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Lane Kim strode confidently into the hotel lobby and walked directly over to the elevator, not even glancing at the reception or the bellboy. It was how her escort agency boss – Madam might be a more accurate description – had told her to act when visiting a client; you had to look like you belonged there, not that you were a high class prostitute going to see a John. Or a Jill in this case. Rory stuck her hands in the pocket of her long coat and waited for the elevator to descend. Her fingers touched a piece of paper, on which she had scribbled the room number and the name of the hotel – a middle range chain in the outer suburbs of Hartford. She didn’t need to pull it out, she had memorised the room as she had the instructions of what her client wanted.

The bell to the elevator dinged as the doors opened. Lane stepped in and pressed the floor number. A man in a suit followed her in and he gave a polite nod. She gave a non-committal one back just enough to acknowledge they were two strangers trapped together in an enclosed space. He didn’t give her another glance, instead looking at his watch. With her glasses, smart bag over her shoulder and long, buttoned dark coat he probably thought she was an young looking professional. It would have shocked him that underneath she was wearing a sexy schoolgirl uniform, the skirt well up her thigh and the blouse tied across her midriff leaving her stomach bare. No panties either. The client wasn’t looking for an accurate representation of the schoolgirl look, more a sexual fantasy.

The bell on the lift dung again and the doors began to open. “My floor,” said Lane and stepped out, leaving the businessman glancing at his watch again.

The teen looked at the room signs and turned left, following them down the corridor. She could feel her pussy tingling with excitement – it always did. Some of the women did escort work for the money. Not Lane, sure it was a bonus to find yourself several hundred dollars richer and she loved slipping the money in her tin under the floorboards. But she didn’t need it, she made more from dealing pot and a little coke. No, she had joined the escort business because she was a naughty little nympho and this way she could get plenty of fucks and sucks.

She stopped at the door and undid her coat, so that the client could see what she was wearing. She was sure the woman would like it; it was suitably sluttish. Most of her clients were men, so it was a nice change to have a woman, especially when she was going to be the dominant one – not that she didn’t enjoy being bottomed or banged by guys, they were fun as well. In fact Lane hadn’t yet found any pairing or act she hadn’t liked. She licked her lips to brighten the gloss and pushed her chest out a little so that her pop-up bra and unbuttoned shirt conspired to make her titties seem even bigger and bouncier than they were. Her knuckles rapped at the door.

It swung open so quickly that the client must have been waiting on the other side of it.

“Lane,” the Jill gasped in shock.

“Lorelai,” Lane replied, equally surprised.


Lane stood in front of the mirror touching up her make-up; she always did it at Rory’s house – her own Mom thinking that lipstick and eye-shadow was the work of, if not the devil, at least someone who was probably going to end up sharing the afterlife with him. The teen pursed her lips, rubbing them together to clear any excess and make sure the gloss was even. Very cute, she thought to herself, and fuckable, which was the main thing.

She turned from the full-length mirror and towards her friend. Rory was wearing jeans and nothing else, frowning in concentration as she looked at a couple of bras on the bed, one a blue which matched her denims, the other as black as coal. “Which one?” she asked Lane nervously.

The choice was easy. Lane pointed to the nearest, “That one.” Rory put it on, sliding the cups over her titties, pushing them up and together. Lane smiled, “It’ll soon be off anyway; I don’t think the guys are looking for a fashion show.”

“It’s still important to look good,” said Rory and gestured for a white pullover, which was crumpled over the chair next to Lane. Her friend passed it her and she pulled it over her head; it was tight and thinner that it looked, the outline of the bra visible. The teen moved her head, pulling any hair strands that had been stuck in the sweater out and letting them hang loose. “You could come as well,” she smiled cheerfully, but Lane had been her friend long enough to know that Rory was nervous.

“Pass me your old blazer,” Lane said. Rory passed it to her, the smile still on her face. Lane took it and looked it over; Rory had removed the badge on the pocket, leaving it a darker colour than the surrounds, but apart from that it looked fine – the perfect complement to the rest of her slutty schoolgirl outfit. She shrugged it on and turned to the mirror, yes, that worked. She turned back to Rory, “You’ll be good.”

“But two guys… at once,” Rory smile’s faltered and her anxious face came to the fore. Then her smile beamed up again as if an idea had just popped into her head, though Lane suspected that it had been their for a while, “We could put them off until tomorrow and then take one each.”

Lane was almost tempted, she seldom said ‘no’ to dick. But Mrs Kim was aware that Lorelai was away at a hospitality event overnight and that Rory was alone, her Mama wasn’t naïve and knew that meant loud music and, despite her strict admonitions, a glass of wine. It had been with some reluctance the older Kim had agreed her teenage daughter could spend the night at Rory’s, thinking it would prevent Rory being tempted to invite a boy round. But in return Lane would need to spend extra time cleansing her soul and a Sunday afternoon’s bible reading beckoned. Lane picked up a joint, pushed the bedroom window open a little more and lit the weed. She sucked it and turned to Rory, offering her friend some. She waited until Rory had taken it and sucked in a lung full before replying, “No, you take them.”

“You sure? Their big dicks, your tight ass? It’s your thing. And you’re better at negotiating than me, I always get tongue tied.”

“I’m going to get my full of pussy tonight, with a Milf with a schoolgirl fetish so it’s not like I’m going without,” Lane took the pot back and took another puff. It was good stuff, “You’ll be fine, I’ve already done the talking; two grand of pot and one grand of coke for two and a half and your ass and pussy. The guys know you’ve not done DP before, but Aaron says neither has Walt, so they’re not expecting porn star style. Anyway once they’re in you, all you have to do is squeak and squeal, they’ll do all the work.”

“Okay,” said Rory. She didn’t sound totally convinced.

Lane grinned, “Honestly, Rory, it’s as easy as falling of a log. And take it from me, you know how much you love one cock, two’s not just twice as good it’s orgasm squared.”

“Sure,” Rory smiled; it was still one which was tinged with anxiety, but it was also one of acceptance. Lane didn’t worry about her friend, she knew Rory would be fine, she’d been exactly the same when they’d gone round to give away her virginity and the teen had loved that. Rory was just a bit of a nervous nympho at times.

“I’ve told the Aaron we’ll go fifty-fifty on the profits,” said Lane, “We just go straight down the middle with our half.”

“Cool,” Rory nodded. “I can get it ready tomorrow afternoon, weigh it all up and get the prices.” She looked a lot more confident now she was talking Math rather than sex.

“Keep some for us,” said Lane. It was her time to look nervous – it would be her and Rory’s first deal, it was important they got it sold; otherwise, no matter how good a fuck Rory Aaron wouldn’t be offering them a dealership again. “I can sell seven fifty dollars worth of coke for double that to your ex, Jesse reckons he can shift it to a friend in New York. You sure you can get rid of the rest and the pot?”

“Louise and Madeline have promised to help shift it round school in return for a small cut of the profits.”

“Good,” said Lane. She forced herself to relax and took another drag of the pot. Time to change the subject, “So how am I looking?”

“Whoever that Milf is, she’s in for the banging of her life,” grinned her friend.


For a few moments Lorelai Gilmore and Lane Kim just stood there, looking at each other. Lane’s brain working overtime – wrong room? No, she had it memorised. Lorelai’s long lost twin? Not unless the twin also knew a Korean cutie called Lane. Lorelai was the client? The door had opened supernaturally quickly, like Lorelai had been on the other side waiting and the Milf was prepared for a guest, her lips recently glossed and her dress both cheap and short and revealing. Lane’s brain clicked round again and she smiled, slipping into professional mode, “Hello, I’m Lane Kim. I’m a naughty schoolgirl.”

She entered the hotel room, pushing aside Lorelai who made no effort to stop her. There was a brown envelope on the desk. Lane walked over to it and peeked inside; inside was a bundle of ten dollar bills; she didn’t need to count it to know there was five hundred dollars – she was expensive, but – as Lorelai was about to find – worth it. She turned back to the stunned looking Milf and waved at her with the envelope, “For me?” Lorelai nodded soundlessly. Lane smiled at her, “I don’t need to count it, I trust you,” she said and slid it into the inside pocket of her coat, before immediately sliding out of it and hanging it over a comfy seat in the corner of the roof.

She turned back to Lorelai; the Milf seemed to be recovering from her shock, a gleam in her eye as she looked at Lane in the short skirt and tied up blouse, the teen’s cleavage very definitely on show. The teen moved to a more seductive pose, putting a hand on her waist and punching her chest out. She let Lorelai admire her slender body and toned stomach, showing her Mom’s friend the sensual, wicked side of Lane that she had never seen before. After all Lorelai had paid a lot for her…

“I wasn’t expecting you,” Lorelai pulled her gaze from Lane’s cleavage and for the first time looked her in the face. “I don’t normally do this type of thing.”

Lane saw she was blushing as she spoke, but she wasn’t denying she’d hired her. The teen smiled, it wasn’t the first time she’d had to calm a nervous client, “I do.”

Lorelai eyes flicked down and she licked her lips, “Do you? I mean… have you? What about…?” she trailed off.

Lane wasn’t sure exactly what Lorelai was asking, but she guessed it might be how good girl Lane Kim had come to be bad girl Lane. Lane shrugged and smiled, “I don’t discuss my personal life with clients,” she replied politely. Lorelai wasn’t the first customer who’d wanted to ask her questions about how she’d ended up as an escort or why, though she was the first who knew her Stars Hollow alter ego. Lane was used to batting the questions aside, as a professional Lane didn’t hold with personal talk, though if she had wanted to reply the answer was simple – it paid well and fucking was fun.

Lorelai nodded and blushed a little more, though she closed the door behind her, suggesting that even if she was still not comfortable she was close to deciding that as Lane was here they might as well fuck. Lane helped her in her decision making by undoing an extra button on her blouse, exposing more of her black bra and the round mounds it was covering. Lane walked over to the desk and took out her exercise book and a pen, putting them down on the blotter, even though her back was turned aware that all the time Lorelai’s eyes were feasting on her. She deliberately bent over, as she went into her bag and letting her skirt ride up her thighs and cling tightly to her shapely behind. She remained in position a few moments, knowing that she was driving up Lorelai’s libido, before she turned to the Milf and pretending she was searching for something, though in reality she had found it immediately. She straightened with the strap-on panties in her hand and opened a drawer and slid them in. Lorelai’s eyes followed the toy, before moving back to Lane as she turned and ran a finger between her cleavage “So you want to do it?”

“Yes,” said Lorelai and she blushed again, turning her head slightly to avoid looking Lane in the eye.

The teen smiled, this would be fun, she hadn’t ever really thought about doing it with Lorelai Gilmore, her lesbian fantasies tending to go for more buxom and blonder women, but now she was here she decided that the Milf brunette was pretty damned hot looking. “I was told your fantasy was that I’m your foster daughter and you’ve just got back from talking to the Principal who’s not happy with my behaviour. You start to tell me off, but it turns out I’m the dominant one. Is that right?”

“Yes,” Lorelai’s cheeks were red and she was looking at a picture of some fruit on the wall rather than Lane, “You fuck me in every hole, totally humiliate me.”

“I was told you want me to call you Mommy?”

Lorelai’s blush was so warm it was almost burning, “I think Lorelai wouldn’t be right. You’re my foster daughter after all.”

“That’s cool, also I’m to verbally abuse you as well, so I won’t be calling you Mommy for long,” she looked at the Lorelai. The Milf was still for a moment, pondering, then she nodded. “I’m ready when you are,” Lane sat down at the desk and opened her exercise book. She figured that naughty schoolgirls wouldn’t do math so instead she started to doodle, drawing matchstick figures with large tits bouncing on other matchstick figures with what looked like five limbs.

There was silence in the room, the only sound the scratch of Lane’s pen on the paper; it went on for so long that Lane wondered if Lorelai had changed her mind and had decided for a quite night in. Just when Lane was about to ask if there was anything wrong Lorelai came up behind her and forcefully put her hand down on the book, “I’ve just been to see Principal Charleston. He’s not happy with your performance, he said you put all your effort in trying to feel up the cheerleading squad.”

If it was a mother-daughter fantasy which was really about Rory that was way off, Rory would be more into being fucked by the local drug dealer, not that Lorelai knew that and Lane didn’t think now was the moment to tell her. Still Lorelai wanted her to be bad and bad she’d be. She turned a sulky look on her face, “So? School’s boring, and so what if I want some pussy; it’s better than being one of those stick stuck up ass types who’s head’s always in a library book.”

“That’s not the attitude I want to see,” said Lorelai sternly, a frown creasing her forehead, “If you don’t improve your grades we’ll be having words young lady.”

Lane grinned inwardly, wondering how much of the fantasy was about sex and how much it was about really having a grade perfect daughter who needed no parenting where school was concerned. But out loud she gave a scowl and under her breath, but loud enough for Lorelai to hear, scowled, “Bitch.”

She turned back to her exercise book as Lorelai stood in mock anger, her hands on her hips, “What did you call me?”

“I called you a bitch, Mommy” said Lane louder, the role-play was kind of liberating for her as well, she’d never dare talk to Momma Lane like that.

Lorelai reached down hard for Lane’s shoulder, gripping it hard and almost pulling the teen to up. Lane stood and turned so she was facing Lorelai, the older woman’s face puce, fake anger mixed with real lust. The Milf stared at her, “Listen to me. I won’t have you throwing your education away like some skank, after some pussy. Even if it means keeping you in the house all day.”

Lane gave Lorelai her most rebellious look, one she had been practising in the mirror for years and never quite got round to using, “You’d like that wouldn’t you, Mommy, you’d like this to be stuck at home with you.” To emphasis the point Lane slid her hands seductively down her slender body, and untying the knot on her blouse that kept it together. Lorelai looked at her, lust etched into her face, and Lane slid out of her blazer, “You want me under your eye Mommy?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Lorelai was so excited by Lane open blouse that she was almost growling, her voice hoarse with desire.

“Yeah, you do Mommy. I’ve seen you watching me, wanting to kiss, nibble at my titties, fuck my sweet little pussy,” the teen felt herself getting wet with excitement. She pushed her bra down just enough for her titties to free themselves and slide over it, pushing away the thin material of her blouse and giving Lorelai a glimpse of her titties, “That’s why you don’t want me feeling up the cheerleaders, you want me for yourself.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” said Lorelai. She was saying the words, but her acting skills weren’t enough to conceal her desire. All the signs were there – the excited gleam in her eyes, the little grunts and pants of anticipation, a hand clenching itself in front of her as if the second she loosened it would be under the dress and hitting her pussy.

Lane knew how she felt, her own cunt was tingling with excitement at doing Lorelai Gilmore. She gave a hard looking smile and said, “So if you’re not a fucking dyke who wants to fuck me stop me doing this.” She slammed her mouth on Lorelai’s, gripping the back of the woman’s head with one hand and keeping her in place as her tongue tried to force its way into the Milf’s mouth. The brunette weakly tried to resist, one hand flailing until Lane caught the wrist and gripped it hard. She pressed herself harder, slowly forcing open Lorelai’s resistant lips and thrusting it in. It was obvious that the reluctance was for show only as Lorelai’s tongue began to engage right back with the teen’s, striking against it, slithering over, twirling and twisting around. Lorelai’s eyes were closed as she leant into it. Lane let go off her wrist, the arm fell to Lorelai’s side, unmoving. Her hand now free Lane took the time to pull the zip on the back of the dress down, still forcing her tongue to control the Milf’s mouth. Then the teen pulled back, a smile on her lips as she wiped her tongue over them, cleaning away the Milf’s saliva, “See, I knew you were a whore.”

“I…I…” Lorelai stammered, whether it was acting or whether she really was confused about how much she enjoyed this was a moot point, but also, to Lane, an irrelevant one.

The teen gripped at the older woman’s dress and brutally tore down the straps, before yanking it down to the waist leaving Lorelai’s tits bouncing as they were set free. Lane grinned, “You want to eat some pussy?”

“No…I…I don’t know,” Lorelai looked flustered. She also looked excited.

“I wasn’t asking whore,” said Lane. She grabbed Lorelai and propelled her onto the bed. The Milf fell forward, turning onto her back as Lane twisted her round and swung her legs up so that Lorelai was lying on the bed. Lane dropped out of her skirt with an easy professionalism, her bald twat was already wet with excitement.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Lorelai stammered her eyes wide as she looked at the cunt on display.

“Eat me bitch, eat me good.” Lane didn’t give the other woman long to examine it before getting on the bed and sitting down on her face, smothering Lorelai with the cunt. “Fucking eat me.”

Lorelai’s mouth opened and she began to lick at Lane’s fuckhole, thrusting between the lips and lapping greedily. Lane immediately gasped and shook as the older woman’s tongue dove into her. It was fast and hard, passionate and powerful – it made Lane think that Lorelai was no amateur; despite the Gilmore’s claim if she hadn’t done this often Lane Kim was a virgin nun. She ground her pussy down on Lorelai, squashing the woman pretty face between the teen’s thighs, “Eat me you fucking whore, eat my cunt like a slut.”

The Milf’s body quivered, shaking the bed as she pushed herself into the wet cunt, slurping at it energetically, redoubling her tonguing as Lane leant forward and started to slap the brunette’s naked titties, “More you cunt bitch, stick your tongue in deeper. Yeah, bitch, fuck me with it, fuck me like a Mommy fucks her little girl. Aaaarrhhh.” Lane had to admit that Lorelai could do things with her tongue that would have made her the most popular lesbian on the Eastern Seaboard if she’d been out; slashing her tongue deep into the petite Korean’s wet hole and hitting the spot with vigorous intensity. The teen moaned again, “Oooooohhh,” feeling the enjoyment course through her, “Uuurrhhh.”

Half of her would have been satisfied to just sit on Lorelai’s face and let the Milf slurp her sweet slit. But the other half remembered she’d been paid five hundred dollars and Lorelai should get her monies worth. The teen closed her eyes for a second, trying to take control of her body and stop herself succumbing to the orgasms. It took a few moments, but she managed, putting the pleasure into one part of her brain, leaving it luxuriating there before she returned to bitch schoolgirl Lane, dominator of her foster Mom. She slapped at Lorelai’s tits, making them wobble and jiggle, “Eat me harder, bitch, use that tongue like the skank you are.” She slapped the titties again, forehand and back, smacking them hard enough to bounce them and leave little red and pale blotches on the skin. “You’re a whore, you’re a fucking dumb, stupid slut who wants to eat teen pussy. That’s what you are, a fucking whore, no better than a street corner hooker.” Her hand slapped again, the tits rocked and swayed as she hit, her palms smacking against the soft flesh.

Lorelai’s tongue moved even faster and harder, her face pressing hard into Lane. The teen groaned and squeezed her thighs tighter, gripping the Milf’s head in a vice, “Eat me cunt, eat me!” she shouted and smacked the brunette’s boobs back and forth. Lorelai responded with enthusiasm, driving her tongue as deep into Lane as she could manage, so desperate to please the teen that her mouth pushed into the hole as well, her lips munching at the wet walls. Lane gasped and groaned, bucking with excitement. The pleasure was too much to take, so intense it was like shooting headfirst down a Helter Skelter. She closed her eyes and let out a gasp, “Fuuucck, yesss!”

The teen got off her, “Stay there you fucking whore,” she ordered as she pulled off her blouse and threw it to the floor, following it swiftly with her black bra.

Lorelai nodded and lay still, the only movements that of her chest rising and falling and a slight turn of her head so that she could watch Lane as the naked teen got off the bed and went over to the drawer where she placed her strap-on panties. She quickly pulled them on and turned to Lorelai, her hand sliding up and down the rubber dong, accenting its length and thickness. She smiled as she saw the brunette’s eyes widen;. “No, please Lane,” there was a tremor in the woman’s voice. Was it possible that Lorelai Gilmore never been banged by a twelve incher? No, she had asked for a big strap-on when she’d put in her request to Lane’s Madame; it was likely all part of the game. But in either case the Milf was in for a treat

Lane got onto the bed and knelt beside her, “You want me to fuck you Mommy? Don’t answer I can see you do, your fucking slut pussy is all wet.”

“Oooohh,” Lorelai gave a moan half excitement, half fear as Lane’s finger pushed under her dress and into her cunt. The teen wiggled and twisted it, letting the warmth cover her digit. “No, please…” Lorelai repeated.

Lane slid herself out and licked the cum away, “I’m going to fuck your whore cunt now,” she said. But before she did so she had one more thing to do. She reached down to the dress of the half-disrobed Lorelai and pulled it down harder. She felt it rip as it came off, Lorelai had deliberately gone for shoddy material, Lane was sure. She threw the dress to one side and looked down at Lorelai. The woman’s hands had automatically slid down to cover her cunt. Lane brutally pushed them away and gazed down at the magical place underneath, the hole was pink and wet, the skin around it shaven with just a bare hint of stubble. Lane resisted the temptation to stick her own face down there and instead gave the Milf the iron stare of a dominatrix, “Get on your hands and knees, slut Mommy. I’m going to fuck you from behind so I can’t see your skank face.”

“Uh, uh,” Lorelai whined in an approximation of a cry, turning onto her hands and knees. Lane noticed that the Milf was facing the mirror, she was going to say something about that, but she decided that Lorelai was the client. If she wanted to look in the mirror Lane would let her, perhaps she was role-playing some rebellion or she might just have wanted to look at Lane as the teen banged her cunt. “Please don’t Lane,” Lorelai continued, though Lane could see the excitement in her reflection.

“Shut the fuck up whore,” said the petite teen as she took the dildo in her hand and pushed it between Lorelai’s slit lips. The Milf pretended to squeal and try to escape forward, but Lane grabbed her waist and dragged her back into place as she slowly pushed the big dildo up the older woman’s cunt. Lorelai still continued to struggle, so Lane laid a palm hard across her buttocks. “Take it you bitch!” she snarled.

“No, no, no,” moaned Lorelai as the cock was forced into her twat. It was huge, not an easy fit, but Lane had been instructed not to show mercy. She gripped Lorelai’s waist hard, for leverage and balance and began to thrust hard, ramming the toy at the Milf. Lorelai squeaked again and shook violently. “No,” she cried again, “No.” But the excitement in her voice was impossible to disguise and her body was moving in excitement, shuddering as she pushed herself back, stretching her lips over the dong, slowly impaling herself on its length. “No, please, no.”

“”Shut it you fuck,” said Lane girding her loins to slam even more violently into the woman’s waiting cunt. Lorelai pounded forward, her eyes like marbles and her expression twisted, her mouth up and down, her forehead creased, a strand of hair falling across it. Lane hammered down, forcing the toy deeper and deeper into Lorelai, ramming aside the obstructive walls and pressing the dildo further in. Lane smiled “Fucking Mommy cunt, I’m fucking Mommy cunt.”

“No…oooohh, urrrrhhh, urrrrhhh,” Lorelai’s body rocked as she was pounded, Lane could see her titties bouncing and dangling in the mirror as she moved. Deeper and deeper the cock went, Lane go at full strength, slamming as hard ad fast as she could. She could see Lorelai’s face contorting as the older woman gasped and moaned, unable to pretend that she wasn’t enjoy the dick. It went deeper and deeper, until Lane was slamming to speedy rhythm, pushing the toy all the way into Lorelai. The brunette groaned and gasped, her body bending, “Ohhhh, urrrhhh, urrrrhhh.”

“You’re a fucking bitch. You’re my fucking bitch. Aren’t you? Say it. Say I’m your fucking bitch.”

“I’m your fucking bitch,” squealed Lorelai.

“You’re a dirty skank whore. What are you?”

“A dirty skank whore,” Lorelai gasped back.

Lane smiled and shifted one of her hands so that it was over the buttock, the thumb resting at the Milf’s puckered back hole. She stroked the tight rimmed flesh and said, “I’m just going to loosen up my next fuck hole.”

“No please, not my ass,” gasped Lorelai. She gave a shudder as Lane ignored her and pushed the thumb in. “Ooooohhh” Lorelai gave a loud groan. It was hard to tell how much was pleasure, as she was still getting pussy fucked hard, how much was pain as the thumb was stuck way down the hole and how much was humiliation, even if was humiliation the Milf was so obviously getting off on.

“If you think it hurts now, imagine how much it’s going to hurt when I stuff this great big strap-on up your ass,” Lane said. She grinned as she twisted the thumb round, working the Milf’s ass. “You’re ass will be gaping by the time I’ve finished fucking it.”

“Ooohhh, nooo, ohhh,” Lorelai gasped and shuddered.

Lane thrust the dildo hard into the woman’s wet cunt, hearing the sucking sound as she pulled back. She rammed down, pushing her thumb into the ass at the same time; Lorelai jolted and bucked, almost like she was a horse trying to throw its rider. Lane pulled out the thumb and replaced it with her middle finger, pressing it down deeper than she had been able to manage before, “I’m going to bang your butt so hard, you’ll be able to stick a football up there.” The dildo slapped down the cunt. “It’ll be wider than the Pacific by the time I’ve finished fucking you.”

Lorelai gasped and moaned again, her body rocking with Lane’s, taking the dildo all the way. The teen pulled the finger out and Lorelai’s ass began to contract back. But only for a moment before Lane pushed in two fingers, driving them deep and wiggling them, stretching at the walls. Lorelai’s head jumped and her back arched, a hiss came from her mouth, “Fuuucckkk. Yesssss. No, I mean, no.”

It didn’t matter what she meant as Lane continued to finger fuck the Milf’s back passage and stuff her pussy. She slammed both holes vigorously, ramming digits and dildo as far as she could into the holes, watching the brunette writhe and squeal in pleasure. The teen continued until she was satisfied that Lorelai’s anal chute was as stretched as two fingers could make it, and if it was not ready for a twelve inch dong it was still as ready as it would be.

She dragged the strap-on out of Lorelai’s cunt, cum dripping from it onto the bed and grabbed the wet dick in her hand. “Let’s fuck a new hole with my big cock,” she said, withdrawing her fingers from the ass at the same time.

“No… no… oh, Lane,” gasped Lorelai whilst pushing her buttocks back at the teen. With one hand Lane pulled at the nearest one, keeping it spread and the hole opening; using the other she guided the prick into the Milf’s butt. Lorelai gasped and grunted as Lane pushed in, her body quivering as she was anally penetrated, “Oh, urrrhhh, don’t… don’t… don’t stop now… oooohhh.”

As the toy went in Lane gripped the older woman’s waist again, dragging her back as the teen worked her own hips. The dildo rammed back and forth, with each thrust going deep, pushing aside the tight walls and going deeper. Lane smiled inwardly, whilst keeping her face dominant and stern in the mirror and pounded harder. Soon the entire toy was in and the teen felt her thighs smacking against the woman’s buttocks. Lane drew back again and rammed forward, the toy hurtling all the way down Lorelai’s anal tube to crash resoundingly at her cervix wall, forcing it in like the wall was made of rubber. The Milf cried out in pleasure as Lane pulled back and hammered in again, and again, and again. Lorelai’s ass was getting easy, loosened by the pounding of the huge dong down it.

And that’s when Lane really let loose. Pounding as hard and fast as she could and hammering the hole like she’d gone psycho. Lorelai screamed and shuddered her entire body quaking like a thousand bombs were exploding within her. Lane slammed in, determined to Lorelai the most vigorous, violent butt-fucking ever; “You’re my slut,” she screamed, “you’re my Mommy skank, you’re my dirty anal fuck-whore.”

“Yes, yes,” cried Lorelai, “I’m your slut. Ram me with your big dick. Ruin my whore butt, bang it open.”

“Take it you whore. Take my cock all the way up your sluttish skank asshole,” Lane shouted at the Milf, so loud it was almost deafening. Lorelai screamed back, and Lane pounded her again, thrusting the dildo deep down the chute and smashing her thighs so hard into Lorelai’s cheeks the skin went white and red. Lane ignored the stings on her legs as she cracked into the Milf, pounding like she was a desperado on the run and had to finish quick. Not that she needed to stop or had any intention of doing so, instead she carried on with an intensity she had never felt before, “You’re an anal slut whore. You’re a fucking dyke bitch who loves me ass fucked. You’re a cheap fucking hooker, a fuckhole, just a fucking hole for my big fucking dildo. Bitch, skank, whore.”

“Yes,” shrieked Lorelai back, “I’m your fuckhole, I’m your bitch. I’m just a slutty, whoresish, skanky piece of shit. Oh fuck, yes, fuck me harder. Fuck my asshole like I’m a two-cent whore, fuck my skank butthole.”

If Lane had ever been asked she’d have laughed at any suggestion she’d ever bang Lorelai Gilmore, but yet, here she was, her dildo thrust deep in her best-friend’s Mom’s butt, not just fucking her, but totally dominating her. And the older Gilmore was loving it, shrieking in excitement as her ass was thrust open. Lane gripped her waist harder, it was sleek and slippery with sweat as Lorelai worked herself back hard at the toy, taking it all in and screaming in ecstasy as it pounded all the way down her asshole, “Aarrrghh, yessss,” screamed the Milf, “Ram my whore ass. Fuck it open. Make it gape. Fuck me like I’m a bitch.”

Lane hammered harder, thrusting in with all her strength, sending the dildo hurtling down the hole, all the time screaming abuse back at Lorelai, “Fucking whore, slut, you fucking bitch. Take my cock in your fucking hooker ass. You’re a fucking dyke skank whore, you’re my fucking fuckhole.”

“Yes Lane, I’m a dirty whore. I’m you’re fuckhole. Fuck me like I’m a slut,” Lorelai shrieked back.

It was what Lorelai had asked for when she’d booked, to be sexually humiliated as she was banged. And it wasn’t over yet, as Lorelai’s instructions called for it to becoming even more so. The teen yanked the dildo out of Lorelai’s ass for the last time, for a second she looked down at the Milf’s butt, the hole red rimmed and gaping, the skin of the cheeks mottled and white where lane’s thighs had smacked them. The hole began to gradually close, slowly moving back to a more reasonable size and Lane got off the bed and stood beside. She leant and grabbed Lorelai’s wrist, pulling the older woman towards her, “On you knees, skank.”

The Milf did as she was told, looking up at Lane her expression a mixture of terror and anticipation. Lane looked down, keeping her own face grim and unyielding, the dom to Lorelai’s sub. “You’ve dirtied my cock with your ass. It needs cleaning.”

“Yes Lane,” said Lorelai dutifully.

But she didn’t move. Lane smirked, “By you bitch; open your mouth and start sucking.”

Lorelai paused, just for a second, but it long enough for Lane to grab the back of her head and force her face towards the dong, “I said suck my dick, whore.”

Lorelai’s mouth opened and she began to wrap her lips round the dildo. It wasn’t easy, despite the Milf’s reputation for rapid chatter and quick-fire quipping, her mouth was normal size; the dick wasn’t. Still she quickly got herself open wide enough to take the tip, and with Lane pushing her at from the back a few inches more. If Lorelai had just wanted a normal ass to mouth Lane would have left it at that, allowing the woman to take the few inches she’d managed and to suck the toy at her own pace. But Lorelai had been explicit in her instructions, she didn’t want to just give a blow-job on the dildo, she wanted to be face-fucked. The teen slid a second hand to the back of Lorelai’s head, interlocking her fingers and cupping the back of the Milf’s skull with them. She gave a smile as she looked at the older woman struggling to take in the cock, “I said clean it bitch.”

Lorelai knew what was coming, and was almost certainly wanting it, but she kept up her role-play and tried to take the dick deeper into her mouth, forcing her jaw down and managing to take an extra half-inch. But it wasn’t enough for either of them and they both knew it. Lane pulled her hips back, “You’re a fucking useless cock-sucker for a whore. I’ve got to do all the work.” She thrust forward, pushing the dildo into the Milf’s mouth. Lorelai gargled and choked, automatically trying to bring her head back away from the dildo, but kept in position by Lane’s grip. The teen brought her hips back and then thrust again, driving the dildo deeper into the Milf’s gullet. Lorelai’s eyes widened and misted over, watering as the plastic prick pushed over her tongue and towards the back of her throat. “Fucking dick sucking bitch,” snarled Lane and thrust again.

This time she was rewarded with a loud gurgling noise and a wash of white bile as the dick struck deep into Lorelai and activated her gag reflex. The woman gasped and choked, struggling for air, sucking it desperately in through her nostrils. Her body shuddered, her chest heaving as it automatically tried to get away. Lane was having none of that, Lorelai was had paid five hundred dollars and the teen wasn’t going to skimp on giving the Milf the face-fucking she desired. She gripped Lorelai’s head harder, “Did I say you could stop deep throating my dildo fuckface whore?”

If Lorelai could speak she’d have said, ‘no’ and if she could have moved her head she would have shaken it. As she could neither of these things Lane just had to imagine her response and resumed jerking her hips. Each thrust sent the dildo pounding into Lorelai’s mouth, making the Mom vibrate as she wretched. Her eyes watered even faster, the tear ducts opening wider and flooding out, ruining the eye-shadow and leaving it in streaks down her cheeks. Lane rammed harder, her feet remained in place and her back straight, the only movements the thrusts of her hips and bounce of her hands as Lorelai’s head was forced back. The teen snarled, “Suck it whore. Your mouth is as much a fuckhole as your slut ass and skank cunt; they’re all mine to use as I want. And I want to fuck your fucking mouth, fuck-features.”

This time Lorelai couldn’t reply, so the only speaking was from Lane, “Whore. Bitch. Slut. Skank. Suck it, suck my dildo dick. I never fucked such worthless cheap cunt. You enjoy sucking dick that’s been in your ass? Only a fucking whore would like that, you know. You’re a fucking whore, slut-bag.”

The words weren’t the only sounds; there was the splatting as the dildo thrust into Lorelai’s mouth, like a hammer smacking into a pond. And then there was the sound of Lorelai, a choking, gagging series of hums and pants as the woman struggled for breath and gasped in air and at the same time spewed bile and spit and saliva. It was flooding from her mouth, a white goo, which looked like male cum as if the cock was real and had blown into her mouth. It soaked her chin, leaving it with a gleaming sheen and over her titties, down her stomach and belly, to puddle between her kneeling thighs, before sliding down them like snow melting on a roof. Lane slammed the dildo in again and again, making the Milf wretch and choke until she was heaving for every breath.

“Fucking cuntish whore,” snarled Lane as she pulled out the cock for the last time.

“Hhuuuurrhhh,” Lorelai fell forward gasping for oxygen and letting more white bile spill from her mouth and down her chest. “Hhuuurrrhhh.”

Lane gave her a few seconds grace as she pulled of her strap-on panties; say what you liked about Lorelai but she’d left the dildo gleaming like it was a new car in a showroom. But Lane wasn’t going to tell her that, it would have ruined Lorelai’s evening to be told how good a cock-sucker she had been. Especially as Lane had one request left to fulfil. She grabbed Lorelai’s hair, “Come with me fuckface.”

Lorelai gave a squeak, “Please… I’ve been good. I’ve been your slut.”

Lane ignored her and tugged harder, pulling the Milf towards her and onto all fours. She half-dragged, half-led Lorelai, on her hands and knees, towards the bathroom, the older brunette squealing all the time. The teen Korean kicked the door open, and brought Lorelai in. She thrust the woman face forward onto the floor and stood over her as Lorelai turned. The Milf’s eyes widened as she saw Lane’s pussy above her, getting closer as the teen lowered herself into a squat, “After fucking a skank bitch I always like a nice long piss. Open wide Mommy.”

It was raining heavily as Cassie Lewis was walking rapidly while holding her handbag above her head trying to save herself from getting too drenched, Her car had stalled and she had to leave it where it was. Her friend Molly Carpenter lived only a few blocks away, so she headed there. They worked in the same office and had been friends for years. Cassie was single while forty-five year old Molly had divorced her husband five years ago when she found him in their shower with a young woman. Since then Molly was living with her youngest son Adam who was soon turning nineteen, and in the local college. Adam was a decent looking guy, and from what Molly had said, a bit shy.

Cassie had just turned thirty and had men asking her out all the time, Since most had made some sort of sexual reference or stared her well-developed boobs, she turned them down, hoping to find a man who would like her for who she was. Molly and Cassie worked out often so they were quite fit. They felt the eyes of most men in the office staring at them, and most likely mentally undressing them. Although they were not fond of it, they realized the term “MILF” fit them.

As Cassie walked that rainy she knew the few men she passed were staring at her because she was wearing a white shirt which was transparent and showing the curves of her upper body. She was also wearing a red bra, which was clearly visible.

She reached Molly’s house and knocked on the door. Her son Adam opened the door after a minute.

“Hey Adam, Can I come in?”

“Of course Cassie!”

Adam closed the door letting her in and said, “Mom has gone to see her sister and won’t be back till late.”

Cassie saw him looking at her face, but she knew his eyes rolled down to her chest, which was clearly visible through the wet transparent shirt.

“I really need to get out of these wet clothes. Could you get me a towel honey?”

“Be glad to.”

Cassie went to Molly’s bedroom to pick out something to wear, then headed to the bathroom. She began taking off her clothes, leaving them on the floor. She had removed her shirt and jeans, and as she was taking off her bra, Adam came in with a fresh towel in his hands.

“Sorry,” He said when he saw her nearly naked.

“It’s okay Adam,” Cassie said like it wasn’t a big deal that her friend’s son had just walked in while she was undressing.

Adam was a pleasant young man, but he was young compared to her. Cassie watched him check her out quickly before leaving the room. As Cassie pulled her panties down and off, she wondered what Adam was thinking about the quick view he had seen of her nearly nude.

She took a quick shower and dried off, curious if Adam would think of her the next time he jerked off. She slipped into the borrowed blue night gown with buttons in the front and lace around the neckline and hem. She wore nothing underneath.

Cassie left the bathroom and saw Adam at the kitchen table. Cassie made them some coffee. A smile was on her face, knowing Adam was constantly looking at her. The phone rang and Adam left to answer it. A moment later he returned with the handset.

“It’s my Mom.” he said.

“Hello! Molly, where are you?” She asked.

“I’m at Linda’s house, but it’s raining heavily and I don’t really want to head home until it stops.”

Cassie said, “My car stalled so I came here since it was closer.”

“That’s fine with me. Stay as long as you like.”

“Thank you,” Cassie said and they hung up.

As she put down the phone Adam dropped his spoon and went under the table to find it. Cassie smiled again knowing how naughty Adam was being. She didn’t spread her legs, which she knew he hoped so he would get a better peek.

“Do you see it?” She asked slyly.

“What?” he said.

“The spoon, silly.”

“Oh yea I got it,” Adam said as he slid back into his chair.

Cassie could tell he was nervous by his voice, and wondered what he was thinking. Or what she was.

Cassie and Adam talked awhile and she sensed the shyness his mom had mentioned. When she asked if he had a girlfriend, he timidly said that he never had. She sensed that he was probably inexperienced in the ways of love and sex. They finished the coffee and Cassie went back to Molly’s bedroom.

She didn’t know Adam was following, and when she turned back to close the door, they bumped into each other with his chest meeting her boobs. They lost balance and collapsed onto the floor with Cassie on her back and Adam over her. One of his hands was over her right boob and his cock was pushing against the left side of her pelvis.

Neither moved or said anything. He was not getting up and she was not asking him to get off. Cassie looked into his eyes which were filled with desire. She could feel his cock growing hard and pushing against her pelvis. Adam bent his head down and their lips met in gentle kisses. Cassie’s hand caressed his soft hair. They had a chance, and time to bring them closer. Cassie knew she should have asked Adam to get off, but she really didn’t want him to.

While kissing, his hand was slowly squeezing her boob and he was pushing his hard cock on her body. They kept kissing for few minutes on the floor and not moving much. She let his hand rest on her breasts and enjoyed how hard he felt pressed against her thighs. Soon Adam started kissing near her boobs. Cassie wanted to moan but didn’t because that could have made things more dirty and she didn’t want that.

“Stop, stop!” Cassie finally said.

He stopped and looked at her, probably thinking things were not going to continue. Cassie stood up and looked at him. She grabbed his hand and took him to Molly’s bedroom. She didn’t bother to close the door because they were alone in the house. They faced each other and she opened a few buttons of her night gown, revealing what he wanted to see. Cassie didn’t tease him much and took it off totally, letting it fall down on the floor. Cassie was standing naked in front of Adam and wondered if he had imagined her that way before.

She sensed he was too nervous to touch her. She approached him and put his hands on her round boobs and erect nipples. If he had reached between her legs, he would have found how wet she was, but he didn’t. He seemed happy to feel her breasts, like he had forgotten she was totally naked, and had other areas he could explore.

Cassie tried to lift his t-shirt but he took it off himself. When Cassie undid his belt, he took off his pants. He was hard like steel inside his white underwear. She controlled her feelings and let him feel her as both hands caressed her boobs. He seemed to enjoy playing with them, and Cassie got the feeling he had never done it before. He came closer and they began kissing again. His hands moved to her back, and Cassie’s hands were around his body.

“Do you want to suck my boobs?” Cassie asked while looking straight into his eyes.

He seemed confused how to answer so Cassie moved his head down to her chest. He kissed her boobs near the nipples, and then started to suck on them. He was really good at sucking her nipples and kissing the soft flesh around them. Cassie could not control her moans, so he knew how well she enjoyed what he did. Cassie knew something was going to happen between them soon, but was not sure exactly what.


Fifty year old Alex Carpenter had spent the past five years wishing he had not screwed up his marriage to Cassie by making out with a younger woman. They had brought three children into the world. Ginger was the oldest at twenty-five, while Lexie and her twin brother were approaching nineteen. Lexie and Ginger each had their own apartments located in the same city where their Father he lived, and Adam was living with his Mom a few hours away..

Alex’s life felt empty. He had added several modifications to the three-bedroom house in the past several years. The central air unit was fairly new, and he had the outside painted a few months ago. The large backyard was surrounded by a high privacy fence, and Alex had installed a four-person Jacuzzi when the kids were young.

Things were good in his life for the most part, except for being alone. His job was going well, and he had built a solid reputation. Since he always had an interest in law enforcement, he was able to do something he enjoyed, despite the occasional dangers. He did not have any real hobbies or interest besides being an avid bowler, which he made time for when possible.

He recalled the various sexual things they tried. He could never forget her body, and considered her breasts to be well rounded and superb. Her long black hair had been so silky smooth, and he loved the way it hung over her shoulders. She had been a very giving lover who wanted to please him in any way she could. Since losing her, Alex put too much into his job and never made time to become intimately involved with anyone, so any sexual relief was self-provided.

As his son was becoming involved with Cassie, Alex nervously walked up to the door of a woman who gave massages from her home. He had heard about it from a male friend, and decided to check it out. He felt nervous but yet excited at being touched by a woman again, but had no clue what to expect or ask for.

He was greeted by an attractive woman with ebony skin and jet-black hair that cascaded down to her mid back. She wore a white top and shorts and Alex quickly admired her toned legs. She introduced herself as Jewel and led him to the room. Then she told him to undress and lay on the padded table face down, and that she would return in a moment. Alex was not sure if he was supposed to remove everything, but decided to take the chance and stripped completely. Then he climbed onto the table and covered his mid-section with the provided towel just as she re-joined him.

“So what brings you in Alex?”

“My job is often stressful and I’ve had a lot of depression in my life. My wife divorced me five years ago and I haven’t had any attention from a woman since.”

“Sorry to hear that. Hope you are getting along well.”

“Doing what I can, but it’s still hard being alone.”

“I suppose you masturbate a lot,” Jewel said.

“Yea at times, but not much. It seems so alone.”

“I know what you mean,” Jewel replied. “I have yet to find the kind of man I can see having a future with. But I keep hoping.”

“Same here,” Alex told her. “Except I am looking for a woman.”

“Well that’s good to know,” Jewel said with a smile.

“I was referred here by a friend, but he did not tell me what to expect.”

“I will try to help you feel better.” Jewel responded. “And I always give the full hour you paid for. Just relax and enjoy. You sure are tall.”

“Seven feet exactly,” he responded.

“Well I like big men,” Jewel said with a sly grin as she warmed her hands with heated massage oil and began to slowly massage his back.

“Feels great,” he said softly.

Alex could feel the tension between his shoulders and back start to reduce, and was sure she would help him feel more relaxed. He asked how long she had been a Massage Therapist, and she replied it had been seven years. Jewel added that prior she had been an airline stewardess. He groaned as her strong fingers worked on his tense muscles. After finishing his back, she moved to his feet, and began kneading them.

“The feet have nerve endings that go to most areas of the body, and stimulating the pressure spots helps to relieve pain,” she explained.

Jewel moved up his legs, then he felt her hands slide under the towel and onto his butt. He moaned softly as she spent several minutes working on his firm buttocks. He was enjoying her methods, perhaps a little too much since he felt himself becoming aroused.

“Can I remove the towel?” She asked.

“Yea I suppose so.”

“Are you married?” Alex inquired.

“I was, but he died suddenly about eighteen months ago from anaphylactic shock. He was only twenty-five. He got stung by a bee during a jog, and the Doctor said he had a severe allergic reaction, causing him to have breathing difficulty. He was alone until someone passed by and saw him. But it was too late.”

“I am so sorry Jewel. I guess we have both been through hard times.”

“Yea we have. Don’t like being alone at twenty-one.”

After about a half hour she asked, “I need you to roll over now. Do you want me to replace the towel first?”

“Not really,” Alex responded, feeling concern at being partially erect, and hoped she would not take it badly.

He rolled over and rested his head on the pillow. He saw her eyes travel over his body and wondered what she may think or say about him being fully exposed.

“I see you are enjoying this,” Jewel said with a smile.

“Sorry, your hands felt so good and I . . .”

“Don’t be. It happens a lot. Actually I take it as a compliment. I take pride in helping my clients feel totally relaxed, in all ways.”

Jewel massaged his arms and hands before moving to his calves and feet. He could feel his muscles relaxing from her touch and knew much of his tension was being reduced. As she approached his thighs, Alex felt his erection grow even more. Taking more massage oil in her hands, Jewel rubbed it into his chest. He was surprised when she then removed her top and stood beside him topless.

Alex admired her breasts, which he considered to be perfectly proportioned for her frame. Not overly large, but yet not small. She poured lotion on his chest and caressed the area slowly using slow circular motions. Alex felt his arousal growing as her fingers moves downward to his abdomen. His cock bobbed as her fingertips grazed though his pubic hairs.

“Shall I take care of that for you?”

“If it’s OK . . . sure. What can you do?”

“I rarely do this until I have built a solid trust, but I know it would help you feel better. I can offer you a hand release. Your cock appears to be as long and thick as a banana. Just relax, and you can touch my tits and legs if you like.”

Jewel poured more lotion into her hand then grasped his shaft gently in one hand. She began stroking slowly as the other hand massaged his balls tenderly. Alex reached up and grasped one breast and felt her excited nipple in his palm. He sensed she did not want to rush his climax but also wondered if the session time was growing short. As he switched to the other breast, she began to stroke a little faster.

She smiled and asked softly, “Is this all right?”

“Better than all right. Feels fabulous.”

Jewel used steady strokes while focusing on the head as the other hand continued its manipulation of his balls. He felt his cock pulse in her hand as she increased the pace slightly faster. He moved his hand to one leg and glided it up to her shorts. He knew he could not hold off any longer, and saw that her gaze was focused on his cock, and sensed she enjoyed what she was doing for him.

Jewel looked into his eyes and said, “Go ahead. Let it happen.”

Alex moaned as he exploded from the grip of her hands. Jewel pointed his cock towards her chest, and he was amazed at the force of his eruption. Her dark skinned breasts were heavily coated by the time his orgasm was over. She rubbed it into her skin, obviously enjoying the warmth and feeling. She then went over to the sink and washed her hands. After that she grabbed a damp towel and wiped him down.

“Well was everything up to your expectations?”

“I can’t describe how much better I feel.” Alex replied.

“I’m glad. I love a good cum shot. You said your job was stressful. May I ask what you do for a living?”

“I’ve been a U.S. Marshal for the past twelve years.”

“Oh my,” Jewel replied. “After what I just did for you. Am I . . .?”

“No, you are not in any trouble. I enjoyed what you did. I really needed it. I work with the witness protection program and transfer prisoners, along with other duties. “

“Good. Would you like to use the shower before you leave?” She asked.

“I would like that,” Alex replied. “Not sure I should ask this, but would you possibly like to go out with me?”

“Yea I would, if you really mean it.”

“How about this coming Saturday night?”

They exchanged contact info before he left, and arranged a time for him to pick her up. Driving home, Alex hoped he may have found someone to share good times with in the future.


Back at Molly’s house, Adam moved his fingers through the thick black bush below Cassie’s waist. Then his hand moved between her legs. He was fumbling around, feeling and rubbing, and unknowingly rubbing her clit. Everything that was happening made her lose control, and she moaned loud in pleasure.

Cassie debated on jerking him off, but the way he was touching her while sucking her tits made her ready to do almost anything. His finger slipped in her wet hole while he was kissing below her tits. They went to he bed where Cassie spread her legs, and asked him to come to her. He sat down near her legs.

She knew he was waiting for her to say something, but when she kept quiet, he slowly moved his hand on her leg and moved upward. She felt his hand between her legs again and then his finger dived deep inside. He moved his finger in and out, and eventually found her clit. Cassie grabbed onto the sheets and enjoyed it immensely. After a few more minutes of fingering, her body shivered in a very satisfying orgasm.

He watched her breathing heavy, with his hand on her thigh. His cock was still hard, and Cassie knew she had to take care of it.

“Had you done it before?” Cassie asked, rubbing her hand on his leg.

“What?” he asked.

“What you just did with your finger?”

“No,” he admitted while looking down.

“You were good, you made me cum,” She told him, but he was still looking down.

Cassie got off the bed and stood in front of him, then went on her knees. She looked up into his eyes while her hands reached for his hard cock. He closed his eyes as she squeezed it a little, and felt himself getting ever harder.

Cassie stroked his cock as he looked down, then she wrapped her lips around the head. She moved her mouth over the entire length and stroked with her hands at the same time. In just a couple of minutes he shot off in her mouth. Cassie kept sucking and let him unload his cum all in her mouth.

“I am… I am sorry,” He said gasping. “I should have warned you.”

“It’s okay,” Cassie said clearly. “I already swallowed all the cum. I have always had great oral talents and really enjoy getting guys off with my mouth.”

She laid back on the bed and asked him to lie down next to her. His cock was going soft, so she put her hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat.

“Have you had sex before?” I asked him.

“No,” he replied softly.

Cassie was a little shocked because she wasn’t expecting him to be a virgin.

She moved her hand around his chest, feeling his body. Then she went lower, down to his cock and slipped it back between her warm lips.

“You are getting hard again,” Cassie said. “You have a nice cock Adam.”

Cassie was wondering if she should stop things, or go for more. She looked at him and lost all control. She grabbed his cock, moved over his torso, and lowered herself onto him. His cock was quickly buried fully inside her, and Cassie sat motionless, enjoying the fullness.

“Ah…” He moaned and opened his eyes.

“Do you want me to stop?” She asked.

He nodded his head and replied, “No…please don’t.”

Cassie put one hand on his chest, and kept slowly riding his cock. She enjoyed the feeling and hoped she could reach another climax, this time with him inside her. She felt pride knowing she was his first lover, but also some guilt because he was her best friend’s son. Either way, she was going to enjoy the experience, even if it never happened again.

“This time let me know when you are near,” Cassie told him. “Although I can’t get pregnant, I don’t want you to cum inside me.”

She bent towards his face, placing her boobs closer to his mouth. He licked each nipple in turn and fondled her tits. Cassie wanted to hold him off for a while, and had to sit motionless on him several times to prevent Adam from climaxing too quickly.

The next day, Jeremy and Hunter had an awkward breakfast, but then went on as if the previous day’s explorations had never happened. The two 18-year-olds spent the day outside, swimming, canoeing and generally enjoying the outdoors. Then, as the boys were having supper outside around a small campfire int he sunset Jeremy brought up the exploration.

“You know how you let me… explore your umm body yesterday?” Jeremy asked.

Hunter took a bite of his hotdog “Hmm. Yeah…” he said, swallowing “About that. Listen, Jeremy. I’m all for you being gay and all… But you can’t go telling people you sucked my cock or anything okay.”

Jeremy nodded a bit shamefully. “No, no! I would never.” Jeremy said, taking the last bite of his hotdog.

There was a short silence caused by Jeremy abandoning his effort to talk about the day before. Hunter finished his hotdog, then grabbed an other from the tray between him and Jeremy on the log bench they were sitting on.

“What were you saying? About you know… Yesterday.” Hunter asked.

“Nothing.” Jeremy replied.

“No, tell me!” Hunter insisted “It sounded like you wanted to say something.”

“Well…” Jeremy said shyly “I was just wondering if… if maybe I could um ‘explore’ again some time.”

“Oh…” Hunter said realizing he should have seen the question coming “I dunno…”

“Oh. Okay, okay.” Jeremy said with obvious disappointment.

Hunter felt bad hearing his friend so disappointed. He felt like being gay was probably really isolating, and he felt included by yesterday’s ‘explorations’.

“Well… I dunno.” Hunter said “I guess.”

Jeremy looked up at Hunter. “Really?” he asked happily but skeptically.

“Yeah. I mean, I guess.” Hunter said.

The boys finished their supper around the time the sky was dark. They stayed outside for a long time, just talking, until their week fire burned out. So they went inside and got ready to go to bed. As Hunter was climbing up the bunk bed ladder to go to bed Jeremy stopped him.

“Hum, Hunter?” he asked

“Yeah?” Hunter answered, turning his head to look down at his friend.

Jeremy gave a good look at Hunter’s muscular back and perfect ass that showed in the skin tight boxer-briefs he was wearing as pajamas.

“Umm…” Jeremy said “Do you wanna, maybe… Fool around a bit?”

“Now?” Hunter asked in a neutral voice.

“Uh, yeah.” Jeremy said with a small pause after “I mean, like, well… If you want I mean.”

“Um, I guess. Sure.” Hunter said stepping down a step.

Hunter came down from the ladder and swept his hand over his stomach. “So… Um, what are we doing?” he asked.

“Can I see you naked?” Jeremy asked, trying to work up slowly to his goal.

“Okay.” Hunter said as he reached for the waist band of his underwear. He pulled his down, revealing his trimmed pubic hair then, the base of his perfect penis. Finally Hunter pulled them off completely and lifted one leg and stepped out of the boxer-briefs, shacking his sack, which made Jeremy quiver. Hunter kicked the underwear aside and looked at Jeremy. Jeremy was stiff with desire as he looked upon Hunter’s body. He didn’t normally allow himself to want someone so bad in the locker rooms to avoid erections and such. But now, knowing he had a willing, and such an attractive partner, Jeremy’s whole body seemed paralyzed by desire. And right then, Jeremy’s penis hardened, making a noticeable bulge in his loose pajama pants. Jeremy bit his lower lip as he gazed enviously on Hunter body. It was perfect with it’s beefy structure; broad shoulders, sleek, defines abs, big biceps, nice legs, square pecs that were bulky and erotic, a big strong neck, a handsome, all-american face with clear blue eyes, and of coarse Hunter’s soft, but perfect, vascular penis. It was about four inches soft, circumcised with a perfectly rounded head that taped to a slight point, a smooth, pale sack that held an imposing pair of testicles that stretched the sac down creating a sexy sort of draping from the base of Hunter’s cock, which emerged from a perfectly kept trim pubis and happy trail that lead to his navel.

“Oh my god.” Jeremy said

“What’s wrong.” Hunter asked a bit nervous.

“Nothing, nothing.” Jeremy replied “You’re just so hot.”

“Oh… Um, thanks.” Hunter said.

“Can you… blow me?” Jeremy asked.

“Well… I don’t know Jeremy.” Hunter said as Jeremy bit down on his lower lip “I don’t think so… What if… just jacking off.”

“Anything…” Jeremy said meekly, happy to get Hunter to touch him.

Hunter stepped forward and came up to Jeremy “Okay.” he said as he brought his hands forward and pulled down on Jeremy’s waist band. The pajama pants forced Jeremy’s cock down as Hunter pull them down. But he did it quickly and Jeremy’ penis sprung back up with it’s 45 degree angle and its pale head. Jeremy stepped out of the pajama pants and pushed them back a bit. Hunter looked down at the aggressively hard penis and its upwards curve. He reached down and wrapped his hand around it. Jeremy’s penis was fairly big too. It wasn’t as thick as Hunter’s but it was just as long, maybe even a bit longer, it had a curve in it near the base that made it stand up at a 45 degree angle. Jeremy’s sack was loose and incredibly low from the summer heat, his cabin didn’t have air conditioning, it hung about five inches low, stretched as if the heat was pulling it down. Jeremy had curly, matted unkept pubic hair that was thick near the base of his shaft and thinned out as it spread onto his ball sack and up towards his stomach where it totally disappeared at the end of his pubis. Hunter gave a squeeze to Jeremy’s penis. It felt a bit squishy around the hard inner core. Then Hunter let go and put his hand on Jeremy’s balls.

“Ohhh…” Jeremy breather heavily “Wait.” he said “Can you um… Do you think you can fuck me?” Jeremy asked nervously.

Hunter was still holding Jeremy’s sack. “Um… You want me to fuck you. Like ‘put my dick in your ass’ fuck you?” Hunter asked.

“Yeah.” Jeremy said breathing in.

“Uuuhhhhh…” Hunter said letting go of Jeremy’s scrotum. He simply looked at his naked friend, unsure of what to answer. He saw Jeremy bite his lower lip, which he only did when he was very nervous or worried about failing something. “Umm…” Hunter said trying to figure out what to do. “Uh… okay…” Hunter said with a slight hint of disappointment that Jeremy didn’t catch.

“Okay.” Jeremy said as he got on the bed. He got on his back and spread his legs so that Hunter could get between them. Hunter got on the bed, between Jeremy’s legs. Hunter looked over his best friend, naked and horny, waiting to be fucked. He couldn’t believe it, even though he was going to be the one to fuck him. Hunter stood there on his knees above Jeremy for a while, just looking. He was starting to have second thoughts, but Hunter shook his head and step up to Jeremy.

“Okay.” Hunter said awkwardly “Do you have like a pillow or something to go under your ass?”he asked.

“Yeah.” Jeremy said taking one of the pillows on his bed and handing it to Hunter who place it underneath Jeremy’s ass when he lifted it up. Jeremy put his but back down on the pillow, which kept it at a good hight for Hunter to fuck.

Hunter took his semi-hard cock in hand and jacked it off until it got hard. Then he got closer to Jeremy and held Jeremy’s legs up so he maneuver his penis to Jeremy’s hole. Jeremy put a hand out and held Hunter’s penis, guiding it to his ass hole. Hunter blushed as he felt the head of his penis touch Jeremy’s anus.

“Do it.” Jeremy said, waiting for Hunter to push his cock in.

Hunter breathed in deeply then pushed his hips toward Jeremy and his penis went onto Jeremy’s ass hole. It was a bit tough, Hunter felt the head of his penis squish up a little as he pushed. So he pushed harder, which hurt him a little, as well as Jeremy it seemed, but his effort payed off and soon his cock pierced and the head of his penis went into Jeremy’s ass. Jeremy groaned and moaned, red faced and tense. Hunter stopped pushing.

“Do you want to stop?” he asked his friend who looked as though he was in pain.

“No!” Jeremy said “Keep going.”

So Hunter put a hand on Jeremy’s legs and pushed his penis further into Jeremy’s colon. He kept pushing, until finally he was all the way in. Jeremy breathed out in relief. Hunter could feel how tight Jeremy’s anus was around the base of his penis.

“Keep going.” Jeremy said.

Hunter listened and pulled back, then pushed his cock back in, making Jeremy moan.

“Don’t stop.” Jeremy urged on.

Hunter started going a bit faster, and he felt the pressure on his cock lessen a bit as he thrusted his hips, loosening Jeremy’s anus. Jeremy was still red faced and didn’t look to be enjoying the experience. But then he breathed out, and Hunter felt the pressure go down dramatically around his cock, and Jeremy seemed much more comfortable. Hunter was still going fairly slow, but with the release in pressure from Jeremy squeezing his anus, Hunter started thrusting his hips a bit faster. Jeremy started moaning again, but out of pleasure this time. He put a hand out on Hunter’s beefy stomach, feeling it, rubbing and squeezing it.

“Oohhh…” Jeremy said, almost relaxing “You’re my first.”

Hunter didn’t know what to say, so he just kept fucking Jeremy. Jeremy didn’t seem to mind, he just moaned and tilted his head back and pushed against the wall with an arm, as if he was trying to make himself sexy for Hunter. Hunter thrusted his hips with indifference. It did feel good, but he didn’t really want to give any indication of it, or seem overly gay, even if he was fucking a guy. So he simply thrusted hips, pushing his cock in and out of Jeremy, with slight resistance, but no real response. Jeremy on the other hand seemed to feel it very much, moaning continuously.

“Aaawww… You’re gonna make me cum.” Jeremy said, as Hunter’s cock hit his prostate, stimulating it with every gentle hit. “Aw! Go harder Hunter.”

Hunter put his other hand on Jeremy’s other thigh and started fucking the 18-year-old harder.

“Oh yes.” Jeremy said then moaned.

Hunter kept fucking Jeremy like he was and soon he was feeling the effects too. But before he could concentrate on himself, Jeremy started moaning loud.

“Awwwwaaw!” I’m gonna cum!” Jeremy said “Quick, fuck me harder!”

Hunter did, he sped up his thrust and now made a slapping sound every time his pelvis hit Jeremy’s ass. Then, Jeremy yelled out as his penis throbbed and shook before spitting out a few jets of cum that flew onto his stomach. Hunter slowed down as he saw Jeremy ejaculate

“No, don’t stop.” Jeremy said sounding out of breath.

So Hunter kept on going, thrusting his hips against Jeremy with a slap, shaking Jeremy’s body with every hit. Jeremy was still moaning gently as he had Hunter fuck him. Jeremy put his hand back on Hunter’s hard abs, feeling them stress and release as he pounded his pelvis against Jeremy. Now Hunter was feeling some pleasure. He made a frown to try and cast the feeling away, but he couldn’t help it. He could feel an orgasm coming in the distance. Hunter moaned a bit, still fucking Jeremy.

“Are you going to cum?” Jeremy asked “Fuck me until you do…” he said.

Hunter gave a soft moan, biting his lips as he kept fucking his friend. He moaned again, feeling the orgasm coming even more. Hunter leaned down and put a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and used it to help him pound harder. Jeremy gave a slight “ah” of shock as Hunter really began to fuck him hard. All of Hunter’s muscles tensed and twanged as he pounded almost furiously. He was moaning continuously now and breathing heavily.

“Aaaahhhh” Hunter said as he fucked Jeremy, nearing his climax.

Then Hunter felt his cock stiffen and a wave of relief swept through his body. “AH! Aaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!” He groaned loudly as he felt himself cum inside Jeremy, unable to pull out earlier. “Aaaahhhhh haaaaaaaaaa!” Hunter groaned as his muscled tensed more. Then his whole body loosed and he gave a final animalistic groan before falling over beside Jeremy with one of his legs over Jeremy’s and his body lazily splayed on the bed, intertwining with Jeremy’s. Hunter was panting and out of breath when he fell beside Jeremy, his muscular body sweaty and gleaming. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa….” Hunter let out in a final relief as Jeremy put his head against Hunter’s beefy pectoral and a hand on his stomach. Hunter didn’t resist, he was too exhausted, and soon he’d fallen asleep.

The light in the woods had gone and the camp fire was burning out.

“We should go in.” Spencer told Randy.

Randy nodded in agreement and the boys got up off the log benches they were sitting on and went into the old wood cabin they’d rented for a week. They headed right up to the sleeping loft by the ladder.

“I fucking love camping” Randy said taking his shirt off.

“Yeah man.” Spencer answered taking his shirt off as well “This is gonna be an amazing week.”

Spencer took his short off and put them aside. He was a handsome guy, about 6′ with broad, smooth shoulders, plump pecs and tight looking bulky biceps, defined abs and a perky bubble butt on his muscular body decorated with a line of black hair up his stomach which gloriously bloomed into a layer of beautiful chest hair. By all means Spencer was a hunk, but his friend Randy was a tall guy, about 6’2″, and was a handsome, dark brown haired beast of a man. He had broad shoulders built up with muscle, big, bulky arms with dense looking bicpes. Randy also had nice big pecs that had a space between them and smooth brown nipples. He had a beautiful flat stomach with decorate ridges over his abs and slick adonis lines leading to his penis. Randy’s legs were muscular and defined under the thick layer of black hair that covered them. But Spencer had a view of Randy’s back with was smooth and hairless, like his chest, and just as massive as the rest of Randy. A the bottom of his back a layer of black hair started to thicken as it covered his plump, round ass and powerful legs.

Randy took off his short and underwear, putting in a corner before lying in the only bed in the small wood cabin.

“Dude you’re gonna sleep naked?” Spencer asked looking down at Randy’s exposed penis, a soft uncircumcised 4 and half inch member crowned by a thick coat of trimmed, black pubic hair to match the one on Randy’ head and entire lower body, although strangely enough, not his smooth upper body.

“Yeah… I sleep naked. You don’t?” Randy asked as if he Spencer was the strange one.

“Uh, no…” Spencer answered innocently.

“Well, try it out bro. It’s way more comfortable, especially on hot days.” Randy said with a hint of nervousness.

“Oh… Um…” Spencer said reflecting Randy’s nervousness with a bit more obviousness “Okay, I guess.” And Spencer slid his loose novelty boxers shorts off revealing his smooth, sleek, circumcised cock and its perfect shapes hanging 4 inches down, over a round and plump looking scrotum with a sparse covering of light brown hairs, the whole thing crowned with a well trimmed pubic area covered with a dense, but short coat of light brown pubic hair.

As Spencer’s boxer shorts came off and the two 18-year-old stared at each other’s naked bodies a sexual tension started to ride in the warm summer air. Spencer just stood there, inspecting randy, as Randy inspected him.

“I’ve never slept naked with an other guy before.” Spencer said nervously.

Randy swallowed, but didn’t say anything. Spencer stayed standing in front of the bed, which consisted of a mattress on the ground, revealing himself to Randy, who he himself was revealing his body to Spencer.

Randy gave out a nervous laugh as he felt desire built up inside him.

“Um, your dick is getting hard.” Spencer said looking down at Randy’s cock as it stared standing up.

“Um…” Randy said as his cock grew to a semi-erect 6 inches and pulsated with excitement. “It’s um, just the adrenaline. From being in the woods.”

“Yeah… Yeah, I get it.” Spencer answered still looking at Randy’s semi-erect cock floating between his legs.

“Um… What’s the deal with the skin on the end of it?” Spencer asked as he sat down on the mattress “I’m circumcised.”

“Oh, Uh. It just pulls back” Randy said pulling his foreskin back with two fingers “See.”

“Yeah… …” Spencer answered. “What’s it feel like?”

“Uh… I don’t know. Normal I guess.” Randy answered “Just like skin I guess.”

“Can I touch it?” Spencer asked carefully.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.” Randy answered moving his hand away from his cock. Spencer reached out and put his fingers on Randy’s foreskin which had slid back over his penis. Spencer wrapped his hand around Randy’s hardening penis and pulled back to retract the foreskin.

“Wo.” Spencer said before continuing to slide his hand up and down Randy’s shaft. Then Spencer felt his own penis start to harden. “Umm…” he said pulling his hand away “It’s the adrenaline” Spencer said. His cock started growing and went all the way erect, standing strait out at 6 and half, maybe 7 inches long, beside Randy’s 8 inch member.

The two boys stayed quiet. Both of them stared at each other, drinking in the erotic beauty of each others bodies, all in an air of forbidden excitement and nervousness.

“Um… Can I feel yours?” Randy asked sliding his hand on Spencer’s thigh.

“Uh, yeah. Go ahead.” Spencer replied, as Randy wrapped his big manly hand around Spencer’s cock. Randy pushed his hand down the shaft of Spencer’s cock.

“It feels way different.” Randy said, pulling his hand back up. And as he did so Spencer couldn’t help but moan how god it felt to have Randy jack him off. Randy stopped, and looked at Spencer, who was bitting his lip out of embarrassment. So Randy sat up and flipped a leg over Spencer, straddling him on his hands and knees, face to face. They were both nervous, and Randy was breathing heavily. They knew what was coming now. Randy thrust his hips, sliding his penis across Spencer’s stomach.

“Ah…” Spencer said in a half anticipating, half pleasured expression. So, with that approval, Randy slid down and spread Spencer’s legs, getting between them with his fully erect 8 inch cock standing straight out, wet with a bead of pre-cum, ready to drip from the glistening head. As he stood on his knees between Spencer who was flat on his back with his legs spread and his cock sticking strait up, Randy felt a rush of desire. So he grabbed Spencer’s legs and pulled his friend up to him, before grabbing his cock and directing it to Spencer’s ass hole. Pulling the foreskin back, Randy stuck his wet cock between Spencer’s ass cheeks and pressed it against his hole. Spencer gave a small moan, and Randy started pushing his rock hard cock into Spencer. He felt some tension and resistance to his cock, so Randy pulled back. Spencer exhaled as the pressure on his anus stopped. But Randy put his finger against Spencer’s anus and pushed.

“Ah!” Spencer squealed as Randy’s finger pierced through. Randy started spinning his finger, loosening Spencer’s ass. Then, Randy pulled his finger out and steered his dick back to the looser hole. He pressed his cock against Spencer’s anus and pushed. This time, Randy felt Spencer’s hole stretch a bit around the head of his wet cock. Randy slammed his hands down beside Spencer and pushed hard with a groan, and his penis slid in past the head, with a bit of difficulty, and his whole shaft sunk into Spencer’s ass.

Spencer gave an other yell as Randy pushed in. But once Randy was in Spencer relaxed a bit, but was still panting, as was Randy. Then, Randy started pulling back, and sliding back in slowly. Spencer was frowning as Randy thrusted his hips. But randy kept going, and going harder and faster with every stroke. Soon a slap sounded with every hit of Randy’s pelvis against Spencer’s. The sleeping squeaked as Randy thrusted his hips back and forth, slamming them against Spencer. Randy pushed his cock through the friction of Spencer’s anus, tightly squeezed around his cock, but with Randy’s continuous thrusting, Spencer’s ass started to relax and loosen, giving Randy a much smoother and more pleasurable experience. Randy let out non-stop groans as he fucked Spencer, and Spencer let out the odd moan between the slapping of Randy against his plump bubble but and the squeaking of the sleeping loft.

“Oooohhh…” Spencer said reaching out and grabbing his cock. He moaned and started to jack himself off. Randy looked down at what Spencer was doing, still fucking him with intensity. Spencer slid his hand up and down his circumcised penis, quickly spreading the pre-cum that was leaking out of the head. Randy looked back up, getting into the zone of sort, so that he would only concentrate on what he was doing. But the exoticness of the moment wouldn’t let him go, and he was stuck giving the odd glance up and down Spencer’s sleek muscular body, whilst his shorter partner jacked himself off. And before too long, it seemed, Spencer started making different noises.

“I’m gonna cum.” Spencer said “Fuck me hard! And fast!” he insisted. So Randy picked up the pace and thrust his hips in and out of Spencer faster, and faster, with more force.

“Oh yeah!” Spencer said “Oh! Oooh! Oh! Ooooohhhhh.” Spencer was obviously getting near orgasm. “Faster! Faster!” he yelled at Randy. So Randy went as fast as he could, in a burst of strength he couldn’t keep up for long. Fortunately Spencer was at his climax before Randy’s burst ended.

Spencer yelled and, all of a sudden a jet of cum spat out of his throbbing wet cock and sprayed up into the air. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” Spencer said as his body twisted in ecstasy. The jet of cum went pretty high, before falling back down on Spencer’s leg, leading the way for the steady pushes of cum that preceded the final flow.

Almost as soon as Spencer had sprayed his first few jets of cum, Randy started feeling himself nearing orgasm. “I think I’m gonna cum too.” he said moving his hands up to hold Spencer’s shoulders. And with that he started fucking Spencer harder.

“Cum on, AH, on me” Spencer said as Randy pounded his cock into Spencer’s ass. Randy kept going, fucking extremely hard and very fast. He let out long groans as he felt his body getting ready to cum.

“Mmmm” Randy said, pulling out of Spencer. Randy pulled his hands off Spencer’s shoulder and stood on his knees, jacking off his hard cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth. “Ah” Randy said “Aaahhh” as his penis began to throb and pulsate with anticipation. Then, he felt it run up his penis and Randy yelled.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Ah! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!” he screamed as his penis shot out shot after shot of cum that sprayed onto Spencer’s pecs, stomach, and even reached his chin, which made Spencer let out a small surprised sound. As Randy’s jets got less intense after the first three, simply flowing out of his cock and onto Spencer, he sat down, and fell onto his friend.

“Mhffff.” Spencer let out when Randy fell on him. Then the beefy, and heavy, randy rolled off Spencer. Both the boys were laying there, covered in cum and panting like dogs. They didn’t say a word, and before they knew it, they were asleep.

Feeling confident, I suggested for all of us to go back to their hotel room. During the elevator ride things became aggressive. Our clothes ripped away from our taut bodies. Tom groped my ass forcefully spreading my ass cheeks apart. I could see Nancy’s massive globes full exposed and her top hanging from her neck. She had cornered Echo and the both of them began to wildly kiss and touch one another. Nancy’s arousal must have made her mad with desire by the way she pursued Echo.

While I watched them I felt a sudden pressure on my anus and I allowed toms coarse finger enter my rectum. He fingered my snug ass as he kissed, licked and bit my neck and shoulders. The combination of pain and pleasure made my fledgling cunt gush with wetness. He wasn’t ashamed of his actions as he continued to drive his finger deeper into my ass. I could feel his hard manhood grazing my stomach. He made me ache for it, and did I ever. My mind was reeling with all of the things my eyes were seeing and what my body was feeling.

By the time the elevator doors opened Tom had torn away my bottoms and Echo was topless, and Echo had apparently unclothed Nancy. We fumbled our way down the hallway to their room. As we reached the door I took notice of how Nancy and I were now naked and Echo topless. Tom’s hard cock was protruding from the top of his shorts and our clothes strewn across the length of the hallway.

We walked into the room and as the door shut behind us Echo and I noticed another, older, woman standing in front of us, naked. She handed us, Echo, Nancy, Tom and I drinks.

She smiled at us and said, “Hi, I am Kathy, Nancy’s mom. Drink up now.” Echo and I looked at each other completely perplexed.

Tom said, “Remember your email said anything goes.”

Echo then slammed the drink back and said “Whatever, let’s do this.”

I followed and slammed the drink back. It was pure vodka. It seemed as if it had immediately hit our system. Our stomachs were basically empty since we mostly talked during our dinner with Tom and Nancy.

Kathy, Nancy’s mom, was probably in her fifty’s, about 5’6′, with blonde hair. Her body was that of a mature woman her frame was medium built her eyes blue as ice. She was quite busty for an older woman, a full D cup. Her nipples were a mixture of red and pink and fully erect. My mind was racing as to what her plans could be for both of us. My clit tingled due to the unknown and potential pleasures this mature woman could teach show us.

Nancy grabbed Echo by the arm and the ripped away her bottoms off of her and pulled her to one of the two beds in the room. Kathy, Nancy’s mom, then took me by the shoulder and pulled me towards the other bed. I heard her say how we were both such sweet young things with gorgeous bodies. Kathy had her hand firmly on my ass while she directed me to the bed. I could feel my oily girl cum slowly glide out of me onto my thighs. The anxiety and the excitement overwhelmed my senses and sent my head; I am sure Echo’s as well, spinning.

Kathy grabbed my waist then ran her hand up and down my flat stomach. She mentioned how she loved my skin tone, my dark colored eyes. I felt a little helpless and aroused as she loomed over me. Kathy commented on my nipples as she swirled her fingers around them making them even harder than before.

I could see Nancy and Tom wasted no time as they began to explore Echo’s body. She had hardly made it onto the bed as they began to fondle, bite and pull on her tits. The way she was facing me I could see her wetness running down the inside of her thighs.

Kathy flipped me onto my side and explored my eighteen-year-old body. Kathy seemed fascinated on how taut and smooth my skin felt. She then laid me on my back again and began to kiss my face and neck. I wanted to reach out and grab her massive tits as they swayed over me. But, I wasn’t sure how she would receive this sudden act. I was more curious of what she wanted from me. It made me hotter than hell not knowing what she was thinking of doing to me. I loved being her sex toy and it made my cunt engorged with ache. Kathy’s hands and nails felt amazing as she raked them over my skin teasing me sending chills throughout my body.

Kathy then slapped my inner thighs saying, “Now be a good girl and open up for momma.”

She straddled my leg and I could feel her cunt drip wetness on my thigh. Kathy took her time examining my tits. She kissed my hardened nipples leaving her saliva on them. She then pinched, one at a time, with her nails and pulled on them hard making me shrill with pain. Kathy splayed my juvenile cunt open and rammed two of her fingers aggressively. She stretched me open so quickly I gasped with astonishment and awe. My instinct was crawl away but Kathy held me down by my shoulder.

Kathy said, “I told you to be a good girl.”

I witnessed Echo on her back on the bed next to me. Tom was eating her pussy at a feverish pace. While Nancy had squatted down over Echo’s face and tugged harshly at Echo’s nipples. A mixture of muffled moans, and shrieks escaped her mouth. As I watched all of this Kathy continued to forcefully fuck my fledgling pussy ruthlessly with her three of her fingers. Over and over I saw her fingers appear and then be enveloped by my cock hungry cunt. With every thrust my juices drizzled onto my inner thighs. Kathy then bit my tits and nipples so hard she left red teeth marks across my chest. I bucked, moaned and shrilled at what was happening to me.

Kathy said, “Moan for me baby girl.”

My hips moved up and down in unison with her every thrust of her wrist causing my clit to become engorged. She saw my delight and positive reaction to her aggressiveness.

Kathy said, “Oh, you like this don’t you little lady?”

Then she introduced a fourth finger to my eighteen-year-old cunt. Her thrusts were deep and unrestrained. Kathy would pause and then slap my clit with her sticky fingers and immediately return to force fucking. She repeated this over and over for some time.

I could still hear and see Echo moaning and breathing hard from across the bed. Tom sat up and grabbed her ankles firmly and thrust his hard cock balls deep into Echo’s inexperienced cunt. Suddenly, Nancy began to tremble and cum on Echo’s face and mouth. Echo squirmed as her screams of pain and rapture reverberated across the room. I could hear Tom exclaim how tight Echo felt on his swollen cock as he mercilessly fucked her eager little cunt.

Unexpectedly, Kathy whispered into my ear and explained how she loved how tight and wet my nubile pussy was and how it reminded her of Nancy at eighteen years of age. Hearing that pushed me over the edge and I felt me cunt spasm. My body rocked and my young cunt quivered violently as I began to cum on Kathy’s mature fingers.

Meanwhile, Tom continued to assault Echo’s cunt until I heard her let out a tremendous roar followed by a boisterous moan and yelled out, “I AM CUMMING!”

Kathy looked down at me smiled and said, “He’s going to fuck you two all night long.”

Her words sent chills up and down my spine. Tom pulled out of Echo and I saw a long stream of cum dangle from the head of his cock to her swollen clit.

Tom moved to the bed Kathy and I were on. He then hovered his cum covered cock over my mouth. I desperately desired a cock inside of me. I was like an untamed animal in heat. I wanted nothing more than to please and be used by Tom. I instinctively reached out and took hold of his manhood with my hand. I quickly and zealously licked and kissed his cock clean. Every lick brought a wave of bliss, as I could taste both of Tom and Echo’s juices. I abruptly became aware of how engrossed I was by the way the older couple was objectifying my body.

I barely caught a glimpse of what was happening to Echo. When I heard Nancy say how she wanted to taste Echo’s cunt. Echo moaned and pawed at Nancy’s head while it fell between her wet thighs.

Kathy stood up and walked away from the bed. I continued to swirl my tongue around the head of Tom’s still hard cock. I was amazed how he had remained hard after his terrific cum inside of Echo. I soon realized he must have take Viagra to maintain such and impressive erection.

As Kathy returned to the bed I propped myself on all fours and proceed to take Tom’s cock deep into my mouth. His balls slapped my chin with every eager thrust. I felt Kathy sit on the edge of the bed. Her hands touched my ankles then they made their way to my thighs from behind me. I felt an excruciating pressure on my pussy and then her four fingers forced my cunt open from behind. I gasped and my legs kicked uncontrollably.

As I sucked on Tom’s engorged cock and Kathy finger fucked my cunt my body responded by spilling more of my wetness onto Kathy’s fingers. Both my anus and cunt clenched and pulsed down hard. Kathy commented how she loved to watch my holes pulse. Kathy stated how she never had seen such a beautiful sight in such a young woman.

I was close to cumming, again with her finger driving deeper inside of me. With her free hand Kathy spread my lips open and her fingers continued to stretch my young cunt. My anus was pulsing wildly; my ass was now starving to be fucked. I writhed like an animal in heat as my ass was perched high in the air.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Echo and Nancy. Echo, on all fours, was being ravaged by Nancy mercilessly with a strap-on. Nancy yanked hard on Echo’s hair as if she was riding a horse bareback.

Kathy’s reaction to my anus pulsing was to tell Tom to finger fuck my ass. He leaned down, as I sucked and played with his balls. He rimmed my anus at first and then he inserted one of his rugged fingers into my anus. Kathy then spit onto my anus. I felt her saliva run down onto my already damp cunt. Kathy and Tom took turns finger fucking my little ass. Kathy then began to lick my anus and as soon as she moved away Tom would plunge a finger into my reluctant ass. I was in total arousal and felt overwhelmed by them tag-teaming my ass was receiving from Tom and Kathy. My legs began to wobble and my body to shutter as sweat rolled over my body. I panted a gasped for breath as I began to cum uncontrollably. I squirted my juices onto Kathy’s tits.

Kathy said, “Baby girl likes ass play and she’s a squirter too.”

My head was spinning from the hardest orgasm I had had in my young life.

I felt Kathy pull my legs, by my ankles, and my body dropped belly first onto the mattress. I felt her spread my legs widespread and tie my ankles down. Tom stretched out my arms and began tying my wrists. My body felt weak and heavy as I recovered from my tremendous orgasm. Allowing them do as they pleased. They wedged a few pillows underneath my tummy so that my ass was now perched up in the air. I was soaked in my own oily girl cum and sweat. My clit felt like a little hard cock starving for attention.

Once I was aware of my surroundings I tried to struggle free. But to no avail I had agreed to anything goes. I was gripped with trepidation as to what may happen next.

Kathy said, “Remember anything goes baby girl.”

I was aching badly to be fucked hard and deep. My struggle was only natural, my desires and wickedness made me obey.

I could clearly see now that Echo was still on all fours being callously fucked by Nancy with a large strap-on that could hardly fit inside of her. Her hair being yanked back so hard it made her spine arch as tears roll down her cheeks. As she moaned and screamed her breathing was shallow and wild.

I was brought back to MY reality as Kathy inserted something slender and cold into my ass. I felt cold lube being shot deep into my rectum with a syringe. No sooner had she removed the syringe that I felt two rugged hands on my ass. Abruptly my cheeks were spread apart fast and hard. My anus pulsed and spewed out some of the lube that had been injected seconds ago. I felt pressure on my anus as Tom’s eight-inch cock teased the entry to my rectum. With a tremendous pressure with one swift thrust Tom penetrated my ass and entered me balls deep with his first thrust. He entered me with little to no resistance due to substantial amounts of lube Kathy had injected into me. My strong legs shuddered from the jolt of his cock. I grunted and roared at the top of my lungs in delight.

Tom fucked my fledgling ass hard, deep and violently, as his balls slapped my clit. He thrashed my body repeatedly. He penetrated me so deeply it felt as if he was in my stomach. His cock was the most rigid cock I had ever felt. The veins of his cock rippled across the walls of my rectum. I writhed in extreme pleasure and pain. Kathy would slap my ass or pull my hair hard every time I let out a whimper, shrill, or cry. As Tom relentlessly fucked my ass he would only pause to let Kathy spank my bottom.

Kathy said “Stop whining you little bitch! Tom is going to fuck you like this all night.”

When Tom paused, to let Kathy spank me, she noticed that my anus was pulsing yet again. This allowed her know that I was close to cumming. She told Tom to fuck me even harder and deeper.

When I wouldn’t obey she shoved a black dildo into my mouth. As I gagged on the dildo, now deep in my throat, my body stiffened and wave of white heat rushed crashed over me. My toes curled and every muscle in my young taut body became rigid; my moans muffled by the dildo in my mouth.

Kathy said, “Look at the definition to her body and reaction, Tom!”

I heard Tom say that I had sprayed his balls with my juices. My cunt clenched and pulsed with pleasure as my ass writhed in agony. All I felt was his thrusts as my ass I was torturously fucked over and over.

Tom grunted aloud saying, “FUCK!”

I felt his cock lurch and throb as his seed flooded into my tight ass. Tom pulled out of me and I felt vacant. The pressure on my rectum subsided and Kathy removed the dildo from my mouth.

I was covered in sweat and felt faint. Kathy rubbed my back and then my ass as she rimmed my wet anus and rubbed my ass for a long while.

As my orgasm subsided fear and pain rolled over my nubile body. What had I got myself into? Regardless of the marvelous pain and delight I had received I was now fearful of what was next for us.

When Kathy finished rubbing on me I was still tied down and felt Tom’s cum trickle out of my ass.

Kathy said, “Let’s not spill a drop.”

She inserted a small two-inch butt plug into my sore rectum, filling me up once again. I could see Kathy now jerking off Tom while she continued rimming my anus with her fingers and toying with the butt plug.

Kathy kissed and licked Tom’s cock repeatedly. She seemed to love how rigid he stayed even after cumming so hard inside of me.

Tom moved away from Kathy and over to the bed Echo was on. I focused on Echo and I could see that she had now accepted Tom’s cock in her mouth. I was positive she could taste me in her mouth, as I was able to taste her on his cock when I previously licked him clean.

Nancy was still fucking Echo with the strap on. Tom was in Echo’s mouth while Nancy fucked her cunt with the large strap-on. It was a matter of moments before she would cum. The noises coming out of her tiny frame were a mixture of guttural moans and shrieks. Echo later told me she had cum three to four times by that point and her pussy was swimming in her own oil girl cum.

Kathy then began to kiss and rimmed my anus. Her tongue swirled around the butt plug she had previously inserted. Her tongue then wondered onto my clit, which was so sensitive and engorged. She untied my legs and arms. Then flipped me onto my back and hovered over me kissing and licking the sweat off of my tits. Kathy whispered how she loved my “Baby girl tits and my hard as candy cane nipples.” It rekindled my desire to be fucked by this mature woman and my wetness flooded out of me.

The pressure in my rectum mixed with the wetness of Tom’s cum, still deep inside of me, was intense. She touched her hard pinkish/red nipples against mine. Kathy then ran her hand up and down my flat stomach saying how she envied my youthful body. She then drove her head between my legs and flicked her extremely wide tongue onto my clit. Simultaneously pushing to fingers into me. I couldn’t believe how much torture and pleasure this lady was giving my nubile body. Every nerve in my body seemed to be on fire.

I looked over to see Echo on top of Tom. While Echo sucked and licking Nancy’s cunt while she stood in front of Echo and stood over Tom.

I shouldn’t have taken my eyes off of Kathy. She was now using the syringe again this time on my cunt. I felt the lube squirt into me cold and soothing. I was gushing with lube and my own wetness. She tossed the syringe and wrapped her arm around my leg and used her hand to rub my flat tummy.

The entire time she had continued to fuck my pussy with two fingers. But now she had dumped what seemed like a gallon of lube into me tight cunt. That’s when I felt a third finger stretch me open, then a fourth. I couldn’t even spit out a word as I was in so much agony and bliss.

Several unintelligible words escaped passed my lips. I stammered and my body shuddered from the pressure on my young pussy.

Suddenly she paused her attack on my pussy. Kathy pulled then pushed the butt plug, not enough to make it come out, but just enough to tease and stretch my anus. She refocused her attention on my cunt again starting with two fingers, then a third and a fourth. My toes curled and legs were pointed out as my back arched. My eyes rolled into the back of my skull when I felt it…a fifth finger enter me! Kathy was now fisting my tight and fledgling cunt.

I roared and shrilled! Throngs of agony rolled over my sweaty eighteen-year-old body.

I yelled out, “HOLY FUCK!”

My legs kicked and I squirmed as I backed away from her hand as it intruded into my cunt over and over.

My arms were still tied and Kathy was able to hold me down. She swirled her hand around inside of me twisting and turning her wrists again and again. My body bucked, lurched and became rigid as my cunt pulsed and attempted to clench down on her five fingers. I came so hard not a sound came out of me, speechless. My throat felt parched. Kathy had manipulated my body to cum three times in row while fisting me. I had never experienced this amount of hurt and pleasure in the same instance.

Kathy pulled her hand out of me leaving my little pussy sore and gaping. She then flipped me over onto my tummy and pulled the butt plug from my ass. Tom’s cum instantly gushed as it came out of me and it was still hot as it ran down my thighs and onto my tormented pussy. She drove her face between my ass cheeks, as she spread them open with her hands, and proceeded to suck and lick Tom’s seed out of me. Her warm moist tongue felt so good on my sore anus.

Kathy then moved over to the bed with Echo. Tom and Nancy moved over to me and lay on their sides kissing and caressing my body. Allowing me to catch my breath and recover. It took some time for me to gather my senses and that is when I looked over at Echo. Echo was covered in sweat. Kathy was now tugging on her nipples. I noticed some sort of restraint was now lying on the foot of her bed.

I then realized Nancy was kissing on my neck lightly and Tom was kissing my shoulders and collarbone. I loved the sensuality of being between man and another woman. I felt their hands all over my body exploring its firm feel. Slowly both of them moved there hands down between my legs and spread me open. Nancy seemed to love caressing my smooth tummy and commented on how firm and flat it was.

Then she moved her hands up onto my tits. She would tease my nipples making them hard while she lightly flicked and then pulled on them. The pressure and sensation to my nipples made me wild with lust for the both of them.

Part 1: Welcome

I drove into the parking lot and took a deep breath as I prepared to get out of the car, apprehensive but excited about my first day at my new job. It was my first day at St. Mary’s school for girls, where I would be Vice Principal in charge of discipline, a position I’d been accepted for at the end of the previous school year. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the principal, Miss Murphy again; she was beautiful, voluptuous, with long dark hair, and for my interview she wore a low-cut top that showed off her ample cleavage. I remember I had trouble not staring, and I swear a couple of times she caught me, and smiled knowingly. Despite the distraction, I must have interviewed well as I was offered the job a few days later.

Just the thought of her had made my cock grow and stiffen, and for a moment I contemplated rubbing one out now in my car so I wouldn’t be so distracted for the rest of the day. A glance at my watch, however, revealed I didn’t really have time.

I stepped out of the car and walked across the parking lot and through the grand entrance to the school. The corridor was deserted as I made my way towards Miss Murphy’s office along the marble floor. As I prepared to knock on her door, I hoped my hard-on had dissipated enough so as not to be visible through my pants.

“Come in,” Miss Murphy said, and I opened the door and entered her office. I was thrilled to see she looked just as hot as I’d remembered, again wearing another top with a plunging neckline, and again I could hardly take my eyes away from her heaving breasts.

“Good morning Mr. Johnson. How are you?” she asked.

“Fine thanks. And you?”

“Very well thank you. Please take a seat,” she said, ushering me toward the chair opposite her desk. “Did you enjoy your welcome to the school this morning?”

“My welcome? I’m not sure what you mean.” I replied, sitting down.

“There wasn’t a girl at the entrance this morning to welcome you to the school when you arrived?”

“No…” I said, intrigued by what she was referring to.

“I do apologize. This simply won’t do. Excuse me a moment” she said, and pressed the red button next to the microphone on her desk.

“Will Lauren Spears report to my office at once” she said sternly into the microphone. By now I was even more intrigued about what was going on.

“Lauren was supposed to welcome you to the school this morning. She’ll be here in just a moment.”

“Oh…OK,” I replied. There was supposed to be a girl welcoming me to the school when I arrived? What did that mean, exactly?

While waiting for Lauren, we made smalltalk about how we’d spent our respective summers. She told me she’d spent most of the time on the beach, and my head was immediately filled with visions of her in a bikini, rubbing sun tan lotion all over her exposed body. My hard-on started to return and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

Less than a minute later, Lauren arrived. She was gorgeous – about 5’2,” with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, and while her breasts were not the biggest they looked very pert under her shirt. She was wearing a ridiculously short skirt which must have barely covered her panties, and they showed off her smooth, tanned legs. I wondered how a skirt that short could be considered part of the school uniform, and I had to stop myself from staring at her legs. By now, my cock was fully hard again and I worried the bulge would show through my pants.

“Lauren, our new Vice Principal, Mr. Johnson, tells me you weren’t there to welcome him at 7:30 this morning as we had planned?” Miss Murphy enquired.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I thought it was 8:30!”

“I’m very disappointed in you, Lauren. It was a very simple instruction to be there at 7:30″

“But I’m sure you said 8:30, miss, because…”

“Are you arguing with me?” Miss Murphy said, now raising her voice.

“No miss,” Lauren replied meekly.

“Good. Now get over there and give him the welcoming we talked about”

Lauren nodded and walked over to me, smiled and then dropped to her knees. I couldn’t be sure what exactly was going on here, but I think I had a good idea. Lauren paused and looked back at Miss Murphy, who nodded her approval back.

Why was she on her knees right next to me? I was sure Lauren would be able to see the bulge in my pants, as my cock felt like it was going to burst out.

“Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m here to welcome you to the school,” she said, on her knees and with her hands now on my thighs.

“Hi Lauren,” I replied, my heart racing and my cock throbbing with anticipation.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to greet you earlier,” Lauren said, looking up at me with her big blue eyes and an anxious look on her face, as she reached over and unbuckled my belt. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“That’s…that’s OK” I replied. Lauren was now unzipping my pants as my ever hardening cock urged to break free.

“Lauren is a senior here,” Miss Murphy said. “In fact, she just turned 18 yesterday.”

“Thank you for being so understanding,” Lauren said as she reached inside my pants, then inside my boxers and deftly wrapped her soft, warm hand around my throbbing member. I was so excited I was afraid I might climax right away. I looked up at Miss Murphy and she smiled back at me. Lauren took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it slowly and gently for about ten seconds.

“I hope this will make up for it,” Lauren said as she lowered her mouth onto my cock. Her tongue swirled around my cockhead and she licked up the precum oozing from the tip. The feeling was unbelievable as this hot blonde teenage girl engulfed my cock with her warm, wet mouth. I still couldn’t believe it was happening, and for a moment actually considered it might be a dream, but the pleasure coursing through my veins from the amazing blowjob I was receiving from this talented cocksucker was so great and so intense that I realized it had to be real.

“I hope that does make up for Lauren being late this morning, otherwise she’ll need to be punished,” Miss Murphy said.

I couldn’t respond, and shut my eyes and enjoyed Lauren sensuously sucking my throbbing member.

“Will you have to punish me?” Lauren asked about ten seconds later, lifting her mouth off my cock for the first time. A string of drool linked her mouth to my cock as she looked up at me with those innocent, puppy dog eyes.

“No, it’s OK” I replied, putting my hand on her head and guiding her back towards my cock, pushing it past her lips and back into her mouth.

“Nonsense,” Miss Murphy said. “She’s been a very bad girl and needs to be punished immediately,”

“No really…” I pleaded as Lauren went to town on my cock, sucking it like crazy and taking it so deep into her mouth.

“Don’t worry, I have a feeling you’ll like what I have in mind,” Miss Murphy said, rising from her seat. She walked round to my side of the desk, and put her hands in Lauren’s hair and slowly lifted her head from my crotch.

“I want you to teach this naughty girl a lesson,” she said as she pushed Lauren onto her hands and knees, her ass closest to me. Her skirt was so short I could now see her panties, and didn’t have to wait much longer to see a lot more. Miss Murphy pushed up Lauren’s skirt and pulled down her panties to reveal her snatch. From where I was sitting she looked completely shaved and it was so inviting I couldn’t wait to see what Miss Murphy had in store for us.

“Do you want me to spank her?” I asked, assuming that was Miss Murphy’s intention.

“Spank her? I think we’re way past that,” Miss Murphy replied. “Mr. Johnson, I want you to fuck some sense into this girl!”

Lauren looked back at me, pleading with her eyes, and I felt sympathy for this girl who seconds earlier had been giving me an amazing blowjob. But I looked at Miss Murphy and I could tell from her expression that she would be very disappointed if she didn’t do as she asked; I was Vice Principal in charge of discipline after all. And if this was Miss Murphy’s idea of discipline, I felt I was going to be very happy working here. I got down on my knees right behind Lauren and held her ass with my left hand as I guided my cock towards her pussy with my right hand, the head of my cock touching her snatch, my precum mingling with her pussy juices. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Lauren gasped as I suddenly thrust my entire cock past her pussy lips and deep inside her her hot, juicy snatch. I couldn’t believe how tight and wet she was, and before I knew it, I forgot myself and was really going at it, pounding Lauren’s tight teenage fuckhole. Since she was dripping wet, I figured Lauren must have wanted it so I no longer had any reservations about fucking the hell out of her. Lauren moaned and gasped as I filled her to the brim with my member, and it often felt as if the head of my cock reached the very deepest part of her snatch. I relentlessly thrust my cock in and out of her for about a minute before Miss Murphy said something.

“Lauren, which hole is he fucking you in?” she asked.

“My…pussy…oh fuck” she moaned.

“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear,” Miss Murphy said, and I paused fucking Lauren to look up at her. “Lauren’s been a very bad girl and needs to be punished appropriately. I want you to put your big, hard cock in her tight little asshole”

“Her…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence.

“Not my asshole, please!” Lauren pleaded.

“How dare you talk back to me! I was going to ask him to be gentle with you but it’s clear you need a more severe punishment.” She turned to me and said, “I want you to ravage her asshole”

“Please no!” Lauren begged, but I was horny as hell and eager to both please Miss Murphy and take this opportunity.

“You heard what Miss Murphy said. You’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished,” I said, hardly able to believe the words coming out of my mouth. My heart raced with anticipation, and I slowly pulled my cock out of her, a trail of precum and pussy juices linking my cockhead to her pussy. I put my hands on her perfectly pert ass cheeks and gently spread them, revealing her little starfish, and I practically drooled at the thought of penetrating it in a few seconds. First, I slid my cock between her ass cheeks as if I were lining it up, causing Lauren to gasp. Now I was ready, whether Lauren liked it or not, and gently prodded her asshole with the head of my cock.

“Oh my God…oh fuck,” Lauren moaned as I slowly pushed my cockhead past her sphincter and inside her, stretching her asshole. Her hole was incredibly tight, fitting so snugly around the head of my cock that I wondered if I’d be able to push the rest of it inside her. Her ass was even hotter than her pussy, and already my cock was throbbing. The feeling was so good and intense I would have been happy to keep it there, but no way was I going to pass up this opportunity. My cock was dripping wet with Lauren’s pussy juices and I used that as lubrication, very slowly pushing my cock inside her incredibly tight hole. Lauren’s groans grew louder the deeper I pushed inside her.

“Does it hurt, Lauren?” Miss Murphy asked with a knowing smile.

“Uh-huh” she mumbled, biting her lip.

“Good. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson”

Once I had pushed the entire length of my cock inside her, I slowly slid it out, her anal cavity seemingly gripping it as if it didn’t want it to leave. No sooner had I pulled it out than I reinserted it, again eliciting a moan from Lauren.

“Please, it’s too big!” Lauren complained.

“I’m very glad to hear that,” said Miss Murphy, smiling as she watched me sodomize one of her students.

“Please!” Lauren begged again!

I knew I would impress Miss Murphy by being assertive, so I grabbed a handful of Lauren’s hair and pulled her head back towards me, and leaned forward so that we were looking at each other.

“Listen, you naughty girl, you’re going to take it and learn your lesson!” I whispered in her ear, loud enough for Miss Murphy to hear. I looked up at her briefly and, still smiling, she nodded her approval, her eyes fixed on my cock slowly going in and out of Lauren’s asshole.

I pushed my cock in and pulled out faster and faster, until I reach the point where I was slamming it deep inside her, pounding her impossibly tight asshole. Her pussy was tight beyond belief but this was somehow even better, and the feeling was incredible. Lauren was groaning and moaning all the time now, louder and louder, but I didn’t care, and with a handful of her blonde hair I pulled her closer to me, forcing my cock deeper and deeper inside her, brutally assfucking this gorgeous girl. I wondered if this was her first time taking it up the ass, and if she had done this before, I certainly couldn’t imagine anyone fucking her as hard and indelicately as this. The thought of taking her anal virginity pushed my ever closer to the edge, so I tried not to think about it in order to prolong the intense pleasure I was experiencing.

“You’ve been a very bad girl haven’t you Lauren?” Miss Murphy, who had been silent since I’d been ravaging Lauren’s asshole.

“Mmm-mmm” was all Lauren could say as I relentlessly pounded her tight anal cavity.

“I want you to say it,” Miss Murphy replied.

“I’ve…I’ve been a bad girl” Lauren groaned.

“And what else?”

“I deserve to be punished”

“And what’s the punishment you deserve?”

“I deserve to get fucked up my tight asshole with a big hard cock”

The feeling of my cock being so deep in Lauren’s tight teen asshole was so amazing I felt like I could stay there forever, but hearing Lauren talk dirty like that was too much to take and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Even if I wanted to slow down to delay the inevitable, her anal cavity was wrapped so tightly around my throbbing member that even the slightest movement would have brought me closer and closer to the edge. And what’s more, Lauren was now rocking back towards me, creating more friction and forcing me even deeper inside her. The realization that she was loving having me fuck her so roughly from behind was enough to finally push me over the edge.

With one final thrust as deep inside Lauren as I could go, I reached the point of no return. I paused my thrusting and held Lauren’s ass cheeks still, as my balls tensed up and my cock twitched and spasmed, splashing what seemed like gallons of hot creamy man butter inside her ass. I’d never felt anything as good as this. Lauren gasped as the thick jizz filled her anal passage, some of it being forced up and out, dribbling out of her pink asshole. I pulled out slowly and I hadn’t finished climaxing yet, so I jerked off over her, spraying a few more drops of jizz on her asshole and over her ripe ass cheeks.

For about 10 seconds, Lauren and I didn’t move, me on my knees and her on all fours, spent and breathless after such an intense fuck. Lauren’s asshole was red raw and stretched wide, and some of my spunk continued to dribble out of it.

“So, Lauren, have you learned your lesson?” Miss Murphy asked.

“Yes, Miss,” Lauren replied, wincing with pain, her asshole stinging from the pounding I’d just given it.

“Good. Now go clean yourself up and go to class.”

With that, Lauren got up, and without looking back at me, walked gingerly towards the door and left Miss Murphy’s office.

“The poor girl probably won’t be able to sit down for a few days,” Miss Murphy commented. “How was that?”

“I think I’m going to like working here,” I replied, and Miss Murphy laughed.

“I had a feeling you might. Here,” Miss Murphy said, handing me a tissue to clean myself up. I squeezed out another drop of spunk into the tissue and wiped up the rest before standing up and pulling my pants up.

“Do you know why she thought you’d be here at 8:30am?” Miss Murphy asked, and I shook my head. “Because I told her you would be. I just wanted an excuse to bring her in here and watch you punish her.”

“Wow…” I replied.

“I had to make sure you’re up to the job, and I’m please to say that you definitely are. And I don’t see any reason why punishing the girls can’t also be pleasurable for us”

“That sounds…great,” I replied, stunned at what I was hearing, but also delighted.

I’d been at the school less than than 30 minutes and already I’d fucked one of the girls up the ass, while my boss looked on approvingly, and it sounded like that kind of thing was to be expected of me. This was turning out to be a job beyond my wildest dreams, and as Miss Murphy led me to my office down the corridor, my head was filled with thoughts about the pleasures to come.

Several weeks had passed since my visit to the lifestyle club where I had met Jackie. I was in town to visit my mother during the week of my twenty-fourth birthday. It was a cold and stormy night in the Bay Area. My mother had suddenly been called away on an urgent trip and she needed someone to house sit my eighteen-year-old brother. I had watched the house while she was out of town on several occasions over the years.

My mom is single who has the added luxury of raising my brazen baby brother. Tomas who only turned eighteen a few months ago had since proven to be a challenge for her since the death of our father. Even Tomas’ involvement with a hockey team hadn’t taught him any discipline. It made sense that he needed supervision if only so he didn’t burn the house down.

Tomas is a cute shy boy; thick light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I often felt as if those eyes could see right through me. He reminded me of young Chris Hemsworth. During my previous house sits I would often wear reveling clothing. If only to bring Tomas out of his shell. Mom often explained how she thought I might be the only one to bring him out of his introverted nature.

Truthfully I had frequently fantasized about seducing my little brother especially since my frolic with Seth (Unicorn: Wonderstruck). On my previous house sits I would often wear very short and form fitting shorts with a sheer top, I would skinny dip in the pool or change in front of Tomas.

A wave of wickedness shot right through me once I realized Tomas and I would have Tomas to myself. As soon as I arrived at their home I threw off my skinny jeans, shirt and shoes. I took out the sheer white tank top I packed and pulled it over my head. I loved how it stretched over full tits and accentuated them. I decided leave my white thong on. Then I found the pair denim cutoffs. I looked in the mirror and noticed that my ass hung out of my shorts. It was time for some fun.

As I walked the hallways of the house I grew to love the feeling of the plush carpet between my toes and the house was beautifully kept as always. I heard a distant noise of disgruntled rock emanating from what had to be Tomas’ room. I walked to the door and peered in. He lay on his queen-sized bed with his headphones on and only a pair of shorts. I was intrigued by how well the hockey had toned his hairless body. I was amazed at how adorably hot he is. Perhaps I would have my way with little Tomas after all.

I knocked on the door to get his attention. He looked up at me in surprise. Perhaps it was my hard nipples jetting through my shirt.

“Sup?” Tomas said.

“Nothin’… have you eaten?” I replied.

“Yeah!” Tomas grumbled.

“Me too do you want to watch a movie with me?” I asked.

“Sure.” he said sheepishly.

At this point I figured he wanted company as much as I did. Either way I was fine with it. He plopped down on the couch next to me and I sat on the love seat with the ottoman pulled up to it. I made sure to make slow moves to draw attention to every curve of my body as I moved about the room. Tomas had always been soft-spoken boy.

As I made a bowl fruit for myself I noticed how intently Tomas started at my tits and long legs. I made sure to bed over while pretending to dig in the fridge for something else.

I made my way back to the living room and sat my bowl of fruit on the side table. I decided to hasten my teasing of young Tomas. I wanted a reaction anything. So, my decision was to get even more comfortable. I slid my denim shorts off. Making sure to bend over and give Tomas full few of my taut backside. If I had wanted a reaction I got one. He swallowed hard and his eyes widened. My thong was white, sheer and the strings minuscule. My shirt had crept up some exposing my flat tummy.

I sunk into the love seat with my fruit. Tomas for the next several minutes didn’t move he just gawked at me. The intensity of his gaze made me assume he was a virgin still. Then he began to squirm in his seat. I only dreamed that it was because he had an erection for me. How I yearned to see his young hard cock.

With my attention concentrated on Tomas I inadvertently fumbled and spilt fruit and juice all over my sheer shirt and tummy.

“SHIT!” I yelled.

I shot up from the seat and ran to the kitchen to try to clean up the mess on the love seat. My tits bounced wildly as I ran back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. I knelt down on my knees with my semi bare ass staring directly at Tomas as I cleaned up my mess.

I tossed the cleaning cloth and bowl into the sink. When I finished with the mess I had made I stood in the kitchen looking into the living room and noticed Tomas was gone.

“What the fuck is with this kid?” I thought to myself.

So I stomped off searching the house for him. I finally went upstairs towards his room. The door to his room was slightly closed. There was an eerie silence about the hallway as I walked ever closer towards his room. Once I got to the doorway I could see into the room via the crack in the door.

Tomas was naked sitting on the edge of his bed. He held a photo of Echo and I as he jerked off to it. Apparently I had a greater affect on him than I thought. His body was lean and hairless with a slight muscular build. His cock was engorged and seemed to be a nice six inches long about one and three quarters thick. “Not to bad for a boy his age!” I thought to myself.

His cock was leaking pre-cum all over his hand and down onto his balls. I was impressed with how he handled himself. I felt a tingle on my clit and a flutter in my belly. I became so aroused watching Tomas manhandle his juvenile cock. My arousal got the best of me and I moved my right hand onto my tummy. It is so smooth and tone. My left hand wandered down to my hip. I felt my cunt clench down hard as I witnessed Tomas punish his erect boyhood.

With my left hand I pushed the thin sheer material away from my pussy and began to message my clit with tremendous vigor. I moved my right hand up pushed my skintight shirt away from my body. I immediately caressed my firm breasts and felt my nipples harden. I felt as if at any moment I would cum as my eyes feasted on Tomas’s fledgling body. I bit down on my lower lip as to hold in any kind of noise that may try to escape my mouth.

Within a matter of moments all of my muscles tensed up. My legs spread open and my hips trembled back and forth as I began to cum. I had given into my insatiable urges to watch young Tomas masturbate. As I came a muted moan escaped my mouth.

This obviously gave me away. He looked up towards the door in total disbelief. I had but seconds to decide what to do.

I shoved the door wide open and stepped into the room. My shirt was draped over my tits exposing them to Tomas for the first time. My thong was down and to the side revealing my bare cunt to his young eyes.

I walked right between his legs. I pulled off my top and dropped my panties. Tomas reacted by leaning back in his bed. His mouth was agape in astonishment at my boldness I presumed. Could it be because of my body or had he not seen a fully naked twenty-four year old woman, I thought to myself.

I knelt before his taut juvenile body. Resting my firm ass on the heels of my bare feet. I tugged at my lip with my cummy finger tasting my savory juices.

“Don’t be embarrassed … I owe you after missing your birthday and embarrassing you.” I said.

“Oh…oh…okay!” Tomas stammered.

I lowered my mouth towards his hard cock. I cupped his balls with my left hand and the base of his nubile dick with my right. Taking a moment to lick the slit of his engorged cock. I loved how sticky and sugary his virginal pre-cum tasted against my tongue. He threw his head back and let out several grunts and moans.

I drove my head forward allowing his virgin cock to explore the depths of my throat. I couldn’t get over how rigid he felt against my tongue. The definition of his young abdomen flexed with ever pump of my mouth.

My cunt was saturated with my oily girl cum. I loved how my nipples grazed along the inside of his defined thighs.

Within moments of me beginning to suck his cock I felt Tomas’ body become rigid for a brief second then suddenly he dumped his hot boy cum into my mouth.

I pulled his throbbing cock out of my mouth. Giving it a lick with every single pulse. He tried to crawl back and away from me on to his bed. Only to have his lust crazed sister slither her way towards him. I was relentless and hungered for his virgin cock.

Tomas anxiously fumbled for words.

“I…I never…. have …done…this!”, he stuttered.

“Its okay I am going to take care of you baby brother.”, I said.

I continued to lick Tomas’ messy cock clean of his cum. I was in complete disbelief at how quickly his manhood sprang back to life. After only moments of me sucking, and licking on his penis he was in complete arousal. This exacerbated my own stimulation even further and I felt my cunt and anus spasm wildly.

Instinctively my carnal desire drove me to lurch on top of Tomas. I clamped my hands down and around his wrists securing him to the mattress. I wrangled the head of his cock with the folds of my cunt. I teased the head of his penis splaying my cunt open for him. He winced and panted with exhilaration from the pressure of my pussy on his fledgling cock.

I then mercilessly slammed my athletic body onto his crotch. Bring myself down with all of my weight and strength. His virgin cock effortlessly penetrated my soaked starved cunt. His six-inch long thick cock filled me balls deep. I thrashed Tomas’ virgin body like a crazed woman filled with fury. With every thrust of my hips Tomas lost his breath. The sounds emanating from me where louder and wilder than anything I remember in recent weeks. My tits heaved uncontrollably. My nipples where so erect they ached.

Instantly a flash of white heat shot from between my legs. My cunt and anus pulsated uncontrollably as eighteen-year-old Tomas brought me to climax. I panted as I attempted to regain my breath. To my amazement his dick was still hard. Tomas’s eyes were wide open and gazing at my tits as they jostled.

I let go of Tomas’s writs. I could feel his cock pulse deep inside of me. I knew he was near to cumming. I drew my hands up to my tits. They were ravenous for attention I tugged and pinched my nipples furiously. I brought my right hand to my mouth and let my saliva coat my two fingers. I then reached down between my ass and I rimmed my ass preparing it for self-penetration. With disregard for comfort I plunged them deep into my ass. As I swirled my fingers about my ass I simultaneously pulled on my nipples. I shrieked in pain. It felt as my ass and nipples were set ablaze with my own abuse.


My cunt clasped down on his young cock and I hear him groan aloud as he filled me full of his virgin seed. I slowly rocked on his cock making sure to milk every bit of his cum with my cunt. As I did this I proceeded to lick my fingers clean of my anal juices.

I slinked down Tomas’s body and cleaned his cock clean of his and my oily girl cum. His head tilted down at me, his eyes fixated on mine.

“I didn’t know it would be like that.” Tomas exclaimed.

He was so sweet, so cute, so innocent that it made my cunt shudder and I sensed his cum stream out of me. I proceeded to suck his cock relentlessly. His body gave way to moans and several uncontrollable grunts. My craving for Tomas was unquenchable. His body, mind and cock once again recovered from his prolonged orgasm quickly.

My animalistic drive made me feel out of control for my brother. I flung myself on him once again. This time my back was to his chest. Giving Tomas full view of my ass and anus. I gripped the base of his inexperienced cock teasing the head along the mouth of my pussy and asshole. Shivers rippled all over my body. With complete indifference I slammed my body down forcefully onto Tomas.

This caused Tomas to go rigid from head to toe. His hands landed on my ass. The power of his grip impressed me. I let out several uncharacteristically loud whimpers. He clawed his fingers deep into my firm backside. With every single bounce onto his cock my anus pulsed hungrily for attention.

“Finger fuck my ass!”

Without hesitation he forced two of his fingers into my ass. The sensation of his fingers was agonizing yet blissful.

No sooner had he began to fuck my ass when I began to feel a tremendous pressure building deep inside. He was going to make me cum again. My tits bounced wildly as I flayed his penis with my cunt. With both hands I cupped chest and pinched my nipples. My pussy cinched down on his fledgling cock as I felt myself squirt onto his balls.

Not seconds after my last cum my body was then again riveted by a third orgasm. The entirety of my body ached as it became taut and my hands immediately shot to hold my lower abdomen as it was rocked with wave after wave of pleasure. My spine arched and my toes pointed outward as it experienced multiple orgasms from my Tomas’ manhood.

As this happened my cunt had constricted on Tomas’s cock ferociously. This sent Tomas screaming in delight with several prolonged moans. His cum bathed my cervix entirely. I found his concern of him impregnating me to be completely adorable. I reassured him that wasn’t going to happen.

We both collapsed on one another. As our bodies languished from multiple cums I noticed Tomas was stirring about. He walked towards the hallway. I shot up and followed closely behind. His ass was mesmerizing so young taut and cute. He walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on as he stared in my direction with a coy smile.

I knew then this would be a long and pleasurable birthday week for the both of us.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older. Please comment and let me know what you think of the story. Thanks for reading!


Jason sat at the hotel bar and ordered a drink, not sure how many he would have before going home. Work had been tedious and long that day, and he wanted to delay going to his house. He dreaded having to explain to his wife why he missed dinner time. He sat with his first drink, considering making it the first of many, knowing he had money for a bus ride home.

He ran his hand through his dark hair, sighed, and took a drink. As he did, murmurs started throughout the bar, mostly coming from the tables behind him. Wanting to know what the commotion was about, he turned to check the entrance way.

Entering the room was a woman. This woman wasn’t ordinary. This woman wasn’t regular. This woman wasn’t domestic. The woman who entered the room was a vision of exotic perfection.

Jason’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped as the raven haired beauty walked in. He didn’t think voluptuous was a sufficient enough adjective to describe the vexing vixen, and he struggled to comprehend the crazy curves she possessed.

Clad in a skin tight black dress, the exaggerated hourglass on the gorgeous girl boggled Jason’s mind. Her legs were long and toned, leading up to a round bubble butt. Her rear end stuck out behind her radically, and her dress barely covered the ass lobes. Her curves came in at her thin waist, but expanded again at her terribly terrific chest.

The two outrageously large breasts the woman supported were impossible and impeccable. The volume and magnitude of her boobs could not be over stated, as they were more substantial than Jason thought breasts ever could be. The symmetrical roundness and perky lift they maintained was unbelievable, especially when Jason noticed she was missing a particular undergarment.

The outline of her perfectly shaped nipples strained the thin material of her dress, evidence of her lack of bra. Jason and everyone in the hotel bar could basically see her naked chest. Jason guessed bras may not exist for tits as huge as hers. He knew there certainly couldn’t be enough letters in the alphabet to accommodate this woman’s cup size.

Upon her face were high cheek bones, lovely full ruby lips, and a small nose. Jason wandered on her bewitchingly beautiful green eyes, seemingly an endless deep of emerald. Her stunning skin was tan all over, wrapping her body in sexy smooth sheen. The girl was smiling, showing off her straight, white teeth as she moved.

With a mesmerizing sway, the woman headed to the bar. Her curves stretched, bounced, glided, and danced; all eyes in the room were on her confident stride. Some women sitting at the tables sounded a quiet noise of disgust as they watched her absurd body advance.

The fantastic female pulled out a seat next to Jason, and sat down. She rested her gratuitous chest watermelons on the bar, displaying her deep cleavage cavern proudly. The titanic tits sat unabashedly, their immensity shamelessly in view. The woman seemed to pay no attention to the stares she was getting, surely from dealing with a lifetime of such behavior from others. Jason could not stop himself from gazing at the enormous chest entities beside him.

“If I don’t set my tits on the bar, I wouldn’t be able to reach my drink,” the lovely creature said to him, knowing Jason’s thoughts.

Jason floundered as he was caught off guard, not expecting the blatant openness about her body.

“Th-Tha-That’s not what I was thinking about,” he lied poorly.

“Oh please, I can’t go anywhere without everyone in the room staring at me. It’s okay. You can relax. It doesn’t bother me,” the woman smirked, knowing she had caught him in a lie.

“Okay,” Jason sheepishly responded, still uncomfortable.

He gulped down his drink nervously and motioned to the bartender for another. The man behind the bar poured a drink, but his eyes were focused on the huge rack to his left, rather than the glass. Jason had to stop him before the glass overflowed.

“Do you have a name, breast-gazer?” the woman asked with a playful tone.

“Jason,” Jason responded, his face red as he stared at his drink.

“Why are you sitting alone?” she continued, sounding interested.

“Don’t want to go home yet,” he answered, trying not to look at her gorgeousness.

The woman nodded as if she understood and motioned to the bar tender. She asked for a drink as the man behind the bar promptly glued his eyes to the rack sitting on it. He asked her to repeat herself and eventually got her what she wanted. Jason and the mystery girl sat in silence for a moment, before she turned to him.

“I’m surprised a handsome man such as you has reasons to drink alone,” she said, her stunning eyes flashing at him.

Jason didn’t say a word. He didn’t know if she was making fun of him or not. He just sat in silence as tension built around the two. He awkwardly asked for another drink and quickly downed it.

Time passed as he kept drinking, but he kept silent. He could feel her eyes burning a hole through him. They maintained the quiet facade for fifteen minutes, pretending not to glance at the other every few seconds. Jason tried to distract himself by watching the small TV in the corner. It did not work.

Jason repeated his drink process a few more times, until he felt properly lubricated. He felt so daring in fact; he thought he should ask one thing before he left.

“Can I ask kind of a personal question?” Jason tested, tipping his toe in the water.

“Go ahead,” the beautiful woman allowed.

“How did your…how did your chest grow so big?” he asked, his face turning red immediately.

The gorgeous girl flashed her brightly white teeth in a pretty smile. She gently extended her arm and rested a hand on Jason’s wrist lightly. She leaned towards him, granting a view of her gratuitous cleavage. Her answer was whispered as if it were a secret.

“I wished really, really hard,” she said with a wink.

Jason gave a small laugh and took a drink, leaving his glass empty. He motioned for another.

“So what occasion brings you to the bar, alone, today?” he inquired, feeling easy around her.

“I graduated today,” she beamed proudly.

“Congratulations. What college?” he questioned, putting the glass to his lips.

A perplexed look crossed her pretty face, and her brow furrowed. This was the first time she looked anything other than in control and perfectly poised. After looking at Jason with confusion for a moment, she responded.

“I graduated from high school today,” she corrected.

Jason’s mind exploded as he heard the words, and dropped his glass onto the bar. It hit the bar loudly, spilling the remainder of his drink. The bartender grabbed a towel and started to clean up, then poured another drink in a new glass. Jason could not hide his look of utter shock.

“You graduated high school today?” he asked, flabbergasted.

“Yeah, I’m only eighteen. Why do you think I ordered soda?” she revealed, lifting her glass as if the fact were obvious the whole time.

Jason had no idea how an eighteen year old could have such an amazing body. There certainly was no woman who could compare to this barely legal girl. Jason recovered as best as possible from the shattering news, but he was obviously shaken.

“After graduation, most of my friends went to a party. I came here,” the girl eased back into conversation.

“Why is that?” Jason quietly asked.

“My family is pretty wealthy and my future is set. I don’t really need to have a career. Since I don’t need to bother with college, I figured I should head out immediately and find a man to start a life with. That’s why I sat next to you,” she informed, her lips curling at the sides.

Jason’s eyes widened when he realized the girl was hitting on him aggressively. His mind raced with dirty thoughts for a split second, and shook them away. He was happily married.

“Uh, sorry, I’m married,” he said pointing to his wedding ring.

A small purr emanated from the young girl’s throat and her sultry eyes gazed at him. She lowered her stare and softly bit her lower lip.

“I know,” she darkly agreed.

Jason panicked. He scrambled for his wallet and pulled out all the money he had. Without counting, he left all the bills on the bar and got up. His head dizzy for a moment, a side effect of his drinks, he made his way to the hotel exit in long strides. He stopped when a lovely hand grabbed him from behind.

The girl from the bar tugged at him and was leading him where she wished. Feeling too fuzzy to pull away, he reluctantly followed her. They passed the hotel lobby and went down a hall way. Everything was happening too fast, and Jason just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

“Do you like having sex with your wife?” the woman leading him asked out of the blue.

“What?” he groggily managed.

“Answer the question,” she pushed.

“I don’t know. Sure,” he answered, paying no mind to the privacy of his sex life.

“Stop lying to me,” she sternly said, still pulling him down a path only she knew.

After one turn, the beautiful vision that was the eighteen year old stopped at a door in the hallway. She opened her clutch purse and pulled out a card key, still holding on to Jason with her other hand.

The girl flipped her raven hair and her pretty green eyes flashed back at Jason.

“I bet she makes you wear a condom,” she predicted with a look of disgust.

Jason nodded in the affirmative, feeling like he shouldn’t have betrayed the information.

“This is too fucking easy,” the girl smirked.

After running the card key through, the enchanting dream girl opened her hotel room door. Jason was pulled into the dim room before he had the chance to protest emptily. The door closed behind him and his body was instantly warm.

Jason’s body was pressed against an impossible female figure. The temptress held him against her, pressing her more than impressive chest between them. The chest pillows were incredibly pliable and mashed into his body. She must have been holding him incredibly tight; her breasts would have gotten in the way of him being so close to her form.

The girl turned her body against him and pushed her plump rear end onto his package. The two cheeks, thinly veiled by her dress fabric, caressed his bulge as she rolled her hips into him. Jason couldn’t hold back, and his erection grew fully in his pants.

“Oh, you like my ample ass? I love how far it sticks out behind me. Don’t you?” she toyed, feeling his growth between her lobes.

“I should go now,” Jason said as he pulled away to leave.

Jason’s momentum was used against him as his new companion swung him around and pushed him on the nearby bed.

In one swift motion, the eighteen year old goddess pulled off her thin, tightly-clad, black dress. Jason perceived the heavenly reveal in slow motion.

The dress rose over her first major curve, teasing her hips as her clean snatch appeared. The smooth slit was pink and perfect, looking invitingly warm. Jason’s mind raced as he lusted for it.

The fabric released its hold of her full ass lobes, and the cheeks rippled slightly as they bounced free. Jason could see clearly that the sides of her ass cheeks were visible from her front. She was gifted with a truly spectacular rear end.

More flesh appeared as the dress went up, revealing her tight body. Her tummy was lean and fit, with a perfectly small navel. Her toned stomach was sexier than any supermodel’s that Jason had seen.

Only a small portion of her mid-section could be seen due to the eclipsing effect of the teenager’s prized asset. Jason inhaled as his eyes were treated.

The dress pulled up and over the two absolutely obscene teenaged tits, finally displayed in all their glory. The funbags looked heavy and full, but were as perky as a teenager’s breasts should be. Her Hershey kiss shaped nipples were a light rosy shade, and her areolas were round as a circle. The outrageous rack stretched out for more than two feet in front of her, and Jason thought that was a conservative estimate.

The most perfect breasts to ever exist were in front of Jason, and they were more beautiful than anything he ever imagined.

Before Jason could react and recover from his rough landing, the seductress was upon him, tearing off his collared shirt. When his muscled top-half was exposed, she tore his belt away and started unbuttoning his slacks.

“Are you real? Does that body really exist?” Jason asked, actually questioning his sanity.

His questions were left unanswered as he was relieved of his boxers and pants, letting free his manhood. The girl’s sultry demeanor was interrupted when his member flopped into the open. Her eyes stared blankly and her jaw dropped.

“…What!?” she exclaimed in surprise.

Jason craned his neck to see what caused her declaration. He saw her staring at his cock, seemingly confused. Her brow rose and her expression was that of shock and awe.

“Is this your dick?” she questioned in disbelief.

Jason only nodded in response.

“This is the fucking longest dick I have ever seen. It’s more than a god damn foot long! How the fuck did you get a penis so enormous?” she honestly asked, eyeing the tool.

Jason could feel his already hard member become more rigid at her amazement.

“This is the most absurd cock I have ever seen. I didn’t know dicks got so big. This thing is fatter than my forearm!” she examined, amazed at Jason’s penile girth.

The impressed girl took the mighty mast in her hand and stroked it a few times. Jason flinched as she touched him, pings of pleasure covering his genitals. The girl flipped her hair and lowered her face down to the large log. Jason’s engorged head was near her lips, and he could feel her breath. She flashed her pretty green eyes up at him and smiled.

The eighteen year old pushed her ruby lips past his head, inviting the member into her warm mouth. Jason gasped as her descent on his shaft brought more of him into her wet oral cavity. She wetly swallowed the impressive dick, until it hit the back of her throat. Right as Jason thought she could fit it in no further; she shoved her lips past the last inches and formed a seal at his base.

“How the fuck can you get my entire dick in your mouth?!” Jason excitedly asked, loving the tight seal she had on him.

The teenager answered by sucking his cock, creating a tight suction. Her eyes became red and welled with tears as his throbbing head scratched the back of her throat. Her skill was unmatched, and she was going to prove it.

The young slut slipped up the colonnade with blurring speed, and plummeted back down, engulfing the prick quickly.

“OH GOD!” Jason elatedly sounded.

The teenager he met less than an hour ago was giving him a blow job better than he ever could have imagined. She coated the cock with her saliva, making it slippery and wet. She teased the underside of the shaft with her tongue as she stuffed it in and out of her mouth. She moved up and down the dick with furious intent, sucking intensely. The head punched the back of her throat as she worked, causing her gags to send vibrations of pleasure through the mast.

Jason felt as if he couldn’t feel better, and his partner swooped under his cock. She gripped the shaft and jerked it while her mouth made its way to a big, round testicle. She sucked on the heavy orb and teased it with her tongue, savoring the salty flavor. She moved her efforts to the next ball, sucking more intensely.

“I’ve never had my balls sucked! You are incredible,” Jason complimented, basking in the pleasure of having his nut sack polished.

The nameless girl continued her blow job, licking and sucking appropriately. She periodically would return to Jason’s ball sack to treat him with a tongue bath. His ecstasy was immense, and he could not hold back forever.

Before he mentioned he was close to finishing, the teenager pulled away from his throbbing member. She straightened her back and sat her gorgeously grotesque globes on his thighs. The chesticles were warm, and she inched them closer to Jason’s cock.

Jason gasped as the funbags encased his entire penis, wrapping him in warm perfection.

“Oh my fucking god. OH FUCK!” he shouted as the girl started bouncing her titties slowly.

“Do you love it? Do you love having that fat dick stuck between my giant knockers?” the titty-fucking girl asked.

“It feels so damn good!” Jason answered as her softness surrounded his prick.

“Your wife can’t titty-fuck you, can she?” Jason’s partner asked, moving up and down his member.

“No! Her chest is so fucking small! She has no tits!” Jason complained.

Jason’s partner pressed her tits together firmly and juggled them around his nearly bursting cock. The soft and bountiful flesh drowned his entire dick, imprisoning him her monster mammaries. She felt every throb and every jolt sent through the turgid dick as she bounced the big breasts violently. The slut wanted nothing more than to bring her man to orgasm with her insane titties.

Her nipples blurred as the speed of her titty juggle increased, racing toward the end of Jason’s limit. She kneaded her orbs upward, desperately trying to coax the semen from his penis. It wouldn’t be long before she succeeded.

Jason felt pressure building down below, and his muscles began to lock. His cum was boiling in his balls, begging for release. His already diamond-hard dick stiffened, a warning of his impending climax.

“Are you going to cum, baby? Are you going to blow a massive load for me? Are you going to reward me with a truly huge fountain of jizz? That would make me so hot,” the newly graduated girl devilishly smiled.

“I am! I can’t hold my load back! Your tits feel too fucking awesome!” Jason shouted as her breast cage brought him to his pinnacle.

Jason’s broad head popped out from underneath the cavernous cleavage, swollen to the breaking point. The young woman he met less than an hour ago vigorously rubbed her breast velvet around his shaft. The unbelievable texture coaxed Jason’s jizz.

“I’M CUMMING!” he bellowed.

The girl whose name Jason did not know smiled, just in time to catch the first long and thick rope of cum fired from the turgid tool. The forceful jet splattered across her lower face, coating it in pearly fluid.

Jason’s second shot was bigger than the first, and cannoned on to his partner’s forehead and face. His first two shots covered her face completely, and he was nowhere near done.

Pulling it from her tit cage, Jason’s new slut jerked his cock as he spurted out streams of spunk on the shelf-like rack in front of him. His waves of semen coated each tit, pumps of juice firing at each great globe. Splashes of his seed painted the sexy young girl, a true masterpiece once finished. The girl kept grinning the whole time she was covered.

Jason collapsed on the bed when he was spent, the best orgasm of his life taking the wind from him.

“I’ve never seen so much cum! You messed me up, hunk. Look at me. I’m drenched in your spunk. That was a juggernaut jugger-nut. You baptized me in cum,” the nameless girl delightedly observed.

Jason looked at the girl he had blanketed with ejaculate. His white sperm dripped from her face to her chest, a beautiful waterfall of cum. His eyes widened as he watched the unbelievable show that began.

The girl scraped the viscous cum from her breasts with her hands, and licked her fingers clean of the sperm. She licked her lips, getting another mouthful of thick spunk. Her fingers ran down her face, cleaning it of cum after several swipes, and she swallowed all of the delicious love juice she collected.

Jason was amazed with the enthusiasm the young woman drank his cum with. She sensually indulged in his seed, loving the taste and texture. Her show took time due to the volume of jism coating her, but eventually she was clean. Her skin was left with a slight glisten.

“That is the tastiest jizz ever. You should be proud of what those heavy balls produce,” the newly clean woman divulged.

The naked woman suddenly hopped onto Jason, straddling him. Her thighs were warm on his lap, and the bottom of her big butt rested on him. She traced the muscles on his abdomen with her fingers, and slowly descended to his southern region.

The fingers circled and teased around his genitals, but never touched Jason’s most sensitive spot. He groaned as he longed for her touch, and his flaccid member began to rise. Smiling victoriously, the young woman slapped the hardening dick to her clit.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe this cock is going to fit inside me. Maybe it won’t. Maybe you will break my itty bitty cunt with your tree trunk tool,” she suggested as shocks of pleasure shot through her.

Jason had grown to full mast, his erection throbbing for his partner’s warm snatch. The turgid shaft was broad and threatening, and the young woman became wet at its sight.

Jason could feel his temples pounding as he burst with anticipation. The teenaged girl lifted herself, and placed Jason’s head at the opening of her hot slit. Jason could feel the warm wetness at the tip of his penis, right before his sex life changed forever.

The balloon breasted, bubble butted, eighteen year old slut lowered her pussy onto Jason’s massive meat.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, OW, OW, OW, FUCKING OW!” the young woman shrieked as she forced his thick head inside of her.


Despite the pussy-stretching colonnade punishing her twat, the girl continued her descent on Jason’s enormous erection. Her pretty face contorted in agony as she sheathed more of his sword inside her, the feeling of being full overwhelming. His tip began pushing against her cervix, but she was determined to fit all of him in.

“THIS COCK IS A GODDAMN THIRD LEG!” she lamented, giving her hips a final push.

The warm cunt pressed down and enveloped the last inches of the mighty member. Jason’s prick was fully encased in the warm walls, which were stuck to his cock so tightly. He groaned in pleasure when she took all of him inside her, never before being so deep in a woman.

The girl on top of Jason took several heavy breaths, as if she were about to do heavy lifting. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, causing pleasant looking ripples to shake her tits. When she was prepared, the impossible girl initiated the impossible fuck.

The teenage girl rolled her hips for the first time, slowly working Jason’s cock. The young temptress clenched her teeth as the humongous dick punished her cervix, loving the mix of pleasure and pain it caused. She slowly worked up to a rhythm, steadily riding the beast with which she was stuffed.

“How do cocks get this big? Your schlong is the longest and thickest I have ever seen or heard of,” she honestly wondered, cracking a gleeful smile.

“I can’t stop myself from being huge when you come at me flashing your fucking gargantuan jiggling tits and your sinfully young cunt. I can’t keep my massive cock down when you grind your big bubble butt against me,” he answered as she rode him.

“Your dick is bulging uncontrollably. It is bursting. I can feel every vein pulsing on your cock. I bet you haven’t fucked your wife in so long,” she guessed, grinding her hips down on him.

“She can’t take my dick. She says it hurts. It is too much for her,” Jason illuminated.

Hearing she was riding a penis that was too big for Jason’s wife to handle made the nameless girl hornier. She coated his shaft in wetness as she brought her steady gyrating to a faster pace.

“Oh god. You poor thing. What a dumb bitch. She has been gifted with being able to fuck the biggest fucking fuck-log, and she can’t even take it. Your dick does hurt. It hurts so good. No wonder you wanted to fuck me so badly,” the bouncing girl noted.

“Your pussy is so damn narrow. I have never had a slit grip my dick like this,” Jason complimented.

“I can take this brobdingnagian beater. I love your tool. I only want this one,” Jason’s lover said, assuring her superiority over his wife.

The nameless girl was a blur as she worked on top of Jason. Her flabbergastingly hefty knockers collided with her pretty face as she sprung up and down. The two funbags’ elasticity and dynamism waved to and fro, rebounding wonderfully and fluidly. She looked down at Jason and saw him admiring her outlandish orbs. The girl grabbed Jason’s hands and pressed them to her jumbo juggs.

Jason gasped as her supple and plentiful flesh was put beneath his fingers, her hard nipples grazing his palms. His hands clamped on the beautiful breasts, and his fingers dug into the seemingly endless fleshy tissue. The wonderful feeling under his fingertips encouraged Jason to roughen his groping, and he mashed the tits together.

“It’s so fucking stupid. It’s so goddamn dumb. Who the fuck has titties like these? My rack is so ridiculously round. My chest lobes are so ludicrously large. My hooters are so hilariously huge. Do you know of anyone who has tits so fucking huge it’s hilarious? So fucking colossal it’s comical?” she bragged, her self-praise making her hotter.

“I don’t know anyone who has funbags like yours! They are the fucking best big boobs!” Jason confessed, kneading the breast-shelf roughly.

“That’s the thing, baby. My tits aren’t just big. They are fucking tremendously, troublesomely titanic. They are mammothly, monstrously massive. These chest pumpkins are gigantically, gargantuanly gross. My baps are wonderfully, whoppingly whale-sized. It must be a fucking medical condition. And I will never get treatment,” the slut informed with superiority, her fucking intensifying.

Jason didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how a woman could naturally grow breasts so crazily mountainous. He couldn’t understand how and eighteen year old girl could possess such preposterously proportioned mammaries. He couldn’t understand how a slut could have genes that let her boobs mature so astronomically astoundingly.

Jason didn’t care how it was possible. All he cared about was the excessively enormous udders he was palming were his to do with as he pleased.

Grabbing the undersides of the heavy hangers, Jason leaned upwards. He craned his neck toward the girl’s left chesticle, and pushed her pink nipple past his lips.

“Suck that giant tit, baby,” Jason’s lover approved as pings of pleasure shot up from her breast.

Jason sucked on her nipple ravenously as he gripped both baps. His tongued circled around her areola and flicked her teat. Jason knew his work was good when he heard enraptured female cries, and moved to the right nipple.

“I love how you suck on my titties,” she praised as Jason worked his mouth.

Jason bent his knees and shifted his weight. Remaining inside the young woman and firmly stuck to her breast, he pushed her on to her back and took the dominant position. The buxom beauty laughed out loud with her legs in the air, knowing he had surrendered completely to her. He wanted all of her he could take. Jason pushed his pelvis forward, shoving his massive member deeply against her cervix.

“That’s it, my married man. Fuck my pretty pink pussy. Punch my pussy with your unforgiving fuck-stick. You wanted it since you first saw me,” she said, enjoying being used.

Jason drove into the teenaged crevice with extreme fervor. The warm snatch coated his shaft in wetness as he slipped in and out of her. His partner took extra pleasure from feeling his large, clean nut sack slap against her asshole as he pummeled his schlong into her. Her weighty whoppers continued to wallop her face as they wildly recoiled.

The recent high school graduate felt her pleasure bubbling inside her, boiling closer and closer to the limit. Warmth spread to her extremities and signals of bliss shot through her as the strange, older man spread her crevice with his pole. The young slut knew her body well, and knew her hot and married man was bringing her close to orgasm.

“Oh hunk?” she sweetly called, biting her finger tenderly.

“Yeah?” he responded, still driving deeply into his lover.

“I really think you should cum inside me,” she suggested in a playfully innocent tone.

“I don’t know..,” he hesitated, still pounding into the tight cunt.

“You should. You should cum inside me now,” she pressured, slowly wrapping one leg around him, then the other.

“You could get pregnant,” he protested, thrusting harder.

“Fuck yeah I could. I could get so fucking pregnant. I want you to make it happen. I want you to impregnate me. Go ahead, knock me up,” she grinned evilly.

“I just met you an hour ago..,” he still resisted while his gallop sped up.

“That makes it better. That’s why you have to do it. It will feel so good to cum inside me with your married schlong. I promise you have never felt anything like it before. Cumming inside a fat-tittied, eighteen year old slut while you betray your wife will blow your mind. Impregnating a sexy seductress you met an hour ago while your wife waits at home is so hot. You had no idea I existed an hour ago, and now you are about to impregnate me. I know you think you shouldn’t. I know you think it isn’t fair to your wife. But you need to do it. You need to bury your seed in my fertile belly. You need to,” she insisted.

“You’re only eighteen,” he tried to argue, ramming the young cunt faster.

“I have more money than I will ever need. Our family will be secure forever. All you have to do is fuck your creamy cum into my teenaged body,” she assured with a daring smile.

“I don’t know you..,” he still tried to protest, fucking his lover like a bucking bronco.

“I promise if you do it, I will tell you who I am. Make me pregnant and I will tell you,” she offered.

“You promise?” he said, his resolve breaking.

“Absolutely. Do it stud. Make me mother your children. Father my kids. Fuck your babies into me,” she encouraged with a wicked smile.

“I want to. I want to cum inside you,” he admitted, her warm walls hugging him more snugly.

“I know. I know you do. My cunt is just too tight. No one could blame you. Not even your pathetic wife. Now, go on. It’s okay. Bust a nut so far up my tummy I feel your babies kick tomorrow,” the temptress suggested, sounding like a command.

“What the fuck? Who says things like that? Who says things like that to a married man? It makes me so fucking horny and I didn’t even know it could. An hour ago I had no idea knocking you up could get me so fucking worked up. I admit it. I want to knock you up. I don’t know who the fuck you are, and I want to cum inside your eighteen year old, unprotected cunt. I’m gonna do it,” Jason said, his body tensing.

“Of course you are! All you know is that my snatch is tighter and warmer than your wife’s. My face is prettier and sexier than hers. My body is curvier and tighter than hers. My tits are bigger and better than hers. My ass is plumper, bubblier, and rounder than hers. That is enough reason to give me all of your seed. Fertilize me, baby. Breed me. Make me barefoot and pregnant,” the nameless slut lectured, her hips grinding ravenously.

“I’m gonna blow my load inside you!” Jason warned, his cum boiling in his balls.

“Soak my womb in baby batter! Drench my insides with spunk! Coat my cunt in seed! Make my tight and taught tummy incredibly fat with babies! Make my planet-sized udders swell with milk! MAKE ME FUCKING PREGNANT!” the enraptured girl screamed, tipping over the edge.

“TAKE ALL OF MY CUM, YOU FERTILE SLUT!” Jason yelled, his first orgasm contraction beginning.

Jason’s cock cannoned his first rope of jizz into his lover, splattering against her cervix. The woman shouted as she felt his jizz hit her insides, and squeezed his torso in between her thighs. The succeeding pumps of cum barreled into the fertile slut like a rushing river, a powerful torrent of life-giving seed. Jason could feel his balls contracting up and down as he fired his shots of thick, molasses-like cum, certainly making the most intense orgasm he ever reached.

Jason’s young lover exploded in euphoria over his erection, orgasming harder than she ever had. His sticky cum powerfully projected into her, which made her orgasm intensify. The feeling of his warm jism firing against her womb made her mind race in passion. She felt every wet glob that spurted inside of her, loving all of her man’s ball bisque.

It seemed like minutes passed before the two climbed down from their ultimate bliss. Jason collapsed onto his lover’s pillowy bosom, resting on their soft texture.

“I’m so proud of you,” the seductress encouraged, “Was I right? Did your married cock cum harder than ever before?”

“Yes,” Jason breathed, “you were so fucking right.”

“Of course I was,” she victoriously laughed.

“You said you would tell me who you are,” Jason remembered, still resting on her giant boobs.

“You know who I am, stud,” she answered.

Jason looked at her, perplexed. He didn’t remember her telling him a name. He knew he had a few to drink, but couldn’t recall her saying her name.

“Who are you?” he asked.

The teenaged slut Jason had just impregnated leaned up on her elbows slowly. She ran her fingers through his hair and looked him directly in the eyes.

“I’m your breeding slut, Jason,” she tenderly revealed, gazing at him warmly.

“I thought you were going to tell me your name,” Jason said in dissatisfaction.

“Don’t sound so disappointed. You wanted to know who I am. I am your breeding slut. Anytime you want to drain your balls? I’ll be there. Anytime you need to fuck humongous titties? I’ll be there. Anytime you want to knock up a strange, young slut? I’ll provide you with one if I’m already pregnant. If you fuck me like you just did whenever I need it, I will give you everything you want. I am your breeding slut. That is who I am to you. That is much more than just knowing my name,” she honestly told him, softly placing her hand on his cheek.

“This is the first time you actually sound sweet,” Jason smirked.

With a popping sound, Jason’s breeding slut removed herself from his waning prick. She turned on the bed and got on all fours. Her plump and round bubble butt displayed marvelously as Jason gazed at her rear end.

“Would a sweet sounding girl say ‘Plow your married dick in my ass until you pack it with jizz?’” she teasingly questioned.

The incredibly nasty command made Jason instantly rigid, and he placed his member right at the tiny back door entrance.

“Not yet,” the girl informed, “put your tongue on it.”

She parted her magnificent ass cheeks to reveal her small asshole. It beckoned to Jason and he lowered his face in between the firm butt portions. With nervous excitement, he stretched out his tongue towards the tiny orifice. His dick pulsed as his tongue found his partner’s tasty hole.

“Oh my! Oh fuck! A married man is licking my young asshole! It feels so good!” the bent over girl exclaimed.

Jason had never tasted an ass before, but this one must have been the most delicious. He lapped at the tight hole, circling and flicking his tongue.

As she was being licked, the teenager squealed in pleasure. She flexed her preposterous posterior, gripping Jason’s face between her cheeks. Jason found it hard to breathe as his face was imprisoned, but he continued to tongue the delectable butthole. Feeling the need to have her back door stuffed, she released her ass-hold on her lover.

“Shove that cock up my butt! Gut me with that schlong!” the cock hungry slut yelled.

Jason swiftly came up from her buttocks, and pressed his bulging cock head to the small opening. He grabbed his partner by the hips, and allowed her one last split second of ass vacancy.

Jason shoved his thick trunk forward and pulled the slut onto him simultaneously.

Instantly, the girl’s eyes opened wide, her nostrils flared, and her mouth gaped open. The following silence seemed to hang in the air forever. Then the hotel room filled with a roar.

“WAAAAAHHHHHHH!” the teenager uncontrollably and deafeningly wailed.

As his lover screamed, Jason’s dick was enveloped by an impossibly tight sleeve, which squeezed so intensely it was almost painful. The ass he forced himself inside had reluctantly parted, and the instantaneous agony had overwhelmed his partner, causing her to holler at the top of her lungs.

“FWAAAAAAUUUCK!” she mindlessly howled, feeling her asshole stretch to the limit.

Jason had buried the entirety of his huge cock, tip to base, inside the bubble bum in less than a second, and it was taking its toll on the receiver. His pulsing head was reaching deeply into the girl’s bowels, farther than anything should ever go up that way. The young butt hugged him tighter than anything he had ever experienced, and he couldn’t help himself.

Jason pulled his shaft from the butt-sheath until his head was visible, making sure not to leave completely. He could hear breaths of thankful exhaling coming from his partner, but he pummeled back up her chute.

“GAAAAHHHHHH!” she screamed, her asshole parting too quickly for the second time.

Jason again felt his cock wrapped in her warm walls, and flexed his cock inside her. Her body tensed as she felt him pulse, and he gave her another thrust.

“OUUUUUUUCCCCHH!” she loudly cried as she was butt fucked.

Jason withdrew from her small hole, and pushed back in roughly, his thrusting unforgiving and ravenous. As he fucked, the girl screamed, shouted, and wailed, his thick and long member rearranging her insides. The girl’s muscles were locked as her asshole was assaulted.

A secret and taboo pleasure was building under the immense agony the girl was suffering. She continued to shout and roar, but a smile curled around her lips. She began to back into Jason and match his rhythm, aiding his successful attempt to destroy her asshole. Her simultaneous delight and torment caused her to cry out confusing and conflicting shouts.


Jason kept up his powerful pummeling, thrusting into the rear end with his lance. The bubble butt bounced wildly as he drove into it. Jason grew harder as he watched the firm ass fluidly spring around. The receiver of his more than sizeable manhood kept yelling as she was punished, a strange ecstasy coming close to fruition inside her.


Jason fucked her harder than he ever had before, the moment of his release soon to come. His partner’s breasts waved to a fro below her, and she felt her toes curling. Her orgasm was near.

“I’M GOING TO CUM AS YOU FUCK MY HUGE BUTT! HERE I CUM!” the slut admitted loudly.

She screamed at the top her lungs as amazing bliss exploded in her southern region, the feeling of euphoria bubbling all over her body. She reached down and rubbed her clit as she came. Her ass involuntarily increased its iron-like hold on Jason’s turgid penis. Jason couldn’t hold his load any longer.

“OH FUCK! TAKE MY JIZZ IN YOUR ASS YOU YOUNG SLUT!” Jason ordered, his orgasm hitting him.


Jason shouted as his penis tightened and his balls contracted. His first rope blasted into the anal cavity, soaking it with white jism. He fired another shot of voluminous sperm, which threatened to push his cock out of the comfy ass sleeve. Jason forced his dick to stay in the warm depths, and continued to cannon cum into the taboo orifice. When he was finished, he stayed inside the bum, and the two collapsed on the bed.

I reached over and shut the hot water running out of the faucet on the bathtub off. I stripped off my coffee shop uniform and threw it into the washing machine in my apartment.  I walked around the apartment in my white bra and panties; I couldn’t believe I had lived here for a whole year already.  I was nearing the end of my Freshman Year at UCLA.  I couldn’t wait to see my friends back home in Minnesota and tell them about my year, about school, about working, and mostly about Ryan.

As made my way back into the bathroom stripping off my bra and panties, I stopped to look at myself in the mirror.  I took my shoulder length black hair out of the ponytail it was in and looked with my bright blue eyes at my pale skin and features.  I have perky B cupped breasts with puffy nipples; I was always self-conscious of them.  I have a thin frame, but not too thin, not a lot of bones showing. Everyone tells me that my stomach is flat and that I look great, though I think I could stand to lose a few pounds.  Looking down, the hair between my legs was shaved off clean, I just never liked the way it felt.  My legs were long and fairly thin, then I turned, I hated the way by butt looked.  Every guy I ever dated said I had a great ass, I never thought so, and it sticks out too much.  No matter how much running, walking, or other exercises I did, nothing would get rid of it.  I padded off to the bathroom thinking of Ryan again, I laughed at how we met that day I started at the coffee shop right after I moved here and how our relationship grew so quickly.  As I stepped into the hot water and lowered myself down into it, my thoughts of Ryan made my urges surge and my pussy begged to be touched.

I remembered it was the summer after high school graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, my parents couldn’t afford to have me live on campus, so I decided to get an apartment very close by.  After some searching online I found a girl, Sara, who was looking for a new roommate and it was right in the area I wanted to be in.  We conversed via email and did talk via Skype.  Once I felt comfortable I took a trip out to Los Angeles to meet Sara, and to find a job so I could afford my half of the rent and utilities.  

I was amazed how quickly my job search ended, almost immediately after it had started.  After my plane landed in Los Angeles I took a cab to the apartment Sara and I would share.  We spent the remainder of the day talking and getting to know one another.  Sara showed me around the area and II noted the places which had “Help Wanted” signs in their windows.  

The next day, I remembered, I woke up in the morning and decided to head to the little coffee shop I had seen the day before to get some breakfast and to plan my job hunting attack.  I walked the few blocks the shop was from the apartment building and opened the heavy glass and metal door. I remembered stepping into the coffee shop was like stepping back in time to the 1950′s, the decor of the place felt really authentic to the period.  The coffee shop had a few customers, but wasn’t busy, so, I had a seat at the counter and perused the menu while I waited for someone to take my order, immediately after sitting down I heard shouting coming from somewhere in the kitchen.

I couldn’t remember all of the details of the conversation, but, basically the manager had found out that one of his waitresses was getting married and would be quitting her job.  Something about how her soon to be husband didn’t want his new bride working.  When the waitress came over to take my order, I asked her what was going on.  The waitress, whose name tag read Donna, explained that it was just a little disagreement over her leaving and she showed me her shiny new diamond ring.  I called the manager over and explained that I was looking for work starting in a couple of weeks when I moved out to Los Angeles, that I had no experience, but was a fast learner.  The manager was still so upset about the situation he hired me on the spot and said that I could learn from Donna for the beginning of the week before she left.  I could pick up any remaining knowledge from the other waitresses once Donna was gone.   I couldn’t believe my luck; I was thrilled to start working and living on my own.

A few weeks later I had moved into the apartment and tried to settle in before school started.  I couldn’t believe that I was 18 years old, living out of my parents’ house, and starting my first job, everything was exciting and new, little did I know how exciting things were about to get.

My first day was a Monday that was the day I met Ryan. After I arrived and met everyone Donna showed me around the front as well as the kitchen and food storage areas.  She told me that later that day the coffee shop would be getting a meat delivery and it would be good experience for me to deal with that, mainly the delivery person did all of the work.  She then proceeded to show me how to wait tables and what to wear that was in good taste, but would elicit good tips from customers.

“You’re lucky, you’re young, most of the morning crowd are businessmen and laborers, keep an extra button undone on your blouse and they’ll open their wallets for ya.”  She told me.  ”Just remember, you don’t have to give them anything, just being really nice and showing just enough will do the trick and keep them coming back.”  Donna continued.

I nodded my head taking mental notes, there was a lot to remember, but Donna’s shortcuts really helped. Later that day, right on time, the meat truck pulled up in the back of the shop.  Donna and I headed to the back of the shop to open the door for the driver.

“Always check first to make sure that it’s not some thief or creep.  We don’t get many of those, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”  Donna told me.

I looked out of the peep hole in the rear door; I saw a white truck that looked like a converted UPS truck with the words “Smokehouse Meats” written in large letters on the side.  I opened the heavy metal door and used the door stop to keep the door open.  I heard the door open and then shut, then I saw him walking toward me.  Ryan was older than I was, tall, about six feet with tanned skin, dirty blonde hair and green eyes.  Ryan had the kindest eyes.  He was medium build, with well-defined muscles; he must have worked out after he was done hauling meat around Los Angeles.  He was busy reading his clipboard and opening the back of the truck.  To me, he looked like a dream California boy.

Donna stepped in front of me as I was scanning Ryan’s body, taking him all in.  She called out to him, “Hey Ryan.”  

“Hey Donna, how are things?”  Ryan asked in reply not taking his eyes away from the back of the truck, he pushed the back door of the truck up; it rolled up in a fluid movement.

“Just want to let you know, this is my last week here,” she told him.

Ryan turned around a little stunned “Oh no!  You’re kidding right?  Please tell me you’re kidding, where are you going?”

“Yeah, I’m getting married, so, I’ll be home for a while until I decide what I am going to do.”  Donna told him and used that moment to introduce me.  ”So, this is my replacement, Becky, you make sure to be nice to her.”

I peeked out from behind Donna after she announced me; my cheeks were flushed with embarrassment.  ”Hi.” was about all I could muster.

“Hey there, no reason to be shy, I don’t bite, unless you ask nicely.” He smiled; he could see the redness on my cheeks deepen.

“Wow, Donna, I’m really going to miss you, you’ve been here since I started.” he adjusted his view to Donna who was taking the clipboard from him and checking things off.

“Yep, it’s been six years, I’m 25 now, time to move on and start my life.”  She said to him with a bit of exhilaration in her voice.  ”But, you take care of my girl here, no funny stuff, you hear?” She continued, patting me on the back.

Donna turned to face me and handed me Ryan’s clipboard.  ”OK, I’ve checked the list to make sure that everything we ordered last night is here, all you have to do is check it off as Ryan brings it into the cooler.  You can handle that right?”  She said giving me my first big task.

“Absolutely, no problem,” I replied taking the clipboard from her hand.

“OK, if you have any problems, just holler, I’ll be waiting on customers.”  She said walking back into the kitchen.

Ryan did exactly what Donna had said he would do, “no funny stuff either” I thought to myself, though I did catch him looking me up and down a few times.

When he was nearly through, Ryan looked around the corners to see if anyone was nearby and then got a little closer.

“Hey Becky,” he said taking the last of the meat off of the truck

“Yeah,” I replied, I was just the slightest bit curious what he was going to ask.

“I deliver every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I got a deal for ya,” he said putting the meat into the cooler.

“Oh really, what is it?” I smiled figuring it was some kind of joke.

“Well, I was thinking, after my deliveries are done, if you could give me free coffee when I deliver, I could give you free meat.”  He said with a straight face.

“Really, what kind of meat are we talking about?”  I asked, still thinking that he was joking.

“I could give you some good sausage,” he told me.

“Oh, so you want to give me your sausage huh?” I replied, my eyes rolling, I figured he was making a sexual joke to break the ice with the new girl.

“No, seriously, it’s a fair trade, coffee for meat,” he said innocently.

I looked at Ryan’s face; he was the cutest boy I’d seen around since moving to L.A.  I knew we gave out free coffee to upset customers all of the time, so what was one more?  Besides, he did stock our cooler really neatly for us.

“Well, let me think about it, I don’t want to get in trouble my first day on the job.”  I flirted with him twisting my toe on the floor.  I gave him my best innocent eyes.  I could tell from his look that he was having fun flirting right back.

“OK, well don’t take too long thinking about it, the offer may not last forever.” he kidded right back with me.

The rest of the week went well, I learned a lot about the shop and the regulars who came in every day.  Wednesday was Donna’s last day, Ryan came on schedule, this time Donna let me handle the process by myself after she handed me the list of what the manager had ordered the night before.  Ryan and I continued to drive each other wild flirting as he put the meat into the cooler.  Before he left he asked out the deal he had proposed on Monday.  

“OK, I’m in.” I said giving him a free cup of coffee.

“Great.” he said taking the cup from my hand, as he did our hands touched and it was as if we were statically charged his hand felt rough, but yet so gentle on my skin.  His touch raised goose bumps along my arm and I shivered a little.

“I’ll give you the meat on Friday after your shift, what time do you get off?”  He asked.

“5:00 P.M.” I informed Ryan.

“Perfect, I’ll see you at 5:00 on Friday, meet me in the parking lot across the street” he said.

Friday came and I worked my morning shift as usual, and Ryan came and made his normal delivery accepting the free coffee I handed to him.  As he left to continue his deliveries, I told him that I would see him at 5:00 in the parking lot across the street from the coffee shop.

Finally, it was 5:00 and time for me to leave.  I took off my apron and put it in the break room beside the kitchen in the shop.  I let everyone know I was off for the night and that I would see them in the morning for my first Saturday shift.  I headed out of the door and there was Ryan’s truck, parked in the parking lot across the street from the shop, just as he said it would be.

I knocked on the door of the truck and he slid it open with a smile.  

“Hey, you made it,” Ryan said to me, his teeth were perfectly white.  

“Yes sir, right on time, as requested.  Now, I’m here for my meat.”  I smiled back at him

“Right down to business, I like it.” He said smiling at me “Right this way little lady.”

Ryan leaned past me and shut the door of the truck, then opened the door leading to the back of the truck and ducked in.  I was only too happy to watch him from behind as he made his way down the corridor toward the back of the truck.  There were a couple of lights that lit up the back of the truck so that it wasn’t dark at all.  I looked around and saw metal deep freezers on either side of the truck, on each of the freezer sliding doors were neatly printed labels indicating what was inside.  I spun around losing sight of Ryan as my eyes looked around at what was Ryan’s work space.  

“Wow, it’s a little cramped in here with all of the freezers.  Is it difficult for you to work back here?”  I asked not yet making eye contact.

“Nah, it’s not bad, you get used to it,” he told me.  ”Your meat is right here,” I heard him say.

I turned around and there was Ryan, standing at the back of the truck with his pants unbuttoned and unzipped.  He had pulled his boxers down just enough to allow his penis and his balls to hang over them.  I had never seen a penis before, well, I had on T.V and on the internet, but not close up.  Ryan’s cock seemed really big to me, the ones I had seen in movies and online porn were always good sized, but this seemed extraordinarily big.  I wondered if he thought I was just some scared little college girl from the mid-west who would turn and run at the sight of his gigantic cock.  So, I think I surprised him when I walked closer toward him and dropped to my knees.

“So, what am I supposed to do with this?”  I asked him in a sultry voice.

Ryan smiled down at me and said “Give it a taste, you might like it.”

I hadn’t ever gone down on a guy before but, I knew plenty of my friends who had.  I had seen plenty of videos online of girls sucking guys off, it seemed that they always started with licking, so I decided to follow suit to hide my inexperience.

I took him gently in my hand and I was a little surprised when it jumped at my touch.  I used my soft hand to stroke him a little, I looked up and saw that Ryan had closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the truck, his stiffening cock was right in my face.  I could see that he was long, maybe seven or eight inches; the skin of his cock was slightly lighter than of his body.  The mushroom tip was dark and starting to swell from the increased blood flow.  I was a little scared, but I wanted to try this.  Ryan was so good looking; I was hoping he would treat me gently.  I gave the head of his cock a kiss and then a lick with my tongue.

“Ryan, I haven’t ever,” my voice trailed off and I looked down.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked down at me, “Don’t worry about it, you’re doing wonderfully so far,” he assured me.

I looked back up, nodded my head and went back to licking the tip of his cock lightly.  At that moment I decided to go on instinct, to do what I had seen and if I felt him jump a bit or moan then I would keep going.  I wrapped my small hand around his cock and put the head in my mouth, I could feel the heat of him against my tongue.  It felt nice, so, I went further, alternating my hand and mouth movements so they were in rhythm.

Ryan was moaning again, he moved so that his body could rest on the long freezer cabinet on the floor of the truck.  His hands gripped the front of the freezer as I increased the speed of my head bobbing up and down on him.  Each time I moved, I backed my hand off a bit and let more of him into my mouth.  I let saliva build in my mouth which lubricated his cock; Ryan seemed to like that feeling against my lips.   At one point Ryan lifted his right hand and was almost petting me while I sucked on him.  I went a little too far down on him and I gagged a bit, I was afraid I’d choke or worse, but once I backed off I was OK and went back to sucking on him.

As I continued to take him into my mouth, I felt the heat growing between my legs.  I had the urge to touch myself.  I used my free hand to pull my skirt up around my legs.  I reached down and touched my lips through my panties, instantly I got wet.  I wanted more, I needed more, and as I touched myself I wanted him to take me.  I was a little afraid of having such a big cock being my first, but my body ached to be taken, to be penetrated.  I could taste the salty liquid dripping from the tip of his cock; I knew it was a preview of what was to come.

I pulled him out of my mouth and looked up at him as I continued to stroke him.

“Ryan,” I looked up at him keeping the rhythm of my hand going.

“Yes?”  He said opening his eyes and thrusting his hips into my hand.  He looked down and could see me pleasuring myself.

“I want you inside of me, but, you have to be slow, I’ve never done that before.”  I explained to him.

Ryan nodded; he looked into my eyes and said, “I’ll be very gentle baby.”

Ryan stood up and pulled his pants and shirt off.  He carefully guided my arm up and helped me to remove my shirt.  I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor of the truck.  I stood there in my bra and panties, Ryan turned me around so that I was facing the freezers.  I heard him kneel down so that his face was in direct line with my ass.  Ryan placed his fingertips into the white waistband and tugged my panties down slowly, revealing my pale cheeks.  After he removed my soaked panties, he bent me slightly forward and then he put his fingertips on either side of the cleavage of my ass and spread it apart.  I gasped as I felt Ryan pull me open; I felt the lips of my pussy part allowing my juices to run down my inner thigh.  I felt my ass pucker a little bit as if giving a wink to Ryan.  I had never felt so open before, it was exhilarating to feel so open to the air. I was excited and nervous all at the same time

“My God, you’re beautiful.”  Ryan said to me

I flushed at his words.  I would have chucked a little except that I felt the heat of his breath on my pussy as his head moved closer to me. I felt Ryan’s tongue meet the outer lips of my pussy and slowly lick upward, parting my pussy with his tongue.  Ryan continued to lick all the way up until I felt his tongue run over my puckered ass.  I gasped again and then bent forward more, pushing my ass into his face.  Ryan made a few circles with his tongue around my asshole and proceeded back down to my pussy.  He plunged his tongue in between my lips and darted in and out, fucking me with his mouth.

 My body responded immediately, I rocked back and forth slightly.  He repositioned himself so that his tongue could find my clit.  As soon as it did I felt a surge followed by a need for more.  He rubbed my swollen clit with his tongue; my body moving in rhythm with his mouth.  I really thought I was going to have my first real orgasm right into his hot mouth.  

Suddenly, Ryan stopped licking me, and I felt him stand up.  I knew in my mind this was it; I was going to feel him inside of me.  I anticipated the feeling of being filled up. I turned my head around to look at him.

“Please be careful with me Ryan.”  I said to him with a little anxiety in my voice.  

He nodded and took his cock in one hand, he used the other hand to take the cleavage of my ass and spread it apart.  Ryan took his cock and rubbed it up and down the length of my pussy mixing the saliva and the juice that was running from me like what felt like a leaking faucet.  He placed the head of his swollen cock at my entrance and stopped.

“Are you ready?”  Ryan asked in a sweet voice.

I nodded my head and moaned my acknowledgement, I don’t remember saying anything.  Ryan eased his cock into my pussy slowly, my lips parted with a soft moan that escaped from my mouth.  I felt my pussy open to allow for his width to enter me.  He was so careful, so slow with me, so tender.  He stopped periodically so that I could get used to the feeling, then he continued inching himself into me.  It hurt a little, but each time he stopped I was able to recover and it started feeling really good again.  I started to feel really full when I felt my ass cheeks start to feel his stomach.  He pushed on until he was all the way in me. I cringed a little and pressed my teeth together tightly.

(All characters are older than 18 years of age.)

“Who is next, Miss Pulliam?”

“Annie Cooper, Doctor. Acne, mild but persistent, new patient.”

“Thank you. Please have her come in.”

Miss Pulliam went to the door of the waiting room and called, “Miss Cooper? The doctor will see you now.”

A young girl put down a magazine and rose, and came forward.

“Room 4, please, right here. Have a seat on the table and Dr. Rodgers will be right with you.” Miss Pulliam slipped away then to handle some paperwork. She didn’t really have any training for this job, but she was perfect. She’d been a troubled girl, almost unhireable because of certain mistakes of poor judgment at a couple of previous positions. But Dr. Rodgers had seen the value she offered, and gave her a break, and in turn, she was willing to expand the usual definition of the job a little, and do whatever was needed around the office.

Stephen Rodgers had been practicing dermatology for 17 years now, but he looked younger than he was, in great shape, with dark hair cut in a young style. He had many teenaged patients, and he found that he could exploit his youthful looks to put them a little more at ease. Especially when he explained that, not so long ago, he had suffered from multiple daily blemishes, but with a little uncomplicated treatment, he had been able diminish them more and more, until he before he knew it, he had outgrown it. When he told the teens this, they took hope and were willing to tolerate a little discomfort, knowing it would be worth it.

Rodgers knocked on the door of Room 4 then entered. Sitting at one end of the examination table in the room was a teenaged girl. Despite a few mild blemishes, her face was lovely, shaped perfectly by a delicate jawline. Her eyes were large and dark, with long lashes. Her left ear had three piercings, revealed by long hair that was tucked behind it. She smiled nervously. Her arms were crossed over her stomach, her legs pressed together. He needed to put her at ease.

“So, Miss Cooper. You’d like us to look at your acne today. We’ll have to look hard; yours is a very mild case. I’ll bet that when you smile, the brilliance prevents people from seeing it at all.” At this, she did allow a little half-smile to emerge. He softly grasped her chin and gently moved it from side to side, as he gave her cheeks a cursory examination. “So you’ve probably just graduated from high school, eh? What’s next for you?”

“I’m going to Piedmont State on a tennis scholarship.”

“Well, congratulations! That’s great.” And it explained a few things, like her fitness and lithe shape, her toned arms and her spectacular legs, left fully in view by her short shorts.

“Yeah, thanks, I’m pretty excited. I’m hoping to make some of this acne go away before team photos are taken in August. It’s never been really terrible like my friend Mikayla’s, but it won’t go down or go away, no matter what I do. I’ve done most of the stuff you can buy in the store, and had most of the usual treatments. My mom thought maybe we should try a new doctor.”

“Well, we’ll do our very best for you here, I promise.” He stroked her cheek with two fingers, to feel the contours of the skin. In clinical tones he said, “We do have a treatment here that most practices don’t really know about yet. It’s easy and safe, painless, and affordable, and it’s often worth a try, especially for stubborn cases. If it doesn’t work for you, nothing’s lost but a little time.”

“Hmmm. Like, what do you do?”

“It’s a natural salve. The body produces a cleansing and healthy fluid that is designed to help things flow, and when applied to the face it can help loosen the clogged pores. Because it’s something we naturally produce, there are no negative side effects.”

“Hmmm. Like, I don’t know. It sounds OK. I don’t know what my Mom would think.”

“We can go out to the waiting room and ask her.”

“She’s not here. She says acne is no big deal, and that I need to start handling these kinds of things for myself, ’cause I’ll be on my own soon. So she went shopping. I’ve kinda gotta decide what to do myself.”

“I see. Well, it’s up to you then, but like I say, there’s nothing to lose by trying it.”

“I guess.” She didn’t seem confident in her ability to think this through.

“Miss Pulliam, could you come in please?” he called out to the assistant.”

The young woman appeared at the door. “Yes, doctor?”

“Miss Cooper is a little unsure about our proprietary treatment.”

Miss Pulliam turned to the girl on the table. “Oh, let me assure you, you’ll be totally pleased with the results. It’s quite painless, and it’s so easy. We’ve had a lot of girls…people try it, and they’ve all been happy.”

“Well, OK I guess.”

“Tell, you what, I’d need to take a sample to see whether it could work in your case. Why don’t we do that, and you can keep thinking about how far you want to go with it.”

“OK sure,” Annie said. Painless, they said, so what the hell. She’d like to be able to say to her Mom, “See, I handled it. Don’t worry about me.”

The doctor turned away from her and opened a drawer, and pulled out some latex gloves. “Take your shorts and underwear off, please, Miss Cooper,” he said, in his most clinically professional voice. Pulling just one glove on, he turned back to her, and saw her still sitting, hesitating, with the nervous expression once again. Kindly, he added, “I know it sounds a little unusual, but remember, I’m a doctor, and Miss Pulliam is right here.” His tone was patient and reassuring.

Shyly, she unbuttoned her shorts, and wiggled as she pulled them forward, to clear her butt. Slowly pushing them further down her thighs, she got them to her knees, and then folded her legs up against her chest to get the shorts off her legs without dropping them. Now in just her panties, she tucked the shorts close by her. Perched on the edge of the examination table, she sat with her legs again pressed together. The fleeting moment of seeing the backs of those tennis thighs and the crotch of the girl’s panties had stopped the doctor’s breath for a moment, but he knew he must remain fully professional.

“Miss Cooper…Annie…I’m afraid you’ll have to remove the underwear too. The sample we need, the fluid that makes up the treatment – it comes from your vagina.”

The girl seemed a bit shocked, but underneath that, the doctor could see that she had guessed this a while ago. She just needed to work up to accepting the idea.

“Miss Pulliam will be right here the whole time.” Annie still hadn’t budged. “The treatment will require that your underwear be removed, just for a few minutes. You can remove them, or Miss Pulliam can do it, or I can do it.”

She seemed to come to a decision, and with no further delay, Annie began to take off her panties. Slowly, with her legs together, she pushed them down her tanned, tennis-player legs. Just a hint of fur was visible, nestled in between the tops of her thighs.

The doctor thought he might get dizzy and fall down. Something was spinning inside him, and he thought that watching this cute young girl push her panties down those gorgeous legs might make it spin off its axis and knock him out

“O…OK, good girl. Now we need to take the sample, but naturally you’ll be too dry to begin with. We can’t use lubricant, because it will contaminate the natural fluid that we want. So, I know this is kind of a sensitive topic, but this is how the process goes. You’ll have to stimulate the area, to get the flow started.”

She blushed, and hung her head to hide it, allowing her long hair to fall forward. She made no move to comply.

“You can do it, or Miss Pulliam can do it, or I can do it. Usually patients prefer to do it themselves, but we can do whatever you are most comfortable with. I know this seems unorthodox.” Still no movement, just more blushing. Legs tightly shut.

“Tell you what, Annie. Just lay yourself back here like this.” He took her shoulders in his hands and gently reclined her down towards a horizontal position on the table. Her lovely face came back into view, reddish, lip trembling a little. “Just lay back, close your eyes, forget we’re here, think about your boyfriend, or a movie star or rock star you think is really sexy. There was a time when you felt totally comfortable with a guy, and you wanted to show him what you were feeling. Maybe you are remembering that moment right now. You can recall how that felt, can’t you, how secure and loved you felt, and recalling that makes it easier to feel it now.” The doctor had read a book on hypnotism; he was no expert, but he was good enough to relax innocent young girls.

Annie closed her eyes, and after a few moments, began to relax a little. Her hands, which had been nervously grasping at the table edges, now rested on her stomach. After another few moments, she exhaled a big breath, eyes still closed, and her hands began to rub her tummy, and up to the undersides of her breasts, pushing her shirt up to the bottom edge of her bra in the process.

“Good. Good. All relaxed now. Your guy is with you, and he is gentle, and he loves you so much. He is going to show you, show you how much he loves you. You can feel him touch you.” Annie’s right hand slipped down to her groin, and her thighs parted ever so slightly. “He will touch you exactly how you like it best.”

Eyes still closed, Annie parted her legs a little more, and moved her hand down to her pussy, still held close between incredible thighs. The hand rested there, not doing anything helpful.

“You don’t know how you like it? You’re not sure? OK, let me take your hand, and let’s try a little movement like this.” The doctor gently grasped the hesitating hand, laid his index finger atop hers, and began very gently to stroke her pussy lips with it, gently, gently. A stroke, a stroke, then a gentle press inward, then a stroke.

While he was doing this, Miss Pulliam bent down and pulled back a curtain that was hiding a space underneath the examination table, and quietly knelt within it. Pulling the curtain closed about her except for just a little space, she reached out and parted the front of the doctor’s gown, and began pulling at his belt. In moments she had his pants down, without making a sound.

Under the doctor’s practiced guidance, under their shared rubbing of her pussy, the girl began to respond a little, to spread her legs just a bit, her eyes still closed, but now her mouth just a bit open. Her finger, under soft pressure from the doctor’s hand, began to sink into the moist cleft a little more on every stroke. Soon there was enough moisture to slide easily, and to slip a fingertip inside. The doctor curled his index finger, and Annie’s finger went with it, just knuckle-deep. The doctor’s scientific mind observed that the necessary fluid was starting to flow, and felt warmly slippery around their fingers.

And now the girl’s eyes were not just closed but a bit lidded, and her mouth was wider open, her breaths were coming a bit harder and faster, her legs spread much wider. The doctor’s other, ungloved hand went unnoticed as it began caressing and lightly squeezing her inner thigh.

And now the assistant reached out and squeezed the doctor’s cock through his boxers.

“OK, you’re doing really well,” the doctor said. “I think I can get my sample now. Let me just make sure we have a really good flow…” Above the usual clinical smell in the examination room he could smell that tell-tale aroma, stronger and stronger.

With the doctor’s slacks already pooled around his feet, down came the boxers, and then Miss P. had his rigid member in her hands, and began to stroke. The examination table was high enough that the girl would not see these goings-on if she merely opened her eyes, but if she sat up, there was some risk of discovery, especially if she swung her legs over the edge of the table. Dr. Rodgers sidled up to the table to make himself easier for Miss Pulliam to reach, and to hide some of the activity behind the curtain under the table.

The doctor slid his gloved hand in the now gently thrusting pussy before him, and started alternating between circling the lips, rapidly sliding past the clit, and plunging in to tap the innocent girl’s g-spot. The patient now began to lose control, to pant, sigh and give little cries, to flex her legs in and out, to thrust at his hand…

“Good, good, this is going very well. You are a terrific, lovely patient. That makes it easy.”

Miss Pulliam began to lick and suck his cock, drawing her tongue up the underside and then taking the head inside her hot mouth, and gently sucking, tongue tip dancing her and there. All those years of medical study, all that hard work, had brought him to this point, and god, how they had been worth it. And Miss Pulliam had put in some time, too, learning exactly what she needed to know to assist. The sloppy suckling sounds were masked by the sloppy pussy sounds issuing from the tabletop.

He pulled his hand out just long enough to get his glove off. The now-lost girl cried softly, “No don’t stop!” but to fill the gap while he fiddled with the glove, he bent down and licked at her clit. Her gyrations accelerated, and her hips came up off the table, as her desperate pussy sought its release. He got his glove off at last and reinserted his hand, and returned to his cycling routine with 2 fingers now. So, so warm and inviting. The girl was very close to coming.

Miss Pulliam was sucking his cock deep into her mouth and torturing it with lips and tongue, and he began to feel the slightly burning rise of a come approaching.

“I think things may be ready – let me just run a quick little test.” He removed his hand again and tasted a finger, then a second, sucking off the juice from the base to the tip on each. This took about ten seconds but it was far too long for Annie. She cried again, “God no, don’t stop, don’t stop aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…” she howled as he dove back in with his mouth and two fingers. The girl was way too far gone to notice any particulars. She could barely hear what he had been saying, and had lost track of what he was supposed to be accomplishing, or why she was in this office, or on this table, or what planet she might be on. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and her mouth was wide open and offering a breathy, rising, wordless cry.

And it hit: she came hard with his tongue on her clit and his fingers on her g-spot, gasping “oh Oh…OH” as she soared up, twisting and jerking with every thrust, and “OH Oh…ohhhhh” as she came down, still writhing a bit, slowly, side to side, as the pleasure continued to pour like warm honey through her body.

With his fingers lying in the sopping trench of her satisfied pussy, the doctor gazed upon the young loveliness he had just pleasured, while another woman brought his cock to the brink. Miss Pulliam began to rub and tap the underside of his balls while giving one long suck, and that was all he could stand. He came in waves, surging in the assistant’s mouth, and it came in the nick of time, because Annie began to rouse from her reverie.

“Uh…that was fantastic, Miss Cooper,” Rodgers said, with a hesitant gulp in his breath. “I have all the samples we will need, and you were just terrific.” Quickly but quietly, Miss Pulliam was putting his cock back in his pants, doing up his fly, stepping out of her hiding place and pulling the curtain shut. As the girl rose up on her elbows and began to look around, the doctor grabbed a small sample jar with some filmy liquid inside and said, “Miss Pulliam, please take this sample back to the lab and prepare the ointment. Miss Cooper, I know that this procedure will still seem unorthodox, even after you have been through it, and many patients might wonder if it isn’t vaguely related to a sexual act. It’s all a matter of intent, and after all, it is well known that sex is good for the complexion. Not that I am prescribing sex for you, you understand. You are probably still too young, but it’s not for me to say.”

While he spoke, the girl recovered, blushed and became a bit abashed, and hurried to put her pants back on. The doctor was now looking the other way and disposing of his wet glove.

“Thank you, Miss Cooper, you’ve been a very cooperative patient. If you’ll go out to the waiting room, I’ll bring out your ointment and instruct you on how to use it, and I’d like to see you for a follow-up in two weeks to see whether there’s progress.”

In a moment he’d take a standard preparation out to her, and maybe if she did improve, she’d tell her friends. If it didn’t work well, maybe she would return for some different treatment. He hoped so. He never wanted a patient to go away unsatisfied.

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