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A mischievous smirk lit up my face as my girlfriend opened up the door to her room. Her housemate had let me in, as I’d suspected at her insistence. Obviously she’d followed the instructions I’d sent her the night before.

I stood in the doorway looking down at her beautiful body, she stood there undressed aside from her choice of lacy lingerie. My grin widened and I stepped into the room pushing the door closed behind me.

I’d been plotting tonight for a while now, ideas had been running through my head for longer, but after a conversation about our personal fantasies I’d worked out what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Hopefully what I had planned would be enjoyable for the both of us.

I’d sent her an email with a list of instructions the night before; she was to be waiting for my arrival unclothed, she was to abstain from pleasuring herself till I arrived, and an assortment of toys were to be ready on the bed side table.

I glanced across the room and sure enough there were the items I’d requested. An assortment of sex toys and a pair of handcuffs.

“I see you followed some of my commands” I remarked playfully.

“Lie down on the bed, face up, arms above your head” the playfulness vanishing from my voice, replaced with a stern commanding tone.

She lowered her head and walked back towards the bed, I watched her, almost devouring her with my eyes, the way her hips swayed as she walked, the curve of her back and the way her hair cascaded past her shoulders.

As she lay down I raised an eyebrow, she’d made eye contact.

“Did I say you could look at me? Now lie down” I replied to her insolence, silently she obeyed, lowering her eyes once more before lying down completely open to me and utterly submissive.

The power was almost intoxicating, there she was following my every command, giving herself up to me, wordlessly and unquestioningly.

With a smile I moved over to the side of the bed and sat down, still fully clothed, the contrast with her only wearing lingerie reinforcing the position of power I sat in.

I lightly traced a finger up one of her arms from shoulder to wrist, before lifting it up.

“I’m going to restrain you now… if you behave I’ll consider letting you go” I spoke calmly and reassuringly with a subtle hint of power playing in my voice.

“Do you understand?”

She replied with a mute nod, her eyes still downturned; I picked up the handcuffs from the bedside table.

“Good…” I replied clicking one side closed over her wrist.

Gently I looped the handcuffs through one of the posts in the bed’s headboard and fastened the other cuff around her other wrist, clicking it shut; tight.

She tugged a little, testing her bonds tentatively.

“Did I say you could do that?”

I barely waited for an answer, sliding my right hand under her bra and gripping her right nipple tightly between finger and thumb, giving it a slight twist and a tug. This elicited a slight gasp.

“Now then” I continued, twisting her nipple almost idly.

“You are at my mercy here… and I have some rules. You may speak, you may make noise… however you are not allowed to cum until I have given you permission, and you are to tell me when you feel you are about to cum. Understood?”

With my left hand I cupped her jaw and tilted her head up to look at me, obediently she offered no resistance, still kept her eyes lowered so as not to make eye contact.

“Yes” she gasped quietly as I twisted her nipple once again.


I moved up onto the bed, no longer sitting on the side, but kneeling next to her beautiful bound body. I drunk it in, letting my hands flow over her torso, deliberately avoiding her breasts and anything below the hips.

I traced my fingers along her shoulders, and up her neck before coming down between her breasts, teasingly just brushing past, and then down across her stomach.

Her breathing was getting heavier now as I teased her, defiantly she raised her hips, urging me to rub her clit and finger her wet pussy as I traced my hand down across her stomach.

I shook my head and pushed her hips down with my spare hand, before sliding it up from her knee along the inside of her thigh, carefully tracing the outline of her thong. She gasped once again rising her hips.

“Please” she uttered thrusting herself towards my teasing hands.

Once more I shook my head and pushed her back down onto the bed, she was mine and I intended to enjoy her to the full, teasing and all.

Once more I resumed sensually caressing her torso, this time letting my hands brush over her full breasts, squeezing gently before moving on.

Her breath was ragged and she was obviously trying to restrain herself from attempting to force me to go further than this teasing. I watched rapt with her internal struggle, all the while feeding the fires of her desire, teasing, caressing, but never quite pleasuring.

After a while of enjoying driving her mad I slid both hands inside her bra, tweeking her erect nipples again, she gasped and whimpered as I rolled them between forefinger and thumb, pulling gently before twisting again. Her whimpers slowly merged into moans of pleasure as I squeezed her nipple harder and harder, almost yanking them as I twisted them.

Then almost as abruptly as I’d started I stopped, withdrawing my hands and continuing my teasing, brushing caress. I leant forwards, leaving my lips an inch or so away from hers as my hand traced further down, and I began to toy with the elastic of her thong, sliding a finger underneath and sliding it along, teasingly stroking beneath the lace.

She strained to kiss me, but I was just out of reach, she gasped as I stroked her mound, briefly letting one finger brush seemingly accidentally over her clit.

And then suddenly I leant forwards kissing her long and hard, my tongue in her mouth and I slid a finger into her soaking pussy.

She moaned into my kiss, responding passionately and thrusting against my hand driving my finger deeper into her.

I circled my finger around inside her and drew it out before pushing back in, all the while kissing her deeply.

And then abruptly I pulled out of the kiss, drawing my finger almost entirely out, leaving the tip, just past her opening.

With my free hand I gently pushed her head to the side, planting a kiss on her neck followed by a short bite.

She gasped and tried to thrust upwards in an attempt to get me to finger her hard and deep again, but I had other plans.

Half with pleasure and half with annoyance at the denial of full pleasure she moaned as I kissed her neck again whilst sliding a second finger to the entrance of her wet pussy.

I nibbled her neck once more, driving two fingers inside of her and crooking them upwards, pressing my thumb against her clit and gripping as if trying to rub them together, rubbing her inside and her clit simultaneously.

Her disappointed moan became one of pure ecstasy as I played her clit pussy and kissed her neck.

“Oh god” she whispered between moans.

I began to move down her neck towards her shoulder, kissing all the while, still furiously playing with her clit and pussy with one hand.

My kisses lead a trail down along the shoulder and then in across to her collarbone and down, between her breasts and across her stomach coming to a stop on her hip.

I withdrew my fingers and pulled her thong down around her ankles leaving her almost completely naked.

I gazed at her, ogling her; drinking in her beauty as I moved from beside her to kneeling between her legs.

Once more I pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to work inside her again, revelling in her gasps and whimpers of bliss.

I glanced over at the bedside table and settled on a toy; I selected her silver vibrator and reached out to retrieve it, all the while finger fucking her bringing her closer to her inevitable orgasm.

Her eyes were closed with the pleasure as I retrieved the vibrator, but as I brought it down towards her pussy I switched it on. The sound caught her attention and she opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of the vibrator as I slid it down across her clit, all the while fingering her.

She almost screamed with the sensation that washed through her as the cold metallic object pressed against her clit sending shivers of pleasure running through her whilst I slid my fingers deeper inside her, pressing them as deep as I could.

“Remember what I said… tell me when you’re about to cum” I reminded her sternly

She replied, her words faltering as she gasped at the feelings running through her body.


Finally I withdrew my fingers from her soaking wet pussy and leant forwards, placing them gently on her lips, running them across her lips, and then letting her suck them clean, all the while the vibrator pressed firmly against her clit.

Once she’d licked my fingers clean I knelt back down and leant towards her clit, pushing the vibrator further down, till it slid inside her pussy and my tongue made contact with her clit.

I slid my tongue up and down, playing with her clit almost tentatively, gradually applying more and more pressure before changing rhythm, sliding it across and then round in circles before eventually sucking it; tonguing it inside my mouth.

Her legs clamped around my head in an attempt to keep me there, and so I couldn’t hear properly as she cried out with the pleasure of my tongue on her clit and the vibrator sliding in and out of her pussy.

Eventually her relaxed her legs and I heard her gasping, trying to speak.

“I’m going to cum… can I cum? Please Josh?” she begged, faltering as her breath came in ragged gasps.

I knelt back up, leaving her clit alone, and turning the vibrator off, but still sliding it in and out of her wet pussy. She was obviously having trouble restraining herself, her breath was coming in gasps and she was biting back moans of bliss.

I waited a few seconds, still fucking her with the vibrator before I made up my mind.

“You may cum… but you’ll have to make it up to me” I responded pushing the vibrator back in and switching it on at full power before leaning forwards and tonguing her clit.

It wasn’t long before I felt her buck and arch her back pressing her clit against me as the orgasm ripped through her body sending her into spasms of ecstasy.

I continued sucking her clit and playing with it with my tongue and sliding the vibrator in and out hard as the orgasm washed over her sending her over the edge into a sea of bliss till she could physically cope with no more.

Eventually I switched the vibrator off and removed it from her pussy and leant over her, kissing her deep and hard, the taste of her pussy on my tongue.

Her breath was still ragged and she gasped as my hand slid under her bra and tweaked her nipple once more, still sensitive from the orgasm.

“Now then… time for you to make it up to me” I smirked as I unlocked her handcuffs freeing her wrists.

Instantly she went to unbutton my shirt, but I caught her hands and pushed them back up.

“I’m going to sit on the bed, and you are going to kneel on the floor in front of me.” I spoke, not a room for questioning in my tone.

Obediently she moved to the floor and knelt down by the side of the bed. I shuffled over and sat in front of her legs spread showing my cock pushing eager to be free of the trousers imprisoning it.

“Remove your bra” I ordered reaching for a second toy from the table, this time a butt plug and a tube of lube.

As I watched her undo her bra and release her beautiful breasts I lubed up the plug before handing it to her.

“Now slide this inside your ass” I grinned as she took the slippery toy and leant forwards, making a show of sliding it inside her, wincing a little as it spread her tight asshole, she slid it in and out a little, fucking herself before pushing it in and letting it find it’s place inside her.

As I watched her follow my orders unquestioningly I undid my belt and unbuttoned my trousers, pulling them down a revealing my boxers, which barely covered my cock which was straining for freedom.

Of course she knew exactly what was expected and as soon as her plug was in place she gripped my cock with one hand through the thin fabric of my boxers and stroked it up and down before lifting the elastic waistband up and over my cock, pulling my boxers down around my ankles.

I stepped out of them and my trousers, leaving my bottom half entirely naked.

As I felt her tongue run up the bottom of my cock I began to unbutton my shirt. As she reached the top she swirled her tongue around the tip before encircling it with her lips and bringing as much as she could into her mouth, servicing me submissively. She was knelt before me and right now all that mattered to her was to please me. I was in control; she needed to thank me for allowing her to cum… and so she did.

Bobbing her head up and, swallowing my cock into her eager mouth, teasing the underside with her tongue and taking as much as she could into her mouth.

Once undressed I stood before her and grasped her head with one hand, pushing her down, forcing more of my cock into her mouth, choking her a little before pulling all the way out.

She grasped for my cock and slid her hand up and down it, jerking me off whilst she sucked the tip, I pushed her head down again and slid my cock into her hungry mouth and she sucked my cock she played with my balls, fondling them and teasing them.

Eventually I felt the warm feeling of an impending orgasm rising within my balls and I pulled her off my cock, letting it come free of her lips.

“Bend over the bed” I ordered reaching for a condom and sliding it over my rock solid cock.

As she bent over I stood up behind her and gripped the butt plug, twisting it slowly and pulling it out.

She moaned as I removed the toy and slid a finger into her already lubricated but tight hole.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked already knowing the answer.

She responded with moans pushing against me finger driving it deeper into her ass.

“Please… Josh, please fuck me!” she moaned into the duvet.

With a grin I applied some lube to my cock and positioned myself behind her before pushing into her ass, slowly at first till I was mostly in and then pulling out and pushing in again harder and faster this time.

I gripped her hips and pulled her onto me as I pushed, driving myself all the way into her, as I did so I saw her hand reaching back to play with her own pussy as I fucked her hard in the ass.

I pounded deep gripping her hips, driving myself in as deep as possible, occasionally letting a hand wonder to scratch down her back or to squeeze her ass cheeks; leaving finger marks.

She moaned with pleasure, crying out with another orgasm as I fucked her deep in the ass, and she played with her clit and fingered her pussy. I could feel her fingers against my cock inside her, adding to the pleasure I was feeling.

Eventually I felt the orgasm begin to boil within me again and I pushed in deep as it overcame me. My cock twitched as it spurted jets of cum, and I arched my back and pushed harder into her with the sheer overwhelming gratification that flooded my senses.

I felt my head go light and I pulled out, sitting down on the bed beside her in a delirious daze.

“Was that worth not touching yourself for then?” I asked eventually

Martin left the dining room on with his husband and was taken back to see Leanne. Once again Martin found it most difficult to keep up wearing such high heels, occasionally having to run a couple of steps to keep pace. He couldn’t get out of his head what his mother-in-law had said. Was she serious? She seemed very angry with him, blaming him for this entire situation and trying to make him pay a price for his conquering of her son’s affections. An unintended cost to him, at least in her mind. Martin was glad to get out of there.

“My mother loved you. She is so happy to have you in the family,” the Baron said as they walked. Martin looked at him through the Bliss Mask. “This guy is crazy. Didn’t he see the same thing he had just witnessed?” he thought as his calves began to ache again from the running on his toes in his high heels to keep up.

“I must go for now. Enjoy your afternoon my sweet? You are so beautiful today my bride. I will count the minutes till we are together again tonight my love,” the Baron said kissing Martin on the cheek of the mask as he caressed Martin’s butt with his other hand. The white sequined dress Martin wore was so tight that little was left to the imagination. From his padded bustline that pushed out from his chest in cones that demanded attention, to the skirt that was so short it didn’t even cover his stocking tops and garters. Martin felt like a such a fool, but his husband loved it, and found it hard to resist his own desires. Martin squirmed and twisted in the Baron’s embrace as Leanne had just come out to take charge of Martin. She smiled as she approached them.

“I love you my sweet,” the Baron said softly as he released Martin.

“Mmmmffff,” Martin grunted holding his arms extended to the Baron. He hated any terms of endearment from this man. As he backed away only to have Leanne take his arm.

“How was your time with the parents Mrs. Vargos?” she asked taking his arm and escorting him back in the room.

“Mmmmm…….” he moaned and followed her in. Anything to get away from that pervert they called his husband.

“Well, let’s get your mask off and then remove that tape. That sound good?” she said offering the styling chair for him to sit down in. As Martin sat down in the chair, Leanne once again secured him in the chair using all the straps before she continued. She pinned his hair out of the way so she could get to the straps of the mask and unbuckle them. As she worked she talked to him trying to feel out his emotional state.

“I hope your visit with the Baron’s parents was a pleasant one,” she said hunting another strap on the back of his head.

“MMMMM!!” Martin snorted, jerking his head away from her and staring at her in the mirror.

“It’s alright Mrs. Vargos. Let me get this mask off you and then you can talk.” It was as Leanne had thought. She knew when she had been instructed to tape his mouth closed it was going to be a touchy situation in that room. Martin did not resist as his head was turned back and Leanne continued her removal of the Bliss Mask. When the final strap was released, Leanne took the mask and slowly moved it away from Martin’s face. Martin’s eyes were red and teary. He was also a little red faced and the tape was still wrapped tightly around his mouth.

“There……Isn’t that much better,” Leanne said looking at him in the mirror with a smile.

“MMMM….” Martin glared back.

“OK, OK.” she laughed, “Let’s get that tape off now.”

Leanne’s laughter only angered Martin more. This was not funny. Being dressed and undressed by a woman was humiliating enough. Being dressed as a woman for the pleasures of the man that was his husband was just too degrading.

Holding Martin’s head firmly with one hand, Leanne pulled the tape off a strand at a time. When the last strand was pulled Martin reacted.

“OUCH!” In frustration, he jerked at the chair restraints as the last piece of tape was pulled off.

“There now, much better,” Leanne said as she turned to get a few things.

“Leanne this has got to stop. You can’t do this to me anymore.” He sounded almost exhausted. She turned and looked at him as he spoke.

“Yes I can,” she said looking at him as if to say “Who do you think is in charge here?”

“His mother is a crazy bitch,” he shook his head. “She thinks I seduced her son into this marriage for his money or to manipulate her for money in some kind of conspiracy with her son. I don’t know. She is irate.” He looked up at Leanne, “I’m the victim here damn it.” Martin looked around gathering his thoughts for a moment, “She kept calling me a slut and said I was dressed like a whore, like I was trying to impress her or something.”

“Oh my!” Leanne responded surprised, “She didn’t like your appearance?” Leanne seemed genuinely concerned now. “Did she say anything about me?”

“NO!!! She didn’t say anything about you,” Martin said in a mocking tone. What nerve Leanne had. Worried that her little “dress the guy up like a girl” game might have been criticized, not hearing a word of the real dilemma.

“Thank heavens.” Leanne said in obvious relief. “I think you look very sexy and cute in those white stockings. I know your husband was….” Martin interrupted her.

“She is threatening to cut my dick off Leanne!” he yelled to get her attention. She’s insisting I have sex change,” he spat out. “Said she is going to pay to have it done herself, like it is to be some kind of punishment for me.” Martin yelled at her again. “She said she can only allow REAL women in this family.” He looked at Leanne, his hair all a mess from the mask being removed. “That’s fine with me I’ll leave right now. I don’t want to be in this sick family in the first place.”

“Oh Mrs. Vargos. That’s great news! Right?” Leanne said with a smile.

“What???” he lashed out No” it’s not. I didn’t ask for this crap Leanne. Get me out of here before these crazies get their hands on me.”

“Now Mrs. Vargos, you told me last night, before you went into the bedroom to join your husband that you wanted to be a woman. Have a sex change even. Remember? You wanted to have breast and a pussy like areal woman.” She studied him as she recalled the conversation. “This would be good news for you then. Right?” she said considering things. “She pays for your sex change and then you can get the annulment you want from the Baron, and she will even help you get there. What’s wrong with that? Sounds like a good deal for you,” she smiled.

Martin was so frustrated and horrified at the same time. He knew Missy’s plan wouldn’t work. Now it was only adding to his problem. Both women were pushing the sex change angle, both with the intent of getting him out of this marriage. “But it’s not suppose to go this way,” he thought. Martin stared at his feet. The high heels he was wearing with all the rings on his toes, each one of his toenails painted a bright red. “I’ve got to get the hell out of here,” he thought as he sat waiting on Leanne. An escape was the only solution now.

“Mrs. Vargos, would you like to spend your free time today walking in the garden……..alone?” Leanne asked. “I can arrange that if you wish. I do have a lot of prep work to do today before your last night of your consummation.”

“Yes. I would like that,” Martin said politely but with no emotion. “Do I get to have a large pole stuck up my ass again?” he remarked with attitude recalling the day before when he stood on the veranda. “You know how much I enjoyed that.”

“Your language Mrs. Vargos. We will need to work on your social graces for sure,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “but to answer your question, no not today ma’am.

Leanne patted him on the shoulder and gave him a smile as she held up the red satin drawstring bag. “We need to put this over your head for now Mrs. Vargos, so Lisa can enter the room and assist in dressing you today.” Martin looked away and gave a slight disapproving shake of his head, but kept his chin high so Leanne could easily slip the bag over and pull the strings closed around his neck. He felt Leanne tying the drawstring then undoing the straps on the chair. All the straps accept his wrist were removed. Then Leanne softly said, “There. Can’t have anyone looking at that pretty face while you are consummating your marriage with your husband. I’m going to bring Lisa in now,” she said as she cupped his cheeks in her palms gently.

Martin heard the sound of high heels coming down the hallway. They got louder as Lisa entered the room. Lisa walked in and very enthusiastically and said, “There she is.”

“We’re ready to get him dressed for a little quiet time in the garden Lisa,” Leanne said. “He wants to walk alone today. I think that would be good for him..”

“That’s great Leanne!” Lisa said excited. “That means he’ll be wearing the collar then I assume?”

“Oh yes. He has to wear the collar,” Leanne said in a more serious tone now.

“What the hell is the collar and why do I have to wear it.?” the voice from the hooded head said.

“The collar is designed so you can be alone but keeps you from wondering off.” Lisa said with a giggle.

“Like some kind of dog collar?” his voiced sounded dumbfounded. I’m not wearing a damn dog collar.” Martin hissed.

“Oh well, yes it’s similar to a dog collar, but it looks much nicer ma’am. It’s actually very pretty to look at. You will be able to roam a designated area without a problem. The collar has strobe lights that will flash and a loud piercing alarm will sound if you stray from the designated area. It is locked around your neck of course so we can find you, but that shouldn’t be a problem should it Mrs. Vargos? You’re just going for a nice refreshing walk in the garden today, right?” Lisa said daring him to say otherwise.

“I’ll walk wherever I please. It’s my estate.” Martin insisted.

“Oh did I mention the collar delivers a nice little electric jolt every 30 seconds once it’s activated? It will only stop when the batteries run down or you are found and it is manually shut off.” Lisa smiled. Though Martin couldn’t see her, he sensed it her smirk.

“Leanne,” Martin yelled, “This is absurd. I don’t need a collar. We talked. You know I’m not going to do anything like that. You promised me some free time. This is not free time.” Martin was furious at this development.

“Mrs. Vargos, I’m so sorry you’re upset. I have no choice but to put the collar on you if you wish to roam alone and not have to wear your restrictive jewelry or have an escort with you.” Leanne hesitated, “It will be alright Mrs. Vargos. I know you will do what you say, and the collar will be nothing more than a pretty decorative choker.”

Leanne undid the straps on Martin’s wrist and they stood him next to the chair. Lisa immediately went about undressing Martin.

“Please turn around Mrs. Vargos so I can unzip your dress,” Lisa said firmly. As she pulled down Martin’s sequined dress, she asked how things went with the new in-laws. She was curious after all.

“Did you enjoy your new in-laws? Did you make a good first impression ma’am? I’m sure you did.”

“Oh yeah. She loved me. She said I looked like a whore, and you know how she loves men who dress up like whores.” Martin was being sarcastic.

Lisa laughed, “Well, I guess you do look like a whore ma’am, in a way. But let me say, you look like a classy whore and not some two bit street hooker. Nothing at all wrong with looking like a whore I guess,” she said sliding Martin’s panties down to his ankles. Martin now stood naked in front of the two women. Trying to cover his penis in front of these two women, but what was the use, they did as they pleased anyway.

“Oh my Mrs. Vargos. You are going to be wearing a bikini bathing suit today for your walk.” Lisa giggled. “Going to get a little sun today,,” she said holding up the bottoms to take a good look.

“What? Martin looked about in the darkness of the hood..

“These are so cute Leanne,” she gushed. Lisa was enjoying dressing a man in women’s clothes. Especially the male brides, as she had no sympathy what so ever for their feelings on the matter. To her, they were to be nothing more than pseudo women and were to pretend they were women. She didn’t understand herself why two men would join together and do this, but she had seen it more than once. After all, his situation was not her fault, and he was going to be dressed as a woman anyway. She didn’t have a guilty conscious when it came to feminizing these men.

Lisa knelt down in front of the nude Martin so she could guide the bikini bottom up his legs. Leanne steadied Martin as he lifted his leg to step into the bikini bottom Lisa was holding for him. She slid it up his legs and once again Martin’s testicles were exposed, hanging out slightly of the edges of the bikini brief. Lisa handled Martin’s penis and placed it in the brief so it was upright, but bent as it was limp as could be, but he was so well endowed. it couldn’t adequately be covered with the bikini. The bulge from his limp penis was so obvious in the stretch bikini material.

“The Baron’s mother was not happy with our Marcia, Lisa,” Leanne said putting the bra over Martin’s arms. “She was very upset that he and the Baron had gotten married without her consent. Seems as though it would be ok if Martin didn’t have all that extra baggage between his legs,” Leanne said as they both laughed.

“She was pissed because you put her Bliss Mask on me.” Martin yelled in frustration.

“What?” Leanne sounded surprised. “I didn’t know the Baron’s mother had worn a Bliss Mask.” Leanne looked at Lisa.

“Me either. I know his sister did,” Lisa said as she turned Martin around. “I was the one that assisted her in her consummation period. I just assumed this was another mask that looked like it. She wore it so proudly when out in public too.”

“They both wore that same mask on their wedding nights, and now you are making me wear the damn thing. She was really pissed about that and told the Baron so,” Martin stressed his point by gesturing wildly with his hands in his darkness..

“Oh my,” Lisa laughed, “Well that does make it a very special moment, now that you are wearing it also, doesn’t it.”

“It’s not funny damn it. How do you think I feel being paraded around in that mask that says to everyone who see’s it I’m being fucked by her son every night, so they can all celebrate that this consummation is going just fine.” Martin was yelling now, “Give it back to her. I’m not going to let you put it on me again. I think that is what is pissing her off so much anyway.” he argued.

“You may be right ma’am,” Leanne said, “I didn’t know it was her mask. I’m sure she is upset and feels somewhat violated by you wearing such a personnel item of hers. Especially if she didn’t know about it before. I know I would be, but you are going to have to wear it in public through tomorrow Mrs. Vargos. I’m sorry ma’am, but you have absolutely no say in the matter,” Leanne said as she finished padding his bra.

Martin pushed away from her and stood blindly in the middle of the room with the hood still over his head.. His fist clenched as was his jaw, but they couldn’t see that. Leanne was getting more concerned about Martin’s sense of hopelessness and the inevitable. Leanne took him by the arm and said softly, “C’mon Mrs. Vargos, why don’t we have a seat in the chair so I can finish getting you ready for your walk.” Lisa took his other arm firmly as they eased him to the chair and turned him around to be seated.

“I’m a man Leanne. I shouldn’t be treated like this.” Martin whined and sounded tearful as he was backed to the chair by the two women and seated again and the straps added.

“I know you are Mrs. Vargos,” Leanne said as she strapped his wrist to the chair arm.

“You’re such a pretty man too. Most men don’t get the opportunity to live and dress like women. You’re so lucky,” Lisa said. She was not sympathetic to his plight at all.

“SHUT UP!!” Martin lashed out from under the hood.

As they finished strapping him in, Lisa put a pair of 6″ white, high heel sandals on his feet. Martin’s long bare legs rose out of the heels and ended in an obviously male crotched bikini bottom.

“With those sexy long legs and sexy high heels I’ll bet you will turn some heads Mrs. Vargos.” Lisa teased as she was getting ready to go. “And those bright red toenails and all those toe rings……..oh my Mrs. Vargos, you are such a fashion Jezzebel,” she gushed.

“STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!……… I don’t want to be a woman like this,” came the soft sobbing reply from inside the bag. “You’re making me a mockery of a woman. This has to stop,” Martin’s voice faded.

Lisa looked at Martin’s crotch and firmly gripped his penis through the bikini and adjusted his penis so the head stuck out just over the waist band and gave it a little wiggle and laughed, “Believe me Mrs. Vargos, you’re not a woman.”

“Ummm……….Lisa I think it’s time.” Leanne said ready to move things along.

“Oh…….right. I’ll see you in a few minutes……….pretty lady.

Lisa left the room and Leanne locked the door. After removing the hood Leanne looked through some drawers looking for the collar. A she searched Martin couldn’t help but notice the butt plugs, dildos, ball gags, condoms, lubricants and other feminizing items that were being exposed as Leanne opened and closed the drawers. He was obviously not the first man to be put through this kind of experience.

“OK…. now, where is that box,” Leanne pondered a moment, “Ah here it is!” she said at last. Leanne opened the box and took out a white patent leather collar. Leanne held it up for Martin to see. His eyes were still teary.

“No Leanne. Please don’t humiliate me any further in front of these people.” He looked at the collar as she came back to the chair. It looked like it was covered with rhinestones of many colors. The rhinestones were actually the strobe lights that would indicate where he was if he left the area. The collar was 2″ wide and had a gold buckle. Two small alarm speakers were on each side and there were several metal contacts on the inside of the collar to persuade him with a jolt if he set the thing off. There was a square box on the back for the battery unit, and the GPS. Martin shook his head as Leanne walked behind the chair. She put her had under his chin and raised his head.

“Leanne…….please don’t put that on me.” he said softly slowly shaking his head.

“That’s it Mrs. Vargos. Hold still right there.” She put the collar around Martin’s neck and buckled it tightly in place. She pushed a button to activate the collar and two small LCD’s flashed slowly indicating it was activated. “How’s that Mrs. Vargos? It’s a pretty collar isn’t it.?” she smiled patting his shoulder as she turned away.

“It’s degrading to do this to someone Leanne.” he said turning his head to see what she was up to now.

“It has to be done Mrs. Vargos. Deal with it silently please.” Lisa was tired of his whining.

The frustration was now just too much as Martin began to sob as Leanne picked up the Bliss Mask.

“Oh god no. Leanne no!” were the last words he said as the mask that told the world what was happening in his bedroom each night was again fitted to his face.

Leanne strapped the Bliss Mask over Martin’s face, then set his hair in rollers for the afternoon as the near broken man cried the whole time. Leanne had set his hair in curlers. The straps from the mask were visible between the rows of curlers this time. She left Martin strapped in the chair alone for half an hour so he could regain his composure.

Once she let him out of the chair, Martin stood wearing a white bikini, with the head of his penis protruding from the waist band, and 6″ high heel sandals. His ears were adorned with long clip on earrings and his fingernails and toenails were gorgeous in the bright red nailpolish he was forced to wear. And of course a tight set in his hair with brush rollers. Martin looked at Leanne.

I lay in bed, angry and frustrated from what had just happened to me. Sam had forced himself on me! I wouldn’t have been so angry about it if he hadn’t denied me an orgasm as well. I could still taste him in my mouth. Just the thought of his hands all over me and his big cock down my throat made me wet again. I must admit, I had a little crush on Sam. But I am in a loving relationship with his best friend Jack. Perhaps the thought of this affair being so forbidden is what makes it so desirable for me. Whatever it was, the forbidden affair or the incredible teasing Sam had just put me through, I found myself rubbing my fingers up and down my clit.

On the bed, I found the vibrator Sam had just used on me. I turned it on and rubbed it on my clit. My other hand went straight to my breasts, pinching and pulling on my nipples. I was lost in ecstasy, panting and moaning on the bed. I didn’t even hear the door open or see Sam standing over me. I felt the orgasm building. My body tensed.

“Not so fast, my little cock-tease,” Sam pulled the vibrator out of my hand. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Sam went to the closet and pulled out the sluttiest skirt and top that he could find. The shirt was one that I never wore because it was so low cut that anyone could see my nipples if I wasn’t careful. The shirt showed entirely too much cleavage. And the skirt was way too short. Sam tossed the clothes on the bed and commanded me to get dressed. He planned on taking me out to breakfast.

I obeyed him and dressed quickly. I met him at the front door. My pussy was still tingling from the denied orgasm. I felt as if I were dangling right on the edge. I just needed a little something to push me to the brink. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, pressing my body against his.

I whispered in his ear, “I want to feel you inside me. Please fuck me!” I let my warm breath caress his neck. My tongue touched his earlobe. I softly sucked his earlobe between my teeth and nibbled gently. Sam moaned and I could feel him growing harder between my legs. My pussy itched to feel him inside. The need burned within me.

Sam kissed me back. His hand ran softly up my back. His fingers snaked through my hair. He gripped my hair roughly and pulled me away from his body.

“Not so fast,” he laughed. “We’re going out to eat. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”

He took me to a nice family restaurant that served breakfast all day. He chose a table in the middle of the restaurant where I could be visible to everyone. Since it was in the middle of the day on a week day, the restaurant wasn’t very busy. However, I began to feel very self-conscious about the outfit Sam had picked out for me. When I sat down, my skirt rode up to my thighs. I had to be careful to keep my legs closed. My shirt had sunk down to show too much breast again. I began adjusting my top, but Sam slapped my hand away.

“I want to enjoy the show,” Sam said. Beneath the table, I felt his feet pulling against my ankles. “Open your legs,” he commanded.

“No! Everyone will see!” Sam hadn’t picked out any panties for me to wear under my tight skirt.

“If you don’t, you won’t receive the reward you’ve been begging for. Also, you will be punished.” His eyes were serious as he said the last part. I didn’t want to find out what other punishment he had in store for me.

Slowly, I parted my legs. My wet pussy felt cool air against it. I thought I saw a man across the room grinning. I blushed and looked down at the menu.

While we ate, Sam made sure I was uncomfortably exposed to everyone in the restaurant. Finally we finished our meal and I was ready to leave. I began to push my chair away from the table to get up.

“Wait,” Sam said. “It’s time for your reward. I want you to finish what you started in the bedroom.”

I looked at him confused.

“Do I have to spell it out for you? Put your hand between your legs and finish pleasuring yourself.”

“But everyone will see me!” I looked around the room and saw at least two men that had been enjoying the view of my widely spread legs under the table.

“Do it,” he commanded, “Or I will leave you here without paying. I don’t think you have a wallet anywhere in that tight skirt of yours.”

He was grinning at me. He had already embarrassed me enough. What would the server say when I couldn’t pay the bill? Would they call the police? I couldn’t imagine being arrested in this ridiculous outfit.

Slowly, I let my hand drop below the table. My skirt slid up to my hips as my legs opened wider. My finger circled my clit. I needed to get off, but this wasn’t how I wanted it. I could feel eyes on me as I squeezed my eyes shut.

“No,” Sam said. “Open your eyes.”

I looked deeply into his eyes. I couldn’t look away from him for fear of seeing the other men in the restaurant staring at me. My pace quickened on my clit, but my orgasm still eluded me.

“I can’t,” I panted. “I can’t get off with everyone watching. I’m too scared.”

“That’s okay,” he said. “I just wanted you to get wet again. You didn’t need to get off here anyways.”

Sam paid the bill and we left. I hoped he would take me home and we could spend the rest of the afternoon in bed together. He drove away from my road and began heading towards the park. He took me to a big state park with lots of trails through the woods. It is a beautiful place and usually busy on the weekends. However, I knew we would be alone at this time of day during the week.

“Are we site-seeing?” I asked mockingly.

“I’m taking you to the woods, where our favorite fantasies take place. Let’s act out some of the conversations we had online.” Sam smirked at me.

I knew exactly what he was talking about. Sam and I had spent a lot of time chatting online. We had started out as just friends, but things got serious when our conversations turned sexual. I got off several times as we played out fantasies. I liked fantasies where I was tied up and tortured, while he enjoyed mythical stories. He was an elf lord, master of the forest and I was usually an angel or mermaid that trespassed or lost in a battle against the forest. We enjoyed our chats, but guilt consumed us when we thought of Jack, my boyfriend and Sam’s best friend. But I didn’t feel so bad about it because Sam lived 12 hours away and I was confident that our relationship would never turn physical. Our relationship changed when he came to visit and decided to take revenge on me for teasing him with something he can’t have.

“What was your favorite fantasy?” I asked him.

“I liked the one where you played a mermaid.” He grinned.

I smiled as I remembered the story. The mermaid was a princess that had lost a battle against the elf lord. He captured her and was going to punish her for being foolish enough to think she could beat him in battle. He tied her up and waited for the water to dry from her fins. When her fins were dry, legs appeared where her tailfin once was. He then tied her over a large fallen tree with her arms bound behind her back and her legs spread. The elf lord fucked the mermaid in the ass until she begged for him to release his seed deep inside her.

My ass tingled thinking about the elf lord thrusting into her tender bottom. I opened my eyes as I heard Sam getting out of the car. We had arrived at the park. Sam chose a secluded area and led me down a quiet path. Soon he took me off the path and we headed towards a stream. There was more privacy there, with a rock wall behind us and the stream to the side. We could still see the path at a distance, though. Any random hiker had the chance of coming upon us.

“This is a perfect place for the elf lord to take his mermaid captive,” Sam smiled.

Sam pulled some rope out of his bag and began tying my wrists and ankles. He found two nearby trees and positioned me between them. He stretched my legs and arms and tied me spread-eagled between the trees.

“The princess has been a bad girl,” Sam whispered in my ear as he moved behind me. I grew wet between my legs again as his hands drew my shirt up above my breasts. Sam squeezed my exposed nipples and I let out a cry. He moved his hands down to my skirt and pulled it up above my hips. His hand slapped my bare ass. I yelped but I wanted more. He brought his hand between my legs from behind and slowly stroked in and out my wet pussy. I pushed against his fingers, wanting more.

His hand slid back out of my pussy and towards my tight asshole. Sam used the juice from my pussy to lube up my ass. I gasped as his finger pushed into my ass. He worked his finger in and out until I swayed with his rhythm, moaning for more. He removed his fingers and slowly he gripped my hips. He positioned himself behind me and I felt his cock growing harder between my legs. I gasped and then let out a scream when he put his big dick in my ass. His thrusts were slow at first, until the initial pain had lessened. Then, Sam began to pick up the pace as my sobs turned into moans. Before long, I was screaming for more.

“Beg for it,” Sam commanded.

“Please, please elf lord, give me more!” I yelled out between moans.

“Who is your master?” Sam demanded.

“You are, master! Please, please let me cum, elf lord, master!”

With that final exclamation, Sam decided that I had learned my lesson. He rewarded me with several hard thrusts. My body convulsed as an orgasm rocked my body. With one final thrust, Sam released his powerful sperm inside of me.

I hung limply from my bonds and Sam slowly slid from behind me. He untied the ropes and I collapsed into his arms. He kissed me and I kissed him back.

“Let me take you home,” Sam said. And he led me out of the forest.

“Come on Jake,” Thom encouraged. “We need a good drive on this hole.”

“I will do my best Mr. Tilly,” I sighed. “I should have spent more time golfing instead of basketball when I was younger.”

“For craps sake, will you quit calling me Mr. Tilly and call me Thom. My gosh, you’ve been dating Teagan openly for the better part of 8 months now. I think were past that now.”

“Sorry, Thom,” I corrected myself. “I’m just not used to it yet.”

“You better get used to it then. Teagan thinks you are going to ask the question any day now.”

“What gave her that idea?”

“She knows,” he laughed.

“I haven’t even asked you if I can ask.”

“Well, if you want to ask her, you have my permission you know. You are like the son I wish I had. You’re a good man and good for her.”

“Thank you Thom,” I smiled. “I was going to ask you but I was going to wait until the time was right.”

“There, I saved you the trouble he chuckled. Now hit a good one so I don’t have to keep carrying your ass for the whole round. I really want to beat those guys.”

“Come on,” I joked. “What about the last few holes? I got us a birdie and two nice pars.”

“The sun shines on a dogs ass every once in a while,” he said slapping me on the back.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” I laughed.

“Hey, you two going to hit or spend all day talking about it?” Melvin cried.

Thom groaned but didn’t say anything. I could tell he was on edge. He really wanted to beat these two this time. It was a matter of pride for him. We weren’t trying to win a PGA tour event or anything but it was important to him. These were his cross town rivals from another dealership. He hadn’t won against them in five years now. He really wanted to shut them up.

Thom’s shot had strayed off course and he was in the rough. With a one shot lead we should have been ok but the other two were perfectly in the fairway on this shorter par 5 finishing hole. That put the pressure on me to find the fairway myself.

I relaxed as I set up and got ready to hit. I wasn’t the best golfer in the world but I held my own. I played in high school and some in college but nothing like basketball. I looked at the ball and stepped back a half step to get the ball further forward in my stance now. I had been pulling the last few drives right so this was the necessary adjustment I needed. I decided to swing hard and let it fly.

“Holy shit,” Thom cheered. “It may never come down.”

“Wow,” I said as I watched it fly straight and far. It flew really far. At least 75 yards further than the other two balls in the fairway.

“Ringer,” Melvin cried. “Where the hell did you find him?”

“You like that don’t you,” Thom hissed. “I knew I brought you for a reason.”

We drove up and waited on Thom to hit. He put it back in the fairway just short of where my ball was. The other two hit and left them just off the green. We drove up to Thom’s again and he put it just off the green. That put the pressure back on me.

“Dam, that was about 290 on that drive,” he cried.

“I get lucky once in a while,” I joked.

“Well lucky,” Thom said. “Put it close and seal the deal.”

I played a 7 and landed it about 25 feet from the cup, dead center on the green.

“That should do it,” I said as I climbed back into the cart.

“Baring nothing too crazy from them,” he offered.

They both chipped them close but not in. Thom flopped his shot and left a ten footer for par. I had an eagle putt to give us a two shot advantage. I rolled it within six inches and tapped in for birdie. That sealed the match and the win Thom had been waiting for.

We shook hands and headed back to the club house for lunch. Thom was all smiles as he bragged about the win. I just smiled and ate my lunch. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

“Hey Thom,” I stopped him as we were leaving.

“Yes?” he questioned.

“I want to do this right. I love your daughter and I want to ask you if I can ask her for her hand. I know you gave me your blessing earlier but I want to ask the right way.”

“I’d be happy to have you as my son,” he smiled. “You have my blessing.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“When do you plan to ask?”

“I don’t know. I have my first game of the season on Thursday night. Maybe on Friday, we are going to dinner. I’m just going to play it out and see how it goes.”

“Is Taylor going to start?” he now asked.

Taylor was a freshman and the third of his four daughters. Tara was his oldest at 20, then Teagan at 19 now. They took a break before having Taylor and then soon after Tessa came along. Yeah, they had a thing for the letter T.

“I don’t know,” I said truthfully. “She’s good and has improved a lot over the summer but I have Mandy and Mindy still as my two best guards. I just want to make sure she is ready for the role. She might not start but she will see a lot of time, that I can say for certain.”

“At least you’re honest with me,” Thom smiled.

“If I can get Mindy comfortable playing in a different spot she will start for sure. Maybe a few games and she will be ready.”

“Don’t rush things for me Jake. It’s your team, you do as you please. You did amazing things with them last year so keep it rolling.”

“We are going all the way this year,” I said confidently. “They are a confident bunch and are playing great together.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“I know, one game at a time. I just have that feeling though.”

“Are you in for next Wednesday, I have a match set up against a couple of the managers at the bank. They won’t be too hard to beat but I like having you around. You’re not so bad at golf, don’t kid yourself.”

“It’s going to be my last week then,” I said. “I’ve got a lot of time off from work to coach the girls.”

“I understand. This week was the important week. I was glad I had you. Besides, the weather is going to turn any day now and the courses will be closed.”

“I’m getting my knee fixed again in the spring but after that I will take some lessons to help my swing.”

“I know a guy,” Thom smiled.

“I bet you do.”

“I’ll catch you later,” I said waving to him.

I got in the car and headed for home. I was surprised at how well Thom and I got along. He wasn’t the asshole I made him out to be. He was an honest and hardworking guy who hated all the bull shit people brought to him. He presented himself as such but once you got through all the garbage and he figured out you weren’t after him for anything he opened up to you.

I arrived home and headed into the house. I stopped in my tracks as I saw Teagan sitting there in just a shirt and underwear painting on her toes. Her one leg hanging over the side of the love seat, the other drawn to her chest as she painted. Her body was intoxicating to me as I watched her concentrate on her toes. Bright red polish carefully being brushed on her little toe.

I looked her body over as I watched. I don’t think she saw me come in as she didn’t acknowledge my presence. Her hard little nipples easily visible under her thin shirt. Perfect outline of her cunny as her panties barely covered them. I circled the seat as she dipped her brush back into the paint. I waited until she finished before I touched her.

I pulled her hair away from her neck to expose it. She shifted in slight surprise but didn’t say anything. She just tilted her head to expose more of her neck to me as I leaned down and wetly kissed it. My hands sliding down her collar bone to her breasts. I cupped them and felt the weight of them as I worked higher to her jawline with my lips. She moaned as she pressed into my kiss.

“What do you want?” she giggled her little girl giggle.

“You,” I breathed.

I nibbled on her ear a little as my hands pulled her shirt up and exposed her tits. I pinched her nipples as I worked my mouth down her neck and over her collar bone to the right one.

“My nails are wet,” she sighed. Her body still arching into my touch as she spoke.

“I’m not going to kiss your feet,” I teased.

“My fingers are wet too,” she sassed.

“Quit playing with yourself then,” I further teased.

“I got you for that,” she cooed.

I circled around the seat and got in front of her. She spread her legs wide to keep me away from her toes. I got right between them and leaned in to kiss her. A loving smile on her face as I pressed my lips against hers. She kissed me back as my hand cupped her cunny now. Her panties slightly pressing into her slit as her lips parted under my fingers. She gasped into my kiss as I slipped a finger under the edge and grazed her lips.

I kissed her nipples as my fingers touched her clit. I slipped so easily over the sensitive bud as she panted. I parted the material of her panties to one side as I knelt down. I kissed her there and felt her press into me as she giggled. I dipped my tongue into her center and circled her opening. Wetness covered my tongue as she gasped and flattened her hand on my head.

I licked my way up to her clit and drew circles on it. I teased her for a minute with my tongue before pulling back a little and blowing on it. I felt her shudder as she looked down at me. I licked her from clit all the way down to her asshole. I probed at it for a second before returning to her clit again.

She gasped as I focused on just her clit now. I circled it with my tongue before pulling it into my mouth and rolling it around on my lips.

“Fuck, right there,” she moaned.

I flattened my tongue over it and shook my head side to side. That brought her over the edge as she called her warning. I lapped at her until her breathing slowed. I tasted her cum as I probed her hole and gently licked her still.

“You better not mess up my nails,” she warned as I stood.

“I’m not after your nails,” I laughed.

She laughed so seductively now as I hooked my fingers around her panties. I pulled them off her hips a little, just enough to make more room to part them from her lips. I hated when the elastics rubbed my cock. I pulled them clear of her lips and took in her cunny as she looked at me patiently.

“You going to look at it or fuck it?” she asked coyly.

“Horny little bitch,” I teased as I dropped my pants. My cock sprang free as I stepped out of them.

“You started it,” she cooed.

“Guess I have to finish it too.”

“Hmmm,” she growled as I sank into her now.

I felt her cunt grip my cock and gasped at how wet she was today.

“I’m wet aren’t I?” she teased.

“That you are,” I growled.

“Been thinking about you all day.”

“Yeah?” I asked pressing into her with a steady pace.

“Too bad you left so early this morning or I would have given you a great wake up call.”

“This is making up for it.”

“Hmmm,” she growled.

I kept pressing into her with a steady pace. Wetness leaking from her as I found her end and bumped her cervix. I loved how her puss felt wrapped around my cock. It seemed to pull me back inside as I reached the beginning and started to return. Our hips softly crashing together as we fucked.

She pulled her knees up to her shoulders keeping her legs spread and away from my body. This opened her up and let me slide so easily into her. I picked the pace up as she begged for more. Full in and out as I quickly closed in on my climax.

“Can’t hold back baby,” I cried. “Fuck, you feel good today.”

“Keep fucking me,” she cried. “I’m so close. Don’t stop.”

My toes started digging into the carpet now as I pressed into her a little harder. The love seat started sliding across the floor as I slapped into her.

“Keep fucking me,” she begged.

“Cumming,” I cried.

“Give me your cum baby,” she yelped. “Fill me up and make me cum.”

I started filling her and calling her name. My cum soaked the walls of her cunt as the room spun a little. Dam she was hot today. Something about her had me worked up.

“Keep fucking me, I’m so close.”

I kept pushing into her, my cock not losing any steam as I pounded her now. I kept moving my feet to keep up with the moving seat as I fucked her.

“Cumming,” she yelped.

I grabbed the back of the couch as her legs pressed into my arms. The wet slaps of sex played in the background as she cried out in pleasure. I rode her until she begged me to stop.

“I’m going to be sore,” she laughed.

“Dam,” I panted. “You are fucking on fire today.”

“I know,” she giggled. “I don’t know why I’m so wet today.”

“I like it.”

I leaned down and kissed her as we relaxed and remained as one. I remained fairly hard as we continued to kiss. Softly I continued to slide in and out of her.

“Let my nails dry then you can have me again,” she smiled.

“How long is that going to be?”

“Half hour or so,” she chirped.

“I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“Go take a cold shower,” she laughed. “Besides you kind of smell. What were you doing today?”

“I was golfing with your dad.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. How did it go?”

“We won so he was thrilled.”

“Good. He wants us to come over for dinner tonight.”

“We have practice tonight,” I reminded her. “You are coming to help aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “We are going to dinner after.”

“Alright,” I said.

I reached down and pulled her panties back into place as I pulled from her.

“Jake,” she squealed. “Now my panties are going to be soaked.”

“Like they weren’t before we started.”

“Yeah, but that was from me.”

“There’s going to be some of you in there too.”

“You’re a pain in the ass,” she giggled and softly slapped my face.

“I will make it up to you,” I said raising my eye brows at her.

“After you shower stinky.”

“Cold shower isn’t going to slow me down,” I warned her. “You better be naked by the time I’m done.”

She stood and started gathering her painting supplies. “What am I going to do with you,” she sighed.

“I can think of a few things,” I said as I started walking to the bathroom.

“Yeah, yeah, I hear you.”

I tossed my shirt into the hamper as I turned on the shower. I sniffed myself and was surprised that I did have a slight odor. It was a nice day out so I didn’t think I was sweating that much. I climbed into the shower and cleaned myself off.

I got out and toweled off. Started looking around for my basketball shorts but couldn’t find them anywhere. I left the bedroom and walked into the living room to ask Teagan if she had seen them.

“Hey baby, have you seen………” I fell silent as I looked into the kitchen.

Teagan stood at the sink washing some dishes. It wasn’t the act of washing the dishes that had me speechless. She was as naked as the day she was born while doing it. I was stunned that she actually took me up on my offer. My cock was already at full staff as I reached her.

I could tell she was giggling quietly as I approached her. I stood behind her for a second and took in her flawless body. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck as she jumped.

“Be careful with that thing,” she teased as my cock poked her butt.

“You shouldn’t tease it like this then.”

“I’m not teasing.”

She melted into my touch as she arched her back making her butt press into my cock.

“I’m just washing the dishes.”

“I thought your fingers were wet?”

My fingers sliding down her tummy to find her cunny.

“Not from being painted,” she said seductively.

I dipped my hips as she slightly parted her legs and created just enough space for my cock to slip in between them. My sensitive head slipped along her still wet slit as she rocked her hips.

“Is that right?” I asked.

“I’ve been wet all day long.”

“Hmmm,” I growled into her ear as I kissed her neck.

“I had to touch myself just a little. My fingers are no comparison to your cock though.”

She arched her back hard as she pressed her fingers against the head of my cock. I felt it press against her opening. Her slick lips parted and I slipped inside as she gasped.

“If touching yourself makes you this horny you need to do it all the time.”

She pushed herself back into me and leaned forward now making the angle better for me to penetrate her.

“What makes you think I don’t,” she growled.

“Bad little girl,” I moaned as I pressed into her deeply.

“I’m only bad for you. Hmmm, I love the way your cock feels inside of me.”

I pulled from her slowly until just the tip was inside. Her cunny was quivering already as I started to press back into her slippery folds. I molded my body to hers and cupped her tits as I moved just my hips. Her cunny squeezing my cock as I slowly fucked her. I kissed her back between her shoulder blades and made she skin shiver with goose bumps.

“Fuck,” she gasped. “I’m going to cum hard.”

“Already,” I teased.

“Ummm hmmm,” she growled.

I felt her cunt tighten as she released. Cum flooded her hole as she squeezed my cock hard. Her wetness leaked from the edges as I pressed into her.

I carefully turned her away from the sink. We made the six foot walk over to the kitchen table without losing our bond. She leaned over the table and looked over her shoulder at me. She had that look on her face. I loved the way she smiled at me.

“I love you baby.”

“Love you too,” she moaned.

I pressed into her with more speed now. My cock glistened white as I withdrew then plunged back into her. I loved fucking her from behind but I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to see her face as I loved on her. I pulled from her and sat in the chair. She never questioned anything now. She just pushed herself from the table and straddled my lap. She lowered herself down on my waiting shaft until I was pressed inside as deep as I could go.

She just undulated her hips and leaned down to kiss me. I cupped her tits as we fucked slowly in the chair. Just a slow rise and fall now as she panted into my mouth. Little moans escaping her as she grew closer to the edge. Her wetness leaking from her making her so smooth and slick. I loved the feeling of being inside of her.

“You close,” she asked breaking my thoughts.

“Almost,” I panted.

“Good, I am getting sore now.”

“You, I never thought I would hear that.”

“A girl can only fuck for so long,” she giggled.

I gave her a look. She knew what I was thinking.

“Maybe tonight,” she said.

“You think you’re ready for that?”

“I’ve been using the plugs. I think I’m ready.”

The thought excited me and brought me right up to the edge. Her eyes rolled back as she started to cum. I was right with her as we came together. We panted as we rested and held each other. Sometimes silence can speak more than words, this was one of those times.

“We don’t have to if you’re not ready.”

“I said we can try. If it hurts you can have me right where you’re at.”

“You will be in control,” I assured her. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know baby.”

She kissed me once more before standing. She cupped herself and went to the sink.

“Your shorts are in the dryer.”


I rested in the chair for a minute before going to get ready. She finished the dishes then got into the shower. We left together and went to practice.

The girls worked well tonight and looked more than ready for the game tomorrow. I hoped that the first game jitters didn’t get to them and they would perform. Then it was off to Thom’s house for dinner. We stayed way later than we wanted to and got home well after 1030.

“Do you think we can take a rain check,” she asked.

“I was going to ask the same thing.”

“Glad we are on the same page.”

“Are you coming to the game tomorrow?”

“I’ve got a late class so I’m not sure if I will make it. Thursday are going to be hard. If I do it will be in the second half.”

“I know. It’s okay.”

She snuggled up next to me and we drifted off.

I made a last second decision and started Taylor. I moved Mindy to the 3 spot and used Mandy and Taylor as the guards. Maybe the stars aligned that night or the other team had the first game deer in the headlights syndrome. Whatever it was, it was bad for them. We blew them out. It was 74 to 24. Everything was falling for us and they couldn’t buy a shot.

I addressed them in the locker room. “You girls played exceptionally well tonight. Do not let this go to your heads. This is just one win. There are a lot more games to be played this year and they will not be this easy. Let’s savor this win but continue to practice hard and get better.”

I left the locker room and let them get cleaned up. Thom was waiting for me just outside the door.

“Dam,” he called. “I guess you were right about going all the way this year.”

“It’s just one game Thom.”

“Yeah, but that was something else.”

“They won’t all be this easy.”

“I didn’t see Teagan.”

“She has class tonight. I don’t think she is going to make a Thursday night game this year.”

“Oh,” he said a little shocked. Something about the way he said it felt strange. I brushed it off.

“Hey, thanks for starting Taylor,” he offered. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“She is good enough to play the spot so I started her. 15 points isn’t bad.”

“No, it’s great.”

“Hi daddy,” Taylor said as she came from the locker room.

“You ready?” he asked.

“See you tomorrow coach.”


I left the gym and went home. The house was empty when I got there. Not unusual since Teagan had started taking college classes. I relaxed on the couch for an hour as I watched Duke play on TV. Teagan finally came through the door.

“Hey honey,” she said. She looked tired. “How was the game?”

“It went well,” I said. “The girls destroyed them by 50 points.”

“What?” she asked stunned.

“Yeah, 74 to 24. Your sister started and played really good. Scored like 15 points or something.”

“That’s just good coaching,” she offered.

“It must be good players,” I countered. “It must run in the family.”

“Maybe,” she sighed.

“How was your day?”

“Long and exhausting. I’m ready for bed.”

“Did you eat?”

“Yeah, I grabbed something. I’m going to take a shower and hit the hay.”

“I will be in after a while.”

I kissed Teagan good bye in the morning and left for the office. I was only doing a half day today. I got out shortly after 1 and started driving home. My phone started ringing.

“Hey Thom,” I answered. “What can I do for you?”

“You busy right now?” he asked.

“Driving home right now why?”

He let out a long sigh and then paused.

“What is it?”

“I got a phone call during the game,” he started.


“Teagan wasn’t at school, she was out.”

“I guess I’m not getting what you are saying.”

“She was out with her ex-boyfriend.”

“What, like on a date?”

“I didn’t get any details other than that. Don’t go and explode on her please. I’m just calling you to give you a heads up.”

“I’m not that guy anymore,” I said firmly. “I will bring it up if I get a chance.”

“I figured someone was going to tell you so I thought it should be me. I don’t want them to add to the story.”

“I know.”

“I will keep tabs on her if you want.”

“No, I will figure it out. If you get anything more just let me know. I don’t want her to think I’m following her everywhere.”

“I hear you.”

“Thanks Thom.”

“Fuck,” I sighed. This couldn’t be happening to me again could it?

I pulled into the driveway and parked the car. I went in the door and the phone started ringing again.

“Hey Megan,” I said.

“Hi,” she replied.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yeah, I got everything.”

“When do you want to meet?”

“Today if we could.”

“What time?”

“Maybe at 4?”

“I can’t, I have to run practice. I don’t want to leave Teagan to do it alone. Can it be earlier?”

“I don’t know Jake,” she huffed. “I’m at work right now on my lunch break.”

“Why can’t we do it now?”

“I’m going back in 15 minutes.”

“So you waited until now to call me?”

“I just remembered.”

I sensed movement and turned my head. Teagan came around the corner which surprised me. She still looked tired as she had on just a shirt and some sweat pants. She looked at me very strange now as I paused my conversation with Megan.

“Hey, I’m going to have to call you back.”

“What?” I could hear Megan shout as I hung the phone up.

“What are you doing home?” I asked. “I thought you had class today.”

“I’m not feeling well,” she said annoyed. “Who was that?”

“Nobody important. What’s wrong?”

“Sounded important,” she pressed.

“Nothing too pressing. It can wait. You catching a cold or something?”

“No,” she hissed. “Jake, who was that?”

I knew something was up. Teagan normally didn’t press the issue.

“It was Megan,” I said.

“Why are you talking to Megan and making plans to meet her?”

I sighed and turned to take a seat at the kitchen table. “Come and sit,” I said.

“I want answers, Jake,” she hissed. “I know about Jenny and Sam too.”

“Oh,” I said. “I see where this is going.”

“You said you weren’t going to be that guy anymore, Jake.”

“Teagan, sit down,” I ordered. She reluctantly sat down.

“My life is an open book for you. I’m not hiding anything from you.”

“Then why are you talking to all these girls? I know who Megan and Sam are. Who is this Jenny chick?”

I held my finger up. I picked my phone up and started dialing Jenny. I put the phone on speaker as it rang and rang and rang.

“Hey, this is Jennifer Rhodes, leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.” Beep.

“Hey Jenny its Jake, I know you’re busy but I need you to call me back as soon as you get this. It’s urgent.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Teagan scorned.

“She will call back in a few minutes. Now back to Megan.”

“Ok,” she huffed. Her arms folded and legs crossed.

“Megan is my ex, that you know. We shared a bank account and when we broke up we never closed it. The bank sent us both a letter the other day saying that because the account was inactive for so long they were going to start charging us ten dollars a month to keep it open. I called her so we could go down there and close it.”

“Ok,” she sighed a little relief in her voice.

“We went down there on Tuesday to close the account and split the money but she didn’t bring the right documents so they wouldn’t close the account. She wanted to go down there at four but I can’t because of practice. That’s what that conversation was about.”

“So you and Megan are not seeing each other?”

“Just to get the bank thing settled. I haven’t spoken to her since we broke up.”

“Ok, so that leaves Sam and this Jenny chick.”

“Sam is my cousin. We grew up in a small town and spent most of our time together. It’s hard for me to just shut her out of my life.”

“After everything that has happened I just don’t trust her.”

“Teagan, you have nothing to worry about. She is back in Texas where we grew up. I’m here with you. There’s a lot of ground between us and I’m not about to ruin what I have with you. You can get that idea out of your head right now.”

Just then my phone started ringing. “Answer it.”

“Hello,” Teagan said weakly.

“Jake?” Jenny asked.

“He’s here,” she said.

“Oh, this must be Teagan,” Jenny said quickly.

“Yeah,” she said confused now.

“I’m glad I finally get the chance to talk to you Teagan. Jake talks about you all the time.”

“Teagan has some questions for you Jenny,” I called. Teagan took the phone away from her face and put it on speaker.

“Like what?”

“Ask away Teagan,” I said.

“Who are you and how do you know Jake?”

“My name is Jenny and I met Jake on spring break in Panama City.”

“Geez Jenny,” I croaked. “You’re not helping any.”

“She asked so I’m telling her what she wants to know.”

“Why does he keep calling you?” Teagan asked.

“Jake?” Jenny questioned.

“Tell her everything that she wants to know,” I ordered.

“I’m a therapist, Jake is getting counseling from me every other week to help with his issues.”

“Oh,” Teagan said totally embarrassed now.

“Oh,” Jenny cried. “You think this is something else. No, not at all. Jake and I met on spring break but it wasn’t anything like that. Although he tried, it never happened. I’m not like that. We spent the whole time hanging out and talking. We never even kissed.”

“You guys never did anything?” Teagan asked still stunned.

“No, in fact we hung out the next year too. Jake was different with me. I think I scared him with my quick wit. We just talked. Sometimes we talked all night.”

Teagan looked at me now.

“I know,” I said. “Call me lame but that’s how I spent my first two spring breaks of my college life. I spent it talking with Jenny.”

“So why does he call you still? I mean can’t you get a therapist in town?”

“Jenny and I go way back. She helped me get through my knee injury. She’s always been a great friend. I’m talking to her now to get over the asshole I was before I met you. That’s why I call her every so often.”

“Oh my gosh,” Teagan whimpered. “I’m so sorry Jake.”

“Teagan, it’s normal to have your doubts about a relationship. Especially if you have been hurt in the past. Jake’s past isn’t the best but I can tell you this, when he puts his mind to something he achieves his goal. He is a changed man now that he is with you. You make him the man that I knew he could be.”

“Jake, I’m sorry,” Teagan cried. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s fine baby. You have to trust me.”

“Teagan, Jake is a good man. He loves you. There is no denying that. I get bored listening to him go on and on about you.”

“Thanks Jenny,” I teased.

“I feel like a complete idiot,” Teagan sighed.

“Does that satisfy your curiosity?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, I’m an idiot,” Teagan said again.

“Don’t beat yourself up Teagan. It’s normal to doubt. You guys have a good thing going but things like this are going to come up. Don’t hide anything from each other and your love will only grow stronger.”

“I’m sorry I bothered you,” Teagan sighed.

“I have to run you two. I have a patient in my room waiting on me.”

“Thanks Jenny,” I said as I picked the phone up.

“Call me if you have any more questions Teagan.”

“Anything else?” I asked.

“No, I feel like a complete fool. I’m sorry.”

“I’m with you Teagan, just you. There isn’t some other girl out there for me. I love you with all my heart. I have never felt this way about anyone before you and I don’t want to feel it with anyone else.”

“I’m sorry I doubted you Jake, really I am. What can I do to make this up to you?”

“Just ask me if you have questions,” I said. “You don’t have to stalk me.”

“I wasn’t stalking you. I saw you the other day with Megan when I was sitting at the deli having lunch. You guys walked right by me. I thought you were having lunch together or something when you guys went into the plaza. I checked you’re phone later on and saw the other girls on there too.”

“We went to the bank,” I said. “We sat there forever until they got to us. Then Megan didn’t have the right stuff so we couldn’t get the money out anyway. Now I have to go back again.”

“I over reacted, I’m sorry.”

“Is that why you were out with Luke?” I asked.

“What? How do you know about that?”

“Teagan, somebody saw you with him and called your dad. He called me. What are you hiding?”

“Ok, I ran into Luke and we sat down to talk. I was freaking out about everything and needed someone to talk to.”

“So you decided on Luke?”

“He was there ok. I didn’t plan on it. I was on my way to the game.”

“Were you planning to tell me this or just attack me about what I’m doing and then not talk to me about it?”

“I was going to tell you Jake,” she sighed. “I just wanted answers first.”

“So what happened?”

She sighed. She looked at the table as she started to speak. I knew that this was bad.

“I told him about what was going on. All the girls on your phone, the thing with Megan. He told me that there was no way you weren’t seeing someone behind my back. He told me he still loved me and was sorry for what he did to me. He kissed me.”

She fell silent now. I sat there stunned. I waited for her to continue but I already knew what was coming.

“I kissed him back,” Teagan burst into tears.

My head fell into my hands as I couldn’t process the information. A million things ran through my head now. I did nothing but stand and walk out the door.

“Jake, wait,” she called.

I didn’t stop as I reached my car. Teagan stood at the door and called me. I got in and drove off. I drove to the park and sat in the car watching everyone that passed by. I just sat there absentminded until it was time to go to practice.

I drove to the school and went into the gym. The girls were already there and waiting for me. I searched around for Teagan but didn’t see her. I pulled the door shut and locked it.

“What’s going on?” Mandy asked a little worried.

I pulled her off to the side.

“Between you and me only. Teagan and I aren’t doing good right now. I don’t want her here so I’m locking the door.”

“What happened?”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s get ready for Monday.”

“Ok,” she said.

They did there thing. Mandy showed her leadership and did a good job running the practice as I was there but not there.

“There won’t be practice tomorrow,” I said as they gathered around. “I’ve got some things I need to take care of at home so I need a break. Enjoy your weekend and I will see you here Monday.”

I left and didn’t know if I wanted to go home or not. I had to face this problem sooner or later. I walked in the door to a dark house and a note on the table. I crumped it up and threw it at the wall. I picked up my phone from the table and dialed Jenny.

“Teagan?” she answered.

“No, it’s me.”

“You sound down, is everything ok?”

“No,” I sighed.

“What happened?”

“Teagan dropped a bombshell on me after we got off the phone.”

“Like what?”

“She went out with her ex and they kissed.”


“I don’t know the rest.”

“You didn’t even let her explain the situation?”

“I heard enough. I had to leave.”

“That was stupid of you Jake,” Jenny scolded me. “You should have let her explain the circumstances before you just walked out.”

“This is what I get when I let my guard down and I am the nice guy. Nice guys always finish last. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that?”

“That’s the dumbest thing I think I have heard you say Jacob.”

Wow, she called me by my full name. Nobody ever does that unless they are serious.

“Where is she now?”

“I’m assuming she went home.”

“She didn’t say anything?”

“She left a note.”


“I didn’t read it. I’m so stressed.”

“Get the note and read it you hard headed dumbass.”

“Jenny?” I asked. Never had I heard her speak to me this way. Jenny was always a level headed person that never got too emotional when she was giving me advice.

“Yeah, this is me telling you not to be so stupid and throw this away.”

I picked the note off the floor and uncrumpled it. I read what she wrote to the both of us.

“I’m going to stay home tonight. Please don’t hate me. I still love you and I don’t want this to ruin us. I will be by in the morning to see you after practice. Please let’s talk. You don’t know how much you mean to me. I remember something you said to me a long time ago and it still plays in my head every day.” The lyrics to the song I sang her were written on the page. I softly smiled at that.

“Tomorrow when she comes over to talk to you, just listen,” Jenny offered. “Listen to the whole situation and the things that led to the event. Then you do what is right for the both of you. If you need a few days to figure it out then take them.”

“I know Jenny.”

“Call me if you need me.”

“Yeah,” I sighed.

I was sitting on the couch when she walked in the door. She came right over and sat down in the love seat. We sat in silence for a minute before she started.

“I don’t know what to say,” she whimpered.

“Tell me what happened.”

“We talked. I let him get to me then we kissed.”

She sobbed in the chair as she looked at me. She wanted me to take control of the situation but I remained still. I just waited on her.

“We walked back to his place. We talked some more. We kissed some more.”

She looked at me now. Her eyes were all red and swollen as she waited for me to say something. I just sat there. I knew what was coming next. I knew where this was going. I wanted to explode but I knew what it would lead to.

“I had sex with him,” she balled. “There, is that what you wanted to hear? Fucking say something.”

“What do you want me to say, Teagan?”

“I don’t know?”

Her face was a mess. The pain of what happened devastating her as she looked at me. I stayed level but the pain was like a knife cutting me slow and deep.

“We didn’t get far. I came to my senses and stopped him. I slapped the shit out of him and left. Just like when you and Sam…..”

“No,” I said. “You are not bringing Sam into this.”

“I’m sorry,” she gaged on her tears. “What do I have to do to make this right?”

“What the hell were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t,” she croaked. “I’m sorry. Dam it, I’m sorry.”

I sat there in stunned silence. I shook my head as I rested it on my hands. All the shit we had been through together and now this. I guess I knew how she felt when Sam jumped me that night.

“Talk to me Jake,” she begged. “Say something.”

“I don’t know what to say. After all we have been through. I’m at a loss for words right now.”

“Say it’s going to be ok. Say you hate me and never want to see me again. Say something!”

“I’m numb.”

She just cried. Balled her eyes out as I sat there and tried to come up with something. I felt like shit. My past was catching up to me. I did say that karma had a way of getting you. I could only sit there and look at her crying.

“Please say something,” she begged.

“Go home Teagan,” I said. “If we want this to work I need some time to think about everything. Be at the steak house on Friday night at 7. If I’m not there then you have my answer. If you are not there then I have my answer. If we both are there then we know the answer.”

She started to speak but I held my hand up. “That’s what I am telling you do to. Go.”

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed as she climbed from the chair and looked at me.

She walked out the door and I broke down. I called Jenny even if it was early. I figured she would be up anyway.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“For once I’m going to let my heart guide me.”

“What’s it telling you?”

“It’s broken.”

“If you are looking to me for advice, I can’t help you. This is something you have to do on your own.”

“I know Jenny. I got to go.”

Work was a welcome distraction on Monday. I spent the day catching up and seeing patients. I left at four to get to the school so we could be at the game on time. I got into the locker room after the JV players had cleared out and addressed the team. I just gave them a basic speech about playing hard and being there for each other. I pulled Taylor off to the side as the rest of them took the floor to warm up.

“I’m sure you have some idea of what is going on between your sister and me.”

“It’s hard not too when she is crying in her room and hasn’t come out to eat in two days,” Taylor said flatly.

“It’s between her and I and it’s not going affect the team and how I feel about you. I’m keeping my personal life out of this.”

“I know,” she said. “I just hope you two figure it out. I hate to see her like this. You know she loves you right?”

“That’s what makes this hurt so much,” I sighed.

“Whatever she did, I know she regrets it and is sorry,” Taylor offered.

“Yeah, I do to.”

She turned and walked off. I gathered my thoughts before I went out to join them. It was hard to pretend everything was ok but I managed. The girls made my job easier and played well again winning by 22.

I took my lunch break the next day and met Megan at the bank to get everything taken care of. She knew something was up and asked me what was going on.

“It’s not good,” was all I could offer. “We haven’t spoken since Saturday.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing. Don’t worry yourself with it.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with us meeting to get this settled does it?”

“She saw us and it set off a chain of events that got us to this point.”

“Do I need to call her and explain?” Megan asked.

“No, it’s too late for that. The damage has already been done.”

“I’m sorry Jake,” she sighed. “Sorry for everything. Sorry for what this has caused between you and her.”

“I don’t want to hear it please,” I said softly.

“You have a reputation,” she jabbed.

“I never did anything to you or to her,” I snapped. “You assumed.”

“But given your past,” she started.

“No, when I got into a relationship I always kept things under control. I fucked up one time. It was only when I was single that I went out and played the field.”

“That is where your reputation comes from,” she fired right back. “You were always seeing two or three girls at the same time.”

“Yeah, but I was never in a committed relationship with any of them. I was just out there doing my own thing.”

“It doesn’t matter Jake,” Megan said exacerbated. “You start taking girls on dates and then screwing them, they take it the wrong way when they find out they aren’t the only one. Women want to feel special and with you fucking everything that walks it tends to make them not feel so special.”

“I was in college though. We were supposed to act that way weren’t we?”

“But at 26 you’re not in college anymore. You needed to grow up when you left Duke.”

“I did though.”

“No you didn’t, Jake. When we started dating I knew about the other girl you were seeing.”

“Then why did you stay with me?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “I guess I’m stupid. I thought you would change.”

“I did change. I changed for you and for Teagan. I’m the one who got screwed over.”

“So it was something she did?”

“Yeah,” I said pissed at myself for letting that one out.

“Teagan is young, you have to expect that from her.”

“No, she is different.”

“At least you thought she was,” Megan jabbed me again.

“Just like I thought you were too.”

“I was just getting even with you,” she hissed.

“Even for what? I did nothing. Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth? I did nothing with anyone while I was with you.”

“Except,” she started.

“You knew about her and you chose to stay. Besides, we weren’t serious until we moved here. Once we moved, I was faithful to you all the way. You fucked up, not me.”

“You really expect me to believe that?”

“You and I are nothing now. Don’t you think I would want to hurt you if I could? Megan, I’m speaking the truth when I tell you absolutely nothing happened between any other girl after we moved here.”

“I screwed up then didn’t I?” she asked.

“I certainly didn’t.”

“Well, I’m sorry,” Megan said sincerely. “I thought the worst and wanted revenge.”

“Why can’t you girls just ask me what the fuck is going on? Why the hell do you jump to conclusions and attack?”

“Your reputation Jake,” she said.

“I’m tired of that worn out excuse,” I sighed exhausted.

“Maybe you should break the circle,” Megan suggested. “Why not give it a second chance?”

“With who?”

“Teagan, you idiot. I’m taken, or I’m going to be.”

“Who is dumb enough to marry you?”

“The guy I left you for.”

“Dam, that hurt. Talk about salt in the cut.”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” she apologized. “Maybe you should try it. Settle down with someone.”

“I was going to ask but all this went down.”

“You were pretty serious with this girl weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“Then don’t throw this away. Work it out with her. At some point you have to grow up Jake.”

“I’m not sure how this would be part of growing up.”

“Learning how to forgive,” she huffed. “It doesn’t take much to fall in love. It takes a tremendous effort to stay in love and fight for it.”

“What, are you a therapist now?”

“No, just smart enough to know a few things about life.”

“I don’t know Megan,” I sighed. “This one hurts.”

“There isn’t just Jake in this relationship. There’s a Teagan involved too. If she is truly sorry about what happened then you should give her that second chance.”

She paused. “I wish you would have given me one.”

“Yours wasn’t a onetime thing though. It went on for weeks.”

“And is the same thing happening now?”

“I don’t know.”

“You should find out before you make your final choice.”

I shook my head.

“I have to get back to work. Think about everything Jake. We may not be together but I still want to see you happy. If there is anything I can do for you just ask and I will do what I can.”

“I think I’m alone on this one.”

“Good luck then,” she said.

She leaned in and gave me a hug before she walked away. I made the walk back to my car and thought about everything she said. Maybe it was time for me to grow up as she put it. Friday couldn’t get here fast enough.

I climbed into my car and saw the Callaway golf visor on the back seat. It reminded me that I had to golf with Thom tomorrow.

“Hey Thom,” I said as he answered the phone.

“Hi,” he said monotone.

“Given the recent events, I think I’m going to cancel tomorrow.”

“I understand.”

“I wouldn’t be myself.”

“It’s ok. Listen, I’m not going to get involved but just know Teagan is suffering. She is sorry for what she did. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. I just hope you two figure it out.”

“I think things will be ok,” I offered. “I’m going to take the next couple of days to make sure I’m doing the right thing.”

“Friday can’t come fast enough,” he sighed.

Practice was odd without Teagan there. The gym had a lot of memories of us and how we got started. Two weeks from now would be the first time we met a year ago. I tried not to dwell on that but it always crept into my mind.

I worked them hard the next two days and had them ready for Thursday night. They won by ten and were off to a great three and zero start. These were not district games so they weren’t as important but it was good to build the teams confidence.

I was sitting on the couch after the game on Thursday watching a game on TV. I had made up my mind on the whole situation. I just had to wait one more day to get this over with. There was a knock at my door. I answered and saw Mandy standing there.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

“Sure. What brings you by?”

“Teagan is absolutely destroyed by what is going on between you two.”

“What did she tell you?”


“As in?” I asked.

“Luke, the whole thing, you know.”

“What, you don’t think I’m not?”

“I can see you are too but you don’t show it.”

“I’ve got a job to do. I can’t let my personal life get in the way of getting you kids ready for a game.”

“That girl loves you coach. I’ve known her since I was five. I’ve never seen her fall so far in love and then be in such shambles over something so stupid.”

“I love her too Mandy but she broke my heart. What she did was stupid but the pain is real.”

“She is truly sorry Jake.”

“And she sent you down here to tell me this.”

“No, I came all on my own. I can’t stand to see her like this. It’s killing me too. I’m just a kid coach, but I know some things about life. Love comes along once in a while. Don’t turn your back on it. She is willing to do anything to take back what happened. Luke took advantage of her in a moment of weakness. I’m not saying she is innocent but she truly is sorry.”

She searched for the words as her eyes filled with tears.

“She can’t take it back but you can forgive her and move forward. If she could she would. You know her and the character she has. All her life she has been around this crap with her parents. That’s not her, that’s not the Teagan I know. Please, I’m begging you to give her a chance. She found the strength to give you one. Can you find it in your heart to give her one too?”

Those words cut me deep.

“I owe it to her for that don’t I?” I asked.

“This isn’t about owing anyone anything,” Mandy said quickly. “This is about two people who love each other and are willing to fight for each other. You are a fighter coach. Don’t quit on her.”

“I hear you.”

“Don’t tell her I came down here. She begged me to stay away.”

“I know. She wouldn’t want you to get involved.”

“I have to go.”

She turned and promptly walked away. I went back inside and turned the TV off. The game suddenly didn’t matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. Teagan screwed up but so did I. I didn’t want to throw this away for over something so stupid. I loved her. I’ve never been so happy in my life up until the other night. I couldn’t let one bad thing crush all the good.

I arrived way early the next night. I parked way down the street and walked to the coffee shop across from the steak house. I sat down and waited. Teagan arrived around 630 and sat on the bench outside the restaurant. It was the first time I had seen her in a week. I wanted to run to her but I sat there instead. I watched her nervously looking around at every car that pulled into the place. I couldn’t let her wait any longer.

I quickly left the coffee shop and ran across the street. She sat there looking around. Legs crossed with her short skirt neatly tucked under her body. She quickly jumped to her feet as she saw me coming her way. Her expression was priceless as her eyes started to well up with tears. She jumped into my arms and almost knocked me over in the process.

“I’m so sorry Jake,” she sobbed into my shoulder. “I’ve made a mess of everything. I know how bad I have hurt you. I let my fear of your past get to me. I won’t ever do that again.”

“It’s ok Teagan. The past is behind us. We are going forward from here. I realized I need you more than you need me.”

“No baby, we need each other. I’m not myself without you.”

We just stood there and held each other. We cried into each other as we embraced.

“My past has no bearing on where our future points us. What we have done to each other stays behind us. We go forward together. We fight for each other together.”

“I want that. I want to be with you. I want to fight through everything to be with you.”

“Answer me honestly then. This thing with Luke, is this the only time or were there others.”

“Only the one time, that’s the truth. He took advantage of me while I was weak. I saw you with Megan and assumed. Then I took your phone and saw Jenny and Sam too. I thought the worst. He played me for a fool. I know I’m not innocent and I take full responsibility for everything.”

“Why didn’t you just ask me first if it bothered you that much? My life is an open book for you to read. I’m not hiding anything from you. If you want to know something just ask. I won’t hide anything from you.”

“I should have. I’m so stupid and sorry.”

“Stop saying you’re sorry. I already know you are. I can see it. I don’t want to do anything to mess this up with you. I want to spend my life with you. I want to grow old with you. I was planning to ask you…..”

Shit, I let that one slip.

Her eyes opened wide as I caught myself. Too late now.

“Yeah, last Friday actually. But then all this went down.”

Hands covered her mouth as she looked stunned. “Oh my gosh Jake!”

“Yeah,” I said looking at her shocked face.

“I would have said no,” she spoke honestly now. “With everything that was going through my head and what I had just done, I would have said no.”

I was taken aback by this. My face clearly showed my feelings.

“I thought the worst baby. But now it’s clear as day. I wouldn’t say no now. That’s if you are asking.”

“I don’t have the ring with me so it wouldn’t be right.”

“Have we done anything the right way? My gosh, we screwed in a car, didn’t go on a real date for like 10 days after we had been screwing around. We hid it from Sam and my dad. All the shit with Sam and the sneaking around. I don’t think we are going to ordinary but that’s what makes us extraordinary.”

“Well, do you want the job then?” I asked. “Will you grow old with me? Fight for us together.”

“I would love to. I couldn’t think of a better person to grow old and beat the crap out of life with than you.”

I pulled her into a kiss. I missed her. I missed every little detail about her. It felt so right to kiss her now. We spent way too much time kissing. People were looking at us funny when we stopped.

“You hungry?” I asked.

“I haven’t eaten in a week.”

“I hope I brought enough money to feed you then,” I laughed.

“It’s all taken care of,” she smiled. “Dad knew you would be here. He kept my spirits up the whole time. That man really has taken a liking to you. He would have been really hurt if you didn’t come tonight.”

“I would have been the fool if I didn’t. You are worth more than one stupid mistake.”

“I’m sorry I did that.”

“No more Teagan. It’s over and done with. We move forward now.”

I took her hand and led her inside. We were seated quickly and had a nice dinner. We talked like we hadn’t been apart for the past week. That part was over. We didn’t speak about it again. We went back to the house after dinner.

I stopped her in the living room.

“Stay here,” I ordered.

I went into the bedroom and got the ring from the safe. I brought it back out and held her hand as I looked at her. Excitement on her face as I looked at her now.

“Will you?” I asked.

“I already said yes,” she whimpered. “But yes, a thousand times, yes.”

Her hands trembled as I slipped the ring onto her finger. She looked at the ring before looking at me. She leaned in and kissed me. We started moving me towards the bedroom. A trail of clothes started in the living room and led all the way to the bed.

She laid me down now and got into the bed next to me. She kissed my neck and worked towards my nipples. She softly kissed them before continuing down to my excited shaft. She took it into her hands and licked the tip. Just teased the slit with her tongue before opening her mouth and taking the head inside. She applied the perfect amount of pressure to it as she sucked it.

She brought her hands to the bed and used just her mouth. She gently worked up and down on me now. She wasn’t trying to get me off, just pleasuring me with her mouth. Up and down then off and used her tongue to lick the soft flesh right under my head. It felt good to have her do this. I moaned to let her know she was doing a good job.

Eyes like a cat in heat as she looked up at me. I loved those eyes as she sank back down over my shaft. Her spit soaking the whole thing as it ran down to my sack. Her hand now disappearing between her legs to touch her cunny. I could see it circling her puss as she continued to coat my cock with her slobber. She smiled at me as I watched her cheeks flair as she sucked me.

She stopped and sat up. She expended her leg over my body and straddled me. She lowered herself down until my cock was resting on her cunny. I felt the wetness that leaked from her as she teased me. I just lay still and let her do what she wanted to me. She reached back and took my cock into her hand. She lifted her body from me and positioned herself over my shaft.

She started to press down and I expected to sink into her wetness. I felt the tight pucker of her butthole and realized where I was going. She just smiled when the realization hit my face. She kept firm pressure on my cock until I started to open her up.

The head broke through her opening and she froze. Slight pain crossed her face as she rested with just the head inside of her now. She let herself adjust before she continued to press herself further down. She spit onto her hand and transferred it to my shaft. Slowly more of me sank into her exit as she pressed down.

She started to pull off and press back down in slow movements. I started sinking into her deeper until she had me all the way inside. She leaned onto my chest now and looked at me. She wanted to see if I was happy that she finally let me. Softly she moved her hips letting me move a little in either direction.

“If you don’t like it you don’t have too,” I whispered.

“No, it feels ok. A little pain and a lot of pleasure.”

She started rising and falling a little quicker now. She spit on her hand again as she paused. She started quickening her pace as the pain went away.

“Hmmm,” she growled. “Feels nice.”

“Yeah sure?”

“Oh yeah,” she cooed.

She started to rise and fall as she started kissing me again. Passionate kisses as she quickened the pace. I just let her fuck me now. I loved to feel her body pressing me into the bed. I was glad I decided not to be so stupid.

“Fuck,” she sighed. “Going to cum.”

“Go ahead,” I said.

“I planned on it,” she moaned.

She started cumming. It didn’t feel the same but I could tell she enjoyed it. She rocked her hips and pressed me all the way in as she rested.

“I’m going to be sorry tomorrow,” she sighed.

“You have other places for me to put it.”

“No, I want you to cum right where you’re at,” she said slyly. “Get me from behind.”

She pulled from me now. She got on her knees and looked back at me as I got behind her. I wanted to lick her cunny now. I missed how it felt against my tongue. I leaned in and tasted her cum as it leaked from her center.

“Hmmm,” she growled. “I want you baby.”

I relented and spit on her hole. I pressed my head to her and let it opened her up as she relaxed. The head broke into her easier this time and sank into her.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpered. “Be gentle.”

I slowly pushed into her now. Her fingers teased her cunny as I slowly rode her. Asshole tightly gripping my cock as I felt myself quickly getting closer to release.

My breathing increased letting her know I was close. She fingered herself now and I could feel them through the thin barrier separating us. I started filling her as she moaned into the pillow. I filled her with every drop I could get into her. I remained inside of her until my spent cock was pushed out.

She stayed put and panted still. I moved to lie in the bed next to her. She looked at me with those cat like eyes.

“I love your eyes,” I said.

“Thanks,” she sighed.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too baby. More than you can ever imagine. I’m sorry.”

“No more saying sorry,” I said softly. “We have closed that chapter.”

“Ok,” she whispered.

She stood and climbed from the bed. She headed for the bathroom now to clean up. She brought back a wet towel and cleaned me off. She opened the dresser and got out a pair of panties before climbing into bed with me.

“I’m tired,” I sighed. “This week has been very long and stressful.”

“I haven’t slept much myself.”

“We have practice tomorrow. Better rest.”

I pulled her to me as we lay in bed.

I woke up the next morning early. Teagan still slept. We hadn’t moved at all since last night. My morning wood pressed into her ass against her panties. Her warm body was inviting as I lay there wanting her now.

I rolled her panties off her hips. She moved a little as I got them down her legs a little. My cock nestled between her legs and rested against her cunny now. The tip slightly moist from both her and my desire. I pressed it against her lips but didn’t have the right angle to get it inside. I used my fingers to touch the both of us now.

I folded her lips apart and spread her moisture around both of us. Her breathing changed as she started to wake up. She moved just enough to allow me to enter her as she sighed. My thumb pressed the head of my cock into her as she pushed back.

She moaned as I slipped through her folds and into her center. She hooked her fingers around her panties and slid them down to her knees. I started tipping my hips and sliding in and out of her. My hand curved over her hip and to her center from the front. I teased her excited clit as she parted her legs a little more.

Everything was in slow motion now. The background noise seemed so far away as I knelt down on the sideline and watched the game. I glanced up at the clock and watched one second tick away. It felt like one hour. My head thumped as my heart pounded the blood through skull. This was far worse than the feeling I had when I was playing and the game was tight. I had no control over anything other than what play to call. The girls’ had to do their job and execute.

“Can’t this go any faster?” I asked myself.

I looked over at Teagan and watched her tapping her foot impatiently. She was just as ready for this to be over as I was. I checked the clock again to see only three more seconds had ticked off. Teagan left the bench now and walked towards me.

“Why can’t the dam clock go any faster?” she huffed in a low voice so only I could hear her.

“Relax,” I sighed trying to sound calm myself. “Don’t get the girls’ nervous by worrying.”

“I’m trying,” she breathed.

The crowd started cheering but I was still stuck in that slow motion state and I barely heard them. It felt like I was underwater as they grew louder. I checked the clock again and saw five seconds had come off it and the other team had tied the score. 1 minute and 23 seconds remained as Mandy brought the ball down the floor and looked for me to give her advice.

The whole game had been very close and very well played. Both teams were worthy of winning this state championship that was on the line. Neither of us had led by more than five points. We had run our go to sets in the first half and did well. The possessions were long and we had to reset a few times but we always got a good look even if we didn’t score. The second half became more difficult as they made adjustments at halftime and were more focused on where the play was going. The scoring became much more difficult for both sides as we had done the same thing. I was debating on whether to revert back to a simpler high low post play but it wouldn’t work since we didn’t have good post players this year.

My mind was working quickly even if time seemed to stand still. We needed good movement and some solid picks to get the shots we needed. I knew just the set that would get us what we needed.

“Georgia Blue,” I called to Mandy as she passed half court.

Mandy got the play going as they worked it around. It was the same motion offense we had been running in the first half but it varied by changing where the ball rotated to. It worked after two resets and 32 seconds clicked off the clock. Now there was just over 40 seconds on the clock.

They called time out to discuss what they needed to get done. I reminded them to play smart and not give up the three pointer. Play resumed and they quickly moved the ball around as they ran their offense. We did a good job shutting them down. They resorted to trying a risky cross court pass from the top by the three point line to the baseline.

“Dam it,” I hissed in a low voice.

Their girl caught the ball and quickly shot it over Cassy who was undecided on what she wanted to do and was out of position. If Cassy would have just gone for the steal she could have had it but she was frozen as her mind said I can steal it but her legs didn’t move her to make the play.

I didn’t dwell on that. Cassy was a young player who was still learning the ropes of varsity after I called her up from JV late in the season. Normally she wouldn’t be in with the game this tight but Rachael got tangled up fighting for the ball and fell. She hit the back of her head hard off the floor as they tumbled. She sat out as a precaution since she had some signs of a concussion. Cassy was my best option at this point since I needed some size on the floor. It was my turn to call time out.

I checked to be certain how many I had left. One full time out was all I had and was more than I needed at the moment.

“I’m sorry coach,” Cassy said looking down. “I should have gone for the steal or fouled her.”

I learned quickly that yelling at them didn’t work to motivate them. It just made them scared and more stressed out which carried over into the game. The best way to get my message across was to be calm and very deliberate. By me being calm it kept them under control and made them focus on what I needed them to do and not what they should have done. The only time I raised my voice at them was when they had been told more than once to fix a problem and they continued to make the same mistake.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said quickly and smiled at her. “It’s over and forgotten about already. Look at the score, it’s tied up and we have the ball. Next time you will be ready.”

She just gave a soft smile as I patted her on the back. The current five sat on the bench as the rest of the team gathered around me.

“Listen to me now, run Duke. Dribble the ball around and let some time run off the clock. Mandy, don’t watch the clock, listen for my voice to say go. I want you focused on your defender and nothing else. Taylor, you are the shooter. I want a dagger. Give me a three pointer.”

“Why me?” Taylor asked nervously.

“You have been open at the line all game. They won’t expect a three. They will be playing you for the drive. You’ve beat them all game off the dribble so this is the perfect time to hit a three.”

I could understand her reluctance with my request though. She hadn’t taken that many three pointers in a game this season. When it was just us messing around at the gym she would hit a little better than half. I knew she could shoot she just needed to convince herself she could too.

I put my hand under her chin and tipped her face up so she would focus on my words. “Take the shot, you can make it, I know you can do it. At worse we play another quarter.”

“Ok,” she said with some confidence.

We huddled up now. “One, two, three, team,” they cried.

They took the floor and got ready. Mandy got the inbound and focused solely on her defender. She dribbled around near half court and kept her space from her defender. I let the clock tick down. It felt like 10 hours instead of ten seconds.

I called for Mandy to go. They started running the odd play that I designed which had some screens to distract them from Taylor. Mandy broke past her defender as they moved to close the gap. This left Taylor open on the side at the three point line. Mandy’s pass was right on target. Taylor caught it, squared herself and shot the ball. It banked off the glass, hit the front of the rim and rattled around before dropping in. It wasn’t the prettiest three pointer she had ever made but it got the job done. They instantly called their last time out as the crowd roared. I hardly heard them as I looked at the 2.5 seconds on the clock.

“See, I told you it would be there,” I cheered as I gave her a high five.

“Ok, you know what is coming now,” I called. “They have to make a three. Cassy, you get right up on the inbound pass and make it hard. The rest of you form a line along the three point line and play tight. Do not foul. Don’t worry about a two pointer, you know that won’t do them any good. Just contest the shot but do not foul.”

“One, two, three, defense!”

I took a big sigh now as I tried to calm my nerves. Only two seconds and we would be state champions or be playing another quarter. The ref blew the whistle and handed the girl the ball. Cassy toed the line and jumped around doing her best to make it more difficult. Their girls ran a play that created a wall separating us from them. It was a long shot as Mandy finally got around the wall and tried to contest the shot. It sailed high through the air and hit the rim. It bounced and rolled around as the horn sounded. It seemed to stand still on the rim as it spun around. I felt like I was in a time vortex as I waited for it to fall off the rim. It finally fell through tying the game and sending it to overtime.

Their girls cheered for joy as it went in. My girls held their heads high with Mandy leading the way with encouragement. She held her hand high in the air with all five fingers extended saying quarter number five.

“Alright,” I said. “Sometimes they fall and sometimes they don’t. We have to hold our heads high and play one more. You girls are playing great and you’re going to win this. Continue to execute and play hard on defense and the state title is yours. Start off in Georgia Blue and I will switch it when I see fit.”

I turned to Taylor. “Don’t hesitate to take the three if they leave you open.”

“Yes sir,” she cried.

“Everyone needs to be focused and sharp. Take your time on offense and get a good look. Points are going to be hard to get so make a good shot.”

“We got this,” Mandy shouted. “One, two, three, win.”

Even though this quarter was shorter it felt longer. I completely shut everything else out except for what the girls were doing on the floor. It was back and forth again. We would take our time finding a good shot and scoring. They would do the same thing. This was a very intense game with each team having good players who were well disciplined. It was what you wanted in a championship game. We ran away from the team we played in the semifinals which worried me. The girls didn’t let the easy victory get into their heads. They were spot on tonight.

Time was winding down again. They had the ball and were once again down by two points. They kept passing the ball looking for something to open up. We were doing a great job of keeping the play in front of us and forcing them to reset. Their point guard called the ball back to the top to reset again and changed the play.

They set a screen and Taylor got tangled in it as she tried to get around it. She lost her footing and fell to the floor. Her girl got the pass and squared herself to the hoop. Cassy tried to switch over and stop the shot. Cassy got faked into the air as the girl side stepped her and got square to shoot again. Taylor had scrambled back to her feet by now and tried her best to contest the shot. She was just a little too aggressive and bumped the shooter. She was strong enough to control her hands and guide the ball on target getting it to bank home and get a foul called.

The game was tied now with them having a free throw coming. Taylor looked broken as she raised her arms and had this distraught look on her face. Mandy went to calm her as they lined up for the free shot.

“Pay attention to the shot,” I called. “Four on the line, Mandy back.”

They did as ordered and watched the basketball fall through and give them a one point lead.

“Fudge,” I croaked. I wanted to say something much different but I knew we couldn’t afford the technical foul now. “Time out!”

I grabbed the board and started drawing what I wanted for the last play. I could hear Mandy telling them that it was ok and everything was going to be ok.

“I’m sorry coach,” Taylor said crying.

I looked up as I heard her voice weakly and was surprised she was actually crying. “What the hell are you crying for?”

“Because I just screwed up and lost the game for us,” she choked. Being a freshman and playing a lot of minutes in the big game was emotionally taxing on her. I gave her a soft and calm expression as I spoke to her.

“Taylor honey, look at the scoreboard. Is there still time on the clock?”

“Yes sir,” she sniffled.

“Then we haven’t lost. As a matter of fact, we got them right where I want them. We got this. Here’s the play.”

Taylor wiped her face quickly and focused on what I had to say. All the girls focused now.

“It’s real simple,” I offered. “Mandy and Mindy, this should look familiar to you girls. It’s Sam’s old high low pick with the extra screen we put in. Cassy, you are here, Taylor, you are here, and Mandy, you are right here.”

I drew lines getting them to understand how it was going to work.

“Start the play right after you get the ball inbounds,” I ordered. “You have some time on the clock so don’t rush a shot but don’t take too much time to get a look.”

I looked over the girls again. My gut said to switch where I had the girls playing. Rarely did I not listen to my gut.

“Real quick,” I said deciding to change things up. “I want Taylor here, Mandy here, and Mindy here. I know that isn’t your spot but it will confuse them.” I quickly wiped the lines clear and redrew them where I had moved them to. “Do we understand where we are and what we are doing?”

“Yes sir,” they responded.

“Listen, whatever happens out there in the next twelve seconds I just want you girls to know I’m very proud of the way you have played this season.”

They huddled up and sounded off, “for the win.”

We got the ball and got ready to inbound it. I was stunned that they didn’t pressure the ball. Maybe they wanted to keep everything in front of them. Taylor got the ball and brought it to the right of center. Mindy circled around and got the pass about twelve feet away from the hoop. It wasn’t as deep as I would have liked but it would have to do. She spun around and faked a shot as Taylor ran to set the pick against Mandy’s defender. It wasn’t a clean pick as Mandy’s girl side stepped it and made it around Taylor. She was separated from Mandy by a step though which was all the space she needed. Mindy’s pass was off the mark as she tried to get it to Mandy as she cut in. The ball got tipped.

My heart sank as I saw the ball free and bouncing. Taylor scrambled for it and grabbed it. She set her foot and spun away from the other sets of grabbing hands. She was moving back towards the center near the free throw line as she spun away. She took two quick dribbles on her way to the hoop. She jumped and sent the ball on its way to the hoop. She knew she couldn’t wait as time was about to expire. She released the ball as she crashed into another girl trying to get a charge called. They both flopped to the floor as the ball went through the air. I was waiting for the whistle and some kind of foul but there was nothing.

The shot was a high arcing shot as Taylor had released it off balance. It was about half way to the rim when the horn sounded. It barely registered in my mind as I watched the ball hit the rim. It bounced from the rim and softly touched the backboard before bumping the front of the rim and falling through.

I leapt from the floor as the bench cleared. They ran for Taylor who was still lying on the ground with her arms stretched out celebrating. I can clearly remember the shrill screams from the girls as they piled on top of Taylor. They were so loud that it drown out the cheering from the crowd. Teagan wrapped her arms around me as I finished my third or fourth leap and hugged me tightly.

“You did it,” she cried.

“No, we did it.”

I kissed her before she released me and ran to the pile of screaming girls that had covered Taylor on the floor. I reached the pile as they cheered and cried tears of joy. Some of them left the pile and started hanging on me. More and more now got up off the floor and circled me in celebration. I let it go on for a minute before I settled them down some so we could line up and shake hands.

We started towards half court as I found Taylor and hugged her tightly.

“And you said you lost the game for us.”

“Right place right time,” she smiled. The tears of joy still running down her face as she hugged me back.

“But you had to hit the shot still. You did great. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks coach,” she laughed. “Or should I say big brother.”

I just laughed with her as we reached the first in the line of girls. This was the part I hated. They all had tears of sadness as I did my best to be courteous to them. I reached their coach and gave him my condolences as he congratulated me.

The next half an hour was a blur. I guess time sped up now to make up for how slow it had gone during the game. We got our medals and a trophy for the school. We had the group photo taken and I had a few interviews with our local press. I finally made it to the locker room.

Teagan met me at the door as she always did to let me know if it was safe to enter.

“Congratulations baby,” she smiled and wrapped her arms around me.

“You were just as much a part of this as I was,” I said kissing her.

“They couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Well, thank you baby.”

She kissed me with a tender touch as we held each other by the door.

“Get a room,” Mandy joked as she stuck her head out the door.

“You ready for me yet?” I asked.

“We have been waiting.”

“Come on you,” I teased Teagan. “You get yours later.”

She roared with laughter as she followed me in. “Says who?”

I finally managed to stop laughing and talk to them.

“I will try making this brief. It truly has been a pleasure to coach all of you this season. You girls made my job easy. You played well together and you deserve this championship. Enjoy this moment and let it sink in. You girls did something special this season and nobody can take it from you.”

I paused to look at Mindy and Mandy sitting there hanging on my every word.

“You two know how hard this was,” I said. “We were here last year and came up short so you understand what it takes to get here two years in a row.” They just nodded. I felt myself getting a little choked up as I looked at them.

“I’m going to miss you two. You really led this team and kept them going when things didn’t look very good. I can’t thank you enough for that. If you ever need anything from me don’t hesitate to ask.”

I stopped to search for the words now. I couldn’t come up with anything as Mandy spoke.

“Let’s hear it for coach.”

They started clapping and cheering as I just smiled. I was really going to miss Mandy. She carried this team this year.

“Alright,” I sighed. “Bring it in here.”

They huddled around me as our hands came together in the middle of it all.

“What are we sounding off to?” I asked.

“Repeat,” Taylor cheered.

“One, two, three, repeat,” we chanted.

We broke apart as they cheered and carried on with each other. I heard an uproar as Mandy and Teagan started laughing. I turned to see Mandy holding an electric razor. She saw me looking and started waving it around.

“Come on coach,” she called. “You promised you would.”

“I said I would get rid of it when we lost a game,” I laughed.

We hadn’t lost since I started growing my beard. They said it must be a good luck beard and I wasn’t allowed to shave it off until we lost.

“What?” Teagan roared with laughter.

“Fine,” I sighed. “Just don’t cut me.”

I grabbed a chair and leaned back. They all gathered around a cut a little chunk of my beard off and threw it in the trash. They laughed and joked as each of them took turns. Teagan took the last turn and cut a big chuck out and held it high in the air.

“Finally,” she cried. “I’ve felt like I’ve been living with Grizzly Adams for the past four months.”

“Alright,” I said laughing. “Let me shave the rest off. Then we can go out. Who wants pizza?”

They all cheered again as they jumped around.

“Go get a head count and get them over to the pizza place by the hotel in an hour,” I said to Teagan.

She left and went to figure it out as I shaved my face so I didn’t look like I had mange. This whole trip was getting expensive but seeing them so happy made the whole thing worth it.

“Everyone is going,” Teagan confirmed.

“Alright,” I smiled. “Let’s go back to the room real quick so I can shower and change. I know I have to stink pretty bad by now.”

Teagan and I went back to the hotel so I could clean up. I put on a different shirt that had the school logo on it. Teagan and I quickly cut across the street and went into the pizza shop to let them know we were coming. Fifteen minutes later the place was taken over by a bunch of teenaged girls and some of their parents.

We ordered a bunch of food and celebrated. I sat back and looked at all the girls with their medals around their necks. I actually felt more proud that I had coached them to this title than when I won my own. Maybe it was because I understood what it meant now that I was older. They were so happy as they laughed and told stories amongst themselves. I now understood what life wanted from me. I was to share my gift coaching and my life with Teagan. It was nothing glamorous or what I expected but it felt right and I was happy with it.

The girls had fun eating, laughing, and just being kids as the evening wound down. I paid the bill as the food was all but gone and the kids were ready to head back to the hotel and relax the evening away. I made sure to remind the girls who had traveled alone that the curfew was still going to be enforced and I would be checking in on them.

Teagan and I went back to our room. I relaxed on the bed as she went to the bathroom. I heard her shrill cry and it broke me out of my semi-comatose state. This trip had been long and hard on me. We had been on the road off and on for ten days now. This trip alone was all the way across the state and had a quarter final game, a semifinal game, and tonight’s championship game. There was a day off in between all of them which just left me more time to worry and game plan. I was all but spent by now.

“What’s the matter?” I called.

“You let me out in public with this?” she cried.

She suddenly appeared from the bathroom completely naked. I didn’t notice that she was pointing at her forehead as I drank in her body. I looked at her perfect tits hanging there before I ventured down her tummy to her cunny that was just in view as she stood there.

“Hello?” she sassed. “I’m up here.”


“Look at this zit. I never get these things.”

“It’s just stress baby,” I offered as I couldn’t help but look at her cunny again.

“Oh my gosh,” she croaked. “You are no help.”

“I still love you just the same even if you are growing a horn.”

“Jacob,” she squealed. “You are so mean.”

I just laughed and soon she did too.

“I will warn the neighbors before we get back.”

“Thanks Mr. Sensitive,” she quipped.

Maybe I pushed her too far with that one.

“Sorry Teagan.”

“I know you’re just joking,” she huffed from the bathroom again.

We went quiet again as she did whatever she was doing and I lay there thinking about the next few months.

She came around the corner in a long shirt and a smile on her face.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked as she sat on the bed.

“Lots of stuff,” I sighed.

“Like what?”

“Right now, next season.”

“Already?” she questioned.

“I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to do without Mandy and Mindy.”

“Sounds like you are going to be in a rebuilding year.”

“No way,” I hissed. “I’ve got Taylor and Cassy and Rachael and your other sister that will be here next year. I just have to figure out how I’m going to use them.”

“You think Tessa will make varsity?”

“She will be ready by the end of the summer. I’ve been working with her for as long as I have been with Taylor and look how good she played. Hell, she won us the dam game.”

“That she did,” Teagan smiled.

“I put a lot on them though by changing the entire offense this season so next year it won’t be such a big change. I just have to tweak it a little to make it fit the girls.”

“You’re obsessed.”

“I know. I can’t help it.”

“Why don’t we get through the next few months for now?” Teagan suggested. “You have a knee surgery coming up and we have a house to buy and a wedding.”

“I’m dreading the first two,” I sighed.

“It won’t be so bad,” she offered. “This is more like maintenance rather than reconstruction.”

“Says the girl who hasn’t ever gone under the knife.”

“That might change though,” she said.

“What are you talking about?”

“I think I want bigger boobs.”

“What? Your boobs are just fine. What do you want bigger boobs for?”

“For you baby.”

“You’re crazy. Let me see them.”

She giggled but pulled her shirt over her head revealing her sexy little outfit she had hiding underneath. She had on a sexy little white with black polka dotted bra that pushed them up and displayed them nicely. Her tiny little thong matched her top. I went to sit up but she quickly straddled me and pressed me back to the bed. She pressed her cunny onto my cock and let it slide softly over it. My thin boxers and her tiny thong left little separating us and was highly stimulating.

I moaned my approval as I looked at her lustful eyes. I folded down the cups holding her tits in place and looked at them. She smiled seductively at me as I leaned up and took a nipple in my mouth. I cupped the other one as she sighed her approval.

“These things are perfect baby, you don’t need to change a thing.”

She simply smiled as she slid down my body and rested on my shines. Her hands rolled my boxers down just enough to expose my swollen shaft. She took it in her hands and stroked it softly as she looked at me now. I didn’t say anything but I was begging her with my eyes.

She leaned down and licked the ridge under my sensitive head. Her hot and wet tongue made me gasp and brought a smile to her face. Her mouth opened around the head as she took me in. She expertly used her mouth please the head as she went deeper down.

“Fuck baby,” I moaned as her teeth raked the base of my cock.

She grunted something with me buried in her throat which felt amazing. She pulled off and smiled at me. “You just saying my boobs are fine so you can get a blow job from me?”

I was about to answer but her mouth covered my cock again. I slipped all the way in and I felt her throat relax as she held me deep.

“No,” I gasped.

She pulled off and took me into her hand. She softly stroked me cock as she smiled her seductive smile again. “What about now?”

“You can ask me a thousand times and my answer is going to be no. Your boobs are perfect.”

She sank down on my cock again and began a quick bobbing motion.

I sighed as her mouth pleasured my cock. “We should save our money to get that horn taken off your head.”

She closed her teeth around the base of my cock as she grunted something. It was just enough pressure to let me know she could but not enough to be mean.

“You’re an asshole,” she teased as she slurped some spit back into her mouth.

“Last week I was a dick,” I laughed.

“Hmm,” she growled. “A good dick at that.”

She drove down on my cock hard. She was an expert in my book on giving a good blow job. I felt myself already getting close to the edge. I had to take her face into my hands as I sat up to get her to stop. She moved off my legs and went to lie down.

“No, stay right like that.”

“You going to fuck me from behind?” she begged.

“So demanding,” I teased. “I’m going to do all sorts of things to you. Right now I’m going to let you remember what it feels like to have a smooth face buried between your legs.”

“I like the sound of that,” she growled.

I worked my way around the bed and knelt behind her. I gave her ass a soft slap making it ripple with perfection. I leaned in and took the thin little strings off her hips to expose her wet little pussy. They rolled off her hips but stuck to her soaked center. I got it far enough down her legs that they pulled away and showed me how wet she was.

I pressed her back down and got her arch her hips higher. I took my fingers and parted her lips. I blew softly on her exposed center before I leaned in and tasted her. Her hips tipped just slightly as my tongue dipped into her wetness. I traced the edges of her lips making her pant for more. I teased her clit by flicking it slowly. Her breath caught in her throat as she begged me to give her more.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and chewed on it. Her hips bucked and shook me loose. I pressed my tongue into her wet little pussy as I used my thumb to circle her clit.

“Oh fuck,” she panted. “Right there.”

Her puss was so wet now as she soaked my tongue. I left her cunny and returned to her clit again. I used the underside of my tongue to flick it. My fingers spread her lips away from her as her wetness leaked onto my nose. Her body lowered as she got off her arms and rested on the bed with her shoulders. Her hands pulled her cheeks away from my face and opened her up more.

I pressed my fingers into her wet cunny and fucked her hard with the first two. I used my other hand to roll her clit around. Her hips humped my hand as she panted into the pillows. Her one hand spread her lips apart. I loved it when she touched herself this way. It was so sensual when she touched herself.

I knew she was close as I slowed my fingers and withdrew them from her. I buried my face between her legs as my hands pulled her hips into my face. My mouth covered her as I chewed and sucked on her whole sex. Her hand pulled the back of my head as the other gripped the pillow.

“Cumming,” she warned.

I lapped what she leaked out until she begged me to stop.

I started to sit up and pull her thong the rest of the way down and off her legs. I took my cock into my grip and circled her wet little opening but stopped before I plunged into her.

“Don’t tease me baby,” she cried.

“You might want to get dressed,” I sighed as I pulled away.

Her head spun around as she looked back at me.

“It shouldn’t be for a couple more days,” she said. “I’m never early.”

I laughed. “Not that, someone is at the door baby.”

“Oh,” she giggled.

“And that wouldn’t stop me.”

“You’re so sick,” she quipped.

“How do you know someone is here?”

“I can hear them talking and giggling.”

Now there was a soft tap on the door that confirmed I was right.

“Teagan,” Taylor’s voice said softly. “Are you still up?”

“Yeah,” she said and giggled at the situation.

“I don’t know how this is funny,” I joked.

“Get some clothes on so I can let her in.”

“I didn’t plan to sit here naked,” I laughed.

She smiled so seductively as she pulled her bra back into place and found her shirt. She slipped it over her head and let it fall down her body. She smoothed it out as she waited on me to get my shorts and a shirt on.

It wasn’t just Taylor. It was Mandy and Mindy too. They couldn’t sleep and wanted to hang out with Teagan. She glanced at me to silently ask if it was ok. I nodded saying sure. This championship moment wouldn’t last forever so they might as well enjoy it while they had it.

I left the bed to wash me face off. I returned to the bed as Taylor moved over and gave me my spot back. I pulled the covers back over myself and rested there. They sat around on the bed and in the chairs. They watched some TV and drank sodas and ate snacks from the vending machine. They laughed and had a good time. I threw my two cents in here and there as this went on for over an hour.

Teagan leaned back to me as I was starting to drift to sleep.

“Is this ok?”

“Yeah,” I said coming back into the conversation.

“Even if you are stuck,” she hinted.

“They are going to leave at some point,” I smiled.

“I love you baby.” That perfect smile melted me as she giggled softly and kissed my forehead.

“Teagan,” Taylor gasped. “Where is your underwear? Cover yourself up.”

It hit Taylor now as she looked at me resting under the blankets.

“We interrupted something didn’t we?”

Teagan giggled her little girl giggles as Taylor covered her mouth.

“Ewe, gross,” Taylor gasped covering her mouth. “Should we leave?”

“Not gross,” Teagan now teased her sister. “Wonderful. Makes your toes curl.”

Mandy and Mindy started laughing hysterically as Taylor covered her ears and said “la la la.”

“Teagan,” I laughed with her but I wanted her to tone it down a little.

“What baby, I can’t deny a good lay and you are definitely good.”

“Teagan,” Taylor shrilled now. “Oh my gosh, so gross.”

Mandy now tipped out of the chair she was laughing so hard. I couldn’t help but laugh with them now. Mandy rolled on the floor.

“Taylor,” I laughed. “You’re sitting right where…..” I didn’t even get to finish before she shot off the bed and grabbed Mandy’s chair.

All of them laughed even harder now. Mandy was rolling and clutching her side it hurt her so bad.

“I’m going to go throw up now,” Taylor laughed. “And take a bleach bath to clean myself.”

“Oh don’t play so innocent,” Teagan jabbed her sister again.

“I’m a good girl,” Taylor quipped. “I’ve only been to second base.”

The mood shifted a little now as Taylor let us in on her private life.

“Let’s keep it that way,” I said.

“Yes, lets,” Teagan agreed. “Poor dad doesn’t need any more drama.”

“He’s getting rid of you,” Taylor poked. “I have to fill your role.”

“You are going to give that poor man a heart attack,” Mandy laughed. We all laughed at that one.

“Just make sure it’s the right guy,” Teagan offered after we finally settled down.

“I don’t think I will ever be able to beat Jake,” Taylor said kindly to her sister. “Dad really likes him.”

“I got news for you, Taylor,” I said in a serious voice now. “I wouldn’t be too worried about your dad.”

They all looked at me now as I spoke.

“It’s me you have to worry about, little sister. I’m going to be much harder to please than him.”

They started laughing as Taylor’s head slumped down in a joking manor.

“And speaking of passing the test, who is taking you to the prom?”

“Nobody has asked me yet,” she sighed.

“What?” I asked truly stunned.

Taylor was the spitting image of Teagan with the exception of her height and eye color. Taylor was about five foot five and had light brown eyes. Her face still had that youthful look that all freshmen had but she was still stunning.

“I can’t believe that,” I continued. “It’s probably better they stay away though. I’m a little crazy when it comes to protecting family.”

“I don’t know if I’m pretty enough,” she said.

They all started denying that as she said it.

“Taylor,” I said. “You’re very beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not.”

“Someday the right boy will come along,” Teagan added.

“Thank you coach,” Taylor smiled. “I’m not in a big rush to find somebody anyway.”

“I’m still going to clean my guns when I get back,” I said.

They started laughing again. Mandy got off the floor and went to get another soda from the mini fridge. She returned to the bed and they moved onto something else. I settled down again and started to drift in and out of sleep. I could hear them laughing and talking about days gone by. They poked fun at Taylor here and there as I drifted off for good this time.

I heard the bathroom door click shut and all of them giggling as I opened my eyes just slightly. Teagan was at the door saying good night to them. I checked the clock and saw it was almost 130. I decided I had better make my rounds to enforce the curfew. I went down to the front desk and checked with the clerk who said that two rooms just had someone open the doors just a minute ago. I knew it was the three girls going to bed.

I returned to the room and striped down to my boxers before climbing into bed. Teagan was lying on her back with just the shirt on as I got comfortable. She turned over so her back was to me and pressed her butt into my hip. Her cold little feet touched my legs making me jump a little.

“No don’t,” she begged. “My feet are cold and you are so warm.”

“I can warm you up baby,” I said slyly.

“Is that right?” she sighed.

I rolled to her now and pulled her to my body. She pressed herself into me as we both got comfortable. The way her body was pressed against mine with her hips turned and her top leg pulled away from the lower one was a clear signal to me. She wanted me but didn’t want to come right out and say it. I loved the little games she played with me. I didn’t go right in for the kill either.

I just softly touched her leg for the moment. I stroked up to her hip loving the soft and warm feel of her skin. Then I would go back down to just behind her knee. I was in no hurry as I just relaxed and felt her delicate skin.

I changed my course when she moved just a little and changed her breathing. She was expecting me to have gone for it by now. The slowness was turning her on more. My fingers now drug across the back of her leg just edging the gap between her legs. She sighed as my fingers curled around her ass and cupped it.

I let it go and went for her hip. I started at her tailbone and followed her ass crack down to her smooth little cunny. I just touched her slit with the lightest amount of pressure. It barely parted as she moaned and tipped her hips into my fingers. I tested to see how far her legs would let me go. I bumped her clit and made her gasp.

I pressed into her slit now and split it. Her wetness splashed onto my fingers and I stroked her cunny. She panted quietly and shifted her leg forward to give a slightly better angle. My fingers went back and forth along her wetness. She was soaked and drenched my fingers as I played with her.

I spread her juice up to her clit and circled it. I pleasured her clit before I returned to her hole and dipped my fingers inside. I got them flooded with juice before dragging them back to her clit and flicking it. She had been just lying there and breathing heavily as I worked her. She shifted around now and laid flat on her back with her legs open. I slipped from her hole and circled around her leg. I dipped back into her slit with one hand and snuck the other one under her. I was stimulating her clit with one and gently pressing into her cunt with the other.

“Oh fuck,” she softly panted.

Now her hand started searching through the sheets to find my cock. She expertly grabbed me from the pee hole in the boxers and pulled me out. She stroked me with growing excitement as my fingers plunged into her and slopped her juice all over her. She just let little whimpers escape her mouth as she soaked my fingers.

“Fuck baby,” she cooed. “I’m so fucking horny right now. I need your cock.”

She let go of my dick as I twisted my fingers hard inside of her making her gasp as pleasure shot through her middle. I used my fingers to separate her lips away from her cunny. It opened it up more to my fingers and made her buck her hips into my hand.

“Oh fuck,” she panted. “Oh, I’m going to cum.”

I quickly pulled my fingers from her hole and swung my legs around. She lifted her legs over mine as my cock found her center. We formed a T as I sank as deep as I could into her. It was easy to plunge into her by how soaked she was. I rested deep inside of her and let my fingers do the work.

“Fuck,” she whimpered. “You feel so good.”

Her hips started turning as she fucked me. My cock pressed into her with more urgency as she humped me harder. Her hot pussy felt exquisite as she pressed me all the way in. When she withdrew the cold room air hit my cock letting me know how turned on she was.

“Cumming,” she finally cried.

I kept my fingers circling her excited bud as she buried me deep and let her cunt squeeze me. She was gasping with pleasure as I slowed my fingers and softly fucked her. She smiled at me as I let her recover.

She started pushing her hips into me now as she matched my thrusts. I started pushing harder into her as I knew she had recovered. I lifted her leg and used it as a lever to drive my cock home deeper and harder. I could feel her rocking her hips to meet me with a growing urgency.

“Fuck me from behind baby,” she begged.

I pulled from her soaked center as we moved simultaneously and quickly to get into position. I slapped her ass roughly as my cock pressed against her lips and parted her lips. I sank in all the way and smacked her other ass cheek making her cry out for more. I could feel myself right on the edge as I developed a nice rhythm of fucking and slapping.

“Going to cum baby,” I warned.

“No, not yet,” she pleaded. “I’m almost there.”

“Fuck, I can’t hold back.”

“Fill my pussy then. Fuck my little pussy and soak me with your cum. My pussy has been so wet just waiting for you.”

I roared as I filled her. I loved when she talked dirty to me.

“Oh fuck,” she yelped. “I love the way your cum feels inside me. Keep fucking me so my cunny can squeeze your fat cock.”

I never lost steam as my cock slopped quickly in and out of her. The bed started bumping the wall as I pressed into so fast.

“Yes, right there. Cumming hard.”

It felt like I might cum again as her cunt clamped down on my cock. The clenching forced me out as juice leaked from her. I pressed into her with my fingers as she still came. Both of us coating my fingers as I buried them deep inside and twisted them around. Her fingers gripped the pillows as she gasped one last time as she finished. I slowed my pace to a soft plunge as she released the pillows. She rolled to her back as she flopped on the bed. Her hands wiped her hair off her face as panted.

Her breathing was labored as she looked at me. “Fuck that was good. You made me so horny by touching me.”

I leaned in and kissed her forehead. “You better get cleaned up.”

“I’m a mess,” she sighed.

She rolled from bed to take care of herself. I slipped my boxers off and used them to clean my hand. I lay down and was a sleep before I remembered her coming back to bed.

“Teagan,” I could hear Taylor yelling from the other side of the door.

“Jake!” she cried as she pounded on the door.

Teagan rolled from the bed and pulled her shirt down to cover herself. She opened the door to let Taylor come in.

“The bus is here,” she huffed. “You were supposed to be ready by now.”

“We must have over slept,” Teagan sighed.

“Judging by this note you didn’t sleep much at all,” Taylor added.

“What note?”

Taylor handed her a note that had been jammed in the door.

Teagan roared with laughter as she turned and gave it to me. I wiped sleep from my eyes as I tried to focus on it. You should be more considerate of your neighbors when you spend all night having sex.

“Is this a joke?” I asked looking at Taylor.

She giggled but denied putting it there. Then she turned more serious again.

“Come on, we have to get going.”

“Ok,” I said. “Get out so I can get dressed.”

She quickly left the room as Teagan yawned. We changed and grabbed our stuff to head to the bus. It was a four hour trip back to the school. We off loaded and headed into the gym for a pep rally to celebrate our state title.

The gym was packed as we walked in. We took center court and held the trophy high in the air as we celebrated. We took time to get some photos for the press. I gave a quick speech about how proud I was for the girls and thanked everyone who supported us this year. It ended after some school related announcements. Teagan and I went to see Thom and talk about looking at some houses.


We found a high priced but nice house seven streets away from Thom in the Maple Grove subdivision. Teagan stood in the living room and looked it over trying to come up with ideas on how to decorate it. The realtor had left and told us to lock up after we were done.

“I love it,” she said happily.

“I like it too,” I said looking around. “It’s a lot of house though.”

“We can fill it with little ones,” she smiled.

“That’s the plan,” I smiled.

“Can we afford it though?” she questioned.

“We will let your dad talk them down. He should be able to get them to come down on the price.”

“What can we get for your house?” she asked.

“About half of what this is going to cost. I’m not going to list it until after the wedding though. It will save the hassle of having to have my family stay in hotels.”

“That’s a smart idea,” she said.

“That’s the only kind I have.”

“Ok Mr. Cocky,” she laughed.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I asked again.

She looked around again as she thought. She left the living room and walked to the kitchen. She spent a minute looking around before leaving the kitchen and walked towards the stairs that led up to the second floor. I started following her up and watched the short little skirt she was wearing bounce as she walked. I could just make out the flash of her cheeks as I tried to slow down and get a better look.

I could see her glancing back at me and I knew she was smiling. She reached the top step quickly and was out of my gazing eyes before I could get a good look. My curiosity was peeked though and I had to know what she had on under it.

She passed by one of the bedrooms and looked in. I was right behind her as she looked around. My hand palmed her ass cheek and squeezed it softly. She leaned into me and smiled over her shoulder at me. I went to kiss her neck but she teasingly pulled away from me and went down the hall to the second room. She glanced back as I stood at the doorway where she had left me. She was playing her game again.

Like a faithful dog I followed her and played right into her game. I caught her at the doorway again and wrapped my arms around her this time. I held my hands flat on her stomach and pulled her tight into my body. She leaned into me again and giggled a little as I kissed her on the cheek. Her arms reached back and pulled my head against her. I went for her ass again but she spun around and smiled her perfect smile at me.

“Bad boy,” she wagged her finger at me.

“What?” I asked.

She slapped my butt then quickly got out of reach as she darted down the hallway back towards the stair case. She left me hobbling along after her. She now went into the master bedroom and looked around. I didn’t do anything but watch her this time. She kept waiting for me to follow her but I remained in the doorway.

She went into the bathroom after she looked around the room a little. I followed her this time and stood at the bathroom door. She looked at the big shower and then turned to the huge tub. She leaned over the side and looked in. Her skirt rode up her legs and was just about to expose her ass. Now I made my move and closed in on her. She knew it was coming but didn’t move to try and avoid me.

I touched the back of her leg as I stood behind her. She giggled a little and wiggled as my fingers climbed her legs and touched her bare ass. I let my hand remain on her ass as she looked back at me with her lustful eyes. She turned her waist and moved my hand over her skin. My hand touched her middle and met nothing but soft skin.

“Dam Teagan,” I gasped.

She just giggled her soft little sexual giggles as my fingers explored her naked skin.

“I’m a bad girl,” she teased.

“Why aren’t you wearing panties?” I asked dumbly.

“Just in case the mood struck me and I was horny.”

“How is the mood striking you?” I asked.

She tipped her hips trying to get my fingers to sink into her as she giggled again. I pressed into her slit as my fingers were met with her excitement. It was a creamy wetness that coated my fingers as I sank into her deeper.

“Does that answer it?” she giggled.

“I’m not sure,” I said still probing her.

My middle finger pulled from her wetness but my pointer remained. I extended it to circle her clit as I quickly worked my zipper down to free my cock. She just softly panted as she let me touch her. My cock was free now and I stepped closer to her. She was at the perfect level as she let me stimulate her cunny. I left her clit and used my finger to part her lips away from her center.

I took my cock into my hand and dipped my hips to meet her. My cock pushed passed my finger and started to slip into her. She started giggling again then quickly moaned as I pressed what I could get into her. I took her hips into my grip as I started pulling her further onto my cock.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” I gasped.

“Ummm hmmm,” she growled.

Her hands reached back and flipped her little yellow skirt up over her back to keep it out of the way. The teeth on my zipper rubbed my cock as I pressed deep into her. It was quickly becoming soaked with her juice as I built a steady pace.

She stood suddenly and pulled her cunny away from my cock. Her skirt dropped back down and covered her as she turned to face me. I had this look on my face as she pushed me to step back. She could only smile at my dismay before she kissed my mouth. She took my hands into hers and pulled me to follow her as she went to the counter.

She hopped up on it and sat right on the edge with her legs spread wide. I stepped in between and pulled her hips to draw her closer to me. My cock pressed the wet edges of her lips. I adjusted as she picked her skirt up and moved it clear of my sticky cock. I slipped in as she gasped and wrapped her legs around my butt and held me tight.

The angle was amazing as her puss gripped my cock perfectly. I pushed into her as we met with growing slaps of sex. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her as she panted into my mouth. She let little whimpers escape as I withdrew before plunging back into her deeply.

She was soaking wet as her cream leaked from her. The slaps of us coming together were turning to wet slaps as I quickened the pace more. I pulled away from her mouth and gripped her hips. She had this look on her face that said she was close and needed to cum. I tipped my head and silently asked if she was close since I was.

“Ummm hmmm,” she growled now.

I started pulling her hips into my thrusts as I felt myself getting closer. Our wet slaps were loud as they echoed off the walls of the empty bathroom and bedroom. My balls were hitting the edge of the counter and sticking to them before I withdrew and drove back into her again.

“Yes, yes,” she cried. “Cumming.”

Her cunt clamped and released on my cock as she flooded her tunnel and coated my cock with more cream. I was so close to cumming as she cried out with pleasure.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. “Oh, this feels good.”

“I’m going to fill you,” I warned.

“Yes,” she cried.

I flooded her cunt as she pulled her legs tighter around me. I continued to churn in her until I was completely dry and had given her all of my seed. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight to me. I panted into her neck and softly kissed it as she tipped it to my lips and melted to me.

“I like it,” she sighed referring to my earlier question.

“We will get your dad to work on getting a good deal,” I smiled. “I like it too.”

She just giggled and hugged on me some more.

“Ok,” she said after a minute. “I got to get to the toilet.”

I stepped back as she quickly moved from the counter and parked herself on the toilet. I put myself away and left her to take care of her business. I walked into the bedroom and looked around some. Then I left and walked downstairs to look around at the house again. She joined me so we could leave.

We closed on the house two days before I had my surgery scheduled. We spent the next day just moving some of the basic things we needed from the old house to the new one. I gave her an allowance to go shopping for a few things to start decorating the place. I was on the table the next day getting cut on to get the scar tissue removed that had been hampering my knee.

I spent the next week just resting and letting my knee heal some. I hated being stuck in bed but I had a lot of visitors that came by to see the house and keep me company. Taylor was a big help as she spent a lot of time with me while Teagan was out taking classes or getting things for the wedding organized.

“You can go if you want to,” I said.

“Are you sure?” Taylor asked. “What if you need something while I’m gone?”

“I can walk you know,” I smiled at her concern. “Teagan will be home in an hour. If I need anything I can always call you. It isn’t like you live an hour away.”

“Call me if you need me,” she sighed.

“I don’t want to keep you here. You’re on spring break, go enjoy yourself.”

“I have nothing else going on,” she sighed. “I can’t wait until you are better. I miss practicing.”

“Soon enough I will be up and moving around again and you will wish I was still stuck in bed.”

“So you think,” she teased.

“You just wait.”

She turned from the bed where she had been sitting and watching TV with me to leave.

“Hey Taylor,” I called. “You’re a great kid. Thanks for all your help.”

“It’s the least I can do coach.”

“It’s Jake now sweetie,” I corrected her. “The season is over until next winter. Then you can call me coach again.”

We laughed as she picked up her phone from the night stand and waved her good bye. I found the pill bottle and swallowed the pain medicine. I put on a good front but the truth was my knee was throbbing with pain. I lay there for a while until the meds started working before I carefully climbed from the bed. I hobbled into the bathroom and relieved myself. I had been holding it for a long time since I didn’t want Taylor to help me take a leak. I was stubborn to say the least.

I got my crutches and tried going down stairs. I made it down to the last few steps before the peg stuck on a ripple in the carpet. I turned my body and grabbed the railing keeping my knee out of the way as I slid to the bottom and lay there on the floor. That wasn’t my best idea I thought. I didn’t hurt anything though.

I left my crutches where they had fallen and slid across the hardwood floor on my back with my good leg to the couch. I just made it to the couch and pushed myself up when Teagan walked in the door. She looked at me then saw the crutches and put two and two together.

“Where the hell is Taylor?” she barked.

“I sent her home baby,” I said. “I did this all on my own, don’t be mad at her.”

“Jake,” she scolded. “You don’t want to make this worse.”

“I’m fine,” I sighed. “Just the last few steps is all I fell.”

“Geez Jake,” she huffed.

“How was your day?” I asked changing the subject.

“It was good,” she smiled letting it go. “I think I found the dress.”

“Can I see it?” I teased.

“You know that’s bad luck,” she smiled. “My mom and Tara thought I looked stunning in it though.”

“I bet,” I said. “But you look good in anything.”

“Do I?” she smiled.

I smiled at her as she stood there looking at me. She spun around slowly and flaunted her body to me as she did. Even in just a tank top and a pair of shorts she looked good. I raised my eyebrows at her as she flattened her hands out of her chest and ran the down to her shorts. I leaned back as I watched her move around now putting on a little show for me.

She kicked her flip flops free and smiled at me. She twirled her hair around as she spun around and put her hands on her ass. My cock started swelling in my running shorts now and raised them from my legs showing my excitement. This only fueled Teagan as she turned back around and grabbed the bottom of her tank top. She pulled it up to expose her tight tummy as her hips moved from side to side.

It slowly climbed up over her tummy to reveal her bra. Her nipples pressed hard against the thin material as she pulled her top off and twirled it around her finger. She flung it at me and smiled when I didn’t try to catch it. I let it hit me in the face. She turned now so her back was to me and reached back to unhook the clasp. Her bra folded forward and fell to the floor.

She kept one arm covering herself as she turned back around to face me. I knew what she had hiding behind them but I couldn’t help but breathe a little harder waiting for her to show me. She showed them to me as she rubbed her hands over them on her way to the button on her little shorts. She pulled it free and unzipped them. She turned again and pulled them down some to show me she had a red thong on. She pulled them back up and shook her booty at me.

Her fingers remained hooked around the waistline as she pulled them down some then back up to tease me further. My cock was at full mast now and straining in my shorts. I started rubbing my hand over it as she walked towards me. She got on her knees in front of me and ran her hands along my legs. She passed over my cock and squeezed it sending a shiver down my spine.

Her hands continued up to my stomach as she went under my shirt and scratched my skin. That felt almost as good as her touching my cock. I tried to palm her tits and got them in my grip before she smiled and laughed a little. She pulled my hands off and climbed back to her feet. She hooked her jeans again and slowly pulled them down her legs. They dropped to the floor before she stepped from them and kicked them away.

I watched as her hands ran over her skin again. Her little cunny pressed hard against the thin fabric and outlined her slit. I couldn’t stand it anymore as my hands shifted my shorts down so I could get my cock free. I took it into my grasp and softly stroked it. She had that seductive smile on her face as she watched me.

She squatted down again and ran her hands along her legs up to her puss. She squeezed her lips together with her hands before continuing up to her breasts. The squeeze left the thin little fabric slightly off center and revealed her wet little lip. She smiled as I focused on her center. She turned now and got on all fours. She arched her back and held her hips up high as her hand rubbed the flesh on her cheeks. Her wet little center was in full view as her lips parted.

She pulled the material away from her crack then let it snap back into place covering her up again. She sat up now and looked over her shoulder at me idly tugging on my cock. I was bringing relief to myself and not trying to get myself off. She squeezed her nipples as she climbed back to her feet.

She carefully sat on my lap as I tapped my cock on her leg. She giggled as she leaned down and kissed me. I kissed her back as my fingers went for her cunny. I touched her wetness that had soaked into the fabric. I rubbed her for a few seconds before she dropped away from my lap and got on her knees again between my legs. I rubbed my fingers together and felt her wetness on them as her hand took my cock.

She licked the head as I cupped her tit again. She tasted my desire as I leaked heavily. She moaned as I pinched her nipple. She took the head into her mouth and rolled her tongue over my slit. I panted hard as I twisted her nipple. She pulled off my head and held me in her hand. She was now out of reach as she licked my cock from the base all the way to the tip. She kissed it and stood again.

She used her hands again to outline her body as they slid down to the thin elastic around her hips. She dipped her thumbs under the edges and pulled them away from her body and wiggled her hips. They slowly left her legs as she turned her back to me and bent at the waist. They dropped to her ankles as her fingers curled under her center and teased her lips. Her fingers disappeared inside as she moaned in pleasure.

My fist had returned to my cock as I pulled it again. She kept plunging her fingers in and out. They glistened with her desire as she cupped her tit. She spun back around now as I begged her with my eyes. She stepped close to me and continued to finger herself. I reached for her but she playfully slapped my hand. She stepped back and dropped to the ground showing me that her fingers were still buried inside her cunny. She tipped her neck as her hands slid along the exposed flesh. Her skin was flush with desire as her fingers wetly slid along her cunny.

She stood and tasted her own juice as she licked her fingers. She dipped back into her cunny and held her fingers deep inside as she twisted them around. They pulled free and were coated as she stepped to me and held them in my face. I opened my mouth as she let me taste her wetness. She sat in my lap again as I pushed my cock towards her cunny.

It just touched her lips as her wetness leaked onto my sensitive head. She circled it and kept me just out of reach, only letting my head ride against her opening. I let my cock go and let her do what she wanted with me. She smiled down at me as her lips met mine now. She was happy I finally yielded to her.

She undulated her hips as she pinned my cock to my belly. My shaft split her lips apart as it slid along her soaked opening. My head bumping her clit as she rocked back and forth. We just kissed as she let me slide along her, my cock aching to enter her but I let her play. My hands just scratched her sides now. I used the slightest touch to tickle her as she let little giggles escape into my mouth.

She gave in finally. She let herself come forward further than she had before this time. Her body was at the perfect angle as my cock caught her wet gap and slipped in as she pushed back. She let me slide all the way into her hot little hole. She gasped into my mouth as she sat with my fully inside of her. She just used her hips and withdrew me out some before pressing me deep inside again.

My hands pressed into the skin on her back. I felt her spine as I touched her on my way down to her ass. I cupped her meaty cheeks and pulled them away from each other. I gave her a playful slap as she giggled again. I let my fingers ripple over her ribs up to her shoulders. She rocked her whole body as I pressed down on her shoulders with each fall.

“I’m not hurting you am I?” she questioned.

“I’m all doped up and pain meds baby. The only things I can feel is what your pussy is doing to me.”

“Hmmm,” she growled. “And does my pussy feel good?”

I gave a soft thrust up giving her an answer. She moaned as I continued to meet her part way. She paused after a minute and brought her legs up so she was squatting over me. She rested her hands on my shoulders and started a faster rise and fall. My cock was full in as her juice coated the area around my cock. As she withdrew and rose up it glistened with her wetness.

The pace quickened as she grew closer to release. We met in hard slaps of sex as she squeezed her cunt tightly around me. She looked down at me and silently questioned if I was ready. I gave a soft no and pressed my hips into her dropping to let her know she could go.

A few more bounces and she tightened her grip on my shoulders. Her mouth hung open as she started cumming. I loved watching her get off. I loved the way her little nose wrinkled and her eyes closed shut tightly. She flooded me as she slowed down and rested with her knees beside me again.

“Are you anywhere close?” she asked.

“Pain meds make it hard,” I said honestly.

“I know what will get you off,” she cooed.

She withdrew and took me into her hand. She shifted forward and pressed me against her ass now. She relaxed as my head sank into and opened her up. My head broke through and she gasped at the suddenness of it. She held still and let herself adjust before leaning forward to keep me where I was. My hand went under her and touched her lips. I circled her clit to stimulate her as she waited for her ass to relax.

I touched my cock with her wetness. She smiled as she pushed down and let more of me slide into her rear. She felt comfortable as she sat back up and let the rest of me disappear into her. Her hands found my shoulders again as she brought her feet back to the couch and sat above me. My thumb circled her clit as she began a slow rise and fall.

I plunged a finger into her cunny as she moaned. I twisted my hand around and circled her clit with my thumb. My pinky touched the space between her holes and felt my cock sinking inside of her. She kept her pace as I stimulated both holes. I could feel myself getting closer but it was going to take longer than she wanted.

“Play with yourself baby,” I begged. “Talk dirty to me too.”

One hand left my shoulder as she balanced above me. It quickly sank into her cunny as my hand touched hers.

“You like fucking my ass?” she cooed. “It’s so naughty to have you in my ass. Look how wet my little pussy gets.”

I teased her clit as her fingers went in and out of her cunny. They we so swollen with desire they were turning red.

“Oh, your cock feels so good inside my ass. I’m such a dirty little girl aren’t I?”

“Ummm hmmm,” I cooed.

“I’m so fucking wet,” she cried. “I’m going cum baby. Make me cum. Fill my ass with your cum. I want to feel it swirling around inside of me.”

“Fuck, Teagan,” I gasped.

Her dirty talk was working as I felt myself right on the edge now.

“Yes baby,” she yelped. “Cum for me.”

I circled her clit harder as my cock expanded inside of her and started to release.

“Fuck,” she cried. “Yes, cumming.”

She quickly stopped fingering herself to control her hips as her hand flew to my shoulder again. She leaked white as I watched her gasp above me. The room started to spun as I kept shooting off inside of her. Her ass was now full and extremely slippery and she sank all the way down onto me and rested her knees at my side again.

She looked down at me and smiled. She kissed me as her hips still tipped a little. We remained this way for a minute as we both settled down.

“Give me your shirt,” she ordered. “This is going to be messy.”

I leaned forward and let her slip my shirt over my head. She carefully got off my cock and covered herself.

“I’ll be right back,” she smiled as she left for the bathroom.

She returned and cleaned me with a wet face cloth. She gathered her clothes from the floor and redressed and not a moment too soon. Thom knocked at the door then let himself in.

“How’s the knee feel today?” he asked.

“Not bad.”

“Hi daddy,” Teagan chirped happily.

“Hey darling,” he smiled. “I heard you found the dress.”

“I did,” she smiled.

“When can we go down there so I can see it?” he asked.

“Let me change and we can go back now if you have time. Is that ok baby?”

“Fine by me,” I sighed. “It isn’t like I have anything planned.”

“You need anything while were out?” he asked.

“Naw,” I sighed. “Just hand me the remote and my phone. I can call my little helper if I need anything else.”

“Just send her home if she gets on your nerves,” Thom warned.

“Naw, Taylor is a good kid. I like having her around to keep me company.”

“Do me a favor?” he asked. “Find out about this Jeremy kid she has been seeing. I’m not fond of him. He gives me the wrong impression.”

“I’ll get her talking,” I assured him. “I get the same impression too.”

“You ready?” Teagan asked coming back down the stairs.

“Ready when you are,” he said.

“Don’t you dare try to get back upstairs unless you have help,” Teagan warned.

“I have Taylor on speed dial just in case,” I sighed.

“Love you baby.” She leaned down and kissed me softly before she left with her dad.


I sat in the downstairs workout room and pushed myself today. I squatted down and felt my knee crack. I froze as I waited for the pain but there was nothing. I smiled as I knew it was ok and it finally had released. I rested there with my heels touching my ass. It was the first time since I could remember that I could get my heel to touch my ass and it be pain free. I did it several times in a row and had no pain. I knew it was a big step but I also knew I had to still be careful with it. I heard the door open and close as Teagan had returned from her morning jog.

“Teagan,” I called.

She came running into the room to find out what was wrong.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Dam,” I said as I looked at her sexy body in her tight jogging pants and pink tank top.

“You’re such a pig,” she giggled. She had her perfect smile on her face as she let me drink her in.

“No, look,” I said as I still looked over her body.

I quickly squatted down and let both of my heels touch my ass and held it as she looked at me like I was crazy.

“I can do that too,” she said not understanding the point.

She dropped down and did as I was doing. Her tight pants pulled tight in all the right places as her legs parted and left her open. Her little cunny was perfectly outlined in her light gray pants. She caught me looking and giggled but remained.

“Perv,” she laughed.

“So,” I said laughing with her.

“Here, look,” she giggled getting up. “I can do this too.”

She turned and bent at the waist and touched her toes. Her perfect ass met my gazes as it framed her outlined cunny. I stood and ran my hand right over her left cheek down to her cunny. I pressed into her mound and felt her lips part before she jumped up and snorted as she giggled.

“Jake,” she laughed. “You were supposed to copy me not touch me.”

I bent down and could only touch my ankles. I was never that flexible even before my injury so this was nothing out of the normal for me.

“I win,” she laughed as I tried to touch my toes but couldn’t.

“No Teagan,” I said a little annoyed. “My knee finally popped. I haven’t been able to squat down like that in forever.” I dropped down and did it again.

“That’s good baby,” she cheered now as she understood what I was showing her. “Does your knee hurt when you do it?”

“No, but I’m still going to ice it after. There’s only one thing that’s hurting right now.”

“Oh?” she asked. “What might that be?” She had this look on her face that said she knew exactly what I was talking about.

“I think you already know.”

“We can try,” she smiled. “I haven’t been spotting since last night so I think I’m done.”

I sprang to my feet and pulled her to me as she roared with laugher. Her monthly problem left her disinterested over the past week. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity get away from me now.

“I don’t want it all lovey dovey either,” she said coyly. “I want it rough and hard.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I grabbed her tight running pants at her thighs and pulled them hard. They left her hips and dropped to her feet in one swift move. I lifted one of her feet and yanked her shoe off her foot. The other one quickly followed as she giggled at my speed. She kicked her pants free as I looked at her cunny. I wanted to lick it but I knew she wouldn’t let me. She must have read my mind.

“Go ahead,” she laughed. “I don’t know why you find it so appealing to lick my pussy but if you must you can.”

“I love it when you say that word,” I smiled as I tasted her.

“Hmmm, and I love what you do when you lick my pussy,” she growled.

I kissed her smooth lips and took in her arousal. Her scent always made my cock swell and today was no different. It pressed hard against my shorts as I pushed my tongue into the small space between her legs and licked her hidden clit. I used my fingers to gently open her lips and expose her clit better. My tongue touched her sensitive bud and sent shivers down her center. She opened her stance a little more to let my tongue work her better.

Her fingers tangled in my hair as I pressed hard against the bud and pushed her hood away from it. I circled it a few times before my cock won out over my desire to lick her cunny. I stood and dropped my shorts as she looked for something to lean against. I didn’t wait for her to figure it out as I grabbed her and pulled her to the weight bench.

She leaned forward and grabbed the bar as she propped one leg up on the bench. I wasted no time positioning myself behind her. I circled my cock around her wet lips before pressing it into her tight little hole. It eased in and I used short strokes to press it all the way inside. Her cunny felt wonderful as it gripped my cock.

“I’ve missed you,” I sighed as I pulled her hips back into my thrusts.

“I can tell,” she cooed.

My feet stayed firmly in place as I used my hips to fuck her with a quick and urgent pace. Our bodies slapped together loudly as we crashed together. I could feel her squeezing her muscles tightly to apply more pressure on my cock. I loved it when she did this. Her cunt was tight but when she worked it like she was doing it was even tighter. She was going to make me cum quickly.

“You’re going to make me cum quickly if you don’t quit that,” I puffed.

“I know but it makes me cum quicker too,” she sassed.

“Talk dirty to me and touch yourself,” I ordered.

“Hmmm,” she growled. “Come on baby, fuck me. Pound my wet little pussy. It’s so wet and slippery just for you.”

I felt her fingers circling her clit as her nails just scrapped the underside of my cock. Her finger spread her lips open as she moaned. She closed them gently around my shaft adding to the pressure her pussy was already putting on it when I was buried deep inside of her.

“I don’t need my fingers,” she cried. “Your big cock is doing a wonderful job on my pussy already. I’m going to cum so hard baby. I want you to cum with me. I want you to soak my wet little cunt with your cum.”

“Fuck baby,” I gasped. It was the first time she had ever used the C word with me.

“Yes, fuck my little pussy,” she begged.

I could feel her really working her muscles now. She was so wet and slippery but was very tight right now. I felt my balls boiling over as I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Cumming,” she yelped as I gasped.

Her fingers teased my balls as I slapped hard into her creaming cunt. I roared as she cried out with pleasure. The orgasm was intense as I filled her. My vision narrowed as I finished and slowed down. We both panted and I continued to just tip my hips and still felt pleasure running the length of my cock.

We heard the door open and close as someone came in. Teagan giggled as she looked back at me.

“Taylor,” she called.

“Yeah, where are you?”

“Don’t come in here,” Teagan warned.

She knew exactly what Teagan was warning her about.

“Oh my gosh,” she quipped. “I can’t believe you two. Is that all you guys do is screw?”

Teagan and I laughed. I took my shirt off and passed it between her legs. She held it as I pulled free from her. I put my shorts back on as Teagan picked her pants up off the floor. She walked from the room and headed to our room upstairs.

I went into the kitchen and saw Taylor sitting on the couch as I got a drink.

“Hey Taylor,” I said.

She wouldn’t look in my direction as I spoke to her.

“Are you decent?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“I’m ready for practice,” she said annoyed.

“Where is Tessa?”

“Outside waiting.”

“Don’t be so grumpy Taylor,” I said. “I love your sister and that’s what we do. I’m sorry if it bothers you.”

“I know,” she sighed. “I’m sorry I’m acting this way. I broke up with Jeremy the other day so I’m a little down.”

“It’s just one guy Taylor. You are going to move on and date someone else, it isn’t the end of the world.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she huffed.

Thom and I were more than happy when we found out. Neither one of us said anything to her about knowing. We were waiting for her to tell us on her own. Jeremy was pushing the issue with Taylor and she wouldn’t budge so they got into a fight and broke up. Jeremy was the guy I once was so I knew his game.

“Let me get a dressed so we can get started. Basketball will take your mind off things.”

“I hope. I feel like shit.”

“It took me 26 years to find the right person so you have plenty of time. You got everything going for you so don’t let one boy ruin your life.”

“I know. It just hurts you know.”

“Trust me sweetie, I know. It gets better though.”

“What’s going on?” Teagan asked coming back down the stairs now.

“Boy trouble,” I sighed.

“Oh no,” Teagan played it off. She knew already as Mandy had told her.

I left to get dressed as Teagan went and sat with her sister. I came back down and Taylor seemed to be in a better mood. We went outside and got started. We worked for over an hour practicing. I was impressed with both of them as we ended with a jog around the neighborhood.

“How did it go today?” Teagan asked.

“They will be hard to contain if they keep improving. I can’t wait to get them practicing with the rest of the team.”

“You have the summer basketball camp coming up soon don’t you?”

“In two weeks,” I confirmed. “It will be the first time I get all of them together at the same time. I don’t know how many will come since it isn’t mandatory.”

“I’m sure more will come than you are expecting,” she said sitting lunch down on the table.

We ate lunch then went to see the wedding planner to go over a few things. The group from Texas would be coming into town tomorrow. Then the rehearsal dinner was the next night and then the wedding was the day after that. It was going to be a busy couple of days.


“What do you mean you’re not coming?” I asked.

“I have to go to the florist and make sure they are getting the right flowers,” Teagan huffed. “She called me last night and gave me a list and there were some things that weren’t on it that I wanted. I think she is mixing up the order with the other wedding she has this weekend.”

“They’re just flowers,” I sighed. “It isn’t like they are going to last forever.”

“Typical guy,” she groaned. “I’m only getting married once, I want it to be perfect.”

“Are you going to be there?” I asked with some sarcasm.

“What kind of question is that?” she snapped. “Of course I’m going to be there.”

“Then the day will be perfect,” I said getting to my point.

She softened as she looked at me now. She gave a big sigh as she took me into her arms and hugged me. I kissed her forehead as she smiled up at me.

“I’m sorry. I’m stressing out over everything.”

“I know baby. I guess I can go by myself. It’s my family anyway.”

“I can go with you,” Taylor said surprising us both.

“When did you get here?” I asked.

“A minute ago,” she smiled. “I was listening to make sure it was safe before I came and found you.”

“He’s on restrictions until after the wedding,” Teagan smiled.

“How’s that working out for you?” Taylor teased.

“No different than last week when the ride was broken,” I joked.

“Gross,” Taylor quipped.

“You got 15 minutes then we have to leave.”

“I’m ready when you’re ready,” she smiled. “I better tell Tessa that she can go home. I thought we were practicing today.”

“You two can,” I said. “I’m going to be too busy for the next week. I should have told you yesterday but I forgot.”

“I have to go,” Teagan said as she left the room.

Taylor and I got into the rented van with Tessa and left. I dropped Tessa off and then hit the road to make our way to the airport.

“I’m just going to give you a fair warning now that my family is from a tiny little town in Texas. They talk with an accent and will not be used to the big city.”

“They think we live in a big city?” Taylor asked.

“Compared to where I’m from, yes. This is a big city.”

I started explaining to her about my little town. She had the same reaction and questions her sister did. She was fascinated with all the small town details. Taylor’s phone started ringing as we got off the highway and headed down the airport road.

“It’s for you,” Taylor said giving me the phone.

Teagan started talking quickly. “I told you she was messing up the order. She had the wrong flowers for the arraignments and I had the wrong color roses on my bouquet. The guys order was correct though.”

“How fitting,” I sighed. “The one person who doesn’t care about the flowers and she gets that one right.”

“Tell me about it,” Teagan groaned.

“Did you get everything straightened out?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s all set now.”

“Well, that should be a little less stress for you.”

“Something else came up though.”

“What now?”

“An Ashley has called you twice,” she said concerned. “Who is she?”

“That’s a male Ashley,” I laughed.

“Oh,” she laughed.

“Where did I leave my phone? I couldn’t find it last night.”

“In my car where you left it last night. Why are you talking to this male Ashley? Are you switching teams?”

“You are so not funny,” I laughed. “It’s for a surprise that I have been working on for you.”

“What kind of surprise?”

“I can’t tell you or it won’t be a surprise.”

“Ok,” she said not pressing any further. “Have you picked them up yet?”

“No, I’m making the loop into the airport now. I love you baby, I will see you in a little while.”

“Ok, I love you too.”

I handed back the phone to Taylor as she looked at me with some suspicion.

“Ashley is a vocal coach in town,” I offered. “I’m going to sing Teagan a song and I wanted to get some help so I didn’t sound so off key when I sang it.”

“That’s so sweet,” she smiled.

“I try,” I sighed.

We pulled into the arrival terminal and made a few loops around until I saw Gus on the sidewalk looking around.

“There they are,” I said pulling up to get them.

“Wow, that guy is big” Taylor said looking at Gus.

“He likes to hug too so don’t be surprised if you get a big squeeze out of him.”

“I like hugs,” Taylor smiled.

“Look what the weather drug into town,” I called as I stepped from the van.

“Hey boy,” dad cheered.

I gave him a hug then went along and hugged them all as Taylor watched unsure of what to do.

“Well don’t just stand there Tigger,” Gus called. “We ain’t strangers you know.”

He pulled her into a big hug which took her off guard by how hard he hugged her.

“You look like you lost some weight, Tigger.”

“That’s not Teagan,” Sam laughed.

“By gosh it ain’t,” Gus said as he let Taylor go and took another look at her.

“I’m Taylor,” she said softly. “I’m Teagan’s little sister.”

“I thought there was sumthang different ’bout you. You is too short to be Tigger but yur just as purdy.”

We all laughed as Taylor blushed. I piled their stuff into the back of the van as they loaded up. I got back into the driver’s seat and started back home. Taylor was shy and quiet the whole ride back as they asked me questions and talked about home.

“We are here,” I said as I pulled up to my old house. “Who is staying here and who is coming to the big house?”

“We are staying here,” Sam said.

“Thom left you guys a car from the dealership so you can get back and forth,” I said. “Do you remember how to get to Maple Grove?”

“I remember,” Sam said.

“You can stop by anytime. Get settled in before you come over.”

I helped my Uncle Burt get his luggage from the car as Randy helped Sam with their stuff. They got all their stuff out and into the house. I took the rest of our guests to the other house. We pulled into the driveway as my dad whistled his amazement of the place.

“You done good for yourself boy.”

“Awful fancy for a small town boy,” Gus joked.

“Yeah, yeah,” I sighed.

“Do I get a map so I don’t get lost?” Gus asked as I let them in.

“It isn’t as big as it looks.”

“Yur sure foolen me,” dad said.

“Earl,” my mom warned. “Be nice to yur boy. He worked hard for all he has.”

“I know,” he said. “I’m proud of him.”

“Where is my daughter at?” mom asked.

“I’m right here,” Teagan called.

She came running down the stairs and hugged my mom.

“There’s Tigger,” Gus cheered.

“Why does he call her that?” Taylor quietly asked me.

“Don’t ask me,” I whispered. “She just goes with it.”

She laughed as Teagan went down the line and hugged all the guests. I showed them the house then to their rooms and let them get settled. I thanked Taylor for coming along with me as she left for home. Teagan, my mom, and Sharon (Gus’s wife) went into the kitchen and started working on dinner. Dad, Gus and I went out to the back porch and sat around talking about this and that.

“I just wanted to say thanks for coming, Gus,” I said. “You didn’t have to but it means a lot to me that you did.”

“I wouldn’t miss this fur nothing,” Gus smiled.

“I know, but given everything that has happened in the past I wouldn’t have been surprised if you didn’t come.”

“Jake,” Gus sighed. “I believe I owe you an apology fur everthang that has happened.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Missy told me the truth that night y’all had yur big fight on the porch on Christmas. I been blamen you fur sumthang that wadn’t yur fault. I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s no big deal Gus, really. Like I told my dad, I would rather be the jackass than her be shunned by everyone down there.”

“Yur a good man Jake. I’m sorry fur the way thangs went down and the grudge I held over yur head fur a while. I forgave you some but I still had some bad feelings towards you. But after Missy told me the truth I realized I was wrong fur assuming thangs.”

“I did break her heart though,” I offered.

“Naw Jake, it ain’t like that at all. Missy done far worse to you than you done to her.”

“It don’t mean a thing,” I said one Gus’s favorite lines.

He only chuckled the way he always did when he agreed.

“We were both young and stupid. Things happened for a reason.”

“I know that, Jake. I appreciate everthang you done fur all of us.”

“And I appreciate that you were cool with me when I brought Teagan into town. I didn’t know how you feel about seeing me with someone else.”

“Time healed old wounds Jake. I always knew there was more to the story than we was told but I never wanted to get into nobody’s business. You could have been a blabber mouth but you wadn’t. Yur daddy done raised you right.”

I looked over at my dad as he smiled back at me.

“I’m just gunna let bygones be bygones,” he sighed.

“I don’t hate Missy.”

“I knows you don’t,” Gus said quickly. “One day she is gunna have to get over it.”

I could hear them getting louder as we all looked around and back into the house.

“The rest of them must be here,” I said.

We went into the house and saw the rest of them had come over. Randy and Uncle Burt joined us as the rest of the girls stayed inside. We sat out there and shot the shit for a good part of the day until dinner was ready. We all went inside and had a nice dinner.

We sat around after dinner and just relaxed. My dad loved the weather and was enjoying his time sitting outside. Back home it was about 100 degrees and he couldn’t enjoy relaxing outside like he could here. We stayed outside until it was well into the evening. Tomorrow would be a busy day for us. Teagan and I had to visit the wedding planner and go over the final details. Then we had the rehearsal dinner in the evening where both families would meet for the first time.

Teagan and I started out right after breakfast. We met the planner and went over everything. Everything looked good on paper so hopefully the finished product would be what we were looking for. Then we went back to the house and continued doing things to keep us busy.

We met at the country club and had the families meet. It was awkward at first but Gus broke the ice and got Thom talking. My dad soon joined in and they seemed to hit it off. The walk through started off shortly after the planner arrived. The ceremony was taking place on the beach so it would be a little different tomorrow but the basic idea was still there. After that we all had dinner and the families mingled with one another.

“Where are you staying tonight baby?” I asked.

“I’m going to be at home with my dad. It’s bad luck for us to see each other the day of you know?”

“I know. I guess I will see you tomorrow then.”

“I love you baby,” Teagan smiled.

“I love you too.”

We kissed each other then we went our separate ways. I didn’t sleep that well that night. I wasn’t nervous about her not being there it was just the stress of the day ahead.

I stood on the beach waiting for Teagan to walk down the aisle. Randy stood beside me as my best man. He kept joking all the way up until the music started playing. He did his best to calm my nerves and he was doing a good job at it.

I saw her walking with Thom. She took my breath away as she turned and headed my way.

“Wow,” I heard Randy say.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked stunning in her white dress as they approached. Everything faded away as I was focused on her and her alone. The preacher’s voice seemed a million miles away as he asked who gives this woman.

“Her mother and I do,” Thom answered proudly.

He lifted her vial as I went to stand next to her. He kissed her and gave her hand to me. She started tearing up as she smiled at me. I took her hand as we stood in front of the preacher now.

“You look stunning,” I whispered.

“Thank you,” she smiled.

The preacher started as we stood there holding hands. I was still drowning out everything out as I looked at her looking at me. He said a lot of things but I didn’t hear any of them. I was still stunned by the way she looked in her gown. Her hair was perfect and her face was so flawless. I finally came back when the preacher said my name again.

“Do you take this woman?” he asked again as the group laughed a little.

“Yes,” I said clearly.

He turned to her now and asked her the same thing he had asked me. She quickly responded yes.

Randy did his duties and gave us the rings. We exchanged them and were pronounced man and wife. I kissed her. I kissed her deeply as she kissed me back just as hard. We left the alter and headed down the aisle to the soft music playing.

We spent a good hour now taking photos with the wedding party. We got into the limo and drove to the country club. The DJ introduced us and we went down the receiving line to greet the guests. We took our table off to the side and were served dinner. We started eating as the clanging of spoons hit the wine glasses. That was our cue to kiss. We happily did.

Randy reluctantly got up and gave the toast. He wasn’t much for talking in public so it was brief but sincere. We cut the cake and fed it to one another before the rest of it was passed out. It was almost time for our first dance.

I gave Randy the signal. He grabbed two chairs and drug them out to the dance floor. The DJ knew what was going on and didn’t start the song. He handed me the micro phone as Teagan looked very confused now.

“Have a seat baby,” I said to her.

“What are you doing?” she asked slyly.

“Just sit and be patient.”

She sat down as I clicked the micro phone on.

“I’m not one for public speaking,” I started as the group now focused on me talking. “If I were I would be a politician and promise you a lot of things I can’t deliver.”

The room filled with laughter as I settled my nerves and continued.

“I would like to thank my mom and dad. Thank you both for encouraging me to follow my dreams and always being there for me. I love you both and couldn’t have made it without your love and help. Don’t think that you are losing me. You are gaining a wonderful daughter who really loves you both a lot.”

My mom sobbed as my dad just smiled and held my mom.

“Next, I would like to thank Thom and Tammy. You have been so helpful over the past year and I can’t thank you enough. I know we didn’t get off on the right foot but you gave me a chance and I am very thankful for that. I’m so blessed you have such a perfect daughter and that she wanted me to spend forever with her.”

Thom silently said thank you as he looked at Tammy. She was smiling too.

“I want to thank Sam too. Sam, if it wasn’t for you begging me to come and help you coach I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Things got a little rough between us but I want you to know I am always here for you and will help you out how ever I can.”

I didn’t see her anywhere but I knew she was around. She was probably hiding since she knew her name would come up sooner or later.

“Lastly, I want to thank all of you for coming here today. Thank you for making the day special for the both of us.”

“I know that some of you just came for the food,” I said pointing towards Gus. The crowd laughed again as Gus held his hand up. “It means a lot to have all of you here though.”

“I also want to thank one other person,” I said quickly. “I want to thank Taylor. Thank you for being there for Teagan through the whole wedding planning thing and keeping her from going insane. Thank you for being a good little sister to me too. I didn’t get the chance to have one when I was growing up so I’m blessed to have one now. I know how close you and Teagan are and I’m glad you are sharing her with me.”

She smiled as I blew her a kiss. Taylor was a great kid who was like the sister I never had. Randy came around now and handed me my guitar.

“Before we have our first dance I wanted to do something special for you.”

Teagan smiled at me as I took the guitar for Randy. I sat down to play.

“Sometimes I can’t find the words to tell you how much you mean to me so I decided a song would be more fitting.”

I started strumming the cords as Randy set the microphone on the stand. I leveled it and started singing once I got it right.

“Our love is unconditional, we knew it from the start. I see it in your eyes, you can feel it in my heart.”

I looked away from the cords now and focused on Teagan as I continued on. She melted as I sang to her. Her eyes filled with tears as she smiled at me. I started to do the same thing and had to really focus on playing to stop from losing it. I finished and set the guitar down as she stood and hugged me tightly. The applause was only a distant sound as I hugged her back.

“You are an amazing man,” she cried.

“You make me this way. Without you I’m just a lost soul searching for someone like you.”

The DJ started playing the song we had picked out so Teagan and I started dancing and holding each other very close.

“This doesn’t do justice for what you just did.”

“That was my surprise for you,” I said. “Ashley was my vocal coach.”

“He did a fine job.”

I gave Teagan to Thom as they did the daddy daughter dance. Next it was my turn to dance with my mom. After that the dance floor opened up and everyone danced. I went off and found Sam to drag her out there so I could get one dance in with her.

I had done enough dancing for a while and went to get something strong to drink. Teagan found me as the chorus of clanging started for us to kiss. We kissed for a while before she was drug away by Mandy to get in the conga line or whatever it was they called.

Gus found me. “Hey, y’all should do that song y’all did together that night on the porch. You and Tigger did a great job.”

“I don’t know if she would be up for it.”

“Ain’t hurten nothing to ask ole boy.”

I found Teagan after she finished dancing and pulled her aside.

“Do you think we can sing the duet we did before?”

“I don’t remember the lines,” she laughed.

“I got them on my phone.”

She grabbed my drink and downed the rest of it. “Ok baby.”

I had the DJ stop the music as Teagan and I sat down in the chairs.

I began as the DJ projected the words on the screen where our photos had been rolling along. She hit the notes with ease as I strum along and sang to her. We finished to a standing ovation from our guests.

Now Gus had to have his turn. He picked up the guitar and strum a few cords as the DJ started playing another song.

“Hey maestro,” he barked. “We’re going live for a minute.”

“What’s going on?” Thom asked me.

“Gus is going to play something.”

“Can he play?”

“He taught me everything I know about playing.”

The music went off as Gus began his song. He had more people on the dance floor than the DJ did so it was fine by Thom. Gus had always said he wanted to be in a band so this was his chance to live his dream a little. He played for over an hour. He played slow songs then went right into some faster ones. It turned out to be a nice surprise for everyone.

The wedding went well into the night. Teagan and I made our exit around 1030 and left for the hotel. I flung the door open and scooped Teagan up into my arms. I carried her through the door and set her carefully on the bed.

“Now the fun part,” she smiled.

“In a hurry are we?” I asked.

“No,” she teased. “It took a half hour to get this thing on. Now you get to take it off.”

“I think I can manage,” I smiled.

She stood up and turned her back to me. I found the hooks that held the strapless dress up on her back. I unhooked them slowly as I leaned in and kissed her exposed shoulder blades. Her skin was electric as my lips met it. I could see the goose bumps on her arms as she reached back and touched my side. One by one I unhooked them until the dress was loose. She took the cups in front and shimmied it down her body until it lay crumpled on the floor at the foot of the bed.

She turned and smiled at me as I took in her body. She was left wearing just her strapless white bra and lace boy shorts.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” I asked.

“It seemed longer when I was getting into it,” she giggled.

Now it was her turn to undress me. I had lost the jacket at the reception so it wouldn’t be too hard for her. She pulled my tie and had that million dollar smile on her face as it slipped free. She wrapped it around her neck and held the bottom of it over her mouth in a seductive pose. I gave her a knowing smile as she giggled again and dropped it to the floor.

She worked on the buttons as I tried to get the cufflinks off. We both finished at the same time as my shirt floated to the floor and joined her dress. I took my under shirt off as her hands pulled my belt loose and flung it from the loops. I unhooked the clasp and let them drop.

I pulled her into my body and kissed her. They were long and deep kisses as we both shifted to the bed. I let her get in and soon followed her. We resumed kissing. My hands finding her neck and pulled her into my mouth. Her hot breath brushed my face as we panted on one another.

I moved to her neck as her legs parted around my body. I let little wet kisses on her neck all the way to her ear. She moaned a soft little moan as I kissed her favorite spot by her ear. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I pressed on top of her. I could feel her rubbing against me as she tipped her hips into me. I kissed her back down to her collar bone. Her hands pulling my head into her chest as I moved to the clasp holding her tits in place.

It popped open easily as I squeezed them together. The bra folded away from her chest letting me kiss her nipple and cup the other. Her soft moans were pleasing to my ears as I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Her hands raked my sides, nails sending chills down my back as the scratched me lightly. I left one nipple and caught the other one in my mouth.

Her body pressed away from the bed and into mine harder now. Her gasps were louder as I rolled the rubbery flesh in my mouth. I let them go and kissed a trail down her tummy towards her cunny. She let her legs go open again as I reached her panties. I kissed past her center to her thighs. I planted wet little kisses on her as I looked up at her. Her green cat like eyes were just little slits as she smiled down at me. I loved the way she looked right now.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered.

“Hmmm,” she growled softly.

I kissed her leg right where it met her panty. Her little lips just peeking out from under the tiny little triangle of fabric that guarded her opening. They were red and swollen with desire as I licked one. I hooked my fingers around her waist and gave them a soft pull. She arched her hips and let them slide frees. I never left my spot as she lifted her legs to let me free them from her body.

Her cunny was leaking her desire as I blew on it. I inhaled her scent which made my cock swell more. I kissed her right above her clit at the top of her slit. Soft little moans filled my ears again as I tasted her. I just flicked my tongue on her clit as her hands curled in my hair. She was soaked as my tongue dipped into her and tasted her.

I circled her hole with my tongue. My fingers opened her up as I pressed myself into her wetness. She brought her legs up and held her knees opening herself up further to my probing tongue. I moved up and ran my tongue over her clit. She gasped as it sent a wave of pleasure through her. I focused on her excited clit as I swirled my tongue around her nub.

I kept circling it before I sucked it into my mouth. I softly chewed on it as she let one leg go and used her free hand to pull me tighter to her. I let her clit fall from my mouth and returned to her hole. I took her whole puss in my mouth and used my tongue to bring her closer to the edge. I teased her clit then returned to her wet little hole and dug my tongue inside. Her breath grew ragged as she panted and finally warned me she was cumming.

I continued licking her. I lapped at her cumming cunny as her hips bucked. I loved her taste and I couldn’t get enough. I finally slowed as she settled her hips back on the bed. Her legs fell flat on the bed as I looked up at her again. Her chest rose and fell as she panted. Her nipples were rock hard as she smiled down at me.

Author’s Note:

This was my first attempt at writing a longer, more detailed story. If you folks like this then let me know, and I’ll keep them coming :)

Most secretaries would be fired for wearing a low-cut blouse like hers. Most secretaries wouldn’t get away with a tight pencil-skirt and the almost-visible suspenders around her thighs either. Most secretaries, however, aren’t married to their bosses – and today is their anniversary.

There are flowers on Lana’s desk when she comes in, high heels clicking on the oak floor. That gets a smile from her, which isn’t always easy this early in the morning; it’s still dark outside.

She savours the scent as she sits behind her desk, stowing her handbag. When she looks up and opens her eyes, her husband is leaning out of his office.

“Like them?” he asks her, smiling.

“How did you get lillies in winter?”

“Trade secret.”

“Colour me impressed.” She gives him a coy smile as his eyes run down her body, savouring the effect she knows she’s having on him. “Can I help you with something?”

“Just enjoying the view.”

“You,” she lifts her head like a queen and turns to her computer screen, “have lots of work to do. Don’t get too distracted.”

He gives a heavy sigh, and almost walks back in. She coughs, getting his attention, and he swings right back out.


She pretends to give him a serious look, pulling down her spectacles and pouting. “Are you going to be able to concentrate, honey?”

“Lana,” he groans, “I actually do have work to do, you aren’t making this easy.”

“Poor soul,” she winks, and runs a manicured hand down her neck whilst holding his gaze. Her fingers curl at the inside of her blouse, pulling it open ever so slightly and showing the faintest hint of cleavage. “Try not to think about me too much?”

“Too late,” he huffs, and returns to his office.

She bites her lip as he closes the door, letting out an excited shiver.

She has plans for him today – plans that require him being wound up to the nines. The first part of her plan is working perfectly. With a satisfied smile, she flicks open the diaries and planners and starts work for the day.

Anniversary or not, they still have a large company to run.

An hour later, an alarm on her phone goes off. Flicking it off, she turns away on her swivel-chair and sets the phone to the camera. If it’s been an hour, she reasons, then he’s had plenty of time to forget all about her little display and calm down.

Time to change that.

She crosses her legs at the ankle, unbuttons her blouse a little to show the lace red brassiere beneath, and hikes her skirt up just enough to show the suspender belt holding her thigh-highs in place. With her arms, she pushes her cleavage together and looks up at the camera, biting her lip and giving it the fiery look that she knows he loves.


Fixing herself – though she’s arranged for no client visits today as a precaution – she checks the picture. Vain she is not, but if she ignores the little flaws she’ll always find then she’s got a lot to be confident about.

Her soft, pale skin goes well with the dark office-wear, and whilst she’s no glamour model she has enough under her blouse to turn an eye. Auburn hair the colour of autumn would usually spill over her shoulders in large curls, but it’s tied up for work.

Besides, she thinks, if it’s not tied up then she can’t unfurl it later for dramatic effect when she tears his trousers open and mounts him on the desk.

Smiling, she adds the caption:

Don’t work too hard handsome

She sends it to him, and sits the phone down, waiting.

A few seconds later, she hears a discontented sigh and laughs to herself. Her phone buzzes to a short, grumpy text with no kisses:

Don’t make me come through there.

Not if I come to you first, she thinks, and suppresses another grin as she returns to her work. She can practically hear his boxers straining from here, and relishes the thought.

Crossing her legs again, she squeezes her thighs together, quivering at the tingling warmth between them.

Another hour passes, and another alarm goes off on her phone.

She gets up, adjusting herself and making sure that everything is just visible enough to catch his attention. Her high heels clop across the floor, and she eases the door open and closes it behind herself.

Her husband looks up from his work, a little red faced and flustered, and raises his eyebrows. She gives him a knowing grin, and locks the door.

Pressing her back against the door with her palms flat on her thighs, she gives him a wide eyed look and feigns innocence.

“Tom, honey,” she croons, “are you having a good day?”

“Oh, it’s been ok so far,” he winks.

She bites her lip and brings one hand up to her blouse, easing it open at the top and leaning forward just a little. “Enjoying your anniversary?”

He pushes his chair out from his curved, modern-looking desk and leans back, taking in the view. Tom nods, his dark eyes running over the curve of her hips.

“Well,” she continues, glancing at the bulge in his suit-trousers. “I know we’ve got those rules about office romances and everything, but -”

“Shut up and get over here.”

She curls her lips upward at the edges, fighting a smile.

“Make me.”

“I will,” he says, and almost gets out of his chair.

She stops him with a finger and starts walking forward. “You stay right there.”


“It’s a special day,” she says as she stands above him, hands laced behind her back. “And we’ve got as long as we want.”

“Benefits of being your own boss,” he smiles, that firm and reassuring smile that she’s come to love.

She leans forward and whispers in his ear, giving him a glance down her blouse. “I’ve got plans for you, mister. So sit back and stop fighting it.”

With one delicate finger on his tie, she pushes him back into the chair. His hands run around her stocking-clad thigh, running up towards the cusp of her ass. With a playful smile, she bats his hands away and leans in as though to kiss him.

He comes forward, and she puts a soft hand on his stubbled jaw and opens her mouth, drawing back as he moves in for the kiss. She lets his searching tongue find the tip of hers and no more, closing her mouth with a smile.

“I hate you sometimes,” he whispers.

She leans in again. “Will you still hate me when this all pays off?”

“Probably not,” he admits.

Shivering with anticipation, she runs one hand down his shirt, feeling the hard ridges of his tensed muscles beneath.

“You’re awful tense,” she says, running a hand down to his belt and unbuckling it with a snap. “We’re going to have to do something about that.”

Slinking to her knees, she eases his belt off and undoes the button and zip on his trousers. He lets out a sigh and leans back, one hand gripping her shoulder. Through his dark boxers she can see the small, wet spot at the tip of his bulge where he’s leaking pre-cum.

Lana leans forward and kisses the tip through his boxers. He shudders, his cock twitching behind the fabric. Leaning back, she savours the moment and peels his boxers away, letting his throbbing cock free. With a contented sigh, he opens his eyes and looks down at her.

Those dark eyes stare into hers as she runs a tongue around her lips, moistening them, and wraps a delicate hand around the base of his cock.

“Have I got you wound up, yet?” she asks. He nods, barely able to talk. “Have I got you right on the edge?”

He grunts a response, one hand gripping the back of her head.

“Good,” she whispers.

Without any warning, she surges forward and wraps her wet lips around his helmet, swirling her tongue and plunging her mouth down on him.

He groans and tenses, lifting his hips from the chair and forcing his cock further down her throat. With one hand she works his shaft, running her fingers up and down, tightening and rippling them. Her lips, meanwhile, suck him in and keep him there, running over the bottom of his helmet faster, and faster.

She feels him tense, his breath held, and stops for a moment. Lifting her, mouth from him, she revels in watching him twitch.

“Don’t stop,” he whispers. “Don’t stop.”

“It’d be a shame if I did,” she says, and kisses his still-trembling cock. “That would just be horrible.”

“Lana, please,” he groans, his hands grabbing at her shoulders and head, trying to pull her in towards him.

“Oh,” she whispers, letting go of him and standing up, “I could do much worse than stop.”

She puts her knees on either side of him, straddling him in his office chair. It takes their weight as she leans him back in it, his wet cock sitting against his stomach.

He looks at her with burning, lust-filled eyes and grabs her ass in both hands, trying to pull her pussy in closer to him. Scooting a little closer, she lets the silk of her red panties brush against him, and he shivers again.

“Wow,” she whispers, “I must have you really worked up.”

He nods, and tries to pull her down by the neck, his jaw slack. Reaching down, she pulls her panties aside, batting his hands away as he tries to undo her blouse. She feels his hard cock brushing against her moistness, and trembles as she grabs him in one hand and guides him towards her pussy.

His cock sits at her opening, and her thighs keep him from thrusting up into her like he wants to.

“Ah-ah,” she says, pressing her forehead against his. “This is my treat, handsome. Don’t move.”

She hears his heavy breathing in her ear as she lowers herself onto his erection, suppressing a gasp as she feels him stretching her and filling her. He tenses and grasps at her as she pushes further down, till the cheeks of her ass brush against his legs and he’s entirely inside her.

“Oh god,” she whispers, and bucks her hips against him, feeling the tingling surge of pleasure running through her bones like a shock. She tries to stay still, feeling his cock twitch inside her.

Working her thighs, she lifts herself off of him, until her pussy lips are tightening around the tip of his helmet. Then she bears down again, driving his cock all the way inside of her. He throws his head back, groaning, pushing her down further with his hands on her hips, driving his cock up into her.

“Stop, stop,” she says, and lifts herself off of him. “This wasn’t the plan.”

“What?” he breathes, staring into her eyes.

She gets off of him, her legs trembling. “You’ve got another hour to wait, stud,” she grins and takes a step back.

“No way,” he says, and stands up, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her in close. “Absolutely no way.”

“Ah-ah,” she says, turning a cheek as he tries to kiss her. “I’m in charge today.”

He pulls her skirt up, running his hands down over her ass and pulling her in against his hard cock.

“What if I say otherwise?”

“Then,” she pulls back and looks him in the eye, “I’ll fight you all the way. Meaning you’re probably,” she leans in and whispers in his ear, “going to have to tie me up to make sure I can’t stop you from fucking me hard, aren’t you? Is that what you’ve been thinking about doing all day?”

Without a word, he rips off his tie and grabs her wrists. She finally kisses him without holding back, their tongues swirling in one another’s mouth, biting each other’s lips with unquenched passion. His strong hands pin her wrists together behind her back, and with his tie he binds them tight together.

He doesn’t need to say anything as their lips part. Guiding her towards the desk, he grabs her bound hands and holds her steady as he lowers her onto the desk. Bent over and helpless, her perfect, round ass is bared to him. Running a hand over it, he squeezes the soft skin and teases his fingers around the lips of her dripping wet pussy.

“Winding me up like that,” he says, running a single finger down over her trembling clit. “That was very, very bad of you.”


With his open palm, he slaps her bared ass. The clapping sound echoes around the office, and she tenses and squeals.

“I think you need to be punished,” he says, and spanks her again. Her legs are shaking, still in high heels. Tom grabs her bound hands and pulls on them, arching her back. With his other hand, he guides his cock into her aching pussy.

She opens her mouth, moaning in silence as he pushes into her wetness. His cock fills her from within, and with his hand free he runs it around her hips to her clit, brushing his fingers over it with a gentleness unexpected from a man like Tom.

“Oh god,” she murmurs, pushing back against him as his abdomen meets her ass. “Oh god, I’ve been so bad. Fuck me like a bad girl.”

He obliges. Keeping her arms pulled back and her back arched, Tom plunges into her again and again. His pelvis slams against her, and she rocks her hips in tandem with his. Every thrust burns dots into her vision, her mind reeling.

Over and over again, Tom plows into her from behind, his fingers dancing over her clit. With her legs trembling, Tom pushes her forward onto the desk and slaps her ass hard with his free hand.

The mixture of pleasure and pain is too much for her, and Lana feels her pussy tightening with the surges of her orgasm. Her legs begin to buckle, and Tom grabs her hips and holds her steady.

She’s helpless in his strong arms, being fucked hard over his desk.

“Oh god Tom,” she murmurs, “oh god. I’m going to – you’re going to make me -”

She climaxes with a long, loud moan, and he only fucks her faster. Her moan turns to a scream, his cock pounding her faster and harder, faster and harder, until -

Trembling, she feels him slip out of her pussy. A second later, with a grunt and his hand grasping her hips, she feels his warm cum spurting over her back and her ass.

He collapses forward on top of her, and sleepily undoes her bindings. Breathless and light headed, they finally get to their feet and she sits on the edge the desk. Leaning into one another, they hold each other in the afterglow.

She laughs after a while, still trying to breathe.

“Happy anniversary,” she smiles, and he kisses her with a sudden tenderness.

“Here’s to another five years,” he says as they passionately lock lips.

“So was that, y’know,” she bites her lip, “ok for you?”

“Oh it was passable,” he laughs.

“Good, because I don’t think our anniversary day is actually over yet.”


“Oh yeah, there’s more where that came from.”

“Good,” he says. “I can deal with that.”

She stops as though remembering something important.

“What is it?” he asks, seeing the urgency in her eyes.

Lana checks her watch. “You’ve got lunch with someone in an hour, I can’t remember who.”

“Oh yeah,” he says. “That’s the spokesperson for Carson Group.”

“What’s Carson Group?”

“They’re an international conglomerate. Rumour is they’re thinking of making an offer.”

“What, to buy us?”


There they stand, discussing business with their clothes half off and their faces still red.

“Why would an international conglomerate want to buy a little technology start-up like ours?”

“We’ve grown darling,” says Tom. “You’ve seen the figures. We’ve got millions of users.”

“What’s their offer?”

“Well they haven’t made one, yet.”

“Would you sell?”

“If the price is right. It would be nice to retire at thirty and just travel the world, wouldn’t it?”

Her eyes light up. “Yeah,” she kisses him. “It would. I mean, I’d miss getting to be your secretary, but…”

“No, no,” he says. “You could stop being my secretary, but I think I like the uniform.”

“I can keep the uniform?” she bites her lip again.

“Oh I suppose.”

She kisses his stubbled cheek. “Selling the company. That’s a lot to think about.”

“I know. I’m a little nervous to be honest. I should really prepare.”

“Ok,” she says, and slides off the desk. Standing, she’s at least a foot smaller than him, even in heels. She leans up and kisses him. “Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.”

“I know,” he says. “And it’s still our anniversary, so don’t get too comfortable.”

“Oh?” She pulls her skirt down and fixes her blouse as he does his trousers up. “Do you have plans or something?”

“Maybe. Now let me get ready for this.”

“Yes sir,” she winks, and leaves him one last kiss and a lasting image of her hips rocking as she walks out of his office.

Not an hour later, Lana hears the door open across the office, and Tom comes rushing out with a briefcase in one hand and a phone in the other. He’s red-faced and out of breath, and storms past her with barely a glance.

“Tom -” she begins, looking up from her computer.

He holds up his hand: not now.

Lana raises an offended eyebrow and looks down at her half-open blouse, checking that her breasts are in fact still there.

Still on the phone, Tom stares into space as he listens. Lana strains her hears but can’t make out a word. After a pause, he sighs.

“Ok,” he says. “I understand.”

Tom hangs up the phone and stands there, staring at Lana with his shoulders sagging.

“Who was that?”

“The guy from Carson group. Meeting’s been postponed for two hours.”

“Well that’s nothing to stress about -”

“So that he can meet with our competitor.”


“Yeah, oh.” Tom folds his arms and looks down at the floor.

“Do you think they might buy them instead?”

“From a business standpoint? It makes more sense. Our competitor has a smaller user-base than us, but they’re more appealing to advertisers: they filter opinions and profanity and such.”

“But that’s censorship.”

“I don’t think Carson Group really care. They’re more interested in how much they can make off their new purchase. We’re bigger, and we get a lot of support from free-speech groups, but that comes at a price.”

He walks forward and sits on the edge of her desk, letting out a frustrated breath. In response, she gets up and joins him, shuffling her curved hips beside him and leaning into his strong frame.

“You’ll nail it.”

“What if I don’t? Ah, I shouldn’t have told you I was going to sell the business, now it might all fall through -”

“Hey,” she stops him with a finger to his lips, and they look into each other’s eyes. “I am quite happy where I am. It would be nice to have all that money and freedom, but the important stuff,” she pats him on the chest,” is right here.”

Smiling, he leans in and kisses her. Her soft lips part for him, and she snakes a hand around his neck and lets a long, contented sigh into his mouth.

“You,” he says as they part, “are the best. I should really prepare for the meeting, I need to work out a strategy to convince Carson Group to buy us instead of those idiots in the south-side.”

“Well, for one: their CEO doesn’t look as good as you in a three-piece, and doesn’t have a stupidly hot secretary.”

“Very true,” he says, and stands up.

She takes his hand and gives him a warm, reassuring look. “You’ll be fine, handsome.”

“I know. Y’know, Lana, you could probably take the rest of the day off.”

“While you work hard in here? Sit bored and alone at home while you go and do interesting stuff? No thanks.”

“If you insist.” he leans in and kisses her again, then starts to walk away.

“And Tom?”

He turns back. “Hm?”

“You’re all tense. Take a big breath like I taught you. Clear that head-space.”

“I’m a businessman, not a hippie.”

“It’s not being a hippie, it works. Trust me, you can’t go in all tense and jittery.”

“Ok,” he says, and takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. When he opens them again, his eyes seem a little brighter. “Ok, I’m good. I’ll see you in an hour or two. I need to prepare for this now that I know we have competition.”

“Have fun,” she winks.

He turns and walks back into his office, and her eyes trace down his suit to the bulge forming in the leg of his trousers. She can’t let him go to an important meeting all tense and – well – hard.

Thirty minutes later, Lana chaps his door and leans her head in, giving him that coy smile that he loves. He looks up, still flustered and looking lost.

“How are you getting on?” she asks him.

“Ok. Harder than I thought.”

“I’ll bet,” she smiles to herself. “Listen, I hate to be a pain but my computer’s playing up.”

“Lana, you’re already the resident IT expert in here.”

“Yeah but it’s doing that thing that you fixed last time and I can’t remember what you did.”

He sighs, looking at his notes and his computer screen, and then takes a breath and stands up, coming to join her. She checks and sees that her low cut blouse is still doing its work; the outline of his cock is visible through the soft material of his trousers.

“Ok, show me,” he follows her through.

She closes the door behind him as soon as he’s through, and stands with him at the desk.

He looks at her computer. “What’s wrong? It looks ok?”

When he turns around with a questioning look, she grabs the back of his neck and pulls him into a long kiss, her other hand running down over his belt.

“Lana,” he mumbles, “I really have to work -”

“You work way too hard,” she whispers, grinning, “and I think you need to unwind; the solution will come to you. Now just let me…”

Through his trousers, her manicured nails tighten around his growing bulge. She feels it twitch in her hand, begging to be stroked and sucked. Tom opens his mouth to protest and she kisses him again.

As her deft fingers undo his belt and zip, she feels his resistance begin to melt away. With a tug, she pulls the waistband of his boxers down and his cock twitches free, firm in her hand.

His breath comes short as her small hand, with her soft skin, wraps around the tip of his cock and squeezes, rippling her fingers over him.

He whispers something in ecstasy and she leans in to hear him better, softly biting his ear.

“What was that?” she whispers.

“I said,” he runs a hand behind her ear and pulls her in, “I fucking love you.”

She starts to stroke faster, grinning into his kiss. “I love you too. That’s why,” she can feel him tensing up and pushing against her quickening strokes, “I do things like this for you.”

Dropping to her knees, Lana pushes Tom back against the desk and takes his throbbing cock in her mouth. He groans and spasms as she works her lips over his helmet, down his shaft, sucking and swirling her tongue.

His hands link behind her head, keeping her there, and with her other hand she begins to stroke his shaft, faster and faster.

“Oh god,” he whispers, and pulls her deeper onto his cock. She takes him deep into her throat, letting her tongue caress the underside of his erection.

Feeling him shiver, she kisses his manhood and stands up. His legs are trembling a little, begging her to finish.

“Please,” he whispers as she comes in for a kiss, “I’m about to cum.”

“Oh, I know,” she says, and kisses him passionately. Her soft hand continues to work his cock, just enough to keep him on edge. “But we can’t have you messing up your nice suit before a meeting. So,” she tears her blouse open, showing him the laced red bra and her soft, perky breasts, “how about you just cum all over these?”

He barely manages a nod, and as she strokes him closer and closer to the edge, he brings his hands up and massages her chest. She groans into his mouth as electric shivers run through her. His strong hands squeeze and pinch her breasts just softly enough, and she arches her back and strokes faster still. He pulls her bra down, her breasts held up by the folded cups, pushing them together.

“I’m going to -” he gasps.

“Good,” she grins, and drops to her knees.

Tilting her head back, she strokes faster and harder, until with a low moan and a twitch, he releases torrents of thick white cum over her. It runs down her cleavage and she smiles up at him, rubbing it in with her hands, using it as lubricant to fondle her own chest.

Breathless, he lets her stand up and lean across the desk, tearing a few tissues out of a box and cleaning her chest up. Tucking herself away and doing her blouse back up, she leans in and kisses him.

“Feeling better?”

“Could say that,” he mutters.

She laughs as he cleans himself up. Pulling her in close, he holds her in an embrace. She takes in the smell of his aftershave, relishing the memories and the warmth of his chest.

“I think you needed that,” she whispers, pressed against him. “There was an awful lot.”

“I’m definitely feeling clearer headed,” he says.

“See? And you said it was all hippie shit.”

“I was talking about your meditation thing. If we’re doing stuff like this instead I could get on board.”

She gives his chest a playful slap and kisses his neck. “Maybe that could be arranged. I mean it is our anniversary, I still owe you your big present.”

“I’ve still got one to get?”

“I’d say you’ve got a few left to cash in, yeah.”

His hand comes up to the back of her head, holding her close against him, running his fingers through her tussled hair. She mews at the tingling feeling, smiling.

“Like what?” he asks. “Do I get a clue as to my present?”


“Oh go on.”

“Ok,” she says. With one hand she takes his wrist and places his hand on her hip like a ballroom dancer.

“Dancing?” he asks, laughing.

“Lower,” she whispers, running his hand down over her skirt, over her perky ass cheek, to where it meets her thigh. His hand finds its way under her skirt, to her lace-clad ass. Biting her lip, she grinds down on it, letting his fingers slide into the curve where he isn’t usually allowed.

“Oh,” he says. “Really?”

“If you’re good,” she grins.

“What if I’m bad?”

“If you’re bad, then I don’t make you dinner; we go straight to the incredible sex.”

“You are a great cook.”

“I know.”

“I’ll try to be good, then.”

“That’s my man,” she kisses him again, and pats his chest. “Now, you’ve got work to do.”

“I do,” he says. “You know, I feel a lot better about it suddenly.”

“Just don’t start pretending to be stressed to get blowjobs.”

“It’s not like we deprive each other of sex, Lana.”

“True,” she says. “And we are awfully good at it. Now go and work.”

“Speaking of work, what are you doing? We’ve no clients today, there’s nothing really to do.”

“I’m making our list up.”

“Our list?”

“The to-do list. The one we agreed we’d start working through if you did sell the company.”

“What if I don’t?”

“At least half of it is related to sex, so I’d say we’ve got it covered.”

“Have I told you you’re the best?”

“About three times, honey.”

“Make it four.”

He gives her another kiss, and then heads for the office, leaving her smiling at her desk. Pulling a notebook over, she pops the cap off a pen and begins writing the rest of the list, biting her lip in anticipation.

The sun sets, leaving Lana in the warm glow of a dozen candles and a soft yellow mood light. Her secretarial uniform – as much as she loves the attention it gets from Tom – is gone for now, leaving her in silk shorts and a shirt that’s far too large for her.

Scents and sensations warm her entire body as she curls in the corner of a couch. The shirt is covered in Tom’s aftershave, the silk shorts whisper on her thighs every time she shuffles, and she’s naked under the shirt. Knowing that Tom will be home soon, flustered and stressed after a trying day, has made her overly aware of her body.

She can feel the fabric rub against her hardening nipples, the heat in her face, the shivers that run through her body when she thinks of him. Trying to keep her hands off herself until he gets home, Lana turns her attention to the list that she has made.

The To-Do list, a bucket-list of sorts for her and Tom. On it are some of her life’s biggest dreams, and some of his too. Interspersed between the travelling and the achievements are some of her fantasies, things that she wants Tom to do to her; things that she wants to do to him.

Reading down the list, her breathing gets heavier. She’s arranged it alphabetically, and in the first five is one that she intends to tick off tonight.


Her hand creeps inside her shirt without her noticing, rubbing the tingling tip of her breast. Closing her eyes and biting her lip, Lana lets her head fall back and gets comfortable. Just thinking about taking Tom inside of her, deep and hard, has set a fire between her thighs.

Running a hand down her stomach, her fingers curl between her legs, rubbing the silk against her moistening pussy. A soft moan barely escapes her lips, her back arching as her other hand tightens on her breast. Her fingers find that magical spot through her short and she stretches her legs, letting out a long, pained breath as she starts to rub, faster, harder -

“Not disturbing you, I hope.”

She stops, her hand hovering between her thighs. Looking up over the couch, she sees Tom in his three-piece, head tilted back and giving her a look of passionate hunger.

“Honey,” he says, raising an eyebrow and taking in the sight, “I am very much home.”

She laughs at his cheesy line and curls a finger, beckoning him over. Undoing his tie as he walks, he tosses it on the table beside her single glass of red wine and sits down beside her.

She steals a kiss, delicately biting his lip, and gets the important stuff out of the way before her feelings overtake her. One hand on his leg and the other on his chest, she pulls away long enough to ask:

“How did it go at the meeting?”

“We’re selling,” he grins. “We’re rich, Lana.”

She shivers and plants another kiss on him, softer this time.

“How much?”

“Let me handle the details. I’m not sure what it’ll be after tax and fees and such, but we should have more than enough to do everything on our list.”


“Oh yeah. You know what? Let’s never work again. Just throwing that idea out there.”

“Well,” she whispers, running her hand up his thigh, “if we’re going to do that list, we should probably get started.”

“Absolutely,” he laughs. “What’s first?”

“Well, I arranged it alphabetically.”

“Classic Lana.”

“Mhm,” she grins, and rubs her hand over the solid bulge in his trousers. “Which means that tonight, you’re going to fuck me…” she takes his hand and gets to her knees, kneeling forward into him, “…here.” She plants his hand on her supple ass cheek and he squeezes it, growling with anticipation.

“We probably shouldn’t delay,” he says, his voice far lower as she starts to undo his waistcoat and shirt. His hands work her ass cheeks, pulling her close to him, his touch soft over the silk.

“One thing,” she says, kissing him. “Be gentle.”

“Not often you say that.”

“Not often you fuck me in the ass, handsome, now stop stalling.”

She lunges forward, pulling his shirt open to reveal his chest; the body of a sprinter or a swimmer, athletic and firm. Her fingers dance over patches of chest hair, tracing it down between his abdominal muscles to his belt.

Ripping the belt out, she pushes him back onto the couch and straddles him, letting the silk of her shorts rub between them as she grinds on his twitching cock. A deep moan nearly escapes his lips, but she kisses him before it can. Their tongues swirl around each other’s, and his hands explore her familiar body.

Her soft, small breasts tingle with the heat of his touch, his strong hands rubbing them under her shirt. With one move – whilst she grinds back and forth on him – he rips open the oversized shirt and lets her lithe body catch the low candelight.

Her head falls backwards in ecstasy, bearing her chest to his mouth. His lips and tongue find her nipples, and she grinds her pussy against his erection harder, faster, feeling the building tension in her core; that longing to be filled, to take him inside her.

“I’m so turned on,” she gasps, and kisses him again.

His hands move from her chest to her curved hips, where they slide down to her silk-clad rear, squeezing and pulling her onto his hard cock. She fumbles at his trousers, almost ripping them open in her eagerness.

A second later, she holds his throbbing cock in her hand, stroking up and down, feeling him buck his hips against her.

“You’re incredible,” he groans, and she feels his stubble against the soft skin of her neck as he kisses from her ear down to her collarbone.

One of his hands traces round the front of her thighs as she squirms with pleasure. Pulling her silk shorts aside, she feels his fingers push apart her dripping wet pussy lips, pushing inside her -

“No,” she gasps, and grabs his wrist. He almost argues, but he sees her intention in the breathless passion painted across her face. “Tonight, it’s all about this…”

With his wrist in her hand, she scoots forward and pushes his hand past her pussy, where her other hole waits, tight and quivering with the twitching of her pussy.

“Well,” he says, bringing his hand out of her shorts and round to her rear to cup her cheeks, “if you absolutely insist, madam.”

“Oh I insist,” she says.

“Well, lubrication won’t be a problem,” he says as he pulls her silky shorts down around her milky pale thighs. Her flawless ass gives under his strong grip, and he pulls her cheeks apart as he stares into her eyes. “You’re stupidly wet.”

Holding her gaze, she feels his hand work down past her ass, between her legs, to her dripping wet lips. He teases his fingers up and down her, lingering over her tingling clit and drawing a gasp from her.

Each time he runs a finger between those lips, she twitches and moans. A part of her wants to just grab him and stuff his cock inside her, to fuck him senseless until they’re both a total mess; but she knows that the payoff is going to be worth it, and so she resists.

When his finger is soaked from her juices, he rubs it in circles around her delicate ass hole. She puckers and tenses up as he gently pushes his finger in.

Lana feels him working his finger in, her mind spinning at the thought of her own juices easing him into her one forbidden place.

“Gentle enough?” he asks, and kisses her.

Her breathing has gotten heavy, her head is light, and with her free hand she’s stroking his cock.

“Mhm,” she whispers. “I’m really turned on, do you think you could -”


“I want your mouth on me.”


He lifts her up, sliding his finger out of her ass, and lays her down on the couch. The shirt spills open, and he admires the curves of her body as he kisses her way down between her thighs.

Pulling her silk shorts completely off, he grins and sinks to his knees, kissing everywhere but where she wants him to. She groans and struggles, trying to move her clit closer to his delicate kisses. Her thigh, her navel, everywhere except there. He’s deliberately teasing her.

“Tom,” she groans, “please.”

“Since you asked nicely,” he says.

It hits her like a truck. He simultaneously runs the flat of his tongue over her clit, sucking it between his lips and massaging it with his mouth, and slides two heavily-lubricated fingers in her ass.

She nearly screams with the sudden burst of pleasure; her back arches and she twitches and writhes as his tongue works over her burning clit, sending shockwaves through her body.

His fingers are a deep rightness in her, sliding in and out, massaging parts of her she barely knows. Together, the sensation is too much to bare. Lana clutches at his head and keeps him there, her thighs clamping around him.

He starts to go faster.

“Oh holy fuck,” she whispers, “I’m going to cum so hard, don’t stop -”

Her words falter and she stops breathing as the pleasure reaches its peak. His fingers are stretching her apart as he devours her pussy, she can feel her heart pounding in her ears. Her own hands pinch and knead her breasts, and then -

With a long, loud moan she finds her release.

Shivers and waves of pleasure pound through her body like a pulse, as though lightning had hit her. It takes almost a minute for it to pass, filling every inch of her body with a blinding flash of heaven.

When she starts to get her breath back, she opens her eyes to see Tom holding his cock in one hand, guiding the thick, pulsing rod towards her tight ass hole.

“That was amazing,” she says, craving the sensation of him inside her. “Good lord.”

“Was?” asks Tom, running his cock over her trembling pussy. She quivers and squirms away, the sensations too strong at the moment. “We’re far from done.”

“I want you to fuck me hard.”

He runs his cock over her pussy again and she twitches. “What happened to gentle?”

She looks down, past her breasts, to his glistening cock, precum oozing from the tip.

“Fuck gentle,” she says, and wraps her legs around him, pulling him close.

Her ass hole is soaked with a mixture of her own juices, saliva, and precum. Tom works his cock over her tight hole, giving her a few experimental pushes to get used to it. She shakes with the pain, still high from her orgasm. Working it in, Tom stretches her open with his manhood. First the tip, then back out. The tip again, and back out.

After a few testers, Tom starts to slowly push his way into her.

She moans and pulls him in with her legs, then leans forward and places a hand on his stomach, stopping him.

“Ok, ok,” she gasps. “Gentle to start, then hard.”

He says nothing – he knows. Tom gives her a minute to catch her breath, rubbing his fingers over pussy, his thumb working over her opening.

The waves of pleasure in her pussy as he pushes two fingers inside let her forget the pain, and Tom pushes further inside her ass. She feels it as a good pain, like when he spanks her.

Then he’s in – all the way in, and she can feel him deep inside her whilst his fingers work her pussy. She feels so full, and as if seeing the hunger in her eyes he leans forward and puts two fingers on her lips. She sucks them in, wanting him in every hole at once, wanting to do everything to him.

His first thrust gets a pained gasp from her, and then the pleasure flows back in. He’s still going slowly, stretching her open with every push. Again, harder this time, slamming a wave of pleasure from the depths of her body through her spine.

Harder. Harder still, till the juices from her trembling pussy are lubricating it more and more. Two fingers in her pussy, rubbing upwards against her spot, and his hard cock pounding her in that tight, forbidden hole; her eyes roll into the back of her head, and she’s lost in the moment.

Lana isn’t sure when she lets go, but before she knows what’s going on she’s screaming for him to fuck her ass, to fuck her harder. Looking up at him, she sees his taut swimmer’s body rippling with the force of his thrusts.

Again and again he plunges into her, her pussy aching with pleasure, the release building up again behind her chest.

“I’m going to -” she gasps, and reaches for his hands. He holds her wrists, pinning her down as he slams into her ass again and again. Her pussy is trembling, aching for him, and this strange new pleasure is about to explode inside of her. “Oh god – harder, baby, harder.”

The rocking of her hips and his relentless pounding fade into one constant, amazing movement, their bodies becoming one. She breaks one hand free from his hold and finds her pussy; her fingers are a blur, rubbing her clit until the tension builds, builds, and then -

He sees the look on her face, and stops holding back. As the first scream leaves her mouth, he leans down and kisses her. Moaning and breathing into one another’s mouth, she climaxes with the sensation of him emptying himself into her ass.

A hot, warm feeling fills her, and he buries himself in her with one last, powerful thrust. Her fingers slow, and then stop, as the flood of pleasure ebbs away and leaves her lying in a cloud.

“In search of something kinky, open for everything. Make me an offer. Love H”

That was the message she published on the kinky personals website. Besides some teenagers and perverts nobody took it serious.

Until she got an email from him. He asked her if she wanted to talk about the ad and if she’d like to hear what he had to offer. He sent her a link to a private chatbox and told her where to be. He would arrive between 9 and 10. She couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

They talked and immediately he asked all sorts of questions. “Do you mind bondage, spanking, hair pulling, anal, oral, swallowing, cumshots?” Many questions where asked and answered. Boundaries where also discussed as to what was allowed and what wasn’t. He told her he was OK with her demands and told her he was going to arrange some things and mail her a date and place. He guaranteed her she would have a good time and also told her that if she decided to back out he was OK with it. They decide a safeword: “steep”

She didn’t here from him for over a week and was surprised to see mail from him on Friday. It contained a date, place, time and specific instructions.

The place was large parking lot in an industrial area that was usually empty on Saturday. It was about a ten minute drive from her home. She had to be there at 2:00 pm the next day. There where other instructions enclosed in the mail. Be clean. Be there. Be on time. Bring a blindfold. Park your car close to the fence. Put on the blindfold. Exit your car. Lock it. Wait.

It was 2:00 pm on Saturday. I watched as she parked her car as instructed.She exited her car, waiting with a blindfold around her eyes waiting.

I pulled up next to her and said “Are you in search of something kinky? If you say yes, get in the car. Don’t take off the blindfold until I say so. If you don’t like my instructions, get back in your car and leave.” My voice was low and firm. I watched as she got into the car.

Her orgasm was very intense her legs still tied to the chair. She trembled from excitement and moaning “please stop!”

“I’m just getting started.” He laughed and walked out of sight.

What could he possibly have in store after the pleasurable torture she just endured. She thought about the stop word for a second but she also longed for cock.

He walked behind her, grabbing the chair and pulling it into the dark shadows. A yellow box dangled from the ceiling, she looked up and saw a big hook was hanging from the ceiling, the metal flickering in the sun. He cut one arm loose and she immediately covered her large boobs with her forearm. He cut the second arm loose but held on to it. He got in front of her, firmly pulling both her arms together and tying them with a soft rope. He grabbed the yellow box and with a zooming sound the hook descended from the ceiling. He hooked it through the loop he made on the end of the rope. The zooming sound continued as the hook pulled her arms above her head. As the hook continued to pull, the chair lifted away from the floor dangling an inch from the ground. He stopped the hook to cut away the straps from her feet, tossing the chair aside. He went back to controlling the hook until she was just standing on her feet.

She heard noises coming from the shadows behind her. As he started back towards her, mechanic pops where heard coming from the darkness in front of her. All of a sudden she could see a little red light and the vague reflection of a camera. It was still on and recording.

He walked back to her holding a bucket. With one swift move he splashed ice cold water right onto her hanging body, knocking her off her feet. Only the rope held her in place. When her balance returned he was right in front of her.

Her nipples were rock hard and she had goosebumps all over her body. He pulled her towards him using her nipples as handles.

He pulled a shiny object out of his pocket and touched the tip of her nipple with it. She shivered as the chrome vibrator started to vibrate. He brushed her body with it. He didn’t hesitate and moved in between her legs fast. The cold object parted her lips and touched her clit. She shook like she was hit by a bullet and lost control of her legs. Dangling on the hook like a fish struggling it’s captor she underwent the direct and intense teases of the vibrator. He continued teasing her.

She moaned hard and screamed but that only seemed to please him more. She wasn’t going to hold out much longer as she longed to cum. He pulled her closer using her hard and swollen nipple with one hand and as the other tortured her clit and pussy entrance with the vibrator. Not wanting her to cum just yet, he stopped. “No!” she screamed

He disappeared into the shadows. Everything was silent.

All of a sudden she felt more water splash onto her back. It came as a complete surprise. She screamed.

“Sorry, but I needed to cool you down!” He yelled a wild grin peeping out from under his mask.

Her nipples where again hard and erect. He clipped them with wooden clothespins. This was new to her, the sensation hurt but the pressure made her hot.

He sat down on the chair behind her and started working her ass with the chrome vibe. While the tip of the chrome vibe pushed against her wet asshole he fingered her pussy with his right hand. She trembled all over.

He felt her pushing her ass backwards. She let herself hang from the rope to reach for more. He pushed the yellow box, slowly lowering her onto the vibrator. She moaned and purred.

It touched her anus and she pushed back with all her might. After a few thrusts onto it, he pulled the vibe from her ass.

Still looking for the vibe she trusted down again. Instead of the vibe, she felt his dick penetrating her asshole. She gasped as he grabbed her ass and pushed his dick all the way into her.

She started to move up and down riding on his dick while still restrained by the rope. He reached in front of her and twisted the clothespins. She screamed feeling the pain of the pins on her nipples.

Preoccupied with that,she didn’t notice the cold vibrating metal alongside her thigh. It was the vibe moving slowly towards her pussy.

She rode his cock with her ass as if she was trying to outrun the metallic cylinder that was coming for her. But it was no use. Inch after inch it closed in on her and when it finally reached her pussy lips she was ready to cum again. He pushed the vibe against her lips as she trusted down on him. It entered her dripping pussy completely and she felt his dick tighten inside her.

The vibration in her pussy made him cum in her ass. As she felt the hot fluids squirting inside her she came to her top and screamed it out.

She pushed a few more times and then she let go there was no strength left in her body.

He pulled her to her feet with the hook but she wasn’t able to stand. She hung by her wrists, the ropes still attached. Cum was dripping from her ass down her legs. He removed the pins that where now really hurting her boobs. He lowered her to the ground and allowed her five minutes of rest…

End of part two

He flexed his fingers in anticipation, his back flat on the bed. The leather cuffs binding his wrists and ankles didn’t allow for much more movement than a twitch. His eyes were closed behind a silk blindfold. “If you want me to slow down, you will say, ‘Yellow.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, my love.”

“If you want it to stop, you will say, ‘Red.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, my love.”

He inhaled deeply. He could smell the candle burning on the bedside table. The air above him smelled of warm leather. He heard a pop of a small bottle opening. Then, he smelled the spicy oil as she slicked it onto her hands.

She pressed the heels of her hands into the flesh under his collarbones, working the oil into his skin. Her fingertips stroked the side of his neck, just up to his earlobe. As her hands glided down his shoulders and back to his chest, he let a low hum escape his throat. “Out loud,” she warned.

“That feels good.”

The stroking stopped, and the leather riding crop stung his inner thigh. “Try again.”

“That feels good, my love.”

“Good boy.”

The end of the riding crop came up to caress his face, from his temple down to his chin. Her fingertips glided slowly from his chest down the side of his body, turning back when they reached his hip. His eyes closed as the tension dissipated, and his eyelashes brushed the inside of the blindfold. “Do you like the way that feels?”

“I do, my love.”

“Then think before you speak. I don’t like to punish you, pet.”

Her fingers left his body, and she took his hand in both of hers. She kneaded the small joints lovingly. Her hot, wet tongue enveloped his middle finger, followed by her lips as she took it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue down and around its length, then pulled it out, leaving it wet. “Turn it over.”

He obeyed, turning his palm to face the ceiling. Her heels clicked sharply on the floor as she positioned herself over it. “Apologize, pet.” She guided his hand up to meet her, then allowed him to continue. He pushed the silky fabric aside to stroke her folds with his middle finger. His cock twitched when he felt her wet, swollen heat. He pushed the finger in and out of her slowly, then removed it to gently stroke her clit. “Good boy.”

“Thank you, my love.”

Her heels clicked again as she stepped away from his hand. She fisted her hand in his hair, gently pulling his head back as she leaned over his mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue along his lips. He parted them obediently, and she pressed his face to hers as her tongue entered his mouth. She sucked on his tongue, then nipped at his bottom lip when he needed to breathe. He hardened completely. “Do you want me to make you feel good?”

He answered, short of breath, “Please, yes, my love.” A drop of sweat ran from his hairline down the side of his face. His cock was straining, and its tip was already wet. His blood was beginning to burn. She found his ear with her tongue, and he hissed as she licked and sucked. She straightened up, releasing his head from her grip to tie her hair back quickly. She knelt on the bed between his legs and stroked his inner thigh where the riding crop had struck him. She kissed and licked the reddening skin, then moved her tongue to flick the tip of his cock. She tasted clear, salty fluid and smirked while she ran the backs of her fingernails against his balls. His cock ached, but she demanded patience.

Her tongue and fingers abruptly stopped teasing him. She slid her body forward and took hold of the headboard, kneeling over his head. Without a word, his mouth opened and his tongue glided back and forth through her folds. She dropped down further, allowing his tongue to enter her. “Yesss, pet,” she whispered as she tangled her fingers in his hair once more. “Earn it.” He lapped at her pussy as it dripped onto his chin. She bucked her hips back and forth and lowered herself again, her knuckles turning white as they gripped the headboard. He tilted his chin upwards and captured her throbbing clit with his lips. He sucked hard and she came, drenching him.

He continued to lick her softly as she caught her breath. She released the headboard and stood next to the bed once more. He heard the soft click of a bottle opening as she asked, “Does it please you to make me come?”

“It does, my love.”

“Do you think you’ve earned your own turn, pet?” She poured some of the lube into the palm of her hand.

“That’s your decision to make, my love.”

She knelt between his legs again. “You are a fast learner, pet,” she cooed as she took his erection in her hand, “and you’ve been a very good boy.” She slowly pumped her hand up and down. “Tell me how it feels.”

“It feels good, love. I don’t want you to stop.” Her hand continued, and her tongue lapped at the tip of his cock once more. She took his head into her mouth and swirled it around.

“That’s good, pet. You have my permission to let me know.” She cupped his balls in her hand and gently rolled them around. He groaned with pleasure and arched his back. She allowed his cock to glide into her mouth again, rubbing his underside against her tongue as far as he would go. She swallowed several times, massaging his cock with her throat as she palmed his balls and raked them with her fingernails. His toes curled and his legs pulled against the restraints while he moaned.

She lifted her head away from him to watch him sweat while her hand pumped his cock. His chest and stomach heaved up and down, gleaming in the candlelight. She kept stroking him as she laid down on the bed, taking one of his balls into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. She let it fall from her lips with a pop, then engulfed the other. Her teeth lightly grazed his skin and his back arched again. “Do you like it, pet?”

“Yes, my love.” He fucked her hand as she licked him. As his back arched and his hips were raised, she moved her tongue lower. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his tight entrance, and he moaned. He bucked faster and she licked him harder. Her hands moved to cradle his ass from underneath while she pushed her tongue into his opening. The tight ring squeezed against her tongue, and he bellowed, “Oh, fuck.”

She slapped his inner thigh with her open fingers, hard, making him grunt and his cock jump. “Such a dirty mouth on such a dirty boy.” She poured more lube onto her fingers, then pressed one against his tight hole. “Does that feel good, dirty boy?”

He hissed through his teeth, but didn’t answer. She moved her finger in small circles, pressing it into his ass. She slid it in slowly, then pulled it out for what seemed to be an eternity. She thrust it back in, and a sharp pain tore into him. He gasped, “Yellow.” She pulled her finger out to the first knuckle, then brought her lips up to his ear.

“Shhh.” She licked his ear hotly as her finger traveled around the rim of his ass. “I’ll take care of you, pet. You need to relax.” She stroked his hard cock with her free hand, and his hole yielded. She pressed her finger in deeply, and he sighed. “What do you say, pet?”

“Thank you, my love. I love it when you touch me there. Please, do it again.” His cock hardened even more and began to throb. Her finger sped up slightly, gently thrusting in and out of his ass. She dripped more lube onto his hole and eased a second finger into him. He groaned and stretched his head back. Her fingers rotated back and forth in his asshole, opening him wider. He relaxed, and she pushed the digits in, stroking him as she had done before. She took his cock into her mouth and bobbed her head in rhythm with her fingers.

She slowed down and sucked on his head hard before letting it slap against his stomach, her fingers still fucking his ass. “Tell me what you want, pet. Talk dirty.”

She took him in her mouth again and listened. He panted, “I want to come, my love. I want to fuck your throat while you touch me.” He thrust into her and his balls began to slap against her chin. “I want to come so hard that you can’t pull your fingers out of my ass. I want to watch it.”

Without another word, she reached up to pull the blindfold from his eyes. She moved back down so that he could fuck her mouth. Her free hand grabbed hold of his balls and tugged while she jammed a third finger into his dripping ass. She pushed her fingers up into him and rubbed against his hot, pulsing inner wall. With her thumb, she kneaded into the flesh just below his balls. It was his undoing.

Her pet roared as hot strings of come shot down the back of her throat. She continued to pulse her fingers inside his ass as it clamped down around them hard enough to make them go numb. He bucked his hips up and down as he emptied his balls into her.

She swallowed it all while his cock was still lodged in her throat. She pulled back and licked her lips, slowly rotating her fingers in his ass and pulling them out as he sighed softly.

“Good boy.”

This is a relatively mild story about my first steps on the path to submission; no whips and chains, no beatings and suspensions, no welts and wheals, just a gradual progression toward total subservience.


George changed everything. He was an entertaining speaker, a good listener, so kind, so very polite and considerate. It was me who dragged him into bed after we had been out for our fourth evening together. Once snug under the duvet his gentlemanly conduct continued, first he enquired if he needed to take precautions, not the best foreplay but a good idea all the same. Still he soon made up for his matter of fact diversion, he sucked, nibbled and nipped my nipples until they had been transformed into small pebbles. Once he was satisfied with their state his mouth moved onto my pussy whilst he now utilised his manipulative fingers to continue to maintain my taunt nipples in their state of excitement. He broke off to tell me how much he enjoyed sucking the sweet lips of my pussy and licking the hot, musky and rapidly distending little nub that was my clitoris, and then carried right on sucking and licking until he had me in a state of frenzy. Finally, I could take it no more, I grabbed his hair and hauled him on top of me, I slapped his rump hard, yelled “giddy-up horsee” and away he bucked.

He didn’t make love quickly, nor slowly. He did slide right out of me at the end of every upstroke and then, for his down stroke, he slipped back in penetrating me repeatedly. Once inside, he guided his stiff shaft downwards purposefully yet gently completing each stroke with a hard grind of his pelvis against my hot, horny little clit, which must, by then, have been totally red and swollen. And each time he did this I climbed a little higher toward coming until I felt as if I were suspended high above my orgasm ready to be dropped down hard upon it. He just built and built my state of tension and anticipation until I dug my nails into his back convulsively. In response he arched his back, withdrew his swollen pole from my sodden tunnel and began to rub the head of his fearsomely stiff weapon up and down my delicate clitty. I squealed with rage and frustration, he was making me so wet, yet not allowing me to come. I wrapped my legs around his hips and attempted to drag him inside of me again but he was not having it.

At last, thank God, he started to shaft me once more. The tempo of his rhythm was now increased, gently urgent. As part of every thrust he rubbed the roof of my love gully hard with the head of his cock. In no time at all I fell from that dizzying height of tension, which he had raised me to and crashed into a shattering orgasm. In one monumental burst all my pent-up frustration was released causing my whole being to explode violently with pleasure; it had been a long time since I had come that hard, if ever. I had no time to think though, as I shrieked out my joy he speeded up a still more and with a grunt and a long growling groan he pumped jet after jet of his hot sticky seed inside of me.

I know I should have told him to use a condom but somehow with gentleman George you just did not think. George with an STD, the possibility would never enter your head and he had trusted me too. I woke him at one a.m. for seconds, I was on fire with lust. He clambered aboard good naturedly and humped away until I was replete once more, it took me four orgasms but eventually I was quiescent. In the morning it was George who wanted to make love and who was I to object, complain or even protest. He rolled me on to my back but I rolled back onto my side and had him take me from behind like a pair of spoons. As he bucked his hips giving me a wonderfully satisfying pounding, he teased my breasts and my clitty with his soft yet powerful hands; sadly I was too satisfied from the activities of the previous night to come but he did set me up ready for the evening ahead. Of course I wanted to see him again later and he allowed himself to be persuaded to join me for dinner.

When he walked through the door I was ready for him. I was wearing my cook’s apron, nothing else just the apron. He gathered me in his arms and kissed me hard, his tongue probing the most intimate corners of my mouth. At the same time his hands explored my body. He took full advantage of my easy accessibility, pinching my already hard little nipples and fondling my saturated pussy, even slipping a couple of fingers deep inside of me. He is a clown sometimes. As we separated he stuck the fingers he had just withdrawn from my pussy into his mouth and sucked upon them. “Thank you miss. Dinner was delicious, flavoured most alluringly with neither herb nor spice. For afters I want you to try my hot salty semen, I expect you’ll find it a most satisfying accompaniment.

I giggled. He can be so silly. Still I too had planned upon bed followed by dinner. Then, I hoped, bed again. I turned and heard George gasp with surprise. Well, using thick lipstick, I had written ‘FUCK’ across the cheeks of my and ‘ME’ across the tops of my thighs. Instead of lying on the bed I bent over my bedding box displaying my message of encouragement to him. This forced George to take me doggy style and, with the bedding box positioned opposite to the huge mirrored built into my wardrobe, we could both watch him hammering away at me. Well we could until he succumbed to his lust and deposited his thick smelly seed deep inside of me.

You might well ask what was in it for me, I rarely come when taken doggy style. Well for a start I was so hot and randy now that my sex was on fire and I was truly ready for action. As we stood up I deliberately shoved George hard so he stumbled backwards and fell upon the bed. Before he could recover I dived upon him, I jerked his foreskin back hard and began to suck and slurp upon the head of his gradually wilting member. As I worked upon his helmet with my tongue and lips I began to stroke the shaft using the loose skin I had previously forced back to the root. Just in case that were not enough I used my free hand to tickle his balls. Unsurprisingly his deflation was reversed and he re-stiffened rapidly. All too soon George found himself led on top of me with my legs wrapped around his hips, hammering me into one climax after another. I’m not a fan of swallowing come, let alone come mixed with my own sticky juices but I tell you, those orgasms made sucking his freshly emptied member so very worthwhile.

George himself did manage to come for a second time, eventually. Afterwards, following much cuddling and kissing and whispering sweet nothings, we did eat dinner; I had cooked lasagne and you can keep it in the oven safely for ages. We did not make gentle love after our feast though, nor even couple desperately once more. The satisfaction we derived from our earlier efforts, and full stomachs, totally overwhelmed our desire for activity of any form. George had brought a good calvados along with him so we indulged in a couple of glasses of that instead.

The morning, well it was a new day and everything had changed again. Within seconds of waking we were at it like bunnies. Gentleman George abandoned all pretence of foreplay for once, that morning I had no need of it anyway, and he was my stallion and I has heated mare. We were in lust with one another, infucktuated.

George was the perfect companion, we talked, we went for walks, we saw bands, we enjoyed plays, we attended concerts and we made love. His flat, my flat, his car, in the park, on the moors anywhere we could really. He was so good in bed. He was discovering all my secret little places. He quickly discovered that if he lay between my legs to stop me from squeezing my thighs together and then nibbled my ears, especially the lobes, I became so juicy that I began to dribble. He found that if he squeezed my nipples really hard it soon stopped hurting and really turned me on. He noticed that if he licked the little isthmus of flesh between the entrance to my sexual sheath and my puckered anus it made me ever so randy but did not permit me to come, I found that to be close to torture when he kept it up for long. Whenever he made love to me he made me so randy that it was always multi-orgasmic, no more, ‘will I come?’ Now the question was, ‘how often will he make me come?’ I felt embarrassed because, try as I might, at best I could only make him come twice before he needed a good rest.

George changed everything. He changed the pattern of my lovemaking. First he would drive me insane with lust and passion until I dragged him on top of me and had him screw me silly. Obviously not every time, sometimes we’d do doggy, I could tell he really liked that especially if we did it in front of a mirror. Another thing he really enjoyed was me straddling his head and masturbating whilst he watched; he particularly relished being allowed to tell me when to speed up and when to slow down. I was less keen because he would tease me for hours if I were not careful.

One night, at his flat, when I went to grab his hair to drag him on top of me her grabbed my wrist instead. He whispered, “do you trust me?”

“Of course I do,” I husked back and he pushed my wrist back over my head, caught it with something and the next I knew he had secured it to the head of the bed.

“Hey!” I protested but that was my mistake because it gave him chance to grab my other wrist and tie that back too. I understood my real danger when he grabbed one of my ankles, forced it up and over and tied that to the bed head. Once he had secured the other leg, and there was no doubt in my mind that that was what he was about to do to me, I was going to be spread wide apart and totally helpless. My bum would be forced high in the air so and he would have easy access to each and every one of the places that he could use to torment me beyond all endurance. George did not disappoint me.

“Now little one you can’t stop me anymore, I can do whatever I like to you. And look I’ve a really powerful vibrator here.” I had one too, hidden in my room, but sex with George had been so fantastic that we had never played with toys before. In fact, since I had met George, well since I had dragged him into bed, I had ceased to use it altogether. George had purchased a huge, powerful looking black monster. Next he produced a ball full of holes on a rope. He pressed the ball against my lips and forced it into my mouth. “Now you can’t say no or beg me to stop either!”

I tried, “Nuum umm,” was what I heard myself say.

When he turned the vibrator on the buzz was deafening. “Imagine that pressed tight against you swollen little love bud my sweet?” he paused to gently rub my clit making me gush with my natural lubricant. “How would that be? Would you like my little toy cuddled up hard against your clit then? Would you like that right now?”

I nodded my head up and down vigorously.

“Are you sure, it might be too much for you. Would it be too much?”

This time I shook my head from side to side, I was ready for that humming monster. Ready, I was hungry for it, ravenous really.

“Are you really sure?” he whispered, “we’ll see later. But in time I’ll wager you’ll wish you had never asked for that!”

I was not nervous, George was always the perfect gentleman, but I was scared because he did love to tease and I was already well past my point of tolerance. He knelt behind my raised bottom and admired my glistening slot. He traced a finger nail from the joining of skins where my sex lips met, down over my clitoris, down parting those swollen protective flaps, over my oozing pussy hole, along my sensitive perineum but stopped when the nail arrived at my anus. He poked the puckered ring with the tip of his finger, just a little more pressure and it would slip inside of me.

I shuddered. I was scared, I was thrilled and I was embarrassed, above all I was dripping with juice. No one had ever put anything into my bum before. Suddenly, here I was about to take a finger inside my arse and there was absolutely nought I could do to prevent it. Finally, I realised just how defenceless George had rendered me and for the first time I was frightened. I need not have been. He tapped the hole several times, ominously but then squatted back on his haunches, a huge grin spread across his face.

“Do you want that then?”

“Mmmn!” I shouted. I nodded no vigorously, then nodded yes with equal enthusiasm; in truth I no longer knew what I wanted.

“If I lick here,” and he licked the little strip of flesh between my bum and my pussy which drives me insane even when I was not previously already randy. “And if I keep on doing that whilst I occasionally tap your little swollen red bud, this one,” he did so and I howled with lust, “how long do you think it would be before you gave me a definite yes?” And, after he had removed my gag, that is exactly what he began to do.

I was desperate before he started on me, soon his ministrations made me wetter than I had ever believed possible. My pussy felt as if it were in spasm. I could hear the entrance to my inner sex pumping, it was really embarrassing, pussy parps! I tried to resist but I did so want to come and George was not only not going to allow that, he was going to keep me right on the edge for just as long as it took. “George, George please do my bum. Anything you like if you stop teasing my pussy. Please George.”

“Anything? Anything? My shaft is rock hard, I might dig it into your rear cavern and explore until I take my pleasure in that other treasure. Would you like that?” He resumed licking below my pussy and teasing my clit whilst I thought, or at least tried to. My chest was heaving, I was crying and sighing with desire, was I not tied down so firmly my arms and legs would have been flailing with frustration. I was not capable of rational thought, I could only consider my desperate need to stop him.

“George. George take me in the arse. Please take me in the arse. Pump me, ram me, buck me, tup me, shaft me, fuck me but please be quick, I need you.” At last he stopped teasing me and I was able to start to get my breath back. He clambered off the bed retrieved something from the bedside cabinet and returned. A warm smooth sensation emanated from my bottom.

“A little lubricant to make sure you’re good and slippery. Relax I’m going to slip my finger into you.”

I tensed, I tried to relax but I could not help it. Then I did relax a little and felt my most secret of holes being distended gently but firmly. It was an odd sensation, a stretching. It did not hurt but it was not comfortable either. I could not believe it I had just consented to allowing George to screw my arse in return if only he broke off from exciting me sexually. How dirty and disgusting I felt, what a little slut I was becoming for him and that realisation made me start to juice heavily once again. My secretions flowed copiously and he could see! My embarrassment at George being able to observe just how randy he was making me, of course, only served to make me more lustful than ever. I was so fired up with need that I hardly noticed what George was up to anymore.

George had in fact stopped fingering my bottom and was standing on the bed with his hands on the rail of the bed head forming an arc over me. He removed one hand and a new larger finger commenced pushing against the resistance of my tiny brown puckered sphincter. I felt my self being stretched a little, then his hand returned to the bed head to help take his weight. Wider and wider I felt myself opening up for him. There was a little pain but it was not too bad and I realised that I was now indulging in anal sex for the very first time. I was glad it was George, he was so very gentle.

The pain abated and I felt twinges from places that were new to me. I realised he had forced the head of his mighty dong inside of me and was gradually sliding the shaft in too. I was relieved, the discomfort rather than getting worse as hell slid ever deeper, was slowly abating. Then I understood, it was the opening itself, that tiny ring of muscle, that was so sensitive; once the bulbous head was inside of me the rest was relatively easy. George began to swing back and forth and strange and increasingly pleasant sensations radiated from my behind. The feelings were not going to make me come, indeed part of my state of bliss was because George’s over stimulation of my engorged and tender sex had ceased, but those sensations made my sex pour and pump with hot sticky liquid, I just felt so delightfully dirty.

George could eventually contain himself on longer, his rhythm speeded up and he began to groan and grunt. Suddenly I felt a short sharp pain somewhere inside, George had finally plunged his full length into my nether portal and was making short fast strokes, huffing loudly with each and every spurt that issued from the little eye of his long and solid tool. The loud cry that I made was, however, nothing to do with the pain, it was a howl of frustration as I realised that he would not be able to shaft my quivering pussy for a while yet: not unless I sucked his cock back to tumescence and that I was not prepared to do, not even for George.

George, lust sated, dismounted me and withdrew to the bathroom, leaving me tied helplessly to the bed. I hoped to God he was going to make me come soon. I was so very wet and felt so incredibly dirty, my sex was puffy, my nipples rock hard; I so desperately needed to come. George returned. He recommenced licking the sensitive little strip of flesh, the one that sets my muff on fire and as he did so he twisted and pinched the distended teats of my nipples. I don’t usually like it when he plays rough but that evening the sharp pain he caused my nipples was as sweet as honey and set my pussy pumping all the more. What was happening to me.

George changed everything. Earlier that evening even I had been a good, well goodish, girl who’s only sins were loving exciting sex and enjoying massive climaxes. Now I was an anal pain slut who was soon going to be forced to beg for more. “George. George, please make me come. You promised. You promised the vibrator later. Please it’s later. It’s much later.” Of course each of these sentences was separated with a succession of either sighs and moans or gasps and groans as he licked my sex and tweaked and twisted my engorged nipples.

“You want me to use a vibrator on you?”

“Please. George, please, please, please.” He was still licking me, but now he was working just above my desperate clitty.

“Are you sure?”

“George please. George anything. Just please let me come.”

“OK, I’ll get one.” Even his moving away was bliss, I finally had some respite from that pitiless teasing. “Just one moment, but before I start open wide.”

I opened my mouth and he replaced my gag. But why, I thought, why a gag for orgasms? Then he showed me the vibrator he was going to use on me. But it was not the long thick black phallus he had shown me earlier, this one was a half dome mounted on a long stout handle with an electric cable projecting from one end. When he switched it on the buzz it made sounded deafening to me. When he pressed it against my clit, ooh! The relief, the release, that sweet oblivion that was induced by that all so powerful instrument; all I could think of was how hard I was coming. I was consumed utterly by orgasms, as one faded the next arrived to take its place, for long slow minutes I lived orgasms, I was wholly unaware of anything else but coming. My sighs and moans, my pants and howls, they all conspired to make my breathing laboured, erratic and unpredictable. The gag amplified these effects and in the end I was so light headed that I was only really half conscious.

When I began to come to and return to the land of the living that fearsome buzzing persisted and my poor clit was on fire. It was not pain, but neither was it pleasure. I felt as if I were bursting to pee, yet I was dry as a bone. My pussy twitched and pulsed utterly out of my control. My poor sensitive clit throbbed. All I wanted was to close my legs and stop that dreadful invader from making me feel so, so what? Now I understood the gag, I desperately wanted to cry out and protest but all that happened was that I produced a muffled stream of garbled grunts. Moreover, I was tied so that I could not hide my sex in the very least. I was wholly at the mercy of George and he clearly intended to keep me in this state of unstoppable joyous agony for quite some time. I tried to rock my body but could not. I tried to wriggle and struggle but it was pointless. More than anything I wanted the sensations pouring from my poor pussy to end. My head was flooded with over stimulation pure and simple or so I thought.

I woke from a restless night horny and wet, just the way I’m sure my new owners designed. Erotic dreams filled my subconscious and the remote butterfly made sure I’d be teased, but not experience the sexual release I craved. Master Peter had told me I would serve him until noon. Looking at the alarm clock I was horrified to realize it was already 9am. But bound to the bed as I was, there was little I could do about it.

Fortunately Mistress Dasha walked into my room shortly after I woke up. She unhooked the cuffs and took off the maddening butterfly. She also rubbed my slit to confirm what she undoubtedly expected. Next was the bathroom. I really had to pee as I was accustomed to getting up much earlier. My Mistress couldn’t help but use my stop in the bathroom to further torment and train me. I sat on the toilet, naked, while she stood in the doorway and stared at me. Her instructions made it clear I was to hold my pee until she gave me permission to use the toilet. She told me to squeeze my Kegel muscles to hold back my urine. She said she would give me exercises to do during the week to strengthen them and that even though my pussy was tight, she would teach me how to use my muscles to milk a cock and make any man shoot. Yeah, any man but Master Peter I thought.

Satisfied that I had held it long enough or that I had been suitably humiliated having her watch me, Mistress gave me permission to satisfy my bodily functions. I really wanted to satisfy a different function but she didn’t have to tell me that was off limits. I already knew that rule. She then told me to shower, “because I smelled like a whorehouse at low tide,” and that she would set out my clothes. I was to meet them in the kitchen when I was done. I had 15 minutes. Fortunately she didn’t stay to watch and I was able to give my clit a few quick rubs in the shower and use the shower head for some pleasurable high pressure spray, but I didn’t dare cum and I didn’t dare waste too much time.

Emerging from the shower and walking back into the bedroom I realized it wouldn’t take long to get “dressed” if that is what you could call it. Of course I expected to be naked while I served them breakfast and in truth I basically would be. Gone was the chainmail halter-top. In its place was a leather dog collar with a nametag that said “princess,” leather wrist and ankle cuffs (no surprise) a thin leather dog leash instead of the metal one from last night and of course a butt plug. This wasn’t like yesterday’s plugs, however. This one had a tail. Flowing from the back of the plug were long strands of real hair. They looked like horsehair to me. I knew Mistress wanted me to be her pet and both of them had treated me like you would treat a dog. I guess now they wanted me to look like one as well.

This plug was a little wider than the second one from last night so it took a good push and some grunting on my part to get it in. But as my ass snapped around it I felt wonderfully full. Looking at myself in the mirror I wiggled my butt to watch my tail flip back and forth. It was deliciously kinky. I wondered what other treats my Mistress and Master had in store for me. I knew they expected me to be dressed by now so I quickly crawled out of the room and toward the living room. I didn’t find them there so I tried the kitchen next. It was empty but I did find a note that told me to serve them coffee on the patio and to be sure to bring a glass of milk. It also said I was allowed to walk as crawling with two cups of coffee would not work out too well.

There were two cups on a tray and a full pot of coffee on the countertop. They didn’t specify whether they used sugar so I quickly searched the cabinets for a pair of small dispensers and filled one with sugar and then poured some milk in the other. I didn’t find cream in the refrigerator so I figured I was good to go. I poured the coffee and then carried the tray out to the patio.

My Master and Mistress were sitting at a table reading the Sunday paper. They were wearing robes, greeted me warmly and did not mention whether I took too long getting ready or not. I stood next to them not sure what was expected of me or what I should do next. My master took a sip of his coffee (he took it black) and then put his hand on my rear caressing it firmly. He then reached between my legs and began rubbing his fingers along the outside folds of my pussy. My Mistress was the first to speak.

“Good morning pet,” she began. We would like scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. There is an apron hanging in the pantry you may wear while you prepare the food but take it off before you return.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied. I then turned and walked back into the house. As the cool air conditioned air hit my body I realized I had just been outside naked again, this time in broad daylight, and it didn’t bother me. Heck I had not even realized it. I hurried back into the kitchen and got all the ingredients out needed to prepare the meal. I didn’t bother putting the apron on as I had begun to enjoy being naked in their house. I had to be careful when the bacon grease began to splatter a little, but I managed. Within 15 minutes I had our breakfast ready and I put everything on another tray and brought it outside.

“Thank you pet,” my Master greeted me. I was glad he seemed pleased with my efforts.

“Yes, thank you, pet,” my Mistress added. “Before you eat however, I need an orgasm and you need your pussy eating practice.”

I watched as my Mistress opened her robe to reveal her perfect body was naked underneath it. She spread her legs and I immediately took a position between them. My Master and Mistress carried on their Sunday breakfast conversation as if there was nothing weird that I was eating her out. She gave me a few instructions, but mostly seemed content to sit there, eat breakfast and read the paper while I pleasured her. Master Peter ignored me. They discussed having the neighbors over later (I wondered if it would be before I left at noon) and also going over to my house to introduce my mom to Mistress Dasha. I tried not to listen and just concentrate on pleasuring my Mistress. After about 10 minutes I estimated, I was rewarded with giving her an orgasm. She made sure I understood how much pleasure and satisfaction I should feel because I made her cum. She then stood up and said she had to get something in the house and I should see to my Master’s needs next. Then I would be allowed to eat.

I turned toward Master Peter. Obviously I was not shocked when he opened his robe and he too was naked underneath. Taking his cock in my mouth certainly was a pleasure. One that I hoped would end in a creamy reward. I diligently did my duty licking and sucking his manhood. I also nibbled the tip while stroking his shaft (taking advantage of having free hands for a change) to try and finally make him cum in my mouth. I heard my Mistress return, but I didn’t stop to look up. Master Peter continued to read the paper almost oblivious to the fact that I was giving him a killer blowjob. Finally I felt his cock swell. I was excited to say the least, although I half expected him to pull out and give me a facial. But he didn’t. He did fill my mouth with sweet, salty cum. And yes, I did feel pleasure as my Mistress had instructed me that I should. I also felt pride at finally getting him off. I licked him clean without being told and then turned to look at my Mistress for further instructions.

“Crawl over here,” she said, “and get your breakfast.”

I crawled around the table. Apparently when she went back into the house she retrieved a dog dish because I know it wasn’t on the table when I first brought the food out. But it was there now and my breakfast, it looked like Special K, was in it. Mistress poured the milk into the bowl, put it on the patio and left me to stick my head down while on my hands and knees and eat.

Wave after wave of humiliation washed through my body. She had told me she wouldn’t make me go to the bathroom in the yard, but after this could that be far behind? She reached down and patted my head as I moved my mouth around trying to eat. If you have never put your head in a bowl like that and tried to eat it is not easy. But I had to admit, with every new method she chose to express her dominance over me, I fell deeper and deeper under her spell. I admit I had never told any of my boyfriends that I loved them, but I was dangerously close to telling Mistress Dasha I loved her.

When I finished eating I looked up at her. She looked down at the bowl. Apparently satisfied she told me to stand up and get into the inspection position. Of course I did without hesitation. Standing next to her with my legs spread it was simple for her to slide a finger into my pussy. We both knew she would find it wet.

“Your face is a mess,” she began. I was disappointed because I interpreted that as a criticism. “But that is to be expected when you eat like an animal. Crawl back to your bathroom and wash up. There are some new accessories for your outfit. We will be having guests soon so hurry up.”

With a wave of her hand she dismissed me. Master Peter, apart from cumming in my mouth, was still reading the paper and didn’t seem interested in what his wife was doing. I truly had become a toy to be used for their kinky pleasure and I loved it. I wondered what I would be doing for their friends and what new accessories Mistress had put out for me.

I hurried into the house and back to my bedroom. I saw an outfit on the bed, but I didn’t take time to stop and admire it, yet. I quickly washed up in the bathroom. I was about to walk back to the bed to grab the outfit when I caught myself and dropped to my knees. Nobody was watching (I think) but I wanted to crawl anyway. When I reached the bed I stood back up and picked up an unusual outfit. Then I recognized it. It looked like the suit I’d seen in the locker downstairs. It was made of a shimmering white material.

“It’s latex,” I heard my Mistress call out from the bedroom door.

I looked up to see her standing in the door. She had lost her robe between the pool and my door. I practically started drooling as I drank in her beauty. I examined the suit. I’d see catsuits before and had even worn one for working out. In a way, other than the material, it wasn’t that different from the tech suit I wore for swim meets. But this one was different. (duh) Along the head were fake ears and by the hands and feet were fury paws. The back also had white fur. When I picked it up I also noticed the knees had a built in gel pad. I looked back at my Mistress.

“You didn’t think I’d just give you a tail plug and that would be the end, did you?” she asked. “I know you saw Susan’s suit in her locker. It is similar to yours, but it is a cat. You two are my pets.”

I nodded that I understood, although I’m not sure I did. Mistress Dasha then walked into the room.

“I’ll help you this time to get dressed,” she said. “It can be tricky if you have never worn latex.”

Mistress removed my collar and cuffs first. The second step was to liberally apply talcum powder over my body to allow the latex to slide a bit on my skin. Without it I think it would have been impossible to get the skintight material to slide up my legs. I’d never worn anything so constricting. My Mistress had me sit on the edge of the bed. The feeling of her hands caressing my legs was so sensual as she tugged and then smoothed the suit that I know my breathing became more shallow and rapid and I’m sure she could smell my appreciation, as her head was right in front of my pussy.

As she continued to work the suit up my body I continued to become more excited. God how I wanted her to bury her mouth in my crotch as she worked the thin, skintight material over my thighs. Her face was perfected positioned. All she had to do was lean forward. I could feel her hot breath over my pussy, but she ignored my needs. As the suit reached the back of my thigh, she had me stand up. My legs were a little wobbly, not from the cat suit but from the heat and ache in my pussy. Mistress was now kneeling in front of me. That was a switch in positions. She obviously knew the effect she was having on me. But unlike me, who would have never been able to resist grabbing her ass and pressing my lips to her wet, smelly pussy, my Mistress seemed unfazed by the aroused woman standing before her. She had me turn around and with little fanfare or care for my need to stretch, pulled my butt plug tail out of my ass.

She then had to tug the suit with force to get it over my swimmer’s muscular ass. I wondered how I’d ever be able to do this by myself in the garage. As she tugged I “accidentally” leaned forward making contact with her face. For just a split second, I felt like my Mistress was eating me. Oh how I wanted her to bury her tongue in my pussy. I continued to sway accidentally on purpose as she tugged the latex over my backside. I’m sure she knew what I was doing, but she seemed amused more than upset and did not give me an order to stop it.

When the suit reached the small of my back she stood up. The suit had a long zipper up the back so it was more flexible now. She told me to bend forward and slid my arms into the sleeves. This was easier, but still a little bit of a challenge. When I stood back up the suit stretched pulling tightly against my crotch. Mistress then told me to exhale had squeeze my core while she zipped up the back. If I thought the suit was tight before it was nothing like it felt as she struggled to get the zipper all the way to my neck. But once it was in place, I had to admit as she had me spin in front of a mirror and look at myself, the suit looked incredibly sexy as it hugged my curves. OK, the fake dog parts were weird, but the painted on look of the latex was amazing and the sensory feel of it becoming a second skin had me tingling.

Mistress rubbed her hands over my chest “checking the fit” and the sensation was immediately transferred to my nipples. Looking again in the mirror I noticed that my small breasts had basically disappeared beneath the tight pressure of the suit, but my nipples were still prominent as she continued to rub her hands over my body. When Mistress slid her hand between my legs I gasped. This must have pleased her because she continued to rub me there with increasing pressure.

“I see my puppy likes her new suit,” she cooed in a condescending tone. I knew she was asking me that rhetorically. There was no way to hide what I was feeling.

“Would doggie like her balls to play with?” she asked. At first I thought she was talking about a real ball she would throw and I would fetch. Then I realized she was talking about my Ben Wa balls. I nodded. This suit was much tighter than my swimsuit and I’d cum from the balls wearing that so wearing them now would be better, I theorized.

I wondered how she could put the balls inside of me after encasing me in my latex skin, but a hidden access flap built into the suit running from my pussy to my asshole easily remedied the problem. I guess I had been too focused on looking at my Mistress kneeling in front of me to notice it. When it was unhooked (I think it was Velcro) the suit lost just a little bit of its tension against my body, but not much. A strong whiff of my arousal reached my nose as she pulled the suit open. Instead of the balls, however, Mistress grabbed the butterfly I had slept with last night.

“I need to go get your balls. This will keep you occupied for a few minutes.”

She put the butterfly on my clit, ran the control wire to the top of the opening, shut the suit and had me lay down on the bed. She must have reprogrammed the control box from sleep mode to tease mode. With me laying on the bed, the butterfly kept turning on and off in a pulse mode. On for 5 seconds, off for 5 second, over and over again. The latex kept the butterfly pressed hard against my clit. Much harder in fact than its straps had done last night. With this setting I felt like I could cum, but Mistress was far to skilled in teasing and controlling a submissive to allow that to happen. Still I could dream for a few seconds before she returned holding my devil balls. The butterfly control was switched off and I whimpered in disappointment. But I knew better than to complain. It wouldn’t get me any nearer the orgasm I was craving.

With little pomp Mistress replaced the butterfly with the balls. My smell was even more overpowering when she opened the crotch access of the suit. By the time she was finally done with me I knew everyone in the house would be able to smell how excited I was from this treatment. Mistress then had me stand up and she put my collar and leash back on. As I was crawling behind her back to the living room I wondered how my ass looked encased in the shimmering latex. It must look great I imagined. Peter looked very pleased with how I looked when we entered the room.

Mistress ordered me to “sit” and I rocked back so my ass was on my feet, but my hands were still on the ground. This tightened the suit and my nipples really appreciated the motion. So did my clit. The act of crawling was so derogatory and humiliating, but the position also caused the balls to dance in my pussy. I would have followed them anywhere at that moment in order to get that stimulation. Master Peter walked around me to check me from all angles.

“Where’s her tail?” he asked my Mistress.

“Oops, I forgot,” she told him.

I never thought for a minute she had really forgotten. I’m sure it was just part of their game. Master Peter had me stand for inspection while Mistress went back to the bedroom to retrieve my tail. He’d already looked at me but I know he enjoyed running his hands over my body as I stood in front of him. He made sure to rub my nipples and then put his leg between mine and allowed me to rub myself against him. Much like when wearing the butterfly I’m sure I could have cum from this stimulation. But also much like when my Mistress was teasing me I knew he was too much in control to allow that to happen. He allowed me to put my arms around his neck for better balance so I could really start to hump his leg. Mistress seemed to be taking a long time retrieving my tail or maybe time was standing still has I humped and grinded myself shamelessly on his leg. I was getting close. I was whimpering and pleading with my eyes for permission to cum like the shameless slut I’d become in just two weeks. But of course they would have none of that.

Master Peter took my wrists in his hands. For a brief moment I thought he was going to drop my hands to his crotch and have me fish out his cock. After all what man could resist such as sexy young girl humping him? Instead he let go and pulled his leg back. Unprepared to support myself I fell to the floor. I was a crumpled mess of aroused slut when Mistress returned. She was holding my tail as I had expected but had also changed to what I would learn to call “full bitch mode” meaning a cat suit of her own (leather instead of latex though) with high heeled boots and holding a riding crop. She ordered me back to my hands and knees and kneeling in front of her. She then told me to hand her my leash, which I did quickly. She then led me to the couch where I stayed on my hands and knees in front of her when she sat down. She put her feet on my back and used me as a footrest.

“Do you know why I treat you this way?” she asked in a simple and direct way. I wasn’t sure what kind of answer she was expecting so I just turned my head and looked at her inquisitively.

“Because I can,” she answered her own question. “You are a needy little slut and I am your physical and emotional superior. You will do whatever I say without question and you will love me for it. The more sick and demented I treat you, the more you will love me and the more you will crave me.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said. I had to agree with her. I knew she was right.

“Peter,” she continued. “Grab the lube and let’s get our whore’s tail back in her before our guests arrive.”

I held my head down in shame as I remembered they had mentioned having guests this morning. My slutty ways were going to be seen by others. My humiliation would increase tenfold. But my stupid pussy didn’t think that was a problem somehow. It was churning with need and I knew my juices were leaking out into the suit, a fact that would soon be discovered to my horror.

There was little ceremony to opening the access flap, greasing up the plug and pushing it back into my rectum. I was getting pretty good at taking that size although I was still worried about increasing it. As I knew she would, Mistress ran her hand forward after skewering with the plug and laughed at how wet I had become.

“We’ve got a live of here, Peter,” she said proudly. “You did good bringing her to me instead of trying to keep her for yourself. This slut would do anything right now if I promised her an orgasm or a big dick. Isn’t that right puppy?”

I didn’t like being called puppy, but I had to admit my Mistress was 100% correct.

“With your tail in I can’t close the access panel so my guest are going to be able to smell that pungent fuck hole you have. I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose to check it for themselves. If they do be sure not to act surprised or try to stop them in any way. Also you may struggle to keep the balls in, but it is good exercise to keep that pussy nice and tight. If you drop the balls though, I will tan that ass of yours before sending you back to the dorm. You’ll feel my wrath for a week every time you sit down. If you’re a good girl, you’ll get a reward, the memory of which will last a lifetime. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

For their amusement, Master Peter had me put my leash into my mouth and crawl around the room. I’m sure they just wanted me to struggle holding in the balls. They were doing their best to make my pussy gush and it was a challenge to hold them tight enough not to fall out. Part of me was assuming they wanted me to fail as an excuse to punish me. Part of me wanted to fail as an excuse to see what they would do. I didn’t like the idea of having my ass hurt so much that I couldn’t sit down for a week, but I also found it exciting that I would be forced to remember what was happening as well. My Master and Mistress were sitting on the couch watching my every move. I could see my Mistress’ hand rubbing over my master’s crotch. I could tell his cock was hard through his pants. He had is right arm around his wife’s shoulder and his left hand was busy cupping her ample left breast. I assumed both were being turned on by watching me, so I added a little wiggle of my tail for their enjoyment. Then the doorbell rang.

“Please open the door slave,” Mistress Dasha commanded. “After our guests enter I want you to be sure to greet them like a doggie would do.”

I tried to think about how a dog would greet someone. Panting and wagging my tail I figured. I crawled toward the front door. The doorbell rang again. Fortunately I got to the door before they rang a third time. I hoped they wouldn’t be upset that I took so long. I reached up and turned the doorknob. Pulling the door open I was greeted with the site of what I could only describe as a 100% normal looking suburban couple with a late teenage son. I’m not certain how I was expecting them to be dressed but they certainly did not look like they belonged inside this kinky house.

“I see Dasha has a new puppy,” the older man who introduced himself as Robert exclaimed as he help out the back of his hand toward my face. I quickly realized he was making the gesture that you would when you meet a new dog so it can get your scent. This must not have been the first time they were introduced to one of Mistress’ pets. As I had been instructed to greet them properly I leaned forward and took a strong whiff of his hand. I didn’t smell anything. I leaned backward again and he patted my head.

Their son, Thomas, was next through the door and the process repeated. When he pat my head I turned slightly to see if his dad was watching but he was disappearing through the foyer as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Oh well. On to the mom, Carol, as she introduced herself. She was wearing a modest skirt and blouse combo. After I sniffed her hand she didn’t pat my head. I looked up and her attention wasn’t on me as she scanned the entryway for what I did not know. I soon found out. Apparently she was looking whether we were alone or not because instead of petting me she grabbed my head with one hand and lifted her skirt with the other. Heck, all she had to do was ask. Force wasn’t necessary. But maybe that was her thing. She wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was already wet with anticipation. She pulled my head firmly against her mound and rubbed her juices on me. Then she pulled me away, dropped her skirt and walked around me leaving me stunned. I watched her disappear to join the group. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and shut the door. I then crawled back to the living room.

The group was conversing as if nothing was strange with having me dressed like a dog and Mistress Dasha dressed, well, like a Mistress. I wasn’t sure what to do when I entered the room so I did the only thing I could think of and knelt down next to my Mistress. She barely acknowledged me for the first minute and then she asked our guests if I had greeted them properly. I was prepared to be praised and I was surprised when they said I had not. Mistress Dasha told Thomas to stand up, which he did without delay.

“Dog Brittney,” my Mistress began. I felt humiliated being referred to that way. I would have much rather she just said Brittney or even Slave Brittney. Heck even slut Brittney would have been fine. “You’ve seen two dogs meet. What does a dog do when it meets another dog?”

I watched as Thomas turned his back to me and bent forward slightly. Now I understood. I crawled over to him and stuck my face against his ass. I then made an exaggerated sniffing sound. I saw Mistress Dasha begin to stand up so I sniffed again.

“No no no, you dumb bitch,” she exclaimed. “Thomas, drop your pants.”

I sat upright on my haunches as he began to unbuckle is pants. I assumed he would want his cock sucked. OK, I know he would want his cock sucked but I hoped that was what Mistress Dasha meant. Instead she grabbed my hair with her right hand and yanked down his underwear with her left. She then pulled my head forward and pushed it hard against his ass.

“Really get in there slut. Stick out your tongue. Rim his hole.”

I stuck out my tongue immediately, but I wasn’t digging what she was doing. Mistress Dasha laughed and asked Thomas if he had to fart. At least I didn’t have to endure that as he said no. Thomas’ mom and dad were laughing at our joint discomfort. When Mistress pulled me back and told Thomas to pull up his pants I noticed that he had started to get a hard on. He had a nice looking cock. I hoped I would get better acquainted to it soon.

Master Peter asked if our guests were hungry. They said they had been running late for church that morning so they skipped breakfast. He then ordered me to cook another breakfast for them. I crawled into the kitchen. I could feel all of their eyes on me. Throughout the trip I was clenching my pussy trying to keep the balls from falling out. As wet as I was it wasn’t easy. I was relieved when I made it to the kitchen because I could stand for a few minutes. I set about making more eggs, bacon and toast. As I was working, Master Peter came into the kitchen.

“We will be in the dining room,” he told me. “I want you to make 4 plates of food. You will serve our guests and your Mistress. At some point I will signal you.” He made a nodding motion. “When you see that you are to crawl under the table and make our guests happy. Start with Carol. You looked so cute crawling around with her slime on your face I’m sure she would appreciate it. Plus since her husband fucked your Mistress last night we owe her one. Then do Robert and if there is time you can do Thomas.”

I looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was already 11:15 and I had already decided that Master Peter was serious about cutting me off at noon. It was just like him for me to pleasure his friend right up until the time I was told our encounter would be over leaving me high and dry. Although he didn’t say it, I knew I had to make his friends cum first if I wanted any pleasure for myself. Even if there was time he would probably say I had to do him and my Mistress again before I’d be allowed any pleasure. Such is the life of a sex slave I mused.

I walked into the dining room carrying two plates of food. Carol and her son were sitting on one side of the table so I served them first. My Master and Mistress were sitting opposite of each other on the ends. I looked at my Mistress for a hint of whether I was doing good or not, but couldn’t get a read on her. Robert was sitting by himself opposite his wife. I brought his plate and the extra plate for Mistress Dasha. I then asked for permission to speak. When that was granted I asked what they would like to drink and hurriedly brought one coffee, one OJ and one Coke. I had forgotten about the balls as I had been focused on everything else until I had hurried to the kitchen. Their motion when I was moving fast hit just the right spot and I gushed a little. I had to cheat and push them back in with a finger as they threatened to fall out. I didn’t get caught so no harm, no foul. I hurried back with the drinks. As I arrived I noticed the plate of food in front of my Mistress was empty already. I knew she couldn’t have eaten that fast, especially since nobody else had eaten anything yet. Simultaneous to that thought I knew what had happened. I looked toward the living room and saw the dog bowl about 15 feet away from the table. My short time standing had come to an end.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the feeling of crawling away from the table. My tail was hanging between my ass checks and my face was burning with shame. I couldn’t see them but I’m sure all eyes were on me. My damn pussy didn’t know that I shouldn’t be enjoying this as it continued to leak juices down my thighs and the balls became harder and harder to hold inside of me. When I got to the bowl and confirmed the bacon and eggs were there I lowered my head. Of course my ass stayed high and on display. I felt wanton at that moment. I wanted any of the guys to step up and fuck me. Hell, I wanted all the guys to step up and fuck me. Carol and Mistress Dasha too. Mistress’ strap-on would be fine. Heck, everyone fuck the slut. Why not? Come on everybody. Gangbang the whore.

While my mind was filled with nasty thoughts as I ate my second breakfast, my heart knew that wasn’t going to happen. At least not yet. Master Peter had made it clear what he expected for me and I knew his friends would have to cum first before I got used. I ate as fast as I could trying to save as many minutes as possible in hopes of still getting myself good and fucked. I crawled back to the table when I was done. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for the signal from Master Peter to crawl under the table. Carol must have been privy to his plans because she had already hiked up her skirt and was sitting slouched down so her pussy was hanging off the chair for easy access. Until that moment I’d only sucked my Mistress’ pussy (I didn’t count Carol just rubbing herself on my face) but I attacked Carol’s with gusto. I wanted to prove myself and show I deserved a reward.

Fortunately Carol must have been equally excited about the prospect of have a girl less than half her age (I estimated based on Robert’s age that she must be in her early 40′s at least.) Her pussy was at least as wet as when she had rubbed it on my face. I knew my Mistress could exercise tremendous control over her orgasm and I hoped that Carol did not have that talent. I sucked her clit veraciously, darted my tongue in and out of her soft folds and licked up and down the length of her pussy. I even dared to go a bit south and rim her bunghole. Whether it was my improving skills, my unrivaled enthusiasm or her general level of horniness I’m not sure, but within a few minutes she had a noisy and juicy orgasm. I felt very proud of myself, but I knew my personal celebration would be short lived.

I quickly spun around and crawled between Robert’s legs. He was already hard, although he had not pulled his cock out of his pants. Maybe he was a little shy. I figured he would have been jacking himself knowing I was eating his wife, but no matter. I fished out an average sized tool. At least average in my admittedly still limited experience. I set to work bringing him off. It was a “normal” blowjob, at least as normal as could be given the circumstances, until I felt Carol’s foot between my legs. I’d forgotten about everyone else at the table in my quest to bring Robert off. But now the tip of her shoe was rubbing against my pussy. It goes without saying she was exciting me more than I had already been exciting myself.

Like his wife he turned out to be a quick shooter. He also didn’t have a very big load. I guess having filled my mistress the night before left him in a slightly empty state. Either way I had two down and one to go. But before I could take care of Thomas, Mistress told me to come out from under the table. She pointed to the clock on the wall. It was five minutes to noon. She instructed me to go back to my room and remove the plug. She also had me turn around and unzipped the cat suit. She told me to strip down and return to us naked.

I was dejected. Not so much because I didn’t get to cum, although I desperately wanted to do so, but because I had failed my task and not finished Thomas. They told me he was a high school senior who had turned 18 in the spring. How many 18 year old do you know who would turn down a blowjob even if the girl was dressed like a dog? No matter. He was a neighbor so I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to suck him off another time.

The butt plug came out easier than I thought it would. I was really starting to become accustomed to having my ass full. Similarly the cat suit came off easier than it went on as I could peel it down. I tried to smooth it back out and I laid it on the bed. I then took a deep breath, dropped back to my hands and knees and crawled back to the dining room. If I was lucky I’d still get to suck off Thomas. Luck was not on my side though as his chair was empty. Master Peter seemed pleased by my return though, although the clock clearly showed it was two minutes past noon. I also looked worse for wear as my body was covered in splotches of talcum powder and I’m sure my hair was a fright.

“Brittney,” my new Master began in an affectionate tone. “You have come a long way in just 17 short hours. I am very proud of you. Usually it takes weeks or months to get a woman to dress in the suit and suck off our neighbors. You are born to be submissive. That is something you should take great pride in being. I know I promised you a reward but I also told you your session would end at noon. If you want to continue in this relationship I will give you 30 more minutes today, but from here on out we own you. We will control every aspect of your life, including, if we deem it necessary for your training, to drop out of school and becoming our full time fuck slut. If you are not ready you can go back to the dorm and your life will go back to normal. At least as normal as it could be having experienced this weekend. You have changed, even if you don’t recognize it yet.”

I didn’t have to think to answer that question. “I would like my reward Master,” I replied.

“Then let us all head out to the patio,” Master Peter exclaimed while clapping his hands once.

Everyone at the table stood up. Mistress Dasha took my leash. She said I could walk. Of course I stayed just behind her and to the right. As we exited the house I noticed Thomas was sitting at the patio table where earlier I’d serviced my Master and Mistress. I guessed it was my time to serve him. He was sitting looking at the pool. He was wearing his shirt but his pants were gone. So far so good I thought. He was slowly stroking his cock. Good, good part two I mused. He was bigger in stature than his dad. Even better for me. Yeah. Then Master Peter set down a tube of lube on the table. Oops. Maybe dad would have been better for this. It was obvious the time of my anal deflowers was at hand.

The situation was surreal. My Master and Mistress along with Thomas’ mother and father watched as I handed him my leash and then began slathering lube on his cock. The way Thomas reacted when Mistress Dasha instructed him to do something led me to wonder if he too was a sub. I would soon learn that was not the case. He just lacked confidence. Also Mistress could make most men do whatever she wanted. In this case, she wanted to control exactly how my anal cherry would be taken, how much teasing I could endure and finally wanted to send me back to the dorm with a very special gift.

Thomas was sitting on a chair facing the adults who had pulled chairs around us in a semi-circle. I was instructed to mount him facing the group as well. My legs were spread wide with the backs of my thighs over the armrests of the chair. It was not comfortable, but I dared not complain. Fortunately Thomas’ cock was long enough to make this position work as all the adults seemed to enjoy seeing me spread so wide. I did my best to relax. His cock wasn’t any wider than the tail plug I had been wearing, although the plug was short. Doing it for real was also a totally different sensation. Our audience was paying close attention to every contorted expression on my face as Thomas filled my bum. I couldn’t see his face, but I’m sure he was enjoying himself. When I was finally bayonetted as far as I could go given our position, I started to hump his cock. I was unlike anything I had ever felt before as lust began to course through my body.

By now it should not have been a surprise that my Master and Mistress would not allow me the simple pleasure of a straight up fuck. Especially when I really needed to just get pounded. Master Peter told me to stop and Mistress Dasha told Thomas to just sit there and not thrust. I could hear his disappointment through an exasperated breath. While my Mistress rarely seemed concerned with my being left sexually hanging, she did take pity him.

“Brittney, I want you to milk him with your ass. Squeeze and release his cock to keep him hard. I know I told you the balls would help you learn how to do that with your slut cunt, you have to know how to do it with your ass as well.”

I tried to relax my legs a bit and slide all the way down his shaft as best I could. I then leaned back so I was resting against his chest. He reached around me and cupped my breasts. I doubt he knew that teasing my nipples make me go wild, or maybe he did, but I think he wanted to make me suffer as much as he was at that moment. What was worse is what Carol and Robert did next.

Robert announced that since he and Thomas had fucked my Mistress last night it was only right that Carol get to sample Peter’s special talents. Thus it came to pass that I had to watch my Master fuck another woman, this time with my ass crammed full of cock. Everyone knew I wanted to fuck Master Peter most of all. Instead I got my nipples squeezed and had a front row seat to watch another woman rut on the patio in front of me as his massive dick penetrated her over and over again. Looking down on her as she lay on the ground I was struck by the expression of pure bliss on her face. Master Peter was taking things slow allowing her to acclimate to his girth. Mistress Dasha was talking to her like this was the most normal thing that could happen. She also fished Richard’s cock out of his pants and started stroking it. It didn’t take him long to get hard. Soon after Mistress Dasha announced “It was time.”

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