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Trevor anxious to start the class so he could start pouring over his student’s questionnaires, walked deliberately around the front of the auditorium. The questionnaires always gave him an erection as he discovered this year’s virgin, how often she masturbated, and what sexual fantasies she might have. Finding virgins with intact hymens was especially rare but so far he had managed to find at least one every quarter. He would then borrow medical equipment from the anatomy instructor to give the seminar a clear view of the inside of a woman who had never let another man touch her. He used a colonoscopy scope that lit up and gave a great picture that he projected on the large screen. He was always very careful not to penetrate her to leave everything intact for his favorite part of the series “fucking a virgin”.

The students began filing into class. He watched as they drifted in saying pleasantly, “Please fill the front seats first, we will be watching a film today”.

He would say this every few minutes or so as the rest of the students sauntered in before the class started. Trevor introduced his TA, Eric, to the class. Eric was one of his returning seminar students and a personal favorite. Eric was a PE major with an exceptionally large cock and a very muscular demeanor. The site of him soaked more than one or two panties Trevor was sure. Eric would be running to the computer lab to print Trevor’s seminar extra credit invitations after he read the questionnaires and sorted out the students who would make the cut for the Role Play Erotica seminar over the Understanding & Treasuring your Body ~ a discussion on safe sex and mutual monogamy. He liked to teach the Erotica seminar the weekend before he taught the course on responsible sexuality. It always amused him the adoring looks he got from his mature, responsible, conservative students as he thought of his virgin and teaching in front of her knowing what he did for the remainder of the quarter. Often he would engage in a mutual sexual relationship until she moved out of his class enjoying the taboo indulgence.

Trevor wondered if anyone noticed his erection as he excitedly panned the room and his students with his gaze.

“Please pass your questionnaires to the center aisle so Eric can collect them.”

He busied himself setting up the film with anticipation. He’d leave Eric in charge of the film so he could spend the next hour and a half separating out the papers. When Eric collected from the last row he quickly walked up taking them into his hands as he left to read them privately in his office.

Trevor’s office was around the corner a few doors down from the auditorium. It was a small office without a window but he had it well lit. Sometimes he liked to lock the door when he had students in his office so he could have some privacy. He liked to tell his colleagues that his subject matter was sensitive and when a student had a question he wanted them to feel safe and at ease. He didn’t share that often when girls that attended his seminar came into his office they were looking for more than answers to Human Sexuality topics. He put in a comfortable sofa and had his bottom file filled with adult toys he liked to take out and explore with these girls who, before they attended the seminar, had never heard of or even seen some of the adult products that were designed to vibrate and massage their G spots.

Trevor walked around and set the papers down in front of him then did the initial sort. Some of his favorite questions:

Why are you attending a course on Human Sexuality? What do you hope to learn from taking the class?

What kind of birth control do you currently use? What is your current knowledge of STDs and safe sex practices?

How many sexual partners have you had since you’ve become sexually active?

Describe your sexual experiences and your attitude towards your own sexuality.

How do you feel about masturbation? How often do you masturbate?

Please describe any fantasies and fetishes you would like to explore in more depth with the class.

Have you ever watched a movie that excited you so much you became noticeably aroused? Please describe what the characters in the movie where doing that excited you.

Trevor always did the initial sort on how many sexual partners his students had. He really didn’t care about the question unless the answer was N/A or none. He was happy to see he had several students both male and female that had never had sex with anyone. This year he had 5 students.

Their answers:

Kara Johnson:

I am taking Human Sexuality to understand the historical aspects of human sexuality from a multicultural perspective. I would like to understand my own sexual anatomy better and to explore other sexual lifestyles in a safe environment. I don’t fully understand STDs and the different types of contraceptive choices available.

I’ve been fearful to have sex with anyone because of the social stigmas behind having an STD and I don’t want to catch anything. I’m taking birth control pills currently because my doctor recommended them for some menstruation issues I have.

I haven’t had any sexual experiences yet but I’m hoping after taking this class I will have a better understanding of sex and to feel comfortable exploring my own sexuality and finally getting away from my parents domineering religious crap.

Masturbation has always confused me. I’ve wanted to touch myself many times but when I talked to my mother about masturbation she invited a priest over to talk about the spiritual ramifications of touching yourself before you’re married and I’ve always felt guilty for wanting to touch myself. I haven’t masturbated other than to feel how wet I get when I get excited about something and sometimes it does feel good to rub my clitoris when I know no one is watching.

I have had a fantasy after watching a movie. I was at a friend’s house whose parents watch Showtime and HBO. I liked watching Gladiator with Russell Crowe but Spartacus “Blood and Sand” & “Gods of the Arena” really excited me. One scene had a Patrician come to the Ludas wanting to have sex with a virgin and he put his hands into two naked beautiful girls (slaves) to see which one was tighter and then had a gladiator take her virginity roughly while he watched. Next, he violated her from behind at the same time. I’m not sure why I was so excited by the idea of losing my virginity to a gladiator while some rich perverted man also had sex with me in the ass but it does excite me. It’s probably a good thing I can’t lose my virginity that way because it would probably hurt but seeing it in the movie really turned me on.

Trevor nearly fell out of his chair. He stood up to go lock his office door and sat down to read the paragraph over and over knowing he was going to offer her what she was fantasying about and that he would be the one to drive it home in her ass for the first time if she let him. Eric would be the perfect gladiator he was built like a brick shithouse with a cock that was larger than most and he looked like a gladiator it was perfect. Trevor unzipped his slacks and reached his hands in to gently stroke the head of his penis picturing being next to them while Eric roughly pulled her close and inserted himself into her breaking her hymen violently while he watched. Trevor was stroking more passionately now as he took a break to enjoy the story play out in his head. He’d seen this scene. The gladiator drug her down and roughly inserted himself inside her then the Roman demanded she be on top fucking the gladiator so he could shove her down and violate her from behind. The slave was crying and was devastated. He was surprised this excited Kara. He exploded while he visualized how different being turned on by a movie to actually doing this in front of the other students in full costume would be for her.

He went to the next paper.

Kristy Nelson:

I am attending human sexuality this year to learn more about sex, sexuality, and my body. I would like to explore male/female anatomy and learn more about how a large class explores and interprets this subject together. I would like to hear women that are a larger size talk about how they overcome body issues and how they feel about sex and being naked in front of someone else. I’d like to learn how to be more comfortable with my own body.

I am not sexually active so I don’t need birth control. I don’t know too much about the different kinds of STDs but I think society spends too much time worrying about them. Many of them are treatable and the permanent ones really are prevalent and not that big a deal. Getting aids wouldn’t be an interest. I would like to avoid that.

I haven’t had sex yet. I am a little worried my weight would put someone off and am embarrassed by the idea of a man seeing me naked.

Masturbation embarrasses me. I’ve been excited by movies and books and have felt drawn to play around afterwards but I’ve always thought maybe someone would hear me or walk in or that someone would know I’ve been doing it. I’d rather not do it then have someone judge me for doing it.

I guess my fantasy would be to find a man who loves my size that I feel comfortable getting naked with. I would like to have sex and learn how to feel comfortable. I’d like to hear about how other people masturbate and how they feel about it. I guess I’d like to learn how to relax and enjoy my own sexuality.

I do get turned on by movies. I watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and I loved watching her go from being shy and awkward to being more confident. I also liked “The Mirror has Two Faces”. Movies where women overcome issues around weight and men who enjoy them unconditionally excite me. I watch “Drop Dead Diva” and feel I could be more like her and learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m hoping this class will help me with that.

Shawn Trebar:

I am taking this class to learn more about sex. How to find it, how to get a girl to agree to it, and where one goes to seek it out without paying for it.

I don’t care about STDs but I guess learning about them would maybe make my mother feel good that she’s helping me pay for college. I’ll probably bring that up next time I see her.

I’ve not got laid yet but I’m hoping this class might help me change all that. Maybe a horny student will latch onto me and want to help me get rid of my virginity.

I masturbate all the time and love porn. I read stories online. I like amateur porn that looks unrehearsed without all the dumb music and fake looking porn stars. I like the younger girls with the older guys or the stepdaughter does the stepfather. Taboo topics turn me on.

Trevor enjoyed reading this one. This kid was in for a good time his first time out. He had a feeling he’d being seeing him again as a returning student for other seminars.

Jane Brooks:

I am taking this course to learn more about responsible sex and safe practices. I want to learn more about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. I’d like to see how other people interact and discuss sexuality as a group.

I’ve never had sex because God intended for me to be pure for my husband. I’m saving myself for my husband. He will be the only man to ever touch me.

Masturbation is wrong and this questionnaire is almost inappropriate for a college course.

Trevor quickly dropped this one in the Safe Sex Seminar pile. This student didn’t interest him. She was uptight and he felt sorry for her future husband but knew he’d probably be as uptight as her. Erotica Role-play was not for her.

Jim Baker:

I’m taking this course because I think learning how other people handle sexuality and topics around sex and sexual behavior will help me with my seminary courses and it’s important I learn other peoples thoughts and values so that I can be the best pastor I can be for my congregation when I finish school.

Trevor stopped reading and moved him into the rejected pile. Someone dedicating their life to bringing people closer to God didn’t need a two day hands on practicum in Erotic Role Playing. This guy would enjoy the guest speakers from local religious groups. He set his 3 virgins in the Erotica pile and set aside the other two.

Trevor enjoyed reading and separating the more experienced students. Nikki Johnson was maybe one of his favorites.

Nikki Johnson:

I’m taking this class with an old friend. We wanted to learn more about Human Sexuality together and thought a group class would be an interesting place to talk about sex and our bodies.

I’ve had surgery so I can’t get pregnant. I would like to learn about the different kinds of STDs. I’ve been lucky about not catching anything and would like to continue so I do ask about a man’s history with STDs but I enjoy having sex without any latex or barriers so I am I guess higher risk.

I’ve had sex with around 30 different people give or take a few. Most of those were with people I was dating.

My sexual experiences? I guess I like boring sex the best. I like the man on the top. I like things to be gentle and to feel a man’s weight on me when we are having sex. I like my nipples to be nibbled on and pinched. I like to be kissed and talked to when a man is having sex with me. I really like having sex with my friend who’s taking this class, Edward.

Masturbation is something I do every day if I can’t have sex. I’m a very sexual person. Edward actually bought and mailed me a vibrating rabbit to play with for when he was off on a job or not around. He’s called me and listened while I used it while I listened to him touching himself. He’s introduced me to erotic fiction online after he got me to write him some erotic stories based on a character he developed. Some of my best relationships were with people who weren’t uptight about masturbating in front of me. If one person has an orgasm before the other one sometimes it’s fun to finish off with the other person in the room watching.

Fetishes and fantasies, I like reading rape stories, step parents with their step kids, I have kind of a perverted sister my family adopted and I wouldn’t mind fooling around with her and watching Edward fuck her while I’m fiddling with her clit and pinching her tits. She tried to show me her breasts last time we hung out together then kissed some horny blonde chick right in front of me. I’d really like to have an opportunity to do the wrong thing with her rather than the “Catholic guilt” thing. Fucking my sister would be amazing and watching Edward fuck her in front of me would be a shocking diversion especially if she let me touch and play with her while they fucked in front of me.

I watch Californication, Spartacus, porn, & lots of sexual movies. On Californication I enjoy watching the X-files guy having sex with all these different women while being such a gentleman and a nice guy. His character, although a horn dog, is still likeable and someone I would actually want to fool around with. Spartacus is just straight up violence and porn. I love everything about that show. I liked when he was fucking the blonde bitch whose husband was responsible for putting his wife into slavery and when they took off the masks when they were tricked into fucking each other he went into a murderous rage and started strangling her. I’d have liked it better if they kept fucking while he strangled her to death. I also liked the scenes where the slaves were forced to have sex with people. One in particular was a wife who was honorable and faithful to her husband but she was a slave so was forced to fuck the champion gladiator and she suffered through it then towards the end she got turned on and started enjoying having sex with him.

Trevor poured over each answer from his students especially interested in the Twins, Teva and Deborah, unfortunately Deborah’s answers really did put her in the other seminar but Teva’s interested him enough not to separate the girls.

Teva Baker:

I am taking your class because I have no idea what a Human Sexuality course will be like and am curious about how an instructor approaches the topic.

I am taking birth controls pills. I’ve never had an STD but do practice safe sex with men I’m not planning on having a relationship with.

I’ve been with a few men and women. Probably around 20ish combined.

I think masturbation is wonderful. You’re in complete control of your body and how you manipulate your hands and toys. I often masturbate while reading erotica, watching cable, watching boyfriends on the internet touching themselves. I love it.

My biggest fantasy is to have sex with my sister. I know she’s never been interested in having sex with me because it’s “incestuous” but we are identical twins. I want to kiss her, I want to suck and bite her tits, I want to use toys to excite her. I’d love to put on a strap on with a vibrating dildo and fuck her. I’d love to have sex with her and someone else.

I did watch a movie on Netflix called “Dairy of a Nymphomaniac” which I watched a few times. I liked watching her with the black man in the Jacuzzi tub. When he went in to fuck her with a bottle it shocked me. She wasn’t in the mood but did it anyway because he liked to fuck her with it. I liked watching her in the Jacuzzi tub while she leaned completely back exposing her breasts as he pumped into her.

Her sister’s answers were very different. She’d only been with a few people. Deborah was much more conservative then her sister. She might be a problem in his seminar. He really wanted to keep them together because they were gorgeous and had great figures. He was starting to see them maybe with an older man playing the role of their step father or a black student which seemed to excite Teva.

Trevor sorted the papers into two piles then walked over to his PC to type out the names for Eric. He grabbed the list off the printer and headed back to the auditorium. Eric would need some time to prepare the seminar invitations. Once printed with the student’s names he would call them forward and watch as they walked to the front of the class to grab their extra credit assignments. This gave him the opportunity to look over his innocent student and get to know the other students who would partake in his yearly class orgy. Eric enjoyed this part too as he made the invitations he would check out the girls who he might be able to screw that coming weekend. He was particularly excited about the twins. They had made the Erotica pile. Eric had no idea the Prof. was going to give him a special treat and one of his virgins.

Eric came back in and handed off the invitations to Trevor. His confident walk, athletic frame, and cheerful disposition were intoxicating. Eric stepped out of the way leaning casually against Trevor’s desk with a great view of the students walking to get their invites. The class was almost over.

Trevor began, “I am inviting each of you to attend my extra credit seminar. These seminars can add 20% to your course grade. You are welcome to attend. I have separated you into two different groups based on your answers to my introductory questionnaire. When I call your names please come forward and then you can enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”

“Nikki Johnson and Edward Roberts” Nikki and Edward stood up, they were toward the back. They both looked like they were in their late 30s early 40s. Nikki was overweight but walked with the confidence of a thinner younger lady. Both were dressed well. Edward was muscular and attractive. “I’d like to talk to both of you in my office about this weekend’s seminar. I’d like your help setting up and help with the first demonstration. You can meet me in about 15 minutes down the hall in room 217.”

“Kara Johnson.” Kara came forward she was a few rows back. She had a near perfect figure with full perky breasts. Her hair was dark brown almost black and straight. She looked quite a bit like Natalie Portman. An innocence about her that was intoxicating. He would be watching her walk away fantasizing about Eric fucking her while he pushed her forward violating her virgin ass from behind. He wasn’t disappointed. Her firm heart shaped ass looked incredible in jeans. Eric watched her come down the stairs and when she turned to walk away his breath caught in his throat. He remembered her name being on the good list. Even if he didn’t get the opportunity to fuck her he would enjoy watching as someone else did.

“Are any of you injured?” a short, curvy woman with close-cropped reddish hair asked from near the back doors as Melissa and her friends piled into the van.

“I’ve got a scrape on my elbow,” Amanda said. “Other than that, I think we’re okay.”

“I’m an EMT,” the short-haired girl said. “Let me take a look.”

Amanda nodded and sat down, lifting her arm so the woman could examine her.

“Not that I’m complaining about you being here, but who are you people?” Melissa asked the blond woman who had leaned out of the van and spoken earlier while the driver sped off.

“My name is Lynn Vanion,” the blond woman said. “I’m a reporter, although these days I use the term very loosely… it’s difficult for mainstream periodicals to take me seriously. I tend to write more for conspiracy theory-oriented publications these days.”

“Conspiracy? What kind of conspiracy?” Brooke asked. “Do you know what the woman with the gun wanted?”

“Her name was Lucinda,” Lynn said. “She was sent to silence you three. Your investigation worried her superiors.”

“Who are her superiors?” Melissa asked.

“I don’t know all of them,” Lynn said. “And the ones I do know of… some of them I don’t know by name. And if you don’t know somebody’s name, you can’t very well call the cops on them. Especially since the cops are probably who called in Lucinda in the first place, in your particular case… the conspiracy is pretty far-reaching.”

“What conspiracy?” Melissa pressed. “What have we gotten ourselves into, exactly?”

“Your missing friends and relatives… they were abducted by the Sex Star,” Lynn told her.

“Who’s that?” Brooke asked.

“Not who. What,” Lynn corrected. “It’s a space station. The Commander — I don’t know his real name — designed it so he can abduct women and force them to have sex with him.”

“Sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie,” Melissa said.

“Hey!” Amanda protested. “There’s no such thing as bad sci-fi!”

Lynn directed her comments to Melissa, ignoring Amanda for the moment. “It’s all true,” she said. “They force the women they take to compete against each other, and the winner is offered a choice whether to stay or leave.”

“A choice? Yeah, right. Like someone would actually choose to stay,” Melissa said.

“There are numerous powerful aphrodisiacs in use aboard the Sex Star,” Lynn said. “Their effects are cumulative… in other words, with enough exposure to them you never stop being horny. The entire purpose of the Sex Star’s existence is to make women want to be raped. So yes, women actually choose to stay. Most of them do, in fact.”

“But you didn’t?” Amanda said.

Lynn regarded her with surprise for a moment, then said, “That’s right. I chose freedom. How did you know I was on the Sex Star myself?”

“Just from the context of what you were saying,” Amanda said. “As much as you seem to know, you’re either a part of the conspiracy or one of its past victims. I was just hoping for the latter.”

“Don’t worry,” Lynn said. “We’re on your side.” She formally introduced Jenny, the EMT, and her twin sister Janet, the driver… Melissa, Amanda, and Brooke took the opportunity to identify themselves for the record as well.

“We’re here,” Janet announced. Melissa leaned over her shoulder and looked out the front windows to see where ‘here’ was… the van was pulling into what looked to be an abandoned warehouse.

Melissa quickly realized that she had been right… it was an abandoned warehouse. Well, abandoned except for the four women who were waiting for them there. Lynn introduced the women.

Catherine had short hair like the twins, but it was brown instead of red. Her body type was similar to Amanda’s — very slender, but with nice big tits — except she was a bit taller than Amanda, closer to Melissa’s 5’9″ height.

Stephanie was even taller than Catherine, standing around an even six feet with predictably amazing legs… she was about Lynn’s age, but like Lynn her breasts were still perky and gravity-defying. Her brown hair matched her evenly tanned skin nicely.

Lisa was the same height as Stephanie, with curly black hair and paler skin. She had slightly larger breasts than Stephanie, but in a bit of a trade-off her legs, though nice, weren’t quite as stunning.

Shawn had long, dark brown hair, a tan complexion like Stephanie’s, and a curvy body with some of the biggest tits Melissa had ever seen, 38Es.

As Melissa watched, she noticed something. Jenny, Janet, Catherine, Stephanie and Shawn all had bulges growing at the front of their pants.

“What the…” Melissa started.

“Sorry,” Stephanie said. “We can’t help it. Beautiful women are difficult for us to not react to.”

“But you have…” she couldn’t get the last word out.

“Dicks!” Amanda finished for her. She looked just as stunned as Melissa… Brooke, however, was eyeing the bulges with undisguised lust and licking her lips.

“The Commander is turned off by the sight of naked men,” Lynn said, “but it’s the male form in general rather than the penis itself that he finds disgusting. So, he gave some women penises and had them serve as his crew. Over the years, several of them have had occasion to come back down to Earth at some point, usually on errands for The Commander. Some of them have been unable to control their urges, and have taken women. Either by force, or with consent where they could find it. When those women accidentally get pregnant, sometimes the babies wind up being dickgirls too.”

“So they’re all products of accidental pregnancies?” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” Lynn said. “Catherine came to me first… I was just starting to write articles about objects in space that were hidden from our satellites and observatories, and she was a rather enthusiastic conspiracy theorist who latched on to me as a fan. After she tracked me down we started having sex, and eventually it occurred to me that if there were others like her we could use their existence to prove the existence of the Sex Star.”

“And you could have more cock,” Brooke pointed out. She wasn’t being judgmental… her tone of voice suggested it was exactly what she would have done.

“Exactly,” Lynn said. “So I put ads wherever I could, asking other women with Catherine’s condition to come forward… Stephanie approached me first. I brought in a doctor friend — Lisa here — to do some tests and determine how different from normal women they were. Stephanie eventually seduced both myself and Lisa, so by the time the twins joined us,” she indicated Jenny and Janet, “we were already used to having orgies. Shawn came last. Her parents gave her a boy’s name because she had a penis, but she identified more as female so she grew her hair out and started showing off her fantastic breasts more once she got older.”

“Those are the only dickgirls you found?” Amanda asked.

“Well, them and my daughter Erin,” Lynn said. “Stephanie’s baby. She went missing around the same time as the people you’re searching for, and considering The Commander’s track record with what are known as ‘earthbound dickgirls’ I figure she’s been abducted too.”

“How old is she?” Brooke asked.

“She just turned 18,” Lynn replied. “Now, I’m going to let these dickgirls fuck me. You can join in if you want.” She started removing her clothes as she spoke, and Lisa and the dickgirls quickly followed suit. Brooke stripped down as well, and asked the twins to make a sandwich out of her.

Melissa looked over at Amanda, who shrugged and started taking off her shirt. As always, the sight of her tits turned Melissa on, and she decided to strip as well and just let whatever happened happen.

Brooke was moaning enthusiastically as Jenny and Janet double-teamed her ass and pussy… Lynn had Stephanie’s dick in her mouth, and Melissa noted with a mixture of fear, lust and awe that it was nearly 20 inches long.

Lisa had bent over a table to allow Shawn to take her from behind. That left Catherine. “Who wants me first?” the dickgirl asked.

“Fuck me in the ass while Amanda eats me out,” Melissa told her.

Catherine readily complied, and about a minute later she moaned into Melissa’s ear, “This feels so good, baby. Your asshole is so fucking tight!”

“Thank you,” Melissa said, smiling.

Off to the side, Brooke came loudly and enthusiastically, gushing pussy juice all over Janet’s cock… Stephanie came as well, splattering Lynn with the biggest cumshot Melissa had ever seen. It had to be 15 or 16 ounces, and seemed to go on forever. Stephanie screamed in pleasure the entire time.

Lisa’s orgasm triggered Shawn’s, and Lisa cried out in ecstasy again when she felt the dickgirl’s cum flooding her pussy. Melissa’s own orgasm wasn’t far behind… Amanda’s tongue was, as always, very talented, and the added sensations from the surprisingly gentle and pleasurable assfucking Catherine was giving her only made things more intense.

When Catherine felt Melissa cumming, she launched her spunk into Melissa’s tight asshole. This only served to intensify Melissa’s orgasm even further, and by the time she regained her senses she had soaked Amanda’s entire face in pussy juice.

After Melissa dismounted, Amanda climbed onto Catherine and impaled her pussy on her still-hard cock, bucking up and down in her lap. Meanwhile, Melissa helped Brooke ‘clean off’ the dicks of Jenny, Janet and Shawn by sucking and licking all the pussy juice and semen off of them.

After they were cleaned off, Melissa and Brooke stroked them to orgasm, letting the dickgirls cum all over their faces and tits.

Then they watched in awe as Lisa took Stephanie’s gargantuan cock in her pussy. The dickgirl managed to get about 14 inches in before bottoming out, and fucked Lisa pretty hard with it. Her big tits bounced with the force of Stephanie’s thrusts.

Lynn was the next one to get double-teamed by the twins… Catherine ate Melissa’s pussy while she fucked Brooke. Amanda found Shawn’s pussy and started licking it, occasionally allowing her tongue to also tease the underside of the dickgirl’s shaft. This dual stimulation caused Shawn to start cumming from both dick and pussy after only half a minute or so, and Amanda’s face was plastered with a heavy load of mixed semen and pussy juice. Shawn thanked Amanda for the wonderful orgasm by aggressively going down on her, and about a minute later Amanda was cumming.

Brooke, with a fresh load of Catherine’s cum in her own pussy, went over and licked Lisa’s cunt clean of Stephanie’s spunk. Stephanie had shot another impossibly huge load, and it poured out of Lisa’s pussy and covered Brooke’s face, neck and tits.

The orgy continued until well after night fell, and then the girls and their new friends finally fell, exhausted, into the beds that were in the back of the room, Brooke, Melissa and Amanda sharing one while Lynn, Stephanie and Catherine took another and Lisa, the twins and Shawn all curled up together on the third.

About thirteen years ago my boys and I bought a house together, and the things that have happened since then really turned my world upside down. My name is Angela and I have raised my three boys as a single mother since I was 18 years old. I have had to work extremely hard, but I must admit that I have had it much better than many women in my situation. I became pregnant with my first son, Edward, when I was just 15 and gave birth to him when I was 16. Being the brilliant teenager that I was I got pregnant again just three months later, this time with the twins, Ethan and Allen. The boys have the same dad and we have always had support from both families, but things were doomed for their father and I from the start. Luckily with the support our families provided we were both able to finish school and Brad, the boys father, was even able to get a degree in engineering. He makes pretty good money and has always supported the boys to the point that we could live well with my lesser earnings.

As an attractive young mom to three boys I got a lot of attention from their friends, and rightly so if I do say so myself. I think in different circumstances I could have been a successful actress. My hair is a deep brown with just a hint of red, styled and about shoulder length. Just long enough to be sexy but not long enough to be a pain to maintain. I have bright green eyes and very cute little nose. My lips aren’t full and pouty but they are not really thin either, somewhere right in between the two. I also love my body. Maybe my ego is swollen from all the compliments I get but I really do love it. I am very tall at 5’10″ with C cup breasts and a round booty too. I don’t work out so my tummy isn’t completely flat and muscular, but I still look great in a two piece. I don’t care too much about how my nails look, but I know all the guys like them so I keep them nice because I like the attention they all give me.

Again I may have a skewed perspective, but I think the boys are very attractive as well. They all three look pretty much the same, with very few and very minor differences.Edward is a bit taller at 6’2″ but the twins aren’t far behind at 6′ and his hair is just a shade or two darker. Other than those minor differences my three boys could be triplets instead of twins. They are also very close, it seems like they do everything together. They aren’t really jocks but all three played on the high school soccer team and their bodies were lean and strong. It always makes me proud to see how strong and healthy they are. With all that, add the dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes, my boys had their pick of the girls in high school, and as I later found out even beyond the school girls.

About six months ago the twins graduated from high school and decided it was time for our living arrangements to change a little. They weren’t planning to go on to college full time right away and they, along with Edward already had good paying construction jobs. I had a good job at the time myself and with all our incomes flowing into the same household we had plenty of money and wanted to buy a home. We had rented up ’till then but something about home ownership just felt right. We talked it over and decided to buy a house together. It was a little strange I’ll admit, but it felt right and has worked out wonderfully. There has been one or two times when it got a little strange though, and the first time didn’t take long to happen.

It took about a week to get all moved in and we were all just in love with the house. Everybody felt right at home, and the atmosphere was super casual. I went grocery shopping that Saturday morning and when I got home I was in for the shock of my life. I walked in on my sons and one of there good friends practically having an orgy with their girlfriends right there in my living room. They even had more girls than guys. I knew they dated more than one girl at a time sometimes, but I had no idea the girls knew about it and didn’t care. It was quite a sight as I stood there with my arms full of groceries. They didn’t even stop when they saw me either. Edward was on his back with a mouth full of pussy and another girl had his cock deep down her throat. Ethan was fucking his girlfriend doggie style while she ate Allan’s girlfriends pussy. Allan’s girlfriend was loving every lick of it while she sucked Allan’s cock and apparently fingered his ass. Their buddy John was on the other side of the room with two girls on their knees sharing his cock between them.

I knew all of these girls and I figured my boys had sex with some of them, but I had know idea it was anything like this. I was just staring in shock for god knows how long. Finally one of the girls sharing Johns cock noticed me and got up, leaving poor John with only one beautiful young lady to service his needs. Gina was the one who got up and came over to me, fully nude with no shame at all. Not that she had anything to be ashamed of, she was stunning and young with long straight brown hair and a slender tight body capped with perky, if somewhat small little titties. As she was walking toward me Gina had to pass the others and when she passed Ethan she paused briefly to kiss him deeply and passionately while he continued railing her friend. After that she looked at me and smiled and said, “Hi Miss Angela would you like some help with those?” reaching out and taking the bags from my hands. I was still in a bit of shock and let her take the bags. As I watched her naked little ass scurry toward the kitchen I had to take a seat and get a grip.

I sat in the leather chair, which was one of the few pieces of furniture not currently occupied, and was fortunately very close. I guess the boys didn’t realize I was there until just then Because Allen looked up from his blow-job and said, “Hi mom,” like nothing unusual was going on at all. Ethan and Edward must have heard their brothers greeting because they each turned and greeted me the same way almost in unison. Their friend John however did one better. He pulled his dick out of Becky’s mouth and walked over to me, leaned down and gave me a hug. I leaned forward and hugged him back like I always did, and when he stood back straight his dick almost hit me square in the face.

He said, “Hi miss Angie how was your shopping trip? That dress looks fabulous on you.” I thanked him and told him my trip was fine, dumbfounded that we were conversing with his cock dangling right in front of my face. “well I don’t want to keep Becky waiting too long,” John said as he turned away. “She gets fussy if she doesn’t get to finish,” he said snickering as he slid his cock right back into Becky’s waiting mouth.

Gina returned from the kitchen and casually sat on the arm of the chair that I was in, putting her arm around me just like she would have done if she weren’t completely nude. About that same time Edward had finished licking Samantha’s pussy to a shuttering orgasm, and he chatted with me while Samantha helped Shelby finish cumming on his cock. “Mom I hope it doesn’t bother you too much, but it is our house too and well, with moving in and all, we needed some good relaxing release, and this is how we do it. I knew it would be a shock for you the first time, but I know we’re close and can work through it,” Edward said, and then dove right back into Samantha’s pussy.

I hadn’t noticed while Edward was talking but Gina was rubbing my shoulder sexily with the arm she had around me and also rubbing my leg right around the point were my dress ended with her sexy naked calf. “It’s really not all that strange you know Angie,” she said to me, seeing that she had my attention again.

“This is definitely a little strange Gina, and me being here watching makes it a lot more strange,” I told her but she didn’t waiver one bit.

“Just relax and pay attention to me,” she said and fluidly place my far hand right onto her nipple, then with the same hand she gently lifted my chin and oh so softly kissed my lips. Surprisingly, I had not noticed my own sexuality in all of this mess. As I instinctively kissed Gina back and rolled her rubbery nipple with my fingers I realized how wet my pussy was. I was soaked through. Gina kissed me harder now and pulled my hand away from her breast as she lowered the straps of my dress from my shoulders, exposing my breasts to everyone in the room, and I let her. I was so completely hot and horny that I had lost all control. Her hands and lips were magic as she touched my breasts and kissed my neck. She had my nipple in her mouth when i lifted myself and allowed her to remove my panties. From the time Gina started touching I only knew her touch until I felt a second wonderful mouth on my other nipple. I looked down and saw John sucking my right nipple gently and cupping the left one that Gina had In her mouth.

Gina released my nipple and put her head up under my dress. I was anxious, I wanted to feel her tongue so badly. John kissed my mouth and our tongues danced as I felt Gina’s tongue enter me from below. I came hard. I was out of control. I had both hands on Gina’s head pushing her face hard into my pussy. A cock flashed before my eyes and I grabbed it and I sucked it. Oh my god John’s cock tasted good. My mouth must have felt good too because within just a few minutes he was cumming and I was cumming again. Such a flurry of emotion. Gina was still licking my pussy and Edward had just moaned loudly as he filled my mouth with his seed. Edward, oh my god I thought it was John but he was still sucking my tits. I looked up at Edward suddenly very in the moment and very much in shock.

“God mom that was amazing,” Edward said, with his cock softening in my hand.

“Yeah Angela,” Samantha said, “no one has ever made Edward cum that fast. Not even me when I took his virginity,” she added smiling.

I had just sucked my oldest sons cock and had no idea what was going to happen next. Edwards dick still had a little cum on the tip, John was now standing with his dick almost poking my cheek and Gina was now getting her own pussy licked by Samantha. I was flying on instinct up till now, but it was time to decide. What next? I looked at Edward and smiled, licked the cum off his tip and told John he would have to wait a minute. “Ethan, Allan,” I announced, “get over here and fill your momma up while I swallow Johns cock.”

Everyone kind of paused while I finished removing my dress, then we all got into our places. Brittany lubed up my ass and Danielle stroked the lube onto Ethan’s cock as I mounted Allan and slid his cock as deeply into my burning wet cunt as it would go. It felt amazing, tight but amazing, as two of my boys were sliding into me at the same time. I sucked on John while they slid in and out with perfect timing. I wanted Edward in me too.

“John honey go get Edward. I will fuck you silly later but right now I want my boys. Go get him. Quick, ” I gently ordered and soon I had my baby’s dick firmly between my lips again. We switched positions briefly with Edward on bottom in my ass with me facing away from him, and sweet Ethan grinding my pussy with Allan’s lovely cock rubbing my face inside and out. That position was strenuous though, so when we switch up again. I mounted Edward, and Allan slid easily into my stretched out ass while I sucked Ethan’s lube covered cock. I was surprised to see Edward lean up, and as I sucked his brother’s cock he took his brothers balls gently into his mouth. Ethan loved it and was soon sending his seed down his mothers loving throat. when he finished Allan quickly took his place with his cock in my mouth and his sack in Edwards, he too drained a load deep down mommies throat.

I had now swallowed all my boys cum and they still weren’t done with me yet. Edward roll up on my back with my ankles almost to my ears and entered my pussy. He pounded me hard and loud, grunting and sweating and thrusting. John slid into Edward from behind and I felt his balls empty into me almost instantly. He didn’t soften though and his cock rammed deep in me every thrust that John rammed into him. I came hard again yelling, “Fuck us Johnny, fuck us.” He came with me, deep in my sons ass.

I was drained and needed a shower. I told them all that I was going to shower and nap. I also told John he could come to my room for some one on one action in a couple of hours if he wanted to, but I needed some rest first. He agreed and I was on my way.

That was the first of many sexual encounters in this house. My boys and I were always close, and after that we were even closer. They are all married now with kids of their own. We are still very close though, and we all even live together still. We have had to buy a bigger house though to accommodate our ever growing family. With all the kids around we don’t have the large group sessions very often any more, but we all still fuck, and every now and again when the timing is just right, my boys still all enter me as one and their wives all seem to love eating their cum out of me.

Trevor hungrily watched the students begin to file in with Nikki and Edward in the front of the room laying down on the bed kissing passionately ignoring everyone as they came into the room. Student after student looked towards the bed with curiosity and surprise as Trevor smiled at them and asked them to take a seat in the auditorium. Other students came in that were not in his 101 class each glancing around and sharing knowing lustful looks that intrigued the passersby. Several had noticeable erections and there was some shifting and giggling as the girls noticed and pointed it out to other students.

Trevor with a pile of papers and some out of place people dressed professionally looking slightly uncomfortable said loudly “Please take your seats we have some documents to read, tests to take for participants, and I’d like to get started I’m horny and my cock is hard.”

He reached down to show the room his cock taking it out of his pants and letting his students get a good look. He was watching Kristy intently making eye contact. She shifted in her seat blushing while glancing back and forth at him, his cock, the students on the bed, and the boys with noticeable erections around her. Trevor glanced down at her tits and noticed the heaving breaths she took as she became aroused, scared, and he began to truly enjoy his seminar he wanted her breasts in his mouth but knew he must wait. She had to feel comfortable and accepting or she would get scared and walk out.

Trevor started the course in a brisk husky voice, “Welcome to my Introduction to Role Play Erotica Seminar.”

Several students hooted, whistled, and clapped in appreciation (the returning students). His 101 students looked around the room some looking curious, some fearful, a few embarrassed. None left the room.

Trevor continued, “I have prepared some legal documents to protect the participants today from malicious gossip, societal pressure associated with group sex, and to keep participation confidential. What happens in this classroom stays in this classroom or their will be punitive damages awarded by significant monetary compensation to everyone attending. I have a notary present making sure your signatures are documented and legally binding. Included are some seminar guidelines including free STD testing which is required for participation. I have medical release authorization forms for anyone needing to confirm their birth control methods. My seminars are safe, free from unwanted pregnancies, and confidential. What happens in 101 stays in 101.”

Again, clapping and hooting from the returning students. Eric was smiling from the front of the room and lifted his shirt then pulled it off over his head while staring at the twins. Deborah was scrambling to get up and out the door but her sister was whispering under her breath.

Some of the students heard her say, “I’m staying whether you do or not and I need you here, I want you here, please stay.” Teva was pleading desperately with her hand on Deborah’s arm.

Eric had seen Deborah stare at him lustfully a few times before and he headed up the stairs towards the girls after seeing Deborah scrambling to get away and her sister holding her back. Deborah noticed him and turned crimson.

Eric looked into her eyes and asked, “May I kiss you? I want you to stay.”

The athletic Italian designer shirt guy stood up and walked forward whispering, “You are so beautiful we all want you to stay.”

Deborah looked back and forth between the two. These guys were stallions, hot as hell, both ripped, and dressed well. She stepped into Eric’s arms and let him kiss her. The other student slipping behind her to brush his lips against the nape of her neck. When Eric was through Jack gently turned her head into his kiss.

Trevor amused by the scene unfolding and at how great Deborah’s tits looked in her clothes as these two young studs took turns convincing her to stay said, “ok if you’ve had sex and haven’t been tested where we can confirm please line up. We have a nurse here to escort people to the planned parenthood van which has signed a confidentially agreement with the school, well actually with me specifically, agreeing to keep our students safe and prevent unwanted pregnancies”.

The testing and legal signings took a few hours but Trevor knew this was a liability issue that could potentially ruin his life so he took every precaution. The trouble it took was well worth it for the uninhibited free play that kept his cock hard and his eyes rested on Kristy. He looked at her reading the confidentiality agreement and smiled as she lifted her pen, looking down at his cock then glancing at his face, blushed, and quickly signed. He was throbbing. Going last today was going to be painful. He wanted to take her now. He nodded at Edward and Nikki and they began seducing the class with their well rehearsed audience fuck fest.

Edward stopped kissing Nikki, pulled her across the bed gently, and then helped her off the bed. They both stood facing the class. She looked shyly from face to face turning red. She’d never imagined she would be standing in front of the room letting Edward undress her in front of a class. Oh God what if they got turned off because of her tummy roll. She shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably nervous.

Eric was gazing lustfully at them next to Deborah and Teva. He was smiling in anticipation. Resting a hand against Deborah’s leg he stroked her hair with his other hand leaning into her.

Nikki felt more confident as Edward nibbled on her neck and unclasped her bra. Her huge tits cascaded out from their constraints plump and firm. He massaged her nipple until it was as hard as an eraser from behind and began pulling her skirt down to the floor letting it fall stepping her out of it. She had on some sexy panties but he wanted her completely naked so he pulled these down slowly making eye contact with some of the other girls knowing they would be wet.

Unbuttoning his pants, he let them fall to the floor where he kicked them aside. His rock hard cock was touching Nikki, he had her leaned back against his body pulling his cock between her legs, and rubbing it against her clit. He put the head of his cock inside her feeling her wetness surround him before pulling out and rubbing her clit again and again plunging a little into her before pulling out and doing this again and again.

Nikki was half crazed wanting to be fucked so bad he could feel it building. He walked her back both facing the class towards the bed. Edward sat down first and guided Nikki onto his cock where he guided himself deeply inside her.

Nikki let out a noticeable groan, “Oh oh, oh God”. She looked around at all the eyes on her. All the expressive faces knowing Edward was buried in her pussy, she was completely naked facing an entire classroom full of people, and she had his cock buried as deep as it would go.

Edward was rocking into her while she rode him facing the class. She moved her hips and grind-ed on his cock as he wrapped his arms around her so he could get his hands on her nipples and massage and twist her tits while she rode him hard. Edward buried his face in her hair kissing the nape of her neck while he nibbled on her ear as she rode him.

Nikki was looking around at a college auditorium completely filled with students. She was fucking her boyfriend while facing them, her tits exposed. This was really happening. She was naked. The class wasn’t revolted they were turned on and looking at them lustfully. Her weight didn’t matter. The fact that Edward was being so willingly fucked by her in front of them excited them. She wanted to change her position and let Edward lead. So she got off his cock and lay on her side facing the class lifting her leg for Edward to slide into her from behind.

Edward grabbed her leg and held it up for a good angle and pounded into her from behind. He really wanted to fuck her in the ass but would save it. He nibbled on her ear feeling the heat and momentum build when she started quivering.

“Oh, oh I’m about to …….” She started to shake and groan huskily.

Edward slipped out of her, then poured some lubricant he had laying the bed onto his cock, and plunged into her ass while he finger fucked her. He guided her hands into her pussy with his so they could both manipulate her cunt as she got fucked in the ass. She wasn’t expecting this. She was stunned she rarely let him fuck her in the ass and he didn’t ask her now. She was so close and their fingers felt so good writhing together inside her cunt and rubbing against her clit with his cock in her ass filling her. The pure shock of it all brought her over the edge. He was fucking her in the ass in front of everyone.

The shock of it also turned him on so much he almost didn’t make it out of her ass but he wanted everyone to see him blow his load all over her.

“Oh fuck yah, your ass feels so hot Nikki I love having all these hot girls seeing me fuck you in the ass before I fuck some of them.”

He pulled his cock out with his hand guiding it towards her as the warm wet release hit her tits and covered both breasts facing her towards their audience. “I can’t wait to fuck another girl in front of this sexy bitch like she fucked her teacher in front of me.”

The students hooted, clapped, and cheered. Nikki was surprised. Edward was still jealous and wanting to fuck another girl in front of her. The idea of this turned her on and she gazed around wondering who the girl would be. She lay there naked contemplative looking at Kristy. Kristy was gazing at her and her body. Nikki wanted to walk up to her and lick her pussy knowing she would be wet and probably tasting innocent and sweet but didn’t know how she would feel or react she was jealous of the plans Trevor had for her.

Trevor stood up, “Thank you for starting us off with a bang, he looked pointedly towards Teva and Deborah, now who wants to see the twins get fucked?”

I watched Dean out the corner of my eye as I collected the secure waste from the bins. As the copier finished Dean collected the papers and put them in a vanilla envelope, putting the originals back in a folder.

I left the room, rushed downstairs and turned the shredder on. This was my last job of the day. Every evening I picked up the secure waste and shredded it. Just one of the many menial tasks I performed. I had a long day starting at eight in the morning and finishing around six in the evening. Delivering the internal post, making coffee, doing the sandwich trolley twice a day and shredding the waste, plus of course anything else that I was asked. Office Assistant they called it. I called it general dogs body. The money wasn’t that good but it was a job and not particularly hard. After my past I couldn’t really complain.

I finished the shredding and locked up. Signed out at security and waited outside for my lift to arrive. Dave turned up almost immediately. I got in the car and we waited. Not long after Dean came out, got into his car and drove off. We followed him discretely. We knew where he was going as we had done this several times before. Once a month in fact for the last 6 months.

As usual Dean met up with his twin brother Donald, as they were not identical it was fairly easy to tell the two apart. Dean pulled up alongside Donald’s car and handed the envelope through the window. Donald handed Dean an envelope in return, bulkier than Deans. That envelope we knew was filled with cash. They chatted for a couple of minutes and then with a final joke went their separate ways. Throughout the exchange I had been clicking away with my digital camera. I had reams of pictures of these transactions between the brothers all digitally dated.

Dave and I had been planning this for sometime. The four of us had all gone to the same school, even been in the same class. That’s where any similarity ended however as the twins had married well and been introduced to there jobs by there new in-laws. The twins had married twin sisters from a middle class very Catholic family. Church every Sunday and all that stuff which made Dave and I laugh as we knew that the boys had almost as bad a background as we had. Only difference was they didn’t get caught. Nothing serious, just boys being boys really but the girls involved were a world apart from the twins they had married.

Dean was well up in the business but was having to work his way up the ladder. He had given me a job out of sympathy more than any old friends loyalty. He turned Dave down flat when another vacancy turned up. This whole thing had started one evening as I was doing the security waste. I had seen Dean copying some papers. When I commented on the fact that the file was a security file he turned quite nasty.

“If you want to keep your job you will keep your nose out of other peoples business.”

I didn’t need telling twice, but after that I kept a close eye on him. That night I told Dave what I had seen “That’s strange, maybe we should keep an eye on him. Let me know if it happens again and we can find out what he does with the stuff.”

I kept an eye on him but nothing happened for weeks. Then I caught him again. This time I just ignored him. I called Dave and told him to be outside the office ready to give me a lift when I came out. I kept an eye on Dean from a distance. As everyone else had gone most of the office lights were out so I hid in one of the cubicles and watched hoping my breathing wasn’t as loud as it sounded to me.

Once he had finished Dean put the envelope into his briefcase and then locked the original in a filing cabinet. I knew he would go to his own office before leaving so as soon as he was out of site. I signed out at security and rushed down to the underground car park that served the office block. I hid behind a pillar until I saw him heading for his car and then I jumped over the wall. Running to the road I called Dave on my mobile and waited for him to turn up.

He took so long we almost missed Dean as he left but luckily he got caught at the traffic lights. That was six months ago and we had followed him every month since. Always on the same day of the month. Once the copier ran out of paper so while he went to get some from the stationary cupboard I took a quick look at what it was he was copying. It was the monthly financial report, all gobbledee gook to me but the heading was plain enough. ‘Financial Report. April 2006′ and below that in red was ‘Security Level 5 and Above Only.”

Now that Dave and I decided to act on the information we had we couldn’t make our minds up what to do with it. We could demand money, or even promotion for me and a job for Dave but it all seemed small to what they were doing. We knew they were selling the information to a rival company because that’s where Donald worked. It was decided after the twin weddings it would look bad if they both got jobs together because of the marriage so an old friend of ‘daddy’ gave Donald a job. The friend had subsequently died and his son was brought back from the USA to run the business. He of course knew nothing of the brothers so just treated Donald like any other employee.

Deans company was well known in the area for it’s fundraising for local charities. Every May they held a ball. All the local dignitaries were invited and the employees were allowed to buy tickets so they could mix with the hoy palloy, the local rich and famous. I got tickets for myself and Dave and it was at this event that we suddenly decided what we were going to do with our information.

Dean attended with his wife of course and as he walked in Dave and I stared goggle eyed. She was stunning, really gorgeous, great figure and about ten years younger than Dean, and us come to that. Long blond hair and legs that reached the sky. She mixed with the dignitaries like she knew them personally, which in a lot of cases she did.

Dave and I worked our way over to Dean and I said “Hi Dean going to introduce us to your wife.”

Well the look she gave us could have killed an elephant and before he could reply she said, “I don’t think so.” She took his elbow and lead him away. He didn’t even look back.

“Snotty bitch.” I said

“Fucking right.” Dave agreed “Mind you I wouldn’t say no to a night in bed with it would you?”

And that’s how it started. We made jokes about her all night, what she would be like, how we would make her beg for more and how she would just keep begging us to fuck her brains out. All the usual stuff guys say when they talk about a horny looking woman they know they will never get.

The following day while we discussed the night out we got back on the subject. I don’t know which one of us suggested it but before long we were making plans on how to get her knickers off. The first thing we had to sort out was how we were going to approach Dean. We had enough stuff to put him away for years and the effect it would have on the credibility of his in-laws would be devastating so in a way we had them both. But we needed to get them together somehow and not in a public place In the end it was just luck that gave us the opportunity that we needed.

Dave and I were out having our usual Friday night on the town when we were walking down the high street and who should come out of the posh restaurant across the road but Dean and his wife. The owner showing them to a limousine that was waiting for them.

“It was so nice to see you both again. We do look forward to your anniversary each year and thank you for your continued custom.” he said as he opened the door of the vehicle for Deans wife to get in. Dean crossed his palm as you would expect after posh nosh and then the car pulled away.

“Come on.” I said grabbing Dave’s arm. Not sure what I was up to he followed me back to our car. We knew where they lived so I headed in that direction. “If they are headed home this could be our opportunity.”

“Shit! I never even thought of it.” Dave said

Limo’s don’t go too fast up country lanes so we soon caught them up. While they went into the house and switched on some lights I grabbed some photos from the bag in the back of the car. We headed for the door set in this ancient stone building and I knocked as assertively as I could. A moment later Dean appeared.

He was not pleased to see us. “What do you want? Do you know what time it is?”

“Yes Dean we do but we have something to show you that we think is important.”

“Well if it’s work show me on Monday. I’m busy.” and with that he closed the door.

“Not quite as planned.” I said angrily and knocked again, this time louder and much harder.

The door flew open, “What!” I had taken out one of the eight by ten photo’s of Dean and his brother and just held it at eye level. As soon as he saw it he grabbed it and said “What the hell is this?”

“I think you know what it is. Maybe we should discuss it inside.” I said confidently. The blood had drained from his face and involuntarily he stepped aside. Dave and I brushed passed him and waited for him to shut the door. He was still staring at the photo.

“Just give me a minute. I will tell my wife I have some business to attend to.” Dean said and walked off. He didn’t realise we followed. As he stepped into the large lounge his wife turned around. “I just have something to sort out dear a I wont be long.

“That’s ok it concerns your wife as well.” I said and just walked over to her and held out my hand. “Hi I’m Mike.”

She looked bewildered and a little disgusted at the way I had just brushed passed Dean and introduced myself. “Err, Cathy.” she said barely able to bring herself to even touch my hand let alone shake it. Dave had followed me in but stayed by the door. I assume to stop Dean from leaving. I took in this beautiful woman with eyes that hid nothing of the lust I was now feeling. Dressed in a low cut cocktail dress that did little to hide her ample cleavage she squirmed under my gaze.

“I suggest you go and sit with your lovely wife.” Dave said. Still lost for something to say Dean complied. He was never the confident type at school, always following never the followed.

“So Deany boy. Been a bad boy eh.” I said

“I don’t know what you mean.” he replied without very much conviction.

“What is this? What are you talking about? Dean, send them away.” Cathy said.

“I don’t think so Cathy. You don’t mind if I call you Cathy do you?” I said and added before she could reply, “Good.”

“I don’t know what you think you have there but it’s not what you think.”

“What we have Deany boy is you selling secrets to a rival company. To your brother in fact.”

“Dean?” Cathy said still bemused

“No you fool what you have is part of a security test. Nothing more. An exercise to see how good our security is.”

“Well security sucks because you’ve been doing this for at least six months and probably a lot longer.”

“Wha….” Dean gasped, “You mean….?”

“Yes Deany boy, we have been keeping tabs on you and your brother for ages. We have hundreds of photos. Times and dates the whole lot. Even Donald giving you money.”

“Oh my god.” Dean looked shocked

“What is this? Dean, what is going on?” Cathy was totally confused.

“Your husband has been selling secrets to his brother. I am sure you know Donald works for a rival company. Dean has been selling him the monthly financial report for ages. I am sure your aware that he could go to prison for a very long time as well as face a lawsuit for any financial loss to the company. Not to mention the stigma it could attach to your family as well Cathy. All those hoy palloy finding out that your husband is a thief, an industrial spy.”

“Dean? Please say it isn’t true and throw them out.” Cathy said quietly “Please.”

When he didn’t reply she cried “Oh my god what have you done? Why?”

“It would seem that Deany boy here has got a gambling habit. He owes, some not very nice people, quite a lot of money.” I answered for him as he just sat with his head bowed.

“Dean!” Cathy shouted, “Tell me it isn’t true. Say something for Gods sake”

Her raised voice shook him from his daze. “I’m afraid what he says is true Cathy. Donald and I had the idea so that I could get the money and he could curry favour with his new boss. It has been going on for over a year. But I don’t owe any money, I managed to pay it off.”

I turned to Dave who till now had said nothing, just stood next to me. “Get that Dave?”

Dave pulled his phone to his ear and after a couple of clicks the last bit of conversation reverberated round the room. With a smile he said, “Wonderful things mobile phones, and it’s on video by the way.”

Cathy started to sob. Mumbling “Stupid stupid man.” over and over.

Dean took a deep breath. “How much do you want?”

“Oh we don’t want money, we could have got that months ago. No we want something else, something special.” I said

“Whatever it is Dean you give it to them. This will break daddies heart and poor mummy.” another sob left her mouth.

“Pull yourself together Cathy don’t let these morons get to you. Remember who you are.” Dean said. It must have hit a note as she took a deep breath and seemed to pull herself together. “Now! What is it you want?” Dean asked.

In unison Dave and I looked at Cathy. “Well it may go someway to keeping us happy if Cathy was to take that dress off.” I said

Cathy was stunned, her mouth dropped open and her hands automatically lifted to her chin. Her arms covering the ample cleavage she was showing in her posh frock. “No! Never. You go to hell” she said, shocked.

“You can’t….” Dean started, “Can she leave the room while we discuss this. I need to say something….personal.”

“No!” I replied, “But we can move over there if you like.” I nodded across the large room.

Dean got up and Dave and I followed him. The distance allowed us to lower our voices and not be overheard. “You can’t do this. She’s innocent. She had no part in this. She was educated in a convent for Christ’s sake. She knows nothing of men apart from me and believe me you wouldn’t want our sex life. Why do you think I gamble?”

“Maybe we should let her decide?” Dave said

“What do you want from her. Is it just to ogle at her you perverts.” Dean said realising he had raised his voice.

I put my face into his. “No. She can start by getting her kit off. I don’t know about Dave but I fancy a nice slow blow job. The last time we met she used that mouth to sneer at us. Now we will see who is in charge.”

“She wont do it.” Dean said stubbornly.

“What? Never given you a blow job Deano?” Dave asked.

“It’s not that….

“So she has then.” I interjected.

“She’s not very good at it and only does it to please me. I told you she was educated in a convent. She knows nothing about sex. We only do it once a week to keep me quiet. Her marital duty as she puts it.”

“Well if it’s a choice between you going to prison along with the ensuing social castration. Or doing what we ask she should have the choice at least.” I said. Then I headed back across the room .All this time she had been staring at us, agitated. Now she shrank into the settee.

As we approached Dean whispered, “At east let me be the one to tell her what you want.”

“That’s ok with me.” Dave said

“Ok Cathy. This is the situation.” I said, “We have enough information on Dean to send him to prison for a very long time. Not only that but the social stigma attached, not only to the crime but him being in prison, will be with you for the rest of your life. You and your family, including of course your sister. As it was Deans brother Donald who received the goods will also go to prison. Do you understand the situation you are in?”

I had to give her credit. She took a deep breath and visibly pulled herself together. Sitting upright she said, “I understand. What do you want from us?”

“I will let Dean tell you that and you can make your own mind up”

Dave and I went across the room so they could be ‘alone’. Her face reddened and I could see her shaking her head. After a few minutes serious discussion, in which it seemed Dean was the most agitated they looked over and beckoned us.

Dean sat silently. “I will do as you ask.” Cathy said. “But Dean has told you that I….am not….”

“Not much good at sucking cock. Yeah he said.” I interrupted, “But are you willing to do it, and are you willing to be guided by us so that we can enjoy it more.”

She hesitated and looked up at Dean. “I don’t have much choice do I if that’s what it takes to get Dean out of this predicament then I will do it.”

“It will certainly go some way to ease your position.” I said

“What do you mean? Some way?” Dean asked

“Well a quick blow job isn’t going to make up for 30 years in prison let alone the rest of it.” Dave said

“Dean!” Cathy said, “Please leave us.”

“No! I think he should stay. We don’t want him calling the police while he is out of the room do we?”

“You don’t expect me to stand here and watch as you do….whatever to my wife do you?” he said angrily.

“Dean be quiet,” Cathy said again, “If you hadn’t been stupid enough to get us in this mess these men wouldn’t even be here.”

With that she stood up and lifted the halter neck over her head, she took a deep breath and with her eyes closed she dropped the posh frock to the floor. I could see she was shaking. Her bra was not what you would term a turn on, although half cup it was made of thick material

“Now the bra.” I said. She did well, reaching back and unclipping it, letting it drop to the floor. Those tits hardly moved, a slight drop but no more. They stood out in front of her proudly. She stood for a second and then her upbringing clicked in and her arms came up, pushing those wonderful mammeries together in an attempt to cover her embarrassment. I walked up to her and lightly touched her arms. “Put your arms down, your hiding nothing.” I said gently

Pulling herself to her full height, which was about five foot seven, she let her arms drop to her side. Staring straight ahead. As I ran a hand over her arms and then across her shoulders she closed her eyes. Screwing up her face as I moved down to her breasts, a shudder as I brushed her nipple. Dave had joined me by now and we took a tit each, playing with it gently, running a hand down her back to the waist band of her not so sexy briefs. I lowered my mouth to her nipple and felt her tense as my tongue brushed it, then tense again with a sharp intake of breath as I took it into my mouth. Dave never was very imaginative or inventive and just followed what I did, when I did it.

Cathy was shaking like a leaf and I could see tears in her eyes as she stared ahead, her eyes flickering. “Now I need you to go to your knees” I said. She complied without a word. I guided her through undoing my zip and lowering my jeans and boxers and told her to do the same to Dave. I told her to take each cock into her hands and talked her through how to manipulate them to the best advantage, using her thumb to increase pressure to the bell end as and when needed. Then I told her to focus on Dave and to use her spare hand on his balls. All this I did with a degree of tenderness in my voice and she didn’t put up any objection, though she did try to turn her head to one side.

“Now I need you to open your mouth and put his cock in.” She hesitated but slowly her mouth opened and moving forward she took him past her lips but no further. “That’s it. Now slowly close your mouth and then move your lips from the top down to the bottom, all the time playing with his balls, and then back again.”

She did as I told her and nearly choked as Dave’s cock hit her throat. She took a minute to gather herself and then continued. Slowly I talked her through the refineries of cock sucking and I could tell by Dave’s face that her technique was improving. All the while I played with her tits and ran my hand up and down her back down to her bum. I motioned for Dave to move back a little so that Cathy would have to lean forward, raising her bottom off her knees. This allowed me to run my hand over her bottom and between her bum cheeks to her inner thighs, I deliberately avoided her pussy at this time. As I brushed her inner thighs she gave a sharp intake of breath. She went to pull away but Dave held her head to his cock and I had a hand on her back, holding her still. Dean went to get up but I glared at him leaving him in no doubt that he only had one chance

As I ran my finger over her bum crack she again took a sudden intake of breath, but no comment. I ran my hand up her legs and when I reached her knees I applied enough pressure so that Cathy lifted her weight and spread her legs slightly allowing me to slide my hand smoothly over the thin material covering her pussy. Now I had access to both her tits and her love hole and I made the most of that opportunity. While remaining soft in my touch I explored a little deeper with each move until the material had slipped first into her pussy and then slightly to one side, then all the way over. They were not dry, a slight wet patch showing which told me she was enjoying this more than she appeared to be. Or in fact more than she should be if Deans assessment was right

“Sit on the settee Dave, right on the edge so Cathy can bend over you.” He did as I asked and while Cathy was standing I lowered her panties to the floor. She stepped out of them as she went back to her knees. I pulled her up so she remained on her knees with her legs spread but reaching forward. Now I had the access I wanted. As she got back to work on Dave I went back to my ministrations on her pussy. She gave a slight moan as I slipped a finger into her wet hole. Still no objection so I used my hands to full effect, again playing with her nipples and running a hand over her bottom, sliding it under and into her pussy, which by now was sopping wet. I slid a finger in and she almost bit into Dave’s cock but he was so far gone he must have thought she was just taking a firmer grip. By the time I had slipped two fingers in, her body was shaking slightly and her pussy was pulsing on the inserted fingers.

I wasted no more time, I ripped my clothes off and slowly tapped my cock at the entry to her hole. She threw herself to one side sitting on the floor, “No! No I cant….not that. I just cant, please not yet.”

“Fuck off bitch if I wanna fuck you I’m gonna fuck you. If not then the old mans going to fucking prison bitch.” Dave said moving to grab her.

“Shut up Dave.” He hadn’t noted what she said. The ‘not yet’ part of her statement had clearly caught my ears and it said that she expected it to happen sooner or later.

Dean jumped up “You cant do that, you said a blow job not a fu…” he stopped remembering his wife was present, “Not sex, you said a blow job.”

“You’re a bloody fool Dean.” Cathy said, “You honestly believe that they were going to make me do….suck, and then go away and forget everything. Well, did you?”

He didn’t reply, just lowered his head again.

“So what are you saying Cathy?” I asked gently

“I maybe naïve, but I am not as stupid as my husband. It was obvious this was just a start. But….I cant, not yet. Not like this.”

“But how do we know if we settle for the blow job today you will be as compliant tomorrow. Or how long did you expect us to wait?” I asked.

“I know you wont wait. I also know your information against that fool will still be here tomorrow, or next week or next year and that you will make the most use of it that you can.” She said stubbornly.

“So what would you suggest and what do you offer.”

“I will do whatever you want, if you will give me time to adjust to this situation. I cannot say that I will be any good at it, but I have no doubt you will want me to do things that disgust me. You cannot expect me to just do them willy nilly. I need time to prepare myself, to adjust.”

“Cathy you cant. You have no idea what they will get you to do.” Dean said.

“I know they will send you to prison, and that would serve you right. The attached effects of that on my family are the only reason I am naked, in my own living room, bargaining with two men with my body on my wedding anniversary. So this really has nothing to do with you.”

“So if I understand you Cathy. It’s not what we want you to do that you need to adjust to. But the fact that your in this situation at all. Once you have adjusted then you will comply with all of our wishes. Is that correct?”

“Yes. I will do this for you now, but the rest I cannot do, my….body, wont do it. Not just like that. I would have to deny my beliefs, albeit temporarily to do as you ask and that cannot be done in an instant. I am sure you understand that you are asking me to go against everything I have ever been taught.”

“Yes I understand. Shall we continue then?”

Dave and I moved in front of her and she slowly got to her knees and started playing with our cocks. Once hard she took first me then Dave in to her mouth. She was a quick learner and was having the desired effect. I stepped to one side and continued playing with her tits. I let my hand move down to her pussy and while she did jerk, she did not pull away. It wasn’t long before Dave shot his load with a look of triumph on his face as she tried to pull away, his hand on her head preventing such a move and his come hit the back of her throat. She did pull away now and spat some of his juice out onto the carpet. Before she could throw up I lifted her head to my own rigid cock and slipped it in to her mouth. After a second to recover she again went into motion.

I don’t know if it was because I treated her with some degree of respect or what but she seemed to work harder on me even coming up with some moves that I hadn’t mentioned. If I moaned she did it again, and I moaned a lot. I deliberately moaned louder as my orgasm rose. I put my hand to her head and said, “I’m coming, any second.”

Her eyes looked up at me but she made no move to pull away. As my come hit her throat she gagged slightly but didn’t stop until I stepped back. She sat on her knees for a moment, gasping for air, gagging and almost throwing up, but she managed to keep it all in and slowly recovered.

“Get her a drink Dean.” I said. “For a novice you suck cock very well.” She raised her head and looked at me but showed no emotion, just a slight twist to the corner of her mouth. Dean handed her the drink and she emptied the glass, giving it back to Dean obviously wanting more.

Dave and I had been getting dressed as she drank, “I take it when we return tomorrow you will be….adjusted?” I said

She nodded and curled up in a ball sitting on the floor. Dave and I left them to sort themselves out.

As we got outside Dave was on a real high, “Fuck me she fuckin loved it. We can have them titties anytime we want em and he ain’t gonna be able to do a thing about it. We should of fucked her as well then she would really know what a man is. Why the fuck did you stop at the bj?”

“Sometimes Dave you’re a bloody fool. Try thinking with your head and not your balls. When we go back tomorrow we will be able to do anything we want. In time she will become an incredible fuck. If we had gone further tonight she would probably have just lay there in the future. It would have been like shagging dead meat. Now, she will take part and if we handle it well she will come to enjoy it a bit more than I think even she suspects.”

“She fucking better. If she backs out tomorrow you will be to blame and I will be well pissed off.”

When Dave dropped me off I said “I want to be there about ten am. Early enough for them to be up but not to have gone out so pick me up at nine.” I spent the next couple of hours thinking of what we had done. I had to admit she was a real turn on, and them tits were to die for. I was almost certain that she would keep her word. How long it would take for us to get her fucking like a whore I didn’t know but I wondered if what they said about convent girls was true.

Dave picked me up as arranged and we made our way over to Deans. I knocked on the door and when Dean saw it was us he tried to slam the door closed. I barged against it and said, “If you ever try that again I will hand you over to the police and while your in prison I will use your wife like a whore Do you understand?” when he didn’t answer I repeated, loudly “Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes I understand.” he said defeated

“Where’s Cathy?”

“Still asleep, she was crying pretty much all night. Even when she was asleep she was whimpering. I was just going to take her breakfast up.”

“Make some coffee. I will take her breakfast.” he was about to say something but the look I gave him stopped him cold.

I grabbed the tray of food and went upstairs. After two wrong rooms I found her laying in bed sound asleep. I placed her breakfast on the drawer unit and after looking at her laying there in a far from sexy nightdress I touched her shoulder. “Cathy. Cathy. I have got breakfast for you.”

To begin with she wasn’t sure who it was but as recognition fell in she almost screamed, pulling the bedclothes up to her chin and squeezing herself so far up the bed she was squashing herself against the wall.

“Calm down. I have breakfast for you. All I want to do is talk. Come on settle down and let me put it on your lap.”

The euro breakfast was set out on a knee tray so once she had put her legs down I set it in place. I sat on a chair in the corner of the room, well away from her and allowed her to eat in peace. Once she had eaten and had started to sip her coffee I said, “Would you prefer to talk up here or downstairs with Dean listening.”

“Up here I think.” she mumbled. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I think you know. You did very well for a religiously educated woman. Was it a boarding school by any chance?” I asked.

“I don’t see that it matters. It has nothing to do with this does it.”

“Considering it was your first time cock sucking you did very well, not perfect but well.”

“I would like to get dressed please. I will be down momentarily.” she said dismissing me.

“Let me say this first, so you have something to think about as you dress. And so you have some idea of what you agreed to last night.” I said. “I will be the one to say when you get dressed and when you get undressed. If I say suck cock then you will suck cock if I say fuck you will fuck. Think of that as you dress and when you come down we can discuss it further”

Her pleading of the previous night must have come flooding back as she fell back again to the wall and said, “Yes I will. I am under no illusions as to your wants. I haven’t had time to think of anything else really have I?”

“I suppose not. But I thought you should know, as opposed to think what I may want.”

“Yes I understand.”

“I will be downstairs, don’t be long, and don’t get too heavily dressed either a thin dress will do fine.”

I went downstairs and Dean and Dave were sitting on the sofas opposite each other in silence. I walked into the kitchen and helped myself to a coffee. Five silent minutes later Cathy slipped into the room wearing a button down dress, cut low but not low enough to show too much tit. But it had buttons all the way up the front. I could see her battle dress underneath, thick knickers and bra.

She sat next to Dean who tried to slip his arm around her. She pushed him away which made him angry. “You didn’t do much of that last night did you.” He said viciously

“Dean shut up. If it wasn’t for you none of last night would have happened. You are to blame for last night and for anything that may happen from here on. You. No one else.” Cathy said just as vicious

Dean looked at me, “What does she mean? Surely you can’t continue with this. She did as you asked. You said it would pay the debt.” He didn’t say it with very much conviction

“No Dean what I said was if you let us have her it would go someway towards repaying us for our silence. But you don’t honestly think that one quick blow job is going to go anywhere near paying what you owe us do you?”

“No! I wont have it. Your not doing it again. I wont let you.” Dean said springing out of his seat.

I pushed him back and Dave held him down till he had calmed. I smiled at Dean and said “What makes you think the choice is yours? Cathy and I made an agreement last night. I think we should discuss it. Don’t you Cathy? Have you thought about what I said upstairs?”

Cathy looked at Dean, anger written all over her face. “Dean stay out of this. I told you last night it is no longer any of your concern.” She turned her attention to me. “Yes I have thought of what you said, and if that is what you want then I will agree but I have some provisos.”

“Fuck off bitch your gonna fuck like it or not.” Dave said.

“Dave shut up and listen.” I interrupted . “Cathy please continue.”

“I don’t ask much. I will comply with all your wishes as best I can and hope you will both have a degree of patients. You have to understand my background will fight it all the way but I will comply. However I, how shall we put it, want Sundays off. I always meet my parents on Sundays and go to church. I need to know that this will continue and that I will be able to go to confession. I must be able to confess, I must.” she started to whimper slightly

“I agree Cathy. I would not put you through the personal torture that you would be open to if I denied you that right. Now as to the rest I take it I have your total support?”

She sat erect. Took a deep breath and said. “You have my total and complete submission.”

“Cathy I ….I am so sorry.” Dean whispered

“Don’t be. You will suffer as much as I will believe me. I have no doubt that these two will be only too glad to make you watch my humiliation and usage whenever they can. It will serve you right. I do have one other request though. He must suffer every bit as much as I do. I don’t care what you do or how you do it he must suffer for what he has done to me.”

“Agreed” I said, amazed at the anger she was so openly showing her husband. If I had to make a judgement I would say that she hated him right now.

She stood up and slowly undid the buttons on her dress, dropping it to the floor. Then her bra came off and then, very slowly her knickers. She was naked, gorgeously naked and she was firm from head to foot. One of the rooms I had entered earlier was a gym and I had no doubt she used it regularly.

“I think Cathy wants to suck my cock.” I said standing up. Dave moved next to me.

She looked at me, a smile on her face but a kind of hate in her eyes. She moved over to where I was standing and got to her knees. She did all the things I showed her last night, and yes, she was getting much better at it. Dean muttered something but nobody took any notice. He must have realised that his wife was not being forced to suck this hard cock. She did it all by herself. As I shot my load into her mouth I again held her head, pulling her close and I felt my bell end go down her throat. She gagged once but seemed to get used to it and then she just kept sucking and sliding me further and further down her throat till I was cleaned out.

As I pulled my cock out of her mouth I said, “I think Dave is in need of your services my dear.”

She didn’t even blink. She looked at him and as he undid his belt she went over to him and worked on him as well as she had me. “You see Dean. Your pretty wife knows what will happen if you don’t behave. She loves you enough to do whatever and whoever I say, whenever I say.”

Dave was not as patient as me. He started ramming into her throat long before he had come, but even this she handled well, though gagging quite badly at one point till I made eye contact with Dave. Who slowed down a little so she could settle her self. All this time I had been playing with her tits and again slipping my fingers into her pussy. She was wet and in any other woman I would have said eager for a fucking but that didn’t really apply here as Cathy wouldn’t know what it meant.

I pushed Dave back a little while holding my hand under her pussy. As she followed Dave she bent over. I moved behind her and rubbed my cock against the doors of heaven, ready for entry.

She tensed and stopped sucking Dave’s cock, though she did not take it out of her mouth and continued to work it with her hand. Slowly I pushed into her, as her hole tightened, I stopped and pulled out slightly. She was breathing heavily now and gone back to sucking cock. Each time I pushed my hardness in, it went a little further, and while I am not that big I got the feeling it was more than she was used to. Once all the way in I set up a rhythm, I fucked her slowly to begin with, allowing her to suck Dave in and out at the same speed. As my passion rose I got faster, as I got faster her breathing got heavier and so did Dave’s.

Suddenly Dave said “Change places, before she sucks me dry.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth so quickly that Cathy almost fell forward, it was only me pulling her hips, therefore her, on to me that held her up. The sudden thrust of my cock deep into her made her moan loudly, then she put her hands on the seat in front of her and I pulled out and sat in front of her. Once we restarted I soon found out why Dave had been so close. For a woman who had only just started to suck cock she had picked it up pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm rising. I knew Dave was close by the grunts he gave out but I wasn’t sure what was happening to Cathy. She was moaning as loudly as my cock allowed her to and moving all by herself now. Pushing back Dave as I thrust into her mouth.

Dave was really pumping now and let out a loud sigh as he shot his spunk into this gorgeous woman, my load followed almost straight away and I held Cathy’s head so that she would take it all, pumping well after I had shot all my juice into her mouth. Cathy was shaking violently and when I released her she tumbled to the floor rolled in a ball shaking and moaning loudly tears running down her face.

Dean rushed over to her, “You bastards, what have you done to her?” and then to Cathy, “It’s over now my love, it’s all over.” he pulled her to him and put his arms around her shoulders.

Violently she pushed him away, “Why did you let them do that to me? Why? Why them?” she was still shaking and her hands went between her legs as she lay back down on the floor.

I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what was happening here. I pushed Dean toward the settee, “Stay there or else.” As Cathy was laying on a deep pile rug I put my arm under her head and pulled her towards me, pointing for Dave to go the other side. Again he followed my moves as I started on her nipples and then ran my hand over her belly to her quim. She opened her legs and as my lips touched hers she responded, after a second of kissing, her arm came up and around my neck and pulled me to her passionately. I pulled away and Dave took over with her lips while I moved on over her breasts and then her belly. I kept going till I was between her legs and then slowly, very slowly I kissed her inner thighs. Closer and closer I moved until I was kissing her pussy lips and then her pussy and then slipping my tongue inside. Then I hit her clit a sudden jerk upward, she pulled Dave tighter to her mouth and I knew I was right. Our little Cathy was in the throws of a prolonged orgasm. I immediately got to work with my tongue and it took only seconds for her to start thrashing about like a whirlwind. So hard was she thrusting about she nearly knocked my teeth out. I know she bit Dave’s lip but he couldn’t get away as she held him so tight. Then suddenly she let him go, her arms went wide and she screamed, “Noooooo, you cant, you cant do this nooooo not you not you.” and then pushing me away with her legs she curled up again. Her hands working between her legs like pistons until she came to a juddering stop. Exhausted, she just lay there. Eyes open and glazed with her hands stuck between her legs.

I sat on the settee and said, “Get us a drink, make hers a double.”

“What have you done to her?”

I laughed, “At a guess I would say she has just had her first orgasm. With a man at any rate. Now get the drinks.”

Dean looked shocked, but did as he was told. First he tried to pull Cathy to a sitting position but she just pushed him away, seemingly preferring me to do it. I dripped whisky into her mouth and slowly she came around. She sat with her back to the settee and her knees to her chest. Slowly tears started running down her face. Not crying as such, there was no sobbing just the tears.

“Please Cathy tell me what to do.” Dean pleaded

“I suggest you run her a bath. Then while she soaks you can order a limo and book a Table for six at a restaurant. Make it the Elmore Hotel. We will be back around seven this evening. Book the table for eight.”

“Why six, who will be there. More of your cronies to use my wife.” Dean said bitterly.

“I wont tell you again Dean. One more remark like that or even in that vein and I will go straight to the police is that understood?” I said into his face.

“Yes, sorry.” he whimpered. “I will run Cathy a bath as you suggest.”

Dave and I left and as we went to the car he said, “Why did we leave we just got her fucking.”

“Because now we are going for her sister. Think about it Dave tonight you could have twins sucking your cock.” I laughed

“Oh fuck me man your wicked. Wow.”

Dave drove us to Donald’s house. As he didn’t know us I just said, “We have just come from your brothers house as we had something to show him. He suggested that we show it to you as well. Would it be possible to come in for a moment?”

“Er yeah ok if Dean sent you.” Donald said.

He lead us into the lounge. The whole house was smaller than Deans and not half as up market. He pointed me to a seat and as we settled I pulled the photo out of my pocket and handed it to him. To begin with he didn’t seem to know what it was. Then recognition replaced confusion.

“What is this.?” Donald asked.

“That is a picture of you handing money over to Dean for the company financial report. One of many that we have taken over the last few months.”

“What does Dean say about it?”

Dave played the message of Dean admitting everything.

“Hi Babe…Oh sorry I didn’t know you were busy. I’ll come back later.”

“No please.” I said holding out my hand. “Clair isn’t it? Please take a seat as this involves you as well as Donald.”

Clair was totally different to Cathy. She oozed confidence and sensuality. She still had a great figure even though she was a few pounds overweight A little confused she sat next to Donald. “What is it Donald?” she said noticing his concerned look.

“I’m not too sure yet.” he said to her and then gazing at me, “Maybe you should tell her.”

So once again I explained the situation that Donald and Dean had got themselves into. What the consequences could be and the damage to the family name.

“So let me get this straight Donald. You and Dean have been spying for your company against daddies company. Is that right?”

“Well it isn’t ‘daddies’ company is it he is just a share holder.”

“A major share holder. With money to lose if the company goes’ broke. Or gets taken over.” She shrieked. “And that would kill him. He would die of shame being broke let alone having you in prison and all his friends ignoring him. How could you be so stupid.”

“I was fed up of being second best. Dean always gets it easy. This time I was going to get up the ladder, and at his expense. I didn’t mean any harm by it. It was for us.” He said confidently.

“No it wasn’t Donald.” she said. “It was for you”

“Never mind all that. now” He said and turning to me, “What do you want. How much is this going to cost me?”

“Money. Well let me see.” I said sarcastically, “Thirty years in jail. Millions of pounds of value lost in the share price. Heaven knows how much compensation you would have to pay. Mummy and Daddy devastated and spurned by society for the rest of their lives. What price would you put on that Donald?”

“Well if it isn’t money, what do you want? Clair asked. Dave and I looked at her openly leering. Making no pretence as to what we wanted. “You have to be joking.” She said, obviously horrified

Donald said “What? What do they want” He had obviously missed the looks we gave Clair.

“Me you bloody idiot. They want me.” She snarled “They can creep in a corner and die. No way am I doing anything with you two.”

“That’s a shame Clair. I know how devastated your parents will be. Can I use your phone to call the police.” I said quite calmly.

“No wait a minute.” Donald said jumping up, “Let me talk to Clair alone for a moment.”

“Of course we will wait outside, but the door will be open so don’t use the phone.” I said calmly

Dave and I left the room but left the door open so that we could watch the two of them discussing their predicament.

At one point the conversation got a bit agitated and loud. “I cant do it. I wont do it.” She said

“But you don’t even know what they want.”

“I don’t care”

“Then I will go to prison.”

“No. There must be another way around this.”

“Then tell me what it is and I will do it.” Donald was shouting now. He realised we could hear and calmed down.

After a while they beckoned us back. As we sat down Donald said, “What do you want her to do.”

“I would rather discuss that with Clair as it is down to her to keep you out of prison.” I said.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.” she said angrily

“Well an hour in bed would be a good start. A bit of cock sucking and a fuck would go down very nicely right now.” I said calmly

She went bright red. Donald was so angry he jumped off the settee, his fist raised. “Sit down you idiot.” Clair said sternly. “That won’t help at all will it and anyway this is for me to decide.”

“Both of you in bed with me. One hour to do as you want. And that’s it.” she said plainly

“That will do for a start.” I said

“What do you mean for a start. It’s that or nothing.” she said

“Ok!” I said getting up. “No doubt I will see you in court. It has been a pleasure to meet you.” I turned to the door and Dave, as ever, followed. As we reached the front door I thought we had blown it.

“Wait!” footsteps hurried into the hallway. “Wait. Please. One minute.” Clair said.

I nodded and she went back into the lounge A moment later she appeared, looked at us and disappeared up the stairs. I followed, Dave close behind. She took us into a bedroom which was obviously hers and stood next to the bed, waiting.

“Strip.” I said. Slowly she stripped off her clothing, revealing tits every bit as good as her sisters and when the bra dropped every bit as firm. The bra was much more feminine, as was the thong that appeared under her jeans. Once naked she stood, sort of hiding her tits with her elbows but not really trying very hard.

“Please.” she said, “I have only ever been with Donald. I am not a prude but am not sure what you expect of me. Be patient and please don’t hurt me.”

I nudged Dave and then said, “Before we do anything Clair I need to know that you are going to do this of your own free will and I need to hear you say exactly that. Ok? Just so there are no misunderstandings”

She stood there naked. “Yes I am doing this of my own free will. You and you friend can have sex with me.” She was shaking as she said it.

“And what can we do Clair, anything, everything or what.” I urged

“Yes anything, everything whatever.”

“So whenever we see you we can do whatever we want with you and it is because you want us to. Is that correct?”

“Yes can we please get on with it.”

It was more a plea than a statement. I walked up to her and ran my hands over her body. She made no move to get away, or sign that she was enjoying it. She just stood with her eyes closed while Dave and I first played with and then sucked on her nipples. My hand ran over her belly to her bush and still she didn’t try to get away. I signalled for Dave to strip, which he did and then I led her hand to his erection. She handled it delicately at first but then like she had done it before. When I applied pressure to her shoulder she went down to her knees. She opened her eyes slightly, looked up at me and then slowly slipped Dave’s cock into her mouth. She had certainly done this before. I stripped my clothes off and placed her hand on my cock. She moved from Dave to me, taking me in her mouth and then back to Dave.

After a while and as Dave’s breathing got more rapid I lifted her onto the bed. Dave lay waiting for her to mount him but I positioned her in a sixty nine and then lowered her head to his cock. Dave started on her pussy which again it seemed she had done before. I worked on her nipples again, pinching them a little as well as squeezing her tit’s a little harder than I had before. My other hand roaming over her back and down her buttocks, slipping between the cheeks and sliding into her pussy as Dave licked at it. I don’t know if it was Dave’s spit or her own juices that I wet my fingers on but I had a feeling it was a good mixture of each.

As I slid my fingers to her pussy I brushed the crack of her bum hole and the wetter my fingers got the more I penetrated till my finger was well in, as I slipped another finger in she moaned slightly. Now with two fingers in her bum hole and a tongue working at her pussy she started to move, rocking slightly in time to my fingers in her butt hole. I had heard that in some religions it was accepted to butt fuck a woman so that she wouldn’t get pregnant and wondered if this was something that she did with Donald. I decided there was only one way to find out.

I positioned myself behind her and rubbed my hard cock against her pussy, running it up to her bum hole. I did this a few times until I could see the glistening juices spread from cunt to arse, then I slowly at first slid my cock into her bum hole. She stopped sucking, whimpered, but didn’t pull away. I pulled back a little and then slowly back in. I did this a few times until I was all the way in and then still whimpering she carried on sucking Dave’s cock.

To my surprise after I had got into a rhythm she started pushing back on me and the whimpering changed to moans. Moans of pleasure. I pulled her back to me and rolled on my back, pulling her off Dave who jumped up to complain. As soon as he saw my finger to my lip he knew what I was doing. Clair was rocking on my erection in her arse, her legs were wide open and Dave made the most of the opportunity. He got on his knees and Clair rocked forward she rocked herself onto his cock. She gave out an audible gasp but didn’t stop rocking. In fact she started rocking further and a little faster. She didn’t need to be held, she was doing the work, moaning and groaning as she did so. After a while she speeded up, whispering to herself, the faster she went the louder she whispered until it was plain what she was saying. With every rotation she whispered, “God forgive me. God forgive me.” over and over. When her orgasm hit her she was shouting it, frantically fucking us both to orgasm and beyond.

As Dave and I pulled out of her it seemed to send her into an even stronger spasm of pleasure. It seemed ages before she burst into tears and curled up in a ball, something she did have in common with her sister. Unlike the sex which was far more advanced than anything I believed her sister had been capable of until now.

As she calmed down I said, “Well that was interesting.”

“Fuck off you bastard.”

“That as well. So does he know you like your arse fucked, let alone a double fucking.”

“No!” she gasped, “And neither did I. I don’t, hell I’ve never done it before not up my….bottom. And never with two men. I told you I have only ever been with Donald. I don’t know what happened ok. It just did.”

“You telling me that Donald doesn’t know you’re a hot sexy cock lover?” Dave said.

“I’m not, you cant tell him what happened here. Please you mustn’t tell him he will hate me. I really don’t know what happened. I don’t understand it.”

“Well it’s not my place to tell him how great a fuck you are, or can be. If he doesn’t know after five years then tough. You do suck his cock though right?”

“We have a varied sex life. But nothing like…. That.”

“You dress differently to your sister as well. Nice sexy undies I noticed, even though you both have great tits and a great body.”

“What has this to do with Cathy?”

“Well you didn’t think that only Donald was going to suffer did you.”

“No not Cathy. She must be horrified. She wont be able to cope with anything like this.”

“Well she did. Last night and this morning. We came straight from fucking her to fucking you.”

“I have to call her. She will be in bits I know her. She will fall apart.”

“Well I need you to get in touch with her anyway. You need to do something about her dress sense. I like sexy undies, the sexier the better. Sometimes none at all. So you can take her shopping this afternoon for some clothes ready for tonight. We are all going out for dinner. Get dressed we had better go and see Donald. In fact don’t get dressed just come as you are. Then he will know this is for real.”

She didn’t protest like I expected her to, in fact she lead the way. As we entered the lounge Donald was pacing the floor. “What was all that shouting. You better not have hurt her you bastards.”

“Shut up Donald.” I am not hurt. They did what they wanted. And they did it to Cathy last night and this morning. So it is not only me you have disgraced but my sister and your brother.”

“Cover yourself Clair. Don’t let them gawk at you.” Donald said trying to change the subject

“Donald there is probably no part of me that they haven’t seen already so shut up and if you don’t like it go away. Oh and we are out to dinner tonight it seems with your two new friends my sister and your stupid brother.”

Once dressed I said, “We will collect you about seven fifteen. Be ready, and Clair, sort your sister out. If she is wearing those battle pants tonight I will rip them off and she can go out bare arsed.” With that I turned and Dave and I left the house.

“I cant believe what we just did. A double fucking penetration and she took it. What’s even better she fucking loved it.” Dave said.

We talked all the way to my place about what had happened and what we wanted to happen. Then he dropped me off and I chilled out for the rest of the day. Constantly thinking of double fucking her again, and her sister.”

Dave picked me up at six thirty and I had to say he had done a job on himself. Hair cut shaved and even suited and booted. I actually felt a bit shabby next to him as it was all new clothes and I was wearing old stuff. Tidy and smart but old. “Where did you get that lot?” I asked.

“Well I thought about what you said and you were right. We can do really well out of this so I reckon it was worth investing some dosh. Cost a bloody packet mind but not bad eh.”

“No you look totally different, I hope you polished your manners while your at it.” I laughed. We arrived just before seven and the door was open before we reached it. Dean showed us in and said, “Cathy will be down in a moment. Why did you have to do that to Donald.”

“Because I could. Don’t ever question me again Dean, or you will regret it.”

A moment later Cathy came downstairs. She looked absolutely stunning. Dressed in what, for her, was a very short dress with a really plunging neckline, her hair swept to one side and an air about her that oozed confidence in the fact that she knew she looked good. “You look stunning.” I said. “My compliments.”

“Thank my sister. She gave me your message and we went shopping.” she said taking the arm I and Dave had offered, “I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even if I was, and am embarrassed at how I look.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about you look stunningly classy.” Dave said. I think Cathy was as shocked as I was. “Ok so I can be a gentleman at times, but you do look fucking great.”

Cathy laughed and so did I. Dave poor thing didn’t get the joke and Dean was relegated to footman walking behind us. The chauffeur opened the door and we all got in. Cathy Dave and I on the rear bench seat and Dean by the door. “Tell the driver to collect Clair and Donald.” I said

We travelled in comparative silence. I was unsure as to the outcome of the evening though I knew what I was going to do , this was in a public place and the two husbands were going to be humiliated. Not that I was going to fuck the girls in public, but they would be spending there time between Dave and I and the men would be paying the bill.

As Clair and Donald got into the car it was surprising just how much the two girls looked alike, ok they were twins, not identical but twins. They had dressed the same. Down to Clair I thought. Clair was the more confident but Cathy was the better looking. But you would have to see there faces to know the difference between them. Donald came to join us on the bench seat but I sent him to sit with Dean. So now I had Cathy on one side and Clair on the other.

My hands rested on a knee either side of me and I said, “You done a great job Clair, you both look stunning.”

“Yes well when I told her what you said she almost feinted. She did feint when I told her what she would be wearing. Have you seen them, her undies I mean. “

“No I didn’t want to put her through that embarrassment. Not just yet anyway.”

“Your kidding, right.” Clair said, “You fuck her silly in her own bed but you don’t want to embarrass her by looking at her knickers.”

I smiled. “I could see she was nervous, despite her attempts at confidence and I didn’t want to knock her newly gained confidence out of her right from the start.”

“Oh how thoughtful of you. Your still going to fuck her though aren’t you.”

“You seem a little agitated this evening,” I said “may I ask why?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be sharp. I will explain later if I may, away from those two.”

“As you wish.” I said

The car pulled up and the chauffeur opened the door. The boys got out first and held out hands to assist the girls. Dave and I pushed them aside and did the job instead. Dave escorted Cathy and Clair was with me, again the two husbands were relegated to footmen.

Dean went to the front as we approached the door and opened it for us to step through. He had a smirk on his face till he realised how silly he looked opening the door for his wife and the man who was going to fuck her. Dean gave his name at the counter and we were led to a table at the back of the restaurant, not private but not in the open either. We ordered a drink and our meal and then Dean said. “We need to know when this is going to stop. We cannot, will not, allow our wives to be used in this manner.”

“We will discuss these matters after dinner if you don’t mind. I think the ladies would like to enjoy their meal.”

Dean went to say something else but my glare told him of the danger of that. Donald sat meekly allowing his brother to hang himself. The meal went without any further problems, in fact it was quite relaxed all things considered. While Dave and I were not in the same class as Cathy, Clair was a different matter and enjoyed a lot of things that I would class as normal. Music tv films and such. She did have her snooty side but it seems that being married to Donald, ‘in the lowlands’ as she put it had brought her down to earth a little. As the brandy was brought out I said, “Would you ladies like to go to the lounge while we discuss these matters or would you rather stay and hear what has to be said.”

I’m not having that fool talk for me, I will say my piece for myself.” Cathy said, surprising angry.

“Me too.” Clair said

“So Dean, Donald, what do you wish to say, speak freely as it will be the last opportunity you will have.” Dave seemed to automatically leave these discussions to me, and anyway he was too busy playing with Cathy’s leg to be too interested. Though I knew him well enough to know he would miss nothing of the conversation.

“You know what I have to say. This evening has been very nice for some, but for others it is torture. It will not happen again. Tonight is the last time.”

Nobody said a word, Clair shuffled her feet and Cathy looked at Clair. Donald just sat looking into his Brandy glass. I took my mobile and made a call. “Can you come in now please.”

This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she’s hot, the character will be similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 9 – Leviathan Nightmare

In the land of Nealon, the ever burning fires of the volcanic mountains glowed in the nighttime sky in the distance. Yet their luminous fury paled in comparison to the inferno raging upon the top of the castle, home to the Mistress of Discord. Above on the roof, those familiar red eyes of Koas were no longer as they glowed white hot in her anger. Her fingers tightly gripped the rough stone terrace edge as she looked down over her destructive lands.

HE was ALIVE! Her teeth ground in anger as she wanted unleash another ear-splitting shriek with the thought. But she kept herself in check this time. The first result of the scream had resulted in the complete bloody destruction of the hellhound demon giving the message. His guts lay piled in places while hanging in others while dripping blood. Her throne room had been covered in gruesome parts and blood as he literally exploded from her tantrum.

Luckily for those near her, she regained control of her temper before blowing her castle and surrounding area into oblivion. The hellhound was of no consequence to her as he had been her servant through swearing of allegiance. She could destroy her whole army if she wished by their sworn word to serve her and forfeiture of the protection of the Natori pact. They knew such and would be driven by fear to not fail her.

As with her thoughts returned to the failure of Blaze’s demise, she thought of Lexiss who had just left her presence. She had summoned her shadow mistress immediately to demand answers for his presence still among the living. Lexiss had been in no doubt completely shocked to hear Blaze being reported in good health. Her servant quickly assured her fuming mistress that she had successfully employed the curse of spirit necrosis on him with her shadow touch. She vividly described how she could still easily remember the feeling of tearing into his insides before the seed of the curse implanted.

Koas had believed Lexiss. The look of disbelief at the revelation and then conviction of her words convinced the goddess that the truth was being told. Even then, Koas didn’t think she could bring harm to her personal avatar. Lexiss was like a daughter to her. The shadow mistress was actually a part of herself to be true. She had created Lexiss from a part of her own being and made the shadow mistress into her own likeness. Koas smiled slightly in the fond thought of Lexiss before turning back to the matter at hand.

With a sigh, she turned to pick up a cloth to wipe the bloody gore off the crystal ball she had brought with her. She tossed the filthy rag aside when done and placed the magical orb on the stone beside her. Having cooled down finally, her glowing red eyes focused intently on the crystal surface as she thought of the source to all her troubles. It took the magical talisman some time to find him as she didn’t know his exact whereabouts at the moment. Only that he and his cursed friends were somewhere in Solomon.

The images of trees and streams of the elven land flashed in its search before finally coming to a sudden halt. Her target came to view swiftly as the human slept soundly off the beaten path they traveled. The succubus had him wrapped in her arms as she slept beside him with the others resting about them. Clearly all were in good health.

How? How could Blaze have survived a curse meant to destroy his very soul? When she thought about it, the answer came swiftly to mind as it didn’t take a genius to have to figure it out. Blaze and his friends had been there in Riodanol during the attack. So had been the Silver Enchantress. It was too much to be a mere coincidence that both should be in the same place at the same time.

Stavros would have known that the Silver Enchantress would be one of only a select few in the world who could remove such a curse. And the sorceress happened to be the closest one. The question as to why the elven sorceress had been in Riodanol was easily answered as well. She would have tagged along with Blaze and the others on their journey to keep watch on Blaze’s health for any sign of recession. Thus both parties had been in Riodanol at the most inopportune time.

Koas desired greatly to shatter the crystal as her anger rose again. The attack on the elves had been vital to her plans. The elven city was to have been decimated and the Queen of the Elves killed gruesomely. Such would result in the complete demoralization and decimation of the elves. Now instead of facing a very weak pest to brush aside, her army would now have to face the might of the elven nation as it is now prepared for the war it knew was coming. It mattered not though as her army was significantly larger than anything the elves could handle. A minor nuisance is all.

But Blaze was another matter that needed to be taken care of still. She frowned darkly as she wondered what he was up to. Where was he heading? The view in the crystal soared away from him like an eagle climbing high into the sky, giving her a clear view of the surrounding lands they traveled in. Her eyes focused on what lay immediately south of him. A city right on a body of water. A port on the northern edge of the Sonel Sea. Blaze was heading there as they were south of Riodanol.

The evil deity frowned as she was disappointed at this. If they had traveled west, they would likely have encountered where her forces would emerge and be completely destroyed. But now it seems they chose to head south and charter a boat to some destination. The thought came to mind swiftly with that. For the first time in hours her mood improved greatly as that familiar smirk appeared. Of course!

Wiping the crystal clean of the image, she summoned the one person in mind who could make her idea happen. The crystal began to glow a deep blue as the eyes of her servant appeared within. The light filled the top of Koas’s castle and could be seen from afar as she gave her orders.

When the goddess was finished, soft musical laughter filled with madness resonated in the air before fading away with the light of the orb…


Blaze woke up that morning. He had the most disturbing dream. In the darkness he had run from the feeling of being watched by something that sought him out. No matter how hard he ran, he could not escape it until it finally caught up with him. He found himself staring at a pair of glowing red eyes filled with so much malice and hatred that he dropped to his knees in terror, shaking uncontrollably.

To his relief, those eyes eventually faded away to be replaced by emerald eyes filled with such kindness and affection. After that he had slept more soundly until he woke. But no matter how hard he tried, he could never forget those dangerous red eyes. He and the others swiftly packed up their travel gear and supplies before moving back on the path to continue on south towards their destination.

It turns out that Kendra was familiar with the port they were heading towards as she had been to it many times, though she had never approached it from the north. She had always come by ship to the town in which she said was named Synan. A town the succubus said she found much to satiate her demonic sexual hunger because of its nature.

Synan was a cutthroat town. A place of refuge for those of all races running from the law and justice. A haven for both the cruel misbegotten souls and profiteers alike. A town in which Kendra could easily act as a whore to reel in victims. The demoness was firm in her warnings to them to always watch their backs for murderers and keep their hands on their money to stave off pickpockets. Blaze didn’t like the sound of this place in the slightest. How were they supposed to find a trustworthy person or crew take them where they wanted in a lawless port?

The beautiful demon informed them they were easily with a few hours of reaching the town. Blaze didn’t need to be told as he could smell that familiar scent of the sea he had grown up with. After a few hours of walking, they emerged out of the forest directly into a short clearing. Five sets at eyes blinked at what greeted them.

Kendra was right. This was the seediest town Blaze had ever seen in his life! All of the buildings were in terrible shape with many of them looking like they were on the verge of collapse. In fact, many had supporting planks of wood propped up against those structures leaning heavily to one side. One storm could easily bring every building in Synan crashing down. Yet every structure still stood while bearing signs of weathering such storms.

Raucous laughter spilled out many of the buildings that looked to be taverns inside. Inns were isolated between the numerous drinking pubs. Most of those seen had many scantily dressed women standing outside. Apparently many inns doubled as whorehouses. To Blaze it was a reminder of Whore’s Lane in Aidan. Remembering the stomach turning events that occurred there before his meeting with Kendra, he quickly shoved those memories out of his mind.

Dangerous riffraff wandered the streets from tavern to tavern. Many eyed them with apprising looks of whether Blaze and his friends were worth murdering and robbing. Others eyed the females with lewd grins as they toyed with the ideas of raping them. Especially when Kendra walking with that ever present air of sensuality about her and mind-blowing sway of her hips. Fortunately, the women with Blaze each had their own fierce look about them that warned most vile men away.

All except for one poor human soul who chose to grope Tyra’s ass as she passed by. The gargoyle promptly sent the drunken pervert crashing through a nearby building’s wall with one solid punch. Most chose to give Blaze’s party a wide berth after that. They walked through the streets towards the waterfront portion of the town filled with piers. Blaze was more than happy to move towards the sea. The stench of Synan was beyond horrid and the streets incredibly filthy with trash and excrement, humanoid and animal alike. At least the closer they drew to the piers the smell was gradually overpowered by the scent of salt water.

A ramshackle of buildings faced out to the sea stubbornly with their fronts stained by the sea spray. They all drew up to a stop before one of the buildings that looked like a tavern was bustling with activity.

“Well,” Blaze sighed as he looked to the other women, “If there was ever a place to find a ship’s captain, these waterfront taverns would be the place to look. Shall we?”

All the women nodded before following him up to the building with a sign above it. Depicted was woman with a fishtail in place of her legs and her large breasts bared. Below read the words “The Busty Mermaid”. Blaze grimaced as he hoped they could knock this one out and move on quickly. The name was bad enough, but looking back to his companions he could already see many snide ‘busty’ jokes being cracked by the tavern patrons.

Pushing the door open, he stepped inside. Blaze immediately started coughing as the room was filled with pipe smoke. Such a nasty habit! Clearing his throat, he walked inside and made his way to an empty table by a stairwell. The room grew quieter as the eyes were drawn to him and the ladies but soon the bustle renewed itself to its usual pitch. They had been studied and judged as just more diverse vagrants coming to Synan. Nothing more and certainly nothing important.

The women sat down at the table with him as they began scanning the room for potential candidates that looked like sailors. A barmaid strut up to them with her hips swaying and looked down to them all with a haughty frown. Until she saw Blaze that is. A slow smile grew on her face as she arched her back a little more to present him with a nice view of full breasts straining against her low cut dress.

“Well hello handsome,” she cooed. “Can I get you a drink? Or something else perhaps for your enjoyment? Ditch the bitches so you and I can have a bit of fun.”

Four pairs of eyes immediately shot towards the barmaid. When she saw the look in all of those eyes, the barmaid yelped and stumbled backwards in fear. Her eyes wildly searched about for an escape route as she swallowed audibly.

“Why yes! Five ales it is!” she piped in a shrilly voice before spinning around and speeding off. Whether it was from fear of displeasing the women further or eagerness to be done with them, the barmaid returned quickly with five mugs filled with ale.

“Fifteen coppers please,” she said as she hastily set the drinks down before them all.

Blaze blinked before reaching beneath the table to his own coin pouch and fished out the requested price and more. He drew his hand back up and placed the coins in her hand as she came to him last.

“There are fifteen coppers,” he said before opening his hand to reveal more coins there. “And ten more if you can tell us where a captain for hire in this room is.”

The barmaid blinked before noticing the other women were watching her as well. Blaze could tell the woman was beginning to sweat and not just from the building heat of the day. Without saying a word, she looked over to a corner in the room to a dark figure. Blaze followed her gaze and blinked curiously. All of the tavern patrons kept an open space between themselves and the lone figure. He noticed their wary glances directed that way as well.

“That is the best ship captain you could ever hope to find here in Synan,” the barmaid whispered lowly with a hidden point in the figure’s direction. “But I wouldn’t ask or even bother that person if I were you.”

Blaze noted the fear in the woman’s voice before nodding and placing the extra coins in her hand. The barmaid moved quickly away as if trying to hide from that figure after disclosing its occupation. Though try as they did, none of them could quite make out the figure through the smoke and throng of bodies.

Blaze sighed and looked back to the others, “It looks like I’d better just go ahead and introduce myself…”

The others nodded in acquiesce as they watched him rise from his chair. He would say for them to watch his back but already knew they had that taken care of. He trusted each of them. With purpose in his stride, the young human warrior moved through the maze of tables and people. A pair of eyes in that darkness looked up to him when he reached the threshold of where no others would cross. Without hesitating, Blaze continued on towards the lone table until he finally stood before it and the dark figure sitting at it.

“You’ve got guts kid. I like that,” the figure spoke after a moment of silence. The lighting was terrible and didn’t illuminate the person much at all. “What do you want?”

“I and my friends need to charter a ship for safe passage to where we desire to go. I’m told you’re the best there is when it comes to the high seas,” Blaze answered.

“You were told right then,” the voice laughed before leaning forward enough to reveal the figure’s lower face and full feminine lips curved in a mischievous grin. “Sit down kiddo and let’s have it then…”

Blaze looked down to the only other chair sitting next to the shadowed woman before taking it and sitting down with her in the darkness. He was slightly nervous at being hidden from the others in the poor light but knew Rae was the one out of all of them that could best see him with her sharp drow eyes. His own eyes began to adjust to the darkness to where he could finally make out who he sat next to as she removed her black wide-brimmed hat with red feathers sticking out of it to be placed on the table.

He already knew it was a woman by those lips and rich feminine voice. She was quite a looker too! Deep blue eyes studied him in her own curiosity. A sleeveless white tunic hugged the swells of her breasts and was tucked into loose red leggings fit for a sailor’s life at sea. A leather band with pouches stitched into it encircled her right bicep. Leather gloves adorned her hands with the glove fingers cut away for her own to poke through. It reminded him of street fighters he’d seen come to Kyros. He didn’t doubt those brown leather fingerless gloves were padded enough to knock his teeth out in a single punch.

Long reddish blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders. Always appreciative of long hair, Blaze studied the attractive feature until his eyes were drawn to a characteristic he couldn’t ignore. He stared dumbfounded as he realized this woman wasn’t human as she seemed! Her ears! Poking out of that mass of blonde locks was a pair of pale cat-like ears!

“It’s not polite to stare you know,” she said with a knowing grin.

Blaze blinked as he was brought out of his shock before blushing profusely. “My apologies! I didn’t mean to stare…”

The cat-eared woman laughed and waved the matter off with her hand as if it were nothing to matter at all. “It’s okay. I’m quite used to it actually. A small trait I get from my mother who was a puma lycan while my father was a human, giving me the rest.”

“Really?… I honestly didn’t know humans and lycans could have children,” Blaze said in amazement.

“Oh yes they can. Lycans bear enough human physical traits to make it possible,” she chuckled before looking across the room. “And by the way your catwoman companion had her eyes on you when she came in, I’d say she wouldn’t mind having kids with you.”

Blaze blinked at this and sat back as the thought hit him. He had never considered the possibilities. Through all of the sex he’d been having with Nadine, could she become pregnant? What about the others? All this time he had been so dimwitted about never thinking about the possibilities. He shook his head away from the thought. It was something he could discuss with them later. His focus needed to be on this woman.

The young human extended his open hand to her, “My name is Blaze.”

She eyed him amusingly at first before taking his hand with her own in a surprisingly strong grip, “A pleasure, Blaze. I’m Marissa. Now that we’ve exchanged names, let’s hear why you are in need of ‘safe’ passage…”

Blaze’s breath caught and he cursed himself instantly. He should have been more careful with his words. She could have taken it for anything, but by the way he had said ‘safe passage’ she knew there was more to this than appeared. By Stavros, should he tell her everything? What was really happening and their mission? Was she trustworthy enough? It was a gamble to be taken for sure as he considered it silently. She was the best ship captain they were looking for. They needed to continue on. Marissa waited expectantly as her blue eyes watched him in growing amusement. He then remembered what his master had said often a long time ago.

“Trust always begins with a leap of faith into the unknown. You may land safely or may end up hurt. But trust can never be obtained by doing nothing…”

Looking into those deep blue eyes, Blaze hoped this leap he was about to take would land a solid trust between him and Marissa. He then proceeded to explain just about everything that had happened to him when he began his journey. It was a long tale to be told for sure. Time passed along with orders of ale that Marissa bought for them both as she listened with keen interest. When he finished, she remained silent while staring silently into the murky liquid in her mug. Swirling the ale about in consideration, her blue eyes looked up to him finally.

“An interesting tale you speak, Blaze. But I can tell you’re telling the truth. I’ve seen your type before. Strong willed with a head filled with a sense of honor and to do what is right. How we are so much alike and different at the same time, you and I,” she chuckled with a shake of her head. Marissa raised the mug swiftly and drained it like the best professional ale drinker in the world before slamming the empty container down on the table. “Aye then! I will do it. You’re in luck, Blaze. I am shipping out this eve’ with my crew and as by the looks of the light outside that will be soon. You and your friends gather your things up quickly. Meet me at my ship at the eastern most pier.”

Blaze nearly sighed audibly in relief before smiling and rising to his feet. “Thank you Marissa.”

“No, Blaze. Thank you. It was getting boring enough around here anyway. That and I’ve sensed a change in the wind. A storm is brewing and your tale explains what I’ve been suspecting. And before you go,” she said, standing as she whipped out a long bladed dagger.

Blaze looked instantly over his shoulder to see Rae swiftly rising as he knew she would. He quickly raised a hand in assurance to stop the drowess from springing into action. With his friend stayed for the time being, he looked back to Marissa. He swore his jaw dropped off his face to clatter on the table below.

Marissa drew the sharp edge across her open palm, opening a slash that wept with her blood. She then looked to him and indicated she wanted his hand. He hesitated and knew what was expected to happen. A leap of faith, he reminded himself as he held out his same hand. She swiftly drew her blade across his palm, the edge slicing into his flesh with a painful bite as his own blood surged forth now. Jamming the blade into the wooden table, she clasped her bloody hand with his. Their blood mingled together as they held their grips.

“Blood to seal the deal,” she grinned, releasing his hand. She reached into a small bag resting behind her chair to fish out bandages. Marissa tossed him some before wrapping her wounded hand. “You and your friends have a couple hours before needing to be at my ship. Don’t be late…”

Marissa grinned as she grabbed her bag, dagger and moved towards the door, the patrons moving aside to give her space as she passed. Blaze wondered why everyone seemed to fear her. She had been friendly enough to him. Shaking his head in wonderment, he walked back over to others.

“I’ll heal that, Blaze,” Rae said as she stood with the others.

“No,” he shook his head as he wrapped the bandage tightly about his right hand. “If she doesn’t opt for the same treatment, neither should I. Last thing I want to do is imply weakness by being unable to handle one cut. Something warns me that is the last thing I want to do with that woman.”

“So what was the result of the meeting then,” Tyra asked with a frown.

“Marissa has agreed to carry us to where we wish to go. We need to be at the eastern pier soon,” he answered.

He could see all of them visibly relax at the revelation of the good news. They had all been very tense to see if they could succeed in getting a lift out of this dump of a city as soon as possible. Noticing the lewd glances more and more being directed their way inside the tavern, such concern was warranted. The beautiful ladies were drawing the wrong type of attention and would soon start a frenzied riot of drunken bastards trying to get their hands on them. He could understand their eagerness to leave.

The group moved then as swiftly as they could to exit the Busty Mermaid and out into the evening twilight. The group discussed their options of what to do next now that they had a ship to travel upon. Before leaving, Queen Allora told them of an ideal elven town to come ashore on as it was very close to the Great Boaz Wall as well as the dwarves. Most seafaring folk were familiar with the small elven port on the western side of the Sonel Sea. From there they would find the dwarves to lead them through the tunnels and caverns to the other side where Koas rules. There they would try to find the goddess’s generals as stealthily as they could and kill them.

As they drew closer to the eastern side of the port of Synan, their gazes were drawn from time to time to a sight that made them wonder as they conversed. It was clearly the largest vessel in port and tied to the dock. Three masts adorned its structure with the largest being a massive beam of wood able hoist three sails vertically. On the back was an extended portion with what looked like glass windows. An expensive commodity for a sea faring traveler to be sure. What confused Blaze was the number of square etches in the side that looked like cutouts for windows that weren’t finished. Odd…

Blaze blinked as he looked up at the impressive vessel as they walked down to the dock towards it. Glancing ahead, he saw her familiar blonde hair flaming red in the setting sunlight. Above her, crewmen were hauling on a rope and pulley system to lift a large crate nestled in a net. The crate swayed to the side and bumped into the side of the ship roughly. Marissa quickly became furious and shook her fist up at her crewmembers as Blaze and his friends drew close to her.

“Careful with that cackle fruit ye bloody fools or I’ll keelhaul all of yer asses!” Marissa screamed. “And I wanted this crate of limes aboard yesterday! The last thing I need is all yer bloody asses getting scurvy! Move it!”

“Aye Cap’n Red!” they answered in renewed effort.


The whole dock shook with the impact and drew Marissa’s attention away. She saw four women near her looking down at a familiar man who seemed to have fallen flat on his face. Chuckling softly, the half-lycan moved over to them. “Careful of the planks that stick up a bit. They can trip you easily as you can see.”

Blaze groaned face down into the wood as he couldn’t believe what he’d heard those men say. That was what had made him miss a step and crash face first into the wood. Damn his face was smarting! Staggering to his feet, he peered out at Marissa with one eye through his hand holding his face.

“Red! As in THE Captain Red?” he asked incredulously.

All of the others, including Kendra, looked at him with confusion. They didn’t know, he realized. Not surprising really. Even Kendra in all her time in the world hadn’t spent much time by the seas. But to those that lived by the sea like Blaze had in Kyros, everyone knew of Captain Red. The most infamous pirate there was. The most cunning mind at sea that no rival pirate captain and government navy could kill. And when one eventually got lucky and captured Red, the notorious pirate always managed to somehow get away mysteriously. So frustrated were other pirates and the navy that they apprehended innocents before realizing they had the wrong person when reports came in of Captain Red striking somewhere else.

Marissa Red placed a hand on her cocked hip as she grinned proudly, “Aye, Blaze. I’m that Captain Red. When you hired the best in Synan, you were really hiring the best of the high seas.”

Blaze turned to the others and gave them a brief explanation of who Captain Red was and the legend behind her. When he was done, the ladies looked to Marissa with a newfound measure of respect. The notorious pirate simply grinned and gave a flourish of a bow.

“All that is said is true. But I can’t take all of the credit…” she laughed. Blaze blinked at that last statement but the pirate continued on as she looked to him. “I’m impressed with your knowledge of me Blaze…”

Blaze blushed slightly and scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Well to be truthful, I wanted to know everything there was to know about you when I was real young. Before my dreams of adventuring, I longed for a time to become a pirate on your crew sailing the seas.”

“Well now you get your chance, dear Blaze,” she laughed and smiled to him mischievously. “And perhaps you’ll get to learn even more about me on this trip. Welcome aboard the Crimson Dawn.”

Blaze and his friends looked up to the massive pirate ship before following the notorious pirate up the gangplank onto the deck. The ship was bustling like the tavern they had recently left. Pirates milled all about busily with their tasks of loading the needed supplies, sharpening cutlasses, or wiping the deck. Seeing ropes tied to a railing and dangling overboard, Blaze curiously looked over to see pirates tied to the other end as they vigorously worked to remove visible barnacles on the lower part of the ship. From the drunken lot he heard pirates could be, this crew seemed to be very efficient in what they did.

“You will be staying below not far from my own quarters,” Marissa was saying when his attention returned. “And don’t worry about these worthless lots I have for a crew. They know full well how to properly treat guests. Especially when it comes to treating women on my ship with the utmost respect.”

Nadine mewed softly as she eyed and dangling rope over her that was swaying enticingly for her to swat at. “Is there anything we can do to help?” the near-hypnotized catwoman asked.

“No,” Marissa said with a shake of her head as she led them to a bolted door leading into the back end of the Crimson Dawn. “Please forgive me, but I will not put guests to work on my ship. It wouldn’t be proper now would it? Besides, Blaze will be the one to work in payment for this journey of yours.”

Blaze drew up to a halt and blinked, “Huh?”

Marissa turned about as she opened the door to let the other ladies through. She chuckled and smiled to him. She bent down to pick up a brush and bucket of water before thrusting it into his arms. “Aye. Work. You can start by swabbing the poop deck. Come see me when you are finished.”

Kendra looked over her shoulder to him uncertainly before giving him a small helpless shrug. The captain’s orders were the captain’s orders after all. What could she do? Marissa gave him a wink before pulling the door shut behind her as she stepped inside, leaving him alone. He stood there numbly with his brush and bucket as he couldn’t believe what had just transpired.

Poop deck?… Oh… shit…..


To the fortune of the dismayed young warrior, he found out that the ‘poop deck’ wasn’t what he feared. A big burly man pointed it to him as the highest deck on the ship at the stern. It was above Captain Red’s quarters. For the rest of the evening, Blaze set about working hard, shirtless and on his hands and knees. He scrubbed the deck with the soapy water and brush to clean it of dirt and trash acquired by the boots of the crew while at port. The sky was in the burning flames of brightly lit clouds against the coming dusk. Much to the surprise of the crew, he had finished the broad expanse by himself in only a few hours.

Wiping the pouring sweat from his brow, Blaze happily tossed the scrub into the bucket with a splash. Lugging the sloshing liquid down the stairs to the main deck, he grunted and placed the heavy water-filled bucket down by the door. He silently hoped Marissa wasn’t getting impatient waiting on him. The last thing he needed to do was infuriate one of the best pirates in the world. Opening the door, he stepped inside the cooler shade of the hallway lit by a few tightly sealed lanterns.

He had just closed the door and turned to the hallway when he bumped into someone. He nearly jumped out of his skin in surprise as nearly did the other person.

“Oh! Bloody Hell…. Sorry Blaze. I was just coming to check…. on…. you…” Marissa said as her words trailed off as those deep blue eyes looked at him.

The young man blinked as his apology stopped halfway to his tongue as he noticed her odd gaze. Looking down at himself, he nearly yelped in true Nadine fashion! He’d forgotten his shirt was hanging over the railing on the upper deck outside. And he was here in front of Captain Red with no shirt on and sweat dripping down his chest. He couldn’t help but notice her tongue lick her lips slightly as her gaze lingered for a moment before looking up into his eyes. He began to fold his arms across his chest in an effort to cover himself properly but she stayed the motion with her hand on his right arm.

“No. It’s fine Blaze,” she chuckled with that likable grin, “The other men work often without their shirts as well. So don’t worry. Besides, it looks like we need to get you working on that sailor’s tan…. And I mean often…”

Blaze blinked as that last statement sounding like an added afterthought slipping out. Whether she realized it or not, she didn’t give a hint as she brushed closely by him and told him to follow her. He did as she requested and followed her outside. Marissa inspected the work of her crew as they finished. She was impressed by how clean the deck was by his work. He was pleased by the compliment as he watched her move to the railing.

“Alright ye bloody buggarts! Untie us from the docks and hoist the sails! We’re away from this rat hole tonight!” she barked to the fearsome looking crew below her. “Bardok! I want an account of the fathoms every minute we go out. This bloody port as a nasty reef below I would like to avoid!”

“Aye Cap’n!” said the massively muscled pirate with an eye patch over his left eye. The man was as big as a bull and just as hairy. Marissa noticed his calculating look of the man’s abilities and grinned.

“My second-in-command. A good man and friend to us, having been my father’s closest friend,” she explained. Her expression at that revelation became one of sadness briefly before turning away and striding over to a large wheel with knobs sticking out of it at steady intervals around the edges.

She gripped one and held onto the wheel as they started to drift away from the dock. Seagulls cries rose in the late evening air as the ruffling sound of cloth was heard when the sails were dropped down from their rigging. The gentle breeze coming from the land north caught the sails and billowed out slightly. Marissa turned to him and grinned when she saw him stumble slightly as the Crimson Dawn began to roll gently with the small waves of the Sonel Sea.

“Don’t have yer sea legs yet, bucko?” she laughed and pulled him over close to her so he could grip the wheel and steady himself.

Blaze cleared his throat in sheer embarrassment and glanced away as he looked back towards the land gradually moving away in the distance. “No. Even though I was born in a fishing village, I forsook the life of a fisherman in my dreams to become to warrior.”

Her blue eye looked to him out of the corner of her eyes as she smiled, “Seems like you’re doing a mighty fine job on your adventure here so far, young Blaze.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle and nod in agreement as he looked back to the open vastness of water before them. “I suppose so. But yes, I never really set foot on a ship before let alone a boat.”

“Well I hope you enjoy this then. I’ve always loved the freedom of the open seas,” she whispered softly with a wistful gaze of silence for a few moments before she looked to him. “You and your friends are in luck though. Kendra told me where you wish to go and it’s along our route to meet up with my fleet.”


“Aye. When you become as famous as I have, you tend to accrue quite a large following. The Crimson Dawn is just one of many ships and crews that belong to me,” she stated quite proudly.

Blaze grinned, but barely managed as he was beginning to feel a bit woozy. The increasing sway of the ship with the larger waves encountered was not helping. Try as he might, he couldn’t shake the feeling. Marissa looked back to him after a few moments and blinked at what she saw.

“Bloody hell… You’re getting green about the gills Blaze. You’d best move over to the side of the ship and heave overboard lest you make a mess of what you’ve already cleaned,” she said with a small laugh and shake of her head.

Blaze was quick to follow her advice and soon found himself leaning over the railing in misery as his stomach rolled about. Dear heavens why did he have to feel like this?

“Blaze!” called a cheery voice suddenly to his side. Glancing up, he saw the gorgeous catwoman bounding up the stairs with something in her hands.

“Guess what, Blaze,” she chirped happily. Her golden eyes blinked when he groaned in response. Shrugging, she grinned and held up her hand for him to see. “They have sushi on board! Look here! They even have calamari!!! Want some?”

Blaze’s eyes grew wide at the site of those tentacles before Nadine ecstatically popped one into her mouth. Oh dear holy mother of Stavros!!! His head whipped back overboard.

“Eeeewww Blaze! You not feeling well? Oh well! More for me then!” she giggled and popped another in her mouth.

After a good number minutes of introducing the Sonel Sea to the contents of his stomach, Blaze looked back up to see Nadine gone and Marissa leaning heavily on the wheel as she was still trying to recover from laughing so hard.

“Blaze,” she managed finally as she wiped the tears from her eyes and looked to him with a big smile. “Go to my quarters to find a root. I keep it for travelers on my ship to ease their troubled stomach. Chew it and you’ll be fine before you know it.”

Blaze managed a weak smile and could only nod to her in thanks before stumbling down the wooden stairs and through the door. He was thankful for the hallway being very narrow so he could brace the walls as he walked to prevent from stumbling. Ignoring the steps down into the lower compartments he made his way to the large door at the end of the short hall. There was no mistaking it as Captain Red’s quarters with the red skull grinning nastily down at him from above the door. He swallowed as he hesitated for a moment before opening the door into the pirate’s living quarters.

The room was surprisingly larger than he expected to find on a ship. He’d always heard stories of tight, uncomfortable quarters. But when you’re the captain, you get some nice luxuries he supposed. All about the room were trinkets of pillaging and battles won. Silk drapes hung in various places while in others gold necklaces and beads. Swords, cutlasses, and daggers of all types lay on display racks all about, looking like an armory. Testing one of the display blades, he found it sharp and swiftly drew blood. Useful still, he thought as he sucked in the small bloody prick to his thumb.

There was plenty of furniture in Red’s room as well with everything bolted to the floor. A table with four chairs to dine at sat nearest to him. A lounge chair rested against the wall with a longcoat of pirate looks to it tossed upon its cushioning. He was surprised to even find a bed big enough for two resting against the opposite wall. A mahogany desk of impressive size and craftsmanship was at the other end of the room.

Not seeing any other place where containers could possibly be, he made his way to the desk and sat down in the chair. He couldn’t help but take a moment to look in front of him and appreciate the view of the fading light of day through the large glass planes. An unobstructed view of the dark waters swirling about in the wake left behind by the Crimson Dawn. He was quickly reminded of the task at hand though as the ship bobbed up and down slightly. Being polite to pay no mind to the parchments on her desk in which he had no business reading, Blaze opened the first drawer. Just more blank parchments, ink bottle, and a feather quill. Opening the second drawer on the left, he found what he was looking for.

But the small jar filled with roots wasn’t what grabbed his attention and curiosity. An odd object lay beside the jar that confused him greatly. What was it? Lifting the object out with his hands carefully, he studied it intently. One part seemed to be made of wood and fitted for the hand to grip. A strange metal ring protruded from it to curve around and connect with the metal portion. Inside the ring was another small metal extension. He found it was just big enough for his finger. Odd… The other portion of the object was all metal and looked to be a narrow tube of sorts. But for what? Blinking, the young warrior held the object up even with his face as he looked down the small barrel with his one eye. Nearly fumbling the object, he slid his finger through the small ring for a better grip as he peered down the odd metal tube.

No sooner had he done so than the object was ripped from his hands swiftly. Blaze gasped and fell out of the chair in his surprise. He’d been so intent on the object that he hadn’t noticed anyone enter the room. Glancing up, he saw Marissa standing above him holding the object with a small smirk.

“You should be more careful, young man. Ever hear of curiosity killing the catwoman?” she chided with a chuckle.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized as he got to his feet. In the dim light of the room, her hair looked a lighter blonde and Marissa had switched to wearing a bandanna across her forehead. “It’s just that I’ve never seen such an object before.”

Her cat ears twitched slightly as amusement grew on her facial features while regarding him, “No I suppose you haven’t have you? Suffice to say any more curious and you would have ended up with another hole in your head… of the bad variety. Savvy?”

Blaze blinked before his jaw dropped open in dismay and horror with the realization. That thing!? That small object would have killed him!? How could that be? Marissa laughed at his amusing expression before moving to the drawer and placing it back where it had come from. She came back and placed a small root she had retrieved into his open mouth. Her finger closed his jaw with the click of his teeth as she grinned.

“Now chew that since I believe that’s what you were looking for,” she chuckled as she walked back to the desk to open a drawer on the right and pulled out a glass container filled with a dark liquid.

Blaze watched the pirate uncork the top and take a swig of the liquid as he began chewing. He coughed as he nearly gagged at how bitter the root was as she strode over to him, grinning mischievously. She handed him the bottle in which he quickly raised to his lips to drink from. His eyes grew big as the harsh liquid burned down his throat.

“Nothing like a bit of rum to wash down some gillyroot I always say,” she chuckled as she observed his expression.

Blaze coughed as he lowered the bottle swiftly and wiped his lips with his sleeve. Harsh as it was, it did help rinse the bitter root taste out of his mouth. He could already feel the beginning of his stomach settling. Handing the bottle back to her, he nodded and smiled.

“Thank you, Marissa.”

“Wrong…” she chided amusingly before taking a long draught.

“What?” the confused warrior blinked.

“Name’s Clarissa there matey,” she laughed as she eyed him up and down. “And my sis was right. You are a handsome devil.”

Blaze blinked at her, not really sure he believed what he was hearing. She, meanwhile, grinned knowingly as she leaned back against the desk with her shapely rear resting on the edge. He looked at her more closely, seeing now that it wasn’t the lighting. Her hair was truly more blonde in color. But she still looked the very same woman!

“Captain Red, are you trying to pull one over on me?” he asked suspiciously with a wary grin.

“Captain Red that I am,” she laughed before taking another drink. Some liquid escaped those soft lips to run down her slender neck and beneath the cover of her brown shirt. Hadn’t she been wearing a white shirt moments ago on deck?

“But no I am not. The name is Clarissa,” she finished after swallowing the liquor.

But how was this? This wasn’t right? What was wrong? Was the gillyroot making him hallucinate? The sound of the door shutting behind him drew his attention. His heart skipped a beat. Marissa stood at the door looking at the both of them before smiling.

“So I see you’ve met Blaze, sister,” she said smiling.

Blaze could only look back and forth between the two of the women repeatedly in disbelief. It couldn’t be! How? How come no one knew of this? How come no stories every elaborated on this? How could they… they be….

“TWINS!?” his voice cracked out.

Marissa winked as she strode over to him with her own pirate sway. Her arms wrapped about his body to steady the stunned and not-so-sure legged warrior as she gazed into his eyes. “I did say you would learn more about Captain Red on this journey.”

She blinked as she released him and he fell back with a loud thud to the floor with a tsunami of a nosebleed. Two gorgeous women at the same time with the revelation had been simply too much! The sexy sisters shared a look before the twins broke out in laughter. Oh this was going to be fun….


Kiora blinked as she sat with her father in his gardens. All preparations for the defense of their country were still underway. The people worked as if planning for the worst. Evacuation routes were planned as well as shelters built. Fortifications were made and added to the city. The citizens worked with fervor, but all knew that if the battle came to them that it was truly the end of the world.

But what startled her was the deep frown of concern she saw now on the face of Stavros. They sat upon the fountain he liked in enjoyment of a moment’s peace amongst the flowers. All had been well until his gaze suddenly turned west. He still held that faraway look as his frown only grew with every passing moment. She had only seen him like this a few times before. And when she did, something very bad was about to happen.

“Father?” she said, knowing she could call him such when they were in privacy. “You’ve had another premonition?”

The mighty deity nodded with a sigh. His eyes glanced off towards the southwest searchingly. “No vision accompanied it. I simply had the strongest feeling that the most terrible evil is approaching Blaze and his friends. And with the feeling came the almost grim certainty of their deaths.”

Kiora gasped and shook her head slowly in trying to deny what she just heard. But when her father had these premonitions, he was always right. They stared off towards the southwest together now for minutes afterwards. Kiora’s wings trembled with fear for her friends. Looking up to him, she jumped when she found him looking down to her with a determined look in his eye. It seemed they were already of one mind on the matter.

“Kiora, go find and help them! Swiftly!” Stavros said.

“I will!” Kiora nodded in determination and conviction in her voice as she rose to her feet, angelic wings fanning out wide behind her. The volarian leapt into the air with a massive thrust of those wings and was soon speeding over the mountains.

Stavros’s gaze followed his dear daughter until she was gone from sight. “Hurry Kiora. Or else they are all dead….”


The warm blue of the depths swirled about as the waters flowed along without ever ceasing in their currents. Along those currents and the sea floor on the bottom, life lived in abundance. Free from the touch of the outside world, this underwater world was pristine and beautiful. Coral reefs lined away from one’s edge of sight to the other. Schools of brightly colored fish swam and darted about the safety of those beautiful reefs.

Outside the enclosure of those reefs in the more open waters, larger creatures roamed. Some were peaceful ordinary fish like any other body of water held in world. A few large sea turtles would glide on by from time to time in their ageless wanderings. More dangerous creatures lurked about these depths as well. Fish that had heads that looks like they belonged in a smith’s forge as a tool and others massive in size big enough to take down even the lions of the sea. For they had row upon row of deadly serrated teeth.

But all swiftly swam away from the lone creature that sped its way through the water like quicksilver. Most creatures of the sea knew not to mess with it. Especially with this one’s maddened aquamarine eyes. Sonora’s long green hair fanned out behind her as she swam to her destination with great enthusiasm. She remembered the summons by her mistress Koas and those words that followed.

“Use your powers to introduce them to an old friend of yours, dear Sonora,” Koas whispered to her obedient servant.

Sonora’s lips widened into a feral grin of insanity as soon as she knew whom Koas was referring to. She cackled with glee as she moved nearer to her destination. Kendra would not be able to escape this fate. The pleasant thought of holding that vile demon’s head in her hands as a trophy came in vivid clarity. The siren could hardly wait to bring revenge down upon the succubus for all that she’s done to her in the past. Her nose hurt for the longest time after that punch delivered at Kyros. And she’ll never forgive Kendra for making her fail and get raped by hundreds of goblins in the resulting punishment. The day of reckoning had come for her rival and she would pay dearly.

A high pitched squeal caught the siren’s attention, drawing her gaze to her left. Two dolphinmen circled about each other playing before spotting her and swimming over to see her. Most creatures of the sea were smart enough to avoid sirens, but these two looked to be young and not know any better yet. While being very similar to the lycans on land, these creatures were not of humanoid intelligence despite their muscular humanoid physiques. Instead of fins they had arms extending from torsos like a normal human. But they had the characteristics of dolphins with thick gray skin, long dolphin tail and flukes instead of legs, and facial features more resembling their animal counterparts.

Aquamarine eyes overlooking them, she noted they were both males. The sexy siren smirked as she thought she could use a little bit of fun before continuing on. The dolphin lycans squeaked to her as they circled about curiously. Reaching behind her, Sonora untied her top and let it dropped slowly down to the ocean floor. Powder blue skin of full round breasts was revealed with her dark nipples hardening in anticipation. Her fingers worked her skirt free next before it sank to join the rest of her clothing, leaving the exotic siren fully naked in the water with large tits and shapely ass.

The dolphinmen circled this strange creature as it shed some of its parts, curious as to what it was about. They watched its hands curl touch the large round orbs on its chest before a low moan escaped from it. Not fully understanding why, the dolphin lycans began to grow more excited as the cockheads began to poke out of their bodies.

Sonora moaned musically as her fingers toyed with her nipples, pulling on the hardening nipples to send small waves of pleasure through her body. She vocalized her growing lust with musical tones to spellbound the dolphinmen and excite their instincts for mating. She was pleased to see the circling lycans’ flared heads poking out of their bodies and extending further out. She hummed as her other hand slid down her beautiful body to rub her pussy mound, pleased with the thickness and size she was seeing.

Seeing those impressive muscles flex about, she licked her lips. Sonora loved how flexible a dolphin lycan’s cock could be while fully erect. She hummed comfortingly to one as she swam to it, grasping the thick rod with her hands. Humming softly now, she leaned forward to take that length hungrily into her mouth until she could fit no more in. The dolphinman squealed with pleasure as her stretched blue lips moved back and forth with her bobbing head as she sucked hungrily.

It didn’t matter to the insane beauty that she was sucking on a random creature’s cock. It was a nice big cock that would pleasure her well. She floated there in the water beneath the dolphinmen as it undulated its body to hump her face with ecstatic squeaks. Her cunt was getting more aroused by the second as the thick meaty rod pushed down into her throat, swallowing to convulse her throat muscles about it and make the dolphin go nearly crazy with bliss.

Sonora gasped when she felt something grasp her breasts. The siren looked down to see the other dolphin over her body, its large hands feeling about her breasts and kneading the flesh. She moaned with her cock stuffed mouth as her large sensitive tits were squeezed. This was turning out more fun than she expected.

In the middle of the open waters of the Sonel Sea the siren floated as two dolphinmen noisily humped away at her face and groped her tits. She noisily sucked on the cock in her mouth but could tell by the increasingly frantic motions of both lycans that they were close to cumming too soon. Regretfully the siren pulled her mouth off the thick cock and thrust backwards to swim a little bit away from the one while taking the male on her tits with her.

Sonora smirked as she forcefully pushed herself down, dislodging those hands from her tits roughly enough to make the blue jugs bounce beautifully. She needed a big fat cock in her horny cunt right now! Easing herself down the dolphinman’s length, she positioned herself to where the head pressed against the blue lips of her pussy. Instinct took over the lycan as he thrust forward, slamming a great length of that thick cock into her throbbing cunt.

The siren screamed beautifully as she was penetrated by the large being above her. Her back arched, pressing her large breasts against the chest of the dolphinman as it began to thrust away with wild abandon she loved so much in these beings. No restraint. No holding back. Just a straight hard fucking! Sonora gritted her teeth as she squealed her bliss as the rod pounded in and out of her twat rapidly with the strength of its body.


Milky fluid began leak away from her cunt into sea’s waters in a thin wavering lines as her wetness inside grew all the more. Her screams became more frequent and frantic as she was screwed towards her building climax. Her aquamarine eyes popped open when she heard another high pitched squeak behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that she was being sandwiched!

The second dolphinman, not one to be left out, had moved up behind her after spying a second hole it could enter. Her eyes grew large as she felt its cock probe her ass searchingly, feeling its way to the beautiful star of her ass.

“No! Not there! Not together at the same time! NoooOOAAAAHH!!!” she shrieked as the second lycan dick was thrust into her ass. The sea’s water mercifully granted enough lubrication to let that thick cock slide in.

Sonora’s mouth hung wide open as the dolphinmen thrust both thick cocks into her convulsing ass and pussy in unison. The force from two powerful lycans was incredible! Soon she was screaming at the top of her lungs with every double thrust into her. Her breasts bounced violently back and forth on her chest. But the siren was soon screaming for more and grinding her hips as much as she could against those two glorious rods.

Her screams rose in pitch when she felt those flexible cocks begin to move about within her like no straight hard cock ever could. She couldn’t take it anymore as her hands gripped her nipples and pinched violently. These males were driving her even more insane, if that could be possible, with pleasure. Their meaty lengths were moving about wildly now as their squeaks rose in fervor to match her screams before they unleashed forceful jets of cum deeply into her twat and ass.

So much force that she screamed at the top of her mighty lungs as the orgasm ripped through her! Her body thrashed about as cum filled her. Her twat squirted her juices with incredible force in copious amounts that clouded the water about them. When she came down from the multiple orgasms, she lay on the ocean floor with the lycans already having swum off for more fun to find. She hummed to herself after that sweet hard fucking. It had been wonderful like she had hoped it to be…

An hour later, Sonora swam up to her destination. A deep trench ripped through the floor of the sea like an old wound that never really healed. Her aquamarine eyes followed its length until it was out of sight in the hazy waters. Gazing down into it, she could only see blackness. She had no idea how deep it was even though she had curiously tried at various times to find out. It just continued deeper while the pressure about her had grown to dangerous levels and she had to give it up.

But those times she had visited, she found a friend that had come up to visit her a few times. It was that being she was here to summon. Settling down to stand upon a tall outcropping of rock that jutted up above the fissure, she surveyed the scene before taking a deep breath and spreading her arms wide.

Eyes closed, her lips parted to release the song. The music leaving the siren was a dark and ominous. All the sea life in the area recognized its purpose and fled the area as swiftly as possible. Sonora’s eyes opened as she elevated her song to a new level. The song that had in the beginning been to grab attention was now commanding. The sea around seemed to quiver with dread at the powerful evil emanating from her melody.

Then her eyes saw it and her smile grew wide. The insanity in those eyes grew to a feverish state along with her song as the massive shadow slowly lifted out of the sea trench and moved towards her. Her old friend had finally arrived and now rose up before her in all his might, dwarfing the sexy siren like a whale does a shrimp.

Ending her song, the siren smiled as she caressed her friend before swimming off to now find Kendra and Blaze. Water swirled about in the enormous wake as her friend followed close behind, ready to completely destroy whatever Sonora wished…


Much to the frustration of the pirate sisters and their crew, the winds were fairly light. Travel was slow going from the north as they traveled down the western Sonel Sea. Blaze often remembered fishermen in his home telling tales of sea travelers getting caught in the dreaded doldrums. Areas of the sea where calm prevails with no presence of any wind and the seas were with very little current. Ghost ships were found from time to time, the result of everyone having perished from being stranded in the Doldrums too long.

Such fear kept many of the pirates’ eyes on the sails and small prayers in continual flow of the wind. The winds thankfully complied but maintained weak strength in the process. With the sea journey taking longer than expected, many of the ladies did their best with their time. Kendra seemed fascinated with the sea for some odd reason. Blaze would often see her at various points of the ship gazing down into the deep waters or the sea on the horizon with a dreaming gaze. Of course the succubus caused trouble by her very nature. Jaws hung open with tongues hanging out whenever the leather clad beauty strut her way across the deck with that sensual sway of her hips. Even here on a swaying ship on the open waters, she could still do her men-maddening cock-throbbing catwalk. So much so that the Red twins had to punch a few of their crewmen before unwelcome thoughts arose to the male mind.

Tyra spent much of her time up in the crow’s nest as Blaze came to find out. The lookout up there didn’t mind the additional presence of the gargoyle as she provided a bit of company and an easy lift down to the deck. That and the fact the beautiful guardian had a sharp set of eyes helped in the task immensely. Word spread of her quiet friendliness and soon she befriended most of the crew as well as gained their respect.

The subterranean elf stayed away from everyone so much that most of the crew nearly forgot her presence entirely. She stayed within her cabin a majority of the time as she was clearly uncomfortable at the sight of nothing but water surrounding them. And Blaze noticed the rocking motion of the boat wasn’t being too kind to her as well until he brought her some of the medicine he had needed. She smiled to him after taking it.

“Bel’la dos abbil. You are such a good Patron,” she smirked before kissing him deeply. He knew she was eager to have her feet on solid ground once again without the worry of a harsh seafaring sun beating down from overhead.

Blaze himself had found his place under the sudden occupation of ‘cabin boy’ for the Red sisters. He learned it was to be a vast part of his payment to the pirates for this sea excursion aboard the Crimson Dawn. Much of his time was spent amongst the pirate crew in tending to repairs and upkeep of the ship. Bardok and he often talked about the life at sea as a pirate. Blaze loved hearing the harrowing tales of fighting enemy pirates and sea monsters that the Red pirates came across. Other duties included bringing the Red twins their meals and cleaning of their quarters. He didn’t really mind the hard work as he preferred it to doing nothing and only being able to think of the sway of the sea. But Nadine was another matter…

The cheerful catwoman was oddly no longer cheery. Whenever she saw him, she was clearly nervous and made it a point to stay away from him. Nadine looked like she wanted to tell him something, but was clearly unsure. Despite his confusion, he kept his distance from her respectfully in order to not trouble her further.

It was on the fourth day of the sea journey when things began to take a turn he would never have imagined. He was standing at middeck when he saw Nadine striding determinedly to the rear door leading to the cabins and the Captains’ quarters. Clarissa opened the door and stepped outside and blinked when Nadine slipped by her to go inside. The pirate woman stood there for a moment before shrugging and striding to over where Blaze stood at the railing. Leaning against it, the half-lycan beauty stared out to the sea.

“Enjoying the trip so far, Blaze?” she asked with a knowing smile, her blue eyes looking to him then.

“Now that my stomach is no longer doing somersaults, it has been quite enjoyable. I don’t mind the hard work either as it helps pass the time with the fellow crew mates.”

“Yeah. A hardy bunch you can count on to kill for you in a moment’s blink but good fellas to enjoy company with over a flask of rum,” she laughed with a shake of her head.

“True enough. But I’ve noticed how they keep their distance in ways of respect. Like they don’t wish to become too close,” he stated. Clarissa’s smile faded as she looked back to the sea. Blaze swallowed as he feared having gone somewhere he shouldn’t have. But she gave him a small bitter smile that dispelled such thoughts.

“Part of that is simply respect for their leaders. The other is because they know I’ve been dealt a hard blow by someone I loved and thought loved me in return.”

Blaze leaned back against the railing and frowned, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Bah!” she dismissed with a wave of her hand. “No need to feel bad for me. It hurts still but I’m over that bloody bastard. He was our second-in-command. I made the mistake and took him in as my lover when he expressed his own desire. Turns out the sea hog was just using me for his own pleasure until he tired of me. As my trusted lover, he gained command of a few ships and their crews. That was when he left me to start his own pirate legacy to satisfy his lusts.”

“So who is this pirate?”

“Jason Hawkeye,” she spat with disgust before glancing sideways to him. “You and everyone else would know him as Captain Blackblood.”

Blaze nearly fell backwards overboard into the water. He looked to her in complete shock. “The Blackblood? Of all the tales I’ve heard, he’s been your greatest rival and enemy. And you’re telling me you two were lovers?”

She grinned to his stunned expression before nodding, “Aye. And myself and Marissa have had numerous run-ins with him ever since. Hairy battles on the open waters to say the least. But in one I had the distinct pleasure of slicing the bastard’s left hand clean off in a sword fight. But things went to hell before I could finish him and both sides had to withdraw. He’s assembled quite a fleet since then.”

Blaze nodded in agreement. Few pirates were as notorious as Red and one of those was Blackblood. While Red was infamous for ingenuity, tactics, and ferocity… Blackblood was known for much worse reasons. Cruel didn’t beginning to describe him in the stories as he pillaged sea villages, killing all of the innocent people brutally after having all of the women raped in front of the restrained men. He took delight in the plight and suffering of others with no ounce of remorse. Many called him a beast, but others said he was human enough. Just so evil that his blood was icy black, hence his given name.

Blaze frowned and turned about to study the horizon, “Well I hope whenever you meet him again, you send him down for the long drink.” Staring off as he did, he didn’t notice the pleased smile on her face and odd look in her eyes.

Down in the interior of the Crimson Dawn, Marissa had a different look in her pretty blue eyes at that moment. Staring down at the map spread across the large desk, she carefully calculated their position they should be at compared to the positioning of the stars she’d observed the night before. Tonight she would check the positioning again to confirm her estimates. Her gaze averted from the map when she heard a small knock on the door of her cabin.

“Come,” she answered.

Expecting her sister, Marissa was honestly surprised when it was Nadine of all people who opened the door and slipped through shyly. The catwoman kept her gaze turned away as she softly closed the door behind her. The half-lycan standing behind the desk frowned as she could tell something was obviously bothering Nadine. She had observed that something might have been over the last few days, but it seemed her troubles were now rising with the high tide and had to be addressed.

“Good eve’ to ya Nadine,” the pirate began.

Nadine’s golden eyes rose to look to Marissa before blinking out of her thoughts. The catwoman managed a small smile and nodded her head in greetings returned. She slowly made her way towards Marissa as if afraid out the outcome that was the purpose for this visit. Marissa smiled in assurance to the catwoman as she stepped out from behind her desk, map forgotten and moved towards the chairs.

“Please have a seat and tell me what’s on your mind,” the pirate said as she sat down. The demure catwoman sat down next her. Nadine sat there for moments gazing down at her furry hands gripping her knees nervously. Marissa let the lycan have her time as it would all come out eventually. Sure enough those golden eyes looked to her with the fire of determination in them.

“I need to know,” Nadine whispered softly, her voice trembling with the tumult of emotions running through her. “I need to know what it was like for you… and your family in the past. I want to have children with Blaze someday and I need to know what those half-lycan children’s future will be like through what your life has been.”

Marissa couldn’t help but lean back into the chair, expecting something else entirely. She was completely caught off guard by this request. Images of her life in the past flashed through her mind in a dizzying blur. Some images she had long since shut away from her memory forever resurfaced among them. When she shook her head to clear her mind, she saw the black-furred orange-striped catwoman staring at her with those big golden eyes expectantly.

“Please?” Nadine said pleadingly. Marissa sighed and nodded that she would.

“Just be aware that you might not like what you hear for an answer,” the notorious pirate stated as she rose. Marissa walked over to open a chest to pull out some flasks and glasses wrapped in silk before closing it. She sat back down at the table with what she retrieved and unwrapped the fragile glasses before filling them with the dark wine from the flask. Handing the lycan one, she leaned back with her own filled glass and swirled the liquid about as her gaze drifted back into memory.

“What can I say to begin with,” Marissa started with a sigh, “other than that it wasn’t a perfect fairy tale. Father met my mother, a puma lycan in one of the open market places of Kozue. Father fell in love instantly with her at first sight. Upon his flourishing compliments, she found him amusing and kind before eventually retuning the same feelings. Neither cared for the strong distaste both human and lycan races held for interracial breeding at the time. All that mattered was how deeply in love they were with each other.”

Marissa took of sip of the wine to wash away the bitter taste in her mouth of what she knew would come. She eyed the catwoman over the glass’s rim listening politely before continuing. “Both were eventually found out in their relationship shortly after we were born. They didn’t make any attempts the deny it nor could they, with my and Clarissa’s appearances. There was the chance we could have come out appearing pure lycan. But instead we almost came out looking pure human.”

Marissa sighed as she gave a flick to her cat ears, “There was no helping this characteristic standing out. But they weren’t ashamed of us nor didn’t try to hide it from the others. Besides, we young girls didn’t understand why people scorned us like the plague. We thought we were perfectly normal. We soon learned otherwise.”

“The humans came after you didn’t they?” Nadine sniffed, shuddering at some thought or memory Marissa wasn’t aware of.

“No,” the pirate laughed with a bitter smile, “The lycans did….”

“No!” Nadine spurted loudly in protest, shaking her head in disbelief.

Marissa nodded in affirmation, remembering well that day with all those eyes staring at her with such disgust and hatred. “Oh yes, Nadine. It’s not just humans that form intolerant mobs filled with evil hatred. That day I and my sister would have been lynched until our last breaths were choked out before they would tear our corpses apart. Such vile hatred and want of our deaths… Simply because I was who I was! Nothing more! I was living being just like them yet they saw me and my sister as lower than they and passed judgment that I must die! They even brought their own lycan children to witness our deaths and learn…”

Her vision began to blur as she gripped her glass tightly almost to the point she had to calm herself lest she shatter it in her hand. “That is until my parents stepped in. Mother backed us into the house with the mob advancing. At her pleas, Father eventually caved in and grabbed the both of us, escaping out the back door while Mother fought them off to give us time to flee. I can remember her cries of rage before her screams of agony….. We later came to find out by some sources that they tore her apart…. Fucking bastards ripped her apart until nothing was left…. But she at least took as many as she could down with her.”

Marissa took a moment to wipe her eyes and her mother’s screams from her mind. She took a long drink from her glass, nearly emptying it before setting it down on the table. The pirate looked up in surprise when she heard the sob. Tears dripped from the raging rivers of sadness coming from the catwoman. Nadine’s shoulders trembled violently as she buried her face into her free hand as she openly wept then.

“Nadine,” Marissa quickly leaned overly to touch the catwoman’s arm. “Please don’t be like this. I don’t hate you because you’re a lycan.”

Nadine shook her head violently as she sobbed. “It’s not that. I… I’m just so ashamed of my people. Ashamed that they were so despicable. That they took so much from you by becoming true barbaric animals! Marissa, I’m so sorry for what they did. Please forgive my people… our people.”

Marissa gave the furry woman a genuine smile. “Already have, hon. We also learned that many lycans not involved were angered at the injustice of my family’s tragedy. It changed their attitudes towards interbreeding and soon spread to become accepted by many. I’ve heard even humans have grown more tolerable of other races by learning to accept the differences they have within their own race. So your children with Blaze will not face the same cruel hatred that we did. But I tell you this so you know there are still those out there that refuse to accept this change in mindset and may try to bring harm to you and your family…”

The tiger-striped catwoman nodded and wiped her eyes, giving Marissa a grateful smile. Seeing Nadine was better now, Marissa leaned back into her chair once again. “But Father took us to the only life he knew where we would all become accepted. The life of the free on the high seas as a pirate. He didn’t like the thought of bringing his daughters into a profession he was joining to help us along. But he knew eventually we would always face such prejudice and would need to learn how to survive. What better way to do so then amongst the outcasts of society known as pirates? Outcasts have an understanding of each other and that is why my crew respects Clarissa and me so much.”

“But yes, that is a summary of my life. Sorry if it was a tad bit short but I was never one for telling odysseys,” she finished with a laugh before winking to her lycan companion. “Times have changed since then and with things being more acceptable these days, I think it is fine. So go ahead and have some kiddos with that cute guy out there. He seems like something special that all you ladies caught on quickly. I think I’m beginning to understand it myself…”

“Yeah, he’s something special alright,” Nadine smiled brightly before rising and embracing Marissa. “Thank you, Captain Red.”

The half-lycan laughed and hugged her back. It wasn’t long after Nadine was gone and she’d rewrapped and placed the cleaned glasses back inside the chest when Clarissa came inside. Closing the door quietly behind her, her twin leaned back against it. Her sister then looked at her with a serious look.

“We need to talk, sister,” she stated.

Marissa smiled knowingly in return. “About a certain young man?”

Clarissa’s full lips quickly spread into that mischievous grin….


Blaze blinked as he heard the knock at their cabin door. He had just entered after finishing his work for the evening and had been about to pull off his shirt. He glanced to Kendra who simply shrugged that she hadn’t been expecting anyone either. Opening the door, Blaze blinked as he stared at the barrel of a hairy muscled chest. Looking up at the big man in front of him, he couldn’t help but grin.

“Evenin’ Bardok!” he greeted the big pirate.

“Evenin’ Blaze,” the big man answered with a broad grin. “Don’t worry, matey. I’m not here ta give ya another job. I be here simply ta tell ya Captain Red wants ta see ya in her quarters right now.”

Blaze could only blink again before nodding that he would go to see them. Satisfied, Bardok pat his shoulder before striding off. The young human looked over his shoulder to see Kendra already in bed and waiting for him. With a grimace, he told her the news. Kendra’s eyes looked at him knowingly as she gave him that small smile that she only gave to him. The demoness said she understood, which kind of surprised him. She was never really one to be happy going to sleep by herself with her arm not about him.

He sighed as he closed the door behind him and looked to it regretfully. He had seen that hunger in her eyes growing again. But now the ‘cabin boy’ had been summoned away from a wonderful night of romping about in the sack with the most gorgeous woman in the world. Grumbling to himself, he turned about and moved up the stairs. When he reached Captain Red’s door, he knocked in announcing himself.

“Come,” two female voices said in unison.

Blaze opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He looked up to see both half-lycan beauties staring at him. The two of them leaned back against the desk with their hips resting against the edge. They were both wearing their trademark red pirate longcoats as they had their arms folded across their chests. He would have been unable to tell which one is which if not for Marissa’s slightly more reddish blonde hair and Clarissa still wearing her red bandanna across her forehead. He swallowed at the unusual stern look on their faces.

“Reporting as ordered,” he stated as he stood before them.

“Sit,” Marissa stated with a nod of her head towards the large leather couch on the one side of the large room.

Wondering if he had done something wrong, Blaze sat down hoping they weren’t going to make him walk the plank like he’d heard pirates do. The gorgeous twins regarded him silently for a few minutes before they shared a look. He couldn’t help but think of how remarkably beautiful they were. And those cat-like ears sticking out of their manes of blond hair was a uniquely attractive feature.

Clarissa looked to him with a frown, “Blaze, it seems that you’re not doing enough work around here…”

“And,” Marissa cut off his question, “we’ve decided to give you a task that is more than worthwhile in paying for this trip on the Crimson Dawn…”

He was stunned and looked back and forth between the pirate sisters as they both stood up from the desk. Blaze’s eyes fell clattering to his feet and rolled away, or at least they would have if they could! The twins in simultaneous mischievous grins unfolded their arms and dropped their longcoats away at the same time. Two perfectly identical raging-cock-inducing bodies in all their nude glory were revealed to him.

Perfectly smooth female bodies were drunk in by his eyes. Smooth taut bellies drawing eyes up to firm breasts capped by bright pink nipples. Their mounds were shaved and clearly aroused as they dripped with wetness. They were the equivalent of him in female form. Toned feminine bodies honed by a pirate’s life that would have any man screaming with desire. In fact, Blaze very well thought his cock was about to rip through his pants with the hard-on he had now!

“Wow…” he mumbled dazedly.

Clarissa laughed and grinned to her sister with a knowing wink. Both smiled to him as they strut with a pirate sway over to the mind blown warrior. The two lovely naked twins sat on him, one on each leg as they cuddled up close to him tantalizingly. Their hands roamed up and down his chest as they purred sexily to him.

“Come on Blaze,” purred Clarissa, her hand feeling his chest. “Give us what we need… What we desire…”

“Take us Blaze,” Marissa cooed sensually as her hand slid down to grasp his hard dick through his pants squeeze. “We’re all yours and you’re all ours… Let’s have some fun together this night.”

“Get to know Captain Red REAL well,” they whispered together into his ears.

There is a Heaven!!! Blaze thought he was going to die from the mother of all nosebleeds when these two hot twins clearly said they wanted a good screwing. Who was he to deny the infamous Captain Red?

“AYE CAPTAIN!” he answered enthusiastically. The sisters laughed as their hands gripped at his clothing roughly, making short work of pulling them off and tossing them away. Two pairs of blue eyes looked down as they hummed pleasantly.

“Nice ‘sword’ Blaze,” Clarissa winked as both sisters slid down between his lap. She looked to her sister as she grasped his cock. “You brought him into our lives sis. You get first taste!”

Marissa chuckled and glanced up to Blaze with a seductive smirk. Ever since that day she’d bumped into him in the hall, she’d wanted to take him. Lowering her head, her tongue flicked out to boldly swirl about that flared cockhead. Moaning softly, she grasped his cock and ran her tongue along the underside from bottom to top in long lapping strokes. She smiled knowingly, pleased to see the young man’s eyes close and fists clench from the pleasure.

Never one to let her sister get all the fun, Clarissa nudged her way in with a grin as her hand grasped his balls and fondled them expertly. The hot naked twins acted as one as Marissa took his rock hard dick into her mouth at the same time Clarissa ducked in to lick his nuts before taking one into her mouth.

Blaze nearly blew his wad right then and there! Full feminine lips encased his cock and balls as the two sisters sucked vigorously. Marissa’s head bobbed up and down his length slowly as her cheeks hollowed with the suction driving his teeth into a grinding frenzy. Marissa released his cock from her glorious mouth with a wet pop and smack of her lips before she grinned to her twin.

“Bloody hell he tastes great, Clarissa! You try too!” she chuckled.

Blaze simply groaned in response as Clarissa eagerly hopped up and took his length into her mouth. The blonde beauty hummed pleasantly as she began to, unlike her sister, move her head back and forth rapidly on his rod. The cabin was soon filled with the sound of her wet slurps. Dear Stavros he wasn’t going to be able hold out much longer at the rate of her lips on him moving so fast with such incredible pleasure.

Clarissa released him with a gasp for air and grinned to her sister, “Right once again as always dear sister… I can’t wait to have him in my pussy!”

They shared a grin, understanding each other as twins only can before they both looked up to him as they licked the precum from the sensitive head. Their tongues danced about his flared head so much so that he simply caved in and soared on wings of bliss to the afterlife!

Hearing him grunt, the half-lycans purred as cum spurted out in thick jets to spray their faces and into their mouths. The cat-eared beauties wiped the cum off their faces and sucked it off their fingers like it was a delicacy. They looked to each and grinned before leaning in to kiss each other passionately and swap his cum on their tongues! The sisters swallowed and broke the hot kiss to look at a stunned Blaze staring at him with his mouth hanging wide open.

“What? Can’t handle a sisterly kiss?” Clarissa chided as she licked her lips.

Marissa laughed and lightly socked her sister’s shoulder. “We both love each other as sisters and we take care of each other. A pirate’s life is hard, especially in finding someone trustworthy enough to that extent. We’ve learned the hard way to only trust each other as sisters and take care of each other as such.”

“Besides,” Clarissa chuckled as she rose to close his open jaw with her finger and a hot kiss. She pulled back and purred. “It’s not like our incest is so wrong since we can’t have kids together.”

Blaze could only blink and nod. It had been incredibly arousing seeing two beautiful women kissing each other like lovers. But what confused him was that he found it even more exciting as they said. They were sisters. So taboo! His dick still at full strength was proof of that!

“Bloody hell,” Marissa moaned with need as she eyed his meaty rod, “I need that cock in me now!”

Marissa pulled Blaze up to his feet as she stood and kissed his lips hungrily, pressing her body firmly against his. Breaking the kiss with a wink, she moved onto her hands and knees on the couch, presenting him with her shapely ass and offered cunny. She looked over her shoulder to him and purred invitingly.

Blaze smiled back and moved up behind her. Both of them grew tense when he pressed the head to her entrance. Marissa let a low groaning hiss escape as she felt that cock pushing into her wet cunt. It felt so damn good! It felt like he was filling her so much. She thrust her hips back against him, half screaming as she impaled herself fully onto him. When she opened her eyes, she looked up to her sister. Clarissa smirked down to her and winked, having positioned herself to sit on the armrest with her legs spread wide.

“Can’t be letting you have all the fun!” she purred as her hand slid down to spread her pussy lips.

Blaze looked up in time to see Marissa chuckle and lean forward to slide her tongue up and down her sister’s slit. Clarissa tossed her long bright blonde hair back with her head as she moaned her sister’s name. Her back arched, displaying those firm tits of the toned pirate goddess. Clarissa’s hands seized Marissa’s ears and forcefully pulled her face into that juicy pussy with a lustful cry.

Blaze remembered himself now as he felt cunt muscles squeezing around his cock. Shaking himself out of the incestuous lesbian inducing trance, he gripped Marissa’s shapely hips as he pulled back and thrust back home deeply into her. The half-lycan in his grasp gasped a half scream into her sister, making the other scream as well with the vibrations into her sensitive pussy.

“Oh gods! Yes! YES! FUCK MEEE!!!” Marissa cried out before hungrily latching onto her sister’s cunt, delving her tongue down deep inside to taste her juices.

Clarissa’s hands squeezed her own tits as she moaned nonstop at the incredible sight of her sister getting fucked by the young stud. She nearly squeaked in sexual euphoria as her sister’s tongue dove deeper into her, driving her closer to cumming. Her fingers pinched and pulled on her hard pink nipples as she winked to Blaze.

Marissa groaned throatily into the hot pussy as Blaze drove harder into her cunt. She couldn’t believe how damn hot her body was feeling. It felt as if she was on fire and his beautiful cock was the poker stoking the flames in her loins! By the Deep Blue she was going to cum! Her firm breasts swayed slightly with the powerful thrusts of the pounding her pussy was receiving. She would yelp occasionally when that meaty sword brushed up against her clit. Blinking with the idea, she grinned as she took her sister’s clit into her mouth and suckled hard while her tongue flicked over it repeatedly.

Blaze gripped the couch suddenly with one hand as Marissa’s muscles seized on him and she shuddered violently, her scream muffled into Clarissa’s pussy as her orgasm tore through her. Her twin hissed as she humped her sibling’s face, the intense vibrations of that scream about her clit giving her a crushing climax to flood her juices into Marissa’s lapping mouth.

The young man gasped as he managed to hold on from blowing his load too early with that milking cunt of Marissa. The pirate woman looked back to him with her wet face with a loving look and smile. She pulled off of him before she yanked Clarissa down off the armrest onto the couch below her.

“Your turn, dear sister,” Marissa purred down to her twin. Clarissa was now below her and lying on her back. Marissa muffled any response as she planted her hips down on her sister’s face, pressing her freshly fucked hole to Clarissa’s full lips. She moaned as Clarissa eagerly began to delve her tongue inside her before looking over her shoulder to Blaze with a wicked grin.

Blaze could only grin back as he spread Clarissa’s legs and put his cock to her entrance. With a single thrust, he buried his cock into the familiar wet warmth of wonderful half-lycan pussy. He heard the muffled scream of passion from her as Marissa gave a throaty purr, grinding her hips onto that probing tongue.

The three lovers filled the cabin with moans and screams of ecstasy. Blaze’s hips worked to rapidly thrust that impalement into the writhing nude female body, bouncing Clarissa’s firm tits up and down as he fucked her. Clarissa could only continue to scream her encouragement while feverishly licking and sucking the juices out of her sister. Marissa’s sweet ass moved with her hips as she sexily humped her sister’s face, breathing heavily as the sweat dripped down her chest and face.

Blaze leaned over the squirming pirate beauty he was piercing with his sword and gripped those beautiful firm tits. He kneaded the smooth orbs to elicit more frantic groans from Clarissa as he pumped in and out of her. Marissa’s hands ran through her hair before she tossed it about with the shaking of her head, her body beginning its rapid decent towards the fiery pleasure of climax.

“Suck it! YES! TONGUE MY PUSSY SISTER!!! I’M GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOUR SWEET FACE!” the normally cool and collected half-lycan began screaming as her hips rode Clarissa’s face until she tensed and flooded that mouth with her flowing honey.

The intensity of her climax charged the air and Blaze could no longer hold back. With a grunting roar, he slammed into Clarissa’s wet gash all the way before letting lose with his second torrent of creamy jizz. The svelte beauty below him felt his cum filling her cunt and began thrashing about wildly as her body reacted with the lust of knowledge that it was dear Blaze cumming inside her. Her howl filled the cabin as Marissa was raising herself off. Clarissa’s orgasm tore through her body with such force that she was left breathless as she coated his wonderful rod thickly.

Blaze pulled out of that gripping hole with a loud wet pop as Clarissa lay there in a fucked-me-damn-good blissful state. His body was sweaty and he gasped for breath after the exertion of it all. Marissa purred softly as she moved over her recuperating sister to kiss him hotly. His arms wrapped about the older woman as he returned the kiss with equal passion.

“You’re doing great lover,” she purred after breaking the kiss before tweaking his nose affectionately. “Now take a breather as me and Clarissa do something to raise your sails once more.”

Blaze could only nod as she lightly pushed him away from the couch. He backed away and sat down in one of the chairs as Marissa moved over her twin, trailing kisses up a beautiful body identical to hers. The two sisters locked lips passionately as they parted their lips to let their tongues caress the other’s in a forbidden dance. They both sat up together now as they kissed each other passionately, at times nipping and suckling at the slender neck of their sibling. Their hands busily roamed over their taut bodies, caressing breasts and rubbing aroused puffy cunt lips.

The young man soon felt his dick coming back to life as he witnessed the half-lycan sisters pleasuring each other like experienced lovers only know how. Blaze watched the infamous pirates scoot close to each other, interlocking their legs and pressing their wet mounds against each other. The blondes threw their heads back and groaned as they began to rub their pussies together!

Blaze nearly died from blood loss there as all blood rushed to his now massive erection! Marissa and Clarissa’s long hair was tossed about as they began to lewdly hump their hips together. The smell of wet feminine sex filled the cabin along with their growing arousal and cries. Both twins stared lustily into each other’s eyes as they pleasured each other.

“That’s it, Marissa! Harder sister! HARDER!” Clarissa hissed, rolling her hips about to make their pelvis bones rub more against their budding clits.

Marissa hissed in response as she licked her grinning lips, her hand reaching to grope her sister’s tit. “Oh fuck yes! Come on sis! Splash my twat with your cum!”

The women groaned as their pace increased while they ground against each other more frantically. The pleasure seared through their bodies as they sprinted toward mutual sisterly orgasm. Their large firm breasts bounced about as their bodies shone with a fine sheet of sweat. Two pairs of blue eyes rolled up as two identical bodies thrashed as the sisters came at the very same time together.

“YEEESSSSS!!!!” Marissa screamed, shaking her torso and tits about in the climax.

Clarissa shrieked as she whipped her hair about as she shook her head violently, her juices splashing out of her pussy to mingle with her sister’s own release. “FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!”

When they came down from the heights of sisterly pleasure, they both looked to Blaze. The twins began chuckling as they saw the young man sitting there in a drooling daze. Clarissa purred as she untangled herself from her sibling and got onto her hands and knees on the couch. She lowered her torso to rest against the cushioning with her ass presented high in offering to him.

“I’ve always been told I have a nice ass,” Clarissa purred to him. “Come take what many have desired but never had!”

Marissa blinked in surprise down to her sister as she offered her anal virginity to Blaze. The young man snapped out of his hypnotic state and moved with swiftness to Clarissa on the couch. She watched that cock head still wet with bodily juices press against the sweet star of her sister’s ass before it pushed inside. Clarissa looked up to her sister with eyes widening and mouth opening in shock that turned swiftly into amazement. Marissa herself watched in lustful awe as more and more of the pale cock slid into that ass, wishing it was her own.

Blaze groaned as Clarissa’s ass was incredibly tight as he entered it. It was slow going as she had to slowly accommodate him as he took her anal virginity. When he was fully into her, Clarissa was shaking her head in pure disbelief and mumbling incoherent words of ecstasy as she was spread wide.

“Dear… fuck… oh gods… fuck it… YES!… SO damn… BIG! Stretching!” she gasped out before finally unleashing a scream. “FUCK MY ASS BLAZE!!!! GOOOODSS YEEEEEESSSS!!!!”

Marissa’s eyes grew wide as her sister’s eyes went wild like an animal as she thrust her hips back into Blaze’s to meet his first thrust into her ass. Little shocks of pleasure suddenly became big shocks of blissful ecstasy with each resounding loud slap of hips meeting Clarissa’s firm rear. Marissa didn’t even realize two of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she longingly watched her sister get ass-fucked.

Clarissa buried her face into the cushion and unleashed a muffled scream. It felt so damn unbelievably wonderful! He was so deeply inside her and she burned with pleasure inside to where he reached with that cock. She had known it would be great letting him take her this way, but it was turning out so much better than expected! Damn she loved this young stud and what he was doing to her! Her body was tortured by racking bouts of bliss as she thrust back against him with wild abandon. She could care less about pirate pride as she grunted like a needful whore, encouraging him to go harder and faster before professing her love when he complied like the wonderful man he was.

“BLAAAAAAZZZZEEEE!!!” Clarissa unleashed in a primal animal roar as her body climaxed. The orgasm was so fierce that she couldn’t breathe again. She couldn’t bloody breathe any more as her cum squirted out of her twat and her ass muscles clenched at his throbbing tool.

Blaze gasped as her clenching as muscles took him within a hair’s breadth of cumming again. So close in fact that he wouldn’t have been surprised if a little hadn’t leaked out into Clarissa’s beautiful ass. The beautiful blonde collapsed down fully onto the couch as if she had just fought an entire war and was now finally able to get some rest. His still hard cock slid out of her ass as she fell to lie on the couch in post-orgasmic naked beauty. By the way his ears were still ringing from her orgasmic roar, he didn’t doubt she was completely exhausted.

He grunted when hands violently seized his shoulders and pushed him back roughly. A gasp escaped him as he landed roughly on his ass on the couch before looking up. He swallowed deeply as he saw Marissa staring down at him with an animalistic hunger in her eyes. Her cat-like ears twitched with a tense wave of sheer lust and desire burning within her eyes to mate with the man in front of her. He was staring at a puma looking down at him from the branches in the jungle. And he was the prey!

Marissa hissed as she looked down to him before she slid herself into his lap, crushing her lips into his in a wild kiss. Her tongue caressed his lips with hungry swipes before she pulled back, looking down to him in all her naked pirate glory. A pirate with the eyes of a beast mad with hunger! The beast unleashed!

“I need it too Blaze,” she hissed. “I’ve never been taken in the ass either. But seeing… Seeing you and my sister like that… I want it… More than all the treasures of the sea in this moment, I want you to fuck my ass into afterlife!”

He nodded up to her, understanding the desire that must have arisen watching her twin go insane with the pleasure of being taken anally. Wordlessly, she gripped his dick and pointed it upwards. With a sure sense of animalistic instinct, Captain Red guided it to the star of her ass and lowered herself down until it began to slide in. Marissa’s eyes closed as she hissed with slight pain as she continued lowering herself slowly upon that hard rod, her anal virginity gone. After a few tense minutes, the half-lycan pirate sat fully impaled upon him. Her eyes held that wild look still but now also contained amazement.

Blaze meanwhile was struggling to keep a hold of himself from coming too soon and infuriating a pirate in the state she was in. But it was so tight inside her! Her ass muscles clenched at him like Clarissa had. He’d been barely able to withstand that and now had to endure a twin experience of walking the knife’s edge.

Reddish blonde hair wet with sweat was flung back as Marissa looked to the ceiling and screamed as she began to grind her hips. Her pink nipples stood out as hard as pebbles upon her firm round breasts. It burned oh so wonderfully fucking good! She gasped as she fell forward and braced herself up with her hands on his shoulders. Her deep blue eyes never left his now as she wickedly began to rise and slam her hips back down on him.

Blaze’s cock was driven in and out of her puckered asshole as she drove the groans she wanted to hear out of him. The half-lycan rode his cock with wild abandon for a number of minutes that seemed to last for a blissful eternity until he began to gasp rapidly. Through her own loud shrieks, her pointy ears heard his words loud and clear.

“Going… to… cum!” he rasped.

“NO! NOT IN MY ASS!” she roared as she pulled off of him and slammed back down, plunging that thick long cock into her waiting pussy. She hissed in venomous lust as she glared down to him through her dangling sweaty locks of hair. “Cum in my cunt you sweet scurvy dog! Just like you did to my sister! Fill my womb with your spunk! I want your seed in me NOOOOW!!!!!”

Unable to withstand it any more, he cried out and thrust up into her twat as he unloaded spurts of cum into Captain Red’s hot steamy depths as she ordered! The naked pirate riding him went absolutely nuts as she suffered nearly the same fate as her twin sister. Her breath simply wouldn’t come until she finally managed an ear-splitting shriek.

“CUM!! CUM IN ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! BY THE DEEP BLUE I LOVE YOU!!! FUCK ME! USE ME!! MAKE ME YOUR DAMN CUM BAG!!!” she screamed in hysterical orgasmic insanity.

Blaze was already complying as she ground her squirting cunt over his dick that pumped loads of cum into her. The pirate woman collapsed against his chest as she fiercely kissed his lips in exhausted thanks. His arms wrapped about her as she held him close, both gasping to regain their breath. They both blinked when they heard clapping and looked to see a recovered Clarissa grinning broadly as she applauded.

“That was incredible you two,” Clarissa purred as she slid over on the couch cover to cuddle up with them.

Marissa laughed softly and kissed her sister gently, “You should have seen yourself with him too, dear sister.”

All three of them chuckled before the two ladies rose and helped Blaze rise up with them. Together, the strong women helped a nearly exhausted Blaze over to their bed. After all, he had cum three times after great physical exertion of pleasing the two women twice.

“I really should try to get back to Kendra,” he mumbled tiredly. “She’ll be expecting me to be back.”

“Don’t worry about that, Blaze,” Clarissa said with a chuckle and kiss to his cheek.

Marissa nodded to him with a smile. “Before this, we had a quick talk with Kendra and she understood. It surprised us that she was fine with us having sex with you, but after more talking we knew her feelings about this.”

“We know we can’t have you to ourselves, though you are a treasure we would love to steal for ourselves,” Clarissa sighed. “You and Kendra truly belong together. But I love you and you can always count on me as a friend.”

Marissa kissed his lips gently and nodded with a look to her twin. “As I love you too, Blaze. Captain Red is yours and no one else’s. We will always come to your aide when in need of us. Remember that, lover…”

He nodded weakly as the three of them slid onto the bed together after Clarissa turned out the lamps. Blaze was glad to have made new dear friends in the Red sisters. He was fast asleep before he knew it with both twins on each side of him…


The sun rose but Tyra could tell they would not see it for a few more hours. Upon flying up to the Crow’s Nest for the morning shift, she could already tell they were in for an interesting morning. The light winds and ample moisture from the sea were perfect conditions and the sea fog swirled all about them now thickly. A few men peered ahead at the front of the ship to warn of any rocks as Tyra and the pirate beside her did their best to keep a sharp eye all about them.

The gorgeous gargoyle sighed as her eyes strained from looking about the mist, silently praying she didn’t miss any land formations or rocks. She’d heard of plenty of crews meeting their demise by crashing into deadly rock formations and cliffs because of sea fog. The pirate had told her how some ports were now building structures called lighthouses to warn blinded ships of the land’s direction and distance.

Tyra made sure to keep her eyes sharp for any such lighted structures. It was a relief when she could tell the fog was slowly beginning to disperse as her visibility increased in range. That was when she noticed a few shadowy objects that seemed fairly large to the bow of the Crimson Dawn.

“Hey! I think I see something ahead!” she quickly informed her companion.

The rough looking pirate brushed up beside her as he peered intently to where she pointed. He then saw the objects and muttered an unintelligible curse as he looked down to the steersman at the wheel.

“Ship ahoy! Dead ahead!” he bellowed down, before looking to Tyra. “Can you make out any flags yet?”

Both of them peered ahead intently as the ship began to turn to the left to avoid a collision. Tyra’s eyes narrowed as she began to be able to make-out something flapping gently in the light wind. It hung limply most of the time and wasn’t distinguishable in any crests or markings. They were drawing closer as they began to draw parallel with the ship. The pirate muttered angrily as he tried to make it out, saying that they’ve surely been spotted now as well.

Tyra gasped when a slightly strong breeze caught the other ship’s flag and unfurled it. “I see it! It’s a grey flag with a dark skull and crossbones on it.”

“Bloody spirits,” the pirate whispered as he blanched, seeing the flag too now.

“What is it?” Came the call from below. Both Tyra and the pirate looked down to see the Red sisters and Blaze with her friends looking up to them, having been awoken by all the commotion. The pirate beside her sweated profusely as he gripped the wooden edge with white knuckles, screaming only one name that said it all.



Marissa hissed angrily in pure disbelief as she watched the fog begin to more quickly disperse with the passing morning sun to reveal a sight she didn’t like. Three clippers and two warships to her own one. All those ships bore the trademark grey flag with the black skull and crossbones of Blackblood. The damn fog had obscured any chance of seeing this and allowed her ship to coast right into the middle of Blackblood’s fleet! Already she could hear the raised shouts of surprise and alarms from the ships all about her.

“Alright you scurvy dogs!” she roared to her stunned crew, snapping their attention to her. “Get yer bloody asses in it before we’re all sent to the Deep Blue! Get to your posts! Man your stations at the ready and open the gun ports!”

“Gun ports?” Blaze asked in confusion.

“You’ll see soon,” she grinned in response.

“Turn us about,” hissed Clarissa to the steersman above the crew running about. “They are all heading north! Turn us west so they have a harder time shooting at something narrow!”

Already Marissa could see one of the clippers turning about to pursue them in the direction they were starting to turn. She noted Blaze’s friends getting their weapons ready and sincerely hoped they would last long enough to be able to use them. A sweating Bardok ran up to the half-lycans.

“Canons are ready and the foremost warship targeted, Captain Red!” he bellowed.

“FIRE!!!” the twins screamed.

The order to fire bellowed in a chain of voices to below as the sisters grabbed the side-railing. Blaze looked to them with confusion as to why they’d want to start a fire on a wooden ship and not understanding what these ‘canons’ were. He was about to ask when he was forced backwards by stumbling as the whole ship was rocked by several deafening explosions. Kendra’s arm caught him as she also used him to steady herself.

Both lovers stared in shock as smoke rose from one side of the ship. Blaze thought he could make out some kind of round objects speeding away from the Crimson Dawn before the warship closest to them suddenly exploded in sections of showering wood and pained screams.

Marissa was glad they tore the ship asunder as it had begun to open its gun ports too. Thankfully her crew had been much quicker and now the warship tilted as the gaping holes in its side allowed water to pour inside. Soon, it would sink into the Deep Blue forever.

“What in Stavros’s name was that?” Blaze shouted loudly, his ears ringing from the loudness. “And is the ship on fire?”

“No,” Clarissa laughed as they sighted the other ships turning after them in pursuit. “That’s the trade secret of the pirates I saved you from with the gun. A trade secret stolen from a researcher by pirates long ago before they killed him. This alchemist formulated a powder that can explode when lit by a spark or fire. Pack that into a tube and an object resting ahead of it.”

“Ignite the powder and that object has nowhere else but to go forward from the explosion, propelled at a devastating speed. Those larger cannons did the equivalent with the heavy iron balls to that warship as the gun’s pellet would have to your head,” Marissa finished with a mischievous grin before it disappeared as she saw the two clippers gaining on the larger Crimson Dawn swiftly.

“CHAIN SHOT!” roared one pirate as he pointed to the remaining warship and something spinning away from it.

“SHIT!” both twins screamed in unison as they ran to view where the pirate point.

Tyra launched into the air as she already knew what it was through her conversations with the pirate lookout. It’s the worst nightmare for any pirate in the crow’s nest. Two cannonballs chained together and fired from one cannon. The resulting firing sent the cannonballs spinning around each other to help carry their momentum to their intended targets: the masts. With such force, chain shots easily tore through even thick masts of ships and crippled them by bringing their driving sails down.

The red-headed gargoyle winged out towards the oncoming shot as swiftly as she could until she stopped. Tyra was right in its path. Either she would stop it or cause it to lose its momentum as it tore through her. Either way the chain shot was not going to make it to the Crimson Dawn while she was around! Muscles bulging and eyes glowing a hot white in her gargoyle fury, she howled as the chain shot came at her.

She couldn’t have timed it more perfectly as her thick powerful claws caught one of the balls. Tyra grunted with the tearing strain on her muscles as she spun about with it rapidly. Spreading her wings to steady herself, she now carried the momentum of the shot into herself and spun about more rapidly. With another gargoyle scream, she looked and released it towards her intended target. Back to the enemy warship! The chain shot sailed far before tearing through the main mast of it rather than the Crimson Dawn’s. It tore through with such force that rigging snapped as the mast lifted up and came down sharply to spear the warship fatally through every deck to allow water to rush in.

Tyra gasped at the exertion and pain from the incredible strain that had put on her muscles. She would be incredibly sore after this was said and done. Flying back to the cheering crews of the Crimson Dawn, she couldn’t help but grin and wave in return up to her grateful companion in the crow’s nest waving wildly to her. Clarissa was ecstatic to have Blaze and his friends among her crew to help or surely they would be done in by now. But looking back to see those clippers even closer, she knew this was far from over.

“Get yer blasted cutlasses out and prepare to be boarded,” Marissa roared as she knew they would be caught and overrun soon. “When they come, give ‘em bloody hell! NO QUARTER GIVEN!”

“ARR!!!” came the roaring answer of Captain Red’s crew.

“Come about,” ordered Clarissa with a vengeful hiss. “I want to show that bastard Blackblood we’ll take him on. We won’t run any longer!”

Marissa nodded and signaled the steersman to do so. The man grunted as he worked to rapidly spin the wheel. Slowly the Crimson Dawn turned to face her pursuers defiantly. The clippers where still a distance away as she pulled up perpendicular to their path, showing her broadside. Never one to miss an opportunity, the sisters capitalized as they were famously known to do.

“FIRE!!!” they screamed again.

The Crimson Dawn roared its rage with explosions of canon fire into the pursuing and unsuspecting clippers as she continued to turn about. Many of the cannonballs missed the closest but made the one near beside it pay dearly as they tore through masts and part of the hull. Still, it wasn’t as much damage as they could have hoped for.

Death’s Mistress strode forward, shoving others aside until she was at the railing. Thrusting her hand forth, she hissed in drow before black flames exploded from it. The flames thundered through the air with a sickening crackle of death before tearing into the wounded clipper in half with a fierce fiery explosion.

“I would not let my cold friend be delayed in his fun in claiming their lives,” Death’s Mistress hissed and smirked back over her shoulder to the rest of them.

The amazed crew roared in their approval as the dark elf whipped out her ring sabers. The distance between both ships rapidly closed now that they charged each other. Blaze and the women were pushed back by the red sisters as weapons were continually drawn by the crew as the Crimson Dawn was nearly upon the oncoming clipper.

“Prepare to be boarded,” Marissa cried about the challenging roars and insults from both pirate crews as the ships neared each other.

Blaze swallowed nervously as he’d heard how dirty pirates can fight and mentally prepared himself for an ‘anything goes’ battle. The sight of the things called pistols were even more unnerving as he wasn’t sure how to deal with such in a fight. No sooner had the two ships drawn side by side did numerous grappling hooks sail upwards to find purchase on the deck’s railing. Pirates immediately scaled the ropes onto the larger ship while some of their Blackblood companions swung over on ropes. Smaller explosions rang sharply in the air as shots were fired and numerous pirates fell on both sides. Rae, having seen what the cannons could do instinctively raised a darkness shield of magic about her friends and the Red sisters, deflecting the projectiles away harmlessly. Chaos then ensued as pistols were forgotten in the mad rush as cutlasses met each other with harsh metallic clangs.

As soon as Rae dropped the shield, the Red sisters charged forward into the melee with fierce hisses of challenge. Blaze and the others were right behind them as they merged into the combat to live or die as a result. Several pirates fell by Blaze’s twin blades as they were no match with their single cutlasses and simple hacking swings. The young warrior cut a bloody path through to Marissa and Clarissa who stood at the forefront of the massacre taking place on the Crimson Dawn.

Between slashes and dodging blows as swiftly as he could, Blaze was impressed by what he saw in the twins. Captain Red’s legendary fierceness was revealed as the half-lycans used their lycan blood to their advantage. Hissing with grins of bloodlust, they dodged every single attack by the opposing pirates with feline grace and swiftness before countering with lycan strength that fell their enemies before them in bloody ruin. Their bladework was precise with not a single motion wasted without killing or severely wounding. Ordinarily this contest would have been evenly matched if not for their commanding presence. With Blaze at the twins’ side, the Blackblood crew was distinctly at a disadvantage. But to his amazement, they kept on coming as if the demons of the Abyss were at their backs. Failure was not an option for these pirates. Only victory or death.

Kendra watched all of this from above as she flapped her wings. She often lashed out with her whip to yank a pirate up into the air towards her and kill them. Sometimes her whip wrapped about the neck of some and she simply ripped their heads clean off their shoulders. The succubus never made a mistake in her bloody efficiency as all pirates were easily identifiable by wearing their captain’s colors.

The powerful Tyra flew nearby her, keeping an eye out for any Red pirate needing assistance rather than barging in and making one big target out of herself. Whenever she saw a few Reds surrounded, the gargoyle would come crashing down into their midst and send Blackblood pirates flying away, saving numerous lives. Nadine herself had clawed her way up the masts and roping to battle with the other red pirates to prevent the rigging and sails being damaged beyond repair. The nimble catwoman flipped about and used her claws to move about like no other pirate could. With her powerful martial arts kicks and punches, Nadine sent the enemy pirates crashing down into the chaos below or the deep blue waters.

Death’s Mistress had thrown herself into the fray without a care of whether she had support behind her or not. She could handle herself and she did exactly that. The assassin spun about through the pirates and tore a gory trail through them with her ring sabers. Pirates screamed in agony as she disemboweled some while dismembering others.

“Blaze! Look out!” Clarissa roared as she speared an enemy pirate through his heart with her cutlass.

Blaze whipped around but it was too late as a weaponless pirate come up from behind him and landed a solid punch to Blaze’s face. The young warrior staggered backwards to the railing before he knew what was happening. It was too much momentum and little balance as his waist hit the railing and he began to tumble backwards overboard. Oh shit!

As quickly as he could, Blaze put the hilt of his right blade in his mouth to be clenched tight by his teeth. His freed right hand frantically grasped out for the only thing he hoped could be there. Much to his relief his hand found purchase on that very rope he’d been hoping would be there. Grunting with the jarring of his body, the fall was halted through his one arm. Blaze dangled there for a moment as he regained his wits. When he did, Blaze heard a distinct cracking over the turmoil above. Looking up he saw the railing, weakened by missed blows of weapons, crumble and release the grappling hook. His body dropped and swung him rapidly towards the clipper.

Oh for crying out lo-


“Ouch…..” he muttered through the hilt in his mouth.

Blaze groaned as he tightly gripped the rope barely after being splattered on the side of the clipper. The force had nearly thrown him from the rope he held but he managed to keep purchase through it all. Teeth chattering on his hilt from the blow, he slowly began to climb with his one arm and feet against the hull. He had trouble because of the wind nearly being knocked out of him or else it would have been easy. But he still managed to hoist himself up and over onto what he saw was the deck at the rear of the clipper.

After falling on his ass from crawling on board, he staggered to his feet and looked up to see what he rather would have not. A bear of a man stood not far from him and was looking at Blaze over his shoulder with cold beady black eyes. The man wore a long black pirate coat over his grey shirt and black leggings. A mass of curling black hair and black beard gave the man a very dark appearance, leaving no doubt in Blaze’s mind who this muscled behemoth was. The few remaining pirates aboard below saw Blaze and cried out as they rushed to kill the lone enemy on their clipper.

“No,” the deep voice rumbled from the man as he held out a hand to stay their charge, or rather the metal hook in the place of where the hand would have been. The crew stopped as he looked back to them. “Focus on capturing the Red sisters alive! I could use a bit of entertainment in the meantime.”

Blaze swallowed deeply as he cursed his confounded luck getting worse by the minute as he took his sword from his mouth. First the blow sending him overboard. Then becoming a flatcake on the side of a ship. And now he was about to go toe-to-toe in a battle with Blackblood himself! The crew scurried back to complete their assigned orders, considering Blaze as good as dead already. The massive pirate before him turned about as he removed his lengthy coat and placed it on the steering wheel. Blackblood removed his long cutlass and glared down at the much shorter and lighter Blaze.

“Ye’d better give me some good fun, little boy,” he growled confidently, “As I dunna want the fun and blood ta end quickly.”

Blaze moved to his right with Blackblood as the two cautiously circled each other while they sized up their opponent. Blaze already didn’t like his odds. He had exerted himself quite a bit on the Crimson Dawn and the crash against this ship hadn’t helped. He knew he wasn’t at full strength and had to stall for time to recoup some of it.

“So you’re the one who left Clarissa?” he asked while keeping the twin blades raised in a defensive posture.

Blackblood blinked and lowered his blade at hearing this, not thinking the man in front of him as a threat in any regard. “Ah, so the half-pussy whore filled ya in on me using her. When I tired of dat filthy rat as a fuckbag and gained enough support, I cut all ties and left with a substantial prize! Me own crews and fleet to do whatever the bloody hell I want!”

“I see you’re missing a hand there,” Blaze pointed slightly to the hook with one sword. “I hear she cut it right off. So… How many holes do you have now after scratching your ass with it, asshole?”

Blaze blinked and groaned inwardly as those words left his mouth before he could even think about them. Once again his mouth had just landed his ass in hot water! Blackblood stiffened. No! He bristled with rage at the insult. Blaze swallowed and managed a grin in response before cringing at a furious roar erupting from the massive pirate. So much for buying time to regain some of his strength.

The young warrior yelped as the raging bull of a pirate charged into him, barely dodging the massive downswing of the cutlass that easily shattered the wooden railing from the brute strength. Nimble Blaze danced away on his feet, putting as much distance between the two of them as he could. But the evil pirate captain was beyond livid in his anger and was soon right after Blaze. Thick veins pulsed on Blackblood’s forehead as he roared towards him.

Blaze tried to duck aside again but Blackblood was not to be fooled this time and angled his down stroke to slice towards Blaze’s ribs. Twin blades clapped together with a metal clang to crisscross each other in time to catch the cutlass between them. Though he saved himself, the raw strength sent Blaze tumbling away until he crashed to a halt at the railing on the other side of the deck. He wheezed as he struggled to regain his breath once more. That’s it! No more running!

Staggering to his feet, Blaze lifted his blades once more to the bull of a pirate rushing him. The wooden deck trembled with the weight of the massive man coming fast. The young Quinlan fighter didn’t try to dodge this time as the cutlass was brought down from above to try and cleave him in two. Blaze whipped his right sword up to catch the blow as it drove him down to a knee with a grunt. He swiftly thrust his left blade to the exposed abdomen of Blackblood. The large body in front of him moved with surprising swiftness as it moved to the side, his blade only biting into the muscled side.

Not wanting to give the pirate any chance for a counterattack, Blaze used his own speed to surprise the burly opponent by leaping from his crouch up into a springing jump front kick, landing it squarely on the chin. Blackblood grunted and stumbled back a few steps, not expecting such in his red anger. Though big as he was, he was quick enough in his own size as he lashed out with a backhanded blow with his hook to send the smaller man in midair sprawling once more.

Blaze groaned as he hadn’t expected Blackblood to be able to recover and move that fast. The hard metal of the hook had smashed into his face. Part of the sharp end had caught his cheek and sliced it deeply, leaving a wound weeping blood heavily on the one side of his face. He rolled to his feet and turned to face the steaming scallywag. The youthful warrior turned his head to spit out some blood with his gaze hardening. Blaze’s own anger was rising now. There was no way in the Abyss he was going to lose to anyone ever again, let alone this bastard!

Both men charged the other with defiant roars before the air sung with the clash of swords above all others in the forgotten battle on the Crimson Dawn in their minds. Blaze glared up into those black eyes challengingly, daring the other to try and make him back down in defeat. The flicker of glinting light warned him in time as the dirty pirate swung his hook around to kill him. Blaze grunted as he leaned back to where it narrowly missed, throwing the heavier man off balance. Twisting about, Blaze lowered into the spin and thrust his leg out to sweep Blackblood’s legs out from beneath him. Blackblood landed on his back with a heavy crash.

Blaze finished his spin to whip his swords downwards and howled with battle lust as he thrust them downwards to drink in the pirate’s blood. His arms shuddered as the blades sunk deeply into the wood instead while Blackblood rolled aside. The massive man slammed a large boot into Blaze’s stomach to gain some space. Grunting in pain, Blaze stumbled backwards and knew his body couldn’t take much more abuse from this giant pirate.

Blackblood himself was calmer as he now backed away slowly to appraise this challenger anew. Blaze stepped forward quickly to grasp his hilts and grunted as he tried to lift the weapons free but couldn’t. They were dug in deep and stuck. Seizing the opportunity, Blackblood swept in with renewed fury to kill this annoying vermin on his ship. Blaze growled in frustration as he was forced to back away from his swords as he dodged in and out of the cutlass strikes and hook swipes.

“Ye bloody sea rat! I’ll split ya into fish bait ya flippin’ monkey!” Blackblood roared.

What the hell was a monkey? Either way, Blaze knew an insult when he heard one as he swerved to connect a solid right hook that momentarily stunned the pirate. Blaze twisted the other way as he leapt up to slam a wicked uppercut that sent both Blackblood and his crooked yellow teeth flying. Grasping the railing to support himself, Blackblood heaved himself up as he spit out blood and a few more teeth. Seething hatred filled the other’s eyes now as Blaze stood there. Blaze wondered why it could never be in between as it seemed people either loved him or hated him.

That thought made him smirk as he drew himself into a defensive stance and extended his upward palm to the pirate. He then beckoned Blackblood with that hand to bring it. As he had hoped, the pirate had no discipline and let the rage completely overtake him. Charging like a mad bull, Blackblood swung his cutlass so clearly that Blaze knew where it was going. Sidestepping the swing, the young warrior drove the wind out of Blackblood’s sails with a leaping rising knee to his midsection. Blaze did it with such force that he could hear a rib or two cracking from the blow.

The pirate gasped, not having expected someone to know how to fight like this as he doubled over head-on to receive the smaller warrior’s heel to his face from the follow-up spinning hook-kick. Blackblood cursed foully as he crashed into the steering wheel and used it for support. His cutlass clattered away from him to the lower deck.

“Curse ye! I will have yer hide for this!” Blackblood bellowed as he spun about to lash out with his only other weapon, his hook.

Blaze ducked quickly and seized the arm. Ducking under and spinning, he twisted that arm about with enough force to make Blackblood actually scream with pain for the first time. Blaze struggled mightily with the larger man trying to twist free and jammed his finger down on the pressure point between Blackblood’s collar bones, making the pirate howl with further pain but weakened as well.

“This,” Blaze growled as he pinned the pirate against the wheel he still leaned on, “is for the pain you caused Clarissa you son of a bitch!”

Blackblood didn’t realize it until it was too late with Blaze having pulled the twisted arm between the big man’s legs. With a vengeful growl, Blaze suddenly yanked that arm upwards to pop the arm out of the shoulder socket. But even worse was the sharp hook being driven up into Blackblood’s crotch from below. The massive man screamed in agony as he thrashed in pain, making Blaze back away quickly.

The battle between the two pirate crews had spilled back onto the clipper and was now taking place on both ships. But with the help of Kendra, Nadine, Tyra, and Rae, the battle had continued to go in favor of the Red sisters. But when that scream of agony ripped through the air, all became swiftly silent as all eyes turned stunned to see the Captain Blackblood bloodied, bruised, and in pain. Everyone forgot about their enemies right next to them as their feet were frozen, unable to move.

The young warrior moved to grasp both blades again as he slammed his foot down between them. The weakened wood splintered under the impact enough to crack and allow him to wedge them free. Sick of this bastard’s howling, he moved back to his enemy and beheaded the infamous Blackblood with silent anger. The silence was palpable and it seemed as if the very sea about them quieted in hushed astonishment. The courage of Blackblood’s pirates rolled away as did their leader’s head in a bloody mess down the deck.

“NO QUARTER!” roared one red pirate and soon the few remaining enemy pirates were dispatched in bloody fashion. Blaze stumbled down the stairs, bruised and bloodied. He was so damn tired that he didn’t even realize the mass of pirates surrounding him in celebration and praise. Clarissa shoved her way through to seize Blaze and kiss him fiercely on the mouth.

“I would have preferred to do that bastard in myself,” she whispered huskily into his ear, “but seeing you do it was just as satisfying!”

Blaze was helped back over to the Crimson Dawn by Tyra as the rest of the Red crew climbed back over the ropes. Though they had won against insurmountable odds, the toll had been a heavy one as two-thirds of Marissa and Clarissa’s crew were dead. Those perished aboard Blackblood’s clipper were brought back to be given a proper burial at sea. No tears were shed for their comrades as they died a good death in combat for their captains. A worthy pirate’s end! Ropes were cut and grappling hooks tossed off as torches were hurled across to add the last insult to Blackblood’s name by burning his ship.

“Captain Red!” screamed a panicked pirate from above as they drifted further away from the burning inferno of the clipper.

“What?” Marissa shouted with a foul scowl, not wanting this great moment to be spoiled.

“The other clipper! She has us sighted!” he screamed down.

“What?… No… Dear heavens NO!” Marissa muttered as she and Clarissa rushed to where the pirate pointed.

True enough to his words, the clipper was a distance away with her broadside pointed directly at the Crimson Dawn’s. Already she could see the gun ports beginning to open to allow the cannons to fire. Blackblood must have ordered one to stay back and target them as a back-up in case something went wrong. Once the clipper saw the other burning, they followed their orders to sink the Crimson Dawn and her crew in revenge. They were done for, she realized. The Crimson Dawn couldn’t maneuver herself away in time nor would her crew be quick enough in preparing their cannons. No magic could be used by the drowess as Rae had gone below deck to tend to the wounded. There was simply no time!

Kendra hovered far above them as she noticed the jovial mood turn to accepting silence as all gazes turned in one direction. They all looked like they were gazing at their executioner. Her gaze followed them to see and realize the same time Marissa did. Her green gaze dropped back down to see Blaze bloodied and bruised with a hopeless look on his face as he too knew there was nothing they could do.


Everyone aboard cringed and ducked when the scream of pure rage tore through the air. All eyes fell upon the winged beautiful succubus who dove and sped towards the enemy clipper. Blaze couldn’t believe how fast Kendra was flying just above the water while she flapped those bat-like wings as if possessed. With her incredible speed, she reached the clipper when none of them thought she could in time.

Blaze panicked when he lost sight of her as she reached the ship and the screams began. The shrieks of terror and pain filled the air as they all could easily see blood arc high enough to spray the clipper’s sails. Then all grew quiet for a moment as everyone watched in tense silence. Had the demoness succeeded in killing the crew and stopping the attack? Or had she been killed by being overwhelmed?

They were soon answered as the clipper splintered into tiny bits from an explosion massive enough to throw all of them back by the concussive force! The fireball engulfed and completely incinerated the ship as large waves were kicked up and rocked the Crimson Dawn intensely when they reached her.

“Was it the alchemic powder?” Nadine asked the sisters as she shook her fur.

“No,” Clarissa said with a disbelieving shake of her head as she pushed herself back to her feet.

Marissa nodded. “We’ve seen ships before being torn apart from explosions within. Those were nowhere near as big as that one! What the bloody hell happened over there!?”

A pirate cried out as he pointed to an object sailing their way from way above. Blaze blinked and peered up to see that it was Kendra falling and unconscious. He pushed a few aside as he aimed himself to be in the best position. His estimation was close enough as he moved under her just in time for her to crash into him. He grunted at the impact that slammed him down and made them skid as his arms wrapped about her protectively.

Groaning as they finally came to a stop and others came to help, Blaze looked down to the beautiful demoness in his arms. She was a bit singed by the explosion but otherwise fine. But Kendra was out cold even though he tried to rouse her gently. What had happened aboard that ship? What had caused such a powerful explosion? And did she have something to do with it?

Somehow, he had the feeling there was still more to this succubus than he and the others knew….


Blaze sighed as he sat by Kendra’s side on a small stool. The demoness, who had saved them all from a full barrage from those odd yet powerful cannons, lay on the mounted bed inside their small cabin. He hadn’t left her side for one moment. Even though Rae told him she was simply unconscious and not hurt after the checkover. Still, he remembered that moment of cold running through his veins when he thought for a split second he had lost her. His hand gripped hers gently as it had from the very moment he sat down by her side.

Tyra and Nadine stood outside the door, thanking pirates kindly who came to inquire if the demoness was okay. The crew of pirates was grateful for what she had done for them and all of them wanted to pay their respects. These pirates weren’t such a bad lot after all. He leaned back, not sore but fully rejuvenated and healed after Rae’s work on him. Tyra had suffered several t muscles, a few of them having even torn. Nadine had received numerous cuts and slashes due to her martial arts fighting style requiring close proximity to the enemy. Even Rae, Death’s Mistress had received a few wounds in which she called lucky blows only. But thanks to her healing magic, she had helped Blaze, Tyra and Nadine as well as the rest of the crew recovered back at full health.

Now he simply waited for the exotic dancer at his side to wake up and prayed he would see what he hoped for. Night was nearly over as the Crimson Dawn sailed away from the battlefield of Blackblood’s graveyard. He just finished yawning when he noticed the succubus stir. Her sensual nude body twisted and stretched, arching her full firm breasts high against the thin blanket. Those breath-stopping emeralds opened slightly to glance about before opening fully.

“Blaze? What?… Where?” she groaned as she tried to slowly sit up, blanket slipping to reveal her large brown breasts capped by those pale nipples perfectly.

“You’re fine after the ship you attacked exploded into the oblivion with you on it. You were sent sailing away and fortunately crashed back on the Crimson Dawn, where you are now,” he said with a relieved grin.

Her gaze turned to look at him as she thought this over before that special smile she only gave him appeared. That was what he had hoped to see and he nearly did a back-flip in joy at seeing she was fully fine as far as he could tell. The gorgeous succubus shivered as she looked down to her bare breasts to see her nipples hardening in the sea chill.

“Why am I naked?” she said with a raised brow to him. “You didn’t take advantage of me while I was out cold did you? If you did, you wait until I get you back one of these nights!”

“What? No! Kendra, I… Rae said… the clothing… and… your breathing.. and, ” he stammered out in trying to explanation.

Kendra silenced him with a finger pressed lightly to his lips and a small smirk. “Just toying with you my dear stud..” she purred sexily before leaning up to kiss him with those full vanilla lips deeply.

Blaze could only embrace her tightly as he kissed her. The succubus threw aside her blanket and slid onto his lap to straddle him in all her naked glory. Moaning into the kiss, she hungrily suckled his lower lip into her mouth as her hands roamed up and down his chest. Blaze knew what this was leading to and certainly looked forward to it, but he needed to ask her one thing.

Kendra broke the kiss and leaned back from him with her arms draped about his neck. She flicked her long vanilla locks away from her face to give him a full sensual smile that hinted at her growing hunger within.

“Kendra,” he started with a small hesitation before continuing. “What happened on that ship Kendra? How did you manage to cause such an explosion?”

“Explosion?” the confused succubus responded as she shook her head. “I.. I don’t remember. I remember seeing the ship ready to fire on us and then… Nothing. I guess I just blacked out.”

Blaze sat there for a moment as he considered this but knew in his heart and by the look in her eyes that she was telling him the truth. Kendra was the type to lie to protect herself if necessary, but not to him. He knew how passionate she was for him and there were no lies between them at this stage of their relationship together. He sighed and proceeded to tell her what happened after she blacked out.

When Blaze was finished, her green eyes stared off as cold dread and confusion filled them. She didn’t remember, he realized. She didn’t remember any of it and such was very unsettling to the demoness in his lap. She lifted her arms from him and gazed at her own hands searchingly.

He took her hands with his comfortingly and squeezed them softly. Her green eyes looked to his and softened before she smiled once more to him, squeezing his hands in return. The sexy succubus leaned forward to kiss him. Both cried out when they were suddenly thrown to the floor as a jarring motion shook the ship.

“What in the Abyss?” Kendra cried out as she sat there looking about. She looked around to see if Blaze was fine but didn’t see him. “Blaze?”

The naked beauty looked about before she finally heard a frantic muffled shouting. Blinking as movement caught her eyes and she looked down to see flailing arms. She yelped as she realized her nice beautiful ass was sitting on poor Blaze’s face! She rose swiftly and the young warrior gasped and breathed in the much needed air!

Kendra chuckled as she sensually rose to her feet and strut over to her clothing to put it on, “Nice idea for later sweet Richard. Now let’s go see what that was about.”


Blaze and Kendra came onto a deck filled with confusion and fear as pirates ran about to check the sails, rigging and masts to see if anything was wrong. The steersman was turning the wheel in both directions to see if there was a problem with the rudder. Blaze and his friends looked about, unsure of how they could help in such confusion. He was about to ask when the twins burst out the door they had just come from.

“What the bloody hell is going on?” Marissa barked loudly in demand to her crew.

“We’ve stopped dead in the waters, Captain Red,” the steersman answered from above.

The half-lycan woman’s eyes narrowed as she looked up to the Crimson Dawn’s sails. The winds had finally begun to pick up in strength as they had left the battle area. The sails were still billowed out as they caught the steady wind. How could they not be moving? Already the predawn light was starting to begin its lifting of night’s darkness. If they had caught on something, they should be able to see it soon.

“All available hands! I want yer bloody asses at the stern and sides looking to see if we’ve caught on anything now! Blaze. You and your friends come with me to the bow to help,” she said as she began striding swiftly in that direction.

“But sister,” Clarissa said as she caught up with her, “how could we have caught on something? There shouldn’t be any land near here and the nearest reef is too far away. We checked the maps to avoid such hazards.”

“I know,” Marissa muttered worriedly to her sister, “That is what has me concerned…”

Their group reached the bow of the ship and looked down in the darkness as best they could with one of the lit lanterns provided by a crewman. Marissa was shocked to see that they had indeed stopped even will sails billowed. There was no wake at the front of the ship. The Crimson Dawn wasn’t pushing through the water as fast as she should be. If they were moving at all, it wasn’t much.

“Give me a hard to starboard,” she bellowed for the steersman as she looked up from the waters. Looking back to make sure her orders had been heard, she blinked as she saw the wheel lightly spinning about on its own. What in the Dark Blue? That was a good man who never left his post.

Nadine yelped as she whipped around with Rae, both women staring intently towards the rear of the Crimson Dawn. She heard it at nearly the same moment. Screams of terror. One scream in particular made her blood freeze solid.

Dear spirits no…. Not like this….

“KRAKEN!!!” she roared to the rest of the unaware crew as she slid her cutlass out and charged towards the stern. She had only made it a few feet when she tripped over something large and slimy. She instantly rolled away and looked about. In the nautical twilight she could see massive sucker-filled tentacles slithering aboard her ship as numerous others waved about towering in the sky all about them. No ship had ever survived an encounter with a Kraken and very few souls lived to tell the tale. Their stories filled all men of the high seas with dread and fear. To meet the Kraken was meeting death itself.

“No!” Clarissa screamed in horror.

Marissa looked about for her sister in a panic and saw the blonde half-lycan fighting and slashing tentacles furiously to get to something. Then she saw it and her faintest of hope burnt to ashes in that instant. The only ones that could maybe help them could not now as Blaze and his friends were all caught up in the air within the crushing grips of the Kraken’s tentacles. Already the females had blacked out from pain or exhaustion trying to fight.

But Blaze repeatedly hacked in furious fashion at what had a hold of him until he was tossed down like useless garbage. The young warrior landed with a crash and groaned as both sisters rushed to protect him from being crushed by any of the tentacles.

“Something’s not right,” he gasped as he got to his knees. “There is something more to that thing than simply crushing you to death.”

“What do you mean?” Clarissa asked about the roars and screams of her crew battling numerous tentacles.

“When I was in its grip, I felt something wrong. Something weird,” he gasped as he staggered to his feet with swords in hands. “It felt like something was probing my mind for something. But I think it failed to find what it sought and tossed me away.”


Nadine sighed pleasantly as she sat upon the porch of their home on the forest. She looked about her surroundings and was pleased to have settled down in the very woods that she had met her husband, Blaze. The catwoman giggled in sheer joy every time as she did now when she thought of him actually being her husband. It was a dream come true.

Even more so was what she watched in front of her now. A dream come true should only continue to get better right? Their three children played out in the front together, wrestling around like the young cubs they were. Half-lycan as they were, they appeared full human in body except for having fur and stripes like Nadine with tails waving about. Two boys and a darling little girl. She and Blaze were so proud of them and soon they would reach their second birthdays which would be their naming days as was customary of her people.

Nadine yelped in shock when a sharp blow to her back sent the catwoman careening off her porch and into the dirt. Coughing from the raised dust, she looked up to see various lycans surrounding them. Her children now huddled together in fear as they looked about as well. Where had all these lycans come from? Why hadn’t she heard their approach? But she knew one thing and that was she didn’t like the looks in their eyes.

She nearly sprang into action before a heavy net crashed down upon her and trapped her. The catwoman hissed and struggled mightily against the net but couldn’t get free. It was just so heavy.

“There’s the whore that gave herself up to the human beast,” A tiger lycan spat with disgust. “Remember this day as a lesson and spread the word.”

“What do you want with us? Please leave us be in peace,” she pleaded, praying Blaze would return from the woods after retrieving some firewood.

“Peace? There will be no such thing for you bitch! Or this infestation of our race that you call a family. Don’t worry about your human mate coming back either. We found him in the woods earlier. About now he’s being skinned like the beasts of his race do to normal animals.”

“No…” Nadine sobbed. They’d killed her husband? They killed dear Blaze, the very man who defended her as one of the lycan race. They had killed her beloved out of their stupid hatred!

The tiger lycan spat down at her in disgust as she wept for Blaze, her joyful life shattered because her people couldn’t tolerate it or refused to understand. The lycan then yanked her girl up by her hair and smirked to the others.

“This is a nice place you have here though. I think the woods could use a little decorating. How about a good ol’ lynching of these beasts to liven the place up a little, huh guys?” he laughed.

A snarl of approval met his suggestion as Nadine looked up in horror to see them approaching her children with rope. She screamed in panic and fury as she tried to claw at her ropes more.

“Mommy! Mommy! Please help…. I’m so scared Mommy!” her daughter sobbed as they forcefully tightened the noose around her little girl’s neck and her terrified boys.

“NO! PLEASE! I BEG YOU! NOT MY BABIES! DON’T TAKE MY BABIES FROM ME!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as she struggled with all her strength, teeth, and claws but couldn’t break free. All she heard in response was their laughter filled with hate….


Tyra opened her eyes and sat up in her bed. She blinked and rubbed her forehead as she felt odd. She lowered her hand and gasped in shock as she looked at it. Pale flesh? Her fingers were not sharp tipped to be able to dig into solid stone? Her dark eyes looked about the room before she dropped the blanket she held up to her chest. Her large firm breasts were still the same capped by red nipples, but of pale flesh too. Lowering her hand behind her, she felt only her bare ass with no tail. It felt odd, but she was human!

How could this be? How was this even possible? Had her life as a gargoyle been some crazy dream? Was this truly who she was?

A large yawn drew her gaze next to her as Blaze sat up and ran his fingers through his hair. He looked to her and smiled before leaning to give her a good morning kiss. Tyra couldn’t help but hug him tightly as she kissed him back, crushing her large breasts against his chest. It had been a dream after all! Blaze had been the hero in her dreams and it was only natural for her to dream of her real life lover as such. She was grateful that Blaze hadn’t simply been a dream either.

Tyra groaned with lust as she shoved him back down onto the bed. She grinned down to him as she sexily ran hands through her mane of red hair. Seeing the naked beauty with large tits swaying over him, Blaze couldn’t help but seize them and fondle them. She moaned in response as he handled the sensitive orbs, fingers rolling her nipples about to elicit small screams.

Her hand tossed the sheet aside to reveal his morning glory that she so hungered for. Tyra’s hand grasped his rock hard member with her dark eyes looking down to him as she smiled. She pulled away from his hands and moved down between his legs. Her eyes never left his while her head lowered to slide her tongue teasingly about that flared head.

Blaze’s head flopped back onto the pillow and closed his eyes as he felt her wonderful mouth engulf his cock. The beautiful redhead sucked noisily on his rod, coating it with her saliva in the sweet warmth of her mouth. He groaned her name loudly when she eased that length down her throat before plunging it back and forth. By the gods she could suck cock!

Tyra hummed pleasantly about that wonderful tasting meat in her mouth as she gave her lover a mind-numbing blowjob he would not soon forget. When her nose wasn’t pressed against him as she throated his entire length, she was sucking on the sensitive head as her one hand wrapped about the rest to give it wringing motions to drive him nearly nuts with lust. Her tongue flicked at the sensitive underside of the head and sent him past the point of no return.

“Shit! Tyra! HERE I CUM!!!” He gasped as he arched his hips to her face, hand gripping her red hair tightly.

The fiery redhead simply smiled as she pulled him back out of her coaxing throat, swallowing his creamy cum as it filled her mouth with thick jetting spurts. When he finished cumming, she swallowed the last mouthful and licked her lips. Tyra was pleased to see that beautiful dick still hard and ready for more! Blaze pulled her up to him and rolled them both over to where he was now on top.

“Oh gods yes! Put that big fucking cock in me Blaze!” she whispered huskily with intense lust. “Screw my brains out by giving my cunt a good pounding!”

Blaze simply smiled down to her and nodded, lowering his hips to press that thick head against the aroused lips of her pussy. They both moaned in unison as the head pushed into her cunt followed by the rest of its length. Blaze’s hips swung to and fro as that cock slid in and out of her juicy pussy as she cried out in bliss. Soon he had increased the speed and tempo, slamming that cock into her at a furious pace in the pounding she so desired. Tyra howled in euphoria as her heavy breasts bounced on her chest with the powerful strokes of her lover. Damn she loved how he could drive her wild!

Blaze grinned down to her as he paused in mid-stroke and made her gasp in surprise as he rolled over with her once more. The foxy redhead blinked as she found herself sitting up on him, straddling his hips. Impaled on that mighty cock of his, she winked down to him as she got the idea. With a lusty cry, she tossed her hair back with her head as she rode that cock hard with the grinding of her hips back and forth. At times she made him scream blissfully in turn as she crouched over him and slammed her hips down on that rod repeatedly. Her large breasts bounced back and forth as she rode him up and down before swinging enticingly over his face, sweat dripping off the big mounds. Both were soon panting heavily with wetness on their bodies from the blissful morning sex.

“YES! YES! YEEEESSSS!!!” she howled as she slammed her cunt down on his cock one last time before it convulsed while her orgasm rocked her body down to her very soul. Her milking twat drove him over the edge with her as he grunted and spurted his seed into her hot depths.

Tyra groaned as she felt his cum filling her before she groaned again as a sudden pang tore through her body. She reeled back from Blaze and fell off the bed in pain as it racked her whole body. What was wrong now? What was happening to her? Her eyes watched with shock as her skin began to show blotches that burned hotly. Soon it became clear as her skin was turning blue. Her fingers and toes hurt as they elongated into claws.

The worst pain was in her back and rear. She screamed in agony as wings tore skin to form above her back and her long thick tail sprout outwards. For what seemed like an eternity of pain was actually a few moments. Tyra stumbled to her feet as she looked down herself, once more a gargoyle. No! It was supposed to have been a dream! Nothing more! She looked to Blaze in confusion and saw her lover staring at her in horror.

“Blaze,” she gasped, “what’s happening?”

“N-no!” he stammered as he leapt off the bed away from her. “Stay away monster! What have you done with the real Tyra?!”

“Blaze, it’s me! I’m Tyra,” she said as she stepped towards him.

“No!” he screamed and ran out the room and the front door bellowing that there was a monster in his house. Tyra stood there stunned. She looked down to her claws. Wet drops soon dropped down to them as she wept. Was that truly what and all she was? To everyone? Something to be feared and despised?

Tyra dropped to her knees in silent agony. She was a monster…..


Rae gasped with ecstasy as she looked to Blaze facing her. She stood fully nude as he did without any weapons in the arena full of drow spectators roaring their approval. Thus far it had been an intense battle with Blaze. They were equally matched and his challenge was invigorating her. Her loins burned with aching for an intense sexual romp with her Patron after this. But oh how she lived for the battles with her Blaze!

Sweat beaded and coursed down her beautiful onyx body making it shine sensually to the spectators. Her breasts heaved up and down with her heavy breath of excitement and exertion. His body too was slick with sweat. She licked her lips with a pleased hiss and looked forward to licking that toned body of his. How she loved the taste of him!

Through the battle so far, both of them had landed various blows to the other while expertly blocking many others. Rae in no doubt knew this could be a battle that would last long into the evening. She smirked at the thought but was determined to not lose. And then she would take him as her prize in her bedroom.

Blaze looked to her and then rose out of his defensive stance, making her blink with shock. Then he did another thing that she did not know he was capable of. He smirked at her. A smirk so cruel that it would have made a drow proud. She almost dropped her guard from her surprise.

“Blaze?” Death’s Mistress asked in concern. “What are you doing? What’s wrong?”

“It’s done..” he snorted with disgust. “You’ve proven yourself to not even be a real challenge to me. Frankly, you’re wasting my time now and boring me…”

Rae’s stunned reaction only lasted a flicker of a moment as her hackles rose with seething anger. She hissed venomously as her red eyes would have burned a whole through him if they could. She would not tolerate disrespect from her Patron. How could Blaze even say such things though?

Hissing in anger she charged into him and fought furiously with every move she could think of. Yet she couldn’t lay a hand on him! He blocked everything as easily as if she were some novice. He even had the nerve to yawn as he blocked her blows. Death’s Mistress shrieked in anger and frustration before he surprised her with one solid punch to her stomach that sent her flying. She crashed into the dirt and coughed, finding herself unable to get up. She barely managed to lift herself up with an arm. How could he have incapacitated her with one blow?

“Like I said,” he snorted disdainfully, “it’s done.”

“Blaze?” she coughed.

“You’re no challenge. You’re simply pathetic! I can’t believe you even call yourself an assassin. But what can one expect from such a worthless race as the drow…”

Her red eyes grew wide in astonishment as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He was not only insulting her but her entire race. Her teeth ground in anger before her point ears twitched and caught the sound of laughter. Looking about, she saw the coliseum was no longer filled with drow but surface elves and every single one of them were laughing at her after hearing Blaze’s harsh words.

“Stay down here like that dark-eared rat you are. I’m leaving. And good riddance,” Blaze spat at her before turning his back on her and walking away.

No! She would not stand for this! She would not let herself or her race be mocked and allow them to get away with it. But damn it all to the Abyss if she could only move! She hissed in anger. She would kill that vithing bastard for what he’s done and said!

But tears flowed down her cheeks as his words had killed something within her more efficiently than any assassin ever could…..


Blaze grunted as he slashed at various thick tentacles surrounding the entire ship and preventing him from getting to his friends. The Red sisters hissed furiously as they hacked at the tentacles on their ship while flipping and rolling away from those that tried to snatch them up. All about them the crew screamed and hollered furiously as they tried to fight even though they knew it was all in vain. Every now and then a pirate would be swept up and killed instantly. Their numbers were dwindling and they couldn’t keep this up for long.

He grunted when one of the cursed things swept his feet out from underneath him. He fell and was soon wrapped up and lifted into the air. He shouted with anger as he tried to break free but his sword arms were pinned, preventing him from trying to break free. Marissa and Clarissa shouted for him to hold on they fought savagely to get to him as he was lifted up higher.

That probing feeling entered his mind once more and met with the same results of not finding what it sought. Blaze gasped as he felt the tentacle wrapped about him begin to squeeze tightly, slowly crushing him now rather than toss him away. He howled in panic and pain, refusing to give up and let it end like this!

A sharp shriek filled the air and drew his gaze to see a burning arrow whistling towards him. The small arrow was dwarfed by the massive thick tentacle but tore through the whole thing below him. The flesh surrounding him went lifeless instantly as he dropped out of its grasp towards the frothing sea. He about took a breath when Kiora dove into view and caught him, flapping her wings hard to keep them both aloft.

“Kiora? What? How?” he asked looking up to the blonde volarian.

The arcane archer smiled grimly down to him in return. “Stavros sensed something was wrong and sent me to find you. It looks like I arrived just in time. As to how I made it out here in the middle of the Sonel Sea, well an arrow with an ice spell can make for a nice place to land on the water to rest briefly. Although it was a bit chilly on that floating ice.”

He nearly laughed with relief before he looked down to the Crimson Dawn under attack by the monster. “What is this thing?”

“I’ve heard of some of these creatures during my training. These leviathans are a special sort of krakens that love to torture their victims before killing them. When in its grasp, it uses your deepest fear against you to weaken you as well as make you suffer greatly,” she explained.

Blaze blinked as he realized that was what the feeling had to have been in his mind. But it failed since Blaze had already confronted and conquered his worst fear when he was under the effects of the Lexiss’s curse.

“Kiora, can you blow that thing up like you did the giants when were first met?”

The blonde beauty shook her head quickly. “I can but I won’t! The blast would not only kill the kraken but your friends as well. The explosion might also split the ship in half.”

The young warrior cursed himself silently for not thinking it through enough in his panic to help them. He was grateful the valorian was of sound mind enough to realize this fact.

Kiora landed with Blaze upon the ship next to the Reds. Setting him down, she began to let loose with a flurry of magically enhanced arrows that destroyed the tentacles individually. Marissa and Clarissa needed no introduction as they accepted this help, whoever she was. But no matter how many tentacles they killed, more were there to replace them. Kiora tried to aim and shoot Blaze’s friends down but tentacles kept waving in the way to prevent such.

A large roar split the predawn air as the kraken surfaced its ugly head above the turbulent surf on one side of the ship. It was huge and bared a monstrous mouth filled with knarled teeth. Blaze swallowed and desperation began to sink in. Something had to be done soon as he could tell the destruction of the Crimson Dawn was at hand…


Kendra hummed softly as she felt the warm kiss of the sun on her perfect soft flesh. The gorgeous dancer lay on the beach fully nude with her eyes closed. Her toasted almond brown skin needed no tan and she never had to worry about sunburn as a demoness. But still she enjoyed the feel of sunbathing.

Their seaside home was not far behind her just outside of Kyros. She enjoyed this quaint life with Blaze in his home town. She had the man of her dreams. She had a small house that she, for once, could actually call home. And she had friends that came by to visit every now and then. It was always fun when Tyra, Nadine, or Rae stopped by alone or together. The sex she and Blaze had together with them was exhilarating.

Speaking of sex, perhaps she should go out to join Blaze in his swim. The thought of hot sex in the water with their wet bodies rubbing together and splashing about as they fucked each other silly made her lick her lips hungrily. Sitting up and rising sensually, she brushed the sand off her shapely ass before looking to the sea. Her breath caught in her throat.

Blaze hung limply in the air above the water with Sonora’s hands gripped tightly about his throat. He was choking and barely able to struggle in her powerful grasp. It was just like before when she encountered Sonora threatening Blaze in Kyros. How dare the arrogance of that siren bitch to show herself around here and try the same thing again! Kendra frantically reached for her whip but found nothing! She had left it back in the house when she’d come down naked to sunbathe. Sonora peaked around Blaze’s body to the succubus with a wicked grin of insanity.

“No.. Please,” she cried as she started running towards the water. “NOOO!!!!”

Sonora’s sharp nails dug into Blaze’s neck before she garishly ripped the young warrior’s head clean off his shoulders. Blaze’s bloody body dropped into the water spouting great gouts of blood. Kendra dropped to her knees in the sand as she had watched her dear Blaze killed in front of her. Her love was dead and gone this time for good. No healing or Silver Enchantress to rescue him from death for her.

The siren smirked and tossed Blaze’s head to land with a sickening thud on the beach right in front of the demoness. Kendra could only look down at his cute face now splattered with his blood as the grief tore through her entire being….


Marissa hissed as she danced aside from the would-be crushing blow of one tentacle before flipping away from the other that tried to catch her from behind. This was hopeless. More and more of her pirate crew were being killed with each passing moment. If not for Blaze’s winged friend, they would all have long since perished by now. But the kraken seemed unstoppable and continued its assault. Moments earlier it had surfaced and unleashed its warning roar of their impending doom. The powerful beast of the sea was about to tear the Crimson Dawn into pieces with them on it! She looked to her sister Clarissa and they both shared a look of hopeless panic.


Her ears wilted suddenly when the scream of pure anguish beyond any description ripped through the air. Marissa’s free hand covered her mouth in shock as she knew it was Kendra. Clarissa choked and sobbed briefly next to her. Such anguish in that cry made tears stream down Marissa’s cheeks.

No being should suffer such agony….

Marissa wiped her eyes and looked to Blaze to see the young warrior no longer fighting but standing there still. His entire body was tense and his shoulders trembling violently. His winged female friend was looking at him with wide eyes as she slowly backed away. What Marissa saw in that woman’s eyes was sheer terror.

“Blaze…” Marissa started as she stepped towards him but stopped as he sheathed his weapons onto his back.

The human warrior’s hand shot out to snatch a passing pirate by the neck and lifted the gasping man clear off the deck with one arm. His other hand snatched away the long spear the man had been carrying to using to fight to kraken. Blaze dropped the man on his ass and immediately darted to the side. Marissa and her sister could only watch in complete shock as the young warrior leapt over the side of the ship with a chilling roar of pure hatred and rage.

Marissa darted over to the railing in time to see Blaze falling towards the monstrous head of the kraken with the spear braced forward like a lance. The raging warrior used the momentum of the fall to crash into the top of the monster’s head and drive the spear deeper into its flesh than any thrown weapon could have reached. Blaze yanked it back out with a great spout of greenish-black blood as he drove the spear down into the head of the monster over and over again. He roared in response to the kraken’s shriek of pain. Marissa could only watch in awe as Blaze went nothing short of berserk on it.

Clarissa yelped and ducked along with the rest of those aboard the Crimson Dawn as tentacles simply forgot about them and the ship to rush back to the kraken’s body to stop the unexpected onslaught. But Blaze was not one to be stopped. He spat savage curses and howled like a madman possessed as he spun about to severe several tentacles trying to reach him before lunging forward to drive the spear into the beast again continuously.

At times a tentacle managed to knock him into the air, but only resulting in the temporary postponing his onslaught. The young warrior would land on one of many of the thrashing thick tentacles before sprinting down its length back to the head of the kraken, spear slashing and whirling about him to keep the other tentacles at bay. He would always manage to get back onto the head and renewed his maddened bloody barrage! Marissa couldn’t believe he was able to hold off those assailing appendages while causing great gouts of garish blood to spout over him.

The winged woman tried to help him as best she could with her arrows but too many were in the way. It was getting hard to even see Blaze within the mass of writhing lengths reaching to rid itself of him. But try as the kraken might, it could not get this pest off of it that was causing such critical wounds to it. With a scream of rage, Blaze drove the spear down exhaustedly into an already deep wound, piercing the brain of the beast.

The kraken cried out in agony now this time with its death delivered. Its tentacles lashed about wildly in its death throes, hurling the women in its grasp back onto the ship as it began to sink below the surface. Blaze blinked as he realized this and let go of the spear to leap off. He grunted as one tentacle wrapped about him suddenly in a tight grip. He gasped a deep breath in shock before he was dragged down into the sea.

Grateful that he managed to get that breath, Blaze struggled against the tentacle frantically to free himself. Fortunately for the young warrior the beast died at that moment and its grip on him slackened, allowing him to wriggle free. Blaze looked up and saw that the beast had drawn him deep into the water with the surface far above him. Realizing his time was precious in reaching it with the air he had, the young warrior frantically began to swim towards the faint light of the sea’s surface.

A flicker of light in front of him caught his attention as he ascended. Glancing towards where he thought he saw it, his eyes caught a flicker of movement in the deep blue of the waters. His eyes narrowed suspiciously before opening wide with panic, driving him fast towards the surface. SHIT! It was Sonora! And she was swimming right for him with an insane grin.

Bubbles escaping for brief moments as the fear filled him, his arms worked hard to get him to air as swiftly as he could. But the siren’s speed in the water was incredible! Sonora was on him before he knew it and nearly knocked all the air out of him with a passing clothesline to his gut. Grunting, he struggled to focus on swimming upwards. Sonora circled him with a feral grin like a lion circling a larger prey. And like so, she darted in and out with savage strikes to weaken him further. Her blows were too swift to block while his attempts were sluggish underwater.

By Stavros his lungs were burning with need for air. Blessed air that was now only a few feet above him. He was so weak though as he was bloodied and bruised all over his body by her fast attacks. Not having felt another attack, he chanced one look around and nearly lost all of his breath. Sonora floated not far from him, watching with those insane aquamarine eyes as she let him see her naginata. She wasn’t going to let him reach the surface to get any air! That look on her face said it all. The siren then swam rapidly towards him with her weapon extended to spear him through. Blaze didn’t know what to do! He wasn’t fast enough in the water to avoid any attacks or deflect them. He was done for!

The water in front of the charging would-be murderer exploded with bubbles as something broke the surface from above. Kendra’s fist slammed into Sonora’s face with such force that a concussion wave extended outwards to pass him! The demoness must have seen him being attacked from above and absolutely clobbered the siren with that face shattering diving punch! And the look in her exotic dancer’s eyes was sheer murder with Sonora the unlucky victim chosen. Sonora spiraled away slowly down into the water unconscious, a bloody stream left in her wake.

Kendra hesitated a moment as she looked very tempted to go after the siren to finish the job, but one look at Blaze and those emerald eyes softened. Blaze groaned as he surged the last few feet to the surface lest he breathe in the water at that moment. He broke the surface and gasped in the much desired air with heavy gulps of relief. Kendra surfaced next to him and immediately seized his face with both her hands and crushed her lips against him.

Grateful to see his lover as well, he kissed her back with equal fervor while they floated together in the Sonel Sea. The tired and soaked lovers swam towards the heavily damaged Crimson Dawn who amazingly withstood the attack of the dead kraken as long as she could. Grabbing the rope tossed down to them, they climbed aboard to be met by a cheering group like before. Although, Blaze noted, there was significantly fewer celebrating with them now than there had been after Blackblood’s defeat. Less than a dozen of Red’s crew remained.

Blaze sighed as he looked to the sun just beginning to break on the horizon, ending the night of the leviathan nightmare they had all encountered. One thing he did know was that while Koas was already infuriated by him, he was starting to get tired of her crap as well….


Koas sighed in disappointment as she waved a hand over her orb to fade to darkness. She wasn’t furious this time. She was frustrated yes, but it hadn’t been her servant who had failed. Sonora had done what she had been told to do and summoned the kraken to destroy Blaze and his friends. The beast had been the one to fail to accomplish such a task and had paid for its failure with its life.

Sonora had done her best to finish Blaze off by weakening him before the kill, not leaving anything to chance by underestimating the young warrior. But time had not been on the siren’s side and allowed the succubus to recover enough to injure her servant of the sea. It was beginning to look fruitless in having Blaze attacked head on, but she had learned one thing in watching this battle. The young warrior did have one weakness.

Her red eyes glowed with malice as the perfect plan came to mind to break Blaze’s will. And she knew the perfect candidate in mind to fulfill such a task by attacking this new target. If you couldn’t kill a man outright, then move on to kill his heart….


After everyone had been given time to recover, Blaze explained to the Red twins and their crew what happened below in the water. When Marissa and Clarissa heard him explain it was Koas that had sent Sonora with her kraken to destroy them, the sisters were absolutely livid. They had never paid much mind to the gods to begin with. The fact that the one who finally chose to intervene in their lives wanted them dead seriously pissed them off. But when Kendra introduced Kiora to the pirate women as Stavros’s avatar, their attitude towards the gods changed a bit for the better.

“Thank you for coming to our aide, Kiora,” Clarissa said a she swept up the Volarian with a hug that nearly popped the winged blonde’s blue eyes out.

Marissa chuckled as she nodded, “I don’t know how we could ever repay you but count on the Red pirates as allies to your people from now on.”

“It was.. nothing,” Kiora grunted before she was finally let down by the strong half-lycan. “Well I must be going and report back to Stavros now that the threat is gone. Kendra and Blaze, take care!”

They all waved as the dove-winged beauty leapt away and soared towards the horizon until she was gone from sight. Blaze sighed as he looked after Kiora, wondering if worse was coming for them now that such a terrible monster had failed. He yelped and jumped into the air, startling everyone, when Kendra gave his ass a firm slap.

“Kendra?” He growled and rubbed his sore rear while looking to her.

The succubus smirked as she folded her arms beneath those firm breasts and cocked her hip oh so sensually. Her hair long vanilla hair swayed gently in the wind as she looked to him before turning her gaze to nod to the ship.

“Go to them,” she said before looking back to him. She stepped up to cup his cheek affectionately before kissing him. The demoness sighed as she leaned back and looked downward, her arms embracing him. “If they went through the same as I did, I imagine they need your comfort more than ever at this moment Richard…”

He nodded as he returned her embrace with his own arms wrapped about her tightly. He understood the leviathan’s ability to preying upon your worst fear and making you suffer through it. Blaze didn’t need to guess what Kendra went through to know. He hadn’t been able to imagine the grief the succubus had gone through when he was ill, unable to see it himself. But in that scream of sheer anguish, it came across clear the amount of suffrage his death would mean to her. He kissed her cheek and they released each other.

Nadine was the easiest to find, standing at the bow of the ship by herself. Her arms hugged herself tightly as tears flowed down her fur steadily. Blaze frowned at the sight of such sadness on the normally cheerful catwoman’s face. What she had to face in her nightmare must have been beyond horrible. He didn’t know what to say and simply walked up behind her, his arms wrapping about her from behind comfortingly as if to ward off the lingering memory of her fears.

The lycan beauty sniffed and rested her head back on his left shoulder, staring off into the sea still. “I’m sorry I avoided you the past few days, Blaze. It’s just when I saw what Marissa and Clarissa were, it reminded me of what could happen between us… and the resulting fear of what the consequences of it would be…”

Blaze blinked and now understood finally. He hugged her tightly to him and smiled a little. “Consequences? If there would be consequences to us having children Nadine, I imagine they’d be positive ones rather than negative. And I know you would be a wonderful mother…”

“But what of the intolerance they will face along with us?” she choked out with a sob.

He kissed the back of her head and smiled more, “We will face it together. And we won’t be alone. I’m sure a certain succubus wouldn’t mind playing the role of ‘Auntie’ Kendra. Tyra and Rae are friends you can count on as well.”

Nadine turned about and hugged him fiercely with her head buried in his chest. When she looked up to him finally after the passing moments, that familiar bright smile was back. Blaze left her as she headed off to see Kendra and by fortunate chance looked up to see Tyra alone in the crow’s nest.

It took him a few minutes, but Blaze managed to climb up the ropes and rigging up to the crow’s nest. Tyra blinked and averted her gaze swiftly when he hopped inside with a sigh of relief. “Wow! Now that is some climb! But what a view…”

Tyra only nodded slightly as she kept her gaze away from him. He knew the beautiful gargoyle was silent a lot, but knew this was more so different than usual. He cleared his throat as he looked at the sky clouding up in the distance. “Did your companion make it through the attack?”

She blinked at first, finally looking at him before she realized he was referring to the other lookout. “Yes, he did… He’s down there next to Bardok celebrating with his few friends left about being alive… He lost a lot of good friends though…”

“Blaze,” she said after a few silent moments. “Do you think… do you look at me.. as a monster?”

The young man stared at her in shock before shaking his head. “By Stavros no! You’re no monster Tyra. That beast Sonora brought to kill us was certainly a monster, but not you.”

The guardian, his guardian, remained silent as she absorbed this and letting him continue. “Sure you look different, Tyra. You’ve got wings, but so does Kendra. You have claws that could tear me to pieces, but so does Nadine. Your skin is blue as Rae’s is black. Tyra, you’re not the only one with different features. But in the same respect, you are special. Unique in a good way that is different from the others. Monster! Bah! You’re one of the most beautiful females I have ever seen.”

Tyra smiled gratefully to him and nodded, hearing the answer to her fears that she prayed she would from him. No longer needing time to herself, Tyra flew him down to the deck. With a loving caress of her tail along his side, the gargoyle went to join everyone else in the celebration. It took Blaze quite a while longer to find the remaining friend dear to him. Rae was nowhere to be seen on the deck and he was forced to take his search down into the ship. She was not in any of the cabins and he chose to look in the supply hold. Securing the door behind him, Blaze stepped inside the large bay filled with all sorts of supplies and stumbled about in the dark room.

“What do you want, Blaze?” came the low hiss.

The young warrior nearly jumped out of his skin and looked up the towering crates of supplies to see glowing red eyes staring at him out of the darkness. The drowess looked down from above as she lay on the massive square boxes.

“To talk,” he answered truthfully.

“Xas, to talk…” she snorted angrily before looking away from him for a time, “So you know then what I suffered through…”

“Yes, I do,” he said, shuffling his feet a bit as he looked up to her. “Did you want to talk about it?”

Death’s Mistress laughed coldly before looking down to him, “Me? The Matron Mother confiding in her Patron? Unthinkable! I would be the laughingstock of my people…”

“Well, you’re different from your people Rae or else you wouldn’t be with us.”

“Oh? And what exactly do you think of me and my people then?” she spat.

He nearly took a few steps backwards at the anger with which she spoke. He looked uncertainly up into those normally cold red eyes and now understood. Rae was reacting the way any drow would. Because he saw the intense hurt in those eyes of hers. The Matron Mother was in pain from what she had gone through and was furious because of it.

“Well, it is true that the drow race has some less than desirable traits. Such as belittling men in sexist attitudes and over all being a race aligned with evil,” he stated truthfully. “But the drow race still amazes me at how it manages to live in such a rough environment. Their skills are certainly amazing in combat. I was truly amazed when I was in your city…”

He swallowed audibly when her red eyes narrowed. “As for you, Rae. Well what more can I say that I am pretty sure you could kick my ass in a battle. You’re capabilities always astound me. You’re an amazing warrior. You’re reputation as a renowned assassin speaks volumes. You’re a sorceress with deadly magic while other times being a great healer.”

He sighed as he saw no change in those eyes of hers. Blaze looked down, his gaze upon the floor. “But most of all, you’re an incredible woman. You’re so damn beautiful and not just on the outside. I can tell you’re something more, something special on the inside. Rae, you’re my friend who helped save my life numerous times… and…”

A silent flurry of movement caused him to jump slightly and look up right into Rae’s eyes in front of him. She pressed her finger to his lips in silence as she did her body, red eyes intent on his with a wicked grin. “And you love me. Not as much as Kendra, I know… But you love me…”

Pt. 1 of the story provides some background but you can start here if you like.

Danielle walked slowly to the door of their Florida home and welcomed Daniel and his girlfriend Erica into the foyer. “Hey, Phil, they’re here!” she called.

“Look at you!” Daniel said.

“It’s okay, you can touch. I’ve had total strangers come up and touch my stomach in the grocery store.”

Daniel gingerly touched his twin sister’s belly, which was showing the results of seven months of pregnancy. It was covered in a thin tee that she was wearing with elastic-banded khakis, and felt taut and firm. Erica felt it too, and about that time the baby kicked, causing everyone to giggle. Phil made it to the foyer from the back of the house about that time.

“Hi guys! Good trip?” Phil asked as he took Erica and Daniel’s bag. “Let me show you to your room,” he said as he and Erica went down the hall. Daniel naturally tried to follow, but Danielle’s hand on his arm stopped him.

“Wowza, Danny – you didn’t tell me Erica was such a hottie. But then you’ve always had a thing for blondes.”

“Maybe,” he shrugged, and smiled. “I think it’s more the green eyes.”

“Or the big breasts?” Danielle giggled. “Well, don’t leave her alone with Phil too long. He’s been living with this,” she said, putting her hands on her stomach “for months, and he may not be able to keep his hands off her.”

“You look fabulous,” he said, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Run along, bro. We’ll see you out at the pool.”

He caught up with Erica and Phil in the hallway, and Phil showed them their guest bedroom and bath. They went back down to the pool deck and the four of them talked about the trip down and the usual trivia about jobs, the pregnancy, etc.Beers came out of the fridge, with a ginger ale for Danielle. During the conversation, Phil’s eyes did indeed rove a bit over Erica, who was wearing a comfortable, low cut top for traveling and a skin-tight pair of low-cut jeans. He also paid a lot of attention to her in the conversation – they were both reading the latest mystery best-seller, and they fell into a conversation about that. The situation made Daniel feel pride and a bit of lust more than anything. Erica loved attention, and Daniel was certain that she had noticed Phil noticing her. His only concern was that Danielle not get her feelings hurt by it, but whenever he glanced over to her she seemed happy and secure.

After a while Phil announced that he was going to start grilling. The stereotypical thing would have been for the women to go to the kitchen to start getting things ready while the men stood by the grill and watched it smoke while they drank beer, but Erica surprised Daniel by copping that role, speaking up before he did. “Phil, can I help you with the grill while we continue the debate about whether the priest did it?”

“Sorry, sis, I guess you’re stuck with me to help whack up the salad and such.”

“Come on, I’ll put you to work,” she laughed.

The twins began working in the spacious kitchen.”So-o, is all this flirting bothering you? I can have a word with her.”

“No, let’s not have a fuss on my account. He’s mostly harmless. He’s certainly been harmless around me.” She passed him a few celery stalks to cut up.


“Oh, I told you it was going to be this way. He’s actually tried to make me feel good, the poor thing. He’s got two problems. One, he’s convinced he’s going to break me. Two, he just isn’t turned on by this big belly,” she said, rubbing it.

“Honestly, I think you’re beautiful.”

“You and even some men that aren’t related to me. Turns out it’s kind of a fetish with some men, judging by the remarks I’ve gotten in some places. I haven’t told Phil about that, you understand,” she said, patting the back of her hair in a coquettish manner and rolling her eyes. “But for Phil, this isn’t a turn-on. He’s done his best – he may have a callus on his tongue by now. He was hot for me before, and he’ll be hot for me again, but right now he has trouble, shall we say, closing the deal. It doesn’t help that he normally likes to be a little rougher. I adore… I’m sorry. TMI?”

Daniel laughed. “I don’t think we can claim that with each other. Whatever you feel like telling me, sis. Your secrets are safe with me.” He looked out the kitchen window, which overlooked the pool deck and grill. Phil and Erica were standing close and talking, looking like two people who would be even closer to each other if they didn’t feel they’re being watched.

Danielle saw Daniel looking, and checked the window herself. Giggling, she returned to the cutting board. “Sorry, bro.”

“She’s just a girlfriend I’ve had a couple of months. Not much more than a friend with benefits, really. You’re not mad?”

“I – probably haven’t told you everything. Probably should have mentioned this before you came down with her. Since I got so great with child, and perhaps influenced by, uh, our little indiscretion, I decided to let Phil have a bit of an open marriage for the duration. Mind you, I think he’s been more open than I have, present company excepted – and no, I haven’t told him about us. I’m not sure how anyone would take it, especially him, so that’s our little secret – but anyway, I’ve just always seen it as ‘boys will be boys. ‘Don’t get anyone else pregnant, don’t fall in love, and let me know about it, sooner or later,’ have been my only rules. He hasn’t really stepped out that much, but I think he’s getting a little horny lately. As you know…” she put a bit of carrot in his mouth, and while they were close she whispered, “…I give a beautiful hand job, but I think he’s been looking for pussy for a while now. I should have told you. I’ll tell him to keep away if it bothers you.”

Daniel considered it for a moment. He didn’t want to feel like he was in a competition with Phil, but Phil was really no long-term concern. Besides being married, he lived several states away. Anyway, he couldn’t really take any kind of moral high road, considering he’d fucked Phil’s wife, who was also his own twin sister. “Nah, we’ll just take it as it comes,” he said, taking his sister into his arms for a brief cuddle, safely away from the window. She was almost as tall as he was, and the feel of her belly pushing against his flat stomach made his cock twitch. “Thanks for letting me know.”

The next day, they were in swim suits out by the pool. Erica was in a bright blue bikini that accentuated her fair skin and pushed up her breasts nicely. Danielle was wearing a black maternity tankini with a lot of coverage, except when her top rode up on her belly as she swam the backstroke. She swam several laps, as did Daniel, and gave him a pretty good run in an impromptu race lap. Phil and Erica were on the steps of the pool, resting up from the game of “Marco Polo” they’d all played a few minutes ago. “Show him your belly fur, Dan,” Phil called as the twins rested at the other end of the pool before heading back.


She sighed. “I’ll show you when we get back to the other side. That way we can get it over with for everyone all at once. Go!” and again Daniel was surprised by how fast she took off.

This time Danielle got there slightly ahead of Daniel, and when he arrived she said, with a dramatic flair “Okay, everyone, get a good look at what poor Phil has to live with. I’m turning into a werewolf.” She flipped up the part of her top that covered her belly, revealing a light trail of hairs, made more obvious by being wet and therefore darkened and clinging to her skin, running down into her bikini bottom.

“I read about this in biology when I was in school,” Erica said sympathetically, stroking the hair near Danielle’s distended belly button. “High testosterone levels for the win!” she said, and the women high-fived.

“Oh, there’s more. That’s not the worst of it,” Danielle said, pulling down one of the cups of her swimsuit top to reveal a few stray hairs around a nipple, which began to harden to a point as it was exposed.

“Danielle!” Phil yelled, laughing, and reaching to try to pull her strap up.

“Well, we’re married, Erica’s a girl, and Danny’s seen it all before,” she said, smiling up at her husband and slowly adjusting her suit.

“It didn’t look like that before,” Daniel said, getting a laugh from everyone and a playful swat from Danielle. Everyone assumed he was talking about their childhood before her breasts developed;, he was thinking about the fact that her breasts and nipples were even bigger than they’d been a few months ago. He’d been thinking about them since he got there.

As if to change the subject in the silence that followed, Danielle announced “I need to get some things from Publix, and I’m claiming Danny as my chauffeur.” Phil and Erica made the usual noises about how they could all go, but she waved them off with little difficulty. She started climbing out of the pool, and Daniel followed. After they toweled off, they both went into the house.

“So where do you stand on the subject of pregnant women?” Danielle asked playfully as they went upstairs to change. Her heart was thumping. She was lonely and feeling alienated before, and they’d kind of fallen into it. Were they going to do it again?

“I think some pregnant women are very hot,” he said. She’d taken him by his hand, which was shaking a little, and pulled her into the master bedroom with her. “But we can’t…”

“Look out the window. It’s dark in here; they won’t see you. Not that they’re looking this way.”

Phil and Erica were side by side on cushioned chaise lounges, rapt in conversation with each other.

“They’re not coming up here. As long as we don’t waste any time. And don’t forget to go to the store afterwards,” she said, stripping off her swimsuit and putting it in the master bath. “Put yours in your bathroom.”

When he got back, she was totally naked, peeking out the window again. Her perfectly rounded buttocks and toned lower back was on display, and her breasts hung down by her belly. “Look,” she whispered.

He looked out the window. Phil and Erica were still on separate chaise lounges, but Phil was planting kisses on her neck and shoulders. It looked like it was turning Erica on.

The sight of it made the twins feel a little betrayed, despite all their talk earlier. But the fact that their regular lovers gave in so easily made what they were doing feel just that little bit less nasty. Not that they hadn’t both masturbated to the idea of it ever since the first time.

“Is she on the pill?”

“Yeah, I think she is.”

“I hope so, because I don’t think Phil has any condoms down there.” Danielle got on the bed, and pulled him down with her. “Okay, my options are limited,” she said, laying on her side and stroking his cock, which was quickly stiffening. “You think you can stand me being on top?”

“Be gentle.”

“Sit up against the headboard, and lie back a bit.” She climbed on with her back to him, her legs splayed out. She pointed the head of his cock at her opening and gingerly eased down, like a woman easing into a hot bath, and she made the same sound. “Ahhh, that feels good.”

“It certainly does,” he groaned.

“Play with my tits.” He began to rub them and tweak her nipples. “Rougher. Oh yeah, that’s it. He can’t come like this. I’m too heavy.” She pushed up with her legs and let her ass back down in a slow, undulating rhythm, rocking both of them. She rubbed her clit with her fingers, spreading out her lips and working her juices around them. “Ohhhh, I’m going to come quick. I haven’t had a cock inside me in two months.”

“Let it go, sis,” he said rubbing her legs and sides. She spasmed several times, then relaxed, putting all of her weight on him now. He started to squirm.

She gave a throaty laugh and got up, going back over to the window and leaning on the window sill to watch. He still hadn’t come, and after looking at his sister’s swaying ass and pussy for a while, he got up and stood behind her, his cock still rock hard. It slid in easily up to a point, but it was hard to penetrate her fully without pushing harder. The angle wasn’t quite right. Erica had her hand down in Phil’s swimsuit.

He fucked his sister slowly while they watched Phil’s swimsuit come off, then Erica’s bikini bottoms. Danielle’s pussy pulsed around her brother’s cock, milking it slowly.

Erica had a slight tan line around her ass and pussy. Phil maneuvered Erica onto the chaise lounge into a doggy style position, and quickly speared her. They moved into an increasingly frantic rhythm. Erica’s bright blue top was still on, and her breasts jolted slightly with each hard thrust. Phil’s cock looked huge slamming into Erica’s tight little ass, shiny and slick with her juices.

“She’s beautiful, Danny,” Danielle sighed, on the verge of another orgasm. Their own rhythm was slow and gentle. He moved almost all the way out on every stroke, which was stretching her clit and driving her crazy.

“Not as beautiful as you right now,” he said, fondling her swaying breasts and planting kisses on her back.. Her pussy began to clench. It was finally too much for Daniel, and his cock throbbed and shot semen up in her. Daniel’s cock softened and fell out. Gouts of semen plopped on the hardwood floor by the bed as her pussy kept contracting.

“I’ll never get down there to clean that up,” she giggled, coming down from the high of her second orgasm. They paused and watched the pool deck. Phil had finally succeeded in pushing Erica’s top partly down, and Erica’s large breasts were hanging down, pushed out of their confines. They were slightly paler than the rest of her, and her rosy little nipples were hardened and dark. Erica’s head was thrown back. “Oh, yeah, she’s really into it now.”

“It takes forever to make her come,” he said, going into the bathroom and finding some tissues and a washcloth, which he ran some warm water on.

“Poor baby. Ohhh,” she said as he slowly ran the washcloth along her pussy, then his cock, then started to work on the floor with the tissues. They watched Phil and Erica rut for a while longer and finally she said “I guess we’d better get to the store. Do you want to mess with their heads on the way out?”


“Meet me downstairs after you get dressed.”

They made a lot of noise in the kitchen before turning on the lights in the living room by the pool deck, and when they came out onto the pool deck Phil and Erica were both in the pool, side-by-side, close by the edge nearest the house, looking at the twins as they came out of the house, dressed for the store. Erica’s top was in place, everything normal. Provided you didn’t come too close to the pool and look down on their otherwise nude figures, or look in the direction of the chaise lounge with the swimsuit pieces under it.

“You guys heading to the store now?” Phil asked, unnecessarily, trying hard not to say We thought you were gone already, willing them not to come closer. Erica looking away, not making eye contact with Daniel.

“Yeah,” Danielle giggled. “Bathroom emergency. You know how it is.” She made inane chatter with Phil until Daniel thought he was going to burst out laughing.

Daniel finally spoke. “We’d better go before they close the pharmacy.”

After dinner Danielle caught up with Dan in the hallway. Phil and Erica were watching a movie in the living room. “I told Phil I saw them down at the pool this afternoon. I told him he could have her again tonight, if she can sneak out of your bed.”

“Where are you supposed to be while this is happening?”

“I’ve been sleeping in the room next door to his. My tossing and turning wakes him up.”

“Oh,” Dan said, not sure why his sister was working so hard to give Phil a chance to fuck Erica some more.

“I got a foam wedge like that one – you know.”


“It seems to give my big belly something to rest on if I lay over it on my stomach.”

“Okay,” Dan said, beginning to understand.

“Tonight I want you to see how hard you can fuck me on it. I want you to restrain me and put a ball gag in my mouth so I can’t scream and give us away.” Now both their hearts were pounding. “I want you in my ass.”

“Are you sure? Last time…”

“Last time we were at Dad’s house. It was just too soon, too much.”

“If you’re gagged, how will you let me know if it’s too much this time?”

“You’d know. I trust you not to really hurt me.”


“I want it to feel a little dangerous.”

That night Erica was more kittenish than usual when she got into bed with Dan. She licked his cock until it sprang to attention, and mounted him eagerly. After a fake orgasm that wouldn’t have earned her any Oscar awards, she took him in her mouth again. Dan willingly gave in to his orgasm, knowing it would give him more staying power later, and she lovingly swallowed his come. After they cuddled for a while Dan, intending to feign the slow breath of sleep, relaxed and really did fall asleep for a few minutes. He awoke by himself, shaking his head and wondering how much Erica had really thought her plan through.

He put on a robe and crept through the house like a burglar. Danielle’s bedroom door was open, and a light was on. He eased through it and pushed the door closed very slowly. She was in bed, naked except for a pair of black thigh-high stockings, sitting up waiting for him.

A quizzical look: I thought you weren’t coming.

He pantomimed sleep and shrugged, then crept into the bed behind her. The ball gag and harness lay on the bed beside her, along with an elastic hair band. He put it on her gently and fastened it, picking up her hair and putting it back down around it, then putting her hair up in a ponytail. When that was done he embraced her from behind and covered her neck and back with kisses and light bites – not quite enough to leave marks. He palmed her breasts and pulled and pinched her nipples until they hardened. He felt rather than heard a whimper of pleasurable pain.

He reached down between her legs, under her belly, and probed her cunt with a finger. It was wet and fragrant.He heard a familiar moan, but it was coming from the next room. He could only reach far enough to insert his fingers an inch or so, and her frustration mounted as she tried to hump his fingers for more penetration.

When he felt she couldn’t take any more of that, he got up from the bed and pulled her up by an arm. He led her around to the foam wedge, which was on the floor beside the bed. This model was a little curvier than the other one, more suited for cradling a belly and breasts. A deeper male groan sounded, muffled through the walls. She resisted him a little as he pulled her down slowly onto the wedge and fastened the restraints on her arms. A large bottle of lube lay by the straps.

She put her legs together while he was doing this, which only pushed up her rounded ass and made it more attractive to him. He forced a knee between her calves and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She resisted the intrusion, squirming away from him until there was nowhere to go.

He had to taste her. He leaned down and began to lap between her legs with his tongue. When her lips began to redden and her clit hardened to a button, he began to explore her anus, rimming her with his lips and pushing against her with the tip of his tongue. A rhythmic squeak began next door.

When he could feel that she was panting for more, he quit paying her pussy and asshole any attention and began to massage her buttocks and lower back. She began to squirm in frustration and need. Her cunt drooled as she tried to hump the wedge, but he put a hand down firmly on the small of her back. He positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy and slid it in slowly, and was rewarded with the feel of her tight pussy clenching at his cock. He put his hands on the top of her shoulders for leverage as he began to go faster and faster. Next door Erica was either laughing or crying softly. He could feel Danielle’s vocal chords under his fingers, trying to moan around the ball gag. It was hell when he stopped, for both of them, but he needed her to not come yet. With his cock still buried balls-deep in her, he reached for the lube and squirted some on her tight little star.

It was the early eighties, a rare, long and hot English summer as we made our way from the stuffy airless mining village into the cool clean air of the countryside in our tiny Fiat 500.

I was wedged into the back seat of the small white box with the bags, booze and presents ready for my Mum’s 40th birthday. She and her twin, Aunt Tina, were celebrating at their new place deep in the Dales. Her husband, Uncle Dave, had done well under the new government and had been a part of a, then new fangled, management buyout and hit the big time.

They had moved away from the small town we, and my mother’s other sister, Aunt Jane, called home. Aunt Tina had bought into the countryside lifestyle big time and was more than a bit snobby. She tended to rub our noses in it a bit with the girls going to public school, you know, and, to me, the large and modern house looked like a mansion.

Uncle Dave worked in London during the week, my Mum and Aunt Jane were both single parents this meant that I was going to be the only male in the house for at least the rest of the day. The twins, Tina’s daughters, Joanne and Julia, a pair of identical twins, unusual in our family and Aunt Jane’s oldest, Chloe, would be there for the height of decadence in the 1980′s – a pool party.

We could never tell the twins apart so we nicknamed them Twin 1 and Twin 2, depending on whichever appeared first. Our nickname for Chloe was Mundy, a jest on the daughter in the Addams family, her name of course being Wednesday, but she was the same – dark, straight and long black hair, petite, pale skinned and demure.

The twins had been, until around 18 months ago, at the same school as the rest of us and had a reputation for being a bit slutty, having “worked” their way through most of the boys in my class. They had been in the same year group as Wendy, my twin, and I. Mundy was a couple of years above us and was by then in her early 20s.

We were going to be joined by Uncle Dave and by my grandparents the next day. Saturday was the main event, a garden party and BBQ. Aunt Jane’s other two daughters and Tina’s youngest, already married with a baby girl, would be joining us, together with around 50 carefully invited guests.

Mum and Wendy had badgered me all day about joining in. I was a bit shy and preferred my own company. I was to be paraded like some kind of a prize bull but I was used to this being the only male offspring in this branch of the family. The gatherings were infrequent but the families were quite competitive, coming from a small council semi there were few things that we could compete on.

Ever since I was a young boy I had been paraded to the family. Both aunts had always been all over me, making me sit on their knees and cuddling me incessantly. I had also begun to notice that, particularly older, women would give me longing looks as I wandered around the town.

I was under developed for my age, below average height and rather scrawny. My sister was a couple of inches taller than me and rather chunky in appearance – big boned it was termed in those days. I did, however, have one aspect of my body that was well developed – something perhaps to brag about.

My name is Billy Wadsworth, my friends call me Wad, but this is not necessarily a shortening of my name. My cock is, and was then, rather large, almost 9 inches when flaccid and growing to a thick snake a few inches longer when fully erect. It is a feature of it that even when flaccid it makes my package look rather full, which is why I still receive flattering glances from the ladies. At that time I was yet to fully blossom but had lost my virginity during a skiing holiday earlier in the year.

I’d had a couple of non serious girlfriends since and had a few gropes that had only managed to make them run for the hills when my size became apparent.

The car coasted down the long gravel drive and my mum beeped the horn as we swung around to a stop outside the double colonnade that famed the large white front door, Dallas style. We sat in a momentary silence as we waited for the door to swing open, I half hoped that we had the wrong house and that Aunt Tina could not possibly be that posh.

We were greeted by a line at the door as we piled out of the small and stuffy car. Tina at first gave an exaggerated air kiss but soon melted into a genuine sisterly hug for my Mum, followed by Wendy as the twins then welcomed her. Aunt Jane and Mundy were next as I dived into the back seat and grabbed the luggage.

Aunt Tina beckoned me, her posh accent slipping as she demanded a hug and a kiss. As she squeezed the life from me I looked over her shoulder at the twins, resplendent and elegant in their silk wraps. They had indeed blossomed. They had always been a bit lanky, tall and lean but their boobs had now developed as had their overall shape, they looked really good. They in turn had noticed me and recoiled timidly at the bulge in my denim shorts. They were beautiful, tall, long legged and blonde, until they opened their mouths, then the commonest of accents betrayed their true lineage in spite of their mother’s best efforts at correction.

After the ubiquitous tour I was ushered to my room to prepare. The house was big and posh, 5 bedrooms, a big kitchen and of course an outdoor pool surrounded by a large courtyard and patio area. They had televisions everywhere, 2 video recorders and even a professional looking camera, it had lights and everything.

My room, the study, had been kitted out with a canvas camp bed. It wasn’t too bad, a bit small but cosy. Essentially it was a corridor with a small double seat green leather sofa on one side and a desk, with a PC computer on it, opposite. The metal framed camp bed lay in the narrow space between. At least the French doors at the far end opened directly on to the patio area with the pool. The other end joined to the dining room. With thick curtains at either end it seemed private enough as I slipped into my swim shorts.

The table where the “oldies” had camped out on was directly outside of my room and I had the clear sound of their conversation as I pulled back the curtain and gently opened the door to the patio. Aunt Jane stopped in mid sentence as my pale frame emerged into the bright sunshine. The girls playing in the pool all stopped too, Mundy even glanced up as she lay flat out on the brickwork in her black one piece. But none of them seemed to be looking at my face.

Shyly I made my way to the pool and jumped in as the conversations sparked up over the bottles of wine stacked in the centre of the wooden table set. After a while the girls suggested a game of volleyball in the pool. We had no proper ball so a blow up beach ball would have to suffice.

They took the deep end and Wendy and I the shallow. The pool wasn’t huge, around 15 yards long and about 10 wide. At its deepest it was up to my neck, about 5 foot and it sloped to broad steps at the far and shallow end. There was an imaginary net and the game started gently and non-competitively.

I noticed that if I bashed the ball into the air the twins had to stretch to return it. Each time they leapt their boobs would almost pop out from under their matching, and quite skimpy, yellow bikini tops.

“That’s enough of that.” Wendy said in threatening tone as she stood waist deep in the water and had caught on to my game.

The twins didn’t seem to mind as their splashing grew and their dives became quite exaggerated. At last Twin 1′s small and firm right boob popped out from below the thin material. With false modesty she covered up as I returned the ball to her sister and lo and behold, exactly the same thing happened! By this time we were having almost our own private game, I would lob the ball high in the air and watch, as by now, both sets of pert boobs would “accidentally” spring free.

“What the hell!” Twin 1 exclaimed as she tore her top all the way off. “You’ve seen it all now anyway.”

It was obvious by the lack of any pale outline that they wouldn’t normally have covered their tits up. Her sister took her lead and exposed her 2 pert and brown breasts fully. They were small but compact with pink and dainty nipples protruding from small round centres. This was a game I was enjoying! I looked behind and saw Wendy peeling her top off and letting her larger but pale white tits fall free as if in competition with the twins.

Once the cat was out of the bag it was like a wave, before long every one of them was topless, Mum included. It was only Mundy laying prone on a towel that covered her modesty. I was trying not to look but being a young male my gaze couldn’t help but dart from one set to another, my member, of course, had other ideas and started to stir within the confines of my baggy union jack swim shorts.

The twins changed tack. Instead of returning the ball to me they started to volley it out of the pool, “accidentally” of course. Each time I would haul myself up and on to the side, walk past the prone Mundy and bat the ball back before diving into the pool. Not that I minded as I could cop a letch at all the bare flesh as I spun around.

This happened three or four times before Wendy had a brain wave. As I hauled myself up and whilst I was balanced on the edge of the pool she yanked my shorts down and completely off. I was committed to pulling myself up and out and sprang up, fully naked, in front of Mundy. It wouldn’t have been too bad but with all the flesh on view my cock wasn’t exactly fully relaxed. Even if it had been so it would have been big enough, but as it was sticking out at 90 degrees and half erect, it bought an audible gasp from Mundy just a couple of feet away.

I raised myself from my knees not knowing what I was going to do next. Wendy’s hysterical chuckles were silenced as I turned in profile and decided to collect the ball as if nothing had happened. All conversations stopped as the women at the table noticed my predicament. I caught the expression on the twin’s faces, Twin 1 was waist deep in the pool, with her tits out, standing stock still and open mouthed. Her sister, a few feet away, audibly caught her breath and raised her hand to her mouth as she followed my progress across the warm patio floor. I glanced left to see Tina and Jane grinning as their eye line was firmly fixed on my semi rigid cock. My mother’s expression wasn’t the look of horror or shame that I would have imagined, rather a smug look – “that’s my boy”, was written all over her face. Even Wendy wore an expression of superiority, a look of “beat that if you can” as family pride had clearly been re-established.

It was the look on Mundy’s face that caught me most by surprise. She was normally such a demure and shy creature but her pale blue eyes shone and a deep look of lust radiated at my thick tool. She sprang up and sat erect as if in a trance, studying every vein and tracking every joggle of my cock as I moved to collect the ball. Noticing her clear and undivided attention I made no attempt to cover myself as I swung slowly around, allowing her a full view as I did so. I glanced around, noting that all eyes were seemly following every sway of my swelling cock. I couldn’t help a huge and involuntary twitch as all of the attention made it lurch to more generous proportions.

“My, my.” Was stage whispered by either Jane or Tina as I took the two or three steps to the pool edge. I paused, threw the beach ball back and jumped in, making directly for my floating shorts.

Next came the game of piggy in the middle. Twin 1 just beat me to the punch as I neared the centre of the pool. She grabbed my shorts and lobbed them back to her sister in the deep end with me wading desperately after them.

Back and forth two or three times they went before I decided to take direct action. When the shorts were with Twin 2 at the shallower side of the pool, I dove full length at her. I grabbed her hips and yanked her bikini bottoms down in revenge as she attempted to get away. She fell and I managed to slip them over and off her kicking legs and feet. I looked at her taut and naked backside wobbling sexily as she stood and made good her get away. She threw my shorts high as she stumbled and fell head long into the water.

The shorts fell short but Twin 1 made it to them just before me. I repeated my assault, but this time on her bikini bottoms, ducking down and under the water as I pulled them sharply down. I sprang up and back, clutching both pairs of the skimpy material in my right fist, defiantly and with a victorious cheer.

I paused with my midriff only half covered by the water and looked at the fully naked and stunned twin before me. She stared back at me, but again not at my face. I looked down to see my dick end, now almost fully hard, jutting out above the waterline and peeping out from its thin sheath of foreskin.

I studied her in turn, moving my eyes down her dripping and bronzed stomach to the pale patch that marked her pubic area. A thick mat of blonde pubes stood proud of the water and hinted at a pink and open slit beneath. This sumptuous view simply served to stiffen my cock yet further.

I heard a splash from behind me. I swung around only to be flattened by Twin 2. She had jumped up and bowled me over and under the water. She stood over my head and prevented me from coming up for air. I began to kick the water behind her as she clamped my head between her thighs to prevent my escape. I did the only thing I could think of to do. I grabbed her hips and planted my mouth up and on to her exposed gash. I pulled her down and on to my tongue as I darted it into the soft folds of her slit. For a split second she pushed her hips down to meet my probing muscle but instead released me from her grip and glanced back in embarrassment as she moved aside. She looked down, her chest heaved, but she wore a curious expression – an almost wicked glint in her eyes. Wendy, trying to diffuse the now obvious sexual tension, made for a towel and beckoned me out of the pool. Nothing was said bar Wendy’s cheerful,

“Aw Billy, give them back their bottoms.”

That broke the ice and both chuckled nervously as threw the skimpy bottoms over my shoulder. I waded to Wendy opening a towel before me, grabbed it, ran up the steps and hastily made for the study, leaving the door ajar behind me but closing the curtain whilst I changed into my denim shorts.

It was getting late and soon after the girls left the poolside to watch a video in the lounge. I joined them but was unimpressed with the choice, a girlie flick and I soon got bored and returned to my room, mainly with a wank in mind.

It was still hot in the room and so I decided not to close the door as I lay naked on the bed. The women were still outside and the wine fuelled conversation had gotten rather more bawdy but I could only hear half the conversation from who I assumed to be Tina.

“My God, I had no idea he was that big. You must be very proud. Where did he get it from?”

“He was how big? No wonder you had such a smile on your face back then.”

“You want to see it do what? That is very wrong, you naughty girl!”

“How often? Well I do suppose he is a teenage boy. Dave told me that he used to do it two or three times every day.”

“That’s cruel. Poor lad. I bet he does it in the middle of the night. And you say Wendy tries to catch him at it too – poor lad, he gets no peace.”

“I doubt if it would fit.”

“Oh you can, can you? I would like to see that too.”

“I know where I could fit something like that….. it could be arranged you know.”

I lay back, my cock hard and in my fist as I listened to the tone of the conversation. After all it had been a day full of tits and flashes of my cousins snatches.

After a few minutes things went quiet outside. A security light came on and shone directly through the crack in the curtains facing the pool. At that moment a loud click indicated that the door behind me was being opened.

I felt a cool breeze against the top of my head as someone came in. I realised that I was bollock naked with my rock hard cock in full view. The light dazzled me as I looked up to see a figure stand astride my head, with one leg each side of the narrow canvass camp bed. Without a word the figure bent down and took the tip of my cock between her warm and soft lips. I looked up to see the dark outline of a swimsuit and the fuller figure of one of the older women, but which one?

She smelled heavily of cheap wine as I felt her hot breath tumble over my exposed and sweaty midriff.

She sank down to obscure any other view as she slid her mouth further over my now straining shaft. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, after all I had been wanking madly moments before. I lay motionless, staring at the ceiling, with a mixture of horror, guilt and pleasure as her soft lips clamped tight over my engorged phallus. Further and further she sank her hot mouth down until I could feel the back of her throat against my bell end. With a gag, and to my surprise, she sank yet further until I could feel her tonsils flex against the underside of my purple helmet. She stroked at the remainder of my length, about a half, yet to be drawn into the hot and moist void with her hand and moved down to knead and cup my aching balls.

She was expert at giving head and knew, possibly before I did, that the point of no return had been reached. My hips bucked up as my cock pulsed the first gush of a salty load down her throat. She jumped back, women always seem to be surprised when I cum, and allowed me to spurt the second thick jet over her face. Two or three more strong pulses followed and pumped my hot cum up and arcing out of my twitching dick.

She leant back and lapped at my end, making it jump and jerk uncontrollably, as she licked the final drop of cum from the eye at the end of my tip.

The bed collapsed as I thrust upwards again in search of her hallowed orifice. She sprang up and in the light thrown into the room I saw her cum covered and bespectacled face – it was Aunt Jane! She wiped my dripping cum from her cheek before removing her smeared glasses and smiling down at me.

“Billy, you have got a big cock there. You’re not going to be short of girlfriends with that thing aren’t you?” With that she put her finger, still with a large white glob of cum on it, to her lips and made for the open patio door.

Stunned and in disbelief, I lay back and closed my eyes with a mixture of shame and satisfaction. I didn’t know what to do so I just lay there. It had been a long and unusual day to say the least and I soon drifted into a fitful sleep. It was too quiet and all too soon, or so it seemed, I was awoken, this time by splashes coming from the pool. I opened my eyes to the daylight but it was early, I groped for my watch and noted the time – 6.15 am!

I leant forward and parted the curtain to see who was in the pool. I looked out into the bright morning light to see, standing on the edge of the pool, the naked shape of Aunt Tina. For a near 40 year old she had quite a figure, her tits were a little saggy but quite suckable. Although not as tall as the twins she was a good few inches taller than me, slim with long and flowing fair hair – not at all similar to my Mum who had much the same shape as Wendy. Her pink nipples stood proud and erect and her ample chest allowed the drops of water to be channelled down her bronzed body towards her bald and perfectly shaven cunt. My eyes were drawn in and studied every fold of her ample and puffy inner flesh.

My cock immediately leapt to attention. She dived into the water and splashed to a few widths of the small pool. I stood back as she stepped out, grabbed her towel from the side and made her way into the kitchen. I looked at her ample arse wobble delightfully as she walked bare foot across the brick surface.

Cock in hand again I started to stroke it rhythmically – after all I was a teenage boy and it was a quiet country morning!

“Click”, the dining room door sprang open again and Tina breezed in.

“We haven’t got long. Now where is that giant cock of yours?” She placed a small pot on the desk top before kneeling down beside my waist.

Not even a “good morning” as she took the semi erect tool from my hand, probably still stinking of wine from her sister’s breath the night before. She looked into my eyes and guided my knob end between her soft pink lips. Again I didn’t know what to say or do, guilt or pleasure, guilt or pleasure….. She put her finger to my lips to usher me quiet before concentrating on bringing my cock to full readiness.

Once she was satisfied I was at full length she removed her towel and mounted me facing the patio door. I felt the cool damp of her thighs against mine as she settled on my lap.

The bed collapsed further under our combined weight and lay flat on the floor with a clunk. Tina paused momentarily as if trying not to disturb the remainder of the house. She grabbed at my cock and making a fist, offered it to the entrance of her bald cunt. I looked to see if I could watch my cock slide into her depths but couldn’t and so I concentrated on her corpulent arse flexing and over spilling my loins as she rose up.

I felt her hot and wet cunt wall grip at my shaft as she lowered herself down and on to my thick cock. I grunted as her soft inner flesh smothered and cradled my invading rod. Her inner heat contrasting with the cool morning air and her own cold and damp flesh pressed against mine. As she sank down I could feel my tip being forced against the upper limits of her gripping cunt.

She stopped pushing down, raised herself slightly up and tried to force more of my length inside of her, by using her cool and tightly clenched fist wrapped around the base of my thick shaft.

Alas she couldn’t force any more of me inside her and with a deflated sigh lifted completely off.

My cock flopped against my stomach with a distinctive slap. She made a grab for the pot on the desk top, opened the distinctive rectangular lid of the Vasleline jar and spread the cool goo on to my end and massaged it down my twitching shaft. With a wink she reached under her groin and deposited the large glob from her finger at the entrance to her hot hole.

I lay motionless as she shifted position and lay back over me, her cool and damp flesh smelled of chlorine as she sank back. She spread her legs and raised her knees, limbo like. Her hand again gripped my tool as she re-offered it to her warm entrance. This time, as I felt it slide in, she gasped and shuffled her hips to allow greater and fuller access. I groaned in delight as I felt the warm and slippery flesh of her inner lips butt against the base of my rigid tool.

I could do little bar look up at the ceiling as my chin was being pushed back by her shoulder. Her wet hair dangled in my face as she raised her head to look down her slender body, and concentrate on settling my cock fully within her. God it was tight, especially around my base, fully embedded inside her damp and heaving body.

My entire cock was swathed in a hot and tight fleshy sheath, it was almost too much to bear and I could feel my balls tingle as my sap had already begun to rise.

Instinctively I made a grab for her tits from below her arms. I pulled my hands up, cupped her large and chilled mounds and tweaked at her hard nipples with each hand before she took my right with hers. She guided my fingers down her cool body, across the smooth mound of her pubis, to the silky soft inner folds of her fleshy and open cunt. Her breathing was laboured as she ran my fingers across the hard bump of her clit, through the thick folds of soft and lubricated inner flesh, and down towards the warm and wet cavern below.

I was naïve and hadn’t yet realised fully what was going on. She pushed at the back of my hand and forced the tip of my finger into the wet entrance. She grabbed another and pushed that further forward, making two. Joining my fingers with at least one her own she guided me to stir her pot with the distinctive flesh on flesh sound of mutual masturbation.

It was about that time that I realised what was happening with a start – if my fingers were in her cunt where was my cock? I jumped and then froze, she stopped moving and stoked my hand.

“That’s the only place that that thing will fit lover.” She whispered over her shoulder. “Now just lay there and let me fuck the cum from it.”

I was shocked and stunned at her language but thought the better of it when I realised that my cock was deep in her arse and I had 3 fingers buried in her sopping gash.

She offered me her cum soaked fingers over her shoulder.

“Here, taste me. Taste my cum. Take it from my fingers.” She whispered huskily as she forced the cool digit between my lips.

Her long nail traced a path along my tongue as I closed my lips over the slender finger and began to draw off the oily residue. I closed my eyes to savour the flavour and breathe in the scent of her intimate place.

She moved her left hand below mine, cupping her exposed cunt. She spread her lips wide beneath my hand and plucked at her clit with her middle finger. She raised her torso up and began to pump up and down with her hips. Slowly at first, she allowed my full length to gradually rise in and out of her warm and tight rectum.

Almost in time with her clitoral manipulations she rose and fell, each time embedding the full length of my cock deep inside of her.

“Frig me Billy, frig me harder. ” She insisted as the rhythm of her thrusts increased.

I could feel the hard shaft of my tool through the walls of her cunt as I probed it deep with a fourth finger. It squelched loudly as my hand withdrew and thrust upwards in return. I felt her cunt tighten and clench my fingers, her chest heaved, her stomach tensed and arched as she whimpered to her crescendo.

She thrust down sharply at the final moment, as if wanting to impale herself on my dick forever. Her pulsing and clenching muscles gripped at the base of my cock as I withdrew my dripping hand from her cunt.

With a series of panted wails and quiet whimpers she came, her whole body shook and writhed on top of me. Her soft buttocks stuck themselves against my loins as virtually every pore in her body opened and spread a shimmering mist of sweat over her soft skin.

“Oh God Billy, Oh God!” She panted out as her muscles flexed involuntarily in a series of bodily jerks. “Haven’t you cum yet?”

She was slightly raised and I instinctively thrust my cock rapidly upwards in a series of short jabs as I felt the sap rising further in my balls. Her tight arse yielded as my cock swelled and finally pumped its thick seed into the depths of her hot hole.

I was sure I heard an external gasp as she allowed my cock to slip out from her abused bud. My cum ran out and down my balls as she leant forward and stood.

“My God Billy, you do take after your father, don’t you.” With that she picked up her towel, opened the patio door and left, still naked, wriggling her butt and proudly allowing me to see the wet stream of my cum also flowing down her shapely inner thigh.

I opted to keep a low profile and tried not to make eye contact with anyone, especially Jane and Tina when I finally plucked up the courage to enter the kitchen. After breakfast the girls went off horse riding. I noticed that the Twin’s arses looked really good in their jodhpurs as they went off in their car to the stable with Wendy but mentally beat myself up for harbouring such impure thoughts. Mundy stayed and helped out in the kitchen, I loped about and generally tried to stay out of the way.

Grandpa and Grandma turned up about mid morning as did the waves of workmen. I watched as the marquee arrived and was erected. This was followed by deliveries of booze, food and all kinds of other stuff. It was like some kind of military operation. Grandma took charge and strutted around ticking off lists and barking out orders to the assembled family workforce.

Mostly I sat outside with Grandpa. Uncle Dave arrived around tea time as did the girls. As soon as Dave came back the beer bottles came out, much to Grandma’s chagrin. Soon everyone was at the booze, even the girls were allowed a couple of bottles of wine.

We had a light tea, pizzas I seem to remember, before the girls went off to watch yet more videos. Uncle Dave, Grandpa and I hopped into the car and headed off to the “local” for a couple of pints – being men folk and all.

I remember going in, it was rather like the metaphorical piano stopped playing as we approached the bar in complete silence. We sat, sipping our pints, trying to avoid eye contact with the obviously hostile locals. I don’t remember how long we stayed there, but Dave tried his best to engage with the landlord, who, in turn, was polite but clearly disapproved of us – the nouveau riche.

It was reasonably late when we returned and both Grandpa and Uncle Dave decided to turn in. The girls were still at the video player, quite a raucous one judging by the cheers and coos coming from the lounge. The older women folk had all retired, probably on orders from Grandma.

I went to bed and lay in the small and hot space, naked again and with my cock out and ready for action. The damn security light sprang back on after just a few minutes and shone through the crack in the curtains. I lay back and thought I could hear a shuffling noise outside, I considered closing the curtains and as I leant forward the patio door burst open. In stepped Twin 1 dressed in a pink pyjama set.

“We haven’t got long.” She said as she started to peel it off.

She gently pushed me back, prone, spun around and mounted me facing the patio. After groping from my thick tool she shuffled forward and positioned herself over it for an easy entry. She lay back and thrust her hips upwards like a limbo dancer, gripping my tool in her fist and offering it to her tight and hairy snatch. God she was tight as I felt my tip penetrate her moist little cunt.

She sighed in satisfaction as she took a few inches inside and lay back. She was wet, almost gushingly so but the down side was that I kept popping out when she lay back. My exposed end lay against the wiry down of her blonde pubes.

Each time I came out she would sit up, re-insert me and lay back again, determinedly so. The security light was flickering annoyingly but suddenly went out all together.

At last or so I thought. My hands went immediately to her small but firm boobs as she lay back again. She was tall and her soft hair, still pleated rested against my face. She sighed and arched her back to accommodate more of my thick and eager tool. Again it slipped out. At that moment the dining room door burst open, the light was switched on and a broad and common voice whispered sharply,

“I told you that wouldn’t fit in there”. It was Twin 2. She paused for a moment as my tender end snaked up and along the hairy roughness of her sister’s mound. My eyes were dazzled and I struggled to focus on her to ascertain her mood.

“Here, I told you what to do.” She said in annoyance as she too peeled off her matching pyjama set.

“Lay back.” She barked at her sister. “I told you we’d have to do him like we did Jason Michaels.”

I was confused. I thought we’d been busted. I lay there with one twin laying on her back stretched out on top of me, my cock nestled between her wet cunt lips, protruding up and on to her belly and her naked sister, jabbering on like a machine gun, and climbing on top.

Twin 2 just wouldn’t shut up – she went into some kind of verbal overdrive, barking out instructions and making comparisons.

“God his cock is big. Bigger that Paul Wilkinson’s, isn’t it?” She didn’t wait for an answer, she didn’t even pause for breath.

“God I wonder how it feels.” She said as she squatted over her sister’s belly. She lowered herself down carefully so to allow the remaining length of my swollen cock to slip between her smooth labia. She wiggled to consolidate my cock, trapped like a sausage between two sets of soft and moist cunt lips.

She rocked gently back and forth and I could feel the hard bump of her clit just under my phallic head. I looked over Twin 1′s shoulder, as she was also, at the sight of my cock sandwiched between their two sets of lips. My eyes rolled in their sockets as Twin 2 started to gently rock back further, her soft inner flesh massaging the exposed tip of my solid cock. Expertly she ground her hips down and along its length pausing only to increase pressure on her sister’s wet slit below. God it was hot.

I am not sure how long she kept this up but she chatted incessantly throughout,

“God that’s good. God that’s hard. God that’s big.” And, “See I told you this was the best way to get him off.”

Twin 2 was quite competitive, “I bet I can make you cum before I do.” She offered as a challenge to her sister.

By this time I had almost tuned out . I was gently kneading Twin 1′s tits and kissing the back of her neck. She in turn cooed as mine and her sister’s machinations pleasured her. By this time Twin 2′s slit was glistening and slippery wet, she was thrusting herself fully forward until the tip of my knob brushed her puckered butt hole. On each sweep I sensed her push down, gaining pressure, trying to slip my cock inside her gushing cunt. Twin 1 gently eased her hips upwards and presto, my cock slipped into the hot and wet entrance. At least it seemed to shut her up for a few second, she drew breath through gritted teeth as the first few inches of my cock found its way inside her tight twat. She gripped at my shaft with the walls of her cunt before releasing it and sliding forward, allowing it to fall again between her silken lips.

They repeated this process, in perfect tandem, over and over again, and with great skill, both using their cunt lips in cooperation to wank me off. Each subtle movement slow and deliberate, each tilt of the hips slight, as they deftly massaged my meat with the soft inner walls of their cunt lips.

Twin 2 slipped my tip into her hot hole almost with each backward sweep of her loins. She gripped the end firmly in her wet walls and jabbed forward, slapping my cock gently against her sister’s open gash, and clit, below. Then she would release, allowing me to slip out and up her wet crack.

I could feel the soft bump of Twin 1′s clit slide down the underside of my shaft as her sister’s soft inner lips pulled gently at my tender skin opposite. Up further she slid until I could feel her hard nub just under my phallic ridge. Back and forth they slowly swayed, building both in intensity and allowing Twin 2 greater penetration with each backward stroke. She was using her cunt to lubricate my shaft and I could feel her sweet juices run down and mix with her sister’s drenching the base of my meat below.

Twin 2 was now lost in her own world, she fell forward, gasping, eyes closed and in range for me to suggest something dirty of my own to her sister.

“Suck her tit.” I whispered into Twin 1′s ear as I nibbled the back of her neck. My nostrils filled with the scent of her perfume, and a slight hint of horse, as her pleated blonde pony tail fell away and over my shoulder.

She was hot, sticky with sweat and dead weight as she drank in the sensations raging through her loins. She rose up, almost peeling her soft skin from my chest and duly obliged, drawing a gasp from her sister who now had permanently mounted the top couple of inches of my rock hard cock. I was pinned and could do nothing to help as she struggled to thrust her hips upwards and forwards to drive my cock in further.

Her sister’s wetness flowed down my ball sack as Twin 2 continued to stab herself on and over my cock. Her forward thrusts gently slapped the remainder of my shaft against her sister’s exposed and erect clit. Each bump bought and increasing response from the twin sandwiched between us.

I am not sure who started first but when one went we all did. Twin 1 withdrew from her sucking with a hiss, Twin 2 closed her eyes and threw back her head trying to stifle a scream and I instinctively made a grab for any bouncing flesh that I could hold on to.

I think Twin 2′s cunt walls flexing finally drove me over the edge. As soon as she sensed me spurting she lurched forward to allow me to spray both hers and her sisters open snatches with my hot cum. And boy did I cum, in waves, I pumped my seed over the soft mat of Twin 1′s bushy blonde pubes before her sister sank and ground hers down. My cum spread and soaked them both, their downy hair sticking into tacky mats as more spurts sprayed the melee of pink and open flesh.

Twin 1 lay there, her chest heaving and panting as convulsions spread through her torso and down her legs. Twin 2 looked down in awe as she saw her sister enjoying a major orgasm. As her quivering subsided her sister grinned and stroked her forehead tenderly ,

“Wow Jo, that’s the best one yet!”

We paused momentarily, something stirred outside, both twins shot up, collected their pjs and left via the dining room door. I lay there, sweaty and with my balls covered in a mixture of my and the twin’s cum, satisfied beyond all belief but more than a little concerned about the possible family implications. I had heard the tales of the twins “double heading” my mates but thought they had been just that – tales, but now I knew better.

I lay back and relaxed into a deep and contented sleep.

I awoke with a start, again to the sound of the dining room door latch. I felt a cool breeze and a dull thud as someone’s clothing hit the floor. It was early and I was tired and so I made little effort to swing around to see who it was. I am not sure who I expected but I certainly didn’t expect this one – it was Mundy standing to my right stark naked. She looked good, short and compact, pale but reasonably athletic in appearance. Her tits were on the larger size for her frame, pendulous with cherry red areolae and small bud like nipples.

She paused as if to allow me to feast my eyes on her naked frame as she studied mine. I lifted my hand to her and she guided it straight to the neatly trimmed V of her crotch. I stroked downwards and marvelled at the smoothly shaven sides and lips of her hot cunt, already wet and open.

My cock was less than enthusiastic, it lay limp and exhausted from the previous night’s exertions. I am also sure it would have been heavy with the scent of the Twins but it didn’t seem to matter to Mundy – she stooped down and gently lifted the soft member to her warm lips. She threw her leg over my head to allowed me the opportunity to do her a 69, an offer that I took full advantage of. I could feel the intensity of her hot breath over my balls as she drew and sucked at my slowly stiffening end.

I grabbed the solid globes of her butt cheeks and spread them slightly as I offered my tongue to her open and already damp snatch. I started at the delicate fold of her clitoral hood and probed the tip of my tongue under to search out the small and firm nub beneath. She jumped as my soft tongue hit home and rotated her hips to make my tongue run along the smooth and remarkably straight line of her slit. I paused and concluded that she must have been turned on before she came in, her cunt was too juicy and open for it to be just me.

My tongue was resting against her hot entrance. I curled the end and threw it into the fleshy void, swishing and swirling it around the wet opening before driving it in as deep as it would go. The darting thrust bought a hum of appreciation that sent vibrations down through the core of my cock, still deep in Mundy’s mouth.

I repeated the process, a swirl, a suck and then a dart of my fully extended tongue. She gasped at each intrusion, her cunt walls gripped and pulled my soft member in further, almost ripping it from its anchor.

….My brain malfunctioned today…it seems I’m not so sure where my FireBlood series is going anymore….ahhhhh that’s not fair! I had such a nice writing spree too. If anyone has any suggestions I’m open for anything!

—— ——

Keelie stared at her computer screen for almost an entire hour in exasperation. There was absolutely no record of any book with the name “Haren’s Folly” anywhere. Being a book keeper, she knew all the places a rare book could be found, even the illegal ones; Still nothing. How the hell was she supposed to solve this thing with no information? Where did the bloody thing come from? Wait…of course!

She jumped from her desk and rampaged through her shipment records. She had purchased that particular shipment from an independent seller right here in town. Who was it? She found it! She did a little dance of joy when she found the right order form and looked at the name.

“Shipment sent by Celtic Circle” …Celtic Circle…that’s the MacKay’s company! The MacKay’s were one of the richest families in town. Nice enough people, but if anyone gets in the way of them making money, they better watch out. Grinning like a fool, she barely managed to grab her purse and lock up before running towards her car. She needed to get to the MacKay manor, and fast!

Outside of town on the highest hill, stood a mausoleum of a mansion. Keelie raced her small car up the hidden drive way, passed the oversized gates and up to the large marble front doors. Her car screeched to a halt and she jumped out of it, running up and ringing the elegant doorbell.

She waited several excruciating minutes before she hear the click to the front door, She had expected one of the MacKay’s many butlers to answer but was startled to see one of the Mackay twins themselves opening the door.

“Keelie Maine? Well this is as nice a surprise as I ever saw one.” Nick MacKay flashed a charming grin. At 22 years old, Nickolas MacKay was a handsome man with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. At 5’11” and 155 pounds, he was in good shape and used it to his advantage. “Hey Rick! Look who’s paid us a visit?” he said from behind him. Behind him, an identical man poked his face out and grinned.

“Hello, love of my life. Come on in.” Rick said, as both brothers opened the door. Oh boy… here we go again…she thought.

“I’m sorry to bother you both…is your father here today?” she asked.

“Hear that Nick? She’s asking for the old fart instead of one of us. I feel my heart breaking.” Rick said dramatically.

“It’s horrible! What has this world come too?” Nick agreed with a grin. Keelie had to hold back a laugh. This routine was normal for the two young men, regardless of if the visitor was an old woman or a small child. They especially liked to poke fun of their father.

“Please boys!” she clutched her mouth to avoid encouraging them. “I need to ask your father something about an order I had placed with your main company.” The boys had led her to a large library, with tall bookshelves and worn leather chairs. She had always loved this room in the MacKay house, and the boys new it. She sat down in one of the old love seats and looked up at them.

“Sorry to say, our father is out on business…why else do you think there aren’t any servants here today?” Nick winked at her. It was well known in town that the boys tended to give the household a day off when their father was away. Usually it was so they could get away with mischief. So here she was alone with two handsome troublemakers and a rampaging angel out to get her. Well this was a smart move….she started to get up.

“Maybe we can help.” Nick said, making her pause.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we sent out that last shipment to you anyways.” Rick said with a smile.

“You did? Well then maybe you can help me…I received a book I had not ordered in the shipment and wished to find out information on it.”

“Oh…you mean that creepy book.” Nick said.

“You mean the one with the angel and demon on it?” Rick asked to his brother. “Yeah that one was creepy.” Both brothers nodded. “Glad to be rid of it” they said together.

“You know it then! Can you tell me anything about it?” She asked eagerly.

“Just what’s in it…Didn’t you read it?” One of them asked.

“Every time I try to…something comes up.” She said

“Well let’s see…” Nick poured a glass of water for her. “The story begins in Heaven. During this time, Heaven and Hell were at the brink of war, as they always are in these stories but in this book everything goes to hell because of one Angel.”

“This Angel’s name was Hermena, a pretty little thing with an unusually twisted mind. The book begins with Hermena placing a curse on her older brother, Haren. Forcing him to love her in…let’s just say, unnatural ways.”

The second name caught her attention quickly.

“Now, before the curse, Haren was an Angel only interested in peace between the two realms, but as time passed and Hermena continued with her forced intercourse with her Brother, she began to warp his mind. Before long, Haren was at her complete mercy, doing whatever she wished to make her happy. For a time, Hermena was satisfied, turning her twisted fantasies into reality with her brother’s help. There was however, one person who refused her advances. The Demon Prince Himself.”

Keelie listened closely.

“Hermena first met the Demon accidentally while he was in Heaven during a peace talk. She quickly became obsessed with him to the point of madness. Each time she would approach him with her most cunning of flirtations, each time, he would see right through her and turn her down. And with each refusal, she would take out her frustrations on Haren himself. She would rape him while screaming it was the Demon prince’s fault, or she would force him to rape others in front of her, implanting pure hatred for the prince inside of him.”

“As time passes, Haren begins to target the Prince himself. And with each attempt on the prince’s life, war grew closer. The Demon Prince however, was no fool. He knew exactly what Hermena had done and he decided to take matters into his own hands. While pretending to finally give into her advances, he tricked her into confessing her crimes. It wasn’t long before the rest of Heaven knew about her sceams either, and in order to save face, Hermena was executed.”

So preoccupied with the story, Keelie did not notice a slight glow in her purse or Nick’s eyes flicker that same dreadful blue. Something was dropped into her water just before she picked it up to drink.

“Now Haren wasn’t happy, as you can imagine, and he wanted revenge. He planned the complete destruction of both realms. Unfortunately the Demon Prince saw it coming and before Haren could accomplish his goal the prince cast a spell that trapped both of them in an alternate dimension.”

“…but why…why didn’t the demon have a name?” Her head felt funny and her vision began to blurr. She didn’t see Rick’s eyes glow.

“The demon’s very name is a powerful curse…” She didn’t notice Rick’s voice changing for a moment. “If one says it without his permission, you give up your very soul…” Keelie’s eyes fluttered closed and she passed out.


She woke up with a pounding headache. She was completely naked and face down on the leather loveseat she had been sitting on earlier with a gag strapped around her mouth. Her arms were bound behind her back with leather straps and her legs were held apart with the same straps. She sighed when she felt something deep inside of her cunt. Here we go again, she thought. She shifted against the loveseat and let out a loud gasp. On both her nipples and clitoris were metal clamps. With just the slightest movement, they pinched harder forcing her to moan in the gag.

“It seems our new pet is awake, Nick.” Rick said from somewhere in the room.

“Well then, I think we should begin.” With Nick’s words, the clamps began to vibrate. She let out a small scream as saliva dripped from her gagged mouth. She could feel her own cum slowly forming between her legs, dripping inside whatever they had placed inside of her. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands rubbing her ass cheeks.

“Today’s fun will be something special Keelie Maine…and we have to get you ready for it.” Rick said from behind her. Suddenly she felt something cool being rubbed on her behind and slowly, he began to push the cream into her anus. She moaned.

“Let’s pick up the pace.” Nick said, increasing the level of the vibrators.” She moaned louder. Behind her, Rick continued to fuck her ass with his hands, pushing more and more cream into her in the process. She gasped as her body convulsed into an orgasm.

“She’s ready for us…” She didn’t know which one had said that. The vibrators were placed on their full setting to keep her into a continuous orgasm. One of them covered her eyes with a blindfold and lifted her up off the loveseat. She couldn’t see, but Nick lay down on the small couch with his cock full and erect out of his pants at a thick 8 inches wide. Behind her, his brother’s cock was not as thick but was longer than 8 inches in length. Both men had remained fully dressed.

Rick lifted her onto his brother, sitting her up and pushing Nick’s cock into her ass. She screamed out into the gage again.

“Oh fuck she’s tight! I love it.” Nick yelled out.

“Shit, wait for me damn it.” Rick rubbed cream over his cock quickly and pushed Keelie forward. Nick spread her ass cheeks apart, holding her pinned to him as his brother pushed his own cock into her ass. She screamed out in pain as both cocks stretched her anus. Without waiting, Rick began to thrust his cock deeper inside of her, taking his sweet time stuffing her. Below her, Nick pushed his own meat up into her, both men yelling out in pleasure. Keelie’s eyes rode back into her skull as wave after wave of climaxes hit her. They were ruthless in their fucking, not once giving her a chance to breathe. They moved so violently, the clamp on her clitoris snapped off. Both men laughed and quickened their pace. Sweat dripped from all three of them, making each thrust even hotter and even slipperier.

“Damn Keelie! We’re going to do this all night!” One of them said. She screamed out into her gag again in protest. Within a few frenzied moments the shot their cum up her ass. It took almost 10 minutes before they began to move. Rick pulled out of her first, his cock coming out with a pop. Cum dripped down her ass and he groaned with appreciation. Nick lifter her up off his cock and groaned when he finally pulled the glass jar out of her cunt.

“Oh crap, it’s actually full.” He said with a laugh, holding up the filled jar to his brother. They grinned and Nick placed the jar down on the coffee table. Rick cut the leather straps from her legs and removed her gag. She barely had the change to let out a moan when she was pushed down on Ricks cock. The fun was nowhere close to being over. The twins had had so many perverted fantasies over Keelie Maine and the Angel had made sure they would achieve every last one of them.

Inside her purse, the book began to glow an angry red.

She was forced to suck him until he grew hard and then they switched places. When both men were hard again she was thrown to the floor. One of them held her down as another jar was pushed into her pussy. This time, the one at her legs began to fuck her with it. She yelled out in pain, now free from the gag. She still could not see but she began struggling under them again.

“Hold her down damn it!” Nick called back. Her body was held down tighter and she was forced on her side. She felt her leg being forced apart and stretched straight up only seconds before she felt a cock in her ass again. She screamed again as she was ridden. Whoever was currently fucking her finally spilled their cum and she let out a whimper. Suddenly she was forced on her back and who ever had just fucked her sat on her face, forcing their cock back into her mouth. She felt her lower body being lifted up off the ground and suddenly the other cock was in her again. She yelled out again, now with her mouth stuffed. The twins continued this fun till the cock in her mouth was hard again.

“Finish up in there; we have more fun for our lovely lady.” She heard one say. The pace in her ass increased until more semen spilled in her ass. When he pulled out of her, he also pulled out the second jar of cum from her cunt. Barely able to register her thoughts, she managed to swing her leg free and knock the jar out of his hands.

“Shit!” She heard a large thud.

“Don’t worry; they’ll be more where that came from.”

She felt her body being lifted up off the floor and carried somewhere. One of the brothers began to talk again. “Now Keelie, I’m sure you’re wondering where we’re going, right? You see our own father has a secret room in this very study. Normally neither one of us are interested in what he does here…”She heard the sound of a book being pulled out and a door opening. “…but today we will be using the room.”

She felt herself forced down onto something. The leather ties that held her arms were cut free and both her head and arms were placed into something. She heard the click of a latch.

“As you are aware, our father’s favorite hobby was always 16th century Europe. He’s prided himself into being up there with all those famous historians. But you see, there is one thing he enjoys even more then studying their history. It’s practicing their torture techniques.” She screamed out in fear and tried to struggle free.

“Oh no, not THOSE torture techniques. Our father enjoys the techniques they used on women specifically. The sexual torture they had perfected. Fortunately for you, we just like the restraints” The two men looked at her, now strapped into a wooden stock. They forced her ass up higher and restrained her legs in that position. Now it was time to play.

Keelie felt something large and cold shoved up her ass. Whatever it was larger and longer than their two cocks put together. She screamed out in pain.

“Shut her up or this will get really loud.” One of them said.

She felt the gag returning to her mouth and she struggled even more. Suddenly whatever was in her ass began to vibrate. She screamed out into the gag. She felt something else being pushed deep into her pussy and at first she thought it was another jar but it was two small. Whoever was behind her pushed another one deep inside and placed both over her g-spot. Then he pushed something else inside of her, stuffing her vagina full. Before she could even let out a moan, whatever was over her g-spot began to vibrate. She screamed out in more pain. It didn’t end there.

The dildo that sealed her pussy and ass were actually part of the same fuck machine. Nick flipped the switch and turned the second one on, watching as both vibrated inside of her. She screamed again. Grinning at each other, both men decided to leave her where she was while they replenished their strength.

Big Mistake.

Up in the study, smoking a cigarette and looking very angry, Oran waited. When the two boys came back into the room he sealed the door shut. Nick and Rick’s eyes filled with fear.

“Now I know you two know who I am, and I know that both of you are under Haren’s influence, but you went too far.” Crimson eyes glared at them. “Now we are going to go back down there and fix things, but before that…” He pointed a finger at Nick and the man’s eyes glowed red. “…pick up the ladies bag.” Nick did so. “And you…” he pointed at Rick. “Get rid of that jar.” He pointed to the jar of cum they had first collected. Rick’s eyes glowed and did what he was told.

Now both men were under Oran’s control. He normally didn’t bother with doing this, but right now, an exception was made. “Open the door.” They did so. “Lead on then boys.”

Oran followed them down and anger pierced through him at the sight of his lover. She had passed out with the overuse of her body. “Get her out of those straps and remove everything from her.” The twins complied. “Put her bag around her neck.” They did this to. Now Oran picked her up himself and sat her gently down in a chair, wrapping a blanket around her. This was where he would get payback.

“Both of you strip.” They did without question or thought. “Now strap you’re brother down on all fours.” He pointed to Nick. He did so. “Good. Now mount you’re brother’s virgin ass.” Oran watched as Nick, with his much longer cock pushed his meat up his twin’s ass. Rick screamed out in pain but did not move. “Good.” Oran went over to the boys and strapped Nick into place above his brother. “Now fuck him.” Oran said.

He watched as Nick began to thrust in and out of Rick’s ass. “Faster.” Nick complied. “Faster.” Nick continued. Blood dripped down between Rick’s legs as he screamed. As Nick fucked Rick, Oran took hold of a large fuck machine and rolled it over to them. Positioning the attached dildo into Nick’s ass, he placed it on full power. As Nick was forced to keep fucking Rick, he screamed out in pain as blood now dripped from his anus.

Oran’s eye’s began to glow. “Now the two of you will keep fucking in this trance for two hours, unaware of what you are doing. When those two hours are up, you will regain consciousness but will not be able to stop. You can scream and beg all you want but no one will come to your rescue. The two of you will continue to fuck until the stroke of midnight when your restraints will break. Now start moaning in pleasure instead of screaming.” He said with an evil look. Both did just that. Unlike what Harmena had done to her brother, he decided that once the clock struck 10 passed midnight, the Twins memories would be wiped clean. He was furious at them, but he did not wish to have more problems than solutions.

Oran then turned his back to them and picked his lover up gently in his arms. Not looking back, he carried her out of the god-forsaken place and took her home. He was going to clean her up.

To be Continued…

“So I’ve been thinking….”

It was amazing the sheer range of emotions simple words like those could evoke in me when they came from Kristin. Predominantly concern that she had yet another scheme to get us into trouble, but also a curiosity as to what it would be. It wasn’t like all her ideas turned out badly after all. Case in point, our current relationship had come about largely do to her having the nerve to initiate things I never would have. If she hadn’t started anything we never would have ended up having sex on a regular basis and, even though a lot of people would never understand, I wouldn’t reverse the clock on that for anything. Kristin was simultaneously the best thing in my life, and the most dangerous.

I turned to my sister who was sitting cross-legged and completely naked beside me after another of what were becoming regular midnight encounters. Being sneaky was unfortunately just a necessary part of our relationship.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” I said. “What have you been thinking?”

“You know how we’re going to be finishing high-school soon?” she asked.

“We still have a couple months to go, it’s not that soon.”

“Right, but after that we won’t be going back ever.”

I was getting a little confused at Kristin’s seeming concern for leaving school behind. If anything I would have expected her to be getting excited.

“You’re right, we won’t be going back. Assuming you show up to your exams,” I said.

“Hey, I’ve been doing better recently,” she said with a pout. “I’ve been going to all my classes and everything. I’m not going to get stuck there without you, that would just suck.”

Admittedly Kristin had been putting more effort in once I pointed out that if she had to repeat a grade I wouldn’t be there with her, and neither would any of her friends. If she thought school was Hell now, going back another year would be even worse.

“Alright, I’m sorry,” I said. “What were you going to say?”

“Well, I want to do something a little crazy, something that I wanted to do for a while but never had the chance.”

“And that is?”

“Have sex in a classroom. During school hours, not like breaking in at night or anything.”

“In a classroom,” I repeated slowly.

I briefly considered that Kristin might be joking, but I didn’t think she was. And really, it wasn’t like it would be the first time she’d been interested in doing something risky. The thing was I didn’t really know if I liked the idea.

“We’d have to be careful about how we do it of course,” she continued, as though reading my mind. “I know we can’t actually let anyone catch us. I’ve been working on a plan, I just need to sort out a few details.”

Some of my concern dissipated as I realized Kristin wasn’t talking about just finding an empty classroom and hoping for the best. I was going to need more convincing than that however.

“So, what’s this plan then?” I asked.

“So far what I’m thinking is getting a teacher to hand over their class when they have a free period,” she said. “If we lock the door and close the curtains and everything we should be perfectly safe for the better part of an hour.”

“Yeah, should be. What happens if this teacher decides to come back early, or someone else with keys decides they want in for whatever reason? And how are we going to convince a teacher to let us have the room to start with?”

“Well we’re going to need a lookout, I already thought of that. And I think it’s probably going to have to be Shannon since she already pretty much knows what we’ve been up to.”

“That… sort of makes sense I guess,” I said. “You think she’d do it?”

It wasn’t just a matter of whether Shannon would take the risk of getting caught with us, or the skipping class that this plan was probably going to require. There was also the issue of how she was going to feel about basically helping Kristin and me have sex. She’d certainly been supportive of our choice, or at least she hadn’t had any obvious problems with it, but up until now we’d been pretty discreet about it around her. This would be practically shoving it in her face.

“Not right away, but with a little persuasion I think she would,” Kristin said. “I know it might be kind of awkward in some ways, especially since you two almost… well, there was almost a thing between you.”

“Do you think it bothers her that I chose you?” I asked.

Shannon had encouraged the choice, but I still sometimes worried that she wasn’t quite as happy with it as she let on. Kristin probably had a better idea of that than I did.

“Maybe a little, but she never said anything,” Kristin said, biting her lip in thought. “I don’t think it’s that big a deal.”

“I hope you’re right,” I said.

Kristin traced a finger idly across my chest in the brief silence that followed, drawing invisible pictures on my skin.

“Just think what it would be like though,” she said eventually. “Right on the teacher’s desk if we wanted, in the middle of the day. It’d be awesome.”

“Or it could all end in tears,” I countered.

“You’re such a pessimist. You should focus on the upside, like getting to have sex with your sexy, amazing sister.”

“Well I can’t say I don’t enjoy that,” I said.

I grabbed Kristin’s wrist and pulled her on top of me, loving the feeling of her bare skin against mine. She giggled and kissed me before raising herself to her knees and straddling my waist.

“I’ll probably be really horny if we do this you know,” she said. “You’ll definitely have a good time.”

“Again, assuming that we can get access to a classroom,” I pointed out.

“As a last resort I’ve got a favour I can call in, if it comes down to that,” she said with a shrug.

I struggled for a moment with what she could possibly be referring to before giving up.

“Do I even want to know what that means?” I asked.

“It’s not a big deal, I just kept a secret for someone and if I need to I can remind them of it. It’s a little tacky, but it might be worth it.”

With Kristin on top of me and grinding ever so slightly I almost let it go at that. We really needed both clothes and at least four feet of separation for me to conduct a proper interrogation, my thoughts kept getting interrupted by how much I’d rather be fucking her again.

“Hang on, who exactly are we talking about?” I said.

“Miss Reid. We had her for English last year remember?”

“Yeah I remember.”

“Well I had to see her after class one day and she was late and her laptop was open….”

“And you snooped,” I finished.

“Yeah, I found some naughty things on there. You should have seen how embarrassed she was when she came in and found me looking through it.”

“Not that you had a lot of moral high-ground, you shouldn’t go through people’s stuff like that.”

I’d had enough trouble keeping my sister out of my things, and I had more influence over her than most anyone else. An open laptop and no one around made her story more than believable.

“I know, I was kinda bad. I couldn’t help it though, it was just sitting there and I got curious. Somebody really needs to teach me to do better.”

“Mm-hm, but how could I possibly do that? I could try spanking you, but you’d probably just enjoy it.”

“Uh-uh,” she protested, though a giggling fit gave her away. “You wouldn’t do that anyway. Not to your poor, innocent sister.”

“Like hell.”

I pushed Kristin off of me and rolled on top of her, pinning her arms above her head. She made no real move to resist, though she did struggle unconvincingly underneath me. Despite how recently I’d cum I was starting to get hard again from the continued presence of my naked sister, as well as her current antics. She knew exactly what she was doing and her wriggling brought her into contact with my growing erection far too much for it to be coincidence.

“Ooh, no please not again,” she said in an incredibly fake display of unwillingness. “No I promise I’ll be good, don’t put your dick in me again.”

“Cut it out or I’ll put it somewhere you actually might not like,” I growled.

“You mean my butt?” she said, dropping the act instantly. “‘Cause if you’re going to help me I’d totally let you. It could be like an early reward.”


It had been an idle threat more than anything, but I shouldn’t have been too surprised that Kristin would take it as more than that.

“If you want to. I’ve never actually tried it before and it might be fun,” she said.

My cock had grown hard enough that it was poking at Kristin’s pussy and when she rocked her hips it slid along the length of her wet slit. It was more than a little distracting.

“I don’t know,” I said. “If you’ve never done anal we’d probably need to take it slow and build up to it.”

“Why, you think you’d hurt me?”

“Pretty sure we don’t have any lube lying around, so yeah I think I’d probably hurt you. Even with lube I don’t know how well it’d go.”

“Hm, oh well. Maybe some other time then.”

The tip of my dick was just beginning to push its way inside Kristin’s pussy, aided by her constant hip movements and careful positioning. I was tempted to give in and just fuck her like she wanted, but I had something else I wanted to try now that she had me thinking about it.

“Flip over,” I said, pulling away from Kristin a little.

“‘Kay,” she said unquestioningly.

She rolled over and lifted herself onto her hands and knees, wiggling her butt at me as though assuming I wanted to fuck her from behind. She was right, but there was more to my request than that.

Without offering any explanation I ran a finger over her pussy lips, then gently pushed it inside. As I expected she was more than wet enough for my purposes and my finger came out covered in her juices. When I pressed it to her asshole she finally turned her head to try and see what I was doing.

“What are you up to back there?” she asked.

“Just trying something,” I said.

I went back a couple times to make sure I had plenty of Kristin’s girl-cum for lubrication, I didn’t know how easy this was going to be. Even when I thought I had enough her butt still seemed really tight and I had difficulty even just getting my fingertip past the entrance.

“You gotta relax a little,” I told her. “I have no idea how you thought sex was going to work.”

“You should know by now I can be a little impulsive,” she said, making a good point. “And it’s hard to relax when I’m excited. Maybe you should just fuck me first and try it after when I’m all calmed down.”

“I won’t feel like bothering with it afterward if we do that,” I said. “Although….”

Kristin might have something there, if I got her concentrating on sex she wouldn’t be focused on her ass so much. It was worth a shot.

She moaned appreciatively as I guided my cock into her pussy and immediately angled her body to make penetration easier. Even before I was fully inside she was rocking back against me in time with my thrusts, quickly establishing a rhythm with me. I’d long ago tired of jokes about how we should be able to read each other’s minds since we were twins, but when we were having sex sometimes it felt like we actually could on a sub-conscious level. We just moved so naturally together despite being relatively to new to this particular phase of our relationship.

I kept my finger pressed against Kristin’s tight butt, waiting for it to loosen a bit and eventually it did. Slowly, almost reluctantly, her muscles relaxed enough to let just the tip of my finger inside before clamping down again when she realized what had happened.

“It’s in, isn’t it,” she said.

“Yes it is,” I confirmed.

“Feels a little weird, not too bad though. Doesn’t hurt.”

Kristin’s movements had become hesitant as she processed the new sensations, then slowly returned to normal as she got comfortable with the idea. Before long I was able to push my finger farther into her butt and started gently finger-fucking it.

“Mmm, okay that’s feeling kinda good now,” she said. “Kinda sexy too.”

“You think you’d like doing it for real?”

“Yeah, I definitely want to try it. I’ll have to work on that.”

She was losing any self-control she might have started with and rocked back against me with increasing force. I had no idea anal-play would be so much of a turn-on for her and she probably hadn’t realized it either before hand. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be more than my finger in her butt in the near future.

Only moments later her pace reached its most frantic level and her pussy squeezed my cock hard. I loved the feeling of my sister cumming, and as was not uncommon my orgasm followed close behind hers. I could rarely resist the sensations she produced when she came while I was inside her.

Kristin gradually slowed as her orgasm finished and my the last of my semen emptied into her. She rolled onto her side as I finally pulled out and smiled at me a little tiredly. I lay down facing her and we watched each other in silence for a minute or two.

“So we’re really going to resort to blackmail are we?” I said eventually.

“It’s not blackmail,” Kristin protested, though her heart wasn’t in it enough to make a convincing denial. “We’d just be trading favors. I didn’t tell on Miss Reid, she lets us borrow her class. Quick and easy.”

Under different circumstances I probably would have taken advantage of Kristin leaving herself wide open with her last comment. She’d get that it was a joke of course, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t retaliate out of principle. I wasn’t really in any position to get out of arms reach quickly enough, nor did I have the energy to fend her off.

“Pretty sure that’s still blackmail,” I said instead.

“So you don’t want me to do it then?”

Kristin delivered the sentence in a completely neutral tone, but I could sense that this one of those moments where she was giving me the decision. If I firmly told her not to proceed, she wouldn’t. She’d be disappointed though, she had clearly put enough thought into this plan that it wasn’t just a spur of the moment thing.

“I… just be careful okay?” I said. “I don’t want anybody getting hurt over this.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not actually going to threaten her or anything. Everything’ll work out.”

My indirect approval was enough for Kristin who seemed happy that I wasn’t shutting her down. As she snuggled up to me I wondered if that was truly the right decision on my part, even though I also realized it might not matter. As much as I tried to keep her out of trouble, it was just part of who she was and I didn’t want to take that away from her even if it meant leaving my comfort zone sometimes.


A couple days later Kristin invited Shannon over, presumably to bring her in on the plan. My sister hadn’t even filled me in on all the details, but she assured me she’d been working on it and she seemed confident everything would work out. I was skeptical that it would be as easy as she thought it would, on the other hand I didn’t have all the information that she did.

After a little while locked in her room with Shannon, Kristin came to find me with a grin on her face.

“It went well I take it?” I said.

“I think she’s in, except she hasn’t technically said yes yet,” Kristin said, waving it off as though it were a minor detail. “She might need some convincing.”

“Dare I ask what kind of convincing?”

“Nothing you wouldn’t enjoy. Come on, I’m gonna need you too.”

I let Kristin drag me to her room where Shannon was idly toying with my sister’s computer. She looked a little surprised to see me come in as well, but not bothered by it.

“Alright, let’s get some things straightened out,” Kristin said, gesturing for me to sit down on her bed. “First off, Shannon you know about me and Kyle already and I appreciate you being okay with it. It makes things a lot easier not having to hide it from you.”

“Hey, it’s not like it’s my job to police your life,” Shannon said with a shrug. “And you guys seem happy enough.”

“Mm-hm,” Kristin agreed, sitting down in my lap.

I wrapped my arms around my sister’s waist as she leaned toward me. She was watching Shannon closely and I wondered if she was trying to get some kind of reaction.

“So anyway, explain to me why exactly you feel the need to have sex in the middle of school,” Shannon said, sticking to the topic at hand rather than taking the bait.

“Because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really had a chance, and now I’m running out of time. It wouldn’t count if I did it when I wasn’t a student anymore. It’d hardly even be worth it,” Kristin said.

“So this is what, some kind of fantasy for you? Because I’m not sure it’s really worth the risk,” Shannon said.

“Maybe, but what’s the point of going through life not doing the things you want to do?”

Shannon didn’t look like she was going to argue that point, but she didn’t seem completely convinced either. Unlike me she probably wouldn’t go along with whatever Kristin wanted just because she was asked.

“Come on,” Kristin prodded. “It’ll be fun and you’ll always be able to look back and remember that you helped your friend do something stupid and completely awesome,” Kristin said. “Everyone needs memories like that. And besides, if we need to I’m sure we can make it worth your while.”

Shannon raised an eyebrow and seemed intrigued by the offer at the very least. Like me, she was probably wondering what exactly my sister meant by that.

“After all,” Kristin continued, “you’ve got access to a brother and sister who are way too naughty for their own good, and we’d owe you. You can’t tell me there’s no temptation there somewhere.”

Without waiting for a response my sister turned and kissed me, pulling my head toward her slightly so she could reach. She held the kiss longer than strictly necessary to make her point and by the end I was getting short of breath.

I didn’t know whether my sister intended to play more toward Shannon’s feelings for me, whatever they might be at this point, or some perverse fascination in a sibling relationship that had gone far, far off course. Personally if I were in Shannon’s position I was confident I wouldn’t immediately dismiss the idea due to lack of interest.

It seemed that our display had at least made Shannon think. She chewed on her lip seemingly considering the possibilities, shifting her gaze rapidly between Kristin and me. My sister noticed it too and that faint upward curve of her lips that signified triumph appeared on her face.

“So if I wanted you two to do something…” Shannon said carefully.

“We’d probably do it,” Kristin finished.

I wasn’t all that surprised that I didn’t get a say in the matter. Kristin would just assume that I’d be okay with it and the fact that my cock was starting to poke into her butt would give me away if I tried to protest. Not that I was planning an escape just yet; it wasn’t exactly the worst thing in the world to be stuck in a room with the two girls I’d most recently done something sexual with, even if I didn’t know what was coming.

Shannon, with a little more consideration for my feelings, made eye contact with me before speaking again. I shrugged slightly and gave a slight nod, hopefully enough to convey that I was not an entirely unwilling participant in the proceedings.

“What about, like, if I watched you get Kyle off?” Shannon suggested.

“Any particular way, or do you just want to see me playing with his cock?” Kristin said. “You just want to make sure we’re actually doing what you think we are? ‘Cause we definitely are.”

Kristin didn’t really look like she cared one way or the other what her friend’s motivations were and happily hopped off my lap onto the floor. She wasted no time undoing the front of my pants and fishing out my cock, encircling it with her fingers and stroking it gently.

“Fuck, you’re really gonna…” Shannon started. “I mean, I thought you were but I didn’t really… I don’t know, it’s just kind of weird to see for real.”

“It’s not really the sort of thing you see every day is it?” Kristin agreed. “Which is good because it’s so much hotter when it has to be a secret.”

“Yeah, what would be the fun having sex with your brother if everyone was doing it?” I added with only a small amount of sarcasm.

Kristin rolled her eyes but leaned in to suck the head of my cock into her mouth instead of responding. Between her hand and having someone watching us I’d gotten hard fairly quickly and it felt good to have my sister start getting serious about it instead of just playing with me.

The fact that not too long ago the girls’ positions had been reversed wasn’t lost on me, Kristin having seen Shannon giving me a blowjob in my room. I hoped there wouldn’t be too much awkwardness arising from that, but Shannon certainly didn’t seem too put out. Especially since she was the one who said she wanted to see it.

When it came down to it, I couldn’t figure out precisely what Shannon was thinking. Her face wasn’t giving me enough information to decide whether she was merely curious or whether she was actually enjoying what she saw on some perverse level. It was a very typically guy thing, but I couldn’t help wondering what might happen if she decided she really liked watching us. There was some fantasy material there if I chose to take it.

“Okay, you’re right. This is pretty hot,” Shannon said eventually.

Kristin had my cock filling her mouth, but still managed a muffled sound of agreement. As my attention was drawn back to my sister I noticed that her hand was down the front of her pants, somehow I’d failed to catch that she was getting herself off at the same time as me.

Shannon still wasn’t openly masturbating or anything overt, but when I looked for it I saw that she was fidgeting in her chair and squeezing her legs together every now and then. She was definitely getting horny watching us even if she wasn’t comfortable enough to do something about it.

I returned my attention to Kristin who continued to suck my cock and bring me closer to orgasm while simultaneously getting herself off. Since neither of her hands were free I brushed some of her hair back out of her face where it had fallen, tucking it behind her ear. She looked up at me and deliberately took me deeper on the next couple down strokes, letting my cock go far enough for me to feel the back of her throat before pulling away again.

I heard a small, barely noticeable sound from Shannon’s direction and when I looked over a moment later her hand was between her legs, clamped down firmly over her crotch as she squeezed her thighs together. It looked like she was putting some pressure on her clit, possibly just enough stimulation to keep from going crazy. I thought about telling her it was okay if she wanted to masturbate, but she seemed a little embarrassed just at having me notice her and I didn’t want to add to that.

Before long my sister’s efforts paid off and I felt the familiar sensation of impending orgasm.

“Getting close,” I said softly.

Kristin gave me an indecipherable grunt of acknowledgement the best she could do with her mouth still full, and pumped me a little harder. Just before I came she pulled her mouth off me and tilted her head back with her eyes closed. As my semen sprayed out it landed mostly on her waiting face, some of it even inside her mouth, with the last shot falling short and midway down her stomach on the front of her shirt. I was kind of surprised that she would let me cum on her like that with no warning, until I remembered that she was putting on a show for Shannon. In that context it made perfect sense.

My sister stayed exactly where she was for another minute or two with her hand frantically rubbing her pussy and her face partly covered in my cum. Finally she gave a contented sigh and reopened her eyes.

“So was that good enough for you?” Kristin asked, turning to Shannon who had a look of even stronger disbelief than before.

“Uh, yeah,” Shannon said. “More than I was expecting actually.”

Kristin grinned and stood up, taking stock of her appearance as she did.

“Guess I probably can’t wander around like this,” she said with just a hint of regret in her voice. “Be back in a minute.”

Without making even a token preliminary attempt to wipe herself off she stepped out into the hallway in the direction of the bathroom and left Shannon and me alone in the room. There was a moment of awkward silence before I decided talking might be better than sitting around worrying about what Shannon was thinking.

“So at least you’re not freaking out,” I said. “That’s a good sign right?”

“I suppose,” Shannon replied slowly. Her gaze drifted away from the doorway where Kristin had left back to me. “I didn’t think I would anyway, it’s not like this came out of nowhere. I’ve had time to think about it. The only thing is I wasn’t really sure how far you two had gone.”

“Guess you have a better idea now,” I said.

“No kidding. Can I ask you something though Kyle?”


“Would you mind if I watched you guys more, kinda like what we just did. Not necessarily all the time or anything, but maybe-”

“It’s fine with me,” I interrupted, waving my hand casually. “I mean it’s not like we’ve never, you know, done anything.”

Granted the total of what Shannon and me had done together was that one blowjob she’d given me, but it was enough to make me a little more comfortable around her. Comfortable enough that I didn’t mind if she wanted to continue being a spectator of sorts. Especially since there was a good chance if we did this more she’d give in eventually and masturbate for real. I couldn’t help having a certain amount of interest in that possibility.

Before Shannon could respond Kristin walked back in and went straight for her dresser.

“How come you didn’t tell me you got cum all over my shirt?” she demanded, giving me a mock glare as she passed me.

“First off I thought you would have noticed,” I said. “Second, it really wasn’t that much.”

Kristin stuck her tongue out at me, then pulled her shirt up over her head without a hint of hesitation despite both Shannon and me still being there. Her breasts weren’t anything I hadn’t seen of course, and for all I knew Shannon might have seen them plenty of times as well since I understood girls were more open about that kind of thing than guys. All it really did was remind me just how short a time it had been since being half, or fully, naked around each other wouldn’t have happened. Now it was quite literally an everyday occurrence.

“So what were you guys talking about?” Kristin asked as she bounced down onto the bed beside me after getting a new shirt.

“Just stuff,” I said.

“Cool. So you decide if you’re going to help us yet?” Kristin asked Shannon.

Shannon’s eyes flicked toward me for a split second, then back to Kristin.

“Yeah, I’m in,” she said.

“Good, then everything’s going perfectly so far,” Kristin said. “Tomorrow I’m gonna have to go talk to Miss Reid and get things arranged with her, then we’ll be all set.”


The next day Kristin decided to wait until the end of the last period to approach Miss Reid, which I agreed with. It made sense to minimize the chance of getting interrupted in the middle of their conversation, and it would make it easier to locate the teacher since she’d almost certainly be in her class packing up for the day and getting ready to go home.

My sister found me just after the final bell while most of the students were surging toward the exits and dragged me into a semi-private alcove. I looked around but no one gave us so much as a second glance as they went by.

“You talk to her yet?” I asked, keeping my question deliberately vague on the off-chance someone actually could overhear us.

“Nope, just about to,” Kristin said. “Slight change of plans though, I need you and Shannon to give me about ten minutes then follow me in.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Oh yeah, why’s that? We’re not kidnapping her now are we?”

“Don’t be silly. I’m going to try giving her a plausible explanation for our request is all, I would have thought you’d be happy to hear that,” she said, poking me sharply in the chest.

“Yeah yeah, alright. I assume you told Shannon already.”

“Yep, at lunch. She’ll meet you… I don’t know, somewhere. Anyway, I gotta go. See you in ten.”

Kristin leaned over and kissed me so quickly I didn’t have a chance to register the movement before she was already finished and walking away.

“You can’t…” I began automatically, then sighed and gave up. Kristin had known exactly what she was doing and telling her off wasn’t going to help anything. All I’d do was draw unwanted attention if I tried.

With nothing better to do I followed in generally the same direction my sister had gone, although at a much slower pace. I didn’t really have anything to occupy myself for ten minutes other than just standing around keeping an eye on one of the clocks scattered through the hallways so I’d know when it was time. I could have gone to try and find Shannon I suppose, but I had no idea where she would be so it seemed kind of pointless.

I’d only just made it to the outside of Miss Reid’s class and leaned against the wall to wait when Shannon found me instead.

“Hey Kyle,” she called.

I looked back down the hall where I’d come from as she approached. I hadn’t noticed her behind me, but she might well have turned off from somewhere else. Or she’d been following me to see if she could sneak up on me, although that was more my sister’s thing.

“Hey,” I said back.

Shannon stopped next to me and dropped her bag onto the floor as though it was too heavy to bother carrying it while we weren’t going anywhere. Knowing how many textbooks some students carried around with them that might actually be the case.

“Did she tell you what exactly she needs us for?” I asked.

“Nah, not anything specific. We might just be to back up her story, whatever it is.”

“Which would work better if knew ahead of time what the story was.”

Shannon shrugged. “Not much we can do about that now.”

“I know.”

I felt a little better having Shannon there waiting with me. It meant I didn’t look completely suspicious hanging around by myself, plus it wasn’t a terrible thing to be seen with girls who weren’t my sister just in case there was someone who might connect the dots on our relationship.

“So it’s kinda strange, but I’m actually getting into this a little,” Shannon said. “The whole thing with you and Kris.”

“You mean watching us?”

“Yeah, except more than that too. Like… okay I don’t know if I should really tell you this but last night I went online and, well, I found some videos of brothers and sisters doing stuff. Porn videos I mean.” Her face started to get red as she spoke and she avoided meeting my eyes directly, but she kept going. “Obviously they weren’t all real or anything, but there were a couple of them that could have been.”

“Wow,” I said for lack of anything better. “We made more of an impression than I thought.”

“Yep, you’ve corrupted me for good,” she said. “Or maybe it’s partly the novelty of it, I don’t know. I’m definitely looking forward to next time though,” she finished a little shyly.

“The real thing’s better than porn huh?”

Shannon nodded emphatically, which for some reason made me feel good.

“You think we waited long enough yet?” she asked, gesturing toward the classroom we were standing outside.

“I don’t know, close enough I guess.”

I opened the door and let Shannon go first before pulling it shut behind me just in case. Kristin and Miss Reid were indeed inside, my sister sitting casually on the teacher’s desk with her legs dangling over the edge as the two of them talked. Their conversation had temporarily stopped as we interrupted, but Kristin grinned as she saw us come in.

“You remember Kyle don’t you Miss?” Kristin said. “And I’m not sure if you’ve ever met Shannon….”

“Um, no I don’t think so,” Miss Reid said a little hesitantly.

“Well anyway they’re the ones who are going to be practicing with me,” Kristin said. “I’m sure you can trust Kyle can’t you? He’s always been quite respectable as far as students go.”

Miss Reid didn’t comment directly on that statement, but her face showed a hint of agreeing with my sister’s assessment of me. I didn’t know whether to be proud about that, or annoyed. Maybe both.

“You’re Kristin’s brother aren’t you?” Miss Reid asked me. “And you ended up in the same drama class. It’s funny I never thought you’d be interested in that.”

Neither did I. Nevertheless that was apparently the story we were going with so I was better off not correcting her.

“I think he misses me too much when we’re apart, he likes to get in the same classes as me when he can,” Kristin said before I could speak for myself.

“Or maybe someone just likes to mess with my course selection list,” I replied, choosing something halfway plausible, if untrue, that my sister might have done.

Kristin stuck her tongue out at me, then quickly assumed an innocent expression as Miss Reid turned to her. The teacher looked like she was going to say something, but then shook her head in exasperation. She must have been used to my sister’s antics.

“You only need the class for one period right?” Miss Reid asked.

“Yes, just enough so we can practice our skit we need to do,” Kristin said. “Doofus over there doesn’t want to do it where people can watch for some reason.”

I rolled my eyes at the name calling and gave my sister a disbelieving look like she couldn’t possibly think I wasn’t going to remember that later.

“Alright, well you can have it fourth period on Friday if you really want it,” Miss Reid said. “I expect to find everything the way I left it though, if you have to move desks around at least put them back afterward.”

I got the impression she was trying to get rid of us at this point, and now that Kristin had what she wanted I had no doubt we’d be leaving.

“Absolutely, you won’t even know we were there,” Kristin assured her, hopping off the desk where she’d been sitting.

My sister grabbed my arm and dragged me out the door leaving Shannon to follow behind us looking quite amused at everything.

“Doofus huh?” I said as soon as we were out of earshot.

“Just being me,” Kristin said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Don’t want to arouse suspicion do we?”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s all it was.”

The three of us appeared to be alone, at least temporarily, so I decided I could risk getting a little payback. Kristin was walking right beside me so I moved my hand to her butt and gave it a solid pinch. My sister squealed and jumped at the sudden contact, then whirled on me. I had already backed away and was doing my best not to burst out laughing at her reaction, but was unable to restrain myself completely.

After a moment Kristin gave in and giggled, knowing full well that she deserved it. Shannon just smiled and shook her head at us.

“Well if you two don’t need me anymore I have to get going,” she said.

“Okay. Remember, Friday fourth period,” Kristin said.

“I’ll be there.”

Shannon gave me a small wave, then headed off leaving us by ourselves.

“Guess we should probably head home too,” I said.

“Uh uh, not right away,” Kristin said. “First we need to go shopping.”

“Shopping? Why?”

“‘Cause I need a new skirt. I don’t have anything that’ll work for Friday, not properly.” She leaned in close to whisper conspiratorially. “And you’d rather be able to bend me over the desk, flip up my skirt and fuck me than dick around with getting my pants off wouldn’t you?”

“Dammit Kris,” I said.

The mental image I got off that was hotter than what was helpful at the moment. I didn’t need to be walking around with an erection right now even if most people had left the area already.

“Why do you think I insisted on us bringing the car this morning anyway? It’s not like we needed it to go straight to school and back.”

“I did wonder about that,” I said. “Honestly I assumed you just wanted stop and mess around before we got home.”

“Well I wouldn’t count that out either.” Kristin grinned wickedly. “After all I might need some new panties while we’re there, and you’d get to help me pick them out. We never did replace that pair you ripped a while back.”

“If I say I’ll go will you please stop saying sexy things? At least until we’re in the car.”

“Hm, I guess that’s a good deal. Didn’t plan on getting you too worked up yet anyway. Save that for later.”

In immediate defiance of her previous statement Kristin turned and walked ahead of me to where I’d parked the car that morning, swinging her hips in exaggerated motions to keep my attention. I thought about telling her to cut it out, but knew even as the thought came to me that I wouldn’t be fooling anyone; I loved watching my sister’s ass and she knew it as well as I did. At least once we were around people again in whatever clothing store she chose she’d have to behave herself a little. I hoped.


The place Kristin decided on turned out not to be all that busy when we got there, but with enough customers wandering around that she couldn’t tease me too badly. I kept an eye out for anyone I recognized because as long we remained anonymous I knew could pass easily enough for boyfriend and girlfriend rather than brother and sister.

As interesting as Kristin had promised the shopping trip would be, it didn’t quite turn out that way. Searching through an array of skirts for just the right one was not really my idea of a good time, and picking out panties wasn’t enough to make up for that. As much as I liked choosing underwear for my sister, I wasn’t actually getting to see what she looked like in them which cut down on the appeal somewhat.

“What do you think of this one?” Kristin asked, holding up yet another skirt for my opinion.

“Isn’t that the same as the last one?” I said.

“No, it’s a little longer and the materials different. I think I like it better, feels nicer.”

“Then go buy it so we can be done.”

“Aw, you getting tired of this already? Just hang on a few more minutes and I promise it’ll get better. I think I’m gonna go try these on.”

She had the two not-the-same skirts as well as two pairs of panties that we’d decided on. I figured as long as she wanted my input I might as well see how small I could go before she’d refuse. As it turned out she didn’t seem to have a problem trying out some that didn’t seem like they’d really cover anything properly. That at least had managed to stir up my imagination a little.

There were some semi-secluded changing rooms toward the back of the store and Kristin entered one while I remained outside. I was sure boyfriends getting dragged along happened regularly enough that I wouldn’t stick out too much standing there on my own in the clearly meant-for-girls store, but that didn’t mean I was going to like it. I felt quite awkward and not sure where to look, as well as having the small but persistent fear that someone would recognize me. I couldn’t even wander around pretending I was browsing because that really would draw attention.

Finally, after more time than I felt it should have taken just to try on a couple things, Kristin opened the door to the dressing room and poked her head out.

“Come in here and tell me what you think,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be in there with you,” I said.

“You big baby, no one’s even going to care. Either get in here or I’ll come out there and I don’t think you want that.”


If we got kicked out I had every intention of telling her “I told you so”, but I hoped she was right that it wasn’t that big a deal. Or at least that no one noticed.

“So I’m kinda liking this one, you think it’s okay?” Kristin asked as I closed the door behind me.

There wasn’t a lot of space with both of us inside, but it wasn’t too cramped either. Kristin was standing in front of the mirror examining the skirt she had put on critically. I thought she looked hot in it, but didn’t have much of an opinion otherwise. Plus I thought she looked hot in most anything.

“It’s fine,” I said.

“You don’t think it’s too long? I didn’t want to go too short and get in trouble, just keep it at the right length.”

The bottom of the skirt came down to maybe a couple inches above her knees and I knew that given our school policy she wasn’t going to get away with much more than that.

“You look great,” I insisted.

“Wouldn’t matter what I had on you’d still say that, don’t know why I bother sometimes,” she said.

“Because you like hearing me tell you how good you look probably.”

“Oh yeah, that’s it.” She giggled. “I guess if I really wanted compliments I’d go a step further.”

In one deliberate, smooth motion Kristin pulled the skirt down to her ankles and stepped out of it. Underneath she was wearing one of the pairs of panties we’d picked out, and it was just as useless at properly covering her as I’d hoped. From behind the panties did little more than draw a nice dividing line down the middle of her ass, and when she turned around I saw that they weren’t doing much better in front. Her pussy was barely covered and if she had any hair down there it would be clearly showing around the edges of the material.

“I’m guessing you like them,” she said.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Even though they’re really, really small in the back?”

As if that was a downside for me.

Kristin took my hand and pulled it around to her lower back, then down to the top of her butt.

“I bet they’re just gonna ride up on me and disappear, hardly even worth wearing them,” she said.

I ran my finger down the centre of her ass, pressing the panties between her butt cheeks.

“You might be right,” I said.

“Uh huh, but I know you don’t really care do you? You’d like it if I didn’t wear any underwear.”

“I might.”

As I continued running my finger up and down the line of her panties, pushing them as deep as I could, I encountered something I didn’t expect. There was something there, something that seemed very deliberately placed, and I could tell that Kristin had been waiting for me to find it.

“Is that…” I started.

“A butt plug, yeah,” she confirmed. “I got it after we talked about you fucking me back there. Actually I got two, the other one’s a little bigger for when I get used to this one. I think I’m almost ready ’cause I sometimes forget I even have this one still in. Told you I’d work on it.”

“And you were wearing it all day?”

“Yep. Had to get off in the bathroom at lunch when I got too horny, but it’s totally worth it. Feels good when I play with it too.”

A shiver went down my spine as I imagined my sister playing with herself and her new toy. I had already been pressing on the butt plug experimentally, but at her encouragement I wiggled it more purposefully making her gasp softly.

“How did it take me so long to figure out sexy you were?” I asked, not expecting a real answer.

“Because I never had any reason to be sexy for you before,” she said. “Now I do. And I think I’m doing a pretty good job.”

“God, are you ever.”

While I played with Kristin’s butt she started grinding slowly on my leg, pressing her body firmly against me. I enjoyed the feeling, but there was an immediate problem to be dealt with if things continued the way they were going.

“You’re going to get those panties all wet if you keep that up,” I said.

“So? I’m gonna buy them anyway.”

“That’s fine, but I’m refusing to be seen with you if you set those on the counter soaked and smelling like sex.”

Kristin pouted but offered no real objection, particularly when I knelt down in front of her and started pulling the panties down. I brought them up to my face after she stepped out of them and examined the material closely. There was already a small damp spot, but fortunately nothing overly noticeable if you weren’t specifically looking for it.

As I set the panties aside I was left kneeling in front of my half-naked sister with her bare pussy directly in front of me. I knew it was an incredibly stupid place for us to risk getting caught, all someone would have to do was open the door and we’d have nowhere to hide. In theory the door was locked, but it wasn’t the sort of lock I would trust with anything important. It was just enough to make people feel comfortable trying on other clothes in a somewhat public location. On the other hand Kristin’s perfectly smooth pussy was not something I could pass up easily when it was right there in front of me, begging to be touched.

“What you doing down there?” she asked.

“What do you think?”

I ran my fingers up the inside of Kristin’s thigh and over her pussy lips, parting them slightly as I did. I gave the length of her slit a preliminary lick and once more experienced the unique taste of my sister, a taste that I absolutely loved.

“You know if I tried stripping you and giving you head in here you’d freak out on me,” Kristin said.

“Probably,” I agreed. “You want me to stop?”

“Uh uh, no way.”

“Good, then stop pointing out my hypocrisy because I’m well aware of it without your help.”

I tried to be careful and stay out of trouble, and usually I succeeded pretty well. Kristin was a massive weakness for me in that regard however, I couldn’t always do the sensible thing when I was with her. It had always been that way and the effect had only gotten worse recently. Sure I could still maintain control if I really wanted to, but the truth was that more and more I was prepared to choose my sister over any kind of reason or logic.

Kristin’s fingers tangled in my hair as I licked repeatedly at her pussy and her legs parted eagerly at my slightest touch. There were other people out there walking by as close as a few feet away, yet I was going to make her cum. It was going to happen. It was one of those rare times when I felt as though I could understand how her world worked, when consequences were meaningless and all that mattered was what I wanted at that moment.

“Mmm, I love it when you get like this,” Kristin said. “Everyone thinks you’re such a good boy, but you’re not really are you?”

I don’t know if she expected me to argue the point, but all I did was ignore it. I had more important things to think about, things which would severely undercut any protest I might make to her claim.

Kristin made an appreciative noise as I pushed a finger inside her increasingly wet pussy with a second one close behind. She let me finger-fuck her for a little while before regaining her train of thought.

“What would people think if they knew you as well as I do?” she mused. “Come to think of it, what if they knew just how bad I was too? We’d be grounded forever just for a start.”

She giggled at the thought, then abruptly gasped as I used my remaining free hand to find the butt plug she was still wearing. I already knew she liked me playing with it, but I hadn’t realized just how much it could affect her when combined with the stimulation on her pussy.

“Oh fuck, keep doing that,” she breathed.

Kristin’s hips bucked against my face, threatening to dislodge me and making my job significantly more difficult. I knew she was getting close though and I didn’t give up, instead responding with more force of my own. I licked furiously at her clit and increased the pace of my fingers inside her until finally she had enough.

With an all to loud cry, at least to my ears, Kristin fell back against the wall as her pussy clamped down firmly on my fingers. I kept licking as she came, only stopping when it was obvious she was through. As I looked up at her in the aftermath her more familiar look of mischief and lust was replaced temporarily by an expression of sated contentment.

The moment was quickly ruined by a knock on the door, making me panic at the returning realization that we weren’t exactly somewhere private.

“Are you all right in there?” came a voice from outside.

“Yes thanks,” Kristin called back without missing a beat. “Almost done.”

“Okay,” the voice replied uncertainly.

After a moment I heard footsteps walking away and my shoulders sagged in relief. That was too close.

“Well that was fun,” Kristin said.

She bent over and kissed me, evidently not caring that I tasted like her pussy. I felt a twinge of regret as she started getting dressed even though I knew that we had to go or risk attracting more attention. My cock was straining in my pants and part of me wanted nothing more than to pin my sister against the wall and fuck her. Having self-control sucked sometimes.

“Sorry I can’t take care of you too,” Kristin apologized. “I will later I promise. You more than earned it today.”

“Strangely that doesn’t really help me right now,” I said.

Kristin shrugged and unlocked the door.

“Shall we?” she asked.

She didn’t wait for an answer and before I was truly ready I was following her back in to the store proper. My erection had settled down a little, but I was worried it would still be noticeable if someone got too close. Luckily no one was nearby, even the sales girl who almost caught us has been distracted by another customer. At least I assumed it was her, there weren’t any other suitable candidates around.

Humming cheerfully to herself Kristin approached the counter to pay for her choice of skirt and panties while I skulked around nearby, trying to watch every direction without making it obvious. By the time we made it out of there I had decided that no one was curious enough about what we’d been up to that they were going make an issue of it and I’d started to relax. Kristin didn’t look at all concerned about it the whole time, but I’d come to expect that from her. She had way more practice at acting normal than I did.

“We should do that again some time,” Kristin said as we headed back to the car.

“I wouldn’t count on it,” I said.

“Yeah yeah, you say that now. I could get you back there right now if I really wanted to.”

She was probably right, especially given how horny I still was.

“How about we don’t test that, okay?” I said.

“Nah, I wouldn’t. Maybe if I was bored enough, but I’ve still got Friday to look forward to.”


The day couldn’t come soon enough for Kristin, as short a time as it was in reality. I watched her get dressed in the morning, as I liked to do when I had the opportunity, and she put far more effort in to her appearance than normal. With her skirt, a white button-up blouse, and her hair pulled back into a ponytail she looked far more like the archetypal schoolgirl than I’d ever seen her before. It only she could have masked the wicked glint in her eyes the image would have been perfect.

I will admit to a certain amount of anticipation throughout the first part of the day. Having sex with Kristin wasn’t ever going to be something I would dread, even if the circumstances weren’t ideal in my mind. Plus she actually looked really hot in her outfit, in a weird, subtle kind of way since it wasn’t overtly any more sexual than something she would wear normally.

By the time fourth period rolled around I was having trouble acting casual and I was sure someone was going to notice that I was behaving oddly. It was a bit of a relief to finally make it to Miss Reid’s class with nothing going wrong and finding Kristin there waiting for me. Shannon was with her actually, the two of them deep in conversation until I stepped through the doorway.

“Want to lock that behind you?” Kristin said.

“Sure,” I said.

With the door locked we were reasonably secure inside the classroom and either Kristin or Shannon had already pulled the curtains across the windows so no one could see in from outside.

“I told Shannon she could stay if she wanted,” Kristin said. “You don’t mind too much do you?”

“Uh, no that’s fine,” I said.

“Good, ’cause we do still owe her for helping us.”

The trail of logic on that one was a little difficult to follow. As I recalled Shannon was supposed to be making sure no one interrupted us, which she couldn’t very well do if she was watching us. On the other hand having her out in the hallway would hardly be inconspicuous. Fortunately the deal was between my sister and her friend and if it didn’t make sense to me it wasn’t a big deal.

Kristin stood beside the teacher’s desk at the front of the room with her hands clasped behind her back and her chest sticking out slightly. As I approached her Shannon stepped to the side and sat on the edge of one of the tables in the front row.

“See, I knew you didn’t really hate this idea,” Kristin said as I placed my hands on either side of her waist.

“I rarely hate your ideas, I just don’t always think they’ll work out,” I said. “This time you actually put some thought into it.”

I stopped Kristin’s response by kissing her, pulling her closer to me as I did. I didn’t want to antagonize her enough that she’d up the stakes on me.

My hands slid easily underneath her shirt as we held each other and rested comfortably on the bare skin underneath. I slowly moved one of them upward, over her tummy and not quite reaching her breasts before she pulled away a little.

“Mmm, getting kinda horny now,” she said.

“Aren’t you always?” I said.

“More than usual then. Here, you can probably feel it.”

Kristin took hold of one of my wrists and guided my hand under her skirt to the front of her panties. As I pressed my palm against them I could feel a sizeable damp spot already formed.

“Jesus, we barely even did anything yet,” I said.

“I know, but you remember how I said I had another butt plug that’s a little bigger? Well I’ve been wearing it all day and it’s been turning me on like crazy. It feels even better than the other one. I think I’m ready for you now, for real this time.”

Kristin hips rocked gently on my hand almost of their own volition, and when I pressed back against her pussy she moaned softly. She was definitely worked up already, there was no question about it.

With slightly shaky hands she undid the front of my pants and reached in to grasp my hardening cock. She gave a gentle squeeze and stroked her fingers across the length of my shaft as I continued rubbing her wet panties.

We stood together essentially masturbating each other for a minute or two before Kristin backed away and leaned over the teacher’s desk, bracing herself on her arms. She turned her head back to look at me in a silent invitation that I could hardly refuse.

I moved behind her and slid my hands up the outside of her thighs under her skirt, not yet lifting it quite high enough to expose her butt. It was simple enough locating the waistband of her panties by touch and tugging them down to her knees. Kristin let them fall to the floor and carefully stepped out of them, kicking them unceremoniously to the side.

With her panties out of the way I pulled Kristin’s skirt up around her waist to reveal her bare ass. I was intimately familiar with this part of her body, except for right in the middle was the black, circular base that was all I could see of the butt plug currently inside her. All I could do for a long moment was stare at the expected yet fascinating sight, too long for my sister.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” she demanded. “You need instructions back there?”

“Just looking,” I said.

To pacify her a little I pressed my fully-hard erection against her pussy, making her sigh happily. She began rocking back and forth in small movements, but didn’t have the right positioning to get me inside her without help. Before she got impatient again I guided my cock to her entrance and allowed the motion of her hips to slowly impale her on my shaft. Once I got her started she did all the work and I didn’t even have to move.

I heard a sound from behind me and turned my head just enough to glance at Shannon who I had almost forgotten was there. The front of her pants was open and her hand was buried under her panties, masturbating freely at the show Kristin and I were giving her. I’d expected it to happen as she got more comfortable around us, although she was a bit quicker about it than I would have predicted. She met my gaze for a second as I looked at her and seemed embarrassed, but didn’t stop what she was doing.

Kristin continued fucking herself on me as I turned back to her, although she faltered slightly as I grabbed the base of her butt plug. As I had done back in the clothing store I merely played with it at first, wiggling it around just to see what kind of reaction I got. My sister had a different idea of what I should be doing.

“You’re gonna do it aren’t you?” she said. “You’re gonna fuck me back there.”

“Do you want me to?”

“Duh, that was the whole point of getting ready for you. You think it was just for fun? Actually, it was kind of fun when I think about it.”

Kristin giggled softly to herself as I decided on my course of action. It wasn’t really a difficult choice when it came down to it, it just seemed like our first time trying anal should have been somewhere a little more traditional. Like in a bedroom.

I pulled on the base of the butt plug, slowly fighting against the resistance Kristin’s ass put up trying to keep it in. As the widest part made it past her outer ring she moaned and stiffened up while her pussy squeezed my cock hard. Once I had the butt plug out I waited for Kristin to recover a little before trying anything else. Even after her pussy relaxed it was a couple minutes before she straightened back up to her initial stance.

“You still want me to do it?” I asked softly. “That seemed pretty intense.”

“It was kinda,” Kristin said. “It’s just so… bad having my brother playing with my butt like that. I love it. Although I think if you’re not in my pussy at the same time it won’t be so much for me and I could handle it better.”

“Okay, but you have to tell me if it hurts or if you want me to stop for any reason alright?”


Kristin’s asshole was still lubricated from where she’d put in the butt plug and my cock was covered in her pussy juice. I thought about asking if she had more lube with her just in case, but decided to at least try it first and see how easily it went. It wouldn’t be completely new to her this time so it might be okay.

I placed the tip of my cock directly against my sister’s anal opening and pressed gently, but with gradually increasing force. She pushed back and slowly her asshole reopened for me and let me in. As soon as the head of my cock popped inside her ass she froze and I immediately stopped moving as well. A small growl of pleasure emerged from her and her back arched as far as it would go.

“You still okay?” I asked.

“Fuck yes, this is amazing. Don’t you dare stop.”

She started rocking back against me, not enough to really drive me any farther into her but just to encourage me to keep going. That was all it took for me since already the feeling of being in my sister’s ass was incredible and my instincts were urging me to start fucking her for real.

I couldn’t go as fast as I was used to with her pussy of course, her ass was tighter and despite what she was telling me I knew she still wouldn’t be ready for anything too rough back there. On the other hand I probably wouldn’t last that long even going slowly, not if it continued to feel as awesome as it did.

Alert for any sign of discomfort I thrust my hips forward, pushing a little deeper into Kristin’s ass. Unlike regular sex I found my movements had to be more purposeful, more controlled, but it was worth the effort.

“Shit, gonna cum again,” Kristin mumbled.

“What already?”

My cock was only a little over halfway inside her, maybe two-thirds at the most, and I hadn’t even started to properly fuck her yet. As she had warned me though she was soon cumming again, collapsing forward onto the desk as her orgasm drained the strength from her arms.