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I come in and see you on the couch, rubbing that wet pussy. Your pussy is nice and meaty, puffy with nice little lips. You see me and smile. That’s all I need. I kneel down for a closer look. You smell so good and your fingers are slippery. There’s a little droplet of juice running down your ass, spotting the couch. I lift your leg up, licking the droplet off of your ass, licking up to the source. You feel my hot breath on you as my big, warm, wet tongue folds open your lips and dips into you. I wiggle my tongue, hearing the wet noise it makes in you. You let out a moan and grab my hair, pulling me up and down. I lick you from top to bottom, stopping to suck your pussy lips into my mouth and nibble them. You taste so good.

I put a finger in you: just the tip, easing open your tight hole as I probe the opening. I spread you with my fingers, looking at that hot pink hole. I spit on your pussy, a long string of saliva lands on your clit and my warm spit runs down your pussy. I go down and lap it up. We taste really good together like that. I ease another finger into you, just the tip. Your pussy is really tight with two fingertips in you. I suck at your clit, wrapping it in my soft lips. It pops in and out as I suck it. I pull my fingers out of you and your hole stays open for a second, then slowly closes.

I unzip my fly. I haven’t come in days. My nuts feel like golf balls in my tight sack. A droplet of precum is oozing from my cock, hungry for you. It dribbles down the side as I sit down, pulling you up by the hand. You know what to do.

I brush your dark hair aside so I can watch you work my dick. I tell you I want you to look up at me. My dick throbs in your hand. My nuts feel so good in your mouth. You lick up from my balls, up my shaft and swirl around the head. Then you take me in. Yours lips brush my shaved patch as you fuck me with your mouth. My balls tighten up, my dick twitches and throbs. I’m close. I ask you where you want it. You open your mouth and jerk me fast and furious. I let out a moan and my balls squeeze hard. My dick jumps in your hands and I shoot a long pearly jet of hot cum into your open mouth. It hits the back of your throat and splashes onto your tongue. One little glob misses your lips and hits your cheek, dangerously close to your eye. I run my finger down, wiping it off and I put it into your mouth. You suck my stud gravy off of my finger and you look up at me with those beautiful eyes.

My dick is still twitching from coming so hard. You bend down and suck it for a bit, then you stand up. I sit up straight on the couch and you come to me, kneeling on top of me. Your tits bob in my face and I lick out at them as you fumble for my dick. I grab your ass and the small of your back as you guide my rock-hard cock to your pink opening. You grab my dick and tease me, rubbing it up and down your soft meaty pussy; wetting the head with your juice. I pull you down on me and you arch your back. Putting your hands on my shoulders, you throw back your head and moan. I suck on your exposed neck, sucking and biting as I pull you down on my pole. You wiggle your hips as you hit bottom. My hard cock refuses to bend. It is like fucking a piece of wood. I’m filling you up. Your pussy squishes on my dick. You are taking me all in. It’s tight but not uncomfortable.

You bounce up and down on me, slow at first; then faster. I put my hands on the inside of your thigh to help support your frenzied fucking. I look down and see your pink pussy swallowing up my cock. It expands and contracts as it rides up on my dick. Your pussy hole bulges a bit as the head is dangerously close to popping out. Then you slam back down on me. Your breathing is short and your heartbeat is strong and fast. You let out a little cry every time you come down on me. Your ass slaps on my thighs. Your tits are bouncing; the perky pink nipples brush my cheeks. I turn my head to suck on one but your pumping pops it out of my lips. You arch your back and moan. I feel you getting really slippery. You stop and shudder as you let out a cry. Your pussy wrenching down on me like a velvet clamp. Your legs twitch and you muffle your cries into my shoulder as you come. You stay there for a moment, your pussy clamped down on me. Then you wiggle your hips and slowly ease me out of you.

My dick is rock hard. If it was softer you might not have gotten me out. I stand up and kiss you hard, brushing the hair out of your face. I turn you around and bend you over the couch. You look at me over your shoulder as you arch your back. That sweet pussy tucked between your thighs pops out at me. I kneel down to lick the juice off of your ass and thighs. I grab your hips as I lick your asshole and your still-gaping tight little hole. I stand up and press my head to your pussy. You ease back on me; pushing. My head flattens as you mash it against your pussy, finally it pops in. You let out a little yelp. God you’re tight.

I let you take control for a minute as your slowly expanding pussy accommodates me. When I’m all the way in I grab your ass and spread your cheeks so I can watch. I use long, slow strokes in and out of you. Your pussy flares a bit as it reaches the head, then tightens up as the shaft goes back in. My dick glistens with your wetness. I can smell your hot pussy as I spread your ass and fuck you. You work your hips against me and I fuck you with harder, shorter stokes; my balls slapping your waxed mound.

You’re going to come again. I feel my balls stirring. I slow down before you come; you look back at me with a scolding look. I slap your ass and laugh at you. I back off so you won’t come yet. My balls start tightening and my dick starts twitching and throbbing. I fuck you hard hard and fast, bottoming out in you. Your pussy quivers and tightens on me. I lick my finger and put it in your asshole, easing it into you. I can feel my dick through the wall of your pussy as I hammer you. I put my hand between your shoulders and mash you into the cushion. You moan like a crazy woman as you come on me. I feel a hot gush as you splash my balls and my shaved patch.

I pull out of you and your pussy juice squirts out on me. I spin you around and grab your hair behind your head and kneel on the couch. I pull you down on my dick and you choke for a second before you swallow. I mash your head down as my balls let go. You gulp me down, feeling the warm sticky goo slide down your throat. We both collapse in a hot sweaty heap.

The most memorable night of my life happened because I let the loneliness get to me. For a long time I’d done my best at staving it off, distracting myself, but that Friday night I couldn’t hold it off anymore. It felt like my solitude was being rubbed in my face. I learned an old friend of mine had gotten engaged. My brother called me up to talk about his new girlfriend. My friend Denise had been planning to come over and watch a movie with me that night, but instead called to cancel because she met a new guy and had made a date.

Of course I was happy for everyone, but deeper down I was bitter and felt alone. Where was my special someone? I’d been alone for three years, ever since my wife, Gloria, had left me. It was right after we’d had our daughter. Shortly after her birth, Gloria had decided she wasn’t ready to be a mother and disappeared. Eventually my lawyer tracked her down and had her served with divorce papers. It was uncontested. She just signed them and mailed them back. Which was fine by me . . . anyone who could leave her newborn with no attempt at contact wasn’t worth crying over.

Since then, I’d raised our daughter Gina by myself. With occasional babysitting help from my mother, that is. I wouldn’t change it for anything. My little girl, Gina, was the light of my life, and I had only to look into her eyes to see all the struggles were worth it. She was a precious, sweet little girl and I’d walk through fire for her if necessary.

On the other hand, there was a part of me not being fulfilled. In the three years since Gloria’s departure, I hadn’t gone on a single date. My life revolved around Gina and work. I had a couple of female friends, but no one I was interested in taking to the next level. For awhile that was by choice. I didn’t see the point in getting attached when she would just get bored with me or overwhelmed by life and take off. The more time that passed, though, the more I started thinking that I may be able to give dating a try. Unfortunately, I had no prospects. Work and home—those were my only two environments. I was in a rut.

On the Friday I’d gotten all the news about blossoming relationships, work went very slowly. Everything was frustrating me. I was tightly wound and about to explode. Once I finally got to the end of the business day, I picked Gina up from her day care and on a whim, I called my mother. She agreed to pick up her granddaughter and watch her overnight. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I knew I had to do something.

I returned to my to grab Gina’s overnight bag and not long after was waving to her as my mother pulled out of my driveway. I proceeded to shower, dress, and make myself presentable. I dabbed on some cologne from the dusty bottle in my bathroom, and looked myself over in the mirror. My hair had gotten shaggy, since I’d neglected to get it cut in several months. I was clean shaven for a change—usually I didn’t bother shaving except once or twice a week. I was wearing a nice, button down shirt, but also jeans. It was a novelty to wear jeans since I was required to wear slacks at work. I actually only owned one pair of jeans without holes in them. Other than that, there was nothing interesting or different about my reflection. I’ve never been spectacular in the looks department, but I had to admit I wasn’t bad. I’m about 6’2″ and slim. Chasing after a rambunctious three year old kept me from getting flabby, but I wasn’t very active otherwise, besides a self-crafted workout routine. I have a firm jaw, and my eyes are light brown—almost the same shade as my hair.

I left the house quickly, not wanting to get nervous and back down. I’d never been on an actual date, believe it or not, despite being 25. I’d met my wife not too long out of high school, where I hadn’t been popular. (Besides a brief fling with a girl who ended up moving away a couple months later.) We mostly just hung out, no real structured dates. Because of this, I wasn’t used to being out and about. I knew there was a bar pretty close to where I worked. I’d never been there, but I’d heard several of my coworkers talking about it. So that was where I decided to go. I figured it was early, so if this turned out to be a bust, I could always leave and try another place.

It was just starting to get dark as I left and drove the short distance there. (I lived about a ten minute drive from work.) I had no expectations for the night. If I did, it was just that I’d be lonely in a new place and after a few over-priced drinks I’d get so bored that I’d wander back home, heat up a frozen pizza and watch TV. Even though my brother and my guy friends claimed it was easy to pick up girls at bars, I had no clue how to even go about this.

As soon as I stepped into the bar I was struck by how dark and loud it was. Music was blaring and there was the rumble of voices all around. It didn’t take too long to get used to the dark, but the noise took longer. I surveyed the room and saw no one familiar. There were slick-looking guys everywhere, either clustered together, or alone and clearly hitting on girls. The girls themselves were a sight. All sizes, shapes and ages, many of them dressed in tight, revealing clothing. I could instantly see the appeal of places like this! None of these lovely ladies were remotely in my league, though. After tiring of looking around, I inched my way through the crowd to get to the bar. I ordered a beer and wandered off with it, making my way to the other end of the room where I could go back to surveying the inhabitants of this strange place.

I was surprised by how alone I felt surrounded by so many people. None of them knew me, and I wasn’t outgoing enough to strike up a conversation with anyone. So I stood alone, nursing my beer, watching the people milling about me. Everyone either had connections already, or were busy connecting with new people. I was baffled by how easy it looked. I tried in vain to work up the courage to approach someone, anyone, but chickened out each time.

I went and ordered another beer, and as I weaved my way through the drunken people, I caught a glimpse of someone I knew. At least I thought I did. I had to look at her twice to be sure. She looked so completely different that I was taken by surprise. I inched my way closer and took in the welcome sight of a familiar face.

Her name was Jenny and I’d worked with her for five years. I hadn’t even looked at her twice for the first few years. She was just part of the office; a quirky, nice lady who worked in the next room. After Gloria left, I’d taken more notice. At the Christmas party a couple of months before, she’d worn a form-fitting green dress with a short hem line. I think every straight guy in the office noticed her that night. Before she’d always been a dress shirt and slacks type, but after that she wore more revealing things. Still professional, but much nicer to look at.

After that night I’d started finding excuses to drop by her desk, or wander by the break room when I knew she was at lunch. I flirted a bit, as much as I could without being overly obvious about it, and I was pretty sure she had flirted back on a couple of occasions. We hadn’t become friends, but I’d wanted to. I was very awkward when it came to making friends. All I really knew about her was that she was a single mom, around my age, with a daughter a year older than mine, she was single, and she really enjoyed jogging.

Tonight she was decked out in a very sexy ensemble that made it so I couldn’t look away from her. She was wearing a tight black dress that showcased her curves. The hem was short, revealing her long, lean, bare legs. Her shoes were spike heels. There was a silver bracelet around her left ankle and a matching one on her slender right wrist. The dress itself was low-cut, showing off cleavage I hadn’t realized she had. Her short, straight brown hair perfectly framed her pretty face. Her makeup was expertly applied, highlighting her big, dark brown eyes, her long lashes and her wide, inviting mouth. She wasn’t my normal type—she was as tall as me in the heels, really tan, and slim almost to the point of being skinny. Usually I went for shorter women with more curves, but I had to admit there was something overwhelmingly sexy and elegant about her.

Her personality clashed with the impression of elegance, but not in a bad way. She had always been a cheerful, joking woman. Quick to laugh, always with irreverent and unexpected comments. Tonight, she seemed to be striking up random, drunken conversations with whoever she bumped into. Literally, in many cases. She was clearly drunk and boisterous, having a good time. A couple of guys were trailing after her, but she didn’t seem to be taking notice of them. I watched her for a bit, enjoying the sight of her cutting loose. At work she usually seemed tightly-wound, always racing around and jittery. At the bar she was flailing around and grinning. Just watching her made me forget my loneliness and I couldn’t help but smile.

She was getting closer to me and I tried to work out what I would say if she noticed me. Before she got to me, though, she was stopped by one of the guys that had been following her. If looks could tell me anything, I could tell immediately that this guy was a complete ass. He put one hand on her shoulder and the other on her arm, leaned in and whispered something into her ear. Right away her face crumpled, her smile vanishing. She tried to pull back and shook her head. He pulled her in closer, refusing to let her go.

Not even stopping to think, I set my drink down on somebody’s table and crossed swiftly to them. I plucked his hand from her arm and said loudly and calmly, “The lady said no, buddy.”

He turned and glared at me, but I barely noticed. I had wanted to deck him for making her smile disappear, but at the same time, Jenny turned to me, her face lighting up in recognition. “Dennis!” she shouted, throwing her arms around my neck and pressing her cheek to mine. She turned back to the guy who’d been bothering her, still clinging to me, and told him, “I’m with this guy. I TOLD you I have a boyfriend!”

The guy sneered at us and stomped away. The other hanger-on slinked off on his own, not wanting any trouble. Jenny turned to me, giggling and kissed me firmly on the cheek, making an exaggerated smacking sound. “My hero!” she said, almost dragging me to the floor with a clumsy hug.

I steadied us and smirked at her. “Boyfriend?”

She grinned radiantly at me. “Only for tonight.”

I nodded, matching her smile. “You got it. Someone’s got to watch over you. There’s too many creeps here. Need a drink?”

“Oh. My. God. I would LOVE a drink,” she said emphatically; she looked so grave and serious about it that I just had to laugh. She laughed along with me. Linking my arm in hers, I led her to the bar. She shouted her order to the bartender. I don’t recall what it was, but it was colorful and looked very toxic. She seemed to enjoy it, though. I picked up the tab and we took our fresh drinks to an empty table. One of those high, two-person tables where you have to sit on stools.

As she sipped her drink, I took the chance to watch her. I don’t know if it was the loneliness, the unfamiliar circumstances, or the alcohol, but everything about her was striking me as unbearably adorable. The way her cheeks sucked in as she drank from her straw. The way her long legs splayed out from the stool she was perched on. Even her freckles were cute.

“What is it?” she asked, and I shook myself, realizing I’d been caught examining her. She looked wary, like I was about to give her bad news.

“Oh, nothing,” I said, hastily. “You just . . . well, you look very pretty tonight. ”

Her eyes widened a bit and then she smiled, straightening herself up. “Why, thank you! I know you’re just being nice, though.”

“Not at all,” I reassured her. “You really do look great.” We almost had to shout at each other to be heard, so I scooted my stool closer to her.

She reacted by putting her hands on my thigh and leaning in to my ear. “So you won’t be embarrassed that I’m your girlfriend for the night?” she asked.

I smiled and shook my head, putting my hands over hers. We were so close, our noses were almost touching. “Not at all,” I told her sincerely. “What all does the job involve?”

She put her index finger to her lip and cocked her head, making a show out of pondering my question. “Welllll . . . you have to keep the jerks away from me. Give me lots of compliments. Make sure my glass is never empty. And,” she said, nodding at her half-empty glass, “if I have too many more of those, you might have to give me a ride home.”

“I think I can handle all that,” I replied, taking another drink from my bottle.

She giggled, saying, “In that case, you’re better than most of the guys I meet.”

“So, since I’m your boyfriend for the night, I take it you don’t have one otherwise?” I asked, the contact of her hand on my leg making me bolder. I knew the answer, but it seemed a good place to start.

She shook her head. “Nope. Between work and Annie, I don’t really meet many people.”

This led us into a comfortable conversation about our kids and a decision to set up a play date with them someday soon. After this, I noticed her glass was empty and set about remedying that. She trailed along behind me, clutching my arm as though she were about to blow away. After we ordered our drinks, I led her back to the table, my arm around her shoulder, as I’d noticed she was a bit wobbly from the alcohol. Her bare shoulder felt nice under my hand—soft and warm. It had been a long time since I’d been this close to an adult. It made my heart race. I realized suddenly that my loneliness was gone.

“I’ve never seen you drinking here before,” she said once we were back in our seats. The noise in the bar had increased along with the patrons, so she had to get her mouth up close to my ear in order to make herself heard.

I went to her ear to answer. “This is the first time. I was bored and lonely, so I figured I’d give it a chance.” As I pulled away, I had a crazy urge to nibble on her ear lobe. Of course, I squashed this urge down.

“Same here!” she said, excitedly. “I come by every few months, and usually with friends. No one was able to come with me tonight, but I didn’t want to sit at home. I’m soooo glad I ran into you!” She took a long sip of her toxic-looking drink and grinned at me. “You need to drink more. I’m WAY more drunk than you.”

I chuckled and said, “Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?”

She spluttered, choking on her drink. She looked startled for a moment, and then recovered, grinning. “Mayyybe. Would you hate me if I was?”

“No way!” I said. “It would save me the trouble of taking advantage of you.” I waggled my eyebrows, hoping she would pick up on the fact that I was joking. Mostly.

Instead, she just smiled at me strangely and leaned in to my ear, whispering, “Drink more.”

I turned to her, but she’d already returned to her drink, finishing it off. Wanting to oblige her (even though I still wasn’t sure just what was going on) I drained mine too. As I set the empty bottle down on the table, she said something that I couldn’t hear because she was turned away from me.

“What?” I asked.

Louder, she said, “You wanna hear a secret?”

“I like secrets.”

She opened her mouth to continue, then closed it again. Instead, she slapped the table and said with a pout, “Poo. Our drinks are empty.” She jumped up and grabbed my arm, practically dragging me to the bar. This time she ordered the drinks and led me back to our table. I was just along for the ride.

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes just drinking our drinks before I decided to remind her of what we were talking about. “You were going to tell me a secret?”

“Oh yeah! Secret,” she said, loudly. Leaning in really close to me, she put her finger up to her lips, saying, “Shhhhh!” I didn’t say anything, not wanting her to lose her train of thought again. I just sat and smiled mildly back at her, waiting. She leaned in close to my ear, steadying herself with her hands on my arm. Her lips actually brushed my ear as she said, “I have a crush on you.” She pulled back and sipped her drink through her straw, looking off into space. She appeared to be blushing (although in the dim lighting it was hard to tell) and she had a dopey smile on her face.

“Just for tonight you do?” I asked, my heart racing. By this point I’d begun to suspect that this night was about to turn out far better than I could have hoped.

“Oh no! Always,” she insisted, making wild hand gestures. “HUGE crush. Huge.” She punctuated the last word by poking her finger on the tabletop. She put her finger to her lips again and added, “Shhh!”

“I guess I have a secret, too,” I said, deciding to go for it. What did I have to lose? I leaned in, getting a whiff of her faint perfume. I whispered, “I have a crush on you, too.” She shuddered a bit, either from what I had said or from the sensation of my breath on her ear.

She looked at me, disbelief clear in her eyes. “Nuh uh!” she said, shaking her head. She was so cute it was overwhelming.

“It’s true!” I insisted. “Why do you think I keep coming over to your desk every day at work?”

“Because I’m really really helpful?” she offered.

“Well, yeah. But most of the time I make up excuses to come and see you.”

“You DO?” she asked. “You should have said something.”

I shrugged. “I’m shy.”

“So am I. Usually. Not tonight, though.” She grabbed my hand suddenly in both of hers and said, “I have an idea.”

She didn’t say anything else for several seconds, just kept looking down at my hand clasped in hers. Finally I prompted her, “What’s your idea, Jenny?”

She looked up at me, eyes huge. “You’re not gonna hate me?”

“Not a chance,” I said, as gently as I could while still being audible over the noise.

In a rush, she said, “We should hook up. You and me should.” I wasn’t sure I’d heard her right, so I stared blankly back at her. My lack of immediate response seemed to make her nervous, so she started babbling. “I mean, ’cause that’s what people do in a bar? And we’re both alone and you’re already my pretend boyfriend and you’re super hot and we both—”

I cut her off with, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

She looked confused and flustered by this question. “Um, what? Yeah, it’s a great idea. The best I ever had. Why?”

This made me chuckle. “I just mean because you’re drunk and I’m getting there. I don’t want you to be upset with me tomorrow.”

She made a little dismissive noise and waved her hand. “Pshaw. There’s no such thing as tomorrow. Not until there is.”

Maybe I was more drunk than I thought, because that made an awful lot of sense to me. “Are you sure this is what you want?” I asked, seriously.

“More than anything,” she replied, tone and face solemn. Her fingers were laced together on her lap. As I was weighing the pros and cons, she added, in the same solemn tone, “You’re super hot.”

That broke my serious mood, and I couldn’t help but laugh. After a moment, she laughed too, hers sounding a bit more manic than mine—probably due to nerves. When we had control of ourselves again, I whispered in her ear, “Let’s go somewhere quiet and see what happens.” She nodded back, grinning.

We made our slow way out of the bar, me choosing our path, and her clutching my arm tight. After what seemed like twenty minutes, we finally emerged into the cool and relatively quiet night. It was a relief after the hot, loud bar. I led her to my car, taking some extra time to make sure I was still alright to drive. I decided that I was. We stopped by the passenger door and as I moved to unlock it, she said, a little too loudly, “It’s quiet out here!” She clapped her hands to her mouth, startled by how loudly she’d said that.

“Yes, it is,” I agreed.

“So, what’s gonna happen?” Jenny asked, her tone softer, her wide eyes hopeful.

I couldn’t resist it anymore, so I pulled her closer, drew in to her ear again and whispered, “Something like this.” This time I didn’t stop myself from taking her soft earlobe between my teeth and biting down gently. She gasped and her hands gripped my arms tight. I dropped my mouth down and, as I’d often wanted to do, alternated gentle kisses and nibbles down the length of her graceful neck. Her gasps became moans. I lifted my face up to hers to see the reaction I’d caused and found myself attacked. She pressed her lips against mine and the resulting kiss was hot and frantic. I ran my fingers through her hair and down her back, feeling her hands moving up to my shoulders. I dropped my keys and found myself pushed up against the side of the car in her eagerness. Her long, lithe body pressed against mine and I held her tight, wanting to get closer still. At some point her tongue had invaded my mouth and started wrestling with my tongue. I was rock hard and wanted nothing more than to get her home and fuck her until we both passed out. I didn’t want to break the kiss yet, however.

I was soon very happy that I held out. A few more seconds into the kiss she suddenly moaned into my mouth. Her body stiffened against mine and her nails dug into my arms. She thrust her crotch into mine and cried out in pleasure. Instinctively, I pushed back, grabbing her ass and gripping it firmly. She shuddered against me, her cry drawing out into a long, satisfied moan. It was quite some time before she released me.

Jenny looked at me, eyes stunned, and mumbled, “How did you DO that?”

I chuckled. “I didn’t do anything. But at least now I know what’s going to happen.”

She smiled back at me, a dreamy look on her face. “Good. ’cause if that was just from a kiss, I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got.”

I fetched my keys from the pavement. With my hands shaking and my heart racing with anticipation, I somehow got the door unlocked and opened. Once she was safely inside I slipped into the driver’s seat and fired up the engine. I drove slowly, making sure we made it safely. It was only a few blocks, but knowing what I was heading home for made the time stretch out agonizingly. I glanced over and caught Jenny watching me drive with an intent look. “What?” I asked, amused.

She didn’t seem to be embarrassed to be caught staring. She just smiled back and replied, “I’m glad you agreed to this. I think this is something we both need.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed, taking the last turn to my street. After parking and opening the door for her, we strolled up the walk to my house, arms linked. My head was reeling. This couldn’t be real—this sort of thing never happened to me.

I let us into the house, locked the door behind us and slipped off my shoes. I turned and ran right into Jenny, who was standing and looking at me. I flipped on the hall light and was struck again by how stunningly beautiful she looked. I didn’t have long to admire her before she pounced on me. She threw her arms around my neck, pressed her lips into mine and her breasts into my chest. For the third time that night I found myself off balance as I was pushed roughly against the door. My hands went to her waist and I kissed her back, having trouble keeping up with her. We’d both been alone for a long time. It was inevitable there would be sparks.

I lost myself in the kiss for a bit and when I came back to myself, my hands had crept around to clutch her ass, and she was unbuttoning my shirt. When she got the last button undone, she pulled my shirt open and over my arms, letting it fall to the floor. My hands went back to where they were and hers travelled over my bare chest. My hands wouldn’t stay put, though; they wanted to touch bare skin, so I let them wander to the zipper on the back of her dress and pulled it down. Then I unhooked her bra, running my fingers down the bumps of her spine to feel where her skin dimpled in at her lower back. I reached up and pulled on the straps of her dress and bra. She broke our kiss and pulled her arms free of her clothes, allowing me to expose her breasts. I felt them before I saw them. I cupped one in each hand, relishing the first feeling of bare tits I’d had in three years. They were round and full, a bit bigger than a handful, but not that big. They felt heavenly all the same. She gasped at my touch and immediately started tugging at the button on my jeans, fumbling with it. I let go of my prizes to help her and was shocked to see her reaching under her dress and shimmying her panties down her legs. This was moving so fast that I doubted we’d even make it into the bedroom!

My suspicion was proven correct momentarily. As soon as I had my pants open, she grabbed my arms and dragged me to the carpet. We were going to fuck right in the hallway! I only got my jeans down to about mid-thigh when I found myself atop her. Her dress was hiked up to her waist and her panties were still hanging from one ankle. Before I could even take stock of the situation, her hands were on my ass, guiding my ready cock right into her sopping cunt. She was so wet that I glided right in. I looked down at her and she was looking back at me, wide-eyed and gasping. “Don’t hold back,” she begged, breathily. “Fuck me Dennis.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I pulled out and slammed back in, moaning deeply at the sensation. This inward thrust made her cry out, and desperate to make her come again, I continued my onslaught. Her eyes closed and her face was transformed with pleasure. I increased the speed of my thrusts and her cries became louder and more frequent. Within four thrusts she was digging her nails into my back as she gave voice to her orgasm. I stopped thrusting while she shook beneath me, afraid that if I continued I’d be brought over the edge and it would be all over.

When she came back to her senses enough to realize I’d stopped, she opened her eyes and murmured, “Don’t stop. Keep going. Just . . . pull out.”

I nodded and started moving again, tucking my hands under her shoulders for support. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her long legs crossed behind my ass. I increased my speed and we started moaning almost in harmony. I could tell she was getting near again as her volume kept going up. It was a useful indicator. By the time she reached another orgasm, I was fucking her as fast and as hard as I could manage, and felt my own release building. I’ve always had good control, so I was able to pull out before my climax fully hit. Once I was out of her, her legs clamped back around me, pressing my hardness into her belly. My cock spasmed and spurted between us, coating both our bellies with hot semen. She kept clinging to me in this way until long after our respective orgasms retreated.

Finally her arms relaxed and I pulled my head up, surprised by a sweet and gentle kiss. The kiss didn’t last long. Once it ended, she looked up at me with those big, beautiful eyes of hers and whispered, “Thank you. That was amazing.”

“Mmm. For me too,” I replied, smiling.

“Sorry I couldn’t wait ’til we got to your bed,” she said, grinning.

“I’m sorry I got you all sticky,” I responded with a chuckle.

“I’m not,” she said lightly, pushing me off of her. As she propped herself up on her elbows, her dress flopped down, getting in the pool of cum on her belly.

“Oh, your dress!” I said, helping her to pull it over her head.

She giggled, poking at the puddle of sperm and tracing her finger along it. “Don’t worry about it. The dress did its job. It got me here, didn’t it?”

I smirked. “Well, the dress and what was in it.”

She looked slyly back at me, bringing her finger to her mouth and licking it clean. “So . . . ” she said, repeating this process slowly. “My evening is . . . wide open. Want to show me your bedroom?”

I felt a shudder of lust go through me. My cock, which had started to soften, was quickly becoming erect again with anticipation. “Oh yeah,” I said, my voice thick. I helped her up and led her to my room. On the way, I ducked into the bathroom to grab a towel to clean us up with. Once we were clean, she sat on the edge of my bed, leaning back on her hands and stretching her legs out. She glanced down, seeming to remember that she was completely naked and on display. She quickly crossed her legs and rested her hands on her lap. This time I knew for sure she’d blushed.

To make things less embarrassing for her, I turned off the overhead light and snapped on the lamp I kept on my nightstand. I sat down next to her and traced one finger down her graceful neck and over to one smooth shoulder. She quivered from the sensation. Her hand gripped my cock suddenly and she felt her way up and down its length. (It was about six inches long when fully erect.) “Mmm, so hard again already,” she mumbled, licking her lips. I nuzzled her neck and nibbled on it, using my hands to move her thighs apart. I hadn’t had the chance to really explore her body yet, since things had escalated so quickly, but now I was determined to slow us down a little. My left hand continued to grip her soft thigh as my right crept down to her crotch. I spread her still-moist folds with my fingers, caressing the area with lingering motions.

“Ahhhh,” she breathed, leaning back onto her elbows and closing her eyes.

I worked my way up as I continued my ministrations with my right hand, moving around to her breasts, gripping and caressing one with my left as I kissed and suckled the other. Once both had had sufficient attention, I continued down, trailing kisses down her rib cage, to her sexily curvy belly, down to her crotch, which was my ultimate goal. By this time I was on my knees in front of her. I kissed outside her folds, running my fingers around the area and up into the small patch of pubic hair adorning her mound. I spread her lower lips with my fingers and lightly licked, sampling the taste. She let out a long, low purr of a moan and sank onto her back on the bed, spreading her legs wider for me and lifting her pelvis up to meet my mouth. I slipped my tongue down into her, sliding into her passage. It was the first taste I’d had of a woman in years and I was delighted. She smelled and tasted of sex, but her growing arousal soon overshadowed this with flowing juices. She tasted different from any other woman I’d gone down on—slightly sweet, but tangy. It was glorious. I ran my tongue up and up until reaching the protruding bump of her clit. As soon as I put pressure on it she cried out, grabbing the back of my head and pulling my face into her. Taking this as the not-so-subtle hint it was, I attacked her clitoris with my mouth and tongue, bringing her directly from one orgasm to another, even bigger one. Her cries became wild and her entire body lunged beneath me, her fingers gripping my hair painfully. My chin was drenched with her fluids, and it felt like her orgasm would never end. The second became a third and her fingers relaxed, her cries dwindled to moans and I pulled back from her, taking in the lovely sight of her splayed out on my bed, squirming and dripping, still feeling the after effects of three rapid-fire climaxes. Momentarily, she opened her eyes slightly, looking at me sleepily and content. “You . . . are fucking amazing,” she whispered.

I stood and slid open the drawer on my nightstand, taking out a condom. I asked, “You up for more? That drove me crazy.” I stepped forward, displaying my rigid member. I was aching to be inside her again. Going down on a woman always made me wild.

She sat up, a hungry look on her face. “Mmm, yeah. But it’s my turn.” She stood and snatched the condom from me. “Lay down, I’ll take care of you.”

I did as she asked and watched as she ripped open the wrapper and unrolled the rubber onto my cock. Her big eyes fixed on mine and she crawled forward until she was astride me. With no hesitation, she reached between her legs, aimed me and lowered herself onto my cock, taking my entire length inside. “Ahhh,” she moaned, biting her lip as she looked down at me. She rested her hands on my chest for balance and started moving, slowly at first, then faster, an adorable look of concentration on her face.

Worried about distracting her, but unable to resist, I reached up and clutched her breasts, caressing and gripping them. They felt so soft and round . . . they weren’t huge, but were much bigger than they looked through her clothes.

She cooed and looked down at me, her hair hanging down and tickling my nose. The look of concentration was gone, replaced with a shy one. “So, what do you think?” she asked.

It only took a second for me to figure out what she was referring to. “I think you’re incredibly sexy. And not just these.” I gave her breasts one more squeeze and slid my hands down her sides, over her hips and down to her bottom and thighs. “You have a great body,” I finished, leaning up and kissing her. The kiss quickly went from sweet to passionate. She stopped moving and grabbed the sides of my face, her mouth devouring mine. She let me go and sat up, pulling me mostly out of her, slamming back down to the hilt with a groan.

“Mmm,” I moaned. “You are ravenous, aren’t you?”

She bit her lip again and nodded, making a small incoherent sound. She leaned back down, angling herself atop me and started moving insistently her hands gripping my arms, moving mostly with her lower body. I gripped her hips, starting to move with her, trying to be careful not to throw off her rhythm. She started fucking me harder, pressing herself against me with every down stroke, and her panting moans matched this pace. I flexed my cock inside, both to make it as hard as possible for her and to hold back my inevitable orgasm. I wasn’t ready for this to end yet.

Thankfully I got a break, but still almost lost it due to how intense things became. With one last lunge she grew rigid against me, pressing our crotches together tightly, wrapping her arms around me and letting out another loud expression of pleasure. I threw my arms around her, holding her to me firmly, regulating my breath and trying to calm down as she trembled atop me.

Once it passed, we released each other. With me still nestled inside, her blissful look gave way to one of disappointment. “You didn’t?” she asked.

Again, I knew what she meant and smiled. “Not yet. Very close, though.”

She smiled back, relieved. “You take over. I think I overdid it a little.”

“My pleasure,” I said, waiting for her to climb off me before I sat up. She went to lie down and I stopped her. “Wait,” I said, putting my hands on her waist and showing her what I wanted. She moved with me, taking my cues perfectly. “Like this,” I finished, once she was on her knees.

She giggled, peering at me over her shoulder, her hair in her face. “I see. This should be good.”

“It will be,” I promised, taking position behind her. As I buried myself inside her, it struck me how natural all this felt. With my ex, we’d had trouble with this position, and having her on top was impossible. Our bodies didn’t mesh. It made any positions aside from missionary awkward and frustrating. Jenny and I were having no problems, however. I wasn’t sure if it was because we were closer in height or if our bodies were just a better fit, and really, it didn’t matter. It worked, that was all.

She leaned back into my every thrust, throwing her head back, her short hair flying. It felt incredible to get so deeply into her, and I found reserves of energy I didn’t realize I still had. Before long we were fucking with even more intensity than we had in the hallway. I realized I’d started making a growling noise, and didn’t bother stopping. I felt like an animal at that moment, so it seemed fitting.

“Yes!” she cried, bucking against me and voicing her pleasure. I loved how loud she was, and made a mental note to thank my mother for getting my daughter out of the house. I had a feeling we would have been more reserved and less wild if the house hadn’t been empty.

“Oh god,” she whimpered, already reaching another orgasm. “Don’t stop! Make me come again! Please . . . ” She didn’t have to ask me twice. I slammed into her hard, again and again, wanting to reach the end myself. With a groan that was almost a roar, I exploded inside her. She arched her back and howled in response.

Finally spent, I pulled out and sat back on the bed as she slumped face down on the mattress, panting and still shaking. After about a minute of recuperating, she turned her head to look at me, her hair messy and a sheen of sweat on her forehead. I could feel a layer of sweat on myself. That had been quite a workout. Gasping, eyes huge, she said, “God . . . you’re . . . the best. The fucking . . . best!” She rolled onto her side, putting her hand on my thigh and squeezing.

“I could say the same about you, Jenny. You’re a wild woman.”

She smiled. “So I had a good idea, then?”

“The best you ever had,” I replied, with a chuckle. I got up and disposed of the full condom. “You thirsty? I think we need a drink.”

She nodded. “Among other things. Where’s your bathroom?” I showed her on my way to the kitchen to open a bottle of wine. I was able to visit the downstairs bathroom during my trip. After a few minutes, we met back up on my bed, a glass of wine each. We sipped our wine and sat in silence for a bit. I noticed she was no longer hiding herself—she was sitting cross-legged on my bed facing me, which left me with a nice view of all her assets.

Maybe it was because of all the exertion, or what I’d drank earlier in the night, but the wine hit me hard. I noticed Jenny starting to sway a bit, too. We didn’t speak as we drank. We didn’t have to. The silence was companionable, and I think we were both musing on the unexpected events of the evening. After awhile I noticed she was running her finger along my bare leg and to my stomach, idly tracing my contours. She was following her finger’s path with her eyes and I was enjoying the attention. When she finally glanced up, I was smiling at her. She smiled back and cleared her throat. “Sorry, got distracted.”

“You’re pretty distracting yourself.”

She glanced down at herself and then finished her drink. I stood, took her glass from her, and set the two empty glasses on my desk. I sat back down and caught her yawning. “You tired?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she admitted, stretching.

“Maybe we should turn in?” I offered.

“I don’t want to,” she replied, a slight pout in her voice. I was struck again by how unbearably cute this woman was. Not just in appearance, but in mannerisms as well. “I don’t want it to be tomorrow yet.”

“Me either,” I agreed, touching her smooth shoulder and around to her back.

She looked up at me with her big, brown eyes and then looked back down at her hands. She whispered, “Did you mean that? Earlier, I mean, when you said I was sexy?”

“I did. And I still do,” I assured her.

“But I’m skinny—not curvy enough. My arms and legs are too long, and like sticks. And I could never get rid of this after the baby.” She squeezed the pooch her belly made while she was sitting.

I shrugged and gently said, “Everyone’s different. I think you’re sexy because of those things and more, not despite them. You have great proportions, and you’re graceful. As for your curves—you’ve got the right kinds.”

She giggled, a little self-consciously, and her eyes met mine for a second before she looked away again. “You’re very sweet,” she said, softly. “I swear, I couldn’t have picked a better pretend boyfriend.” She drew in a shaky breath and added, “Could I ask you for one more favor?”

“Of course,” I said, still idly rubbing her back.

“One last time? And like you were really my boyfriend. I . . . just want to see what it would feel like.” She finally met my eyes and she was wearing that shy look again. I smiled reassuringly at her, and in way of answer, I took her face in my hands and kissed her. It was a slow, deep and gentle kiss. It went on and on, and somewhere during it, she taken my hardening cock in her hand, caressing it.

One weekend I took Tracy shopping. She absolutely loved clothes, and she mesmerised me so completely that I could watch her try them on all day long. It was a sweltering, humid day in mid-August. She was wearing a wispy designer babydoll dress with no sleeves or straps. The bustline hugged her breasts appreciatively, allowing a generous amount of her impossible cleavage to peek out on top. The material flowed away from her ribcage and down to mid-thigh, where her stick-thin yet shapely legs emerged, culminating in six-inch high wedge sandals. Her tiny arms and frail shoulders were completely bare and I caught more than one woman glaring at her in envy and disgust. Those huge dark eyes hid behind giant sunglasses that dwarfed her face. She sipped petulantly on an iced coffee drink as we wandered from shop to shop, peering in the windows at almost every one until she decided where to go first.

“That dress is so cute,” she cried, trotting right up to the window and pressing her hands against the glass.

“Why don’t we go in?” Just imagining her in the form-fitting, bright yellow affair she was admiring was a treat in itself and I hoped to see her try it on.

“That store doesn’t carry small enough sizes,” she pouted, stepping back. “Let’s go across the street.”

We went in to the other store and she made an inordinately large selection of outfits, intending to put on a show for me. I took “the boyfriend seat” outside the fitting room and waited. She emerged in a succession of sexy and colorful garments, ranging from casual to black-tie wear. Half of them fit her beautifully and half of them were just a scoche too big on her, a fact that she declared loudly every time in exaggerated frustration, “Augh, I’m just too small for this!”

Finally, she settled on half a dozen of her favorite well-fitting pieces, we paid, and left. I carried the bags in one hand and she held the other. More than once I noticed her staring at other women and she would squeeze my hand possessively. Once she even demanded, “Were you checking her out!?” I said no, of course not, and it was true; no other woman compared to her in the least. How can one admire a Thomas Kinkade with a Caravaggio in his possession? We strolled around for another half hour or so, but between the heat and humidity my dear Tracy was worn out. She suddenly stopped mid-stride, panting softly as she clung to my arm.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I saw her sway a bit, then she collapsed against me. I dropped the bags and held her up.

“Oh, Jack, I need to sit down,” she cooed, gripping my shirt as I guided her to a bench. She sat down, fanning herself weakly . I stroked her hair, dumbfounded by this episode and, frankly, a little aroused as she was pawing at me and panting in my ear.

After a minute, overwhelmed now with the heat in the air and in my crotch, I said, “Maybe we should head home.”

“I think we should,” she agreed, resting her head on my shoulder, her hand on my thigh, leaning over to lick my ear and blow on my neck.

I hailed a cab, and Tracy was so weak she could hardly stand up on her own. She leaned on me and I helped her in to the cab, and at the last minute remembered the bags I had dropped. I grabbed them and got in. Inside the car, she seemed to revive a bit with the air conditioning. We weren’t very far from my apartment, so it wasn’t long before I carried her inside and laid her down on the bed. She beckoned me to her and slid both hands around me to pull me down for a kiss. I felt a bit guilty fo it, but I couldn’t help being turned on by her anyway. For some reason, her weakened condition was even more desirable to me. I climbed on to the bed and straddled her, removing my jeans swiftly. She, of course, wore no underwear and I was only slightly surprised to find her very much wet and ready to go. It seemed that she had enjoyed the scene as much as I had, and that made me even hotter. I slipped the dress off of her and massaged her tits as we kissed. I could feel the heat between her legs. I gave one of her nipples a gentle bite, then shoved my dick inside. We fucked a while, and just as I could tell by the noises she made that she was near the edge, I pulled out.

“Wha-… whatcha doing, Jacky?”

I plunged down on to her clit for an answer and shoved three fingers in the hot, slick mess of her cunt. She moaned deeply and arched her back, pressing herself in to me as I sucked. I licked all around her pristinely shaved labia, shoving my tongue in to her vagina. All the while Tracy squirmed, her thin fingers raking through my hair, gripping it as I brought her again to the edge of orgasm. Then I stopped.

She was shaking, her breasts heaving with every breath, her doe eyes half-closed with fatigue and lust. Her lips were parted as she stared at me, begging wordlessly for me to finally finish her off. I kissed her again, and she grabbed my cock.

She guided my dick inside her tight pussy and I lost all control- I started ramming her as hard as I dared. She whimpered at first, then cried out- in pain or pleasure I couldn’t tell. And I didn’t care. I pounded her until the bed was knocking against the wall and she was wailing my name with both legs wrapped around my waist.

I came, then slumped down on the bed next to her. Her breathing was shallow and rapid, her eyes just barely open.

“You’re a fucking animal,” she breathed, running her trembling fingers through my hair. I laughed and pulled her close, burying my face in her glorious tits. She was bleeding a bit between the legs from the force of my fuck.

“And you are the girl of my dreams,” I said, kissing the nearest breast to my face and giving the nipple an affectionate little suck. “I know we’ve only been together a few months, but I think it’d be a lot of fun to live together.”

“Do you really mean it Jack? I’d love to!” she cried, kissing me. I kissed back and wrapped my arms around her, hardly able to believe what I’d just said. I enjoyed having my own space, of course, but it was Tracy. I’d do anything for her, I’d do anything to be with her more. It seemed a small sacrifice to be with her every day. Of course, we saw each other at work, too, but that was mostly business. Mostly.

Tracy was my obsession, my love. She was all I thought about and all I wanted. She was my Muse, my Aphrodite; the Hera to my Zeus; the Delilah to my Samson. She was the fruit which I had been forbidden my entire life, and now, suddenly, I was glutted with it. I could have as much as I wanted and more, and more, and I was so happy that I felt like I was drowning.

I was afraid that once Tracy moved in, the relationship might cool off, we’d get used to each other, things would go stale. Seeing each other at work all day and then coming home together seemed like it might suffocate us. I regretted asking her to move in, but I knew if I recanted she would go berserk. My periods of doubt were frequent but brief, and interspersed with periods of absolute certainty.

In two weeks she had broken the lease on her apartment and moved in. Her crackle-painted Louis XV chairs harmonized strangely with my sleek black Italian leather sofa. Her wardrobe astounded me. There were half a dozen duffel bags full of shoes and a small mountain of stylish, designer clothes in the middle of the living room. We’d spent the whole weekend moving her in. It was Sunday night. We’d finally finished getting the last few boxes and collapsed together on the couch, nestled in amongst a tulle petticoat and a bag of bathrobes.

For a moment, I felt cold and numb; terrified, really. What the hell was I thinking… there was no way this could work… my god, she’s here, she lives here now, she lives in my apartment… what the hell did I do? Then she wound both of her little arms around my arm and pecked my cheek. All of my doubts melted away in a warm haze, and I pulled her close. She slid in to my lap and rested against my chest.

“Welcome home,” I told her, grinning.

She laughed a little. I put my hands around her waist to meet at the base of spine where I could feel her vertebrae. She ground her hips down in to my hard cock and I could feel the heat of her cunt even through my pants. I undid her cutoffs and she obliged, pushing them down around her knees, taking off her tube top. Then I took off my shirt, and undid my jeans and slid out of them. Then she kissed me aggressively, twisting around in my lap to straddle me.

Tracy fucked me in her pussy a little bit, then she stood up, pushing the clothes out of the way.

She got on the couch on all fours and presented her ass to me obligingly. I couldn’t resist licking her hot pussy first, then I drew my tongue down the smooth skin between pussy and ass. I held on to her bony hips with both hands, tonguing her asshole to relax her a bit. She leaned back into it a little, trembling in anticipation. I lubed my dick generously, then eased it in to her ass. She gasped at the pain, but as I started fucking her, she started to moan with pleasure. Her pussy was tight and she was a wonderful fuck, but fucking her in the ass took me to new dimensions of pleasure. Every thrust of my cock in the vicelike grip of her rectum sent a gut-wrenching wave of ecstasy through my body. Tracy seemed torn between torture and enjoyment, gasping while her ribs flared and her pussy was so wet it leaked down her legs and on the couch while her fingernails dug in.

We climaxed at the same time, me with an animal grunt and she with a throaty, “Yesss.” Then her frail arms and legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed, curling up on the couch in her own vaginal secretions, panting. I grabbed a robe from a nearby pile and threw it over us as I squeezed in beside her, stroking her divinely concave stomach, the prominence of her ribcage, and her perversely large, perfect breasts.

It wasn’t long before she fell asleep. I could feel myself drowsing, but I was determined to wake up in my bed with my woman beside me. So I got up, and gathered her featherweight body in my arms. She snuggled against me, and if I woke her she pretended I didn’t. I tucked her in, then crawled in to bed beside her, spooning her, and fell asleep more contented than I could ever remember being.

She awoke me the next morning by kissing me and stroking my dick. I was a little confused at first, then the whole bizarre reality of it all came rushing back.

“Good morning babe,” I murmured, kissing her.

“Time for breakfast,” she declared softly, and she disappeared under the covers. First she kissed my nipples, then I felt her soft little tongue sliding up and down my dick while one of her hands massaged my balls. The other hands wrapped around my waist and I felt her fingers dig in to the small of my back as she took my dick in to her mouth. Her tongue swirled gently as she went up and down, pausing to rest her cheek on my inner thigh, running her fingers along my veiny shaft, then she licked my balls and took my dick back in her mouth. Her lips were perfectly tight and wet, and after I came in her mouth she swallowed and gave me a few bonus sucks. Then she re-emerged from the blankets, her eyes shining and her face flushed from the heat.

“Good christ,” I whispered. “That was incredible.”

“You’re welcome,” she mewled, kissing me again so deeply that I got a taste of my own semen. She laid there a moment longer, stroking my hair as I held her. Then she hopped out of bed, glorious in her nakedness. I admired the sway of her tits, and the tilt of her hips, and the gap between her legs as she prowled to the bathroom, then out to the living room to rifle through her clothes and get ready for work.

I was sorely tempted to call in sick, but if Tracy did too it would look very bad, and if she didn’t there was no point for me to. So I luxuriated for a few more minutes in the warm, soft bed, in the afterglow of orgasm, then I followed Tracy’s example and started getting ready for work.

The beginning of the following story is true, then it turns into a fantasy about how things should’ve turned out if I had tried just a little harder. After the fantasy is over, the truth will be revealed.


It was just one more day before I had to return home. The trip to Ohio to see my girlfriend Cici had already ran nearly a week over due to me catching the swine flu and being quarantined inside her house, but I was feeling better and ready to drive ten hours back to South Carolina. Her parents hated having me there and I honestly hated being there. Long distance relationships are never easy, and the brief amount of time we actually got together was almost always soured by them. At least they were gone for the weekend and Cici’s younger siblings were at sleepovers.

We had the house all to ourselves, or we should have anyway, but two of Cici’s friends had invited themselves over after one of them had a knock-down drag-out with her boyfriend. So instead of sharing a last romantic night naked with the girl I only got to see a few weeks out of each year, the four of us were sitting around the kitchen table playing rummy late into the night.

Cici sat on my right, close enough that I could grope her under the table without the other two girls seeing – although they surely noticed when she’d blush or giggle or gasp depending on whether I was touching the right spots. She was barely 5’4, and on the chubby side, but she had some of the biggest nicest tits I’d ever sucked on and a huge firm ass that practically begged to be spanked. Despite being a quarter African-American, Cici had light green eyes and was the palest person at the table; pasty may be a better description since her lifestyle kept her away from the sun and in front of a computer screen more often than not. She had inherited her half-black father’s hair and despite constant failure, kept trying to dye it, straighten it, soften it and do anything with it other than grow an afro and make the best of her mixed DNA. Cici had just turned eighteen and this trip was supposed the one she returned with me on.

On my left was Katelyn, who I sincerely disliked. On top of being unattractive with her unwashed permed to hell and back hair, acne ridden face, and oddly proportioned body (small breasts, flat ass, beer gut, broad shoulders), she was a whore who was constantly trying to drag Cici into situations that would lead to her cheating on me or me suspecting that she cheated. This was all compounded by Katelyn almost getting me arrested for coming to see Cici before she was of legal age the year before, and had gotten Cici and herself busted for shoplifting a few weeks earlier – greatly damaging my plans to have Cici move in with me and far away from people like her parents and Katelyn.

The friend across from me was Kaye Dorthea, or KD, or Kaydee, or Katie, or a hundred other names depending on who was calling her. Next to me, Kaye was the tallest of the group at nearly six feet and the only girl at the table by any means in good shape. She didn’t seem to have the slightest muscle tone, but her metabolism kept her thin. Her own good habits kept her straight black hair smooth and shiny, her bouncy B-cups firm and perky, and her smile bright and straight. Kaye was good friend to both of us, having covered for us the previous year by saying I was there for her instead of Cici, which led to a fight with her boyfriend that obviously never ended as that night she sported a swollen lip – which she was doctoring with cheap beer I had bought the girls to split.

I’d felt guilty a few times when I caught myself admiring Kaye’s long thin body or her narrow elf-like face – that night was no exception – but at least I had the consolation of knowing Cici wanted to rub her naked body down as bad as I did. Cici had admitted to me and herself long before then that she was bisexual, but it was only recently that she had told me she developed a crush on her best friend. The thought of the two of them rolling around in a sweaty heap of passion had distracted me often since learning about the crush, but I other than some playful teasing I hadn’t acted like it really mattered or I was all that interested.

The conversation kept swinging back and forth between what Cici and Katelyn were going to do about their impending trial, how I was coping with having to make the trip again since I wasn’t told about Cici not being able to leave until I had already got there, and what Kaye was going to do about her obviously abusive boyfriend. “The worst part is- I need to find a new place to live.” Kaye lamented and drew a card. “I mean, I can go back and grab my stuff while Brandon’s at work, but I don’t want to be there when he comes home.”

Katelyn drew a card and sighed. “Well, I’d let you stay with me but my parents won’t let me.” She said even though we all knew she hadn’t even asked.

Cici slapped my hand away from where it was busy slowing pressing the seam of her PJs into her slit and said “You could stay here for a few days.” as I drew and laid down a five card straight. “We could probably stretch it into a few weeks if you hid in the closet until dad left for work every day and stayed out until after he went to bed every night.”

I drew again and put my hand back between Cici’s thighs, trying to find the spot that made her squirm again. “Why doesn’t she just come home with me?” I half-joked as Cici tried to concentrate on her cards and my fingers.

Cici shook her head, making her kinked up purple hair bounce. “Nu-huh.” She rejected. “I’d be way too worried about you trying to screw her while I wasn’t there.”

I snorted, agreeing with her but not giving her fears of my infidelity any ground. I was about to deny the whole idea when Katelyn butted in saying. “Jeremy might not any self-control, but I think Kaydee has higher standards than that. Besides, she only fucks niggers.”

I was so impressed that she managed to insult everyone at the table so quickly that I managed to resist the urge to punch her in the face. “Brandon’s the only black guy I’ve ever dated.” Kaye broke the stunned silence with a half-drunk sneer. “And you’re wrong, I’d totally fuck Jeremy.” Then it was Kaye’s turn to get the shocked stares. “What?” she shrugged. “I would. He’s big and tough looking, and he has that hot southern accent, and a half-decent job, a rent-controlled apartment, his own car, and he cares enough about his girlfriend to risk being put in prison to drive twenty hours just to spend a few days with her.” Kaye drew a card, laid down a match to empty her hand, and declared three things – “Face it, Jeremy is a great catch, I have every right to be jealous of Cici, and I just kicked your asses at rummy.”

As they counted up the score and Kaye started shuffling the cards for her turn as dealer, I considered what she said and felt my ego swell enough to take the chance. I leaned closer to Cici and kissed her cheek, then moved to whisper in her ear while I continued rubbing her moistening gash through her pants. “You should get Kaye to have sex with you tonight.” She eased her head back from me and stared like I was crazy. I smiled and nodded, moving close again, putting more pressure on my fingers, and whispering “Get Katelyn to go home, and I’ll get in the shower, and you take her to bed and have your way with her.” We both glanced at her as she fumbled through shuffling the deck. “She’s drunk, she’s vulnerable.” I went on, now massaging her clit through her soaked panties “It’s not the best way to get what you want, but you won’t get a better chance to find out what her pussy tastes like.” I licked her ear and she shuddered. “That is what you want, isn’t it Cici? To lick and suck on Kaye’s hot little pussy?” I knew I had her, but I wanted her to want it as bad as I did. “To make your best friend cum on your mouth and let me watch you be my dirty little girl?”

“Yes…” she hissed back in my ear and grabbed my hand, holding it still while she slowly rocked against it. Calling her ‘my dirty little girl’ was the hook. It always got to her on a level I didn’t really understand but loved to reach. I leaned back with a smile stretched over a fake yawn and a huge stretch. “It’s getting kind of late, isn’t it?” Cici asked looking up at the clock on the microwave to see it tick up to 12:36. “Aren’t you on curfew Katelyn?” she accused. “Your dad is gonna be pissed if you don’t get home.”

Katelyn tried to argue with her, but I jumped in. “You’ve already caused enough trouble for yourself and Cici, haven’t you?” I scowled, reminding everyone that I would be driving home alone. “Go home before your dad comes over here and sees you, Kaye and Cici drinking and starts even more shit.” I said pointing towards the door.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She huffed. Katelyn got up and hugged her friends goodbye, waved over her shoulder on her way to the door, and was gone from my life for at least a little while.

I yawned again, and then leaned over and kissed Cici, pushing my tongue into her mouth and sucking hers back out. I made no attempt to hide any passion in front of Kaye, even going to far as to not-so-gently stroke the side of Cici’s chest so that Kaye could see it. “I’m gonna take a shower, then maybe head to bed.” I announced when the kiss was done. “Long trip tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep.” I got up and circled the table towards the den leading to the bathroom, pausing to kiss Kaye on top of her head as I went.

I gave the girls as much time as I could, using the toilet, plucking nose hairs, and trimming my goatee and sideburns before my shower that lasted until the hot water ran frigid. I toweled off but didn’t bother with any clothes. I left the bathroom and crept up the stairs towards Cici’s bedroom, I didn’t want to make a racket and scare either of them- especially Kaye, who I wasn’t sure would react favorably to my plan.

I could hear moaning through the bedroom door and silently congratulated myself, fist pumping a few times, before easing the door open. There was a beautiful sight if I ever saw one – Cici, with all her naked plumpness, spread wide open on the bed, one hand mauling a huge soft boob, and the other firmly knotted in Kaye’s long black hair as she hungrily lapped at Cici’s shaved mound, and Kaye, just as naked, down on her knees next to the bed, licking and fingering my girlfriend while her own crotch glistened with what I guessed was a mixture of girl-cum, Cici’s slobber, and fresh girly-juice. I watched them writhe for some long seconds absentmindedly stroking my cock as I admired Kaye’s firm little ass and long legs and puffy dripping slit, and Cici’s huge tits and cute round face, and wondered if it’d be a trade up or not if I had to choose a new girlfriend after that night.

I knew that after nearly a week, Cici’s pussy was bruised and overly sensitive from having rough sex at least twice a day, and with her friend gently lapping at her swollen genitalia she was in a state of bliss. They didn’t notice me until I walked up to the bed, hard cock wobbling out in front of me, and started gently petting Cici’s dark purple curls. She glanced up at me, then at my cock, and panted at Kaye’s oral skills, but didn’t speak. Instead she grabbed my dick with the hand not holding her skinny friend’s face and pulled it down to her mouth.

I gasped at Cici’s technique, or lack thereof, as she engulfed my dick, drooling as much as possible, and rocked her head on it; fucking me with her mouth. In, out. Up, down. Over and over, she pumped her hot mouth down my cock until her lips hit her fist. Cici drooled as she went, spilling spit down my shaft, across her hand, on my sack, down her chin, and across her chest. Her breathing was erratic and she started moaning around her mouthful of man-meat, and I knew Kaye was getting close to making my pudgy girlfriend orgasm. “Do it.” I whispered to Cici. “Cum all over her face.” I urged and took a handful of her hair in my fist, rocking her head faster on my dick. “Do it, cum for her. Do it, cum for me. Be my dirty little girl and cum all over your friends pretty face.”

One especially loud moan escaped her, and I felt it vibrate down my shaft. Cici started to shudder and soon she was harshly rubbing her bald cunt on Kaye’s face, smearing her with juice from her battered vagina. When her orgasm subsided, my dick was still in her mouth, and I think that’s when Kaye finally realized I was there. She scooted closer to me, still on her knees, and laid her head on Cici’s chest. She watched my drool-covered dick get engulfed a few dozen times; reaching up and fondling my slick balls for a minute or two before asking “Can I try it?”

I smiled and raised my eyebrows at Cici, who would’ve frowned at me if her mouth wouldn’t have been full of my cock. I petted her hair again and chided “Friends can share, can’t they?” Cici pulled my dick from her mouth and pouted, but held it still so Kaye could get up close enough to wrap her wet warm lips around the head. She took the shaft from Cici and stroked it gently, not squeezing, just spreading the slick mess left behind and caressing the skin and the engorged veins as she lapped at the head with her soft little tongue. Sucking and stroking, licking and rubbing, and staring up at me with a pair of eyes so blue they could’ve been purple, I believe Kaye was trying to make me cum.

Cici watched and pouted until I started panting, and then she grabbed my hand and pulled it to her tits. “Don’t you want to fuck your dirty little girl?” she cooed and my cock jumped, scrapping my crown on Kaye’s teeth as she was pulling her head away. I groaned at the slight pain and at being denied my orgasm, and decided I’d take it out on Cici. I pulled away from Kaye and pushed Cici back on the bed before climbing onto it between her legs. I looked down at my prey and smiled. Her whole vaginal mound was bruised from the abnormal amount of attention had I paid it all week – her normally pale pink lips were stained purple and thick, her clit was swollen and red and peeking out from under its hood, and I was about to find out just how sore her insides were.

I was already slick with the girls’ combined spit, and Cici’s gash was already greased from her orgasm, so I wasted no time being gentle and lurched forward, spearing her pussy and spreading it open in one motion. Cici cried out and began rolling her hips on my dick, moaning and groaning like she’d been stabbed. She was tight, so tight I could feel each ripple and bump inside her squeezing each ridge and vein on my cock. I wanted to pound her, stretch her tiny pussy open again and again until she begged me to fuck Kaye just so she could have some relief. However, I couldn’t have her howling waking the neighbors, so I led Kaye by one hand up and on the bed. “Let Cici taste you.” I offered and Kaye smiled as she straddled my girlfriend’s face, putting her clit right on Cici’s lips with a small gasp.

I held Cici’s legs around me and start working my cock inside her, using short strokes in different directions, stretching her tunnel in a different shape each time I pushed my cock against her cervix. Then the strokes got longer, faster, harder, plunging into Cici’s quim like I was tenderizing a steak. Cici still cried out and moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain, but the sounds were greatly muffled by Kaye’s crotch being ground into her mouth. “Oh holy shit…” Kaye moaned and leaned toward me, catching my shoulders and holding herself up. She gasped and looked down at her friend’s pussy being split open, and then back up at me with a smile. “I was wondering why it looked like someone had taken a bat to Cici’s crotch.” She teased. “Maybe I’ll get to see how she feels?”

I dropped one of Cici’s legs and grabbed Kaye’s head to kiss her. I gave her my tongue and took one of her lips, then we switched, moaning back and forth into each other’s mouth while we pleasured ourselves with Cici’s willing body. My pounding got rougher while I kissed Kaye through an orgasm on Cici’s face, slipping my cock all the way out of Cici’s cunt, just to pierce her outermost lips with each thrust back in. I could hear her crying “Fuck me! Oh God fuck me!” into Kaye’s slit, I could feel the familiar quakes start in her core, moving out to me and getting stronger as I worked her towards an orgasm.

“Don’t cum yet.” I heard Kaye tell me between kisses. It surprised me and I stopped for a moment, letting Cici’s hips do the thrusting to get her off. “Please?” Kaye begged “I want to feel you inside me.” I kissed her again, resuming my abuse of Cici’s cunt. I broke the kiss just as Cici was erupting, thrashing and crying out as her pussy sent orgasmic shockwaves through her body. I kept up my pace as long as I could, but wanted to give Kaye what she asked for, so I pulled out when I felt my own orgasm approaching.

“Lick her clit and keep her cumming.” I told Kaye and gently pushed her head down to Cici’s swollen clit. I circled the bed, crawling back on next to Cici’s head, and before she could object I pulled Kaye’s hips up level with mine and began pushing my cock past her puffy pink pussy lips. Kaye wasn’t quite as tight as Cici, but she was so much wetter and hotter, it was like fucking molten velvet. I heard Cici start to complain, but Kaye jammed a few long fingers inside her pussy and moaned into her clit, causing Cici to forget she didn’t want me fucking other girls. I tried to take it easy on Kaye, pulling her back onto my dick as I pushed into her. I could feel my balls dragging across Cici’s face and got weird satisfaction of forcing her to be so close to where Kaye and I were joined; satisfaction that made me swell and throb inside Kaye.

Kaye moaned loudly and rolled her hips back towards me, twisting her tunnel around my cock to hit deeper spots inside her. I groaned through clenched teeth and thrust back at her, grinding our flesh together. She cried out, rearing back from Cici but keeping a hand busy in her slit. I pulled her further back by a handful of sweaty hair, pushing up into her pussy while she ground her hips down on mine. I knew I was full on tea-bagging my girlfriend while I fucked her best friend, but I could still hear her moaning and could still feel her tongue doing its best to pleasure Kaye’s clit and figured she must be enjoying herself.

Kaye turned her head and started kissing me crookedly over her shoulder, pressing her sweat slick body to my chest while I thrust my dick deep into her. “Fuck me” she moaned when our sloppy kiss ended. I grinned evilly at her and pushed her back down on top of Cici before roughly grabbing her by the waist. I was done taking it easy; pulling all but an inch away from Kaye before burying my cock back in her with a wet slap each time her ass met my stomach. Now it was her turn to scream, but I had no desire to muffle her cries as I violated her innermost spots over and over.

Kaye didn’t shudder and quake when she came, she clawed handfuls of Cici’s thighs and screamed herself hoarse and bucked her ass back at me, forcing me to fuck her deeper until she started to go limp. My balls clenched and my shaft flexed and I felt my own orgasm boil up to the tip of my cock. I started to pull out as cum sprayed from me. The first jet was fully inside Kaye’s pussy, the second splattered on her puffy lips, and the rest streaked down across Cici’s face, dripping the last bits onto her forehead and dark purple curls.

We slept in a sweaty heap that night, occasionally waking to kiss or talk or fondle each other, and the next morning it was decided that Kaye should return home with me to escape any more abuse from her now-ex-boyfriend. “After all,” Cici shrugged as she kissed us both goodbye “at least if he’s screwing you he won’t be looking for someone else.”

On the way out of town, we stopped by Kaye and Brandon’s place so she could grab her clothes and the small amount of cash she had stashed away in case of an emergency. “He spends all his money on shit for himself. I pay the rent and the gas and the light bill.” Kaye told me as we passed the living room, which had an almost new big screen TV hooked to every video game system that was available then, an Alienware laptop, and a few towers full of DVD and video game cases. “Leaving him for you is definitely trading up, and I even get a bi-girl in the deal.” She laughed as she started emptying drawers.

Author’s note:

This story is a lot longer than I’d intended, and broken into three parts. It usually takes from a couple of days to a few weeks for me to complete a story, but this one took me seven months. It didn’t go where I thought it would, and some of you may find the end of Ch 3 a little weird. Perhaps it is. But I think the whole story is “action packed” enough to make up for it.

I’d love it if you would let me know what you think, and please vote!

TC 5

Let’s Go for a Run, Ch 01

I met Sharon at Mike’s Friday night party. We ended up together mostly because everyone else there was married or attached, and besides, I’d never seen her before. Turns out she just started at Mike’s company, and he asked her to come so she could mingle a little, since a lot of the guests work there.

I noticed her first because she’s tall, almost my height, and slim almost to the point of being skinny. “Hi,” I said, “my name’s Dan, I’m a friend of Mike’s.” We went through the usual introductory chit-chat, but finally I couldn’t resist asking, “Are you, by any chance, a runner?”

That’s all it took. She was, of course, and an ardent one, at that. I had run cross country, years ago in high school, and jogged a little while I was in college, but all that was a memory now. However, it did mean I wasn’t ignorant of the subject, and it turned out to be her favorite topic. We got a couple of drinks, and ended up in a corner, chatting for most of the night.

I was kind of blindsided though, when she asked me if I would like to join her for a run the next morning. I’m not exactly out of shape, but at 28, I haven’t really run for over 5 years. I know enough about runners to be fairly sure she probably did five or six miles, three to five days a week, probably at around seven minutes per. I tried to whine my way out of it, but she wasn’t having any of my excuses, and she said she would be gentle. We could do two or three miles at “my” pace.

She also asked if I knew any good places to run, and as it happens, I do. Most of the locals do the roads and trails around the reservoir in town. I said I would pick her up, since she’s new to the area. She wanted me to come by at seven, but I managed to negotiate 8 AM. After all, we were at the party, drinking, and it was already after eleven. I walked her out to her car, and was pleased when she leaned to me and gave me a kiss goodnight on the lips, as I opened the door for her.

Truthfully, I was quite taken with her. She had the typical runners build, slim hips and small behind, and breasts that disappeared under anything heavier than a T-shirt. But she had a very pretty face under short blonde hair, and smiled a lot, with eyes that sparkled. If I survived the run without disgracing myself, it might be worth the effort.

I got up at 6, showered, took a couple of ibuprofen, and managed to find an old pair of running shorts that I could get into. I had to wipe the mildew off the old running shoes, but at least, they weren’t worn out. White socks and a Tee completed the outfit.

I got to her door right on time, and she answered at the first ring. She came right out, but I noticed there was a younger girl behind her who yelled, “Have fun, Shari,” as the door closed. “Mandy, my sister,” she said. “Both of my younger sisters live with me.”

When we arrived, we went through the usual stretching routine, and soon were on the road that circles the reservoir. I was guessing it was about a 2 mile loop. She was true to her word, and let me set the pace, the best I could do without puffing too badly. When we got to the first of the many marked trails, she said, “Do you mind if we try this? I love running in the woods.” Truthfully, I had no idea where it went, but my cross country experience had at least prepared me for trail running, so of course, I agreed.

Fortunately the trail was pretty flat, but I knew it would be longer than the road. She chatted, while I concentrated on conserving my breath, and at the eight minute mark, I figured we had gone at least a mile. So far so good. At 16 minutes, I was feeling a little tightness in my calves and thighs, but what bothered me more was, the trail never seemed to turn towards the parking lot. At around 24 minutes, we turned and the sun was in my eyes, which I figured should be the way back.

She asked how I was doing, realizing this was more than I had bargained for, and I didn’t say much, but I noticed a definite ache in my left thigh. By 30 minutes, I had slowed noticeably, running flatfooted way off my earlier pace,, and she had a look of concern on her face, apologizing for taking me so much farther than planned. The trail rejoined the road, and we could see the opening of the parking area, about a quarter mile ahead.

Then it happened. I got a major cramp in my left thigh, and just managed to dive onto the grass, avoiding the pavement. I was in agony, trying to find a position for my leg that would bring some relief. Despite myself, tears streamed down my face from the sharp pain. She was on me at once, grabbing my ankle and pulling hard, pushing my toes down, pointing away. That did help, and in a minute or two I was sure I wouldn’t die – immediately. Once she found the key to relieving the pressure, her hands found the knotted muscle and massaged my thigh deeply. A few others stopped to look, but went on their way.

The initial crisis over, she started apologizing profusely for taking me on a trail she didn’t know, even though she knew I would be limited in endurance. I shushed her, saying I didn’t know any more than she did, and it wasn’t her fault. Sometimes you have to lie a little. And besides, I was beginning to really enjoy her hands on my thigh.

In a few minutes, I felt I could walk back to the lot with her, and made it without limping too badly. When we got into the car, she said again, how badly she felt, and surprised me by leaning over and kissing me. A real kiss! I guess to take my mind off the pain. It did, and I put my hand on her back, pulling her closer for another. She didn’t seem to mind at all. When our lips parted, she said,” Let’s go back to the house, Dan, I’ll see if I can do a little more for your leg.”

When we got back, she had me sit on her couch, leg up, and went for some supplies. She came back with some muscle relaxant crème, ice in a towel, and an Ace bandage. Also, a bottle of water and a couple more ibuprofen, a runner’s best friend. By now, the pain was much less, though certainly not gone, and I began to really enjoy it when she vigorously rubbed the crème into my thigh, her fingers coming very close to my balls and cock, held only by a jock, under the light running shorts. In fact, I think she noticed that a little swelling started there, and giggled as she rubbed even higher.

Once she had made sure the crème was gone, she put the ice pack on my leg, saying we needed to give it 15 minutes or so. She sat with me on the couch and said softly, “Dan, I’m really sorry I let this happen,” and she leaned over, put a hand on my chest and kissed me softly on the cheek. Her concern was genuine, and her gentle touch made me shudder. I turned to her and put an arm across her shoulders, pulling her lips to mine.

The kiss started gently, but quickly deepened, as her lips parted, begging for my tongue. When I accepted the invitation, the tip of hers met mine, and our tongues played inside her mouth. She pressed against me, and moaned softly as our lips ground together. I had to fight hard to remember the ice pack to keep from turning and wrapping her in my arms. Her hand slid back and forth across my chest and down to my stomach, and it was my turn to moan into her mouth. There was nothing I could do to keep my cock from hardening into a very noticeable bulge, straining against my jock under the thin shorts.

She let her hand slide down and run lightly over it, following its length, back and forth. I groaned and almost lost the ice pack as my hips lifted when I strained to press against her hand. She whispered into my ear, “Mmmmm, I like that, Dan. And I’d love to do something about it, but I expect my sisters will be coming back any time now. But if you let me, I’ll give you a rain check, and promise to make up for it later.” When she kissed me again she was almost purring. And I was shaking with desire and delight.

When we remembered the ice pack again I already had water running down my leg from the towel, my thigh was numb from the cold, and my cock was rock hard. I let her go reluctantly as she slid off the couch and dried me off, smiling as she rubbed much longer than necessary. She wrapped the ace bandage tightly around my thigh, and put the clips on. That really did help, and, I could hardly feel the pain any more. Having finished with her doctoring, she smiled and leaned over and kissed me again. This time, I put both hands on her back and pulled her down to me. Our tongues had a reunion in her mouth and played enthusiastically.

She pressed against me harder, and moaned softly into my mouth, but after a few minutes she pulled back and smiled at me. She reached down and patted my swollen cock again, and said with a giggle, “I’d really love to give him a massage too, but I’m afraid it would only make the swelling worse. And besides, I really expect my sisters will pop in the door any minute now.” But she rubbed her hand over my cock a few more times.

Right on cue, we heard the door open and both sisters came in, eyes wide when they saw me on the couch with their sister. I sat up, trying to hide the bulge a bit, and hoped all they could see was the bandage on my leg. Shari calmly explained what had happened. I got it under control a little, and she made introductions all around.

The sisters weren’t kids; Sharon was 27, Denise 23, and Mandy 21. It seems their parents died in an accident, and Shari took over the sisters; they had been with her since Mandy was 17. When she moved for her new job, they moved with her. Both planned to enroll in the local community college and had part time jobs. All three were built pretty much alike, tall and slim, and all three were runners.

Once the introductions were over, the girls headed to their rooms, leaving me and Shari. She bent over and kissed me again, long and deep. “They are great kids,” she said, “but sometimes having them around is a real disadvantage.” She added, “I’d like to get them out of their shells. They need lives of their own.”

It was obvious that not much was going to happen there right then, so I tried plan B. “Shari, how about if I take you to lunch?”

She accepted, and the big smile I got told me she had been hoping I’d come up with something. She made me promise it would be someplace casual, and I asked her about the local Beef and Brew. Most runners like beer, and she was no exception. We both needed to clean up and change, and I told her I’d be back in an hour to pick her up.

I found I could walk pretty well with the bandage and medication, and after a quick shower I arrived back at her door wearing a golf shirt and shorts, considering the bandage a badge of honor by now. I was pleased to see she had on only a light pink blouse and very short shorts. At least with the blouse, I could see a hint of nipple, and suspected she had no bra underneath.

No sooner did we get in the car, than she leaned over and kissed me once again. As I reached to hold her, I let my fingers slide across the front of her blouse, and clearly felt two firm nipples. She moaned into my mouth and pressed against my arm. Both of us were breathing hard when our lips parted, and she said, “I think we need some nourishment.” Her hand was on my bare thigh, fingers moving up and down, all the way to the restaurant.

The place was crowded, and we had to settle for an interior booth, but at least it was in the darkest part of the dining area. Once seated we immediately kissed again, only to be interrupted by the blushing waitress. Shari asked me if we could get a pitcher of Heinekens, which was great with me, since that’s what I have at home. Grilled chicken suited both of us, and we quickly sent the waitress packing.

Feeling comfortable with her now, I put an arm around her, and she quickly leaned against me. Now our lips were grinding, and our tongues going wild. She had one hand on the back of my head, pulling me to her. The other was in my lap, unabashedly stroking my already hard cock. I put one hand between her legs and squeezed, over the shorts, and she pushed herself into my hand. She was squirming against me, trying to rub her small breasts against my chest.

For a moment the hand in my lap released me, and she smiled, saying, “Here, I’ll make it easy for you.” She reached down and undid the button on her shorts, slid the zipper down, and lifted a moment so she could slide the tight shorts down a bit. Then she regained a firm grasp on my cock and rammed her tongue back into my mouth. When I slid my hand into the open shorts I felt bare skin, she had no panties, and her pussy was completely bald, the skin smooth as silk. And she was dripping wet.

When I stroked her there, her hips rolled and lifted from the bench, and I had to capture her moans in my mouth. I was about to slide my fingers into her when I caught motion from the corner of my eye. The waitress was there with the tray, putting our plates on the table and trying very hard not to look. We froze, in embarrassed silence, until she left. Then Shari said, “Mmmm, it does look pretty good – for an appetizer.” There are no words to describe the wicked look she gave me.

We both downed a large glass of the draft beer in just a gulp or two, and started working on the meal. Fortunately it really was very good, and gave us something else to concentrate on. Even so, she left her shorts undone and put one of her long legs over my thigh.

Her legs were spread wide, and after eating a few bites, I couldn’t resist sliding my hand into her shorts and dipping my fingers into her. She moaned and pressed against them. I stroked a bit, then lifted my sopping wet fingers, and slowly licked them as she watched. There was a look of pure lust on her reddening face. But for sure, she one-upped me! She reached under the table, put her fingers into herself, brought the hand back up and licked them clean! The excitement of our play in such a public place was intensely erotic! I almost lost my load into my briefs at that sight. She smiled at me and said, “Wow, this meal is delicious!”

It was, but I couldn’t wait for it to be over and I know she couldn’t either. We finished the beer and while she buttoned her shorts, I threw some money on the table to more than cover the bill, and we almost ran out of there. Once in the car, she said, “Let’s go to your place, and I’ll put some more cream on your thigh – or somewhere.”

She had my fly open before I swerved out of the parking lot, and had me standing at attention as she stroked me all the way to the house. My hands were shaking as I fumbled for the key, and she rubbed my cock again as she waited, right outside the door!

We barely made it inside, and as I slammed her back against the closed door I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new one,” grabbed the neck of her blouse and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. It was only then I saw what lay beneath. Her breasts were indeed small, runners breasts, but her nipples were completely swollen, the tips almost an inch long. When we unlocked lips long enough, she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and yanked it over my head. Then she pressed those iron hard nips against me and ground them into my chest. As she did she moaned and sighed, leaving little doubt how much she liked it.

I lifted her off her feet and carried her into the downstairs bedroom, tossing her on the bed. She wiggled her shorts down over her hips as I unbuttoned and unzipped mine. I was about to pull them down when she said, “Wait!” and slid off the bed again, moving in front of me and grabbing the shorts, sliding them and my underwear down my legs together. She lowered herself along with them, and ended up on her knees in front of me. Wasting no time, she grasped my cock and stroked it hard a few times, then pulled the head into her mouth. Her lips were like a vise, holding me as her tongue swirled around me. She moaned with satisfaction. So did I.

I put my hands on her head as she stared up at me, eyes burning. When I started to push forward, she opened her lips and let me slide in all the way to the back of her mouth in one stroke. She started rocking back and forth, her lips squeezing, her mouth sucking. I watched as my cock, dripping with her saliva, disappeared and re-appeared faster and faster. Just when I thought I would cum at any moment, she stopped, only her tongue swirling around my shaft.

Her eyes looked up and caught mine, refusing to let go. Her lips loosened and she pressed forward. I felt my cock slip into her throat, and keep sliding, deeper and deeper, until her chin was against my balls! Her head started moving back and forth and inch or two, throat fucking me. In a matter of seconds, I came down her throat, spurt after spurt, and I could feel her trying to swallow my cock head as she took it all. I was shaking, legs feeling so weak I had to put a hand on the bed. Eyes still locked on mine, her lips slid slowly off me and she licked up the few remaining drops. She gave me a satisfied, “MMMmmmmmmmmm,” along with a sparkling grin.

“How the hell did….” I started.

But she cut me off and said, “I read about it in “Runner’s Road” magazine.”

That was so totally unexpected I couldn’t help but laugh, and she giggled as she got up off the floor. I grabbed her in my arms and squeezed her to me as our lips locked again. She may have had a hard runner’s body, but she felt soft and smooth as silk.

Once again, I lifted her and threw her on the bed. This time she stayed put, and wiggled to the center of it. I crawled on after her, just one thing in mind. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. She was gasping as soon as I started kissing my way down her chest. I ran my tongue around the gentle curves of her small breasts, then put a hand over each one of them. She shuddered as my palms closed around them and pressed against the nipples.

I removed one hand and replaced it with my mouth, opened wide so my lips didn’t touch the nipple, but pressed against her breast. I squeezed with my lips as they slowly moved towards the tall, pointed nipple. At last I reached the swollen crinkly base, and my lips wrapped around the hard little tower. As my wet lips locked onto it and my tongue lightly stroked the tip, her back arched suddenly, ramming the tip deeper into my mouth. She was shaking and moaning as I sucked harder and my tongue swirled against it. My fingertips found the other hard tip, and started stroking it softly. Gradually I squeezed harder with both my fingers and lips and she was writhing on the bed, head pressed against the pillow, back arched.

She was moaning, gasping, almost sobbing. My fingers pulled and stretched, twisted and squeezed harder. My Lips pressed down on her breast as my tongue ground against the hard tip. Her reaction was amazing. Her hips were rolling, and I was tempted to put my hand over her pussy, but first, I closed my teeth on the tip of her nipple, and pulled, stretching it. She screamed, arching completely off the bed, and her hand slapped over her pussy, fingers digging into it. She came; her cum gushing so hard it wet her hand and dripped onto the bed. Her entire body was convulsing. Afraid I might hurt her, I released the nipple and kissed it softly.

It took at least a minute before she stopped thrashing on the bed, and she was still gasping, eyes closed. I kissed her lips softly, and said, “Shari, baby! You ok?” She opened her eyes and laughed at me.

“Damn!” she sighed, “Ok? I just came all over your bed! That was fucking wonderful! What my breasts lack in size they make up for in sensitivity. You can make me cum any time you want, just by playing with them. Now you know my secret. Don’t forget it!”

As she rolled towards me, she purred, “That was terrific, Dan! And as her hand grasped my hardening cock, she kissed my chest.

I slid my hand over her wet pussy and started stroking it, feeling her hips slowly rolling in response. Her breasts were not the only things that liked my touch. My fingertips slid up and down over her lips, teasing, then slipped inside her, and her hips lifted to pull them deeper. Her hand was sliding lightly over my rigid shaft, and she was sighing and moaning softly. Her orgasm had taken the edge off her need, and now she could truly enjoy my touches. She knew just how to keep my cock hard and swollen, without bringing me close to the edge. Her hand was teasing me just right. We were enjoying each other.

Her hips were rolling harder; I could tell her need was rising and mine had already risen – in her hand. I leaned over and kissed her again, then moved between her legs, kneeling, our eyes locked. I ran my hands up and down her thighs, and she spread her legs wide, almost straight out to her sides. Her legs were long and slim, and her body was obviously very supple.

Again, I ran my fingers lightly over her pussy, feeling how wet she was. Then I replaced my hand with my cock, pressing it against her, running it up and down her wet and swollen lips. Her hips were moving slowly, and she was moaning as her hand reached for me. I moved closer and she grasped me, pulling until she could press me to her entrance. I leaned forward, put my hands on her shoulders and pulled myself slowly into her. Her hips lifted as she tried to take me faster and deeper. She was making lovely, needy sounds as my body pressed against hers, my cock buried in her.

She squirmed on the bed as I held her in place, pinned down by my cock. I could feel her cunt contracting, kneading my shaft. Slowly I started thrusting, long smooth strokes. Her hips moved with me, and we smiled at each other. Our pace quickly increased and our breathing deepened. Our bodies began to slap together, and we both were gasping and moaning with pleasure and excitement. “Oh God, fuck me hard!” she gasped. She began to pant as I moved faster, ramming myself into her harder. Her hips lifted in short, urgent strokes, meeting me and forcing me deeper. Her eyes closed, and her fingertips grasped the tips of her swollen nipples. Knowing what effect that would have on her, I started slamming into her, feeling my cock respond with a throbbing, tingling sensation. Her back arched and she began a low steady moan. I shuddered and felt myself losing control, and gasped out a warning, “Cummingggggggg,” in a hoarse ragged voice.

She responded by almost shouting, “In me!! Fill me up!”

In the next second I did, bucking, pumping, spurting deep inside her! I was shaking with excitement and exertion with an orgasm that did not want to stop! Suddenly she bucked under me, her hips lifting violently, and she yelled. “Oh FUCK!” followed by a muffled growling scream which came from between her clenched teeth. I could feel the heat of her cum gushing around my throbbing cock. She overflowed with our combined juices, wetting us and then the bed.

Suddenly her body went limp, and she collapsed on the bed, eyes staring up at me, almost bewildered. I fell next to her and scooped up her slim body in my arms, pressing her tightly against me. We kissed softly, sweetly, our exhausted bodies pressed together. We lay, hardly moving, for several minutes, exchanging little nibbling kisses.

She whispered against my chest, “MMmmmmm, Dan, that was pretty good for a first try. Imagine if we practice!”

“Do we need a schedule?” I responded.

She slapped my ass and giggled, “I’ll give you a schedule! How about any time you want?”

“Are you sure that’s enough?” I quipped.

“If it’s like that, there’s no such thing as enough,” she sighed into my chest.

It was still early, and we had no intention of going anywhere, so I asked her if she would like another beer, and she said sure. Then she kind of giggled. “I’d put my shirt on, but you ripped it off of me, and I’d put my panties on, but I forgot to wear any, so I guess you will have to think of me as your naked sex toy!”

OH MY GOD, what a thought! Of course I loved it. I’m sure she saw me start to harden instantly. “Hmmmmmm, “I replied, “Since you put it that way, I will! But, what do you think I should wear?”

She put her hands on her narrow hips and said, “If you’re smart, just what you have on now, Mister!”

With that, she jumped off the bed, and as soon as I stood up, she put her arms around my neck, jumped up and wrapped her long legs around my waist, and said, “Come on, let’s go get that beer!” And we did, as I carried her with me to the fridge. She was kissing my neck the whole way.

This was amazing. I was a little euphoric! Once we got the marathon run out of the way, we had been having a terrific time! We just had some great sex, and now here we were, playing together. She was making this really fun, and it seemed so natural, I didn’t feel the slightest bit nervous or self conscious. Obviously, she didn’t either. I began to wonder if she was a nymph, sent to seduce me. If so, it was working. Hell, it had already worked!

In the kitchen, she dropped down and opened the fridge, bending down to look for the beer. Seeing my “sex toy” in that position I could not help running my hands over her sweet ass cheeks, pleased to discover they were actually soft and smooth, even though not very large. She gasped, wiggled her ass, pressing against my hands and said, “Ooooooooo, play with me!”

In the next second, she swung around, two cold bottles of beer in her hands, and planted one right in the middle of my chest. I gasped loudly from the cold shock as she said, “There ya go!” I grabbed the beer in one hand and swatted at her ass, but missed, with the other, as she ran by me into the living room.

She jumped up on the couch, leaned against the corner cushions, and pulled her legs up in front of her. As I twisted the top off the beer, she said “Gimme,” and offered the other bottle to me. I handed her the beer, took the cap off the other and plunked down next to her on the soft couch. We each took a deep swig, and she set hers down on the coffee table, then put her arms around my neck. She kissed my ear, gave it a little lick, then said, “You know what?”

“I have no idea what, but I’m having a wonderful time” I said. We both ignored the partial erection she had just caused.

“Dan,” she said softly and seriously, “I have no idea what I’m doing either, but I’m having a great time doing it. I have been ever since we met last night and you asked me about running. I wanted to fuck you right then! I didn’t sleep all night thinking about meeting you in the morning. I’ve never acted like this before in my life, least of all with someone I just met, but I love it!”

Her arms tightened around my neck, and I turned to meet her lips for a long, tender but passionate kiss. When our lips parted, my cock was rock hard, standing at attention. She giggled a bit, and reached out, her fingers circling it. She didn’t make any move to stroke or even squeeze, she just held me. Which is just what I needed. I was a little embarrassed, and said, “Are you sure this “no clothes” thing is a good idea?”

She whispered softly, against my lips, “I think it’s a wonderful idea, Dan,” and kissed me softly. “It lets me see just how I really affect you. And I love what I see.” With that, she kissed me long and deeply, her hand tightening slowly as the kiss went on.

My hands went around her and pulled her closer to me, but I noticed she kept from pressing her chest against mine, fairly easy, since her breasts were so small. Of course I knew why, and I realized she would let me take them when I wanted them, knowing what it would do to her. I leaned her back against the corner of the couch, and she unfolded her legs, putting her feet on the floor. Now I was looking down at her, smiling. I bent over her and pressed my chest gently against her rigid nipples and breasts, as I kissed her again. She moaned, and her body shivered and stretched.

I lifted my head, smiling at her, whispering, “I love that, you know Shari, it’s unbelievably erotic!”

“Thank god,” she said seriously, “Not everyone does you know. They think I’m weird or something. It’s just the way I am. And I wouldn’t change it for anything, even if I could. It’s the most wonderful feeling!” Then she added, “You don’t mind that I have tiny tits?”

I bent down and kissed the tip of one of her nipples, and she jumped just a little. “Baby, women with breasts five times your size have no idea what they are missing. If they did, they would swap with you in a heartbeat. But I wouldn’t let them. It fits you perfectly. It’s a treat to be savored between us.” She let out a big sigh, relief, pleasure, both. It was true. I’ve always been a “breast man”, enjoying the sight and feel of large firm tits, but there was something about the gentle curve of her breasts combined with the long, hard, pointed nipples and their amazing sensitivity that aroused me as much as any I’d ever seen.

I bent to her again, taking the nipple gently between my lips and sucking on it, my tongue getting it soaking wet. This time she did not flinch, but instead, gave a moan so low it was a growl, and pressed her breast against my face, a hand at the back of my head. My lips opened and I took all that I could of her breast into my mouth.

Her hand started to move slowly up and down my cock, squeezing lightly. I slid my hand down the front of her body, over her flat, firm tummy, and very slowly over the mound of her pussy. Her hips rose to meet my fingers. I avoided touching her slit, running my fingers down the outside of her lips. She writhed under my hand, trying to get it to touch where she desperately wanted it, but I would not relent.

I had a better plan in mind. I kissed her lips once more, our tongues getting to know each other once again, then slid off the couch to the floor. I lifted her legs to my shoulders, and smiled up at her from between them. I ran my hands up and down the outside of her thighs, from her hips to her knees and back, over and over. Her hips moved gently in time with my hands. I kissed the inside of her thigh, just above her knee, and she sighed softly, “Ahhhhhhhh yesss, that’s good Dan!”

Slowly I kissed and licked up the soft skin, savoring the feel of her smoothness on my lips. Her legs were so long and firm! Her whole body was moving slightly with every touch. She could not lie still, knowing what was coming. I prolonged her agony, repeating with the other thigh, until at last, I stared up at her, my lips inches from her slowly rolling pussy. She could feel my hot breath on it, and she shuddered.

I bent forward and kissed, my tongue slipping easily between her wet, swollen lips. I savored her flavor as my tongue slid slowly up, gathering the nectar there. Shivering, she pressed herself against my face. My tongue slipped deeper, into her cunt, and I swirled it around and around inside her. She was so wet! And I drank every drop I could lap up. Her hips were pumping, and I buried my face in her, wanting to devour her whole.

I felt her hands on my head, pushing me against her, and she shuddered and moaned, a sudden climax overtaking her. The sudden gush of her cum offered me a new treat. She was panting, body still rhythmically moving, as I kissed and licked her softly.

“DAMN!” she exploded. “Dan, like they say in the movies, “FUCK ME NOWWW”!”

I looked up at her, caught once again by surprise, and laughed. “Now is that any way for a sex toy to talk?”

“Uhhuh,” She laughed back at me as I stood and slipped a large couch pillow under her ass, then lifted her legs back to my shoulders. With her long legs, she was able to bend her knees and lock her ankles behind my head, opening herself wider to me.

She was watching, biting her lip, as I held my cock and slid the head into her. I put my hands on the back of the couch and leaned forward, sliding deeper and deeper into her sopping wet cunt, as her eyes drank in the sight. She didn’t make a sound until I was buried in her, then she let out a long sigh. I think she had been holding her breath. We looked each other in the eye, smiling, and I realized I was shaking. For some reason, I was so excited I was suddenly afraid to move for fear I’d lose control.

Although I knew I shouldn’t, I straightened up a bit and took both her nipples gently in my fingers. Her reaction was dramatic and immediate. Her head flew back and her pussy rammed against me, the muscles inside contracting around me. I was afraid she might be upset, but suddenly, she almost yelled, “OH… GOD… YESSSSSSS!”

Her hips started bucking wildly against me, and I had no choice but to respond, fucking her with hard, pounding thrusts. I knew neither of us could last long, and I knew, neither of us cared! My hands went to her hips, holding tightly, and increased the tempo, my cock sliding its full length in and out of her, harder and faster with every thrust. She was yelling meaningless phrases, her hips ramming her body against mine, her own hands pulling hard on her long red nipples.

In just a few moments it was over, her pussy grinding against my body as I rammed myself into her, impaling her, my hands holding her in an unbreakable grip as she shuddered and bucked. I took a last deep breath and let go, my cum spurting, my hips pumping. She lost all control, and started wildly thrashing when she felt my fiery seed inside her. She was laughing, crying, swearing all at the same time. I held on, not allowing the union of our bodies to break.

Unable to get away from me, she finally settled back on the couch, looking at me almost fearfully. I moved slowly, sliding out, then sitting next to her and taking her in my arms, pulling her tightly against me, holding her, petting her. She sobbed a few times, and I wiped her eyes by kissing the tears away.

“What the hell did we just do?” she finally managed to get out. “What have you done to me?” I didn’t know the answer. I kissed her softly, petting her in my arms. I only knew whatever it was felt great. I stood up and lifted her from the couch, and slowly carried her back to the bedroom. I set her on the bed and climbed up with her from the other side. I pulled the sheet up over us, and put my arms around her. We didn’t say a word, but fell asleep kissing softly.

The late night, early morning, and the most strenuous workout I’d had in a long time had combined to wear me out, and obviously, Shari too. I woke up in mid-afternoon, and she was still sound asleep, breathing deeply. Her warm body was rolled against me, and she felt soooo good! I ran my hand lightly over her smooth shoulders and back, and she never stirred. But when I kissed her forehead gently she moaned and shivered slightly. A few seconds later her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled when she realized the restraints she felt were my arms around her. We shared a tender kiss, and then she rolled onto her back and stretched, first arching her back, then lifting her hips, straining upward. She smiled when she saw me looking at her. “You know, I love it when you look at me like that, it makes me feel so sexy!”

“You should, Shari, you are sexy!” I responded. “By now you have to know I feel that way.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she purred, rolling back to me, putting her arms around my neck and pressing her forehead against mine. “Damn, this feels soooooo good!”

The long kiss I gave her left no doubt I felt the same way.

She rolled on top of me and just laid there, small breasts touching my chest, smiling down at me. “There must be something wrong with me, Dan, I can’t seem to get enough of you.”

I felt her hips moving very slightly, and her pussy was rubbing slowly against my cock. She spread her legs slightly, putting her feet outside my legs, and that let her pussy press against me more firmly. I ran my hands over her back, down to her small ass, and when I rubbed her firm cheeks she ground against me harder. I could feel her wetness making my cock slippery. She bent her head down and gave me little kisses, first on the lips, then here and there on my face and neck. She squirmed against me and moaned as her nipples dragged across my chest. My cock hardened and became swollen quickly, and I was rocking my hips in time with hers. “I want you in me,” she whispered.

She straddled me with her knees and lifted up just enough that she could reach to grab my cock and position it so she could slide back on it. I didn’t move as she rocked back and forth, taking me slowly until I was buried in her. She pressed her hips down and gently ground her pussy against me, her body still resting on my chest. We were both breathing deeply at this amazingly erotic performance. She was very tight, and held me like a sheath. I gasped and she smiled when she clenched the muscles of her pussy and squeezed me over and over.

I had hardly moved a muscle, and yet I started trembling with the strength of the sensation. I couldn’t stay still any longer and grasped her ass as I stretched and slid slowly out and back again, just once. We shuddered together. She pushed herself up to sitting and started sliding slowly up and down on me. I rolled my hips under her and our passions quickly built.

She grasped her tender nips in her fingertips and gasped as she squeezed herself. “Let me,” I whispered to her, and knowing how much I loved her response to my touches, she leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest. I reached up and grasped the tender tips, squeezing and rolling them gently. She moaned and rammed herself down onto my stiff shaft, but that caused her to pull against my fingertips, stretching her and she moaned again, even louder. She began ramming her pussy down on my cock, eyes closed, head back. She pulled herself from my fingers, unable to stand the stimulation any longer, and sat back again, gasping. She was doing all the work, and I loved seeing her slamming herself down on me, totally overtaken by lust.

But I wasn’t far behind, my cock on fire with her rough fucking. I put my hands on her thighs, slid them to her hips, then up her sides, pulling her forward onto my chest again. Holding her tight I rolled over on top of her, and I could feel her body bucking and shuddering, unwilling to stop moving, even as I looked down at her. She was breathing hard, chest heaving under me but she gasped out with a smile, “Wanna see what a tall skinny girl can do?”

Without waiting for an answer she put her legs out a little to the sides, lifted them above her, then rolled her hips, lifting me and pulling her legs all the way back over her head. Her pussy was now pointing almost straight up, spread wide open, and forcing my cock as deep into her as it could possibly go. She grasped an ankle in each hand and slipped them behind her head, crossing and locking them together there. She let go with her hands and smiled up at me, running her fingers up and down my chest. When I pushed up onto my arms I could ram my cock straight down, into her depths.

And I did! Slowly at first, slapping down against her upturned ass and then grinding against it. She grunted as I drove every thrust home. When I increased my pace the entire bed began bouncing, forcing our bodies even tighter together with the rebound. In between grunts she was moaning and panting, but her eyes were open, watching me, smiling as she saw how much I was enjoying her.

Without using her hands she unlocked her legs again and slowly brought them up, then locked them around my waist, pulling me against her. But when she lowered her ass to the bed she began thrusting hard against me, and the look in her eyes challenged me to meet her efforts. I began rolling my hips with hard staccato thrusts, unable to pull back because of her legs, but I felt them tighten each time I drove my cock deep into her.

When she finally unlocked her ankles and spread her legs I grasped her hips, knowing there was only one thing we both wanted now. I started thrusting hard, increasing the pace with every stroke, and soon I was ramming into her, loud wet slapping sounds filling the room as I pounded her harder and harder. She was matching me thrust for thrust, her hips lifting to meet me and our bodies shuddering. She had balls of sheet in both hands, and was sweating almost as hard as I was. Her eyes were closed, and in between her gasps for breath she was moaning and crying. I was panting, out of breath, but still trying to move even faster, my cock pistoning into her as my hips rolled relentlessly.

Suddenly her eyes opened wide. “OHHHH,” was all she said, but suddenly her hips lifted off the bed so hard I went with them and her scream would have been deafening if not so high-pitched. Then she started bucking, pounding the bed with her fists, as her incredible orgasm ripped through her. When her cunt clamped down hard on me I responded, growling, as the first jet of my cum into her was followed by more and more as my hips thrust against her again and again. My fingers were leaving red marks on her hips, I was gripping her so tightly.

In a few moments we were staring at each other, gasping and quietly moaning, my soft cock still inside her as my hands on her hips still held her ass off the bed. I gently lowered her and loosened my grip, realizing it had to have hurt, but she never made a sign of displeasure. Instead, she smiled at me and ran her hands over the already-darkening red streaks on her hips. She giggled and said, “I hope they don’t show outside my running shorts.”

That changed the mood almost to euphoria, and I threw myself onto the bed next to her. She rolled over and smiled down at me, pressing against my chest as her lips found mine. My arms wrapped around her and squeezed us together hard as we enjoyed the sensation of our hot, sweaty bodies pressing against each other. The last thing I remembered was when our lips parted and she laid her head on my shoulder, giving me a final kiss on the cheek before we both drifted off again.

I woke suddenly, a little disoriented, feeling strange touches on my body. I finally realized I was lying on my back, and Shari was crawling up over my chest and wrapping her arms around my neck. I felt her lips on mine, kissing, pressing hard. I heard her giggle, “Dan! Wake up you brute! Your sex toy is here!”

We had to have slept for hours, because it was already getting dark outside. Her breasts were pressing against my chest, hard nipples sliding back and forth, and she obviously didn’t care! My hands were at my sides, and without any warning, I grabbed her firm ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her down against me, realizing that my cock was already half hard, once again. She immediately began rolling her hips, grinding her already wet pussy against my cock, instantly giving me an amazing hard-on. She rammed her tongue through my lips and kissed me unrelentingly, her entire body lying on top of me, grinding and squirming.

What a wonderful feeling! If I had any doubts about her thin, hard body, they were erased now; I enjoyed her more each time we touched. In fact, I was proud of the fact she so obviously was enjoying me! My grip on her ass loosened, and instead, I ran my hands back and forth over the smooth orbs. That left her more free to move, and she took full advantage, doing a slow bump and grind directly against my cock. I decided not to let her have all the fun, and put my hands up to the sides of her small breasts, mashed against my chest, and started rubbing, fingertips sliding between us to touch those tender nipples.

“Oh my god, you bastard, that’s no fair!” she moaned as now she ground both her chest and her hips against me. She made no move to stop me, though, and her breathing became deeper and more ragged.

When she lifted her lips from mine again I whispered to her, “Ok, you sex-crazed animal, lift your hips.” She rose up for a moment, and I grasped my cock, quickly sliding it up and down her dripping pussy till it found the mark, then slipped in. Her reaction was immediate, as she slammed her hips back down, forcing me deeply into her.

Oh DAMN!” she said, “That’s GOOD!”

She pushed herself up till she was sitting on me, and wriggled her hips till I was buried in her. She was running her hands up and down my bare chest, her knees on the bed, straddling me. Slowly she rotated her hips, and we both enjoyed the feeling of my cock moving deep inside her. She lifted and leaned forward, sliding me almost all the way out, then slammed herself back down on me, giggling as I grunted with surprise and pleasure.

She started rocking, nice smooth strokes with a steady rhythm, and I loved the little moaning sounds she made over and over as she fucked me. It was now dark out, but her body glistened in the light filtering in from the living room. She was doing all the work, and I could have lain there a long time and just watched and listened, enjoying the incredible sensations.

But she pushed herself up onto the balls of her feet, and started bobbing her ass up and down harder and faster, slapping against my legs and body with each stroke. She was gasping, panting, but the big smile on her face told me she was loving every moment. I pulled my knees up behind her, and starting rocking my hips, thrusting in time with her strokes. She moaned and leaned forward, hands on my chest, and started ramming herself back onto me, reaching down and rubbing her clit as she fucked me harder and harder.

My cock was throbbing, and my breath ragged. I rolled my hips harder, wanting only my release now. She met my thrusts, and finally her little cries signaled she was with me. She rammed herself down, rocking wildly back and forth, and my cock exploded inside her, filling her yet again. Our combined juices ran from her, down over my body. She was pulling her sensitive nipples, breathlessly panting as the last waves rolled through her body.

She fell forward, collapsing on me, and we gave each other breathless little kisses, our bodies not yet still. My arms were around her, holding her gently on top of me, her slim body fitting me perfectly. She was so light I hardly noticed her weight. I thought I could hear her purring.

When she finally rolled off of me, she leaned over and lightly kissed my lips.

I could hear the reluctance in her voice, when she finally said, “Dan, I hate to have to say this, but it’s late, and you are going to have to take me home tonight. This is only our first date, our first day, and I can’t just leave the girls alone all of a sudden.”

I started to protest, “Shari, baby, I don’t want you to go. They are not kids, they are adults!

“I know lover,” she said, “I don’t want to go. But maybe you can tell, I haven’t been out in years. I know they will already have guessed why I’m so late, but at least I want them to have a bit of a doubt.

She was quiet for a moment, then changed the subject, “Dan, we’re going to see each other again, aren’t we?”

Again, I was caught by surprise, but responded, “Hmmmmmm that depends.”

I heard her gasp, and was immediately sorry I had said that, but continued, “Are you planning to go home and lock yourself in and nail your doors shut? Because that’s the only way you’re not going to see me again. In fact, I’m planning on taking you up on your offer.”

Relieved, she giggled and said, “What offer?”

“Our schedule, I choose the “any time I want” option!”

She grabbed me and threw her arms around me. I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, “Oh damn you! You scared me! And that’s my favorite option too!” she covered my face with little kisses.

She went back to the original subject. “I promise, baby, I will tell the girls all about us. I have always been honest with them and shared things with them. I’m not their mother, I’m their sister. They’ll just have to get used to having you around!

She wrapped her arms around me again and we enjoyed a long kiss, squirming against each other. She whispered in my ear, “I hope that means they will see a lot of you. Because I’ll be available to you. Any time you want!”

I whispered back, “How about all day? And all night!”

She giggled and shot back, “And I’m the sex-crazed animal? Come to think of it, I must be, ‘cuz that sounds wonderful!” I hate the thought of work Monday, dammit!”

“I know, me too” I said sadly. “We’ll have to synchronize our schedules.”

Neither one of us wanted our day together to end, and we spent some time just “making out” kissing and teasing each other gently. It was a wonderful feeling, having her in my arms, and being in hers.

“Dan, there is something I’d like you to think about.”

“What’s that baby?”

“Once you leg has healed, I would love it if you would try running with me again. You know I’m addicted to it, I don’t want to give it up, but it would be SO much better if you were with me!”

Wow! Another surprise! Well maybe not really, but with the subsequent events of the day I had almost forgotten our run. And my leg. But that was because it was so much better I hardly felt it any more. Perhaps it hadn’t been as bad as we thought. I was silent for a few moments. I remembered my years running. I did it because I wanted to, I liked it! No one runs for long that doesn’t. But once there was no more team, it just wasn’t as much fun alone, and not enough motivation. After college, I just stopped. But to be with Shari! The very idea was exciting!

But Shari was an active, veteran runner. It would probably be a while before I could keep up with her, the way she really wanted to run. There were some doubts. But I liked the idea.

“Pssssssst. Female sex-crazed animal to Male sex-crazed animal! You’re making me crazier. What are you thinking?”

I held her lightly and gave her a tender kiss. “Shari, I would love to be able to run with you. But you know it will be a while before I can possibly keep up with you, time or distance-wise. Are you sure I wouldn’t just spoil the experience for you?”

“Oh Dan!” she exclaimed happily, “you would MAKE the experience for me! And you already proved your willingness to push a little, when you kept going, even after you knew we had gone way beyond a reasonable distance on our run this morning. A lot of people would have just stopped and walked back. I blame myself for not making you do that,” she added ruefully. She gave me another long hard kiss and giggled, “I’m sure our exercise together will make up for anything I miss.”

After a moment she said, “There is one little thing though. Where we used to live, my sisters and I used to run together a lot. Would you mind if they came with us once in a while? They’re great kids once you get to know them, even though they’re a little shy. Neither one even has a boyfriend.”

“Here we go again,” I thought, “another surprise.” Well, I knew they came with the package. And it wasn’t like I would be with a couple of kids. They were nice looking young women, like Shari. If they took it easy on me, maybe a little runners “posse” wouldn’t be so bad. Besides, I figured Shari wanted our time alone together as much as I did. No reason not to give it a try and see what happened. Bottom line was, whatever I needed to do right now to be with Shari was going to be ok. And that’s what I told her.

She put her arms around me and kissed me softly. “Dan, this has been a wonderful day! Well, except for your leg. But you were so brave. Pick me up at 8 tomorrow morning and take me to the reservoir for a run, and, if you want, I’ll spend the rest of the day with you. I’d like nothing better. But right now, you had better take me home.”

I found her a T-shirt to put on, about three times her size, to replace the shirt I had ripped, and she slipped her shorts back on. When we got to the house, it was nearly midnight, but she wanted me to come in for a while. Her plan was to get her sisters used to the idea of my being there. I did of course, and we made out on the couch for a while. She whispered in my ear, “I KNOW they are listening to every sound we make!”

She giggled softly, then moaned, perhaps a little louder than normal, when I kissed her again. I know she didn’t expect what came next. I pushed up the T-shirt and locked my lips over a nipple, which instantly went rock hard. “Oh shit!” was her surprised response. I didn’t waste any time, tonguing hard and teasing with my teeth. When I finally bit down and pulled, I ground my hand against her pussy through the shorts and her hips heaved as she convulsed, giving a shout that was heard throughout the house. She came so hard her shorts were soaked in an instant, and she lay moaning and gasping as I continued to kiss her. “Oh my God,” she said, “If they had any doubt before they don’t now!”

“Good,” I replied, “I want them to expect it from now on!”

We didn’t want to part, but knew we had to, and when she saw me out the door she said, “Thanks Dan, for a great day, lunch was wonderful! Then she whispered very softly in my ear, “As an appetizer! And you were a great main course!”

“It’s a good thing I’m not fattening, or else you would be about to start gaining weight! I’ll see you in a few hours.”

We both giggled, and with a final kiss goodnight, I forced myself to leave.

When I groggily dragged myself out of bed and into the shower, I began to wonder how I would ever get enough sleep, but when the first thoughts of Shari entered my head, I no longer cared. I couldn’t wait to see her. My leg felt much better, and with a couple of ibuprofen, I barely felt it. I even considered surprising her by trying to run, but I realized she wanted to get in a decent workout, and didn’t need to nurse me along.

When I got to the house, she was ready, of course, but she wanted me to come in for a minute. She gave me a good morning kiss, and whispered, “I’ve been dying to see you!”

Just as I replied, “Me too!” a robed figure fled from the bathroom upstairs towards the bedrooms, and I said, “Good morning, Denise,” praying I hadn’t mixed up the sisters.

Fortunately I was right, and she turned and said, “Hi Dan, Shari says she had a great time yesterday. And it sure sounded like it!” she giggled.

I smiled and said, “Well I sure did! Even if she did try to kill me!” and I patted the bandage on my leg.

“Take good care of her!” Denise said, and she scurried into her room, and I shouted back, “I guarantee it!”

Shari giggled and whispered, “Mmmmmmm, Promise?”

This time Shari had a little bag with her, with a change of clothes and miscellaneous girl stuff. We headed for the car, and after another long kiss, we headed for the reservoir. I wondered if she felt like I did – something had changed. We weren’t strangers, going on a first date. It felt perfectly natural being with her now. The nervousness, wondering what would happen, had been replaced with the comfortable feeling of friends being together. Very intimate ones! But the feeling of anticipation, wanting to be with her, was delicious. I savored it.

She didn’t say much either, during the ride. She appeared to be lost in her own thoughts. But she had her hand on my thigh, and every minute or so flashed a wonderful smile at me, sometimes followed by a little squeeze of that hand. Almost as though she was re-assuring me that she felt as good as I did. When I parked the car, she leaned over for another short kiss, then said, “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be back soon.”

After she stretched and took off with a wave to me, I got out of the car and walked for a while, testing my thigh, and figuring it would help get my legs ready for running when I was able. I was pleased that I felt only a little tightness left. When I figured she would be on the way back, I went to the end of the lot, and sure enough, I could see her blonde hair bobbing as she ran towards me. Based on the time, I figured she had run between five and six miles. I could see she had worked up a pretty good sweat, so I figured she had pushed pretty hard.

She slowed a bit as she approached, and was at a fast walk by the time she reached me. With a big smile she said, “I’m soooo glad you’re out here!” and stopped and gave me a kiss. I walked with her as she cooled down for a minute or two, and then she turned and suddenly locked her arms around me, pressing her cheek against my chest. She looked up, and whispered, “This is the best part of the run!”

She held my hand as we went back to the car, and once in the car she knelt on the seat and wrapped her arms tightly around me, kissing me long and deep. “Damn, she said, “I was thinking about you the whole time I was out there. I couldn’t wait to get back!” She gave me another long kiss, sat back, and said, “Take me home.”

We made it to my house in record time, and inside even faster, but she said, Dan, I have to have a shower, come with me!”

We both stripped down right in the living room, and I gave her a swat on her little butt as we ran for the shower. She shrieked and giggled, and by the time the water was warm enough we were already locked together, kissing. We scrambled into the shower and our lips locked again. Immediately, I felt her hand grasp my cock! She wasn’t wasting any time and that was fine by me. I rammed my tongue into her mouth and rolled my hips, letting her know how much I liked it. Her lips pulled away with a gasp, and she said, with a big grin, “I think someone wants some attention!”

She dropped to her knees and pulled my cock into her mouth all in one motion. No playing this time, she sucked me deep and hard, head rocking back and forth, lips tight. I grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her to me, and my cock started sliding into her throat with every bob of her head. She was making wet gurgling sounds but kept going, and my cock was throbbing in moments. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I yanked back on her wet hair, and reached down, grabbing her by the arms. I pulled her up to me and rammed my tongue into her mouth as my fingertips found her wet, hard nipples, and I pulled and twisted.

She was writhing against me, grinding her pussy against my cock. I pulled my lips away from hers and gasped out, “I hope you know how bad I need to fuck you now!”

“Do it damn it! What’s taking so long?” was her growled reply.

I spun her around and pushed her head down in one motion, and she put her hands against the wall as she spread her legs. Fuck preliminaries! I grasped my cock and rammed it into her, shoving with my hips. She gave a loud cry as my cock buried itself in her cunt, but she thrust her ass back and ground against me. I grabbed her hips and started banging away. The bathroom echoed with her moans and my growls as we fucked like tigers. My cock was throbbing as I pounded it into her. She grunted with every stroke as she rammed her ass back at me, and our bodies slapped louder and louder.

Suddenly I pulled out of her, straightened her up and whirled her around, pushing her back against the wall. She lifted one leg, putting it on the rim of the tub, and I moved forward, ramming my cock into her wide open cunt again. Now we could both look down and watch as I pounded her, my cock sliding its full length with every stroke. She grabbed my hips and started pulling, forcing my cock in even harder. Both of us were panting, growling, swearing, neither giving a damn about what, as we used each other, only wanting to get off with the most titanic orgasms ever.

When my cock started throbbing I looked her right in the eyes and grabbed both her nipples. I pulled and twisted hard, and as she shrieked I could feel the fiery cum gushing out of her even with the water pouring down over us. I snarled as my cock exploded inside of her, pumping and spurting as I filled her with my hot load. We were both bucking, bodies grinding against each other, wanting the last syllable of the most delicious orgasm I had ever known.

Chapter One : The Voice

I had been coming to this little Café, alone, every day after work, for more years than I cared to remember. The entire staff knew me and knew I liked to be left alone once I was served. I tipped generously for their inattentiveness. It was my quiet sanctuary. My place to unwind from my busy day and read the paper without any distractions. Nothing ever happened here. And that was what I liked about this Café. But tonight, sitting at my usual table, sipping my usual tea, reading the daily paper, like I had done thousands of nights before, without the least little bit of a distraction; I was distracted. Something happen.

Or I should say, someone happened.

It was a voice, from somewhere behind me, that caused my distraction and drew my attention to him. I sat there, instantly a near orgasmic tingling began running up and down my spine. I closed my eyes and listened carefully as he spoke. I really wasn’t paying any attention to the words he was saying, I was drawn in by the melodic, angelic sound of his voice. His sensual, enrapturing voice. My breathing slowed and deepened. My body shivered as he spoke. I wanted to turn around right then, but fear stopped me. The fear that if I dared to look in his direction, my world would come crumbling down. Crushing me with boulders of disappointment. His disappointment, if he were to see me looking at him the way his voice was making me want too.

I so wanted to meet the owner of this voice. This voice that was tickling my eardrums like a feather tickling the tip of my erect manhood. But alas, I was to embarrassed to even attempt to go near the area whence this angelic voice was transmitting it’s heavenly sound waves. I felt my manhood throbbing in my jeans. How could a voice be having such an effect on me? I closed my eyes and let his voice fully enrapture me. Within minutes I felt myself orgasm. I was shocked and embarrassed. I hadn’t even touched myself. How could this have happened?

I quickly tossed some money on the table, over tipping by a long shot, and got up to leave. Praying that no on had noticed me. Holding the folded newspaper in front of my crotch to hide any possible embarrassment that I had caused myself; I quickly left.

The next night, I was there again, at my usual table. At the same time. I wasn’t there to unwind tonight. I was there waiting. Waiting. Just waiting. My small kettle of tea sat in front of me, untouched. My paper, still folded, lay unread. I knew what I was hoping for, but I also knew it wasn’t going to happen. It would never happen. That was the story of my life.

The Café was eerily quiet. I had missed my chance. He wasn’t there. He would never be there. Maybe he had never been there? Had it been just a dream? I cursed myself under my breath for being such a fucking coward. If I had only just turned around last night. If I had only had the nerve to find the source, the source of that voice, maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here alone tonight. Just like I had sat here alone every night for way to long.

The silence that filled the Café was deafening. I closed my eyes. I was going crazy. I so wanted to hear that voice again. I tried to hear his voice in my mind, but the silence that filled the Café permeated into my ears and I heard nothing. After about twenty minutes I figured all was lost. I had blown it. I would never hear that heavenly voice ever again.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of someone’s cell phone ringing. It rang out an old song. I opened my eyes. The song stopped. I was about to get up and pay my tab when I heard it. A shiver coursed through my entire body when a voice answered the phone. It was his voice. Oh my God it was his voice! He was here. It was the same voice from last night. Coming from the same spot behind me. I closed my eyes again and breathed in deeply. I slowly exhaled. I just sat there, listening.

“Get up you damn fool!” My brain screamed inside my head. “Go find him! Don’t go home and regret not knowing again!”

I kept my eyes loosely closed, my eyelids fluttered with each and every harmonic word he spoke. I let his voice waft into my ears and tickle my brain. I smiled. I almost started to cry. I opened my eyes and slowly shifted in my chair. I had to risk it. I had to see the owner of this heavenly voice. I stood up and walked in the direction of his voice. He was seated in the second booth behind me. I couldn’t see him yet, but his voice was drawing me to him. I passed his booth and glanced quickly in his direction. My knees went weak. They nearly buckled under. I saw he was alone. I threw a friendly, quick smile in his direction as I passed. He smiled back. I felt a twitching in my groin, as I caught a glimpse of his broad toothy smile. His teeth, as white as the freshly fallen snow, were surrounded by a set of cherry red lips that seemed to stretch forever as he smiled.

I picked a couple of napkins off of the stack on the counter, the excuse I had made up in order to have a reason to walk by him, and turned to walk back to my table.

He was still talking on his cell phone. His voice, floating through the air and burrowing itself into my ears and tunneling down my spine until it rested in my nether region. I was nearly shaking now as I gazed upon his beauty, as that angelic voice of his caressed my very soul. I tried to move, to walk back to my table, but I couldn’t. All I could do was stand there. Stand there and gaze upon him.

He had been looking down at the table, writing something on a piece of paper, as I stood there staring like a love struck school boy. He looked up as he talked into his phone. He looked at me. His eyes, a glowing mix of emerald green, and grey, nestled behind the plushest, fullest set of black eyelashes I had ever seen. His obsidian hair was cut short and framed his gorgeous face with just a tuft floating down over his forehead. He was cleanly shaven, although I guessed he didn’t need to shave often for his skin looked soft and almost girlishly smooth. I felt myself getting flushed. His eyes left my face and glanced down. He smiled. He looked back up to my eyes and smiled that broad toothy smile even wider. I smiled back. He winked. Had he winked at me? I wondered why he did that. Then I felt the throbbing in my groin. I became instantly embarrassed beyond belief. I held the napkins down in front of my now bulging jeans and started the short, but what seemed like a mile long walk, back to my table.

“Excuse me.” He said softly, placing his cell phone against his chest as I passed his booth. “Would you care to join me?”

“What?” I mumbled nervously, stopping just at the edge of his booth. I turned and looked at him. Had he said that to me?

“Care to join me?” He repeated, waving his free hand across the table and pointing to the unoccupied booth bench across from him. He had what looked like a small lightning bolt tattooed just above his wrist. I stood there frozen for a second, gazing at the tattoo and wondering what it meant. I broke my gaze and looked back into his eyes. Before I knew what I was doing, I nervously stepped back and slid into the booth, never letting my eyes leave his. He held a finger up to his lips, as if he needed to ask me to not speak yet. Hell, I couldn’t have forced a single sound to come forth from my voice box if I had tried. He lifted the phone back to his ear. “Hey Janice, I have to go. Yeah, something came up.” He laughed, then smiled and winked at me again. “I’ll call you back tomorrow. Okay then, bye bye dear.”

“Hi.” He smiled again. Looking me in the eyes.

“Hi.” I answered nervously, and managed to smiled back. What the hell was I doing? Oh dear God, what am I doing? Oh fuck! Get up! Leave! But I couldn’t. He was so damn beautiful! And every time he spoke, he became more beautiful.

“I’m Tobias by the way.” He said extending a hand halfway across the table. I stared at his hand for a second or two. I wondered how a hand, a single hand, could be so beautiful, so sensual. I glanced quickly over his slender fingers and neatly trimmed nails that seemed to be glowing from a recent manicure and clear coat of polish. I pulled my hand out from under the table and grasped his gently. My gaze went from his hand and up his arm. He had a hint of fine dark hair on his forearm, stopping at the elbow. When he turned his hand to grip mine, I saw the tattoo on his forearm. I couldn’t quite make it out but it appeared to be a Native American symbol of some sort. His hand and arm were slender, almost petite, but his grip was firm. When our hands touched, I instantly felt a pulse surge from him, through me. I sat there dumbfounded. Awestruck. Paralyzed by his beauty. All I could do was stare at him. My eyes were absorbing every inch of him. Had I died and gone to heaven? Was this my own personal angel? Oh dear God what am I doing here? Run! Run now before you make a total fool of yourself! Oh God his voice. If he’d only stop talking, maybe then I could force myself to leave? NO! Stop thinking like that! You’re here now, the hard parts over. Damn it you fool, say something, don’t just stare at him.

“And your name would be?” He smiled and lightened his grip on my hand letting his middle finger slide up and lightly tickle the inside of my wrist. I whimpered. I still couldn’t speak. I was probably drooling by now, making myself look like a total imbecile. Why won’t my eyes blink? Oh God he’s going to think I am some kind of a lunatic. He’s moving. Is he leaving? No, he’s getting closer. Oh shit!

“Hello?” He whispered as he leaned in towards me and smiled, his finger still softly rubbing the sensitive spot on my wrist. “So what’s your name?”

“Ah,” I gasped slightly, blinking profusely. “I’m Jimmy. Jim. James.” I rapidly babbled off nervously.

“Well nice to meet all three of you.” He laughed, letting go of my hand.

“Oh god, I’m sorry.” I whispered, blushing even more. Which I didn’t think was even possible. “I usually go by James, but any of them are okay with me.”

“Well James, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Same here Tobias,” I said, trying to force my body to relax a little. “It’s really nice to meet you too.”

“So, do you come here often?” He laughed. “God that’s such a cliché question, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I tried to laugh with him, but instead I nearly fainted. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply.

“Are you okay James?” He asked with true concern. His voice once again causing my brain to short circuit, and the bulge in my jeans to pulsate.

“I’m sorry,” I finally mumbled after a few seconds. “Maybe I should go.”

“I’d really like you to stay,” He said softly as he reached out and gently touched my forearm. “I mean that James.”

I stared at his hand. His hand that was gently caressing my arm. His sleek fingers slowly wrapping themselves around my wrist, pulling my hand towards him. Lifting my hand up. I followed his hand with my eyes. He raised my hand to his face and gently pressed my fingers to his cheek. I was gazing upon his face now, watching my fingers slowly circle the soft, smooth skin of his cheek. Why were my fingers doing that? What was I doing? Oh my God! He let go of my wrist. I left my hand where it was, unable to force myself to remove it from his face. His skin was so soft and subtle. I let my fingers walk their way down his cheek, under his chin and unto his neck. I traced around his Adams apple that was protruding every so sensually. I rested my fingers on the sweet spot of his neck, where his clavicles met and massaged the slight indentation there in a small circle.

“Oh, that feels wonderful,” He whispered as he reached out and ran his fingers up and down my forearm in the same circular motion I was using on him. “James?”


“Would you like to go somewhere with me?”

“Oh God…” I whimpered.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He smiled and ran his hand down my arm to my wrist and pulled my hand away from his neck. No! I mouthed as I quickly gasped in air.

“Don’t worry James,” He said assuredly. His voice causing my manhood to pulsate violently in my jeans. “You can touch a lot more later.” He smiled his toothy smile and slid out of the booth, pulling me by my wrist with him.

Café Soul

Chapter Two : First Taste

I followed Tobias out of the Café, dropping a twenty on my table as I walked by. I watched him as he walked slowly in front of me. Now that he was standing, I could see his full frame. He was slender. A little shorter than myself. But damn he was slender! He was wearing a pair of short jeans. Not jean shorts, but short jeans, with a cuff rolled up just above the knee. His legs, bared from the knee down, where the sexiest legs I had seen in years. They were covered ever so finely with the same soft black hair that I had seen on his arms. I began to wonder what the rest of his legs looked like. Would I be getting to see them tonight? They were slender and sexy. So slender I bet I could easily wrap my hands around his claves and clamp my fingers together around them. I saw another tattoo on his right calf. It was a tiny star surrounded by a strange shaped single line. I didn’t recognize it at first. I wondered how many more tattoos he had?

By the time we had stepped through the doorway my eyes had wandered up his legs, those sexy, slender legs, and to his just as slender backside. My God, he had a perfect ass. His cheeks bounced ever so slightly as he walked. His ass was almost flat, with just the slightest of a roundness to each cheek. I was beginning to worry now, my manhood was throbbing profusely in my jeans. I tried to not look at his ass and legs, to try to stop the pulsating in my jeans, but I couldn’t force myself to take my eyes off of him. We stepped out into the parking.

“Wisconsin!” I blurted out in almost a yell.

“What?” He turned and asked laughing.

“The tattoo.” I replied, feeling even more embarrassed now, pointing down to his leg. He lifted his right leg and turned it outward and looked down.

“Yeah, that’s Wisconsin,” He laughed. “So I guess you’ve been doing a little looking?”

I felt my face get hot. I blushed. I felt faint.

“Hey it’s okay,” He assured me. “I’m glad you like what you see.”

“So can I ask you how many other tats you have?” I replied, surprised I was able to speak coherently.

“Well,” He stepped close to me, placing the palm of his hand on my chest.. “Why don’t you tell me how many I have later.”

“Okay,” I murmured as I felt the warmth of his hand through my shirt. My legs began to quiver. “Oh god! No!” I cried out softly.

“What’s the matter James?” He asked softly as he rubbed his hand across my chest and down to my stomach. I began to hyperventilate. My entire body tensed up. I couldn’t stop myself. I gave in to my bodies desires. I felt myself begin to orgasm. Tobias grabbed me and pulled me close, our crotches pressing into each others. Tobias held me, pulling me in tightly as my climax sent a shudder through out my entire body. “Wow, did I do that?” He asked smiling.

“I’m sorry. Oh God this is so embarrassing.” I whispered.

“No it’s not,” Tobias whispered in my ear as he held me close. “I’ll take it as a compliment.”

We stood there, in a tight embrace, for what seemed like an hour. In reality it was less than a minute. My manhood still pulsating as he pressed himself into me. My orgasm had subsided now, but I still felt my hardness pressing against him.

“Can you walk?” He laughed, breaking our embrace and stepping back.

I breathed in deeply. I exhaled slowly. “Yeah,” I laughed back. “I think so.”

“I live just over there,” He said pointing across the street and towards a four story high building that housed an art supply store at street level. “I have the top floor.”

“Nice, I like art.” I replied.

What the hell? That was stupidest thing to say. Come on man say something intelligent. I tried but couldn’t think of anything else to say. I glanced at the building and then back to Tobias. “Why?” I whispered.

“Why? Why do I live there?” He laughed. I shook my head.

“Why are you doing this?” As soon as I said it I regretted it. The little voice in my head began to scream at me. Oh you stupid fucker! Shut up! Just go with him. You know you want to. Just shut up and go! Don’t ruin this with stupid questions.

“I just want to,” He smiled his toothy smile. “Don’t you?”

I smiled. I nodded. I followed him across the street. He half skipped as he led the way, just ahead of me, as if he knew I wanted to keep watching him as he moved. He was right.

We entered the building through a side door that opened up into a small lobby. There were five mailboxes along one wall and a door that was labeled, ‘Stairs’. He pulled a key ring from his backpack and inserted one of the keys into a slot by the door of the elevator. The door opened and he stepped in and turned to face me. I stood there, staring at him again.

“You coming?” He asked then broke out laughing as he looked at the front of my jeans. “Oops, you already did.”

I blushed, but managed to laugh with him. I stepped into the elevator. The doors closed. He pushed the button for the fourth floor.

“Going up.” He giddily said.

“I’d rather go down.” I laughed. Oh God did I just say that? He turned and looked at me. I started to feel embarrassed, but the broad smile on his face set me at ease. I was finally beginning to feel comfortable. My nervousness had vanished, replaced with a new found boldness. I glanced over to the control panel on the wall. I reached out and pressed the ‘Stop’ button. He began to giggle. His smile got wider. He was nodding his head. His eyes told me everything I needed to know.

I knelt down in front of him. I reached up and gently grasped the waistband of his jeans and unbuttoned them. I unzipped them, revealing a pair of dark blue briefs, stripped with white and light blue. I tugged gently, at first, on his jeans. They were a tight fit on his slender frame. I wondered how he managed to even get into them. His hands came down and helped me pull his jeans down, me tugging on the cuffs just above his knees and he, pushing them down from the waistline. Soon they were bundled up around his feet. I ran my hands slowly up his legs, starting at his ankles. His slender legs, lightly covered in that soft black hair, felt divine. I let my hands float over his knees, around to the back of his legs, to caress the tender, sweet crevasse on the back of each knee. I caressed my way up the back of his thighs, which were soft and smooth. My fingertips touched the fabric of his underwear. I paused for a second, glancing up at him. His eyes were closed. His head tilted back. His broad toothy smile shone like a beacon in the night. I ran my hands over his underwear, gripping his small, firm, perfect ass. I leaned in and kissed his hardened manhood through his briefs as I massaged his ass, first softly, then digging my fingers into him and pulling him close to me. I let my fingers worm their way under the waistband of his fruit-of-the-looms and slowly pulled them down over his smooth sensual ass. When I did, the front of his briefs forced his hardened manhood to shift and point straight out at me under the fabric. I cupped the tender flesh of his ass in my hands and lowered my mouth over the tip of his manhood and licked him through his shorts. He was moaning softly now. His breathing had become slow and deep. I worked my fingers around his waistband until they met just above his protruding manhood. I pulled out on the waistband ever so slowly. He reached down and pulled up the front of his t-shirt. I gasped as he revealed his stomach to me. His smooth, tender, flat and toned stomach. That’s when I saw another one of his tattoos. I tilted my head from left to right. Reading his tat.

“Born this way” Was written in a low arch between his belly button and where his pubic hair probably would have started, if he hadn’t shaved them. I placed my tongue on the letter ‘B’ and began to trace the tat. I paused to kiss his stomach between each word. He pulled off his t-shirt, he was making purring sounds now and I felt his t-shirt flutter over my back as he dropped it. I pulled the front of his briefs out and down his legs. I was in awe now. His erection pointed out and up a little, bouncing slowly, begging to be sucked. I let my eyes savor the beauty of his erect manhood for a few seconds. I reached up and gently caressed his balls before hooking them in between my fingers and pulling down on them ever so gently, making his scepter of love point straight out. I reached around and placing my free hand on his soft tender ass, pulled him to me. My waiting mouth, open and eager, took in his hardened manliness.

“Amy, I need you in my office right now.”

At another job, that might be ordinary, but she felt a shiver of fear run down her spine. For starters, she and the boss had always enjoyed a friendly, outright flirtatious relationship. Please, thank you, and double entendres were the norm, not that cold, empty kind of voice she’d just heard. Her personal project on work time was also, of course, a source of worry.

Michael “Call me Mike” Taylor was, undeniably, a great boss, she thought as she made the nervous walk. A self-made man, good at his work but never afraid to be friendly and informal. And, it must be admitted, a sexy as hell well-built, muscular black man, the source of at least an occasional masturbatory fantasy for her over the six months she’d been working here.

She decided Mike couldn’t be any more upset at a thirty second wait, and took a chance that it might help by walking into the restroom. Standing in front of the mirror, she fluffed out her waist length brunette hair and rolled her loose skirt up an extra inch or so at the waist. You couldn’t quite see her tan stocking tops, but it would be an option if she crossed her legs just right. Her breasts, barely B-cups, were something Amy had long ago accepted as a loss for this kind of thing, so this was about as ready as it got.

A classic toothpaste commercial grin on her face, a swallow of the fear, and Amy was in Mikes office another minute later. Mike didn’t respond to it, didn’t even seem to notice it. The fear doubled, tripled. He knew. There was something in his eyes, no need to even ask. It was an effort not to faint.

He spoke, and though she couldn’t discern one specific word of it, the meaning was clear. All the bookkeeping tricks, all the cash that went from the companies accounts in to hers, had all been discovered. This was a legal matter now, and she could be looking at a lot of time in jail, although she wouldn’t.

Wait, her focus came back clear as crystal at that. Her worst fears had been realized, and the concept that she wouldn’t be facing prison over all of this had never even occurred to her. It was dizzying, a race from the worst to the best in the course of a few seconds. A way out. Amy had always known being caught would happen, she’d sickly obsessed about it even as she continued to commit the crime, but the suggestion of a way out had never even occurred to her.

It quickly became clear, though, just how her freedom would be bought, as Mikes thick, muscular hands grabbed her by the shoulders with a grip that made her squeal. Effortlessly, her boss picked her straight up in the air and tossed her backwards like a cartoon action hero. Mikes desk hit Amy in the ass, her teeth cracking together as she fell and landed flat on her back, legs flailing in the air. Detachedly, not feeling the pain right away, the humor in wanting to subtly expose her stockings came with a half giggle.

Mike was on top of her before any conscious movement was possible, shoving her down and grabbing one small breast in that giant hand, The other spread his employees legs apart, and as he stepped between them, he tore off her thin pink panties with an easy gesture. Amy felt a finger penetrate inside her while at the same time finding a kind of acceptance of the situation. He was a cute enough guy, if he didn’t hurt her, if it kept her out of jail, it was a trade she could probably live with, a shamed part of her had to admit.

The days surprises, however, had not ended and called by some signal the young lady hadn’t noticed, the door opened and several coworkers stepped inside. David, John, a few others, good personal friends of Mikes, all big and black and the stuff of harmless fantasy themselves.

“Oh, God. Mike, please, no, I’ll do what you want, I’ll even take care of the other guys, but not all at once, there’s too many of you, I don’t want to get hurt please!”

Everyone laughed a little at that, grins on their faces. Mike squeezed her tit a little harder, making her scream, while Amy saw in the corner of her eye two men walked around and grabbed an arm each, holding her strongly enough to make her struggles clearly useless. Mike spoke, a dark tone on the friendly voice he had always used before in her ears.

“I don’t think you get it yet. Oh, you’ll take care of everyone, but you’ll do it when we want. You’re on our schedule, you little cockteaser, unless you like handcuffs and bars!”

“No, come on, I know you’re mad, but you can’t- aaa!” Even as Amy protested, even as Mike dropped his pants and slid the head of his dick inside her, she knew what a waste it was to protest. On some level, she’d always known she’d be punished for her crimes. On some level, she knew it was better to deal with this then the law. Maybe she’d even hoped it would come to something like this on some level.

Not that the possibility made the pain and her fear any less. Mikes dick slid deeper and deeper inside her, not slowing, filling her and beyond. The way Mike held her, Amy’s struggles only served to slide her hips forward, urging the giant cock in faster, harder. Her screams grew louder, then louder. Mikes hips hit Amy’s, but being all the way inside her only seemed to increase his ferocity, as he began pulling backwards and slamming forwards.

The young girls screams registered only as an annoyance to him, and he told someone to shut her up. Billy, one of the younger guys and already naked, eagerly jumped onto Mikes desk and straddled her chest. A few minutes of maneuvering from the men holding her arms, and Amy’s head was lifted and guided like a blow up dolls so that Billy could force his dick into her mouth. Calling her a whore, a slut, a cunt, her force fed it into her mouth and down her throat until she coughed and drooled.

The loss of breath was a mercy, as she grew dizzy and lost track of time while Mike raped her and their coworkers cheered him on. Until, at last, his body shook between her thighs and he thrust one more time, filling her with sperm. She thought of pregnancy and began to struggle again, a worthless gesture with the hands holding her down. A painful one as Billy held her nose, which combined with a cock-filled mouth cut off her breathing entirely. Someone told her to be a well-behaved whore, and she felt helpless to do anything but comply. Impossibly, she couldn’t even convince herself to move when Mike loudly asked for a show of hands for who wanted to break in her virgin ass, even though ever man holding her let go to volunteer.

Billy single mindedly continued thrusting in and out of her mouth, and beneath the semiconscious state that resulted even the pain of those first thrusts inside her anus, barely lubricated by the dripping down of her bosses semen, barely registered. Amy recognized now that she had surrendered, completely. How long she lay on that desk, how many coworkers and friends violated her, she couldn’t say. At some point Billy came down her throat and slid off, replaced by another young guy she didn’t recognize in her current state. As her anus was pounded by one man, someone else got the idea to penetrate her pussy with a ruler. It was so numb by this point she didn’t feel what she was sure must be scratching and tearing by the wooden instrument. The only time she really had any awareness of the world around her, Amy felt Mikes hands twisting her nipples as pain shot through her more then she though possible at this point. He told her to say some things, and she did. And then, finally, she slept.

They’d left her on the desk, where she must have slept all night. When she woke, naked, covered in dried sweat, feeling cum still dripping along her legs. It was the sound of Mike opening the door that woke her. He walked over and sat at his desk, calmly unzipping his pants and telling her to roll over and start sucking.

Amy was herself enough again to protest.

“You….you said if I did that last night, that you’d forget about it. That you wouldn’t report me. We’re done.”

Mike laughed. “Did I? I don’t remember anything along those lines. But okay, lets say a deals a deal. You don’t have to do anything for fear of jail. That’s fine. There’s something else you’ve got to think about, though.”

He reached into the desk and took out a remote control. A flick of the switch, and the TV to the side of the office came alive. A second later, Amy saw her own face, Billy’s cum dripping down her chin, as she spoke to the men.

“More black dick! I need everyone of you to fuck me any way you want. Fuck me, I’m your slut!”

Amy stared, slack jawed, not remembering any of it but knowing she couldn’t deny the truth.

“That kind of thing appearing on the internet could make it real hard for you to find work again, Amy. Seems to me you might be better off here, where you have some job security. Although, of course, I’ll have to cut your pay severely. To make back what you stole, plus, we can’t have anyone suggesting you’re just fucking every guy in the the office to get a raise.”

Mike kept talking, while on screen a continuous line of men used her. But Amy, quickly finding herself absorbed by her new role, heard none of it. Naked, she slid from desk to floor and took Mikes stiffening penis into her mouth. She knew, with a mix of emotions that could not be described, that things had changed. With a half smile, she had to admit it still beat prison.

A lazy Sunday afternoon of boredom and a constant burning horniness had finally caused me to seek an outlet. After a day full of emailing older men who I had found on the internet, I’d finally found one that didn’t sound incredibly creepy and was into the kinds of things I wanted. I wanted an older man who liked young, boyish guys with smallish dicks, as I was only 23 and fit that description. He had to be dominant but not abusive. He had to be bigger than me, which isn’t difficult considering I was only 5’6″ and 135 pounds.

He was about six feet tall, 180 pounds of masculine, toned physique. His hair was dark and neat and showed signs of his age with a little gray mixing in. He had a deep tan, not one from a salon but from a beach somewhere. From the photo he sent me I could tell he was very into hygiene as he was not very hairy and had a beautiful looking seven and a half inch cock with a large soft mushroom head. His balls hung low off the base of his dick, filling the bottom of his sack like two large eggs. He wanted to play dad-son and lived alone in a posh apartment. By my standards, he was hot.

The instructions in the last email I’d received from the older man made my cock stiffen inside my jeans. “Put on your favorite pair of thong panties under loose fitting pants and come to my place at 265 East 66th Street. Have the doorman call me when you are downstairs and I will let you up. Find my apartment, open the door and come inside. When you come in, take off your pants and say nothing. I will be in control. If you should need to address me, you shall call me Daddy.”

I quickly selected my favorite pair of sheer panties and dressed as instructed. I had a hard time keeping my hardon underneath the panties which were not designed to capture even such a small, 6 inch erection. The tight fabric pulling against my rager just intensified the sensation building in my loin. The entire cab ride uptown I kept adjusting to keep it under control. I started a conversation with the cabbie about the Mets, a subject that could take the fun out of any room, and finally my boner started to go down.

As I arrived at the massive apartment building I began to wonder what this guy did for a living. This was certainly an exclusive address and the building itself was impressive. Once inside I spoke a man behind a desk and gave him the apartment number. I was directed to an elevator and took a smooth, quick ride up to what must have been the 20th floor. The door opened to a hallway with only a few doors and I made my way to the one which matched his apartment number.

Inside, the apartment was large and open, with modern furniture, light carpet, and large floor to ceiling windows which looked out over lower Manhattan. I admired the apartment for a moment and the remembered that I was to undress. As I did I heard him coming. He was fully dressed in dark colored slacks and dress shirt, complete with wingtip shoes. He looked like a business man, and I assume that’s how he afforded such a stylish address.

I folded my clothing and he took it from me, looking over my nearly naked body. My dick began to fill again, but only enough to cause a nice bulge under the pink lace panties without rising to full erection. He walked around me without saying a word or touching me.

Then he said, “come with me.”

He led me down a hallway to a large master bathroom. Inside it was a huge vanity with two sinks, a Jacuzzi style tub and a glass enclosed shower. There were mirrors everywhere. Under the vanity were several large drawers from where he retrieved three oversized towels.

He set the towels on the vanity to form a cushion and instructed me to take off the panties and lay face down on the vanity. I did as he asked, springing my half erect cock free, and wondered what he was going to do. He next took from the drawer a can of barbasol and several fresh razors.

He soaked a smaller hand towel with hot water and began to rub the skin around my ass with it. Its warmth felt good and I could tell that this man was strong by the way his hands worked my ass.

Finally he lathered me with the shaving cream and began the task of shaving me completely and totally hairless. His attention to detail was impeccable. When he finished with my ass he took out some lube and a medium sized plug and began to work it into my hole. He said that he wanted me to be ready for him when the time was right.

The plug filled and stretched my rosy opening, causing my cock to jump to full attention. This made it easier for him to shave the area around my cock and tightened balls. He then slipped a red rubber cockring around the shaft of my dick and the base of my balls. The color contrasted sharply with the skin of my bare, pale white member and pink, hairless balls.

When he was finished shaving me he instructed me to get into the shower. I followed his order as he pulled a chair to in front of the shower door and sat down. I did as he asked. He instructed me to turn it on and turn around so that my back was to him. The warm water felt good on my newly smooth body. “Bend over and touch your toes,” he said. As I bent I could feel the plug inside me, fully exposed to the man along with my tender ball sack. My raging cock jabbed me in my abs as I reached for my toes.

When he was done examining me, Daddy instructed me to spread my legs and bend down and touch the ground. Again, I did as he said, giving him a perfect view of my boyish asshole filled with the rubber plug. He made me keep the stretch for several minutes until I was almost in a full split, with water streaming off my balls down toward the drain.

Finally, he told me to stand and turn around. He looked at my small erection and told me to take it in my hand and masturbate for him. The precum was flowing freely out of the head of my cock at each jerk, mixing with the water streaming off my prick. Before I could finish he told me stop, turn the shower off and dry myself. He left the bathroom while I did this and called for me in the bedroom. By this point he had stripped down to his tight briefs and dress shirt.

He had me lie down across the bed face down. I felt him behind me as he tied each of my ankles to opposing bed posts. He walked around the bed and I watched his erection move in front of me as he did the same with my wrists.

His hand grabbed the hair on the back of my head and lifted my face up. The ends of his unbuttoned shirt caressed each side of my face. My eyes instantly focused on his hard prick, which was staring right at me. He forced my face into his crotch, still covered with the briefs. I could feel the outline of his hard cock rub against my nose and cheeks as he drove be deeper into his area. His musk was sweet. Finally he whipped his dick out and landed it on my cheek, its girth and weight surprising me. “Suck Daddy’s cock,” he said.

I took it in my mouth as he forced my head down to its root. As I came back up, I worked my tongue around the head and inside its slit. He let me lick his balls and taste the sweetness of his sex. I could feel the skin of his balls on my lower lip as my saliva drooled out from the sides of my mouth. For what seemed like forever he fucked my face, my throat gagging each time his full thrust entered me.

I was powerless to stop him and finally he stopped and unloaded all over my face and hair. His sticky cum covered my eyelids and dripped from my nose. He forced my mouth open and made me finish him, ensuring that every drop was out of his massive balls.

He finished and moved behind me again, leaving my face covered in his spunk. He loosened the ties on my legs and propped what felt like a large pillow under my midsection. This forced my ass up into the air, the plug bulging out of my well stretched hole. My balls ached from the tight ring which was still keeping them taught. He grabbed my throbbing cock, drenched in precum and yanked it backward between my legs. In a tease, he milked me for about three minutes and when he could tell I was about to explode, abruptly let go of my cock and sat down admiring my ass, instructing me not to cum.

I couldn’t yet open my eyes because of the cum mask Daddy had applied, but I could hear him leave the room. When he returned, I struggled to open my eyes and noticed that he placed a mirror against the wall in front of me. I could now see how fully he covered my face with his cum, and it made me even hotter. I could also see him move behind me behind me; studying my ass closely. Suddenly he removed the plug from my ass and spit into my gaping hole. He grabbed a 24 inch rubber double dong and after spreading more lube around the rim of my still open hole began to feed it into me, working almost all of its length inside of me.

I clenched my ass and shrieked when it first entered me and he slapped me hard across my bare buttocks. “You whine like a little girl!” he shouted. “No more noise as Daddy gets you ready!”

I was beat red in the face. It was then he took a ball gag, rubbed it on his still moist cock and shoved it into my mouth, strapping it securely behind my head.

He then worked his hand around my ass. First just his finger; then adding a thumb. Next thing I knew, I had his whole fist inside of me. My screams were stifled by the gag.

The feeling of fullness inside my boyhole was too much to take. My moaning only made him work it harder. Eventually he removed his hand and returned the double monster to my now pulsing hole.

Watching him force the dildo into my tiny ass through the mirror made me incredibly hot. Again I felt like I was about to bust, but my cruel master simply stopped and walked away, leaving the giant dildo sticking half way out of my ass while he left the room.

Finally he returned and removed the dildo from my ass and untied me. He painfully rolled the ring off my package, showing no concern as he did so. As he loosened the gag, my saliva drooled down onto my chest. He gave me back my panties and told me to put them on. They felt great on my freshly shaved area. He was fully nude now and I could see his erection beginning to return. He grabbed my cock through the panties and led me by it into the living area of the apartment.

He took me over to a large leather chair which was set right in front of the window. The chair faced a large television which was playing a particularly hot porn scene. On the screen was a young, similarly hairless looking young man knelt in front of a much older man blowing him ferociously. Daddy sat in the chair and directed me to come sit on his lap. His skin felt warm and smooth over his hard muscles.

We watched the scene together and he asked me whether I liked what I was watching. I told him I did. “Do you like to make Daddy happy?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I responded.

“Do you think Daddy’s cock is a nice as the man on TV’s?” he asked.

I hesitated at how to answer this. Daddy’s cock was nice and certainly filled my throat earlier. But the man on the video had a monster, at least 9 inches and about as thick as any I had ever seen.

“I like Daddy’s cock,” I answered.

He snapped at me and told me that I should never lie to Daddy. “What took you so long to answer?” he demanded.

“I…. I….” I didn’t have an answer.

He pushed me down over his knee and I knew what was coming. He pulled down my thong and spanked my bare ass for what felt like forever, making it red. When he was finished, he fixed my panties and pulled me up on top of him so that we were face to face. “Daddy doesn’t like to hit you, but you have to behave like a good son.”

He gently caressed my smooth ass as he explained this, his finger grazing the edge of my thong near my hole. “You do want Daddy to be happy don’t you?” he asked.

I nodded.

“You were a good boy sucking Daddy’s cock before. You like to make your Daddy happy, don’t you?” he continued.

“I just want Daddy to be happy.” I said as I cowered.

With that he pulled me closer and kissed be on the mouth while moving my panties aside and putting his finger right on my tender button. As he thrust his tongue deeper into my mouth his finger slipped inside my still moist hole. I moaned as my cock rubber against his in our embrace. He probed deeper as our cocks ground together, still lip locked.

Finally he turned the chair toward the window and told me to turn over and put my hands on the floor. He grabbed my ankles and draped my legs over his shoulders, pulling my sex closer to his mouth. He pulled my panties far to the side, almost ripping them. He plunged his tongue deep into my asshole making me squeal like a little girl. With one hand I stroked Daddy’s cock, his erection throbbing in my hand.

Daddy licked my hole for a long while, eventually moving his attention to my balls and glistening boycock. He easily took me entire sex into his mouth as he added some additional fingers to my rapidly loosening hole. He bent me over with my hands and feet on the floor and removed my girlie underpants. He forcefully positioned his rock hard cock behind my wet and puckered hole.

As he entered me I felt a rush of electricity shoot down to the head of my penis. He grabbed my hair and forced me to look out over the city while he fully entered me, his balls slamming into my own, both swaying together with the momentum of his thrusts.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I screamed. He grabbed my panties and took them between his two hands, forcing them into my mouth. I was still letting out muffled screams through the soft material of the thong. His thrusts were quick and powerful and made my balls shake violently.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me with him back down on the chair. I put my feet up on the chair and used my legs to raise and lower myself on his big cock. My ass sucked at the tip of his dick each time I came up over its huge head and then impaled itself back down on it, taking him inside me as deeply as I could.

I then lifted my legs in the air and spread my cheeks apart with my hands, ensuring that every bit possible of his cock was lodged inside my bottom. My slender frame fit on top of Daddy’s muscular body so easily that I felt as though I could spin around on the top of his cock. I felt so hot as I wiggled my ass around on his cock, making Daddy moan in the process. Daddy then took my panties out of my mouth and violently forced me up against the window, my cock pressed hard against the cool glass. He resumed control, fucking me harder than he had before. Each thrust caused me to slide up the window and my leaking cock left streaks across it.

“I want to feel your cum inside me Daddy!” I screamed.

He slapped my ass hard, causing my hole to relax as he fully entered me. My cock spasmed against the glass, feeling as if it were about to explode. As his thrusts intensified to final glorious climax Daddy wrapped his arms around my small chest and held on as he unloaded his seed. I could feel the shots spew through my insides and work their way out around the shaft of his still hard penis. The intensity of the feeling was so much that I shot my own load with my cock still pressed against the huge window.

My hole contracted with the intensity of my orgasm, milking the remaining seed out of Daddy’s cock. As his prick slipped out of me I felt his cum drip down the sides of my legs. I quickly knelt to thank him for such a nice fucking and sucked his cock and balls clean. He led me to the shower where we kissed and cleaned each other for several minutes.

When we got out Daddy handed me a bag. “What’s this, Daddy?” I asked.

“Take it home and put it on the next time you come to see me. I think you will make a pretty little girl,” he said.

I grinned as a slipped my panties back on over my sensitive, still dripping cock. He kissed me once more before I left, and out of the corner of my eye I spied the window with my jism still stuck all over it.

The whole cab ride home I kept thinking about how Daddy fucked me. When I got home I was so worked up that I put on the dress he have me and videotaped myself masturbating in the dress Daddy bought me so I could send it to him as a thank you gift. I couldn’t wait until next time…

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