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A Sick and Twisted Christmas Present.

To Luba, I hope you enjoy my twisted little alternative reality “fan-fic”,

Hugs, Cuddles, and Brutal Ravages…Timmah.

Writers Note: I had intended to write this as a private gift to someone, who I shall call Luba. Needless to say, I decided not to let these stories mothball. I see this as reclamation of my loving efforts on behalf of someone I’m no longer writing for. Some of the names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.

I also know that much of this shit is going to mean like nothing to you unless you waste your lives with the dorky hobby of LARP.

For those of you who aren’t World of Darkness Dorks, here is a brief lexicon.

Vampires are arranged into clans, each with their different powers, appearances, and points of view.

Nosferatu AKA Nossies, Fuglies, Sewer Rats: Ugly vampires who live in large underground sewer systems.

Toreador: Pretty Vampires who hate the Nosferatu, and get are quintessential “Art Fags.”

Gangrel: Wild Vampires that have the ability to change their shape, and tend to live in the wild places of the world.

Warrens: What the Nosferatu call their underground homes.

Masquerade: A system of deceptions, political strong arming, and magical hoo-dioo that Vampires use to make Humanity as a whole believe vampires are just myth.

If it wouldn’t have given him away, Theo would have swore under his breath. He was too good at what he did to do that.

It didn’t mean it was easy…

That motherfucking Ernie. Ernie, another Nosferatu was infamous for having a flimsy career, and an even limper reputation…especially with his fellow Nos. Yet again, Ernie had ended up sinking a huge deal. Ernie, former Primogen of Stockton, Ernie, the guy that couldn’t sell a boat to a drowning man. It should have been an easy deal, but Ernie, who had these silly delusions of competence. Of course, also being Ernie, he insisted that he handle this.

“Primogen” Ernie of Stockton (What a fucking joke. Being Primogen of Stockton was kind of like bragging about being at the head of your special ed class. All he had to do was show up for Primogen Meetings, not say overly stupid things and stick up for newbie Nosferatu.) He often failed the former, which Theo had little issue with– everyone who was in Stockton was an idiot as far as Theo was concerned. The latter actually affected the whole clan of Nosferatu. It’s not the younger Fuglies fault that Ernie was incompetent..but since Theo wasn’t willing to be, well, anything in Stockton, he felt obligated to still help up those burned by Ernie’s failures.

That stupid bitch of a Keeper’s assistant claimed to have pinched a Nosferatu breaking the Masquerade. No good, of course. But by that, she meant she used supernatural sight to catch him climbing into a manhole. Of course, she ended up pushing Ernie into having the young Nosling staked, and held.

Fuck! Was it too much to ask that Ernie point out the obvious? Apparently Ernie couldn’t have told this opportunistic peanut-gallery bitch that it’s not breaking the Masquerade if she has to use supernatural powers to see him. Considering human beings DON’T have the ability to do that…but that didn’t stop that prick-sandwich Father Luciano from using this to pinch Ernie.

Of course, a major boon was gonna be owed, or that Nosling was just going to sit there in the motherfucking Tremere Laboratory…the Nosling couldn’t pay a Major boon, he was barely acknowledged, and Ernie was hemming and hawing. He picks this issue to drive a bargain with…this time to fucking deliberate. Theo could have broken his fucking neck.

Taking over the debt, Theo wanted to pay it off immediately. Having someone like Luciano hold a favor over your head wasn’t good. He had to get rid of it- What did that motherfucking priest want?

Someone to get some dirt on Shanghai Rooster, Archon. That itself wasn’t that hard…but it had to be something concrete, something to blackmail him with.

That meant finding his Haven/s, setting up surveillance, exploiting weaknesses via his contacts and people he cared about.

Fucking Motherfucking Cocksuck Sonofabitch.

The last time he had spent out in Gangrel woods was with this turd-nugget called Alburtus or something stupid. Curious about what was going on out in the Gangrel woods, Theo had received a tip from some Brujah what was going on, and Theo wanted to confirm…trying to make a deal with the young man. Alt was currently Primogen in Sacramento, and Theo didn’t know him too well but for seeing him in passing. Theo was blunt, too blunt some would say. Hard to be subtle when you have a stutter as broken as a thief’s promise.

Needless to say, Alby started blustering to Theo, and in return, Theo made Alby’s Beast his bitch by using his supernatural mastery over Vampiric nature.

Getting Alby to take him to the place, he had the sheer gall to ask Theo if he was a good fighter. With that, and his transparent body language, Theo knew he was gonna get jumped. Alby was as easy to read as a neon sign.

Alby was strong, but Theo was much stronger. Driven into a Frenzy because Alby couldn’t control his Beast anymore, he tried to kill the Nosferatu. Theo could have easily murdered Alby- very easily, if he had chosen to take chunks out of the Gangrel by biting him. His fists did incredible amounts of damage, but the Gangrel had tough skin. Theo was fast as well as strong. It was a damn close fight. He held Alby’s unconscious body. Theo made a quick stop to his home in the Warrens to sew up his entrails so they wouldn’t spill out inconveniently.

It was a very real threat…showing up with Alby all wounded. His Clanmates could have just murdered him, but Theo tried to do the right thing (and ballsy thing)…and returned Alby to them, sparing his life. Unther, the leader of the Gangrel at the time that cocksucking piece of Germanic shit- refused to teach Theo the ability to shift his shape. Unther had lied and said that nobody outside of Clan Gangrel was taught the ability. Theo knew of at least 5 people off the top of his head that had been taught, but Unther refused, saying it was for his safety. Alby was there too, trying to twist things up, hoping that Theo would lose his cool so he could get his Clan to murder him.

So much for Gangrel straightforwardness and honor. Give them a few years trying to weasel back into the Camarilla and they were as bad as Neonate Ventrue. Theo could understand the need to play dirty to win, to get ahead. All Nosferatu did, and if they didn’t they were kept underground where they could apply their chosen trade in a way that wouldn’t conflict with their morals.

Gangrel. All he got from them was a pain in the ass. They often had no information worth stealing, and tromping through the woods with a gimpy leg wasn’t Theo’s idea of a good time.

What did that have to do with him being out in the woods, stalking the freshly Embraced childe of Archon Rooster?

It made Theo grouchy, and he didn’t have any outlet for it. He just stewed in it.

He was in the Bay area again. The first time he had been there, in recent history, he had been there, was to help the city of San Francisco fight off another Demonic Scourge of Stupidly Large proportions. Compared to the bullshit he was dealing with as Sheriff of Sacramento, this was a fucking vacation.

Hidden or not, he was going around in circles, if this had been a city, or the Underhome, he could have found his way easily, but this was the forest. Theo had been raised in a rural area, but decades upon decades of Unlife stuck underground living in places and with things no sane biologist would consider “natural” twisted him up, it was hard to find his bearings.

The way this night was going, he was going to end up being eaten by a pack of Lupines, then thrown up again. Fuck you Ernie.

He carefully dug out his cell phone from it’s customary pocket…the Embrace had cursed him with a kind of leprosy, and his nerves for the most part,were dead. Theo had to be very careful where he placed things, or he’d end up jostling them. The grimy phone glowed dimly, just enough to see faint outlines but not enough to give him away. It was almost 2 am, and he couldn’t burn much more time on this if he wanted to get back to the familiar haven of the Amador Warrens. Even worse still, was the idea that he be caught in these damnable woods and have to pray he wouldn’t be found as he slept under concealed shelter.

It was then he heard it…the woods had grown quiet…and Theo stood, favoring his stronger leg, perfectly still.

From just about fifteen feet away, slumped against a tree, he heard something most strange. Ears used to quickly sorting the din of bland party banter to pluck the juicy secrets and embarrassments in a crowded gather, to the tell-tale tick of of a methane line about to blow.

A young woman, no older than 25…probably younger.

Sneaking up carefully and circling around, minding the line of sight, blending in, even with his superior powers of Obfuscation (invisiblity for the great unwashed), he did not need to risk being careless.

Wracking sobs were carried through the misty forest, distorted by the cold, heavy mist. She was mumbling incoherently. It brought back uncomfortable memories. He knew that sound…he had made that sound before. It was…this girl was a target, an objective- nothing more. Sometimes, when Theo saw people when they think they’re alone, they think they’re safe, that they have privacy. The ugly, gnarled old vampire had seen people at their best and at their worst. Usually, it was at their worst. Just another reason to become hardened and cynical. On rare occasions, Theo felt empathy for the people he spied on. Sometimes, even guilt. It was part of the job though- that made it easier.

Theo’s eyes were used to the darkness, used to the light-starved catacombs and sewers- though there was no moon in the sky, it was a starry night, bright out here in the thin mountain air outside of the bay- more than enough ambient glow to see the form of a shapely young woman, and even the stream of dark tears down dusky cheeks. Blood, she was crying blood…

“Why…why, why why, why…?” She muttered…”Why won’t…he. What’s wrong with me? Why did he do this to me…if…Fuck!”

It wasn’t hard to know who she was talking about. Just like her Sire, to fucking embrace a kid and then abandon her. Not even in the way that Theo had heard about Gangrel doing…hunting and stalking their children, if they were unsuitable, just killing them or abandoning the hunt…leaving them alone to fend for herself. This was different…

In the Nosferatu Clan- whose numbers were more than any Topside Vampire could even fathom, there was a more nurturing attitude after the painful agony of the Embrace took. The Embrace is what turned a human being into a vampire, and amongst Nosferatu, the doubly-cursed, it broke the strongest of bodies, and warped the most beautiful of flesh and usually as a result, the mind. Even the strongest, most confident of people found their egos under great strain. At first, the vampire feels great, strong…powerful. King of the world, even, if he had to be trapped underground with locked away with these twisted freakish monsters. After a few days, sometimes less, sometimes more- it happened…it was different for every Nosferatu…but always the same. Pain, incredible pain and agony as bones would warm, skin would boil and blister, hair would fall out in great clumps. Sometimes, even, useless appendages would grow and dangle from warped frames, limp reminders of how they would never be what they were ever again.

Gangrel were a different case. Starting out looking just as any other vampire would, these feral monsters would eventually warp themselves gradually. A frenzy would cause them to become closer to their Beasts, and fur, claws, wings and even stranger mutations would emerge.

This one was suffering, this little Gangrel girl, all out here alone in the woods. Well, she was alone, as far as she was concerned.

Theo had plans. He was to follow this sad little thing, this pretty little vampire, back to her Home. From there he would search through her records, ferret out any useable data she might have, if he had the chance, maybe even set up little cameras or a tap line to send her Internet correspondence and records to a proxy node where Theo could trace it later.

Instead of going home, she sobbed and she sobbed. Theo just sat, watching- patiently waiting.

A broken heart was a hard thing to see, even for a vampire that had broken arms, blackmailed other vampires, blustered, intimidated and cajoled others. Some could say that Theo was a bad person, and, truly, they would be right. He cared about his clan of fellow freaks, and did what he needed to do to help them, even when his own clan, did not understand the sometimes very brutal things Theo had to do.

Squatting in front of her, Theo watched, like some kind of Gargoyle without a building to perch on listening to her mewl and cry.

This self-pity would have continued on for perhaps another half-hour or so if the dance of watch-and-wait hadn’t been interrupted.

“THEO, THEO, ARE YOU THERE? I found some other…”Ernie’s voice crackled from his phone, Theo must have accidentally un-muted it when he had checked the time.

Quick as a whip, Theo clamped his hand down, and smashing the phone into a thousand plastic and metal shards…Theo grunted in rage, tamping down on his Beast, less from the pain of his gnarled, stoney fist crushing his leg, but more than getting made. He fucking hated getting made!

“Wha-” She looked straight at him. Just in case he was caught, he didn’t dress as he normally did, finding a rather blasé suit of clothing, stuff suitable for trekking in the woods, lose, a cast-away shirt, shoes with decent grip…It was impossible for anyone without the gift of Supernatural Sight to see the mangled, putrescent mess that was Theo’s ruined face.

Her grief and sorrow turned into embarrassment at being caught in such a vulnerable space. She stood up, and in her anger, she was beautiful…and her eyes glowing red, she was dangerous.

“Who the fuck are you…Why are you spying on me you creep?” Her voice was ragged and angry. There was fear there too…

Theo was gauging the situation…with his game leg, he couldn’t flee. What if she pressed him into a fight? He did not feel like spending another good week doing nothing but healing from having his guts spilled.

“Who the fuck are you? Answer me. Don’t you know who the fuck my Daddy is? Don’t you know that he’s important?” As Theo just stood there watching, not scared, not backing away, this strange, forgettable looking man, she sounded less and less sure.

The Nosferatu just stared at her…looking deep within her eyes. His Beast did not like being cajoled…but he exerted his will to keep himself in check.

She got up in his face…and he was about to say something, to calm her, to apologize…to do something…he wasn’t afraid of her per se…he just didn’t want to hurt her.Not knowing why he did this himself, he reached out to her, his stammering mouth unable to find the words…and brushed a tear from her cheek.

It was then, she raked his upper chest with claws. Fucking Gangrel and their claws! he didn’t expect it, he should of. It was a glancing blow, not really much of a wound, even with those damnable claws, but pain blossomed in his chest.

She looked as if she might strike him again, with a quickness that surprised the young Gangrel, he lashed out and gripped her clawed hand. She inhaled sharply, while he wasn’t gripping that hard, he could have broken the thin bones of her wrist very easily by grinding with his powerful hand.

Pinning her arm behind her back, she cried out in surprise, and fear.

“St-st-stop it!” He hissed, his stutter making his admonishing sound more like a staccato of gunshots…

“Get the fuck off me! HELP! HE-”

Theo couldn’t have that. He clamped his hand over her mouth…she didn’t need to breath, but it would shut her up. Theo’s mind was racing now…he didn’t know what to do. She didn’t really know who he was…but he couldn’t have her yelling like this, or they would alert Rangers from the nearby station…who knows what else? Other monsters than Vampires have been known to stalk the woods at night.

She was thrashing about and he had her clamped down tightly, his meaty paw over her mouth. The vampire tripped, falling on top of her, she was struggling like a landed fish, writhing…she swiped at his face with a free hand, almost taking out an eye.

Growled, he pressed her down so hard into the soft dirt that it created a deep furrow in the earth. Their struggles eventually caused it to churn up loose dirt, pebbles and pine needles as she screamed and cried and moaned around his hand…the last embers of her anger turning into fear.

“So strong…so incredibly strong!” Thought the She-Gangrel- that unbeknownst to Theo was known as Zajika,”What the fuck does he want, who is he?”

Theo wasn’t sure what he wanted either, like with Alby, this would have been easy if he was intending just to stake her, or to bite her into Final Death…he didn’t want that…but he couldn’t…

“Yo-yo-you almost took m-mm-my Eye…F-f-uck..” He growled…He was in a quandary, let her mouth go and let her scream and maybe face her fangs….but those claws were dangerous, and very precise…

His Beast rose again, thrashing at the bars and chains that Theo kept it contained with was warping…he had to find some way to chann…

Again, her free hand went to slash at him, and burning the Blood that powered his twisted, powerful frame allowed him to move much faster than her eye could see.

“St-st-ay still you!”

She screamed into his hand…”WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT?!?!?!?”

“Sh-sh-shut up…Yo-you CUNT!”

Something about that word was like a slap in her face…the raw fury in his voice…the hoarse bestial fury in his eyes…His Beast swallowed hers, and she wilted…she was quelled, without will…submissive.

Theo, however, was not satisfied…The struggle had torn his clothes…and his Beast needed to do something to mark this…to make this bitch fucking mind.

Blood burned within him he snapped, he flipped her over

Gangrel had been such a pain in his ass for so long, it was time to be a pain in the ass of one of theirs.

“Petty? Sure.” Theo considered,”Satisfying? fuck yeah!

She moaned…Something in that moan made him burn…some part of himself that he hadn’t felt in so very long. Theo, well- he hadn’t felt anything in so long, and he didn’t know why. Maybe it was the thrill of combat, maybe it was something in the misty night air- he could feel now. Theo could feel her heat, her warmth. With one pull, he tore her expensive skirt from her body, snapping it like a flimsy rubber band, and her ass was full and lush- exposed to his hungry eyes. Even Undeath had not stolen her beauty.

Theo lived in shit…everything for him was a struggle, from talking to walking to just surviving. He had learn a lot, but seeing her there, his hand wrapped around her neck pressing her face into the earth, those mewling sobs he had listened to for a almost an hour bubbled where the earth muffled her face.

“Y-y-ou like h-h-hitting people!” He hissed into her ear, the her body writhing underneath his iron grip, “How d-d-do you like this?”

He took his hand, tough as leather and cast iron, and smacked her exposed ass, watching in wonder as the flesh rippled and shuddered, and she cried out…Great wracking sobs.

Theo’s hand created a smacking cadence on her ass cheeks, the pops and snaps of her resilient flesh..her cries turned to whimpers.

Again and again he smacked her ass, and even in the moonlight, he could see the ruddy red as her blood surfaced to heal the damage. She was surprisingly human looking.

McKenzie Lowell stepped up to the door and rang the bell.

The door was answered by a giant dressed in a Scottish kilt, white button up and black half-mask.

“Trick or treat?” he asked.

“Hey Bear, isn’t that supposed to be my line? But I’ll take a treat over a trick any day!”

“Shit Kenzie, how did you know it was me?” Bear asked.

“Because I don’t know anyone else who hits 6’5″? And how did you know it was me?” Kenzie asked with a pout.

“Because I don’t know anyone else with your hot as hell body?”

“Oooooh, you better watch out,” Kenzie teased, punching Bear in the arm, “or I’m going to tell Lola!”

Lola was Bear’s wife. She was a gorgeous, black hair and green eyes, who stood at just under six foot, had a great sense of humor and was perfect for Bear!

“Please don’t Kenzie! She’ll have my balls for sure.” Bear laughed.

“Don’t worry; I won’t be responsible for your becoming a eunuch!”

Kenzie stepped into the foyer of the large, sprawling home that her friends shared. While Bear shut the door and hung her coat, Kenzie stepped up to the large mirror near the stairs to examine herself before stepping into the large masquerade party in full swing in the main part of the house.

Kenzie scrutinized her imagine. Waist length hair, so red it was nearly burgundy, with a nice wave complemented her bright blue eyes. She had clear porcelain skin with a healthy smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She loved her freckles.

What she loved much less was her very Rubenesque figure. Kenzie snorted. Rubenesque? How about fat! Kenzie really had no illusions about her size. She was a big girl. She smoothed her hands down her more than ample hips. Adjusting her gauzy, flowing white toga, she turned sideways and eyed her rounded stomach, much hidden by the empire waist of her gown. She’d taken a risk coming as a goddess. How many fat girls were actually brave enough to assume the right to be a goddess? Along with her white toga gown, she wore a gold laurel wreath and a white feathered half mask. The mask showed of her ruby painted cupid-bow lips to their best advantage.

As little as she loved her figure, she had almost learned to accept her less than supermodel body. Dates, though, had been few and far between, due mostly to her size, she was sure. However, Kenzie accepted that she was a beautiful woman. And she was definitely not shy about adorning her body. She had numerous tattoos including a large tree of life on her back. She also had multiple ear piercings, a hoop in her nose and small diamond stubs ornamenting her bottom lip.

Giving herself one last critical look, Kenzie stepped into the large great room. She looked around, taking in the crush of other party guests. There were several predictable costumes: witches, vampires, pirates and some zombies. Some of the women wore beautiful costumes, dressed as fairies and princesses. Her eyes landed on a particularly hot black haired she-devil at the bar. Kenzie smiled. Of course Lola would be dressed as a slutty bad girl. SO Lola!

Kenzie milled through the crowd, exchanging pleasantries with several people, making her way to Lola. When she reached her, Lola smiled and hugged Kenzie. With a large smile she handed Kenzie a glass of white wine.

“Oh fancy!” Kenzie teased Lola. “Did you break out the French Chardonnay for moi?”

“Oui! You know it! Nothing but the best for my girl.”

Kenzie took a sip. “Yummy! You so know my weakness.”

“Come sit with me,” Lola urged her and led Kenzie to a large sofa near an even larger roaring fireplace. Lola swayed her barely covered ass, showing off the devil red g-string that matched her costume. They sat together in the corner of the L-shaped sectional.

“You little slut,” Kenzie teased her best friend. “You are going to have innocent young boys limping around from their rampant boners!”

Lola giggle. “I know, right! I am totally shameless.”

Kenzie truly loved her two best friends. Bear and Lola ran a very lucrative and popular nightclub downtown called The Drunken Dog. It featured barely clad go-go dancers, live bands several nights a week and was patronized by lots of very attractive and rich people. Being a singer, Kenzie had performed at The Drunken Dog on a regular basis and it had become like a second home to her; or a first home, maybe. Kenzie had grown up in foster care and had no family. Completely alone in the world, Kenzie has struggled on her own from the time she had run away from her last abusive foster home at the age of 15.

Kenzie had supported herself as a street musician from that time on. She had an incredibly beautiful and unique voice, smoky and gravelly. She was also a natural on the guitar, having taught herself. At the age of 32 she’d yet to pick up a recording contract, however she had a very lucrative career performing at nightclubs and bars around the city.

“So,” she told Lola, glancing around, “nice party. Are you sure you found enough gorgeous people to be here? Are there any left in the city?”

“Maybe,” Lola, with a little smile, “maybe not. You going to sing for us tonight?”

“Absolutely. Can you have Bear get my guitar out of my car?”

“Sure. Meanwhile, why don’t you mingle? We have lots of naughty versions of games going on in different areas: Spin the Bottle, 60 Seconds in Heaven, yada yada yada! Play! Find a man to fuck, be bad!”

“Haha,” Kenzie retorted with sarcasm. “You know I’ve just got men beating down my door. I’ll stick with my trusty vibrator. Much less risk of rejection.” Before Lola could argue, Kenzie stood, holding her glass up. “I’m getting a refill and then I’ll say hello to a few people.”

Kenzie made her way to the bar and procured herself another glass of wine. She leaned back against the bar, sipped her Chardonnay and people watched for a while. She smiled when she saw Bear palm Lola’s ass across the room. In typical Lola style, she bent slightly to give Bear greater access and he took advantage, running a finger along her barely covered slit. Far from feeling embarrassed, the witnessed scene only made Kenzie feel hot and aroused.

Kenzie sighed heavily. She’d love to find someone to share her life and bed with. Taking another sip of wine, she stilled, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck raise in awareness. Someone was staring at her. Surreptitiously, from beneath lowered lashes, Kenzie glanced around the room. Across the room near the fireplace, not far from where she’d been sitting with Lola, she found the culprit. Her eyes were snared by a very hot specimen of man. When she met his eyes, his full, beautiful lips quirked up in a half-smile. Kenzie jarred from the intensity of his gaze.

Wow, she thought lowering her eyes, he is amazingly sexy. Discreetly, she hoped, Kenzie checked out the mystery man across the room. He was tall, fully as tall as Bear, but without the bulk. She couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from the brief look she’d had, as well as from the distance, but his jet black hair shined in the firelight, so dark it was nearly blue. He wasn’t dressed in costume, though he wore a nice leather half-mask. He was dressed in dark, distressed jeans and a leather half trench coat over a form-fitting black t-shirt. He also wore beautifully made black motorcycle boots with silver buckles. Jesus freaking Christ, she thought, that man is sin on two legs. Glancing back up, Kenzie saw he was still staring at her.

Kenzie felt mesmerized. She felt tingles from head to toe. Her nipples hardened and her pussy started weeping. Kenzie shivered, as she forced her eyes away. Pushing away from the bar, she made her way through the crowd, greeting several people she recognized, despite their masks. Kenzie was quick with a smile and even quicker with a laugh; endearing her to most people she met.

She wandered out onto the large multi-level deck. It was chilly, but not bad, considering the time of year. She made her way to the fire pit and noticed that a very adult game of spin the bottle was going on. It appeared that whomever the bottle landed on, irregardless of the gender of the spinner or whom it landed on, a deep tongue kiss was awarded. Kenzie watched for several turns, becoming increasingly aroused by blatant display of eroticism, before she felt heat at her back. Without turning, she knew it was the mystery man from the great room.

“Are you aroused by the game?” he asked, his breath warm on her ear as he leaned close to whisper to her.

Kenzie jumped slightly, shivering from his words and from the effect of his breath on her ear.

“Yes,” she said without turning. “You?”

“No,” he said, “I’m aroused by you.”

Kenzie stiffened. She turned quickly to find him inches from her. She looked up into his eyes. Way up, considering he stood nearly a foot taller than her. She noticed his eyes were so light blue they were almost white. They were beautiful, but in an almost eerie way. Definitely intense.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“Nope, no trick here,” he said with a crooked smile, amused at his own Halloween pun. “I think you are incredibly hot. I just have one question for you.”

Kenzie simply raised her eyebrow in response.

He leaned in until her was whispering in her ear again. “Are you wearing panties?”

Kenzie leaned back with a bark of laughter. “You certainly aren’t shy are you?”

“I never have been accused of that.”

“What’s your name? If I turn you on so much I should at least know your name, don’t you think?”

“Fair enough. Silas.”

“I’m Kenzie.”

“I know. I’ve seen you at Bear and Lola’s.”

“Hmmm. Why haven’t I seen you?”

“I’m shy?”

“Oh I highly doubt that,” Kenzie laughed.

Before Silas could make a rejoinder, Kenzie’s name was called from the group playing around the fire pit.

“Come play! Be naughty…it’s Halloween!” This was from a waitress named Erin from The Drunken Dog that Kenzie had a friendly relationship with.

Kenzie hesitated.

“I will if you will,” Silas said from beside her. “Dare you.”

Never one to turn down a dare, a fault that had gotten her into plenty of trouble, Kenzie walked over to the group, throwing a challenging look over her shoulder at Silas. Kenzie chose a spot in the circle and Silas sat next to her, close enough that their thighs pressed against each other, causing a warm glow of arousal in Kenzie’s pussy.

“Ok, Kenzie, you next!” Erin said excitedly.

Kenzie groaned inwardly, but put on a game smile and spun. The bottle spun drunkenly for several rotations before, as if pulled by a magnet, landed on Silas. Kenzie gave a silent victory shout! How fortuitous! Without any wasted time, Silas buried his hand in the hair at the base of Kenzie’s neck and pulled her head back. Kenzie gasped at the suddenness of the action and the shot of fluid it caused to drench her panties. Silas took advantage of Kenzie’s open mouth and crushed her mouth, thrusting his tongue in with aggression. Kenzie moaned and thrust her tongue back at his. They dueled for long moments, tongues tangling, lips sucking, until Kenzie heard loud catcalls and whoops.

She raised her head feeling drunk with the power of the kiss. She had totally lost herself in it.

“Whoa!” Kenzie said on a little laugh. “That’s enough of Spin the Bottle for me or I might end up in a puddle on the floor! I’m getting a drink.” Kenzie stood on unsteady legs and made her way back to the great room and the bar, to the accompaniment of several playful boos. She could feel Silas on her heels.

Procuring a drink, she turned to Silas and said, “Yes.”

“Yes?” he replied.

“Yes, I’m wearing panties, but they’re little.”

“Shit,” Silas whispered, almost to himself. He stepped forward, completely invading her space and pressed his body against hers. He reached around and palmed her ass cheek. “That is so fucking hot, because now all I can think of is taking them off of you.”

“You are pretty presumptuous aren’t you,” Kenzie asked, meaning to sound firm but only managing to sound breathless.

Silas adjusted his hand to slide his finger up the crack of her ass, following the line of her little white silk g-string. With his other hand he palmed the back of her head and tilted her head to the side. Leaning down her ran the flat of his tongue from her collar bone to her ear.

“I go after what I want. And I haven’t wanted anything or anyone this bad in eons,” he breathed into her ear. Using his grip on her ass, he pulled her tight against him, pressing his hard cock against her stomach.

“I can tell,” she replied and turning her head, claimed his mouth in an unusual act of sexual aggression. When he threw himself wholeheartedly into the kiss, she groaned into his mouth. Her nipples were hard points, pressing into his chest through her thin gown. Her panties were sopping wet with her own arousal by now and her clit pulsed hard, from a simple kiss. She wiggled trying to get closer. Silas released her hair and palmed Kenzie’s breast before using his palm to rub her hard nipple in slow circles. When her nipple got even harder, it was Silas’s turn to moan. This continued for several moments before Kenzie registered a clearing of the throat.

Silas lifted his head and growled, “What the fuck is so important that you need to interrupt me, Bear?”

“Well, as much as I, and most of the room, are enjoying this hot as fuck display, it’s time for Kenzie to play for us.”

Kenzie’s cheeks burned at how she had forgotten where they were. But she put on a brave face and a saucy smile.

“Glad I could be of service, Bear. Should I take a bow?”

“Let’s save that for after your set?”

“Sure, but Silas will have to let go of my ass first.”

Silas slowly loosened his grip on her ass and stepped by, but not happily. He turned to Bear, displeasure clear on his face. Bear took a step back and lowered his head, in apparent submission.

“I apologize, Silas.”

Interesting, Kenzie thought, as she made her way to spot near the fireplace where her guitar, a mic and small amp were set up.

When she sat on the provided stool, she gave a cursory hello before beginning the intro to her first song. As she sang, most people came in from other areas of the house, crowding into the great room to hear her perform. She sang nearly a dozen songs, before launching into her current favorite, a song by India.Arie.

She had felt Silas’s eyes burning into her, never leaving for the entire set. As she began the lyrics of the song she looked into his eyes.

“Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t

Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes

It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul

I’m not the average girl from your video

and I ain’t built like a supermodel

But, I learned to love myself unconditionally

Because I am a queen…”

Kenzie finished the song to thunderous applause and thanked everyone for their appreciation.

Lola approached and, taking Kenzie by the arm, led her back to the bar. Kenzie noticed Silas had disappeared.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Kenzie asked.

“Maybe,” Lola answered, and with a little laugh handed her another glass of wine. “Just thought you might be parched after all that singing.”

“I am, thanks,” she responded taking a large swallow.

“So, what do you think of Silas? Like him?”

“What’s not to like? He’s super-hot and kisses like he’s set out to make it an art form. He’s definitely wet my panties! How long have you known him?”

“Oh, forever,” Lola answered with a little wave of her hand.

Kenzie recounted the exchange between Silas and Bear. “So, what’s up with that?”

“Well Silas is like family, I guess. He’s like an older brother to Bear; a mentor, really. He gave us the initial investment to start The Drunken Dog. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Silas.”

“Ah. Ok. Still it’s odd to see Bear so deferential to someone.”

“He loves Silas, we both do, and would never want to offend him,” Lola replied.

“Well if you love Silas, so do I,” Kenzie assured her friend, giving her a one-armed hug, still holding her glass of wine.

“I think you showed everyone how much you ‘loved’ Silas earlier!”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Kenzie retorted on a laugh. “So many people are going at each other at this party it might as well be an orgy!”

“Yeah, but there was something special about watching you and Silas. Half the people here couldn’t take their eyes off you.”

“Jesus, now I’m more than a little mortified,” Kenzie blushed.

“Don’t be, you are a beautiful sensuous creature! If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want to fuck you!”

Kenzie laughed. “You have enough fucking going on without involving me, you little perv! I am in need of the little girls’ room.” Excusing herself, Kenzie wondered upstairs and into Bear and Lola’s master suite. She used the bathroom, washed her hands and freshened her hair and make-up, taking advantage of Lola’s gigantic assortment of cosmetics.

When she left the bathroom, Silas was waiting for her, leaning against the bedroom door, barring her way out.

Kenzie came to an abrupt halt. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I thought we could play 60 Minutes in Heaven,” he replied with a wicked grin.

“It’s 60 Seconds in Heaven.”

“Oh, I’ll need way more than a minute with you. But baby, I am going to take you to heaven,” Silas promised, stepping away from the door and shrugging out of his leather trench.

Kenzie felt a rush of moisture flood her cunt, wetting her already damp panties. But not wanting to seem too easy, she asked, “Don’t I have a say in this?”

“Yes,” he replied, stalking her as she backed away from him. “You can say yes, more please, harder; any and all of those.”

Silas peeled his tee off over his head and Kenzie felt her jaw drop. Holy fuck, she thought, he is amazing. Silas had the type of body that a man only got from hard work. A natural, lean musculature, not something bought at a gym. Both of his nipples were pierced, with bars in both. So now she knew Silas possessed two things that turned her on beyond measure; a dominant personality and piercings. She glanced up from his chest to find his eyes on her. The look of lust on his face was so intense, she swallowed audibly. She stood frozen as Silas continued to approach her.

When he reached her, Kenzie expected him to grab her, but instead he slowly circled her. Reaching out he ran his hand lightly along her arm, around the shell of her ear, across her ass. He lightly touched her, circling her, making her feel like she was prey and he was toying with her. Through it all, Kenzie stood still, her breath hitching at every touch, her cunt spasming. She felt near orgasm and Silas had barely touched her! Eventually he made his way back to stand in front of her.

For several moments, Silas merely stared into Kenzie’s eyes. His eyes burned so hot despite their cold color. She felt herself enthralled, lost in the depth of desire she found there. She seemed aware of every inch of her body, as if her skin were suddenly too tight. Her nipples hardened to impossibly tight points, her breathing was fast, heartbeat erratic and her pussy was a constant fount of dripping arousal.

“Take off your gown, McKenzie,” Silas finally spoke, his voice deep and gravelly with want. Kenzie complied, slowly lowering her gown. Kenzie was surprised by her easy compliance, but even more surprised that this amazingly hot man wanted her. And she could in no way doubt his desire for her, she thought, glancing at the giant bulge in his jeans. Soon Kenzie stood before Silas in nothing more than her white silk g-string and 5 inch white satin stilettos. She resisted the urge to squirm and cover herself, severely self-conscious of all the extra weight she was displaying for this impossibly hot man.

“Love, no need to feel insecure. I could come in my jeans just looking at you.” And as unimaginable as it seemed, Kenzie believed him. She shivered hard as he reached out to run the back of his hand along her collarbone. Turning his had he smoothed his fingertips down her chest, between her large, though firm breasts, to settle at the top of her panties. Using a single fingertip, Silas traced the top of her panties, back and forth, until Kenzie was ready to beg him to touch her between her legs.

As though reading her mind, Silas slid his finger down her slit, staying on top of her panties. Kenzie groaned in pure delight at the feel of his finger on her cunt. She desperately wanted more. Please! she thought almost desperately.

“Patience, baby,” he told her.

Kenzie started. Was he reading her mind?

“Yes, and you’re thinking very loudly.”

Before Kenzie could even process that statement, Silas lifted her in his arms as if she weighed nothing, and carried her to the large bed. Kenzie marveled that he could lift her so easily, considering she was no slight burden. He laid her on the bed, grabbed her hands and lifted them above her head, and proceeded to devour her mouth. The thrust of his tongue in her mouth imitated what she longed for his cock to be doing in her sopping wet cunt. Returning Silas’s kiss wholeheartedly, Kenzie couldn’t keep from squeezing her thighs together, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her aching clit.

When Silas pulled away and stood up, Kenzie groaned in objection and tried to reach for him. It was then she realized that while she’d been lost in his kiss, Silas had been securing her hands to the headboard. Kenzie twisted her head around to look at her hands. Of course Bear and Lola would have shackles built into their headboard! She turned her head back to Silas. He was standing beside the bed, his gaze wondering her body, landing longer on some places than others.

“Do you know how fucking amazing you look in just that tiny thong and your hooker heels?”

“Why don’t you show me?”

“You have no idea how badly I want to,” he informed her with a shake of his head, “but first we need to talk.”

“Okaaaay,” Kenzie said, drawing the word out in confusion. Then with a start of remembrance, she asked him, “What the hell did you mean that you could read my mind.”

“Exactly that,” he answered, sitting down next to her on the bed. “If I couldn’t, how would I have known you were even thinking that?”

“Oh.” Kenzie thought for a second. “You could have guessed.”

“Ok,” Silas replied, “think of something.” After a pause, he laughed. “Not about sex. Something not so easily guessed.” Another pause. “Tacos? Seriously?” He laughed again.

“Holy shit! And give me a break, I’m hungry. Are you psychic?”

“Among other things.”

“What other things? I’m getting a little nervous here and feeling a whole lot of vulnerable.”

“I know you’ll have a hard time believing this. And I haven’t told anyone in a long time, but I think you’re special; and I want you. Not just tonight, but for long term. I’ve wanted you from the moment I first saw you at The Drunken Dog. I know all about you; your childhood in the foster system because of your mom’s overdose when you were four. How you ran away from foster care at 15 because of a very handsy foster parent. I know how you’ve struggled to be where you are today; a successful, beautiful, sexy artist with amazing talent.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said, beginning to struggle against her bonds, “I’m starting to be a little creeped out. Let me the fuck up!”

Silas placed his palm low on her belly and Kenzie stilled. “Calm down,” he urged her. “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I just needed to know everything about you. I needed to know if I could trust you. Bear and Lola vouched for you, but I have to be careful because of who I am.” He began rubbing his palm in ever-widening circles on her stomach as he was talking, making it very hard for Kenzie to concentrate, despite the seriousness of the conversation.

“And just who are you?”

“I’m a vampire,” announced to her. “Not just any vampire, though, but the king of this region.”

“Oh, so fucking funny!” Kenzie said. “What kind of game are you playing? I’ve got to tell you, it’s not very amusing to me right now.”

“It’s no game,” Silas told her and leaned forward with the intention of kissing her again. Kenzie turned her head aside trying to avoid the kiss. Silas grasped her by the chin, forcing her face back to his. “Don’t fight me Kenzie. I’m a predator. It’ll only make me more determined and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kenzie swallowed, feeling a kernel of fear begin in the pit of her stomach. But that fear was waging a war with the desire already residing there. And desire was winning, especially when she could see the lust shining is Silas’s pale blue eyes. So when he leaned down to kiss her again she let him. Silas began the kiss gently this time, brushing his lips softly against hers, back and forth, until Kenzie was on the verge of begging him to deepen the kiss. He might be crazy, but he sure could kiss! Hearing her thoughts, Silas chuckled.

“You are a sensual creature, McKenzie,” he whispered against her lips. “All in due time.”

With those words, Silas began a journey down Kenzie’s body with lips and tongue. He started by giving Kenzie’s throat little flicking licks, interspersed with nipping bites. He worked his way sideways to where her neck and shoulder met. When he reached that ultra-sensitive spot he bit down with a good amount of force. Kenzie let out a little yelp of surprise followed by a low moan of delight. The feeling was amazing. She loved a little edge of pain to her pleasure; had always enjoyed when her lovers bit.

Silas laved away the little pain of his bite with the flat of his tongue. Kenzie was moaning and writhing on the bed, her body begging for more.

“Fuck, baby, you are so sensitive. I wonder if I could make you come without even touching your sweet little cunt.”

“I’m willing to let you try,” Kenzie countered, breathlessly.

Reaching down, Silas cupped her generous breasts, kneading them. Kenzie’s pussy clenched with desire and she groaned, squeezing her thighs. Silas ran his thumbs over both of her nipples, at once. Simultaneously, he continued rubbing her nipples over and over until Kenzie was panting and moaning. Unashamedly, she began begging for more.

“What do you want, baby? Do you want me to lick you pretty, berry colored nipples? Suck them? Bite them?”

“Please, Silas! Yes! Yes, to all of it. Please, please touch me more. Suck my nipples, bite them. I need more!”

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” he asked as he continued to simply rub his thumbs across her nipple. After several more minutes of this, Kenzie was nearly sobbing from a combination of pleasure and need. “Okay baby,” Silas crooned to her, “I’ll give you more.”

Leaning over, Silas opened his mouth onto her nipple and sucked the whole thing into his mouth. When he began suckling and flicking it with his tongue within his hot mouth, Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed and she gave a little scream.

“Oh god. Yes. Fuck, fuck. More, Silas. Harder.” Kenzie was babbling, begging in near incoherence. Silas gave her what she wanted. Moving to her other breast, he took that nipple into his mouth and bit down, the force just shy of pain. Kenzie moaned, pulling against her bindings, wanting desperately to sink her hands into his hair and pull him closer. Instead all she could do was writhe as her cunt continued to weep. Silas continued to move back and forth between breasts, sucking, licking and biting.

“Silas, I’m going to come,” Kenzie panted. “Please, I need to come. Keep licking my nipples. Oh god, yes, just like that. Oh that feels so good when you use your teeth like that.” Silas reached up to her untended breast and began to pinch and roll that nipple while he sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth. With a guttural groan and a hard squeeze of her thighs, Kenzie came. Silas continued to play with her luscious nipples until Kenzie was begging for him to stop.

“Silas, please! It’s too much.” With a final gentle kiss to the tip of each nipple, Silas raised up to give Kenzie a deep kiss, pushing his tongue between her lips to lick the entire inside of her mouth.

“I swear I can taste your orgasm in just your kiss. I can certainly smell it. Fuck baby, you are amazing. I knew you would be responsive.”

“I’ve never come from just nipple play. That was incredible.”

“Mmmm.” Silas stood and looking down at Kenzie told her, “Spread your legs for me, baby. God you’re wet,” he praised her when she complied. Reaching down, with incredible ease, he tore her thong off of her. Kenzie gasped, feeling a huge flood of moisture flow from her cunt, flowing down into her ass crack.

“Well, shit, that is fucking hot,” Silas praised as he reached down to finger the small hoop in Kenzie’s clitoral hood piercing. “You are full of surprises.”

Silas continued to run his finger up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around. Every time he reached the top, he would flick her clit, making Kenzie groan. “So pretty,” he whispered, seemingly to himself. He slid his finger down, and in one easy move, aided by Kenzie’s extreme wetness, he buried it in her cunt, all the way to his knuckle. Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed to meet his thrust. She moaned deep in her throat.

“More, Silas. Please more.”

“Kenzie, I’m a vampire. Do you believe me baby?” As he asked the question, he continued to thrust his finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy, adding a second finger. Kenzie pushing her hips against his every thrust.

Groaning in disappointment, Kenzie said, “Can you please stop talking crazy and just fuck me?”

“I want to baby,” Silas said as he leaned down to tongue her nipple. Standing up he continued, “I have to know you know what you are getting into. I have to feed on you to fuck you.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said. “You’re a vampire. Just fuck me.” Kenzie was writing on the bed, desperate to have his cock deep inside her aching cunt. She needed to have the emptiness filled. Her inner muscles squeezed his fingers hard.

“Look at me Kenzie,” Silas demanded. When she complied, Silas opened his mouth and a pair of long, sharp incisors shot down out of his top jaw. Kenzie squealed and struggled against her bonds. “Believe me now, beautiful?”

“What the fuck? That is just a trick, a Halloween prop!” Kenzie said, desperately trying to deny.

Silas gave an aggrieved sigh. “How much more convincing do you need? I can read your mind and I have fangs!”

“You’re really a vampire? Are you going to kill me?”

“No, Kenzie,” Silas said with a small smile. “I already told you I wanted to keep you. I just need you to know what I really am. I want to bond you to me and to do that I need to feed from you. Let me. I won’t hurt you, I never would.”

Looking deep in his white blue eyes, Kenzie could see the truth of his words. And she wanted him. More than any other man she’d ever known.

“Ok. You’re a vampire. You want me. I can accept that. Now will you just fuck me before I gnaw through these bindings and fuck myself?”

“Gladly.” With that single word, Silas’s pants seemed to disintegrate. In the blink of an eye, vampire speed, Kenzie though hazily, he had his shoulders wedged between her legs, spreading her wide. He placed his hands under her ass and tilted her cunt up toward his waiting mouth and, with his teeth, gently tugged on Kenzie’s clit ring. Kenzie moaned, panting with need.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered. “Harder! Yes, just like that. Ahhh, yes, suck it. That feels so fucking good.” Kenzie continued to encourage Silas as he licked and sucked her hard little clit into his mouth. He used his tongue to flick her clit back and forth, alternating with forceful suckling. Kenzie was nearly incoherent with the intensity of the pleasure he was giving her. “Silas! I’m going to come!”

Silas pulled away for a moment. “Come for me baby, come all over my face.” His dirty words were all Kenzie needed. As Silas leaned down and sucked her clit back into his mouth, biting down, she came with a shout.

“Fuck, fuck!” Kenzie was near tears, her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Silas just kept sucking, keeping her riding high on her orgasm until she was begging him to stop. “Stop, please! Enough, I can’t take any more,” Kenzie begged, thrashing her head back on forth on the pillow.

Silas relented, rising up on his hands and knees over her. Damn, he thought, she looks beautiful with all that dark red hair spread out around her, her lips dark with desire, her pupils dilated. He crawled up her body until they were face to face.

“You pussy tastes so good, baby. Taste.” With that, he leaned down and kissed Kenzie deep, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Kenzie groaned in pleasure, suckling his tongue and delighting in her taste on his lips. Silas leaned down slightly, rubbing his chest hair lightly over her nipples, making Kenzie whimper into his mouth. He pulled his mouth off hers.

“Little girl, I’m going to fuck that hot little mouth of yours.” Kenzie moaned and squeezed her thighs together as a spasm of longing rocketed through her pussy at just the thought of Silas shoving his cock down her throat.

“You’re in luck,” Kenzie informed Silas, “I happen to give very good head.” She looked him in the eye, licking her lips and tasting herself again in the process. “Mmm,” she teased him, “I do taste good.”

It was Silas’s turn to moan. He was infatuated with this sensual, sexy creature underneath him. He climbed up the rest of her body until her was straddling her shoulders. Balancing with one hand on the wall above her, he grabbed his cock in his other hand and pumped it, running his fist up and down the long length. Kenzie watched intently, a gush of fluid pouring from her pussy. There was nothing sexier to her than a man handling his own cock.

Silas brought his cock to her mouth and rubbed the head against her lips. A drop of fluid leaked out of the tip, coating her lips. She licked it off, licking the head of his cock in the process.

“Yum,” she told him.

“Little girl, you are going to kill me,” Silas moaned, “and it’s damn hard to kill a vampire! Open your mouth baby and let me in.”

Kenzie immediately complied, eager to taste him. Silas pushed just the tip into her mouth and she reached out her tongue to swirl around the head. Closing her lips, she suckled on the head, using her tongue to probe the slit in the tip, coaxing more fluid from him. With a guttural groan, Silas threw his head back and pushed his cock the rest of the way in, bumping the back of her throat. Kenzie took a moment take a breath through her nose, making a conscious effort to open her throat and take him all the way in.

“Fuck, baby, you are good,” Silas groaned and he pulled back only to thrust even further down her throat. Every time Silas pulled back, Kenzie took the opportunity to suck hard on his cock, swirling her tongue around its length. Silas set up a steady pace of thrusting into Kenzie’s hot, and oh so willing, mouth. With every plunge, Kenzie was able to take him deeper down her throat, breathing through her nose every time he pulled out, smelling his pleasantly arousing musky scent. Finally Silas pulled out all the way. Kenzie whimpered in disappointment.

“I’d like nothing better than to shoot my load down your throat, but the first time I have to be buried balls deep in your pretty pink cunt.”

Silas moved back down her body. Positioning his cock at the entrance of her still pulsing cunt, he leaned down and brushed his lips across hers.

“Mmm,” Kenzie whispered against his lips, “now we can taste each other.” She wiggled her hips, lifting them, trying to force his cock into her, utterly ready for Silas to finally fill her aching cunt.

Looking her in the eye, he asked her, “Are you sure? If you say yes, there’s no turning back. I won’t let you go. Make sure you mean it. After this you’re mine. I’ll fuck you so hard and so good you’ll never want anyone else.”

“Yes. I want to belong to you.”

Without further delay, Silas thrust his cock into Kenzie’s soaking hot cunt all the way to the hilt. Kenzie let out a keening wail as he bottomed out in her, bumping hard against her cervix, causing a pleasure so great it neared pain. Reaching down with one hand, Silas hooked Kenzie’s knee on his arm, spreading her wide and sinking himself deeper in her pussy. Kenzie was stretched so wide from the size of his cock, she was burning. But she wasn’t about to complain. She’d always enjoyed a little pain with her sex.

“You okay, baby?” Silas asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Kenzie answered, breathily. “What are you waiting for?”

Silas pulled back to until only the head of his cock remained in her pussy, then thrust back in – hard. He repeated this slow, powerful pistoning over and over again. With ever y thrust, Kenzie grunted in a combination of pain and incredible pleasure. Silas leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth, causing her to tilt her head back, arching her back, straining to get her nipple further into his mouth.

Releasing her nipple with a pop, Silas told her, “We are going to get these pretty little nipples of yours pierced.”

“Yes, anything you want.”

“Good girl, Kenzie,” Silas praised, pleased with her unqualified submission. He thrust hard into her, bottoming out in her cunt again.

“Please, Silas, faster!” Instead of speeding up, Silas pulled out. Kenzie cried out in protest, nearing the point of tears from the need to have him fuck her hard and fast, deep. “No. Silas, that’s not fair!”

“Hush, baby.” Silas soothed. “I’m not nearly done with you yet.” Silas leaned up, grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. There was enough play in the bindings that her arms were able to criss-cross comfortably. “Ass in the air and keep your head down.” Silas commanded. Kenzie scrambled to obey, not wanting to delay, even for a moment, getting Silas’s cock back in her.

Without warning, Silas spread her ass cheeks, a hand on each, and leaned down to run his tongue from her cunt all the way up the crack of her ass. Kenzie thrust her ass back at him, silently begging for more. “Greedy little bitch aren’t you?”

“Hmm,” was all Kenzie could manage and, chuckling, Silas went back to licking her. He continued to tongue her luscious ass; long sensuous licks, short flicks and finally deep stabs directly into her tight little hole. “Oh yes. That’s it. Lick my ass. I love it. I want you to fuck my ass so bad.”

“Another time. Right now I just want to get back into you pretty little cunt and fuck you until you scream.” Moving up between her legs, Silas palmed her ass cheeks, spreading and lifting them, and plunged back into her dripping wet pussy. Kenzie was so wet that Silas could feel her fluids against his thighs where they had dripped down her own. He began thrusting into her hard and fast. Kenzie began to scream into the pillow under her. Silas could feel his cock bumping against the bundle of nerves that comprised her g-spot with every thrust. Releasing Kenzie’s ass, Silas leaned over her and reaching under her, grasped her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling them.

Kenzie turned her head on the pillow. “I’m going to come again,” she wailed, releasing a sexy little grunting moan with every thrust.

“Not yet,” Silas told her, and pulled nearly all the way out. He kept himself still there and, leaning down, began licking and kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Silas! Fuck me!”

“Mmm, are you telling me what to do little girl? I’m in control here, not you.”

“Yes. NO! I don’t know. I just need you!”

Releasing a breast, Silas wrapped his hand in the hair at the back of Kenzie’s hair, twisting, causing enough pain to feel good. Kenzie gasped and Silas felt a flood of her juices flow out of her cunt onto his cock and down his balls. With his other hand he reached forward and released the bindings imprisoning her to the bed. Using his grip on her hair, he lifted her up until she was sitting in his lap. Grasping her by the hip and the hair, Silas pulled her down, impaling her on his huge, swollen cock. Kenzie moaned out and let her head fall back on Silas’s shoulder, surrendering completely.

Life was so carefree until that day, when, on the morning of my eighteenth birthday, my father had thrown the apron of a serving wench at me and told me to get to work.

So I was to be a drudge then, in one moment all of my dreams and aspirations were shattered. I probably should have expected it, after all he wasn’t my real father and I’m sure he just saw me as an extra pair of hands.

I had been taken in as a baby, left on a barren couple’s doorstep one stormy night, or so the story went. My new mother had cared for me, I had no doubt of that but since she had gone my father’s attitude towards me had become positively hostile.

I tried not to think about who my real parents were, there was no solace in that. The only person who had ever cared about me was gone from my life forever and how I missed her.

My adoptive family had owned an inn on the highway for generations and many a traveller had passed through its doors, slept in its beds and drunk its ale. The Countess, as it was known, was also very popular with the local workers, farmhands and such, and was always a raucous place in the evenings.

Late that afternoon I was sent out to the stables to make sure that the traveller’s horses had been fed and watered properly. My father had never trusted Uncle Ham, our slovenly stable hand, and on more than one occasion he had found his mistrust to be well founded when Ham had been discovered passed out drunk in the middle of the day or indeed missing altogether for several days on end.

This morning though he was in good spirits. I immediately suspected him of drunkenness but was surprised when I could see no evidence of it.

“Afternoon Sarah,” Uncle Ham leered at me, his eyes as usual were fixed on the plump flesh of my breasts which bulged and threatened to spill over the top of my low cut bodice.

“Good morning Uncle,” I blushed as I spoke. His attentions were unseemly and wrong but still I felt a strange warmth spreading through my body and a fluttering in my belly when he looked at me like that.

“Give your old Uncle a kiss Sarah,” he reached out for me. His voice, oily and deep, sent a delightful tingle down my spine as my blush deepened.

As he moved towards me I hesitantly gave him a peck on his rough cheek, the stale smell of old ale making my nose wrinkle.

“Come now, we can do better than that,” he laughed as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

His harsh lips found mine and, as I gasped at his rough handling of me, I felt his tongue worm its way into my mouth. I sought to push him away but he was too strong for me, and then I felt his hands on me and my body betrayed me. He was my Uncle and so old, it was all so wrong! But I melted into his arms as I felt his hands roughly kneading my breasts and bottom.

“Started without me Ham?” I jumped as I heard my father’s voice behind me and fought to extricate myself from my Uncle’s arms.

I managed to turn my head away from him as he continued to slobber over my face and neck, his rough hand now working its way underneath my bodice and deep within my warm cleavage, his other still clutching my bottom and supporting my weight as I tipped backwards.

My eyes widened when I saw my father removing his breaches and then I gasped as he pulled his long shirt over his head and I saw, for the very first time in my life, a man’s cock. I had heard about them of course, the older village girls delighted in describing their soft warm hardness and delicious smells and tastes. But this was the first I had actually seen, it was far bigger than I had imagined and it was my fathers!

“Get her down and hold her, I’ll go first,” my father growled as he moved towards me, his stiff, angry looking cock bobbing and weaving above his heavy hairy balls.

I was hypnotised by it and put up only a slight resistance, whimpering quietly, as my Uncle Ham pushed me down into the hay on the stable floor.

I soon found myself on my back with Uncle Ham kneeling and holding my arms above my head, his bulging crotch only inches from my face. He moved his knees over my arms to pin them in order to free his hands and started to unpick the knot in the frayed rope that tied his breaches around his large gut.

I gasped as I felt my skirts being lifted and looked down between my legs. My father was kneeling naked before me, feasting his eyes on my under things and licking his lips as he caressed my naked thighs.

“F…father why?” I gasped as he leant forward and tugged my drawers down.

“Cos I promised your mother I’d wait ’til your eighteenth birthday,” he sniggered as he crawled forward between my legs a look of unbridled lust twisting his features.

I felt something warm and fleshy against my face and looked up to see Uncle Ham’s large hairy balls and rapidly swelling cock hanging over me. His fetid breath hissed between his teeth now and his eyes were wide and bright as he watched my father climb on top of me his hand guiding his stiff cock towards my virgin cunt.

“Oh no, no!” I moaned as I felt my father’s cock pushing and probing and then suddenly sinking hard and deep inside me.

There was a sharp pain which lingered for a short while, but nothing like the agony I had been led to believe I would feel.

“Yesssss, fuck her!” Uncle Ham hissed, grinning like a madman.

I looked up at him and saw that his cock was now fully hard, his heavy, sweaty balls now resting on my forehead. He stroked himself slowly and carefully as he excitedly watched his brother-in-law plough me.

My body twitched and convulsed, seemingly out of control, thrusting my crotch towards my father as he thrust harder into me. It was so wrong…but it felt delicious. It was deliciously wrong and I gave in to the pleasure that was spreading like wildfire through my young body.

“Fucking whore she loves it,” my father panted as he pounded away between my splayed thighs.

“Just like her mother,” Uncle Ham cackled.

I felt the pressure of Ham’s knees relax and lift from my wrists as he moved around me. Reaching forward he tore open the bodice of my dress, my large fleshy breasts bouncing and quivering as he released them. Grunting in delight, he lowered his slavering mouth to my chest and began roughly sucking and chewing at my nipples. Crying out at the wonderful new sensations now coursing through my body, I clasped his head in my hands tangling my fingers in his matted grey hair.

“Fuck…fuck…fu…” my father panted as his thrusts quickened. Then he cried out, his taught muscles standing out from his hairy body as he ground his cock hard into me. I felt it twitch and leap and a delightful warmth spread within me. Instinctively I wrapped my legs tight around his back pulling him in deeper, moaning and revelling in the hardness I could feel deep inside me.

All too soon he pulled out leaving me feeling empty and forlorn. “Go on Ham, your turn,” he laughed as he stood, collecting his clothes.

I still held Uncle Ham’s old grey head in my hands and he made no effort to remove it from between my heaving breasts as he moved his body around until it lay between my open thighs. He grunted and snorted like a pig as he slobbered over my chest, poking around ineffectually with his stiff cock. I reached a hand down between our bodies and helped him in and all at once he began to fuck me hard and fast like a wild animal.

The feelings coursing through my body were incredible. I felt full once more and never wanted to feel empty again. Wrapping my legs tightly around the old man’s back I held onto him for dear life as his pounding increased in its intensity. Then my body tensed and I felt an explosion in my belly as I came like I never had before. I panted and moaned like a cheap whore, my soaking cunt making lewd squelching noises as the old man took me on the stable floor and I begged him to go faster and deeper and harder.

This sent Ham over the edge. He lifted his head from my chest and cried out, spittle dripping from his open mouth as he slammed into me a few final times, his body twitching as he filled me with his hot seed. There seemed no end to it and my hips bucked and thrust into him as he continued to empty his hairy old balls into my cunt, until finally he subsided collapsing down on top of me.

I stroked his grey hair as I felt his softening cock slip out of my cunt and smiled to myself, perhaps my eighteenth birthday wasn’t going to be so bad after all?

My reverie was interrupted by my father’s harsh laugh, “Get yourself cleaned up and get back inside girl, there’s thirsty men need serving.”

Uncle Ham groaned and rolled off me and into the hay, so I sat up and reached for my drawers.

“Oh and don’t bother with your knickers, they’ll just get in the way,” my father laughed again and walked out of the stable tucking his shirt into his breaches.

I considered my crumpled knickers for a moment then instead of pulling them back on I wiped between my legs with them, cleaning up the mixed juices that were dripping out of my hole and dropped them next to Ham.

It took a good five minutes to remove the hay from my dress and hair, wincing as I worked my fingers through the tangles in my long blonde tresses. While my torn bodice was almost beyond repair, I managed to mend some of the damage but still my breasts were barely concealed. I looked a mess, it was obvious for anyone to see what I’d been doing and now I was going into the parlour of the inn to serve drink to lecherous louts. I smiled to myself feeling incredibly naughty and virtually ran to get inside.

The parlour was dark and smoky and after being outside in the bright fresh sunshine, I coughed and my eyes struggled to adjust to the gloom.

All of a sudden I was grabbed by unseen hands and pulled into the lap of someone who smelled like a brewery. A loud cheer went up as my bodice was torn open once more and my tits spilled out for everyone to see. I felt a hand thrust up my skirts and gasped as my pubic hair was grasped and yanked and then a finger roughly inserted into me.

“Come on there’s men need serving,” I heard my father shout.

My eyes were growing accustomed to the gloom now and I could see him standing behind the bar laughing at my discomfort. There were several flagons of ale on a tray in front of him waiting for me to serve them, so I struggled to stand, pushing away the hands that groped at me and felt momentarily sad as the finger slipped out of my wet cunt.

I made my way to the bar, hands pinching and slapping my bottom and groping at my bare breasts. The parlour was packed full of sweating, leering men of all ages. I couldn’t count them all but guessed that there must be at least thirty in the room all shouting obscenities at me and lusting after my body.

When finally I reached my father he just sneered at me, “Don’t fucking spill any,” then turned his back and began filling more flagons of ale from the giant barrels stacked behind the bar. I gripped the sides of the tray and lifted it, being as careful as I could while being groped and pawed at from all angles.

I made my way around the room handing out the full flagons and collecting the empty ones from the tables. There were hands beneath my skirt wherever I went, fighting to insert their fingers inside me.

As I set down the last flagon a thick finger was thrust hard inside me and I gasped as it was twisted and turned roughly between my soaking lips. Another hand, feeling the first one blocking its path instead moved around behind and my stomach flipped as I felt a probing finger between my plump buttocks.

I dropped the tray of empties and another loud cheer went up.

The owner of the hand came up behind me laughing, wrapping his arms around me and pushing his tongue into my ear. He roughly groped my tits with one hand whilst the other he brought back out from beneath my skirts just long enough to wet it in his mouth before shoving it back up and under and I gasped as I felt his thick, wet, meaty finger pushing firmly at my tight anus.

There was a moment of sharp pain before I felt a slight pop and his finger was inside me, it felt strange and dirty, and although it did hurt I loved it from that very moment. I worked my bottom back onto his finger, rotating my hips and forcing it deeper inside me, inch by delicious inch. The man continued to lick and suck at my ear and down the side of my neck as he worked his digit in my tight hole, then suddenly tiring of his little game he pulled it out and pushed me face down over the beer stained table in front of me.

I cried out as my head struck the rough wooden surface, then began to pant as I felt my skirts lifted and thrown over my back. There was another loud cheer as the men in the room gathered round me and I smiled as once more I felt a hard cock probing between my legs.

This time however it only briefly probed my cunt before, coated in my juices, it was pushed hard against the tight sheath of my anus. I pushed back onto it wantonly, desperate to feel it fleshy thickness ploughing my insides, grinding my hips in small circles as the tip pushed inside.

This time it hurt a lot more and I squealed, pulling away slightly as I felt the pain, but I was roughly pushed against the table top once more and I felt the man enter me with one long hard thrust.

I was in agony and beat the table with my fists as I felt his thick cock sawing at my backside, but slowly the pain subsided and was replaced with a stinging throb. All the while I felt the heat building inside me and the beating of my fists soon slowed to a halt. Instead I gripped onto the edge of the table, panting more heavily and bracing myself as the strokes lengthened and quickened.

Soon my unknown lover was buggering me hard while the crowd cheered him on, the table creaked and squeaked as we fucked, its legs threatening to give way. But I didn’t care, I was in heaven. I was the inn whore, ready to be taken by man after man, ready to give pleasure to hard cocks whenever they wanted it.

Suddenly he pulled my head back hard by my hair as I felt his cock twitch inside me and thrust hard one last time as he spunked deep in my bowels. For a few more moments he was deliciously deep inside my arse and then all too soon he was gone, leaving me empty once more.

I laughed loudly as I felt another man behind me, another hard cock pushing at my gaping anus and pushed back onto him in abandon, crying out in joy as he slammed into me up to the hilt and proceeded to bugger me roughly.

More cheers erupted as I was taken again, the table now on the verge of collapse as it wobbled and creaked beneath my lover’s thrusts, but suddenly they stopped as did he. I moaned in frustration as the beautiful thick cock was withdrawn quickly from my anus and looked round to see what was going on.

The crowd had turned and were staring at a burly, caped figure all in black standing just inside the inn door.

“Venom,” I heard several men mutter.

“God help us!” another one moaned.

The figure scanned the room quickly, his face obscured by the shadow of a large tricorn hat which sat tilted forward on a white powdered wig. I felt his eyes pierce me then he moved quickly to my side. As he did so the other men in the room shrank back, sidling towards the door and out. Soon I was alone in the inn parlour with the dark and mysterious stranger, even my father had disappeared.

“Come with me,” the man spoke quietly and in a commanding tone as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door.

My skirts fell back down, but my naked breasts bounced and wobbled lewdly as I was half dragged outside. The sudden sunlight blinded me for a moment and I only briefly saw a great black carriage and four before being thrust roughly into its black interior. Its door slammed shut behind me.

I fell back onto a wooden seat, once more blinded and waiting for my eyes to adjust. Suddenly the carriage lurched drunkenly and I fell forward as I heard the horses whipped up and we began to move.

I picked myself up and seated myself once more, my eyes now growing accustomed the gloom of the carriage and my heart hammering in my chest. Had my dream come true after all? I squinted as the large shadowy figure sat opposite me became more visible; he didn’t look much like a dashing prince.

“Hello my dear,” it was a woman’s voice, a woman’s deep melodious voice, both sweet and dark.

I shivered and crossed myself, I felt as if the dead were dancing on my grave.

Then I saw her eyes, those beautiful hypnotic eyes.

I sat entranced as she slowly opened her cape. She was naked beneath it, fat, huge. Her fleshy belly and sagging breasts were enormous. Her flabby body bounced and wobbled with the carriage’s movement and I gasped as I saw what looked like a giant black penis hanging down between her fat milky thighs.

She hissed, her serene face suddenly becoming twisted and furious and then she was on me. Clawing at my clothes, tearing them off like a wild animal she pressed me back across the wooden seat. Hearing another, lighter hiss I looked down in amazement and saw that her huge black penis had come alive. What looked now like a huge black serpent was hissing and slithering, its tongue flicking in and out of its mouth between rows of tiny sharp teeth.

I gasped as it dived suddenly between my thighs nipping at my soft flesh. I cried out, terrified but powerless to resist as I looked once more into the woman’s eyes. She was grinning evilly at me, running her long tongue around her thick, deep red lips and pinching her engorged nipples with her free hand.

I wailed as I felt the serpent enter me, its thickness stretching my cunt walls to the limit.

“Submit!” the woman hissed. “Submit!”

I felt small sharp teeth nibbling inside me as the serpent moved deeper still, then the pain reached a sudden crescendo and I surrendered completely to her.

“Take me!” I gasped feeling an incredible ecstasy at the pain I was enduring.

With that she fell on top of me, crushing me with her fat, fleshy body, her mouth opening wide to reveal long, viciously sharp, white teeth. I turned my head to one side and openly offered my neck to her and she laughed sinking her teeth into my flesh as I abandoned myself to her, wrapping my arms and legs around her tightly.

I felt a burning fire in my veins as an incredible orgasm wracked my body and I cried out in joy as I felt her thrusting between my legs, the huge black serpent pistoning in and out of my overstretched cunt.

“Yes…yes!” I moaned more and more weakly as she took me. The carriage had stopped now, but it rocked furiously as she pounded me harder and harder, whilst sucking the life blood from my body.

When I was close to spent, she lifted her head from my neck and gloated over me, my blood dripping from her fangs and onto my breasts. Then I felt a gush of hot liquid and a sharp pain inside me, the demon cock had cum.

“There my child,” she whispered as she stroked my hair, “the Venom is inside you now.”

I felt as if I was outside of myself looking down at the hugely obese woman lying on top of my body and licking at the open wound on the side of my neck. Then the scene began to fade, as if I was floating backwards down a dark tunnel, faster and faster I moved until all was blackness and I knew no more.

To be continued…

*** Argh! This is gonna spill over and I can’t have a Chapter 7a and 7b.

So there’s gonna be a Chapter 8.

The more that I read it over, the more I had to grin, though I sure didn’t think of it as quite this much of an action comic at the time that I wrote it …

And I’m laughing to read the weird (to me, anyway) collection of tags that I used for this. I doubt that I could have come up with this particular combination if I’d looked at them and THEN written it, lol.

For the later parts of this chapter, try to remember that some of these things do ‘love’ in a different way to humans, though I’d say that they mean it in just the same way, once they’re there.

With the exception of two, the others in the final scene of this are all mixtures of some sort, and by their own admission, their ‘other side’ is a fair bit more … animalistic. Mischka is one like that and in this, she finally comes to grips with the mixture.




“I think that I can understand it from his point of view,” Mischka said as she and Taela folded the blankets and things.

No matter how civilization had advanced, there was still a need for laundry to be done and it was an even greater need if one didn’t really have any convenient way to get it done – especially here on a trading post.

So there were still laundromats.

“I also hear what you’re saying,” she smiled, “He needs to get us out of the bay where it costs us like blood to keep the craft in there. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t want to be there either for much longer.

We need our own place, and somewhere that we can park for free – or at least for a lot less than it’s costing now – and this rock isn’t worth even thinking about as far as living here is concerned. We can’t leave our ship parked outside here. We’d have to shovel it out of the snow about every three days at the outside.”

“Then why don’t we go somewhere else?” Taela asked.

“He wants to,” Mischka nodded with a smile, “As far as I know, he’s looking into better places right now. But he also needs for us to be located where we can get the ‘wanted’ listings and go track them down. That makes the location even more important and harder to find.

Fugitives tend not to live around a whole lot of other people, since that means that the law is just that much closer, right?”

Taela nodded and as she looked at Mischka, she also saw past her across the mall hallway to a bathhouse where travelers could take showers long enough to get clean as well as feel better for having done it.

Mischka saw Taela looking and she turned around to look herself.

She turned back with a smile, “How much have we got left out of what we decided to spend on the laundry?”

It wasn’t all that much, but Mischka had an idea, “If we double up on the shower cost – like we buy two showers back to back in the same stall and we wash real quick, we can stand there and actually get warm – and if we do it that way, though it’s the same thing, I’m hoping that we’ll have enough left over to get something hot to drink before we head back, I think.”

She could see that Taela was thinking about it but …

“What’s to decide on?” Mischka chuckled, “We met without anything on, Taela. I think we must have seen all there is to see on each other, but hey, if there’s something that you’re curious about on me, just say it and I’ll show you.

It’s just a shower, you know. And then we can sit down and relax with a drink afterward.”

Her face showed that another thought had come to her and she reached out for Taela’s shoulder, “I think I get it. That was when I was working and didn’t know what was going on. I meant what I said about not liking girls either. I’m not gonna – “

“I know,” Taela nodded, “I’m being a little stupid about it, I guess. I like your idea. Let’s get a locker for this stuff and do it.”

As they walked across the hall a few minutes later, Mischka smiled after Taela had asked one more time just to be sure.

“Absolutely not. Not if there’s nobody paying me to do that. About the only time that I’d get the idea in my head would be to help a friend while she’s making it with her guy, but even then, that’s really stretching things.”

“How do you mean?” Taela asked and Mischka shrugged, already kicking herself for even mentioning it, though as far as she knew herself, it was the truth.

“I mean like if there’s sex going on in sort of a … I dunno, a shared way. I think that I could help to make it feel better, but it doesn’t matter even hypothetically, does it? I only have four friends; you and your guys are three of them. I wouldn’t even think of doing anything to mess it up.

I’m not all that heavy a sleeper, you know. I know what you and your guys do while you’re trying so hard to be quiet about it and you know that I don’t mind at all. All I’m saying is that under the right circumstances, and only if I was a part of it, then I might try to help another girl.”

Taela looked over, “But that’s – “

Mischka shook her head, “Not to me, it’s not. Look, if it was you and me alone together someplace, then in my head, messing around then is what I don’t want to do, because, … well, it wouldn’t feel right to me.

But if I was at an orgy – to exaggerate – like where everybody’s doing it, that’s different to me, and if I knew the other girl, I don’t think there’s anything wrong if I give her a hand while she’d getting bopped anyway.

I even know what to do to make it good because it’s what I had to do, isn’t it? I’d just see it as being nice for a person that I care about. In a situation like that, I think that everybody involved should just want to help anybody else so that they all have a great time. I mean, that’s what it’s all about then, right?

I doubt that I’d care then if I found that the hand down between my legs was yours or anybody else’s, just as long as I knew them well enough.”

They found the place deserted except for the attendant. After paying, they just got undressed and stepped into the shower together and they carried on with their conversation.

“I did like it when we were dancing,” Taela smiled, “it was really nice.”

Mischka nodded, “That’s my favorite part. You ought to dance for them one time, you know. You’re pretty good at it, from what I saw anyway, and you know that guys love it when a girl does that for them.”

“I’d feel like an idiot doing that alone,” Taela laughed, “I didn’t mind at all when we were dancing together. I’d probably love it if you danced with me then.”

Mischka lowered her arm after rinsing the soap from her armpit, “Uh-uh. If we did that, then I’D feel like an idiot, wouldn’t I? They’re your men.”

“I don’t know, ” Taela began, “I mean, I know about that, but you’re living with us and I love having you there. You’re a part of us now, and I think Shorty’s in love with you anyway – and if he’s not, then I think that he ought to be, for the way that you help him so much with everything.

You’re not the only one with eyes, you know. I’ve seen the way that you two sit together in a corner while you teach him.”

“That’s because he learns a lot better and faster if I’m against him. That’s why we sit like that. I know that he has thoughts, but he’s not mine.

Are you kidding? It’s not like I’ve ever had a ton of female friends, Taela. I don’t take it lightly.”

Taela nodded, “Ryan found that out about Shorty. He understands what you tell him very well, but if he is taught by somebody who is touching him the whole time, then it is the difference between understanding some and knowing some, or knowing something as though he owns it.”

“His speech is getting a lot better too,” Mischka said, “What makes me a little sad is that I can hear him in my head when we do that but you can’t and Taela, he’s almost eloquent then.”

They started in on washing each other’s hair and after that, Taela adjusted the spray so that it came out as more of a thicker stream. She grabbed Mischka gently and stepped back so that the almost hot stream poured down on them both and they stood there with their eyes shut and their heads together , just enjoying the heat.

“Ohh,” Mischka groaned, “Finally water warm enough for me. This is fantastic!”

Taela sighed, “This is something that I miss so much. Where I come from, we lived partly inside an old volcano crater, and there was a spring which ran as warm as this and there was a pool where it poured down into and then ran as a stream.

Even in the middle of the coldest winter, I was never cold in that mountain and I always had that hot cascade to wash under.”

“If I had something like that, Taela, I don’t think I’d ever leave there, “Mischka said.

“The rest wasn’t much, but it was our home. It’s dangerous to be outside there after dark. Now that Shorty’s wing is fixed, he could probably live there, though I doubt that he’d want to. I think that he knows that he still looks different to the rest of his kind. You could probably live there too.”

Mischka shook her head a little, “It sounds alright, but though we’re different from each other, Shorty and I both know the way that we are inside. I’m probably no different from him that way. But I’d bet that I don’t look much like what Shorty’s kind are either, and I’d probably be fighting for my life there forever. That’s something that I already know because we are the same like that.

Shorty and I think the world of each other, but we know that we’re different enough from what’s on our home worlds to make the pea brains there want to kill us for it. Between us, we each think the other one is awesome because we know that we are so different from each other – kind of like you and Ryan – but that’s here.

If I took Shorty to where I’m from or he brought me to the place you came from, it would be the same thing; we’d both be fighting for our lives and each other.”

The water slowed and then stopped and unconsciously, both of them made the same sound of regret and then they laughed a little and drew apart to get out and towel off.

As they left the place, Mischka pointed to one of the large bathtubs and Taela almost groaned as she said that she wanted a bath like that so much now.

Mischka looked out into the mall again and her eyes lit up.

“We can do it,” she said.

Taela shook her head, “No, we’ve probably barely got enough for those hot drinks. A session in one of those tubs costs like five and a half credits, and that’s not including whatever bath gel you want in it.”

“Just follow me,” Mischka grinned, “The place where we met is right over there – and they owe me my last pay. We’ll have enough then, and we still won’t be over what we agreed on. Come on.”

She almost dragged Taela over and they walked inside. The place was a little dark and quiet at that time of the artificial day. They only saw one of the DJs.

“Hi Thomas,” Mischka called over, “Is Murphy around anywhere? I came to get my clothes and my last pay.”

The man shook his head, “No. I dunno where he is, but I heard about you and what happened the other week and I’m glad that you got everything straightened out. Go take a look in the dressing room for your stuff – if it’s even still there. I’ve got your pay here in the drawer. Murphy was gonna pocket it in another day or so. He’s still some pissed over the blood and all.”

Mischka asked Taela to stay there for a minute while she got her things, and for the next few minutes, Taela spoke to the DJ just to pass the time.

“I wasn’t here that night,” he said, “but I heard about it all. A bit of a shame that the assholes had the place filled that night. From what I heard, it was pretty good to watch you guys dance, even though they tell me that you didn’t know what was going on. I’d have loved to have seen that.

I know that you’re a Morgarod or close to it, but you’re lovely all the same and your looks set you apart in a dive like this. I think that if this were a better place for it, you could do well dancing here. They’d come from all over to see you dance – especially with Mischka. I’m gonna miss seeing her dance too, but this place is about the best joint here – and it’s still a shithole.”

“Aw, that’s sweet, Thomas,” Mischka said as she walked over with her things. Thomas unlocked the drawer and pulled out the card which would allow him to transfer her pay from the bar’s bank to her account in hers. “It’s the truth, Misch,” he smiled, “I’m just a guy like any other under the skin, but I’ve never been the kind to hoot and holler out shit talk at a dancer.

I’ve always loved it when you’d dance, either alone or with another girl. I know you’re really not like that, but the way that you put so much into it, ” he smiled, “honey, there are dancers on this rock who can only dream about dancing the way that you do – and there are lesbians on this rock who come in here to dream about you doing that for them. I think I must have been asked at least three times each by them all when you were coming back, every one who knew that you danced here.”


As they walked out of the bar on their way back to the bathhouse, Taela rolled her eyes, “I can’t believe the way that I let you talk me into dancing with you like that again.”

Mischka chuckled, “And now you’re going to tell me that you feel embarrassed over it, huh? You ought to be feeling a little proud of yourself, Taela.

Think about it. That guy DJs for more than one club. He sees naked women dance in front of him every single night, all kinds, all colors, all species – and he begged us to dance for him, just for him, me and you.

He’s complained to me before that most of the time, he’s fighting to keep his eyes open from working so many jobs to come up with the money to send his little girl for an education when she gets old enough so that she doesn’t end up having to stay here and can make her own life for herself. I know him. He has naked women around him all day long and twice as many all night too. He says that after a while, it’s a little like watching cattle.

Morgarod dancers are rare hereabouts, though he’s seen the odd one come through here on the circuit.

But he asked for you and me, just one time, for old time’s sake. And don’t worry about him using a cam. He didn’t. He’s built his livelihood on being trustworthy to tons of dancers.

I got my pay and now we’re going to have that bath, Taela.

Go on and tell me that you hated every minute of it. You didn’t even blink when I took off my clothes. Yours were off even faster after that.”

Taela began to laugh then, shaking her head a little in wonder at the two of them, “I loved it, Mischka. I really love dancing like that with you. I can’t help it. I didn’t even mind your fake kisses very much, either.”

Mischka looked over, “They were mostly for show, but they weren’t all fake, Taela. There wasn’t anything really in the ones I planted on you but my being thankful for the way that you’ve helped me and my absolute joy over having a friend like you. I’m always feeling happy these days, and it’s a huge change from being afraid and paranoid all of the time.”

The attendant looked surprised to see them back as Mischka paid for a long bath in the large tub with the bubble bath that they took eleven minutes to decide on by smell.

Seven minutes later, they were lying in a mountain of fragrant foam with almost hot water buoying up their breasts, sipping something cool.

“What are they like?” Mishka asked after a few minutes.

“Who?” Taela asked in return.

“Your men,” Mischka smiled, “Who else? What are they like in bed?”

Taela thought about it for a moment and then she said, “They are often almost completely unlike each other. Shorty is sometimes a little shy for some reason. But he’s, … well, he’s a lot of things. When it’s slow with him, it’s so nice. He’s not large, but it feels so good with him inside me. I just want to hold him there and wish for it to go on and on.

He can get excited sometimes too, and then, … I don’t think anyone can fuck faster than Shorty can when he’s feeling it. I just hang on then and try not to rip the sheets to shreds because it feels so wild and good.

The really wonderful thing about him is how you can make love to him. It’s a little like being a girl and having a girl to make love to – but he isn’t one. Once he trusts you, he lets you do anything to him and I really like that a lot.”

She held up her hand, “I have wide fingers. With a little lubrication, I can fuck him very gently and he’s so happy then. He’s not ashamed and he knows that I mean it. He hangs on to me any way that he can and I just take him along for as long as I want to and his kisses to me are so gentle and nice before I finish him in any of a couple of ways.

Ryan is a human and he fucks like one, I guess. I am always so taken with him. I love to look at him then if I can. He’s always gentle – unless I don’t want that, and he’s unbelievably strong.

Sometimes, I lie down and he takes me, so I wrap my legs around him and then … “

She smiled, “It’s hard to explain. He rises up on his knees with me hanging on to him with my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and he just fucks me until I can’t hang on anymore. It always amazes me how he can do that – lift me up right off the bed as though I weigh nothing then.

He has this way about him, too. Sometimes I want it very slow from him, but deep and strong. He knows just when I want that, though I never tell him that I do. He just knows it somehow. My favorite way then is on my back so that I can look at him and hold him to me. When it’s like that between us, he can make me so happy that I just start to cry very slowly and softly. I can’t help it.

There’s no other thought possible for me then and it’s that I’m his – and I want to be his. There are so many differences between us, and yet at those times, we are not very different at all. He’s larger than Shorty and he spreads me wide open when we fuck like that, and still I want more of him. He gives to me like that. We’ve done it for so long like that and then at the end, when I tremble in his grasp over the way that he holds me so carefully, and I begin to sob from the longest and sweetest finish, I sometimes find that he came before me and said nothing and gave no sign.

For all I know, he didn’t even notice it in himself, though he says that he does.

He does that all for me, Mischka. The whole thing, for me, because he knows that I love it that way with him.

I tried to explain it to my mother once and she told me that she’d never had a man like that for her.

As far as using his mouth on me, he’s very good, but Shorty is even better, because Shorty can make his tongue tremble. I like that a lot, but I have to be careful when I let him do that, because after that, I can’t feel much of anything for a while there.”

She looked over at Mischka. “Is that what you wanted to know?”

Her friend laughed a little as she nodded, “Yes. I think you’re so lucky to have them to love you. If we weren’t in this bath, I’d probably have been fooling with myself as you said it, it sounded so good. And then it would have gotten stupid, wouldn’t it? With me asking you to back up or elaborate on some point or other until I squeaked from holding back when I finally came and then feeling like a bloody idiot.

But I have another question, though I think that I can guess the answer. When we were in the shower and you were pulling me to stand with you, I felt something against my leg for a minute. Then you moved and it was gone.

When we were dancing and I got down to fake the other part, I almost fell over. I finally got to see what that was, …

But, … um, … what was that?”

Taela shrugged a little in embarrassment, “My hair down there. It’s the same as what’s on my head, thicker than most people’s hair and it moves by itself, that’s all.”

Mischka’s jaw was dropping a little, but she caught it, not wanting Taela to feel strange, “That’s wonderful, well I think it is, anyway. I’d love to ask you to let me see it here where there’s enough light, but I think, … well, I don’t want you to get shy over it. I’m happy that I can see you without any clothes today. Since we bought them, you’re always wearing them, and I think you’re so beautiful without anything on.”

“I think that’s what I’ve been enjoying today with you,” Taela smiled, “I like seeing you like this, since it’s just us and, … I don’t know, I just like it a lot. I still don’t want to do anything you know, … well, at least I’m pretty sure that I don’t.

But I like spending the day like this with you, Mischka.”

She had a thought then, “We can make a deal out of it. I’ll let you see that hair if you’ll let me see you dark the way that I first saw you that other night, and, … ”

She hung there.

“Go on,” Mischka grinned, “What else were you gonna say?”

Taela looked down for a moment, “I like to look at Shorty’s body a lot. You’re a little like him that way and I love the way that you look, but I am a little curious about something. You said to ask if there was any part of you that I wanted to see, and …”

She forged ahead then, “Can I see where your tail is attached? I always want to look there on Shorty, but the chance to ask him goes by so fast every time, and, … well, could I see that on you?”

When Mischka nodded, Taela got to her knees so that her pubic hair was clearly visible and she watched as Mischka sat spellbound watching it.

“That’s amazing,” she whispered in a little awe, “Can I touch it? I won’t try to feel you or anything. I just want to feel it moving on my fingers.”

Taela nodded and after a minute, Mischka laughed a little, “I love it this!”

She rose up on her knees too and she put her hands onto Taela’s shoulders to look at her, “Listen, Taela. I’m still the same girl and all, but, … ok, promise me something.

If you ever get it in your head that you might like to feel a girl’s kisses there, promise me that I can be the one. I know what to do, honey, so I can guarantee that you’ll love it. I just want to feel that against my face one time at least.

So promise me if you can, alright?”

Taela laughed self-consciously, but she nodded a little, “You might be waiting a long time, since I’ve never felt that way yet, but alright, Mischka. I promise.”

Mischka leaned forward and kissed Taela on the lips very quickly, “Thanks.”

She moved away then and went to all fours, turning away from Taela and then looking back. As she did it, her skin changed color to a dusty-looking, almost-black shade of gray. Her skin now matched the skin of her wings exactly. Only her hair was darker, both on her head and down along her spine right to her hips, attached as it was the whole way there.

Taela gasped to see it and she smiled, “I’ll never know why you don’t look this way more often, Mischka. I really like to see you like this. You always look so beautiful and mysterious to me, but like this, I think you are the loveliest female that I have ever seen. I think the color and the wings are the final touch for me.”

Mischka was a little dumbfounded for a moment. She’d been certain that on the evening that they’d met, Taela had been too bombed to really know what she was looking at. But that clearly couldn’t be the case now.

Taela grinned after a moment, “And I’ve learned something about you too. When we danced, both times, that night and today, your tail was always moving, back and forth like a long serpent or, … or like a ribbon being waved slowly in the air.”

Mischka nodded, “Yeah. I do that to keep the males a little tantalized since I’ve got the tail and everything. I think it helps to hide the fact that what I’m doing with my other end then isn’t maybe as um, passionate as it might be if I was doing it for real. I can’t really say, since I’ve never done that because I really wanted to or anything. What’s your point, Taela?”

The other girl smiled widely, “There are no males here now, nobody here at all but us – and you’re doing it right now.”

She looked up, “I think that you’re a little excited.”

Mischka shook her head, “No I’m not.”

Taela wasn’t really convinced, though she let it pass. “Can you lift your hips a little more and move your tail up? I just want to get a look underneath.”

“Underneath my tail?” Mischka was surprised, “All that’s under it is my asshole unless you look a little lower. You want to get a look at that?”

Mischka had said it that way because she felt silly and she was a little uncomfortable with the idea and she hoped that saying it like that would end the moment.

She wasn’t prepared at all to see Taela’s hopeful little nod.

Then it hit her.

From the time that she’d spent with her three friends on their craft, Mischka had noticed more than enough about Taela to conclude that she had to be the most ‘anal’ girl – to put it nicely – that she’d ever met.

She thought it over for a second and knew that she probably felt the way that she did because it was a place on her body that she’d really never had the thought to include in any playtime during the infrequent times when she was having any kind of sex. By way of contrast, Taela obviously had no such reservations at all. Mischka leaned down so that her hips rose a little more and she looked back again.

“Is this good enough? If I get any lower at this end, I’ll have bubble bath in my mouth.”

She watched the sweetest little smile begin to widen on Taela’s face. “Your tail, could you lift it a little more?”

Mischka was slow about it, wanting suddenly to appear nervous. She wasn’t nervous, though.

Not at all, really.

She was feeling a little adventurous and she even knew why. She’d already come to admit to herself that she was starting to love Taela for her friendship and company. To someone like she was, it was something that she’d never really had and she knew that it was the same for Taela because they’d spoken about it.

She was attracted to Taela, but she could still tell herself easily that it wasn’t really a sexual attraction – well it was, just not what Mischka told herself that girls who liked girls felt.

To Mischka, it was the exciting feeling of something very sensual, and THAT was what she loved.

It was why she could dance with another girl so well, because to her, females just had much more sensuality built right into them than males of any sort – other than proper dancers, at any rate.

Mischka would argue with anyone who tried to tell her that she was beautiful. Hell, she’d barely rate herself as even mildly pretty on her best day. She thought that her mouth was too big and toothy, her eyes could frighten the dead to her mind and the rest of her even when she was paper-white, was too bony.

She wasn’t quite correct by any means, but that was how she saw herself.

She just wouldn’t argue with Taela. When Taela told her something like that, she had trouble with it, but she could at least believe that the girl really felt that way.

She raised her tail a little more and blinked right afterward.

She was certain that she’d heard Taela sigh very softly.

“I am looking at the place where your tail just joins your body,” Taela whispered, “It’s fascinating to me – probably because I don’t have one, but I really like it.

Can I touch it, Mischka? Please?”

Mischka told Taela yes, though she bit back the joke which she’d been about to make about being thankful that they’d had the shower so that she knew that she was clean. It suddenly felt like a rather crude thing to say, and then she had a rather startling thought.

When they’d been in the shower, it had been Taela who had soaped and washed her there, attracted by the tail of course. She’d liked the way that it felt very much, but she’d just told herself that it was because of her feelings for Taela and how good it felt to be able to trust someone for once in her life.

She felt the grasp of Taela’s hand around her tail at the base and she almost wanted to purr from the sensation when she felt Taela run her thumb over the skin gently. She tried to hold it back, but a very quiet sigh slipped past her lips anyway.

At least she hoped that it had been quiet.

She’d really wanted to groan.

She felt Taela’s fingers slide over her flank just a little very cautiously and right then, though she wasn’t exactly certain of just what this was, Mischka was almost terrified that it might stop suddenly.

“Something that almost no girls have, and yet, it is something that most should have,” she heard Taela say.

“What?” Mischka asked, wondering if it was some sort of riddle.

“A tail, silly,” Taela grinned, “Everything else here is the same as what I have, isn’t it?”

“Except for that amazing hair of yours, “Mischka pointed out and Taela nodded, giving her friend the point.

Mischka turned her head to look back and she couldn’t see Taela’s face because she was leaning forward. She wondered what was so fascinating about her asshole to Taela for a moment.

But then she felt her sigh coming out. She wasn’t sure what the sensation was which had caused it, other than something warm and wet against the bottom of her tail back there.

“Taela, what are you doing?”

The sensation stopped then and Mischka cursed herself silently. She’d wanted to know what that was.

She sure hadn’t wanted for it to stop.

“I’m licking the bottom of your tail,” Taela whispered. “You want me to lick it some more.

Don’t you?”

“Yes,” Mischka heard herself whisper right back, “Please do that again.”

The sensation began again and Mischkas’ vocabulary shrank down to only “ohhh” right then.

“Besides,” Taela’s soft voice came to her when she stopped for just a second before it continued, “you want me to keep going, … because then, …”

She chuckled, “You can hope.”

Mischka felt her own wickedly lascivious chuckle deep down in her throat, “That feels so good, Taela. But what am I supposed to hope for?”

“You’re supposed, … to hope, … that I, … do, … this….”

Mischka felt her chest heave to expand as she gasped. Taela had moved her tongue forward.

She almost collapsed from the way that it felt. But she didn’t and it was a good thing.

She’d have inhaled a lot of water if she had.

She felt Taela’s palm on the inside of her thigh, high up and nudging so lightly against her sex. Taela wanted to tease her at least a little, but no more than that, since she was feeling unsure about it herself and the position was murder on her neck.

“You’ll have to move if you want some more of that,” Taela said, hoping that Mischka would agree and not back away and leave her feeling stupid. “Put a towel there on the edge where it’s deepest and lean out of the bath standing up. I want to be under your pretty tail again.”

Mischka nodded, though she knew that Taela wouldn’t see it. She moved to the deeper part and did as she’d been told, not daring to speak. Not even daring to look back for fear that it wouldn’t continue.

But her fears were groundless. Taela had her face back there again in no time, licking Mischka everywhere back there but one part with that thick tongue of hers. The only part which was excluded was Miscka’s cleft, though it was nudged a little every once in a while. Mischka relaxed completely and she felt her tail ease down onto the side of Taela’s face to lie over her shoulder, the end of it twitching feebly in the water.

Then she felt Taela’s soft kisses as they receded to the point where they were only placed on her cheeks.

Mischka groaned when she felt Taela’s finger slip into her.

“I think we’re the same even about this,” Taela decided aloud, “since I can tell that you like it.”

“I – I lo–love it,” Mischka hissed between her teeth, “Oh, please don’t stop, Taela.

I never knew … oh, … ohhh.”

“I hate to sound, … demanding of my best friend,” Taela chuckled as she placed her cheek on top of Mischka’s hips, “but I’m trying to get you to want something a little more there. Do you want me to finger you harder, or, … “

Mischka shook her head, “No, this is so good. Just keep it up. Maybe I’ll be more adventurous – ohh,…. the next time.”

“The next time?” Taela laughed softly, “Alright. If you want to explore this with me, I’d love to help. And you’ll need it, you know, the practice.”

“W-why?” Mischka groaned huskily as Taela’s finger went deep then for a moment.

“Because I’ve decided on a few things for us,” Taela smiled. “I’m still not sure about doing the licking thing, though I am beginning to like the idea. I like thinking about it in the way that you said – about helping.

I guess that I’ll have to face it sooner or later, Mischka, since I’m going to need to help you when Shorty finally fucks you here.”

Mischka’s eyes widened and she turned to look back, but Taela saw it as the movement began and she began to mimic the motions with her finger. Mischka moaned and arched her back, pressing back onto the finger several times.

“Shorty’s with us, but he needs a female of his own. Ryan and I have talked about it a lot and we know how you two feel about each other. I’m thinking that it could be the best thing for everyone. I think that you ought to try it with him.

If you do and you both find that it works, then I’ll play with you too if you want me to, and I’ll even share Ryan if you still let me have Shorty sometimes.”

She lifted her head then, “But that’s for later and we need to talk about it.

Right now,” she began , though she let it hang there as she began to use the fingers of her other hand on Mischka’s cleft, running her wide fingertips lightly over Mischka’s clitoris while her extended and thick middle finger fucked the other opening a little more vigorously.

Mischka lowered her head and began to moan while trying to get her hips into the play at the same time.


“I still don’t feel like one of those women, ” Taela said as they relaxed over their drinks in the little café, “More and more, I am coming to like your definition of it. It gives me such nice thoughts in my mind and it’s what I do a lot of anyway.”

She grinned a little as she looked over, “Only I do it to a pair of males, though it would be exactly the same intent if they were females. So as far as it goes, I can agree with what you said about helping.

What did you want to ask Ryan about?”

Mischka nodded, after having to think for a moment, “I was going to ask him if he could maybe help me a little later on. Before we all met, I was staying at a rooming house.

It’s been a couple of weeks, but I’d like to see if my few possessions are still there. I don’t have very much, maybe about three boxes of stuff, but I’d kind of like it if Ryan could come with me. The landlord there is a dick and there could be trouble. The way that he always stares at me and makes rude suggestions really creeps me out and I’m afraid that he’ll go farther if he knows that I’m not coming back after this one time.

I’d really hate it if, after finally having my name cleared, that I had to hurt an idiot in self-defense. It worked as an explanation for why I killed to protect you from the one who was trying to drag you off that night since I made sure to include my personal safety along with yours, but it’s not something that I can just trot out as a defense every other week, is it?”


Ryan and Mischka walked along the deserted back alleys toward where her room had been. There was little if any lighting to make one’s way by on these grimy pathways. Ryan looked around, feeling a little bit of a mixture of trepidation and disgust at what he saw around them.

His thoughts turned back to the confident and slick way that the security detachment liked to portray their tenuous hold on things in the trading post and he mentioned it to Mischka quietly.

She nodded, answering in the same soft, guarded tones, “Yeah, like you’d ever find one of their patrols down here unless they’d gotten themselves lost. It’s happened once or twice before and they had to come down here like the fucking cavalry in force. They only did that because they were all scared shitless and it was the only way that most of them had agreed to go at all – that and the scary thought that it might be them the next time.”

She looked down an adjoining alleyway and for just a moment as they passed, she saw one of the others of her kind hunkered down over the corpse of someone and gorging. Whoever it had been was still twitching feebly and the sound of their soft footsteps caused the other female to look up, suddenly nervous.

Their eyes met and the wild female hissed quietly as she withdrew deeper into the shadows.

She came back, returning to her meal just seconds after Mischka and Ryan had passed by on their way. Her meal was still warm and she wouldn’t go far even if she’d been forced away. With a careful look around, she leaned down again, pressing her gore-covered face deeper into the abdominal cavity as she began to eat once more.

Ryan had seen nothing of it due to his human vision, but Mischka had seen far more than enough to be thankful all over again for the way that her friends cared about her. She didn’t have to live that way, though by her efforts, she’d been able to sidestep most of this sort of life because she’d put herself out there as a dancer to capitalize on the latent prurient lust of humans and others.

But as they walked, she was coming to wonder about someone else who couldn’t do the things that she had, and it began to worry her.

The locks came undone with a lot of clacking, rattling, and clanking as the door to the place was opened. The grimy lump of a human grinned as he peered out at Mischka.

“You’re back, eh?” he smiled and on him, it looked hideous, “I can’t let you into your room until you pay me the rent for the last two weeks, … or we might work something out, ” he said with a leering grin.

“I know you’re always a little broke, Misch, so just pay me for one week, that is, … if you’ll let me – “

Ryan stepped around the doorframe and pushed past Mischka then and the greasy gnome almost tumbled over backward in his attempt to get a look at the tall human, “What the –”

“Here you go,” Ryan smiled a little evilly as he held out some real, honest-to-goodness coins, “One week’s rent. Now let her into her place.”

The man changed his mind instantly, “I’ll want two weeks, plus – AAighh!”

He groaned a little and it ended in a whimper as he found himself hanging by the material of his filthy shirt from Ryan’s grip as he was carried further inside and Mischka closed the door.

“I haven’t got any of that,” Ryan grinned, “so how about just settling for me allowing you to breathe – after we’re gone?”

“Alright, … “the gnome nodded desperately, “o – okay.”

He led them up a set of creaky steps which sounded as though they were hard-pressed to bear the combined weight of the three of them until they arrived at a door.

“I’ve forgotten the key,” the wretch said, “I’ll just go and get it. Be back in a moment.”

The door crashed inward and fell off its hinges from the force of Ryan’s throw. They walked inside, stepping around the unconscious form of the landlord. Mischka frowned as she saw that her things had been disturbed in her absence, but she also saw that nothing was missing – with the exception of only one thing and she groaned.

“I had a little picture there on the nightstand,” she said sadly, “It was just one of those little things that you can get at an arcade. That’s where I got it from.

It was only a cheap little photo of me and Rhani. She’s a little vampire. She’s not like the regular ones either. She’s a smaller breed from somewhere else. But I’d see her around sometimes and if I had any extra coin, I’d try to buy her something to eat.

Other than you guys, Rhani is my only friend.

She’s small and for her to get anything that she could manage to kill, … well, I’d rather not think of what it might be.”

Mischka looked around and then she looked up at Ryan, “Let’s go.”

When they were outside, Ryan unhinged the small collapsible parcel dolly that he’d brought and they fastened her boxes with the straps and they walked off, retracing their steps.

As they approached the intersection where she’d seen the feeding vampire, Mischka was startled to hear small cries from that direction and she nudged Ryan’s arm and held her finger to her lips.

Ryan jammed his hand into his pocket and came up with a lightstick. Snapping it once in a bending motion to activate the chemicals inside, he put it back into his pocket for the moment.

As they rounded the corner, Ryan heard the faint sounds of a quiet struggle and he tossed the lightstick down the alleyway.

In the unearthly blue glare of the device, they saw the female vampire, but now she wasn’t hunkering down at her meal. She was holding down a smaller form and snarling, though the one under her held up a pair of thin arms pleadingly. From the sounds now, the smaller one was begging to be allowed to leave – and remain among the living.

It didn’t appear to Ryan as though it was working at all well.

Ryan looked up, finding himself alone suddenly as Mischka climbed straight up on her wings. She was fully dressed in the clothing that he’d bought for her, but that clothing allowed the use of the large appendages on her back.

The brief glimpse that he got of her features showed him that she’d lost her ability to maintain whatever conscious effort it took for her to remain light-colored.

Her face and any parts of her skin that he could see had gone dark. And then she was gone into the darkness up above them.

He looked at the scene before him and it didn’t seem right to him somehow, so he reached for his PDW, about to draw back the cocking handle if this looked like it was going to go on toward the conclusion that he could easily foresee. But he never got there.

The female on her knees over the smaller one was bowled over in the next instant and swept aside.

Ryan looked over and he saw only a ball of flailing limbs for a moment before he heard a muffled screech.

What he saw then …

Mischka looked to have flames in her eyes from the heat of her gaze at the female – who was now struggling ever more feebly as her lifeblood sprayed off into space to the side. The female tried to cover the gaping wound on her neck, but the blood still pumped out past her weakening fingers while this very new to Ryan, dark-visaged Mischka looked to be just barely able to contain her obvious wrath.

She looked down in some rage with her long teeth bared in a very primal way for a moment until it became obvious that there was no fight left in the dying one.

She turned away to get to her feet and then she was almost bowled over herself by the smaller form, who now hung from her and hugged her, almost wailing her tears out.

Mischka put her arms around the other one and held on, “Rhani!” she hissed quietly, “Oh Rhani, are you hurt?”

The smaller form shook her head against Mischka’s and a moment later, Mischka stood up and took the smaller one’s hand to lead her away. She felt something in her friend’s small hand and when she saw what it was, she almost burst into tears herself.

It was the little photograph in a cheap plastic frame. Rhani didn’t have enough for even a stitch of clothing, but she must have been holding that little article in one hand ever since they’d last seen each other.

“Come on,” she said, wiping her eyes as her darkness began to fade, “I’ve always told you that this place would be the death of you. I don’t ever want to see it once I’m finally right. I need to get you somewhere where you’re safe.”

Ryan found himself looking at, … well he wasn’t really sure.

This ‘Rhani’ appeared to be a dark, obviously naked – and very dirty female something like Mischka of … – he couldn’t tell at all accurately – maybe twelve at a stretch – and that was a long one, too, and though she wasn’t more than four and a half feet tall, she looked taller, due to her lankiness . He knew that he was more than likely incorrect, knowing that it was a little silly to be trying to apply human standards out here to creatures who were not human.

As they drew a little near to him, Rhani saw him for the first time and she drew back, looking afraid, but she settled down as Mischka spoke to her in that strange half-squawking form of speech that she and Shorty used.

From what Ryan could see, Rhani got it, but she kept trying to tell Mischka something and she was insistent.

“Tesem,” she said clearly, trying to pull Mischka in a slightly different direction, “Tesem, … Tesem.” It was followed by a whole lot of other things, not one of which Ryan had any sort of clue about.

“This is Rhani,” Mischka said, “She’s filthy and she smells right now, but I’m happy that she’s still alive, at least.” She stopped and Rhani stood in front of her, pleading and beseeching as she tugged at Mischka’s hand, and when she finally made herself understood, Mischka’s eyebrows disappeared right against her widow’s peak.

She looked at Ryan in astonishment, “She wants to go to the animal impound.”

Ryan blinked, “What the hell for? I didn’t think that this trip would take all day, Mischka. I don’t mind helping, but I’m not going there if she wants to look at the puppies.”

Rhani squawked and chattered and Ryan could see that Mischka’s eyebrows weren’t going to be very visible for a little while yet, by her expression. When she finally understood it to Rhani’s satisfaction, she turned and blinked, looking at Ryan.

“I’d guess it happened about the time that you and the others were helping me. I didn’t even know anything about this.” She looked to be feeling incredulous for a moment and her eyebrows still hadn’t reappeared when she stared at Ryan again.

“They’re holding her husband.”


The Anubian sat on a small bench with his arms restrained straight out on either side of him. The tranquilizer that he’d been hit with was finally wearing off, though slowly, since they’d kept the dose topped up and he found himself trying to work his consciousness through the fog of it.

He’d been drugged, though he’d never fully lost consciousness. He wanted to snort in derision.

Humans and their stupidity.

It even went as far as what they thought that they knew about his kind.

He did hear the door to the cell being unlocked very quietly, though, and he waited with his eyes closed; his head not hanging down quite so much anymore.

He felt the bonds around his wrists which held him there, but he also felt that his bracers hadn’t been removed. He guessed that they’d either been overlooked somehow or that more likely, his captors hadn’t thought them to be important.

He activated the cameras in the left one with a curling motion of one finger. The tendon in his forearm stood out and he heard the barely-audible click. He had a feeling that he’d want a record of this.

The female pound guard crept into the cell, barely moving – barely daring to draw a breath as she came. She knew that what she’d been trying to fight off in her mind was unconscionable and very likely highly illegal as well, given her position. She didn’t want to harm him in any way, though the thought in her mind of what she wanted to do would still constitute abuse in the strict legal sense once she was living her little fantasy.

But she couldn’t help herself anymore. He’d been here under sedation for the maximum allowable time. She felt drawn here, and it was going to have to be now or never.

She hadn’t been pulled here by any conscious thought of desire from ‘him’. This was all something inside of her and she’d finally lost her ability to fight off her desires any longer.

It happened to her fairly often. It was one of the reasons that she was working here, after all.

She looked at him, sitting there with his eyes closed. Her own eyes ran over his lean and muscled body. Side to side and top to bottom, he was the single most wickedly attractive male that she’d ever seen and, …

God, she thought; he must stand well over six feet tall.

Well, when he was on two feet anyway,

As she crept closer, she barely felt her tongue as it slipped out of her mouth to lick her own lips, though she noticed after a moment and gently bit her lower lip as she edged nearer. It was as hard as anything to do, but she brought her face as close to his muscled body as she could and inhaled his scent a little slowly.

What she smelled was a little foreign to her, but that didn’t matter.

His scent screamed ‘MALE’ to her. Pure, heavy-balled musk hit her brain and it told her a lot about him if you were a female with eyes to see his power and beauty as well.

He was the kind who could bang you until you threw your head back into the pillow so hard that you could hear your own vertebrae grind, as well as the way that your jaw threatened to snap its ligaments as you screamed for him.

And if by some magic miracle, you managed to retain enough control to lunge up and bite one of those nipples in your joy, well, he’d just roar at you and fuck you even harder.

He was the kind who’d laugh softly as he watched you get up on aching and trembling hips to stumble uncertainly to the can for a piss – if he didn’t change his mind and fuck you all over again right then on the floor. It would come to you then that it wasn’t out of cruelty or anything stupid – he actually cared and it would amaze him that you’d have put it off for that long when you didn’t need to at all.

He was just amazed that you did. Hell, he’d CARRY you there if he thought that you couldn’t make it.

To one very lonely female guard working alone at the animal impound, that was love if it stayed with you.

She knew the kind. She’d had one once upon a time; an incredible male who could make her grab her pillow and hold on in a white-knuckled grip so that at least she had something to lay her head on while he held her up on failing knees and caressed her everywhere that he could reach so softly and well while he STILL fucked her brains out and chuckled over the staccato slapping of his hips on her ass.

But she’d lost him one night as he’d worked overtime on the outside and an avalanche took him from her forever.

She’d never been the same since, though she tried never to let it get to her too much.

When it did, there was always the ones that the cops brought here, wasn’t there? Most of those ones couldn’t hold a candle to her Robby’s memory – though this one might, she guessed.

It was just too bad that he was likely an animal. Why if he could even speak to her a little, she’d do anything in her power to free him…

Just as long as he fucked her like Robby used to and he stayed around and never went to the outside.

But she guessed that he wasn’t like that; he was just a fuck in an animal impound to her, just passing through on the way to wherever they threw these things after the quick hearing. She lowered her nose and inhaled again.

She wanted to groan, but she didn’t; being so careful to not even exhale against him in order to draw another breath of him into her nostrils. Her knees felt a little weak for it all the same and she sank onto them onto the floor there between his legs and looked up at his face.

He was something, she thought. With those pointed ears standing straight up the way that they were, and, his coal black fur …

And she could just make out the tip of one tooth at each corner of his long, narrow mouth as they extended barely past his sweet-looking lips.

To her at the moment; he was sooo sexually attractive to her. She actually felt a little lost. She was already wet.

She’d always had thoughts of fucking with one of these dog-men things.

She wanted to touch the very short fur which covered those long muscles. She almost ached to do it, too.

She stopped as she consciously forced herself to remember that she had turned off the surveillance cam in this cell. Just to make certain, she looked up and she saw that the tiny LED was out.

It was a moment of pure coincidence, but as she turned her head back to look at him again, she didn’t see it as the tiny LED winked back on.

She sighed inaudibly. She’d done this before to other males – just not one like him and she wondered if she might ever get the chance to even meet one of these ones for herself one day, though she supposed not. She saw them only very rarely, most often in the company of their females, and there was no ignoring the looks of disdain with which they regarded humans. She shook the thought out of her mind.

Even the females looked so good to her, and from the very little that she’d heard at all of their kind, they were all known – once you got their fuses lit properly – to be such incredible sex beasts.

She guessed that the best that she could manage here was to fuck him while he was still out of it and satisfy herself with that.

She knew what she’d do after that, of course; though waiting for her shift to end would feel like forever passing. She’d run out and scour the vidshops in the commerce sector, looking almost frantically until she found her favorite seller in the corners, knowing that he probably wouldn’t let her down.

But she was confident that at some point later today, she’d go home and shove the wolfish-looking dildo that she planned to buy into her as she watched the illegal porno that she’d hopefully find. The worm in the little shops was good to her, knowing that she was a little bent and he always kept odd things in stock just for her – since she kept coming back.

What she didn’t know in her ignorance of his kind was that no such video existed. No Anubian would have ever consented to be a part of such a thing, even if he was starving and needed the money.

There was nothing illegal about inter-species relationships out this far, but pornography of it was illegal to make, sell, purchase, or own. Humans were still humans, and their lawmakers knew that if they didn’t at least try to keep some sort of lid on things, sooner or later, somebody somewhere would start screwing potted plants or other things which couldn’t say no.

She’d done this before to male prisoners of various species that the cops brought here sometimes if they didn’t know what to do with them, though she’d never had a shot at one like this one ever. It was her very personal and delicious little kink.

She was actually beginning to hope that they’d forgotten about this one. With a little luck, this might work out and she could maybe make it a regular thing to help her get through her long shifts.

You had to time things right, that was all, she told herself. At the right time, they’d still be under, pretty much and she’d suck to get them hard. It usually didn’t take long at all, thanks to the particular sedative that was used here.

Once that had happened and she could see what they had, she’d climb up and ease herself down on them for a hopefully fine fuck until she was happy. The contraceptive foam in her pussy would deal with the spermatozoa and with a quick wipe of a towelette, no one would be the wiser. Best of all, they’d never really be sure of what had happened.

She opened her mouth and her tongue slipped out to lick the end of his sheath. Now that it had begun, she felt a little emboldened and she began to try to get her tongue into the end of it.

She felt the tip and the heat which was beginning there and in only moments, she felt it as the end of it grew to emerge for her. With a sigh that she couldn’t contain, she began to fellate him.

She gave in to her want and her hand reached out to caress and hold his scrotum. The balls in there felt so large and heavy to her and when she felt that he’d reached what had to be his full size, she started licking it up and down over it’s long and darkly pink length.

A good thing that she was already on her knees, she thought, the taste and the heat of it would probably have driven her there anyway.

She reminded herself that time was against her, so she quickly stood up and pulled off her trousers to prepare herself for the final sweet part. With her hands on him in such private places, she doubted that he’d notice her weight as she sat on that fine long prick of his.

But she landed on the floor, jumping off just in time as he’d opened his eyes and snarled. The way that his teeth had snapped shut almost over her nose had been a hell of a fright and a very near thing.

She heard the hallway door open behind her and she jumped up to get her pants on as quickly as she could.

It didn’t help that the prisoner was almost barking the place down in his rage at her.

“What were you doing?” the shift super asked as she came to the open door with three others, one of them a human male.

“N-nothing,” the pound worker said.

“Oh fuck off,” the older woman groaned, rolling her eyes, “Nothing, huh?

Think you can come up with a good lie here for the public about how your belt is hanging undone and your shirt is outside of your pants?”

She pointed to the camera on the wall above them, “Try hard, Debbie. I need to hear a really good fairy-tale after what I was looking at in the monitor back there a few seconds ago.

I just happened to look at the panel on my way by and I found just one cam switch in the off position. I turned it on just for the hell of it and guess what I was looking at.”

Debbie stuttered and mumbled for a moment, and the super told her to unlock the restraints.

She looked up, her mouth falling open, “But, … but, .. he, …”

“Just unlock him,” her superior said, “As usual, the Security types can’t tell something intelligent from a rock and they brought him here by mistake – since their own IQ is a lot closer to the rock.”

She turned to the others, “It happens here now and then. If I hadn’t been out on my lunch at the time that your friend was brought in, I’d have set them straight.”

“But that was about two weeks ago!” Mischka said, “It takes you that long to come back and look in yourself?”

The supervisor ignored her and she turned to the quiet, though still angry individual on the bench, “I’m very sorry about all of this, Sir.”

His ankles were free as Debbie worked with trembling fingers. He didn’t move a hair, though he glared at her, waiting. When both of his wrists had been freed, he moved faster than anyone would have believed possible, grabbing Debbie by the throat, lifting her clean off the floor to growl in accented, yet startlingly clear English.

“Do not ever dare to try to stand in my sight again.”

He threw her against the single barred wall next to the door as though it was nothing. Her head slammed against the bars and she fell into a heap on the floor.

Rhani was against him the next instant, holding on for all that she was worth.

It softened things for him in a heartbeat as he looked down at her for a moment as he held her, and then he looked up.

“I have video of the whole incident,” he said coldly, “and now I will go to swear out a complaint against this one, you, and this whole place,” he said quietly, “There is an Anubian embassy here – as you call us – and I will seek what aid that I can there.”

For what he’d just said, Ryan liked him already.

But Rhani spoke then and she managed to calm him down to a degree, and he looked at the others for a moment as she led him away down the hall.

Outside and with the introductions made, he regarded Ryan without suspicion after he’d heard what had happened and he offered his thanks to him and Mischka.

After that, he leaned down and nuzzled his face against Rhani’s for a moment. It ended in a soft kiss between them and he sank to walk on all fours with them after the smaller vampire jumped up to ride on his back.


Back in the depths of the impound, Debbie had regained consciousness and she began to sputter about calling the cops herself to have the creature charged with assault as she tried to hold her head.

“Just shut up and have one of these headache pills, sweetie,” the supervisor said quietly as she sat on the floor with her arm around Debbie, “With a little luck, nothing will come of it since the cops here are such fools. The only problem will be the record of you trying to fuck yourself on him.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” Debbie sobbed, “I’ll lose my job if anybody ever sees that.”

The other woman nodded, “Listen, you’re not the first one who’s done that. I’ve been doing it forever. I just don’t get as many chances for it these days, that’s all.

Hey,” she paused, thinking things over, “have you ever, … you know, … uh, with another girl? Maybe we could get together later after I wipe that video. I’ve got the key, you know.”


They walked to the Security detachment offices where Tesem – as he was called, proceeded to roar out his indignation over his arrest and treatment at the hands of the security patrol.

He leaned over the watch officer’s desk, almost trembling with suppressed rage, “I did nothing wrong. I only approached your people and asked for directions. How does that merit my arrest and what happened to me?”

The watch officer nervously paged her manager and Ryan began to chuckle as he recognized the man.

“You’d better get this mess straightened out quick, Charles. I’ve got a lawyer who’s just dying for another reason to tear this farce here apart.”

“I demand the return of my belongings,” Tesem snarled, “as well as my personal weapon before one of your imbeciles here manages to kill himself with it.”

Charles nodded, his face a bright shade of scarlet as he began to see to things personally.

“You’re not allowed to carry a weapon like what was impounded while you’re here,” Charles said, trying like hell to manage some tone of officiousness.

“I had no other place to put it,” the Anubian growled, “It would be worse if someone else stole it. Then you WOULD have a reason to arrest me.”

“Besides, “Ryan grinned as he fought back the laugh that he felt, “You let your idiots walk around here loose armed with shooters and tasers, Charles.

And we both know that they’re not even to be trusted if they were only armed with rubber bands and paperclips.

He can leave it on my ship, since I’m licensed for weapons.”

Tesem looked over, “My thanks, Ryan. Through Mischka, I am finally finding one human who I wish to begin to trust.”


It had been one of the strangest hours of Ryan’s life, he thought to himself afterward as the four of them sat in the food court in front of a little eatery and he watched as the little slip of a girl put away more food than he thought that he could eat after starving for half a week.

Before that, as Mischka led them through the mall, she felt a little odd for the quiet way that Tesem smiled at her for a while, so she asked and he shrugged, “Forgive me for staring. It is very good to see the one in Rhani’s little picture. She has spoken of you often and I have seen how she missed her friend.”

Mischka had led them to the bathhouse and gone inside – almost dragging Rhani, who’d protested all the way while he’d stood out front waiting with Tesem the Anubian as Mischka got her small friend cleaned up in the shower.

“So you’re married to Rhani?” Ryan asked, wanting to see if he had this straight after all, “Congratulations.”

The large male nodded, standing as he was in order to wait, “I had not thought of it, but when the merchant craft that I was on docked here, I’d reached the end of my compulsory service. I met Rhani and, … well, we fell right away. I do not know if humans take a recreational period after being wed, but that was what I was trying to arrange, and I sought help to find a vacation seller.”

“What was your tasking on that craft?” Ryan asked and the Anubian shrugged, “I was part of the security group there. It was my last assignment before release.”

He looked down for a moment, “Back home, there had been a coup attempt and several members of the royal family were harmed. My family has always guarded the members of the royal house. I was not there then, but many of my family were killed in the fighting – as I would have been very likely had I been there. The rest of us were shamed and scattered.

I knew nothing of it, being off-world at the time. My combat record was taken into consideration and my punishment was to serve for a time as security on the merchant ships.

I will never go home again for the shame of it, but I never expected to meet someone like Rhani, either. Aside from this unpleasantness and your gracious help in it with Mischka, Ryan, I am happy here with her, though I am looking for work before my share of my family’s fortune is gone.”

Ryan had to smile, “We seem to have at least something in common, Tesem, I was security on the freighter which brought me to this corner of the galaxy. I’m trying to start up a bounty business. We ought to maybe talk a little later.”

The two of them fell into a sort of easy chat then, just swapping war stories for a while until the females emerged from the bathhouse. Ryan could see that for all of his cool and collected outward appearance, Tesem was quite obviously very much in love with his diminutive bride.

“What happened after Tesem was arrested?” Ryan asked, and he learned that Rhani hadn’t known what to do, knowing that if the cops had arrested Tesem for only asking directions, she didn’t think that there was any better treatment possible for herself at their hands – if they didn’t just shoot her on sight out of what she was. So she’d waited, only leaving when she was so hungry that she couldn’t think straight any longer.

It had been almost two weeks.

Mischka had led them here to buy something to eat and as Rhani began to put away more food than Ryan thought could have been possibly packed into that thin little frame, Mischka tried to tell of it while she sat braiding Rhani’s long black hair into lengthy pigtails for her.

“As far as I can tell,” she said in a way that Ryan saw was revealing her happiness and relief, “Rhani came here from someplace – and neither of us has any idea where – after stowing away on a slow passenger hauler. I met her here, and we’d sometimes hang out together, though it was always me taking care of her, like I’m doing now.”

Ryan looked at Rhani, who looked back now with interest, since she wasn’t feeling the hollow and almost constant pain of her gnawing hunger and fear.

“She looks like she’d just a kid,” Ryan commented, “well, with wings.”

“She’s not,” Mischka smiled, “though she’s lost track of the time. We seem to agree that she’s about twenty-two, twenty-three, or thereabouts. This is as mature as she says that she’s going to get. Her kind doesn’t get very big, not that I’ve ever seen very many like her. The ones that I have seen tend not to live for very long around here. They just can’t compete with the others for food.

Can I ask you for a really big favor, Ryan?”

The words hung in the air between them for a moment as Ryan looked at Rhani and her husband.

Rhani looked back, trying to smile around the last mouthful of food in her mouth. She tilted her head a little, as though she was trying to figure him out in some way.

Whatever it had been, he thought, she must have arrived at some decision for herself for the way that she seemed to settle into her seat a little happily with a quiet sigh.

“What uh, … what was that about?” Ryan asked.

There was a pause as the two girls exchanged some of those odd sounds.

“Rhani likes you,” Mischka smiled, “She says that she can’t see anything in you that’s nasty or cruel.”

He looked very confused, “Nasty or, … what does that mean?”

Mischka smiled again, “Rhani’s got this weird little sense to her. She can feel things about somebody – sometimes astonishing things – and she knows almost right off if there’s any danger to her from someone else.”

“Wasn’t it working earlier then?” Ryan asked.

“It probably was, Ryan,” Mischka nodded, “Probably perfectly too, but when you’ve gone hungry for a while, …” She left it there, seeing his nod of understanding.

He still looked skeptical – until Rhani growled and squawked her way through a quick little paragraph and Mischka said, “She says that you were hurt once by your mate – a female named Sarah, and she told me that the little scar under your lower lip is from fighting another human male like yourself. He hit you, but he was holding a small blade in his glove and you killed him not long after that.

From what she senses, that human managed to get your weapon from you, but you crushed his throat with your knee and he strangled. Even so, you hit him with your fist twice before he died, because you were furious by then.”

Ryan sat with his mouth hanging open, nodding a little after a moment, “He was Brazilian Army. We fought them on Titan, a moon of one of the planets where I’m from. How the hell would she – “

Mischka chuckled, “She says that she likes the pictures that you carry in your heart. She thinks that those people are very fortunate.”

Mischka looked down for a moment, swirling the last of her beverage around in the cup, “So, …”

Ryan grinned, since he couldn’t help it and he nodded, “Yeah. If she’ll do this thing of hers for us once in a while if we need it.” He looked at Tesem for a second, “I’m thinking that if you need work, maybe we can come up with something together.”

Tesem smiled and when it had been translated for her, Rhani nodded seriously.

“She says that she’d do it for you as well as the others that she’s seen in you,” Tesem said.

Rhani spoke again and Mischka looked a little embarrassed by what had been said.

“What was that?” Ryan asked.

Though Mischka tried to tell him that it had been nothing, Rhani disagreed, knowing somehow that her friend was doing it and she looked at Ryan and began to elaborate, though she knew that he couldn’t understand her.

Finally, Mischka relented and said only, “Ok ok, I don’t know where to look now thanks to her, but since you seem to need to know for some reason, she told me that I’m one of the fortunate people in your heart and she wants to meet the rest.

OK now? Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Ryan sat there, more than a little embarrassed himself for the moment and at a loss for words.

Rhani spoke up again and he just knew.

“Tell her that we’ll see how it works out, but for right now, “he rolled his eyes, “please tell her that I’d like it if I didn’t have to hear any more of my secret thoughts, ok?”

He waited as Mischka translated for him. Rhani sat there looking at him and she tossed him a smiling shrug and a nod and he knew from her motions that she couldn’t really help it. Her expression changed then and Ryan groaned, holding up his hand.

“Fuck,” he groaned, “tell her I don’t even know myself right now, but I guess she’ll be the first to know if and when she and Tesem here make the list, alright? In the meantime, I’m gonna have to get a real tight handle on my inner male retard.”

Rhani sat still as she picked up her drink to slurp up the last of it. She looked up at Ryan and she nodded knowingly with a sweet little smile as her husband grinned a little.


After a quick stop to buy Rhani some clothing and to make a few other purchases, they went to the docking bay where the others waited inside their craft, hurrying a little due to the time and the want to eat at a reasonable time.

Taela was smitten with the little vampire female right off the hop and it quite obviously went both ways as Rhani surprised Taela and Ryan when she attempted to speak.

“Tae-la,” she sighed, testing the sound as she looked up, “so … nice … hair.”

She grabbed Tesem’s hand, “This Tesem. Husb-and for … me.”

Taela found herself grinning as she stepped forward to shake Tesem’s long hand, “I’ll bet that he is, too.” She looked up into the Anubian’s long face, though his build caught her eye for a moment as well, “I’m Taela, Ryan’s female.”

Tesem bowed deeply, “I have found a friend in his kindness and it is a moment of honor to meet the one who holds his heart.”

Shorty was in awe of Rhani almost as soon as they began to converse with each other and he stared at Tesem, though it was obvious that they’d both met someone who’d impressed them.

Tesem could see that they’d have some things to wonder about in him, so he just tried his best in his quiet way to explain what he could.

“It is a bit of a coincidence, my name. We knew nothing of it, but I have since learned a little of humans and others.

There was once a civilization on Earth, known to humans as Ancient Egypt. There is absolutely no connection in it to us, but humans call us Anubians, though it is not what we call ourselves. Their old civilization had many deities, it seems. One of them was a god known as Anubis.

It seems that there is a resemblance between us and this deity to humans.

Another coincidence is my own name.

‘Tesem’ to us is nothing other than a male name. It means ‘one who acts correctly’ in our speech. I have learned that there was a breed of canine once in that land – a sort of dog, as I understand it. They were prized there and famous or their hunting ability. That is what I read of it anyway.

As I hope that you can see, I am not any kind of these dog creatures. From what I have learned of them, they are rather simple things where we are not.”

Ryan nodded, “I doubt that your research would have indicated it to you, Tesem, but those simple things are famous to humans everywhere, in any of the breeds in which they might be seen. To humans, there is nothing as pure as the unconditional love that a dog shows his master or mistress, once the dog has chosen that one. I’ve never heard of your name, so I’d suggest that you forget about meanings. Your name sounds fine to me.”

Tesem nodded his thanks, though he sighed a little, “I have still not decided whether I ought to be pleased or a little annoyed that my name to that long ago group of Humans translates to ‘hunting dog’. Worse still from my viewpoint is that I was trained as a hunter in our military – one who seeks to find and learn of the strength of our enemies.

But I am very happy to have met you all and I hope that Rhani and I can be of use to you soon.”

Rhani looked around and asked what this place was.

When it had been explained to her, Rhani grabbed her husband and stepped right up to Ryan, chattering all the while as Mischka tried to translate as quickly as she could.

“She says that if this is how we will make our living, then you will surely need her. She says that she can tell how many are in a group and maybe more than that without even seeing them, and from what she knows, Tesem is a proven warrior to his people.”

Mischka grinned a little then, “She wants to know when we will start.”

“Not long after I finally get done with configuring the import of the wanted poster data,” Taela frowned as she went back to her seat. “I have trouble with only one thing, …”

She held up her fingers, wiggling them a little, “Morgarod fingers just don’t work well on the Human-based QWERTY keyboard taken from Ryan’s shuttle. I’ve been trying to use that since the Morgarod ones which were in here had all failed due to their age. I can manage on a QWERTY keyboard, but it goes slow because of my fingers and there is no Morgarod keyset. My old keyboard wouldn’t ID to the system correctly.”

Her shoulders sagged a little and she sighed with a soft smile as Ryan held up two largish boxes, “I found Morgarod keyboards, Taela. I bought you two – in case one doesn’t work or fails or whatever.” He shrugged, “For all I know, it’s possible that neither of them will work here, but I tried to find one anyway, and they tested out ok where I bought them.”

She tilted her head, her smile still there for him, “Where on this lump did you find these? I hope they work, but, … I have to say that I’m amazed.”

He laughed, “Well it’s a trading post.

You just gotta look around a lot and ask a little. I got them at the “Everything for 10 Credits Store, Surplus, and Hair Care Center in the mall. Everything cheap you could want while pretending to be a trooper and you can look your best while you do it.”

Taela laughed as she took one of the boxes and within two minutes, she was smiling as the data feed filled their own on-board database, “I don’t have to peck at the keys with a fingernail anymore.

What are all of those rolled-up things there on the floor?”

“Sleeping bags – military surplus sleeping bags,” Ryan said, “We checked them out by unzipping them in the store. There are no holes or rips in any of them and they’ve been dry-cleaned too.

These are Arctic-rated back on Earth – as long as you’re sleeping someplace cold but sheltered out of the elements. There’s a whole other kind if you’re going to be out on the open. These ones can be unzipped completely and then you can zip two of them together if you want – kind of like a sleeping bag bed then, so two can sleep together in a bit of comfort.

Sleeping in the seats on this thing is killing my back and we also seem to have picked up a couple of new crewmembers in Rhani and Tesem, I think. They were having a tough time of things out there.”

“Where will we all sleep then?” Taela asked and Ryan shrugged, pointing at the several sections of open flooring.

“Rhani and Tesem can sleep together obviously,” Mischka said, “She and I always used to before when we stayed in one place. That way, we – meaning her mostly – could feel a little safe comfort. I kind of doubt that she’ll need that from me now, though. You and Ryan pick out a place for yourselves wherever you want and I’ll find a corner someplace too.”

Shorty looked over and Mischka chuckled, “You can sleep wherever you want, Shorty. But I was thinking that we ought to go on with what I was teaching you about jamming earlier. We can sit in the corner together the way that we always do.

I just need a little time to put away my stuff here and then I want to get started on the dinner. We bought a few things that I only have to heat up in the quick-oven,” she smiled, referring to the microwave oven in the galley.

Shorty stepped over, wanting to know if he could help her in any way. She pretended not to understand him at first, so he leaned in to place his head against hers so that she could get his thoughts to her, “What can I do to help? I still do not know where I will sleep, though maybe I could put that sleeping bag thing over my seat and sleep in it there.”

Mischka glanced around at the others for a second. Tesem and Rhani were looking around, her out of wonder for the most part and he out of what Mischka took to be professional curiosity. Ryan and Taela seemed to be involved in their own discussions as well. She saw that no one was looking at them for the moment.

She did her best to try emulating the way that he could speak into her head.

“I think that, after the meal, things will quiet down in here. I do have things to teach you about the types of jamming. Rhani and Tesem are newly-married, so I can guess what will cross their minds, and you know Taela and Ryan well enough.”

She took a breath then and decided to go on before he could think anything else to send to her.

“Tonight – that is, if you think that you like me enough, I want to do just a little more than sit with our legs touching. I want to join my sleeping bag with yours and we can sit as we always do.

When you have your thoughts about us, well, I want you to know that I’ve been having the same ones, so if I’m a little lucky tonight, I might come to know your name.”

Shorty pulled back his head and he stared at her for a moment, his yellow eyes searching hers. Mischka’s tail slid between his legs, searching for his, and when they touched, Mischka wrapped the end of hers around his tightly.

They both gasped as they looked at each other and then Mischka smiled very softly and she kissed Shorty in a slow and very different way for a couple of minutes. He hadn’t moved a muscle squatting as he was in the most pleasant sort of shock and realization.

She opened her eyes and saw Taela grinning to her. When she got Shorty to look as well, Ryan was nodding too.

Mischka didn’t mind. She just reached for him and she touched her forehead against his as she spoke to him in their silent way, now that she knew his true name.

“Thank you, Deym-yan. I think that you have a fine name and I feel special to know it at last.” She settled her arms around him a little better as she sighed, “I’ve wanted to know it for a long time now.”


Mischka opened her eyes and looked off across the dark cabin. The lighting was very low, but the dimness hid nothing from her eyes, being what she was. She could see Ryan on his knees, holding Taela as she hung from him and she knew what Taela had meant about it, though at the moment, it was only slow.

She looked over to where the newlyweds were bedded down and her eyes widened a little. Tesem was on his back, half sitting up a little, while Rhani sat on his prick and held his face to her tiny breasts.

Mischka could clearly see that Rhani had the mechanics of this worked out perfectly to take the wide differences in their relative sizes into account. She was moving slowly, and yet, she was driving herself down forcefully on the downward strokes and working her little hips to maximize things for her male.

Mischka just couldn’t figure out where she was putting that pole of his inside of her.

Still, she decided that it was very nice to see, as well as being a little inspiring to be able to watch.

The first time that she’d really looked over at them, they were going at this in much the same manner as Taela and Ryan were doing it at the moment, but …

She’d watched as Tesem had mounted Rhani from behind. She guessed at the time that she’d have expected to see her on her knees and leaning forward in the same way that she would have done it, but no …

Where she’d have thought that their size difference would have worked against them, they’d already learned ways to capitalize on it.

Tesem held her to him tightly with one long arm – right off the floor, though her legs hung down a little. He clutched her to his front to thrust into her while Rhani’s face showed a mixture of love, lust, and most of all, quite a lot of absolute delight to be held that way.

When they’d moved so that she could lie under him, Mischka thought that her expression to him just had to mean so much, and before very long at all, he’d picked her up again and held her so that she rested on the tops of his muscular thighs, her head hanging back while she made the sweetest little noises and her wings wrapped themselves around him.

Mischka liked to see it. Her little friend had always had such a tough time of things. She figured that Rhani deserved to have the love of someone like Tesem, since they looked to be so good for each other.

As her thoughts came back to the way that she rode him at the moment, she saw Tesem’s hand begin to move toward her hip. As she watched, Mischka had a thought about him. He was pretty inspiring to look at in any way, she decided.

Large and muscled, much like Ryan, he appealed to her eyes in a way that took nothing from the way that she admired her new lover’s smaller body.

Tesem’s hands were a bit of a mystery to her, however. When he was bipedal, they looked like regular hands anywhere among the humanoid races; five fingers, one of them a thumb for grasping. They were long like the rest of him in many ways and appeared to be just as dextrous as anyone’s hands.

But when he leaned forward and wished to move on four feet, those fingers had a way to join together in a way and what they looked like then were paws. She didn’t get it and knew that other than asking for a demonstration – which she thought would be a rude thing to ask- she’d need to content herself with her own observations over time for the answer.

Her eyes widened then. She watched more carefully as Tesem lifted his hand from where it had been resting on Rhani’s hip to bring it to their mouths for a moment. She watched carefully as they both licked his fingers and then, she observed as he moved it back to her bottom end and reaching around her – because he could, she guessed – she saw her little friend’s eyes open as she’d gasped and then smiled down at him sweetly when his finger pressed its way inside of her gently.

Was everyone here so fixated?

She wondered about that, though after a few seconds of whatever Tesem was doing for his wife, Mischka couldn’t doubt that it seemed to be heightening things for her to a good degree.

Her thoughts came back to Deym-yan then and she lifted her head to kiss his cheek very softly and slowly, though she left a wet smear on it as she did, hoping that his kind of what they were might understand the gesture.

“You surprise me, Deym-yan,” she thought to him, “This is the way that I have always ached to be able to begin with anyone, yet not one ever did before now. You are so good to me just like this. How did you know it was what I wanted, when even I had forgotten that I might have a hope for it?”

She felt his sigh against her ear and the way that he rubbed his wet cheek against hers, “I have always wanted this too. Tonight, I just knew that you were the same, so I hoped that you would allow it.”

“Male,” she hissed quietly to him in the way of her kind, using her actual voice instead of her thoughts, “for something as nice as this for a beginning, I find that I would allow you anything with me, because you alone seem to know how to prepare your female in this way. It is not a little thing to one like me.”

She felt him raise his head, so she did likewise, to look into his yellow eyes while he peered into her whitish ones for a long moment as their hands worked on, “You say that you are my female?”

He’d asked it so softly and in such a careful tone without any of his characteristic and cautious pauses, and even in English, that Mischka felt her heart melting. Again, she told herself, how could he have possibly known?

She smiled at him very softly, “A lover such as you seem to be to me can drive me past my own too-stupid and careful obstacles. Where I thought that I held a hope to only mate with you this night, I must admit to my male that I find a much larger hope in my breast for only one – you.

I suppose that we must still be cautious, Deym-yan, but in this speech, the human girls would tell you that they were thinking about it.

For ones like us, the thought is absurd, for my kind does not love in that way. As far as I might make a guess, yours does not either. What are we to do? I had a want for you this night, but now …”

She stopped suddenly to moan very softly over what his fingers were doing to her and more, over the way that he’d kissed her cheek just as wetly as she’d done it to him. She slid her face against his slowly.

“There are things,” he whispered, “things which, … must be done, I think.”

He paused then, while her mind whirled in a bit of wonder over what he might be talking about, since she wasn’t sure.

His thought came to her again, since he was a little afraid to ruin what seemed to be beginning with his voice.

“We live here now, wherever this family of ours takes us. I think that mating with the others will come into it at some time, so I wish to know what is meant so that I do not mistake it.

Do you wish to be my female in this family, even though there are two other males who will probably want to mate with you? They are larger than I am – both of them – and you would offer me your love even so?”

She raised her hands to hold his head, “Yes. I want you because of who and what you are, and to me, I also want to have the wonder of you as mine alone. I know what you say, and I am prepared to allow it with them – especially since I see it as my way to allow you to mate with their females.”

She brought her face even closer to his and she kissed his lips very softly, “I even know that you would want those males yourself, Deym-yan. I know this about you – and still I want to be the only one who knows your hidden love, just as I am the only one who knows your name.

Think a little, Male. You might not see it, but it is the best and only real way for us two here.

Mate with any that you want from among us six. I will push so that no others can join. Five others are plenty for anyone. I will likely mate the same as you with them. What I think to offer is that we might mate with them, but each of us holds only the other one in our love.”

She drew her head back a little, “For that, Deym-yan,” she smiled as she whispered, “I would give you anything that I have to give. Try to say the same to me and let us begin.”

She looked up and almost laughed softly for a moment, “And I am offering you this even before we have joined, though I think that we ought to reserve the last of it until we learn that we can do it well between us.”

“But, …” he hesitated, “but Ryan has told me that your kind always seeks for two males, do you not?”

She shook her head, “That is what most of us do. But I am not like that for the most part. Do you love Ryan in your way? I think that you do.”

He nodded, “Yes.”

She smiled, “That is enough, Deym-yan. At some point, I would want you both at once. It is a fantasy that I carry, that’s all. I am also human enough to NOT want that as a way of life, if I can have you for as long as we can make it last between us.

As far as the other males, I might like it with someone that large now and then, maybe even a lot, I cannot tell yet.

But I know myself, Deym-yan. I know what you have now, and I tell you that it is not as small as you seem to regard it. There is plenty enough there to make this screecher’s female happy, I can tell you.

You do not even think of it at all, but we have been here playing slowly for hours, Deym-yan – hours long – and what you have there is still like a hot metal bar in my hand.

Something else,” she smiled, “Be gentle, but try with two fingers in me for a moment.”

She gasped for an instant and she watched his eyes widen, “You are tight.”

“I can loosen to allow something like what Ryan has to pass, but slowly,” she said, “and once it opens, it is looser. The next day, it is like this once more. I have learned this of myself in my life. When I give myself to you, it will always be tight. We come to know our mates once we have chosen, my kind. Rhani is the same.

My mother was like this after birthing two – and I was large and hard for her to pass. When Rhani mates with her fine husband, he must wait for her to open for him. We – whatever we are – her and I, always return to that size, especially if we have our male for us – another reason to want your love for me.

I do not know what the girls are like where you come from, so I cannot say much of them.

And another thing,” Mischka chuckled, “since I seem to be pleading my hopeful troth to my male; you and I are a little unique among the pairs here.

Ryan is human. Beautiful Taela is half human and half Morgarod, so she gets her lovely hair from that. Tesem is Anubian. Rhani is, … whatever she is with me.

All of them are different to their mates.

You are half Morgarod – “

“I don’t have lovely hair?” he asked in a joking tone.

Mischka chuckled, “With all of your lovely hair, but you are the closest male to what I am. I am whatever Rhani is, but a larger breed and I am half human. Have you ever seen it when two of your kind mate?”

He thought back and he nodded, “Yes. They scream at each other and then they fall over slowly, still joined. They lie still with their eyes open. I used to look for pairs like that when I was little, because they did that after eating together.

I would arrive then to steal any food they left unguarded,” he smiled, “Their eyes were open, but they saw nothing then.”

He began to run his other hand over her shoulders and back, “I think that you have the most beautiful hair of us all – of any that I have ever seen, Mischka.”

She smiled at the heartfelt compliment, but then she said, “That stillness that you used to your advantage, I don’t know if you know what it is. Has it ever happened to you?”

He shook his head, “No, never. What is it for?”

Mischka smiled, so happy to learn that his breed retained the mating characteristic, “Wherever our kind once began, I am sure that they were together – the same creatures at one time. How they split, we will probably never know.

Deym-yan, the pause then is the second ending, and I guess that it is only possible for what we are. I have felt it and even though the male was a low and selfish turd to me, that long few minutes was so good. I only thank my larger brain that I guessed its purpose.

If one of us has this with her male, it is what the humans call heaven, but it also assures that the seed finds the egg. The pair cannot move while the male’s seed seeks the egg. With no egg, it lasts for a long time, this joy, but if an egg is found, the joy fades almost right then. Until it passes, the lovers stay locked together.”

She closed her eyes and leaned against him, half-turning so that she could feel the way that her breasts were pressed against his chest. After a moment, she opened her eyes.

“We can have this joy, Deym-yan, where none of the others here can. We only need to think about when I am not fertile until we wish to make our young together.”

She lifted her hand to push his hair back for him, and she whispered to him very softly, barely making any sound at all.

“You might be the only one here who can give Rhani little ones as well, though I do not know that yet.”

She sat back then, reaching to touch his shoulder, “Have I told enough of my heart and other things to win you as my male?”

He smiled and nodded, “More than enough, Mischka.

I have found myself staring at you since you saved us that night. I wondered how someone like me could ever hope to get you to notice me very much at all. Now I find that you have noticed me.

I will do as you say. I never had a hope to have a female to love me just for her and I. Now?”

She stared as he faded from her sight. He was gone as far as she could tell, but then she felt his soft kiss on her lips.

“There are still things to be done,” he smiled, and then she felt his tail slip from the grasp of her own.

Mischka sat wondering for several minutes and then he was back before her with her dinner plate. She could see and smell that there were a few pieces of meat there on it.

“I couldn’t find anything to kill so that you might eat,” he smiled as she felt his tail connect with hers, “I hope that this might serve.”

Mischka’s eyes widened as she stared at him, “You – you really mean this? I never expected something such as this, Deym-yan. This – this says to me that your hopes to have me are real.”

He nodded as he set the plate down carefully, “As real as your hidden hopes as you said them to me.

I have the same ones about you.”

He smiled a little then, “We know enough now as what we are to prefer meat that is cooked. Eat this, Mischka and we can begin. I will always give you meat somehow, whenever you want to say what we are telling each other right now.”

She moved then and got to her knees before his offering. She knew that they ought to be a little quiet for this part of it at least so that their intent wasn’t mistaken by the others.

Mischka tied her long hair back into a crude bun as quickly as she could, looking over her shoulder at him as she did it.

“You really do want me as your female,” she sighed, seeing the way that his yellow eyes regarded her.

He nodded, “For as close to forever as we can get. I’ll do my best not to ruin it.”

She wiped a tear from her eye and then she nodded, “I’ll be working even harder then, Deym-yan. ” She looked down for a moment, “I never thought that anyone would ever – “

She looked up at his eyes again, “You must be the best male of whatever we are anywhere. I accept and you have your female. Since I have come to be here, I have ached so much to know your touch.”

With that, Mischka moved to position herself and she leaned down on her hands as she knelt there.

Her tail let go of his and it began to sweep back and forth a little languidly to cause him to look at her hips and what she had for him. She inhaled the scent of the cooked meat for a moment, thinking about them together. Her little slideshow passed through her mind rather quickly as she saw her memories of any male that she’d ever liked in her life.

Then it seemed to be about the three males right here on this craft. She saw him next to each of the others, the scenes moving past her mind very quickly. But she kept seeing him, more and more. Finally, all that Mischka could see in her mind was him, nothing but him, scene after scene.

At that point, Mischka Myers came to her moment, and she opened her mouth and began to gorge on what he’d brought for her. She wasn’t aware of it at the moment, but he stared at her as he watched her lovely skin turn dark.

Her hips rose a little higher and then she swung her tail aside in a definite movement and she held it there for him.

She felt his legs as they slipped in between hers and then she felt his hands on her body.

It was different now to what she’d felt before.

It was different from what she’d ever felt in the hands of any male who’d taken her this way.

These hands belonged to Mischka’s male – the only one that she’d ever really chosen and who was enough like her to know how she felt.

She whimpered a little, as she felt his prick seek her entrance, but after a moment, she felt him begin and she also felt it as she opened for him and he slid inside of her.

A piece of the meat was a little too large for her, so she grasped it in her hands and began to gnaw while her male began to take her away with him. Her human side felt a little foolish, but the rest of her knew the importance of eating it during this first coupling between them.

She felt that he was being so careful and she wondered why it would have surprised her to realize that out of any of the males that she’d ever had – not that she’d have allowed them this in this way – he was the only one who would have shown her a concern over her choking.

She finished the last piece of the meat as she listened to the soft slapping against her bottom. So nice, she thought, so very good for her.

But she was something other than what the humans here had termed a vampire, and so she also felt that she had gravy all over her face from her rooting around for the meat like the animal that she was partly. She held up her hand and saw it run over her fingers and she reveled in the combination of her genes and his as she heard the very quiet grunts from him.

She’d seen what he had and even felt his little scrotum for the past hour and then some. As a part human girl, what he had might cause some to think of it as something not quite as masculine as what Tesem or Ryan might have swinging there.

But she knew that it was only a sign like that out of the dark human past and their ancestors.

To the girls in the other long dark past which she carried, small was better – since it couldn’t be ripped or bitten clean off as easily in a mating fight by other males – and she knew that back where she’d come from – even today, that thing was a target.

Master awoke from his ‘nap’ to find a beautiful woman and the lovely young man from the previous night sitting at the foot of his bed. Never let it be said that Master Han wasn’t the perfect host. Sitting up he glanced down at Rick who was still sleeping like a disheveled prince. He was so peaceful Master decided to leave him alone for a little while. Deciding that the gorgeous young man would be breakfast while saving the woman for the both of them, Master crooked his finger at the man and patted the bed beside him.

“What is your name?” he asked curiously and studied the sweet blood meal waiting for him.

“Brad,” the young man said and shuddered when Master’s eyes moved intently down his naked body.

The vampire leaned over and kissed Brad at the hollow of his neck where his throat and shoulder met. He could feel the pulse racing beneath the soft skin against his lips, and Brad smelled wonderful. So savory and hot.

Another shudder rippled through Brad’s body, but Master wanted him insane with lust before the feeding. Laying Brad back on the bed, Master proceeded to kiss and lick his way down the finally toned body. Human food like any good meal needed to be well presented. Pausing at his right nipple, Master sucked on it a moment and then used the tip of one sharp tooth to nick the bud and draw a sweet pearl of blood into his mouth. Brad tasted wonderful and writhed uncontrollably beneath Master’s sharp kiss. Moving to the other nipple, Master licked it a moment, drawing it to a hard tip before piercing it with a sharp tooth. Brad moaned loudly in pure ecstasy.

Master returned to the right nipple and sucked on it hard while fondling Brad’s swollen cock. Another time Master might have fucked him senseless, and he actually regretted not feasting on him the previous night but someone else had carried the sweet meal off to their bedroom for dessert. Brad had been thoroughly fucked by another vampire who fed on sex. Master had sated his lust in the bowels of another tasty youth.

Master fondled and played with Brad for almost an hour to get him ready for the feeding. Once his blood was full of tasty hormones Master turned Brad’s head and stretched his long clean neck. A baring of teeth and Master was quickly feasting on hot blood. Orgasms ripped through Brad’s body with each pull of Master’s mouth. He thrust his hips into the air and shot hot cum all over his belly.

Master could have killed him easily, but no vampire killed another’s food. Once sated Master raised his head and smiled at the sweat and cum covered body of his breakfast. Brad’s eyes were rolled back in his head in delicious delirium. Climbing off the bed Master picked up the semiconscious meal and carried him to a long sedan and laid him gently upon it. To keep him warm, Master removed a comforter from the back of the sedan and laid it gently over Brad’s body.

Turning back to the bed Master found Rick awake and the female flushed with desire. She was a magnificent with large breasts that swayed softly with each deep breath. Long chains of gold draped her neck that fell to her ruby pierced navel reminding Master of an ancient pagan sacrifice. Just witnessing his power had her lusting for his cock.

Master climbed back on bed and immediately kissed his pet full on the lips. Rick returned the kiss with wanton ease. Teasing his pet, Master nipped Rick’s full lower lip and pulled it into his mouth to suck the blood away. Rick moaned loudly and squirmed when Master folded his hand around Rick’s throbbing cock. But for the woman watching them he would have flipped his pet over and fucked his sweet ass to his heart’s content, but it would be rude to not accept her as part of his morning meal. Forcibly separating himself from Rick’s mouth, he turned to the woman and asked, “What is your name?”

“Pandora,” she answered seductively.

“Join us, Pandora” Master said and motioned for her to sit on the bed in front of him. She eagerly moved to sit in front of him, her face glowing with desire. Hefting one full ripe breast in his hand, he said, “They are real.”

She smiled proudly and answered, “Yes.” His thumb on her nipple sent tiny jolts of electricity straight to he clit.

“Good. My pet loves real tits,” Master remarked and laid her between him and Rick in the middle of the bed. Rick gazed up at Master who nodded his approval. Like hungry animals they both attacked her pale pink nipples. Pandora writhed under the onslaught and made tight little noises in her throat. When their hands started trailing slowly and deliberately down her body she whimpered louder. Their fingers met at her pussy and parted the wet flesh to stroke her slit and clit. It was maddening the way they controlled her body.

Master raised his head and said, “Play with your nipples. I want to watch you. Rick, her pussy needs some extra attention, don’t you think?”

Rick loved pussy and buried his nose in her cunt. He licked it and chewed on her clit while she twisted her tits hard between her own fingers. He finger fucked her and thumbed her rose bud. She should have cum hard by now but Master was feeding on her through him. Master moved his hand from Rick’s ass long enough to get a pillow and place it under him. This lifted Rick’s firm white ass higher. Spreading his pet’s legs wide apart, Master moved between them and went back to stroking Rick’s fine ass with his hands. Kneading Rick’s butt cheeks, Master lifted his eyes to the woman and smiled. She was desperate to cum.

Pulling those fine butt cheeks apart, Master fingered Rick’s rectum and slicked it with spit. He inserted a finger which made Rick raise his butt a little higher. Master’s pet was one fine ass whore. Ready to begin, Master pressed his cock head against Rick’s hole and pushed it ever so slowly inside. Rick hesitated as electric bolts shot up his spine. He could take Master’s cock and keep licking pussy. He laid the side of his face on her groin.

“Don’t stop,” Master warned him. “Keep licking and finger fucking her.”

Rick tried, but Master was driving his piston like cock in and out of his ass and hitting every nerve in his body. He was a half crazed madman from the constant pounding. He desperately wanted to cum, but Master wouldn’t let him, and when Master unloaded, he still wouldn’t let Rick cum.

Master rolled back on the bed, his cock still full and heavy, and he drew the luscious Pandora on top of him. She moaned wantonly as her hot wet pussy engulfed his cock. He filled her completely. Grabbing her pink nipples between his fingers and pinching them hard, he drew her down so that her butt was lifted and her clit was literally rubbing against his cock. Master nodded at Rick who positioned himself behind her. He fingered her rose bud and made sure it was slick with spit and juice. Rick pushed his cock slowly into her hot tight ass until he was buried to the hilt. She dropped her head and surrendered to the two men about to fuck her senseless.

Rick found his rhythm and plunged his cock in and out of the willing woman. Master was feeding on both of them but not enough to dampen their lust. Rick rose on his knees and slapped Pandora’s sweet round ass with the flat of his hands. He was literally fucking Master through her. Every time he slammed into her butt she ground down on Master’s cock. When Master was ready he released them both to bone crunching orgasms that lasted several minutes.

Pandora swooned from the intensity of her orgasms. When Rick could breath again, he pulled his cock out of her ass and let Master roll her to his side. Master found himself momentarily sated and said, ” We need to shower and get ready to leave.”

“Yeah,” Rick agreed and stood on wobbly legs. He grinned sheepishly and said, “That was some fuck.”

Master rose swiftly beside him and once more kissed his full clean lips. “We better go before I rape you again,” he purred like some great predator against Rick’s mouth. “I don’t want to spend another night away from home.”

But Master couldn’t get his fill of the blond youth. With the warm water beating down on them, he leaned Rick against the shower title and kicked his legs farther apart. Rick leaned his head against his arm and groaned when Master plowed into his ass. It was a quick fuck and both came together.

Dressing was easy for Rick. He pulled on a pair of faded crotchless jeans and a long sleeveless shirt open most of the way down on the side. It allowed Master access to his body while offering some modesty. Master made all his pets dress this way when they traveled off the estate.

Bidding Master Han a good night and thanking him for his hospitality, Master opened the door of the waiting limo and made Rick get inside first. There was a momentary flash of naked ass that drew a smile from Master. Climbing into the limo next, he turned to his pet and once more kissed him. Slipping a hand inside the shirt he stroke the soft nipple that hardened instantly at his touch. Yes, it was vampire magic, but it still pleased Master that his pet was so receptive.

On the drive to the airport where his private jet waited, Master reached into his valise and removed two clamps. “Here you go,” he crooned and leaned over to suck on the delicious tidbit. When it was hard in his mouth, he attached the clamp. He repeated it on the other one and then sat up with a smile. Rick would wear them for the rest of the trip. Master then made his pet lean forward. Oh how he loved Rick’s firm white ass. He couldn’t help himself. Like a man possessed, he bit the hard mound of muscle while reaching between Rick’s legs and fondling his junk. “I could eat you all night,” he growled and removed a plug from the valise. Rick squirmed as Master inserted a humming butt plug into his waiting rectum. Rick’s body was now ready for Master to snack on during the long flight home.

Once seated in the jet, Master removed a book from the valise and found the chapter he had been reading. He loved snacking while he read and wrapped his hand around Rick’s swollen cock Rick his body humming with lust laid back in the seat and closed his eyes. He loved being this horny all time.

Half way home Master looked down at his dozing pet and smiled. Rick looked so innocent in his sleep. Biting his lip and drawing blood, Master leaned over and kissed him. Rick responded and tasted blood, Master’s blood. It was only enough to dampen his lower lip and he licked it off easily, but his body reacted suddenly with a massive surge of lust that the Master quickly fed on to keep him from cumming and messing up the seat. To be almost there would have driven a normal man crazy but Rick and the other food knew that lust made the blood tastier and the eventual orgasm was mind numbing.

Once home Master told Rick to go to his bed and wait for him. Master needed to spend some time with his other pets but he wanted Rick waiting for him when he was ready to retire. Rick did as he was told and stripped off the travel wear to lie nude and perfect on Master’s bed. There was a large mirror over the bed and he could see himself nipples clamped, his cock swollen and thick flat on his belly waiting to be fucked by Master. His body thrummed with sexual desire. How easy would it be to grab his shaft and jack himself off? Master did not care for masturbation. Sex was to be shared and savored. Rick needed to wait for his master.

To keep his hands away from his cock he grabbed the headboard to luxuriate in the melting desire of lust. With the plug humming on his prostate sending one delicious jolt up his spine after another, he prayed Master was not gone long..

It was a few hours before dawn when Master returned to his bedroom. He found his favorite meal hot and firm waiting to be released. Liking the sight of him with his hands over his head, Master tied them that way. He then removed his clothes and climbed on the bed beside Rick. Removing one harsh nipple clamp he bent over and lapped the rich blood up. Rick moaned as the pain intensified and made his cock throb. Master leaned across his body and freed the other nipple. The blood was delicious.

One more time before morning Master lifted Rick’s legs high and threw them over his shoulders. Removing the plug he rammed his cock into the willing body. Rick belonged to him in a way none of this other pets did. And when they came, they came together screaming. “You belong to me,” Master said and kissed the youth before untying his hands. As an after thought he kissed one of Rick’s traumatized nipples and then collapsed on his side of the bed. If Rick wanted to leave he could, but he decided to stay where he was. He was exhausted in a fantastic way.

Well, I suppose you already know me, don’t you? No? Of me then? Possibly. And if you only know of me, then you are probably just a little confused as to who I am, or at least interested, or at least bored enough to allow me to introduce myself.

But where would the fun be if I just spoke through this all? So I shall tell you that my name is, Abby, and let you witness the rest first hand. Shall we start from the beginning? Why not, we started in the middle last time. Next time we might even start at the end. Or maybe this is the end? You can judge that.

It all started for me a few months after my 18th birthday…


The bird and the scarlet worm.

The sun was hidden behind the melancholy grey clouds that lay draped over the sky for all of the wet season, and most of the dry season.

Suffice to say the lush green grass that grew over the hilly landscape around small wooden shacks, large crop fields, and the towering oak tree forests isn’t usually the driest place to sit.

Despite that fact a small framed girl draped in a grass stained grey tunic and similarly grass stained brown pants was lying on top of a small hill under a tree, her dull orange hair framing a freckled pale face set with high strong cheekbones and an almost-angular jawline.

Her skinny arms were stained with dirt and held behind her head as she lay down, her bare toes squirming in the long grass whilst her moss green eyes stared aimlessly at a small brown and black spotted bird high in the branches.

The bird for its part stared back, bright yellow eyes shining with intelligence whilst its elongated talons idly scratched at its perch and its long black tail feathers twitched in the wind.

She shifted her left hand to hold it up towards the bird, her index finger curled inwards as a supposedly tempting perch before she pursed her thin lips together and began whistling a slow, lilting song that echoed around the large oak.

The bird swayed side to side slowly at the melody before jumping off the branch, its wings held wide to reveal large mottled purple and blue circles at the base of each flight feather as it slowly fluttered down to rest with claws gripped lightly around the girls’ finger.

She simply let the small creature sit there as she pushed herself up with her right hand so she could look closely into its golden eyes with deep intrigue, the bird returned her stare for a few seconds before pecking at her bottom lip hard, drawing a few small droplets of blood and hastily fluttering off into the grey sky.

The girl didn’t seem to mind the peck much and simply used the back of her newly freed left hand to wipe off the small scarlet mess, staining her sun-reddened skin with a dark sanguine smear.

Ignoring the small streak of blood she lifts herself up onto her feet and begins walking down towards the dirt road, turning sharply left to begin her slow march home.

The second seed: Lust and Anger.

The girl had returned to the wooden shack she called home to a slight surprise, after opening the flimsy door that acted as the portal to the main room that held a small fireplace against the far wall, with a metal cooking pot hanging over it, next to the fireplace in the far right corner was her bed-made of squashed down grass in a large sack, on the left wall near the front door were two doors, one led to the storeroom where they held grains, rice, dough and various salted meats.

The other room was her older sister, Lace’s room, and the surprise. Two fold surprise actually, the first was that the usual bare wooden walls were draped in large velvet rugs, her usual grass-beaten bed was now replaced by a multitude of black silken fabric piled on top of each other, in fact her whole room looked like it had been refurnished by a carpet spewing cow.

The second was that pressed against a particularly tall pile of purple rugs was her sister, legs spread wide and fast asleep with both hands cupping her shaven pussy, her flawless ivory skin shimmering with droplets of sweat that plastered her raven black hair to the side of her face and kept her pink nipples hard in the cold air, her D cups bouncing softly with each panting breath.

Normally Abby would simply just close the door and go off to bed to wait for her to wake up, but two factors swayed her judgement, the first was a lingering smell of bitter spices that wafted from the room and stirred a deep longing within the orange haired girl.

The second was that over the last few months her sister’s sexual appetite had grown annoyingly large, more often than not Abby would wake up with her pussy smothering her face, and due to an obvious strength difference she really had no choice other than to lick or wait for her to be done.

With lust born from the odd smell and justification granted by past actions Abby stole stealthily over the floor layered with rugs, her pants discarded in a swift movement by the door.

She stood with her legs on either side of Lace’s thighs, her shaven pussy less than a hairs breadth from the raven haired girls lips, the sweet musk overruling the arousing scent and stirring her from her slumber slightly.

Without giving her a chance to awaken fully Abby gently thrusts her hips forwards, letting her delicate folds squash against Lace’s lips whilst her nose teases her clit unintentionally, causing Abby to moan softly and Lace to awaken further.

Awoken to the feel and scent of pussy pressed against her mouth, Lace parts her plump lips slightly allowing her tongue to tease just under the inner edges of the pussy before exploring deep down along the inner walls with probing curls and flicks.

Her sisters’ reaction spurs Abby to begin grinding up against her face, causing her nose to repeatedly rub against the small, stiff pleasure nub, coaxing long, drawn out moans of ecstasy from the younger sister.

The grinding and moaning urges Lace to begin hurrying with her attentions, her tongue eagerly lapping and curling against the girls inner walls, stretching them slightly before pulling back to lightly flick the sensitive flesh.

This would continue for a long two minutes before Abby, with a movement born of orgasmic need would lower her hands to grip onto the sides of her sisters head, simultaneously pushing her hips forward to literally bury the older sisters face in her pussy moments before screaming out in orgasmic pleasure, her pussy squeezing around her tongue whilst flooding the lower half of her face with warm, sweet liquid.

The sudden wetness leaking down her jawline and neck awakens her fully, coaxing her into looking up into the panting vision of her younger sister, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and eyes closed peacefully.

This visage caused her to leap up in a fit of rage, using both hands to push the small framed girl onto the rugs, the motion causing small chunks of hair to be pulled out from the side of her head thanks to Abby’s orgasmic grip.

Abby simply stares up whimpering, the release releasing the clouds from her mind, replacing lust with fear at the sight of her sister standing up over her, naked body shimmering with sweat, her own liquid dripping down onto the rugs and her sister’s chest from her lips and jawline, giving her scowling features an odd air.

Lace grips the top of Abby’s head, ripping out hair as she literally throws the small girl out into the large living room, Abby grabs onto a thin white piece of silken rug; embroidered with pictures of fantastical landscapes and underlined with black squiggles.

“You fucking perverted little… Ugh!! Just go! NOW!” Lace screamed with rage, and slammed her door in Abby’s face, giving her no chance to retort.

With submissiveness deeply rooted in her psyche she doesn’t question the order, instead simply puts her pants back on, dampening the crotch with a mixture of fem-cum and saliva, and drapes the white silk over her shoulders before making her way back out into the cold night.

Murder! Murder and tapestry!

Abby trudged along the large dirt roads, finding her way by pale moonlight, the thin silk providing little warmth in the icy winds.

She would continue like this; eyes fixed ahead of her following deep impressions in the dirt made by a horse drawn carriage, the darkness of the forest around her narrowing her perception of reality until a sudden brightness lights up the dirt under her.

This coaxes her to look up into the face of a broad faced guard with a tussled mess of auburn hair, his nose lumpy from previous breaks, his grizzled jawline covered with a fine line of dark brown hair and his blue eyes framed by purple shadows.

He was draped in dulled chainmail that refused to reflect the light of the torch he held in his right hand, but reflected brightly of the hilt of his sword poking from a leather scabbard at his waist.

He looked down at the small girl with a look of disdain that quickly shifted into surprise, and then anger.

Abby was too slow to register these emotions, and was taken wholly by surprise when he backhanded her with his left hand, sending her cascading onto her side into a ditch by the side of the road, her left cheek was stinging badly, and her shoulder and her right arm were badly grazed and bruised.

“I found the evil wretch!’ The guard hollered in a deep, booming voice to invisible companions.

His invisible companions soon showed themselves, circling Abby in her awkward position in the ditch with her legs still on the upper ground of the dirt path.

One of the guards, dressed in a red tunic over gleaming chainmail lent over her and grabbed the white silk that was crumbled at her side, holding it up to the torchlight before shaking his head slowly, a look of sadness in his eyes that shifted to regret when he looks down at the crumpled, young girl.

“Help her up, make sure she’s not in need of medical treatment, and be wary of concealed weapons.” His voice was tinged with the sadness shown in his brown eyes.

Weapons? Who carries weapons this far out? Is this about the silk I took from Lace?

Abby’s thoughts were racing as she was lifted into the air by the base of her left arm, this close up she could see only the initial guard and the semi-kind one had their faces bare, the rest were wearing masks of copper that only showed shadows where their eyes were and hid their hair and neck with black silk.

The red tunic wearing guard held her left hand up into the light, his grip was kind and allowed Abby to make out the features of his face, his eyes were sunken but shone with intelligence, his close cropped black hair balding, but he was surprisingly handsome, broad curved jawline and high, strong cheekbones fit in with his broad, muscled frame.

He looked down at the dried blood wiped from her lip and staining her pink tinged hand, he then looked up at the first guard and uttered a few coarse words in an unknown language before looking back at the girl with a look of sadness and suspicion

“My name is, Leon. I’m of the imperial guard, where were you this afternoon?” His voice was stern but not unkind.

“I was outside under a tree, near my home.” Abby replied meekly, her eyes focused on the steel shoes of the guard.

“Do you have anyone willing to back your statement?” It was the original guard, his voice hoarse and gruff.

“My sister, Lace-she would have been able to see me.” Abby knew this was a lie, but was hoping she would back her up.

“Where did you obtain this tapestry?” it was Leon again, the kindness still in his voice.

“Tape-.. The silk? It was in my sisters’ room when I got home.” Abby had panic tinged in her voice by this point, she knew something was amiss.

“Does she have many of these items?” it was a faceless guard, his voice echoed and muffled by his mask.

“No…” Abby was now on full alert, her brain jumping at any plausible conclusion.

Maybe they just like the style and want to know where she got it from?

“Do you realize this is stolen property?” Leon again, his kind voice shifting into one of suspect.


“No, sir… But I’m sure she didn’t know either!” Abby was now pulling away from the guards, her face warped into one of panic, cold beads of sweat rolling down her face.

“She isn’t the one on question. This was stolen from a courier on his way to the palace, he was killed early today.” Leon’s grip was iron around her wrist, his words gaining a similar metallic quality.

Abby’s thoughts froze, she was unable to move, and in her silence Leon continued.

“Do you realize you have blood on your hand?”

“Y-yes, it was from a bird! It pecked my lip, and I wiped it off!” Abby was clutching at a life saver, she knew the wound in her lip would prove this.

“Then where is the wound?” Leon was shaking his head by this point, and instead of waiting for an answer simply continued with another question.

“Will you take us to your house..?”

“Abby! My name is Abby! And yes, it’s just a few minutes’ walk from here”

Abby begun leading them back to her home after this admission, the guards speaking quietly amongst themselves and her hands gripped uncomfortably behind her back.

When they had finally reached the house, a masked guard opened it to a scene of normality, Lace was standing by the cooking pot stirring an unseen stew, her hair damp and body coated with a thin sheen of what could be oil or fat.

She looked up at the new appearances with an inquisitive glare, but her eyes lingered when they passed over Abby

“Sorry for the intrusion, but do you know this girl?” it was a masked guard that spoke and held Abby in the forefront of the group.

“No, should I?” Lace’s response was casual, and caused icy fingers to dig deep into Abby’s heart, coaxing silent tears to leak down her cheeks, and her throat to close up painfully

Lace… Was what I did that bad?

“She claims to be your sister, are you sure you don’t know her? If you say no she will go away under some serious charges,” it was Leon, his voice layered with concern.

“Sorry, but no,” Lace’s reply was curt and without emotion, sending even more icy shards to lodge into Abby’s heart.

“We will conduct a small search then leave, sorry for the intrusion Ma’am.” Even as Leon spoke the masked guards began searching the storeroom, and the suddenly empty room of her sister.

The room devoid of carpets sent a wave of nausea to wash over Abby, causing her muscles to go slack. She would have collapsed onto the ground if not for the fact the masked guard behind her kept her up, seeming impassive at the drops of tears dampening the wooden floor.

After the search was complete they left, Abby being dragged along in her limp state, tears flooding down her cheeks but her visage silent and her whole body numb.

The welcoming committee.

Abby was dragged without resistance through a cobbled street, her vision fixated on her feet, not allowing any of the large sun burnt yellow square houses to enter her vision.

When she was dragged down a grey stone corridor that seemed to appear out of nowhere she looked up dazed. She saw numerous unmasked guards sitting around large tables, or laying in beds, wearing little more than red tunics and black pants.

She was led through this room without comment and through a large, solid metal door before being thrown into the corner of a room walled with numerous steel bars which allowed her to see the three guards sitting around a table near the doorway, and the numerous other cells filled with bodies that although obviously undernourished were well groomed, long hair plaited and combed, pale skin well cleaned.

The entire place smelt like a well-tended bathhouse.

Her arrival was met with a few stares, but no comments. The guard that led her into it rested a hand comfortingly on her shoulder; it was Leon, his eyes filled with sorrow.

“I’m sorry, I’ll try to argue your case to the Judges, but you have to understand the evidence is quite overwhelming.”

Abby’s eyes filled with tears at this and she screamed out in anguish, “I’m not guilty! I didn’t do anything, I swear!”

This outburst was followed by deep sobbing as she fell to her knees, her hands covering her face. Leon simply sighed heavily and walked out, locking her cell door behind him.

She fell asleep crying and woke up crouched over like a turtle, her knees and back were sore and her eyes swollen, she tentatively straightened up, stretching out her back before looking around at her surroundings.

Pressed against the wall of her cell near the cell doors rested a large, wooden tub with slowly steaming water, next to it lay a coarse horse hair brush, a small reed with bristled tips and two types of soap, one pink and one cream.

Abby felt perplexed by this and looked over at the other cells; her in-mates were as clean as they were when she first came in so she assumed they had bathed.

Am I meant to bathe too? In front of all these people?

Her suspicions were confirmed as one of the guards for the night post walked past and told her in a sympathetic tone before leaving.

“Sorry lass, I’m afraid we don’t have any private cell blocks for females, and the day-shift really doesn’t look kindly upon ill hygiene.”

Not wanting to bathe in front of any more people, or suffer the wrath of the guards she wasted little time in stripping off her grass and dirt stained clothes.

She dropped into the bath instantly after stripping, letting her perky B cups sink under the warm water, her pink areolas visible from under the water.

She leant over the side of the tub and picked up the reed brush and the white soap, quickly dunking both under the water to lather the tip with the soap before using it to brush her teeth, the taste oddly pleasant.

After this she left the wet tools by the bath and picked up the pink soap and horse hair brush, similarly wetting it before brushing over her face and back, then the rest of her body until she smelt like lavender and her skin shone with an oiled texture.

When done and the tools were lying by the bath she kneeled up and looked around her cell, a small frown crossing her features before she looked up at the man in the neighbouring cell.

“Do we get given new clothes?” She asked in a slightly perplexed voice.

The answer was a small nod from the pale, leanly muscled individual; he had grey hair combed down his back and along his chest that framed an angular, handsome face and dull green eyes that held a deep sorrow.

He held up an open palmed hand in a gesture of patience and sat down against the wall of his cell, eyes closed.

Abby had no choice but to wait so she sunk into the tub, thoughts racing with unforseen possibilities.

Her thoughts were silenced as three guards came in, each tall and well-built with broad jawlines and strong cheekbones.

They looked like they could be related if not for the fact the one in the middle had skin the colour of polished oak, whilst the other two were of a sun kissed white, the white men had eyes of sparkling blue and shoulder length hair of copper whilst the dark skinned man had short cropped raven black hair and piercing brown eyes.

She stared at the men with growing embarrassment and a darkening blush.

Each one wore long red tunics and held a short-sword sheathed by their sides, but none seemed to have any spare clothes for her.

“Aye! Look what we have here, fresh meat! What do you think Teo?” It was one of the fair skinned men.

“Too pale for my tastes, and look at her breasts! You have bigger ones Meren” The dark skinned man named Teo answered and slapped the first mans’ well-muscled chest with his right hand as if to emphasize his point.

Meren simply pushed the hand away with his left and walked towards the cell, stooping over to look Abby in the eyes, the closeness causing her to shy away into the water.

“She acts like the looks if you ask me, a water nymph if ever I saw one!”

The unnamed white man responded with a laugh and slapped his companions back with his left hand, “Why not kiss her and see if you can breathe underwater?”

To this Meren simply smiled and straightened up, walking over to the table where Teo had already sat himself.

“I just might, Jay, I just might.”

To this the one named Jay shook his head and sat down next to Meren, extending a left hand to grab an empty tankard before looking back at Abby with a smile of unreadable intent.

“Are you thirsty lass?”

To this Abby nodded, her stomach a bundle of nerves and a steadily creeping fear.

“Y-yes, sir… But I would do sooner with some clothes than some drink.”

To this both Teo and Meren laughed, shaking their heads with their mirth.

“You’ll have your clothes once you’ve proved you deserve them” It was the same man again that spoke, his eyes clouding with an expression new to Abby.

Before she could react to this sentence the three men stood up and sauntered over to her cell, led by the one named Jay, but her door was unlocked by Teo.

Soon after being unlocked the cell door was pressed against the far wall with an iron bar by Jay, whilst he was doing this Meren cups her chin in one hand, lifting her up slow enough for her to be able to reposition her legs.

Abby doesn’t think to protest until she feels his lips against her own, but once the contact is made she pounces backwards as if electrified, the movement landing her against the muscled chest of Teo.

This development wouldn’t have shocked her quite as much if she hadn’t noticed Teo’s tunic lying over by the cell wall, his well-defined stomach sending small sparks of ill bidden arousal from the girl.

Despite landing against the naked man, her first glimpse of ‘manhood’ was when Meren disrobed, just as well muscled as Teo if not quite as built he was a good figure of masculinity.

A fact that was only further defined when Abby’s eyes drifted downwards, over his muscled thighs and more importantly over his erect penis, standing at roughly 8 inches long and 0.5 thick, his pubes were trimmed and his golf-ball sized balls neatly shaven.

She looked away in a panic and tried to squirm against Teo, the movement only causing her damp ass cheeks to rub against his hardening length.

Oh… Fuck.

With a groan that imitated her thought she slumped down in Teo’s grasp, this motion coaxing him into lowering her by his feet, letting her see his monster of a cock, at least 9 inches long and 1.5 thick and shaven as well as Meren’s, it sent shivers of both fear and arousal through her.

She tried squirming away but already Meren had his hands locked around her ankles, and Teo had a similar grip around her wrists, the motion placing his large cock just above her face, narrowing her vision to little more than the veins pulsing under the dark skin of his cock.

She was ready to close her teeth over the side of his rod when he felt his knee press painfully into her forehead, eliciting a small whimper from her throat.

“If you were wondering why the people here are so silent, it’s because we had their tongues cut off when they bit or blabbed,” Teo’s voice was matter-of-fact and caused small tears to well up in Abby’s eyes.

Despite the threat her muscles were visibly contorting as she tried to free herself from the their grips, her hips rising and falling in her violent struggles, causing the sound of wet flesh hitting smooth stone to echo around the cell.

Her struggles did nothing but coax Jay forward to kneel by her side with his hands on her stomach, he was now as undressed as the rest of them, his completely shaved cock standing at roughly seven inches long and 1 wide.

Abby closed her eyes tight, trying to block out the utter helplessness of the situation.

Unfortunately that act of denial seemed to be the signal for Teo to clasp his hand over her mouth, two fingers pinching her nose.

She squirmed and bucked with renewed vigour, her face turning red from lack of oxygen, and as it slowly shifts to a purplish blue he unclasps her mouth, eliciting a loud gasping noise as she tries to gulp in the minutes’ worth of lost air.

An another unfortunate act, for as soon she opened her mouth she felt the smooth, hard flesh of Teo’s cock passing her lips and into her mouth, the salty, bitter taste invading her senses, and she barely resisted the urge to gag, even as a surprisingly sweet drop of precum drops onto her tongue and slides down her throat.

This penetration made her freeze, the previous threat hot in her ears as she waits for what will happen next.

She doesn’t have to wait long, after lowering his left hand to rest on her chin, the motion tilting her head back and simultaneously causing his thick fingers to painfully into the soft flesh in a silent threat.

Teo thrusts forwards instantly spreading her tight throat to the point that it bulges out obscenely, and tears spring to her eyes as she gags around the massive length.

With eyes streaming and throat convulsively milking his cock with spasms, she feels Teo thrust deeper within her distended throat, stopping only once his balls are resting warmly against her nose, blocking her vision and airways.

He begins thrusting within her at a steady pace that caused no more discomfort than the initial thrust other than the rather degrading feeling of having her nose and eyes slapped by his balls and the fact she can only breathe in with each outward motion.

As soon as she grows used to this she feels an unfamiliar prodding at her lower lips, unable to look down she simply tries to wrestle her legs away from Meren’s grip.

An act that was as successful as it was before, and seemed to coax him into sliding the tip of his cock within her, stretching her virgin walls uncomfortably.

The discomfort grows into a sharp pain as he impales her upon his member, her hymen cruelly torn and left to slowly leak crimson liquid from her violated hole as she screams around Teo’s cock, her muscles contorting uselessly as she tries to escape, tears streaming freely down into her hairline in the awkward position.

The next few minutes turns into a cacophony of pain and humiliation as the two men saw into her at a steady pace, little sound coming from them other than the light slap of flesh against flesh and the occasional gagging or choking noise from the girl.

A small grunt from Teo apparently signalled a change for she was lifted up and flipped-the motion causing the twin rods of flesh inside her to twist painfully within her.

In this new position Meren was lying under her, his hands resting on her breasts and keeping her torso high enough so that Teo’s thrusts didn’t affect him.

This change of position wouldn’t of affected her in the least if it wasn’t for Jay shifting positions to rest behind her, his cock noticeably spreading her ass cheeks before smearing the crack with warm, thick precum that gave him lubrication as he slowly forced his thick length into her virgin tail-hole.

The new penetration grants renewed screams from her as his cock forces its way deeper inside her, and then begins thrusting.

These movements are echoed by the other two men in a rhythm that eventually numbs the pain.

This would continue for close to half an hour before in an act of what she thinks of as well practised teamwork they all hilted inside her, the motion causing her to almost sit up straight due to Meren trying to get Teo’s cock away from his own face as they fill her with hot, thick cum, the sensation of being filled almost pleasurable despite the fact she can feel her womb and stomach being bloated.

Once done Teo instantly pulls back, followed by Jay and Meren, leaving Abby to curl up on the ground, her ass and pussy leaking small streams of cum onto the cold concrete and her throat red raw and stretched.

Seeds of hope and seeds of pain.

Abby remained curled up naked and feeling thoroughly abused until the end of their shift, drifting in and out of sleep.

When the next shift of guards came in they exchanged glances of pity but did nothing, fortunately for Abby just before they were to be swapped over again Leon came in, eyes bright but features haggard and drawn, he was draped in a shiny ceremonial chainmail that was stained red and held the imprint of a black cats paw on the front.

He carried with him a large platter of roast vegetables and steamed pork which he almost dropped when he saw the girl curled up on herself and stained with cum.

Without sparing a glance at the guards he hastily put down the food and opened the cell door, rushing over to lift the half-asleep girl into his lap, in response Abby only groaned as she was forced to straighten out.

“Who did this to you?! Tell me!” His voice was insistent and filled with concern, but it only got a small shake of the head from Abby.

Her fears of having her tongue cut off outweighed her trust in the guard that arrested her by multitudes, such a fact would change though as the shift of the guards swapped over, and the familiar faces of Meren, Jay and Teo emerged traced with fear at the sight of the captain.

Leon looked back with a fire in his eyes, and after placing Abby down softly he stood up to his full height, which was a good head taller than the other men, and after taking three steps forward he closed the distance between them.

Teo was the first to snap to reality, straightening his back he saluted with his right hand and thumped his left chest before standing statue-like ahead of him.

The other two men were only seconds behind, but their frames shook with hidden fear and tension.

Leon gave them a disdainful glare and growled in a voice too low for Abby to hear.

“If this happens again you will be sent to the conquest in Na’ula as spearmen. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, captain!” All three men responded in slightly shaky voices.

Leon walked back to Abby’s cell and put the food in front of her before patting her left shoulder with his right in an attempt to be comforting as he whispers.

“I’ll be back within the hour, hang in until then.”

And with that said he left.

Whilst he was gone the three men were quiet by the table, occasionally glancing over at Abby or whispering in hushed tones, but for the most part silence reigned.

Leon returned after well over an hour, reeking of sweat and skin shining dully with the perspiration, behind him waltzed an elderly man dressed in a long red robe.

His features were wrinkled and mostly hidden by a large silver beard that hung down to his stomach, but his grey eyes were kindly and thick eyebrows creased into a frown at the sight of the young girl, in his left hand he held a large black satchel.

“What happened to the fledgling? This is an Imperial prison, not some dungeon of debauchery!” His voice rang with the timbre of a much younger man, the volume such that it made the three guards flinch.

Leon replied in a hushed tone and went to open the cell, allowing the elderly man in.

The elderly man knelt down by the curled form of Abby, the satchel lain to the side as the gnarled fingers of his right hand gently prodded and poked along her bare flesh, eliciting small whimpers every now and then.

After about a minute of this he barked at Leon, “lay her out flat on her back, hold her still”

Leon knelt down on the other side of her, knees resting in the dried semen as he gently pushed her down by the shoulders with his right hand, his left holding her legs down just under the knees.

These movements caused new tears to spring up in her eyes, her stomach and internal organs feeling torn as she spreads out, the feeling doesn’t lessen as the old man begins prodding at her stomach, causing her to inwardly wince.

These pokes an prods were soon over, replaced instead by Leon helping her up into a sitting position, his right arm resting around her back, his left softly holding her hand.

She was thankful for the comfort, especially when the old man pushed her head back softly with his left hand and poured a thick, bitter substance down her throat from a black glassed vial in his right.

Abby choked and spluttered but the old man held her lips closed and her nostrils together, forcing her to swallow heavily and shortly after drift off into a dreamless sleep.

She awoke to a welcome sight; it was the hot water tub with the hygiene utensils and a large plate full of baked potatoes and carrots, she quickly hopped into the tub and had a quick wash, brushed her teeth and ate.

The rest of the day, and most other days were monotonous, once day Leon would come in and make her drink a foul smelling liquid to stop the pains, then he would leave.

Each day he was looking more worn and haggard, and each day the guards grew bolder, occasionally seeing fit to yell abuse at her or use one of her inmates how they used her.

This would continue for close to a month, in which the pains would grow to the point she would need two doses of the foul smelling liquid, but that wasn’t the biggest development; during one change of the guards she snatched up pieces of a conversation from the unnamed guards.

“I’ve heard she has until Sunday,” said one guard, tall and burly with a gruff voice.

“Doubtful, she killed one of the kings’ couriers and bled him dry. Do you really think he’ll let her sit here for another week? I give it a day,” the other guard was shorter, slimmer and had a distinct northern accent.

“There is doubt she did such thing she’s but a small girl, not even capable of fending of guardsmen, let alone a kings’ courier,” the taller one gained irritation to his tone.

“Aye, nobody has yet to argue that point, but the evidence is overwhelming,” the shorter man gained a placating attitude, letting one hand rest on his companions elbow.

The two men would then walk out of earshot, leaving Abby cradled in the far corner with her knees by her chest she stared wide eyed down at her feet, her thoughts racing at this sudden development but her emotions dulled and hidden by shock.

It would take her an hour before sleep would come, her dreams wild and vivid.

She was being led to a large wooden stadium by a faceless guard, she was squirming and trying to leap out of the iron grip he had around her biceps, but all of this was in vain though and did little to stop him placing her above a wooden trap-door in the middle of the stadium.

She was suddenly frozen in fear, staring out at a pool of smiling faces that eagerly awaited her fate, even when the rough rope was strung around her neck she was unable to move.

The ground suddenly gave way under her and she screamed, and she awoke sharply to an impenetrable darkness, the usual crisp smell of well washed bodies was replaced by a sharp metallic tang that hurt her nose and lungs to breathe in.

The pains in her stomach were tearing through her, she needed the medication but she didn’t dare scream for the silence held with it a dark foreboding that chilled her blood.

Unable to move due to the pain and unwilling to scream, she could do little more than stare as a fiery light bathed the corner of the cell she was in, the source was from the solid metal door that guarded the entrance to the prison cells, the thick metal was alight like metal just out of the forge.

And just like metal out of the forge it was abruptly hammered, the heated metal bulging out and dripping down from the bulge like molten flowing down a hill… When viewed from above.

The metal door was struck five more times, one in each corner and one more in the middle, before the colour would take on a blinding quality, forcing Abby to look down as the metal melted down the steps, abruptly cooling down when the being behind it lost contact, forming a metallic sheen over the previously worn stone stairs.

They were once again bathed in darkness, the progress of the figure only determined by a sound akin to metal scraping across metal, the smell from before almost disappears by the time the cell to her door is open, but returns with a vengeance when the mysterious figure picks her up and carries her in the crook of what she assumes to be an arm.

In too much pain to protest and too scared to scream, she let herself be carried up the stairs, the odd sound of metal scraping metal returning, but is pushed from her mind as she takes in the scene in the guard house.

Bodies were strewn over tables, beds and the floor, their facials fixed in multiple stages of anger, fear or sorrow.

The only thing they all seemed to share was the fact they all had a perfectly clean cut through their necks, allowing their heads to hang back and bare bloodless pink flesh and the outline of their spine jutting out of the torn flesh like a bridge connecting their heads to their bodies.

Abby stared at this impassively; she knew not these faces and had seen much death before now, the only thing that struck her as odd was the lack of blood.

A surge of triumph would course through her, the emotion catching her by surprise despite the fact she was staring at the bodies of Meren, Teo, and Jay, all huddled together near a table with their hamstrings sliced and a single clean cut through their jugulars, that gaped open in a gruesome smile, the droplets of blood forming crimson fangs.

It was odd that they weren’t killed like the others, but odder still that a pool of their own blood was pooling under them and trickling down their necks.

She was dimly aware of the fact she should look away and see the person that was carrying her, but turning her head would reignite the currently dulled pains and besides, two other familiar faces were pushed together.

A silver beard matted with blood hid the wound she knew was there, and next to him was Leon, body run through with his own sword, bloodless like the rest and staring blankly at the floor.

The sight of the elderly man did little to stir her emotions, but the sight of Leon sent a small stab of pain through her own heart, the slight emotion acting as a doorway to pull her out of the shock she went into with seeing the bodies strewn over the floor.

The shock that stopped her from doing what she did next; passing out against the arm that held her up.

End of pain, foundations of torment.

For the second time Abby woke up to a scene she didn’t expect, but unlike the darkness of the dungeon this was a pleasant surprise.

She was lying down on a soft white mattress and draped with thick, black and purple blankets, her arms were spread out by her sides, brushing against red velvet pillows, and her legs were spread out below her.

Painted on the ceiling was a mural of a familiar fantastical landscape that sent chills down her spine.

She simply stared up at the odd painting, trying to place where she had seen it before when the pains came back stronger than they ever had been before, causing her muscles to lock up and for her to let out a choked whimper as her tears began to flow freely down the sides of her face.

She stayed like this for an unknown amount of time until the sun began to shine in glaringly from the small slitted windows decorating the part of the wall where the yellow, sand washed stone met the mural.

Moments after the light forced her to close her eyes she heard a figure entering from a door she hadn’t seen, drop something heavy and come rushing over to her.

The light is blessedly shielded from her eyes as the figure kneels by her, allowing her to open her eyes and look up into the worried, ebony eyes of her saviour.

The sight of the woman caused a whimper to escape Abby, not because of the pain nor because of the fact she was stunningly beautiful, but because of the fact she looked identical to her sister, Lace.

Her raven black hair was longer, combed neatly away from her face and flowing down her back, and her ivory skin a few shades lighter, but it was definitely her.

The Lace look-alike showed no signs of recognition as she urgently began to probe at the younger girl with the middle and little fingers of both hands, starting at her neck and slowly making their way down to her upper stomach, at which point Abby let out a strangled scream.

With a sympathetic murmur and a knowing look in her eyes she knelt over the younger girl until her lips were within an inch of Abby’s ear.

“Without proper treatment you will begin… Rotting from the inside, it is a painful way to go but I can make it stop, but first you have to explicitly give me permission to change your being, and you must mean it!” her voice was hesitant and catchy, as if she didn’t think that any good would come out of any answer she gave.

Abby clutched at the straw of hope, and mustering all her strength she was able to get her vocal cords to obey her.

“I… Give you, permission to-AGH!-change my being!!” Her voice was strangled and tainted with pants and half buried screams, but clear.

As soon as the last word left her mouth the other lady cupped her right cheek in her left hand, forcing her to look into her dark eyes, dark eyes that seemed to go on forever… Abby soon lost herself within those eyes, the pain and the room fading into non-existence, her reverie only pierced by the oddly cold feeling of the woman’s hand on her cheek, and the calm, steady sound of her voice.

“The pain is gone, you are calm, relaxed… My name is Delilah, you trust me and you will remain still until I say otherwise…”

What she said was true, Abby was indeed relaxed, too relaxed to move, she trusted this being that looked like Lace with all her heart, why wouldn’t she?

These thoughts went sluggishly through her head as Delilah slowly shifted herself so she’s sliding under the blanket, becoming little more than a feeling of cool, wet lips and velvety smooth cold fingers tracing down the bare flesh of her stomach, and then her thighs.

Abby wondered idly why she was naked, or what Delilah was doing, but it didn’t matter much to her. She trusted her too much to question her methods, and besides, it felt good.

The last part of her argument would only strengthen as the cool lips brushed against the delicate lips of her flower, followed smoothly by a tongue that felt like melting ice and left a trail of cold saliva against her smooth flesh where it teased, and traced the puffed up mounds of her sex.

Abby was too relaxed to let out a moan, but the slowly leaking nectar of her pussy declared her arousal loud and clear, not that the other lady really needed such a sign for her tongue was already delving deep within the orange haired girls folds.

Delilah explored her depths with probing licks and curling flicks that left Abby moaning softly and her pussy squeezing around the still cold tongue, building up to a slow climax.

Icy fingers began to slide up the inner left thigh of Abby’s leg, their touch sending small chills of pleasure that contrasted to the constant velvety pleasure provided by the tongue.

The slow progress to her climax would suddenly be broken when the raven haired girl tilts her head to the side, her tongue dragging up the silken depths of Abby’s left wall before disappearing from touch, replaced instead by the feeling of plump lips and sharp teeth.

Normally having the edge of her pussy nibbled on caused small sparks of panic to stab through her, however due to the trust she had in her companion, the sensation simply sent small waves of pleasure through her, small waves that abruptly stopped when the contact was lost.

“Sorry, but a bite here would change you significantly… But don’t worry, you’ll only lose a little of the pleasure that may of come,’ Delilah’s voice was little more than a silken purr as she lets her lips graze against Abby’s inner left thigh.

The words had little to no meaning to Abby, but she enjoyed the sound of her voice. It reminded her of Lace, and in her current state her heart warmed at the memory of her sister, cooling the ice that had coated her heart since the night she was abandoned.

Seconds after the words had left the other ones mouth she felt the sharp teeth of her companions teeth graze up her thigh, a pleasurable feeling that didn’t come close to what came next.

Delilah made sure to bite exactly three inches down the girls’ thigh, too much further and it would just be a bite, and any closer the girl risked ‘infection’.

After judging the distance was correct she let her teeth slowly sink into the soft flesh, creasing it and finally cutting cleanly through it like the edges of tiny daggers, the small movement created two effects, one was to coax a stream of sweet, sanguine liquid to flow into her mouth and down her throat, the other was to inject a light stream of venom into the girls thigh from her incisors.

The mixed sensations of her blood flowing out and an icy substance flowing in caused Abby’s muscles to lock up, knowing she isn’t meant to move but unable to stop the reflexive motion as her pussy spasms and leaks a copious amount of thick, clear liquid onto the bed sheets.

Her orgasm would last four long minutes, in which the other lady would slowly emerge from under the blanket, her skin flushed, lips coated with a dark crimson and hair streaked with orange.

Abby’s last sight before drifting into sleep would be a face that looks identical to her own, save for a more delicate visage and dark eyes.

Murderer, Thief, Saviour.

Abby woke up sluggishly; the sun was low and the light in the room pale and comforting.

The first thing she would notice would be a woman sitting cross legged next to her, her hands resting in her lap and her face tilted towards Abby.

She was dressed in a plain black dress that hid all save for her handsomely featured face, decorated with dark ebony eyes and fiery orange hair.

Abby blinked twice, meeting the persons stare before sitting up slowly, so as to imitate the others posture.

The only clear differences Abby saw was the richer colouring of her hair and the slightly more delicate features, but before she could say anything the other spoke in a voice eerily like her own.

“I am still Delilah, but unfortunately the act that saved you, did this. Now I’m sure you have questions, but one at a time please.”

Abby slowly digested this, her usual impatience gone, her thoughts clearer. She thought of asking if this figure meant her harm, but figured if she did there was little she could do to stop her, and so settled on the next most pressing question.

“What are you?” She asked it politely, her eyes gleaming with intrigue.

“A vampire, one breed of many that are scattered across this plain,” her answer was short, curt but not impolite.

Abby once again digested this for a few seconds, but her next question was a simple one and came out with no lack of politeness or intrigue.

“How does your breed differ than the breed well known to the masses?”

To this Delilah’s lips quirked up into a small smile, her voice tainted with a tone of slight superiority.

“My breed is more in-tune to the life force than many, because of such we are able to operate during the day and our feeding habits leave a more… Intimate mark on our physical bodies.”

Abby took a few minutes to filter through the questions she wished to ask, and the questions she must ask.

“You bit my sister, Lace. I wish to know why,” the polite tone was gone from her voice, replaced instead by a slight barb as the icy pain clutched her heart anew.

“We were consorts,” Delilah’s answer was short and curt once again.

“Why did she forget about me afterwards?” Abby had tears in her eyes as she asked, but her voice remained firm.

Delilah took a minute to process this, her features impassive.

“I’m afraid that was me, your sister reacted… Badly to our last session, and has been missing ever since,” Delilah’s tone was truly apologetic by this point, despite how her features remained stony.

“Why did you let me get arrested, is Lace ok?” Abby could barely stop herself from screaming or crying at this point, but managed to keep most of the quiver out of her voice.

“Lace is ok; she will seek you out when she’s ready to mingle with society… And rather simply, I had no idea who you were, other than being a pervert of course,” the apologetic tone had left, replaced instead by one laced with humour.

“And the tapestry, the rugs, the courier?” Abby’s voice had lowered, shock numbing the pain.

“Missing, burnt, buried,” Delilah obviously wasn’t eager to elaborate on this, her eyes closing as if fatigued.

“You killed him, and stole the tapestry. Why did you let me leave with it? Why did you want it?” Abby was close to tears again, barely resisting the urge to throttle her look-alike.

“I didn’t realize you had it, and I wished to find a map that is hidden within it.”

With this impassively said sentence she abruptly turned on the bed and began walking towards a door built of the same stone of the surrounding walls, it faded at the woman’s approach and just before she walked out of the doorway she turned.

“You must leave by tonight, you are no longer to be executed but you still have a bounty on your head,” and with that said she walked out.

Torment or madness?

What happened after the vampire left was a blur to Abby, she remembered crying for many hours and eventually falling asleep, but her current surroundings didn’t attest to that fact.

She was curled up into a small ball near a stone well, lying down on a small well-trodden dirt path that was surrounded by well-maintained pale green grass.

She was draped in a long red tunic that was stained with dirt and an odd crimson substance near the collar and along the legs.

She stood up slowly on wobbly legs, her head was pounding and the tunic kept threatening to slip off her small shoulders, forcing her to keep her left hand clasped around the collar of the tunic as she stumbled away from the well, the warning of having a bounty long since forgotten.

She stumbled down wide cobbled streets, past large yellow buildings, smaller grey ones and finally into a densely packed market street, complete with wooden market stands and the occasional stone building that marked either a brothel or a tavern.

She almost vomited at the smell of so many close packed bodies, and in turn the bodies seemed to move out of her way, their owners eager to get away from the small girl that swayed drunkenly and smelt like blood and vomit.

Continuing with her unsteady gait for close to an hour she heard many snippets of conversation about guards murdered and an escaped convict, she payed these little mind however, simply following a little voice in her head that urged her down many different streets, and finally stopped in front of what appeared to be a bathhouse.

She had no idea what to do from this point and her head was throbbing loud enough to force her to her knees now that she had no purpose, her hands falling limply by her sides as she sobbed silently, tears cascading down her cheeks to land on the red tunic.

She wasn’t there long before the feeling of a familiar hand dropped onto her right shoulder, coaxing her into looking up at a well-washed and clean shaven version of Leon.

The sight of the man she saw dead less than two days ago made her eyes go wide, forcing her to try and stumble backwards, tripping over the long tunic as she let out a loud, high pitched scream and abruptly passed out… Yet again.

When she awoke it was on her stomach in a dimly lit cell block, but unlike the previous one the bars were only the gate, and her room was furnished with a small stone bed draped with thin blankets, a hole in the ground that she assumed was the toilet and, a bucket of green laced water that smelt putrescent.

Her initial reaction to all this was to push herself onto her hands and knees, the act revealing she had on a virgin white gown that fit perfectly and felt like silk, her initial joy at this turned to confusion when compared to her cell, and suspicion as she crawled to the bars, peering out at what appeared to be imitations of her own cell.

The inhabitants of the other cells were lanky and unwashed, gender was determined by if they had a beard or not decorating their hollowed out faces and skeletal frames.

The sight of them intrigued her until the man opposite her charged the bars, causing a loud wet crunching noise to be audible where his skull smashed into the unyielding metal.

He seemed not to care about this development in the least; instead he thrust his left hand out to point at Abby, his eyes gleaming with manic glee.

“IT IS HER!! THE WRAITH OF THE ILL-BEGOTTEN QUEEN HAS COME BACK TO THROW THE KINGDOM INTO CHAOS ONCE AGAIN!” His voice was as manic as his facial and echoed along the once silent corridor.

His screaming was met by much jeering and applauding, that is until a steady stream of blood leaked from his cracked skull, down the steel bar and into his line of vision.

At this he jumped back, going ghostly white and pointing at the bar as if it was the embodiment of his darkest fears.

“THE METAL IS ALIVE!! It bleeds as would a man!” His voice was lost to Abby after this as he turns to scribble odd runes into the walls of his cell.

She leaves him to his ramblings and chooses to sit cross legged in front of her cell, awaiting a guard of some sorts to help her.

Her wait doesn’t last long, within the hour an elderly man begins walking down the corridor, he’s draped in a grey robe and is decorated by a long, black beard, bald head, wrinkled sunken features and a hump on his back that forces him to bend over a small wooden cane for support.

He stops by Abby’s cage and stares down at her, his eyes milky but filled with intelligence.

“You are not going to try and attack me from the cells?” His voice was clear and unperturbed by age.

In response Abby simply shakes her head, distinct confusion clouding her features.

“Do you know why you are here?” His tone had gained a condescending element, yet remained kindly.

To this she once again shook her head, thinking it was easier than trying to talk through the lump growing in her throat.

The old man shook his head slowly and took a deep breath before beginning his speech.

“You are here because you assaulted and killed three guardsmen before escaping into the night, you were then found a month later by an off duty guard outside a bathhouse wearing one of the deceased guards uniforms. Do you remember this?”

Abby’s eyes grew wide as she thought over the implications, the more she thought the less she was unable to resist the urge to scream until finally she lunged at the cages, her hands gripping the cold steel and tears streaming down her face.

“It wasn’t me! The vampire did it! She killed them all, and burnt down the metal door and took me with her! Leon was dead, I saw it!” The rest of her story was drowned in sobs as she collapsed onto her knees with her head resting against the bars.

This outburst triggered little more than a sympathetic shake of the old man’s head.

“Leon is quite alive, my dear. As is everyone else other than the three you assaulted, now don’t worry Leon made it perfectly clear what happened previously, a month of being raped daily would drive many of us to do those acts, and in an act of kindness His Grace has spared you from execution”

To this Abby simply whimpered, and looked back up at the man with a tear streaked face.

“But they stopped after Leon… And then she… I remember it all; she looked like my sister and she killed them all…”

The old man once again shook his head sadly.

“You never had a sister, let alone a vampiric one. You were abandoned on the steps of the Imperial church and were raised by the priestesses, after which you escaped into the farmlands surrounding the city, killed a courier and well… I’ve told you the rest.”

Abby shook her head rapidly, her hair flinging against the bars as she did so, unable to let out any vocal protests over her heavy sobbing.

The old man would eventually leave and she would eventually fall asleep. Only to be awoken with a yelp by a bucket of icy water thrown over her head by a passing guard.

She was about to question him when she saw the process repeated by another guard to the man in the cell across from hers, she assumed this was what accounted for hygiene here and didn’t protest.

She occupied her time by lying back on the cold ground and counting cracks in the roof above her, when she grew bored of that she began exercising, doing small laps of her cell intermingled with sit-ups, squats, push-ups and any other type of exercise she could think of.

Her first meal arrived a few hours later and consisted of green slop and a mouldy piece of bread in a bowl which she ate gingerly.

She fell asleep later on the bed and awoke covered in small itchy lumps from where bugs had transferred from the blanket and onto her, she scratched at these furiously but found little release.

The next day, long after her meal she tried to drink some of the water, the result giving her violent diarrhoea for the next few days, which resulted in her drinking more of the disgusting water and so on.

In between her stomach aches she continued to exercise, seeking the pain as release.

She fell asleep at random intervals, and was never asleep long before an icy bucket of water was thrown on her.

This continued for four weeks, in which she had gained considerable muscle tone, her hair had grown longer and her stomach constantly felt weak. That coupled with the numerous itchy bites and burning rashes lacerating her and the fact her only hygiene came from the icy cold buckets thrown at her once she had fallen asleep led her facials to become haggard and drawn out.

Her white robes were soaked with sweat, dirt and blood, her cell smelt like faecal matter and her teeth constantly ached.

At the end of the four weeks she felt ravenous, and her mind constantly itched, causing her to have random violent outbursts which led to more than one broken knuckle.

But this day isn’t worth mentioning because of that, the reason it’s singled out is because the monotony broke, although it broke in an unpleasant way.

Led by an excessively tall and muscled guard with broad features, deep set brown eyes and similarly coloured hair was a group of five men.

Each one was dressed in a uniform dark green, their features blurred under white veils.

They each held a long stick in which they used to poke at passive in-mates until they lunged at the bars or until the guard stopped them.

When they stopped at Abby’s cell she instantly jumped to the end of the cells, desperately crying out for food or help, rambling about the vampire, her sister and the dead guards.

This provoked little more than laughing and a cautious step back from her cell before walking off when it grew boring.

This, like everything else eventually became a part of the daily ritual, reducing her to doing little more than sleep when there wasn’t food, her stomach wasn’t rejecting food or when she wasn’t being stabbed or water thrown on her.

Saviour from Madness, or Madness: the saviour?

This had gone on for well over six months before something new happened, and as with everything else new, this was unexpected.

It was a bird, sitting on the water bucket in her cell.

And not just any bird, but a familiar bird, coloured with brown and black spots, long black tail feathers and elongated talons that dug into the wood of the bucket.

It stared at her with bright yellow eyes, its beak dripping with a scarlet liquid, and for her part she stared back at it with mild confusion from where she sat squatting on her stone bed.

They simply stared at each other until the bird broke the silence, in a way most unusual for a bird, it spoke, in a lilting, feminine accent that carried an air of authority.


Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION, erotic fiction at that. I do in no way, shape or form endorse rape and am a firm believer in that it IS rape no matter if he/she later enjoys it. That does not mean that the fantasy cannot be intensely erotic.


Warning: This chapter contains explicit scenes of a sexual and oftentimes brutal nature. There is caning, DP, bondage and cuddling – among other things. There is NOT a lot of plot. :)



Here it is, the PWP chapter. 12k words of stroke fiction. You can thank me in the comments ;)

Any and all comments welcome, except any version of “That’s just not realistic”. I did try to keep this within the realm of possibility (with the exception of the two male leads being vampires, that is), but complete realism was not what I was aiming for. Considering the topic, that would have made this chapter deeply disturbing rather than arousing.

Madly erotic fantasy, however, was EXACTLY what I was aiming for. Let’s assume that being turned into a vampire will also ensure you get a wonder-cock, shall we?

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Moments later the black silk blindfold is wrapped around her head, plunging her world into darkness and causing all of her other senses to sharpen. Someone is stroking their palms over her shoulders and chest. At the same time she can feel the ropes around her upper body being tested, then added to. Another double loop of rope is added, encircling both her breasts and digging in to her ribs, pushing her mounds up and out from her body to stand even prouder than they already did.

Suddenly there is a mouth on each of her nipples, sucking, licking, pulling and nibbling her hard buds, pushed even further into erection than before by the rope. The feeling is exquisite and despite all of her conscious efforts to the contrary she can’t help but arch her back to try to push her breasts even further towards the magic mouths. She wants to curse at them, cuss them out, but surprises herself by instead releasing a loud moan as the sensation of their tongues circling her nipples causes streaks of lightning to flash through her body .

“Told you.” Adrian comments to his brother with a deep chuckle. The rumbling sensation does strange things to her body, just like last night..

“Holy…” Kai sounds amazed at her reaction to the advanced bondage and subsequent manhandling .

“You’re right brother, she’s a natural.” Strong hands stroke her thighs from knee to hip, making her legs weak and causing delicious fluid to pool between her legs.

“Now, less talking, more doing.” Both brothers chuckle in unison before she is lifted up by her buttocks and placed on her side on a hard padded surface. The table she noticed before, perhaps? Suddenly there are hands everywhere.


A/N: The next section switches point-of-view between the brothers and does a wrap-around of the timeline with every paragraph.


As by an unspoken agreement Adrian is concentrating on her upper body and Kai on her lower half. Having left them largely alone yesterday, Adrian is enjoying her breast immensely. He is tugging on her buds, burying his face between the soft mounds, and nibbling, licking and sucking at her erect nipples. In a heartbeat he loses his dress pants and briefs, returning to his ministrations of her chest with his throbbing cock right next to her silk clad face. One hand around his shaft, he steers it towards her mouth without saying a word. Once his swollen head touches her lips, she jerks slightly, sticks her tongue out to feel what is there and withdraws again with lips closed tightly at the now familiar taste of his pre-cum.

Kai, meanwhile, is stroking her thighs, her ass cheeks, her abdomen, feeling the delicious smell of her increasing arousal assault his nostrils. He pulls his fingers along her slit, immediately coating them in her juices, and soon after finds her clit with the pad of his thumb. He sees Adrian suck and tweak her nipples as he starts rubbing her clit, using the fingers of his other hand to part her inner lips. She is writhing and moaning under him as he keeps rubbing her, finally sliding two of his fingers into her core, extracting another loud moan from her. His fingers start pumping in and out of her and when he sees Adrian quickly lose his clothes he does the same. Returning to her a split second later he grabs her upper leg and places it on his shoulder, spreading her incredibly wide and giving him an excellent view of her folds, glistening with moisture.

Adrian shakes his head to himself, she still has much to learn. Then he brings his face down to her left nipple and bites down, the pain causing her to gasp. As she opens her mouth to draw her gasping breath he doesn’t waste a second before shoving his rock hard erection down her throat, and suddenly all she can do is keep up, moaning at the sensation of him mouth fucking her until stiffening and gasping from another invasion.

Locking eyes with his brother who is already rubbing the engorged head of his erection over her lips and getting ready to make her open her mouth, Kai takes his shaft in the one hand not busy rubbing her clit and aims his veined cock right at her entrance. At the moment Adrian bites down, causing her mouth to open and his cock to enter her mouth, Kai thrusts his rock hard erection into her pussy. His brother has already told him what her slight body surprisingly can take, so he is none too gentle, instead ramming his cock into her until it sinks in to the hilt on the first stroke. It feels fucking fantastic! A groan of pleasure escapes his lips and he closes his eyes tightly at the sensation of her slick, tight walls stretched impossibly wide to take all of him in.

She screams around Adrian’s cock as his brother possesses her pussy and he doesn’t know if it is from pleasure or pain, or both. He does know that the feeling of the sound she’s making while he’s mouth fucking her is fantastic, and that’s really all that matters right now. He takes a firm hold of the hair in the nape of her neck to help her take his erection deeper and faster, matching his strokes to Kai’s so that his brothers thrusts pushes her mouth further onto his cock.

On his end, Kai is in heaven as he continues his fierce thrusts. He leans back to get a good look of his throbbing cock as it slides in and out of this petite little thing. He finds it amazing that her small frame can take him at all but that’s no reason to go easy on her. She was rude and obnoxious when he told her to let him fuck her before, so this time he isn’t asking, or trying to be gentle. With one hand on her leg over his shoulder and the other on her hip he fucks her hard, relishing in her cries, or perhaps they are moans, muffled by his brother’s dick. He lets the hand on her hip slide inwards to be able to rub her clit again, intensely, in time with his brother’s thrusts in her mouth and his own pace in her absolutely delicious pussy.

Spreading her this wide gives him a clear view of her other entrance, pink and puckered, but for this moment he is satisfied by watching her sweet pussy stretched to its limits to accommodate his girth. She starts shaking violently as her orgasm comes closer; her blindfold is moist with tears. Not wanting her to cum just yet Kai stops fingering her clit and reluctantly withdraws his cock from her body. Her strangled moans around Adrian”s dick continue, and Kai walks around the table to stand next to his brother, his hands roaming all over her body. They catch each other’s eye and Adrian pulls his cock out of her mouth. A quick sob has time to escape her lips before Adrian’s erection is replaced with Kai’s. He thrusts in her mouth a few times, allowing her the opportunity to taste herself on him, and then removes his hard on to again leave space in her mouth for Adrian’s erection.

“That’s it Kitten. Suck us both” he manages to get out between gritted teeth as they take turns fucking her mouth and fondling her body. When Kai once again relinquishes his place for Adrian and takes his own throbbing length in his hand, his brother grins at him and uses his fingernail to draw a thin trail of blood along her collarbone. Kai immediately feels his fangs escape his mouth and bends down to lap the blood up, the taste is beyond anything he has tried before. When it is his turn to claim her mouth again he repays the favor by reopening the gash with his fangs for Adrian before rising back up to let his cock savor her sweet lips and tongue.

She is gasping for air every time the cock in her mouth changes and the deep moans that escapes her while trying her best to please them affect them both. Kai moves back behind the table, all the while caressing her body, while Adrian gives her a moment to catch her breath. He licks her nipples and strokes her waist with one hand, the other is firmly wrapped around his own throbbing erection.

When Kai is back in position he again lifts her leg up on his shoulder, this time bending it a bit further forwards towards her shoulders, thus allowing him to penetrate even deeper. With a glance between them the brothers both thrust back in her, none too gently, extracting a muffled wail from the blindfolded girl between them.

The power of Kai’s thrust twists her body slightly towards him and she must struggle to keep her head turned enough to keep Adrian in her mouth.

“Yes, Little One, that’s right. Fight for it! Fight to suck me!” Adrian pants with one hand behind her head and the other at the base of his cock. He moves slightly upwards, forcing her to stretch her neck to take his length, creating a different angle in her throat. He pushes back in, hits the back of her throat and pauses.

“Little One, Swallow around me!” he orders, and with a loud moan she complies. To her surprise this causes the tip of his cock to slide past the resistance at the back of her mouth and into her throat. Another push of his hips and she finds her nose touching his pubic bone as she’s taken his entire length into her mouth. Adrian groans loudly, lost in the pleasure while he continues to take her mouth and throat in long, careful strokes, pausing and pulling out regularly to allow her to breathe.

Kai continues to pound into their petite beauty. Her delicious pussy clenches around him at every thrust. He has learned from Adrian that her previous sexual experience was limited, that she never even tasted cock until yesterday. But now here she is, just look at her! He is beginning to lose it, looking at this delicate, innocent creature swallowing both their massive cocks at once, one in her mouth and one in her oh so tight pussy. He begins to thrust harder into her, alternating between rubbing her clit with his fingers and hitting it with his pubic bone. Her moans around Adrian’s cock grow louder and more frantic as Kai’s length slides in and out of her, deeper and harder with every thrust.

Again the brothers’ eyes meet and in an unspoken agreement they both pick up the pace, while intently caressing her body. Adrian is rubbing her breasts and stroking her nipples, Kai is flicking her clit with one hand and letting the one on her ass which he uses to consistently lifting her sex up to meet his thrusts slide to the side. This allows him to use a finger to play with her puckered back opening, never entering but continuously teasing. She releases a muffled wail at the sensation and her whole body begins to shake again. This time he doesn’t move away.

“That’s it Kitten, cum for us.” Kai coaxes her while his cock pistoned in and out of her. His thumb on her clit picks up the pace even further and the girl is struggling with her bonds, she’s writing so hard. He slows the pace of his thrusts and concentrates on her clit for a second, feeling her shake more and more.

“Clench on my cock while you’re swallowing my brothers cum Kitten, common, you know you want to!”

Her inner walls start to flutter and he pulls his hips back, pausing for a second while almost completely withdrawn from her. He locks eyes with his brother and with the unspoken agreement he then takes her clit between thumb and forefinger and pinches down on it, hard, while putting all the power a mortal body can take behind the thrust that buries him to the hilt in her, pushing her body further on to Adrian’s cock. She wails and thrashes, her whole body arching while the most powerful orgasm in her life swells over her. The vibrations of her screams around his erection causes Adrian to come undone. Roaring with pleasure and throwing his head back he shoots wave after wave of cum down her throat.

Kai holds back another second, waiting for her wave to peak and slowly begin to fade before repeating the process. This time he wets his thumb in his mouth before first pinching and then immediately beginning to apply both pressure and motion onto her swollen clit, The stimulation together with his forceful thrust picks her right back up and immediately sends her into a second orgasm, almost as strong as the first. Losing control at this second clenching assault on his cock he pounds into her another two times before releasing a fierce growl, just like the panther she likened him to. He feels his balls tighten and then release all his pent up anger and frustration along with his seamen deep in her body while her pussy spasms around him.

The aftershocks find him relaxed and content. Adrian reaches over her body to the release one end of her bonds. Pulling it, they quickly untie her body before any cramps set in. Kai withdraws from her and Adrian picks her up from the table, bridal style, and swiftly carries her over to the huge bed, remade with fresh silk sheets. Placing her completely exhausted body between them all three of them lie down on the bed together.

A drop of Adrian”s cum escapes the corner of her mouth and Kai’s load is beginning to wet the inside of her thighs as it slowly leaks out of her. She is sweaty, worn and, the brothers agree, absolutely beautiful.

As she once again finds herself cocooned between the two vampires; the overwhelming sense of safety, comfort and contentment returns to her. She whimpers softly while two pairs of hands, previously hard as steel, caress every inch of her with the gentleness of a swan’s feather. They are rubbing the marks of the ropes that dug into her arms and chest, removing the blindfold and drying the remains of tears from around her eyes.

“You did really well, Little One, really well.” Adrian strokes her hair and kisses her brow, his voice full of affection and pride. She inexplicably feels happy and content at having pleased him, no matter which way it was attained. She knows there is something that should bother her about that when she hears him continue; “Now, have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes Master.” She really has. She shouldn’t have spoken so to his brother, her other Master. She doesn’t know what came over her and feels really sad that she disappointed them both. A small small voice in the back of her head is screaming at her that this is wrong, but she is ignoring it. Instead she turns to Kai.

“I am sorry Master, I am so sorry.” Tears fill her eyes again and she buries her face in his chest, feeling his comforting strokes along her spine.

Kai smiles at her and places feather light kisses on every surface of her head that he can reach with his mouth. He stops caressing her for a moment and instead wraps his arms around her, pulling her into his chest and enveloping her in strength, warmth and security.

“Yes, Kitten, I know. We are satisfied, and you are forgiven.” She relaxes into his arms.


The petting and stroking continues, gentle and caring. She feels that she has really atoned and gained their forgiveness and their affections. One of them gets up, she doesn’t know which one as her eyes are still blissfully closed, only to return with what turns out to be a bowl of warm soap water and two soft sponges. She is lifted up and placed on a towel, still without opening her eyes. Then she feels the sponges gently washing her body, her face, her sex — any remains of sweat and seamen is removed from her body and soft, feather light kisses are placed on her skin from two directions as the cleansing goes on. Time flows by and she can feel strength return into her mind and muscles, while still being deliciously relaxed.

“Did it turn you on to suck both our cocks, and be fucked by us both, Little One?” Adrian asks her while carefully turning her over and stroking the sponge over her buttocks.

“Yes, Master.” It’s funny how much easier saying those two words becomes with time. Still, a small voice inside her head seems to be struggling to make itself heard.

“You’ve never come so hard in your life, have you, Kitten?” Kai continues, the momentary silence suddenly making him realize that he didn’t ask a question that Adrian’s rules allowed her to answer.

“Am I right?” He continues, amending his mistake.

“Yes, Master.” She sighs contently, but the screaming voice in her mind is getting louder.

“So, have you not only learned the important lesson, but are grateful that we taught you?” Kai feels like he is repeating himself, but making his Kitten say the words out loud will admit to them and her that she is beginning to settle into her role as their submissive. They may prod her to say it with their questions, but she needs to express it herself. It is an important step.

Something in her awakens at his words, the inner voice comes to the forefront with a roar. She shakes her head slowly to clear it from the cobwebs put there by the brain washing treatment she has gone through during these last few days. Seriously? He wants her to say that she is grateful they tied her up and fucked her two-on-one? Grateful that Adrian made her deep-throat his huge cock? Grateful that Kai deigned to impale her on his massive erection?

Ok, so maybe a part, a big part, of her wants to say yes. Embarrassingly enough, say yes truthfully, but another, much bigger and most of all older part of her will hear nothing of it. She tries to hold it back, she really does. The part of her that is beginning to learn, beginning to be trained, what they want is very aware that talking back is a very, VERY bad idea, but what is left of her self-esteem will not let her act any other way. She is trying to control herself, so the words do not exit her mouth as aggressively as her unconscious wanted them too. From the sudden tension in her lovers” bodies, it came out harsh enough.

“No Master, I am not grateful that you raped me. My body may keep saying yes, but my mind is still saying NO. That means it is rape. No matter how much you make me want it. Let me go, please. I don’t want to be a part of your twisted games anymore.” She stops to take a breath but then doesn’t dare continue as she feels the rigid state of the two muscular bodies she is sandwiched between. She realizes that even without cussing them out this time, she has taken her statements too far.

Also, thinking about it in the light of what she has learned about them, she has unfortunately issued something of a challenge; to make her want it with her whole being, not just her body. None of them seem like the kind of man to step down from a challenge. As she is contemplating this she notices Kai looking at his brother over the top of her head, a world of words passing between them in that one glance, and then speaks.

“Well, Adrian, I don’t know about you but I believe I have rested long enough. It is time to return to the stubborn girl that still does not seem to have learned what we intended her to, despite the previous signs to the contrary.” Adrian sighs and nods at his brother.

“Indeed, every victory seems short lived with her. However, I think we can do better, brother, don’t you?”

“I know we can.” With that she feels her body being lifted in strong arms and placed back on the table, face down, with the attached shackles snapped around her wrists and ankles.

Oh shit!

“Now, Kitten…” she hears Kai’s voice purr behind her ear “You have been a very bad girl, talking back to us like that. And do you know what we do to bad girls?”

She shakes all over as she feels his large, calloused hand stroking her ass, right where it is the most sensitive. One split second later his hand is pulled back only to come back down forcefully with a smack that echoes through the room. The spanking Adrian gave her earlier, although painful and humiliating had nothing on this! Kai’s motion was designed to hurt like hell, and it did. She screams at the impact that pushes her forward on the table and the pain immediately brings tears to her eyes.

“We punish them. You’d be surprised at how many ways there is to punish a bad girl, and how much we enjoy it” He chuckles deep in his throat, a deep, vibrating sound that travels through her body and scares her senseless at the same time as it excites her.

“We usually do not introduce the next stage this quickly, but you are a special case.” he continues, still breathing in her ear and bringing out goose bumps all along her body.

“You surrender in one way and keep fighting in another. We cannot trust in your surrender at this point.” Another wicked slap hits her ass, again forcing a loud yelp from her lips.

“Who knows, maybe you will find the pleasure in the pain?”

Kai’s breath stays in her ear as she feels the end of something hard trail along her backbone all the way up to her neck. A tongue touches the base of her neck in its wake and trails lazily over to land at the base of her other ear. Adrian’s breath fills her mind and her senses.

“You are freed from restrictions to not speak unless spoken to, Little One.” he purrs to her, his deeply masculine voice touching every nerve end of her body, her whole being is concentrated on his words. “But we will not stop until you surrender, mind and soul.” He bites her neck, painfully hard, with blunt teeth; bringing excitement she thought she was too tired for back into play.

“Luckily you are being trained by two vampires. Counting the few weaknesses we have, lack of stamina is not one of them.” His deep chuckle shakes the very core of her being. She notices a thin bamboo cane in his hand, the tip of which must have been what she felt along her spine.

“This time, Kitten, you will not come unless we find you deserve it, and certainly not until you beg for it. And you better be convincing in your begging.” The younger brothers voice breathes into her ear. “The time of patience has passed. Now is the time to show you that you are all ours.”

The table is angled in a way that she can still see the tool wall, the one that frightened her so yesterday, the one where Adrian said “another day, another idea”. She shivers as she realizes that this is that other day and that other idea, and that she brought it completely upon herself. This could have ended with her snuggled between them like she was only minutes ago, if she hadn’t been too stubborn to give them the answer they wanted. Instead, here she is, strapped down on a table and completely aware that this is just the beginning of her trials, trials that could have been avoided. She swears at herself while testing the bonds.

Unbeknownst to her, the brothers are standing right behind her, watching her writhe on the table. She twists her body this way and that, testing the limitations of her bonds. All the while Adrian and Kai are watching her naked body fighting the bonds and deciding what to do with it, each with a thin, flexible cane in hand.

“Little One, stop struggling and get up on your elbows and knees!” Adrian’s voice underlined with a strong note of authority orders from somewhere behind her. She tries to twist her head around to see him but can’t quite crane her neck far enough.

“Adrian, you don’t have to..AAAAHHH”

*WHACK* Adrians hand holding the cane rises and falls in a sharp moment. The sound of the cane hitting her buttocks, still pink from Kai’s hands, echoes in her ears only to be drowned out a moment later by her own wail. The pain of the stroke is intense; it feels like someone has placed a thin burning rope right across her ass.

“I said, on your elbows and knees! Do not make me repeat myself again, Little One.” Adrian’s voice is deceptively soft. Soft the way an avalanche is soft. She whimpers while she hurries to pull her legs and arms under her, the shackles just allowing her to change her position. Soon she is on all fours, the fact that he ordered her to rest on her elbows and not her hands puts her upper body closer to the table than her lower body, leaving her back arched and her striped ass invitingly propped up in the air, her sex, still swollen from Kai’s earlier ministrations, almost pouting out between her cheeks.

“Kai, why are…AAAAAARGH!” Her words are yet again interrupted by a loud wail.

*WHACK -WHACK* In almost perfect synchrony two canes come down, one from either side. Adrian places another stripe perfectly parallel to the first, while Kai aims slightly lower. His strike does not only stripe the lower parts of her cheeks but also hits her swollen lips, just narrowly missing her clit. The pain is excruciating and her wail turns into sobs almost immediately.

“And what is the correct form of address, Kitten?” Kai purrs while trailing the tip of his cane up and down along her slit, causing her to flinch each time he passes the bright red stripe. “I’ll give you a hint. You get one strike per wrong answer, so the two you just received were for getting it wrong twice.”

“Kai, I..”

*WHACK* Her wail is even louder this time, laced with sobs. Kai hasn’t lifted the cane far from where he already had it, instead flicking his wrist to let the supple end of it strike her swollen clit. Her whole world turns red with the intense pain and instinctively tries to lower her ass to get it out of harm’s way but her hips are immediately captured in Adrian’s firm hands, angling them right back to their previous position.

“Stay!” he orders her, firmly. By now the very thought of disobeying an order of his makes her shake in fear, so she lets her hips be maneuvered back into position and then keeps them there.

“Try again, Kitten” she can hear the smirk in Kai’s voice without being able to see it as he continues “A second hint, you continue to get it wrong.” He chuckles while leaning back to admire their handiwork. Her delicious ivory globes are now adorned with thin, bright red stripes, his cock is growing impossibly hard at the sight and he can see his brother having the same reaction. Her pussy is even more swollen than before and perhaps not only from the caning. If he isn’t completely mistaken, it is also beginning to produce new moisture.

Adrian notices it too, using two fingers to spread her inner lips, revealing the sight and scent of her budding arousal as she whimpers and tries to move her burning, whipped sex away from his touch, stopped by the barest hint of his cane under her thighs. Who would have thought, he ponders? The brothers share a grin that threatens to split their faces in two.

“A natural submissive indeed” Kai mutters under his breath, too low for her to hear. Adrian nods, letting his tongue trail her slit from top to bottom, having a taste of her fresh juices lightly but deliciously spiced with blood from where the cane hit her tender tissues.

“Delicious, a rare find.” He confirms to his brother, equally quiet, then stands back up and licks his lips.

“Well, Little One? My brother asked you a question. We do not like to be kept waiting. The proper form of address?” Adrian lets the tip of his cane lightly flick over her pussy, enough to cause sharp but manageable pain, unlike the intensity of the previous strikes.

“M.. m.. master” she finally manages to get out between sobs.

“Good girl!” Kai beams at her. He leans over her back and lets his hands caress her striped behind, soothing and irritating the burning welts, all at once.

“Good little Kitten.” He purrs in her ear. She can feel his massive erection pressed up against her, but he is not making any move to enter her. “Now, are you likely to forget that any time soon or should we continue this lesson to make sure you do not forget?”

“No Master, I will not forget!” she gets out in an almost hysterical voice, hoarse from her wailing. “Please no more, no more… I will not forget Master, I promise!” To her horror she can feel fluid slowly escaping her pussy, fluid that is not the remains of Kai’s load. Her traitor body is getting excited in the midst of her torture. Maybe because of the torture. When she heard the expression “pleasure and pain” before, she never thought it could ever apply to her, or that the pleasure would be this painful.

“What say you, brother? Do you think she has learned her lesson?” Kai asks with raised and wiggling eyebrows. Her whole body tenses up in fear as she waits for her first Master’s response. Adrian pretends to think it over for a moment, before slowly shaking his head.

“I think we have been too trusting in the past when she shows remorse, which is why we are now correcting her for the third time in an evening. A few more stripes would both look good and weld the lesson into her mind I think. Do you agree, brother?”

“Absolutely!” Ignoring her loud and tearful protests that she indeed has learned her lesson and this is not necessary at all, they take up position again, this time only Kai holds a cane while Adrian stands next to her body, studying her cheeks.

“There, I think” he says and points to a pristine part of her ass, right in between two welts.

*WHACK* Kai places a new stripe precisely where Adrian pointed, with the same intensity as in the first hard strokes. Her pride gone she now wails at the top of her lungs when the cane hits her skin. Adrian’s hands caress her cheeks surprisingly tenderly, slightly easing the burning pain before pointing in a new location, right below her ass at the top of her thighs.

“And there.”

*WHACK WHACK* Two strikes in quick succession places parallel welts on her thighs, the upper one touching her outer lips as well. Her vision is becoming cloudy and she’s beginning to lose her voice from the wailing. When she feels Adrian’s hands again caress and soothe the new welts she feels an absurd but undeniable gratitude towards him for easing her pain. When his hand strokes the part of the stripe that crosses her pussy, her insides clench with a strong surge of unexpected arousal.

“There, there, Little One” he purrs to her. “Just a little more, it is for your own good my little doll. You should be thankful. We are just making sure you will not forget this lesson, you understand?”

“Yes, Master”

“Well then, to make sure you feel involved get to choose where we place the final two strokes. At least one of them must touch your sweet pussy.”

“Wherever you chose, Master” she is sobbing, but filled with a sensation that she wants to please them. She doesn’t know where it is coming from, but it is strong and undeniable. She finds herself actually pushing her ass into his caress. She cannot see his pleased grin, but she imagines she feels the heat of it. Then his hands leave her as he moves behind her and picks his own cane back up. He looks to Kai as to say “Your choice” and waits. Kai studies her now perfectly striped backside and decides on going absolute center, right across her lower ass and her core. He pulls his arm back and delivers the sharpest strike yet.

*WHACK!* The sound of the strike pierces the air, closely followed by a desperate moan, her vocal cords now too strained to yell. The cane comes back glistening in the middle from the juices it picked up when striking her opening. Adrian looks at the new stripe, takes aim and whacks his cane in the exact same place, taking the sharpness of the hit to new heights. Her lungs attempt to force another scream out of her but it comes out as a whimper.

“That was the final two.” Kai kneels behind her to rub his hands lightly over her burning behind and lets his tongue stroke her equally stinging core, bringing soft relief.

“Thank you, Master” she hears herself mumble as he eases her pain. Kai’s eyebrows rise to meet his hairline in surprise, Adrian thinks his jaw may touch the floor.

“Excuse me Kitten, what was that?” She is too exhausted from the pain, the screaming and the crying to be afraid right now, and so simply repeats herself;

“I said thank you, Master. Was that the wrong thing to say?”

The brothers look at each other and just shake their heads in awe. Yes, she’s a natural, but for her to reach the point where she thanks them after a severe caning, without prodding, was completely beyond all expectation. They are thrilled.

“No, Kitten, not at all. It was just perfect. You did well.” Kai goes back to gently licking her folds, tasting the same sweet mix of arousal and blood that his brother enjoyed earlier, while Adrian stands next to her face, stroking her hair.

“Good girl.” He murmurs proudly, she really is something else.

“All you have to do is surrender.”


“Now the starter is concluded, to the main course!”

Grinning while he reaches in under the table, Kai retracts the long rope she was previously restrained by. He starts looping it around her in a completely different way. Her arms are tied, just like before, but this time they are stretched above her head, lifting her sizable breasts to cause their nipples to aim towards the roof. Delicious. Also, instead of tying the rope around her breasts and bringing it around her upper body he loops it around her upper thighs and hips, spreading them apart and supporting her, almost like wrapping her in the ropes of a swing.

The likeness to a swing becomes uncanny as he throws one end of the rope over the hook in the ceiling, and quickly and effortlessly hoists her up. Her slight frame presents him with no trouble at all, and soon her tussled form is suspended from the ceiling, neither foot touching the floor while her legs are spread, teasingly exposing both her front and her back entrance.

Reaching towards the tool wall she sees Adrian grab a bottle of lubricant and squirt some out in his hand to rub it all over his cock, apparently relishing the feeling as he rubs it on clearly pleasuring himself. Despite her relative innocence she is beginning to suspect where they are going with this. As soon as the realization hits her, her pleas start.

“Oh god, no! Adrian!” She completely forgets her previous lesson of what to call him in her horror of realizing he is planning on putting that huge thing in her tightest hole, never used for anything but its original purpose. Continuing to lube his cock in long leisurely strokes, he raises a perfect eyebrow at her while bringing the tube to her ass cheeks, spreading them with his fingers and squeezing to deposit a large dollop of lubricant right on her back entrance. His fingers start spreading the gel around and slightly into her puckered hole.

“Please don’t do this. Please!” she continues to beg. “I’ve never done this…And you are so big, I can barely take you normally.” she’s almost crying as she keeps begging him. “Adrian, please don’t! I’ve never done this, I can’t!”

“There are so many things you haven’t done that we will introduce you to, Little One” Adrian purrs in her ear. “And, as my brother said at the start, perhaps you will find the pleasure in the pain. Besides, I found you.” He purrs deep in his throat. “Your anal virginity is my finder’s fee.” He chuckles to himself, clearly excited at the prospect.

With those words he slips a finger into her back entrance, slowly beginning to thrust it in and out of her. The intense pleasure of it takes her completely by surprise, although even this tiny intrusion is also sending small waves of pain through her. If his index finger penetrating her anus hurts her ass… She does not even want to contemplate what his huge cock will feel like. As soon as her treacherous tight muscles begin to relax he adds another finger, spreading them to open her back door while using the ropes to swing her onto his hand.

Kai, standing on the other side of her, cock in hand, lets his swollen tip graze her clit every time her swinging motion brings her into reach.

“See Kitten, we can make it feel good, IF you want.” He grins at her.

“No, Adrian! Kai!” she is sobbing through her pleas. “Please don’t do this! I will do anything you want, just please don’t do this!” She is literally terrified. The fearousal streaming out of her every pore is delicious and only serves to make them harder and more determined. Their patience is slowly running out and the time to stop making it easier on her and simply claiming whichever part of her they want is quickly approaching.

“There are two things wrong with that statement, Kitten” Kai tells her. “The first is that we can already make you do anything we want. The second is that fucking your ass IS what we want.” He cocks his head to one side before continuing

“Finally, your inability to consistently keep to the correct way of addressing your masters is really not helping your case or inciting us to go easy on you. We have thicker tools than canes to inflict corrective pain and make you see the error of your ways.”

Her eyes can’t help but slide to his literally massive erection when he speaks about “thicker tools” and she knows without a doubt that even though they have already fucked her hard, they could have made the process much more painful for her than they did — instead they chose to give her pleasure.

Swinging in the ropes suspended in the ceiling, she still manages to turn her body around to look at Adrian. His cock is now covered in glistening lube, but that just makes him slicker, it doesn’t make him any smaller. Turning her head around 180 degrees, there is Kai, his own massive erection in hand and ready to do whatever to her pussy that Adrian chooses to do with to her ass. Catching his brother’s eye he knows that it is time. Kai walks up to her extended form and lifts her legs up around his hips to spread her, both front and back. He rubs his cock along her slit a few times, to wet it, and then without so much as a “by your leave” he enters her in a single painfully hard thrust until his cock is buried to the hilt deep inside her pussy. She wails at the sensation, the intrusion is so hard and sudden that it brings her more pain than pleasure, but instead of Kai beginning to thrust in her he stays still when he is as deep as possible, quickly allowing the pain to subside and the feeling of ecstasy to take over as he fills her to the brim. She allows the sensation to feel good for a moment, until she starts realizing why he isn’t moving.

She feels Adrian’s calming presence cover the back half of her body, and then his presence is suddenly anything but calming as she feels the engorged head of his huge cock pressing against her virgin ass, while his brothers’ massive erection is buried deep in her pussy. She tries to beg him again.

“Adrian, Master, please, don’t do this!” But he simply purrs in her ear and partly repeats his brother’s earlier words

“Shhh, Little One. This *will* happen. Just relax and you may enjoy it, there can be pleasure in the pain.” The tip of his cock slips past her cramping ring muscle, stretching it incredibly and forcing a pain filled moan from her lips.

“Nooooo, please!”

Adrian’s voice turns harder as he pushes his over-sized cock another inch into her ass “You are pushing my patience to the limit, Little One. If you think the purpose of this exercise is your pleasure you are sorely mistaken. You are mine. And for now you are ours. I’ve tried to be patient with you due to your inexperience, but I believe it is time to simply show you. If I want to fuck your ass, I will!” He grins for a second “Like this.”

He stops talking, retracts the inch that he has pushed into her until only the tip of his erection is still inside her puckered hole, briefly tenses his hips and then — completely without regard for further preparation of her minute body, thrusts his entire length into her ass, effectively taking her weight off the ropes in the ceiling as she becomes impaled on one cock in each hole, lifting her further off the ground. Had he not lubed so carefully the motion might well had torn her beyond repair.

As it is it causes no lasting damage, but the pain of the sudden intrusion ripples through her body in red hot waves. As his hips touch her ass forcefully, proving he has buried himself as deep as he can in her anus, the red welts already there from the previous caning gets aggravated, adding a small amount of pain to the already almost unbearable experience. She throws her head back and wails, long and loud. The two huge cocks in her is making her feel like she will explode from the inside, and unlike last time neither of them are stimulating her along the way. This time they are punishing her for real, and taking their pleasure without giving. Kai’s words in the beginning of this round resound in her mind.

“This time, Kitten, you will not come unless we find you deserve it, and certainly not until you beg for it. And you better be convincing in your begging.”

The brothers look at each other over her shoulder, sharing the intense bonding moment. Only a thin membrane of tissue separates their throbbing cocks from each other, and they both possess the same girl at the same time, with no sense of jealousy. In an unspoken agreement, they start rocking in and out of her — reveling in the exquisiteness of her tight entrances, utterly enhanced by her being filled to the very limit by another cock.

Kai reaches down to support her ass, Adrian takes a hold of her hips and waist. Together they start moving her in time with their thrusts, sometimes lowering her gently and sometimes slamming her down on their double penetration.

Somewhere along the way, the intense pain of Adrian’s anal assault starts to be matched by equally intense pleasure. The pain remains, but the pleasure joins it and takes the edge away. Somehow her screams turn into moans, her pleas for them to stop into pleas to continue and her whole body melds into them. Her head spins even harder and the last vestiges of resistance lets go. A sudden realization hits her.

What happens to her is no longer her choice. This is all they are trying to teach her. They are not trying to hurt her, they are trying to _teach_ her, and pain is a good reminder. Adrian, her Master, gave her a chance to experience a gentle anal penetration and she squandered it by thinking she could avoid it all together. It is not his fault he is fucking her so hard it hurts now, it is hers.

It is like an epiphany. The pain starts to drain away, leaving acceptance and pleasure in its wake.

*What* happens is not her choice, but *how* it happens can be. Her mind spins and their words starts swimming through her head, warping and changing with each repeat, some words falling out while the core message gets clearer.


“Little One, All you have to do is surrender.”

“This time, Kitten, you will not come unless we find you deserve it, and certainly not until you beg for it.”


“All you have to do is surrender.”

“not come… not until you beg for it..”


“have to … surrender.”

“beg for it.”





Adrian feels it the moment it happens, it takes Kai another second or two. Something changes in her, something profound, on a much deeper level than the admissions and small victories that have been achieved up until now. There is something in her scent. There is something in how she is no longer either struggling or being limp, but gently rocking with their motions, aiding the flow with slightly undulating hips.

It is in how she arches her back to lean her head on his shoulder as he forcefully thrusts into her sweet, tight ass. It is in how her legs around Kai’s waist tighten around him, holding her up by her own force and releasing his hands from lifting her ass to roam her body.

It is how her moans loose the unaccepted edge and painful aftertaste to instead express rising excitement. In fact, it is in how her cries and whimpers fail to be complaints at all, instead becoming true moans. It is in how her pussy floods with so much moisture that it drips between her holes to wet the base of his cock when it is buried deep in her ass, and he hears Kai’s appreciative sounds as her inner walls become more slick around him and her clit swells.

But it is really in how the unspoken reactions become outspoken actions. How she grabs the short hairs in his neck in her fists and pleads, not orders…

“Touch me!” turning her head to catch Kai’s eyes, extending the plea to him. They both hold off responding for a second, looking at her. She realizes, remembering the words, she must plead, beg, and truly show that she has surrendered. Not just do it, but show it. Suddenly it becomes easy, natural.

Her whole body relaxes, neither fighting nor helping the pounding of their cocks into her most private areas, but not being able to help the moans their thrusts elicit from her tiny frame. They realize she is trying to say something and slow their pace, giving her a chance to get her words out. The change is clear and they want to hear it.

“I am yours. I don’t know why I fought it, but I now know I am only yours. Please take me with you in making this pleasurable. Teach me, include me, own me, and take me. Please include me, touch me. Master, please let me cum too. PLEASE!”

At the word “Master” she quickly turned her head, making it clear she included them both. There is no doubt in their minds that she is serious, that this is genuine. They have trained before and they know what it looks like when a slave accepts her calling, breaks and becomes willing. It’s just mind boggling how she fought harder than they ever do, seemingly gave in and then didn’t like they never do and then surrendered — all in a nights work.

Now the change in them is equally clear. It is not all about their own pleasure any more. Their pleasure is no less important, there is just an added goal in the activity. She gave in, truly submitted. She must be rewarded for this, about that fact there is no question. Their hands are everywhere on her, squeezing her nipples, fondling her ass. Kai pulls the hood of her swollen clit back to allow his pubic bone to hit it with every thrust, Adrian takes advantage of his brother exposing her bud by letting his still lubed up finger rub it intently between each stroke. The combination is intense and unbearable. Sweet, intense friction followed by hard pressure combined with complete penetration, over and over again. A deep vibration starts at her toes and fingertips and moves slowly inwards.

Adrians cock in her ass is giving her immense pleasure. Why was she ever afraid or opposed to this? The intense pain of his entry has faded in her mind, not to be recalled until the next time he wants to (and subsequently, will) push his erection through her back door. Now when they are not only fucking her hard, but also rubbing her, pleasing her, taking her with them, her body is brought closer and closer to sweet release, what the French call “the little death”, with every stroke.

Her head is thrown back in bliss, exposing her white, untouched neck. Kai’s eyes meet Adrian’s and quickly flicker to the throbbing pulse in her neck, and receives a minute nod in reply from his brother. Her ass is not the only part of her that will be penetrated for the first time today.

The brothers watch each other as if in a mirror as their fangs expand and their expressions take on the demonic appearance of their true nature. The girl is still lost in bliss from the thrusts of their cocks in both her holes and the intense clitoral stimulation she is receiving. From her tremors, they can tell she is close to release, and neither of them really can wait to fill her with his cum. They smile an otherworldly, wicked smile at each other before increasing the pace of their thrusts to near unbearable speed for a human, lowering their heads and simultaneously piercing her jugular on either side of her neck.

“Ahhhh! FUCK! Oh my GOD!” Her scream, initially from pain, almost instantly turns into ecstasy. Being filled to the brink of her capabilities, especially Adrian’s cock thrusting in and out of her ass, their fingers on her most sensitive parts and now finally coupled with two pairs of fangs forcefully entering her skin combines to send her over the edge to an absolutely mind blowing orgasm. Kai feels her pussy spasm around him while swallowing her blood and, having no further wish to hold back, thrusts violently into her for another second or two before his cock twitches and he starts cumming hard inside her. Every thrust filling her with another load of his cum. Its amazing there is so much left after coming so hard not that long ago, but there seems to be an endless supply as far as she is concerned.

Adrian on the other hand, is intent on taking this to the next level. She has begged for her own release, he wants to see if he can make her beg for his. He keeps thrusting his impressive member in and out of her ass, continuing to rub her clit as she rides out her orgasm, her head bent back over his shoulder and his fangs buried in her neck. Carefully he retracts his fangs and speaks in her ear in time with his thrusts.

“What do you want from me, Little One? Say it, and I might just give it to you.” He punctuates the last words with hard strokes, one for each word.

She moans at his invasion of her ass before answering.

“I want you to cum in me, Master” He grins at the fact that she still uses the title she has been drilled to say even at this stage. This is the best proof he could get that she is in fact completely his now.

“What did you say?” he repeats, teasing her “I didn’t understand.” She tries to turn her head towards him, her breath being knocked from her lungs with every forceful thrust into her ass. Kai is still thrusting into her pussy, although with less intensity than before he came. Of course he is still hard, he is a vampire after all.

Finally she gets her head far enough to look into his lust clouded eyes, and gets to say what she wanted to, in gasping breaths as the aftershocks of her orgasm floods over her.

“I want you to grab my hips and pull me onto you as hard as you wish for and need to, Master. Then I want to feel you spurt your hot cum into my ass. THAT is what I want. I want to please you, Master. I want you to cum in me.”

At her words he loses it completely. To the rhythm of her last contractions from her earlier orgasm, he grabs her hips and starts pistoning his cock in and out of her ass. Reaching around her he intently stimulates her clit, the twin sensations of his cock and his fingers quickly rising her up on the top of the wave again. He is fucking her ass so hard he thinks he might cause lasting damage, so he bites his wrist and holds it to her mouth as he bites down on her neck again. As her sweet blood runs down his throat and he swallow, he pounds his cock into her harder than ever before, secure in that she has taken his blood and will heal. On the first big gulp he feels something loosening inside of him. She is his, she has given herself to him and he is taking her in the most intimate way possible — a way that even many long standing lovers never do. Her anus clinches deliciously around him as his teeth, tongue and cock sends her into orbit again.

He really doesn’t mind if a girl has known the touch of a man before, as long as he gets to be the first to possess her ass. Not that he doesn’t love owning a pussy, but there is something extra intimate and special about pushing his — honestly, for this purpose — too big cock up a woman’s anus. He doesn’t need the extra tightness, pretty much every woman feels tight if you have enough girth — no, for him it is the visual of tight buttocks, slightly or completely unwilling, spread by his fingers and then watching his rock hard erection pushing in where she didn’t think she would ever allow anyone to enter. Scorching hot. Taking his little Ones anal virginity in such a forceful way makes him feel alive, and strong, in a way he has not in a long time. Yes, she is really doing her job to distract him. He has tried all of her cavities now, and they are all delicious. He really can’t pick a favorite.

Finally allowing himself to feel all of it, her clenching ass brings him to the edge and beyond. He leans his head back and growls out his release, as he shoots wave after wave of hot cum up her puckered entrance. He removes his fangs from her neck before he takes too much and relishes in the feel of his cock twitching deep inside her tightness.

When he finishes releasing in her he stops moving, realizing that Kai and his Little One are also still. He looks at his brother for a second, sharing what needs to be done, and quickly unhooks her ropes from the hook above her. Kai has moved away, but Adrian is still supporting her against his body, his cock buried deep in her ass. He never makes the same mistake twice, so he checks with her now.

“Little One, how do you feel?”

“Happy, master”

Carefully, he repeats and rephrases Kai’s question from earlier, the one that started round three. ‘So, my doll, have you learned your lesson? Are you grateful we took the time to teach you?” Her answer does not waver for a second and is miles away from her previous insolence.

“Yes, Master. Thank you for teaching me. I am sorry it took me so long.” She tries to lean further back towards him, and he uses the moment to untie her arms and legs from their bonds, slowly walking over the bath tub that Kai is in the process of filling.

She really has submitted. He grins at that, while still aware that does not mean the training is over. She will make many mistakes in the next few days that will need to be corrected. Such a pity, he thinks to himself as the very thought makes his cock twitch again — but by now he really is too tired, they all are. He carefully removes his still semi hard cock from her anus, leaving a stretched, half open entrance behind, slowly leaking his semen. It is a very erotic, and a very possessive, picture. She is HIS, there is no better way of showing it. He looks to his brother and smiles.


Once the tub is almost filled her body is submerged in hot, gentle caresses. There is something with how water moves that almost makes it feel like a touch. The tub is large, made for 6-8 people, so when Kai and Adrian slips into it there is hardly any disturbance to her feeling of freedom.

They settle to either side of her, allowing their hands to roam, gently, over her body. Adrian’s blood has already healed her, inside and out, the intense pain is now a distant memory whilst their sweet caresses are overwhelming reality. The men move closer together, Adrian gently lifting her legs to let her hips rest in his lap while Kai leans her upper body against his muscled chest, his hands gently stroking her sides and breasts, his soft lips placing feather light kisses against her neck and shoulders. A deep and content sigh slips past her lips while her body settles against them.

Reaching to the side of the tub Adrian picks up two soft, natural sponges already prepared and soaked in exclusive body wash and hands one of them to his brother. He chose the scent of musk and light vanilla to perfectly compliment his Little Ones natural scent and is happy with the result as she leans deeper into them both when it hits her nostrils. Gently, ever so gently, they start cleansing her, the sponges in their hands caressing every inch of her body and making her feel pure and loved. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear, mixed with praise and pride at her performance she knows she did well. Right now nothing could make her happier.

Instead of slipping off into exhausted sleep her body begins to gently react to their caresses. Not powerfully intense, simply relaxed arousal caused by loving, sponge-holding hands tickling the underside of her breasts, the inside of her thighs, the small fold where her buttocks meet her thighs. Noticing her pert nipples beginning to harden and her relaxed breath turning slightly shallow the brothers lock eyes and an unspoken agreement pass between them causing their caresses not to intensify but rather slightly change focus.

Dropping his sponge on the side of the tub Kai brings his palms to fully cover her breasts, feeling their perfect size and shape filling his hands, her nipples poking into his palms. He begins to gently rub and fondle her soft globes, lifting, stroking, caressing, never grabbing or pinching. His mouth by her ear is now breathing down her neck, nibbling her earlobe and sending shiver after shiver through her body.

“Would you like us to show our appreciation, Kitten? You have earned it.” He purrs into her ear, his voice almost as deep and rumbling as Adrian’s when he is in the same mood and having the same effect on her as goose bumps rise on her skin despite being submerged in the comfortable heat of the water.

“Mhmm” she nods and mumbles her agreement, her eyes never opening while she leans her head further back into the crook of his neck, her soft hair floating out in the water to tickle and caress his chest. Her left arm reaches out blindly until her hand finds another body, her fingers gently exploring Adrian’s shoulders, trailing down his arms and finally finding his hand, entwining her fingers in his. Her actions cause a content rumbling sound to roll from his lips, the vibrations going straight through her body and making her hips lightly grind down into his lap, having an immediate effect on his previously exhausted member.

His gentle caresses along her thighs increase their span, coming closer to her core at each apex of their upward motion, before turning and again trailing down her leg. His other hand gently squeezes her hip and upper buttock, not hindering her grinding motion but also not forcing her harder onto him. This situation has no force involved whatsoever, they are simply pleased to be pleasing her. She arches her back to push her breasts more firmly into Kai’s hands and tries to angle her hips for Adrian to finally touch her where she needs him to; she finds his progress is excruciatingly slow.

Eyes still closed her right arm rises up and wraps around Kai’s neck while her left leg snakes around Adrian’s waist, spreading her legs for his gently probing hand.

“Please…” she murmurs as her breaths turn more shallow and her heart beat quickens.

“Please what, Little One?” Adrian purrs.

“I need…” she realizes she doesn’t know what it is that she needs and just shakes her head. “I just need.” She concludes.

Both brothers chuckle at this, the rumbling again striking at the very core of her being and making her arch her back further, mewling like the kitten Kai has dubbed her. Not wanting to torture her further, Kai let’s one of his hands trail down her flat stomach while the other keeps caressing her breasts, switching from one to the other. As his hand reaches her center he expertly finds her clit and starts rubbing it lightly with his thumb while using two other fingers to spread her folds. Taking advantage of his brothers actions, Adrian allows his hand on her inner thigh to rise to her spread folds, gently prodding and caressing her entrance, only to find her impossibly slick under the water. He allows two fingers to slip into her wetness, carefully and surely curling his fingers in a “come hither” motion to find that special spot inside her, stimulating it in time with Kais rubbing of her clit.

This is a six part story that will contain graphic sex scenes and light bondage between two consenting adult males. If that is not your thing you may want to try a different story.

If you like what you read, that is because I had amazing help in the form of a very talented editor, Bert_Fegg. He took many, many hours of his free time to find all the punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, and tense changes that filled the original manuscript. If you don’t like it, then you should have seen it before B got his hands on it! Bless his heart.

This is my first attempt at creative writing outside of school. Please be gentle on me.


Chapter 1

I can do this. Only two more weeks of this hell and then it’s over. I’m done and moving on. I can do this.

The same mantra that I had been chanting to myself for the past four years ran through my head while I cowered in the one remaining stall with an intact door in the men’s restroom.

“Mike? Are you in here?” I hear my only friend Ally, calling from the door.

God damn it! Not the best place to hide apparently.

“Yeah, Alls, give me a minute.”

“You’ve been missing for thirty minutes. I think your client is about to have a fit in the lobby. Do you want me to finish the discharge papers for you?”

I sigh as I let my head fall back onto the pea-green metal wall of the stall. Ally has had my back since we started college eight years ago, with our bright naive thoughts and great expectations of life as veterinarians. Saving horses, cuddling puppies, swimming with dolphins. You don’t think about things like compassion fatigue when you’re eighteen.

I exit the stall to see Ally sitting on the counter by the sink. “No it’s ok. I’ll finish it, I know you have just as much work to do as the rest of us. What the hell are you doing in here anyway? Don’t y’all have your own bathroom?”

“What? And miss the only time I get to see you? No thank you! I blocked the door with an out of order sign ten minutes ago by the way. You’re welcome!”

I look at myself in the mirror. My short brown hair luckily, can’t do much in the way of looking unprofessional. I have it styled in short spikes in the front of my head. But my brown eyes are red-rimmed and slightly puffy along the bottom lid.


I let out a groan as I consider the volley of smart ass remarks that I will receive from Dr. Skivera, the resident over my cases this week. After throwing some cold water on my face, I give Ally a quick peck on the cheek and head back out to the clinic.

I sneak over to the fishbowl to quickly finish discharging my client. It is a small room, originally set up to receive records when the hospital had all their client information in paper files. Now it contains an ancient computer and a few rickety office chairs. One wall has a huge window about chest high that reaches up to the ceiling that earned it the nickname ‘the fish bowl’. Because of its size, and out of the way location, no one but me ever uses this room, making it a perfect location to hide from everyone while I worked. Usually I can work in here for hours without seeing anyone else.

As I sit down in the wobbly chair in front of the computer, I heave a sigh of relief at the thought of a few snatched minutes of peace. As I log into the database, I hear a voice I have come to loathe over the past year.

“Mike! What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

I turn around and face Dr. Skivera. I wish I was standing up, at least then I would have the advantage of size over this small Russian woman.


“Why the fuck are you hiding in here? Have you even started the discharge papers for Red? I have never met a more incompetent student in my life! I can’t believe they are letting you graduate. If they listened to me, you would be kicked out of this program so fast, you wouldn’t even have time to cry in the bathroom. Now go fucking print off the lab results for Mr. Biggles, get Red out of here, and come up with a treatment plan for Duke. I want to see you in the rounds room in ten minutes.”

Two more weeks. Two more fucking weeks.


I sink into my bed with a whimper at 1:30am. I need to get up in three and a half hours to get back to school in time to take care of all my patients that are staying in the hospital overnight and be ready for rounds to start at eight. My social life has never been one to inspire jealousy in my fellow students. Going to the same land grant college in the middle of the Bible belt, for undergrad and professional school, doesn’t really offer a huge gay night life. Before clinics, Ally and I would hit the bars every now and then. She would pick out a stranger for the night and I would watch the underage freshmen learn and exceed their capacity for alcohol with jager bombs and other lethal combinations of liquors. I’m not sure why watching ripped pledges puke on the dance floor was entertainment for me, but it never got old. Ally and I have barely seen each other in the past year, much less gone out for a little stress relief. My only entertainment lately has been a quick jerk-off before crashing. I reached down to fondle my flaccid penis. Fuck it, I was too tired tonight to even contemplate that. I rolled on my side and slipped into oblivion.


I set my phone to play one of my favorite Nobuo Uematsu pieces as my alarm. I thought it would be a nice way to wake up and a hell of a lot less annoying than the typical whine of the digital alarm I had since high school. I fucking hated that song now. I slammed my hand on my phone with a grunt and rolled over on my back. Why did I think I wanted to be a vet again? I contemplated the minimum injury I would need to inflict on myself to have a legitimate reason not to go in today.

Stump my toe? Not enough. Cut off a finger shaving? Surely too far. Maybe I can go out to the large animal isolation barn this afternoon and see about contracting a little swine flu, maybe Salmonella?

I pull myself out of bed for a quick shower before I head out.


I pick up the folder for my last case of the day. Bob, three year old, male, neutered Labrador mix with diarrhea.

Who names their dog Bob?

I say a quick prayer in my head that Bob ate last night’s left overs or has worms. Something quick and easy to diagnose and treat. I pray Bob’s owner isn’t some cute wobbly old man who just lost his wife, and by the way, Bob is dying of some horrific disease. I open the lobby door.


A huge gentleman with a beer belly and food stains on his white dress shirt tugs on the leash of a lean brown pup. The dog rolls his eyes up to the gentleman and huffs as he rises before trotting over to give me a lick on my hand.

“Mr. Davey? I’m Mike, I’m going to be your senior student assigned to Bob’s case today, if you’d like to follow me?”

As I turn around the gentleman stops me.

“I ain’t Mr. Davey.”

I look back at the chart in my hand. Owner: William Davey

“Excuse me?”

“I said, I ain’t Mr. Davey. I’m Adams, Mr. Davey will be back to pick up Bob tonight. I just work for ‘im during the day. I found Bob here rollin’ in a pile of shit in the den and just want to drop the mutt off.”

“Alrighty, well Mr. Adams, if you can come this way and answer a few question, talk to the doctor in charge, provide a contact number, and we can have you on your way.”

“It’s just Adams.” The man grunted.

“Adams, right. This way please.”

We got Bob checked in and Mr. Adams, excuse me, Adams, off without any trouble. It looked like for once things were going my way. After some blood work and fecal tests, it seems as though Bob had probably got into the trash or got some food slipped to him under the table. Five o’clock rolls around and I am done with everything, just waiting on Bob’s owner to come and take him home. Dr. Skivera strolled by the rounds room where I am sitting and chatting with Ally.

“You didn’t fuck anything up today, Mike. Congratulations.” She continued on out the door to the parking lot.

Fucking bitch.

“God, what a witch. What is her deal with you? You do just as well as the rest of us on this rotation.”

“I had my first rotation with her when we started our clinical year. I truly did fuck up and forgot to submit a blood sample in the craziness of the first day. She decided after that I was useless.”

“Well, sweetheart, we’ll be out of here soon! I still have three clients waiting on results to be discharged so I’m going to get busy!”

As Ally, left the room I cracked open a medical book to review while I waited.

Eight o’clock rolls around and the front desk finally pages me to meet Bob’s owner. I grab the chart with a sigh.

Three fucking hours I have been waiting for this guy. Three hours on the one day I may have gotten out at a decent time. But no, Mr. Davey apparently had more important things to do than pick up his fucking dog. I should have checked Bob into the hospital hours ago, fuck this guy.

I walk around the corner and stop in my tracks. Oh my.

“Mr. Davey?”

The tall man at the front desk turns toward me.

Holy fuck! Never mind, this was totally worth the wait.

He has his hands stuck in the pockets of dark chinos with a crisp crease down the front. His skin is a pale alabaster. Looks like a vet student, no time for the sun, I quip in my head. A pale blue polo covers the wide expanse of his chest and matches his eyes.

God damn! Those eyes! What I wouldn’t do to wake up next to those every morning.

His hair is cut military short, not my usual preference, but with a body like that, who the fuck cares about hair?

“I go by Bill.” He extends his right hand to me.

“You can come in this room…um… wait in this room and I’ll go get Bob. Um, yeah, Bob.” I shake his hand weakly while I feel my face, ears and chest heat through ten different shades of red.

Fuck, I haven’t been this tripped up over a crush since high school. Snap out of it.

Bill gives me a slow smile and follows me to a private exam room.

Holy fuck! That smile is even better than the eyes. Kill me now and I’ll die a happy man.

I feel my breath catching in my throat as my chest tightens and my stomach begins to dance the east coast swing in my abdomen. The thought of the beautiful man two feet behind me is causing an unfortunate reaction in my briefs. I attempt to turn away and adjust my growing problem into a less noticeable position as I open the door to the exam room. The smirk on Bill’s face leaves me with the impression I was not as sneaky as I hoped.

Smooth, Mike. Way to act like a professional, popping wood on a guy picking up his sick dog.

I roll my eyes at myself but still grab Ally on the way to get Bob.

“Hey Alls, run by exam room nine. You’ll thank me later!”

When I get back to the exam room with Bob, I see a crowd of five girls from my class who haven’t made it home yet, ogling my client from afar. As I close the door to the exam room behind Bob and me, I hear a sigh from the crowd.

Bob goes berserk when he sees his owner. He runs in tight circles and jumps onto the pristine pants leaving wet circles from his paws. I stumble a bit through our test results before I settle into my professional manner and finish explaining the diagnosis and treatment plan for Bob.

As I escort the pair out of the hospital with a wave, I feel better than I have in a year. That was a nice pick-me-up to get me through the week!


I settle into bed at a reasonable time for the first time in a month. I have been half erect since meeting Bob’s owner and now I allow myself to drift into fantasies featuring deep blue eyes and a strong muscled chest. As I pull on my hard cock I imagine his hands gently tugging my short hair while massaging my scalp. I can almost feel the scrape of teeth and salve of wet tongue tweaking my nipples while they harden into sensitive nubs. I allow one finger of my free hand to tease my left nipple, causing that entire side of my chest to contract as it throbs with sensation and sends a spark of electricity straight to my cock. In my mind, Bill continues to caress his way down my body, my arms and stomach are covered in goose bumps and my abdominal muscles begin to quake as his hand reaches between my thighs to firmly grab the muscles of my ass. My breath begins to quicken and my heart rate accelerates as I imagine one of his pale warm hands wrapped around my cock in a firm grip, rubbing my copious precum up and down the shaft while the other hand slides into the crevice of my cheeks to circle my anus. Without any warning, I feel all my muscles tighten and a loud groan escapes my mouth as cum flies out of my cock to coat my chest and neck in a warm splash. My heels dig into the sheets, pushing my hips up into the air as my body contracts and relaxes in cycles, leaving me covered in a week’s worth of slowly cooling semen. With one final sigh, my legs flop back down on the bed and every tense muscle in my body gives way to deep relaxation.

Damn, I haven’t had that kind of hair trigger in years. I didn’t even have time to pull out any toys. I think I have a new favorite fantasy!

This chapter contains graphic sex scenes and adult language between two consenting adult males. If that is not your thing you may want to try a different story.

If you like what you read, that is because I had amazing help in the form of a very talented editor, Bert_Fegg (from a different site). He took many, many hours of his free time to find all (or most, there were quite a few in there to begin with!) of the punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, and tense changes that filled the original manuscript. If you don’t like it, then you should have seen it before B got his hands on it! Bless his heart.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my world and hope you enjoy yourself.


Chapter 2

Graduation day comes and Ally and I wait on her parents to find us in the mass of black gowns with grey hoods. My parents couldn’t make graduation; my little brother had a soccer game. Same excuse they gave when they bailed on my white coat ceremony, college graduation, and high school graduation. I don’t think my little brother even plays soccer any more. He is their one hope for a successful progeny at this point. In my parents’ mind, anything I achieve will always be overshadowed by the fact that I am a fag.

Ally introduced me to her close knit family soon after we met our freshman year of college. Ally and her younger sister act more like best friends than sisters and their parents shower them both with love and support. The family comes up every football weekend to tailgate and pamper their oldest daughter, bringing supplies, beer, and a feast of home cooked food. Ally’s parents have since adopted me as ‘the son they never had.’

“So, Dr. Harvey, what shall we do to celebrate the ending of an era?” Ally says in her best British accent.

“Well, Dr. Love, I believe we have an outstanding date with The Duck!”

The Duck is an old run down bar outside city limits. It is the kind of place that gives away free samples of Skoal on Tuesdays but brings in great local bands on the weekends. And because of some stroke of genius, they sell ‘membership’ cards outside for two dollars to get in, making it a private club, not a bar. It stays open till everyone leaves instead of closing down at two like all the other bars in town. Ally and I have gone to The Duck after finals every semester since we turned twenty-one.

Ally’s parents reach us at that time. After a round of hugs and well wishes, we separate for a few hours to allow Ally some private time with her family. I head home to change. We have plans to meet before the bar at eleven.


After a few hours of cheap beer and loud 80′s cover band, I stumble out of The Duck. My ears are ringing and I feel more tipsy than I should. Damn vet school, made me a light weight. I look at my phone.


Well, fuck. Apparently Ally has become a light weight as well. And now I have no ride home.

I need to remember to call her tomorrow. Ally has always had a loose stance on sex, similar to my own. Be careful, use protection, but if it is consensual, it is good. We keep up with each other and make sure the other is safe in the morning. Other than that, we refrain from judging each other’s decisions.

I live about two miles from The Duck so I start to head home walking alongside the main drag through town. Our graduation is the day after the undergrads’, so it is a pretty quiet night. Only the hard core frat boys and locals are still in town tonight. After a few cat calls from speeding trucks passing dangerously close I start to regret letting Ally out of my sight.

I am busy muttering to myself a list of tortures and embarrassments I have planned for Ally when I glance up and notice my wet dream coming down the walk way ten feet in front of me, a cigarette glowing orange between his lips while he eyes my disheveled state. My jaw drops open and my mouth is suddenly dry as I take in the man who has occupied my fantasies for weeks. I rock back on my heels in an uncoordinated attempt to stop.

Holy shit! It’s Beautiful Blue Eyes! I never thought I would see him again. I must make him mine! Just be cool, Mike. You got this, buddy.

“You know those things will kill you, right?”

Awesome, Mike, nag the man into fucking you. This is why you haven’t been laid in four years.

Bill smirks at me while shrugging his shoulders. “Not likely.”

God, can I please lick those shoulders. Please, just once?

“Cigarette smoking causes about 20% of the deaths in the US each year, not a very safe pastime there.”

Fuck Mike! Shut up! Shut up now!

Bill, sighs as he throws the half smoked cigarette to the pavement and grinds the butt with his heel. He changes the subject before I can further enumerate the dangers of smoking. “Do you need a ride somewhere?”

“If you’re not busy, that would be nice. Thank you.” I stare with round eyes and a cock that has taken the time to fight past the alcohol and stand at half-mast. As I hop in his large white 4×4 F250 parked half a block down the street, I have a momentary thought that this is how B movie murder mysteries start. Friends see drunk woman picked up by man outside bar and is found in the ditch the next morning. I would be the woman in this case, and there are no friends to see me get in the truck.

I direct Bill the last mile to my small one bedroom apartment. As I slide out of the truck, I misjudge the distance to the ground and end up in a giggling pile outside the door.

Oh fuck me, this night couldn’t get any better. Why not end with me on my ass in front of Hottie McHottieson.

Bill grabs my upper arms and pulls me to my feet. “Easy does it. Which one are you in?”

I point to the second floor, apartment 201. Bill stays by my side as I get my keys in the lock and open the door. My apartment is filled with second hand furniture pulled together with yard sell finds and clearance items. It may not look like much, but I am proud of the final product considering the budget. Thank god I cleaned the house yesterday. Bill guides me to the couch and helps me pull off my sneakers while keeping one hand on my left calf. I stare at his eye as they run over my slumped form.

“Thanks, I didn’t plan on getting wasted this evening.”

He keeps his hands on my knees while he sits back on his heels between my legs. He smiles at me before sighing and standing up. “We’ve all been there.” He turns and walks to the door. “See you around, Mike.”

As Bill closes the door behind him, I start to kicking myself.

Damn it Mike! If you hadn’t gotten sloshed like a damn freshman, this evening would have ended in a massive sex fest. Hottie would have stayed the night, you would have made love till dawn, and then he would have asked you to move in with him because he couldn’t stand the thought of another night without your massive cock. Mother fucking Ally and her damn beer.


The next morning I wake up with the feeling that someone has swabbed my mouth out with a dry cloth. A dry cloth that was previously stuck up the ass of a dying cow. I also feel like my brain is about double the volume of my skull. I stumble to the kitchen for a glass of water and my bottle of Excedrin. I grab a bottle of water left on my counter and chug half the contents before I remember that the bottle shouldn’t have been there in the first place. After a moment’s confusion, my eyes fall on a scrap of paper that appears to once have been connected to my grocery list. Curiosity makes me forget my pounding head as I rotate the scrap around to read the messy scrawl on the paper.

‘Dinner at 8? My place?

Let me know


His number is written below the message.

Oh, fucking hell to the yes!

All thoughts of coffee laced with horse laxatives and flea infested clothing for Ally are immediately replaced with the flowers and chocolates that such a sweet princess as herself deserves.

I have a date!


I am thankful the date is set for so late. Ally and I meet for a late lunch, both nursing hangovers with dark sun glasses over our unforgiving eyes. She tells me about Mr. Right-now, a forgettable romp with a small dick but an amazing body. She falls into a thirty minute tirade of how size doesn’t matter but if it’s small you damn well better put out a bit more effort than last night’s quest. I’m gasping for breath around belly aching laughs by the time she finishes her rant with a pout. We finish the meal while I tell her about the beautiful, mysterious Mr. Davey.

After lunch we head over to my place to pick out the perfect outfit. Something that says ‘Why yes, I would fancy a fuck!’ While not saying ‘I fuck anything that moves.’ We settle on a pale pink button up and a pair of tight jeans that show off my ass to its full advantage.

Ally keeps me company for the few hours remaining before I need to hop in the shower and get ready. At six thirty she heads back to her place to resume packing up her apartment. I am left to stew in my nerves . My mind wonders to my last date almost four years ago. I met some kid on the internet and we decided to meet for dinner and a movie. Five minutes into dinner I was looking for a window to crawl out of. The guy was obviously still deeply in the closet, he didn’t look me in the eye once throughout the date, and he flirted outrageously with the waitress the entire meal. By the time we were finished with our burgers, I was ready to punch the bastard. Unfortunately, my libido got the better of me and I let him give me a blowjob in the back of the theater. What followed was a week of increasingly harassing phone calls and instant messages until finally I had to get the police involved. After that horrible experience, I decided dating was better left alone until I matured a bit and I haven’t been on one since.

By quarter till eight, when I start walking to Bills place, I have almost talked myself into canceling.

He is so out of your league! You’re moving away in a month! You know you don’t have time for a relationship right now! For fuck’s sake, you’re starting a new job in six weeks! Did I mention that he is way out of your league?

My palms are sweating and throat is parched as my eyes dart around me to take in my location. I realize I passed Bill’s house two blocks ago. I stop and take a few deep breaths to prevent myself from running away screaming.

Come on, Mike! Get it together. You can do this. It is like riding a bike, only a lot less uncomfortable. Well, maybe not less uncomfortable. You can do this! Knock on the door, wow him with your suave, and bag that big boy!

I look around at the well-manicured front lawn of the two story antebellum house while I take a moment to clear my mind of any thoughts that might lead to my semi turning into a full blown erection on Bill’s front steps. I ring the doorbell and wait a minute before the front door swings open to reveal a smiling man dressed in black dress slacks and a light blue button up.

“I was wondering if you were going to knock or if you were planning on spending the night on my front porch.” Bill raises his eyebrow as I begin to glow a lovely shade of crimson.

I step inside mumbling the first thing that comes to mind. “Your magnolias are still in bloom.”

Fuck me. I am the biggest dork this town has ever seen!

The house smells divine with the rich warm scent of roasting meat. After the small lunch with Ally, I am ravenous. I follow Bill into the kitchen after accepting a glass of red wine. Bob bounds down the stairs to greet me with a viciously wagging tail and a few licks of my pants leg.

We make small chat about the upcoming college football season, high budget action films, and various other manly topics. I lift my wine glass to my lips only to discover I have already drained the glass. My hand shakes a bit as I return the glass to the counter. A thin sheen of moisture in the shape of my hand is left on the counter when I move to reach for the proffered bottle of wine. I manage a small smile toward Bill as I sip from my second glass of wine.

God, I hope this man really is gay. What if I misread this entire situation? How much of an ass am I going to feel like if he is actually thanking me for bringing his dog back from the brink of death after a scrap of steak gone bad episode?

I begin to list from foot to foot as my stomach is filled with butterflies on five cases of Redbull.

What the holy hell were you thinking? This man is obviously happily married to a beautiful woman. He is too gorgeous to not have a wife. I’m sure at any moment that perfect vision of a woman with huge tits, perfect blond hair, and straight, white teeth will burst through the door with a baby propped on her wide, childbearing hips. And let’s not forget that this man is way out of your league. What the fuck are you doing here?

By the time the roast has been pulled out to rest, my heart is pounding in my ears and any possible words I could add to the conversation are stuck in my throat. Bill pulls two plates out to set the table.

Well, at least I won’t have to eat with Mrs. Perfect-wife.

I devour the meal while Bill watches me with amusement. It looks to me as if he has pushed the food around his plate more than eaten anything. Bob remains firmly positioned under Bills chair throughout dinner. I wonder who feeds Bob from the table?

After dinner we head into the den to admire his entertainment system. Plasma, LCD, LED, I don’t know, but the thing is huge. Stereo speakers are strategically placed around the entire room to give the feel that any explosion on your TV is actually occurring in the room next to you.

Watching a porno on this thing must be an experience. A two foot dick with slurping and slapping sounds in all directions. I think I would like to try that out.

I grin at my inner dialogue only to realize we are silent and Bill is watching me with increasing amusement at I start to pitch a tent in my pants.

I clear my throat and start to plan exit strategies.

Why do I have to be so damn awkward? Why can’t my life play out like a romance novel? Boy meets boy, they fall instantly in love with no strained pauses or weird first dates, they have amazing sex and live happily ever after. Is that really too much to ask for?

While I am worrying about graceful exits, Bill has appeared in front of me. He leans in and pauses close enough so that I can feel the heat of his lips but there is no contact yet.

What is he waiting for? Do it! Oh, please, for the love of all, kiss me!

After an agonizing moment of anticipation, I realize that he is waiting for permission to continue. I close the last bit of distance with a sigh.

Oh, this is amazing. This is much better that talking about football or movies.

My inner self has donned a cheerleader’s outfit to do back handsprings around my mind to the backdrop of fireworks in celebration of this glorious kiss. His lips are soft but slightly cool, like he has just come in from a walk on a winter day. Never mind the fact it is ninety fucking degrees outside. His tongue slips from his mouth to tease my bottom lip. With a shiver, I open my lips to allow a deeper kiss. His hands settle on my hips with a vice like grip so I place my hands on his strong arms to balance myself as the kiss progresses to ‘melt the polar ice caps’ level intensity.

By this time, I am no longer merely pitching a tent. There is enough room under there for a whole city to move in. My cock is rock hard and pressing against my jeans at an angle that is just this side of ‘Oh my god’ pain. A whimper of need escapes me as I let my hands slide up from Bill’s biceps to fasten together behind his neck.

It has been so long since I have had a kiss like this, let’s not even think about the last time I got laid. Oh, I hope I get laid tonight!

I close the distance between us so that our bodies are pressed against each other from our lips to our toes. Hello, Mr. Happy! Bill is most definitely gay and very interested in this kiss. I groan as I feel the hardness of Bills cock rub against mine.

As Bill adjusts the angle of his approach to nibble and lick at my neck I tentatively pull the tails of his shirt out of his pants.

Please don’t stop this, I really need this tonight.

I take the increased vigor of Bill’s attack on my neck as a free pass to continue to undress him.

By the time I have the shirt completely undone and my hands under his white under shirt, Bill has sufficiently marked me with the world’s biggest hickey. Now, I am normally not a fan of walking around with a sign hanging around my neck, or on my neck as the case may be, that says ‘I had sex last night!’ but right now this man could do anything to me and I would be happy, so long as it involved that mouth and my body.

Bill pulls away from me with a feral growl and studies my face. I can feel the flush on my cheeks as I pant with arousal.

“Bedroom?” A man of few words apparently.

I nod quickly.

He grabs my hand and pulls me toward the stairs, pausing at the top for a quick grope and exploration of my mouth.

The bedroom he leads me to is large with dark walls and blackout shades over the two windows on one side. The king sized bed sits between the two windows with blood red sheets and more pillows than seem necessary. A black lacquered dresser and night stand are the only other furniture in the room. A white shag rug covers the hardwood floor giving the room a finished look.

By the time I am done admiring the decorations, Bill is topless with his shoes and socks next to the door and his pants unbuttoned so I can see the plum briefs underneath.

Well, a man shouldn’t have to be half naked alone in his own bedroom!

I quickly join him in his state of undress while he watches me from the bed. After the last shoe is removed in a fast, if not graceful maneuver, I head to the bed to join Bill. He leans back on the pillows as he reaches for my hand to pull me astride him. With my knees on either side of his ribs and my ass firmly planted on his groin, I lean over to continue the probing and sucking we started downstairs.

One of my hands settles on the bed behind his shoulder while the other gently glides over his nipple, a perfect brown nub with an areola about the size of a quarter. I begin to pinch and sooth the little protrusion while his hands message my back and run up into my hair sending shivers and goose bumps down my back. When I move my mouth down to join the fun of nipping and laving his nipples, Bill’s hips begin to grind up into my jean clad erection in time to my ministrations, creating a delicious friction of denim on hard hot skin.

After what seems to be an eternity of petting and grinding, Bill grabs me by the hips and swings me on my back. While overcoming a brief moment of vertigo from the swift change in position, Bill begins to kiss, nip, and lick his way down my chest and stomach, his hands reach into the waistband of my jeans. With one strong graceful sweep of his arms, I find myself with my pants and briefs clearing my ankles while my penis snaps back onto my stomach.

Bill resumes his attention at my knees and works his way back up my inner thighs with a few scrapes from his teeth and a lot of slick caresses from his tongue. The mixture of mild pain and gentle caresses combine to pull all my attention onto Bill. By the time he reaches my groin, I feel like my body is on fire and I fear making a fool of myself with a premature release. He licks the precum from below my belly button and laves my cock from base to tip in one long stroke of his tongue. He pulls my shaft upright with his hand and then begins licking the swollen glans, concentrating on cleaning all the clear fluid from around the slit. As his mouth encloses the head in a molten kiss I grab the sheets as a familiar boil begins to collect deep in my groin.

Davariel kissed the top of Devon’s head through the hood that covered him from everyone’s view. He held his son, although he was securely strapped onto his chest, while Luciel carried Lucien, who tended to be fussier. The soft grey hood on Davariel’s own head covered him well, but he was still nervous. The thought of what would happen if anyone were to gaze upon him made him tremble in fear.

He remembered as a child accompanying the High Priestess, Alya, to the market one sunny day on Seraphia. He was just a tiny chickling, about three sun orbits old. Most Seraphs just smiled at him indulgently and always commented on what a beautiful child he was to the High Priestess who took care of him. That day, unlike others, she took him to the intergalactic market festival so he could see the different types of aliens that visited them regularly.

He recalled how excited he felt as they neared the market festival, his tiny, downy wings fluttering anxiously behind him as he skipped by Alya’s side, giggling in joy.

All eyes turned to stare at him in bewilderment. Everything began to grow silent as they passed stalls of wares, exotic foods, and animals. An orange-skinned Chidadent male scooped him up, without asking the High Priestess Alya’s permission. He hugged Davariel painfully hard, nuzzling his neck as he exclaimed over the child’s beauty. Another alien, this one a white haired Mer, gripped Dava’s pale-gold, corkscrew baby-curls, and begged the Chidident to allow him to hold him. A female Grei tried to pry Davariel from the Chidident, who didn’t seem to want to relinquish the baby to anyone. Alya, who had already unsheathed her sword, tried to regain poor Davariel in desperation. The people almost rioted when he began to cry from fear and pain as they tussled over him.

Alya took to the air, carrying the Chidident. Several other reapers helped her tear a sobbing Davariel from the aggressive orange-hued alien, then they watched in horror as the mob that had been inside the grounds of the market festival began heading toward the holy city of Angelos almost as fast as they flew there. Reapers scrambled to shut the city gates as Alya flew directly to the balcony of Davariel’s bedroom in the castle.

Luciel’s hand caressing his cheek brought him out of his reverie.

Her voice was like a kiss in his mind. Everything will be fine, baby.

He nodded at her, not daring to look up lest his hood fall back.

The cloak covered him fully. It was soft, comfortable, and cool. Still, he wondered when he’d be able to shed the layers of clothing he wore, feeling imprisoned in so much fabric. As a chickling, all he had worn was a little black thong-like garment that covered his loins. When he grew into a fledgling reaper, he wore a soctanal, which was nothing more than a black, satiny loincloth, with a gleaming gold band low on his hips holding it in place. Gold sandals, held on his feet with thin string-like ties that wrapped around his legs, completed the scanty attire. Then, as dark prince, he’d worn nothing at all…ever.

He wondered how much attention they were getting right now with their strange little entourage. The two dragons in human form had accompanied them, along with Drakken, the vampire, and one of the reapers, called Eriel. Remuel alone was enough to draw bewildered stares with his mane of blood-red hair and bright green eyes. He was loud and crazy as well, always getting on one of the were-tigri’s nerves. Already Davariel and some of the reapers had to intercept a bloody fistfight between the dragon and the white tiger named Seshmel. Remuel had even managed to irk the vampire that had escorted them to Sjoria. He’d caught Drakken staring murderously at the red-haired weredragon, and warned him not to consider his obnoxious dragon friend a tasty meal. The vampire had only regarded him with cold, glittering black eyes and said he wouldn’t make any promises.

The vampire’s hand gripped his elbow and guided him through the lobby of the seaside castle. All he could see was an opulent rug that cushioned his steps as he walked through a passageway that sounded cavernous. In the air was the scent of ocean breeze and aged stone.

“You can look up now. There’s no one around.” Drakken’s deep lulling voice said near his ear.

Davariel looked up into glittering obsidian eyes in a striking countenance framed by a lush fall of jet-black corkscrew curls. Drakken smiled at him in his usual seductive demeanor, until Remuel came up behind them and wrapped both arms around their necks in an enthusiastic manner that had the vampire growling in irritation.

“This place is over the top luxurious. Did you see the bosoms of the receptionists?”

Davariel barely registered the rest of Remuel’s words. The dragon’s scent wrapped around him, a scent he hadn’t noticed before. It made his entire body vibrate, his fangs tingle and his mouth salivate. He also grew erect.

“Remuel, your scent,” Davariel gasped grabbing the shocked were-dragon. He buried his nose in Remuel’s neck. “You smell of…sex.”

“You pig,” Zakreel laughed coming up next to them. “I told you to bathe before we left Earth.”

“My love, what’s going on?”

Luciel’s voice sounded far off as Davariel drowned himself in the dragon’s pleasant scent. He inhaled deeply, a strange energy filling him. He wanted more—needed more.

Only when Devon began to cry did he react. As if awakening from some trance, he sprang away from Remuel, who’d been struggling to disengage himself from his grip. The were-dragon stumbled back into Zakreel’s arms staring at Dava as if he’d lost his mind. Davariel frowned in confusion. What in Hades name had come over him? He caressed his son reassuringly, not wanting to look at anyone. He felt like an ass.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know what the hell came over me.”

Luciel came over to him. “Oh, my God, Dava. You’re burning up,” she exclaimed feeling his face.

He did feel warm, but thought it was due to his embarrassment.

“Let’s get to our rooms before someone sees us,” Drakken suggested. “And you . . .” he turned to look pointedly at Remuel, who was still leaning against Zakreel with his mouth open. “Stay away from Davariel.”

“B-but why? I don’t understand.” Remuel sniffed at his blood-red locks, then his forearm. “I did bathe.”

Behind him, Zakreel and Eriel chuckled.


When they arrived at their rooms, Davariel claimed he felt tired, which was nothing new, but now Luciel began to wonder at his constant sleepiness. At first she had thought it was from the traumatic ordeal his body had gone through, now with his strange fever and peculiar behavior she was beginning to wonder if it were something much more serious.

“Dava, do you feel ill?” She asked helping him unbind the baby from his chest. Drakken took Devon, and began to baby talk to him.

“I don’t get sick, Luci,” he sighed, continuing to remove the rest of his clothing, not caring that Drakken was still present.

Was it her imagination, or did Davariel’s body look even more muscular? As he passed before the balcony doors of their room to the massive canopied bed, the sunlight caught in his hair and she realized that it had more white-gold streaks in it and the ends were curling in striking loose spiral curls that almost completely covered his taut backside. Stars above. He was becoming even more spectacular. What did it all mean?

Davariel was asleep by the time his head touched the plump pillows. He lay on his stomach, gloriously naked with his legs slightly open. Luciel’s mouth watered at the sight of his upturned ass partially covered by his beautiful blond hair.

“He’s coming of age,” Drakken said in his hypnotic voice.

Luciel groaned in misery. “Drakken, please tell me. Is Dava a child?”

The vampire chuckled making her glare at him. “And if he were, don’t you think it’s a little too late to repent your having…lain with him?” Drakken’s well-shaped brow drew up as he rocked Devon in his arms pointedly.

Luciel turned back to gaze once more at Davariel as he slept on the enormous bed dressed in gold colored coverings and plush pillows. Just looking at him made her ache for him. Again, she groaned in misery.

“Fear not, my lovely Luciel.” The vampire’s voice was like a cool caress against her neck, making her jump in surprise. He moved so fast she never knew where he was going to pop up. Good thing he was a fellow Master Guardian and archangel otherwise she’d have impaled him with her sword at his suggestive advances. “As a Seraphian male, he’s quite of age, just a bit young.”

“How young?”

“In your Earth years he would be analogous to a nineteen year old.” When she covered her face in despair, he continued, “He’s not Earth-born, Luci. He’s Seraphian, fully adult, not some simpering teenage boy. Your sons carry his blood and grow in a similar fashion like him. Before they reach their first year, they will have grown to the size of an Edenian three year old. Their growth spurt almost stops there and they continue to grow normally after that, like any other Edenian until they’re twenty. After that the aging process literally stops”

Luciel looked at baby Lucien with a frown. They were going to grow faster than normal? She didn’t like that.

“Seraphs reach adolescence and teen-hood like any other Edenian, and are even capable of sexual activity.” He let his tongue trace Luci’s ear. She flinched away and glared at his smiling face, as he continued, “Though that doesn’t usually happen until they shed their first layer of baby feathers. When they’re about two hundred years old, they go into full sexual bloom, growing their adult plumage and feeling the full stirrings of desire for the first time.” Drakken continued to circle behind her and sniff at her hair and neck, making her bristle. He laughed at her irritation and kissed her temple. “Davariel is growing weak. He needs to feed… like me.”

“What?” Luciel spun around making Lucien, who was still in her arms, cry in fright. Dismayed at having scared her baby, she pulled her tunic aside and offered him her breast to soothe him. “There-there, my sweet baby. Mommy’s sorry,” she cooed at him as he latched on, blinking tear-filled blue eyes at her. He sniffled a few times, his chin trembling, then forgot about the displeasing episode altogether as he began to nurse eagerly. Luciel stared daggers at the vampire, who was leering openly at her bared breast. She didn’t need to read his mind to know he was dreaming of sinking his fangs into her other breast to sip from her as well. “Explain yourself,” she snapped.

He batted his silky black lashes at her with a mischievous smile that reminded her of Davariel’s. “Davariel’s cambion nature is beginning to manifest itself. As a child, he continuously over-fed on the projected energy from the millions that came to adore him on Seraphia. Then as dark prince, he fed off the plentiful orgies that took place amongst the devils and demons on Megdoluc. Since his rescue, your sexual desire is the only thing that has sustained him. The intake of energy is vastly different from what he’s accustomed. It’s like…using your crude Edenian term…like a junkie needing his usual fix.” Sharp, white fangs flashed briefly when he said fix, reminding her how deadly the enigmatic dark beauty was.

“Is that why he’s always so tired all the time…and the fever he has now?”

“The fever is only due to his going into his adult cambion phase. Once he completes that phase, he’ll draw his energy from erotic dreams versus actual sexual contact. I must warn you that his carnal appetites will become even more voracious than they are now.”

Luciel’s eyes widened at that. “Are you shitting me,” she scoffed, reverting to her New York City street language?

“I shit you not,” Drakken mimicked in his soft lulling voice, brows raised.

Again, she turned to the stunning sight of Davariel’s naked body sprawled out on the bed as he slept. He looked like an ethereal angel from heaven.

“What happens if he doesn’t get his usual…fix?”

When Drakken remained silent, she turned to face him. All playfulness had gone from his demeanor when he answered, “Then, like me, he falls into a deep sleep and turns to stone.”

Lucien must have felt the intense wave of anxiety that tore through his mother because he began to wail without consolation. Even Devon began to fuss in the vampire’s arms. She rocked the baby, trying to soothe him, turning to Drakken. “What must I do? Please. I can’t bear to think of life without him.”

“He needs to feed, Luci,” the vampire answered simply.


Not willing to remain at the castle resort any longer than necessary, Luciel purchased an immense glass and steel dwelling on a hilltop overlooking one of Sjoria’s tropical oceans.

They used a hover cruiser and traveled miles from civilization to reach the secluded home.

The hover cruiser flew through dense rain forests, splotched with colorful foliage. She saw through the windows of the craft a few exotic birds with strange bright plumage fluttering in the trees. They went over rolling hills, within the glass transportation tube, and past rocky cliffs that had lush waterfalls. It was paradise.

Too bad Davariel wasn’t conscious to enjoy the view with her.

It worried her that he slept against her shoulder the whole way. All he did was sleep, eat at her insistence, and make love to her… and that he would do for hours on end, leaving her barely conscious.

Maybe that was it. They were screwing each other to death. She barely had any strength herself, between feeding the voracious twins and satisfying their father’s insatiable sexual appetite. It was a miracle she wasn’t comatose.

Then, there were the bizarre dreams. Drakken had warned he’d start feeding there too.

The one she’d had the previous night had her pressing her thighs together and sighing as she felt herself grow slick with arousal. She dreamt she had a cock.

Davariel had gotten down on hands and knees before her and begged her to fuck him again. And she had. He’d tilted up his ass and taken her deep, moaning and arching his back as she rode him hard. His blond hair swept back and forth on the floor, her breasts bouncing with every thrust she used to fuck her man. She’d come so hard, she thought she’d die.

Davariel’s teeth nipping her earlobe startled her out of her daydream.

“Are you having naughty thoughts about me, pretty girl?” Those electric-blue eyes had her drowning in their intensity.

“Reading my mind again, huh,” she smirked.

He closed his eyes again, his nostrils flared. “No, my love. I can smell how wet you are.”

“Aw, have mercy already. Do you two ever take a break,” Remuel moaned adjusting his crotch. “I implore you not to start fucking again in front of me. Not fair.”

Luciel felt her cheeks burn, remembering the episode on the balcony in their room. Davariel had power bound Remuel in the chaise lounge next to them as he seduced Luciel before the red haired dragon-shifter. She still couldn’t believe she’d let Dava take her in front of Remuel. Poor Remu had come in his pants unable to help himself.

Davariel’s chuckle was mischievous, holding Remuel’s glittering green gaze as his hand snaked between Luci’s legs.

“Dava, no.” She clamped her thighs shut. She still wasn’t used to such public displays of intimacy.

Aside from Remuel, Zakreel sat wide eyed before them next to Eriel, who had a wicked smile on his countenance. Behind them, she heard the rest of the outcast reapers snickering.

She realized all reapers were perverted, especially her Dava. Their imposed celibacy had probably been a necessity in ancient times to keep them from fucking the entire universe. Most of them were bisexual, not caring who they slept with. Like Eriel, who loved to entice Davariel when he thought she wasn’t looking, and then would turn around to blatantly flirt with her.

At the front of the cruiser were the weretigris and in the rear were the werewolves. Drakken had spent the night with a female and would be arriving later in the evening. His skin was sensitive to sunlight.

They arrived at the sparkling masterpiece of glass and metal, but as soon as the doors to the cruiser opened, the dragons, reapers and Davariel ran out shouting in joy at the sight of the beautiful ocean. Clothing began flying everywhere as nine males divested themselves of their garb and raced to the edge of the water down the steep hill.

The reapers took flight and arrived first, diving into the rough surf, followed by Remuel and Zakreel who morphed into dragon form and soared into the surging water. Davariel lagged behind, running on his two long legs, the bright sunlight turning his gleaming hair almost white. Eriel circled back when he remembered Davariel couldn’t fly, and then swooped him up by his arms.

Luciel watched in horror, as Eriel flew straight into an enormous wave. She heard the smack of Davariel’s body as Eriel slammed him into the wall of water. They both disappeared within the surging tide.

“Son-of-a-bitch. That stupid imbecile,” she shrieked yanking her hair and already imagining Dava with a broken neck or back from the hard impact of the wave.

Cursing, she concentrated on his life force and found it still tangled up with Eriel’s. In desperation, she teleported both back to her.

Davariel floundered at her feet, unharmed but disorientated.


She pulled him up, yanking him away from Eriel, who still clung to him, and tried to sense if he was hurt. He looked at her askance, dripping wet.

“Why’d you pull us out?” Eriel protested.

“You little shithead.” She rounded on Eriel, furious. “I was only trying to pull Dava out. If you wouldn’t have been so busy try to weasel your way into his ass, you’d still be in the water.”

The dark haired reaper flinched and instinctively hid his erect cock in guilt, his eyes round with fear.

Davariel gripped her shoulders before she ripped Eriel’s head off.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” she shrieked, shaking.

Behind her, Davariel gaped at Eriel. He covered his mouth to stifle the overwhelming urge to burst out laughing. She’d slapped the hell out of him the last time he laughed in the face of her anger. He was not getting himself—what was that Edenian phrase again? Oh, yes—’bitch slapped’ again.

“Oh, come-on.” Eriel stood, his dark brows drawing over his grey eyes.

Davariel gasped in shock at Eriel. If the reaper had any sense, he should shut up. Dava tried to signal for him to zip his maw, but the fool just continued to yap away.

“You treat him as though he were made of glass. Boo-hoo. Poor little Davariel—yeeeooow.”

Davariel cringed as his woman grabbed one of Eriel’s nipples and twisted, bringing the seven-foot black-winged reaper to his knees.

“Listen, you little scuz-ball, I’ve got better things to do than spend my time repairing all the damage you black winged morons like to inflict on Dava out of boredom. Also, I really don’t appreciate you trying to screw my man. Do you understand me, Eriel of Angelos?”

“Yes-yes. Please. You’re hurting my little teet.” He cried like a girl.

She let his nipple go, leaving it drawn and pink. He rubbed at it, shrinking away from her with a pout.

“The next time, I will telepathically rip every last feather from your pretty wings.”

Eriel’s color drained away. Davariel knew Eriel was already familiar with the horrors of that particular punishment. It had been his penalty after losing his virginity in a drunken stupor to a visiting alien on Seraphia. He’d told Dava he couldn’t help himself. The blue girl had four breasts and made him lose his common sense.

“My love, Eriel didn’t mean me any harm. Don’t get so riled,” Davariel intervened, hugging her.

In order to distract her, he pulled her away toward the house. Stone steps led up the hill, where they passed a sparkling pool, then a garden full of bright fragrant blooms. They entered through the wide double doors at the rear of the mansion. The were-wolf pack and the were-tigri clan also followed, keeping a discreet distance from each other.

They didn’t get along very well. The wolves would growl at the cats who would hiss in answer.

Davariel watched them as they separated once inside to investigate the various rooms in the mansion-sized dwelling. They were all in human form, and he thought it a shame they couldn’t appreciate each other’s beauty. They really were all very attractive.

“I don’t like that bad-boy smile on your sweet face,” Luciel commented dryly next to him. “What naughty perversion are you planning now?”

“Me?” He tried to look shocked, but couldn’t help laughing.

“You are such a naughty angel.” She shook her head in admonishment, trying not to smile, but failed.

Those were the words she’d spoken that morning, reminding him, he hadn’t fucked her in a few hours. His cock demanded to be fed.

He gripped her with a lusty growl, pulling her protesting to the shiny grey floor. Her squeals echoed in the grand entryway, which boasted massive vaulted ceilings with big panes of glass, giving the impression of being outside.

He froze, after ripping off her skimpy panties.

“Davariel. What is wrong with you? We’re going to be caught with our drawers down again. Dava?”

Something shiny caught his attention down the hall. He rose, pulling her up with him, her ruined panties in his free hand.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Is that a mirror?” He frowned.

They walked to the left, passing the glass doors in the parlor beyond the entryway. There was a wide corridor that led past an ultra-modern, food preparation gallery into a round, tower-like, glass breakfast area and finally into a vast gathering hall. Here, too, were ceiling to floor panes of glass that looked out to the ocean. There was a colossal fireplace on the facing wall when one entered. It had a mirror over its mantle that went up about sixty-feet to the vaulted ceiling. The mirror reflected the second and third levels of the house.

A mated couple from the wolf pack looked down, before continuing their exploration of their new home. They had a one-year-old daughter named Anniel, who loved touching the twins saying pwitty baby.

Davariel stared at the mammoth mirror, feeling apprehension. He didn’t like mirrors knowing how easy it was for demons and devils to travel through them. He’d had the ones in their room back at the Edenian were-tigri compound removed for the same reason. This one was going too—as soon as possible.

“Baby?” Her fingers threaded through his wet hair.

He turned and wrapped her in his arms. “Don’t mind me, my love. Have I told you that I love you today?”

“Only about a thousand times.” He felt her smile into his chest. “I love you too, Davariel.” He closed his eyes to revel in those words. “That love is only rivaled by the love I feel for Devon and Lucien.”

He chuckled. “I don’t mind sharing your heart with those two little gluttons—as long as they get their own mates when they’re old enough to fuck.”

“Dava,” she looked at him in shock.

He only chuckled. “Where were we, my love?” He growled as his hand lifted the loose colorful caftan she wore and grabbed her cute little ass. “Ah, yes… I was going to fuck you within an inch of your life.”

She gasped, trying to resist him. It only incited him further. It was a game they played. One he enjoyed immensely.

He pulled her hard against his chest as his hands squeezed her rear. She wiggled against him, feigning to struggle.

“Tell me, woman… your pussy or your mouth?” He nipped her neck, grinding his rigid length against her.

“No.” She opened her mouth to say more, but he shoved his tongue into it.

He kissed her, biting at her lips and thrusting his tongue into her mouth, forcing her to the floor with his superior strength. Breaking the kiss, he turned her over on her stomach. He licked his fingers and probed her anal star. He felt her flinch.

“My love, let me have you here.”

Her wide blue eyes peered at him over her shoulder. “With that twelve inch anti-matter canon? Are you out of mind?”

He chuckled at her strange way of speaking. “It won’t hurt, baby. I promise.”

“Yeah, right.”

She obviously didn’t believe him. Smart girl. “Then I’ll kiss it and make it better.” He gripped her waist and began rubbing against her. He could see the apprehension in her eyes. Davariel knew he could give her pleasure, but she was too frightened to let him. He was just going to have to show her there was nothing to fear.

Davariel awakened amidst a sea of limbs and naked bodies. He felt dizzy, as if he’d had too much to drink. What the hell happened? Everyone around him was unconscious…including Luciel. He struggled to sit up, holding her so that she didn’t fall to the floor. She was lying on his chest. Remuel was lying with his head on her stomach. Snippets of memory came to him, until he finally remembered….

His heart beat loudly as he hugged Luciel to himself. I did this.

He remembered the words from the entity that held him in the dream…I’m a succubus. You, my son, are a cambion.

“I’m a monster.”

Fear curled in the pit of his stomach. He’d been making love to Luci and then he’d just…lost all control. He noticed tigers and wolves laying over each other. Even the reapers were unconscious. Everyone was going to be extremely angry with him.

Crying drew his attention. He scrambled to his feet, scooping Luciel’s sleeping form in his arms and hurried to find his sons.

He found them alone in their nursery.

Luciel had this room prepared for the arrival of the twins. Plush cream carpeting covered the entire floor. There was only one solid wall and it had the holographic image of realistic moving billowy clouds on it. The rest of the walls were glass. The room had cream-colored drapes that were slightly open allowing a bit of the bright sun into the room. Hundreds of toys lined low shelves and in the very center of the room were two round cribs made of brushed silver steel and glass.

Devon and Lucien fussed, their little arms and legs flailing. Already, he noticed Devon trying to turn over. Lucien had part of a pillow stuffed into his mouth as he tried in vain to suck thinking it was his mommy’s breast. His blond son was getting red-faced and riled.

Davariel placed Luciel on a plush couch, then rushed to his baby boys.

He took Lucien first, because the baby was more demanding than Devon, and hurried to Luciel. Half way there he gasped in shock when little Luke latched onto his nipple.

“Ow. Sorry to tell you this, little one, but there’s no milk in there. Wow. You suck hard.”

Lucien’s piercing cry rang throughout the room when his vigorous sucking produced no satisfying milk.

“Don’t cry, my baby boy. Here…here’s mommy’s teet for you.”

Davariel placed Lucien at Luciel’s breast, hoping she didn’t have to be conscious for the milk to flow. Sniffling loudly, the baby latched on. He suckled for a few seconds, but had worked himself into such an anxious state he continued to cry without consolation.

Davariel kissed his downy head and stroked his quivering little body trying to soothe him. In a soft lulling voice, he began to sing a lullaby he’d heard the dragons sing to them.

Lucien calmed down and nursed with a tremulous sigh.

Davariel turned to look at Devon, knowing that he should be nursing too. The baby had managed to turn over and bobbed his head trying to keep it raised. The glowing blue eyes seemed to be searching for something. Was he looking for his twin? His rosy lips began to pout as he sniffled. Soon Devon was crying heartbroken.

Davariel’s own heart twisted in agony. They would suffer if separated. If anything were to happen to Luciel and him…they could not remain together until they were older. It was the only way they would be safe.

Bowing his head, he cursed himself. He’d brought two innocents into this realm carrying his cursed blood. Now they would suffer because of it…because of their father.

What have I done?

Luciel heard a beautiful masculine voice singing.

“. . . Waiting for the winter sun…and the cold light of day….”

She stirred, feeling disorientated. The last thing she recalled was…Davariel and Remuel kissing each other—Holy crap. Dava made Remu go down on me. They both made me c…. She gasped and clamped her thighs tight with a moan. Drakken was right. Davariel was losing control more and more to sate his hunger.

“I throw myself into the sea…release the wave…let it wash over me . . .”

Again, the singing drew her attention. Blinking open her eyes, she discovered herself naked on the cream-colored couch in the twins nursery. One of the balcony’s glass panes was open, making the billowy cream curtains dance delicately with the tropical ocean breeze.

“. . . to face the fear…I once believed…the tears of the dragon…for you and for me.”

She rose, wondering if this was another one of Davariel’s projected dreams, and drifted dazed to the open balcony.

The sight took her breath away.

Davariel sat reclined on a lounger. His hair draped over the back of the chair and moved like the silken curtains in the breeze. His sinewy body was relaxed, naked except for the large pillow covering his loins, upon which he’d reclined the babies’ plump little bodies. They were also naked, moving their chubby legs and smiling up in adoration into their father’s face.

He stopped singing and turned his head to her. She almost wanted to cry, fall to her knees and beg him to continue.

She bit her tongue instead, knowing his ability to enthrall made him uncomfortable. Still, he regarded her with those big, brilliant, blue irises. They barely glowed anymore, revealing how beautiful and rare the original color was; a shock of vibrant blue surrounded by a dark ring.

“Trying to get the boys used to your nudist ways, eh?”

His lips kicked up in a lazy smile. “They don’t like clothes either. Look how happy and free they seem now.” He gripped two little ankles and brought his head down to kiss their pudgy feet. They gurgled in delight, flailing tiny fists. “My love, you’re too far away. Come join us.”

She’d barely finished snuggling up to him when he began devouring her mouth.

“Davariel, the babes.”

“The babes will delight in seeing how much their parents love each other,” he groaned against her lips. “Luci, my Luci…I love you so much it hurts.”

“Oh, Dava….”

She let him kiss her, but then he stiffened and looked down.

Luciel covered her mouth trying to stifle her guffaw. Two little streams wet his muscled belly. The babies squealed in delight at their shocked father. “Oh, yeah. They definitely look free and happy now, Dava. Let’s just hope they don’t free anything else.”

Later, that evening, Drakken returned to find Davariel trying to apologize and convince everyone to gather for dinner.

The vampire didn’t ask anything, only watched in amusement. From what little he heard, it seemed as though he’d missed out on an exquisite orgy. Davariel’s cambion abilities were already manifesting themselves.

“You needed to feed, Davariel. You don’t see them begging their food for forgiveness when they eat,” he finally drawled.

“They’re my friends, not food,” Davariel answered, annoyed.

Drakken laughed. He remembered an Edenian cartoon about fish that said a similar thing. “Okay, Nemo, I gottcha.”

“Now you’re talking weird like Luci.” Davariel screwed up his face in a confused grimace.

Drakken drifted to him, stopping a breath away from his lips. He sniffed at the cambion, rolling his eyes. “Your blood becomes cleaner of the evil that polluted it. You smell like…love, Davariel. I want a sip.” He dipped his head and tasted Davariel’s lips. The golden beauty tasted of chocolate, champagne…and lust in its purest essence. Drakken shuddered, feeling his fangs elongate.

“Haven’t you indulged enough, vampire?”

Drakken ceased licking across Davariel’s lush lips at the angry sound of Luciel’s voice behind them. He frowned at her for interrupting his snack. “Do you ever tire of Davariel making love to you?”

Davariel snickered.

“How could you compare-” she began.

“Because, for me feeding is more pleasurable than sex,” Drakken interjected. “Even Davariel feels more alive when he feeds from the sexual energy generated by others around him. Sex is just an appetizer.”

Davariel snorted this time. When they both looked at him in irritation, he merely replied in Luciel’s Edenian jargon, “not.”


Luciel knew Davariel needed to feed this way as he came of age for a cambion, but seeing how he let others touch him so intimately made her feel jealous.

There were other problems arising as well. Seraphia’s new high priest knew where they were. Ashriel had requested to meet with her in the Master Guardians’ space station orbiting Sjoria.

She’d heard he was young, but she hadn’t expected a boy as young as Abdiel. Ashriel was very impressive, though. Already, he towered over Luciel by at least a foot, and his body was more muscular than Dava’s.

Luciel gave him a curt nod when she finally met him. The reaper looked like he never smiled, his handsome face wearing a perpetual scowl.

He folded his meaty arms over his chest, regarding her with keen, silver eyes. “How is Davariel?”

“In good health. Thank you.” She kept her tone as cold and impersonal as his.

“And his spawn?”

Luciel gritted her teeth, reminding herself that different species of humanoids used different mannerisms of speech. “Our babies are fine.”

Finally, Luciel saw emotion flash in the reaper’s face. His eyes went as round as his mouth, and his wings folded straight back, as if praying. “Babies? Davariel has fathered a brood of demons?”

Luciel clenched her fists. “My babies are not demons.”

Ashriel went back to scowling. “Davariel’s blood was still tainted when he mated you.”

The way he said mated made her feel dirty, like a whore. “He was changing. His blood wasn’t black anymore. It was red.”

Ashriel took a deep breath, his eyes narrowing to tiny slits. “And what color of blood do your babies carry?”

Luciel summoned her divine sword. “What does it matter? They’re just babies. I believe they’re entitled to free will because they carry my blood as well.”

“You can’t protect them forever, Luciel. I’ll be watching…closely…always. If one of them so much as goes near any of the portals to hell….”

“Don’t” Luciel’s words hissed through clenched teeth “threaten my boys.”

“How many are there?”

“They’re twins.”



Ashriel buried his face in his hands and fell to his knees. “God, no. It isn’t over yet then.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Ashriel’s head snapped back up. “Sit, because this is going to take a long time to explain, Master Guardian.”


At dinnertime, everyone made their appearance, subdued. The only ones that laughed and chatted as if nothing happened were the reapers…of course. They had no decency.

Luciel did note, however, that the wolves no longer growled at the tigers and the latter no longer hissed whenever their hands happened to touch when reaching for something on the table.

Davariel’s eyes glittered with happiness as he surveyed everyone around him. He practically glowed, looking more stunning than ever before.

She couldn’t help staring at him. He was an angel. A real one…and he didn’t even realize it…didn’t remember fully. According to Ashriel, two more were missing. Their essences were either within one of the babes, or locked away somewhere else, lost.

God had created seven angels of love; he called them his Alpha angels. Lucifer had become jealous of them and cast them down into this realm.

The first one, the youngest of the seven, he’d turned into a horrible beast, with the head and tail of a lion, the horns and body of an ox, the talons and wings of an eagle, and thousands of eyes covering her deformed body. He then tossed her far, on the very outskirts of creation, alone.

The second angel, one of the stronger ones, had sprouted wings as she fell, trying to fly back up to heaven, but she fell upon a planet and shattered her new body. A kind-hearted humanoid tended to her until she grew strong again. Instead of leaving, she chose to remain because she’d fallen in love with the man. She became the mother of the Seraphian race.

Lucifer tried to seduce the third angel. When she refused his advances, he tossed her into this realm also, cursing her to become a slave to sex by turning her into a succubus.

As she fell, the last four angels saw what happened and confronted Lucifer. He pretended that it had all been an accident and pitched a golden rope down to save her. When the last four angels began pulling their sister up, Lucifer got behind them with the excuse that he was going to tether the rope to a column. What he did was finish pushing the last four into the portal to this realm. As the five angels hurtled down, they began crashing into each other. Since they still had no physical form, their essences combined into one, and finished trapped inside the angel turned succubus.

Davariel was born of her, and, as such, one or both of her babies was an angel in disguise. And one of those missing angels would be the one to set Lucifer free—an angel, with stars for eyes and hair of gold.

That night Davariel wore some of the clothing she had purchased for him; a loose fitting tunic with billowy sleeves that fit tight on his forearms. The tunic had a deep v cut exposing his sun-kissed chest. His blond hair poured like molten gold over his broad shoulders, past his trim waist, the candlelight making the abundant white streaks in it shimmer like silver. He wore a pair of black pants that molded to his lean hips and long sinewy legs like a dream. Knee-high boots finished the look, making him look rakish and sexy as hell.

Luciel watched as he gazed at everyone, his eyes brimming with love…for all of them. This was his true nature. He was an angel of love, after all. He turned his gaze to her and his eyes smoldered. The love he felt for her was special, more intense. He smiled.

After a while, the shyness seemed to evaporate and laughter drifted into the night air, perfumed with the lush flowers that grew beyond the balconies around the glass and steel mansion. The open glass panes in the dining room let in the ocean breeze and she activated the sound system to play soothing music for their entertainment.

Remuel retrieved a few bottles of liquor and soon everyone was pawing at each other again…this time without Davariel’s intervention.

The heightened sensual tension affected Davariel the same way a bleeding wound would affect Drakken. Davariel panted as he watched two male wolves converge on a female weretigri. One fused his mouth to hers and the other slid his hand up her skirt to finger her. She moaned and opened her legs, allowing the male to play with her wet cunt, clearly visible to all since she wore no panties under her short skirt. Two of the reapers chuckled and began kissing, their hands stroking each other’s straining erections. Luciel watched, mesmerized as one of the female wolves undid the ties to their pants, letting their cocks spring out. The girl grabbed both cocks and began licking and sucking each one into her hungry mouth. Both reapers caressed her hair and cheeks, thrusting into her lips as she devoured them.

The feel of her dress tearing had Luciel looking down at herself. Davariel was growling, his tongue lapping at her nipples as he finished tearing her dress off. Pushing her down into the cushions of the sofa they occupied, he crawled up her body and presented her with his cock. Luciel groaned taking his flesh into her mouth, hungry for the taste of it. Her angel moved above her with his beautiful grace, body undulating in an erotic dance as he fucked her mouth with smooth deep strokes.

“Lick her,” he growled, making her frown until she felt the distinct feel of a tongue sliding up her slit. She would have cried out in passion, but Dava chose that moment to push his prick deeper into her throat.

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