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Please note, all characters portrayed in this story are over 18.


Davina hurried down the hallway, her books clasped in front of her heavy breasts to stop them jiggling as she ran.

It had been almost two weeks since she had truly given herself to Mistress K in the beautiful, imposing headmistresses study, drinking the transgendered woman’s seed from another T-girls newly fucked butt.

In that time, Davina had slowly been coming to terms with her new body. The perfect legs, curving hips, bubble butt and the full, rounded breasts that were causing her so much trouble now. The weight was still unusual and she found that if she hurried without her books in front of them, the dom girls would wolf whistle and there had been a few occasions when Davina had got herself pressed against the wall by some of the more predatory doms.

Davina now slept in a small dormitory with three other girls. It was comfortable and had a little washroom and shower at the end. Olivia, the girl who had been so brutally fucked by Mistress K, slept in a bed next to Davina and the two had become firm friends. The other two girls were Katie, a gorgeous, petite girl with coffee coloured skin and a cute, upturned nose, and Bobbi, a girl who was very shy and would often keep out of some of the more graphic conversations the other three girls had late at night.

Davina was still finding the change in her life from skinny, awkward teenage boy, to a beautiful, curvy t-girl hotty, a bit difficult, but with the help of her new friends, things were changing. Olivia was the most sexually experienced out of all of them. They would sit in their nighties once the door to the dorm was locked and chat about their new lives. Olivia claimed that she was in love with one of the dom girls, a tall, statuesque brunette called Hope. And she described to her shocked, delighted room mates the few times that Hope had taken her to a deserted classroom and fucked her tight ass with her thick eight inch prick. The last time they were together they had been discovered, which was why Mistress K had fucked Olivia’s cute, puckered rosebud so fiercely, as a punishment.

They had asked Olivia what Mistress K felt like, what was it like to have that huge cock inside her? Olivia’s eyes widened and she said that she had never experienced anything like it. It stretched her so much she felt like she was going to split and the length simply took her breath away. She said she wasn’t sure if she’d like to do it again, but she was glad it had happened. Although, Davina thought to herself, it didn’t seem to have taught Olivia anything, as she was still constantly flirting with Hope whenever she could.

Davina finally made her way to the locker rooms and made her way in. The rest of the sub girls in her year were already there, milling around and chatting. They did sports 3 times a week, and the outfits seemed to vary from run-of-the-mill to scandalously sexy. Davina found Olivia sitting on her own, checking her nails.

“Sports outfits arrived yet?” Davina asked, placing her books in her locker.

Olivia shook her head when the sports master Mr Roberts, opened the door with an armful of parcels. He was huge, almost 6 feet 5 with a shaved head and massive shoulders.

“Get changed and be on the hockey field in fifteen minutes.” Mr Roberts shouted over the din of the chatting girls. “Or you’ll be in detention with me on Sunday.”

Davina shivered slightly at the words. The rumour was that detention with Mr Roberts meant squatting in a freezing classroom, naked, sucking the man’s cock for up to an hour whilst he read the Sunday papers. Davina still felt a little odd about guys. She loved the other girls and felt a thrill run through her when she noticed one of the Dom girls looking at her. But the idea of giving herself to a guy… it still felt a little icky.

The girls quickly started unwrapping the parcels as Mr Roberts walked out. Davina heard Olivia gasp as she opened the parcel.

“Oh my god!”

Davina opened her own parcel and suddenly blushed. Inside the box were a few tiny items of rubber clothing. Davina looked at Olivia. “Are we supposed to wear this?”

Olivia nodded with a grin. “We’ll have to help each other if we don’t want to end up blowing Roberts.”

They took the outfits out to reveal a tiny, baby pink polo shirt, white pleated sports skirt and pink and white hooped stockings, all made of rubber. A small vial of talc was in each parcel.

Davina and the other girls quickly took their uniforms off and began helping each other out. Olivia walked naked to her friend, talc in hand.

“Right hun,” she smiled, “this might tickle.”

Olivia started patting talc onto Davina’s shoulders and back and then onto her heavy, tan breasts and tight little tummy. Olivia’s warm little hands felt good on her body and as the girl’s hand went lower, fingers brushing through the tiny triangle of pubic hair and lower, their eyes met.

Davina bit her bottom lip as Olivia’s fingers slowly found her small, smooth penis.

Davina felt her butterflies in her tummy at the other girl’s touch, when suddenly Olivia stopped.

“You do me now!” Her friend laughed mischievously.

Davina started patting the perfumed talc into her friend’s soft skin, loving the feel of her under her hands. Olivia turned and Davina started applying the talc to her friends breasts. They were a little bigger than Davina’s but still beautiful and firm. As Davina’s movements became slower, Olivia’s nipples started to blush and grow.

Olivia’s blue eyes once more met Davina’s green ones and slowly they moved together. Davina felt her friend’s nipples brush her own. And with what felt like a tiny electric shock in the pit of her tummy she felt her own penis brush against Olivia’s. Davina felt her girlie cock start to grow slightly. Olivia’s pink bow lips where just inches from hers when they heard a cough.

Davina spun to see that the changing room was almost empty — Bobbi the shy girl from their dorm moved closer and spoke in her soft, quiet voice.

“You better hurry, or you’ll be in trouble.” With that, she lowered her eyes and scampered out of the room.

Olivia and Davina quickly started putting the outfits on. The polo shirts were incredibly snug. Davina pulled hers over her head, putting her thin arms through the short sleeves. The rubber stretched over her skin and felt very strange… and also very nice. Soon the shirt was pulled down as low as it would go, an inch above Davina’s bellybutton. Her breasts felt unusual, pressed together in the tiny pink top. A slit ran several inches down the front giving anyone who wanted a great view of her tightly packed orbs.

She quickly buckled on the tiny white rubber pleated skirt which started at her hips and was only a few inches long. She then ran the hooped rubber stockings up her lithe, smooth legs until they stopped mid thigh. At the bottom of the parcel she found a tiny pair of pink panties and two small white gloves, both in rubber.

She wriggled into the panties, and feeling them slide over her girlish thighs was one of the most erotic things she had felt in her life! She pulled them up into place, hoping that the swelling of her penis wouldn’t show too much. She then pulled on the tiny gloves that barely came to the wrist and pulled her long auburn hair into a ponytail.

Olivia was standing waiting for her and they turned to look in the mirror before they went out. The uniforms were practically indecent. The tops hugged their figures beautifully, lifting and presenting their ripe cleavage, whilst the stockings and skirts showed a tantalising few inches of firm, tanned thigh.

Davina put a gloved hand to her mouth. “Oh my god!”

Olivia winked into the mirror. “We look super hot.”

Davina smiled nervously. “We look like we’re going to go do a porno or something.”

Olivia grinned again. “I’m game if you are.”

Olivia giggled, watching her friend blush once more and they put on small pink trainers and hurried out.

On the sports field, Roberts was waiting, looking at his watch as Davina and Olivia ran out. Roberts sighed as they came out. Fourteen and a half minutes. 30 seconds more and Sunday would have been incredible. Oh well, he thought to himself. There’s always a next time.

The girls began playing hockey in the wall enclosed field. It wasn’t long before their tight rubber outfits started to make them all glisten with sweat. This was the first time that Davina had worn rubber clothing and it felt liberating and frightening. She felt tightly enclosed and yet very very exposed, all at the same time.

And every time the girls went for the ball, bending over, their tiny skirts would rise up, exposing their thighs and tiny, skin tight rubber panties, enclosing their delicious behinds.

As they were playing, Davina noticed a man watching them from a gap in the wall. “Who’s that?”She asked Olivia, panting at the exertion.

“That’s Joseph. He looks after the grounds. Cute isn’t he?” She said, before running off after the game.

Davina watched the man and saw, with a shock, that he was looking directly at her. She quickly turned and ran after the ball.

Davina was no good at sports. As a boy she had had no talent, and as a girl, she seemed no better. At one point Mr Roberts stopped the game and walked over to her, towering above.

“It’s a hockey stick, not a goddam agricultural tool. If you can’t even be bothered to try to do it right, I’ll put you straight in detention ” He shouted. Davina was shaking, afraid that he would humiliate her just as countless sports teachers had in the past. When suddenly Davina realised he was staring down her top, at the pin-pricks of sweat making their way between her tightly clasped cleavage. Again, that strange feeling came over her. The feeling of having power over a man. She still couldn’t believe that when guys looked at her, they weren’t seeing the geeky boy, but a voluptuous, tanned girl that they wanted to touch and hold. Davina began to shake, from fear and from excitement at what she was about to do.

Davina bowed her head and bit her bottom lip, then looked up at him through her thick lashes.

“Could… could you show me? Sir?” Davina half whispered.

Roberts looked at the beautiful t-girl and slowly moved around behind her. He reached around, putting his hands over Davina’s on the stick.

“You hold it like this.” He said, moving the hockey stick back and forth.

Davina slowly let her tight little ass move backwards until it was pressed against the large bulge in the sports teacher’s pants. She heard him gasp between his teeth, and genuinely unable to believe how shameless she was becoming, slowly wriggled her rubber clad butt into his crotch. The man groaned.

“I think I’ve got it now, Sir.” She said, huskily over her shoulder.

The man nodded and stepped back, wiping sweat off his forehead. Davina noticed that some of the other girls were staring at her, but for the first time, she didn’t care. She felt powerful.

At the end of the game, Davina and Olivia walked back towards the locker rooms, their skin glistening with a thin film of sweat, their breathing making their breasts rise and fall in the tight rubber material.

They were chatting when Davina saw something from the corner of her eye. It was Joseph, the groundsman, he smiled, beckoned once to her and disappeared round a corner. Davina’s head was spinning, but, overcome with her power over Roberts on the hockey field, she decided that she would be brave. She turned to Olivia.

“I… I think I forgot something.” Davina said, her voice shaking a little.

Before Olivia could say anything, Davina started jogging back the way they had come. When Olivia was out of sight, Davina turned and made her way in the direction Joseph had gone in.

There was an overgrown path leading away from the sports field. Davina felt her breath come in quick gasps, her knees trembling. What was she doing? This was so stupid.

Her courage almost gone, Davina turned and came face to face with Joseph. He was 6ft tall, broad shouldered with a hard, lean body. His black hair and dark skin gave him a Mediterranean look.

Davina gasped and stopped.

“Sorry I surprised you, sweetie.” Joseph smiled.

Davina looked up at the man, and felt her body shaking. “I… I came the wrong way.” She mumbled.

“Really?” He moved forwards slightly. Davina stumbled a little and felt a wall behind her back. “Cos, when I beckoned you over, you looked like you knew where you were going.”

He moved closer to the trembling t-girl, and put his arm past her head to lean on the wall. Davina’s stomach was churning with fear… and excitement. She had never been in this situation before. She wanted to run… she wanted to… kiss him. The thought came to Davina’s head in a flash. Somewhere inside her David suddenly awakened. He didn’t kiss boys, he didn’t wear slutty outfits and wriggle his ass in other guys crotches. What the fuck was going on.

Davina pushed hard against Joseph’s chest. “Let me go.” She said, her breathing laboured.

Joseph smiled, looking down at the tight, tan body. The beautiful breasts straining against the rubber, and at the slim brown thighs, slightly parted below the white rubber skirt.

“I’ll let you go.” He said. “But first, you gotta give me one kiss, sweetie.”

“No,” cried Davina. “And stop calling me that. I don’t like guys… I… I’m not who you think I am…”

Joseph smiled and leaned forwards. Davina moved her head to the side but a strong hand came up and gripped her jaw. Joseph leant forwards and kissed Davina strongly, mashing her lips back.

Davina felt a wave of something incredible come over her the moment their lips met. Pure unbridled lust. Her little cock was starting to harden against the restricting material of her pink rubber panties. She groaned in the back of her throat.

“Please…” She moaned.

Joseph leant in again and kissed her, more softly this time. It was the first time she had been kissed by a boy and the feeling was incredible. The smell of his aftershave, the feeling of stubble on his jaw. She felt his tongue slide between her lips and start to explore. Her own tongue slid along his.

It was like nothing she had ever felt. Her breasts rose quickly as Joseph leaned back, taking in the beautiful t-girl.

“Lift up your skirt.” He said huskily.

Davina never dropped eye contact as she slid trembling hands down her body to the hem of her skirt. She slowly pulled it up, exposing her tight panties.

She watched Joseph drink in her body with his eyes. His hand moved down between her legs, his thumb slowly stroking the soft skin of her thigh. And then she felt his hand gently stroke the front of her panties, stroking along her hardening cock.

Davina groaned again, letting her head fall back as he slowly tightened his grip and then relaxed it, squeezing her clit. His fingers came up and slid into the tight waistband of her underwear. Davina clung to him, her breath coming in hard gasps and soft moans, kissing his neck as slowly he stroked her, running his thumb over the tip of her little cock. His other hand rose up her hip, across her tummy and began to squeeze her breasts.

Davina reach down and her gloved hand found the front of his pants. She began rubbing the huge bulge, feeling it twitch and harden.

Joseph kissed her deeply again and then lowered himself down her body, kissing her neck, running his tongue over her cleavage, tasting her sweat mixed with the scent of rubber. He kissed her breasts, letting his tongue swirl against the shiny material, feeling her nipple grow. He got to his knees and kissed the tight skin of her tummy before moving down.

He inhaled her perfume, and the scent of her sweat and kissed the front of her panties. Davina moaned again, instinctively spreading her thighs as his hot, wet tongue licked the velvet, hairless skin where her thigh met the material of her panties.

With a quick movement he had his fingers in her waistband and urgently tugged the stretchy rubber downwards. Davina felt her hands rest on the back of his head and her panties stretch between her spread knees. She knew it was wrong, to be so exposed, to be letting a boy do this to her.. But she couldn’t stop. It was impossible.

He gently kissed the tip of her semi-hard cock and then took both her cock and balls in his mouth all in one go. Davina’s eyes rolled in the back of her head at the intense pleasure and moaned hard, an almost animal sound. She sighed as he let her slip from his mouth.

She felt his hands grip her hips and slowly turn her until she was facing the wall. As though in a dream, and with her whole body trembling with new pleasure, she let her breasts press against the rough surface as she pushed her beautiful rounded ass towards Joseph. His tongue explored her cheeks, leaving silvery lines of saliva. She felt his strong hands clasp her cheeks and spread them, then felt his hot breath on her most secret place.

The moment his tongue touched her rosebud, Davina felt fireworks go off in her head. And then, the tongue was withdrawn. Her body sagged when suddenly she felt the tip of his tongue press against her anus, softly at first, then more and more firmly. Slowly she felt her most secret entrance begin to open for him and Joseph’s thick tongue slid smoothly inside her.

She arched her back, pressing her butt into his face as he began to tongue fuck her. “Oh, god… Joseph… please…”

Joseph’s tongue continued to fuck her, sliding into her perfect little hole, and then out, then back in, swirling around. And then it slowly withdrew. Davina didn’t notice that he had stood up. He reached around her, his hand cupping her breast, squeezing and kneading and she felt a strong finger pressing against her entrance.

She turned her head, panting and his mouth found hers, his tongue taking over her mouth. The finger slid inside, passing the rubbery resistance of her virgin hole and he began fucking her with the digit. Davina’s little cock was now pressed upwards against her stomach, pulsing in time to the movements of Joseph’s finger.

The finger withdrew and she lifted his hand, taking the finger between her cherry lips, licking and tasting herself like a slut.

She felt Joseph shifting behind her and the jangle of belt buckle. Then she felt something she had never felt before. The hard, hot, throbbing meat of a huge cock resting against her ass cheeks.

She felt him shift again and looked down. With a delicious feeling he was rubbing his long, thick cock between her legs, against the bottom of her scrotum. As she watched she saw the perfect purple head, huge beneath her own, sliding backwards and forwards.

Her gloved hand came down between her legs and gripped his thick shaft. He was not as big as Mistress K, but it was still a thick, beautiful cock. She squeezed and she felt his meat pulse in response.

Joseph held her tight as with one hand he took hold of his penis and pressed it against the t-girls velvet cheeks. The head of his cock found her entrance and he wrapped an arm around her tummy as slowly he began to push forwards.

The entrance held for a few seconds, and then, like a blossoming flower, began to open to him. Davina felt pain as the thick head spread her open, but it was only slight. Most of all she felt an incredible heat gathering in her stomach, of pure unbridled lust.

Suddenly, she stiffened.

Joseph spoke in between hard gasps. “Are you okay?”

Davina, her body shivering looked over her shoulder at him, her huge, liquid green eyes making him want to be inside her even more. “I… I promised the Mistress.”

“You mean… you’ve never…?” He asked in disbelief.

Davina nodded, her eyes tearing. “I promised the Mistress that I let any man inside me until she… until…”

Joseph nodded and gently let her go. “I understand.”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Davina kept muttering.

He gently turned her round and wiped a tear away from her cheek. “I understand. I’ve worked here long enough to know what would happen if you disobeyed her.”

Davina smiled weakly and kissed him. As she did, she felt his thick cock between them, pressing against her tummy.

“But,” she said, smiling, “I can still do something about that..”

She kissed him again and got to her knees. Joseph sighed as her small gloved hands took his shaft and began stroking back and forwards. She looked up at him as her little pink tongue began flicking around the tip of his penis, licking tiny drops of pre-cum away.

“You’re beautiful.” He said.

Davina slowly opened her thick red lips and felt his cock slide into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him, loving the his scent, the salty mineral taste of his cock.

She began moving her head backwards and forwards, always looking up at him with her big green eyes. She loved the way his thick meat spread her mouth so wide, stretching her lips. He put his hands on the back of her head, grasping her ponytail. He began to fuck her mouth, pushing deeper and deeper into her throat. Davina gagged slightly, but she didn’t want to let this gorgeous man down, she held her breath, taking him further in.

Eventually, she felt her petite nose press against his pubic hair, his soft scrotum pressing against her chin. She slid the cock back out, long tendrils of saliva connecting her sweet lips and his engorged head, then plunged him back inside.

She could feel him shifting his footing and his legs begin to tense when suddenly he pulled her hair back and got her to her feet.

“But you haven’t cum!” She cried.

He looked at her slick, glistening lips and felt the cum boiling inside him. Quickly he reached down and, grabbing the rubber panties stretched between her knees, pulled them up.

She looked at him in confusion. He quickly pressed her against the wall and kissed her, then turned her round. He then flipped the back of her skirt up and pulled the back of her tight panties open. His other hand was wrapped around his penis as he began to feel his cum rising. He pressed the tip of the penis against the soft skin at the very top of Davina’s cheeks and, grabbing her tight, began to cum.

Thick fountains of hot sperm flew from the tip of his cock, splashing against Davina’s butt and slowly sliding down between her pert cheeks. He came more and more, his legs almost buckling at the experience. Finally, he stopped, drained, and leaned against Davina’s back.

Davina felt herself pressed against the wall and smiled to herself. His weight felt wonderful against her, and she felt as though she had made an important step. This man. This very handsome man, had wanted to mark her as his. She had never had this effect on anybody as a boy.

Deliberately she reached back and pulled her panties up all the way, feeling the hot semen sliding over her entrance and around her smooth balls.

She turned as Joseph shakily got his balance back.

“Thank you, Sir” She said, smiling cutely. And she turned, adjusting her skirt and walking away, making sure that she put an extra wiggle in her hips as she went. And as she did, she could feel his strong, potent seed, washing around her most vulnerable parts.

Inside the locker room, Davina found Olivia waiting for her, wrapped in a towel.

“Where have you been?” Her friend asked.

Davina smiled. She wasn’t sure she wanted to share this, but then remembered that she and Olivia had already been as close as possible that day when Olivia was strapped down on the Mistresses desk.

Davina smiled slowly like a cat and unbuckled her rubber pleated skirt, letting it fall to the tiles. Then, very slowly, she pulled her rubber panties a few inches down her thighs.

Olivia looked at her friend in puzzlement and then saw thick strands of thick white goo dripping not only from the panties, but also from between her friends thighs. Olivia’s eyes widened.

“Did you..?” She asked.

Davina shook her head. “I promised Mistress. But it was close.”

“Who was the… Joseph!” Olivia almost shouted, then looked around guiltily. But the changing room was empty. “It was Joseph?”

Davina nodded shyly. Olivia slowly got her feet, letting her towel drop, revealing her soft, curvaceous body and small, hairless penis hanging between ripe thighs.

Olivia walked around Davina and stopped behind her. Davina was shaking again as she felt her friends finger run gently through the cleft of her buttocks.

“Well, if the amount is anything to go by, he certainly enjoyed himself.” Olivia whispered over her friends shoulder.

Davina saw a finger appear from behind her laden with thick, dripping sperm. The finger made it’s way to Davina’s lips. She opened them, and sensuously licked the finger clean, swirling her tongue around Olivia’s slim, manicured digit.

Olivia moved and Davina felt her friend pulling her cheeks apart. A slim, hot little tongue began lapping at Davina’s behind.

“Mmmmm…. W-what are you doing back there, Olivia?” Davina gasped.

Olivia get to her feet and walked to face her friend. Her nose and lips were smeared with Joseph’s cum. Olivia smiled and leaned forwards. Davina closed her eyes as she felt Olivia’s lips meet hers.

As they kissed, Olivia opened her lips and Davina suddenly felt a warm, liquid silk flow into her mouth. Joseph’s cum circulated between them as their tongues met and slid.

Olivia leant back, smiling, her eyes bright. “Swallow what the gentleman gave you, Davina.”

Davina let the rich tasting cum slide over her tongue one more time, and then swallowed. She looked down and saw that Olivia’s cock was now hard… and so was her own.

They moved forwards again, their cocks sliding against one another, kissing. Davina felt breathless, her rubber-clad breasts pressing against Olivia’s naked chest.

They moved together, and Davina felt Olivia’s finger run down her back and over the rise of her bottom. The finger pressed gently against her entrance.

Olivia pulled back again and smiled devilishly. “I’ve got a way you can keep this with you all day.”

She quickly got to her knees and cupped the gusset of Davina’s panties in her hands as they rested, stretched between her thighs. Olivia tipped the panties and let the pool of thick white semen that had collected fill her mouth, dripping over her lips.

She motioned for Davina to lie down and then grasped her friends ankles and brought them up and over. Davina lay on the cold tiles, her own ankles by her ears, looking curiously at her friend.

Olivia squatted above Davina’s face, her own legs keeping Davina’s firmly anchored in place. She then leant forward so that her face was resting an inch above Davina’s exposed anus. With gentle fingers she spread Davina’s entrance and opened her lips.

The sperm flowed out of Olivia’s mouth in a beautiful white ribbon — directly into Davina’s open hole. The flow was true and soon disappeared deep into the beautiful young t-girl’s most sacred place.

Davina felt the warm flow of liquid pass deep inside her. She gratefully reached her head upwards and softly kissed Olivia’s rosebud, making the girl shiver.

Suddenly there was a banging from outside. The cleaners were coming in. The two girls quickly got to their feet and hurried to the showers.

Mistress K sat at her desk, a cup of tea perched between her hands, as she looked out of the window to the sun sinking below the horizon. There was a knock at the door and Matron walked in. They greeted each other and Matron sat opposite the headmistress.

“You don’t have company today? Is Imogen out of favour?” Matron asked, nodding to the large dildo sticking from the floor underneath the Mistresses desk. Normally one of the students, often a beautiful blond called Imogen would be impaled on the rubber cock, nuzzling and sucking on the Mistresses legendary prick.

The Mistress shook her head. “Everything’s fine. I just want to ask your opinion on something.”

Matron nodded as the Mistress pushed a button revealing a large screen. It was the view from a hidden camera showing somewhere on the grounds. Davina walked in wearing a rubber sports outfit and then Joseph appeared. Matron felt herself becoming aroused as she watched.

“I’m not surprised that Joseph couldn’t resist. You know how he feels about t-girls in rubber.” Matron smiled.

Mistress nodded. “Why do you think I chose those outfits for today?”

“Are you going to punish her?” Asked Matron as they watched Davina turn to the wall and present herself to the man, panties round her knees.

“Watch.” Murmured the Mistress.

Matron watched, and then opened her mouth in surprise. “She didn’t do it!”

Mistress nodded. “It was a test. And she passed. But she’s becoming aware of her power more quickly than I ever thought. She nearly made Roberts cum in his sports pants out on the hockey field today. I had to lend him, and that battering ram he calls a cock, Imogen for the evening. Before he tries to take Davina during the next hockey game.”

Matron gasped. “You gave him Imogen? But I thought she was your favourite?”

Mistress nodded. “She has to learn that she does what she’s told. She was getting a little too comfortable as my personal slut.”

“So,” asked Matron, “what are you going to do about Davina?”

Mistress smiled a catlike smile. “I need to know if she can really be controlled. If not, she’ll just end up as another slut that has fun for a few years before losing herself. I’m going to put her to the ultimate test. If she does as she’s told, I’ll make her future assured.”

Matron raised an eyebrow.

Mistress’ expression became hard, “But the test will be the hardest thing she has ever had to do.”

The next day, Davina sat in class, a large dildo complete with balls stuck to the table in front of her. At the front of the class Ms Fanshore, a tall, hard looking transgender woman stood with her tight jeans undone, her large cock hanging from the fly. A 20 year old T-girl sub in the year above Davina was on her knees, licking and sucking at the teacher’s cock.

“Now class.” Ms Fanshore said. “Do what Victoria does. Work the shaft. That’s it.”

The girl on her knees slid her tongue up and down and Davina leant forward, letting her own tongue work up and down the dildo. As she closed her eyes she started fantasising that it was Joseph’s cock. She had been up half the night, going over and over what had happened with Olivia and the other girls. Things had got quite heated and as they went to sleep, she could hear a buzzing noise from Olivia’s bed, which meant that her friend was using a vibrator on her little hole.

The classroom door opened and Matron walked in. She looked directly at Davina.

“Come with me, now.” Matron said sharply, before turning and leaving.

Davina quickly got to her feet and picked up her books, mumbling an apology to Ms Fanshore as she went.

Matron strode down the corridor ahead and Davina hurried to keep up, still tottering slightly in her heels.

“Matron, what’s..” Davina began.

Matron stopped dead and turned. She looked furious. “Don’t say another word. You don’t want to end up in even more trouble.” And with that, carried on down the hallway.

Davina felt panic run through her body. What had she done. What had… Joseph. Suddenly Davina felt a thin film of sweat on her forehead. She had acted like a slut with Joseph and now she was going to be punished.

Matron stopped outside Mistress K’s door and knocked. Then she turned, glared at Davina and walked away.

“Enter.” Came Mistress K’s reply through the wood.

With a pounding heart, Davina walked into Mistress K’s study. The beautiful, imposing T-woman stood facing away, looking out of the window. She was wearing a white, figure hugging suit with a short, businesslike skirt.

“Close the door. Undress. Now.” Mistress K did not turn round, but her voice was cold.

With shaking fingers, Davina unbuttoned her blouse, fumbling with the buttons. In a few seconds the blouse fell to the floor and this was followed by her skirt and bra. Davina took a deep breath and slid her panties down around her ankles. She was about to pull down her thigh high stockings when the Mistress turned around. Her face was pale, and her lips were set in a thin line.

“Leave those on. And your shoes.” She barked.

Davina did as she was told, her eyes lowered, visibly shaking.

“Pick up your clothes and put them on the bench.” She was commanded.

Davina did as she was told, trying not to meet Mistress K’s gaze. The Mistress walked over to her and grabbed Davina by her auburn hair.

“I told you that you belonged to me, little slut. Do you remember?” The Mistress asked, eyes like steel staring directly into Davina’s own. Davina nodded, her eyes tearing. “I do, Mistress.”

“And yet I find out that you’ve been spreading your legs,” Mistress K slapped Davina’s thighs, making the girl jolt, “and your lips,” this time she slapped Davina’s cheek, making her cry out, “to one of the gardeners. One of the fucking gardeners of all people.”

She pulled Davina by the hair towards the desk. “We had a deal, and you broke it, you little bitch.”

She dragged her to the far side of the desk and pushed her to her knees. “Get under the desk and mount the dildo, slut.”

Davina hurriedly got to her knees and turned, backing her way under the desk, tears now freely running down her cheeks from fear and self-disgust. She carried on backwards until she felt the huge rubber cock press between her cheeks.

She shifted her ass slightly until she felt the huge tip against her rosebud. Mistress K, meanwhile stood in front of Davina, lifted her skirt to expose her huge, beautiful cock, and sat in the chair.

Davina slowly pushed back on the dildo, but it was so much bigger than anything she’d ever had in her before. She grunted a little as she pushed, but it was no good, the tip was just too wide.

Mistress K lifted up her booted feet to rest them on Davina’s naked thighs, the stiletto heels poking into her flesh. “Get on that dildo, or I’ll whip the flesh from your body, bitch.” Mistress K growled, and pushed down with her stiletto heels. Davina shrieked with pain and plunged her ass backwards. Her hole spread wider and wider, pain shooting through her, as the thick rubber invader dug deeper and deeper into her virgin hole.

Mistress K kept pushing with the heels, as the girl sank down onto the huge rubber cock, the sluts breath coming in hard, tortured gasps, her body spasming, trying to make room for the unwelcome visitor.

Finally Davina felt her butt cheeks touch the end of the Dildo. She was in excruciating pain, the dildo was like a steel pole running up through her whole body. She could hardly breath and she blinked back more tears, waiting for her body to adjust.

As she gasped, the thick head of Mistress K’s cock was pressed against her lips. Mistress K had forgotten what it was like to have a first timer impaled on the huge dildo. She was already hard and, throwing her hair back and her hips forward, she thrust her cock into Davina’s open mouth. The girl gagged, but the Mistress did not let up, pressing her cock in deeper and deeper.

“Fuck the dildo, Davina.” She said huskily. And she felt the girl whimper around her cock as the little slut began slowly moving herself up and down the thick toy. Strands of drool were already appearing from the side of Davina’s mouth as she felt her Mistresses cock tap again and again against the back of her throat.

Mistress K held the girl’s head still and spoke in a low whisper. “You have displeased me. And I do not like those who displease me. You are about to hear what your future holds. Say nothing, and do nothing but pump that prettily little rump of yours up and down the dildo and suck on my cock. If you stop or try to interrupt my conversation, you leave immediately, naked and alone.”

Davina whimpered again but did as she was told, feeling her sphincter start to loosen around the invader and her gag reflex start to abate.

The intercom on the Mistresses desk sounded. “Your 12 o’clock is here, Mistress.” The secretary’s voice sounded tinny through the speaker.

“Send him in.” The Mistress replied.

Davina could here the sound of the door open above the coarse sound her her own breathing through her nostrils.

“Please, take a seat.” The Mistress said. “I’d get up, but as you can see…”

Davina heard the man take a seat, and then inhale sharply. She guessed that he had seen her ass so crudely distended by the monster toy. Almost without meaning to, Davina began to pump a little harder, wanting to put on a show for their visitor.

“May I get you anything?” Asked the Mistress.

When the man spoke, Davina froze.

“How’s about one of what you’re having.” The man said. Davina recognised the voice. It was her Step-Father!

Mistress K pushed forwards, gagging Davina and bringing her back to reality. She continued to pump against the dildo, still sucking on her mistresses cock, but now her heart was racing and she could feel panic building.

“I’m sure we can find someone to attend to your needs after this little meeting, Mr Jonas.” Mistress replied silkily.

Pete Jonas, Davina’s step-father leaned back in his chair, and watched the plump, tanned ass as it slid up and down the sex toy. The ring of muscle looking almost like lips as they seemed to suck and swallow the thick rubber.

Mistress k coughed politely, getting his attention. “I called you here today to speak about your son, David.”

“Step-Son, you mean,” he grunted. “He’s no son of mine. He’s always been useless. Just the same as his mother. Useless fucking family as far as I’m concerned.”

Mistress k ran her fingers through Davina’s hair as she felt the girl stiffen again. “Indeed.” She replied. “David showed some promise when he came to us, but he has recently been causing trouble. We’re very close to sending him home to you.”

Jonas snorted. “Doesn’t fucking surprise me. Little faggot can’t do anything right. Although you might as well just drop him on the street, because he’s not welcome in my house anymore. Truth be told,” he said shifting forwards in his chair, and getting an eyeful of the show, “his mother’ll soon be out on the street too. It was a mistake getting involved with them in the first place.”

Mistress k smiled coldly. “Of course. You’re clearly a man who makes up his own mind. I admire that. Why don’t you stay this evening, and I’ll arrange a little entertainment for you. It seems a shame for you to have wasted such a long journey.”

Jonas leaned back in his seat and nodded. “Sounds like a great idea.”

Later, once Jonas had left, Mistress K slid her cock out of Davina’s tired mouth and looked down at her charge, taking in the smeared mascara and tear stained face.

“Davina. What happens next is very important for your future. I want you to understand that I am not doing this because I am cruel, although I can be cruel. I’m doing this because you have to understand that you belong to me. And more than that. You have to understand that you have an incredible talent with men. They crave you. You must understand that this is how you will make your future a success. Use you ass, your mouth, your beauty. Use them all to get what you want. Do you understand.”

Davina nodded hesitantly, but the Mistress could tell that she did not understand. “You face a test tonight, Davina. Pass it, and you start your future tomorrow. Wealth, happiness, adventure, can all be yours. Fail the test, and I send you home with that man. And trust me, I’m a good judge of character, and that man is a monster.”

Davina blinked back tears. She nodded silently. “Now,” said Mistress k, “because you have such a lot to do, I will let you go now, before I have even cum. That is how important this is.”

Mistress K backed up in her chair and stood, letting her skirt slide down over her cock. Davina slowly edged forwards, feeling every single inch of the huge dildo slipping out of her. The head was the largest part, and yet there was only a small amount of resistance as it finally popped out of her battered little rosebud.

She shakily got to her feet.

Mistress K pointed to a door that Davina had never noticed before. “Matron is waiting for you through there. Do as she says, obey your instructions and the future will be wonderful. Goodbye, little one.”

And with that, Mistress K leaned down and kissed Davina deeply, tasting her own pre-cum on the little sluts lips.

Davina walked through the door, her legs barely able to take her weight. To hear that the Mistress was thinking about sending her back to that heartless bastard. Pete Jonas was Davina’s step-father, an evil minded sadist who, back when Davina was still David, used to knock him around at the slightest provocation. He was also mean to Davina’s Mom, and it sounded like he was going to dump her too! Davina’s Mom had put a lot of money into Jonas’ business, which had now become a success, but the bastard probably wouldn’t leave her a thing when he walked out of the door.

Davina was trying hard not to cry when she saw Matron waiting for her in a small room. Matron walked over and put an arm around her shoulders, and Davina immediately began sobbing.

“There, there, darling,” Matron said softly. “I’m sure you’ll do well this evening. And then all of this will be over.”

She poured a deep, hot bath and washed Davina very gently, then dried her and wrapped her in a thick, fluffy robe.

“What… what’s the test tonight, Matron?” Stammered Davina.

Matron smiled. “You’ll find out soon enough, darling.” And with that she opened a side door and let in Charity, the T-girl who had first taught Davina how to apply make-up.

Charity smiled at Davina and sat her down in a make-up chair. She began styling the beautiful young T-girl’s long auburn hair, straightening it and adding product to make it shine like silk. She then began applying make-up. Davina sat dumbly in the chair, not sure what was going on. From the mirror she could see that Charity was applying quite heavy make-up, certainly more than she was used to wearing. By the time she was finished, Davina looked at herself, and couldn’t believe the transformation.

Normally she looked pretty, but innocent, just a dash of make-up to bring out her natural beauty. Now, with eye-liner around her eyes and deep, shiny red lips, she looked like a little whore. Charity leant back to admire her work, and smiled. “You look gorgeous, babe.” She said. “Now, drop your robe and we’ll make you perfect.”

Davina slowly got to her feet. She felt so nervous, but she had known Matron and Charity since she first got to the finishing school, and she didn’t really feel strange being naked in front of them. Her robe dropped down to the floor. Charity smiled again, taking in Davina’s beautiful, lithe body. “Looking hot, hun. You’ve really developed.” She said, wickedly.

Charity then began to squirt oil onto her hands and rub it into Davina’s skin, first her legs and then up her thighs, her tight little butt and back. The sensation was very nice, and even though Davina had had a very stressful day, she felt herself begin to loosen up. And she felt other parts of her body begin to harden up.

Charity turned her round and knelt down, starting to rub oil into her tummy, when she saw Davina’s little clit begin to swell.

“My,” she purred, “you are a very responsive young lady, aren’t you?” And Charity leant forwards and flicked the very tip of Davina’s hardening cock with her tongue. Davina moaned softly, but Charity just smiled and continued with the oil, up Davina’s body, and over her pert, rounded breasts, her thumbs running over the thick nipples.

Davina was a little out of breath by the time Charity had finished, and wished that the sexy T-woman’s hands hadn’t stopped their delicious work. Matron then walked forward holding a shiny piece of red leather. It was a tiny waspie corset that encircled Davina’s already slim waist, and, pulling hard on the cords, matron tied the corset as tight as she could. Davina felt the breath leave her body and her back straighten as the restrictive garment was made secure. Her butt now stuck out and her breasts were pushed upwards and forwards.

Charity the knelt once more and took out two red patent sandals with a thick perspex platform and stiletto heal, buckling them onto Davina’s petite feet. The straps continued up Davina’s calfs, finishing just below the knee.

Matron slowly turned her about, tottering slightly on the high platforms, to face the mirror. Davina drew in a quick gasp. She nearly didn’t recognise herself. Her face looked wicked, and sensuous, but her body looked made for fucking. Glistening with a thin film of oil, the corset and heels doing their work to present her assets in the most alluring, most provocative way.

Davina felt her cock grow harder as she looked at herself. The perfect shemale whore, ready for anyone who wanted to fuck her.

“You’re ready,” whispered Matron, and taking Davina’s hand, led her through a tight passageway into a round chamber with a single door at the far end. Sitting on a couch was Mistress K. Her eyes widened as Davina was led in.

“My god. She’s incredible.” Mistress K breathed, getting to her feet and slowly walking around Davina, taking in the rising, falling breasts, the beautiful, pert shining ass.

Mistress K stopped directly in front of Davina and with soft hands gripped the T-girls hairless penis, gently tugging.

“Am… Am I for you, this evening, Mistress?” Davina asked, nervously.

Mistress K laughed a deep throaty laugh and shook her head. “I wish you were, Davina. I could fuck you until you were no longer able to walk. No my darling, we have a different test for you this evening.”

She took Davina’s hand and led her to the doorway at the far end of the room, and pointed to a small viewing hole. Davina leaned forwards and looked in to see a dimly lit room. The room had mirrors on ever surface apart from a wide leather chair sat in the middle. And sitting on the arm chair was her Step-father. Davina’s heart started beating faster and faster, and she felt herself begin to tremble. Pulling away from the door she turned to Mistress K, shaking her head.

“Please,” she begged, “not him. Anybody but him.”

Mistress K smiled slightly cruelly. “As we agreed, you belong to me, slut.” Her expression softened slightly. “You think I’m being cruel, but I’m not. There is a hidden video camera in that room. You must go in and do what he asks. You must let him fuck you. And you must make him say that he knows who you are, knows that you were once his step-son.”

Davina blinked, trying not to cry. “But why? Why would you make me do this?”

Mistress K narrowed her eyes. “It should be enough that I tell you to do it. But I also do this to help you. That man is pure evil. But once we have this tape, he belongs to us. To you. We can ensure that your mother is cared for for the rest of her life, that he never bothers her, or you again. With that tape, you will have control. Life is not easy for women like us, Davina. We must use everything we have to make life better. Do you understand?”

Davina looked at the Mistress, and slowly she began to understand what the Mistress had been trying to tell her. Finally she nodded. “I understand.”

And with that, she leant forward on her high platforms and lightly kissed the Mistresses lips. Mistress K looked at her, shocked, and for the first time that she could remember, blushed.

“Let’s get started.” Davina said softly.

Mistress K dimmed the lights in the chamber and slowly opened the door.

Pete Jonas was getting bored. He’d had an excellent supper and a few too many glasses of wine. The girls had been good company over dinner, and he’d tried pawing at one or two of them, but that Mistress K bitch kept a pretty tight ship. Whenever he got a little out of hand, the girls were sent to sit at a different part of the room. She’d promised that it would all be worth his while, but he’d already been sitting here for 15 minutes, and if something didn’t happen soon, he’d just get up and leave. He stared at his own reflection in the mirrored walls and admired himself. Not too bad looking even after all these years.

The door opened slowly, and for a few seconds he could see nothing. Then he smelt light, sensuous perfume and saw a figure swaying into the room. He saw only the outline at first. The girl was beautiful, petite, curvy, but slim.

As the girl walked into the dim light, Pete took in the porn star shoes, the beautiful slim legs and ripe thighs, the rounded hips and tiny, corseted waist. He saw the small cock hanging between those thighs and licked his lips. That he liked girls with ‘something extra’ was a secret he’d kept hidden for all his life. As he continued looking up he admired one of the finest racks he’d ever seen. Rounded, heavy and pert. The T-girl’s tan body glistened in the low lighting.

“Good evening, Mr Jonas.” The voice was light, breathy.

Pete looked up and saw a beautiful, slutty face, framed in auburn hair, piercing green eyes staring back at him, a sultry smile on the plump lips.

There was something about the face that he knew, but it was difficult to place.

The girl walked towards him, hips swaying seductively until she was just a few inches in front of him. Her scent was beautiful, perfume, and a slight sexual musk that made his cock start to harden in his pants.

She slowly turned on the spot until her ass was just in front of his face. “Do you like what you see, Mr Jonas?” The girl asked, looking at him over her shoulder. She began to bend forwards, running her hands down her glistening legs, revealing her tight little rosebud. Slowly she stood up again.

Pete’s cock was painfully hard now, as the girl turned back towards him. She stepped even closer, until her little hairless cock was right in front of his face, then bent forwards to whisper into his ear. As she leant forwards, her heavy breasts brushed his cheek. Pete moaned in the back of his throat. The heat from the girl was incredible. He had never wanted anyone so much in his life.

The girl’s mouth was right by his ear and he felt her lips brush briefly against his skin. “Don’t you recognise me, Mr Jonas? Don’t you recognise your step-son?”

Pete suddenly jerked backwards and the girl rose and took a step back. Pete Jonas’ breathing was heavy. “What the fuck is going on?”

The girl smiled sexily and ran a hand down her body, arching her back. Her finger ran down her cock and further, between her legs. She slowly sank into a crouch.

“You know what’s going on. Don’t pretend that this isn’t what you wanted. Your own personal shemale fuckslut.” The girl almost purred.

Pete didn’t know what to do, as he looked at the girls face he started to see slight signs, slight memories of David’s in the shape and bone structure. And in the eyes. But his own eyes were drawn down to the wide spread, tanned thighs, to the little hand working away. He could see the tips of her fingers dipping in and out of her ass. His cock pulsed.

“David…” He gasped, his voice sounding rough.

The girl smiled and withdrew her fingers from between her legs. She brought them to her lips and began to lick them with her pink little tongue.

“You made me. You wanted this.” She got to her feet and slowly brought her knees up so that she was straddling him in the leather chair. She slowly took first one of his hands, then the other and placed one on her breast and the other on her ass. “Tell me who I am.”

Pete’s voice was a harsh whisper in the dim room. “You’re… you’re my step-son.” He said finally. His hands were trembling but already he was starting to squeeze the flesh of her ass, to stroke her beautiful firm breast.

“They call me Davina now. But I’m in trouble. I’m not supposed to be here.” Davina leant forwards until her lips were just by his ear. She swallowed, trying not to tremble or let her fear or loathing for this man show. She let her lips kiss his ear and he gasped. “I want you to take me home, throw my bitch mother out of the house and keep me as your personal sex slave. Would you like that?”

Pete paused, and for a second, Davina thought she had gone too far. But when he replied his voice was tight with lust. “Yes.”

Davina slowly got off him and knelt down, swiftly removing his shoes and socks. She leaned forwards and Pete looked over her shoulder seeing her tanned, ripe little ass reflected in the mirrored walls, the small smooth balls hanging between her legs.

Her hand stroked over his cock, making him moan and then she undid the buttons on his shirt.

Pete suddenly grabbed her hand. For the first time he looked slightly suspicious. “Then… then why don’t we leave now? Together.”

Davina felt a thrill of nerves run through her, but she stood up, arching her back. She ran her hand down her corset and down over the oiled, velvet skin of her cock. To her surprise it was starting to grow hard again. She breathed deeply, watching him watch her breasts rise and fall. “Do you see my little clit? So pathetic compared to that beautiful thing I just felt in your pants.”

Pete nodded, still wary.

“It’s getting hard for you. I’ve wanted you for so long. A real man. A strong man. The reason we can’t leave now is because I’ve waited long enough for you already… Daddy.” Davina breathed.

She looked at him through her lashes, still letting her fingers slide of her hardening clit. And she could see that she had him now. He was hers to control. And now she truly understood what Mistress had been trying to tell her. With her beauty, her sensuality, she no longer feared this man as she had as a weak, slight male. Now he wanted her more than anything. And she was going to put him in a position where he could do no harm ever again. This was her power. And it was starting to turn her on, overriding the hatred and loathing and fear she felt for him.

“Don’t you want to fuck me, Daddy?” She asked, almost a little sadly.

Pete took a shaky breath. “Yes… I want to fuck you… I want you right now…”

Davina moved around behind the chair, her ass jiggling slightly with every step, and she removed his shirt. She then walked back in front of him and crouched down on the floor. Her hands ran up his thighs. He growled in the back of his throat as she started to rub his cock through his pants. She then slowly undid his fly and he watched as she smiled like a slut, pushing one hand into his fly.

“What do you have for me, Daddy?” She purred. Her fingers found his throbbing cock. It was about average in length, but very very thick. At least Davina understood one thing her mother had seen in him.

She freed his cock from his pants and gripped it in her hand, squeezing and gently pulling the skin down and up on the shaft.

“Can… Can I suck your cock? Please?” Davina asked, looking up at him. He nodded, unable now to talk.

Davina leant forwards, and took in the smell of his sex. She couldn’t believe it, but she was now incredibly turned on by the effect she was having on this idiot. She opened her lips and pressed her tongue against the very bottom of his shaft, and then incredibly slowly, licked her way up his cock, her eyes always on his. When she reached the top she let her tongue swirl around the hot, fat helmet, already covered in pre-cum. And then she bobbed her head, letting her lips run over the top, taking him in her mouth.

He grabbed her hair as she began sucking his cock, tasting him, swirling her tongue around, feeling the thick shaft stretch her lips wide. Her head bobbed up and down and his hips rose to meet her. Soon his cock was buried deep in her throat and she felt his pubic hair graze her nose.

He began to tense and she swiftly pulled back, letting his cock fall from her mouth. He watched entranced at the saliva that still connected his cock to her lips. She quickly undid his belt and removed his pants and shorts. Then she stood in front of him and straddled his naked body. Her boobs pressed against his face and she felt him start to lick and suck at her nipples.

She brought her oiled ass down and began sliding it back and forwards along the length of his shaft. She had to admit that the girth and the heat felt wonderful.

She looked over her shoulder and saw her pneumatic body sliding over his, her glistening tanned flesh rippling with every stroke. She gasped as he bit one her nipples, but it felt good.

She felt his hand grip her cock and she gasped out loud, arching her back. And then she did what she had to do. To end this whole charade. She leant backwards and gripped his cock and pushed back until the head was just pressing against her most secret entrance.

Slowly she pushed backwards and felt herself begin to widen as her rosebud blossomed around the thick invader. Her breath came in harsh gasps, restricted by the corset, but she continued to push onto him. It was the first cock she had had inside of her, and it felt right that this would be the one that freed her.

The thick head widened her ass even further, making her cry out and bite her lip, until finally, it was in. She paused, her hand resting on his shoulder, but clearly he had mistaken her cry for one of passion.

He grabbed her waist and thrust upwards. Davina groaned as his full, fat length filled up her tiny ass. Her own little cock was pulsing with each beat of her heart as she sat, splayed on him.

He started to fuck her, with swift, hard strokes, pounding her soft, delicate hole. She felt him rear up in her insides, stretching her as wide as she would go, then sliding out, only to pound back in once more.

Gradually her muscles relaxed and she began to accommodate his length more easily. And soon, she was riding him hard, her ass slamming down onto his thighs taking his cock deep into her perfect place.

He suddenly stopped and pulled her up and off him, and as his cock left she felt her ass gape, already used to its powerful visitor.

He turned her round, his legs wide, and forced her thighs wider still until she was as spread as she could be, her own legs hooked behind his. And then he sat her back down, aiming his cock, sliding it easily into her ravaged hole.

Davina gasped again as he re-entered her, but now she could take him. He thrust up into her and they both watch their reflection in the mirror. She watched her own little cock bounce in time with his thrusts as he gripped her hair, pulling her head back. His other hand found her breast and kneaded and pawed at it cruelly.

He began to thrust harder and harder, sweat now covering both of them, and she felt him tense beneath her. He shouted and she felt the warm heat of his semen begin to spurt inside her, swiftly filling her tight ass.

He finally stopped bucking and lay back in the chair. For a few moments she lay back against him, her thighs still spread, her ass still impaled on his dick. When she had got her breath back, she braced herself, and slowly got to her feet, feeling him slip wetly out of her. She also felt his cum begin to leak out of her, down her inner thighs.

“That… That was incredible.” Pete said.

Davina stretched. She felt incredible. So powerful and strong she could hardly believe the change in herself.

“I’ll get dressed,” he said, “and then I’ll see you outside. We can leave tonight.”

Davina looked at him over her shoulder, still getting her breath back, his semen dripping from her. “Uhuh.” She said non-committally and then walked, with shaky legs, out of the door she had come in through.

There’s a bit more action this time around. There’s at least one more chapter in this and that may be it. I hope I’ve pleased the readers who liked the slowly developing story, but I do worry that this may not have had the slow burn they were hoping for.

* * *

When Brad woke on Saturday morning it was the first morning he wasn’t disoriented, obviously he was settling into the routine of sleeping on Sara and Daphne’s couch. Today was another day off work. He thought back over the week’s events, from learning Sara had a cock by spying on her shagging some chick doggy style by peeking through the gap under her door, to the blissful yet confusing session he had last night by taking Daphne up her back passage.

Thinking of Daphne he looked over to her door, and seeing it left slightly open, he assumed that she had already left for the day, probably off to the gym quite early. He really wanted to talk to her, to try and gauge how she felt about last night. After he’d cum, she’d pretty much dismissed him from her room, and then she’d proceeded to masturbate pretty loudly. He’d never even been given the opportunity to go down on her and he felt a little slighted at not getting the opportunity to even the scales.

Brad decided to spend the day cleaning up around the apartment. He wanted to repay the girls any way he could, and a bit of extra cleaning would surely be appreciated.

* * *

Saturday afternoon found Brad down at his local pub catching up with a couple of mates.

His day of cleaning had been pretty productive. He’d never seen so many feminine items around the place before, as he’d never lived with women. Mostly he ignored them, but it was an eye-opener to read some of the labels of various products. Who knew your face needed its own special cleanser?

His ‘mates’ had apologised of course for not being able to offer him a place to crash, but he could tell only a couple were truly sincere.

After a few rounds he found himself alone with Jeff, who he’d never really clicked with, though they were mates to a degree. He’d always found Jeff a little weird, like, slightly perverted and always turning the conversation dirty.

Sure enough, Jeff was soon talking about the latest chick whose panties he’d gotten into. Brad’s attention skyrocketed when he heard Jeff say, “– I thought maybe she had a cock for a moment there, but no, she just had a really huge mound and a thick thatch of hair, know what I mean?”

Up until now Brad had been giving monotonous answers, almost willing Jeff to leave, but now he was riveted, “Thank god right? I mean, what if she’d had a cock? Barf city right?”

“No way man. I mean, this chick was smoking, and I mean smoking hot. If she’d turned out to be a gender bender, I’d have turned her around and gone in the service entrance. After all, I’ve been there before,” he actually looked smug.

“You mean anal sex, yeah of course, but with… with a guy… or a chick who was or kind of is a guy?”

He was still smug, proud even, “You’ve obviously never been to Thailand. You’d be surprised how hot, and how feminine some shemales, sorry, transgenders, can be Brad. I’ve had more than a couple of experiences with them, and I’ve got to say, they’re some of my hottest memories.”


“A hundred percent truth man.”

“Because…” Brad wondered if he should be sharing this with anyone, but Jeff certainly didn’t seem like he’d judge. Jeff waited patiently; he could see that Brad was struggling with something. “You know the two chicks, the neighbours I said were helping me out, letting me crash?”


“Well, I kind of caught one of them… well, spied really. I looked under her door one night while she was moaning and groaning, and I swear, she had someone bent over on her bed, and she was doing them doggy style.”

Jeff didn’t look impressed, “Nah, from the sounds of them they’re a couple of rug-munchers, she was probably just using a strap-on.”

Until then, Brad hadn’t considered the possibility that the other party had been Daphne, who he had since taken up the arse himself. Was she the chick that Sara had been doing? Was Daphne also the owner of a penis? She’d wanted it up the arse last night, was that because it was the only hole available? Jeff was taking a swig of his beer when Brad interrupted him, “Well there were no straps, and besides, her balls looked pretty real to me.”

Jeff coughed and spat his beer back into his glass. Obviously he wasn’t completely unflappable. Finally, he managed to cough out, “No shit?”

“I’m not kidding.”

“Wow.” Jeff took a moment to digest it, and then tried to ask the question forming slowly in his head, “So how… do you… did you bar up? Are you going to hit it?”

This was a pretty intimate question from not a close mate. Brad would be much too scared to ask anyone else though, fearing they would judge him. Jeff, though, was unlikely to judge him. “Are you gonna keep this to yourself?”

“For sure, I know who I am and I’m happy, but I’d never go spreading around the secrets of others. Have you ever heard me mention a single name of any of my conquests?”

Brad thought about it and realised he had a point. Jeff bragged, a lot, but he never actually named names or singled anyone out. They could sit in a room full of women Jeff shagged and Brad would never be able to tell. The same could not be said for all of his mates. “True.”

Brad had been thinking about Sara’s cock constantly, wondering what it looked like, how well she used it, how big it was, how thick, how it looked in conjunction with her titties and booty, how it would look fighting to escape from tiny little feminine panties. He’d never had any interest in cocks other than his own before, and never had any interest in men. He’d been in footy locker rooms and never even been tempted to look. As for Daphne, he’d not even begun to wonder what she might be packing, or the thought that the two chicks might both be transgender and sharing a bed. Brad embarrassedly realised his cock was getting hard. It wasn’t tenting his pants, but the blood was definitely heading there and thickening his rod.

Jeff was patiently waiting again, cautiously drinking his beer.

“It did,” Brad knew it wasn’t enough, “it did get me hard, and I keep getting hard just thinking about the possibility. I’m like a teenager again, getting random erections at bad times.”

He expected Jeff to smile at him, make fun of him, but he didn’t. “You’ve got it Brad. You’re attracted to her. I don’t mean to go all psych on you, but how do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. I think I should feel weird or disgusted with myself, but I don’t.” He looked at Jeff, again appraising him for how much he was willing to trust him, and how much he was willing to tell him. “To be honest, I’m interested, excited and scared.”

“Sounds normal to me considering your situation.”

“So you’ve had sex with… a transgender?”

“Are you gonna keep this to yourself?” he asked with a wry grin.

I returned the grin, accepting the jibe.

“Both ways buddy, I’ve taken and been taken.”

“Ok,” Brad answered, letting that revelation sink in. The thought aroused him, not thinking about Jeff, but being in Jeff’s situation. He imagined getting in behind Sara, shagging her and watching her imagined dick swinging around. He then imagined the roles reversed, Sara behind him doggie style, mashing her big tits into his back while she shafted him and stroked his hardened cock.

Jeff broke his musings, “Listen, I have to go unfortunately.” Jeff grinned, “I have a date, and it’s one I don’t want to miss. But take my number, and if you ever want to talk to someone, call me. I know my kinks, and they’re deep and numerous, but I’m one of the most stable, happy people you’ll meet, so I won’t judge you. But you need to think about things, and examine how you feel about them. Don’t go doing anything stupid.”

Jeff got up and left Brad at the bar, and Brad got another beer.

Jeff had turned out to be quite a surprise.

Brad thought about Jeff’s advice, what would be the stupid thing to do? It would be stupid to react angrily, but Brad hadn’t really felt any anger.

Would it be stupid to confront Sara? Probably, after all, the only reason he knew all about it was because he was spying on her. Yes, definitely stupid to do that.

The smartest thing was probably to just remain ignorant. If they wanted to tell him they would. In fact, he now had an advantage in that if they decided to tell him one day, he wouldn’t be taken by surprise.

Brad realised that he was now thinking with the assumption that Daphne also had a secret between her legs. He had to be careful not to be surprised if it turned out she didn’t have a penis, because that would be extremely insulting to her.

* * *

Despite having been at the pub for most of the afternoon, he still beat Daphne home. He wasn’t sure where she’d been off to all day, and she wasn’t obliged to tell him.

He’d left just a little bit of laundry to do when he got back from the pub. The girls were lucky enough to have a small European laundry in their apartment. He’d used it a couple of times during the week. This time however, Daphne had left some of her clothes on the washer. Well, he assumed it was Daphne judging by the clothes.

His mind jumped two steps and he was thinking that he was definitely a pervert. Despite that, he couldn’t help acting on his first thought. He was going through Daphne’s clothes. There were a few work blouses, skirts, pants, but of course Brad was interested in more intimate items.

Finally he felt the cup of a bra. He checked the label, supremely curious to know the size of Daphne’s sweater puppies. 34E. Wow. He knew they were big; they looked big, heck they looked hefty, but seeing it written down, confirmed, was something else. Thirty-four meant she had a pretty small chest, but E for the cups was big, especially on a 34 chest.

Brad found a couple of thongs. The temptation to hold them up to his face and have a sniff was strong. He resisted though, he was a pervert for looking through her things, but he decided he had his limits as well.

Once his laundry was done he sat on the couch that had become his bed and stared at the TV. He was getting peckish, but didn’t want to organise dinner in case Daphne also hadn’t eaten in the hope that she’d be agreeable to eating together.

Brad was just about to surrender to his stomach when he heard a key in the door. Daphne breezed in with a huge grin, “Hey Brad, how’s your day been?”

Brad smiled in reply, “Alright, you?”

“Fantastic. Have you had dinner?”

“I was just about to. Did you want to grab something together?”

“Let’s order a pizza. Why don’t you call up now, I’m starving,” she said as she headed for the bathroom.

Brad ordered and was watching TV again when Daphne emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing a grey track suit. You couldn’t get that girl out of sporty clothes, Brad thought to himself. The top was tight, but he wasn’t surprised considering he now knew she was rocking a 34E bra. Her sweat pants were of that Pink brand, and were designed to be tight across her arse and hips, while being loose and flowing further down her legs. Her top was zipped up and there wasn’t much cleavage on display, but sometimes, Brad thought, it was what a girl didn’t show that made all the difference.

They had slowly devoured the pizza and chatted about their respective days while The Big Bang Theory played on the TV. They’d shared similar days, although instead of cleaning, Daphne had spent a couple of hours at the gym. They’d both spent the afternoon hanging out with friends.

They were sitting quite close on the couch. Brad kept stealing glances at Daphne, her full, kissable lips, her delicate ears holding back her silky brunette hair.

Thinking of Sara, he studied Daphne surreptitiously, searching for some clue as to whether or not she might be hiding a secret between her legs. If there was a sign, he couldn’t find it. The old, reliable, Adam’s apple was certainly not there, and her face certainly had no masculine signs. Her body was loudly female, her hips and butt declaring her to be all woman.

Brad thought back to last night. The steamy action he’d had on the couch and in Daphne’s room. He’d do it again in a heartbeat, despite not knowing what she had up front. She’d been less than sober last night. Was it stupid to put the moves on her? Maybe it was, but Brad decided that she’d put the moves on him last night, so surely it was ok for him to give it a shot now. All she could do was say no… and kick him out to the streets… the thought gave him pause.

It was worth it, he decided.

He slowly slid his arm along the back of the couch in that cheesy, tried and true method. He daren’t touch her yet though. She didn’t seem to notice.

What now, the obvious cough or yawn?

Suddenly she snuggled into him, and he seized the opportunity to move his arm down around her shoulders.

They were snuggled up together on the couch watching TV. It was nice. It was what he’d lost with his last girlfriend long before they’d broken up. They’d been out of love for a long time.

Why was he thinking of love? He didn’t love Daphne, but he realised he really like her. She was kind and bubbly, full of energy. And she loved anal sex and had a tight, buxom, sexy body. What could she possibly be missing?

He wrapped his hand around her shoulder. The progress was slow, but he started his progress towards her breast. It was like being a teenager, trying to sneak a feel of his first, frigid, high school girlfriend. It was fun and exciting, so far so good.

When he finally reached her breast he could feel it. She was softer, her tits were softer. She had a hard body, obviously from all the exercise she did, but there were no muscles in her boob to make them hard.

Gently, he moved his hand down and around until he was in position to grab a handful of tit. Finally, he could take no more and gave a gentle squeeze.

Daphne gasped, “Brad!” She turned to look at him and smiled. She bit her bottom lip and looked into his eyes. She put her hand over his and moved it so he was completely cupping her breast before forcing his hand to give it a squeeze. “I’ve never had that move put on me you know, but I used to dream about it.”

Encouraged, Brad began to feel her up in earnest. Her breasts were every bit as large and full as their 34E tag promised. He filled his other hand with her opposite breast and began truly kneading them, causing her to moan, “Mmmm.” She closed her eyes and laid her head back against his arm and the couch.

She’d kept her hair up in a pony tail, giving him an unobstructed view of her neck and delicate shoulder blades. She was taller than him by a few inches, but she was certainly of slighter frame judging by her beautiful neck and shoulders.

As he studied her face, thrown back and dreamy with pleasure, he’d unknowingly slowed his caressing of her breasts. She blearily opened her eyes and looked into his. He pulled her to him and they locked lips hungrily. He ran his hand down her back and slipped it beneath the waistband of her sweats.

He felt the telltale thin lace of a thong and passionately gripped her arse and pulled her against himself even harder.

Her hands were in his hair, gripping and pulling, mashing their faces together.

He moved his hand to her hip, staying within her pants and feeling that supremely erotic and sexy thong over her smooth skin.

She pulled away and grabbed forcefully at his pants, trying in vain to simply yank them off. Brad levered himself up and helped her get them off.

His 7″ and a bit cock was standing to attention in his boxers. Before he could remove those as well, Daphne beat him to it, but not in the way he expected. She playfully nipped his covered cock, before biting his waistband and removing his boxers with her mouth alone.

She sank to the floor between his legs as his boxers were finally removed. He looked down at her on her knees, hair pulled back in a pony tail, looking up at him with smouldering eyes.

She tentatively placed her hands on his thighs, capturing his cock between her hands without actually grabbing it. She stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it up the underside of his rod.

He threw his head back in ecstasy, as she ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, curling her tongue so that it cupped the long shaft.

He reached down and ran his fingertips along her jaw line, before tracing them down her neck and across her collarbone.

She worked her tongue up each side of his dick, and got her lips involved as well, sucking and kissing his rod.

“Daphne!” he exclaimed, over come with pleasure, “Oh god Daphne, please… please… put it in your mouth. Please suck my cock Daphne?”

She smiled at him as she continued to tease him, licking his shaft up and down both sides, over and over again. It was clear that she was enjoying teasing him.

He thrashed his head around in frustration at her teasing and pleaded with her, “God, please, Daphne…”

She relented, and swallowed his cock. It felt to Brad like she had literally removed his cock, stuck it in her mouth and swallowed it down her throat.

He looked down at her again to see her deep-throating him expertly, not even a hint of a gag reflex. He had no idea how she was making his cock feel so good, but she must have been doing something with her tongue and swallowing action.

“OH GOD DAPHNE! FUCK! Oh god, you suck my cock so good. Uhhhh. Yeah. Suck on that dick Daphne.” Brad’s hips were pumping futilely, as Daphne had complete control of him, moving her head and neck as necessary to not allow Brad to either withdraw or pump forward, teasing him deliciously. “Oh fuck yes. Hurrrrr.”

What she was doing was amazing, but still, Brad found the lack of a pumping motion was becoming frustrating. This woman was amazing, able to take him to a whole other plane of teasing.

“I have to fuck you girl. We’re going to fuck,” he laid it out. He stood up, withdrawing his cock from Daphne’s mouth and throat.

“MWAH!” she said as the tube steak was removed. She looked a little scared, but Brad was too far gone to stop now.

“Maybe… maybe we should stop,” she tentatively stated.

He reached down and unzipped her track top, pulling it from her, revealing her round 34Es held only by a smooth, restrictive sports bra.

He grabbed the hem of her sports bra, and in one swift move pulled it up over her head and off. She was obviously agreeable as she lifted up her arms to help.

He watched, mesmerised as her big, heavy breasts were pulled and stretched upwards by the bra, before bouncing back into their natural, round shape and position.

“Brad, I think we should stop,” she said, a little more confidently.

Brad slid his hands down the outside of each breast, hunching his back and hips to reach down, unintentionally bringing his cock back to Daphne’s lips, where, after a moment’s hesitation, she mouthed and made out with the head sensually. He reached further down, around and under her udders, to heft and lift them, shaking them and making them jiggle. He curled his fingertips up towards the front, tickling the tips of her nipples and flicking them, bringing both he and her pleasure.

He had a pretty good idea she wanted him to stop because she wasn’t exactly in control this time, and was probably worried he might find a little secret in her panties. But he’d been operating under the assumption of its existence anyway. In fact, he knew the thought was giving him an extra erotic charge. So he had no fear concerning that. If she wanted to stop for some other reason, she’d have to tell him soon.

She knelt in front of him, half his cock in her mouth being lovingly kissed and sucked, while he crouched over her, caressing and jiggling her hefty tits in his hands.

She made a few grunts, and he could feel her trying to extract herself from his cock, but their positions made it difficult. He didn’t want to make her do something she wasn’t happy with though, and so he released her bountiful bosoms, stood up straight again, before removing his shirt, leaving him naked.

She pulled her mouth off his cock, leaving it to wave, rigid, in the air. She looked up to him.

“I’m sorry Brad, I don’t think we can do this,” she said.

“I can do this, I want to do this, and I need to do this. You’re driving me wild Daphne. You’re so beautiful. I have to get back inside your tight arse again.”

She frowned slightly at that. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”

“I think I do actually,” he said.

He placed his hands under her armpits and helped her to stand. Pulling her to her feet, his hard-on pointed right at her pubic mound, her slightly taller height causing that.

He took her in his arms and pulled her in tight. She angled her hips down, and off to the side, away from his own, pretty much confirming his suspicions. She was worried he would feel her and freak out no doubt. She had no idea he’d already worked it out and was really excited. His erection was pressed tight between them, pressed up against her abdomen and thigh.

“Uhhhh,” she moaned, and held tight to his back, her head going over his shoulders and nuzzling into his own head.

Starting at her shoulder blades, he slowly massaged her back, moving his hands down her naked back. When he reached her waistband he didn’t even pause, quickly sliding his fingers beneath her sweatpants and again feeling the delicious lace of her thong.

He needed to do this quick he figured, not give her time to react until it was clear that he was all in. He had no idea what he would find, how she had things aligned down there, and to be honest this would be his first time even seeing a dick on a girl, but he figured he had to prove he was ok with it very quickly.

Hooking his thumbs over the waistband of her pants and thong, he stepped back from her, reefed down her pants and thong and dropped to his knees in front of her, all in one motion.

“OH!” she exclaimed, “What are you doing?!?”

She was trying to step back and turn away from Brad, but he’d kept her pants just high enough that they trapped her legs and she couldn’t easily step out of them.

Brad stared at her crotch, confused. She had a small patch of trimmed pubic hair above a completely smooth mound. It was different, not like anything he’d ever seen in any porn. There was more definition than a normal girl’s mound. It looked sort of more, out, or taller, and round. It actually looked, sort of like there was a tube, tucked down around between her legs… IDIOT! She had her penis tucked between her legs, of course she did. He’d been expecting to see a shaft either hanging in front of him, or even an erect cock, possibly even a regular pussy, but this actually made more sense.

“Brad, let me go,” she cried.

Daphne struggled to move, to escape exposure of her secret, but he’d trapped her well, and held her with his hands on her tiny, pert bum so that she couldn’t escape. Her struggles were however working her penis loose.

It slowly appeared, worked from between her thighs until it hung in front of his face.

Her struggles ceased when he pushed his lips against the shaft in a soft, tentative kiss.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, “what… what are you doing… don’t… you… can’t see…” she muttered unintelligibly, staring down at him now.

He had no idea what he was doing, but he figured the most important thing had been to get her out of her panties, get her secret out, and show her he was fine with it by touching it. And it seemed to have worked.

“Oh Brad, what are you doing?” she asked, breathlessly.

“I knew, well, I suspected that… that you were… that you had…” he wasn’t sure how to continue, so he placed another kiss on her penis, and watched as it lurched.

“A penis? A dick? How did you know?” she asked.

Her hand was on his head, softly ruffling his hair.

“I…” he started, wondering if he was ready to give a full confession. “Well, the other night I couldn’t sleep, and I heard a noise from Sara’s bedroom. And… well, I know it’s bad, but I snuck a look under her door.”

“You pervert, Brad,” she replied, without any sting to the statement, more like simply stating a fact.

She bobbed down to disentangle herself. Brad leaned back to give her room, but stayed on his knees.

“I know, it was a terrible thing to do but… what I saw… well I couldn’t get it out of my mind,” feeling he needed to make a full confession before she judged him, he forged on. “And then, the other night when we got together, and you wanted me in your arse, without any pussy play whatsoever, followed by kicking me out and having an orgasm all to yourself, well… that was emasculating. I got to thinking about it, and then after a while, I sort of added the two things together and assumed that… you too had… were… had a penis,” he finished, uncertain again.

She stood back from him, naked now, her penis was probably average, maybe a little under, since Brad considered himself to be average and he knew he was bigger than her. It looked to be about half hard and maybe 5″ long, though not too thick. She looked down at him, kneeling on the floor.

“So you still want to play? Even though you know I have my little plaything?” she asked, and softly caressed it.

Brad peeled off his remaining clothes and stood up to face her, his cock rock-hard.

“Does this answer your question?” he retorted, then manoeuvred the rigid, fleshy head of his rod to bump into her own, mainly achieved because of their differing heights because he was hard and long, while she was not.

Suddenly she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her. The movement caused his rod to slide down between her legs and bump up against her butt cheeks. Her own hardening penis was sandwiched between them. Her lips hungrily assaulted his, her tongue invaded his mouth, searching for, finding and sliding sensually all over his tongue.

He took a moment to get over his shock, and then returned her enthusiasm, sliding his own tongue into her mouth and reaching around to fill his hands with her tight, pert little bum. As they kissed, he kneaded her cheeks in his hands, rolling the tight flesh around like dough, and occasionally giving them a light, playful slap. Her hands roamed his back, caressing his shoulder blades, and slid down his back to pinch his bum.

His rod was rock hard, lodged between her legs and rubbing between the bottom of her butt cheeks, his kneading action rubbing the top of his cock. He could feel her penis slowly harden as well, sandwiched between their thighs and slowly climbing higher.

She pulled her mouth back and told him breathlessly, “Come on, let’s go to my room,” she grinned at him, “and this time I might let you stay a little longer.”

He grinned back at her, not letting go of her butt cheeks just yet.

“Is this yours?” she asked and reached behind her to fondle his cock head.

“It’s yours tonight,” he replied, clenching and causing his rod to bounce a bit in its tight cocoon.

“Let’s go,” she said and released him.

As she stepped away, he let her go, but she grabbed hold of his shaft to lead him to her room like a dog. If he’d had a tail, it would have been wagging.

Once in her room, she turned around and fell onto her bed on her back and moved upwards. She reached over and grabbed some lube from her nightstand and was soon lathering it over her arse, with her legs spread lewdly wide. Her other hand used a bit of lube to stroke her hard, little cock.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked, staring into his eyes as she worked a couple of fingers into her bum, lubing it up.

He looked down at her ministrations, her 5″ rod looked completely hard now as she rubbed it up and down. He didn’t need to be asked twice.

He climbed onto the bed eagerly, aiming his cock towards her lubed-up, tight, wrinkled, puckered arsehole. He put his hands on her inner thighs, caressing them, before pushing them just a little wider, as if presenting her treasures on a platter.

Without touching his cock, he aimed it at her arsehole and rubbed his head through the lube she’d accumulated around the opening, adding his pre-cum to the mix and smearing it around.

“Uh yeah,” she moaned, “slide that cock inside me again Brad. Punish me for kicking you out.”

He moved into position, placing his hands beside her chest, allowing her breasts to rub the inside of his arms as he braced them. He angled his hips down that little bit further, and lodged the tip of his dick in the puckered ring of her arse, holding it there for a moment, teasing her a little. It was like the slit of his cock was kissing the tiny, flexing opening of her arse.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard Daphne, show you I can make you cum buckets,” he told her.

She stroked her hard cock, and used her other hand to play with her nipple.

He had a brief thought of Jeff, knowing that it was only their conversation that had him in this position instead of reacting with fear and bigotry as he would have thought was expected. Instead, he was pushing his rock-hard shaft up inside Daphne’s lubed-up, slick, tight little anus.


“Uhhhhhh,” they both moaned as he pushed his dick halfway up her bum.

The lube was slick, and warm. He pulled back, only to push slowly back inside and gained another couple of inches. Her eyes fluttered, but continued to gaze up at him.

“Uhh, yes,” she moaned.

“Oh god,” he gasped.

With another stroke, he bottomed out inside her, his balls hanging low and brushing her arse cheeks, while her own nuts rested above his embedded shaft.

“Oh god,” exclaimed Daphne.

“Fuck yes.”

He had his hands on the bed, either side of her stomach, his legs splayed out just a bit. Her legs were spread wide, giving him full access. He held himself embedded inside her, enjoying the tight warmth of her snug passage.

“Uhhhhhh,” he groaned, as he slowly withdrew until only the head was left inside. Her tight, puckered ring strangled his erection tightly as he pulled back.

“Oh god yes,” she gasped as he pushed himself back inside her again.

He settled into a rhythm of slow strokes inside her. He watched her stroke her cock, a little faster than his own fucking motions.

“You like my little clitty?” she asked him.

“It’s beautiful,” he told her, before he took hold of it for her, holding himself up with one arm and brushing aside her own stroking hand. This freed her up to tweak both her nipples at the same time, a pleasure she availed herself of immediately.

At first he simply caressed it, getting used to the feeling of a cock other than his own. Assessing himself, he didn’t feel gay. He was lying between the legs of a tall, athletic, sexy girl, and the thought of doing the same with a man did not interest him at all.

He started to stroke slowly, matching the pace of his stroking with his thrusting.

She bounced on the bed in an effort to speed him up. Then she tried to take over again, and for a moment they fought over who was going to stroke her. He knew that no-one knew her better than herself, but he wanted to give himself a chance.

“Fuck me HARDER! FUCK ME! FUCK!” she shouted at him.

“Oh god,” was his only reply, as the slick sensation of his shaft sliding inside her nether depths, tightly gripped by her, tingled along his cock.

He kept at it, but he could tell she was frustrated and wanted more. He released her dick and lowered himself down, sandwiching her woody between their stomachs.

Moving into position, he inhaled her breast, or as much as he could of it, sucking her nipple deep inside his mouth. His upper body remained in position, but he used his lower body, swivelling back and forth like a pendulum to keep up the fucking motions.


He used the suction grip to shake her jug all around, causing the tight flesh to ripple before his eyes. He used his tongue to lap at her nipple, tweak it, and run circles around it.

Releasing her tit-mound, he moved his face between the two fleshy sacks of pleasure and started to motorboat between them. Obligingly, Daphne held them up to help him, and giggled as she watched him play.

He repeated his treatment on her other nipple, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked the hard little pleasure nub into his mouth, bringing it into range of his nipple and slathering his attention on it.

Finally he raised himself up and looked down to see the raw lust in her eyes.

He picked up the strength of his thrusts, really driving into her and bottoming out.

In response she spat in her hand and started jerking her little dick like she was trying to rip it off.

She threw her head back and screamed, “OH GOD I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING BRAD! FUCK!”

She wrapped her legs around his arse, and tried to hold him inside. After a couple of stuttering thrusts he realised her intentions and allowed her to hold him deep inside.

As she came, he felt her cute little balls bob about, and her cock squirted thin, translucent cream up onto her stomach, a couple of spurts even managing to adorn her breasts.

“OH FUCK YES! FUCK! YES! OH GOD!” she exclaimed.

Her orgasm caused all her muscles to clench rhythmically, and that in turn felt like she was internally massaging his cock.

Finally her cock was spent, and she laid back, her post-orgasmic expression something truly and utterly beautiful.

Brad however, hadn’t got his end away, and desperately wanted to get back into it. He tentatively pulled back, and Daphne’s eyes gave a start.

“Oh… wait Brad… let me just…” she said before pushing back against him in an effort to get him to withdraw.

In disappointment, Brad pulled out and left his slick, rigid cock wavering in the air with anticipation.

Daphne grabbed a little more lube and slicked herself again, then tiredly turned over in front of Brad.

“Do it like this,” she told him as she positioned her arse in the air on her knees, her tight little butt cheeks quivering, while she laid her torso flat on the bed and rested on a pillow, causing her own pillows to flatten out against the bed. Her back was arched leaving it looking like half a skateboard ramp.

Brad was keen, and wasted no time sinking back inside her depths. He took her hips in his hands and pulled her back against him. The freedom of fucking her arse doggy style again, but this time with them both naked, was fantastically luxurious.

He used long strokes, and again started slowly. He could feel her tight muscles flexing in her hips and butt as she worked with him to help him shaft her good.

Periodically he’d slow down his motions, letter her take control, and she would do so immediately, rocking her body back and forth. Her arse shimmied and undulated on his cock in a figure of eight pattern as it worked his rod.

He marvelled at her trim waist, sliding his hands up and softly caressing her waist, then sliding back and feeling her hips as they thrust into each other.

Brad alternated between looking down at her stellar body, working him, and throwing his head back in consummate ecstasy.

He had almost no warning that he was about to cum. The telltale build-up of pleasure from balls to shaft to tip was so sudden he had almost no time to react.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum Daphne, I’m cumming! OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!” he exclaimed.


He held himself deeply embedded inside her, and felt the amazing lurches as his cock went about the spasms required to deposit his seething load of cream inside her tunnel.


Her arse was soon packed tight with Brad’s man-cream.

“Oh god, oh god, you’re filling me up, I’m full Brad, I’m full,” she told him confirming what he could feel as well.

They both panted, and held still while Brad came down from the high of his orgasm.

Carefully, he withdrew, noting how much slicker she was with his splooge packed into her butt.

He pulled out, and looked down to see his goopy mess start to ooze out of her.

With what looked like a practiced move, Daphne rolled to the side, kicking her leg up straight and high to disentangle herself from Brad, then darted towards the bathroom.

He wondered to himself if she would expect him to leave now. In exhaustion he laid out flat, but tried not to look too comfortable.

She was in the bathroom for a few minutes, and Brad’s eyelids became heavy. He was excited for what had just happened, but he was left alone, and it had been a long day. But it was important to talk to Daphne, and make sure she was okay with him knowing about her, and while he’d love to stay in her bed, it was her bed and her choice.

* * *

It was still dark, and he was wrapped around a tight-bodied, feminine figure. He’d fallen asleep in Daphne’s bed, without talking to her. He was spooned up behind her and his cock was hard, nestled between her butt-cheeks, her tight, little butt-cheeks. He could feel that she was wearing a thong, and a soft, loose cotton T-shirt. He’d obviously fallen asleep naked so was still dressed so. He considered leaving her bed and going back to the couch, but the rustling and noise of doing so might wake her. Besides, she’d been comfortable enough to let him stay, and he really didn’t want to leave.

Satisfied, he snuggled into the covers and repositioned his hand, softly cupping her big breast in his hand, and waited to drift back off to sleep. It took a while, but eventually he was successful.

* * *

He woke up in Daphne’s bed alone, his scrabbling arms not finding her. There was however, a delightful, wet suction on his morning glory. Lifting the covers, he looked down into Daphne’s eyes, as she gave Brad an awesome blowjob.

“Oh Daphne, my god, that’s awesome,” he told her.

She continued to suck, and work her lips up and down.

She went on to give Brad one of his most memorable blowjobs ever.

When he released in her mouth she swallowed it down, and seemed to relish it.

She climbed up the bed once he finished. As she moved up he could feel her own aroused girlhood sticking up insider her thong, dragging up his leg and settling against his hip. She still had her soft, comfortable grey T-shirt on and it wrapped her body loosely, but failed to conceal the hardened nipples adorning her heavy, pretty tits. They shared a deep, soulful kiss, the taste of his own seed on her lips, and shared with Brad who showed no discomfort at all.

“I’m sorry I fell asleep last night,” he apologised.

“No worries, I was pretty beat as well, and it took me a while in the bathroom too.”

“You… you let me stay?” he asked.

She smiled at him and replied, “Well, I didn’t have to worry about you discovering my secret, and you got me off pretty well, so there didn’t seem to be any reason to wake you up and hustle you out.”

“Speaking of your secret,” Brad started, and traced a finger along her erection. Her eyes closed and a shudder ran through her. “You got me off, which means it’s your turn.”

He softly stroked and tickled her rod through her panties with his fingertips.

He wasn’t really sure where the sudden desire came from, so he bit his tongue. Then he thought of last night, the fun and the trust she was now showing him. He decided to go with the flow.

“Would you… would you like to do me?” he asked her.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked into his eyes. The seconds stretched on, and neither of them spoke for what felt like a long time.

“You… you want me to fuck you?” she asked.

He nodded at her.

“You want me to put my cock up your arse?” she asked, looking into his eyes the whole time, obviously testing his resolve.

This is completely inspired by an excellent picture from the incredibly talented InCase, who is almost single-handedly responsible for getting me into this particular kink.

“Well” I thought idly as I felt the smoke finally start to reach my lungs, “That’s that then” I’d been lying on the floor of my apartment for about 10 minutes now, the heat slowly increasing. In hindsight sleeping till 2 in the afternoon probably isn’t that good an idea, but I never thought it would actually kill me. The fire alarm in the corridor had long since given up and I could tell that the inferno was still intense over there- the door handle was roasting hot. Unfortunately the window didn’t offer a better choice- it was double glazed and wouldn’t open more than a foot, and even if I did manage to smash through I probably didn’t stand a great chance on surviving a ten story fall.

That thought actually revitalized me to action. Fuck it, I’d rather spend my life being fed through a tube than die now- at least I could still watch TV right? I looked around for something sufficiently heavy to start trying to bust out, and settled on my speakers. Struggling to my feet I cracked open the window to let some air in and maybe give me enough breath to attempt survival. But the sound that greeted my ears as I did so was enough to make me collapse again. Those sadistic bastards out there were cheering. Cheering! Defeated I slumped down and waited for the smoke to take me. Maybe this wasn’t so bad- at least I wouldn’t burn to death.

No sooner had I thought that than the door to my crappy apartment was burst off its hinges and a fireball came racing across the room towards me. I flinched and tried to shield my face with my hands, but no flaming death came. I opened my eyes, and standing in the doorway having inhaled my certain doom was Power Girl! She casually spat a much reduced fireball into the corridor and strode into the room, smiling and extending a hand.

“Sorry sir, you’re the last one in the building. I don’t know how much lead there is in this room, but I couldn’t see or hear you till you opened that window. Wanna get out of here?” I nodded dumbly and took her hand, and she lifted me effortlessly, supporting me with one arm. With the other she casually slid a hand into my wall, pulling a huge chunk of it into the room and making an improvised doorway. Without any ceremony she stepped out onto the air, and flew us across the block and deposited me on a roof facing the blaze. “The firefighters should be able to handle everything from here, and there’s no risk of anyone dying now. How’re you doing?”

“I’m…” I started, trying to gather my thoughts. Without meaning to I felt tears rising up, not from the smoke but real tears. “I’m awful! Every shitty thing I own is in that shitty apartment, and I know I should be grateful and happy to be here but that crap was my life!” I covered my eyes, embarrassed at my outburst and lack of gratitude.

“Hey, don’t cry” Power Girl said, sitting beside me. “You don’t need any of that stuff, and I’m sure you’ll get somewhere to stay while you get back on your feet.” I sniffed and looked over at her. In person she was much more stunning than in news clips, and the soot and sweat on her made her look even better. There were scorch marks all over her normally perfectly white costume, and she smiled at me as I wiped my eyes. Without meaning to, without any conscious thought at all except about how intense it felt to be sitting next to her, our heads close together, I leaned across to kiss her. To my shock she didn’t resist, and I pulled back almost immediately, ashamed of my pathetic outburst and now being a creep to the woman I owed my life to.

“I am so sorry” I said, rising. “I’m truly grateful for you saving my life, and I’ll never forget it, but I’m sorry for that”. I turned to head towards the door to the stairwell, and she was standing there, smiling.

“Don’t be” She said breathily and stepped towards me, kissing me deeply again. Her tongue gently parted my lips and then teeth, flicking into my mouth for a brief second before she broke the kiss again. “I think I can find somewhere we can get you washed up and stay for the night” Her smile had lost the beatific quality it had earlier, and there was a hunger to her voice. I was honestly in such shock that all that did was make me even more turned on, and I reached to her to kiss her. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her deeply and I felt a rush of wind on my face. When I opened my eyes we were still in the same pose, but now instead of it being the middle of the afternoon it was closer to sunset. I panicked and broke the kiss, and looked around. We were floating a few feet in the air above a balcony, open glass doors leading to a gorgeous studio apartment. “I prefer this coast” was all she said in explanation of what I’m sure was a look of panic from me.

She dropped me on the balcony without any ceremony, her eyes glowing red with lust. I’ve got to admit that my dick was harder than it had ever been and straining against my jeans. Even as I turned she stepped in close to my and kissed me deeply, sucking all the breath out of my body. Sure, she had basically no breasts, but apart from that her body was truly perfect. I’d never been with anyone close to as hot as her in my entire life, and not only did she clearly want me but she was barely able to control herself. Still taking the lead she put one hand over my crotch and squeezed- I’m sure she was being gentle but she was in complete control. Without lifting me again or even pushing me she manoeuvred us through the glass door and into her house, not so much directing me as moving while holding me and giving me no real option. Once inside she withdrew slightly, giving me a chance to breathe again, and grinned at me. Her eyes were still flashing red, and there was a slight increase in the glow from them and her head blurred for an instant. Almost immediately, my clothes fell off my body, having been cut by her vision perfectly.

“Getting undressed takes too long when you’re awareness is as increased as mine” she said hurriedly and stepped in to kiss me again, and there was a blur and I found myself in a pleasant, sizeable bathroom with her turning taps. Immediately a huge amount of water started spraying from the entire ceiling, and she disappeared again into a blur around me. I felt every inch of my body being scrubbed vigorously, the sensation making my already straining cock even harder. Almost as soon as she started she stopped, and ended the water flow. A tower appeared from nowhere, and just as energetically as earlier I was scrubbed to cleanliness. I felt strange- every inch of my had been cleaned thoroughly- looking down my nails and body hair had been trimmed, my teeth brushed, even my ass felt slightly tender at the cleaning. Now at normal pace we kissed again, and she led me through the door and back into the main living room.

The brief cleaning hadn’t done anything to restrain her lust, and she quickly got things started, grasping my cock with both hands and squeezing gently. I realised now that she was flying a few inches off the floor rather than standing on tip toes, so we were at nearly the same height. She I was barely able to keep myself upright as she firmly worked my shaft, and I moaned with lust into her mouth as she kissed me again. Forgetting who I was with, I reached both arms around her and tried to lift her to carry her over to the sofa. She giggled and let me, putting her arms around my neck and managing to not make it look condescending. Once we got to the sofa however she slipped easily out of my grasp and pushed me down, so I was sitting with her standing over me. The hole in her costume had slid down slightly, and her nipples were just visible peeking out of the bottom.

“Now, there’s something that nearly no one knows about me that could be kind of a dealbreaker here, but I’m sure a confident, secure guy like you won’t have any issue” she said as she started undressing, slipping her outfit off her shoulders and revealing her tiny breasts. Even for someone that could have done it with superspeed she was taking her time, teasing me as she rolled the costume down her body. Once it reached her waste she bent over and kissed me, then removed the last of her suit. I reached a hand out to cup her perfectly shaped ass and pull her down, but she didn’t yield. Confused, I opened my eyes and got the second biggest surprise of my life. Sitting between Powergirl’s legs, where perhaps the most sought after piece of pussy in the whole world should have been, was a dick! It was tiny and soft, with no hair and a pair of marble sized balls, but it was definitely there. Looking up she hadn’t lost any of her confidence or lust. “I hope this won’t be an issue for you then?” she said, already leaning in to kiss me again. I moved my lips up to meet hers instinctively, and she broke the kiss after 30 seconds.

I bit back a hundred rejections, excuses or polite refusals and thought about this logically. She hadn’t gotten any less hot or horny in the last minute, she was physically the most perfect specimen of womanhood in the world aside from this, and I really wasn’t thinking with my head at this point anyway. “Only problem is that I thought you liked me, this doesn’t exactly seem as excited as you were claiming to be” As soon as I said it she squealed with delight and pushed me back down onto the sofa, lying atop me. Our penises touched, and mine jumped at the contact; the heat being given off by her little clit was intense and it was almost like an electric shock. It was the first cock other than my own I’d ever touched, and I redoubled the intensity of the kiss in response. She seemed to be just as aroused by it as I was, and I felt a stirring in her penis as we explored each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths. With my left hand I cupped one perfect cheek and, made bold by the fact that I was clearly just as desired here as desiring, slipped my middle finger down her cleft and gently rubbed around her rosebud. She moaned and ground into me causing me to gasp as our dicks were pushed into each other. Now I had clear approval I decided to go for it, and started to push my finger inside her. Her hole yielded to the pressure and she gasped, then nibbled my ear lobe as I continued my exploration.

“Getting a bit ahead of ourselves aren’t we?” she whispered into my ear, and I could hear a smile in her voice. She pulled away from me, sitting up on my thighs, and that’s when I saw the effect our making out had had on her. Her previously tiny and cute cock had grown, such that it was unrecognizable. I didn’t have a tape measure to hand, but like most guys I’ve measured myself before- more than once to tell the truth, as one of life’s eternal optimists. I’m just over 5 and a half inches long, and maybe 5 around. While soft she had been less than 2 inches long and maybe 3 or 4 around? Now there wasn’t a cute little dicklet, or clit staring at me. No, there was a monster cock, long and threatening bobbing proudly in the air before her. “I mean, it certainly doesn’t look like you’re the man in the relationship from where I’m sitting”

“Wait, I’m not really sure if” I started to no avail, as she had already pinned both my arms above my head with one of hers, while she casually parted my legs with her own. There was of course no noticeable effort from this, but it was still terrifying to realise how vulnerable I was before her.

“Can’t be very good for your sense of masculinity” she said as she spat onto her cock, which was already slick with pre-cum. “I mean you’ve been overpowered by a tiny girl, and to add insult to injury her cock dwarfs yours” she rubbed herself against my worryingly still hard dick to emphasize her point. Hers had looked thin earlier but I realised now that was an illusion from its length- it was about half as long again as mine and noticeably thicker “If it makes you feel better my spit is superspit and perfect lube, this won’t hurt a bit.”

“Really?” I asked, incredulously. Everyone’s seen superheroes flying around these days, but that’s one power I struggled to believe in.

“No” She replied, grinning. “Try to relax” With that she took one hand and rubbed her head down the length of my shaft, before lining up against my hole. It felt slick and hot, and she pushed forward. Unsurprisingly, my flesh parted easily before her, and I gasped in agony at the intrusion. It felt hot and itchy, and there was clearly no room for it. Still she persisted, steadily feeding my defenceless ass her cock. I cried out in pain and she leaned in and kissed me, silencing me. In a panic and not realising how futile it was I struggled against the twin invasions of my ass and mouth, and I felt a tightening in my chest as she sucked the air out of my body. Then there was only blackness.

I regained consciousness rapidly, but without a full sense of what was happening to me. I was lying down with a weight on me and a significant pain coming up from my ass. Whatever was on top of me was slowly rubbing the length of my dick, and combined with what felt like a massage directly onto my prostate I was pretty close to cumming. Without realising it my breathing had gone from deep gasping breaths to rapid, shallow pants, until I opened my eyes. Gazing down at me was a manic face, two burning eyes staring at me in lust, with sweat dripping down her forehead as she groaned. She grinned at me and kissed me once on the cheek without slowing her pace.

“Welcome back sleeping beauty” she said. “Looks like you’re the perfect girl- prudish and proper in public but a whore once I’ve got you alone. Pity it took you passing out to rea- ahhh!” She cried out in pleasure as I tried to take control of the situation, wrapping my legs around her and pulling her in deeply. Truth be told it wasn’t an entirely selfless action, and I had to suppress my own vocalization at the sensation of her full length rubbing against my prostate. I’d already realised that my fastest way out of this was to get her off as fast as possible, and pray that she’d be less of a rapist while post coital. “Now that just isn’t fair at all, I think you’re forgetting who holds the cards here.” With that she pulled out entirely, a less pleasant sensation than going in. I looked up at her meekly as she eyed me, and a grin formed on her face again. It’s funny, every image of her she has this serene, stern look like a statue of a Greek goddess- that kind of Athena vibe. But since she’s gotten me alone all I’ve seen is looks that are better suited to a villain- like that Harley Quinn in Gotham, or her weird little sidekick the Joker.

“Time to re-establish the status quo I think” she said, and lifted my hips just off the sofa, before spinning me round, my hips still elevated but my head pushed into the sofa. As I raised my head I felt her rubbing her cock down my crack and against my hole again, making her attentions abundantly clear. There was a rush of air and suddenly we were surrounded by half a dozen mirrors of various sizes, apparently acquired from various rooms in the apartment and propped at various angles for a panoramic view. From here her girldick looked even bigger than earlier, and it was getting harder and harder to fully view the person preparing to cornhole me as female. “Thought you’d want to know exactly how this would look to a theoretical outside observer if I, say, made you do this in the middle of the street with a hundred people watching it and filming it on their phones” she said matter-of-factly. “There’s absolutely nothing they’d be able to do but watch- does that make your little dick harder? It’s only out of a sense of affection and chivalry that I’m not making your deflowering a public spectacle darling.” Again she pulled back, lined up and surged forward, and again I yelped. This time was easier and less painful, and it took all the presence of mind I had left to deepen my cry into something purely caused by pain, rather than the sound of someone that is starting to enjoy the feeling of flesh rubbing a certain spot inside them.

This time she bottomed out immediately, then started grinding slowly rather than giving deep thrusts. At first I expected this to pretty much nullify the pleasant sensation earlier, but if anything it intensified it- slowly at first, but I could feel that the peak of this was going to be much more intense than earlier. Then, to add insult to injury, she reached underneath with one hand around the base of my own cock and gripped it, firmly. Unconsciously I bucked, trying to fuck her hand to get off, but her reflexes and grip meant that all that happened was the pressure was maintained and I was left with a rapidly approaching, extremely emasculating orgasm that owed more to what was behind me than in front. Somehow she sensed (x-ray vision? Super hearing?) my imminent climax and applied just slightly more pressure with her hand, cutting off the crest but not the sensation. I gritted my teeth and struggled, but finally gave in, and moaned, loudly at the sensation. “Does my bitch want to cum?” she asked, apparently oblivious to my display.

“Please, just let me cum!”. I made no attempt to conceal my desperation

“What will you do if I let you have this bitch?” she replied, unmoved.


“You’ll do anything? Believe me, I may have only been around for 18 years but in that time I’ve gone through thousands of lifetimes of awareness, and I’ve developed some pretty strange tastes. You want to be subjected to that for one measly orgasm?” To emphasise her point she put her other hand on my shoulder and pulled me up, snaking her hand down so it was barely tickling the head of my cock. Her voice had lost its flatness, and there was an eager quality to it.

“Please, anything. I’ll be your bitch, just let me have this”

Her hand reached up to my chest and pulled me in tight, and her fingers idly played with my nipple. “You’re going to be a more depraved whore than this planet has seen. My people had millennia to perfect their desires and the only thing left of that species to act on them is me- you just volunteered to sate every one of them. Worst of all, everyone everywhere is going to congratulate you on this. You’re going to be the luckiest guy in the world as far as anyone knows- guys will line up to shake your hand and stare in envy while my cum is churning in your guts. All because you couldn’t say no to getting your rocks off here” With that she did three very, very unfair things. She reached down with her free hand and slid an additional slender finger into me, she kissed deeply into my neck hard enough for me to already feel the bruise, and she released just enough pressure on my cock to let me finish. Then, as a final act of sadism, stroked firmly with both her hands- 1 in my ass, one on my cock. Of course she wasn’t content to do this normally, and take it from me- superspeed is a hell of a power but open to some serious abuse.

I think my scream was audible by people without super hearing on the other side of the planet as I came explosively over the sofa. My orgasm lasted for a good 5 seconds, but it felt like an eternity of sensation, the feeling on my cock so good it was almost painful. She didn’t seem to be having a bad time either, and I felt her shaft swell slightly inside me, and she held it there for about a minute before pulling out and letting her leak onto the sofa. I collapsed in our shared cum, unable to move or think, and shivered. I turned around to see her staring at me, and though she was smiling it looked more like genuine affection than the crazed lust of earlier. There also seemed to be just theslightest hint of something almost unrecognizable in her eyes- either guilt, or maybe even nervousness. Looking down her body her dick had shrunk rapidly to its previous apparently harmless state, and there was a sheen of sweat over her body. Both our bodies in fact.

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

On a weekend Dad was traveling, I escorted Mom to the adult movie theater. It was the same theater I had ‘met’ Barbara Smith. (

Although it was still March, we had a bad case of spring fever. Mom wore sexy, low back, bib denim overalls, and a low cut tank top. I wore an old pair of shorts and a muscle shirt.

We stood at the top of the main aisle, watching a woman getting her ass plowed on the big screen, until our eyes adjusted to the darkness. We then headed to the middle of the theater.

Just as we walked by the couch I had sodomized Barbara on, Mom whispered, “Look! Is that guy sucking the other guy?”

I squinted at the far dark wall. I could barely make out a guy on his knees. He was in front of another guy, who was definitely thrusting his hips.

Mom and I watched the movie for a while, until two men and a woman, about twenty rows in front of us, stood up. The threesome soon became more entertaining than the movie.

One of the guys, moved to the next row directly in front of the woman and other guy. The woman, a young blonde reached out and grasped his shoulders to support herself.

The guy next to her, moved behind her, pushed down on her back, so that she was somewhat bent over, and lifted her skirt. It was quite obvious she had gone commando like Mom and I.

The guy vigorously battered her bare cheeks for a couple minutes and, apparently, came because the two men exchanged positions. The second guy pounded her, too.

After he came, the threesome abruptly left. The small crowd of men, who gathered to watch, dispersed.

About ten minutes later, the same men were seated around Mom and me. Although they maintained a respectful distance, they were close enough to watch.

At some point, I looked at Mom and nodded. It was time to play.

I unhooked Mom’s bibs, let them to fall into her lap, and then pulled her top down. Mom’s full, bare breasts never ceased to amaze me. I greedily cupped her ‘prizewinners’ in my hands and began suckling her erect tits.

Attempting to be cool, the man in our row moved closer and closer, until he was close enough to place his hand on Mom’s knee. When we didn’t stop him, he began gently rubbing her leg up and down, going farther up each time, until he reached her crotch. Not sure what to do next, he respectfully paused and looked at us.

Since he looked ‘okay’, I gave Mom our signal – a wink. Mom gave the guy a sexy smile as she slowly lifted her hips and pulled her bibs, just past her smooth cleft.

“You wanna eat my pussy? Be gentle…okay? And, no fingers…”

A couple of minutes later, I was about to ask Mom, “Is he doing a good job?” when another guy suddenly sat down into the row, directly in front of us. He immediately turned around to watch Mom receive cunnilingus.

About a minute later, another man sat down in front of me. His bare cock was sticking straight up out of his pants.

Mom’s eyes widened when I stood up, pulled my shorts down past my knees, and leaned against the chair behind me. My exposed cock was erect, too.

When I began stroking my cock, the guy in front of me shamelessly opened his mouth and leaned forward. Mom pursed her lips and then subconsciously rubbed her erect tits as she watched him blow me.

The man in the row in front of Mom stood up, exposed his hard cock, and began masturbating slowly as he continued to watch the oral confab in front of him. In no time, he was joined by at least two more guys.

I smiled as Mom’s eyed widened even more. She probably had never seen so many hard cocks at once.

“Go ahead,” I encouraged Mom.

Mom gave me a quick glance and then stood up, forcing the guy between her legs back. She stepped out of her bibs and pulled her top off.

Completely naked in the dark theater and surrounded by horny men with hard cocks, Mom was undeterred. She reached out, grabbed two cocks, and began jacking them, as one man began to squeeze and fondle her breasts, while another tugged on her nipples. A third man, who had slid into her empty seat, swept his hands around her thighs, and captured her pussy.

“Can I help you with that?” he asked.

Before Mom could react, he dipped a finger inside her wet pussy and began wiggling it around. In seconds, he wanted more than his finger wet. He began gently pulling Mom’s hips, attempting to coax her bottom down onto his hard cock.

When Mom saw what he was offering, she lustfully complied and then squealed as she guided his erection into her pussy. Mom’s writhing bottom caused the guy to cum very quickly.

The game of musical fuck chairs had begun. Without hesitation, Mom left his lap a slimy mess of cum, and easily slid her cum-filled pussy down the next seated guy’s hard cock.

As Mom adjusted to her penetration, the guy who had been eating her out stepped in front of her. He moaned, “Ooohhh goddd,” and started spurting semen, bukkake style, all over her titties.

Another guy standing behind Mom tapped her shoulder with his cock. When Mom turned, he leaned forward and pushed the hard cock into her mouth.

Mom was pretty busy at this point. She was still rocking back and forth on the cock she was sitting on, the man whose cock she had just swallowed was fucking her face, and some guy on her other side was fondling her tits as he masturbated. He came first.

He moaned loudly and as he began showering sperm onto Mom’s neck, cheek, and breasts. Feeling his sperm raining on her, Mom freed her head, and gave the guy a quick suck.

“Mmm,” Mom purred as she sucked the remaining cum out of his softening cock.

When Mom turned back to the cock she had been sucking, she reached her hands around the guy’s naked hips, grabbed his ass cheeks, and spread them open. I knew what to do.

I smeared my thumb with lube and pushed it right up his asshole. I thumb-fucked him and Mom sucked him, until he shrieked.

His orgasm was intense. Mom’s throat muscles bobbed up and down a couple of times as she swallowed mouth loads of warm cum.

Suddenly, Mom hollered, too. “Ooohhh…fuck me. Fuck me! SHIT!” as the man beneath her began pumping faster and faster inside her gurgling pussy. Then, with a gasping groan, he emptied his balls, too.

After Mom got off the guy, she slumped wearily down in the seat in front of me. She was breathing deeply, yet, managed to smile as she energetically said, “Oh Honey…that was the most fun…so exciting. Ugh. I must look and smell like a whore. Let’s get me cleaned up.”

Mom grumbled slightly when she put her clothes on. There were splotches of damp cum all over them.

When we walked back into the theater entrance, Mom saw her reflection on the mirrored walls. She stopped dead and looked at herself incredulously. Her hair was matted to her face and cum was everywhere on her clothes and skin.

“Jesus, I look like the biggest slut I’ve ever seen!” Mom exclaimed.

Since there was no one around, I took Mom to the ladies’ room. I figured Mom could clean up there and not be disturbed.

Mom removed her bibs and leaned against the sink to look into the mirror. I gazed down at her upturned, sexy ass. It looked so inviting that my cock immediately stiffened.

When Mom began wiggling her smooth butt in an exaggerated manner, I looked up to see her smiling at me in the mirror. We stared at each other, until her eyes drifted down to my bulge.

My sexual appetite had been wetted, intensely, for over an hour. I had not gotten any relief!

Taking the hint, Mom braced her hands against the sink top and pushed her ass out as I slowly pulled my shorts down, freeing my painful boner. I then reached into my pocket, removed my lube, squeezed a big glob into my hand, and generously applied it to her anus.

When Mom was ready, I positioned my cockhead against her anus and pushed my hips forward a couple of inches. Mom groaned as her slick, straining sphincter muscles gave way to my greasy, throbbing cock.

As I casually began fucking Mom’s snug ass, someone said, “Don’t be embarrassed…worried… I’m into that kinda thang, too.”

Flabbergasted, Mom and I turned and just stared. A black t-girl with long blonde hair and eyes adorned with light blue eye make-up was standing at the doorway. She was about six-foot-three and looked close to three hundred pounds. She was wearing purple, silk jogging pants and a pink tank that left little to the imagination.

“I know what you’re thinking. I’m not a guy,” she said as she raised her top for us to see.

Although her breasts were huge, they looked firm. She was sexy in strange way…just proportioned…super big!

Regardless, I know Mom and I were thinking the same thing. “But…was she a she?”

“No, I’m not a man. I haven’t been, since before I moved here. I’m transsexual. Take a look at this. I’m a hot-bodied woman with a man’s equipment…”

That was for sure. The t-girl had a very large, thick cock. Even limp, it was probably six inches long and it appeared to be at least two or three inches across in thickness.

As Mom and I stared at her horse cock, t-girl innocently asked, “You never see a black cock like this?”

I shook my head ‘no’ as my once hard cock eased out of Mom’s warm ass. I was very disappointed at this turn of events.

Unable to take her eyes off the huge cock, Mom exclaimed, “My God!” as she straightened up, and then felt her anus like someone would as if they were checking for cum.

“Want to touch it? Go ahead white lady. Touch it. It’s okay.”

When the black t-girl came forward, Mom and I reached out and tentatively felt the huge cock. It felt velvety soft as we moved our fingers around it squeezing and stroking it.

Then it was her turn to touch us. “You’ve got a great ass,” she whispered in my ear as she ran her hands over it and then did the same to Mom.

“I got what both you white kids need. HA. HA.”

The t-girl then turned to Mom and asked us if she could taste her pussy. When Mom paused, she smiled reassuringly and said, ‘I’m not going to hurt you white lady. I’m all about love!”

Mom and I looked at each other, smiled, and then simultaneously nodded. Without further discussion, the t-girl reached out, grabbed Mom’s hips, and easily lifted her up onto the sink top. Mom then leaned back as the t-girl lifted her legs and placed them over her shoulders.

“Mmm. Sweet. I love eating freshly fucked pussy.”

As I watched the t-girl bend over and begin eating Mom’s pussy, Mom panted, “Oh yeah… Honey, suck that big, black cock for me. Make it cum in your mouth for me!”

I dropped to my knees, grasped the black, one-eyed monster, jerked it a couple times, and then quickly put the soft cockhead in my mouth. T-girl’s cock was expanding rapidly and I wanted to get it into mouth before it got too big.

I opened my mouth wide, tilted my head back, placed both of my hands on her hips, and pulled her body forward. I easily swallowed about six inches of her cock, although semi-hard it was rubbery.

Knowing I could take more, I opened my mouth wider, sucked in a deep breath and pushed my head forward. Even though I gagged, I didn’t stop until my face was a against t-girl’s belly.

I pulled back slowly, making wet, sucking sounds, until her cock was almost out of my mouth. I then quickly plunged forward, again. I did this repeatedly, as t-girl lustfully slobbered over Mom’s pussy.

After about three minutes, t-girl reached down, grasped the base of her cock, and pulled it slowly out of my throat. “We must share sweet-tee.”

Her cock was now rock hard. Its weight prevented it from pointing straight up, like mine. It extended straight out.

T-girl then pulled Mom forward and pushed her glistening, nine inches into Mom’s sopping, wet pussy. Mom reacted immediately. She hollered, “Aaahhh!” several times.

The massive black cock was only in Mom’s stretched and wide open pussy a few inches and less than a minute before Mom proceeded to cum so hard – she squirted all over the t-girl. Twice!

“Jesus Christ!” the t-girl exclaimed. “You white girls are sum-ting!”

The t-girl then unexpectedly disengaged from Mom, grabbed our clothes, and motioned for us to follow her. Bewildered, Mom and I followed. We didn’t have much choice.

Mom and I were led down the dark sidewall toward the bright movie screen. Mom was naked from the waist down and I was semi-hard. If the theater had been crowded, Mom’s bare ass and mine would have been repeatedly sodomized, before we even reached the mid-point of our journey.

When we reached the end of the aisle, t-girl stopped and then took Mom by the hand, and parted a black, heavy curtain that appeared to cover a doorway. I would never have imagined what the panels hid.

Centered in the middle of the semi-dark room was a platform. I was about two feet up from the floor and about ten feet square. The only reason we could see it was because of the light from the adjacent move screen.

As we climbed up onto the platform, we quickly discovered that it was covered with soft carpet over what felt like several layers of padding. The platform had probably been designed to hold speakers.

“What you think?” t-girl asked as she stripped.

“I like your body,” Mom said. “You have a huge…”

“Nooo…about this place.”

“Nice…secretive,” Mom said as I walked up to her and began to caress her breasts. Taking my cue, t-girl moved behind Mom, and began massaging her shoulders, until she bluntly asked Mom to sit on her face.

After t-girl was prone, Mom mounted her face, and then held the t-girls head as she went to work on her pussy. It did not take this time for t-girls’ meaty tongue to make Mom cum.

Mom recuperated very quickly from her small orgasm and told t-girl, “I want your big cock inside me, again. Fuck me slowly…at first.”

As I sat patiently watching and stroking my cock, Mom got up off the t-girl’s face, sat down on the carpet, winked at me, submissively laid back, pulling her knees back to her breasts. Although Mom wanted her pussy fucked, she offering t-girl either wet hole, as well as enabling herself to see her cock enter her!

“Oh yeah!” t-girl exclaimed as she rolled over onto all fours, crawled on top of Mom, and guided his cock into her pussy. Mom groaned deeply, as t-girl’s fat cock stuffed her pussy.

“Like my man meat in you? Open that pink pussy up for me…feel me in your belly… Tell me you want my black baby…”

Although t-girl stopped talking for a while, she still grunted with every thrust forward. Mom just lay there. Her eyes were mere slits, no doubt from all the waves of pleasure.

When t-girl began fucking Mom harder, both women’s breasts began to bounce. T-girls breasts rhythmically swayed back and forth as Mom’s breasts danced wildly, slapping each other, and flailing around in every direction.

The t-girl just kept pumping Mom, until she erupted inside Mom’s bored out pussy, generously filling her womb with baby batter. Mom’s vocal response was definitely orgasmic.

“Yeah, that’s it,” t-girl said with a grin. “Your pussy is sum-ting else.”

T-girl then disengaged her cock from Mom’s pussy and crawled over to me. “You need some pleasuring, too…while I build my strength back up. Once I cum, it takes me a while to get hard, again… Now spread your legs!”

T-girl gave my cock a good workout. She swirled her tongue around my cockhead several times before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down the length of my hard shaft.

“Nice,” she said. “Do you like it?”

When I groaned and nodded ‘yes’, T-girl hollowed her cheeks and began to suck my cock harder. She stopped occasionally to suck my smooth nuts, one at a time, into her hot mouth.

Eventually, t-girl began to lick behind my scrotum. The closer she got to my anus, the wider I spread my legs for her, until like Mom; I had them pulled back to my chest.

I moaned loudly as t-girl began snaking her tongue all the way down the crack of my ass, before licking her way back up. Occasionally, she would stop to flick her tongue over my puckered anus.

Wanting more of her hot, wet mouth on my pucker, I reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart. T-girl grunted and then thrust her tongue right into my tight hole. Her tongue massaged the inside of my rectum for an insanely, enjoyable, few minutes.

I did not even know that t-girl had smeared lube on her forefinger, until she penetrated me. Her long, big finger went right to my prostate. As my ass squirmed, t-girl said, “I can make you cum like this, sweet-tee. Your prostate is much bigger than normal…very sensitive…”

Before I could respond, T-girl rolled me over onto my stomach. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rape your pretty, white ass…HA! HA! This is for fun…we’re both gonna love this! Your woman, too. Now, feel this,” she said as she laid her cock in my ass crease.

I looked over at Mom, who had rolled on her side to watch. She shamelessly smiled and made her yes big as her hand glided down to her pussy. Mom was going to masturbate as she watched the big, black cock fuck my ass!

“Feel how big it is? Just wait’ll I start rubbing your big prostate with the head of my big cock…fireworks!”

After pausing to lube my ass and her cock, t-girl said, “You need a lotsa lube to take me, sweet-tee… Okay! Here it comes, my darling!”

Without another word, t-girl straddled my ass, grabbed her massive, erect cock, and pushed it straight down into my greased asshole. She easily slid in a few inches, before I gasped loudly.

“Yeah…its big…and I am gonna pack your fudge tonight…your ass is sooo fuckin’ tight…feels sooo good and soft around my big cock…just like a woman’s. Squeeze those cheeks! Aaahhh! Keep squeezin’! Work it!”

When my ass tired, T-girl pushed her giant cock in deeper and began to grind it into my horny rectum. She made big circular motions clockwise and then counter-clockwise. I’m not sure who was more excited — Mom, me, or t-girl.

“You’re so tight…Momma…isn’t…going…to…last…long! Milk it…milk…my cum out! Yeah! Damn! I’m gonna cum…cum right in your sweet…white…ass! Aaahhh!”

When I felt t-girl’s cock go rigid in my rectum and then push forward, I did my best to squeeze it. I raised my ass, pushed back.

As the groaning t-girl’s warm ejaculations flooded my bowels, my ass shook uncontrollably and I began to wildly hump the carpet, as my own ejaculations ripped out of me. Somehow, I guess I had triggered a prostate driven orgasm.

After we were through cumming, Mom, with some concern asked, “Are you okay, Baby?”

“Ssshhheee…IT! White boy just came…his little ass just gave my big cock just a great fuckin’…”

“Oh Baby,” Mom cooed. “I…I loved it…watchin’ your…cute ass swallow that huge, black, horse cock!”

I think Mom was going to say “girlie ass”. I didn’t care. She had rolled over and was soothing me with exquisite, tender caresses. “I’ve never cum like that.”

Ignoring the loud squelching sound when t-girl finally pulled out of me, Mom gushed, “I’ve never…I’ve never been so filled, stuffed, and fucked in my life, either. You sure know how to use that…enormous cock!”

“Damn, bitches! That was fun…fuckin’ your pretty, white asses. Wish I could stay and party with you all, again, but I gotta go to work.” “Your turn,” t-girl said as grabbed her clothes and walked away.

Mystified, Mom and I looked behind us. Our eyes widened and our assholes clenched shut. There were three beautiful t-girls standing behind us.

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


“Hi white people!”

Mom and I quickly stood up, but remained motionless. Mom’s nipples hardened as a trio of black t-girls circled us. They couldn’t keep their eyes off our white asses and we couldn’t take our eyes off them.

The trio was visually striking. They were tall and very feminine looking. However, we would soon learn that they could fuck like men.

As they began slowly stripping, we observed that:

Keyarra sported long, straight hair and had a complexion only slightly darker than most white women. Although a little plump, she had a sexy body. Her feminine curves, big tits, and round ass would make any man hard. Under her black mini-skirt, she had a very large package like Tembi. Keyarra’s body was also hairless like the other two.

Tembi’s skin was a deep chocolate color and her hair was a kinky mass of velvet black. Tembi had an enchanting smile. She had luscious lips and her teeth were as white as Wonder Bread. She also had ample breasts.

Yazmeen was long and lean. She had long, reddish-blonde hair, and a high-cheek boned face. She gave us a playful smile as she slid her dress off her shoulders and slowly dropped it to the floor. She kept her red fishnet stockings and red high heels, accentuated her shapely legs and her oversized cock.

When someone said, “Let’s do them girls!” they instantly moved in. They began stroking, kissing, and feeling us up, until my head was spinning. The perfume, the physical beauty, the nakedness, the semi-darkness, the public theatre, my Mom – all contributed to my sensory overload.

I was at loss about what to do. I just stood there soaking it all in, until I heard Mom moan. I looked over to see Mom bent over. Long, black fingers had invaded her orifices. She quieted quickly, when a long black cock entered her mouth.

“Make it hard…so I can give your boy toy a good butt-fuckin’. Don’t worry little girl, you’ll both need Depends tomorrow…you should buy the variety pack… HA! HA!”

I was not upright for long. Someone pulled on my arm, until I was kneeling, and then pushed my shoulders forward, until I was prone on my belly.

As I turned my head around, Keyarra sat on my ass, squirted some lube into my crack, squeezed my ass cheeks together, and then began slowly fucking her erection between them. The sensuality was unbelievably relaxing.

“Okay Honey…my big cock is ready for some deep plowing…yo white ass ready?”

I nodded. I assumed my butt hole was loosened and ready to go, but as Keyarra’s butt-stretcher began to open my ass up…it was much bigger than I had realized.

In a little discomfort, I looked up at Mom. Tembi’s cock had stretched her dainty mouth into an obscene ‘O’. Gag tears were running down her cheeks and long strings of spittle and precum were hanging from her lips.

I was quickly distracted when Keyarra rose up into a push-up and began drilling my ass. After just a few strokes, I was reduced to grunting like a pig. I couldn’t hear anything else, see anything, let alone think, until Keyarra moaned and began ejaculating her warm semen into my colon.

When Keyarra pulled her cock out of my soaked, sucking asshole, she asked, “Who else wants some tight, but well-lubed white booty?”

As I slowly turned my head to see who was next, I saw Mom dutifully open her mouth as Keyarra approached her with her glistening, cum-dripping, black cock. Keyarra appeared to meanly push her slimy cock all the way down Mom’s throat.

Mom’s face contorted grotesquely. Her eyes were bugged out, her nostrils were flared, and her mouth was obscenely stretched wide around a cock that had just filled my ass with cum.

I attempted to get up, but Tembi reached down and gave me a little push back. She then grabbed Mom’s arm and gently pulled her to kneeling position over me, despite Keyarra’s playful indignation.

“You’re a lucky boy toy,” Tembi said. “You’re going to have the pleasure of seeing me butt-fuck your little girlfriend… You’re going to have the best seat in the house.”

Mom knew the drill. She assumed the position. She raised her ass to be sodomized.

My head was held in place by Mom’s smooth thighs. I could easily see her gaped pussy and twitching asshole directly above me.

I was also able to get a really good look at Tembi’s genitalia. Her cock was thickly veined and her smooth, charcoal-colored nut sack hung low, weighed down by two large egg-sized testicles.

“So nice of you Yaz…to lube her up for me,” Tembi chortled as her purple, bulbous cockhead slowly expanded Mom’s anus, until her cockhead popped into Mom’s asshole.

When I heard Mom groan deeply, I looked down my body, through Mom’s thighs. Her mouth was frozen open. Hopefully, in a rictus of sheer delight.

“Fuck that white girl’s ass, Tembi…she wants her ass fucked…just like her boy toy…”

Encouraged, Tembi began guiding his long, black shaft, inch by inch through Mom’s bulging anus. Sure, I had seen all kinds of pictures of beer cans, wine bottles, etc., stuck up women’s asses and knew what it felt like, too, but Mom’s anal impalement was amazing to see so close up.

At the halfway mark, I saw Mom’s anus remarkably strain to open wider and then the head of Tembi’s huge tool, suddenly, popped out. Keyarra and Yazmeen clapped and hooted as trapped air escaped from Mom’s gaping, anal cavern.

After Tembi had admired the hole her cock had created, she shifted her body. She got up on one knee, planted her foot, leaned over me, and grabbed Mom’s hips, again. The Tembi butt-fucking show was about to begin in earnest.

Tembi began rocking her thick cock backward and forward a few times in Mom’s ass, gaining momentum, before relentlessly twisting and thrusting her cock into Mom’s rectum. Tembi exhibited her full array of butt-fucking skills – for several minutes and even talked smack.

“You like that, don’t you? Gettin’ butt fucked. Like bein’ ass raped…don’t cha’. You’re our bitch, now! Our butt-fuckin’ ho bitch! Does that make your pussy wet? You’re both our bitches! Big, black cock whores! Now open yo mouth, girl!”

I felt one of the t-girls straddle my legs and, although I couldn’t see, I could tell by Tembi’s arm movements that he had grabbed the back of Mom’s hair and had begun using it like a handle, pumping her head back and forth. With good reason, I assumed that Mom was getting face-fucked by another huge, sperm launcher.

After a couple of minutes, Tembi’s balls, nearing orgasm, began to rise. However, Tembi slowed her thrusts. I would soon discover – and feel why.

Mom must have been close to cumming, too. Her body was rocking back and forth harder and her fingernails had begun to dig into my thighs. I could also hear her pre-orgasmic cries, even though the fat cock in her mouth muffled them.

“I’m about to fill her ass up,” Tembi gasped as her body stiffened. “Aaahhh! Watch! I’m gonna cum in both of ‘em… Oh, shit! I’m… Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

Tembi quickly and roughly pulled her spurting cock out of Mom’s rectum, causing to Mom to yelp and push out a great glob of cum. I quickly closed my eyes as the sperm splattered on my face.

Before I could react further, Tembi scooped my legs up, and plunged her glistening, throbbing cock straight into my unsuspecting asshole. My hips bucked liked crazy and I yelped, too, as Tembi penetrated me, completing her orgasm!

“Next,” Tembi wheezed as she pulled her cock of me. After a pause Tembi said, “Here, clean your asses off my cock. Clean it good…be gentle, too.”

As Mom sucked cock, again, my bleary eyes fastened on Yazmeen’s massive rod. It was probably over ten-inches long and it looked menacingly hard.

Seeing me staring, Yazmeen said, “Just relax and enjoy. I’m just gonna fuck your girl’s ass, until she cums screaming…that’s all… Now watch! I’m gonna go right up your bitch’s ass…in one push.”

Yazmeen then crouched over Mom’s ravaged ass and grabbed her hips. However, much to my relief, she gently lowered her thick meat right into Mom’s dilated asshole.

“Fuck…she’s still fuckin’ tight!” Yazmeen exclaimed.

When Yazmeen’s cock had disappeared into Mom’s ass, he said, “Look bitch! I got all ten inches up your girl’s ass! Jealous?”

I am sure it wasn’t everyday Yazmeen could slide her big, black cock into a beautiful, white woman’s hiney and immediately begin fucking it with deep, long strokes. No, I wasn’t necessarily jealous. I could have Mom’s upturned ass whenever I wanted.

“Just keep watchin’. As a matter of fact…help me fuck her ass.”

Yazmeen pulled out of Mom a couple of inches, and told me to grab her shaft and move it in a circular motion. I reached up with both hands, took hold of her wet, meaty shaft, and began to stir it Mom’s ass.

“Damn, she’s got good muscle control,” Yazmeen chortled.

With the big cockhead purposefully rubbing Mom’s g-spot, her sexual pleasure became excruciatingly euphoric. She even cooed when Yazmeen would occasionally break the cycle by pushing all ten-inches up her.

It did not take Mom to feel her first anal spasm. I could see it radiate out of her rectum and into her abdomen. It made her flat belly flutter.

As Mom’s cycle of spasms intensified, I could see her anus straining to expel Yazmeen’s monster-sized cock. However, the harder Mom pushed, the deeper her ass sucked it in.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Cum in me…please cum in me… Aaahhh!”

When Yazmeen felt Mom’s bowels open up, she hollered, “She’s cumming girls! Watch!”

As Mom continued to writhe in pleasure, she burbled, “Ooohhh Baby, can you feel it? I want you to feel her spurting into me…”

I quickly put the palm of my left hand up against Mom’s stomach, just in time to feel her guts indent and ripple as Yazmeen’s engorged, cockhead forced its way through her rectum and into her colon. On cue, Yazmeen’s cock wrenched and began detonating multiple ounces of semen into Mom’s undulating bowels.

“Ooohhh…Baby! That was so hot,” Mom purred after her orgasms subsided.

Amazed, Yazmeen blurted out, “Damn! I ain’t ever had a fuck like this!”

When Yazmeen finally pulled, and none too gently, his cock out of Mom’s gaping asshole, Keyarra grabbed Mom’s hips and lowered her sticky rump onto my face. Mom’s quivering, sperm-ringed asshole now was pressed against my mouth.

Tembi spread Mom’ ass cheeks apart just I began to wonder how I was supposed to breathe. Gratefully, I quickly inhaled just as a warm stream of cum began to flow out of Mom’s ass.

“Push,” one of the t-girls said. “Feed your boy.” “Finger your pussy,” another said.

Mom obediently leaned back, her ass almost smothering me, again, arched her back, and began rubbing her clit. Almost immediately, Mom hollered out and started bucking wildly.

In self-defense, I reached my arms out, clamped my hands around Mom’s waist to prevent her bucking ass from crushing my face. As I pushed her ass up, more warm cum began pouring out, flooding my mouth and face.

I began swallowing the tangy, salty sperm as fast as I could. I must have swallowed about four of five times before the flow of sperm slowed to a trickle.

Suddenly, an ungodly moan came deep out of Mom. I saw her anus try to tighten, but the force in her bowels was too powerful.

Moments later, Mom’s ass began expelling loud, squishy, wet farts. Her next groan was one of unbelievable embarrassment. She grabbed her heaving stomach and rolled off me as raucous laughter emanated from the t-girls.

Attempting to be cool like it happened to me every day, I calmly dabbed at some of the cum on my splattered face with my finger. Pretending to be curious, I looked at it and then tasted it.

Before my red-faced Mom could move another muscle, we heard, “Spread your legs, little momma! Time to be bred.”

Keyarra then kneeled down, lifted Mom’s legs, and pushed them back to her chest. Her reward was one of the hardest cocks she had ever felt plunging all the way up her pussy.

Mom grunted like a stuck pig after each womb wrenching thrust. Of course, Tembi picked on that and began mocking Mom.

“Your black baby will be worth the pain, little, white momma. When his big black head comes out of your pussy – you’ll wish it was one of our cocks fucking you!”

As if Tembi’s mocking was not enough, he began to try to humiliate Mom further by spanking her face with his semi-hard, black cock. However, I am not sure Mom heard any of Tembi’s smug rap or even noticed the spanks on her reddening cheeks. Mom was gritting her teeth and appeared to be concentrating on her upcoming orgasm.

Tembi did get Mom’s full attention, though, when she jammed her black finger into Mom’s twitching asshole. A loud, primal grunt of pleasure erupted deep within Mom as her body stiffened. Contractions noticeably rippled from her belly to her pussy.

Broken water mains had nothing on my squealing Mom. Her powerful ejaculations soaked everything in the line of fire.

Keyarra was not fazed. She had been there and done that. She continued to pound the full length of her cock into Mom as her pussy tried to clamp around his cock.

Tired of watching Keyarra, Yazmeen and Keyarra decided to spit roast me. I assumed the position next to Mom.

As one semi-hard cock was pushed into my slack anus and the other went into my mouth. Before long, both cocks were hard and feverishly fucking my tender orifices.

When Tembi withdrew her cock and stuck in Mom’s hot mouth for a change pace, I felt my rectum open up completely. Yazmeen felt it, too and began forcefully reaming my bucking, naked body.

Perhaps overcome with passion, Yazmeen leaned her head forward and stuck her tongue into my mouth. Normally, I do not do tongues, but for whatever reason, I sucked it down my throat as if it were a cock. Yazmeen groaned in ecstasy and her cock noticeably swelled.

“You feel that?” Yazmeen asked. Not waiting for me to respond, she pushed her cock even deeper up my ass and then held still. I closed my eyes as she looked down into my face. I nodded as I watched the stars.

When Tembi reached over and started masturbating me, Yazmeen stopped fucking me to watch, but left me impaled. In no time, I was flailing like a stuck pig on her cock as another earth shattering orgasm swept over me.

“Oh yeah. Just ride yo momma,” Yazmeen exclaimed.

Excitedly Yazmeen grabbed my hips and began working her hips up and down like a bouncing diving board. Her cock was so deep in me that I wanted to holler, but I couldn’t — cum was spraying out of my cock.

“Yes! I’m cumming, too!” Keyarra gasped

Seconds later, Keyarra was furiously fucking huge loads of warm cum into Mom’s stretched out pussy. Apparently, Mom felt him spurting and came, too.

My orgasm was complete I didn’t even feel Yazmeen relieved herself in my ass. Only when she pulled out of me, did I feel her warm cum vacate my hot hole.

“Oh yes,” Tembi said when Yazmeen’s cock cleared my ass. “It’s time for your other momma to fuck your butt, lil’ darlin’!”

Tembi walked over to where I was laying, easily rolled my limp body back over, knelt over my butt, spread my reddened ass cheeks wide, and then easily slid her hard cock past my slack sphincter rings. The slow descent of her cock made it seem very, very long.

To my surprise, she did not bottom out. I guess my bowels were still wide open.

At first, Tembi started slowly pumping her cock in and out of me, but then quickly picked up speed, until she was slamming every inch into me. There was no way my exhausted anal muscles could squeeze or even grasp her rock hard cock. I just laid there, on my belly, as she fucked all of Yazmeen’s cum out of me.

When Tembi proclaimed, “Shit! White boy is gonna make me cum!” she placed both of her big paws on the arch of my back and pushed down hard. I groaned as her fat cock dramatically expanded, right before it began firing salvos of cum into me.

“One for the road,” Yazmeen said and as he presented his gooey cock to Mom. He then grabbed her ears and began skull-fucking her. His cock looked so much wider than Mom’s petite mouth.

“Look at her throat,” Keyarra snickered. “Look at the indentation!”

After a couple of minutes, Yazmeen pulled out of Mom’s mouth and began rifling his saliva-coated cock with his hand. Still horny, Keyarra began jacking, too.

Apparently, Yazmeen needed a little extra stimulation to cum, again. He asked Mom to stick her finger up as his ass.

“Me, too,” Keyarra chimed in.

I smiled broadly as Mom reached under their butts and inserted each of her forefingers. I knew first hand that Mom was very familiar with men’s prostates and that her talented fingers could coax an orgasm out of dead man.

I wasn’t wrong. Both their cocks stiffened about a minute later and after another minute, Yazmeen asked Keyarra if she was ready. When Keyarra grunted, Mom wisely closed her eyes.

“Time…to shoot baby doll…all over your face! We’re going to paint your pretty face white girl! Fuck! Here it cums! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

The two t-girls hosed Mom’s face. By the time they were through, her eyes were blanked with semen and sperm bubbles were oozing out of her tiny nostrils.

When the t-girls left a couple of minutes later, I crawled over to Mom, affectionately put my arm around her, and then began gently licking all the sperm off her face. I tried to emulate what a pussy cat would do with a full plate of cream.

At some point, Mom said, “I came hard watching you take those horse cocks…”

“When you came that one time…on that guy…girl…”

“I know…I was so hot…I…I came all over her. I couldn’t help it.”

“Sorry…but that was…was funny!”

“What do you want do?”

I shrugged my shoulders as Mom and I stood up, stretched, and began searching for our clothes. However, when I saw Mom bend over to pick up her bib, her ass cheeks seductively parted. I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

I walked up behind Mom and gently let my hardening cock contact her anus. Mom didn’t even bother to turn around. She obediently bent at the waist, spread her legs, and as she reached back to spread her cheeks, she chortled, “I won’t be able to shit for a week.”

“Mom…can we do it missionary…anal?”

Sure, I realized that the missionary position wasn’t the best position for anal, but I wanted to see Mom’s face and feel her breasts and hard nipples against my chest. I wanted to feel her chest blush…when she came.

After Mom positioned herself on her back, I mounted her, reached down, and as I aimed my erection at her asshole, Mom wrapped her sexy legs around my waist. When I looked down at her, she said, “That’s right. I want you deep.”

Mom’s wide-eyed sincerity weakened me. I suddenly gushed, “I guess this is role reversal. I’ve just been fucked like a woman, by women, and in front of a woman…and now…I am fucking a real woman. I really needed this…thank you…”

A couple of minutes later, the distinct plop, plop, plop sound of my hips slamming against Mom’s smooth thighs echoed loudly in the room.

It did not take long for either of us to cum. As my cum began spilling into Mom’s juicy rectum, her belly began its orgasmic dance, for the umpteenth time. I held her close as she came and passionately kissed her. Mom returned my kisses with great fervor.

A few days later, I overheard Mom on her cell. She was talking quietly so I listened to some of the conversation.

“…He got behind me and started swallowing down the semen leaking from my asshole. I couldn’t believe that he would want to eat me out with all that jazz seeping out of from my…ass… Yes! No! He didn’t hesitate. I just pushed my butt into his face and he started slurping up the cum. Yes! Inside me! It was fantastic!”

I understood when I wrote the first chapter of this story that it wouldn’t be for everyone. I write for me. The characters and scenarios which turn me on. There’s no other way to do it. But it’s worth noting I never intended to leave Luke in the precarious position depicted at the end of the first chapter forever. Already five pages long, it made sense to post what I’d finished. And I think all the passionate feedback I’ve received so far on this story has accelerated my writing of the next chapter. I’m quite happy with how both chapters turned out.


Luke glanced side to side and then knocked softly on Alina’s hotel room door.

“Come in,” her voice called to him from inside the room.

Luke pushed the door open and slipped inside. He spotted Alina sitting with her legs stretched out on the bed. “My mom said we could see each other this once with no strings attached.” He came in and sat near her outstretched legs.

“She did, huh?” Alina laid her legs across Luke’s lap.

“We have to work for her now,” Luke frowned. “She said you agreed.”

“My mom and her work together. She told me that she could get my mom fired if I didn’t bring you back home that morning. She’s close with their boss.” Alina scooted over to him and gently ran her fingernails over his thigh. Luke looked down, noticing her nails were painted a different color now.

“I get it,” he said sadly.

Alina nibbled on Luke’s earlobe and then told him, whispering warmly into his ear, “Suck my cock.”

Luke reached for her pajama bottoms at the waist and with a little help from his new t-girl lover was able to pull them off without trouble. He found she was wearing no panties; his eyes promptly gluing themselves to her growing member. “This is the only one we’ll get for free,” he sighed, “If we want to keep seeing each other, we’ll have to make sure my mom gets what she wants.”

Alina clicked her tongue. “Do you really think I’d be her bitch and let her decide if you and I can see each other?”

Luke looked up at the beautiful t-girl with a questioning expression. “You said she can get your mom fired. She’ll do it, Alina. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her way. What choice do we have?”

“Suck my cock and I’ll tell you,” Alina told him, seemingly content to keep it a secret until she saw some action.

Luke’s attention returned to her now fully-grown womanhood. Heat seemed to radiate from it. Luke breathed in the smell of her powerful organ. He touched his mouth to the head, then parted his lips and flicked his tongue over the crown. He quickly sucked up a bead of pre-cum which had formed, the flavor enticing him.

Luke opened his mouth wide and plunged his face into Alina’s lap, enveloping her pulsing tip into the wet warmth of his mouth. He swirled his hot tongue round and round, stimulating the most sensitive part of Alina’s womanhood whilst bathing it in saliva. She let out a moan and jabbed her hips forward.

Alina let her eyes close momentarily as she enjoyed the treatment her womanhood was receiving. “We do have a choice,” she told him. “You and I are going to stop your mom.”

“Ho-wow?” Luke asked with great curiosity, but couldn’t really get the word out with the mushroom tip of Alina’s prick in his mouth.

Alina raked her hands through Luke’s hair and then pushed his head down, forcing more of her cock into his eager mouth. “She’s only untouchable because of the games she plays. Well, we’re going to beat her at her own game…” Alina drove her womanhood deeper into the slippery warmth of Luke’s mouth. The muscular t-girl looked down at his sweet face and got herself even more excited. Her cock twitched and her toes crunched.

Luke had figured out that he’d find out quicker what Alina had in store for his mom by concentrating on sucking cock, rather than asking questions. He was more than fine with this arrangement, content to use his mouth to bring them both pleasure. Luke created a tight seal around her thick shaft and then doubled the efforts of his tongue.

“I don’t know your mom very well,” Alina sent more of her length between his lips, “but from what you tell me, she’s into pussy. A lot.” The young t-girl watched Luke accept as many inches as he could into his mouth as she spoke. “That’s her weakness. She even fucked a girlfriend of yours.” Alina couldn’t tell if his face got red because of the intense blow job he was giving or the comment she’d made about his past girlfriend.

“Your mom’s and my mom’s boss has a daughter around our age. If what you tell me is true, she won’t be able to resist that young pussy. And it so happens the girl is a friend of a friend.” The very tip of Alina’s womanhood pressed against the entrance to Luke’s throat. To her surprise, Luke sucked deep, relaxing his throat and slowly drew her over-sized cock head into the small opening.

“Ohhh… fuck that feels good. We can discuss the rest later,” she told him. Alina stopped thinking about their plan for the moment, putting all of her focus on the pleasure at hand. Luke had accepted a couple inches of t-girl meat into the impossibly tight confines of his throat. He sucked hard from there, rolling his tongue along the sensitive underside of her shaft.

“You’re good at this. I knew I penciled in a blow job instead of a fuck for a reason.” Alina cooed as she felt the pressure from his mouth ramp up. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as it lavished over her organ, bringing the muscular t-girl immense pleasure.

Luke got so used to the warmth and texture of her cock. He didn’t want to free even an inch from the grasp of his lips, even though doing so would make it easier to suck. Luke gently bobbed his head, careful not to let the tip of her prick escape his tight throat muscles. He knew based on the way Alina’s cock twitched and the way her legs tensed that she was likely close to orgasm. Luke took her slick shaft in his hand and started to stroke the last few inches that wouldn’t fit.

“Mmm…. I haven’t told you yet you could use your hands. I suppose it can’t do any harm… I’m almost there.” Alina squirmed. She tried to keep her orgasm at bay, preferring to experience this pleasure just a little longer.

With a determination to take Alina’s womanhood deeper before she came, Luke relaxed his throat. He looked at the last inches of her cock and saw them slowly disappear as her cock slid deeper into the stretched opening of his throat. Luke had somehow managed to swallow almost all of her long shaft. He could feel the thick monster throbbing nearly halfway down his throat.

“Oh sweet, oh fuck! I thought you’d never done this before? How… the? Damn, that feels sooo good.” Alina’s incredibly strong legs felt weak to her. She held Luke’s face down and cried out, “I’m cumming. Oh hell. I’m CUMMING!” as the first giant spurt exploded from her tip and went straight down Luke’s willing throat.

Thick gushes of hot ejaculate spit from her tip one on top of the other down Luke’s throat. Soon his throat and mouth were flooded with semen. Luke just tried to keep up, his throat constricting around her womanhood as he swallowed. Alina’s cock continued to spew. Luke realized he hadn’t realized how hard she came, the only other load she’d given him having gone up his ass. It got everywhere. His face, neck and chest were covered in spunk before her balls had emptied fully.

Luke, with Alina’s permission, continued to nurse on the upper portion of her womanhood long after her orgasm had subsided. Alina’s cock was so sensitive that hitting the roof of his mouth sent a shiver through her powerful body. Her long pipe had shrunken and then gotten half-hard again before she beckoned him up to lay beside her. She kissed him, receiving a hint of her own flavor from his mouth.

“If my mom and her boss are friends, wouldn’t my mom know what her daughter looked like?” Luke thought back to what he knew of Alina’s plan.

“I’m sure she would. That’s not a deal-breaker for a woman like your mother,” Alina told him.

Luke rolled onto his side so that he could look at Alina, but soon found himself being distracted by the beauty of the young t-girl. “You’re probably right. But how would we even put my mom and her together?”

“My friend will give us a foot in the door. Then you’re going to use your charm to get Madison to come over to your house. I think your mom will do the rest. She has a history of that.”

Luke tried to convince Alina that he couldn’t just get a girl he’d never met before to go to his house with him. He tried to tell her it wouldn’t work, that he’d be embarrassed to try. Alina wouldn’t hear it. She shot down all his objections with a single stare. A stern look made more effective by her physical advantage over him. The only sticking point in their plan arrived later.

“You tell your mom she’s a friend. Just hang out on the couch with her. That’s when I’ll call you. I order you to come over, and you leave Madison behind to do as I say,” she seemed quite pleased with that part of the plan.

“But,” Luke sucked on his lip, “my mom could tell you and I like each other.”

“What? She could… what did she say?”

“She thinks you like me. Then she figured out I feel the same way,” he replied, worrying this might throw a wrench into their plans and also his best chance of getting free of his mother.

“You do, feel the same way?” Alina asked casually. She didn’t want her tangent to become too apparent.

Luke looked up at the muscular t-girl whose cock he’d just sucked. All of the sudden she didn’t look so intimidating. He smiled and answered, “Well, yeah. I definitely do.”

She smiled back at him, then pressed her lips to his. Alina’s tongue snaked into his mouth and wrestled with his. He noticed her glistening prick was back in full force when their kiss broke. “Our plan won’t work if your mom thinks we’re on good terms. Alina paused to kiss Luke again and suck his tongue into her mouth. “When I make you leave abruptly, your mom will agree to it because she’ll want to be alone with Madison. You’ll be suspicious of your mom, but you know the trouble you’ll be in if you don’t listen to me. We’ve got to get over to your house now to make this work. Follow my lead from there.”


Luke tried to get as many answers as he could out of Alina while she drove them back to his house. He worried his mom would see right through him. Alina told him they’d be fine. Luke reasoned to himself that this overpowering t-girl must see something in him. She was helping him, after all. But he knew no one had ever taken on his mom before. Not before he tried last night. And how did that work for him? She won. Luke glanced over at Alina. The expression on her pretty face was of confidence and calm. It started to make Luke feel better. If he hadn’t stood up to his mom, she never would have set him up with Alina. It had worked out pretty damn good, actually.

Still apprehensive, Luke fumbled with his keys to get the front door open. Alina tapped her foot impatiently and glared at him. “Can’t you open the door? Make me wait any longer and we’ll go straight up to your room. I guarantee you won’t like that,” she said loudly.

Luke was about to ask her why she was getting so angry. His clenching asshole relaxed when he realized she was acting. He wondered what else she might have in store as he opened the door. Luke took a quick look around and didn’t immediately see his mom. They knew her car was in the garage.

“The least you can do after you fucked up today is make me some food,” she told him.

“Luke?” Christine’s voice called from upstairs. “Are you home?”

“Yeah,” Luke’s voice traveled up the stairs to her.

“Get in the kitchen like I told you,” Alina crossed her arms and glared at Luke.

Christine got to the bottom of the stairs. She noticed the way Alina was looking at Luke, and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing that can’t be handled,” she glared at Luke menacingly. He reminded himself this was acting. Just acting. “My little pup doesn’t follow orders very well. I suppose I shouldn’t expect him to be a lapdog yet. That will take time and training.”

Christine looked in on her son in the kitchen. Trying to play the part given to him, Luke hurried around the kitchen fixing a quick lunch. “I’ve been having this problem with him all his life. He doesn’t follow direction very well. More power to you if you think you can fix him,” she laughed. “But I’m surprised things went sour so fast. You seemed pleased with him last night when you brought him home.”

Alina stepped into the kitchen as well. She closely monitored Luke’s progress on her lunch. “I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he took dick good last night. I didn’t even have to make him do it. He must have thought I’d gone soft after blowing a load inside his tight ass.” Genuine embarrassment manifested on Luke’s face. Did his mom have to know the specifics of last night? “With what he pulled today, it’s clear I’ll have to use a harsher hand from now on.”

Luke brought a sandwich and chips over to Alina on a plate. He jumped about two feet when he got close enough and Alina smacked him on the backside. It sounded worse than it was. He rubbed his bottom, still sore from her reaming and gave the muscular t-girl a dirty look. Alina winked at Luke when Christine lowered her eyes to take a chip off the plate.

“What did he pull? I’d love to know,” Christine asked while crunching the chip into her mouth.

Alina’s expression revealed she was none too pleased with the sandwich he’d made for her. Luke couldn’t believe how convincing she was when she dumped it in the trash and banged the plate down again in front of him, scowling as she did. “I told him to lick my ass while I had another guy suck my cock. He refused me. Even after I’d gone to the trouble of gathering up another guy for it,” she shot daggers at Luke.

“Rim you while you’re getting blown? Kinky. That sounds like fun!” Christine responded. “Did you let him get away with saying no? Luke hasn’t been conforming to authority lately,” Christine said, thinking of how he had vowed to stop her from bedding Mrs. Lewis.

Luke set about making Alina something else. He listened to everything they said. It seemed to him that Alina had come up with the fib about him rimming her with another guy sucking her cock pretty fast. The thought crossed his mind that she might actually be into it. His heart beat faster as he reminded himself once again this was all an act. Still, he could see in his mind’s eye the image of his face between her sculpted ass cheeks while he listened to her moaning and the sound of another man slurping on her hard rod. He couldn’t decide if it was humiliating him or making him jealous.

Alina supervised his new attempt to prepare her lunch with a cold stare. She oversaw his every movement with a threatening glint in her eye that made the hair on the back of Luke’s neck stand up. The memory from earlier in the day of him and Alina kissing on her bed back at the hotel; him deciding she didn’t look so intimidating after all, felt like it was a lifetime ago.

“I wouldn’t be the woman I am if I let him get away with anything. I didn’t make your son rim me with the other guy. I took him hard up the ass then made him clean my cock after. He asked for it the hard way by not listening.” Alina’s biceps flexed sinisterly.

“That’s pure evil! I love it! And it sounds like Lucy deserved it,” Christine followed her words with an elongated guffaw.

“Lucy?” Alina asked. Just then, Luke set another plate of food down in front of Alina. With his back turned to the intimidating t-girl, he silently begged his mom not to say anything more.

Christine nodded her head smugly. “I came up with that for him yesterday. Really, it’s for you to use if you want to. I know I’m biased being his mother, but I think he’d look gorgeous in a dress.”

“All right. That’s it! I’m not doing this anymore,” Luke broke. “You’re both psycho!”

“Now, is that any way to talk to your mother?” Christine asked with a familiar condescension in her voice.

“You’re not my mother!” he howled. “You’re an evil witch and I’m not helping you ever. Get your own pussy from now on, you bitch!”

“I’m sorry for my son’s outburst,” Christine said to Alina calmly. Alina nodded. “I know I said only one freebie for you two,” Christine looked at her son to say this, “but I wouldn’t object to you taking him upstairs for another ‘training’ lesson. His room is the first door on the right.”

“With pleasure,” Alina said. Displaying a merciless expression on her face, Alina grabbed Luke by the arm. “I’m not liking your behavior at all. You’re going to regret you ever called me psycho, pup.”

Luke tried to pull away, but her grip was too strong. “Wait!” he said, appealing to his mother. “I’m sorry. Don’t give me to her again!” he begged. “I’ll work for you, mom. I promise I’ll bring anyone you want home. Please, I don’t want to go upstairs with her! Not again!” Luke started to sob.

“You sealed your own fate, honey.” Christine slid the plate of food Luke had made for Alina over to her placemat. She blew a kiss to her son as the powerful young t-girl dragged him up the stairs. “Have fun, kids.”

Luke fought so hard on the stairs that Alina had to carry him. She kicked the first door on the right open and threw him inside, slamming the door behind her and locking it ominously. Luke closed his eyes. The first thing he felt was her strong arms as they wrapped around him. Then her soft lips when they crushed against his in a fiery kiss.

“You were so good!” she told him, to his relief, with excitement in her voice. “The psycho line. The begging your mom,” she kissed him harder. “Fighting me on the stairs. You almost convinced me!” she gushed in what had been an exceptionally rare show of emotion.

“Uh-huh. We were, uh, both very convincing.”

“I thought you were going to blow it! Quite the contrary. She bought it, Luke. She bought it!” Alina must have kissed him a dozen more times, frantically coaxing his tongue awake. It only took a second for her to become more serious. A cerebral edge in her voice, she told him, “Don’t ever think you can lie to me like that.”

“I won’t. I wouldn’t. Never would,” he responded, wanting to go back to the part where they were kissing.

Alina’s hand crept into his lap. She squeezed the bulge there. “You’re hard as hell, too. You did so good today. I’m going to try something…” she said with a smile. Alina reached for his belt and undid it. Her fingers opened his pants as the two kissed. Luke couldn’t believe his eyes when Alina, the intimidating t-girl who’d taken his anal virginity last night, sunk to her knees in front of the bed.

Alina fished his average-sized erection from his boxer shorts and held it in her warm hand. “I’ve never done this before. Keep it to yourself if I fuck up or I’ll never do it again.” With that, she wet her full lips and dropped her head. Alina sucked Luke’s dick into her mouth, using her tongue to tickle and toy with the tip.

Luke never saw this coming. He sat back in disbelief, his eyes wide open, experiencing the joy of having his cock sucked by this exotic beauty. Alina closed her lips down tight around his shaft and kept lowering her head until most of his cock disappeared into the warm sanctuary of her mouth. The muscular t-girl let his penis sit there. She got used to the feel of it throb in her mouth. Then she spun her tongue around his girth and looked up at Luke. Watching the sheer ecstasy her sucking provided, Alina started to bob her head.

“I can’t believe… this feels toooo spectacular,” he babbled. Luke wasn’t a stranger to blow jobs, but never like this. This felt indescribably better. Her mouth hummed around his cock and it was like he could feel her everywhere around him. This felt like more than a blow job to him, or maybe it just meant more because of how he felt about her.

Alina’s sucking mouth worked harder. She sucked deeper and made sure her tongue caressed his shaft all over. Full lips gliding up and down his length in unison with the swirling of her tongue, she took his balls into her hand and rubbed them. Luke couldn’t help it when he bucked, his butt lifting off the bed. His bucking hips were there to meet Alina everytime her lips slid to the bottom of his shaft, urging her to swallow him even deeper.

He still couldn’t believe what she was doing. That this intimidating young t-girl, with all her beauty and all her strength, was sucking his cock. Their eyes locked, her head bobbing in his lap so fast that it was almost a blur. Luke knew he was close. Impossibly, his pleasure intensified. His impending orgasm hit him so hard that it nearly hurt.

“I need to cum,” he moaned. “You’re amazing,” he could have sworn he saw Alina smile around his dick at that. “Fuck! I can’t stop it. I need to cum!” his moans became rapturous cries as his orgasm took hold. Alina caved her cheeks in around his prick.

Alina didn’t so much as flinch when hot cum exploded from his tip and shot down her throat. She swallowed it all, continuing to suck the whole time. Luke couldn’t contain himself. Nearly sitting off the bed, he drove his cock into her heavenly mouth and unloaded every ounce of cum from his body. His cock sputtered out a couple more shots and then cooled down. Alina softened her suction, knowing how sensitive his penis was, but didn’t stop. Her tongue stroked his shaft inside her mouth.

His cock shrinking, Luke’s upper body dropped back on the bed. Alina soon joined him. She circled her lips with her tongue and then planted them on his. By the time their passionate kiss broke, Alina had a now more characteristic smile on her pretty face.

“It’s time we get back downstairs,” Alina told him.

Downstairs, Christine took her son’s cries very differently than what had occurred. She had no idea they were triggered by the intimidating t-girl she’d sent him up there with sucking his cock. Alina and Luke resumed their act once they got to the top of the stairs. Christine grinned as she watched her son, his head hung low, despairingly walk behind Alina like he was being led by an invisible leash.

Christine welcomed Alina and her son back downstairs, “I do hope this ‘training’ session was, shall we say… fruitful?”

Alina licked her lips, still tasting a hint of the flavor of Luke’s cum. She grabbed Luke by the hair and made him look at her, “It better have been. I won’t be disrespected. It gets worse from here. Call me psycho again and I’m going to show you psycho.”

“I won’t be disrespectful. I won’t disobey you,” he whimpered.

“I’m going to be a good mom and change my mind. You two can see each other whenever you want,” Christine said with a pleased smile. “As long as you make sure he does what I want, too.”

“He will.” Alina let Luke go, her expression hard and emotionless toward him. She walked out snapping her hips. Both Christine and Luke watched her leave with their eyes glued. “What a woman,” Christine remarked. “I told you not to get on her bad side.”

Luke wanted to tell her she should have taken her own advice. He bit down on his tongue instead.


That weekend Luke found himself sitting at a table in the food court at the mall. Madison and Alina’s friend, Samantha, were eating salads, taking a break from shopping. It was just like Alina had planned. The last couple days went by fast as they prepared. Luke’s webcam, set to stream and record straight to his laptop, sat in his mom’s closet with a perfect angle of her king size bed. He knew she always liked to fuck in her bed. That’s where she’d take Madison.

He stole glances at the girls, careful not to get caught doing so. Madison was your typical pretty, skinny blonde eighteen-year-old. Popular and girlish, and probably about as dumb as a doornail in Luke’s estimation. On the other side of the food court was Alina. She oversaw both tables. Luke’s eyes couldn’t help but linger. He felt a jolt in his nether regions when he recalled the exotic beauty sucking his cock. He started to wonder why Samantha was doing this. What did she have to gain from it?

Luke still wasn’t sure he could go through with this. Sure, he’d picked up girls before. But never with this much at stake. He was taking so long that Alina sent him a text. She demanded he march over there before her friend and Madison finished their lunches. Luke took another look at Alina from across the spacious eating area. None too pleased, she motioned with her hands for him to get his ass over there.

Luke took a deep breath and then headed casually in the girls’ direction with his tray. He looked right at them, immediately catching the attention of Samantha, who knew he was coming. “Hey,” he said to Madison, “your mom and my mom work together, don’t they?”

Madison cocked her head and paused for a moment. She seemed to be searching her brain. “Do they?”

Samantha cut in, “You’re Luke Dawson, right? You play for the Bulldogs?” right on cue.

Madison smirked, “Dawson. Yeah, I know that name from my mom’s work!”

Samantha finished up her part, “Well, I told you I can’t stay, Madison. My dad’s gonna kill me if I’m not home to clean out the garage. See you later.”

“Mind if I sit down then?” Luke asked Madison, using his most charming smile.

“Sure,” the young blonde girl crinkled her nose.

He noticed Madison’s salad container was nearly empty. Even worse, he couldn’t think of a thing to say to this girl once he sat down. His mind had been consumed by thoughts of Alina. Every beautiful inch of her chiseled body right down to her wonderful cock. Madison couldn’t compete with any of that. Luke knew he had to dig deep. He had to remember this was his way out from under his mom’s thumb.

Alina unknowingly made his job a lot easier when she went back up to the food counter. The distractingly tall t-girl caught Madison’s eye. “Oh my god,” she whispered to Luke. “Look but don’t look at that girl at the counter.” Luke knew before he looked that she was talking about Alina. She had that effect on people. Things took a turn when Madison said, “I don’t even see dudes that tall. And she’s got crazy muscle. It’s so wrong when a girl bulks up like that,” she giggled a nasty, gossipy giggle.

“Oh, uhh, yeah… I guess.” Luke had been caught off-guard, not knowing what to say and not wanting to break character. He didn’t hit girls, but what he wanted to do was punch her in the face.

“What?” Madison gave him a dubious look. “You find that attractive?”

Luke quickly denied her implication, “No, no.” He didn’t want to go on, but Alina had told him to play this part. He couldn’t lose sight of why he was doing this and what it meant. “What guy could?” he whispered. “Even her biceps have biceps. I bet she hits the gym every night she doesn’t have a date.”

Madison giggled, just quietly enough that they couldn’t be heard. Luke saw his opportunity. “There are some unsavory people at this mall as you can see. Want to go back to my house?” Madison checked the time on her phone. She hesitated long enough for Luke to add, “It’s totally cool. I mean my mom’s home and everything.” She agreed.


Luke had butterflies in his stomach the entire car ride. He made nervous conversation with the young girl. She asked him about football and about his mom. He was allowed to breathe finally when she put the radio on.

Then panic hit him, when he got back to his house and saw Mrs. Lewis’ car in the driveway. He wished he could confer with Alina. She’d know what to do. Instead, he had to wing it. Inside the house, his mom wasn’t downstairs. They were flipping through television channels when Christine rounded the stairs.

“Luke, I didn’t even hear you get home.” Christine peered around the couch and spotted the pretty young girl. “And who’s your friend?” she grinned.

“I’m Madison, Miss Dawson,” the girl replied.

“Oh! Madison. Mrs. Reed’s daughter! You’ve grown up quite a bit since the photo on your mom’s desk was taken,” Christine smiled. “What are you two doing?”

“We’re just hanging out,” Luke replied, waiting for Alina’s call. He could tell by the glint in his mom’s eyes that Madison was having the desired effect on her. Christine was obviously enamored with the young girl. “Is Mrs. Lewis here?” Luke questioned.

“Oh, right,” Christine replied as if she’d forgotten. “She’s upstairs. We were just, uh, going through clothes.” Christine looked back to Madison, “Where did you get your outfit?” she asked. “It’s so cute.”

Luke’s cell rung. “Get over here now,” Alina told him sternly, staying in character in case anyone else was listening. She hung up after that.

“Mom, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, honey.”

They left Madison by the television. In the kitchen, Luke told his mom, “That was Alina. I’ve got to get over there now.”

“Go ahead,” Christine told her son with a smug smile.

“I can just go? I really do have to leave now. Alina will kill me,” he told his mom.

“Don’t disappoint her. I’ll look after Madison,” Christine licked her lips.

“You’ll take her home?” he asked.

“Of course. Don’t worry about her. You have to worry about Alina and what she’ll do if you aren’t on your way right now,” she laughed.

“All right.” He stood there a few seconds longer, trying to convey his suspicion. All part of the act. “I’ll be back, I don’t when.” He told her and then ran out. “Something’s come up,” he told Madison. “My mom will drive you home.”

Christine left the kitchen and eyed the present her son had inadvertently left her. She wondered if the girl’s pussy would be as sweet as Vicky’s.


Luke got in his car and drove, but he didn’t go to Alina’s hotel room. Because Alina wasn’t there. He ditched the car and then ran back home. Alina was parked in the alley behind his house just as they’d discussed. She pushed the passenger side door open for him and passed him his laptop.

“How did it go?” Alina asked.

“She took the bait,” he answered.

Alina drummed her fingernails on the steering wheel impatiently as Luke fumbled around on his laptop. A couple minutes passed before she asked him, “What’s taking so long?”

Furiously tapping the touchpad, he told her, “It’s not finding my wireless network. I think I need to restart then do a search.”

“I thought you said this would work,” she told him unhappily.

“It will. It will.” Luke knew that each second he wasted was another second his mom got closer to spreading Madison’s legs. However nasty the girl might have been, he still had to stop his mom.

Alina tied her long blonde locks up and then leaned back in her seat. “Get it to work.”

Luke let his laptop reboot. He thought back to what had happened at the food court. His questions about how Alina got Samantha to cooperate came back to him. “It needs another minute.” Luke took the opportunity to glance over at Alina. He asked her carefully, “How did you convince your friend to help us?”

Alina gave Luke a reserved look. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…” he stopped picking his words carefully, “what did you have on her? She did kind of sell out her friend.”

Luke didn’t know how to process what his words seemed to do to Alina. She looked genuinely hurt. “I didn’t have anything on her. I’m not like your mom,” she spit out the last sentence.

“I didn’t meant it like that,” he tried to acquit himself. “I just thought… oh, forget it.” Luke chastised himself for bringing any of this up.

“If you must know,” she took a deep breath, “Samantha had an abusive boyfriend. After they broke up, the bastard stalked her everywhere. I got him off her back. That’s why she did me this favor no questions asked. It turns out my biceps’ biceps do have a few good uses,” she said with a grimace.

“You heard that?” he asked softly.

Alina didn’t answer him. He didn’t know how to make her feel better. Luke actually wished she was mad at him. He wanted her to tell him if he ever made a joke at her expense again, she’d clobber him. This was much worse. He knew he didn’t want to make her feel this way ever again.

Luke didn’t get a chance to apologize. His laptop connected and the stream started. They could see Luke’s mom on her bed. Madison was there, and Mrs. Lewis too. Luke quickly diverted his eyes. His mother sat naked from the waist down in the video. Vicky’s mom had her head between the cheeks of Christine’s thick ass.

The audio Luke’s webcam picked up was grainy, but just good enough to tell who was talking and roughly what they were saying. “She’ll do anything as long as she gets fucked,” Christine said to a very engaged Madison.

“That’s so cool,” Madison giggled.

Back in the car, Alina asked Luke, “Are you watching this?”

“No way. That’s my mom’s butt!” Luke was relieved to see Alina’s face break into a smile. He’d cursed himself out so badly for making her feel bad.

“I’ll get her to lick your ass too if you do something for me,” Christine offered.

“What?” Madison asked, her eyes on Christine’s throbbing womanhood.

Christine scooted across the bed, Mrs. Lewis’ tongue following her ass. She reached for the girl and stroked her full lips. “Use these pretty lips on my cock.”

Luke wasn’t watching, but he could still hear. “That’s it,” he said. “We’ve got enough. Let’s stop them.” He started to get out of the car when Alina pulled him back.

She held him against the car seat with her elbow against his chest. “No. Let’s keep it going a while longer.”

Luke knew she had him locked in place pretty good. “What? What do you mean ‘keep it going?’ It shouldn’t go any further.”

“Let your mom screw her. Madison’s asking for it. That little ditz deserves it,” Alina told him in a chilly tone. “After that I’m going to put your mom through one of those training sessions she keeps talking about,” she gritted her teeth. “Then we’ll send this footage to her boss. Your mom’s finished.”

“We, we can’t do that,” Luke stammered. “She’s still my mom,” he said weakly.

“Your mom sent you up a river without a paddle just so she could get some pussy. Great parenting there,” Alina sarcastically added.

“Well,” he picked at his fingers, “I know she couldn’t have known what it would mean, but in doing that, she led me straight to you.”

“Bastard,” Alina grunted. “Fine. Do it your way,” she relented, then she kissed him. Luke figured another minute wouldn’t hurt. He kissed her back, opening his mouth to her tongue.

Luke ran back to his house and opened the door. He flew up the stairs and pushed the door to his mother’s bedroom open. He intended to catch her in the act, hoping doing so would allow them to avoid a messy confrontation. Sure enough, there was his mom in the center of the bed with both women attending to her body. Mrs. Lewis was so deep into the crevice of his mom’s ass that all he could see of her head was the hair on it. And Madison had her lips wrapped around his mother’s prick.

“Mom!” he cried.

Both Mrs. Lewis and Madison stopped what they were doing, but stayed where they were. “What are you doing home?!” Christine shouted at him.

“Uh, Alina sent me back for some things. Wait, what are you doing with Madison!” he tried to sound convincing.

Madison looked like a deer caught in the headlights, but she hadn’t dropped Christine’s throbbing dick from her lips. Mrs. Lewis, on the other hand, had already gone back to licking the t-milf’s ass. “What are you just standing there for?” Christine asked. “Leave and close the door behind you.”

Luke knew he’d have to go through with this. He recalled the lofty language his mom had used when she’d successfully schemed to get him out of the house. Steering clear of that, he told her point blank, “I’m not going anywhere because we have this on video. We’ll send it to Mrs. Reed if we have to. You don’t want her to found out one of her employees seduced her daughter.”

Christine’s cock fell from Madison’s lips. “Please don’t tell my mom!” she begged.

“You set me up?” Christine snarled. Mrs. Lewis even withdrew her face from Christine’s ass.

“I saved you. Alina wanted to send this video to your boss no matter what. Then, umm… dish out her own brand of justice… on you.”

“You think I’m afraid of her. Tell that bitch to bring it on,” his mom told him angrily, like a threatened school girl.

Luke wanted to be the more mature one. “I don’t care who’s afraid of who anymore! We won’t show the video to your boss as long as you don’t try to get Alina’s mom fired. That’s the deal.”

“You mean, you won’t tell my mom?” Madison asked.

“It’s up to my mom, but I think not,” he answered.

“Cool,” Madison giggled. She sucked Christine’s cock back into her mouth.

“I hope you don’t think you’re staying here tonight, or any other night for that matter,” Christine told her son.

“No,” Luke shuffled his feet, “I guess not.” Next he told Vicky’s mom, “Mrs. Lewis? You can go home if that’s what you want.”

She didn’t answer, her tongue jammed up his mom’s asshole Luke left the room and the sounds of lewd slurping and his mother’s moaning behind. He looked in on his room. His eyes wandered around and lingered over the house which had been his childhood home. He was starting to feel a little low, then he got outside and spotted Alina’s car. She’d parked out front while he was inside. The passenger door open for him and the engine still running, Luke sat next to the muscular t-girl. He could cheer himself up just looking at her.

She closed his laptop and started to drive. “We’re going back to my hotel,” she told him.


Alina and Luke knew just how to celebrate his newfound freedom from him mom. They kissed, mouths on the attack, on her bed. Alina’s stiff cock pressed between his thighs. Clothes came off. Luke felt her hard nipples poke into his chest as she aligned the tip of her enormous prick with the tiny opening of his asshole.

“You’re so hard,” he murmured.

“And you’re so tight,” she cooed, her womanhood entering him.

Luke groaned as he felt the full size of her organ. It would have seemed absolutely insane a week ago, but he could think of no better way to celebrate their victory than this. Having her pulsing cock fucking a place so deep inside him, with her beautiful body pressed into him; her soft lips kissing his burning hot skin. A thrust of Alina’s hips brought Luke back from his reverie. His back arched and his face twisted as her rod pulsed within him.

Their bodies moved together. Luke’s legs wrapped around Alina’s shapely ass. His insides clung to her thick shaft like they’d never let her go. Alina used long thrusts, pushing her entire length into him each time. As the muscular t-girl fucked him deep, he found himself at the perfect angle to take her breasts into his hands and her nipples into his mouth. She pounded him harder as he squeezed and sucked on her tits. Her cock massaged his prostate.

“I’m going to fuck this ass all night!” she told him.

“Please… you’ve earned it,” Luke whimpered, beginning to feel a greater stirring inside him. He thrust his little ass back at her. The strength she put behind each thrust increased. Luke bit down on her swollen nipple so that it wouldn’t whip out of his mouth. Her soft breasts battered his face. “Mmmmhhmm, ohh fuck!” he cried.

“Harder?” she huffed. Her womanhood pummeled his tender asshole. She worked herself into a heavy perspiration. Alina managed to find his lips without stalling her rhythmic motion into his hole. They kissed, the muscular t-girl’s massive meat filling his little hole.

Their fucking became more savage. He clawed at her back. She crushed her mouth onto his. Nothing put the muscles on Alina’s powerful body to work as thoroughly and completely as fucking. Luke grasped every inch of her cock with his muscles. His eyes closed. Moans escaped his lips in immediate succession. “Yes, harder!” he dared her. “Fuck me. Fill me!”

It was only my first time in the club and my hands were shaking beyond control. I almost didn’t make it through the front door I was so nervous. I felt so out of place. Everywhere I looked, it felt like people were staring at me, judging me. It was like they knew I had no clue what I was doing.

I had heard about the place a few weeks ago. The Backdoor it was called. Not exactly subtle, if you ask me. It was supposedly the best place in the whole city to go to if you wanted to hook up with a t-girl. So, there I was. I made my way inside, passed by the dance floor and headed straight for the bar. I wasn’t a very good dancer. True, I was looking to hook up, but the dance floor at The Backdoor was not where the real action was. That was in its special third restroom.

I pulled up a stool at the bar and ordered a drink. I figured a little whiskey would calm my nerves. I still hadn’t decided if I was really going to go through with this or not. I sipped on my drink and scanned the room. It was a fairly large club with two levels. I didn’t see the bathrooms anywhere, but there was a large staircase that led downstairs.

I downed the rest of my drink in one gulp, tipped the bartender, and headed towards the staircase. Downstairs, there was another dance floor, this one with a DJ set up on a small stage. I walked around, searching for the restrooms. Everything in this place was so foreign to me; the music, the people, even the smells seemed different. I was so disoriented. I finally saw the bathrooms at the very back of the room and walked towards them.

There were three doors. The first door had a stick figure man on the door. The second had a stick figure woman. The third had a stick figure man bending over in front of a stick figure woman. The stick figure woman was fucking the stick figure man with her giant stick figure cock. That’s what I had been looking for. As I walked determinedly towards the doors, I decided I would go straight into the third door. But, my nerves got the better of me at the last second and I choked. I played it off like I was always intending to go to the men’s room and slipped inside the first door instead.

I didn’t even have to use the bathroom, but I stood in front of a urinal with my fly undone and pretended I was taking a piss for about forty seconds anyway. I desperately did not want to stand out in this place. I washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom feeling like a complete idiot and a coward. There was another bar set up on this floor, so I took a seat and ordered another drink. The first one definitely hadn’t done the trick.

I kept an eye on the third restroom while I drank. No one seemed to be going in or coming out. I didn’t want to be the first person to go in, so I figured I would keep drinking until I saw other people go in. I was on my third drink of the night when I finally saw a man walk into the third door. He was a skinny little puke of a guy, but he just walked in like it was no big deal. If he can do it, so can I, I thought. But, just in case my thoughts got in the way, I ordered a quick shot before getting up.

I took my shot, stood up with renewed confidence, and walked through the special third door. I had done it… almost. Merely walking through a door and actually having sex with a tranny are two very different things. Inside, I noticed that this room was different from the men’s room from earlier. The men’s room only had room for two urinals and two stalls whereas this one was a bit larger. There were seven stalls and nothing else. Two of the stalls had the door closed and the rest were vacant. There was a girl sitting on a stool near the door who looked at me as I entered.

“First time here?” she asked. She must have noticed how nervous I was.

“Uhhh… yeah,” I said. “How could you tell?”

“I work here most nights. Never seen you before.”

“Oh. You work here. So… ummm… are you…?”

“Take to the fourth stall and someone should be by soon. Just remember, the girls don’t officially work here, so don’t come complaining to us if you have a problem.”

“Ok. Uhhh…thanks.”

“Have fun,” she said with a wink.

I walked to a vacant stall and closed the door behind me. I didn’t really know what to do next, so I sat on the closed toilet seat and waited. I was in between two other stalls already in use. I could hear two people moaning to my right and the harsh slapping sound of bodies colliding on my left. I wondered if the girl at the door was actually a tranny. If she was, I couldn’t tell at all. I don’t think anyone would ever guess she was either. If all of the t-girls in this place looked like her, then I definitely came to the right place. I started imagining what the girl at the door looked like naked. I couldn’t help picturing myself stripping her clothes off of her smooth curves and kissing my way down her body towards her hard girl-cock.

My fantasizing was quickly interrupted by a cry from the stall to my left.

“Oww!” I heard a man yelp. “Oh, God.”

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you, bitch?” This voice was clearly masculine but trying to make itself sound feminine. The slapping sound coming from the stall next to me grew louder as they started fucking harder and harder. I looked under the partition but could only see their legs. There was a skinny set of white legs facing the direction of the toilet. Right behind those, was a set of very muscular black legs which apparently belonged to the big tranny who was fucking the shit out of the skinny guy.

“Yeah, you take that big dick,” said the tranny.

“Unngh. Yes, Mistress Natas- OH! Yes, Mistress Natassia.” The sound of them fucking was incredibly loud. I watched under the partition as the huge black tranny rammed the poor skinny guy who kept trying to keep his balance.

This was not what I thought I signed up for. That tranny was practically just a guy. I was extremely freaked out. Maybe I hadn’t thought this all the way through. What if I got someone just like that? What if it turned out to be just some guy in a wig? I was just about to stand up and chicken out, when there was a gentle knock on my stall door.

I froze for a few seconds, and sheepishly opened the door. I was so glad I hadn’t chicken out. There was a beautiful girl waiting on the other side of the door for me. I backed up a few steps to let her into the stall with me. She closed the door behind her and looked me up and down. She didn’t say a word. I stared at her in awe as she looked intently at every part of me, considering.

It was a strange, semi-awkward silence. Well, awkward for me at least. She seemed comfortable enough. And, it wasn’t completely silent, I suppose. I could still hear the sounds of the people fucking on either side of our stall. Since she was checking out my body, I decided to look her over more closely too.

She was about 5’5″ with dark brown hair that came to the top of her shoulders. She was a very feminine girl with big, round eyes and lovely curves. She was magnificent. I had never hoped for someone as beautiful as her to be a shemale. She wasn’t just pretty for a shemale either. She was pretty even by regular girl standards. She was wearing tight jeans with black boots and a white top that exposed a good amount of cleavage.

“Names or no names?” she said, still looking me over.

“My name is Matt,” I said. She finally looked me in the eye.

“I’m Claire. I hear it’s your first time here.

“That’s right.”

“You ever suck dick, Matt?”

“No. I’ve never….”

“Get on your knees.” She was quick and to the point. I liked the dominant vibe I was getting from her. I got down on my knees in front of her as she unbuckled her belt. She undid her pants and slid them down to her knees, leaving them there. Then she quickly slid the purple panties she was wearing down as well. A couple feet in front of me was a thick eight inch cock swinging between Claire’s legs. I couldn’t believe that such a girlish figure could be hiding such a big dick. She was already semi-hard and the girth of her fuck stick was fairly intimidating. I sort of felt ashamed that she would be seeing my dick soon. I was five inches, which I didn’t think was that horrible before seeing Claire’s dick, but it didn’t have much girth to it at all.

Claire wasted no time and took a few steps forward, pressing her cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and gave it a timid lick. It was, after all, my first time doing any of this and I wanted to take it slow. Claire had other plans.

“Suck it,” she said. She spoke with such an authoritative voice and I obediently took her into my mouth. My lips stretched wide to accept the thickness and I started sucking on it. I moved my head back and forth, trying to take a little more each time.

“Watch those teeth,” said Claire. I didn’t seem to be pleasing her very well. I concentrated on keeping my teeth off of her cock, which made me slow down considerably because I was overthinking it. I was stuck in my own head and couldn’t seem to get it right. After a few moments of this, Claire grabbed my head with both of her hands and started bucking her hips back and forth, fucking my mouth. This caught me completely off guard. Several times, she went a little deeper than I could handle and I gagged. After a little while of unsuccessfully face fucking me, Claire pulled her cock out of my mouth and pushed my head back.

“Ok,” she said. “This isn’t working. Take off your pants.” I stood up and started to take off my pants. Claire stroked her big dick in her hand and watched me. I pushed my pants down , but didn’t take them all the way off, just like Claire did. I became very self-conscious as I stood in front of her with my dick hanging out.

“Turn around,” said Claire. “Let me see that ass.” I did and lifted my shirt up a bit to give her a full view of my ass. This felt very strange to me. I had never even considered what my ass looked like, let alone considered showing it off to somebody. Claire put a hand on my back and pushed me forward a bit, towards the toilet.

“Bend over. Put your hands up against the wall.” I did as Claire asked, putting both of my hands on the wall behind the toilet. The cement was cold on my hands and I looked behind me to see what she was doing. Claire had pulled a bottle of lube from her purse and squirted a good amount into the palm of her hand. She then grabbed ahold of her cock and worked it all over it. I listened to the squishy sound of the lube as she stroked herself, her fat dick growing in her hand. It suddenly dawned on me that I was about to have that monster shoved up my ass.

After only twenty seconds or so, she was hard. Then she grabbed the bottle of lube again and squirted another big glob into her hand. With one hand she pulled my left ass cheek aside and, with the other, smeared the lube onto my waiting asshole. The lube felt cool against my vulnerable ass and a shiver went through my entire body at the sensation. Then Claire slipped a finger inside me, working the lube into me. She continued to stroke herself as she fingered my ass for about thirty seconds. The feeling made my own cock grow a little.

Claire pulled her finger out and moved up behind me. She planted her feet just over shoulder width apart to find a nice balance. Then she gave my ass a quick spank.

“You ready to take this big dick up your ass?” she said.

“Yes,” I panted. I didn’t realize my breathing had become so heavy. I felt overcome with anticipation as I felt her cock rub up against my ass. I had used toys on myself, but this was going to be my first cock. And, I had never had anything quite as big as Claire’s cock in my ass before.

Suddenly, the head was pressing into me. My asshole was resisting and I tried to relax it. I felt Claire push hard, and the first couple of inches invaded my ass.

“OH! Oh shit! Oh shit!” I screamed. I hadn’t expected Claire to push it in so fast. It hurt and felt like there was a small flame inside of me. Claire moaned deeply, tilting her head back.

“Oh, wow,” she said. “You’re so fucking tight. I don’t remember the last time I fucked an ass this tight.” She pushed forward and another few inches slid in.

“Oh God!” I pleaded. “My ass!” Claire very slowly started to slide her cock out. Soon, only the head was still inside me. I was anxious for her to take it all the way out so I could recover from the initial shock.

“Are you ready, baby?” she said.

“Ready for what?” I said. Claire grabbed onto my hips and shoved her cock back inside me. I yelped as the thick cock buried itself inside of me. I was taking it to the hilt now and I tried to wriggle away, but Claire held me tight. I was shocked at her strength. Thank God I had had a few drinks to help dull the pain. I couldn’t believe she had just shoved herself into me like that. The girl was practically raping me. And, despite myself, I sort of enjoyed it.

Claire didn’t move for a little bit, finally letting me adjust to her thickness. It took some time, but, finally, most of the initial pain began to fade. Then she slowly started to thrust in and out of me.

“Oooooo, your ass feels so good, baby,” Claire said. “I think I could fuck it all night. But, I don’t think I can resist fucking you hard and fast.” As she continued to hump my ass deep, Claire leaned over me and put her tongue in my ear. The feeling of her big dick deep in my ass and her tongue slipping around my ear was sheer ecstasy. I grabbed onto my own cock and slowly stroked it. As my hand worked up and down my shaft, I closed my eyes and reflected on the fact that there was finally a big tranny dick up my ass. I was hard very quickly.

Claire stopped licking my ear and gripped my hips hard again. She gave one hard, deep thrust, keeping her cock deep for a couple of seconds, then did it again. It didn’t even hurt so bad anymore.

“Alright, baby, now you’re going to get fucked good and hard,” said Claire. I stopped stroking myself and put both of my hands back on the wall to brace myself. Claire slammed into me hard and began thrusting at a fast pace. The sounds of her thighs slapping against my ass drowned out my guttural moaning. I could feel my ass cheeks shake each time her hips slammed into me. I was getting fucked like a little bitch. It was a good thing my hands were on the wall, or else I would have lost my footing as Claire continued to pound me.

“Oh, yeah,” said Claire. “Just like that. That’s what I like.”

“Ohhhh. Oooooh,” is all I could muster. I started to feel dizzy. I’m not sure if that was from the four drinks I had in less than an hour, or from the giant cock that felt like it was in my stomach.

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Claire. “Is this why you came here? Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes,” I managed to say over the loud sounds of my ass getting fucked silly. “Yes, fuck me hard.” This seemed to renew Claire’s energy and she started fucking me with a sense of urgency, arching her back and grabbing her full breast over her shirt. Her moaning was becoming higher pitched and louder.

“Jack yourself off,” said Claire. “Shoot your load for me.” I grabbed onto my hard cock and started tugging furiously at it. Claire angled her cock inside of me and put some extra pressure on my g-spot. After stroking myself for only fifteen seconds or so, I was cumming. My cum shot out of me with incredible force, splattering against the wall and running down the cement.

“Good boy,” said Claire. “Now it’s my turn. I’m going to cum deep in your ass. Do you want me to creampie you?”

“Oh, yes. Please cum in my ass,” I said. My voice was delirious with lust and liquor. Claire thrust deep and hard, burying her cock in my busted ass. She spread her legs as wide as she could for extra leverage as she pounded away at my ass as hard as she could.

“Uuuuuhhh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. That’s it. Just like that.” Claire clenched her teeth together and I could feel her body tense as her orgasm built. “You take that dick. Take that fat dick up your ass, you little fucking slut. Yes! Take it! Oh God! I’m gonna cum!” Claire pulled my hips back into her hard over and over, rocking my body. Then she shoved herself into me as deep as she could and started to cum. I felt her rock hard cock twitch again and again as it filled me up with her sticky cum. It was warm and soothing inside of me.

Claire continued to hold her cock deep inside of me until she was completely finished cumming. Her breathing was raspy and I could feel her pulse racing through a thick vein in her shaft. She slowly pulled out of me. Her fat dick fell out with a satisfying plop and a little cum leaked out of my ass. I didn’t move out of my position, breathing heavily as Claire put her pants back on without saying a word. Then Claire pulled my pants up, working them over my hips and buckling my belt back on. She checked her hair with a makeup mirror, gave my ass one last slap, and walked out of the stall.

Even after she left, I didn’t move for another minute. I was still taking in what all had just happened. Finally, I stood up straight and walked out of the stall. On my way to the restroom door, the girl on the stool looked at me and smiled. She winked at me as I walked out. Guess I must have put on quite the show for everyone else in the room with as loud as Claire and I were. I didn’t care. I bet they fucking loved it.

I walked out of the club and onto the street. I considered getting a taxi, but decided to walk home instead. After all, it was a nice summer night. So, I set off down the street with a big smile on my face, a new sexual secret, and an ass full of t-girl cum.

Please note, all characters portrayed in this story are over 18.


Davina stood outside Mistress K’s study, her knees trembling as she tried to smooth down her wild auburn hair. She sniffed back tears and adjusted her short, pleated skirt, knowing all the time it was useless. Her tight white shirt was ripped at the front, giving anyone who glanced in her direction a direct view of plump, tan breasts nestled together in their push up bra, and Davina knew that her mascara had run because of the tears. And it wasn’t even her fault!

She glanced across and saw Mistress K’s secretary, a pretty woman in her mid-thirties, give her a sympathetic look. “The Mistress will see you know, Davina.”

Nodding miserably, and hoping that she wouldn’t burst into tears all over again, Davina gently pushed open the heavy wooden door and made her way into Mistress K’s study. The Mistress sat at her desk, and raised her eyebrows as the girl came in.

“Good afternoon, Davina.”

Davina mumbled something about ‘good afternoon’ through a whole new bout of tears and felt her lip start to quiver. Mistress K sighed and slowly raised herself from her chair, making her way around the imposing oak desk until she stood just a few feet from the snivelling girl. Mistress K raised her hand and Davina flinched slightly, expecting to be punished, but instead, the tall, statuesque woman gently touched the girls cheek. Davina peered up through her eyelashes to see a strangely tender expression on the Mistresses normally severe face.

“What are we going to do with you, little flower?” The Mistress whispered. “You’re a mess aren’t you?”

Davina drew in a shuddering breath and nodded.

“When you came to us, you were a boy, a lost, stupid young man with no direction. But we saw your potential, didn’t we? We saw the girl who was waiting to emerge. So beautiful…”

Mistress K’s hand slid slowly down Davina’s neck and cupped her left breast.

“And we made you perfect. A little slut who would bring pleasure wherever she went.” Mistress K’s fingers coiled gently around Davina’s hardening nipple, and with a flick, she pinched, her fingers gripping tightly to the girls sensitive flesh. Davina’s breath left her in a second, but the Mistress did not let go and soon even more tears were running down the girls face.

“And now I hear that you’ve let me down, Davina. I hear that you’ve been playing with something that doesn’t belong to you.”

The Mistresses other hand slid up Davina’s skirt and found the front of the girl’s bulging panties. The Mistress could feel the hardness of a plastic restraint, keeping the girl’s pretty little cock soft and out of reach.

When the Mistress spoke next, it was almost a hiss, and as she spoke, she twisted the cock restraint, making Davina cry out. “This. Belongs. To. Me. Slut. Do you understand?”

Davina nodded, squirming against the pain in her nipple and crotch. “Y…yes Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.”

The Mistress let go of the restraint, but kept the nipple tightly between her fingertips, still in a vice like grip. “And now I hear that you’ve been fighting with another girl. Is this true?”

Davina nodded miserably. “Yes, Mistress.”

“But fighting and playing with your cock, that’s what a boy would do, isn’t it Davina? Or should we go back to calling you David? Should we turn you out in the clothes you came in here with, to let you be the boy you clearly wish you still were.”

Davina looked up at her in fright, and in a second, she forgot the pain. The fear of being turned away was far greater. “Please don’t, Mistress, please don’t send me away. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done… but please…”

The girl began to sob, and the Mistress let the girl’s nipple slide through her fingers, freeing it. “What was the fight about, Davina?”

Davina drew in a long, shuddering breath and lowered her eyes. “One of the Dom girls, Natalia, she… she wanted me to do something for her.”

Mistress K nodded. “She wanted to fuck you, didn’t she? She’s quite a rampant little beast, our Natalia. And did you let her?”

Davina hesitated and then shook her head miserably. “No Mistress.”

The Mistress raised an eyebrow and lifted the girl’s chin until she was looking her directly in the eye. “That is, of course, your choice. But may I ask you a question?”

Davina nodded and let her eyes drop once more.

“Have you been leading Natalia on, Davina?”

Davina didn’t say anything. The Mistress continued. “Have you been flirting with her? Perhaps letting those pert breasts of yours brush against her? Perhaps pushing that pert little bottom against Natalia’s cock when she’s behind you in line?”

Davina said nothing. “Davina!” Barked the Mistress.

Davina nodded. “Yes, Mistress.”

“And haven’t you also been writing her little notes?” The Mistress asked, taking something from her pocket. Davina looked up sharply, her face shocked. “How..”

The Mistress smiled lazily. “How did I get these? I know everything that happens here, Davina. Including you writing little notes that say things like “Darling Natalia, you’re so pretty in your uniform I get butterflies’?”

Davina blushed deep scarlet and looked at her shoes.

The Mistress continued reading. “Not to mention the rather more direct ‘Sweet Natalia, I dreamt of your cock last night…’ which although not terribly subtle at least gets your message across. So I understand that you agreed to meet her, and then, rather than enjoying each other’s company, you slapped her and started a fight.”

Davina nodded. The Mistress put the paper on the table and placed her hand on Davina’s back, and pushed her gently towards a corner of the room. Davina did as she was told and let herself be guided by the older woman. “You’re confused, my little flower. I thought we’d got over this, but it seems you still need some instruction.”

Davina glanced up, a frightened expression on her face, but the Mistress gave nothing away as they came to a bookshelf in the corner of the room. The Mistress pressed a switch and the panel swung open, revealing a little cast iron staircase leading upwards. Davina began climbing the stairs and the Mistress closed the secret door behind them. As the Mistress followed the girl up, she couldn’t help but look up that short skirt, at the firm, rounded little ass that swayed back and forwards. Poor Natalia, the Mistress thought, so near and yet…

At the top of the stairs Davina was surprised to see a simple, but beautifully furnished bedroom, dominated by a large bed covered in silk sheets. The French windows opened out onto a small, private balcony, and thin, white drapes drifted backwards and forwards in the summer breeze.

The Mistress walked past the girl and perched on the edge of the bed where she lit a thin cigarette and drew the smoke into her lungs. The Mistress nodded to a small door in the corner of the room.

“Make yourself presentable, and put on the outfit hanging from the back of the door.” The Mistress flicked ash into an ashtray and gazed out of the window.

Davina nodded and hurried across the room. She had no idea what was happening, and in truth, she didn’t really understand what had been going on in her own head for the last few weeks. She found herself in a large bathroom, with a claw-footed bathtub in the centre of the marble floor. She quickly hurried to the mirror and was horrified by what she saw. Her hair was sticking out at all angles and her make-up was smeared all across her face. Quickly, hardly thinking, Davina cleaned her face and began fixing her make-up. Now she was so proficient she could almost do this on automatic, and whilst she made herself up, she let her mind wander. She should probably apologise to Natalia, she admitted to herself. She’d lead the dom girl on… and that was what was confusing. She did find Natalia attractive, but there was something in the back of her mind that still couldn’t seem to make sense of the whole situation, and in times of extreme emotion, seemed to lash out. That was what had happened with the dom girl. They had been kissing in one of the empty supply-rooms, and she had felt the girl’s hand slide up her skirt, a slim finger pushing her panties to one side to gently stroke the smooth pink bud of her anus, when suddenly, Davina had lashed out.

Davina finished her make-up, applying a silky layer of lip-gloss to her pink lips, and began to brush her straight auburn hair until it shone. She knew that she had not felt right as a boy, she understood that now. But even though she had felt liberated the night that Mistress K made her fuck her detested step-father, her mind was still in turmoil. And without the release of being able to play with her cock, she was finding herself acting more and more irrationally. The Matron had found her tugging on her little penis in the shower and had immediately called in the orderlies. They had fitted a pink plastic restraint to her cock and balls which would not allow any pleasure at all. She couldn’t even get hard! And since then, she hadn’t orgasmed once. She felt the lust and confusion building up in her mind more and more every day, but she did not know what to do! And worst of all, she hadn’t been able to see Joseph since the night he, Olivia and Davina had shared together. It was all so unfair.

Davina suddenly realised that she was staring dreamily into the mirror as she brushed her hair and cursed herself for a fool. She was already in trouble with Mistress K. If she kept her waiting, her punishment would be even more brutal! She quickly stripped off her uniform to reveal her perfect little T-Girl body. Long, slim legs rounding out to lithe thighs and wide hips. Her tummy was flat and even a little toned with all the exercise she had been doing, and her breasts, one of the things she liked most about her new look, were round and pert. But as she looked down, she nearly started crying again. There it was, nestled at the top of her thighs, below the little landing strip of red pubic hair, the hated pink restraint.

Davina spun and pattered to the door to see what kinky outfit the Mistress had in store for her, and for a second, she was surprised. A simple, cream silk thigh length nightie hung from the door. Davina took the garment down and felt the smooth cold of the silk under her fingers give her a little thrill. She quickly slipped into the nightie and settled the thin straps over her narrow shoulders. As the material flowed over her body, Davina felt her nipples harden. Her little imprisoned cock hurt suddenly as it tried to harden in sympathy. Davina took a breath and felt the pain dissipate. Also hanging from the door was a little pair of cream silk g-string panties. She quickly pulled them up her long legs and settled them into place, but was disappointed to see the line of the panties ruined by the hated plastic restraint.

Davina breathed deeply and smoothed down the nightie and then, slowly opened the bathroom door, her head down, meekly hoping that her punishment would not be too severe. As she walked into the bedroom, she heard soft music playing. Looking up, Davina saw Mistress K reclining on the broad bed, her clothes were piled neatly on a chair in the corner. The Mistress was completely naked, still smoking a thin cigarette and looking at Davina through heavy lidded eyes. This was the first time that Davina had seen the Mistress without clothes, and her breath caught in her throat. The T-woman was beautiful. Her skin was flawless, brown and soft. Her long body spoke of elegance, small firm breasts and narrow hips and her long legs ended in surprisingly petite feet for such a tall woman. And below a small, well trimmed bush of dark pubic hair, lying across the woman’s soft, supple thigh, was the thick, heavy penis that Davina had already learned to fear. She had felt that cock, hard as steel, gagging her, buried in her throat, bringing tears to her eyes. But now, as it lay soft, Davina thought that it looked beautiful.

The Mistress shifted and pulled her dark hair behind her ear and beckoned to Davina. The girl made her way across the room, her knees shaking, her whole body trembling. Everything about this seemed strange. She had never seen the Mistress look so beautiful, so feminine… or so vulnerable.

Davina knelt at the edge of the bed, aware that her nipples her like little hard little bullets, showing through the material of her nightie. The Mistress smiled and placed her cigarette in a glass ashtray by the side of the bed, the aromatic smoke teasing Davina’s nose.

“Do you like what you see, Davina?” Asked the Mistress in a low, husky voice.

Davina lowered her eyes and then looked up and nodded. When she spoke she felt her voice catch in her throat. “You’re beautiful, Mistress.”

The older woman smiled and stretched seductively. As she did, she gently spread her legs and pulled her feet back towards her bottom, revealing her most vulnerable place, her tight, dark little rosebud. Davina couldn’t take her eyes of the Mistress. She would never have believed that she would see this woman, this icon, laying back and opening herself in such a submissive way.

The Mistress beckoned again, and with trembling limbs, Davina crawled down the bed. The Mistress stopped her with a raised finger when the girls head was almost level with her spread thighs.

“Breath in, little flower. Taste the air.” The Mistresses voice was low and hypnotic. Davina breathed in deeply and she could smell the light perfume that the Mistress always wore, mixed with the cream scent of warm skin. And below that, the slightly salty scent of the the Mistresses cock, a musky, heady undertone.

“Do you want to fuck me, little flower?” Mistress K whispered. “Do you want to own me, to take your cock and force it into me while I moan for you?”

Davina was trembling with the mix of emotions. Somewhere, deep inside her, something did want to grasp the Mistress, to force her thighs wider still and to enter her, to take control. But there was another part of her that was starting to become more aware… of the breeze on her skin, of the cool feel of silk stroking her breasts and bottom. Of the beautiful sight of that long, thick penis that now rested over the Mistress smooth, heavy scrotum. Of a trembling warmth that was running through her tummy, making her nipples tingle, making her little anus contract over and over in a way that made it hard to think.

She looked up to see the Mistress staring straight into her soul. Davina finally found her voice and when she spoke it was in a hushed whisper. “I don’t… I can’t…”

The Mistress smiled a broad, knowing smile. “But it’s here for you.” The Mistress let a slim finger run down her body, over her slim stomach, over the line of her penis, to rest on her opening.

Davina trembled even more, and she couldn’t take her eyes of the Mistresses finger. “…No… Mistress. I… I can’t.”

The Mistress smiled even more broadly and lifted her hand from her opening to rest it against Davina’s lips. As she did the woman brought her thighs back together once more, her skin whispering on the silk sheets. “You shouldn’t play with your cock, little flower. You’re not like me. You’re little penis is adorable, but it’s not for you, is it?”

Davina slowly shook her head.

The Mistress let her hand drift across to her penis and began gently stroking the skin with the tips of her painted fingernails. “You could have had an opportunity to own me. To make me yours, but it’s not in you, is it? Do you know why you’re so confused and frustrated all the time, little flower?”

Davina shook her head, her eyes watching the woman’s hand stroke that beautiful penis.

“It’s because you still think with this.” The Mistress leaned forward and tapped the plastic of Davina’s restraint through her panties. “When you should be thinking,” the woman leaned forward and let her hand slide between Davina’s soft, tan thighs and then turned it, her fingers reaching up to press against Davina’s anus, “with this.”

Davina’s breath came in short gasps.

“Learn to cum using toys, or your fingers, little flower. But most of all, learn to cum from someone else’s cock.” The Mistresses fingers were rubbing on Davina’s opening with small but firm circling motions, making the girl’s thighs tremble in an adorable way. “Learn that what goes in here.” the Mistress pushed and her finger slowly slid into Davina’s lubed hole, making her moan. “Will make all of your cares and frustration come flowing out of here.” With her other hand, the Mistress gripped the restraint and pulled on it gently.

“Y…Yes, Mistress.” Davina gasped, sweat forming on her brow.

The Mistress grabbed the back of Davina’s head and slowly brought it to within an inch of her cock. “Taste the air again, little flower. Tell me what you taste.”

Davina drew in another breath and now the scent of the Mistresses beautiful penis was almost overwhelming.

“I can smell…” Davina hesitated.

The Mistress tightened her grip on the girl’s hair. “Tell me, Davina.”

Davina closed her eyes, hoping that she wouldn’t be punished for her answer. “I can smell cock, Mistress.”

The Mistress smiled. “Good girl.”

The Mistress held the girl’s head in place whilst she grasped her penis and pulled back the skin to reveal the shining, broad head, already starting to ooze a little pre-cum. She pulled once or twice on the thick, veined shaft, and then began to rub the head across Davina’s cheek, leaving a slippery trail of clear pre-cum. She moved the head a little and then rubbed it with glacier speed between the girl’s top lip and her nose, leaving a thick band of slimy liquid behind.

She lifted the girl’s head, pleased to see the lines of pre-cum glisten in the summer light. “Breath in, little flower.”

Davina breathed in deeply through her nose. The scent was intoxicating, pure sex, pure excitement. The Mistress smiled as she saw Davina’s cheeks flush.

“Whenever you have that scent in your nostrils, it means that someone is hard for you. That they want to have you, to be inside you. And when they’re inside you, that’s when all of your passion, all of your frustration can come loose.”

She stroked the girls face and smiled as the Davina turned to take the woman’s fingers in her mouth, sucking and swirling her tongue around them.

“Shall I show you how to use you hole to cum, little flower?” the Mistresses voice was hypnotising. Davina nodded and reluctantly let the Mistresses fingers fall from her mouth.

“If you want to cum, you need a hard cock. Get me hard, Davina.”

Davina lowered her head and once more took in the heady aroma of the Mistresses thick sex. She began butterfly kissing along its length, darting little kisses that made the Mistress groan and lie back against the pillows. She nestled her nose in between the Mistresses thighs and began letting her cheeks stroke the woman’s heavy balls. And then her bright little tongue slipped out, darting little licks to the Mistresses balls, in quick succession, nuzzling and licking.

Davina felt the heavy length of her Mistress cock twitch and began to harden. She looked up at Mistress K with her big green eyes, and slowly and deliberately licked her way up the smooth perfumed shaft. The Mistress gazed into her eyes as the T-girl licked her cock like a lollipop, watching as she reached the tip and strings of clear pre-cum slid from her tongue. Again and and again the girl licked, feeling each beautiful vein in that thick shaft before lowering her head and opening her pink lips, letting one of the Mistresses heavy balls fall into her mouth. Davina gently sucked, swirling her tongue around her prize as the Mistress drew in a hiss of breath.

And then Davina let her tongue describe a wiggling path back up the shaft until she was eye level with the huge, bulbous head of her Mistresses penis. Dew drops of pre-cum quivered at the top of the shaft and Davina lowered her head and kissed the very tip, letting her tongue lap up her Mistresses excitement. She felt the thick, salty texture roll over her tongue, and loved it, felt more feminine than she had for weeks. And suddenly it was too much, she bobbed her head and took that beautiful head deep into her soft warm mouth.

“Ohhh… My little flower…” The Mistress grasped Davina’s hair and pushed her down, deeper onto the shaft. Davina’s lips were spread wide as the huge invader came into her mouth, inch by inch, until it reached her throat. Davina gagged slightly and the Mistress pulled her head back, letting the cock pop from her lips. The girls lips and chin were still connected to the Mistresses cock with thick ribbons of pre-cum and saliva.

“What do you want, Davina?” Mistress K asked in a strange, intense voice.

“I want to cum, Mistress.”

The Mistress smiled. “Good girl.”

The Mistress reached forwards and unhooked the shoulder straps of the girls nightie, letting it tumble down to gather at her waist. Davina reached down to remove her panties, but the Mistress held her hands still. “I can get to what I want without you taking them off. Which means..”

Davina’s eyes were wicked and bright as she answered. “That I can get what I want without taking them off.”

Mistress K smiled and reached across to the side table where a vial of clear liquid waited. She nodded to Davina who held her hands out and she poured a measure of the liquid into her waiting palms.

Davina began to stroke the Mistresses rock hard cock, letting the lube flow all over it — she used two hands, twisting them, watching the woman groan and shift under her hands.

“Now, little flower. I need to be inside you.”

Davina moved forwards, spreading her legs across the Mistresses thighs, sliding herself up until she felt the hot, wet length of her Mistresses beautiful penis slide across the sensitive skin of her perineum, She leaned back and pull her g-string to one side and reaching behind her, took the cock in one fist, slowly pumping it as Mistress K stared straight into her eyes.

Davina lowered her tummy and gently pushed back until she felt the shaft between her soft silken cheeks. The lube was making everything slippery and for a few seconds she moved her hips, sliding the cock up and down. And then she held it steady and slowly pushed backwards.

The tip of Mistress K’s huge cock kissed the centre of Davina’s most secret place, and for a few seconds, Davina held it there, and then, with a little groan she pushed backwards.

At first she let just a few fractions of an inch in, then let it slide out, just teasing her little boy-pussy, preparing it for its overlarge visitor. She pushed back further and felt the tip push in a little further. The sensation was incredible, the heat from that magnificent cock seemed to radiate straight into her tummy, and the feeling of being spread was indescribable. But she got a little greedy, hooked on that feeling of entry and pushed back harder.

The Mistress watched, entranced as the girl’s expression turned from one of bliss to one of pain.

“Take it, little flower. You need it to get what you want.”

Davina’s beautiful face was adorable as she bit her lip, and pushed back a little further. The huge head was halfway in to her blossoming rosebud, an intruder too thick and too hard to be welcome.

Mistress K watched Davina start to pant against the pain, gasping as she looked at her with those beautiful green eyes. With a grunt that seemed to come from deep within her, Davina pushed back and felt the head of her Mistresses penis pass through her sphincter. Davina gave a small scream and looked up at her Mistress, sweat running down her face and across her breasts, with an expression of pain and fear.

“Stay still for a while, little flower.” Mistress K whispered, stroking the girl’s now sweat tangled hair. Davina gave a low moan and the woman could see adorable little tears pricking out from the corner of the girl’s eyes.

“Does it hurt, Davina?” Asked the Mistress.

Davina nodded, her eyes almost desperate. The Mistress reached out and caressed the girls breasts.

“It will be worth it, I promise. But the pain is part of your duty.”

Davina nodded weakly and the Mistress, gripped the girl’s nipples between her fingers, making her hiss. Mistress K tightened her grip and pushed forwards. Davina’s breath came in ragged gasps as the thick veined shaft was slid further and further into her body. She was trembling, body shaking like a leaf and Mistress K delighted in feeling the girl’s little ass spasm around her.

Mistress K continued pushing her down and Davina’s insides felt like they were on fire. She splayed her legs out as far as they would go, trying to make room for that huge cock, shoulders heaving as she drew in deep gasps, sweat running down her narrow back.

With a shouted groan that came from deep inside the girl’s body, Davina pushed backwards, and felt the last few inches of the slippery shaft penetrate her anus. She leant back shivering, her breasts heaving, fully impaled, imprisoned on her Mistresses sex.

Mistress K looked at the girl and was amazed to see, yes, pain, but also… Victory in the girl’s face?

Davina made a noise that sounded almost like a shuddering purr and one hand slid down her body to her imprisoned girly-cock.

“No, Davina!” Snapped Mistress K. The look in the girl’s eyes was wild and defiant and the Mistress changed her tone slightly.

“You were made to take cock, that is your purpose. Gain pleasure from the gift I’m giving you.” the Mistresses voice was low and swept around the room. “Reach back and feel how beautiful you are, little flower.”

Davina looked puzzled for a few seconds, and then, slowly reached back. Mistress K felt questing fingers stroking her scrotum and then Davina’s wild eyes met hers.

Davina slowly moved her fingers around and felt the hot, stretched skin of her entrance, wrapped around the thick cock, gripping it, holding it.

“Your little cunt feels beautiful, Davina. Can you feel how perfect it feels around me?”

Davina rubbed slick fingers all around her tortured hole and the sensation was incredible, as though every nerve ending was one hundred percent completely honed.

Davina leant forwards, little groans coming as she sifted her weight, until her face was inches from Mistress K’s. Davina leant her head forward and licked the woman’s lips with the top of her tongue.

“Fuck me, Mistress.” She breathed.

Mistress K pulled a little of her length out of its beautiful home and slowly pushed it back in. Davina growled and before Mistress K knew what was happening the girl was kissing her passionately, her little tongue meeting the Mistresses own. Mistress K never kissed her sluts, but this was overpowering. She kissed Davina back and bit the T-girls lip before starting to thrust into the little sluts hole.

Davina began pushing back, her behind was on fire, but she didn’t care, her little penis was struggling against the restraint, but she didn’t care. All that mattered was the growing, incredible feeling of her Mistresses thick cock pumping in an out of her. She felt complete, she felt like she was born to do this.

Davina leant backwards, resting her hands on the bed behind her and started grinding her rosebud down, twisting, making Mistress K moan. Then, using her thighs, banging up and down, hearing their flesh slap together, feeling the tip of that wonderful cock touch the very centre if her being.

And then its started to happen. Her whole body felt as though it was filled with electricity, a feeling that touched her neck, her nipples, her tummy, her little cock, and most of all, her anal opening. She plunged her body down harder and harder and, though the cage would not let her get hard, she began to feel an incredible sensation. Her cum was sliding from her, not in spurts as it did when she played with her little cock, but in long, smooth ejaculations that matched the rhythm of the cock fucking her ass. Davina began to shout, a low sound that got more and more intense. Mistress K bucked against her harder and harder, until the girl spasmed once, then again and came to a juddering stop.

She looked down at Mistress K, her eyes alight with lust and completion, their sweaty skin sliding together. Davina slumped forwards and felt her breasts tingle as they touched Mistress K’s. She kissed her Mistress, slowly, lovingly, and her Mistress kissed her back.

Mistress K spoke in a flat, lust filled voice. “One thing you’ll learn, my little flower, is that we’re not finished until you’re filled with someone’s seed.”

With a snarl, she turned Davina over until Mistress K was on top, between the girl’s thighs, still embedded inside her. Mistress K looked down at the damp patch of cum on the girl’s panties seeping through the restraint, and it was enough to send her into a fury of pounding. Davina spread her legs as wide as they would go, and she hung on for dear life, feeling that huge penis swell and fill her with every stroke, until, with a scream, the Mistress exploded into her, filling her insides with string after string of thick white sperm.

Mistress K slumped down on her pupil, drawing in deep breaths. The girl’s eyes were glazed and Mistress K knew that she had given her toy another orgasm.

The Mistress leaned upwards and gently pulled her softening cock from the girls opening. She took Davina’s hand and led it down until she was touching her ravaged hole. Davina felt her anus stretched wide, gaping, and with a warm gush, what felt like half a cup of semen flowing out onto her fingers. Davina locked her green eyes to her Mistresses and reached her hand up, watching the cum slide over over fingers, falling on her breasts. Deliberately she brought the fingers to her lips, letting the cum flow into her mouth and over her face.

Mistress K smiled. “What sort of little monster have I created?”

Davina smiled back.

A few days later Davina walked hand in hand with Olivia though the finishing school’s manicured grounds. Holding hands with Olivia seemed so natural that Davina only had vague recollections of how he would once have looked at the scene. Two sissy boys holding hands and dressed in short skirts and tight white T’s, tottering along on high heels with knee socks making the picture complete. But Davina knew that David had been wrong, that this must be right because it felt so right.

“Are you feeling as bit better now?” Olivia asked with a cheeky, sideways glance.

Davina blushed through her tan and nodded. Olivia giggled. “I can’t believe that you couldn’t walk right for two days. I thought that was only, like a joke or something.”

Davina smiled shyly. “You’ve had that thing inside you. You know how big it is!”

Olivia nodded. “I think you had a much better time than I did though.” She said, remembering the punishment fuck she had received on the Mistresses desk.

Davina looked dreamy for a few seconds and then realised that her friend was watching her. “What?” She asked.

Olivia leant in close and Davina felt her friends breast brush her arm. “She’s never done that with anyone else you know. You’re, like, a miracle. She actually wanted you to cum. Next thing you know you guys’ll be kissing.”

Davina coloured again and Olivia paled a little. She let Davina’s hand slip from her own. “She kissed you?”

Davina nodded and hugged her chest. She couldn’t figure out why Olivia was being so strange.

“Maybe,” Olivia said slowly, “it’s best if we don’t get too close. Not if you belong to her now. I don’t want her mad at me again.” Davina shook her head, feeling her ponytail dance across the top of her back. “Don’t be stupid.” She quickly looked around. “Come with me.” She whispered and hurried off into a small border of trees.

Olivia hurried after and could barely keep up. Heels weren’t exactly made for this kind of terrain. She eventually caught up with Davina in a little clearing deep in the woods. Davina was waiting for her, cheeks flushed.

“I don’t…” Olive started, before Davina put her arms around her friends waist and kissed her deeply. The kiss went on for several seconds and their bodies pressed closely together.

Eventually Davina pulled back and looked her friend deep in the eyes, gripping her hands close. “You’re my best friend, Olivia. I… I don’t know what’s happening with Mistress K, but I know that I love you.”

Olivia flushed and looked like she might cry.

“Don’t cry, Olivia. There’s enough people out in the real world who’ll be mean to us. Who’ll call us freaks because they’re too stupid to understand that this is right. We need all the support we can get.”

Olivia leaned forwards and kissed her friend, their tongues sliding over one another. Davina felt Olivia’s hand slide down her tummy and over the front of her panties. Davina no longer had to wear the restraint, not now that she knew how much pleasure she could get from having a real cock inside her.

In the woods came the sound of a twig snapping. Olivia and Davina stepped back from one another and looked around. They shouldn’t really be this far from the house, but… A shadow moved in the woods.

“Quick!” Whispered Davina. “We’ve got to get back!”

They started running towards the house, but Olivia turned her ankle, falling to the ground. Davina stopped and hurried back. She had nearly reached her friend when she felt someone grab her from behind. She struggled, but a cloth was rammed in front of her mouth. As things began to go black she saw another figure grappling with Olivia. Before Davina blacked out the figure grabbing Olivia turned. It was a face she recognised. It was her step-father.

Davina came blearily awake in a lot of discomfort. She was face down on a rubber service that was jolting underneath her. A gag stretched her mouth wide, and she could feel drool on her cheek. Her hands were pulled behind her, and had been tied to her ankles. She was hogtied. In the darkness she heard an engine roar and as she looked across she saw the still unconscious form of Olivia, also gagged and hogtied lying just a few inches from her. They were lying in the back of a truck.

After a few minutes the vehicle came to a halt and Davina heard the sound of car doors slamming. The doors opened behind her and a man’s boot appeared by her face.

Davina eyes were wide as the face of her step-father came into view. He looked awful, haggard, eyes bloodshot, unshaven. He also smelled of alcohol.

His voice was a rasp when he spoke. “Good, you’re awake, you little faggot. I just wanted you to know, before your little journey, that I did this to you. Primping and dressin’ up like a girl is disgustin’, and you’re gonna get exactly what you deserve.”

Davina didn’t move a muscle, terrified at what this horrible, desperate man would do. She watched his eyes turn to the unconscious Olivia. “But maybe,” he said, “I can get myself a little time with your friend before you leave. Would you like to watch me fuck her, bitch?”

Davina felt her eyes tear when suddenly another man dragged her step-father out of the back of the truck.

“Leave them alone, dipshit, or we’ll finish this up and drop your body in the fucking ocean. Understand?” The man’s voice was deep and menacing, and she heard her step-father mumble an apology.

The unknown man suddenly leant over her and quickly shone a light into her eyes one after another.

“Sedate them again.” He said gruffly. Davina struggled and moaned against her bonds, but in a few moments she felt the cruel jab of a needle being poked into her arm, and within seconds she felt everything going black once more.

Davina awoke slowly, her head felt groggy and her mouth was dry. Opening her eyes she looked up at a white ceiling, and for a second wondered if she was still in her room at the Finishing School. Suddenly, everything came back to her, the abduction, the drugging…

“Olivia!” She said, her voice sounding croaky, and she quickly looked around, feeling her head swim.

In the corner of the room sat a beautiful Japanese woman, looking at her kindly. Her voice was light and tinged with an American accent. “Your friend is safe, Davina.” The woman said calmly.

Davina suddenly realised that she was lying on a thin bed, naked under a soft white sheet. She brought the sheet up to cover her breasts and the woman smiled, though not cruelly, before getting to her feet. The sound of her 3 inch heels echoed around the silent room and Davina could see that the woman was dressed in a very unusual outfit. It was one piece of see-through material, caught around her breasts and sweeping round her body to circle her hips. Beneath the material, Davina could see that the woman was like her, with a small penis tucked between her thighs. The woman was very petite, and very pretty, and she seemed like she was a friend.

“W…what happened?” Asked Davina as the woman picked up a cup of water and handed it to her.

The woman looked her in the eye and Davina could see that she would not like the answer. “You have been acquired by the Cabal, Davina.”

Davina looked at her in incomprehension and then began sipping at the water, feeling the beautiful cool liquid flow down her throat. “I don’t…”

The woman perched on the edge of the bed. “Listen carefully, and understand that what I say is the truth. What has happened to you can not be undone.”

Davina nodded, now more scared than ever.

The woman continued. “The Cabal is a like minded group of business men who enjoy girls like us.” The woman let one hand brush the front of her crotch, and Davina could now see that the woman’s little penis was wrapped in what looked like tiny jewels.

“However, being found with someone like us could do very serious damage to their reputations, and so they came up with a plan. They built this complex several years ago. I do not know what country it is in, only that we are surrounded on all sides by miles of dry, barren desert. There is only one road in and that is guarded from miles out. There is no escape.”

Davina began to pale and to shake a little at the Japanese woman’s words.

“The Cabal are very wealthy and very powerful, and what they cannot buy, they take. There are many girls like us at the complex, and each and every one of us was abducted from different parts of the world. Nobody knows where we are, or even if we’re still alive.”

Davina pushed her hair back behind her ear with a shaking hand. “But… but what do they want with us?”

The woman stared at her own hands for a while. “Do you know what a harem is, Davina?” She asked.

Davina nodded.

“That,” said the woman, “is what we are. We are slaves to these men’s every sexual fantasy and desire. Whatever they can imagine, we must make real for them.” She held Davina’s hand tightly. “You must never disobey them. You must never say no. And unless you are sworn to one man, you must never turn any man down.”

Davina was trying to understand, it was all happening so soon. “Sworn to one man… I don’t understand.”

The Japanese woman slowly lifted the diaphanous material covering her thighs. Davina could see that the woman’s small penis was dotted with tiny jewels, but that in the centre was a cruel gold piercing that shot straight through the sensitive flesh. Attached to the piercing a was a gold chain that flowed underneath the woman’s small balls, pulling her penis back between her legs. The woman slowly turned to reveal that the chain rose up between her full ass cheeks to join a jewelled butt plug, thrust firmly into her sensitive behind. “I was picked by one of the men to belong only to him. It is rare, but sometimes they do it to show power over other members of the Cabal. Eventually I will once more become just another part of the harem when he has grown bored of me or made his point to the other members, but until then, this,” the woman let her finger tap on the jewelled plug, “shows that I belong to him and him alone.”

Davina felt tears trickle down her cheeks. “What happens now?”

The Japanese woman turned to face the door. “Now we must prepare you to meet the other girls.”

Davina put one hand across her breasts and other across her crotch as she followed the woman out of the small room. They made their way down clinical corridors until they came to a small room with a shower cubical and toilet. “Rise yourself out and then wash yourself.” The woman murmured, handing Davina an enema.

Half an hour later, Davina was wrapped in a thick towel, and although still scared, she felt at least a little more human. The Japanese woman led her down another corridor when Davina gently put one hand on her arm. The woman turned and smiled, a curious look on her face.

“Please,” said Davina, “I don’t know your name.”

The woman smiled and placed her hand on Davina’s shoulder. “I’m Miki. If you ever need anything, I’ll try to help you as best I can. But here, the only one who can help you is yourself.”

Davina nodded and looked around quickly. “Is there really no escape?”

Miki shook her head sadly. “The staff detest us. They are as much slaves as we are, and they have to scrub floors and clean up after us whilst they see us spending our days parading our bodies around like harlots.” Miki gripped Davina’s arm more firmly. “And beware the guards. If they offer you the chance to escape, ignore them. If you go with them, they will not set you free, they will only make you wish you had never left.”

Davina nodded dumbly and let her eyes drop, following Miki through the corridor. They soon found themselves in what looked like a small, simple salon where a surly woman quickly pushed Davina into a chair and styled her hair. It was a little shorter than she was used to, but when she tried to object, the woman simply snarled at her and continued with her work.

After that, Miki quickly helped her with her make-up, another style she wasn’t used to with kohl around her eyes and too much foundation. She looked into the mirror and see a slutty goth looking porn star staring back at her. It was all happening so fast that Davina didn’t know what to do, but having the reassuring figure of Miki close by made her feel a little better.

Miki then she led her into a room filled with outfits from every country and all periods of history. Togas hung next to ball gowns and tight leather jeans.

“Most of these are for special parties — the men may decide that they want a theme for the evening and the girls have to dress accordingly. But for the most part you will wear outfits like these.” Miki unhooked a tiny white bikini top from a hangar and helped Davina remove her towel. The bikini straps tied behind her back and her neck, and as Miki helped her position it, she was horrified to see the two tiny white triangles of material barely covering her nipples. Miki then swiftly searched beneath the shelves and found a tall pair of open toed stiletto heels and helped Davina slip them onto her feet.

Davina stood in front of the mirror and waited whilst Miki picked up a pair of strange looking bikini bottoms. Miki tied one little ribbon and then the other and pulled them high up onto Davina’s thighs. She put her hand to her mouth in disbelief as she looked into the mirror.

“They’re too small!” Davina gasped. The tiny bottoms had a small triangle of white fabric at the front and at the back, but at the front it was indecent. Rather than covering her little girly-cock, the bottoms only covered her small testicles holding them tightly in pace and at the same time lifted her cock upwards as though presenting it so that it was visible for everyone to see.

Davina automatically covered her penis with one hand when Miki caught hold of her hand firmly. “Never cover yourself.” The woman whispered in a tight voice. “Never. It will be seen as a sign of pride and they will punish you severely.”

Davina felt her eyes tearing as she let her hand slowly drop to her side. Miki smiled kindly and stood behind her, looking in the mirror. “You are very beautiful, Davina. I think that your beauty may guarantee you some protection.”

Davina nodded miserably and followed Miki through the door and into bright sunlight. They were in a beautiful garden, surrounded on all sides by flowers and running water. The heat from the sun was powerful, and as Davina looked up, shielding her eyes, she could see a fiercely blue sky, totally empty of any clouds whatsoever.

Miki glanced at her. “When we get to the women’s garden I shall have them bring you some sun tan lotion. We don’t want you to burn.”

Miki led her through the garden and Davina felt incredibly exposed, the warm air reaching every part of her nearly naked body. She felt like a slut, her little girly-cock pressing up against her pubic hair, held in place for all to see by her bikini bottoms, her heels clicking on the flag stones echoing around the walled garden.

They walked through the heat, seeing nobody until they came to broad door leading into a palatial sitting room. A serving woman, dressed in a severe, dark outfit, glanced up at them with barely disguised contempt, but made way for them as they made their way into the living room. Fresh cut flowers were everywhere, and a well stocked oak drinks cabinet sat in one corner of the room.

Miki spoke in a whisper. “It is still early, and if we are lucky we will reach the women’s garden before…”

She was suddenly silent as the sound of footsteps walking across the marble floor stopped her.

“So there you are, Miki.” The man’s voice was deep and cultured, with a slight French accent. “They told me you were showing a new girl around.”

Miki turned, and Davina was amazed to see a bright smile appear in the woman’s face, as though by magic. “Master. It’s so good to see you back at the complex. This is Davina, one of the new girls”

Davina turned, trembling and saw a dignified man in his mid-forties, dressed in an impeccably tailored suit standing by the back of one of the couches. Miki moved to him and placed her hands on his chest. The man was staring at Davina with a broad, unnerving smile.

“Very nice, very nice indeed.” The man said, taking in Davina’s beautiful form. His gaze lingered on her little cock, peeping above her tight white bikini bottoms. Without taking his eyes from Davina he grasped Miki roughly by the back of the neck and pushed her until she was leaning forwards over the back of the couch, tottering on her heels, her rounded ass raised into the air.

“Has anyone taken what’s mine, whilst I’ve been away, Miki?” The man asked, his voice intense, all the while staring Davina.

Miki’s voice came in a gasp as she struggled to breath. “No master. Your property has not been touched. It is all for you.”

The man smiled cruelly, still staring at Davina. “Come here, slut.”

Davina paused for a second and then made trembling limbs move. She stood a few inches from the man, her breath coming quickly making her full breasts rise up and down.

“Please master.” Miki gasped over the sofa. “Please ignore that slut, I’ve been without your beautiful cock for so long that I need it now.”

The man swiftly brought his palm down on Miki’s raised behind, making the woman cry out. “Be quiet, slut.” The man looked at Davina as he undid his fly slowly and deliberately. He looked at Davina who quickly understood what she was supposed to do. With a trembling hand she reached into the man’s pants and pulled out a long, thin, but very hard cock. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she dare not raise her eyes.

The man held his own penis and stroked it once or twice, then turned his body to face Miki. He reached up and grasped the jewelled plug sticking from her anal opening and pulled. The plug was bigger than Davina had expected and the wide object was made of pure silver metal, stretching the little ring as it finally slid free, leaving Miki’s entrance gaping slightly. The man stared Davina straight in the eyes as he dropped the plug. The plug dropped a few inches and then jolted on the chain connected to Miki’s girly-cock. The woman cried out in pain when suddenly the man thrust the full length of his cock into the Japanese girl making her scream again.

The man stood that way for a few seconds, deeply embedded in the T-girl, her long legs quivering, trying to maintain balance and spread wide for him. The man reached up and cupped Davina’s cheek on one hand as he started to slide his cock brutally back and forwards into his slave.

He spoke through tight lips, his voice harsh. “I have had a long flight and I need rest… Otherwise I’d have you brought to my rooms right now. What is your name, slut?”

Davina mumbled her name, trying to ignore the fierce pounding that her new friend was taking just inches away.

The man smiled. “Ah, Davina. A beautiful name. Have you ever had two cocks inside your ass at the same time, Davina?”

Davina’s shock at the unexpected question must have been obvious, because the man slowed down his stroke and almost laughed out loud. “Aren’t you precious, little Davina.”

With that he turned once more to Miki and began pounding the woman’s boy-pussy with hard strokes, almost pushing her off her feet, making her gasp and cry out. Finally with a grunt the man came to a halt, pushing himself into the girls anus as far as he would go.

The man grabbed Miki’s hair roughly. “You know what to do, slut.”

“Y…yes Master.” Miki gasped, and reached down between her thighs to grasp the swinging metal plug. As the man pulled out, Davina could see a thick pool of his semen coming from Miki’s ravaged opening. But before it could escape Miki pushed the metal plug back into her bottom, pushing it all the way back inside.

The man wiped his sticky cock on Miki’s thin see-though outfit and then placed it in his trousers. “And now,” he said, “I think a brandy, before a nap.” He turned without another word and walked from the room.

Davina quickly leant down and helped Miki get stiffly to her feet. The Japanese woman looked a little wild eyed and breathless.

“Are you okay, Miki?” Davina held her steady as the T-woman’s knees shook for a few seconds. Miki breathed deeply and nodded.

“Yes… Yes.” Miki said and gathered herself, pushing her hair back behind her ears.

“Thank you for doing that, Miki.” Davina said. “Thank you for keeping him away from me.”

Miki nodded and looked at the other girl. “I won’t be able to do it again.” She said in a low whisper.

Miki, still shaking from her brutal invasion, led Davina through the complex, though exquisite rooms and gardens. The only other people about were cleaning staff who looked at them with open hostility.

Finally they cam to a huge door guarded by a truly enormous man. He nodded to the two women and opened the door, allowing them through. Davina immediately found herself in a bright garden, filled with grass and flowers. Water bubbled everywhere and a deep swimming pool sat to one side. Loungers and bean bags were everywhere, but that wasn’t what amazed Davina. It was the girls. Dozens of them, of all nationalities, all colours, lounging or chatting in the heat. They all wore tiny bikinis or see-through outfits like Mikis, or some were nude all together. And between the thighs of every single hung a penis, some large, some small, but all showing that these girls were special.

Davina looked around open mouthed when Miki put her hand on her shoulder. “Please excuse me… I just need to… Fix myself up.”

Davina nodded and watched the woman walk away across the garden. As soon as Davina turned, Olivia was grasping her in a full hug, kissing her cheek and in seconds they were both in tears.

“Thank god you’re safe!” Breathed Olivia. “I was so worried about you!”

Davina hugged her friends close. “I missed you too.” She said simply.

Several of the woman lounging around the pool looked up and smiled at the reunion, and Davina felt a little overwhelmed by everything.

“Shall we sit down and try to figure out what’s going on?” She asked Olivia. The other girl nodded and they walked to a shaded spot at the corner of the garden. Together they went over everything that had happened, and Davina told Olivia that escape was useless.

Olivia raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t be too sure of that, baby. We belong to the Mistress, and nobody steals from her and gets away with it.”

Davina smiled at her friend’s confidence. “I hope you’re right, Olivia. I really do.”

The morning went by and Olivia introduced Davina to a few of the other girls that she had met in the garden. Nobody here seemed to be concerned at all about showing their flesh, nobody was embarrassed in the slightest. And Davina found herself looking at the beautiful, varied bodies around her with growing excitement, especially when two of the girls, one a statuesque African woman and woman who Davina thought might be from Brazil, started to apply oil to one another to get the best of the sun. At one point Olivia even seemed to be getting a little jealous and pulled Davina into a deep kiss. It was only then that Davina saw what Olivia was wearing, a tiny mini-dress, that barely contained her plump breasts and finished at the top of her hips, exposing everything to the world.

Their kissing got quite quite intense when one of the women pressed her hand against Davina’s shoulder and pointed. As with many of the women there, they did not speak a common language, but her point was quite clear. The huge man from outside the garden doors was walking around handing pieces of paper to various T-girls. They quickly read the paper and got to their feet, disappearing into the small doors that surrounded the garden.

Davina felt her tummy tighten as the huge man came to their little group and looked down at Olivia and Davina, then handed them each a piece of paper. The other girls looked a little sad, when suddenly Miki appeared. She seemed her usual, kindly self, and she asked Olivia and Davina to follow her into one of the little side rooms.

It was a small space with one double bed in the centre and plenty of closet space. “This,” said Miki, “is the room you two will share. The piece of paper gives you your instructions for the day, it gives you a number which tells you which outfit to wear from your closet, and the time you are to leave the garden. You will then be escorted to your location by the staff.”

Davina and Olivia both looked worried. After the relaxing morning, it had almost seemed as though maybe this place would not be so bad, but the reality of the situation was now hitting home.

Miki looked at them closely. “The one small mercy of this place is that you know everyone is clean. All of the girls are regularly tested, as are the guests. The men would not come here if they weren’t. Should they give another man a disease, the other men would have them killed.”

Davina took in a shuddering breath, and Olivia grasped her hand as Miki went on. “After you have serviced a guest, if they are not still using you, make your way to one of the rooms marked with the pink flower. There you can clean yourself, make yourself look presentable and change your outfit if necessary, before going back out to your allotted section.”

Olivia glanced at piece of paper, looking scared and puzzled. “It says that we’re on table duty…”

Miki cut her off. “No, you are on table duty, Davina has other duties. Now quickly get ready or you will be punished.”

The girls looked at Miki and each other in shock. Being put through this horrible experience was one thing, but at least they both assumed that they’d have each other.

They opened their closets and Olivia quickly took out a lacy white bra that matched the number on the piece of paper. It fit her perfectly and as she reached for the panties she saw that they were of a matching set, but that they were crotchless. Her face blanched a little as she slid the panties up her legs and started searching for the matching shoes.

“I don’t believe this. Those pervs want me to go out there with crotchless panties, I…” Olivia turned and immediately stopped. Davina stood at the other side of the room, wearing a black corset that massively accentuated her slim waist and broadened her hips. Her breasts, rather than being covered, flowed over the top of the corset, resting on a black lace balcony. Her long tan legs were clad in black stockings, clipped to the corset with three clasps on each side.

Olivia she saw that her friend was pale. “Are you okay, Davina?”

Davina took a deep breath and nodded. “At least you get panties, crotchless or not.”

Olivia’s eyes widened. “What did you get?”

Davina held out a small pink ribbon which she carefully tied into her hair.

Olivia picked up her shoes and went to her friend, kissing her. “We’ll be fine. I know we will.”

Davina kissed her back and hoped that it was true.

An hour later, Davina was being led through the complex by one of the surly serving staff. Olivia had been taken away half an hour before, and Davina had no idea where her friend was. She understood that she was to keep moving through a small complex of rooms where the Cabal’s highly valued guests were being entertained. She was to provide any service required of her.

With a fluttering tummy, Davina came to the door, knees trembling and then the door was open and she was being pushed calmly but firmly through. The room was bright and Davina could see groups of men, dressed in silk robes, sitting on couches or chatting in different parts of the room. Davina walked in slowly, walking daintily in her five inch heels, feeling horribly exposed, her little girly-cock bouncing up and down as she walked, her breasts trembling with every step. She couldn’t believe it, but her nipples were hardening.

All around, girls dressed in exactly the same outfit as Davina, were making their way through the rooms. On one couch a man was chatting to a friend as one of the girls knelt on the floor, sucking slowly on his engorged cock, her tight balls swinging back and forth between her legs. By the far window, a man sat on an upright chair. For a second Davina thought that the T-girl was just sitting on his knee, when she suddenly recognised the slightly breathless look to her face, and realised that the girl was impaled on the man’s cock. He didn’t seem to be paying her much attention as he was on the phone and would occasionally lift a hand to play with the girls exposed cock, tweaking it, making the girl gasp, before rolling it again between his fingers.

Davina felt more and more afraid. This was barbaric. These men weren’t interested in the girls as people, only as sex toys to enjoy and then discard.

As Davina made her way through to the next room she saw men sitting opposite one another on cushions, and between them were clear glass tables. The tables seemed strange, until, with a gasp, Davina understood what they were. Beneath the tables, in white lingerie, were two T-girls, on their hands and knees, the butts pressed together, their legs held in place by thick leather bands. The table tops were resting on their backs! And then Davina saw why the girls sometimes wriggled. The two girls were connected to each other by a thick double ended dildo, thick plastic tubes of mock flesh sticking from one raised butt to another. And the men at the tables were exactly the right to not only enjoy watching the girls squirm below the table top, but also to have their cocks thrust deep into the girls mouths as they chatted and laughed. One of the men took a deep drink of wine and placed his glass back on the T-girl tabletop. He shifted his weight slightly and thrust his cock further into the immobile girl’s mouth beneath the table top, making her gag. Davina watched with wide eyes as a thick string of drool hung from the girls stretched mouth. It was only then that she realised that the girl was Olivia!

Davina felt her skin go cold, and for a second, she thought that she may bolt from the room, screaming, when she felt a broad, warm hand sliding up her leg from calf to thigh. She looked down, trembling to see a man sitting on the couch by her, his robe pulled apart, revealing a middle-aged body. His cock was in the mouth of a girl dressed identically to Davina, but he did not seem to be paying her much attention. Instead he was watching poor Olivia and the other girl trapped in service beneath the glass table top. Without taking his eyes off the scene his hand rose higher, grasping and pawing Davina’s pert ass, then wrapping briefly around her little cock before finding its way back between her cheeks. She stood, unsure what to do when she was suddenly on tip-toes. The man had thrust a thick finger straight into her anus, with no warning. The man glanced up at her and clearly liked what he saw as he swiftly added another finger, pressing upwards hard, making her tip-toe as high as she could.

He thrust his fingers inside her for a few seconds and then pulled them out. Davina had never felt so out of her depth. She watched in shock as the man lifted the head of the girl sucking his cock and pulled his cock from her mouth. The girl, a pretty Indian girl with gorgeous features, drew in a deep breath and then opened her mouth as he slid his fingers around her mouth. The same fingers that had so recently been inside Davina. He was watching her carefully, when a man walked past and took Davina’s arm, almost pulling her from her precarious heels.

She had never seen the man before, a broad, powerfully built middle eastern man with heavy stubble. He walked to a chair and made her stand in front of him. For a second, she forgot herself, and looked at him in disbelief, when suddenly she saw his face darken. Though it went against everything that she wanted, she brought a sexy smile to her face and reached out to stroke the man’s cheek. The man nodded and then said something in a language that Davina didn’t understand. But as he spoke he pulled back his robe to reveal his soft penis lying against his thigh.

She immediately got to her knees and decided that no matter what happened, no matter how much she hated this, she and Olivia would get out alive. She smiled up at him, and began kissing the man’s heavy ball-sack. The man smiled back down at her, although it was far from friendly. Using all of her skills learnt from the finishing school, Davina licked and sucked the man’s cock. It was not long, but it was thick, and she could barely get her little hand round it as it hardened, sucking and licking at the tip, feeling salty pre-cum flow over her tongue. This man tasted differently to anyone else she had been with. His taste was more bitter, more salty.

The man rested his hands on her head as she slurped and sucked on him, then he pushed her head firmly downwards. For a few seconds her eyes watered, and she could not breath, but, calming herself, she let the cock take over her mouth. The man let her head go and she drew in a deep breath and suddenly the powerful smell of cock was in her nostrils. In a second she was back on the Mistresses bed, and she wanted, more than anything, a cock to help her cum.

Davina continued sucking the man’s cock, feeling his slick head running under her tongue, loading her up with more and more salty pre-cum. The man held her head back, and Davina looked up through lust glazed eyes, sure that now she was going get what she craved, the hard hotness pounding inside her. But instead, the man was beckoning another girl over! The girl, a pale blonde, dressed in the same outfit as Davina strutted over and lifted her leg, straddling the man’s crotch, facing out towards Davina. The man put the girls legs on his own thighs and spread them wide, his cock wedged beneath her slim ass cheeks as he pulled her head back to kiss her brutally. Davina was a bit stunned when the girl straddling the man grabbed her head and pulled it back onto the man’s cock as she continued kissing him.

Davina swiftly sucked the slimy shaft into her mouth and as the girl’s spread thighs were directly in front of her face, alternated licking the man between soft kisses and licks of the girl’s little rosebud.

The girl moaned against the man’s kiss and Davina pulled back as the girl lifted her hips. The man looked down at Davina expectantly and she grasped his fat shaft in one small hand, stroking it and then placed it at the girl’s entrance. The man raised his hips and thrust into the girl. Her little cock shook in front of Davina’s face as the man began pounding into her slick hole. The girl looked down at Davina and grabbed her head once more, placing it before the man’s cock as it slid into her. Davina had never done anything like this and for a second she was unsure when the woman pulled her further in and Davina felt the lubed cock and the stretched entrance of the girls anus press against her lips. Davina began licking and sucking, running her tongue up the lubed shaft, then kissing and sucking at the girls stretched rosebud, before sucking his jiggling balls into her mouth, one after another.

The man suddenly pulled his cock out of the girl and held it straight in front of Davina’s face. Davina saw the girl’s little hole gape as the cock was taken away, and glancing up she saw the girl’s heavily lidded eyes looking down at her as she stroked her own little cock. Davina opened her mouth and sucked deep on the man’s cock several times before pushing it upwards to penetrate the girl again.

This went on for several more minutes, and Davina learnt that she should lick the man’s cock as it plunged into the girl, whilst rubbing and stroking the girls own cock. The girl suddenly began to gasp and shudder and as Davina raised her eyes, her tongue still lapping at the point that cock met ass, the girl pointed her cock straight down at Davina’s face and let loose long spurts of cum. The cum shot over Davina’s nose and cheeks and she opened her mouth, letting the last of the flood past her lips. This was too much for the man, and in seconds he pulled the girl hard down on him, his body tenses, obviously coming deep inside her.

The girl moaned and rubbed against him, and the man kissed her deeply, obviously very pleased with himself. The man looked down at Davina and then motioned for her to lie down. Davina did as she was told as the man pulled his softening dick from the girl’s hole and swiftly positioned the girl so she was crouching with her ass directly above Davina’s face. Davina could see that the girl was stretched from the encounter, and soon, teaspoons of hot cum were sliding out of the girl’s insides directly into Davina’s mouth. She could also hear a wet sucking noise… clearly the girl was cleaning the man’s cock for him. The cum dripped into her mouth, tasting of salt, and lube, and she let her tongue dip deeply into the girl, lapping, sucking and exploring, making the girl squirm even more.

After a few seconds Davina saw the man’s feet heading away and the girl stood to her feet and helped Davina get up. She quickly held Davina by the hand and led her to a room hidden behind a screen. It bore the mark of the pink flower and as they walked inside, Davina could see that it was a bathroom, shower, make-up area and closet all in one. As soon as they got through the door, the girl pushed Davina hard against the wall. At first, Davina was afraid that the girl would hurt her, when suddenly the girl was kissing her deeply, their cum soaked mouths sharing juices as their tongues slid together.

The girl eventually stood back and beamed at Davina. “I’m Leona.” She said in a breathy, British accent. “And you are incredible.” She kissed Davina again deeply.

Davina blushed slightly and was amazed that something like this could still make her blush after what she had just done.

“I’m Davina.” She said, still a bit breathless.

Leona kissed her on the cheek and hurried her to a basin where they washed their faces and then re-did their make-up. As they got ready, Leona chatted happily. It seemed that some of the girls saw as their duty to only pleasure the men. Davina helping Leona cum had clearly been a very popular move, she thought to herself.

Leona was pulling off her cum stained stockings to replace them with new ones when one of serving staff hurried into the room and pressed a piece of paper into Leona’s hand. The British girl read it quickly and then slammed it down on the counter. “Fuck!” She whispered loudly.

Davina’s confusion was evident when Leona quickly made her way to the closet once more.

“Strip quickly, hon.” Leona called over her shoulder. “After our little display we’ve been invited to a very special party hosted by the Frenchman.”

“The Frenchman?” Davina asked. “Miki’s… Master?”

Leona turned and nodded, not looking very happy at all. “He’s a fucking monster, but also one of the most powerful men here. We have to go to his playroom in 20 minutes. He got some very special guests, apparently, that he wants given the best service possible.”

Davina shrugged uncomfortably. “That doesn’t sound so bad… Does it?”

Leona shook her head. “The Frenchman’s name is Lyon. Or that’s what he’s called when he’s here. He’s into some very bad things. Which means that his ‘special guests’ are often into even worse things. Do exactly what they want, make all the right moaning noises, and tell them how wonderful they are, and we might just be okay.”

Leona stopped rummaging in the closet and pulled out two shiny looking black one-piece swimsuits. She handed one to Davina who quickly stripped down. Before she pulled the swimsuit on, Leona moved to her with a bottle of lube. “This could get quite extreme. He has quite… peculiar tastes. You’ll need as much lube as possible.”

Davina reached out for the lube, but Leona snatched it back, a naughty grin on her face. “Why don’t I do you and you do me?” She asked, handing another bottle of lube across to Davina. Davina felt slim, slimy fingers pressing against her back door and Leona was suddenly kissing her again, their naked breasts pressing together, their girly-cocks bumping and stroking against each other.

A few minutes later, Leona and Davina walked barefoot down a corridor that Davina had never seen before. They now both worse skin-tight black swimsuits, the material rubberised to shine in the light. The material was so tight and so severely cut that Davina almost felt her breathing restricted. As they passed a mirror Davina almost stopped in her tracks. The legs of the swimsuit were cut high above the hips, a band keeping the top up behind their necks, and at the back, a narrow g-string that did not flare out until it reached the small band of material circling her lower back. Her little cock was pressed tightly against her flat tummy, held immobile by the tight material. Leona saw her gawping and pulled along her hurriedly. “We can’t be late. And yes, I know, we look like Baywatches slutty sisters.” She said with a grin.

They got to a door guarded by two large men, one Middle-Eastern, one European, both armed. The men looked them up and down, taking their time, then opened the door for them. Davina made her way into what looked like a marble changing room. The air was hot and moist, and waiting inside were two of the serving women. Without a word, the women buckled a stiff leather collar to each T-girl’s neck. The collars reached from their chin to the base of the neck and made movement difficult. Davina could see by looking at Leona that there was a metal ring attached to the front and back of the collars. The women then put similar cuffs on their ankles and wrists and stepped back.

Leona turned to Davina and kissed her gently. “Be brave.” Was all she said before taking her hand, then she led them to a thick, smoked glass door at the end of the room.

The air inside was filled with steam, and lit with a creepy blue light, making the shadows seem strange. The floor was also unsettling, rubbery and spongy under her bare feet. Davina peered ahead, and saw five men lounging in bucket seats around a table set with drinks. One was Lyon, another was a thickset man speaking with an American accent and the other three were tall, muscular black men. They looked up as the women walked in and Davina saw that they were all naked, and by the expressions on their faces either drunk or high, or both.

Lyon got to his feet, his long, thin cock already erect, bobbing in front of him as he walked. Leona angled her hips and Davina did the same, unsure what to do. “The entertainment has arrived. Girls, why don’t you make these gentlemen feel good. They’ve just agreed to a very important deal.”

Leona licked her lips nervously and walked towards the group. Davina held back for a fraction of a second and Lyon smacked her exposed ass hard, sending her hurrying forwards. As she got closer, Davina could see that they were all already erect, and the American reached out and grabbed Leona, pulling her down until she was level with his cock. One of the black guys turned his chair, so Leona now had two cocks in front of her of face.

Davina meanwhile, knees trembling made her way over to the two other black guys, and she could tell now from the accents as they chuckled to each other that they were African. As soon as she reached the first man, his head shaved bald, he grabbed her hair and dragged her to her knees. The other man, his face scarred, laughed and slapped her round the face, bringing tears to her eyes.

The scarred man looked across at Lyon. “Are you sure these are boys? They look like they’ve got cunts to me?”

Lyon laughed. “Why don’t you check for yourself, Minister?”

The man reached down with rough, callused fingers as the other man gripped her hair, and reached the tight band of material running between Davina’s legs, jerking it aside. Davina cried out as the material caught her soft skin and the man just laughed again. Suddenly he stopped laughing and she felt the hand grip her little girly-cock tightly. “Now that is much better than a cunt. Thank you Lyon.”

Lyon laughed again and suddenly a thick penis was thrust into Davina’s mouth as the other man pressed his cock against her cheek. Behind her, Davina could hear the sound of Leona struggling for breath and gagging around cock as the other men laughed and shouted.

Davina got herself together and started sucking on the huge cock thrusting into her mouth. After a few seconds she lifted her head, now gripping a cock in each hand, and started sucking on the other man. The men groaned appreciatively as she moved from one to the other feeling the thick, long pricks growing even bigger in her hands.

She heard the men saying something to each other, but could not understand the words, when her head was pulled back, saliva dripping down the front of her swimsuit. Both men pressed their cocks against her full lips at the same time, pushing forwards, gripping the back of her head tightly. Davina opened her mouth as wide as she could and felt the heads of both cocks slide together into her poor mouth. The men started thrusting, pushing themselves deeper into her throat when she heard Lyon walk behind her.

“Careful now gentlemen, you don’t want to waste yourselves in their mouths. Come with me.” With that Lyon turned and walked across the steamy room.

The scarred man grabbed the ring at the front of Davina’s collar and led her across the room to a long, rubber padded bench. Lyon stood in front of her and quickly knelt her on hands and knees on the bench and fastened her there. Leona, her hair already looking a little wild, was also placed on the bench directly in front of Davina, facing her, also on all fours. Her hands and ankles were secured and then Lyon leaned forward, and grasping a metal ring on each of their collars, brought the the two girls together until their faces were directly in front of one another. Davina looked into Leona’s blue eyes, and was scared to see that Leona looked worried. Lyon grabbed their collars, and there was a clipping sound. Davina pulled back, and as she did, she pulled Leona’s head forwards. They were collared together.

“Now girls.” Said Lyon. “Why don’t you show my friends how much you like each other.”

Leona looked deep into Davina’s eyes, their lips just a fraction of an inch apart, their breath hot on each others face, and then leaned forward and kissed her deeply.

Davina felt the padded surface shift behind her and the heat and hair of a man’s muscular thighs pressing between her own smooth legs. A rough hand reached between her legs, grasping her cock, tugging on the soft shaft. Davina moaned into Leona’s mouth as her cock was pulled firmly back between her legs. To her surprise she felt the man start to stroke her, always pulling her back until she felt her little girly-cock start to grow hard. And then she felt a thick, hot shaft pressing down between her cheeks, rubbing this way and that in the lubed cleft. The man dropped her cock as he spread her cheeks wide with his hands and then slid first one thick finger into her, and then two, making her squirm and cry out.

“You see!” She heard Lyon laugh. “She wants your cock, Minister. Show them what a woman’s duty is.”

The man shifted and then Davina felt the thick, hot head of the man’s cock press against her entrance. But this man wanted her now, and he wasn’t inclined to wait for her to relax. With a grunt, the man pushed forwards, his wide, bulbous head pushing Davina’s little flower wide in one go. Davina squealed as the cock-head speared her, her ass twitching and spasming around it. He slapped her tender behind, grasped her hips in both rough hands and pushed forwards strongly. Davina screamed this time, feeling inch after inch of that huge, slick invader opening her up and owning her. Leona moaned and Davina knew that the other girl was also being entered.

The man started fucking her with long, cruel strokes that slid his cock almost the full way out, so Davina’s anal opening was clenching around the thick head, and then plunging it back in. Davina’s legs were trembling against the pain, but she could not do anything to control his rhythm. The man started to gain speed, his pelvis slapping against Davina’s soft ass cheeks, making them tremble under the onslaught. Davina was pushed forward until her cheek was against Leona’s. Both of the were now covered in sweat, both being thrust forwards by the greedy cocks taking their most sacred place.

Davina felt the man gain speed, but all she could think of was the pain, when suddenly, the man pushed forwards with all his might and she heard him shout. He was pumping his cum into her, as though she was just a vessel for his seed. Davina bit back tears and tried to relax as the cock was cruelly pulled from her now gaping behind. But before she could gain her breath, she could feel another man kneel between her legs, as the last man’s thick cum dribbled from her sore behind, slipping down her perineum and over her tight little balls.

The next man entered her a little more slowly, and Davina soon felt herself fighting back against the pain, to get through it, to find the thing she wanted. As the heavy penis slid inside her, lubed with the last man’s cum, Davina began to feel a tingle spreading through her body. Her cries of pain slowly started to become moans and before she knew it, she was pushing back against the man’s cock.

Leona gave a cry as the man inside her came and her eyes closed before Davina saw her expression tighten, meaning another man was mounting her friend. Two cocks, covered in the smell of lube and semen were pressed between the girl’s lips, one from each side. The girls tried to lick and suck, to make the men happy, but the poundings they were taking were almost overwhelming.

Davina thrust back again and again against the cock inside her and felt the tingle grow, from her tummy to her breasts, setting her on fire. Her ass spasmed more and more and Davina felt her cock grow harder, not erect, but halfway. The man inside her picked up pace, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back when she felt it begin. With a groan, Davina’s legs began trembling and her cock began twitching, until, from deep inside her, she felt her cum start to blossom. As the cock struck deep inside of her and the cum covered dicks slid over her lips, Davina came. She screamed as the thin ribbons flowed out of her, spattering onto the padded bench below her, each desperate thrust bringing new fountains of cum from her body, until the man inside her let go and buried himself inside her, letting his seed spurt out deep inside her body.

Leona was still being pounded, when with a roar, the man inside her spent himself, pressing her cum covered face tight against Davina’s as he thrust forwards. Davina watched her friends glazed expression through eyes that were hazy and indistinct. Her orgasm was still rippling out across her body, still making her gasp and tremble as she felt the now flaccid dick slip from her behind, followed by a thick gout of hot sperm, coating the underside of her balls.

Steven sat at the bar, nursing his second single-malt. He was starting to feel it, but wasn’t quite there yet. He was starting to feel a little horny on the side and decided to see if he still had the stuff to pick up chicks.

It had been a while, about two years since he and Sharon met. It was two months since they split up. Steven didn’t regret the nearly two years together, nor did he regret the breakup. They drifted apart and they both knew it. It was better this way.

He turned around on his bar stool to survey the fine young ladies in the room. All were dressed to the nines. Long black evening gowns, bright sequined red dresses, heels, hair perfect. He wouldn’t turn down any of these women, but of course that wasn’t the situation here. They weren’t flocking to him, so he needed to go to them.

He picked out his mark. She was black and easily over six feet tall, but a lot of that height was due to the heels she was wearing. They must have been five inches. Fuck was that sexy.

Her tits were perfect, with just the right amount of cleavage showing out of her gold dress. The dress stopped mid-thigh and that’s where the black stockings took over, right down to those heels — those black fucking stiletto heels.

She was sitting along at a table for two and was drinking something clear and tall, but it was nearly empty. He ordered a gin and tonic and another scotch for himself and walked towards her table. She didn’t look up, even when he sat down opposite her. He placed the gin and tonic in front of her and sipped his own drink.

“Hello,” she said in a deep sultry voice, still not looking at him.

“Hi,” he said. I’m Steven.

“Amber,” she replied. “You hear for the pharma convention?”

“Yeah, you?”

“No, I’m a local,” she said, finally looking up. “Boyfriend just dumped me and I’m here drowning my sorrows.”

Her lips were a bright, delicious shade of red. “I’m sorry to hear that,” said Steven. “My girlfriend and I split up a couple of months ago. I know how difficult it can be.”

The conversation continued for about a half hour and another two drinks. Amber made the first move.

“So, you’re not talking to me out of pity,” she said. “You obviously have some ulterior motive in mind.”

“Me? Nooo”, he said, putting his hand to his chest and shaking his head slightly.

Amber laughed. “Let’s go then,” she said, standing up and taking his hand in hers. By this point, Steven was feeling fine, so he got up and let her pull him towards the lobby elevators

“What floor,” she asked, pretending to be an elevator operator.

Steven looked at his key card. “Seventeen.”

As the elevator rose, Steven put his arm around her waist and let his hand wander to her hips. She didn’t seem to mind, so he let his hand do a little more wandering, to her ass. So smooth. The elevator dinged and they got out, stumbled to his room and then inside.

“Welcome,” he said, waving his arms around as if to show off this hotel room.

“Very nice,” she said and sat down on the bed. She patted the space beside her and Steven was quick to join her.

She brought her mouth to his and kissed him. Her lips tasted as sweet as they looked. Steven’s hand made it’s way up her dress, from her hips to her breasts. He felt one through her clothes and then felt the other. His cock began to stir.

He squeezed her tits and sucked at her lips. This girl was hot, much hotter than Sharon. The kind of girl you can only meet in a fancy Vegas nightclub and the kind of girl you probably didn’t want following you home afterwards. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

His hands continued roaming her body, now slowly making their way up her thigh. Before he reached what he knew would be a sweet, delicious pussy, she took his hand and placed it again on her breast, only this time she encouraged him to take it out of her dress. He obliged her.

What a perfect sphere of a tit, with a hard nipple that he all of a sudden needed to taste. He fondled and sucked each breast, cupping them and gently squeezing. They were more than a handful, but not too much more.

His penis was now straining against his pants and needed to get out. Amber expertly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and stroked his cock through his underwear.

“Mmmm, so hard,” she said.

“For you, babe,” Steven replied.

Amber wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking outside his loose boxers. She ran a finger along the underside, from the base to the tip, still through his underwear. Fuck, did she ever know her way around a penis. She licked his underwear up along his shaft.

Finally, unable to take it any longer, he lowered his own underwear and ran a hand along his cock. With nothing covering it now, she took his penis into her mouth and held it there for a few seconds, a few glorious seconds.

She began to stroke with her hand and suck with her mouth. Her long, silky black hair tickled his thighs. She sucked slowly at first, then began to pick up speed.

Steven knew that if she kept this up, he’d cum in another minute or two, but he wanted more. He wanted to fuck that pussy so bad. He pulled her off his cock and she stood up in front of him.

He reached out to touch her breasts, now hanging outside of her dress, but she stepped back, just outside of his reach. She began moving her hips slowly back and forth and lowering her dress.

A striptease. She was going to do a striptease for him. He watched and stroked himself slowly. She lowered her dress enough to reveal those full, round tits with erect nipples.

God, he couldn’t wait to get those in his mouth again. She lowered her dress a little more, showing her flat belly. A little more and ….

“Fuck!” he said.

“Surprised?” she asked, as she grabbed her own eight inch cock and began stroking it. She was still wearing those long fishnet stockings and the five inch heels.

“Yeah,” he said, drawing out the word so that it spread out over two syllables.

She moved closer to him, shoving her cock in his face. Steven didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t gay, but fuck, she was hot — even if she did have a cock. Fuck it, he thought, and took that enormous penis into his mouth.

She fucked his mouth and Steven began rubbing himself with one hand and playing with Amber’s balls with the other. He moved a finger to her ass and started working his way in. If he was going to do this, he was going to fuck her and he might as well start with a finger.

Amber licked a few fingers and used her saliva to lube up her own asshole. Steven’s finger slid in easily and he used it to fuck her, while she continued to fuck his mouth. That seemed to get her even hornier and she started moaning a little.

“Fuck me,” she said, laying on the bed face down, ass up.

Steven spit on his hand and rubbed his saliva over his penis. He spit on his fingers again rubbed them into her hole.

He spread her cheeks and pushed his cock head into her anus. It slid in easily. He inserted it about halfway and then began fucking her, slowly at first and then more quickly.

“Go all the way in,” she told him.

He fucked her deeply and steadily, shoving his cock as far inside her as he could. His hands roamed around her ass, her back and her hair. He ran his hands up her still-stockinged legs. So sexy.

He pulled out and flipped her over. He wanted to play with her tits and he surprised even himself when he realized he wanted to get his hands on that big cock of hers. He grabbed her legs and lifted them high in the air, holding onto her heels and then he slipped his penis inside her ass once again.

He kissed and licked her stockings, rubbed his hand over her ass cheeks and tits and then gathered his courage and took her cock in his hand. It felt strange. It was quite a bit longer and thicker than his own, and it felt weird stroking another man’s — another person’s — penis.

Weird, perhaps, but awesome. He continued fucking her and jerking her off at the same time. Soon, she was moaning and he was slamming his cock into her ass. She let out a ‘unnnhhh’ sound with each thrust into her.

He couldn’t hold it in any longer. He thrust once, twice more and then he was cumming inside this woman-with-a-cock’s ass. He thrust deeply with each spurt of his orgasm and kept on jerking her off.

On his last thrust, she ejaculated. Steven directed her cock at his face, wanting to taste her cum. It was sweet and delicious. He milked her penis until she was drained and then pulled his cock out of her ass and lay down beside her.

“That was intense,” he said. “I’m glad you didn’t say anything before. I may not have agreed to go along with it.”

Amber smiled at him and ran a hand up along his leg and belly. It gave him a shiver. Steven wasn’t gay before. He wasn’t sure whether he was gay now, but he certainly had developed a taste for cock.

This is a story of some kind of unknown magic and change. Of uncertainty, tension, but ultimately making the right decisions, or if not, at least the bold ones. But I’m plan to skip all that stuff actually. About me and about my inner tensions before and after. So this story is going to be told in a purified form. It’s about how mixed up everything about me got but how it turned out alright. It started with Sandy.

I was dancing. In a small concert hall. She was in front of me and to my left side a few steps. I got the sense that she was there alone. Her impressively muscular but delicate legs were well displayed in high heels, and a flowing black dress that also came down in the front to show her cleavage – not huge but nice plump tits, the perfect size for a good handful. I moved closer than I needed to for the size of the crowd in the dark hall. I looked at her face over her shoulder and saw the dark olive skin, pretty small features, the straight blonde hair. Actually the crowd seemed to sense my new found interest in her and to push me there.

I let our bodies meet and for a while, skin touching and thrilling me. She did not rush to move away, but eventually shifted her weight and released the touch. And again, someone pushed through the crowd behind me and my body was on hers, my cock almost pressing against her ass, but not quite. Did her hand move the slightest bit towards it, did it just barely brush against the bulge that was starting there? Almost. She shifted away again after a lingering moment with our bodies together. As she moved slightly I grew bold. Putting out my hand gently, I touched the small of her back, directing her back in front of me with the lightest of gestures. She complied, at the same time bending her torso forward to grind her firm ass-cheeks deliciously back onto my crotch. I was instantly hard and intoxicated. Slowly gyrating her hips, she never once turning to look at me. At last after a full two songs had come and gone she did a complete 180 and our eyes met for the first time. We hugged closely and then kissed. I moved my mouth in and after pausing close close to her deep red lips I met them slowly and purposefully.

We kissed slowly for a long time. She was building heat in my crotch that I knew would make me do anything. I was losing myself and falling apart in her presence. Soon we were leaving the concert, getting in a cab, heading for my place. I was lifting her up and sitting her on my kitchen counter, still kissing. Moans were escaping my lips uncontrollably between our kisses. Every neuron firing, just more and more passion. I loved her delicate features, her softness, her tan skin. I opened her mouth wider and forced my tongue down into the darkness. My hands reached for perky tits and lightly brushed them; then they went along her belly and hips, and then returned, slowly growing more firm in their squeeze.

She moaned as her bra came down, exposing the top of a dark perky nipple. I squeezed it ruthlessly between my finger and thumb and pulled it teasingly toward me. I sucked her sweet tit and was full of sunny feelings, gliding through the experience and more and more loaded with sex juice and anticipation. I slyly fixed her bra, putting her eager breast back into its cover and my hand wandered down. It found its way to her lower abdomen above her skirt, and then it slid under the skirt and came to rest for a while on her warm thigh. The very tips of my fingers rested on her flesh, just grazing the edge of her panties, ever so near to her moist yearning pussy. I made her wait there, softly stroking her skin. Finally, our mouths still meeting with more and increasing enjoyment, groans escaping our desperate lips, my hand plunged down to her warm… cock!

I could not believe it but there it was in my hand – the throbbing stiffness of a dick. I hadn’t broken from her once this whole time to look down. I hadn’t even shouted with the surprise. In fact, all I was feeling was some sickeningly strong added excitement. Like: “Who cares? This will be fun!”

My fingers dropped lower and found her balls, squeezing and teasing the wrinkled skin of her sack. It really just didn’t register with me. I didn’t have an issue with this, as surprising as that may sound. “I’m up for it, let’s see how it goes,” I remember thinking.

I groped her balls firmly and applied a good strong bit of pressure. She recoiled with moans and then kissed me more fervently than before, biting at my lips and scratching at my bare chest. Her dick was every bit as hard as mine. And, based on feel alone, I guessed that it was about my size as well! There she was, vulnerable in my arms, with her big dick swaying and struggling for relief in my hand. It was finally time. I dropped lower and pulled her cock out, slowly sliding what I discovered was a purple g-string down to reveal the ladymeat below. I loved the femininity of this most masculine of parts. It fit her and she embodied it so well. There was nothing forced about her being a lady with a dick, it all worked. In fact, I again found myself being more excited by this development than if I had been about to eat a pussy. Perhaps it was the novelty, the wildness of the whole scene, but I think too it was that she seemed to have clicked just then. Seeing her beautiful naked penis swinging tantalizingly in my face as I knelt there, was seeing her come into full focus. Seeing what a beautiful person she was, and fully understanding her appeal, her sexual pull. I moved in slowly and put her cock between my lips. I didn’t really know what to do with it, but I wanted to have my mouth full of warm flesh. It was great! I yearned for it and I got it. But I also had to remind myself to wait for it. I couldn’t dive right down on her dick like that. I still had to build it all up first.

Coyly, I teased and softly sucked the tip for a little while, taking my mouth off entirely sometimes, always keeping it near though, poised, opened around the cock, ready to go down and take it all. I was happy and looking up at her. Finally she’d had enough teasing and pulled my head down firmly onto her dick, thrusting her pelvis forward and burying her meat quite suddenly into my throat. Lucky for her I only gagged somewhat but not enough to stop me. I slurped fervently on her well-sized cock like a true gentleman. It was fun. She took a handful of my hair and fucked my face, moaning, “Ohhh yeah boy, suck that fucking lady-dick”.

My own crotch was absolutely dying now, but also – it didn’t care! If I never came it would be totally fine, almost more fun somehow. This was the first time I could recall feeling like that. Usually most of what sex was about for me was working up to, and then getting to, blow my load. But in this whole new territory I found myself playing in I seemed to have discovered the niche of being there to get her off. And – amazingly – the change was liberating.

She took my hand and guided me to get up from the floor and move over to the bed. She stripped me of my boxers and I flopped down on my back, naked and bare – cock waving. She wrapped her lovely thin fingers around it but just pushed it down toward my belly without stroking it. Her other hand’s fingertips ran over my balls, pulling at the skin and scratching lightly. My whole groin felt damp with drops of sweat in the humid night air. It felt potent – full of possibilities and ready to explore them. Farther down, my asshole felt exposed and ready to be put to use. I secretly hoped she was going to take me and not let me cum until after she’d given me a good pounding. As it turned out, she had just the same idea!

She moved in and began to lick my asshole to make it moist. The result was phenomenal. She flicked her tongue up and down across my hole and then inserted a finger. I felt relaxed through this – I had had girls finger my asshole before and quite enjoyed it every so often for a change of pace. After she had pumped my asshole with her delicate finger for a few moments, all the while lightly stroking and massaging my ballsack, she withdrew her finger and got up from the bed. I raised my head to see her take a condom from her purse and roll it into her stiff uncut dick. What a beautiful sight a hard dick is and knowing, from your back on a bed, that you need do nothing, and indeed, can do nothing to stop its impending penetration of your asshole. To know that your warm happy thrilled body is about to get fucked for the very first time.

I lay there and she came in closer, sprawling on all fours on the bed, pushing her dick down a few times, letting it bob up again. She knew exactly what was up. She knew I was admiring her, that I was smitten by her beauty and poise. She knew that she had a great body, capped off by a really great dick. And she wanted me to savour a few more beautiful images before she plunged herself inside me. It was all a dance. I laughed at her antics and she smiled and let her dick flop up and down. I again reached down and squeezed her balls. Damn Sandy had beautiful balls – they were hanging low and confident. Still smiling, she took the base of her shaft between her right forefinger and thumb and pressed it just at the entrance of my asshole. Suddenly it had gotten serious! This was it. I let go of her balls and brought my hands behind my head, my body brimming with feelings and now unsure what would come next. I began to stretch out to accommodate her and she was good at giving me time to let her in.

After some moments I stopped holding my breath. The first intense shimmers of the feeling of a dick in my ass subsided and I sensed that I was ready. I asked her to fuck me, as I placed my hand on her tit to keep control of the pace. She lowered her body down and her dick into me, tucking neatly up into my ass. Our bodies came all the way together and her hips pressed right in. The pleasure was intense and immediate. This was much better than a finger! In time, I was able to let her increase her pace. She did an expert job of alternating between slow and shallow thrusts, gentle deep thrusts, and full on pounding herself into me, laying my and using my horny body for everything she wanted that night.

“Do you like getting fucked in the ass?” she queried, gripping my hips and laying into me.

“Yes! Just fuck me!!” I managed to respond.

Finally I got the sense that she was speeding up and getting ready to blow her load. I told her I wanted her to pull out and cum on me. After all, why not add that to the whole experience?

She grinned broadly as she pulled her stiffness out of my body and, quickly removing the condom, began to stroke her shaft frantically. Little spurts of cum were followed my larger ones. Her shot was a spray that spread out across my stiff bald dick, my chest, a few drops even reaching my clean shaven cheeks and chin. Watching her pull her foreskin back and forth over her incredibly hard member and watching the semen pour out was definitely a memorable moment for me! My dick was throbbing and waving in the air between my legs but I just left it there, my hands stroking the last drops from Sandy’s firm swollen dick.

She hunched forward, finally exhausted. She fell lightly beside me. Together we lay for a while before showering off, rubbing each others’ bodies clean. Her hands found my cock in the shower and slowly stroked it hard again. I desperately wanted her to speed up but she knew it and made sure not to. I could feel the spunk building deep in my balls as I watched her glistening wet cock under the torrents of water. It was clean shaven and mostly limp, but long – nearly as long as it had been fully hard. I watched her beautiful perky tits and dark inviting nipples. And finally I could feel the delightfully pleasurable and painfully slow strokes turning irreversibly into my orgasm. Her gentle hand’s caress would make me shoot. The semen rose, up through my urethra, and then, and then, at last… release!

It was out of control. My cock exploded strings of sizzling jizz all over the tiles of my bathroom wall and over Sandy’s sexy body. She encouraged me to empty my balls, to give her the whole load, to cum for her. As I came I just stared at her beautiful uncut meat and again thought about how well it fit her. I could distinctively feel the phantom of it in my tired but pleased ass as my muscles spasmed and I spurted the contents of my hairless balls.

When I was all done we cleaned up and toweled off. In the early hours of the morning Sandy left, kissing me deeply and grabbing my cock over top of my pants at the door.

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