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Thug sex Part I

I’d been a bit of a geek at school and was bullied quite badly for always at the top of the class so; when I went to University at 18 I deliberately lost touch with everyone from school and our small village and successfully re-invented myself in the ‘Big City.’ I went wild; fucking anything with a pulse and after leaving with a very good Degree I subsequently lived on and off with 3 different boyfriends and shared a house with two female work colleagues until I eventually got married. I had been drawn to ‘exciting guys’ since leaving home and some of them were quite volatile especially my marriage which ended when I had to move back to live with my parents, 100 miles away after his latest violent episode.

Mum and Dad are lovely people but more than a little bit old fashioned. Mum wanted to know the details of my every move and Dad constantly poked his nose into my internet activity too, so not only was I not getting ‘any’ but my DIY fun was curtailed too because I slept in the next room to my parents; leaving me gradually more and more frustrated.

Thankfully the company I work for had organised a transfer to a factory about 10 miles from home; so at least I was still earning money and looking for my own flat.

After a month my position at work changed meaning I had more day to day contact with the guys in the warehouse and necessitated regular meetings with the team leaders.

Not much fazes me, so walking around the huge warehouse and hearing their lewd comments was a nice experience after the jealousy I’d put up with over the last two years. I never really dressed provocatively, it’s not that type of company, but I usually wore bras that gave me plenty of uplift and made my 30c boobs bounce as I walk around in my highish heels. As you would expect the factory and warehouse was full of life’s waifs and strays with most men being married, in relationships or just plain dull.

One particular guy did catch my eye. Not because of what he did but probably because of what he didn’t do. Nelson was one of the fork-lift truck drivers and while not exactly ignoring me; he was so cool he would just arrogantly smile whenever I walked past him; exuding a feeling that he could have me any time he wanted; which was just patently big-headed, so I always gave an extra wiggle when he was in my presence.

Another thing about Nelson is that he is black; skinny as a stick and he had styled himself on the Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg; with braided corn rows and pigtails in his hair, a scruffy non-beard and a gold tooth, plus he always wore extra baggy clothes, especially his jeans which always looked like they were going to fall down. Every available square inch of skin looked like it was covered in tattoos, even his neck. They were all good ones – professional; but only added to his air of mystery and pretend menace.

It didn’t take much research in the office and canteen to find out that he was 22 and a bit of a stud muffin that liked the ladies; especially the married ones. I wasn’t surprised to hear he treat them badly and may have made one pregnant the previous year.

One evening as I was driving through the factory gates in the rain I saw Nelson running down the street to catch a bus that was pulling out of the stop. I sniggered as he threw an imaginary punch at the bus as it drove away. I noted that it was the number 50 and vaguely remembered that it went in the direction of my parents’ house.

‘Toot-toot’ I blasted the car horn as I pulled up next to him and wound the window down.

“Where are you going?” I smiled as I tried to avoid the rain.

He didn’t recognise me at first, then flashed his extra wide toothy smile when he did, before looking suspiciously around the empty car. “South Grisholm; why?”

“I’m going that way; do you want a lift?” I shouted over the traffic noises.

“Okay.” Nelson grinned at the thought of getting into my car, “cool.”

Neither of us said anything for the first few minutes as I concentrated on the heavy traffic; but we kept looking at each other and nervously chuckling.

As soon as we left the city centre the rain began to ease off as did the slow moving traffic.

I was suddenly unsure as to whether I’d done the right thing as his lanky black frame filled the front of the car and began to intimidate me as I’m only 5ft 2 and just over 7 stones.

“So?” Nelson slowly asked as he chewed on his fingernails, “You sure don’t live on the Southside; so where do you live?”

“My parents live in Whitley but I’m looking for a own place, nearer the City Centre.” I replied a little too quickly. I was still edgy as we chatted, but Nelson seemed quite relaxed and we chatted for the next 10 minutes or so; basically introducing ourselves. He pointed to my wedding ring and asked what my husband would think about me giving a black man a lift home. Suddenly my hands became clammy as I replied that I was separated and it was none of his business who I had in my car.

The only time he sounded uneasy was when he admitted to living with a girlfriend and their sons. I wasn’t sure why he was uneasy; after all this wasn’t a date or anything, just one colleague doing a good turn for another; wasn’t it?

Soon we were driving along a row of run down and boarded up shops in South Grisholm and Nelson suggested he should get out here; as he didn’t want his girlfriend to get jealous or anything. I was flattered and blushed.

As he was about to close the car door I coughed and timidly asked if he wanted a lift in the morning seeing as I would be virtually passing by anyway.

His eyes instantly twinkled and he flashed his trademark smile; “That would be cool; pick me up over there….at 8?” I looked across the road and saw a derelict pub car park, and then nodded my agreement.

I giggled all the way home like a teenage schoolgirl would, after attracting the attention of the coolest guy in the football team. Even Mum noticed that I was in a good mood as we ate dinner; but I only admitted that ‘someone was showing some interest in me at work”

As I lay in bed I couldn’t stop myself playing with my pussy; regardless of any noises I might make! Of course I couldn’t use a sex toy but my fingers would still be able to do a good job; and they did. My pussy was already puffed up as I stroked the inside of my thighs and along my labia before dipping a finger into my sticky hole. My first orgasm didn’t take long at all and was very intense as I twirled my finger around and frantically rubbed my clit with the palm of my hand. The second one took much longer and was a ‘slow burn’. I normally use a toy for the second and third but tonight it was just my fingers; just like 12 years ago when I first discovered masturbation. It was even funny as I desperately tried not to noisily grunt or cry out like I normally do when I climax; but that would keep for another day.

I had been waiting in the car park for 10 minutes when Nelson nonchalantly crossed the road. I tried to look as composed as possible when he climbed into the passenger seat of my Renault Clio but my heart was racing and my stomach was in knots.

“Hi hunny,” my black co-worker greeted me as he ran his eyes over my body. Without realising it I’d dressed a little bit racier than normal knowing he was getting a lift. My skirt was a little shorter than usual and I knew that he could see my white lace bra through my nylon blouse.

I greeted him and chatted about nothing all the way to the factory. Nelson interjected when necessary but it was mostly me doing the talking as he was still half asleep; but kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye and smiling; which gave me a bit of a buzz.

As we approached the factory; he suggested that he should get out near a newsagent in the next street.

“I’ve got your reputation to think of; haven’t I?” He winked and smiled, “We don’t want to start them tongues wagging, do we?”

He was just about to walk away when he motioned for me to open the window.

“Are you gonna pick me up tonight?” He asked as his gold tooth glistened in the morning sunshine. I helplessly nodded.

Our paths crossed a couple of times during the morning but Nelson never showed anything other than his normal cool arrogance as his friends laughed and whistled as I walked through the warehouse. Only he knew why my boobs were bouncing a little more than usual and why my arse was rolling from side to side.

It was my turn to be late after work, but Nelson was nonchalantly smoking a cigarette on a wall beside the newsagent shop when I arrived. The arrogant sod motioned that he was going to finish his smoke before getting into the car.

When he did get in the atmosphere was electric. I tried talking about work things; but he soon stopped me by telling me that he ‘had enough of that shit’. I got the message but couldn’t think of anything else to talk about.

He quickly broke the ice.

“Are these stockings or tights?” Nelson cackled as he placed his hand on my knee and slowly stroked my nylon covered thigh.

I got such a shock I swerved the car and it took a second or two to get it back under control.

“Tights!” I gasped as I slapped his hand before changing gear.

He shrugged and placed his hand back into the same spot.

“It’s just….I know you white girls like the whole stockings and suspenders thing.” He laughed as I swiped his hand again; “it’s a cool thing; vey, very sexy.”

“I sometimes wear stockings; but it has to be tights at work.” I giggled as I slapped his hand much harder and he finally removed it from my leg. “Can you imagine the effect wearing stockings would have walking up that open staircase in the warehouse?” We both laughed at the thought; “Christ knows how many heart attacks that would cause.”

“You’re looking good, anyway.” Nelson told me in a husky voice; “very sexy; but you are always look very sexy.”

“Thank you.” I replied as we stopped at traffic lights; “but what would your girlfriend say if she heard you say that?”

“She doesn’t have to know; does she?” He laughed as his hand went back to my knee and up my skirt. I couldn’t stop him or answer as I had to concentrate on crossing a double carriageway. By the time it was safe to respond he was eagerly squeezing my thigh and his pinkie finger was touching my pubic area, making me shiver with excitement.

“Stop that!” I laughed as I pulled his hand away and threw it back into his own lap. “You’ll cause an accident doing things like that!”

The biggest threat of an accident was now me wetting my pants!

We spent the last 5 minutes of the journey with him trying to get his hand up my skirt and me trying in vain to stop him. As we approached the derelict pub, Nelson told me to pull into the car park; then he pointed to the far corner and told me to go there and turn right. I followed his instructions until my car was behind the building and completely out of sight. I presumed he’d been here before.

As I stopped the car I heard him unlock his seat belt and before I knew what was happening his left hand was up my skirt and his right was around my shoulders pulling me towards him. My seat belt constrained me but couldn’t stop him kissing me. His big brown rubbery lips smothered mine; but that first kiss was incredibly soft and sensitive and lasted forever.

My brain was on the verge of overload as he pulled my thighs apart and began stroking my pussy through my panties and tights with one hand and the other was squeezing my tit from across my shoulder.

As Nelson leant forward to kiss me again I pulled back. He looked surprised; until I smiled and unlocked my seat belt too. He moved his right hand until the belt sprang into its holder then he automatically went back to mauling my boob. We kissed and kissed and kissed as he stroked and fondled my covered mound with one hand as the other snaked inside my blouse and bra fondling my fleshy boob and stiff nipple.

It took a little bit of manoeuvring until my right knee was up against the steering wheel, allowing him better access to my hot and willing sexual area. By now his long pink nicotine flavoured tongue was swirling around inside my mouth, which allowed me to do my ‘party trick’ which is to ‘suck it’. I’ve never known a guy that didn’t get his mind blown when I did this, and Nelson was no different as he began breathing through his flared nostrils as he roughly shook and manhandled my tit.

Eventually we had to come up for air and broke off the kiss. As we both gulped air into our lungs he looked me in the eyes and ordered me to take my blouse off and ‘get my tits out.’ I complied and dropped my blouse and bra on the back seat.

He looked suitably impressed as my boobs stand proud and firm and look huge against my tiny frame.

I grinned as I pulled the lever on my seat and it quickly fell back. Without a word he bent forward and began planting kisses all over them before licking my nipples and rubbing his face across them. I took hold of my boobs by the sides and playfully slapped his stubble covered face. Cackling with laughter Nelson licked and sucked my tingling nipples as his hand went back between my legs. This time his fingers made straight for the waistband of my tights and knickers and he pulled the front down. The angle wasn’t great as he tried to get his hand between my legs so I lifted my arse for him to pull my tights down. In one swift movement they were around my knees and his fingers were pulling my labia apart and his long middle finger easily slid into my crack.

I flung my head back and let out a sigh as his finger poked and prodded my inner workings like a gynaecologist as he continued nuzzling my nipples and boobs at the same time as I stroked his coarse hair and corn rows. I was moaning and groaning while Nelson was now on his side with one knee on his seat while he worked his black magic on my prickling body.

He moved again and was now nearly lying on top of me; but his stomach was still in the air. I couldn’t resist and slid my hand down the front of his baggy jeans and grabbed his dick through his boxers. My eyes lit up as I tried to gauge its size. It was my turn to be impressed; there was a lot of cock down there and it was my job to free Willy.

Now fingering my neatly trimmed cunt with two digits Nelson stopped sucking my tits and raised himself up until his head was against the roof of the car and he steadied himself by gripping the back of his seat.

“Mmmm.” I purred as I ran my hand along his cock, then with my other hand began pulling his jeans down over his skinny arse. His eyes were wide open and he had a serious look on his face as he shuffled his jeans down to his knees. I took my hand off his rod of steel then placed my sweaty fingers on the waistband for a few seconds. Then I dragged them down and ta-da! His long black cock sprang into view.

“Jesus!” I gasped as it pointed straight at me. I’ve had more than my fair share of cock over the years but had never been with a black man before and boy; did Nelson live up to the stereotype. It was about 7 inches long and shaped like a Cuban cigar. His dark brown knob was already poking out of the foreskin as I took hold of it; wrapping my lily white hand around the girth and pulling the skin back until his magnificent knob was on fully show. Nelson didn’t say a word as I tugged his cock, but his breathing became deeper and shallower and his fingering became firmer and faster.

I eventually moved forward and licked the velvet knob; which made him sigh and draw breath as I then planted a series of kisses along the taught shaft. This was my first taste of black cock and I wanted to savour every last second. Still wanking him I kissed the tip again then swallowed three inches in one gulp.

“Shit!” Nelson gasped as he grabbed the back of my head as I feverously sucked as much of his cock as humanly possible. I love cock sucking and was now desperate to show this black stud exactly how good I was. I gargled, sucked, blew, kissed and even managed to get the knob into the top of my throat (which impressed him) all the while furiously rubbing his shaft and tickling his balls.

My black colleague now had a tight grip on my head as I sucked his long black cock as if my life depended on it and his fingering was as good as a few fucks I’d had!

Eventually his breathing became very shallow and he started banging his cock deep into my mouth. I knew what was coming next and sucked as hard as his mouth-fucking would allow.

“Ugh, ugh…..ohhhhhh…..uuuggGGHHHHH…..FUCKFUCKFUCK!” He panted as stream after stream of warm cum filled my mouth. With his cock still filling my cavity it was difficult to actually swallow it so it just kept filling up what little space there was.

Nelson’s adrenaline soon sank into his toes and he slowly slid back onto his calf’s as his cock slowly rolled out of my aching mouth. With sweat running down his cheeks he managed a thin smile when I kept my mouth wide open so he could see how much spunk was in my mouth. Then I tipped my head backwards and swallowed the lot. It really did feel like a huge salty oyster as it smeared my throat and ended up in my belly.

“Fucking Hell, Lucy……you’re a helluva fucking cocksucker!” Nelson sniggered as he scooped his spent cock back inside his pants. “Every body thinks you’re so fucking innocent…..a real fucking cock teaser; but…but…fucking hell! You dirty bitch; you sure can suck cock!”

“I have my moments.” I giggled as I found my bra and blouse under my seat. I managed to put my bra on in the car but not my blouse and tights so had to clamber outside and with no shame pulled my knickers and tights up before putting my blouse back on in the open air.

When I was finally smart again Nelson looked like he was desperate to get away.

‘No kiss goodbye, then.’ I told myself as he gave a wave and said ‘same time tomorrow.’

The final drive home was quite funny in its own way; as I relived what I’d just done and kept swirling my tongue around my mouth in a mission to keep tasting his spunk.

I was so sweaty that I had to have a shower before dinner and managed to bring myself off three times as the hot soapy water cascaded over my soft skin.

Sure enough Nelson arrived 10 minutes late the next morning as he was to do every morning afterwards, and as I didn’t wear tights or panties that day, I let him stroke and finger me all the way to work.

On Friday the factory closes at 1pm so we went straight back to the Pub car park and I sucked him dry again only this time I made him finger me to orgasm.

Over the weekend Mum subtly mentioned something about ‘strange noises’ coming from my bedroom and was I feeling alright. I got the message and kept my masturbation for the shower on the Sunday.

I don’t know why, but I wore trousers for work on Monday. Nelson wasn’t impressed on the morning ride to work, so contented himself by playing with my tits, much to the amusement of a couple of lorry drivers.

When we got to the pub on the evening he wasted no time in taking my sweater and bra off and soon had his cock out for a fun titty-wank then I began giving him another marvellous blow job; taking as much black cock into my throat as I could. But after a few minutes Nelson stopped me and told me to get out of the car. There was something arrogant about him that I knew I would comply with his every request. Topless, I got out of the car and waited for him to join me.

Even though the pub was derelict there was always the possibility that some kids or metal thieves could appear at any moment; but that just added to the thrill of what we were doing.

“Get your drawers down.” Nelson instructed me as he pulled his own jeans and boxers down to his ankles, “then bend over the bonnet and spread your legs.”

My heart was pounding as I unbuckled my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles and kicked them off before placing them on the front seat. I’d done some things in my time but I’d never had sex in a public place and it was rather thrilling to do it with a young black thug.

I was now naked apart from my shoes as I turned away from him and lay across the bonnet, legs splayed wide apart as instructed. Nelson took hold of my left hip and pulled my arse slightly into the air then spread my arse cheeks before guiding his rocket into my pussy for the first time.

I braced myself as the fat knob bumped against my labia; then as I arched my back the knob eased past the folds and with one almighty plunge his mighty 7 ½ inches rattled my box.

“Oh fuck.” I gasped as it filled my cunt in one swift thrust. Nelson then took hold of my other hip and began fucking me ragged while giving my arse the occasional slap.

The sensations that his massive cock were causing were out of this world. At one stage I swear that he was growling as he fucked me so hard he made me whimper and grind my teeth.

“Huh, huh, huh……that hurts………fucking Hell….your cock is fucking huge!” I panted with each pump of his long cock.

My hands were now so greasy I couldn’t grip onto the bonnet and my big and bouncy titties were soon sliding across the metal as he pounded my cunt from behind like a man possessed.

“Yes…yes…yes….harder…..fuck me harder!” I was gasping for air as his cock nearly split me in two.

My arse was soon sore from the spanking and the powerful fucking had me light-headed but I still recognised the tell-tale signs when he began panting and his fucking became harder and faster.

“Don’t cum!” I suddenly cried out, “don’t cum inside me! Please don’t.” But it was too late; his last two enormous thrusts lifted me off my feet and I felt my cunt fill with hot spunk in just the way my mouth had the previous week. Three small jerks later he pulled his cock out of my stretched cunt and then he took hold of my forearm.

“Get down there and clean it up for me.” He directed me as he turned me around to face him. Still slightly groggy; I fell to my knees on the cracked concrete and licked the excess spunk and pussy juice off his long dangling cock. It tasted absolutely delicious and felt gloriously humiliating as I lifted his soft cock up to get at the bits clinging to his ball sack.

Satisfied and sated Nelson stroked my cheek to let me know he was finished and I should stop and get dressed. It took him a couple of seconds to pull his jeans up but I was still naked in the car park and could feel his spunk running out of my battered cunt and down my thighs.

“Gotta go hunny,” he smiled as he wobbled one of my tits. “See you in the morning?” I nodded, as he turned to walk away.

Unceremoniously I scooped as much spunk as possible out of my tattered cunt then wiped my still sopping pussy with a tissue before tearfully getting dressed. Thankfully I was still on the pill; but letting him cum inside me was something I hadn’t really bargained for; but if that’s what he wanted to do I knew I was helpless to stop him.

The next couple of weeks followed the same pattern with Nelson filling my mouth with spunk most nights. We did fuck a couple of times but the rain and wind made it difficult most nights. I loved the raw gratuitous sex and to some degree loved his horrible selfish attitude towards me but after a couple of weeks it became apparent that the novelty of only getting his cock blown was wearing off for him and as we couldn’t go back to his place or mine; for the obvious reasons regular fucking was out of the question.

I suggested going to a hotel; but he was too cheap to pay for a room and even though I was becoming infatuated and desperate thought better of spending my own limited cash.

Thug Sex Part II

I knew my relationship with Nelson was nearly over when he started texting on the way to work rather than fondling my tits. It was probably for the best really as the relationship was purely based on sex – fantastic sex and knew if I played it right he would still fuck me occasionally; just not every day. Is that sad of me?

It was raining on the Tuesday night so we stayed inside the car and I gave him a long lingering blow job. By now I was deep throating him regularly which really impressed my well hung black lover and tonight he was spanking my arse while I sucked him. Without warning he pulled my head back by my hair and sprayed his spunk onto my face and tits. As I masturbated in front of him told me to rub it in. As usual I was as horny as fuck and my pussy was already very juicy as I smeared his cream into my tits and licked it off my fingers as I fingered myself. My legs were already as wide as possible as I vigorously stroked my kitty as I licked his spunk off my fingers. Nelson was grinning as he tugged at his deflated cock; making me shout out ‘how much I loved big black cock’ but the grin became a look of astonishment as one by one I slid all four fingers into my snatch. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head as I eased my thumb in too and pumped my fist in and out. I had taught myself to do it years earlier and the feeling is out of this world.

I continued screaming how much ‘I loved big black cocks’ and wanted ‘as much black mans spunk as possible’ as I fisted my sloppy cunt.

I was soon puffing my cheeks out as my orgasm neared. My fingers were a blur as I rubbed my clit with my other hand and at the final second I pulled my hand out. As my intense orgasm made me look like I was convulsing I squirted a few ounces of pussy juice in an arc into his direction. At first he was horrified then his cock got rock hard again. When my shaking subsided I got the giggles as Nelson was full of questions about what had happened while he wanked himself senseless.

I explained that I sometimes ‘squirted’ and it was quite common if not a regular thing. He wanted to see me to do it again; but I told him that it’s not that easy. Visibly disappointed he tucked his cock away and began a sulk as I got dressed.

“I want a proper fuck next time.” I told him as I fastened my bra. “In a room somewhere; preferably with a bed.”

He shrugged his shoulders and made that annoying ‘tsk’ sound with his teeth. “What do I get, if I organise something?” He asked.

“I’m serious.” I tried to sound as firm as possible, “A drink would be nice too; not a cocktail, just a beer or glass of wine.”

“Fucking Hell.” He sighed, “I’ll see what I can do.” Still sulking he got out of the car and left me to finish getting dressed on my own.

The following morning he was in a good mood and told me that he’d organised ‘something’ for the following Friday night.

I was impressed.

I was on a training course for the next couple of days so didn’t see him until Friday morning; when he outlined his plan.

“Do you know the Cockatoo?” he asked and I nodded that I did. “I’ll see you there at 8. My Uncle lives a couple of streets away and it’s his poker night, so he said we can use his bedroom.”

The Cockatoo was a bit upmarket by Nelson’s standards but I presumed it would only be for one drink anyway. I was like a bitch on heat for the rest of the day; especially when I walked past him in the warehouse.

As we were meeting later in the evening Nelson went for a drink with some pals after work. I went shopping straight after work; buying some new undies; a tiny black, sheer g-string and matching balconette bra which would push up my already large tits, a very short red pleated mini skirt and a low cut, black chiffon and mesh top that was virtually see through. Not forgetting a pair of red patent platform shoes with silver heels that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a lapdancer.

After a shower and a shave; making sure that my pussy was as bald as the day I was born. I then put my hair up; until it resembled a pineapple with my long red, white and black highlights falling away to the sides. I then got dressed into my new clothes and as I applied the finishing touches to my bright scarlet lipstick I admired my look in the mirror – very slutty!

As I left the house I saw Mum’s disapproving look as I waddled down the path in my new shoes; but it was too late and I was soon in the back of the taxi. I sat in the middle seat and the driver made no pretence of looking in his rear view mirror as he made flirty conversation; about ‘my lucky boyfriend.’

It was no surprise to find Nelson not in the bar when I arrived so I bought a cocktail and sat at a table away from the bar and enjoyed the leering looks I was getting from a couple of groups of men as tried to look as alluring as possible while I sipped my drink.

I was just becoming annoyed as I finished the cocktail when he arrived at quarter past; sauntering into the bar as if he owned it. There were a few other black guys around but none looked like Nelson. He was wearing a pair of denim dungarees with one strap hanging loose and a tight white t-shirt that emphasised his muscles. Everyone else was ‘smart-casual’. When he saw me he grinned then gave me a big kiss before sitting down and making me go to the bar to get him a beer. I did as I was told and bought another large cocktail for myself.

All eyes appeared to be on me as I made my way too and from the long bar. I realised that some looks were disapproving but I couldn’t give a shit now that he was here and my night was just starting.

We stayed for half an hour; hardly chatting but I managed another cocktail (that I bought with my own money) before he looked at his watch and decided it was time to go to his Uncle’s flat.

I was nervous, excited and incredibly horny as I linked arms with my young black lover and he paraded me through the crowd to the big doors. Once outside the cold wind hit me and I suddenly felt more than a little drunk. I expected to get a taxi but he was correct when he’d said that the flat was only a couple of streets away. It was above a bakery in a small row of shops and we had to enter from behind. Once up the stairs he just opened the door and walked in.

“But I thought your Uncle was going out.” I queried as I followed him down a passage that led to a room with a light on and voices.

“No.” Nelson laughed as he held the door open and ushered me into the living-room. “I said it was his poker night!”

My mind was fuddled from the mix of strong drinks and sexual excitement, so I struggled to take in the sight that met me.

Five or six older black men were smoking and playing cards at a small dining table while, heavy reggae pumped out of a stereo on a sideboard.

I froze to the spot as a big man spoke to Nelson.

“Hiya kid,” He greeted him then looked at his watch; “right on time too.” I was baffled and turned to look at Nelson who was behind me and now held me by the waist.

“What do you think?” He cackled as his hands slid over my blouse and cupped my boobs.

“She’s a honey.” One of the others called out.

“Sure is; Snoopy.” Another laughed; “You’ve got better taste than your Uncle!”

“Fuck off!” The first man told him as threw a screwed up piece of paper in his direction before turning his attention to me.

With a grin on his face he said; “The kid tells me you can’t get enough black cock.”

The drink was taking its effect and my head was spinning as Nelson caressed my boobs through my new bra making me unconsciously roll my hips against his crotch.

“Well,” I giggled; “I like his.” Then giggled again as Nelson’s hand slid under the bra and scooped my boobs out, “I’ve not seen any others.”

“Tonight’s your lucky night, then!” A bald fat man dripping in gold chains and rings cackled from the back.

Nelson was now pulling my blouse over my head and without a second thought I unclipped my bra and let it fall to the floor. Nelson’s hands went straight back to my naked boobs and began tugging at my stiffening nipples and making my boobs bounce as I rubbed my arse against his hard dick.

“Hey,” A younger mixed race guy grunted. He was in a white vest that highlighted his muscles and tattoos, “Are we gonna finish this hand of cards?”

The Uncle howled with laughter and agreed that they should, before turning back to me; “Get me a beer out of the fridge sweetie?”

I turned my head to see Nelson who just winked and asked for one for himself. Without a care in the world I walked past the table towards the kitchen, wiggling my hips and knowing my shoes would make my naked boobs bounce, which all got whistles and hoots from the men at the table. Others shouted for beer too once I was bending over in front of the fridge, making sure they all got a look up my micro mini-skirt.

I could only manage to carry four bottles and clutched them to my chest on the return journey. Back at the table only three men were still playing as I distributed the beer.

As I walked past the fat man with the gold chains his hand stroked my legs and when I didn’t complain went straight up to my buttock which he squeezed and patted as the man next to him grabbed an unfettered boob. I was in my element but looked over at Nelson who was grinning from ear to ear as he supped his beer.

When I arrived back from the kitchen the second time the Uncle took my wrist and pulled me towards him.

“Sit on my knee sweetie and bring me some luck.” He told me as he guided me to his muscular legs. I sat side-saddle with my boobs parallel to his face.

“I don’t know if I can concentrate with these sweet titties so close to my mouth!” He laughed as he threw two £10 notes onto the kitty; then nuzzled my nipples as I swigged from my beer bottle.

As I sat on Uncles knees I took the opportunity to take a look at the others in the room.

There was the fat man who looked about 50; the muscle man in the vest that looked deadly serious and scarily tough, two younger men in their late 30′s or early 40′s wearing tracksuits. One was sporting a tight afro and a goatee beard and the other a pork pie had and droopy moustache. Then there was Uncle who was the biggest of all, over 6ft tall and naturally quite muscular. He was wearing smart black trousers and a black shirt.

Not a lot was said as the game finished but all eyes in the room were on me as Uncle’s massive black hand played with my bouncing tits as he kept shaking his thighs.

Uncle scooped the pot and laughed that I had ‘brought him good luck;’ and he would have to think up a suitable reward.

I was soon despatched for more beer and some rum & cokes from the kitchen. As soon as I set off for the kitchen Uncle called Nelson over to the table. I made a great show of bending over when I got the beer out of the fridge only this time I handed the drinks out two at a time meaning I got to walk all around the room in only my tiny skirt and soaking g-string which was now buried deep inside my hot snatch. Most of the men took the opportunity to grope my tits or arse as I performed my waitress service.

Although he’d never asked to some degree this was my own personal sex fantasy; being at the whims of a group of men and willing to do absolutely anything that they wanted.

When everyone had a drink I was standing in the centre of the small room lapping up the attention as I slurped my large rum and coke.

Without beating about the bush, Uncle called over to me; “The kid tells me that you can swallow all of his meat in one go.”

I made eye contact with Nelson who winked as he swigged a mouthful of Red Stripe.

“That I’d like to see.” The fat man laughed as the Afro guy shouted over to Nelson, “What are you packing down there?”

Nelson grabbed his crotch and responded, “8 inches.”

“She can swallow the lot? Seriously?” Afro tried to confirm.

“I trained her good.” Nelson cackled and high-fived his Uncle.

“So,” Uncle pursed his mouth and leaned forward; “are you gonna show us how you do it?”

I sipped more rum and considered the situation before replying; “would you like me to?”

“I’d fucking love it!” Uncle howled.


“Here.” Uncle waved his hand to show he meant the living room.

“In front of everyone?” I asked suspiciously.

“Of course.” He laughed again; “we are all men of the World.”

“Shit.” I gasped; suddenly realising what might be in store.

There was a silence as I gulped the remnants of my drink down.

“Okay.” I nodded with a big smile on my face.

“Can he get it up in front of an audience?” The muscleman asked Nelson with a hint of malice in his voice.

“Don’t fucking worry about me.” Nelson told him firmly, after having his manhood challenged. A second later he was dropping his pants and tugging his already long cock in front of the crowd.

“Come here,” he instructed me and curled his finger. “And get this fucker really hard.” As usual I complied. I unfastened my mini-skirt and let it drop to the floor and kicked it towards the sofa before I sank to my knees and replaced his hand with mine and started licking his balls and the thick veins on his big black dick.

“That’s the way.” Nelson sighed as I pulled his foreskin back while nibbling his scrotum. “Now suck the fucker real good.”

As the old men gathered around I slowly fed a few inches of his big black cock past my scarlet lips and began sucking it as I crushed his bollocks. Soon Nelson was holding my head and moving his hips backwards and forwards. I wanted to take a little bit of time but he seemed in a hurry to impress Uncle and his friends.

It took me a few seconds to get my breathing right then with a mouth full of saliva as lubricant I slowly swallowed all 7 inches of his young black cock. As my chin rested on his balls I gurgled as I eased a couple of inches back out…..then back in again and out again and in again.

The men were laughing and clapping as I put on a real humdinger of a show for them; deep-throating Nelsons long cock for 2 or 3 minutes, until I could tell that he was getting over excited and tugging on my hair as he started panting and forcing his cock in to my throat too roughly. As quickly as possible I let it slide out and as I was gulping in air he began firing spunk bullets onto my face. He could always produce a very healthy amount of spunk but this time it seemed to go on forever until it was in my eyes and hair and running down my face onto my swollen boobs.

“Fucking Hell! That was fucking amazing!” Someone shouted.

“I can’t spunk that much in a month!” Another laughed.

“I told you she was the best fucking cocksucker I’ve ever had; didn’t I?” Nelson looked at his Uncle.

“You did boy; you did.” Uncle grinned as he unbuckled his belt and began loosening his trousers, “You were right and now its my turn.”

I wiped some spunk from my eye and tried to work out Uncles age – at least 50 and possibly 60 and he must have been a handsome man in his younger days. Soon his pants were around his ankles and he lifted his shirt to expose a big soft belly and a big fat black cock. It must have been about the same length as Nelsons’ but much, much fatter. Uncle shuffled forward and dangled it over my face.

“Can you swallow that then; sweetie?” He maliciously grinned as he rubbed it across my nose.

“It’s too big.” I admitted as I curled my soft white fingers around the shaft and kissed the tip as I pulled the foreskin back.

The men were now all guffawing as they dropped their own trousers and they too offered their cocks to me. I soon took two or three inches of Uncles big dick into my mouth and began feverishly sucking it as I tightly gripped another two either side of him. My mouth and hands were quickly working in unison as I tugged and sucked all three cocks in turn.

After a few minutes I felt someone kneel behind me and jiggle my tits with one hand as he caressed my peachy arse with the other. I smiled as I realised that I had been so busy sucking and wanking that I’d forgotten about my own needs. The hand caressing my arse soon slid between the cheeks and began stroking my ravenous cunt.

“It’s like fucking jelly down here!” I recognised the voice as the Afro guy who had just slid a finger into my hole. If I’d been in ecstasy sucking on three black cocks, getting fingered at the same time was making my heart skip a beat.

My wife and I stabilized our relationship years ago. She is in charge and I do anything that I can to please her. It seems odd, she is 5′ 3″ and small; I am 6’3″ and 220lbs, but she is the dominant one in our sex life. She is very imaginative and her sex drive is incredible. There is no telling what she will come up with or what she will require me to do to satisfy her. I am a very lucky man.

This past weekend is a perfect example. We were staying at a hotel in Orange Beach, AL and there just happened to be a Junior College Basketball team there as well. We ran into them on the beach, at the pool, the restaurant and in the halls. My wife flirted with them at every opportunity and it wasn’t long before we had several of the young men around us all the time. While at the pool, my wife invited all of the players present to come up to our room in about an hour. They agreed and she and I left to go on up. When we got to the room, she told me to shower, shave and generally get cleaned up. When I finished, she took her turn and we were soon ready for our visitors.

I knew what to expect in general, but, had no idea what she would have us doing in particular. I could tell that she was very excited and of course, that excited me. We were both naked under our bath robes and while we were waiting, she told me to get on my knees in front of where she was seated and to lick her pussy. I happily complied. Shortly, there was a knock at the door, she told me to go open it and then come back to her. I went to the door, opened it and six of the team members came in. I walked back to my wife, got down and began licking and sucking her cunt again. I could hear her telling them to come in, sit down and that there was beer in the refrigerator. At first there was silence from the men, but, my wife started asking them if they liked what they saw and what I was doing. She continued to lead them on until they were all talking about what they wanted to do to her and what they’d like for her to do for them.

She eventually pushed me away from her wet crotch and told me to wait; then she asked them if any of them wanted a blow job? Of course, it was instant pandemonium, they all wanted one. She then explained that while she intended to participate, she just wanted to watch for awhile. She then interrupted their groans of dismay by telling them that I was her sex slave and that she was going to have me service each of them in whatever way or ways that they preferred. That seemed to shock them and there was silence again.

I am going to digress for a moment and explain that my wife had discovered early in our marriage that I am fascinated by cocks. We would be watching porn and I became the most excited when the screen showed someone sucking someone’s erect dick. She started me on strapons and worked on up to having me suck other men at her command. The only difference in this case was of quantity. She was offering to have me suck six men for as many times as they wanted. I was thrilled, turned on and somewhat apprehensive, all at the same time.

Before more than a few seconds had passed, she turned to me and told me to crawl over to the nearest and ask him if I could suck him off and would he mind if I swallowed his cum. I did as she commanded and the young man turned beet red, looked at the others and finally mumbled something that I took to be a yes. I reached up and pulled down his bathing trunks, revealing a semi-rigid cock. As soon as I got the trunks off his feet, I took his balls in one hand and his penis in the other and started fondling them. I leaned forward so that I could lick the end of it. I was rewarded by both seeing and feeling it get larger and harder. It became fully distended and was both steel hard, but, with that soft, velvety exterior of which only an erection is capable. I licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip and then took him fully into my mouth. He was only about 71/2″ so it was no problem for me to take the entire length into my throat, still continuing to massage his balls. I’d like to say that it was my best effort ever, but, he came quickly. He did have a huge load though and I had some difficulty in swallowing it all.

For the next hour or so, it was just me sucking them off, one after the other, while my wife sat in her chair, shoving a dildo in and out of her cunt and giving directions. Once each of them had cum, my wife decided that it was time for her to get involved. She asked the men if any of them had ever screwed a man in the ass before and they all said that they had not. She told them that she wanted them all to take me that way, that I hadn’t been a good slave and needed punishment. It was easy to see which of them was interested by their various states of arousal. I was not as happy, I like to suck cock and swallow cum, but, I’m not so excited about having one up my ass. I protested and she told me to shut up and to come over and lick her some more. I did and could hear her telling one of the men to get the ointment from the night stand in the bedroom. When he came back, she told him to rub some on my asshole and then do what came naturally.

I felt his hands on my hips and then I felt the tip of his cock touch my tight little hole. He began to push and I resisted. My wife commanded me to relax and take it or it would be the worse for me. I tried to relax, but, it felt like someone was trying to park a Buick in my butt. He continued to persist and I felt it pop past the sphincter muscle; it went quicker after that and he began to pound away. It really hurt at first and then I started getting a warm feeling in my stomach and realized that I was starting to enjoy it. My wife noticed that I was moving in and out with his thrusts and she told him to stop. She pulled my head out of her cunt and asked me if I liked it. I told her that I did and she told me to beg him to continue fucking my male pussy. I did so and he fucked me till he came, filling my ass with his cum.

By this time they had formed a line and the next one was instantly shoving away at my butt; this time I was doing everything that I could to help him. I wanted another cock in my ass. My wife decided that she’d like to be fucked and picked out one to do her; she knelt on the floor so that he could take her doggie style. She wanted to be able to watch me while she was screwed. She told another to sit in the chair where she had been sitting so as to have me suck him. This way I could take care of more of them sooner. I made a contest out of it; whether I could get the guy in my mouth to ejaculate before the one in my ass or the other way around. I can’t remember how many time that I won my own contest, but, I must have swallowed a gallon of cum and had at least as much pumped into my ass. My wife was fucking, sucking and being fucked and sucked by two and three men at a time. Eventually, everyone wore out and our visitors left, happily exhausted.

That evening we returned to the pool, thinking that it would be fun to just float around in the semi-dark. We had hardly gotten in the water when some of our new friends showed up with some of the members that hadn’t been with us earlier. Of course, they wanted us to take them back to the room so that the new guys could have some fun and get their rocks off. My wife told them that she wanted to stay in the water, but, we could work something out. She told them and me to follow her to the far end of the pool, where it was darkest. She had each of them to sit on the edge with their feet trailing in the water and told them to pull out their manhood. She and I were still in the water, she told me to begin at one end of the line and suck then off. I begged to not do it; I was sure that I’d get caught. Anyone could look out their window or walk down to that end. She was adamant and I had no choice but to do as she wished.

I started on my mission and in the excitement, soon lost all my inhibitions. I was in oral heaven, doing what I loved best, sucking cock and pleasing my wife. Around the time that I started on the third one, I felt someone enter the water with me, pull down my trunks and start shoving something at my asshole. I realized that it was one of my new buddy’s erections and I arched my back to give him a better angle. Wonderful got even better and I was filled at both ends, several times that night.

We or at least I did have one scare. We heard someone ask what the hell was going on, in a loud voice. It turned out to be the coach and assistant coach of the team. The men went nuts, not knowing what to do or say. Ever resourceful, my wife stepped in and gave the consenting adults speech; following up with didn’t they want to join in. At first it was not going to be a good thing, but, my wife reached down, removed her bikini bottoms and sat down on a lounge chair. When she spread her legs and told the coach to get over there and help her with her wet pussy, he lost it. He nearly broke his neck getting his face into her crotch. The assistant coach just smiled and pulled out his cock, pointing it at me. I can take a hint and I gave him the best head he said he’d ever had. He also said that he’d never had anyone swallow before. His wife didn’t like to suck and would never swallow.

The time for the team’s curfew came and went, but, eventually the coaches sent them to their rooms for the night. My wife and I were asked if we’d lime to come up and have a “night cap” with the coaches. We agreed and no sooner were we in the room than my wife had her bathing suit off. She told me to sit and watch while she was taken care of. She asked the coaches if they had ever fucked a woman at the same time, one in the cunt and one in the ass. They hadn’t and she showed them how to do it. They started with her on her stomach, on the floor and one of them entering her ass. Once he was ensconced as far as he could get in her cute little butt, they rolled over so that he was on his back and she was on top facing upward. She told the other to come over and mount her in the conventional manner and he did. They began to fuck her with wild abandon while I had to just sit, watch and play with myself. My wife had positioned them so that she could see me the whole time. She thrives on tormenting me. It was really hot.

When they had both cum, my wife ordered me to clean her up; I started to get a towel, but, she said that I had to do it with my mouth and tongue. I got down on the floor between her legs and licked her pussy clean of all the sperm deposited there; as I finished, she rolled over and told me that her ass need the same attention. I licked and sucked until she was satisfied. Once done, we gathered our possessions and went back to our room.

By this time I was in misery; I hadn’t cum once and was suffering from a near case of blue balls. I knew that my wife was still turned on and had hopes of getting relief. As soon as we closed the door, she turned and began to kiss me passionately. She was pulling at my clothes, nearly ripping them in her efforts to get them off. I couldn’t believe it when she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Wow!! It was fantastic!! Then she stood back and asked me if I liked that. I said that I did. She said that if that’s what I wanted I’d have to do something for her first. She told me that she was hungry and wanted room service. I was to order it for her and then, no matter who it was, I had to service the person that brought it, orally. We argued or at least I argued; she doesn’t argue with me, she just tells me. Yes, you guessed it; I called room service and then waited uneasily to see how lucky I would get.

The knock came and I went to the door. Happily, it was a nice looking young man that wheeled the cart into the room. You could tell that he was a little taken aback when he saw my wife reclining on the couch with her robe barely covering the fact that she was nude. You could see most of one breast and all one leg up to the curly hairs at her crotch.

He blushed when he realized that we’d both caught him looking. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he mumbled that he did and he was sorry. I laughed and told him that it was alright to look, she turned me on also. About then she spread her legs and revealed her sopping pussy. You could see drops of her love juices glistening on the hairs. I thought that his eyes would pop out of his head. I asked him if he’d like to make her happy and he said that he would.

I told him to take off his clothes, he was so turned on that he didn’t hesitate and the next thing, he was naked with a very respectable erection that was clambering for attention. I dropped my robe, pulled him over to the nearest chair, pushed him into it and told him to relax and enjoy making her happy. He started to struggle back out of the chair, but, as soon as my mouth touched his cock, he sat back and watched me engulf him. I sucked him in and out a couple of times, then pulled back and asked him if he wanted me to finish. He gave me a very enthusiastic, affirmative reply and I went back to work. Alas, again it was all too quick and I was swallowing his load long before I was ready for it. I cleaned him up, got him dressed and out the door. It was my turn!!!

Mt wife told me that she loved watching me do things for her; she loved for me to do men almost as much as she enjoyed doing them. She took me into the bedroom and told me to lie on my back on the bed. She got on the bed and mounted my head facing toward my feet. She started humping my face and I was tonguing her clit. She started stroking my nipples. I haven’t told you about my nipples, have I? I have incredibly sensitive nipples and she knows it. I couldn’t stand it and started massaging my cock and she slapped my hands away. I could barely hear her telling me that she would let me know when I could cum. What exquisite torture, my cock felt like it was going to burst if I didn’t get relief soon. I could feel her humping, thrusting and gyrating on my face; I was suffocating, but, I knew that I had to continue until she was satisfied. When I thought she was going to rock completely of me, she grabbed my hands and placed them back on my erection. I heard her say that I was to not cum, but, to tell her when I was about too. I started jacking of and she continued fucking my face until I knew that I was about to explode. I frantically waved my free hand over my dick and she got the message, she leaned forward, pushed my hands aside and buried my manhood deep in her throat. I came like a garden hose and she stayed with it; I could feel her throat muscles contracting around it as it pulsed and emptied itself. She took in every drop before allowing it to be drawn out of her velvety mouth. I nearly passed out and hardly noticed as she got off me, turned around and placed her mouth on mine. I could feel her tongue against my lips and opened my mouth wide to receive it. What a surprise when I found my mouth filled with my own sperm along with her warm tongue. We french kissed, sharing my cum between us until we had swallowed it all. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, sexually, physically and emotionally exhausted. My last thoughts before drifting off were thinking that I hoped the basketball team was still going to be there the next day.

Six months before my 40th birthday I had a bit of a mid-life crisis. I don’t know why, as I’m normally a very positive person; married with two young teenage sons and a good job as an Administrator in a large hospital. With hindsight I guess I was bored and worried that my life was slipping away from me but that’s no excuse for my behaviour.

In early May I was invited to a birthday party in the centre of town for one of the young nurses. I would normally have made my excuses and not gone but this time I accepted. As we live in the countryside, about 17 miles from town hubby I volunteered to drop me off and pick me up; although I knew he wouldn’t be happy with staying sober enough to collect me at midnight.

When I arrived in town and saw what the others were wearing I felt old and dowdy in my glasses, smart trousers, blouse and cardigan when everyone else was in skirts or dresses and looked exciting and sexy compared to me. I still had a good night, drinking, dancing and even laughing. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d laughed as much and the evening flew by.

I was correct about hubby’s mood when he collected me; he had a face like a smacked arse. When we got home I wanted sex; but he was already asleep when I came out of the bathroom, so as usual I had to make to with a silent diddle under the covers.

The party was a big topic of conversation the following week at work and I was invited out again with a bunch of co-workers who regularly hit the Town on a Friday night but I politely refused and regretted it, when Friday came and hubby was fast asleep, pissed on cheap lager at 10pm. I left him snoring and went to bed where I tearfully pledged that I would go out with the girls the following week.

When I told my story the following Monday Kim, one of the staff-nurses offered her spare room for me to stay in if hubby wouldn’t pick me up. Still angry, I agreed. Of course Hubby wasn’t happy; but he reluctantly agreed when I said I would drive there myself and leave the car over night and drive home in the morning, without having to bother him.

Friday came around quickly enough and I excitedly drove to Kim’s house on the other side of town. I found the house easily enough and was pleasantly surprised when her rather handsome husband answered the door with a glass of wine in his hand for me. He ushered me upstairs where Kim was still getting dressed. Her bedroom door was wide open as I walked along the landing. Kim was sitting in front of a large mirror tonging her hair as I entered her boudoir. We chatted as she finished her hair and applied the finishing touches to her make up.

By the time it came to choose her dress her husband had joined us with the wine bottle. Kim was just over 5 feet tall and had curves in all the right places, her husband on the other hand was about 6 feet tall, with shoulder length wavy hair and a chiselled face. He had the look of a Rock star, especially as he wore very tight jeans and cowboy boots. He actually owned a coffee bar in a local shopping centre and played in a local band every couple of weeks. If he hadn’t been my friend’s husband he probably looked a bit pervy. It was his suggestion that she should wear a short red strapless one, but it meant she couldn’t wear a bra with it. Without a care in the world Kim dropped her silk kimono on the floor and walked past me to choose some panties. I tried not to stare; but she looked gorgeous and my eyes bulged when I realised that she was completely shaven down below. Being much younger than me Kim’s body hadn’t yet started to sag and her boobs were still quite firm for a woman with a child and her stomach was ironing-board flat. She selected a tiny white g-string and surprised me by pulling on a pair of tan hold-up stockings too.

“Isn’t the dress a bit short for stockings?” I asked as Ian topped up my wine. I was wearing a nice dress too, but it was a lot more demure and in keeping with my age and status.

“No, of course not.” Kim laughed and deliberately bent over showing off her stocking tops and an inch of milky white thigh, much to her husband’s amusement.

I finished my drink and on the taxi ride into town we chatted and I told her how sexy she looked and how my husband would be mortified if I dressed like her.

“He doesn’t have to know.” She replied with a wink, “Not if you got dressed at our house.”

I kept that thought in the back of my mind as we had another great night. The crowd I was with was smaller and slightly different from the previous week and a lot younger and rowdier. I knew a couple of girls from the hospital and was pleased that they were happy for me to join them. We went to pretty much the same bars and this time I recognised a few faces from the previous visit but still struggled to speak to any guys. One chap amused me by saying I looked like the TV Personality Carol Vordeman. Apart from having long legs and big boobs, I couldn’t see it, but a couple of the girls agreed when I told them. I felt by far the oldest person there, but for some bizarre reason still I managed to attract the attention of a couple of very young guys who wanted to dance with me and one even offered a drink, which I refused. Kim was on form, flashing her stocking tops at every opportunity and even sloppily kissing a couple of guys late in the evening; which shocked me.

We were both pretty drunk on the taxi ride home and Kim’s dress rose up her thighs quite quickly giving me and the driver a good look at her stocking tops and occasionally her panties, plus when she bent forward to pick up her bag I couldn’t help looking at her boobs and pretty pink nipples; which made me blush.

Ian was waiting up when we arrived at their house and Kim greeted him with a big kiss and drunkenly told him, ‘take me to bed and fuck the arse off me!’ Ian smiled and guided her upstairs. As I unsteadily made my way along the dark landing after going to the bathroom I heard the happy couple giggling as Kim got undressed and hummed the tune ‘the stripper.’

My head was spinning as I tried to get to sleep in the room next to theirs. Then I heard Kim’s voice, “Mmmmmmmmmm….hello Mr. Big. What should lickle Kim do to make you happy?”

Oh my God! I could hear them!

“Mmmmmmmmmm….you sure do taste nice.” I heard her giggle, “And which hole would you like to go into tonight?” Her voice was now very high and school girlish. I could then hear Ian panting and muttering for the next few minutes as I presumed my friend was gobbling his cock. By this time my hand was between my legs and my fingers diddling my clitty.

I frantically rubbed and fingered for the next 15 minutes as Kim and Ian noisily fucked like rabbits, making myself cum three times in the process. I woke the following morning with a stotting headache and when I scratched an itch on my nose I could still smell my stinky fingers.

As I tenderly made my way to the bathroom I could hear laughter and activity from downstairs as Ian and their 7 year old son Simon had breakfast and watched TV. Ten minutes later I was sitting drying my hair with only a towel wrapped around me when Ian knocked on the door and walked straight in with a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich. I automatically clutched the towel to my chest to protect my modesty as he greeted me but it was only as he left that I realised the bottom of the towel was open and he must have seen my pubes. I blushed madly as I put my clean knickers and bra on; thinking that he must think I was some kind of tart flashing my bits like that. But it really was an accident.

Nothing was said when I took my cup and plate back to the kitchen but I swear Ian winked as I got in my car to return home. I had hardly been in the house 10 minutes when hubby took the boys to rugby practice without a word about my evening out.

Hubby gave in without an argument to my request for a Friday night out with the girls and another stop over at Kim’s house. I sort of guessed he thought I was too old and dull to get up to any mischief while he sat at home wanking his cock to a frazzle looking at porn on the computer. He thought I didn’t know, but he never cleaned out the memory so I knew exactly which sites he was looking at and for how long.

The next few weeks followed the same pattern with Kim wearing some pretty sexy and very revealing clothing then flirting outrageously with an assortment of young men. At least twice she disappeared from view for 15 or 20 minutes and came back ‘glowing’ giving me the impression that she had been up to no good.

I also began smuggling ever more cleavage revealing outfits and skirts to get changed into. At first I would disappear into the spare bedroom to dress, but as they appeared to have some kind of ‘open door’ policy Ian would barge in anyway with more wine, and catch me in various stages of undress; gradually making me get quite excited at the prospect of him seeing me in my undies. Eventually I would dress in Kim’s bedroom with Ian nonchalantly commenting on our clothes and especially our underwear!

It didn’t take me long to fit in with the ‘gang;’ and to some degree become more comfortable with the ever growing attention of my own admirers; some of whom were young enough to be my son. After a couple of months I was revelling in the new found male attention and finding it increasingly difficult not to take their advances more seriously as I let a couple kiss me or ‘get a tache on’ as the younger girls called it.

When we got back to her house Kim and Ian always had very noisy sex and I soon realised that it was possibly even for my benefit, so I started taking a Rampant Rabbit and fucked myself in time to the happy couple in masturbatory fuelled nights. I would also stay for an extra hour or so and have breakfast in my short dressing gown, usually while Kim was still in bed. Ian didn’t say anything but would smile as he stole glimpses of my boobs and legs. I felt deliciously naughty, especially when I saw a bulge in his shorts. But that’s all that was ever going to happen between us; wasn’t it?

The ‘gang’ were a floating mix of nurses and staff from the hospital and a few assorted friends. Some weeks there could be nearly 20 in the group and other weeks only 6 depending on shifts and family commitments. Some of these girls, including Kim were absolutely wild and it took a very brave young lion to approach us; especially later in the evening when the heavy drinking was taking effect. By now I had realised that they were a very hedonistic crowd who lived for Friday night when ‘anything goes.’ I was still surprised at how much the normally reserved young nurses could drink, but I matched them glass for glass and their language could best be described as ‘industrial’ which I soon found to be very liberating when I started to swear like a trooper too. Without anyone saying anything I was also aware that a few girls took a pill or two and some openly snorted coke in the ladies room.

About a month before my 40th birthday I chose to wear a shorter than usual black skirt with some very fine 7 denier black tights; I still have good legs for a woman my age and several of my new admirers took great delight in telling me what a ‘great arse’ I have too, so I had started dressing accordingly. To complement it I wore a cream blouse with black lace around the low cut neck and cuffs. As it was quite see-thru I wore a spaghetti strap vest underneath.

While Kim was getting dressed Ian commented on how nice I looked and ‘that it was a pity I was wearing a vest.’ I blushed and looked away as Kim punched him in the arm for embarrassing me. She then turned to me and said; “He’s right though, you would look much sexier without it.”

“I’m not sure.” I mumbled as I gulped down a mouthful of wine. Even though I was wearing a new sexy lace bra underneath I wasn’t convinced that I was confident enough to go out showing the sexy bra and my chest off. “I’m a bit old for that sort of thing.” I mumbled again.

“Rubbish!” Ian laughed; “you are as hot as any of Kim’s friends….in fact, hotter than most.”

“Ian!” Kim chided her husband and punched his arm again as I blushed. “Look, Cathy, take it off and I’ll give you my honest opinion.”

I looked at Ian who made no attempt to leave the doorway as I took my blouse and vest off. I could see them smiling to each other as I put the blouse back on.

“Fucking Hell, Cath!” Ian laughed and raised his glass in salute, “you look as hot as fuck.”

Kim turned to face me as she pulled a tight white wool dress over her head.

“Wow.” She grinned, “He’s right, you do look hot.” It was thus decided so that’s how I would go out.

It was a smallish group this week with a couple of nurses that had been working joining us later on. After a couple of strong drinks I was soon very relaxed and my see thru blouse and large boobs certainly attracted a lot of male attention and I loved it. By the time we arrived at the club I’d actually ‘tached’ three guys and let a couple buy me a drink. One lad followed me around like a puppy in one bar until I took pity on him and let him kiss me; as he was quite young, gorgeous and very muscular, I don’t know what I saw in him! It was a very powerful, erotic kiss….much sexier than usual, as our tongues twisted and twirled. I was giggling like a schoolgirl when I rejoined my friends.

Later in the evening when we were inside the club the girls went wild; dancing on the tables and openly cavorting with a wild variety of men; Kim included. I danced with a couple, and one young bodybuilder held me tight on the dance floor and squeezed my arse before running his hand up my skirt as he rubbed his face across my boobs……I did nothing to stop him because……I loved it!

I was very drunk at this stage but I still knew what he really wanted when he took me outside for a smoke. After weeks of struggling not to give in to temptation this sun tanned young lothario had me weak at the knees and I knew it was going to be a struggle to keep my knickers up.

As I puffed on my ciggy he kept licking my neck and ears and stroking my arse, telling me ‘how sexy’ I was and he had ‘such a hard on just for me’ and ‘how much he’d always wanted to fuck a real MILF.’ I was flattered by his candour and my chest was heaving as I stubbed out my cigarette and he took my wrist before pulling me into some shadows behind the industrial bins. It stunk but I was captivated as he kissed me again and stroked my boobs. I couldn’t stop myself and began grinding against his crotch. I didn’t even know his name as he began telling me how desperate he was to fuck me with his big cock.

“No, no.” I mumbled as his hand slid up my skirt. “I can’t; I’m married.” I kept telling him as I kept my legs tightly closed. “No, please stop that…..I’m married.” His hands were like an octopus as he lifted my skirt with one and tried to lift my blouse with the other.

“I don’t give a flying fuck!” He softly growled as he quickly unbuckled his jeans, “I bet his fucking cock is nowhere near as big as this fucking baby maker!” He then took my hand and placed it on his hot cock.

“Bloody Hell!” I panted as I gripped it. “It’s fucking massive!” I gasped as my fingers wrapped around the girth, “No, I really can’t…..I’m on my period.” I lied.

“Well, you’re not fucking leaving me like this.” He panted. “You better do something fucking quickly or I’ll rip your knickers off and stuff it up your fucking arse.”

Scared at the veiled threat and horny as hell I began wanking him properly. It really did feel enormous in my hand; and it was incredibly sexy tugging on a young strangers cock while I could hear voices only a few yards away.

“Fuck that’s good.” He panted as he eventually pulled my tits out of the bra and began mauling them and sucking my nipples while I tugged on his cock and my hand became a blur. It must have been 20 years since I’d last done anything like this and I felt really naughty as I cupped his wrinkled ball bag and gave it a little squeeze the returned to furiously stroking his cock between my fingers. The lad suddenly stood up straight and threw his head back as he grunted and a string of cum landed on my skirt followed by a second and a third as I kept wanking him. My heart was thundering and my legs weak as he began pulling his jeans up.

“Thanks Missus.” He grinned as he tucked his shirt in, “I knew you’d fucking come through in the end.” With that he turned and left me in the alley to pull myself together and wipe the spunk off my skirt. When I’d composed myself I slowly made my way back to the smoking area where Kim and Sarah were waiting for me.

As a group of young lads sniggered Kim laughed and gave me a little cuddle.

“Did you enjoy yourself down there?” She whispered as she handed me a cigarette.

I was a bit dazed and didn’t know what to say so just smiled.

“I heard him tell his mate that it was the best wank he’s had in months!” Sarah giggled and nudged Kim.

We finished our cigarettes before returning to Kim’s house in a taxi. Ian was waiting for his wife and they repeated their antics from the previous week as I lay furiously masturbating while listening to their noisy fucking through the thin wall as I relived my own week moment in the alley, several times.

Kim had obviously told Ian about my indiscretion as he asked ‘if I’d had a better than usual night’ the following morning as I sat with him in the kitchen in my dressing gown. I felt my face go bright red and my nipples stiffen as I nodded and sipped my coffee.

“You might have guessed that she takes some satisfying.” Ian smiled and raised his eyes to mean his wife, “So I don’t mind her having a bit of fun on a night out. She can only guess at what I get up to on my nights with the band.” He was grinning now and staring at my nipples. “As long as she comes home, I’m happy……I’m always happy to get sloppy seconds!” I blushed again and made my excuses before swivelling off the high chair; accidentally giving him another flash of my dark pubes (I really should wear panties when visiting friends).

By now Ian usually kissed me on the cheek as I left but this particular morning he got a good handful of my arse at the same time and I did nothing to stop him.

I drunkenly wanked a different young lad in the same alley the following week, letting him lift my skirt to spunk on my knickers and tights; which I smeared over my face in bed as I fingered myself to 3 more orgasms..

Because of my Birthday celebrations I had a couple of fun but sexually barren weeks until a month after my Birthday when I had an absolutely crazy night. I was in a particularly playful mood (can’t think why) when I arrived at Kim’s house in trousers and a t-shirt, with my ‘going out clothes’ in my bag.

I’d deliberately selected a black and silver bra that showed lots of cleavage and made my boobs nearly fell out as I stepped out of my jeans and revealed a matching tiny lace g-string. I then took out a black chiffon blouse followed by a shortish black pleated skirt and an expensive pair of wide holed fishnet tights.

But when I pulled my new knee high ‘Adam Ant’ boots out of the bag Ian let out a wolf-whistle.

“Easy there; tiger.” Kim laughed; as she pulled her own sexy panties on; “let’s just hope you can keep that image in your head for when I come home!”

We had another great night wandering from pub to pub; I even ‘tached on’ with 5 or 6 different guys who all fondled my arse and boobs, much to my delight. We eventually ended up at the usual club; where the doormen greeted us like Stars.

I felt like I was the centre of attention with a couple of young guys vying for my attention; until I was approached by a squat, tattooed muscleman. My heart was thumping and my chest heaving as he started dancing with me. He was a pretty nifty mover and we eventually chatted for a few minutes after he bought me a drink. With the loud music, conversation was at a minimum but I understood that he was supporting a friend at a body-building competition that was being held in town. He soon made me giggle by trying to put his hand up my skirt to see if I was wearing stockings then he suddenly kissed me full on the lips. I thought that I was going to feint. After kissing my mouth dry inside the club he made his intentions very clear when he followed me outside for a smoke. He repeated his previous actions by kissing my neck and ears while running his hands up my skirt; all the time whispering that he wanted me to go back to his hotel to fuck me.

The twins walked past my house again that morning as I worked in the garden in brief shorts and a top I knew showed off my tits. Rick and Garry were their names but everyone called them the twins. Well, everybody around here. They weren’t real twins; in fact they weren’t even related, not as far as I knew, but they did look so much alike they might as well have been twins. Maybe one of their fathers had a wandering eye back in the day.

I’d watched them walk past my house for the last ten years, this last year waiting for them to get old enough to jump their bones. I knew Rick’s Mom; she was in my bridge club and we frequently met up for lunch. I suppose I should have felt some measure of guilt at the ideas I harbored about her son but he was too damn delicious to allow guilt to get in the way of what I was planning. Garry lived a mile away and in our small community a mile was a long way, so I didn’t know his folks, didn’t plan on getting to know them. It was the boys I wanted to know. Yeah, in the biblical sense.

It was almost September in southern California, so they still wore shorts and tank tops. Rick had turned eighteen July 3rd – I hoped him arriving a day before the celebrations wasn’t a sign he always came too soon – but I had needed to wait until the start of August for Garry to reach the same milestone. It never even crossed my mind I should try Rick first. It had always been both together or none at all.

As they strolled by on the sidewalk, all long legs and wide chests and flat bellies I straightened up, pretending to ease my back though I had no need to because of all the pilates. They raised their hands and grinned.

“Hi, Mrs Honeycoat.”

I waved back, cutters in hand. “Hi boys. Hot one, ain’t it?”

“And some.”

They slowed, stopped and turned toward me. I knew I could have them any time I wanted. I had no time for false modesty, knew exactly how good I looked. I might be thirty-two, could give these kids almost fifteen years, but I had always looked after myself, always worked out, concentrating on shape rather than bulk: Pilates, Yoga, swimming, dance. I ate enough to keep my curves but not so much they went further than that.

“I was wondering…” I said, and left it hanging.

It was Rick took the bait. “What were you wondering, Mrs Honeycoat?”

I looked at them both, admiring, letting them know I was admiring. Their shorts were pulled high, outlining nice looking packages. If I had to guess I’d say Garry was the better endowed, but Rick didn’t look too short-changed.

“I was thinking about cleaning the pool out back.”

Rick knew I had the pool. I didn’t know if he’d ever told Garry, but when he was small I often babysat him. Sometimes his Mom would drop him off at my house, and when he was old enough I’d let him use the pool, as long as I was there to supervise.

“Uh-huh.” It was Garry who spoke. Rick scratched at his shoulder, pushing aside his longer hair which had grown out the last year and now almost reached his shoulders. It was dark brown, thick and curling. If I squinted my eyes up he looked a little like Jim Morrison. Rick didn’t. Rick was more Johnny Depp, but with shoulders and more bulk.

“I thought, if you didn’t have anything on, you could help me out. I’d be glad to pay you both.”

“Uh-huh,” Garry said again. He stopped scratching, let his hand fall to his thigh. Long fingers, strong hands. I wondered how they’d feel against my breasts, felt my nipples tighten at the thought. They’d be showing through my top, I knew, long nipples that grew ridiculously when aroused. It had been a while since they’d been aroused by anything other than my own fingers.

“So what d’you think?” I took a couple of paces toward the sidewalk, moved so I was part sideways to them, showing the rack off at its best. I could feel my nipples pressing deliciously inside my bra. Rick tried not to look, but his glance dipped down, stayed down before he could drag it back. The bulge in front of his shorts changed shape, growing heavier.

“You want us to clean your pool?”

“Could you?” I smiled, shook my head so my hair went back over my shoulders.

Rick looked at Garry. Garry looked back. Rick shrugged.

“I guess.”

“Only if you haven’t got a better offer.”

“No, no better offer.”

“No girls around you’d rather hang with?”

Garry grinned. “Some. But they’re all airheads, Mrs Honeycoat.”

“How d’you know I’m not an airhead?”

They laughed. “Doesn’t matter. Not if you’re paying us.”

“Well I’m not. An airhead, that is. I do intend to pay you. When can you start?”

“Today if you want,” Rick said, and the way he stared at me I wondered if he knew what I really wanted. Christ, if my nipples got any longer they were going to drill holes in my top.

“I need to sort some things out out first. How about you come round this afternoon, take a look at the size of it and we work out an arrangement?”

“Sure.” Garry this time.

“Great. See you later then.”

“See you, Mrs Honeycoat,” Garry said.

“See you,” Rick said.

They waved again, a different kind of wave. I thought so, anyway. I watched them turn away and walk to the end of the street, openly admiring their butts, hard and firm, slim legs tapering to big male feet encased in Vanns. Before turning into Carter Avenue they both turned and waved again. They were talking as they moved off. About me?


I tried to go back to my roses but my mind was elsewhere. I gave up and went indoors, feeling hot and horny.

Would it happen today? Probably not, and I wasn’t even sure I wanted it to happen that fast anyway. I was enjoying the sense of tension in myself, the arousal tingling through me.

I wasn’t really dirty from gardening, just my hands, but it seemed a good enough excuse so I climbed the stairs and turned on the shower in the master bedroom, stepped out of my shorts, pulled my top over my head and then studied myself in the full length mirror.

Yeah, pretty good. Not even pretty good for a thirty-odd year old; I reckoned I was pretty good for a twenty year old. No lines, no sagging. I unclipped my bra. For a moment it clung to my breasts like the cupped hands of a lover, then I tugged, sliding it away, air cooling my nipples. No sag there either. I turned side on, laid my hand on my flat belly, peered around at my ass. Lucky boys. Side on I could see my nipples jutting out and slightly up, my tits deep and bell curved beneath, rounded on top. I wanted to pull on my nipples and feel the pleasure I knew would run from them to my sex but I wasn’t going to allow myself that pleasure. Instead I bent over, bent easily, pulling my tiny blue panties down. I stepped from them, placed my palms flat on the floor, back bent. Years of practice.

When I straightened up I turned face on to the mirror and looked down. A narrow strip of public hair ran up from between my legs. I hadn’t done much trimming down there this summer. I never grew too wayward, but now and then I’d take my bikini-line shaver and shorten and tidy. I walked across to the dresser, opened the second drawer down and found what I was looking for, my fingers brushing one of the three vibrators also in there. I hesitated, then withdrew my hand. Not now. Maybe, if things went to plan, I could introduce the boys to my playthings.

I took the trimmer into the bathroom with me and turned it on, ran it down from the start of my bush. It was set on four and I raised it and turned the knob on the side all the way down, put the head back and took off a strip almost all the way down to bare skin. A thrill ran through me as the hair dropped away, and I changed stance and took the sides off, lifted one leg and trimmed around my labia. The trimmer vibrated against me, tickling my clitoris as I ran it up to remove the last patches, but I tried to avoid that area, not yet ready to submit to my growing lust.

When I had trimmed as much as I could I opened the bathroom cabinet and took down shaving foam and a ladyshave. I stepped into the shower and foamed myself up. I couldn’t do anything about having to rub it in, but I tried to ignore the sensations that came when I did. I applied the razer, fresh blade, sharp and smooth, and removed every trace of hair from between my legs. When I had rinsed I showered, washed my hair and stepped out.

Back in front of the long mirror I admired my handiwork.

I had never removed all my pubic hair before, and I stepped closer, studying myself.

Finally I nodded. Yes, I thought, the boys will like that.


They arrived at three, which I took as a good sign, early enough to show keenness, not too early they demonstrated desperation. I took them round back and showed them the pool. It was a big pool. I had been lucky with the divorce settlement. Brad had given me pretty much everything I asked for: the house, an allowance, the Mercedes roadster – everything except his affection, and after the P.I. showed me the pictures of Brad in bed with another guy’s cock in his ass I realized I didn’t need the affection. When we argued, after I found and asked him why, if he wanted to fuck someone in the ass he hadn’t asked me, he’d turned away without a word and I let him go. Jealous. Pete Hastings had introduced me to anal sex back in High School, and I discovered a liking for it. I came harder with a cock in my ass than any other way I knew.

Now over a year without any sex was wearing thin. Oh sure, plenty of husbands made it clear they were available as dick’s for hire, but I didn’t want to ruin other marriages. So I had been celibate. Or celibate if you didn’t count the three dildos, and fun as those were they didn’t quite hit the spot. Which was why I had set my sights on the twins, who were now walking around the edge of the sixty foot pool pretending to look like they knew what they were doing.

I had taken an hour upstairs after lunch deciding what to put on. Nothing at all was probably too much at this stage in our relationship – I didn’t want to scare them off – but I did want to hint at my availability. In the end I had probably gone too far, but it was too late once I answered the door to them in my briefest bikini. My tits spilled over the edges of the top, and the briefs were cut so tight if the boys looked down they would be able to clearly see I had shaved especially for them.

“It doesn’t look too bad,” Rick said. “Are you sure you want to pay us to clean this?”

I padded over on bare feet, stood on the edge and pointed. “Look. You can see some algae build up on the sides here.” I moved my hand. Standing right next to Rick I knew the movement would press my right breast against his left arm. “And over there. See?”

He nodded, swallowing. “I think so.”

“And I could do with the changing room painting, and the back wall would welcome a new coat of paint. So are you up for it?” I smiled, trying desperately not to make myself too obvious but fearing it was way past that point. Just the bikini was way past that point. Their eyes kept dancing wildly, wanting to look, not wanting me to catch them.

“Are you gonna drain the pool?” Garry asked.

“Do I need to?” I put on my woman face to indicate I knew nothing about that kind of thing; pool work was man work.

It was so sweet that they didn’t even try to pretend. “We’ve never done anything like this before, Mrs Honeycoat-”

“I think you can call me Janey now, don’t you?”

“Um. Janey?” Garry made it sound a question. “Can we clean the tiles without draining the pool?”

“Let’s try that first. Go to the store and get anything you might need. D’you want to start now or in the morning?”

“Will we have to get in the water?”

I shrugged my shoulders and two pairs of eyes darted down to watch the way my mobile breasts danced and swayed. “I guess so.”

“We’d better do it tomorrow then. Bring our swim trunks with us.”

I laughed. “Ive seen men in shorts before, boys.”


“I’d like you to make a start, but of course if you want to come back tomorrow… I could make you some dinner if you start today, and there’s beer in the fridge.”

“We’ll see how long it takes at the store,” Rick said. He was looking at me differently now, not trying so hard to look away from my body.

“Sure, see how you go. I’ll make that dinner anyway. Steak okay?”

“Steak sound good.”

I smiled. After they left I made myself a long drink and took it outside, arranged myself on the lounger so I caught the sun. The boys returned an hour and a half later, carrying squeegees, coarse scourers and other items I didn’t recognize and had no inclination to investigate.

I stayed where I was while they piled it near the changing room. they milled around a while, pretending to stare into the pool and make a plan, but I knew they were putting off getting into the water because that meant stripping down to their skivvies. It was getting on for five by the time Rick sighed and went into the changing room. When he came out it was in only his briefs: well filled, low cut, a line of light hair rising from their front and tapering out just below his navel. His skin was tanned from summer days at the beach, but it was obvious he usually wore longer trunks because high up on his legs was pale. He strolled casually to the edge of the pool, sat and eased in, swam to the far end and took a wiper and a cloth before ducking under the surface and starting to scrub at the tiles. Garry had gone into the changing room when Rick came out. He appeared now, his boxers looser than Rick’s briefs, a heavy ridge formed in front where his cock lay and from the way it pushed against the cotton I knew I was having the effect I wanted.

As Garry slipped into the water I put my head back and pretended to doze, but behind my Ray Banns I watched them work. Their broad shoulders ran with water when they came up for air. Garry’s long hair stuck against his face and back, the line of hair along his belly and into his shorts darker than Rick’s, but both boys chests were smooth and hairless. I caught them looking in my direction often, and I lay still, allowing them to study me, hoping the effect I was having on them was the right one. My bikini briefs had tugged up between my legs, displaying the sides of my shaved labia, tugged into the slit of my pussy. I had arranged my breasts inside the top so that the dark edge of one aureole showed. My nipples remained stiff, obvious peaks in the thin white material.

As the afternoon passed a shadow came across the lounger but I made no move.

Eventually I pushed my hair back and stretched as though waking, spread my legs either side of the lounger and leaned forward to present a deep cleavage.

“I think you’ve made a good start for today. I’ll get those steaks on and bring you a beer. I take it you both drink beer?” I raised a recently plucked eyebrow.

“Uh-huh.” They spoke together, both nodding.

“You’d better get out before you prune.” I stood and stretched again, twisting from side to side and felt a nipple pop free. I casually tucked myself back in as though it happened all the time. The boys remained in the water, waiting for me to leave. I stayed where I was, waiting for them to give in.

After a couple of minutes I walked to the changing room, brought back two large white towels and held them out. “Come out and dry off, I’ll get the beers.”

I stood just far enough back they couldn’t reach without coming out the water, which they did. The Ray Banns covered my eyes, allowing me to pretend I was looking beyond them while really taking in the way their wet shorts clung to their bodies. Nice cocks. Very nice cocks. They took the towels and wrapped them around themselves and I went inside.

My plan had been to tease, to seduce them slowly over a few days, but I knew that was no longer possible. My body trembled deep inside and I knew I couldn’t wait. I just hoped they felt the same.


Rick was the bold one. Maybe they’d been talking as they dressed, maybe he was just quicker on the uptake or braver than Garry, but Rick came into the kitchen while I was taking steak from the fridge. He came up behind me. I knew he was there, could see him coming in the glass of the cupboard door, dressed in shorts and tank top, obviously no underwear any longer unless he’d kept it on wet. I thought he was going to stop and say something but he came right to me, slipped his arms around my waist, pulled me back against him, letting me feel his arousal. I ground against him a little, not too much, just enough to tell him back I knew what was there.

His hands came up and cupped my breasts, his mouth came down on my neck and kissed me hard. I put my hands over his, allowed myself to swoon against him then pulled his hands down. He tensed.

“Did I get the signals wrong, Mrs H?”

I shook my head, pressing my ass back against the length of his cock. “Not wrong. But I want you both, not one at a time.”

I could see the reflected frown that pulled at his brow. “You mean, like, at the same time?”

I nodded, stroked his hands, lifted one back to a breast.

“Wow, Mrs H. For real?”

“For real.”

He surprised me then, pushing his hand down inside my bikini briefs.

“You’re so wet.” His voice whispered in my ear, his hips ground against my ass, just where I wanted him.

“And you’re so bold.” I gripped his wrist and drew his hand away. Reluctantly. His fingers had dipped inside me and made a small wet noise as they withdrew.

“Bold’s good, isn’t it?”

“You’re right. Bold is good. Go ask Garry if he wants to come inside too.”

“Fuck, Mrs H.”

“Yeah, fuck Rick.”


I went through to the living room, a bit dizzy, a bit hot. I sat on the couch then got up again, feeling stupid sitting there in my briefest bikini. Would they come in together? How was this going to happen? Was it up to me to make the first move, or should I wait for them? My heart beat fast, making my breasts tremble with each pulse. I had brought this moment to pass. This thing was going to happen, and I could barely stand from the lust roaring through me.

They returned, Rick in front and Garry just behind. I smiled and they smiled back, nervous, stopped three feet from me. I could smell the chlorine on them from the pool, smell the heat and sun on their bodies, smell that sex smell you get off men when they’re aroused, something I hadn’t smelled in too long a time.

I took a half step toward them and Rick took a half step back. Garry took a step and a half to where he could reach me. His hand came out and touched my waist and I jumped. His fingers pulled back but I caught them, drew his hand back, lifted it to my breast.

“You’re something else, Mrs H,” Rick said.

“I hope so. Draw the drapes at the front, Rick.”

He strode across the room and pulled the cord. Anyone going past might wonder why the drapes were shut this early in the evening, but better that than watching two of the neighborhood hunks getting down and dirty with me. Rick went to the long drapes over the french window onto the yard.

“Leave those. No-one’s going to see through the back.”

Rick glanced at me, turned and came back, came all the way back and pressed alongside me, Garry on my right, Rick on my left. His hand came up and massaged the spare breast, the one Garry wasn’t squeezing and I dropped a hand to each of them, cupped my palm around their rigid lengths and Garry moaned.

I started trying to loosen buttons and zips but it was tough and after a moment they took pity on an older woman and loosened their shorts, let them drop to their ankles. Two stiff young cocks swung up and I went on my knees in front of them, pulling and maneuvering until they stood side by side and I had a cock in each hand.

Rick was slightly longer than Garry, bur Garry was a lot thicker around than Rick and the dark purple head of his cock looked enormous, bulbous and dangerous, a circumcised weapon. Rick was more delicate, more pretty, lines of veins running his length. His glans was uncircumcised and I pulled the foreskin back, a fresh wave of scent coming to me. Both boys were oozing pre-cum copiously. I gave each a tentative stroke and Garry moaned again. They were young, I didn’t expect them to last, didn’t want them to last, not the first time, but Garry was likely to cover me in his cum any second.

Growing up in a small rural village in Southern India, life was fairly simple. As with most of rural India, the activities of our womenfolk were restricted to home chores and tending to the cows and goats. We were never allowed to leave the house after sunset and our movements were closely watched by the village elders. Even though I was eighteen, men and women never mingled outside the four walls of their homes.

The men, on the other hand enjoyed the sort of freedom us women could never dream of having. They could roam the fields and the countryside as they wished. The only area that was forbidden to them was the bathing canal used by the women. Like most other girls my age, I had always wanted to enjoy that freedom, to do as I wanted without the fear of whispers that would ultimately lead to the fall of my family’s so called honour.

Innocent as I still was, I had started to develop certain urges that were sometimes so strong that it took an immense amount of willpower not to attempt to satisfy them. But at times I would succumb to them and allow the occasional rubbing of my palm over my mound through my thin cotton skirt although I would be quick to retract that hand. I was taught that it was wrong.

Our walks to the canal and back every day were something that I had always looked forward to. It was the only time that we got to see what lay beyond the vast fields of paddy. Traveling in large groups, we would strip down to nothing, enjoying the reprieve from the cool water. We did this in confidence, knowing or rather thinking that they weren’t being watched. There, I would get to see women of all ages and breasts of different shapes and sizes and I would compare those to mine, consoling myself that mine weren’t the smallest.

On one of these trips, I had wanted to urinate and being a shy girl even amongst so many women, I walked a little distance from the opposite bank until I found a spot behind some bushes. After relieving myself, I decided to walk around and explore the area a little as I had seldom been to this side of the bank. Covered in thick forest, I noticed that I could watch the women bathe without the risk of getting caught, although there wasn’t any really. Standing at that vantage point, butterflies started to flap their wings within my flat stomach and those familiar urges could be felt creeping swiftly to the surface.

These urges were quickly subdued when all of a sudden I could hear a muffled giggle some distance from me, between the river and where I now stood. Stealthy as I could be, I tiptoed in the direction of the river, making sure not to rustle any leaves and hid behind a bush the moment the boys came into site. There, kneeling behind a thick row of bushes, three teenage boys from our village looked on over the helm of the thickets, taking in the site of nearly all the women from our village, unknowingly displaying all their wares to these boys.

At first, I was gripped by a strong sense of anger, knowing that they were not supposed to be here. But something about the way they sat behind those bushes captured my interest. Shaking rhythmically were their hands, as if pumping something in front of them. I then noticed that while one of them had his shorts pulling down enough to display a part of his ass crack, the other two had their shorts around their knees. Wearing no shirts, these two were practically naked.

It was only when one of them moved and turned his body to one side that I saw what was in their hands. His head leaned back, his face contorted, the thrusting of his hand increased until a thick load of milky cream spurted out of his cock and dripped down the shaft. It was the first time I had seen a man’s privates. I noticed the brown colour of his rod, the curve and finally the head, glistening with his spunk. Those urges were starting to return.

Not wanting to get caught by them, I silently treaded backwards until I felt I was at a safe distance to run further down the river and towards the group to expose their presence. But when I climbed down and reached the middle of the shallow canal, I could not get myself to tell either my mother or my sisters. At first I felt a sudden pang of guilt at having seen those boys like that. It then dawned on me that I wanted to watch more and actually regretted leaving so soon.

That night as we lay in our beds in pitch blackness, I found my hand making its way down towards my crotch and I was unable to stop it. I rubbed there gently over my skirt, feeling a warm, satisfying feeling starting to emanate from that spot. Not wanting to wake the others, I let my hands stay on my thighs as my wrists bunched up folds and fold of my thin skirt until I could feel the helm within reach and pulled it above my waist.

Returning my right hand to my forbidden spot, I let my fingers roam through the soft hair and between the folds, finding myself wet. A finger slipped into my tight hole while my thumb lightly flicked over my clitoris sending pleasant chills down my spine and towards that very area. My hand started to work faster and I could almost hear the wetness from down there when the silence was suddenly pierced by a sharp cough that made me jump out of my skin. My skirt soon covered my legs and I fell asleep shortly after.

The next day I waited until we were all in the water until I could go back to that bush. Neither my mother nor my sisters had noticed my brief disappearance as I headed back towards that same bush hoping to find those boys there. Right at that very same spot were the boys except that there were only two of them this time. They were busy pumping their shafts, their backs arched and their asses stuck out towards me. Sitting on their haunches, I could clearly see their huge testicles touch the soft grass between their legs. One was bent forward even more then the other and I got a glimpse of his hairy asshole.

My right hand instinctively reached down between my legs and I started to rub myself like I had the previous night. Keeping my eyes trained on their movements, my hand was now a blur as it vigourously rubbed over my mound as I could feel an intense feeling building up inside. There I was, kneeling just like those boys were, completely naked, one hand down between my legs while the other pinched and pulled at my nipples.

Just as I was beginning to get lost in the ecstasy, I was taken by surprise as I felt an arm reach around from behind me and wrap itself around my neck while another covered my mouth, muffling my screams. In a state of shock and not knowing who it could be behind me, I started to think I was in some serious trouble. I could feel myself being pulled backwards until I managed to stand up. Trying to turn around, I moved backwards only to feel someone’s bare skin against my back and something hard poking against my naked bottom. I then realized it was the third boy who had probably left to relieve himself.

Gaining some courage, I struggled until I felt the hand loosen its grip and set me free. Turing around my guess was confirmed. There in front of me was one of the boys, smiling at me while putting a finger against his lips motioning for me to stay quiet. His eyes roamed freely over my body, taking in my nakedness. My eyes instantly fell on his erect cock, sticking up and staring me in the eye. As we looked at each other’s body, his hand reached out and cupped my left breast and I immediately pulled it away. Adamant, his hand found its way back to my breasts and I found myself wanting him to keep them there.

With both hands on my breasts, he was now squeezing them roughly, pulling on my nipples until his mouth found its way to them, taking turns to suck on each nipple. The warmth of his mouth on my tits sent shivers down to the area between my legs and I let out a soft moan, unintentionally inviting him to explore further. A hand then slipped between my legs and a finger pushed itself into my warm hole, pumping in and out. I found myself grinding against his hand while I pulled his head into my chest.

As if on cue, my right hand reached down between his legs and gently gripped his hard shaft. It felt warm and so stiff as though it was made of bone. I let my hand rest there on his cock while he continued to finger me and rub my wetness. I wasn’t sure what to do with his cock in my hand so I softly rubbed the palm along the length, exploring it like a blind person.

Before long I could hear my mother calling for me and I pushed him away as I tried to free myself from his tight grip. Without having the courage to look him in the eye, I turned around and ran down towards the river, careful not to let the other two boys see me. Although I pretended like nothing had happened, I couldn’t stop thinking about the events of that day as I helped my mother and sisters with the cattle. That night, as I lay in bed, I thought about that boy, the way his cock felt in my hand and how his felt on my chest and between my legs.

I woke the next day with the same thoughts. I waited anxiously for the daily visit to the canal. I hoped he would be there and that we could go back to what we were doing. Once in the water, I let my hand wander between my legs as I waited for the right moment when everybody was too busy to notice my absence. I looked in the direction of those bushes and hoped that those boys were there, watching us. Watching me! Imagining they were feeling themselves up looking at my nude body, I tried to give them a show, standing at the shallow end where the water was at my knees. With my back towards them, my feet parted and I bent down as if to wash my legs then turned around and scrubbed my breasts. I looked down and noticed that my nipples were stiff.

When the time was right, I slowly made my way towards the other side of the bank until I was out of view of the women in the water and climbed up the bank to my usual spot. Kneeling behind the bush, I looked around longingly for that boy. I then realized that the other two weren’t at their spot either and felt disappointed. But before I could move, I heard the rustling of dried leaves and turned around only to see the boy who I was now familiar with, standing completely naked. His cock was erect again and I immediately reached out and wrapped my palm around it. At eye level, I now had a better view of his hard cock, barely inches from my face. Took my time exploring it, noticing the dark foreskin and the pink head as I pulled it back. My other hand reached for his balls, cupping them. In what felt like a matter of seconds, he let out a grunt and his cock began to twitch in my hand before spewing thick warm semen onto my hand.

He fell down onto his knees as I kept my hand on his cock and let it remain there as it slowly softened in my hand. Eventually, it was small enough for me to cup his balls and his dick in my palm. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips before getting up and walking away. I sat there kneeling on the soft grass and looked at my hand and the glistening semen that was dripping down my wrist. Bringing it to my nose, I tried to smell it and even considered tasting it before rubbing it off against the grass. Soon after, I joined the women at the river.

But I wondered what had happened to the other boys. Did he tell his friends to stay away? Did they know? What if they were watching? Worse, if they tell everybody, I would be ruined! I didn’t even know their names although I’d seen them several times at the village fairs. But as the cool water envelope my naked body, I realized I was also a little excited at the thought that they might have been watching me this time, caressing that boy’s hard cock.

In neck-deep water, I was at liberty to do anything to myself in the midst of the crowd. I reached down and rubbed myself, my palm pushing against my clit while my other hand pulled on each nipple. I imagined these were the hands of those boys, exploring me while I surrendered myself to them, to do what they wished with me. Just as I thought I was feeling really good, a sudden wave of pleasure took over me. It started at my clitoris and spread out in pulses to stomach and down to my legs to my feet as my toes curled, my other hand pulling hard on one of my nipples.

As it subsided, I suddenly became aware of my surroundings. I looked around to see if anybody had noticed me but everybody was too busy gossiping about their neighbours or bitching about their husbands. My thoughts went back to the orgasm. I realized that the boy might have felt the same way when I touched him there and he spewed that milky stuff on my hand.

That night I attempted to relive that morning’s episode in the river. Quietly pulling up my skirt, I let my hands do their thing, repeating the same actions that had worked in the morning. My sister who was lying next to me shuffled and turned but was deep in sleep. I raised my knees, bringing my heels to my bare bottom as I felt a slight cool breeze touch me gently. I was soaking wet in anticipation and had to do it slowly lest the squishing sounds be heard by everybody. Despite an hour’s worth of trying and fantasizing about acts involving all the three boys touching me in various places, I was unable to cum and drifted off to sleep.

After the usual drill the next day, I quickly treaded back to that area when I noticed the boys behind the bushes on their knees and getting off on all the naked women bathing. The guys were as naked as everybody around. Unsure of myself, I slowly approached them until I spotted the boy from the previous day. He was to the right of the other two and I reached over and touched him on the shoulder, hoping not to let the other guys know I was there. From the instant smile on is face, I knew he was expecting me, as were the other two and now their attention turned to me. Holding their cocks, they took in the sight of my naked frame, their eyes roaming from my small breasts to my crotch. I suddenly became aware of the other boy as his hand gently caressed my bare ass cheek.

Holding me by the hand he pulled me down until I sat down on the warm grass. He leaned in a kissed me on my lips as I knelt in front of them and then moved down to my breasts, handling them a lot more gently this time. Looking over at his friends, I noticed that their cocks were still hard and reached over and placed a hand on each of them. I also noticed that their dicks were of different sizes. Before I knew it, I was being slowly pushed back until I was lying down on my back and my legs stretched out.

The boy who was sucking on my aching nipples, moved his mouth further down my stomach and I found myself pushing his head down towards my burning pussy. The other two, encouraged by my feeling up their cocks moments earlier, were now on either side of me, groping my tits. The sensation of the boy’s mouth over my crotch almost sent me over the edge. His hot breath was replaced my kisses all over and within my folds until his wet tongue started to gently lap at my pussy, occasionally snaking its way into my tight hole. Soon his fingers gently pushed their way into me, first one, then two.

With the other two feasting on my breasts, my hands reached out on either side until I had a hold of their cocks. I played with their balls for sometime, feeling the soft hair and the smooth skin before pumping on their rods, mimicking what I’d seen them doing to them selves earlier. Lost in the ecstasy caused by the mouth between my legs, I didn’t realize it until I felt something warm and wet being placed over my slightly parted lips. Instinctively opening my mouth, I let the head of the cock slip into my mouth and my tongue darted out towards it, tasting the mild saltiness. With his cock now pumping its way into my mouth, my hand reached over and the fingers traced their way around his balls to his asshole, circling it softly.

The boy on my left took hold of my hand on his dick and pumped it vigourously until he arched his back and shot a thick load of cum onto my arm and I watched his face contort as he came. Evidently my efforts at exploring the guy on my right led to his orgasm as I heard him groan, followed by the feeling of his dick twitching in my mouth. Moments later, I could feel his salty cum fill my mouth and I swallowed it to avoid the taste.

The two guys who were on either side of me slumped back on their buttocks and watched the guy between my legs. He seemed to be enjoying doing what he was doing and pushed my legs up high and wide until I could feel his tongue moving further down, leaving a cool wet trail of saliva as it made its way to my ass. Although though I have touched myself in this region before, it was only to wash myself and I never expected that it would feel so sensual.

Wiggling out of his grip, I turned around, getting on my knees and sticking my bare bottom out at him. I wanted to give myself away to him completely and arched my back, inviting him to continue with what he was doing seconds ago. As he spread my ass cheeks, his mouth and tongue returned to their old spot, circling with anus and at times trying unsuccessfully to penetrate it. My right hand reached down between my legs and started to strum my swollen clit, determined to achieve that orgasm this time around. Just when I felt I was about to go over the edge, his tongue could no longer be felt licking my ass.

Before I could fathom what was going on behind me, I felt what I instantly knew was the knob of his stiff cock. He pushed it gently against my tight asshole as I pushed my ass out even further up towards him. Although it started to hurt a little, a big part of me wanted it to make its way into me and I pushed back against the tip of his cock until I could feel just the head inside me. With that initial breakthrough, he pushed a little harder and now more of it managed to go in. My hand right now a blur against my clit, I could feel a thumb pushing into my vagina and I went over the edge, those pulsating waves of pleasure were even stronger this time and I humped backwards against his cock, the sound of my ass slapping against his stomach.

That familiar twitching was felt deep in my ass and he slumped over my back, pushing me flat against the ground and he continued to pound into me even as his orgasm subsided. After laying there for a few minutes, he got up and I felt his soft cock slipping out of me. Still basking in the after glow of that powerful orgasm and partly ashamed of facing the boys I lay still as the rustling of dried leaved on the ground told me that they were walking away.

After about a few minutes, I stood up and walked down towards the river, my legs a little shaky. Reaching down between my legs, it felt wet and I looked down to see his semen, down seeping out of my ass and trickling down my thighs. Scooping some up with a finger, I brought it to my mouth and licked it off my finger, savouring this new taste that I knew I was going to like. I looked forward to coming back the next day, knowing I had a lot more plans for those boys. I wanted to feel all of them in me, somehow at the same time. And I wanted more!!

Part 1: A Matter of Survival

Copyright 2013 by woodfellow

This story is difficult to write. Before I start I should explain that I am a single father. My wife passed away almost ten years ago when our daughters were young, and I never remarried. Like most fathers I like to think I’ve done a passable job at parenting. I’ve provided for my daughters, loved them, and saw to it they received good educations.

This is the story of some incredible things my daughters did to survive during the war. I am putting it down here almost exactly as it happened, with only small changes to protect my daughters’ identities. It’s for you the reader to decide what kind of father I am.



It all started with the chaos of the invasion. We were gathered around the television in our apartment watching news reports of the attacks. (“We” consisted of me as single father, and my two daughters Paulina and Kasia, 18 and 19 years old respectively.)

Then just hours later wailing sirens everywhere, then bombs and gunfire and shouting. The invasion force came so swiftly we had no time to consider options. I still think back and wonder…what if we’d left when we could?

When the soldiers arrived at our apartment building, we like every other family were holed up in our apartment.

Within minutes men in riot gear came door to door and announced a general lockdown of the building. We were to hand over any weapons we had (we had none), and stay locked in our rooms until further orders. Peeking out the curtains we could see armed guards around the perimeter of the building. There was no way to safely escape. Especially from the third floor, and with two girls aged 19 and 18. I wouldn’t allow Kasia and Paulina to leave me, so we stayed in our apartment as instructed.

The next day we heard from the soldiers again. One of them stood outside and spoke over a loudspeaker.

“Attention residents of Building 47! This is an important announcement concerning your safety.

“We have liberated your city, and you will be detained within this building until further orders. You may communicate with one another and move freely inside, but you are not under any circumstances to leave the building. Failure to comply will result in punishment.

“Water and electricity will be restored soon. Food will be distributed each morning, at 0800 hours in the front lobby.

“Now this is the most important announcement of all. All women and children under the age of eighteen are to report to the front lobby at 1600 hours today, which is four hours from now. You will be transported elsewhere for further processing. Please bring minimal belongings with you, only essential clothing. Failure to comply with this relocation will result in harsh punishment.

“This is the end of the announcement.”

Nearly every family poured into the hallways of the building. Were they serious? Where would they take the women and children? What would happen to the men left behind?

I remember Jozef, the man down the hall in 312. He was about my age and had a son and wife. Jozef decided to go talk to the soldiers outside, to reason with them. Half a minute after he left the building we heard a single shot.

“We repeat, you may not under any circumstances leave the building! All women and children are to report to the front lobby at 1600 hours.”

In the end, every family in the building decided to comply with the order. The soldiers would kill to maintain order. So at 1600 hours, a group of women and children formed in the lobby, and were ushered out of the building into the street. To where we had no idea.

Every family, that is, except one: Mine. I couldn’t accept the risk of sending my two young girls with the others. Without their mother to protect them, I had no idea what would happen. I feared the worst, rape or murder or both. It was a fateful decision.


For the next three months, the men in the building (and Kasia and Paulina) established a new rhythm to our lives. There were about 150 of us in total. The soldiers kept their word and supplied us with food each morning: Not a lot, but adequate. In the soldiers’ tally I was living alone, so I got rations for one. Several of the other men gave us extra so we did fine.

Meanwhile, outside a crew had erected a tall razor wire fence around the building perimeter. It was becoming clear that (a) this building was essentially a prisoner of war camp, and (b) they intended to stay for a while. Any thought of escaping had now completely left our minds.

Of course I lived in fear of the girls being discovered. Fortunately the soldiers rarely came into the building. A few times they came door to door to speak with us individually. We had a plan ready if the girls needed to hide.

One day two soldiers came to search our apartment, and the girls hid. One of them remarked on the girl’s clothing and items scattered around. I passed it off as sentimental reminders of my daughter who had been sent away. Fortunately that soldier didn’t think to cross-check against their records, which would have indicated no children had been relocated from the building three months earlier, bearing my last name.

And so we lived for a time, relatively happy.



At about five months in, we got another announcement over the loudspeaker:

“Attention residents of Building 47! It has come to our attention that several of you are hoarding and wasting your daily food distributions. Effective tomorrow you will have a new eating arrangement.

“The large room downstairs will become a dining facility. You will eat two supervised meals there each day, at 0800 and 1700 promptly. Guards with dogs will be posted at the exits to catch residents leaving with food. Violators will receive harsh punishment.”

I don’t know why they changed the eating arrangement; several of us thought maybe the war wasn’t going well, and they didn’t have enough to keep feeding us the way they had been. Others thought it was an effort to dehumanize us. Everyone remembered Jozef, and what would happen if you broke the rules.

For Kasia and Paulina this new arrangement changed everything. How would they eat? They obviously couldn’t sneak past the guards; the new dining room was off-limits to them. And true to their threat, the soldiers now had dogs at the dining room exit, trained to sniff for uneaten food. The rules seemed to give no way for Kasia and Paulina to eat.

Fortunately the other men in the building gave us their extra food. It didn’t turn out to be much — there wasn’t as much hoarding as our captors seemed to think — but it was enough for at least several months if we made it stretch. I was still holding out hope that the occupation might be over soon.


At nine months in the situation became critical for Kasia and Paulina. Our food supplies had run out about a month before, even being on half rations. They had already lost a lot of weight, and when the food completely ran out their weight began to plummet. Each was losing about three kilograms per week. We had bet on the fact that something would change with the eating arrangement, or some way of sneaking food in would be discovered, but time had run out and there was no solution.

I simply could not sit by and watch my girls starve to death. So I called all of the men together and asked for ideas. One thing I was certain of: If I brought the girls to the soldiers, we would almost certainly all be killed, if for no other reason than to serve as an example to the others. So that was out of the question.

We tried to think if there was anything else the girls could eat. Was it possible to live on boiled cloth, like cotton? It seemed unlikely to have any food value. The idea of catching insects or mice came up, but because there was no food in the building, most of those pests had long since disappeared.

When we’d exhausted every idea, Tomasz spoke. Tomasz had been a doctor before the war, and he was known in the group as both level-headed and logical. Tomasz said, “One thing is clear: Food only enters this building through the dining hall. Somehow us men have to transport the food out of there.”

Desperate I said, “Yes Tomasz but how?? We’ve been over this countless times. There is no way to carry food past those guards! Do you have any ideas?”

Tomasz looked at me uncertainly then, as if unsure whether to continue his train of thought. He resumed speaking. “It is true we cannot bring food out on our bodies. But perhaps we can carry it out inside our bodies.”

A murmur of surprise swept through the men in the room, and he continued on. “Hear me out. This is a dire situation and as a medical professional I only want to explore all the possibilities.”

Tomasz collected his thoughts for a moment, then went on. “Option 1 is, after we leave the dining area some of us vomit our food back up. This is how the birds feed their young, as you may know.”

The room erupted in loud discussion. Everyone was shocked, stunned, and horrified. He had to speak louder to be heard over the men.

“Excuse me, please let me continue! I wasn’t finished. Thank you. Yes I know this sounds distasteful to all of us, and especially to those poor girls, but I ask you wouldn’t this be preferable to death?”

“There is another option, and I remind you I’m merely considering all the possibilities. Option 2 is for the girls to eat something that our bodies produce with the food we ingest. Now most of what our bodies produce unfortunately has little food value: Urine, feces, sweat, hair, fingernails. Those would not help your girls survive.”

“There are I believe two things our bodies produce which may have some food value. The first is blood. Blood has a high nutritional content, and with a rotating system of donation I think we could provide enough to keep your daughters alive. Each person must recover about 40 days between donations, but with 150 of us men we could produce about two pints of blood per day for each of your daughters. There is however one problem with this option: Unless somebody has the necessary phlebotomy equipment to draw blood, there is no way to do this safely.”

All of the men confirmed they didn’t possess needles or other equipment for drawing blood. Plenty of knives, but there would be no safe way to extract large amounts of blood with just that.

Doctor Tomasz continued, “The second thing our bodies produce that has food value is a bit unusual. I am speaking of seminal fluid. Ejaculate. Quiet please, let me finish! Male ejaculate has about the same nutritional properties as egg white. It’s moderate in calories, but high in protein and essential vitamins. Now again I’m speaking only of theoretical possibilities here, but if we were two collect two ejaculations from each of us per day, at about 3.5 milliliters and 15 calories each, that would equate to about 2250 calories for each of your daughters. That should be enough to keep them alive.”

Loud discussion continued through the room. It was hard to conceive of what this might mean. But our options were: I either let the girls starve to death, or they could try to survive on a diet of vomit or semen.

Looking back I feel ashamed that I even considered Tomasz’s ideas. Wouldn’t it have been better for them to die in dignity? But I will say this: At that point in time, seeing my daughters on the verge of starvation, I did not hesitate for a moment. The will to survive is a deep thing, and only becomes known to you in that moment when death is near.

Vomit or semen? I would put the question to Kasia and Paulina. For their part the men obviously preferred the latter, I guess because for most of us self-induced vomiting is less pleasant than masturbation.

For Kasia and Paulina it was difficult to convey the choices to them. They were very weak by that point, and not thinking clearly. More importantly they had no idea what semen was. At their ages they’d never had firsthand experience. Kasia said the rumor among her friends was that boys shot out “milky stuff”, so she thought it might taste like milk. I gave them the doctor’s description in terms of egg whites. In any case, they both decided that was more appealing (or less unappealing) than vomit. So the decision was made.

I tried to think of any possible way around it. There was none. The girls would need to eat semen to survive.


We then set about figuring out the mechanics of doing a large-scale semen collection twice a day. First we opted for a simple approach: We set up a schedule for each man to come to our apartment. Each would go into our bathroom and masturbate into a cup, and emerging they would give it to me. The girls stayed in their room, out of sight: I didn’t want the men to see them for fear they might develop a sexual overtone during this feeding exercise.

Bringing the semen-filled cup into their room, I would alternate which girl got to drink it. Really they were so weak and malnourished that both would eye it hungrily each time I came into the room.

Each girl in turn would take the cup I handed them, and tilting it back like a cup of water would let the thick ejaculate slide into her mouth. In her malnourished state she would hungrily swallow. Then using a finger she would wipe the rest out of the cup, producing a big dollop she would pop into her mouth and suck off her finger.

Over and over and over again, this is how they ate.

The men varied a lot in terms of the quantity and consistency of the sperm they produced. Some would produce a very thin ejaculate, others a thick ropy fluid almost like yogurt. Paulina after a while started asking for the name of the man who had ejaculated each of her portions. She said she could tell the men apart by the taste of their semen, and after a while she got pretty good at guessing the man without my telling. She’s always had a good memory.

The men also varied a lot in terms of how often they could produce. Some of the men, especially the younger ones, could ejaculate as many as five or six times per day. Some of the men could not ejaculate at all, or infrequently. Most however could produce twice a day. To accommodate the volume it was clear that having one man in the bathroom at a time wouldn’t give enough throughput. So I set up several masturbation stations in our apartment’s living room. Each had a comfortable chair with a towel draped over it, and most of the men preferred to masturbate sitting down.

As a side note, it was interesting to see how the different men masturbated. Some would pump fast and furiously, others with a slow deliberate rhythm. The one thing I insisted on was that when they ejaculated, they had to take care to catch 100% of it in their cup. At that point getting every drop was a matter of life and death for Kasia and Paulina.

Most of the men liked to have some kind of simulation to help them orgasm. Some of them would bring pictures of their missing wives, which they would look at while they stroked. One of the men, Pawel, had nude pictures of his pretty wife Beata. He took to leaving those pictures in our apartment for the other men to use; I doubt he ever told Beata about that afterwards.

For some of the men, their stimulation was to watch the other men stroking. At first a man would be circumspect about it, pretending to look at some pictures but looking at another man out of the corner of his eye. Over time though as they all got more comfortable, these men would stare more openly at the others, who didn’t seem to mind. And some of the men kind of formed pairs, where they would watch each other stroke, and ejaculate almost in unison. I didn’t really care what the men did, so long as they were ejaculating and my girls were getting fed.

Gradually the girls began to recover from their malnourished states. Each was consuming about 165 to 170 batches of semen per day, as amazing as that sounds. They weren’t gaining weight yet, but at least their precipitous weight loss had stopped, and they were slowly gaining strength. It appeared the crisis had been averted.

Each of the girls found that the taste of semen was generally to their liking. Perhaps it is an acquired taste, or it tasted good to them because of their long period of starvation. In any case, each would drink the cup, then use her finger to scoop up the remainder on the inside, and pop that finger into her mouth. Paulina complained about how sticky it was and hard to get completely out of the cup. Both of them preferred it warm, so asked me to bring it to them as soon as possible after each man had ejaculated. Paulina even said to me, “Why can’t we just be in the same room as them? That way we’d always get it nice and warm!” I think her mind was already at work even then.

At this point I must make a shameful confession, which to this day haunts me. I, like all the other able-bodied men, contributed equally to the feeding of my daughters. Yes that is correct, I would feed my semen to my daughters just like I did the other mens’. I think there will be a special place in Hell reserved for me.

At first I rationalized that they needed every bit of nutrition they could get. They really were that close to death. So a few times each day I would excuse myself from all the collection activity, and go to the bathroom. Perhaps a few of the men noticed that I would emerge with a full collection cup. I don’t know. Anyway, I would feed this semen to them, and as I said Paulina (and by now Kasia too) wanted a name attached to each one. So I invented a fictitious man called Gabriel, who was the man responsible for all of my semen. I figured a little white lie to maximize their chance of survival was the right parenting decision.

Now as I said, when I came into the room with a fresh batch of semen, I would always alternate which girl got it, to keep things fair. One evening I was giving a cup to Paulina, and Kasia stopped me in my tracks.

“But Daddy, that’s not fair!” she said. Kasia wore this pouty look she gets when she wants her way.

“What’s not fair dear? You got the last cup, this time it’s your sister’s turn.”

“But Daddy, you said that was Gabriel’s! Paulina and I both decided we like the taste of Gabriel’s the best! It’s no fair because we only get two a day from him, and Paulina already got hers in the morning!”

I thought back and remembered that, indeed, I had given my semen to her sister Paulina to drink that morning. I hadn’t understood why she had the smile on her face when I handed it to her and announced it was Gabriel’s. Now I knew.

Kasia continued, “Daddy, how about we treat Gabriel’s like desert? Paulina gets one a day, and so do I.”

And so it started that each of my daughters began swallowing a load of their father’s semen once a day, every day. I’d like to say I was ashamed of it all, but really I was just glad their health was improving. And to be honest I was also a little bit happy they preferred the taste of Gabriel over all the others.



Everything evolves with time, and my daughter’s feeding situation was no exception. As I said, by this point we had a high-volume semen collection operation in place. I had six masturbation stations set up around our apartment’s living room, with most of the 150 men cycling through twice a day, and sometimes as many as 5 or 6 times, to masturbate. They would ejaculate into a cup, being careful to get every drop, and I would carry this to the bedroom next door, where my daughters would drink it down. I estimate that, in those early days, they were each consuming about 160 ejaculates and 2200 calories per day.

Unfortunately after about a month, the rate of production began to decline. From 160 ejaculates per day (per girl), it declined to 150, then 140, and finally 120. The girls were getting hungry again, and starting to lose weight. Our numbers in the building were such that each man had to be ejaculating at maximum potential for my daughters to get enough to eat. So I had to get to the bottom of the declining numbers.

Talking to several of the men, the answer was simple: They were getting bored. As the novelty of the situation wore off it was getting harder and harder for them to have as many orgasms per day. As I said, many of them liked stimulation: Pictures of their missing wives, or of Beata. But the novelty of these wore off too. I needed to find a substitute in order to boost sperm production.

It was Tomasz, our doctor, who had the key idea. (Tomasz by the way was one of our better producers at three loads per day, but now even he was flagging.)

Tomasz said, “We humans respond very strongly to pheromones, and to the smell of women in general. Especially here with all of our wives gone. Perhaps you can make some of your daughters’ worn clothing available to the men, to smell while they masturbate.”

It was an odd idea, but I had to admit it might work. So far I had been against the idea of developing any sexual connection between my daughters and the other men. During feeding hours I kept them in the bedroom, away from the masturbating men. But still, I was desperate for my daughters’ sake, and willing to try anything.

When I explained it to my daughters, they thought it was funny, the idea of men sniffing their dirty clothes. Kasia had a little knowing smile on though. As the older one at 19 years, she was starting to know about sex. She was the one who, when I was in the bedroom during the masturbation sessions, and it was Paulina’s turn to drink, Kasia would ask me about how the men were masturbating outside. How were they sitting, what did their penises look like, and so on. I would indulge her with descriptions, not thinking it could do any harm. In the end, on the topic of sharing their dirty clothes Kasia said, “Well it’s the least we can do, with them sharing all their yummy semen with us!” And that was that.

So I started having the girls change their clothing about three times per day, shirt and panties. I set it up so that each of the six masturbation stations had a set of one girl’s used clothing, sealed in a plastic bag to maintain freshness. Three of the stations were “Kasia” stations, and the others “Paulina”. Most of the men developed a preference for one or the other girl’s scent. Interestingly, most of the older men preferred the scent of 18 year old Paulina, while the younger men tended to prefer my 19 year old Kasia.

A man would typically begin his masturbation session by removing his pants and underwear, and often his shirt as well. He would sit on the toweled chair, reclining back. With his knees spread wide he would begin stroking, often with one hand fondling his testicles. I would encourage the men to take their time, having noticed it generally produced larger loads. Then the man would bring the clothing-filled bag up to his face, open it while placing it over his nose and face, and inhale deeply. It was incredible to see the effect the girls’ musky smell had on the men. Their erections would get harder, their breathing more labored, and their stroking more deliberate. It was like witnessing a drug taking effect. Immediately the girls’ semen intake each went back up to over 160 ejaculates per day. Tomasz’s idea was working.

I will confess that I tried sniffing as well, to see if it would work on me. It did. Unbeknownst to any of the others, I kept my own set of both girls’ used underwear in a plastic bag, hidden in the bathroom. It started as an experiment, then became a way to stimulate my whole masturbation experience. I would choose a girl — I liked both their smells equally — and would hold her used panties up against my face with one hand, while masturbating with the other. Eventually I learned the experience was most intense if my nose was directly against the inside crotch of the panties. Writing it now, it makes me so ashamed how much I craved the sexual scent of my young daughters. Knowing who was going to drink Gabriel’s semen next, I began making a point of breathing in that girl’s panties as I masturbated for her.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of telling the girls that Gabriel did this, inhale from the clothing of whichever girl was going to drink his seed next. They were enthralled by this idea; I think it never occurred to them that they might have different smells, or that men would prefer them differently. Anyway, as you might expect it opened a barrage of questions from both girls:

“Which one of us does Gabriel think smells better?” (he loves the way you both smell, honey)

“Why do men like to smell us when they masturbate?” (it excites them Paulina)

“Which men prefer my smell daddy?” (well Kasia, a lot of them do, about half. the others prefer your little sister’s smell)

About a week later, they came to me with a proposal that, in hindsight, I should have seen coming.

Kasia said, “Daddy, you know how we were talking the other day about how the men use our dirty clothes to masturbate, and some prefer me and some Paulina?”

“Yes honey, why do you ask?”

“Well Daddy, Paulina and I have been talking about it. We’ve decided that rather than trade off who gets to drink when you come into the room, that we’d rather have it go to whichever one of us that man was smelling. So if a man was smelling my panties, I’d like to be the one to drink his semen. Just like we do with Gabriel! You said about half the men prefer my smell, so we should still get about the same amount of food right?”

The logic was unassailable, and the request was reasonable. Paulina was vigorously nodding, clearly in agreement. So from that point forward, I started delivering semen for the girls to drink based on which girl that man had been sniffing. I told the men about the new policy too, thinking it might get them excited and boost production. I was right — for a time each of the girls was getting fed 175 ejaculations per day, a new record. Their health had never been better.

Since the worn clothing was having such a strong effect, we decided to experiment a little with different recipes. How long should the girls wear the clothes? How often should they take showers? I also showed them a little rubbing exercise, to press the panty crotch against their vagina in little rubbing motions, thinking that more of their scent might get transferred. I told them that Gabriel would be the judge of what worked best, which made them very enthusiastic to try out the scientific method. It turned out that time since last shower and the rubbing procedure had the largest effects. So I instructed them to shower only every third day, and to perform the rubbing procedure for at least five minutes in each new pair of panties.


By this time we were about twelve months into the occupation. As strange as it sounds, the girls were thriving. The doctor was right after all: In large enough quantities, semen appears to constitute a healthy diet. The girls’ skin had a radiant glow; in fact they seemed healthier than I’d ever seen them, even before the occupation. In this case, “large quantities” means eating 160 or more loads of semen per girl per day. Instead of finding it disgusting, they seemed to relish every mouthful. Especially the mouthful they got each day from “Gabriel”, who unknown to them was actually me their father.

Ever since we started the panty-smelling program — and especially since I started telling the girls which men were smelling whose panties, and feeding those mens’ semen to the correct girl — an attachment began to form between the girls and the men, albeit separated by a wall. As I said, the girls each had favorites among the men in terms of semen taste. Paulina preferred some, Kasia preferred others. Interestingly, in almost all cases the girls’ and the mens’ preferences lined up. For the men who preferred the smell of Paulina’s 18 year old vagina — as I said mostly the older men — she (more so than Kasia) preferred the taste of their semen. And vice versa with Kasia. So we had a kind of bond forming between Paulina and a group of mostly older men, and between Kasia and a group of men mostly in their teens and twenties.

I, “Gabriel”, was 42 years old and both of my girls loved my semen the best. I think it frustrated them that Gabriel loved their smells equally, and refused to take sides. They would do these sisterly competitions with each other, to see who could win him over. Paulina would wear a pair of panties for an extra-long time, and perform the rubbing exercise really well. She knew Gabriel liked it when her panties smelled very strongly. Then she would give the panties to me and laugh, saying, “Please Daddy give these to Gabriel right away! These will definitely make him choose me!” And Kasia would do the same. Of course “Gabriel” could never choose between the girls; how can a father choose between his own daughters?

Of course the bond between the girls and the men ran the other way, too. Each man knew his semen was being delivered into the mouth of his favorite girl, while the smell of her pussy was still fresh in his senses. In hindsight, with this level of bonding it was all but inevitable that the situation would progress further.

Of all people, it was little Paulina who suggested the next step:

“Daddy, you know how we keep telling you to bring the semen to us quickly, because we like it warm?”

“Yes sweetheart. What about it?”

“Well the other problem we have is that a lot of the semen gets stuck to the side of the cup when we drink. Even when we use our fingers to scoop it out, there’s still a lot of wasted semen there.”

“Ah yes dear, well I don’t think there’s much we can do about that, is there? I mean semen, as nutritious as it is, is pretty sticky stuff.”

“Well Daddy, me and Kasia were talking and we have an idea. What if the men ejaculated right into our mouths, instead of the cup? That way there’d be no spill, no waste, and it would be nice and warm. We can just wait outside by the masturbation stations, and when it’s time for one of my men to ejaculate, I can put my mouth over the head of his penis so he pumps it straight into my mouth. What do you think?”

Well I nearly lost it at that suggestion! There was an internal logic to it all right. My girls are smart and they thought it through. But although I’m ashamed to say it, truthfully there was a part of me, call him Gabriel, who wanted desperately to see his girls feeding directly from their men. I knew Gabriel could never do that — I was determined to never let my girls know I was Gabriel and had been feeding them their father’s semen, the same semen that gave birth to them.

So that was the story of how, twelve months into the occupation, we came to rearrange all of the masturbation stations and arrive at a new feeding setup for the girls. Because the girls were no longer separated from the men by the wall, we decided to rearrange things and move four of the masturbation stations into the bedroom: That would be Kasia’s feeding area. In the main living room, we set up another couple of stations (for a total of four), and then moved one of the two beds there, out of the bedroom where Kasia wouldn’t be needing it. This would be Paulina’s feeding area.

You might be wondering why we used the beds. We tried it without, but after many hours on their hands and knees moving between the stations as Paulina had suggested, the girls found it tiring and hard on their knees. You have to remember, to get their 160 loads the girls were each feeding for six to eight hours per day. Comfort was important. Anyway, the method we adopted was for each girl to lay flat on her bed. The men would watch her and stroke themselves. The girls learned to put on little shows, to get the men aroused. When it was time to ejaculate, the man would rise, come to the bed, and feed his penis into her waiting mouth. The girls quickly came to adore the feeling of the warm semen-food pumping directly into their mouths. I would see their eyes roll back in their heads in blissful contentment, with their throats rushing to gulp the semen down into their bellies.

I mentioned the sisterly competition between the girls. There was an open doorway between Kasia’s bedroom station, and Paulina’s in the main room. The men were free to roam between the rooms, and see what each girl was doing. Now the girls were quick to discover that if they did certain things, they could entice men from the other room, and in so doing get more to eat.

Paulina was the first to discover she could get a lot of male interest if she just took off her clothes. At 18 and a late bloomer, Paulina had little in the way of breasts. Still, the men were so starved to see a real, live naked woman that Paulina was able to attract a lot of men away from her older sister. She relished in this attention, quite literally drinking it up.

And so an arms race of sorts developed between the two sisters. Kasia of course responded by taking off her clothes as well. Many of the men preferred to see her more womanly shape, although many of the men preferred Paulina’s more childlike body. One of the men who stuck with Paulina throughout was the doctor, Tomasz. He had a deep fondness for the girl, and I don’t believe he strayed to Kasia’s room even a single time to deposit into her mouth.



Something I wish to stress because it is important: At all times I went to great lengths to ensure this feeding process was not a sexual event for the girls. I made it clear to the men that at no time were they allowed to touch the girls’ vaginas in any way, as this would be improper. Nor were they allowed to kiss the girls, or stroke their skin in a way that might be sexually arousing.

Of course the men found the girls’ mouths on their penises to be very arousing, as well as the methods we’d developed to use their body odors to boost production. But at no time was the sexual gratification to go the other way, from the men to the girls. I wanted the girls to retain their innocence in spite of this unusual feeding arrangement.


The next innovation in the arms race was Kasia’s. She began inviting the men, who were at this point still smelling her panties, to join her one at a time on the bed and smell her naked pussy directly. This chance for a new level of intimacy with the girl was intoxicating to the men. They would lie on their sides on the bed in a kind of 69 position, the girl with her thighs around the man’s head, and he with his nose near the crevice of her pussy. He would stroke his cock next to her face. By this point the men were so conditioned to respond to Kasia’s pussy smell that they would ejaculate very hard usually within half a minute. Kasia would hurry to get her mouth over the penis in time. She ate really well for a few days!

Then it was once again Tomasz’s turn to have an idea. As our resident doctor Tomasz was naturally concerned for the girls’ health, and in particular optimizing the efficiency of their feeding. Specifically he recommended to me that we train the girls in the art of fellatio, starting with Paulina.

The Doctor pulled me aside and explained, “The men will find the fellatio arousing, which will increase her food supply. Also it will entirely solve the problem of inefficiency and possible waste in the transfer of semen to her stomach. This latter point will be especially true if Paulina can learn to accept a penis deeply into her mouth at the time of ejaculation. I happen to know some specialized techniques in this regard, if you’ll permit me to train her.”

“Are you certain this is best, doctor? It seems too sexual,” I said.

Tomasz replied, “It is my professional opinion that, under these difficult circumstances, this is the best course of action for your daughters’ long-term health.”

I will say that I was hesitant at this proposal. I did see the logic in it purely from a health standpoint, and I valued Tomasz’s opinion as our family doctor. But wasn’t fellatio really just a form of sex?

The Doctor smiled and reassured me, “Well, of course the men will find it sexually arousing, which is after all the intent. But very few women find it sexually arousing to perform fellatio, if the man is not stimulating her in return. If we remind the men of the limits in place — no kissing, no vaginal touching, and so on — I believe the girls will think of this as just another way to eat, and nothing more.”

Thus reassured, I gave Tomasz the go-ahead to start training Paulina. Together we presented the Doctor’s proposal to her and described the concept. Of course Paulina was enthusiastic at the prospect of getting more to eat, but she was also confused (“why wouldn’t the man just use his hand instead of my mouth?”). The doctor and I both reassured Paulina that the men would prefer this much more, which seemed to make her happy.

And so the doctor started Paulina on a course of training exercises, focused on getting her used to the feeling of a penis pushing more deeply into her mouth. He instructed her in what he called the “throat position”: Her laying face-up, with her head slightly over the edge of the bed, tilted back. Tomasz explained to her that this position straightens out her throat, so that if she could learn to control her gag reflex, a man could enter her mouth as deeply as he desired. This would be a very efficient feeding position indeed!

Now Tomasz himself was probably a poor trial subject for Paulina during her initial training. At 60 years old he was a kindly-looking older man: Of average height and about thirty pounds overweight, with a balding hairline and glasses. Paulina never told anyone, but Tomasz reminded her of her grandfather on her mother’s side, who had tragically died about three years earlier at the age of 68. Anyway, Tomasz looked like your average kindly grandfather in every way except one: His penis was among the largest in the building, and unlike many older men he had no trouble at all getting hard. Fully erect he was perhaps 22 centimeters long. But for little Paulina it was his thick girth that was the greater challenge. She had to open her jaw almost as far as it could go, just to get the full head of his penis into her mouth.

Little Paulina lay in the throat position, with the Doctor standing next to the bed facing her, his erect penis near the entrance to her mouth. Tomasz saw her tiny body laid out before him on the bed, the sight of her clearly driving him wild with desire. Then with both girl and man in the proper positions, he bent over at the waist, keeping his penis in position but bringing his head right next to Paulina’s nearly hairless little vagina. He could smell her this way, which made his penis tense even more. In one last little adjustment, he coaxed the girl to lift her knees up, bending at the waist, and spread her legs — as if she were to be fucked in the missionary position. Tomasz used his upper arms to pin her legs back so she could relax. His upper body was now essentially laying on top of her, his head positioned perfectly over her wide-open crotch area. From this position he could breathe her smell in deeply, from her vagina back to her exposed anus.

Watching all of this from across the room, I was amazed at the man’s self-control. Tomasz was clearly mad with desire, yet he was careful to not initiate sexual contact with the girl (licking her vagina or anus), or thrust his big cock into her mouth, for which he was perfectly positioned. Then he spoke:

“Ok Paulina this is the feeding position I had in mind. Do you see how well-positioned my penis is to enter your mouth? And also my face is perfectly positioned down here to smell you directly.”

His voice broke at that last part. I was amazed the doctor was able to hold it together and maintain his professionalism. Much later, after the war, the doctor confided in me that his wife loved this position, and was the one who taught him about deep-throating. I found it hard to believe, having known the 57 year old woman for so many years. Apparently her favorite type of intercourse was into the throat, and one of the reasons they never had children of their own was that the doctor almost had to beg her for vaginal sex.

“Yes doctor I can see how this would be a really good position for men to feed me in. They can sniff me everywhere, and ejaculate straight into the back of my mouth. But there’s one big problem.” She giggled a bit. “How can I get such a large penis into my mouth??”

The doctor smiled. “Yes I know it seems impossible now honey. But practice! We’ll start your training on some of the men with thinner penises. Once you can take a thin penis all the way into your throat, then it’s just a matter of working your way up to bigger sizes. You’ll see!”

“Ok doctor, if you’ll be my teacher then I’ll do whatever you say. I really hope I can someday learn to take you all the way inside!”

And with that, I could tell the doctor was close to ejaculating. He was masturbating his thick cock slowly, and I knew from experience that Tomasz was a slow stroker when it was time to come.

His voice cracked again, “Ok good honey. Let’s start your training right now. I hope you’re hungry because the Doctor has something for you. Open wide honey!”

And with that, he stuffed his thick cock into Paulina’s mouth. Probably no more than three inches, but at his girth it completely filled her small mouth. Her eyes bulged a little as the contractions went up his penis, pumping his semen into the back of her mouth. This whole time he had his nose a centimeter from her pussy, smelling deeply but being careful to not initiate sexual contact. Paulina of course swallowed every tasty drop, and immediately after looked sleepy and contented. Despite the doctor’s size she did not gag at all. From that observation I could have guessed how things would go.


Apparently only 5 to 10 percent of women can develop the ability to completely suppress their gag reflex, and take a man deeply into their throats without choking. As fate would have it, Paulina turned out to be one of those girls. So for her to learn how to deepthroat two things were needed: First, she had to stretch out the tissues of her mouth, especially the back of the mouth and leading into the esophagus. The doctor achieved this by enlisting men of gradually increasing girth for her training exercises. It was a big milestone for her when she took her first penis all the way down to the base. By this time a lot of the men were taking notice of her training, no doubt looking forward to the day when she could take their cocks into her throat. Anyway, on that day she took her first full cock, there was a group of men around her bed, cheering. I have to say, as her father I was very proud.

The second thing to learn was breath control. When a penis goes in to a certain depth, the sinus passage to the nose is blocked and the woman cannot breathe. Because of this, the Doctor explained to Paulina, you need to learn to time your breathing with the man’s thrusting. She was to practice so much that it became second nature. And finally she needed to practice holding her breath for long periods of time without panicking. He taught her techniques to relax, and slow her heart rate; some of the techniques that skin divers use, as I later found out. For Paulina this was natural. She naturally found that a cock in her mouth and throat made her contented and relaxed: Not sleepy, but mellow, and that naturally led to the breath control Tomasz was trying to teach her. Eventually she would learn to hold her breath for two and half minutes at a time, which for all of the men feeding her was more than enough.

And so within the short span of about a week, Paulina mastered the art of deepthroating. It certainly helped that she got so much intensive practice, every day. How many 18 year old girls have the opportunity to practice on 80 different cocks during the course of a day?

Her “graduation” of course was to take her teacher Tomasz all the way into her throat. She wanted her lips to be stretched around the very base of his cock while she drank his semen. Paulina doubted that she’d taste a thing. She’d noticed with most of the larger men that when their cocks were fully embedded, the semen went straight down her throat into her belly, with no taste at all. She laughed about how weird it was to eat and not taste her food.

Paulina got into her throat position, which had become her usual feeding position now: Face-up laying on the bed, with her head hanging over the edge. She looked up at her teacher Tomasz, and smiled a big innocent smile.

“I think I’m ready Sir!”

With that, Tomasz assumed his position standing in front of her, with his torso bent over so he could take in her intoxicating smell. By this point she of course knew to lift her knees up and spread her legs, giving him the best access possible.

Tomasz breathed her in deeply, and immediately his large cock responded. He took one hand and tapped his penis against her mouth, and she of course knew what to do. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, so the doctor could push his cock in.

As I described above, Paulina had taken to getting very relaxed during these throating sessions. It was her breath control training, combined with a natural contentment she felt when her mouth and throat were filled. Anyway, as Tomasz pushed into her you almost would have thought she was asleep: Her eyes were closed, and her unmoving arms stretched straight out at her sides, parallel to the edge of the bed.

For as calm and unmoving as Paulina was, the good doctor was anything but. He was more aroused than I’ve ever seen him, hunched over my little girl. He was making his entrance gradually, not wanting to frighten her: He would make a few small thrusts forward, then a longer draw backward. Then a few more thrusts — slightly farther than the last — followed by a drawback. And so on. In this way he gradually made his way forward, while also giving her chances to breathe.

Paulina later explained to me the feeling of having Tomasz in her little throat.

“Well Daddy do you know that warm, contented feeling when someone hugs you tight? The tighter the better. Well that’s how it feels to me when I have a penis down my throat. As they push in my windpipe has to expand, especially if the penis is thick. To me it feels like my throat is giving their penis a nice tight hug. It feels so good and relaxing! The Doctor is the best feeling of all!”

With that, the Doctor was finally embedded completely into her throat! Although I knew this was just a feeding exercise to support Paulina’s nutrition, I am ashamed to admit I found it erotic to see my daughter in that throat position, with a massive cock down her throat. I would not have believed it possible, to tell the truth! Paulina’s lips were at the base of his cock, with her nose buried deeply into his ballsack. She was utterly calm; if she had any recognition of the achievement, she didn’t show it.

The doctor labored to speak: “Mmm, that’s a good little girl. You took that much better than I expected. But I need to test you a little bit more, and that is on your ability to take thrusting. I’m going to be thrusting my penis in and out of you now sweetheart, so don’t be alarmed. Just continue to relax.”

Then he slowly pulled back his cock from the deepest position, all the way back out until just the tip was in her mouth. It was the most amazing thing, from the outside you could literally see the bulge in her neck from the massive head of his cock squeezing through. As he pulled out, the bulge travelled upward and her neck returned to normal.

Then in one smooth motion, the doctor pushed his cock all the way back in until his balls were pressed against her nose once more. The obscene bulge in her throat traveled back down, seemingly halfway to her stomach. Paulina for her part was a trooper, and never so much as flinched.

The doctor said, “Ahhh, that’s perfect. I’m so proud of you! Ok, just a little more thrusting now and then you get your reward!”

With that, he pinned her legs back extra far with his arms, and got his nose right up into her widely-exposed, musky vagina. Like her, he too closed his eyes as the aroma had its effect on him. I noticed he also enjoyed smelling her little butthole, which I found interesting and strangely arousing. I thought back to my days as Gabriel, sniffing Paulina’s used panties in the bathroom while I masturbated. How much of that wonderful smell had been from her little vagina, and how much was from her anus? I had no way of telling, but watching the doctor sniff deeply at her little butthole made me curious.

At that point, the doctor lost most of whatever professional detachment he had left. He started really fucking my little girl’s mouth. And I’m not talking about some kind of slow gingerly thing. The doctor was fucking her mouth like most men fuck a woman in the vagina: Vigorously and without restraint. For a moment I was alarmed, wondering how Paulina would hold up to the deep rutting taking place in her throat. But I needn’t have worried; she was well-trained. As I said, you would have almost thought she was asleep, she was so contented and pliable. As much as I tried to view this display for what it was — my little girl eating her dinner — there was something undeniably erotic about it: The doctor hunched over my little girl, fucking her throat with abandon. His overweight belly lying on top of her nearly flat chest, holding her down. His face buried between her legs, holding her little butt cheeks apart so he could smell the scent of her butthole.

Finally the Doctor had his orgasm. As expected he rammed his cock all the way inside and held it there tightly, pinning Paulina’s head against the edge of the bed. As the waves of orgasm hit him he let out a big guttural yell that I swear everyone in the building must have heard. You could see Paulina’s distended throat working overtime, trying to swallow his seed. Although he was buried so deeply that swallowing probably wasn’t necessary; strictly speaking the doctor was most likely shooting his semen directly into her stomach. The effect of the swallowing was mostly to stroke the doctor’s embedded cock, milking a few more squirts out of him. When it was all over, Tomasz collapsed on top of my girl, pressing his full weight onto her as he struggled to recover. His cock was still buried completely in her mouth. He pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back on the bed, looking almost dazed. Paulina lay with her arms wide out, eyes still closed, with merely a little smile of satisfaction on her lips.

By this time, quite a crowd of men had gathered in the apartment, surrounding the bed to watch the event. News had traveled around the building that the doctor was giving Paulina her final test today. Many of the men were the older ones in Paulina’s group, but I noticed many of Kasia’s men were there as well, keeping tabs on what Paulina was doing. Kasia herself was watching from the doorway to her room; apparently all of her men had left to see the events next door.

As the Doctor pulled out of Paulina’s mouth and collapsed onto the bed, the crowd of men, which had been quiet up until now, spontaneously erupted into a huge cheer. They were smiling and giving each other high fives, like their favorite football team had just scored a winning goal. I think none of them could wait to take their turn on Paulina.

Amidst all the celebration, I noticed one person in the room was not smiling: Kasia. As I looked at her standing in her doorway across the room, our eyes met and she had a worried look on her face. And then it hit me like a punch to the gut: From now on how will Kasia ever get enough to eat?



Kasia’s plight became immediately apparent as Paulina’s feeding activities settled into a new rhythm. Paulina remained in the throat position on the edge of her bed for hours at a time. Her head was tilted back over the edge, giving men easy access to her mouth. She kept her arms stretched out limply to her sides, with her eyes closed and that contented look one could almost mistake for drowsiness. Paulina seemed to be in heaven when a man was buried in her throat.

The men would line up in our family room next to Paulina’s bed, sometimes as many as 12 deep. Because there were so many men who wanted to feed Paulina, we put a 2.5 minute time limit on each one. The men standing in line would stroke themselves to near orgasm, and when it was their turn would plunge their cock into Paulina’s waiting throat. They all quickly learned they could be as rough or gentle as they wanted with her, and she seemed to enjoy both. Anyway most of the men would follow the Doctor’s lead and bend down to sniff her vagina or anus while they fucked her throat. Conditioned as they were, smelling the girl directly like this would usually make them erupt very quickly. Then you’d see the swallowing in her throat (almost the only sign she wasn’t sleeping), and then it was the next man’s turn. And so on and on it went, an endless procession of men waiting for the chance to feed my daughter directly down her throat.


While Paulina was getting nearly 250 loads per day to eat, poor Kasia had dropped down to just 80. She would start losing weight if we didn’t find a solution soon. As I sat down on the edge of Kasia’s bed in her empty room, she started to cry.

“Oh Daddy, I’m so sad and hungry! None of the men want to feed me anymore!”

“Come here sweetie and let me hold you. You know Daddy loves you and I’m going to help you find a solution. All these men are just excited by what your sister can do now. They still like you but sometimes men only think with their penises.”

“I know Daddy. I would love to be able to do what Paulina does with her mouth, but I don’t think I can! The doctor tested me and he says I don’t have Paulina’s special gift. When a penis gets more than three or so inches into my mouth, I start to choke and gag and I can’t control it!”

“Yes sweetie I know, and that’s ok. I think your sister was just born with that special talent. Every girl has her special talent, we just need to figure out what yours is.”

“What do you mean Daddy, do you have any ideas what mine might be?”

“It could be lots of different things. I’ll have to think about it. Be patient ok honey?”

“Ok Daddy, but hurry because I’m starting to get hungrier and hungrier!”

At that moment she looked so sad and forlorn that it nearly broke my heart. I felt a twinge of the same emotion I felt many months before, when both my girls were on the verge of starvation. I felt helpless as a father, and wanted to do something, anything, to comfort and protect my baby girl.

It was then I made a decision, one of those in-the-moment decisions with the power to affect the rest of your life. It’s easy to look back on it with shame, and to judge what I did, but believe me at the time I only had my girl’s best interests at heart.

“Sweetie how would you like your father to help you out with your food?”

“What Daddy? How do you mean?”

My voice cracked as I continued on. I knew I was stepping over a line here that was real and permanent. Still something inside made me take that step. “Well honey, I mean like feeding. Daddy is a man and can ejaculate too you know.”

I honestly had no idea how she would respond to this. Disgust? Enthusiasm? Polite refusal? Anger?

She thought about it for a moment, with a puzzled look on her face. Knowing my daughter as deeply as I do, I could almost see the lines of thought running through her mind. She’s never really considered that Daddy is just like other men. She’s thinking about how it never really occurred to her that Daddy can ejaculate. Then she remembers where she came from, and of course Daddy can ejaculate! Then she’s filled with curiosity: I wonder what it’s like?

Finally the puzzled look gave way to a broad, bright smile on her face, instantly warming my heart. “Yes let’s try it! Every bit of food will help! And it might help you find my special talent if you start feeding me like the other men.”

I smiled. “Ok good dear. But I have one request. Like the other men I’d like to sniff you while I masturbate, ok?”

“Ok, Daddy, of course!” She’d gotten so used to the sniffing routine that it didn’t faze her at all, the idea of her father smelling her vagina.

I took my daughter’s hand as we sat there on the bed, cradling it in my own and looking into her lovely eyes. She has her mother’s eyes, the eyes I fell in love with so many years ago. Her lost mother who was long since dead. The three of us, the two girls and me, were all that was left of our world any more. Melancholy regret over our situation gave way to a feeling of intense love for this woman in front of me. She was MY woman, and I would bend Heaven and Earth to protect her, and make her happy. There was little else left for me in this world.

Lifting her hand to my mouth I kissed it softly, trying to communicate the intensity of my feelings in that single kiss. This would be our first time, and I wanted it to be special. I gave her what I hoped was a reassuring smile, then leaned her back to lay flat on the bed. She was already naked except for her panties, which I reached up to grab at the waistband. Slowly I pulled them down off her reclining body. Pulling over the swell of her hips, her lifting upward so I could pull them past her generous buttocks. Our eyes met briefly, and she smiled.

Then I smelled it, and gasped. That smell! I hadn’t smelled it in weeks, since the last time I’d masturbated with my face pressed into her panties. Here it was for real, her gorgeous womanly vagina! Not tiny and hairless like her sister’s, but rich and full and fertile and musky. She watched me intently as I leaned forward and nestled my nose within her pubic hair, smelling deeply. I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh, then returned to my work of removing her panties.

When she was naked, I stood up off the bed and began to remove my clothing. She watched me closely, with a look I interpreted as intense curiosity. Kasia let out a cute chuckle when my erect penis popped free from my underwear and bounced up and down. I took off everything, wanting to be completely naked for our first time together.

At last I lay down next to her on the bed, and carefully arranged us for her feeding. I was laying on my left side, with my head pointed toward the head of the bed. Kasia was laying on her left side as well, but with her head pointed the opposite way, toward the bottom of the bed. And so we formed a kind of 69 position on our sides, with my face near her vagina, and her mouth near my penis.

I then instructed Kasia to open her legs, so I could put my head between them. Resting her upper thigh against my right ear, gravity sandwiched my head between her thighs. Immediately in front of me, occupying my entire view was her intoxicating vagina. I was in heaven! Breathing in deeply, I took my free right hand and began stroking my cock.

I want to stress that I had always been very careful to prevent sexual contact between me, and any of the other men for that matter, and my daughters. Sniffing their smell is one thing, but touching and licking their vaginas were strictly off-limits. The girls of course used their mouths on the mens’ penises, but strictly for the nonsexual act of feeding. I was adamant that I wanted my daughters to retain their sexual innocence.

So I was surprised with Kasia that day when she began rocking her hips against my head, wedged between her thighs. As I was smelling her and masturbating, it was like she wanted to grind her vagina against my face. She reached down with her right hand, and feeling between the backs of her thighs found my head. She grabbed my hair and held on tight, using this to pull me into her. In the heat of sex I didn’t have the willpower to stop her. She began grinding her vagina hard against my face, smearing me with her smell. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t erotic.

Soon it was time for me to ejaculate. I knelt with my knees on the bed and sat on my heels, positioned so Kasia’s head was between my thighs. Two more strokes, then it was time. I reached down and cradled her head in my hands, and said, my voice rough, “open up baby.” She understood what I meant. Kasia opened her mouth wide, and closing her lips over the end of my cock, waited for her food to come.

In the five seconds it took for my eruption to build and explode, thoughts swirled through my mind. How warm her mouth felt on my cock. How much I loved her. How dirty it was that I was about to pump semen into my daughter’s waiting mouth. How much she was like her mother, even in her sexual response. What did it mean that she was pulling me into her, apparently turned on.

Then, with my daughter’s head cradled in my hands, my orgasm erupted. I felt like it was emanating from the base of my spine, gathering momentum and force through my groin, and finally down the length of my shaft. Here it is baby, Daddy’s come!

My cock throbbed violently as spurt after spurt of semen flowed out of me. I could feel Kasia tighten her lips around my tip, and form a pocket inside her mouth for the semen to flow into. I had to remember, she was an expert at this now. It kept flowing, and flowing, and flowing…like it would never stop. Finally it did. As I held my girl’s lovely head in my hands, looking down I was filled with the most intense love. She closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. I could feel she had not yet swallowed, but was holding my semen in her mouth to enjoy.

She sat up and her eyes bolted open.


As Kasia said this two things happened. First, her mouth was full of a huge load of come, so as she tried to talk around it “Gabriel!” came out more like “Gabruuuh!”. The second thing was that in her outburst some of my semen shot out the side of her mouth, threatening to drop down onto the bed. Thinking quickly (that’s my girl) she sucked back in and rescued the semen back into her mouth.

I couldn’t help but erupt in laughter. She got a mock-hurt look on her face at this, and was about to speak again but stopped herself. Realizing what was in her mouth, Kasia’s eyes fluttered closed and I could see her rolling the semen around in her mouth, enjoying the taste. It had been weeks since she’d had any of Gabriel’s semen. At last she pursed her lips, and ever so slowly swallowed the entire load down into her belly. Eyes still closed, she exhaled slowly and seemed blissfully content. Laying her head back down into my hands, she looked like she might take a nap.

With a contented smile and half-lidded eyes, she said, “That was yummy Daddy, thank you. Will I get to drink Gabriel’s semen again?”

“Yes baby, of course. Now you get some rest.”

…and with that, her eyes drifted closed and she fell into a deep sleep.


Over the next several weeks, we all saw the impact of Paulina’s new throat-based method of feeding. Paulina was eating 250 or more ejaculations each day, while her older sister Kasia was down to only 60 or 70. It was profoundly unsetting, to see one sister thrive and even gain weight, while the other gradually starved. Something had to be done. Kasia needed to find her special talent, just as Paulina had found hers.

All I could do to help directly was continue to feed Kasia my own semen (or rather Gabriel’s), in the same manner we’d done that first time. Always away from the other men, and always once in the morning and again in late afternoon. Paulina, when she found out that I was Gabriel, became a little jealous that her sister was getting my full semen output. But she didn’t complain; she knew her sister was hungry.

Over the course of our feeding sessions, I quickly became more attached to Kasia than I thought possible. In hindsight I realize this was only natural; although the feeding was not a sexual act for her, if I am honest it was intensely sexual for me. I was lonely and suffering from being single so long. As Kasia has grown she has come to remind me so much of my deceased wife. I remember in high school, when my wife-to-be and I used to sneak into the music practice rooms during lunch hour. My sessions with Kasia brought me back so vividly to those times we spent together, her patiently sucking me off each day. It’s amusing to think that Kasia was conceived in one of those very rooms!

There was something else about Kasia that I grew attached to. Strange as it sounds, her little butthole began to arouse me during her feedings. Now I should say that after many, many months of a semen-only diet, the girls had a very different poop smell than you or me. Being on an all-liquid diet, the doctor said it was entirely possible for defecation to stop entirely. As it turned out the girls had far less feces than they used to, and in the absence of solid or processed foods it took on a very different appearance and smell. Imagine small dry flecks of an off-white cottage cheese, with a slightly sweet and musky smell, and you wouldn’t be too far off the mark. Kasia’s almost complete lack of poop, and the tidiness of what remained, fascinated me. To me her clean, perky little butthole was just another component of what I loved about our feeding sessions.

So as I gave Kasia her twice a day feedings, my attention began to focus more and more on her butthole. I adjusted our usual 69 position to give me better access: With my head between her thighs as before, and her knees pulled up toward her chest, I instructed her to reach back with her free hands to spread her butt cheeks widely. In this way I could nestle my nose right next to her little butthole, and inhale deeply as I stroked myself into her mouth. I was a little guilty from the intense pleasure this gave me, but I felt better knowing Kasia was getting the big loads she needed for her health.

In fact, my arousal was so intense that I suspected it might be possible to add a third feeding each day. But first I had some items to discuss with Tomasz, our doctor.

The next day I pulled Tomasz aside. I explained to him my latest method of feeding Kasia, and would it be possible to take the next step.

The Doctor said to me, “That was astute of you to notice the change in her feces resulting from the all-semen diet. I have noticed the same in Paulina during my feedings with her. And like you, I have come to find it very arousing, which is of course good for the girls.”

I pressed on to the real subject of my inquiry.

“That’s a perfect lead-in for my questions Doctor. As you know I am very strict about maintaining the sexual innocence of my daughters. We put rules in place for the men during feeding, to prevent sexual contact: Touching their vaginas, kissing, breast stimulation, and so on. During feeding I am always present and keep an eye to be sure those rules are followed.

“What we have not established yet are any rules about contact with the girls’ buttholes. I ask, because if this were allowed I think it could prove beneficial to their food supply. You and I can’t be the only ones who find this arousing.

I continued, “So my question to you is, is there any activity involving their buttholes that we should consider ‘sex’ and keep off-limits? Is for example touching or licking the girls’ buttholes to be allowed, or not?”

The Doctor considered his reply carefully.

“Yes, this is an especially important question for Kasia. I’ve been concerned about her falling weight. But I know you’re looking for a more principled answer here.”

Collecting his thoughts, Tomasz continued. “I think the question of what constitutes sex from the girls’ perspective boils down to what they might derive pleasure from. I’m speaking of sexual pleasure specifically. For women and sex there can be a lot of gray area, but the one objective measure of sexual pleasure is the orgasm: Is it possible for a certain stimulation to bring about an orgasm?

“For clitoral and vaginal stimulation, the answer is clearly ‘yes’. These are the most common stimuli to elicit orgasm in women, so we categorize these as sexual activities.

“Likewise, many women can get aroused and even orgasm from the stimulation of secondary erogenous zones. For example, I have read of women who can reach orgasm from slow kissing alone. Similarly it is not uncommon for women to orgasm from nipple stimulation. So by your rules we are correct to prevent the men from touching your girls in those ways.

“That said, in my experience I have never seen nor heard of any cases of female orgasm from anal stimulation alone. Anal stimulation in combination with clitoral stimulation, yes. But anal stimulation alone? Not likely. Some women find it feels good, but not in a way that will make them orgasm. An analogy might be a very enjoyable foot massage. And many women do not find anal stimulation enjoyable at all. In any case, we don’t have good evidence that anal stimulation would be interpreted in a sexual way by your daughters. In fact in my practice I often perform rectal examinations on female patients — thermometers, health checkups, and so on — and I have never once had a patient get aroused at this.

“So to answer your question, I don’t believe anal stimulation should be considered sexual activity from the girls’ standpoint.”

With this I was already formulating a plan.


The next day I told Kasia that I might have a way she could get more food from her men. But, I explained to her, she would have to work hard and it would take time to learn.

“Oh Daddy, you mean you found my special talent?!? Like Paulina’s throat position, only this one is for me!”

I said, “Yes dear, that’s exactly the idea. But this talent is different from Paulina’s. I know you’ve tried the throat position and it doesn’t work for you. The special talent I’m talking about has to do with your butthole.”

She looked crestfallen. “My butthole? What does that have to do with anything?? I mean, I know some of the men like to smell it. I can feel their penises get harder when they nestle their nose in between my cheeks and breathe in deep. But how is that a new talent?”

The way she described it made my penis twinge a little, I was incredibly aroused by the smell of her butthole. I replied, “Well honey, I was actually thinking about something a little bit different. I’ve checked with the doctor, and he says it’s ok if we let the men touch your butthole too. I know many of them would find this really fun!”

“Touch my butthole? Why would anybody want to do that??”

“Well sweetheart, do you know what it is about the throat position that men like so much? It’s the feeling of having their penis deep inside Paulina’s body, where it’s tight and warm and inviting. Now if you worked hard at it, you could do the same thing. Only with your butthole instead!”

With that she gave me a big smile, and told me she wanted to get started on her special talent!

“Great honey! Ok then let’s get you started on your first exercise. I want you to take off your panties. Then climb up on the bed like a doggy, with your butt sticking up in the air.”

I was so excited by what was about to happen that my voice cracked a little. I also felt more than a little guilty to get such an erotic charge from my own daughter! But, I knew it would help her get more food and so being the loving father I willed myself to continue.

Once she was up on the bed naked as I instructed, I gently guided her into position. I had her lower her head and chest onto the bed, while keeping her butt up in the air. She pressed her face into a pillow and had a big contented smile. I patted her inner thighs and she understood without words that I wanted her to spread her knees apart farther. At that point I didn’t try for words because I knew my voice would break.

Meanwhile Kasia’s exposed position opened up her vagina and anus to me completely. I thought of the countless times I had gotten so close to her pink butthole, inhaling her scent deeply as an aid to my own masturbation. Really with her on an all-semen diet, that smell that excited me so much was nothing more the semen of dozens of men filtered by her body. Now it was time for me to go beyond smelling.

I started by using my fingertips, first running them lightly over her buttocks and thighs. I marveled at her pale skin, so soft and smooth to the touch. She let out a contented sigh and I thought to myself, “Ok this is good. You should get her relaxed for what comes next.”

While I caressed her in this way I began talking to her, figuring it would help her relax. I said to her, “Kasia for this practice I just want you to get used to what it feels like to have your butthole touched. Now this is probably going to feel weird and uncomfortable to you. The doctor tells me that women don’t like this. But again I want you to remember what we’re trying to do. If you can get used to this, and some other exercises, you’ll have men dying to spend time with you!”

“Ok Daddy. I’ll do whatever you want me to!”

With that I got into position for her first exercise, getting used to being touched. I kneeled at her side, next to her left hip. With my left hand I placed my thumb and index finger to either side of her little butthole, and used the fingers to spread her cheeks apart. Then softly I caressed the fingertips of my right hand over her beautiful little hole. Around and around in slow little circles my fingertips went, faintly massaging. Pausing periodically I ran my fingertips up the length of her crack and lightly caressed the inside of her cheeks, before returning to her hole. This attention made Kasia sigh and close her eyes.

“That feels nice Daddy. But you’re touching me so softly it almost itches!”

She was ready for more stimulation, the next step. I instructed her to reach back with both arms and use her hands to keep her cheeks spread. She looked so cute that way, spreading her cheeks to give me open access to her bottom.

I kneeled behind Kasia now, positioning my face right up against her bottom. Softly I used my tongue to repeat the motions my fingers had just been making, licking around her hole and slowly lapping up the length of her crack. I used a little more pressure now, and the wet warmness of the sensations made her gasp.

It was time to introduce her to the feeling of penetration. As I traced my tongue up her crack, I let the tip linger on the center of her hole. Gently at first, then with increasing pressure, I pushed my tongue into her and moved it in tiny little circular motions. With my tongue I was massaging her ring of muscle and encouraging it to relax. Slowly I increased the depth with my tongue, then massaged in circles, then pulled out to lick up her entire crack, and then I would repeat by pushing the tongue straight in. And so in this way I coaxed her to take as much of my tongue as I could fit into her.

“Uhhhh that feels good! I like having you lick me there Daddy! But it still kinda itches!” She was pushing back on my face, like she wanted me to go deeper. But my tongue had reached its limit. I knew it was time.

Pulling back, I put my right thumb into my mouth and got it wet with saliva. Then I placed the tip of my thumb at the entrance to her hole.

“Ok baby this is it! Try to relax for me ok?” I said.

And then with one smooth firm motion I pushed my thumb all the way into her bottom, as far as it would go. She tensed at first, then let out a long ahhhhhhh sound.

“That’s it Daddy, that’s the spot that itches!! Can you scratch it some more for me?”

That was when I realized my daughter has a special talent for anal sex. She was in no apparent pain at all, and seemed very content to have my thumb resting inside her butthole. In fact she started to squirm a little, trying to feel my thumb moving inside.

I couldn’t help but notice the juice dripping from her vagina. Of course I never touched her sexually throughout this exercise, and the doctor had assured me she couldn’t get aroused from the anal play. I figured it was probably the newness of the situation that was making her respond. I remember back when I was 19 and would get erections at the most random and embarrassing moments. Apparently it was the same for her!

Slowly but firmly I fucked my thumb slightly in and out of her bottom. I wasn’t moving far, just getting her used to the pressure and feeling of being penetrated. The in and out made her groan.

Breathing deeply she was able to talk. “Ahhhh yes! That’s it! Keep scratching it just like that…”

After a few minutes of gentle fucking with my thumb, Kasia began to settle down. I stopped my motion with her thumb and gave her a moment to adjust. Then in a single smooth motion I pulled my thumb all the way out of her.

Kasia’s first training session was over, a big success!


Over the next several days I led Kasia through several more training sessions. By inserting progressively larger items into her bottom, she got used to the feeling of being stretched out and having objects inside. For the most part I used my fingers (and later groups of fingers), because they are soft and I could gauge by feel how pliable her hole was becoming.

For her part Kasia was coping with it well. She would often groan, I assumed out of discomfort, but after a while she would calm down and accommodate whatever I had inside her. Overall I progressed her slowly because I wanted to avoid discomfort. Still I was glad to see Kasia was enthusiastic in her training. Often she would push into me as I was inserting into her bottom.

With her intensive training, within days we were at a point where she could accommodate penis-sized objects in her bottom. At that point I knew it was time to graduate to our main objective, fucking. This is what I knew the men would enjoy. As her father it was my duty to go first and prepare her.

And so one afternoon I laid Kasia on the bed, flat on her back. Beneath her bottom I placed a thick pillow. Then I took my clothes off and lay down next to her. I was so much in love with my little girl in that moment!

First I wanted to open her up with my tongue. Sitting near Kasia’s feet, I put my hands under the inside of her knees, and pushed them up toward her head. This put her into a very exposed missionary position, with her butt lifted up by the pillow. Putting my face against her crack as I had so many times before, I began to lick and penetrate her bottom with my tongue. That made her squirm and groan. I continued tongue-fucking her until I felt she was relaxed and ready.

Finally it was time for sex! Keeping her knees pinned against her chest, I moved up and kneeled so my penis was right at her exposed butthole. Of course I was as hard as I’d ever been. I spit into my right palm and smeared it over my penis, lubricating myself for her. Then pressing my glans against her hole, I began to push inside.

“Oh daddy oh daddy oh daddy I want you to scratch my itch inside!”

Pushing I gradually advanced, then –POP– the head of my penis was fully inside! My girl was really doing it!

I leaned forward to lay directly on her, and she wrapped her arms around my back. Now we were like two lovers in the missionary position. I began thrusting in and out of her bottom, while she used her legs and arms to hold on and pull me into her. The feelings were so intense and I began fucking her with abandon. She took it with amazing poise. I’m not proud to say it, but that first time I ejaculated deep inside her bottom. Perfectly good food, gone to waste.

After we’d recovered I spoke. “How was that honey? Do you think you could do that with other men?”

Kasia replied, “It felt nice daddy. Really full! It’s hard to explain but sometimes I feel like I have an itchy feeling deep inside. When you had your penis in there it really scratched that itch. Then you moved in and out and it felt perfect!”

Part 2: After the War

Copyright 2013 by woodfellow

Twenty one months and four days after the occupation began, as quickly as it started it was over. When the UN forces arrived to liberate us they found a curious sight: An apartment complex filled with one hundred and sixty men, and exactly two healthy young women ages 19 and 21. They moved us to a refugee camp where we received food, new clothes, and health inspections. All of us were very healthy including the girls.

In the months that followed the war reconstruction effort gained momentum. Families like ours who were driven homeless by the war were a big focus of the humanitarian aid efforts. We qualified for a housing subsidy and I decided to use the opportunity to buy a home, only a few kilometers from where we’d lived before. I couldn’t help but think our family had come out ahead by the war: Our new house was certainly better than anything we’d afforded previously.

We moved into our new home six weeks after the war ended. What a beautiful home it was! It had three bedrooms, so the girls no longer had to share. The home also had its own in-law suite, basically a connected apartment with its own separate entrance from the outside.

Paulina and Kasia were delighted to settle into our new home, and return to normal life. Paulina, who was 20 at this time, had had her high school studies interrupted by the war. She was missing her last two years, and so re-enrolled in school as an 11th grader. Paulina was three years older than most of the other students in her class, but being young-looking and petite she did not stand out.

Kasia on the other hand had completed her high school studies shortly before the war. I encouraged her to consider college, but she decided she would rather work for a while and decide what she wanted to do next. So Kasia looked for a job, eventually finding a role as an administrative assistant at a law firm. She was surrounded by lawyers, mostly men, but it was an environment she liked and a job she could do really well. Since Kasia was working she moved into the in-law suite attached to the house. That would be convenient if she had to leave for work early.


There was absolutely no discussion between the girls and me about what had happened during the war, and what we had done to survive. In the privacy of my own mind I often thought about those events, and tried to make sense of them. Had I done the right thing as a father? Could there have been another way? On the one hand I was proud to have gotten my daughters safely through the horrors of war. Heaven knows things could have been much worse: Countless thousands of young girls no different from ours had been raped or killed or worse during the war. I felt proud that I kept my girls safe.

On the other hand, at what cost? They had provided sexual gratification to hundreds of men over many months. Yes we had rules about sexual contact to keep the girls from getting aroused. But there had to be consequences.

And truthfully, if I was honest with myself I still felt a burning sexual attraction for my daughters. I had gone from fucking each of them daily (one in the mouth, one in the ass), to nothing. How was I supposed to return to a normal father role? Everything had changed and I was consumed by guilt.

Over the weeks that followed, the war took on a surreal dreamlike quality. I think all of us wanted to close that chapter of our lives. I was soon reminded however that leaving the past behind is easier said than done….


“Daddy, I can’t sleep!”

I woke up and looked for the source of the whispering. Kasia was standing next to my bed looking at me. The alarm clock on my nightstand read 3:14am. What was she doing up so late?

“Have you tried listening to your music honey? That might help you sleep.” I whispered back, still half-asleep myself.

“Yes I tried everything! Nothing’s working. I’m not used to sleeping in a room by myself. Can you come keep me company for a while?” She was whispering very softly but with an urgency that brought me awake.

“Ok sweetheart, but I really need to get sleep of my own too. I’ll come for a while.”

And so I followed Kasia down the hallway and through several rooms, to the inside door to her suite. I was so tired I was practically sleepwalking. She closed her suite door behind us, and led me through into her bedroom. By design this part of the house was very private from the other rooms.

Her bedroom was quite large, with its own king-sized bed and attached bathroom. Still groggy I fell into the bed, and Kasia settled in next to me. Pulling the blankets up she shifted and lay on her stomach with her face buried in a pillow. She always liked this sleeping position. With my right hand I patted her slowly and gently on the back, hoping this would soothe her to sleep. For a long time I gently patted her….

“Daddy, I still can’t sleep!”

Waking up again I realized I had dozed off. Her clock now read 3:37am. Kasia sounded tired and a little bit frantic to get to sleep. I knew the feeling, when you need to sleep but your body just won’t do it.

“Ok honey,” I said. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

She looked me in the eyes and paused for a while with a strange expression on her face.

Very softly she said, “well there is one thing….”

“What is it honey? I want to help you get some rest.”

“Well…” she hesitated. “Daddy do you remember how you used to hold me in bed to help me relax? Could you do that for me now? I really need to get some sleep!”

She was talking about how I used to pin her arms down. For some reason this has a calming effect on Kasia, I don’t know why. It seemed almost an instinctive response, like how a kitten relaxes when picked up by the nape of its neck.

“Of course I’ll help honey.”

With that I rolled Kasia onto her belly. Then laying next to her, I pulled her arms up above her head and used my hand to grip her wrists together firmly. When I did this I could hear her exhale and visibly relax. She closed her eyes and her breathing got more even.

I thought she was drifting off to sleep, but she kept stirring periodically.

“Daddy can you lay on top of me for a little bit? I’m so tired….”

And so I climbed over on top of my daughter, and eased my weight onto her. With my left hand I continued holding her wrists above her head. With my right hand I did the other thing she finds soothing: I reached under her right armpit and placed my hand firmly around her throat. With this treatment Kasia sighed and I felt all the tension drain out of her. Like picking up a kitten by the nape of its neck.

As she was calming, something was happening to me. My groin was pressed against her pajama-ed bottom, and involuntarily I was getting an erection. I was wearing no nightclothes of any kind, so my penis nestled directly against her.

“I hope she’s asleep and isn’t feeling this,” I thought. Kasia was completely still for several minutes, and my thoughts began to drift. To the smell of her hair, and my memories of Gabriel feeding his daughters.

Almost involuntarily I shifted my weight slightly, and my penis fell perfectly into the crack down her bottom. She was wearing pajama bottoms, a fuzzy material that felt soft against my shaft. I couldn’t deny it, holding Kasia down was incredibly arousing. My thoughts went back to months before, when each morning I would hold my daughter like this, lube my cock with my saliva, and push my shaft deep into her warm bottom. Against my will I began tiny, imperceptible thrusting movements. For several minutes I stayed there, enjoying the sensation of her sleeping body underneath me and the rhythmic pressure of my hard penis against her soft bottom.

“Mmmm Daddy … that …. feels so good” she said with the sleepiest voice you can imagine. And then she fell quiet.



About four months after liberation day, I got a call from the doctor Tomasz. He wanted to meet and talk. I had a feeling he had bad news, and it was confirmed the next day when we spoke. Tomasz’s wife had not survived the war. The circumstances of her death were not clear, but he had made a positive identification of her remains. I tried my best to console him, but with little effect. Men, especially older men, don’t do well when their women are gone.

That was when Tomasz and I decided to start a weekly meetup of some of our friends from the old neighborhood. We called it “poker night”, from 8 to 11pm every Friday evening at our house. The group included Tomasz of course, and six other friends that were still in the area. Most of the men were older, although at 61 years old Tomasz was the senior of the group. One of the other men had also lost his wife during the war.

Poker night with the guys fast became a weekly tradition, and a chance for us to talk about old times and what was happening in our lives. The war had been disrupting for each of us, most of all the two who’d lost their wives. But we were all survivors and it felt good to spend time with trusted old friends each week.

The eight of us would seat ourselves around our big dining table, and drink and play poker. We’d play for money, small stakes. Just enough to keep it interesting but not enough to develop grievances. In truth none of us was all that good at poker, and the winnings would go back and forth between us each week.

The girls would usually stay in their rooms. By this time Paulina was getting a lot of homework in school, and she’d usually get all her weekend homework done on Friday evening. Kasia meanwhile would stay in her suite and was almost never seen or heard.


It was our very first poker night, and we were about an hour into a game of five-card draw. The men had settled into a good rhythm and conversation. Some of us were drinking beer, the others vodka as per each man’s preference.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw somebody standing in the wide archway in one side of the room. It was my daughter Paulina.

“Sorry Daddy to bother all of you. I just wanted to get a drink of water from the kitchen!”

From Paulina’s room the kitchen was on the other side of the dining room, and she had to walk through our poker game to get there.

“That’s fine dear. Don’t mind us men!” I replied.

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized that Paulina’s eyes had scanned the room and were riveted on Tomasz, the doctor. Her face was beginning to flush. Tomasz for his part returned her gaze with a blank, unreadable expression. He said nothing. As instantly as it came the moment passed, and Paulina began walking through the room toward the kitchen.

While she walked every one of the men’s eyes were on her. In hindsight I didn’t think about how awkward this might be for Paulina. All of these men had, just months before, been feeding their entire semen output to Paulina and her sister Kasia to help them survive the war. All but one of these men in the room had been in Paulina’s group, and each of them had been intimate with Paulina hundreds of times. For me those memories were fading into the past, since I lived with Paulina every day. But for these men in the room, this was the first they’d seen of Paulina since the day the war ended. For them the memories were fresh.

As she walked through the room I was also acutely aware of how provocatively she was dressed. Did she always dress like this on a Friday night at home? I wondered. All Paulina wore was a very large football jersey, so long it covered her bottom like a dress. Was she wearing shorts or panties underneath? I couldn’t tell. The only other visible clothing she wore was a pair of big fluffy white socks that pulled up to just below her knees. Paulina looked like she was ready for a sleepover with her girlfriends.

Conversation among the men began to return when Paulina had passed through the dining room again back toward her room in the hallway. Within seconds it was as if the interruption had never occurred. By some unspoken agreement we never said a word about what must have been on every man’s mind, namely how we’d fed Paulina and her sister during the war. That was in the past.


Poker night was a big success. By around 10pm all the drinking was catching up with us, and Tomasz was the first to ask if he could use the restroom. I described how to find the bathroom at the end of the hall, and he excused himself. After he returned, one by one the other men took bathroom breaks of their own. One of the nice things about poker is you don’t need all players to be there to continue the game. Men would excuse themselves to get a beer from the kitchen, or go to the bathroom as needed. They felt right at home.

At 11pm we decided to call it a night, and with handshakes and smiles we agreed what a fun night we’d had. We decided to make Friday poker night a standing tradition.


After the men had left and I’d cleaned up, I went to Paulina’s room to say good night to her. I knocked softly on her door, not wanting to wake her if she was already asleep.

“Come in daddy, I’m still awake,” I heard her respond.

I entered her room to find Paulina laying on her bed. She looked like she’d been staring at the ceiling and daydreaming. I sat next to her on the edge of her bed.

“How was your evening sweetheart? Did you get your homework finished?” I asked.

“My evening was great. I didn’t get too far on my homework though. I’ll need to finish it this weekend. How about you daddy, did you have a fun time with your friends?” she asked.

“Ah yes we had a really good time,” I replied. “We’re going to make poker night something we do every Friday. It’s good for the men to get together. The war was hard on them, and some of them even lost their wives. I think you know that Tomasz lost his wife of many years? Awful story.”

I continued, “Anyway, about poker night. Would that be ok with you? I know we kind of take up the house. I hope it isn’t too much of an inconvenience to have so many guests.”

“Oh no!” Paulina blurted out. “It’s no trouble at all. I can just stay in my room. I think the men really enjoyed themselves, and I agree it would be nice to do it again.”

“Mmm, well if it becomes a problem you just let me know, ok?”

“Ok daddy, but I really don’t think it will be a problem at all.”

I smiled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head. She was such an agreeable daughter.

“Well sweetheart, it’s late and I think you should get some rest!” I said.

It was her turn to smile. “Yes Daddy I think you’re right! And I’m all ready for bed.”

I kissed the top of her head again and stood up to leave the room. “Ok then, good night honey. I love you and sweet dreams!”

Walking toward the door I switched out the light to her room. As I was standing in the hallway closing her bedroom door behind me, I thought I heard Paulina say something softly.

A whisper? Reopening the door to her darkened room, I peeked my head in to see. My daughter was laying in bed with her big round eyes glowing in the darkness, looking at me. I walked quietly across the room and knelt next to her at the side of her bed.

I whispered, “Did you say something honey?”

She had wide-open eyes and a suddenly serious look on her face.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered. “Can you tuck me in?”

I was stunned, I never expected her to say those words again. During the war those had been the words Paulina used when she wanted Gabriel (me) to feed her just before bedtime.

As my daughter said this she had a serious, almost pleading look on her face. Consciously or not she’d relaxed to let her mouth fall open, and I could already see her head tilting back. During the war she had spent countless hours in the “throat position”, it was second nature to her.

I am ashamed to say that my cock responded instantly. The animal within me wanted to become Gabriel again, and push my cock deep into her throat. I wanted to erupt into her mouth and fill it with semen for her to swallow. Every night during the war I would do this, fuck her throat with my nose nestled against her privates while I inhaled the smell of her vagina and anus.

I don’t know how I did it, but I resisted the urge. Deep down I knew this wasn’t about my daughter’s health any more. Gabriel had served his purpose, and for him to be an ongoing part of his daughters’ lives would be wrong.

I smiled at her and patted her cheek. “Of course I’ll tuck you in honey.”

And I pulled up the blanket around my daughter and tucked her in.

Leaning down I kissed her on the cheek, melting inside from the sad look in her eyes. I whispered to her, “Just remember honey, I always love you and will do what’s best for you. Now you get some rest.”

I slipped out the door, closing it softly behind me.


Several weeks went by, and our lives settled into more of a routine. Paulina was doing well in school, and Kasia was finding she enjoyed working at the law firm very much. Kasia also enjoyed living more independently in her own suite. Sometimes she would join us for dinner, but often she would cook for herself (her suite had a small kitchen) and we might not see her at all on some nights. Her suite had its own entrance to the outside, so she was able to keep her own hours without disturbing us. I was proud she was learning to be independent.

We also continued doing poker night each Friday, from 8 to 11pm. I don’t think any of the men ever missed a single one.



One evening in November I had a surprising conversation with Kasia. She had something to ask me, and wanted me to join her in her suite. Following her to her private rooms I was of course curious.

In the privacy of Kasia’s living area I asked her, “What’s it about honey? Is something the matter?”

“No Daddy, nothing like that. Well maybe. No that isn’t right. I don’t want to make you worried. I’m just trying to be safe is all.” Kasia responded, stammering a bit.

“Safe about what honey? Are you in trouble?” I asked.

Kasia was turning red and was clearly embarrassed or emotional. About what I couldn’t tell. She stalled a bit before continuing.

“Trouble? Oh no Daddy, not at all. It’s just…well…do you remember those special panties you made for me one time? Do you know where I can get those again?”

My mind reeled! Kasia was talking about her half-panties, the ones I’d made for her during the war to protect her virginity. Kasia had turned to anal sex as a way to get the nutrition she needed. She wore the half-panties whenever men were fucking her bottom, to prevent mistakes. There was always a risk that the man might accidentally pull out too far out of her bottom and thrust back into the wrong hole. The half-panties were designed to prevent that.

I considered what this request of hers meant.

“Of course honey, we can get you some half-panties. But can you tell me what’s going on? I’m your father and I want to make sure you’re ok,” I said.

Kasia considered that, and then continued on.

“Ok, well, I just want to be safe. Daddy there are a couple of men at my work who have been fucking my bottom for a while now. I want to wear half-panties to work just to be safe.”

“Really? Fucking you at work?!? Who are these men Kasia? How are they doing this to you?”

“Oh don’t worry Daddy it’s nothing bad. You know I enjoy it!”

With my prompting and cross-examination I eventually pieced together the entire story. The two men who were fucking Kasia were the two managing partners at her law firm. As men of power often do, one of the partners had decided to make a move on the attractive young woman who was new in the office. Kasia had enjoyed the attention from him, and within a few days invited him to fuck her bottom if he wanted. My daughter really has a different attitude toward sex than most women. Anyway, the man of course accepted.

So twice a day the partner calls Kasia into his office, and bending her over his desk he fucks her in the bottom. He doesn’t even take off his suit, he just unzips, lubes up, and pushes inside. Kasia it seems enjoys this. (“It’s better than working!” she laughed.) Once the first partner realized there was plenty of her to go around, he sent Kasia to the other law partner in the office. Between the two of them she was getting anal sex four or five times a day.

Once the basic picture was clear I said, “Thanks for telling me all this honey, it’s good that you trust me. But first things first, when these men fuck you where do they ejaculate?”

“One of them likes to come in my mouth, so I swallow it down. The other man usually comes inside my bottom. I’ve explained to both of them that I’m a virgin and I can’t have sex.”

I said to her, “Yes honey it does sound like you should be wearing half-panties to work. I’ll help you get some. Most importantly though, after the man ejaculates inside your bottom you should be careful about where it drips! You are a virgin but if his semen drips out and runs across your vagina, then it’s possible you might get pregnant. The chance is low but isn’t zero.”

“That’s smart of you Daddy. I’ll try to be careful.”

That weekend I took Kasia to several stores, but we didn’t find any half-panties for sale. I decided we would have to once again make our own. This time though I located a qualified seamstress and explained to her what we wanted. She was obviously intrigued by the job. She took many measurements of Kasia and asked her about what kinds of materials she liked, colors, and so on.

Several days later the seamstress showed us her work. It was beautiful! The panties were all black, with a sheer fabric in the front, and a soft cottony material over the vaginal area. The straps up the outside of the buttocks were made of a black lacy material, delicate looking but strong. Kasia tried them on and they fit her perfectly. I paid the seamstress to sew six more identical pairs.

From that day on Kasia wore her half-panties to work every day.



Fast forward to mid-December, and one of our regular Friday evening poker nights. As usual we were gathered around the table, drinking and playing cards.

On this particular night we had an accident, albeit a minor one. We’d just finished an unusually exciting round of cards, one of those hands where two players get into a bidding war and everyone else folds as the stakes get higher. It was a flush against a full house. In the cheering and high fives after the cards were shown, one of the men accidentally knocked a bowl of potato chips onto the floor.

Waving him down, I jumped up to go fetch the broom and dustpan from the hall closet.

Walking down the hall toward the closet I heard a muffled sound coming from one of the rooms. I was out of earshot now of the loud noise coming from the dining room. There was a definite human sound. Maybe Paulina was listening to her music with headphones?

Genuinely curious now, I put my ear against one door after another in the hallway to identify the source of the noise. It was coming from Paulina’s room. And it was definitely not her voice I was hearing! Kneeling quietly in front of her room in the darkened hallway, I leaned forward to look through the keyhole in her door. Our house had doors of this older style, with keyholes you could see clear through.

On the other side of the door I could clearly see Tomasz in Paulina’s bedroom. He was naked save for his shirt and socks. The noise I’d heard was him grunting, as he violently throat-fucked my daughter on the bed. Paulina was in the throat position, laying on her back with her head dangling over the side of the bed. Tomasz stood directly in front of her, thrusting his big cock straight into her waiting throat. He was rutting like an animal possessed. If I hadn’t known Paulina’s talent firsthand I would have been worried for her safety.

I felt like I was watching a scene from twelve months ago, when Paulina relied on this for her nutrition. Why would she be doing this now? Was she being coerced, or did she somehow enjoy it? Should I break into the room and put a stop to it? I decided that no, it was not my place to do so. Paulina was an adult now and capable of making her own decisions.

In one crucial way the scene was in fact very different from twelve months ago, and that was that Tomasz was having sexual contact with my daughter. During the war we were always diligent to keep the men from arousing the girls during their feeding sessions: Kissing, and touching their breasts or vaginas, were rigorously disallowed. Now however as Tomasz fucked her mouth he was using his tongue on my daughter’s clit and vagina. Her knees were up against her chest, and Tomasz was spreading her thighs apart with his hands. She was moaning herself and clearly enjoying this stimulation.

Through the door I could now hear Tomasz speak.

“Mmmm my love, I see you shaved yourself clean as I asked last time. That’s a very good girl. I prefer it this way, so smooth and sexy!” he said. Tomasz was getting close to his climax and his speech was labored. He continued lapping at her smooth pussy and clit with his tongue.

Last time? How long has this been going on? I wondered.

Then I realized, like a shot of lightning: This could have been going on for months! Maybe since that very first poker night! Kneeling there in the hallway I replayed our poker nights in my mind. How the men would take turns excusing themselves to go to the bathroom, and how they would be gone for significant intervals of time. I’d never really thought of it, but it now seemed obvious something suspicious could be going on.

I didn’t have enough time now to put all the clues together. Tomasz was reaching his climax. “Uhhhh!” he groaned in a voice hoarse and deep. Quickly he moved his hands to get a firm grip on Paulina’s head. His eyes squeezed shut and he pushed his penis as deep as it could go into her mouth and throat. All that could be seen of the doctor’s genitalia was his big ballsack covered in thick gray pubic hair, which now Paulina’s nose was buried into in this obscene display of oral copulation. Then Tomasz’s hips bucked violently as he began ejaculating his semen into her throat. Wave after wave of shocks rocked his body…6…7…8. I was impressed by the intensity of the doctor’s orgasm, and also by Paulina’s ability to take such aggressive treatment. They were a well-suited pair, the two of them, despite the fact that he was 61 years old and she only 19.

The doctor let out a long, shaky sigh and opened his eyes. Then in one motion he pulled his big shaft completely out of her, leaving her saliva-covered mouth hanging open obscenely. It really was amazing how deep her throat was.

“That’s a good girl Paulina, you really can take it hard and deep! I’d better get back to the poker game. You be sure to be ready for next week, our big day! I love you sweetheart!” The doctor said this in a kind and loving voice. It was clear he adored her.

The doctor made motions to get his clothing back on, and I realized I had to move quickly to get out of the hallway. Quietly I pulled away from the keyhole and stood up, then moved to the hallway closet to fetch the broom and dustpan.


Back in the dining room my mind reeled as I swept up the spilled potato chips. How long had this been going on? What was the “big day” Tomasz had spoken about? Are the other men also doing this? How could I have missed this for so long? My mind swirled with questions.

A minute later Tomasz came back to the group and rejoined the conversation. He looked as if nothing had happened. Perhaps a bit red in the face but not enough to arouse suspicion unless you knew what to look for. I realized it was entirely possible this had happened many times before.

A few minutes later another of the men excused himself to go to the restroom. I made note of exactly what time he left the table. It took him 11 minutes to return. Then another man excused himself, this time 8 minutes. Then another, 14 minutes. Eventually over the course of the evening every one of the men had taken at least one, and some two, fairly long bathroom breaks. It was a suspiciously long time to urinate. Why had I never noticed these long bathroom breaks before? The answer was obvious, I’d been distracted. In such a large group you don’t notice the difference between a 4 minute and 13 minute absence when everyone is talking and having fun.

Continuing my study of the situation, I began observing closely the faces of the men coming back from the “bathroom”, or excusing themselves to go. Were they communicating with one another nonverbally? Some way of negotiating who was to go next?

Despite my searching, I did not observe communication of any kind. The men just naturally took turns in some kind of unspoken agreement.

I decided to test my suspicions about what was going on. Toward the end of the evening Adam, a younger man of about 37 (that qualified as young in this group), excused himself to use the restroom. Adam had already been to the restroom once before since I began counting. A minute after he left the table, I excused myself under cover of returning the broom and dustpan to the hallway closet.

Walking quietly through the hallway, first I put the items away. Then looking toward the end of the hallway I noticed the bathroom door was open and the light off. That left only one place Adam could likely be. I crept back to the door to Paulina’s room and waited, listening for any sounds. All I heard was my own heart thumping in my ears. Kneeling quietly onto one knee I leaned forward to look through the keyhole.

As expected Adam was inside the room. He was fucking Paulina’s mouth in exactly the same position Tomasz had used, with her head dangling over the edge of the bed so her mouth and throat were in line. Adam was however much more gentle with my daughter. Instead of rutting like an animal as Tomasz did, Adam moved slowly and carefully in and out, although he did go just as deep.

My suspicions were confirmed. Probably all of the men were using Paulina in this way, and likely had been for many months. Obviously she did not mind. As her father I felt worried for her safety, but I knew it was misplaced. Paulina was an adult now and could handle herself. Moreover she deserved to make her own decisions about her romantic life without her father butting in. I decided the best course of action was to continue on as if nothing had happened.

I also had another realization: During every poker night Tomasz had always been first to use the bathroom. I’d noticed this before, and I suppose chalked it up to his older age. But with this new information it started to fit a broader pattern. There had always been a special relationship between Tomasz and Paulina, dating back to the war when Tomasz was always first to feed Paulina at a given meal. The pattern of bathroom breaks served to confirm that, for Tomasz at least, this had been going on for a long time. Perhaps as long as we’d been doing poker nights.

And so without my knowledge, poker night had become “poke her” night. I chuckled inwardly at that thought as I made my way back to the group of men.



I spent the next week with just a single question on my mind: What had Tomasz meant about their “big day” this Friday? I thought back to his history with Paulina. Was it an anniversary of some shared event? Nothing came to mind. I was burning with curiosity and resolved to find some way to learn what this was all about. Friday would be the day.

Paulina for her part seemed even happier and more talkative than usual. She’s always been a cheerful kid but she had a noticeable spring in her step that week. Or perhaps it was all in my mind, I don’t know.

And so it was a week of anticipation.


On Monday right after work Kasia asked once again if we could speak in private, in her part of the house. Of course, I said, and followed her to her rooms.

“How are things honey? Is your work going well?” I asked.

“Oh yes Daddy, work is going great. I wanted to let you know that the half-panties you had made for me are perfect! I’ve had no accidents, and all of the men at my work find them really sexy!”

“Men? You mean those two law partners? Are you still seeing both of them honey?” I asked. When you’re a father it’s hard to not get worried.

“Oh yes, I’m still seeing them of course. I’m also seeing a few others besides. Not partners, but staff lawyers. The partners have told their staff lawyers, all men by the way, that if they’re productive they get time with me as a reward. One of them even called me in to his staff meeting, to show the men what I look like under my skirt! He said for the incentive to be effective the men need to know what the prize looks like.”

“Really?” I said, with a grin on my face. “That must have been…interesting!”

“Really Daddy, I’m not kidding. I’ll show you how it was. Pretend my dining table here is the conference room table ok? The partner brought me in and had me stand like this.” Facing the table, she bent over at the waist and placed her hands on the surface, with her back arched so her butt stood out.

Kasia is by far the more voluptuous of my two daughters. She is shorter than Paulina, despite being a year older, and built differently. Where Paulina is lithe and thin and almost pre-pubescent, Kasia is curvy and womanly. She has thick thighs, wide hips, a large bottom, and a narrow waist. She has always been strikingly attractive. I could see why the men at her office would find her so enticing.

On this particular evening Kasia was still in her work clothes: A white silk blouse, knee-length tailored skirt, black nylons up to mid-thigh, and tall black leather platform high heels. She stood there bent over the table, with her feet shoulder distance apart. Kasia was looking back over her shoulder at me with a smile on her face.

“Now you pretend you’re the law partner, ok Daddy? He flipped up my skirt so all the other men could see my bottom. Go ahead and do it,” she said.

It can’t hurt to play along, I thought to myself. She seems to be enjoying this. So I reached down to grab the hem of her skirt, and pulling it up rested it on her lower back. It took some adjusting to get all of her tight skirt pushed up onto her back.

What I saw revealed stunned me.

First, her new half-panties made an absolutely gorgeous sight. They were black lace against her pale white skin. Kasia’s wide, plump bottom was framed perfectly by the straps going up the back of the half-panties. And they seductively hid her most private part, her vagina. Looking at her stunning shape I could understand why any of her male coworkers would kill to spend time with her!

Second and even more amazing, Kasia now had a tattoo on her lower back. In large scripted letters just above her bottom the tattoo read, “Daddy’s Girl”.

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say.


“What do you think Daddy? Do you like it?” Kasia asked excitedly about her new tattoo.

I was stunned and could’t speak. I could only run my hand back and forth over the lettering as if to test the reality of it. In the process I will admit I became aroused touching her soft pale skin. Her big plump bottom really was a gorgeous sight. With her legs spread slightly apart like this I could just barely make out the hole between her butt cheeks. I knew she had had many dozens of men, maybe a hundred by now, fuck her in that hole. And still she remained a virgin. “Daddy’s Girl.”

“It’s…it’s…it’s amazing honey. I honestly don’t know what to say! But what does it mean though? Daddy’s Girl?”

When I said that, Kasia’s entire demeanor shifted. It’s hard to explain…she became, perhaps submissive is the word. She still wore a smile on her face, but now it had become more shy. She stood up from the table and turned around to face me, but now her arms and legs were clutched in together as she stood, as if she were trying to make herself smaller. And she no longer looked directly at me, but down toward my feet. When Kasia spoke again it was almost a whisper.

“Daddy it means that I am yours. I just…I just want you to be happy Daddy. And I want to be good for you.”

“Oh honey…” I said. I was too stunned to say much, but I could tell she was pouring out her heart to me. I was still struggling to understand what it was all about.

She continued speaking, in the same quiet intense voice. As she spoke her eyes defocused, her mind traveling far away. “I know the war was an awful time Daddy, and I know it’s good that our family is safe. But for me that was honestly the best time of my life. You really did save me Daddy, and we were so close then. It felt so nice, all the time we spent together. I just wish we could have some of that back.”

She looked up at me now, with sad eyes and a sad smile. I had no idea how she had perceived the war. In my mind the war was a horror to distance ourselves from, and here she was saying it had been the best time of her life.

I stepped forward and gathered her in my arms. Kasia buried her face into my chest and began to cry. My own eyes brimmed with tears as I held her tightly against me.

“Oh honey, I am so sorry! I had no idea you felt this way! I want you to know I really miss some things about those times too. I don’t miss being constantly worried about you and your sister. But I do miss how close we were, and how you and I were so intimate.”

I continued on. “But those were different times dear. We did those things back then because we had to, so you and your sister could survive. I wouldn’t give up those memories for anything! But now, it just isn’t right for a father and daughter to be intimate like that. It might be hard for you to understand.”

Kasia’s face was still buried into my chest and she got even more emotional as she responded. “But I DO understand everything! I understand that we were close then and now you don’t want to be any more. How can it be wrong if we both enjoyed it?” She looked hurt and rejected. How had it come to this? I felt nothing but love for my daughter.

“I know it’s hard to understand honey. But the law, and our religion, say it’s wrong for a man to have sex with his daughter. That’s just the way it is and it doesn’t matter what I want. Heaven knows I wish it weren’t that way, but it is.”

She pulled away from my body and looked up at my face with a serious expression. “But wait Daddy, I wasn’t talking about sex. I was talking about the things we did together during the war. You know, like how you would fuck my bottom and feed me. All the men would do those things. That wasn’t sex was it?”

“Well…uh…hmmm. Actually sweetheart…” I stammered.

I was at a loss for what to say. Should I tell my daughter that she’d had sex with a hundred different men by the age of 21? That would be telling her she was a whore. What else could I say? It was true we’d had very strict rules — and adhered to them completely as best as I could tell. There was only one thing I could tell her.

“Actually sweetheart, you’re right. Those things we did were fun but they weren’t really sex.”

She hugged her face back into my chest and closed her eyes again. “Ok that’s what I thought. Before when I was talking about us, I was just talking about doing those things again. I wasn’t talking about us having sex! Everyone knows family members shouldn’t have sex together. That’s even in the Bible Daddy.”

“Yes you’re right sweetheart,” was all I could think to say. I hugged her tight and kissed the top of her head.

She continued, “Some of the men at work want to have sex with me. But I told them I won’t have sex until I get married. I told them they could fuck my bottom as much as they want, but there’s no way I’m having sex.”

I smiled faintly at the distinction she was drawing. “I’m proud that you stick up for yourself like that sweetheart. But sweetheart I have to ask, do you like it when all these men at work fuck your bottom? You wouldn’t have to do that if you don’t want to, you know,” I asked.

“Oh no I don’t mind. Some of them I have to remind to use lots of lubrication, otherwise it hurts a little bit going in. When it’s inside though I love the feeling of being full! And when they move in and out it’s almost like scratching an itch. Or maybe more like massaging me from the inside. It’s hard to describe, but it feels really good!”

So there it was. As a consequence of her wartime experience, Kasia had developed (and possibly her sister too) a very unusual conception of sex. In her mind many of the things that most of us would consider sexually intimate, like oral and anal sex, are not sex at all. They are just fun things she likes to do, perhaps no different from hugging or dancing with another person.

“One thing honey is that you probably shouldn’t tell your friends about the things that happened during the war. Or about the men at your law office. Some people a little bit old fashioned about these things.”

“Yes I know,” she said.

Now I would be lying if I said I didn’t find my daughter sexually arousing. Apparently she wasn’t the only one with a psychological imprint from the war. I would never in a million years have thought I could be sexually attracted to one of my own daughters, but the strange circumstances had bent me to it. The erection in my pants was objective proof.

Pressed up against me as she was, Kasia could feel my erection now. She smiled and looked up at me.

“It feels like you’re ready Daddy! Can we do it again, right now? I even got this really good lubricant so you don’t have to use saliva. It just glides in perfectly!”

She walked over to her nightstand, opened the drawer, and got out a bottle of lube which she handed to me. (“Why does she keep lube in her nightstand at home?” I wondered. File that away for future questioning.)

“Can we Daddy? Please?” she had an expectant look on her face.

Now I should have run away from there as fast as I could, I know. I know, I know, I know. But she’d broken me down in every way possible: With emotion, with seduction, and even with my own logic twisted against me. But the honest truth was, I really wanted it. For all her pleading, deep down I probably wanted it more than she did. Gabriel likes nothing better than to hold his little daughter down and fuck his cock deep into her bottom.

Something strange happened then. As I stood there with my daughter in my arms, a growing feeling of certainty began to fill my mind. It was like an unhuman power that began to wash over me, moving quickly up my spine and sending the hairs on the back of my neck bristling. I felt a raw power coursing through my every vein and artery. It was the feeling of absolute certainty, of clarity of purpose. The indecision had fallen away and my mind was filled with absolute knowledge of what I must do.

Such was my state of mind throughout the next series of events I will relate here. It was a rare and fleeting state of mind to be sure, but while it inhabited me I harbored no doubts or second thoughts. I only acted. Of course this does not absolve me of personal responsibility for what eventually resulted.


Holding Kasia slightly apart from me now, I placed my hand under her chin and tilted her face upward to meet my gaze. Again I was not thinking, only acting.

I bent down and, turning my head, softly put my lips to hers.

It was the first time I’d ever kissed Kasia on the mouth. I started slowly, using my lips to softly caress hers. Then with a slow rhythm I started to kiss, stroking and kneading her lips with mine. Ever so gently I used my lips to separate hers. And she began to kiss me back, with a faint almost imperceptible moan.

With her lips still on mine I reached down and slowly brought her arms behind her back, bringing her wrists together. With my left hand I clasped her wrists together tightly at the small of her back. Then I moved my right hand up to hold her neck and head, my fingers entwining through her hair. With both arms — one around her waist and holding her arms, the other in back of her neck — I began to pull her into me and deepen the kiss.

The intensity of our mouths moving together increased and I could feel Kasia begin to melt, and follow my lead instinctively. My tongue entered her mouth and she responded in kind. When she surrenders herself to me as she did then, she truly is Daddy’s Girl.

I put into that kiss all of the love, all the passion, all the desire I feel for my daughter. The raw intensity of my feeling must have come through, because as we stood there kissing she gasped. Finally I relaxed my hold on her and slowly broke the kiss, standing up and holding her to me so my lips were against her forehead.

With her eyes still shut Kasia sighed and said, “Oh Daddy. Oh my God Daddy….oh my God!”

I gave her a moment to recover. Then I instructed her, “Remove your half-panties honey. You never need to use those with Daddy.” And she complied. As she pulled up her skirt once again over her hips, I was again stunned by how gorgeous she was. Soft pale skin and gorgeous curves. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her half-panties and pulled them down, bending at the waist. I was so mad with desire I couldn’t wait to have my cock buried in her ass.

I placed a pillow in the middle of her bed. “Good girl, now lay face down with your hips on the pillow.” She complied without question. The pillow under her hips made her butt stick upward. From experience I knew this would allow me to go slightly deeper.

Then I took off my clothes and got onto the bed myself, and straddled her legs to face her glorious bottom. The skirt had fallen back down, so with my two hands I hiked it back up to rest on her lower back. Kasia lifted her hips so I could get the skirt all the way up.

Again I was all action, no decisions. And so I leaned over to get my face close to her protruding bottom, and used my hands to separate her butt cheeks. This exposed her perfect little anus to me. I was in heaven.

As I’d done a hundred times before, I leaned in close and placed my nose right up against her butthole. Then I breathed in deep to smell her essence.

Kasia smelled a little bit different now than she had during the war, probably due to her very different diet. When she was on an all-semen diet, her bottom had had a musky smell. Now it was very similar, only a little more sour or acidic. It was every bit as sexy.

Then, with my face still nuzzled deep inside her crack, I used my tongue to lightly lick upward, from the top of her pussy up to the top of her crack. As my tongue traced over her butthole, she reflexively bucked her hips and gasped.

“Oh God Daddy! Uhhhhh!” she cried.

“That was my tongue on your butthole sweetheart. It’s called rimming. Just relax and I’ll do it some more.”

And so I rimmed Kasia. First I did more light licks from bottom to top. Then I placed the tip of my tongue at the center of her butthole and began to massage her, moving my tongue in little circles. I could tell this was arousing her because she pushed back against my tongue, moaning. She was striving for firmer pressure.

I gave her firmer pressure, pushing my tongue against her sphincter and driving it firmly inside. By getting in close I was able to go deep, getting perhaps an inch of my tongue through her anus and into her rectum. I used my tongue like a little penis to fuck her bottom. The taste inside of her was nice. A little bit spicy, but pleasant and very sexy. I did this for a long while, enjoying the feel and smell and taste of having my tongue deep inside her bottom. She enjoyed submitting to this treatment, moaning throughout. When I pulled back I noticed Kasia’s vagina was swollen and glistening. Her future husband is going to be one lucky guy.

Pushing back from her I sat upright once again, still straddling her lower legs. I reached for the bottle of lube she’d thrown onto the bed earlier. Uncapping it, I began to drizzle lube down the length of my cock, then slowly stroke myself to distribute it evenly. My cock was rock-hard and aching to be inside her bottom. But first I wanted her to say it.

“You’re a grown woman now Kasia, and you can make your own decisions. I want to hear you say the words. Say them for me now sweetheart,” I said. My voice was rough with desire, and I was slowly stroking my hard cock as I said these words.

She moaned. “Yes I want it Daddy, just like we talked about.” And involuntarily she thrust her bottom upward, aching to be penetrated.

“I want you to say the words aloud sweetheart. What do you want me to do?” I said.

“I want you to FUCK ME Daddy! I want you to put your cock in my ass and fuck me so hard that it hurts! I want you to hold me down and use me like your little fucktoy!”

I had to smile at the passion and emotion in her voice. That was all the permission I needed.

I spread a little more lube on my cock, and slowly stroked it over the shaft. The sight of my daughter’s curving hips and big full bottom laid out before me drove me wild with desire. I was desperate for what was to come. Stroking myself slowly, I drizzled more lube inside her crack, which I gently massaged into her sphincter with my left thumb. Now she was ready.

Then, a mere six inches below the tattoo proclaiming “Daddy’s Girl”, I put the swollen glans of my hard penis up against her butthole. It had been such a long time, I thought. Too long. And then I eased my weight on her and I could feel her instinctively relax as I began to push my way deep into her tight warm bottom.


That first time back together again was the best non-sex I’ve ever had in my life. It was a thing beyond comparison, outside of space and time.

My daughter had her first all-anal orgasm that night. As I pounded away into her tight ass, I leaned down and in a low voice began telling Kasia what a good girl she was:

“That’s a good girl Kasia. You’re being so good for Daddy. I saw how you lifted your skirt and spread your legs so Daddy could fuck his big fat cock into your ass! You’re such a perfect little fucktoy, Daddy’s little daughter! Just relax and let Daddy use you exactly like he wants. Daddy loves you and he’s going to pump you full of semen. You’re going to have your own Daddy’s semen deep inside you!”

Between the sensations and my voice in her ear, a powerful orgasm began to build deep inside my daughter. She moaned louder and louder as it gained momentum, her hips bucking as she lost control.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! DADDEEEEEEEE!!”

I stopped my thrusting right as her orgasm hit, and I could feel waves of contractions hit her anal sphincter. It felt like she was trying to milk the come straight out of my cock.

The image of her milking my cock proved too much for me, and I crossed the point of no return. Knowing I would ejaculate within seconds, I pulled out of her ass and quickly moved up to her face.

Roughly I commanded, “Suck it!” And I fed my cock into her mouth. There was a lot of lube and some fecal matter on my penis from the deep ass-fucking I’d just given her. She didn’t seem to mind, planting her lips around the head of my penis and beginning to fellate me. Within seconds the waves of orgasm began to hit, and I felt as if my head might explode. Wave after wave of intense contractions came over me, jerking my hips and legs, forcing semen out of me and into my daughter. She took every drop into her mouth.

Only after my orgasm had subsided and I’d pulled out of her mouth, did she do anything about the huge load of semen there. Kasia swirled it around in her mouth for a time, enjoying the taste. Then with a single large gulp she swallowed it all. With her eyes closed and head on the pillow Kasia let out a deep sigh.

“I love you Daddy,” she said in a sleepy voice.

“I love you too sweetheart,” I replied. I put a blanket over her and my daughter drifted off to sleep.



Returning back to our timeline with Paulina, again it was a week of anticipation.

At the previous Friday’s poker night, I’d overheard Tomasz speaking to Paulina in her room about their “big day” the coming Friday. Leading up to the big day I searched for clues in Paulina’s behavior, to no avail. She behaved just as she always did. I was nervous with anticipation the entire week.

One thing I knew is that I would have to find a way to observe Tomasz and Paulina in her room that Friday night. My strong hunch is that whatever was planned, would happen then.

On Friday the men began to arrive at our usual start time of 8pm. One of them couldn’t attend due to a family event, so there were a total of seven of us for that week’s game. We quickly settled in, buying in chips and starting our first round of beers.

A few minutes into our game, Tomasz announced that he wasn’t feeling well. He was getting over a cold and was still feeling weak. Holding his head, Tomasz said, “I think I may want to sit out for a while, so please gentlemen don’t wait up for me. I’m going to lie low for a bit and see how I feel.”

Knowing about the “big day” I could see well what Tomasz was aiming for. He was establishing an excuse to be away from the table. Taking pity on my good friend I decided to help him.

“Why don’t you use the spare bedroom Tomasz?” I said. “It’s the closed door in the hallway, across from Paulina’s room. Feel free to lay down and take a nap if you’d like. We’ll just leave you alone and you can rejoin us out here when you’re feeling better.”

“Oh why thank you,” Tomasz replied. As he rose he did a bit of playacting, holding his head as though he had a bad headache. “That sounds perfect. I think a half hour nap could really help. I’ll set my alarm so none of you need bother with me.”

“Sounds good. Have a nice nap and I hope you feel better. Close the door if you want and we won’t bother you. Do you know which one is the guest bedroom?”

“Ah yes, I know exactly the guest room. Thank you. Gentlemen, enjoy the game,” Tomasz said. With that he departed the table and walked in the direction of the guest bedroom, his hand still to his head.

Now throughout all of this I was 99% certain that Tomasz’s “sickness” was a front. I had played along, and congratulated myself on a good acting job. I suspected that not even Tomasz knew that I knew. Meanwhile I scanned the faces of the other men, looking for a knowing glance or some other sign that they understood what was happening. There was none. It appeared that the “big day” was a secret between Tomasz and my daughter Paulina.

After another two hands in the game, I decided to make my exit as well. “Sorry to leave you gentlemen with only five, but nature calls. I’ll be in the restroom, and not to be too graphic but this one is going to take a while. Be back soon.” With that I departed the game.

Turning the corner to enter the hallway, I went into stealth mode, moving as silently as I could. Immediately I noticed that both bedroom doors were closed — Paulina’s as well as the guest bedroom. Faintly I could barely discern whispering coming from somewhere. Exactly where I couldn’t tell.

At this point I was virtually certain that Tomasz had joined Paulina in her room, just as he had dozens of times before. I moved quietly to her bedroom door and went down on one knee to peer inside. I was used to this drill, having spied on Paulina at least once or twice during every poker night of the last many months. Countless times I’d seen Paulina in her “throat position”, laying on her back with her head dangling over the edge of the bed, so that one man or another could fuck his cock into her throat at full depth. However, what I saw this time surprised me.

I saw nothing! Or rather, I saw only Paulina’s empty bed on the other side of the room. The sightline through the keyhole didn’t afford a view of the room in its entirety, but unless they were pressed up against one of the near walls, Tomasz and my daughter were not inside.

Still the whispering continued, and by this time I could better locate its source. Behind me! In the guest bedroom? Perhaps Paulina had moved over to join Tomasz there. Maybe he was sick after all?

Glancing across the hallway, I saw with relief that the guest bedroom door was of the same older style as Paulina’s, with the same type of keyhole below the doorknob. As silently as I could, I moved across the hall to the guest bedroom door. My curiosity had reached a fever pitch.

Looking through the keyhole, here is what I saw. I saw Paulina and Tomasz, together on the bed. Paulina was wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton ankle socks, and a white cotton tank top that hugged her form closely. Her skirt and panties had been removed, revealing her creamy white skin and slim figure. Paulina was nearly the opposite of her sister’s body type. Where her sister was voluptuous and padded, Paulina was lithe and athletic, and in her own way just as beautiful. However I’d always felt a twinge of guilt at my attraction toward Paulina’s figure, not because she was my daughter (a guilt I should have felt but didn’t), but because of her pre-pubescent figure. In spite of her 19 years, looking at Paulina always gave me the impression I was getting aroused ogling a 13 year old girl. At the moment, an impression heightened by the fact that her pussy was completely hairless. My girl shaved now!

Paulina was laying on her back, in the missionary position. Positioned between her legs was Tomasz, who’d removed every article of clothing. His groin was pressed against Paulina’s, and his upper body was laying against hers with his head in close. Paulina had her legs wrapped around Tomasz’s hips, and her arms wrapped around his upper body. In effect she was hugging him with all four limbs.

And the most important detail. Tomasz had his cock buried deep into Paulina’s pussy.

It was plain to see. The view from the keyhole was perfectly suited, a three-quarters view partly from the side and partly from below, looking up Paulina’s bottom. The bed was only about six feet away, close enough to see the glistening sheen on Tomasz’s cock as he slowly fucked it in and out of my daughter’s virgin pussy. From the way her lips gripped his shaft on the way in and out, I could tell it was a very snug fit.

My daughter was a virgin no more! It was a big day indeed.

As they lay there slowly fucking in the missionary position, I was struck once again by the vast age difference between them. Paulina at 19 years was literally young enough to be granddaughter to 62 year old Tomasz. Her pale, youthful appearance was in stark contrast to his older and more tanned body. In many ways Tomasz looked his age, with a nearly bald head, a hairy back, and a generous amount of weight around his midsection. That said, Tomasz was still fit and vigorous in a way that I imagined women could find appealing. His hands and forearms were thick and strong as trees, and his chest was broad. And Tomasz had a penis and testicles that would have been large on a man of any age. From my vantage point I could see his thick penis stretching my daughter tight, with his ballsack the size of a billiard ball hanging obscenely below.

The whispering I’d heard was their conversation as he slowly fucked her for the first time. Being closer now, I could just barely make out their words if I concentrated.

Paulina whispered to Tomasz. “Oww, move slow! Slow, slow, slow. Ah that’s better. It’s so big I feel like I’m being split in half! It’s so tight!”

“I know sweetheart,” her lover responded, again in a whisper. “It’s tight for me too. I’ve been waiting for this for so long! It feels like we’re in a dream.”

Tomasz continued to fuck slowly in and out, and his voice grew tighter as he continued speaking. It was obvious he wasn’t going to last long. He said, “Now just relax dear. Keep breathing and stay calm, and I’ll go nice and slow.”

Then he started to grunt in time with his thrusting, his face buried into Paulina’s neck. She had her eyes closed and was breathing deeply. As he sped rapidly toward climax, involuntarily he started to speed up his thrusting. Paulina did not complain this time, perhaps because her sheath was beginning to stretch and accommodate his size.

More grunting as Tomasz gave my daughter her first true fucking. Watching through the keyhole I was getting excited witnessing the obscene spectacle. Here was an old man, holding down a girl half his weight and a third his age, using his big fat cock to deflower her virgin pussy.

Now Tomasz said to her, “Ok baby I’m getting really close. Do you want me to come inside you, or pull out?”

Paulina opened her eyes and smiled. She said, “It’s our first time. I want you to come deep inside me. Make me your girl!”

“Ok sweetheart but you know what might happen, don’t you? How babies are made?”

Paulina smiled again. “Of course silly! And you know I would love if that happened. So send that big load of yours deep inside me!” I could see she was using her legs and feet to pull Tomasz’s butt inward, helping him get deeper into her.

This encouragement was all it took to send Tomasz over the edge, cascading him into a powerful series of orgasmic contractions. Over and over he hunched his big cock into her and grunted loudly. In my mind’s eye I could see each big spurt of semen going deep inside her, coating the inside of her pussy and forming a big puddle against her cervix. No doubt even now his sperm was making its way through her cervix and into her virgin womb.

At last Tomasz collapsed on top of her, spent. Paulina’s arms and legs were still wrapped around him tight. They were an unusual couple but it was clear they adored each other. As a father what more could I hope for?



Kneeling there at the keyhole to our guest bedroom, watching Paulina and her older lover Tomasz in their first post-coital embrace, an urge came over me to give them privacy. This was a special moment for them, and one that should not be be spoiled by spying.

Quietly I pulled away from the door and stood up there in the darkened hallway. As I did this, a familiar tightness in my pants confirmed what I already knew: Watching my daughter get fucked for her very first time had made me incredibly horny! So horny that perhaps my judgment was impaired for what was to follow.

I estimated I had at least a few minutes before Paulina and Tomasz came out of their room. I could afford a bit of time but had to move quickly. Turning around, I moved back to Paulina’s bedroom door and, quietly as I could, turned the knob and entered her room, closing the door behind me. If I were caught in here I possessed no good alibi, so I resolved to work quickly.

I walked to the phone on the nightstand next to Paulina’s bed, and picked up the handset. Dial tone. We had two phones in the house then: One there in Paulina’s room, and the other in the family room. The latter one was now in the middle of a large group of men playing poker. At the moment this was the only phone I could use privately.

Quickly I dialed a number I’d committed to memory. It was a number I’d never called before, but one I’d memorized in case of emergencies.

Far off at the edge of perception, I heard a phone ring. After a few rings a familiar voice answered. “Hello, this is Kasia. To whom am I speaking?”

I lowered my voice to a loud whisper, and cupped my hand over the receiver end of the phone to channel my voice and keep it from spreading.

Whispering I said, “Kasia, it’s me, Daddy. I need to see you right away, it’s important. Is it ok if I come over?”

“What’s the matter Daddy, why are you whispering? Is everything ok? I thought you were playing poker now with your friends?” A tone of concern had entered her voice.

“Everything’s ok sweetheart. I don’t have time to explain now — I will when I get there. Can I come over?”

She paused briefly. “Yes, of course Daddy. Can you give me five minutes? I have a…visitor…here but he was nearly done anyway. Give us five minutes and you can come over.”

“Ok, thanks honey. I’ll be over in five minutes. I can’t get to my key right now, so listen for my knock and you can let me in. See you soon!” I whispered this back to her, and then quiet as I could placed the handset back, refilling its cradle. I glanced at my watch to mark the time.

Moving quickly then, I went back to the door and once again used the keyhole, but for the first time to look out instead of in. To my relief the hallway was clear. I rose and quietly turned the doorknob, opened her door with as little noise as I could manage, then stepped into the empty hallway and closed it behind me. Safe.

I decided the best place to wait was the hallway bathroom, which is ostensibly where I was supposed to be right now anyway. So I walked down the hallway and entered the bathroom, closing then door behind me and flipping on the light switch.

In here I could think, and wait. Glancing at my watch I had 4:30 remaining.

Now as you’re reading this, it occurs to me that something bears explanation, which so far in the storyline I have not provided. This is the “visitor” that Kasia mentioned in our phone conversation, and the cause of my present waiting. I will briefly explain.

You will recall that Kasia had been receiving the amorous attentions of the two partners in her law office. As the office assistant she would work at her desk for most of the day. When one of the partners wanted her, he would ring her at her desk and summon her to his office. For each of the partners this would happen once or twice a day.

As Kasia described it, most of these encounters were brief. She would enter the partner’s office, closing the door behind her. Then, knowing what was expected of her, she would walk to the partner’s desk, on the side where he would usually be seated. There she would pull up her skirt — she always wore skirts to the office — and lean over the edge of the desk, placing the skirt in the small of her back. I mentioned how she always wears half-panties to the office, basically panties with an open back. The half-panties gave the men easy access to her bottom, but also served as a reminder that her vagina was off-limits to them. And so she would lie there bent over his desk, the lacy straps of her half-panties framing her full bottom. She’d taken to lubing up her hole in the bathroom on the way there, so her anus was already glistening and ready to be penetrated. This is how she would present herself to the men. They would simply unzip and mount her at that time. Occasionally they would pull out and want her to swallow their come. More often they would ejaculate deep inside her bottom. In any case, once he finished Kasia would simply flip her skirt back down and return to her desk. For the partners she was basically on call for whenever they wanted her, in between client meetings and so on.

Now I’d mentioned about how the partners had turned Kasia’s good looks and receptiveness for anal sex into an incentive program at her office. Here’s how it worked. A male staff lawyer in the office who distinguished himself in some way could be recognized by one of the partners by being given a certificate. (One of Kasia’s tasks as office assistant was to get these certificates designed and printed.) The certificate read something innocuous like, “for outstanding accomplishments”, but everyone knew their real purpose. They entitled the bearer to time with Kasia. Specifically, 15 minutes per certificate. Kasia would collect these from the men, and submit them to the office finance manager, who would pay her — in cash — $80 for each certificate. For Kasia it was a good source of extra income for something she enjoyed anyway, and for the office it was a very effective incentive program. The partners later expanded it to include certain important clientele, but I digress.

For the staff lawyers, the question arose of where could they could redeem their private time with Kasia. Unlike the partners the staff lawyers did not have private offices, and there were no other suitable private spaces in the office. For reasons of decorum they couldn’t have people fucking out in the open.

So the solution was for the men to visit Kasia’s apartment in the afternoon or evening — hence the “visitor” she mentioned on the phone. With the separate outside entrance to her rooms, with some discretion you might never see it. Kasia had taught the men to be discreet.

As part of this program she was allowed to leave the office early, usually around 3pm. The men would make afternoon appointments with her, keeping her busy usually until around 6:30pm. Occasionally one of the men would save up many certificates for a longer date, sometimes extending late into the night. Or they would buy “certificates” directly from her to extend their time, and her income.

It was a little unusual that Kasia would have a visitor this late, already close to 8:30pm. More typically her visitors would be gone by 6:30 or 7:00pm. This likely meant she was especially busy tonight. However “busy” never came close to how much male attention she received during the war, when she had anal sex over 100 times each day as a matter of survival. Her current activities must have felt leisurely by comparison!

Kasia enjoyed having her visitors, and she was very permissive in what they could do with her. Most would want anal sex, some would want her to suck them off (sometimes after anal sex), and still others — often the married ones — would only want to see her naked and explore her body. Kasia had two hard rules. One, the men couldn’t kiss her on the mouth. And two, her half-panties stayed on the whole time, and by implication her vagina was off-limits. Still, within those boundaries there were a wide variety of options for the men to explore.

She also loved to dress up for the men, knowing how visual men can be. Kasia had accumulated a variety of clothing and props for dates with her visitors. Schoolgirl outfits, goth leather gear, plain cotton nighties, and more were available for the men to request. Kasia enjoyed putting on a show, and the attention she got as a result.

As I stood there in the bathroom waiting (my clock now read 1:45 remaining), my thoughts turned to Monday, when Kasia and I had been reunited so to speak. The mood between us, and each of our moods individually, had seen a dramatic change since that day. In hindsight I realized just how much I’d missed Kasia during the time apart, and how wonderful it felt to reconnect with her once again. I was walking on a cloud that entire week, and I could tell Kasia felt the same.

Of course, in the days since our Monday reunion we could not stay apart from one another. Each night I would go to her rooms just before bedtime, usually 11pm or so, and we would play. I learned that my daughter was often horny at that time of night, owing to the steady stream of visitors in the afternoon and evening. Her visitors aroused her but she never got an orgasm from them, so for her it was an hours-long string of constant titillation each day. Kasia confessed to me that she would usually masturbate in the late evening to relieve the tension. I instructed her to stop masturbating, and wait for me to relieve her instead. By the time I came to her in the late evening she was always freshly showered and itching to be fucked by her Daddy. Over the past several days I’d learned that by kissing her, holding her down, and fucking her bottom in the right way, I could give her a strong orgasm.

Just a minute left. My up-close view from a few minutes ago of my daughter Paulina getting fucked for real also made me wonder: What would it be like to fuck my cock into Kasia’s pussy? I wonder if she would let me, if I asked her. Since I was her father I doubt she would refuse me. In my mind’s eye I imagined how it would feel to be lovers, and have my cock in her pussy. All it would take is a slight change of course as I fucked her bottom, an accident. Dangerous thoughts.

Ok, time to go. I turned out the light and cautiously opened the door. The hallway was empty. So I left the bathroom and walked to the entrance to Paulina’s apartment, on the other side of the TV room and office area that adjoined the hallway.

Knocking softly, she opened the door immediately. She must have been waiting there for me. She opened the door just enough for me to get inside, then closed and locked it behind me.

What I saw stunned me.

Kasia was still in her outfit from the last visitor, who’d apparently left just seconds earlier. She wore what would best be described as a “slutty good girl” outfit.

First, she had on a short plaid skirt that covered her wide hips and went down to mid-thigh. Those thick creamy thighs of hers always made me weak at the knees. Then she wore long white nylon stockings, covering her feet and calves all the way up to just above her knees. Completing the lower part of her outfit, Kasia wore six inch platform heels made of clear plastic, the kind you see strippers wear. Those shoes looked so fucking slutty.

The top half of her continued the look. Kasia’s midsection was bare, and all she wore as a top was a short white shirt that tied in front. The shirt did everything it could to contain her large breasts, but with no bra and only thin material it did a very poor job. Her breasts swayed as she moved, and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. Kasia’s hair was tied in two ponytails, right and left, with a length of red ribbon tied into a bow at the base of each. Finally, around her neck she wore a tight black velvet choker, with a large clear oval jewel set into the front.

“What’s the matter Daddy, is everything ok?” she asked. Honestly she looked so fucking hot I could barely hear her words.

“Oh yeah honey, everything is fine. I have some news about your sister. But before we get into that, tell me about your visitors today. It looks like one just left.” I replied. The giveaways were her flushed cheeks and a faint dew of sweat on her forehead. She looked like she’d been with a man just a few minutes ago.

“Well you’re right, the last one just left. I had eight visitors today after work, it was a busy day. They fucked me really good! And I think I got some cream in my bottom. Want to take a look?” She said that last part with a coy smile. She turned around to point her bottom at me, standing with her feet together and her back arched. Kasia was offering herself up for my inspection.

“Of course honey. Lean forward a little and arch your back…that’s perfect.” And then I reached down to grab the hem of her skirt, and lift it up over her bottom.

The sight before me was so slutty and erotic it was hard to keep from unzipping and entering her right then. Kasia’s half-panties framed her gorgeous bottom perfectly, and my eyes were drawn to her usually pert little hole. Now it was gaping open obscenely, having just been fucked by eight men in quick succession. Back during the war Kasia would spend a good part of every day in this gaped state. The difference now was that instead of coming in her mouth, most (all?) of the men had come in her bottom. A long trail of white semen oozed out of her gaping hole and down her leg.

Kasia’s half-panties usually formed a demure covering over her vagina. As I said, the men could fuck her ass as much they wanted, but her vagina was off-limits. Now though her pussy was so sopping wet that her panty material had soaked through entirely. Rather than demure, the half-panties if anything drew attention to how aroused she was.

When I spoke my voice was rough. “Mmmm yes, you seemed to have gotten fucked in your bottom. From the look if it I’d guess several times.”

Then I inserted the middle two fingers of my right hand into her bottom, going in deep and using the fingers to scoop out a big glob of semen.

“And I think you were right, they did get semen inside of you. Look,” I said, reaching around and holding up my glistening hand to her.

She looked at my hand and, not missing a beat, held it with both of hers and pulled it to her mouth. Kasia put my two fingers deep in her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Mmmm yes Daddy. That’s exactly what it tastes like. It’s semen from all the men who fucked me back there,” she said. I could tell she was so horny she would do nearly anything. (Would she let me take her virginity? I thought. Now might be a perfect opportunity.)

I continued. “Baby I also noticed something else. You have a lot of wetness dripping from your pussy. What’s that all about?”

“Uggggh Daddy!! I’m horneeeee!!! The men fuck me over and over but I never come myself. Can you help me? Please??” She arched her back and rocked her hips as she said this, as though she were fucking an invisible cock. Her voice was horny and desperate.

Reaching down I put my thumbs into the waistband of her half-panties, and in a single motion pulled them down to her ankles. Kasia carefully stepped her high-heeled feet out of them.

Then I walked her over to her bed, and put her in a doggystyle position with her knees at the edge of the bed. I was mad with lust. My own pants came off in an instant. I came up behind her at the edge of the bed, positioning myself for entry into her.


In that moment there with my daughter, I knew I could have anything I wanted from her. Her glistening pussy was presented there for me. Kasia moaned and arched her back, practically begging me to slide it into her.

I stood there behind her with my rock-hard cock in my hand, transfixed by the sight of her slippery, swollen lips. I thought to myself, “God she wants it so bad! Look at how wet she’s gotten. God knows it would be heaven to push inside. How could it be so wrong, if we both want it?”

As if on cue, Kasia said in a quiet voice, “I’m a grown woman now Daddy, I’m not a little girl any more. I want you to know you can have anything you want with me. Ok Daddy? I mean absolutely anything at all!” While she said this she squirmed her hips. Her head lay on the bed and her butt and pussy stuck out obscenely. Kasia was offering herself up for me.

Still positioned perfectly behind her, I lightly touched the tip of my rock-hard glans to her glistening slit. She gasped! “Oooohhh! That feels good!”

I was too consumed with lust to turn back. Using my hand I grasped my rock-hard shaft, and began to slowly rub the tip of my glans up and down her slit, parting her soft lips with the tip of my cock. God it was heaven! She moaned and tried pushing back against me.

I thought to myself, “Surely this isn’t sex. I’m barely touching her. This is just innocent rubbing. Sex is about penetration. It’s fine for me to touch her this way.”

And so I continued rubbing up and down, luxuriating in the sensation of her soft, wet lips rubbing across my sensitive glans. This treatment exposed even more of her delicious wetness inside. Slowly up and down I rubbed, and without any intention to do so, edged ever so slightly deeper into her on each stroke. Soon the entire glans of my penis was glistening wet, and nestled between the lips of her pussy.

“What is sex, anyway?” I thought. “What is penetration? Surely this can’t be it. I’m just rubbing at the outside against her lips. I’m just helping my daughter get the orgasm she needs. There’s absolutely no way this could be considered sex.”

With my glans now surrounded by her lips, I could no longer take such long strokes up and down her slit. But this new position gave a new possibility, namely to take tiny strokes in and out of her pussy. Again it wasn’t penetration, or even close. It was just a new type of rubbing. What made this new rubbing so enjoyable is that for a portion of the stroke my glans would be completely engulfed by her pussy lips. Pull out, then push back in to cover the glans, then pull out, and on and on. The tiniest imperceptible thrusts.

It is 1823. Master James is the owner of a large plantation in Virginia. His beloved wife died in childbirth years earlier, so he spends his time fucking his slavegirls. My name is Cecily and I am one of them. He acquired me two years ago to be his personal house slave.

As usual I await Master’s return home for the evening. I have made sure that I am fully bathed and clean. This is a benefit of being a house slave. I never have to work in the fields. I get to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

All I have to do is make sure that his home is clean, his belly is full, and his sexual needs are satisfied. I am the closest thing to being the mistress of the house. I am the prized pet of Master. Master swore that after his wife’s death that he would never marry again. Why deal with the hassles of marriage when he could fuck his slave girls?

I look over and see Miranda. She is a beautiful mulatto girl with creme colored skin and long curly brown hair. Miranda was the product of an elicit affair between a master and his slavegirl. Miranda had grown up privileged and her father had “acknowledged” her.

She grew up in the house. He had her educated and taught her good Christian values. He had even talked about freeing her and sending her to Europe. But one day everything changed when her father died suddenly. After his death her evil stepmother had both the girl and her mother sold to distant plantations. That is how Miranda came to be here.

Miranda had only been here for no longer than a month and was slowly getting used to her role. Becoming her new Master’s cumslut was now her only focus. I remember what it was like to be acquired by Master James. He had been patient yet persistent with my training. I am glad that I am now at the ripe age of 20 and have been living with Master James for two years. Miranda was 18 exactly and the poor girl had actually been a virgin when she was brought to Virginia.

I grimace as I realized I have to get Miranda prepared for Master James. He prefers us to be naked when we were together privately. We are only allowed to wear clothing when guests visit. Then we are to be adorned like a real Southern lady, wearing our “slave” necklaces. We have many fluffy dresses and corsets that accentuate our luscious breasts. Masters prefers us to wear our hair down as he likes our big curly tresses falling to our luscious breasts. We are his exotic sex slaves.

Unfortunately Miranda is still hurting from last night’s anal escapades so I made sure to add some cooling oils to her bath. She gets in and I bathe her, making sure to kiss and finger her periodically. I need to make sure she is aroused when Master comes home from the fields.

I continue fingering her until she is screaming and ready to explode. Then I remove my finger and lick it while smiling at her. Se is puzzled as she is still getting used to my overt sexual behavior.

“I apologize dear girl but I have to make sure you are nice and wet. It will make it feel better and not hurt as much. Trust me on this one.”

She looks reluctant and teary eyed. I lean in and begin feeling her breasts and kissing her passionately. This seemed to calm her down some.

“I promise you he is a good man. He really takes care of his slaves and never beats us that much. Only unless it is really really bad…”

I washed her hair and apply oils to it. When she is done I oil down her body. I quickly put myself together as I can hear your horses coming in the distance. I allow my long hair to cascade down my back. I am exotic looking for a mulatto. My mother was a slave and my father was the plantation master. My skin is the color of honey and I have chestnut,reddish hair that goes down my back. My eyes are green. I am exotic looking for mixed race girl.

Master had been an avid traveller in his youth. He had been to India on a voyage when he was 19 and spent several years there. Master often tells me that I remind him of Indian women. He told me that India was a place full of exotic and beautiful whores. He says that the only reason he really likes mixed race girls is because we remind him of his favorite whores he had fucked in India.

He said there were dark ones that could have been Negro, but their hair was straight and super long. He said that they had fine but exotic features. He also said that many were brown with green and hazel eyes with very long black hair. He had seen a few with reddish hair or bright orange hair. He had seen many who had big curly hair as well, like negros and mulattoes.

Then he told me that there were high class women who were white. He said that were extremely exotic looking as they had pale white skin, exotic features, fine noses, and extremely long black hair. He told me they reminded him of the octoroon women he had slept with in New Orleans. Master is a well-travelled man. I enjoy hearing his stories.

When my master visited my plantation he had immediately wanted me. He tells me that he saw my beautiful green eyes and reddish hair and that his penis hardened. Apparently I really reminded him of his favorite whore from Bombay. He bargained with my father because he had a unsettled debt. He agreed to cancel his debt if he gave me to him. My father never really loved me and saw me as another one of his bastard mulatto children. He gladly accepted the offer.

My mother had died years ago of a snakebite. I was raised by my grandmother in the fields. It was terrible growing up for me as everyone knew I was one of Master’s children. My father never cared about me. His wife treated all of us mulatto children terribly. I had been forced to work in my father’s fields. When I was told that I was leaving to live with Master James as his personal house slave, I was slightly relieved. In my naïveté I did not truly understand what that meant. But, after seeing the way things turned out, I would not have it any other way.

In a twisted way I glad Master acquired me. At least now I don’t have to work in the fields and die like my mother had. I was no stranger to whippings! That was the worst part about being my father’s slave: whippings. He would whip us periodically. We would be spanked and whipped as punishment for his wife’s accusations, unsatisfactory work, and insolent behavior . I never wanted to experience that again!

Master James promised me that he would never whip me from the start. He said he didn’t like to damaged his property in that regard. Nonetheless, I make sure that I am obedient to Master James. Master James found that I came to him as a very submissive girl. I went from toiling in the fields to becoming Master’s nasty cumslut. What a life right?

Miranda and I hurry up and go downstairs to greet Master James. We look voluptuous and beautiful. We await kneeling as we hear him coming in. Master walks in the door. At 6’3″ he is very handsome. He is 32 years old, with blond hair and intense, icy blue eyes. He is quite broad and fit. He comes in from his long day. He is hot, sweaty and ready for his evening.

“How are Master’s little cumsluts tonight? Ready for dinner?” he says as he points to his groin, “Stand and greet your master.”

I stand up and kiss him passionately. Then Miranda sheepishly kisses him. You can tell she is still grossed out as she backs away slowly. Master notices this and remarks,

“Miranda, my sweet kitten, why do you hesitate?”

Miranda turns red and lowers her head. I decide to interject.

“Is Master ready for his bath? I ask.

“Yes I am,” he leans over and caresses Miranda’s face, ” but Miranda I need you bring me something to eat in the meantime. I need nourishment for when I ravish you later.”

Her skin turns from red with embarrassment to pale with horror. She bows with teary eyes and says,

” Yes Master,” and goes off to the kitchen obeying her directive.

With a twisted smile I realize that Miranda is well trained. I passionately kiss him and guide him upstairs where his bath awaits. It is a very sensual scene with candles and a hot steamy tub. I lower his body down making intense eye contact with him. His eyes are so intense. It is as if he can look through your soul. I lean down and kiss his hardening shaft. Master smiles at my adoration for him.

I bath him slowly, cleaning every part of him slowly. I am using fragrant oils that encircles the room. His skin is slightly golden from being outside and his muscles are crisp. I am paying extra attention to his cock as it slowly grows to its full size. I see that he is turned on.

Miranda comes in holding a plate of biscuits, fruits, and cheese. She knows the rules and kneels beside the tub feeding him. Master James leans back. He is in heaven with me cleaning his body and Miranda feeding him.

When he finishes with both his bath and the plate of food I dry him off. He lays on the bed as we oil him nicely. His cock is fully erect at 9 inches thick 2″ wide. He had a thick cock with much girth. His balls were equally sized, as I could see that my dinner would be plentiful. I loved my master’s cock and his balls. I loved sucking on them, pleasing them, watching them engorge. Best of all I loved the sticky fluid that erupts from.

I have not eaten all day per Master’s directions. Master has a dark, twisted side to him. On certain days a week we have to “fast”. Fasting means that we are only allowed to eat his cum. We can drink water, but nothing else.

In keeping with religious tradition we fast on the Sabbath. Coincidently the sabbath is the only day Master doesn’t work. We must fast at least 2 days a week. Although at this point Miranda flat out refuses to eat during her fasts. She only drinks water on those days, unless she is forced to swallow.

I hungrily eye Master’s cock as the smell of his pre-cum is making me hungry. Miranda just stares at the glistening cock wide-eyed. You think after being here this long she would be used to it. And she has not even been cum-trained yet! I shudder at the thought. As much as I have grown to love the taste of cum, being cum-trained had been a very traumatic and nasty experience. It was like Master could read my thoughts by his ensuing remark.

“Miranda come here and show me some love sweet kitten.”

Miranda sucks her breath , makes a face, bows, and kisses the head of his cock quickly. This displeases Master. He runs his hair through her glorious curls and then pulls her to him.

“I have been nice with you little slut. I have not beaten you. I have not even whipped you. I have not even fully enleashed my sexual prowess on you. But you still refuse me. This is simple kitten. Your training has just begun. You have not even been cum-trained yet! Perhaps it’s time to accelerate your training.”

Miranda’s eyes widened. I could tell she was curious as to what cum training was, but at the same time, she did not even want to know.

“Cum-training?” she asked meekly.

“Yes cum-training, you will soon discover what that is, but right now I want you please me. Suck it,” he orders.

She looks at me with pleading eyes slowly starts sucking his large manhood. Poor Miranda is clearly struggling. He pushes himself up and puts his hand behind her head. Master is a very hands on kind of master.

“Good girl. Keep sucking on it. That’s right. Remember go slow so you can savor the taste. Make sure you keep going slowly. That’s right good girl,” Master looks at me, “Cecily please pleasure my balls. “

“Yes master,” I reply.

I lean down and start massaging his balls as poor Miranda is slowly attempting to suck him off. I can see that Master is slowly starting to push her head down. Miranda struggles as she begins to gag. Master is relentless as she keeps gagging. She still needs to work on her gag reflex in my opinion.

“That’s right Miranda, you can do this. Just breath through your nostrils slowly. Good girl just like that!”

Miranda begins crying as he releases her to breath before he stuffs her mouth shut again, going only deeper. Unfortunately for Miranda her gag reflex was too strong and I could tell she was about to puke. Master is intuitive and slowly releases her mouth from him. Miranda is crying as her mouth is drooling with saliva and precum. She keeps grimacing while attempting to hide her disgust.

Thanks to my mouth and hands his balls are nice and full. I can tell Master is ready to blow his load. He grabs Miranda as he forces her to suck his cock again. He keeps one hand behind her head intently gazing at her. His breathing steadies.

I am starting to get a little angry as I realize that he is going to cum in her mouth. I have not eaten all day and now she gets his load when it was supposed to be my day to fast!

Master laughs as he can sense my anxiety. He brings me to his face with his free arm and kisses me. The sight is incredibly erotic with him kissing me in one arm, while keeping Miranda firmly on his cock with the other. He whispers in my ear,

“Don’t worry there is plenty to share.”

I smile and lean back down waiting for him to ejaculate. Moments later he says,

“Almost there. Oohhhh! Ugh! My lord sweet Jesus! Miranda are you ready for my hot cum? Ohhh Miranda you are a nasty whore. I am going to cum

in your mouth until no more liquid comes out of my cock. You will hold it and then deposit it into Cecily’s mouth. She is hungry and has not eaten all day.”

“Oh Master you remembered!” I cried with joy.

Miranda continues to sob. All that could be heard is sucking and sobbing. The moment of truth came when he starts bucking into her mouth ferociously. He begins grunting loudly as he hold her head down. Master James has massive loads to match his massive cock and balls. It is too much and some of it begins running down his cock. I become mad with hunger and lick up the oozing cum. He keeps coming in what just have been 8 or 9 large spurts. Master must have had an intense day in the fields.

Finally when he is done, he pauses. Miranda is still pinned to his cock as he lets the remaining droplets get deposited in her mouth. Her cheeks are puffed out with of his semen. Some accidentally spills out if her mouth. She has the most disgusted look on her face. I do have to admit Master is a little bitter and salty compared to usual. Master is not pleased.

“Cecily’s lick that cum up that she spilled. Miranda don’t you swallow or spill anymore. Hold it in your mouth and savor the taste.”

Miranda is still crying while attempting to hold her mouth shut. I can tell that she is trying to imagine she is not doing this. When I finish licking up the spilled cum off her body and the sheets, Master tells me to lick him clean. Miranda is crying even more. She is trying not to vomit from having hot, bitter goo kept in her mouth. After Master feels he is clean he told me to lay down. Miranda knows what this means and has a look of relief.

Master clicks his fingers and Miranda slowly comes over to me. Master is watching intently and I could see his is stroking his cock that is still hard. I open my mouth in anticipation. Miranda leans over and drops the massive glob into my mouth. The first taste hits my mouth and I feel myself slowly start to come back to life. She deposits and swaps the large load in my mouth. She looks relieved. I grab her face and force her to kiss me. She is reluctant about having to continuously taste our Master, but I continue to kiss her forcefully. When we are done I kneel on the floor and say,

” Thank you master for my dinner.”

Miranda is quiet and looks traumatized still.

“Miranda?” Master replies.

“Thank you Master,” she says tearfully.

“Thank you for what?” as he grabs her hair.

“Thank you for your cum Master,” Miranda spews.

“Good girl,” as he puts our faces together, “Kiss some more!”

We kiss some more. I can still taste the strong flavor of his cum on her lips and tongue. I am satisfied. Master sits up, smiles and says he is ready for his supper. He leads us both downstairs.

I kneel before Master while he eats supper. He calls me over to give him a blowjob. Miranda is quietly eating her dinner, although she doesn’t seem to be eating a lot. Unfortunately, Master did not allow her to clean her mouth so her food has a very potent and salty taste to it. I, on the other hand, am looking for more of that taste. I beg for Master to give me desert.

“Master please! Give me more! I am

so weak. I need you to strengthen me. Please feed me I am still hungry. Please Master.”

“Cumslut needs to fulfill her craving. You just swallowed a rather large load.”

“But Master it takes at least three loads to make my satisfied!”

We both laugh. Miranda looks mortified. She has officially lost her appetite. Her face pales. Master winks at her and says,

” Don’t worry kitten, pretty soon you will beg for it like this one. Your cum-training will change the dynamic of our relationship.”

He rubs his hand through my rusty colored hair smiling at her. He puts his fingers in my mouth and makes me lick them. Then he puts his cock in my mouth. After intense sucking and deepthroating, I can feel his body begin to boil. He has long finished his supper and is enjoying digesting his food. I position myself deeper on his cock. I can feel Miranda’s wide-eyed innocence staring at me.

I keep sucking him intensely making sure his cock is deep in my throat. I want him to deposit his load directly into my stomach. I breathe through my nose and make sure to run my tongue under his cock. I am deepthroat trained nicely.

Miranda is shocked. I can tell she is wondering how I am able to stuff his entire length into my mouth. I can feel that Master is nearing his arrival. He puts my head down until my chin is hitting his balls. He ferociously face fucks me until he slows down, grunts, and bucks his pelvis upward.

“Oh Cecily here it comes,” he moans as he explodes in the back of my throat.

After good amount gets deposited into my stomach, I slightly move up. I start sucking greedily as hot cum is being fed to me. His body shakes with intense pleasure as the cum is being sucked from his balls! After one or two more spurts he stops shaking. Heavy breathing is only thing heard in the room. He finally comes down from cloud nine. I open my mouth to show him the cum and swallow it all.

Miranda looks sick again and very flustered. Her squeamish behavior annoys me. I smile wickedly as I begin to kiss her, sharing any last remains with her. I am a very well trained cumslut. It’s about time Miranda joins the dark side.

Master comes over and kisses both of us. He decides that he wants another slave in the mix. He calls Sally in to go fetch Hilda. As Sally comes in she is a big, black woman. She is older and had been the favorite slut of his father in her youth. Because of this she understood the house rules. She is one of the few slaves allowed to communicate with us. She is like a mother to me as I am motherless. Sally cooked, cleaned, and tended to Master’s personal slavegirls.

“Sally. Thank you for dinner. It was quite delicious.”

Sally smiles and nods.

” Sally will you go fetch me Hilda and prepare her for me. Please have her be washed down. Apply some oils to make sure she smells nice as well. Thanks.”

Sally nodded and went to fulfill her task. Hilda is a slave with the biggest ass you had ever seen. It is like a piece of chocolate. She is the only field slave worthy of Master’s affection.

It is rumored that her grandfather was Indian, which is why her skin was the color of mahogany. She had slightly curly hair, but it was not nearly as long and full as ours. Hilda was exotic and sexy to Master. He told me how he loved watching her work in the fields. He loved watching her bathe in the river too.

We go upstairs and we kneel before Master James. He wants me to pleasure Miranda by licking her pussy which I do. I lick her intensely until she is screaming with pleasure. I massage her breasts as well. I can feel her releasing tension slowly. She eventually comes hard in my mouth. I do not lick her up because I see that Master wants to fuck her.

Chapter two of the Dinner and a MMF 3 way story

It had been just a few days since the night Beth and Ray took Jamie home with them to help fulfill their fantasy of have a MMF threesome. The night had gone well enough with all three participants having a good time but as the weekend gave way to the start of the week. Ray went to the office to find a message on his answering service. He sighs deeply as he hits the flashing red light, he was fairly sure what the message would be before he even listened.

“Hey uh Ray I am not sure I can come in today I am just a little unsure about even staying there after the other night. I had fun but it just seems like things could be weird from here on out. I am sorry if this puts you in a bind but I just can’t do it.”

Ray sat back in his chair looking at the desk his thoughts raced just hoping that Jamie would not relay the story of what occurred with his dad. He thought for awhile as he sipped from his Starbucks cup then picked up his phone to call his wife.

“Sweetie I am not sure what to do. Jamie I think is quitting and I am worried that he may tell his dad and I am not sure how this could all end.”

“Okay calm down babe, I will go over to his house and check on him make sure everything is cool and no one is mad. He is probably just thinking he will be uncomfortable around you.” Beth tried her best to soothe her husband as she climbed out of the bath tub and toweled off before she slipped on her tiniest thong and smallest skirt.

“Okay thank you I just don’t want to ruin an old friendship over something like this and well I do think Jamie would respond better to you then to me.”

Beth finished dressing and fixing her long blonde hair she gave herself one last quick look in the mirror before walking out the door.

Ray sat at his desk almost jumping at every ring of the phone worried Jamie had told his parents and while Jamie was an adult his dad would still probably loose it on him if he found out the details of the dinner from the other night. Ray did his best to keep his mind on work and helping the few people trickling in and out of the office but when his cell phone rang he put everything aside to take the call.

“Beth what’s up?”

“I am at Jamie’s calm down babe, his parents are not home his car is here so I am just going to go in and chat with him see how he is okay.”

“Okay, okay I am just a bit worried.”

Beth laid her phone down in the cup holder of her Lexus and walked up to the front door of the house. Her heels clicked loudly on the flooring of the porch, she smiled as she looked at her reflection in the glass of the storm door she knew she looked more like a high priced call girl then a concerned wife. She took a quick moment to adjust her hair in the glass before knocking on the glass.

The few minutes until the door opened seemed to take forever, her heart rate increased her palms became sweaty as her nerves were running wild. The door finally opened and there stood Jamie in the doorway wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

Beth felt her heart skip a beat as the object of her desire from just a few days ago stood before her. She could feel her pussy tingle a bit as she looked at Jamie. She did not know what it was about this young man but this 21 year old had something she could not resist.

“Oh hey Beth, calm on in I guess.” Jamie said as he opened the door and invited her into the house.

“Hey what’s up? Ray was worried about you not coming into work and well I was worried you were upset with me.” Beth said as she walked in and took a seat on the couch.

“Oh no I am far from mad at Ray, I was just unsure what to do after what happened the other night. I mean he and I you know.”

“Oh dear boy do you think you are the first guy to experiment?”

“Well no but, hell I don’t know.” Jamie spoke nervously as he moved to sitting on the couch next to Beth. He was obviously shaken up, but at the same time he could not take his eyes off the 43 year old woman sitting on his couch.

“Oh sweetie it is okay it was a heat of the moment type of thing and no one is going to judge you for anything. You have Ray quite scared he thinks you will tell your dad about what happened.” Beth spoke as she carefully inched her way closer to Jamie.

“Oh no I won’t tell. I mean I did all that on my own and I am an adult I am responsible for it. I would not dare ruin their friendship.” Jamie could feel her getting closer as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. His heart raced as his cock started to stiffen.

“Well that is good I like a young man who will take responsibility for their actions. But, Jamie you haven’t really answered are you mad at me.” Beth asked as her hand rubbed up and down the young man’s bare leg.

“Oh Mrs. Jones, should we be doing this?”

“Silly boy remember call me Beth!” She say with a bit of authority to her voice as she grasp the boys stiff cock through his boxers.

“Yes Beth.” He said breathless as Beth pulled his boxers down to allow the large hard cock to spring free from his boxers.

“Jamie, I am not sure why but I need this.” were the last words Beth spoke before she wrapped her lips around the young mans cock swallowing all 9 inches with ease. She squeezed her full red lips tightly around the hard cock. Beth took his balls into her hand squeezing them tightly then massaging them. She alternated the squeezing with the massaging.

Jamie moaned in pleasure then groaned in paid as Beth alternated the way she used his balls. “Oh Fuck Beth should we be doing this?”

Beth pulled her lips away from the hard cock her lip stick smeared on the shaft as a long trail of saliva and pre cum ran from her lips to the swollen head of the cock. She pumped the cock hard with her fingers barely fitting all the way around it as she pulled Jamie’s face to hers. “Well babe I can always just stop.”

Jamie while still unsure what Beth’s motives were, he also did not care all he was worrying about not was cumming. He grabbed the back of Beth’s head and guided her lips to his, kissing her deeply. Their tongues twirled together as she shared the taste of his cock with him. Beth pushed Jamie back against the couch as she stood up off the couch removing her shirt and skirt.

Jamie did not hesitate as he saw the tiny thong barely covering Beth’s bald pussy. He reached out and grabbed the thong and pulled it so hard it ripped from her body. “Oh my easy big boy.” Said Beth with delight at the aggressiveness of Jamie.

“I can’t help it I want that.” He said as he pulled Beth back to him. She straddled his lap and immediately placed the swollen head inside her pussy. “Oh fuck.” He moaned as Beth slid the entire cock inside her pussy.

“Jamie I love your cock it’s so big.” She squealed with delight as started to buck her hips back and fourth riding the cock.

Jamie lowered his head to her large D cup breasts taking a nipple into his mouth sucking it hard before switching to the other nipple. Beth moaned hard with the nipple stimulation and with her pussy being so full of cock. Jamie feeling more and more aggressive with his older lover wrapped his large muscular arms around her and squeezed her body tightly making her bounce harder on his cock.

“Oh not so rough baby I can’t take it.”

Jamie did not respond to the plea for relief as he instead took his hand and slapped it hard on Beth’s butt cheek. He slapped her cheek every time she sat all the way down on his cock. His hand forming a bright red print on her cheek as she bit her lip enjoying the spanking.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum.” Beth moaned as her body quivered.

Jamie smiled as he looked into Beth’s eyes seeing them roll back into her head as her juices flowed down his shaft. He pushed her off his cock as she finished shaking and quivering, Beth fell to the floor with a thud. He stood up holding his cock in his hand stroking his shaft as Beth looked up at him rubbing her clit. “What are you going to do with me Jamie.”

Jamie quickly grabs her hair jerking her face to his cock. Beth knew just what to do she opened her mouth to swallow the cock again, she could taste her cum on the cock as she sucked the piece of meat like a woman possessed. Jamie wrapped his hands into her long blonde locks and jerked her head down, Beth gagged hard as she was not ready to take the whole thing in such a quick motion. Jamie groaned as he enjoyed the feel of her gagging, as he jerked her head back then down again. Beth slobbered all over the cock as she could not help but gag again.

“Oh yeah that’s nice.” He groaned as he pulled her head back violently now starting to fuck her face. His balls slapped her chin as he thrust his cock in and out like he was fucking a pussy.

Beth loved being used by her younger lover, she gagged and choked on the hard piece of meat beating against the back of her throat. She tried to keep up but Jamie was thrusting her head back and fourth to fast.

Jamie held back as he could feel his balls tighten, he knew if he didn’t stop he would cum in her mouth., and that was not what he was wanting. “Lay down I want to cum inside you.”

Beth almost felt as if she could cum again just hearing the words Jamie said as she laid down and rolled over onto her stomach. She laid her head down on the carpet and raised her ass in the air. Jamie did not need anymore of an invitation. He lowered himself to his knees and guided his saliva coated cock into Beth from behind.

Beth almost screamed as he entered her, Jamie was big and when he entered her from behind it seemed to feel even bigger to her. Jamie did not start gradually he just started pounding into her pussy without mercy. He pulled his cock nearly out before he slammed it back in balls deep with every stroke. His thrusts were powerful, Beth felt as if her pussy was being ripped open by the thrusts. Jamie loved the feel of her pussy it was better then any he had before he could barely control himself as he reached forward and grabbed her hair jerking it back with a power tug.

“Fuck Jamie!” Beth screamed as her head ripped back violently and the thrusts seemed to grow in intensity.

“Shut-up you want it.” growled Jamie as he started slamming his hand against her ass with powerful slaps.

“Yes sir, I want it.” Beth answered as she could feel a tear roll down her cheek and sweat down her forehead. She was not sure what was happening but she suddenly felt so helpless under the muscular young man.

Beth was typically always in control, her husband worshiped her and as he aged and put on a few extra pounds he just seemed to as she wanted more and more. The few times Ray even spoke to her roughly or tried to take control in their sex life it was only because Beth had given him permission to cuss her or use her. She was in uncharted area’s with Jamie and she was loving it.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jamie groaned as the sweat rolled down his face. His body glistened with sweat as the first of 6 massive squirts of cum filled her pussy. “Oh fuck.” Jamie said as he squeezed out the last drops of cum into her pussy.

Beth fell over onto her stomach trying to catch her breath as the feeling of the exploding cock sent her over the edge sending her into a massive orgasm the likes of which she had never had before. “That was.. was unreal.”

Jamie smiled as he knew exactly what Beth meant, while he had came more times the last time they were together he had never came like that before in his life.

The moment of breathless enjoyment was soon broken by the sound of a tinging cell phone. Jamie looked around the room to find his phone ringing. He looked at it and just threw it to Beth.

“Hello.” Said Beth as she laid there breathless.

“Hey you didn’t call what’s up?”

“It will be okay Ray, calm down Mike won’t even be back in town for a few days they extended their vacation.”

Jamie laid on the floor staring at the sexy 43 year old blondes body feeling his cock stir again and feeling a new sexual energy / confidence he never had before he started stroking his cock again. He looked at Beth whose eyes met his and just mouthed the words. “Tell him to come over.”

“Hey babe.. Why don’t you come by and we can make sure everything is good okay.”

“Well I am not sure, maybe we should just let this thing die. I am to worried about this it was a bad idea from the start. Mike would kill me if he knew.”

“No come over do you understand?”

“Yes dear I will be there in a few minutes I will close the office early.” Ray said with a tone of fear in his voice, he feared the anger of his wife.

Jamie looked at Beth as she laid the phone down. “Is he coming over?”

“Yes Jamie.”


“What has came over you?” asked Beth as she looked at Jamie seeing something in the man’s face seemed to have changed.

Jamie did not answer the question he instead just stood up and pulled Beth to him. He pushed his lips to her they kissed with a great passion between the two. Their tongues entwined in each others mouth, rubbing against one another. Jamie slowly pulled his lips away taking the time to suck hard on Beth’s lower lip as their kiss fully broke.

Jamie pushed Beth to her knees again as he slapped his long hardening cock against her face. Beth was again hungry for more as she felt the cock slap her face. She took a few moments to just lick his balls and just tease him making the cock grow harder. Her tongue worked and massaged till the cock was standing straight out at full attention. “That’s it lick it.”

Beth followed Jamie’s command just using her tongue only. She was actually pleased that was all he was wanting her throat was still screaming in pain from the pounding the back of it took from her face fucking she had received.

The door bell rang interrupting the moment. Jamie and Beth both paused their actions as they looked at it. “Ray got here quick.”

“Well he does as I say.”

“Well good because you are going to do as I say.” Jamie spoke with authority as he looked into Beth’s eyes. He was not sure where this was coming from but something between the other night and his lust for Beth was driving him. “Come on in Ray.”

The door opened slowly as Ray peeked in and could see straight into the living room. The second his eyes locked in on the sight of Beth and Jamie, The young man grabbed Beth by her hair again and forced his cock down her throat.

Ray gasped as he saw the sight of his wife on her knees gagging on the cock of Jamie. He was just holding her there choking her with his cock. “What are you doing?” Ray asked as he was shocked to see them naked and to see Jamie choking his wife with his cock.

Jamie did not answer and instead just started as he did earlier, fucking her lips like it was a pussy. Jamie grunted at every gag made by Beth. Ray stared at the cock fucking his wife’s lips, he was hurt his wife never played alone but he was also enjoying see her like this.

“Just sit down.” Jamie said as he continued his thrusts into the married woman’s mouth.

Ray was unsure why but he did as Jamie told him to do. He sat on the couch behind them his view straight at the firm toned ass of Jamie. He could feel his cock getting hard as he unzipped his pants and started stroking himself.

Jamie turned loose of Beth’s head letting her pull her mouth away and regain her breath. He turns to see Ray stroking his cock. “You like that don’t you?”

Ray nodded without saying a word. Beth crawls on the floor over to Jamie grasping his hard cock giving it loving gently kisses to the head and shaft.

“Please Jamie fuck me again.”

Jamie smiled as he laid Beth on the floor. “Hold her legs up.”

Ray climbed off the couch straddling his wife face with his cock hanging inches from her mouth as he pulls her legs up high. “Don’t suck his cock.” Jamie said as he inched his cock inside Beth’s married pussy. He took his time making sure Ray could see every inch disappear inside.

Ray groaned as he stared seeing the massive cock invade his wife’s pussy. He saw this the other night but today things seemed different. This time as he watched he knew that she liked his cock more, he knew she was more then happy to do as he ordered. Ray could feel her breath on his cock he hoped that she would defy her young lover and suck it. As Jamie fully entered her his slow insertion gave way to full hard thrusts.

Beth’s moans grew in intensity as the thrusts did. Her breathing hard and fast, the hot breath blowing across Ray’s cock furthering his wanting to be pleasured.

“Lick her pussy.” Jamie ordered as he pushed Ray’s face down to Beth’s clit. Jamie thrust with great force as Ray’s tongue came into contact with Beth’s clit.

“Oh yes.. yes!”

Ray licked the clit the best he could but with the force of the thrusting he often felt his tongue rubbing more of Jamie’s shaft. “I think you like my cock more.” Jamie said as he could feel Ray’s tongue on his shaft.

Jamie slid his cock out of Beth’s pussy and fed it right into Ray’s mouth. “Come on this is what you wanted wasn’t it.” Jamie grasped the back of Rays head and started fucking his lips much like he did Beth’s

Ray enjoyed it the first time but the way things were happening this time just were not the same he felt ashamed and a bit humiliated as he sucked the cock invading his mouth.

“Oh yes baby you are such a good cocksucker.” Purred Beth as she could not see the action but she could hear it. Ray was slobbering all over the cock in his mouth.

Jamie was impressed by the oral skills of Ray, he thought it the other night but now he was sure of it. Ray was a better cocksucker then his wife. Jamie pulled his cock from Ray’s mouth and inserted it back into Beth, but this time he did it with one strong thrust.

“I’m gonna cum again baby.” Beth said with a loud moan as Jamie’s powerful insertion was all it took to send her back over the edge.

Jamie looked down at the back of Ray’s head hovering over the pussy he was fucking. He dripped the mans hair shoving it down into his wife’s pussy. Jamie slowly pulls his cock from Beth’s pussy as he stood up stroking his cock looking at Ray still eating the pussy that he had filled with cum earlier.

Beth could feel her husband’s cock pressed against her but she fought the urge to suck it she found herself worried of upsetting Jamie. She looked up at her young lover as he circled the bodies of the married couple.

Jamie took a long pause stroking his soaking wet cock as he made a decision that he knew was not a heat of the moment thing but rather something he wanted. He knelt down behind Ray as Beth instinctively knew what he wanted. She reached up and spread her husbands ass open raising her head up so she could lick his hole. Jamie took a long hard breath as he pushed into the ass of Ray.

“No please no not now.” pleaded Ray as his ass was split open.

Jamie gripped his hips tightly and forced himself all the way inside the man’s as. “I thought this is what you liked.”

“Not like this Jamie please stop.”

The more Ray pleaded the faster and harder Jamie’s thrusts started to be. He was soon pounding in and out of Ray’s ass. His big cock driving so deep it was making Ray’s cock throb. Beth pulled her tongue away from her husbands ass and looked at the throbbing cock. She felt a little pity for Ray his cock looked as if it could pop any second.

“Can I?”

“Yeah.” Jamie responded in a low groan. Ray’s ass felt good wrapped around his cock but the man was tight and each stroke loosened him only a little bit more. Jamie was trying to hold back he was not ready to cum yet.

Beth swallowed her husband’s swollen almost purple cock and was quickly swallowing his load as well. The feel of her lips was all it took to send him over the edge.

“Thank you Jamie.” Ray said as he felt his balls empty into his wife’s mouth.

Jamie could not hold back any longer when Ray came his ass tightened also sending Jamie over the edge. His cock exploded in Ray’s ass filling it with cum. Jamie pulled his cock out as the last drops spilled out of it dripping them onto Beth’s face. The young man took a seat on the couch holding his cock in his hand. “Come here both of you.”

I am standing in the center of a large airy room. My statuesque body totally naked save a long silk scarf that is tied covering my eyes. No heels, no restraints, no collar; just green silk, the ends hanging down and tickling my ass.

I hear murmurs in the room. Hear ice clinking in glasses. I sense movement.

Someone is at my side, it’s my Master—Lou, “Don’t be nervous. No one will harm and if you feel threatened, use the safe word.” He assures me I’m safe as these are his colleagues and they have been made aware this is my first experience of this sort. We have only experimented with the dominance-submission for a short time and this is his way of showing the other Masters how well behaved and covetable I’m as a slave. I take a deep breath and he kisses me gently on my soft lips.

Soft, ruby red lips that contrast drastically against the pale plain of my skin.

I must look like a ghost standing here I think to myself. My lissome body like delicate china, my angled bob hair, thick dark auburn, my cunt is bare. Even my nipples are the darkest pink and hardly noticeable. The only splash of color is the painted red of my full lips.

As my Master leaves my side I try to remain calm. He has told me this is what he wants from me tonight and I want nothing more than to please him. Still, I’m not sure what to expect and believe there are maybe four or five men in the room other than my Master. My insides turn a bit as I await instructions.

I stand silent and unmoving for what seems and eternity. Finally, there is a voice which calls my name with an order, “Please turn around so that we may see both front and back.” I gracefully turn a slow spin, my arms resting freely at my sides, my head bent downward in subtle servitude.

Another voice comes from a different direction, this one familiar it’s my Master, “Assume the position.” I know what he expects. I get to my knees, spreading them apart so that my treasures may be seen, and clasp my hands in the small of my back, pushing my ample tits forward.

I can feel the cool, milky smoothness of silk pooled on my hands.

There are further murmurs from the crowd, more sounds of people partaking of their drinks. Again, I seem to wait forever as the circle around me admires what is being offered for their pleasure tonight.

“Come to me,” a warm, smooth voice requests.

I assume he wants me to crawl but I’m unsure and don’t want to displease him. “Beg for permission.” I ask using the phrase my Master approves.

“You may speak,” hearing my Master’s voice.

“Would you like me to crawl, Sir?” I ask of the unknown man. He laughs pleasantly and tells me there is no other way.

When I reach the man I realize he is sitting on the floor. I’m told to kneel in my position before him and I do so. Ice cold drops of water splash on my left nipple then my right before trickling down my abdomen and into folds of my cunt. Both nipples now stand erect, jutting out from the firm globes like little gumdrops. The man begins to pinch them lightly, sometimes pulling and twisting and sometime rubbing them in the palm of his hands. His hands move to the fleshy undersides and cup them, bringing my dark pink nipples to his mouth. He suckles at my tit like a baby while his hands now wander to my heart-shape ass, fondling and squeezing. “Open your mouth,” and then pulls my head down to his cock. I’m still partially in my position only now my ass in up in the air and my cunt fully exposed to the others. He is only half erect, “Make me hard.” I suck his semi-soft member into my mouth and glide along the shaft. After only a few sucks his cock is growing quite hard and I’m able to really please him, taking him almost all the way and teasing the swollen head. “Make me cum,” I double my efforts. My mouth is now sliding up and down his rod quickly as I suck him hard. I can hear him moaning and this makes my own desire rise. I take him deep in my throat and he cums almost immediately, releasing his seed into my mouth.

I hear sounds of approval from the others.

A new voice calls, “Crawl to me”. This gentleman too is sitting on the floor. He tells me to remain on all fours and I feel him moving behind me. He runs his hands down my back and over the curve of my ass. His fingers then find my soft entrance and he starts to finger me. He remarks to the others how wet I am and then asks, “Do you always get this hot when you suck man’s cock?”

“Yes Sir.” I gasp as his fingers start to work deeper into my cunt. He uses my slick juices and lubricates his cock and my anus.

“Do you like be fucked up the ass?”

Although it is not yet my most favorite pleasures I reply, “Yes Sir.” I feel him pressing at the entrance of my tight hole and my body tenses.

A booming voice rings out “Emer!” My Master is displeased. I know he wants me to relax so as to not make the other Masters feel uncomfortable; we have talked about this before the start of the evening. He calls me by my slave name, Emerald, to remind me I am to be used as this man wishes and, as my Master wills, I relax.

There has been no interruption for the man who is behind me. He has slid the head of his cock into my ass and is now pushing himself inside. I can feel the burning as I’m stretched to accommodate his girth, my Master does not often take me this way and so I am very tight. When finally the man has sunk himself to the hilt he sighs loudly. He starts now to slide himself in and out his hard cock still causing me quite a bit of torment. I want to cry, not from humiliation but from the searing pain, still I know my Master will punish me severely if I do so and I hold the tears at bay.

Suddenly there is someone in front of me, the tip of their cock placed against my lips. “Suck it.” I part my passionate red lips for him. I’m now being rocked by the man who is vigorously pumping his cock into my ass and he is grunting like an animal. The man before me is groaning as he buries his hands into my dark auburn hair and pulls my face to his groin forcing his cock into my throat. I hear the guy behind me give one final grunt as he shoots his load inside me and I’m thankful he is finished.

The man who is in front of me removes himself and leads me to the couch. “Stand up—turn around—sit down on my lap.”

As I sit down, his slick hardness enters me with little guidance. A tremor runs through me as I sit motionless perched on his cock relishing the feel of him inside. My legs are spread wide so that the other participants can view and delight in his penetration. His powerful hands grip my waist as he controls my body, raising me up and then bringing me down forcefully on him. His pleasure is glorious and my body quickly lets him know how much I appreciate him with a flow of sweet juices. His sighs and groans, as well as the tightness of his grasp, let me know he is enjoying me.

I feel a body move between our legs. Unexpected clamps are placed on my nipples and I jump from the surprise and pain but I do not make a sound. The hands continue to fondle my tits and the jolt from the clamps is quickly forgotten.

I realize I’m moaning a bit and that my breathing has gotten short. I could cum if given permission but the urge is not so overwhelming that I feel the need to ask for release so I simply savor the sensations.

The man between my legs had lowered himself and is now teasing me with his tongue and drinking in the combination of pre-cum and my excitement. I feel his tongue licking my puffy lips as he tries to keep rhythm with the cock inside me. He frenziedly shakes his head from side to side tonguing the base of the other man’s cock and licking at my clit while he strokes himself.

I’m feeling very close to orgasm now. “May I cum Masters?” I asked either man for my release—begging for it. But neither man answers my dire requests. I can feel my cunt tighten around the cock inside me and I concentrate on not allowing myself to go too far. Permission has not been granted.

Suddenly the man behind me jams me down onto his hardness and I can feel his cock jerking and twitching as he cums, buried deep in my warmth.

I want so badly to cum with him and I ask again, “Please Masters may I cum?” This time I’m flat out denied.

The man who is between our legs stands and kisses me, delivering a mouthful of semen into mine. I swallow it and suck his tongue to get what is left. He straightens his body so that his groin is level with my face and shoves his cock into my mouth. I suck him eagerly and hungrily, his cock tasting of sweat and pre-cum. It takes only a few minutes before he explodes in my mouth and as much as I try to swallow his cum a few thick streams of pearly white run down over my chin. He pulls his spurting member out and his last few shots land on my tits and stomach.

These two men are spent and yet another voice calls me, “Emerald—here.” I get on the floor and crawl to the sound, my head bent this time from the shame of not having swallowed all the cum as I have been taught. As I crawl I can feel the cum trickling from my freshly taken cunt down onto my thighs. When I reach the voice I come to the conclusion that this person is in a chair as his voice comes from above. He tells me to assume my position once again and I do so, presenting my cum covered chin to him red-faced.

There are whispers and I wonder what is happening. There is someone kneeling in front of me. Their hands brush the satiny hair off my cheeks and then smooth the silk scarf over my eyes. I hear water and then feel a warm, wet towel between my legs as the cum is cleaned from my thighs, ass and stomach. “Thank you, Sir.” I say truly grateful for being washed, but wishing that the cum would be cleaned from my chin. The towel is replaced by fingers. They probe gently into my cunt and it takes me only a moment to realize that this is a woman as I can feel long fingernails. Her tongue glides along the bright red of my lips and forces them apart. She moves closer, her tits rubbing against mine, and I kiss her back as her tongue is now poking in and out of my mouth, just as her fingers are sliding in and out of my cunt. She uses her tongue to lick the cum from my chin then moves to my nipples. Her nimble lips tease at the hard nubs sometimes sucking them into her mouth tasting the salty gift left there, sometimes clamping down tightly on the devices already in place. Her attention to both my tits and cunt are incredible and I can feel the stirrings of orgasm again.

“Lay back,” she tells me and I do so on the plush carpet; hoping I’m right by acting on her commands, not knowing if she is a dommes or not.

Her light form straddles my upper body and I can feel the heightened warmth of her womanhood against my aroused chest. She takes hold of one of my erect nipples and begins to stimulate her erect clit with it. I have been with only a few women and I have never encountered this. It turns me on immensely and my own clit begins to ache.

The woman begins to moan with pleasure as she rides my tit, her cunt growing hotter and beginning to flow with her excitement. Without warning she moves and queens me. I’m suffocating in her downy hair and sweet juices. I stick my tongue into her hot cunt and fuck her best I can, trying to use my nose to rub her clit and smelling her musky scent. She starts to climax and I nearly choke on her cum as it floods into my mouth. She is grinding frantically on my face, her breathing coming in sharp gasps and her voice rising higher to a near scream.

I’m glad I have made her cum so wonderfully but I’m now craving release. I didn’t realize until now that my legs are spread wide, my flower open and streaming with my desire. I hear a few of the men comment on how ready I’m for some cock. This stirs me even more and I hope one of them will oblige and take me there on the carpet. But it is the woman who puts herself between my legs and places her moist mouth over my aroused bud. I jerk at the intense pleasure and let out a emphatic sigh.

The gentleman who sits in the chair speaks gruffly telling the woman to perform well but not to make me cum. A disheartened groan escapes my lips and I know immediately there will be words from my Master.

“I will not hesitate to punish you here in front of everyone Emerald!” He storms. “If you should displease me once more you shall be whipped before all eyes here.”

There are some gasps as the men entertain the thought of my being whipped for disobedience, possibly thinking they might get to try their skill on me.

“Yes Sir, I beg your forgiveness.”

“You have not my forgiveness slave,” he replies harshly, “but you shall have the taste of my leather if you fail to govern yourself accordingly.”

“Yes Sir,” praying his scolding is over. It is.

Soon I can feel the delicate hands of the other woman as she massages my tits paying close attention to my nipples. “Take a deep breath,” she tells me and as I do she removes the clamps. The surge of pain is incredible but fairly brief with her mouth there to comfort me. She doesn’t stay long at my tits but goes back to work on my cunt and after a few moments her experienced tongue has me writhing and breathing heavily as her fingers explore my depths.

Sounds of people breathing raggedly lay on the air like smoke. I hear their passion and in my mind I picture them masturbating while they watch the performance played out in front of them. The thought of all those men stroking their handsome cocks while watching a woman taking oral pleasure in my womanhood me makes me tingle and grow even hotter.

I move my hips to her face and she bites tenderly at my swollen labia. I’m coming close to orgasm now and she knows it. She sucks hard on my clit and plunges her three fingers in and out rapidly driving me wild.

When she decides I’m too close and that she won’t be able to keep me from peaking if she continues, she stops. I’m breathing erratically and my chest is heaving as I draw air in desperately.

The coarse-voiced man commands the woman, “Get up and stand by my side,” making it clear that she is his slave. He then orders, “Emerald come here.”

Standing in front of him he seizes the firm rounded hemispheres of my ass and pulls me close to him. “Put your leg here.” I place one of my feet next to him on the chair. With my foot I can feel that he is clothed unlike the others. I feel his large callused hands on my tits, rough and marring, his nails clawing into the tender flesh. Traveling down my abdomen to my private folds he leaves a trail of scratches. His plump fingers push into my cunt and he begins to twist them while he slams into me. He is forcing his fingers deep and I feel that at any moment he will thrust his entire hand into my vagina. It is painful and the agony is almost too much to bear but he stops and then places some object at my entrance. It is blunt and cold, that is all I know. He shoves it in rudely then saws it in and out without regard to my discomfort. I can hear his breathing increasing until he is hardly able to breathe at all. I hear him demand of his slave to cum and from the sound of things she does.

Finally, he stops his crude treatment and removes the object from my abused canal. I brace myself for the feel of his semen on my belly or tits but there is none. He seems to have no further interest in me.

My uterus aches tremendously and I think about his poor slave and how poorly she must be treated. She has my sympathy.

The vulgar man relinquishes me to the rest of the group and I return to the center of the room waiting for further instructions. I’m feeling used and want nothing more than to retire for the evening but I’m called upon again.

When I reach the man he says, “Your mouth is very pleasing and my cock wants it around it again”. I think this is the first man whom I was with but cannot be totally sure. He is sincere in his comment and the kind tone of his words makes me less weary. I try to be as graceful as possible as I get to my knees and take his stiff member with my lips. I lick his shaft and head, making sure to sneak my tongue into the pee hole to get the pre-cum that is welling there. He whispers for me to use my hands as well and I massage his balls and thick base. As his body begins to move with the rhythm of my mouth I begin to stroke half his length while the other half I suck eagerly into my mouth. His pre-cum is really flowing and I sip it up relishing its salty taste.

Again, as had happened before, I feel someone behind me. I don’t tense up for fear of the whip, but in my mind I am afraid it will be the same man come to ravage my tight little ass.

Soft cock flesh soothes my sore cunt and the thick mushroom head rubs against my little cunt lips. I moan in yearning as the head slides across my sopping cunt.

I want that cock so badly that I’m really sucking ravenously on the one in front of me. The guy is groaning and murmuring unintelligible words as his cock fucks my mouth. He reaches down and moves my hand from his shaft, replacing it with his own and applying pressure to insure that he doesn’t cum yet.

From the other side of the room I can hear the poor slave woman being taken by the other men. I wondered if my Master is one of them and feel a pang of jealousy. Still, I think that if my Master is one of the men taking her she will at least have one good fuck considering the bastard of a Master she has.

I’m abruptly brought out of my thoughts by the sensation of hard cock snaking into my anxious hole. Hands on my waist pull me back forcing me onto the stiff cock. I moan loudly around the cock in my mouth and feel my legs growing weak. The cock in my cunt devours me and I again feel the rise of orgasm. He strokes in and out of me gently and I can feel his cum laden balls swinging back and forth between my legs as he moves, the wiry hair grazing the inside of my thighs. His hands reach around and massage my breasts, teasing the sore nipples and making smooth circles around the pink areolas. His tempo increases as does my pleasure. The thickness of him as he slides in and out is delightful and I’m doing what I can to concentrate on the cock before me.

The man in front of me can’t keep from cumming any longer and he pulls his cock from my mouth. Taking his member in hand he madly pumps his himself for a few seconds then cums. My mouth is agape, he shoots a batch of cum into my throat; the next of his thick cum spurts all over my face and into my hair and then as his stroking becomes more frenzied his cum spews everywhere haphazardly until finally he is drained.

Behind me the man is beginning to lose control himself as he again increases his speed until he is banging inside my hairless cunt with hard, quick strokes. Expectant shivers run up my spine as I realize I’m about to cum. I position myself so that my elbows are on the carpet and my ass is tipped upward, his cock now pumping fluently. Deeply, his thrusting becomes a grinding penetration and the base of his strong member and balls polish my clit bringing me to a level of pleasure that is pure ecstasy.

“Please Sir…” I plead to the man taking me. Having been brought to the brink of orgasm before and not allowed release I am certain I will not be able to maintain control this time. “I beg you…Please, let me cum Sir. Please…”

There is a brief moment of silence from the man, although there is no faltering of his thrusts, and I fear that again I will be refused.

“You may cum my slave.” My Master breathes lustily.

Now not only does my sexual arousal heighten but my heart races as well. “Oh Master.” I hiss out lovingly as I take comfort in knowing that my Master is here to satisfy me. I ride the plateau a few seconds more before allowing myself to break the barrier having held back for so long the orgasm tears through me like a raging tempest making my head swim in brief blackness. I manage to somehow keep from going under although the climax consumes my senses. I move easily beneath him held securely in his grip as he continues to fuck me like never before, our sweat drenched bodies delirious with sensation. My body convulses under his power and I hear my voice repeatedly calling out for my Master and god who are, at that moment and always, one and the same.

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