outgoing, and self-confident. She often argued for her side and could be a little mouthy sometimes. He looked over at her and turned her butterfly panties off. He’d gotten both his girls off and he wasn’t done. He took Jennifer’s ear muff & plugs off. She still didn’t know who had made her cum. He took her blindfold off and watched her drink in her surroundings.

“Dad! What did we just do? Melinda? Oh my God!”

She looked at her sister wearing the Harvard colored naughty girl school uniform. Her gaze went towards all the adult toys resting on one of the strap ons that had the biggest girth. It had an anal attachment also. Her eyes got wider. She looked at her sister.

“Dad are you going to make me have sex with my sister?”

Karl said huskily, “While I’m fucking Melinda in the ass with a strap on, he walked over and picked up a vibrating dildo attachment that was the size of a large bottle, you’ll be fucking your sister with this. I’m going to fill all your holes girls.”

Jennifer looked scared, “Dad there is no way that is even going to fit. That will hurt. Don’t do this.”

Karl reassured them both, “Actually, I talked to the salesperson about how big the butt plug looked not thinking I could get it in you girls but he reassured me if we worked up to it and prepared and stretched you we could get these monster plugs & cocks in you. I figured he knew what he was talking about he sells these things for a living.” Karl started unclipping Jennifer’s restraints so he could move her to the other bed.

We made our way back to the elevator, and jumped in. I didn’t look too bad, but Karima definitely needed some work, her white skirt had dust marks all over it and her hair was diss-shelved, even though she tried her best to straighten it up in the parking lot.

“Honey, I have your cum all over me, Salima will be able to figure out what we’ve been doing” she worried.

“Relax baby. Just go straight into the bath and clean up as best you can, I’ll distract your sister” I assured her, knowing already her sister was a street-smart cock-tease who would have figured it all out by now.

“Okay babe” Karima let out a deep breath as we made our way into her apartment. As soon as we opened the door, Karima made a dash for her bath, Salima was now sitting on the same couch in the living room watching TV, and she looked at her sister making a run for the bathroom, with her eyebrows raised.

“She needs to go pee I think” I lied as I sat down on the couch next to Salima.

“Uhh hmm” Salima replied, rolling her eyes.

Salima wasn’t oblivious to the sexual energy going on between Brian and Karima, she was well aware her sister had the hots for Brian. She was curious as to what anyone could do to make her holy, naive sister actually fall for a guy, when she had made an oath to everyone that she would never have a relationship or be anything else but a friend to any guy until she was married to one.

For someone who had just turned 18 three days ago, Salima was in reality not very experienced when it came to guys. She had gone out on numerous dates in high school, and she had kissed guys, let them play with her tits, and finger her pussy but she had never gone beyond that with anyone. Barring her Math’s teacher Mr. Roberts, who had forced her to blow him in the back of his pick-up truck, in exchange for bumping up her grade, she hadn’t sucked much cock either.

Salima wouldn’t consider herself a lesbian, because she did like guys, just not the ones in school, however she had always harbored a secret lesbian fantasy ever since she moved away from home to be close to her sister.

She had always fantasized about Karima, and wondered how it would feel kissing her elder sisters lips, playing with her nipples and tasting her pussy.

When they were younger, they had showered together and slept in the same bed, and Salima had fond memories of sleeping with her arms around her sister. She loved the smell of her body, the touch of her skin, and watching her sister’s big ass-cheeks move in rhythm when she would dance in front of the mirror in their room.

Once she even kissed Karima on the lips, it was a brief sisterly lip kiss but Salima had wanted it to be a lot more, she had tried pushing her tongue inside Karima’s mouth, however Karima had quickly pulled away, and laughingly admonished her for being a naughty girl.

Salima had been waiting for an opportunity to kiss Karima again, she wanted nothing more than to make love to her elder sister however now she could see her sister seemed to be more interested in Brian, and as she took a moment to glance again at Brian, she ran her eyes down his big chest and down across his hard abs and finished at his groin, she could understand why.

Salima wasn’t quite sure the extent of Karima’s involvement with Brian, and decided to find out more. She sat up straight on the couch, turned the TV off, and looked at Brian, as she heard Karima open the tap water in the bath.

“So Brian, how long have you been fucking my sister?” Salima asked with a smirk.

I knew that was coming so I didn’t even act surprised.

I looked her in the eye and replied calmly “For a few days” I shot back. “Why, are you jealous?”

I caught her off-guard with that one, and she hesitated for a moment.

“You…you…you’re actually fucking her? But she was a virgin?” she asked almost as if she couldn’t believe her suspicions were dead on.

“Yep..I’m ACTUALLY fucking her, and in fact, I just fucked her downstairs too. The only thing virgin about your sister now is her ass, but I plan on fucking her there very soon too” I replied, grinning at Salima.

Salima was stunned, she thought something was going on with her big sister and Brian, but she had no clue her straight-forward, virgin sister would actually be sleeping with someone, and being fucked before she got married. Karima had always held onto her virginity and Salima was stunned at what I was telling her.

“When…how…I mean…did she…?” Salima stammered.

Without letting her finish, I moved forward quickly, pulling her towards me, and placed my lips directly on hers. Salima was shocked for a moment, then she began to struggle to get loose but I gave her no room to move. I darted my tongue deep inside her mouth, as my lips burned against hers, and continued to kiss her passionately.

She tasted fresh and sweet, and I smacked my lips on hers pulling her close.

Salima felt her body responding as she opened her mouth wide, and her tongue raced inside my mouth, and she felt her hands reach out to hold my neck and push me closer to her as we kissed.

I took my hands and moved them to her shoulders, placed them under the straps on her top and began to slide them of her shoulders. Salima felt her top unhook and pile on her lap.

I quickly placed my hands on her back and began to pull Salima closer to me, still kissing her, and ran my fingers across her bare back.

Salima’s mind was racing, her head was spinning, and her legs were so weak, she was dizzy with desire as her body responded.

She began to moan as she kissed me back, and she was enthralled with my lips and my tongue, she hardly noticed my fingers unsnapping her bra, until she felt it snap and come apart.

“Mmmmm,” she tried to protest but she couldn’t speak,

I laid my hands on her beautiful, perky bare breasts, her brown nipples erect, placing my forefinger on her right nipple and squeezed.

“Oh God!”, Salima cried out; her eyes closed and her head flung backwards and her knees buckled.

I pulled my lips away from hers and started sucking on her left nipple, while my fingers continued to squeeze her right tit, and she moaned as she felt her body thrusting forward towards my mouth.

“Oh god!” Salima moaned “Oh fuck yes!”

That when I heard the water tap in the bath close, and I quickly pulled away.

Salima heard the same, and quickly gathered her senses. She looked down and realized she was naked from the waist up. She hurriedly gathered her top and bra and ran into her room, closing the door just as Karima came out of the bath.

“Hey babe” I smiled as she came out.

“Where’s Salima? She left you out here by yourself?” Karima questioned.

“Yeah, she just went into her room a few minutes ago, but that’s all good, come here” I said, wanting to change the subject.

Karima came and sat down on the couch. She leaned towards me and whispered “I still have your cum inside my pussy, I didn’t clean it all out” she grinned.

I laughed and gave her a kiss, when she noticed the bulge in my pants.

“Again?! God, you’re hard again, so fast”? she smiled.

I grinned back sheepishly, not wanting to tell her it was her little sister who had gotten me hard this time around.

“Yeah, what can I say….” my voice trailed off, as the bedroom door opened and a flushed Salima walked out.

“Where’d you go?” asked Karima as she saw her sister walk in. “You left our guest all alone”.

“I had a phone call” Salima replied, not looking at her sister as she walked back to the kitchen.

“Wait, let me give you a hand. Brian give us a few, we’ll just get dinner on the table in just a bit” Karima said.

“Sure” I Karima’s ass a quick slap as she got up.

She looked back at me and smiled as she hurried into the kitchen.

I relaxed on the couch and took a moment to think about what I was doing. I lusted after Karima and finally got her in bed, yet just a few days later I was making moved on her little sister.

Why couldn’t I have them both, I told myself as I settled down and peered back in the kitchen.

Salima kept glancing at me again, only this time I could tell she was doing her best not too, but she couldn’t stop.

Karima called out for dinner and I made my way to the table. I sat across from Karima, with Salima sitting at the head of the table.

Karima began talking to Salima about her trip back home and what she wanted her to bring back for her and I listened quietly, willingly letting them talk while I decided to play with Salima a bit more.

I moved my hand under the table and rested it on her thigh. She flinched as she felt my hand, and quickly glanced at me from the corner of her eyes.

The touch of my fingers as I worked my way up the inside of her partly open thighs sent a bolt of sexual electricity through Salima, she sat bolt upright and looked straight at her sister, trying to continue her conversation.

I ran my fingers to the buttons on her shorts and unhooked her button with a single push, her shorts were now open from the top down, exposing her white nylon panties, and the inside of her thighs. I pushed her shorts down as much as I could with my fingers, my hand placed near the top of her thigh, moving my fingers in a gentle circular motion upwards towards her panty covered pussy lips.

Salima sucked in her breath as she felt my fingers on her pussy lips, and she wished she wasn’t wearing any panties so she could feel my fingers on her lips directly.

I twisted my fingers round and hooked my forefinger and index finger slightly before I began to manipulate Salima’s pussy lips through her panties, stretching them apart.

Salima bit down hard on her lower lip stopping herself from moaning aloud, my fingers were playing with her pussy lips, teasing and manipulating them, making her shiver with horny delight

I could tell Salima was responding to my touch, and could hear her breathing get louder and quicker.

I kept up my pace, rubbing up and down her white panties onto her pussy lips.

Salima began to move her ass back and forth on the chair, rubbing her pussy harder against my fingers, the chair creaked slightly from the movements and Salima kept looking at Karima, nodding as her sister was talking to her, not really listening to her sister but trying not to show any sign of what was going on below the dining table. She felt her cunt start to get hot and her pussy juices began to flow, wetting her white nylon panties.

I sensed her body responding and smiled to myself as I used my thumb and index finger to spread Salima’s pussy lips wide then slowly began to insert my forefinger through the panties, onto Salima’s slick tight pussy, slowly rubbing it round the edge as I did.

Salima pressed down hard on the table and threw her head back a little, her eyelids fluttered for a moment as I began to stick my finger in her, she moved her ass forward with a quick thrust taking my finger inside her hole, wishing again she hasn’t worn panties, as her pussy was burning with desire.

My finger was now partly inside Salima’s wet cunt, I turned my finger in circles rubbing it against the walls of her pussy as Salima rocked her ass back and forth along the length of my finger.

Salima rubbed her feet along the floor as her sexual excitement grew, somewhere in her brain it was telling her this was very wrong but Salima was hardly listening any more, the taboo of her sister’s boyfriend doing this to her and with her sister not 3 ft away excited her even more.

She stole a glance down and watched as my fingers spread her pussy lips wide then let them go through her panties, they shook slightly as they came together sending an intense, horny bolt straight through her, she was having to fight hard to control her emotions, her whole body was incredibly horny, her nipples had hardened and were rubbing against her top sending small shivers of delight up and down her.

I continued to pick at my food with my right hand and finally found Salima’s little clit with my other hand, smiling to myself as I ran my forefinger over it.

Salima almost lost it as she felt my fingers across her swollen clit, she pushed her lower body forward sharply, the back legs of the chair left the ground as she impaled herself onto the length of my finger, again she threw her head back quickly closing her eyes as the uncontrollable sexual feelings went through her.

Karima saw her sister’s head move back, and she asked “Sal, you okay?”

I stopped fingering Salima’s clit for a second, as Salima quickly snapped back to reality.

“Ha hmmm…yeah yeah go on” she stammered quickly, quickly glancing at me before reaching out for a glass of wine.

“See Brian, even my sister doesn’t pay attention to me these days” Karima laughed looking at me.

I joked back “Nah, she’s probably just hungry, right Salima”? I grinned looking directly at her.

Salima caught my look and a slow smile spread across her face.

“Ya,really hungry actually” she cooed staring at me.

“Sorry sis, go on” she said, pulling her chair further deep inside the table, and kicking off her shoes underneath.

As they continued their conversation, I could feel her bare feet rubbing against my legs.

She was trying to get her own back.

I tried to keep a straight face as I felt her toe nails slide up and down my thighs, and I stretched out my legs a little further under the table so she could reach easier.

I went back to her clit, it was a lot closer now that she had parted her legs further and moved deeper under the table. I held her clit in my fingers and rubbed faster and faster, my fingers were now slick with her pussy juices as she became wetter and wetter.

Salima tried to concentrate on her sister talking but she was getting extremely wet and horny, she knew if Brian didn’t stop fingering her clit, she would be cumming very soon.

Salima ran a hand through her hair pushing it away from her face, she licked her lips feeling Brian’s fingers manipulating her cunt, his wet forefinger rubbing along the inside of her pussy.

She stole another quick glance at, as her toes stroked Brian’s leg, she really wanted to replace her toes with her hands and stroke Brian’s cock but she had no way of doing so, without alerting her sister who was right beside her.

She closed her eyes again as she felt a finger push harder through her now wet and sticky panties trying to go as deep as it could, and she squirmed on the chair, she really wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this, she was very sexually aroused now, her pussy throbbing wildly, the impending orgasm building inside.

Salima bit her lip again, breathing hard through her nose as another shudder of pleasure went through her

I felt Salima’s pussy clamp down onto my fingers lightly and then release again, her breathing was ragged and loud from the excitement, she was incredibly aroused and my cock was beginning to harden as Salima’s toes made their way towards the insides of my thighs.

I gave her clit one last push and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. I ran my hand down the inside of her thigh, leaving behind a trail of pussy juices as I did, then I moved my hand back up to the table.

Salima felt my fingers withdraw from her pussy, and even though she knew she could have cum any moment and Karima would have caught on to what was happening, she had a sense of disappointment.

Salima breathed hard and looked at me as my fingers came up from under the table.

As Salima turned her heads towards me, I brought my fingers to my lips and licked them clean.

“Mmmm yummy Karima, this food is awesome” I said as I licked Salima’s pussy juice in front of her and her sister.

Salima looked at me licking her juice, and she let out a soft moan, her knees went weak, her breath stopped, she was so turned on. She locked her eyes into mine, her eyes were filled with a lusty daze.

She dabbed her toes across my thighs one last time, then slowly pulled away.

“Well eat some more than” I heard Karima’s voice as I quickly broke my gaze and looked back at Karima pushing food towards my plate.

Salima took advantage of this and quickly reached under the table, buttoning up her shorts.

I concentrated on my plate from there on, and made small talk with Karima.

Salima sat in silence from that point on, eating quietly and not making eye contact with me or her sister.

As we finished eating, Salima helped her sister clear the dishes then told her she would be sleeping early, giving her sister a quick hug.

I watched her leave the kitchen and head to her room. She looked at me as she walked past and gave me a slight smile as she locked eyes with mine.

I deliberately brought my hands down to the bulge in my pants and rubbed it through the material, as she walked by me so she could see what was in store for her.

She watched my fingers rub my cock through my pants, licked her lips and she gave me a show of her own, walking to her room, stopping by the door, turning her head back towards me, and dropping her shorts, giving me a quick view of her naked ass, before she slowly walked inside and closed the door behind her.

I sucked in my breath as she disappeared inside. A few minutes later Karima came out from the kitchen and planted herself next to me on the couch.

“Whew! I’m sorry for leaving you alone baby, Salima never helps me with anything when she’s home, and I had to clean up before I could relax with you” she murmured as she rested her head on my shoulders.

“Sssshhh that okay baby” I replied my cock was hard having seen Salima’s ass and I was ready for some action.

“You know what, I want to dance. How about a dance pretty baby?” I asked as I held her in my arms.

Karima smiled back at me and jumped up.

“Let me put something on” she said, as she hurried to the stereo and turned on some Toni Braxton love song.

I pulled her from the couch and we began to dance, Karima’s head resting on my shoulders as we moved slowly to the music.

That when I could see Salima’s door open and she was peeking out, staring at us. I saw her watching, and winked at her preparing to give her a real show.

I lowered my hands from Karima’s back down to her butt, and slowly began rubbing it with both hands.

I squeezed her ass cheeks, and began to gather her skirt in my hands and slowly pulled it up toward her waist as we continued to dance.

Salima started straight at me as I began to undress her big sister in front of her. I pulled Karima’s skirt all the way up exposing her beautiful shapely legs. With my eyes locked on Salima’s, I unhooked Karima’s skirt letting it fall flat on the floor, Karima stepped out of the skirt and continued to nuzzle my neck, as we slow danced in her living room.

I then moved one hand down to Karima’s butt and began to caress it softly.

Salima sucked in her breath from the door as she saw her elder sisters beautiful shapely ass, covered in white lace panties that were fully transparent showing off her curves and her ass-crack.

I moved my other hand down from her back, and slid it under the waist band of new white panties. I started stroking her ass cheeks with my fingers, and then pushed her panties all the way down her legs.

“Mmmmm oh baby” Karima whispered as we continued to dance.

I now had her ass dully exposed, and Salima got a clear view of her older sisters naked behind, as she watched me rubbing her sister’s ass with my fingers. I locked eyes with Salima once again and then parted Karima’s ass cheeks with my fingers, exposing her pink hole. I pushed one of my fingers into her pink hole, with her ass crack parted and her body pressed with mine.

Karima opened her legs wider as she felt my finger inside her ass, and rubbed herself against my crotch.

“Oh! Ohh baby”she moaned her as clenching as it was invaded by my finger.

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