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Despite feeling unprofessional, Noah could not get his mind off how attracted he was to Blair the moment he saw her. She had come in with a friend to the skydiving business he owned and was pretty much everything that he looked for in a girl. She was close to his age, late 20s, had long brown hair, blue eyes, a fit, curvy body, and an adventurous personality that he was immediately drawn to.

When Noah asked if either had ever jumped before, Kim, Blair’s friend, said she had a few times but Blair said it was her first jump.

“Don’t worry,” Noah said, “you’ll have a lot of fun and we’ll go slow since you’re new to the whole process.”

“Oh please, sometimes it’s best to just dive right in,” Blair replied, “don’t go slow for me.”

Noah thought he detected a hint of flirtatiousness in her words, but played it cool and showed the women everything they needed to know about securing the straps and then explained how the jump would take place.

Kim, a certified sky diver, jumped alone while Blair and Noah jumped tandem. The adrenaline rush combined with Blair’s closeness caused Noah’s penis to stiffen already in the plane, and he knew Blair could feel it when she smiled and slightly wiggled her hips.

The jump itself was incredible, a completely new and exhilarating experience for Blair, and for Noah the best jump of his life. Back in the office, Kim got a phone call and had to go, leaving Blair and Noah alone.

“Jesus, that was the most intense experience of my life!” exclaimed Blair. “I guess you’re used to it by now though.”

“No, today was different. I’ve never felt the rush quite like that before.” Noah said.

“Are you referring to the little reaction I noticed?”

“Oh, was it obvious?” Noah smiled. “I’d apologize, but I don’t feel one is necessary.”

“I’d have to agree with that.” Blair laughed. “I think it was entirely appropriate and only wish the jump had lasted longer.”

“Well there’s no reason we can’t pick up where we left off.”

Blair laughed again. “Yeah right, here in the office?”

“In my RV, across the parking lot. If you’re up for it, go wait for me inside. I’ll lock up here and meet you in a couple minutes.”

Noah took a step forward and kissed Blair softly, then took her hand and walked her to the door, closing it behind her.


When he got to the RV, Noah told Blair that he’d been hoping this would happen since he first saw her.

“You had a look on your face like you wanted to be fucked like a slut and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do til I’ve shot my load all across your face.”

“Well, if you that’s what you want, be a man and take it.”

Noah reached over, grabbed Blair’s waist, and pulled her tight against his body. She could feel his dick pressed against her crotch, already stiffening with desire. Her pussy immediately flooded and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his mouth. The heat of the day made them both sweat, but neither noticed as their mutual desire made everything else fade to the background.

“I want you to strip for me. Slowly show me that sexy body.” Noah said, finally breaking his lips from Blair’s.

“Yes sir”, Blair replied. She took a step back and began running her hands seductively over her body. Noah reached for his iPod remote and selected a playlist she could dance to and began rubbing his dick through his pants.

Blair danced slowly at first, swaying her hips left and right, showing off the tight body under her clothes. She was in great shape, Noah could tell, but still soft and feminine and had beautiful skin. He resisted the urge to fuck her immediately, extending the anticipation and build up. Blair continued to caress herself, periodically lifting her t-shirt slightly, showing Noah her smooth stomach and shiny belly button ring.

“Grab your tits and squeeze them together,” Noah said.

Blair did as she was told, cupping and kneading her breasts until the nipples poked out through her t-shirt. She pinched each nipple hard and let out an involuntary moan. Noah rubbed his cock harder still, relishing the sight of her nubile body, feeling his cock swell to full length.

“Now turn around, and slowly take your shirt off.”

Blair turned and began peeling her t-shirt off, revealing more and more sun bronzed skin. Once off, she tossed it on the floor and turned around, cupping her breasts in her hands.

“Show me,” Noah said, “and reach down and finger your pussy.”

Blair slowly ran her hands down her stomach and slid one down the front of her jeans. Her breasts looked incredible to Noah, not too big or small, and wonderfully perky. They were a lighter color than the rest of her body, a creamy white flesh tone. The areolas were light pink and each nipple was rigid and tilted slightly upward.

“God damn, those are nice, baby. Come over so I can suck on them.” Noah said.

Blair took a few steps towards Noah and ran her hand down his stomach before gently taking his dick in her fingers. She traced the outline of his shaft and swollen tip through his pants, feeling it swell and throb beneath the thin fabric. Noah took his time with each breast, squeezing and licking them all over. Her nipples, already hard, stiffened further and he took each gently in his mouth, biting them slightly through his lips and squeezing them between his fingers.

“Fuck, I love your tits. They’re perfect.” Noah said. Blair moaned and grabbed Noah’s head in both hands. Leaning forward she shook her upper body left and right, slapping both sides of his face with her breasts. “Oh yeah? You like that then I bet, huh?” she asked. She grabbed her breasts and traced her nipples across his face, over his cheeks and lips.

Noah turned Blair around and pushed her head forward so that she was bending down in front of him. He slapped her ass hard, then knelt and bit down on one cheek, then the other. Standing back up, he took her left hand and put it back on his cock, rubbing it together with her, then slid his other hand down the front of her pants, over the slight patch of trimmed hair, and felt her pussy for the first time. It was already wet and incredibly warm, and Noah wondered if his cock might erupt before even getting out of his pants.

Using his palm and fingers together, Noah rubbed her clit and pussy and then slid three fingers between her swollen lips and all the way inside her sopping cunt. Blair inhaled sharply, surprised and excited by the sudden penetration. She squeezed his cock hard and grabbed a handful of his hair with her other hand. With his free hand, Noah gently squeezed her throat and softly bit her neck.

“Do you like how that feels, you dirty slut? Getting fingered by a guy you just met?” he asked.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” she answered, breathing hard, and rubbed his cock even more vigorously. Noah twisted his fingers around inside her, and began to slide them in and out, keeping pressure on her clit with his thumb. Easing his glistening fingers out of her drenched pussy, he brought his hand up to her mouth and shoved his fingers inside.

“Yeah, taste your own pussy you fucking slut” he said. “Lick my fingers clean.” Blair grabbed his wrist with both hands and sucked his fingers, one at a time, her lips becoming glazed with cunt juices.

“Mmmm, fuck that tastes good,” she said. Noah leaned forward, turned her face towards him and licked her shiny lips and then kissed her mouth hard, his hands behind her head, pulling her close.

“Get on your fucking knees and open your mouth, bitch,” Noah demanded. Almost before he finished speaking, Blair turned around, knelt down and stuck her tongue out, eagerly anticipating the taste of his engorged cock. Noah reached down, unbuckled his pants, dropped them and his boxers together, and slapped Blair hard on her smooth cheek with his dick.

“What do you think about that cock, baby? Can you handle it like the whore that you want to be? Noah asked.

“Oh my god, it’s so fucking big,” she gasped. “I want every fat inch of it down my throat.” She loved how his cock looked, the veiny shaft tapering slightly before ending in his swollen head. She ran her fingers over it, admiring its length and girth, and reached below and gently cupped his balls.

“Get to work on it, then,” he said, grabbing the back of her head with both hands and stuffing his cock in her wet mouth. He could feel the back of her throat with his tip and he began to thrust, slowly at first. Now and then he pulled his cock all the way out and slapped her tongue and mouth with it.

“Oh, shit, that mouth feels good,” he said. He pulled his dick out. “Spit on it, slut, and use both hands to jack it as fast as you can.”

She willingly complied and spat on it twice and began jacking his spit-lubed cock off into her mouth and wriggling out of her pants. “Fuck! My pussy is so wet,” she finally gasped, rubbing his stiff cock over her silky face. “You’d better know how to fuck me like the slut I am,” she said.

“Shut the fuck up,” he said. “I’ll fuck you harder than you’d imagine possible. Now put your head back against the wall and open wide.”

She did and he crouched in front of her, stretched her mouth open with both thumbs and slid his cock all the way inside, past her tongue and down her throat. “Now lick my sweaty balls, slut,” he said, and started fucking her face. He began to fuck her throat deeply, first pulling all the way out, long strands of spit connecting his cock to her open mouth, and then shoving it all the way back down her throat. He could feel her nose against his crotch and her tongue licking away at his balls each time he buried his shaft deep in her face.

By now he was sweating profusely and it dripped from his face down onto his cock and Blair’s face, mixing with her saliva and pussy juice. She licked the pre cum from the tip of his cock, searching hungrily for more. He pushed her off his cock and spat into her mouth then roughly thrust back inside her, making her choke and gag on his fat dick.

After a few more minutes of intense face fucking, Noah threw her down on the bed on her stomach and asked if she was ready to be fucked.

“God yes,” she screamed, “fuck me!”

Noah knelt above her and pulled her soaked panties down her long legs and threw them on the floor. In a single motion, he pulled his shirt off and tossed it as well. Pinning her arms over her head on the bed, he leaned down on her and slid his cock between her ass cheeks, feeling the smoothness and softness of her skin against his sensitive mushroom tip.

“Can you handle this much cock?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah, I need that cock, give it all to me” she said. Noah felt he was never going to get a bigger, harder erection in his life, so he angled his cock towards her dripping pussy and let his weight down on to her, his entire cock disappearing in her silky cunt.

“Ohhh fuck!” they said together. For a minute they stayed like that, all his weight on her, breathing hard together. “How does that feel, so deep inside?” he asked.

“Goddamn, it’s so big,” she answered, “I feel so stretched open.” Noah finally began to thrust slowly and deeply, letting all his weight down on her each time he was completely inside. “Goddamn that pussy is wet. Fuck! You want me to fill your ass too, you cock loving whore?” Noah asked.

“God, yes,” she answered, “fuck every hole, use me like a cheap whore.” Noah stuck his thumb all the way in Blair’s mouth. “Lick it baby, get it nice and wet so I can fuck your ass with it.” he said. Blair squeezed his hand and gently took his thumb in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it and flicking the tip.

Noah shoved his spit-lubed thumb in her ass and could feel his cock inside her still plowing away at her tight cunt. “Do you like being filled all the way like that?” he asked. “Do you feel like a little slut yet?”

“Oh my god, oh my god,” she repeatedly screamed as she became lost in the sensation of being so completely filled.

Noah pulled his cock out and began to slap her ass and clit with it. He rubbed it up and down from the top of her ass crack down to her clit. He paused at the bottom and rubbed it furiously on her swollen clit and stuck two fingers in her dripping pussy and one in her gaping asshole, pumping his arm furiously, producing the nastiest and sexiest squishing sounds he’d ever heard. “You fucking slut. I can’t believe you’ll let a guy do this shit right after you just met. God damn it I love it though, and your reward will be the biggest fucking load of hot cum in your face you’ve ever had.”

Blair moaned and began to feel an orgasm forming deep inside her core, and she’d never felt more dirty yet fulfilled before in her life. Noah began to rub his cock over her asshole, first up and down and then side-to-side, applying enough pressure for his tip to slide in from time to time.

“Are you ready for my cock in your ass now?” he asked. “Can you handle all of it?”

“Oh god, yes. Fuck me…fuck my ass,” she said.

Pinning her arms over her head again, Noah pushed the tip of his cock against her asshole, felt it give way to his cock, then slid the entire length deep in her ass. Tighter than her pussy, she could feel every vein on his cock as he lay on top of her, his throbbing cock balls deep.

“Oh god yeah, fuck me please, fuck me,” she moaned.

Noah wrapped his arms around Blair’s stomach and rolled them both over, so that he was lying on his back with her on top, his dick buried in her ass. He pushed her back until she was sitting up and he brought her feet up so they were on his knees.

He started to fuck her ass, each stroke harder and more urgent than the previous, his hands holding her tightly just above her hips. He reached around and cupped her tits, squeezing them hard, pinching her nipples. With one hand he reached and opened a drawer on his nightstand, and pulled out a thick purple dildo.

“Suck on this bitch so I can fuck your pussy with it,” he told Blair. He shoved it in her mouth and pumped it furiously in and out, never relenting his all out anal assault with his engorged cock. He took the dildo from her mouth and slid it down between her tits, over each rigid nipple, then down her stomach, over her belly button, and began to rub the tip of it on her swollen clit.

“Oh god, fuck both my holes please,” she said, “I want to feel completely filled with hard cock.”

“Jesus Christ, you are a nasty fucking slut,” Noah said and roughly slid the dildo all the way in her soaked snatch. He synchronized thrusts, pulling his cock and the dildo out and then shoving them deep inside her together.

“Oh my god, your ass feels so good on my cock! Fuck, I can’t hold out much longer, baby, I’m gonna have to cum.”

“Oh yeah, I want your cum, all of it,” she said.

“Where do you want it? Deep in your fucking ass? Or down your throat and all over your face?”

“I want to taste that hot cum,” she answered. “I want it all over my face so I can lick it off and swallow every last drop. Oh my god, I’m gonna cum too. Oh fuck!”

Noah realized his cock was seconds from exploding and he pulled Blair up and off of him, throwing her back on the bed. He straddled her chest, and shoved his cock back in her mouth. Pulling out, he told her to stick her tongue out and slapped it hard and fast with his cock. He jacked it furiously and with his other hand resumed fucking the shit out of her pussy with the fat dildo.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, “I’m gonna cum, oh my god!” Her body began to writhe, wavelike, and Noah increased the pace with the dildo and jacked his cock even harder.

“Oh yeah, baby, come hard all over my hand, come everywhere.” He saw her eyes roll back in their sockets and heard a low moan, almost a growl emanate from deep inside of her. She finally climaxed, yelling and moaning and thrashing, her entire body completely out of control as if possessed.

“Oh god, oh god, oh my fucking god,” she breathed out as she slowly regained her surroundings, a glazed look in her eye. “Oh fuck yeah, jack that fucking cock. I want you to explode right in my face. Let me see that cum,” she finally managed.

Noah knew he was close and began to lose sense of time. His hand kept jacking but he felt that he almost left his body, completely lost to the pleasurable sensation. The first drops of cum landed on her chin, and then he shot three times hard, hitting the back of her throat and all across her face, his cock alive in his hands like an angry cobra.

With his orgasm he let out a loud, beast-like yell. “Oh shit, swallow my cum,” he said, finally, and collapsed on top of Blair, still shaking.

“Oh fuck,” he said.

“Oh my god, that was intense,” she said, wiping the cum off her chin with the back of her hand, then licking it off and swallowing. “That was a massive fucking load; I’ve never seen so much cum in my life.”

Noah reached down and took her face and head in his hands, gentler this time. “Jesus Christ, that was wonderful; you were unbelievable.” He started laughing. “That was the best sex of my life, and with someone I’d just met.”

“You were amazing,” she said. “I got so turned on by how you treated me like a filthy slut and used me as a sex toy for your cock.” She leaned forward and took his slowly softening dick in her hands and kissed it gently on the tip. Noah lay down behind her and took her in his arms, and together they slowly regained their breath.

Jackie slowly walked into her trainer’s office. She was 5’7, 23 and had a tight body with long brown hair and 34B tits. She was completely naked swinging her ass how she was taught.

Jackie got on all fours as she walked into Matt’s office, where he was naked. She had just finished her workout with him and had to masturbate twice before she could come in again.

He looked at her and smiled. He was 5’11 had short brown hair and a meaty 10 inch dick. She looked at him with lustful eyes.

“I finished my workout coach” she muttered, “Can I go now coach?”

He loved it when she called him coach. “Yeah go but I have some rules for next time you come for your workout. You are going to go to the store and buy tight short shorts; they will be two sizes too small and will show off your pussy lips and your little ass. Got it slut?” he laughed, “you will not wear a bra or underwear and you will not get wet at all, if I see and pussy juice on your shorts you get punished. Be here at 9 tomorrow. Understand”

“Yes coach,” she moaned as he inserted beads into her ass. “Whatever you say coach.” She felt the beads slowly, one by one, slide into her tight asshole. After a while, Jackie got dressed and left.

She knew she was to keep the beads in and wear them until tomorrow. She remembered the first time she met Matt. It was amazing. She thought back on it:

She called for a personal trainer and was told to go to his house. When she got there she was told to first take off her bra and panties but leave her outer clothes on. While she worked out he would help her and he would give her small touches. He would pinch her tits or spank her ass and she loved it. He even stripped down to his boxers as he helped her work out. She kept feeling pokes in her ass, his dick hitting into her.

Eventually he had her take off her shorts but had her leave her shirt on. He rubbed up against her, for a second spreading her ass cheeks and touching his cock to her ass. She did as she was told and she was told to do a bridge. She lied on her back and pushed herself up into the position, displaying her pussy. She was already wet and on the verge of orgasm from all of the touches and poking.

As she raised her body she felt his meat penetrate her. “Don’t you dare fall down this is your workout now stay up.” Coach told her as he rammed into her. She could barely keep herself up. Alas, soon she fell, rocked by an amazing orgasm, and he smiled.

“Now it gets fun,” He laughed. He then pulled out two jump ropes, and tied each hand to each foot and he brought his dick to her face. “You’re bad at this, we need to practice. So here is your choice, you either suck me off then swallow or you get punished. Which is it?” he asked.

“I…uh,” Jackie stuttered. She wanted to be fucked more than anything. If that meant sucking his dick, she was up to it. “I want to suck your dick Matt.”"

Wrong answer, you will call me coach, not Matt. From now on, I am your coach, and you always obey coach. Now you get punished for not obeying.” Coach grinned.

Still in a daydream, Jackie was still recollecting as she walked down the street of how he had punished her. She was on her way to her next session as people stared at her tiny attire. She was covered, but every curve was visible, especially her now rock-hard nipples. She could feel the men, and even some women, drink in her pussy, ass, and tits. She was also still wearing her beads, rejoicing in the feel but knowing she wasn’t to get wet.

She decided to stop at a small coffee shop; she wanted to make sure that she was awake for Coach. She walked in, and all eyes seemed to turn to her. Especially, however, a 18 year old kid whom she used to babysit for. Jackie decided she wanted to have some fun before practice, and this teen was the perfect thing. She bought her coffee, drank it quickly, and then walked over to the kid. He was sitting by himself, typing on his computer. Jackie walked behind him and began to read. It was an erotic story he was writing. She leaned into is back, pressing her breasts against his back, and whispered into his ear.

“Well then, looks like little Kyle Peters is all grown up. Now, come with me and I wont tell your parents, you pervy little boy.” She crooned.

He slammed his computer shut and turned around. Surprisingly, he was acne free, short blonde hair, and from what Jackie could tell, had a sizeable dick in his pants. He nodded to her proposition, and then stood to follow her. Jackie stood up all the way and began to lead him behind the store.

“M-m-miss Winters, are you su-” he stammered.

” Shhh, call me Jackie, or even better, call me slave. I’m yours to do with Kyle. I know you used to eye me all the time, so here it is. Fuck me right here if you want!” Jackie almost yelled. But, she had forgotten how smart the kid was.

“I have a better idea, slave. How about you come by my place tomorrow near 5 pm, but don’t be so overdressed. Come in a G-string and bra, we’ll go from there. If you’re as slutty and horny as you look, you’ll do it.” He said smiling.

“You’ve got it you pervy teen. But what about your parents?” She asked.

“Out for the summer, went to Alaska, not my thing. But you are. Now, since you caused me to get all hard like this, I want a blowjob. You will swallow or I take away your clothes. Now on your knees slave.”

Jackie did as she was instructed. She was exhilarated, her little boy was all grown up, and ready to fuck. She decided to really give it to him, and she took off her top, and then she pulled off his shorts and boxers. An 8-inch cock burst out into her face. She opened her mouth just enough to fit his meat into her mouth. Kyle grabbed her hair and began to fuck her throat. Jackie closed her eyes and imagined Coach. After five minutes, Kyle blew his load. Jackie swallowed all of his cum, and then kept sucking, milking out every last drop.

She stood up and looked at Kyle, then smiled, “Your house at 5?” she asked coyly.

“Yeah” he moaned, as she walked away.

She kept thinking of what this session would be like, maybe she would have to run a mile with nipple clamps, or maybe have Ma—Coach would actually fuck her like last time. She wasn’t sure whether the fucking or torture was better.

She finally lost it and went into an alley and began to fantasize as she stuck her hand in her tight little shorts. Jackie began to think of how bad she was and rubbed her pussy lips then slowly slid one finger into herself. Then she slowly slid another finger into her pussy, and then played with the beads in her ass. She began to masturbate wildly in the alley. In and out, in and out. When she was done she was sweaty and her crotch was soaked. She knew she would get punished for this.

The first time he punished her, she loved it. Coach first pulled the jump ropes off of her and retied them so she was tied to the wall. She didn’t fight him; she wanted it to happen, hard. He then pulled out a vibrator and put just barely touching her pussy lips and another right up against her ass. He then turned them on. Jackie was horny all over again but if she tried to rub against the vibrators, coach would move them away and turn them off. It went on for almost three hours until Jackie could barely contain herself but Coach never allowed her to cum.

“Please fuck me or let me cum. please matt please!” Jackie begged.

“You little slut, I said call me coach.” He said and he went up to her flipped her around and began to spank her firm little ass.

Over and over he slapped and slapped until Jackie began to love the feel, she stuck he ass out for more. Then Coach stopped again.

“You obviously haven’t had a good exercise routine set up and you seem to be begging for more so I will untie you and you will get dressed and come back in a week.” Coach instructed her. That had been 6 months ago. Now Jackie had an almost daily workout routine. She was a good slave and a good student.

Jackie looked up after fucking herself in the alley and saw another girl there, watching her. Jackie got wet and horny all over again from knowing that she attracted attention from a passerby. The girl looked about 17, with short black hair and small but perky 32A tits. She wore only a sports bra and tight yoga pants.

“You dirty girl, watching me fuck myself, how naughty. How…sexy! What’s your name?” Jackie crooned, her hand still in her shorts, still massaging her clit.

“I-I-I’m Taylor, sorry I didn’t mean to um…intrude on you. I heard moaning and i…um, saw you, But then I just kind of watched. Sorry.” Taylor quickly mumbled. She acted ashamed and embarrassed, but she secretly wanted a taste of that adventurous alley-masturbator’s pussy.

“Well then Taylor, you saw me fucking myself so I need to see something similar. It’s already 9:30 so no on will be out walking this late.” Jackie said through a growing smile. Thinking like Coach she said, “How about you strip down and give me those clothes. You can come with me, there is someone, you little slut, that you have to meet.”

Taylor tried to act unsure, but quickly and willingly stripped. First she took off her tight sports bra, revealing her sexy small tits, and then she peeled away her yoga pants and her shoes followed after. She was completely shaved. The 17-year-old beauty stood completely nude in front of Jackie. Jackie then began to get even more devious. She reached behind herself and slowly pulled out her anal beads.

“Now for part two, while you walk with me, you will have these in your ass, got it Taylor?” Jackie barked.

Taylor actually whimpered at this, she had never done ass play before. In her moment of doubt she tried to cover herself, but Jackie stood up and quickly paced over to Taylor. Jackie bent pushed Taylor over to a wall of the ally and had her bend down. Jackie got onto her knees and began licking Taylor’s young asshole. Taylor, with her virgin asshole, began to moan and scream. When it was lubed enough, Jackie slowly slid to beads into Taylor’s ass.

“FUCK, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yeah that’s fucking good. Shove them in me, oh yes, oh lord YES!” Taylor screamed as she came. Jackie was only halfway with the string of beads when Taylor came, so she kept going to the last one. Jackie managed to get all of the beads into the virgin asshole, but made Taylor cum twice while doing so.

“She is going to be the perfect fuck-toy for Coach and me.” Jackie thought. “Okay Taylor,” She said out loud, “You are going to follow me to my fitness instructor’s house. If you try to go anywhere, remember I have your clothes and you have some very special beads in your ass.” Jackie was getting wet all over again just from thinking about this little teen..

“Now before we go, I don’t think I really finished and you haven’t paid me back for the show; so on your knees, my little bitch.”

Taylor rushed at the opportunity; finally she was getting that sweet pussy. But first, Jackie pulled out a dog leash and collar from her purse, usually reserved for her. She put the collar on Taylor’s hands, binding them together, and she attached the leash. Then, while tightly holding the leash, Jackie lowered her short shorts and walked up to Taylor’s open and waiting mouth. Taylor already had her tongue stretched out, almost begging to be Jackie’s slave just for a taste of her pussy.

Jackie moved forward one last bit, and Taylor went to work. Taylor was slow at first, but she sped up quickly. She traced Jackie’s outer lips, and then slip her tongue in and out of her pussy. Jackie moaned, and began to push Taylor’s head closer to her. Then Taylor couldn’t control herself. She thrust her tongue into Jackie’s pussy and rubbed Jackie’s clit with her nose.

Jackie had never had someone eat her out with such animosity before, and she had cum within a minute. She fell to the ground, thanking Taylor and her tongue. Taylor blushed, getting even wetter, at the fact that the pleasure was all hers. She was, however, sad that it was over for now. But she, Taylor, couldn’t wait to be brought to this mystery place with this delicious mystery girl. She licked her lips, taking in the last of Jackie’s taste. Amazing.

“Wow slut, that was pretty damn good, I might just have to keep you for myself!” Jackie remarked. “Well, it’s almost ten, and I’m and hour late for my lesson because of you. Now stand up, clench your little beaded ass, and get ready for a little trip. Oh, Coach is going to love you.”

Taylor stood up slowly, waving her ass at Jackie. Jackie could only think of the things she wanted to do to her new playmate. She spanked Taylor. “Now, now, if you keep being so naughty I might have to punish you, do you want that?” Jackie remarked. She pulled the leash in between Taylor’s legs, rubbing her already wet pussy. She wanted to just fuck her now. Alas, she had to get to Coach. Within minutes, the two were standing in front of the house. Jackie was ready, knowing how she would be punished for being tardy, but rewarded for Taylor. Maybe she could even keep Taylor as her own slave. She wasn’t sure; all Jackie knew was one thing: she needed a workout.

“Now here’s the thing Taylor, for this man, his name is Coach, I am his slave. You are my slave. You are at our mercy bitch. We will do whatever we want to you if we so please, if you stay. Now you can go jog home, nude with anal beads, or you can come with me. Which is it?” Jackie asked Taylor.

Taylor walked up t o Jackie and pushed her mouth onto her new master’s. Jackie’s taste was still on Taylor’s lips, allowing them to both taste her.

“I am your little bitch. Watching you fuck yourself was my greatest idea. If this Coach is what you say he is, then I’m ready. You already took my anal virginity; maybe he’ll take my pussy. Or, if you don’t mind the few minutes, you can do it now.” Taylor said as she grinded on Jackie’s leg. Jackie got the message; she opened the door to Coach’s house, and pulled Taylor in with her.

They needed a workout.

This is for Gerri and some special memories. Hope you enjoy it.


This is my story of how I was introduced to domestic discipline, how it made me a better woman, how it changed my life and how I came to enjoy it. I had a strong urge to share my experiences with someone and I chose you, dear readers.

I am 34 years old and until about a year ago I really was not enjoying my life. I hated my job and it surrounded me with lots of horrid people. It felt like a dead-end and I was feeling desperate about getting out and trying something new.

I’d never had a really enjoyable relationship with a man as the few I had been with were all total pricks. I wondered sometimes if that was to be my fate. The sex never made up for it either. I was not very sexually experienced but I was sure that the sex I was having was not as good as it should be. The men in my life were all dud lovers, the kind who climb on and climb off once they’re done.

At the time I was seeing a guy, someone who’d previously been my senior at work. He seemed hardly to care about me at all. The sex was terrible and he was emotionally abusing me into the bargain.

One day I finally plucked up the courage to start looking for people on-line. I knew it was a common thing nowadays and also that the internet was where people went for new or kinky things. That was what I wanted. My sex life totally sucked and I just thought that if I could try something a little more adventurous then I’d at least find some pleasure and satisfaction in my sex life.

In fact it was more than that. I felt like my life was a disaster. I just couldn’t see how I was going to make it any better. I had started to wonder whether I needed someone to take control of my life, to take control of me. I had started thinking about submission, although truly I had no idea what it was all about.

So I found Doug on the internet and sent him an email asking if he would teach me about submission. Pretty dumb, I know. But Doug eventually replied and asked me a few questions. So we emailed some more and he asked me even more questions. By then I was starting to feel a little foolish because I was certain Doug could see I had no idea what submission was all about.

Soon, though, Doug suggested we meet. He also set a little test for me — I was to meet him out on the street and walk to a restaurant with him but I was to do all this without wearing a bra!

I suppose I should tell you I have large breasts, 34DD. I am slender though so they really are obvious. I am taller than average. I also have a very flat tummy (don’t ask me why, it just is that way). I wish my bottom could be a better shape. I should add I have light brown hair that I like to wear shoulder length. But I often look at my breasts and think they are too big and saggy. So going in public without a bra was a really difficult thing for me to do. But Doug seemed nice and by this stage I was ready to take a risk. What harm could it do?

I turned up feeling so incredibly nervous and exposed. The thing was that Doug turned out to be really nice in person too, very pleasant and refreshing for someone like me. He is a little older than me which gave him a nice calm confidence. He wasn’t overbearing and he struck me as a kind man who seemed genuinely interested in me. I did notice him stealing admiring looks at my breasts but I supposed that was only to be expected. We talked about a lot of things, especially submission and different ideas about BDSM. Then we agreed to meet up the next week for another dinner date.

You’ll note that at this point I was still seeing this other man, my former work colleague. Doug knew about him and didn’t seem bothered at all. I didn’t tell the other guy, I hardly felt like I was cheating on him since he was such a shit. After all, I had no idea that the thing with Doug was going to go anywhere.

So, to cut to the chase, on our second date I was very pleased when Doug invited me back to his place. I felt really relaxed with him and he didn’t make me feel inferior or small in any way. Plus he was a hunk and that definitely helped!

We had wonderful sex that night and it was obvious he was totally hot for my body. I’d never really experienced anything like that before. From there we quickly began to see each other once or twice each week, each time to have sex for long hours into the night.

After those early ‘dates’ we started to experiment with submission and with BDSM. You’ll remember it was me who had asked Doug to introduce me to these new things. I was really excited and very nervous. I was also pleased because I knew Doug was very keen to start teaching me.

In the end, however, for some reason the BDSM play didn’t really click. I know my ideas were all wrong and my expectations were quite foolish. I enjoyed him spanking me when I was across his lap. That was mainly because I knew that it excited Doug. I also enjoyed the warm tingling in my bottom as we had sex later on. But I think we both knew that some spark wasn’t quite there — not yet anyway.

Personally I did not mind too much about that. You see, the sex with Doug was FANTASTIC! He was amazing in bed and soon brought out a side of me I’d never known existed. I had never imagined sex could be as thrilling as that. He got me wetter than I had ever been in my life. In fact, the first few times I thought something was wrong as my vagina was just creating so much wetness!

Doug made me feel warm and safe and protected and was not judgemental about me in any way. I was more than happy to let him do anything he wanted with me. He made me feel so FABULOUS I wanted to do anything he suggested. I was actually secretly pleased when he gently tried to introduce some more kinky things into our sex play. I wanted all those things too — and more! That made me so incredibly wet as well and I started to get used to having my vagina gushing with my sex juices.

I tried new positions and toys and 69s and was excited when Doug introduced me to face-fucking. When he asked me about anal play I was able to confess that I’d secretly considered trying it out. So Doug bought me a collection of sex toys, including some with odd shapes that he loves to insert in my bottom. He made me orgasm in so many new and wonderful ways and I quickly discovered I enjoyed the new and strange sensations of climaxing when he was invading my bum hole.

All this teaching and guiding me pleased Doug and got him really turned-on each time we were together. Soon enough he had me doing all kinds of new and exciting things outside the bedroom as well. We had sex in some new places, including outdoors. Then he would ‘order’ me to go on errands without underwear or with those lovely ben-wah balls inside my vagina. Several times he sent me to work with a sex toy in my handbag and during lunch I would have to close my door and squat down, with Doug listening on the phone, while I pushed the toys into my vagina or my backside.

All this time I suppose ‘officially’ I was still seeing that other guy. For some reason I just didn’t think about the fact I supposedly had two lovers. The other man was too interested in his career to really care about me. It had been weeks since he’d wanted to spend time with me and I knew when he did it would only be for his own sexual pleasure.

Doug seemed to worship my body. He didn’t see any of the flaws I saw. One day I confessed to Doug that I thought my breasts were too big and saggy. I suggested one day I would have them reduced to make them all firm and high and perky once again. Doug just gave me a stern comment about my tits being amazing and perfect and just the way they should be. He also told me I was being silly to contemplate having anything done to them. A little while later I asked him again and Doug gave me the same response in the same stern tone of voice.

There were other new things to experience. Doug introduced me to watching porn and I found out that I love it. I guess I was excited to watch other people and to see them having pleasure (even faked) that I’d been denied for so long. I started masturbating for Doug when I was at home and then writing reports for him to read. I also knew that we were getting closer to really having anal sex. I was a little scared at the idea of his big, hard penis in my bottom but I wanted it all the same and knew the day was fast approaching.

Then came the night that changed everything. Not straight away, but it did change my life. I mentioned to Doug once again that I didn’t like my big droopy breasts. I was still feeling self-conscious and inadequate and although I had told Doug about it before I was still concerned. 34DD seemed too big and I was wondering about having my boobs reduced in size and lifted.

Suddenly a change seemed to come over Doug. He took me to his bedroom and told me to take off my skirt and panties. The whole time he looked at me in a way I’d not seen before. Then he ordered me to lie across his lap again. I knew what was coming, or thought I did. We’d played with spanking and at first I decided he wanted to have another try. It seemed like harmless fun. I was more than happy to oblige.

Then Doug spanked me. It was hard, very hard. It hurt. But I didn’t make a sound or move an inch because I trusted Doug so much by then.

He kept on spanking me. One after another. I was shocked. He was hitting me again and again with the palm of his big strong hand. The sound was terrible and the pain in my bottom was worse. Part of my brain told me that this was abuse, physical abuse and I couldn’t believe I was getting this from Doug, my kind and wonderful man. I’d never been spanked like that in my life so this was a real shock.

But I stayed there over Doug’s lap all the same. I didn’t dare move because I was a little afraid by then. I didn’t want to move because something inside me felt good about being punished. It really didn’t feel like abuse and, strangely, I wanted more. The pain in my bottom was strong but I somehow sensed that Doug wasn’t in a frenzy. In fact, he seemed very controlled and deliberate.

And in between some of the smacks he was talking to me, still with that stern tone of voice. It was hard to hear what he said over the loud sounds of the spanking on my bare bum but he spoke slowly and deliberately.

‘…time to stop being weak… stop judging yourself… want to see more pride in yourself…’

The spanking seemed to go on and on. I had no idea if it was long one or not because I had never been spanked at all. My bottom was terribly sore and my flesh was burning from Doug’s constant smacking. I was ashamed and embarrassed in a way I had never felt. And the whole time he was still being very deliberate and talking sternly to me.

‘…listen to what I say… respect my opinions… start respecting me.’

I think he must have given me forty or fifty smacks. I was about to give up and cry out for mercy. It was almost more than I could bear. I was still in shock that Doug had hit me at all but the incredible pain in my backside was about to overwhelm me.

Finally he did stop and I lay there for a long time, limp across Doug’s lap while he softly rubbed by bottom, my very sore bottom, and my back. I was still completely at a loss to understand what had just happened. Surely it was domestic violence? But why would Doug do that to me? And why did it somehow feel like it was not abuse?

Soon after that we were having sex and I quickly tried to forget that horrible experience. The sex was as good as ever and Doug even seemed more turned on. To be truthful I think the sex was maybe a little better on account of the tingling heat I could still feel from my battered backside.

It was two more days before Doug and I spoke about that night and what he had done to me. Doug asked me again about submission and why I had wanted him to teach me about it. The he said he realised that it wasn’t exactly what I needed. Perhaps I didn’t really understand myself. I told him I was sure that was true.

Doug told me that he had come across some reading about domestic discipline. He guessed that when I had spoken about submission that I was mostly interested in having someone who could take charge ‘when required’.

Domestic discipline, he said, wasn’t really about submission in the way we had first experimented. Domestic discipline, said Doug, was more about one person establishing certain demands or expectations for the other person. It would mean me being required to live up to certain demands or expectations from another. That night, when I was worrying aloud about my body, Doug had decided that was the time to introduce me to domestic discipline.

Doug and I talked a long time that night. He told me, again, that I have a fabulous body and he wanted me to realise that it was true. He was pissed off (in his words) that I kept taking on board what I imagined where the negative comments from other people.

I was quick to admit that Doug’s insight seemed right to me. I hadn’t understood it myself but somehow I knew he had discovered the key. I did want to be a better person and but I knew I often lacked he courage to do it by myself. Having someone believe in me and push me to improve seemed perfect for me. The idea of living up to Doug’s expectations was exciting. Here was someone who instead of putting me down would demand that I improve and become stronger and more capable.

That long talk had an effect on me. It was only weak at first. Still, I suddenly found the courage to get rid of that other guy, my former work boss. I called him that weekend and told him I wanted the whole thing to end. I felt good and strong and brave for the first time in a long time. He, of course, was still a prick and tried to tell me that he wasn’t at all bothered.

Then I had a fresh idea. Doug loves my body. This might sound foolish but secretly, I’ve always liked some of my bits and had this wish that I could have the kind of body that men want in their magazines. It was always a fantasy thing, wishing for something that could never come true.

So I asked Doug if he would do a nude phot shoot of me. He agreed instantly and a few nights later we did the whole thing at his place. I felt so wonderful and free and liberated and, most of all, sexy. I brought along a whole lot of outfits and Doug shot hundreds of pictures of me in different states of undress or totally nude)\. I was in all different kinds of poses and some were tasteful and some were very lewd. I posed in my business attire with my boobs hanging out and my legs spread to show my vagina. I posed in the shortest shorts, so short that when I opened my legs my vagina lips were exposed. Doug even got a little arty and took some lovely shots of me standing like a statue with a sheet draped around me.

I loved it all and my vagina was wet for most of the time. That was good because Doug made me finish with some pornographic shots with me placing some of my toys into my vagina. That was the first time I had ever really seen what my vagina looked like and I have to say that I was fascinated.

I thoroughly enjoyed that night and getting to show off my body, despite still thinking of its many imperfections. It was a night that got me into trouble with Doug later though. Of course we ended up having great sex that night. As were relaxing afterwards Doug asked me again about my pubes. He loved my waxed vagina but was curious about how I looked with all my hair. I have to say I hate my pubes and as soon as I could I started shaving and then getting them waxed. I grow a very think, dense bush of long, light brown hair. The pubes even grow on my inner thighs. I have always thought it gross and completely unattractive.

Doug was insistent that I stop waxing until I grew a full set of my own pubes. He tried to assure me he would be so turned on to see a forest between my thighs. So, nervously, I agreed and skipped the next wax I was due a few weeks after that.

I lost my anal virginity about a week later! I was still scared but I was so ready for it. Doug was making me feel so sexy and much braver. He was very gentle and careful and slow. He got me all warmed up with some nice licking and fingering of my vagina and then my bum hole. We had some really good fucking as well before Doug started to eat me out. I was in the middle of another orgasm when Doug moved up into position and announced that the time had come!

As always, he coached me in just what to do. It wasn’t hard at all to get his penis into my bottom. At first it felt uncomfortable but soon I was feeling really turned on to be so stretched out. I also, of course, loved the idea I was finally doing something so kinky and taboo.

Doug instructed me when to start rubbing my clit. He slowly moved in and out of my bottom and the pressure and the heat were wonderful. I came so hard that night and I am certain that the orgasm really felt different because of Doug’s penis deep inside my bottom. Soon Doug came as well, putting his semen inside my backside. I was very excited by that because I had given him so much pleasure and because it made me feel like a filthy slut!

But a couple of weeks later I kind of ‘forgot’ about my promise to Doug. I noticed the hair on my vagina one morning and decided Doug wouldn’t really want to see my thick bush. So I shaved and expected he would say nothing more. A big mistake!

That very night I was stripping off in front of Doug at his place and almost immediately he stopped and felt my vagina lips. Then he questioned me about what I had done and what had happened to my promise. I tried to explain it all away. Doug just gave me that look again.

In seconds I was over his lap again and he was spanking me. Of course he took his time and spaced out the smacks. I was relieved it wasn’t as hard as my first spanking. But I was starting to realise that this was a punishment and that Doug had been very serious about wanting me to meet his expectations. In fact, all during the spanking, he told me so.

‘…trust is about promises …you’re better than that …not let me down again.’

It was another long spanking, maybe thirty or more smacks of his big, hard hand. But I stayed still and accepted them all. I listened carefully to everything Doug had to say as well. I was relieved he didn’t go as hard as the first time but I knew deep down that I had disappointed him and was actually glad he was punishing me.

Afterwards we talked a lot. I realised that when Doug wanted me to undergo domestic discipline that it was exactly what I needed and had been looking for. He was determined that I should become the best person I could be. No-one had ever suggested such a thing to me. For too long I had accepted second or third best in my life. I had reached the stage where I accepted third best of myself.

That night I agreed that Doug should continue trying to build me up and guide me to being a better, stronger person. He made me say the words and I told him that I wanted him to keep helping me and that I wanted him to discipline me and punish me whenever I fell short. I actually asked Doug that night to spank me whenever he felt I needed it to remind me to always try harder.

It felt weird to say those things to Doug, to anyone. It was scary, too, because I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. But it was like a promise between the two of us. It was also a challenge to myself. The whole thing made me feel strong and liberated. I knew Doug cared about me and I wanted to have all the things he was offering me. So we agreed to include domestic discipline as a regular part of our relationship

I had anal again that night. Only this time Doug pushed a small vibrator into my vagina while he was inside my bottom. The extra sensation was so different and I came so very hard. I almost saw stars that night. Afterwards Doug announced that he was going to buy me a me collection of anal toys. I was quite pleased to hear that because I had discovered I loved having things inside my bottom. Then Doug licked and sucked on my boobs for ages and ages before he ate out my vagina and made me orgasm over and over until I couldn’t take any more.

It was only a week or so later that I suddenly regretted my promise to Doug and wished I hadn’t asked him for regular discipline. I arrived at his house early on a Friday evening. I’d had a terrible week at work and my so-called colleagues had been monstrous. My belief was that the bosses were slowly destroying the organisation and everyone was fighting and attacking one another as if they wanted to have the lifeboat all to themselves.

I had talked to Doug about my issues with work so many times before. I hated it and it was a dead-end. I was tired of all the crap and frightened of what would happen to the staff and me in particular. I was at my wits end trying to do my best to keep everything functioning properly. That was all a big mistake on my part. At first, however, I thought my mistake was to complain to Doug about my week in the office.

He had been very attentive and listened to me moan and complain and worry for quite a time. Then I saw that look in his eyes. I wasn’t sure what it meant and, sadly for me, I was too caught up in dumping all my emotional turmoil onto him.

Doug stopped me talking all of a sudden and had me stand in front of him. He still had that look in his eyes.

‘Do you remember the promise we made?’ he asked me. Yes, of course I did.

‘Do you remember you agreed, you asked me, to correct you and discipline you whenever you’re not coming up to my standards?’ I remembered only too well, I told Doug with a small gulp of fear.

He then instructed me to go into his bedroom and open the wardrobe. There was a small package inside that I was to open and bring to him. I did as he said and inside a black bag I found something like a bat made out of leather. Later I discovered it was called a paddle. It seemed heavy and evil and I was starting to really regret the situation I had put myself in.

Back in the loungeroom I was ordered to strip completely and get over Doug’s lap. I was feeling very confused and a little afraid. But I did as I was told without question. Something in my head warned me not to question Doug right then. The look was still there in his eyes.

Of course you know that Doug spanked me. He spanked me really hard. First he used his big bare hand to smack my bottom again and again. He was really hitting me hard and just like the first time my head was filled with the terrible sounds, the searing pain and my deep shame.

Doug did not say a word to me for the first twenty or so smacks. I just had to lie there, naked, abused, ashamed, helpless while this otherwise caring man whaled into my behind. I knew I was being punished and somehow I knew that it was good for me. I just wasn’t sure why I was being punished and it made the whole thing seem so unfair.

After twenty Doug took up the paddle and really let me have it. I was so shocked I know I cried out in protest. The sound was louder and the pain was worse. Doug started talking to me then between smacks and I did all I could to focus on his voice.

‘…do something about it …need to take charge …make it happen …don’t owe them anything …need to be number one.’

The spanking just went on and on. I lost count altogether. All I knew after a time was that my bum was giving me more pain than I’d ever known. There seemed no end in sight. Doug was being relentless and my poor bottom was sure to be bruised. It really did feel like abuse because it just seemed so unfair. I could hear that Doug wanted me to make a change in my worklife. Why was I being spanked?

Then the tears came. Big, heavy tears that rolled down my nose and dropped from my eyes onto the floor. I started to sob aloud and my nose began to run. Soon I was a total mess of blubbering, streaming tears and runny snot. I gave up wanting mercy from Doug. My whole world was focussed on my backside and the cruel pain he was inflicting on me. I honestly cannot say how long he smacked me for or how long I cried.

All I know is that after a time I realised that the spanking had stopped. I was still sobbing loudly but Doug had stopped hitting my bottom. Instead he was rubbing me tender cheeks and my lower back and gently encouraging me to ‘let it all out’. Then he spoke some more.

‘I know you’re crying because it hurt so much. But I need to make sure you remember this lesson because I don’t want you to go on hurting yourself.’ I was still crying too hard to reply.

Later Doug said, ‘I know you are frightened to leave work. But its hurting you so much to stay there that you need to find a way to leave.’ I could only agree with him. Then he really hit the mark.

‘I also know the real reason you can’t leave that place is because you’re afraid it will upset other people. You want to make them all happy. That’s why you try so hard to fix everything that is wrong there.’

I knew that he was right. Doug sat me up and through my tears I nodded in agreement. It was true. I always wanted to make people happy. Somehow I had always wanted to make people happy. I suppose I was afraid of them being angry with me. It was one of the reasons I lacked the courage to get out of bad relationships with men. It had stopped me looking for a new career.

Just hearing Doug say these things seemed to take a huge weight off my shoulders. Then Doug said something else. ‘If we’re going to stay together I need you to be stronger and to fight for the things that you need.’

We talked more and more, even after Doug took me to bed. There was no sex that night but we talked longer and more honestly than I’d ever done before. My need to please people, to keep everyone happy, had been the cause of so much unhappiness in my life. It was the reason I’d accepted so many pricks as boyfriends. It was the reason I had such a difficult relationship with my parents. It was the real reason I’d stuck it out at work — that and the fear of stepping into the unknown.

Doug had helped me to see that I had been going about things the wrong way. I saw that my desire to please people wasn’t about being good or successful. It was an excuse to be weak. But now I had discovered that I didn’t need to be weak. I had learned with Doug in the past few months that I could have a lot of things that I secretly wished for.

Most of all I knew that I wanted to please Doug. He’d said something about us ‘staying together’. Suddenly that seemed very important and I knew the key was to shape up and begin to work harder to meet the expectations Doug had of me. He believed I could do it. That was making me feel braver already. I needed to stop trying to make everyone else happy, trying to win their acceptance, and focus on the happiness of myself and Doug — the one person who accepted me for the inner me.

So I really threw myself into re-making my life. With my butt all sore and bruised I spent the next week and a half submitting two applications for new jobs and enrolled myself in a course of professional development. Each day was really hard and each time I took a step towards a new life I felt the old worries and ears rising up inside me.

Domestic discipline works I can tell you! It does for me. For each and every time I felt those old fears my mind turned instead to my bottom. I remembered the paddle and the horrible pain. My poor bum had been bruised black and the bruises stayed for over a week. It ached and felt stiff. But I also remembered that I had had the courage to endure my punishment. It was like a badge that constantly reminded me that quitting my job was not the hardest thing I’d ever done.

Later Doug told me that he had bought the paddle on-line straight after my second spanking. He knew it was a gamble, especially without telling me in advance that he was going to use it on me. He also mentioned the way it would look in the eyes of the law. But after the second spanking and our long talk he had decided he really wanted to support me. And he had thought that the best thing for me was to receive some firm reinforcement. Somehow he had seen that I needed to be pushed hard and that I would welcome the benefits of domestic discipline. He told me that the paddle was a gift to me and we both laughed aloud at that one.

We celebrated that period of ‘re-making Gerri’ by having a ‘grand unveiling’ of my bushy pubes. I finally convinced Doug I had grown enough of a forest for him. He made me pose in the nude and took lots more pics of me showing my hairy vagina, including with my legs wide apart, and I was very embarrassed. But I didn’t really care because I knew the pubes were coming off! Doug did it himself, carefully shaving me all over my vagina. It was rather romantic and very erotic! I knew I would go back to waxing again but it was so intimate to have my man shave me like that.

Around that time I was finally introduced to Doug’s children from his marriage. Two wonderful little girls that adore their father. I didn’t want to intrude on their lives. But I kept thinking of what Doug had said about us ‘staying together.’

I also started doing a little more exercise. I wanted to be healthy and I also thought it might help to tone up my bottom a little more. It didn’t seem like I had to hate my body, I could just take better care of it.

Doug continued to introduce me to all kinds of new and kinky sex play. As promised, he took me shopping for some new anal toys. That was an experience! I got a new collection of butt plugs and dildos. Since then I have many times gone out of the house, at Doug’s insistence, with some strange object lodged in my anus. Every time I feel deliciously naughty and free. Its so exciting to walk down the street or through the mall with a rubber toy in my bottom and knowing that none of the people there would ever guess I am so kinky.

One of my applications had some success and I was offered an interview for a position in another firm. That was also the cause of another punishment spanking from Doug. Naturally I was nervous ahead of the interview. As it got closer I started to voice my concerns. What if I didn’t match up? What if they didn’t like me? What if I blew the interview? What if I had to stay at my old, crappy job? Doug listened patiently to my worries and my nerves and did his best to reassure me. But even my Doug has his limits as I have found out lately.

It was two days before the interview Doug when decided to take action. ‘Enough,’ he said to me in that stern tone I have learned to dread. ‘There’s only one way to fix this.’

I was ordered to remove my pants and underwear. This time I didn’t go across Doug’s lap. I was ordered to spread my legs and bend over, holding on tight to the back of an old dining chair. Usually I enjoy being naked and exposed in front of Doug. But in this position I mostly felt shame and fear. This night we were at my place so, thank goodness, there was to be no paddle.

I was given a proper spanking though. Doug has mentioned the idea of ‘warm-ups’. But I don’t think he’s ever really given me any warm-up. I was given about ten really hard smacks to start with. I knew what I had done wrong, at least partly. So domestic discipline still felt strange to me but I was glad to receive those smacks because I’d upset Doug. He continued smacking me really hard with his bare hand, slowly and talking to me at the same time.

‘…better than that …show them confidence …strong enough …good enough to win this job …don’t talk yourself out of it.’

As usual, I was spanked for the entire time that Doug was talking to me. I tried my best to listen, not least to avoid thinking about the pain in my backside. Somehow the noise of the smacking helped me to concentrate. I didn’t flinch once. I never have flinched during a spanking even when I know to expect the next smack.

Altogether I received about forty smacks, good hard ones. This time there were no tears. Doug had spoken about me being strong and I wanted to show him that strength in my reaction to the spanking. He was trying to motivate me, make me stronger for the interview and I wanted that too.

When it was done I was ordered to stay in that position. I did exactly as I was told. Doug took a few pictures of my pink, glowing bottom and then left me there ‘to think about what was expected of me’.

I did the interview and I really did feel strong and confident. Doug believed in me and I put my best foot forward because I owed it to him. I was shocked when they rang and offered me the job! I started there as the second-in-charge of their human resources section. I even got a small increase in pay. Who could have guessed that after the crap I had endured in my last job.

Doug and I also celebrated that great event. At one stage I had revealed to Doug my interest in having a piercing done. I wasn’t sure how he would take it. It turned out that Doug didn’t mind at all. To him it was body jewellery and not a surgical modification like a breast reduction.

Doug made the booking and took me along and held my hand while I sat, half naked, with my legs in stirrups while a young woman prodded and measured my vagina. We had decided on a clit hood piercing and I chose a nice, wide ring with a heavy bead on it so we could hang things from it and I could play with it whenever I wanted. The bead even has a turquoise jewel set in it. Having the young woman touch me down there actually felt quite sexy. I was warned about the pain of the actual piercing but, you know, compared to Doug spanking me with the paddle, it really wasn’t so bad.

There were still more new, kinky things for me to explore. We decided to try enemas. By now I think I officially had a fetish for playing with my own bottom. Doug got me a couple those rubber bulbs, different sizes, that have thin nozzles to stick in your anus. I wanted to play with them by myself a few times so I could get the hang of it. Since then Doug has used them on me a few times as well. I love it of course! I don’t suppose these are genuine enemas like in hospitals or some people write about. But I always really enjoy the sensations of playing with my bottom, or having Doug do it, and to be honest I love the idea I am also making myself clean for Doug.

As things went along Doug also encouraged me to be less ‘proper’ or prudish. If I was going to be a liberated and kinky woman I needed to be able to express myself properly. So gradually I learned to use words like cunt, cock and arsehole. Sometimes it made me laugh but I really did try my best. Doug wanted it and he had set an expectation for me. I didn’t want the consequences of failing to measure up.

A big event for me was when Doug has introduced me to a threesome. One of my previous boyfriends had tried to force me to do that and I had hated him for it. Doug was totally different and just asked me how I felt. I had to confess the idea was very enticing. I wanted to see how it would feel to act like that with another person. Finally I felt brave enough, and safe enough, to actually try it. Plus I knew it would excite Doug and that definitely made me want to try.

My first threesome was special and delightful. Doug chose a nice man, Mike. He was a little younger than me which was a change because most of my lovers had been at least several years older. Mike had a very nice body and also a very nice penis. By now I was happy to call it his cock — a very nice cock.

It wasn’t totally a threesome because for a lot of the night Doug was happy to watch me fucking Mike and to give me a few kisses or suck on my boobs. He told me he wanted me to totally enjoy the other man. I did, too, because Doug had chosen well and Mike was quite a good lover. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not all men were as bad in bed as my previous boyfriends. And he loved my clit hood ring.

We finished up that night with me taking both men at the same time. I was on my hands and knees and Doug was fucking me from behind. Mike was on his knees in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth. Once upon a time I would have thought it was very strange and abusive behaviour for my boyfriend to allow this to happen to me. Instead I felt strong and free and I really LOVED all the attention and the fact these two men were so turned-on by being with me.

Doug asked if Mike could cum in my mouth. I said yes! I was so wet already and knowing he was that excited only made me want his semen even more. He erupted soon after and I let him shoot it all into my mouth. Well, not quite all because I managed to get some of his cock juice onto my face as well. The rest I swallowed happily right away. Yet again I can say I was pleased to feel like a dirty slut.

After that Doug fucked me hard and fast until he shot his load deep inside my cunt. Doug had a great time and kept telling me how sexy and desirable I am! I loved it too, of course. Having two cocks to play with was FABULOUS and I got so much attention and pleasure from them both. Now Doug is looking for another man to join us in a threesome. I know we are going to play with Mike again and I am looking forward to that very much. I think Doug wants to have Mike fuck my arse and I think I am going to let them do it.

You won’t be surprised that Doug has also asked me about a threesome with a woman. I don’t know if I could do that. It would excite Doug a lot but I had to be honest with him. I didn’t want to give him a reason to punish me with a spanking.

However, Doug has also introduced the idea of group sex or maybe even an orgy. He knows about these things and has participated in them before. Right now I don’t think I am ready for that much kinkiness. But I know that one day I will say yes.

We’ve also gotten into pee play. That definitely was Doug’s idea as I’d never even imagined such a thing! It seemed rather weird at first that Doug would want to watch me pee. Soon we got to the point where I was pissing into a large bowl whenever he asked. My bladder can hold quite a lot so it needed to be a big bowl! I saw how excited it made Doug and that was enough for me. Having been through so much with Doug, having learned to overcome my fears and inhibitions, piss play turned out to be quite easy in the end. Now I enjoy doing it for him whenever he wants.

Sometimes Doug decides to piss on me instead. I was ready to accept that. Another man would have made it feel horrid and demeaning. With Doug it feels so primal and basic that I enjoy it a lot. His stream is always so strong and hot and I love the way it splashes off my skin. We always follow up with a lovely shower.

As I have said already, domestic discipline works for me. I wanted to be free and liberated and no longer afraid of myself or afraid of the reactions of other people. Doug, using helpful doses of domestic discipline, has helped me to break through those barriers and experience wonderful things I would have kept on denying myself.

Our sex life continues to be fantastic. We are travelling overseas together next year. And we’re now planning to move in with each other in a few months time. Hat means more time with his daughters. I don’t know if I can call it love yet. But I do know I am so very happy and content with everything I have with Doug.

You shouldn’t think that we have left domestic discipline behind us. I still need to be pushed and have expectations enforced. I like the new me and I want to do what I need to keep her. So Doug still spanks me from time to time when he decides it is required.

A few weeks after I started my wonderful new job I had to be honest and tell Doug I hadn’t given myself an enema for some time. The reason was that I had been so concerned about making a good impression in the new job that I had to admit I’d neglected to set time aside for that little personal pleasure. Doug didn’t really mind the missed enemas too much. What he was upset about was that he saw me slipping back into my old, bad habits. He didn’t want me to sacrifice my personal life for my work.

A mischievous smirk lit up my face as my girlfriend opened up the door to her room. Her housemate had let me in, as I’d suspected at her insistence. Obviously she’d followed the instructions I’d sent her the night before.

I stood in the doorway looking down at her beautiful body, she stood there undressed aside from her choice of lacy lingerie. My grin widened and I stepped into the room pushing the door closed behind me.

I’d been plotting tonight for a while now, ideas had been running through my head for longer, but after a conversation about our personal fantasies I’d worked out what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Hopefully what I had planned would be enjoyable for the both of us.

I’d sent her an email with a list of instructions the night before; she was to be waiting for my arrival unclothed, she was to abstain from pleasuring herself till I arrived, and an assortment of toys were to be ready on the bed side table.

I glanced across the room and sure enough there were the items I’d requested. An assortment of sex toys and a pair of handcuffs.

“I see you followed some of my commands” I remarked playfully.

“Lie down on the bed, face up, arms above your head” the playfulness vanishing from my voice, replaced with a stern commanding tone.

She lowered her head and walked back towards the bed, I watched her, almost devouring her with my eyes, the way her hips swayed as she walked, the curve of her back and the way her hair cascaded past her shoulders.

As she lay down I raised an eyebrow, she’d made eye contact.

“Did I say you could look at me? Now lie down” I replied to her insolence, silently she obeyed, lowering her eyes once more before lying down completely open to me and utterly submissive.

The power was almost intoxicating, there she was following my every command, giving herself up to me, wordlessly and unquestioningly.

With a smile I moved over to the side of the bed and sat down, still fully clothed, the contrast with her only wearing lingerie reinforcing the position of power I sat in.

I lightly traced a finger up one of her arms from shoulder to wrist, before lifting it up.

“I’m going to restrain you now… if you behave I’ll consider letting you go” I spoke calmly and reassuringly with a subtle hint of power playing in my voice.

“Do you understand?”

She replied with a mute nod, her eyes still downturned; I picked up the handcuffs from the bedside table.

“Good…” I replied clicking one side closed over her wrist.

Gently I looped the handcuffs through one of the posts in the bed’s headboard and fastened the other cuff around her other wrist, clicking it shut; tight.

She tugged a little, testing her bonds tentatively.

“Did I say you could do that?”

I barely waited for an answer, sliding my right hand under her bra and gripping her right nipple tightly between finger and thumb, giving it a slight twist and a tug. This elicited a slight gasp.

“Now then” I continued, twisting her nipple almost idly.

“You are at my mercy here… and I have some rules. You may speak, you may make noise… however you are not allowed to cum until I have given you permission, and you are to tell me when you feel you are about to cum. Understood?”

With my left hand I cupped her jaw and tilted her head up to look at me, obediently she offered no resistance, still kept her eyes lowered so as not to make eye contact.

“Yes” she gasped quietly as I twisted her nipple once again.


I moved up onto the bed, no longer sitting on the side, but kneeling next to her beautiful bound body. I drunk it in, letting my hands flow over her torso, deliberately avoiding her breasts and anything below the hips.

I traced my fingers along her shoulders, and up her neck before coming down between her breasts, teasingly just brushing past, and then down across her stomach.

Her breathing was getting heavier now as I teased her, defiantly she raised her hips, urging me to rub her clit and finger her wet pussy as I traced my hand down across her stomach.

I shook my head and pushed her hips down with my spare hand, before sliding it up from her knee along the inside of her thigh, carefully tracing the outline of her thong. She gasped once again rising her hips.

“Please” she uttered thrusting herself towards my teasing hands.

Once more I shook my head and pushed her back down onto the bed, she was mine and I intended to enjoy her to the full, teasing and all.

Once more I resumed sensually caressing her torso, this time letting my hands brush over her full breasts, squeezing gently before moving on.

Her breath was ragged and she was obviously trying to restrain herself from attempting to force me to go further than this teasing. I watched rapt with her internal struggle, all the while feeding the fires of her desire, teasing, caressing, but never quite pleasuring.

After a while of enjoying driving her mad I slid both hands inside her bra, tweeking her erect nipples again, she gasped and whimpered as I rolled them between forefinger and thumb, pulling gently before twisting again. Her whimpers slowly merged into moans of pleasure as I squeezed her nipple harder and harder, almost yanking them as I twisted them.

Then almost as abruptly as I’d started I stopped, withdrawing my hands and continuing my teasing, brushing caress. I leant forwards, leaving my lips an inch or so away from hers as my hand traced further down, and I began to toy with the elastic of her thong, sliding a finger underneath and sliding it along, teasingly stroking beneath the lace.

She strained to kiss me, but I was just out of reach, she gasped as I stroked her mound, briefly letting one finger brush seemingly accidentally over her clit.

And then suddenly I leant forwards kissing her long and hard, my tongue in her mouth and I slid a finger into her soaking pussy.

She moaned into my kiss, responding passionately and thrusting against my hand driving my finger deeper into her.

I circled my finger around inside her and drew it out before pushing back in, all the while kissing her deeply.

And then abruptly I pulled out of the kiss, drawing my finger almost entirely out, leaving the tip, just past her opening.

With my free hand I gently pushed her head to the side, planting a kiss on her neck followed by a short bite.

She gasped and tried to thrust upwards in an attempt to get me to finger her hard and deep again, but I had other plans.

Half with pleasure and half with annoyance at the denial of full pleasure she moaned as I kissed her neck again whilst sliding a second finger to the entrance of her wet pussy.

I nibbled her neck once more, driving two fingers inside of her and crooking them upwards, pressing my thumb against her clit and gripping as if trying to rub them together, rubbing her inside and her clit simultaneously.

Her disappointed moan became one of pure ecstasy as I played her clit pussy and kissed her neck.

“Oh god” she whispered between moans.

I began to move down her neck towards her shoulder, kissing all the while, still furiously playing with her clit and pussy with one hand.

My kisses lead a trail down along the shoulder and then in across to her collarbone and down, between her breasts and across her stomach coming to a stop on her hip.

I withdrew my fingers and pulled her thong down around her ankles leaving her almost completely naked.

I gazed at her, ogling her; drinking in her beauty as I moved from beside her to kneeling between her legs.

Once more I pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to work inside her again, revelling in her gasps and whimpers of bliss.

I glanced over at the bedside table and settled on a toy; I selected her silver vibrator and reached out to retrieve it, all the while finger fucking her bringing her closer to her inevitable orgasm.

Her eyes were closed with the pleasure as I retrieved the vibrator, but as I brought it down towards her pussy I switched it on. The sound caught her attention and she opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of the vibrator as I slid it down across her clit, all the while fingering her.

She almost screamed with the sensation that washed through her as the cold metallic object pressed against her clit sending shivers of pleasure running through her whilst I slid my fingers deeper inside her, pressing them as deep as I could.

“Remember what I said… tell me when you’re about to cum” I reminded her sternly

She replied, her words faltering as she gasped at the feelings running through her body.


Finally I withdrew my fingers from her soaking wet pussy and leant forwards, placing them gently on her lips, running them across her lips, and then letting her suck them clean, all the while the vibrator pressed firmly against her clit.

Once she’d licked my fingers clean I knelt back down and leant towards her clit, pushing the vibrator further down, till it slid inside her pussy and my tongue made contact with her clit.

I slid my tongue up and down, playing with her clit almost tentatively, gradually applying more and more pressure before changing rhythm, sliding it across and then round in circles before eventually sucking it; tonguing it inside my mouth.

Her legs clamped around my head in an attempt to keep me there, and so I couldn’t hear properly as she cried out with the pleasure of my tongue on her clit and the vibrator sliding in and out of her pussy.

Eventually her relaxed her legs and I heard her gasping, trying to speak.

“I’m going to cum… can I cum? Please Josh?” she begged, faltering as her breath came in ragged gasps.

I knelt back up, leaving her clit alone, and turning the vibrator off, but still sliding it in and out of her wet pussy. She was obviously having trouble restraining herself, her breath was coming in gasps and she was biting back moans of bliss.

I waited a few seconds, still fucking her with the vibrator before I made up my mind.

“You may cum… but you’ll have to make it up to me” I responded pushing the vibrator back in and switching it on at full power before leaning forwards and tonguing her clit.

It wasn’t long before I felt her buck and arch her back pressing her clit against me as the orgasm ripped through her body sending her into spasms of ecstasy.

I continued sucking her clit and playing with it with my tongue and sliding the vibrator in and out hard as the orgasm washed over her sending her over the edge into a sea of bliss till she could physically cope with no more.

Eventually I switched the vibrator off and removed it from her pussy and leant over her, kissing her deep and hard, the taste of her pussy on my tongue.

Her breath was still ragged and she gasped as my hand slid under her bra and tweaked her nipple once more, still sensitive from the orgasm.

“Now then… time for you to make it up to me” I smirked as I unlocked her handcuffs freeing her wrists.

Instantly she went to unbutton my shirt, but I caught her hands and pushed them back up.

“I’m going to sit on the bed, and you are going to kneel on the floor in front of me.” I spoke, not a room for questioning in my tone.

Obediently she moved to the floor and knelt down by the side of the bed. I shuffled over and sat in front of her legs spread showing my cock pushing eager to be free of the trousers imprisoning it.

“Remove your bra” I ordered reaching for a second toy from the table, this time a butt plug and a tube of lube.

As I watched her undo her bra and release her beautiful breasts I lubed up the plug before handing it to her.

“Now slide this inside your ass” I grinned as she took the slippery toy and leant forwards, making a show of sliding it inside her, wincing a little as it spread her tight asshole, she slid it in and out a little, fucking herself before pushing it in and letting it find it’s place inside her.

As I watched her follow my orders unquestioningly I undid my belt and unbuttoned my trousers, pulling them down a revealing my boxers, which barely covered my cock which was straining for freedom.

Of course she knew exactly what was expected and as soon as her plug was in place she gripped my cock with one hand through the thin fabric of my boxers and stroked it up and down before lifting the elastic waistband up and over my cock, pulling my boxers down around my ankles.

I stepped out of them and my trousers, leaving my bottom half entirely naked.

As I felt her tongue run up the bottom of my cock I began to unbutton my shirt. As she reached the top she swirled her tongue around the tip before encircling it with her lips and bringing as much as she could into her mouth, servicing me submissively. She was knelt before me and right now all that mattered to her was to please me. I was in control; she needed to thank me for allowing her to cum… and so she did.

Bobbing her head up and, swallowing my cock into her eager mouth, teasing the underside with her tongue and taking as much as she could into her mouth.

Once undressed I stood before her and grasped her head with one hand, pushing her down, forcing more of my cock into her mouth, choking her a little before pulling all the way out.

She grasped for my cock and slid her hand up and down it, jerking me off whilst she sucked the tip, I pushed her head down again and slid my cock into her hungry mouth and she sucked my cock she played with my balls, fondling them and teasing them.

Eventually I felt the warm feeling of an impending orgasm rising within my balls and I pulled her off my cock, letting it come free of her lips.

“Bend over the bed” I ordered reaching for a condom and sliding it over my rock solid cock.

As she bent over I stood up behind her and gripped the butt plug, twisting it slowly and pulling it out.

She moaned as I removed the toy and slid a finger into her already lubricated but tight hole.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked already knowing the answer.

She responded with moans pushing against me finger driving it deeper into her ass.

“Please… Josh, please fuck me!” she moaned into the duvet.

With a grin I applied some lube to my cock and positioned myself behind her before pushing into her ass, slowly at first till I was mostly in and then pulling out and pushing in again harder and faster this time.

I gripped her hips and pulled her onto me as I pushed, driving myself all the way into her, as I did so I saw her hand reaching back to play with her own pussy as I fucked her hard in the ass.

I pounded deep gripping her hips, driving myself in as deep as possible, occasionally letting a hand wonder to scratch down her back or to squeeze her ass cheeks; leaving finger marks.

She moaned with pleasure, crying out with another orgasm as I fucked her deep in the ass, and she played with her clit and fingered her pussy. I could feel her fingers against my cock inside her, adding to the pleasure I was feeling.

Eventually I felt the orgasm begin to boil within me again and I pushed in deep as it overcame me. My cock twitched as it spurted jets of cum, and I arched my back and pushed harder into her with the sheer overwhelming gratification that flooded my senses.

I felt my head go light and I pulled out, sitting down on the bed beside her in a delirious daze.

“Was that worth not touching yourself for then?” I asked eventually

I was lying in a field of lilies looking up to the beautiful blue sky. It was a lovely spring day, the wind was gently blowing it was maybe 73 degrees out. I was wearing a light purple sundress, the kind you can’t wear a bra with and some white lace panties. I didn’t have any shoes on because I loved the way the grass felt under my feet, and I had my long brown hair in a braid. I loved going to the field and just think and daydream. I found my self thinking a lot about how it would feel it be with another woman, but I never really had the nerve to find out.

It was about 5 in the evening when I seen this beautiful woman walking up to me. She had to be close to my age so maybe 24 years old or so. She had the prettiest red hair that came to her lower back and just blowing in the breeze. She had on a white halter top and I could tell she didn’t have on a bra, as I could see her nipples poking though. She was wearing a light blue sarong skirt. You know the kind that come to your ankles and looks so pretty in the wind. Her skin was glowing with the sun going down behind her. As she got closer I could see she had green eyes. I had never seen her here before, so she must be new around here.

She came over to me and asked if she could join me. So we sat and talked and were getting to know each other. She had a soft and caring voice. I found myself getting wet as we sat there talking, something about her voice was turning me on. We started to talk about our sex lives. I’m not sure how we got to that point but I was kind of glad we did. I found out that she is bisexual, and me being bi curious kind of works for the both of us because she knows what she is doing and I didn’t. I told her I have always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman but I was scared and kid of embarrassed.

She leaned over and kissed my lips, hers were so soft. Her skin was soft as well. She slowly kissed me and I closed my eyes and kissed her back. I could feel my panties getting more wet with ever slip of her tongue going in and out of my mouth. My nipples were getting so hard and she slowly slides her hand up to my breast and gently messaged them. I didn’t know what to do so I just put my hand on the side of her face. We kissed for a few minutes. Then she told me she had to get going because she had to work in the morning and it was getting late, the sun was already down so it had to be about 8pm now.

I went home and had some dinner, it was left over chicken and zucchini and squash with some noodles. Then I went to my room and got ready to take a shower. I made sure I took out my vibrator in the shower with me because that kiss had me so turned on. I started the shower and undressed, took my hair out of my braid. I had a really big shower so I had lots of room to do what I wanted and needed to do. I washed and conditioned my hair and then I washed my body. I started to rub my breast and moved my hands down to my pussy and started to rub my clit. I had to make sure all the soap was off of me.

I took my toy and rubbed my clit with it, I could feel my clit getting harder the more I rubbed it. I turned it all the up to high and I took my fingers to spread my pussy lips; I took my toy and placed it on my clit and rubbed it hard and fast. I moaned loudly as I could feel myself about to climax. I started to finger myself as I still rubbed my clit with my vibrator. I was picturing my new friend was sliding her fingers inside my pussy. My nipples were so hard and my juices were just running out of my pussy. I was so close to Cumming, I rubbed harder and faster and I let out a scream as I cam all over my fingers. I sat on the shower floor as I tried to catch my breath. The shower began to get cold so I got out and dried myself off and got in to bed. I laid there thinking about her until I fell asleep.

7am came fast, I got out of bed and made myself some coffee and started to get ready for work. I worked at a call center so I get to dress up a little and I loved that. I put on my black lace bra and matching panties, then I put on my little brown mini skirt and black clingy shirt with my black mid calf boots. I put my hair up and put some lip gloss on. It was time for me to get going so I drank the last of my coffee and walked out the door. I got to work just five minutes before I had to clock in. I just couldn’t help but hope the day would go by fast so I could go to the field and wait to see if she would come.

It was about 4:30 and time for me to go home, so I clocked out and got in my car to head home. When I got home I went to the field to see if maybe she was there. I sat there for about 45 minutes when I could hear someone call my name. I looked up and seen her coming my way. My heart started to pound in my chest and I could feel my pussy getting hot. She came over and sat down and we talked about our day. She asked me if I would like to go to an adult private party, I said I have never bee to one before and would love to go. So I told her where I live and she said she would come get me tomorrow about 6pm. She was on all fours and crawled over and gave me a kiss. Her lips tasted so sweet, and they were so soft. I could kiss her for hours. The she said she had to go and gave me her number and said to call her later and we could talk some more and get to know each other. I called about an hour and a half later and a guy picked up the phone, I asked him if Erin was home.

He didn’t really say anything and I heard him call to her. When she got on the phone, we talked for a little bit, I found out the guy was her boyfriend. She said they were in an open relationship and she had already told him about me. I didn’t really know what else to say to her about what I was feeling because I was nervous, I didn’t know what I was doing. We got off the phone and I went to bed thinking about how this party was going to be tomorrow.

After work I went home and had some dinner and took a shower so I could get ready, because I know she was going to be here to get me in a little bit. I really didn’t know what to wear to one of these things, so I dressed up a little besides I wanted to look sexy for Erin, so I put on my jean skirt that came to my mid thigh and was tight, and my top was a light brown velvet it was low cut so you could see my DD really well, and I had on some brown high heals.

It was a quarter to six and I heard a knock on the door, I opened it and seen Erin standing there, she looked so hot in her yellow spaghetti strap sundress; it came to just above her knees, she had on some flat white sandals. I could tell she was wearing a strapless bra and for what I could tell it didn’t look like she was wearing any panties.

We got in the car and she drove to the party. There was about 8 girls there and 5 guys. Now I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I guess Erin could tell I was nervous, because she grabbed my hand and looked at me and told me we were about to have a good time. Guess it’s a good thing tomorrow was Saturday and I didn’t have to work. She walked me into the living room and introduced me to everyone. I sat down on the couch and she went and got us a beer. I didn’t really like beer but I sure could use one right now. Everyone was pretty cool and down to earth.

Then they started to bring out the toys, from little ones to REALLY big one and all kinds of colors. Even had a few things for the men that were there, some of that stuff I had never seen before. They had everything from vibrators to nipple pump, whips and handcuffs. I didn’t know they even made that much stuff, which tells you how often I get out. We all had a lot of fun looking and talking about all the different toys and ways to please yourself and your partner.

It was getting a little late, so Erin and I headed back to my house. I poured us some wine and we sat on my couch just talking about the night and the things we ordered. We started to talk about the guy that answered the phone when I called her, she said his name was Kevin and he was her boyfriend and about how much he loves the fact she was into girls. I didn’t really know what to think about that because I don’t think I could ever share my man with another woman.

She just let me know how they work as a couple, he only fucks the girls she brings home and she does not fuck other men unless he brings them home for her. She said she loves to watch her man get off with another woman when she is there to help out. She then asked if she could call Kevin to come over, I told her yeah it was ok. I really wanted to be with her, I wanted to taste her and feel her skin against mine. He told her he would be over in a little bit.

She came and sat back down next to me and put my wine glass on the table, and gently put her hand on my face and had me look at her. She then kissed me; I was waiting all night for this kiss. She started to rub my breast and I let out a low moan, I put my hand on her thigh and she grabbed my hand and put it on her chest. Her breast felt great, they were soft and her nipples were hard. I could feel my panties getting so wet for all the excitement she was bring to me. She started to kiss down my neck and removing my top so she could lick my tits. I unhooked my bra and she smiled and started to kiss and lick my breast, my nipples were so hard it almost hurt. She stood up and took her dress off and was standing there in just her yellow lace thong. She was so amazingly sexy.

I heard a car door outside, then someone knocked on my door. It was Kevin so Erin went to answer it wearing just her thong. I was still sitting in just my skirt, now with my glass of wine back in my hand. He was gorgeous, he was about 6 foot tall, tan and you could tell he worked out some. He had dirty blond hair and green eyes, I had never seen eyes the color green as he had. Erin introduced us and I got him a beer and we sat and talked just for a min. Kevin took off his shirt and his body was so nice you couldn’t tell to well from the shirt he had on but looking at the two of them I was so turned on I thought my pussy was going to explode. He just sat over in the chair and let us sit o the couch.

She started kissing my neck again and had her hand between my legs rubbing my pussy over my panties, I was messaging her breast with one hand and the other was holding her face. She made me stand up so I could that my skirt off and she pulled my panties off and I took hers off. We were now standing in the middle of my living room naked in front of Kevin, I looked over to him and he was rubbing his cock over his pants, you could tell he was enjoying the seen. I lay down on the floor and she stared to rub my body and kissed it from head to toe. I wanted her to finger me and suck on my pussy but she was taking her time. She kissed the inside of my thighs and when she came to my wet pussy she looked at me and smiled. She opened my pussy lips and licked my clit. I moan it felt so good. She sucked on it hard and slid one finger in, then a second finger. I could see Kevin from where I was and he now had his big hard cock out and was jacking off. Erin started making her way up to my belly and then my breast. She kissed me and I could taste the sweet taste of my own juice, and I liked it, I wanted to taste her. I rolled her over to the floor and got on top of her. I kissed and sucked on her nipples. She had beautiful nipples, she moaned as I bit down just a little not to hard but not to soft. I made my way to her hot wet pussy, I was nervous because I was not sure I was going to do it right. I licked her pussy and stuck my tongue inside of her and played with her clit with my finger. She seemed to be enjoying what I was doing to her.

I heard Kevin get up from the chair, he wanted to see better I guessed. I was sucking and licking her pussy and I loved it she tasted like honey to me. Kevin leaned down and kissed his girlfriend as I was eating her out. She had his cock in her hand now, rubbing it. I got up and went into my bed room and got my vibrator and came back in the living room. She was still laying there kissing him and playing with his dick. I lay down next to her and she looked at me and I started to kiss her, I took my toy and turned it on and started to rub her pussy with it. I was still kissing her and she was rubbing his cock, he reached over and started to finger me, it felt so good. I had never thought I would be doing something like this. We both got up and she told Kevin to get back in the chair, we crawled over to him and I stared to suck his cock ad she laid down under me and licked and sucked my pussy. She took the toy and slid it deep into me, when she went deep I took his cock as far into my mouth as I could. He was so big and hard I wanted to feel his cock inside of me, but I didn’t want Erin to stop what she was doing it just felt so damn good. I lick from his shaved balls to the head of his thick cock, back down again taking his balls into my mouth and sucking on them. Then Erin came up next to me and we were both licking his cock and taking turns sucking his balls.

We lay back down on the floor and I took over playing with her pussy, I licked and sucked hard and fast, I could feel her clit get hard under my tongue. I slid the vibrator inside her hot wet pussy, she moaned as I slid it in and out of her. My ass was high in the air and I felt Kevin come up behind me and he started to rub my clit with his fingers and licked my ass. I moaned as she slid his tongue deep in my pussy. I stared fucking Erin faster with the toy as I could feel myself about to cum from all the enjoyment of everything going on. I took the vibrator out and started rubbing her ass hole with it, she liked it so I slid it in her ass slowly as I licked and sucked her pussy. Kevin was still behind me now fingering my ass; I wanted to feel his cock inside of me so bad.

Kevin put his big hard cock into my wet pussy and it felt so good, I started to suck on Erin’s clit harder the faster Kevin moved his cock in and out of me. I could tell Erin was getting more turned on because her man was fucking me. She got up and went behind him and I could feel her tongue licking his balls as he moved deep inside of me. I knew I was about to cum all over his dick. She started to play with my cit and he moved harder and faster, I felt my pussy get tighter around his cock as I exploded my juices all over him. Kevin pulled out and Erin and I moved out and licked my juice off of his cock. I lay down on my back and she moved on top of me kissing me, it was making me want more of the both of them. Kevin started to fuck her and his balls were hitting my pussy as he moved in and out of her. I could tell she was going to cum; she bit down on my neck as she came. Kevin just kept fucking her faster and harder, he pulled out his cock and we both sat up and licked his cock, he shot his hot cum all over our face’s and breast. Erin licked his cum off of my breast and lips, it was so hot. I cleaned her up with my tongue and we both cleaned Kevin up. We all just laid on the floor till we could catch our breaths.

We got dressed and sat and talked for a few minutes before they had to go home. I walked them to the door and kissed them both, and watched them walk away. I wish the night didn’t have to end; it was one of the best nights of my life. I never thought I would have sex with a girl let a lone with two people at the same time. I went to bed that night thinking about my new sex experience. I really hope we will do that again, and soon.

Roses head lay on my shoulder in the darkened room. One side of my bed was empty. I smelled something wonderful. Fresh brewed coffee. I smiled and rubbed my eyes. I heard a noise and saw Debbie in the hallway. She looked in on us and informed me that breakfast would be ready in about twenty minutes. I rolled off the bed and stumbled into the shower. I ran the water and quickly shaved. I stepped in and was followed by my hybrid Asian goddess. Rose ran her arms around me and hugged me. I felt her tits against my back.

“How the hell is she already up and running?” Rose inquired.

“Damned if I know. I am having trouble if breathing after last night. Thank God it is an involuntary function.”

Rose giggled delightfully as she grabbed the soap and lathered my back. I turned her around and soaped her as well. The water felt good. We felt the blood begin to flow again properly. Rose reached up and kissed me lightly, “Good morning sweetheart.”

“Good morning to you.”

“Alright you two. Enough of that lovey, dovey, kissy garbage. There is food out here.”

“Food, did someone say food?”

We jumped from the shower, threw on robes and rushed to the table. Steaming hot Gevalia coffee greeted my nose and I sipped it quickly. Debbie had prepared a terrific breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and fresh baked sweet rolls. Little was said as three famished people dug in and polished it off in no time at all.

“That was delicious. I needed that,” I said as I leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly.

“I hope it helped. I wanted you to have a transfusion for you but they wouldn’t let me get what I needed at the pharmacy,” she smirked.

“I need another coffee and then you and I have to talk.”

“I’ll clean up the kitchen,” Rose offered.

We sat in the living room and I told her, “My lawyer Dave has already started on this. You are going to be completely protected. First things first, he is going to meet with you on Monday. He needs your marriage certificate and any bank statements. He needs the titles to the vehicles and any bills for the furniture and any other major purchases. I told him I was sure you could provide that but if you need more time, he will reschedule with you.

He is going to need you to sign some papers too. As soon as you do, he is going to court to get a restraining order to keep him away from you. We are going to box up his shit and have it ready to go. It will be out in the hallway the day he gets home. You will not be home when he gets back. He will be met and served the restraining order and divorce papers. He will then be instructed to clean out his personal items from the car and to leave the keys inside it. There will be a moving truck parked outside, in his name and paid for with his credit card. He will not be able to get into the apartment because Mike and Ann will be here at 11AM today to change the locks.

Since you have always paid the rent from your own bank account and the lease is in your name, he will be given a time limit to vacate the property. If he exceeds this, he will be trespassed off the property and charged. Your phone numbers are being changed next week and he will be instructed that he is to have no further personal contact with you. All communication with you must, from now on, go through your lawyer.”

“Rose, get over here please. Pinch me. No, pinch him. Tell me, this is real,” Debbie yelled.

“It’s real Debbie, I am as much in awe of this as you are, but I do know, this is real.”

“Mike and Ann should be here in a half hour. After they change the locks, we are going to pick up the boxes and stuff we need and get this shit done. Debbie, you tell us what to pack and it will be done in no time and then we can relax and enjoy the weekend. I have to make one adjustment over here. I was going to do it anyway and it will only take about 15 minutes. Then we are good to go. Does that sound like a plan?”

“I don’t know what to say. I mean less than twenty four hours ago, my life was in shambles. My marriage was over. All I had was a miserable existence to look forward to and now look at me. Everything is being taken care of far better than I would ever have thought to do too. My life has changed so fast and I have experienced things I only dreamed of. I slept better last night than any other night of my life. How am I ever going to repay you for all you have done?”

“No need for that my dear. No need at all.”

“You lying bitch! You didn’t sleep! You passed out from total orgasmic exhaustion,” Rose laughed.

“That I did! Oh fuck me, that I did,” Debbie chuckled.

“Fuck you? We did that already. We’re going to do it again too,” I said with a straight face. “Again and again.”

Debbie leaned over and kissed me. The stress was gone. I saw a new woman, filled with a renewed spirit and smiling broadly. Rose and I got up and got dressed.

Mike and Ann, the building owners arrived, and the locks were changed quickly. I filled Mike in on the details and Ann consoled Debbie. They left and we drove over to the local moving center to buy boxes, tape and all that good stuff. Debbie’s hatchback fit the bill as my Corvette certainly didn’t.

We brought everything into Debbie’s apartment and she started directing what went and what stayed. I brought the wardrobe boxes into her bedroom and put them together.

I had packed all of his clothes when a knock came at the door. Debbie answered it and I heard the familiar click, click, click of Wendy’s stilettos. She invariably wore heels no matter what she had on. Of the three, Wendy was the youngest, probably in her late 20′s. She was also the tallest standing somewhere around 5′ 7″. She has shoulder length honey blonde hair, firm breasts, a toned slender frame and long, shapely legs. I only saw her in the hallway and she was very pleasant whenever we had spoken. I knew that she turned heads everywhere she went. Her husband Jason, I’ve been told, is a hopeless drunk. I barely knew him.

Rose and Debbie were in the living room when Wendy arrived. She did not know I was in the bedroom packing Paul’s clothes. Wendy took a couple of steps into the apartment and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Are you moving?”

“I’m not but Paul sure as hell is,” Debbie went on to explain what had happened and what had been set in motion to protect her.

“Tell me what to pack and we’ll get this done,” Wendy said. “I tried to call you Rose last night but you weren’t home.”

“I was with Debbie and we didn’t pick up the phone all night. Debbie was upset and I wanted to calm her down and cheer her up,” Rose smiled.

Wendy started packing, “I guess that Holly woman is back again. Damn that woman is loud. He has to be a mechanical fucking machine. I mean that woman was screaming all night long. How can one guy fuck like that?”

Rose looked at Debbie, “Wow I didn’t hear a thing. I thought it was very quiet last night. Did you hear anything Debbie?”

“Not really, I was kinda preoccupied. I wasn’t paying attention to much other than trying to breathe and feel better. I cried too much last night and then I started to feel wonderful and I was focused on that.”

I had opened the bedroom door and saw that Wendy was standing with her back to me. The girls could see me and I don’t know how they kept straight faces.

“He got me so fucking wet again last night. My pussy has been dripping ever since. I mean, I am a good looking girl. Guys want to sleep with me all the time. What the fuck do I have to do to get him to screw me like he screws Holly?”

I quietly walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Keep packing!”

Rose and Debbie burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Wendy spun around and the shock on her face was priceless. She was speechless. She actually began to babble until finally, she started making sense again.

“Wow, I am so embarrassed. I didn’t know you were here. I never would have ever said anything. I am so sorry. I really am. Oh my God, I am so embarrassed. How can I ever make it up to you?”

“Would it help you if I spoke slower? Keep packing Wendy. When everything is packed up, I am going to make the most delicious, sensuous, mind blowing love to you. After that, I am going to fuck you senseless. Do you understand what I just said?”

Wendy just stood there with her mouth opened, starring at me in total disbelief. “What about, uh wait, wait, where is Holly?”

“Holly is in Boca Raton. You saw her leave here last Sunday.”

“But, but, but.” The coin dropped and she spun first on Rose and then Debbie, “You bitch! You cunt! That was you two last night!” She glared at her two friends as they smiled back at her so sweetly. She almost formed another sentence but instead, turned and walked into my arms. With a burning fire in her eyes, she looked at me and kissed me dramatically. “You are so right Mr. Fuck Machine! You definitely are. You owe me! You fucking well owe me the best screwing I’ve ever had and then some! You son of a bitch! You have had my sweet pussy so wet all week I can hardly walk.”

“Rose, what did I tell you? I can get in trouble without doing anything. Let’s get this place packed up now.” I smacked Wendy’s ass as I turned and walked back into finish packing.

“I want details, all of the details. Ohmigod! Don’t leave anything out. When Rose? Ohmigod! When did you? I can’t believe this. I really can’t believe this. Ohmigod!”

Rose brought her up to speed and so did Debbie.

“I can’t wait. Let’s get this done. Hurry up, will you, Ohmigod!” Wendy whispered.

I finished in the bedroom. The ladies were doing the same in the rest of the place. I went back to my place got my dolly and began to stack the boxes in one corner of the living room. Debbie wasn’t going to have to be dodging them until they were out of there. It also would make it easier for me to get them into the hall on the day Paul returned. When this was done, I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 4PM. No wonder I was getting hungry.

“Ladies, I have a question for you. Does everyone like lobster and shrimp?”

They all enthusiastically claimed that they loved it. Then, almost in unison told me they didn’t want to go out to dinner. Seems they had plans that didn’t involve leaving the house.

“Debbie, you think you had a treat last night,” Rose laughed. “Not only is he a chef but he is also a baker and if you think he can make love, you ain’t seen anything yet.”

“What scares me is that I am going to eventually wake up and find out that this is just the best wet dream I ever had. I don’t want that to ever happen,” Debbie said.

Wendy looked at me, “We’d rather stay here for dinner.”

“Good, I would too! You finish up and I’ll go and start dinner.” I went back and began prepping everything I needed.

My front door opened and Wendy walked into the kitchen. She stopped a few feet from me and just stood there looking at me. She had a funny expression on her face and I was unsure how to read it.

“Obviously, you have something you want to say. I think it is safe to say that no matter what, I won’t be upset.”

“The girls just told me something about you that really surprised me. No, let me rephrase this, it actually shocked me.”

“What were you told?”

“Well, I was told that you would not fuck a woman until you had made love to her first.”

“That shocked you? I can’t imagine why it would.”

“I am twenty eight years old. I think I am attractive. I get hit on all the time and I just ignore it. Men want to fuck me. They want me to suck their cocks and ram their dicks in me, cum and then they are gone. I’ve been married to a drunken asshole for five years. He has only made me cum twice and that was because he was too drunk to do his usual, cum and pass out. I’ve had less than ten orgasms from a man in my entire life. I have never been made love to. I know how to fuck but I have no idea how to make love. Will you teach me how to make love?”

“I can’t teach you how to make love. I can make love to you. I can show you the warmth and the tenderness you obviously are craving but I can’t teach you how to make love to a man. That is something that flows from your heart, not your pussy. If you want me to make love to you, you must know that it will not be slam, bam, thank you ma’am. That is not who I am. Making love is an exploration filled with many things. Every woman is different. What Rose enjoys is different than what Debbie needs. Your wants will be different from theirs. When we make love, I will be discovering the little things that you like. You will show me what you want and what you don’t. You won’t even know that you are doing it but I will know. That way, when we make love, it will be unique to you and only you. How you respond to me is up to you. On that score, I have no doubt that becoming intimate with you will be a journey into total ecstasy on my part. It is, after all, something I have wanted for a very long time.”

“It has been? You have wanted me too? I wish you had said something. I have to tell you something, don’t laugh at me please.”

“I won’t laugh.”

“What you just said to me is the sexiest thing I have ever heard in my life. No man has ever said anything as sweet to me in my life. If you let me, I am a fast learner.” Wendy walked into me with a warm, loving embrace. I held her in my arms and felt her melt into me. We hugged each other tight, not wanting to let go.

The door opened and Debbie laughed. “Pay up Rose, they still have their clothes on.”

We burst into laughter and I went back to work in the kitchen. Debbie set the table and Rose straightened up the bedroom. Rose was becoming used to the little secrets my designers had fitted me with. She came into the kitchen and asked where the refill was for the oil. I told her and she took care of it for me.

“Wendy, are you going to be okay down here with Jason upstairs?” Debbie asked.

“I should go make sure. Once he’s drunk, he passes out for hours.”

I cracked up when Debbie yelled, “Barkeeper, massive pass-out beverages for the lovely lady, chop, chop!”

I went to the bar and began to make us all drinks. Dinner was going to be about a half hour and I had plenty of time.

“Make them right this time, my love,” Rose demanded.

“Got it covered darling. One of these and he won’t wake up till morning.”

Wendy left with the drink and I went back to the kitchen to make the whipped cream for dessert.

“You make your own whipped cream? Most of us just buy it.” Debbie asked.

“Deb, he is all about fresh and delicious,” Rose quipped.

“Oh you can say that again. He is fresh and delicious baby,” Debbie gushed.

Wendy came back smiling, “Well, he was pretty drunk and I gave him the drink. I know he won’t remember anything but I told him Debbie was really upset and that I was going to spend the night with her. He muttered something about the drink being delicious. I left and won’t see him until tomorrow unfortunately.”

“Unfortunately,” I inquired.

“Yes, unfortunately, I will have to see his useless ass tomorrow.”

“Oh, I was just checking. That’s all.”

Dinner was a hit. The wine was soothing and mood setting. Wendy walked around my place and commented on everything. She was admiring every piece of furniture when she opened a cabinet and started to giggle. Debbie came over and looked in as well.

“Rose, if he is ever too tired, we have enough porn in here to keep us cumming for a long time.”

“Oh, oh, I love porn! Let me see what’s there,” she said as she crossed the room.

“There is every kink you can imagine too. Look Rose, there is a whole section of bisexual flicks.” Debbie whispered.

“That doesn’t surprise me. Did you know he is bi too?” Rose stated.

“No, I had no idea. Wow, is that hot or what?”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself,” Rose agreed.

I made more drinks and walked over to the cabinet where the girls knelt. “See anything you want to watch?”

They giggled and said they were going to watch it all over time. I leaned over and hit one more hidden switch and the big screen TV rose up from behind the cabinet.

“Watch what you want, I’m going to be busy for a while. Feel free to join us too.”

I handed Wendy her drink and walked her down the hall.

Rose had prepared the room well. Everything was perfect. The lighting, the music, the massage oil had been refilled. She had prepared everything that she knew existed. There was much she was unaware of but all, in good time.

I took Wendy in my arms and held her. She rested her cheek on my shoulder and I felt her hands stroking my chest. I caressed her back delicately and became lost in the scent of her hair. My hand began to lightly touch her shoulder and neck. Her response was to hold me tighter. She seemed to enjoy my soft touch. I moved her hair and exposed her long, lovely neck which I gently kissed. Soft, sensuous kisses rained down on her sensitive neck as she shivered and quietly sighed. I traced the contour of her ear and she moaned loudly. I took her earlobe into my lips and her knees buckled. I felt her hands grasp my neck. Her lovely manicured nails scratched me delightfully.

I turned her lovely face up to me. Her sparkling blue eyes mesmerized me. I placed my hands on her face and lingered a kiss upon her forehead. Her eye lids turned up nose were next. Wendy inhaled sharply as I kissed her cheek and then her chin. I tilted her chin upwards and kissed the front of her neck.

“Oh, you are delicious, my sexy man. You are making me want you more than I already did. You are driving me wild and I love it.”

I kissed the front of her neck and began to slowly undo her silky, navy blouse. With each button, I kissed lower, slowly exposing her alabaster flesh. Wendy ran her fingers through my hair as button after button became undone. I kissed between her lovely, creamy, firm breasts while continuing. My face sank lower as her firm stomach became exposed. I pulled myself back up to those demanding eyes and kissed her lovely lips gently at first. I slipped the blouse from her delicate shoulders as the kiss became more demanding.

Wendy struggled to undo my shirt however she managed to despite her attempt to climb fully inside my mouth. Our bodies touched flesh to flesh and the temperature in the room rose fast. I deftly undid the clasp on her white linen skirt which fell to the floor as she undid my trousers. Her slender hips pressed against mine. I felt the silkiness of her body nestled amid the strength of her desire. I picked her up and placed her on the bed. Clad only in thigh high stockings and her signature heels, her golden locks splayed enticingly as she lay amongst the pillows. I stood at the side of the mattress and got lost in the vision before me.

“You are far lovelier than I ever envisioned. I’ve wondered, no, let me rephrase that. I’ve fantasized seeing you in this position for a very long time. Nowhere in my wildest dreams, did you look as spectacular as you do right this very minute,” I said honestly.

I sat beside her supine body and began to stroke her nakedness. Wendy reacted to my every touch. I, on the other hand, marveled in her tall, slender body with her astonishingly full, perfectly formed breasts, small areolas and long, hard nipples. Her stomach was flat with well defined muscles and her slender hips were positively perfect. Her long, stockinged legs were elegant, perfectly formed and so nice to see and touch. I ran my hands along her legs and onto her high heels.

“Oh, let me take these off. I don’t want to rip your bedspread.”

“Please leave them on. I have a confession to make. I can say this unabashedly. High heels and silky thigh highs are one of my fetishes. They turn me on completely.”

“I am so glad to hear you say that because they make me feel sexy. I like that you like that too. I love all things sexy. I love wearing lingerie and slut wear. It gets me so wet.”

“Like you need any help being sexy,” I laughed.

This woman was a walking wet dream but what struck me most was that she was completely shaved. Her pussy had lovely, full, mouthwatering lips. She sported a fantastic, long, gorgeous fat clit that just cried out to be sucked on for hours. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Wendy to be this spectacular.

I leaned into her and felt her arms circle me. I stroked her stomach and brought my hand up under her breast. I drew a line under one tit and then the other with my finger. I brought my hands up the side of her body and felt the fullness of her orbs against my palms. I did not grab her. I just felt her body gently. Wendy seemed to really love this.

“You weren’t joking earlier were you? You are making me feel so good. I love the touch of your hands. We have barely kissed and this has lasted longer than most of the sex I’ve ever had.”

I brought my face to hers and our lips touched. I pulled back and looked into her gorgeous eyes. She looked at me and then down to my lips. I did the same and this mating dance led to one of the exciting kisses I’ve ever experienced. She may never have been made love to before but she sure has given it a lot of thought. Our lips brushed lightly, parting softly as our touch lingered. Her lips opened and her soft tongue began to trace my lips. I closed my lips on her tongue and began to slowly suck it into my mouth. Wendy’s passion flamed and she drove her tongue deeper. I inhaled her with glee.

My hand caressed her stomach as our passion built. Her nails dug deeper and her desire increased with each stroke of my hand. I slid my hand up and finally held her firm breast. Wendy inhaled sharply driving her tongue deeper into my mouth. I cupped her breast, my palm gently resting on softly on her hard erect nipple. She moaned as the heat from my palm transferred to her nipple. I let my hand fall and felt the firmness of her. The soft flesh quivered at my touch. Our lips crushed each other while Wendy pressed her lovely orb harder onto my hand. I teased and pleased her other breast as deliciously as the first. She loved the feel of a strong man who was willing to take his time to bring out the woman in her.

My fingers ran lightly down her flat stomach. Her heated reaction excited her greatly. My hands fell onto her hips and down onto the top of her thighs. Her lovely legs enjoyed my every touch. I rolled her onto her stomach. As I expected, the backs of her legs thrilled to my touch. Wendy was blessed with a lovely ass which I ignored momentarily. My hands ran up her back and her soft moans were delightful to hear. My caressing of her shoulders and the back of her neck brought more soft moans. I moved her hair and brought my lips along her shoulders and onto her neck. Wendy enjoyed these feelings immensely.

“Do you know how good this feels? I have to tell you, I really love this. You have twenty-four hours to quit doing that,” she giggled.

I laughed and kissed her ear and she levitated off the bed. She spun her head into my lips and moaned so sweetly. I traced her ear again and was rewarded with more sweet, soft moans.

My strong hands traveled down her back to her waist. I bent forward and licked from her waist to her shoulders directly up her spine. She shrieked and bit the bedspread. Her moans were much more intense. As I brought my hands down her back, my tongue followed along her spine. She was becoming ignited as my hands began to massage her lovely ass. I kneaded her cheeks and spread them slightly. My tongue drifted lower into her spread ass cheeks. My wet tongue lingered as I kissed and licked her beautiful butt. My face fell lower and my tongue drew wet circles around her tiny, puckered rosebud.

“Oh, oh you spectacular man. This is wonderful. Oh so wonderful. I would never imagine how good this would feel. Your tongue is making me wild. Oh God, I love this.”

I flattened my tongue and brought it over her bud and Wendy went wild. She put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks for me. I licked her delicious ass delicately.

“I’ve never felt anything like this. I don’t ever want this to quit. Oh yes, oh please don’t stop. I can’t get enough of your hot tongue.”

I stiffened it and began to press my tongue into her tight, sweet ass.”

“Fuck, this is unreal. Your tongue is in my ass. This is fucking wild. I love this. Oh I love this. More, I’d like more please. Oh yes, push it in deeper. Uh, uh. Oh fuck me, this feels so good.”

The more I pushed, the wider she spread her ass. My tongue sank deeper and deeper and her moans and words melded into unintelligible utterances of desire. I rolled her over and was greeted by her spectacular lovely pussy. Her lips were works of art and I partook of the pleasures of the art world hungrily. Wendy was flowing like a river and I was thirsty. I licked slowly but lovingly as I pulled her lips apart and reveled in the flood. My eyes were focused on the largest clit I think I had ever seen. My tongue and lips drinking her lust as fast as I could. Wendy was moaning and thrashing with each pass of my tongue. She grabbed the bedspread and hung on tightly. I teased while she squirmed. My nose grazed her meaty clit and she yelled loudly.

“Oh my Lord. Yes! Ohmigod! Oh yes! Oh that is so good. Oh damn, you are amazing. Oh yes dammit. I’ve only dreamed, only dreamed, oh, yes! Ohmigod!”

My lips closed over her expansive, delicious clit and Wendy launched into low earth orbit. I just covered it. I hadn’t even begun to please it, yet she was hugely turned on. I allowed the ultra-smooth underside of my tongue to graze the surface of her clit. The sensation electrified Wendy and I repeated it several times. I closed my lips over her and began to gently lick and suck. Her fantastic clit felt wonderful in my mouth. Her length and thickness filled my mouth. My tongue began to stroke that super-sensitive undercarriage. Wendy lost her mind. She screamed and begged for more. I bathed the hood of her clit with soft, feather like touches of my tongue. I allowed my upper lip to cover her hood while my tongue began a delicious journey under her and toward the tip. Her not so little cock begged and screamed for more.

“Don’t ever stop! Don’t you ever! Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Ohmigod! Oh shit! This is heaven! I love this, don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop! You can do this for the rest of my life. Nothing has ever felt like this! Ohmigod! I’m going to cum. Oh yes I am! I’m cumming; I’m cumming, Oh FUCK YES! I’M CUMMING!”

I did not change my pace. I kept up the same, gentle stroking under her clit. Wendy had only begun to cum and I wanted this to be memorable for her. Her long, manicured fingers stroked my hair as my soft tongue brought unending waves of pure erotic pleasure to this lovely woman. She was moaning wildly. Her orgasms never quit. Each orgasm was a little harder and deeper than the last. This gorgeous woman had told me she had never been made love to and I was not going to let her down. I kept that same gentle pace going and Wendy kept cumming.

Wendy was as wet as a woman could be. With each gentle lick, her flow increased. Pussy this sweet should be illegal. If she thought she was the only one loving this, she would certainly be wrong.

Wendy was beyond out of control. Several more strokes of my tongue and she wrapped her legs around my neck and flooded my face with the most luxurious river of pure sweet liquid lust.

I kissed her inner thighs softly and kissed my way up to hold her in my arms. She held me tight in her arms as I kissed her cheeks and the front of her neck. My lips trailed down and I took a nipple in my mouth and she squealed deliciously. Wendy began to regain her breath and I kissed her deeply. I rolled her into my arms and she wrapped her leg around me.

I felt her drenched pussy against my hard cock. Her body heat felt so nice against me. Wendy shifted and I felt myself glide between her hot legs. She kissed me heavily and clamped her legs tight on my hard cock. I fell between her luscious pink lips and began to slide between her clenched legs. I ran my hands through her hair as we kissed hungrily. Her smoldering lips were demanding and I responded enthusiastically. Wendy held my face and the passion this kiss created was wonderful.

My hard shaft split her puffy lips and rode over her fabulous clit. She moaned loudly. Wendy rolled onto her back as I mounted her. I ran my cock the length of her sweet slit again.

“Make sweet love to me. Please love me and make me feel so good. I want you inside me. Fill me baby. Give me what I need,” Wendy whispered.

I looked into Wendy’s sparkling blue eyes as my cock slid into her lovingly. She was tight and wet. Her soft, velvet glove wrapped itself around my hardness. I felt her tighten on me as our eyes never broke contact. I stroked her face as I slid into her further. No words were spoken. I began to stroke in and out of her as our lips met in a wonderful union. Wendy’s long nails scratched along my back. My hips began to set a steady rhythm which she was enjoying immensely. My hips increased its pace and Wendy rose to meet my every stroke. I felt her close on me as I sank deeper. She clamped down as I began to piston into her with vigor. I bent and took one very long, hard nipple into my lips and tugged playfully. Wendy moaned delightfully, arching her back and forcing her lovely breast into my face. My cock grew and sank deeper and deeper. She moaned. She yelped. She shrieked as my hard cock hit her cervix.

“Oh you feel so good inside me. This is wonderful. Please fuck me harder darling. Ram me with your love and make me cum so hard. I want to cum on your cock. Oh this is better than anything I ever imagined. Fuck me, fuck me dear. I want to feel you flooding my pussy with your hot cum. I’ve dreamed of this. I need this now more than you know. I love the feel of your cock my love. Fuck me, fill me, flood me and never let me go.”

Her words drove my desire and I did fuck her harder, faster and deeper. I began to ravage her tight twat and she loved it. My hips became a blur. My cock was slamming into her, over and over again. I felt her tense as did I. She grabbed my head and kissed me relentlessly. I felt her climax and my hips began to go wild. I stroked her through that orgasm and right into the next. My passion was matched by this blonde goddess, stroke for stroke.

I felt my own begin to build, not only in speed but intensity. My legs began to quiver and my hips slammed as deep as possible. My breathing became ragged I felt my balls lift high as I started to fill her tight pussy with my sweet sperm. Wendy felt my cock twitching and she rode me hard as a fountain of sperm flooded her tight pussy. I felt her long legs wrap around me and hold me tight. I twitched, she clamped and we just held each other tight.

Wendy looked up into my eyes and smiled the whitest, broadest smile. We held each other as our bodies unwound. My cock was softening inside her hot pussy. Our hands caressed, our lips nibbled and kissed. The room had the scent of love.

“I told you I had never been made love to before. I thought that was accurate when I said it. Now, I know without any question in my mind. If what we have just done is making love, no one has ever come close to that. I’ve never experienced anything as lovely in my life. Thank you.”

“Thank you too,” I said as I kissed her yet again. “You are welcome. You are also welcome here anytime you want. I hope you think of this as a beginning. I don’t want you to feel that this is over. If you want, then this is the beginning of something special and sweet.”

“I’ve wanted to know you for a long time and apparently, you have wanted me as well. After last weekend, we all want you more than you’ll ever know.”

“Wendy definitely has that right,” Rose commented. “We do want you, now, tomorrow and beyond.”

Wendy and I looked over at the two overstuffed easy chairs and two, very naked and very lovely ladies sat, smiling.

“Rose was right. Watching you make love is spectacular. I came three times just watching,” Debbie laughed.

“I never heard you come in. I had no idea you were here,” I said.

“Wendy, if you think what you’ve just experienced was lovely you should have seen it from our perspective. Watching you two make love definitely got my juices flowing,” Rose said. “From experience hon, Debbie and I can tell you only one thing. This is just the beginning. Speaking of juices, you’re overflowing Wendy!”

With that, Rose walked over to the edge of the bed and knelt between Wendy’s dangling legs. Rose dove into her luscious twat. She began to lick and suck my cum from her pussy. Debbie walked to me and knelt, taking my semi-stiff cock between her lips. She began to lick and suck me clean. Wendy caressed my leg while Debbie sucked my now extremely hard cock. I kissed her tenderly as Rose reveled in our combined flavors flowing from her juicy cunt.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Wendy said as she looked at our two kneeling wenches. “I’m going to cum again Rose. Oh fuck, I am going to fucking cum again. I don’t want this to ever stop. FUCK this is so good.”

Wendy arched her back and delivered the balance of my sperm onto Rose’s waiting tongue. Rose was definitely hungry and she gobbled it all up. Her face was slippery with our combined lust but she didn’t care one bit. Rose loved it and she made no bones about it.

Debbie looked up at me, my cock deep in her mouth and her eyes glistened with delight. I felt her tongue deliciously stroking the bottom of my cock. She saw me smile broadly and knew she was making me so very happy. She swallowed me deeply and caressed my nuts warmly. Her angelic face wrapped around me was one of life’s most precious treasures.

I reached for her shoulders and gently pulled her up to me. She straddled my legs and I felt her descent onto my hard shaft. Debbie put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Her warmth was exciting and I loved being inside her. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide. Her tiny rosebud felt the fingers of my hand press onto it firmly. I held her tightly and began to rock her as she sat, impaled on my lap. She began to ride me wildly. I leaned over and took her felt nipple in my mouth. Wendy leaned over and repeated my actions on her right tit. I felt my hands being moved from her ass. Rose knelt and began licking Debbie’s hot asshole. Debbie went insane. She screamed and rode me like a Brahma Bull. She began to cum and cum copiously. Everyone kept pleasing her and she continued to cum.

“Oh fuck this feels so good. More, I want more! Yes! Your cock! Oh your lovely delicious cock, fuck me with your cock you fantastic bastard! Lick my asshole! Oh yes! My ass, my ass, oh fuck, oh fuck! I love you all! I love you! I love! Ohmigod!”

Debbie collapsed on my chest, spent. I lifted her off me and laid her on the bed. Wendy and I caressed her as Rose began to clean my cock with her delicious oriental mouth. When she had licked all of Debbie’s flow from me, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, “I love you.”

I helped her onto the bed and kissed her warmly and deeply.

Breathless words came from another galaxy, “That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

We all laughed at Debbie as she attempted to re-enter low earth orbit.

“I need a drink,” I said as headed to the bar. “It’s time for a change of pace.” I looked back into the bedroom and saw a trio of gorgeous that was breathtaking. I stopped, turned around and looked again. This was not a trio. It was my trio. I made a mental note to send Holly three dozen long stemmed red roses first thing Monday morning.

I pulled out four large Manhattan glasses and filled them with ice. I made the drinks and took them back into the bedroom and handed them around. Wendy took a sip and asked me what this was.

“Those, my lovelies, are Snake Bites. Let them really chill. They are much better once the ice does its thing.”

Debbie took a sip and asked, “Okay, what is in this. It is delicious?”

“It is very simple really, fifty percent Amaretto and fifty percent Southern Comfort and just the tiniest splash of water. Let it chill for a bit and look out. I love these things.”

“Look out,” Rose inquired.

I just giggled.

I climbed back onto the bed and Wendy snuggled next to me.

“I, for one, have several things to say. Rose, you’re a total bitch. I love you to death but I also want to gouge your eyes out. You have had this guy for almost a week longer and that just isn’t fair. It’s just not fair. Debbie, I am so sorry what’s happening in your life. There is an upside though. You’ve been friends for a long time. If this shit hadn’t happened to you, you wouldn’t be here right now. So, technically, I am glad that it happened,” Wendy said.

“So am I Wendy, so am I,” Debbie smiled as they clicked their glasses.

“Now, if I could only get rid of that fucking asshole upstairs, I’d be so very happy too. And you, you son of a bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you? You’ve admitted that all this time, you’ve secretly wanted all of us. Why? Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Well, unlike a lot of guys, I don’t just walk up to a pretty woman and tell her I want to fuck her. I know guys who do. Hell, my best friend has done that, successfully, I might add, but that is not me. Wendy, you have lived upstairs from me all this time. A freaking blind man would know you are gorgeous. You are married. I didn’t know your circumstances. I just knew that you were. Debbie has been the only one here who ever took the time to become a friend. Yes, I knew there was a mutual attraction, but again, she is or should I say was, in one of the worst marriages I’ve ever seen. I was a shoulder to cry on and I accepted that. Don’t even get me started on Rose. I didn’t even know her freaking name until this Monday. She would not even look at me. Hell, if it wasn’t for Holly, none of you, with the possible exception of Debbie would be here right now. Whose fault is that?”

“It is your own damned fault! Damn you,” Debbie exclaimed as she reached over and waved my dick in the air. “If we had known how talented you are and particularly with this, we would have all been here years ago.”

Three women raised their glasses cheerfully, “Here, here.”

I started laughing when Rose blurted, “Fuck me, this drink is making me horny.” She threw her face across the bed and landed it right on my cock that Debbie was unconsciously still waving.

“Debbie, I told you she was a lying bitch. She doesn’t need a drink to be horny for him. Look at her go on that cock. Mmm suck it girl. Suck it all the way but save some for us,” Wendy cooed.

“I don’t know about you Wendy but this fucking drink works. I am hornier than a tree frog.” Debbie threw me down on the bed and dropped her pussy onto my lips. My tongue entered her hot pussy and I fucked her tight twat with my hard tongue.

Wendy attacked her tits and was biting and sucking furiously. My hands wandered over Wendy’s pussy and her ass. She loved it when my fingers circled her tight asshole. I traced her sweetly, softly and deliciously. I heard Wendy inhale and felt her arch her back as she relished my tender touch.

Rose was so intent on sucking my cock that she was actually ignoring her own orgasms. Rose was a fantastic cocksucker. I never wanted her to quit. Her lips were like orchids, delicate and sweet. Her desire was raw and wanton. Everything about this woman was astonishing and lovely.

Wendy bit Debbie’s tit hard and she yelped. Wendy bit harder and Debbie ground her pussy harder and harder onto my face. My face was soaked and she was flowing profusely. I never thought my friend would taste this good. I never knew I would want her this much either. It never crossed my mind that she would want me like this either. Debbie came with resounding force. She rode my face into oblivion. It felt like I was standing beneath Niagara Falls, mouth open, unable to drink it all in. My face was wet, my hair drenched and I loved every moment of this.

Rose came one more time on my cock and she too, collapsed on my hips. She licked her way up and kissed me deeply.

Wendy had disappeared only to return with refreshed beverages. “This recipe, I could do on my own,” she giggled. “They do make me horny as all get out. I like these…a lot.”

Everyone laughed and allowed the sweet drink to begin its work again.

I lay on my bed, regaining my strength, while three lovely naked women softly stroked me and tenderly kissed me. I shook my head imperceptibly and thought that life was, indeed, good.

The music was nice, lighting seductive and the scent of these three women was highly intoxicating.

“If you are true to your word, you owe me something,” Wendy smirked.

“And exactly what would that be?” I asked.

“Earlier today, you said that after you made love to me, and I quote ‘I am going to fuck you senseless.’ I have to say you made such beautiful love to me. I am still reeling from that but now I definitely want you to fuck me senseless. I’ve never been this turned on in my entire life.”

I chuckled lasciviously and looked to both Rose and Debbie. They both cracked up hysterically. “Well, if that is what you want Wendy that is what you’re going to get!” Debbie exclaimed.

Rose came back laughing and handed us all more drinks. I knew I could get used to this.

Debbie walked over to the nightstand and pressed a switch. The concealed drawer opened and she retrieved the warmed oil and the brown bottles.

The girls went to lay Wendy down on the bed but I stopped them. I walked to the end of the bed and touched a concealed switch. A small motor was heard and the top end of the four poster bed began to extend.

I took Wendy to the end of the bed and placed her hands on the extended bar for support. I spread Wendy’s high heeled legs wide and knelt before her phenomenal clit. Wendy stood before me, arms high and wide, legs spread deliciously and her clit so invitingly protruding. I knelt in front of Wendy and began to lick her sweet folds. She loved being taunted and we were experts at doing just that. Debbie brought out the poppers and told Wendy what to do. She inhaled deeply and held it as my mouth covered her cock like clit, Wendy went wild. I sucked her and treated her exactly the way my own cock loved to be treated.

I looked at Rose and she and Debbie walked over to Wendy with the oil in their hands. Wendy and Rose began to oil her long, lean body. The effect of my lips and their hands was having a wonderful effect on Wendy. They oiled her and teased every inch of her luscious body. Her swollen clit filled my mouth and I sucked like there was no tomorrow. The girls began to oil her back and then her spectacular ass. I knew that Wendy loved her ass being touched and the girls were just discovering that right now. They took turns stroking up her cheeks and onto her rosebud. Wendy moaned loudly each time a finger passed over her. Wendy was holding the bar tight overhead as her glistening body was being stroked, massaged and sucked. Wendy’s clit had stiffened and she loved the sensations my lips and tongue brought.

Rose hit her again with the bottle and she inhaled deeply. The rush is instantaneous and so was her response. Debbie began licking her lovely nipples and Rose slipped between Wendy and the end of the bed. I’d already discovered that Wendy had a very responsive ass and the ladies were seeing that now too. She knelt and spread Wendy’s lovely cheeks. Wendy went wild as Rose began to lick her sweet ass. She pushed her clit hard into my mouth as Rose began to poke into her tight hole. I sucked her clit harder as Rose porked her sweet asshole. Wendy’s legs were failing her and she hung on for dear life. This orgasm began in the soles of her feet and traveled north exploding massively onto my loving tongue. None of us slowed. Debbie licked and pulled her taut nipples while Rose and I licked, and sucked wildly. Wendy was cumming so hard. She shrieked and squealed and her body released a river of cum onto my face. I drank her burst of love and savored every drop.

Rose and I stood. I wrapped my arms around Wendy to steady her. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

I reached over and hit another little switch and another motor was heard. All three women watched as a device slid out from beneath the bed. Once extended, it’s padded bar began to rise. I held a small device in my hand and I adjusted the height. I kissed Wendy deeply and then looked at Rose and Debbie. I instructed them to lie, side by side on the bed. They had no idea what I had planned but they did as I asked. I turned Wendy towards the broad padded bar that had risen from under the bed. I bent her across the bar and onto Rose and Debbie. I adjusted the height of the bar to accommodate her height and I walked into her. Wendy felt my cock slide between her legs and I entered her sweet pussy easily. She had fallen into a position to allow her to lick and suck both Debbie’s and Rose’s sweet breasts. The women all had access to each others body while I meticulously and lovingly fucked her tight twat.

“Oh yes, this feels so good. Ohmigod, this is delicious! Fuck me darling! Fuck my cunt! Yes! Oh Yes! Slide that delicious cock as deep as you can! I don’t want this to ever stop! Grab me, hold me, and fuck me baby! I’m cumming darling! Can you feel my pussy strangling your cock? Yes! FUCK ME!!! Fuck me hard baby! Oh YESSSSS!!! Don’t stop baby, fuck me forever, Ohmigod your cock feels so good!”

Wendy was cumming and cumming hard, she was biting nipples furiously. The girls were squeezing her tits and tugging her nipples and she was inflamed. I stroked her through countless mind blowing orgasms and she kept cumming. Her pussy clamped so hard on my cock that as I stroked out, I pulled her pussy with me. Wendy couldn’t get enough of my cock. I was so lost in lust from this fine woman. I slammed as deep as I could and she felt me bottom out. That set her into a massive, dramatic orgasm that rocked my world. I kept slamming her pussy and she lathered her love all over my cock. I slowed my pace and allowed her to calm. My cock slid from her and I began to touch her pussy and then her ass.

“My ass darling, will you fuck my ass? I’ve never been fucked in the ass. I want it, I really want it! I want every bit of your cock inside me. Please fuck me and make me whole,” she whimpered.

Rose told her what to do so she could take my cock in her virgin ass. She told her there would be pain but Rose assured her that I would be very gentle. Debbie told her that I would just get the head of my cock inside her and then stop to let her adjust to the size. Then she told her that I had to open her sphincter and that would hurt. She held the poppers in her hand and told her that these would definitely help. She also told her that once I was inside her, I would stop and let her get used to being stretched so far. Rose told her that once she was relaxed enough, that I would begin to give her the most amazing orgasms she had ever felt in her entire life.

Rose handed her her drink and she drank it all down. I readjusted the height of the bar and kissed her passionately.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

“I want this more than anything I have ever wanted. I want you. I want you inside me. Fuck my ass and love me. That is all I want,” she kissed me deeply and turned around.

My hands roamed over her body. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear while caressing her breasts and down to her stomach. My hard shaft slid between her legs and nestled tight between her perfect ass. Wendy moaned as she felt my staff and wiggled on it. She bent forward and I ran my cock up and into her sopping wet pussy. I stroked inside her several times and pulled out. I placed my head against her and she felt me apply some pressure. She moaned and I pressed a bit harder. She was well oiled and I watched as the head of my cock slowly opened her. I pressed forward and my cock head slid into the tightest place it had ever been. Wendy inhaled sharply and I stopped moving instantly. She relaxed and I pushed deeper. I stopped every half inch to allow her to adjust. I felt her ring touch the head of my cock.

Rose and Debbie were looking at me and I held up two fingers and they each opened their bottles. With a bottle under each nostril, Wendy inhaled a massive hit as I pressed slightly against her ring. She did as she was had been instructed and bore down hard. I felt her ass open. I slid the head of my cock a little further inside her. She screamed as the passage had begun. I stopped again while she adjusted and relaxed. Debbie came up behind me. She poured more oil over my cock and Wendy’s ass. She oiled my cock and leaned up and kissed me. While she massaged the oil onto my exposed cock, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, ‘I love you too’.

Wendy had relaxed again and Rose and Debbie gave her another long hit. My hips fell forward and I sank deeper inside her.

“My ass is so full, I want more. Fuck my sweet ass darling. Oh yes, more, I want more. This feels so good.”

I slid deeper and she took it all in. My newly oiled cock slipped in deeper and deeper until I was completely inside her. Her moans were historic and my thrusts began in earnest. Wendy was a gorgeous woman with a body that wouldn’t quit before, but now, with my hard cock inside her ass, she was fast becoming a gorgeous anal slut with an insatiable appetite for cock in her ass.

“Ohmigod, nothing has ever felt this good! Fuck my ass hard my love! Fuck me, fuck me, and don’t ever stop this! Uh, YES! YES! Oh Fucking YES!”

Debbie climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of Wendy’s face. Wendy dove into her pussy and began to lick and suck her wildly. Rose came behind me and I felt her tiny hands cup my balls as I fucked Wendy’s wanton asshole. My cock was picking up a furious pace as Wendy wanted more and more of me. Wendy began to cum and as expected, this was a spectacular orgasm. Her arms flailed against Debbie and her legs buckled. The only thing holding her up was the bar and Debbie’s pussy. She was in orgasmic heaven and she loved it. Rose’s hand fueled my fire and I drove deeper and faster into Wendy. She met my every thrust with sweet moans and wails. Her body was in full convulsion and I began to slow. I stopped my thrusts and she came back to earth. Her heart was racing, her pussy pulsing and her ass gripped my cock passionately.

I helped Wendy up and she turned into me. “You are the most caring, wonderful lover I have ever known. I have no idea how you do the things you do but I am not going to let you go. I know now what has been missing in my life. I know that there has been a hole in my heart my entire life. I now know that it has been filled.”

With that, she sank to her knees and took my throbbing cock in her hands. She lightly touched and felt my shaft. Her fingers caressed and traced the head and over the crown. She drew a delicate line over my slit. Her hands sank lower to fondle my extremely hard shaft. She never broke eye contact with me in her journey of exploration.

Wendy held my balls delicately, feeling the softness of my scrotum. With a single finger under the crown, she pressed it hard against my stomach. Her lips, tongue and mouth began to lavish my balls with her hot, desire. She licked over my balls and sucked each one into her unstoppable mouth. Her tongue licked and loved my shaft on her upward journey. I felt her tongue reach the purple bulb at the head and she licked it all over. A large dollop of precum rested atop and she licked it and relished it on her lips. She took me into her mouth and began to suck me deliciously. She looked up at me as she held my cock slid between her lovely lips with pure wanton desire in her eyes. Wendy kept looking as her head inhaled my length. I felt myself ride along her soft, moist tongue as I descended into her face. Her tongue stroked me as she sucked me. I grabbed the overhead bar and just hung on. Wendy may not have had a wealth of experience but she sure had a natural talent which I was definitely the beneficiary of.

As her mouth worked on my cock, Rose and Debbie hugged, kissed and watched as our friend and lover sucked my cock deliciously.

Wendy fell fully onto my staff and she gagged a bit as I hit the back of her throat. Rose leaned over and Wendy took another hit. I took the bottle and took a long pull myself. Wendy attacked my hardness with a renewed gusto and I reeled in the feelings she was bringing. Her mouth was so warm, so fluid and so wonderful. Her tongue attacked the underside of my cock and I loved every motion I felt. Her tiny hands held my balls as her face loved my cock. I hit the back of her throat again and she just held my cock still. I felt her relax and then fall forward as I entered. She moaned over my cock and I held very still. She adjusted quickly and I began to slowly fuck her face. She grabbed my ass and set a rhythm which I followed. She took me in completely and raised her eyes to mine.

The sight of this pretty blonde with her lips stretched wide over my cock set me off. I began to fuck her face faster and she swallowed every last inch. I felt it building, and boy did it build. I was quickly losing it as her delicate mouth began to drain me. I began to shake and my stomach constricted. My body was totally in her control as she sucked and pulled me into a fantastic release. Wendy sensed its pending arrival and that simply ignited the craving she felt. Her hands spread my cheeks wide and her fingers slid over my tight ass. Her mouth inhaled me deeply as I moaned and began to shoot. She pulled me out of her mouth and watched as I began to cum onto her face, her tits, her lips and then copiously flooding her mouth with my hot, sweet seed. She was completely covered in cum. She sucked and licked and giggled and sucked some more. She looked at me and smiled. Her cum laden smile was so delightful, so loving and so sexy.

Rose and Debbie joined her and they began to lick my cum from her face, her neck and her breasts. Wendy, still caressing my shaft, moaned as the girls tongues tickled and teased. Debbie leaned over and sucked the head of my cock, licking a drop from the tip. Rose, not to be outdone, licked my shaft and then Wendy fed her my cock. Rose sucked me deeply. Wendy pulled me from her mouth and fed me to Debbie yet again. I held the overhead bar as the three spectacular women touched, stroked and sucked me deliciously. Their need was strong but their greed was stronger. I was definitely a very lucky man.

“That was one hell of a blowjob. I don’t know who taught you that but if I ever find out, I’m nominating them for a Nobel Prize. Ohmigod! Wendy, you are amazing. I’m going to give you 20 years to quit feeding my cock to these two as well. This is so erotic. Don’t stop.”

She giggled, “I’ll feed them as long I have some for me too.” With that, she sucked me in again. Life was definitely good.

“I need a drink,” I said. “Anyone know what time it is?”

We determined that it was just 9 PM and I asked if I was the only one who was getting hungry. I ordered Chinese and poured some drinks. I told the girls that there were robes in my closet. They went in and came out wearing lovely, sexy, silk robes.

“I just saw these in a catalog I got this week. They said it was a new design. How do you have this already?” Wendy asked.

“Oh, I have an in with the manufacturer. They send me things to get my opinion. I don’t get much but some things I like to have on hand. This is exactly why I have them. They do look great on all of you. I’ll be sure to let them know I approve.”

“You definitely are an amazing man.” Debbie purred. “Is there anything you don’t think of?”

“Lots sweetheart, there are lots of things I’m not on top of.”

“Well, as long as you are on top of us, we will be very happy,” Rose quipped.

The food arrived and it was good as usual. I sat at the table and just looked at the lovely women who had come into my life. In my wildest imagination, I never thought of this scenario. I often wondered if Debbie and I might get together. Rose and Wendy had never crossed my mind. Yet here I sat, with three, truly elegant women. Each one a beauty in their own right and they had wanted me as well. Years ago, I made a decision to just let life happen and try to stay out of trouble. It seems to have been a good decision now.

“After I am finished, I had better get dressed and go and see if the moron is still passed out. He should be gone until morning. I just wish now, that he would be gone forever. I don’t know what I ever saw in him. I really don’t,” Wendy said.

I took a bite of food and stated, “Personally, I think you shouldn’t be able to get a marriage license until you are at least thirty. Call me crazy, but there are so many mistakes made in the early stages and they can affect you for the rest of your life. I’ve seen too many of my friends hurt. That is why I am never getting married,” I stated and looked to see any reaction of that from the ladies. I saw something as their eyes dropped to their food. I wasn’t sure what it was but I can be pretty thick at times. “I do know one thing though; I am loyal to the ones I love. I don’t need a piece of paper to love someone, or someones.”

Three sets of smiling, sparkling eyes looked up at me. Debbie looked at me, pleadingly, “Does that mean that this doesn’t have to be just a one time thing?”

“What? Are you talking about you and me, or are you talking about the four of us.”

There was a brief awkward silence and Debbie said, “All of us, together.”

I began to laugh, “Only if you three will have me. That choice is not up to me. That is up to the three of you. You are here and I am happy. That should answer your question.”

A chorus of ‘that works for me’ was heard and smiles were bright and happy.

“I just want to make one thing clear. I will not pick favorites. To me, you are all equal, equally beautiful and equally desirable. That is the only thing I need to know. If you all understand that, then I think we can have a wonderful time.”

“A wonderful time is great. What would you think if we changed that to a wonderful life?” Rose inquired.

I just smiled.

“Teach me how to make those killer Rum Runners please. The night is young and I am not through with you yet!” Wendy exclaimed as we all burst into fits of laughter.

When she got back, she was giggling. He woke up just as she came in. She handed him the pitcher and he was so happy. She said she told him again that she was spending the night with Debbie and that tomorrow; they were going shopping and out to dinner. She told him she would be very late getting home tomorrow night. He was passed out again by the time she left.

I sat in the living room with a lovely woman on each side of me and one kneeling at my feet. The afterglow of this afternoon’s lovemaking was sweet. The music filled the background and their combined floral scents filled the air. The soft locks of the two heads on my shoulder felt so nice. Their hands roamed my chest and legs. I loved the feel of their nails tracing my flesh. Everything was soft, gentle and perfect.

“Debbie, Rose, I have a question for you. Am I the only he’s made love to like that?” Wendy inquired.

“Hey, I can hear you, you know.”

“Hush you, well, am I?

“No Wendy, when he made love to me, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced,” Rose purred.

“Same here hon,” Debbie cooed as she nuzzled my neck. “I can’t believe it was only last night, but I do know this. I want to feel that same feeling again and again.”

“Just so I have this right, afterward, he fucked your brains out just like he did me?”

“Oh yeah he did, totally and completely. I was so mind fucked I couldn’t even move,” Debbie blurted. “I was in such a state when I came in here to talk to him and a few hours later, only one thing mattered to me. That was my total and complete need for oxygen.”

Monday night is my favorite night of the week. That’s because Monday is game day. Every Monday from seven to eleven our club meets in the ballroom in the rec center to play board games, card games, night games or even console games. I’m game master of the club, and own forty-six of the seventy plus board games we play and know how to play almost all of them. My roommate, roommate to be, and friends all come play with us, and our club has been nominated for club of the year on campus. We usually get twenty to thirty people every Monday and have special events from time to time.

The president of our club is Jennifer and I’ve had a crush on her since my freshman year from going kayaking with her. She taught me, mostly anyway, how to do an Eskimo roll in the kayak. That’s where you flip over in a kayak so your torso is underwater and you turn it back over using only your body and the paddle for torque without getting out. Learning is a bit of a challenge given that the whole time you try and practice it you are forced under water and either have to succeed, be helped to turn over by someone, or panic and swim out filling the kayak with water. Jennifer helped to turn me over many, many times and I’m not sure even then how much I kept her there to help me or just to have her there.

Being in her swimsuit, in a tight bikini top I couldn’t help but notice how good she looked. She had medium long hair, tight stomach, good-sized tits, and a beautiful face with an almost constant smile or laugh. She actually was sort of a tomboy and despite her good physique she wore swim trunks and played as rough as the other guys in the pool. She would ram your boat and tip you over if you let her and was one of the first picks for polo. Given she goes to an engineering school where the ratio is at best 3:1 guys I guess you sort of have to play rough to be good. Unfortunately she was a year older and I was far to shy at the time to do anything but enjoy her company and after the kayaking sort of fizzled I lost contact with her for almost a year.

Seeing her again at the club presentation day last fall I immediately joined Board and Gaming Club. Not only was playing games one my favorite things to do, it meant I got to spend time with her again, which was a definite plus.

My first few meetings I got to know a lot of people and I found out just how many different board games there are. I had always been an avid gamer, and I have played many board games, all the standard ones: Monopoly, Sorry, Life, Scrabble, Battleship, Risk, and many card games. I was even state champion at Bridge in high school. But the first few weeks I played a new game every week, some I’d never even heard of before. Mario, the card game, the one that actually inspired the franchise; Stock Ticker, a game of playing the stocks with a group of people all given same starting money to see who can make the most in an allotted time; Settlers of Catan, one of our staples, a game to rule the island of Catan by building the most economic network to build an empire; and many more.

Every week I would go to see these people and play games with them and quickly we became friends. But outside of game night we still had a very large workload. Being physics major I have one of the hardest majors at the school. I went to the library between classes quite often because it was easier than going home and it increased my chances of actually getting work done. Jennifer too went to the library to work and I always said hi as I went passed her to find an outlet for my laptop. Her hair was so pretty everytime I passed her and she always smiled when she saw me.

Working up my nerve I would go and sit with her at the table whenever she was alone to work with her. This usually meant I didn’t get much work done, as we tended to talk too much to pay attention to what we were doing.

With the start of the new semester our schedules changed and I found she had lunch every day the same time as me. Besides becoming a very prominent member of the club and having real issues to talk to her about we were good friends by now and I often had lunch at her table with her friends. More and more I was aware of how beautiful she was despite her frumpy clothing.

For some reason I still don’t understand she wore the baggiest clothing and was the height of nerd. She wore a knit wool hat with tassels and a black baggy sweatshirt with loose jeans. Even up close it was hard to tell how good she really looked, her face being the exception. Being a very bubbly person she was always smiling and had a very good laugh, even when she was down somehow her face was still lit up. She never wore make-up had no need to, her face was smooth and she got very rosy cheeks when she was cold.

I wanted very much to ask her out and my crush had done nothing but grown since I kept spending time with her. Conversely, our friendship was very good and she spent a lot of time with me as it was and I didn’t want to risk it with a date gone badly and the awkwardness it would mean. Still she was one of the hotter girls I’ve met and she loved to play games as much as me, I couldn’t just let her slip away.

Meeting her again in the library I sat with her and started to do my circuits homework. She was an electrical so I figured she could help me, besides it was an excuse to meet with her. It was Monday so I figured we could do this between now and game night. Sadly, my stupid analog class was so over my head it was over her head and she was a year ahead of me in that field. So our ‘study time’ turned into her playing with my phone and me watching, helping, and playing Lux (basically risk) on my computer. She played angry birds and rush hour on my phone until around five. At which point I suggested food, she was going to just go home and have dinner, but I managed to convince her to go to Chipotle with me instead. A double win to be sure because Chipotle was now both delicious and enticing enough to get her to go out with me.

We walked back to her house to get her car and go since she needed her wallet and she lived only a few blocks down the hill and across the creek. After a pleasant dinner she dropped me off at my friends and told me she’d meet me at game night later.

A week or so passed since our quasi-date and it was our three-day weekend. We had Monday off, rather than miss game night I suggested to the club we have game day at my house instead. Twelve hours plus of solid games and fun all day Monday and into Tuesday morning. We set up my friend’s projector in the spare room pointing it at the ceiling for an extra twist to play Portal on, and all the Rock Band stuff in the living room. We sort of regretted the Rock Band stuff thou, because our group has the worst singing of any group of people I’ve ever encountered. But despite our bad tune we have much fun all day.

Jennifer and I went to get the pizza and another drum-set from goodwill since our pedal broke. But another person came with us so I did not get time with her alone. When we got back we made her play portal since for some reason she hadn’t and I lay next to her taunting her as she played.

Night came and we set-up Halo on both our Xbox’s and Jennifer, me, and another person from game night played on the one in the spare room. We played zombies mostly and I being rather good at it started to taunt Jennifer with Jennifer hunting. Whenever I was zombie, or especially if she was zombie, rather than play the game normally and run, I hunted her and taunted her by telling her what I was going to do. How close I was, where I’d come from, and what gun I’d use. After a while merely saying her name made her jump.

Despite my warnings I still was very good at hunting her and she grew angry with me and took my hat from me. This is something people don’t generally do as I get it back one way or another and people don’t cross me in that. But instead of snatching it back from her I countered and took her hat. I had worn her hat once before and the smell of her hair had infused itself into the hat and smelled very good. She had a sort of fruity shampoo or something and the smell was rather distinctive to her. I felt it was a worthy trade and continued to hunt her while smelling her hat.

Twice more she came to our house that week to play games with us and help on our random craft day. Craft day was needed because one can only handle so much calculus and I at least needed to get out my artistic side. We made among other things a giant gummi bear by melting down gummi bears in a make shift double boiler and pouring it into a honey bear. The bear was a massive win, and is still very delicious.

That Saturday I texted Jennifer to see what she was up too and she replied work but she up for anything after seven. Getting up my nerve I said she should go out with me then. After a rather long pause, which was rather intense on my end at least, she finally said yes she’d go.

Our date went good as far as I could tell. We went and played mini golf first. She lost horribly on the first nine but managed to do much better the second half. It was a relief because I would have hated to tell her she tripled my score so I only told her she won on the back nine by one point. Next, we had Chinese food and went to go see Tangled in the theater. Being nerds and the only people in there, we made fun of the movie as we watched it and were laughing most of the time.

After the movie we went back to my car and discovered I didn’t have my key. We looked and retraced our steps but it was lost and we couldn’t find it. Since I only lived about a mile from the theater anyway we walked back to my house to get my spare from my roommate since he drives me more often than I drive anyway. It was snowing and we were playing in the snow as we walked. She couldn’t slide as far as me but she was good conversation as we walked and talked.

We both were avid fans of Calvin and Hobbes who I commonly associate with Jack (the narrator) and Tyler Durden from Fight Club. Jennifer was not a fan of Fight Club and had no interest in knowing the many similarities between the two. How Tyler was a recreation of Hobbes, as Calvin grew up and found himself crushed as the perfect happy life he was promised turned out to be a shallow meaningless existence.

Rather than get into the details we agreed to disagree. Walking past the dealerships between my house and the theater we drew on the cars covered in snow. Games of tic-tac-toe, man with hat from XKCD, random messages, and we cleaned all the snow off one car in the middle of the lot for the random.

Walking back to my house we decided since the snow was so good we wanted to play in it more. We built the Calvin and Hobbes head peeking up over the hill, like a giant poking his nose over with his fingers to the sides. It stayed there for almost a week before it melted, which here is rather significant. Making it was fun, and I loved to sculpt and have been front page of the paper twice for my snow Lincoln and snowman protest relief. After an hour or two Jennifer was frozen, she had kept kneeling in the snow and her legs were all wet and frozen. So we went inside to warm up and had apple cider.

She changed into my shorts and stripped to her tank top under her other shirt. I gave her my blamange, which is a giant white puffy feather blanket. It gets its name from the Monty Python sketch, but needless to say, it is awesome, very comfy, and very warm. She curled right up into it and drank the cider but her cheeks stayed red. Suggesting we watch another movie we decided on The Chronicles of Riddick as she had never seen it before and was a huge fan of Vin Diesel, not in small part because he plays D&D.

I got my feather pillow that was really a three-in-one giant pillow to support us as we watched the movie and we lay on my bed under the blamange. My computer on my desk is a 27″ iMac and has a screen big enough to function as a TV. Rather than mess with the transfer to my external and setting it up on my Xbox for the living room this was easier. My roommate watched the movie with us and I held Jennifer lightly as we watched. After the movie was over it was getting very early even by my standards and I didn’t want to get up. Jennifer was not as pro at morning activity as me and simply lay there as the credits finished and the screen went dark from inactivity.

I couldn’t sleep, not with her in my bed this close to me, and it appeared she was not asleep either. We moved so as to lie in the bed long way rather than across it as we had for the movie. For the next length of time, I’m not really sure how long, we played a very subtle little game. First she would roll over and get closer and then pull back. Then I would roll to hold her and then thinking she was asleep pull back. She would then lay her head on my shoulder and I would pull close to her. All our movements were intentional but apparently random as if made during sleep. I commented as such after a long time saying how pro we were at sleeping. She laughed and agreed saying she hadn’t slept any either. I told her to lie on her side then so I could hold her properly.

She did and I spooned up to her and draped my arm over her pulling her to me as we lay under the covers. Her legs were so smooth against mine, her hair so sweet in my face. I felt very relaxed as I held her and many a night have I longed just for that simple hold. But given the situation I wanted more.

My hand holding her stomach was just brushing the underside of her tit. Squeezing ever so softly at first I massaged the area just underside her tit. She did not protest the massage but kept me at first from moving higher. My massage grew slowly more insistent and I pressed up and she released and I finally held the soft tender breasts I so worshiped for some reason.

They felt so large in my hands yet tender as I felt her sigh as I pressed and rolled them. This was my favorite part; her reactions to my touches were far more satisfying than the touches themselves. After awhile I slid my hand down to the bottom of her shirt. She knew what I was doing and quickly helped me to pull her shirt out of the way as I slid my hand back up her naked torso back to her now more exposed tits. Her body was warm and she moved to feel my hands more as them played along her body. I did my best to push her bra out of the way and gripped her naked tit feeling her moan softly as I did so.

Emboldened by my success thus far I slid my hand down over her legs, my shorts, and rubbed them. She had to know where I was headed but didn’t seem to protest the movement. Moving my hand to between her legs I felt her jerk as I slid my fingers up her slit though the fabric.

Holding myself back I kept my hard cock off her, somehow it felt wrong to unnerve her with it pressing to hard to have her right then. I wanted to pleasure her, to feel her pleasure and if the time came then move forward. For now I kept my hand to her pussy and my other still fondling her tit. She was quiet as I rubbed her but her enjoyment was obvious. She kept her head craned back mouth slightly open, her breathing was elevated with her pulse and I felt her jerk from time to time went I circled her clit.

I wanted to get my hand inside the shorts to get closer to her pussy, to feel the dampness I knew was there. I wanted so very badly to feel her cum, to shake in my arms, to cry out. I felt her, hoping to go further, but she held my hand down. Everytime I tried to move it she pulled it back to her pussy, I thought at first it was because she didn’t want it to leave, but given her insistence and not letting my hand above the waistband I knew my advances were finally being stopped. Finally she said the clothes were staying on today and to play with the top instead.

Disappointed, I nonetheless submitted to her request, as it was after all the first date and she had done far more than I had expected already. Rolling her over and holding her to me I told her to kiss me then. We kissed and held each other until 10ish in the morning and talked about all sorts of things from religion to the stupid circuits to how amazing she felt against me. But she said she had to go and get to church, I was not a fan of seeing her leave for such a reason, but I drove her home anyway getting stuck three times in the massive snow left from the night before and ice underneath it.

Time passed and nothing seemed to have changed between us, I thought she was happy with our date and I could not wait for the next one. But it was test time and we were both very busy trying to pass our respective tests.

After a week or so my friend from home, a couple years younger texted saying he was coming to tour the school. We decided to greet him with a bafing fight. Bafing is basically foam sword fighting, with wooden, PVC, or carbon fiber cores and a noodle duck taped on the outside. Jennifer came with us and it just so happened we were the first to arrive at the field in the middle of campus. She told me out of the blue that while Saturday was a lot of fun she didn’t want to go out with me. Shocked and rather hurt I was left to just go with it as my friends started to show up and we never had a chance to talk about it at the time.

For the next four hours we had our sword fight, got smoothies and toured my friend around the campus. It was very surreal having her there, having dumped me and yet we were acting as if nothing had happened. This feeling didn’t really fade over the next several weeks. She showed no signs of discomfort being around me all the time, in fact seemed to be spending even more time than usual doing stuff with me. Albeit we were never really alone for it, she came to my house three times that week and played games and planned the events for E-Days with me.

Having to see her became more a chore than a pleasure because as fun and beautiful as she was, I could not hold her, not be with her in that way. I could do nothing about it and yet there she was over and over staring me in the face. I can’t decide if I would feel better or worse if she had given me a reason but I really did not want to take no for an answer.


This weekend my friend was moving in and Jennifer agreed to come over and help us after her party. From what I was told it was a Kahlua and ice cream party and she got to our house very late. My new roommate was almost moved in but Jennifer got cold from some combination of the chilly evening and the ice cream and she found my blamange and curled up in it. She must have been rather tired and feel asleep very quickly in the warm embrace of the blamange.

My roommates both left shortly there after, both going home for the weekend. Leaving me here with the sleeping Jennifer, now in my bed. This was too much for me, I had been pining after her for the last weeks more than ever and now she was in my bed, no one home. At the beginning of the year I had gotten rope in the chance I had need for it, I was quite handy with it from scouts but all it had been used for so far was tying my cardboard boat to my car to bring it to the race. Now I had a use for the rope that was much less innocent.

Jennifer had fallen asleep in my bed of her own volition, and she had ‘slept’ with me once before. Some part of her wanted this and I was not going to let it slip between my fingers again.

I was careful to measure out the rope I needed before moving Jennifer at all. I made four parallel loops for her wrists, and set up the rope to be adjusted from the side. This part of the rope I secured to the headboard of the bed. This would make it so I held her wrists apart, without any chance of her escaping or losing circulation to her hands. Her legs would be more difficult and I was only able to attach the rope to the footboard legs and would have to wait until I removed the blanket to continue. For her face I grabbed a clean sock. Also grabbing a pair of scissors for cutting her clothes and the ropes if need be.

Grabbing the ropes I looked down at her, was I really going to go through with this? I mean it was everything I wanted, but what happens if she flat refuses? No she walked into this willingly, she just needed a push. She would come around one way or another. Besides the ropes were already tied.

I pulled her left hand out first and slid it into the loops. Reaching across she stirred as I slid the second set of loops over her right hand. Jennifer attempted to pull her hand back, meeting resistance she murmured, “What, hey, what’s going on?” Not wasting any time as she was waking up quicker than I expected I pulled the ropes on her arms tight and forced her to lay flat as her arms were pulled apart and held straight out.

“Shhh, don’t move,” I stoked her smooth hair and willed her to clam down, “just go back to sleep you’ll feel very good soon.”

Taking her momentary lull as good fortune I slid down the bed and yanked her shorts off before she knew what was happening. This was too sudden and she kicked out as I slipped the shorts off. Grabbing one leg I slid the loops I had set-up over her ankle and tightened it down. Too tight, she would be sure to lose circulation but for now I needed her immobile. The second leg was more difficult than the first but I managed to wrestle it down and into the binding as well. Jennifer was by now yelling out in protest and finishing binding her I shoved the sock in her mouth.

This was very effective at muffling her shrieks and I returned my attention to her bindings. If I loosened her ankles she might be able to escape but if I kept them tight she would lose circulation. I wanted neither, so I improvised and tossing the blamange aside I wrapped a second rope eight times around her leg, four above the knee and four below. Repeating this on the opposite leg I brought the two ends together on the left side of the bed having gone underneath with the right one and used a double taught line hitch to pull her legs apart. This spread her legs but over strained her ankles even more, free to loosen them I did so and finally got her bound in a stable, hopefully comfortable and secure binding.

Jennifer resisted her bindings and kept trying to yell out past the sock but her efforts were futile. I couldn’t help but stare at her tight body, as she lay there helpless. I knew I was turned on by bondage but seeing her in my bed helpless to my every desire was more than I ever imagined. Her chest was heaving, tits pressed against her tight tank top.

Those tits had been haunting me since I first saw them in the pool but even more so having massaged them not more than a month ago. They were just sitting there waiting to be held, fondled, sucked, anything I want to do to them. I jumped into the bed and Jennifer moaned in protest and turned her head away as I gripped the full of her right tit and drove my face between the delicious mounds.

They were so warm and soft, my brain was in overdrive as I lay there and fondled her. I had one of my best friends tied down, most likely terrified of me and I was in ecstasy. I was in a state of pure childish delight playing with her tits, and yet was also contemplating the ramifications of my actions. I was split in the scene, one part of me stood there watching myself and judged. I was a perverted little freak tying down my friend just to play with bits of flesh on her chest. Yet what lovely pieces of flesh they were. I could feel her heart race, her chest rise with each breath, and the vibrations of her moans of protest all while massaging her tit with my hand.

Sliding my hand down I reached up under her shirt and slid my hand along her chest. It was smooth and I could feel her ribs under her skin and couldn’t help but bring my cock against her leg. She tried to jerk away from me but my bindings were strong.

“There’s no need to fight it. Just lay back and enjoy it, I know you will. I’ll make sure of it.”

I pulled her bra aside under shirt and grabbed her naked breast as I said this and she looked away from me again. Feeling her bare skin was even more erotic than it had been through the shirt and made sure to rub the tit good. I knew she would like it, all that tension needed to be loosened. Having a good set of tits like hers it was a fair amount of weight to carry around even inside her bra. Those muscles and tendons would feel good from a deep tissue massage no matter the circumstance the rub was given. Besides it meant more time to play with the curves I so wanted to feel for so long.

I knew she liked this part and even being tied up and forced into it I could feel her resolve cracking as I continued to rub her fears away. She even looked up longingly when I pulled my hand away. But, when she saw me reaching for the pair of scissors her tension and fear immediately returned and she again fought at her bindings.

“Shhh, I told you not to fight it. Your shirt is in my way and I really want to play with your nipples. Don’t fidget or I may actually cut you.”

This made her lie absolutely ridged and she held her breath puffing her chest out even more than normal. Her eyes were clamped shut and she tried to turn away. I wanted to toy with her, draw the scissors along her stomach and tickle her with them, force her to fear them but she might flinch and I didn’t want to stab her, not with scissors anyway. I merely cut up along the center of her shirt, a simple white tank top probably only a couple bucks. The chest underneath on the other hand was anything but.

Clipping the straps on the shirt I pulled it out from underneath her and put the scissors to the side. Her body really was amazing, I had felt it and knew how smooth and even it was and I’d seen it before in the pool. But this was different; her arms outstretched open to my embrace and tits pushed out by the air in her chest and one out from under her bra.

I fell down to her side and held her close to me. I wanted to feel as much of this body against me as I could. I pressed my head against her the nape of her neck and inhaled the beautiful scent of her hair. I slid my hands along the taught skin over her midriff tickling her belly button and up to her exposed tit. I ran my hand over it admiring how perfectly round it was cupped in my hand. She moaned again and tried to pull away from me.

“When are you just going to admit you are enjoying this? Your nipples are already hard and I bet your starting to get wet down there.”

At the mention of her pussy cried out and pulled at her bindings even harder.

“Relax, I’ll play with that later. For now I said I was going to play with your nipples. Stay to the top, I remember.”

I tried to remove her bra without leaving her neck. Her hair was so intoxicating; I was almost content just to lay here holding her with the scent of her hair. But her bra was proving rather difficult. I could unclip it just fine but I could not get it off. I didn’t want to cut it because it might cost more than a few bucks so I was trying to undo the strap but I was just blindly fumbling. Ah well, I was going down there anyway; I took one last intake of that sweet hair and slid my face back to her soft pillows. Not a bad trade overall and now seeing the strap I was able to get it undone soon enough and pulled her bra out and threw it aside.

Returning my attention to what I was laying on I found to my delight her nipples were still hard. She really was enjoying this even if she wouldn’t admit it yet. But those nipples were just begging to be sucked and I had no reason not to oblige them.

I could feel Jennifer’s moan as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and it seemed conflicted between the pleasure of the suction and the circumstances of the attention. No matter to me however, she was enjoying it and I was in a position to make her enjoy it more. Sucking it further into my mouth I swirled me tongue on her nipple. It was both rough and tender to my touch, I wanted more of it. Grabbing her other nipple with my fingers I pinched her nipple as best I could while still holding her tit with the rest of my hand.

Working my tongue back and forth and my hand massaging her other breast Jennifer’s heart began to race again but I had a feeling it was an entirely different reason this time. As much fun as it was toying with her nipples her panties were too inviting to pass up.

Just as before, Jennifer was turned on enough by my foreplay with her tits to let me slide my hand down between her legs. I caressed the inside of her legs with my hands, she must had just shaven them as they were silky smooth and warm to my touch. Her panties her white with pastel dots, not quite bikini style but close and very form fitting. Sliding my hand over her pussy the first time I felt her jerk at the touch but not overtly protesting the caress.

At this point even if she had been screaming in terror I would have been turned on by feeling her in such a private place. To feel her jerk and buck under my hand, but no she was actually beginning to enjoy the touches and I still held her tit to my face.

Bringing my hand to a rest cupping her I felt just how warm she was, if her legs were warm it did not compare to the heat her pussy was giving off through the panties. This was very comfortable for both of us and I lay and enjoyed the feeling. Her breast pressed up against my face, her bound body helpless to my movements, and her pussy on fire under the pressure of my hand gently pulling up.

“Don’t worry, this time you don’t have to feel guilty about it. I’m in control here, and you can just lie there and enjoy it. I know you enjoyed it last time, and this time you will even more. You can be sure I will.”

She was strong willed I had to give her that, her body clearly wanted this, but her mind still was not willing. I started to massage her outer lips through her panties, given how much I enjoyed the feeling I guessed she would not hold out much longer. Her lips were soft and fluid and I could feel her shiver as I ran my fingers along her slit. Her breast still pressed to my ear I watched her stomach rise and fall and she tried to remain clam. Pushing with my middle finger I forced her panties and my finger deeper into her folds pulling the fabric tight against her now swollen lips.

“This is about where we got to last time wasn’t it. I really can’t imagine how you managed to stop me before,” and I sucked her nipple in my mouth again causing her to shudder and moan in protest, “but this time since you so nicely came back I think we should move on.”

Pulling my hand back I slid my fingers under her waistband and along the tops of her hipbones. She shivered and pulled at her bindings fairly hard, it was a good thing the knots were firm. Sliding my hand down I kept my hand to the very right side of her crotch. I could feel her blood pumping in the veins; she was still fighting the bonds trying to get out. Her efforts were in vain and she gasped and twitched as I danced my fingers over her naked pussy.

Even my subtle little touches were sufficient to feel the dampness there that had already spread to her panties leaving a dark spot on the clean white fabric. Dancing my fingers back over her pussy I circled my finger around her outer lips. She was now whimpering behind the sock and I watched with great fascination as my hand contorted the fabric of her panties. I spread her lips with my fingers and felt the heat of her pussy as I toyed with the even softer inner lips. Circling up my fingers found her clit hidden in her pink folds.

Jennifer was unable to ignore my touches when they found her clit and her body jerked in response to my flicking it.

“That’s right, twitch my beauty. Let my fingers bring you to another world. You are going to cum for me right here.”

She whimpered at my words and tired again to close her legs to keep out my probing fingers. Drawing my self away from her soft mounds and smooth skin I reoriented my self to between her legs. I was forced to remove my hand, but despite her immediate relief with my hand leaving she cried out and struggled as she saw me moving to put my face right between her legs.

From this vantage point I could not only see how damp her panties were getting, but smell her sex in the air. The damp panties clung to her folds and were now semi transparent. Pulling close I inhaled the scent of her, choosing to exhale deeply I breathed hot air on her pussy. She moaned and pulled at her bindings trying to pull away from me.

Bringing my hands around to her stomach I bent my head down and kissed her pussy. It was so sweet and from the moment I tasted it I had to have more. Grabbing the near string edges of her panties I pulled up tightening the triangle of fabric over her pussy and pulling it taught. She moaned, and I don’t know whether it was from pain, pleasure, or some combination of the two. I pulled as hard as I could up on her panties and her clit was pinched between the seams the fabric cutting in to her slit. I reached out with my tongue and licked the clit under strain and I felt her twitch and try to scream out.

This was too good and I licked her clit again. Her sweetness was soaking through and around the panties and I lapped it up. Licking the length of her pussy I could hear Jennifer start to breath rapidly. Letting go of the left side of her panties I reached for the scissors. Going against my better judgment I trailed the scissors along her body. Sliding them over and around her breasts and even down over her pussy. Thankfully, she suffered her spasm internally and when I went to trim the now strings that were the sides of her panties they came off without a single scratch.

I had pulled her panties pulled so hard, they still clung to her pussy as if for dear life. Pealing back the soaked panties I watched in ecstasy as she twitched and caused her tits to shake everytime the panties slipped and came loose. Goddamn she was beautiful, her naked body now lay before me spread eagle. My cock was pulsing against my leg and it strained to be free from my boxers. Her body was lean and smooth; pale from being under all her clothing it was now mine for the taking. Her hair was wavy today and her eyes were very hard to read, unsure was the best I could describe them as. Glancing down her body I found her tits again and saw her nipples where still hard and the left looked a little raw from my sucking and nibbling.

Scanning down her stomach I ran my hand over her again and her belly jerked at the tickle. Her pussy was not shaven but it looked as if it had been trimmed some but looked perfect the way it was. I ran my fingers over the soft hair and spiraled it around my finger. Bringing my finger lower I brought it back into her pussy and rubbed it around. Moving to her clit I circled and flicked it watching her jerk her head from side to side. Pulling my hand back I slapped her pussy with a wet smack. She jolted and whimpered at the punishment.

“Oh does that hurt?” and I slapped her pussy again. She nodded as tears formed in her eyes. “You want me to kiss it to make it feel better?” and I slapped her pussy again, this time making sure to land squarely on her exposed clit. She nodded again and was now crying into the sock.

Sinking down I placed my mouth on her pussy my nose on her pubic hair and inhaled. This was just as sweet as the hair on her head and feeling her moan as I kissed her pussy made it even better. Reaching around I grabbed two handful of her ass and pulled my face deeper into her now sucking her clit into my mouth. Unable to see I felt her shoulders buck and imaged her soft tits rippling to the vibrations.

Releasing her tight ass cheeks I moved my hands up her body and found her tits. Meanwhile, I tongued her clit and fast as I could and felt her legs shake as she tried to close her legs giving her a reprieve from my oral assault. No such reprieve was in order and instead I moved my hand away from her tit and brought it back to the lips of her pussy. I heard her try to murmur something but it was lost behind the sock. Sliding my fingers over her lips for only a few seconds more I drove two fingers as deep as I could into her now dripping cunt.

She screamed behind her gag and I felt her try and shift her pussy away from the penetrating fingers. This only caused her to slid her pussy along my fingers while I continued to tongue her clit. I brought my other hand down from her tit and held her stomach in a vain attempt to keep her still. But from the punishment of my fingers and tongue on her clit Jennifer was now unable to keep still. Her body rocked and bucked at my stimulation unable to escape more pleasure.

Rather than piston my fingers in and out I probed her pussy. Pressing and massaging everywhere I could reach. Her muscles were strong and fought hard against my fingers but soon fell to the pleasure my fingers gave. I found a spot that was rougher than the other surfaces and it responded as I pressed on it. Jennifer moaned and bucked even harder at this new pressure. Whatever I found was beyond her control and I rubbed it and pressed it feeling it swell and get, if possible, even warmer.

“See I knew you would like this. Look at your body shake; you can’t believe how good this feels. You are going to cum for me right here, right now. And you are only going to stop when I am satisfied because you can’t do anything to stop me.”

Jennifer was beyond a response of any kind and merely whimpered as she started to breath so fast I was worried she might pass out. Putting my mouth back on her clit I sucked it into my mouth and flicked it back and forth. My hand was now dripping from my fingers buried in her pussy. After several more moments of ecstasy I felt her pussy clamp on my fingers. It was all I could do to hang on to her and keep my mouth on her clit as her body shuddered and bucked. She had been holding back this orgasm and now it was free it sent her body out of control.

I refused to let her down from her high and keep massaging her and sucking on her clit. Her legs shuddered and my bed creaked from the force of her pulling on the ropes attached to her legs. From what I could tell her orgasm kept triggering and I refused to stop pleasuring her and the muscle spasms set off more. After I felt she could take no more I stood up and looked back at her still twitching body. Reaching down I held her tear-strewn face. I took out the sock and kissed her, she didn’t really engage in the kiss but she did not pull away from it either.

“That’s more like it. Now you catch your breath and I’ll be back in a minute. I have to go get some things you stay right here.” I smiled at her and walked to the door, “oh and don’t try and scream or anything I don’t want to put the sock back in and I’m guessing you don’t either, it would be more uncomfortable the second time I assure you.”

Once I left the room I couldn’t help but do a little dance. I had made Jennifer cum for me, felt her cum over and over and she was still there waiting for what I was going to do next. I was like a kid in a candy store, everything looked so good and I wanted everything there was to offer. I could do anything I wanted to her.

But what was I going to do next. As much as I liked bondage and seeing girls toy themselves I was not all that equipped. I didn’t have any dildos or vibrators just lying around and I doubted if either of my roommates did either. Plus that would just be awkward for everyone.

Well come to think of it I did have one thing that vibrated, my electric toothbrush and I had several spare heads so I didn’t mind using one. Watching her get off was more than worth a spare head in my opinion. Excited I rushed in and grabbed it, replacing the batteries to make sure it was at full speed.

What else could I do to her to get her off? Scanning the kitchen I saw my back scratcher laying on the counter next to the bar stools. I wasn’t all that into pain stimulation but the way I forced her to submit by slapping her pussy was a definite plus. The long bamboo stick with a curved end meant to scratch would be a perfect cane to smack her with. I grabbed it too.

Now that I had the makeshift cane my mind whirled to the various things I could do to inflict pain in erotic ways. A zipper made of clothespins would do the trick and I had plenty for the clothesline outside. I gathered up a bunch and got some string from the rummage door to string them together. While I was there I saw a bunch of chopsticks and they gave me an idea, I grabbed them and some scotch tape too.

Carrying my new found arsenal of pain and pleasure I walked back to my room.

“Oh my god what are you doing? Here just untie me. I promise I won’t tell. You made me cum and it felt really good but I just want to go home now. Please just untie me and let me go.”

“Jennifer, I’m disappointed I thought you were just warming up to this. As you might have guessed, telling me it was good then saying no without even a reason doesn’t work so well.”

“It really was good but please just untie me I want to go home.”

“Lucky for both of us I don’t have to take no for an answer this time. Unlucky for you that is not what I wanted to hear. That said you haven’t screamed out so that’s good for you.”

Working my way over to the bed I spilled out the things I gathered onto the bed and a couple of clothespins made their way to Jennifer’s stomach. She tried as best she could to sit up and look at them.

“What are those here for, what are you going to do to me?”

Now there was just a hint of panic in her voice and her eyes darted from one item to the next.

“Well what ever I do, I would make sure you keep from screaming. You might not like it if you do scream out.”

Saying this I bent down to kiss her again pulling her face in. I slid back from the kiss pulling her lip with me holding it in my teeth. I grabbed the first clothespin and trailed it along her smooth body. Up over her face and across her eyes as she closed them. She shuddered as I circled back down and around her nipple.

“Oh you want it there do you? Good choice I think you nipple could use a little pinch.”

Jennifer cringed and her face squeezed together as her nipple was clamped by the wooden clothespin.

“Hurts a little doesn’t it?” She nodded keeping her face tight to hold back any sound, “Oh you want another one for the other nipple?” This time she shook her head. I reached for the back scratcher and ran it up her leg to her pussy. “Are you sure you don’t want another one?” She nodded more vigorously and the clip shook as her tits rocked from the motion. “mmmh, that was the wrong answer I’m afraid.” Pulling the scratcher back I flicked it down on her pussy, not too hard but hard enough to show her I was serious. “Now were you sure you didn’t want another clip?” Again she nodded though not as vigorously this time. I slapped her pussy again, harder this time.

“That is really too bad cause this one looks so good on you. You know I think we should put it on anyway just to see how good it looks.”

Putting it on I grabbed each of her tits. I would never get over how good they felt and looked, so warm in my hands, and smooth to the touch. The clothespins on her nipples covered part of the areola and made her entire tit more taught. I knew how much more sensitive they were becoming from the stressed blood flow so I reached up and twisted the pins slowly and she whimpered.

Grabbing the pile of pins I started to loop the string through each one so they were connected a little over an inch apart. I set up two rows of pins and laid them across her chest.

“What a are you doing. I don’t want any more. Stop. Let me go.”

“Well if you insist. We can hold off on the pins because you’re in luck. There is something else I wanted to do first.”

This seemed to unsettle her more than reassure, but she remained quiet hoping probably, not to egg me on even more. I grabbed the toothbrush and brought it to her clit. Even before it was on she jerked at the touch.

“Remember I said not to scream.”

Turning on the brush Jennifer bucked immediately. Her pussy was still sensitive from my tongue and the vibrations were right on her ultra sensitive clit. Jennifer bit her lip and was already humping the brush involuntarily. I laid the brush down and it stayed leaned on her pussy. Jennifer had her head back and her eyes closed but the brush was doing work and no matter what she did it stayed and sent her wild.

I was able to step back and watch the scene, and while not quite as good as feeling her react, watching her body jerk and shake the pins swinging wildly on her tits was well worth it. My cock was hard against my boxers again and the room was getting hot from all her motion and from how turned on I was getting. I took off my clothes and join her in being naked. Free now, my cock twitched with her body, I had to have her soon.

“You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to see you cum and now look at you. My own personal little cum slut, your so good I want to give you a treat.”

Jennifer either didn’t hear or wouldn’t respond because she seemed blissfully unaware of me until my balls settled on her chest after straddling her. I grabbed the brush and positioned it so I pressed directly on her clit.

“Cum for me my little slut, you like this brush I can tell,” She nodded, “I want to feel your body shake as you cum for my little brush.”

Her body was twisting as best it could underneath me and I felt my balls slide across her chest. My cock was rock hard and I pressed the brush harder, and jerked myself at I felt and heard her moan. Her head was rocking back and forth her arms and legs straining, she was close.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum. It feels so good; the brush on my pussy, and you straddling me like that. Fuck my tits, I want your hot cock between my tits.”

Not waiting an instant I pushed my cock between her mounds of warm flesh and pressed them together. Sliding my cock out and back we both groaned from the sensation. After a few pulses I slammed hard using my weight to press her tits together. She gasped and I slammed home again. Her tits were so smooth and soft my cock slid between them as if it were meant to be there. Meanwhile Jennifer was almost hyperventilating from both my thrusts and the brush still pressed against her clit.

“Now that’s a good girl.”

I paused in my thrusting and pulled the clips off pulling her nipples with them until they snapped off and Jennifer yelped at the sudden release.

“Mmmh, now I told you not to scream and since your being such a good girl lick the pre cum of my dick and we’ll forget this little incident ever happened.”

“Don’t make me do that. Just hold my tits, they feel so good around your cock.”

I put my cock back between her tits and positioned my tip right up near her face. I grabbed her nipples again.

“I agree they do feel very good but there is still pre-cum on my dick and I want you to have it. You tasted so very good; you never know you might like it. And besides,” I said while twisting her nipples, “you don’t have much of an option.”

Jennifer strained and bit her lip as I twisted her tender nipples. The brush was still buzzing on her pussy and she looked pleadingly back at me one last time. I responded by thrusting slightly and twisting her nipples a little more. She winced and turned and put her tongue out and licked the underside of my tip. She licked very cautiously at first but feeling my grip loosen, as I was lost in the pleasure she licked more confidently. Soon my head was clean and she pulled back.

“There its gone, now can I please go these bindings are so constricting.”

“It seems you still don’t understand how this works. But as long as you don’t scream it will be alright.”

“I’m not gonna scream just let me go and it will be…”

I smacked her pussy with the back scratcher. Fine if she didn’t think she would scream then I thought it was time for some more fun with clips. Moving to her right I smacked her pussy again and shut off the brush. Grabbing the first string of clothespins I started to attach the pins on her left breast. Working my way down I attached four to her breast and kept going down her side pulling the skin up to put in the clip. Moving to the right I repeated the procedure on her right breast and side.

Her entire chest was now covered in the little pins but she kept quiet. I grabbed the brush again and turned it on pressing it to her clit. Leaning down I pushed my tongue into her pussy and swirled it around as the brush vibrated her clit. She moaned and her pussy clenched but she remained quiet. Sitting back up I reached for the pins I had tossed aside that were previously on her nipples.

Pulling her pussy lips apart I brought the first clip up and clamped it on the left side of her pussy right next to her clit. She bucked and moaned as I attached the clip. Attaching the second clip to the other side further exposing her clit her eyes started to water.

“You’re a tough little girl aren’t you? You like having all these clips on you. I guess I’ll have to find something better for your nipples cause I’m out of clothespins.”

Jennifer whimpered again but otherwise continued to remain silent. She was now involuntarily shaking from the brush on her clit and all the pins shook with each jolt. Taking the chopsticks from before I broke each in half, then using two halves I one end using tape. Once attached at one end I put it on her nipple and squeezed it together sliding on a tape ring on the end. By sliding the tape closer I could pinch harder than any of the clips. I reached over and attached the second clamp and as I finished Jennifer blurted out:

“Alright I get it, it hurts a lot. And my pussy is on fire. But you can’t make me scream, please I have played your little fantasy just let me go.”

Oh Jennifer, I thought, how wrong you were. Moving myself to over her head I looked down over her body. Wrapping the string around my hand I braced and yanked as hard as I could pulling all the clips on her right side off at once. Jennifer responded by screaming and bucking, as I’m sure she came. My cock twitched as I watched her body shake from secondary orgasms, the right side of her chest red where the clips were torn off.

“My little cum slut I told you not to scream, or I’d have to make sure you couldn’t. We don’t want to wake any of the neighbors up.”

Tears steaming from her eyes she looked up at me, “Please stop. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, it was too much. Just let me go, please just take these things off.”

“Take them off you say?” Her eyes went wide as I braced and tore off the left clips.

She screamed again and her body rocked from the force of her sensations.

“I just told you not to do that, and you did right away. I guess we’ll have to keep you from doing that.”

I grabbed her jaw and too weak to fight it she opened her mouth.

“Now suck my cock.”

Weakly she licked the tip and grabbed the head with her lips. From my gentle pressure she sucked the cock into her mouth.

“That’s right take my cock in your mouth. Suck it in. Deeper.”

Pushing hard I forced my cock a little deeper in her mouth. After not too long she moaned and tried to pull off my cock. I pulled out and she gasped gulping air down stands of saliva still attached to my cock. After a few seconds to let her catch her breath I forced my cock back in her mouth.

“That’s right take all, open up and feel my cock on your throat.”

At first her mouth constricted but as I slid the tape closer to her nipple, tightening the makeshift clamp, she opened up. Again I pulled out to let her breathe and then forced it back in, all the way this time letting my balls rest on her beautiful face. She started to gag and her head and throat shook on my cock. I reached down and tits causing her to twitch as the chopsticks moved.

“Hold it, hold it, this feels so very good. Ahhh.”

After a few more seconds I pulled out and bent down and I pushed my face on her pussy and tongued it. She gasped in surprise and I took the opportunity to drive back into her mouth. This time I stayed shallower and fucked her face as I devoured her pussy. I gripped her ass and pulled her pussy into my face. My cock felt so good in her throat and her pussy tasted oh so very good. I could feel myself getting close and I drove my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh my god. This is amazing. Stick your tongue out, I want to feel your tongue on my balls.”

Amazingly she managed to get her tongue out and massaged my dick with it as I went in and out of her face my balls just tapping it with each thrust. Her pussy was warm and dripping and I knew she was getting close too. I could feel my balls tightening, but I held on for a long as I could, savoring every second of her dripping holes. Unable to hold back any longer I exploded into her throat, pushing in all the way. This set off her too and her body started to shake again. I gripped her and pulled her close to me my cock still buried in her throat and was in a state of euphoria was she gagged and shook around my cock, which was even more sensitive having just cum.

After her orgasm finally died out I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rolled back so my head was next to hers. For the next couple minutes she panted face slightly blue from the lack of oxygen. I again buried my self in her hair and hugged her body my cock pressed up against her side.

“Wow, that actually was amazing. You cock was so big in my mouth, and your cum inside me like that. It made me cum so hard. Are you just going to toy with me or are you actually going to fuck me. I’ve been laying here naked and you have had your cock all over me. You can’t just leave me hanging like this.”

I’m glad she could not see my face when she said this; my childish glee at her request to fuck her was impossible to contain. It was my eventual goal of course to fuck her but I had not even though to hope after tying her down and putting her through all this she would ask for it so willingly.

I climbed up and got between her legs rubbing my cock on her still dripping pussy.

“Well since you asked so nicely, I’ll see what I can do.”

Not waiting to go slow I pushed my cock into her and held it all the way in.

“Ahhhah,” she cried out, “its so big, your fingers didn’t open me up like this.”

Her pussy was so tight around my cock and as I slid out of her I could not belive how good it felt. I started to thrust in and out of her and watched her tits as they rippled from the impacts.

“Its…so…good,” she stammered between thrusts, “fuck me…faster”

Gripping her hips I started to piston in and out her body covered in sheen of sweat, tits now bouncing wildly. After a couple of minutes I had to look away from her, it was just too good. She was so beautiful, and still helpless to my fucking her. And I could just keep this up as long as I wanted, she was all mine.

“Harder, harder, fuck me until I can’t think anymore. Oh my god!!”

“Oh my GOD! Your body is so freaking hot. You’re going to make me cum.”

“Wait, no. Don’t cum in me! Please you don’t have a condom or anything. Don’t cum inside me or I will scream. Just cum on my tits or face. Please, please don’t cum in my pussy.”

“If you’re sure that’s what you want.”

“Yes, yes it is oh thank you. Hey what are you doing? You’re just going to let me go now?”

As she was talking I pulled out of her pussy and moved so my cock was between her tits again and began to untie her the bindings on her hands. I took the rope and repositioned her and retied it so it held her arms to her sides. The right arm I positioned so her fingers could reach her pussy and the left so it was on her right breast.

“No, I’m not done with you yet. I thought you might like to move your arms. Only catch is now you are going help me now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you can start by playing with yourself. I want to feel you as you masturbate yourself.”

I resituated myself so I was right behind her and wrapped my hands around her pushing her hands her and began to massage them.

“That’s right, my little cum slut, rub yourself off.”

I gripped her left tit and pulled her to me. I kissed up the back of her neck. She moaned and her head rolled back but her hand kept moving on her pussy massaging it. It was probably very tender especially where the clips were.

“You like it don’t you, your nipples and pussy so tender from all this punishment. You can’t wait to have me back in side you. Don’t worry I have a solution to our problems. I’m sure you love it.”

Rather than respond verbally she rolled her head back and moaned. I kissed her hard holding her close to me cock throbbing on her naked body. Her breast squeezed in my hand and my other massaging her inner thigh. Her hands were still moving and as I slid my hand up to her crotch she twitched in my arms.

“That’s right, it sucks doesn’t it having someone this close unable to do anything but wait.”

I slid my hand further into her crotch and circled her asshole. This time she shivered, whether from anticipation or fear I’m not certain.

“So agonizingly close, you want it so bad and yet fear the repercussions.”

Pressing my finger on her hole my finger slid into her ass, lubed up from her dripping pussy. She froze in my arms, but I waited until her body relaxed massaging her tit and willing her to loosen with my kiss. “But just like me it’s happening. All this anticipation and the big finale is in sight.”

Pushing two fingers in I felt her winch, but her hand started to move again. Her body was on fire and as I continued to stretch her ass she started to breathe heavier and heavier. She now had her two middle fingers in her pussy palm up against her clit and was rocking with the motion of our fingers. I couldn’t wait any longer and I lifted her up so the tip of my cock was positioned against her asshole.

“Wait, please I need more time. We can do this just not yet, I don’t want too.”

“I’m done waiting for you, its clear to me we both want this and your really in no position to argue. Oh and this time I do expect you to scream.”

Letting go, her body fall on my cock I drove up into her ass. It was so tight; my cock all the way into her ass was almost unable to get blood flow. I could feel every artery as my heart attempted to push blood through.

“Ahhhhhhhh. Fuck you. Your so fucking big, you’re going to tear my ass in half. Stop it, it is too much.”

“And knows the part where you help me. See you’re going to cum for me.”

“I won’t cum for y…”

Thrusting in her ass hard I said, “No you are going to cum for me, and you are going to rub yourself off while we fondle you and my cock is deep in your ass. Isn’t that right?”

I rolled my hips a little and pulled hard on her nipples. She still refused to start rubbing again so I reached for the chopsticks. I placed it back on her nipple, the one not in reach of her hand and started to slide the tape in. About half way she submitted.

“Please, not again my nipples are so sore. I’ll do anything just take it off.”

“I told you to rub your self off, I want to feel as you cum in my arms with my cock in your ass.”

She started to move her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“See now that wasn’t so bad.”

I slid the tape tighter on her nipple.

“Stop I’m going, I’m going.”

I slid the tape a little more, now almost all the way down her nipple was turning purple.

“Oh I know, and I approve. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this. Your nipple is just a reminder, at least for the present.”

Jennifer was now biting her lip but her fingers were still moving, slightly faster now. Her other hand she was squeezing her nipple. Her ass was so tight around my cock; I held her to me and closed my eyes as she started to warm-up once again.

“You dirty little cum slut. You like my cock so deep in you. You feel every pulse, you want more, you want me to fuck you. You want me to pound your ass, while you play with your clit. You want this as bad as me, you’re so hot right now you might even want it more.”

Lloyd’s Angel: Birthday Presents

November 2010

We kissed, and my cock was hard against my stomach. I was more than ready to continue, but she eeled out of my grasp and stood up. I expected her to strip herself or me, but she surprised me by just standing there and grinning.

“Angel!” I protested. “I can’t believe this; it’s my birthday!”

She wrapped her arms around herself and twisted back and forth. “I want it more than you do, trust me; but you can have me every day, and we haven’t done presents yet!”

“Presents, plural?”

Angel nodded. “It’s a big day. You’re 75, and technically I’m 2!”

I frowned repressively and stood up, too. “I thought we just agreed, Angela, that technically you’re 27 and some change, and I seem to recall you had a birthday party, which you quite enjoyed. It sounds like you’re double-dipping.”

She stuck out her tongue at me. “We both know that party was for Angel. And you. Angela didn’t get to do anything at all, except stand up Rose.” Putting her hands on her hips, Angel declared, “it seems only fair that if Angel can have a sex party on Angela’s birthday, Angela should be able to have a sex party on Angel’s birthday.”

I grinned. “Okay, already; you’re making my head hurt. Where is this party?”

“Upstairs — I hope.”

“Rose?” I’d almost forgotten her until Angel mentioned her. “Isn’t this a little abrupt?”

Angel grinned wickedly, and I realized I was still as hard as an eighteen-year-old. “I don’t think so; if I’m wrong, we’ll just have to behave ourselves during dinner and fuck ourselves blind afterwards. Now, if you’ll just grab the wine?”

I was enjoying this newly assertive side of her, and decided to relax and let her drive. I retrieved the bottle from the side table and followed Angel out the door. I thought again about how good the slacks looked on her, and realized the extra length of her legs came from the heels she was wearing. It was tempting to think about leaning forward and goosing her, but visions of broken legs in the stairwell dissuaded me.

We walked along the hall to what I presumed was Rose’s apartment. Angel peeled a post-it off the door and flashed me a triumphant smile as she held it out for me to read: “come in.” She whispered, “Be quiet; it’s a surprise,” and opened the unlocked door.

“It’s Angela,” she called softly while I locked the door and set the bottle down on the kitchen table.

Rose’s voice sounded from the bedroom. “I’m in here.” I thought she sounded a little tense.

Angel gestured frantically for me to follow her, and together we walked over to the bedroom doorway. “Rose!” she exclaimed as we looked inside.

“Oh my God!” screamed her friend. Rose was stretched out atop the bed, completely naked, with her wrists handcuffed to the headboard. She writhed in a futile attempt to conceal herself, obviously embarrassed. Her blush spread all the way to her chest.

I admired her tits, slightly larger than Angel’s, and figure, which I found only slightly less pleasing to my eye. She sported a pierced navel and a small landing strip above her copiously flowing pussy; the covers beneath her were soaked and I could smell her desire from the door. Out of the side of my eye I could see Angel making the same examination I was; my cock felt harder than ever.

“I’m so embarrassed,” moaned Rose, tugging on the cuffs again. “Can you unlock these now?” She looked at the nightstand and Angel, unwilling to meet my gaze for even a second.

Angel seemed disinclined to move, so I took it upon myself to walk over and pick up the key that was sitting atop a sheet of folded paper on the stand. The cuffs I recognized as standard issue. I unfolded the paper and read a brief note in Angel’s handwriting: “If you’re ready to take a chance, be sure these are all you’re wearing. 6:30PM. Love, Angela. PS: Make sure the door is unlocked.” I looked over at her and bounced the key in my hand. “Well?”

“In a minute,” Angel told me. She crossed in front of me and sat on the edge of the bed beside Rose. “I’ve always wondered,” she said softly, looking down, before leaning forward and kissing her friend. It was a long kiss, and Rose’s arms strained against the cuffs. Judging by moans I heard, she didn’t want to push Angel away. The women finally came up for air, both gasping. “More fool I,” Angel said cryptically, but I could guess her thoughts. “Well, no time like the present,” she said more cheerfully.

I held out the key, but she waved me away. “No, I want to know what the big secret in this nightstand is.”

“No! Angela!” Rose screamed. “Don’t you dare open that!” She thrashed energetically but had no way to interfere as Angel opened the top drawer. It was a measure of her desperation that she resorted to calling on me. “Lloyd, can’t you stop her? Do something!”

What I wanted to do was stick my cock in something, but I was afraid if I even adjusted myself I’d shoot my load in my pants. I settled for watching Angel’s methodical search of the nightstand.

The top drawer held odds and ends, including a small wand vibrator and a tube of lubricant, along with some condoms. They were hardly worthy of notice. The next drawer was lingerie, which Angel sifted quickly aside before producing an egg-shaped vibrator with an external battery pack and a string of beads. Those went on the top of the nightstand with the other toys.

Rose was blushing again, but both Angel and I had searched enough people carrying contraband to know that whatever she feared, we hadn’t come to it yet. That became apparent when Angel removed a set of flannel pajamas from the bottom drawer and exposed a gigantic double-headed dildo that looked like it had been stolen from a horse. Even bent nearly double, I was surprised it fit in the drawer.

“You use this? By yourself?” Angel inquired, resting one end between Rose’s breasts and then slowly pulling it so the head dragged from her cleavage to nearly her crotch before it was lifted away. Rose watched it like a bird transfixed by a snake. “Tonight, I’m afraid you’ll have to share.”

Setting the dildo aside for the moment, Angel selected the egg vibrator and turned back to Rose.

Rose clamped her legs together and moaned, “Come on, Angela, can’t you just release me?”

“A little help please,” my beautiful vixen requested. It never occurred to me to refuse or, for that matter, convince Rose to stop resisting. I knelt at the foot of the bed, bracing one foot against my knee, and spread Rose’s legs apart. They were muscular, but she put up only token resistance.

Once her objective was revealed, Angel slid the egg slowly into Rose without turning it on, and then pulled it out again, slick with moisture. She adjusted its positioning, and began pressing it against Rose’s ass. “Come on, Rose, open up for me; you know you want it.”

Rose shook her head, but she drew her knees wider apart and I saw fresh drops of dew appear on her labia as the egg was swallowed up by her sphincter.

“What a greedy little ass you have, Rose,” purred Angel. She lifted the battery pack to where Rose could see it, leaned down, and gently blew on her friend’s pussy while she thumbed on the vibrator.

All of us were surprised by what happened. Rose’s hips seemed to levitate off the bed and I thought she might break the headboard as she wailed and climaxed explosively. A fraction of a second later, Angel cried out in surprise and bucked so hard she lost her balance. She actually bounced her head off Rose’s stomach before falling off the bed. I would have laughed if the situation hadn’t been so erotically charged.

Both women orgasmed again before Angel could find the remote and switch it to its lowest setting. “Rose,” she gasped, “I had no idea!”

The redhead didn’t look embarrassed now; she looked, well, hungry. “I’ve been here for an hour and a half, just in case you got here early. I spent it all fantasizing about what might happen, getting hotter and hotter with no way to get off.”

I slipped off my jacket. “I think we’ll be having dinner late,” I told the ladies when they looked at me.

Rose’s eyes were wide, but Angel leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Rose closed her eyes and nodded briefly, and then the two of them kissed again.

“Could I have a word, Angela?” I asked, once they’d parted. We walked out of the bedroom, just far enough Rose couldn’t hear us. I looked at Angel, who was nearly bouncing with anticipation. “What’s up? I don’t want to force Rose to do anything against her will, and I thought you weren’t that into other girls.”

“It’s Rose,” she told me, as if that explained everything. “She needs a good fucking — didn’t you see how excited she is?” Angel slowly pulled my tie free, using body language that had me ready to chuck the entire discussion. “I want to fuck her, too. I just imagined your voice telling me.”

That probably should have sounded alarm bells, but most of my spare blood supply was below my waist and nobody was home upstairs. “But she’s okay with this? I know she didn’t expect two of us.”

Angel aimed a devastatingly smoldering look at me. “I reminded her she’d do anything for me.”

How had she figured that out? I gaped, but she was already walking back into the bedroom, working her hips with every stride. “Screw it,” I decided, following; there’d be another day.

In the course of her time at Home Run, Angel had learned to sell a striptease like nobody else I’d seen. Perhaps I was biased, but Rose watched from the bed like she was living in a fantasy. Her slit was leaking condensation like a cold glass on a warm summer day.

I’d watched Angel disrobe before, but that didn’t mean I was tired of it. She hadn’t done a tease for somebody else in my presence for a while, but the occasional glance in my direction reassured me I wasn’t far from her thoughts. I stripped without affectation, looking forward to quenching my desire in her body.

Finally, all of us were naked. I watched Angel for a hint about what to do next; it was refreshing not to be driving for a change. Rose looked back and forth between her friend and my erection.

Angel broke the tableau and knelt on the bed between Rose’s legs. “Have you ever shared this with anyone?” she asked, picking up the double-headed monster again. Rose blushed in response. “Tell me what you want, then.”

“Make love to me,” Rose whispered, barely loud enough to hear, and darkened even more.

“Is this for making love?” Angel asked, bringing one end to her face and kissing it. I had no doubt she could have deep-throated an astonishing length of it, but it was too wide to fit in her mouth. “Or is it for fucking?” She ran a finger down Rose’s stomach, laughing lightly as her friend raised her hips in a vain effort to increase the level of contact. “Did you say something?”

Rose bucked, trying to hook her legs around Angel and pull her in, but the teasing brunette was just far enough down to deny her the required leverage. “Fuck!” she panted. “Just fuck me, already!”

“What?” Angel dangled the cock so one end rested on Rose’s mound just above her creaming gash, but lightly enough that Rose’s struggles didn’t succeed in forcing it between her glistening lips.

“Fuck me, oh, fuck me now!” Rose screamed, loud enough I began to worry about the neighbors. “Fill me up!”

After shooting me a quick triumphant glance, Angel rose on her knees and spread them slightly. She proceeded to work one end of the dildo into herself and twisted until nearly half its length had disappeared inside her. Given its girth and the speed with which she’d impaled herself, I knew Angel had to be dripping with excitement, too.

The tube of rubber hung obscenely between her legs as Angel crawled closer to the redhead chained to the headboard. Rose had already drawn up her knees and spread them wide, offering herself eagerly. This time, when she rocked her pelvis upwards, the head of the artificial cock sank into her, and she let out something that was halfway between a gasp and a sigh.

The gap between their flexing bodies steadily lessened until it disappeared, and then Angel drew smoothly back and began to repeat the process. I realized it was the first time she had been with somebody without my cum marking her. It was a little unsettling, and my erection urged me to remedy the situation.

I knelt on the bed behind Angel, admiring the play of muscles that led up to her tight buns.

“Fuck my ass,” she ordered me. “I want to feel you exploding inside me!” She slowed her thrusts and arched her back, exposing her clenched sphincter and giving me an aiming point.

God, she was tight, especially with that monster filling her womb, but I slid right in. I didn’t inquire about details, but ever since that first night, Angel kept her ass cleaned and lubed for use at a moment’s notice. Rose gasped as I rammed all the way home and pushed Angel into her.

I withdrew slightly, balancing on one hand so I could reach around and grab a breast with the other, and let Angel do the work. She rocked back and forth, alternately impaling herself on me and the dildo, and I felt her heart racing beneath my hand.

The reach was a little harder, but I moved my hand to Rose’s bobbling breast and kneaded it. I twisted her nipple and felt her buck underneath us, biting her lip and moaning. The slick heat of Angel’s rectum gripped me as her body writhed against mine. I wasn’t going to last much longer, and didn’t want to be the first to pop. It didn’t sound like Rose was far behind, and I wasn’t worried about Angel.

My eye fell upon the forgotten battery pack lying beside Rose. With a devilish grin, I let all my weight fall on Angel, pressing us together in a sweaty flesh sandwich. Both girls gasped in surprise, but my hand was free to grab the remote and thumb it to high, while holding on for dear life.

Rose bucked like a bronco, screaming, “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” as the added stimulation pushed her into a mind-numbing orgasm. I knew how strong it was because Angel climaxed too, shuddering as her bowels convulsed around my throbbing cock. She felt like heaven, and I panted as my load pumped into her ass.

That, of course, set Angel off again before she could even draw breath. She cried out incoherently, and only the intruders pinning her in place fore and aft kept us from tumbling apart. Rose was looking frankly a little frenzied, so I switched off the vibrating egg. All of us panted wordlessly a moment longer.

“Happy birthday,” I told my incomparably sexy companion, and then leaned forward to kiss her on the back of her neck. I leaned back, withdrawing from her ass, but paused a moment to wipe myself on her cheeks as her rosebud reluctantly closed. All felt right with the world again.

Any thoughts we might be finished were quickly dashed. I was still admiring the view when Angel pulled herself off the dildo, leaving the other end impaled within Rose, and reversed direction to face me. “Suck me clean,” she demanded, and sat on Rose’s face.

I was a little nonplussed, initially. “Come on, Rose. Get going! Get that tongue of yours way up inside my ass and lick out all that tasty cum!” Angel wriggled and seated herself more firmly atop her friend, while Rose’s legs kicked uselessly.

The kicking stopped, and Angel’s breathing deepened. I reminded myself that she wouldn’t be doing this unless Rose wanted it, since only her partner’s orgasm could release her own.

“Come here, wise guy,” Angel beckoned, and reached out to draw me forward by my cock. She took me in her mouth, without any expectation of milking me a second time, but rather in the near-ritual cleaning she performed almost every time we made love.

I felt no regrets about pulling free a few minutes later and enjoying the view. Angel, her hair spilled out of its confining twist, rocked slowly atop Rose, her eyes closed. On impulse, I walked around the bed to the nightstand and used the key to unfasten the cuffs on Rose’s wrists. Immediately, her hands came up to pull on Angel’s thighs.

Angel’s eyes flew open and she shifted slightly, bending down to focus on Rose’s stuffed pussy. The pair began a frenzied sixty-nine; their tongues attended to swollen clits while Angel began pistoning the dildo into Rose again. Rose’s fingers found their way to Angel’s dripping cunt and asshole.

Their breathing gave way to rough gasps and short keening cries, and then both bodies tensed and relaxed in another simultaneous orgasm. For once, I felt no temptation to meddle.

Perhaps, at long last, I’d received a birthday present after all: patience. I lay down beside them, caressing Angel’s flank, and didn’t worry about my physical capacity. Later — maybe that night, and maybe not — I’d be ready again; and when I was, my Angel would be there for me.

I decided I’d better see what Rose had in her freezer; I didn’t think either of them would be moving from the bed for the rest of the evening.

“You’ve never masturbated?” My cousin, Lisa, shook her head in disbelief. “Oh, honey, you’re missing so much.”

“It’s just not something I ever think about.” I replied. It was true. I only ever touched myself “down there” when washing. I knew Lisa had sex, she would tell me stories about her encounters with boys (and sometimes girls) that made me blush. But I was a virgin. And I wanted that to change. “Will you show me how you do it?”

“You want me to teach to how to cum?” she grinned, coyly twirling her dark brown hair, licking her full, red lips.

“Yes…and how to get boys…” I suddenly felt self-conscious. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. My apprehension grew as Lisa pulled out a large box from her closet. “What’s in there?”

“This box contains pure pleasure, Katie. And today you’re going to discover it. But first, I want you to strip.” She pulled off her dress, revealing no bra and lacy panties, and a pale, toned body. I took off my dress and unclasped my bra to reveal my own lacy panties, a slim, yet not a firm body as Lisa’s, and noticeably smaller boobs.

“Mine are so much smaller than yours,” I moaned, stroking the side of a tit.

“Yours are still sexy. Now pull off my panties.”

I was put off a bit by her abruptness, but did as I was told. Her pussy was waxed, like mine. I had prepared myself to explore that area, but didn’t expect my cousin would see it. She then spread her pussy lips.

“See this?” She flicked a small knob. “This is your clit. Rubbing it feels so good. No wait -” I had started to pull down my panties. “Let me.” She clenched the top with her teeth and slid the thin material down my legs. I found my clit and stroked it as it got bigger.

“Wow,” I gasped. “I’m getting wet.”

“That’s good. Now pinch your nipples. That’s it.”

I felt warmth spread across my pussy as I rubbed faster. Tension was building inside, and Lisa noticed.

“Now take your other hand a put a finger inside your pussy…that’s it, slide it in deep. Move it around. Find that bit getting harder? That’s your g-spot. Stroke it.”

I pushed my body down up and down on my hand, as if my finger was a tiny penis, and added another finger. It was a bit tougher to get in, but it felt great as I got fuller. They made wet noises as I hammered them in. Lisa reached over and twisted my nipples, taking one in her mouth, slowly licking round, and sucking. She then reached behind me and ran her finger down my ass crack and over my anus.

“What are you doing?” I gasped as she pushed a finger through my tight sphincter. I squeezed it.

“Trust me, it’s amazing.” She twisted it and put another finger in. They twisted round, stretching my tiny hole, feeling the ridges. For the first time in my life I was rubbing my clit as someone sucked on my tits, and two fingers were up my pussy and ass each.

My lower body twitched as my pussy walls tightened round my fingers. Lisa and I were pounding our fingers in as I furiously rubbed my clit. Suddenly my pussy was shaking and I cried out as pleasure rocked my body.

“Oh, baby, you’re cumming! Cum for me, Katie,” moaned Lisa as she bit down on a nipple. Waves of heaven washed over me as my pussy shook uncontrollably round my soaking fingers. I squeezed my legs round our hands as I recovered. Lisa licked our fingers then kissed me, letting me taste myself.

“And I have so much more to teach you…”

After our parents got home from their dinner, I asked if I could stay at Lisa’s. My aunt and uncle agreed, so I changed into one of her flimsy nighties and we lay in her bed, waiting for her parents to go to sleep. Half an hour later, Lisa told me to close my eyes and pick three things out of her box. I dipped my hand in and brought out a piece of rope and two strange objects. One was bullet shaped, and the other was a conical plug.

“This is a vibrator,” Lisa explained, holding up the bullet, “and this is a butt plug.”

“That will never fit in my ass!” I cried.

“Of course it will, with lube. Now I’m going to pick something for you.” She pulled out a ball with two straps attached. “This is a ball gag. Now lie on your stomach with your ass in the air.”

I did as I was told, and she tied my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. She inserted the ball gag into my mouth.

“Now no one can hear you scream,” she whispered into my ear, as she stroked my anus. I felt her stiff tongue lick round it, then go in deep, feeling round. After licking up my crack, she poured a cold liquid into my asshole and rubbed it in and around, preparing for the butt plug.

The tip pushed against my tight hole, stretching my sphincter wider than ever before. She kept pushing until I cried out in pain.

“Don’t worry, baby, just relax. It’ll feel better soon.” She hit the base hard so the rest popped into my stuffed ass. After twisting it around a few times, she switched on the bullet and taped to my clit. I moaned hard into the gag. Lisa spanked me.

“Quiet, you want to wake everyone up?” She spanked my ass until it stung. Then she pulled out the plug half way and rammed it back in. She kept doing this until I moaned louder. She shoved the plug back in deep, and pulled the tape off the bullet. I was so close to cumming.

“Why did you do that?” I moaned when she removed the ball gag.

“Make me cum first, and I’ll finish you off,” she smirked.

“But I don’t know how.”

“Well you better learn, or I’m leaving you tied like this all night.”

I stuck my tongue out to meet Lisa’s glistening pussy. I gently swirled my tongue round her swollen clit.

“Good girl, now suck my clit…ahhhh…yes baby…God, yes. Bite it, bite it…..oh, yes! Put your tongue up my cunt, faster…I’ll make a good slut out of you, fuck me with your mouth…” She bounced her pussy on my face as her juices coated my lips. I took my tongue out a licked round her asshole as I grazed her clit with my teeth. “Ohhhhh, yes. Katie…keep doing that…fuck, YES!” Her asshole spasmed on my tongue, and her cum poured into my mouth. “Now for your reward.”

She climbed behind me and taped the bullet back on my clit. She shoved three fingers up my pussy and began pounding my ass hard with the butt plug. She pulled it round, widening my ass, spitting down my crack to keep it wet.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Lisa! I’m going to cum…keep fucking that ass!”

“You’ve got a potty mouth all of a sudden…you can cum when you tell me what a slut you are.”

“I’m a big slut.”

She spanked my ass. “Not good enough. Tell me how much you like this.”

“I’m a dirty slut, and I love having your fingers in my pussy, and a huge butt plug ramming my tight ass. I love being tied up and under your control.”

“Better. Cum for me, cousin, cum as I fuck you.”

I shook and cried out as I orgasmed. “Oh, my God, yes! Lisa, you’re making me cum! Oh God, ohhhhhhh. Ooh, spank me more!” Lisa laughed as she whacked my ass as I came.

When she untied me, she licked my ass clean of lube. “Tomorrow, you’re going to meet my friend. Then you’ll do whatever we want.”

“Yes, cousin.” I murmured, as we fell asleep.

“She likes it rough and I do too….Her knees are turning black and blue…..The front desk keeps on calling….She throws the phone across the room….So we hope nobody finds…..”I woke up to the sound of Madison singing in the shower again.

She was very chipper for 6:30 in the morning after drinking and fucking late into the night. Our bedroom fan circles slowly, blowing cool air across my body; I laid there thinking months had come and gone without Madison or Trina bringing anything up about our afternoon plays on my birthday. I was disappointed, but at the same time, I didn’t want to overstep my boundary and upset them in anyway. But for me, it was hard for me to even look at either of them and not get aroused again. I remember that day as Madison had pulled Trina up, and without a second thought, Madison’s hands began to roam over Trina’s sexy body and right down her back to her firm ass. She began to kiss her way down the length of Trina’s neck to the peeks of her firm breasts. As she got close to her nipples she pulled them out from the swim suit top, Trina slid a hand to the back of Madison’s head to help guide her to the nipple she wanted her to start with. Madison still had one hand on her daughter’s ass and began to rub it as she worked her hand towards the pussy. I watched as Madison moved her fingers in between the fabric and her daughter’s pussy. She was now sliding her fingers in and out of Trina’s dripping wet hole. Trina spread her legs to give her mother greater access. It didn’t take long for Trina to start moaning in pleasure. I watched as Jill pressed up behind Madison and put her arms around her, kissing her back. She pushed her hand down the front of Madison’s bikini bottoms, and pushed a finger in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her. That was just one of the memories etched into my mind from that day.

I was wasting the day away laying here thinking back to what will probably never happen to me again, so I stumble out of bed and head into the bathroom where I heard Madison still singing.

“It’s a fucked up situation….when the one that you love is never enough….it’s a….” Madison was singing.

“Morning beautiful.” I said.

“And good morning to you too. Sleep well?” Madison asked me.

I open the shower curtain to talk to her. “Yes I did. May I join you?” I asked.

Without an answer I hop in the shower.

“Sure why not. You’re already in here.” she giggled as she grabbed the soap.

I loved to watch her soaping her large breasts, and particularly the way her flesh rippled softly as she rubbed her hands over them in circular motions. I felt particularly aroused seeing her wash her slender legs, the soap creating little bubbles on her smoothly shaved thighs.

“Can I wash you down?” I asked her even though she had done most of it herself.

“Of course.” She said as she handed me the soap.

Madison’s body was so hot and smooth. As I work up the lather Madison grabbed the shower gel and start rubbing it onto my chest. I started caressing her breasts with the soap; they are very firm, her nipples now stood at attention. We continue soaping each other; I move a little lower and she followed. I soaped up her firm stomach, admiring how trim her body was. She copied working on my lower body. I move a little lower lingering for a moment at her belly button; she let out a small giggle as I circling it with my finger tip. I begin soaping her freshly shaved pussy. She moans and moves her hand to my now hard cock. We caress each other, soaping, teasing each other’s bodies simultaneously. My fingers move to her clit and I pull on it a little sending a gush of sexual energy through her body. Madison moves one hand to my balls and caress them as the other hand starts jerking me off.

“I want to taste you this morning, and make you cum in my mouth.” I said.

I grabbed Madison’s ass and bring her close to my mouth. I slipped my finger downward until it met the soft wet flesh between her outer lips and her moistness. I sank to my knees and used both hands to spread her legs apart, causing her vaginal lips to part even further apart. I rubbed my fingers over the hole of her cunt, enjoying the softness of her flesh against my fingers. I then planted the tip of my index finger at the wet entrance to her cunt and began to push my way up inside of her. Madison spread her thighs apart even more as my finger eased slowly up inside of her. I began to finger fuck her, knowing as I did so, that my throbbing cock would soon replace my finger inside her tight little hole. I started to use my fingertips to tease her clitoris, bringing forth even louder groans from her. It took only seconds before her whole body began to shake as she orgasm on my finger which was still firmly planted inside of her.

“Oh baby!”she cried out as wave after wave of pure pleasure rode through her body.

Her body nearly collapsed against me as she started to come down from her orgasm. Instead of stopping, I continued to gently massage her sensitive clitoris with my fingers bringing more loud moans from her as she started building towards her second orgasm of the morning. I quickly took my finger out and moved my face into her warm pussy. I thrust my tongue deep inside her freshly shaved mound. She lets out a sigh as my tongue explores inside her. I know that she loves my tongue and can tell how badly she wanted it when she pushed yourself onto my mouth. I could feel her body start moving in an up and down rhythm wanting more. I continue to move my tongue to her clit and lick up and around the tender folds. Madison arches her back as I tease your body. My hands move up to your nipples and I gently tug on them as I explore her clit more. She squirms underneath me from the pleasure I am sending through your body. The water still rushing down on us adds to the intensity of the moment. I take her clit into my mouth, sucking, and gently biting on it increasing the pleasure running through her body. I move one hand from her nipple and grab her firm ass, pulling it closer to my face as my other hand continues teasing her hard nipples.

I quickly turn Madison and shove her into the shower wall. I watch as she positions her hands above her head and spreads her legs apart, giving me better access to her pussy. She turns her head and looks at me. Her body stiffened as soon as she felt the head of my cock touch her ass. I bring my finger back around to her clitoris and started massaging it again. She made no attempt to stop me. I slipped my thick cock in between her thighs until it nestled her wet hole. Madison began to moan and to slide her pussy over my cock. I squeezed her tits and bite her neck; she moaned louder and started rocking harder on my cock.

“Don’t stop.” She cried.

Madison gave a push back and the entire length slid into her balls deep. My hands on her hips, I slid my cock in and out, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I was thrusting into her as hard as I could when Madison thrust back causing our bodies to slap together. The shower was still splashing down on us adding to the feeling of sexual bliss we were both experiencing. I could feel the start of my own orgasm coming on so I quickened the pace. A few more hard thrusts and the feeling of her pussy gripping my shaft was enough to tip me over the edge. I could feel my cock twitch so I gave and extra hard thrust and held myself deep in her pussy. My cock exploded inside her, I could feel her jump slightly as I unloaded my manhood into her. At the same time Madison began to buck and shout as her orgasm was in full swing now. I collapsed resting on her back letting the water devour our bodies.

Eventually we composed ourselves and Madison turned back to face me. She took my face in her hands and pulled me towards her, we kissed passionately. We stepped out of the shower, hot, clean and maybe a little wrinkled from the hot water. We toweled each other down then walked back into the bedroom and went our separate ways.


I sat there at the breakfast table, eating my toast and trying not to get caught glimpsing at Trina’s ample breasts peeking out from her tee shirt, as she walked by me. My mind was in overdrive thinking about holding her deliciously firm round tits in my hands and sucking her nipples one by one. My eyes followed her; I couldn’t believe it as she was wearing a pair of sheer black lace panties that covered about half of her sexy butt cheeks. The panties were sheer enough that you could clearly see each perfect globe of butt flesh and the gorgeous crack up the middle. She turned and sat in the chair straight across from me. Trina looked at me straight in the eyes, her mascara was smudged. Obviously she had gone to bed with her makeup on, but somehow it just made her even more sexually attractive. She looked like a naturally beautiful whore, whose sloppiness only served to enhance her decadent appearance. I wanted her lips around my cock again.

“Jay, can I get you to do something for me?” Trina asked as she sat down at the table.

“You’ve never had a problem convincing me to do things for you before.” I answered.

“No…I guess I haven’t.” Trina said with a giggle.

“So what is it you want from me?” I asked her.

Maybe my sweet Trina wanted to have another go at my hard cock? If only I could get so lucky twice.

“I want you to teach me to give a better blow job.” Trina said with a sweet smirk on her face.

“A what?” I said as I about chocked on the sip of coffee I had just taken.

“You heard me right, a blow job. Tommy says I am ok at it. But I want to be more then ok, I want him to shake at the knees and love it.” she said.

“I think you should ask your mother how. She would tell you better than I could.” I responded.

“I thought about that, but who knows better on what a man likes than a man” Trina said.

“Guess you do have a point there.” I said back to her.

“Who says that a man is always right?” Madison said as she walked around the corner.

“Good point, honey. I told Trina to ask you.” I said.

“I heard your conversation.” Madison said as she through me a smirk.

“So you two will help me out?” Trina said to her mother.

“Better make sure its ok with Jay first.” Madison answered.

“You love putting me on the hot seat don’t you? I asked Madison.

Madison raised an eyebrow, “Now why would I do a thing like that Jay?”

“I guess I can give you some pointers.” I said.

“Really, you would do that for me!” Trina said with a big smile on her face.

“Yes, really.” I said back to her.

God what have I gotten myself into? I’m about to tell my future step daughter how to give an amazing blow job to her jerk of a boyfriend, and her mother is going to help me do it. This is going to be interesting. If only it was me that was going to receive the pleasure of having her soft lips rapped around my cock, I could feel myself starting to get hard just thinking about it.

Yes I had the pleasure of having her soft lips there once, but it just wasn’t long enough. After my amazing birthday gift from Madison and the girls, all I have wanted was more. To be able to touch Trina again, slide my long hard cock into her, feel her wet pussy throb as she comes all over me. I had to shake myself back to reality

“Ok I’m all ears.” she said as she adjusted herself in her chair.

“Think wet and lots of teasing” Madison said to her.

“Wet?” she said with an uncertain look on her face.

“The wetter you make his cock the more sensitive he will become. Cover it with saliva or some kind of lube first.” Madison said.

“Wet got it, and I think I have the teasing part down.” Trina said with a giggle, and a wink of the eye.

She was so right she did have the teasing part down, last night I was lying in bed watching TV when I heard Trina outside in the pool area. I went to the window just in time to see Trina climbing out of the pool. She was fully naked, I watched as her firm and perky 34C nice, and round tits with erect nipples, bounced as she towel dried her hair. Trina made eye contact with me, smiled, gave me a little wave, then proceeded to drop the towel next to her and swirl around so I could get a good view of everything she had to offer. Her body was really tan and completely shaved everywhere, her ass cheeks were firm, and her legs long and well-toned. I stood there and just watched her. She finally picked her towel up, wrapped it around herself and headed inside. Just thinking of it made me hard as a rock.

“Ok I think I got this, get him wet as hell, and tease like crazy.” Trina said.

“Maybe we better practice on Jay so you can make sure you are doing it right” Madison said.

Before I could say a word, Madison stood before me, reached down and began tugging at the bottom of my shorts with both hands. I got the hint and stood up slightly so that my shorts and underwear could slide right off, where she tossed them to the floor leaving me naked from the waist down. I was exposed. My erection which pointed straight up became even harder. Madison casually kneeled before me. I almost dropped in a faint as her lips wrapped around my swollen head and her tongue began caressing it. She started sucking very deeply, letting the head of my cock enter the mouth of her throat. I could hear her breath stop and start as the head bounced against the entrance of her throat. She was salivating heavily, and pre-cum and saliva slid down my shaft, into my pubic hair, and down my balls.

“Oh I think you have it well lubed up there mom.” Trina said.

Her eyes wide open, staring, almost like she was in a trance as she watched her mom working her magic on my hard shaft. She pushed her tongue out of her mouth and rubbed it around her lips. She then stood from the table and walked towards me. I felt the warm of Trina’s body as she stood behind me. Her hands slowly rubbed down my chest, I could feel her firm breasts pressed up against my back, and her soft hand rubs against my ass cheek. My sweet Trina was touching me again. I felt like I was going to faint.

“Your turn baby girl.” Madison said as she released my cock from her mouth.

Before I could say anything Trina was standing in front of me. She grabbed my cock with her left hand and started to pump me a few time. Madison came up and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I played with Madison’s breasts as Trina kneeled before me and quickly leaned forward and took the head of my cock inside her mouth and began sucking on me deep and hard. It felt incredible. The sight of her lips around my cock again and her cheeks caving in from her vacuum like suction was surreal. I tried to let my cock slide forward slowly, but she pulled more intensely until I felt my nuts slam into her chin. I realized what she wanted and gave it to her, pumping my hips forward and back rapidly.

I felt Madison now standing behind me, her hand moves to my firm ass; she finds the crack of my ass and teases my hole with her soft fingertip. I am in complete ecstasy, our sweet Trina was once again sucking my cock like the dirty little whore I know she is and Madison was enjoying every minute of it. They both know how to push my buttons, and how to make me about explode. I felt Madison quickly push a finger up my ass. I am shocked at first but a wave of pleasure sweeps through me as I jumped a little bit.

“Don’t forget about the balls.” Madison told Trina. “And make sure to hit all the sensitive spots too.”

“I think your mom has the sensitive spots taken care of.” I moaned, as Madison pushed her finger in more.

I felt Trina’s tongue quickly dart out and down the underneath side of my cock, she dragged her tongue slowly back up. Then she begins rapidly tonguing my cock and dragging her bottom lip across the bottom of my balls, I felt her tongue dart underneath my balls, and then she began to lick them. She sucked one of my balls between her lips, her tongue gently playing with it, than she began sucking it hard. She released it and gave the same attention to the other ball, as her palm rubbed over my sensitive head. Then she took both in her mouth and licked all around them as she sucked. Trina grabbed my dick with her free hand and continues jerking me off while she sucked on my balls. I felt her mouth move off my balls and her tongue move back down underneath my balls.

“Oh Trina…..that’s it baby girl.” I moaned.

“Make eye contact with your partner.” Madison said as she now stood behind Trina.

Trina licked her way back up to my throbbing cock and engulfed me once again. My cock was throbbing at that point. And my heart started pounding faster with every second that Trina’s hand was exploring my cock. She squeezed my cock a little tighter and began stroking me as she worked her tongue around the plum. We looked each other in the eyes as she jerked me off. Her grip was tight as she worked her way from the base of my cock to the head. Her thumb and tongue taking turns rubbed the sensitive tip of my penis, which was extremely pleasurable to me. She kept stroking me furiously.

“My turn baby girl.” Madison said to Trina, as they switched spots.

Madison traced over the length of my cock with light finger tips, then stroked base to tip and back again. Then she lowered her mouth and closed her lips over the tip, as she slid her mouth lower. Her tongue still stroking me as she slowly took me in. Madison continued to slowly suck my cock in and out of her mouth. Her right hand playfully massaged my balls, and her left hand stroking my ass crack. She inserted a finger into my asshole, pressing inwards towards my prostate gland. Her tongue was driving me crazy as she would lick my cock head, then dive again, sending my cock to the back of her throat, dragging her tongue along the underside as she did. Then Madison started to fervently suck on the head, and pumping my shaft with one hand. The erotic sensation of the finger in my ass, the tongue dancing around my cock head, and the hand pumping my shaft, was more than I could stand.

“Oh god I’m going to come.” I said.

Madison once again released my cock from her mouth, and her and Trina switched spots again.

“Finish daddy off, baby girl.” Madison said to Trina.

Trina knelt down in front of me sealing her lips around my throbbing pole again. I rested my hands on her shoulders as I pumped my hot rod deep into her mouth. I couldn’t help myself; her mouth was warm and moist as she sucked my cock down her throat. The feeling was awesome, my body was on fire, every nerve tingled like bolts of lightning flowing through my body, and my cock began to pulsate as loads of my come shot to the back of her throat, which she willing swallowed without any hesitations? She kept me inside her mouth until every last drop of my sperm had been devoured, and I became flaccid with her lips still around me. I felt my knees buckle, and had to hang on to Trina’s head for support.

“You taste good,” Trina said, licking her lips clean. “Now if you two will excuse me I need to go get ready for work.” She gave the head of my cock one final kiss before standing up.

“Hey.” I said to her as she continued to walk away. “I think Tommy will be very satisfied now.”

Trina stopped in the door way to the bathroom, turned and looked at me. “Oh he is already satisfied. Just wanted to see if you could be satisfied too.” she said with a smirk and a wink.

I turned and looked at Madison, who now had a cup of coffee in one hand and my shorts in the other.

“I can’t believe you fell for that.” Madison chuckled as she handed me my shorts.

“I can’t believe you played along.” I said as I put my shorts back on.

“I’m not sure what’s hotter Trina pleasing you or the look on your face while she is doing it?” Madison said as she leaned over and kissed my forehead. “I have to go to work; maybe we can continue this play later.”

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