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Dean used to have dreams as a kid. They never made any sense, and he could never remember them once he woke up, but he always remembered the same thing every time. The word ‘Karmina’. He’d looked the word up in the dictionary, but it wasn’t there. He’d looked it up on the internet, but nothing came up that meant anything. So he just put it out of his mind, and never spoke about it to anyone. It was a pity really, because if he had talked about it, his life would have been very different indeed.

The first time he even actually spoke the word was just after his 23rd birthday, and he was on his way back home from a holiday in Australia. He checked into the cheap hotel close to the airport, dropping his bag on the floor and holding the door open for the woman following him. All flights out of Sydney that day were cancelled due to some volcanic cloud of ash that was too much of a risk for pilots, and so everyone’s flights were delayed until further notice. That could have been days, according to everyone Dean had asked, and so everyone who had booked a flight that day was offered free accommodation at nearby hotels. Unfortunately there were so many people there that day, and not enough hotel rooms available, so that meant there were a lot of people that were desperate for a place to stay. Fiona was one such person.

The two of them had met after the news had been broken over the airport’s p.a. system. Dean had been given a room just down the road, but Fiona had gotten there too late, and there were no rooms left. A lot of people had been asking around to find out if anyone was willing to share, and Fiona had asked Dean. So the two of them were stuck sharing the cheap single room while they waited for who-knows how long for the airport to be given the all-clear.

Fiona was nice, cheerful, and very grateful to Dean for letting her share with him. She was so amused to hear his American accent, since she was from somewhere further south, where there weren’t many tourists. Dean had admitted that he liked her accent too, that it was cute. So the two of them started talking as the bus took them past the hotel, and were laughing at each other’s jokes and stories. Dean couldn’t help but check out her body when she wasn’t looking. She was only just shorter than him by at least two inches, and her long curly black hair flowed down her back like a rippling waterfall. She was wearing a low cut top as well, showing him a peek of cleavage, as well as the massive swell of her D-cup breasts. She had a nice curvy body too, not fat or anything, but she was cuddly in all the right places, even though she had a flat stomach.

He was still checking out her large, firm ass cheeks as he held the door open for her. There were only two rooms. One served as a bed/living room, and there was the bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet, along with a small set of shelves for the first aid kit. The bed was only big enough for one person to sleep comfortably. Dean’s cock twitched at the thought of sharing a bed with this woman he’d just met.

“Is it alright if I take the bed?” Fiona asked, already sitting down and taking off her jacket. Dean’s heart sank. She wasn’t interested. Not to be beaten so easily, he gave it a try anyway.

“Well, we could always share. I don’t want to have to sleep on the floor.” he said with a grin. She frowned for a moment and then laughed nervously.

“Uh . . . I don’t think so. It isn’t that kind of arrangement, ok?”

Oh well, he thought. That would’ve been fun.

That night, as Dean lay on the floor uncomfortably in his sleeping bag, he eventually drifted off to sleep, and had a dream. It seemed so familiar, and it all seemed so real to him, even though he knew it was a dream the whole time. He saw snatches of images, people he remembered seeing throughout his life. Most of all he could see all the women he’d met. Most clear of all were the ones he’d liked or fantasized over. They were walking, or sitting, or laying down asleep, each one coming into focus before his eyes one by one. Each time they did, he heard a whispered voice say ‘Karmina’, and suddenly they’d change. They’d stand where they were, eyes open and completely still, like a doll that had stopped moving, and they’d do whatever he wanted them to do. One by one they came into focus, the voice would call out ‘Karmina’, and then they’d switch off and listen to his commands. Over and over it happened, one woman after the other. He made them take off all their clothes and dance for him. He made them take off his pants and suck his long, hard cock. He told them to turn around on all fours or on their back and let him fuck them, which they did willingly, and happily. They enjoyed what was being done to them, they liked being told what to do. In his dream he fucked every girl that he could remember, ever girl he’d ever liked, and told them that he was the best they’d ever had, and they screamed his name as they came on his thrusting dick.

Dean woke up suddenly and sat up straight. He was covered with sweat, and his erection was making a tent in the sleeping bag. This time he didn’t forget the dream at all, he remembered everything exactly. He could swear that he could still hear the voice whispering in his ear, the same word over and over and over. ‘Karmina’. He heard a gentle snore interrupt his thoughts, and he looked over to the bed to see Fiona with her back to him, asleep. Without really thinking about what he was doing, he got up and slipped out of his sleeping bag. He stepped over to the bed, and knelt down on the sheets next to her. Without bothering being careful he lifted the covers off of her, and marveled at what he saw. She was sleeping in just her panties and a large cotton shirt. It was a cold night, and her nipples were poking into the soft fabric in the sudden chill. The shape of her breasts were clearly outlined under the taut material as she lay with it bunched up under her. Suddenly she opened her eyes and saw him looking down at her with a large tent in his boxers. She screamed and lashed out with her foot, catching him in the stomach. The wind was knocked out of him as she scrambled out of bed, snatched up her clothes and ran for the door.

“Karmina.” Dean said hoarsely, still doubled over after she kicked him, and all at once she froze in place. She was in mid-stride, halfway to the door, when she just stopped and stood there, completely still. Dean watched her, not quite sure what was happening. Eventually the dull pain in his stomach faded and he could stand up straight. Cautiously he walked over to her, and stood in front of her. Her eyes were open, and blank, staring right through him.

“Fiona?” he asked, feeling his heart beating a mile a minute. He was terrified and exhilarated at the same time. He could barely bring himself to hope that his dreams were coming true. She didn’t respond in any way.

“Fiona, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” she said, in a dull and faraway voice. Dean decided to find out if what was happening was what he thought. Her breasts were rising and falling with her breathing, and he was staring at them as he spoke.

“Fiona, you feel safe and secure with me. In no way do you feel frightened or threatened by me. In fact you like me very much, and want to be my friend.”

She repeated his instructions exactly, almost word for word, except saying ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ and so on. When she made no move afterwards, he took a deep breath and spoke again.

“Wake up now.”

It was like flipping a switch. One moment she was completely still and staring at nothing, and the next she blinked and almost ran into him.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Dean. I don’t know what came over me. For a minute I was really scared.” she said, and dropped her clothes where she stood in front of him. She walked back to the bed and sat down, breathing hard as though there had been no pause in her running.

“How do you feel now?” he asked carefully.

“Fine now. It must have been a nightmare or something.” she said with a smile. “It’s good that you’re here, Dean. I feel safe with you here.”

“Really?” said Dean, and he sat down next to her, examining her face for any sign of deceit.

“Yea, really. In fact I think I could go back to bed now. Normally I can’t sleep all night after a nightmare, but I actually feel completely fine now.”

She turned to crawl back into bed, but Dean stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him, thinking that he wanted to say something to her. She smiled warmly, and Dean’s cock stirred again at the thought that came to him.

“Karmina.” he said, and once again there was the change. All expression left her face, and she turned to face forward, eyes staring at nothing.

“Fiona, can you hear me?” he asked her once more.

“Yes.” she said dreamily.

“Do you like me?”


“Do you think I’m attractive?”


“Do you want to have sex with me?”

“No.” she said, and Dean frowned.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to have sex with people I’ve just met.” she said, still in her dreamy, faraway voice.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to be a slut.”

“Fiona, you are a slut.” he said, hoping against hope.

“I am a slut.”

“Do you want to have sex with me?”


Dean’s dick was completely erect again, and he gripped it through his boxers, sending tingles of pleasure rip through him.

“Why?” he asked her.

“Because I am a slut.”

Dean couldn’t stop smiling, and quickly thought up a plan that would fulfill some of his favorite fantasies.

“Fiona, whenever you hear me say the word ‘bitch’, you will become aroused, and you will like it when I say that you are a bitch.”

His instructions were repeated back to him perfectly, and his dick throbbed under his hand.

“Each time you hear me say the word ‘bitch’ you will become more and more aroused, but you won’t be able to find release no matter what. When you hear me say the word ‘slut’, you will have the most powerful, earth shattering orgasm you’ve ever experienced, and you will feel very relaxed afterwards, and any arousal you felt before will go away.”

She repeated his instructions to him, and he almost came right then and there at the thought of what was to come.

“Do you like taking it in the ass, Fiona?” he asked.


“Why not?”

“Because it hurts.”

“Have you tried it before?”


“Fiona, from now on, anal sex feels just as good to you as vaginal sex. Anything I tell you to do using the words ‘do you think’ you will want to do immediately, and you will enjoy doing it.”

Once she repeated the words back to him, he told her to wake up, and she blinked, back to normal and completely unaware of what had happened. She looked at him and grinned.

“Thank you again for letting me share your room.” she said, and then began to crawl into bed.

“Where are you going bitch?” Dean said, and she stopped where she was and gasped.

“I was just going to go back to sleep.”

“You can’t do that until you thank me properly, bitch.”

Dean saw the change in her immediately. She was sitting in the middle of the bed, facing him, and rubbing her legs together. Her eyes shone at him in the street lamps from outside, peeking over the wave of curly hair draped over her shoulder.

“And how could I do that, baby?” she asked him.

“Do you think you could take off your clothes?”

She stripped out of her shirt without any hesitation, finally revealing her larger full breasts to him. He reached out to touch them, and she moaned as his large hands squeezed them and pinched her nipples. As he was fondling her tits, she hooked a thumb under the waist of her panties, and slid them down her legs, and letting them drop off her foot onto the floor. He could smell the hot musk of her pussy, and he knew she was very wet.

“You like it when I touch your tits don’t you bitch?”

He felt a tremor run through her body as he said he magic word, and she moaned louder, grinding her legs together even more. He ran a hand up and down her thighs, and looking directly into his eyes, spread her legs as wide as she could. He was thrilled to see that she was completely shaven. He loved a bald pussy, and he saw that she was indeed very wet. Wasting no time, he lay down in front of her, and started lapping up her juices around her wet cunt, and then he used his fingers to part her juicy and swollen pussy lips to slip his tongue inside her warm, tight hole.

With a loud moan she wrapped her legs around his face, and put her hands on the back of his head. He swirled his tongue around, breathing heavily through his mouth. Her clit was poking out from under its hood and was rubbing against his nose. He wrapped his lips around it and started to suck it, making Fiona scream and hump his face. She was trying to cum, but she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried.

Dean sat up and stripped off his boxers, revealing his six and a half inch cock. Fiona laid eyes on it and quickly grabbed her legs to pull them back further, completely exposing herself. Dean crawled up to her and used one hand to hold his throbbing member, and the other to hold onto her leg. He guided the knob of his dick into her pussy, and it felt so hot and slick that the rest followed with no resistance. Both of them moaned as Dean felt the tight pussy wrap around his cock, and Fiona felt herself being filled up.

He started to move in and out of her, slowly at first, but then picking up speed as she moaned encouragingly. She was breathing hard, gasping for breath as she looked down at her hairless snatch being penetrated, and then up into his eyes. The two of them shared a connection of mutual lust, and their eyes were laser locked to each other. He lifted himself up on his arms and feet, slamming into her with the weight of his body. The sound of his rock hard dick sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy, and the slapping sound of their pelvises connecting again and again, was so obscene but it just turned them both on even more. Dean was whispered in her ear, telling her that she was a good little bitch, that she was his bitch, and that she was taking his dick like a bitch. Her moans of arousal and ecstasy were growing louder and louder, and she was brought the very height of her excitement and pleasure, but unable to reach her coveted climax. She wanted to cum so badly, but she also wanted him to keep fucking her. She couldn’t believe how good this felt, how much she’d been missing by holding out all this time. She’d had so many opportunities to fuck so many guys that hit on her, but she’d always shot them down. Something about Dean though, just made her feel so very very good, and she wanted it to never stop. She was screaming his name as he pounded her hard. The bed was creaking and shaking violently

“Fuck me Dean! Fuck me Dean! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!!” she wailed like a banshee. Finally Dean could feel himself getting close. He’d been holding off for so long, trying his very best to make this last, but he couldn’t hold back anymore. He leaned in close as he held his hips against hers, and humped her to move his dick up and down inside her.

“Cum for me you slut.” he said, and she screamed even louder as her body locked up. She threw her head back and arched her back with her legs locked around him. He felt her pussy spasm and squeeze his cock like he’d never felt before. She was milking his cock, and he was giving her all that he had. He could feel spurt after spurt shoot out of his rigid dick, filling her pussy and coating her from the inside. Finally Fiona collapsed, and fought to catch her breath. Dean’s cock was sore after being squeezed so hard, but it was the best feeling in the world.

Even though he’d just spent his load, his cock was still hard, and he was still horny, ready for more.

“You’re not done yet bitch.” he told her, and she moaned again as she started to rub her swollen pussy.

“I thought that was a pretty good way of saying ‘thank you’.” she purred, still panting from the excursion of her climax. She’d never cum so hard like that before. She didn’t know what it was about this man that made her feel like this, but she loved it. And now she wanted more.

“Do you think fucking you in the ass would be a better way of thanking me?” he asked, also breathing hard and grinning. She straight away sat up and took his cock in her mouth, looking up at him with her large, shimmering eyes.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked, surprised. She responded by taking his whole dick into her mouth, and he felt the tip touch the back of her throat. She gagged, and when she pulled away, his dick was covered in her gooey, stringy saliva.

“Lubing you up.” she said with a wink, then turned around to get on all fours in front of him. Her ass was beautiful to behold, so round and perfect. She reached back with both hands to spread her lusciously large cheeks, exposing her wet red pussy, and her puckered anus. Dean couldn’t believe how naught this girl was, and he wondered if all Australian girls were like this.

He inched closer, and spat on her wrinkled button. He rubbed it with a finger and heard her moan into her pillow. Apparently his suggestion of anal sex feeling good applied to rubbing it as well. He slipped a finger all the way into her tight, tight ass, and she moaned some more. He spat again, making sure that she was very wet before he steadied his dick behind her. He used a hand to put the tip right against her rubbery anus, and then put both of his hands on her hips to steady himself. He wanted to take it slow, and ease it in. He pushed just hard enough to poke the head of his dick inside. It popped past her sphincter with a small obscene little ‘plop’, and Fiona moaned in ecstasy. Then, completely without warning, she pushed back on his dick, and the spit covered rod was completely encased in her tight asshole. Both of them moaned with each other, and Dean couldn’t believe how tight she was. He’d never been able to fuck a girl in the ass before, and now he was so happy that he could do it now. It was the tightest hole he’d ever been in. He started off slow just like before, but she was constantly bucking and pushing back, fucking his cock and moving back and forth. Her ass jiggled enticingly each time she slammed back into him, and he let go of her to put his hands behind his head and stretch his body so that she could push back onto him even harder.

She was on her knees, and fucking him like a pro. Her face was buried in the pillow, and she was holding onto the sheets around her for dear life. Dean could hear her screaming as loudly as she could into the pillow, and it was hard to tell whether they were screams of pleasure of pain. Judging by the way she was furiously pumping his cock with her ass, she was loving every minute of it.

He could feel his balls slapping against her tender pussy, and deep inside he felt another orgasm brewing. He brought a hand down hard on her ass, slapping her ass cheek with such a loud smack that she gasped with shock, raising her face from the pillow, but didn’t stop bucking her hips into him. He spanked her again, this time with both hands on both cheeks.

“OH GOD YES!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, “FUCK MY ASS BABY!! FUCK MY TIGHT ASS!!”

She screamed again and again, over and over. Dean grabbed onto her slender hips and pulled her onto him even harder.

“Shut up slut.” he grunted, and she let out the most guttural and primal scream he’d ever heard. Her asshole clenched down and squeezed his cock even harder than her pussy had before. He fell on top of her and whispered in her ear.


The second orgasm made her shake violently, and she kept screaming like a woman being stabbed.

Finally she calmed down, and she passed out right then and there. His dick left her asshole with a wet ‘plop’, and he fell down next to her, panting and exhausted.

This is my first attempt at a story and I hope you like it.

I pick you up at 8 as agreed. You wear the new lemon summer dress, the one with the elasticized bodice which accentuated the curve of your breasts.

You smile at me, lean forward and kiss me. “I’m wearing no underwear as you requested you whisper.” My cock pulsed at the thought and I kiss you deeply, slipping my tongue over your teeth and deep into your mouth.

It’s a lovely hot summers evening and we decide to take a shortcut to the restaurant, cutting through the park.

The park is full of people also enjoying the evening, friends and lovers fill the seats, whilst runners and cyclists the paths. There is a party atmosphere as we walk hand in hand, kissing along the way. I can barely keep my hands of you!

The restaurant isn’t busy and we get a window table. As we approach the table, a guy stands and leaves the next table, leaving a woman behind. We sit, you with your back to back with the woman and we order a couple of cold beers and examine the menu.

I lean forward and tell you how beautiful you look and that the thought of you wearing no underwear was making me as horny as fuck. “I want to eat your pussy” I whisper, “take you in the park and fuck you.”

I pause as the drinks arrive and as we take a sip, I notice that the woman behind you appears to be a little closer, sitting more upright. She has long red hair which she wears loose.

I look deep into your brown eyes, “I am going to take you in the park, a little way back of the main track, but not too far. We will find a tall tree and I will ask you to lean against it with your hands high up the trunk so that you lean forward, your long legs spread apart. I will then slip the top of your dress down to expose your firm breasts to the warm evening air.”

There is a gasp from the woman behind you and she adjusts herself in the chair to cover it up. Her actions bring a new dimension to our conversation and my cock is rock hard as I continue, “I’m going to place my fingers in your mouth so you can suck them, licking between them. I will then play with your nipples, letting your saliva wet them, making them sensitive to the evening air. Twisting them and squeezing your breasts. I am going to suck on them, making you moan out loud; but you have a dilemma, there are people all around us, so how loud can you be? I will run my hand up the back of your dress, caressing your legs and breasts at the same time, raising your skirt and exposing your naked pussy to the air.”

There is a moan from the woman behind you and this time she makes no attempt to cover it. I search the half empty restaurant but no one else seems to notice what’s happening.

I spot the waitress making her way to the table and we order in a hurry.

I look back at you, “Kay, are you wet I ask?

“God yes,” you say.

“I want to taste you, I want to taste your pussy juice, run my tongue along your silky pussy lips.” I say.

You look unsure and motion towards the woman behind you.

I smile, “She won’t mind, I think she is getting off on this as well,” I whisper.

“Kay, I want you to finger your pussy for me, now. I want you to get your fingers smothered in your wetness so that I can taste you.”

You arrange yourself a little then slip your hand beneath the table. You hold my eye as you begin to finger your very wet cunt. You run your tongue over your lips and your eyes take on a misty look.

My cock is fit to burst by now and I arrange it a little to make it more comfortable. I can feel the pre-cum on the tip as I do so.

“How does it feel?” I ask.

“Hot, very hot and wet you respond.”

“Leave your finger deep in there, imagine it’s my cock and rub your clit for me.” I whisper.

You do as I ask and I can smell your sex. Behind you I can see the red headed woman and judging from her movements, she too is teasing her pussy, the smell of sex is heady and I want to fuck so much but I refrain and continue my talking.

“In the park I am going to kneel behind your naked ass and slide my tongue along the length of your silky legs. I am going to push your buttocks wide apart and jab my tongue into your rosebud and I am going to rim you, eating out your hole. And whilst I do that, I am going to finger your pussy, paying special attention to your G spot, making you squirm and cry out.”

Your eyes are closed now, the vision in your head playing out as you tease your clit and finger your pussy, your heightened breathing matching that of the woman behind you. This is such a turn on.

I quickly glimpse in the direction of the other woman and its clear she is near the edge. I am fit to bursting, cock ready to explode.

I spot the waitress getting ready to bring our food over and I cough loudly. You open your eyes and I motion in her direction with my eyes. The woman behind must have noticed the change and it looks like she has returned to reading her book, from behind it also looks like she is licking her fingers one by one.

You stand, lean forward and kiss me, before placing your fingers in my mouth. I lap and suck your juices greedily from your fingers; you pull back and head for the bathroom leaving me aching with lust.

A minute passes and then the woman at the other table follows you.

The waitress delivers the food and I order us a bottle of wine and several moments later she returns with it and I pour us a glass. I sip at mine, wondering if you are ok.

You return several minutes later and you are accompanied by the red head. I can see her pretty face now and her trim figure. She looks about 35 and is dressed in a sexy little floral dress that shows of her silky legs.

“This is Becky.” says Kay.

“Hi, how are you.” I ask.

“Fucking very wet and very horny.” She replies.

I give her a knowing smile, my cock responding to the thought.

“Becky is going to join us.” You explain. “Her date wasn’t what she expected and he left. She was giving him 5 minutes to leave and she was going to go too, but she overheard us and got so turned on, that she now wants to join us in the park.”

“And you have agreed to this I asked?”

“I’m so turned on right now and I thought you might want to show me off.” Kay said smiling.

I was surprised at Kay agreeing and that I didn’t shoot my load right there and then. I leaned across and kissed Kay, “I am ok with it on 1 condition and that Becky, you agree to do what I tell you, when I tell you. Do you agree?”

Becky didn’t hesitate, “Yes.” She said.

We started our meal, Becky just having a drink and the discussion focused on sex, when after about 5 minutes I said, “Ok Becky, I want you open Kay’s legs and finger her pussy for me.”

Becky dipped her fingers into her wine and slid them under the table, tracing a wet line along Kays thighs to her pussy. It was Kay’s first time with another woman and her touch was electric as Kay looked lustfully into my eyes and sighed.

Becky moved in close and kissed Kay as she slipped her finger into Kay’s wet cunt, Kay’s eyes closing in response.

I continue the story as I watch Becky play with Kay’s pussy. “I’m going to remove your dress, so you are naked, you pert breasts and shaved pussy open to the air. I will put my finger in your pussy and work your G spot, first with 1 finger, and building to 2.”

As I spoke Becky slid down the chair and under the table, I was stunned that no one spotted her move.

“When you are dripping wet, I am going to lick your pussy, drinking your juices and licking around my fingers.”

As I spoke I heard you gasp as Becky drew her tongue up Kay’s pussy lips. I continued.

“I am going to slide between your naked thighs and I am going to suck you clit. I am going to hold it between my lips and keeping the suction on, I am going to pulse it in and out like it’s a tiny cock, holding your buttocks as you thrust against the suction.”

As I spoke, Becky took Kay’s clit and sucked it hard into her mouth, Kay’s body shook, and it was clear she was oblivious to the others in the restaurant.

As I speak, I feel Becky’s hand on my thick cock; I am so hard I know I won’t last long. I release my pre cum covered erection and feel Becky’s hand slide along the tip, thumbing the pre-cum across the head. I moan deeply.

“Kay, I want to cum in your mouth.”

“I am going to put my cock in your mouth and fuck your face whilst you finger your naked dripping cunt.”

Kay gasped as the vision and Becky’s pumping fingers push her over the edge.

As I watch her cum, I reached under the table and grabbed Becky by the hair and pushed my cock into her mouth, cum spurting over and over, Becky milking both of us dry.

Becky slowly made her way back to her seat, leaning into Kay and the two of you share a cum filled French kiss. And I know then that I need to fuck you both.

We are all buzzing and I quickly pay the bill. I take Kay and Becky and we head out the restaurant and head for the park.


Had someone told Sarah a week earlier, what sort of Christmas she would be having, she would have laughed in their face. But, as she prepared more coffee, Sarah reflected on the events of the past couple of days over Christmas. Thinking back, it was unbelievable that she should have had so much exciting, unbridled sex with her family and their manager, Janet. It had all been step-daughter-in-law Bessie’s doing. Spiking the dinner wine. But with spectacular results! Inhibitions melted, evening gowns slipped off shoulders, succulent breasts and vulvas were fondled and given much attention by the men. It had been a long night. And now, the following morning, her step-son and family had left straight after breakfast for their long drive back to London. But not before a final taste of sex! She with her husband’s grandson, the handsome, well-hung James, and George with Bessie. There was no doubt that their sex lives would never be the same again.

After waving his son and family goodbye, George returned to the dining kitchen. He was still dressed only in his dressing gown. Sarah put the steaming coffee pot on the table, filling the kitchen with a pleasant aroma, as Janet appeared to join them. Both the women were also in their gowns, without make-up and looking rather bleary-eyed and puffy-lipped.

‘Looks as though you had a hard night, Janet,’ George quipped, pouring milk into his pot.

‘Speak for yourself, George. I had a wonderful, if somewhat surprising night!’

Sarah laughed. ‘You and me both darling. And add this morning to that! Awesome!’ She took a sip of her coffee.

‘Very energetic, I must say. I had no idea what a quirky family you were.’ She laughed, adding, ‘and how well hung you all are!’

‘Well, now you know,’ Sarah smiled. ‘Come to that, so do I!’

‘Are you saying that was the first occasion you’ve all romped together?’

‘It sure was. This morning was great as well! To be woken up with a nice young hard cock ploughing your furrow, as they say, stretching your vagina. Glorious! And then to come into the kitchen to find your husband screwing his daughter-in-law. Well! Wow!’

They all laughed.

‘She asked for it, darling,’ George explained.

‘Asked? You mean she didn’t refuse it, more like.’

‘Well, if you wish to split hairs.’

‘Splitting other things you mean – like pussy lips! Anyway darling, I want to tell you how proud I am of you. Not only for entering into the spirit of the evening, but for the way your cock responded. I haven’t seen it so available and energetic for some time. I must say, I wasn’t too sure how you would react. You were wonderful, and I love you George.’

‘Nonsense Sarah! You should be proud of yourself! Had I realized you were looking for new ways to revitalize our sex life, we could have done it sooner! I just thought you’d grown out of it.’

Sarah smiled, leaned across the table and kissed him on the lips. If he only knew, she thought. Perhaps better not admit to the dogging she’d engaged in, in a mad moment of need, nor tell him about her on-going passionate affair with Susanna, or the doctor’s wife. Her mind quickly recalled the several other ‘stands’ she’d had, though only with other women since marrying George. The dogging had been her only encounter with a different, anonymous cock. It had been a superb thrill!

As Sarah and George exchanged their affectionate kiss, there was a long sigh from Janet. ‘Well, you two. It looks as if you’re both in for some interesting activities from now on. As for me, well I had a lovely taste of Henry with my early morning coffee in bed. But! Oh dear! I have to spend the rest of the holiday with my stuffy aunt and uncle. Mum and dad will be enjoying their cruise in the Med. But I shall have some great memories to help with my solo sex!’

‘Yes! And we have official duties after lunch,’ Sarah explained, ‘so spending the day fucking isn’t an option. Even if George was up to it! Duty! Visiting the hospitals and so on. Spreading words of good cheer and all that, to those not really feeling very festive.’ But, still feeling rather horny and ready for more, Sarah thought a final session would be in order. ‘However, if George has spent all his energy on Bessie, perhaps you and I can have a farewell embrace, Janet.’

‘Yes please! I’m so turned on! Come on. It’ll have to last me the rest of the holiday. ‘ Sarah took Janet by the hand and hurried her into the master bedroom, shrugging off her gown as they went through the door. Sarah fell on her back across the bed, holding her arms out for Janet, legs bent at the knee, wide apart to display her most secret charms, knowing that Janet was anxious to inspect them after their action over the past twenty-four hours. Still in her gown, Janet clambered over Sarah, squatting with one knee either side of her waist. Her large breasts, with their saucer-like coral-colored areola and nipples, hung heavily. Sarah grasped them in each hand, squeezing them, wishing her own were rather bigger. Though not perhaps this big!

Not that Janet was familiar with many vulvas, but if there was such a thing as a perfect one, then surely this must be a prime example, Janet thought, gazing between Sarah’s thighs. The vulva was a wonderful feat of nature. Or, if there was a God, she thought, he was very thoughtful to provide ladies with such exquisite means of reproduction. A master-stroke of genius. The blonde pubic hair, not too thick, and not spread too far from her swollen mound, the shy clitoris, like a small, pale bean peeking from its protective hood. The soft labia emerging from beneath the hood, either side of the clitoris, were sufficiently large to escape the confines of her outer lips, but not so large as to hang low – like her own fleshy things! Separating the labia with her thumbs, exposing the soft link inner valley and pee-hole, Janet kissed the vulva, running her tongue lightly along the valley. Guarding the vagina, now dilated to show the dark gateway to Sarah’s hidden mystery, were five perfect petals of coral-colored flesh. Janet studied them. They were beautiful! The sight brought a lump to her throat. She would enjoy making love to this perfect piece of feminine flesh.

For Sarah, Janet’s parted thighs displayed the long, heavy labia, and the four small tongues guarding the entrance to her wide-open vagina, now oozing with its delicious juices. Another lady’s vulva was always a fascination for Sarah, and no matter how often she’d seen it, looking at it afresh always came as a wonderful surprise. There was always something she hadn’t noticed before. She loved the copper-colored plentiful thatch of pubic hair, framing the vulva, marveling at the long fleshy labia, begging to be nibbled and suckled. Sarah filled her mouth with succulent flesh, tasting their inner juices. She adored women’s juices. Such a delicious, unique taste. Janet’s was faintly minty. Having chewed the fleshy parts, Sarah rubbed her nose between them, up and down the valley, the tip circling the clit, inhaling the exquisite scent.

With her own thighs wide apart, Sarah felt the warm breath of Janet on her vulva. She held Janet’s head with one hand, encouraging it to close in on her pussy. The feeling of the breath on the labia increased the anticipation. Her sex lips were not as prominent as Janet’s, but they were still full and fairly prominent. Sarah’s body gave a sudden twitch as Janet’s tongue flicked the clitoris. The attention being payed to her genitals was now swamping Sarah’s mind. Her whole body was alive with a glorious trickling sensations. Her skin tingled. Her groin jerked and shook inside. The inner turmoil grew stronger and more intense. Muscles tensed and tightened, like a coiled spring. Her thighs trembled and juddered as she searched deep down for the very root of the orgasm.

Meantime, George had come into the room to sit on the dressing table stool, watching the two elegant ladies pleasuring each other. The sound of their murmuring, and moans of delight, with the sight of Janet’s pale buttocks and drooping labia encouraged his half-filled cock to harden further until it reached full potential, pointing arrogantly towards the ceiling. He looked at it with pride. Still hard and erect. It was many months, if not years, since George had enjoyed so much sex in the space of twenty-four hours. When he first met Sarah, they had fucked night and day. They were insatiable. But, as usual, time had dampened the ardor, until their sex was more of a duty. Still pleasurable, but not as exciting. Now, however, he thought they had both been revitalized. He was unaware of his wife’s affair with the parish vicar’s wife, and now grateful that he was still able to respond in the time-honored way to the sight of beautiful, naked ladies feeling each other’s private parts.

To watch his elegant wife being anything but elegant the previous evening, her thighs wide apart, with his grandson’s cock slicing her pussy, was extremely arousing. She had turned into a common slut, the expression on her face showing the utter bliss she was feeling, mouth slightly open, gasping with delight. Turned animal. He recalled how her juices had formed a whiteish ring round the base of James’s plunging cock, soaking into his pubic hair, remembering the many times they had whispered fantasies of such lewd happenings to each other in the dark, whilst making love. Sarah had always responded to the description of her being fucked by someone else, in her husband’s presence. Imagining the thick cock of another man pounding in and out of her. And last evening it had actually happened! George had found it so exhilarating, without a twinge of jealousy. And now, here she was, having sex with another woman! Unimaginable! Out of this world! Being the unashamed slut again. It was time to explore what was before him.

Feeling the hem of her gown being lifted, Janet was enjoying Sarah’s lips exploring her vulva, sending ripples of delight through her, whilst tasting the creamy juices leaking from Sarah’s vagina. Delicious cream! Her tongue explored every nook and cranny of the delectable vulva, kissing the clit and slipping the stiff tongue inside the warm passage. Making love to Sarah’s vulva was so arousing. Ever since she had first experienced Sarah’s body, albeit rather hurriedly, she had craved for more. And now she was enjoying it. She loved the whole experience of eating it. Her gown was now draped over her waist, and she was aware of hands stroking the firm buttocks, fingers and thumbs drawing them apart to reveal the hidden puckered entrance to her other secret entrance.

Beneath her, Sarah’s eyes were fixed on Janet’s fleshy vulva, surrounded by its frame of auburn curls. Superb! She was so glad when her husband joined them. Seeing his hands caress the buttocks, prizing them open to display all Janet’s private secrets. Secrets that had been explored by the whole family the previous evening, but still mysterious in the light of day. Sarah recollected the first time she had tasted the delights of Janet’s vulva. They were in the disused gatehouse in the car-park at the rear of the property, watching a couple having sex in their car. Both she and Janet had been overcome with lust, needing to share the couples enjoyment. She couldn’t remember who made the first move, but both fumbled with each other’s vulvas until orgasms overtook them. Now, she had the chance to slowly examine that vulva in detail. It was a magnificent example of woman’s center-piece!

In her own bedroom, Sarah could only watch spell-bound as her husband’s stiff cock approached the waiting vagina, testicles low and swaying. The vagina was already oozing generously. Without warning, a surprisingly powerful feeling of love and affection for her husband swept through Sarah. Oh my God, she thought. Here he is, fucking our manager and I’m feeling so full of admiration and love for the guy. This is crazy! Sarah was, of course, unaware of George’s first plundering of this delicious female booty, at the time she was entertaining Sue in London. A quick shag over the office desk, fully clothed, after a generous drink of champagne had been a celebration of the increase in their funding from the Arts Council. Both had been feeling particularly horny at the time and had done what came naturally.

But this time, George thought, the fuck would be a less urgent affair. An enjoyable, deliberate plundering of his manager’s body, with the approval and encouragement of his wife. Sarah gasped as she watched the foreskin retract as the bulbous head found its target, nudging the lips apart to engage with the slippery entrance to the dilated vagina, ready for penetration. There was no hurry. As the head pushed into the entrance to the passage, Sarah held her breath, amazed at her fascination at the sight. Incredible! Fantastic! She had thought that, maybe her reaction last night was due to the general aphrodisiac of the group orgy, but in the cold light of day, she was just as excited by her husband’s cock entering the vagina of another woman. It had always been a fantasy of hers, one they had often discussed in pillow talk during sex. But now it was happening for real, it was an emotional moment for her, as her husband’s erection slowly pushed its way into the depths of the accommodating vagina. It was a life-changing moment. Much, much more lascivious than she had imagined. Beautiful! She felt Janet shudder with delight. As well she might! Then Sarah licked the labia and clit vigorously and passionately, giving Janet the additional thrill of internal and external stimulation.

The feeling of George’s cock nudging at her vagina had Janet take a deep breath of anticipation. She stopped licking Sarah, holding her breath to concentrate on the sensation, as the thick head pushed its way into the soft pliant flesh. She let the breath out in a long sigh of delight as the shaft slid into her, stretching her to the full, until it reached the cervix. Every nerve sending messages of lust and enjoyment. Asking for more. Every woman must adore that moment of penetration, being plundered by cock, she thought. She certainly did. Stunning!

Time seemed to stand still for all three, as the thick cock violated the vagina with remorseless jabbing. George fucked Janet with deep and powerful strokes, hands gripping the buttocks for additional purchase. Testicles slapped against Sarah’s nose as she greedily chewed on the labia and clit. Janet returned her mouth to Sarah’s vulva, feeling her own loins shaking and trembling with lust. The muscles were tightening. She heard her moaning out loud. Janet was no longer paying attention to Sarah’s pussy. She was concentrating every nerve on the phenomenal commotion in her loins. Her breathing was heavy and irregular. She was groaning ‘Oh fuck! Fuck fuck!’ the orgasm wasn’t far away. All the muscles were now tense and shaking uncontrollably. She was crying out in an agony of delight.

With his loins working like a piston, George was thoroughly enjoying his fuck, gazing down at the wonderful bottom, watching his sliding cock, smeared with her juices. Phenomenal! He hadn’t enjoyed himself so much for years. Such a smooth, warm vagina. George looked at the puckered rosebud above it. It was also covered with an excess of pussy juices. He had a sudden and unexplained desire to thrust his cock in it. No sooner had the thought struck him, than he withdrew from the vagina, as he spread open the rosebud with his thumbs. His cock prodded the entrance and immediately pressed into the dark secret passage.

Janet gave a yelp, jerking her body from the bed as the cock violated her rear passage. Oh my God! she thought. Not there! But it was tight and thrilling. Fucking marvelous! When the anal fuck started she was suddenly catapulted into an explosive orgasm. Thrashing convulsions.

Sarah was astonished at the sudden change of passage, watching George’s cock driving in and out of Janet’s anus. She had no idea how long this went on for, but it couldn’t have been many minutes. Janet was thrashing her head from side to side, her arms beating on the bed as she cried out in an explosion of orgasmic convulsions, until George finally withdrew his cock, pushing it between an unexpecting Sarah’s lips, sliding it in and out of her mouth a few times before returning it into the passage made for it. She tasted the slightly acrid smears with curiosity. George’s testicles were beginning to retract. He wouldn’t last much longer, she thought.

And she was right! No sooner had George made the full penetration than he felt his balls tightening, until, with a sudden violent jerk, he started to ejaculate. Irregular spasms racked his thighs as his jerking loins thrust deep, emptying his sperm into the very depths of Janet’s vagina. This defining moment had the effect of triggering Sarah’s own orgasm. Her whole body convulsed. The sweet agonizing blissful spasms.

It took several moments for the three of them to relax, recovering from the battering. Returning to the present, George felt his penis begin to soften. With a grateful sigh, he withdrew from Janet, allowing his cock to slide over Sarah’s nose in the process. Sarah opened her mouth against the gaping vagina. When Janet squeezed her vaginal muscles, they pushed the sperm out onto the waiting tongue and into the mouth. After a few seconds, when the vagina had expelled its contents of mixed juices, Sarah squirmed from under Janet, kneeling up on the bed as Janet did likewise, facing her. They kissed, open mouthed, allowing the sperm to trickle into Janet’s mouth. Both tongues swirled the juices around their mouths, until each swallowed what they had gathered, going into a fond embrace, breasts crushing breasts, hands cupping vulvas in their palms.

They heard the shower. George was cleaning up. Time to start the rest of the day. ‘Thank you Janet,’ Sarah smiled. ‘No, thank you Sarah for inviting me. It has been the most interesting and satisfying Christmas I can remember.’

‘Well, it certainly wasn’t planned. At least, not be me. But, perhaps even more enjoyable for being a surprise!’

‘See you in a couple of days,’ Janet said as she picked up her robe, leaving to get dressed.

‘And we’ll have a happy new year!’ Sarah promised.

Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fictions are above the age of 18 years.


It had been almost six months since Jacob and Natalie had their first encounter. Since then they had been meeting regularly, about three or four times a month, for Natalie’s erotic tutelage. Jacob, now twenty years old had become well versed in sexual activity thanks to Natalie’s lessons, but he still sometimes felt a little wet behind the ears.

On this particular day, Natalie was driving home from work. She smiled to herself as her mind was in overdrive. She thought back to earlier in the day, to her lunch break. The now twenty-nine year old brunette was having lunch with a young intern who was at the radio station where she worked.

The intern had been there about two months and she and Natalie had taken to having their lunch together. Natalie first noticed how young she looked; later learning that she was twenty, the same age as Jacob. At first, their conversations had been innocent, just learning about each other. The girl, Veronica, was eager to be working at a radio station, believing it to be a boost to her ambitions of a career in broadcasting. As the weeks passed their conversations became more intimate. Natalie had learned that Veronica was not a virgin but still very inexperienced, only having one serious boyfriend, now an ex, and only having sex three times. Natalie felt the girl had been so trustful of her that she had to reciprocate. She somehow let it slip the situation she had going with Jacob. Natalie took notice of Veronica’s green eyes brightening as she divulged the details of her and Jacob’s first encounter and their subsequent lessons.

This particular lunch meeting was about a week after Natalie had shared her exploits. Veronica seemed extra curious on this day, questioning Natalie as to whether she still instructed Jacob and how kinky they got. She seemed almost disappointed when Natalie told her that they mostly kept it tame. Natalie looked as the young blonde seemed to be psyching herself up for something extreme. Veronica finally looked Natalie in the face,

“This might be crossing a line or something, but I feel I can tell you this. Although I’m still inexperienced, I’ve always had this one fantasy,” she whispered.

Natalie was taken aback.

Veronica continued, “I’ve always had a fetish for submission, not anything extreme, no ball gags or full leather suits or stuff like that. But the idea of someone telling me what to do, when to do it, and how…it’s so exciting to me.”

Natalie smiled to Veronica, “Wow, I’d never take you for the type.”

“I know, everyone always pictures me as the innocent one.”

“You know, I have to admit, I’ve fantasized about similar stuff…maybe we should get together and experiment a little,” Natalie boldly proposed.

Veronica blushed profusely, “Oh I could never, I’d be so embarrassed; to be with someone I work with in a situation like that.”

Natalie took Veronica’s hand in hers, comforting her, “I’ll tell you what, what if I convinced Jacob to go along, it would be like a shared experience, the first time for you both, you wouldn’t have to be worried about being shy then.”

“Well I supposed if I wasn’t the only one. . .” Veronica began to reply before being cut off by Natalie.

“Great! I’ll talk to Jacob tonight and let you know tomorrow. “

The two women smiled at each other while they finished up their lunch and went back to work.

Natalie pulled into her driveway, unable to stop smiling as numerous thoughts swirled through her mind. Sat in her car, she retrieved her Blackberry and texted Jacob, “Need to see you tonight.” She headed inside and went about her evening.

Jacob was up in his room, researching for a college paper when his phone beeped. He read the message and smiled. He got up and walked to his window. Looking out, he saw Natalie’s blue mini cooper in her driveway. Excited at the prospects of an afternoon quickie, he rushed downstairs and into the backyard. Jacob made his way over to Natalie’s and to her kitchen door. He retrieved the hidden key from beneath a plant pot that Natalie had showed him. He entered the house and casually walked up to Natalie’s bedroom. Jacob was pleased to be greeted by Natalie’s almost naked body, bending over as she removed her skirt. He admired the sight of her ass, held snugly in her red lace panties. He faked coughed, alerting Natalie to his presence.

“Getting started without me?” he quipped.

A startled Natalie spun around swiftly,

“Don’t you know what tonight means? What if your parents come home early and see you gone?”

Jacob smiled and stepped closer to Natalie,

“Don’t you ever listen when I talk; I told you they’re in California for a week, at my aunt’s to see her new baby.”

“Oh yeah…must have slipped my mind, you’re so distracting when you come over,” she teased.

Jacob leaned in, planting a kiss on Natalie.

As their moist tongues swirled around each other, Natalie could feel herself heating up. Before she got caught up in the moment, Natalie abruptly broke their embrace,

“Wait, that’s not why I texted you.”

Natalie proceeded to sit Jacob down on the bed and explain to him the situation with Veronica. She went over her lunch time conversation almost word for word. Giving him a minute to understand it all she followed up,

“So. . .what do you think?”

Jacob wasn’t quite sure what to think; he had a great thing going with Natalie and didn’t want to alter it.

Natalie sensed the hesitation in his eyes. “I promise, it will be lots of fun for everyone involved,” she whispered in her best tempting sultry voice.

Jacob had to admit that the idea of this other girl intrigued him, “So is this Veronica hot?”

Natalie chuckled, “She’s a knockout…sweetest thing you’ve ever seen, apart from me of course.”

Jacob smiled, “Okay then, I guess it could be fun, I mean, you already boss me around anyways.”

“You do understand what this means right? The next time you step into this house will be completely different from anything we’ve ever done. I will be different, and you will have to listen and obey every instruction I give,” Natalie clarified.

“Yeah, I get it, I’m game if you are,” he replied.

“Great, well I’ll tell Veronica tomorrow. I want you to come over on Friday, six in the evening….sharp! See you then.”

“See me then? I’m here now,” Jacob protested.

Natalie smiled. She looked down to Jacob’s crotch, noticing the slight bulge.

“Is that from hearing about Veronica or coming over to see me?” she asked.

“Both I guess.”

“Well I don’t think we should start without Veronica, but I could help you out, for old times’ sake,” she joked.

Natalie got up, dressed in just her black lace bra and red panties, and kneeled between Jacob’s legs. She wasted no time, expertly undoing his belt buckle and pulling his pants to the floor. She looked up to him as she fished his hardening cock out from his boxers. Jacob looked down and smiled as he saw the beautiful face staring up at him. He groaned as Natalie extended her tongue, licking the base of his penis, up its length and swirled around the tip. In an instant she had his entire manhood in her mouth, her tongue dragging along every inch as she bobbed her head up and down. Jacob ran his hand through Natalie’s hair as she continued to suck him. Minutes passed like seconds and before long, Jacob could feel himself on the edge,

“Nat…I’m cumming,” he groaned.

Natalie popped his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to stroked him vigorously with her hand. Not ten seconds had passed before Jacob’s cock began erupting with sperm. The white globs covered Natalie’s face and chest. She smiled as she squeezed every last drop out of Jacob. Licking her thumb and index finger she stood up and smiled to Jacob,

“Okay, why don’t you let me go get cleaned up. You should get home and make sure all your work is done so your weekend will be free.”

Jacob, still recovering from his orgasm, slowly pulled up his pants as he watched Natalie’s swaying body walk into the bathroom. He let himself out and went back to his research.

The next day, Natalie was excited for lunch to arrive. She strolled into the lunchroom, pleased to see Veronica already there. She took a seat next to the blonde,

“Okay, it’s all set, Jacob agreed, he’s coming over on Friday, 6pm. You should come for the same time.”

Veronica sheepishly smiled. This is in fact exactly what she wanted, but now it seemed so real, and a sense of nervousness overcame her.

Natalie, ever this intuitive one sensed the unease,

“Sweetie, listen, this is all for you, so you need to be comfortable, we can stop at any time. If you walk in the door and don’t feel right we don’t have to do anything at all, you just tell me and that’s it. And I promise, Jacob is the sweetest guy, so you shouldn’t be worried about that.”

Natalie’s comforting words allowed Veronica to breathe a sigh of relief, “Okay then, six pm it is.”

“Great! I’ll email you my address later, I can’t wait till Friday!!”

“I know, as much as I am nervous, I’m equally excited,” Veronica confided.

The girls went about their day as normally as they could, secretly exchanging winks and smiles every time they cross paths.

For the three involved, Friday couldn’t arrive soon enough, it seemed to take ages. The day itself seemed to drag on forever. Natalie sat fidgeting at her desk, hoping she had made enough preparations, wondering if the plans she made would go as smoothly as she imagined them in her mind. Finally it was four o’ clock and Natalie found herself almost running to her car. She made it home in record time, had a quick bite to eat and took a shower. She slipped on a black silk bathrobe that reached just above her knees, and nothing else. She headed down to the living room placing a black cardboard box on a side table. Then, she positioned a single wooden chair facing her couch, about three feet away. She took a seat on the chair and watched over to the clock . . . 5:49pm.

Minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Natalie excitedly rushed over. She took a deep breath before opening it. She coyly smiled at an anxious looking Jacob. He was dressed in a white shirt and jeans.

“Go sit on the couch and wait for me,” she said, trying her best to sound stern, “Don’t touch or do anything, just sit and wait.”

Jacob walked passed her, silent and obedient.

Natalie stood around in the foyer, patiently awaiting her next guest. It wasn’t too long till she heard the hum of an engine in the driveway, then moments later, another knock at the door. She paused a moment then opened the door. Veronica stood in the doorway, dressed in a light red summer dress. Natalie offered Veronica a friendlier smile that she did Jacob, but her instructions were just as stern,

“Walk through that hallway and into the living room, Jacob is waiting there. I want you to sit on his lap and for you two to wait for me. Don’t say a word to each other.”

Veronica didn’t hesitate for a second, not to say that her heart wasn’t pounding as she walked down the hallway. She walked around the corner, into a large room, the center at which, sat a young handsome man. She immediately began blushing.

Jacob sat up in his seat when he saw the beautiful blonde enter the room. He was taken aback by her. Her face looked so sweet, so young, and so innocent. He immediately took notice of her body, her petite breasts, cupped gently by her summer dress, and her skinny long legs, displayed perfectly by the shortness of her attire. As if he wasn’t startled before, Jacob was in shock as the young woman kept walking towards him, then proceeded to sit right on his lap. He didn’t know what to say, or if in fact he could say anything. He stared blankly at Veronica’s back, her blonde hair ending just below her shoulders, enjoying the sweet girlish aroma her body exuded. Veronica did her best to pat her dress down which had ridden up her leg as she took her seat. They both sat in the deafening silence . . . waiting.

Natalie stood silent in the hallway, smiling to herself, imagining the awkwardness of the situation in the living room. Finally, she walked into the room, pleased to see her orders being obeyed. She took a seat in the chair facing the couch. She noticed Jacob’s eyes dart directly to her legs. She uncrossed her legs, her bathrobe parting gently. She smiled deviously to herself, knowing the effect the sight would have on Jacob.

Both Jacob and Veronica took immediate notice of the slight opening of Natalie’s robe. Jacob’s eyes were fixed, he could see right between her thighs, with just the slightest glance at the lips of her pussy. He couldn’t help the effect of the sight; he grew nervous as he felt his cock slowly hardening. Seconds later, Veronica was caught off guard at the distinctive new feeling beneath her. She shifted slightly on Jacob’s lap, then there it was, the unmistakable feel of Jacob’s hardened penis, pressing against her ass cheek. Jacob was embarrassed but he couldn’t help it.

“Jacob, this is Veronica, Veronica, Jacob,” Natalie said authoritatively. “I felt the need for you two to be comfortable with each other as soon as possible.”

“Can you feel him Veronica?” she continued.

“Yes,” Veronica sheepishly replied.

“Yes Ms. Winters! That goes for you too Jacob” Natalie scolded.

“Yes Ms. Winters,” the pair replied in unison.

“Tell me what you feel Veronica.”

“Umm, I feel his penis,”

Veronica saw Natalie stare at her sternly,

“I feel his cock….his cock, pressing against my ass,” she clarified.

“Very good,” Natalie said with a smile, “Now, I want you both to stand, strip naked and then return to your seated position.”

Jacob and Veronica sat there, frozen.

“Now!” yelled Natalie.

The twosome were up immediately, Jacob standing a little further back than Veronica.

“Veronica, you first,” Natalie instructed.

Veronica stared at Natalie, and then looked over to Jacob. Her hand moved slowly to her sides, grabbing her dress and lifting it over her head. When Veronica tossed her dress to the floor, Jacob’s eyes focused immediately to her ass, two beautiful round mounds separated by the thin pink string of a lace thong. He couldn’t help but stare at her wonderfully round butt; it looked so smooth and firm. Veronica reached behind her and unclasped her matching pink bra. The garment slipped from her petite breasts with ease. Natalie smiled at the sight before her, Veronica’s pert breasts protruding upwards, her pink nipples just a bit puffy. Natalie stepped forward with an outstretched hand. She cupped Veronica’s right breast, feeling its firmness, and then gently tweaked her nipple. She smiled as she watched Veronica’s puffy nipples turn rock hard in front her eyes. She released her and Veronica continued, hands at her side, grasping the hem of her thong panties. Jacob stared in awe as Veronica tugged her panties down her legs, allowing it to pool at her ankles. Natalie, standing in front of the pair, had the view of Veronica’s pussy; again she stepped forward, this time with her hand lowered. Veronica closed her eyes as she felt Natalie’s fingers roam over her abdomen, slowly moving downwards. Now they were combing through the blonde curls of her pubes and over the lips of her pussy. When she was sufficiently satisfied, Natalie retrieved her hand and turned to Jacob,

“Now you.”

Jacob took his cue, undoing the buttons of his shirt and dropping it to the floor. Natalie noticed Veronica’s focused stare, like a laser beam on Jacob’s chest, who could blame her she thought, he’s quite the handsome fella. Both women looked on as Jacob undid the button on his jeans and bent over, lowering his denim confines. He used his feet to finally get them off, kicking them in a pile with his shirt. Natalie and Veronica stared at the young man, stood in his white boxer briefs, the distinctive curve of his hardened penis clearly on display.

“Come on Jacob, we’re wasting time here,” Natalie egged on.

A nervous Jacob grabbed his underwear and lowered them, feeling the cool rush of air hit his nether regions. Veronica looked on; admiring the young man’s astoundingly fit body. She blushed as he stood up, his fully erect penis coming into view, almost feeling his embarrassment. It was the same feeling she had when she removed her panties, she could almost feel his stare burning her ass.

Now the two stood stark naked before an approving Natalie, who had taken her seat back on the chair.

“Very good, now, please take your seats.”

Jacob and Veronica sat down on the couch.

“Is that how you were seated before?” Natalie asked in a calm yet stern voice.

The pair stood up and stared at each other in distress. Jacob almost apologetically moved behind Veronica and sat back down on the couch. Staring straight at Veronica’s splendid ass, he could just make out the hint of her pussy lips through her golden curls. The smell of her sex invaded his nostrils. The view had his cock throbbing and staring straight up. Veronica looked over her shoulder to Jacob, then back to Natalie. She lowered her body and sat on the edge of Jacob’s lap. She was basically sat on his knees.

“Am I going to have to administer some punishment Veronica?” Natalie questioned.

Veronica just stared sheepishly at Natalie.

“Is that how you were seated before?” Natalie continued her voice now a little harsher.

“No Ms. Winters,” Veronica squeaked.

“Then get up and sit back down like you were before,” Natalie’s words tender but firm.

Veronica was immediately to her feet. She inched back a bit, before lowering herself again. This time her ass came down right onto Jacob’s crotch. She squirmed as she felt the warm slickness of precum against her skin, his cock pressing into her ass cheek. Veronica wriggled her body around a little till Jacob’s cock came to rest right between her legs. She looked down at her crotch, seeing his manhood staring up at her, nestled against her pussy, its tip drooling with precum.

“Excellent,” stated Natalie, “For the most part you two are doing very well.”

“Veronica, please hand me the box to you right.”

Veronica retrieved the black cardboard box on the side table. Leaning forward, she handed it over to Natalie.

“While I’m glad to see you two getting so comfortable with each other, I have an activity that will acquaint everyone more . . . intimately,” Natalie said with a coy smile. “Please follow me.”

With that Natalie stood up, untied her robe, allowing it to fall to the floor, and then walked off into another room.

Veronica and Jacob had just enough time to savor the sight of Natalie’s naked body, her full breasts, decorated exquisitely with pink erect nipples. Her bare pussy didn’t go unnoticed, its glistening plump lips arousing them both.

The naked couple followed Natalie into the other room, finding the guest bedroom, but no one there. They ventured further, finally laying eyes on Natalie’s wondrous body once again in the bathroom. They noticed the black box sitting on the edge of the tub, open. It contained a razor, a can of shaving cream, and a tube of post shave lotion.

Natalie saw the look in the twosome’s eyes and then spoke,

“For some reason I thought Jacob would be the only one requiring a shave, it was a pleasant surprise to see that you will joining him Veronica. It should be a nice bonding exercise.”

Natalie stepped forward and took Jacob’s hand in hers.

“Jacob, I want you to make this,” Natalie was now passing Jacob’s palm over Veronica’s pussy, through her thick bush, Veronica just standing there, slowing becoming aroused as these practical strangers touched her so salaciously, “feel like this.” Natalie now switched Jacob’s hand over to her own pussy. Jacob almost groaned as his fingers traversed over her cunt, it was so smooth, her lips slick and moist.

“Veronica, when he is done, it will be your turn to return the favor,” Natalie said, playfully tugging on Jacob’s pubes. “I will be observing the whole thing; making sure you two stay on task. Now . . . please begin.”

By now, Jacob and Veronica were becoming used to following Natalie’s instructions. Veronica immediately stepped into the tub. Jacob turned on the lower faucet of the tub, alternating the hot and cold knobs till the water was lukewarm, if not, a little hotter. Jacob now stepped into the tub and knelt down, positioning himself between the running faucet and Veronica. He placed a hand on Veronica’s thigh, motioning her to sit. She understood his plea and sat down at the back of the tub, her knees crouched, and legs spread wide. Jacob cupped his hand in the running water, then quickly transferred it to Veronica’s crotch, letting the water run over her pussy.

“Too hot?” he innocently questioned, suddenly realizing he had spoken without Natalie’s permission.

He apologetically looked over to Natalie who just nodded approvingly, signaling that it was okay. Jacob now looked back to Veronica’s angelic face. She smiled, letting him know the water was fine. Jacob then took the can of shaving cream in his hand. He undid the cap and sprayed the white foam into his palm. He lowered his hand to Veronica’s abdomen, covering her pelvis with the foam. He ran his hand over her pussy, making sure every bit of the area was covered. Jacob quickly rinsed his hand and now held the razor. Veronica took a nervous breath as Jacob’s seemingly steady hand approached her body. Starting at her pelvis, Jacob, pressed the razor against Veronica’s skin and slowly moved it down, stripping the young woman’s blonde curls away. After a few strokes, more and more of Veronica was being revealed. It was then that Natalie interrupted.

“Jacob, I think you might have an easier time if you sat behind Veronica. Why don’t you try that?”

Without objection, Jacob stood up. Veronica scooted forward, and Jacob stepped behind her. He wasn’t quite sure how Natalie intended for him to sit. He looked over to her,

“Just sit behind her, your legs to her sides, it will be like you’re looking down, shaving your own self.”

Jacob looked back down to Veronica, it suddenly dawned on him what Natalie intended and he was all too happy to oblige. He took a seat behind Veronica, placing his legs on either side of her crouched feet. Jacob now jostled forward, causing the water flowing in the tub to splash about. He shifted forward again till his and Veronica’s wet bodies touched. His cock pressed up against her back. Veronica knew exactly what she felt the second contact was made. She leaned back into Jacob, squishing Jacob’s throbbing member between her back and his stomach. Jacob savored the moment but quickly moved on. He peered over Veronica’s shoulder and looked down. The view of her supple perk breasts, a few drops of water gently running down their curves, caused his cock to throb even more. With the razor still in his hand, Jacob resumed his task. Hunched around Veronica’s body, he continued gently swiping away. Soon, almost all of the hair at Veronica’s crotch was gone, the thin wavy lips of her pussy coming into view. Veronica couldn’t help but blush as Jacob boldly tugged on each of her lips, providing a greater surface on which to pass the razor, ensuring a smooth and complete shave.

Natalie stood up and walked over to view Jacob’s handiwork.

“Very nice job, but I want everywhere down there to be completely hairless. Veronica, please get on all fours, it will provide Jacob with proper access.”

Veronica looked up at Natalie; her face had turned red with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be giving Jacob the same treatment,” Natalie asserted.

Veronica, who was now almost lying down on Jacob, stood up, only to get back down again, now kneeling on all fours.

Jacob now stared at the wonderful sight before him, Veronica’s sweet dainty ass. He looked over to Natalie who had picked up the can of shaving cream and was holding it out. He opened his palm and reached out prompting Natalie to spray a generous amount of shaving cream. Jacob now began gently caressing Veronica’s ass with his hand full of foam. He worked his hand into the crease, between her terrifically soft cheeks, spreading the cream all over. His fingers passed over her precious anal rosebud, feeling the wisps of hair at its side.

Veronica’s eyes had rolled into the back of her head as the electric feel she was experiencing travelled through her body. She couldn’t believe the position she was in, with this stranger and her co-worker. What shocked her even more was how extremely turned on she was as Jacob’s fingers briefly pressed against her anus, then quickly moved along to now gliding over the lips of her pussy.

When Jacob was satisfied that Veronica was sufficiently lathered up, he retrieved his hand and washed away the excess shaving cream in the shallow water in the tub. Gripping the razor once more, Jacob moved in, this time with even more caution. Using his free hand to grip Veronica’s ass cheek, he spread it as best he could and moved the razor between her crack. He carefully glided the razor along her skin, washing a repeating when needed. When he thought he was done, Jacob laid the razor down and cupped some water from the tub into his hands. He passed his hands over Veronica’s ass once more, sliding his palm in-between her ass cheeks, feeling the smoothness, letting the water wash away any remaining cream. Natalie who was sat on the closed toilet seat observed Jacob’s every action with meticulous attention.

“Very good Jacob, looks like you did an excellent job. Veronica, please stand up and have a feel, tell me what you think?”

The petite blonde stood up in the tub, now looking down on Jacob whose eyes were glued to her body. She passed one hand down to her pussy, the other behind and between her ass cheeks,

“It feels wonderful Ms. Winters.”

“Great, now it’s time for you to get started on Jacob.”

With that, Natalie reached over to the cupboard beneath the sink. She retrieved a small black electric shaver.

“Jacob is going to need something a little more heavy-duty before you can use a razor,” she informed before handing the shaver over to Veronica.

With the shaver in hand, Veronica now turned to Jacob. She put a hand on his shoulder and motioned for him to stand. Jacob did as directed. Now Veronica placed her hand on Jacob’s hip and nudged slightly. She pushed until he got the hint and took a seat on the edge of the tub. Veronica sat indian styled in the tub, between Jacob’s legs, staring directly at his crotch. Once again Jacob had a sight that took his breath away. He was looking down at Veronica’s sweet adorable face smiling up at him. His cock ached at the sight of her B-cup handfuls and her now visible pussy. Veronica saw the admiration in Jacob’s eyes and blushed slightly. She now set her mind to the task at hand. Switching on the electric shaver, Veronica was slightly stunned, feeling the powerful vibrations emanating from the tiny device in her hand. With one hand positioned on Jacob’s thigh, Veronica moved her other hand over to Jacob’s body, lightly pressing the shaver against his pelvis and moving it down, watching the dark curls of hair fall into the tub.

“Don’t be afraid to get hands on,” Natalie advised.

When almost all the hair north of Jacob’s cock was trimmed, Veronica took heed to Natalie’s advice, boldly gripping Jacob’s erect penis and lifting it up. She pressed it lengthways against his stomach, allowing her to shave its base and surrounding areas. When she was pleased, Veronica released Jacob’s cock and now cupped his balls. She very carefully passed the shaver across his ball sack, barely allowing it to come in contact with his sensitive loose skin.

With a simple click, the bathroom that was echoing with loud vibrations suddenly became silent. Veronica placed the shaver on the floor outside the tub then turned her attention to the shaving cream and razor which were laid out on the edge of the bath tub. She first stood up and moved over to the running faucet of the tub. Pulling the lever, the faucet went dry quickly followed by water pouring down from the shower head. Feeling the water raining down on her, Veronica ran her hands through her hair. She took Jacob by the hand, bringing him to his feet. Veronica brought him close, so that they both stood under the sprinkling water. She felt Jacob’s cock poke against the lower regions of her freshly shaven pelvis. Veronica leaned back a little, allowing the water to wash over Jacob. She lowered her hand to his crotch, wiping it about so as to rinse away the tiny hair cuttings. Turning away from Jacob, Veronica adjusted the lever again so the water flowed through the faucet once more. She pushed Jacob back to the end of the tub then grabbed the shaving cream. Dispensing the foam into her hands, Veronica quickly applied it to Jacob’s body. Jacob couldn’t help but groan when the blonde took his manhood in her hands. With a firm grasp, she slipped his cock through her fingers. It slid with ease thanks to the slippery foam. Veronica smiled to herself as she stroked the young man’s cock.

“Ahem! This is not fun time young lady! There will be time for that later.” Natalie scolded.

A stunned Veronica immediately released Jacob’s cock. She dutifully took hold of the razor and proceeded in shaving Jacob. With steady considerate hands, she moved the razor in slow downward strokes against Jacob’s skin, then washed the razor under the stream of the faucet. Veronica was almost hesitant to hold Jacob’s cock again but it was needed. She raised his throbbing penis and pushed it against his stomach. Utilizing the razor she made sure every crevice was covered. Squeezing Jacob’s balls in her hands, Veronica was provided with a smooth almost flat surface on which to pass the razor. She did so, adjusting her grip, making sure no hair was left behind.

“Okay. Good job Veronica. Now, Jacob, please assume the position, it’s time for Veronica to repay the backdoor favor,” Natalie instructed.

Jacob knew exactly what Natalie meant and became extremely nervous. He looked down at Veronica. Her beautiful green eyes were staring back at him almost trying to convey comfort. It was strange, but the sight of her did have a calming effect on Jacob, and he felt that he could trust her. He turned around facing away from Veronica then knelt down on all fours. Like he had done with her moments before, Veronica rinsed Jacob behind then applied shaving cream to his ass. She felt the presence of hair between Jacob’s ass crack as she slid her palm between his cheeks, spreading the white foam. Using Jacob’s method of gripping one cheek and passing the razor, Veronica soon found herself staring at Jacob’s asshole, shaved clean, devoid of any hair.

“Excellent, now why don’t you two shower each other off, and then apply the aftershave cream. Don’t worry, it’s not going to burn it’s not that kind of cream. Then we can move into the bedroom,” said Natalie.

Veronica helped Jacob to his feet then turn on the shower. The twosome stood beneath the water letting all the hair and cream wash away. Natalie handed Jacob a bar of soap,

“Lather up Veronica then you can do the same to yourself.”

Jacob excitedly began caressing Veronica’s skin with the bar of soap. He stole quick opportunities, kneading her breasts in his hands, feeling her erect nipples press against his palm. Moving south, Jacob let his lathered hands pass across Veronica’s taut stomach, and then down along her crotch. He didn’t spend as much time as he would have like, for fear of drawing Natalie ire. He bent down, soaping Veronica’s thighs and legs. The blonde turned, allowing Jacob to soap her back. She blushed as he grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands, squeezing them, at the same time lathering them up with soap. When he was done, Jacob soaped his own body as Veronica rinsed hers.

Soon Jacob and Veronica were stood outside the tub, damp towels on the floor. Natalie handed a tube of post shave cream to Veronica.

“You know what to do.”

Veronica took her cue, squeezing some of the cool lotion into her palm. She rubbed her hands together and then approached Jacob. After applying the lotion to Jacob’s crotch, Veronica once again found herself stroking a throbbing cock, watching it shine under the light as it became covered in moisturizer. She had to force herself to stop, not wanting to hear Natalie’s scolding voice. Jacob turned and Veronica applied some lotion to his ass cheeks.

“Okay, now give the lotion to Jacob.”

Veronica smiled as she placed the tube into Jacob’s hand.

Jacob covered his hands in moisturizer and begun rubbing down Veronica. Natalie took notice of Veronica’s face as Jacob slid his fingers along her pussy.

“Veronica, turn around and bend over so Jacob can do your behind.”

The petite blonde spun round. Resting her hands on the edge of the bathtub, Veronica bent her body at the waist so her ass was sticking out. Jacob kneeled down, squeezed more lotion into his hands and begun massaging Veronica’s butt. Just as he was sliding his palm between Veronica’s ass cheeks, Natalie approached Jacob and whispered something into his ear. Natalie then walked over and into the tub, standing right in front of Veronica. Jacob now had his palm pressed between the cheeks of Veronica’s ass. He rubbed up and down till the entire area was slick.

Natalie, who stood just slightly higher than Veronica’s arched body, raised her hand, cradling the blonde’s adorable face. Natalie leaned and kissed Veronica, letting her tongue part her pursed lips. Just then, Jacob had his middle finger pressed against the puckered ring of Veronica’s asshole. As Natalie had just instructed, he began to penetrate Veronica, gently letting his finger slip into the tight opening. He wasn’t forceful, letting the lubrication of the moisturizer do most of the work. Feeling this new sensation, Veronica gasped into Natalie’s mouth.

Natalie broke the kiss, but kept her face right up against Veronica’s.

“Do you like what you feel?”

Veronica just slightly nodded her head.

“Good, just a little precursor of what might come later,” Natalie responded.

After planting another kiss on Veronica, Natalie spoke again, this time with a somewhat forceful tone,

“Now be a good girl and help out Jacob, I want you to reach behind you and spread your butt cheeks apart.”

Veronica hesitantly obeyed Natalie’s command, reaching behind, grasping her youthful cheeks with both hands and pulling them apart.

“Okay Veronica, I want you to take a deep breath and hold it,” Natalie instructed.

Veronica did as she was told. Natalie turned to Jacob and nodded. Jacob, with his now unobstructed view and more space, added his index finger to his already inserted middle finger. He pushed both fingers as deep as he could then wiggled them around, stretching Veronica’s anus.

“Now breathe out Veronica.”

The blonde let her breath out as she tried to grow accustom to Jacob’s probing.

Jacob now began sliding his fingers in and out of Veronica’s snug opening, watching as the crinkled skin stretched and contracted to accommodate his insertions. Natalie again planted a kiss on Veronica, this time a gentle peck on her lips. She leaned down a little then moved her hand down the blonde’s body, till her palm covered her cunt. Natalie enjoyed the smooth slick feel of Veronica’s freshly shaven skin. With her index, middle, and ring fingers pressed together, Natalie began rubbing Veronica’s pussy. When she felt the slippery stiffness of Veronica’s clit emerge, Natalie’s fingers immediately made it their focus.

With her hands still gripping her ass cheeks, Veronica pressed her head on the curve of Natalie’s shoulder for support. She moaned in ecstasy as her body came to terms with the different sensations she was experiencing. Jacob’s gentle exploration of her ass was a stark contrast to Natalie’s vigorous massaging of her pussy. Soon it was all too much; she could feel the rush of blood and cursed in delight,

“Ahhh Fuckkk!! Mhmmm,” moaned Veronica as her pussy drooled cum over Natalie’s fingers, and her asshole contracted tightly around Jacob’s. Her orgasm was sublime, leaving her body trembling. Jacob and Natalie removed their hands, allowing Veronica to stand upright, her body glowing. On either side of her, Jacob and Natalie also stood up. Natalie brought her hand up to Veronica’s face. She slid her fingers, wet with Veronica’s juices, along the blonde’s pouty lips and then inside her mouth. Natalie smiled over to Jacob. They both leaned in, and over Veronica’s shoulder, shard a passionate kiss.

As Jacob and Natalie explored each other mouths with their tongues, Veronica sucked on Natalie’s fingers, tasting her own secretions. She was pressed between two warm embracing bodies, still recovering from a shuddering orgasm, feeling Natalie’s breasts press against her own, and Jacob’s cock crush against her ass cheek.

Natalie initiated a break from her kiss with Jacob. She pulled her fingers from Veronica’s mouth and stepped out of the tub.

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom, Natalie turned to Jacob and Veronica,

“Please join me upstairs in my bedroom.”

As Natalie walked out, Jacob and Veronica followed. Navigating their way upstairs, Jacob and Veronica couldn’t help but stare and Veronica’s firm ass and smooth shapely legs. Entering the bedroom, Natalie walked over and sat on the end of her bed and waited for the twosome to stand before her.

“Veronica, I forgot to ask, but please go get your underwear that you left on the floor of my living room.”

Veronica obeyed her instructions and exited the room. Natalie and Jacob just waited patiently, both acutely aware of Jacob’s throbbing cock bobbing up and down.

It wasn’t too long before Veronica returned. She walked up to Natalie and placed her pink thong in her hand.

“Thank you Veronica. Now. . .do you remember me telling you about Jacob’s and I first encounter?”

“Yes Ms. Winters,” Veronica replied.

“Good, please tell me what I said I caught Jacob doing?”

Veronica looked up to the ceiling, trying to recall the story, then responded,

“You said you caught him rifling through your underwear.”

Natalie who now stood up, continued,

“Do you think Jacob likes your underwear?”

Veronica didn’t respond, just sheepishly lowered her head.

Natalie forgave Veronica’s silence, then walked over to Jacob. She held the crotch of Veronica’s panties up to Jacob’s nose.

“Breath in sweetie,” she instructed.

Jacob took a deep breath, inhaling Veronica’s feminine scent. The sensual odor intoxicated him and only heightened his perpetual arousal.

Veronica blushed profusely. She was so embarrassed at having Jacob smell her in this way.

Natalie smiled,

“No reason to feel shy Veronica, after all, this man just had his fingers up your ass; I thought we were all comfortable with each other now.”

Veronica seemed even more embarrassed by Natalie’s coarse words.

Natalie continued,

“Now Veronica, do you think Jacob would enjoy wearing your panties?”

Veronica smiled and then looked over to Jacob. Now he was the one slightly blushing.

“Yes, I think he would,” Veronica chirped.

“Great, why don’t you put them on for him,” Natalie proposed, then tossed the garment in Veronica’s direction.

After catching her underwear, Veronica approached Jacob. She stooped down and held the panties open, then looked up to Jacob. Staring down at Veronica’s smiling face; Jacob reluctantly stepped into the lace thong. He looked on as Veronica slowly pulled them up his legs, then his thighs and up around his waist. Jacob stifled a groan as Veronica reached behind him, tugging on the thong, making sure it’s string had lodged itself between his ass cheeks. It was a weird new feeling for Jacob, one that he was surprised to discover made him extremely aroused. Veronica turned her attention to the front now, Jacob’s engorged cock just stood out, unable to be confined by the scant frilly lingerie. She held his erect penis in her hands and pressed it lengthways against his stomach, then pulled her panties up across it. Her effort proved futile because as soon as she released his member, it just stuck back out, pushing against the thong.

Natalie smiled at Jacob’s state of arousal, watching as a small bead of precum trickled from his cock.

“There’s only one way to get him to fit,” she said, as she walked over to Jacob. She dropped her hand to his penis and with just her index finger wiped the precum from its tip. Raising her finger to Veronica’s mouth, allowing her to suck on it, Natalie continued,

“Veronica, I think it’s time you offered Jacob some relief. I’m afraid he’s going to explode soon.”

Natalie was pleased when she saw Veronica’s eyes brighten, sensing the girl’s excitement.

Still knelt in in front of Jacob, Veronica extended her hand and tugged his cock through the side of her lace panties. She smiled up to the young man as she slowly stroked him.

This is where Natalie interrupted,

“I think Jacob can do that himself Veronica. Why don’t you do something for him that he can’t?”

Veronica took the hint. She moved her face closer to Jacob’s crotch. When she was in close proximity, she extended her tongue and let the tip slowly drag over the head of Jacob’s penis.

Jacob couldn’t hold back his groans as the sweet pleasure of Veronica’s warm moist tongue on his cock overcame him. He looked over to Natalie who smiled back at him, then they both turned their attentions to observing Veronica.

Satisfied that she had built enough tension, Veronica slowly slid Jacob’s throbbing cock into her mouth. She let the head of his cock drag against the roof of her mouth while she used her tongue to lick the underside of his shaft. The blonde began bobbing her head, sliding Jacob in and out of her over and over. Whilst sucking on him, Veronica ran her hands up Jacob’s thighs, grazing her fingernails along his skin. Then, before she knew it she was playing with his balls all the while giving an expert blowjob. She almost smiled to herself when she heard Jacob’s moans growing louder and louder.

“Ohh GOD…uhhh……mhmm, I’m gonna cummm!” Jacob groaned.

Veronica paid no attention, instead choosing to quicken her pace. Then, moments later, she began to slow down when she felt warm globs of liquid hit the back of her throat. With his cock still in her mouth, Veronica used her hand to gently stroke every last drop out of Jacob. When she felt Jacob’s totally deflated cock, she slipped him out of her. Standing up, Veronica looked over to Natalie.

Natalie could see that Veronica was still holding Jacob’s seed in her mouth. She moved her head besides Veronica’s so she could whisper in her ear,

“Swallow baby.”

With lightly waterlogged eyes, Veronica took a big gulp, shuddering slightly as the salty yogurt-like substance made its way down her throat.

Natalie now stood before Veronica. She leaned in gently allowing their lips to touch. The two girls let their lips part slightly. Natalie let her tongue slip past her lips and made contact with Veronica’s. Veronica parted her lips more, allowing Natalie’s exploration. Natalie pushed her tongue into Veronica’s mouth. She was pleased when she felt Veronica’s tongue extend to push against her own. The two swirled their tongues around, Natalie tasting the slight hint of Jacob’s semen. After Natalie had traced her tongue over almost every area of Veronica’s mouth, she retracted, breaking their passionate kiss.

“Very good sweetie. Now, try to see if Jacob can fit now.”

Veronica turned to face Jacob. She stepped up before him and stared up to his face. They both smiled at each other, and with their eyes locked, Veronica reached below, finding Jacob’s limp penis. In its depleted state, there was no problem for Veronica as she tucked him in under her pink panties. She looked down and grinned at the sight of the young man’s crotch, clad in her girly underwear.

Veronica turned around to face Natalie, but she was no longer standing behind her. Instead, Natalie was sat at the head of the bed. Her back was pressed against the bed’s headboard, her legs, bent at the knee and spread wide.

“Judging by satisfied look on Jacob’s face, you seem to know how to use that tongue of yours. Jacob needs a little time to recover and I’d like see just how good you are,” Natalie said in a sultry voice, a wide grin plastered on her face.

Jacob was a bit disappointed not to be taking part but he obeyed Natalie’s wishes, who nodded over to the chair that was in the corner of the room. He took a seat and observed the erotic scene before him. He had a wonderful view of Veronica’s faultless toned ass staring back at him as she crawled on all fours on the king sized bed over to Natalie.

As Veronica neared Natalie she lowered her head between the brunette’s legs. She stared in admiration at the beautiful pussy below her, plump labia lips swollen to arousal. Veronica stuck out her tongue and began licking along the outer lips of Natalie’s pussy.

“Mhmmm,” moaned Natalie as she felt Veronica’s warm moist tongue circle the areas around her pussy.

Veronica breathed in deep, inhaling Natalie’s delectable aroma. Then, using her hands, she spread Natalie’s fleshy lips apart, exposing her pink insides. With her tongue stuck out, Veronica dived right in, burying her face in Natalie’s cunt. She darted her tongue in and out of Natalie’s opening reveling in the slightly sweet, slight sour taste. When she saw the emergence of Natalie’s erect clit, Veronica moved up a bit till her tongue was now swirling around the slippery nub.

“Ahhh fuckkk mhmm yessss!!,” continued Natalie’s groans.

Natalie looked down to observe the wonderful view, Veronica’s beautiful green eyes staring back at her, the rest of her face covered by her crotch. While still tonguing away, Veronica inserted a finger into Natalie’s cunt and began sliding it in and out with a steady rhythm. Natalie pressed her head hard against the headboard and dug her nails into the bed sheets, clutching them tightly as she continued moaning. Veronica was now flicking Natalie’s clit back and forth with her tongue. The blonde inserted a second finger and began pumping more vigorously. It was when Veronica began sucking on Natalie’s clit that the screams began,

“Ohhh god!!!!! FUCK!!! Yessssss!!! Mhmmm.”

Veronica felt Natalie’s body clench down around her fingers, then the warm squirts of her girlcum against her face. Natalie, with eyes shut, was grinding her crotch against Veronica’s face as a shuddering orgasm traversed through her body.

The room was filled with the sound of Natalie’s heavy breathing as she tried the regain her breath. She finally opened her eyes and saw Veronica sitting indian style. Her face covered with fluid as she calmly licked her fingers, her lips forming the most innocent smile imaginable.

“Wow Veronica, I have to say, that was fucking fantastic.”

Veronica just smiled, appreciative of the complement.

Natalie, still panting, continued,

“I think your performance has given Jacob some newfound zest, looks like he’s ready to go.”

Veronica turned her head to see what Natalie meant, Jacob was still sat on the chair, but his cock was rock hard again, and sticking out the sides of his panties.

“I want you get back on all fours, rest your head down on this pillow and stick that tight ass of yours in the air,” Natalie instructed, placing pillow before Veronica.

Veronica got on her knees and laid the pillow lengthways in front of her. She rest her arms on either side of the pillow, hugging it gently, and laid down her head. The position left her as Natalie had wanted, with her butt stuck up in the air.

Natalie got off the bed and walked over to a dresser,

“Today is about new experiences and adventures, I’m sure what happens next is going to be just that for you two.”

Natalie opened the top dresser drawer and retrieved a clear blue bottle. With a devious smile on her face she walked over to Jacob.

Natalie pulled on the lace thong, tugging it down his legs then leaving it on the floor. Jacob just sat there anxiously; watching Natalie pour what he deduced was some sort of lube into the palm of her hand. He shifted in his chair as Natalie began slowly stroking his cock, making sure the greasy liquid completely covered his shaft. When she was satisfied, Natalie held on to Jacob’s cock firmly and pulled him to his feet, leading him over to the bed. She sat at Veronica’s side and positioned Jacob to kneel just behind the blonde. Natalie then turned her attention to Veronica. She poured a little more lube into her hand and tossed the bottle to the floor. She began sliding her hand all over Veronica’s ass cheeks but soon focused on the crease of her ass. Veronica moaned as Natalie’s palm pressed between her ass cheeks making the entire area slick.

“Okay, I think you’re ready. Now Veronica, I’m going to make sure everything goes nice and slow, but there still might be a little pain, try to. . . uhh. . . ride it out, so to speak. If you really need to stop, just say and we will, no questions asked.”

Veronica felt comforted by Natalie’s words and smiled back at her.

Natalie then turned back to Jacob; she smiled at him before taking hold of his cock. She pulled on him and he shuffled forward so that he was now right up against Veronica. Natalie guided Jacob’s throbbing penis down along the crack of Veronica’s ass. About halfway down she pushed with more force so Jacob’s cock slid between the soft cheeks. Natalie lingered a bit, moving his manhood up and down just slightly, letting the tip rub against Veronica’s puckered asshole. Finally, Natalie held Jacob’s cock in place, pressed against the blonde’s virginal opening. She looked up to Jacob with a steady stare,

“Just ease in Jacob, not hard, not fast.”

Veronica held her breath when she felt the slow penetration. She couldn’t help the few brief high pitched moans that escaped her as she felt her anus stretching to accommodate Jacob’s sizeable manhood. Veronica clutched the pillow tightly beneath her as Jacob continued to slide in.

Finally he was all the way in. Jacob looked down admiring the beautiful ass that had swallowed his cock. The feeling was amazing; his pelvis was pressed against Veronica’s soft ass cheeks, his cock buried deep inside her. He relished the warm snug feeling of Veronica’s insides hugging his entire shaft.

Natalie leaned down to Veronica’s level, she brushed the girl’s hair from in front her face and found her eyes tightly shut. Whispering in the blonde’s ear, Natalie offered some words of comfort,

“Okay sweetie, most of the hard stuff is over, there might be a little more discomfort for a few seconds but after that, I promise, it’s gonna feel soooo good.”

Natalie sat back up and looked over to Jacob. All she had to do was nod and Jacob knew what to do. As gently as he could, Jacob began sliding his cock out then in, out then in.

Veronica’s shrieks became louder as her virgin asshole expanded and contracted over and over again.

As Jacob got into a steady rhythm, Veronica was pleased to notice the once painful discomfort had slowly dissipated. It was now replaced by a very pleasurable sensation, as evidenced by the now joyful tone her screams had undertaken.

Natalie ran her hands over Veronica’s perspiring back enjoying the feel her smooth damp skin, but more so the view of her petite body being fucked. Her hands soon travelled to the side and then below to Veronica’s taut stomach. Natalie’s fingers eventually found their way to Veronica’s cunt and she began vigorously rubbing against her slick lips as Jacob continued thrusting in and out of her ass.

Veronica moaned loudly into the pillow as she now began pushing her ass back against Jacob, ecstatic to meet his thrusts. She was fully enthralled by the erotic assault she was experiencing at the hands of the twosome. It was surprising to her that she loved the feeling of Jacob’s cock filling her ass, stretching her, deflowering her, making her feel this uttermost bliss. Natalie’s intense rubbing was quickly driving Veronica to an orgasm. She could feel the tension in her body build and build.

“AHHAHHH!!!! FUCKKK!! Mhmmmmm. OH GOD! OH GOD!. . .. more more more!” she screamed.

Seconds later Jacob felt Veronica’s rectal muscles clench down on his cock. He slowed his thrusting, thoroughly enjoying the feel of her ass squeezing his prick. Veronica’s screams became higher pitched, if that was even possible, and Natalie felt a rush of warm liquid on her fingers. Veronica’s body thrashed about ,her ass and pussy convulsing, as a mind altering orgasm overcame her. When Jacob felt the vice grip on his cock ease, he began thrusting once more, but that didn’t last long. After a few quick pumps, Jacob felt a pleasurable surge in his body,

“Ghahahhhh!” was the only sound he could muster as he plunged his cock deep into Veronica’s ass one final time before he began cumming.

Jacob hunched over Veronica’s body, grasping at her sides as her ass milked his cock. He was pushed to the hilt and still trying to get deeper. Eventually both their bodies came to a soothing rest. Jacob slowly eased back, his flaccid and now sensitive cock slipping out of Veronica with ease.

Veronica immediately collapsed onto her stomach, he body sore and exhausted. Jacob did the same, falling to his back besides Veronica. The room was filled with nothing but the sound of heavy breathing. Natalie admired the two naked bodies before her. She got up and went into her bathroom. Minutes later she emerged with two warm, damp hand towels. She found Jacob and Veronica both sitting next to each other on the edge of the bed.

“I want you two to know that I had a great deal of fun, and I hope you did as well. Anytime you want to do something like this again, I’ll be game, maybe someone else can take control next time, I think I might enjoy following your orders. You’re welcome to stay the night, or even the weekend, whatever you want.”

Natalie then walked over to Veronica and stood her up. She knelt down on the floor before the perspiring blonde and proceeded to wipe her crotch with the towel. She gently brushed the towel against her pussy and surrounding areas, swabbing away any sweat or sexual juices. Placing her hands on Veronica’s waist, she spun her around so she was now facing her ass. Natalie reached out to Jacob’s nearby hand, placing it on one of Veronica’s ass cheek, while she held the other. They both gently spread Veronica’s ass cheeks. Natalie, with the towel over her free hand, was now able to wipe the cum oozing out of Veronica’s recently virgin asshole. With every pass of the towel, Natalie paused and waited as more semen dribbled out. When there was no sign of anymore cum, Natalie did a final swab with the towel, up and down Veronica’s ass crack. The two finally released Veronica’s butt.

Natalie stood up and Veronica turned towards her. The two smiled affectionately at each other. Natalie leaned in and planted a simple loving kiss on Veronica’s lips,

“You were sooo great today, I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

Veronica, unable to conceal her beaming smile, replied, “I had great time Nat, it was everything and more that I had hoped for.”

Pleased, Natalie now turned to Jacob. She dropped the hand towel she used on Veronica to the floor and picked up the other. Kneeling between Jacob’s legs, she wiped his deflated penis, from tip to scrotum. As she finished up the area, Jacob reached out and cupped Natalie’s face with his hand,

“Thanks for this Natalie, today was amazing, you did a great job.”

Natalie replied with a smile. She gathered the used towels and tossed them into her laundry basket which sat near the doorway of the bathroom.

“Well, I don’t know about you two but I’m starving. How about we order some takeout,” Natalie commented.

They all agreed, got up and headed downstairs. Natalie had re-donned her robe and Veronica and Jacob gathered their clothes and got dressed, Veronica opting to go without panties,

“I thought you’d’ like to keep them, as a little reminder of this wonderful evening,” the bubbly blonde said, holding out the very much used pink thong for Jacob.

Jacob reached out and grabbed the garment which he had become so accustomed to,

“Thanks Veronica, I’ll think of you always when I wear them,” Jacob said, winking his eye charmingly.

After having dinner, the three ended up watching a movie downstairs in the living room. As midnight approached, Veronica and Jacob had decided to stay the night.

“Jacob you can have the guest room, Veronica and I will share my room . . . if that’s alright with everyone?” Natalie asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Veronica chirped.

With that, Jacob headed to the guest bedroom. It did occur to him that there might have been more activities tonight but he felt totally exhausted. He imagined that if he was this tired then Veronica and Natalie must be feeling the same. He went straight to the bathroom to shower and then to bed. Within minutes he was deep asleep.

When Jacob headed off to the guest room, Natalie and Veronica made their way upstairs. While Veronica showered, Natalie changed the sheets on her bed which were left reeking of the day’s activities. Veronica emerged from the bathroom dressed only in a red terrycloth robe.

“I’ve laid some clothes out or you to sleep in….if you want,” Natalie said, pointing to the bed where a blue boyshorts panty and white camisole laid.

Natalie walked past Veronica, enjoying the sweet aroma of her freshly cleaned body, and proceeded to take a shower. When she re-entered her bedroom, dressed also in a bathrobe, Natalie found Veronica already under the covers, but the clothes she had laid out still where she left them.

Veronica just smiled when Natalie walked over to the side of the bed. The blonde raised the sheets for Natalie to get in, revealing her naked body beneath,

“I figured you were all I needed to keep warm tonight,” Veronica stated.

Natalie happily stripped off her robe and got under the covers. The two naked women cradled each other in their arms and fell fast asleep.

The next morning, Jacob awoke to a cool chill blowing across his body. He tried to roll over but found himself somewhat immobilized. Still groggy from a good night’s sleep he tried again and realized he could not move his hands or feet. Jacob squinted till his eyes adjusted to the light shining through the window. He could make out the stark naked bodies of Veronica and Natalie kneeling on the bed, one beauty on either side of his outstretched body. Jacob could move his head just barely, but enough to see that his hands were tied to the bed posts with silk scarves, the same for his feet. The girls remained silent, just smiling down at him. The final thing to dawn on Jacob was the fact that his was naked, he had been stripped, and his morning wood was proudly pointing to the ceiling.

When it seemed to her that Jacob had grasped the consciousness of his predicament, Natalie finally spoke,

“Morning sleepy head!” she said with a beaming smile. Laying down at his side and resting her head on his shoulder, Natalie began tip-toeing her fingers on Jacob’s chest. She continued,

“You’re not the only one waking up to a surprise. You see, when I got up, it was due to the wonderful sensation of a wet slick cunt grinding against my thigh. I looked over to the most angelic beauty lying next to me, apparently unaware of what she was doing. I woke her up with a sweet kiss and we started to get all worked up. The fact that you hadn’t fucked us yet wasn’t lost on us, at least not fucked in the traditional sense,” she said smiling over to Veronica who had begun twirling her fingers around the tip of Jacobs cock, referring to Jacob’s and Veronica’s anal ecstasy the previous evening.

Natalie stretched her hand down and joined Veronica in gently playing with Jacob’s generously sized manhood.

“I guess we still urged for more, and that’s why Veronica was a horny little minx this morning. It also dawned on us that you were down here all alone. When I told her about your notorious morning stiffies we decided to come play. The scarves were totally her idea, I just obliged,” Natalie continued to explain.

After their wonderful escape in the Caribbean, Miles and Dawn had drawn even closer sexually. They replayed the video of the threesome many times during later love-making sessions and tried to recapture the animal lust and satisfaction they’d experienced poolside with a willing masseur. They used her anal beads, fingers and other toys to fill her almost as completely as she’d been on that memorable day.

Dawn greatly appreciated the gift her husband had allowed her especially since there was no jealousy or demands coming later on. She began to dream up ways that she could repay his sexual generosity. She knew he’d love to have another woman join them in the bedroom, but doing so was a bit of a problem. It needed to be someone they could trust and wouldn’t gossip about such an encounter. They lived in a conservative area, a suburb where the country club circles they ran in loved to spread the latest about each other. It needed to be someone he was attracted to, she was attracted to and wouldn’t try to wedge herself into their close relationship later on. A great fling with no repercussions was what she wanted. But how could she pull this off?

She always felt that the anonymous partners she might find on the internet were either scam artists, cops, or blackmailers. She was also afraid of hiring a professional that ended them up arrested. Then it hit her. He had a conference coming up the next month in Las Vegas. “Wasn’t it still known a Sin City?”, she thought to herself. She pulled open her laptop and began to search.

They arrived at the modern hotel suite reserved for them during the conference a few weeks later and settled in. It had a large living room area, bar and separate bedroom and bath. After dinner and some blackjack, they retired for the night. Miles would be in meetings for most of the following day while Dawn planned to relax and shop a bit. He was already gone when she awoke the next morning. After a light breakfast, she left to rent a car and began her visit to one of the famous brothels located outside of the city.

She’d decided on this particular place from her online research weeks earlier. She entered the large, Spanish-style house from the dusty parking lot into a nicely appointed, foyer. She was quickly welcomed with a drink and sat with the female owner in the large living room. They reviewed what she hoped to do for Miles with one of the available young ladies that week. She was shown a large, photo-filled book with descriptions of each girl’s measurements, sexual acts she would engage in and prices. She really was shopping, but not for clothes like she’d told Miles. It was sort of fun. She knew he liked her body type (petite, somewhat athletic with dark hair and eyes) as she looked for the perfect third.

Soon, she’d picked one she thought would fit the bill nicely. She was twenty-six, 5’3 and 120 pounds with long, dark hair and a toned, petite look. Her eyes were dark brown and she had a friendly, bubbly look about her. Her recent medical testing was also up to date indicating a clean bill of health. Dawn thought to herself, “They really are a well-run organization here, very professional.” She paid most of the night’s fee in cash to reserve her for later that night.

Miles returned from a long day of meetings to a room service dinner from the hotel’s five star restaurant. His wife joined him as they relaxed and discussed his day. “I set us up for a massage tonight. I knew you’d need to relax after your long day, so someone will be up soon”, she explained. He shot her a suspicious look as he remembered the last time they had couple’s massage. “No other men this time. I got a young lady who seems very professional” she said without meeting his gaze.

He showered and put on a robe. As he entered the suite’s main room, he saw his wife already getting her rubdown on the masseuse’s table. The young lady eyed him for what seemed like a bit too long. She was massaging his wife’s back as she looked him up and down with a slight smile to herself. He poured himself a stiff drink and sat on the couch admiring the two beautiful ladies. They could almost be sisters. Both had the same build, coloring and friendly look about them.

Dawn was done and put on her robe. She strode over to the bar and started her own drink. Miles took his place under the sheet as he admired the sexy thing about to deliver some well-deserved relaxation. She started on his hands and worked her way up each arm to his shoulders and neck. She next moved slowly down his back and on to his hips. He kept his eyes closed and enjoyed her touch, trying not to get too turned on as she worked her strong hands over his ass. His wife was in the room and he didn’t need any embarrassment or later teasing from her. She rubbed his feet and slowly moved up his legs before asking him to roll over.

He did as asked and she began to massage his chest with oil. He relaxed and closed his eyes again thinking about how good this girl smelled. He felt another pair of hands take one of his hands and start to rub it with oil. He opened his eyes to see his lovely wife beside him, smiling and completely naked. She placed his oiled fingers to her nipple and used his hand to rub her nipples to erection.

His surprise was quickly overtaken by his desire. He felt a pair of slippery hands grasp his cock and start to slide over and over it until he was fully erect. Dawn moved his hand to her pussy and pressed herself up against him. His fingers circled around her clit as she moaned with pleasure. “I thought you deserved to have the favor returned”, she whispered. “Let’s move this party into the bedroom”, she said as she pulled him up from the massage table.

As he entered, he noted that she’d set up his video camera with a cable attached to the flat-screen nearby. Watching themselves as the action happened was a great idea. “I want you to lie on your back and relax. I’m gonna make you feel so good”, she explained. She kneeled between his legs and took him into her mouth. With no slow teasing this time, she began to deepthoat his cock with wild abandon. Slurping and licking the shaft, flicking her tongue over the underside, then pumping him with a slippery hand she made him crazy. The masseuse was now naked, on both knees and facing him on the bed. He stroked her wet pussy for a few minutes and slipped a finger inside. She squirmed on his hand and shut her eyes. She moaned quietly with pleasure and gyrated her hips with his movements.

She then swung her leg over his head and eased down onto his face. He licked her clit as she moved back and forth with pleasure. His wife stopped sucking and climbed up him as well. She straddled his hips and grabbed his cock with her hand, slowly easing herself down onto his manhood. She writhed on him and clenched her pussy onto him, gripping and squeezing him as he slid in and out of her. She was always so hot inside and her juices started to ease out onto his long cock. She reached back and rubbed his cock as he slid in and out of her. Her fingers were now wet from her own excitement, so she used her natural lubricant to rub her finger gently against her asshole. She thought back about the dual penetration she’d enjoyed with her man and a stranger when on their last vacation and laughed quietly to herself.

The two ladies were facing each other, riding his face and cock, smiling at each other and began to rub the other’s nipples. Pinching and gently squeezing with both hands, they groaned and giggled like naughty schoolgirls. They rocked back on forth on his cock and face using him like a sex slave. “I’m ready for a change,” said Dawn after a few minutes in heaven. Both ladies dismounted. Dawn eased onto the masseuse’s willing mouth in a sixy-nine position. They stroked each others pussies with fingers and lapping tongues as Miles stood gazing at the incredible site before him. He stroked his cock for a moment as he took it all in.”Get over here and FUCK ME!” she playfully demanded of Miles. He entered her from behind and slid his cock deeply into her wetness.

Dawn continued to hold herself over the kissing and licking mouth below. It felt incredible to have her clit licked as her man pumped her from behind. Miles looked over at the widescreen TV to see them in action. Watching a live porn movie of themselves was incredibly sexy. It was far better that any porn video he’d ever seen. Two hot ladies pleasuring each other and him at the same time was almost too much. He held back from spurting his cum into his wife and kept going. He rubbed dawn’s still wet asshole with his finger. She opened up to his probing and soon he was finger-fucking her ass, fucking her pussy with his cock and he watching her clit being licked on the TV.

He pulled out of her pussy and gradually eased himself into her ass. The girl below his wife slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and he could feel her fingers through the wall separating her ass from her pussy. She alternated fingering and licking with spreading open her pussy for him to see his wife on the TV. His wife started to tremble and breathe in short, gasping breaths. He continued to pump her ass with his cock and pushed as deeply inside as he could get it. She bucked and squirmed on his cock as he felt her ass spasm and release over and over indicating her waves of orgasm. He saw her squirting a little bit onto the face of the masseuse below her. The girl below licked at the still quivering pussy with excitement.

He felt his own spasms mounting. It began at the base of his cock and seem to flow up in waves as his cum poured out into her ass. His whole body clenched and released as his climax seemed to flow from every inch of his body, down and out his spasming cock. He pulled out of her ass and the girl below quickly grabbed him and licked him clean. They all collapsed into a heap of satisfied flesh on the bed. The girl quietly slipped out with her pay and they slept well into the next morning.

Maria was coming home from college, graduated and ready to tackle the job market. Friends and family held a huge Bar-B-Que feast by a lake not too far from home. As the evening went on as she was catching up on old times with her cousin Lyn Ann as they didn’t notice that they were the last ones there. Taking an old trail back home they continued with their conversation.

Well after midnight on a hot summer’s night and both still in their bikini didn’t bother them at all. That is until Maria had to go to the bathroom. Being the Southern girl she is, she removed her bikini and proceeded to squat and urinate on the side of the path. Lyn Ann, on lookout, noticed with her flashlight that Maria had a tattoo of a butterfly across her hairless pussy.

Maria had gotten it during her 2nd year at college when she was trying different things with her boyfriend. Lyn Ann marveled on how beautiful it looked and proceeded to remove her swimsuit as well to show Maria her tattoo as well; a snake coming out of her anal hole and circling around her nice clean shaved pussy.

Two women in their early 20′s sitting naked on the ground and marveling on each other’s pussy tattoos. Each proceeded to open another can of beer and tell their stories on when how each got their tattoo. Maria always wanted a tattoo but knew her mother would freak out so she had her boyfriend, John go with her to get one going across her pussy. One area she knew her mother would never see it.

They drove 30 miles away from campus so no one would recognize her. It was a well-respected place as the tattoo artist Mark, allowed her boyfriend to be with them as well another female worker Laura who was learning to be a tattoo artist. Maria was nervous at first but went for it. She undressed and sat in a special chair they had they that would keep her legs spread wide open.

The guy cleaned around her pussy, giving her a more detailed shaving around her now pulsating pussy. She was told that many women do have orgasms when they get their tattoo on or near their pussy. And Maria really exploded with the first of many orgasms that night. As he finished making sure the area was nice and smooth, he placed baby lotion on her skin that sent her over the edge as she literally peed right onto the floor.

After it was cleaned up and Maria regained her composer, her boyfriend John was simply enjoying the show. The tattoo artist began working on the tattoo stopping ever so often as Maria was having one orgasm after another. Eventually she passed out which help the tattoo artist to finish more quickly. When done he took a picture of his work and proceeded to wake Maria up from her deep sleep. She awoke, saw the picture of her tattoo and was thrilled with it. But then she asked for a special request.

She had so many orgasms that she really wanted to have a quick fuck with her boyfriend before she got out of the chair. Mark understood but was still a little reluctant to do it. She didn’t care if they watched or not but she was desperate to have a cock deep inside her as she could feel another orgasm building inside of her. He gave his OK as John quickly undressed and quickly got to work on her.

No foreplay involved as she quickly guided his throbbing 8 inch cock deep inside her. Feeling the pain coming from her new tattoo didn’t stop her from grabbing his waist and assisting his thrusting waist deeper inside her. Letting out moans and grunts, Maria was clearly enjoying herself as each thrust of his cock was pounding long and hard into her dripping pussy. Her orgasm was delivered with a loud scream as he continued to work his cock deeper and stronger into her.

As he was preparing to come as well, he pulled out of her as she quickly grabbed ahold of his twitching cock and proceeded to suck every drop out of his cock. She licked his cock and balls dry cleaned as her whole body was covered in sweat. Looking over towards Mark and Laura as they were engaged as well in their own little fuck fest. She was completely naked and bent over as he was ramming his 10 inch cock deep into her pussy.

As Maria was still in the chair and unable to move, Laura grabbed ahold of the chair and proceeded to buried her face deep into Maria’s pussy. A woman Maria had never seen before was eating her pussy, and doing a better job at it than her boyfriend. Maria was loving this as she moaned and held Laura’s head close to her dripping pussy. Not being let out of the fun John began to fondle Laura’s breast. One of her hands found his half limped cock as she began to stroke new life back into it.

With his cock at full strength again, she was lifted off the ground as the tattoo artist filled her ass hole with his cock and John planted his deep into her gapping pussy hole. Without touching the ground, this woman was buckling into a most powerful orgasm as both her pussy and ass hole was spread wide open and being pumped like jackhammers. Both men climaxed deep inside of her as she collapsed to the ground.

Both looked towards Maria as she knew what was going to happen to her next. She was released from the chair as John laid on the floor. She got on top of him as he slid deed inside her waiting pussy. After a few strokes she felt what at first was intense pain but quickly turned into a new experience for her. She couldn’t move in any way but could easily feel two powerful cocks moving through her. Barely able to speak as she began begging for more. And more she got.

They worked her waist in every direction as they thrusted in unison deep into her. As her tongue protruded from her gapping mouth, it was met by an awaiting pussy from Laura who had composed herself and her cum dripping pussy into Maria’s mouth. Sucking and licking her pussy was turning Maria into a real slut of a woman. But she didn’t care as each man was unloading huge amount of cum deep into both her pussy and ass.

As they disconnect from her, the other woman joined with Maria to form a perfect 69 position as each woman was licking the other dry. Both with their faces covered in cum and bodily fluids was driving the other towards one orgasm after another to eventually they passed out right in the middle of the floor. Both men just looked on as they took pictures of these women embracing the other. A short time later they awoke but could barely move. Too tired and worn out from multiple orgasms.

The shop was already closed up for the night so everyone simply slept there. By morning the women washed off in the bathroom as they gave each other a good cleaning. Maria was really feeling the pain from the tattoo as it was covered up to stop any infection from getting to it. After a night like that Mark didn’t charge her for the tattoo as he asked her to come again if she wants another tattoo. She gave him and Laura a deep tongue kiss as she and John left to head back to campus.

She slept the whole day and that evening John showed her the pictures he took of that night as she was becoming more aroused again. She had to wait until the pain subsided from her pussy so she gave John a quick blow job. A few days later she bought a dildo about the size of Marks and started using it whenever she and Jon had sex together. She was now hooked on three way sex as well as being bi-sexual. John didn’t mind so long as he got to enjoy using every hole of Maria’s newfound body.

And on that hot summer night as Maria and Lyn Ann sat naked under the starry sky drinking a beer, Maria leans over and begins stroking Lyn Ann’s dripping wet pussy.

To be continued…

Ellie Wong was watching the late night news when Alena came into the apartment.

“So, how’d your date go?” she inquired as she peeled a banana that was turning brown.

“It was okay,” Alena replied as she kicked off her shoes and plopped down in the only other chair in the room beside the couch where Ellie was sprawled, her mouth half full of banana.

“You get laid?”

“Is that really any of your business?” Alena said trying to avoid any discussion of her “date.”

“I hope you did,” her Asian roomie replied. “I love fucking; I think it helps me study better for days afterward.”

“Is that why you let those guys screw you fore and aft the other day?” Alena said caustically.

Ellie didn’t seem to mind, coming back immediately with: “I’d always wanted to try that, but you know, most guys would be kinda icky about it, you know? I mean, having another guys cock rubbing against his. And then there’s the possibility the other guy might accidently on purpose touch him with his penis. Yuck! I mean, I like the idea of two cocks buzzing around me. Even thinking about it makes me dizzy, not to mention wet, you know?”

Alena nodded in understanding and actually felt bad about throwing that situation at her roommate. But Ellie took no offense, and asked if Alena had any fresh batteries that she might use for her vibrator.

“I’m really horny and could use a nice cum, but my bats are empty and I didn’t feel up to running out to buy some. So, you got any spares. I mean, I don’t want to use yours, um, unless you don’t mind?”

Alena got up, went into her bedroom and returned a moment later to toss a pink vibrator in Ellie’s lap.

“Oh, thanks, Alena!” she chirped and took off for her room.

A few minutes later, Alena heard the unmistakable sounds of Ellie reaching a thunderous orgasm.

Alena began thinking about the possibility of teaming up with her Asian roomie as an occasional partner with certain clientele. The more she turned the possibilities over in her head, the more she liked the idea.


Alena met an interesting couple a day later. As usual she’d met them by answering an ad found on Backpage.

They told her their names were Alan and Kathy. They were a thirty-something couple and appeared to be married, but Alan knew enough by now not to assume anything about her potential clients.

“So you’re interested in find a third wheel for this coming weekend?” Alena said after their coffee arrived at the café table.

“Yes,” Kathy answered quietly, almost shyly. But under the circumstances Alena knew she was anything but shy.

“Um, Alena, right?” Alan said, interrupting Kathy, or perhaps taking over by a prearranged signal, it’s like this, there’s not much information available about threesomes.”

Alena nodded and managed to get in a simple “Yes,” before he was off and running again. “Yeah, good,’ he said acknowledging the fact that he’d gotten her name right. “So it’s like this. Orgies are simple enough to handle. People show up at a sex party prepared, at least in theory, to shed their inhibitions in exchange for a night of unbridled ecstasy. Foursomes are simple, too. Couples, for the most part, internalize their doubts and come out ready to play. Even threesomes involving a couple and a single male are similarly uncomplicated. Kathy will tell you there’s no shortage of males willing to play.

“But the classic ménage a trois—two women and one male–is another beast entirely. I feel most females view sex emotionally. She wants to be the center of attention, if only for a night. Almost without exception, the women we’ve bedded were looking for something more complex than sexual gratification, whether it was romance, friendship, or simply two people to shower them with attention. As a couple, you need to be sensitive to this dynamic.

“Oh, yeah, and you better have your own house in order, too. Jealous types need not apply, nor people looking to repair a faltering relationship. Neither partner should pressure or otherwise manipulate the other into a threesome scenario. If the two of you aren’t prepared to be completely open and honest with each other then the threesome is best left as an idle fantasy. We’ve met too many women whose past threesome experiences were ruined by unstable couples.

“Many people will tell you threesomes just happen. Well, perhaps in Penthouse Forum they do, but out in the living world you have to lay a certain foundation. It’s like dating really, unless you put yourself in the right situation and put forth some effort it won’t happen. Even when Kathy and I are at our most spontaneous, we have a certain way of approaching things.”

Alena was fascinated by his words. Had he prepared this monologue in advance, or did he have an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject from trial and error?

“Potential partners abound. That’s not the problem. The problem is most couples waste their effort on the wrong women. There isn’t really a “type” per se. We’ve dated confident, aggressive experts and shy, inexperienced debutantes. But what these women had in common was a certain curiosity, flexibility, openness, and a willingness to meet us half way. They had a playful attitude about sex and didn’t recoil in horror when the subject came up in casual conversation.”

At this point, Allan changed course, asking Alena: “What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?”

Alena took a moment to mull that over. She decided it had been the bachelor party, and told them about it in some detail.

“But are you comfortable with the idea of a threesome?”

She smiled at him, then turned to Kathy and smiled at her too. “Allan, I’m here in answer to your ad. Of course I like sex. I like all kinds of sex, and since I expect to be well paid for participating in any threesomes with you two I’ll share myself as equally as possible with both of you and leave any notions of falling for one or the other of you at the door.”

Allan and Kathy exchanged a meaningful glance as Alena continued.

“I can assure you … both, that you won’t find me bickering with either of you as long as I’m paid promptly. I realize what you’re doing is essentially a weeding out process; that’s why I’m attempting to clarify my position on threesomes. I have had experience in bi-sexual relationships. I told you earlier, I like sex. What I don’t like is being hurt unnecessarily. I won’t tolerate it. I should tell you up front that if I am mistreated I have people who will extract a terrible punishment from you on my behalf. I don’t expect that to happen, but I think you should know in the event you have something like that planned in lieu of the threesome we’re discussing.”

Of course, Alena had no such person available, but Allan and Kathy had no way of knowing that, and that fact provided Alena with all the protection she thought she needed.

“I also practice safe sex and discretion,” she added before finishing her response.

Kathy reached out and covered Alena’s hand with her own. “I like you, Alena. In fact, I’m dying to get you into my bed. I’m sure Allan is too. Now, how much would you require for this coming weekend?”

“By weekend what exactly do you mean?”

“Let’s say you come to our home around four on Saturday afternoon?”

“And when would I be leaving?”

“That would be up to you, but for our purposes, let’s say ten o’clock Sunday night.”

“That will cost you $2500,” Alena said without batting an eye.

“Two thousand even,” Kathy countered.

“All right, two even,” Alena said and stood up. She shook both their hands and accepted a card from Kathy with their address and left, feeling giddy at the prospect of making that much money for two days work.


That evening, while watching The Survivor’s with Ellie, she decided to ask her Asian roomie if she’d ever considered charging anyone for sex.

“You want to pay me to have sex with you?” Ellie blurted.

“God, no!” Alena laughed. “I meant have you ever considered, you know, prostituting yourself to supplement your income?’

Now it was Ellie’s turn to laugh. “You know every woman daydreams about it. But have I ever given serious thought to it. I’d have to say no. I have almost all the money I need, and can get more from my father with a phone call. But why do you ask?”

“A very short time ago, I was dead broke. I mean, I didn’t have a quarter to my name. I had been booted out of my apartment by my so-called boyfriend because I was late with the rent. Desperate, I answered an ad on Craig’s List. I agreed to meet him the following night, but in the meantime I was reduced to scrounging around in a garbage can for something to eat.”

“My God!” her wide-eyed roommate gasped.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly a virgin, you know? But it wasn’t anything like I had done before.”

“He raped you?”

“Oh, no, in fact … he was very nice about things. He wanted me to masturbate, it was uncomfortable at first, but you know, you reach a certain point and really don’t give a shit who’s watching you.”

“I hear that,” Ellie said, but her face was deadly serious.

“He jerked off watching me. In fact, we sort of came together, you know?”


“And then he had me take a bath.”

“A bath?”

“And he joined me in the tub and we did it. I’d never done it like that before and I thought it so romantic that I came very hard.”

“Can … can I borrow your thingy again, Alena?”

“It’s in the right hand drawer of my dresser. Be sure to clean it good when you’re finished.”

“I will, I promise!’ she called through the door. Alena heard the batteries running before she returned to the couch and lay down.

Ten minutes later, Ellie opened the bedroom door and called out, “I’ll do it!”

“What?” Alena said, puzzled by her comment.

“I’ll be a whore with you if you want me too.”

“Okay, I’ll see what we can work out.”

“Maybe this weekend, huh?” Ellie cooed.

“Sorry, I’ve got a threesome set in concrete this weekend; maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.”

“Yeah, okay, whenever,” Ellie chirped seemingly happier than Alena had ever seen her before, even when getting laid during their mini-orgy the week before.


Eric had told her that he wanted her anally at their next tryst. So late Thursday afternoon, with Ellie off at a movie, Alena had the bathroom to herself and set out preparing herself for her anal deflowering and followed his explicit instructions.

She filled the enema bag with a quart and a half of warm water and hung it on the side of the shower. Turning over to one side, she carefully placed the tip into her anus. Taking a deep breath, Alena released the clamp and sighed as the water rushed into her. She was surprised at how fast the bag emptied into her. As instructed, she lay back and let the water do its thing. It was a strange experience, somewhat enjoyable after the initial apprehension wore off. She waited until certain the water had done its job then carefully got up out of the tub and hurried to sit on the toilet.

She tried to relax as her stomach gurgled wildly and then began the process of expelling the water. She noticed the residue in the bowel was not clear and knew she would have to repeat the enema again.

Wrapped in a towel, she walked into the bedroom and selected a text book and sat down to read a chapter or two, knowing she had at least a thirty minute wait before attempting another enema.

After the bag emptied into her, Alena lay back and slowly rubbed her belly. It made it more difficult for her to hold in but she felt that she’d get any small residue through this hybrid washing cycle.

She reached the toilet just in time, releasing almost all the fluid with the first burst from her bowels. When she examined the contents she found the water clear and gave a thin smile. “Okie dokie, Eric, like it or not, I’m as clean as I’m gonna be, here I come.”


On entering the hotel room with Eric, he had her strip and kneel on the bed with her ass up in the air. He moved behind her and spread her cheeks then sniffed.

Alena couldn’t help but giggle.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly and began to lick her anus.

“Ohhh!” a startled Alena cooed.

Eric abruptly moved away from her, wiping his mouth on his shirt sleeve. “Now let’s see how you go about your business. I’d like a little suck if you don’t mind.”

Alena didn’t mind, and deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, sliding them down his legs and letting him step out of them before tossing them casually aside. Eric pulled his shirt off and added it to the pile, revealing his still decently muscled, upper torso. Alena had to admit he was in excellent physical shape for a middle-aged man. But it was even more appreciation that she admired the formidable erection that bulged in the boxer shorts he still wore.

Alena playfully stuck out her tongue before running it up over the fabric of his boxers that still contained his jutting cock. It bobbed under Alena’s tongue and she looked up at him with a smile in her eyes as her fingers slid into the waistband and pulled his boxers down.

Eric’s hands became entwined in her hair, pulling it back from her face so that might watch her devour his cock.

Alena, now a well practiced cocksucker, slid her mouth down over him, soaking his cock with her warm saliva as she moved her head up and down on his pulsing shaft.

His hand tightened on her ponytail and she moaned. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, and Alena felt the spongy head of his cock against the back of her throat and fought the gag reflex, momentary sputtering before taking him deeper, and holding him there, looking up at him, while his hands clutched the back of her head, prolonging his pleasure.

“Fuck, you have come a long way since our first meeting,” he sighed and began a series of short thrusts into her mouth before easing himself from her mouth and allowing Alena to fill her lungs with some much needed oxygen.

Moments later her mouth was on him again, licking and sucking his slippery shaft, tasting the salty sweetness of his pre-cum in her mouth.

“Mmm…. do you suck your boyfriend’s cock like this?” he inquired with a smile.

“I don’t think I’ve ever sucked his cock the way I’m sucking yours right now,” she replied with a little grin. “But then I wasn’t a dirty slut when he and I were together.”

“Really? Is that the truth, Alena?”

“I wasn’t a virgin when we met, Eric. But then I wasn’t all that experienced either.”

“But you are experienced now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am. I have answered other ads besides yours. Several of which provided me with a virtual course on sexual practices … unusual practices.”

She moved down to lick his balls, sliding them into her mouth while stroking his wet cock with her hand. She listened to his breathing as it intensified; felt him trying to hold back from cumming.

She let his member drop from her hand and sat back on her heels, looking up at him. “Eric,” she purred, and got his attention then slid two wet fingers into her mouth, adding more saliva to them before taking his cock back into her mouth.

“What are you ….?”

Alena quickly sent the two fingers to his asshole, felt it clench at the first contact, but managed to work one in about an inch. He moaned and she tried adding the second finger, but he wouldn’t allow it and she stopped trying.

“Didn’t you like that?” She asked sweetly.

“A little,” he rasped. “I liked it a little, but just a little.”

“Suck me some more,” he gasped as the finger returned to his anus.

Alena needed no further encouragement, taking him deep down her throat and humming, the vibrations from which she well knew would add greatly to the fellating she was about to finish.

Alena kept humming until she felt his cock pulse twice, then she began rapidly jabbing her finger in and out of his ass.

He groaned, “My wonderful slut!”

Sucking furiously, Alena gurgled a reply while adding the other finger to his ass. Eric’s body twitched and he started to cum.

Knowing what he wanted, Alena yanked him from her mouth and directed the next two fusillades of sperm at her face, splattering across her left eyelid, the bridge of her nose, and the tip of her tongue.

When he was finished cumming, Eric wiped his cock off on her breasts and told her to turn over. Alena obliged him, and he swung his leg over her so that he was facing her body. He moved up to allow her hands to grip his muscular ass and spread the cheeks.

“Alena … you know ….”

She knew all right. She pressed her tongue against Eric’s asshole, felt it tense in expectation of its slithering into him. Knowing it would heighten everything, she made him wait, her tongue poised to strike like a snake’s fangs, and then just when he began to think she’d had second thoughts about doing him, she sent her tongue stealthily into his asshole.


Alena licked and sucked at his anus until too tired to move her jaw.

Eric had been very receptive to her innovative actions, returning the favor as it were by leaning across her body to play with her clit and run his fingers through her juicy slit until she was nearing an orgasm.

Eric groaned, “Alena my great ass licking slut. I absolutely adore you. I….”

But he stopped and never finished the sentence.

“Oh, look,” Alena cried, “My old man is hard for me!”

And he was, fully erect and ready to fuck.

“I’ve never fucked your ass, Alena.”

“I know, I’ve saved it for you,” she lied. “Please go easy on me, I understand it can hurt.”

“You like being my whore, don’t you,” he murmured hotly into her ear.

He moved behind her and she braced herself on her forearms and buried her face in a pillow.

“Raise up a little more,” he said.

Alena lifted her ass to a higher level and took a deep breath. She was expecting a sudden assault, but Eric liked her too much for that. He knew how to deflower an anus and took pains to alleviate the normal suffering encountered in most anal deflowerings by sinking his cock into her pussy, covering his shaft with her juices as he leisurely fucked her from behind.

Alena moaned when his thumb pressed firmly against her rosebud. He increased the speed of his thrusts, enjoying the sight of Alena’s tits bouncing and jiggling from the pounding he was providing.

“Ugh … ugh … ugh!” Alena gasped, reveling his varied angle technique that brought his penis into contact with a different part of her cunt with each stroke.

His thumb finally invaded her asshole and she bit down on her lower lip, drawing blood. Alena realized she was incredibly turned on; perhaps more than she’d ever been before. She told herself: This man is unique as a lover. And he’s paying me to partner with hi, I should be paying him!

Finally she felt the soft, spongy tip of Eric’s cock pressing against her virgin hole. In all other circumstances, Alena would have tensed up, but the dirty sensuality of the moment, had her pushing back against his cock. His hands caressed her hips, gripping them tightly as he sent his cock into her darkest depths.

Alena began to count as he worked it deeper. “Sixty-four … sixty-five … I can’t believe how long it’s taking!” Then it occurred to her that if he hurried things it might hurt a hell of a lot more than the slight pain she was now feeling.

At the three minute mark, Alena realized he was completely immersed in her ass. The tight burn, present from the first, had all but dissipated, and she sighed then took a deep breath.

“So you know I’m all the way in, do you?”

“Yes … all the way in,” she said repeating his words.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels so good, surprisingly good.”

“Now I’m going to fuck you.”

He began by using long, slow strokes, gradually building speed.

Alena’s eyes glazed over as the idea of being completely filled with a cock took over. She instinctively began clenching and unclenching her ass muscles.

None of it was planned. I submitted a story to my Creative Writing instructor about a young girl who had been abducted for two hours when she was seven. In the story I referred to a teddy bear that had been wrapped in a baby blanket. I hit two home runs.

The next thing I knew I was called into her office only to find a coed sniffling.

“Where did you get the idea for this story Mr Webb?” The instructor asked.

“I got it out of thin air.” I said. “It’s pure fiction.” The coed sobbed.

“It all happened just like he said.” she said as she cried some more.

“Tracie, he was also seven when this happened and he lived in Maine while you lived in Arizona. There is no way he could be responsible for what happened to you.” she said.

We went back and forth until the instructer called an end to it. I walked out with the girl and talked to her. I found out her name was Tracie and asked her to come to my room to talk. She was quite a nice looking girl, nineteen, slim, with small breasts and quite tall with her long feet in penny loafers with no socks. Her hair was a light brown, hanging straight to her shoulders. She had brown eyes and a really cute face. No, it wasn’t cute, she was sort of regal. Nothing silly or juvenile about it but she looked very kissable.

Once we were alone she told me what had happened to her. A man had dragged her into the woods near her home and had ripped most of her clothes off as he fingered her sex and anus all the while masturbating. As soon as he ejaculated he ran off.

“Tracie, you have to let go of this. It happened. Let it go.” I said. I got very close to her and hugged her. “You’re a lovely girl. Men will want to be intimate with you. It’s what nature intended. You have to open yourself to this if you want a normal life.” For a moment we were breathing the same air. I could feel the warmth of her mouth. I was very aggressive when it came to girls so I kissed her and then I kissed her again. Sometimes it’s better not to talk.

She melted, falling onto my bed. There was something going on here but I didn’t care. I took her clothes off and began to explore her naked body with my tongue and nose, licking her from her anus to her clitoris. Her ass was small and tight as I licked her rosy anus. I explored all of her, kissing her lovely toes which were super clean. Her tits were barely there but she had aggressive nipples. I was getting excited so I went to work on her clit, worrying it with my tongue until she became restive and opened her legs wide as I probed into her vagina with my tongue. I focused on her clit at the end until she came like a thunderbolt. Her spasms had pushed vaginal debris out in a corona of gray sludge framing her vaginal opening that I licked away. Once she calmed down I figured it was my turn but no such thing happened.

She refused to take my cock into her mouth and turned inward, not wanting to talk about it. This was one screwed up lady. I took her hand and placed her fingers around my shaft in an invitation to masturbate me but she just pulled away.

“Tracie, what’s the problem?” I said. “You just enjoyed an orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with you. Why do you turn away from me?”

“I don’t know.” she said. “It makes me afraid thinking of that man.”

“Why don’t we take it one step at a time.?” I said. “Just put your hand on my sex and feel it. I am not that man.” I said. She began hesitantly but in a couple of minutes she was learning how to stroke me, pulling my foreskin over my glans before pulling it down to expose it. She smelled the crest of my glans and touched it with her tongue. The next thing I knew she was holding it in her mouth caressing it with her tongue as she slowly jerked me.

As I was about to cum I warned her. She pulled away and allowed the cum to foul the bedding. Although physically satisfied I was disappointed. It was a mess. Tracie knew it too. She tried to make up for it, licking the semen coating the end of my penis.

“What do you think?” I asked. “Does it taste bad?”

“No.” she said. “I’m sorry, I should have kept it in my mouth. I could have spit in the sink.”

“It’s OK Tracie.” She lay with me as we made out for a few minutes. She was a good kisser and her sex smelled like heaven. Actually she was perfect for me. If I had been able to order a girl from a catalogue I would have picked her. I have always been attracted to tall, thin, small breasted girls and now that Tracie wasn’t crying she looked beautiful. We got together the next day and repeated the process. This time she let me cum in her mouth before running to the sink to spit and gag. By the fourth time she swallowed then threw up. Ten days later she was a happy cocksucker. Psychiatrists have their place but satisfying sex can do wonders.

There was a school football game that she wanted to go to and she asked if her close friend, Monica, could come with us? I had my suspicions about this close friend. All of this sexual disfunction might be complicated by her attraction to this girl. Monica was a doll with blond hair and blue eyes and normal sized tits, the kind of girl men wanted, not a thin, small breasted girl in penny loafers. As far as Tracie indulging in lesbian sex, if she did, I had no problem with it. So far she was a great piece of ass and kept me satisfied. I did not expect our relationship to last into our old age.

After the game, which was more than 150 miles from the school, we stopped and got a motel room with twin beds, sent out for pizza and bought some beer and the fixings for Sex on the Beach.

It didn’t take the girls long to get drunk. By 2100 they both threw up. As they slept on one of the beds I watched a ball game, drinking beer and finishing off the pizza. I couldn’t help but look at Monica whose muscular legs and pretty bare feet were on display. Taking her clothes off did not seem like a reasonable option so I let her sleep. At 0400 Monica went into the bathroom where I her her farts and urine stream. She came back to bed and nothing at all happened. We went home at 1000. I left them off at the same place since they lived together and heard nothing from them for two days.

Tracie came to see me as we made out for a few minutes. “Monica really likes you.” she said. “She wants to join us, like have a party together. You know, she wants to have sex with you.” Now it was all out in the open.

“Sounds good.” I said. “You’re ok with that?”

“Yes.” she said. “I really like girls and I love Monica. Don’t get me wrong, I love what we do but,… well, you know.

“I do now.” I said. “By all means let’s have a party.”

So that night both girls got naked as we explored our naked bodies. Monica felt my sex in a way that told me she had never done it before. It doesn’t take very long for a girl to get comfortable handling a cock and balls. It’s not rocket science. Tracie coached her, showing her how to manipulate my foreskin and how to cup my ball sack. She showed her how to take my glans into her mouth and watched Monica try it for herself. But Monica kept coming back to Tracie, kissing her and telling her she loved her.

Finally Tracie let her do what she wanted. Monica dived into her sex, licking and kissing it until Tracie turned around to eat her as well in the classic 69 position. Both of them used their tongues making themselves cum twice as I watched. When they were done they lay side by side making out. I had never actually seen lesbian sex before although I knew about it. It seemed like a reasonable thing for two people to do if that’s what they wanted.

Tracie turned to me, kissing me as I smelled Monica’s sex on her mouth. She went down on me as Monica watched, quickly making me cum in her mouth as she swallowed. It was obvious that Tracie was bisexual and willing to experiment. Not being shy I spread Monica’s legs and went down on her, smelling her well-licked cunt and asshole, probing into her vagina with my tongue. She was a beautiful girl. I kissed her legs and feet, sucking her toes coming back up to kiss her on the mouth before sucking her nipples, feeling her breasts. I was hard again and wanted to fuck her.

“She’s never done it before.” Tracie said.

I put lube on my cock and with Monica’s legs on my shoulders I slowly slipped my cock into her ass as she exhaled loudly. Once I was in and began to fuck her she liked it. When I was close to cumming she began to furiously masturbate until we both came. When I pulled out my cock was stained with her shit. It was satisfactory sex anyway you look at it. I washed in the tiny shower, Monica waiting to do the same and then Tracie. All in all a good first time together. We lay on the bed touching each other. I kissed Monica’s tits, feeling their fullness.

There would be no more sex on this night but I continued to explore every inch of her before turning to Tracie to do the same. This smelling and kissing and feeling of a young woman was my favorite thing in the whole world. I loved the feel of pussy on my lips and the special treat during their monthlies. It was all good. Finally we called a halt to it since the girls wanted to sleep. I went outside with the last bottle of beer to have a smoke. I had no complaints, it was great sex.

The next day we drove home and I heard nothing from them for two days. Then I got a call from Monica. “Can I come see you?” she asked.

“Of course.” I said. “Anytime. Come now.”

When she showed up at my door she looked scared. She walked into me and held me tight, her face in my chest. I let her remain silent for a few seconds. She looked up at me and let me kiss her.

“I never did it before.” she said.

“That’s what you want?” I asked. She nodded. I brought her to it slowly, both of us naked and both exploring our bodies. I smelled her sex which was much riper than it had been two days before. It smelled wonderful. When she was ready I put lube on my cock and slipped it in until she winced.

“It’s ok. I want to do it.” she said. Before she could quite finish I drove deep into her, destroying her hymen as she cried out. I gave her a minute to recover before beginning to fuck her. She was quick to respond. In no time at all she was meeting my thrusts as her vagina stretched, pushing into me as I pushed into her until she had an orgasm feeling me flooding her sex with semen. We lay still in the aftermath.

I slowly pulled out of her and went down to lick her clean of the blood and semen. She pushed out the semen pooled in her cunt as I licked it all up. I was a bit confused as to what was happening. Monica did not seem like a lesbian anymore as she sucked my cock and licked my ballsack. She stayed with me three days. We had sex several times and heard nothing from Tracie. By this time I figured I had knocked her up. The girl was insatiable wanting more and more making up for lost time.

Then Tracie showed up at the door. The two girls kissed, passionately.

“How did it go?” Tracie asked.

“Good.” Monica said. “I’m not a virgin anymore and I had orgasms when he did it..”

So it was always a set up. It took several days for it to all come out and a lot of sex during that time. They both wanted me. They needed a man and a father for the children they wanted, and I had been elected. It’s hard to feel resentful when your cock is being sucked, once, twice, three times a day. with two beautiful girls always there to service you, always there to let you smell them. I became a willing victim.

Five years later we had three girls, one by Tracie and two by Monica. By this time the crazy sex part had abated and we lived quietly, the girls gardening during the summer months and the little girls turning me into mush as little girls will. Mostly I had sex with Tracie but often Monica came to me for oral stimulation. They both were dedicated cock suckers and I was a willing victim.

The wife and I started cruising a few years ago. We have been to many exotic ports. Met some really nice people! We generally go on 7-day cruises and the passengers are mostly above 50 years old. Because of that we make more friends with crew members than passengers. This cruise we had more fun than we ever had on past adventures.

You know how cruises start. Wait in line. Get your boarding card. Wait in line. Check through security. Wait in line. Get your picture taken. Then you are free to roam the ship. Check out your stateroom and of course eat!

Once your bags get to the stateroom you unpack and settle in. Before you know its time for the sail out party! Always a great time! The party ends. Jean and I go back to our stateroom and get ready for dinner.

The first night is very casual. We go down to the dining room to find our table. We requested a table of eight but we were seated at a table all to ourselves. Little did we know sitting by ourselves would change this cruise for the better! Cuisine and service is top notch! Our headwaiter’s assistant comes over and introduces himself. His name is Roberto. I’m sure it’s not his real name. He’s from Sweden. He gets us our water and drink order and goes to get our drinks.

Meanwhile Jean and I chat about the week to come. Ports of St. Thomas, St. Martin, Aruba, the Princess Keys and what we might like to do on those islands. Now you know what cruise line we are sailing on.

About 10 min later, our headwaiter stopped past and she introduce herself to us. Her name was Kristina she was from Russia. She was about five foot six inches tall and about the same build as Jean. She was a very striking woman. She and Roberto took very good care of us that first dinner! The food was wonderful and the drinks were never empty. We were getting ready to go out to the show. Kristina and Roberto came to the table told us goodnight. Kristina did something unusual. She gave both Jean and I a small hug with the promise of seeing us tomorrow.

We saw Kristina the next day up on the lido deck. She made the suggestion that she serve us our drinks while we sunned ourselves and swam. They get to wear short pants and button up shirts which are much more comfortable for them. She had a very nice body. I could not help but notice Kristina looking at Jean walk to and from the pool. She was not just looking, but staring at her great body. Jean was wearing a bikini with a Brazilian cut. I wasn’t sure if Jean saw what I did or not. Jean came back from the pool and I told her just what I saw. She said she had not noticed but would keep an eye out. A couple hours later we were getting hungry so we went to get some food. As we were walking away Jean looked back and caught Kristina looking at her backside. Kristina quickly looked away. I would imagine she did not want us to know she was looking. Jean thought it was quite flattering which made me feel good from two standpoints. I see other guys looking at Jean but I’ve never have seen a women look at her that way.

We got back with our food. Sat down and Kristina came over and asked us if we wanted more to drink. She seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. Jean and I both ordered another round. Kristina went to get them. When she returned I got a little bold and told her it’s ok to look at beautiful people. We did not feel bad about it and hoped she would not either. She said she was a bit embarrassed but felt better that we were not offended. Matter of fact she looked very relieved. We sat around a bit longer. Time for a nap and get ready for dinner.

Dinnertime came and we went to the Wheel House bar for a before dinner drink. We chatted about what had happened that afternoon. Jean said that she never had another woman look at her that way as far as she knows. I found it rather arousing knowing another woman found her attractive.

We went down to the dining room. Kristina met us at the table. She helped Jean with her chair and moved to the side of the table. As we chatted about our day she put her right hand on Jean’s back and slowly rubbed it a bit with the tips of her fingers while we were talking. This kind of took Jean off guard. But it gave Jean goose bumps! Kristina took out her notepad and asked for our dinner order. Once again we had a fantastic dinner. Roberto cleaned off the table and asked for desert orders. After desert, Kristina stopped to see how things were. She told us of a crew party that was happening that night but she did not want to go but she did not want to go to bed. Jean and I looked at each other and without a word between us invited Kristina to our cabin for a nightcap after her shift was over. Kristina told us it is very much against the rules so she would think about it.

Meanwhile we went down to the casino to gamble a bit. After an hour of gambling we were not doing well. Loosing very successfully! Jean and I decided to call it a night and go to the stateroom for some quality time. We changed into out sleeping clothes then went out on our balcony and watched and listened to the waves crashing off the bow. It’s so relaxing.

As we were relaxing we thought we heard a knock at the door. I went to check and it was Kristina! I opened the door and she asked if she still had an invitation for a drink. She was wearing a very tight shirt that showed off her B-cup breasts and a very tight pair of shorts. I told her of course and invited her in. Jean walked in from the balcony and said hello. Kristina’s eye’s and nipples grew big, as she looked at Jean in her sexy bedclothes. I also saw that Jean’s nipples we showing through her top! We told her what we had for booze and what she would like. Let us serve you tonight! Crown Royal strait up She replied. Jean made drinks for all three of us and we went back out to the balcony.

We made small talk for a while. Learning Kristina grew up in Moscow. She was 36 years old. She is just like Jean. They both look younger than their age. Both have great bodies. Kristina told us she has been on 6 contracts. She was an accountant in Russia. She lost her job and that’s what brought her to the cruise line. She enjoys working on cruise ships, but it’s hard because her family was of course home and a serious relationship was out of the question on board. She had been single for about 5 years. Kristina said she has been feeling lonely for a few months and could not find anyone she felt she could trust. She thought she could trust us.

Jean and I told her about us. We have been married for 3 years with no kids. Secure in our jobs and us. We are looking for adventure and relaxation. The drinks started to do their job and we were all feeling a bit loose. I asked Kristina about her looking at Jean that afternoon. She told us she is interested in men, but sometimes has fantasies about women. Jean’s curiosity was peeked. Plus she thought Jean has a beautiful body. The sexual tension was very thick. Jean and I looked at each other. Jean and I had fantasized about a three some a few times over the years with both male and female. But really never looked for one or ever thought we would. Kristina was a very attractive woman and I thought that both Jean and I were attracted to Kristina.

It was getting late for all of us. It was time for bed. Jean and I walked Kristina to the door. We gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodnight. Kristina stopped before walking out the door and asked if we could get together again after her shift the next evening? Jean and I told her we would give her and answer when we saw her next.

We slept in late the next morning.

The person delivering our breakfast waked Jean and me. It was good we ordered a late breakfast. Today was a sea day. No worries about getting off the ship. We could sit on the balcony all day and enjoy the sea. The conversation came around to the past evening/morning. Jean found herself thinking about both of us having sex with Kristina. Like I said, Jean and I had fantasized about a three some, but never pursued anything. Jean and I decided to have her stop past later that evening but do it well before dinner. Give Kristina something to think about until we saw her at dinner. Jean and I went up on deck to see Kristina. I thought it would be interesting if Jean told her while I waited at the bar. Jean did just that while I watched.

You could see Kristina’s eyes light up! She and Jean walked over to me and confirmed the plans for the evening. This would give us a lot to think about the rest of the afternoon! Jean and I got a drink and told Kristina we would see her at dinner. We wandered the ship, ending up in the cigar lounge. We spent the next couple of hours smoking cigars and wondering about the night to come. We decided when Kristina comes past that night we would just let things run their course.

There was an air of excitement around Jean and me the rest of the day. Both of us were feeling very horny, but we chose not to do anything about it until later. We were looking forward to what dinner and later in the stateroom would bring.

We got ready for diner. It was formal night. Both of us were dressed to the nines. Jean was wearing a low cut red dress with no back. GRRRR!!! I wore my tux. We looked great! Jean and I went down to get formal pictures taken then off to dinner.

When we arrived at the dining room Roberto and Kristina were at the table to greet us. They both thought we looked wonderful. Roberto helped Jean with her seat and Kristina with mine. Kristina looked a bit uneasy. Her face was a bit flushed. Was the excitement of later getting to her? She stumbled over few of her words. It also looked like she was worried about letting Roberto in our little secret. Not to worry. Roberto was always kind of in his own world. Kristina took our dinner orders. Dinner came with a surprise. She handed me a note that said she had ordered a bottle of champagne and had it delivered to our room for later. There was also a set of lip prints with my and Jean’s name next to them and a small heart next to each name. I showed the note to Jean and which put a big smile on her face. Dinner came to an end. We said goodnight to Roberto. I hugged Kristina and she then hugged Jean and whispered something into Jean’s ear. Jean got a look in her eye’s I’ve never seen before.

Walking down the promenade I asked Jean what Kristina had whispered to her. Jean said she had whispered that she was incredibly turned on and to stay in our formals. She would be at the stateroom about 12:30. I asked Jean what she thought. She thought it was very exciting, but was a bit nervous about what may happen. She asked the same of me. I felt the same way. I’ve never been given an opportunity like this before. Even if we just drink the champagne and enjoy getting to know each other that would be cool.

The time came around to go back to our stateroom at about 12:00. We made sure the champagne was in the room and on ice. It was. We took three towels out and put them on the chairs on the balcony. The chairs can have salt on them from spray and we did not want to get our formals full of salt. I asked Jean what she wanted to do when Kristina arrived. Jean thought for a moment. Come over to me and kissed me. She backed away and told me this is what I want to do to Kristina when she walks through the door. We’ll have a glass of champagne ready for Kristina and us. Then both of us will give her a kiss. But Jean said me first! All I could think was Oh My!

There was a knock on the door. Jean went to the door and opened it. There stood Kristina in a long green sequined evening gown with her hair resting on her shoulders. Jean invited Kristina into the room. I walked over to the door behind Jean and rubbed her back for a bit of support. She was trembling. Kristina closed the door behind her and Jean moved to her. Putting her arms around Kristina and giving her a big hug. They were nose to nose. Jean tipped her head to the side and moved to kiss Kristina. Kristina did not pull away. They delicately kissed each other. Both of them gave a small moan of enjoyment. It was beautiful to watch. I took a step forward and kissed Jean. Then looked at Kristina and said good evening kissing her on the cheek. They both looked so hot in their formal dresses.

Come on in. Be our guest. I handed Kristina a glass of champagne.

We made ourselves comfortable on the balcony and began to talk about the morning to come. Here I was sitting with two beautiful women. All of us dressed to the nines. Not knowing what to do next. I told Kristina we had never done anything like this before.

Kristina started to speak. She said when I first saw you two at dinner. I knew there was something about you two I could trust. I saw Jean in her bikini and I fell in lust with her. I envied you Pete because you can make love to her anytime. I decided to take the risk. I want the three of us to make love to each other. We have come this far. Let’s take it all the way? Jean and I agreed! Kristina picked up her champagne glass and made a toast. To lovemaking and us! Here! Here! Came from Jean and me!

I walked into the stateroom to get more champagne. I came back out and Kristina and Jean had taken their dresses down to their waist showing off their tanned breasts. Jean asked who’s do you want to play with first? They were sitting next to each other. I walked in behind the both of them. I took one of Jean’s and one of Kristina’s breasts in my hands. Leaned over Jean’s shoulder and kissed her nipple while caressing Kristina’s with my other hand. They both let out an approving sigh.

I thought it was time to move things inside. I said I suppose we should get naked? Both of them agreed. Jean said you first my love. Jean came over to me and started to undress me taking off my coat and tie. Jean asked Kristina to take off my pants. Kristina knelt down in front of me and slowly undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. You’re not wearing any underwear. Sliding my pants down she exposed a very hard and shaven cock. She looked at Jean and asked if she could touch me. Jean not only said yes she also knelt down in front of me. Jean took my cock into her hand and pointed it at Kristina. Here, lick it. Kristina licked the precum off my cock.

Jean asked me what else I wanted. I answered they should undress each other. Kristina took the lead and kind of cheated. She walked over to Jean and put her hands on either side of her head. Moving closer she kissed Jean deeply. Kristina moved her hands down over Jeans shoulders and stopped at her breasts. She said to Jean. You have beautiful breasts. Moving her hands further down, slowly working her fingers inside Jean’s dress. Slowly sliding off her hips and letting it fall to the floor. Kristina got a surprise. Jean had taken off her nylons and underwear. Kristina was now kneeling in front of Jean. She loved how Jean has a clean shaved pussy. Kristina said I want you now seeing Jean’s juices running out of her. Jean stopped her and said not yet. Kristina still needed to be undresses. Jean returned the favor. Slowly taking off Kristina’s dress, letting it drop to the floor. Jean uncovered Kristina’s pussy revealing that she too was shaven.

Jean stood up and looked at me and asked if I wanted any pictures for our scrapbook. Of course I did. I went to get the camera and asked both girls to stand next to each other. They were almost a matched set. I took a few pictures. They kept changing poses for me. I put the camera down and walked over to the two of them. I asked if it would be ok if I started things. I took their hands and moved them to the bed and had them lay down. Kristina said I should start with your wife. I gave Jean a deep, passionate kiss then kissing down her neck and shoulders, stopping at her breasts, using my tongue to play with her nipples. I continued down to her pussy stopping to take in her essence. I looked over at Kristina. She was watching us while playing with herself. I asked her if I could get a taste of her pussy. She drove a finger into her pussy taking her finger back out and offering it to me. Kristina was very sweet! Jean asked can I get a taste. Kristina told Jean, you will be able to taste me in a little while!

My attention went back to Jean. I slowly spread her legs and licked her from her clit to her ass. Yum I told both of them. Jean has the sweetest tasting pussy. I continued lapping Jean’s juices. Jean stopped me and said don’t forget about our guest. I bet she would like to have her pussy licked! Kristina nodded her head in agreement. Kristina’s essence was just as good as Jean’s. Her pussy lips were a bit bigger than Jean’s. I took my firsts licks of her pussy then slowly circling her clit. I continued down and darted my tongue into her.

Kristina looked down at me with a look in her eyes that told me she wanted Jean. I knowingly nodded. Kristina moved over next to Jean. She slowly started massaging Jean. Letting her hands wonder over her body. She then climbed on top of Jean. Lying down on top of her, Kristina gave her a very passionate kiss. Jean kissed her back. I almost felt like I was in a dream watching these two on the bed in front of me. Kristina stopped kissing Jean and said are you ready for me? Do you want a woman to lick your pussy for the first time? Jean replied yes! Kristina did not waste any time and moved down to Jean’s pussy. Kristina slowly put her tongue onto her pussy and began to lick up and down. I leaned over to Jean and kissed her. I asked if she was enjoying herself. Jean nodded yes. Kristina continued to go down on Jean. She told Jean how good her pussy tasted. Jean started to moan like she always does when she’s ready to cum. Kristina used her fingers inside of Jean. A few more minutes passed and Jean looked like she was ready. Jean’s juices started to flow faster. Kristina kept lapping them up. Jean started to say she was cuming! I’m! Oh God! Jean grabbed me pulling me to her. Kiss me while I cum! She came as another woman went down on her. Kristina kept on licking Jean until her orgasm subsided.

Did you like? I asked. She answered, yes I did! Kristina lay down next to Jean and slowly caressed her body. Kristina asked Jean how she liked another woman getting her off for the first time. Jean replied, better than I ever imagined! Not wanting Kristina wait too long. Jean had Kristina roll over onto her back. Jean had never gone down on another woman. Kristina helped her. Kristina took some of her own juice from her pussy offering then to Jean. Jean licked Kristina’s fingers one at a time. She was losing her fear.

Jean started to kiss and lick down Kristina’s arm moving to her breasts stopping to lick Kristina’s hard nipple. Carefully at first then putting her whole mouth over her nipple and sucked on it. Jean laughed and said so this is why you like to do this to me? It’s nice she said. Jean continued down Kristina’s tummy kissing her belly button. Jean took in a deep breath and moved down to Kristina’s pussy. Touching another woman’s pussy for the first time she used a fingertip to trace around the outer lips pushing her finger into Kristina’s pussy, running her finger back up to the top, stopping and taking a taste. Kristina looked as if she went to heaven. Jean slowly moved her down to Kristina’s pussy inhaling her essence. She slowly and deliberately licked Kristina’s clit making circles with her tongue around it. It was like she had done this before, Kristina commented. Jean did not answer. She continued to go down on Kristina finally getting to her honey pot. Kristina reached down and pulled her pussy lips open for Jean. Kristina almost pleaded for Jean to put her tongue into her. Jean complied with her wishes slowly plunging her tongue into Kristina.

Kristina moaned. Make me cum Jean! I’m almost there! Jean licked faster and faster. God I’m cuming! Kristina started to buck around. She arched her back and her whole body stiffened. Ohhh!! Ahhh!! Her body released her orgasm. Kristina sat up to Jean, kissing her, tasting her own sweetness on Jean’s lips. Kristina told Jean for never going down on a woman you did wonderfully! I have only dreamed about watching two women making love. Watching my wife go down on another woman and getting her off. WOW! We were all a little wiped out. But I think we were all ready for anything.

Being divorced and nearing forty, well, let’s just say that my sex life is on life-support. No, I’m attractive, trim, nice boobs, narrow waist, pretty face, good legs, wavy ash blond hair, blue-gray eyes, pretty nice.

But, the men, well, many are taken and, no, I don’t want to be the cause of a marriage break-up, some woman did that to me, I just can’t do it to someone else. There just seems to be more women around than men and there are also a lot of younger women for the men of every age to fool around with.

I should know. I have an eighteen-year old daughter, Jill, who gets hit on by men all the time.

Well, she should, actually, she’s quite a looker. Same general specs as me, just with twenty years less on the odometer. Trust me, put us together and you’d go for Jill first. Yes, you would. And, really, I wouldn’t blame you.

But, that doesn’t help me much, does it?

Jill is just out of high school, starts college in the fall and, one day, she came in the kitchen and said, “I just met a guy that’s new to the condo and he’s pretty nice.”

“Well, dear, you’re of age, have fun.”

“No, well, sure, but what I really meant was that he’s a lot closer to your age. Someone you ought to meet.”

“So, he’s around forty? But you know he’s going to want you in bed before he would ever want me.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that, Mom. You’ve always looked out after me as I grew up, maybe it’s time for me to pay you back a little? I did look on his mailbox and it’s just his name, no woman.”

“Like take him hostage by gunpoint and make him have sex with me?”

“Exactly. No, I really meant that maybe I could fix it so he’d be interested in you.”

“Pimping your mother, are you?”

“Hey, not a bad idea, Mom,” and we both laughed at that one.

“Well, he’s pretty nice and nice-looking, I’ll think about it,” she said and I promptly forgot about it.

About a week later, Jill came in from the pool and said, “His name is Steve Moore and he’s interested for sure.”

“Are you talking about the new guy in the complex, what you were talking about last week?”

“Exactly. Go out and look by the pool. He’s over by the shade, if you go around the recycle bins, you can see him really well.”

So, I did and I must say, he was a very nice looking man which I reported back to Jill.

“Well, want me to lure him in for us both to have? I wouldn’t mind having sex with him, he’s nice. Would be the oldest guy I’ve been with but he looks like it’s more experience than age.”

“Are you proposing that we both have sex with him together, in the same room?”

“Well, I don’t know why not. I’ll bet any man would love it. Sure, I’d do it. You’d see your daughter in action,” she said with a grin.

“Seems I have a kinky daughter.”

“Seems like you do. Wonder where I get it from?”

“Well, maybe from a mother who’s seriously thinking about taking you up on your idea. I’m sure not getting any action otherwise.”

“Well, you saw him. He’s nice. I’ll bet he could take care of us both.”

“You really mean doing a threesome, you and I and him?”

“Why not? What else do you have for prospects?”

“Good point.”

“We could both get bikinis on and try to lure him up here?”

“Well, he’d jump at you, Jill, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, come on, he’d jump at us both.”

“Well, he is male,” and we both snickered.

“I don’t know, it just seems contrived.”

“I’ll bet he’s got a nice, hard cock, Mom.”

“You’re trying to tempt me, aren’t you?”


Well, she was and it was working.

“Okay, what do we do?”

“Well, I’m probably a little more forward than you, Mom, why not leave it to me. We’ll just both go out to the pool and I’ll invite him back to our place and then bring him over for you to meet, then we’ll all go have a good time together. What say?”

“I say, okay,” with a big grin and a small knot in my stomach and a large tingle in my pussy.

So we changed into our skimpiest bikinis and went out poolside. I got situated in a shady area and Jill went over to talk with her new friend.

I was watching when I saw her point in my direction as he looked, then waved at me. Waving back, I thought, well, maybe I’m gonna have a bit of fun after all. And with my daughter right in the same room. Something I’d never even thought about before.

Then, Jill and the man got up and started heading my way.

“Mom, this is Steve Moore, my mom, Barb Ritter.”

This started a bit of back and forth between us, then Jill said, “I asked Steve if he would like to come up so we could all get to know each other better and he said he’d like that.”

“Yes, especially the way Jill put it, I’m very interested in knowing the two of you much, much better,” he said smiling with a huge bulge in his trunks. She must have left little to doubt.

“Sure, Steve, Mom and I have the rest of the afternoon, actually, you could even stay for dinner, I’m sure we can entertain you,” Jill said to him with a bright, sunny grin.

“Well, I’d love to be entertained this afternoon by you two lovely ladies, I’m ready if you are,” and we gathered up our few things and were soon inside the cool apartment.

Steve sat down on the sofa as Jill said, “Well, we’ve told you our names, Steve, would you like to know more about us?” Jill asked.

“Love to.”

“Well, you know already we’re mother and daughter, you can see that we’re both similar-looking and here’s how we even resemble each other more,” and Jill untiled her top, then the bottom and tossed them on a chair. “Mom?”

I took that as my clue to join her and soon had my bikini off as well.

“You two are stunning. I know I’m gonna love this. Oh, so hot, both of you.”

“You can join us,” Jill asked and Steve stood up and pulled his trunks down as we watched a very nice cock spring up and point right at us.

“Oh, very nice, Steve. I think we’ve all hit the jackpot. May I?” I asked as I reached for his hard cock.

He nodded and Jill and I both stepped closer as I wrapped my fingers around him and wiped my thumb across the moisture shining on the tip.

I knelt down and took his handsome cock into my mouth as a welcome to our lives and Jill took one of his hands and led it to her breasts.

“Oh, I’m not going to last long with both of you,” he said, his breath quickening.

I raised up and told him, “Well, I think I’ll save your first cum but I promise you a rain check on that suck. It’s something I love doing and I already love sucking you, Steve. But, let’s put that nice cum somewhere nice, shall we?” and I took hold of his cock and pulled him down the hall to my bedroom and threw off the covers.

I had him lay down, then got up over him, took him in hand and slowly lowered myself onto him, then began rocking back and forth.

“Oh, am I glad I met you two wonderful, beautiful women.”

“I think you should get to know Jill better, hon, why don’t you let Steve lick you? We’re here to have fun, right?”

My daughter got up and squatted down over Steve’s face and began circling him with her wet pussy rubbing all around on his mouth.

We were getting some nice moans now as he tried thrusting up into me as I raised up off him and held myself up from his hips. This was looking like a porn flick but it sure was fun. And it was thrilling to see my daughter getting her own sexual pleasure right in front of me, she was all I had hoped for, beautiful, confident, sexy, yes, Steve was going to get a lot of this mother-daughter team.

Then, as I pushed down on him and twisted back and forth rubbing him deep up inside me, he let out a couple of groans, pushed his hips up and I felt the warm gush deep inside, he gave me his cum and now, I was happy. Well, almost, I kept fucking him, rubbing my clit as I did and was soon overcome by my own wonderful orgasm.

Steve’s hands were up holding Jill’s labia open and he tongued up inside her as she rubbed her boobs and pinched her nipples. Then I watched as she erupted in a blinding orgasm of her own. It was so wonderful to watch my own daughter experience such divine pleasure, it almost got me off again.

“Oh, Mom, wait until Steve does you like that. Oh, we’ve found us a good one, Mom.”

“I think I’ve found the best pair of women in my whole life,” Steve said as I lay next to him, playing with his cock which was semi-hard.

“Here, Mom, let me play with that, I want it next,” Jill asked.

“Now, ladies, please don’t fight over me, I’m willing to share,” he said with a grin and we all lay together in my bed, Steve in the middle, our hands all over him, did he look happy.

We were all kissing and playing with our newly-found lover and he was having fun with us as well, four boobs and two pussies, well, he was happy.

It was just fun like that until Jill got up and started sucking him, then pulled up off him, swung herself over him and pushed his cock right up into her as I watched.

“Mmm, what have I ever done to deserve such a gift of you two. Oh, I sure hope this lasts, like the rest of my life.”

“Seems like we all agree that this was the right thing to do, Steve, Mom seems happy and, well, right now, with that nice big cock of your’s up inside me, well, I’m lovin’ it,” said Jill, rocking back and forth as Steve played with her breasts.

I just was happy laying there on my side watching my daughter pleasure a man. One that had just pleasured me. Soon, we’ll both be walking around with his cum up inside us. How nice. She was so sexy, it was unbelievable. I was amazed and rather proud at her skill in lovemaking. She was amazingly confident as I watched her moving up and down, her flawless body, just a wonder to observe.

Steve had one hand on my breasts, his other on Jill’s as she continued to fuck him. Frankly, just watching this was driving me into a sexual frenzy, all I wanted to do was fuck, fuck, fuck.

Before long, my daughter had the most beautiful orgasm, yes, it was beautiful for a mother to watch; her beloved daughter enraptured in sexual bliss, it felt like it was my orgasm as well. I was rubbing myself pretty hard when she climaxed and then, shortly after, our new lover spewed deep in her his love offering for her to sleep on.

We all cuddled, Steve’s cock never without a hand on it, Steve keeping himself busy with two women who were relishing every minute of his company in their beds.

“Do you think you can spent the night with us?” Jill asked.

“All I’ve got at my place is a bed with neither of you in it. Does that answer that question?”

We agreed that it did and finally did let him go to sleep about three in the morning.

I woke up first, it was almost nine and reached down to fondle Steve’s cock. It was about half-hard and I had him hard and awake in no time. I pulled the sheet back and got up over him and slid my lips down over him and started sucking.

“Mmm, Mom, you’re having fun already. I’ll just watch,” said my daughter as I suck Steve’s delicious cock. Oh, he was a true find. I owe it all to Jill.

Once he started to moan, I figured that Jill and I had better place for his cum than my mouth so I backed up off him and offered Jill his nice, hard cock. She swung a leg up over him as he held his cock up for her to lower onto as I moved up to offer him a breast to suck as I rubbed his chest and abdomen.

He reached his hand over toward my pussy and I scooted a bit and spread open for him as he started rubbing my wetness. Oh, I had gone from no sex to lots of sex in just hours, how wonderful.

I was just loving watching my sexy, young daughter being a woman, oh, what a woman. I can see how any man alive would want her if they could see what I’m seeing. She’s so focussed on fucking Steve, giving herself to him, any man would desire her.

Steve had two fingers in me and his thumb was caressing my clit, sending shivers across me as he started to groan. I knew that Jill was about to be filled with his cum as I lay there and watched.

He began to push up over and over, then let out a long, low groan as he cummed and cummed while Jill never slowed down, she just kept fucking him until she launched her own climax and fell over him trembling and shaking in ecstasy.

“Oh, Steve, that was the best. Mmm,” she purred.

“I just hope you two never move away. If you do, I’ll move with you.” We all laughed at that, Jill still on top with his cock remaining where she wanted it, I’m sure.

As it turned out, Steve spend many nights in my bed with some side trips to see Jill, she sometimes joined us and sometimes I slept at Steve’s in his bed. The upshot was that Jill and I and Steve fucked until she went away to college, Steve and I have moved in together and are now setting wedding plans and Jill has a new boyfriend in college, a teaching assistant who she’s moving in with next term. She’s said he’s pretty adventurous about sex and she may advance the notion of a foursome for us all. What a daughter I have, she’s such a treasure.

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