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He realized he was addicted to her, but was unable to do anything about it. Whenever he saw the little green light indicating she was online, his heart started pounding pumping blood into all the wrong places. They would text often, and became intimate friends.

The conversation often turned erotic, and when it did he would describe what he wanted to do to her body in great detail, and she would describe her response. Their texting would get so steamy that their hands would inevitably find very sensitive and naughty spots to massage.

She would often lay on her bed, totally naked, with her laptop next to her and her vibator at the ready. As he described gently sliding his finger between her wet pussy lips, she would take her own finger and mimic his descriptions. And when he described thrusting his rigid cock deep into her, she would take the humming vibrator, and slide it in and out slowly to his texts. Her orgasms became so strong that she started each session with a towel under her to minimize the cleanup.

He would stroke his cock thinking of their joint fantasy. Placing his thumb on the top of his shaft, and three fingers under, he would expertly stroke to her texts, sliding his fingers along it, dragging the skin over the head and back again. So much precum would emerge from the slit that lubricant was rarely necessary.

And when she texted, “Cummingggg” he could just envision her body bucking wildly with the vibrator deep inside, her moans escalating to cries of pleasure, and the fountain of juices when she pulled it out. The vision always made his cock erupt through his fingers sending spurts of white cum arcing in the air. Yes, he was definitely addicted.

It was understandable then that he found himself one day texting her while driving – quite inexcusable, but understandable. They were role playing the domme mistress who had him bound, naked and helpless. She was dressed in only leather boots and teased his cock hard with her leather riding crop. When she donned an 8 inch strapon and prepared to take him forcefully against his will, he could not resist unzipping his jeans and taking his hard cock out even while driving.

He looked about to see if anyone could see, but it was a secluded rural road and he figured he was ok. And besides it added to the excitement. He slowly stroked his cock as she continued her fantasy.

He could tell she was really into it by the increasing number of typos. She had him on all fours, kneeling behind him, her strapon working its way into his ass! As she slowly fucked him silly, she reached around and stroked his cock wanting to feel him cum. It drove her completely wild with lust as she had orgasm on orgasm thinking of their scene.

He was so close to cumming that he never saw the police car trailing him for the past 2 miles until the blue lights went on.

Pulling over, he scrambled to stuff his fully erect cock back into his jeans when he saw the door of the police cruiser open and black boot step onto the pavement. He looked down at the painful bulge between his legs and thought it was rather obvious so he rested his baseball cap in his lap in an attempt to hide his embarrassing situation.

He was startled by the troopers black nightstick tapping on the driver side window and when he quickly looked over his shoulder he was surprised to see a beautiful female trooper standing over him with a bemused smile on her lips.

She was tall with dark hair in a bun under her smoky the bear hat, and dark eyes and full lips that needed no makeup to highlight her natural albeit austere beauty. He blushed as he realized that he was staring at her rather buxom breasts and protruding nipples under her very real badge. This was not helping with his erection.

He realized that she was asking him a question as she impatiently put her hands on her shapely hips and parted her legs in a challenge. “License and registration sir!”

He fumbled in the glove box for his registration and then lifted his hips to retrieve his wallet from his back pocket, causing his hat to fall to the floor. As he handed her his information, she was clearly aware that he was concealing something in his pants.

She quickly upholstered her firearm “Keep your hands where I can see them! Step out of the car now! Move!”

He stutters, “What? I.. Ah.. What?”

“Out of the car now! Hands on the hood. Move!” She held her gun at the ready. He wonders if she would actually use it. He steps from the car and turns his back to her as she places a hand on his back and forces him hard against the hood.

Holstering her gun she takes his right hand and twists it behind him hard and quickly cuffs it, then the left. “Sir, You are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent, but I recommend you tell me what you have fucking hidden in your pants!”

He mutters, “Um what? Nothing! Just me.”

She yells, “Don’t fuck with me! Spread your legs now! ” She thrusts her thigh between his, forcing his legs apart and frisks him starting at the bottom of his legs and moving upward quickly.

No matter how much he willed his erection down, her forcefulness seemed to be making it worse. His cock was straining to fuck something, tenting the front of his jeans out. It did look like he was concealing something now that he thought about it.

She squeezed his ass roughly with one hand and reached around with the other feeling his bulge, pressing her fingers around it searching. His cock jumped at her touch.

Just then his phone tweeted a text from his text lover espousing how wonderful her orgasm was. Hoping the trooper didn’t hear it he closed his eyes and waited. She paused, hand still cupping his cock through his jeans, and listened.

Then it tweeted again and she stood up abruptly, opened the door and retrieved the phone.

Standing with it in her hands, she read the steamy dialog, scrolling back through the sordid details, looking from the phone to his bulge and back.

Then with a hint of a smile, she says, “Sir, you do realize that it is illegal to text and drive in this state? You’re liable to hurt yourself especially doing what I think you were doing. I’m afraid I’m going to have to bring you in.”

“Please no,… my wife,… how will I explain? Ill do anything!” He pleaded.

“Anything?” She asked with a grin. He nodded as best he could bent over the hood of his car, hands cuffed behind his back. “Well I better make sure you aren’t concealing anything”, she almost laughed.

She stepped behind him again, thigh thrust between his, but this time for her pleasure. She squeezed his ass slowly and grinded her front against his leg before reaching around to cup his everlasting bulge. She leaned down rubbing her breasts and hardening nipples against his back. Taken aback, he wondered at the change in attitude and realized that the steamy text must have had an effect. It was pure lust and it was driving him crazy.

“I think you have something hidden in here sir” she rasped at his ear as her fingers unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them, and stretched back his boxers revealing his huge hardon. “Oooh” she moaned quietly looking over his shoulder at his firm cock. It was so stiff with the skin stretched tight over the six inches of his shaft, the engorged head clearly covered in precum.

“Yes, you’ve been definitely hiding this.” She reached down and wrapped her fingers around the shaft as he moaned. Then she slowly slid her fingers up and down the shaft enjoying the feeling and sound the wetness made as they slid over the head. He felt strangely vulnerable with his hands cuffed behind, and jeans at his knees as this beautiful woman stroking his cock. She could do anything she wanted regardless of what he said. The thought was both scary and exciting.

“What else are you hiding” she asked sternly. “I think a full body search is in order. Bend over!” She forced him face down against the hood again before kicking his legs even wider apart. Then she touched her precum covered finger to his anus and slowly pushed it into him without hesitation well past her first knuckle. She wiggled and twisted it inside him and then slid it out and back, finger fucking his ass.

He didn’t think he was into this sort of thing, but with the realization that he had no say, and that she was clearly turned on by having him under her control, he found that he was really excited, so

much so, that he felt tingling in his balls, the familiar precursor to a huge orgasm.

“Hmm, I can’t tell, I better check deeper” she laughed and pushed into him, while at the same time cupping his balls with the other hand. She then released them and started stroking his cock in unison with her thrusting finger. He started to moan and grunt and clench his pelvic muscles feeling his balls rise in preparation for ejaculation.

“You better not cum! She scolded him, but at the same time she increased her tempo and smiled sadistically. He squeezed hard trying not to cum, but it was no use. She felt his spasm first with her finger as his ass clamped tight around it. Then she felt his cock jump in her fingers as it spurted hot white globs of cum through her fingers and onto the side of the cruiser.

She watched with a smile, milking his cock slowly as his whole body uncoiled. “Well now you’ve done it! Look at the mess you’ve made!” They both watched it slowly run down the side of her car before dripping onto the pavement.

She wiped it of the car with her hand and then wiped her hands on his bare ass. Then with an open hand, she slapped his ass so hard that it left a red handprint clearly visible on his check. “You better not be enjoying this” she snarled as she slapped him again. If she only knew how much he was enjoying it, he would be in even more trouble.

Abruptly she pulled his shoes off, and then lifted each leg in turn out of his trousers and boxers. She scooped up his clothes and threw them into his car. “Come with me” she commanded. Grabbing the chain of his cuffs as she led him to the back seat of the cruiser and stuffed him in before slamming the door.

His mind raced as she strode around the front of the cruiser and jumped in behind the wheel. Where are you taking me?” he asked with a worried tone.

She just looked up at him in her rear view and continued driving. Then as an afterthought she said, “Where ever I want”. There was no hesitation or question; it was a statement of fact.

After a mile or so, the cruiser slowed and pulled off onto an old overgrown dirt road leading to a secluded clearing overlooking a pond. Turning off the engine, she got out and opened the trunk, retrieving an old blanket, tube of KY and an ominous looking nightstick that reminded him of a dildo. She spread the blanket in the grass, before opening his door and commanding “Out!”

Naked from the waist down, covered in cum, he was surprised that his cock was so hard still. He tried to get out, but it was difficult with his hands cuffed behind his back. She reached in and pulled him out forcefully and pushed him toward the blanket. “‘Kneel.” He complied meekly.

She stood in front of him and slowly unbuttoned her uniform revealing her beautiful breasts, unrestrained by any bra. She left her shirt on, but open so that he could see her aroused pink nipples, shaped like Hershey kisses to be sampled by his tongue.

He licked his lips watching her tits sway as she bent over to pull off her boots. Then she stood before him and slowly unzipped her pants revealing black lace panties. She grasped her pants and panties with one hand and pulled both down slowly revealing a landing strip of short brown curls just above the most wonderfully beautiful pussy. Her outer lips were full and pouty, and where they met you could see the pink tip of her clit protruding.

She stood with legs parted, only inches from his face, as he kneeled before her. He noticed now that there was a trail of wetness running down both of her inner thighs and when he inhaled deeply, her scent of excitement was clearly evident.

She reached out and held his neck firm, pulling his face against her pussy, “Eat me”. He kissed both of her pussy lips before sticking his tongue out and licking along one outer lip and then the other. He nibbled her inner thigh before plunging his tongue between her lips and tasting her abundant juices. He slowly licked upward until his tongue slid over her clit and then flicked quickly at it.

She closed her eyes and moaned while arching her back slightly, pressing her pelvis into his face while pulling his head even closer. She was grinding herself against his tongue, using him as a sex toy and thoroughly enjoying herself.

He closed his lips around her clit drawing it into his mouth and flicking it gently with his tongue. This seemed to cause her legs to quiver and her to release an animal groan from deep within. She pushed hard against his face, so hard in fact that he fell over onto his back. This did not seem to phase her at all as she simply kneeled over his face, lowered her dripping pussy to his tongue, and continued to grind herself against him moving her hips faster and faster.

All he could do was to stick his tongue out as far as he could, as she pushed down forcing it into the opening of her pussy. She lifted and lowered and moved side to side in ever more frantic motions, until she paused holding her breath, trembling on the edge of orgasm.

Then she thrust herself down hard on his face, feeling is tongue almost inside, and then let out a deep breath followed by a cry as her body shook uncontrollably as it was racked by spasms of pleasure. This was accompanied by a gush of liquid, forced from her pussy, drenching his face and neck.

When the waves of pleasure subsided, she lifted herself from his face and in a moment of pity decided to uncuff one of his wrists, but leaving the other firmly attached. She looked at him lying there, cum covered cock firmly pointing straight up, dripping precum yet again, and decided that it was time for relief.

Sitting between his legs facing him, with her legs resting on his thighs, she reached over for her nightstick and slowly applied KY to its bottom 4 inches as he watched worriedly. She smiled at him mischievously and said, “It’s time for your punishment now”.

She gently lifted his balls exposing his puckered ass and watched his cock jump as she worked a lubricated finger into him against his will. He squeezed hard trying to force it out, but that only made his cock jump and encouraged her to push deeper. He tried to relax, realizing that this was the second time that this beautiful dominant was violating his ass within the space of an hour.

Resigned to his fate, he stopped resisting while she withdrew her finger and quickly replaced it with the lubricated end of the nightstick. Surprisingly it slid in relatively easy and didn’t hurt. He actually was enjoying the sensation of fullness as she pushed it deeper followed by the relief as she pulled it outward. His cock jumped again trailing a long drip of precum from the slit. “Are you sure you’re not bisexual?” She laughed at her own joke.

It was quite a sight seeing the nightstick emerging from his ass, with his balls and erect cock just above it. She applied lube to his cock and slowly worked it along his shaft with her fingers closed in a fist around him. At this point he was powerless to do anything but enjoy.

She paused then and he watched her lift her hips and positioned the tip of the other end of the nightstick between her pussy lips, before pushing it slowly into herself until the handle rested against her clit. Then she rested her left hand on the handle holding it against herself and lifted her hips thrusting the makeshift double ended dildo deep into his ass.

After pushing into him as far as it would go, she held the handle against her body so that when she pulled her hips backward, the nightstick withdrew from him with her hips. In this way she thrust in and out of him like the dominant, beautiful, animal that she was.

As she fucked him, she grabbed his cock with her free hand and stroked it. It stood up straight between her fist on each down stroke, only to have the head covered entirely on each upstroke. It must have been quite a strange sensation for him to be both fucked and jerked at the same time.

Then on a thrust more violent than the others, the handle slipped from her wet fingers and the nightstick remained deep in his ass, popping out of her pussy.

At this point she was rather worked up and needed to cum with a hard cock stuffed deep in her pussy. He watched her kneel over him and guide the mushroom head of his cock into her dripping pussy. In her frenzy she didn’t even bother to remove the nightstick from his ass before lowering her body, impaling herself on his shaft. She lifted after each plunge, her body cork screwing up before crashing down, squishing her clit against him again and again.

She was getting rather worked up riding him like that. Beads of perspiration ran down her body, between her swaying breasts and down her back between the cheeks of her ass.

She fucked him like an animal in the wild, taking what she wanted, unconcerned with his pleasure. It was total lust and he loved it.

Then she remembered the nightstick, and quickly lifted off of his cock, turned to face his feet, and lowered herself, again engulfing his cock in her pussy before he could react. She resumed her erotic dance on his cock as he watched her pussy between the cheeks of her firm ass. He put his hands on her hips, pulling her body down as he lifted into her. He was really starting to enjoy this. If he hadn’t already cum her surely would be spurting his cum deep inside her body by now. As it was, he felt the beginning ting lings of an orgasm in his balls.

Then she reached down between her legs and forced the nightstick deeper into his ass. This had the effect of making him harder still, but also the pressure on his prostrate kept him from cumming.

At this point she slid all the way down his shaft and moved her hips in erotic circles enjoying the sensation of him inside her as she continued to abuse his ass with her nightstick. He didn’t mind the humiliation. In fact he was kind of enjoying it, especially how excited it was making her.

He could tell she was very close to orgasm, not by her loud grunts and groans, but by how her pussy spasmed and grasped at his cock. Then she arched her back and cried out almost as if in warning before her body convulsed and jerked totally out of control. She tried to stay on him, but in her pleasure she fell forward onto the blanket, and her pussy lifted off his cock, another fountain of her pleasure gushed from all over his cock, balls and pelvis.

She fell forward with a satiated smile on her face, practically unconscious. It was quite the sight with her ass in the air, thighs spread wide, juices dripping from her pussy, legs still trembling in aftershocks.

Looking at his hard cock, her wrist behind her back cuffed to his, he had a wicked thought. It’s time to take control. If she can do it then so can I.

He sat up and pulled the nightstick from his ass and then reached for the lube applying it first to his cock and then to her anus. She moaned softly still oblivious to the world. Then he knelt and touched the greased head of his cock to her ass. She stirred realizing a second too late what was in store.

In her relaxed state he pushed the head in easily as she growled in surprise. Then pushing steadily, he watched his shaft disappear into her beautiful ass. She gasped and struggled, but it felt so warm and wonderful squeezing his cock from all sides, he was not about to reconsider. Then to his surprise, with his cock fully in her he felt her relax and reach between her legs and caress his balls. He took this as approval and slowly slide his cock outward and back, fucking her tenderly. She started squeezed him on the out stroke only to relax giving him free access on the in stroke. In this manner she was massaging his cock, grabbing and releasing it as he fucked her.

We had played at clubs, dungeons before, so tonight was going to be much or the same, Mistress would beat me into sunspace and I would be in heaven. Only, in reality, she had something a bit different in mind tonight.

We had on our street clothes, but she brought her leather corset and boots, the latex panties she likes and usual toys. As for me, I have my usual attire as well, of course, my birthday suit. Once there, we chatted with friends and had a drink, then we went to change.

After meeting back up in the play area in our “outfits”, she put a mask on me, that limited my field of view, but not my sight completely. Then she set out to adjourn me in degrading words on her canvas, words like Slut, blow job, take me, whore, big cock here, guess where that was written. I of course, had no idea what was written, but she used my face, forehead, back and sides and my lower back and ass.

Once she had me covered in words to her liking, she tied me to a padded metal horse, she liked this one over the heavy wooden one, as the more compact structure meant more access to various parts of my body. Once secured, she whispered into my ear that tonight was going to be different, that tonight, she was going to loan out her property to some friends, she said I was going to have the time of my life. Tonight I would learn to be totally used. She said she wouldn’t tell me who, but that they would do what they wanted, it may mean they would be fucking me, making me suck them? Who knows. I was reminded of my safe word, my name, they would not be using my name tonight, but I would be going by one of or all of the words written on me. One final check to be sure I was ok, this was the last time I would see those caring eyes again tonight.

It was then I heard a group of people talking nearby, I hadn’t noticed before, it was then I thought about myself, tied up in this vulnerable position, straddling the framework, legs tied down on either side, chest resting on the padded surface, head, face exposed on one end and my ass on the other, my cock and balls hanging down in a notched cut away with a collection container below that.

The voices seemed clearer, or louder to me, not sure which, my senses waking up and on high alert. I could make out numerous different people, though I couldn’t tell who, many women, even a couple of male voices, I began to get nervous with that, we had talked about other men, but I was very reluctant, I have no desire to be with other men, no fantasies of it either. I began to relax a bit as I thought, well, I have my safe word if it comes to that

Soon ,the group approached me, touching me, caressing me, it was then I noticed a couple of women in front of me had on dildos, it looked like feel doe type as I didn’t notice any straps. As one came up to my face, she said ” open up whore, time to suck my dick, no holding back, I hear you can suck a mean dick”, ” get to it”. So I did, taking her into my mouth and began relaxing my jaw as she rammed into me, someone behind me was lubing up my ass and getting me opened up. I heard a woman say ” look at this fine ass, I’m going to love tearing this bitch up”.

As the first woman was entering my ass, she slapped it hard and said the words on my back were right, I was a slut. I continued sucking the cock in my mouth as my ass was being pounded. The scene was repeated several times as the women switched roles. I heard but didn’t see a few folks gathered at the perimeter of the play area, watching me get used, this only made me even more excited, knowing others were watching me get fucked and used by the group.

As my ass was repeatedly fucked, my prostate was being stimulated beyond belief, making my cock leak like crazy, filling up the container below. The fucking continued as did the assault on my face, my jaw sore, willing myself to continue. As the fucking continued and the gals switching off, I felt something different, it was a cock that was softer somehow, but like the others it continued to fuck me until soon, I heard a male grunt as it/ he came. It was then I realize I was just fucked by a guy, I felt immediate shame and humiliation at the realization a guy just fucked me and came in me. As I thought about it, I also realized my own cock was finishing cumming as well. The humiliation grew as my mistress commented on it loud enough for everyone to hear. It was then the guy pulled out of my ass and wrote “Cum”, above the word slut, he then went over and replaced the fake dildo in my mouth with his and ordered me to clean it. I now felt lower than low at the thought of ATM with a real cock, that I was now sucking clean.

As the women and man finished using me, my Mistress untied me and retrieved the container, she then had me kneel in front of her and drink everything in the container, which of course I did. In full view of everyone that fucked me and the ones watching, I drank every bit as ordered. I’ve never felt so humiliated and degraded and, happy.

The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

- – - – - – - – -

“Damn it… what is it now?” I ask to no one in particular as I hear the familiar beep at my cabin door signifying to me that someone is requesting to enter.

I’m currently waist deep in reports on the status of the war against the reapers that I’ve unsuccessfully been trying to complete for the past few hours. I take a deep breath and stand up from the desk to make my way over to the door. Being Commander of the crew does have certain responsibilities and so I suck it up and say, “Come in.”

The door slides open with a hiss and out steps Liara from the Normandy’s crew elevator and without a word she makes her way up to me with a slow sultry walk. Right away it’s obvious what is on her mind from both her stance and that look on her face.

“Liara this isn’t a good time… I’ve got a crap load of work to do.” I say to her with an exasperated tone as she puts her arms around my shoulders.

She presses her lips against mine, kissing me softly before pulling back. “Mmm… what makes you think you have a choice?” She whispers in my ear.

Her arm snakes around my back until her hand is resting on my ass, giving it a squeeze, and I can feel her excitement through the material of her pants as she presses her hips against me. One feel of what she has hidden between her legs, grinding against me, and all of my resistance flies right out the airlock. My tense expression softens and my muscles loosen. She is looking at me and a smirk forms on her lips.

She knows she has won.

Liara motions with her eyes and places a hand on my shoulder, pushing downward with gentle force. I never could resist her and drop to my knees without further effort from her. She has her hands on her hips as she watches and waits for what’s expected of me. We have done this many times and she has just kind of naturally taken up the dominant role in our relationship without us really verbally discussing it with each other. Being the Commander of the Normandy and having an incalculable amount of lives weighing on your shoulders every day is a ton of responsibility, to say the least, and it has come as an enormous relief letting Liara take control.

Licking my lips I reach up and unfasten her bottoms. With almost an explosive force, her member springs out of the constrains of her clothing before me. I always find myself mesmerized every time I see it. Her blue-hued ten-inch monster is twitching in front of my face and leaking with excitement. I waste no time and grab the base of her cock with my hand to steady it so that I can take the head into my mouth. “Mmmmm….” groaning now with lust for her I suck on the thick flesh and start slowly sinking deeper onto her pulsing shaft as my tongue swirls around, coating it with saliva. Liara places her hand on my head and applies slow steady pressure, forcing me to take her ever deeper. The inches continue to sink into my now well trained mouth and before I know it I can feel the head pushing at the entrance to my throat.


Regardless of my training I always gag after taking her thick dick so deep into my mouth. Calming myself and steadying my breathing, I take a moment and then swallow the head inside. My hands are supporting myself on her thighs as she continues to push down on my head, so many inches of her cock now lodged inside me. Then the sinking stops as my nose crushes against her stomach. She simply holds me there as all ten inches of her member rest deep inside me. My airway is cut off but I don’t fret. Liara lets go a minute later and I pull back to gasp for air.

“Good boy, you’ve got me all nice and wet… now you know what’s next.” She says to me and motions with her finger toward the bed. I smile up at her and stand giving her cock a quick squeeze with my hand. I walk over to the bed and she follows close behind me. I turn around and briefly let out a gasp of surprise as I’m suddenly shoved backward onto the bed on my back. I can’t help but let out a laugh and look up at her.

I can tell that Liara is in no joking mood right now as her lust is about to boil over. The look in her eye lets me know that I need to get ready to hang on for a wild ride. She quickly climbs onto the bed and grabs me under the knees, spreading my legs and pushing them up against me as she crawls on top of me. She groans loudly as she crushes her lips against mine and forces her tongue inside deep.

“Mmmm… ahhhh!” I moan and then gasp out loudly as I suck on her tongue. Being quickly assaulted by the powerful sensation of her swiftly thrusting her saliva coated cock balls deep inside my eager ass. She lets go of her grip under my knees in order to support herself, pulling her cock out of my stretched hole to the head and then thrusting into me again hard, eliciting another loud moan of pleasure, and faint pain, from my lips. My legs wrap around her thighs and my arms around her back, fingers digging into her skin, as she sets into a steady rhythm of pounding the hell out of me. Her heavy ball sack is slapping repeatedly against my ass as we rut like wild beasts on the bed. Her aroused nipples are hard little nubs grinding against my chest and my own cock is painfully erect and grinding between our stomachs as we fuck. My eyes start to roll back in my head as I let the sensations fill my world.

Liara finally pulls her tongue out of my mouth and looks down at me, both of us breathing hard as she continues to pound me. Her eyes fixated on me as she watches the expressions of ecstasy run across my face. She is experiencing pleasure too but for her it is more dulled as she has experienced such sensations for many years before. Even though Liara is still a child in the eyes of the Asari, one-hundred and eight is still more than a lifetimes worth of sexual experience as far as a mere human is concerned. Sex with an Asari is the ultimate experience of pleasure for any human as their several lifetimes worth of sexual knowledge, and superior telepathic abilities to deeply connect with any mate, easily overwhelms any man or woman.

That is exactly what is happening to me now and I am a gibbering and groaning mess of ecstasy as she fucks my senses into oblivion. She knows that my pleasure is quickly building to my climax and as soon as she has the opportunity she gets my attention and locks eyes with me, preparing to make use of those telepathic abilities of hers, to meld out beings into one. I ready myself for what is to come and focus on her eyes, which have now become solid pools of shimmering obsidian.

“Embrace eternity…” she speaks just above her breath.

And then it happens… our bodies become as one. Our sensations are shared and amplified a thousand fold. There is suddenly an overwhelming ecstasy shooting through every nerve in my body. This is something that her own body has become quite accustomed to but for me it is as if I have briefly died and gone to heaven as my whole body sort of locks up and goes slack at the same time. Fireworks are shooting off inside me across every inch of my being and I can do nothing but ride the tidal wave of mind numbing pleasure.

“Fffuuuhhg… ahhhhg… uhhhh” Only the smallest of grunts and moans escape from my writhing body as I’m currently incapable of forming anything more coherent. Liara looks down at me with content, happy to be bringing her lover with such satisfaction, as I start to finally come down from the sensations of the connection. I’m still completely out of it and hardly notice when she pulls herself from out of the depths of my bowels and straddles across my chest. She is still on the verge of exploding over the edge of her own orgasm and my senses finally come back to me right in time to feel her gripping on to my head tight and holding me steady as she jerks her cock in front of my face.

“Ahhhh!” Then with moans of her own Liara releases and sprays my face with her abundant seed. She continues to stroke furiously as the strands of her cum cover nearly every inch of me. I simply close my eyes and bathe in her ejaculate, still breathing hard and trying to gather myself from the earlier experience. With a final gasp and stroke of her withering cock my now exhausted Asari lover collapses beside me on the bed.

“Now that was much better than some boring reports wasn’t it?” She asks as she looks at me and smiles at the sight of my drenched face. I grin back at her and nod, silently thanking her by kissing her softly. Now totally and completely exhausted from both our coupling and the tiring reports earlier I can’t help but allow my eyes to slowly droop closed, falling into a deep sleep. Liara kisses my forehead, tasting some of her own seed, and wraps an arm around me, sighing happily. She runs a finger down her stomach and licks up some of the spent cum that I myself released as she thinks to herself.

“Hmm I wonder if I can get him to delay his work another day for some more fun tomorrow?”


The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

Come on man! You need to get out from that hole you’ve been hiding in. Live a little!

Live a little he says, the Reapers are wiping out billions of people across the galaxy and he’s, seemingly along with everyone else on the Citadel, are all out partying. It has been a long time since I’ve socialized. I know Being hold up in the Human embassies all day and spending all night jerking off to Asari on Human porn isn’t exactly healthy, but with everything that has been going on in the galaxy, socializing has been the last thing on my mind. I keep going over all of that in my head as a competing, and rhythmic, bass tone resonates everything ahead of me. My eyes trail up to the sign that reads ‘Purgatory’. People are filing in through the doors and as my turn finally comes I find myself almost deafened by how much louder it is inside than out.

Although my friends had all suggested that I get out more they, at the same time, also suggested to stay away from Purgatory. Aria T’Loak runs that club, they would say. She used to run Omega and there are literally no rules in her club. They warned me that it is a little too wild and crazy for someone like me. Well to hell with them! They were the ones who kept badgering me so much to do something new for a change. I got it in my head that I was going to prove them wrong! I could handle it just as much as any of them. Well that’s what I was thinking until about fifteen feet further into the club, still just in the entry hallway. I very quickly picked up loud moaning and yelling. As I continued to follow others into the club my eyes were glued to a pair of individuals along the wall in the back in a dark corner. The ugliest Turian I had ever seen, not that I would know since all Turian’s are butt ugly to me, had what looked to be an Asari up against the wall and was pounding her into oblivion. The shock of that scene rattled me and I immediately assumed he was raping her, but upon closer inspection I could see that her arms and legs were wrapped around him tight and there was a look of pure bliss on her face. After tuning out some of the raging techno music I could hear her screaming and begging for him to fuck her harder.

What the hell have I gotten myself into!

Was the only thought that was going through my head as those behind me kept pushing me further into the club, everyone eager to get inside. Before I knew it I had been herded out into the middle of the club before everyone around me started dispersing and joining various huddled crowds. The place was absolutely packed. There were people of all races that I had ever seen, and a few new ones. Everyone was drinking, yelling, and dancing all over the club. Well I’m here, no going back now. Although I could easily just leave the club, I was determined to see this night through. It truly did look like everyone was having an absolute blast and I figured I didn’t want to miss out, even if things might get a bit crazier than I’m used to.

Looking over to the side of the club I could see an unusually spacious area, cordoned off by armed thugs. Behind them was a curved couch and I could see a solitary Asari sitting on it. That must be Aria. No wait she’s not alone, she is making a weird motion with her hand. What is happening? Then my eyes got wide again after one of her thugs shifted to the side and I could see clearly. There was a human woman kneeled down between Aria’s legs. The woman was dressed in a skimpy outfit and looked to be one of the dancers. Aria was just sitting there causally and looking off at the crowd as she held this woman by the hair and bobbed her head up and down in her lap. After a minute Aria looked to say something to the woman before pulling her head up and away. Then I saw it, there was a prick easily twice the size of mine, erect and bobbing, in Aria’s lap. She now holds the dancer, by the hair, directly under her sizable member and jerks herself quickly. Seconds later I can see the woman clenching her eyes shut as long strands of cum spray all over her face. I couldn’t believe Aria had a dick!

Not many people back home on Earth, which is now probably just a burnt up cinder thanks to those damn Reapers, know that not all Asari ‘function’ just like our human women. There are many of them that, since encountering other races, have come to like the idea of being on top when it comes to sex. With all the technology available in this day and age they can pretty easily have one hundred percent life like male genitalia surgically attached with minimum issues. They still can’t actually do any fertilizing of their own with it, but they even match their own blue skin tone and can be chosen to match completely with the real life counterparts of any male of the other races. The only reason I really know all this myself is because those ‘Asari on Human’ pornos that I have been jerking off to, all mostly involve the Asari packing something a little extra. It’s a fetish of mine that I’ve picked up, and also happens to be why I now find myself staring with a hard-on in my pants as Aria finishes up coating the poor woman dancer with her cum.

She releases the girl and quickly shoos her away now that she is done with her. As she leaves the girl actually walks right past me and gives me a wink as she is licking the juices from her face. I blush and look away from her, back over to Aria. Now with a clear line of sight I can see that she has chosen to go with the smooth and slender form of a Turian cock. Finding myself staring again, I can see some remaining jizz roll down her softening shaft as her prick starts to slide back up inside its Turian sheath. Turians have hard outer layers of exoskeleton and so their vulnerable pricks slide fully up inside their bodies when soft. Aria’s has withdrawn fully now and at first glance the slit makes it look like she has a normal Asari pussy. I am in awe at the sight and as my eyes trail up Aria’s body I reach her eyes, and find her staring right back at me with a smirk on her face!

My whole face lights up bright red and I can feel the heat in my cheeks as I stare back at her like a deer in the headlights of an old Earth car. She simply raises a hand and gives me a come hither motion with her fingers. It suddenly hits me that I have been standing here for minutes and just watching her and that it would have been actually quite difficult for her ‘not’ to notice me. Scared out of my mind I instinctively start to back up, but quickly meet solid resistance. Turning around I can see a large Batarian in body armor looking down at me with his four eyes. He chuckles at me before motioning his head back towards Aria. I have literally just arrived at this club and already have been granted a private audience with Aria!

Holy shit!

I say out loud to myself, which causes the Batarian behind me to laugh some at my predicament before he gives me a shove and I find myself walking on auto pilot over to Aria. My throat is suddenly very dry and I gulp hard as I approach the couch. I notice others in the club eyeing me enviously. Only women though as all the men nearby are chuckling to themselves. Her eyes are on me as I take every step and as I get closer she pats her hand on the spot directly next to her on the couch. I feel myself tremble as I now stand before her. She simply looks up at me without saying anything and pats the couch again. Nodding slightly I gather some remaining strength and turn to sit down with her. As soon as my butt hits the couch she raises her arm up and around me, holding me by the shoulder and pulling me up against her.

Such a small little human aren’t you?

I nod meekly. My stature has always been smaller than other men, and some women I know, and has always been a bit embarrassing. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the intimidating Asari who now has me in her arms.

I can see you enjoyed the show.

She states simply and motions with her hand toward my crotch. I quickly turn my head and look away in shame as I am still rock hard in my pants. The embarrassment only serving to cause me to throb against the fabric. This amuses Aria and she laughs at me for a moment. Her fingers have now trailed up to my cheek and are slowly caressing my red-with-humiliation skin. Her teasing of me seems to also be getting her aroused again as well because my eyes trail down some and I can see her pants are still unbuckled and her prick is starting to peak back out of it’s sheath ever so slightly.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in your desires little boy.

She turns my head gently towards her and I look up into her eyes, her finger now trailing lightly across my lower lip. As I look at her all I can think is how if my conservative mother from back home, if she’s still alive, were here she would be having a heart attack right now if she saw me at this night club, in the clutches of a beautiful transsexual alien crime lord, very likely about to be raped. Well it’s not exactly rape if you don’t resist. As she caresses my skin and my breathing increases I find myself now starting to look up at her with lust in my eyes. I see a little twinkle in her own eyes as she returns my gaze. Slowly sliding her thumb into my mouth. My lips wrap around it and start sucking on her digit.

You want me to fuck you.

I hear her ask me. Almost unknowingly I shake my head slowly up at her. Then it dawns on me that she wasn’t asking a question. She was simply stating to me what I want. The smirk from earlier returns to her lips and her hand now moves to the back of my head and grips me by the hair. Gulping audibly again my gaze shifts down as I’m lowered toward her, now at half-mast, prick as it continues to rise from its sheath. Her Asari-Turian hybrid cock has a bead of liquid at its peak and she presses my lips up against it. Hesitantly I stick out my tongue and lap up the liquid. The taste is certainly unique but not unpleasant. I throw all caution to the wind and widen my lips, ready to accept her girth. Turian genitals more resemble those of a lizard and is more narrow and pointed toward the head, instead of round, but then widens considerably more toward the base. Aria’s prick slides easily between my lips as I sink down onto her. I find myself closing my eyes and moaning as her cock eases into my mouth, filled with satisfaction at finally being given the chance to live out my deepest fantasy. The texture of her member isn’t what I imagined it to be either. There is a sliminess to the feel of it as it is forced deeper past my lips. Not having sucked a human cock before either I am left to guess, but I assume it is because of the Turian design. But it doesn’t turn me off in the slightest. That only serves to increase the perversion of the situation and further fuels my lust which causes my own, much smaller, prick to leak some liquid of its own into my pants, causing a visible stain on my trousers.

Aria’s vice-like grip on my head doesn’t let up and several more inches slide into me. Her prick is easily at least ten inches long now that it has fully hardened between my lips. The blue flesh of her sizable shaft is now stretching my mouth wide and I suddenly start to gag as I feel her head push against the entrance to my throat. She was so gentle to me just a moment ago, but she obviously has every intention of treating me like a simple cock sleeve now that she has me. My eyes are watering as I gag once more, but without stopping she gives a quick forceful push down on my head and, unlike the greater difficulty that a Human cock would likely have, the pointed head of her dick is able to easily push through my resistance and into my throat. Her Turian member in general does seem softer though than my own human one by comparison and, now that there is no resistance, she quickly bottoms out in my mouth and I can feel several inches more of her cock angling and sliding down my esophagus. My nose is now smothered against her hairless Asari crotch and the tears from my gagging episode drip down my skin and onto hers, along with an abundance of my saliva. I rest for a moment and adjust to the situation and the fullness of her cock as I’m deep throating her. Then she tugs on my hair and pulls my head back up half her length. This time without pause she pushes back down and I am once again forced to the base of her dick. Aria is now groaning lightly above me.

Mmm it’s been a long time since I’ve had a throat this tight.

She keeps this up at a steady rhythm, fucking my throat with her cock repeatedly. She surely must not have been lying because the tightness is incredible and it feels like she is stretching me more and more with every downward thrust of my head. Having swallowed so much of her meat I haven’t been able to breathe for a while now. This is becoming more and more apparent as my lungs start to burn and my hands are pushing on her thighs and my body starts to writhe in fear beneath her as my vision starts to get darker and darker. My eyes start to roll back in my head and I fear this is the end, being choked to death on the cock of a sadistic Asari crime lord.

Her grip on my head now loosens and I’m finally able to pull up for some air. But she doesn’t allow me to withdraw fully, making sure that her head still stays between my lips. My nostrils however are now capable of reaching my lungs and I suck in as much air as I can. Aria laughs above me as I breathe heavily in her lap. She now forces my head back down and resumes her rhythm, but this time allowing me to have the opportunity to take in a breath with every upward motion. She now relaxes back more in her seat and continues to force me to nurse from her cock but at a more leisurely pace, apparently now satisfied with the amusement she had toying with me. Aria must be truly insatiable, I think to myself as I picture back to the girl who was just previously in my exact situation. When she mentioned fucking me I assumed she meant my ass, which I know would have been painful but I still imagine would have allowed me more freedom and have been less humiliating than simply being next in what is probably a long line of other cock sleeves that most likely service her on a daily basis, due to the relaxed nature at which she is sitting back and observing her club while she face fucks me.

Then I hear a sound of clacking growing louder as some woman in heels is inevitably making her way over to Aria and me. I can see the legs of the woman as she approaches and then slowly sits down on the other end of the angled couch across from me. She is wearing some open-toed high-heeled footwear and a shiny black dress, with a plunging neck line that shows off ample cleavage, that only goes as far down as mid-thigh, which rises some even higher as she raises and crosses her leg as she settles down on the seat. My face must now be as red as a tomato from shame as Aria doesn’t even slow down from forcing me to suck her off in front of this new guest. It was already embarrassing enough knowing that anyone in the club could easily look over and see me, but now with such a direct observer to my actions I feel like I could die.

Always a pleasure Shepard. What brings you here?

Shepard! I nearly freeze in surprise and my eyes shoot up further to examine the new guest more closely. My eyes widen as I indeed see Commander Shepard sitting across from me while I suck Aria’s blue Turian cock. She is held as our savior and only true hope against the fight with the Reapers from destroying all life in the galaxy… and she is watching me being fed almost a foot of dick! She is now terribly scarred from her adventures across the galaxy and her cybernetic implants are glowing a very visibly bright red under these very dim club lights. The red is even more noticeable in her eyes, especially because they are now staring down into mine. I have followed her career since the beginning, and before the scars, and even though she is known for being ruthless towards her enemies and anyone willing to get in her way from stopping the Reapers, those implants have only served to fuel my lust for her and have resulted in many late night jerk-off sessions. Some regard it as a very intimidating and sinister appearance, but that was only fuel to the flame for me. Shepard takes a moment to pause and watch me closely before responding to Aria with amusement.

I see you are enjoying yourself.

Aria and Shepard share a chuckle between each other and proceed to talk about various gangs that used to have territory on Omega and how Shepard has now just finished helping Aria retake control over them from running wild here on the Citadel. While they talk I am very aware how the Commander keeps casually looking down to watch me while I’m face fucked by Aria. I have been such a huge fan of Shepard and to have her here now while I’m being used for pleasure by Aria is both hugely humiliating and incredibly arousing. My cock has been visibly throbbing like crazy in my pants since she sat down and I know there must be a very clear stain of pre-come. I’ve never had the best stamina and I know that this situation has me right on the brink of embarrassing myself that much more. Aria seems to be able to read me like a book and as soon as she is finished thanking Shepard for her help she casually reaches down and squeezes my small prick.

Looks like someone else is also very thankful that you are here as well Shepard.

Aria says casually. Fuck! I moan loudly around Aria’s cock and instantly explode inside my pants, releasing so much of my seed that it starts seeping out through my clothing and pooling at the tip of my now trembling member. My eyes roll back and my hands hold onto my Mistress Asari’s thigh for all that I can as I utterly and completely humiliate myself in front of them both. Aria is laughing at me, but I gather some strength to look up at Shepard and see that she is instead just looking on at me intently, with what I would only describe as lust in her cyborg eyes. Once Aria settles down from her amusement she shifts her purpose and picks up the pace on thrusting my head onto her prick.

I think I’m finished with this little sissy.

I cringe a bit at Aria’s insult but don’t have time to dwell on it as she lets out a casual grunt of pleasure and then holds my head down against her lap as she finally releases her own flood of sperm. Her cock is so deep inside me that her cum simply floods straight down into my stomach as she orgasms. I am nothing but a reservoir for her spunk and allow myself to be held limply in her writhing grip as she gets herself off in my mouth. I have never been in such a shocking situation in my life, but all I can find myself thinking is that I wish she would let me taste her cum on my tongue instead. Several moments later her flow has slowed to a small trickle and she then casually releases my head and pushes me off her lap and onto the floor. I land with a thud and cough up a small remainder of cum onto the floor at the feet of Shepard and Aria.

Here Shepard, take this sissy as more thanks of my appreciation of the help you’ve given me. Since I have owned him with my cock from the moment he stepped into my club I now give him to you to use and abuse as you see fit.

- – - – -

To be continued…


The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

- – - – -

Here Shepard, take this sissy as more thanks of my appreciation of the help you’ve given me. Since I have owned him with my cock from the moment he stepped into my club I now give him to you to use and abuse as you see fit.

Aria laughs in my face after her statement and I simply lie there and hold my hands over my face in shame. Shepard nods and thanks Aria briefly as she then stands up before me and reaches down to offer me her hand. Looking up at Shepard in awe I hesitantly put my hand into hers and she closes her fingers around me. With a quick tug she has me back up on my feet next to her. She’s about 6’1 and with me only at around 5’4 I have to look up into her eyes. Shepard places her arm around my waist and then slowly starts leading me back into the main floor of the club. Aria gives a last smirk before turning her attention back to the goings of the club. Her withering prick slithers back into its slit and she then casually buckles back up her pants before resuming her indifferent relaxed posture.

I feel like I’m on cloud nine as I can’t believe that I’m being escorted through the club in the arms of my biggest hero. As we walk I can’t help but keep glancing up at her to study her features from up close. Admiring her impressive form. She truly is incredible and I feel so insignificant being held against her muscular and toned frame, which has been developed from years of strife and combat. My feet are on auto pilot as I allow her to take me wherever she wants. After squeezing past a number of individuals in the crowded club we arrive at the more secluded bar in the back past the dance floor. This more secluded area seems to be more wild than the rest and there is an obviously drunk, but still very scantily clad, human woman dancing on top of the bar suggestively, giving some guys of various races below a free shot up her very short skirt. Glancing about some more and there are a few different couples fucking up against the walls. And of course there is the nearby dance floor that is swarmed with dozens of people all huddled close together.

Shepard brings us up to a gap in the bar and makes a motion toward the bartender who starts mixing up some drinks for us. Looking to my right I can see a Quarian in a suit with a purple color scheme slumped over the bar, sipping her beverage from a straw. I’m fascinated by her and take a few lingering glances as I’ve never seen a Quarian this close in person before. She finishes her drink and then glances over toward me but then she looks right past me.


The Quarian seems to know the Commander and calls out to her with a very heavy, alcohol influenced, slur.

Mmm, who’s the cutie you have with you?

As she says this she reaches up to run a glove covered finger across my lips. The drink seems to have gotten her a bit frisky, but that just raises more questions in my mind, because it isn’t exactly possible for her to satisfy any desires due to the fact that her entire body is covered in her enviro suit.

You still conscious Tali? I figured from all those shots you’ve been downing you would be passed out on the floor by now. Oh him? He’s a gift from Aria. To use and abuse I believe were the exact words. Don’t mind her she always gets a little horny when she’s drunk, and a bit mean as well.

Shepard introduces the two of us with a bit of a smirk on her face, apparently amused at the state of her friend.

Yeah well she isn’t the only one.

From behind Shepard comes the voice of another woman and, after the Commander turns to face her, I can see that she is quite a sight. She looks to be topless but it is difficult to tell because her skin also appears to be covered over every inch with intricate tattoos. She also has a very punk hairstyle, with her head shaved except for one patch down the center that has grown out and is hanging down somewhat across her face in a sort of lazy mohawk. Scars can be seen mixed in with her tattoos and overall her appearance is very intimidating, though that also just turns me on just as much. Just like with Shepard, there is a very violent beauty about her that has me head over heals in lust. There is a sheen of sweat across her body and it looks like she has been out on the dance floor for hours. She walks past Shepard and up to me. Leaning down she grips me by the back of the head and forces our lips together, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth causing me to react with bulging eyes at the bluntness of her actions.

All that bumping and grinding on the dance floor has got me hot as hell right now. I need something inside me.

The tattooed beauty says, then reaches down and grabs my package, fondling my erection and sizing me up in her hand.

Shit, not sure I’d feel anything with this thing. And from the way you seemed to be enjoying yourself when you were over with Aria you probably would rather be the one getting pounded, am I right?

My face turns bright red at the insult to my manhood and the fact that she also knows about what happened, but that only causes my prick to throb in her fingers.

Keelah Jack, get a room! You’re in a public place, and put a shirt on!

Says Tali with a bit of a slur. Though at the same time, despite her words, I can also feel her to my side running her fingers lightly up and down my back.

That’s not stopping these other people from fucking their brains out. Come on Shepard, help me out here!

Jack exclaims then loses interest in me and starts clinging on to Shepard, who doesn’t put up much resistance as her horny friend latches on to her and starts kissing along her neck and grinding her knee between her legs. I am also confused as to why, because of my inadequate size, that she thinks she will have more success with the Commander over me. But I quickly see why as once again my eyes widen for the countless time tonight when a visible bulge starts to protrude from Shepard’s dress due to Jack’s grinding actions with her knee. She looks over toward Tali and I and smirks when she sees that I’ve noticed her cock. Tali is hovering drunkenly over my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

Her and Aria have very similar tastes when it comes to sex… actually quite a few members of the crew do as well. And speaking of Aria… I saw you with her earlier also. It was quite a show from over here.

The frisky Quarian now has her hands on my ass as she speaks. And I start to wonder if there’s actually anyone in this club who still hasn’t seen me choking on the sadistic Asari’s meat before. As if Tali knew I was thinking about it, she slips one of her covered fingers into my mouth and I instinctively started sucking on it and coating it with my saliva, before catching myself. She pulls it out of my mouth and giggles a bit in my ear, before letting out a drunken hiccup.

Shit! Enough teasing already, fuck me!

Proclaims Jack as she continues to try and get a reaction from Shepard. The Commander then lets out a grunt of lust and grabs hold of Jack, spinning her around and forcing down the vulgar punks pants around her ankles at her boot covered feet. Then without hesitation she reaches down and pulls her dress up over her head in a swift motion and tosses it onto the bar behind her. Immediately I can see my hero’s body in its full glory. Still clad in her heels, every other inch is now on display as she doesn’t appear to be wearing any bra or panties. This is a moment I had been fantasizing about for as long as I can remember and I savor every moment. My eyes slowly glide over every detail of her body. Following the path of the glowing scars of her implants throughout her body, my eyes trace from the muscles in her well formed biceps all the way down to her calves. Taking the time to pause at her C cup breasts with erect nipples, well toned and not ‘too’ masculine but still visible six pack abs, and of course her throbbing and standing at attention, easily nine inch, cock with sizable girth. That meat between her legs is something I never expected to see but I’m certainly not complaining. She very much is the warrior worthy of saving us all and truly a sight to behold.

Jack is so turned on I can easily see her practically humping back against Shepard with lust. The Commander then grabs her by the hips, lines up her prick, and violently thrusts into the tattooed bitch to the hilt, in what seems to be her pussy due to the angle because I can’t really see, causing her to moan out in heat.

The sexual aggressiveness of Shepard is startling and I stand transfixed on the spectacle as the Commander wastes no time and immediately gets into a rhythm of pounding as hard as she can, causing Jack to moan out loudly in pleasure as she is violently taken. I let out a moan of my own as I feel my own member being squeezed. Tali has her hand down the front of my pants and has started stroking me. Leaning my head back against her shoulder I turn my face to look into her concealed eyes behind her helmet, and even though I can’t see her face I imagine her looking back at me with an expression of lust. Then I groan and reach down to grab her arm in my pants for support as I feel her other hand squeeze its way down my pants along my ass and slips her saliva slicked finger into my puckered asshole, taking me by surprise before I can offer any resistance, not that I would have.

I gaze into her faceless void with an eager look as she pushes and prods around my depths until I tense up and let out a moan. Now having located my male g-spot, she then pushes into it harder and picks up the pace on stroking me. Being manhandled by this alien woman who is covered head to toe is definitely unique, but so is the fact that she is fucking me with her finger. And either she knows what she is doing, lucky, or I just don’t have great stamina because I quickly find myself on the edge. With a last push into my prostate I tense up and reach back to hold her by the hip for support as I once again explode inside my pants for the second time tonight. She was gradually working my cock out into the open to really work over my cock, but her finger in my ass was apparently all the stimulation I needed and she lets out a giggle as she realizes what has happened. Tali then whispers in my ear

Wow you really enjoyed that. I think you may be the one.

The Quarian then withdraws her hand from my pants and wipes off my semen on my shirt as she then makes a motion with her wrist causing her omni-tool to flicker to life. With a quick few motions of her wrist and fingers I can tell she has activated some sort of program but don’t notice any different displays appear above her arm to signify what that might be. Then she speaks into my ear again.

You have no idea how frustrating it can be seeing all of you other races touching and grinding and fucking each other like this in the open and not be able to experience any of it yourself because of being trapped in this suit of mine. So a while back I bought this new program on a crazy impulse. It cost me quite a few credits but I thought it was a good idea at the time.

Confusion spreads through me as I feel something starting to prod against my lower back. In surprise I push away from Tali and look down at her waist to see the distinct orange glow of an omni tool projection appearing. There is no mistaking the form of the simulated cock that has generated from between her legs. She then reaches out and slowly takes my hand and brings it to her dick. I find myself instinctively swallowing as to my surprise I am able to wrap my fingers around a physical shaft, and not just passing through a holo projection. Soldiers on the front lines have been known to use disposable omni blades against their enemies, but that type of technology is much less frequent in the hands of the public, but I’m certainly not complaining. Tali lets out a sigh of pleasure at the contact as well.

Mmm it’s been too long. That feels great! I have an implant that compliments this program. It sends all contact directly through my nervous system so that it feels as if this little solid projection is actually a part of me.

Giving it a few more experimental squeezes and seeing Tali flinch in response is all the proof that I need that it functions perfectly. When I first bought this thing I didn’t realize that males of other races were so hesitant when it comes to this type of pleasure. And since I’m what you humans call ‘straight’ I haven’t had the chance to break it in yet. After seeing you I’m thinking that might change. So what do you say?

Having been staring at her artificially throbbing cock as it mimics her arousal level the whole time while she spoke it takes little effort to come to a decision. Without saying anything I simply turn around and start to undress. I unbuckle my pants and let them fall at my feet before bending at the waist, presenting my ass to Tali for the taking. I can see Shepard and Jack going at it before me. The Commander has Jack bent over at a ninety degree angle, one hand is on the back of her neck holding her down in place while the other is keeping her two arms pulled back by the wrists, leaving her more vulnerable. Jack’s face is so flushed and dripping with sweat that she looks like she has climaxed half a dozen times already, but the Commander still looks to be pounding away at her with the same aggressive pace since she started. I am amazed by the control she has over her stamina. Then I turn my head to look back at Tali.

She is now walking up behind me and stroking her glowing omni dick. If I could see her face I would be willing to bet credits that she was licking her lips at the sight of me. To my surprise she doesn’t start lining up with me right away, instead she starts shuffling me into position right next to Jack and takes her spot standing next to Shepard, putting her hand to the back of my head and forcing me to bend down at the waist until I’m eye level with Jack. I then realize she wants to make even more of a spectacle of the situation by fucking me alongside the Commander in the same position. Pulling back my arms so that I am restrained I finally feel the tip of her synthetic dick pushing against my hole. Her alcohol addled mind then decides to throw care out the window and she quickly plunges into my ass, causing my skin to slap against her hips.

Oooh fuck!

I yell out in a mix of surprise, pain, and satisfaction. Being taken by a woman in such a way has been a fantasy for the longest time but when I pictured it in my head I certainly never imagined that it would turn out this way, being humiliatingly violated by a drunk Quarian in the middle of a night club alongside my biggest hero Commander Shepard. Tali is using my arms as her reigns as she picks up the pace and roughly fucks my ass with her simulated cock. She is now moaning out in pleasure as well as I’m rocked quickly back and forth. I look to meet the eyes of Jack who is being equally ravaged to my side. Without saying anything she simply gives me a nod, well as best she can as she is being slung around while Shepard pounds her, as if acknowledging and understanding and possibly sharing my own desire to be treated like a bitch and fucked senseless.

Yes that’s it! Take my cock you bosh’tet!

Tali is really getting into it and cursing out all kinds of Quarian words. I might have found the sight amusing if I were a bystander and not experiencing the bliss of the contours of her prick quickly sliding along my insides and stretching my walls first hand. She is forcing her cock across my pleasure button with every thrust and I can’t stop myself from moaning out at the top of my lungs in ecstasy at the sensations. The feeling of fullness is incredible and I find myself hoping that this horny Quarian fucks me all night long. My own prick is slinging back and forth beneath me and as the pleasure in me quickly peaks it starts drizzling a steady stream of my seed as I cum. The feeling is unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I suddenly go quiet, my eyes rolling back, as my whole body is rocked with ecstasy and my legs shake as I struggle to remain standing. The anal orgasm crashes through me and Jack, having another orgasm of her own, notices me in the throes and presses her lips up against mine as we are humped in rhythm and slides her tongue into my mouth.

I suck on her tongue instinctively as I come down from the mind numbing high. But Tali seems to not be quite done with me yet and continues to rape my ass. There is still a steady, but low, level of pleasure hovering inside me and I simply hang on to that sensation as I’m used for pleasure by the Quarian, who herself is now moaning louder and louder as she starts to approach an orgasm of her own. Tali’s voice starts to stagger and she leans over my back, squeezing my shoulders tight in her fingers, and lets out a final groan of ecstasy.


I can feel her form on top of me pulsing as she relishes in pleasure. Then she slowly starts to come down from her high, breathing hard as she adjusts. Without really thinking she stands back up straight and her omni-cock slips from my ass. The lack of support from her holding on to me causes me to lose balance and I fall forward onto the ground. I can hear Tali giggling with her distinctive Quarian voice but when I finally turn to look back at her she is now slumped against the bar. It seems that the alcohol finally caught up with her and she is out cold.

Ahhhhh fuck!!! Yessss fill me up….

There is more grunts and groans to my side and I turn right in time to see Jack and Shepard both crying out together as they orgasm at the same time. After sitting up my eyes are now practically level with Jack’s cock-filled pussy and I can see the Commander’s cum overflowing from deep inside her and dripping down onto the floor. There’s so much of it and I can’t help myself, because without thinking I crawl over and hold my mouth open beneath, catching the remaining drops as they leak out, landing on my extended tongue. Mmm I savor the taste as the flood of semen slows and finally stops. Shepard simply pulls out casually and backs up to lean against the bar to rest but Jack grips me tight by the hair and straddles me standing above, turning my head with a forceful tug and smothering her cum-slick cunt into my face.

Ahhhh fuck, I’m not done yet you little bitch… drink it all down and clean me up.

Jack’s words barely reach me as everything is a bit muffled now that she is above me and straddling my head, her thighs clenched tight over my ears. There is slight pain as she tugs roughly on my hair and twists her hips, grinding harder against me. I can feel her clit rhythmically fucking against my nose while my mouth is latched tight over the lips of her pussy. Shepard looks on in amusement as her aggressive, tattoo covered and sex obsessed, friend feeds me the seed that had filled her sex up just moments ago. My sight is blurred from the crazed woman’s arousal having totally soaked my face in her liquids and I can make out some more moaning as she is building herself up to another quick orgasm. She humps my face until she can’t take it anymore and finally groans out once more in ecstasy. Jack is a squirter apparently and I do my best to gulp down every drop of her juices, and a mix of the Commander’s remaining semen, as she cums all over my head and down my throat.

Mmmaah much better.

Jack lets out a final sigh before releasing her hold on me, causing me to gasp for air and collapse onto my back spread eagle on the floor of the club. She strides over to join Shepard relaxed against the bar. The Commander’s eyes are still on me as I catch my breath and regain my composure. I wipe my eyes and look up at her, the monster cock between her legs is still semi-hard and throbbing occasionally. Also after peering around the club briefly I notice that a circle of people had formed around us and quite a few people are watching me. My cheeks shine bright red in embarrassment and once again I find myself looking up to accept the hand of Shepard as she helps me back up to my feet. She turns to Jack and speaks.


The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

- – - – -

My head is still spinning from everything that has happened but I shake myself back into a cohesive state only to have my jaw go limp when I find myself outside an airlock, looking through a window out onto the sight of the Normandy itself just docked right outside. With a tug I’m snapped out of my reverie and Shepard is pulling me into the airlock which closes behind us. Jack is with us and supporting the wasted Tali on her shoulder as we all wait for cycling to complete. The Commander keeps me held in her arm, pressed against her side, and I can’t help but glimpse down to watch the occasional throbbing from her covered cock, beneath her dress. Then with a hiss and a quick breeze the doors are open and we are walking onboard.

Immediately I take in the sight of the cockpit directly to my left as Shepard makes her greetings to the crew. She is saying something to the pilot but I’m frankly just off in my own world as I examine everything. The pilot is wearing a cap and has a bit of a beard and seems to be shaking his head sarcastically as I glance over at him. Then to the right I am met with a unique sight, there is what looks to be some kind of machine, an android of some kind, sitting in the copilot seat. She, and it is definitely a she by the exaggerated physical female form, is turned back and glancing toward me. Letting out a gulp I quickly look away and then with another tug I find myself on the move again. The interior is an impressive sight as we make our way past the command center area and the galaxy map. A dark skinned woman near the elevator at the back gives Shepard a quick nod and smile before turning back to her work. This is an Alliance vessel but the Commander apparently has a very lax vision as far as regulations are concerned in the way that the crew interacts with her. I noticed because it has helped a bit to calm my nerves and breed a less intimidating atmosphere for me, and as we step into the elevator in the back I find myself nuzzling closer in Shepard’s arms and able to relax some. It’s just the two of us as we apparently travel to some other part of the ship, Jack busy sitting Tali down and trying to sober her up.

The doors part a second time and before me looks to be large private quarters. Shepard has taken me up to the captain’s cabin! I tense up again briefly and allow myself to be escorted across the room to the bed. My eyes glance across the elegant fish tank to the left and the seating to the right. Then my feet are at the base of the bed and I turn to look up into Shepard’s glowing red eyes, which are gazing down into my own with an intensity I’ve never before experienced.

Undress me.

She simply utters those two words. I let out a gulp and nod slowly up at her. My eyes trail down across her body and I reach down with my trembling hands to grasp the bottom hem of her dress. I already know what to expect from earlier at the club but I can’t help myself but be hesitant. I flinch when I feel her hand on my shoulder. Shepard squeezes her fingers gently to comfort me. Smiling up at her I carefully pull the material up. Her sizable cock springs free first, then again her impressively toned stomach is exposed, and lastly her breasts greet my eyes before the dress is up and over her head. She takes the material before tossing it on a nearby chair, then turns and sits down on the edge of the bed facing me, raising and crossing her legs elegantly. Shepard raises a foot and presents it to me, waiting for me to continue. Understanding, I kneel down in front of her and gently take her foot in my hand and reach for the clasp to undo the heel.


I look up at her at the command, curious as to the reason for the pause.

…worship me.

She says it simply and gives her foot a small shake to emphasize her meaning. I look back down and then up to her again. This is a command that I don’t even need to hesitate on as it’s been apart of my fantasies for so long. My eyes keep focused on hers as I lean my head down and place a kiss on the tip of her big toe, and then start kissing my way one by one across the others. She wiggles her foot gently in the open-toed heel as my lips caress her skin and smiles down at the sight of my actions. My lips plant a kiss on the top of her foot as I then finally unclasp the shoe and remove the heel, placing it to the side. Then I make my way over to the other foot, kissing her ankle and down across her foot as I slowly undo the second piece of footwear. Her feet are freed and now she is completely nude in all of her glory as I kneel before her. The Commander uncrosses her legs and eases her thighs apart to display her impressive member, which is only half erect and throbbing with each heartbeat.

Nothing needs to be said and I lean forward to give the head of her shaft a lick, savoring the salty goodness on my tongue. Swirling my tongue around slowly I push forward and slowly start to take her inside my mouth. Shepard lifts her left leg and hefts it up over my shoulder. She grabs my hair tight in her hand and both pulls on my head with her hand and my back with the heel of her foot, drawing her cock further and deeper down my throat. I let out a muffled gag around her dick and my eyes start to water but I soldier on and start bobbing up and down, my lips dragging along the girth of her shaft. My throat squeezes around her and I can feel her cock as it fully hardens deep inside me. Then with a gasp she yanks my head off of her and pushes me back. I fall onto my bottom and look up at her in surprise and fear that I’ve done something wrong. As I gaze into her eyes I see her own orbs, full of lust, staring down back into mine. She quickly and with seemingly effortless ability reaches down and grabs hold of me under the shoulders and lifts me up and swivels around to drop me onto my back on the bed.

Before I have enough time to fully comprehend what exactly has happened she is already on top of me and pinning me flat to the bed with all of her body mass. Her nipples are as hard as rocks against my skin as she slides up my body. She presses her lips against my mouth and forces her tongue inside me, practically stealing my breath from me.


Groaning into her mouth I suck on her tongue and wrap my arms around her back and legs over her ass, heels digging into her thighs.


Involuntarily I grunt in surprise as she bites on my lower lip and, without me noticing, has positioned her cock at my entrance and shoved herself balls deep into my tight and clenching asshole. My fingers squeeze tight and claw into her back as she starts to rut with me, thrusting aggressively with all of her lust and pounding me into the mattress beneath her. I throw my head back and moan as our skin slaps together loudly from the penetration. My hole is squeezing and clenching tight around her thick, throbbing, cock as it fills me again and again. The head grinds along my inner walls and presses into my prostate repeatedly. As the Commander continues to pound me she grabs my hair with her hand and tugs my head to the side before kissing and licking along my jaw and neck, sinking her teeth into my shoulder and giving me bites along my vulnerable skin.

My walls are still suitably stretched from the fucking the wasted Quarian gave me earlier at the club, but it in no way detracts from the intensity in which my senses are being completely overwhelmed right now. My eyes roll back into my head and I let out a continuous series of whimpers as I’m dominated by Shepard’s cock. The stabbing against my prostate has my rock hard member, grinding between our stomachs, leaking a stream of my cum as my mind is flooded with ecstasy on level with one constant, self-sustaining, orgasm. Shepard leans back some in order to have a better view at the look on my face as the pleasure caused from her pounding me into oblivion washes over me. Through my ecstasy-obscured gaze I can make out a smirk, a look of satisfaction and dominance, on the Commander’s face. Supporting herself with one arm, she uses the free hand to reach at me and wrap her fingers tightly around my throat. For just the briefest moment fear washes over me as the hero that I’ve worshiped for so long starts to squeeze down on my wind pipe, slowly cutting off my oxygen. My hand reacts and reaches up to grab at her forearm…. but then as I stare into her eyes I gradually let go and give myself over to her completely. I have enough faith in my icon to trust that I will always be safe in her arms. At least that’s what I tell myself, the other part of me that still fears she may not be what I thought, and may actually end my life, still sparks with some emotion. But the greater part of me realizes that even if that is true then there’s nothing I could do about it and I would still rather enjoy what time I have left with Commander Shepard, the galaxies savior, then waste it in fear.

My form continues to slide around as the bed is shifted back and forth across the floor due to her aggressive fucking and I can feel my nervous system about to explode. I didn’t think it was possible but as Shepard slowly squeezes the life out of me the pleasure is building even higher and I can sense something about to happen. My face is probably turning blue by now due to lack of air but that isn’t even a concern on my mind as my vision is slowly going white. Then with a final squeeze and thrust from Shepard’s throbbing cock it feels like my entire body explodes. Air rushes back into my lungs and there is a small sensation of wetness splashing across my chest and face but the focus is the incredible feeling of euphoria that seems to crash through me in one giant tidal wave. I practically pass out as the best orgasm of my life is forced out of me by Shepard’s skilled actions. My own member has erupted and I’m spraying myself with my own cum. Every muscle in my body is clenching and spasms like crazy. I must look like an amusing sight to the Commander.

Somehow I manage to glance up at Shepard during this ordeal and the look on her face portrays great pleasure as well. As I slowly feel myself starting to come down from my mind numbing high I notice a warmth spreading deep inside me. Shepard is moaning in pleasure and I can sense that she too has erupted and is spraying her thick seed deep in my bowels. Happiness and satisfaction wells up from inside me to know that I brought her pleasure as well. My arms wrap around her neck and pull her head down to my lips as she continues to spray her cum in me. I suck on her lips and taste her tongue as she moans into my mouth. With a gasp she pulls back from my grasp and is panting. We both struggle to catch our breathes and recover from the wonderful coupling that we just shared together. Our foreheads touch and our lips lock casually. We suckle on each others lips gently and I relish resting in Shepard’s arms, underneath her powerful form. She rolls us onto our sides facing each other and I can feel fatigue slowly taking me. With a reflexive clench of my muscles I can feel her cock still embedded deep inside me and I smile up at her. Shepard grins down at me and then starts to speak.

Mmm that was good. You know I think this ship could use someone like you on board. My crew is on a stressful mission, to say the least, and I think you could help. It will be dangerous, but give it some thought and if you decide that you would like to stay you will be welcome to.

Did she really just offer to me what I think she did? I shake out the loose marbles in my mind. The Commander wants me aboard the Normandy… to service her crew. Embracing each other we slowly let sleep wash over us with the proposition floating in my head… how could I say no?


…or is it?

I arrived home that night at 10:43PM. I had been out at a local bar visiting with a friend who was celebrating his birthday and the launch of an exciting new business venture.

I walked inside with a smile on my face, excited to be home. “Magen, I’m home!” I greeted her with.

“Welcome home Alex, I’m glad you’re back safely. However,” she said with a look of disapproval, “You told me you’d be home by 10. I am very disappointed that you lost track of time. I cooked a nice dinner for us to both enjoy, and now it is ruined. You have displeased me greatly.” She walked into the kitchen and signaled me to follow. “Are you hungry Alex? I made your favorite.”

I nodded to her, “Yes mistress. I’ve been looking forward to having dinner with you. I’m starving!”

“Too bad Alex, the dog would be more appreciative of this food than you would be. You did not consider my feelings tonight, why should I consider yours?” She gazed straight into my soul with anger. “If you want this food you’ll have to earn it. Get down on your knees.”

I obliged and got down on my knees. “Mistress, I’m sorry I lost track of time. I did not mean to hurt your feelings.”

“Alex, my feelings are fine. You are the one that’s going to hurt tonight. You need to be taught a lesson. Hands behind your back. Now.” She said, crouching down to peck her lips against mine. “How much did you have to drink tonight Alex? Your breath smells of alcohol.”

I put my hands behind my back as instructed, “Four beers mistress. And one shot,” I said reluctantly, “It was my friends birthday, I couldn’t help myself.”

She scoffed at me and shook her head, “Alex, you’re really making this hard on yourself. Do you know what kind of punishment you’re looking at now? Actually, don’t answer that. I want you to keep your words to yourself until I say otherwise. You got to have your way at my expense, so I will have my way at your expense,” she said, “undo your pants Alex.”

I did so hastily, and resumed holding my hands behind my back afterwards. I was starting to worry just what she had in mind. She walked off and returned shortly after with a belt in her hand, and a small bag full of contents unknown. She positioned herself behind me, latching onto the waist of my pants and pulling them down, exposing my bare ass to her.

She spoke sharply, “You’re hungry Alex, you may eat your cold dinner now.” She placed my plate of food in front of me. She had been considerate enough to cut it up into bite-sized pieces. “Keep your hands behind your back at all times, though. Tonight you get to eat like an animal.” She pushed me forward, my face just inches above the plate. “Enjoy Alex. Maybe next time you won’t make the same mistake again.”

Without hesitation I lowered my mouth to the plate to pick up a bite of food with my teeth. Right as I got the food in my mouth she lashed me with the belt, hard against my bare ass. I flinched in pain before my face fell into the food. I heard her laugh at me, she was watching me in this humiliating position and being entertained by it.

“Alex, eat your god damn dinner or I’m taking it away from you,” She said as she struck me again with the belt, “You have one minute to finish before I take it away from you.” She struck my ass again, leaving blistering pain across both my ass cheeks. She wasn’t going easy on me like normal, these licks were near full force. I could feel my ass glowing with redness. I began to eat faster as she began to count down, but it wasn’t an easy task. “45…” She counted, and she continued to lay into my ass with the smooth leather belt. The sound of leather whipping my ass echoed through the room. The pain was too much to bear, tears began to roll down my face as I gave up.

I swallowed what was in my mouth and spoke up, “Please mistress, It hurts too much. Please stop,” I began to sob, “I’m sorry I didn’t follow my orders, I’m sorry you wanted to spend time with me and I wasn’t here for you.”

She abruptly kicked the plate of cold food away from my face. “Alex,” she spoke softly, “I told you not to speak until I said you could. The pain you’re feeling right now you deserve. You got yourself into this mess, not me.” She smacked my ass with her hand, and then rubbed it gently. “I do this because I care about you Alex. I want you to be better, and keeping me happy is important. Like I said before, you had your fun at my expense, and now I’m having my fun at your expense. You want to make me happy don’t you?”

“Y-yes, mistress,” I sobbed, “I want you to be happy.”

“Good boy,” She said as she reached into the bag she brought out earlier, “Open wide.” I opened my mouth for her, and she placed a ball gag in my mouth and secured it tightly behind my head. “How about I take a little piece of that ass now, Alex? We’ll try something a bit bigger than you’re used to this time.” I felt lube against my asshole as she pressed something against my entrance. My eyes opened wide, surprised and not knowing what to expect. She pushed it in slowly, about an inch inside my tight inexperienced asshole. “Hmm… this might hurt you a bit Alex. But you’re lucky I don’t do worse.” She pulled it out of me, and stuck two fingers inside of me. She curled her fingers to stimulate my prostate and got my cock hard as a rock. “It’s good to know you get some enjoyment out of this Alex, I know I do.” She pushed her fingers down, stretching my ass out a bit. “This is the only warmup your getting tonight,” She said menacingly, “Get the most out of it.”

I layed there, food covering my face, ass up in the air, feeling completely dominated by my mistress. I knew she would take good care of me so I was accepting of my punishment, even though I knew she was about to have her way with my ass. I closed my eyes and tried to relax my hole as I felt her pull her fingers out and began to push the strapon inside of me again. I could barely accommodate it with my tight asshole. She had to use a lot of force to get it inside of me. When she finally got it all the way inside my ass I felt completely full of her plastic cock. She grabbed onto my hips and began to work it in and out of me, about an inch at a time. I was so tight and my ass hurt from the stretching, but it felt good to me. Knowing that she was there and that she was willing to correct my mistakes was reassuring. She began pushing it in and out faster, giving me more of her length. I bit down on the gag and let out a long sigh. She was having her way with my tight ass. I didn’t want it to end. I felt myself close to orgasm from the friction against my prostate.

“You’re such a good boy Alex, look at you taking this big cock up your ass. I’m proud of you. Do you think you can cum without touching?” She asked me, releasing the gag.

“Yes mistress, please may I cum. I have learned my lesson tonight and I will not make the same mistake again. Please Miss Magen, fuck my ass until I cum for you. Please give me permission.” I pleaded to her.

“You may cum Alex, go on. Show me you can cum without touching your cock.” She said as she continued to thrust in and out of my tight hole. She reached down and caressed my balls gently.

“M-m… Mistress! T-thank you…” I moaned as I began shooting my hot cum all over the floor, spurt by spurt, “Oh my god Magen it feels so good, mmm,” My cock twitched as it fired off it’s last bit of cum.

“Eat your cum now Alex, you didn’t even get through half of your dinner before you fucked it up for yourself. Your cum will give you a few extra calories.” She ordered. With her cock still inside of me I backed up a couple feet and began to lick my cum off the floor.

“Good boy Alex,” She smacked my burning-red ass playfully and pulled her strapon out of me slowly. “Now, go clean up the kitchen and get ready for bed. Since you were good I will let you sleep on the floor by my bed tonight.” She picked my plate off the floor and tossed the remaining food into the garbage before walking off to her room and closing the door.

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All rights reserved, 2010


Maria’s story….

The colonel and I walked along the side of the huge building on the San Diego base.

I remember looking at the moon and giving myself an almost silent sigh wishing I had made a better choice in life, that I had never met the colonel, that I never joined the Marines, that I had the chance for a family… and yet, I knew that I could not change what had happened in the past, the present was following its own path, and for me the future was still unknown.

Passing through the numerous security checkpoints we finally entered the conference room deep inside the building. Aside from the obvious need of the on-site members, six huge flat screens spaced along the wall connected them with various commands around the world.

We had brought along the ranking members of the FBI and CIA with us from Malibu. He was not surprised to find copies of his earlier proposal on the conference table being read by a different group of ranking officers including one flag officer representing his friend, Admiral Woodrell.

Two large screens covered one entire wall showing huge container ships moving across the Pacific. Other walls gave locations of the new radiation detecting buoys strung out along the ocean’s surface. Several were marked in red and satellite photos were superimposed over the diagrams.

“Latest Intel has both container ships leaving Hong Kong and moving eastward toward us. Somehow, with everything else happening over there we missed them being shipped from North Korea.

The first has a scheduled stop at Honolulu which we believe will be a strike against Pearl while the other is heading toward Los Angeles. We have full sat coverage and will pick them up with Orions as they come into range. Colonel Crowell and Major Paras have been working closely with the FBI and the CIA on contingency plans if they get near the US coast. Our job is to make sure that won’t be necessary.

The president has decided that Crowell and Paras will determine the plan of action. According to the briefs that they have brought from Malibu they have several scenarios for situations like this. Major, it’s all yours.”

I stood up and faced all the west coast admirals sitting there.

“Our first line of attack will be coordinated through the Task Force 70 carrier George Washington of the Seventh Fleet, Task Force 71 which covers Special Warfare and Explosive Disposal, Task Force 72 with the P3 Orions for reconnaissance and Task Force 74 with the Los Angeles class submarine Corpus Christi.

Our second line will consist of the Third Fleet with the Task Force 37 carriers Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln and three Los Angeles class submarines now leaving from San Diego… Now here’s what we’re going to do…”

We left the conference several hours later and went outside to get some fresh air.

Moving over to a dark corner, the colonel took out his Blackberry and called Alessa. She must have answered rather quickly because he didn’t have to wait more than a few seconds.

Standing right there in the silence, I could not help but hear the conversation and he seemed to forget I was there.

“Are you awake? Yes, I know it’s two o’clock on the morning. Listen carefully… Get enough busses to evacuate everyone from our complex and head north on the 5… call Shenan and have him pick up the Gylers and meet you with his family at Redding… tell him you’re all going to the new property I just bought.

When you get to Redding, have Holly get enough food to last about a week, make that two weeks. Make sure you take all the SUVs… Tell Philip ‘code 7′, remember that, ‘Code 7′. Alessa, get everyone out now!”

The colonel was plowing through every protocol the Navy had in place regarding top secret information. Strangely, that had not bothered me as much as what he said next.

“I… I love you, Alessa, I loved you from the moment we had lunch that day… I needed to tell you that. Now, go!”

He knew that he had broken a huge number of security protocols but he didn’t seem to care. He couldn’t evacuate the entire Los Angeles area but he could get his people out… his woman out.

I had no family… the Corps was my family… he knew I wanted him to be my family and he would protect me as well as he could considering what was coming.

He sensed me coming up behind him and turned.

“Oh, it’s you, Major. Has anything changed?”

“Yes and no. We have to go back. The ships are still coming on schedule but they want us to fly out to the lead carrier and be on site.”

“What!!!??? You’ve got to be kidding! What can we do out there that we can’t do here? This is crazy. Who do I talk to about this?”

“It’s no use, I’ve already tried. Admiral Woodrell was adamant about it. He said that being on scene or at least much closer to the action would help us prove the system since we must stop those ships no matter what. You know that.”

He was so angry I could see it even in the dim light.

“Yes, I do… I just thought I was through with flying out to carriers and being in the military… I’m sorry, Maria, I didn’t include you in that. I’m not the young fool I used to be.”

“I have some other bad news for you. They’ve activated the IRR rules and you’ve been extended.”

“Ah, c’mon… what can I do in the Corps that I can’t do outside? This is ridiculous. Who do I talk to?”

“I’m sorry but with the war on terror, if you’re considered vital you’re called back… I’m hoping it might be a short duration duty.”

Damn it, I couldn’t believe it… if he’s back in the military even longer then there was no hope for me at all. I hated my life! I hated my life! I hated my life!

I turned half-away, not wanting him to the see the desperation in my face.

Crowell stood there in the dark, fuming. We knew that the eight year requirement had not been met yet and so his IRR status was still in effect. Stupidly, he must have thought what he was doing would require them to leave him in place in Los Angeles.

Now, breaking my heart once again, he had just declared himself to Alessa.

“Colonel, please, we need to get back. They’re waiting for us.” I walked away from him wiping the tears from my face with my sleeve.

He doggedly followed me back into building. His anger was barely under control when he met Admiral Woodrell and Major General Richard Church. Woodrell motioned us to take a chair, hoping as a friend, to break the news of his recall in the best possible light.

I had begun to worry. I was scheduled to get out early next year. If they called both of us for a longer contract, our enlistment could just last forever. If that had been the case, I would have gone over his head and transferred somewhere else. I didn’t care where so long as it was away from them.

“Jim… I’m sure that Major Paras has already told you the news. I know that this is very inconvenient for you, especially at this time of your personal life.”

The admiral leaned over and put his hands on the table, biding for time.

“Jim, I know all about Alessa and what this might do to your relationship with her.”

The admiral gave a wary sideways glance at me. My eyes were red and he felt he knew why.

“I’m sorry but the president has decided that you must be in the chain of command for this operation. He has the greatest respect for your abilities and told me to give you this.”

The Marine Corps general handed the colonel a large envelope embossed with the seal of the White House and a small jewelry box.

“Go on, open it up.”

Inside were general’s stars, shining in the room’s light.

Crowell carefully opened the envelope and pulled out a group of papers and began reading the cover letter signed by the president himself. He reread the letter four times, not believing what he was seeing. Not only was he being recalled to active duty but the president had directed that he be promoted to brigadier general and in charge of the mission.

At one time, I was sure, in his military career he would have welcomed this opportunity with both arms but now… with his business incredibly moving forward at such a fast pace… and Alessa… what about her? How was this going to affect her? Honestly, at the time I didn’t care how I was going to affect her but now, I’m ashamed how I had felt then.

“Major Paras, you have also been promoted to Colonel due to your work with Crowell.”

He handed me a similar small case holding colonel’s eagles but evidently I didn’t rate a letter from the president.

“We’ll need you to leave at first light. We’ve a couple of Hornets ready to fly you out to the Reagan. Major… that is, Colonel Paras, you’ve never flown to a carrier before so might as well make the trip during the daylight.

Without giving away the situation, General, you may call Alessa and tell her what’s happening. As far as how long… we don’t know but hope that it will be quick and to the point. I’m really sorry, Jim, I know you didn’t want this and could have done it without coming back in but the president thinks otherwise.”

Alessa’s story….

“Jimmy?” As quiet as the bus was, it was still a bus and I pressed the Blackberry hard against my head trying to hear him.

“Alessa, darling… I have some very bad news. My enlistment in the Marines has been extended for a while. Major… I mean, Colonel Paras and I will be gone for at least a week which is why I had you take everyone north. I’ll explain everything later.

I’ll be on the Reagan with Paras for that time; we’ll be out somewhere in the Pacific. I’ll call you each chance I get but don’t call me; it will break all kinds of security measures. Is everything alright? Where are you?”

“We’re just north of Sacramento and have joined up with Bill and his family. He picked up the Gylers and I’ve got them on the bus with me. Jimmy, what’s going on?”

“Darling, I can’t tell you now, maybe never but when you get settled in at the cabin, stay there… keep CNN on somewhere the whole time. I’ve got to go; I’m flying out to the carrier in a few hours… Alessa?”

“Yes, Jimmy?”

“Alessa, I love you and we’ll get married at Christmas in Hawaii if I get back.”

The phone call finished from his end.

Marry me!!! If I get back?!!! Oh, God, what was Jimmy doing? And what was he doing going to an aircraft carrier?

I felt like he was saying goodbye and I would never see him again; turning to the window I began to cry, not knowing at the time how right I had been.

Early morning, Sunday, July 22rd, 2007 Carrier USS Reagan, 280 miles west of Hawaii, Pacific Ocean


Leaving San Diego in a supersonic fighter plane held none of the fascination that it should have for me. The plane raced westward into the still dark sky and I gripped the side of the cockpit so hard that my hands were white. My breathing was so rapid that the pilot, Bob Osborne, turned down the cockpit communications waiting for me to calm down. It was a very quiet three hour flight to Pearl and then a half-hour more to the Reagan.

Although the general had made numerous carrier night landings, this was my first time in a fighter plane. Although I had calmed down a bit, I was sure Lieutenant Osborne could hear my still labored breathing as we approached the huge Nimitz class carrier.

“Colonel,” Osborne said, “if you look over at about two o’clock, you can see the Reagan. We’ll be done in a few minutes… please make sure that you’re still buckled in correctly. Thanks for flying Marine Air.”

The postage sized ship rapidly grew in size, until it was all I was interested in, wanting to get down on the deck and off the plane. I realized flying in a supersonic fighter was very different from flying in the general’s comfortable, secure Gulfstream.

As our plane caught the arresting cable, the stop jerked me forward, and my three hour 40 minute supersonic ride was over, thank God.

“Welcome to the Reagan, Colonel. Hope you enjoyed the ride.”

“uhhhh… yeah… thanks, Lieutenant. I’ll let you know when I’d like another.”

“That’s OK, Colonel… we’re to wait until you and the general are finished with your mission. Do you need any help unhooking your straps?”

But before I could answer, the support crew had already unhooked the safety belts and my oxygen connections. They told me to keep my helmet.

“Well, Colonel, how did you like your first landing on a carrier?”

“General… something not to be forgotten… something to not be repeated.”

“Kinda hard getting home, then.” He seemed to take a sly pleasure at my discomfort. It was ironic that a Marine officer was unhappy flying at a thousand miles an hour miles above the ocean.

A tall but strongly built officer approached us and saluted.

“I’m Commander Mike Hunter, General Crowell, Colonel Paras. Please follow me.”

He led us into the warren of decks and passageways that made up the interior of the huge floating city. More than 5000 men and women were living and working inside the ship. Eventually, we reported to the Captain of the ship, David Grande, and Admiral Vincent Woodrell who had preceded us by a few hours.

“General James Crowell and Colonel Maria Paras, reporting, sir!”

“At ease, at ease. The Lincoln is steaming toward our intercept sites. Hopefully, it won’t come to that but we still must get a boarding party onto those ships to make sure that your information is correct. The president, naturally, is throwing everything we have at this, although I’m hoping that it won’t be necessary… however, the Admiral tells me that you’ve never been wrong. In this case, that’s too bad.”

“Admiral, Captain… I’m sorry, too, if it turns out to be true. It means that our enemies have access to weapons that are impossibly dangerous and the means to obtain them. We’re going to stop them here and then take care of them there.”

“Well, until our Orions have the ships on sight, we’re relying on the satellites for their positions… by tomorrow, I believe, we’ll be able to take action. Why don’t you and the colonel get settled in, and I’ll see you at 0900 hours, tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, sir.” With two snappy salutes, we started to leave the wardroom.

Hunter spoke up. “Allow me to escort you to your cabins.”

As many times as Crowell had been on board Nimitz class ships, it still was a huge three dimensional maze to be crossed. I, having never been aboard one, would have been totally lost. Hunter and an ensign carrying our travel bags led the way to the cabins further in the rabbit warren.

A short while later, Hunter showed Crowell his cabin.

“You’ll have to share with me this trip out, General. Ensign Plooming will escort you wherever you need to go.”

“Yes, I’d like to take a look around, thanks.”

“Colonel, if you’ll come with me, I’ll show you to your cabin.”

He took my travel bag, letting me carry my laptop case. Several minutes later, he showed me to a cabin a little further in the ship.

“I hope that you’ll be comfortable. I’ll be your escort, while you’re here, if you don’t mind.”

Hunter was excited to meet me. As I eventually found out, since he was very young, strong women dominated his life. At first it was his mother and then his younger sisters.

When he had to join the Navy for the money, the discipline of military life continued his need. Every paycheck went directly to his mother in San Diego. And although he had risen through the ranks by correctly following orders, he knew there were still officers above his rank filling his need for direction.

His submissive behavior toward the women in his life would greatly impact both Alessa’s and my lives. To me, it had just been another insult to my personal life.

Now I had crossed paths with his, a Marine officer no less. Now I know that he was thinking if he could somehow convince me to allow him some time with me.

I probably should have jumped overboard, instead.

“Thank you, Commander. I’d… I’d like that. Please sit down while I put these away. What’s it really like, living on a ship like this?”

“Oh, it’s good and bad. You get a lot of clean air to breathe and when there’s an actual mission you feel like you’re doing something. Otherwise, you’re constantly training for a war you hope never happens. How about yourself?”

“It’s about the same, except onshore. Crowell runs a very tight ship with the military side of the installation but the business side is a little looser. Sometimes, we’re on duty 24/7 for days at a time until some crisis is over. The fact that no one knows there was a crisis is a testament to how he’s handled it.”

“But, there are a number of people working there, right? Or, does he take credit for the whole thing, moving his career along?”

“Oh, no! He never takes credit for anything! He had been out of the Marines for a while… at least until this morning when he was recalled. The higher ups acknowledge that he’s the prime mover but he’s done everything he can to help everyone’s career succeed and be financially secure in case something happens so their families are taken care of.

We’ve lost a few people over the years and he’s taken each and every loss personally, for he’s the one who decided to send them in.”

“He sounds like a wonderful man.”

“Yes, he is… enough about that… what about you?”

“I grew up in a small town in West Virginia, out in the coal country. My father’s family were coal miners. My mother told me to get out and join the Navy. This is going to be my last tour out here, though; I’d like to settle down with an intelligent strong woman to start a family. I would like to think I would serve her in whatever she wants.”

There should have been a loud alarm ringing in my head by that time but my unhappiness with the general clouded my judgement.

“So, you don’t have a girl?”

He was pretty smart and good looking. He seemed to like a structured life… hmmm… intelligent strong woman… serve her in whatever she wants… I still don’t know what I was thinking other than I was so damn tired having men control my life. At the time, Hunter seemed like a good alternative the way I was feeling.

“No… this life is not good for meeting someone or romance… too many military divorces because of separation and finances. I don’t want that to happen to whoever I would fall in love with… I want someone to give me guidance.”

He was dropping hints right and left and they sank into my subconscious, controlling what I did.

“Where did you grow up?” he asked. “There was something before the Marines, I’m sure.”

“I grew up in Los Angeles… it was fun but became impossible to do anything, after a while. You couldn’t afford a house, there’s still a lot of racism, you know, the usual.

I joined the Marines, more to get out from under my father’s thumb. He had some serious old world ideas that were crushing me… I didn’t want to get married at 17 and have five children. So as soon as I could I left.

Although I’m stationed in Los Angeles, he still doesn’t want to talk to me and it’s been fifteen years, now I don’t… uh… let’s talk about something else, shall we?”

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to bring you there. Please forgive me.”

His expression was the saddest I had ever seen that didn’t involve someone dying and for a moment it looked like he thought I was going to hit him.

“Well, may I suggest we could talk about tomorrow or we could take a walk around the deck… the view from the fantail is incredible.”

By that time I was so tired worrying about the fate of the world and my own life that I needed to do something away from all the military trappings present.

“Yes, let’s do that… I’ve had enough business for one day, and everything’s in place… nothing I can do now except wait. It’s up to others to keep track of things for a while.”

Hunter gave me a headset for ear protection and took me out onto the flight deck. After carefully walking around the various aircraft, he extolled the various features of each type.

Her glorious twat twangled and still softly twanging, having gushed and dribbled over my fingers and coated my face, I hear her murmur how thirsty she is. Her moans of passion and groans of pleasure have parched her throat.

Water, water! her voice softly calls.

Answering her summons, I slide back off her bed, from between her wide spread legs, and move quickly around the bed to kneel on the floor beside where her head rests upon the mattress. So much for all the earlier brushing, for her long hair is now wild and tangled, and fines beads of moisture lay upon her brow. Lips parted, she licks them with her tongue, her breathing is laboured in post-orgasmic bliss. Gentle shudders continue to roll slowly through her body.

Water for her thirst. A glass on the bedside table. Taking a deep mouthful of cold water from this glass, and holding it within, I lower my lips to hers. Touching, sealing her lips gently to mine, I purse mine, parting them slightly to allow a gentle stream of cold water to flow into her waiting mouth. Sensing she has enough to swallow, I move my tongue forward to plug my pursed lips, and I feel the movement of her throat as she swallows. My lips still against hers, I wait until she has taken a breath, then withdraw my tongue, allowing the trickle of still cold water to again flow into her waiting mouth.

Three times my tongue seals my pursed lips, and three times Goddess swallows, and as she swallows for the third time, so I swallow what remains of that mouthful not yet delivered unto her. My lips open wide and her tongue pushes forward into my mouth, exploring me, dancing tongue to tongue. Her tongue tantalises me and teases me and then slowly retreats back into her mouth and mine follows hers, the dance continuing now within her. Her mouth feels so refreshingly cool as we lose ourselves in a long hot kiss which only ends when I begin to lift my head slowly and reluctantly away from her lips.

Her tongue follows my departing lips, lapping my mouth. Mmmmm I taste good on your face.

Goddess does, and I wear her beautiful scent with pride. Smiling with a heart full of light, love and joy, I reach for the glass of water and again take a deep draught, holding it within my mouth and bending down, kiss her again, loving the way she now smiles in anticipation. In this fashion we share a full glass of cold, refreshing water, slowly and most intimately, with lengthy sessions of wet kissing between each new mouthful. Oh how glorious the way her lips look – plump, moist and shiny, as if coated with gloss. So kissable, lickable – suckable…

Would you like some chocolate? There is a block in the kitchen on the shelf with the dinner plates.

Leaving my Goddess tied spreadeagled to her bed, I walk naked into her kitchen to find the chocolate and retrieve a chilled bottle of champagne from her fridge, and a single champagne flute.

Stepping back into her bedroom I admire her glorious mature womanly form that lies securely restrained before me. Her first time in bondage, and she is loving it. Smiling to her, I walk to around the bed to stand besides her head, and leaning over her lay the chilled champagne bottle between her legs, the cold of its base against the passionate heat of her vulva. An intake of air, a hiss, as the cold glass touches her hot, aroused flesh.

Unwrapping the foil that protects the block of dark rich chocolate, I break off just one square, and smiling, pop it into my mouth. Holding it there and caressing it with my tongue, I sample its dark rich taste, waiting for it to begin to melt. As it starts to melt, I fall to my knees, and bending down to this bound Goddess, lower my lips to hers and I see her face light up in anticipation of a new sensual experience.

Our lips touch, and with the tip of my tongue, I push the melting square of chocolate through my parting lips and against hers, and as her lips part, into her waiting mouth. As her tongue takes this melting prize deep into her mouth, I lick her lips with my tongue coated in chocolate, before drawing away with a smile. I break off another small square of chocolate and pop it into my mouth, all the while watching her face, looking into her deep, deep eyes, and as the chocolate begins to again melt in my mouth I lean forward to renew our kiss.

This time her tongue spears through my parted lips and I suck upon it firmly, drawing her deeper into me, sucking the film of chocolate that coats her tongue, and as her tongue begins to withdraw, mine follows into her mouth, taking with it this next square of melting chocolate. Now her lips suck greedily upon my tongue, almost trying to tear my tongue from my mouth. As her lips begin to relax their suction, my tongue freed, caresses and dances with hers deep in her mouth. I move my tongue along her teeth and gums, and lick her inner cheeks, tasting the chocolate that now gilds her mouth. Such an epicurean and hedonistic way to share a piece of chocolate.

We kiss, our lips lock together in passion, our mouths open wide and our tongues dance back and forward in a glorious waltz of lust, until all the chocolate has melted and slid down our throats. Slowly and reluctantly I begin to draw my head upwards and she tries to follow, straining her neck upwards before surrendering and then relaxing back onto the mattress.

More! I want more!!!

Oh how I love a demanding Women. I break off the last square of chocolate from the first row of the block and holding it between my two fingers, place it gently between her lips. Her tongue comes out to lick my fingers, and slowly, softly, knowing they are invited, my fingers sink into her inviting, wanting mouth. Oh what a hot, wet, moist, mouth she has.

With my other hand I reach forward and lift the bottle of champagne from where it has laid nestled against her vulva.

Opening the champagne, I fill the flute. Taking a mouthful, I marvel at the way the fine beads of bubbles, enliven my mouth, refreshing my palette. Swallowing just a sip, I lean forward and down again, and begin to dribble champagne into her waiting mouth. As we had shared the glass of water, and then two squares of chocolate, so we now share a flute a of beading, bubbly champagne – slowly and most intimately.

The flute drained, I break off a square of chocolate, and run its edge lightly along the lips of her mouth, back and forth until her lips part and the chocolate sinks into her waiting, wanting mouth.

I refill the flute, and take a mouthful, but this time not to share with her mouth. Instead standing I walk around her bed until I am between her wide spread legs, looking down upon her nakedness. Smiling, I sink to my knees, and leaning forward bring my finger tips to rest on her inner thighs, parting her, spreading her as I bring my lips into contact with her vulva, kissing her clitoris and the upper portion of her labia minora. Slowly I purse my lips and dribble chilled champagne over her clitoris and down into her Cleft of Venus. I hear her gasp and moan from the cold and then the pleasure of my mouth.

Quickly I slide my mouth down her Cleft to her perineum, then opening my lips and moving my head slowly upwards lick and suck the champagne that has dribbled down, my tongue sliding up the length of her glorious slit. Reaching her clitoris, my lips open to encompass this living jewel and as I begin to lick and lap her clitoris, I again let more champagne trickle out of my mouth, over her clit and slowly down her cleft.

Just a few licks and laps to tease her and hear her moan, to feel her thrust her hips up, then I repeat my journey south to her perineum, and then back up licking and sucking her lips and cleft, catching some of the champagne. Mmm, the beauty of her taste complemented by the fizzing champagne. It is my turn to be greedy, I swallow what remains of the champagne in my mouth. Then sink my aquiline nose between the petals of her cleft, inhaling her aroma, and slowly I fuck her, running my nose, my face up and down slit. Oh how sweet and tarty her arousal, how copious her secretions- how succulent and juicy she is.

Call me a lush, drinking champagne before lunch, well with lunch – dining upon a Goddess. Chocolate and Champagne meld well, yet nothing compares with the sublime melding of champagne and pussy juice. Slowly I sipp champagne from the flute to then dribble upon her Yoni and then to suck back into my mouth, until there is no more in the flute and a huge wet patch under her, upon my pillow that has lifted and tilted her hips and pelvis upwards.

With my face coated in her juice, I slide up over her mons, her tummy, her glorious breasts, all coated in massage oil, until I lay upon her fully and lowering my face to hers, let her kiss, and lick and suck me, my face, sharing with her all her Yoni’s beautiful richness. The look of pleasure and joy upon her face fills me with humility and joy. I am for a brief interlude her laundry slut, her slave, her pleasure slave commanded to take her to a place she had not been to before. Submissive whore Mikey revelling in his service to her, and worship of her.

Rolling off her I reached for the chocolate, breaking of two squares joined together. I tease her mouth with this morsel, her lips parting, wanting the chocolate. However I have other intentions for this rectangle of pleasure.

Sliding back down the bed until I am again between her legs, I started to tease her labia and cleft with the chocolate, sliding this rectangle of chocolate slowly and softly up and down her slit, beginning to coat her inner lips with it, before teasing the entrance to her vagina, and then to slide the chocolate in and out of her, a little deeper with every stroke, until the softening chocolate lies buried within her. Leaving the chocolate there, I slip my fingers out, and hear her moan with frustration. Lucky for me Goddess is still bound to her bed, or Mikey-slut would be in a lot of trouble.

Sliding back off the bed, and walking around to her, I kneel besides her again. Lifting my fingers to my lips, teasing her, I suck my fingers clean, enjoying the sweetness of the chocolate combining with the tartness of her Yoni juice. Fingers sucked clean, I reach for the champagne bottle to fill the flute, and then to share with her, trickling the champagne into her wanting mouth, and in between much kissing and sucking. All the while chocolate melts in her vagina.

The flute drained, and feeling a wonderful light buzz, I want to pleasure this restrained Goddess once more.

Kneeling on the floor, resting my tummy on her bed, between her legs spread wide, tied to her bed posts, I look upon her face, and then down to her Yoni. Both so beautiful. Reaching for her unscented edible massage oil, I coat both my hands rubbing them together, warming the oil, and then I lay my hands on her outer thighs, giving them a slow gentle massage. Sliding my left hand under her I begin to fondle and squeeze her buttock, while my right hand wanders inwards massaging her Mons then downwards until its fingers begin to lightly tease her Cleft, slow gentle strokes, caressing and stimulating, arousing her. All the while I am listening to her breathing, noting how it changes, gentle sighs of relaxation, morphing into Oohs and Ahhs, then into longer deeper sighs and moans of pleasure.

With the palm of my right hand facing upwards, my fingers tease the entrance to her vagina, and slowly my forefinger begins to slip into her. Gentle sliding motions in and out and every penetration, going a little deeper. Finger sliding out coated in rich dark chocolate – Mmm. My middle finger joins in, with it crossed under the forefinger. Sliding all the way in, both fingers curled upwards feeling the rugae of her vagina as I palpate upwards with curled fingers, searching for her G-spot. Faster, deeper my fingers like pistons sliding in and out, my biceps already tired from previous exertions begin to burn, but her moans or pleasure and the way she is thrusting her hips up and down, keep me going. I am her pleasure slave. I am here to serve her and to worship her, and I am feeling wonderful and so alive. I am her slut and whore that she has summonsed. I am for a short time her man.

Meanwhile the fingers of my left hand have found the cleft of her buttocks, and my middle finger strokes her sphincter in circular motions, spiralling inwards. Finding her entrance, I tease her, just pressing the pad of my fingertip against this wonderful opening. Pressing lightly and then retracting, not entering, just teasing her, stimulating her nerve endings. Pressing again. Goddess is rocking her hips, wanting the fingers of my right hand deeper in her, and as she does this, the middle finger of my left finger slides through her sphincter into the wonderful slippery tight tunnel of her anus. Ahhh, the glory of this sensation. I hear her moan with pleasure, and slowly I wiggle my finger tip, flexing and extending it, palpating upwards and caressing the sensitive wall of her anus. And as Goddess rocks her hips and pelvis to my two fingers in her Yoni, my middle finger of my left hand slides deeper into her anus. Hotter and hotter, tighter and tighter. I am in heaven.

Lowering my mouth to her clit, I begin to lick and suck, pressing my top teeth against the base of her hood, my tongue, now as sore and tired as my fingers and arms laps her clit, long gentle strokes, alternated with rapid short strokes. My nose is pressed against her Mons, being battered again as she thrusts her hips up. I am sucking, holding on for dear life. Breathing in through my nostrils, out through my mouth, warm moist air bathing her clit, both biceps tiring, fingers aching.

Yes!…Yes!………Yes!…Yes! Yes! Yes! YesYesYesYesssssssssss. Fuck me slut! Fuck me! YesYesYes.

Her moans and cries and inchoate murmurings are music to my ears. I am enlivened. Fortified against the burning and tiredness of my tongue and arms and fingers. I start to hum as I lick her clit – UmUmUmUmUm, my mouth vibrating over her clit as my fingers slide in and out of her. And then she begins to gush again. I can feel the fluid squirting out of her, over my fingers. I have taken her to that place that she has so long dreamed of. Her moans and cries reach a crescendo, onto a fortissimo. I am in heaven. My fingers sliding into her and my tongue lapping her clit and the top of the slit, tasting her copious secretions, my pillow getting wetter and wetter. Pussy Juice, and ejaculate, flavoured, sweetened with chocolate.

Massive orgasms roll through her, her hips thrusting upwards battering my nose, and i suck onto her clitoris for dear life, losing my rhythm constantly as she bucks and thrusts. Normally her hands would be between her legs now, fending my her lover’s head away. However today her arms are tied to her bed head and she cannot escape, so i lick and tease and continue to arouse and her yoni weeps and dribbles over my fingers. Higher i take her, wanting to give her what she wants. Until at last she slumps back on her bed, relaxing totally into her bondage. Liberated.

Sensing that she has arrived, i slow and soften my stimulation. My fingers cease, and while i leave my middle finger deep in her anus, i remove my two fingers from her yoni, then lowering my lips i begin to suck and gently tongue the opening to her vagina, sucking what remains of the chocolate from her. I hear her vocalisations soften and relax as she glories in post-orgasmic bliss.

Goddess is sated. Her slut is sated. Slowly i raise my head from between her legs, looking into her eyes and seeing total bliss upon my face.

Come here slut!

Obeying, i reluctantly slide the middle finger of my left hand from her anus and climb up her oiled flesh until my lips touch hers, and she licks my face clean. Then i present her the index and middle finger of my right hand and she sucks what remains of the chocolate from them.

Lying on top of her, supporting my weight upon my arms, i listen to her as in between kissing, she describes where i have taken her. Wow!!!

I think i need to say ‘Red’. I don’t want to, but i think i need to.

I should have rolled off her straight away and untied her, but i didn’t, I waited and kissed her some more.


Quickly i got off her, stood up and unbuckled my wrist and ankle cuffs, freeing her from her first taste of bondage.

The school and university system of England is a strange, anomaly-ridden thing. It has grown up haphazardly over centuries, subject to the caprices of tradition and political whim, baffling to the outsider. One of the anomalies is that the great medieval universities of Oxford and Cambridge (collectively “Oxbridge”) select part of their student intake on the basis of special exams which take place half a year after when most pupils leave school. And, of course, most of the schools which can, practically speaking, afford to keep a select group of pupils on for half a year extra are the private ones, the most expensive and exclusive of which are, most bafflingly of all, known as “Public Schools”. You will have heard of some of these: Eton and Winchester for boys, Roedean and Bedales for girls. As a result, the English school system at any given time contains a cohort of pupils aged over 18 who are spending one extra term at expensive private schools, either at their parents’ expense or, for some lucky few of those from poorer families, supported by charitable scholarships, all in the fervent hope of getting into Oxbridge. Furthermore, in these financially straitened times, it is not at all uncommon for a school dedicated to one gender to open its doors to pupils of the other, for this advanced tuition.

Excuse the history lesson; you did not come here for that. But I hope it serves to introduce the scene we are about to witness. Not at Eton or Roedean, but at the less well known, although no less proud, establishment of St Wendreda’s Ladies’ College, somewhere in the south of England, where Miss Price, the ambitious young Headmistress (teachers in Public Schools are known as Masters and Mistresses) has this year decided to admit boys to the school for Oxbridge entrance tuition.

It is a sunny autumn afternoon and Miss Price is in her rather daunting oak-panelled study, the portraits of her predecessors frowning down upon her. She is catching up on some mundane paperwork. Wednesday afternoons at St Wendreda’s are devoted to sport, in line with the school’s professed philosophy that a healthy body fosters a healthy mind. Through the slightly open window, Miss Price can hear the high, clear voices of the senior girls playing netball and, somewhere further away, the deeper shouts of the boys at football practice. Miss Price is calm and satisfied; the experiment of admitting boys has so far been a success, to judge from the first month or so. Not only financially, but in terms of bringing a certain variety, spice even, to her beloved school community.

The sounds from outside die away as the sports lessons come to an end and the pupils troop in from the playing fields and netball courts to shower and change. Miss Price has finished with one pile of paperwork and pauses for a moment to contemplate her grand surroundings and the long journey from humble roots that brought her here. If only her mother had lived to see it.

Her musing is interrupted by a soft knock at her study door. She stands up. “Come in!” A pause, then another knock. The door is thick, and people do not always hear her voice. She walks to the door and opens it, then stops dead in bewilderment.

Standing outside the door is Paul, one of the most gifted Oxbridge entrance boys (Miss Price’s policy of calling her pupils by their first names is regarded as daringly progressive by her peers). Miss Price knows him as a shy, studious boy, rather awkward in social interaction, but an exceptional academic talent. Paul is trembling and tearful. He has a damp towel wrapped around his lower body and does not appear to be wearing anything else at all apart from his glasses. Miss Price composes herself and speaks calmly but firmly.

“Paul, what on earth is going on?”

Paul can barely get his words out. “Miss … I’m sorry, it’s just Miss Jackson said I had to come and see you straight away. I’ve done something bad, Miss.”

Cathy Jackson is the head of girls’ sport, coaches the netball team and is a formidable woman, unafraid to take disciplinary matters into her own hands. If she is escalating something straight to the Headmistress, it must be serious. And, thinks Miss Price, how would Paul have attracted Cathy’s attention? Their paths should have no reason to cross. Something is very strange here.

“Come in, Paul. Stand in front of my desk there, that’s right. Now tell me, in your own words, exactly why Miss Jackson sent you here, and why you are only wearing a towel. Take all the time you need, but I need the whole truth.”

“Miss, you know this school is a really old building …”

“Of course. What does that have to do with anything?”

“Well some of the rooms have changed use over the years. Sorry Miss, I’ll start at the beginning. We all had sport this afternoon. Football for boys and netball for girls. And we came back in and showered. And I was first in the shower and first out.”

This seems irrelevant, but she had asked for the whole truth. “Go on, Paul.”

“And … and … well like I said the rooms used to be different. I had heard other boys say that if you go to the back of the sports equipment storeroom there is still a door there that would lead through to the girls’ changing room. It’s been locked for years but you can see through the keyhole …”

Ah, thinks Miss Price, now I see where this is going. Oh my God what has he done …

“So … so … I sneaked in there straight after my shower … I was there … at the keyhole … the girls were on the other side, showering and getting changed. And … and … I was watching them, Miss …” His voice was barely audible.

“Is there more, Paul?”

“Miss Jackson came in to the storeroom to put some stuff away. She found me, Miss. She said I had to come straight to you.”

“And that’s it, is it?”

“Yes, Miss.”


“Miss, I don’t know how to say this …”

“Clearly and truthfully would be my advice …”

“Miss, when Miss Jackson found me, I was … I was …”

“What, Paul?” But she has guessed.

“I was touching myself, Miss. And she saw what I was doing.”

Miss Price looks down at her desk for a long time. Stupid little bastard, she thinks. Why can’t he just watch porn on his phone like all the other boys? The implications of this are gigantic.

“Paul, listen to me carefully. Does anyone else besides Miss Jackson, you and me know about this? Did the girls know you were watching them?”

“No Miss. I’m sure about that.” That at least was good. She trusted Cathy Jackson to keep quiet and await further instructions from her.

“Did you ejaculate? Is there any physical trace of what happened?”

“No Miss.”

“Do you freely admit to what you have done? Did anyone force you? Is there anything about what you have said that you want to change?”

“No Miss. It was just me. It was my fault.”

“Paul, we have here a prima facie case of gross misconduct. Now, as you know, usually this would be dealt with by means of a meeting between you, me, your parents and a representative of the school Governors, and we would agree on a warning, suspension or exclusion from the school. But what you need to understand is that this process takes place in the public domain. Word of your actions would get out – to other pupils and their parents, and inevitably into the media. And if it were to become widely known that my policy to admit boys had led to us harbouring a voyeur, you can imagine the outcome. Parents would withdraw their daughters from the school, maybe even so many that the school was no longer viable. If it closed – after more than 150 years of illustrious history, Paul! – it would ruin the life chances of all the pupils, and the careers of all the staff. The only way to save the school would be for me to resign. I would never work in education again. There would in any case be an official enquiry by the education authorities, and quite possibly the police. Do you begin to understand the seriousness of this situation?”

Paul is weeping uncontrollably. “I am so sorry Miss …”

“I believe that you are, Paul. But that is not enough. You need to be punished for what you have done, and have your behaviour corrected for the future. Now, as this is a private school I do have a certain amount of discretion on disciplinary matters. It is a many years since a Headmistress at St Wendreda’s has invoked her right to dispense a summary punishment of her choice as an alternative to the conventional process, but I think the time has come. Stand close to my desk, Paul.” She gets up and stands behind him as he approaches the desk. “Drop your towel to the floor.”

“Miss …?”

“Do as I say. Drop the towel. Bend over the desk so your palms and elbows are flat on it. Look straight down. Do not move from that position, or cry out. I am about to administer corporal punishment.”

He assumes the position according to her instructions. She stands behind him and begins to spank his slim, pale buttocks, hard and rapidly. She is petite and her hands are small, but all her fury at the danger Paul has put her in goes into the spanking. He does his best not to yell in pain, but cannot help whimpering and gasping. “Yes, Paul, I know it hurts. It is meant to. It’s a punishment.” She does not let up. His bottom flushes a deep red. Even individual small hand marks are visible on his pallid skin. Tears start to fall from his eyes onto the leather surface of the desk.

She only stops when her arm starts to ache. She steps back, her face pink from the exertion. Paul is weeping silently over her desk.

“Turn and face me, Paul, with your hands at your sides.”

“Please Miss, I can’t … please don’t make me …”

“You heard me, Paul, stand up and look at me.”

“But Miss … I’ve … I’ve …”

“What, Paul?”

“I’ve … got … I’ve got an erection, Miss.”

“That is immaterial, Paul. Turn to face me.”

Slowly, he stands and turns, hands by his sides as she had ordered. His body is pale and skinny, small-boned. Almost hairless apart from a shock of thick, dark, pubes, from which his fully erect cock emerges and points, insolently, at Miss Price.

Well well, she thinks. Watch out for the quiet ones. Who would have thought that bookish, shy little Paul would be so impressively endowed.

“Paul, I have punished you for your offence. But now we need to look a little deeper to understand your behaviour and correct it in the future. What moved you to take such a risk when you decided to spy on the girls? In this day and age there are plenty of ways for a young man to see a female body, should he wish.”

“Miss, my parents are really strict. Mum searches my room at home. They keep the computer in the living room and are always around when I use it. Dad works in IT, he’s really clever at finding deleted files and browsing histories. They never gave me any sex education; they said I should focus 100% on studying if I wanted to get to Oxford. They withdrew me from sex education lessons in secondary school, said they didn’t approve. Miss, the girls here are so beautiful in their short skirts and tight blouses, I think about them all the time, I just wanted so much to see more of them …” he starts crying again.

“You know, Paul, in some ways I feel sorry for you. You feel under pressure at home and at school to excel academically, so much so that there is no outlet for some of your natural instincts. Tell me, Paul, what did you see through the keyhole?”

“Miss …?”

“I want to understand you better. Tell me what you were looking at, that excited you so much.”

He takes a deep breath, then the words flow from him. “The girls from the netball team were coming out of the showers. They were all completely naked, towelling themselves off. A couple of them started talking about … about sports bras, Miss. Saying that netball was more difficult if you have … er … if you have bigger breasts. Because of all the running and jumping. There was a lot of talk about breasts and somehow it then got into a discussion about who had the biggest ones and therefore needed the best quality sports bra. They were laughing and giggling. Someone said they should make it official, who had the biggest breasts in the team. So they made Marie the judge, as she has very small ones so it was never going to be her. And it came down to a kind of contest between Emily and Laura. Marie made them stand next to each other with their chests pushed out. They were all giggling like crazy. Marie looked very closely at Emily’s and Laura’s chests, she was even touching their breasts to feel how heavy they were. And she decided that although Laura has really big ones, they are quite, sort of … they sort of stick out, they are sort of firm, but Emily’s are similar size, very big as well, but they are sort of round and heavy. So she said Emily needed the best sports bra. But she gave a consolation prize to Laura for having the biggest nipples, they really protrude. Emily’s nipples are kind of small and flat. And I noticed that Karen was sitting on a bench watching all this and I think she had her hand between her legs and was touching herself. And then one of the girls, I don’t know who, stood right in front of the keyhole so all I could see was her bottom. And then she bent down to pick something up and I could see … you know … everything, between her legs, from behind. And that’s when Miss Jackson found me.”

Caught up in his story, he seems more confident now. And perhaps even oblivious to the fact that he is still naked, and massively erect.

“Thank you, Paul, I appreciate your honesty. I understand that you are a young man with a healthy sex drive that has never been allowed an outlet. Do you masturbate a lot, Paul?”

“Er … yes Miss. Every night in bed, every morning when I wake up. And in between especially when I’ve been around the girls at school.”

“Well, masturbation is normal and healthy enough, despite what your parents think. My concern is that your sex drive is so out of control, as shown by the incident today, that you may escalate to even more delinquent behaviour. I feel I should help you divert that sexual energy in a less destructive direction.”

“Miss …? Er, Miss, what are you doing …?”

She is unbuttoning her plain white blouse. He cannot believe it. She takes it off and folds it over a chair. “My intention is to allow you to express your sexual curiosity in a safe, controlled setting, Paul.” She is wearing a pretty, white lacy bra. “You are interested in breast size, aren’t you, Paul? Do you find large ones attractive?

“Uhhh … yes, Miss.”

“Do you know how bra sizes work?”

“Er, no, not really, Miss, I know there are numbers and letters …”

“The number indicates the measurement around the torso. The letter indicates the size of the bra cups; the further along the alphabet, the larger the woman’s breasts in relation to her body. So for someone like you who is strongly breast orientated, the letter is the crucial thing. Now I know for a fact, from the school nurse, that both Emily and Laura take a D cup although, as you have seen, their breasts are differently shaped. Can you guess what my cup size is, Paul?”

“Oh, Miss, er, I don’t … I mean … I think … yours seem to be a bit bigger than theirs … er … perhaps E cup?”

“Good boy. That’s right. Thirty four E, in fact, which means I have fairly small body but large breasts.” (Miss Price, five foot one and slim but for her magnificent bosom, used to hate netball when she was at school.) To Paul’s amazement, arousal and , if we are honest, terror, she takes off her bra and stands before him with her breasts fully exposed.

“Oh Miss … oh my God … they are bigger than Emily’s or Laura’s. They are beautiful. And nipples even bigger than Laura’s, they stick out so much. Oh Miss …”

“Touch them if you want to.”

“Miss …?”

“Touch them, Paul.”

He has unusually small, delicate hands for a man, and as he gently cups Miss Price’s great pale globes, they seem to overflow his grasp. “How does that feel, Paul?”

“Miss, they are amazing, it’s like they’re firm and soft at the same time, heavy and full, I’ve never felt anything so beautiful. Oh thank you Miss …” He begins to weep again.

“Shh, Paul, we have not finished yet. Would you like to suck them?”

He does not even reply, just bends down to her chest, holds her left breast up to his mouth and sucks, gently but steadily, on her big nipple. And she is getting very very turned on. For a boy who has never touched a woman before, he is good – gentle and attentive. He moves to the other breast, sucks that one a bit harder. Miss Price cannot stifle a little moan as she feels a rush of warmth to her crotch. “Miss … sorry … did I hurt you?”

“Not at all, Paul. The female breast is a very powerful erogenous zone, and your sucking is stimulating me sexually. I will show you more in a moment. Do you see how my nipples are now long and stiff? That is because they contain erectile tissue, like your penis, which responds to sexual arousal.”

“Yes Miss.”

“You did not go to sex education classes, you said?”

“No Miss, my parents …”

“If you had, you would know about erogenous zones. Now as you know very well, the primary sign of sexual arousal in the male is penile erection, which you are demonstrating very clearly as we speak. Do you know what the female equivalent is?”

“Er … not really Miss … something to do with lubrication, I think …”

“Broadly correct, Paul. Erection of the clitoris, swelling and softening of the labia, and, as you say, the production of vaginal fluid as a lubricant. Here, I will show you.”

Unbelievably, she hitches up her smart grey skirt, above the tops of her black hold-up stockings, and slips off her white lacy panties. She sits back in a venerable-looking leather armchair and spreads her legs wide. “Come here, Paul, and look closely. You’ll need to kneel down.”

Spellbound, he kneels, naked and still erect, in front of her with his face close to her wet cunt. Using her fingers, she parts the lips ever so slightly. “You see, Paul, clitoris here, outer labia here, inner labia here, and the actual opening to my vagina is … here. You should be able to see the swelling and arousal, and the wetness of my secretions, very clearly.”

Oh, he can see clearly, all right.

“Paul, I suspect that most of the girls in the netball team remove all their pubic hair. It is the fashion these days. You should not believe the myth that female pubic hair is ugly or unhygienic. As you can see, I trim mine around the edges but leave most of it intact.”

“It’s beautiful, Miss.”

“Thank you. Good boy. If you are very, very careful you may touch my genitals so that you know what an aroused woman feels like.”

Gingerly he reaches out a fingertip to her clit, to her cunt lips. Traces it gently up and down her wet slit. Probes a little further. Just finds the entrance to her vagina. She is breathing heavily now.

“Paul, do you know what cunnilingus means?”

“No Miss.”

“Well perhaps you can guess – you know some Latin.”

“Um … well lingus must be something to do with language, or … ah yes, tongue.” Amazingly, his studious brain has kicked in automatically even in the middle of this outrageous sexual encounter.

“And cunni … cunnus perhaps … I know cuneus is wedge … cunnus, cunni … oh, I see …”

“Cunt-licking is what it means, Paul. Would you like to try? I am very close to orgasm and I think it would demonstrate that nicely.”

“You want me to lick your cunt, Miss?”

“Yes please, Paul.”

He is a natural. Amazing. Very gentle, responsive to her responses. He caresses her clit with his tongue, flicks it softly. Runs his tongue and lips slowly up and down her slit. She pulls her outer labia apart with her fingertips, lets him in deeper. He finds her cunt hole with his tongue, probes it, licks up and down again, gently tongue fucks her, then back up again to her clit.

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