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Inspired in part by EdMiller’s “A Cure for Hypertension”

I knew it was going to be a special day the moment I saw the outfit Mistress had laid out for me. It turned out that it wasn’t just the day, but the entire weekend that I would never forget. As I pulled the latex halter piece over my head, I reflected back on the past six months, and just how I wound up at this moment.

Before I knew her as Mistress, she was Mary; a redheaded firecracker with bright green eyes and skin as pale as the moon. I had offered her help in a grocery store parking lot when I saw her struggling to load large cases of water into her car. Her small, thin frame just wasn’t cutting it. I took a chance and asked if she’d like to get together sometime, and soon we had started dating. She was a real wild one in the bedroom, and liked to take charge. I had never had a woman tell me exactly what to do, but I took to the role rather quickly and enjoyed it.

Early in the relationship Mary expressed concerns to me about her physical appearance, feeling too small and weak to live her life as she truly wanted. She had already begun to talk to some sort of medical specialist who began her on an experimental new drug. I didn’t get very far when I voiced my worry over something unproven. She had made up her mind and was certainly running the relationship. She didn’t mind looking 5 years younger than she was, but she wished to be taller and shapelier.

I must admit I was shocked when I realized just how well the drug was working on Mary. Within three months she had grown a few inches to 5’7″. Her legs were looking long and slender, yet toned, and her chest had filled out from a small B-cup to a very nice and full C. Along with the new looks came greater confidence and control over me. I thought she looked just fine before, but admittedly she had become a vast improvement on herself in just 3 months. This was where it started to get really interesting.

Mary was making good money when I was laid off from my job due to a poor economy. She insisted that I take at least a month or two off before digging in to find a new position. In the meantime, she just wanted me to be her stay-at-home loverboy who she could spoil and fuck whenever she pleased. When I agreed, she told me there was one condition: I had to start a drug regimen of my own, from the same company she had been getting pills from. After seeing the effects of her transformation, I was inclined to follow along. I assumed the outcome would be a more muscled me, possibly with a larger dick. Oh, how I was wrong.

I never actually went and talked to any doctors before starting on the pills. Mary said she’d just pick them up when she got her own, and we could save some time and hassle. I was just supposed to take one a day, and drink plenty of water. I was alarmed when my body hair started falling out, but Mary assured me that was a minimal side effect and nothing to be afraid of. “After all,” she said, “I happen to like you all smooth like that.”

The changes seemed very subtle to me at first, but probably because I was constantly looking for them. When I first had a clue that my changes were going in the opposite direction I had expected, I should have been more concerned. Denial can be a powerful thing. Really, though, after I had thought it through, there was a strong part of me that wanted to see where this was going. Mary constantly praised my looks, and was more than generous in the bedroom, so I felt quite good, despite the unease I sometimes felt while she was away. I wasn’t hanging around with any of my old friends, and now I had no co-workers to spend time with, so Mary was truly my only company. I became completely dependent on her in every way.

I like to think that if I had wanted to put a stop to all of this, I could have at any point. The truth is that I wanted it, because I wanted her to be happy. The sultry sound of her voice was music to my ears. She knew how to touch me in ways that made my heart flutter. Whatever Mary wanted, I would try to please. Mary wanted this, so I wanted it.

My nipples first became tender and a bit swollen just a few weeks in, but hadn’t changed much until the final month. Within just a few days time, my chest grew from nothing to a B-cup with nice, perky nipples. Mary was prepared, and I woke up one morning to a bra and panty set laid out for me. I probably spent longer than I should have adjusting and readjusting the cups over my newfound breasts. When I slid the panties up my hairless legs, I didn’t know what to do with my dick, so I pointed it straight up at my belly button. That was when I truly realized I was going down a road that there was no coming back from. My dick had shrunk at least an inch, because it was fully erect and barely made it to the top of the panties.

My libido had been increasing lately, and I was constantly horny. I would jack myself off until I felt dehydrated and exhausted. My orgasms weren’t as strong lately, but I could get off at least five or six times a day, or until I was shooting blanks. One day, I came at least six times, but never saw a drop of semen. Upon closer inspection (now having to use a mirror to see around my C-cup tits), my scrotum had disappeared altogether, and my dick was only a couple inches when hard. I was getting more pleasure lately out of playing with my tits and tweaking my nipples than I was from touching my dick.

Mary told me that I was to begin calling her Mistress, and she explained how I was to be her sub. She would provide for me, and I should be ready at all times to answer her call. Each morning I would find an outfit laid out for me, and sometimes a new toy. Mistress had begun introducing me to toys of all types, and I had taken a strong liking to anal play. With my dick disappearing, my attention became split between my gorgeous tits and my asshole.

Now, just 6 months after meeting a small redhead in a parking lot, I was completely unrecognizable as the same person. I now stood at 5’4″, with hair just below my shoulders, sporting a healthy set of C-cup breasts and a tight little ass. Mistress showed me how I was to do my make-up, and I spent the first couple hours of each day getting dressed and made up to her standards. I was quite good at walking in tall heels, and my hips were developing a nice sway. My lips were pouty, facial structure softened, voice raised, and all because of a little pill each day.

I finished lacing up the front of the halter piece I had put on, and slid on the knee-high latex boots that matched. They reached almost exactly to the bottom of the latex pant legs, giving me a black seamless look from chest to toe, interrupted with white ribbons at the chest and on the sides of the boots. The pants were crotchless, which made me very excited. However, there was a note that told me I was not allowed to masturbate at all today. I pouted when I read it. The open air on my crotch and ass was quite titillating. My dick had become nothing more than a nub peeking out on an otherwise smooth patch of skin. In all honesty it looked like part of a mannequin to me at times in the mirror. I was a bit disappointed I hadn’t seen any further development of an actual pussy at this point. In the meantime, my ass had gotten plenty of attention from the ever-growing arsenal of toys that we now had.

My sex drive was going crazy by the time Mistress arrived home. I had tried everything I could think of to distract myself all day, but I was so used to getting off multiple times a day that this felt like torture. When Mistress walked through the door, my eyes lit up and my heart raced.

“Honey, I have a very special surprise for you. Have you been a good girl?” She said, with a questioning glance.

“Yes, Mistress!”, I shot back, unable to hide any eagerness.

“Come and stand here” she commanded, and reached into her bag. She produced a couple straps, one of which was somewhat Y-shaped. I wasn’t entirely sure what they were going to be for. Next she produced a black nine-inch dildo and some sort of rubber wedge shaped like a small block of cheese.

The first strap was placed like a belt around my waist and twisted so that there were connections front and back. The Y-shaped piece was attached at the front and hung loose while Mistress place the other two objects. She first applied some lube to the dildo and slid it with relative ease into my asshole. I nearly came from the sensation. Of the dildos I had used in my ass, they always stopped at about six inches in, and this was no exception. Mistress left the final few inches out and commanded that I don’t let it fall out.

Meanwhile, she placed the rubber wedge just below my dick’s head and pulled the strap tight against it to hold it there. I heard a snap as she secured the two pieces, followed by another when she attached the base of the dildo to the strap. I had a sudden jolt of pain when she yanked the strap tight and attached it to the back of the belt. The rubber wedge was grinding hard into my crotch and had nowhere to go.

Next, Mistress reached in her bag and pulled out a bottle of pills that looked just like my daily ones, but with a different color cap. She poured 3 pills into the palm of her hand. Pausing in thought for a second, she then dumped 2 more pills into the pile. Handing me the pills and a bottle of water, she said, “Bottoms up!”

Waiting for the effects of the pills to take hold, effects that I was unsure of, Mistress paraded me around the room to watch me struggle against the hard rubber wedge. Her hands wandered over the smooth latex of my outfit and traced lines across my body. Suddenly I had to stop walking as I was overcome by a wash of energy, starting in my stomach. A devilish grin flashed across Mistress’ face.

My hips began to expand ever so slightly and my ass felt like it was ballooning out. I could feel the edges of the strap slide further into the crack of my ass. The hard, uncomfortable pressure at my groin morphed into a strange feeling that I’m still unsure of how to describe. Grabbing at my crotch, I could actually feel the wedge squeezing into me as the skin around it gave way. I realized that I was finally going to have a pussy of my own!

My excitement at the thought had me running toward an orgasm, but my mind was short circuited when Mistress grabbed the strap at my rear and gave it a solid tug, wrenching it tighter. A jolt of pain mixed with my pleasure as the dildo in my ass sunk another inch further, and the wedge was again uncomfortable against my front. The pain subsided, and the wedge continued it’s ascent.

I was breathing quite heavily by the time the wedge had lodged itself in my crotch, still secured by the strap. I had no idea if the dildo in my ass had even moved any more. My head was spinning with feelings of pain and pleasure from all angles. I grabbed the nearest table to steady myself as my vision blurred momentarily.

“Oh God, baby, that’s so hot. I should have filmed this. I wish you could see yourself right now.” Mistress was obviously enjoying this, but I couldn’t focus long enough to make any eye contact.

Without warning, she unhitched the strap at my back and whipped the two objects clear of me in one swift motion. If I hadn’t had my daily enema, it would have been a disastrous moment. I was suddenly very empty feeling, and still uneasy on my feet. I steadied myself on the table with both hands while Mistress worked quickly to free the objects hanging beneath me.

“Spread those legs, dear, and bend at the hips” She said, grabbing something new from her bag.

This time she connected what looked to me like a buttplug to the front snap, and I couldn’t quite see what was connected to the rear. It was definitely heavier than the previous dildo. It must have been at least as long, too, because she pushed it in first, lubing it like the last. It had the head shaped like a penis, but was otherwise smooth. I guessed it was a bit wider than the 9-incher.

Cinching up the strap, she lubed and aimed the front plug at my new indentation of a pussy. All the while I could feel my insides shifting, apparently making adjustments for my new parts. My hands and feet were beginning to tingle, and I was scared for a moment that I might pass out or fall over. I was shocked back to reality again when Mistress yanked on the strap. I felt something pop at my crotch as the plug drove home, and the dildo in my ass stretched me hard and fast. My eyes nearly bugged out of my skull and I saw stars.

Mistress stayed behind me and placed her palm at the base of the plug. Slowly tracing her hand around my crotch, I again was torn between the pleasure and pain roaring through my body. After a couple minutes, her fingers stopped tracing, and she placed pressure on the plug, further opening my new hole as I gasped. She groaned in response and bucked her hips toward my ass, driving the dildo further still. This created some slack on the strap, where she cinched it tight once more.

She must have sensed that I was on the verge of collapsing, because she draped my arm around her shoulder and began leading me to the bedroom. With each weak-kneed, short step, I was racked with sensations. I fell face first onto the fluffy down comforter, and was content to lie there unmoving. Mistress grabbed my shoulder and turned my body first on its side. I had no energy to help with the movement. I was surprised again when she kept turning me, so that I would be face up on the bed. Once my ass turned over, I was at the mercy of the dildo still protruding a few inches from my ass. Instead of a hard shove this time, I was subjected to a slow and steady pressure while my own body weight slid my lubed ass down around the monster. My insides shifted again to make room.

I found out later that was a twelve inch beast about 3 inches wide. I didn’t think I was capable of taking anything so large, but Mistress would go on to explain later how my body was more malleable to change during this drug’s period, so she was taking advantage and training my body for taking large cocks and dildos.

Still shifting me around on the bed, Mistress rotated me so that my head hung upside down over the edge of the bed. Already light-headed, I closed my eyes to keep the world from spinning. Something was placed at my mouth as I was still trying to catch my breath. Mistress had attached the 9-inch dildo to a strap-on harness and was going to shove it down my throat.

She grabbed one of my breasts in each hand and used them for leverage as she slid the thick cock into my face. I had to concentrate as hard as I could to breathe through my nose and not lose consciousness. She really knew exactly where my limits were, because she would pull out just in time for me to get a full gasp of air. I hadn’t really tried to deepthroat anything before, and I actually felt a sense of pride at being able to take it without gagging. Again, this was attributed to the effects of the drugs, helping mold my body into the perfect sex doll.

My eyes were filled with tears as my throat was assaulted faster, harder, and deeper. Mistress groaned loudly and dug her hands into the latex over my tits. I could feel a warmth beginning to grow within them now.

Finally pulling the dildo away from my face, she unsnapped it and dropped it on the bed next to me. Sliding my head onto the bed again, she unstrapped the crotch piece from the front this time. The monster dildo remained embedded in my ass, but she pulled the plug from my newly formed pussy.

Mistress suddenly seemed a bit emotional. “It’s so beautiful, baby. I love you so much for doing this for me.”

My pussy felt very cold and exposed against the open air, but it didn’t take long for Mistress to dive her tongue into the folds. Moaning and ravenously eating me out, she slid a hand up and grabbed the 9-inch dildo once more. Keeping her lips locked around my clit that was once a penis, she eased the dildo into my pussy. I felt so tight and full between the two cocks that I thought I might split in two.

Ever so slowly, she began working the dildo in and out, adding some pressure over time to push it further and further in. The warmth in my body was taking over the pain sensations at this point, and my hands instinctively went to my chest. A pressure built very quickly within my tits and I could feel them starting to expand in my hands. Fumbling at the ribbon laced up the front of the top, I couldn’t get it loosened before my tits ran out of room.

A pained moan escaped my throat as titflesh billowed over the top of the latex and forced itself through the holes of the ribbon. Mistress thrust the dildo deep into my pussy and reached up to help me. Once free from the top, my boobs grew to the size of volleyballs, capped with inch long erect nipples.

Grabbing a nipple in each hand, I had the single greatest orgasm of my entire life. Here I was, impaled on two large dildos, gigantic tits, and I suddenly had a flash of thought that I was a guy just 3 months ago. In that moment time stood still, and I was slammed with another wave of the most intense feelings imaginable, knowing that this is what I truly wanted. The world faded away, and I was alone with my body in a sea of pleasure.

When I awoke, I was under the comforter and Mistress was bringing me food on a tray.

“You’ve been out for a while, sweetie. That was one hell of an orgasm you had.” Setting down the tray, she brushed my hair from my face and gave my forehead a light kiss. “In fact, it was so good, I was thinking about taking some of those pills tomorrow so I can be as amazingly sexy as you are now!” She traced a hand down my new figure with a look of lust and envy in her eyes.

“What do you say? Then we can try ourselves out for a while with whatever we can dream up.” A flicker of devilishness glowed in her eyes as she began thinking of the possibilities.

I replied, “Why wait till tomorrow? What’s wrong with right now?”

Well Andrea had her wedding, now comes the honeymoon. The girls go to Hawaii and have fun in the surf and sun.

We learn more about why these girls are so good for each other and Andrea has the problem of concealing her bulge on the beach…

After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was adjusting well to a life living with Jane’s lesbian lovers, now also my lovers. On a combined business trip and visit to my friends, Jane and I went to California where we ended up having fun with my employer Liz as well as Trish and Sandy, ending up with me sucking Trish’s dick. And later, despite my initial reservations, I took her dick inside me.

Later my sister Jill, who I had not seen for almost 2 years, came over in advance of the wedding along with her lesbian lover Ashley, and I ended up fucking and getting fucked by both of them. Just before the wedding I met Jane’s brother John and his girlfriend Ally and had my first experience with a man, as I did not consider Trish to be a man.

The wedding was the best day of my life, where I was finally married to the four beautiful women I had come to love so much Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, and they all loved me, we all loved each other. On the wedding night as we lay together I really felt that this was where I belonged, the bride of four beautiful brides.

Following the wedding we had had some beautiful presents which consisted of furniture and other items for the house and money for us to spend, but the real surprise was that Trish, Sandy and Liz had put together to pay off all our student loans, giving us a clean slate for our new life together.

I had been broke after paying for my treatments and surgeries for my transformation to Andrea, and had been supported by my ‘brides to be’ for my first year in the relationship, but this had changed after I received my first check in payment for my software development work for Liz and now I was in a very good position financially.

With money in the bank and more money to come from my continued work and software loyalties, I secretly organized a honeymoon to Hawaii for myself and my new brides, and so it was that in the morning at breakfast I announced the honeymoon to the other girls, handing them their tickets. We would leave for Hawaii a week after the girls broke up from University for the summer vacation.

On hearing the news, the girls were very happy and threw their hands around my neck hugging me. We all started talking about the clothes we would need and other things to prepare ourselves for our vacation, and decided that a trip to the mall was in order.

We had a list of things to buy. First the clothes including: skirts, thin blouses and tops, sundresses, sandals, T-shirts and thin panties and bras, Then there were things for the beach including: swimwear, cover ups, towels, flip-flops etc. Then other items for the sun such: as sunglasses and sun cream.

We had great fun in Victoria’s Secret, trying on various panty and bra sets of light cotton materials and as I watched my beautiful romantic partners with their beautiful features perfectly formed tits and incredible curves, my dick was continually hard, and it was not helped by the fact that we kept touching each other’s asses and tits.

I was getting worried that the young female shop assistant, who had introduced herself as Julie, would notice my bulge, because despite my gaff I was sure that my hardness was visible through the thin panties I was trying on. Attention was also drawn to our little group because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

I became aware that Julie was becoming fascinated by watching the way we kissed each other and touched each other’s tits and asses, also more and more her gaze kept drifting over to my crotch. Then Jane brazen as ever said, “Julie would you like to have some fun too? Do you want to feel my tit?”

Julie flushing with embarrassment swallowed and silently nodded, letting Jane take her hand and put it on her exposed tit. In the meantime Jenny put her hand on Julie’s covered tit and Chris felt her ass. On seeing this, my bulge became even more prominent and Julie noticed this.

Ann, who was standing close to me, said to Julie, “Andrea is very beautiful isn’t she.” Julie nodded.

Ann continued, “She also has a little secret. She has a dick.”

I saw the look of astonishment in Julie’s eyes as she tried to reconcile my having a dick with my beautiful female form. As she looked at me in wonder Ann asked her, “Would you like to see it Julie?”

Julie looking straight into my eyes with a look of pure desire whispered, “Yes.”

We all then bundled into the changing room which we had been using, and Ann removed my panties and gaff displaying my 7″ cock which now jutted out prominently.

On seeing this Julie let out a gasp, and said quietly, “It’s beautiful, she’s beautiful.”

Then Jane whispered to her, “You can touch it if you like.”

Julie responded by gingerly reaching her hand out towards my cock, she took my cock gently in her hand feeling it suddenly harden at her touch. Then as she became more comfortable with it Julie’s hand tightened about my dick until it became almost painful, causing a sharp intake of breath on my part.

Suddenly, now seeming to lose all her inhibitions and become much more daring, Julie said, “I want to feel her dick inside me.” At this point my lovers sat me down on a chair and removed Julie’s panties from under her skirt, and led her over towards me. Then Chris told Julie to position her pussy above my dick and Jenny grabbed my dick and rubbed it against Julie’s wet pussy, finally pushing me into her entrance and telling Julie to slide down onto me.

Julie slowly slid her pussy down my rock hard cock letting out a cry of joy as she did so. Then finally reaching the bottom, so that my dick was fully inside her, Julie said, “Shit, that feels sooooo good.”

Jane then started to kiss Julie as she rode up and down on me while Chris pulled out one of Julie’s tits and started to suck on it, and while they did this Julie grabbed hold of my left tit amazed at the idea of riding the dick of a beautiful girl.

Soon Julie started to cum from riding my dick but I remained hard inside her feeling the wonderful sensations of her pussy around my dick. She rode me to two more orgasms before I finally came inside her.

After resting on me with my softening dick still in her, Julie finally, rather reluctantly, let me out of her, pulling up her panties and fixed herself up a little. Before leaving the changing room Julie said, “Oh fuck, that felt so good, I will have to meet up with you girls again sometime soon.”

Jenny replied, “Well we would certainly like to see you again sometime soon.” And scribbling on a piece of paper she handed it to Julie saying, “Here is our phone number.”

After finally going to the till with our purchases, Julie rung up our purchases, and Ann said, “Thank you for taking care of us.”

To which Julie replied, “You’re welcome, it was my pleasure, really.”

After we had purchased some footwear and beach towels, we went and treated ourselves to new sunglasses including Ray Ban and Oakley. Then we went into a shop to purchase swimwear.

We all got ourselves some bikinis and some pretty one piece and I got a pretty black bikini and a red Baywatch style one piece. But we also decided that to avoid showing my bulge on the beach in the daytime I should wear a swimdress. “Remember the way Julie spotted there was something different about you wearing underwear,” Jane reminded me.

The girls pointed out to me that today many slim young women could be seen in swimdresses as there were some very attractive styles available today. We found an attractively styled navy blue swim dress and I tried it on. When I came out to show the others Jenny said, “Well there’s no possibility of you looking matronly in that, you look totally fuckable. Looking at myself in the mirror I had to agree with her. We then bought ourselves skirts and blouses, ending up buying my favorite, sundresses. I bought myself some beautiful short cotton sundresses in white, yellow and sky blue, and ogled my lovers while we all paraded in front of each other trying out different styles.

Finally after a full day of shopping we got back to our apartment and after getting a pizza delivered spent the evening putting on a fashion show for each other with our new purchases. It will probably come as no surprise that our impromptu fashion show finally disintegrated into a group orgy. Finally came the day when we were due to go on our honeymoon.

We took a minicab to the airport and after checking in and clearing security we were waiting at the gate for our flight. I noticed that all of the men and many of the women waiting for the flight were continually turning their gaze towards our group.

I was sipping my latte when Jane whispered in my ear, “I am sure people are not used to seeing so many beautiful girls together.” Myself and the other women in the family were already getting into the mood of the holiday and we were wearing sundresses which came to mid thigh, which accentuated our curves and unblemished flesh.

I myself was wearing the yellow sundress that I had bought for the trip which flared out around my hips and Jane next to me was wearing a white sundress which like mine came to mid thigh accentuating our long legs.

Soon we were able to board the aircraft and get seated for our flight, the flight to Hawaii would take several hours and we would have to entertain ourselves in the mean time.

It was dark and most people on the flight were sleeping when Jane, who was sitting next to me, got up to go to the bathroom. Leaning across she took my hand dragging me with her. Then she whispered that she would go to the bathroom and I was to follow her in a few moments later.

Fortunately nobody was waiting for the bathroom so Jane was able to enter and I could enter a few seconds later without either of us drawing attention to ourselves. Sliding the lock on the door, Jane pulled my panties aside and pulled my cock out from under my dress and started sucking on it her life depended on it.

Then when I was really hard, Jane pushed me down on the toilet seat and pushed my hard cock into her, shit it felt good. After a few minutes to let me get used to being inside me, Jane began to ride up and down on me whilst grabbing my tits in both hands.

Suddenly the aircraft hit severe turbulence bucking up and down like a toy in the wind, and this only served to intensify the experience for Jane and myself, Jane starting to cry out.

Then, not surprisingly the captain started announcing over the intercom for all passengers to be seated immediately as we had encountered severe turbulence, and soon an air hostess was knocking on the door telling the occupant to please vacate the bathroom and take their seat.

But Jane would not let me out of my position until she achieved orgasm, resulting in one of the most intense mutual orgasms I had ever had. By this time the air hostess was getting quite irate and her mood was not improved when Jane and I left the bathroom together, our makeup smudged and our hair in disarray.

She started to really berate us saying that our behavior was very bad and there would be consequences, but Jane said she would come back to the rear cabin with her and talk about it. I was only now beginning to notice that the air hostess was actually very pretty, a native Hawaiian.

So I went back to my seat and Jane went off with the angry air stewardess, and after about half an hour Jane finally came back to her seat, looking very pleased with herself.

“It’s all fixed,” Jane declared, “she won’t make a report or anything.”

“So how did you manage that,” I replied.

“Well I went back with her all apologetic, when I began to notice she was looking at my breasts,” said Jane, “so I took her hand and put it to my breast allowing her to feel it.”

Jane continued, “Then I suggested we go back to her seat so we could continue our ‘conversation’ in private. Once we got there I took her hand and pulled it under my skirt allowing her to touch my pussy through my panties and soon I reciprocated reaching my hand under her skirt to feel her pussy and then we brought each other off like that, it was hot.”

“Finally I wrote down the hotel where we will be staying and gave her my name and we exchanged telephone numbers. We agreed to meet in a few days when she has a stopover so that she can have some fun with us. By the way she really wants to get it on with you as well Andrea, she thinks you’re cute.”

“Fuck Jane,” I said, “you are such a flirt.”

Jane couldn’t argue about that, “That’s me.” She said.

Finally we arrived at our destination and there was a complimentary vehicle to take us to the Hotel. The hotel I had booked was a 5 star hotel, and we had a honeymoon suite which was big enough for all 5 of us.

The porter took us, with all of our luggage, to the hotel room and we rewarded him handsomely with a $100 bill, but I guess that the thing that will stay in his memory was the unexpected kiss right on his lips that he received from Jane.

The hotel suite was very impressive, having a large balcony with a very impressive view of the beach, a lounge area, a walk in closet, a large bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub having a 5 person capacity, and a large bedroom with a large water bed which was easily big enough for all of us.

After unpacking we all got into swimming costumes as we were eager to get down to the beach. We grabbed some towels, put on our flip-flops and walked down to the beach which was attached to the hotel.

Jane was wearing a black bikini which really showed off her features to advantage and Jenny had a white one piece which came high up on her thighs, revealing her beautiful legs. Ann, bless her, decided to show solidarity with me wearing a very attractive bright red swimdress to contrast my navy blue swimdress and Chris was wearing a green yellow bikini which nicely emphasized her tits.

We found ourselves a spot on the beach and immediately started applying sun lotion to each other. I, with some training in massage was in demand, and Jenny was quick to ask me to cover her supple body with her rippling yet very feminine body with the moisturizing sun lotion.

As I applied lotion to her Jenny exclaimed, “Ahhhh that feels sooo good,” as I rubbed the lotion into her back, her back being exposed with the swimsuit almost coming down to her ass at the back. When I turned Jenny round she almost got off on me rubbing sun lotion into the exposed parts of her tits.

After Jenny Jane was in need of my services, while Chris and Ann looked after each other. Jane lay on her front and untied the back of the top of her bikini so I could cover her back with sun lotion un obstructed. When she turned over she had me push my hands into her top to massage the lotion onto her tits. She claimed that it was to ensure she didn’t get burn lines at the edge of her bikini, but I am sure she was getting off on me massaging her tits.

Surprise, when it came to the bottom half of her bikini, Jane wanted me to push my hands under her bikini bottom, again claiming it was to avoid burn lines. I am sure she had a small orgasm while I was doing that.

When it was my turn Jenny and Jane attacked me with the lotion together, Jenny working on the top half, and Jane, working on the bottom. Pushing their hands under my swimdress as they massaged the lotion in they caused me to cum in the panties of my swimdress. Thank god the skirt covered up the evidence. Jane pulled her hand out of my swimdress with my cum dripping from her fingers and a look of triumph on her face, and the two girls giggled as they shared the cum from her fingers.

After lying on the beach for a while sunbathing we finally decided to take a dip in the sea and we all immersed ourselves in the relatively cool sea water. It felt great in the sea water, and Chris, Jenny and myself broke off from Jane and Ann who were already feeling each other up under the cool water.

Still able to stand we moved out into the breakers and while we stood there feeling the waves crashing against us I was suddenly surprised by Chris moving the panties of my swimdress to one side and pulling my dick out. Then just as quickly she removed the bottom part of her bikini, looping tucking them into my swimdress between my tits.

Suddenly Chris took my rapidly hardening member and pushed it into her pussy, causing me to gasp in surprise. It felt so good to me inside Chris, and then my pleasure was further increased by Jenny uncovering my left tit and starting to suck on it hard.

Then I felt Jenny’s fingers poking into my ass causing me to cry out, by this time Chris also had her fingers in Jenny’s pussy. So in this way, buffeted by the surf, Chris and Jenny came to orgasm several times before I finally blew my load inside Chris.

Later, back on the beach, we applied some more sun lotion and lay soaking up the sun, satiated form our earlier activity. I was thinking to myself that this was already the best holiday of my life, in fact ever since I had hooked up with these beautiful women all the time with them had been precious.

Finally we left the beach and returned back to the hotel where we had made reservations at one of the high quality restaurants.

We all changed for the evening, I selected a darling white sundress and showing off my long legs which were beginning to show a bit of tan, paired with white strappy sandals. Jane selected a short ruffled black skirt with a light pink blouse, Jenny, a light red sheath style dress, Chris was wearing light blue Capri pants with a short lilac top, showing her trim waist and belly button and Ann had on a black and white knee length skirt with a flower pattern strappy top.

When we arrived at the restaurant we all decided to order the same, we started with clam chowder followed by lobster, and finishing up with strawberry cheese cake and all of this was consumed with 6 bottles of white wine between us.

Returning to our suite a little tipsy we sat out on our balcony for a while chatting and enjoying the view. Then after a while we all decided to try out the large Jacuzzi tub, so we filled the tub, started the water jets, then all quickly removed out clothes and jumped in.

Initially we just sat luxuriating in the fast flowing warm water and continuing to chat but soon the chat deteriorated into saying what we wanted to do to each other, and soon we were feeling each other up with tits and asses all over the place.

At one point I was in Jenny’s ass with Jane sucking her tits and Jenny and Jane fingering each other, later I was in Ann’s pussy while she was bent over sucking Jenny’s tits while I was sucking Jane’s tits and she was sucking Chris’s tits, we were just all over the place.

When we finally got out of the Jacuzzi and dried ourselves off the fun then continued on the bed. Jenny and Jane both put on strapons and started to fuck the rest of us.

Jane immediately started to fuck Chris with her strapon and it was making me hard watching them together. Ann lay on her front and asked me to put my rock hard cock in her ass, then she had us roll over, my cock still in her ass and she was laying on top of me. Now she asked Jenny to fuck her with the dildo in her pussy while my cock was in her ass.

“Oh fuck,” screamed Ann, “it feels great being filled in my pussy and ass at the same time and rubbing tits with one Jenny while I can feel Andrea’s tits pressed against my back.”

Soon Ann was coming hard and Jenny wearing a double ended dildo also started to cum from fucking Ann. Finally after Ann had cum several times and Jenny twice, I eventually exploded in Ann’s ass.

Next Jane started fucking me up the ass while Jenny made me suck her rubber cock, while Chris and Ann got into a 69 position. Jane’s insistent fucking of me was pushing Jenny’s rubber cock deep into my throat almost causing me to gag, and I was loving the sensations.

Did Andrea die in a hate crime, killed by 2 Rapists?

If Andrea did die how can she write the story?

The answers to these questions and more will now be revealed…..

“Unexplained events in our lives have led many of us to the conclusion that there are some events which clearly fall into the realm of what might be called paranormal or supernatural.

Many people claim to have had near death experiences and there are even people who swear that people have managed to communicate with them from beyond the grave.

History shows numerous accounts of people appearing to be in possession of information that could only have been provided by people who are now deceased. Sometimes these communications appeared in the form of long texts which certain people felt compelled to write, and yet appeared to be outside their understanding.

These strange examples of unearthly communications bring a new meaning to the term ‘Ghost Writer’ and in this program we are going looking at a specific example from 18th Century England……”

At this point my attention wandered from the television to think about my own circumstances. I had apparently been in a coma for several days before I awoke, and in that time I was sure I had a near death experience.

I had watched myself rising out of my body and had been looking towards a tunnel of white light, and suddenly a ghostly person with a long white beard and a staff appeared next to me. Trust my comical mind to conjure up the image I felt least appropriate for my higher power.

The old man said, “I am giving you the opportunity to see that there is something beyond normal experience which is actually with you all the time, but your time has not yet come, there is still much that you must do.”

Suddenly I felt like I was being sucked back into my body and then there was a feeling like I was fighting my way out of deep water. My eyes popped open and I was bombarded by bright lights, and then as my eyes adjusted I suddenly began to realize that I was in a hospital bed.

Suddenly Jenny was by my side holding my hand and saying, “Thank God.”

So how was it that I ended up in a hospital bed and being in danger of losing my life?

Well let me start by going back to when my story begins.

I was a guy who was just finishing his PhD, with one hell of a crush on my best friend, a bisexual woman called Jane. Jane was a girl I could share anything with and was closer to me than anybody had ever been in my life. The problem is that on my side I was forming a romantic attachment to her which she was not reciprocating because basically I wasn’t her type.

After watching a porn video with a shemale in it I got the idea into my head that Jane would find me attractive if I was a beautiful shemale, so I set about transforming myself into one.

After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was adjusting well to a life living with Jane’s lesbian lovers, now also my lovers. On a combined business trip and visit to my friends, Jane and I went to California where we ended up having fun with my employer Liz as well as Trish and Sandy, ending up with me sucking Trish’s dick. And later, despite my initial reservations, I took her dick inside me.

Later my sister Jill, who I had not seen for almost 2 years, came over in advance of the wedding along with her lesbian lover Ashley, and I ended up fucking and getting fucked by both of them. Just before the wedding I met Jane’s brother John and his girlfriend Ally and had my first experience with a man, as I did not consider Trish to be a man.

The wedding was the best day of my life, where I was finally married to the four beautiful women I had come to love so much Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, and they all loved me, we all loved each other. On the wedding night as we lay together I really felt that this was where I belonged, the bride of four beautiful brides.

The honeymoon was wonderful, but when it was over all of us were looking forward to establishing some sort of normal routine as a legally joined family.

On my return home from the honeymoon, I ended up helping a shy guy discover his feminine side, and become intimate in a way he or should I say she, had up to that point never thought possible, with my friend Kate.

And it was at this point, the high point of my life being newly married and having just helped a guy find ‘her’ self, that I was attacked by two rapists at knife point.

The rapists, when they discovered I was a shemale, had shoved a broken baseball bat up my ass causing me to bleed profusely, the idea being that I would bleed to death.

One of my lovely brides, Jenny, had come to my aid, injuring both my assailants and attending to me giving me first aid just before I blacked out.

Apparently Jenny had torn up her cotton top pushing the material up my ass to try to reduce my bleeding, she had also told me to maintain a lying down position so I didn’t lose blood flow to my brain.

Jenny had insisted on going with me in the ambulance which came for me and I was rushed into hospital for an emergency blood transfusion.

Apparently if it had not been for Jenny’s first aid and the fact that my heart rhythms could be monitored remotely through my cell phone, allowing the paramedics to devise a plan before they arrived then certainly I would have died. In fact nobody expected that I would survive and it was regarded as a bit of a miracle that I did.

In the hospital Jenny had wanted to be by my bed side all the time, then Jane had come to join her and one of them was always with me. Then the other two members of our communal family Chris and Ann had come to join Jenny and Jane, so that 2 of them were always with me 24 hours a day.

Looking back on what happened my heart brimmed over with love for Jenny, I felt so grateful and would never forget the way she courageously fought my assailants and then gave me first aid. Apparently once Jenny got in the ambulance to take me to the hospital she had become distraught and broke down crying, apparently for some reason she considered herself somehow responsible for me being attacked.

She had never wanted to leave my side until I had come out of my coma, and it had been she who was by my side when I came out of it.

Jane had also been there much of the time watching over me, as well as Chris and Ann. It was listening to the nurses talking about my family’s concern for me that reinforced my understanding of just how much they cared for me.

For a long period I had to be on pain killers for the wounds that had been inflicted on me with that broken baseball being rammed up my ass, and I was continually replaying the events of that evening in my mind. Sometimes I think that the only thing that kept me sane was my recalling of the way Jenny had come in to save me.

Apparently what had alerted Jenny to my peril was the Psynphone application I had developed. It had detected I was in peril through the heart monitor taped to my body and alerted my contacts giving my GPS position and also automatically called the police and ambulance and given them my position.

Jenny who was out driving arrived in 5 minutes and the ambulance and police had arrived 3 minutes later, the information from my heart monitor had also been relayed to the paramedics allowing them to react quickly, apparently my blood pressure was a critically low levels when the ambulance had arrived due to the massive loss of blood I had suffered.

As for the rapists, they had been caught by the police, hobbling on their fractured legs thanks to Jenny, and attempting to flee the scene.

Through DNA evidence the police were able to connect my two assailants to the 5 violent rapes and they were to be charged with the 5 particularly brutal rapes, aggravated assault of me and attempted murder. The attack on me was also considered to be a hate crime.

Jenny was acclaimed as a heroine by the media, both for playing a critical role in saving my life, and in helping the police apprehend the rapists, by injuring them, and hence not allowing them to flee the scene quickly. And as a result of this Jenny, quite rightly in my opinion, was now considered to be an important role model for empowered women.

Then one day my mother came to visit me unexpectedly, she had taken the first flight out, when she had heard what had happened to me. My mother was in tears when she saw me laying on the bed, bruised and still hooked up to equipment.

She accused, “Why did you decide to return home alone when you knew there was a rapist about.”

Surprisingly, Jenny who had been the one who had been most concerned for our safety, said, “I was very angry at Andrea at first for putting herself in danger, but then I saw the CCTV footage they will be using in the case.”

Jenny continued, “It was only a short walk back to the apartment and Andrea had had self defense training at my insistence. When she was confronted she kicked the knife out of her assailants’ hand, she wasn’t to know that her assailant had an accomplice. If it had been a lone attacker Andrea would have been a heroine rather than a victim.”

Jane then came in, “The main thing is that Andrea is ok now, she almost died you know. I am just so glad that she is still with us, and of course very grateful to Jenny for saving her.”

“Yes,” replied my mother, “I am so grateful to you Jenny.” And she embraced the tall woman throwing her arms around her.

“One thing I know for sure,” said my mother, “is that your new partners are very good for you, as well as all being stunners.”

As my condition began to improve I was allowed to have visitors apart from my family.

First my sister Jill came to see me with her partner Ally, they had flown in especially. Then I found out that Trish, Sandy and Liz had also flown over especially to see me.

When Liz came to see me she had news for me.

“It turns out that the Psynphone and the package with the application you are working on got a lot of publicity from that horrible incident,” said Liz, “the automated system was credited with alerting the police and ambulance when you were attacked as well as allowing paramedics to remotely monitor your condition.”

Liz continued, “We have put forward the release date for the new package in order to capitalize on the recent publicity. All the competitors are scrambling to get a similar product on the market but Psynphone with our application is many months ahead in this technology.”

Suddenly I had a thought, “What about completing the beta test and analyzing the data, how have you been coping while I have been in hospital?”

“Well Jenny has been continuing to administer the test, and doing a very good job by the way, but we had to bring in a young software engineer to work on the product doing bug fixes and the like. He is a good applications programmer but obviously does not have your experience in application design.”

Liz continued, “I believe you know him, Allen James?”

I thought for a moment and then suddenly remembered, Kate’s transgender boyfriend, or maybe I should say girlfriend lol, now I thought of him or should I say her, more as Alice than as Allen.

“Anyway,” Liz said, “he is very good for a young student and will be invaluable until you are back up to full speed. Probably I will keep him on the team to assist you even after you are fully recovered, and even bring in further people because I can see that this product is really going to take off.

By the way I think he looks really cute, his face is quite feminine, he almost looks too pretty to be a guy, I think he would have looked better as a girl.”

I quietly laughed to myself, but decided not to say anything about Alice at this time.

“Look,” Liz said, “I know you are still in hospital, and you will be still recovering when you get out of here, but could you spend some time analyzing the data for the test, and make any software design changes for product enhancements you might want to add as a result of your analysis? Allen can do the coding.”

“To be honest, I am getting a bit bored with just sitting here in hospital,” I replied, “So I would be glad to.”

During the time that I was in hospital I was seen by a psychologist as a matter of course because of the trauma I had perceived.

The psychologist, called Carol, was not surprised to hear about my nightmares following the incident. She said it was to be expected in especially in the case of sexual violation or a hate crime, and both applied in my case.

After talking with me a while, Carol concluded that I was in a surprisingly good state mentally considering what had happened to me, and she put my resilience down to three things:

1.The process of accepting my transgender identity had precipitated a profound process of self acceptance in me that stood me in good stead for handling any setbacks or traumas in life.

2.As well as feeling secure in myself, I also felt secure in the great love my family, meaning; Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, had for me.

3.Before I blacked out I had seen Jenny strike out against my attackers and she had been there to comfort me.

Finally Carol finished up, “However it is still clear that you have suffered massive trauma which will continue to affect you, so I recommend 6 months for therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).”

Carol continued, “I also have another suggestion, and you can decide whether you want to do this, but the rape victims of the 5 rapes perpetrated by these two rapists, formed a support group where they meet each week and talk about what happened to them, they have invited you to join them and are prepared to have their next meeting here in your hospital room.”

I liked the idea but also felt a little wary of talking to strangers about such things so I asked, “Is it ok is I have a very close friend with me, when we meet?”

“I guess that depends on whether the person you want to be there is accepted by the five women in question.” Carol replied. “Who do you have in mind?”

“Jenny, the woman who came to my aid,” I replied.

“Oh I am sure she will be acceptable to them.” Carol said.

The following day the five rape victims came to my hospital room where I was waiting for them with Jenny. They introduced themselves as Evelyn, Marion, Lisa, Betty and Jean, and when I introduced them to Jenny, they were all full of praise for the woman who had helped bring our attackers to justice.

Jenny was now seen as a role model for many women, but for these women it was much more than this. They had been living in fear that someday the rapists might return and rape them again. Jenny was not normally one to blush, but she did at that time, seeing these women so grateful to her.

Then Lisa started describing her fate at the hands of the rapists, she told of not just the violation but the violence involved in it, and the hate in the men’s voices. She had feared for her life, and it seemed like it was never ending. Then she told of the nightmares that followed and the feelings of insecurity she had trying to relate with people, even with people she had known for a long time, but particularly people she had just met.

Lisa said that it had been with this support group, talking with the other rape victims that she felt most safe, because each was sensitive of her feelings and identified what she had been through.

As each of the women spoke, each had a harrowing tale and each had details which made that case different. Marion for example as well as being raped and beaten had had her skin cut with a knife and then the two guys had peed onto her wounds.

Betty after being raped had been abused by having the end of the baseball bat pushed into her. And Evelyn told of how she had had a one of the rapists dicks placed in her mouth while she was held at knife point and the guy had peed in her mouth, this of course in addition to being beaten and raped.

Then Lisa talked about how her assailants had made cuts in her breasts and made her lick the blood off her own breasts. And finally Jean told of how after raping her they had attached the lines of a taser gun to her breasts and discharged the gun repeatedly.

As these brave women told their stories both Jenny and I were crying, and then I told my own story.

About the way the rapists had held a knife to my throat. How the guy had broken a base ball bat and pushed the splintered shaft into my ass, and joking as he did it saying that I was probably enjoying it because I was a faggot.

I talked about the excruciating pain of having the inside of my ass perforated by the splintered shaft and seeing my own blood flowing profusely from me. And I talked about how one of the rapists had said he wanted to see me bleed to death with a sadistic tone to his voice.

Then, surprisingly, after hearing the accounts of our treatment at the hands of the rapists, Jenny went on to tell the story of how she was sexually abused repeatedly by her father. This had continued until the age of 13, when she finally had the courage to tell her mother. After that her mother divorced her father and he was charged with child sexual abuse for which he was required to serve a 15 year jail term.

To ensure that Jenny would never have to see her father again, she and her mother had relocated to another state and taken on a new identity. And from this point onwards Jenny had always been wary of men and worked to become a black belt in Taekwondo, and had made weight training a daily routine. She never wanted to ever feel at the mercy of another person again.

After each of us had talked, we all hugged each other and for me it was like a load had been taken off me. I had had a great deal of identification with each of these women and Jenny, leaving me with at the feeling that I was not alone and that there were people who could truly understand what I had been through.

Then each of us gave Jenny a long hug. Each of us knew that while our ordeals had been horrific in the extreme, in my own case I was lucky to be alive, for Jenny her abuse had gone on for years.

Later when the other women finally left after promising we would meet up in a week’s time, Jenny and I were left alone in my hospital room.

She said to me, “You know, that’s the first time I have told that story to anyone since I relocated, I saw a therapist for a while at that time but I just wanted to put the experience behind me when I left the state.

In truth however, that experience played an important part in shaping my life. That is why I took up Taekwondo and why I work out every day, it is why I ‘m so security conscious.”

Jenny continued, “Oh God, I must have been so hard on Jane about all those random guys she used to bring home.”

“Don’t beat yourself up about it.” I said, “Jane knew you only said that stuff because you cared about her like you care about all of us.”

“I know,” Jenny said.

“Besides,” I continued, “if it wasn’t for you telling her that you were so worried about her going off with random guys she might not have wanted to replace all those potential cocks with mine.”

“NO,” Jenny said, suddenly very serious, “Jane wanted you to be part of our family because she loves you! Whether she got to have a cock in her or not was very secondary to that.”

“I know,” I said, “Jane loves me very much, and I love her, but guess what I am just beginning to realize that now I love you just as much Jenny.”

Jenny looked steadily at me for a while and then she said, “I feel the same way.” And at that we fell into a long sensuous kiss.

At that point Jane suddenly walked into the room and Jenny and I broke apart, knowing that Jane had been listening to what we had just said and looked at her like robbers who had just been caught trying to steal the crown jewels.

But Jane just smiled reassuringly at us and said, “If you are worried that I heard that you both love each other as much as you both love me, don’t be. What I have always wanted is that the two women that I love more than anything else in this world, would love each other just as much as they love me.”

My eyes opened the next morning and I was a being held in someone’s arms, I felt very safe and secure. For a second, until the cobwebs cleared, I thought it was Trent holding me in our bed in our cabin. Then I felt the soft breasts pressing into my back and I remembered where I was. I was sharing a bed with Anna, the daughter of the family we had dinner with last night. The memories of what happened came back to me and I tensed up, angry.

Anna was spooned up behind me and had her arm over my mid section. There was nothing erotic or romantic about it, just someone cuddling someone else. I felt myself start to relax; it was that movement in my muscles that caused Anna to stir.

“Hi,” she said sleepily.

“Hi yourself,” I responded.

“Sorry about that,” Anna said as she withdrew her arm, “I tend to do that in bed with anyone.”

“I am not complaining. It is a nice way to wake up.” I reassured her.

“Good,” Anna said looking sheepish, “how about breakfast?”

“Not yet, I need to get changed first.”

There was a knock on the door and Adam’s voice carried through the wood. “You decent?”

“No, but give us a minute to take our clothes off.” Anna said, laughing as she got up and unlocked the bedroom door.

Adam stepped in and carried a tray with a tea service on it.

“I hope you like tea Janie.” He said, pouring.

“Yes, in fact I prefer it.”

We sat on the bed and talked. Mostly we made plans for the day. We were at sea all day and would not dock until the next morning. Anna disappeared for a few minutes and returned saying that she tested my key and the door opened fine. Trent must have gone out.

“No,” Adam said, “I called the concierge and asked him to unlock it for you. I said that Trent must have flipped the lock by accident and locked you out.”

“Thank you for your discretion.” I told him colouring slightly.

“No problem. Now, why don’t you get changed and we can go get breakfast.”

“Great idea, but I need to work out before I eat.” I said. “I am determined to go back to school ready to start cheering again and this cruise food is not going to help that.”

“Good plan, in fact I will join you.” Anna said, and Adam nodded.

I slipped across the hall and into my cabin. Sure enough Trent was sawing logs in the bedroom. I tossed his tie on the dresser and grabbed my workout leotard, pink with white accents, my leggings, and white running shoes and headed for the fitness center. Adam and Anna were coming out the door at the same time, both wearing the same evil smiles.

There was a yoga class just starting and a Pilates’ class right after. Anna and I spent the next ninety minutes stretching and working our muscles, I occasionally shot glances at Adam as he went from the stationary bike to the fitness machines and then cooled down on the treadmill. I almost killed myself watching him on the bench press and upper body machines. As we were walking back to our rooms Anna told me of their plan to teach Trent a lesson about locking me out last night. It was wonderfully simple, yet infinitely devious. I agreed and we went into our cabins to shower and clean up and agreed to meet in the corridor in thirty minutes. Fortunately Trent was nowhere to be seen when I went to clean up.

True to their words, both Anna and Adam were waiting for me when I came out ready for breakfast. We made our way up to the Lido deck and the café there. Sure enough, we spotted Trent sitting alone at a table for four, looking like a vulture with a headache and nursing a cup of coffee. I got my breakfast, cereal and fruit, milk and yogurt and headed for the table. I dropped my tray loudly on the table and got a very dirty look once his head stopped ringing.

“Good morning Trent, isn’t it a beautiful day at sea?” I gushed all over him as I sat down at the opposite corner. He was against the window and I took the aisle seat. I got a grunt for a response.

“Did you have a good time last night? I did not see you after dinner.”


“Well the only reason I ask is that I spoke to Anna this morning and…” I was interrupted by another tray dropping even louder on the table. Adam had joined us and sat down next to me.

“Good morning my sweet,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me on mouth. No tongues were involved, but he spent the next minute or so pressing his lips to mine. I almost swooned.

“Good morning Adam.” I replied when he let me up for air. “Did you sleep well?”

“Not a wink, as you well know.” He responded grinning at me. “Morning Trent, you look like death warmed over, hard night?”

“Well as a matter of fact…” Trent whispered only to be interrupted by a third tray making even more noise.

“Good morning all.” Anna said cheerfully. She leaned over the table and kissed her brother, not the usual way a sister kisses a brother, but they did not get too out of hand. Then she turned to me. “Good morning Darling” and she kissed me. This girl could give lessons, she had me panting in seconds and I had to hold onto the table to keep from grabbing her. She pulled back only far enough to let Trent see our tongues entwined and then kissed me again. Anna broke the kiss and smiled as she sat down. “You taste just as sweet as last night. Hi Trent, feeling better?”

Trent sat there open mouthed and decidedly green. He looked like he was gonna feint and Anna pushed the last button that he had.

“You okay, you look a little pale. You should eat something. Here, I got you a plate.” She slid a dinner plate in front of him and I almost got sick looking at it. Anna had got him runny scrambled eggs, burnt toast, half cooked bacon and the coffee smelled as though it was used to clean the engines. Trent lasted all of five seconds before he jumped up and dashed to the door, holding a hand over his mouth. We all laughed and Anna picked up the plate and tossed the food away.

“That will keep him guessing, and teach him a lesson.” Adam said firmly. We all laughed and started to eat as the chair that Trent vacated was pulled back and Jason sat down looking stern. We looked up and saw that we were surrounded by parents.

“All right, what was that all about?” Jason demanded. “We saw your little display from across the room.”

Looking guilty, I explained about Trent locking me out last night. Anna told them of how he got drunk after seeing Adam and me going off after dinner. Adam piped in and finished the rest of the story, how he took me back to their room, I slept with Anna and he figured out a way to teach Trent a lesson. By the time we finished, there were smiles all around.

“Well, if that doesn’t get him off his high horse, then I will have to talk to him.” Jason said with a grin.

“No,” I said firmly. “This is between him and me. I don’t want anyone to say anything to him.”

“Are you sure,” Heather asked softly.

“Yes, if he won’t accept me as I am, then I will find someone who will.”

There were looks of confusion from Adam, Anna and their parents, so I launched into my pre-planned speech about wanting to remain a virgin. Kevin and Jennifer smiled approvingly and looked sharply at Anna, who promptly ignored them.

We finished breakfast and Mom grabbed me and dragged me off to the front of the ship. Jennifer had Anna in tow and Heather and Susan completed the party. Heather waved at Jason and said that we were having a girls’ day at sea and would see them at dinner. I started to protest, but Mom gave me a look and I stopped talking quickly. We ended up outside the ship’s theatre at the very front. The movement of the ship was much more pronounced here, anyone putting on a show would be hard pressed to keep their feet under them.

There was a table set up and a woman selling books about two to three inches thick. Mom walked right up and grabbed six. She handed her room card over and the lady ran it through before handing it back. Mom handed them out and we went directly into the theatre. We found seats about half way to the stage and Mom handed out the books.

They were filled with coupons for the stores all over the world. I asked Mom what was up and she said just wait and see. Since I could not get any more information and Anna seemed as lost as I was, we flipped through the books as the theatre filled around us. I stopped flipping and started reading and noticed that several of the coupons were for free items.

After about fifteen minutes a woman appeared on the stage, wearing the uniform of one of the ships staff. She introduced herself as the ships shopping consultant and for the next forty five minutes explained how and where to get the best items. Each port we were headed to had its own specific items to look for. One was for jewelry, one camera’s and electronics, one for alcohol. She gave us tips on how to shop, where to shop and where to avoid. She explained the books and how to get the most out of them, including all the free items from the ports we were going to. The book was good for a year and could be used anywhere in the world. It was more than worth the thirty dollars Mom paid.

We left the seminar talking about the stores and ports that we would be at starting the next day. We headed to the elevators and went up to our deck and to our cabins with instructions to change to bathing suits and be back in ten minutes. We all made the required time and headed to the pool on the deck above. We swam and hot tubbed for about an hour and then the Moms lead us down to the spa at the rear of the ship on the same deck.

We were welcomed with open arms and were whisked away to be completely pampered. We emerged about five hours later, massaged, facialed, manicured, pedicured, relaxed and hair done in time to return to our cabins to dress for dinner. I got the full body massage and a body wrap, the mud facial felt nasty, but did the job. I even got special nail polish that changed colour in sunlight.

Since this was a full day at sea, it was a formal dinner. I dressed in a strapless little black dress, with a beaded sweetheart neck line; no stockings and open toed knot sling back black four inch heels.

Anna wore a one shoulder little black dress with a rosette on the shoulder and a ruffled body. Her shoes were a platform sandal with a four inch heel. Susan wore a pleated waist rhinestone bow floor length gown in red with spaghetti straps. Mom was dressed in a one shoulder fitted floor length gown in dove grey. Heather was in a strapless pleated floor length brooch in white with matching heels. Jennifer had on a classic A-line mid length formal in blue. To say that we were all looking incredibly hot would be a classic understatement.

We took the elevator down to the promenade deck and headed through the casino to the main dining room. One the way through I found a token on the floor and fed it into a slot machine and pushed the button. I was about to keep on walking when the sirens went off. I thought that I was in trouble and was about to be busted for gambling under age, but I had just hit the jackpot. Mom stood beside me and made me wait while the manger came over and unlocked the machine. He checked the computer and announced that I had just won over five thousand dollars.

They took me to the cashier and tried to get me to put the money on my stateroom account, but seeing the trouble I was having with Trent, I wanted cash. They pushed, but I was firm, and they paid me out in cash. It took about twenty minutes to get everything sorted out and we were almost late for dinner.

We met the guys at our table, all of them looked delicious in their tuxedo’s, even Trent damn it. But we were seated attentively and ordered dinner. Shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, marinated chicken breast, and I begged off of desert, but the cheese cake looked absolutely divine. Adam was ever the gentleman, and he seemed surprised that we could have spent all day in the spa. The boys spent the day shooting hoops, skeet shooting and golf driving on the after deck. It sounded like fun, but I think we had the better day.

After dinner Adam led me up to the Sky Observation lounge. It was a clear night and you could feel the slight motion of the ship but we lay on the lounges provided and watched the stars go by. I had never seen a night sky so clear and dark before. We could see every star in the heavens, or so it seemed. It was very romantic and I couldn’t help but wish that I was sharing it with Trent.

Adam and I talked again about our goals and life plans. He was studying engineering and was looking at going into large civil projects, dams, highways, things like that. I told him that I was hoping to study photography and was waiting to hear from UCLA about going there. Adam said that I was certain to get in, which I thought was sweet, since he had not seen any of my work.

It was after one in the morning when Adam took me back to my cabin, this time the door was partial open, held that way by the security bolt. We went in and found Trent and Anna sitting at the table in the veranda, talking softly. We went over to them and I opened the sliding door to let them know that we were there.

Both were drinking sodas, I figured Trent learned his lesson the night before. Anna invited us to join them and we sat on the other two chairs and talked for another hour before Adam said that he was going to bed. Anna joined him and left me and Trent alone on the balcony.

“Trent, we need to talk.” I said softly.

“No, we don’t.” He replied tersely and headed back into our cabin. I followed him in, but he locked the bedroom door on me and I sat down on the sofa, getting ready to cry when the door opened and Trent reappeared in his shorts and made for the other sofa.

“I got the bed last night, so you can have it tonight. Sorry it won’t be as fun as last night with those two, but at least you can get caught up on your sleep. Goodnight.”

Trent rolled over onto his side facing the back of the couch and ignored me. I sat there for a few minutes, and then stood to go to bed.

“Trent, I still need to discuss this with you. I want to explain everything to you. But I need you to meet me at least half way and listen.”

He said nothing and I went into the bedroom, changed into my nightie, removed my vagina and went to bed. I made it a point to not lock the bedroom door. I spent the night staring at the ceiling and watching the waves out the window. By dawn I had got maybe two hour sleep and I was again on the balcony watching the sunrise. I was tempted to use the whirlpool, but decided against it. I heard the sliding door open behind me and Trent stood there dressed for the day, I was still in my nightie.

“Come in here, you must be frozen solid, you have been out here for over an hour.” He ordered, I wanted to tell him to stuff it, but I was cold. He led me into the sitting room and wrapped a blanket around me and proceeded to serve me the breakfast that he had ordered. We ate without speaking and by the time we finished, the tension in the room was reaching the breaking point.

“Janie,” Trent said finally, “I want to say something to you, but I have to say straight out with no interruptions.”

“Okay,” I replied meekly, I knew where this was going. He did not want anything to do with me.

“I need to apologize about how I have been acting and I don’t really know how.” My mouth dropped open and I almost said something, but Trent kept on talking.

“I have been mad at myself and been taking it out on you.” He continued. “Before I met you, I was the shallow, pathetic little rich boy that you see in all the movies. I won’t make excuses about why I was that way, but it is how I was. I had gotten used to being careful about people who wanted to be my friend, with Dad being so rich I got a lot of people toadying up to me to curry favor with Dad. I learned early how to use that against people and it worked at keeping people at arm’s length. My only true friend all these years has been Candy, she and I have been together since we were babies. Her Mom and mine went through school together.

“Anyway, I learned to use people and then dump them when I got what I wanted. Before we met, I was only interested in my car, football and getting laid. Then you strolled into my life. You are the first person I had ever met who treated me like you didn’t know who my parents were. I couldn’t get over the fact that you weren’t swooning all over me. I was actually nervous when I asked you out. I didn’t know what to do if you said no. No one ever turned me down for a date before and I was up all night worrying about what you would say.

“When you said yes, I thought my heart would burst. Then when I picked you up, you came down the stairs, you were a vision. I didn’t think I was good enough for you. Then you handled my parents like you had known them for years. Nothing fazed you. You were more of an adult than anyone I had ever met.

“Then we were dating officially and I saw how you treated everyone else, even the school nerds, you got Candy and that guy Kevin together, I realized just how wonderful you were.

“When you told me you wanted to remain a virgin I accepted it without question, because I couldn’t think of anything worse than taking that from you. You were always in control of every situation, so confident that it never occurred to me to try anything.

“When we were at the cottage and you came out in that bathing suit I was in shock. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as you were. Then you climbed into the hot tub and told me the truth and showed me that you were a guy. I didn’t know what to say or do. I lost it.

“I reacted only on instinct. I forgot what a wonderful person and lover you were and thought only of the stigma attached to having sex and being in love with a guy. It came as such a shock that I wasn’t thinking. I blamed you for the fact that you are who you are. I knew that I needed to get out of the cottage and think before I really did something stupid.

“When I was out driving around, I realized that it was the shock of what you had told me and shown me that had gotten to me. I understood why you lied to me, it makes sense, you didn’t want anyone to know that about you. Then when I got back your Mom and Susan were there and it seemed that they were mad at me for the way I reacted to the news and that just got me madder, so I attacked you and threatened to out you at school. Susan put me in my place about that, not that I would have really said anything.

“Then she hit me with the point about my sexual orientation and being a homophobe. That really stopped me and made me think. I realized that she was partially right. I was being a homophobe, even though neither of us is gay, bi maybe, but not gay, since you are a girl. After you left, I thought about her comments and spent the rest of the time at the cottage and since then really thinking about what happened on our dates and when we had sex.

“I loved the feel of your ass around my dick. I loved the feeling of you on top of me riding my cock till we both came. I loved the feeling of you sleeping next to me, waking up in the middle of the night to feel your warmth next to me. I even liked it when you shoved your finger up my ass or fed me my own cum. I think that was the biggest problem. The feeling that I should not have enjoyed that, which is what has been bothering me for the last few months.

“And then I saw you standing in the door of this cabin, looking beautiful, despite the shock of seeing me. I knew then that I loved you, and only you. I have been trying to get my courage up to tell you how I feel, but then you went off with Adam and I realized what I had lost, probably for ever. That is why I was so drunk the first night. I locked you out so that you would have an excuse to be with Adam and then I would be justified for how I felt. When I saw you the next morning and saw that the three of you spent the night together having sex, I was furious, and very hung over. I really did have to go be sick, but only because I had finally realized what I had lost.

The trial continues and the lawyers for the defendants play nasty.

Andrea has to testify and confront her father…..

After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was adjusting well to a life living with Jane’s lesbian lovers, now also my lovers. On a combined business trip and visit to my friends, Jane and I went to California where we ended up having fun with my employer Liz as well as Trish and Sandy, ending up with me sucking Trish’s dick. And later, despite my initial reservations, I took her dick inside me.

Later my sister Jill, who I had not seen for almost 2 years, came over in advance of the wedding along with her lesbian lover Ashley, and I ended up fucking and getting fucked by both of them. Just before the wedding I met Jane’s brother John and his girlfriend Ally and had my first experience with a man, as I did not consider Trish to be a man.

The wedding was the best day of my life, where I was finally married to the four beautiful women I had come to love so much Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, and they all loved me, we all loved each other. On the wedding night as we lay together I really felt that this was where I belonged, the bride of four beautiful brides.

On my return home from the honeymoon, I ended up helping a shy guy discover his feminine side, and become intimate in a way he or should I say she, had up to that point never thought possible, with my friend Kate. And it was at this point, the high point of my life being newly married and having just helped a guy find ‘her’ self, that I was attacked by two rapists at knife point.

The rapists, when they discovered I was a shemale, had shoved a broken baseball bat up my ass causing me to bleed profusely, the idea being that I would bleed to death. But one of my lovely brides, Jenny, had come to my aid, injuring both my assailants and attending to me giving me first aid just before I blacked out.

After almost losing my life and being in a coma for several days, I eventually came out of the coma, and after a few weeks in hospital I was eventually released to the loving care of my family. And finally the trial of my attackers came to court, but there were threats against Jurors from the start and the unscrupulous defense lawyers it seemed would stop at nothing to discredit the victims.

After digging up information about Lisa being a stripper and Marion making some videos when she was younger, the lawyers for the rapists now moved on to Betty.

It turned out that Betty had gone off the rails as a youth, and had a spell where she had become a crack addict. Betty had since cleaned up her act by going to Narcotics Anonymous and had not touched drugs since for 10 years, but the object for the defense lawyers was simply to try to undermine the credibility of the victims trying to gain support for the contention that the victims had been willing participants in what had happened to them.

Next up was Jean. They had discovered that Jean had been a swinger all of her life, and when asked about it Jean willingly admitted this fact, but made it clear that the fact that she liked sex with groups of people together did not imply that complete strangers had the right to rape her on a public street. Again though, the contention of the defense lawyers was that she was a willing participant in what happened to her.

Then it was Evelyn’s turn to take the stand. Evelyn as a young street wise youth had been a gang member and ran around in a criminal gang, but according to her own testimony she had turned her back on this lifestyle and had become an advocate for young people not to get involved in criminal activities, but the defense just wanted to put doubt in the minds of the Jury.

As we left the courtroom that afternoon I was full of compassion for the victims, and on arriving at the apartment both Jenny and I wanted big hugs from Jane, Chris and Ann.

I said, “I just feel so sad for the other victims, the way the defense lawyers tried to rip them apart was horrible.”

Jenny angrily came in, “Those fucking bastard lawyers have no scruples whatsoever putting those brave young women through so much shit. If I met them in a dark ally, there is no saying what I might do to them.”

“When do you testify?” Jane asked me.

“Tomorrow,” I replied.

“Are you worried?” Jane asked.

“Yes I am,” I said, “I am afraid how my dad would react if he finds that I am a shemale now, and it is sure to come up the way those lawyers dig into things.”

Jane hugged me compassionately, and said, “Look Andrea, he would have found out sooner or later you knew in your heart it was something you would have to face, besides you are not alone in this you have us now.”

“I know,” I said, “without you guys I don’t know how I could cope.”

Now all my family gathered round to hug me, and Jenny said, “That’s what loving families do, they are there for each other when necessary.”

Then Jenny said, “There is something I need to tell you all.”

Suddenly I remembered about Jenny’s father and I looked at her with understanding.

“I am afraid they will track down my father,” said Jenny, “and let him know my location.”

Then Jenny went on to tell the rest of the family what she had told me about her father about how he had abused her, and how he had gone to jail for it.

Jenny continued, “Now I am afraid he will come for me and he will also come for those I love. Because of me you are all now in danger.” Then Jenny started to cry.

Watching Jenny I felt like my heart was breaking in two, and I said, “No Jenny, this is not your fault, the only reason you became involved in this is because you stopped my attackers and saved my life. If anybody is to blame it is me for trying to walk back to the apartment alone at night.”

Jane cut in, “Stop it you two, neither of you is to blame, the only people to blame are abusers and rapists who think they have the right to treat women like shit, you are both beautiful courageous women.”

That night the three girls took Jenny and I out to a nice Chinese restaurant and I ordered Peking Duck, which was washed down with generous quantities of Saki, the meal was delicious.

In our large bed I made slow gentle love doggy style to Jane while she gave head to Jenny.

I loved being inside Jane my cock felt so nice inside her, it was like coming home for me fucking her or any other member of my family like that. As I grabbed her tit hard she cried out into Jenny’s pussy causing Jenny to cry out also, the sound of female orgasm was music to my ears.

Later I lay down to sleep with my dick hard inside Jenny’s pussy while she sucked Jane’s tits and fingered her pussy. It was like that that we fell asleep.

The following day it was my turn to testify in court, and I explained to the prosecution exactly what the rapists had done to me it was harrowing having to describe what happened to me but I got through it in the end.

The problems arose when I was cross examined by the defense.

“So how would you describe yourself the defense lawyer asked snidely, a woman, a man, or maybe an it,” he said chuckling.

“I present myself as a woman,” I replied.

“Isn’t it true that people like you,” he said sarcastically, “like to have stuff pushed up your ass?”

I replied, “That would be over generalizing. What people like to do sexually is their own business.”

Then he pulled out a strapon dildo and asked, “Do you know what this object is?”

“It’s a strapon dildo,” I replied.

“And isn’t it true that you like it when a woman wearing a strapon dildo pushes it in your ass?”

“Objection,” said the prosecution lawyer, “I don’t see how the victim’s sexual life has any relevance to this case.”

The defense lawyer responded, “I intend to show that the so called victim asked my clients to do what they did to him/her.”

“I’ll allow it,” said the judge, “but you better come to your point quickly.”

The defense lawyer addressed me saying, “Isn’t it true that you asked my clients to push the baseball bat up your ass?”

“No,” I cried incredulous, but the defense lawyer continued.

“Furthermore, isn’t it true that you sat on the baseball bat driving it further into you in order to give yourself more pleasure?”

“No… no… no…,” I cried, “how could you say that, they almost killed me driving that splintered bat into me.” I was really tearing up now sobbing profusely.

Then at that point the defense lawyer said, “No more questions.”

As I left the witness box my family gathered round me all offering me solace and as we left the courtroom Jenny was saying, “Those bastard lawyers, I hope they burn in hell. After everything Andrea has been through, they put her through that humiliation.”

Jane said, “Jenny, when you were talking about how underhanded those lawyers were, I thought you must be exaggerating, but after I saw that today I am beginning to understand what you girls are going through.”

Chris was saying, “Don’t let any of it get to you Andrea, these people are the scum of the earth, bastards who think that they are entitled to treat people like shit. We know the gentle caring and honest person that you are, and the jury can see it too.”

Ann held my hand while wiping my eyes for me with a tissue.

Now I had tears in my eyes again, but this time not tears of humiliation but tears of emotion that these women cared for me so much, “You guys are the best,” I said.

Fortunately we had reached the weekend so there was a break in the proceedings for 2 days.

Soon after we got back to the apartment my sister Jill and her partner Ashley arrived on the doorstep and immediately Jill came towards me wrapping me in her arms saying, “I wanted to give you support Andrea, I have hear that this trial is a real ordeal for you.”

As we sat down in the family room, Ashley said, “When I heard about what was going on in this trial I had to come over and comfort you, I figured you needed all the support you could get, but I also came to warn you for our father coming over to see you tomorrow.

Apparently he has been subpoenaed by the defense to speak about your history, they are looking for some dirt on you from your past.”

Suddenly it hit me, I was going to have to face my father sooner rather than later, and with it there was a wash of emotions, me thinking I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t man enough, questioning my identity. But then I looked around at my beautiful partners and suddenly felt calmer. I looked at my sister and her partner and I was filled with a feeling of being accepted by the people I most cared about and who most cared about me.

Jill was staying at our apartment with her partner Ashley and that night she was quick to drag me to her room.

Jill had a lustful gleam in her eye, she quickly stripped and then started to remove my clothes before jumping on the bed and pulling me onto it with her. Thrusting her soaking wet pussy in my face she ordered me to suck it dry, and I tried but the more I licked and sucked the wetter it became, by now Jill was writhing about on the bed and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Ashley was frantically rubbing her clit as she watched us.

“It’s feels so naughty watching you like that with your sister Jill,” Ashley commented.

“Well it’s going to get naughtier,” Jill responded, “now I am going to make her fuck me.”

At that Jill grabbed me by the balls and grabbed my dick in the other hand and started to pull me into her, she was squeezing my balls and it hurt as she said, “Now you are going to cooperate or I promise it will get more painful.”

With that, she pushed my dick deep into her wet pussy and wrapped her legs tightly around me before finally letting go of my balls.

I was rock hard inside Jill and it felt incredible, I also admitted to myself that I liked the feeling of being dominated by Jill as she pulled me into her and held me inside her by wrapping her legs around me.

Then Jill cried out, “OK Ashley, go at her.”

Suddenly, unexpectedly, I felt a strapon dildo being pushed into my ass, thrusting me harder into Jill and causing Jill to cry out in unison with me.

Then Ashley grabbed Jill’s tits as she fucked me in the ass causing me to fuck Jill, and at the same time Jill was kissing me hard.

Then Jill stared into my eyes saying, “So do you like being fucked in the ass by my lover, big sis?”

All I could do was groan.

“Actually she is more like your baby sister,” said Ashley grunting with pleasure, “you have been a woman much longer than she has.”

“Good point,” said Jill panting, “by the way if you pull my baby sister’s hair, it will make her jerk inside me.”

With that Ashley yanked my hair hard causing me to cry out and my dick to jump inside Jill resulting in an “Ahhhhhh…” from Jill, then, “fuck I’m going to cum.”

Then I felt Jill’s pussy quivering underneath me indicating she was having an orgasm. At the same time Ashley stopped fucking me and started quivering for a moment, indicating that she was coming also through the action of her double ended dildo.

Pretty soon though Ashley was fucking my ass again, and I was still rock hard being pushed into Jill. Jill and Ashley came four times before I finally erupted inside Jill, but they hadn’t finished with me yet.

Now Ashley fucked me up the ass doggie style, while I sucked my own cum out of Jill’s pussy. Ashley was squeezing my tit hard as she pounded me, and clearly enjoying her sense of dominance over me by the way she was squealing in pleasure. Jill was also crying out in pleasure as I took long luxurious tastes of her used pussy.

Finally Ashley ripped off her strapon dildo and had me fuck her doggie style while she ate out Jill.

That night I slept with my dick inside my sister’s pussy.

The following morning the door bell rang, and Chris answered the door to my father. I had not seen him for 2 years and it was in some ways a shock to see his face again, in some ways a reminder of a life I had left behind. Well at least my mother was with him, to give me moral support and I guess him as well.

Initially he did not recognize me, but of course he did recognize Jill although she had changed quite a bit since she had left home.

Jill took my hand and pulled me out of my chair saying, “Dad, this is Andrea, of course you remember her as Andy.”

At this moment I was shaking inside and trying not to show it.

My father looked at me awkwardly and finally said, “I must admit that you make a much more attractive woman than I would have imagined.”

Then he continued, “Look Andrea, the first thing I wanted to say is that I did not want to testify in this case, and the only reason that I will be doing so is because I was subpoenaed. As far as I am concerned your life style choice is your own, just as your sister chose her life style, I may not like either of your choices, but what the hell it’s a free world.”

At this moment I looked at my sister Jill, she did not need to disclose to our father that she was a lesbian and yet she had done because she wanted to show solidarity with me.

He continued, “To be honest this is all new to me, and I am still in shock, still trying to process that my only son is now a daughter and my other daughter is a lesbian, well I guess you both are judging by your partners.”

“I understand sir,” I replied, somehow it didn’t seem right calling him dad at this moment. “I have been replaying the moment when I would have to face you as Andrea in my mind for a long time now. I don’t expect you to understand why I did what I did, but I want you to know that I am very happy being Andrea, and I am very happy with my new family.”

“Well,” said my dad, “I guess you must have wanted it very much, or you wouldn’t have taken the massive step towards changing yourself to be female.”

My family persuaded my father to stay for lunch, he was staying at a hotel nearby. During lunch we just talked small talk, and I was quieter than usual. Jane was her usual outgoing self though.

“You know Mr. Williams,” Jane said, “we all love Andrea very much, she is a beautiful person inside and out. I knew her for more than a year as Andy, and she was also a beautiful person before the change. You’re son, as he was then always told me how he was grateful for the family he grew up with, and certainly you instilled good values in him, now her.”

At this moment my mother spoke up, “I just have to look at Andrea as she is now, to see how happy she is, and see how her family are, to see how much she is cared for, in fact both Andrea and Jill are very happy in their new lives.”

“I guess you’re right,” my father said, “I just have to look at how Andrea and Jill respond to their partners to see that they have both found a sense of belonging. I don’t think that I will ever be happy with their choice, but in the end it is their choice.”

My father left after lunch to return to the hotel where he and my mother were staying, leaving the rest of us to spend the evening together.

After they had gone I think both Jill and I heaved a sigh of relief. And as we were eating our evening meal later on Jane said, “Well I think meeting with your father went quite well considering.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “personally I thought there would be a lot of anger from my father and attacks on my life style, both are life styles for that matter, but he seemed quite resigned to the fact.”

“I think mom had a lot to do with that,” Jill said, “she had obviously been preparing him for meeting us last night. I can only imagine the reproaches she must have suffered when he first heard about us.”

“Yes,” I said, “she always did stick up for us, like when I said I wasn’t interested in sport.”

“Hmmm… yes,” said Jill, “dad was always giving you stick for not being manly enough, and mom would always come to your defense.”

“You know what though,” I said, “I sympathize with him and I understand where he is coming from. He grew up in a world where there didn’t seem to be much ambiguity about sex and gender, in his day a man was a man, with all that that implied and a woman was a woman, a lot has changed. Sometimes I feel bad for his sake that I took the path I did.”

“You must never think that,” Jane responded passionately, “neither you or Jill, the most important thing in this world is for us to learn to be ourselves, other people just have to learn to accommodate to us. “

That night, Jane whispered to me to lie down on the bed and she made slow passionate love to me. First giving me an incredible blow job, and then mounting me cowgirl style, tenderly caressing my sensitive nipples as she rode my stiff dick.

As I felt my dick encased in Jane’s wonderful pussy I felt so loved, looking up at her beautiful face filled with ecstasy I was so aware that I wouldn’t want to change anything about my life, in this family with Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann. I had something that I would not have been able to conceive before I met them, a true sense of belonging.

The following morning Jenny gave each of us a hand gun. She told us that we would each need shooting practice, and should carry the weapons around with us at all times. The reason for this was worries that the RADL, the group that the rapists belonged to and were paying for their defense would contact Jenny’s father and he would come after her looking for revenge.

After a Sunday afternoon at the shooting range, I found that I was the best shot of all of us and according to Jenny could have been trained as a sharpshooter. Not too long ago, this praise would have served to inflate my male pride, but not anymore, now I just thought of myself as a cool woman.

The next day, Monday, the defense called my father to the stand. After being sworn in, my father asked if he could make a statement before giving his testimony and the judge allowed it.

This story is a transsexual fantasy.

It still amazes me when we consider the mysterious effects that occur at the subatomic level, and it has been suggested that matter itself can be morphed by subatomic effects. Quantum effects are still not really understood by scientists and maybe never will be, with new effects being discovered like super conductivity and super fluidity that the old Newtonian style cause and effect physics simply cannot explain.

All we can say with any certainty is that there are things in this universe which are beyond our understanding, maybe nothing is exactly as seems…


“Imagine starting to believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you deserve everything you want out of life. Imagine getting everything you want out of life.

Once you apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ everything is possible.”

My name is, or should I say was, James (now Jamie), and there I was, a 30 year old guy, who was a virgin, sharing a New York, rent controlled apartment with a 25 year old lesbian, Ashley, and she was a hot looking lesbian at that.

Ashley, although a lesbian had started to help me explore my feminine side, and it was becoming clearer to me with each passing day that Ashley was starting to fall in love with me as a woman.

I had mixed feelings about this because although from the moment I laid eyes on Ashley I fell for her, I felt that in the end our relationship could only ever be a disappointment to Ashley as I was not a biological woman.

Then in a surprise gesture Ashley had paid for a very expensive therapy for me called deblock therapy, and this therapy was supposed to help me realize my true potential.

Now it appeared that the result of deblock therapy was going to be fame and fortune way beyond my expectation and it was all happening so fast.

My launch as a major New York artist had been spectacular and at the same time I had been thrust onto the New York social scene mixing with celebrities and people in entertainment, due in large part to Annabel (my artistic agent) and her expert promotion of my inspired art.

My success also appeared to hinge on the fact that ever since the deblock therapy, my body, attitude and mannerisms were becoming ever more feminine, so much so that I was introduced to New York society as a beautiful woman in a lesbian relationship.

Suddenly I was stirred from my thoughts by Annabel, she was telling me that my interview and shoot for a major women’s magazine would be very important in helping my career as an aspiring artist and increasing my exposure to New York society.

The piece would focus primarily on me as a person and new artist. Some of my artwork would be displayed, but equally important would be a photo shoot of the beautiful Jamie in the high end fashion promoted by the magazine.

Annabel was enthusiastically saying, “When women read, this piece and see your picture in beautiful dresses, they will want to be like you, look like you and dress like you.”

So the next day I waited at the offices of the publisher of the Magazine, I was feeling a little nervous so I had brought Ashley along with me, also believing that she could help if I needed any help changing clothes. Obviously I did not want anybody to see my bulge.

Earlier that morning Ashley had spent a long time applying very little makeup and selecting casual clothes, I was wearing a flowery halter top with ruffles, light pink Capri pants that came half way up my calves and strappy white pumps with three inch heels.

I had asked Ashley why she took so much time over achieving what was a very casual look, and she explained that as the interview included a photo shoot, I would be dressed by the magazine’s wardrobe department in clothes by high end fashion designers, so there was no point in going dressed formally.

However the impression we needed to create was that even dressed informally I looked like a bomb, “We are trying to create the impression that you get out of bed and throw some clothes on and look impeccable.” She said.

“But that’s ludicrous,” I said, “nobody just casually throws on clothes and looks impeccable.”

“It’s all part of the game,” Ashley had said, “they know that you can’t just throw your clothes on and look perfect and they know that we know it, but the thought that subconsciously enters their minds is that if you spend that much time to look casual, how much time would you spend if you were dressing yourself formally, and that gets you respect.”

I thought for a moment about the effort that had gone into my formal presentation as an artist to the New York elite, the facial, manicure, pedicure, hair styling etc, all the trouble with clothes and jewelry and I started to see what Ashley meant.

“Sometimes it’s hard work being a woman isn’t it?” I had said.

“Yes it is,” Ashley had replied, “particularly when you are in the public spotlight like you are going to be.”

Before I left the house that morning I looked at myself in the full length mirror, “Well I certainly passed the fuckable test I told myself, I would definitely fuck me.”

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the arrival of a pretty 30 year old sub editor. “Good morning, you must be Ms Williams, the woman said, “My name is Joan.”

“Please call me Jamie,” I replied, “and this is my partner Ashley.”

“I must say Jamie,” said Joan, “my editor told me that you were beautiful, but in the flesh you are much more beautiful than she described, I can see why she wanted me to do a piece on you.”

Then Jamie looked over at Ashley, “You are very beautiful also, the two of you make a very beautiful couple.”

If I was not mistaken, I noticed a look of lust in Joan’s eyes. I was beginning to understand that Ashley and I often had this effect on women.

As expected my makeup was done by a professional makeup artist and the look was specifically designed to be photographed. My long platinum blond hair already looked good, so only a touchup was required.

Then Ashley helped me get into the first of the designer dresses, a sky blue summer dress with a belt and short pleated skirt. Ashley said I looked great and Joan certainly liked how I looked when I went for the photo session.

As the photo session proceeded, Joan, asked, “Is this your first photo shoot?”

To which I replied, “Yes, why do you ask?”

“Because you seem new to this, yet you seem almost like a model the way you can give us just what we want, you must be a natural.” said Joan.

Later I changed into a short strapless black minidress with a tulle skirt and shiny black pumps with 4 inch heels. The lust in the eyes of both Joan and Ashley was very clear.

I stayed in the black dress for the interview, where Joan asked me a few questions about my art and my life with Ashley. Then when the interview was over I was allowed to keep the black dress.

That night back at Annabel’s luxury apartment, when Annabel saw me in the short strapless dress with the sexy tulle skirt she said she wanted to fuck me, it was also clear that Ashley wanted to feel me up and have me eat her out, but I said, “Let’s eat first I’m starving.”

Later in the bedroom Annabel stripped me and threw me on the bed, and then stripped herself and impaled herself on my 7 inch dick. Ashley also stripped quickly and sat on my face, reaching down to grab my now well developed tits in her hands pinching my nipples firmly as I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy.

“Oh Jamie your tits are so beautiful,” cried Ashley, followed by, “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh,” as I tongued her clit to bring her to orgasm.”

Annabel cried, “Hmmm, I just can’t get enough of this beautiful cock on a beautiful girl.” then biting her lip said, “Oh fuck I’m coming.”

Annabel and Ashley both came together but I stayed hard to give these beautiful women 3 more orgasms myself before coming very powerfully inside Annabel.

A few days later the piece about me came out in the women’s magazine.

Annabel was very pleased with the result, there was the written article but Annabel was more interested in the pictures. There were pictures of my art, pictures of me with Ashley and Annabel at my opening and finally a two page spread of me in the sundress and the evening dress.

“WOW,” Annabel enthused, “this is so good, and you look brilliant in those dresses Jamie. This is just the sort of incredible publicity that money just can’t buy, and the dress designers will be pleased also because you look just perfect in those dresses Jamie. It is definitely a WIN WIN situation.”

Over the next few days Annabel was working on promoting me in the art world and starting to prepare for my national tour in a few months time by getting me recognized at a national level. And while this was going on Ashley’s current season on Broadway was coming to an end.

It was during this period that Jeff’s twin brother Alex came to town. Not only did Alex look like Jeff, but also like Jeff he was a real gentleman and really knew how to treat a lady well.

One night Ashley, Annabel and I met up with Jackie, Jeff and his brother Alex at a night club, and the moment Alex was introduced to Annabel I saw there was a spark there. It was not surprising therefore to either Ashley or I when Annabel went off with Alex.

Both of us knew that Annabel, while she loved our threesome, was just biding time with us until she actually met a guy who was sensitive, gentle, secure in himself and manly. And if he was as similar to Jeff as he appeared to be then Alex appeared to have all these qualities. I mean even I was attracted to Alex a little just as I often found myself attracted to Jeff nowadays.

The real bombshell came when Annabel told us that she had been invited on a 2 month cruise by Alex and suddenly realizing that she might have met her soul mate in Alex, she accepted. That left Ashley and I alone together, it left me without anybody to fuck me and give me head, and more important as far as I was concerned it left Ashley without pussy.

Annabel was very quick to assure me that when she came back from the cruise she would have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming national tour of my art work, she even promised to get together with us from time to time for some sexy fun, but Ashley and I knew it would not be the same now that Alex was in her life.

After Annabel left for her cruise, for the first few days, Ashley and I were fine. Ashley was performing the last few nights of the run of her play. And with the money from selling some of my artwork plus Ashley’s advance for this run of her play, we moved into a new apartment with a view out over the harbor and splashed out on a new BMW.

Once we started to settle down to a routine however, and particularly after the closing night of the run of Ashley’s play, it became clear to me that Ashley was missing pussy. Don’t get me wrong Ashley loved me eating her out and sucking her tits, and she loved sucking my tits, but it wasn’t the same for her not being able to give pleasure to another women through her pussy.

The issue was exacerbated because both Ashley and I had stopped doing our waitress jobs because of the income we were making from selling my artwork and Ashley’s acting respectively. Also all the activity associated with the launching of my career and Ashley’s nightly performances had meant that we had simply not had the opportunity to continue waitressing. Now however with Ashley particularly having time on her hands, she had time to reflect on what she was missing by not having Annabel around.

One highlight was when we got really drunk one night with Jackie and Jeff and all went back to our apartment.

I fucked Jackie doggie style while she ate out Ashley, and then Jackie sucked me off while Ashley ate her out and all the time Jeff was jerking himself off watching us together. As before Jackie told Jeff to spray his cum all over my now C cup tits and again she licked Jeff’s cum off my tits, but this time she took my face in her hands and kissed me hard pushing some of Jeff’s cum into my mouth.

Now she lay down on the bed and got Jeff to lie down next to her. Jackie was really drunk and she suddenly said she wanted me to suck Jeff’s cock, she said she wanted to see me do it since the first time she had seen me with tits (at that time girlish A cup tits).

Then Jackie said, “What about you Jeff, are you ok with it?”

“I’d love it if Jamie sucked me,” he said, “I can’t think of her as anything other than a girl now anyway.”

I was saying, “I don’t know Jackie I feel a bit weird about it.”

Then Jackie said, “Ashley only gets to eat me out if you suck Jeff off.”

Then Ashley said, “Please Jamie I need this.”

There was no denying Ashley’s need and I really wanted her to have this, but I still hesitated.

Then Ashley said, “I’ll let you fuck me, when we are alone.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, was this Ashley saying this, my lesbian girlfriend, that she would let me put my dick in her. Then I thought that the following day she would try to get out of it, and I would let her of course, but right now I knew she was sincere and that indicated just how great her need must be.

I looked at Jeff, since my body had started to change I was finding him attractive, his 8 inch dick looked very beautiful to me right now in my drunken state. Gingerly I stretched my long tongue out towards the head of his dick.

Suddenly I was aware that Jackie and Ashley were still, they were looking at me in fascination.

The head of the dick felt smooth to my tongue, it was stiffening quickly, the sensation was interesting, but what was really turning me on was the way in which Ashley and Jackie were looking at what I was doing, the knowledge that what I was doing was turning them on.

Gently my tongue flicked around the head of Jeff’s dick before I finally took the tip in my mouth, I sucked slightly, causing Jeff to moan in pleasure. Raising my eyes to look at Jeff as I gently sucked his cock I saw that his eyes were closed, he was surrendering himself to the sensations I was giving him.

Flicking my eyes towards Ashley and Jackie, I could see that they were both biting their lips in concentration, so I impulsively sucked harder pulling Jeff’s dick further into my mouth causing both the girls to moan and Jeff to moan louder.

After sucking further and letting his dick out of my mouth a little and sucking again I soon got a rhythm started and as I did now Ashley aggressively started to bite and suck Jackie’s pussy, clearly watching me sucking Jeff was making her more aggressive, I don’t think I had ever seen her so turned on.

Then as I continued to suck off Jeff Ashley brought Jackie to a shuddering orgasm, I had never seen Jackie come so fast or so hard, I was sure a lot of it was because of seeing me suck Jeff.

Now Ashley and Jackie got into the 69 position and brought each other to mutual orgasms several times before Jeff finally announced her was going to cum.

Now Ashley and Jackie exhausted from their mutual activity split and I took the opportunity to wank Jeff until he came all over Jackie’s tits.

This time it was I who licked the cum off Jackie’s tits before giving her a long kiss where I pushed the cum into her mouth. As I did this, she took my rock solid dick and slid it into her, and it wasn’t long before I came. As I looked at Ashley while I fucked Jackie, I saw a look I had never seen in her eyes before. Did she want to be fucked?

After I had come inside Jackie, Ashley aggressively pulled me over towards her and thrust my face into her pussy hard, telling me to suck her clit and push my tongue inside her.

While I was doing this Jeff was fucking Jackie doggie style, and both Jackie and Ashley when they came, came very hard, and were shaking for minutes afterwards.

Finally Ashley pulled my head to her bosom, encouraging me to gently suckle her nipple, and like that we fell asleep.

The following morning Ashley prepared a special breakfast for me of omelet followed by Belgium waffles.

She said, “I want to let you know that I really appreciate what you did for me last night, sucking Jeff off so that Jackie would let me eat her out. I also want to let you know that seeing you suck him off was a real turn on for me, even though sucking dick is something that I would never do.

I guess somehow you doing that made you look so girly. You might have noticed how turned on I was by the way I ate Jackie out.”

Then Ashley continued, “When I promised that I would let you fuck me I meant it you know, but you have to promise you will trust me however weird things might get.”

“I trust you.” I replied, not knowing what she meant but knowing that I trusted Ashley implicitly.”

That day Ashley had her acting class and I was working on my latest piece of art. As I worked on my art I thought about what Ashley had said, what did she mean by, “However weird things might get.”

That night in bed I was particularly tender with Ashley, licking her body all over but paying particular attention to her tits, ass and pussy. She came a total of nine times and we fell asleep with Ashley suckling on my tit.

The following morning I woke up and tried to get up, but suddenly became aware that I was tied to the bed.

Looking around I found that I was on my back and my arms and legs appeared to be bound to the corners of the bed by rope, and a pillow had been pushed under my ass to lift it slightly.

“What the fuck,” I thought to myself. I assumed that it had to be Ashley, but why?

If realizing that I was tied up seemed strange however, this was nothing compared to what I saw next.

Ashley entered the room naked except for a large strapon dildo, it must have been at least 8 inches in length and very thick, and there was a piece that pushed against her clit so that she would also get stimulated when she used it on somebody, I realized that that somebody would be me.

Now Ashley opened a drawer and took out a tube of lubricant.

I looked at Ashley, my eyes questioning her but she said nothing. Quietly Ashley approached, and now she started to lube my ass up, I opened my mouth to speak but she put her finger to my lips telling me to keep quiet.

Now she started pushing one and two fingers into my ass and moving them around, surprisingly I found this stimulation quite nice, moaning slightly.

Now Ashley started to lube up her strapon dildo and as I looked at its girth I thought to myself that this rubberized dick was just too big for me.

Suddenly Ashley started pushing the massive dildo against the entrance to my ass hole and I was pleading with her asking, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?” but Ashley just pushed harder.

Then with all Ashley’s applied pressure the head of the dildo entered my ass, and the pain was excruciating. Tears were rolling down my face and I was pleading desperately now saying, “Please take it out Ashley, it’s too big, it feels like it’s ripping me apart.”

But as Ashley continued to push ‘her’ plastic dick into me the pain was even greater for me and I noticed a look of lust on her face. This was a side I had never seen of Ashley before and it was frightening me.

Now the plastic monster was filling me completely and it hurt like hell, there was slight relief when she pulled it out a little but then she pushed it back in hard causing me to cry out in agony.

As Ashley fucked me it was clear that it was turning her on and the stimulation to her clit was causing her to respond sexually. She grabbed my tits hard as she fucked me and she was looking into my eyes saying, “Take it bitch.”

It was giving me a lot of pain and I was crying like a baby, Ashley knew I was in pain and yet she was clearly enjoying the sensation. Looking into her eyes I also saw anger as she pounded into me, and I was saying, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?”

It was very crowded in the shower, what with both of us in there, but that just made it more fun. I soaped him from top to bottom, or at least as high as I could reach, and he did the same for me. His hand stroking my clit while his other hand teased my nipples felt wonderful. I kissed him deeply and found his own hardening organ, despite fucking me a few minutes ago; he was ready to go again. I turned to face the wall and spread my legs.

Trent got the hint and slowly slid his throbbing shaft inside my pussy. This time it was slow and gentle. We rocked back and forth in the shower for what felt like an eternity, but it was still over to soon for me. I pushed back against him and his hands came around me to rub my breasts and he remembered that I liked to have my nipples pinched, because his strong fingers closed around them and pulled them out from my body. I hissed in pained delight and his hand dropped down to stroke my clit. I groaned and fucked back against him harder. I needed to cum and to feel him cum with me.

He lifted me up, one hand holding my stomach, the other at my breasts, holding me to his chest. I had both hands against the shower wall to keep myself upright. I reached between our legs and grabbed his balls, my nails digging in slightly and he screamed as he shot his load into me. The sensation of his cum pouring into me sent me over the edge again and I howled with delight as I dribbled into his hand.

Finally panting with exhaustion, we kissed again and had another shower. Just a cleanup, but this time there was lots of gentle touching and kissing. I got out first and cleaned my pussy out and when Trent got out I jumped back in for a quick rinse. By the time I got out, Trent was in the bedroom dressing. I did my makeup, just a little lipstick, my face already had the glow I liked and I dried my hair and pulled the sides back off my face and held it in place with a spring clip.

I came out of the bathroom to see Trent downing a bottle of water and proceeded to dress. I attached my vagina and slipped into my powder blue g-string as Trent looked at me questioningly.

“Why are you wearing that thing? You don’t need it for me you know.”

“I know, but it gives me the right shape.” I responded, pulling on my short-short jean shorts, pulling them right up into my crotch. “Besides, this way I get a camel-toe that is sure to keep your attention.” I showed him the crease in my crotch and walked over to him still topless; I reached up and closed his mouth for him. “Close your mouth darling, flies will take advantage.”

I could understand why he was shocked. My shorts were barely worthy of the name. I had taken an old pair of jeans, nice and worn, soft and comfy and cut them off. The only problem was that I cut them a little shorter than I thought. I had to hem them to keep them from fraying, and when I did I found that the front pockets were visible and the back pockets were in the way. So a little creative sewing and I was good, I removed the back pockets and folded them until they fit and then sewed them back on, and then did the same with the front pockets. Now I had shorts with back pockets that I could maybe get my fingers in up to the first knuckle and front pockets deep enough for the second knuckle. Basically my belt was almost wider. They were low riders so they sat comfortably on my hips, but I put on a belt anyway. My blue bikini top and a white button shirt, tied just above my belly button, ankle socks and white deck shoes and I was ready to go.

Trent was dressed in bright orange jams, sandals and a tank top with a baseball hat, the perfect tourist look. We made it outside our door just in time to see Anna and Adam arguing, they both looked up relieved as our door opened and I stepped out.

“Good, you two are okay.” Anna said. “We were getting worried if you were going to make it to port.”

“Yes, and fighting about…” I asked.

“About whether or not we were going to bang on your door and see if you were coming with us.” Adam replied.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Trent replied cheerfully.

Anna was dressed in a white mini skirt with a matching tank top and flip flops, she grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall chatting happily the shopping and the sights to see. Adam was in fluorescent green jams, running shoes and a plain white T-shirt, he and Trent followed talking quietly, we got far enough ahead of them for Anna to whisper to me.

“You okay?” She asked softly. “Did he do anything?”

“Yes, everything I wanted.” I replied dreamily.

“You slut,” Anna gasped. “You didn’t let him…”

“No, I am still a virgin, but we had a long talk and made up, then made out.”

“I noticed the do not disturb sign and that the phones were off.” She responded. “I was getting worried.”

“No, we are fine.” I assured her. “Neither of us slept at all last night and we only started talking this morning. After that we went to bed to catch up on some sleep.”

“Okay, if you are sure. Then we can talk about the truly important things like shopping.”

I laughed and glanced back at Trent. He and Adam seemed fine. We made our way down to the gang way and stood in line to clear customs. Actually that went quickly and we stepped off the ship in time to see the parents waiting for us.

“Well, look who finally decided to join the land of the living.” Jason said smiling at us.

“Yes, you were all decidedly missing this morning.” Kevin said. “Anyone care to explain.”

“We were having an orgy in our room,” I said calmly. “Didn’t you get your invitation? I was worried when none of you showed up.” Everyone stopped dead staring at me. I simply stared back calmly. Finally Trent spoke up.

“Janie and I were up most of the night not talking to each other, this morning we worked it out and went back to bed to get some sleep.”

“Anna and I slept in a little then decided to wander the ship.” Adam said softly, looking at the ground. I thought this was curious, but let it go as I smiled sweetly back at the still shocked parents.

“Well, we better get going; we have to be back before eleven.” Trent said grabbing my hand and leading me off with Anna and Adam almost running after us.

“I can’t believe you said that.” Trent said as soon as we were out of earshot. He tried to look angry, but I could see the smile fighting to break through.

“You are such a shit.” Anna said giggling. “How could you say that to our parents, or Trent’s or your Mom?”

“Easy,” I replied, and everyone laughed. “They have to learn to let us live our own lives. Think of this as a wakeup call. I bet they are all laughing about it right now. Now let’s shop.”

We headed down the main street, or at least what I thought was the main street. It was awful narrow, but the shops were open and busy. We reviewed our shopping book and hit all the stores with the freebies. I got more loose cheap stones then I would ever need and we saw a lot of jewelry. This port was the jewelry port and I intended to do some serious damage. I had budgeted so much per port, but now I had added to it from my jackpot winnings.

We finally found a jeweler that we liked and started to wander thru his shop. I picked out some nice earrings and Anna found a gold bracelet that she liked. Adam was looking at a chain for himself and Trent was working on purchasing a really nice necklace Heather. I came up beside him as he asked the price and when he reached right away for his wallet, I knew that I would have to take over.

One of the things our shopping seminar told us was that here in the islands, haggling was a way of life. Only tourists paid full price. We are so used to paying the price shown from shopping at supermarkets and large chain stores that we don’t think to barter with shop owners.

I grabbed Trent’s arm and said loudly enough for Anna to hear, “we can do better down the street honey.” That was the code that Anna and I agreed to at the seminar. Hearing me say that, she immediately put the bracelet down and grabbed Adam’s hand and said “let’s go babe,” and she started to walk out.

The salesmen that were dealing with us leapt into action. Calling after us, they started the usual lines about the best merchandise, highest quality etc, etc. We paused at the door and turned back, they saw the serious glint in our eyes and the verbal sparring began.

By the time we left half an hour later, Trent had gotten his necklace, one inch wide tri-color gold, for about a third of the original price. My earrings were thrown in for free. I thought that we did okay until I talked to Anna, she practically had that guy give her the store for free. Adam smiled when he told us how she cut the prices down to almost nothing and would not give an inch. Obviously she would be doing all the haggling for us for the rest of the trip.

The next shop we hit was a retail chain, so haggling was not going to work, but that was okay. The place was called Del Sol, and carried the coolest stuff. Everything changed color in sunlight. Something about the UV rays, you could check out the changes under black light as well. All the shirts were white with black lettering and designs, until you went out into sun light then all the color appeared. They carried nail polish, hair clips, necklaces, rings, and all kinds of knick knacks. I dropped way too much money, but I could not help it. Even the tote bags changed color. My favorite was the nail polish called blind date, clear inside, pink outside.

From there we window shopped around the city, never straying very far from the dock. Finally at around seven we stopped at a place called Senor Frog’s. It was a college type bar, loud music, cheap drinks and not too bad food. We ate and danced there, just enjoying being with kids our own age. Another cruise ship was in port and the hotels were packed with spring breakers. I really worked Trent into a lather with my grinding him and finally at around ten thirty he said that we had to get back to the ship. We made it back aboard with fifteen minutes to spare and dropped our stuff in our cabins and changed into heels before heading down to the nightclub.

We hit the club, Quasar, and danced and shimmied till they kicked us out at two. I wanted Trent to be so hot and bothered that he would almost rape me when we got into our room. I don’t know what Anna was thinking, but it must have been along the same lines, because she was just as aggressive with Adam as I was with Trent. We stopped the show when we came together in the middle of the dance floor and started dancing with each other.

She towered over me and wrapped her arms around me as I ground my ass into her crotch. Her hands slid down my arms and then down my body. My shiver was not just for show, she really got me hot. Her left hand came across my stomach and her right went back up and over my shoulder. I brought my arms in and ran my hands up her thighs, catching the hem of her skirt on my watch, pulling it up to her hip before it worked loose. She spun me in her arms and slid her leg between mine and started to grind me with her thigh, I did the same for her. We rocked and ground against each other for most of the song, getting closer and closer all the time. With our hands on each other’s asses, we moved closer with each movement, our lips almost touching each time, our mouths open, our faces flushed with desire, but never quite making contact. I don’t know how long we kept this up, but the crowd just kept getting louder and louder before Adam and Trent grabbed us and spun us back into our partner’s arms to keep dancing.

After they closed the club Trent and Adam practically dragged us back to our cabins and pushed us inside. Trent shut the door, slammed the lock and turned to face me.

“Do you have any idea how hot you looked dancing out there?”

“No,” I responded innocently.

“You and Anna just about caused a riot in Frog’s and then you come back here and do the same.”

“We were just trying to have fun.”

“Well, you damn near put on a sex show, and I think that if you want sex that badly, I am just going to give it to you.”

“Oh sir, I am a good girl, I would never do that.” I said meekly.

“Well, you started this, and now you are going to get what you deserve.” Trent said advancing on me, undoing his pants.

“EEK.” I screamed and ran into the bedroom giggling.

“Come back here you hussy.” Trent said, trying to be stern, but smiling none the less.

He found me in the bedroom, sitting on the bed. He kicked off his shorts and stepped up before me. I grasped his manhood and licked him from balls to tip. He shivered and put his hands on top of my head. I held the base of his shaft and continued to lick and nip at him gently. He rubbed his penis up and down my face, making me look sluttier still as my own saliva now coated my face, but I still kept him wet. I opened my shirt and undid the straps of my bikini and lowered his pulsing member between my tits. Pushing them together, I started to rub him up and down, still drooling on him to keep him lubed.

Trent groaned at the feel of my breasts around him and held onto my head to steady himself. Every time the head appeared, I licked it or kissed it and he shuddered. The feeling of his dick gliding between my breasts was a new experience to me. I was able to please him and tease my own nipples at the same time. I knew that would be enough to get me off. Trent started to move faster and I could feel him harden still further as he was getting close. He tried to pull away from me, but I held him tight between my breasts and sucked on the head of his dick.

“Janie, I’m gonna cum.” He panted.

“Cum for me baby,” I crooned at him.

“No,” he struggled to get the word out and to get away from me. “I want to fuck you.”

“No baby,” I whispered, licking the head again. “I need you to cum now.” I sucked the head in again, wrapped my tongue around the crown then stuck my pointed tongue into his piss slit. That was all it took. Trent shouted in delight and started shooting his load into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked harder and pinched my own nipples. The feeling of him gifting me with his hot load and the pain in my nipples pushed me over the edge and I came with a small squirt.

I sucked until he pushed me away from his over sensitive shaft and I wiped the small amount of cum that had leaked down my chin. Trent stepped back and twisted to fall onto the bed. I leaned over him and kissed him with cum stained lips, he licked his own spend from my face with delight.

“That was fantastic.” He panted. “But why didn’t you want to fuck?”

“I need to clean myself out before we do that.” I responded. “Plus, this is more intimate don’t you think?”

“Yes,” he said after a moment’s consideration.

“Besides, I don’t want to you to fuck me; I want us to make love.”

“I see.”

“But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love a good fuck every now and then.” I said teasingly. “Now go to bed. I will be in right after I clean up.” I made my way into the bathroom and cleaned Trent off my face, brushed my teeth and stripped off my clothes. I came back into the bedroom and found him already asleep. I slipped into bed beside him and cuddled on his chest thinking, ‘Men, all they want to do after sex is pass out.’ I giggled at my own silliness, and drifted off to sleep content to be where I was.

Dawn came far too early for my tastes, we had left the curtains open and the bright clear sunlight blasted into our room hit me right in the face like a hammer. There is nothing worse than having a perfectly nice dream shattered by sunlight. Blinking in the bright light I saw that the sun was just coming up, the clock read six thirty and I groaned. This was day four and we would dock in an hour and a half. We had planned an excursion for this port and I was not going to allow us to be late.

I slipped out of bed and did my morning routine, dressed in my work out clothes and then climbed back on the bed to wake Trent. He was flat on his back; he got the small shadow of the curtains and was still blissfully asleep. I shook him several times, but he only grunted and refused to wake up, so I decided that it was time for something more drastic. I pulled the covers back and saw that he had his usual morning wood. I grasped it gently and licked the head, Trent groaned softly and then I took him into my mouth. He groaned a little louder as I took him deep into my throat, then I brought my teeth into play. I dragged my teeth gently up the shaft as I pulled him out of my mouth; he hissed but still did not wake so I bit him.

Trent shouted and sat up in shock. I looked at him innocently.

“That hurt.” He shouted.

“Yes, but it worked, you are up.” I said indifferently. “Now get dressed, we need to have our workouts before breakfast and we dock in less than two hours.”

“I can’t believe you bit me.” He said still surprised.

“Yes, but I didn’t hurt you, or even break the skin.” I smiled impishly at him. “Do you really think I would damage my favorite toy?” I leapt off the bed as he threw a pillow at me.

Ten minutes later we joined Anna and Adam in the gym and had our work out. We finished in an hour and headed for breakfast. Another light breakfast and a quick shower and change and we were only fifteen minutes late for getting off the ship.

I wore my biking shorts and a tank top over my bikini, my hair was pulled back in a tight braid to keep it out of the way and my flip flops completed my ensemble. Trent wore bright blue jams that day over his Speedo and a T-shirt with sandals. We joined the line to exit the ship with Anna and Adam and the parents. Anna wore a small tight bikini, another mini skirt, this time pale blue, no top other than her bikini and her deck shoes. Adam wore running shorts, a T shirt and flip flops as well.

Our parents started asking us about our day at the last port and we told them about the shopping and dinner at Frog’s. We asked about their day and they had just shopped and wandered the town. They had passed Frog’s but it had been too loud for them so the had a late dinner on board. The conversation was pleasant and polite until Jason asked about our return to the ship.

“I have heard this terrible rumor about two girls in one of the night clubs on board getting really dirty with their dancing late last night. Do you know anything about it?”

“Yes,” Kevin said, “I heard the same thing. These two young things just tearing up the dance floor then proceed to almost start making out with each other right in the middle of a dance.”

The silence was thunderous, but before I could say anything Anna jumped in.

“Yes, I heard about that, just scandalous what kids today get up to, don’t you think Janie?”

“Absolutely appalling,” I agreed straight faced. “Their parents should be ashamed with themselves for not teaching the girls better manners.” Mom snorted and Heather started to laugh out loud as we turned the conversation around on them yet again. “We’ll see you later. We have our scooter excursion this morning.” The line moved forward and we separated from the still glowering parents.

“Well done.” Trent said to both of us.

“Yes, very well played, but you know they are going to be all over us later.”

“We can worry about that then. Now let’s get moving I don’t want to miss this.”

Before we left home, I had booked two excursions through the travel agent. When I told Adam about it the first night out, he went and booked the same trips for him and Anna. This one was the first. We were taken out on a dive boat and toured the coastline. My camera was working overtime on that trip. Anna and I were on the front deck, with most of the other women tanning and snapping pictures. After about half an hour we arrived at the dive site and the fun really began.

On this excursion we were given underwater scooters and allowed to drive around underwater like we would on a scooter on a street. There was no dive equipment needed, you were completely immersed in water, but your head was in a clear bubble so that you could breath, you didn’t need a mask and could wear your glasses or what have you.

I throw my legs over the edge of the bed Christmas morning. As soon as my feet hit the floor my bedroom door opens. Standing in the doorway, naked, is my sister Brooke with a bow tied around her hard cock.

“Merry Christmas Jerry,” she says rushing up to me.

Brooke is my twin sister and she was born a little differently than me. It never bothered me growing up with her and I always felt bad because she never had a boyfriend. I always thought my sister was hot and the few time I got to see her naked, she was even hotter. Seeing her cock for some reason it made me want to go to my room and masturbate. I never told her or anyone about it, but I guess now living together on our own, with our first Christmas without our parents, she knows. Or rather, she has known.

When she reaches me, we kiss deeply. I caress her body moving my hands up to her naked breasts. She lets out a moan as I squeeze them, causing her nipples to become hard under my touch. She removes my shirt and boxers, exposing my hard cock. She immediately grabs onto it with her soft hands and begins to pump it slowly. Precum seeps out and she makes sure to rubs her hand over my cockhead and spread it over the length of my shaft.

I enjoy the hand job until she pushes me back onto the bed. There she stands in front of me. Her nipples poke straight out and they only get harder after she pinches them teasingly. Her cock stands straight up and is nearly as big as mine with a large red bow wrapped around it. Licking her lips, she pulls the bow free.

“I hope you like your Christmas present.”

I nod and she crawls onto the bed and lies onto of me. I feel her firm breasts on my chest as we kiss and her hard cock rubs against my precum soaked cock. While we kiss she starts to grind our two cocks together. The feeling is odd but yet exciting. Both of us ooze out globs of precum onto each other, making our cocks slick.

After sometime, she brings her knees up over me, straddling my body and begins to ease my cock into her hungry ass. With her on top of me, my cock pushes toward her tight asshole. She slowly moves herself up and down easing it inside of herself. My cock is so lubed up by our combined precum that it easily slides inside of her. I can feel the tightness of her as squeeze against my cockhead and then it pops right in.

She gasps as my long, thick cock begins to go deeper inside her virgin ass. After she gets used to my engorged cockhead filling her ass, she eases the rest of way down on me. She is tight and I feel every bit of my cock filling her ass up.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good!” she cries as she rocks her hips.

I grab her hips to help her rock faster. I feel her cock leak more precum onto my stomach. More squeezes out with each thrust into her tight virgin ass. As my cock slides in deeper, she lowers her head down and kisses me deeply. Her breasts mash against my chest.

Breaking away from our kiss, I roll her onto her back and push her legs back toward her head. I bend down so I can lick and nibble on her stiff nipples. They stick straight out teasingly and I flick them easily with my tongue. While I continue to pump her in and out, I reach down and begin to stroke her cock. My hand slides easily over it, gliding smoothly because of her precum that covers it.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” I yell suddenly as I feel my balls tighten up to my body. I thrust into her harder and faster and I feel my cock begin to grow.

“Cum for me! Fill my ass!” Brooke yells.

She grinds harder against me and it takes me to the edge and over. With one last thrust of my hips, my cock begins to pour thick jets of cum inside her tight ass. I fill her until my cum oozes out of her tight hole and around my shaft.

I roll off of her and she quickly moves toward my cock and begins to lick it clean. What escapes her tongue slides down my thick shaft and down between the crack of my ass. Brooke doesn’t miss a thing. She spreads my legs apart telling me, “Relax Jerry, it’s my turn to cum for you.”

I don’t know why, but I give into her and I feel my body relax. She takes a finger and rubs my escaped cum around my asshole and then slowly eases her slender finger indie. When she does that, my cock begins to grow hard again. She probes me with her finger before slipping in a second. Eventually, a third goes in. She strokes m cock while finger fucking me and it isn’t long before I am at my full hardness again.

“Are you ready for me?” she asks.

“Fuck yes,” I hiss, “Please fuck me.”

She gets in between my legs, spreading them so she can get her cock inside of my virgin ass. The she pushes her cockhead inside. A slight sting shoots through me, but it is instantly replaced with the most exciting sensation I have ever felt.

Slowly, she thrusts into me, letting me get used to the feeling. Then she begins to thrust faster and harder. My ass is stretched out by her thick cock and I love it. Her cock presses deep inside of me, massaging me. A thick stream of my precum oozes out, spilling onto my stomach.

“Mmmm,” she moans as she rubs my precum on my stomach with her hand and rock hard cock. “We can’t have this go to waste,” she says stroking me with a tight fist.

While she pounds me with her cock and jacks off mine, I feel myself getting close to cumming again. I can’t form words and instead I groan loudly, which seems to only spur my sister on more. I feel her cock sliding in and out faster and deeper. Her hand slides the full length on my cock up to my cockhead and back down to the base.

Brooke moans loudly with my groans. She pummels as deep as she can into my ass, pumping my cock as quickly as she can. Then I shoot my load. My hot cum is thick and sticky as it splatters across my stomach and chest. My ass milks Brooke’s cock as I cum and it is too much for her to handle and she starts to pump me full of her cum. Her cock becomes thicker as it twitches inside of me. I feel her hot cum pour inside of me as she screams in pure bliss.

She falls on top of me and kisses me deeply as her cum soaked cock slides out of my ass. I feel her cum ooze out of me as I hold her tight.

“Merry Christmas Brooke,” I say.

“She looks at me, starring deep into my eyes. “Can we celebrate Christmas more often?”

I smile at her, kissing her luscious lips. I pull away and say, “We can do this as many times as you’d like.”

“What about your girlfriend Sara?” she asks with a little bit of sadness on her face.

I cup her face with my hands and pull her toward my face. “From this point on, you’re my girlfriend and my lover.”

I folded my vestment carefully and placed it in the drawer where I kept all the other tools of my profession. I took one last look. I would not need anything in this drawer ever again. I had finally made up my mind. I was choosing another path that called out to me night and day. It would mean damnation for me but I really did not care.

I cursed the gods and their infernal books filled with diabolical deeds. If I could climb the battlement of the heavens I would make war with the gods and wring their filthy necks. I was sick to my stomach with all their contradictory demands. Look but don’t touch. Touch but don’t taste. Taste but don’t swallow. It was their job to torment man by placing temptation in his path. Then they would wait to see how long we would all endure their damnable tests.

I had chosen the night with great care. The moon was full. Traditionally, full moon was a time of great significance to the practitioners of the old arts. It was the time when most of the ancient rites were performed in the high places of the earth. I looked at the altar. Everything had been meticulously laid out. Mine would be a ceremony of defilement.

There could be no turning back for me after tonight. I had already gone too far. On the altar I had placed the book defiled by secretion from my cock. Its pages were rendered useless by my sperm and piss. Worse was yet to come. After tonight this chapel would become the dwelling place of darkness. I was going to exterminate the light and plunge the place into a habitation for those who dwelt in the darkness.

I looked at my watch. My six co-conspirators would arrive any moment. We had to be very exact with our ceremony. I knew that at precisely the same time other groups would be performing similar ceremonies in churches worldwide. Few people suspected what really went on behind the close doors of churches. If the masses knew of our ceremonies they would flee the churches.

I had grown tired of the hypocrisy and the lies told in the names of the gods. The gods had long deserted mankind to a certain fate of oblivion. Churches were nothing more than tombs for the dead gods whose memories refuse to just fade away into the great nothingness. With time all would see this. We were not crazy as some people suggested. We were the light bearers, the shock troops dedicated to overthrowing the old way and initiating something very new. I was happy to see the door of the chapel open and my co-conspirators walk in.

Bishop Natalie Barnwell was the first female bishop in her church. She had been chosen amidst a storm of controversy. Natalie lived openly with her same sex partner Monica Gooding. Natalie and Monica were first in through the door. They would be key players in the ceremony tonight.

Reverend Jeremy Thomas was as straight as any man could be, but tonight’s ceremony would test his commitment to his heterosexual ideals. I had been noticing Jeremy’s fondness for Terry Jones my unofficial assistant minister. Terry had a big secret that I alone knew of. Truth be told, Terry’s secret was much bigger than mine. Terry was more woman than most women I knew yet she packed a cock that was bigger than that of most men I knew also.

Completing our group of seven were two sisters who could pass for twins. Sherry and Charlene were nineteen and twenty respectively. They were the symbols of innocence in our group. I had handpicked them from among a list of dozens of willing teens. I had been working with Sherry and Charlene for months preparing them for this night. I had no doubt they would play their parts well tonight.

Terry was the first to break the silence. Her sing song voice always brought a smile to my face. “So when does all the fucking begin?” Everyone in the group laughed. Terry was so direct and so blunt. You could not help but love her. “Laugh your asses off but I am here for the fucking.”

I knew I could rely on Terry to get the group energy to where I need it to be for the ceremony’s success. Sexual energy was the key component in the ceremony of defilement. Once the energy in the chapel reached a certain level the process of defilement would begin. Sherry and Charlene were anxiously looking forward to their role in this part of the ceremony.

Each person had gone through their paces many times before. Natalie and Monica would be first. They took their position at the base of the altar. Two large pieces of wood had been joined together to form the shape of a cross. Monica positioned herself as Natalie bound her hands and feet to the wooden cross. Natalie took the ceremonial dagger from my hands and started cutting Monica’s clothing from her body. She was careful not to touch Monica’s skin with the sharp blade.

We watched as each piece of clothing was meticulously cut to threads by the skilful blade work of Natalie. As she cut away Monica’s clothing Natalie free hand worked at her own. Natalie took a bottle of oil and poured it out on the naked body of Monica. After she had poured sufficient she began to rub the oil into Monica’s skin.

“We offer our service to you Mother of the earth Goddess of this world”. Sherry and Charlene stepped forward. They were the perfect picture of innocence. “Oh great mother of creation accept this our sacrifice.” The sisters began their dance around Natalie and Monica. “We gave ourselves willingly to you, oh sacred heart of the cosmos.” The sisters began to sway to the rhythm of music playing in the background.

I had seen them undress numerous times in preparation for tonight’s ceremony, but I could not hide my excitement as they removed each item of clothing revealing their firm young bodies. Sherry’s breasts were larger than her clothing suggested. They were also very firm to the touch. Sherry was a natural exhibitionist. She loved to tease me when she thought no one was looking.

Charlene was the one however who made my cock stretch to the limit in my pants. She was aggressive and went after what she wanted with a determination that could not be ignored. My eyes were glued to Charlene’s crotch as she stepped out of her panties. She had shaved her pussy just for me tonight. I was looking forward to getting my tongue deep inside her beautiful cunt before the night was out.

“With these bodies of ours we bid thee welcome into this house.” Sherry took the lead. She was now fully naked. She was first on the floor beside Natalie and Monica. It was time for the frenzy to begin. Natalie had the scourge in her hands. As Sherry took her position on top of Monica, Natalie started to administer the forty strikes of penance. Both Sherry and Charlene would alternate with Natalie in taking the forty strikes. From where I stood I could see that Natalie was holding back. She did not want to inflict too much pain to Monica and the two girls.

As my second, it was Terry’s job to see that every part of the ritual was flawless. She looked at me waiting for my signal to intervene. I had counted only ten strikes so far. I would wait until Natalie reached the half way point. Terry took another scourge and stood on the opposite side to Natalie. That was all the encouragement Natalie needed.

The girls were beginning to feel the sting of Natalie’s whip at last. Real pain was required in the ceremony. The more pain we all endured the greater the prospects of success. I had tried my best to prepare the sisters for this ordeal. I was a little concerned about Sherry. Charlene had a greater pain threshold than her sister. I had tested them on several different occasion using both whips and an assortment of pain generating devices. I was able to break Sherry down but Charlene never once showed any sign of weakness. It would be up to Charlene to get them through this ordeal.

Reverend Jeremy Thomas took his position just above the head on Monica. At my signal Terry approached the Reverend and knelt before him. I watched as Terry’s strong fingers wrestled the Reverend’s pants to the floor. The proceedings so far had taken good effect on Reverend Thomas. His cock was pointing straight forward at full mass. Terry reached up and took the reverend’s dick in her hands. She stroked it several times before opening her mouth to receive it.

Reverend Thomas had crossed the line without even knowing it. I never revealed Terry’s secret to anyone without her approval first. Terry liked Reverend Thomas. I was happy to see her finally making some headway with him. I watched the two of them for a few moments as Terry held the reverend’s cock up while she licked his balls with her long tongue. I really wanted to see which one of them would fuck the other tonight.

Natalie was almost in tears. I looked down and saw the reason for Natalie’s discomfort. In her effort to shield both Sherry and Monica, Charlene had taken most of the blows. Her back looked quite raw. It was now my turn to get involved. I signalled to Natalie to wait while I ordered Sherry to lie directly on top of Monica. It was Sherry’s turn to feel the sting of the whip.

“There are just five more strokes left Sherry. I am sure you can take them and spare your sister anymore discomfort.” Sherry meekly obeyed while I rubbed some oil on Charlene’s back. As I cradled her head in my lap, Charlene ran her hand over the length of my swollen cock. Sherry just had one more stroke to take then their ordeal was over. It was time for me and the two sisters to complete and act we had started already but had paused in anticipation of this night.

“Father, please fuck Sherry first. She has been dying to ride your cock since we started preparing for tonight.” Sherry seemed quite happy with the fact that she had been able to take the last five blows without crying out once. Fucking her would be a great way to show how happy I was that she had been able to complete the ordeal of penance.

We had a great big circle drawn on the floor surrounding the cross. There was ample space for all seven of us to fit comfortably into the circle. Natalie and Monica exchanged positions. It was Natalie’s turn to be bound to the cross. I turned my head to watch them for a short while. After binding Natalie’s hands and feet Monica straddled Natalie’s chests. Watching a woman eat another woman’s pussy in this position was a great turn on for me.

The sisters had started to work on my cock as well. Charlene took the lead as she always did. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. It had been years since I had stopped wearing briefs. I loved the feeling of freedom around my balls as I moved around. Charlene started stroking my cock.

“Umm Father your cock seems so huge tonight. Sherry and I want to see which of us can take the whole shaft down our throats.” Charlene held my cock at the base while Sherry covered it with her mouth. She took my hard cock inch by inch until most of it was lodged in her mouth and against the back of her throat. I could feel Charlene’s soft fingers caressing my balls as she urged her sister on.

“Go on Sherry. You are almost there. Just another inch or so and you would have deep throated Father’s entire cock. Sherry started to gag as my cock began to trigger her throw up response. She pulled up a bit but started to suck me with the kind of enthusiasm that youth brings to the table. Her technique was adequate. With time she would be able to please any man with her sucking skills.

“Ok sis it is my turn to see if I can get all this big cock down my throat.” Charlene flexed her jaws and her shoulders. She reminded me of a prize boxer before a big fight. Charlene did not go for the kill straight away. She rolled her tongue over the tip of my cock. Fuck it felt so good. I could not wait until her warm mouth engulfed my stiff cock.

She was not in any hurry. I waited as her skilled tongue went down the side of my shaft. She was planning to enjoy this as much as she could. Things would get a little uncomfortable for the sisters a little later but for now they could enjoy themselves fully. Sherry was not idle. I could feel her fingers tickling ass. She was a little hesitant at first but she got much bolder and shoved her middle finger up my asshole.

This was not a night for the ordinary. We were going to reverse all polarities tonight. The abnormal would become the normal as we sought to release the darkness into the chapel. Sherry got even bolder when she realized that I had raised my ass to allow her better access to my tight asshole. She inserted another finger and started to finger fuck me in my ass.

Reverend Thomas was sitting on the floor. Terry was standing over the Reverend with her crotch pressed to his face. The Reverend was beginning to unravel the full dimension of Terry’s secret. I watch with satisfaction as he opened his mouth taking his first taste of Terry’s long cock. Terry had her way with people. Once she cast her spell on a man she could get him to do anything. I watched as Terry started to thrust her long cock into the Reverend’s mouth.

I looked at my watch. It would soon be midnight. We had started at eleven. The ceremony of damnation lasted for one hour. We had just over half an hour to complete the ritual of defilement. An assortment of items had been laid out on the altar above us. These would be our targets. Each of us would defile the items in a way we felt comfortable.

Charlene was still devouring my cock. She had succeeded where her sister had failed. She took the whole length of my hard cock down her throat without even gagging once. Both sisters were on opposite side of my body allowing my hands easy access to their youthful bodies. I caressed Sherry’s large breast while my other hand explored Charlene’s cleanly shaved cunt.

“Come on Charlene I want to fuck Father before the ceremony is over.” Charlene raised her mouth up off my cock and held it as her sister got on top of me. Sherry’s cunt felt hot and wet as she lowered herself onto my pulsating cock. “Oh fuck Sherry your pussy feel so tight and good baby. Let me see what you got.”

Sherry needed no further invitation. Her sister might have been a better cock sucker but Sherry wanted to establish herself as the premier cock rider in the circle. The other stopped what they were doing to give Sherry some encouragement. “That’s right baby fuck his cock until his brains come out through the tip.”

Everyone in the circle laughed. Terry was being her nasty self as usual. The rules in the ceremony were simple the women could cum as often as they wanted but the men had to control their ejaculation until the moment of defilement. It was difficult for me to control myself with the two sisters working me over with all their youthful energy. I hated the fact that I would have to stop Sherry. She was doing such a fantastic job with her cunt around my cock.

The room went silent as the music stopped. That was our cue to begin the final phase of the ceremony. Sherry and Charlene took their places before the altar. They knelt on their hands and knees. Terry walked up behind the two girls and poured some oil on their asses. He allowed the oil to run between the cracks of their asses then ran his hand between the cracks to make sure they were well lubricated. Natalie and Monica assumed their position on the floor in front the sisters. Both women spread their legs as the sisters dived into their pussies with their wet tongues.

We had reached the apex of the ceremony. Terry lined himself up behind Charlene and inched her massive cock into Charlene tight asshole. Each of the men had sprinkled our cock with a powder that would help to deaden the pain. I could not allow Terry to fuck Sherry in her ass. Terry could be such a sadist at times. Reverend Thomas had the smallest cock in the room. I watched as he gently pushed it into Sherry’s tender asshole. I was happy when I saw Sherry backing her ass onto the Reverend cock.

The two women laying in front the girls were clearly enjoying having their cunts sucked while the men fucked the sisters in their assholes. I walked up to the altar and took all the objects I had placed there. There were books, relics, and article used in the normal weekly services. These would be the first to be defiled.

The final act of defilement would be take place on the altar itself. Bishop Natalie would have the honours tonight. Each person took an item to defile in their own unique way. The men would shoot their sperm on their items while the woman could use any body secretion the desired.

Time was running out for the ceremony. Midnight was almost upon us. It was time for everyone to release the serpent force within themselves. The music in the background pick up in tempo. Everyone focused on one thing. Each person would release the own sexual energy into the circle at about the same time. I had seen surprising thing take place at the juncture in the ceremony.

It is said by masters of the craft that as the sexual energy is released in the circle the gods return to the earth to bask in the raw power of human desire. Charlene began thrashing her head around and screaming. Her sister Sherry seemed transformed before my very eyes. She was backing herself unto Reverend Thomas’s cock with such intensity that the goodly Reverend had to hold her waist to maintain any control over his cock.

Natalie and Monica were locked in passionate embrace. Both women had their hands in the others crotch and they were rubbing for all there were worth. The sisters were also rubbing their own cunts as they sought to build up their own sexual energy. Terry was the first to cum. I had never seen Terry looking this depleted as she literally fell to the floor clutching her large cock and the book she would defile with her sperm.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck I am cumming.” It was the first time I had ever heard Reverend Thomas use such language. I watched as his eye rolled back in his head. As I looked at Reverend Thomas I realized why his orgasm had been so violent. Terry had forced a number of vibrating balls up the Reverend ass. It was clear that the balls had triggered a very intense orgasm.

Natalie was on top of Monica rubbing her clit against Monica’s clit. Of all the things I have seen women do when they are fucking each other rubbing clits like this was the most erotic. I watched in fascination as the two women locked their clits into each other. I could see by the intensity of their movement that the both would have an orgasm any second. Monica screamed and held on to Natalie while Natalie fell onto Monica’s breasts breathing heavily as she tried to regain her composure.

The sisters were tearing each other’s pussy up. They were both laying on their sides with their heads buried in each other’s cunt. I went over to the sisters and pushed a finger up both their assholes. I had learnt from my studies that there is a pleasure spot located in the ass of every human being. When stimulated it could trigger intense pleasure and hasten an orgasm. I did not have to wait long. Both sisters started to cry out as waves of pleasure swept over their youthful bodies.

I walked over to the altar. Terry stood behind me. I could feel his huge cock brushing against my leg. It was my duty to ensure that all in the circle had released their sexual energy. All of the items had been defiled in one way or the other. We all gathered around the altar as

Bishop Natalie was helped up onto the structure. She waited for me to give her the cue then she opened her legs and started to piss on the altar. We all watched as the golden liquid streamed out of Natalie’s cunt dosing the altar and all the items that had been replaced there. This was the ultimate act of desecration and defilement. Reverend Thomas and Terry helped Natalie down from the altar once she had completed her act of defilement.

The ceremony was over. It was time for each of us to depart to our separate destinations. Well not quite separate. We all had some unfinished business to complete from the ceremony tonight. I could not help but smile when Terry and Reverend Thomas walked out of the chapel holding each other’s hand.

I’ve gotten a lot of crap about Wrapped in a bow. This story is similar, so if you are not interested don’t read it and don’t email me BS about it. There is a niche for every story and reader. Besides that I am not going to limit what I write because a few out of many have a problem with it. For those that have given good feedback and enjoy it, thanks.

I pull into my drive way at a little past seven on Christmas Eve night. My day at the office was horrific and all I wanted was to get home. Earlier today I got a call from my girlfriend telling me she got a special gift for me and that she’d have it for me tonight. When I pushed for a hint, she told me I’d have to wait and see for myself.

So I am finally home. Finally in my drive way, looking at my front door, wondering just what exactly she has in store for me. I crack open the car door and step out into the cold night air. I rush to the front door and before I can grab the knob, Victoria has it open wearing only a pair of blue jeans.

It isn’t odd to see a sight like this. More often than not Victoria will open the door to me dressed in a different way and usually half naked. She has done this for the last four years, since we met midway through college. Instantly, I toss my bag into the house and scoop her up.

Our lips meet and she kisses me hard as I carry her into the house. We continue kissing all the way to the to the living room, in front of the Christmas tree. I slide my hand up and down her ribs. She grabs my hand pulling me to the floor and places it on her breast. She has a handful that are firm and round with a nice little, hard nipple.

I squeeze and rub her breast, pinching that little, hard nipple occasionally as she moans into my mouth. Her hands are all over me, groping and rubbing me roughly, while I begin to wonder what my surprise is. The Victoria really surprises me as she shoves her hand down the back of my pants and starts rubbing my ass. She squeezes my ass cheeks for a few minutes then slides her hand between my ass cheeks before sticking her finger as far as she can into my asshole.

I grunt into her mouth and try to struggle a little, but she doesn’t slow down and if anything she becomes more excited. As she eagerly finger fucks my ass, she continues rubbing her body against me and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. Finally, after a few minutes, she pulls her finger out of me and breaks the kiss and says, “Get your clothes off.”

I quickly shed my clothes as she slides out of her jeans. She kept her panties on, which at first I think is odd, but I didn’t have much time to think as she jumped on me, tackling me to the ground.

Her tongue is back in my mouth and her body is pressed against mine. She is grinding her firm breasts against my chest as she thrust around in my mouth with her tongue. I know she is horny, probably as much as me. We haven’t had sex for a few months because as I remember now, she had a special gift for me at Christmas. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but she told me about it months ago. I start to wonder if this has something to do with it.

After a couple of minutes she breaks the kiss and breathlessly says, “Wrap your legs around me.”

I spread my legs and hook them around her hips, squeezing tightly. Victoria’s mouth is back over mine and her tongue is working in and out between my lips as she thrusts against my ass. I can almost feel something hard through her panties. A few seconds later she stops thrusting and reaches down to her panties to tug at them. The whole time she continues to kiss me and rub against me. Seconds later my asshole is being forced open as she pushes something big and slippery inside me.

I groan in pain as my ass is forced to stretch further and further to accommodate what Victoria is pushing into me. We have done this several times and my first thoughts are that the surprise is a strap-on. She knows how I like something on my and we have talked about this before.

Finally, when my ass is stretched open far enough and I can feel the shaft of the strap-on begin to slide into me. My groans are muffled by Victoria’s mouth as are her own moans of pleasure. As I start to think it odd that she is moaning, she stops pushing into me and pulls her mouth away from mine. We are both breathing hard, her from excitement and me from the sudden intrusion. Her face is close to mine as she says with a smile, “I had a sex change for you. Merry Christmas!”

I smile at her and ask, “A full one?”

She grins at me. “Well I still have these,” she says jiggling her breasts at me.

I am about to say something when she starts pushing again. I groan loudly as my girlfriend forces more of her cock into me. She stops again and says, “Now I can fuck you.”

“This is too sexy,” I tell her with the biggest grin I have ever had.

Victoria pushes hard, forcing the rest of her cock into me. I groan again loudly as she moans in ecstasy.

“So this is what it’s like to fuck someone’s ass,” she says. “How do you like my big cock in you?”

I lean in and kiss her deeply. When I pull away, after a long moment, I say, “It feels fucking wonderful.”

She smiles at me and begins pulling n and out, grinding her cock into me as she squeezes her body tight against mine. She covers my mouth with hers and thrusts her tongue deep into my mouth. She thrusts harder and faster, moaning hard into my mouth. Seconds later I feel her cumming. Her cock expands with each shot of cum, stretching my asshole more. She pulls her mouth off if mine and pants hard. She kisses me on the lips gently and says, “My god, that feels fucking awesome.”

“I’m glad you like your new toy,” I say.

She grins, “It’s not just mine.”

“This is much better than a strop-on.”

She putts on a sexy smile and says, “We’re going to have fun with this all the time, everyday.”

Now that puts a smile on my face. Our sex life has been descent, but now with that I can’t wait.

Victoria lifts off of me and slips her hands behind my knees. She pushes them up against my chest and starts to slowly thrust into my ass. I watch her breasts move and sway with her thrusts. Victoria reaches down and takes my hands, placing them on her breasts and says, “Play with them while I make love to you.”

I squeeze and caress her breasts. I pinch her nipples and she moans as she tilts her head back. She is doing everything like she does when I have sex with her, only this time she has her cock in my ass. I notice, however, that the more attention I show her breasts, the more her thrusting increases and the more I begin to get turned on.

Victoria puts her hands on my chest and pinches my nipples hard. She rubs my chest then tilts her back and moans. My cock is still rock hard and I so want to grab it, but I hold off. I want to see if she can make me cum like she does with our toys.

She pumps my ass hard as I suck on her nipples. She thrusts hard and fast into my ass. With my face buried in one of her breasts, she explodes into my ass again. As she fills me with her cum, I moan into her breast and my cock explodes, sending cum all over both of us. I am thrashing and convulsing as my orgasm rips through me. I can feel my asshole spasm around her cock with each blast of cum that leaves me. I collapse back onto the floor, gasping for air as Victoria smiles down at me.

She pulls out of me and rolls me over onto my stomach. Then she grabs my hips and pulls me up onto my hands and knees. Her hands never leave my hips as her hard cock easily finds it way back into my ass. Her thrusts start out slow and steady. I can feel that her cock slides in and out of me easier now and I can’t help but to moan with pleasure at the feeling of her being back inside me. She spreads my ass cheeks wide and pushes forward, burying her cock deep in me. I groan as I am completely filled by her. I can feel her cum seeping out as she pushes all the way in.

She leans up along my back and I can feel her tight stomach and her breasts push against my back. She lets out a little moan of pleasure and keeping her hips tight against my ass cheeks, she begins thrusting hard into me.

“Fuck me Victoria,” I say. “Pound my fucking ass.”

And she does. She pounds my ass, making me grunt and groan as it slides all the way in until I feel her hips grind into my ass cheeks. After a few steady minutes I feel her stiff up and another explosion erupts.

She collapses, putting her full weight on my back. I fall forward onto the floor with her cock still lodged in my ass. She lay on me panting. As we lay there, I feel all of her cum seeping from her stretched ass. Victoria feels it too as it oozes out onto her softening cock.

She lifts her head up and says, “It looks like you need to be cleaned up.”

I smile at her before she slides down to my asshole and begins lapping up her cum as it falls from my asshole. She swipes her tongue around; taking every bit she can into her mouth. When she is satisfied I am cleaned out, she crawls back up and kisses me. To my surprise, her mouth is full of cum. She shoves it into my mouth after taking a little bit and swallowing it. We continue this, pushing it back and forth between our mouths, swallowing a little bit at a time, until it is all gone.

When she breaks away, I feel her cock lying against my leg. She looks at me and says, “Merry Christmas Gavin.” Then she reaches down to my still stiff cock and says, “Now it’s your turn to take care of me.”

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