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I was only 24 when I was sent to Jersey for three months to learn all about Stock Broking. I had left school at 17 and had joined a Shipping Agent company but the shipping business had collapsed with the use of the containers, and the company had to concentrate on its Investment Trust work. I was met at airport by the Managing Director who took me directly to the person who had agreed to put me up for three months. She was the widow of a director who had died some four months previously, from cancer. She took us into her house, which by Jersey standards, was large. It stood by itself and had a short driveway. The widow’s name was Jeanette and she was French. Her husband had been a director of many offshore companies as well as running his own wine business. They had met when he visited her father’s vineyard in the Loire Valley.

I quickly settled in and started work the next day on the Tuesday, in the office which was situated in Broad street, Saint Helier. My work was mundane office work with other clerks. I travelled in by bus.

Things were quiet between us for the first two weeks — I stayed in my bedroom in the evenings studying for my Financial Services qualification exams. Then on the second Saturday night she came home with a bang. I had been going up to bed after a night of quiet reading and watching television, when I heard this noise outside. I went out and saw that Jeanette had run into the gate posts with her husband’s Austin. I helped her out of the car, she was not injured and the car was dented a bit.

Jeanette staggered a bit and I helped her into the kitchen where I made her a cup of sweet tea for shock. My father is a doctor and I had learned first aid. We talked and she told me that she had had a few drinks with the man who had bought her late husband’s boat, in the Royal Jersey Yacht Club. She had got a good price for it and was celebrating. It was built in the 1930s and George, her husband, had used it to import wine to save on the cost of ferries in the year’s after the War.

When she at stopped shaking, I helped her upstairs into her bedroom. She went into her bedroom and I went to mine. I quickly undressed and I was putting on my pyjamas bottoms when I heard her calling out for me in her beautiful accented voice (like Brigitte Bardot’s voice in Doctor at Sea). She had undressed herself down to her bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings. She was seated on her dressing table chair and asked me if I would like to peel off her stockings. I knelt at her feet and gently undid the clips at the top and then rolled each one down her legs slowly being careful not to ladder them. She leaned over to me and spoke.

“Are you enjoying this? George always did.”

I could see quite a big cleavage between her breasts and I could feel I was getting an erection. I had never made love to any girl, only had groping sessions in the back of my father’s car in the dark.

“Now follow me to the bathroom.”

I followed like a pet, and I watched watching her bum wiggle under her pink knickers; she pulled them down and sat on the lavatory, then kicked them off up into the air. I caught them and instinctively raised them to my nose for a sniff.

“You can watch me piss if you like.”

She opened her thighs and pulled open her cunt lips. I fell to my knees and saw for the first time a woman’s cunt. It was covered in hair, but I could see a stream of smelly piss shoot out from her pink coloured cave.

“Come closer” she said and pulled my head down and at the same time she moved her hips forward. Something made me move my mouth into the stream and I drank the last few spurts of piss.

“Now lick me.”

I pushed my tongue into her cunt and moved it up and down the slit. Jeanette pressed my head onto her cunt and moved her hips up as well.

“Ahhhh… that is sooo good. Lick my clitoris hard.”

My left hand moved down and I began to wank. I was shaking with lust; I had never felt so excited in my life. Jeanette pulled me up by my hair.

“Put it in me ….. fuck me!”

I struggled up and tried to get my prick into her cunt. She grabbed hold of it and pushed into herself. It was wet and warm. I fucked her very quickly and then convulsed as I ejaculated spunk into her. I collapsed into her arms.

“That was so good.”

We stayed together and caught our breath, then slowly we got back up. She went to the hand basin and drank a glass of water.

“You must come and sleep with me in my bed from now on. You are a real man not a boy now.”

We slept the night in each other’s arms. When we awoke, I had the most amazing feeling of happiness, fulfilled and purposeful. We behaved like young lovers, touching each other and laughing and smiling.

“So this is love,” I said.

We didn’t make love again till Wednesday evening. I had given up studying — boring — and sat on the sofa with her. The very nearness of her, the smell of her French perfume, aroused me. We kissed with open mouths, our tongues twisting together. Her hand went down the bulge in my pants and stroked it to erection.

“Come, let’s go to bed now. Why spend time with our clothes on?”

Jeanette undressed rapidly and I just yanked off my trousers and underpants. We landed in bed together.

“Am I your first lover? Yes? Then I shall teach you. First we kiss….. then you fondle my breasts….. now kiss my nipples… gently….. now give me your hand…. here stroke my clitoris…. feel it come out from its hood…. that’s it now rub a bit harder…..Yes that’s it.”

I was quivering with sexual excitement; my prick was achingly hard. She pushed me onto my back and threw her leg over my body and grabbed hold of it. She rubbed it up and down her slit a bit to distribute her juices then pulled it inwards and sank down until I was all in. She gasped as I hit bottom.

“Oh .. this is so beautiful… I can feel all of your cock. It’s so big and wonderful”

She moved up and down slowly, then gained speed. I pushed up as she pushed down; we built a rhythm. Then I could feel that unstoppable feeling prior to ejaculation so I pushed my forefinger into her arsehole, hard. She screamed and came as I did the same. We cuddled each other then and kissed gently before falling asleep.

On Saturday morning, Jeanette came into the bathroom where I was shaving and had a long piss. I turned round and watched as she wiped her fanny with the hand cloth which hung near the lavatory. In those days, 1964, soft toilet tissue hadn’t been introduced and women used clothes to wipe themselves after pissing. She came over to me by the hand basin and sat on the edge of the bath.

“Would you like to shave my bush please? George always did it for me every year before the summer but he wasn’t available this year and it needs doing for hygiene purposes.”

“Certainly” I said and I lathered up my shaving brush. Jeanette pulled up her nightie and opened her legs. I put foam around the edges and over her slit.

“Just shave the top of my thighs and pres de ma chatte”.

I got down on my knees and gently moved the razor over the top of her legs and then very carefully, along and over her slit. There were no protruding vulva lips. Then I wiped the whole are with a warm damp flannel. She looked down and said that I had done a good job.

“Could you go and get the jar of cold cream please from my dressing table? It stops the area from irritating me.”

I went and got the jar and applied two fingers of it onto her thighs and then onto her cunt. My fingers slipped in and I rubbed her clitoris with a smile on my face. Jeanette reached out and found my hardening prick and slowly wanked it and I masturbated her.

“Taking advantage of me are you?”

We carried on until I spurted into her hand and she came on my fingers.

“That was nice — before breakfast too!”

That evening we went to the best French restaurant in Saint Helier in a taxi because her car was being repaired. The rose wine from her father’s vineyard for that year, was being drunk by the patrons for the first time. There were lots of `Saluts` and we both drank too much. The next day, I had terrible diarrhoea and Jeanette said she felt ill and her period had started. I didn’t know what she meant so she kindly explained about women’s menstruation period of 28 days, with two weeks of fertility and one week when conception was not possible.

On the Wednesday evening Jeanette came home with a bad back, partly due to her period and partly because she had lifted too many cases of wine that day.

“Could you give my back a massage?”

“Yes, certainly, my father’s a doctor and he taught me the basic massage techniques so I could do his back when it was needed.”

“Here is a bottle of olive oil. Come upstairs and you we can try to stop this pain.”

She undressed completely and lay on a towel on the middle of her bed.

“Undress as well because I don’t want oil on your clothes”. So I did.

She lay face down and I mounted the bed and straddled her thighs. I poured a small amount of oil onto her lower back and some dribbled down her arse crack. I ignored that, and rubbed in circles, with gentle pressure, outwards from her spine. She purred with contentment as my fingers worked their magic. I progressed upwards to her shoulders and then started again. As I was doing this my prick was rubbing in the crack of her arse, and it became erect without my doing anything. I began to enjoy the sensation and I started to move faster. The cheeks of her arse were pulling my foreskin back and the forward movement excited my purple knob.

Then I moved to far back and to quickly forward and it pushed into her arse hole.

“Oh that’s nice” I said and pushed harder so that more of my cock went in. Jeanette’s head came up and she looked round.

“Carry on, here let me make it easier for you,” and she lifted her bum up and knelt on her knees.

“George always used to fuck me dans ma derriere when I had my period or didn’t have a condom to hand.”

I was enjoying the tightness and warmth of her arse hole and I moved gently in and out. Then I felt that overwhelming feeling as the spunk ran up inside my penis and into her rectum. I fell backwards and my cock slipped out. I looked down and I could see a small stream of spunk coming slowly out of her arsehole. I picked up a corner of the towel and wiped it off.

“Well that was a surprise, I must say, but my back does feel better but I feel that I want to go to the toilette now!” and she dived off into the bathroom.

After that our love making became conventional — in bed, in the usual positions, but there was one exception. On a Sunday afternoon we went for a drive in her new Citroen DS with its pneumatic suspension, which she had exchanged for the old Austin. She used the money she got from selling her late husband’s ketch. We went to the north of the island and parked on a favourite viewing point on the cliffs above the sea. There was nobody about and we sat on the grass together. Then Jeanette said she had to piss and stood up, moved away a bit, then pulled her skirt up and pulled her pants down. She had her back to me and I could see her white skinned bum and the dark blue suspender straps strained against her thighs, then a stream of piss coming out between her legs. For some reason this excited me, and I went over and slid my hand underneath and let the piss run over it. When she stopped, I rubbed her cunt gently. She moved forwards on to her knees keeping her arse pointing upwards. I shuffled on my knees until I was right up to her thighs and then I tried to insert it to her cunt. I was not succeeding and then I felt her hand from between her thighs come up and grab my penis. She held it against her cunt and I pushed into all of it was inside. She was wet with juice and hot. I fucked her slowly with love. The feeling was so intense, I could not last long.

Then she turned her head to me and said “pull out before you ejaculate — use ma derriere”.

So I pulled out and holding it in my left hand I positioned it against her arse hole and pushed it steadily into her rectum. It was too much and I pumped all my spunk into her bum. I could feel my balls tighten as if they were being squeezed to extract the juice. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time. I cock slackened off and I fell back onto my haunches.

“Wow!!” I exclaimed.

I would like to say that I stayed in Jersey, married Jeanette and made millions in the financial services market but I returned home, but I returned a MAN having gone out a boy. I left my job with the investment trust and became a salesman for a timber company with a company car. I also moved out of the family home and rented a flat with a friend. We held parties and stayed out drinking and when the gambling laws changed, gambled. This was the `Swinging Sixties`, it is said that if you could remember what you did, you weren’t there! Well, I have memories — good memories.

I checked in to this little ski resort ‒ it’s a golf resort meant for the summer really, but a short drive from the ski hill, the best in Ontario (which isn’t saying much) so they are obviously trying to attract some ski business, although nobody seems to know about them yet. The place is a hotel with a little timeshare section added on, the whole place brand new, still under construction really, and almost deserted in the winter mid-week off season.

So I go down to check out the laundry setup ‒ the room is down a floor at the end of the hallway, and I need to check the setup, as skiing uses up a lot of laundry. I go into the room and see a respectable row of machines for such a small place, and a woman pouring detergent into one.

Now, this is the first person I’ve seen at all in the hallways. I ask her about the machines, and she explains that although they are set up with coin boxes, they are all free, and she explains how to work them.

She is wearing a ski suit, matching jacket and snow pants in two tone light blues. I suddenly flash on why she is wearing the outdoor suit in the warm laundry room. I’ve done the same stunt myself ‒ you only bring just enough clothes to ski in, a couple of changes. Sometimes I’ve worn my jacket because I’m washing all my T shirts as well as underwear and socks. She is probably doing the same. I’ll bet she is even washing her bra and all her panties.

She is also very friendly and helpful. I’ll bet she is alone, and looking for some company, with a single room to herself and an otherwise empty bed. Nice looking blond, a little younger than me, a good match. Also in great shape, athletic body, no doubt because of the skiing.

“That’s a really nice ski jacket you have on. May I look at it?”

“Er, well, sure…”

She is still being friendly, obviously hoping to strike up a conversation, and so agrees without thinking.

I use the excuse to approach her and, to her surprise I reach for her zipper.

She freezes, but does not stop me at first. I note this, and continue to keep up a patter as I slowly lower the zipper down her front. “This looks great. I’ll bet it’s a good material. Does it have a nice lining, too?”

At this point, we both know that I know that she’s not wearing anything underneath, and that I now know she knows this, and that I’m continuing to open it, and we also both realize that she’s not stopping me, and that we both know that she’s not going to stop me.

She’s sub; or at least adventurous enough to go along for now. I go with it. “You’re filling it out very nicely.” I slide my hand inside and over her naked tit. “Very soft, very smooth, very warm.”

I cup her and caress her, and then grasp her bare nipple between my thumb and finger, and start to firmly squeeze it. She moans, loudly.

I open her jacket widely, exposing both of her tits completely, and start to fondle both of them openly, squeezing and stroking her breasts and nipples. I lean over and take one tit in my mouth, sucking and licking it; and then do the same to the other. “Delicious, too!” Obviously we aren’t talking about the jacket any more, although not saying anything to deny it.

After we are both getting obviously hot, I slide a hand down the front of her pants, asking about them, I get to her clit without resistance, and after playing with that for a few seconds, I slip a finger inside.

“Nice. Also very soft and warm.” By now she is leaning back against the machine with her eyes shut, letting me have my way with her.

Holding my hand to the back of her head, I embrace her and we start to kiss passionately. Meanwhile I work her fly open so I can get at her easily, and am starting to seriously masturbate her. I notice her machine going, and I get an evil idea.

She is way past the point of reason, on her way to her first orgasm, and the place is deserted.

“You know, it’s a shame not to wash these with the rest. Why don’t we pop them into the machine with the rest of your stuff, and you can just hang out in my room while they wash.” I didn’t actually expect her to answer such a stupid suggestion, but I wanted to see how far I could push her, how amenable she was to control and how open she was to sexual humiliation, one of my favourites.

She sort of mumbled her agreement without really seeming to understand what I was saying and continued to react to my ministrations to her clit and cunt. I peeled her jacket off, which wasn’t hard because it was mostly off already. Then I slid her pants off, which was fine with her because she was getting desperate to cum, and probably to fuck as well. Then I threw them both into the water in the already operating machine, and so they were gone.

She just stood there nude, moaning louder if anything. I embraced her again and we resumed kissing, while I continued to caress and stroke her juicy cunt, her clit, and her breasts and nipples with my fingers and tongue.

“Come along now, mustn’t dally.” I reminded her that we had to retire to my room to wait for her clothes to wash and dry. This took persuasion and reassurance this time, but she finally stood while I inserted three fingers well up inside her cunt, and then started to pull her along with me out the door and into the hallway.

She was in a sexual high, totally excited, totally freaked out and aroused to be walking naked along the empty hallway, being pulled along by her cunt. I pulled her down the length of the hallway like this, as though she was on a leash.

We got on the little hydraulic elevator, went up one floor to my room, kitty-corner and down just a couple of rooms and stopped in front of my door, all without being seen by anyone. I confess I spent a little bit longer than necessary searching my pockets for my room card while she was standing there naked and nervous. But no more than a couple or five minutes or so. And it took a bit longer because I was still taking time to kiss her on and off, and masturbating her the whole time. Almost her fault, really.

It turns out that she really was a sub, although I don’t know if she knew how much she enjoyed it. The rest of the night we played Dom-Sub games. After that wild beginning, she was willing to go along with everything and anything. I went to my car and got some soft nylon rope and tied her up a couple of ways, then I started slow and soft and worked my way up to spanking her ass and tits and cunt harder and harder. I hog-tied her on the bed to fuck her, and later I tied her hands and feet and pushed her against the window with her breasts flattened against the glass while I fucked her from behind. I don’t think anyone would have seen her clearly other than in outline, because while I fucked her ass she was lit from behind with the curtains open at night, but I guess we will never know.

She begged me to fuck her hard, and to use her and abuse her and make her my slave for the night. She also turned out to be a very dirty girl. After I fucked her in her ass she grabbed my cock and sucked it clean; soon after that I said I had to piss so she took my cock in her mouth again and begged me to use her to piss in. I fucked her in her cunt and ass, and she took great delight in licking my cock clean each time.

It took a lot of work, but I managed to work a fist into each of her cunt and ass, both firsts for her she said, and one of my favourites. She even wanted to lick my ass, which she did with gusto, fucking me as deep as she could go with her tongue, licking all around and even sucking to see what she could get out and eat. A very dirty girl!

We had a really wonderful, memorable night. Although as crazy as we got, it was hard to recapture the wild adrenaline of that first few minutes, and her willingness to be stripped and pulled along naked by her cunt in public by a complete stranger.

Her pussy dripping, Alex thrust the large vibrating pink rabbit hard into her cunt for the last time as she groaned loudly to climax. She lay still on the bed gently running her fingers over her chest as she imagined the day ahead. As nice as her self-fuck had been, she knew she still had work and the day was passing quickly.

Alex washed, dressed and swigged back a cup of tea before dashing out the door. She was wearing the outfit selected by Adrian the night before to work and today she was to complete a series of forfeits. Unfortunately Alex was lucky in love, but unlucky at cards and so the forfeit poker last night had all gone in Adrian’s favour.

Included in the forfeits was going to work with no knickers on, a blowjob for a stranger and double penetration to name but a few of the spoils of victory for Adrian. The first was easy as Alex had never liked underwear anyway and with that nice figure hugging black business dress Alex felt 100% sexy. Alex had never had a double penetration and although she enjoyed anal sex, she was anxious about what it would feel like to have both holes filled.

Alex’s first challenge was to slide into the car without excessively flashing her wet, bald cunt. However, Alex being the exhibitionist, she was half wishing someone would catch a glimpse. As fate would have it, she had her wish; as she climbed into the driving seat of her gull wing car the postman rounded the driveway gate. He was treated to a full view of her pussy as she swung her legs into the car. Realising this Alex ‘accidentally’ dropped her keys just outside the car door forcing her to straddle half in and out of the car to pick them up, thus giving the lucky postman an even greater view of that prized cunt.

With a mischievous smile she pulled away from the house giving the postman a cheeky wink. Alex had not approved of Adrian’s extravagant purchase of a replica kit car, however today she could forgive him. As Alex pulled into the car park of the offices she worked in, she started to plan in her mind the process of getting out of the car in reverse. This was particularly important in light of the fact that her boss usually made a point of parking next to her car.

Today was no different as she pulled the handbrake on and turned the engine off her boss pulled up. He was young to be in such a senior role and was also witty, athletic and apparently single! Alex loved his flirtations and in turn always went out of her way to ‘bump’ into him at coffee or deliver post and messages the moment they came in. Today she was going to have fun!

Alex opened the door and swung around to slide out of the kit car. As she did so, she allowed her dress to ride up slightly ensuring that when she parted her legs to climb out of the car all would be revealed. She timed it perfectly and from the prolonged stare of Richard her boss and the lack of banter she knew that her show had been appreciated. She hurriedly shut the car door and passed Richard as she briskly walked to the door of the offices.

“Morning Richard” Alex said confidently as she held the door to the office open for him.

“Morning!” stammered Richard, clearly flustered.

Alex proceeded upstairs and hung her coat up in the staffroom, checked herself in the mirror adjusting her cleavage to ensure ‘maximum’ boost. She skipped to her desk in excitement, knowing that the day had started great.

Mental note forfeit one completed, now for the next.

Alex was both Richard’s personal assistant and receptionist, which was great because she was able to know everything that was going on in the office building. Furthermore she was also able to check out the ‘talent’ as and when they came to the office. Half way through the morning one such ‘talent’ walked in and signed in at her desk. He asked to be pointed to the toilets, and as Alex pointed to the end of the corridor she calculated that he might be a candidate for her second dare.

He was gone for at least 5 minutes, so Alex decided to try her luck. She left her desk and down the corridor towards the toilets. The left door the Gents and the left one the ladies toilet. She walked confidently through the left glancing to the left where the urinals hung from the wall and stood there was the ‘talent’. She moved slowly so that he could notice her passing behind him in the mirror and she entered the first cubicle.

As she sat down she pushed the door closed but did not lock it. Her heart racing, she hoped that he would be receptive and interested in her smutty desires. Alex heard footsteps across the toilets and then a shadow could be seen under the cubicle door. With a creek the door started to open and as it swung back to the wall Alex could see that the ‘talent’ she so desperately wanted was stood before her…literally!

He was huge and very erect and Alex could see that there was pre cum dribbling at the tip of that pulsating bellend. He moved towards her and pushed his cock into her face and onto her lips. She opened her mouth willingly allowing the full length to fill her mouth to the back of her throat. She sucked hard and frantically move her hands around to his firm bum cheeks digger her nails in as she could feel his gland swell in her mouth.

As he was about to cum she heard the doors to the toilets open and was aware of someone else entering. She couldn’t see around the half open door of the cubicle, but knew someone was definitely in the room. As she tried to work out who had entered the toilets, that huge cock in her mouth erupted, spraying cum deep into her mouth. As he withdrew cum splashed across her face and down her front. Remarkably he must have squeezed at least 3 or 4 jets of cum after withdrawing from her lustful lips.

The ‘talent’ smiled pulled his pants up, zipped, turned and left. Alex was not sure how to proceed next but tried to clean herself up the best she could before exiting briskly. As she left she tried out of the corner of her eye to see who was standing at the urinals and although not certain she believed it was Richard, it certainly was a man wearing a similar colour suit.

She didn’t hesitate, she just kept moving out and through the door and towards her reception desk. She rounded the desk sat down and checked that her dress was straight and her hair in place. At that moment the telephone rang and she answered it. As she picked the receiver up she licked the taste on her lips and again mentally marked forfeit two as complete.

The rest of the morning passed with out much to report and Alex focused on ensuring the all the tasks set aside for the morning were completed so that she could leave for lunch on time. As lunch drew closer she could only think of the toilet experience earlier and the fact that her boss must have seen her sucking at one of his clients cocks in the men’s toilets. Alex took her last call before locking her computer and going to the staff room to collect her coat to go to lunch.

As she entered the staffroom Alex was surprised to see Richard and the stranger that she had given the blowjob to in the gents standing together talking.

“Alex there you are, I believe you’ve met Ed?” Richard asked with a smirk.

“Yes” Stammered Alex.

“We’ve met before, I believe I took your details down Ed!” Alex said more confidently.

“Well Alex I’d like you to join Ed and I for lunch today as I need some notes taking for our lunch meeting, that’d be ok wouldn’t it?” enquired Richard.

“Of course.”

“Well that’s settled then! We’ll go in my car.”

With that the three of them left the building sand headed for Richards car. Alex made her way to the rear of the car and Ed rode upfront with Richard. Alex’s mind was racing, but bizarrely she felt incredibly turned on. As the car pulled away she settled into her seat and listened to the conversation from the front of the car.

“Well I just want to secure the deal Richard!”

“I agree Ed, but that kind of money doesn’t come cheap.”

Alex interrupted.

“Where are we going Richard?”

“You’ll see!” Replied Richard.

The car fell silent for the next 10 minutes, but Alex couldn’t help but feel nervous and excited all in one. She had an urge to reach between her legs and concluded that she could discreetly touch herself without drawing attention. How wrong could she have been! As she parted her legs, she noticed that Ed had lowered his sun visor down at the perfect angle to watch her in his vanity mirror. Realising this Alex decided to give him the best view possible. Her lips parted she ran her fingers across her moist pussy lips.

She rubbed slow at first and then built in speed as she parted her lips to expose the glistening pink from within. She slid back into her chair a little more as she did she realised that Richard could see everything from his rear mirror too. He gave her smile as he looked up to turn a corner and then stop the car.

As he pulled in, he applied the handbrake, switched the engine off and swung around to get a better look at Alex in the rear of his car.

“Wow, isn’t she great Ed?” Richard asked.

“She sure is Richard and has a pussy that needs to be fucked!”

Richard got out of the car and opened Alex’s door. He beckoned her out and Alex noted that she didn’t really know where she was. All the time she had been playing with herself she had taken no notice of her surroundings and now she was a little irritated that she hadn’t half noted where she had gone. She was standing in an empty gravel car park in a wooded area, the sun was warm and there was little or no breeze to speak of. There was clearly no place for eating.

Richard took Alex’s hand and guided her down a pathway into the trees, closely followed by Ed. A few hundred yards into the trees he stopped and turned off the path and through some bushes. He stopped and Ed passed a blanket to him that he had obviously taken out of the car.

“Right my little cock sucking slut, we’re going to take advantage of that panty less, bald wet cunt and fuck you like you have never been fucked before!” Richard said with lust.

With that Richard unzipped his plies moved towards Alex and guided her down to her knees. She slipped her mouth around his cock and sucked down deep and hard. Ed had his cock in his hands and was wanking to a full erection at the sight of Alex blowing Richard. Richard slipped Alex’s Dress straps down her shoulders and over her breasts. Unclipping the clasp to her bra he let loose those lovely 38DD tits to hang in free in the warmth of the open air.

Ed moved closer and Alex reached out and pulled him closer again she pulled at his cock and guided it towards her mouth taking both cocks into her mouth. As she sucked the ends of those two mighty cocks she grunted through her teeth.

“So you both think you’re big enough to fuck me?” She demanded aggressively.

“Hell yes” Richard replied.


With that Ed rounded Alex pushed her on all fours, hitched her dress up to her waste and buried his face between her arse crack.

“Lick my cunt!” Alex is pleaded

“Oh no, we need to see to that arse first you cock sucking slut.” retorted Richard.

Ed flicked his tongue firmly in and out of Alex’s arse as Richard caressed her breasts and gave her arse cheeks the occasional smack. Alex felt so horny and out of control and realised she was being a little too noisy in such a public space. Richard obviously also felt this as he stuffed his cock back into her mouth to muffle her noise.

Ed pulled his face away from Alex’s crack and stood up so as to line his pulsating cock to her now thoroughly lubricated and open anus. He gave no mercy as he thrust the full length of his 7inch cock into her anal passage causing her to bite slightly down onto Richards cock.

“Easy!” exclaimed Richard.

With that Richard pulled out of Alex’s mouth and wanked as he watched Ed fuck her arse. Ed moved to one side to allow Richard a chance of fucking that stretched hole.

“Well she’s no Anal virgin!” declared Richard with a laugh.

“My cock goes in with no problem, she’s obviously had this arse fucked plenty before.”

Alex nodded her head as she panted for more. Richard after some vigorous thrusting pulled out and smacked Alex’s bum.

“Right, now for that Pussy”

Ed rolled Alex onto her back and lined himself up between her legs. His cock slipped effortless in to that hairless cunt as Alex groaned. After 5 or so minutes of fucking Richard moved behind Ed.

“Right kneel up a little Ed, let’s see if her cunt is the same as her mouth and can fit two cocks!”

With that Alex felt her pussy stretched wide as Richard slid his cock under Ed’s to double penetrate her cunt. Ed and Richard rocked steady and Alex could feel an orgasm building. Richard realising that she was about to come withdrew and beckoned Ed out. Richard lay back and gestured Alex to straddle him. She did taking his cock into her pussy. With that Ed climbed behind her and she felt the tip of his cock probing her arse. This is it she thought, my first Anal and Cunt penetration!

Wow the pleasure building between her legs as Richard and Ed fucked her arse and cunt hard. Ed was the first to come filling her arse with hot sticky cum. As he pulled out it trickled from her arse crack and down onto Ed’s cock moving in and out of her already very wet pussy.

“Fuck me!” roared Richard as he unleashed his load deep into Alex’s cunt.

The three of them lay there for a moment on the rug. It was Ed that was first to speak.

“We should get going.”

“Ok Ed, but lets get cleaned up first.” Replied Richard.

As Alex climbed back into the back of Richard’s car, Alex replayed the last 24hours in her mind. From her a silly card game had sprung one of the most exciting days of her life. Forfeit three completed, she now looked forward to the ones she must perform to Adrian on his return home from work. Perhaps, even more excitingly the telling of the details of the forfeits completed during the day, which she knew would blow his mind away.


This story is entirely fictional. All characters in this fictional work are over the age of 18. This work is intended to be consumed by adults, 18 or 21 years of age, depending on your location. Please ensure that you are not living in a community that forbids reading material with sexual content. This work is NOT intended to cause any harm to existing human beings, either due to being featured in this work or by consuming it. The appearing characters should be treated with respect, whenever they exist beyond fiction. The work may or may not include safer sex, for your own good please have safer sex. The work may or may not include acts considered violent and/or abusive, please do not attempt to recreate them. This work may or may not include elements of domination and/or force, either physically or psychically (mental), please do not attempt to include this into your private sex sessions, unless given permission by your partner(s). Make sure your partner(s) consented to your actions.

Title: Public Restroom Encounter

Author: Jan Arctic

Email: [removed]

Type of release: Initial release

Date of story: 2013-10-26

Re-posting permitted?: Yes, without changes, including the disclaimer and this header.

Date of re-post: [to be filled out by re-poster]

Mentioning the source?: Yes, please link to the original story if you are allowed to.

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Feedback: Yes.

Content warning: none

Tags: anal, celeb, celebrity, consensual, FM

Known persons/celebrities: Katy Perry(?)


This story was written to appeal to someone else with a profile, which pretended to belong to Katy Perry or that the person was Katy Perry and pretended not to be her. The profile had some restrictions on what (sexual) actions could be performed with/on the female character. The setting of this story is taken from that profile.


It was very early in the morning as I stumbled into the public restroom near the park. All I wanted was to take a piss, which I could have done outside, since I knew how filthy this place usually was. Luckily I chose not to pee outside, since I discovered a female bend over grabbing her ankles. There could have been only one reason why she had been there and was in this position; she wanted to have sex with some stranger.

I approached her and smacked her ass, which was covered by some tiny black skirt. “What do we have here?!” I asked loudly and smacked that ass again. “Just let me take a piss and I’ll give your holes some good pounding!” I told the girl and moved towards the urinals to do what I was here for before getting back to the girl. She hadn’t said a word so far.

I squatted behind her and lifted her skirt just to see that she had no panties on. Sure, she looked for quick sex. I noticed some black tape over her pussy, which told me that she wanted to avoid vaginal intercourse, because it said so and was there for that very reason. I got up and grabbed a fistful of her hair to pull her head towards me. “So you just want it up your ass?! How about you sucking my cock to make it easier go in your ass?” I asked her. She turned her head and told me that I should go on without having my cock sucked, she just wanted anal sex.

In the moment where she turned her head and began talking to me, I noticed that she looked like Katy Perry and that her voice sounded like Katy’s, too, so I asked her if she was Katy Perry, after I told her that I would only fuck her ass if that’s the only thing she was looking for. She denied being Katy Perry, but admitted that she looked like her and I wasn’t the first to tell. She told me that it was OK for her if I’d pretend her to be Katy Perry.

“OK, Katy, bend down again so I can play with your ass!” I told her and let go of her hair. She bend down to grab her ankles again. I didn’t really care if she was Katy Perry or not, she was hot and would let me fuck her ass, at least. Though I couldn’t get rid of the impression it was Katy Perry. On the other hand, why would she have been in this filthy restroom?!

I took my cock and placed it between her ass-cheeks, squeezing her ass together and rubbing my cock up and down between her ass-cheeks. Then I bend down and spread her ass-cheeks to spit on her asshole. “You’ve got a nice ass and an absolute awesome looking asshole!” I got up and lined my cock up with her asshole. Her ass was so soft and had turned a little red from my previous slapping. I just pushed forward and immediately noticed how tight her asshole was. I could tell that she had anal sex before or at least many toys had been in her ass, but she was awesomely tight.

I pushed forward, not giving a damn about her response to me entering her ass. She gasped as I pushed myself deeper into her. She told me I should go on, not holding myself back, she would be able to take it. I shoved my cock all the way up her ass, so I was now balls-deep in her ass. I rocked my hips back and forth, just a little bit out and back in before pulling out to the tip to shove it all the way in at some high pace. ‘Katy’ moaned loudly as I was fucking her ass.

After some time of plowing her ass I pulled out and put it right back in, pushing forward with such a force that ‘Katy’ fell on her knees. I kept going forward so I wouldn’t slip out of her. ‘Katy’ was on her hands and knees, while getting fucked doggy-style by me. I grabbed a fistful of her hair again, just to yank her head back and to have something to grab onto while hammering in ‘Katy’s’ asshole. She seemed happy to be treated somewhat rough. I really didn’t want to hold myself back and started fucking ‘Katy Perry’ into the floor. “You are an amazing slut, I don’t really care about your music all that much, but your videos and pictures are nice to get off to!”

It was fun to pretend her to be Katy Perry, but I thought we could take it a bit further and I made her pretend she would be Katy Perry. “Pretend to be Katy! Tell my what a fucking anal slut you are!” I commanded. She seemed lucky to have a cock in her ass and getting fucked like she wanted and complied. “I’m Katy Perry and I’m a filthy fucking anal slut! I’m Katy Perry and my ass is all yours. I’m an anal whore and my name is Katy Perry!” she shouted out. I tried to go even faster and she hissed “I’m Katy Perry!, I’m Katy Perry!” over and over again, until her body spasmed and her anal muscles were squeezing my cock. I almost couldn’t believe it; ‘Katy Perry’ had and orgasm from anal penetration. Her ass got even tighter during her orgasmic shaking and squeezing and I could feel my orgasm was near.

I wondered if I should pull out and come all over her ass or if I could dare to facial her. I guessed that if she was so into anal sex she wouldn’t mind if I would shoot my load up her ass. As soon as I felt that I was about to orgasm I shoved my cock all the way up her ass. I shot my hot spunk deep inside her ass, spurt after spurt of my sperm was pumped into her ass. After some seconds of resting I pulled out of her. She turned around and said “I’m Katy Perry and I got spunked!” while smiling like an evil playful girl. I smiled back and was unsure if she was still pretending or being serious. I took some toilet paper and wiped my cock clean as I was not sure if she would suck it, because she wouldn’t suck it before and now it even was in her ass. “I’m Katy Perry and you just fucked my ass and pumped me full of cum!” she said and shoved two fingers in her ass before pulling them out and sucking on them. “Tasty!” she said afterwards. “I’m Katy Perry and I’m always in the mood for anal. I’m the filthy fucking anal loving slut Katy Perry!” she almost shouted at me. “Sure you are.” I replied unknowingly if I was playing along or if I had to be serious.

I was done so I put my cock back in my pants and left. Hell, who cares if it was Katy Perry, I just fucked an amazing slut in her ass. We both had fun. No one would believe me that I fucked Katy Perry, especially in this filthy place. Some would believe that I fucked a girl in here, while most think I just lied to tell a good story. Damn, for my own sanity…. I fucked Katy Perry!… I fucked Katy Perry’s asshole!

I should visit this restroom frequently, maybe other restrooms, too. Maybe I find her again, just to stick my cock where it was just a couple of minutes ago.

This is my first story. I’ve never written about any of my encounters before, until recently when I’ve been wanting to re-live them in my head. I thought it would be an interesting story. Any feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy :]


It feels like I haven’t been used in ages. I’m too much of a scared sissy. I find guys from all over, talk, email, text sometimes. But when it really comes down to it I get too scared. I’ve been with this guy before, his cock is soda can thick and he’s really rough. The day after my first encounter with him, I literally couldn’t walk properly or sit down comfortably. It’s exactly what I look for in a guy. Tall, muscular, dominant, big cock. Lately though, I’ve been dodging him. We agreed to meet this one time two weeks ago, I was really horny and constantly emailed him throughout the week. But when the night to meet him came, I chickened out. Scared he would fuck me too hard the next time we’d meet, I kept dodging him, giving him excuse after excuse… until tonight. I just can’t take it. I need him, someone, anyone to put me in my place and make me feel like the little girl I am. And he’s always available. Especially for his little Filipina hoe.

So here I am, waiting in my car for his call. I’m sitting in the back seat wearing a yellow polka-dot thong, frilly black fishnets, clear platform high heels, and a little black dress. I start to rub my little clit thinking about what is going to happen to me tonight. In my head I keep replaying a scene of me getting pummeled from behind by his big black cock, loving every second of it, telling him to rape me harder as I take it deep in my ass like a good girl. I start stroking, edging myself and then stopping. I do this a couple of times as doubt starts to fill my head. Is he going to come? I think to myself.

I get really sad in my head and begin to ask myself questions like, “Why am I such a stupid bitch, no one wants to use my worthless asshole.”

I start thinking crazy thoughts, like just walking on the streets in my skimpy outfit until someone picks me up and really rapes me. Until finally, I receive a text from him.

“Come to front of door now and wait there.”

My face lightens up as I hop out of my car and run in my heels towards the door waiting for him, fixing myself up and hiding my little clit, tucking it under my sexy thong. I feel a cool breeze brush between my tall slender smooth legs and realize how exposed I am standing out here in the open, looking like a call girl at this man’s doorstep. I hear footsteps on the other side of the door as he opens it. I try not to make eye contact with him as not to be disrespectful. Maybe it’s the Asian influence I grew up with, never looking directly at your elders or maybe I’m just a submissive slut. He opens the door slightly stepping one foot outside as his hand starts to reach behind me. I feel his big rough hand grab my fat bubble butt. He smacks it as I stumble on my heels but grabs me by the neck to help me balance myself.

Wringing my neck he pulls me towards him, “You actually decided to show, you’re a naughty little chink.”

I nod, my little clit already hardening. “Yes sir, I’m sorry, I’m here now to service you.” I whisper.

He tells me to go upstairs. I walk as he follows, I can tell he’s looking up my dress, staring at my little bubble butt and the thong that’s wedged between my Filipina ass cheeks. When I get to the room I see a bunch of toys on the bed, belts, a blindfold, and cameras set up…. My heart sinks into my stomach as I take off my coat. Standing there in just my skimpy outfit legs crossed, I await his instruction.

He closes the door behind him and locks it, turns around and sees his little chink whore standing at attention. I keep my eyes glued to the floor, but I can feel his searching me, hearing him lick his lips as my legs begin to shake nervously. I can picture what he sees. Just a worthless, weak, little sissy Asian boy in a tight dress that likes being bossed around and treated like a whore. But it’s turning him on more than any other girl he’s been with. Sure he loves making bitches submit, but when that bitch has something between his legs, when that someone he’s dominating should have been a man but is rather an effeminate little boy, it makes his blood boil and makes him uncontrollable.

He circles around me then grabs me by the neck, his huge hand enveloping my neck as I feel his other hand grab my tiny crotch. He pulls my thong to the side and he starts playing with my little clit between his thumb and index finger. I moan as he manhandles me, it turns me on so much my little clit begins to swell. His grip on my neck tightens; he then throws me on the bed my ass popping out of my tight dress.

“Head off the bed” he says to me, as I crawl to the edge, lying on my back.

I see him fixing something on his camera and then he comes back towards me blindfold in hand. He stands towering in front of me as he drops his pants and his fat 10 inch cock slaps against my face.

“Suck it you little faggot” he says as I grab his thick cock and place it at the opening of my mouth.

Barely able to fit the head of his cock in my mouth I try to please this meaty rod with my tiny mouth.

“Good slut, suck that cock your stupid whore”

I feel him reaching and pulling my dress up as he sees my fully erect tiny clit pulsating as his hips grind his huge cock into my mouth. Each time he tries to thrust his dick into my mouth, face fucking me, my little clit twitches. He puts the blindfold around my head and begins to tie it. I start to breathe heavier, my clit getting harder as he places his cock back into my mouth. I feel him grabbing my little clit as he chuckles.

“What a tiny little cock you have. I shouldn’t even call it a cock it’s so fucking small.” he smacks it lightly, as I twitch. “You shouldn’t be considered a man, you disgrace men. All you’re good for is this dirty fucking hole.”

He says to me spanking the side of my ass cheeks. His words get me turned on even more and all of a sudden I hear a buzzing. I feel him attach something vibrating to my little clit. It surrounds my clit and vibrates right on the head of my cock, as I’m filled with ecstasy. I start moaning, sucking his cock harder and longer. He retaliates at my willingness to serve, as he starts to fuck my mouth harder. I feel him grab my neck and starts pumping in and out of my throat. He slides his cock halfway in and holds it there as I start to choke. He pulls back out and slaps me across the face.

“Take my cock you brown bitch” he says putting his cock back into my mouth and pushing it 3/4s its way in.

I gag several times and every time I gag he smacks my face. He clenches my nose shut and starts getting a faster rhythm going in his thrusts. I feel like my mouth has become a pussy from him as he grabs both sides of my face and begins fucking my mouth. The vibrator on my clit starts to push me to the edge, I feel myself letting go, this feeling that I was holding in from the beginning.

“I can’t be cumming yet!” I thought to myself.

I try to tell him to take it off but everything he hears is muffled.

“Shut the fuck up and take this cock, stupid chink bitch!”

I try to push him away as he sees my body squirming, but it’s too late. Streams of cum shoot across the bed, on my dress, my legs, and my face. I had been edging myself for so long, I had such a huge load built up, almost a weeks worth of cum exploding from my little clit. I must of shot 10 streams of cum all over myself as my masters voice becomes excited.

“Holy shit bitch! You’re one dirty fucking whore. Can’t hold it back, huh?”

He belittles me. I lay there blindfolded, with cum all over myself.

“Hold still.”

I hear a snap and flash.

“He’s taking pictures of me.”, I say in my head.

Reality hits me hard. I’m not a very experienced CD, so when I cum once, I get snapped out of my slutty alter ego.

He leans close to me, I can feel his breath against my shoulder as he whispers, “I’m going to fuck your little ass so hard now.”

I can tell he has a smirk on his face when he said that.

“Turn around ass in the air, now.”

“Mast-” I try to say.

“Shut the fuck up bitch, did I ask you to talk?”

I slowly and reluctantly get on my hands and knees.

I hear him take a belt, “Face on the mattress, put your hands behind your back.”

I comply, as he can clearly see my erection is no longer there, just my limp little clit. He takes my forearms and ties them together. I hear him pop a cap open as he pours lube all over my little asshole.

He leans over me and whispers, “I’m gonna stretch your little Chinese asshole, you’re my bitch, and I’m gonna fuck you till you beg me to stop.”

Fear comes over me as I scream, “Please daddy! I don’t think I want to do this anymore! Please can I go home?!”

I just hear silence, then out of nowhere I feel a burning smack against my ass as I feel him bury his cock in my raw tight asshole. I feel all 10 inches slide through my clenched butt cheeks. I feel a tear as I shriek in pain. My back and ass buckle as I go from my knees onto my belly, he comes down with me pinning me down with all his weight. 250lbs of black muscle pinning down my pathetic 130 lbs tiny brown body. I almost pass out from the pain as tears stream down my eyes.


I hear him chuckle as he pulls out of my ass. I feel some liquid running down my thigh, as he turns me around and shoves his cock in my mouth. A combination of shit and blood fills my mouth while he cleans his dirty cock with the inside of my mouth. He smacks me hard in the face as tears seep through my blindfold. I feel him take my cum covered panties from my leg and hear him rip some masking tape.

“I’ll show you to talk back to me.”

“No ple-” he shoves my panties in my mouth and tapes it over my mouth.

He smacks me again “Scream through that bitch.”

He keeps me on my back, the pressure against my forearms. I feel him spread my legs kneeling between them. He grabs me by my ankles and bends them behind my head. I feel so exposed in this position. My bleeding asshole exposed for him to use as he pleases. I hear another snap, as he takes a picture of my ripped ass-pussy. He drops the camera on the bed and places his cock between my filipina ass cheeks. I try to scream for him to stop but to no avail. With one of my legs against his shoulder and the other one in his hand he starts to pry my asshole open once again with his fat black cock. I moan as it slides through my already broken asshole. I clench against my invader but it just hurts even more arousing him. He starts to rub my limp little cock in his hand as he begins pumping in and out of me.

“That’s right bitch, this asshole belongs to me, this little body is my property and you’re my fucking slave.”

I shake my head, not wanting anymore. As he smacks me across the face.

“Nod your head bitch, you belong to black cock, right?!”

He smacks me again but I don’t respond. He then places both my legs on his shoulders and raises his hips. He wraps both hands around my neck as he starts fucking me harder without mercy. Choking the life out of me like a doll as he thrusts his hips in and out of my gaping rectum. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass cheeks fills the room.

“You better fucking agree with me you stupid chink dog.”

He starts gripping harder around my neck as I start to get light headed. It seems as if my dismay arouses him, as what feels like his now 11 inch cock starts raping my little Filipina asshole. The whole length of it slides out and slams back it. He smacks me again with his other hand while he chokes me. The blood excreting from my asshole acts as lube to fuel his assault. He pulls all the way out and makes me feel how wide my ass is gaping. It gapes so long and wide that it fills with air as his cock rams over and over into it. Each long stroke causes my asshole to queef loud while he buries his meat in me. I’m embarrassed at the sound but all my mind is focused on right now is trying to cope with the pain. I can hear his breathing start to pick up as his thrusts get faster. It sounds like an untamed wild animal is having his way with me. He loosens a bit on my neck by removing one of his hands but begins smacking my face constantly as he doubles his efforts on my torn asshole.

“You filthy fucking pig, you belong to me, don’t fucking forget it!”

I nod my head fast wanting it to be over.

I moan through my gag, “yes! OK!”

I stop fighting back and stop clenching as he continues his attack on my ass. I lay there limp, submitting, just taking his cock into my hole. My heels flail in the air above his head while he viciously rapes me.

I try to withhold all the pain I’m feeling and keep telling myself, “it’s almost over, it’s almost over.”

Little do I know his onslaught is just beginning. I feel him hock and spit on my face as he slaps my cheek hard. His warm, thick spit slide down my neck. I begin to tear, feeling so disgusted with myself.

“You know what.” he says as he rips off my gag and rubs my used panties in my face.

I gasp for air smelling the soiled thong rubbing against my face.

“I want to hear you scream and beg for me to stop.”

His long thick cock slides out of my aching rectum as I feel him kneel, straddling my chest. He grabs me by the hair and rams his bloody, shit covered cock into my mouth. The taste is almost unbearable as he starts raping my unwilling throat. I gag hard on it, unable to push his heavy body away from me. He starts fucking my face harder while sitting on my chest, my hands and arms cramping behind my back. I feel them losing circulation as they’re pinned behind me. He begins hitting my gag reflex consistently as his thick cock forces its way down my throat. I take his onslaught of throat fucks but gag too hard and begin to throw up while his cock is deep in my throat. He feels warm vomit surround his cock in my throat as he pulls out quickly. The act of him pulling out causes me to throw up even more on the bed I’m laying on I feel it sliding down the side of my neck, coughing hard, tears running down my cheek as I do.

“You fucking dirty pig!”

I feel a hard smack against the side of my head, hitting my ear as I hear a sharp ringing noise.

I feel it again, this time even harder, almost like a punch, as I plead.

“Please master! I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me please!” I say coughing and crying, vomit running down the side of my mouth.

He grabs me by the throat, picks me up on my knees, and turns me around. He removes the belt from my forearms as my bruised limbs fall to my sides. I think to myself, is it over? He’s finally done! Thank god!

He then pushes my head down, “Grab your ankles.”

“Please, I beg you daddy…” A hiccup in my voice from me crying. “No more, please! You’re really hurting me.”

“If you fucking move, I’m going to keep you here all night bitch.”

He yells at me. As I freeze motionless, with my head to the bed and my poor abused ass in the air. I feel it gaping wide, as I hear him searching through bags. He finds it, something metal, clinging, as he walks with it. He grabs my wrist and wraps it around. “It’s a handcuff” I say to myself, realizing my plea was unheard. He cuffs my right wrist to my right ankle and my left wrist to my left ankle, my chest pushing on top of my knees.

“You’re fucking filthy, look what you did to my bed.” He rips my blindfold off as I clench my eyes shut. Slowly opening them and observing my surroundings. Everything around me disheveled and turned upside down, me in the middle of it all. And right next to my head, the puddle of puke. The sight of it makes the stench all the more putrid as I turn my head the other way, not wanting to see or smell it. I feel a hard lash on my ass, as I look behind me seeing my master with a belt in his hand.

“You’re going to clean that up, dog.” He whips my ass hard again; I immediately feel the welt starting to form where his leather strap met my ass. I cringe in pain. He places his cock at the entrance of my beaten and bruised asshole.

“Yes daddy, I promise I’ll clean it up right away! Please don-”

He grabs me by my hair and before I could finish my sentence, shoves my face into my puke, as I feel him lean forward and ram his cock deep into my blood crusted asshole. I shriek in disbelief and agony as he rubs my face in the regurgitated mess I made.


My screams muffled from the vomit covered bed sheets entering my mouth. I close my mouth shut when he directs my head facing straight down into the mattress but scream when he pushes the side of my head into it.

“Mmmmm beg me to stop you dirty chink faggot, I know you love it, you love being degraded like a little bitch!” he screams at me. “You’re a dumb little brown dog, you deserve this! You belong to me and only me! Don’t you? Whose dog are you?”

All that he hears in return are the dampened cries and moans coming from under him. He takes his belt and whips me three times extremely hard. One on each cheek and one against the back of my dress.

“You better fucking respond to me dog, otherwise this is going to go on all night!” He flogs me again five times hard and fast against my back.


He grinds his hips harder and harder against my ass, smacking his hips against my welt covered fat ass cheeks. The sound of his balls smacking against my tiny sack are mixed with his screams. It’s as if my clit is getting smaller and smaller from all the abuse I’m going through. My tiny little cock retreats into my body just as any bit of masculinity left in me is being pounded by my big black master. I feel it pathetically dangling between my legs as he fucks me like a dog. He wraps his belt around my neck holding it like a leash, picking my violated face up from the vomit.

“That’s a good dog, if only you could see how filthy you look right now.” he says, tightening the belt around my neck. “Bark for me you little bitch.” I feel him reach under me grabbing my balls and cock in his huge paws, suffocating them to the point where it feels like I don’t even have any male genitalia at all. “BARK!”

“Please don’t make me do that!” I feignedly whisper like a little girl. His grip on my little cock and balls is so emasculating. He squeezes harder.

“BARK like the worthless fucking animal you are whore!” He says punching the back of my head.

“MASTER! YOU’RE HURTING ME!!” His pace starts picking up as he starts smacking my body all over. My thighs, my back, my ass, my head. “BARK! BARK YOU FUCKING DOG!”

I embarrassingly muster up my voice. “woof!” I let out.


“WOOF WOOF!” I shout at him! Disgusted and humiliated.

“Who do you belong to you stupid dog?” he starts cradling my balls again stroking my cock.

“You..I belong to you master..”

I wince as he chuckles, grabbing the belt around my neck and jerking it back so my face is up. I scan the room with my blurry vision and notice I’m staring straight into a rolling camera lens. Immediately a tear runs down from my eye, realizing the humiliation that was just captured. Here I am, a delicate, effeminate little Filipina boy dressed in 4 inch heels a skin tight and torn black dress that’s hugging my bruised and welted body, looking straight into the camera with my vomit smearing my make up, bent over wrists cuffed to my ankles, barking like a stupid dog while this monstrous, muscular, dominantly superior black sadist shoves his thick raw cock deep into my bowels while he uses the belt around my neck like a rein pulling me onto his dick, spearing me against him, over and over… and over.


Everyone involved in this story is at least 18 years old. Be warned, this story involves lots of scat and toilet play.


Jimmy was an 18-year-old high school student. He was kind of awkward and suffered from several anxiety problems. He was blonde, 5’6, and had an active sex drive. Despite being awkward, he managed to hang out with a small group of friends who studied and played games.

One day, he met a beautiful Japanese girl named Stephanie. She had beautiful proportions, with C-cup breasts, tight waste, firmly shaped ass, and a beautiful face. However, she usually hung out by herself. Many outed her as a very odd girl. She decided to approach Jimmy one day when he was sitting alone.

“Um, hello. My name is Stephanie. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, hey. My name is Jimmy.”

They began to talk, and while Jimmy was very nervous, he found that they had a lot in common. They began going out on dates; they would go to see anime films or to amusement parks often. Jimmy began to feel more confident with his new girlfriend.

However, as he hung out with her more and more, he noticed that she was not necessarily the most hygienic girl he had ever met. She would often have a bizarre smell surrounding her. She was also a bit impolite with her mannerisms.

One day, Jimmy went over to her house to hang out and play “Persona 4 Arena” with her. He told her that he would come at noon. However, he ended up waking up early that day, so he decided to come at 11 AM. He went up to her house and rung the doorbell. No one answered She had informed him earlier that her parents were on a short business trip and were away for the weekend, so he figured that she must have gone out to run errands. He noticed that the door was unlocked, so he just decided to go inside to check.

What he saw was a sight that would change the course of his sexual adventuring life forever.

There was Stephanie, on the Kitchen floor, in the nude, defecating onto a plastic plate while masturbating!

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Jimmy

Stephanie was astonished and quickly put on her clothes and began to cry.

Jimmy was not sure what to do. He was actually incredibly aroused by the situation, secretly being somewhat attracted to the idea of sexual defecation previously.

“So I guess this means you’re breaking up with me?” Stephanie sobbed.

“What? Why would I break up with you?” Jimmy asked.

“Because you saw me pooping while playing with myself! Don’t you think that’s gross?”

“I’m….not quite sure. Even if I did, I wouldn’t break up with you. I still love you and accept you for who you are, Stephanie.”

Stephanie’s tears began to slow down, and Jimmy comforted her physically by constantly hugging her and patting her on the back.

About an hour later, once Stephanie’s tears had finally stopped, she asked Jimmy “So, did you think it’s really gross?”

“After thinking about it….no. I think it’s cool. Something about the smell of feces just really….arouses me. I think….I love it.”

Stephanie’s eyes grew wide. She was in complete shock. She ran over to Jimmy and they began to make out passionately.

“Please…..Stephanie….let me be your toilet. You can piss and shit all over me. Please.”

Stephanie’s mouth formed a giant smile on her face, and she was a state of extreme excitement. She quickly threw off her jeans, panties, t-shirt, and bra while Jimmy took off his clothes as well. This was the first time Jimmy had really seen her completely nude, and the first time Stephanie had seen Jimmy nude. She squatted over Jimmy, and began to push. Crap and piss exited Stephanie’s respective holes and began to splatter all over Jimmy’s face and body. Jimmy kept his mouth open, and swallowed whatever came in.

“Yeah, that’s it. Exert all of your wastes! Poop and pee all over me! SHIT AND PISS ON MY FACE AND BODY STEPH!”

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m doing this Jimmy!”

Plop after plop, Stephanie began to exert all of her saved up wastes. Finally, she was empty.

“My….god. That was a lot of feces! When was the last time you used the restroom!”

“About….five days ago, I think. I knew my parents were going to be gone, so I wanted to be able to play with my poop as much as I could while they were gone.”

She took a mound of her on feces and rubbed it into her vagina. Jimmy didn’t say anything, his eyes just grew large as she did this.

Stephanie than ran up to Jimmy and began to passionately hug and kiss him.

“Jimmy….I want to do more. I want to have sex.”

“Are you sure? Neither of us have any experience….you are a virgin, right?”

“Yes, I am a virgin. But today, I feel ready to break that. Jimmy, I want you to take my virginity.

They began with oral sex; they got into a 69 position, and she began to suck his cock while he licked her pussy; both were covered in Stephanie’s feces.

“Ummmm….Jimmy, your penis is….a lot smaller than the ones I’ve seen on the internet.”

“Yeah, it’s….really small. It’s only three and a half inches. The average size is around two inches bigger.”

“Ummm….I think…..I like it this small…..I can’t imagine any bigger…”

Jimmy began to move from her pussy to her ass, and began to lick that.

“Oh yea….lick my shitty butthole…”

Stephanie began to move out of the 69 position, and position herself onto Jimmy’s cock.

“Okay….let’s begin….”

They began by slowly rocking their bodies together, but they slowly got faster, and faster, and faster.

“Oh god…Stephanie….I’m gonna cum”

“Don’t cum yet Jimmy….please…”

They continued to go, and eventually, they orgasmed in unison, screaming out.



Their bodies lay snuggled together. After they had settled for a few minutes, Stephanie whispered in Jimmy’s ear:

“Let’s try anal.”

Jimmy positioned his cock in front of Stephanie’s ass, and began to slowly ease himself in and out, in and out…

“Oh god….Jimmy, this feels so good. It feels like taking an amazing shit. Don’t stop. Faster! Faster! FASTER!”

“Stephanie, I’m going to cum!”


Jimmy unleashed his load into Stephanie’s firm, round ass. He plopped his cock right out. Afterwords, Stephanie squatted right over Jimmy’s face and let out a huge fart. She then continued to defecate his semen and eventually took another huge dump while Jimmy licked her asshole.

“Jimmy….I love you. Please, be my toilet. Forever.”

I was walking back to my flat; it was the summer of 1976 and I was 24 and it was hot and dry, so I was wearing short sleeved shirt with a tie on, of course, but no jacket. I was training to be an accountant and lived in a small flat, not far from where I worked in Kingston-upon-Thames. I came round a corner and there was this woman struggling to carry two plastic bags of groceries and her handbag. I ran up and said “let me help you.”

I grabbed the bags off her and she thanked me. “Oh how nice of you; I was really struggling there.” I looked at her face for the first time, she was really beautiful, hot and sweaty but very beautiful. My face broke into a big smile, she smiled back. I was smitten. In that second, when our eyes met I fell in love. I couldn’t speak as my senses were completely overwhelmed. I turned my head and started to walk forwards, still smiling like an idiot.

We walked for some time happy at just being together. After a hundred or so yards she spoke. “Here is my house, can you bring them in?”

“Yes, of course.” She found her keys in her handbag and let me in.

“You must excuse me, I am busting for a pee.”

She dropped her handbag on the floor and opened the door of the lavatory that was in the hall. I carried the bags into the kitchen which was straight ahead of me. It was quite a big house, a detached one with a small garden in the front and a bigger one in the back. I dropped the bags down and then returned to the hall. She had left the door open of the loo and I could see her there sitting down, with her big knickers down around her feet. Her thighs were apart and she was sitting back. I thought she looked sexy. I could see that she had a big pair of breasts under her loose fitting dress. My prick gave a twitch under my Y-fronts.

I couldn’t help myself; I walked quickly forward and in one movement I bent down to kiss her and put my left hand onto her left breast in her dress — she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her mouth opened as my lips met hers and our tongues met half way. I fondled her soft big breast and ran my hands over her nipple. I felt it become stiff against my palm. I then moved my hand down and pushed it between her thighs, as she pissed. I rubbed her slit and felt her clitoris come out from under its hood; I gently moved my finger tip around and around on it.

We had stopped kissing and she spoke. “Oh that feels sooooo good. Don’t ever stop.” I didn’t but carried on until she gasped as she came in a big orgasm, her head right, back her mouth open.

I took my hand away and stood up. I tore down my trousers and pants in one movement. My cock leapt out and stood straight out in her face. She grabbed it with her hand and pulled it into her mouth.

“Oh that’s soo good.” I said, looking at her head bobbing back and fore. Then she pulled my prick out and she licked the purple head with her pink tongue. Then she took it all into her mouth again, right up to my balls, then pulled it right out. I was nearly coming and said so. She then wanked me quickly, with a big smile.

“Come on then, do it now.”

She let go, and my cock jerked upwards and sperm shot out over her lovely face and dress.

“Wow, that’s some load. Have you been saving it up for me?”

“I don’t get out much and I haven’t had a girl friend for some time. I’ve been studying for my exams.”

We sorted ourselves out and went into the kitchen and she made us a pot of tea. While we drank it she told me her story. She had been seduced by a Film Producer when she had gone to get a part in a film. She had got the part and a baby at the same time. The film was of the `Adventures of a Window Cleaner` type where the size of your boobs was more important than your acting ability. She admitted that her bosom was so large because she had gone on the Pill at sixteen and they had balloned out, so she gave up the Pill. When she was being seduced she forgot that she wasn’t on it and became pregnant as a result. The Film Producer was married, so he made her sign a confidentially agreement and paid her a sum of money big enough to enable her to buy the house.

“I had beautiful long hair up till a month ago, but it was such a hassle to wash and brush it when I was being sick every morning so I had it cut.”

“I think you are still very beautiful and sexy.”

“Well, yes, that is why I became an actress, for my looks, but I was only cast to show my boobs and I was never given the chance to act. I’m 23 now and I shall decide what my career will be, after I have given birth. I’m six months gone now.”

We talked a lot and drank our tea. The time seemed to slip by. Eventually I stood up and said that I had to go home and study as my final exam was soon.

“Would you like to come round on Saturday for lunch? It’s so nice and hot we could eat out in my garden?”

“Yes I would love to.”

So the next Saturday, I walked round to her house. She opened the door with a big smile and let me in. She was wearing a very lovely dress which was low cut front showing a magnificent cleavage. Her bump was prominent and the dress hung straight down from it but it didn’t detract from her beautiful face, in fact I think it gave her an extra glow that comes from within a person. She was a good height, in her shoes she was the same height as myself, that is five foot nine. I was wearing a pair of buff coloured shorts that I had rolled up to keep cool, and a `Stones` T shirt.

She took me out to her patio at the back of the house and showed me the garden.

“I’ve had a gardener work on it over the last few months; the previous owner had let it get overgrown. It is pretty good now; I’ve planted a number of roses in place of the bushes that were there before. It needs watering frequently now in this drought but they’ve banned use of hoses so I have had to lug watering cans as often as I can.”

We walked around as she pointed out the beds of flowers. Then I saw a dead cherry tree, and I asked why it was still there.

“The gardener was not strength enough to deal with it, would you like to try?”

I pushed against it and it moved slightly, so then I rocked it forward and backwards until it fell over with a crash. I found a bow saw in the shed and sawed it into smaller pieces. It was hot work in the sunshine and I took my T-shirt off thus revealing my handsome hairy chest to her! By the time I finished I was all sweaty. I joined Sheila on the patio where she gave me cold lemonade.

She must have caught a whiff of me as she then asked if I would like a shower.

“I’ve only recently had it had it installed in the bathroom. I had actually had the whole room made bigger.”

Sheila walked with me upstairs to the bathroom and sat on the nursing chair that was in there and looked me as I undressed.

“My father made this chair for me. His hobby is wood work. It’s nice physical work for him, after his work as a Bank Manager.”

I showered in lukewarm water and soaped myself all over and then I was surprised to see Sheila come in with me. She had had undressed without me seeing and now ran her hands over my body.

“I can’t resist you any longer. You have lovely body and you are nice and young unlike the fat old slob who seduced me.”

She put her face close to mine and we kissed with the water running down our faces. Then she moved her hand down to my cock and grasped it tightly.

“I couldn’t resist you any longer. I must have your body; I must have your cock inside me.”

I became stiff under her ministrations. I tried to put it between her legs but the bump stopped me.

“Get down onto your hands and knees; I’ll do you from behind.” I told her.

Shelia turned off the water and turned around and got down onto the floor. I too got down onto my knees and moved up until I was in between her thighs. I pushed my prick forwards but couldn’t put it in her cunt, so she reached down between her legs,grabbed me and placed it at her cunt’s entrance. It was then easy to thrust into her wet slippery vagina. I thrust in and out holding her bum with both hands. She responded and moved back on to me. The whole of my penis went in and out. It felt wonderful, and she was squealing with delight. I was looking down and I had an idea. I moved my right hand off her bum and poked my middle finger into her arse hole. She immediately gave a loud cream and had a tremendous orgasm. I could feel her vagina tighten around my prick and I pulled in and out once more,until I was overcome with a big overall emotion and I thrust hard and unloaded all my spunk right inside her cunt.

We were both out of breath and still dripping wet from the shower. We got up slowly, in fact I had to help her up.

“That was some love making, Dickie.”

“Yes quite an experience. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

We quietly dried ourselves, smiling to each other all the time. We slowly dressed and went downstairs and had our salad lunch. We talked and lay quietly on sun beds all afternoon. At about six o’clock, I asked her if she would come out to the local Indian restaurant for a curry. She accepted, so I went home and changed etc. and I picked her up at seven thirty in my car. She also had changed into something smarter and wore a bra. In the car coming home, she asked me if I would like to spend the night and I accepted. She had a new double bed and there was just a sheet on the bed as it was a hot night. I slept in the nude but she wore a short nightie.

I woke up slowly the next morning as I became conscious of a hand on my cock; it was gently wanking me. I enjoyed it for a few minutes until I felt it stiff, then I moved my left arm behind me and moved my hand over Sheila’s bump to her pubes, then sought out her slit. I pushed my fingers in to it and felt it all wet. I slid passed her clitoris nub and slid my finger up into her vagina. I moved in and out and then slid it back up to her clitty.

“Oh turn over Dickie, I want to fuck you!”

So I turned onto my back and Sheila moved on top of me awkwardly with her stomach hitting mine. She straddled my legs and then grasped my cock as she sat upright, and rubbed it on her cunt to find her hole, then slid down it.

“That feels good…… very good….. I’ve really missed sex in the last few months.”

She leant forward on her hands, raising her arse off me to pull up a bit then pushed down again. Slowly at first she began to fuck me. It felt great; we were doing it at her pace, no rush but steady movement up and down. Then she gained speed and I began to feel that wonderful feeling of orgasm. I wanted her to join with me, so I reached around her hips and found her arse hole. I thrust my longest finger in and she immediately gave a cry.

“Ahhhhhhhh…….. I’m cumming…….”

I held her hips and thrust upwards with all my might and shot my spunk load inside her wet cunt. We both stopped moving and were gasping for breath.

Sheila spoke as she caught her breath. “Wow …… that was so good. I feel satisfied at last. That was terrific.”

We slowly unscrambled ourselves and lay back on the bed, both exhausted. We spent the morning reading the Sunday newspaper, then I went home to study. I took my exams on the next Friday and thought I did well, so I called round to Olivia’s house at about ten on Saturday. She was dressed again in a big loose dress and still looked fabulous. She invited me in and offered me a fresh coffee. I told her about my efforts and she congratulated me.

“It was worth the pause then in our relationships?” she said with laughter in her voice.

“Oh yes, definitely.” I answered laughingly.

We talked generally a bit more and then she said that she had a big job for me. I asked what it was.

“Come upstairs and I show you.”

We went up to her bedroom which she had done out beautifully with new wallpaper, new cupboards and a lovely new bed with a big headboard — all in the latest style. She pulled off her dress and knickers and laid down on the big double bed.

“I want you to rub baby oil onto my bump so I don’t get any unsightly stretch marks. You had better undress too so you don’t get oil on your clothes.”

As I undressed, I looked at her body and smiled. Her breasts were firm round and big with her areolas flat, about two inches wide and pink. Her nipples stuck out. My prick started to become erect. I kicked off my pants and trousers and walked to the bed.

“The oil is on the dressing table, pour some on my tummy and rub gently.”

I picked up the bottle and poured some out as directed. Then I moved my hand in a circular motion. The sensation was great and I kept looking at her bountiful breasts close at hand. I couldn’t resist it. I moved my hand up and fondled each boob in turn and then I played with the nipple; it became stiff under my fingers and was an inch long pointing upwards. I had never seen or felt any breast so perfect in shape and size. I put my mouth down onto it and suckled the nipple. Sheila groaned with delight, but reached out with her hand and gently pushed my head downwards.

“Now go lower down, I’ll never get stretch marks up there!”

I moved my hand down to her lower belly and rubbed some more oil on her. Then I was naughty again because I moved into her pubic hair and rubbed her slit. She opened her legs and let me masturbate her. She had her two hands behind her head and her eyes were shut as I rubbed her clitoris slowly then I gained speed until she was squirming with ecstasy. She raised her legs up as she squirmed and my face was so close to her crotch that I could count the hairs around her fanny, and also I could see her crinkled arse hole for the first time. I had a thought, I had oil on my hands with more available, I wondered what it would be like to have anal sex.

“Turn over and I rub your back.”

“That’s a good idea. Holding this baby in my tummy gives me a constant backache.”

Sheila turned over and was resting on her hands and knees. I poured some massage oil on to her back and gently rubbed it around on the muscles of her back where they were causing he pain. As I was doing so I looked down at her lovely white round bum, and stared at her soft crinkled arse hole. It had just a few light blond hairs around it. I was overcome with lust. I stopped the massage and picked up the bottle and poured some oil at the top of her arse crevice. It trickled down and when it got to her hole, I pushed my finger in.

“Oh, … I see you have designs on my arse now have you? Well some of my boyfriends used to do me that way when we ran out of contraceptives so go ahead, I might like it. Push your thingy in me.”

I rubbed my cock with my oily hand until it was stiff and then presented it at her arse hole and gently pushed it in. It went in quite smoothly to about half my seven inches of prick and then no further. Sheila seemed to have tensed up, so I put my right hand down and around until I could feel her slit and then I sought and found, the nub of her clitoris and rubbed that. She relaxed and I was able to pull back, thrust in further, pull out, and thrust in again. I was nice feeling; tight around the base and then a hot but dry, sensation around the rest of my penis. I gathered speed until I got that `old fashioned feeling` and thrust hard, forcing my foreskin right back,then I shot my load right inside her rectum with a cry of my pain and pleasure. I held it in there until I felt it go limp, then pulled it out. I saw spunk flowing out of her hole as it slowly closed inwards. I climbed off the bed and Sheila turned around and came off the bed.

“Let’s have a nice cold drink”

We dressed and went down stairs and went out into the hot sunshine and sat on the sun beds. We talked generally and then she surprised me.

“Would you like to move in with me? We’re in love and are two lonely people, let’s get together.”

I sat up and turned around and looked and her. I took hold of her hand and said “Yes, I’ll give my landlord notice and move in this week end.”

So I moved in. I was living in a furnished flat previously so there was no furniture to move, only my clothes. Neither of us had a mortgage so there was no question of legal papers. I settled in really well, and our love for each other grew.

After a few weeks had passed, I asked Sheila if she would marry me. We got married when she was seven months pregnant, in Norbiton Registry office, with her and my parents as witnesses. The baby was born at full term, a healthy seven and half pounds. We had a baby two years later and it was a boy. Sheila’s mother had come to stay for the first month, to look after the little girl and Sheila, and then to bring up the boy, her father retired. They bought a house nearby and took the children to school etc.. Sheila went on a diet and exercised to lose weight and resumed her career as an actress — though acting more and flashing her cleavage less!!

I woke up when some fluid hit my face, then I smelt it. It was piss. Where the hell was I? Then two parts of darkness parted and I saw a face looking at me.

“Bonjour bonjour. En plein de vos la bouche je vous en prie.”

So I opened my mouth and the piss squirted in. I just had to gulp it down. It tasted salty, I had forgotten the taste. I could see that the woman above me was only crouching over the toilet seat. When the flow of piss stopped, she sat down properly and looked down at my face once more and spoke (in French)

“Lick me now to orgasm, or I shall shit on you.”

My face was tickled by her pubic hair. I pushed my tongue up into her cunt and penetrated her vagina. It felt smooth and tight. The woman shifted her arse backwards and I could feel her clitoris – just a little nub of gristle, but an important one. I sucked at it and tried to bite it but it was too slippery. The woman above me squirmed and pressed herself down onto my mouth. I could feel my erection getting bigger with every lick. I was really enjoying the sensation.

How did I get into this position? Well it all came back to me. I was in the punishment toilet, yet again. I had been here twelve years ago as language student on a bicycling tour of the mountains of the Voges and I crashed into this Convent.It is called Sainte Marguerite, and is not far from Strasbourg. The Mother Superior had let me in, dealt with my cuts and bruises and allowed me to repaire my bike. At that time it was operating as a Refuge for beaten and abused wives and it was run partially by the nuns and partially by French professional care workers.

I had obtained my Honours degree in Modern Languages and I had immediately been employed by the European Union. By hard work over the years, I had risen to the position of Assistant Commissioner. I had overseen the alloction of a grant for converting the convent into a proper Refuge for abused women. The old nuns had died off and no young girls had been attracted to devote themselves to being a nun. The Catholic Church agreed to a long term lease to the French Government. The small nun’s cells were knocked two into one and an extension was built onto the main building to house the Care workers. The chapel was converted into a Recreation area. The old central toilets were partially changed to showers and the lavatories were changed for modern ones – except the punishment one which was were kept at my insistence. I was in that toilet now.

What happened to get me to undergo this ordeal again, was a bet. I had returned six months after it had opened and I stayed in the visitor’s house which had been the Priest’s place to stay when he went there to say Mass. I had had an evening dinner with the staff and the women in their refractory. I had been drinking some of the liquor from the distillery that was adjacent to the convent. It had been owned by the Convent, but now was a seperate business and it gave employment to the Abused women. I became a bit drunk and in a rash moment, I bet the women who surrounded me in the lounge after dinner, that I could stand a day being pissed on, for a hundred Euros bet. The word that a man was in their toilets and wanting to be pissed on, had spread.

With a cry, the unseen woman above me, orgasmed. She sat quietly for a moment and then got up and moved away. I was left alone for a period and then another arse appeared above me. This one was rather big and cut out all my light. Then there was this huge fart, right in my nose; I felt as though I had been gassed. This was followed by a hot smelly stream of piss; I let it flow all over my face with my eyes tight shut; this was what I wanted. I endured it with pleasure and I now had a nice erection. I reached down with my two hands undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down to around my ankles. I started to masturbate. I heard someone come into the cubicle and a hand slapped mine away.

“Let me deal with that.” A voice said. I could only see a female body; then I could see her turn around and place her bare bottom above my stiff cock. She took hold of it and guided herself down until I was wholly inside her. It was lovely,warm and wet, but she didn’t move back up again. She moved her body around so that her clitoris was rubbing against me; the woman doing this was taunting me. She continued this until I heard a gasp as she came. I felt frustrated which was obviously her intention.

There was a gap before the next woman and she approached my toilet facing the wall. She opened her legs to put them either side of the toilet,then bent her knees and pulled the lips of her cunt open to piss straight at my face. Again I had to shut my eyes because piss stings. She spoke, I’ll translate.

“You dirty bastard – drink my piss – this will repay you for your infidelity.”

She then lowered herself down so her cunt was right on my mouth. She was still pissing but not as fast as it was. She positioned her hairy twat right down on my mouth; I no option but to drink the last lot. She rubbed her cunt, trying to get off on my tongue. It felt funny being upside down, staring at her arsehole. My tongue dehooded her clit and I concentrated on it. Soon she came; my tongue was covered with her juices but the action had given me a raging hard on. I moved my hands down and wanked a bit but could not get satisfaction. She moved off without a word.

The next woman arrived a bit later and this time she deliberately placed her bum on my face. I heard her say “Lick my arsehole clean, you swine.” I pushed my tongue up and found that her wrinkled hole was shitty. I had never tasted woman’s arsehole before, and this one had a revolting taste. I had never thought I would do such a thing. To my surprise I felt my prick respond and grow stiff. I speared her asshole with the tip of my tongue; she ground her bum into my mouth. I was unable to breathe. When I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, I struggled to turn my head; then I managed to get my hands up through the tunnel and I lifted her bum off my face so I could breathe. I let her arse down again and she sat back on my face. I went to lick her arse hole again but I felt a massive fart explode, right in my face. I tried to turn my face away. I heard the woman laugh and she rose up off me.

“Did you enjoy licking my derriere?” she laughed and went away. It would seem that the abused women were getting their revenge on men through me. I decided I needed a piss myself, so I reached down and pushed my prick down between my thighs an let it go into the toilet bowl which was positioned under my arse. Let me explain the situation. Only my head showed in one toilet and my torso and legs were in another one, back to back. This ‘Punishment ‘ lavatory, had been installed when the Convent was built in about 1905 when the nun’s Order was very strict. When I arranged for the convent to be converted, I stated that this bigger toilet was to be designed as a Disability Toilet under the EU Health and Safety regulations. The fact was it was not safe or hygienic, was a nice touch of irony.

I had to wait about an hour for my next visit when two young girls came in at once. I could hear them and only see their faces if they leaned over the bowl. I looked up as they spoke.

“Oui, il ya un homme dans la toilette.”

One of them turned around as I watched, pulled her skirt up and then sat down on my face. She opened her thighs,looked down at me, and proceeded to piss out a strong stream of piss. It was so strong it went over my face onto the underside of the bowl. Then as it slowed, I saw a couple of fingers reach down and rub her clitoris which was in front of my eyes. They rubbed her slowly. I joined in the action by pushing my tongue up into her vagina. Then the girl moved herself backwards and her clit came in reach of my tongue. I eagerly licked it and she responded by moving herself back and forwards over it. This is what I enjoyed – licking a juicy cunt. My right hand moved down and I started to have a wank.

Suddenly, I heard a quick conversation and the girl got up off the seat, pulled her knickers up and then disappeared from view. Next minute I heard and saw that the two girls had come into the cubicle. I felt her soft hand on my prick. They were talking and laughing together but I couldn’t quite hear their words. Next, as I began to get erect again, I felt a lovely wet mouth on my cock head. Her mouth moved down and the up, up and down. Oh! It felt so terrific.

She stopped then and held it in her hand as she moved herself into place. I could see her lovely round white bum above my cock and then her cunt enveloped it. It was wet and warm as she slid down me. I thrust upwards. We got into a rhythm matching our movements; I felt that wonderful heady rush as one begins to cum, but the girl came first and lifted herself off me and grabbed my cock to prevent me cuming and from going limp.

I heard her say then, “Ok you can have him now. Use your arse hole so you don’t get pregnant”

She let go of me and her friend mounted me, again facing my feet. This time though, she held her arse cheeks open and slid her arsehole down onto me. I could see her thighs were open and I think her friend must have dropped to her knees and was fellating her. The image swam into my mind. I could see the younger girl on her knees pushing her tongue up into the other’s juicy cunt. I became terribly excited and I pulled the round bum down hard on myself; the pain of the tight sphincter muscle caused me to cum and cry out at the same time. The girl must have cum too because I could see her head go back.

Things went quiet then for a bit, until I heard a rush of doors banging; it must be lunch time, I thought. The face of the woman in charge appeared above me.

“Do you want a break for lunch? Have you had enough piss?”

“Yes I think so and yes you have won your bet.”

“I will come round and release you, but first I must have a pee. Open your mouth please.”

With that she turned around and pulled up her smart black skirt and pulled down her tights and pants. I could see her bending forwards and she aimed her hairy twat at my face. A stream of hot smelly piss hit my mouth. I gulped it down and wanked at the same time. I had a hard time swallowing it all and a lot went down my cheeks. When she finished, she wiped her cunt with a bit of tissue and dropped it on my face. I blew it off. Madam went away and next minute she came into the other cubicle.

“Oh, you’re erect! I’ll help you.” She put her hand on my cock and started to wank me vigorously. I came quickly and I had to hold her hand as she had not realised I had cum. She wiped her fingers on the loo paper and dropped it into the bowl and pressed the handle. I must explain here, that the flushing water was conducted into the side of the bowl. She then undid the broad leather belt that had been fastened across my waist.

“Have a shower and the please join me in the Refectory for lunch. Here is a towel and soap.”

At lunch I thanked her for my experiences and gave her a hundred Euros. That gave me an idea.

“I am the editor and publisher of a fetish magazine called ‘To Pee or not To Pee’ and I could put in an article about this Refuge and say that you would be willing to entertain perverted males for a donation of two hundred Euros. This would would include two night’s stay at the priest’s house. Would you agree to that?”

“Yes, I can see that some warped minded men would want to be humiliated and our women would like to make such men suffer. I agree.”

So, my magazine duly published my account and gave out details of the address. Quite a few men and some women used that toilet over the next three years, until the friendly woman in charge left, and the new one did not want such ‘Filth’ to soil her Refuge.

“Uh! uh! uh! uh! uhhhhuhuhhhhAHH!!!”

Delicia Sanchez moaned and grimaced on every strok of the thick 11-inch cock mercilessly probing her much-abused anal cavity.

“Oh god!” she wailed on the next mean-spirited thrust as she clenched her eyelids shut.

Her abuser was yet another of the many men she had once teased during Internet cam-to-cam sessions in the privacy of her bedroom, back when she had a bedroom that she shared with a husband in a home where she had a family.

But through a complex confluence of blackmail, shame, and her own demented sexual appetite, she made the mistake of letting one of her cam cyber sex partners get too close, learn too much. She went off with him to spare her family the scandal.

Delicia came from such a conservative, sheltered family and community that she truly believed they were better off not knowing her fate than knowing what she had been up to.

In the beginning, her ordeal was almost bearable. The deal with Jerome was that she be his sex slave/prostitute for three years, and then she was free to go. She spent countless hours dreaming up stories, trying to meticulously invent a lie to explain to her family why she had disappeared.

At times it occurred to her that Jerome would not keep his bargain. That he would somehow reveal to her family what she had been up to all along, or that he would simply keep her captive by force.

“Ohhhhhh! OhhohohhhhuhhhhAHH!” she moaned as this beast of a man held grip on her naked hips and thrust his piston-like erection up her outstretched colon. The shock of monster cock stabs up her anus brought her still to tears after all these months.

His name was Barry and he was a former semi-pro football player who now worked for a courier service in a town 400 miles away. He had a fat wife that had him pussy-whipped, but there were times when he was able to sneak away from that bitch, get online and like many other men get a little time with a Latina slutty housewife from Texas who just loved to show men her tits while they jerked off to her as she pulled on her nipples and sucked on life-like rubber dildos.

He could not believe his luck when one day he found she had moved and become available for real life hookups. He managed to make the trip down to see her about once every eight weeks. His only annoyance was that he could not afford private sessions.

Jerome insisted on gang bangs, so Barry had to deal with the awkwardness of being in Jerome’s padlocked basement in the dim light with three other men. Fortunately, unlike some sessions, they were going at her one at a time, each having a turn while the others watched and stroked themselves.

Barry was in a particularly foul mood today. His wife had been more of a nagging bitch than usual in the week leading up to his trip and he took out his pent-up hostility and humiliation on Delicia’s ass, ramming his hefty weight into her.

“Whap!” sounded the flesh of his groin and thighs against her. “AHH!” cried Delicia.

His ham-handed mitts squeezed at her ass, slid up her ribcage, cupped her sagging, bouncing tan tits and he pinched as he cock-stabbed and she howled, “Eeeeeahhhhh nnnn!!!”

All the sex slave fuckers present could hear her howls and sobs but it just made them delirious with lust. Delicia looked up, an expression of woe, looked pleadingly into the eyes of each man, hoping someone would speak up on her behalf. But all she saw were the dim glinting eyes of wolves patiently waiting for their pound of slut flesh.

It had been a full year now since Jerome had kept her in his basement. There were times when her regret would be so intense that she would spend every second with Jerome begging that he let her go, that he let her out of their bargain. He wouldn’t consider it, of course.

Jerome could not believe his stupid luck. That he actually found her, and through trickery and the mixing of real evidence with fabricated evidence he had ruined her. He was power mad.

Jerome had done very well marketing her for sex on the Internet, thanks in part to how well Delicia had managed on her own to built a cyber buddy list.

She was now 39 years old and had been his property for a year. And he was using her hard, booking group sessions every week. There were some weeks where he had her taking 20 or more group sessions in a week.

But Jerome quickly became concerned with the vehicle traffic up to his house in Arkansas. It was obvious to his neighbors, so he sold his house in town, quit his job to better manage his new business and bought a secluded place in the country.

Suddenly, Barry felt himself losing control. He was going to cum, and sooner than he had wanted to. He reached up, gripped Delicia’s thick long black hair and yanked, “You fuckinnnnnn WhORRR oh uhhhhhhhhhh eRRRR!”

He shot his cum into her colon in rapid, angry thrusts and Delicia was suddenly in so much pain she lost her breath. The veins in her reddening face bulged and she could only sputter and “Ack!”

Jerome found the more he exploited Delicia, the less he was concerned about her welfare. In the beginning, he was meticulous about getting her three meals a day. He would ask her what she wanted to eat. But her diet was different from what he was used to that he couldn’t bring her the things she craved.

Delicia missed her homemade Mexican dishes. And Jerome always ended up bringing hamburgers or fried foods. Delicia lost appetite and over the months lost weight. She came to Jerome a curvy, pleasingly plump Latina mom. But between the constant and strenuous hard sex and her lost interest in food, she had lost more than 30 pounds and while not anorexic, was remarkably thinner.

Jerome liked it, this new, leaner look. But Delicia was not as aware of her self image. There were no mirrors in the basement and didn’t ever get to wear normal clothes.

Barry pulled out of Delicia’s gaped ass, a colon on the verge of prolapsing. She panted and the men around her watched her ribcage heave, rising and collapsing as her body tried valiantly to regulate her ragged breathing.

Cum drizzled out of her anus onto the cement floor, and Delicia on all fours slumped. “Uhhh,” she grunted.

Barry leaned over, slapped her ass hard, “WHAP!!” and Delicia whinced, “nnnnn!!”

“Who’s next?,” Barry said, looking around as he magnanimously spread his arms out as if to offer what wasn’t his to anyone present.

While Barry had been fucking her, the other men had been surveying the room. Jerome had generously stocked it with toys and contraptions. There was plenty of rope, collars, leashes, dildos, vibrators, a harness swing, a cage, a sawhorse, whips, clamps, paddles, chains, buttplugs, beads, a wardrobe closet full of skimpy theme costumes, bodysuits, teddys, and masks.

Two of the men in waiting had been discussing pairing up on her and how to go about it. They stepped forward now. One was an attorney from Chicago and the other owned a bowling alley in St. Louis. The bowling alley owner new Delicia from her cyber days but this was his first face-to-face session.

The bowling alley owner, a large, fat man, 5 feet 11 inches and 264 pounds of white man with a buzz cut, an ex-military man who would vacation in the Philippines because he had connections there that let him abuse their young whores, gripped Delicia by the hair and patiently tugged, “Up, up, up, let’s go, Delicious, mmmm remember me, fuck face?”

Delicia looked up and grimaced, pushed herself up to avoid being too harshly lifted. She looked but only vaguely recognized his face. She nodded a yes, pretending to recollect him better than she actually did. They expected recognition, her old cyber buddies. She had learned the hard way never to say she didn’t remember one.

Satisfied with her response, the fat man named Burr jerked her head in a sideways shake, reached over with his other hand and slapped at her breasts. Delicia winced but tried not to make too much noise. She watched as the lawyer, whom she was forced to look toward, gathered rope from off a large hook on the wall.

Her lips trembled. She was terrified of the rope games. Most men didn’t bother with the rope but the ones that used it were among the most sadistic.

Delicia, moving only her eyes, looked for the fourth man in the room. He sat on a wooden stool, wearing only a t-shirt, stroking his cock, patiently waiting his turn.

The lawyer came up to her, wearing red sling swimwear and a gold chain Delicia imagined was worth a couple thousand dollars. The two men led her to a large hook on chain that hung from a beam in the basement ceiling and made her kneel. Pulling her hands behind her back, they formed an elaborate knot that wrapped around her tits individually, around her torso, keeping her arms pulled back, her wrists wrapped in rope, then back around her waist, down once into the slit of her pussy, the crack of her ass, back up to her shoulders and then she was lifted.

And left to hang.

The weight was distributed somewhat at the shoulders, but the pressure against her pussy was immediately noticeable and Delicia gulped and moaned, “uuuHHHHHhhhh!!!”

“I am gonna fuck up this TEEZinnn bitch,” Burr said, and with those words Delicia became alarmed. Now she remembered Burr!

Of all the men she had cyber with, he was one of the sick fuckers she was most nervous about, and most grateful that she would never meet. Or so she thought. All of his jerk off sessions with her went into dark territory. He would tell her how he wanted to torture her. He complained about what a “TEEZinnn bitch” she was and how if he ever got his hands on her she would pay.

Delicia tried to take comfort in knowing there were witnesses, and that Jerome was monitoring this on closed circuit television. He may not have much regard for her, but he didn’t want anyone maiming his moneymaker.

“NNnnnn!!” Delicia groaned from the pressure and friction of the rope and the fear Burr instilled in her.

Burr took a ping-pong paddle and lightly slapped at her inner thighs. “nNnnn uhhh!” Delicia cried, trying not to exaggerate her own sense of the pain she was in.

She hung in the air, but the lawyer brought a chair and positioned Delicia to where she could balance her toes on it and take the weight off her throbbing pussy. She caught her breath and just as she was getting a little comfortable, Burr stepped behind her and swatted her buttocks, “crack!”

“ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!” she cried and the violent heat of the impact jolted throughout her body, her spine arched and stiffened. “Crack!” he hit her buttocks again. “Crack!” and again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ayyyyyyyyyyy!” Delicia howled, now unable to control her yells.

The lawyer and Burr looked at each other as if reading each other’s minds, and the lawyer pulled away the chair and in that instant Burr swung again and in the moment the paddle went “crack!” on her ass, the rope dug viciously into her pussy and Delicia had a moment of pain that knocked her air out. She froze in pain, then sobbed, breaking down into a full cry, “wahhhh! nnnnn ohhh gawwwwww nnnn! ahhh!”

The chair for balance, pulling the chair away just as she was swatted was a game. Burr and the lawyer did it to her over and over and over and over.

Delicia wanted to beg for it to stop, but she had learned that just excited such men more. She dared not beg. She would endure.

Burr and the lawyer stroked their cocks as they tortured her. The chair would come back in range and Delicia would be given a few moments to balance herself and catch her breath. She couldn’t know when it would be pulled away again and each balanced effort was filled the stress of its loss and her total helplessness. Her sobs were constant, but she tried to keep her full-lung wails limited to the moment of impact. And there it came, that “crack!” the burn, the biting of rope into tender flesh!

“NNNnAHHHH!! oh oh ahhhhhhhhhhh!! nnnnnnnnnn! oh god oh god nnnn!!!”

Burr laughed, then gave her his rationale, “That’s what you git fer BEE IN a TEEZinnnn bitch! Fuck you up I said and here it is, cunt!”

To Delicia, the torture seemed to go on forever, but the lawyer was getting anxious to shove his cock into her red, scraped, tender pussy and after 25 minutes of hell in the air, he lowered her.

Burr complained, “What err ya doinnn?”

“She needs some cock in that ripped up cunt, don’t you think? Anyhow, I wanna feel my prick inside of her.”

Burr grumbled but let the lawyer proceed. He unwound just enough rope to free her pussy from obstruction, keeping her arms uncomfortable twisted behind her and her wrists tied together, her breasts bulging red still with rope wound around the base circumference of her now grotesque looking mammaries.

The lawyer shoved her at the shoulder and made Delicia topple onto one side of her body. He knelt and scooted and lined up his cock, a dark pink 8-inch stiff bat. He slapped it against her red, swollen, scraped and painfully tender clitoris and the swollen area around her clit.

She winced and sobbed and furrowed her brow and panted as he incited his lust. She looked into his eyes to see the hungry glare of bloodlust.

Then he shoved his organ into her.

“NNnn! ooooooo!” she moaned.

“Yeaahhhh little fucktoy mama, take it, take it!” he commanded.

There was in all of this only the barest hint of sensual pleasure for Delicia’s mind to latch onto. But she did, she focused on that place in her inner core, a place untouched by their sadism. It was all she had to bear this.

“Ahhhh!” she groaned, grimacing and sweating, the burn of rope around her tits and wrists, the stabbing burning tortuous strokes of his cock radiating pain!

“ahhhh! nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! ahh AHH ow OWWWW oh god ahhh!”

Burr was beside himself with impatience, wishing like Barry he had her to himself, wishing her owner wasn’t monitoring their every move. None of this was enough for him, something evil inside Burr wanted to do horrific things to her, but this would have to do.

Burr’s eyes wandered away from the thrashing fuck the lawyer was giving her, and with her moans in his ears, Burr focused on a thick, black, foot-long dildo and went over to retrieve it. He came back to Declicia, squatted and struck her on the neck with it as if punishing her with a rubber hose.

She screamed, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Then Burr stabbed the dildo into her mouth, yelling, “suck it, fuckmeat!” and soon had Delicia choking and puking out of her nose.

The world became a blur, out of focus and under water, Delicious had a moment of feeling she was about to pass out. Her face had turned purple and Barry, holding back all this time, stepped forward and taking his leather belt from his pants, slapped her on the bottom of her left foot.

“GuhmmmnnnFF!” Delicia said, choking and shrieking with her mouth stuffed.

The lawyer reached across her body and pinched at her bulging dark nipples as he reveled in the sweet feel of his cock torturing her damaged pussy. “oh bitch oh yes oh you fucked up whore!” he exclaimed. And he picked up his pace, now wanting to cum deep inside her.

His hips gave rotated in a rapid jerky fucking motion, overheating his rod, drawing up his semen. “Fuckinnn whore fuckin whore oh yea you fuckinnnnn nNNNN! oooo bitch, mmm, yea, I’m gonna give you my cum, you hot piece of fuck meat! oH, Ohhhh, fuck this bitch!”

He stroked non-stop as he spurted into her, his jizz jetting through her canal, swimmers making their way in a race to her cervix. “OH! AHHH yeaa take my jizz, fuck meat!”

He came so hard, he got light-headed and rolled his eyes back. But all Delicia noticed was his body freezing up and stopping, and with it giving her a moment of relief from the horrible radiating pain of his thrusting cock rubbing against the burning wound of her swollen pussy.

The lawyer rested between Delicia’s thighs too long for Burr’s liking and he slapped the lawyer on the back of the head. “My turn!” Burr said in an impatient bark.

Burr had been studying the camera angle and figured out the only way to get out of Jerome’s view was to haul Delicia up the stairs to the door that led out of the basement. He lifted her up on her wobbling legs and began to march her in that direction, but Jerome immediately saw Burr’s intention and blared over the speaker, “Keep her on the floor, sir. You may NOT take her to the stairs!”

Burr stopped in his tracks, grimaced and threw up a middle finger at the camera, “Fucking tard!”

But that was the limit of his protest. Burr let go of his grip on Delicia, then in a fit of frustration, he pulled his leg back and kicked her in the pussy with his bare foot. She crumpled to the floor and went into a seizure of pain that would not let her catch one breath.

Finally, the fourth man spoke up. He was done sitting through this crap, “Heyyy, asshole! Leave something for me! I don’t want to fuck a goddamn corpse, and I don’t want to make dirty love to a lump of hamburger meat, either!”

Burr answered with a “Fuck you!” and retrieved the dildo, which he proceeded to slap on Delicia’s ass and direct her, “Shove this up yer ass, slut!”

Delicia gripped the dildo, thankful she would have control of what it did to her anal cavity, at least for awhile.

Burr came at Delicia in a scissor position, pressing his uncut white cock against her mauled pussy slit while he watched her fuck her own anus with a huge rubber dick.

He shoved his own organ, a modest 6-inch penis into her, making her grunt and frown.

Delicia knew for her own sake she had better act like this was painful even if Burr’s cock wasn’t that impressive. And she did. Fucking herself and timing her groans with every inward thrust of Burr’s cock. Still, as abused as she was, the fucking was substantially uncomfortable.

And many of her, “ohh, uhhh, ahh!” cries were totally sincere.

What Burr could not do with length, he did to her with stamina. Delicia clenched and humped at his cock as best she could, and cried throughout the ordeal, but she just could not seem to get this pig bastard to cum. That more than anything drove her to despair and a steady, miserable sobbing as her swollen, abused pussy had to endure this creep.

To make matters worse, as Delicia suspected would eventually happen, Burr slapped her hand away from the dildo and began to fuck her from both ends.

Whereas, Delicia had been alternating the strokes to minimize the pressure, Burr was jamming the dildo up her ass with his own in strokes. Delicia was oftentimes left with eyes bulging and spine writhing in near-epileptic seizures. She shuddered, squealed and, miraculously, even came once, squirting violently onto Burr’s groin and lower abdomen while he laughed and howled, triumphant and with ego swelling, “Look at this whore squirt!”

But Burr soon after became frustrated. He was too sadistic to cum like this. Tiring, and panting, and needing to cum, he pulled out and climbed over her and sat on roped off, swollen tits, restricting her breathing, he used one hand to jack off and the other to choke her. Pulling on his cock as fast as he could stroke, he grunted, “nnnn waited so long to give you this, cunt!”

“Open up, cum bucket!” he barked, and Delicia opened her mouth in a stretched out, freaked out expression, near to gagging from his grip, watching his hand jack that evil prick’s throbbing pole.

The spray of sperm was anti-climactic. It dribbled and if Delicia wasn’t so afraid of this bastard, she would have been tempted to giggle. But she took it seriously and lapped at his sperm without prompting.

Burr, satisfied, rolled to one side and trapped her calf. The weight of him pressing her calf into the cement was painful and she groaned, but for once this was not pain Burr intended to give. He was just off balance, and he continued rolling away from her until he could push himself up.

It was only my first time in the club and my hands were shaking beyond control. I almost didn’t make it through the front door I was so nervous. I felt so out of place. Everywhere I looked, it felt like people were staring at me, judging me. It was like they knew I had no clue what I was doing.

I had heard about the place a few weeks ago. The Backdoor it was called. Not exactly subtle, if you ask me. It was supposedly the best place in the whole city to go to if you wanted to hook up with a t-girl. So, there I was. I made my way inside, passed by the dance floor and headed straight for the bar. I wasn’t a very good dancer. True, I was looking to hook up, but the dance floor at The Backdoor was not where the real action was. That was in its special third restroom.

I pulled up a stool at the bar and ordered a drink. I figured a little whiskey would calm my nerves. I still hadn’t decided if I was really going to go through with this or not. I sipped on my drink and scanned the room. It was a fairly large club with two levels. I didn’t see the bathrooms anywhere, but there was a large staircase that led downstairs.

I downed the rest of my drink in one gulp, tipped the bartender, and headed towards the staircase. Downstairs, there was another dance floor, this one with a DJ set up on a small stage. I walked around, searching for the restrooms. Everything in this place was so foreign to me; the music, the people, even the smells seemed different. I was so disoriented. I finally saw the bathrooms at the very back of the room and walked towards them.

There were three doors. The first door had a stick figure man on the door. The second had a stick figure woman. The third had a stick figure man bending over in front of a stick figure woman. The stick figure woman was fucking the stick figure man with her giant stick figure cock. That’s what I had been looking for. As I walked determinedly towards the doors, I decided I would go straight into the third door. But, my nerves got the better of me at the last second and I choked. I played it off like I was always intending to go to the men’s room and slipped inside the first door instead.

I didn’t even have to use the bathroom, but I stood in front of a urinal with my fly undone and pretended I was taking a piss for about forty seconds anyway. I desperately did not want to stand out in this place. I washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom feeling like a complete idiot and a coward. There was another bar set up on this floor, so I took a seat and ordered another drink. The first one definitely hadn’t done the trick.

I kept an eye on the third restroom while I drank. No one seemed to be going in or coming out. I didn’t want to be the first person to go in, so I figured I would keep drinking until I saw other people go in. I was on my third drink of the night when I finally saw a man walk into the third door. He was a skinny little puke of a guy, but he just walked in like it was no big deal. If he can do it, so can I, I thought. But, just in case my thoughts got in the way, I ordered a quick shot before getting up.

I took my shot, stood up with renewed confidence, and walked through the special third door. I had done it… almost. Merely walking through a door and actually having sex with a tranny are two very different things. Inside, I noticed that this room was different from the men’s room from earlier. The men’s room only had room for two urinals and two stalls whereas this one was a bit larger. There were seven stalls and nothing else. Two of the stalls had the door closed and the rest were vacant. There was a girl sitting on a stool near the door who looked at me as I entered.

“First time here?” she asked. She must have noticed how nervous I was.

“Uhhh… yeah,” I said. “How could you tell?”

“I work here most nights. Never seen you before.”

“Oh. You work here. So… ummm… are you…?”

“Take to the fourth stall and someone should be by soon. Just remember, the girls don’t officially work here, so don’t come complaining to us if you have a problem.”

“Ok. Uhhh…thanks.”

“Have fun,” she said with a wink.

I walked to a vacant stall and closed the door behind me. I didn’t really know what to do next, so I sat on the closed toilet seat and waited. I was in between two other stalls already in use. I could hear two people moaning to my right and the harsh slapping sound of bodies colliding on my left. I wondered if the girl at the door was actually a tranny. If she was, I couldn’t tell at all. I don’t think anyone would ever guess she was either. If all of the t-girls in this place looked like her, then I definitely came to the right place. I started imagining what the girl at the door looked like naked. I couldn’t help picturing myself stripping her clothes off of her smooth curves and kissing my way down her body towards her hard girl-cock.

My fantasizing was quickly interrupted by a cry from the stall to my left.

“Oww!” I heard a man yelp. “Oh, God.”

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you, bitch?” This voice was clearly masculine but trying to make itself sound feminine. The slapping sound coming from the stall next to me grew louder as they started fucking harder and harder. I looked under the partition but could only see their legs. There was a skinny set of white legs facing the direction of the toilet. Right behind those, was a set of very muscular black legs which apparently belonged to the big tranny who was fucking the shit out of the skinny guy.

“Yeah, you take that big dick,” said the tranny.

“Unngh. Yes, Mistress Natas- OH! Yes, Mistress Natassia.” The sound of them fucking was incredibly loud. I watched under the partition as the huge black tranny rammed the poor skinny guy who kept trying to keep his balance.

This was not what I thought I signed up for. That tranny was practically just a guy. I was extremely freaked out. Maybe I hadn’t thought this all the way through. What if I got someone just like that? What if it turned out to be just some guy in a wig? I was just about to stand up and chicken out, when there was a gentle knock on my stall door.

I froze for a few seconds, and sheepishly opened the door. I was so glad I hadn’t chicken out. There was a beautiful girl waiting on the other side of the door for me. I backed up a few steps to let her into the stall with me. She closed the door behind her and looked me up and down. She didn’t say a word. I stared at her in awe as she looked intently at every part of me, considering.

It was a strange, semi-awkward silence. Well, awkward for me at least. She seemed comfortable enough. And, it wasn’t completely silent, I suppose. I could still hear the sounds of the people fucking on either side of our stall. Since she was checking out my body, I decided to look her over more closely too.

She was about 5’5″ with dark brown hair that came to the top of her shoulders. She was a very feminine girl with big, round eyes and lovely curves. She was magnificent. I had never hoped for someone as beautiful as her to be a shemale. She wasn’t just pretty for a shemale either. She was pretty even by regular girl standards. She was wearing tight jeans with black boots and a white top that exposed a good amount of cleavage.

“Names or no names?” she said, still looking me over.

“My name is Matt,” I said. She finally looked me in the eye.

“I’m Claire. I hear it’s your first time here.

“That’s right.”

“You ever suck dick, Matt?”

“No. I’ve never….”

“Get on your knees.” She was quick and to the point. I liked the dominant vibe I was getting from her. I got down on my knees in front of her as she unbuckled her belt. She undid her pants and slid them down to her knees, leaving them there. Then she quickly slid the purple panties she was wearing down as well. A couple feet in front of me was a thick eight inch cock swinging between Claire’s legs. I couldn’t believe that such a girlish figure could be hiding such a big dick. She was already semi-hard and the girth of her fuck stick was fairly intimidating. I sort of felt ashamed that she would be seeing my dick soon. I was five inches, which I didn’t think was that horrible before seeing Claire’s dick, but it didn’t have much girth to it at all.

Claire wasted no time and took a few steps forward, pressing her cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and gave it a timid lick. It was, after all, my first time doing any of this and I wanted to take it slow. Claire had other plans.

“Suck it,” she said. She spoke with such an authoritative voice and I obediently took her into my mouth. My lips stretched wide to accept the thickness and I started sucking on it. I moved my head back and forth, trying to take a little more each time.

“Watch those teeth,” said Claire. I didn’t seem to be pleasing her very well. I concentrated on keeping my teeth off of her cock, which made me slow down considerably because I was overthinking it. I was stuck in my own head and couldn’t seem to get it right. After a few moments of this, Claire grabbed my head with both of her hands and started bucking her hips back and forth, fucking my mouth. This caught me completely off guard. Several times, she went a little deeper than I could handle and I gagged. After a little while of unsuccessfully face fucking me, Claire pulled her cock out of my mouth and pushed my head back.

“Ok,” she said. “This isn’t working. Take off your pants.” I stood up and started to take off my pants. Claire stroked her big dick in her hand and watched me. I pushed my pants down , but didn’t take them all the way off, just like Claire did. I became very self-conscious as I stood in front of her with my dick hanging out.

“Turn around,” said Claire. “Let me see that ass.” I did and lifted my shirt up a bit to give her a full view of my ass. This felt very strange to me. I had never even considered what my ass looked like, let alone considered showing it off to somebody. Claire put a hand on my back and pushed me forward a bit, towards the toilet.

“Bend over. Put your hands up against the wall.” I did as Claire asked, putting both of my hands on the wall behind the toilet. The cement was cold on my hands and I looked behind me to see what she was doing. Claire had pulled a bottle of lube from her purse and squirted a good amount into the palm of her hand. She then grabbed ahold of her cock and worked it all over it. I listened to the squishy sound of the lube as she stroked herself, her fat dick growing in her hand. It suddenly dawned on me that I was about to have that monster shoved up my ass.

After only twenty seconds or so, she was hard. Then she grabbed the bottle of lube again and squirted another big glob into her hand. With one hand she pulled my left ass cheek aside and, with the other, smeared the lube onto my waiting asshole. The lube felt cool against my vulnerable ass and a shiver went through my entire body at the sensation. Then Claire slipped a finger inside me, working the lube into me. She continued to stroke herself as she fingered my ass for about thirty seconds. The feeling made my own cock grow a little.

Claire pulled her finger out and moved up behind me. She planted her feet just over shoulder width apart to find a nice balance. Then she gave my ass a quick spank.

“You ready to take this big dick up your ass?” she said.

“Yes,” I panted. I didn’t realize my breathing had become so heavy. I felt overcome with anticipation as I felt her cock rub up against my ass. I had used toys on myself, but this was going to be my first cock. And, I had never had anything quite as big as Claire’s cock in my ass before.

Suddenly, the head was pressing into me. My asshole was resisting and I tried to relax it. I felt Claire push hard, and the first couple of inches invaded my ass.

“OH! Oh shit! Oh shit!” I screamed. I hadn’t expected Claire to push it in so fast. It hurt and felt like there was a small flame inside of me. Claire moaned deeply, tilting her head back.

“Oh, wow,” she said. “You’re so fucking tight. I don’t remember the last time I fucked an ass this tight.” She pushed forward and another few inches slid in.

“Oh God!” I pleaded. “My ass!” Claire very slowly started to slide her cock out. Soon, only the head was still inside me. I was anxious for her to take it all the way out so I could recover from the initial shock.

“Are you ready, baby?” she said.

“Ready for what?” I said. Claire grabbed onto my hips and shoved her cock back inside me. I yelped as the thick cock buried itself inside of me. I was taking it to the hilt now and I tried to wriggle away, but Claire held me tight. I was shocked at her strength. Thank God I had had a few drinks to help dull the pain. I couldn’t believe she had just shoved herself into me like that. The girl was practically raping me. And, despite myself, I sort of enjoyed it.

Claire didn’t move for a little bit, finally letting me adjust to her thickness. It took some time, but, finally, most of the initial pain began to fade. Then she slowly started to thrust in and out of me.

“Oooooo, your ass feels so good, baby,” Claire said. “I think I could fuck it all night. But, I don’t think I can resist fucking you hard and fast.” As she continued to hump my ass deep, Claire leaned over me and put her tongue in my ear. The feeling of her big dick deep in my ass and her tongue slipping around my ear was sheer ecstasy. I grabbed onto my own cock and slowly stroked it. As my hand worked up and down my shaft, I closed my eyes and reflected on the fact that there was finally a big tranny dick up my ass. I was hard very quickly.

Claire stopped licking my ear and gripped my hips hard again. She gave one hard, deep thrust, keeping her cock deep for a couple of seconds, then did it again. It didn’t even hurt so bad anymore.

“Alright, baby, now you’re going to get fucked good and hard,” said Claire. I stopped stroking myself and put both of my hands back on the wall to brace myself. Claire slammed into me hard and began thrusting at a fast pace. The sounds of her thighs slapping against my ass drowned out my guttural moaning. I could feel my ass cheeks shake each time her hips slammed into me. I was getting fucked like a little bitch. It was a good thing my hands were on the wall, or else I would have lost my footing as Claire continued to pound me.

“Oh, yeah,” said Claire. “Just like that. That’s what I like.”

“Ohhhh. Oooooh,” is all I could muster. I started to feel dizzy. I’m not sure if that was from the four drinks I had in less than an hour, or from the giant cock that felt like it was in my stomach.

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Claire. “Is this why you came here? Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes,” I managed to say over the loud sounds of my ass getting fucked silly. “Yes, fuck me hard.” This seemed to renew Claire’s energy and she started fucking me with a sense of urgency, arching her back and grabbing her full breast over her shirt. Her moaning was becoming higher pitched and louder.

“Jack yourself off,” said Claire. “Shoot your load for me.” I grabbed onto my hard cock and started tugging furiously at it. Claire angled her cock inside of me and put some extra pressure on my g-spot. After stroking myself for only fifteen seconds or so, I was cumming. My cum shot out of me with incredible force, splattering against the wall and running down the cement.

“Good boy,” said Claire. “Now it’s my turn. I’m going to cum deep in your ass. Do you want me to creampie you?”

“Oh, yes. Please cum in my ass,” I said. My voice was delirious with lust and liquor. Claire thrust deep and hard, burying her cock in my busted ass. She spread her legs as wide as she could for extra leverage as she pounded away at my ass as hard as she could.

“Uuuuuhhh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. That’s it. Just like that.” Claire clenched her teeth together and I could feel her body tense as her orgasm built. “You take that dick. Take that fat dick up your ass, you little fucking slut. Yes! Take it! Oh God! I’m gonna cum!” Claire pulled my hips back into her hard over and over, rocking my body. Then she shoved herself into me as deep as she could and started to cum. I felt her rock hard cock twitch again and again as it filled me up with her sticky cum. It was warm and soothing inside of me.

Claire continued to hold her cock deep inside of me until she was completely finished cumming. Her breathing was raspy and I could feel her pulse racing through a thick vein in her shaft. She slowly pulled out of me. Her fat dick fell out with a satisfying plop and a little cum leaked out of my ass. I didn’t move out of my position, breathing heavily as Claire put her pants back on without saying a word. Then Claire pulled my pants up, working them over my hips and buckling my belt back on. She checked her hair with a makeup mirror, gave my ass one last slap, and walked out of the stall.

Even after she left, I didn’t move for another minute. I was still taking in what all had just happened. Finally, I stood up straight and walked out of the stall. On my way to the restroom door, the girl on the stool looked at me and smiled. She winked at me as I walked out. Guess I must have put on quite the show for everyone else in the room with as loud as Claire and I were. I didn’t care. I bet they fucking loved it.

I walked out of the club and onto the street. I considered getting a taxi, but decided to walk home instead. After all, it was a nice summer night. So, I set off down the street with a big smile on my face, a new sexual secret, and an ass full of t-girl cum.

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