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I remember the first time I tried it. Some of the black guys had been with had wanted to but I’d never wanted to before. Of course, that was what was great about Ben. He’d brought out a whole new side to my sexuality. He’d made me realise I was born to be a white man’s fuck-toy. I’m a 25 year old British black girl of Jamaican descent. My boyfriend, 30 year old Ben, is white British.

Ben was waiting in bed for me as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. “Honey,” he called out from the bedroom “could you bring me a glass of water please?”

“Yeah, OK!” I shouted back. When I’d finished I crept downstairs to the kitchen, poured him a glass of water and made my way back upstairs. As I stepped into the bedroom, barefoot and wearing nothing but a short, silky pink negligee, I tripped up and spilled some of the water. Ben sat bolt upright in bed.

“I think, young lady, that you’d better get that mopped up immediately!” he snapped.

“Of course.” I answered. and headed to the bathroom for a cloth. I went slowly, my heart racing, knowing that this was the start of some kinky fun. I had no idea, though, just what was going to happen!

When I arrived back, Ben was standing by the bed, naked and with a huge erection. I began to shake in anticipation knowing that he was about to do something fun! I knelt down and began wiping the spilt water up with the cloth. When I had finished, Ben gave a fake cough.

“Now,” he said, sternly “bend over the bed!” I did as i was told and walked over to the bed, leaning forward over it and spreading my legs apart. That way, I was giving him easy access to my pussy, offering it to him on a plate.

I felt Ben walk up behind me. Everything went still and silent for a moment, then there was a searing crack as Ben slapped my arse. It took a second or two for the feeling to sink in, and when it did I gave a little cry of surprise and delight.

“What do you think I should do with you now then?” he asked. I struggled to answer through my heavy breathing. My heart was pounding!

“Please fuck me!” I gasped. Ben chuckled.

“You’d like that, would you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me please!”

“I dunno, I might just have to not fuck you as punishment!”

“No, please fuck me!” I cried in desperation “I want to feel that white cock of yours inside me!”

Ben grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me towards him, standing me up. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear;

“Take this silly little negligee off then and get on your back!” Again, I did as I was told. I turned to face him, and slipped one shoulder out of my negligee, then the other, and let it simply fall to the floor. I then climbed onto the bed and lay on my back, with my legs apart. Ben climbed on after me and lay over me, between my legs, and began kissing my lips and neck. I began to feel my pussy moisten, and as Ben ran his hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and caressing my thighs, the juices were actually dripping from my pussy and down my arse.

Ben began to rub his dick along the length of my pussy, and I began to breathe heavily, anticipating his thick, white cock sliding into my tight black hole and stretching it……….

With a single powerful thrust, Ben buried his cock balls deep into my arse! I yelped in a mixture of pain and surprise and almost jumped up! I looked at Ben’s face to check if he knew what he’d done, but he just smiled and winked! “You said you wanted my cock inside you,” he laughed “well now it is!”

I lay there in a slight state of shock as he slid his heavenly member in and out of my hole, and as the initial pain subsided, an overwhelming sense of pleasure overtook me. Here was Ben, I thought, penetrating me in such a way as to dominate me even more than ever before! My pussy was well and truly gushing now, lubricating Ben’s cock as it stretched my arsehole.

Because of the position we were in, we could make eye contact. Ben never looked away from me, enjoying every second of watching my face as he sodomised me. He kept it nice and slow, with a rhythm that only slightly sped up as he approached orgasm. He’d pull his cock almost all the way out of me before plunging it back in again.As I saw in Ben’s face that he was close to the edge, I felt my own orgasm drawing near. Ben winked at me again and placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing frantically to encourage me to cum.

As the feeling of euphoria tore through me, Ben plunged his dick deep into my arsehole with a last almighty thrust, and shouted “Oh, shit, I’m going to cum inside your arse!” He let out a satisfied grunt. I could feel his cock twitching as it spilled its seed deep into my bowels. We both lay there, in the throes of orgasm, and as they subsided, Ben gave a little shake to spray the last few drops of sperm into me. He pulled his cock out of me and came up to give me a kiss. I could feel his warm, sticky sperm dribble out of my well used butt as I turned to kiss and cuddle him.

“I love you.” I said, breathlessly. “And I could definitely do that again!” Ben grinned.

“I plan to!” he said.

My loving owner and I share a beautiful home near a lake in a very secluded spot. It’s not all that far from the rest of our tiny neighborhood but, set apart quite a way. It’s one of two that we own. My handsome man chose it for privacy, which is good because, there are times that privacy is paramount in our lives.

I’ve stated before that my owner is a man of varied tastes when it comes to fun and this time was no exception. He enjoys taking the time to select specific temporary additions to our private routines. Temporary additions that have similar endowments as well as similar discretion’s. I don’t know the screening process my love initiates but I trust him with all my heart.

I feel the need to say that because, there are times when my love brings someone to one or the other of our homes and I have heard more than one gentleman express awe in how my love keeps every aspect of things exclusively, yet warmly private. They never truthfully know exactly where they are other than in one of our homes.

On this particular day, my owner and I had just finished breakfast when he got a call on the cell that he uses specifically for our special times. He gave me that sweet half lidded expression and secret smile of his that let me know something uniquely exciting was about to happen.

“I’ll be right back sweetie.” he whispered as he quickly kissed me and hurried out the door, phone to ear.

I knew he’d be true to his word and felt a thrilling tingle at what might come next.

I cleared the table from breakfast and began running the dish water when I heard my love pull into the drive. Knowing enough of how my beautiful owner likes to do things, I knew to continue with what I was doing until he bid me otherwise.

Sometimes, the thought of his control alone is enough to get me sopping wet.

My loving owner snuggled up behind me, sliding his hands up and down my sides and whispered in my ear,

“We have a guest pretty girl. I want you to be nice as can be okay?”

I nodded in agreement and went to turn when he stopped me.

“I want this to be a little different so don’t move until I tell you to.”

The bulge I felt nudging itself to my backside had me eager to please him so much! I had an idea of what he had in mind for this get together. We’d shopped online for a few new items and thought carefully about how we wanted to implement them and now, he was orchestrating a beautiful game for us!

I stood still as I heard him beckon someone into the room. I heard another man’s voice, low and rumbled in a tone of appreciation at my rather ample shape. I’m not tall, nor am I stick thin. I’m very curvy with long dark wavy curls. This being summer and our home being so near the water, I’m sure our guest thought of tropical fantasies come to life.

I stayed still as my loving owner breezed beside me to issue out a few of our standard rules while showing me off to our guest.

“As you can see,” he began, “I like it when my wifey wears precious little.”

With that, my love moved to stand in front of me, easing his strong hands over my curves. He kissed me and lifted my sundress so that my ample ass could be displayed through my lacy panties. I, in turn, caressed his lower stomach and massive bulge and revelled in watching his mouth drop slightly open.

“Wow! That is one impressive ass!” our guest exclaimed. His voice was deep with a pleasant resonance but I didn’t turn to see him… I could feel that this was part of the new game and I wanted to make sure I played to my owner’s satisfactions.

My handsome love smiled at the new found appreciation of his property as well as my centered attention on him, holding me in his strong arms, taking my breath away as he did so. His slight nod to me a wordless approval of my actions thus far.

“Like I said on the phone, there’s more.” he said over my shoulder.

“And, I just call her ‘wifey’ too?”

My owner’s face grew only faintly serious.

“No, you can call her ‘M’. And just to be clear,” his smile returning to his handsome face, “that stands for ‘mine’. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

“As you bid my love. Always as you bid.” I said as his smile grew even more.

“That’s my sweet girl. Now then, something new for you.”

He pulled a bit of cloth from his pocket and let me see it. A blindfold! And not any blindfold either, one that I’d been wanting for the longest time!

My thoughtful owner and I enjoy spending time going through online catalogs and shopping in out of the way adult stores to find just the right playthings. Sometimes, we enjoy custom creating things for one another.

This time though, he’d surprised me with the most beautiful brown suede blindfold decorated with lovely burnished paisleys and velvet inner trim. It was soft and delicate and I grew even more excited because I knew it was only one part of a very special set.

“Ooooooo!” was all I could muster when I saw it but the expression on my lover’s face was worth all the money in the world and then some.

He chuckled a bit at my reaction.

“I’m glad you like it this much. Now, hold still while I put it on you.”

I closed my eyes but could not close off the thrill of how it felt to have him touch my face after my blindfold was in place. Suddenly, the scent of him was more intoxicating than usual. I was aware of our newest guest coming closer and realized that perhaps, it was he who did not wish to be seen. Being so private, I sometimes forget that our temporary collaborators also have needs for seclusion and discretion.

I felt him kiss me once more, his hands roaming over my body. The desire to please my love felt even stronger than ever.

“It’s okay to come over now, she can’t see you. Can you pretty girl?”

“No love, I can’t.”

I could smell a man’s cologne, somewhat pungent. It reminded me of what high end bankers think money-men ought to smell like. As always, it was something small like this that made me inwardly appreciate the habits of my man even more. He’s not the cologne type.

“She’s really beautiful and what an ass!” our new collaborator muttered to my love.

“And that’s the only thing off limits. This ass is never shared, it’s exclusively mine. You can caress it and watch me go there but that’s all.”

“Good deal. I’m just happy to have found someone as private as me for this.”

I listened to the exchange of words between them with such happiness. It feels good to know my owner protects me so well. He does so much for me.

I heard a rustle of cloth. My owner guided my hand to his now exposed cock and had me stroke him slowly, his hand covering mine.

“Reach your other hand out sweetie. I want you to feel how fat you’re making our new friend’s cock.” he whispered to me.

Doing as he said, I reached out and heard a hasty zipper being pulled down before feeling a thick member touch my palm. I folded my hand around it and stroked it in tandem with my owner’s larger member. This new cock felt thinner and not quite as long as my owner’s but still larger than some. Rubbing my thumb over the head of it, I could feel the pre-cum leaking out. By the sighs and light moans, I could tell things were going well so far.

“Keep stroking his cock sweetie, I’ll be right back.”

I stood as bid and kept stroking while I heard my owner from somewhere in the living room behind me. In no time at all, he was back and had dropped something soft onto my feet. I could feel him take hold of my hand and arm and guide me gently downward.

“There’s a pillow for you to kneel on right in front of you sweet girl, let me help you down.”

Once I was comfortable on the pillow, my man kissed me deeply. I could feel his happiness and excitement in that kiss. He then guided my free hand back to the beautiful thick length of his cock.

“Open up nice and pretty sweetie.”

I tilted my head towards his voice and opened my mouth, my reward of course was his tasty cock. I could feel him pulsate in my mouth, breathing in his scent, I reached for his balls to caress while I sucked. I enjoy going slowly as I know this pleases him plus, he tastes so wonderful, I like savoring every moment. I switched things up a bit, pulling my hot, wet mouth from his hardness and licking each ball before sucking each one in to twirl my tongue around them. Hearing his groans and feeling his fingers through my hair got me even more wet than before. I went to suck more of his beautiful cock but he stopped me.

“Time for our guest to sample that pretty mouth sweet girl.” he said as he turned me around and kissed me.

I opened my mouth and took in our guest. He was smaller, as I’d noted, but muskier too. Not too unpleasant but certainly not my owner. Telling the two apart blindfolded just got much easier. I treated him to the same oral delight as I’d given my owner and this time, was rewarded with loud and heavy groans.

I was almost positive my owner was smiling at that.

I was drenched by this point. My juices slowly making their way down to mid thigh. I know my owner is very perceptive to my needs and knows just when I begin to get almost too wet to bear. He knows that when I get to that point, almost all my reason goes out the window and I’ve no more pressing desire than to see him pleased with his hard steel-like cock embedded deeply within me.

“Up and over pretty girl” I heard him say as he gently guided me by the arm to stand and bend over the kitchen table.

“Ohhhhh shit that ass is incredible!” our guest murmured low as my owner tenderly flipped up my sundress.

My dress was a pale lavender with tiny floral design while my panties, I’m sure my love was happy I wore that day, they were a deep grass green, a colour he loved to see against my light toasted copper skin. I could hear our guest draw in his breath at my love pulling my panties slowly over my ample ass. The stretch lace giving only the slightest of tugs against my flesh. The contrast in colours bringing to mind tropical delights. Still sopping wet, like honey through the lace, my wetness now being smeared along the insides of my thighs even further as my panties came off.

I could hear a condom being opened with haste and could feel my owner’s hand on the small of my back.

“Spread those beautiful legs open sweet girl, I want our new friend to have first dibs with that pretty pussy of yours. He ought to sink in easy with how wet you are. I want you to be nice and let him fuck that pussy as hard as he can, okay?”

I nodded my head as I felt hands on my ass, rubbing in circles and then stroking the sides of my upper thighs. The hands were long and smooth, very different from my owner’s more strong grip. These reminded me of someone who did no physical labor at all. They smoothed over my ass once more and I felt the tentative push of his cock to my hot pussy. Slowly, he eased himself in while my owner, at my side, held on to the small of my back.

Our guest gave a long slow push forward and felt as though he was in to the hilt. I could feel my ass being pried apart as he moaned very lightly, I imagine he was watching my hot wet box engulf his cock as he slowly began fucking me. He had a steady pace, not uncomfortable but not at all what I was used to. He felt good in my hot box but I yearned for more.

Much to my disappointment, he did not last long. I felt him jerk a few times, give a groaning sigh and pull out.

“Holy fuck, that was GREAT! Her cunt is so tight! I couldn’t last looking at that ass, just seeing that was amazing!” he exclaimed in satisfaction.

My owner knew, of course, that I was no where near being pleased. This new man may have been almost as big as my love but he had no idea how to cut loose and use what he had. That sort of animalistic passion was something he was very masterful of.

“You want amazing? Watch.” I love when my man says things like that! “Pretty girl, I want you to reach out and hold onto the edge of the table and don’t let go. Understood?”

I nodded, “Yes, as you bid.”

I did as I was told, grabbing onto the edge of the table as my owner slid around to my eager backside and slowly filled my drenched pussy with his cock. Thick , hard and throbbing, he let me take a few breaths before pulling nearly all the way out only to plow into me as hard as he could. Again and again and again, he pulled himself away from me only to slam into my pussy with such force that I could do nothing but scream my pleasures and hold on. Then he sped up, fucking me wildly. Soon, I felt a certain pace begin… he slowed a little, his breathing was different, I knew he’d gotten close to cumming and held back. Pulling his magnificent cock out of my pussy, he told me to stay put.

“Oh my God, she’s used to that kind of fucking? You hit pay dirt man!” I heard our guest say.

“Not done yet my friend!” my owner replied. “Right my sweet girl? We’re going to let our new friend know just how things get done around our household, right?”

“Mmmm, yes love!” was all I could happily say while catching my breath. I could sense my owner looking for something below me, something in his pants pocket on the floor. I heard a snap of plastic and felt something cool on my ass, slipping between my cheeks. He’d brought the lube! I wriggled about for him as he rubbed his huge cock over my pussy, into my pussy and back out to rub between my ample ass cheeks. He ran his strong hands over my cheeks, pushing them together to squish the lube everywhere. I could hear his low moans of appreciation at how slippery things were getting.

“You aren’t serious, are you? Can she take that much cock up the ass?”

“I’ve trained her well, it’s still a very tight fit but when she’s as worked up as she is now, yes, she can take all of me up her beautiful big ass, isn’t that right sweetie? You love how I fuck this ass don’t you? And you want the nice man who’s cock you sucked and who banged that pussy to watch me fuck you up the ass don’t you?”

I was delirious with passion at this point! “Yes my love, I do!”

“What do you want sweetie? Tell me. Tell me nice and nasty.”

“I want your hard cock up my ass! I want to feel your thick cock up my tight hole!”

“Do you want me to cum up that big pretty ass?” his grip on my ample cheeks tightened as he rubbed his cock between them. Swirling his thumb near my hole he added, ” Do you want me to stretch you open honey? You want me to open that ass fuck it like your pussy? Want me to fill that sweet ass with cum for you?”

I was beside myself with need! Tingling from his filthy-sexy words! “Yes! Please, please use my ass like a pussy! Stretch me wide open and fill me with cum!” I’m positive my owner was smiling at that! Slowly he pushed his cock against my hot hole. Slower still, my ass swallowed more and more of him, widening, stretching around his hard, thick cock.


I heard my love grunt loudly as he seated himself as deeply as he could go up my tight, hot, greased up ass. He began thrusting cautiously at first, gaining a stride to let me become accustomed to and then, when he knew I was ready, going for broke with everything he had, his heavy balls slapping my dripping pussy mercilessly with each heaving thrust.

Pounding faster and faster, his groans and my squeals of delight echoing through the room. Pistoning harder and harder into my eager flesh, his cock like a hot steel dowel, long, thick and probing. Leaning over me more than he already had, grabbing my hips harder for more leverage, tipping them up slightly for deeper penetration, plunging repeatedly in and out of my tight, slick and slippery hole. I imagined his cock gleaming with lube, shiny and masterfully taking utter control of my ass until at last, I felt him tense up, shooting his hot thick cum deep within me. He collapsed on top of my back, kissing my shoulders and neck, whispering how much he loved me while disengaging from my now sloppy hole. Pulling himself up, he pushed my cheeks together as I felt his cum ooze out, dripping over my pussy and down my trembling thighs.

“Wow… you were right, that WAS amazing!” our guest stated.

“Stay where you are sweetie.” my love called to me.

I could hear an exchange of words and a door opening and closing. My owner was right at my side after that, helping me up and removing the blindfold.

“I’m SO fucking proud of you sweetie! SO fucking proud! I’m going to get him back to where he needs to be and I’ll be right back after that, okay? You go ahead and get cleaned up. I love you so much!” He enveloped me in a massive bear hug and kissed me deeply.

After a few minutes, he and our guest were on their way. I cleaned myself up with a nice long shower and gave myself a treat of a bowl of strawberries. After a little while, I heard my love return home.

“He was really impressed with you sweet girl!” he said. “Though it might have been nice to have lasted longer, I’m glad it was quick. He didn’t seem to please you much. I’m sorry about that.”

Pouting like a petulant little boy, my lover’s blue eyes seemed to deepen with regret.

“Don’t let it bother you my love.” I softly said to him. “I doubt if anyone will ever measure up to how you feel inside of me. I don’t think anyone can ever come close to how good YOU make me feel.” His blue eyes once more held the happiness I’d come to crave and love.

After his shower, my love and I spent the next few hours wrapped in each other’s arms, talking over what had occurred, planning for what we’d like next, satiated by an extremely good breakfast.


(This story is a result of seeing the following personal ad)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh BOYS!!!!

It’s been a few days since I have gotten all Dolled-up and Slutty so I can get down on my knees in front of you!!! I have a brand new SEXY Leopard print…SKIN TIGHT mini dress and all the sexy Lingerie for underneath! Why not watch me slowly take off my dress for you and expose my sweet panty bulge!!!

Then turn me over and SPANK this Whore! Make me do NAUGHTY, dirty things! Feel free to use your imagination and to try any kinky fantasies! Just send me a picture, and a way to reach you. Then we can get the fun started!

OWWwwwww…Spank Me!

She included a couple of pictures – she was a hot blond. I had to respond! So I sent her a frontal picture and my cell number. Within an hour, she called me.

We talked for a good while – both sex talk and practical, including setting a safe word. Then I got a shower and headed over to her house, which was only a few minutes away.

As I walked up her sidewalk, the door opened partially to reveal a blond “lady” in a short leopard print dress. She looked hot and I could feel the beginnings of an erection, just from seeing her.

I entered her house and she locked the door behind me. Taking her into my arms I whispered, “Are you the naughty lady I was talking to, sweetie?”

Giggling in my arms, she said, “Yes sir, I’m naughty and horny, and I want you to do whatever you want to with me. I want to please you. And I want to take care of that stiffy in your pants!”

I realized I was almost fully hard as I ran my hand down her back and over her ass. She pressed harder against me and moaned softly. I could feel her erection as I held her ass with both hands and kissed her open mouth.

Nibbling on her neck I said, “You are a bad, bad little girl. Letting a strange man into your house and letting him fondle you. You know better than to do that, don’t you?”

She simpered, “Yes, I am bad. Are you going to punish me?”

“I have to honey.” I replied, “You can’t be doing things like this.”

“Is it going to hurt?”

“Yes it is. Otherwise you won’t learn. So yes, I have to make it hurt.”

Sticking her tongue into my ear, she said, “Good.”

Then, pulling back (though leaving her crotch pressed against mine), she said, “No. How dare you? I do what I want and you can’t stop me! Get off me you pervert!”

Grinning, I said, “The only way I am getting off of you is if you use the safe word. Are you going to?”

Hitting my chest with her fist she replied, “No! I’m not!! And the likes of you can’t make me say that word!”

I grabbed her ass hard with one hand while pulling her face to mine with the other as she struggled. I explored her mouth with my tongue then bit her ear lobe lightly.

She moaned and relaxed into me as I found the zipper of her little dress and pulled it down.

Stepping back smiling, she asked, “Do you want to see what is in the dress? Wannta touch my stuff? Are you going to feel me up”

“You know it!” I replied, “Show me – everything!”

She slowly slid the front of her dress down revealing a hairless chest and a lacy push-up bra. I could see her nipples, erect, through the material. Then her flat stomach was revealed to me, also hairless and also sexy.

She licked her lips again and slipped the dress down her hips, revealing a French-cut pair of red panties. Letting the dress fall to the floor she asked, “See anything you like, mister?”

“I like everything I see,” I replied, wrapping my arms around her now almost naked form. Hugging me back, we kissed some more as my hands wandered her form. I found that her panties were a thong when I felt bare ass cheeks.

Using both hands, I pulled those ass cheeks closer to me and found out that the panty-bulge she mentioned in her ad was even bigger and harder than before.

Remembering our role playing, I slapped one cheek and said, “You like this, don’t you, little slut?”

“No! I hate this you bastard! You cocksucker, keep your tongue to yourself and let me the fuck go!”

Feeling up and down her ass cheek I stared into her eyes and said, “Well, one of us is a cocksucker I guess the question is, are you any good at it?”

Giggling kind of sexily, she replied, “I’m real good at it. But I ain’t going to suck your dirty little cock!” Then she made as to bite my face.

Slapping her butt again, I said, “Bad girl! Bad answer from a bad girl. You are going to suck me, real good, cunt!”

Then I pulled over to the sofa and bent her over the arm, leaving her thong-clad butt up in the air as I pushed her face into the cushions.

She squealed and struggled but I was quickly in position to deliver a firm smack to her right cheek.

I watched it turn red for a moment before giving her a similar hit to the left cheek.

She cussed at me, kicked at me, and tried to get her hands down to protect her butt all at the same time. I held her wrists behind her back while pressing her hard into the sofa with my left hand. Staying to the side of her kicking legs, my other hand was free to administer some discipline.

Her bouncing and squawking were not enough to keep me from turning both of her cheeks, as well as the tops of her thighs red. I tried for a uniform color.

After about 30 smacks, I leaned in close and asked her, “You ready to do as I say, cunt?”

She turned her head to me and quietly asked, “Do I get more later?”

When I nodded, she said, “Then yes, I’ll do what you want.”

“Say what you are going to do.”

“You know what I am going to do for you.”

I smacked a cheek, hard and said, “Say it!”

“OWW!” she howled, “I’ll suck your cock! Real good! As much as you want and however you want it!” Then she hissed. “Now let me up, damn you!”

Grabbing her shoulders, I pulled her up and off the sofa, then immediately forced her to her knees in front of me. She struggled a bit as I rubbed her face over my crotch. Shortly, she was nibbling at my cock as we played.

“Okay,” I told her, “Open my belt.” She quickly complied.

“Now, pull my zipper down, then unbutton my jeans and slide them down.” Again I was rewarded by her quick response.

Staring first at my bulging underwear, she then looked up at me and licked her lips.

I smiled back at her and said, “Now the underwear.”

As she slipped them down, my hard cock bounced out, pointing at her. She immediately wrapped her hand around it while leaning forward to kiss the tip.

Then her mouth opened and she took in about 4 inches. I gasped at the heat and pressure on my cock while she slowly pulled back until just the tip was between her lips. Then she repeated her actions. Her mouth formed a hard suction, pulling at the skin of my cock as moved her mouth back and forth over me. Each time that she inhaled me, she rolled my balls around in her hand.

She made it feel great, and I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept it up. Pulling back so my cock slid from her mouth, I stripped off my pants and underwear, then I said, “Lick my balls baby!”

Without complaint, she lifted my cock out of the way and began running her tongue over my hairy bag. Soon she was slurping each ball in and out of her mouth while squeezing and stroking my erection.

I spread my legs more to allow her better access while just watching her suckle my balls. She moved more under me and worked both balls in her mouth at the same time. She never stopped fondling my hard-on and, using her other hand, she began to stroke up and down my ass crack.

Soon I could feel her warm, wet tongue on the back of my balls and then on my taint. She was licking as far back as she could reach.

Suddenly, she slapped the insides of both my legs and said, “Spread wider. And crouch down a bunch.”

I complied and then watched her turn around so that we were both facing the same direction. Her panty bulge was prominent, sucking me aroused her!

She bent her head back and inhaled both of my balls again. This time I could feel her tongue on the front of my bag.

Then she moved further back, kissing, licking, and lightly biting the bottom of my ass cheeks. I could feel her tongue moving closer to my hole, but she didn’t touch, just played around it.

Until, without warning, she rammed her tongue up my asshole. I moaned loudly and about fell over. My legs suddenly felt weak. I don’t know how deeply she got, but I felt not only the warm, firm slickness of her, but I felt my hole opening to admit her inside. It felt like a cock spreading me.

She repeatedly forced her tongue into me. This wasn’t a rim job, I was being tongue fucked for the first time in my life, and damn it felt good.

Moaning, I tried squatting more to open myself to her penetration. She giggled but didn’t stop trying to get her entire tongue in me. She continued for a few minutes, but then had to pull back. She said, “I’m sorry sweetie, but my neck is breaking.”, as she lay back flat on the floor.

I immediately dropped down next to her and held her, kissing as I caressed up and down her body. As I reached lower, she parted her legs, silently asking to be touched “there”.

My hand moved over her panties, feeling her arousal. There was a big wet spot where she had leaked precum while servicing me. I slipped my hand into her panties and held her cock. She moaned while kissing me as I squeezed and stroked her member.

She asked, “That was really dirty of me, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was you little slut. You are going to have to be punished again.”

“I thought so,” she sighed contentedly. “I’m ready.”

I got up and then pulled her to her feet. Going over to the sofa, I sat down and told her to come over to me.

She stood in front of me, big panty budge staring me in the face.

As I lectured her about being a bad little girl, she started shedding tears. They ran down her face and, sobbing, she began begging me not to spank her again. Paying no mind, I ordered her to lie over my lap. Eventually, she gave up and slowly slid her almost naked body across my bare lap. She did feel good as I adjusted our positions in preparation for her next paddling. My cock was trapped between my stomach and her thigh and I could feel her hard cock pushing down on my legs.

Her little butt looked hot laying there, the thin red thong between her cheeks, hiding her most intimate opening.

Pressing down on her back, I waited. After a bit she began to whimper and to wiggle. I softly rubbed one cheek and then smacked it hard. Then I immediately got the other one. She jerked and howled in pain as I kept the pressure on her back.

“No, no,” she cried, “Too hard. It hurts.”

Ignoring her cries, I proceeded to turn her cheeks red again. Sobbing louder, she began to attempt to dodge my slaps, moving her butt side to side as I paddled her lovely cheeks.

Tiring of that, I yanked her up in the middle and reaching under her, pulled her panties down. Then, with my legs parted, I pushed her back down and trapped her erection between my thighs.

“Now try to wiggle little girl,” I laughed as I continued her discipline.

“Oww! No, stop! Please. Oww.” Was intermixed with my steady slaps. But she wasn’t wiggling much! She was however, humping between my legs, and so on an upstroke, I pulled her throng string from between her cheeks and down her legs.

Clenching her cheeks, she squealed, “How dare you? You pull that back up right now!”

“I don’t think so! Relax your cheeks and spread your legs, bitch!”

“No! Fuck you!! Asshole! I didn’t say you could take my panties down!”

“I didn’t ask, did I?” I asked as I fondled her taunt butt cheeks and then slid a finger between her legs to find the back of her bag.

“Get out of there! That’s private!!

“Not to me. I am going to do everything that I want.” I probed deeper as we bantered.

Then I began pushing her butt down on my lap, and allowing her to pull back, making her cock pump between my legs. Spitting on my hand, I lubricated her so that her firm shaft slipped easily back and forth between my legs. Soon I could feel her precum dripping down my leg.

Getting into it, she began to fuck my legs, moaning softly each time I pushed her down. After a while she whispered, “You are going to make me cum all over you.”

“I know sweetie,” I answered, “Just not quite yet.” And, opening my legs, I left her cock dangling there, unable to get any friction.

“Uhh, uhh. Come on, don’t stop. Please baby, I’ll do anything. Just let me cum!” she begged.

Leaning down, I kissed first one cheek and then the other. “Soon honey. Soon you will get to cum. Just wait a bit longer.” Then I added, “Now relax for me.”

With a hand on each reddened cheek, I parted her and gazed at her hairless opening. Moving my hands inward, I opened her further and was rewarded by both a quiet moan and her lifting up to better expose herself to me.

Her hole was a small, wrinkled, tight-looking opening, just a bit darker than the surrounding skin.

I couldn’t resist leaning down and licking across it. Her cheeks felt hot against my face as I lapped at her wrinkled tunnel.

She giggled saying, “You really know how to treat a girl.”

I gently kissed her asshole a couple times and then lifted and turned her so that she was sitting on my lap.

Her cock was fully erect, sticking straight out of her crotch as I pulled her face to mine and kissed her other end. My hand closed around her pole and began stroking, causing her to moan into my mouth. Her ass felt hot against my lap.

Shortly, she climaxed in my hand, her cum spurting over my chest and stomach.

I whispered in her ear, “Baby, I need to fuck you.”

“I want you to, but you have to use a rubber, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay baby. Go get one and some lubricant.”

She licked my ear and said, “I’ll be right back, don’t run away.”

I watched her red ass sway as she walked away. Shortly, I watched her now-soft cock wiggle as she returned and sat back on my lap. Her panties were now missing.

After a little more kissing, I asked, “Are you ready to lay across my lap again, baby?”

She nodded, handed me the lubrication, and then moved into position. Legs parted, showing her hole, her cute ass looked so sexy sticking up at me.

I smeared some lube on one finger and parted her cheeks further with my other hand. Starting slowly, I just rubbed the goo over the outside of her asshole. Then, pressing slightly, I began penetrating her outer sphincter.

She moaned as I went deeper. Soon I had my entire finger inside her. Adding lots of lube, I began using two fingers to open her.

“Ready honey?” I asked her.

She answered, “Yea, I’m ready. I need to be fucked.”

I lifted her off my lap and draped her over the arm of the sofa. She made sure to spread her legs widely as she positioned herself for me.

I slipped a condom on, lubed it, and then moved behind her.

Moving in, I pressed against her asshole, and then I pushed just enough to slip the head in.

Holding still, I said, “That’s all you get.”

“NOOO!! Give it to me! You bastard, fuck me!” she squealed, then shoved her ass back to me, impaling herself halfway down my cock.

Her hot, tight, slipperiness made me groan and shove forward, burying my cock up her little hole.

She moaned loudly and said, “Yes, give it to me! Oh give it to me hard! Your cock feels good inside of me!”

I held on her hips with both hands and began to slide my meat in and out of her hole. She moaned in sync with my thrusts.

Looking down I watched my hard-on disappear and reappear between her upturned butt cheeks. Her little hole was so hot, so tight, and felt so good. I slid half way out of her and then pulled her back on to me. She loved it and began to throw her ass back to meet my thrusts as we fucked passionately. I was taking pleasure with her body, using her for my enjoyment. And she was doing the same with me. All she cared about right then was the pleasure that my cock was giving her.

I rammed her extra hard, putting my meat inside her completely while forcing her face down against the sofa. Her moans were muffled but I felt her ring contracting around my dick – she teased me by flexing her ass muscles on each stroke.

Spreading her cheeks widely, I pulled out completely – watching her hole gap open and then close slowly. I jammed it back inside of her completely, feeling her inner heat, only to pull out repeatedly to watch her opened hole.

Dropping down on to her body, I began pounding her with long, fast strokes. I could feel my orgasm building with each stroke in and out of her willing fuck-tube. It hit me fast, I screamed as I came deeply inside of her. She squeezed me again and more cum pumped out.

We were both breathing hard as I finally fully collapsed on to her back. After a many moments of just remaining joined, I slowly pulled my cock out and watched her hole close.

She just lay still on the sofa, mewing softly, as I cleaned up and dressed. Bending over, I kissed her lightly. She asked, “Will I see you again?”

I answered, “Of course honey.”

As I walked out, I knew I had to write this story….

This is essentially an intro, just setting up the background before the story kicks in. Sorry for it’s length, but I think it’s worth it to understand the situation and characters properly, stick with it! Thanks.


I slumped into my usual seat on the bus, staring idly out the window as the masses of people walked across the field towards their various forms of transportation home. It was 3 o clock, and although this was a collective sigh of relief from everyone else, for me it was an embarrassment.

I was 18, and had just started my last year at 6th Form College. The school I attended saw itself as one big entity; it saw college as being an extension of high school, grouping everyone together for simplicity. Classrooms, teachers, break-times, lunch, transportation, uniform – nothing changed if you decided to stay on for further education, you were still treated like a kid. I’d been here since I was 11, when I first started high school and, needless to say, I loathed the place. Now, of course, I wished I’d gone to a proper, separate college when I’d turned 16, but I’d always been a shy girl, and decided it would be better to stay on with what few friends I did have around me, than to leave and have none.

3 o clock was the worst time for me. Whilst nearly all of the 6th Form students piled into their cars, or got lifts home from friends or boyfriends, I was cursed with the shameful bus, surrounded by young, babbling school children. I might as well have still been in school. Richard – probably the only other kid in his final year who took the bus too – took his usual position beside me, with a polite nod as the bus began to rumble forwards. He was similar to me in a lot of respects – quiet and socially awkward. He also blushed when he spoke to people he didn’t know very well; like I did.

“Can I ask you something..?” He said quietly, but still managing to startle me a little – we were both generally comfortable sitting in silence.

“Oh..of course..” I replied, turning my head a little to face in his direction.

“Well..I just wondered why Jake doesn’t take you home..?”. He said it a little timidly, not wanting to seem rude, but still curious for an answer. He nodded his head towards the window as the old red Volvo my boyfriend drove sped off.

I sighed, looking back out the window and away from Richard “It’s…complicated..”.

And it was. Jake, was my first and only boyfriend. We’d been together since we left school, so just over a year. He was good looking, confident and popular…so automatically he was the love of my life. I could never quite understand why Jake chose me as his girlfriend, rather than one of the many gorgeous and slutty popular girls that hung around in his group of friends. Needless to say, I was not a part of this group. And yet…he was still with me. I was always grateful for that.

He’d recently broken my heart and told me his real reason for venturing out from his group of friends and seeking me out in the first place. It was during an argument, one of many about the same thing – sex – and his words still rang clear in my mind “I thought quiet girls were supposed to be the dirtiest..”. He denied it afterwards of course..he said it wasn’t true, and that he had only told me to hurt me…but at that moment, I knew that it was.

I knew that before being with me, Jake had been ‘active’ with several girls – I’d asked him for the details, which I instantly regretted. Nearly all the girls in his group had sucked him and his friends off whenever they pleased – sluts – but they would never go all the way. It had since become blindingly clear to me that Jake had sought out one of the quietest girls in the school – me – and arrogantly assumed I would do anything to be with him..or let him do anything to me. But he’d taken it slow. He’d made me love him first. And I really did love him.

Even though his original motives were now obvious, and no matter how much he hurt me, it was too late – I still already loved him. He got under my skin so deeply, I was simply besotted that a girl like me could be with him; when he was (in terms of school hierarchy) out of my league. I became terrified of losing him to someone else, that I didn’t deserve him, and so maybe this was why I could turn a blind eye to how he treated me at times. He said he loved me too – which I half believed, but it needn’t have mattered to me – I would have been there anyway. I think, deep down, he was right from the beginning – I would do anything to be with him, to keep him.

When I stopped giving it all too much thought, he was good to me. He was giving, thoughtful, and most of all faithful. The only arguments we did have revolved around sex. We were both virgins – to ‘proper’ sex anyway, and he always seemed to respect the fact that I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity yet, which surprised me. Throughout the year we’d been together, I’d tried to please him – often with my hand, very occasionally my mouth – but he was the only guy I’d ever been with – I didn’t have the experience or talent like the sluts he had been with. We both knew my clumsy attempts didn’t even compare, no matter how hard I tried for him.

But none of this seemed to matter to Jake. From Day 1 he seemed to have only one sexual agenda for me – anal. It was the ultimate taboo for me; probably for him too, maybe that’s why he wanted it so much. Whenever things got heated, it was the only thing he’d try and aim for, his hands always clinging onto my ass. We’d talked about it, but I’d always put him off – if I wasn’t ready for normal sex, how could I be ready for that? But he seemed to get upset, as though I wasn’t prepared to please him. He didn’t understand my reluctance.

The truth is; I was scared. I knew very little about it, and I knew if we tried it..I’d fail. Although Jake wasn’t the biggest down below, I knew my tiny, petite frame would struggle. It would be typical – I’d moan it hurt too much and have to stop. And then that would be it. I’d be good for nothing, a failure to him sexually in every way. I knew if that happened, he’d be gone forever.

But as of last week, we’d made a deal. A make or break deal with no way out. I’d either keep Jake, or lose him..and it would be my fault. This is why I was in such low spirits today. The bus slowed down near to my house, and I smiled a half hearted farewell at Richard as I climbed out into the rain, heading towards home.

Chapter 02: New Reality Revelations

RECAP: I highly recommend you read the beginning of this series Training Teacher: The Seduction to find out how Julia became the submissive of one of her student’s parents. Part 2 takes places the very next morning, when she wakes up…still at her new Mistress’s home…at the foot of the bed.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to the adorable, sweet, sexy Julia.

Credit: A special thanks go to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit.



I woke up in the morning from an amazingly surreal dream. A dream so vividly real I felt it had really happened. A dream that awoke in me a side I didn’t know existed. A dream where my greatest pain in the ass parent, someone I truly loathed, seduced me and turned me into her personal lesbian sub. It seemed so real, I could almost taste her on my lips.

I opened my eyes.

I sat up.

I was not in my bed.

I was at the foot of Constance’s bed, the parent that just yesterday was my biggest problem.

In one startling moment of clarity, I came to the frank realization that it was not a dream, but a harsh disturbing reality.

The events of the previous evening came flooding back to me. The aggressive seduction, her powerful orders, my need to obey and the earth shattering orgasms that followed. I closed my eyes and replayed last night in my head. Sure she had seduced me and sure she was incredibly aggressive and domineering, but I submitted to her willingly. I was not forced. I could have said no. But, the overwhelming feeling of freedom when I allowed Constance to make my decisions for me was liberating. The pressure, the stress, the loneliness of being a single mother, all vanished when I brainlessly followed the orders of the powerful Constance.

Part of me was mortified as I realized my current predicament, while another part of me was excited as I nervously waited for Constance to wake up. I desperately attempted to suppress the burning desire flaming in my loins as I tried to figure out how I was going to: one- deal with Constance; two- get home and dressed for work; three- get to work and explain why my vehicle was still at school; and four, most importantly, resist the growing temptation to submit to Constance again.

As I pretended to be asleep, my inner turmoil like a cresting wave coming crashing into the beach, I felt the bed move. I lay still like a statue. Anticipation resonated through my pores.

I was suddenly startled when I felt the bed shake briefly as someone seemed to get in. I was freaking out, realizing someone must have seen me in all my degrading servitude. I slyly attempted to peek and see who had joined us: who knew of my sexual debauchery? Sadly, I was right; someone was in bed with us. Unfortunately, all I could see from my awkward position was black heels and a woman’s ankle in black pantyhose.

My nervous curiosity didn’t last long. I heard the polite voice of Maeko Chung, Constance’s Japanese born, Chinese raised, maid and the mother of my best grade four student: “Good morning, Mistress.”

I felt some shuffling on the bed and Constance groggily respond, “Good morning, Maeko.” A lengthy silence followed before I began hearing soft moans and realized what Maeko was doing. I was shocked at the thought of the sweet, shy woman, doing what she was apparently doing. Yet my pussy was betraying me again, getting tingly while I quietly listened, like a voyeur, to the lesbian scene going on right beside me like I wasn’t there.


I briefly reminisced about the first time I was a silent bystander to a sexual performance. It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was on a girls’-only camping trip. I was sharing a tent with Sierra, one of my three closest friends. We had partied pretty hard with a bunch of college boys and I, quite drunk and worried I might do something I would regret, called it a night. An hour later, I was woken up by a male voice. “What about your friend?”

“Don’t worry about Hannah, she is passed out. An earthquake wouldn’t wake her. Now let me take a look at what you got for me.”

Still being half asleep, I didn’t instantly realize what was happening a foot away. But the realization was made abundantly clear when the male voice mumbled, “That’s it baby, suck my cock.”

The loud slurping sound confirmed Sierra’s exhibitionist extra-curricular activity. A couple of minutes later, I felt a leg bump mine, some shuffling into Sierra’s sleeping bag, followed soon after by Sierra’s unmistakable high-pitched voice. “Yes harder, fuck me harder. Fuck me like a slut.”

I listened stunned, not remotely able to believe Sierra, the vigilant feminist of our close knit group, calling herself a slut or having some summer fling. It was her idea to make it a girls’-only trip, so the irony was obvious.

Still drunk myself, I unconsciously found myself touching myself. As the fucking continued inches away from me, I got wetter and wetter.

The guy taking Sierra’s own name-calling as an invitation to treat her like a slut began to verbally assault my good friend. “That’s it you fucking slut, take my big dick. Beg for me to fuck your tight cunt.”

I cringed at the word cunt. Sierra, being the extreme feminist she was, despised the derogatory term and ripped apart anyone, boy or girl alike, who had the audacity to say it in her presence. I waited for Sierra’s usual lambasting and feminist rant, but instead heard her say the word I never, in a million years, thought would ever be uttered from her lips, particularly used in the way she used it. “Yes, fuck my cunt. Pound me. Fill my cunt with that big hard cock of yours.”

I let out a little gasp of shock from hearing her use the forbidden ‘C’ word. My hand, having a mind of its own, began rubbing my clit faster and with more pressure. The verbal degradation of one of my best friends should have angered me, but instead only increased my desire to come.

I listened to the naughty act of sin like a perverted boy watching his first porn. Each time the guy called Sierra a cunt, slut, or whore, I put more pressure on my own cunt, imagining I was the slut whose cunt he was ravishing.

As Sierra screamed, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m coming,” I simultaneously had the most intense orgasm of my young life so far. I muffled my pleasure, terrified of being caught in such an intimate act; terrified that they might catch on to the fact that I had masturbated to their fucking. Suddenly mortified by my actions, I quickly moved my hand away from my liberated vagina and tried to make sense of what just happened.


I was brought back to my present reality when I heard Constance scream, “Yes Maeko, get Mommy off, yes, yes, yesssssss.”

Another silence lingered as I nervously waited for the inevitable.

“Maeko, excellent as always.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Maeko, could you please wake up my guest with your special wake up call?”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

I held my breath, exciting trepidation overwhelming me. I felt hands pull the thin blanket off me. Warm hands opened my legs apart. I felt Maeko move between my legs. “Good morning, Ms. Hawkins.”

I opened my eyes, feigning surprise, but my very wet pussy gave away any pretence of innocence. “Good morning, Mrs. Chung.”

“Ahhh, my pet is awake. How are you this morning?”

“Goooood,” I moaned, Maeko’s tongue making contact just as I attempted to answer.

“Goooood,” Constance replicated mockingly, her condescending tone returning. Maeko licked my pussy with quick sharp licks, the teasing sensation driving me nuts. I wanted to shove her head into my cunt, to use her tongue as a small cock to fuck me.

Constance, recognizing my deliriously horny state from the teasing, said, “She’s fucking amazing isn’t she? I don’t know how she does it, but those teasing slaps she does with her tongue are one of a kind. Are you close to orgasm, my pet?”

Finding it hard to concentrate on Constance’s words, I mumbled through heavy breathing, “So close, Mistress.”

“Just tell the slut what you want. She always obeys completely. She was born to please.”

Desperate to come, I, out of character, ordered, “Finger me Maeko. Fuck my cunt.”

Obeying in record speed, she slipped not one, but two of her thin fingers inside my oasis of juice. As her fingers slid in and out of my pussy, Maeko took my clit into her mouth and sucked on it as she somehow simultaneously used her tongue to lick my clit. The dual pleasure was too much and I bellowed loud enough to wake the dead, “Oh my fucking God, fuck me, fuck me, yesssssssss.”

My body quaked and quaked, a seemingly never-ending flow of convulsions. Maeko quit fingering me and let go of my clit, but continued pleasing me gently by licking the juice from my pussy lips. My pussy lips, tender from the excessive attention of the last twelve hours, began to feel numb. I pushed Maeko away. “No more.”

It was like I had slapped her in the face. “I’m sorry if I didn’t please you, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh my God, no Maeko. You pleased me completely. So much in fact, my vagina is a bit tender now.”

“It’s called a cunt, my pet. Little children have vaginas,” Mistress Constance corrected.

“Sorry, Mistress. My cunt is sore from all the attention. It was been relatively neglected for quite some time, so all this sudden attention is a bit overwhelming.”

“Well, that won’t be a concern anymore,” Mistress guaranteed. She got off the bed and grabbed a robe. “Maeko will take you to the guest shower.”

“Thank you,” I absurdly replied. Constance ignored my words as she disappeared into her private washroom.

Maeko handed me a robe and I silently followed her to another bathroom. She offered, with a subservient smile, “If there is anything you need Ms. Hawkins, please ask.”

My face still flushed, I responded, “Thank you, I think I should be ok.”

Maeko walked away and I went into the washroom and turned on the shower. As the hot water washed away my sin, I realized I still had no solution to my problems. I bounced around different scenarios, but none seemed to get me back to normality. As I lathered my body, I thought back to how just yesterday afternoon I spent twenty minutes with Mrs. Chung, discussing her daughter’s unbelievable academic success. There was not even the slightest inkling of what was to happen. I was eternally grateful that I would not have another interview with her or Constance this year. I finished my shower and grabbed the robe just as there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and Maeko handed me my bra and a blue dress. The dress was very cute and, thankfully, school-appropriate. I went to close the door, but Mrs. Chung stopped me. “I am supposed to help you with the dress and stockings, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh,” I responded, slightly dazed.

I put on my bra and my dress and stood shyly, odd after what she had just done to me, while she zipped my dress up for me. Once my dress was zipped, she asked me politely to sit on the toilet seat and proceeded to slowly put the thigh high stockings on my leg. The dark mocha colour really gave my legs a sexy look to them and my pussy began to tingle again as I felt Maeko’s gentle hands slide the silk up my legs. Her expert tongue so close to my cunt had me almost salivating as I relived in my head the pleasure she recently gave me. Once both stockings were on, Maeko stood up, “Is there anything else I can do for you Ms. Hawkins?”

“My panties?”

Maeko’s face flushed, “Mistress doesn’t like any of her pets to wear underwear.”

“Oh,” I replied, slightly stunned by this newest piece of information.

She went to the door. “Follow me to the kitchen.”

I reached for her hand, dying to know the answer, “How did you become her, um, her….”

Maeko smiled genuinely at me as she finished my question. “How did I end up a full-service maid?”

“Yes, please tell me,” I exclaimed, thankful she understood my blabbering question and curious to know how Constance seduced her.


She retold the story, not once making eye contact with me. Her tone was not one of shame, but rather shyness. “I applied for the job as her maid two years ago. Mistress recognized me from some school function and the fact we had children in the same grade. She explained that she was a very demanding boss and expected perfection and total obedience from her help. I explained I was born in Japan, but grew up in China and lived in a home with a very domineering father and a mother with very high expectations. This seemed to please her and I was hired. For two months there was nothing obviously unique about the job; I even saw the Master of the house a few times. In retrospect, there were many small subtle things, but nothing that gave me any reason to be prepared for what would eventually be expected of me. For example, she often touched me gently whenever she spoke to me, she often complimented me on my appearance and she continually made alterations to my work outfit. What started as a simple maid outfit slowly changed into something much more provocative. The skirt got shorter and the blouse a little tighter. One day she informed me she expected her servants to always wear three-inch pumps. Although incredibly inconvenient for my job, I, of course, obeyed. Then two weeks ago I found a gift bag for me. In it were a dozen pairs of silk thigh high stockings with a note explaining she expected her servants to dress in classy stockings and not no-name pantyhose. I had never worn stockings before, nor did I even know such undergarments existed. It was clear she liked to demonstrate her power and our different social status. But once I put them on, I was surprised how sexual I felt and how good the silk felt on my legs.

Then the final deciding moment occurred. I came to work at my usual 6:30 time and found a note on the kitchen table to please come upstairs the moment I arrived. I followed the instruction and walked in on Mistress naked with a woman between her legs. I was stunned. I had never seen two women together. Mistress ordered me to the bed and once I reached her she explained that she was considering a major change in my duties. She explained that she wanted me to be a full-service maid. I didn’t respond, unclear of her intent. Mistress made it crystal clear as she ordered me to get on the bed and replace the girl who was currently serving her. I stood mystified by the request. She repeated her order, her tone domineering and clearly daring me to disobey. Without a word, I moved onto the bed and a very pretty woman, who I would later learn was the Mayor’s wife moved from between Mistress’s legs. I moved between them and waited further instructions. Mistress explained that while most people liked to wake up with an alarm and coffee, she liked to be woken up by having her cunt licked. She further explained that if I was to stay on as her maid, her
full service maid, this would be one of my duties. She also added that the full service maid comes with many perks including a substantial raise, a vehicle, and a clothing allowance. I would like to say I resisted, that I was forced into this role, but I, like you I am guessing, obeyed on my own free will. Oh sure she was dominant and very intimidating, but I accepted my role all on my own. I leaned in and licked her cunt. I had no idea what I was doing, having never done it before, nor had I ever had it done to me before either, my husband seeing it as something only sluts did. I licked and nibbled until she began moaning and telling me not to stop. Once she orgasmed on my face, I felt a strange tingle flow throughout my body. I felt a thrill having pleased her in such a way. I also felt a strange feeling of power in being able to bring someone such joy. Mistress, once she recovered from her orgasm, asked if I accepted my new terms. I shook my head in acceptance and watched as a triumphant smile spread across her face. She went on to tell me that it was time to get my first bonus. She instructed the other woman to please me. I attempted to object; explaining I was married and had never had that done to me before. I was first scolded for questioning her and then comforted when she came to grips that I had never, ever, been pleasured by a tongue, even my husband’s. She explained she too was married and that Pamela Washington, the Mayor’s wife, was obviously also married. She went on to explain that no man can please a woman like another woman and it was time for me to learn the forbidden fruit of lesbian lust. Mistress instructed the stranger to show me exactly how good sex with a woman could be. The pretty woman aggressively flipped me onto my back and gave me pleasure I didn’t know was possible. I came in less than two minutes. That night I went online and read articles on how to please a woman. Over the next week I also watched online videos. I was determined to be excellent at it, like I strive to be excellent in everything else I do.”


“Wow,” was all I could muster. I hid the fact that her story of submission had made me horny yet again.

Oblivious to my horniness and awe, she suggested, “We better go. Mistress will be wondering. Patience is not one of her strong points.” For the first time in ten minutes, she allowed our eyes to meet. She let a smile break her usual mask of obedience.

I followed her to the kitchen and saw Mistress at a large table eating. I went to sit down at one of the seven empty chairs but was stopped. “Your spot is over here, my pet.”

She pointed beside her. Once I reached her, I again attempted to take a seat and was rebuffed a second time.

“No, no, no, my pet. Pets don’t eat at the table, they eat on the floor.”

My cheeks went red with humiliation. I glanced down and saw a plate with sausage, eggs and toast on the ground. A glass of orange juice and cutlery was beside it.

When I didn’t move, Constance asked, “Is there a problem, my pet?”

Mortified, insulted and enraged, I wanted to scream yes there is a fucking problem, a big fucking problem, but instead responded like a good pet, “No problem, Mistress.” I sat down on the hardwood floor.

“Good,” she purred. “I didn’t think I would have discipline issues with you.”

We ate in silence, shame burning through my entire being. Here I was a mother of one, a respected teacher in the community, being treated like a household pet. Would the humiliation ever end?

Once breakfast was done, Mistress Constance announced, “Well we better get you to work, my pet.”

I stood up and followed her outside to her vehicle. We drove in silence for a couple of minutes until Constance informed, “My pet, just so you know, anyone you see wearing the collar you have on is a sub of mine. Understand that as soon as they see you wearing the collar today, they will know you are mine too. Also, as the newest addition to my growing list of subs, you are on the bottom of the totem pole. In other words, you are to obey any command any other sub of mine requests, as long as it does not impact your family or job. Is that understood?”

I had no response. I did understand, but this was getting way out of control. I attempted to reason with her. “Mistress I do understand, but is there any way to keep this between you and me?”

“Are you ashamed to be my pet?”

I thought briefly about the question. I was ashamed, but not because I was her pet, but because I was so weak. I was ashamed that I enjoyed my submission so much and that even now in this non-threatening situation I was already looking forward to the next time. That said, I didn’t want the whole world, or anyone else for that matter, knowing what kind of sexual deviant I was. I tried to explain my feelings to her. “No, Mistress, I am not ashamed of you. I am ashamed by my weakness and afraid for others to know the truth.”

Her tone was sweet and caring, a surprising shift from her usual up front and blunt tone. “Oh, is that it? The only ones who will know have already submitted to me, my pet. They know exactly what you are feeling. They have been exactly where you are right now. They will actually help you come to grips with your new reality.”

“New reality,” I murmured.

She smiled, “Yes. Your life will never be the same. Everything you thought you knew about yourself has vanished and been replaced by a new reality. In this reality you need to accept your role as my submissive, my sub. A reality where you accept you have no control over certain parts of your life. The sooner you do, the easier your training from lonely divorcee to eager submissive will be. You were not a happy woman when I met you. You were lost and lonely and searching for that missing piece. You just didn’t know what that missing piece was. You were searching for something that only someone like me could give you. You needed me. It is obvious, you desperately need to be told what to do, more so than any of my other subs, quite frankly. Your personality is submissive. Accept it.”

I tried to process this lengthy assessment of my character. As much as I would like to deny such an extreme assessment of who I am, I couldn’t. Everything she said was true. As I was about to respond, we arrived in the staff parking lot. Anxiety washed over me as I worried who might see me get out of her car.

Seeing my nervousness she chuckled, “No one is going to see you leaving a person’s vehicle and know that you are a cunt-licking sub who needs to have a Mistress, my pet.”

Of course she was right, although her vivid language had me red again. The best way to hide the truth was to act normal.

Her hand went under my dress. “You are pretty wet, my pet.”

I blushed, knowing she was indeed right.

Her finger slipped easily in my cunt and she finger-fucked me slowly. Smiling, she teased, “Aren’t you the least bit curious who else has submitted to me?”

I moaned, “Yes, Mistress, I am both curious and scared.”

Her fingers left my cunt and she licked off my juices. “I have to admit, my pet, you are fucking delicious.”

I couldn’t believe how happy I felt hearing such an absurd compliment. “Thank you, Mistress.”

Breaking the brief moment of intimate sweetness, she abruptly asked me to leave. “Now get out of here, I have an appointment in twenty minutes.”

I obeyed, getting out of the vehicle. She drove away and I walked towards the school, no one else knowing of my inner turmoil or my sexual descent.

I kept my head down as best I could and made it to my classroom without seeing a colleague. I prepared for my day and jumped like a guilty criminal when Alice came into my room. I noticed she did not have a collar on her neck and gave a silent sigh of relief. She asked how my Pederson interview went and I replied not as I expected, which was the understatement of the millennium. We chatted briefly about trivial work crap and she left.

Until recess, the morning came and went without any drama. I was on supervision this week and could no longer avoid all the potential colleagues who may soon learn of my, what did Mistress call it, new reality.

I did supervision was again grateful that both other supervisors were men. I made it back to my class and led my students to the library for their weekly book reading. I had my students sit on the floor in the reader’s corner like I usually did and sat down at the back so I could watch all my students. They seldom misbehaved, but every once in a while….

I was chatting with one of my students when Mrs. Hamilton began to read. I didn’t look up right away. She greeted the class. “Good morning, grade fours.”

The class replied in attempted unison, “Good morning, Mrs. Hamilton.”

I still hadn’t really paid much attention, distracted by a couple of students who had not yet settled down. “Today’s story is about secrets.”

Her deliberate hinting tone startled me. I looked up to our late 40s librarian, and recognized the collar on her neck. I gazed into her eyes and she gave me an all too knowing smile. I quickly broke eye contact and began to hyper-ventilate. I attempted desperately to control my breathing while Mrs. Hamilton read the story.

I zoned out as she read, trying to wrap my head around the realization that our married, mother of six, librarian, was one of Constance Pederson’s subs. If Mary Hamilton, the jolly, outgoing, rather chubby British librarian was a sub, then anyone on our staff was a possibility. Every female staff member flashed in my head, each now a real possibility to be a lesbian submissive.

I was brought back to the present when Mary’s tone changed for certain words in the story. I began to listen as it became clear she was attempting to give me a message, tease me or test me; possibly all. As she continued to read the story, she continued to stress certain words like: obey, secret, bad, surprised, ecstatic and soon. I took the coded message as a clear indication that Mary was thrilled I had joined this exclusive secret club and that she planned to do something to me soon.

As soon as the story was done, I ordered my students back to class, hoping to get out of the library without having to have a conversation with Mary. Alas, Mary made sure that didn’t happen. She instructed our students to sit down as our librarian assistant read a second story to them.

Mary invited me to her office and I reluctantly and nervously followed. She closed the door and immediately spoke. “I can’t believe it was you. Mistress said she planned to add one more sub to her group from this school, but I never considered you as an option.”

Much to my surprise, I got defensive, feeling insulted that she didn’t think I was good enough for Constance. “And why wasn’t I an option?” I cattily asked.

The librarian smiled and laughed genuinely. “Oh don’t take it personally, Hannah. I just thought you were too strong to be broken by her. But I guess if she can have Betty crawling on the floor licking all the cum after an eight person gangbang, no one is impossible.”

“Eight person gangbang? Principal Pierce?” I mumbled in complete disbelief.

“Oh yes. Betty questioned Constance in front of a couple other subs and was punished by being gangbanged by the college football team. She wore a mask so the boys didn’t know who they were coming on and in. After all eight shot their loads, our dear Principal was ordered to clean the floor with her mouth.”

I didn’t say a word. If my mouth could drop to the floor like in those Roger Rabbit cartoons, mine would have. Finally I asked the question I was dreading, “How many others are there?”

“Here or total?”


“At this school you are number five; in our school division at least another five; if you add others in the community at least twenty-five or thirty.”

The numbers hit through me like a tornado touching the surface after spinning for days. “Twenty-five or thirty,” I muttered.

“Yep. But I am thrilled she chose you.”

“You are?”

“Yes, I have had a crush on you for a long time,”

“You have?” I questioned, in a haze of flattered confusion.

“Oh yes, but now is not the time to get into that conversation. You should get back to your students, but we are not done here, my dear.”

I nodded in acknowledgement and returned to the library. Once back in my class, I cursed that I didn’t ask who the other two were. I made it to lunch, barely, my nerves near the brink of a complete Lindsay Lohan type of collapse.

I went to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. I checked slyly for any other collars, now wanting to know. None of the cafeteria ladies were wearing the symbol of submission. I grabbed my lunch and returned to my room without any further incident. As I ate my lunch, I couldn’t decide what was more stressful: actually finding out who the other subs were or waiting to find out.

Just as I finished my lunch, I was paged to the office. I tossed my plate in the trash and headed to the office. I wasn’t overly worried about seeing a collar in the office. Our secretary was 55 and a sweet grandma who often baked cookies for the staff. Our Vice-principal was a male so he was safe. Lastly, although I now knew that Principal Pierce was a sub, she was always on supervision patrol at lunch, so it was very unlikely she would be in the office. That said, my nerves began to shake as I approached the office.

I reached the office and let out a gasp. Our sweet-as-cotton-candy secretary was wearing the same declaration of obedience I was. I couldn’t even begin to fathom a situation where she would submit sexually to Mrs. Peterson could transpire. It was completely unfathomable. She greeted, in her usual sweet voice, “I heard you had joined our group.”

“You?” I asked, unbelievably.

She shrugged, “I really had no choice. None of us do.”

Still in a state of shock, “How?”

“All in good time, my dear, all in good time,” the collared secretary said. “Ms. Pierce will see you now.”

I took a deep breath and walked into our ice queen of a principal’s office and closed the door.

“I suggest you lock the door, Hannah,” Ms. Pierce recommended.

Expecting the worst, I did as suggested and locked the door.

I turned around. Ms. Pierce was at her desk, a devious smile on her face, “Well hi there, Hannah. How was last night?”

As expected, the collar was on her neck. I looked down, avoiding eye contact, but instead got another surprise. A pair of heels was protruding out from under Ms. Pierce’s desk. I returned my confused, stunned, nervous and uncomfortable gaze back to Ms. Pierce. Then suddenly anger filled me when it occurred to me that she played a prominent part of yesterday’s seduction. “You knew about this,” I accused.

She shrugged, like it was no big deal, “Yes, I did, Hannah. It wasn’t my idea, but when Mistress explained her plan to seduce you I assisted as requested.”


“Oh don’t play victim on me. You desperately needed this.”

“How could you possibly know this?” I asked, my anger bubbling to the surface.

“Am I wrong?”

“That’s not the point,” I replied angrily.

Ms. Pierce’s tone shifted from conversational to authoritative, “Look Hannah, it no longer matters, does it? You, like me, Donna, Mary and the dyke between my legs, are subs to Mistress Constance. How it happened doesn’t matter. We are the chosen few.”

I glared at her, curiosity of who was under the desk beginning to nag at me. “You had no right.”

“Hannah, this is getting old. I want to ask you a simple question. Would you go back in time eighteen hours if you could and do anything different?”

My rage began to simmer. I considered the question and had mixed emotions. On the one hand, today had been the most stressful day in my life and I was an emotional mess…and it was only lunch. If I could go back to when life made sense, life would be so much easier. Yet, on the other hand, I had never felt so liberated and never felt so free as I had last night. Giving myself mind and body to someone was the freest I had ever felt, and I definitely wanted to have that feeling again. Not to mention I had never felt such sexual pleasure as I did last night and this morning.

Her moans were also distracting and I couldn’t help but have a growing part of me want to be the girl under the desk. I tried to erase the image from my head, but it kept remerging. I hated this bitch.

“I’ll take your long silence as a no you wouldn’t change yesterday. Am I right?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, defeated.

“Come here,” she ordered.

I tentatively obeyed.

“Now just so you know, we don’t usually have sex at school, but today is a special day. It isn’t every day we get an addition into our special group.”

I held my breath, oddly hoping to be told what to do.

“On your knees, Hannah.”

Remembering Mistress’s instructions to obey every command from a collared woman, I obeyed, my pussy already beginning to leak.

“You want to please me, don’t you?”

Although my mind wanted to yell ‘no, I don’t, you fucking bitch,’ my body was in control and I heard myself almost beg, “Yes, Ms. Pierce.”

“Yes what, Hannah?” she asked, definitely attempting to exert her power over me.

Frustrated, horny and surprisingly eager to please and obey my bitch of a principal, “Yes, I want to please you.”


Fuck she really wanted to put me in my place. Frustrated and wanting to show a bit of a spine, I decided to answer boldly, “I want to crawl under your desk and replace the slut currently pleasing you.”

Mrs. Pierce smiled, obviously happy with my naughty and submissive answer. Wanting confirmation and using my own words, “You are offering to replace the slut between my legs.”


Ms. Pierce rolled her chair back and allowed the slut, as I called her, to crawl out from underneath her desk.

Who I saw, face glistening in cunt juice, was one last shocking surprise. I was face to face with my best friend for the past three years, my neighbour, Amy. Her facial expression, like mine I am sure, was one of complete embarrassment. Her eyes seemed to be pleading an apology. I couldn’t believe it. Amy the married mother of two, a four year old and an 18 month old, was also a sub. It seemed so improbable, I still didn’t believe it even though I was currently witnessing it.

Ms. Pierce, clearly amused by the last revelation and my reaction to it, asked, “Are you going to get under there or what? Class begins in fifteen minutes.”

I gave one last look back at Amy, whose expression was unreadable, before I disappeared under my Principal’s desk. She rolled her chair back and her pussy was instantly in front of me. Much to my surprise, it was quite hairy, although I couldn’t see that well under the desk. I leaned forward and began to please my principal, the person who, before yesterday, was number three on my most hated list, behind only my bastard of an ex-husband and Constance. Due to the abundance of hair surrounding her cunt, the pleasing was substantially more challenging than my first time yesterday licking Mistress Constance’s shaved pussy. Oddly, her aroma was intoxicating, seemingly held in by her pubic hair. Concerned about time, I used my finger to fuck her as I attempted to lick her. Luckily, Amy already had her very wet and the double pleasure I gave her had her moaning rather quickly and I knew when she squeezed her legs tight against my head she was close. I hooked my finger inside her cunt, searching for her G-spot. Although slightly elusive, once I found it, her legs pulled me in and she came all over my mouth. I continued to lap at her juices until the chair rolled away. I quickly crawled from underneath the desk and stood up, desperate to end this humiliation. I perused the room, but Amy was gone.

“Wow, for a rookie, you have great potential.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I replied, not sure whether that was necessarily a good thing.

“You better go clean up before you return to class.”

She pointed to the bathroom in her office. I washed up and was thankful that I was not much of a make-up person. I returned to Ms. Pierce’s office.

“One last thing, Hannah.”

I feared what else there could possibly be. “Yes,” I replied, my tone going for annoyed.

“When we are alone, you may call me Betty.”

“Ok, Betty,” I responded, the name sounding odd and slightly bitter on my lips.

I left her office and returned to class. Knowing all four of Mistress’s other subs lifted a major burden. The anxiety I was feeling had dissipated and was replaced by dread and I pondered my next conversation with Amy. When had she submitted? Why didn’t I know? She taught Devon last year after returning from maternity and complained about him as well. Then suddenly it stopped. That must have been when she submitted, over a year ago.

Amy had become my best friend since we started teaching together three years ago. Last year, she moved across the street from me and we bonded even more. I was still married then, but when my marriage ended she was the one there for me. She listened, she supported, and she even played a little tough love to help get me back on my feet. She knew everything about me, until my life-altering change last night. I thought I knew everything about her, but apparently I didn’t.

The day ended finally. I had just finished packing up for the night when Amy came to visit. She closed the door and sat on top of one of the student’s desks. I noticed, for the first time, that the skirt she was wearing, while school appropriate, had a generous slit that when sitting like she was, revealed she was wearing thigh highs. A small smirk crossed my face, realizing she and I were now in the same predicament.

Amy broke the awkward silence, “Hannah, I am so sorry I never told you before.”

I whispered, as if people could hear our perverse conversation beyond these four walls, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have told me? Plus, how does one tell their best friend such a humiliating reality? It is not something that comes up in everyday conversation. Hi, how was your day? Good I bought a new outfit, tried a new recipe and, oh yeah, I became Constance Pederson’s submissive slave.”

I laughed. What else was there to do? She was right. Our situation was absurd and it is extremely unlikely, 99.9999 percent that I would have told Amy my situation if it hadn’t come out the way it did. “I’m sorry, Amy, I am not mad at you, I am mad at myself.”

Amy hopped off the desk to comfort me, wrapping her arms around me. Yesterday this would have been a simple friendly hug between two women, but today it could mean so many other things. She spoke gently, “Hannah, it is ok. I have accepted my role as her sub and for the most part it is not much different than before it occurred. She doesn’t expect a lot of my time, but she does expect total obedience.”

Tears ran down my cheeks like a rapid flowing river. “I couldn’t resist, Amy. I tried, but I couldn’t. Then to make matters worse, I really enjoyed it.”

“It’s ok, Hannah,” Amy comforted, “It’s ok.”

“No, it’s worse,” I blurted, “I crave it. I can’t get it out of my mind.”

“Trust me, Hannah, I understand. I was in the same situation you were, just a year ago.”

“How did it happen to you?” I blubbered through a wave of tears.

She rubbed my back, “The same as you I think. It was parent-teacher interviews and one minute I am defending the critical comments on Devon’s report card and next thing I know she was fingering me at my desk. Half an hour later, I was at her house and the rest is still a blur.”

“How do we end it?”

Amy asked sincerely, “Do you really want to end it? I know your next month will be intense as she tests you to make sure you will be loyal. But after that, things settle down.”

“Yes…no…I don’t know,” I blabbered, an incoherent mess, as I backed up a bit.

“It’s ok, Hannah. It will take some time to come to grips with what has happened. I know it is very overwhelming.”

“That is an understatement,” I joked, attempting to lighten the tense mood.

“But seriously, Hannah, I am always here for you. If you need to talk about this, I am here to listen.”

“I know, Amy, it’s just I don’t even know where to begin. I feel angry, confused, ashamed, lost, embarrassed, and mortified. Yet, I also feel excited, needed, and important. If that makes any sense,” I attempted to explain, not remotely understanding myself.

“I completely understand Hannah. I have been through every emotion you are feeling as well. I have only recently accepted the reality of who I am.” Amy paused, her eyes swimming directly into mine. She took a deep breath and nervously announced, “Hannah, I have to tell you something, I have wanted to tell you for quite some time.”

I wiped my tears away from my eyes, before looking directly into hers. “Amy, you can tell me anything. Apparently, you know everything about me.”

“I am a lesbian, Hannah. I have known this for a long time, but I had never completely come to grips with it. So when Constance seduced me, I didn’t even attempt to fight it. I wanted it. I needed it. She saw that in me and she seemed to have seen it in you too. Now I don’t mean I am bi or just a submissive for Mistress Constance. I mean I am in love with a woman. A beautiful, sexy, smart, sweet woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

I was shocked by this admission; she seemed to be happily married. I could only recall a handful of times she had complained about Eric. Being a good friend, “It’s Ok, Amy, I love you for who you are, the same way I know you love me and accept me. You mean the world to me Amy and I will be there for whatever you need.” As soon as I acknowledged this, I knew it was true. Amy was my lifeline, the one who was there whenever I needed it, selflessly helping me through my divorce, my job and even looking after my daughter Elaine.

It was Amy’s turn to break down. Tears flowed down her cheeks like wine. Suddenly I wanted to taste them. I took my finger and caught a tear and placed it to my lips. The sweetness warmed me. Amy was about to say something, but fearing it would break this intimate moment and a thirst I was desperate to quench, I was impulsive for one of the first times in memory. I leaned in and kissed her. I didn’t think first, I just let my instincts take over. She had been my best friend for a long time and this seemed so natural after a long day of very unnatural things. She returned the kiss and soon we were having our first kiss. We kissed for maybe a minute and just as I could feel the tingle in my spine flow up my back and my pussy began to feel that special warmth, Amy broke the kiss.

She looked directly into my eyes, “Hannah, I don’t want to take advantage of you during such a vulnerable time.”

“I kissed you,” I pointed out, tapping her nose with my finger.

“Are y-y-you s-sure?” Amy stuttered, her nervousness clearly prevalent.

“One hundred percent,” I responded, being sure about something for the first time in the last twenty-hour strange hours.

“Hannah,” Amy’s tears began to flow again, “It’s you!”

“Yes it is,” I responded, kiddingly, unclear of her intent.

“No, Hannah. I love you.”

“I love you too, Amy.”

“No, Hannah. I love you, love you. I love you in the I want-to-divorce-my-husband-move-in-with-you-and-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you kind of love you.”

Suddenly the world stopped. In this brief moment of clarity, a moment that only happens a couple times in one’s lifetime, I saw her, my life and the world for what it was. She was the one. And if it took the complete humiliation of submitting to Constance to realize what was right in front of my eyes, well so be it. Fate had a funny way of playing, but I wasn’t going to let this chance of happiness slip through my hands. “I love you too,” I proclaimed, my whole body warming inside, telling my heart the words I returned were true.

The smile on her face and the glow in her cheeks radiated from her as she hugged me again. An embrace so sweet, so tender, that I was putty in her arms. In her embrace, I felt at home for the first time since before my marriage collapsed. I felt love.

It’s funny though, the awkward silence that follows a declaration of love. She looked at me words on the tip of her tongue and I returned the gaze with words on the tip of mine.

Finally, Amy broke the silence, “Well now what?”

“Well, bastard who shall remain nameless has Elaine until 8 o’clock tonight. So let’s go to my place and talk in private. My mind is already thinking of a trillion questions to ask you and another part of me is thinking of a trillion things to do to you.”

“Oh my, Hannah,” Amy exclaimed, “If I had only known sooner.”

“I myself didn’t know, so how could you know?” I shrugged, reaching for my bag. “Meet you at my place?”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Amy guaranteed and followed me out of my class and to the parking lot.

During the drive home, away from Amy, I had time to think rationally. Did I really love her or was it just the heat of the moment? After a pros and cons list like I always do in my head, I concluded that yes, I loved her. Not just a friend love, but indeed a ‘I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you’ kind of love. Was I ready for such love? I realized whether I was ready or not, it was here, and my heart was speaking for me. The excitement of being in love and in a relationship with my best friend was countered by the fact that I had a six-year-old daughter and she had two young children. My daughter, obviously, knew Amy really well and called her Auntie. How would I explain this to my daughter? Or would I? Was I ready for the complications that came with a relationship, especially a same-sex relationship? I arrived at my house with all these questions swirling in my head and not an answer in sight. My horniness was long gone and replaced by excessive anxiety. I began to place roadblock after roadblock on my relationship before it started.

Luckily for my over-reactive brain, Amy pulled up into her driveway and I had to suppress the million nagging thoughts pecking at my brain.

Once inside, I grabbed a bottle of wine, filled both our glasses and brought the bottle with me to the living room. Amy was sitting down on the couch and I handed her a glass of wine and sat down beside her like I always had. We looked at each other and as soon as I saw the twinkle in the green of her eyes and the resonating warmth of her smile, my worries disappeared. She sipped her wine and asked concerned, as she put her hand on my stocking-covered knee, “Are you sure, Hannah?”

The warmth of her hand had me instantly distracted and instantly feeling the heat down below. And although I was not remotely sure what the future held, or if there was really a chance for us to be a real couple, I answered with all my heart, “I have never been surer of anything in my life, Amy.”

Her smile grew wider and she took my wine glass and put both on the table. Returning to me, she put both hands on my cheeks and, without a word, leaned in for a kiss. I could feel fireworks explode in my head as our lips touched and her tongue slipped inside my mouth. The kiss began soft and tender, but slowly grew in heat and passion. We were making out like two teenagers on a first date, our tongues exploring every crevice of each other’s mouths. My breathing got heavier and I became desperate to do more. My hands began to explore Amy’s body. She did the same. Her hands caressing my arms and legs had me weak at the knees and I was thankful to be sitting. As if hearing my inner thoughts, Amy broke the kiss and pulled me up. She fumbled with my zipper as she fervently attempted to get my dress off. Once off, she gently pushed me back onto the couch and onto my back. I lay on the couch like prey, and as my predator looked me over, I could sense her need to devour me. Her smile of lust was like an aphrodisiac and I was desperate to be the main course. Much to my surprise, and at first disappointment, she didn’t devour me whole. Instead I became a full course meal. She took off my heels and took my pinkie toe in her mouth. She sucked on it, in essence making love to my toe. She continued this erotic teasing, taking each of my toes into her mouth and repeating the sensual tease. My moans continued with each toe. She followed the slow seduction, by repeating the process with my other foot. Time stood still as she savoured each of my toes through the sheer nylon. Once the last toe had been individually pleased, she lifted my foot up straight and licked the sole of my foot. It tickled slightly, but the sensation was unbelievable. She didn’t seem to miss an inch of my foot. Again, she repeated the process on my other stocking-clad foot, making me a bowl of jelly and she hadn’t even touched any of my special spots.

Speaking for the first time in fifteen minutes, “How are you doing, Hannah?”

“Exquisite,” I replied, being a bit coy.

“Oh, I haven’t even gotten started, my pet.”

‘My pet’. A chill went up my spine at Amy using the same pet name that Mistress Constance had just yesterday used in her seduction of me. I wondered if that meant she was my Mistress too, or was it just word play? I left the question unanswered. I was again distracted by the touch of Amy’s lips, which were ever so gently kissing my ankle and slowly, like a turtle walking, moved up my leg. As Amy’s head moved closer to my vagina, I thought I might explode. Her erotic teasing had me where I had never been before. Her head finally reached my pussy. She paused and deliberately made eye contact with me. She smiled and extended her tongue. Her tongue lightly brushed my pussy lips, yet another tease. After less than fifteen seconds of attention to my desperate pussy, she moved away and down my other leg. I thought I would explode, my body reacting to the incredible tease. She continued down my leg, kissing and nibbling my entire body. Once she reached my foot, she paused, bit my toe gently and slid her tongue up my entire leg. Again she reached my pussy and again she gave nothing more than a tease, rolling over it as she progressed up my body. She kissed my belly, tongued my belly button and moved up to my breasts.

Speaking for the first time in minutes, she ordered, although gently, “Take your bra off, Hannah.”

I moved up a bit and obeyed the command, allowing my small breasts to come free.

Amy purred, “Your nipples are hard, baby. Is that because of me?”

“Yes,” I moaned back, slightly embarrassed at how excited she had made me. “You are driving me crazy.”

Amy winked, “I am going to make love to you Hannah. Every part of you needs to be worshipped.”

I blushed even more, I imagine. Amy pushed me back onto my back and began kissing my breasts. At first she kissed and licked my breasts, occasionally allowing her tongue or lips to lightly touch my nipple. The teasing was both exhilarating and frustrating. I was not used to having my body worshipped. I was used to my body being used for the pleasure of others, by my ex-husband, the few boys I dated back in the day and most recently last night by Mistress Constance. I wanted to be fucked, to be used and was not sure how to deal with this gentleness. As if she heard my inner thoughts, she began to bite my breasts and once on each breast she sucked my nipple into her mouth. I let out a loud moan, her warm mouth on my nipples allowing a chill to flow up my spine. Amy continued up my body to my neck, another weak spot, and finally my ear, my ultimate wet spot. As her hot breath and tongue bathed my ear, she repositioned her knee so it was directly against my pussy. I let out more of a scream than a moan, while Amy whispered, “You like that, baby?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, my body completely at her every whim.

She bit my ear, harder than expected, before our lips met again. I attempted to hint to her my eagerness to come as I kissed her with reckless passion. Desperate to come, I attempted to rub my pussy on Amy’s leg in an attempt to get off. Amy broke the kiss, “No, no, baby. All in good time, baby. Just let Amy treat you like you need to be treated.”

I began, “Please Amy, I need….”

But she put her finger to my lips, “Shhhh, baby, just let Amy take care of you. I promise you it will be worth the wait.”

She moved back down my body, her tongue again meandering haphazardly on my skin. Once she reached my now wet pussy, she ordered, “Turn around, baby.”

I obeyed and was on my knees, my arms resting on the couch. I couldn’t see her well, but could feel her tongue and lips on my ass. She worshipped my ass like she had the rest of my body: with kisses, licks, nibbles and bites. I was a horny mess by this time. She pushed my ass slightly forward and pulled my ass cheeks apart. Much to my surprise, I felt her tongue on my rosebud. I couldn’t believe it. My best friend, who had been with me through thick and thin, was now tonguing my asshole. It was really incomprehensible. Even more shocking was how good her tongue felt in my taboo area. I let out another moan, the teasing and random pleasing driving me mad. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a finger slip inside my pussy.

“Aaaaahh,” I bellowed, shocked by the sudden penetration and just as equally thrilled by it.

Amy pumped her fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy for a brief time and just as suddenly pulled them out, leaving my pussy an abandoned mess.

“Please Amy, put them back in,” I begged, pushing my ass back, blindly attempting to find her fingers.

Amy spanked my ass, not hard, but not playful either. “Patience, baby, patience,” she instructed in a tone that hinted at dominance. I wanted to yell at her to quit teasing me and just fuck me, but I didn’t. A second slap on my ass followed, slightly harder, and she commanded, “Baby, turn back around.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I accidently replied. I attempted to correct myself, “I-I-I ….”

“Mistress,” Amy mused, her finger slowly caressing my inner thigh. Her tone shifting to serious, “Do you want me to be your Mistress, Hannah?”

Her eyes bored into me, her smile not giving away whether she was serious or not. Unsure what to say, I finally stammered, “I-I-I-um.”

“You do want me to be your Mistress, don’t you baby?” Before I could respond and admit my true desire to be her loyal, willing, unconditional sub, she, thankfully, went between my legs and began licking. After all the gentleness of the past hour, I was expecting a similar tenderness when she finally began licking me. Instead, I got an all out assault on my pussy. She went directly to my clit and sucked on it, attempting to swallow it whole. I let out an earth shattering scream the moment my best friend’s mouth made contact. I orgasmed in only a few seconds. As the orgasm quaked through my entire being, Amy let my clit slip out of her mouth, but kept licking. The continued licking of my cunt with constant pressure from Amy, kept my juices flowing and as the first orgasm began to dissipate, a second orgasm was already building. Amy kept licking, moving her whole head up and down, almost like she was bobbing on a cock. I watched closely, mesmerized by the sight of my beautiful, sweet, compassionate best friend, pleasuring me in a way I couldn’t even have begun to imagine twenty-four hours ago. Her eyes met mine and I blushed, feeling like I had just been caught stealing from the cookie jar. Yet, unlike shy and insecure me, I didn’t break eye contact. Instead I continued to gaze into the eyes of my best friend. She seemed to smile, although it was hard to tell with her mouth full of my pussy. She began to hum on my pussy lips, and a new sensation hit me. Almost instantly, a second orgasm flowed through me even greater than the first. I screamed, “Oh my God Amy, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Amy obliged, continuing to lick my soaking wet cunt. My juices flooded out of me like a tidal wave. My best friend licked and licked, continuing to please me as I almost hyperventilated from the pure pleasure. She slowed down while I slowly attempted to regain my breath. Just when I thought I was done, Amy surprised me again. She suddenly slid two fingers into my cunt. The suddenness made me scream in delicious joy and while she finger-fucked me hard and fast, she took my clit back in her mouth. Again unaware of my words, I screamed, “Yes Mistress, make your slut cum. Fuck her hard.” The intense double pleasure was too much and a third powerful orgasm hit me with full force. I realized my words only after they escaped my mouth. Amy didn’t say anything while she continued pleasing me. Long past propriety, I continued my vocal babble, “Fuck, Amy, I have never felt so good. Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk.”

The intense pressure was too much, my pussy raw from the constant coming and I had to push Amy’s expert mouth away. “Stop, stop, oh my God, I can’t take anymore.”

Amy’s smile was one of pure satisfaction. She stood up and said, her tone a bit more powerful than I had ever heard from her, “Ok, pet. Calling me Mistress once could be seen as a slip of the tongue, but twice, well that is curious.” She took off her shirt. Once off, she discarded it on the floor. While she unzipped her skirt, she explained, “Baby, you are completely submissive aren’t you?”

“I think so,” I whispered, somewhat ashamed.

Her skirt fell to the floor, displaying a beautiful shaved pussy, with a nice patch of hair above her clit. Her eyes never left mine. “So baby, are you ready to please me?”

I wanted nothing more. This time I knew exactly what I was saying when I responded, “Yes, Mistress Amy.”

Amy directed me to come to her using only her finger. I surprised her, I think, when I got on the floor and crawled the few feet to her. Suddenly anxiety filled me. I so desperately wanted to please her, I was worried I would be a disappointment, especially after what she had just done do me. She asked, “You want to taste your Mistress’s pussy, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress Amy,” I responded, “but I am worried I won’t please you the way you just pleased me.”

“Oh baby, just do what is natural,” she comforted.

Following her instructions, I sat up on my knees and began to lick Amy’s pussy while she stood. As soon as my tongue made contact with her pussy, she moaned, “That’s it baby, lick my pussy.”

Although difficult to get comfortable, I continued licking her pussy lips, her heavenly scent and taste were an amazing assault on my senses. Deciding to attempt to tease her and at the same time show her I wanted to be her submissive, I moved away from her delicious nectar and kissed her thigh. I slowly, like she had done to me, moved down her leg, kissing gently her stocking-clad leg. When I reached her foot, I bent down and kissed her perfectly manicured toes, like a servant waiting further instruction.

“Baby, you really are the most submissive woman I have ever met. You get wet being told what to do, don’t you baby?”

“Yes,” I answered, no longer even ashamed by the reality of who I really was.

“Kiss my feet, baby, suck my toes like a good little sub,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress Amy,” I eagerly responded, happy to be told exactly what to do. No longer surprisingly, my pussy began to get a special tingling again.

I sucked each of her toes one at a time, as she had mine. I took my time, attempting to suck each toe in my mouth like a small cock. Pleasing her feet so thoroughly was exciting, although a bit difficult because of the sheer nylons on her feet. Once done, I moved to her other foot and repeated the gentle pleasure.

Once I was finished, her breathing now heavier, she asked, “Do you have any toys?”

“Just a vibrator.”

“Well we will have to work on adding to your collection, baby,” she advised. Sitting on the couch, she ordered, “Go get it, baby.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed and began to get up.

“No, no, baby. I like you on all fours like a good sub, a good pet. I want to watch you crawl and get it. Bring it back to me in your mouth like you are carrying a bone.”

I fell back on all fours, “Yes, Mistress, your wish is my command.” I crawled away, feeling her eyes bearing down on me. Such an order should have humiliated me, yet it actually made me hornier. The feeling of complete submission, of unconditional obedience, was liberating. And, unlike with Mistress Constance, where I never felt safe and was always nervous and scared, with Amy I felt completely at home and safe, completely comfortable and eager to make her happy. The stairs were a bit awkward at first and somewhat humiliating, but I fulfilled the instructions, retrieving my fuck-toy and returning on all fours with the toy in my mouth. If going up the stairs was awkward, going down was an adventure in balance. I went slowly, scared to stumble down the stairs, but also determined to not disobey a direct order.

I didn’t see my clothes anywhere. No car keys. No shoes. There wasn’t any way I was going to walk three miles back to my apartment. Being bare ass naked at ten o’clock at night. I needed to think.

Tony probably wasn’t horny any more. I’m sure he would be more reasonable. Now that he shot his load up my ass. He was probably sleeping it off in the bedroom. I quietly padded down the hallway to his room. The door was slightly ajar. I peeked around the corner. It was dark. There he was. That horny bastard was watching some porn flick on his computer. I couldn’t tell what it was, but somebody with a squeaky voice was begging for cock.

He turned to me when I let more light into the room. He was completely dressed. This made me feel even more naked. I was kind of covering myself behind the door.

“Hey, Buttfuck.” he announced. I flushed a beet red. I hoped the neighbors hadn’t heard him yelling.

“Get your ass in the bathroom and clean yourself up.”

I whined back “I can’t find my clothes.” As though, for no reason known to man, they had suddenly disappeared.

“I’ve got them Cumslut.” He laughed. “And I’m keeping them.” “You’ll be wearing what I tell you to wear from now on.”

“Now. Go clean up.” he ordered me. “I’ll be back In the living room shortly.” He announced.

“And so will you.” “Now, Git.” “Silly Bitch.”

I would have thought after all I let him do to me. He would be a bit more grateful at this point, I reasoned. Maybe he was just nervous. Maybe he thought I’d tell on him for fucking me. I’d have to re-assure him later. I sure as hell didn’t want anybody to know Tony had fucked the hell out of me. I also hoped Tony hadn’t noticed that I had liked some of it. I shouldn’t worry. He was really way to preoccupied to have noticed that I had gotten excited.

I went into to the bathroom. Washed up the best I could. Tried to comb my hair and sat on the pot for awhile. Pointless exercise. Then washed my butt good. Inspected my self. Really red knees. Purple fingerlike bruises just below my waist. Overall, not too the worse for wear. I’d been in here for fifteen or twenty minutes. I wondered what I would have to do to get Tony to give me my clothes back.

I entered the living room. I saw he was sitting on the couch. He was watching porn again. Drinking beer. He motioned me to come over to him. He pointed at a bath towel spread out on the floor by his feet. He obviously wanted me to sit on the floor. I wasn’t really in the mood to watch any porn right now. I started to tell him. But he shushed me and said:

“You are really going to want to watch this.” “I guarantee you, you will want to see it.”

Slightly intrigued. I walked over near the towel. I wasn’t going to sit down on the floor. I am an adult. I’d sit in a chair or something.

All of the sudden it hit me. The naked guy in the porn movie was ME! I dropped to the floor next to Tony on the towel. In the porn flick, there I was naked as all get out. My penis flopping in the breeze. I was begging to get butt fucked. Then, the big penis dangling next to me mumbled something. Then I started saying I loved to suck cock. The quality wasn’t very good. The subject was to far away. I had became a film critic all the sudden.

It was me alright. Far away or not. Anyone could tell it was me. Pleading for an ass-fuck. Pleading for cock in my mouth. My penis looked really small to me too. Tony’s looked just fine. This explained why Tony had wanted me to talk to the book shelves. Now I got it. He’d hidden the video camera in there somewhere among all the crap on the shelves.

“You know what this means, Don’t you my little Buttfuck?” Tony looked down at me, his evil grin showing. His eyebrows arched questioningly.

“Umm.” I stalled.

“This is my film. I can show it to anybody I want. Your friends at work say. Your party buddies. Maybe your family. Mom and Dad. Bro and Sis. Who’s your local preacher? A Sissy Bitch like you probably still goes to church on Sundays.”

“Get me?” he asked.

In my defense, I started to say I didn’t go to church except on x-mas and Easter anymore. Then I realized what Tony was telling me. Fucking blackmail. If I didn’t do exactly what Tony wanted me to do. He’d make sure everyone I knew would be seeing this. I’d be ruined. I’d get fired. I’d have no friends. My family would disown me. I’d be an outcast. I couldn’t let that happen. No matter what Tony wanted me to do. I’d have to try to please him. I’d have to wait for my chance to get this film back. Fat chance. What else could I do?

“So Buttfuck, There are going to be some changes in your life.” “From now on you will address me as Sir.” He really liked that one. I could tell from his smile.

“If you forget. Even once. I’ll spank your naked ass like the little Bitch you are.” “Hell, I’m going to spank your ass at least once a day. Just to remind you who’s owns your ass.” He really was digging this. I was his sex toy now. I’ll bet he has wanted his own sex toy all his fucking life.

I had to say something quick. I had to try to draw some limits. Quickly, I said.

“OK, Tony. Sir. You leave me no choice. I’ll be your slave. I don’t see how I can get out of it.” I gave in to him.

“But, I’m not going to let you hurt me. I’ll bolt right out of here. From now on – no bruises. You don’t get to draw blood. No permanent scars.”

“You have to remember I’m a human being.” You just can’t do ANYTHING you want.” “You are going to have to have some limits.” I eyed him carefully. Watching for him to give in a little.

“No tattoos.” I blurted out. I didn’t want to forget that.

“I’m going to need food.” I demanded.

He nodded slowly. Seems I was making sense. “I’m going to need sleep.”

“Maybe not as much as you might think.” He pushed back.

“I still own you.” “Butt Fuck.” His creepy grin was back.

“I plan on enjoying the hell out of this.”

I’d never seen Tony so happy. I’ll bet all the shit he had to put up with all his life must have been hell. Now it was payback time. He probably had to answer to everybody. Now, finally Tony had someone that HE could push around. I think he’ll go easy on me, at least at first. I think he really wants this one sided relationship to last.

I didn’t know what I’d be able to tolerate. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do all the stupid shit Tony was going to demand from me. At least, not for very long. I knew, deep in my heart, that I had actually enjoyed being sexually abused by him. I just hoped he wouldn’t find out.

Tony had been thinking. He had orders for me already.

“Later. When I say.” he went on. “Your going to go to your apartment and pack up all your shit.”

He pauses for effect. “Your moving in here.”

“I’ll be going through all your stuff.” He said. “I’ll take what I want.”

“Maybe, I’ll let you keep some of your shit.” “If I’m feeling generous.”

Tony really wanted to get busy taking over. It occurred to me, this last bit was kind of clever on his part. If I had no place to go, it would be harder for me to leave. I didn’t really have jack shit at my place. I worked part-time at a fast food place. I had crap. Maybe, some nice clothes. They wouldn’t fit Tony. He wouldn’t want them. What did that leave, clock/radio. Fifteen bucks at Wal-Mart.

“Here.” He tossed me a sex toy from off of the coffee table. It was a pink butt-plug. About an inch in diameter. Very tapered. “Put some lube on this and stick it up your ass.” He ordered.

“Right here in front of me.” He licked his lips.

“I want to watch.” He couldn’t stop grinning.

This will be interesting I guess. I grabbed the lube and pulled out a finger full. I rubbed it slowly around the butt plug. Then I shined the whole thing up with my finger. I sure hope Tony enjoys this. The things I do for him.

I turned over placing my shoulders on the floor and stuck my butt up in the air. I spread my legs pretty wide. Then reaching between my legs butt plug in hand. I rolled the slickery end around my asshole greasing it up good. I pushed the head of my new pink toy into my hole. It slipped right in an inch or two..

I felt my sphincter muscles stretch out some. Not so bad. I fucked myself with the toy for a few seconds. My ass was actually liking this. I had no leverage on the plug. I took one hand out from between my legs. I reached around. Switched hands holding the base. I pulled my other hand out and used it for a head rest.

I started fucking myself harder with the butt plug. I pushed longer and more firmly. Then when I thought I could never get this thing up my butt. I felt it go over the edge and slide in. It went in like it had a mind of its own. I put both my arms under my chest. On elbows, I rested for a minute.

Then I turned on to one side. One knee slightly bent laying on the floor. The other pointing straight up. With my legs spread like this. I gave Tony an excellent view of my cock, balls, and butt plugged asshole. Tony puts his hand on my upright knee, pushing it upward. My foot floated in the air.

“Hold it.” He orders.

I reach up and grab my upper calf. Spreading my crotch open for him to see better. Then it happened.

My butt ring had been clutching the butt plug. As it tired. It let go. My natural body functions kicked in and tried to expel the foreign invader. I wasn’t pushing hard at all. I’m sure I could have blown it right out if I’d wanted to. But when my body pushed on it. It slid about an inch out. Stretching my ass ring. It felt pretty good actually. Then my butt ring kicked into action. Trying to pinch it off like so much poop.

As it was tapered and smooth. My butt ring tightening up made it slid right back in to my ass hole. Then the cycle began to repeat. Natural push. Out an inch. Stretch. Auto tightening sphincter. Right back in. This was so cool!

I was just laying there with my legs apart doing nothing. While my asshole was fucking itself! On automatic. I don’t think I could have stopped it if I wanted too. An oooh escaped my lips. Then I realized Tony was watching me fuck myself.

“Goddamn.” He swore. “You’re a fucking whore, Bitch” He laughed at me. I just smiled.

“Your getting a boner again.” He said.

“Just like you did earlier while I was butt fucking you.” He added.

So much for my big secret. He knew I liked getting fucked. My secret was out of the bag.

Brief Summary: Jenny attempts to fulfill an order from one of her two Mistresses, when she meets with her unknowing teacher to finish a seduction she had slowly been doing all week (a brief sub-plot in Bedding the Babysitter 3).

Note 1: I recommend you read parts 1-3 to know the complete story of Jenny from shy, nervous in the closet lesbian to submissive, sexy cheerleader and seductress. That said, you only need to read part 3 to learn the set-up of her seduction of her teacher that she completes in this chapter.

Note 2: A special thanks to all who have e-mailed me about Jenny and requested I continue the story.

Note 3: Last, but certainly not least, a special thank you goes to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit.


SUNDAY FEBRUARY 9th: Mission Completed

I dressed in my cheerleader outfit and red thigh highs and headed to Starbucks, getting there fifteen minutes early. I ordered my drink and bought one for Miss Morgan as well, and sat down at an open booth where I could see Miss Morgan when she arrived, if she arrived. I sat for ten minutes, fidgeting at my boldness. And at 11:28 Miss Morgan, dressed in a pretty, but conservative, blue dress and black pantyhose walked in the door. She surveyed the room and stopped, face aghast, when she saw me. She stood frozen for a few seconds before joining me at the booth.

I smiled, handed her a coffee, and greeted, “Hi, Miss Morgan”

She sat down tentatively and took the drink. I could tell her mind was reeling. She was clearly attempting to come to grips with the reality of the situation. Silence lingered between us. I waited for a response from her, my heart pounding.

Finally, in a whisper so soft I could barely make out her words, “I can’t believe it is you, Jenny.”

“Did you have no idea?” I asked.

“No, although based on the past week, I guess it makes sense,” she said, still dazed. “H-h-how did you change so much, so quickly?”

I explained, “This may be hard to believe, but I found a Mistress and she opened up a whole new world to me.”

Miss Morgan still looked completely out of her comfort zone. I could tell she was fighting her conscience. She took a nervous sip of her coffee, “Who is your Mistress?”

I smiled, I was pretty sure I had her, “Well my main Mistress is a neighbour of mine, Mistress Megan.” I paused, making sure she was listening when I announced my other Mistress. I looked deep into her eyes, “My school Mistress, the one responsible for my sudden popularity is….”

“Karen,” she whispered, putting two and two together.

“Yes,” I confirmed, “How did you know that?”

“Just thinking about the week and how odd you were acting and I recalled Karen’s smirks,” Miss Morgan reflected.

I agreed, “Yes, Mistress Karen has been giddy all week with the thought of your seduction.”

“Oh my God,” Miss Morgan gasped, “Karen knows about this too?”

“Yes, it was her idea, but it is ok, Miss Morgan. Mistress Megan is in control of Karen too and there is one key rule to submission. Never, ever, please and tell.”

Miss Morgan laughed and then caught herself. Her smile faded and a serious facade replaced it. “This can’t happen Jenny. I am your teacher.”

“If that is how you feel, Miss Morgan, I will respect that,” I responded. “But, before you reject me, keep in mind I will never tell. I will be your perfect little pet. You know that I always strive to do the best at everything I do.” I slipped my foot out of my shoe and allowed my foot to slide up my teacher’s leg.

This startled her, but as I hoped, she did not move away or ask me to stop. Instead, she asked, already wavering, “But what if someone finds out?”

“No one will, Miss Morgan,” I assured her, “Plus we are both consenting adults, free to ravish each other in any and every way imaginable.”

A second gasp and a flush of red escaped Miss Morgan while she tried to deal with her conflicting emotions.

Attempting to push the envelope, aggressive even for me, I offered, “If you wish me to show my true loyalty to you Miss Morgan, I will crawl under the table and please you right here, right now.”

“Oh Jenny,” she said, flushed, “Stop that.”

“Am I making you wet?” I queried, teasingly. She didn’t answer as I allowed my foot to slide up a bit more, now under her dress.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?” I asked.

“Not here,” she got out.

I reached for my purse and pulled out a piece of paper. I asked, confident I was right, “When you were chatting with me the other day you said you couldn’t stop thinking of a certain student. It was me, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” Miss Morgan answered, not making eye contact with me.

“And,” I began before pausing for dramatic effect, “you said and I quote you ‘I want to take you home and use you as my personal sex slave’”.

“Oh my God,” she blurted, looking up, “Did I really say that?”

I handed her the transcript of our chat. She reread the entire conversation before finally speaking. “Ok Jenny, I did say that, but it was role play and I had no idea I was talking to an actual student.”

My foot moved to within an inch of her pussy. Inside I was confident I had won. “Can we go back to your place?”

When Miss Morgan didn’t answer, I moved my foot so it was touching her panty-covered crotch. “I, um, we can’t, we just can’t.” To my surprise, she stood up and apologized, “Sorry, Jenny, I just can’t do this.” Before I could respond, Miss Morgan hastily made her retreat.

After she left, I finished my coffee, contemplating what went wrong. After a couple of weeks of living a very charmed life, I guess I was bound to fail. I texted Karen and told her of my epic failure. She didn’t immediately respond, so I finished my coffee and went to the bookstore, my personal solitude whenever I was feeling down.

I went to the teen section and browsed the new titles. There is just something so exciting about holding a book in your hand. Looking at the cover, reading the brief summary on the back or inside the book jacket, and reading other authors praise the book. I spent an hour browsing through title after title, making a list on my Ipod touch notebook of books that caught my interest. If I bought every book I wanted to read, I would never have any money. I finally settled on a novel called Delirium. It was about a time in the future, where when you turn eighteen you have an operation to prevent a disease…LOVE. It sounded interesting and different from other novels, plus I was definitely struggling with the word LOVE. I loved my time with Mistress Megan, I loved my one time at the Le Chateau Club, I loved the attention I got at school now, I loved being submissive to Karen and I loved the thrill of the chase with Miss Morgan, even if I did fail. But mostly, although I wouldn’t label it love, or lust either, my feelings for Ashley were different from anything I had ever felt before. I mean, I had greatly enjoyed my newfound submissiveness and all that followed, but my time with Ashley was different. I felt something more than just pleasure, something more than just the heat of the moment, something completely different and foreign. I couldn’t explain it, or quantify it, but none the less it was embedded deep in my heart. I wanted to call her, but really had no idea what to say. How do you attempt to have a normal conversation the day after such a night of naughty and yet romantic sex? Even though I was pretty confident she felt the same way I did, how does one know for sure? Especially under the circumstances we began our relationship, me a cheerleading sub and all. Not to mention, even if we did start a taboo lesbian relationship, I already had not one but two Mistresses. Could I give that up? Did I want to give it up? These questions spun in my head like a tilt-a-wheel until I thought I might be sick.

I grabbed a fruit smoothie and a muffin, and sat down to read and relax. I wasn’t three pages in when I heard a voice I knew. I glanced up from the novel I had just started and, sure enough, it was Miss Morgan ordering a drink too, a bag of books in her hand.

She hadn’t seen me yet. I contemplated the odds of seeing her again an hour later. Concluding they weren’t good, I took it as fate’s way of giving me a second shot.

Once she received her drink, a fruit smoothie as well, she turned around and saw me. I joked, “Fancy meeting a girl like you in a place like this.”

She chuckled nervously. “Sorry for the hasty retreat this morning. I just needed time to think.”

Realizing I might still have a chance, I asked, “Did you have time to think?”

She scanned the room, looking for I don’t know what, before sitting down beside me. “Yes, I did.”

She seemed to be struggling with what to say next. “And?” I questioned, attempting to lead her on.

“I can’t get you out of my mind,” she confessed.

Inside I was giddy with excitement, but outside played it cool, offering an olive branch. “The offer from this morning still stands, Miss Morgan.”

She seemed to be attempting to process this when I decided to take a risk. I kissed her; a quick, yet passionate three-second kiss. As expected, she didn’t break it. Instead I did and whispered into her ear, “I will be at the front of the mall in five minutes. If you want to take me up on my offer, pick me up. If you don’t, I will catch the bus and head home.” I bit her ear gently and allowed my hot breath to linger. She gave just the softest of moans, the evidence I needed to feel confident my seduction was working. Satisfied I had enticed her, I stood up and walked away. I was tempted to look back, but resisted.

I couldn’t believe how excited and nervous I was while I waited to see if my boldness paid off. Two weeks ago I was too shy to even complain when my order was wrong at McDonald’s. Now I had just propositioned my teacher. I checked the time, every few seconds, hoping I enticed her enough.

Just as I was beginning to think I had failed a second time, Miss Morgan pulled up. I got in the passenger side and she quickly sped off, like she was the getaway driver in a bank robbery.

Once on the road, she said, “I can’t believe we are going to do this.”

I attempted to comfort her and convince her she made the right decision. “Me either, Miss Morgan. I have wanted this to happen for a long time.”

“Really?” she asked, surprised.

“Miss Morgan, I began to think I might be a lesbian when I started taking your class. I began dreaming about you. I fantasized kissing you, touching you, pleasing you. I just never thought you might be interested in someone like me.”

“Oh my God, Jenny, I have had inappropriate thoughts about you all semester. Way before you began to dress so provocatively. I loved how cute, innocent and pure you looked,” my teacher confessed.

Insecurity hit me. “Do you mean you like the old me more?”

“No, but the old you was more the real you, don’t you think?”

The conversation was getting very real. I knew I had changed a lot these past couple of weeks in all areas, but not once did I think it was a bad thing. Was I losing the real me? Was the old me even the real me? If not, who was the real me? These thoughts ricocheted around my head like a racquetball. I announced my sudden insecurities. “I don’t know who the real me is anymore, Miss Morgan.”

“Just do what you want to do Jenny. Don’t do things for others’ approval. You are a great young lady and have a bright future ahead of you.”

Tears began to roll down my cheeks. It was strange to have someone tell me to be myself, especially when I no longer knew who that was. Finally, I spoke the only truth I knew for sure. “Miss Morgan I am still trying to figure out who I am. I don’t know what I want to do next year, I don’t know where I want to be next year, but I do know where I want to be right now.” I put my hand on her knee and squeezed gently.

Her face turned red and her breathing changed just slightly. “Jenny, are you sure?”

“Miss Morgan, I am unsure of many things in life. But when it comes to this,” I paused, “I have never been surer of anything in my life.”

We arrived at her house and pulled into her garage. Once parked, Miss Morgan seemed to hesitate, unsure what to do next. I moved my hand under her dress. Pantyhose blocked access to the pussy I now craved to sample. I leaned in and kissed her again, making sure she didn’t have time for second thoughts. My tongue parted her lips and, although tentative at first, Miss Morgan kissed me back. I pushed my finger hard onto her covered crotch as we kissed. She moaned into my mouth, and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. It was passionate, it was gentle. It was exactly how I had imagined it so many nights while in my bed with just me and my fingers. I felt a tingle down below and finally broke the kiss. I began to unbutton her blouse. She stopped me, attempting to catch her breath, “Let’s go inside, Jenny.”

Attempting to push the envelope, “Yes, Mistress Morgan, anything you say.”

She gave a slightly startled look, but didn’t say anything as she got out of the car and led me into her house. Once inside, we went straight to her bedroom and it was now Miss Morgan’s turn to surprise me. She pushed me onto her bed and crawled on top of me. She leaned in to kiss me. Her lips barely touching mine, she kissed me ever so gently. She followed the soft pecks by sucking on my lower lip. I had never been kissed like that and it was driving me crazy, making my pussy very damp. She moved down to my neck and gave soft nibbles and teasing sucks, spending enough time on each spot to potentially leave a hickey. Slowly she moved down my body and pulled me up so she could take off my shirt. “Oh, my,” escaped her lips when she saw my tight white breasts, still bundled in my white lace bra.

I shivered slightly, suddenly cold, and feeling like prey to my salivating teacher. She kissed the tops of my breasts while reaching behind to unbuckle my bra and release my breasts. Once freed from their confines, Miss Morgan cupped both in her hands and looked like a child in a candy store. She spent at least ten minutes adoring my breasts. She kissed, nibbled, and sucked on my nipples. The tenderness and deliberate teasing had me on the edge of complete ecstasy, desperate to come soon. I whimpered, “Mistress, please let me come.”

She bit my nipple, not hard, but hard enough to make a statement. “Princess, lay back and enjoy. I want to savour every minute of our time together.” She bit my other nipple, before sliding her tongue down my belly. I had never had someone use her tongue in my belly button, but the feeling was shockingly erotic. Maybe because it was so close to my pussy, maybe because I was so horny or maybe it was simply another erogenous zone in my overactive horny body. Either way, when her head moved lower and under my cheerleader’s skirt, I let out an excited moan.

Miss Morgan asked, “Is one of your orders no underwear?”

“Yes, Mistress Morgan,” I responded, my breath giving away my anticipated eagerness.

“Please call me Cameron, Princess.”

“As in Cameron Diaz?” I had to ask.

“The one and only,” she whispered, her finger making just the slightest of contact with my pussy.

“Aaaaaah,” I let out. “I thought your first name was Wanda.”

“That is my middle name. I can’t have people knowing my real identity online.”

“That makes sense,” I whimpered again, her finger teasing me.

“You have such a beautiful vagina, Princess.”

She leaned in and under my skirt. I moaned in reply, as her tongue made contact with my pussy lips, “Thank you, Mistress Cameron.”

Her tongue explored my whole pussy region. She slowly moved her tongue up and down my lips, lightly teasing me. Her tongue slid below my pussy lips and teased the crack of my ass. I wanted to see her, so I begged, “Can you take my skirt off, Mistress? I want to be able to watch you.”

She moved out from underneath my skirt and, without a word, reached for my skirt. I lifted my ass to assist her and soon I was only wearing thigh-high red stockings. She smiled seductively before returning to my feverish pussy. She continued the slow meandering teasing, still avoiding my clit. I could feel juice beginning to leak out of me, her teasing driving me to the brink. My moaning began to increase with each lick of my teacher’s tongue. Suddenly, just when I couldn’t take it anymore, she slid a finger inside my pussy while at the same time taking my swollen clit into her mouth. In a second, I screamed, “Oh my fucking God, Miss Morgan, I’m coming.” An electric jolt tore through my body as an orgasm exploded out of me and through me. Miss Morgan let go of my clit, but kept finger-fucking me as she licked the juices leaking out of me. Much to my surprise, the continued attention kept my body revved up and, as one orgasm simmered, a second began bubbling inside. I begged, “Oh yes, Mistress Cameron, don’t stop, make me come again.” A second finger slid inside me, joining the first, and I let out a squeal of delight. She again took my clit into her mouth and somehow licked it while at the same time sucking it in her beautiful mouth.

The sensation and the stretching of my tight pussy had me again on the verge of orgasmic bliss. To my surprise, Miss Morgan finally spoke, her words sending shivers through me, “That’s it baby, come for teacher, come harder than you ever have, Princess.”

Hearing my sweet, beautiful teacher order me to come was the final breaking point. My body shuttered to a second, smaller, but still gloriously beautiful orgasm. “Oh yes, Mistress, you are too good to me,” I moaned, pure pleasure resonating inside me.

Miss Morgan pulled her two fingers out of me. She lapped up my juices for another minute, before sitting back up and moving beside me. Lying face to face with me, my juices coating her face, she complimented, “You have the most delicious pussy I have ever tasted.”

The compliment sent a chill up my spine. I am sure I blushed as I responded graciously, “Thank you, I bet you taste divine yourself.”

It was Miss Morgan’s turn to blush. “I get very few complaints.”

“I bet you don’t,” I teased, before asking, “Anyone I know get the privilege of pleasing you?”

Her face went from blissful to panic as she responded, too quickly, “Oh, no, no. I was just talking hypothetically.”

Her reaction told me she had at least one lover and I wondered if it was someone I knew, but decided not to push it, deciding instead that it was time to return the favour. I attempted to be seductive, “Miss Morgan, is there anything I can do for you?”

I could tell she was slightly nervous, which seemed ironic after what she had just done to me. I could tell she was trying to find a way to tell me what to do, so I decided to do it for her. I moved up and kissed her gently. I pulled her up and unzipped her dress. With a bit of a struggle, I took off my teacher’s blue dress. I was then face to face with her beautifully firm breasts, barely being held inside her white lace bra. I kissed the top of her breasts while I fumbled with the buckle of her bra. Eventually, I released my teacher’s large breasts from her fabric prison and took one of her nipples into my mouth. Miss Morgan moaned and I cupped, fondled and sucked on her large ‘C’ breasts for a long time, becoming completely lost in them. Finally, I moved down her body and slowly pulled off her pantyhose. I suggested, “Miss Morgan, for future reference, it is way easier to get to your appetizing pussy if you wore thigh-high stockings.”

“I will have to buy some then,” she replied, her breath already anticipating my tongue.

Once I had her pantyhose off, I slowly removed her pink undies. I returned between her legs, eager to taste her. Her pussy was not shaved nor really hairy, just natural. I buried my head between her legs. Her legs stiffened, anticipating my touch, but I teased, “Miss Morgan, can I eat your pussy?”

It was almost Sunset and I was doing a load of dishes when I heard the knock at my door.

“Fuck,” I muttered to my empty kitchen, my arms covered up to my elbows in soap and dishwater as I exhaled and blew little bubbles everywhere, crying out to whoever it was at my door, “Just a minute…!”

I could have swore I heard another timid knock at my door as I shook the soapy film from my hands with a few sharp snaps of my wrists and strode to the door, expecting Jehovah’s Witnesses or some neighbor that would only deign to talk to me only when asking for some random thing.

Instead, I opened the door to find my friend May sobbing, a river of tears cutting a channel down her smooth brown cheeks. Her olive shaped amber eyes were normally alight with wit and laughter, but now were swollen and red from crying.

“I’m sorry Ethan- I would have called bu-but…” She broke down, and she looked exhausted, wounded and defeated.

“Don’t worry about it,” I gently took her by the shoulder and pulled her into my house, away from the prying eyes of my elderly neighbor and the Summer heat. It was damn hot out and in addition to tears, May was drenched from not only sweat but some unknown substance- a red stickiness contrasting with the deep, dark brown of her face, neck and and arms. It even managed to cling to her shortly cropped, thick curly hair as well as the black of her over-sized Pink Floyd t-shirt.

“Sit here, I’ll be right back,” I said firmly but gently, and though she would have said something smart-ass at me telling her what to do- in her state she just collapsed, like a puppet who just had it’s strings cut into my aged but comfortable reading chair. I got us both ice water and towels so she could get off the sweat and whatever it was on her and I my hands still wet from doing the mostly completed pile of dishes.

Bawling sobs ripped through my apartment and with a shaky hand she accepted the large glass with her surprisingly strong grip, taking several heavy drinks of the refreshingly cold water.

I sat there silently- waiting for her to speak. My eyes were intent on her face. She usually looked me in the eye, strong and confident- but today she looked down, broken. It was sad to see. She numbly wiped at the unknown crimson spatter mingled with sweat from her caramel skin, and rubbed at the patina of snot above her thick, purple lips. Wracking sobs shook her body as I could see her white, but slightly crooked teeth show through a pained grimace. To say May’s ancestry was mixed would be an understatement- her ancestry was comprised of black, Korean, German and a Hodge-Podge of a few other random nationalities. She was pretty, but fell just short of being beautiful- She’d probably look stunning in a dress, but it’d take a a million dollars AND a SWAT team to get her into one. She was the quintessential Tomboy, from the brazen way she spoke, to being able to spot me at the gym down to the way she kept her curly hair- black and dyed with red highlights and cropped short in a relaxed style that was unintentionally flattering.

If my gaze were to wander down, I’d see what was probably quite the body hidden underneath those baggy clothes- petite, muscular and voluptuous- but I didn’t…

Really, it was because that would have been a moot point really. May was gay and a total fucking butch. Gayer than the whole YMCA discography- in fact we met through a former girlfriend of mine, Abby. Abby was “bi-sexual”. Though I think it was just term for Abby being unable to commit to anything- even the gender of her sexual partners. As she did with me, Abby decided for some random reason- maybe because it was Black Friday or something, that she liked dick again and moved to Toronto with some dread-locked stoner guy who spoke French and sold hemp products out of this head shop. It was rather sudden, leaving May not a little hurt, not unlike how Abby had had left me when she got together with May.

I remember wanting to be bitter at May when I first met her, but I couldn’t help but enjoy her easy, honest smile, the way she always said what was on her mind, and her infectious laugh.

Ironically- it chapped Abby’s ass that May and I got on as well as we did. I think May was supposed to be something to flaunt in front of me for whatever stupid reason. I have to admit, I enjoyed robbing Abby of that.

Instead, we got to talking about how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was often overrated off the mat and from there, why Metallica should have quit after The Black Album, finally to why Fosters was still decent beer in spite of the hate.

So, long after Abby had departed for the Great White North, May and I kept talking. We were platonic friends, obviously, despite her having a great rack and an ass that could make even baggy, thrasher jeans look good. As far as I was concerned, she was off the market- not even remotely interested nor ever would be. I have plenty of other women friends who were hetero and we weren’t dating or fucking. The tried and trite “Let’s just be friends”, as long as it was offered sincerely, never stopped me from actually being friends with a woman. It was the same thing with her- I didn’t weird things up by hitting on her, and I didn’t hit on her girlfriends. We worked out like we were just two dude friends. Unlike my other women friends, May had the additional perk that my hetero chick friends didn’t in that we could go look at tits together.

Four months ago May had met this chick in her Women’s studies class who kind of reminded me of Abby. Sure, Carmen was Abby’s physical polar opposite- short where Abby had been tall. Carmen was a dark skinned Latina where Abby was about as Irish as Corned Beef and Cabbage- her skin like milk and freckled with cinnamon. Carmen was curvy where Abby was slender. It wasn’t her body type or skin tone that made her another Abby but the same, juvenile need for attention and a ruthless ability to apply histrionics and manipulation to get it.

I remember laughing with May one night over some beers after work a few weeks ago and she told me how Carmen thought I was gay.

“Really?” I blinked,”Why would she think that?”

“Yunno- I asked her the same damn thing,” May responded after thinking on it as she took a deep swig from her gold and blue can of Fosters,”You know what she told me?”

“What?” I asked- I mean I bathed and used deodorant and I laughed at Mrs. Doubtfire but I wasn’t exactly Metro or anything. Why would I ping on her gaydar?

“He never hit on me” Carmen said,” May replied, looking at me pointedly,” You believe that shit?”

We both had a good laugh at that. It wasn’t that Carmen wasn’t fuckable, she was. I might have been El Juero Blanco, but I was equal-opportunity. However you wanted to slice it, Carmen was my buddy’s girl. Regardless of what May wore underneath her Fruit of the Loom’s she was still my bro, and I would never violate the “Bro Code” like that, No IF’s, AND’s or BUT’s. I recall thinking back on it, and something about that struck me as just arrogant on Carmen’s part. I told myself I was probably just reading too much into things- and May really liked her and I did the best I could to be a good wing man.

My other friends gave me shit (As I’m sure some of May’s dyke buddies gave her shit for hanging out with a straight dude) for hanging out with a “dyke” but I’d fuck with them back, “Jim, you’re just jealous she gets better poon than you.” And it’s true- she had some great taste in women- well, at least in the way of looks. I couldn’t really fault her for the inability to see past a pretty face, especially since we had shared at least one pretty, albeit shallow girl. I had learned my lessons and was pickier now, better able to see the telltale red flags than May was.

Now May was here, in tears.

“So May, what happened?” I asked, absentmindedly scrubbing at an errant spot of dish soap drying on my hairy forearms. May just wasn’t prone to this crying shit- even before during her other breakups. she was as much, if not more of a dude, than I was. Something was different about today, and even if it felt a bit awkward, I’d do my best to be there for my friend.

“Fuck Ethan…” She exhaled sharply then breathed in after, letting out a loud sigh, “I think Carmen…I think she left me.”

I almost wondered aloud, “How can you THINK someone left you?” but I caught myself, instead I just gave her a “go on, I’m listening” look.

“Carmen had picked me up from class and I just wanted to go home- it’s hot and all. I was fucking tired, but she wanted to go out drinking and dancing. We had talked this morning about just having a nice quiet evening together tonight- we hadn’t gotten to see each other all that much. Of course that started us to fighting about stupid shit. You know, how she seems to think that I was cheating around on her, I was pissed she kept asking- you know I’m not, and I was tired of having to keep justifying myself to her. It made me think that maybe there was someone else- the thief is the first person to accuse another person of pick pocketing, right? God, it was so fucking embarrassing how we were all Jerry Springer at the stoplight as people in the cars next to us just kept giving us funny looks.”

I winced as she paused for a breath. I’ve been witness to one or two of those fights, and honestly, I was surprised they didn’t end up in knock-out drag out sessions where the cops had to be called.

“Yeah, I hate that shit too, man.” Abby had been prone to hysteria, she had this fetish for pulling these epic-ass tantrums in public…The last person I dated was more sedate, but prone to the passive-aggressive bullshit. That wasn’t much better. I swear, there were times I wished I was fucking gay- until I found out from May that gay dudes liked to play the same bullshit games. No tits and vag for the same drama? No fucking thank you.

“My sister CeeCee had called from her boyfriends phone- you know how we were planning Mom’s birthday? Carmen was giving me the third fucking degree, and just flipped out and knocked the phone out of my hand.” This couldn’t have happened but forty minutes ago, and understandably, this was hard for her to talk about.

“Christ,” I muttered- I didn’t like where this was heading and I was afraid for my friend.

“I fucking flipped out Ethan. I yelled at her…” She confessed in a quiet voice,” I just couldn’t…I was hot and tired and just fucking fed up, you know? I told her to pull over.”

I gave her a “I don’t blame you” look. Someone grabbing something out of my hand or knocking it out was enough to make me want to swing on someone too, tits or no,” What’d you do?”

She looked at me, her hands shaking so much I had to take the now empty glass from her hands before she dropped it and her voice shuddered and hitched,” I told her that I was fucking tired of this…this princess bullshit. I love her Ethan- but fuck, it’s just day in and day out. Does everything have to be fucking Vietnam with these bitches?”

“It shouldn’t have to be, dude,” I said with a shrug,” But should and shit begin the same way for a reason.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” May answered, her teeth grinding together in anguish and a bitter cast warping her normally pretty features,” She- told me to get the fuck out of the car- but first she JUST HAD to tell me that she had met someone else- some bitch from her work and because she hadn’t fucking gutted me enough, she threw her Slurpee in my face.”

“What a fucking cunt.” I muttered. What was it with some women? Not enough that they twisted the knife in, but they had to cover it in salt and then break it off inside too? That wasn’t quite fair- I’ve been my own kind of dick to women too, and I’ve seen my dude friends do some petty shit that wasn’t anywhere near necessary. Part of growing up for both genders, I guess.

“So…I don’t have my phone and you were ten minutes away. I was praying…that you were home. I just- you’ve always been there to talk to.”

I was supposed to go out and play darts with some guys at work- but I had a feeling that May was going to need me tonight.

“I’m gonna need to place to crash tonight Ethan- I just don’t feel like going home.” She looked almost sheepish when she asked.

“Don’t even sweat it bro. Mi casa, Su casa.” It was kind of a running joke with each other we always called each other shit like “Dude”, “Bro” “Man”- I guess it also made the gender issue a bit easier to deal with.

She sighed in relief and sadness,” Thanks man. I just- I’m just so fucked up.”

“I’ve been there. You were there for me when I needed it too May. I was gonna go out tonight-”

“Oh no…” May said, crestfallen,”I didn’t mea-”

I waved my hand dismissively,” -It’s just some buddies from work. I spend enough time with their sorry asses all week long anyway. I was just saying, let me give them a call to cancel. Do you wanna take a shower and get all that crap off of you?”

She nodded gratefully and said,”…Yeah.”

“Right on. There are guest towels on the rack and a spare sponge.”

Through her tears, she started to shake her head in mock dismay,”You’re such a fag, Ethan.”

There was my buddy May, tough as nails and able to talk shit with the best of them,”Shut the fuck up and go wash that bee cum off your face, you asshole.”

She laughed despite her grief and went to go shower. I called my work buddy to cancel- but it turned out to work out just fine, one dude almost forgot his wife’s anniversary and the other one had a hot date last minute. I made up the couch for her and got some clothes that I hoped would fit her, one of my white undershirts and some brown drawstring sleepy pants left over from Passive-Aggressive girl who was about May’s height, but far more slender. I thought they would fit…maybe- most of my clothes were just too big for her.

I went to go set it in front of the door as I heard the sound of the shower running, and I before I knew what was happening, I saw the door cracked and tried to look down as quickly as I could- but it was too late to keep me from getting a decent look.

May wasn’t facing me, I saw her from behind. She always wore clothes that understated her figure in over-sized baggy shirts, loose jeans and shorts that nearly reached her shins, but I had always guessed that she was built like a brick-shit house- you know, solid but also curvy? I wasn’t wrong- she was muscular and I could see her back, complete with a tattoo of two rainbow colored female symbols wreathed in thorny roses, her arms were well toned but probably her best feature was a full ass that looked like two brown cantaloupes held up by short, unshaven muscular legs, ending in strong, but shapely calves. She was bending over, pulling down what looked like grey boxer briefs giving me a brief flash of kinky black pubic hair and poking under the cleft of plump pussy lips. Her breasts were full enough that I could see them from the side- even a hint of a large, milk-chocolate colored nipple. She didn’t shave, but that never bothered me. I always joked that I wouldn’t make a woman shave her legs if she didn’t make me shave mine. At the sight of my friend’s nudity, I looked away blushing like a fucking kid. It was like looking at your buddy at the locker room in the locker room, or taking a peek at another dude’s dick while you were pissing in the urinal- you just didn’t do it.

“Uh…May, I uh…” God, I was stammering, my mouth dry as I tried to push the image of what I just saw out of my mind.

“What?” She yelled, tears still in her voice.”I can barely hear you over the water.”

“I left you some clothes Br-bro.” That last word was hard to get out as I clapped my hand over my eyes,” Give me your shit and I’ll throw it in the washer.”

One of her small, sinewy arms thrust her clothes to me and I almost gingerly accepted them from her, doing my damnedest to not touch her chonies.

I threw them into the wash, trying to ignore the the scent of her- sweaty, but still very much healthy woman.

“Don’t be a fucking perv,” I admonished myself under my breath as I poured in some soap and started the machine.

She showered for a good long time. That red gunk was everywhere and probably a bitch and a half to get out. Not to mention I would have needed to get clean on an emotional level after something like what happened with her and Carmen.

May emerged from her shower to the sight of me frying up some steak and potatoes. Her hair was gleaming and wet the red highlights shining, my white shirt clung to her bra-less breasts like a second skin, hanging over what was a tight and toned stomach. Even the brown sleep pants fit too tight to make me feel comfortable in my platonic-ness.

“What?” She asked, giving me that “..the fuck you looking at, buddy?” look.

“Nothing man,” I lied and cleared the nervous lump from my throat,” Grab a beer, and grab me one too.”

“Do I look like your bitch, fucker?” She asked, playfully.

“No, just a plain ol’ bitch.” I laughed,”You still like your steak charred?”

“Yeah, I eat it like a human being, not how you do, practically like it’s fucking red wings.” She shot back. I could tell she was still tore up, but this is what she needed right now. May wasn’t some little flower that needed to be stepped around and she liked that I never treated her like that.

“Damn straight Red Wings, pearl applicator, string and everything” I shot back, pressing her steak onto the flat pan my own oozing delicious red on a bed of potatoes.

“You’re so fucking gross Ethan.” She said making a sour face, but laughing as she went into my fridge and dug out two beers, popping the caps off with twist of her hands. She was shaking less I noticed- that was good.

“Says the fucker that eats charcoal.” I shot back, smirking.

I threw her clothes into the drier for her, and joined her in the living room where we sat, eating on the couch that I had made up for her. We ate and drank beer as we watched “Hang ‘em High”, typical guy fare, and from that we watched another Clint Eastwood gem “Gran Torino.” We both loved that movie- we had watched it so much that we could quote every grouchy old racial slur from that old cracker’s snarling lips. By the time that movie was done, our dead soldiers had become a whole unit that went MIA.

I felt my head swimming as we laughed. I found it harder and harder to not to look at May’s bouncing tits as she chortled at lines we had both heard over a dozen times before. At the end of this gruff, but poignant movie we heard Clint Eastwood’s gravelly voice trying and failing badly to croon out the song at the end credits- that part always set us both howling. I tried to focus on laughing as I felt myself swell and harden in my pants to the sight of May’s nipples making stiff points in the thin cloth of the white tee-shirt. I told myself it was just her natural reaction to the cold, and to stop being such a jerk about it.

“Christ…,” I muttered to myself as I could see the outline of her large areola clearly showing through the thin white material.

“What?” She asked and saw what I was looking at and looked down as if she forgot they were there herself.” Yeah- I have tits, so fucking what?”

“No you don’t” I said trying to keep my face- and my priorities, straight,” And you have a cock bigger than mine.”

She looked at me and snorted, even that course expression not diminishing her beauty.

I stood up on woozy legs and almost fell, but caught myself with the edge of the couch. I winced as my shoulders gave a twinge from the sudden jarring, causing me to wince and inhale sharply.

“What’s the matter?” May asked, her eyes only slightly more unfocused than mine.

“Nothing…” I said, trying to rub the soreness out of my back. I had overworked at the gym today and because it had been a long day, my body was complaining, the little slip causing a murmur to turn into a loud complaint.

“C’mere.” She beckoned me to sit next to her on the couch. Something in me told me this wasn’t a good idea…

“No May…I should just get some sleep.” I protested.

“Don’t be a pussy, Ethan,” She told me and that settled it, I just wasn’t in the mood to argue myself out of a back rub, especially with how sore I was.

I sat down in front of her, and I tried to ignore how good she smelled as her hands, small but rather strong, wrung the tension from my back even in a way that both hurt and felt good at once.

“Oww…” I winced as she pinched my neck particularly hard,” What have you been doing with those ham hands of yours May- crushing rocks barehanded?”

“Don’t be such a fucking baby, Ethan,” May admonished.

I shook my head and let her continue to work aching shoulders and neck, then continue my back and arms and tried to ignore the nagging lump in my pants that refused to die.

I had to admit, I felt so much better.

“Now, my turn.” She told me and I shrugged in an almost resigned fashion- fair was fair I guess.

I gave her a very similar massage to the one she had given me, kneading out the massive knots of her tension as I tried to position my embarrassing hard-on away. I couldn’t help but feel like I was back in Junior High.

I tried to ignore the way her bare neck with those little hairs that were goose-pimpling at my touch sloped into her shoulders and how my shirt showed the slope of her bare cleavage…

“C’mon…don’t be such a pushee.” May almost complained.

“Pussy?” I corrected her as I dug my hands into her firm, brown flesh.

“Yeah…” She moaned. Christ… What was I doing? She obviously didn’t like me that way. This was just two dudes helping each other out. That’s how I had to think of it, I wasn’t queer.

It was a bittersweet mixture of shame and pleasure I got from handling her firm, healthy body. She felt so warm and she smelled way too fucking good.

Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have had those last two beers…

May turned around to say something and before even I knew what I was doing I kissed her and her eyes just opened for a bit, her lips were full and sweet, tasting of beer and a musky, cloven taste.

I pulled back and she looked at me with surprise and shock- and what looked like anger.

“God May…I’m so- I’m fucking sorry,” I stammered and I swear I thought she was gonna knock me out.

She just stared at me with this expression on her face, her jaw set and her amber eyes almost flashing…I cursed myself.

“Ethan, you dumb fuck! May is gay, and not to mention, this is your bro- and you fucking made a move on her when she needed you to just list…”

She grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me back hard, aggressive. Her tongue was long and agile, sweeping the back of my teeth as she held me to her.

That did it, I couldn’t hold back anymore. One of my hands snaked under the white tee she was borrowing and went to one of her free hanging tits. God they were huge and hot in my hand and she moaned into my mouth when I rolled the turgid point with my fingertips.

I felt her hands cup my ass and squeeze roughly, which I kept hard despite a desk-job, from hours at the gym and even more time on the mat during Kyukushin practice. I had caught female co-workers checking it out, but May was the last woman I ever counted on appreciating it.

I kept mauling her tits and she pushed my back down full onto the couch, but really, it was hard to tell which of us was the aggressor. I didn’t mind when a woman took charge, but this was crazy.

I could feel how wet May was even through her shorts and my pants as she kept rubbing against me as if she was the one with the cock.

I felt one of her hands grab the back of my neck and I moaned as I felt her warm mouth, with it’s full lips kiss my neck as her tongue, wet and skilled lick my neck in a way that must have drove her girlfriends wild- it was working just fine on me too. I didn’t mean to, it was an accident, but when I my hands dipped into the cleavage of her ass, rubbing her through the thin barrier of the brown cloth. I could almost feel her asshole twitch and spasm through the prison of the pajamas. May moaned breathily again and bit into my neck, the scent of her arousal spicy, primal and strong filled the room.

“God…I love it in my ass,” She admitted huskily in my ear, even in my dulled, drunken state my eyes widened and my cock twitched at her confession.

I felt her hands rubbing along my front and I could almost feel the internal struggle inside of her mind as she felt my cock hot and throbbing against the prison of my jeans. I knew May had tried having sex with a dude once back in High School- that’s when she truly knew she was gay. It was as if she kept hoping to find a pussy there that just wasn’t gonna be- but she was so turned on that she almost didn’t care.

I felt her other hand roam downwards to slip the brown shorts over the meaty flesh of her ass- her skin and the fabric almost the same rich coppery hue. I looked down over her the shapely landscape of her shoulder and back as she moaned into my neck.

Fuck, I was going to have hickeys from hell from this, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give a fuck right now.

My fingers found the the sexy pucker of her asshole, almost trying to swallow my questing fingers like a hungry little dark mouth, her sex drooling onto me.

I felt her hand boldly unzip my jeans and I swear, I felt like the chick as she brazenly yanked my pants down as my cock, hard as steel drooled twitching at the feel of her hard stomach. May nearly had a six-pack, and it was covered in a light spattering of hair leading from her crotch up to her bellybutton, a little swath, her skin like velvet over the surprisingly hard muscle. Her pussy already sopping wet, soft and hot on balls that were already hot and churning with my seed.

I rubbed her asshole in little circles and she moaned even louder, biting onto my neck as she yanked my pants all the way down and off my feet, pausing only to pull off her shirt. If her tits looked good from the side, they were fucking masterpieces from the front and up close. Even hanging down onto my broad, hairy chest they looked full and supple, each capped with large nipples slightly larger than the size of the last joint of my pinky like hard brown little rocks, the wide chocolate aureola puckered as they rubbed against my own heated, pale skin.

“Fuck May,” I moaned as one of her short-nailed fingers found my nipple, twisting it just enough to elicit a spark of pleasure-pain.

She was beyond worked up, enough to ignore the fact that I didn’t have tits or a vagina- as she worked her full, tapered hips up and down the shaft of my cock. Her clitoris, as large as her nipple rubbed up and down the shaft, to the underside of the flaring, drooling mushroom tip of my cock.

Thankfully I was just sober enough to realize that I didn’t have a condom by me, and because she was a lesbian, despite this crazy fluke- she probably wasn’t on the pill.

“May…” I started,

“What?” She hissed, irritated in any possible distraction from the fulfillment of her lust.

“Dude, I don’t wanna get you knocked up.” I choked out.

I heard her say in a surprised tone, as something she normally didn’t have to even consider during sex dawned on her,”Oh yeah…”

She bent down to take my nipple in her full lipped mouth and I felt her hand work my drooling shaft- her awkwardness with my gender was more than made up for by her enthusiasm. My hand continued mauling her breast as my finger worked it’s way into her now un-resisting hole, naturally lubricated with just the juices by her own arousal. She suddenly bit my nipple causing both of us to moan.

My beautiful, seemingly unattainable lesbian friend- peered into my eyes, her own beautifully angular amber ones were lidded with lust. She seemed to pause as her eyes rolled back in bliss as the finger probing into her ass got up to the second joint. It was my turn to shudder as she rubbed my throbbing hardness with the palm of her hand, the surface a strange yet delightful combination of calloused roughness and softness.

She held my hand to her ass, and I worked my finger in and out, sexy wet sounds coming from that sweet, hungry little hole as she brazenly slid her hips to my face and I saw the plush blossom of her sex open, slick and wet, her clitoris reminded me disturbingly of a small cock as she placed her sopping nest of kinky black hair onto my face.

“Eat my pussy.” It wasn’t a request so much as a command and I complied, and her hand kept working my cock with her fingers and palm as I humped into the sheath she created with her fist.

For a guy I wasn’t bad at eating pussy, and May’s was delicious. If she thought my technique could use work, I didn’t hear it. My buddy certainly wasn’t complaining as I licked and nibbled and sucked around her full dark pussy lips in concert with the finger I was rhythmically probing into her small pucker, pausing to occasionally bite the inside of her thighs as they gripped the side of my head almost crushingly. I heard her moan and cry out like a cat in heat as I took the flat of my tongue and licked up the wet channel in broad, flat strokes, working the stiff thimble of her clit with the tip of my tongue, working to drink in the heavy liquid flood of her tangy juices.

I felt her hands scratch up my belly and take a hold of my nipples, flicking and pinching them softly, causing me to moan huskily into the folds of her sex. I slowly pulled out the finger probing her ass and she moaned in frustrated disappointment until I grabbed her hips and positioned her so my tongue could explore the channel of her firm ass and she screamed and bucked on my face.

“Ethan…you fucker. Eat my motherfucking ass…” May grunted in forceful encouragement,”God…your tongue…it feels…fuck- it feels fucking magic. SHIT!”

I felt the pucker open and spasm at the intrusion of my tongue and I could taste her the tangy copper of her ass- not unpleasant. I was enjoying myself at least as much as May was.

She rode and bucked on my face as I held her fast to me, snaking my tongue up the wet, tight channel and her hand snaked down to my cock again, smearing the slickness of my pre-cum around the head with her thumb.

“Jesus…fuck…” May keened as she stopped herself just short of cumming one of her feet accidentally knocking over a half-full bottle of beer onto my carpet.

She pulled off of me and looked at me, her angular amber eyes smoldering with lust as she pulled my face to her, kissing me and moaning as she tasted herself on my tongue.

Her hands were roaming on my body and I know I was bucking up against her and she pulled her full lips off of me looking into my eyes and she almost looked down,” Ethan- I want you…”

“What?” I asked, as my thick fingers went back to to play with the sopping, spasming pucker of her asshole, while she moaned and pressed against me, trying to get the digit to return into that tight, hungry hole as she could.

“I want you…”She blushed deeply, causing her caramel skin to turn an even darker shade”To…fuck my ass.”

Even with the high amp of her lust, she looked at my cock nervously, like a kid that was about to get a shot at the doctor’s, but knew that if she did, she’d get to go out for ice-cream after.

I felt her tongue, long and purple, furtively dart from her mouth, licking the unfamiliar territory of the head of my cock and I moaned. She got bolder slowly, her turn to elicit moans from me. Despite my only slightly sober state and the live-wire state of my arousal I knew we were going to have to take this slow.

I stayed still, the only parts of me that moved were my cock which bobbed and throbbed of it’s own accord, teased by the timid licks of her shy tongue, goaded by the fullness of her lips, encouraged by the heat of her breathing. My hand which soothingly stroked her back, neck and cheek like a half-wild mare that was about to bolt.

May clumsily, but effectively, took the thick head of my cock into her mouth, and gave it wet little sucks, echoing throughout my living room in concert to my moans.

My hand went from her cheek to run through the short bob of her curly ebon hair streaked with crimson, the fingers scratching at her scalp causing her slight sucks to become bolder. She bravely tried to take more and more of my thick hardness into a mouth that had only most likely fellated strap-ons. I swear that’s what I heard her say to herself, to give herself some peace of mind as she sucked on me and to my credit, I have great control over my ability to cum- which was good, because May was a damn quick study. When she was satisfied that my cock was wet and slick enough to enter into the tightness of her asshole, she pulled off me. I noticed that she licked her lips curiously, undecided but not entirely repelled by the taste of my lubricating pre-cum. Her hips were twitching almost of their own accord as she bucked and twitched in need.

May propped herself up on her elbows and held her ass up into the air as she looked back at me, her eyes wild with desire and need, her sex drooling down her legs and the little brown eye of her ass winking and pulsating with need.

“Fuck me…Fuck my ass now Ethan.” She commanded.

“I thought you were the top May?” I said, smirking as her her lust filled eyes burned into mine. I know- probably not the time to fuck with my buddy but Christ, I wasn’t some passive punk either,”I didn’t know you liked to catch.”

She gritted her teeth in need and irritation as she looked back at me and spat,”What’s the matter Nancy? Not man enough to fuck me in the ass? Angie was…”

“Oh, May, you asshole!” I thought vehemently,” You had just HAD to fucking go there, didn’t you?”

When I strode up to her and lined up the head of my cock over the grasping tightness of her ass she looked at me like the cat who swallowed the canary and smiled in anticipation.

“C’mon you punk, fuck my ass like you have a dick” May goaded” Show me what a man doe-”

She wanted to go with that game huh? She howled in lust and pain as I just shoved in all of my thick rod and I could feel her body tense.

“Fuck you Etha..” I cut her off with another hard thrust. She moaned and grimaced, obviously enjoying the rough trade,”God…fuck…”

God, her ass felt so good and tight around my cock and I fucked into her with strong, bone-jarring thrusts.

“C’mon bitch…don’t be a pu-pussy,” May grimaced,” Fuck me harder!”

I grabbed her hair, the short curls sprouting from between my thick fingers as I brought my spare hand onto her flexing, shuddering ass with a loud slap. She moaned and felt her ass grip my cock like a tight, wet sucking mouth, the sounds of our fucking echoing throughout the apartment as I bent down to her straining neck and bit hard.

May was panting like a bitch in heat now and she was meeting my strokes now with her powerful hips.

I growled into her ear and then bit her neck with a brief, sharpness again,” Who is the fucking bitch now, huh May?”

She bit her lip and moaned, and she cried out with a wet little whimper as I fucked her, my heavy, cum-laden balls slapping against the sopping delta of her cunt. When she stayed silent I roughly yanked her hair even more tightly and slapped her ass as I felt her sweet, hot tightness grip my cock desperately.

She muttered something under her breath.

I put my all my weight on top of her strong back and she supported us both as I pinned her, plunging all the way into her asshole and I gripped one of her firm breasts, shuddering and slapping with the force of my fucking and pulled on it, twisting the nipple.

“Tell me bro, who is the motherfucking bitch May?” I gruffly asked again, my breath hot in her ear.

“Fuck- fuck you FAAAAAG!” She huffed, screaming when I roughly pulled on her tit again, this time with crushing force,” GOD…god…okay Ethan-Okay!”

“What?” I asked, I was gonna make her say it…she wanted to say it, but this game was part of the experience.”Whose the bitch here, taking all my cock up her ass like some little punk, her cunt drooling onto my carpet?”

She shuddered, reacting to the graphic, rough words paired with the equally rough stimulation and she surrendered,”…Me.”

“Me what”, May?”I slammed into her again stretching her ass out, I didn’t realize that May was a switch like this. “What are you.”

She moaned huskily as I switched my cruel grip to her other swollen, engorged tit, my hand pulling on her hair like a bridle,”…a bitch.”

“Say it louder,”I nearly screamed into her ear, delighting in the soft cushion of her ass, and the delicious raw primal female scent of her,”WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU MAY?”

“YOUR BITCH…ETHAN FUCK…I’M YOUR BITCH!” She yelled and then moaned submissively.

“Fucking right you are!”I hissed into her ear,”What do I have in that greedy little asshole of yours right now May?”

She whimpered, tears of pain and joy streaming down her smooth brown cheeks.”Your cock.”

“What May?” I taunted her with pulling out just a bit and I felt her hips anxiously try to push it back into her.

“YOUR COCK!” She cried as beads of sweat poured down her smooth brown forehead.

“What am I doing with your bitch ass May, what is my cock doing?” I bit and sucked on her ear while pulling her hair and she arched her back, the tight ring of her asshole almost painfully tight on my thick, thrusting rod.

“You’re…fuck…you’re breeding my fucking bitch ass,”She admitted, a slave to her lust and my force,”You’re breeding my bitch ass and it feels so fucking- AHHHH- So fucking good!”

“That’s fucking right,” I said,”You want my cum up your little fucking bitch ass May? Does my sexy little bitch want a nice hot scalding load in that tight little fucking hole.”

“Yes…God…yesssssssss….” She confessed, shuddering hot and wanton under my weight.

“Yes what? Ask nicely!”I yanked her hair again, and she moaned,”Say it real fucking nice this time, you fucking dyke.”

“Can..please…can this bitch have your cum in her ass?” She begged, moaning softly, lost in the pleasurable pain of it.

This was some kinky shit..Way more rough than I was used to, but if there was ever a time to be more open to new things, it’s when your lesbian buddy had your cock in her ass begging you for your cum.

“NICER BITCH!” I yelled, grateful I had good soundproofing, my hips slamming into the full, lush firmness of her ass cheeks.

“Please…please…please…please can this bitch have your cum Daddy…please…I’ll be such a good bitch for you.” She was desperate now, white hot in her need.

“Since you asked so nicely…”I grunted,”But you don’t get to cum until I do.”

“Okay, okay…please Daddy, fuck my bitch ass, fill my punk bitch ass full of cum. Please…I’ll suck your cock after, I’ll clean it off like a good little fucking queer!’ She arched her hips enough to free one arm and sat upright, one hand mashing her tit, mashing her tit with one hand the other hand fondling my heavily swinging nuts.

“Please,” She whispered hotly into my ear,” You can pump my faggot ass full of cum and I’ll suck your cock SOOOOO goood…just for you Daddy….oh God Ethan you feel so good in my bitch ass. Breed my fucking hole… please?”

When I heard her husky voice whisper into my ear, her long tongue snaking out to wriggle in my ear as she begged for my cum, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I bit into her neck causing her to cry out, her asshole to tightening and spasming on my cock. I growled and let loose rope after rope of my scalding cum into the tightness of her hole.

“Fuck Daddy-So…So…Fucking good!!!!”May panted and I kept thrusting, my cock bottoming out into that sweet, tight yielding hole,”Nut all in my faggot ass Daddy, I’m gonna…gonna…!”

I reached down and mauled the large, swollen heavy tit she as she worked her own even more roughly as I reached down and pinched her fat juicy cunt lips and plucked the tip of her swollen raspberry of a clit as I thrust deep into her asshole, my cum still spurting into her tight, luscious ass.

NOTE 1: I highly recommend you read part one if you haven’t already. But to refresh your memory, or entice you to go read part one, here is a quite summary. In part one a happily married teacher is seduced by one of her tough pretty students and slowly her long lost and hidden sexual naughtiness is rekindled. In the end, she submits to the grade 12 eighteen year old and becomes her pet. A plot twist at the end adds a second woman…

NOTE 2: Part one was strictly a lesbian tale. Part 2 includes toys, a glory hole and interracial sex. If any of that offends you please stop reading now. Part 3 will return with the continuation of her final lesbian submission.

NOTE 3: This story is dedicated to Brittany who was the original inspiration for the Julie character.

NOTE 4: A special thanks goes to the thankless job of editing my meandering tales. Thank you, thank you, thank you…ESTRAGON.

NOTE 5: Lastly, a thank you to all my fans who voted for part one and who have e-mailed me their suggestions and compliments.


Three seconds after part one ended…

After her Mother left, Julie ordered I fuck her as planned before we were interrupted. I obeyed nervously knowing her Mom was in the next room. I went behind the 18-year-old and easily slipped the fake cock into her. Desperate to get done, I fucked her like a man: hard and fast. Julie seemed to like this as her moaning increased quickly and she began talking dirty. “Keep fucking me, my pet,” or “That’s it my pet, fuck your Mistress.”

It took much longer than it had for me to get off, but when she did she screamed loud enough for the earth to move and for her Mother to know as well. I was long past mortified, but was also long past the point of no return.

After she had finished enjoying her orgasm, my mind a muddled mess of what would happen next, she suggested we should go into Mistress’ room as she was not one to wait.

I repeated mindlessly, my facial expression clearly one of utter confusion and embarrassment, “Mistress?”

Julie shrugged and responded, “It’s a long story, my pet, which I’ll tell you about some day. But for now, it is time to present you to her.”

Still reeling in overwhelmed confusion, I repeated like a zombie, “A present?”

Julie gave a slight sigh as she explained to me, “Just do as you are told and everything will be fine.” She pulled me up and took me by the hand and I obediently and nervously followed.

We entered her mother’s room and I saw her mother on her bed still fully dressed, with an odd unexplainable smile on her face. Julie immediately went to the foot of the bed and kneeled. I mindlessly followed and knelt down too.

A dead eerie silence filled the room. An eternity seemed to pass before Julie’s mom finally spoke.

“So my Julie, who is your new pet?”

“It’s Mrs. Walker, the teacher I told you about, Mistress.”

I broad smile crossed the mother’s face. She looked at me and said. “Wow, my slut that was ahead of schedule.”

Julie responded. “Yes, Mistress, she desperately needed to submit, even if she didn’t know it.”

My face went an even redder shade if that is possible, my utter shame on display.

“Is that true, Mrs. Walker?” Julie’s mom asked.

I looked at her speechless, before eventually stuttering, “I-I-I don’t know.”

Her amused smile never left as she stated, ever so matter-of-factly, “Well it is very simple, Mrs. Walker. Did you enjoy submitting to my Julie?”

Still ruby red, I contemplated my answer. In truth, I had never felt as sexually alive and sexually needed as I did when Julie seduced me and then took me. But still, making such feelings verbally spoken, to her mother was mortifying. That said, I was naked on my knees, so really did it matter? So admitting the truth, I answered, “Yes, I did.”

Julie’s mother ordered her daughter, “You did well, my slut. Now come get your reward.” She parted her Hooters pantyhose covered legs to reveal her shaved pussy which was in plain view, having cut a generous hole in her pantyhose.

I watched, in stunned silence, as Julie, looked at me, smiled and winked, crawled onto the bed and between her mother’s outstretched legs.

I gave out a slight gasp as I watched the incestual sexual act. Julie’s mom, seeing my shocked expression, explained, as Julie’s head disappeared, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. Julie is not my daughter. She is a girl I took in last year after the overdose of her real mother, a co-worker of mine.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster, still bewildered by the whole scenario.

“Julie is a very good girl,” she moaned, Julie’s tongue clearly having an effect on the big breasted mother figure. She added, “You can call me Candy, Mistress Candy.”

I looked at her feeling overwhelmed as I tried desperately to filter all these mixed feelings in my head. Part of me wanted to run, rewind the past two hours and keep on living my mundane, but controllable life. Another part of me was curious about the final training Candy had mentioned earlier. Another part of me, just wanted to completely let go and submit entirely not only to Julie, but also to this unknown, but clearly dominant woman. I also wondered almost to in unhealthy obsession, who else was part of this harem, Julie had earlier referred to.

Candy, seemingly aware of the inner turmoil I was currently feeling, attempted to comfort me through a moan, “Don’t worry, my pet, you need this. You want to submit to me, your mind is trying to fight it, but your body can’t lie.” She held out her hand to me, implying I was to wait as I watched her have an orgasm. She screamed, “That’s it baby, make mommy cum. Fuck me faster, slut. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!”

I watched in fascinated silence, my pussy betraying anything my mind was repulsed by, as I felt wetness slithering down my leg.

Once recovered, she continued reading my mind, “Your mind is saying this is so wrong. It is adamantly trying to convince you to get off your knees and run. But your knees feel like they are cemented to the ground, refusing to budge. Your cunt is dripping wet right now, just anticipating your complete training, your full submission, isn’t it, my pet?”

I again looked at the voluptuous woman and wanted to say she was wrong, but the fire burning down below and the undeniable yearning to submit to her was too hard to fight. I answered, full of shame, yet flushed with anticipation, “Yes, ma’am, I am very wet.”

“Let’s take a good look at my daughter’s new pet’s merchandise. Get that cunt up here and straddle me, my pet.”

My knees instantly broke free of the invisible chains holding me down. I awkwardly got up, looked at Julie, who was watching me from between her guardian’s legs, and climbed onto the bed. I nervously presented my vagina to this older woman.

After straddling her face, I sat awkwardly as she touched and probed my wet and vulnerable pussy. Although I felt like a piece of meat, my body felt electric shots of pleasure with each forbidden touch. When her tongue touched my cunt, I let out an earth-shaking scream and felt an orgasm already building in me. In only moments of her tongue teasing, I was cumming like a high school boy, unable to control myself. I shook in undeniable pleasure, before collapsing forward.

“You got quite the pussy trigger, don’t you, my pet?” she teased.

Humiliated, I kept my face in the blankets as I tried to regain my breath. I felt a soft spank on my naked ass, and jumped slightly, turning around to look at Julie’s guardian, Mistress or whatever the heck she was.

Candy smiled, “You probably should be getting home, my pet.”

I looked at my watch, a wedding anniversary present from my husband, and was shocked to see how late it was and how much time had actually passed. I responded, “Yes, I should,” and began to get off the bed.

Both women watched me as Candy explained, “You understand that you are both my and Julie’s pet and sub, right?”

I looked her unsure as I wavered, “Um, this probably shouldn’t go on past tonight.”

“Really, is that what you want? To go back to your mundane hum-drum sex life you had a couple hours ago.”

“Umm, I don’t know, I…”I began, but was cut off.

“Every new sub must complete seven tasks to become an official sub of ours. Julie will give you the tasks over the next couple weeks. If you fail to attempt to complete one, failure does sometimes happen, I know you are not committed to being our sub. If that is the case, we will pretend this never happened and you can return to your suburban boredom and no one will know of your naughty escapades today. But understand, if you do reject this offer of submission, you can’t reconsider. It is a one-time offer. Now get out of here, I need to get some sleep.”

I grabbed my clothes hastily and retreated from her room a bundle of anxiety. I got dressed and was just leaving when Julie came out in a robe.

“My pet, Mistress has forbidden me to continue your training until she knows you are completely committed,” Julie informed me. She walked over to me and kissed me passionately and with cunt dripping tenderness. When she broke the kiss, she whispered, “Just in case you don’t submit.”

Before I could respond, she turned and walked away and disappeared into a different room, assumingly hers. I stood there, a ball of goo, before finally leaving and returning home.


I woke up the next morning in bed in a dreamlike state, my body in a perpetual state of contentment. As I slowly actually woke up, last night’s memories came flooding back to me. I let out a gasp as I recalled not only my submission to my 18-year-old student, but also my submission to her guardian and the decision she left me with.

To submit or not to submit…that is the question.

Is it nobler in my mind to suffer

the bores and chores of wife expectations

or to submit completely to my carnal needs and desires. To resist; to deny;

no more; and by submitting I may end

the boredom and loneliness of monogamy

That society is heir to, tis’ a temptation

Devoutly to be dreamed, To resist; to deny;

To ignore; to submit instead to society’s expectations: ay, there’s the rub;

For in this social slumber I will surely miss my true calling. To submit…

I know that probably sounded geeky, but since I was a teenager I have used the ‘to be or not to be’ speech to make a lot of my decisions.

School the next day was excruciating. I knew I was different, but no one else did. Also, I would be seeing Beth and Julie, the day after two very different sexual submissions. Beth came to class like she did every day, no sense of the secret the two of us held; that just yesterday she had ate my pussy under my desk at lunch. She gave me her usual smile, her sweet smile, the one I knew said so much more. I taught class as I usually would, my nervousness fading away as I did what I love to do…teach. The last class with Julie was also anti-climatic as Julie was her usual student self. When class ended, Julie waited until the rest of her classmates were gone before she handed me an envelope and sauntered off.

I opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dear Potential Sub,

If you have decided to submit completely to myself and Julie, which I assume you have, you will attempt to complete 7 tasks in the next month. The first task is simple. Starting tomorrow you will no longer wear any underwear. That means no panties (which Mistress Julie had already ordered you do obey) and no bra. Of course, you are allowed to wear underwear when it is a feminine necessity.

Mistress Candy

I looked at the first task. I was wearing panties today, having completely forgotten Julie’s order yesterday. I had never been one to go without underwear, even in my college slut phase, so this was a harder task than it sounded. I closed my door and quickly took my panties off in my classroom, trying to see how it felt. I worked in my room for another twenty minutes, or attempted to work may be a better description, before deciding to drive home. Surprisingly, after an hour or so, I got accustomed to not wearing panties.

The rest of the night was typical family stuff: supper, Big Bang Theory on TV, bedtime stories and a quickie with the hubby. Not surprisingly, while he pumped his cock in and out of me, all I could think about was Julie.


It took me forever to get dressed on Friday. Having decided to fulfill the first task, I had to decide what type of blouse to wear to hide the fact I was not wearing a bra. Now luckily, my breasts at 34b were small enough and firm enough to not need one, but I sure didn’t want my nipples to end up showing through. I decided on a dark purple sweater, a black pencil skirt and, as Julie had already ordered, thigh-high stockings.

At work all day I was self-conscious. Could anyone tell that I was not wearing a bra? It seemed unlikely, but it still filled me with anxiety. That said, another part of me felt hot and naughty knowing that behind the conservative look my students saw, I was dressed like a slut.

Julie gave me a long look when she arrived at class and I could tell she was trying to figure out if I had obeyed the first task. Like yesterday, when class ended and all my students had quickly evacuated, Julie came up to my desk with an envelope in her hand.

Very quickly, before I even had time to react, Julie squeezed my breasts. “She purred, “Good girl. I can assume you are not wearing panties as well.”

“Yes, that would be a correct assumption,” I admitted.

“Good slut,” she said and handed me another envelope. “This one you will have fun with.”

Once she left, I tore open the envelope surprised at how excited I was to see my next task.

Dear Potential Sub

I am very happy you have chosen to continue on this journey. I assume you had a day of both trepidation and liberation while you taught young minds that were oblivious to your naughty obedience.

Task number two you have all weekend to fulfill. Your task is to go to a gloryhole (the attached map has the two that we know of in town) and suck off at least three cocks. A good sub slut will of course swallow the whole load. If you wish, you may ask Julie to come with you if you are nervous. Just yahoo her. Good luck and have LOADS of fun.

Mistress Candy

After yesterday’s rather easy task, this one was quite extreme. Somehow I had justified cheating on my husband with another woman, or three to be exact, but sucking another guy’s cock seemed more wrong to me. I sighed wondering if I was able to do such a disloyal act. I truthfully believe my hubby would get turned on if he learned I had been playing around with some hot student, but I doubt very much he would be impressed if I told him I had sucked and swallowed three strangers’ cocks. I drove home in a bit of a stupor, pondering if I should follow through with task 2 and if I did how would I pull it off?

That night, while the kids were asleep and my husband was watching sports I logged into my yahoo and attempted to reason with Julie.

Nylon_lover69: You there, Mistress Julie?

TeenMistress: Yes, just getting ready to go out.

Nylon_lover69: I don’t think I can accomplish this task.

TeenMistress: Why not?

Nylon_lover69: It just feels morally wrong. I would be cheating on my husband.

TeenMistress: U already have.

Nylon_lover69: I know, but cheating with another woman seems less wrong.

TeenMistress: I see. Well if you want to submit to us, you must be willing to do whatever we order, no questions asked.

Nylon_lover69: I know…but I am worried about him finding out.

TeenMistress: Well, that is up to you, but based on our conversation on Wednesday, he has been with you when you fucked another guy.

Nylon_lover69: True, but he was there.

TeenMistress: True, but the reality is he allowed u to do it.

Nylon_lover69: I suppose.

TeenMistress: In reality, he has already treated u like a slut. If u fulfill all the tasks and become our full sub, we will have u sucking and fucking other men. If that is a problem, you better back out now.

I paused and thought about it. She was giving me an out. I could just pretend all this didn’t happen. I could turn back the hands of time. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I couldn’t go back in time. I hadn’t felt as alive as I did when I was with Julie since my college days. And the more I thought of the gloryhole, the more I began to get wet.

Nylon_lover69: No it is not a problem, Mistress. Thank you for calming me down.

TeenMistress: No problem, I very much want u as my sub, more than I have ever wanted someone, but u must choose yourself. I don’t believe in forcing someone.

Nylon_lover69: I am yours, Julie.

TeenMistress: That’s what I like to hear. Do u want me to come with u?

Nylon_lover69: Would u?

TeenMistress: Of course…tomorrow night, can u get out?

Nylon_lover69: I think so.

TeenMistress: Good, I will meet u at Zanders at 9…

Nylon_lover69: OK.

TeenMistress: Dress slutty.

Nylon_lover69: Ok.

TeenMistress: We can always go above and beyond the task.

Nylon_lover69: How so?

TeenMistress: That is for me to know and you to find out.

Nylon_lover69: Grrr….

TeenMistress: I gotta go…c u tomorrow.

Nylon_lover69: Yes, Mistress.

TeenMistress: Good night.

Nylon_lover69: Good night.

I logged out and contemplated tomorrow. My pussy was already wet with anticipation. All I had to do now was think up a lie to get out of the house.


The day dragged slowly. My head flipped flopped back and forth between good girl and bad girl, but I already knew I had made my decision, as much as I pretended I hadn’t. I told Jack I had a bachelorette party to go to for a girl at work and nervously drove to the seedy gloryhole.

I brought a different set of clothes to change in to. I pulled into a McDonald’s first and went to the bathroom and changed into a cute sundress, I was already wearing tan thigh highs and, of course, no bra or undies. I arrived at the Zanders and walked into the adult store. Julie was not there yet, so I walked aimlessly round, looking at toys. A couple pervs were checking me out and I wondered if I would soon be sucking their cock?

“Well fancy meeting my teacher in a place like this,” Julie said, pretending to be surprised to see me.

I turned around and Julie was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the opposite of my rather slutty attire. She walked over and kissed me. I melted into her mouth, oblivious to the onlookers who I assume were getting woodies watching two chicks go at it.

Once she broke the kiss, she walked over to the counter and greeted, “Hey Sam, is our room ready?”

The balding, late 40s man, replied, “Of course, Julie, and I believe there is already a cock waiting.”

“Yummy,” Julie flirted and grabbed my hand, leading me to a back room.

Once inside, the full reality of what I was about to do hit me full force. There was a stool and a hole. It was seedy and something I never thought I would do. I mean I admit I have done a lot of slutty things, ignoring my teacher-student transgressions of the past few days, but nothing quite like this.

I looked at Julie with trepidation. She smiled, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. If you want, I’ll take the first cock.”

I stammered, incredibly grateful, “Thanks Julie.”

As if on call, a reasonably sized erect white cock presented itself.

“Hmmm,” Julie purred and grabbed the stool, sat down and took the cock in her mouth. I leaned against the wall and watched Julie suck cock. Unlike myself, who tended to saviour a cock in my mouth, Julie bobbed up and down quickly, clearly trying to get him to come as soon as possible. I can’t explain it, but seeing Julie, my grade 12 student, suck cock was a great turn on and suddenly my anxiety went away and was replaced with a sudden hunger. It took less than four minutes and Julie swallowed a load of cum. Once done, she stood up and said, “Your turn, Mrs. Walker.”

I know she used the Mrs. Walker part as part of her dominance game, but I no longer cared. Instead, I said, “Good, because I am famished.”

My hunger was about to be filled. A small, but erect cock had popped into view. I walked over to the wall, sat on the stool and easily took the small five inch cock in my mouth. I tried to replicate Julie’s fast paced cocksucking, knowing I had at least two more to do. I also used my special saliva trick, where I make sure I have a fair amount of saliva in my mouth. This seems to make guys come quicker. After only a couple of minutes of focused sucking, I felt the first load of warm cum explode down my throat. For a small cock, he could sure cum. Once I had retrieved all his cum, his shrivelling cock disappeared and I stayed sitting waiting my next meal.

I didn’t have to wait long. A second cock, clearly of an older gentleman, about six inches, popped through the hole. I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth and slowly worked on it to get it wide awake. After a couple of minutes of slow attention, I began to bob up and down. It took longer than the first cock, but after a few minutes of consistent cocksucking, I was swallowing my second load in fifteen minutes. As I allowed the cock to fall out of my mouth, I heard a voice, “Thank you, maam.”

I chuckled and replied, “No, thank you.”

Julie, who I had almost forgot had watched my slutty performance, said, “Fuck, you are a nasty little slut. How many of your students would even begin to imagine the sinful whore their teacher really is.”

I blushed, but was distracted by the biggest cock I had ever seen live. It was thick, ten inches long and black. My mouth drooled.

“Ever had a black one?” Julie asked.

“No, but it is on my bucket list,” I joked.

I took it in my hand and gently stroked it, just as Julie left the room. I wasn’t sure where she was going, but I didn’t care, I wanted to taste this long, chocolate stick. I took it’s wide head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his mushroom top. Unlike the last two, I planned to take my time with this cock. I just started to take more of his great cock in my mouth when it disappeared out of the hole. My heart sank with disappointment, was I that bad? I attempted to peak in the hole, when another cock, almost poked me in the eye. It was a decent sized cock, probably 7 inches, but not the big black rod I now craved. I let out a sigh, but took it in my mouth. Now determined to get this over with, I began to suck quickly until I heard the door open. I quit sucking and saw Julie return with a large black man.

I stared in utter shock until Julie said, “A cock that nice needed to be met in person.”

“She’s pretty,” the 6 foot 4 black man grunted.

“Slut, Jim, Jim, slut,” Julie introduced. She pulled out an envelope and handed it to me, my pussy now soaking wet, craving his big black cock.

I awkwardly opened it and read it.

Dear Potential Sub

If you are receiving this, Julie has decided there is a delicious big cock for you. The good news is you now get to kill two birds with one stone. Task number 3 is to fuck this delicious cock. You may allow him to cum in you or on you that is your choice. Good luck, and you are crawling closer to being accepted as our full sub.

Mistress Candy

When I quit reading I glance up and Julie was devouring the big black cock. I joked, attempting to be raunchy, “Um, I think that delicious big black fuck stick is for me.”

Julie quit sucking on the cock and ordered, “Well get naked, my pet.”

I quickly obeyed. I noticed the other cock was still sitting there at full mass. I stood up, and said, “Come fuck my white cunt, while I suck this cock.”

I took smaller cock in my mouth and eagerly awaited the deep penetration I desperately craved. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt firm hands on my waist and soon felt his big cock slide inside me. I had to open my mouth and let out a slight scream as the wide cock opened me wider than I had ever felt. I returned to the dick in the wall and continued bobbing up and down. Once his monster was deep in me I again had to take the cock out of my mouth and scream, “Oh my God, your cock is so fucking big. Don’t be gentle, fuck me like a whore.”

I put my both hands on the wall, gobbled up the smaller cock with my mouth and prepared for a hardcore fucking. Not one to disappoint, Jim began to really pound his ten inch python in me. Soon he was pounding me hard while I sucked the glory hole cock. My eagerness with my mouth was rewarded with a full load of jizz and once the cock was satisfied, I was able to really just focus on the cock in my pussy.

I used the walls for balance and allowed the thrilling sensation of this massive cock to fill me. I came within seconds of focusing on his cock and screamed, “Yes, yes, I’m coming, don’t stop fucking me.” He obliged, hammering my pussy harder and spanking my ass.

“You like that slut,” Jim grunted, never slowing down.

My first orgasm never fully subsided, when a second began to rise. I was so enthralled by the pleasure his cock was having in me, I didn’t have time to think about my unprotected womb. He grunted, “I’m coming slut,” and before I had time to respond, I felt his seed fill be completely and I came a second time. Unlike most men, he didn’t slow down at all, just kept pumping his black piston in and out of me, shoving his cum deeper in me. He fucked me for at least three more minutes before he pulled out and I, without even a hesitation, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

“Fuck you are one hot white whore,” he grunted.

Julie concurred, “Yes she is. Can you imagine she is actually a grade 12 teacher?”

“I wish I had teachers like you when I was in high school,” he said, pulling his still big, but starting to shrink cock.

I sat still, unsure what to do now. I felt cum dripping from my pussy and out of the corner of my eye I saw another dick in the hole. I smiled up to Julie and said, “One for the road.”

Julie just laughed. I returned to the stool, my legs weak from the fucking and took another cock, my fifth, in my mouth.

Julie and Jim talked in the background and I did hear Julie ask for Jim’s number. Excited and fear mixed together. I wonder what she had in mind. I, now ready to leave, quickly got the last guy off and swallowed some of his load, allowing some to also hit my face and cheek.

I gave it a soft tug and stood up. Jim was no gone. Julie ordered, “Don’t wash off the face until you get to your car?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, not remotely surprised by the order.

As I got dressed, Julie complimented me, “Wow, Mrs. Walker, you have turned out to be a much better prize than even I could imagine.”

“Thanks,” I said, not sure if that was actually a compliment and if it was if it was one I should be proud of.

“See you on Monday, Mrs. Walker,” Julie finished and left the room, leaving me alone in my own sin.

I took a deep breath, finished getting dressed and took the walk of shame. I walked past a younger couple who starred as I walked by, the girl whispering something to her man. I just kept walking and quickly made it to my car. I drove away fast and it wasn’t till I was at a red light that I remembered my facial evidence of my infidelity. The light turned green and I had to wait a bit longer to clean my cum covered face.

I pulled over when I could into a fast food restaurant. I wiped my face off and went into the restaurant to fix my hair and make-up. Once looking like the prim and proper good wife I usually resembled, I returned to my car and drove home.


Truthfully, Sunday was a day of recovery. My pussy was raw from the massive cock I had allowed to ravish me. Shame burned through my cheeks, my sleeping husband lying right beside me. I felt guilty, yet I knew I could not go back to before my submission to Julie. I craved her orders, I craved utter submission.


I arrived at school and while I was getting ready for the day, Julie arrived.

“Hi, Mrs. Walker,” she startled me.

“Good morning, Julie,” I replied, feeling slightly giddy just seeing her. I slightly shook my head, feeling like I was a teenager again.

“What was the head shake for?”

“Oh, nothing, it’s just, well….”

“Well what?” Julie asked, seeming offended.

“It’s just I can’t believe how excited I just got seeing you. There is definitely something wrong with me.”

Julie warmed instantly. “There is something wrong with everyone. I like you exactly as you are: eager, sexy and bedient.”

I blushed, “Thanks.”

Julie handed me another envelope. “After this weekend’s tasks, this one will be very easy, I imagine. You can do it whenever you want, but I sure would like to be able to see you do it during my class.”

When Julie didn’t leave, I opened the envelope in front of her.

Dear Potential Sub

You are almost half way to complete membership. Julie and I are very proud of you. Your next task is relatively easy. You must masturbate yourself to an orgasm in class. WHEN STUDENTS ARE IN CLASS!

As always, good luck, my pet to be.

Mistress Candy

I looked up at Julie who had her devilish smile on.

“Oh, my God,” I said, astonished by the task.

“You have suck cock at a gloryhole and fucked a 10 inch black cock. I think getting off in class should be relatively easy,” Julie said, reminding me off my earlier transgressions.

“But a student may catch me.”

“Then be careful and quiet,” Julie shrugged, turning around and leaving. I watched her perfect ass till it turned the corner before contemplating my new task. I knew the morning was out as I was lecturing in each class. I contemplated a couple times during the afternoon, but just never felt I had the right opportunity to get myself off and get away with it.

After school, Julie asked, “So….”

“Sorry, I didn’t accomplish it, yet.”

“OK, well the sooner the better, my pet. You must have tasks 4, 5, 6 done by next Wednesday.”

“OK, why?”

“Because task seven is a full evening thing at my house and the date is confirmed.”

“Oh,” I replied, trying to fathom what that event may possibly be.

“And, trust me,” she recommended, her voice dripping with sexuality, “you don’t want to miss it.”

“OK,” I said, still dazed by the unknown upcoming event.

“Oh, I also suggest you come up with an excuse for your old ball and chain. It will be a late night.”

“What time does it start?”

“Not sure, probably seven, but Mistress will want you there earlier, at least at six.”

“OK, I will find a way to accomplish this new task tomorrow.”

“Show a movie,” my teen Mistress suggested.

“Of course, why hadn’t I thought of that?”

“See you tomorrow, Mrs. Walker, I will bring task five on the hope that you have finished task four.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, and watched her perfect ass disappear for a second time today.

That night, the whole family went out together for supper and a movie. The evening was so suburban family normal. I almost forgot what I had become. That said, when I saw a big black man who looked like Jim, it wasn’t luckily, I felt a tingle down below and all my sexual wickedness came flooding back. As my pussy begged for attention, I wondered what had I become?


I had decided to show the video during my Advanced English class. My theory being they were way more dedicated to their studies and thus more likely to focus on the movie and not their teacher.

I waited till fifteen minutes into the film before I slipped my hand under my desk and begin to rub my clit. Getting horny at first under such circumstances was really difficult. I couldn’t close my eyes and fantasize like I usually would, since I had to make sure no one was watching. I had been playing with myself for five minutes or so with limited success until I noticed that Beth was looking at me. It was like she knew my task and maybe she did. Her looking at me was enough to get the juices started and I could re-play her on her knees, under my desk and licking my pussy. Such naughty memories were enough to get me over the top and I had a small, but still intense, orgasm. I let out just a light whimper, but no one noticed, except Beth who smiled and immediately turned back to the film.

The rest of the day went by at a snail’s pace, as I was shockingly eager to see what my next task was. I had to accept the fact that I was completely at the whim of my two future Mistress’s and, although I should have been concerned, my only real thought was I needed more.

When Julie arrived, I nodded my head yes and she gave me a sly smile. Once class was done, she came to my desk. “How was it?”

“It took time to get going, but once I saw Beth watching me, it became very exhilarating.”

“Beth has that way with people,” Julie shrugged.

“So true,” I responded, my face flushed.

Julie handed me yet another envelope. “Have fun, my pet.”

Once she was gone I opened the envelope.

Dear Potential Sub

You are getting closer, my pet. I bet you can almost taste it, can’t you?

This task should be easy after what you just accomplished today. You will go back to the same store where you committed your glory hole antics. You are to purchase A Whisper Wireless Metallic Bullet. You will wear it one day at school this week. The task must be completed my Friday as task six you will need the weekend to fulfill.

Julie will come and see you each morning. On the day you are wearing the toy in your cunt (you may wear panties that day), you will hand Julie the remote control.

I eagerly wait your final training my slut.

Mistress Candy

P.S.-Feel free to suck a cock or two if the craving is there!!! Which I bet it will be!!!

I had no idea what a whisper bullet was, but I assumed based on the letter it was a sex toy.

I knew I had no time tonight to go buy it, having to be home for my daughter’s piano lessons. I would have to rush out right out at the end of the day tomorrow after school.


Julie arrived in the morning. “So, do you have a story to tell?”

I couldn’t believe how bad I felt that I had no story. “No, I didn’t have time last night.”

“Aaah, a pity,” Julie said, her voice showing just a tinge of disappointment.

Trying to make her happy, I quickly added, “But I plan to go right after school today.”

Julie smiled, which made me go warm inside, I couldn’t believe how much pleasing her was pivotal for me, “Awesome. Are you going back to the room?”

“I don’t know,” I responded, unsure.

“Will you for me?” she asked, flirting like a teen girl does when she wants their boyfriend to do something for them.

Without even a flicker of hesitation, I responded, desperate to make her happy, see her smile, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Fuck, I love when you call me that.”

“I love when you are happy with me.”

“I can’t wait till I can have you again as my sub,” she winked, and turned to leave.

As usual, I watched her perfect ass, in a tight black skirt, until it disappeared from view.

The school day came and went, like it often does and I rushed out of the school when the day was done like the place was on fire. I drove over to the seedy part of town where I had only a few days ago sucked cock after cock. I was dressed much more conservatively this time. I walked in and went to the toy section. I found the suggested toy rather easily and gasped to myself when I saw how big it was. Attempting to teach all day with that in me, never mind if it was on, would be a difficult task to complete. I purchased it and quietly whispered, “Is there a room open?”

The young man, probably no more than twenty, smiled realizing I assume, I was a slut, pointed, “Yeah, door two.”

“Thank you,” I absurdly said and went directly to the room.

I had decided I would only suck one cock, enough to please Julie, but still get home at a reasonable time.

I didn’t have to wait long before a solid seven plus inch cock popped through the hole. I assumed it was the cock of the young man who I just spoke to. I sat on the stool and took the cock in my mouth. I don’t know why, but I decided to take my time with this nice looking stiff cock. I slowly bobbed on the young cock, deep throating it every few bobs. I heard the moans of the young man and my focus became giving him the blow job of his life. I picked up the pace and using my extra saliva trick attempted to create an ocean of pleasure. It worked, as his moans became more constant and I was rewarded with an explosive load of cum. Once I had swallowed all he had to offer, he pulled out and I sat there oddly still wanting more. A second cock, a deliciously looking black cock, not the ten inch python from the other night, but still easily eight inches of solid black meat, popped through the glory hole. I didn’t hesitate, gobbling the chocolate stick whole. I craved his juice and unlike the first cock which I savoured, this time it was all about receiving the cum deposit I was starved for. Impressively the boy had stamina, as my sore jaw could attest to; I wished I could have pulled him in for some hardcore fucking, my cunt itching for action. It took almost twenty minutes before I heard him bellow, “I’m cumming you fucking slut,” which only made me hotter and I was rewarded with a warm spray down my throat. I continued bopping up and down, eager to retrieve any last extraments from his lovely cock. I finally let the delicious cock slip out of my mouth. The unknown owner of the big black cock complimented me, “Wow, you are one excellent cocksucker.”

I replied, for some unknown reason, happy for the whore approving compliment, “Thanks, you have a delectable black cock.” I shook my head at my geeky word choice.

“Delectable,” he chuckled, “what are you a teacher?”

Mortified, I quickly got up and left the room. I was almost out the door when I heard the worst possible words I could hear at that moment, “Mrs. Walker, it can’t be?”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“It is. Oh my God. Mrs. Walker just sucked my cock,” the now vaguely familiar voice said, clearly astonished.

I turned around slowly to see who this was, whose cock I had just eagerly devoured, and to somehow deal with the potential career ending situation. I looked directly into the eyes of Kane Canters, a student who had thankfully graduated last year. “Hi, Kane, this isn’t what it looks like.”

“It isn’t? Do you mean it wasn’t you who just sucked my cock and called it delectable?” he quoted.

Caught dead in my tracks, I changed strategies, I begged, “Kane you can’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, I won’t Mrs. Walker,” he said with a smile. I began to get a flood of relief when he added, “If you do me a favour.”

I could only imagine where this may go. “Yes,” I asked, full of trepidation.

“Well, next weekend is our big keg party at Pi Alpha Zigma and well I think you would make for some great entertainment.”

“I can’t,” I defended, attempting to be rational, “Others may know me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it is a costume party, you can wear something to hide your true identity,” he retorted.

“Isn’t there anything else?” I asked, desperate to avoid this.

“I can’t think of anything, plus if you liked my delectable black cock, I think you will really enjoy my frat brothers,” he teased. The thought of lots of black cock flashed in my head and I must have went red because Kane chuckled, “White teacher loves black cock doesn’t she?”

I looked down.

“Doesn’t she?” he asked a second time.

Humiliated, but unable to deny the obvious, I shook my head in the affirmative.

“Give me your cell number,” he ordered, his attitude having shifted from stunned earlier to confident.

I obeyed and said, attempting to control this already out of hand situation, “But if I do this, it will be one time and then you will keep your word and tell no one.”

We met online and I wasn’t real sure what to expect. I had been so horny lately and had been keeping an eye out for just about anything to do with sex and another warm bodied person.

I am very open about sex and enjoy trying new things when I have a chance; I just never realized that this coming evening would be one of those chances that would truly test my manhood and my sexual limits.

Being bisexual and very submissive, I would usually respond to posts for couples looking for fun with another guy; and on occasion have even replied to just guys alone that were in need of a mouth or ass to use. The post I replied to the other day was a couple in their 40′s looking for a submissive bi guy that was open to anything. Naturally I emailed them, telling them what I was into and how we seemed to be a good match up, and sent a few pictures for them to see.

The next day I received an email and some pictures back from them. She was 40 years old 5′ 5″ 130 pounds and had a sweet little ass on her. He was 46, 6’2″ 240 pounds and very rugged looking. In their email they said they were looking for someone willing to play their slave and must submit to both of their desires and I would be expected to do as told immediately or face punishment. I was told I would dress and act the way they wanted or again, face punishment. I was totally interested in their offer and agreed to their terms.

We had chatted together online a few times and we finally set up a time to meet at their home. I showed up on Friday evening at 6 o’clock, just as I was told. I walked up and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later the woman, Liz, opened the door and greeted me with a hug and a kiss. She explained that her husband Dale was tied up at work and would be an hour or so before he got home. I followed Liz into their kitchen where she instructed me strip naked and informed me that I would remain that way until they were finished with me.

I was kind of embarrassed getting undressed in front of her and at the same time very excited about what may happen next. Liz made me sit on the floor in the kitchen and instructed me that I wasn’t allowed to be on any of their furniture unless instructed otherwise. She told me that my punishment for any mistakes I made was to get my ass cracked with a belt. The two of them would decide how many cracks I would get depending on what I did and was forewarned that the bigger the mistake, the more severe the punishment. I assured her that I understood completely and was willing to take what I deserved. Some of the other rules I was to follow were that I wasn’t allowed to walk, everywhere I was told to go or do I was to remain on my hands and knees. She informed me that they had a couple of dogs out in the backyard and one of my jobs was to take care of them, feeding them and making sure they went out when they needed; any accidents the dogs had I would be responsible and would have to clean it up and I would be punished. I also was banned from using the bathroom and that I was only allowed to go outside with the dogs and would have to hold it in until the dogs were let out for the same reason. She again warned me that I was to do whatever I was told immediately or else.

Sitting naked on their kitchen floor I told her I understood and would do my best to comply with their wishes. After a few more minutes of small talk she told me to follow her and she would give me a tour of the house before Dale got home.

Without even thinking, I got up off the floor and started to follow her down the hallway. She stopped and turned around and just smiled at me shaking her head back and forth. It took me a few seconds to realize I had already fucked up. She commanded me to stay and walked down the hall into a room. A second later she walked out of the room with a wide leather belt in her hand. Dropping to my knees the instant she walked away I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen. Waiting for her return on my hands and knees, Liz walked up and stood over my back facing my naked ass and told me spread my ass cheeks. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart when the first strike landed right on my asshole. It hurt like hell and before I had a chance to even move she cracked my ass four more times. I was nearly in tears and my asshole stung like never before. Liz reached down and patted me on the head and told me I would learn soon enough. After crawling behind her for the tour of their house my knees were already sore but I said nothing to her.

I could hear the dogs barking out back and Liz told me that it was time to feed them. She told me where the food was and told me to go let them in. I crawled to the patio door and slide it open and the dogs, both large labs, were sniffing and pawing at me instantly. As I shut the door one of the dogs had its nose in my ass and I freaked out a little. Liz noticed and warned me that I would have to deal with whatever the dogs did to me or I would get the belt again. As I was emptying the last can of dog food into a dish I could hear someone come in the front door. Liz got up and on her way out of the room she said “Prepare yourself, the funs just beginning!”


(More to come if people are interested!)

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