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As usual, the beach was not yet crowded at nine in the morning. About 50 miles north of the madness of South Beach in Miami, Delray Beach was lightly littered with the local beach crowd. Megan was on her stomach and elbows, trying to read a thriller on her Kindle. She did not sleep the night before and just could not concentrate.

She gave up after about ten minutes, returning the Kindle to her backpack. She turned to her face the sky, the sun now pleasantly hidden behind the clouds. Putting on her oversized sunglasses, she closed her eyes, images from the previous night clouding into her consciousness. She knew that no matter how hard she tried, she simply could not force the memory of her hours of humiliation out of her mind.

Anyone walking along the beach would see a blonde long-legged woman lying down on a rainbow colored towel. But almost nobody would look closely at her wrists. If they had done so, they would have noticed the deep marks left behind by a pair of handcuffs.


Only a few hours earlier, her wrists were tightly locked behind her. Rocky, Chuck’s bodyguard, had made sure her wrists were rotated so her palms were facing outwards before clicking the cuffs. He kept squeezing tighter until the cuffs ate into her flesh, then her bones.

“Nothing personal. It’s just business, okay?” Rocky had heard that she was dangerous. He was trying to do a thorough job before bringing her to the basement, where his boss Chuck was waiting.

But Rocky had not done his job thoroughly. Although her wrists were handcuffed behind her, she could easily slide them under her butt, down the back of her knees, and over her toes. If she managed to move her wrists to the front, picking the handcuff lock would be easy, as long as she could get to sharp metal object. For example, the prong on the buckle of Rocky’s watch could be adapted to be a lock pick. In fact, she was skillful enough to turn even a tooth pick into a handcuff picking device.

Even if she had no time to pick the lock, she could still be fatal with her cuffed hands in front of her. Rocky would not last a single minute if she were to wrap the chains connecting the cuffs around his thick neck. If Rocky were truly professional, he would have snapped a second pair of cuffs on her elbows, forcing them together and making it impossible for her to hook her arms to the front. If she had her elbows cuffed behind, even if she somehow managed to pick at her wrist cuffs and free her wrists, she would not be able to pick at the elbow cuffs.

But she could not take advantage of Rocky’s sloppy actions. She had no freedom to act on her thoughts because she needed critical information from Chuck. Perhaps Chuck told Rocky about her deep and complicated feelings for Fabian. Her strong motivation to avenge the death of Fabian bound her more than any physical restraints would have done.

With her wrists firmly secured, Rocky felt a surge of hormones through his veins. Rocky lowered his voice and took a step nearer. “Turn around and face me, slowly.”

She did as she was told. She dragged her stilettos in a semi circle, leaning against the brick wall. Her halter dress was completely backless, exposing her shoulder blades to the rough edges of the connecting cement between the bricks. With her four-inch spiked heels, she stood eyeball to eyeball with Rocky. Unused to a woman’s direct challenge, Rocky blinked first. He camouflaged his nervousness with a cough, looking down and balling his right fist.

“What else?” She asked.

“Strip down to your underwear so I can search you.”

“I would if I could. But my fingers are behind. Besides, I am not wearing any underwear.” The thin straps of her black denim dress were tied to the back of her neck, which she could not reach. The dress had a front metallic zipper, which she also could not reach with her cuffed hands behind her.

He grinned and pulled down the zipper midway, stopping at her navel. Completely removing the dress would be tricky. He would have to go all the way down until the zipper ended mid-thigh. He would then have to unhook the slider from the opposite zipper, separate the two sides of the front. Next, he would have to untie the knot behind her neck. The dress would slide down her arms but still hang above her cuffed wrists. The only way to completely remove it was to cut it off with a knife or scissors.

Rocky knew that his boss preferred to have women presented to him fully dressed. It was enough for his purpose to have the zip halfway down. Twisting the dress one side, then another, he exposed her breasts one at a time, examining them closely, as if she could hide anything under her nipples. He ran his fingers inside the dress, apparently attempting to detect any hidden objects sewed onto the inside fabric.

Satisfied with her upper body, he re-tied the knot behind her neck, then push the zip up, stopping it between her nipples, pushing the slider down to lock it in place. The new zipper position was a few inches lower than before the search, the cold metal resting on her chest bone.

“Turn around,” he ordered. Before waiting for her response, he gripped one elbow and compelled her shoulders to twist, her heels knocking into each other as her waist and legs followed a split second later. She stumbled and found her balance by pressing her right cheek against the bricked wall.

“Hike up your dress. You were carrying a gun the last time. Where is it?”

“I am unarmed this time.” She had to bend her knees so her fingers were low enough to tug at the helm. He went down on one knee to look between her legs. He slappeded the insides of her thighs outward to indicate she should spread her legs farther apart. She complied. When her ankles were three feet apart, he inserted two fingers into her vagina, circling around and scraping the walls. Satisfied that there were no hidden electronics or weapons, he removed the fingers and stood up.

“Turn around and suck my fingers clean. I am sure you enjoy the taste of your own cunt.” He pronounced the last word slowly, sticking his tongue out at her. Again, she meekly obeyed. When she parted her lips to accept the fingers, he pushed them hard to the back of her throat. She choked and fought back the gag reflex. She had to use every measure of her will power to suppress the urge to bite and dig out his eyes.

“Yummy.” She purred as he removed his fingers and wiped them on her hair.

“Turn around and let’s do the same for your butt hole. You should know the drill this time.” She had turned quickly to avoid being manhandled. Still, he yanked her by the hair and pushed her face against the wall.

“Spread those legs, whore.” He continued as he inserted a finger, than another. “You seem to have a tight ass.” This time, she wanted to rip out his dick and shove it down his throat.


The “search” took an hour to complete. By the time she was taken to the basement, her thigh muscles were shaking visibly. She was marched to the middle of the basement, where Chuck had been waiting.

“Kneel,” Chuck was seated on a large comfortable sofa filled with micro-fiber materials, his legs crossed and fingers interlocked behind his head.

She should not have hesitated. Rocky gave her only a split second to respond before kicking the back of both her knees in rapid succession. Her knees made a thumping sound as they hit the hardwood floor. Rocky had moved out of her view, but she could still smell him behind her.

“I am sorry Rocky took so long to do his job of searching you. Sometimes, my men enjoyed their job too much.”

“No need to apologize. I hope I made his day.”

“Let’s cut to the chase,” Chuck removed his belt. “The more information you want, the more you have to pay on your knees and on your back.”

“What’s the matter with you? Can’t you handle a woman on top?”

“I can handle any woman in any position. But you have a dangerous reputation. Your hands are going to be handcuffed or tied or chained in some fashion.” Chuck had removed his shirt and pants. He handed them to Rocky, who took them and headed up the steps, probably to the laundry. She was now alone with Chuck.

“Give me a name?”

“Not so fast. You have not done any work with your mouth yet.”

“Come on. Just a name. I saved your life. You owe me that much.”

“I owe you enough to let you see me. Do you know how risky it is for me to be associated with you? There are people looking for you all over?


“Powerful people with international connections. People out of your league. It is best for you not to know.”

Somehow, as he spoke, his cock grew larger and nearer to her. She parted her lips to receive it. It was one of the few levers she had with him, perhaps the only one. They were quiet for almost five minutes, closing their eyes and moving slowly, savoring the moment. Finally, he broke the silence.

“Motherfucker!” he yelled as his thrusted deep into her, his organ expanding in her mouth. He pushed it as deep as it would go, filling every square inch in her mouth, his balls bouncing on her chin, his pubic hair obstructing her eyes, letting her breathe only through her nose, partially obstructed by his thick curly hair. Without warning, he withdrew completely from her mouth.

“I need to know and I’ll take my chances. I am a big girl. Tell me a name and you will have the best sex of your life tonight.” She spoke as quickly as possible, not knowing if her mouth would soon be fully occupied again.

“Let me give you the name of the less dangerous man. His first name is Alan.” Chuck zipped up his pants and nodded to his bodyguard. “If your want more information, you would have to come to join me at my yacht.”

She was mad that he was making it difficult. But she had no choice. She needed a last name to go with Alan. Or at least a country or affiliation. Alan was not exactly a rare name.

“Are you coming?” He repeated. “Rocky will bring you if you are interested.”

“I will come. But how long is this going to take?”

“You can leave any time you want. Any time you decided you have any information. Although there will be a professional crew on my yacht, only Rocky and I will enjoy your services.” Chuck winked at Rocky.

Rocky yanked her up by her elbows, took the keys from his pocket, and unlocked the handcuffs. She rubbed her wrists to return the circulation to her numbed fingers.

“See you at the yacht.” Chuck knew she had no choice but to follow. Handcuffs were unnecessary because he knew she cared about Fabian.

As Chuck drove the short distance across the bridge to the intracostal to where his 60-foot yacht was, he thought about how weak Megan had allowed herself to be. Although she could kill him with her bare hands, she was powerless and had to follow him because of she wanted to avenge Fabian’s death. Chuck could not understand why she would make herself vulnerable this way. He chalked it up to the weakness of being a woman.

Megan drove a black BMW 328, with Rocky riding shotgun. Rocky did not bring a gun and was totally unarmed. She was free to go anywhere. But she followed Rocky’s instructions to the T. In fifteen minutes, they were parked in an exclusive country club in Palm Beach.

“Welcome,” Chuck held out his hand to help Megan balance herself on her four-inch heels. The two men stood on both sides of her, holding her elbows gently and leading her into the bowels of the yacht, down the steps where they would not be visible to anyone on land.

Chuck tossed her a set of stringed bikinis. “Put this on.”

She unzipped herself in front and stepped out of the black dress. With her eyes fixed on the floor, she nonchalantly put on the red bikini top and black bottom. When she looked up, she saw that only Chuck was with her. She felt movement. Rocky was taking the cruiser out at a steady pace. A half hour later, they had left the calm waters of the intracostal and were out in the ocean. She would be taken to international waters before the entertainment would begin.


Continued in the next chapter …

Everybody in this story is of legal age. All facts are pure fiction.

For better understanding, please read the first chapter of this story.


Two peaceful weeks passed since I had the overwhelming episode with my girlfriend’s mother. I was trying to forget that humiliating scene I had with Vicky, and, except the nights when I was masturbating two or three times thinking about her beautiful legs, it looked like everything went back to normal.

That is why I was very surprised when I’ve heard Lynette saying, while we were having an ice-cream at a downtown cafeteria.

“You know what? I wish I had my mother’s long perfect legs instead of those short of mine. Too bad I only inherited her round tits!”


“I always thought… She’s such a nice mix of a hard woman and sweet and funny too! She is so comfortable with herself, her body and sex life… She is the total womanly package, don’t you think?”

“Errr, I don’t know…”

My thought drifted away to her mother, while she was chatting. I remembered her high cheekbones and firm jaws. She was right, that sexy slut mother of hers was the kind that makes you pull your cock out of your pants instantly. But, fuck, she was talking about her own mother! If poor girl knew the hot scenes between me and her mom!

Vicky seemed to like me, and I was ready for doing anything to fuck that sweet ass of hers, at least one time in my life.


I was kind of struck when I recognized Vicky on my phone, a few days after. We only spoke a few words, she was expecting me that evening, her daughter will be in town until midnight. Her self confident and demanding voice was pissing me off. I don’t know why, but I felt I had no chance but to go to her. I had to get back there and face her. I was angry because she always acted like she was in charge. I was sure this time I will show her who’s wearing the pants, because it was impossible that a 42 years old woman was mentally stronger than me, and likewise to be physically tougher. My tall skinny yet athletic frame, was enough to give me a sort of confidence I’ll teach that cougar a lesson as soon as I’ll have the chance… and I was sure this was the lucky day …

It was strange, but I had an iron bar erection just in the second I’ve heard her. I couldn’t keep from masturbating right then. I jacked off furiously, imagining I was forcefully fucking her full mouth.


I had to wait a few minutes until Vicky finally opened the door. That crazy bitch, she wanted to test my nerves, for sure! I wanted to tell her something about that when she unlocked, but when I saw her, I was really close to fall on my feet there in the front of the door! Vicky was quite a sight that evening. I wondered if she had the courage to get out of the house dressed like that. Well, maybe the word “dressed” is a not a proper one… . I think “undressed” would be more correct… All she was wearing was a tight black thong barely covering her ass. Obviously, she didn’t have any bra and I was sure she didn’t’ have any panties. Her four inch high heels made her look very tall. She was obviously not shy about showing off her large breasts and fit body. Shy women don’t wear clothes like that. She noticed the lust in my eyes, so she asked me smiling:

“Don’t you like what you see, Mick?”

“Oh, it’s just… This is definitely the boldest dress I’ve ever seen…You look absolutely stunning…”

“Well, I worked so hard on my body for many years, I love the way I look, and I just love to show it off. I’m sure that men appreciate that. Come with me!”

Following her, my eyes stuck on her tight ass muscles stretching the very thin fabric of her thong. Her long shapely legs and the perfect definition they had were a jaw dropping show for a horny young lad like me.

I sit on a couch and while she was getting some whisky glasses to fire up us both, she broke the silence.

“I was out of town for a few days… I missed my cock…”

“Your cock?”

She turned her head and looking me square in the eye she said “You certainly know your cock is now mine dear! Are you trying to tell me you don’t want that?”

I wanted to deny, but her low voice and her perfect physique were so intimidating, and I just succeeded to kind of acknowledge her words.

She stepped close to me. The 4 inch heels of her black leather shoes, her long bronzed legs were hypnotizing me.

“Did you follow my rules, Mick?”

She sit next to me on the sofa, gracefully crossing her legs. Her thong slipped up on her hips, it was almost invisible by now. She was acting like she was my mistress. Did she really own me now?

“Yes, of course, Mrs. Vicki!”

Her hand beginning to stroke the impossible length of her tanned thighs. I felt obliged to continue “You should be sure I’m telling you the truth!”

“Really!” Her voice was suddenly steely. “Would I!” She leaned in close, her face inches from my own and whispered as if it was a big secret “my daughter told me you had the best fuck in the world yesterday!”

My eyes fell to the ground. I was too shocked to try to deny, and stood completely still. She closed in her face inches from mine.

“Do you remember the rules?”

“Yes, Vicki!”

“What a sweet boy!”

She pressed one of her stilleto high heels into my foot.

“Hey, you, that was my foot!”.

Her sharp fingernails lifted my chin, to be sure our eyes meet.

“I don’t remember I ever allowed you to fuck my daughter?”

I didn’t say a word.

“Yes …?”

“You’re hurting me. Please remove your heel!”

“Not until you apologize properly!”

That was one crazy woman, I thought. Then I received a slap. It was not a girl slap. It was a painful, deafening slap. I’d literally forgotten what I was going to say. It was useless to say anything, anyway. Next slap made me lean under the force of her strike.

“Please,” I begged her. “Please don’t!”

“Shut up, sissy boy! Take it like a man. Do you regret what you did?”

“I do.”

“You’re a big boy Paul…” Slap! “So I can be…” Slap! …”No” Slap! …” I must be…” Slap! “rough with you now!” Slap! “You must understand” Slap! “You have to face the consequences!” Slap! “For not listening!”

I was tired of taking her crap. I get up to kick her ass. But it was too late for my decision. I was already totally disoriented from receiving all those violent slaps which almost had shake my brains against my skull, and my face was burning like hell. She already had one of her hands firmly embedded in my hair and the other one punched my neck. That took all my breath off. I fell on my knees.

She mounted me with her knees and shins, and her weight transformed her exquisite legs into tormenting tools. Her hands imprisoned mine in a vise-like grip. I struggled helplessly against her cruel maneuvers but it was no use. I had no escape. What frighten me, was the fact that I expected her to be full of rage, but she was cool blooded and methodical. She just smiled and trapped my both arms while leaving her right hand free. Then her hand crushed my balls and I melt like clay.

She was having me right how she wanted me. I felt captured, broken and submitted. I was a immobilised prey, waiting to be devoured. Those shapely legs were obviously strong enough to trap me into the position of oral slavery again. How can a sexy woman be this strong?

Her skirt was lifted up on her thighs and for one second I had a close look of her moist pussy. Her thighs wrapped around my face and held me in position without taking any effort. My nose fitted into her vagina. She started dragging her pussy over my mouth and my nose. The only thing I could see were the muscles in her thighs working when she was raising to push herself heavier over my face. Finally, exhausted by countless orgasms, she layed on the armchair, continuing drinking from her glass of whisky. I was trying to recover myself.

“I’m sorry, Vicky!” She acted like she didn’t hear me.

“Please forgive me!”

She grasped my face with her hand to meet my eyes.

“I know that you’re sorry. Tell me something I don’t know: why you’re breaking my fucking rules!”

“Please forgive me, Vicky!”

“You just saw how powerless you are to resist me. Why did you disobeyed me? Do you remember my fucking rules?”

I kneeled in front of her, I don’t know why, but suddenly I felt that was the only way I could make her forgive me. I didn’t believe myself I was so easy to manipulate into submission.

“Tell me!”

“I’ll be your private fantasy when ever you want, whatever it takes.”


“I may not come without your permission.”

Around her right ankle was a golden ankle bracelet. I kissed it. I felt a hand grabbing a handful of my hair and I was pulled upwards to look straight into my eyes.

“Poor boy! This rule is driving you insane, doesn’t it? “

“I am not allowed to fuck anybody else, without you approval!”

“Now listen to me boy. Listen very carefully! I will not tolerate you any further disobedience of the three simple rules! Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ms Vicky!”

“You may not fuck my daughter or any other girl and not even masturbate, if I don’t allow you to! I will show you I’m a kind woman, and I’ll forgive you this time!”

She leaned in close to me, whispering: “We can have lots and lots of fun if you behave yourself. Too bad you lost a lot of fun today!” She stretched one leg out just inches from my face. “Look at my legs, I know you crave to!”

I was not able to take my eyes off those shapely legs.

“Have a close look… I know you’ve been lusting for my calves… You are trying to hide your stiff cock, don’t you? I bet you are anxious to go home to jack off again!” she said as she ran her fingers lightly along the ridges of her muscular calves.

“Take your clothes off, now. I really want to see your cock!”

Slowly, reluctantly, I moved my hands towards my zip.

” Look into my eyes, young man!” I felt her beautiful black eyes had something hypnotic “DO IT!”

I finally released my raging hard-on from my pants. I’m sure my eyes bulged as she proceeded to rip her clothes off revealing her amazingly tanned and toned upper body. My resistance collapsed like a house of cards when I saw the perfect mounds she just revealed. My hand moved automatically to my cock and grasped it.

“Don’t you like what you see, honey?” she asked while arching her back to push her marvellous tits closer to my burning face. Seeing them bounce like that should get any man hard. It’s irresistable tempting to blow your load watching something so lusty.

“Stroke it for me…do it slowly.”

I slowly started to stroke my cock.

“I’ve never done it like that before!”

“Like what? Wanking yourself off in front of a woman?”


She held me there on my knees, I was feeling I was totally at her will, while I begged in my mind for release. She was looking so sexy and the smell her gorgeous tits was so enticing….

“Come on, I know you like my body. Don’t you want to touch me, Mike?” She leaned her head and whispered “Give me your free hand!”

She reached out, taking my hand and put it on her thigh. When I hadn’t moved my hand after a few minutes she moved it higher up her leg. It was a maddeningly intense sensation. I caressed it gently, starring in her eyes. She was watching what I was doing.

“Don’t be shy, baby,” she said. “I won’t bite you.” I started to run my hand up and down her thigh more firmly.

“I know you need me bad. Real bad. Is that true, Mike?”

“You would like having one girl stroking your cock right now, don’t you, Mick?” she asked in teasing tone.

“Oh, yes!” I replied hoarsely. “You’re the most amazing woman I have ever seen!”

She grasped my swollen meat with one hand and slowly pumped up and down a couple of times.

“Oh, yes!” Do it harder, please!”

“I’m not hurting you, am I? Do you want me to let you spurt? The hot cum on my body drives me crazy.”

“Yes, Ms. Vicky! Please help me!”

“Not today, Mick. I don’t want getting my hands dirty with your sticky cum today!” she smiled, looking down at my penis, than turning her head to the left. I followed her eyes and found Jeanette watching us with amusement.

“Well look what we have here” she said, stepping into plain view. Jeanette was dressed in a red mini skirt, and a figure hugging red blouse open at the neck revealing a lot of cleavage. She was chewing gum.

“My boyfriend lost his clothes when he found himself alone with my hot mummy”. Her bubble gum exploded.

I was a sculpture made in stone. What can you explain to your teen girlfriend who catches you while her mum is jacking you off? My naked teenage boner was standing proudly right before her eyes.

“Me and mommy had a bet. Mommy said men are weak and she’ll make you into her dolly, and make you lose your mind”

Lynette stepped in close to me, and although she was much shorter then me, I felt pinned against the wall and suffocating me. She placed her small hands on my

chest then pushed me back.

“Oh Mick,” she giggled, “I enjoyed watching you so much. It’s ridiculously hot stuff. Your body and cock are just perfect toys for a sexy older skilled woman!”

“Just calm down, Lynette” I replied. “I’ll explain you.”

“It’s such a long time since I noticed you staring at mom’s legs without embarrassment. I know mom is a stunner and she has a great effect on all cock owners. Mom told me she was sure you can’t control your perverted urges, and you were jerking off thinking about her. I just thought she’s a crazy old bitch! That’s why, me and mommy made that bet. Mommy said men are weak, and she is able to make you into her dolly, and make you forget who you are, forget about me, forget about your pride and everything else. It was going to be easy. And you were forcing me to fuck me in the ass or make me suck cock!!”

“Hey, you two set me a trap! That was not fair!”

As she walked towards me there was a strange look in her eyes. I could not tell if it was hate, anger or lust.

“Shut the fuck up. I’ll make you suffer for betraying me!”

“You enjoy watching her long silky legs work, you little slut? Well, enjoy this!” To my surprise, she kicked my shin. It was very painful. She was not a is a shy sweetie anymore!

“I’m sick of you both, stupid bitches, I’m leaving this place now!

Right then Vicky slapped me hard across the face. I was stunned by her fast action, and, before I was able to react, her knee went hard into my groin.

I falled like a tree down the floor holding my broken balls, unable to breath anymore. When I tried to get back on my feet, grunting, I felt an iron hand grabbed my hair and dragged me again down on my knees. I felt Vicky forcing my hands behind my back and Lynette emprisoned me with handcuffs. Where the hell did they have them? I was beaten by a woman in a few seconds!

“That was really something, mom! I didn’t believe you can sport such agility” the younger woman said.

“Oh, dear, it’s all in the technique” her mother replied casually.

“You finished him off before you began! You floored him by a mere touch of your knee.

“It was not big deal! It’s just experience, darling! It’s not important how strong he is, the only important thing is to leave him no chance! Now let’s have fun with your pathetic cock-driven boyfriend!”

Her long muscular thighs wrapped around my body.

“I will show you just how powerless he is.”

She crossed her ankles and started to squeeze unbearable hard. I struggled to get free of myself, I even yelled, but they just laughed at useless efforts. She held me in any position she wanted very easily, watching with wicked delight while I was squirming helplessly in her crushing leg vice, with my hands tied at my back. Vicky was not a woman wrestling with a man, she was a butcher manipulating a piece of dead meat.

My struggle against her strong limbs made me soon to lose all my stamina. After a while, I realized that I was at her total mercy and I quit fighting.

“Now, you must admit you are at our total mercy!” laughed Lynette.

“Mick, be a dear and stay still” continued Vicky. “Maybe it would be harmful for you to continue to fight! I see you’re so full of sweat!”

“OK! I’m yours!” I had to admit.

Vicky released me for a brief second, completely, I tried to stand up, but maybe I was too tired or not fast enough, because she swept my legs and pushed my neck downwoards and I falled on my knees. I was lucky she caught my restrained arms, because I was close to hit the floor with my head. Lynette slapped my face twice while Vicky turned me with my face upwards and twisted painfully her legs with mine in such a way that my legs were open and my cock was exposed without mercy for her daughter to see.

“OK, I give up!”

“Did you hear anything, honey?” asked Vicky.

Her daughter kicked my abdomen.

“No, mom!”

“Please, I beg you, I give up!”

“Finally I’ve heared a proper addressing formula for two ladies!” Lynette acknowledged.

I felt Vicky’s strong body relaxing, but keeping a slight pressure on my limbs to secure me.

“I hope you’ve seen enough and you won’t try to something silly! Wrestling is for strong ones!”

“Mom, watch this.”

“I bet the bastard has a rock hard erection, doesn’t he?”

“You’re right! He’s actually enjoying this, weak bastard!”

“You know what? His penis is kinda cute!”

“Me and my mother, we make a good team don’t we?” Lynette purred into my ear.

“OK, let’s put it like this”, she said gently grasping my balls. “I will be honest with you, and I expect you the same thing. I want you to tell me why I’ve found you naked and begging my mother to jack you off”. An impossibly long tongue was inching slowly up my ear. “Otherwise…” Her hand gave my balls a vicious squeeze whilst she was biting my ear, making me shout. I squirmed but Vicky was far too strong for me to get loose. “You will be nothing more then a little fuck toy for two horny cruel women!”

She stood up, crossing her arms under her round tits.

“Is that clear, sweetheart?”

“Yes, it is!”

“Is this like a “truth or dare” game?”

Vicki started to laugh. She wrapped her left arm around my upper body and slapped the top of my head. “He’s dumb, I’ve told you!”. I was seeing stars while I was trying to understand her daughter’s words.

“You are really a dumb asshole! This is not a game! This is about returning home with your balls broken or not!”

“OK, I’m yours! Please free me!”

They sit on the couch smiling. I knelt in front of their crossed legs. Lynette started to talk.

“All I want to see is if you are able to speak the truth or not. I want you to be sincere and tell us why you wanted to fuck my mother. If I’ll find you had a strong reason, maybe I’ll forgive you!”

Vicky continued “If you don’t want to co-operate we’ll find a way to force you. Believe me, I’ve been very gently with you until now. But that can be changed! “

I began to confess in a tear-stained voice.

“Lynette, I really love you and this is the truth. You are a very nice girl and every boy I know is willing to get into your pants. For everyone would be ultra flattering that such a beautiful girl even notices him.

Too bad it happened you to be the daughter of an exceptionally attractive woman. This is my dilemma. You are a beautiful girl indeed, but your mother is goddess like.

Ever since I remember I know me as being a male, I really admired Vicky. Every time I was close to her seemed to bring me a sense of comfort and produced a wave of sexual excitement. Every time I see her I’m amazed at how smoking hot she is. But she is sweet and funny too! Her personality shines! What a suitable combination for a sexy seductress! She had always been the subject of many of my masturbatory fantasies.

I’ve been visiting your home for a little over a year, untill now. When you brought me inside your home, I caught myself looking after her when she bends down and shows her perfect, tight ass. Seeing her bounce it like that should get any man hard.

Ms. Johnson, the lady next door, asked me to clean her pool once a week. It was an easy job; she had a machine that did most of the work. I only had to push it around a little and then clean the filter. The pay was decent, but I worked for reasons other than money. When I usually arrived, Ms. Johnson would still be swimming. She always wore a white bathing suit and when it was wet, I could see her nipples and hairy mound through the thin material. That was more than enough for a horny 18-year old guy like me, even if she was 45 and 6’1″ and 190 lbs.

I had been making some progress with my girlfriend who, like me, was about to graduate high school. She was the prettiest girl in school and I being only 5’5″ and 125 lbs was happy with Susie. We had sex, but she wouldn’t satisfy me the way I wanted. I wanted to be fucked with a strap on. She would play with my cock and ass, but nothing else. I felt frustrated night after night. I had to masturbate just to feel some release. We were going steady and planning on attending the same college in the fall, but she had these damn rules. I ended up writing about my fantasies of getting fucked with a strap on in a notebook. I often carried it in my pocket, for those moments when my time with Susie left me lusting for more.

It happened one week, when I had gone over to her place to clean the pool, Ms. Johnson got out, I had my looks at her and that swimsuit, and she went into the screened-in porch. Once inside she unhooked the straps on her bathing suit, pulled it down, and dried off with a towel, and I got an even better look at her body.

It happened again the week after.

The third week I was ready and I was almost certain that she was doing this for me to see her. I watched until she put on a big fluffy white bathrobe and then I went over and knocked on the screen door. She opened it quickly, her robe giving me nice view of her cleavage.

“Come in Bobby, come in,” she said, “Can I get you something to drink? Maybe a beer?”

“Sure Ms. Johnson, a beer would be great.”

“Oh don’t call me that. Call me Gail. Everybody else does,” she said with a smile as she walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

I had no doubt that she wanted to show me her breasts as she bent over to get the beer off the bottom shelf. Her robe was open at the top and she made no effort to close it. I was starting to get a bulge in my shorts.

We walked back out to the porch and she motioned me to a chair. She sat down across from me and crossed her legs. Her robe dropped open, showing off a generous amount of thigh. She caught me looking.

“Do you like my legs?”

I must have blushed because my face felt funny. “Well … I … yeah, I guess.”

She placed my notebook down in front of me. I must have dropped it last week while cleaning her pool. “I saw you looking at me dry off. You left this book your last visit and I have already read all about your strap on fantasies.”

I had guessed she knew I was looking before, but I was still embarrassed. I said nothing.

“Here,” she said, “take a better look.”

With that, she stood up and took off her robe and stood there bare breasted with a strap on. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman with a strap on and she just stood there letting me gaze. Then she lifted her arms up and put her hands behind her head, pulling her elbows back.

She had beautiful tits- big and creamy white with luscious silver dollar nipples that were starting to stand up. Her belly was not as flat as Susie’s, but her tits had to be twice the size. Her pussy had thick, curly brunette hair, so different from fair haired Susie. My cock was rock hard and straining to be let loose.

“Your girlfriend is still young. She doesn’t have enough experience in fucking yet. Come over here, Bobby. Come over here and feel of my tits.”

As though I were in a trance I got up and walked over to her and began to feel of those beautiful, heavy tits. She reached down and started to massage the bulge in my pants. She opened my belt and unzipped my shorts and let them drop to my ankles with my boxers. My cock sprang up hard and ready and she took it in her hand and stroked it.

“Here, baby, let me put one hand down here,” she said as she moved one hand down to my ass. She put my right foot up on the chair, spreading my legs. Then she put her fingers on my asshole and shoved them inside.

I started to moan as her finger moved in and out of my ass. It was a lot bigger than Susie’s finger. She was kind enough to lubricate my tight ass with Vaseline, which made it wet and slippery and I thought about how easily her cock would slip into me.

She pulled me down on the soft mat covering the floor and positioned me between her legs and she began to suck my cock. I had persuaded Susie to do this a couple of times, but Gail’s mouth was hot and her tongue working on the head of my dick felt like nothing I had ever felt before, she was experienced. I thought I was going to come, but she caught my hand and made me sit on her. With her cock in her hand she positioned it between my asshole and made me slide down on her. She started to fuck me. This is what some of the guys at school had talked about. It felt wonderful as the toy slid in and out of my ass. But I couldn’t hold it any longer, my cock stared to tremble and I started to pump sperm onto her thick thighs.

Gail caressed my face and kissed me gently on the mouth. . I started to get up but she pulled me gently back down and sat me down on her thigh. She reached and started to play with my balls very gently and after only a minute I was hard and ready.

Then she made me sit on her cock facing her. I started to ride her and pump my hips to meet her with every thrust. She was fucking me hard and I was thinking about cumming again when I started to moan and hump harder. Then my whole body started to tremble as I felt her entire cock slide into my ass. I felt full; it was a feeling I had never felt before and I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed tight and she seemed lost. I had heard about it from the guys at school. This must be what it feels like to be fucked by a woman with strap on. She kept pumping me harder and deeper and I quickly had another orgasm, spilling my load onto her breasts. I collapsed on her body and rested.

It was at least full ten minutes before she spoke. “It was your first time, wasn’t it?”

I was embarrassed. I wondered if I should I try to brag. But I figured she would know. “Yes it was my first time. I’ve played with my girlfriend Susie but she won’t … ah … you know.”

Gail chuckled. “She won’t fuck you.”

“Yeah,” I said, “she won’t.”

“If you treat her right she will,” Gail said smiling. “You have to know how to do it. It’s hard for a girl to do it the first time. So many people have told her she shouldn’t.”

“How do I treat her right?”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll show you. She’ll be willing to fuck your ass for you any time you want before the month is out.” Gail laughed as she said it and reached down to play with my ass again. “You’ll be using this lovely thing like an expert before you know it.”

We got up and she put her robe back on. This time it covered her properly. I picked up my shorts and got dressed. She came over to me and planted me on her hip and kissed me gently on the mouth. Then she whispered in my ear, “Come over here tomorrow afternoon. I’ll give you your first lesson on how to treat Susie right.”

Edited by Michael-Leonard



It was a beautiful warm sunny day in the Valley of the Sun, just perfect for a Sunday drive with the family. Mike Stevens sat behind the wheel of his vintage Mustang convertible. Beside him, his beautiful, eight month pregnant wife Jennifer, leaned back in the bucket seat; eyes closed absorbing the warmth from the late October sun. In the back, their one year old daughter, tucked into her car seat, slept quietly as she usually did moments after beginning their drive.

‘It doesn’t get any better than this,’ thought Mike as he approached the intersection up ahead. A truck was in the left turn lane, waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass. The light was green and the road was clear. As Mike began to pass the truck he glanced over at Jennifer. He never saw the pickup truck that ran the light and hit the car broadside, killing him instantly. Jennifer, because of her condition, had chosen not to wear her lap belt, was thrown hard against the door and window of the car and nearly out of the vehicle. In the back, the car seat preformed its function flawlessly, protecting the baby, who began to scream.

The pickup forced the Mustang sideways, until they both ended up on the sidewalk, sandwiched between a utility pole and the traffic light pole. After the sounds of the crash, the crunching of glass and metal, the screeching of the tires, all that could be heard was the constant sound of the trucks’ horn as the driver lay face first against the steering wheel.

The trucker who had been waiting to make his turn jumped down from his truck and ran to the pickup, trying to force the drivers’ door open. After a few minutes, several other drivers stopped and cautiously approach the vehicles. They looked into what was left of the Mustang, horrified at the sight. No one paid any attention to the woman holding a baby trying to calm it as she walked down the street away from the scene of the accident. The sound of a police siren and an ambulance racing to the scene could be heard in the distance as she turned from the street into her apartment complex.

Moments later EMT personnel were doing their job, assessing the situation and providing emergency aid. They could tell that the man driving the car was already dead; the pregnant woman was in extremely critical condition and probably would not survive. The police were taking care of the man in the pickup truck, who was clearly drunk and appeared to have no life threatening injuries. As they lifted the woman out of the car placing her on a stretcher, she momentarily regained consciousness.

“Please take care of my baby.”

“We’ll do everything we can,” they assured her as they placed an oxygen mask over her face and started an IV. She slipped back into the darkness, never to wake again. The ambulance raced to the hospital, where after several hours of intensive care, it was decided that the only course of action was to free the unborn baby from the womb. Although she would never know it, Jennifer Stevens gave birth to a healthy six pound, one ounce baby boy.

Back at the scene of the accident, the police were taking pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved, and taking statements from any eye witnesses. A criminal case was surely going to be pressed against the drunk driver. As two of the officers stood, admiring what was once a beautifully restored vehicle, one stated almost as an afterthought.

“Why would they have a car seat in the back; the baby was even born yet?”

It wasn’t until the following day, during a routine search of the Stevens home, that they realized that they had another child, a baby girl, and that she was missing.

Chapter 1

Margaret O’Hara couldn’t believe what she had done. She had never so much as had a parking ticket and now she had committed a felony. Margaret had gone to church that morning and prayed, asking God for a family of her own. She wanted a baby and, at thirty two years of age, felt that she would never meet a man who would give her one. She knew she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, but she felt that at six feet tall and one hundred thirty five pounds, even her relatively plain features would be attractive to someone. She was physically fit, had a good job as an administrator in the local hospital and everyone said she was fun to be around. She just never seemed to meet the right type of guy.

That day she had decided to walk the several miles to and from church and had been approaching the intersection around the corner from her apartment when the accident occurred. She was the first to reach the vehicles and, although she wasn’t a trained medical professional, she knew in her heart that there was nothing that could be done for either of the adults in the car. She looked in the back seat, and seeing that the little baby was safe, had reached into the car and removed her from her car seat. She didn’t know why she did it, but instead of waiting at the scene, she held the baby, gently rocking her back to sleep as she walked away to the safety of her apartment. She had picked up the bag that had been thrown out of the vehicle on impact; and upon examining its contents found a couple of disposable diapers, a bottle of milk, a bottle of water, and an extra set of clothes.

Margaret called in sick the following day. She arranged for the older woman who lived next door to baby sit for her while she shopped for all the things she would need to care for her ‘new baby from God.’ She told the woman that she was taking in a foster child and would probably need her to baby sit for her for several months, during the day while she worked. Margaret set up a nursery in her spare bedroom.

The next morning she went to work and found out that the parents had died from injuries sustained in the crash, but that the baby had been taken before the mother had died. She went up to the maternity ward during her lunch hour and looked through the glass at the newly born baby.

“Such a shame.”


I said, “Such a shame about the baby’s parents dying like that,” said the charge nurse that had come up behind her.

“I heard that the police are looking for the parents’ other child. They think that someone took the child from the scene of the accident. I can’t imagine who would do such a thing. I asked the detective that had stopped in to see him — it’s a boy you know — if they were able to find any next of kin. Apparently there’s no one that they can find. It seems that both parents were only children with no living relatives. Poor little guy, he’s an orphan and so is his sister if they ever find her.”

“What will happen to him?”

“Social services will take him, put him into the system, and hope he gets adopted. I don’t think they will have any problems, he’s healthy, a newborn, and there’s no one to come back to challenge an adoption. I just hope they find the sister soon, who knows what kind of pervert took her.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“I have to get back to my office; you’ll send me the paperwork for his birth certificate?”

“Don’t I always?”

When she got back to her office, Margaret put together her paperwork for submitting the new births for the last several days for submission to the State Bureau of Statistics. She held the paperwork waiting for one last document, that of a baby boy named John Stevens. Later that afternoon, she received his paperwork, completed what she had to do, and sent out her paperwork. She prayed that no one would notice the additional form that was included; the one for Kathryn O’Hara, born October 24, weight eight pounds two ounces, twenty two inches, Mother — Margaret O’Hara, Father — Unknown.

Three weeks later she received a package in the mail; her daughter’s birth certificate and social security number and various pamphlets about taking care of a new born baby and discounts for baby products.

“Well Katie; it seems that you are officially mine.”

Chapter 2

In the meantime, the Department of Social Services was hard at work screening several likely candidates for the adoption of John Stevens. After an extensive background check, one couple stood out as the perfect couple for the adoption. Robert and Joan Strong were in their early thirties, both had good jobs, and the potential mother worked out of the house, therefore there would be no need for day care. They appeared to be model citizens and were extremely desirous of adopting a child. It seemed that the husband could not provide them with children because of a childhood disease that caused him to be sterile.

For once the wheels of bureaucracy turned quickly, and within two months of his birth John Stevens became John Stevens Strong. At the time of the adoption the social worker, seeing that it would serve no purpose to hide the child’s ancestry from his new parents, provided them with the limited information that she had.

After a brief discussion, the parents decided that they would provide this information to their new son if he ever requested it. They agreed that they would be completely honest with him as to his adoption and who his birth parents were.

One of Robert’s pastimes was investigating his and his wife’s ancestry; he had built an elaborate family tree going back some ten generations. He wanted to include their son’s background as well, so he started his search into the parents’ history. He was shocked to learn that John had a lost sister; they had not been given that information. So, along with the other documents that they had received, he placed an abbreviated version of John’s family tree, noting that Mary Stevens, his sister, had been one year old at the time of his birth. They also included a copy of the newspaper article that had been written about the accident, noting that Mary had apparently been abducted by someone and was missing.

“I don’t know why he would ever need this information or what possible use it could be to him, since in all likelihood she will never be found again, but I’ll include it anyway.”

Chapter 3

Years went by. Margaret decided that the apartment was just too small for her growing child. The neighbors were also a problem. Not that they were bad neighbors; on the contrary, most of them fawned over the child as if she were their own grandchild. That was the problem; most of the other tenants in the complex were senior citizens or young adults living together or alone with no kids. Margaret wanted her daughter to live in a house, in a family-oriented neighborhood with good schools, close to a park so she could play with other kids.

She found such an area in the next town over, Peoria, Arizona. It was a small, but well kept house, and best of all, in an area with a community pool nearby as well as a large park with lots of grass and a playground and a ball field. It added about twenty minutes to her commute, but it was well worth it; nothing but the best for her “Katie.”

As Katie got older she grew into a pretty girl, tall for her age, everyone assumed she took after her mother. They had similar features and could be seen jogging around the park in the evenings and on the weekends. No one ever brought up the fact that there wasn’t a father in the picture. Everyone just assumed that Katie was just one of countless other children that came from a single parent home.

Katie was a real tom-boy. She loved to play sports, especially baseball. On the weekends, or when school was not in session, it was normal to see her playing alongside the neighborhood boys. She was always one of the best players and wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself or her team if needed. Much to her mother’s dismay, it was not uncommon for her to come home with a fat lip or a bloody nose after an altercation with a boy who thought of her as ‘just a girl’.

“Katie, what am I going to do with you; you can’t keep getting into fights with the neighbors, it’s not lady like. Besides, one of these days you’re really going to get hurt.”

“Mom, don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself; besides, you should see what *he* looks like,” she said with a smile on her face. “I’ll bet he comes to school on Monday with a black eye.”

“Oh dear, please try to behave yourself; we can’t afford to have you get in any trouble.”

“Don’t worry Mom; I only finish the fights, I never start them.”

As the years passed, Katie was able to channel her competitiveness into sports; baseball, her first love, then volleyball and basketball. She was a fierce competitor and was not a good loser. In her mind, you would never achieve your goals if you accepted defeat. She always gave one hundred percent and expected nothing less from her teammates. It was this attitude that led to more than a few confrontations with her teammates; but they learned that if they followed her example they usually ended up as winners.

When Katie wasn’t playing sports she was conditioning her body. By the time she was a sophomore in high school, she had convinced her mom that she needed a place to work out. Margaret got her a membership at the local gym. At the gym they showed her how to use the various pieces of circuit training equipment. Katie would complete her workout every evening, and then would walk over to the weight room and observe how the serious members of the gym would work their bodies.

One evening she stood in the doorway admiring the chiseled body of one of off-duty instructors. After completing her set, the woman called her over.

“You’ve been watching me for the last couple of weeks; do you want to join me? You look to be in great shape, how tall are you?”

“I’m five feet ten.”

“How much do you weigh?”

“About one hundred thirty five pounds.”

“If you want to, you can work out with me. I’ll show you how you can add about fifteen pounds of muscle to your body, become a lot stronger than you are now, and get more definition in your abs.”

“I don’t want to disrupt your workout routine.”

“You won’t; if I’m not mistaken, you are a lot stronger than you realize, all you need is a little guidance and someone to push you to the next level. Besides it gets rather boring working out alone all the time. What do you say; we can start tomorrow evening.”

“OK, what time do you want me to be here?”

“7:00 would be good. By the way, my name is Joan.”

“I’m Katie. Thank you for letting me do this.”

“Katie, don’t thank me yet. You’ll find me a tough task master, but I will get results, you’ll see.”

Katie ran home that evening and told her mother about her new workout partner and her plans for the following evening.

“Just remember that school work comes first. I want you to get a good education, that means getting into college and you’ll need good grades to get in.”

“I know, Mom; I’ll make sure my school work is done after school or before I go to the gym. I promise.”

The next evening after dinner and after completing her homework, Katie ran the mile and a half to the gym. At 7:00 sharp she met Joan in the weight room.

“You ready?”

“I’m ready, Coach.”

“Coach, I like that.”

Joan put her through a series of exercises in order to determine her strength levels. She kept a notebook listing Katie’s level on each and was impressed by her overall development.

“Katie, how old are you?”

“I just turned sixteen.”

“Wow, you have amazing muscle development for someone so young. I don’t think I reached your levels until I was a freshman in college.”

Katie watched as Joan went through her arm and chest routine, noting the technique used in each exercise. As Joan finished her final set of bench presses, Katie exclaimed:

“Joan, that was amazing; you just did three sets at one hundred and seventy five pounds.”

“Thanks, I’ve been lifting for about ten years now, not bad for an old lady of twenty-four; but I’ll have you at this level by the time you graduate from high school, as long as you stick with me. Come over to the mirrors, I want to show you something.”

They walked over to the mirrors and at Joan’s request, Katie removed her Tee-shirt. They both stood there dressed in their gym shorts and sports bra.

Joan said, “Watch this.”

She stood there and tightened her abs. The muscles seemed to almost pop out of her skin. Katie stared at Joan’s body. It looked like she was wearing a suit of armor. She had not just a six pack, but an eight pack.

“OK, you try.”

Katie tensed her abs. Although she had virtually no body fat around her middle, her abs did not appear to be half as defined as Joan’s. There was the beginning of a six pack visible, but nowhere nearly as defined. Then Joan released her abs and brought her arms up into a double bicep pose. The muscles in her arms and shoulders seem to explode into full view. Her arms appeared to be thick normally, now they looked truly awesome.

“Sixteen inch guns; your turn.”

Katie struck the same pose, almost embarrassed at her lack of definition.

Sensing her discomfort, Joan said, “Don’t worry, it’s only your first day, give it time. It took a lot of hard work to get to my level. You’ll get there and maybe beyond; it’s all up to you. I just wanted to show you what I believe you are capable of. When I’m done with you, you will be stronger — physically, and more importantly, mentally as well. Your confidence and self esteem will be evident to everyone you meet. There will be nothing that you can’t do. That’s it for tonight; get home and get some sleep. I’ll review what we learned tonight and come up with a workout routine just for you.”

“Joan, thank you so much for all that you’re doing for me. But can I ask you a question?”

“You don’t have to ask it. First of all, I’m doing this because I want to do it; I get the satisfaction of seeing you progress. I see a lot of me in you and I wish I had someone working with me when I was your age. Finally, I may want to do this for a living, be a personal trainer, and if I do, I’ll need you to show what all our hard work can accomplish. That’s why I’m doing it; there’s no other hidden agenda. Besides, like I told you, it’s more fun working out with someone.”

Katie ran home that night, and dreamt of Joan’s body and how she was going to make hers even better.

True to her word, the following day, Joan had a complete workout regimen set up for Katie. The first day was for her arms and shoulders. The exercises included push-ups, pull-ups, and chin-ups. They would move to the free weights for one- and two-arm curls, military presses and the bench press. The next day would be their legs and glutes day, starting with squats, lunges and ending on the leg press and the leg extension machines. The third day of the cycle would be for the body’s core, concentrating on sit-ups, leg lifts, and crunches. On the fourth day, they would start the cycle again.

This went on for over two years. For Katie, going to the gym, working out with Joan became as normal as breathing. By the middle of her junior year, after their arms day workout, Joan asked her to come over to the mirrors. They stood side by side and tensed their abs. If you just looked at their abs you could not tell them apart; each displayed a prominent eight pack. Next was the double bicep pose, and here all the hard work that Katie had put in was even more apparent. Her shoulders were wider and thicker, and her biceps were more defined. Joan pulled a cloth tape measure from her bag and measured Katie’s bicep.

With a wry smile, Joan said, “Young grasshopper, it appears that you have caught up to and passed your instructor; seventeen and a quarter inches.”

With a squeal of joy Katie reach around Joan and lifted her off the ground in bear hug and spun around.

When she finally stopped, Katie looked into Joan’s eyes, and seeing something that she didn’t truly understand, she put her down and turned away.

“I’m sorry Joan, I don’t ….”

“Katie, forget it, don’t say anything more, I will always consider you a good friend and I understand; you’re still young and you aren’t ready yet, maybe you never will be. I’m OK with that. Really. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It was a very confused young woman that left the gym that night and ran home.

Chapter 4

John’s life path took a different turn. As a young boy he excelled in school. He always brought home straight A’s on his report card. He was popular, outgoing and funny and he was definitely not an athlete.

Growing up, while the other boys in the neighborhood were outside playing baseball, John was content to stay indoors and watch his mother as she worked on her computer. He was always asking her questions and she never talked down to him, always giving him direct answers. He always had his head buried in books. His mother would give him classics written by Jules Verne, Mark Twain, and Robert Louis Stevenson. He was a frequent visitor to the public library, reading all the Hardy Boys novels and anything else that interested him.

At night, after supper, when his father sat in front of his computer and reviewed the financial news, they would discuss possible investment moves that his father could make. His father explained what the stock market was, what it represented, and how someone who paid attention to the current trends in the economy could accumulate wealth.

By the time he entered high school, John had accumulated over one hundred thousand dollars in his make-believe portfolio. His father would explain why the moves that he made were good or bad; why they made or lost money.

You would think that this type of behavior would make him a super nerd, a target of ridicule from all of the other students. It was because of his good looks and his sense of humor that the guys in school gave him a pass, and the girls wanted to go out with him. His mother had taught him how to dance at an early age and John never had any trouble getting a date for school dances.

Although he was a late bloomer, John did not shy away from the opposite sex. He had the expected father and son talk about sex but never pushed himself onto any of his dates. He was always a gentleman. He was not an angel, however.

By the time he entered his junior year of high school, he had a steady girl friend. At five-seven and one hundred thirty five pounds, with dark wavy hair, and dark eyes, John could have had his choice of almost any of the girls in his school. His girlfriend was short, blonde and had a great figure. They made a nice looking couple. Everything seemed to be going great until the beginning of his senior year. Suddenly, she began to become less interested in him, more distant. When he confronted her with his feelings she lashed out at him, telling him that she wanted a real man in her life, that he was not aggressive enough for her, that she was tired of being a virgin and she was not going to wait any longer for him to make the first move. She broke up with him.

John was heartbroken. He thought that being a gentleman, that not pressuring her to go further in their relationship, was what girls wanted in a man. Now he was confused. In addition to that, it was just not in his nature to be an aggressive type of guy.

He retreated back into the world of books, the place in which he was most comfortable. At his graduation he took solace in the fact that he was in the top ten of his class. He had scholarship offers from several big name Ivy League schools but he decided to stay in state, accepting a full scholarship plus room and board to University of Arizona in Tucson.

The summer seemed to drag for John. He could hardly wait to begin the next phase of his life. His major was going to be in applied mathematics; his goal to get into the space program. The University of Arizona was deeply involved in, and funded by, the space programs and NASA.

A week before he was scheduled to leave for school, his parents asked him to come to the den. As he entered he could tell that something was bothering them. His mother was the first to speak.

“John, we have something to tell you that we feel you have the right to know and are now mature enough to handle. You know we both love you very much. Oh dear, I thought I could handle this without crying but I guess I can’t. Bobby, you tell him.”

“John, the day you were born, your biological parents were involved in a terrible automobile accident. Your father died instantly, your mother hung on for several more hours, giving the doctors just enough time to take you from her womb before she died. Your mother and I were fortunate enough to be in position to adopt you.”

“We have loved you as much as any parents can love their biological child. As far as we were concerned you were the child that we could never have.”

John sat there, too stunned to speak. Everything that he had ever known about his parents had changed, or had it? They were the same parents that he had always loved, that raised him, nurtured him, that made him who he was today. They had taught him right from wrong. No, nothing had changed. He got up off his chair, and crossed the room to his parents, hugging first his mother and then his father.

“I love you both with all my heart; this changes nothing between us.”

Now they all were crying tears of joy.

“Here John, I put this file together for you in case you ever got curious, or needed any information about them. There is one more thing I think you should know. You had an older sister at the time of the accident. She disappeared that day; the police believed that she was taken from the scene but have never been able to track her down.”

John took the folder to his room, read it from cover to cover, including several articles from the local newspaper describing the accident and referring to the search for his missing sister. He got off the bed, closed the folder and filed it away with his other important papers.

Chapter 5

Physically Katie was a mature young woman, striking in appearance, strong willed, full of self-confidence and determination. And yet, emotionally she was still immature. Her body was sending hormones racing through her system. At times she couldn’t stand it, the urges that seemed to overwhelm her, especially at night. She wanted to experiment with sex, but was afraid. Afraid to find out in which direction her urges would take her. She was sexually aroused by Joan whenever they worked out together. How could she not be, her body was perfect, she exuded sexual power. She was a mature woman; and Katie had seen the lust Joan held for her in those eyes. But it went against everything that she had been taught by her mother, by society, and what she knew her body was telling her.

The boys in school were no help to her; most of them wanted nothing to do with her. Some she had grown up with knew of her competitiveness, her aggressive behavior, and were scared of her. Others thought that the way to win her was to try to dominate her, to impose their will on her; these learned they were wrong the hard way. Finally still others believed the rumors going around school that she was a lesbian and thus avoided her like the plague.

Near the end of her senior year she had a couple of dates, had even lost her virginity, but there was no romance involved and the experience had left her wondering if she was indeed a lesbian. The only way to find out one way or the other was to go for it.

One evening after their workout, she surprised Joan by suggesting that they go to Joan’s condo. She had made arrangements with her mom ahead of time.

“OK dear,” Margaret had answered, “after all, you’re a grown woman. You’re almost nineteen and you’ve never given me any reason not to trust you. It’s Friday night, call me tomorrow to let me know what your plans are. Please be careful.”

“I will, Mom,” Katie assured her.

When they reached her apartment Joan led the way, opened the door and let her in. Katie looked around the apartment, noting that it was clean, neat and functional.

“Why don’t we shower first, the bathroom is down the hall.”

Katie walked slowly towards the bathroom, while Joan moved across the living room and after searching through her rack of CD’s, removed several and inserted them into her player. The room filled with the sounds of violins and cellos.

“After a hard workout, I need to relax my body and my mind.”

They stood in the middle of the bathroom, facing each other. Understanding passed wordlessly between them.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I think so.”

With that Joan began to slowly remove Katie’s sweaty gym clothes. With each garment removed came a gentle kiss on the newly exposed skin.

“You have an amazing body, if I do say so myself. A tribute to all your hard work.”

When Joan had her naked, she stepped back and, knowing that this was Katie’s first time with a woman, she quickly peeled off her own clothes. Reaching into the shower, she turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. When it was just right, Joan gently guided her into the shower. The warm water had a calming effect on Katie, who was noticeably nervous. Joan poured some liquid soap into her hands and, starting from Katie’s neck, began to gently lather and caress her magnificent body. Katie took the soap and returned the favor, marveling at Joan’s equally impressive body, noting that it was both hard and soft at the same time. Had there been a camera hidden in the stall, the video created would have been an instant sensation. Here were two beautiful physically perfect women, water and suds dripping down their bodies, caught in a dance of showery seduction. The temperature in the bathroom was increasing and it was not caused by the water.

Joan, not wanting to overwhelm her, calmed things down a little by turning Katie around, poured a little shampoo in her hand and washing her hair. Katie sighed. When she was done, Joan rinsed out the shampoo, applied some cream rinse, and turned away from Katie who, taking the hint returned the favor.

They rinsed out their hair, kissed, shut the water and exited the stall. Joan grabbed a big fluffy towel from the shelf and gently dried Katie’s hair and body. She worshipped the body she helped create planting tiny kisses on each nipple, her well conditioned abs, her recently shaved mons and, from behind, her neck and her solid shapely butt. Katie just stood there, as if in a trance, eyes closed, absorbing the sensations that surrounded her body. Opening her eyes, she watched as Joan finished drying herself off, dropping the towel to the floor, and taking her hand and guiding her into the bedroom.

The room was completely feminine in decor, not what she would have imagined from her hard-working, demanding, Amazonian instructor. Joan pulled off the comforter, turned down the sheet and guided Katie onto the bed. As she moved over her, kissing her lips and nipping at her neck, Joan was shaking with desire for this young woman. Katie however was stiff, filled with conflicting emotions of anxiety and lust.

“Just lay back and enjoy the sensations.”

Joan slowly moved down her body, sucking on one nipple and then the other, using her tongue to circle each piece of ridged flesh. She moved lower, letting her tongue explore Katie’s navel, a precursor of things to come. Joan lightly ran her tongue down the area of flesh near the pelvic bones. Katie shivered with desire, her hips arching off the bed. ‘She’s ready,’ thought Joan as she reached under Katie’s thighs, taking her cheeks into her hands and slowly licked up each side of her already moist pussy.

Katie moaned with desire. She had never felt anything like this before. Then she felt Joan’s thumbs spread her open and mouth attack her clit. The double sensation of Joan’s tongue swirling around it and the gentle suction on clit was too much. Her hands shot down to the back of Joan’s head; as her hips began to gyrate, she screamed in ecstasy and her orgasm hit her like a run-away freight train.

“Oh God, Oh God, Yes, Yes, Yes.” She stiffened, held her breath, and the world around her seemed to fade away.

The next thing she was aware of was lying on her back, feeling Joan’s hand gently caressing her cheek and hearing her whisper in her ear, “welcome back.”

Katie could feel Joan’s body lying next to her, an arm holding her around her shoulder and she knew what would be expected from her, what would be the appropriate thing to do. Now, could she do it? She turned, kissed Joan on the lips, whispered, “Thank you, that was wonderful,” and slowly moved her body over hers. Their breasts touched, she could feel Joan’s extended nipples bumping into her own as she moved her body back and forth.

‘I don’t know what to do,’ Katie thought. ‘Just do what felt good before, what you would want done to you.’

She took Joan’s nipple between her lips, sucked and pulled up. Joan moaned. She moved to the other one, this time biting on it, as she felt hands grip the sides of her head.

“Please, now. I can’t stand it any longer,” pushing Katie’s head down between her legs.

With a sense of urgency, Katie used her thumbs to open Joan’s lips and, without thinking, plunged her tongue into the already dripping pussy. She moved her tongue in and out, swirled it around the sides, and allowed Joan to move her head as she desired.

“Suck my clit. Bite me. I’m almost there.”

Katie felt Joan’s body shake. Her hips lifted off the bed and her hands had a death grip on the back of Katie’s head as she tried to increase the contact between them.

“Aaahhh, mmmm……..”

Katie felt Joan relax and fall back onto the bed. She crawled up beside her and put her head on her shoulder. Joan’s arm slid underneath her and held her tightly as they both fell asleep.

They were still in that position when Katie awoke. She lay there thinking, trying to sort out the mixed emotions that she was feeling. That’s when she started to cry, her body shaking slightly. She felt Joan’s arm tighten around her and felt a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

“Joan, I tried, I really tried, I just can’t…”

“I know, I know; don’t worry, I’m a grown woman, I’ll survive. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, because I am. Not in you, just in the fact that in our case it didn’t work out. Some people believe that love between two women is wrong, a sin against nature itself. Others believe that it’s hard-wired into some of us, while others think it’s a product of our environment. I’m not sure what it is, I really don’t want to think about it. Someday, you’ll find the person that you are destined to be with, and when you find that person, whether it’s a man or a woman, you’ll know. Now just hold me, please.”

Katie awoke the next morning, alone in the bed; the smell of fresh coffee filled the air. Looking around for her clothes, she realized that all she had when she came here was her workout clothes. She stopped in the bathroom, the towels and their clothes were no longer there. After taking care of her morning business, she slowly walked naked into the kitchen. There was Joan, sitting naked at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of black coffee, the sounds of a washing machine coming from somewhere in the hall.

“Come sit down; you want a cup of coffee? I have our clothes in the wash, they should be done soon.”

She put a cup of coffee in front of her, along with a bowl containing sweeteners of various brands and sugar, and a container of skim milk. Katie fixed her coffee, a little milk and a half of a pack of sugar, stirred it and took a sip.

“Joan, about last night, it was beautiful, but it’s just not right for me. Where do we stand now, are we still friends? Can we still work out together?”

“Don’t be silly, nothing has changed between us, of course we’re still friends. We wouldn’t be sitting here naked having a cup of coffee if we weren’t friends.”

“Joan, I haven’t told you yet, but I received a full scholarship to the University of Arizona. They want me to play on their women’s varsity softball team. It’s a full ride; tuition, books and room and board, everything.”

“That’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you.”

“I’ll be moving down to Tucson at the end of August.”

“That’s OK, that’s how it should be. I want you to keep in touch; you have my e-mail and cell number.

You know where to find me. Whenever you are in the area and you want to work out, just let me know.”

“You know I will; I owe you so much.”

“You owe me nothing. One more thing, don’t let me catch you letting this magnificent body of yours getting out of shape, or I’ll have to put you through hell when you get home.”

“OK, you have my word. Now what’s the plan for today?”

“As much as I would like to see you dressed the way you are, I’ll finish getting your workout clothes ready. We’ll go back to the gym, work out and I’ll let you go.”

“Let me call my Mom; I want to let her know I’m all right and that I’ll be home later.”

Chapter 6

At the beginning of June, all of the area high schools held their graduation ceremonies and by the end of August all those graduates who were continuing their educations headed off to college. John and Katie were no exception. They didn’t know each other, but both arrived at UA on the same day, registered, got their dorm assignments and settled in to begin the next phase of their lives.

On Wednesday classes began. As freshmen, they were assigned to certain classes which were mandatory for all first year students, English Composition and Development of Western Civilization. John’s other classes included Advanced Calculus, Statistical Analysis and, to fulfill his language requirement, Spanish. Katie had chosen Accounting, Economics and Spanish, all of which would be credited towards her general requirements for graduation. She still hadn’t decided what she wanted to major in.

John walked into the lecture hall early for his first Western Civ. class. The room was huge with auditorium seating for at least 250 students. He took a seat about a third of the way down and a couple of seats in from the center aisle and passed the time reading. A few minutes later, as the room began to fill, a tall good looking blonde, wearing a U of A tee-shirt and a pair of jeans, sat two seats to his left. He smiled, said hi, and returned his attention to his book. Soon after, the lecturer entered the room, turned to the large blackboard behind the podium and wrote his name and the course title. He checked his watch and began class. He explained the course, that there would be a midterm and a final, and that each student was expected to attend all lectures but that there would be no attendance taken. John let that sink in; ‘college was so much different than high school,’ he thought. The lecturer, who was a grad student, began with chapter one and talked for 45 minutes, writing pertinent points on the black board. John wrote them in his notebook and added points that he felt were important. Every once in a while he would glance over to the blonde, who was highlighting passages in her book with a yellow marker.

‘This is SO much different than high school.’

At the end of class, everyone stood up and made their way up the stairs and out of the hall. He followed the blonde up the stairs; his eyes couldn’t help but focus on her shapely ass in her tight-fitting jeans. As he turned right and walked down to the end of the corridor and up the staircase, he took a closer look at her. Her hair was cut short, her shoulders were wide and her back appeared to be much bigger than any of the girls that he knew from school. Her waist was surprisingly narrow, and he was fascinated by the way she walked. She stood perfectly erect, an air of confidence about her, as she slowly walked down the hall, like a large cat on the prowl.

All too soon, she turned into a classroom on the third floor. He looked up at the room number and smiled to himself as he realized that she was in his next class as well. She took a seat towards the back of the room and he followed her taking the seat next to her. Ten minutes later the professor, a short, very distinguished looking gentleman walked in, closed the door and began speaking in Spanish. The students started looking at one another, most not understanding a word that was said. Then, he switched to English.

“I told you my name is Professor Sanchez, that this is first year Spanish and that I was very happy to meet you all. Spanish is one of the romance languages and I consider it one of the most beautiful.”

Once again the professor gave a quick outline of the course. There would be a midterm and a final. But in addition there would be quizzes, and homework assignments that would be graded. There was also going to be an oral exam at the end of the semester. Growing up in Arizona, you come in contact with the Spanish language almost every day. John had no illusion that this was going to be easy, but he felt sure he could handle it.

Before he realized it, the class was over and they all left the room. John’s next class, English Comp, was in the next building, so he headed down the stairs and out into the hot mid-day sun. He crossed the open area and entered the other building. His class was located on the second floor. He took a seat in the back and was again pleasantly surprised when a couple of minutes later, the tall well-built blonde once again entered the room. This time seeing him, she smiled and sat down next to him.

“I have a feeling that we are going to be seeing a lot of each other this semester. My name is Katie,” and she stuck out her hand.

“I’m John, nice to meet you; I think you’re right.”

Her hand seemed to surround his and he was surprised at the firmness of her grip.

“You from Arizona?”

“Yes,” he replied, “Glendale. You?”

“Peoria; we’re neighbors.”

Just then, the classroom door slammed shut and the room became deathly silent. There was clicking of heels on the vinyl floor as a petite woman in her forties with dark hair and glasses marched to the front of the room.

“My name is Ms. Barron and this is English Composition 101. If you’re not supposed to be here, I suggest you leave now.”

John looked over at Katie, raised his eyebrows and muttered, “Uh oh.”

“Today, you are going to write a paper on what you did over the summer. I want you to give me your best work, as this paper will determine if you belong in this class or even in college for that matter.”

She handed a stack of small blue booklets to each person in the front row of seats.

“Take one, pass the rest back. You may start when you have a booklet.”

To John, it seemed like a childish exercise, but he did his best, even though English was not one of his favorite subjects. He looked over at Katie; she was still hard at work.

“Five minutes”

That gave John just enough time to wrap up his final thoughts. He had just completed the assignment when Ms. Barron exclaimed,

“OK. Pens down. Please drop your booklet off on my desk on your way out.”

When they got into the hallway John turned to Katie,

“She’s going to be a tough one.”

“Yeah, I knew she would be. My roommate was telling me that English Comp is the main cut course for the freshman class. They use it to weed out the students that have no business being here. I just hope I can maintain a C average.”

“When’s your next class?”

“Not until 2:00. How about you?”

“Mine is not until 3:00. You want to stop for a bite to eat at the Student Union?”

“Sure, let’s go. We can drop our books off on the way and pick up what we need for later.”

When they reached the SU, they got in line in the cafeteria. John took a slice of pizza and a soda; Katie, a salad with grilled chicken, two hard-boiled eggs, an apple and a banana, and a bottle of water. They found a table off to the side of the room and sat down. Katie looked over at his tray,

“Is that all you’re having? That’s not a very healthy meal.”

“I really don’t eat all that much. I can’t believe that you can eat all that and stay as trim as you are.”

“I’m starved, besides I have to eat a lot to maintain my body weight. I have a lot of muscle mass to support.” Looking around, she pushed the sleeve of her shirt up her arm and flexed her bicep, holding it for just a few moments.

John’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. He hadn’t noticed the size of her arms while he was admiring her figure before. He had never seen a girl with arms that big before; they were much larger than his own.

“My god, you’re huge! You must be awful strong.”

“That I am. I’m here on an athletic scholarship.”


“No silly; woman’s softball.”

“How did you get so big, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I work out almost two hours a day, every day, and I’ve been doing it since I was fifteen years old.”

“I was never very good at sports, I spent most of my time reading and studying. I’m here on an academic scholarship. I want to get involved in the space program.”

“Oh, are you some sort of rocket scientist? I’m just teasing you. But all kidding aside, you must be really smart. Hey we make a pretty good pair; Brains and Brawn.”

She laughed at her own joke and it was music to his ears. The more he talked to her, the more he became infatuated with her. There was something about her that seemed to draw him like a moth to a flame. They eased back into a casual conversation and told each other about growing up, their families, and their likes and dislikes. John couldn’t believe how much they had in common.

Before they knew it, it was twenty to two. John walked Katie over to her dorm, and watched as she entered the building. He walked over to his dorm, collapsed on the bed and daydreamed about her. At a quarter to three he picked up his books for his last two classes and ran the two blocks to the building where they were held. He knew she wouldn’t be there, but he looked for her anyway.

It was a little after five when he made it back to his dorm room. His roommate Eddie was there.

“So how did your first day go?”

“Not bad, how was yours?”

“Great, I only had one class today.”

Eddie was here on a basketball scholarship. He was six feet nine and weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds. He had told John that he was taking the minimum number of credits that he was allowed to carry and still be considered a full-time student. He was here to make a name for himself as a basketball player; he had no intention of ever getting a degree.

“Hey John, who was that girl I saw you with at the SU? Man she looked sweet.”

“She’s a girl from a couple of my morning classes.”

“You trying to put the moves on her or is she fair game?”

“She’s just a friend for now; I just met here today.”

“You better watch out, someone — maybe me — is gonna get her first.”

“I don’t think so; I think she can handle herself quite well.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You going down for dinner?”

“Later, after the crowd thins out.”

“Well, I can’t wait, I’m starved. See you later, John.”

It was nearly seven o’clock before John made his way to the SU for dinner. The crowd had thinned out and there were plenty of tables to choose from. As he ate he couldn’t help thinking about Katie. Even though he had just met her, he knew he was already beginning to fall for her. The way she walked, smiled, laughed… everything about her made him want to know even more about her, to be with her.

As he stared down at his empty plate, he remembered something that she had said at lunch, something about working out every day for a couple of hours. He looked at his watch.

‘I wonder if she’s over at the gym right now.’

He practically ran across the campus to the gym and showed his student ID at the door. Walking around, he was amazed at the size of the place. It was so much bigger than the one at his old school. To one side, through a set of double doors, were several basketball courts, all in use. There were collapsible stands surrounding the courts and a second level of fixed seating above them. He counted eight baskets; two appeared to be in the middle of the two outer courts and were currently folded upwards towards the ceiling. As he looked a little closer he realized that he was standing under one of the baskets of the main court and at the other end of the room was the other one. The courts that were in use tonight ran width-wise across the main court which he assumed was for the varsity games.

He turned and walked out of the room. Once he was back in the vestibule, he crossed over to another set of doors which opened into a hallway. As he walked down the hall, he passed several closed doors. Inside the rooms he could see racquetball courts on one side and on the other, a well equipped workout room. He opened the door and slipped into the room. It was large, had several rows of treadmills, ellipticals and stair climbers on one side. In the middle of the room appeared to be a complete circuit of exercise equipment designed to target various muscle groups. The other side of the room contained the free weights.

The room appeared to be nearly deserted. There were two people running on treadmills, someone in the middle of the circuit machines, and two people over on the free weights. One guy on the free weights had just finished his workout and was walking towards him; a towel around his neck, heading to the doorway leading to the locker rooms to John’s left. Just as he was about to leave in disappointment he spotted her. She was just finishing up a set on the bench press. To his untrained eye, it looked like she had been lifting the detached rear axle of a railroad car. He couldn’t read the numbers on the weights, but they looked heavy. She walked over to another piece of equipment, squatted down, adjusting the amount of weight on one side and then on the other. Grabbing hold of the handles which were attached to cables she began to work her shoulders and her arms. Her muscles seemed to bulge as the weights on either side of her moved up and down on the frame.

‘God, she magnificent,’ he thought, as he gazed at her body, his hand absent mindedly adjusting his growing erection constricted by his jeans.

‘I’ve got to get out of here before she sees me and thinks I’m some sort of pervert.’

He retreated out of the room and out of the gym, relieved that he hadn’t been seen.

Katie finished her exercise and, looking in the mirror in front of her, flexed her biceps, a smile of satisfaction at what she had just seen, on her lips.

‘So, John seems to like strong women with muscles,’ she thought. ‘This could get interesting, very interesting.’

Chapter 7

They saw a lot of each other that first semester. They had at least one class together every day. They would meet for lunch, have dinner together, or arrange to meet in the library to study or do homework. They would go out socially on occasion, but neither of them considered it dating. They were just good friends, for now.

Academically, John was having no trouble at all adjusting to college life. He had aced all of his mid-terms and was well on his way to a 4.0 first semester. Katie was not having it that easy. She was passing all of her courses, but it appeared that she was destined to be, at best, an average student. She was fine with that; her primary focus at this point was the upcoming softball season. She had already met with the varsity coach and could not wait to get on the baseball field for her tryout.

One day in the early in December, they were having dinner together. The conversation centered around the upcoming finals and grade point averages.

“Katie, you know you have to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in order to avoid probation. If you fall below that, they can suspend you from extracurricular activities, which may include softball as well.”

“What about my scholarship?”

“That too, I’m afraid.”

“John, what am I going to do? I think I can eke out a B in Accounting and Economics, and a C in Western Civ, but I’m afraid of Spanish and English Comp. I need this scholarship, and I really want to play softball.”

“OK, here’s what we are going to do. For the next week, every spare moment we have will be used to go over Spanish and Western Civ. If we can get you up to a B in one of those two, all you’ll need is a C in the other and a D in Comp. Together, we’ll get you through this.”

With a sequel of delight she jumped up, rushed to John’s side of the table and lifted him clean out of the chair in a mind blowing, rib crunching bear hug.

“Katie put me down, I can’t breathe.”

Katie was in no hurry to comply, he felt wonderful in her arms. She could feel his cock twitching in his pants.

‘I’m turning him on big time.’ With a smile she put him back on the ground.

“I’m heading to the gym, dream about me tonight.” She picked up her bag and walked out of the hall.

John, his face several shades of red darker than usual, sat back down to the applause of several students seated nearby, and waited for his erection to subside.

True to his word, John spent all of his spare time working with Katie, reviewing his notes from Western Civ and going over grammar rules and vocabulary from Spanish. Not that it was a chore. He loved every minute of it. Being in close proximity to this beautiful, overwhelming woman was almost more than he could stand. By the end of the week they were ready. Their exams were tough, but when they came out of their last one together, they each knew that they had done well.

The following morning, John waited outside Katie’s dorm. Katie’s mom was picking her up early. They got a quick cup of coffee and headed over to the pre-arranged meeting place. John’s mom would be picking him up later that day. When Katie spotted her mom, she waived, picked up her bag of clothes, her books and other personal items and , before running over to the car turned to John and kissed him on the cheek.

“See you in a couple of weeks.”

When she got in the car, her mother having seen the kiss, asked, “Who’s the young man you were with?”

“That’s John; he’s been my best friend at school this semester. He’s helped me study; he got me through my exams. He’s the best.”

“He’s really cute, too.”

“Yeah, I know.”

John, suddenly felt all alone, even though he was surrounded by hundreds of students, all trying to finish up last minute details for the semester break. It had only been several hours since he had watched Katie leave with her mother and already he missed her.

When his mom arrived, he was ready. On the long drive back home she asked how exams were, how things were going, and had he made any friends.

Without thinking John blurted out, “I met the most wonderful girl I’ve ever known. She’s beautiful, fun to be with, sexy and amazingly strong.”

Realizing that what he had just thought, he had said aloud — and to his own mother — he turned scarlet and stared straight ahead.

‘Sounds like someone’s in love.’ His mother just smiled and asked no more questions.

Katie made arrangements with Joan to meet her after Christmas Day at the gym. They had a great workout, during which Katie told her about the guy she had met at school.

“He’s extremely smart, funny, and has Tom Cruise-like good looks, and he really likes my muscles.”

“Sounds like a keeper to me. I’m happy for you Katie, truly happy. It sounds like you’re in love.”

“Maybe, I just may be.”

They worked out hard every day for the next ten days. As she had promised, Katie had kept her body in great shape and was actually stronger now than when she had left for school.

John spent most of his time off reading and missing Katie. He did, however, meet up with a couple of friends from high school and talked their ears off about the girl he met at school.

“Come on John, who do you think you’re kidding? What would a girl like that see in a guy like you?”

That night, John had an anxiety attack, what *did* Katie see in him? Could she really like a bookworm nerd like him? Was he imagining more to their friendship than there really was? The next morning he awoke fully resolved to do whatever it took to win her over.

The next semester started on January 11. They had arranged before they had left for the semester break to meet the night before at 6:00 at the SU. He sat there waiting, would she remember, would his plan work?

He had brought a gym bag and workout clothes and he planned to ask her to help him get into shape.

His face lit up as he saw her enter the building. She smiled that wonderful smile of hers as she glided over to his table.

“John, it’s so good to see you again. I missed you,” she said giving him a kiss on the cheek. She pulled out a chair and started to sit, when she spotted his gym bag.

“What’s this?”

“Katie, that’s my workout stuff. I decided that I would start working out this semester. I want to get in better shape, maybe put on a little more muscle.”

“That’s wonderful, John. You could use a little more muscle on that body of yours. We could work out together if you don’t mind joining me for late night workouts. I find that the gym is less crowded and it’s easier to get a good workout after 9:00.”

“I was sort of hoping that you would let me join you, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“It would be my pleasure; it’s the least I could do to repay you for all the help you gave me last semester. By the way, I ended up with a 2.8 GPA thanks to you. But I’m warning you now, just because you’re my best friend, I’m not going to go easy on you. If you’re serious about this, I’m going to work that body of yours hard.”

“Can we start tonight?”

“Sure! I already worked out this afternoon, before the gym got too crowded. I’ll set up a program for you just like my friend Joan had done for me. Let’s have something light to eat now, then we can go over to the gym and I’ll put you through some tests to see what your strength levels are. Nothing too tough tonight; after all, it’s your first time.”

Later, as they walked over to the gym, bits and pieces of their earlier conversation kept popping into his mind.

‘Best friend… work your body hard…. Maybe, just maybe, this could be lead to something.’

Upon entering the gym, John allowed Katie to guide him to the large fitness room. She pointed to the locker room.

“You change in there; I’ll meet you at the treadmills.”

John found an empty locker, changed into his shorts and tee-shirt, white socks and sneakers, and with more than a little apprehension, left the locker room. Katie had the treadmill already programmed for what she considered a short, light warm up; one mile at a pace of just under four miles per hour.

“John, stand here, when I press this button the tread will start to move. Hold onto the handles and start to walk. The machine will slowly pick up speed until it reaches its preset pace. At that point you may feel more comfortable jogging. You can read how fast you are going and how far you’ve gone here; this is how much time you have left before your cool down begins. Ready?”

And she pushed the button.

She stood back and watched with amusement as John, startled by the sudden movement, latched onto the handles for dear life. When he realized that the machine was not going to throw him off, he settled down into a fast walk, which soon escalated into a slow jog. Katie watched him closely, looking for any signs of fatigue, knowing that this was the first exercise other than his daily walks on campus that John had done in a long, long time. Sure enough, around the three quarter mile mark, John began to show signs of fatigue, his mouth was wide open gulping down air and sweat was dripping down his face. Katie reached over and hit the cool down button.

“Why did you do that, I could have made it.”

“John, don’t worry about it. I got all the information I needed. This was a warm up exercise; you’re warmed up. Come on lets go to the circuit.”

As they walked to the first machine Katie wrote in her pad.

“John, this is a ‘Lat Pull’ machine. Sit here, reach up when I tell you and grab the bar, your hands shoulder width apart, and pull it down to your chest; let it back up until your arms are almost straight, and then repeat the exercise. This pin adjusts the amount of weight that that you will be lifting. We’ll start you off with twenty pounds and see how that feels.” She bent over, pulled the pin out of the weight marked one hundred, and inserted it into the one marked twenty. “OK, begin.”

John stood momentarily, reached up and grabbed the bar as instructed; sat back on the bench and pulled the bar down to his chest.

“Good, now give me four more, and let the weights back down.”

John completed his five reps and did as instructed.

“How did that feel?”

“It was easy.”

“OK; let’s increase the weight by ten and do five more.”

John did the next five reps and rested.

“It was a little harder, but I can do more.”

“OK; let’s increase it by ten more and this time give me ten more reps.”

John started again; this was a lot harder than before. By the time he reached his tenth and final rep, Katie could tell that he had just about reached his limit. When he was done, he sagged back down onto the bench and rubbed his shoulder. Katie marked down the results as they moved to the next machine.

This process was repeated over and over again on ten different machines, some for his arms and shoulders, some for his legs and two for his core. When he was finished, John’s shirt was soaked with sweat, his arms and legs felt like wet noodles, and he stood there praying to god that they were not going over to the free weights.

Katie laughed, as if she could read his thoughts. “Don’t worry you’re done for now, you’re not ready yet for the free weights. You did really well for your first time and I have all the information I need. Tomorrow you have the day off to rest and recover; we’ll start for real on Thursday. Go in and shower, I’m going back to my dorm, I have some work to do. See you in class tomorrow.”

John stood in the shower letting the hot water soothe his tired body. Inside he beamed with pride. He had done it, his first day of exercise. He had survived and, best of all, Katie said he had done well.

‘I just hope this doesn’t kill me.’

After his shower, he dressed and made his way back to his dorm room. Eddie, his roommate, just laughed as John mumbled hello and crawled into bed and passed out. Katie, on the other hand was busy late into the night. She set up four month exercise program for John to follow. She set it up in an excel worksheet and attached it to an e-mail which she sent to Joan.

“Hi Joan,

How’s everything going? Got any new clients? You should be swamped now that people are trying to lose weight after the holidays.

You remember that good-looking guy I was telling you about. He shocked me tonight; asking me to help him work out, to put on a little muscle and get him into shape. He wants to work out with me.

I put together a program, can you look it over and make any corrections or comments that you think are appropriate.


Love, Katie”

It took less than a half an hour for Joan to reply with her comments.

“Hi Katie,

Everything is great here. I picked up ten new clients so far this year. About half of them will be gone in less than two months once they realize the amount of work they have to put in to look as good as we do. (LOL) Oh well, I still have my day job.

I looked over your program; I made a couple of minor changes (marked in red), other than that everything looks good. Are you sure this is a guy? At five seven, 135 lbs I’m not so sure. I just hope you don’t kill him. (LOL)

Stay in touch

Love, Joan.”

Katie laughed when she read Joan’s reply and couldn’t resist one last reply of her own.


Thanks a lot for your help.

Yes, I’m sure he’s a guy. Last semester I picked him up and held him in a bear hug until I thought he would pass out. The reason I held him for so long was because I could feel his cock growing through his pants and I wanted to see how big it was. Let’s just say that I think I found out where at least five of those 135 pounds was hiding. (LOL).

Good Night.


John opened his eyes the next morning, realized he had to pee, and tried to get out of bed. That’s when he found out that every muscle in his body, other than those in his face, was stiff and sore. He hobbled over to the bathroom, dropped his underwear, and relieved his bladder.

‘That was a mistake; how am I going to pick them back up?’

He didn’t; he just kicked them over to the corner and shuffled back out to his bed. John reached over to his dresser, got a clean pair of briefs and, with a deep breath, reached down and pulled them up.

It took him almost ten minutes to fully dress himself.

‘Oh God, this is only after the first day, which according to Katie was just a light workout. How am I ever going to survive this? Is she really worth this?’

He knew the answer was yes — and more.

He picked up his books for his first three classes and hobbled down the stairs. As he exited the building, there was Katie, two containers of coffee in her hands.

She laughed when she saw him walk over to her, the pain he was experiencing etched on his face.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get over it. It only feels like this for the first couple of workouts, then your body will get used to it. Here’s some Advil and some coffee. Let’s go, we don’t want to be late.”

Walking a little more slowly than normal, they made their way to their first class. Once again this semester they were in three classes together, all of which were scheduled this morning. The Advil helped and, by the end of their third class, he felt almost back to normal.

‘She’s been doing this almost every day since she was fifteen years old. No wonder she looks like she does,’ he thought, his mind wandering back to that first night that he saw her in the gym.

Chapter 8

Katie had problems of her own. It was now time for her to earn her scholarship. She attended her first mandatory meeting for all potential players for the upcoming season that evening. The practice schedule was handed out, as well as the upcoming season’s schedule.

“For you first years, please note that practices are scheduled for all day Saturday and, before the season, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:00 to 5:00. It’s up to you to attend these practices and maintain your academics as well. The varsity squad will be cut down to fifteen by February 15, the day before our first game. Any questions?”

As she walked back to her dorm, Katie thought, ‘Welcome to the world of the student athlete. This sure is nothing like high school. I guess there’s no such thing as a free ride. I’m going to have to work my ass off to pull this off and I’m going to need John’s help more than ever.’

As they had previously planned, John and Katie met in the SU. Over coffee, they compared her class schedule to her practice schedule and the season schedule. Thanks to the luck of the draw, she would only miss one class on Friday and no classes on Tuesday. Since most of the games were scheduled on Saturdays, it appeared that, for the most part if she made the team, she would have minimal disruptions to her school work.

“Katie, I can take notes for you in Western Civ and we can review them on Sunday, don’t worry about that. If you find that our working out together takes up too much time, I’ll just stop.”

“Not a chance buddy. You’re not going to get off that easy. You wanted to work out to improve that body of yours and I’m not going to be your excuse to stop even before you start. We have a standing date, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00; and don’t make me come looking for you.”

Friday evening they met for dinner at 5:30, ate, hung around until 7:45 and walked over to the gym.

After changing they started out on the treadmill to loosen up, John walking for a mile, and Katie running for two. Then it was over to the circuit machines. On first machine, the lat pull, they alternated, John starting out at 40 lbs. for ten reps. He got up and let Katie have her turn. He stood there stunned as she did twelve reps at one hundred forty pounds — the entire stack of weights. Before she got up she reached down and reset the load to his forty and moved off the seat.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”


He sat down and did his next set. As he reached his tenth rep he had to press out that final rep.


He got up and watched as she repeated her twelve reps, her back and shoulders expanding to their maximum.

‘Good Lord! Look at her; she looks like she could keep it up all night. I am such a wimp. I can barely do forty pounds. She could probably break me in two if she wanted. I’d better not ever get her mad at me.’

“Alright, one more set, John; push it as far as you can.”

John got as far as eight reps, and then he got half way on the ninth. His arms failed and he was forced to stand to ease the weights back down.

“Good job, John.”

Katie took her turn and completed her twelve reps with no problem.

They went around the complete circuit the same way. By the time they reached the end, John was exhausted and felt totally humiliated by his performance.

“John, why the long face? You did great tonight.”

“Katie, I feel so inadequate compared to you.”

“I told you before, you can’t judge yourself by me; I’ve been doing this for over four years, you’ve been doing it for one day. Besides, I think you’d better get used to the fact that I will always be bigger and stronger than you. Don’t you see we are built differently; no matter how much you try, your body is not going to build enough muscle to be as strong as me. It’s not your fault, it’s in your genes. I guess you got the brains from your parents and I got the brawn from mine. Now get yourself into the shower; I have about a half an hour more work to do on the free weights. See you tomorrow.”

Somewhat appeased, John headed for the shower. Afterwards, as he was leaving the locker room, he glanced over at the free weights, looking for Katie. He spotted her on the bench press. There was a guy there standing behind the bench, his hands under the bar as Katie pushed the bar up until she could re-rack the weight. The guy’s shirt was so tight around his arms and his chest that John was sure that it would ripe to shreds if he even took a deep breath. His arms looked to be bigger than John’s thighs.

“Great job Katie, he heard him say to her; 235 is a new personal best.”

John turned and walked out of the gym. ‘How can I ever hope to compete with him for her love?’

He never heard the rest of the conversation.

“I saw you working out with that guy before. You were working him pretty hard. Who is he?”

“That’s John. He doesn’t know it yet but he’s going to be my boyfriend. I really like him a lot; I’m trying to help him get over his insecurity about being smaller than me. Are you going to be at practice tomorrow?”

“No, they don’t use the strength coach for women’s softball; but they should. I’ll bet they reconsider that decision once they see you on the field and at bat.”

“Thanks, Larry, and thanks for spotting for me. I don’t get to try for personal bests very often. I won’t do it unless I have a spotter.”

“No problem. Good night.”

John awoke the next morning with a splitting headache, in addition to every muscle in his body complaining about being overworked. Three Advil took care of the physical pain, but did nothing for his broken heart. He knew he shouldn’t feel that way, after all he and Katie weren’t really involved romantically with one another. She had said that he was her best friend. What hurt was that he wanted it to be so much more and now she was involved with that muscle-bound guy from the gym. What happened to “Brains and Brawn?”

He looked over at the clock; eight fifteen. ‘Shit, I promised Katie I would meet her downstairs at eight thirty and go watch her practice.’

He got up, and as fast as he could, got dressed, splashed some water on his face, combed his hair and ran downstairs. Outside, Katie was sitting on the stone wall, dressed in sweats and sneakers, her gym bag by her side. She was sipping on her morning coffee; a second container sat next to her. As she handed him the coffee, he tried his best to be upbeat, but failed. Katie noticed his mood, but chalked it up to the early hour and his sore body.

They walked in silence across the campus to the smallest of three athletic stadiums that had been constructed on or near the campus. Women’s softball is big at the University of Arizona. Not as popular as football or men’s basketball, but it plays an important in student life. Every year the University fields an excellent team. They have finished first in their conference many times, and only UCLA has won more World Series Championships than UA.

This practice was very important to Katie. If she did well today she would be noticed by the coaches and that would be an important first step in making the team. If she did exceptionally well, maybe she could win a position on the starting team. It all depended on what she did today.

That was the reason John was there. She was his best friend as well and he just couldn’t let her down.

When they entered the field area, John looked into her eyes and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “Good luck, Brawn. Go get ‘em,” and took a seat ten rows up behind the third base dugout. Katie went into the dugout, switched from sneakers to cleats and, carrying her glove, walked over to the group of other women standing around waiting for the coaches to arrive. They didn’t have long to wait.

Promptly at nine o’clock, the coaches came out onto the field, instructed the veteran players to take their positions from the prior year. That left about fifteen women; these were the freshmen or walk-ons, looking to make the team.

“Pitchers and catchers, go with Coach Jones. The rest of you, if you played ball in high school or last year somewhere else, take your positions along with the rest of the women.”

Katie had always played first base in high school, so she jogged over to first and introduced herself to the other first baseman, who basically ignored her extended hand. The coach started hitting balls to the infield. Each player was given several chances to field at her position. Katie noticed that Donna, the other first baseman appeared awkward and unsure of herself at the position. What the coach noticed was that Katie appeared to be completely at ease in the field; she was light on her feet and provided a bigger target for the other infielders. Defensively she just looked better.

‘I hope she can hit as well as she fields,’ the Coach thought to himself. ‘We’ll see this afternoon.’

The whole morning was devoted to fielding practice, the Coach yelling out instructions and teaching the players how to play their positions at the college level. Many of the newer women had never been taught the finer points of the game; they had gotten by on their athleticism alone. It was up to the coaches to mold them into college level players.

At the lunch break, the coaches reviewed their notes. Each player was graded and ranked. The players sat around munching on protein bars and fruit and drinking bottles of water. Some of the women talked among themselves. The veterans mostly sat together, viewing the newer players as threats to their places on the team.

After the break, the coach sent one player out to each position, the rest would start off batting practice. The veteran pitcher was instructed to throw at three quarter speed. This was to give the coaches an idea as to how each player could hit. Katie, being a first year player, was third in the batting order.

The Coach started batting practice with a quick little speech.

“Some people think that hitting a softball is easy, they haven’t seen fast pitch softball. The pitcher works from a pitching rubber forty three feet from home plate and delivers the pitch with a circular swing of her arm as she steps towards the batter. At that distance, the ball reaches the batter in a hurry. The batter has a fraction of a second to see the ball and swing her bat in order to make contact with the ball. To give you some idea of the how hard that can be, the average fast pitch speed at the collegiate level is about 63 mph; that equates to an major league baseball pitcher who at 60 feet and throws at about one hundred mph. A number of years ago, an exhibition game was arranged between an all-star team of professional baseball players and a touring softball team called ‘The King and his Court’. After four innings the game was called off, because the baseball players were too embarrassed to continue. It seemed that only one player, Rod Carew, was even able to foul a pitch off. So, don’t be discouraged if you have trouble hitting at this level.”

When it was Katie’s turn to hit, she grabbed a bat and walked confidently up to the plate. The first several pitches she missed completely. She hadn’t swung a bat in over six months and was a little rusty. John sat there helpless; worried for Katie’s sake. The next couple of pitches she fouled off; she was beginning to get her timing back. On the tenth pitch she saw she drove the ball deep over the left field fence. With each swing after that she hit the ball hard, including two more over the fence. After twenty pitches, Coach called for the next batter.

He called her over, asked what her name was and said,

“Great job up there, you looked really good, even when you were missing your arms were extended and your head was still. You looked like a hitter. I want you to go out to first base and tell Donna to come in and hit.”

As Katie stood out near first base she could see Coach talking to Donna and she did not look happy. After everyone had had a chance to hit, Coach called Katie back to the hit again. He walked out to the mound and spoke with his pitcher. He returned to the dugout and shouted out to Katie,

“Get ready they’re going to come in faster now.”

Katie fouled off the first three pitches, she was a little behind each one. Determined to do better she swung hard at the next pitch and drove it into center field. The next three pitches she lined to the left fielder, and the next three over the left field fence.

“OK that’s enough; come on in.”

As the pitcher passed Katie she smiled and walked up to the Coach and said with a laugh, “You sure know how to take the wind out of someone’s sails, I’m glad she’s on our team.”

Donna just looked at her with a scowl on her face, threw her glove into the dugout and sat at the end of the bench.

“Hi, I’m Maria. I’m the captain of the team; great job out there. Don’t worry about her,” nodding her head in Donna’s direction. “She’ll get over it, she’s just upset that she’s no longer the only power hitter on the team. I’m sure Coach is going to move her back to the outfield, where she played two years ago. And once she realizes that, with you hitting behind her the opposing teams won’t be able to pitch around her and she’ll get a lot more at bats. If Connie our third baseman can hit the way she did last year, they won’t be able to pitch around you, either. We’ve always been good defensibly, now we’ll have real power in the middle of the order. Believe me, nothing will make Donna happier than to win the World Series in Oklahoma this year, her final year in school.”

“OK everybody, good work out there today. See you at 2:00 on Tuesday.”

Katie changed into her sneakers, grabbed her bag and walked over towards the stands. As she did, she glanced over her shoulder and saw a heated conversation taking place between Donna and Maria. She reached the first row of seats just about the same time that John did.

“You did great today, Katie. I’m sure you’ll make the starting team.”

Katie threw her arm over John’s shoulder and started to walk towards the exit. She felt John flinch ever so slightly as she did.

“What’s wrong, John? Are you still sore from our workout?”

But she could see from the look on his face that something else was troubling him.

She pulled him back over to the stands and forced him to sit next to her.

“Alright, what’s wrong? Something’s bothering you; out with it.”

John took a deep breath, steadied himself, and confronted her.

“I saw you last night, after our workout, talking with that big guy. He was flirting with you and I suddenly realized that I could never interest you the way someone like him can. I know we’re good friends, but I hoped that it could be more than that.”

Katie was dumbfounded, ‘what’s he talking about?’ and then she remembered.

“You’re talking about Larry. Silly, he’s the strength coach for the football and wrestling teams. I asked him to spot for me last night so I could attempt to beat my personal best on the bench press. He wasn’t flirting with me; besides, he’s happily married and has a couple of kids and must be at least thirty years old.”

She waited for that to sink in and then asked him the really important question as far as she was concerned.

“Were you serious about what you said about wanting our relationship to be more than just as friends?”


“Well, all you had to do was ask me to go out with you. I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me for over a month. I was beginning to think you no longer found me attractive.”

Now it was John’s turn to be dumbfounded.


This time when he kissed her it wasn’t on the cheek.

After a minute or two, Katie got up, pulled John up onto his feet. “Come on boyfriend, I have to go back to my room; I really need a shower.”

Chapter 9

The spring semester seemed to fly by. Katie not only made the team as a freshman, she became the starting first-baseman. Maria had been right; once Donna realized that having Katie in the batting order behind her was the best thing that could happen, they won their conference title and also won the Collegiate World Series in Oklahoma.

John made college life look easy. Once again he was well on his way to another 4.0 grade point average. He also found time to help Katie in her studies and maintained his workout schedule, which was beginning to pay dividends as well. He would never be mistaken for a world-class body builder, but when he stood naked in front of a mirror, he no longer looked like a small child. His chest had filled out, his abs were visible, and his arms were more defined.

What was also developing was the romance between Katie and John. The more they saw of each other, the more they realized how right they were for one another. They were like a wooden circle that had been cut down the middle with a jig saw. Not in a straight line, but cut randomly, leaving two unequal pieces, each with parts of different widths that separately looked odd and ill-formed, but when placed side by side fit perfectly together. Brains and Brawn complemented each other’s strengths and compensated for one another’s weaknesses. They both knew it; they were soul-mates and began planning their lives together.

Katie decided to major in business management, with an emphasis in entrepreneurship; she planned on being her own boss. She had the determination, the self confidence, and the drive to make it in the business world. They decided that it would be best for John to accelerate his college education. In his desired field, advanced degrees in physics and mathematics were essential. The plan was for John to increase his course load by one per semester and take classes during the breaks between semesters, so he could graduate in three years and begin his master’s program. After exams, John and Katie decided it was time that they met each other’s parents. They traveled home with John’s mom. Katie stayed for dinner that night and later John drove her home and spent some time talking with her mom before driving home.

The next morning at breakfast John waited for his parents’ opinion of Katie.

“Well, what did you think of her?” asked John when he could no longer stand the silence. Both his parents had solemn looks on their faces; then when they couldn’t hold it in any longer, burst out laughing.

“We’re sorry, John, we’re just teasing you, we both think she’s wonderful; you make a good-looking couple.”

“I’m glad you approve of her, because someday she’s going to be my wife. We’ve been talking about it, we’re going to get engaged for Christmas, and will probably get married next summer.”

“Whoa, why the rush? You’re both still young and still in school,” his Dad said.

“Dad, we’ve been together practically every day since we started school. Mom, you remember what you said to me back in high school when I had broken up with Debbie; you said when I met the right girl for me I’d know. Katie is the right girl.”

A similar conversation was happening at Katie’s house.

“You’re not pregnant are you?”

Katie knew why her mother was concerned; she had once asked about her mom about her father. In response, Margaret had shown her a copy of her birth certificate pointing to the line where her father’s name would have been.

“I’m not proud of that, but I thought you should know.”

‘No Mom, I’m not pregnant. In fact, we’ve never been together like that. We both feel that we can wait until we’re married, which is one reason why we want to get married next summer.”

“What about school? Where would you live? What are you going to do for money?”

“We already looked into moving in together once we’re married. The school has several dorm buildings that accommodate married students. As to school, we both intend to complete our undergraduate degrees. I’ll finish in four years; John will finish in three and start on his masters degree, which he may be able to complete a short time after I graduate. After that, I plan to either start my own business or at least get a job, with the intent to go out on my own as soon as possible. John will continue his schooling at UA for his doctorate, while either teaching and/or doing research for the space program. As to money, we’ll both still have our scholarships for the next two years at least. After that, we’ll have to see. John still has money available to him from his parents for his education, and maybe we’ll get part time jobs until I graduate. Don’t worry we’ll do what we have to in order to make it work.”

“I just want the best for you.”

“Mom, he is the best for me.”

“I can see that you love each other, and he is really cute. As long as you think you can make it work and his parents approve, you have my blessings. I will always be here for you. One more thing: I think you had better get yourself on the pill, just to be on the safe side. You will have plenty of time to start a family after you graduate.”

Katie and John spent a glorious week together. They spent some time at each other’s houses, getting to know each other better. Katie introduced John to Joan and the three of them worked out together. In the gym Katie and Joan put on a show for him, each trying to out-do the other. By the time they finished, John had to excuse himself, retreating to the locker room, barely able to keep his substantial erection in his shorts.

“Girl, I don’t know how you can keep your hands off him,” said Joan. “He’s enough to almost turn me straight.”

“You just keep *your* hands off him; he’s all mine.”

They were still laughing when John returned, red-faced, but temporarily relieved. Katie and John said their goodbyes and jogged back to Katie’s house, showered (separately of course) and settled in for the evening. John slept on the couch that night. The next morning after breakfast, Katie drove him back to his parent’s house. John retrieved his laundry, said his goodbyes to his mom and dad, and they headed back to school.

“I’m going to miss you, you sure you can’t stay with me; I’ll have the room all to myself? I promise to be good.”

“I know you’ll be good, but who’s going to stop me from having my way with you,” laughed Katie. “Besides, I have to go to work tomorrow. I start my waitress job at the Shannon Rose, remember? You just concentrate on your classes, call me when you can, and don’t forget to work out. The session will be over before you know it.”

It was tough cramming two courses into the intersession. John spent all morning in one class, all afternoon in the other, and his evenings and weekends in the library, after which he worked out as he promised he would. All his hard work paid off because, by the time he started his second year, he already had thirty six credits towards graduation and had maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Katie was equally busy on her end, working as many hours as she could, volunteering for extra shifts, and doing what she had to do to increase her tips. Prompt service, a friendly smile, and a flirtation here and there all allowed her to accumulate over $4,000 by the end of the summer. She made friends with the owners and picked their brains for the best ways to run a business like theirs. One other thing she did learn was the benefits that come with a good education. After graduation, the only position that she would take in the food and beverage industry would be that of an owner; waitressing was far too much work for the money she made.

Chapter 10

The fall semester seemed to be over before they knew it. As planned, John had purchased an engagement ring with money he invested years ago. It wasn’t the largest or most expensive ring available, but when she received it that Christmas Eve Katie knew that she would treasure it always. They planned the wedding for the end of May, after school ended for the year, after any post season softball tournaments, and before the start of the summer classes.

Their lives continued at a hectic pace. John was taking six courses again this semester, helping Katie with her studies and working out three nights a week. Katie started softball practice recognized as one of the stars of the team. With John’s help she was able to bring up her GPA to a respectable 3.0, and had increased her time in the gym to six nights a week. She helped John on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and did her serious workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Right after midterm exams, John noticed that she seemed to be a little moody.

“Katie, what’s wrong, you seem unhappy?”

“I am a little frustrated, that’s all. The season started out OK, but with Donna graduating, teams are beginning to pitch around me more and more. I know we’re still winning, but I feel like I’m not doing my share.”

John knew that Katie was partially right because he always attended all of the games they played at home and it was true that she was being walked or forced to swing at pitches she would normally not.

“Katie, you can’t think of it that way. You get on base more than any other player on the team and you’ve scored the most runs as a result of the players behind you doing their jobs. Everyone knows it and appreciates your abilities. You have to let others get the glory for the good of the team.”

With that he took her in his arms, squeezed tightly and, with a lot of effort, lifted her off the ground and spun around, kissing her passionately.

“I see my man is feeling strong these days,” she said, giggling like a young school girl. “Just remember who the Brawn in this relationship is.”

She suddenly grabbed him under the arm pits, and almost effortlessly lifted his one hundred and fifty plus pounds until her arms were straight and his head was touching the ceiling. Katie held him that way for a few minutes. She knew her strength was exciting him; she could feel his erection throbbing against her chest. The thought that she was turning him on excited her as well; she couldn’t wait for the semester to end and the next phase of their lives to begin.

After their finals, John and Katie left school and returned to their respective homes. They were very anxious to get on with the wedding. Katie’s mother had done most of the planning, with the help of John’s parents. Because both families were small and John and Katie did not have a lot of friends, they had planned an intimate wedding to be held a luxurious resort in Scottsdale, followed by dinner attended by the family and friends. Joan was going to be the Maid of Honor and John’s dad was his Best Man.

As John stood in the front of the room, and watched Katie escorted up the isle by Margaret, he felt that he was the luckiest man on the face of the earth. This beautiful, sexy woman was going to be his bride. After a short ceremony they turned towards one another and exchanged pledges of love and fidelity. They each placed a wedding band on the other’s ring finger, and the minister pronounced them husband and wife.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Their passionate kiss was anything but chaste; a prelude of things to come.

The dinner was spectacular. Toasts were made, speeches were given, and everyone shared stories about the newlyweds. The staff brought out a small wedding cake which the John and Katie dutifully cut and fed to each other. Coffee was served and the guests each received a generous portion of the cake. One by one the guests and family members said their goodbyes to the newlyweds and their parents. Katie and John walked their parents out to lobby, thanking them for making it such a memorable evening.

John’s father handed him a key and with a Cheshire cat grin said, “Have fun, you two;” for which he received a punch in the arm from his wife and Katie’s mom.

“John, don’t forget that you have to get back to school by Wednesday morning,” said his Mom with a wink and they turned and headed out the door.

Katie took John by the arm and headed down the hall towards their room.

“Come on; I’ve waited two years for this night and I won’t wait another second longer.”

When they reached the door to their suite, John pulled the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He stepped back and said, “I believe it’s traditional for the groom to carry his bride across the threshold.”

Before he could react, Katie reached down behind his legs with one arm and behind his back with the other and laughed, “I think you already know that I am anything but traditional,” she replied as she entered the suite carrying her husband.

Once inside she put him down, placed the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside door knob, and taking John by the hand led him towards the bedroom. The bridal suite had a sunken whirlpool tub, which was already filled with steaming water and bubbles; and, even though neither of them had turned twenty one, a chilled bottle of champagne sat in a bucket of ice next to the tub. In the bedroom, the king-sized bed had been turned down, a chocolate kiss on each pillow. A note from Katie’s Mom lay on the bed.

‘You’ll find your bathing suits and a change of clothes in the closet. I’ll be over about noon tomorrow to pick up your wedding dress and John’s tux. Just leave anything you want me to bring home in the living room.

Love you both,


“Let’s leave the hot tub for later,” Katie whispered, as she kicked off her shoes.

John walked up to her and gently pulled her head down to his as he tenderly kissed her lips. Then stepping back, turned her around and slowly pulled down the zipper on her simple, but elegant white bridal dress. The dress had been his mother’s, which she was honored to have Katie borrow. The zipper traveled down her entire back ending a few inches below her waist. John wanted to unwrap his bride like a treasured Christmas gift, slowly and carefully. He planted little kisses on her shoulders and down her back as she allowed the dress to cascade off her shoulders and settle at her feet. He marveled at the contrast of soft, smooth nearly flawless skin and broad, powerful shoulders and back. She was naked except for the pale blue thong underwear that did nothing to cover her magnificent muscular butt. She stepped over her dress and turned to face him, her hands sliding up under the inside of his jacket caressing his chest. He shrugged his shoulders and the jacket fell to the floor. Her hands shook as she fumbled with the buttons of his shirt and removed his tie. John kicked off his dress shoes as Katie tugged on his belt and loosened his pants, which fell to floor and Katie practically ripped his undershirt as she tugged it up over his head.

“Hmmmm, my man has developed quite nicely,” she said as she caressed his arms and chest. “All that hard work in the gym has really paid off. There’s one more part of your body that I’ve been dying to examine for the last two years ever since that first week of school when I saw you watching me work out from across the room.”

John stood there at the foot of the bed as Katie slowly fell to her knees before him. She helped him step out of his pants and pulled off his socks, with a playful little smile, she looked up into his eyes as she planted little kisses on the mound covered by his briefs. He stood there shaking with desire as she moved her hands up the outsides of his legs and, upon reaching the waistband of his briefs, slowly pulled them down releasing the object of her desire.

It was Katie’s turn to be awe struck. She had expected that he was big, but she never dreamed that he would be this big. There, inches from her face, protruding from his trim body, was the most beautiful piece of man-flesh that she could ever have imagined. It was long and thick and pulsated with the beat of his heart. Its head was dark red, damp with pre-cum, and seemed to be staring right at her. Momentarily, her self confidence was shaken. Could she handle something this big? She wasn’t a virgin, but it had been nearly three years since she had lost her virginity and that guy was nowhere near as big as John. She reached out with both hands and held it feeling its heat, the softness of the skin, and the hardness of the shaft. She moved closer and planted a kiss on the exposed head as she slowly moved her hands back and forth.

“Katie, please. I’m so close if you don’t stop I’m going to explode,” John moaned as she continued to drive him out of his mind with desire.

Katie had no intention of stopping, she released her hands, opened her mouth and engulfed the head as she grabbed his ass and worked his cock in and out.

“Oh god, oh god, I can’t hold it any longer. Oh Katie, I love you!”

It was music to Katie’s ears as she felt his cock swell in her mouth and erupt inside, shooting his cum into her mouth and down her throat. She held him tightly as she felt his legs tremble. The pleasure she received knowing that she had pleased her man, triggered her own small orgasm, a prelude of things to come.

When John recovered he opened his eyes and reached down to help Katie to her feet. They kissed passionately, their tongues dueling for supremacy, as he guided them onto the bed. When she was on her back in the center of the bed, he broke the kiss and whispered, “That was wonderful, my love. Now it’s my turn.”

He slid slowly down her body, kissing her neck and her shoulders, stopping to admire her breasts; full, nearly round half spheres topped with dark pink nipples fully erect about a quarter inch long. He ran his tongue around first one, then the other, using his teeth to gently bite each one as he alternated between sucking first one then the other. Her moans were music to his ears as he felt her arch her back off the bed forcing more of her breasts into his mouth. Her hands guided his head as he continued his journey down her body. He was only too happy to comply as she parted her legs offering herself to him. He hesitated slightly, pausing to admire her. Her lips were full, her clit peeking out from its hood; she was wet with desire and her scent was intoxicating. She whimpered as he teased her, gently blowing on her clit and lightly licking her up one side and down the other, carefully avoiding direct stimulation of her clit.

“John… please, please hurry,” was all she said as he took her clit between his lips and ran circles around it with his tongue.

“Oh my god, yes that’s it. Yes… yes.”

Her body arched off the bed, her hands held his head tightly, as her orgasm traveled up her body and exploded in her brain. Her body shook and her breathing became erratic as wave after wave of pleasure racked her body. Finally, just when she thought she could no longer stand it, John released her and she collapsed back onto the bed. Pleased with himself that he was able to return the pleasure she had given him, John crawled back up her body, laying next to her and kissing her gently on the lips.

“Oh John, that was wonderful. Let me rest for a minute, OK?”

A minute turned into a half hour as they both closed their eyes and relaxed in each other’s arms.

John was awoken from a beautiful dream by a hand gently caressing his hardening cock.

“I see you’re almost ready again,” Katie said as she pushed him gently but firmly over onto his back. She threw her leg over his body and took his hands into hers. She looked down into his eyes, smiled and slowly began to rub herself up and down his erection. She leaned over offering first one, then the other of her extended nipples for him to suck on. When she felt she had him in just the right position, she pushed down on his cock, which slowly began to disappear into her body.

“Oooo, so good, so good. Easy, don’t move… let me get used to that monster of yours.”

Slowly she began to move up and down, each time taking a little more in, until she had all of it. She sat up, closed her eyes and reveled in the feelings that were emanating from her body. She pulled his hands up to her breasts, he needed no encouraging and immediately began to squeeze her breasts and pull gently on her nipples. Her head tilted back, her eyes were shut and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her orgasm hit her. Her hips moved faster and faster as she moved up and down John’s cock, her clit rubbing along its entire length. John could feel her pussy pulsating as if trying to swallow him whole. He arched his hips off the bed in an effort to stuff even more of himself into her, then with a guttural moan he came, feeling like she was turning him inside out. Katie came again as she felt him cum within her, then when she regained control she eased herself down onto the mattress next to her man; smiled and resting her head on his shoulder and fell asleep.

They were still coupled, when she felt his cock involuntarily starting to twitch, to begin to grow once again. He opened his eyes as she pulled herself off of him, his cock slipping out of her with a soft pop.

“It seems my man hasn’t had enough yet. I think we should see if the hot tub is running. I could use a glass of that Champagne.”

She helped him off the bed and they walked out of the bedroom and into the tub, which was still running. The hot water felt wonderful as they eased into it. John reached over and after a little effort popped the cork, poured a glass for each of them and handing her a glass proposed a toast;

“To the love of my life; the woman who fills my heart with joy, who is my guiding light and my strength.”

They sipped from each other’s glass, and as they eased back into the water, John added one last comment, “And who’s trying to kill me with sex.”

Katie laughed, then replied, “If you think that was something, wait until I start playing rough. Besides, Champagne always makes me horny; I think you better rest up for round two.”

The next morning, John woke up first; he got up on one elbow and gazed down of his beautiful sleeping wife. He smiled to himself as he remembered the previous evening. They had indeed gone on to round two after finishing the Champagne. In fact, after falling asleep in each other’s arms once again, he awoke sometime later to sensations of Katie trying to coax one more erection out of his well-worn cock. His mind was saying no but his body had different ideas and soon she had him ready for action. This time, he started out on top, his cock plunging in and out of her as she urged him on. His stamina was beginning fade, when at the last minute she turned them over, still coupled, and rode him hard until she sat up, expanded her chest and flexed her biceps as she milked the last of his cum from his overworked balls.

She collapsed onto the bed next to him, completely worn out but fully sated and whispered, “I love you, John; good night.”

The honeymoon lasted three days. Three glorious days sitting poolside in the shade, away from the blistering sun in the late spring heat, taking occasional dips in the pool, recharging their batteries for the night of passion that awaited them.

But all good things must come to an end, and on Tuesday morning they checked out of the resort and drove first to his parents house, where he picked up some clean clothes, and then to her mother’s place.

There they gathered together the items that they would need for the fall semester. John kissed his mother-in-law goodbye and Katie drove them south to Tucson.

When they arrived John checked in and received his key for his new dorm room. It was located in a small co-ed building. It was a double occupancy room, but this being the summer break, he would be the only occupant. They re-arranged the furniture, moving the single beds together; they used the king-size sheets that they brought from home as well as a king-sized blanket for their bed. The two small desks were moved together one wall. Katie was thankful that the room had its own small bathroom with a shower stall and a toilet. The sink was outside the bathroom next to the small walk-in closet. The entrance to the room was located on the outside wall. It was just perfect; this would be their first apartment.

They had made an arrangement with the Dean of Students; they would be able to live together in the dorm, which would normally be restricted to students of the same sex, as long as they didn’t disturb the other students. The school was bending the rules for them for two reasons. First, Katie was a star athlete and they wanted to keep her happy. The second and more important reason as far as the Dean was concerned, was the fact that John was seen as a rising star in the fields of Physics and Astronomy; both department heads wanted him in their post graduate and doctoral programs. When they had the room just they wanted it, they walked across the nearly deserted campus to the SU and had a quiet dinner together.

“Katie, it seems like we’re always saying good bye. Can’t you stay a couple of more nights?”

“John, you know I want to, but I can’t; I promised Tim that I would start Wednesday afternoon. He wants me to work with him this summer, serving the bar and learning the business. He thinks of me as the daughter he never had. I can’t let him down. Besides this education is going to be just as important as my business degree will be for our future.”

“I know, but the last few days and nights have been heaven on earth for me, and it’s going to be lonely here without you.”

“We have one more night together; why are we sitting here talking?”

They practically ran across campus back to their dorm building, up the outside stair case to the third floor and into their room. Their clothing landed everywhere as they raced to get naked and jump into bed. Their love making was intense; their sexual desire for each other seemed to have no end. It was after midnight when they finally settled into each other’s arms and slept.

John, as usual, was up first. He took a quick shower, dressed, and made a pot of coffee. Katie woke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. He brought her a cup; she sat up still naked from the night before, and took a sip.

“Breakfast in bed; I could get used to this.”

John watched her drink,

‘God, she is beautiful! How did I ever get so lucky to have a woman like her love me?’

“I could get used to serving you like this if you promise to always dress just the way you are.”

He could feel the blood flowing into his growing erection; how he wanted to jump back into bed. But looking at the clock, he knew he didn’t have the time; he had a class in twenty minutes. He leaned over and took her cup, placing it on one of the desks, and kissed her… a long lingering kiss.

Reluctantly he broke the kiss and said, “I have to go, I have less than twenty minutes to get to class. I’m going to miss you; call me when you get home tonight after work. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Don’t forget to keep up with your workouts. Just because you’re a married man doesn’t mean that you can allow that young stud body of yours go to pot. I’ll call you after work.”

Chapter 11

After John left for class, Katie got out of bed, cleaned up the room, took her shower, dressed, and drove north to her mom’s house. When she got there the house was empty and her mom was already at work. She changed into her Shannon Rose work tee-shirt, the green one which was a little tighter than she normally wore, and drove across town arriving there a little before the lunch crowd.

“Katie, it’s good to see you again,” said Tim O’Shea the majority owner of the tavern. “Like I promised you last time, you’re going to work the bar this summer. I’m going to teach you all about the business. You won’t be able to tend bar until next year when you turn 21, but I show you what you’ll need to know.”

Tim gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I swear, every time I see you you’re a little bigger and a little more solid than you were before; maybe I should hire you as a bouncer instead of a waitress. And what’s this?”

He held her left hand and smiled.

“You got married? I assume the lucky guy is that John you were telling me about. Congratulations, my dear. There are going to be a lot of broken hearts sitting at this bar when they spot that ring on your finger.”

Over the next two and a half months, Katie learned the bar business from the inside. She waited on the patrons that sat at the bar and ate their lunch, and on the half dozen tables around the perimeter of the bar room. When the lunch crowd thinned out, Tim showed her how to make the standard drinks that made up about ninety-five percent of the bar sales. It was pretty simple really. Most of the guys drank beers and/or shots; the women mostly drank wine or beer. Then there were the more exotic drinks. Because they were in Arizona, margaritas were fairly popular, as well as martinis for the business men and women.

But her real education came between three and four, when the bar was almost empty and Tim would tell her how he ran his business.

“Katie, the most important lesson that I can teach you is this; never, ever cheat a customer. There’s plenty of markup in the liquor, wine, and beer sales; you always want a customer to feel like he’s getting his money’s worth. The next thing you have to remember is that this is a cash business. Less now than in the good old days, but there is still plenty of cash that goes across the bar every day. Cash is hard to ignore, especially for those who really need it. That’s why I have those security cameras in the ceiling over the bar and the dining room. Everyone assumes that it’s for watching the patrons, and that’s true in a way, but the real purpose is to keep my employees and my partners honest. In the back of their minds they know that Tim is always watching. There’s only one person that pockets any cash around here and that’s me. I take care of my partners but I keep control of the amount of cash that never hits the register. You can’t be a pig in this business. The tax people can get access to your alcohol purchase records, and with that they have a pretty good idea what your sales volume should be. If you’re a pig and take too much, you end up in the slaughterhouse. I keep two sets of books: one for the tax people to see, the other stays in my head. I know how many sales dollars were never recorded and can calculate my real gross profit at almost any time. That’s the way I can tell if my employees are stealing or being careless, either way it costs me money.”

Katie stored these pearls of wisdom away. They would be just as valuable to her as her formal education, maybe more so.

The summer went by quickly; it wasn’t all work for Katie. She would meet Joan later in the evening after her shift; they would push each other hard and had a real competition between them to see who was the stronger of the two. Katie usually won, but Joan was never far behind.

Her strength provided a break from the daily grind of her job. Whenever Tim ran short of clean glasses, he would ask Katie to get a clean rack. The patrons, especially the men, would notice the bulges of her arms as she carried thirty or more beer mugs out from the kitchen or when they need a couple of cases of beer for the bar, Katie would bring them up from the cellar in one trip.

One day a couple of the regulars were watching as she brought up two cases of beer. One guy commented rather loudly that he didn’t think she was very strong. Tim overheard the two arguing and asked them if they wanted to find out how strong she really was.

He put a ten-spot down on the bar and said, “Show me the color of your money; put up or shut up. For each bet placed I’ll match it. I propose a little arm wrestling contest; winner takes all.”

He walked over to Katie and whispered, “Take it easy on him; make it look close. I don’t want to scare them off; this could be good money for the both of us.”

When Katie and Tim walked back to the other side of the bar, there were ten ten-dollar bills lined up on the bar and a guy about thirty-five years old had his arm on the bar waiting for her. Katie smiled at him and placed her arm on the bar, trying to make her arm look smaller than his.

Tim yelled, “Ready… go!”

Katie allowed her arm to be moved back towards the bar a little, than held it steady. Anyone could see that now her bicep looked huge compared to before; but they were all too busy rooting for her opponent. She slowly started to bring her arm back into the upright position and then, after glancing over at Tim for his approval, began to push his arm down until finally she had it down on the bar.

“Sorry gentlemen, better luck next time.”

Tim grabbed the money off the bar, took back his bet and kept three of the bills, putting them in his pocket, the rest he handed to Katie. He refilled the glass of the loser of the contest, turned to Katie, smiled and walked over to the other side of the bar.

Later after they had gone, Tim told her, “I wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes a regular feature around here. I’ll supply the money, you supply the brawn and we’ll both make a pretty good amount of tax-free money.”

For the last couple weeks before she went back to school, Katie arm wrestled two sometimes three times a day. She took on all comers, and by the end of her last shift she had made an extra eleven hundred dollars.

“Katie, I hate to see you go. It’s been a lot of fun having you here this summer. Give me a call when you have your break; I definitely want you back. Now, go back to that husband of yours and don’t kill him.”

Although she had gone back to school every couple of weeks for a night when she couldn’t stand not seeing him, she couldn’t wait another second. She raced home, changed out of her work clothes and, after saying goodbye to her mom, headed down to John in order to surprise him.

The drive to Tucson took about three hours. She parked the car and ran the two blocks from the parking garage to the dorm. She bounded up the stairs and then quietly inserted her key and opened the door. She expected to find the room dark and John asleep in the bed. When she entered the room, she could hear the water running in the shower. Peeking in the open door she could see John’s silhouette in the frosted glass of the shower stall.

‘This is even better than I hoped for,’ she thought as she quickly stripped out of her clothes and crept into the bathroom. She waited for him to get his head under the shower stream so he wouldn’t hear her open the door and slip inside. There was barely enough room for her to stand behind him, avoiding all contact with his body.

Suddenly, she threw one arm around his chest and the other over his hip grabbing hold of his flaccid cock she held him tightly as she whispered in her sexiest voice, “Did you miss me, Lover-boy?”

John screamed with fright and would have collapsed to the floor if it was for her powerful hold around his chest.

“Are you crazy, you practically gave me a heart attack,” he yelled as the water sprayed into his face and cascaded down his chest. Katie just held him tightly to her chest all the time whispering in his ear and fondling his growing erection.

“I sorry I scared you,” Katie said through her laughter. “Do you forgive me, or should I just leave now?”

She loosened her grip on him just enough for him to spin around in her arms.

“Don’t even think about opening that door,” he replied as he forced her back against the shower wall and began kissing her, as his left hand came up to her breast and his right searched out the wetness between her legs. Soon he was completely hard and, as her leg moved up around his hip allowing him better access, he entered her. This was not making love, this was pure animalistic sex. It had been nearly three weeks since they had been together and both of them were horny as hell. Katie felt the throbbing of his cock as John shot his cum into her. That was the trigger that sent her over the edge. She held him tightly and felt her body tremble as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

“Welcome home, Darling,” he said as he turned her around so that she could stand under the shower head. He reached behind her grabbed the shampoo bottle and lathered her hair. She felt as if she had died and gone to heaven; no one had washed her hair in a long, long time and certainly not while she was being poked in the butt by a rejuvenating cock. After he had rinsed the shampoo out of her hair, he put some conditioner on her head. Then he grabbed the soap, lathered up his hands and started to wash her body, his hands paying a lot of attention to her breasts. She arched her back and, opening her legs, trapped the thing that had been poking her butt between her thighs. She felt that she could remain in this position forever.

Reluctantly, she said, “Why don’t you get out, dry off, and let me finish. I’ll join you in bed in a few minutes.”

Chapter 12

Three days later they began their third year of school. They soon fell back into their usual routine of early classes, studying, and working out. This year it was different: they no longer had to go their separate ways at night. The love-making was always fantastic, but it was more than sex, it was the afterglow. Being able to hold your lover in your arms, to fall into a peaceful sleep, with no time restraints until the following morning, was wonderful.

Katie loved being in school. She loved the whole college experience; the independence, the responsibilities, the dorm life, all of it was enhanced by having John at her side to experience it with her. She loved the new dorm building. It was small with only sixty-three rooms, which made becoming socially involved with your neighbors a lot easier. In their building they were seen as sort of celebrities; they were married, living together and attending classes.

One day Katie was approached by two girls from the building who asked her if she had ever thought of rushing a sorority. They explained that their sorority was Chi Omega. The girls were honest to her in their sales pitch:

“We’re not rated the highest, but we believe we are the best. Most sites rate the sororities based upon looks, popularity, classiness and social life. We like to think more along the lines of involvement, sisterhood and academics. Why don’t you come over to the house this weekend; we’re having a rush party. Come and meet some of the sisters.”

When Katie got back to their room, John was sitting at his desk, highlighting some passages in one of his textbooks. He was so focused on what he was doing that he didn’t hear her come in and walk up behind him. He jumped as she placed her hands on his shoulders. She laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

“I guess I’m going to have to knock whenever I come in from now on.”

“I was just talking to a Sally and Jenna from on the second floor; they asked me to stop over at their sorority house on Saturday night, they’re having a rush party. I think I’m going to go. I’m not saying that I’m going to rush their house, but I want to find out more about them, meet some of the sisters and maybe develop some contacts which will be beneficial for our future.”

John looked up at her with a quizzical look.

“John, if I’m going to go into business for myself someday, I’m going to have to have a large circle of contacts, especially in the area. It couldn’t hurt.”

“I guess,” John said, returning to his reading.

This was one area in which they were as different as night and day. John was not a people person. He was more comfortable living in his world of academics than meeting and socializing with new people. It was not that he was antisocial, he just had trouble making small talk; his was the world of math and physics, the theoretical world. It was why he agreed with Katie that he should accelerate his advancement towards his ultimate goal of getting his doctoral? degree. The sooner he could finish his undergraduate and master’s work, the sooner he could start his research work.

Katie shrugged and retrieved her Management of Business textbook, kicked off her sneakers and fell onto the bed. She had a chapter to read before her class tomorrow. As she read, she tried to apply the information in the book to situations she had encountered at work. The more she read, the more she realized how smart a businessman Tim O’Shea was.

After a half an hour John closed his book and turned to look at Katie; she was still hard at work. He thought about before and how wrapped up he was in his studying, realizing that he had basically ignored her. He knew that she was the best thing that could ever happen to him and that he should never forget that. He eased himself onto the bed behind her and gently rubbed her shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I guess I was just too wrapped up in my world to listen to things that you considered important in yours. Let’s talk about it.”

Katie closed her book, rolled onto her back and started to talk.

“John, the more I think about it the more I like the idea of opening up an Irish Pub here in Tucson. I’ve checked around; there is not one Irish Pub in the entire area. The closest one is the one where I work during the break. Tim is teaching me all about the business. He’s been doing it for over thirty years, so I think he knows what he’s talking about. I asked him what he thought of the idea of opening up a pub here. He said he was too old to do it again, but he thought it was a good idea. We would need to get a good location near the main part of the campus. It will take a good deal of money to get started; but if we can get a business loan, and maybe some grant money, I think it could be done. I could work for Tim while you finish school, then once you have your masters you could get a teaching post here and do your research for your doctorate.”

“Katie, that would mean living apart again; I’m not sure I could take being stuck here all by myself for months at a time. I would miss you too much.”

“That’s sweet, John, really sweet, but I could work my schedule so I can be home a couple of nights a week. Tim and I stumbled on a way to make some additional money so I don’t have to work as many hours. I never told you: this past break, I started arm wrestling the guys at the bar. I get seventy percent of the winnings; Tim gets the rest because he covers the bets. I made over $1,100 so far.”

John could feel his cock throbbing in his pants. He was getting really turned on by the mental picture of his wife’s powerful arms forcing down the arm of some loud overconfident guy at the bar. Katie could feel it too.

“Hold that thought for later, stud,” she said with a laugh. “We have to get something to eat and workout before we can play. If you’re really good later, maybe I’ll give you a free demonstration.”

Chapter 13

Katie and John were busier than ever. Katie pledged Chi Omega and although she didn’t like some of the crap she had to put up with as a pledge she stuck with it, bonding with the rest of the girls in her pledge class and the sisters of the sorority. Her social life was beginning to have an effect on her academic performance, which meant that John had to spend more time helping her study. Most of his day consisted of class time, studying for his exams, and helping her. In his ‘spare time’ John worked out and had his meals. The best time of day for the both of them was the time that they spent in bed, making love or just cuddling, until fatigue got the upper hand and they fell into a peaceful sleep.

Before they knew it, it was exam time again. After their last exams, they packed some things into Katie’s car and drove to her mom’s, dropped off some laundry to do later, and headed over to see John’s parents.

They stayed for dinner and left about at about ten, returning to her mom’s place. Margaret greeted them at the door and hugged them both saying, “I have your room all ready; I assume you’ll both be staying here for the holidays. Let’s have coffee and we can talk.”

It was a wonderful relaxing week; a time to decompress. They alternated between the two houses spending time and sharing their experiences. Two days after Christmas, Katie returned to work and John was getting restless; he wanted to go back to school. Because the pub was busier than normal, with kids returning from college and snowbirds returning to the Valley of the Sun, Tim asked her to work twelve hour shifts. Since she was now twenty-one, Tim had Katie working the bar much of the time while he looked on, helping her learn the proper way to draw a perfect pint of Guinness, or how to mix the various cocktails of the day. She was loving every minute of it, flirting with the customers and learning the finer points of bartending. The money was great, but that left John home alone most of time. Katie felt bad about leaving him and, after she came home from her shift, she took a quick shower and crawled naked into bed.

“Shhhh, we have to be quiet, we don’t want to wake up my mom,” she whispered in his ear. She started at his mouth, moved to his neck and made her way down his body, kissing, licking and biting as she went. Her ultimate goal was clear and John trembled with anticipation and desire. Her hands tugged at his briefs, until his blood-engorged cock sprang into view. She was always amazed that such a relatively small guy could have such a magnificent cock. She took it into her hands and began to run her tongue around the still exposed head. John let out a soft moan. She could feel him trying to lift his hips off the bed in an attempt to get more into her mouth.

“Patience my dear, this is only the beginning.”

She continued to tease its head with her tongue, occasionally pulling back, while stroking its length.

When she sensed that he was close to cumming she grabbed the head firmly until the moment was past, and then started over again. Katie did this several times; each time the interval between crises grew shorter until she sensed that he was near the point of no return. Now she reversed her position and, throwing her leg over his chest, presented to him her dripping pussy. Crazed with desire, he pulled her down so he could attack her clit, while she engulfed his cock. The result was like two runaway freight trains colliding; each felt the climax of the other, their cries muffled by the other’s body, each receiving the juices of the other.

Katie was the first to recover; cleaning his now deflating member, reversed herself and began to lick his face like a cat cleaning the milk covered faces of its kittens.

“I’m sorry I had to leave you all alone again today; I hope you’re not mad at me?”

How could he ever get mad at her? He cuddled up behind her and held her tight as she rolled over onto her side and fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up early, crept out of bed, dressed and walked out to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Margaret came out of her room about twenty minutes later dressed and ready for work.

“Good morning, Mom; can I get you a cup of coffee?”

“That would be wonderful,” she replied. “It’s not often that I have a cup before I leave for work. I usually just stop on the way and pick up a cup at the McDonald’s drive-in.”

He poured her a cup and sat back down, knowing that she took her coffee as he did: black, no sugar.

After sitting for a few minutes in silence, Margaret said, “I heard you two last night; I woke up with the sound of the shower and had trouble falling back to sleep.”

John could feel his face getting red.

“Don’t be embarrassed John, I think it’s wonderful that she’s found someone who truly makes her happy. You two make such a cute couple. I think you’re perfect for one another. I just wish I had found someone like you when I was your age.”

It slipped out before he could stop it: “What about Katie’s father?”

“I guess Katie never told you, I never really knew who her father was.” She told him the story that she had made up so long ago and had repeated in her head so many times that even she had begun to believe it was true.

“There was a party, I got drunk and woke up the next day in some no-tell, motel, alone. Katie was conceived that night. I never knew who the father was.”

Embarrassed and feeling sorry for her, John sat there listening in silence, until she was finished.

“I never met my birth parents, I was adopted.”

“See you both have something in common, neither of you know who your father was,” she said trying to lighten the mood.

He didn’t want to contradict her so he never mentioned the fact that he knew the names of both of his birth parents or the story behind his adoption.

“Well, I have to get going; I don’t want to be late for work. Thanks for the coffee and especially for being such a wonderful son-in-law.”

After she left, John poured himself a second cup and went out to the living room to watch the morning news. At nine o’clock he shut off the TV and looked in on Katie. She was still asleep but must have been restless because she had kicked off the blanket; her glorious body was totally exposed. John, the memory of the prior evening still fresh in his mind, undressed and crawled onto the bed.

‘Payback is wonderful,’ he thought as he gently licked along the edges of her exposed pussy; occasionally blowing on her extending clit. He looked up at her face; she was making the cute little faces and whimpering noises she always made when she was approaching her climax. John returned his attention to what he was doing; he could see her juices dripping out of her and could feel her hips slowly gyrating.

Quickly he got into position over her, taking care not to wake her; and positioned his cock between her lips. Slowly he entered her; all of his weight was supported by his arms and legs. He began moving slowly in and out, with long even strokes. Her breathing became more erratic and she became flush. John froze, buried deep inside her, as he felt the tiny contractions of her orgasm begin. Her eyes suddenly opened, a look of total confusion on her face until her conscious mind caught up with the sensations that her body was sending to her brain. John renewed his movements as Katie grabbed him behind the head and mashed their lips together in a passionate kiss. He felt her legs cross over the backs of his thighs forcing him down on her urging him on.

“Harder; faster, that’s it. Oh God, yes, I’ve missed this so much.”

She screamed as her second orgasm rush through her body, and John exploded within her.

When they both recovered she said, “Please tell me my mom is already at work.”

John nodded, “when she left and I saw you lying here I figured I’d wake you up so you could get ready for work.”

“Hmmmm, that was a wonderful way to wake up, a lot better than our alarm clock.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Chapter 14

New Year’s Eve was one of the pub’s busiest nights. John would have been alone that night, because Katie had to work, so she convinced him that he should come to work with her. He could see first-hand what she did and how much she enjoyed it. John had never been to an Irish Pub before. In fact, he had never been to any type of bar before. He sat on the last stool, at the far end of the bar, and watched as Katie worked the bar. He could tell that she was in her element, doing what she loved to do. She laughed and talked with the customers as she hustled their orders. It was a little slow during the day, but the bar began to fill up around four o’clock. Tim stayed with her until six, when his two partners came in to take over for the evening. They each took a side of the bar; Katie took the side that John was sitting at. Because John was not much of a drinker, she would give him a pint of beer, which he nursed as long as possible; when he needed a refill she would give him a glass of water or diet soda. Over the course of her twelve hour shift he probably had six beers in all. He spent a lot of time in the bathroom. In between drink orders she would walk over by him and talk about how she loved what she was doing.

Sometime around ten o’clock, one of the regulars that had been there for about an hour or so, called out to Katie as he propped him arm onto the bar,

“Katie O’Hara get over here. I challenge you to a test of strength and I have twenty bucks that says I can beat you.”

Katie tried to ignore him, figuring that it was the alcohol talking. But the longer she ignored him the louder he got. Finally, she shrugged her shoulders, walked up to him and coupled her hand in his. She looked at the bar, there must have been close to three hundred dollars in bets in front of the patrons, who were all sure that they couldn’t lose. Tim had already gone home for the evening so it was up to her to make good on the bets if she lost.

John watched as Katie prepared for the contest; worried that her challenger appeared to be bigger than she was, but also excited that he was going to be a witness to the event. Almost mesmerized by all the shouting, John got out of his seat and walked around until he was able to look into her eyes.

The other bartender came over and started them with, “All set; go!

Katie’s arm swelled as the contest began. Neither contestant appeared to be gaining an advantage. John could see the smile on her face as she stared into the eyes of her opponent. After a minute of the stalemate, Katie looked up into John’s eyes. She could tell by the expression on his face that that he was aroused by the action. She gave him a wink, blew him a kiss, and — slowly at first — proceeded to gain the advantage. The crowd was shouting encouragement to her opponent, but it would be of no help. With a final burst of strength, she slammed his hand down onto the bar. She gathered the money from the bar and walked back to the corner were John was just returning to his seat.

“That was awesome,” he whispered in a lustful tone.” When does your shift end?”

“Just after midnight,” she replied as she handed the cash to him. “Watch this for me.”

As the countdown began, Katie made her way over to John’s corner and as everybody yelled “Happy New Year” she held his head in her hands and gave him a very passionate kiss. When she finally broke the kiss she whispered in his ear,

“I’ll be wanting a lot more of that tonight, kind sir.”

She told her fellow bartenders that she would be leaving in a few minutes and announced to her patrons that this was her last call for the evening. The crowd seemed to thin out almost immediately, only the serious partiers remained. She scooped up her tips from the bar and retrieved the rest from her tip mug under the bar.

“Good Night all, and Happy New Year,” she shouted as she came out from behind the bar and met John at the door. Arm in arm they walked out to her car.

“I’d better drive,” she said as she got behind the wheel.

“I’m fine,” John replied.

“I know that, but you drive too slowly. I want to get home before Mom gets back from her night out.”

In less than ten minutes, they were pulling into the complex and ten minutes after that they were naked in bed. Katie was on top, riding him hard as she held John’s hands over his head and offered her breasts for him to suck.

“You liked that back at the bar, didn’t you? It really turns you on knowing that your wife is so strong.”

All John could do was nod his head in reply.

“Well it turns me on as well, knowing that I have the strength to do whatever I want with this body of yours and that there is nothing that you can do to stop me.”

She increased her pace as her hips pounded down onto his body. Soon they were both coming hard.

Afterwards, as they lay side by side recovering in the afterglow, Katie whispered, “I’m sorry if I was a little rough tonight, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No you didn’t hurt me and there’s nothing to be sorry about; I loved every minute of it.”

“Good, I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Sometimes I just get the urge to totally dominate you; just knowing that I can makes it that much better for me. I just want you to know that I love you and that I would never ever do anything to hurt you.”

Just then they heard noise coming from the kitchen; keys rattled as they were tossed onto the table. They heard footsteps in the hallway as Margaret headed for her room.

John looked at the clock; it was nearly 1:30 in the morning.

“Your mom must have had a good time tonight.”

“It’s not what you think. She and a few of her lady friends get together every New Year’s Eve and have a little party, they play cards, get drunk, stay up until midnight, then stay to clean up. It’s only a few blocks from here so she walked home. It’s sad really; she never goes out on a date, she has no male friends as far as I know. I think, after what happen that night I was conceived, she just gave up on men altogether.”

Katie turned onto her side and John held her tight; it felt so good to hold her in his arms.

They spent a quiet New Year’s Day with John’s parents. John said his goodbyes and they returned to Margaret’s house, packed the car, and settled in for the night. The following morning, they drove back to school and, after checking in, they returned to their dorm room. Katie stayed for a couple of days, but the day that John’s classes resumed, she drove back to her mom’s and returned to her job. John felt like he was on an emotional rollercoaster; his days were filled with intellectual stimulation, but his nights were filled with loneliness, until Katie returned for the start of the spring semester.

Chapter 15

The spring semester, and the summer that followed, were more of the same. Katie led her team to the conference championship and a second-place finish at the World Series championship in Oklahoma that year. John completed another perfect 4.0 semester, and during the summer session completed his undergraduate degree in Physics with a minor in Astronomy. He was looking forward to beginning his master’s degree program in the fall. Katie continued her education in tavern management with Tim.

At the insistence of John’s parents, they agreed that John would attend graduation ceremonies the following spring when Katie was scheduled to graduate. Once again John set his schedule on an accelerated pace, if all went according to plan he would not only receive his undergraduate degree, but would also his masters degree at the same time.

Their fourth year in school was much like their third. John spent almost all of his time attending classes, and studying and writing papers. Katie, on the other hand, spent more of her time centered around the sorority, attending classes, but concentrating on those classes which she felt would be on the most help to her upon graduation. They still found the time to work-out together three days a week, with Katie spending an additional hour afterwards on the free weights.

During the spring semester, Katie would get up early on the weekends and would go out into the area surrounding the main campus for morning runs. She would run through the streets of Tucson looking for a building that could be used for an Irish Pub. On one of her runs she found what she was looking for. The building was located in the business district, approximately two blocks from the main part of the campus. More importantly however, it was also on a heavily traveled street. The building itself was a two-story stand alone structure with three retail shops on the first floor and what appeared to be apartments on the second. There was plenty of street parking and a parking lot in the back of the building. The retail space was currently occupied by a small deli, an insurance agency, and a gift shop. And best of all, there was a ‘for sale’ sign on the building.

Katie sprinted back to the dorm. She found John just as she left him: sleeping peacefully in bed. Yanking off the covers, she jumped onto his naked prone body.

“John, get up! I think I found the perfect building for my Irish Pub; come on I’ll show you!” she said grabbing his hands and pinning him to the bed as he struggled against his unknown assailant. Slowly he became aware of who was sitting on top of him and what she was saying to him.

“Katie, that’s great, but don’t you think I should get dressed first.”

“OK, if you insist,” she giggled as she began to gyrate her ass onto his growing erection.

An hour later, after they had showered after making love, they walked across campus in the direction of the building.

‘How are we going to afford to buy a building; neither of us are working full time,’ he thought, but he knew better than to say anything that would be contrary to anything that she set her mind on.

Soon they were standing in front of the building. It looked like a nice area; the building looked pretty good from the outside. The question was, where were they going to get the money?

Katie wrote down the name and number of the real estate agent, and taking John by the arm, led him back to their dorm.

“John, it would be just perfect for my pub. We could live in one of the four apartments upstairs. It would be within walking distance of the university for you. I could run the pub and be there to manage it full time. Once we were well-established, we could think about moving to our own house somewhere outside of the city. I’m going to call to find out more information.”

John watched as Katie made the call. He watched her expression change from one of joy to one of total despair as she scribbled down numbers. After ending the call she looked up at John and said,

“They want a million dollars for the building and a 20% down payment. That means we would have to come up with at least $400,000; $200,000 for the down payment and $200,000 to cover the closing costs and renovations to the building before we could open. Where would we get that kind of money?”

“Well, I have some money put aside in stocks; maybe my parents have some money put away for my education that we could borrow.”

“I could check with my mom; maybe she put aside a college fund that we could borrow. But I’m sure that we would need a whole lot more than that.”

They sat pondering on their dilemma, as Katie started her computer.

“I’ve got to set up a business plan. We have to find out how much money we can get our hands on, and how much we are going to need to operate the business and the building. If we can raise $100,000 ourselves, and $300,000 by borrowing from third parties, I think we can make it work. Look, the rent on the four apartments at $1,000 month will pay for the mortgage and the building costs.”

“Four apartments?”

“Yes; we would have to pay rent, too. The pub rent would be used to pay back the third party loans. The pub would have to do about $10,000 a week gross before we could see a profit. The work will be hard; I’ll have to work seven days a week at the beginning, but I think we can make this happen.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to go see Tim; he gets in early on Sunday. I’ll show him my numbers and ask him to review my plan. Maybe I can get him to come down one day next week and take a look at the building. He can tell me if I need to plan for any additional renovation costs.”

She called Tim at the bar and set up a meeting for 9:00 AM the next day, which meant a very early morning for her. At 6:00 she was on the road heading north for her appointment. As she drove, the numbers kept rolling around in her head. She was sure it could be done.

“Katie, my dear, it’s good to see you again. Come on in, let’s sit over here. I’ll get you a cup of coffee and we can go over this business plan of yours.”

For the next hour Tim read her plan, asked a lot of questions, did some calculations and asked more questions. They finished the pot of coffee and had started on a second, when Tim pushed back from the table. After a long pause he began to speak.

“Katie, they’ve taught you well. Your numbers look good to me. If the building is in decent shape, I see no problems with your estimates. The only question I have is about your third party backers. Can you get the money? And, what happens if you need more?”

“Tim, to be honest with you, I don’t know. That’s my one area of concern. This has all happen so quickly that I haven’t had time to explore my options as of yet.”

“Katie, I’m really excited for you. I haven’t had been this excited since I bought this place twenty-five years ago. Let me tell you what I can do for you. You know I’m a widower, with no family here; only a couple of distant relatives in the old country. I’ve got more money than I could ever spend, and some money that no one knows about. Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve thought of you as the daughter that I never had. Why don’t we do this? I will be your third party, your backer. I will supply whatever money you need in order to set up the pub.”

Katie sat there too stunned to speak. Tim was the answer to her prayers.

“This is what we’ll do; you know that Thursday is my day off. Why don’t I meet you in Tucson say around 11:00AM; we’ll take a look at this building of yours. If it’s as good as you think it is we’ll put together an offer. I know several contractors who are slow right now, who owe me a few favors. We can get them to give us proposals. I also have an excellent accounting firm that specializes in the hospitality industry; they can help you set up the business properly. I also have a great lawyer; he’ll do all the legal stuff.”

“Tim, I don’t know what to say. You’ve already done so much for me. I’ve gotten as much of an education from you as I have from school. Are you sure about this?”

“My dear, I’m as sure as I have ever been about anything in my life. I will want one thing in return however.”

‘Here it comes; I knew it was too good to be true.’

“When the time comes, say in about ten years or so, I want you to buy me and my partners out. I’m getting too old for this business and I would like to return to Ireland and live out the rest of my life in the beautiful countryside of the land of my birth. I know my partners feel the same way I do, and since they are older than I am and only own 49% of the business, I’m sure they will have no problem with my plan.”

After a moment of silence, during which time she digested all that he was offering to her, Katie stood, reached over the table and hugged him, showering him with kisses.

“Easy, Katie, easy. I’m an old man; don’t break anything”

“Then it’s settled; I will meet you Thursday at 11:00. Call me when you have the appointment set up with the realtor. Now get out of here; I have work to do before we can open.”

With tears in her eyes she left the bar and drove to her mother’s house. After explaining why she was in Peoria, she explained everything that was going on. Margaret told her that she had set aside about $25,000 for Katie’s education which she would give her.

“I wish it could be more, but on one income it was the best I could do.”

“Mom, don’t worry about it you’ve given me so much already. I’m sorry I can’t stay any longer, but I can’t wait to tell John the news.”

Three and a half hours later, she was running up the stairs to their dorm room.

“John, John, you’re not going to believe it!” she said as she rushed into the room.

John was lying on the bed, just beginning to come out of the nap he had been taking. Katie jumped on the bed and smothered him with kisses.

“Tim is going to back us on the building. He’s coming down Thursday to see it. I can’t believe it; this is really going to happen. Even my mom has $25,000 for us.”

“That’s wonderful Katie; let me tell you my good news. I spoke with my dad today. You know those stocks that I told you about, my dad told me that their worth over $100,000. I had no idea. We used to sit together when I was growing up and play the stock market. I would pick stocks to buy and sell and my

dad would track them for me. I always thought that we were just fooling around; he never told me that they were real investments.”

“John, that’s wonderful. With that money, the money my mom has for me, the money I’ve been able to save and Tim’s money, we should be in good shape. The only stipulation is that Tim wants me to buy his bar when he’s ready to retire, in about ten years from now.”

John looked at her, “Katie, will we be able to do that? If we can, we should be set for life. We’ll have a steady flow of income and with my work here at the university, we’ll never have to worry about money. We can start a family someday, provide for their education, and plan for our retirement.”

“We can start on that family right now if you want?”

“I thought you were on the pill,” he said as he slipped off his shorts, his erection already becoming evident.

“I am,” she said as she took off her clothes, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t practice.”

Thursday morning at eleven, she met Tim and the real estate agent at the building. After introductions they did a walk though of the building. The upstairs apartments were reached by a staircase in the back of the building, which led to a central hallway running from the back to the front; two apartments were on each side of the hall. The real estate agent let them into one of the apartments, informing them that they were all the same size and layout. Katie felt that the apartments were of good size and that she and John would be more than happy living in one of them.

Tim was more interested in the retail space on the first floor. He noted that the deli had a small kitchen in the back which would provide the starting point for the Pub’s kitchen. The entire space would have to be gutted and the load-bearing columns for the second floor would have to stay, but he was sure that a good architect could work them into the floor plan. Each unit in the building had a section of the basement directly below it. Once opened to each other, they would provide more than enough room for storage, walk-in coolers for the beer kegs, easy access for the tap lines, and space for a prep kitchen.

“If my niece and I were to put 25% down and we offered the owner his asking price would he consider holding the mortgage on the building?”

The realtor replied that he didn’t know the answer to that, but that he would find out and get back to him.

They shook hands, Tim gave him his business card, and they parted company.

“Come on Katie, let’s go have lunch.”

They walked down the block in silence to a small pizzeria and waited for a table. Katie was dying to know what he thought of the building but held her questions until they were seated.

“Well, what do you think of it? Will it work? Is it worth the money?”

“Whoa, slow down, Katie. Let’s order then we can talk.”

They looked over the menu, ordered their lunch, and got down to business.

“Katie, I think the building is just perfect for what you want to do; and because of the depressed real estate market you’re getting it at a great price. We won’t be sure until we get it inspected, but it looks to be in good shape, it’s unusual to have a mixed use building in this area, but I guess the builder felt that with its proximity to the campus that the apartments would be a good selling point.”

“What was that about my being your niece?”

“Well Katie, even with a sizeable down payment, I think you may have trouble getting a banker to give you a mortgage because of your age and lack of business experience. If we can get the owner to take back the paper, we can avoid the banks altogether. It will be worth the extra money to stay away from that type of hassle. Besides, I’m sure we can negotiate better terms privately than with a bank. As to your being my niece, it gives them a lot more comfort knowing that family is involved”

Over lunch Tim did a quick sketch of a possible floor plan, always asking Katie for her opinions.

“With the bar in the middle of the floor, set up like mine with three sides… tall tables here in front along the windows, booths on either side against the wall… the dining room running along the entire back wall behind the bar from the kitchen to here, where the restrooms will be, with entrances from the bar and the dining room… flat screen TVs mounted here, here, and here in the bar….”

By the time they finished lunch, they had the interior of the Pub all laid out. Katie gave him a hug and a big kiss and hurried off to find John.

“John, this is really going to work! Tim loved the building; we even did a preliminary floor plan. I’m so excited! The agent is going to get back to the Tim, after he confers with his client.”

John had never seen Katie so excited and so happy. He was truly happy for her. Silently, he hoped that there would be room enough in her life for him.

Chapter 16

Four weeks later, Katie graduated with a degree in Business Management; John graduated with an undergraduate degree and a masters in Physics; and they became the proud owners of the future home of Katie O’Hara’s Irish Pub and Restaurant. The existing tenants on the first floor were given the option to be bought out of their leases and, since they each had less than a year to go before renewal, they all agreed. The tenants on the second floor were all on month-to-month leases. When Katie explained that she was the new owner and what she intended to do with the building, they lost all of the four tenants. This was to be expected and fit into their plans for the future. Katie and John took over one of the apartments and, after some cosmetic improvements to the three vacancies, listed them with the university as off-campus housing.

John, for the first time in three years, did not have classes. He spent much of the summer doing the renovations of the apartments. He impressed Katie with his ability to install new plumbing and light fixtures.

“Katie, it’s not really that hard as long as you can follow instructions. I will never be as good as a contractor. It takes me twice as long to do something, but I eventually get it done. I spend a lot of time at the Home Depot asking questions; talking with the retired contractors, picking their brains.”

By the end of the August, however, John was ready to assume his new role as instructor, teaching first and second year students in Physics and Astronomy. He would also begin his classes for his doctoral degree. Due to John’s outstanding undergraduate and post-graduate academic achievements, he was accepted into a group doing research for a new NASA project. The purpose of the project was to rendezvous with an asteroid and return to earth with pristine samples of organic materials. Although he would be so low on totem pole that he would never receive any outside recognition for his contributions, it would serve him well in his quest for his Ph.D.

Katie was amazed as to how quickly she was spending the money that Tim had advanced to them.

“Don’t worry about Katie, I’ve been looking over your budget and you’re right in line. If anything you’re actually under budget. I guess that’s because of the recession. The contractors are giving you great prices because they want to keep their people busy.”

“I just don’t want to keep coming to you for more money.”

“Katie, you only get to do this once, so do it right the first time. When do you think you will be ready to open?”

“If we don’t run into any problems, I’m thinking we will open the doors right after Labor Day. I was hoping for two weeks earlier but that’s not going to happen.”

On the Saturday night before Labor Day, Katie, John and the staff of Katie O’Hara’s hosted a private party for family, and invited friends and their dates as a final test before their grand opening. Just before the first guests arrived, Katie stood at the doorway and surveyed all that they had accomplished. The dark wood of the walls and bar, accented by highly polished brass rails; the beer taps featuring Guinness, Porterhouse, Harp, Smithwick’s and O’Hara’s, along with Sam Adams, Dos Equis and Coors; the center of the bar, displaying various bottles of Irish and Scotch whiskies and a variety of other adult beverages; all added to the welcoming atmosphere. Satisfied, she turned, gave John a big hug and a kiss, and opened the doors.

It was a wonderful trial run. Not that everything went perfectly, it never does; but those things that didn’t were insignificant in nature and quickly resolved. Towards the end of the night she noticed Tim standing on a stool, reaching up to one of the wooden beams that crisscrossed the ceiling. He appeared to be pinning something to the beam.

“I thought this would be a nice touch; I saw it done in a bar in New York. They’re insignia patches from first responders. You can start with these three and soon you’ll have them coming in from all over the country.”

Katie looked up at the patches; they were from the Tucson, Peoria, and Glendale police departments.

“I thought at one point it would be a good thing to put up University logos, but I nixed that idea when I realized that if the guys from the UA saw anything from anywhere else up there they would just rip it down.”

Tim walked over to her, threw his arms around her and gave her a hug.

“Katie, you’ve done a wonder job here. You have remembered your lessons well; the Pub is going to be a huge success. I have to go now. If you ever need anything all you have to do is ask.”

When the crowd had all gone home and the staff had done the lion’s share of the clean up, Katie sent them each home with a full day’s pay and a hundred dollar tip, while John finished up in the kitchen.

“Thank you everyone, I’ll see you for the official grand opening on Tuesday.”

She locked the front door, turned the lights down so that the bar was lit by only soft ambient light of the brewers’ display signs. When John came out from the kitchen, he called out to her.

“Katie, are you OK? Where are you?”

“Right here, darling,” she said as she slowly prowled out from around the far side of the bar. “I think it’s time that we christened the bar properly.”

It took a second or two before John realized that she was completely naked. Her body was back lit; he could see its curves but no details. It didn’t matter, however; he knew and worshipped every square inch of her gloriously seductive body.

“Come here, John. Hurry, you’re way over dressed and I’m horny as hell.”

With little effort she lifted him onto the bar and began undressing him, his clothing dropping to the floor. When she had him naked, she eased him down until he was lying flat on the bar with his erection standing straight up. Although the wood was cold and hard, he was far too excited to care.

“John, tonight was the greatest night of my life; everything I’ve worked towards for the last four years came together tonight and I could have done none of it without you. Thank you for being you and for sharing this with me. I promise you that I will never let you down and that you will always be number one in my life. I love you.”

She climbed up onto the bar and, straddling his hips, took him deep inside her; there was no need for foreplay.

“I’ve needed this all night,” she said as she closed her eyes and rode him, slowly at first, then with increased urgency.

Reaching up he grabbed her breasts, lightly twisting and pulling at her extended nipples. Katie felt her first orgasm roar through her body; her grunts and moans were music to his ears. When she came down from her orgasmic high, she felt him begin to lift his hips slowly up off the bar. Katie tensed her internal muscles, intensifying John’s pleasure. Soon a second, more powerful climax overpowered her.

“Oh God, I’m cumming again.”

I did not expect to kill two times within twenty four hours.

The evening before, I had just finished a job in Los Angeles. An easy one. The target was lured to a restaurant in Chinatown. I was the waitress.

When I took his order, he placed his hand on my butt. I took a deep breath and wrote down what he wanted. This was his last meal, so I made sure I did not make a mistake.

Our client sat next to him. After dinner, the client repeatedly poured more Tsingtao beer in his glass. Beer meant his bladder filled up quickly. When he went to the bathroom, I followed with a gun.

His fountain of urine bounced off the wall when the first bullet sliced through his neck. He turned around, the yellow stream continued to escape his body.

I squeezed the trigger again. The second bullet drilled through his chest. He toppled to the ground, his eyes bulging, not believing he had been ambushed by a woman. The ultimate insult.

I unscrewed the silencer and wiped clean the gun with my restaurant uniform. The blood flowed from both sides of his body, soaking the uneven bathroom floor. It would soon flow under the door and out to the restaurant. I hurried to the last stall, put down the lid of the toilet seat, and climbed out the tiny high window.

Don’s car was on the other side. He drove as I stripped off my uniform in the backseat. The Toyota Corolla kept a steady pace on Interstate 10. I was ready to party, so I put on a halter dress, tying the straps at the back of my neck. The little black dress was backless, so it was impossible to wear a bra.

Don, my business partner of five years, was formally dressed in a three piece suit, complete with bow tie.

“You looked like a waiter.” I crawled between the seats so I could ride shotgun.

“And you look drop dead gorgeous.” He enjoyed teasing. I never did. I believe a professional distance was healthy. Besides, he was twenty years older, old enough to be my dad. In fact, he was dad’s partner until dad passed away.

“I wish all jobs were that simple.”

“If they are all like that, our clients won’t pay us handsomely, right?”

Don had a point. Our jobs were mostly very risky types. Over the years, we had some really close calls. I had been shot twice. The scars on my stomach and thigh were constant reminders.

Interstate 10 quickly became Interstate 15. We pulled over to a gas station just outside Barstow. I dumped the blood-soaked uniform while Don shoved the gasoline gun into the small hole at the back of the Corolla, half the gun sticking out. Somehow, it felt right to deposit the bloody dress in California, before crossing the state line.

When we crossed into Nevada, we both screamed at the top of our lungs for having survived yet another job.

We drove on to the Las Vegas strip, but did not stop to gamble. The thrill of gambling with money could not excite us. After all, we had just gambled with our lives.

Instead, we went strip club hopping on Industrial Road. We were equal opportunity customers, checking out both male and female strippers.

“I’ll bet $200 your whore does not dare to take the stage.” A man, visibly drunk, shouted at Don.

Don played it cool. “You’ll have to wager directly with her.”

He repeated his dare, this time in my face.

“Show me the $1,000 and I’ll consider.” I pulled down my dress to show more cleavage.

“Here,” he removed his wallet and counted out ten bills. Don used his cell phone to check that they were hundreds.

When the song ended, I climbed the two steps to the round stage. Holding the pole, I struck a pose. A dozen men or so moved closer.

“This man is betting a grand that she does not dare to strip.” Don was loud enough so that the men around the stage could all hear. Nobody offered to raise the stakes.

The thumping music came on. I wowed the audience by inverting myself, gripping the pole by my ankles, my hands on the floor, the dress floating around my chest, my thong undies visible. When I stood upright again, stacks of twenties appeared. I sauntered around the stage, taking my time to let them slide it into my g-string.

For the second song, I untied the knot behind my neck, letting the dress drop to my waist. The catcalls were deafening, almost as loud as the music. More twenties, and even a hundred. Las Vegas was a rich town.

I let my dress drop completely to the floor on the third song. This was not a nude club, just topless. I pranced around in my thong, crawling on the stage, pretending to be a tigress.

By the time the song ended, the entire club was standing three deep around me. Don held my hand and helped me off the stage. We were up at least fifteen hundred.

We decided we had celebrated enough.

“Can we switch cars?” Don asked when we were almost at his house. “I have to meet a new client tomorrow.” For some strange reason, new clients had a tendency to trust only assassins with luxury cars.

I hesitated for several seconds. “Sure,” I said as we pulled into a gated community on a golf course in Boulder City, just outside Las Vegas.

“Thanks. I’ll see you soon.” He leaned over to kiss my cheek. He had never done that before, This was strange.

It’s not a big deal, I thought to myself as I merged with the traffic on Interstate 40, heading east. The morning sun was suddenly in my eyes. I reached down to the glove compartment and pulled out a greasy pair of oversized sunglasses. Don really had bad taste.

When the traffic thinned, I spotted a silver Buick of some sort in my rear mirror. I sped up, and then slowed down, the Buick followed. God, who drove a Buick anymore? Didn’t General Motors stop making them ugly cars? Or was that the Hummer?

I floored the pedal to pass an eighteen wheeler, shooting the needle to ninety. The Buick effortlessly kept pace. It was only a foot away. I resisted the urge to slam the breaks. The Corolla was not match for any car, even the Buick.

I blinked and tried to concentrate. The dotted lines dividing the lanes blurred and merged into a single continuous line. The needle was at one hundred, as fast as the Corolla could go.

Chancing a glance to the right, I fished out my cell phone from my purse. Pressing just one button, the ring tone went on and on. God damn it, Don. What the hell were you doing? Rubbing your own dick or sticking the middle finger up your own asshole?

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, his lazy voice came on.

“Hello honey, what can I do you for?”

“Cut it out, Don.”

“Ashley, what’s wrong?”

“There’s a guy on my tail. What to do?”

“Step on the gas and lose him. Don’t worry about the cops. I have many friends in Nevada.”

“I’m in Arizona. And I’m stuck in your stupid Corolla. You took my BMW, remember?”

“Hang on,” he said.

I heard the whirling fan inside his laptop computer.

“Where are you now?” he asked.

“Exit 157 on I-40″

“Get out at Exit 161. There’s a single gas station off the ramp. There should be nobody except the store clerk at this hour. FM him.”

“Understood.” FM was our code for a flanking maneuver.

I kept going as fast as I could. At the last minute, I slammed on the brakes, tires skidding and screeching, the burning smell of rubber filling the air, the car narrowly missing the concrete wall.

He braked, but had missed the exit ramp. He stopped and reversed furiously. I had only a few seconds.

I parked the car directly in front of the mini-supermarket and grabbed my purse. I pushed the glass door hard, the bell on top of the door clanging. The clerk was astounded. I held my index finger to my lips to signal silence. His face was white. He could not speak.

The man parked next to the Corolla, in the blue handicapped lot. The bell clanged again. He was in the store, his gun drawn, his eyes narrowing. The clerk was nowhere to be seen. Smart clerk.

The small supermarket had only three rows. The man systematically checked out each one, crouching and keeping his body low. The front row had all the snacks. He quickly reached the end and turned around to the next aisle.

One side of the middle row was filled with toiletries and feminine hygiene products. The other side carried Pepsi, Sprite, Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, and Fanta. Strangely, there were no diet sodas. It took him barely a minute to complete the first two rows. There was only the back row left.

On the back row were alcoholic beverages, mostly beers, kept cold inside giant refrigerators. He got down on one knee next to the alumimium siding. Peeking with one eye, he saw that nobody was on the last row. She must be hiding in the bathroom, he thought.

I knew he was coming, the fluorescent lights casting his shadows in all directions. I was starting to shiver, my bare back touching the icy cold beer cans.

I saw a shadow creeping from left to right. I stopped breathing, both hands holding the glock, my right index finger on the trigger, legs shoulder length apart, aiming slightly upwards.

First, his gun was visible, then the arms, and lastly the sideview of his face. I squeezed the trigger gently. The glass shattered, a thousand fragments flying outwards. The bullet went in through his jaw and went out through his temple.

I stepped out, tiptoed around the broken glass, and checked his pulse. He was dead.

In the Corolla, I put my purse in the glove compartment, locked the doors, and turned the ignition key. I wanted to get the hell out of there as quickly as I can.

The cold barrel of a gun was on my neck.

“Put your hands behind the seat.”

Plastic cuffs secured my wrists behind me. I stole a glance at the rear mirror. The man behind was wearing a spiderman mask and a leather jacket. When he saw me looking, he placed a hood over my head so I was blinded. I had to concentrate to breathe through the tight leather hood.

I was dragged by the elbows out of the car. He slammed my body faced down on the hood, kicking apart my legs at the same time. After a quick search, he removed my panties, shoved them into my mouth, and sealed it by duck tape.

Finally, I was thrown into total darkness in the trunk.


To be continued in Ch 2, where there will be nonconsensual sex.

“How does it look?”

My girlfriend spun around, asking how I felt about her new dress. I hadn’t gotten this far in our relationship by always telling the truth.

“It looks great babe.”

I could see the reflection of Bridget’s frowning face in the mirror. “You don’t think it makes my ass look big?”

I wish it had. What man truthfully prefers a small ass? I never understood this preoccupation women had from my generation with being at their skinniest possible weight; the kind of skinny where bones stick out of their skin. I, for one, prefer looking at a girl with a big pair of knockers and a nice fat ass. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not lusting over the women from My 600-lb Life, I just want something to grab onto.

*Snap Snap* “Did you hear me?”

“Oh, yes… sorry, I did. Your butt looks good, babe.”

“I can’t even hold your attention for five damn minutes, Julian. Where’s your head at?”

“I don’t know babe. I was going over the things I have to do today.”

Bridget pulled out her work clothes, “That shouldn’t be a long mental list. Play around on the computer all day while your girlfriend goes to work.”

“It is a bit longer than that…”

Bridget walked into the bathroom and pulled the cap off the mouthwash, “Don’t forget the apartment’s handyman will be here around noon to fix the fridge,” she took a long swig of mouthwash and then sputtered out, “Let him in and make sure he doesn’t steal anything.”

“Oh okay. I’ll add that to the list.”

She slipped her new dress off and got her skirt and blouse on. “And if jerking off into the robe my mom sent me is on that list of yours, cross it off now.”

I moved closer to Bridget now, pulling her against me, “I already apologized for that.”

“I’m fucking serious, Julian. If I find one more cum stain you’re going to regret it.”

Bridget’s lips thinly pursed and I covered them with mine, “You know, I wouldn’t have to do so much jerking off if you’d…”

“Don’t bring this up now. Fuck, Julian! With everything going on at work, I don’t need you whining at me.”

“Okay, okay. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Bridget grabbed her purse and shot straight for the door. I loafed into the kitchen and thought I’d make myself some breakfast. Pulling open the refrigerator door, I smelled spoiled milk. Damn it. Noon couldn’t come fast enough.

For the next few hours, I knocked out some work on my laptop. Contrary to what Bridget thought, I didn’t just play around all day while she worked. After feeling particularly productive I pulled up one of my favorite websites. A buxom lady appeared on the screen and warned visitors under the age of 18 to close the webpage.

I clicked through that page and was greeted by dozens of pictures of the the most beautiful, big-breasted women in the world. I took my dick out and started a video.

I was getting close to cumming just when there came a knock at the door. Quickly closing the video and fixing my clothing, I tried to ignore my hard-on and opened the door.

“Hello, I’m Naudia.” A hand reached out to shake mine, “I’m here for the fridge, right?”

The handyman was a woman. My eyes took in her shape; a beautiful woman! Her hands were soft, but her handshake was firm. “Julian.” I spoke dumbly.

Naudia was around my height and instantly reminded me of the some of those woman I had been looking at online. The only exception being that she was much more beautiful. This lady was gorgeous!

“I’ll have a look at it.” She pulled her hand out of my grip and giggled.

Lugging a box of tools in her other hand, she walked ahead of me to the kitchen. Her pear-shaped ass captivated me. She snapped her hips back and forth on the way there in a pair of well-worn jeans that looked almost painted on.

Naudia got into the kitchen and asked if she could look inside the fridge. I nodded my head and warned her about the smell of the spoiled food.

“I’m sure I’ve smelled worse. I’m not so dainty.” She giggled again.

I lifted myself up on the counter and watched Naudia poke around for a minute. My eyes stuck to her ass like a heat-seeking missile. Bridget asked me to watch the handyman and I was going to take that very literally.

“I’m gonna take a look at the cord. Want to give me a hand in moving it?”

“Sure.” I hopped off the fridge and waited for her instructions.

“Alright, just grab it on the side and slide it with me when I say; let’s put those muscles to work.”

Naudia squared her body up with the fridge and then gave me the word. We huffed and puffed until the giant appliance finally moved.

“Good work.” Naudia’s full lips opened into a smile, “Let me just take a look.”

She bent down to inspect the cord and I got in a good look as well. The material of her pants rid up the crack of her ass even further. My cock started to swell. I nervously readjusted myself.

“Everything’s alright back here. Hmm… maybe it could be–yeah, I better check that.” Naudia opened a panel in the fridge and tinkered around.

“Alright, that’s it. You need a new component here,” Naudia pointed, “I’ll have to get one and bring it back. Will you be here tomorrow?”

“Umm.. yes.” I answered

“Are you okay?” Naudia smirked and I could have sworn her eyes flashed down to my crotch and then back up at my face.

“Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you for coming by.”

“Mhm, I know I’ll see you or wife.”

“I’m not married,” I said with a puzzled face.

“You live with a woman here, don’t you? Two names are on the lease.”

Oh yeah, Bridget. Duh. “Yeah, Bridget. She’s my girlfriend. She works during the day.”

Naudia gave me a funny look, “I don’t think I’d leave you alone all day if I were her. There are a lot of desirable women around here. Plenty would be willing to jump into bed with you, I’m sure. Especially if you’re as virile as you look.” Her eyes flickered back to my crotch again.

My face turned ten shades of red, “I doubt she’d worry about that with her busy schedule.”

“I think you make time for the things you want. It was nice meeting you, Julian.”

We shook hands one more time before she left. I opened the door for her and we waved goodbye. Until tomorrow that is, and tomorrow couldn’t come soo enough. My eyes followed the seductive sway of her hips once again before I shut the door and exhaled deeply. Jumping on the couch, I pulled my cock out. I pumped out two loads and I thought about Naudia while doing it.

Bridget got back a few hours later and checked the fridge first thing. “It’s still broken.” Her voice seemed more whiny than I remembered it.

“She’ll be back with the part it needs tomorrow.”

“She?” Bridget shot me a questioning glare.

“Yes, she.”

“A female handyman? A Handywoman! That’s a strange occupation for a woman.” Bridget thought for a moment, “Is she pretty?”

“Not as pretty as you, honey.” I lied.

Bridget rifled through the cabinets and couldn’t find anything to eat. “I just got home from work and there’s nothing in this house to eat. Why didn’t you go shopping? I’m starving!”

“I’m sorry. I’ll go out and get you something, babe.”

Bridget sighed, taking a seat on the couch in the living room. “Forget it. I just remembered I threw up at lunch. I don’t want to ruin my diet on fast food. Even you should know that.” She made an ugly face at me.

We squabbled here and there over the rest of the night before going to bed. Bridget rejected advances and rolled over, falling asleep. I couldn’t fall asleep and you better believe I was going over the time I spent with Naudia and those looks she gave my crotch.

The next morning passed quickly. I spent most of it on the laptop. Cleaning up a little bit after Bridget left for work, I put on some nice clothes.

I answered the door on the first knock and was greeted by Naudia’s sweet smile and what seemed to be a fresh coat of lipstick.

“Good afternoon, Julian. How are you doing today?” Naudia walked to the kitchen and set out her tools. She was wearing shorts today. Her legs looked impossibly smooth.

“I’m good, thank you. How about you?”

“Pretty good. I didn’t get much sleep last night.” She cracked her neck, “I’m glad to see you today. I meet a lot of… unsavory people.”

Naudia got to work on the fridge while we talked. I watched her work intently. The sway of her body and the way her breasts danced around in her shirt made every single action interesting.

“So long how long ago did your girlfriend leave?”

“A couple hours ago, I’d say.”

“And she leaves you all day?” I nodded yes, “You poor lonely soul. I hope I’m not gonna be your only company, that’d be a shame.”

I laughed, “That’s in no way a shame. Honestly, seeing you yesterday was the highlight of my day.”

“You really mean that?”

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t.”

“You’re a real sweetheart. This girlfriend of yours better keep you close before someone else snatches you up.”

“Yeah well… Bridget doesn’t exactly do that, but thank you.”

Naudia’s face softened, “You mean you two, you aren’t…?”

“No, no we’re not. She comes home in a bad mood and it pretty much stays that way.”

The conversation shifted, “Can you hand me a wrench?” She asked.

I looked through her box of tools and handed her the wrench. Naudia flashed me a smile and before long she stood up.

“I’m done. It should work now. It’ll take a little while to cool down again. Get rid of this spoiled food and you’ll be back in business.”

“Oh great. You’ve been wonderful.”

Naudia put her tools away and then stopped in her tracks.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, concerned.

She gave me a sad look, “She’s not even going to be appreciative, is she? Your girlfriend, I mean.”

“I doubt it.”

“Screw her then.” Naudia looked around for a moment and then back at me, “I have some time now before my next job. Want to do something exciting?”

“Uhh… like what?”

“Well, you’ve been checking me out for the past two days. You know what would really piss your girlfriend off, if we screwed in her bed.”

I nearly fainted. “What… are you serious?”

“Give me a chance and I’ll rock your world, mister.”

We both laughed and then just like that she was in my arms, our lips pressed together. Her full, soft lips were a revelation after spending so long only kissing Bridget’s thin ones. Naudia’s tongue slipped into my mouth and played tag with mine.

Naudia pulled her lips off mine and I struggled for breath. She spoke first, “There’s something I have to get off my chest first.”

“Please let it be your shirt.”

She giggled, “No. Well, really, it’s just a formality,” Naudia bright brown eyes looked into mine, “Umm…” She stammered.

“What is it?” I lifted her hands up and kissed each of them.

“I’m not your average girl, Julian.”

My hands slid down over the swell of her ass, “My average girl doesn’t even pay attention to me. She yells at me and probably fucks her boss.”

“I have a penis, Julian.”

“Oh shit.” I muttered. I mean oh shit. “You have a dick? …What the fuck?”

“Julian, if that’s a deal-breaker, I understand. I’m not going to apologize about it. I do have a dick. I love having a dick. It’s as dear to me as yours is to you. If you can’t handle that, I can be out of here in two seconds.”

I thought for a moment. Okay, she has a dick. But, I’m no homophobe. This vibrant, beautiful woman had stepped into my life and she could step out just as easily if I said the wrong thing.

“No, don’t go. I can handle this. It’s not a deal-breaker. You’re just as gorgeous now as you were a minute ago.”

Naudia’s lips collapsed on mine and she sucked my tongue into my mouth. “I knew you’d say that. I just knew it. You’re the one I’ve been looking for.”

The space between our bodies disappeared. Her big breasts thrust against my chest. My hands returned to her butt and I gave it a rough squeeze.

“How about we take this to the bedroom.” I tried to say as sexily as possible.

“You’ve got it.” Naudia jumped into my arms. I lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom Bridget and I shared while she covered my neck in kisses.

By the time we made it to the bed, Naudia had my shirt halfway off. She mewed like a cat, working the buckle of my belt open. I pressed my face between her shirt-covered tits.

“I think I’ve see you in pants long enough.” Naudia said while she slipped them down my legs.

A minute later all but our underwear was on the floor in a pile. I felt her cock lodge between my thighs as we frantically kissed and continued to scratch at the few articles of clothing we still had on.

Naudia slid her frilly panties down her long legs and I saw her cock for the first time. To tell you the truth, I was expecting a little pink cock. Instead, my eyes bugged out as I saw a thick, veiny, whale of a cock–even bigger than my own.

“She likes you, Julian. Just look at how big she got.”

“I can see…” I said, a little dumbfounded.

I looked up and Naudia had pulled her bra off. Her soft, round tits and hard nipples made my mouth water. I kissed up her stomach, pulling my boxers down as I did it. Our dicks instantly linked together. She laughed as I excitedly mauled each of her tits with my mouth.

“And it looks like your boy down there likes what he sees, too. Mmm… that’s good.” Naudia’s hands massaged across my back as I loudly sucked on her nipples.

“Those your girlfriend’s?”

I followed the trail of Naudia’s eyes and saw a pair of Bridget’s panties hanging off the knob of her nightstand.

Her nipple fell from my lips, “Yeah.”

A mischievous grin played across her face. She leaned over and grabbed Bridget’s panties.

“Is this a child size? I didn’t know sizes even got this small.” She giggled.

Naudia edged off the bed and I started to get a little frustrated, my dick aching against the mattress. She slipped the little pair of panties up her legs and they stopped midway up her thighs, unable to go any farther without snapping.

The eroticism of the moment took over complete control of my brain. My girlfriend’s underwear were on Naudia and they couldn’t even get past her curvy thighs. Meanwhile, Naudia’s rock-hard cock bobbed up in the air. I fell to my elbows on the bed and engulfed Naudia’s reddish purple cock head into my mouth. She groaned, her hands immediately covering my head.

Sucking my first cock felt as natural as anything I’d ever done. Naudia’s spongy, hard cock slid deeper into the warmth of my mouth. Her cock twitched and it sent tremors throughout my body. I could feel every movement of Naudia’s body; every intake of breath; every jab of her hips.

“Oh fuck, Julian, you’re more adventurous than I thought.”

I smiled around her cock, sucking deeply and running my tongue over the sides of her shaft. Her dick tensed and Naudia inhaled sharply. My hands ran up her smooth thighs and teased her low-hanging balls.

“I’m so charged. About to cum. I hope you don’t mind swallowing.” Naudia spoke slowly, pausing in between each sentence.

Naudia’s hands held my head more harshly. She thrust her cock deeper into my mouth than it had been before and then shouted, hot liquid suddenly spewing from her cock. I swallowed hard as several mouthfuls of sticky cum spilled down my throat.

“Mmm… I love a man who can clean up his own messes.” Naudia slowly wrenched her shrinking cock from my mouth while I licked up the last bits of cum from her shaft and balls.

I licked the sticky discharge from my lips, “How’d I do?”

Naudia arms wrapped around my back, her lips crushed against mine and her tongue ran in circles through my mouth. We embraced for a long moment, my hands kneading and spreading the bare flesh of her big butt.

“That was fantastic! I think my girl loves you forever after that. And you’ve never done that before?” She smiled.

“Nope. Never done that before.”

Naudia’s hand grabbed a strong hold on my cock; her hand stroked up my shaft. I was going to explode any minute–all this excitement had already gotten to me.

“A girl should clean up her messes too. I can tell your boy is about to blow. I’m sure he’d rather do that inside my mouth than out of it.”

I laid back on the bed and Naudia responded by kissing her way down to my crotch. She licked my lower stomach and then down my thighs. Naudia ended up between my legs when her hand resumed its stroking of my cock. Then her lips opened and she nipped at the head of my cock.

Her lips encircled my cock head and I felt her start to suck hard on the tip while her hand squeezed and stroked my shaft. Naudia nursed on the tip before pulling more of my dick into her mouth. Pretty soon more of my cock was in her mouth than out of it. The sound of sucking that ensued cut through the air. I moaned under my breath and wrapped her hair up in my hands.

“I’m gonna cum, Naudia. This “mess” is all yours.” Our eyes met in that immensely pleasurable–almost painful moment when your cock gives a powerful jerk as it orgasms and your piss hole doesn’t feel big enough to release the load you’re about to shoot.

Naudia kept sucking away on my cock, barely batting an eye when my dick started spurting. I could feel her throat closing in around me as she swallowed. I kept cumming, holding her beautiful head in my hands and giving up every ounce of cum my balls had.

We were both sweating and red-faced by the time it was over. Naudia gave my cock head a dozen kisses and then pulled her body up to lie down next to me. I felt her dick press into my thigh. It was hard again!

“That was your first time when you blew me, Julian. You’re still an amateur cocksucker. You have a lot of passion though–and a lot of natural assets to start with,” Naudia chuckled, her finger tracing along my lips, “I have a bit more experience in the art of cock-sucking. You could be a pro, though, if we practice together.”

I covered her lips with mine and tasted my own cum; which didn’t bother me at all. “I want to get better if you’ll help me.” I grinned. “We don’t have to stop yet. Bridget won’t be home for hours. And I think your “girl” is even harder than before.” My hand slid between our bodies and grasped her erection.

“Don’t worry, big boy. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere,” Her lips planted on mine. “I was actually thinking we might try something else–if you’re up for it.”


“Hmm,” Naudia’s hand rubbed across my hip, “How do you feel about… anal?”

“Great! Let’s get started,” I grabbed a handful of her ass.

Naudia’s laugh filled the room, “Excuse me, mister, but…” Her hand pulled on my cock, “You’re still a little limp. It’s my turn.”

I gulped. Before today, I’d never considered being fucked in the ass. What straight man had? Well after everything that happened today, I wasn’t so sure that I was straight. Those questions could wait until another day. For now, I had the woman I wanted in my bed and I was going to keep her there; that I knew.

“I’m game if you are. What… what exactly does this entail?”

Naudia seemed to read the uncertainty on my face, “It’s gonna be okay. We’ll take it slow and I won’t hurt you, okay?”

“Okay.” My hand caressed her tits.

“Turn over and we’ll get started.”

With a little apprehension, I turned away from Naudia. The next thing I heard was Bridget’s nightstand drawer opening.

“I hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind that we’re borrowing a little bit of lube. It’s going toward a good cause!”

Listening to Naudia lube up her cock felt a little cold and impersonal, but then I felt Naudia’s warm breath on the back of my neck. Her leg hooked over mine; she started places butterfly kisses on my neck. I feel her nipples dig into my back and then the slippery head of her cock brush against my ass.

“Such a cute little ass. My girl is one lucky bitch today.”

Her slippery cock poked between my cheeks and pressed against the entrance to my asshole. I tensed up, my teeth gritting and my back arching.

This is the story of a young man and the journey he undertakes in order to help his dying uncle fulfill his bucket list.


It was a cloudy, cool, and windy morning. John and MaryAnn stood grieving, as the coffin of Joe Taylor was lowered into the ground. John was going to miss his demanding, strong willed, adventurous and loveable Uncle. For more than a year he had lived with and worked for Uncle Joe. It had been part of the deal he had accepted. In return for being named his sole heir, John would have to help him complete the ten items listed on Uncle Joe’s, ‘Things to do before I die’, list. Or as Uncle Joe put it, “before I kick the bucket.” There had been one further stipulation that he had to agree to; John would have to complete the bucket list with him.

Chapter 1

At the age of 28, John Baker was a loner. He went to work every day in the accounting department of a small manufacturing company. His primary responsibility was to enter invoices received into the computer and pay them when they were due. It was a dead end job with almost no possibility for advancement, but for John that didn’t matter. He had no ambition, no drive to climb the corporate ladder. As long as they paid him, provided a couple of weeks of vacation and a few other benefits, he would be loyal to the company and do his job the best that he could. Every day at five o’clock, he would get into his six-year-old Chevy and drive home to his apartment. He would make himself a can of soup or a sandwich and settle onto the couch for a night of watching TV. After the ten o’clock news he would shut the TV and get ready for bed. In a word, John’s life was boring.

John wasn’t a bad looking guy. He was 5’7″, 135 pounds, with a rather slim almost petite build. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He dressed conservatively, as was his nature. His clothes were always cleaned and pressed. He was the kind of guy that never stood out in a crowd. The guy that always got overlooked or ignored. He was shy around women, primarily because growing up no girls were ever interested in him, so he never developed the skills or the confidence to interact with the opposite sex. Naturally, he was a virgin.

His parents had died in a car accident five years ago. He had no brothers or sisters and knew of only one living relative, his Uncle Joe. He had never met Uncle Joe. His mother had once told him that Joe was her only brother, that he had left home at eighteen to join the Navy and see the world. She had told him that they hadn’t seen each other since he had left home and that the only contact they had with each other was their annual exchange of Christmas cards, in which she would update him on the family news.

She had no idea where he was living. His mailing address was a PO Box in Los Angeles; but she had been told that the mail was always forwarded elsewhere. That’s why it was such a shock when John came home one day to find an envelope sent certified mail from Joseph Taylor, Los Angeles, California. In the envelope were a one-page letter and a one-way first class airplane ticket to Los Angeles. The letter was short and to the point:

Dear John,

I require your presence at my beachfront estate in Malibu. Enclosed you will find an airplane ticket. A car will be waiting for you when you arrive. I have a proposal for you that I believe will be to our mutual benefit.


Uncle Joe

The next day John went into work as always. When his supervisor arrived, John asked to take a week of vacation. He apologized for the short notice, but he had to fly to Los Angeles the following Monday because of a family emergency. Although annoyed, his supervisor granted his request because John never caused any trouble and was a hard worker.

John made arrangements to stop his mail and newspaper, let his neighbor know he would be gone for a week, and arranged for a ride to Newark Airport on Monday morning.

Chapter 2

The flight to LA was wonderful. John had only flown one other time. He had been stuck between two fat men, who both reeked of smoke and booze, and had talked to one another as though he wasn’t even there. In first class he had been served a real breakfast, consisting of a cheese omelet, fresh fruit, toast, and coffee. He even had a real knife and fork. After breakfast he had watched a movie and was able to take a nap before his arrival.

After his departure from the plane, on his way to claim his bag, he saw a uniformed man holding a sign with his name on it.

“I’m John Baker.”

“Very good, Mr. Baker; I’m Bart, Mr. Taylor’s personal driver. Let me have your claim ticket and I’ll retrieve your bag.”

John followed him to baggage, and upon identifying his suitcase, Bart reached in and took it off the belt.

“Follow me; Mr. Taylor doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Bart led him to a black stretch limousine, held opened the back door, and he got in. After placing his bag in the trunk, Bart got in the driver’s seat, leaned back and said,

“Help yourself to anything from the bar.”

They drove in silence for about an hour. John felt the car slow down and then turn into a driveway, wait for the security gate to open, and proceed up the driveway to the front of a magnificent house. He was dropped off at the front door, which was opened before John had a chance to search for the bell.

“Hello Mr. Baker. Please follow me, Mr. Taylor is expecting you.”

He followed the butler to the back of the house and out onto a large patio. The view of the Pacific Ocean was spectacular.

“Hello John, I hope you had a pleasant journey.”

A man dressed in only a bathing suit, rose from a lounge chair and walked over his hand extended. He appeared to be about fifty years old, with brown hair, graying at the temples, about 6′ tall with an athletic build and a deep tan.

“I’m your Uncle Joe; I’m so glad you decided to come.”

“Hello Uncle Joe. I’ve heard my Mom talk about you; it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“Yes, well, it’s entirely my fault that I never met you before. I’m afraid in my younger days I was a workaholic and could never tear myself away from my business. Later, I felt that I no longer had the right to enjoy the company of my family.”

“I’m sure you would have been more than welcome.”

Uncle Joe replied with a water-under-the-bridge wave of his hand, and said, “Please come with me, we can talk in the library. Can I have James get you anything?”

“No thank you, I’m fine.”

They entered the house and walked down a hall to a grand circular room with bookshelves lining the walls and large windows facing the ocean. A massive desk stood in the center of the room with two guest chairs in front of the desk. Joe seated himself in one chair and John took the other.

“John, I never beat around the bush; I have a proposition for you. I have cancer and the doctors say I’m dying. I have to get my affairs in order quickly. As you can see, I’ve made a lot of money in my life and I would like to rewrite my will before I die. I also have a list of things I’d like to do before I die. I’ve spent too much time making money as opposed to living my life to the fullest. So here’s my proposition to you; if you will stay here with me and help me do all the things on my list, I will make you my sole heir. All that I have will be turned over to you — the houses, the cars, the stocks and bonds — everything. The only stipulation will be that you join me and do everything that I do.”

I just sat there, too stunned to speak.

“I know this is a big decision for you; why don’t you think about it tonight and let me know your decision tomorrow. I’m sorry that I can’t stay with you today; I have to fly out to a meeting, but I’ll be back to join you for breakfast tomorrow. In the mean time, make yourself at home; after all, this may be all yours soon. James will show you to your room. I’ve left instructions for the cook; your dinner will be served at 8 o’clock.”

We stood, shook hands, and I left the room. James was there and led me up the sweeping spiral staircase to the second floor and to my room. The room was bigger than my apartment; the furniture majestic, especially the four-poster king sized bed. James then excused himself, saying that he had to attend to Mr. Taylor.

After he closed the door, I stood in the center of the room, momentarily overwhelmed by its grandeur. ‘What should I do?’ I spotted my bag inside the walk in closet. ‘Unpack.’

The meager contents of my bag looked lost inside the closet and the drawers of the furniture. I walked into the bathroom with my toiletry bag. There was a whirlpool tub and a large shower, each big enough for two people. On one side of the room was a cabinet that took up the entire wall, with two sinks, a marble counter top and, above that, a wall-to-wall mirror.

Now that I had all my things all put away I thought, ‘now what?’

‘That patio sure looked inviting, maybe there’s a pool back there as well.’

I had thought to bring a bathing suit so I changed into that, threw on a tee-shirt and made my way back downstairs and out to the patio. Sure enough, on a lower level of the patio, there was a large pool and a hot tub. The water from the pool appeared to flow right over the edge and out of sight. I eased myself into the pool; the water was refreshingly cool, but not cold. I swam a few laps, floated on my back for a while and then walked over to the stairs and out of the water. When I reached the level where Uncle Joe had been sitting, I found a young woman holding a towel and an iced tea.

“Hello, Mr. Baker; James told me you were in the pool, he thought you’d like an iced tea. I brought you a towel as well.”

“Thank you, that was very nice of you.”

I could feel myself getting warm; I knew from experience that I must be blushing.

“You very welcome. My name is MaryAnn. If you need anything else just ask.”

She turned and walked back to the house. I stood there enjoying the view. She was about my height, maybe an inch or two taller, had a very nice figure and a full head of blond hair. She appeared to be a few years younger than me. I would have liked to talk to her more, to get to know more about her. I wondered if she worked for Uncle Joe; was she a maid, the cook, or maybe his personal assistant?

I spent the rest of the afternoon out by the pool, sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the shade, or when I needed to cool off, doing laps in the pool.

‘This is the life,’ I thought, and realized that it could be mine if I agreed to Uncle Joe’s proposal.

Later that afternoon, I went back to my room, showered, and dressed for dinner. I roamed the house just to see how big it was. There were six bedrooms on the upper floor, a couple of which were behind closed doors. On the main floor were a formal living room, and dining room; the kitchen with a large breakfast area off to one side; the library, two public area bathrooms, and a large game and family room. On the lower level, there appeared to be a couple of rooms for the help; a fully equipped gym with a separate room covered in mats, with a speed bag on the wall and a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling; and the entrance to a four-car garage.

On my self-guided tour of the house, I ran into James and Betty, the cook. I really wanted to see MaryAnn again, but she was nowhere to be found.

I settled back into a very comfortable chair in the family room and watched a little TV. I must have dosed off, because suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“I sorry to wake you, Mr. Baker; dinner is about to be served.”

I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I entered the dining room and smelled the food being prepared in the kitchen. I took a seat at the table, noting that there was one other place setting.

Hearing footsteps, I turned and saw MaryAnn approaching the table. I stood and waited for her to be seated.

“Hello Mr. Baker, I’m so glad you’ll be joining me for diner this evening.”

“Please call me John.”

“OK, John. Did you enjoy the pool?”

“It was heavenly.”

James brought in the first course, a small salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It was delicious.

I finally worked up the nerve to speak to MaryAnn.

“So MaryAnn, do you work for my uncle?”

“Yes, I’m his personal assistant and trainer.”

For the first time I took a closer look at her. MaryAnn was broad shouldered and her arms appeared to be well muscled, but not like a body builder; she certainly appeared physically fit.

“Yes, I found the gym downstairs while I was touring the house. Very impressive.”

“Thank you, I set it up myself.”

“My uncle appears to be in excellent shape. I assume that has a lot to do with you?”

“I can’t take all the credit, he was already in good shape when I began working with him. Maybe you’d like to join us sometime, I’m sure Mr. Taylor would like that.”

“Well, you’ve already seen that I’m not very physically fit. I really never got into that sort of thing, I was never good at sports. You obviously are in great shape.”

I felt myself blush again, when I realized what I had said.

“Thank you, again. I was always into some sort of physical activity when I was growing up; gymnastics, swimming, and aerobics. When I went to college I studied the kinesiology and took other courses so I could get my personal trainer license.”

James brought out the main course: filet mignon, a baked potato and steamed broccoli. The steak was tender, juicy and delicious.

I watched MaryAnn as she ate. She really was beautiful. I glanced down at her left hand; she wore no ring. Maybe… no! What would a beautiful young woman like her want with a dull, boring, nobody like me? Then again, if I said yes to Uncle Joe… maybe then she would take an interest in me.

When we were finished with the main course, James came back asking if we wanted dessert. We both declined, but did say yes to coffee.

Our conversation was pleasant; it certainly was easy for me to talk to her. Finally at 10:00, James came in to clear the rest of the dishes. MaryAnn looked at her watch.

“Oh my, it’s late; if you will excuse me, I have to turn in, I have an early day tomorrow. If you want to, you are more than welcome to join me in the gym, I’ll be there by 6AM.”

“I’m afraid I’ve never tried anything like that before.”

“Don’t worry, I can teach you. Please join me.”

How could I say no to those blue eyes and that dazzling smile? “All right, I’ll be there.”

We both stood and walked upstairs to our bedrooms. I noted that her room was one of the two rooms that I had seen earlier in the day with the door closed. I assumed that the other belonged to my uncle.

“Good night MaryAnn, it was a pleasure meeting and dining with you.”

“Good night John, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

We each entered our room and closed the door. I quickly shed my clothes, put on a pair of boxers to sleep in, brushed my teeth, and settled into bed. I set the alarm for 5:30 and shut the light. I dreamed of MaryAnn.

Chapter 3

The alarm went off at 5:30; it was still dark outside. I was tempted to roll over and go back to sleep, but then I remembered that I was going to meet MaryAnn in the gym. I jumped out of bed, dressed and was on my way to the gym by ten minutes to six. When I got to the gym, I heard the steady thudding sound of a person running on a treadmill. There she was, dressed in a tank top, gym shorts and running shoes. She looked great; there didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on her.

As I walked in, she must have seen my reflection in the TV monitor, because without turning or breaking stride she said,

“Hi John, I’m glad you decided to join me. I set up the other machine at a medium walk to start; just press the green button and start walking.”

I did what she said and soon I was walking at a comfortable pace. Every once in a while I would sneak a glance over at her. Her top was wet with sweat and clung to her shapely breasts. I felt myself beginning to get aroused and turned my head back, chastising myself. After about a half an hour, she started her cool down and told me how to do it on my machine. I was only too happy to.

“OK that’s enough of cardio; press the red button. Now we’ll start you off on some of the circuit machines.”

‘Great,’ I thought to myself, ‘here’s where I really embarrass myself.’

MaryAnn set up the first machine for two-arm curls with ten pounds.

“I want you to do twelve reps and then let the weight back down and rest. I’ll be working on the other side of the room with the free weights.”

I got myself into position and began the exercise. It was pretty easy.

“Slow down, it’s not a race; the key is to use good form. If the weight seems too easy, reach down and change it to twenty.”

I did what she said, and after changing the weight, did my next set. It was harder this time.

“Good, keep it up, when you’re done rest a minute, then do your third set.”

I started my third set, when I reached the last curl, I had to strain a little but I got it up.

“Great, John; wait a minute and I’ll set you up on the next machine.”

I stood up and turned around to watch MaryAnn as she completed her curls.

‘Holy shit,’ I thought to myself, ‘look at her arms, they must be twice the size of mine.’

Now I had mixed feelings about working out with her. I felt so inadequate; she wasn’t much bigger than me, yet she was lifting at least three times the amount of weight. But it was also exciting to watch this obviously powerful, beautiful, and sexy woman go through her workout.

When she was finished, she set up a machine she called the lat pull.

“I want you to do the same thing; do twelve reps, then rest. If the weight feels too light add another ten pounds and repeat the reps for the last two sets. I started you off with thirty pounds.”

I reached up, grabbed the bar, sat on the bench and began my reps. MaryAnn reached over and spread my hands a little wider and said,

“Good; keep it up you’re doing great. I’ll be on the bench press.”

Again I felt I was able to add another ten pounds. When I completed my third set, I looked over at MaryAnn. I’m sure my jaw would have hit the floor if it wasn’t attached. There she was on her back pushing the bar up until her arms almost locked. Each movement was slow and deliberate. I could see the number twenty-five written on the side of each plate. There were three of those plates on each side of the bar. She was lifting one hundred fifty pounds and she seemed to be doing it easily.

When she was done and had re-racked the weights, I said, “Wow that was amazing, that was one hundred fifty pounds.”

“You forgot to add the bar, that’s another twenty five pounds.”

She began her third set as I watched. I could feel my cock becoming erect; she was really turning me on. I was so taken by her raw power that I didn’t realize just how evident my excitement was. When she finished her third set, she sat up, and looked in my direction. I saw her eyes drop to the front of my shorts and a smile crossed her face.

I suddenly realized what she was looking at and turned to face away from her. I must have turned scarlet from embarrassment.

“MaryAnn, I’m so sorry.”

“John, there’s nothing to be sorry about. Its natural and it’s rather flattering. Thank you for the compliment.”


“Don’t think you’re the first that I’ve turned on during my workout. When I was in college, I used to work out in the school gym; I can’t tell you how many times I saw some of the guys staring at me as I did my workout; most of them were trying to hide their erections as well. Besides,” she continued smiling, “from what I could tell from here, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of in that department.”

She led me through the rest of the circuit, showing me how to do each exercise, starting me out with a specific weight and asking me if I wanted to increase it.

When we reached the end she said, “John, you did really well for a beginner. Do you see the chart on the wall? I’ll write all your weights under each machine, this way you’ll be able to start each exercise on your own. Now go upstairs, take a shower and be down for breakfast at eight. I think Mr. Taylor will be joining you.”

“Aren’t you going to be eating with us?”

“No I’ve got some more work to do down here.”

Disappointed I headed up to my room. I had momentarily forgotten about Uncle Joe and his proposal.

After this morning, I knew what my answer was going to be.

Chapter 4

“That’s wonderful, I’m so pleased that you have accepted my proposal. I’ll have the paperwork drawn up immediately”.

“Uncle Joe, I’m going to go back home. I have to give my boss at least two weeks notice.”

“Ah, that would be the normal procedure; very commendable in fact, if I wasn’t the sole stockholder of the company. I’ll call the company president and let him know that you will be working directly for me; that should take care of that problem.”

“What about my apartment, my things, the mail; I have to go back to take care of everything?”

“I’ll have everything taken care of from here. Your personal effects will be moved here; you’ll have no need for your furniture. We can forward all your mail here. Anything else?”

I couldn’t think of anything.

“Great, then it’s settled. I understand that you met MaryAnn. What do you think of her?”

“She’s amazing; beautiful, unbelievably strong, and very nice.”

“Good, I’m glad you approve, you and she will be seeing quite a lot of one another in the next twelve months. Since, technically you are on vacation this week, I’ll give you this week off as well. You’ll start Monday morning. In the meantime, I would like you, if you don’t mind, to work out with us every morning. A strong body is just as important today as an intelligent mind. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some things to take care of. Please stay and finish your breakfast.”

He rose from the table and left the room. My head was still spinning. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’

I finished my breakfast, thanked James, stuck my head into the kitchen and thanked Betty, and went outside. I looked out over the beach. There were people jogging, walking their dogs, or just standing admiring the view. I decided that since I was on vacation, I’d join them.

I walked to the back of the property, slipped off my sneakers, descended the stairs to the beach, and strolled directly to the water’s edge. The surf was calm and there was a light breeze. ‘This must be paradise,’ I thought, turning back toward the house, making note of what it looked like. I began walking the shoreline, greeting people as they passed me by from the other direction. I walked north for what seemed like an hour and then turned and headed back towards the house. During my walk the same thought kept going through my head,

‘I wonder what Uncle Joe is going to have on his list?’

When I got back to the house, I found MaryAnn sitting in a lounge chair by the pool. Her bathing suit was practically non-existent, her body a testament to all the hard work she obviously put in at the gym.

From behind her dark sunglasses, she greeted me as I approached.

“Hi John, you’re just in time. Would you mind putting some sunscreen on my back?”

Without waiting for my response, she flipped over onto her belly, reached around, and unfastened the clasp of her top. From the nape of her neck to the tip of her toes, the only piece of material covering that magnificent body was a string around her waist attached to one that seemed to disappear between her butt cheeks.

My hands were shaking as I sat on the edge of the chair, reached down to retrieve the bottle of sunscreen, and squirted some on her back. She squealed as the cool lotion hit her hot skin.

“Make sure you spread it all over; I don’t want to burn.”

Starting from her shoulders, I ran my hands over her entire back, carefully spreading the lotion. When I got down to her side, I hesitated, her breast, peaked out from the pressure of the laying on her stomach.

“That’s it, get my sides as well.”

My cock was rock hard by now, causing me a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. As my fingers grazed the side of her breast I realized that this was the first naked breast that I had ever touched. Quickly, I switched to the other side and repeated the process.

“OK, now do my legs please.”

I turned, now facing her feet and poured a thin line of lotion up one leg and down the other. I marveled at the muscle tone of each of her legs as I spread the lotion and massaged it in. The sweat was beginning to bead up on my forehead as I put the bottle down and began to rise from the chair.

“John, wait you’re not finished yet; you missed the most important part. I don’t want my butt to get burned. Don’t be embarrassed; just think of it as a part of my leg.”

‘Yeah right’, I thought, ‘you’re not seeing what I’m seeing.’ With trembling hands I poured a thin line on each cheek. As I began to spread it around, she flexed her glutes; her butt was solid, two perfect handfuls of skin and muscle.

“Thank you, John; I really appreciate it. I don’t get out here much and when I do I have to be real careful to avoid burning.”

‘Not half as much as I appreciated it,’ I thought.

“You’re very welcome.” I picked up her towel and dried my hands on one corner.

“I have to go, will I see you at lunch?”

“No, I have to run a couple errands for your Uncle. I’ll see you tonight at dinner.”

I practically ran through the house, up to my room, and closed and locked the door. I ran to the window and peaked out. There she was, still on the lounge; from up here she looked naked. I ran into the bathroom, stripped, and poured some hand lotion into my right hand. Grabbing a washcloth, I headed back to the window. I began to rub the lotion over my already painfully erect cock. I’m not saying that I’m porn star-sized; but I am a little larger than average at about seven inches. I stroked my cock as I gazed down at MaryAnn, fantasizing, wishing that I had the nerve to ask her out, to have her be my girlfriend, to feel and see that magnificent body naked against mine. In my already hyper-excited state it didn’t take me long before I reached the point of no return. With a moan I began to cum, spurt after spurt of cum filled the washcloth.

“Oh MaryAnn!”

Chapter 5

Dinner that night was the first time that the three of us ate together. The conversation was interesting. MaryAnn looked spectacular dressed in slacks and a lace-trimmed blouse; just enough skin was showing to hold your gaze. I still wasn’t clear as to her relationship with Uncle Joe. At times she seemed to be more than just an employee; but I guess that comes with the fact that she lived under his roof for the last several years and sees him practically every morning in the gym. I wondered if she knew about his health problems. If she didn’t know now, she would later as his health started to deteriorate.

That subject was never to be spoken about; Uncle Joe had given me strict instructions.

“So, John, Did you see anything that interested you, today?”

I almost chocked on the food in my mouth. I saw MaryAnn smile for a second.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Joe.”

“On your walk on the beach this morning; I saw you go down there just as I was getting ready to leave this morning.”

“Oh, the beach. Nothing really stood out, everything was just so beautiful.”

“MaryAnn, how did your day go today? Did you get everything done that I asked you to take care of?”

“The morning was great, very enjoyable,” she said as she glanced over at me. “I got all of the information that you requested and made some inquiries on the other business matters. The information is in the report on your desk.”

“Splendid. Splendid. Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of reading to do this evening. I’ll see you tomorrow in the gym?”

“Yes, I’ll be there,” rubbing my sore muscles.

“See you then. Good night. Oh, one more thing: John, please from now on just call me Joe”

When he left the room, I looked over at MaryAnn and asked,

“Is he always like this? He never seems to relax; he’s always on the go.”

“Pretty much. He’s been like this ever since I’ve known him. Driven is the best way to describe him.”

For the rest of the evening, we talked about our tastes in music, films, and sports. We found we had a lot in common. The only area that we seemed to be at odds was our favorite baseball teams. She was a Dodger fan, while I rooted for the Yankees. We kidded each other as to which team would end up in the World Series.

She was so easy to talk to; I never wanted the evening to end.

“I think I’m going to turn in. Tomorrow we’ll give your arms a chance to heal; we’ll concentrate on your legs and your stamina. Good night, John. Sweet dreams.”

“The same to you.”

That night I had very sweet dreams indeed, they all starred MaryAnn and her beautiful body.

Chapter 6

I couldn’t wait to get down to the gym the next morning. Joe was already running on one of the treadmills as I came through the door.

“Hello, Sleepyhead. MaryAnn already has your machine set up for you. Just press the green button.”

I looked around, “Where is she?”

“She went for a run on the beach; she’ll be back before you finish your cardio work.”

When he was finished, Joe went over to the circuit machines; he was doing curls when she returned.

“Good, I see you’re both hard at work. How are you feeling, John?”

“I little winded, but I’ll make it to the end of the program.”

MaryAnn was dressed in shorts and a tank top, which was soaked with sweat. She stood there in bare feet with her hands on her hips surveying her two pupils.

“Come on, Joe; two more, you can do it… that’s it, yes. Well done.”

Joe let the weight down and slumped over the machine, smiling.

“Alright, John here comes your cool down.”

The treadmill began to level off and slow down; after five minutes it stopped.

“Great job, John. Come here, I’ve got you set up for leg extensions; this will strengthen your quadriceps, the muscles right here.”

She reached over and rubbed the front of my thigh.

“You’re not going to use a lot of weight because we don’t want to injure your knees, just give me three sets of twelve at this weight.”

While I was doing that, she went over to Joe and corrected his form as he did his pull downs. Then she went over to the free weights and set up for my next exercise.

“John, come here. Now we’re going to work on your hamstrings and your glutes. It’s called a squat. I want you to hold on to this bar and make believe you’re going to sit in a chair. Again we’re not concerned with the weight. It’s more important to keep your back as straight as possible and maintain good form all the way through the movement. Give me three sets of twelve.”

When I was done, she had me walk to the center of the room.

“For your final exercise of the day I want you to do twenty-five lunges.” She showed me the movement first with one leg then the other.

“That’s one, give me twenty-four more, and then hit the shower.”

Joe was working with the free weights, and was just finishing up when I completed my exercise.

“Great job, both of you; see you tomorrow.”

Joe and I both headed for the door. I glanced back just as MaryAnn began doing military presses. I wanted to stay just to watch her workout, but Joe threw his arm over my shoulder and guided me towards the stairs.

“It’s best that you don’t get too worked up and involved with her. You’re not ready, yet.”

Before I could ask him what he meant, he turned and ran up the stairs taking two at a time.

‘What did he mean by that?’

I spent much of next five days, exercising in the morning, lounging by the pool or walking on the beach, eating terrific meals with Joe and MaryAnn, and wondering what exactly was going to be required of me. Right after breakfast on Monday morning I got my answer.

Chapter 7

“Well, John, are you ready to start your assignment?”


“That’s the spirit. Here’s a copy of my list.”

“Joe, there’s only one thing listed on here.”

“Yes, I know. I thought it would be more exciting for you if I surprised you with every item. I want to do them in a particular order, so this is my way of controlling that aspect of this quest.”

I looked back down at the paper,

Number 10 – Hot Air Ballooning in Sedona, AZ.

Right off the bat he had picked something that would be a problem for me; I was afraid of heights.

“Joe, when would you like to go?”

“Make arrangements for this weekend. Book a hotel for Friday and Saturday nights; we’ll fly in and out in my company plane.”

“Yes sir.”

“If you have any problems, see MaryAnn. You can use the desk in the study. I’ll be back by Thursday.”

With that, he stood and walked out of the library.

My first task was to find the study. I had to ask James. He led me towards the front entrance, stopped and opened the door to a relatively small room containing two desks, a couple of chairs and lined with two-drawer filing cabinets with countertops. Each desk had a computer and monitor. There were no windows. This room was designed for work; I felt right at home.

After turning on the computer, I did a search of Hot Air Balloon companies in Sedona, jotting down the names and telephone numbers of several of the most desirable ones. Next I searched on places to stay, again listing several of the higher quality resort hotels.

I was just about ready to start making phone calls, when I realized that I would need a credit card for making reservations. I had to contact MaryAnn. There was an employee list taped to the phone. I dialed her extension; there was no answer. I dialed the gym and waited. On the sixth ring she picked up.

“Hello, this is MaryAnn.”

“Hi MaryAnn, this is John.”

“Hi John, what can I do for you?”

“I’m supposed to make reservations for this weekend for Joe and me but he didn’t leave me his company credit card. I’m assuming he would want everything carded to his company.”

“I can help you with that; I’ll be right up. Are you in the study?”


She hung up the phone.

A short time later, the door opened and in stepped a very wet MaryAnn.

“Sorry, I was in the middle of my workout.”

She went to the other desk, pulled out a set of keys from the middle drawer, walked over to one of the cabinets, unlocked it and took out an envelope. She examined its contents, pulled out a credit card and handed it to me.

“Whenever you have to make arrangements use this card.”

As she handed me the card, I noticed the fingerless gloves she was wearing.

She saw my inquisitive expression and said,

“I was working out on the heavy bag when you called. It’s a great way to combine cardio and strength training into one activity. It’s also the best way that I know to rid the body of stress. You should try it sometime. Is there anything else?”

“No,” holding up the card, “This is everything that I need right now.”

“Ok, I’ve got to get back to my workout. See you later.”

After she left the room, I sat staring at the door. Her scent still lingered in the air. I had seen all the ‘Rocky’ movies and several shows on TV that showed boxers working out on the heavy bag and although I had never done it myself, I could picture MaryAnn standing in front of that bag, her body glistening with sweat, her strong, muscular body leaning into each punch as the bag swayed from side to side.

‘Wow, calm down boy, you have work to do.’

I made the reservations at the resort, booking a suite with two queen-sized beds, with a convertible sofa in the main room. Since this was the first time I booked a hotel for the two of us, I figured that if Joe wanted his own room I would sleep on the sofa bed. He hadn’t told me his preference.

I had to call several balloon companies before I could get a reservation for this weekend. I asked about the number of guests in each gondola, and was told that the gondola could hold up to eight. I told him that this was for a special occasion; he hesitated and gave me a price for going up alone. I jumped on that, figuring the ride would be more enjoyable if we were alone.

After I hung up the phone I realized that I was done with my assignment. I typed up an itinerary, printed it, shut down my computer and left the room. I walked over to the library and placed the itinerary on Joe’s desk.

It was just about noon, so I went to the kitchen. Betty was making a delicious looking chopped salad with chicken for lunch. I joined MaryAnn out on the patio.

“I have everything booked for this weekend.”

“That’s great, John.”

“I have one question. Do I have to do anything about scheduling for the plane?”

“No, Joe will handle that himself.”

We talked over lunch. I asked her how she got into boxing.

“I’ve always been athletically inclined. I grew up as a tomboy. I enjoyed participation sports more than spectator sports. In high school I played volleyball and softball. In college, I wanted to concentrate on my studies so I gave up team sports and focused instead on training my own body. I met a girl there who was in fantastic shape. When I asked her how she trained, she told me that she took martial arts training and supplemented that with boxing, wrestling and weight training. Being somewhat of a free spirit, I couldn’t handle the mental discipline required for martial arts, all the bowing and absolute obedience to the trainer. I could, however, do the physical training required for boxing, wrestling and weightlifting; so that’s what I did. She and I would train together, spar occasionally and wrestle one another.”

“You used to fight one another?”

“Oh yeah, it was a great way to break up the monotony of our work outs. I was able to beat her pretty regularly at wrestling because I had the advantage in height and weight. She normally would get the better of me in boxing because of her quickness and agility. I remember once, though, when we were boxing, after several rounds I was getting the better of her. I had just landed a short right-hand, which should have put her on the canvas; the next thing I knew I was on my back, looking up at her concerned face. She told me later, after apologizing a hundred times, that I had stunned her with my punch; that she was in real trouble at that moment. Her martial arts training took over and she hit me with a spinning back-hand right on the jaw and down I went. That was the last time that we boxed together. We’re still good friends and get together once in a while for drinks.”

“That’s amazing. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fight in my whole life.”

“Judging from the condition of your body, I’d say that’s a good thing. But don’t worry, I’ll have you in fighting shape in no time.”

I felt my cock begin to stir with just the thought of getting into the ring with her.

‘Where was that coming from? I was never interested in boxing or wrestling, and certainly never with a woman.’

I continued my daily workouts with MaryAnn. I was beginning to see results. After almost two weeks I had increased my weight by ten pounds on most of the machines. I had increased the time, speed and incline on the treadmill as well. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Thursday evening, the three of us sat at the dinner table.

“I looked over the itinerary for this weekend, John; everything looks good. I’m really excited about this.”

Excited wasn’t exactly the emotion I was feeling; apprehensive, nervous and scared were more appropriate.

“I am, too.”

“Fantastic, I’ll call the pilot tonight. We should leave here about four tomorrow afternoon for the airport.”

Chapter 8

Friday morning started out with our normal workout. I tried not to think about what the weekend had in store for me. At 4:00 sharp, Bart brought the limo to the front and Joe and I left for the airport. By 5:30 we were pulling through the gate at the private plane area of the Oxnard City airport. We were greeted by Dave the pilot, who took our overnight bags and led us to the plane.

“It’s a Lear Jet LJ45; isn’t it a beauty. I bought it in a bankruptcy sale a couple of years ago. Had the interior reconfigured; now it seats only four people plus the 2 crewmen. It originally had a seating capacity of nine, but I had no use for that many seats. Now it has a lot more room, you can really stretch out for those overnight trips.”

I hadn’t counted on this either. I had only flown a couple of times and always on big commercial planes. I gritted my teeth and followed Joe into the plane. Inside it was truly beautiful, with leather seats spaced six feet apart, with a center isle that lead from the privacy wall, which separated the cockpit from the passenger section in the front, to the galley and lavatory in the rear.

We sat in the rear two seats of the four seats, all of which faced the rear. Joe explained that these seats swiveled 180 degrees for conferences. There were also two folding tables, which were in the down position on the side of the plane. The copilot was finishing his final checks as the pilot closed the cabin door.

“Mr. Taylor, we should be airborne in a couple of minutes. The galley is fully stocked. Please fasten your seat belts for takeoff.”

Five minutes later we were racing down the runway. The rumbling stopped, replaced by the low roar of the engines, as we climbed to our cruising altitude. After a couple of minutes Bill, the copilot, came back to let us know we could unfasten our seatbelts.

“Does anyone want anything from the bar?”

Even though I could have used a drink to calm my nerves, I followed Joe’s lead and refused.

“It’ll be about forty-five minutes to Sedona. We’ll approach from the north so that you can get a great view of the Grand Canyon at dusk. I’ll let you know when.”

“These seats fully recline into beds for long flights,” said Joe, obviously proud of his company toy.

I sat there and marveled at the luxury money could buy. I just couldn’t comprehend that someday, all of this was going to belong to me.

A little over a half hour later, Bill knocked on the interior cabin door,

“We’ll be over the Canyon in a couple of minutes.”

With seven windows on each side of the plane, we had a great view. The Grand Canyon is an awesome sight, the colors of the rock walls, the play between the sunlight and the shadows, the majestic Colorado River at its base, forever etching deeper into the earth, all contribute to its grandeur.

Ten minutes later we were landing in Sedona. The sun was already setting. The sky was streaked with shades of dark blue, red-orange and white. All around us were mountains of red rock as our taxi took us to the hotel. We checked in, went to our room, and after freshening up a bit, we came down stairs for dinner.

We each had a steak, with baked potatoes and fresh vegetables, accompanied by several pints of the local craft-brewed beer. A meal truly fit for a king.

“I don’t get to eat like this very often at home; Betty has been given strict orders from MaryAnn about my diet. However, out here with you, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt me.”

I thought about that,

‘Here was a multi-millionaire; who employed these people, and he was more or less letting them run an aspect of his life.’

“I know what you’re thinking, but they are doing exactly what I hired them to do, so how can I complain.”

After dinner, we went back up to our room. The sleeping arrangement question was answered when Joe announced, “I claim the bed closest to the windows.”

I set the alarm for 4:00 so that we could be ready for our 5:00 pickup by the balloon company. When the alarm went off, I looked over at Joe’s bed, which I discovered was empty. Then I heard the shower. I lay there until Joe came into the room. With a moan I got up, grabbed a clean pair of boxers, and headed into the shower. When I was finished and came out back into the room, the curtains were drawn back and the silhouette of the mountains could clearly be seen in the distance. Joe was out on the patio taking in the view.

“John, wait until you see this view; I can hardly wait for daybreak.”

Joe’s enthusiasm for life was contagious. Soon I forgot all about my fear of heights and could hardly wait to be picked up.

Precisely at 5:00, a jeep arrived in front of our hotel, and our guide entered the lobby.

“Gentlemen, are you ready for the ride of your life?”

Without waiting for a reply, he turned and escorted us to the jeep. We drove a couple of miles to the outskirts of town. There we found a large group of guests, along with five balloons. Everyone was pitching in with the preparations for takeoff. At 6:00, the first of the balloons left the ground, followed every few minutes by another, until all were airborne. We were in the last one. Our guide and pilot Jesse, proved to be extremely knowledgeable about the history of Sedona and skilled at maneuvering the balloon. As the sun peaked over the horizon, we were blessed with the magnificent sight of the four balloons ahead of us, against the background of the red rock of the mountains of Sedona. Joe and I both had our cameras out taking as many pictures as time allowed.

“Look John, over there is our hotel.”

“Yes”, I said, holding on to the side, not wanting to move more than necessary. The plane ride was one thing, in the plane there was structure all around you. Here however, there was nothing to keep you from falling overboard and down to the rocks below.

Soaring in a hot air balloon is like nothing else. The only sounds are from the wind and the occasional burst from the blower that maintains the hot air within the balloon. Jesse took us up to a height of around 2,800 feet. The 360-degree panoramic view was incredible. When we were outside the city limits he allowed us to drop low enough that we could watch the deer and other smaller wildlife without their knowledge. Without realizing it, I was beginning to feel more comfortable. He took us back up to around 1,500 feet as we headed to our landing zone. I just couldn’t contain myself any longer. I gave what could only be described as sick war hoop. Joe shouted out as well.

After almost an hour of flight we touched down in a large field along with three of the other balloons. All of the guests gathered together, sharing their impressions and feelings about the adventure they had experienced. About fifteen minutes later two large jeeps pulled in with the passengers from the other balloon, which had drifted slightly off course. When we were all together we walked over to the hospitality tent that had been erected and had a refreshing breakfast of fresh fruit, muffins and champagne. It was the perfect ending for our first task.

The company drove us back to our hotel. Joe and I walked into the lobby and, over a cup of coffee, talked about what to do next.

“Since we’re here for another night, why don’t we tour the downtown area of Sedona?”

I agreed with Joe, so I had the desk call us a taxi to take us. Downtown Sedona (which they actually call ‘Uptown’) consists of one main street – about six blocks long – with retail shops, art galleries, and restaurants and bars. We walked up one side of the street and down the other, commenting on what we saw, laughing and having a good time. This was a side of Joe that I hadn’t seen before, and I liked it. We grabbed a burger and a beer at the Cowboy Bar and Grill. As we were leaving, Joe spotted a pink jeep pulling into the driveway across the street and the sign on the building, ‘Pink Jeep Tours.’

He practically dragged me across the street.

“Come on, let’s take the tour.”

The next tour that was available was called The Scenic Rim/Broken Arrow Tour. We hoped into the jeep, joined by a young couple who were here on their honeymoon. Soon we were headed out of town and into the back-country. Our driver/guide pointed out the sights as we traveled — Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock and several other red rock formations — and explained the process of their formation. Soon we headed off the road and onto dirt trails; we ascended 2000 feet to the top of Mogollon Rim. There he stopped the jeep and we had a chance to explore the area, take some pictures of the spectacular scenery and climb out onto the rocks. On the decent back to the valley below, our driver took us on a jarring twenty-minute journey over large boulders and through deep gorges. Finally we were on flat ground again and headed back to civilization.

We got back to our hotel around 5:00. While Joe used the shower to wash off the sweat and red dust from our day of adventure, I sat on the patio and watched as the balloons from the evening trip passed overhead. The view was almost as good from this angle as it was from up there. Then it was my turn to use the shower. Later after we dressed, we went to dinner.

“John, I want to thank you for sharing this adventure with me.”

“It was my pleasure Joe; I loved every minute of it.”

Next morning, after breakfast, we took a cab to the airport. Dave and Bill had everything all set for the return trip. By noon, we were back in Malibu. Before heading up to my room, I went to the study, turned on my computer and created ‘THE BUCKET LIST’. I numbered down one side of the sheet from ten to one. By number ten I typed ‘Hot Air Ballooning in Sedona, AZ.’ and next to that I typed the word – DONE. I saved my work and shut down the computer wondering ‘What’s next.’

Chapter 9

I didn’t have long to wonder. At dinner, Joe and I told MaryAnn all about our weekend adventure. We were both very enthusiastic as we told her about the balloon ride. During a lull in the conversation, Joe pulled a sheet of paper out of his shirt pocket.

“Here is our next item on the list.”

I unfolded the paper and read,

Number 9 – Take a Dale Carnegie course.

Oh my God, if there was anything that scared me more than heights it was standing up in front of strangers and speaking. I looked into Joe’s eyes; I’m sure he could see the panic and fear.

“Set that up for early next week.”

He got up out of his chair.

“I assume I’ll see you both tomorrow morning in the gym,” and he left the room.

MaryAnn leaned over and read the note.

“That scares you, doesn’t it?”

“More than you could possibly know. In high school I had to give a speech in front of my English class. I was so bad that I’m sure they were all laughing at me.”

“Let me look at that again. It doesn’t say public speaking course; it just says a Dale Carnegie course. Maybe there are other courses there that won’t be so bad. We’ll look online tomorrow after breakfast.”

“Thanks MaryAnn. You’re a life saver.”

“Don’t thank me now; you can wait until after I work your butt into the ground tomorrow morning to thank me. I can just imagine what you two guys ate over the weekend, and I’m sure neither of you thought to look for the gym while you were there.”

I just sat there and looked at the table.

“I thought so,” she said with a hint of a laugh in her voice. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

That night I had nightmares about standing naked in front of a group of women, all looking exactly like MaryAnn, trying to explain why I was so out of shape.

When I walked into the gym Monday morning, MaryAnn had my workout already programmed into the treadmill. It was harder than I had ever done before, but I got through it. After his extended warm up, she had Joe on the free weights, pushing him to reach new maximums on several exercises.

“Both of you, great job. That will teach you to skip your workouts and cheat on your diets. Now get out of here.”

After breakfast, MaryAnn and I met in the study. We looked online and found the Dale Carnegie Training site. Looking through the courses I found one that I felt would satisfy Joe, one that I could also handle. The course name was ‘Effective Communication & Human Relations/Skills for Success. The course was designed to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions, as well as to teach better communication skills, problem solving and leadership training, and finally to develop a take-charge attitude with confidence and enthusiasm.

The course was offered in 3-day, 8-week or 12-week formats. I typed up my report for Joe. I would let him decide what would fit best into his schedule.

The next day I found an envelope on my chair when I came down for breakfast. Inside was a note that read:

“Good choice of which course to take. Let’s go with the eight-week format, we can work that in with Number 8 – Learn to Dance. Please sign up MaryAnn for this one as well.”

I handed the paper to MaryAnn.

“Why that dirty stinker! Wait until I get his butt in the gym tomorrow afternoon; I’ll teach him a thing or two.”

After breakfast, I went on online and registered the three of us for an afternoon dance class, and Joe and I for the evening Dale Carnegie course. MaryAnn would have to drive herself to the dance class, which was a one-hour lesson, then she could have the rest of the day to herself. Joe and I would stay in Long Beach for the three-hour course that would start at six. It would make for a long day but would leave the other days free. When I told MaryAnn the plan, she said it was fine with her; she could use the time in Long Beach to visit with friends.

Dinner was a quiet affair that evening. Even I could tell that there was some tension between Joe and MaryAnn. I wondered what she meant about the gym in the afternoon.

I expected to be the only one in the gym the next morning, but when I arrived MaryAnn had Joe on the treadmill. She set me up on the circuit machines, increasing the weight on each by another five pounds.

“John, you’re doing really well, soon you’ll be catching up to Joe.”

I seriously doubted that, but took the compliment anyway. I think it was more of a dig at Joe than an accurate statement of my abilities.

That afternoon, curiosity got the better of me. I wandered down to the gym to find out what was going on. When I got there, however, I found the door to the gym locked. I tried to listen for any signs of activity emanating from the room, but there were none; I guess the whole area had been sound- proofed. Disappointed I turned and went back upstairs.

When I came down for dinner that night, I was told that I’d be dining alone. It seemed that both Joe and MaryAnn had made other plans for the evening.

I spent a quiet evening watching TV; wondering if I’d be alone tomorrow in the gym. The next morning, however, MaryAnn was already there, setting the treadmill for my workout. Whenever I could I glanced in her direction, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t ask and she didn’t offer any information about what had happened yesterday afternoon, or where Joe was this morning. I had to assume that this was just another of his mysterious disappearing acts. It really wasn’t any of my business anyway.

I didn’t see Joe for the rest of the week. MaryAnn and I had our meals together and we chatted about what we thought about taking dancing lessons. Neither one of us had ever learned to dance.

“I had no interest in dancing when I was in high school. Most of the boys in my school didn’t know how to dance, and the ones that did thought of it as foreplay.”

I burst out laughing when she said that.

“I didn’t learn how to dance either. I guess it was because it would involve actually holding and talking to a girl. That was something that I could never do when I was that age.”

“Well, I guess we’ll both be exploring uncharted ground on Monday.”

Early Monday afternoon, the three of us in two cars drove to Long Beach. I was a nervous wreck thinking about having to hold a stranger and have her teach me how to do something I was sure I’d be terrible at. When we got out of our cars, I looked over at MaryAnn. I could tell she didn’t like this anymore than I did.

“Come on you two, lighten up; this is going to be great,” Joe said as he held the door to the studio.

We signed in with the receptionist and were led to dance studio. Inside was our instructor, a beautiful red headed woman, about 5’10″ in heels; thin with a great figure and long nicely shaped legs.

“Hello! Welcome, my name is Susan, I will be your instructor for the next eight weeks. You will be learning the basics of eight different dances. Dances which have been done by millions of people all over the world for, in some cases, hundreds of years. The first dance will be the fox trot.”

She had us gather in front of her as she demonstrated the basic steps. She then took each one of us separately and walked us through the steps. I was stiff as a board the first time she took my hand in hers and placed it on her back, and held my other hand.

“Relax John, no one is going hurt you; start forward with your left foot, now walk forward with your right, good, step to the side with your left and bring your right foot next to the left. Good, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

With MaryAnn, she took the lead position, explaining that it was the man’s role to lead the woman around the floor. I could tell that MaryAnn was just as stiff as I had been.

After repeating the same steps with Joe, she walked over to a table by the wall and turned on the music.

“Now we will pair off, and we will try it to the music. Joe you will be my partner; John, you dance with MaryAnn. Ok, assume the position… begin.”

I took her hand in mine and placed my other on her back. As I looked into her eyes, all I could picture was that first time on the patio, as I put lotion on her nearly naked body.

“Keep to the beat of the music. Good. Smile. Look into your partner’s eyes. This is supposed to be social dancing not torture. Have fun.”

I could feel her muscles at first tight with stress, slowly relax as I guided her around the floor. I was in heaven, holding an angel, totally unaware of the rest of the room.

“John, MaryAnn, you’ve done this before?”

“No,” I replied. It was just so easy to dance with her. “She must already know how to dance.”

MaryAnn just shook her head and looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Well you both have done very well with the first step; let’s go on with some more of the advanced steps of the foxtrot.”

She showed us how to Promenade, Left Turn, and Box Step explaining that each was a step that could be used on the dance floor and that the key was to string them together to navigate around a crowded dance floor. By the end of the hour, both Joe and I were leading our partners around the floor.

Reluctantly, we said goodbye and walked out to our cars. Without thinking about, I kissed MaryAnn lightly on the cheek.

“Thank you, you made it so easy for me today.”

“I had a very good partner; thank you for making it so much fun. See you tomorrow morning.”

She returned my kiss with a short kiss on my lips and turned and got into her car and drove off.

“She likes you.”

I blushed as only then did I realize that Joe was a witness to our exchange.

“Let’s go get something to eat before going over to the course.”

After dinner we went to where the course was being held. I wish I could say that it was as enjoyable as the dancing lesson. It was not. The instructor was a gentleman about my age, full of energy and exuberance to the point of being obnoxious. He went over the course outline and had us do various mental exercises on how to remember names and facts. We broke up into small groups and practiced, introducing ourselves and giving and listening for information on which to build relationships. I was amazed that before the end of the night I had the names and contact information of several of the students in the class, both men and women.

‘This isn’t going to be as hard as I thought.’

As we drove back to Malibu, Joe and I exchanged comments on the course and on the day in general. After we had exhausted our discussion of the course, he steered the conversation to our dance class.

“So John, it appeared to me that you really liked the dance class. It looked like you were enjoying being MaryAnn’s partner.”

“What’s not to like? She’s a beautiful, sexy young woman. I was really having a good time. By the way, you didn’t seem to be shying away from your partner either. It looked to me like you were trying to be the teacher’s pet.”

Laughing, “She is rather pretty after all. I don’t get to meet many beautiful women socially anymore.”

I wanted to pursue this further, but I could tell that Joe was turning inward and becoming melancholy, so I dropped it.

We got back to the house around ten and went our separate ways; Joe to his office in the library, me to my room to get ready for bed.

The next morning I met MaryAnn in the gym. After warm-ups, she pushed me hard on the circuit machines and on the free weights. Neither of us brought up the dance class.

“John you’re doing really well with your weight training, I’m beginning to see some real changes in your muscle tone and development. I think in a couple of weeks we can start you on my boxing regime. That will help you with both cardio fitness and strength.”

I left the gym with the image of MaryAnn in shorts and a sleeveless shirt pounding away on the heavy bag, sweat dripping down her face; a fighting Amazon. By the time I got up to my room I needed to take a cold shower.

I was alone for breakfast. I assumed that MaryAnn and Joe had one of their special sessions and were not going to be available until later. I had nothing else to do but to sit by the pool and soak up some rays. When I got too hot I took a dip in the pool. Life was good.

For the next several weeks, my life stayed pretty much the same. We had our dance classes, and Joe and I attended the evening course, which got more interesting as it went on.

One Tuesday morning MaryAnn announced after my warm up on the treadmill, that she wanted me to join her in what she called the “combat room”. I walked into the fifteen by fifteen foot room, and there was MaryAnn dressed just as I had envisioned her.

“Come here John, let me get you set up with some training gloves and pads.”

I walked over doing my best to avoid getting an erection. After she fit me with the gloves, she demonstrated the technique involved in working out on the heavy bag. The bag swayed as she hit it with both hands.

“Ok John, now I want you to try it. Go easy at first; I don’t want you to injure yourself by hitting it wrong. I’ll watch and correct your form as you go.”

I began to hit the bag as I had seen her do it. Softly at first, as she corrected my form; then with more power and increased frequency, I threw punches with both hands.

“Good John, just like that. I want you to give me ten minutes on the bag.”

By the end of ten minutes I thought I was going to die. When she shouted, “Time” I leaned over, my hands on my knees, sweat pouring down my face.

“That was really good John. See what a great workout that gives you. You’re done for the day; leave the gloves and the pads and we’ll do it again tomorrow.

‘If I live until tomorrow,’ I thought as I made my way out of the room and out of the gym. I could hear the thuds of her fists pounding away on the bag as I headed upstairs. I had a new appreciation as to how strong she was, and how good of shape she is in.

That night I had a very erotic dream, about MaryAnn and me, revolving around my new workout regime and dancing. I woke up the following morning with an erection and very sore arms.

During the remainder of the eight weeks, we learned the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Disco and the Waltz. I also made it through several impromptu speeches and one-on-one communication exercises with members of the group.

I must say that I was rather proud of myself when I received my certificate of course completion from Dale Carnegie Training. But, I was even more so when, as a final assignment, along with our dance instructor, the three of us went out to dinner and dancing at a fancy restaurant. It felt like my first date with MaryAnn and I totally enjoyed it.

When we got home that night, instead of going up to my room, I went to my desk in the study, turned on my computer and edited my list:

Number 9 – Take a Dale Carnegie course – DONE;

Number 8 – Learn to Dance – DONE.

I updated and shut down my computer. I went to bed wondering – ‘what’s next?’

Chapter 10

The next morning when I got up, before getting dressed, I checked myself out in the mirror. I could see some definition in my chest and arms, I had lost any fat that I had around my waist and had put on about ten pounds. Soon I would have to get new workout shirts because my old shirts were getting too tight.

‘Maybe, just maybe, I could impress MaryAnn with my improvement.’

I went downstairs to the gym, MaryAnn was already there as usual, but instead of warming up she was sitting on the weight bench holding an envelope addressed to me.

I already knew what it contained, it was just a question how bad it was going to be. I unfolded the paper, read it and looked up at MaryAnn,

“He’s got to be kidding, I can’t do that.”

“He’s not kidding; he talked to me about it last night.”

I looked back at the paper again;

Number 7 – Participate in a Mixed Boxing Match.

I looked into her eyes,

“Not with you, I could never hit you, I won’t do it.”

“No, not with me, I just have to train the both of you. Get warmed up on the treadmill, then come into the combat room and we’ll start your training.”

After I was warmed up, I entered the room and put on my wraps and the twelve-ounce gloves that she had out for me.

“Today we are going to go over the basic punches, most of which you have already been using during your workouts on the bag. Let’s first take up the proper stance. Since you’re right handed, your left foot is out in front, and you will jab with your left hand, throw hooks with your left as well, and use the right to throw straight punches, uppercuts and hooks to the head of your opponent. This is just like working out on the bag except, for one thing, unlike the bag your opponent will be defending herself and will be punching back.”

She stood in front of me wearing headgear and body pads while I had nothing, not even a mouthpiece.

When I commented on this, she told me not to worry. She was not going to be throwing any punches.

“You’re not ready for that, yet!”

For the next hour I learned how to punch with either hand, how to double up on my punches, when to throw what type of punch. I was beginning to feel pretty good about this, that is until MaryAnn hit me with two ‘love taps’ on both cheeks. Neither one hurt me, but they did get my attention.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I guess I lied before when I said I won’t throw any punches. I wanted to make a point. Your opponent is only going to stay on defense for so long before she will try to hurt you. When she goes on offense you have to be able to defend against her punches. You defend against getting hit by using your gloves, your arms, and your shoulders to block or deflect her punches, but the most important element of defense is movement. It is a lot harder to hit an object in motion than it is to hit a stationary target. Tomorrow we’ll work on movement and defense; this time you will be wearing the protective gear. We’re done for today, take off the gloves and join me for a run on the beach.”

As we ran up the beach I couldn’t help looking over at her. She was so awesome, so beautiful and yet so deadly. We ran north along the coast for what seemed like a couple of miles and then turned around and ran back to the house. By the time we finished I was sucking wind, while she looked like she could do it all over again.

“We are going to have to build up your stamina if you are going to go four rounds with an experienced fighter. Most people have no idea how physically demanding boxing can be. If you’re not in top shape, you’ll be dead meat by the end of the third round. Let’s go in and shower, change, and then have breakfast.”

I must have had a look of shock on my face, when I turned back towards her.

“Not together, silly.”

She punched me in the arm and ran up the stairs to the patio. I walked, my eyes never leaving that magnificent butt of hers.

At breakfast, I asked her if she knew who Joe and I would be fighting.

“I’ve never met them personally. All I know is that they are a mother-and-daughter team that owns a gym in San Diego. Joe was the one that told me about them and he was the one that set this up.”

Our training sessions continued for the next three weeks. I trained in the morning, and Joe trained in the afternoon. One Tuesday morning, MaryAnn told me that it was time to begin sparring with one another. We were wearing twelve-ounce gloves, headgear, and mouthpieces when we met in the center of the room.

“This is for real, she said, protect yourself at all times. We have to determine if you can take being punched, some people can’t, if you feel that you have to quit, don’t be a hero, just do it. It’s better to find out now than on Saturday.”

She turned and walked over to the timer on the floor near the other equipment.

“We’ll be fighting four, three minute rounds with a minute rest between rounds. Good Luck.”

The bell sounded and we approached the center of the room. We circled to the right, each trying to breech the defense of the other. Before I knew what happened I was hit in the face with a sharp left jab. ‘Boy, she is quick.’ I regrouped and, trying to remember everything she taught me, I continued to move, my hands held high, my elbows in. I threw a quick jab, which glanced off her glove, then another, then a third that landed on her cheek. I paid for that when she landed a hard left hook to my side. The punch hit with a loud thud. Momentarily stunned, I retreated, covering up as best I could. We traded punches for the rest of the round. She was landing about twice as many punches as I was. The bell sounded ending round one. We each retreated to our corner of the room.

“Good first round, John. It looks like you can take a pretty good punch. Remember to keep your guard up and pull back your jab a little more quickly so that you can defend against my right hand.”

Round two began the same way round one ended. I scored some pretty good shots to her body, but they appeared to have no effect. I wish I could say the same for hers. About halfway through the round, I made a mistake and found myself trapped in the corner. She unloaded with both hands to my body, as I covered my head and tried to slip away. The pain in my sides was intense, but after I blocked one of her punches, I was able to hook her arm in mine and spin away. I saw a smile flash across her face, and then she resumed her attack. I survived the round, but was feeling tired and sore.

“Great job getting out of the corner. Keep moving, don’t let yourself get trapped like that.”

‘Easy for her to say’, I thought as I tried to breathe. My body felt like it was on fire.

The bell rang for the third round. I came out a little more cautiously than before, trying to protect my body, stay away from her powerful body shots and throw enough jabs to keep her at bay. Towards the end of the round I got hit once again with a hard left hook in the ribs. The air rushed out of my lungs and I was forced to take a knee. She retreated to her corner as she began to count. I looked up at her; the pain in my side couldn’t mask the lust in my heart for this amazing woman. I became aware of the feelings in my cock as she reached eight. I stood up, sure that she could see the erection in my shorts, but no longer caring. I waved her back in, put up my hands and waited. Then the bell sounded.

“Great job for your first fight, she said as she took off her headgear and gloves, but I think you’ve had enough for one day. We’ll do this again tomorrow. Let’s go rinse off, get a bathing suit and soak in the pool.”

She helped me remove my gloves, threw her arm over my shoulder and led me upstairs to the bedrooms.

“See you in twenty minutes down in the pool.”

A quick cold shower, a change into my bathing suit, and I was walking down to the pool in fifteen minutes. I sat in the pool watching for MaryAnn. When she came out the door, I was somewhat disappointed because she had on a one-piece swimsuit, the kind that lifeguards wear.

‘No suntan lotion today,’ I thought ruefully

“John, you did really well today. You showed me that you can take getting hit and that you can defend yourself fairly well. We only have three more days to work on your defensive skills, I’m worried about you, and I don’t want you to get hurt. Promise me that you won’t try to do more than you’re capable of. If you get hurt, fall down and stay down. I don’t know these people, they may be nice, or they may be not be so nice. Just be careful down there.”

I could tell she was really concerned about this. Did that mean she had some feelings for me or was she just trying to be nice?

“I’ll be careful, no heroics; if I get in trouble I’ll stay down. I still have a lot of work to do around here; I can’t afford to lose any of my thinking ability over this.”

We sat in the pool for about an hour. I was feeling almost normal again when she announced that she had to get ready for her workout with Joe. Reluctantly, I got out of the pool as well, and sat in the sun to dry off. I was tempted to sneak down to the gym and watch her spar with Joe, but somehow it didn’t feel right to me. He should have his privacy just like he gave me mine.

For the next three days the routine was the same, spar in the morning, soak off the bruises in the pool, and rest in the sun.

Saturday afternoon Joe and I boarded the company jet and flew to San Diego. Joe rented a car and we drove to the North Clairemont section of town. We checked into a motel and waited until 8:45 to drive to Kris’s Gym.

It seemed to be a relatively new building. The gym catered to both those locals that were serious athletes, and to those just trying to lose a few pounds. When we entered the gym, Joe walked up to the front desk and introduced us to the woman sitting behind the desk.

“Joe, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you; and you must be John, nice to meet you as well.”

She had a firm handshake. I could tell that she was older than me by the crow’s feet around her eyes, but everything else seemed to suggest that she was in fantastic shape.

“If you don’t mind we have some paperwork to take care of before we begin.” She took out a couple of preprinted forms, liability waivers, that she had each of us sign. She also took out a copy of the rules that we would be using. They were the same rules that MaryAnn and I had been using when we sparred. The only exception was that we would not be wearing headgear.

“Come on in, I’ll introduce you to my daughter Kristin. Then I’ll show you where to change. Joe, you and I will fight first.” We walked to the back of the gym, a sign above the closed door read ‘Boxing Room’. Another sign taped over the glass window in the door read, ‘Reserved Private Session, No Admittance’.

‘At least I won’t have an audience to worry about.’

We entered the room; someone was pounding a heavy bag in the corner. It was a young woman, about 25 years old. She was tall, about 5’10″, and lean, with broad shoulders and thickly muscled arms.

“Kristin, come over here and meet our guests.”

She moved like a big cat on the prowl.

‘Oh Shit, I have to fight her?’

“Kristin this is Joe, and this is your opponent, John.”

She stuck out her hand and shook ours, holding mine a little longer and a little tighter than normal. If she was trying to intimidate me, it was working.

Kris took us to the locker room.

“You can change in here. Joe, come into the gym when you are ready.”

We changed in silence, Joe looked really focused. After he warmed up, he picked up his pads and gloves and headed for the door.

“Wish me luck, John.”

“Good Luck Joe, Be careful out there.”

“I will; you stay here and concentrate on everything MaryAnn taught you. Warm up to a good sweat, I’ll see you in a little while.”

I sat there going over in my mind everything she had taught me. The image of Kristin kept entering my thoughts replacing that of MaryAnn as I stood in front of the mirror warming up. She was not going to show me any mercy. Suddenly the door to the locker room opened and Joe walked in.

He had a bump under his left eye and his body was full of nasty red bruises. As he sat slumped over in front of his locker, there was no need to ask who won. He looked up at me, smiled and said,

“At least I finished on my feet. This was my fantasy, not yours, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, I’ll understand.”

“No Joe, I won’t quit now. What would MaryAnn think of me?”

“Alright, wait for a few minutes and keep loose, I’ll come out there and be your corner man.”

Joe went to the sink, washed his face and put his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m proud of you; you’ve become like a son to me.” We hugged and left the locker room.

Kristin was in the ring, gently shadow-boxing. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show up.”

“Come on, let’s get this over with.”

I climbed into the ring; Joe helped me with my gloves and gave me my mouthpiece. Kris was the referee. She called us to the center of the ring; she went over the rules and asked if there were any questions.

We returned to our corner. When the bell sounded, we touched gloves and prepared to fight. Noting that she had three inches on me and about thirty pounds of muscle, my strategy was simple: hit quickly and don’t get hit in return. I threw several jabs, which she blocked easily. I threw a combination off the jab, which scored to her body but appeared to do no damage. She was content to stalk me around the ring occasionally throwing a jab or two, looking to end the fight with one punch. Towards the end of the round, she thought she had me cornered and threw a right lead, which I evaded and countered with a left hook to her head that landed with a jarring thud. She staggered to her left, hurt, but did not fall. I moved in to press my advantage, but before I could do anymore damage the bell sounded.

“That was great work out there, John. You almost put her down. Be careful this round, she’ll be coming out firing both barrels.”

Sure enough, when the bell rang starting round two, she was on her feet charging across the ring. She threw three punches to my one. I was able to block most of her punches with my gloves and shoulders. The ones that did get past my guard hurt like hell, but did no real damage. I kept sticking my jab in her face, not doing any damage but keeping her off balance and away from me. When the bell signaled the end of the second round, I turned and headed for my corner. Kristin stormed off to hers. Kris walked over to her and got into her face. I could hear the exchange but not the words that were spoken. Kris was shaking her head, while Kristin looked past her and glared at me.

The last words I heard from Joe as the bell rang were, “Stay away from her.”

Kristin came out fast once again. I stuck her with my jab and practically ran away to the other side of the ring. She came at me again and I tried it a second time. This time I caught her right on the nose, drawing a small trickle of blood. Infuriated she came at me a third time. This time I stood my ground and hit her with a solid right hand. She stepped back, and threw up her hands to cover up. I had hurt her. I continued to pound away at her body, trying to bring her guard down. But she was in such great condition that my punches seemed to have little effect on her. When the bell sounded ending the round, I don’t know which one of us was in more trouble. We both headed back to our corner to a much-needed rest and words of encouragement.

“That was unbelievable. John, I thought you had her for sure. Now just stay away from her and you’ll win.”

I had my doubts; my arms felt like lead, I wasn’t sure that I could stay away from her for another round. All too soon, the bell for the final round sounded, we both stood came to the center of the ring touched gloves and started the last round. For me the round was a battle of attrition, I kept backing up throwing jabs to keep her away as she pressed forward ever on the attack. Just when she would think she had me cornered I would reverse my movement to avoid the corner and circle the other way.

‘Where’s the bell? It’s got to be soon.’

Then it happened: she caught me with a left hook to the ribs, which sent me reeling into the corner. Seizing upon the opportunity, she hit me with lefts and rights to the body and my arms dropped to my sides. I saw the right coming at my head, but my arms would not obey my command. I felt her punch crush the side of my face; my legs gave way and I started to fall. The last thing I heard before I hit the canvass was the bell.

When I regained consciousness, I was flat on my back, looking up at three worried faces. Kris held a vial of smelling salts under my nose, shocking me back to full awareness.

“Are you OK? John, how many fingers do you see?”

“Three, two angels and God himself.”

They all broke out in laughter as they helped me to my feet. I sat down on the stool in my corner as someone gave me a bottle of water.

“John, I’m so very sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I have never lost one of these fights before and I was so frustrated that I was losing that I just lost it.”

“Don’t worry about it Kristin, you’re one hell of a fighter. If I wasn’t so unorthodox or if we fought again I’m sure you would knock me out in the first round. As it is your record is still perfect.”

“What do you mean?”

“You knocked me out in the last round; I lost and you won. The rules stated that you could not be saved by the bell.”

“No you’re wrong,” Joe said. “The ref ruled that you were still on your feet when the bell sounded, therefore, there was no knock-down. You won the fight three rounds to one.”

I looked to Kris, who nodded her head with a smile.

“Come on,” Joe said, “let’s get you into the shower and cleaned up. How am I ever going to explain to MaryAnn, all those bruises and that black eye?”

“The same way you’re going to explain your black eye.” I said laughing, holding my side from the pain.

When we had finished our showers and had gotten dressed, we headed back to the front desk. The gym was deserted by now. The women walked us out of the gym into the cool night air. We said our goodbyes and got into the car.

When we got back to the hotel, we both collapsed on our beds and slept in our clothes. The next morning, two guys wearing sunglasses returned the rental car and boarded a private jet headed north.

Bart met us when we landed. He opened the rear door of the limo, and there was MaryAnn, looking more beautiful than I had ever seen her before.

“I couldn’t wait for you to get back.” She reached over to me and took off my glasses.

“Ouch,” she said, as she leaned over and kissed the mouse under my eye.

She did the same to Joe, then turned to me and said.

“Well, how did you guys do?”

Joe answered, “We were one and one; I lost and John won.”

On the ride home we reviewed both fights, giving special emphasis to the last few seconds of my fight.

“You poor baby,” she said rubbing my cheek. “Because you won, you can have the day off tomorrow.” She turned to Joe: “You, I want to see in the gym bright and early tomorrow; you obviously need some more work.”

When we arrived back home, I excused myself and went straight to my desk. On my list I entered; Number 7 – Participate in a Mixed Boxing Match – DONE.

Chapter 11

At dinner that night I expected to find another envelope. Instead Joe, MaryAnn and I had a very relaxing and carefree meal. The wine flowed freely. We laughed about our experience, Joe especially going over each round of my fight. He even insisted that Kristin was bigger and stronger than MaryAnn, and could possibly win in a boxing match.

“I would pay good money to see that fight, two Amazons fighting against one another, with John as the prize.”

I think the wine was beginning to cloud his judgment. I could see that MaryAnn was beginning to get annoyed.

I tried coming to her rescue, saying, “Hey Joe, lighten up. I think maybe it’s time we all called it a night. If I recall correctly you have a six o’clock appointment with an angel.”

“You’re absolutely correct; good night all.”

“Good night, Joe”

MaryAnn turned to me and mouthed ‘thank you’ and headed off to bed. I picked up my wine glass and went outside.

I sat on one of the lounge chairs and looked up at the stars. Something was going on between Joe and MaryAnn. There was a connection there; I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

The next morning at breakfast, Joe approached me before MaryAnn came downstairs.

“I want to apologize for my behavior last night. I’m afraid I got a little melancholy and had too much to drink.”

“Nothing to worry about, no harm was done.”

“Thank you.”

After breakfast I went to my desk to check out a couple of things. There on my chair was an envelope. It was addressed to me marked ‘personal and confidential’. I opened it quickly and leaned back in my chair.

Number 6 – Have oral sex with a pro.

On the bottom of the paper there was a note. “Please don’t tell anyone about this, especially MaryAnn. I’ll take care of the arrangements. We’ll make it this Friday night.”

I was stunned. I was a virgin; I never really kissed a girl before. This was like a dream come true; an adolescent fantasy fulfilled. I read the note again; MaryAnn, would I be cheating on her? We weren’t really going out with each other. I wasn’t even sure if she was into guys at all. She didn’t appear to have a boyfriend. All these thoughts filled my head at the same moment, but then the one overriding thought came to the forefront: if Joe has it on his list, then I have to do it too.

I walked around for the next couple of days, sure that I had “guilty” written across my forehead. Friday afternoon, Joe announced that he and I were leaving and that we would be back sometime on Saturday.

When we got into the garage, he turned to me and said, “Let’s take the Porsche.”

It wasn’t just any Porsche; it was a black 1974 911S. I got in and buckled up. Joe backed out of the garage and we were on the road before I knew it.

“John, tonight is sort of my way of apologizing for last weekend. I know how hard that was on you and that you only did it to please me. We are going to Beverly Hills; we will be having dinner with two very beautiful and very talented escorts. Financially tonight is all taken care of. I want you to enjoy this without any regrets or misgivings. Do we have a deal?” He held out his hand.

I took his hand. “It’s a deal.”


We pulled into the L’ermitage Hotel at about five. Joe tossed the valet his keys,

“Take good care of my baby, we’ll be here for the night.”

He reached behind the seat and pulled out two small bags.

“I told James to pack us each an overnight bag.”

We checked in, received our room keys, and walked to the elevator.

“John, you’re on the third floor, I’m on the fourth. Let’s meet down in the bar at 6:30; our dates for the evening will arrive around 7:00.”

I got off the elevator, walked down the hall to room 310, and inserted the card key. With a click the door opened and revealed a spacious two-room suite. I placed my bag on the king-sized bed and opened it. James had packed a fresh shirt and slacks, a pair of boxers, a pair of socks, and a box of a dozen condoms. I hung up my clothes, placed the socks and boxers in the chest of drawers, and the condoms in the night stand.

I sat on the bed and thought, ‘Am I really going to go through with this? It’s a chance to get a blowjob from a professional, my first ever. What if I say no and I never have a girl friend and never get the chance again? This will be another event that I would never experience. I’m going for it!’

I walked into the bathroom, washed my face and checked myself out one final time before meeting Joe in the bar.

When the elevator reached the lobby, I walked over to the bar that Joe had pointed to earlier. I watched as a young attractive couple entered the room ahead of me, paying particular attention to the swing of the woman’s hips and the shape of her legs. Joe was already at the bar, the bartender just placing a drink in front of him.

“What are you drinking?” the bartender asked.

Not being much of a drinker I replied, “a glass of Merlot.”

When I received my wine, Joe picked up his glass and turned to me,

“A toast to us, and to tonight; may we totally enjoy the adventure on which we are about to embark.”

We touched glasses and sipped our drinks.

“There’s nothing like a good single malt scotch to ease the journey into the night.”

Joe and I talked about what we had already accomplished since I arrived in California.

“John, this has been the best time off my life and it’s been all because of you. There never seemed to be time for me to meet a woman, get married and have kids. In the last couple of years I felt incomplete, I had all the wealth anyone could ask for, but I had no one to share it with; no one to enjoy it with. I told you before that you’ve become the son that I never had. Now I’m truly happy.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing and just placed my hand on his shoulder.

“John, there’s one more thing; I just want to remind you that our dates tonight are professionals, to them this is a business transaction, nothing more. So don’t fall in love; just enjoy.”

We finished our drinks and were about to order another when Joe glanced over towards the entrance.

“I believe our dates are here.”

We stood and walked over towards two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. One was a tall brunette, wearing a slinky black dress, probably about 40 years old, with an amazing figure and long sleek legs. The other was a red-head, about 30, shorter than the other, slim, with nice legs. Her dress was fashionably short and the heels she wore made her legs appear longer than they probably were. Her dress clung to her body like a second skin and the top of her breasts peaked out over it. She had creamy white skin which, I noticed as we closed the distance between us and them, was accented with tiny pink freckles.

“Good evening ladies; I’m Joe, this is John, and I believe we are your dates for the evening.”

“Hello Joe,” said the brunette taking him by the arm. I’m Carla, this is my friend Edel; it is a pleasure to meet you both.”

Edel walked over to my side and placed her arm in mine.

“Hello John, you’re looking handsome this evening.”

There was a hint of an Irish accent in her voice and her eyes were emerald green; I was already under her spell.

“If you’ll come with me, we have dinner reservations for 7:00.”

We were escorted to our table and after we helped the ladies with their chairs, Joe and I sat. If I had any thought that the evening would be awkward, it was completely forgotten in the first few minutes. We sat, ordered a bottle of merlot and a bottle of chardonnay, and the ladies took over. The conversation and the laughter were nonstop throughout dinner. The meal was delicious. Surprisingly, I joined right in with the conversation, not shy or reserved in the least. Every once in a while I would feel the touch of Edel’s foot as she ran it up the side of my calf or she would hold my arm during our conversation. The service was outstanding; we were not rushed at all, yet they were right there whenever we needed anything. At 10:00 Joe asked for the check, signed it, stood and helped Carla with her chair. I did the same for Edel.

We all knew where this evening was heading, but the ladies were totally professional and never made us feel that they weren’t romantically involved with us. When the elevator reached the third floor, Edel and I headed toward my room. Just before the doors closed I heard Joe’s voice,

“I’ll see you at ten for breakfast.”

I opened the door letting Edel in the room. I assumed she had been here before because she went right to the bedroom. I turned, placed the “do not disturb” card on the door handle, closed and secured the door. Now, at the moment of truth, I was having second thoughts.

“Edel, I’m not sure about this, I’m kind of tired…”

I stood in the doorway of the bedroom and hesitated. There was Edel, her dress down at her feet, smiling as she reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She let it fall to the floor, her beautiful breasts standing out proudly on her chest, the dark pink nipples in contrast with her creamy white skin. I reached back and closed the bedroom door as I removed my jacket and tie and walked towards her.

“It’s amazing how many men forget how tired they are after they get a good look at my titties.”

“I’ve never…”

“Shhh. Joe told me all about you. All I want you to do is to sit back, learn and enjoy.”

She stood there before me, naked except for her tiny panties and high heels, and helped me remove my shirt and undershirt. She unfastened my belt and unbuttoned my pants, all the time gently kissing my lips, my neck, and nibbling on my nipples. As she pulled down my zipper, she ran her hand along the length of my cock.

“Hmm, you’re a big one.”

She pushed me gently backwards onto the bed as she pulled my slacks and boxers down to my knees. After removing my shoes and socks, Edel took off the rest of my clothes.

“At this point,” she said, “I always have my men put on a condom, but in your case I’m going to make an exception. Joe has assured me that you are a virgin and free from all sexually transmitted diseases. I can assure you that I am clean as well; I must be very careful in my line of work. Finally, I want us both to enjoy this as much as possible.”

She had me slide up to the top of the bed as she pulled the covers completely off the end. I was lying on my back with my legs spread open. She crawled up between them and ran her tongue up my cock from the root all the way to the rim. I felt the shock wave travel right up my backbone to my brain.

“Oh, my God!” I gasped.

“Hold on baby, you haven’t felt anything yet.”

She grasped the base of my cock and placed the head between her lips. I could feel her tongue circling completely around it. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. With my cock still in her mouth she looked directly into my eyes as she began to suck only the head in and out of her mouth.

I gazed into those large green eyes, framed by her short red hair; her face was almost angelic in contrast to the actions of her talented mouth. When she sensed that I was approaching my orgasm, she backed off.

“Not yet John, there’s still more.”

She waited for a couple of minutes, gently massaging my scrotum, then placed her hands on the top of my thighs as she slurped my cock back into her mouth. Still looking up at me, she began to lower her head ever so slowly, until she had the entire length of my cock in her mouth and into her throat. She pulled back off half way and did it again. All I could do was moan, as I felt her throat constrict around the head as if she was trying to swallow it. I couldn’t take much more of this.

“Edel, I’m going to cum, oh God I’m gonna cum.”

She pulled back part way again, and I felt her tongue circling the head as I exploded in her mouth. My hips began to jerk involuntarily, as spurt after spurt filled her mouth. Finally, there was nothing left, I collapsed back onto the bed and Edel sucked me one last time, smiled and tilted her head up and swallowed.

“Hmm, I don’t get to do that very often. I really enjoyed that.”

When I could speak I said,

“That was wonderful; thank you so much.”

She crawled up onto my body and whispered in my ear.

“That was only the beginning, my boss gave me very specific instructions as to what I was to do this evening. We have all night together. I’m to teach you all about a woman’s body and how to make love to her. Rest; I’ll be right back.”

I watched her sexy ass as she walked into the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later with a warm wet washcloth and lovingly wiped my cock and balls clean. She looked up at me and said,

“You’ve been a very naughty boy, keeping this beautiful cock all to yourself for so long. I think I’m going to have to give you a good spanking.”

My cock began to stir once again.

“That’s interesting; maybe we’ll follow up on that a little later if we have the time… and the energy.”

Edel climbed on to the bed and lay next to me. My cock continued to harden as I leaned over and kissed her, first on the lips, then on her neck, and finally on each of her extended nipples.

“Hmm, I like that, lick them a little.”

I did. Taking one in my mouth, I whipped it with my tongue and gently bit it, before sucking on it like a newborn baby. She held the back of my head tightly to her tit.

“Oh yes, that’s it! I love to have my titties sucked. Now the other one.”

I was eager to comply. I pushed her on to her back so I could have better access to the other nipple. With my free hand I caressed her tit, taking the nipple between my fingers and gently pulling and twisting it. Her body arched up off the bed and I felt her shiver.

“Oh John, that was wonderful. You made me cum just by playing with my titties; I hardly ever do that. Now I want to teach you about a woman’s body. I want you to crawl up between my legs and take my panties off.”

I did what she asked. When I was in position she lifted her ass off the bed and I pulled her panties down to her knees, taking first one leg out and then the other. I turned back to find that she was completely shaved, her pussy was like the rest of her, slightly pink and enticingly beautiful.

“Now you are going to do for me what I did for you. I want you to flatten your tongue and run it up each side of my pussy.”

I did as I was instructed, several times in fact. There was an earthy aroma coming from her pussy, along with a trickle of moisture. It was intoxicating. I took my thumbs and spread her open. I wanted more and ran my tongue up the middle a few times before sticking it in. Now her pussy was soaked. I was lapping as much of her nectar as I could get.

“Oh, John, are you sure you’ve never done this before? So good, so good. I’m almost there, don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping until I spotted her little button peeking out from the fold of skin above her pussy. I took the initiative and wrapped my lips around it, carefully licking and sucking. Her hips shot up off the bed and her hands grabbed the back of my head.

“Oh God, I’m cumming.”

Her body shook violently as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. When she couldn’t stand any more she pushed my head away from her and fell back onto the bed.

I moved back to her and lay beside her.

“Thank you, I haven’t cum like that in a long time. Whew, that’s one lesson I don’t think we have to review.”

I pouted my lips, and put on a sad face.

“Well only if you want to; I’m surely not going to complain. I don’t know what it is, but I think the fact that I know this is brand new to you and that you are experiencing it for the first time, is making it that much more exciting for me. Hold me a while and then we’ll try something new.”

She rolled over and snuggled her back into my chest. I held her in my arms. Her skin felt so soft and warm against mine. I think we both momentarily forgot that this was a business transaction. My cock, which had been hard before, was now pulsating with the beating of my heart. I couldn’t help poking her in the ass. She lifted her leg slightly, wiggled a bit and captured it between her thighs.

“Hold that thought for a couple of minutes more; this feels so good I don’t want to move.”

If we had stayed like that for a few minutes longer I would have surely fallen asleep. I think she sensed this and began to move her hips back and forth.

“Now for round one of the main event.”

She rolled over onto her back, and pulled me on top of her.

“John, you always want to be sure that the woman is protected against pregnancy before you engage in sex. The second thing you want to make sure of is that she’s properly lubricated. I can assure you,” she continued with a sly smile, “that I am OK on both counts.”

I supported my upper body on my arms and guided my cock to the mouth of her pussy. With a little pressure it slowly entered her. The feeling of her moist, hot pussy grasping my cock as I inched deeper and deeper was incredible. I looked down into her eyes when I had no more to give her. She looked up at me with a knowing smile. There is no greater feeling than that between two people as they share this most intimate of embraces. I began to rock my hips back and forth, slowly at first, her pussy trying to prevent me from leaving, which I had no intention of doing. Back and forth, in and out, I moved until I could feel the signals of my imminent orgasm. Edel threw her legs over my hips and urged me on.

“Harder, deeper. I’m going to cum again… cum with me, John.”

I froze in place, trying to push her down through the mattress as my orgasm hit.

I collapsed and rolled over on my back pulling her with me, my cock still imbedded deep in her.

“Wow, is it always like this?”

“It can be if you work at it. Remember, it takes both of you to make it so.”

She put her head down on my chest and this time we both fell asleep.

I awoke a short time later. Edel was sitting up, straddling my hips.

“Welcome back. I thought I was going to have to start round two without you.” Edel again beamed her angelic smile down at me. “This is referred to as the cowgirl position, for reasons that will become more obvious shortly. It’s one of my favorite positions because I can control most of the action and receive more stimulation.”

She had a handful of my cock, which was becoming erect once again, and was guiding it into her pussy. She lowered herself until she had all of me. After several moments, she started to bounce lightly up and down, slowly at first, getting the feel of my length, she leaned forward and offered me first one then the other of her beautiful tits.

“Bite them, squeeze them; I love it.”

I was loving it, too. I could feel her begin to pick up the pace. Soon I was lifting my hips in sync with her movements. The room filled with the sounds of slapping skin and creaking furniture. This was pure animalistic sex and it seemed to go on forever.

Suddenly she sat upright and ground her pussy down on my cock. I reached up, grabbing her nipples between my fingers. I pulled and twisted until she froze, her mouth open in a silent scream, her eyes clenched tightly shut. I could hold it off any longer and, with a groan, I too came once again.

She seemed to collapse forward and I gently turned her over on her back and went for a wet washcloth. I returned and wiped the sweat from her face. Her eyes began to flutter open and her breathing returned to normal. She reached up pulled me down to her lips and kissed me.

“Thank you,” she said, “I had forgotten just how good it could be.”

We held each other and fell asleep.

The sun was already up and peeking through the curtains when I woke the next morning, alone. There was a note on the nightstand.

Thank you John,

Last night was incredible for me, I hope it was good for you also. As far as I’m concerned you don’t need any other lessons. I’ll just tell you that there are many other variations that two lovers can experiment with. The most important thing is to have fun and never hurt one another.

Remember me,


‘Yes, Edel I will always remember you.’

I got up and showered. I looked at the clock; it was nearly 10AM. I hurriedly dressed, threw my things in my bag and proceeded downstairs to meet Joe for breakfast.

Joe was already there having coffee. I sat down, poured myself a cup and said, “Thank you.”

There was no need to say anything else; the smile on my face said it all.

After breakfast we checked out, retrieved the car, and headed for home.

“I don’t have to tell you that whatever happens in Beverly Hills stays in Beverly Hills.”

I just nodded.

Once again when we got home I turned on my computer and updated my list;

Number 6 – Have oral sex with a pro – DONE

Chapter 12

I worked out alone on Sunday. I found out that MaryAnn was away for the weekend. I really missed her. I had an empty feeling inside of me. Was it the guilt over what I had done or was it the fact that having done it, I craved the companionship that we had developed? I went into the combat room and pounded the bag until my arms felt like lead. The sweat was pouring off me, I was exhausted but I felt great. I spent the rest of the day hanging out at the pool and soaking up the sunshine.

Joe and I had a quiet dinner together. Sometime around 9:00, I saw MaryAnn coming up the stairs from the direction of the garage. She was carrying an old gym bag and wearing sweats. I was disappointed when she passed by the family room and headed directly upstairs to her room. Later, when I went upstairs to my room, I stood by her door debating on whether to check to see if there was anything wrong. But I decided that I would respect her privacy, turned and went to my room.

At six the next morning, I was back in the gym, running on the treadmill. MaryAnn entered a short time later,

“Sorry I’m late, I guess I overslept. How was your weekend?”

“It was OK. How was yours?”

“It was OK.”

There was an awkward silence. We each knew that there was more to the other’s story, but didn’t want to press the issue. I did notice that she was wearing makeup this morning, which was unusual for her. MaryAnn never wore make up in the morning, she really didn’t any, she had a natural beauty that didn’t need enhancement.

After the treadmill, she pushed me hard on the weight bench. I was up to 100 lbs on the bench press and 30 lbs on my curls. I was no Atlas, but for my size I thought I was doing pretty well. My body had gone from slim and soft, with no visible sign of muscle, to sleek and toned, with the beginnings of set of six-pack abs and well-shaped arms and legs. I had put on about fifteen pounds, but my pants were getting loose.

I had breakfast alone that morning. Afterwards, I went to my desk in the study and found an envelope taped to the monitor of my computer. In it was the usual sheet of paper with the next task:

Number 5 – Work for a week in a Homeless Shelter.

I sat back in my chair; this was going to be interesting.

I talked to Joe that night at dinner.

“Joe, do you want me to set something up?”

“No, I’ve already arranged everything. We start tomorrow morning at seven.”

“What’s going on, what are you starting tomorrow?” MaryAnn asked.

“John and I are going to be volunteers at The Sisters of Mercy Mission in LA. We start tomorrow and will be gone for a week.”

“I think that is a very noble gesture. Is there anything you want me to do?”

“Yes, there is as a matter of fact. I’ll talk to you about it later; I still have to think about it a little more.”

Joe got up from the table,

“John, be ready at 5:30AM. Wear a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, pack a bag with another pair of jeans, underwear and several tee-shirts. We can do our laundry there.”

MaryAnn and I talked after dinner. The events of the weekend, whatever they were, were in the past, and there was an ease to our conversation. She told me that she had worked at SMM a couple of years ago and that it was a real eye-opening experience for her. She told me that the Mission was not only a soup kitchen, feeding homeless and near homeless people in the area, but was also a shelter for women with children, some who are homeless, some who were battered and abused.

I excused myself and went upstairs to pack, while MaryAnn turned towards the library.

I awoke before the alarm, grabbed a quick shower and dressed as Joe had suggested. I was walking downstairs, my bag in hand, when the doorbell rang. Joe ran across the foyer and opened the door.

“We’ll be out in two minutes.”

Outside, I could see a cab, engine running and lights on, and the trunk open. Joe went back to the kitchen and returned moments later with two containers of coffee. He handed me one, picked up his bag, which was by the door, and headed outside with me hot on his heels.

As we traveled towards LA, Joe, in between sips of his coffee said,

“MaryAnn told me last night that she filled you in on what SMM does. We are going to be volunteer workers, primarily in the soup kitchen, but will be available for anything that the sisters need done.”

The sun was just making its first appearance of the day as we turned off the freeway and headed down the nearly deserted streets of an obviously poor section of the city. There was graffiti on buildings on both sides of the street, small, rundown cottages, abandoned houses, empty lots — all the signs of a neighborhood in decay. The cab turned the corner and stopped in front of what at first glance appeared to be an abandoned grocery store. Above the door, a sign proclaimed: Sisters of Mercy Mission – All Welcome. Below that was the same message in what I assumed was Spanish. There was already a line of people standing near the front door.

The cab dropped us off at the curb, we retrieved our bags from the trunk, and walked across the parking lot to the side door. We banged on the door and soon a pleasant face appeared in the small wire mesh re-enforced window in the door.

“Hello, welcome. You must be Joe and John our new volunteers. Come in, I’m Sister Ann.”

We followed her into the kitchen; all around us the atmosphere was that of controlled chaos. People shouting to be heard, needing supplies, asking for help, cooking food on a well worn but functional commercial stove.

“You’ll have to excuse us; it’s always this hectic just before we open the doors. You can put your bags over here. I’ll show you to your serving station and introduce you to the others.”

We walked out of the kitchen and into a large room, three-quarters of which was filled with long tables and chairs. In the front of the room, closest to the kitchen, was a single row of tables with chafing dishes ready to accept trays of food.

“Joe and John, I’d like you to meet Anna and Juanita. Ladies, these are the two gentlemen I was telling you about.”

We all exchanged greetings.

“Joe, you’ll be handing out the toast and butter packets; John, you’ve got the apples and the cartons of milk. The ladies will answer any questions that come up. Good luck and, once again, thank you for coming.”

At 7AM sharp, Sr. Ann opened the door and stepped aside. A steady stream of people filed through the door, took a tray, and made their way down the row. Scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, toast and butter, an apple and a container of milk were provided. Once they were through the line, they headed to an empty seat and ate their breakfast.

There were homeless men and women who looked like they hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep or a bath in weeks, single mothers with two or more kids, elderly men and women who were once self-sufficient and had believed that social security was going to provide them with a decent retirement, and even some relatively young men and women who appeared to be capable of supporting themselves, but for one reason or another couldn’t. They were all here accepting graciously the help that the mission made available. The line seemed endless, but by 9:00 we were standing idle, only a few people were left in the room.

“You two did well for your first meal.”

We turned to see Sr. Ann, leaning against the kitchen door.

“Grab yourself some breakfast and come sit by me.”

We did as we were bid. Sr. Ann sat across the table from us.

“I just wanted to tell you a little about Anna and Juanita. They are two of our many successes here at the Mission. Anna was a battered wife; she had no skills, no education. She lived with us for five years, got her G.E.D., and works in a doctor’s office as their receptionist and file clerk. She has her own apartment and works the breakfast shift nearly every day. Juanita is a single mother. She came here two years ago penniless, with an infant child. She learned to speak English, and works as a waitress in an all-night diner. After her shift, she takes care of her child and then comes downstairs and works. Now she’ll go upstairs, get a few hours sleep, play with her son, take a nap and then do it all over again. We provide the daycare and the night supervision for the times when she’s not here.”

“You seem to run a first class operation here Sister. How do you do it day in and day out?” I asked.

“Well, fund-raising is a full time job here. There are three of us living upstairs, along with ten women and their families if they have them. We are more fortunate than most shelters; through the grace of God, we have been blessed with an anonymous donor who makes up the difference in any budget short falls.”

I turned my head to look at Joe… and got a swift kick in the shin for my trouble.

“After you two eat, you can come back to the kitchen and help with the washing and drying of the trays and utensils. We have a lot of work to do before 3:30; that’s when we open the doors again for dinner.”

The little dynamo that is Sr. Ann stood and hurried to the kitchen.

“Sorry about that; they don’t know anything about me and I want to keep it that way.”

The kitchen was almost deserted when we got there. Sr. Ann was reviewing the menu for supper tonight and the rest of the week, and the cook was looking through the walk-in cooler at the inventory of food. When she exited the cooler she told Sr. Ann,

“We have enough for tonight and tomorrow morning, but after that we are going to need a delivery.”

“OK, I’ll place the order.”

“Guys, this is Sally our cook. Sally these are the two volunteers I told you about.”

“Great; you, come here so I can show you how to work the dishwasher. And you will rinse, dry and stack the trays for later.”

Sr. Ann laughed as she walked out of the kitchen,

“Did I tell you Sally used to be a cook in the Army?”

For the next two hours Joe stacked the trays into racks and fed them into the washer, while I pre-rinsed them and then removed them from the dryer and stacked them for the evening meal. The kitchen was steamy hot and the sweat was pouring out of us… and we were loving every minute of it. We were doing our part to help these people help so many less fortunate than ourselves.

At noon, we had a chance to take a break.

“We’re going outside for a little walk.”

Sally, picked her head up,

“Don’t go off the block; this is gang territory. We have sanctuary on this block only because of the work that we do. If you stray off this block, you’re fair game.”

It was a sobering statement, emphasizing that much more what this Mission meant to the good people of this area.

We walked up and down the short block; there were people hanging around in front of old rundown buildings. Some of these people I recognized from breakfast, others appeared to have just rolled out of bed. There was so much poverty, so much hopelessness; how could all of this exist in a land with an abundance of practically everything? Couldn’t the government do something; should the government do something, or was it up to us all as individuals to help organizations like the Sisters of Mercy help those that wouldn’t or couldn’t help themselves? I had no answer.

At 1:00 the kitchen began to come alive once again. Big pots of water were brought to a boil, potatoes were peeled, whole chickens hacked into their parts. The workers seemingly appeared out of thin air as the preparations were made for the next meal. Joe and I were shown where and what we were to be doing. We brought out the stacks of trays and the utensils, and took out the garbage from the morning meal.

At three-thirty, the doors opened and the people began to arrive. There weren’t as many in line at any one time, but the line never seemed to be totally empty. Three hours later, we closed the doors for the evening. By my estimate, we had served close to three hundred meals. Now came the task of cleaning up; the garbage was dumped, the floors were mopped, the tables cleaned, the trays and utensils were washed and dried. By 9:00, everything was ready to start all over again the next morning.

And there was Sr. Ann.

“Get your bags and come with me.”

We followed her upstairs. What used to be offices and storage space had been turned into living quarters for the three sisters and the ten families that were currently living there. There was also a common room which served as a living room, play room and dining area for those that couldn’t make it downstairs.

“It’s not much, but it’s all we have. There’s a bathroom with a stall shower at the end of the hall, be sure to lock the door when you’re in there. We don’t want any surprises.”

“It will do just fine, thank you Sister. Good night.”

The room was small, with just enough room for two cots and a small chest of drawers, which held the only light in the room. There was a small window and a ceiling fan.

We took turns in the bathroom, opting to shower tonight rather than in the morning. When we were both done for the night, I reached up and shut the light.

“Joe, Thank you.”

The next thing I knew, it was morning and our day started all over again. For the next six days, our routine never varied, only what we served. It seems poverty never takes a day off.

On Monday when the Mission closed for the night, we were finished with our one-week commitment. But, we couldn’t get a cab to come into the neighborhood at nine at night, so we spent one more night on our cots in the small common room.

Tuesday morning, we said our goodbyes to the staff and volunteers. Sr. Ann was there to walk us out.

“I want to thank you both one last time. All of us here at the Mission appreciated your help. Will we see you again someday?

Without hesitation, we both answered, “You can count on it.”

Two hours later I was sitting at my computer, the list up on the screen. After scanning down it, I entered:

Number 5 – Work for a week in a Homeless Shelter – DONE.

I smiled and felt pretty good about myself as I remembered the people of the Sisters of Mercy Mission; then I saved my work and shut down the computer.

Chapter 13

Wednesday morning I fell back into my usual routine. I was down in the gym by six. MaryAnn was already into her workout as I got onto the treadmill.

“Well, how did everything go?”

“You worked there, so you know: it was hard work, harder than I’ve ever worked before, and it was the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. I’m sure I’ll be going back there sometime in the future.”

“When you do, I want to come along, too.”

“I can think of nothing better than to have you with me working side by side in service to others.”

Six months ago I could never have said that to anyone, especially someone like MaryAnn, but now it just felt right.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

After our workout MaryAnn and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and a relaxing day out on the patio, soaking up the sun. Once again she asked me to help her put lotion on her back. Unlike the first time, however, there was no hesitancy on my part. I marveled at her muscle development, the smoothness of her skin, and the firmness of her butt. All that touching did have an effect on me — which did not go unnoticed I’m sure. Instead of running upstairs as I had done before, I got up, cleaned off my hands and walked down to the pool and did about twenty laps.

At dinner that evening, MaryAnn informed me that she had to leave early the following morning for a meeting in San Diego.

“You’ll be on your own in the gym for the next couple days, maybe longer.”

“Oh, where’s Joe off to?”

“Didn’t he tell you? He left this afternoon; he’s having a business meeting in Hawaii this weekend, at his estate on the island of Kauai. He won’t be back for a week or so.”

I thought to myself, ‘I guess that gives me the week off. He must still be trying to decide on what’s next on his list.’

Thursday, it was really quiet around the house. The only member of the staff that was present was Betty the cook. After lunch, I went into the kitchen and told her to make me a sandwich and a salad for dinner, wrap them up and leave them in the fridge. She looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“When that’s done you can have the rest of the day off; I’ll take care of the dishes.”

At first she didn’t know what to say; then she broke into a hardy laugh and thanked me with a hug and a kiss.

“Wait until tomorrow,” she said, “I’ll make something extra special for breakfast.”

The next morning, after my workout, I came down for breakfast as usual. Betty came out of the kitchen and placed a covered plate in front of me. When I lifted the cover I discovered a meal fit for a king: a bacon and cheese omelet, with hash browns, and rye toast. She returned from the kitchen with a tall glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice and a pot of coffee.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.”

She smiled and walked back to the kitchen.

Just as I was finishing breakfast, the doorbell rang.

I got up and opened the door. The FedEx driver handed me a large package and an overnight envelope. I signed for both and returned to the table. The package was from Joe’s law firm. From its weight, I figured it must contain a stack of legal documents. The overnight envelope was addressed to me and was sent from Hawaii. That one I opened. Inside was another sealed envelope, just like the others. I got up, carried the package to the library, placing it on Joe’s desk, turned and headed to the study.

I sat and opened the envelope.

Number 4 – Join the mile high club

At the bottom of the page were instructions: Bart will take you to the airport Friday morning at 7:00; the pilot already has his instructions. Please bring the package from my attorney. It should be there by Thursday afternoon. I need it for my business meeting this weekend. Just bring an overnight bag, you will be returning on Saturday.


I sat there puzzled, ‘What the hell was the mile high club?’

I turned on my computer and did a web search – thank god for the Internet and Yahoo – and discovered what it meant.

‘Joe, what are you trying to do to me?’

I couldn’t think of anything else for the rest of the day. I packed my overnight bag, making sure I had the package from Joe’s attorney, and placed it by the door before I turned in for the night. When I finally did fall asleep, I dreamt of Edel and MaryAnn.

The next morning, after an early breakfast, I waited for Bart to arrive. Precisely at 7, the limo pulled up the driveway and stopped at the front door. Bart was just getting out of the car as I left the house, bag in hand. I sat in the back wondering as we headed to the airport,

‘Does he know; do they all know?’

When we got to the airport Bart dropped me off near the plane. Dave was standing next to the plane and I could see Bill in the cockpit running through his preflight checklist. Dave smiled at me and took my bag, stowed it away and said:

“Everything is all set. Joe left very specific instructions for the flight. You won’t be disturbed.”

‘He knows. Of course he knows, silly; he knows there’s two passengers and he has instructions not to disturb us’

I walked through the open door in the bulkhead and into the passenger compartment. I was alone. I heard Dave close the outer door, and say as he closed the bulkhead door,

“Buckle up, we’ll be taking off in a couple of minutes.”

I heard the sound of the engines and felt the movement of the plane.

‘Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s not now, maybe on the return flight.’

I felt the plane leave the ground and start its climb to our ultimate cruising altitude.

It wasn’t until we leveled off that I sensed more than heard movement coming from the galley.

I looked up and there was Edel, dressed in a simple blue uniform and matching heels. She paused for effect, then slowly, sexily walked towards me.

“Coffee, tea… or me?”

She grinned broadly and said, “I have always wanted to say that and this is the absolute perfect occasion.”

“Hello Edel, it’s great to see you again.”

I stood and extended my hand, which she ignored, coming into my arms and kissing me passionately on the lips. I held her tightly as she whispered in my ear,

“We have about six hours to finish your lessons; let’s not waste any more time.”

She unzipped the front of her uniform, shrugged her shoulders and it fell to her feet. There she stood totally naked except for heels.

She turned, posed for me, and then walked back to the galley to retrieve a cotton quilt from one of the storage compartments.

I stood there admiring her shapely ass, watching it swing back and forth as she walked to the galley.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get naked.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I pulled off my polo shirt, kicked off my loafers, and dropped my jeans before she returned. I dropped my boxers, while I watched her spread the quilt on the floor of the cabin, between the back seats and the galley. There was plenty of room.

“I think down here we will have more room, besides we don’t want to mess up or break any of the seats.”

I walked over to where she was kneeling. She took my erect cock in her hand and looked up at me,

“Have you been practicing what you learned during your last lesson?”

“No. I didn’t have anyone to practice with.”

“Good,” she said as she took my cock into her mouth and began to circle it with her tongue.

I moaned with delight as she worked over my cock, then abruptly stopped.

“Let’s see, where did we leave off the last time we met. Oh yes, now I remember. Please lay down on your back.”

I was a little disappointed at the interruption and quickly complied with her request. My cock was fully erect, pointing towards my head and she was kneeling by my shoulder.

“This position is called sixty-nine; it’s a great way for you and your partner to get totally turned on, or to bring each other to a mutually satisfying climax.”

That said she swung her leg over my head, with her pussy tantalizingly just out of reach of my eager tongue. I felt her hand grab my cock by the base and felt the warm wetness of her mouth as she engulfed me. Not to be outdone, I lifted my head off blanket and began licking her pussy. After a few minutes my neck muscles began to weaken and my head fell back to the floor. I must have been doing something right because she lowered herself down to my face and began gyrating, rubbing her pussy all over my nose and mouth. I could feel and smell her arousal as her pussy began to leak her lubricating fluids all over my face.

Occasionally, I would feel her remove my cock from her mouth and use her hand to bring me ever closer to orgasm, only to take me entirely into her mouth once again.

I was flicking my tongue over and around her clit. Then, feeling her begin to hump my face again, I latched on to it and began to suck. She bucked, sucked me completely into her mouth and into her throat. That set me off, I could feel her throat trying to swallow my cum as she backed off me to avoid choking. She rolled off me and, looking up at the ceiling of the plane said,

“You are a very good pupil.”

She sat up and turned around and lay in my arms. We stayed that way, enjoying the feel of each other’s embrace. Soon we were fully recovered and ready to continue. She began by rubbing her tits against my chest, then she moved over me and teased me by rubbing them on my face but not letting me get my mouth on them. She soon had me fully erect ready for my next lesson.

“This position is called the doggie position; it’s one of my favorites,” she said slyly as she got up on her knees in front of me, lowered her head to the blanket, and waved that delectable ass in my face. I got on my knees and positioned myself behind her, my cock just barely touching her pussy.

“Some women enjoy this position for anal sex as well; I’m just not into that sort of thing.”

I spread her open with my thumbs and eased my cock into her. She responded almost immediately by rocking back and forth as she took all of it deep within her.

“Oooo, that feels so good, so big. Yes, that’s it — a little harder.”

I don’t know if that was the “pro” in her coming out, but I didn’t care. It did feel real good. I placed my hands on her hips and we got into a rhythm. I could feel her pussy constrict each time I pulled almost completely out, as if it was trying to keep inside. After awhile she began to pant,

“Oh God, I’m cumming; I’m cum…”

She stiffened, stopping all movement, as I continued to pound away. The sound of slapping skin could be heard over the roar of the engines. She rose up on her elbows and again began to buck back at me, even harder than before.

“Give it to me, you bastard, harder.”

I was half-crazed with desire, as I could feel my balls constrict. I leaned over her back and grabbed her nipples as I exploded within her. Her body shook as her hands grabbed at the blanket below her, my body draped over her back. I was exhausted; I could feel the tiny ripples of her internal muscles milking the last of my cum out of my softening cock as I tried to catch my breath.

We separated, fell to the blanket, and embraced. Soon, we were both asleep.

I was in the middle of a beautiful dream, when I suddenly became aware that it wasn’t a dream. I could feel Edel’s mouth working on my awakening cock.

“Welcome back, have a nice nap? I thought we’d have a quick review before we land.

When she had me complete hard again, she climbed on top and took me in one quick motion. She rode me hard, holding her tits in her hands and squeezing the nipples. She leaned forward and offered her tits to me, which I sucked on, biting the nipples. I rolled us over and continued to plow into her. Finally when she sensed that my orgasm was imminent, she said,

“Fuck my tits.”

I got the message and crawled up her body, straddling her with my cock between her tits as she forced them together. With each stroke my cock was hitting her open lips. The last thing I heard her yell was,

“Cum in my mouth.”

She let go of her tits, grabbed my ass and pulled me into her mouth as my balls emptied their final load. She sucked until there was nothing left, looked up at me with those big green eyes and swallowed.

“You passed.”

I got up and looked at my watch, amazed that we had been going at it for almost five hours. I walked back to her and lay next to her.

“Thank you, Edel; you made this so easy for me. I have never felt this good before.”

She reached over and put her fingers to my lips.

“Don’t say anything more. You have made me feel things that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. I’m sure there’s going to be a woman in your life very soon, and she’s going to be a very lucky woman indeed.”

She kissed me on the cheek and we both got to our feet and began to dress. By the time we were making our final approach to the Kauai Airport, we were in our seats, lap belts fastened, looking like two normal passengers after a long uneventful flight.

After we landed and taxied to the private terminal, Dave opened the bulkhead door and the outer door.

I helped Edel down to the ground and took our bags over to the waiting limo. Our driver described the area as we traveled west about ten miles, then south over the Maluhia Road through a stretch called the tree tunnel, because of the hundred year old eucalyptus trees which overhang the road. We traveled through the historic district of Koloa, which was known for its commercial sugar production a hundred and twenty five years ago, then turned south towards the beach resorts of Poipu Beach. About a mile before we reached the ocean, our driver turned west on an old plantation road. When we reached a clearing at the top of a hill I spotted a large house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We drove into the grounds and halfway around the circular driveway. Joe was standing on the porch as we left the limo and approached the house.

“Aloha! I assume you had a good flight.”

I could feel my cheeks get red as Edel replied,

“It was the best flight I’ve ever had.”

She continued around the side of the house, as Joe escorted me inside. Through one of the windows I could see Edel as she was greeted by Carla and two other women. Joe could see where I was looking and what I had seen. He tried his best to distract me.

“So did you bring the package from the attorney?”

“Of course Joe, that was my only reason for coming here, right.”

“Yes… well, the meeting is tomorrow night, and I have a lot of reading to do before then. I’m sorry that you can’t stay longer on this trip, maybe next time. I’ll show you to your room; Kona, my cook has a great meal planned for this afternoon. I’m sorry, but I have you booked on the red eye back to the mainland tonight; you have to leave here by 9PM in order to get back to the airport so that you can make your flight”

Joe showed me my room and then left to do his reading. I was pissed and I didn’t really understand why. I left the house and walked along the path towards the cliff, overlooking the beaches in the distance.

Was I mad because I had to leave all this so soon? Or was it that I felt left out of Joe’s life? Or was it that I was falling for Edel and couldn’t come to grips with the fact that to her it was all business, that tomorrow night she would be entertaining other gentlemen along with the other ladies?

I could feel my eyes filling up with tears. That’s when I heard the crackle of footsteps on the path behind me. There was Edel, as beautiful as when I first met her.

“I saw you walk out of the house and down here. I know you’re upset and confused. That first night I tried to tell that it was just business; but I lied, it wasn’t just business. John, I really like you, but this is what I do. Then my boss told me that Joe requested our services again, and he explained that Joe asked specifically for me. I told him it was a mistake; but I took the assignment not only for the money, I could have come here with Carla and let one of the other girls come down with you, I wanted to make this as special for you as I could. I see now that it was a mistake, a lack of judgment on my part, I’m sorry.”

“I know I’m being silly, but there’s only one other woman that I would ever want to be with, and she doesn’t think of me in those terms. Please go back to the house, join your friends, and have a wonderful life; I’ll be OK. Edel, I’ll never forget you and everything you taught me. Goodbye.”

I leaned into her and kissed her gently on the cheek and turned to look at the ocean. When I turned back she was gone.

I missed the great meal choosing instead to shower, change my clothes and wait for 9:00 to leave for my flight. At about a quarter to nine, there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be on the other side of the door when I opened it.

“May I come in?” asked Joe.


“I am such a dumb ass. I’m so terribly sorry. I’d forgotten what it’s like to be young; to have a woman in your arms for the first time. I didn’t realize how vulnerable you would be. Edel talked to me after dinner. She explained that you were hurting, and that I was as much to blame as she was. Please forgive me, I thought I was doing you a favor. I was wrong.”

“You’re forgiven, apology accepted. Say goodbye to her for me.”

“I will. By the way, she told me everything you said, and you’re wrong. Have a good flight home.”

He turned and left the room before I could ask him what he meant; what I was wrong about.

I heard the limo pull up in front of the house, picked up my bag and left. As the car headed down the road I looked back at the house, there was a lone figure standing on the porch.

On the flight I tried but couldn’t sleep. They say that the trip home is never as exciting as the trip going to the Islands; it could never have been truer than in my case.

When I finally got back to the house it was nearly 6AM. I had to do one last thing before I settled in. I walked into the study, turned on my computer and edited my list one more time.

Number 4 – Join the mile high club – DONE.

I saved, shut down my computer, and headed upstairs to bed.

‘Goodbye, Edel. Have a good life, I’ll never forget you.’

Chapter 14

It took me a whole day to get my body back in sync with California time. Sunday morning I forced myself to go down to the gym. There was MaryAnn, on her back on the weight bench under about one hundred and seventy pounds finishing her last couple of reps.

“You are amazing,” I said.

“Thanks, I hear you had a pretty interesting last couple of days. Come on, let’s go into the combat room and work it off.”

When I got into the room, MaryAnn was already putting on her workout gloves.

“Come on, get your gloves on, we’ll take turns working the bag. I always found that the best way for me to get out my frustrations and to get back the feeling of being normal again was to pound this bag into submission.”

She stood in front of the bag and began to throw punches from all angles, the thuds of her punches as they landed, filled the room. In my mind I pictured myself on the receiving end of those punches, thinking this is the woman that you really want but can’t work up the courage to go after. I was punishing myself over the guilt I felt.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize that she had stopped throwing punches.

“Anytime you want to begin is fine with me.”

“Sorry, I guess I zoned out for a second.”

I began to emulate her as best I could, but my punches weren’t as hard, or as fast as hers. When I thought I couldn’t throw any more, I counted out another ten and then stepped back to let her have her turn.

We alternated for about a half an hour, until I thought I was going to die.

“OK we’re warmed up now, let’s put on the twelve-ounce gloves and go a couple of rounds. “

She must have sensed the sheer panic that washed over me.

“Don’t worry, I was only kidding, besides I’d never want to hurt you; you know that right?”

We walked out of the gym, her arm over my shoulder. After showering we met downstairs for breakfast.

“I hear you got to see the estate in Hawaii.”

“Not really, I was sent to deliver a package to Joe for his meeting this weekend, I was probably on the ground no longer than nine hours and returned that night on the red eye.”

“Well, I’ve never been there; but I hear it’s gorgeous”

“I guess, if you like views of the Pacific, cool breezes, warm sunshine, all in a tropical paradise; then I guess it’s gorgeous.”

“You sound a little bitter, did anything happen?”

“No, nothing happened. I guess I’m still a little bit tired, that’s all. How was your trip to San Diego?”

“Everything went fine, I w..”

“What was that?”

“Nothing, I had a great time, saw some old friends, made a couple of new ones. What do you say we spend the day relaxing by the pool?”

“I can think of nothing I’d rather do.”

“Good, go get your bathing suit. By the way, Joe had me buy you a new one while I was in San Diego. He said your old one didn’t go with your new California beach bod. I hope you like it.”

I went up to my room. There on the floor outside the room, was a shopping bag.

When I got to the bathroom, I looked in the bag and took out what looked like a pair of woman’s underwear. Speedo was written on the waistband, it was white, and made of some sort of stretchy material.

‘I can’t wear this in public, I may as well be naked.’

I put on the suit, tucking myself in as best I could, and put on an old football jersey that I had. I stood in front of the mirror, shrugged my shoulders and went downstairs and out to the pool area. I sat on one of the lounges and waited for MaryAnn. When she got there, she stood and modeled her new suit and cover up. She spun around and undid the cover up. There was less material in her two pieces than in my one. I could feel the blood, surging into my cock.

“Stand up and take off that jersey; I want to get a good look at you, stud.”

I had no choice. I pulled off the jersey, and tried to hide the bulge in my suit.

“Wow, I had no idea you were getting so ripped,” she said as she gave me the once-over from head to toe and back up to my bathing suit.

“I see you really like my suit as well.”

“You’re beautiful.”

I think we both started blushing. She held out her hand for me and, when I took it, she threw me over her shoulder, carried me to the edge of the pool, and flung me in.

When I came up, I saw her walking back to her chair.

“Aren’t you coming in?”

“Not in this suit; this one’s only for showing off.”

I swam laps until I could tell that my erection had gone down. I got out of the pool and headed up to the other lounge chair. MaryAnn opened her eyes, and then opened her mouth.

“Turn around,” she said.

I did, thinking that there was something out on the beach to see. When I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary I turned back around. MaryAnn was grinning and said,

“I don’t think that suit is supposed to be for swimming either.”

I looked down at the suit. You could see everything that was underneath, and it was as if I had nothing on. Totally embarrassed, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. I sat in the chair; my face must have been scarlet.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would do that,” she said, “but, you know you have nothing to be ashamed of. With all the hard work that you’ve put into it, you should be proud of your sexy body and want to show it off once in awhile.”

Talk about throwing gasoline on an open flame, here was a woman, with a nearly perfect body, practically naked herself, telling me that I had a sexy body.

My hard on came roaring back, and all I could get out of my mouth was,

“Thank you.”

The sexual tension between us was becoming thicker by the minute, as we both sat there waiting for the other to make the first move.

If she had rolled over and asked me to put lotion on her, I think I would have lost it altogether. Instead, James came out of the house holding a FedEx overnight letter which he handed to me. I opened it; inside was another envelope from Joe. I was almost afraid to open it with MaryAnn sitting there. I pulled out the sheet of paper, read it, then handed it to her.

“He’s got to be kidding me. I’m not doing this.”

She read it, smiled and turned to me and said,

“You have no choice, you’ve gone too far to stop now.”

I looked back at the note again.

Number 3 – do a wrestling session with a female wrestler.

In a note below it read, ‘Have MaryAnn begin your training as soon as possible’.

“We’ll start tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, when I got to the gym, MaryAnn was sitting on the floor, her legs spread wide and her face nearly touching the floor.

“Get down here and start stretching those leg muscles; I don’t want any pulled muscles on the first day.”

As I imitated her as best I could, she explained about session wrestling.

“I haven’t talked to Joe yet so I don’t know what he has in mind for the two of you. Session wrestling usually involves one man and one woman. The woman is usually the professional meaning she gets paid to wrestle. The man is the one who pays. What he gets in return depends on the woman and the rules that are established beforehand. Most of the time it’s not sexual, although I know of some women who use wrestling as a form of foreplay, but this usually is with their boyfriends or husbands. Sometimes guys just like to get beat up by women; in that case the sexual experience is usually just one sided. For most guys it’s just the competition itself that they crave and they feel more comfortable holding and being held by a woman rather than a man.”

“What are the rules?”

“That depends. Sometimes you wrestle until one wrestler is pinned and admits that he cannot escape; or you wrestle until there is a submission by one wrestler. Depending on the competitive nature of the woman or her level of viciousness, this can result in a lot of pain or injury. Most of the woman that I know that do this type of thing, know their own bodies and are pretty good judges of how much an opponent can take before they break, so serious injuries are rare.”

“You know women who do this sort of thing?”

“Yeah, I went to school with a couple of women who, after graduation, got into the business as a way to supplement their incomes. OK, that’s enough stretching; let’s go into the combat room and I’ll show you the basic holds that are used.”

We entered the room and went to the center of the mat.

“First, let’s work on your stance; you want to start off in a slight crouch, your knees bent, legs about shoulder with apart with your left leg slightly ahead of the other. Your weight should be evenly distributed, making it easy to move in any direction, either offensively or defensively.”

I got into the stance; I felt pretty comfortable. She took up the same stance in front of me. I was already intimidated by the look of power and determination on her face. I couldn’t imagine having a stranger in front of me. We started to circle, every once in a while she would fake a lunge at my forward leg and I would jump back defensively.

“Good reactions; but remember, this is wrestling not dancing. Sooner or later you have to actually touch each other.”

‘Not if I have anything to say about it’ I thought.

She held her hands up in front of me, fingers spread, inviting me to grab hold of her hands. I did, our fingers interlaced. Before I knew what was happening, my arms were being forced downward and twisted, and my wrists bent backward. I was on my toes, trying to relieve the pain, after about five seconds she reversed directions and had me down on my knees, then released my hands.

“That was a test of strength. Never get into a test of strength with anyone unless you’re pretty sure you’re actually stronger than they are.”

I got to my feet and assumed the position.

Her arm shot out and grabbed the back of my neck as I took hold of her waist. The next thing I knew, my head was being held between her side and her arm. Once again there was pain, a lot of pain, as I tried in vain to slip my head out of her vise-like grip. After a few agonizing moments MaryAnn released me and said,

“That was a side head lock, I had control of you and could have taken you to the mat or squeezed until you passed out.”

We assumed the starting position again. This time I tried to be the aggressor, figuring that it was better to be on offense than defense. I was able to get under her arms and pull her across my leg and down to the mat, with me on top. I could feel her arms working their way inside my grip and soon lost control. As I twisted, trying to remain on top, I felt her legs wrap around my waist. I was on top of her, looking into those gorgeous blue eyes, when I felt the first jolt of pain as she began to tighten her legs around me.

“You should really try to avoid getting in between a woman’s legs… when you’re wrestling that is. With most women, the majority of their strength is concentrated below the waist. In the gym, it’s not uncommon to see athletic women doing leg presses with a thousand pounds on the machine. When you’re caught in this type of hold, you’re not going to be able to unlock her legs by using your arms. Most of the time it just results in more pain, so you might as well just submit.”

To emphasize what she just said, she squeezed me hard for ten seconds. It felt as if I was going to be cut in half. Then she released me; I stayed on my knees trying to catch my breath.

“Are you ready to continue?”

She put me into several other holds, each designed to make me submit. She picked me up into a front bear hug, her hands in the small of my back her head tucked in under my chin. After that she got behind me, worked her powerful arms under my arms, her hands locked together at the back of my neck.

“This hold, the full nelson, is more about control than about getting you to submit; although I have heard of women who have dislocated an opponent’s arm or shoulder before they released the guy. “

She forced me down to a sitting position on the mat, my arms still locked helplessly over my head, and then I felt her legs wrap around my waist.

“This, on the other hand, is a submission hold. If your opponent gets you into a hold like this, you’re finished. She can break your back if she has enough upper body strength and is not careful.”

Suddenly I felt her legs tighten and begin to exert downward pressure, at the same time she started to lean backwards pulling my upper body with her. For a brief second I felt as if I was being torn in two; then she released me.

I rolled off of her and ended up on my back staring up at the ceiling. The next thing I knew MaryAnn was lying on top of me, looking into my eyes, smiling that sweet smile of hers. I was just beginning to enjoy the feeling of her body as she pressed down on me. I felt her legs wrap around mine, her feet secured themselves at my ankles, but my mind was already heading in a different direction entirely. My body was just beginning to get the message, when I heard her say,

“This is the last submission hold for the day, it’s called a grapevine.”

Suddenly I felt my legs being spread apart; I was still enjoying the feeling of her body rubbing on my emerging erection, when the pain began. First in my knees and then in my inner thighs as her legs stretched further and further apart.

“This is why being flexible is so important,” she said as she pushed up off me, holding my lower body tight to the floor.

As the pain intensified, I screamed out,

“Oh God, I Give, I Give.”

She immediately released the pressure; untangled her legs from mine and rose to her feet.

“That’s enough for today; let’s get you upstairs and into a warm bath.”

She helped me upstairs and into my room, she sat me on the bed and started the water in the whirlpool tub. For a brief second I thought she was going to join me, but instead she came out of the bathroom and headed for the door.

“Don’t let the water overflow,” she said laughing as she closed the door.

I spent an hour in the tub, easing the pain from every part of my body. Before this morning, I thought I was in pretty good shape; now I was beginning to realize just how dominant MaryAnn could be, it was both intimidating and exciting at the same time.

When I finally got downstairs for breakfast, MaryAnn was already finished, sitting at the table waiting for me.

“John, I’m sorry if I was a tough on you before, but I wanted to make sure you realized that this is not going to be easy. These women take this very seriously; many of them hold grudges against men in general, feeling that they have been suppressed, ignored or in some cases abused and treated as second-class citizens. Others just want to prove that they are equal to a man and can do anything a man can do. Still others already know that, they are just in it for the competition. That’s the kind of women I want to find for you guys.”

“I understand, don’t worry about hurting me, I’m tougher than I look, just don’t kill me, OK?”

“I can’t make any promises…”

We both broke up laughing, ‘what a kidder ‘, I thought… ‘she was kidding, right?’

“From now on, I’ll show you more submission holds and the best ways for you to avoid or escape them. In your case, this is not going to be a match where we train you to win, this is going to be training so that you survive.”

If she was trying to boost my confidence level, she was doing a poor job of it.

For the next three weeks, I trained every morning, learning various defensive moves, building up my strength and endurance, and learning more about myself and my feelings for MaryAnn. Up until then, I never knew that I was what they called a submissive; that I wanted to be dominated by a woman. The more we wrestled, the more I enjoyed the feeling of her body dominating me; the feeling of helplessness when she had me in a hold; even the pleasure of the pain when she made me submit. Yet I also wanted to please her, to try my best, to make it harder and harder for her to make me submit.

I didn’t see much of her outside of our training. She told me that she was working with Joe in the afternoons and when she wasn’t training him, she was busy making the arrangements for our sessions. Finally, during dinner on Thursday of our fourth week of training, Joe announced that the session was scheduled for that Saturday morning.

“Because we are going to be wrestling two different women, we can’t do this together. MaryAnn will accompany you and give you whatever support she can. I will go to my session alone, Bart will drive me. Good Luck to us both.”

MaryAnn, looked over at me, smiled and said,

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Saturday morning MaryAnn drove us to an old warehouse in Long Beach. The building had no signs, no writing of any kind on the building. We parked the car, there was only one other car in the parking lot. We walked to the side of the building, opened the door and proceeded into the empty warehouse. We walked through the front section of the building, which was only lit with the light that could find its way through the painted windows.

“MaryAnn, are you sure we are in the right building.”

“Yes, this building is owned by a friend of mine who runs an underground fight club. You’ll see everything is OK, we just have to go through this next door.”

She opened the door, and we walked in. The room was brightly lit. As we walked down an aisle between rows of seats, I could see that we were in an arena of sorts. The seats were elevated and lined the outside walls of the room. In the center was a professional-style boxing ring, only today it was going to be used as a wrestling ring. The canvas floor appeared to be stained with blood. I hoped that was not a bad omen for me.

“You’re a little early, I like that.”

The voice boomed from somewhere in the room. We both looked around, then spied a lone figure of a woman, walking down from the top row of seats, next to what appeared to be several large private viewing boxes.

To say her entrance was impressive would be an understatement. She wore a sports bra, a pair of skin- tight shorts, and what appeared to be wrestling shoes. It was her body, however that was the most intimidating of all. She was only about 5’7″ tall, and probably weighed about one hundred sixty pounds, all of it appeared to be muscle.

“Where’s Debbie?”

“Debbie got hurt last night, she called me early this morning, explained the situation and told me to tell you she was sorry she couldn’t make it. You must be MaryAnn, she had nothing but good things to say about you. And this must be John, my opponent.”

She stuck out her hand,

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Wendy”

I took her hand, gave it a firm squeeze, then tried to keep from crying out in pain as she returned my squeeze.

“Everything is all set, the timer is set for one hour, as I understand it, this will be a submission-only match, the highest number of submissions after one hour is declared the winner. Debbie said that the winner gets double the usual fee, and that she already had the money. The usual rules would apply; no biting, kicking, eye gouging, hair pulling allowed, there is a one minute recovery period after a submission, and that you were going to be the referee. Sounds fair to me. Good Luck, John…” Wendy paused meaningfully, “You’re going to need it.”

I looked over a MaryAnn, silently pleading for her to call off the whole thing. MaryAnn, however, was already removing her jacket, and climbing into the ring after Wendy.

“Well, get ready and get in here and let’s get this over with.”

As I was removing my sweat suit, MaryAnn was talking with Wendy in her corner. MaryAnn had her back to me but I could see Wendy smiling and nodding her head in agreement.

I climbed into the ring, did some stretching exercises, and turned to face Wendy, who was leaning with her back to the corner her arms draped over the top rope. MaryAnn walked over to the ring-side table, reached through the ropes, and activated the timer. She walked over to me put her hands on my shoulders and said,

“John, if you get in trouble remember it’s alright to submit; now get out there and make me proud of you.”

The last thing that went through my mind was, ‘how am I going to make her proud of me if I keep submitting to my opponent.’

The bell sounded and the match began.

We both moved forward, meeting in the center of the ring, she stuck her hands out, fingers spread, looking for a test of strength. There was no way I was going to fall for that, her arms and shoulders made mine look like those of a child. I shook my head, looking for an opening, she shrugged her shoulders and we clenched in a classic neck-and-shoulder grip. With her extra weight and superior leg strength, she forced me backwards until I felt the ropes with the back of my legs, then before I knew what was happening I was flying through the air, head over heels, landing ten feet away and bouncing on my back into the opposite corner. Before I could catch my breath, she hauled me up and threw me the same way in the other direction. I lay there on my back, trying to shake out the cobwebs, when I saw her shadow crossing my body. I twisted my body away just as she left the ground planning to land on my chest. With a resounding boom, she hit the canvass hard, knocking the wind out of her lungs, momentarily stunned. Seizing the opportunity I circled behind her and tried to get a quick submission or knockout with a sleeper hold. I had my one arm under her chin and tried to lock it in with the other. Before I could, however, she grabbed hold of my arm and powered it down off of her chin and twisted the arm out straight as she regained her feet. With my arm out stretched, she spun around, flinging my body across the ring and into the corner. The entire ring shook as I hit the turnbuckles. Before I could move, she grabbed the same arm and flung me across the ring into the opposite corner. This time I hit face first, knocking all the air from my lungs. Once again she took my arm, but instead of at the corner, she sent me into the ropes. When I hit the ropes with my back, they fired me back into her waiting arms. Running into her chest was like hitting a wall, the air in my lungs was forced out by the impact, then she closed the bear hug, my chest had nowhere to expand for me to breathe. Between the pain of the hold and the lack of air, I knew I was beat, I wavered my arms, franticly, signaling my submission.

“Wendy let him go, he submitted,” came MaryAnn’s booming voice.

She released me immediately and I crumbled to the mat trying to get a breath.

MaryAnn leaned over me, “You OK?”

“Just fine,” I said, as I crawled over towards my corner.

“Winner of the first submission, Wendy; John, you have one minute to recover.”

I got to my corner and, using the ropes, was able to stand, breathing in as much air as I could. I glanced over at the large clock that was on the wall. ‘That round had taken seven minutes; only fifty three more minutes to go.’

MaryAnn yelled, “OK, wrestle,” and signaled for the match to continue.

Wendy confidently strode out into the middle of the ring. I circled around her, buying a little more breathing time. Instead of trying to attack her high, I tried to pull her lead leg out from under her. Although I did manage to get my arms around it, I didn’t have the strength to lift her off her feet, instead she pulled me up by the waist and threw me over her shoulder, trying for a backbreaker hold. In mortal fear for my life, I squirmed and wiggled until my weight was behind her and she couldn’t get a firm grip on me. Unfortunately I was also unbalanced and before I could prevent it, I came crashing down behind her, landing on my back. Before I could recover, she fell, chest first, length-wise onto my body, leaving me breathless once again. MaryAnn could see the look of horror that flashed across my face as I felt Wendy’s legs snake around mine. She was already on her knees by my head as Wendy spread her legs, forcing mine wider apart than they had ever been before. I tried to scream out my submission, but there was no air in my lungs to make more than a tiny hiss.

“He submitted; let him go, Wendy.”

Wendy released me, stood and walked over to her corner.

“Winner of the second round by submission, Wendy.”

“John, can you get up?”

“Not now let me rest a minute.”

“You only have forty more seconds.”

I used thirty of them to catch up on my breathing, then rolled over and got to my feet just as MaryAnn shouted “wrestle” to start the next round. I practically ran away from her as Wendy came out of her corner. She stood in the center of the ring, laughing as I ran around her. I guess she thought I was going to run for the rest of the match because she didn’t keep her eyes on me. Here was my chance. I planted my foot and changed directions, hitting her with my shoulder in the small of her back. The force of my body block forced her into the ropes, she bounced off and fell backwards over me as I fell to my knees. I fell on the backs of her legs as she fell on her back, her legs almost touching the canvass on either side of her head. I had leverage on my side, so I held on, pinning her to the mat. Unfortunately for me, pinning someone did not give me any points. This was a submission and knockout only match. I couldn’t figure out what else to do, but I was using up the time on the clock. Finally, she was able to roll over onto her shoulder and I was forced to give up the hold.

She continued the roll and with surprising speed she was back on her feet.

“Oh, so you want to play rough do you? Two can play at that game.”

‘Oh, shit,’ I thought, ‘now I’m in for it.’

Before I could react, she grabbed my arm and swung me into the ropes. I bounced off the ropes and into her arms once again, but this time there was no bear hug, instead she ran part way across the ring, jumped up and power slammed my body into the canvass. Wendy stood, picked me up and threw me down again. She did it one more time, before picking me up and placing me across her shoulders. She had the back-breaker secured before I could respond. I waved out my submission, which lucky for me MaryAnn saw.

“He’s done, Wendy let him down.”

Wendy just let me fall. With a thud, I hit the canvass, face first.

“Winner of the third round by submission: Wendy.”

MaryAnn followed her back to her corner, they were having an argument, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying, my head was still foggy from the pounding I had just taken.

I looked up at the clock just as MaryAnn started the next round,

‘Only half an hour more… you can do it, make MaryAnn proud of you.’

Wendy came charging out of her corner. I slipped away before she could corner me. She caught up to me a few moments later and got me into a side headlock. She began squeezing my head with all her might.

“Ask him does he submit?”

As MaryAnn leaned in and asked me, I yelled back my refusal.

After a few minutes, Wendy yelled out again,

“Ask him does he submit?”

Again MaryAnn yelled at me, “John, do you submit?”

I answered her with one word, “No.”

Wendy fell to the canvass, taking me with her. Apparently, she either didn’t have the hold quite right or I have a very hard head, because I could feel her trying to wring out every ounce of power from her body and still I wasn’t ready to submit. The pain was starting to get to me, and I began to hear ringing in my ears and seeing spots in front of my eyes. I was within a couple of seconds of having to submit or being rendered unconscious when Wendy, frustrated by not being able to make me surrender, released the hold, and swung her legs around my ribcage. I felt as if an elephant had sat on my chest, as she tried to squeeze me like a tube of toothpaste. I screamed out my submission.

MaryAnn had to roll me off of Wendy’s leg so that she could return to her corner. I just lay there curled up in a fetal position. She got down on her knees and said to my face,

“I’m stopping this before she kills you.”

“No,” I yelled. “How much time is left?”

She looked up at the clock, and replied, “After the rest period, five more minutes.”

I got to my knees, then to my feet.

“I will finish this.”

I heard MaryAnn call, ‘wrestle.’ When I got into my stance there were two Wendys coming at me. I grabbed at the neck of the one on my left and felt her neck beneath my hand, just as her mighty arms wrapped around my arms and shoulders. I could feel her begin to get behind me, I knew what was coming and did my best to avoid getting caught. She had one of my arms trapped in a half nelson but could not get hold of the other. Then, in a move of sheer desperation, I let my body go limp. The move surprised her as my body slipped down to the canvass out of her grasp.

“Come back here you little wimp.”

I wiggled and squirmed as long as I could, expending all of my remaining energy. Just as I thought I was free from her grasp, I felt first one arm, then the other get trapped into her full nelson. I could feel her weight pushing me forward. My head almost between my legs, I saw the worried look on MaryAnn’s face as she asked me if I submitted.

“No,” was all I could get out, before I felt Wendy reverse directions dropping down onto her back onto the canvass. I was looking straight up into MaryAnn’s eyes when I felt Wendy’s legs wrap around my body. I felt pain like I never felt before as Wendy stretched out her legs and pulled up with her arms. I screamed out in pain as I watched MaryAnn scream something to Wendy, then the pain suddenly stopped.

I rolled off Wendy, ending up on my side facing them. I watched as MaryAnn grabbed Wendy by the throat, her arms bulging as she squeezed, her face turning purple with rage.

I could hear MaryAnn screaming,

“What were you trying to do, break his back? If you hurt him I will kill you with my bare hands!”

“MaryAnn, let her go! Stop! MaryAnn, let her go!”

I heard Wendy start coughing, gasping for breath.

MaryAnn stood over her, fists clenched, her whole body shaking with anger.

“MaryAnn, I’m OK,” I said as I slowly got to my feet.” I’m OK. Let her up.”

MaryAnn put her arm around me keeping me steady as Wendy got to her feet.

“I’m sorry John, I don’t know what came over me. I wanted to get that last submission so badly after you took all that other punishment the round before. I lost my head. Please forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive. I’m OK, I’ll survive. By the way what was the final score?”

“Four to nothing,” MaryAnn, said with an incredulous look on her face. “You never submitted in that last round and the time expired.”

I stuck my hand out towards Wendy,

“Nice match, you’re one hell of a wrestler.”

“Thank you, you’re a hard man to break.”

To MaryAnn I said,

“Come on let’s go home. I want to spend the rest of the day out in the hot tub, with a glass of wine, with you as my life guard.”

MaryAnn helped me out of the ring, I picked up my clothes and we headed out to the car.

“I hope Joe fared better than I did.”

“Don’t put yourself down, considering that she was a lot stronger than you and had a lot more experience I think you did very well for your first match. Next time I’m sure you’ll do a lot better.”

‘Next time… what does she mean, next time?’

I pondered that question all the way home.

When we got home I went upstairs, changed out of my wrestling clothes, got my old bathing suit on, and went downstairs. On the way out to the pool I stopped at my desk, turned on the computer and edited my list:

Number 3 – do a wrestling session with a female wrestler – DONE.

I saved my file, closed down the computer, walked out to the hot tub next to the pool; MaryAnn was already there with two glasses and a bottle of Chardonnay. I eased my bruised and very sore body into the hot swirling water. MaryAnn was on the other side of the tub, facing me.

“Would you care for some wine?”

“Absolutely, thank you.”

She reached over for the bottle and poured two glasses, then stood, and handed me a glass.

I took the glass from her, my mind in a daze. There standing before me, was my dream girl, her bare breasts right in front of my face, the water from the hot tub still dripping down her magnificent body.

“Didn’t I tell you? I never wear a bathing suit in the hot tub; the chemicals ruin the material.”

Then she sat down next to me.

“John, you made me very proud of you today. You stood up to that woman, a wrestler who had a lot more experience and was much stronger than you, and you never backed down, never surrendered.”

“I submitted to her four times and it would have been five if time hadn’t expired.”

“John, there is a big difference between being forced to submit and being broken to the point of surrender.”

I pondered that statement as I tried to figure out how I was ever going to get out of this hot tub.

Chapter 15

‘No, No, No… I won’t do it… I can’t do it!’

I sat at my desk staring at the sheet of paper in front of me.

Number 2 – Have sex with 2 women at the same time.

I stormed out of the study and over to the library, where I knew Joe was reading the Sunday papers.

“I won’t do it; you can’t make me do it. How can you ask this of me after what I went through on Kauai?”

“John, settle down. I can make you do it, you don’t have to like it, but I can. I’m doing this for your own good, precisely because of what happened on Kauai. I promise you that this will be the last one of this type on my list. I’ve always wanted to do this, and you’re going to have to do it with me.”

I stood there fuming, but realizing that I had no other choice; I had come too far to turn back now.

“John, I promise you that you will thank me for the rest of your life after you complete the last item on my list. Trust me.”

I turned, left the library, and headed for the beach. I walked for hours, trying to sort out my feelings. It had been more than eleven months since I first met Joe and started this crazy quest of his. The end was in sight, the reward was great; but I had something else on my mind. I was in love with MaryAnn. When I first met her, I knew that it was lust I was feeling. She was an unreachable goal for me, with no hope of ever attaining. Now, however, I felt confident enough in myself as a person, as a man, that maybe I was good enough to at least take a shot at winning her love. This next task was going to be just another obstacle on my journey towards my ultimate goal.

I arrived back at the house around six; I could see the lights were still on in the library. I walked to the doorway and leaned in.

“When do we do this?”

“Good, I’m glad you’ve decided to do it. Friday night, same as before, except this time, I think we’ll skip dinner. I’ll make the arrangements. Please keep this to yourself, no need to let MaryAnn know. John, I’ll make sure our dates for the evening are women we have never met before.”

“Thank you Joe, I appreciate that. See you at dinner?”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

The three of us had a quiet dinner, after which we sat on the patio, with a glass of wine and watched the sun set.

“MaryAnn, this week, can we concentrate on cardio during our workouts. I think John and I both need to build up our stamina.”

I almost choked on my wine. ‘Why does he always do that?’

For the next five days, MaryAnn alternated, putting us through long sessions on the treadmill, workouts on the heavy bag, and long runs on the beach. It actually was good for me; it gave my bruises a chance to heal. By Friday, I no longer felt any of the effects of my match with Wendy.

After breakfast, MaryAnn walked over to me and said that she was leaving to spend some time with her friend from college.

“I’ll be back Sunday night, see you then.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Have fun this weekend.”

I stood there stunned. It felt wonderful, but it also left me wondering, ‘did she know what I was going to be doing later this evening? Was she saying that she was OK with it? Or was I just reading something into it that wasn’t really there?’

After MaryAnn left, Joe walked into the study while I was on the computer.

“Everything is set; we’ll meet our dates in the lobby, pick up our room keys, maybe get a drink or two at the bar and head upstairs for the evening. Dress will be casual, no need for any extra clothes, we can wear what we have on tomorrow morning. I’ve made arrangements for some toiletries to be provided. We’ll leave here about 7PM.”

At seven, dressed in kakis and a buttoned-down shirt, I got in the Porsche with Joe and we headed to Beverly Hills.

As promised, there were four lovely ladies, waiting for us in the lobby. Two were older, very good looking, well dressed women; they seemed to gravitate to Joe’s side. The other two were obviously identical twins; each was about 5’10″, about twenty-two years of age, with long legs and full, inviting chests. They came over to me, took me by the arms and whispered in my ear,

“I’m Judy” — “I’m Janice” — “And we are going to have a lot of fun this evening.”

If I wasn’t hard before, I was hard now. We walked into the bar, sat at a table in the back, and had a drink. The twins and I shared a bottle of wine. We were talking and laughing like we were old friends except, every once in a while a hand would wander across my cock and caress it ever so gently, just to remind me what was in store for me later.

“Ladies, I think it’s time to call it an evening,” Joe proclaimed rising from his seat.

“Breakfast at eight.”

Those were the last words I heard from Joe as he entered one of the two elevators.

As soon as our elevator doors closed, both girls closed in around me, smothering me with kisses as skilled hands began unbuttoning my shirt and unfastening my belt. When we reached our floor, Janice took the key from me, led us to our room, and opened the door. Janice secured the door while Judy guided me to the bedroom. Then, both girls stood in front of me at the foot of the bed. Each dropped to their knees, pulled off my shoes and socks and unbuttoned my pants. With experienced hands, they relieved me of my pants and boxers. My cock was standing straight out.

“Oh look: he has a nice one, just like she said.”

I didn’t know if it was Judy or Janice, but one of the girls took me into her mouth, while the other stood, removed my shirt, and began kissing and sucking on my nipples. Then abruptly the action stopped, the girls stood up and proceeded to do a well-choreographed strip tease for me. I sucked in my breath as they stood there completely naked in front of me. Not only were they both very well endowed, they had both obviously spent all of their spare time in the gym.

“Do you like women with muscles?”

“Very much so.”

They had hidden their physiques well earlier in the evening. Now, however, there was no need. Each girl had broad shoulders, thick, well muscled arms, a slender waist and a very firm looking ass. They were not overdeveloped body builders; rather they appeared to be built like swimmers or retired gymnasts who had outgrown the sport.

With a not-so-gentle shove, they forced me onto the bed.

“I’m glad you approve, because we are in charge for the rest of the night. I guarantee you have never had a night like this before. Have you been practicing what you’ve been taught?”

“No, I haven’t”

“That’s good; I just hope, for your sake, that you remember your lessons well.”

One of the twins took my cock in her hand, crawled onto the bed, straddled me and guided me into her pussy. She leaned over and stuck her tits in my face as she began to move up and down on my cock.

“Do you like my tits, they’re the best money can buy. Suck on my nipples, that’s it squeeze them. Oh, yeah that’s good.”

I could feel the other twin’s hands, rubbing and gently squeezing my balls. I was not going to last long at all. I began to lift off the bed, trying to stuff as much of my cock into her as I could.

“You want to cum don’t you?” said the twin on my cock. “I’m not ready for you to cum yet.”

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain as the other twin clamped her hand around my balls and gave a hard squeeze.

I moaned, as I momentarily fell back on the bed, losing the rhythm.

“Hey, pay attention,” I heard just as I got smacked, first on one side of my face then on the other, by a pair of very firm breasts.

I pinched her nipples, and started humping off the bed once again.

“That’s better, I’m almost there. Here it comes, yes. Yes…. Cum with me.”

I erupted inside of her as her pussy clamped down around my throbbing cock.

“Good boy, now its Judy’s turn.”

She pulled up off my cock, but instead of getting off me, she crawled up the bed, until she was straddling my face, her hands holding onto the headboard.

“Clean me; clean me good.”

She lowered her pussy, full of my cum, right over my mouth.

“Get your tongue in there, get it all. That’s it. Lick me, make me cum again.”

I was concentrating on the pussy over my mouth, when I felt my cock slowly sink into Judy’s hot pussy. She began to stroke up and down the length of my cock. She held me in so tightly that it felt as if she was going to rip it off. I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to Janice’s pussy, because she grabbed the back of my head and started to rub it all over my face. Soon, she was screaming,

“Lick my clit, suck it, suck it.”

I thought I was going to drown when her orgasm hit. Her juices poured out of her, up my nose, and into my mouth as she collapsed on my face.

I could hear Judy yelling at me.

“Give it to me you stud, fuck me hard. That’s it, oh God… I’m cumming.”

My second cumming of the night came on suddenly. I felt my balls tighten and I let loose, my shouts all but lost as Janice smothered me with her pussy.

After a few moments, Janice rolled off me to the left, while Judy took her place.

“Get busy, clean me good, make me cum again.”

I got a second load of my own cum along with her juices. She held herself just high enough over my extended tongue that I could see the mixture of our juices drip out and into my mouth. My mouth was beginning to tire so I took her clit between my lips and whipped it with my tongue. Soon, she too began humping my face.

“I’m cumming again… here it comes. Oh yeah, stick out that tongue. Get it all”

She froze above me, her pussy juices dripping into my mouth. After a few final licks, she rolled over to my right side.

They both laughed when they got a good look at my face covered with their juices. They each took a side and licked me with their talented tongues, cleaning me as best they could. Then Janice got up and brought back a wet washcloth and did the honors. We rested for a while.

Janice got up off the bed,

“Ok, John, rest time is over, you stand here at the foot of the bed and watch.”

It appeared that she was going to be the ringmaster of this sexual circus.

“Judy, let’s show him how we did it when we were kids.”

Needing no further instructions she reversed directions and lay on her back with her head at the foot of the bed. Janice crawled up over her for a girl-on-girl sixty-nine. I could feel my cock already getting hard again as they began to lick each other. Their moans filled the room. I stood at the foot of the bed, my hand sliding up and down my erection.

Then, Judy opened her eyes and looked at me. Suddenly, her gaze became hard.

“Hey! Who said you could play with yourself?” Judy shouted.

I stopped immediately and let go of my cock, which was twitching in time with the beating of my heart.

After a few more minutes, Judy stopped licking Janice’s pussy and yelled sternly,

“Well, don’t just stand there; fuck her!”

I didn’t have to be told twice; I stepped up to Janice, grabbed her by the hips, and thrust my cock all the way into her in one smooth motion. I started fucking her immediately, the sound of flesh slapping flesh filling the room.

Janice pulled her head off Judy’s pussy and shouted,

“Holy shit, Holy shit, that’s it… fuck that pussy.”

I could feel Judy’s tongue on the bottom of my cock, and her hand kneaded my balls as I fucked her sister harder and faster.

Janice dropped her head and went at her sister’s pussy like a mad woman. Soon I felt Janice’s pussy spasm around my cock, at the same time Judy leaned her head back and captured my ball sack in her mouth just as she screamed out her orgasm. I froze in fear as I felt the odd sensation of Judy’s scream in my balls, and realized that if she lost control she might bite my balls off.

Then the moment passed. Judy released my balls as I pulled out of Janice’s pussy, Janice got to her feet, as did Judy; they switched positions and now I was presented with Judy’s pussy, as Janice guided my cock to the entrance. I felt a pair of hands grab my ass cheeks and pull me forward burying my cock deep in her pussy.

“You bastard… that’s good… give it to me. That’s it, give it to me hard.”

Then I felt something I never felt before as Janice stuck a finger up my ass. I could feel it rub up against my prostate, which triggered my orgasm. That set Judy off again, screaming into Janice’s pussy. Judy must have bit on Janice’s clit and held it, because she jumped and tried to buck her sister right off the bed as she screamed below me.

We all rested for a few moments and then disengaged ourselves. It was my turn to get the washcloth, rinse it in warm water and carefully clean up all the sensitive parts.

Judy and Janice crawled up to the head of the bed and lay on their backs next to one another.

“John, I want you to make love to our feet. Suck our toes.”

This was something I never heard of before, but I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I got up on the bed between the two of them on my knees and began to suck on Judy’s toes while I reach over and massaged Jan’s foot.

“Hmmm, that’s good; make sure you get them all.”

When I was done with Judy, I started on Jan’s toes.

“Oh Judy, maybe we should bring him home with us, this would feel so good after a rough day at work.”

They both laughed. I didn’t really know why, but I was beginning to get hard again.

“That’s enough, John. Now I want you to fuck us both, just like this; switch off from one to the other until we both cum.”

I started with Judy. I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. I started with short quick strokes, until I was sure she was ready for more. Then I moved over her and, supporting my weight with my arms I resumed my movements, this time using the entire length of my cock, slowly at first, then harder and faster. I bent down, first biting one nipple then the other. When I could feel her beginning to thrust her hips off the bed, I stopped, sat back, pulled out and moved between Janice’s legs and started from the beginning.

“You son of bitch,” Judy yelled when she realized what I had done.

‘Two can play at this game,’ I thought to myself.

I did the same thing with Jan: I pulled out and switched back to Judy.

Now there was no playing around, just long hard strokes until I felt her feet on my ass, urging me deeper.

“Give it to me stud, that’s it harder.”

I increased my pace until I could go no faster, then I watched as her eyes opened wide. Her mouth opened as if to scream, but no sound came out, and she began to tremble. I gave her one final thrust and ground my cock into her as deep as I could. Her eyes seemed to roll up into the back of her head and she lay still.

I pulled out of her and switched back to Jan.

“I want just what she had.”

I tried my best; I was pounding away, when I noticed Judy begin to stir. Now I had an audience again, so I leaned over and bit on Jan’s nipples as I gyrated my hips, grinding myself into her clit.

“Oh God… here it comes, I’m cumming.”

I felt my own orgasm building; I continued giving it to her as hard, fast and deep as I could. Then I froze as my balls emptied once again.

I started to move my hips once again, when Judy leaned over and put her hand on my shoulder,

“Hey stud, you can stop now; she won’t be feeling anything for a while.”

Sure enough, Jan was out like a light.

“Go get a new washcloth; I’ll take care of my sister.”

When Jan’s eyes started to flutter open, I leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“Welcome back.”

The three of us lay on the bed, me in the center with a twin on either side. At that moment I wished for a mirrored ceiling. I doubt that anyone could have been more satisfied than I was at that moment.

Then Jan moved down my body and began kissing and sucking on my cock.

‘Don’t these girls ever have enough?’ I doubted that I could even get it up again. Then Judy got into the act, feeding me one, then the other, of her beautiful tits. Soon, to my amazement, I could feel my cock begin to harden yet again.

“Oh good, he’s ready again.”

Jan climbed up and onto my erection, as Judy, swung one leg over my head so that she was facing Jan. I couldn’t see anything except Judy’s wonderful ass, but I could hear her urging Jan to ride me faster and harder.

“Squeeze my tits Judy, suck my nipples. Oh god, I’m cumming again. Let’s switch.”

They both got up and quickly changed places. Soon the sounds and feeling started again. My jaw and tongue were beginning to ache, but I was determined to get them both to cum one more time. I heard Jan sigh, felt her shudder as she orgasmed again. Then I felt Judy stop bouncing on my cock as she too had another cum.

Judy rolled off me and Jan leaned forward. She captured my cock in her mouth and did her best to swallow me whole, using her throat muscles to work my cock for one last cum.

I felt myself shutter and shake; Jan pulled back leaving just the tip of my cock in her mouth as she ran her tongue around and around its super-sensitive head. She gently took hold of my balls and waited. When I finally stopped shaking she released me, got off my chest and announced rather proudly;

“We did it Judy; I think we finally fucked and sucked him dry.”

I lay there on my back totally exhausted; they came up on the bed, kissed me on each cheek and whispered to me;

“You just graduated with highest honors, some day you’re going to make some woman very happy. You just go to sleep; we’re going to grab a quick shower and leave. I’ll set the alarm for seven-thirty. Thank you for an incredible night.”

I glanced at the clock; it was almost 1:30AM, we’d been going at for over five hours. I smiled and thought of MaryAnn – just before I passed out.

The alarm went off at 7:30; remembering that Joe was expecting me for breakfast at 8:00, I jumped out of bed, showered and shaved, brushed my teeth and looked around for my clothes. The girls had picked them up, and hung them in the closet.

I walked out of the room at 8:05; my cock and jaw were both sore; but I was one very happy camper.

Joe was sitting having his first cup of coffee.

“John, I see you made it through the evening.”

“I see you made it through as well.”

“Yes, they took pity on this old man, and didn’t work me over too badly. Let’s get you some coffee and order breakfast, I’m starved.”

We had a leisurely breakfast, checked out and drove back to Malibu.

When we got back home, I couldn’t wait to get onto my computer. I opened my document and added,

Number 2 – Have sex with 2 women at the same time – DONE.

I saved my document, shut down my computer, leaned back in my chair and said to no one there,

“Nine down and one to go.”

Chapter 16

Sunday morning I went down to the gym and, since MaryAnn had still not returned from her weekend with her college friend, I had to work out alone. I didn’t expect to see Joe come down for an early morning workout. I did a half hour on the treadmill, a half hour on the free weights, and a half hour on the heavy bag. I ate alone for breakfast and lunch, so I was very pleased when MaryAnn came home about 4:00.

She took her bag up to her room, then came downstairs and we chatted out on the patio. As was our custom, neither one of us asked the other what they did on the weekend. We respected each other’s privacy.

I told her that I had not seen Joe since Saturday morning. She mentioned that he had called her, telling her that he had some last minute business dealings to handle and would be back in a couple of days.

I told her that I was on pins and needles waiting for Joe to give me the next, and last, task that we had to do in order to complete his list.

“John, I’m so happy to hear that, I hope it won’t be too difficult.”

“Joe assured me that I’d enjoy it and be thankful to him for the rest of my life.”

The next two days were uneventful. MaryAnn and I were able to spend more and more time together. Joe returned late on Tuesday night, and stayed in the library most of the next day. After dinner Wednesday evening, Joe rose from the table and asked me to meet him in the library. As he was walking out, he turned to MaryAnn and said,

“Give us a while, then please come to the library.”

Something was up, but knowing Joe, I’d have to wait for him to tell me what it was.

“John, come on in. Please shut the doors.”

“Joe, what’s up?”

“John, please sit down. I owe you a very long and detailed explanation as to what has been going on here for the last twelve months. Before I give you the final envelope I have a confession to make.

My heart stopped, ‘all this has been an act, he’s not rich and everything he had he spent on his list.’

“I told you a half-truth; I’m not dying of cancer.”

‘I knew it.’

“I do, or did, have cancer; skin cancer on my shoulder that I had removed almost a year ago. And as far as dying, we’re all dying each and every day; we’re getting one day closer to the end of our lives. So I really didn’t lie to you. Sort of.

“Let me tell you more about me. What your mother told you was true; I ran away from home when I was eighteen and spent six years in the Navy. On my ship I was known as the go to guy. If you needed something, you came to me. I had a knack for being able to get my hands on stuff that no one else could get. I honed that skill for my entire stint in the Navy. I made a lot of money and a lot of friends helping people get things they needed. I bent a lot of rules but never broke any, at least as far as I know.

“After I got out, I used that money, those skills and the friends I made, to make more money and more friends in higher places. Soon the deals I was getting involved in began making serious money. I took a lot of chances because I felt I was playing with the house’s money. I got really lucky and made millions on land deals in Hawaii, and real estate deals here in California. The more money I made, the greater the drive I had to make more money. Then I dropped out for a while, collected my winnings, built this house and bought the estate in Kauai, and basically retired at the age of 33.

“I used to hang out on Venice Beach, watch the bodybuilders work out, and dream of doing the same thing with my body. There was a beautiful Norwegian bodybuilder named Diana, they nicknamed her ‘The Valkyrie,’ because of her fierce competitiveness in everything she did. I wanted to meet her so badly, but I felt I wasn’t in her league; she could have any of those guys she wanted. One day I saw her having a terrible argument with one of the other bodybuilders. She left the beach with tears in her eyes. I knew she was hurting badly. I followed her at a distance, out to the far end of the parking lot. As she neared her car, two of the guys from the beach jumped her and began beating her. I almost turned away, not wishing to get beat up myself. But at the last minute I ran across the parking lot screaming ‘Police!’ at the top of my lungs. They both turned and ran, not realizing that I was a force of one.

“I helped her to my car and I took her to the hospital. I waited for several hours while they patched her up. They told me that they would have to keep her overnight for observation. When they asked me who I was I told them that I was her boyfriend.

‘Congratulations, one of the nurses said after the doctor had left, your girlfriend is pregnant.’

“The next morning I went up to see her.”

‘You’re the guy from the parking lot; it was you who saved me. Why did you say you were my boyfriend?’

‘Wishful thinking I guess.’

‘You don’t want to be him, because when I get out of here I’m going to break every bone in his body. He and his brother were the guys that were beating me up. I told him I was going to have a baby, his baby. We argued. First he denied it was his, then he wanted me to have an abortion; it seemed that a baby wouldn’t sit too well with his socialite fiancée. When I refused to have the abortion, they tried to make me have a miscarriage. That’s when you arrived. Now I have no place to go and no money. I guess I’ll have to move back to Minnesota and live with my cousins.’

‘I have an offer for you. If you want, you can live with me. I just built a brand new house on the beach in Malibu. I want to build a first-class gym in the basement. If you come to work for me as my fitness coach, you and your baby can live with me as long as you like. I have plenty of room and I’ll pay you well.

‘What do you say?’

“She agreed and came to work for me. She had a baby girl and for the next two years, she put together a world-class gym, and whipped my ass into the greatest shape I was ever in. We used to wrestle against each other. Of course, she would beat me most of the time; she was just too strong for me. Then, I started to put a winning streak together. The first couple of wins resulted in some great sex, right there on the mat. After the last time that I won, she just lay there with a worried look on her face.

‘Joe, something is wrong with me; I’m losing strength in my arms and legs and I’m losing weight even though I’m eating like a horse.’

“We took her to the doctor and then to a specialist who told us she had pancreatic cancer. The prognosis was not good; at that time they had no treatment for it. They told her she had three to six months.

“We returned home, made love, and planned for the end. I wanted to get married; she refused. All she wanted was for me to take care of her little girl. I watched her waste away; this once mighty Amazon was a mere one hundred and twenty pounds when she died.

“I was a basket case for almost a year before I finally snapped out of it. I put all my energies back into business. I made deals; I made lots of money. And I adopted her little girl. She had the best of everything, except me. It was too painful for me to be with her; every time I looked at her, I saw Diana. So I traveled. A lot. My businesses overseas flourished. I sent her to private schools, nothing but the best was good enough for her.

During one of the weekends that we were both home, I passed by her room and heard her sobbing. I was just about to walk into her room, when I heard her say,

‘Why doesn’t he love me? I would give anything for us to be a family, I just want a daddy who loves me.’

“Talk about a kick in the gut. I rushed into the room, held her tight, and promised her that I would always love her, that we would be a real family. And we have been ever since.

“She graduated from high school, I was there. She graduated from college, I was there. I had her take over as my fitness coach, allowing her as much time and freedom as she wanted or needed. I wanted her to be happy, to find someone, to get married and have kids of her own. The one area in which she seems to have trouble in is relationships; but I’ll let her tell you about that if she wants.

“About seven years ago, I received a letter from your mother. She was worried about you. You had just graduated from college, but seemed to have no ambition, no drive and, as far as she knew, no woman in your life. I called her and, after a long talk, she made me promise her that I would look after you. She must have had a premonition of something bad happening to her, because within six months she and your father were dead. You never realized it, but I was always looking over your shoulder. I bought the company you worked for just to insure you would have a job. I couldn’t understand why you stayed there, so I had them give you a series of psychological tests, which you thought everyone had to take. I had the tests reviewed and was told that you were a submissive, even if you didn’t realize it yourself. That you needed someone to be dominant over you, to make the decisions in your life. That was why you never had relationships, why you appeared to have no ambitions in life.

“I needed to get you out of there, to make you understand yourself, to bring that part of your character out of the closet; so I devised this plan of mine, this bucket list. Everything on that list was designed to help you understand and improve yourself.”

I sat there, too stunned to comment, reviewing in my mind every task that had been on the list.

“The first task I had you do was to plan and coordinate the balloon ride. I knew you were afraid of heights, so it made you confront your fear and to ultimately conquer it. I saw that you could handle yourself making the arrangements on your own. It also gave us time together to get to know each other.

“The second task was the public speaking and business skills improvement course. The purpose of that was for you to overcome your awkwardness around business people, to help you communicate better, and to help you with your self esteem.

“The third task, the dancing classes, were for the obvious reason — to learn how to dance — but more importantly, to get you to loosen up around MaryAnn, to get you more comfortable interacting with women.

“The boxing with a woman task was to help you understand that deep within your psyche you wanted to be dominated, AND that it was OK to be dominated by a strong powerful woman.

“The two tasks with Edel were designed to teach you the art of making love to a woman. It’s not something we’re born knowing, it comes from experience. These were supposed to give you some of that experience, and who better to teach you than a caring professional.

“The task of volunteering at the shelter had two purposes. One was obvious: to show you firsthand how fortunate we are to have what we have; the other was to instill in you the need for the feeling you get when you give of yourself in service to others. Giving money, especially from your surplus is easy; giving of yourself is what is truly important.

“The task of wrestling with a woman once again had two purposes; one was to reinforce the idea that it was OK to be dominated by a strong woman. The second purpose involved the training with MaryAnn leading up to the session. I wanted you two to spend more time together, to have physical contact with each other and for you to accept her as being dominant in your relationship.

Edited by Michael-Leonard

This is the story of a lady trucker and the teenaged boy she rescues. But who really rescues whom?

Chapter 1

The low rumble of the engine increased in pitch, and then momentarily ceased, only to start over as the driver shifted into a higher gear. This occurred time and time again as the truck increased its speed, until it was comfortably cruising down the New Jersey Turnpike at sixty miles per hour. At four o’clock in the morning the traffic was pretty thin, just a few other trucks on the road heading south. It was still dark; probably two hours before dawn, she thought.

Gail Brown was a trucker. She had been a trucker for almost half of her life. Her Dad had been a trucker. It was he who had taught her how to drive an eighteen-wheeler. In fact, this was her truck; the tractor, that is. She worked as a long-haul trucker for an oak furniture manufacturer located in Phoenix, Arizona. Each week she would drive her Kenworth cab from her home in the desert south of Phoenix to the company warehouse, pick up a loaded trailer, and drive to the east coast distribution center located in New Jersey. She would drop the trailer at the loading dock, then drive her cab around to the other side of the terminal and attach to a trailer loaded with oak boards brought in from North Carolina. After an overnight layover, she would begin the three and a half day trip back to Arizona.

Her father had first started with the company in the fifties and had helped set the route and the logistics for the company. Gail began coming along for the ride during the summer when she turned sixteen. It was a way for her to stay close with her Dad and to put as much distance as she could between her and her abusive mother.

She thought about that as she approached the exit for the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Her Dad had married her Mom when they were both a year out of high school. Her Dad was a big man, about six three, with dark hair and eyes. Her Mom, on the other hand, was a petite natural blonde with blue eyes. They made a very attractive couple; in fact it was their looks and the sex that went with it, that was the basis for their marriage. They had very little else in common. Dad was a go-getter; while not highly intelligent, he was very street-smart, with a sharp business mind. Her Mom had made it through life on her looks. She was to put it bluntly, a dumb blond.

Gail Brown was a combination of the two. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the best of her parents; her genes were all scrambled together. She resembled her father in looks, and had her mother’s brain when it came to school work. She did, however, inherit her father’s keen business and common sense. Physically she was impressive. She stood six-feet-two and weighted one hundred eighty pounds. She was broad shouldered and had thick arms, a twenty-four inch waist and slim hips, with a tight butt. Her breasts were not large, but sat high on her forty-two inch chest. She was not an ugly woman; she just looked and acted more like a man. That was what her mother resented the most. She had wanted a pretty daughter to be her girlfriend; what she got was a tomboy who could care less about boys, pretty dresses and girl talk. She wanted to be strong like her father, and she was willing to compete with the boys at all levels. They were constantly at each other’s throats.

When Gail was seventeen, just before the beginning of her senior year, she and her father came home from one of the cross-country runs to find the house all but empty. Mom had taken all her clothes and anything else that she liked and walked out. A note was left on the table basically telling them both to kiss off; she was leaving to live with her new boyfriend.

Her Dad was devastated; Gail could have cared less. She took care of him for a week, and then insisted that he go back to work, that she would be fine by herself. She would finish her senior year and graduate. They both knew that she would not be going to college, but when she announced that she wanted to be a trucker just like him, her Dad refused. At dinner that night, she explained that if she learned to drive the truck, they could cut at least a day out of each leg of the trip and that they could spend more time together at home. He saw the logic in that, so he agreed to teach her how to drive the big rig.

She qualified to drive the truck a month later, got her operator’s license and soon was taking the night shifts, allowing her Dad to sleep in the berth behind the cab. Her Dad showed her how he exercised each morning and night. He had attached two hooks to the front bumper of the cab. He would attach long rubber exercise bands and do curls, bench presses, military presses and would shadow box with his back to the truck extending each arm as if throwing punches. Gail would copy each movement until she reached her limit. Soon, they were doing the same amount of each exercise. It was clear that she was his daughter.

In fact that was her CB handle: Daddy’s Little Girl. If only the truckers out there knew what she looked like, they’d have cleaned up their chatter over the radio when she was driving.

Life was good for the both of them. In fact, because they had longer periods of time being home, Dad was able to go out again. He met a recently divorced woman and began to date again. Gail had not seen her Dad this happy in years.

Then tragedy struck. One evening while they were home between runs, her Dad suffered a massive stroke and died. Gail was twenty-two years old and for all intents was an orphan. Her Dad’s life insurance from the company paid for funeral expenses and left her with enough money to live on for a while if she chose to give up truck driving. The day after the funeral, however, she walked in to the company and spoke with the owner. She assured him that she could continue doing the job that her father had done. She explained that she had shared the driving duties with her father for the last four years and was more than capable of handling the job. Because of his long friendship with her father, he hired her on the spot.

“Thank you, Mr. McGuire, I won’t let you down.”

That was five years ago.

Chapter 2

“That little squirt is worth half a million dollars. That money should be ours and I want it. According to the trust agreement set up by your grandfather, if anything happens to that kid before he turns twenty- one, the trust is terminated and the money is yours. All we have to do is kill him, make it look like an accident, and we’re half a million dollars richer.”

“I don’t know Dave, he’s my little brother.”

“Karen, who cares, you never liked him anyway. That old man screwed you by only leaving you a thousand bucks out of his estate. As the oldest child you should have gotten the money, not him. We’ll kill the kid, stick his body in the car, drive him out to the desert and then put him behind the wheel and let the car drive off the road into an arroyo, and set the car on fire. The only way they will be able to identify the kid is from his dental records.”

Billy had heard enough; he had to get out of there that night before his sister and that crazy boyfriend of hers could kill him. But where would he go. He had just turned eighteen; he had no money and had no proof of what he had heard. He had come here to live with his sister after his Mom had died. He didn’t know why his grandfather had left all his money to him. He could only assume that his sister must have done something pretty bad to tick him off that much.

That night, after his sister was asleep, he snuck out to the kitchen with a duffle bag full of his clothes, took whatever money he had along with any money he could find in the grocery food jar and left. By four a.m. he had walked about ten miles. His goal was to get as far away as possible, stand by the on-ramp for Interstate 17 and catch a ride anywhere. As he was walking along a deserted road, he could see a small house in the middle of nowhere. On the side of the house was a large truck. Suddenly, the truck roared to life. The driver jumped out of the truck and walked back into the house.

“Here’s my chance,” he thought, and ran to the truck, peered in, saw the entrance into the sleeping berth and climbed in and hid himself as best he could. He held his breath as the driver got back in a few minutes later and drove off. They only drove for what seemed like about fifteen minutes or so when he felt the truck pull off the road. The driver maneuvered the truck backward until he felt a bump and a loud bang; then the driver got out of the cab again. Billy peeked through the curtain that separated the berth from the driver’s compartment. They were in some sort of warehouse parking lot. He could see several trailers parked in the lot.

‘He must be picking up a trailer,’ Billy thought.

Suddenly, he heard the door begin to open. He was able to close the curtain just before the driver climbed back into the cab. Then, with a toot of the air horn, the truck started out of the lot and onto the road. Billy had no idea where they were headed; all he knew was that it couldn’t be far enough from his sister Karen and Dave. He had enough space on the driver’s side of the cab, to look around the curtain. When he saw that they were heading on to Interstate 17, he settled himself down to rest.

He must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he knew they were pulling off the highway and into a truck stop. The driver got out, started the diesel pump, and headed to the store. Billy looked out of the cab, and watched him as he walked away. There was something odd about his walk, Billy noticed, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. He settled back into the berth, waiting for the driver to return. He heard the driver top off the tanks, replace the nozzle, and get back into the cab. With a roar, the truck started, and headed back to the Interstate. After an hour or so of driving, Billy started to panic. He had to pee. He fought down the urge, but knew that at some point he’d have to get out of the truck to take a leak. As he twisted his body, trying to get comfortable, he kicked something at the foot of the berth. It fell over with a loud bang.

“What the fuck was that?” he heard from the driver’s seat. It was a low, husky voice, but was definitely a woman’s voice. That’s what was different about the walk he thought. Then he felt the truck pull to the side off the road and stop. He was trapped. Suddenly the curtain flew back.

“Who the fuck are you and how did you get into my truck?” she said as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out of the berth and into the passenger seat. He looked through the window, contemplating whether or not to try to run. They were in the middle of nowhere, there wasn’t a structure to be seen anywhere.

“Please they’re going to kill me; I had to run. I climbed into the cab when you got out by your house. Please don’t hurt me.”

“I’m not going to hurt you. Tell me your name.”

“Billy, Billy Young.”

“Ok Billy, who is trying to kill you?”

“My sister and her boyfriend.”


“For the money in my trust fund; I have to get away.”

“Why not go to the police.”

“I have no proof; it would just be my word against theirs.”

“Ok Billy, relax; you can ride with me as far as you want,” she said after looking him over. Physically, he would impose no threat against her. He looked like he was about five-six and weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. He seemed genuinely frightened and in need of some help.

“Is it alright if I jump out and take a piss; I really have to go badly?”

“Sure, go ahead,” she said with a laugh, “I promise not to look.”

With that he opened the door, jumped out and relieved himself. He climbed back into the cab and closed the door.

“Feel better?”

“Much better, thanks.”

With that she pulled the truck back onto the road and they headed north towards Flagstaff.

Chapter 3

They drove in silence up to Flagstaff where they got onto Interstate 40 heading east. All the time they were driving she could feel his eyes on her, assessing her.

“So, what do you think, can I handle this rig?”

“What, I’m sorry I wasn’t listening.”

“I know you’ve been starting at me for the last fifty miles or so.”

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t why I was staring.”

“Then why were you staring?”

He was slow to respond.

“Well, answer me.”

“I find you very attractive; sexy.”

“Then you need new glasses. I’m plain, not very feminine and I’m old enough to be your… older sister.”

“That’s only partially true. To me you’re very attractive, and you obviously are very strong which is a real turn on for me and you may be older than me but I’ll bet you’re at the height of your sexuality.”

“Wow, you really are a silver-tongued stud aren’t you? I bet you have all the girls at school wrapped around your little finger.”

“Actually, I’m a virgin; I don’t relate to girls very well. I’ve never even kissed a girl before. But I have read everything I could get my hands on about sex. So I am prepared if I ever meet the right woman.”

“Ok, Ok; I’m sorry I asked. We’re going to stop at a truck stop outside of Winslow, and get something to eat. Ok with you?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Once we got underway again, I found out more about Billy. He had just turned eighteen and had graduated from high school.

I guess I’m smart; schoolwork is just too easy for me. I have to push my teachers to give me more complex stuff to read and to do. I’ve been accepted into the University of Arizona. I start in the fall, if I survive until then.”

“Don’t you worry about that, as long as you’re with me no one is going to do you any harm.”

We sat in silence for a few miles and then I said:

“It must have been tough on you emotionally being so much younger than the rest of the kids in your class. They must have been awfully mean to you, especially when you were younger.”

“Yeah, when I was younger they used to resent the fact that my grades were always better than theirs. They were so much bigger than me that they used to push me around, take my lunch money, and even lock me in my locker.”

“That’s terrible, didn’t your parents complain?”

“My parents were divorced when I was ten. My Mom died when I was fifteen. I moved in with my older sister, who never really gave a crap about what happened to me. I planned on staying at college as much as possible. Enough about me tell me about you.”

“Well, there’s not that much to tell. My Mom left home when I was seventeen, while my Dad and I were on a cross-country trip. I graduated from high school and had my Dad teach me how to drive this baby. When he died, I took over the route; and have been doing it for the last five years.”

“I’m sorry about your Dad.”

“Thanks, I really miss him sometimes.”

“How did you get so muscular, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I grew up as a tomboy, much to my mother’s dismay. I idolized my Dad. I used to watch him workout with the weights that were in the back room. When he was out on the road I’d sneak downstairs and imitate what I saw him do. As I got older, I got a lot bigger and a lot stronger. In a way, I grew up the same as you did. I was different from the other girls in my class. I was the tallest in my class and I acted more like a boy than a girl. The girls used to say nasty things about me when they thought I wasn’t listening. I never had any friends. I wasn’t pretty or sexy. I had one date in high school. A boy from the football and basketball teams asked me out, everything was going fine; I thought he really liked me, and then he tried to get me to take off my clothes. When I said no, he tried to force himself on me. That was a big mistake. As he began to unfasten his jeans he had to let go of my hands. I hauled off on him with all my strength. I left him there in the car, out cold. I saw him the next day in school; he was telling the guys that he got into a fight with another guy. I walked up to him, got right up in his face, and yelled: ‘If you ever try that again, I’ll blacken your other eye!’ Soon the whole school knew I was the one that beat him up and why. After that, none of the boys wanted to go out with me, so I became a loner.

“We’re almost to Winslow; what do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know, how about a bacon and egg sandwich?”

“Ok, you got it.”

I reached over to the CB and dialed in channel 10.

Hey, ‘Short Stack,’ you got your ears on? This is ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’. I’m about fifteen minutes out. Put on a bacon and egg on a roll and my usual.”

“You got it, that all for you?”

“No, I’ve got a young man with me.”

“It’s about time; 10-4.”

“Who was that,” Billy asked?

“That was ‘Short Stack’; he’s the cook at the truck stop where we’re going to have breakfast.”

“Wow, that’s so cool; you can place your order ahead of time.”

“Yeah, it saves time especially when I get something to go if I’m behind on my run.”

Fifteen minutes later we were pulling off the Interstate and into the truck stop.

“Come on, let’s go eat.”

Chapter 4

Billy jumped out of the truck and walked around it heading for the entrance. As he came around the front of the truck, he stopped short. There in front of him was the biggest woman he had ever seen.

Gail was dressed in a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, a denim jacket and western boots, and her brown hair was tied in a ponytail.

She saw the look of shock wash over his face; then she saw something else: lust. This teenager had it exceedingly bad. His hormones must really be working overtime, she thought.

“Come on let’s go,” she said taking him by the arm and leading him into the place.

“Hey, Gail good to see you; who’s your friend?” said the waitress as they made their way to a booth in the back.

“This is Billy; he’s going to be making this run with me.”

“Hi Billy, nice to meet you; Gail you got your order in already?”


“What are you going to drink, Billy?”


“Ok, one milk and one coffee.”

“Wow they really know you here.”

“They should, I’ve been stopping here at least once a week for the last seven years.”

The waitress brought out my usual, steak and two egg whites, and Billy’s bacon and egg on a roll. We ate, and over a second cup of coffee, we continued our conversation about high school and growing up different. I looked at the clock and announced,

“Ok, break is over; let’s get out of here.”

I grabbed the check. I saw Billy reach into his pocket and pull out a small hand full of bills.

“Put your money away, the meal is on me.”

“I can’t let you pay for my meals, that’s not fair.”

“First of all, I’ll decide what’s fair. Which one of us is working and getting paid and which one of us needs to hold onto as much of his money as he can? Besides, I’m really beginning to enjoy our time together. I miss riding with someone.”

It was beginning to get hot, so I took off my jacket before reaching the truck. I think I almost gave Billy a heart attack; he was staring at my chest and arms and almost walked into the side of the truck that was parked next to mine. I laughed to myself.

‘This just keeps getting better and better,’ I thought. ‘I’ve never had this effect on anyone before.’

It was really doing my ego good.

We climbed into the truck, started up, and pulled back onto the Interstate.

“Ok, next stop, Albuquerque, New Mexico.”

Driving an eighteen-wheeler is not difficult. It takes a little practice before you can steer one handed and work a dual, 6,4 shifter and clutch without missing a shift and grinding the gears, but once you get used to it there’s nothing like the feel of all that power at your control. It also doesn’t hurt to have a good deal of upper body strength. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Billy staring at my arms. Every once in a while I’d flex my muscles just to give him a thrill. I don’t wear a bra when I’m out on the road. I really don’t need one for support; my B-cups are really firm. My nipples are only evident when I get excited or if they get cold; with the A/C on now, I was both. When he didn’t think I was looking, Billy would rub his cock through his jeans. I was so tempted to reach over and help him; but I didn’t want to scare him.

The ride was uneventful; traffic was light. About five miles outside of Albuquerque, I pulled off I-40 and into a truck stop for lunch. It was about one o’clock, and we were making good time. After a trip to bathrooms, we had a quick lunch and then it was back on the road.

“Our next stop won’t be for about four and a half hours. We’re headed for Amarillo, Texas. Depending on traffic, we should be getting there around six o’clock. We’ll have dinner there and spend the night at an all-night truck stop.”

I could see the wheels turning in his head. There were two of us and only one berth; a hint of a smile crept onto his face.

Chapter 5

We pulled into the truck stop at about 6:00, parked in the back of the lot, and walked over to the restaurant entrance of the building. When the waitress brought out menus, she gave us a smile, then a wink and a nod to me. I looked over at Billy, I could tell something was bothering him, and I was pretty sure I knew what it was.

“Don’t worry Billy, I told you I’m paying for the meals on this trip.”

“I don’t feel right about you doing that.”

“First of all, I’m helping you, this is the way I can; secondly, I’m bigger than you so you have no choice.”

“I could refuse to eat.”

“That’s up to you, but you’d be missing out on some really good food and from the looks of you, you can’t afford to miss too many meals. Please Billy, let’s not argue about this, just let me help you, you’ll be able to pay me back someday, I’m sure of it.”

We had a great chicken dinner, with baked potatoes and mixed vegetables and unsweetened iced teas.

Our conversation came easily, as if we were old friends. Soon, however, I knew it was time to get back to the truck. The sun was going down and I wanted to inspect the truck before it got dark. Once I assured myself that everything was ok, I walked over to the storage bin and pulled out my exercise bands.

“What are those,” Billy asked?

“Exercise bands. My Dad taught me this a long time ago. A set of free weights would be too bulky and heavy to store on the rig; so he came up with these bands. They hook onto the truck right over here; you grab them like this and do your workout as if you were lifting weights. The greater the number of bands, the greater the resistance, it’s like lifting heavier weights. Watch.”

I started with my curls, three sets of twelve. I watched Billy’s eyes; they were glued to my biceps, which with each curl, ballooned to the size of softballs. My arms are thick, even at rest they measure almost fourteen inches, when they’re pumped up, I’ve measured them at sixteen and a half. Billy was really enjoying the show. I looked down and could see that he had a hard on which was impressive for such a small guy.

“You want to try?” I said, knowing that I was adding fuel to the fire.

He took the handles and managed to do one curl, before the resistance over powered him.

“Holy shit, you must be really strong.”

“I’ve been doing it a long time; you could get stronger if you practiced.”

I attached a second band and did another two sets and part of a third before I reached my limit. I disconnected one of the bands and kneeling with my back to the truck I began to do butterflies. I thought Billy’s eyes would pop out of their sockets when he watched my chest expand. My shirt was stretched skin tight, giving him a great view of my tits and nipples. I forgot that I wasn’t alone like I usually am when I do this; I didn’t mean to give him a free show, but now that I had it was getting me excited knowing that I was turning him on. After three sets, I got up and did my military presses. When I was done, I looked over at him and said,

“Ok, that’s done, get a change of underwear and let’s go in and grab a shower.”

“What, me and you, in the shower…?”

“Not together silly, they have separate locker rooms and showers for rent.”

For a couple of bucks each we had a nice hot shower and a towel. Afterwards, we walked back to the truck. The tension started to build. How were we going to sleep or even change our clothes for the night?

“Billy, we have to sleep together in the back.”

“I could sleep here in the cab.”

“No, you’ll sleep with me. Let me go in first and get everything set up; when I’m done I’ll let you know. I suggest that you remove your pants and shirt and sleep in your underwear, that’s what I do.”

That said, I crawled back into the berth, took off my boots, my jeans, and was about to remove my tee- shirt when I realized that I would be not be alone. I left the shirt on, opened the air vents to the berth, climbed under the blanket, and called out to Billy.

“Ok Billy, take off your sneakers and outer clothes and crawl into the berth. I have my back turned.”

I heard the rustling of clothes as he complied; then felt him crawl into the bed with me, and turn facing away from me.

“There, that’s not so bad. Good night Billy; get a good night’s sleep, we start out at sunrise.”

“Good night Gail; thank you for everything.”

Although this was something new for the both of us I’m sure, I soon heard Billy’s breathing become slow and shallow; shortly thereafter, I too fell asleep.

I was having a very nice dream, when I suddenly I became aware of someone else in the bed. Billy had rolled over during the night and had cuddled up to me. The desert gets cool at night and he must have gotten cold. His arm was thrown over my body, his hand resting on my tit. He must have been having an even better dream than I was, because I could feel his stiff cock between my ass cheeks. Every once in a while, he would mumble something that I couldn’t understand; then he said my name clear as day. This little seventeen year-old was having an erotic dream about me… and the thought of that was turning me on. I slipped my hand down to my pussy and slowly and gently began to massage my clit. Soon I felt a small orgasm wash over me. With a sigh, I relaxed and fell back to sleep.

Chapter 6

In the morning, I awoke as I normally do, at about 5:00. The sun was just beginning to rise. Billy was still in the same position as before. He must have sensed my morning stretch because he awoke realized where his hand was and yanked it away.

“Gail, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Don’t worry about; I sort of enjoyed waking up that way. Go out and get dressed; I’ll be out shortly.”

He crawled back to the front seat, got his sneakers and clothes, and jumped out of the cab to dress. I reached over and grabbed my jeans, pulled them on, changed my tee-shirt, and pulled on my boots. I grabbed my jacket, opened the berth door, and climbed down to the ground.

“I’m going to get myself some coffee to go, do you want anything to drink?

“Can you get me a coke?”

“No problem”

Soon I was back; we climbed into the cab, started her up and headed back onto the Interstate. We would stop for breakfast just outside of Clinton, Oklahoma. At 5:30 in the morning, there was almost no traffic, other than the occasional eighteen-wheeler. If I had been by myself, I’d have been on the CB talking with my fellow truckers; but with Billy here, I had tuned to channel 19, listening for any alerts. It was quiet in the cab, each of us buried in thought. I couldn’t tell you what he was thinking about, but I was thinking about how nice it was having a young man sharing my bed, and thinking that it was about time that I lost my virginity. Around eight–thirty, we pulled off the highway and into the truck stop. There were quite a few other trucks parked, their drivers apparently having breakfast inside.

As we entered the dinner, I spotted several truckers that I knew from being on this route for so long.

As we were being led to our booth, one of the guys yelled over,

“Hey Gail, how you doing?”

“Fine Gus, everything is good, how about you?”

“Feeling old; maybe I’ll retire next year.”

“Gus, you’ve been retiring next year ever since I first met you back when I was riding with my Daddy.”

We all laughed, and then Billy and I sat down and looked over the menu. We placed our orders and settled back into some light conversation, when a guy walked up to the table. I had seen him before. He was a little weasel, who thought he was a lady’s man.

“Hey Babe, don’t ya think this boy’s a little small? I say throw him back and come sit with a real man; maybe we can get to know each other a whole lot better.”

“That boy as you call him is a whole lot more of a man than you’ll ever be,” I replied, already sliding my way out of the booth.

“Who, him?” and he pushed Billy’s shoulder.

“You lay a hand on him again and I will break off your arm and beat you with it.”

At this point I was already on my feet, my fists clenched and ready to fight. He looked up at me; I had at least four inches and thirty pounds on him.

“Whoa, Darlin, I meant no harm.”

“Yeah, right. Just get your ass back to your seat and let us enjoy our breakfast.”

When he left, Billy whispered, “Thanks, you were awesome. I’m used to getting picked on so it doesn’t really bother me that much. Would you really have fought him to protect me?”


Just then our waitress brought out our breakfast.

“Your breakfast is on the house; Joe back in the kitchen has been waiting for someone to put that loudmouth in his place for some time now. Maybe he’ll show us waitresses a little more respect from now on.”

“You tell Joe thank you for us.”

When we finished our breakfast, we got up and left, but not before I threw down a ten for our waitress.

On the walk out to the truck, I kept watch, looking for any signs of trouble. Just before we got there, Billy put his hand on my shoulder, pulled me down and kissed me sweetly on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

He ran around the other side of the truck and climbed in. It took all my will power to keep from dragging him back into the berth and having my way with him.

Chapter 7

We headed back onto I-40. The next leg of the trip was always one of the longest and most boring. We would be heading to Joplin, Missouri, five hours away.

After an hour of driving we reached Oklahoma City, there we switched to I-44 heading northeast. There is absolutely nothing of interest to look at on this stretch of the road. Billy and I talked about his plans for the future. He had received a full scholarship to the University of Arizona. He planned on entering their Geosciences program. I’m afraid my eyes glazed over as he described in detail what he planned on concentrating in and its importance to life on this planet. The more he talked the more I realized how intelligent he was and how dumb I was.

“Whoa, Billy; that’s sounds great, but I’m afraid it’s a lot more than my little mind can comprehend. I guess I’m just a dumb truck driver.”

“Don’t you ever say that again. You may not have the education I’ve had, but I’m sure you have a lot more common sense and practical experience than I have. I’m sorry, Gail; sometimes I just get carried away. I’m really excited about going to college.”

“Billy, I was just thinking that at some point you’re going to have to go to the police and tell them your story; even if you have no proof. Your sister and her boy friend are bound to be watching for you to enroll at U of A; you’ll need someone watching them. Maybe the police can protect you.”

“I don’t want to think about that right now. I’m having too much fun right now being with you. You are the most interesting person I’ve ever met. I really like you, a lot.”

“And I like you, too. You’re the sweetest and kindest person I’ve had the pleasure to meet.”

With that we settle back into our own little worlds, the silence was not uncomfortable at all.

Before we knew it we were seeing signs for Joplin. It was a little after one-thirty.

“Billy, I don’t know about you but my stomach is growling and I could really use a pit stop as well. What do you say we pull into the next truck stop?” I knew we were about five miles from one of my favorite stops, but I wanted Billy to make the call.

“OK Gail, you’re the boss. I could use a break as well.”

We pulled off the Interstate and pulled into the parking lot of a small little dinner called Alice’s Restaurant. I’m sure Billy was having second thoughts as we climbed down from the cab and walked across the lot to the entrance of the small, run down building. When we walked in the door, the smell of freshly baked pies filled our nostrils. We approached the counter, we appeared to be the only patrons; it was, after all, almost two o’clock.

“What does a girl have to do to get service around here?” I shouted.

From inside the kitchen we heard a voice.

“Keep your panties on, I’ll be right out.”

Then a woman dressed in overalls and a baseball cap walked out of the kitchen, she was carrying two freshly baked pies in one hand… which she almost dropped when she recognized me.

“Gail, how the hell are you, little one?”

She was one of the few women who could call me that. She stood six and a half feet tall and weighed close to three hundred pounds. It was said that at one time she was one of the strongest women in the world. That was a long time ago; now she was just huge. She came up to me, put me into a bear hug and squeezed, lifting me completely off my feet.

She put me back down. When I could finally breathe again I said,

“It’s good to see you, too. How you doing?”

“I’m doing ok for an old lady.”

Then she spotted Billy. After a questioning look, she smiled and stuck out her hand.

“Billy this is Alice; Alice this is Billy. Alice has been like a mother to me ever since my Dad introduced us.”

“I’m pleased to meet you Billy; any friend of Gail’s is a friend of mine.”

Alice took Billy’s hand; it looked lost as she gently shook it. I think Billy was just grateful that he got his hand back in one piece.

“What can I get for you?”

“Billy, you like meat loaf?” I asked.

He nodded his head.

“Good. We’ll take two meat loaf sandwiches and two sides of mashed potatoes with gravy. Billy, you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted her meat loaf and gravy.”

We sat down at a booth while Alice went to get our food. “Alice was passing through here with the circus back in the Sixties; she was the circus ‘strong man’. After the performance one evening, a man came up to her and asked her to go out with him. She fell head over heels in love with him. He was the owner of this diner. She quit the circus and stayed here with him. When he died about ten years ago, she took over running the place.”

Alice came back out of the kitchen with their meals. The sandwich consisted of a long hero roll, with a slice of meatloaf about three inches thick, and gravy dripping down both sides. A huge scoop of mashed potatoes was served on the side with a pond of gravy in the center.

“A meal fit for a king.”

“Gail, how do you stay so slim after eating all this?” Billy laughed.

Alice gave him his answer. “It’s because of all the muscle she has. By working out like she does, her body burns off about twice the amount of calories that an average woman would.”

“Well, if I keep eating like this, I’m not going to fit into my clothes soon.”

“Don’t worry about that; Billy, I’m sure Gail will figure out how to get you to burn off what you eat.”

I almost chocked on what I had in my mouth. Alice just smiled and winked and went back to the kitchen.

“Gail, this is fantastic. You may have to carry me back to the truck.”

“I can handle that.”

We finished up and said our goodbyes to Alice.

When we got outside the door, I scooped him off his feet and carried him out to the truck.

“Hey, I was only kidding before,’ Billy said with a laugh.

“I know, but I couldn’t resist.”

Chapter 8

Kirkwood, Missouri was our next and final stop for the day. We would be traveling about 270 miles in little under four and a half hours. I had a lot on my mind and the long drive would allow me time to sort it all out. Here I was, driving cross-country, with a seventeen year-old boy. A young man almost ten years younger than me, and yet I was beginning to have feelings for him. He was nothing like anyone I’d ever met before. He was sweet, kind, gentle and exceptionally smart. Naïve to the ways of the real world, his life had been centered on school.

But who was I; a social outcast, a female trucker with no friends, just acquaintances. I was a woman in a man’s body, doing a predominantly man’s job, and I was doing it by choice. When I had first started out with my father, I had dreams of meeting a strong dominant man, who would sweep me off my feet; someone to be in charge. After five years on my own, making my own choices, living my life the way I wanted to, that man was no longer the man of my dreams. Now I dreamed of meeting someone who was not intimidated by my strength, but accepted it; someone who could deal with me being in charge, making decisions, giving me his opinions and not orders.

I looked over at Billy and thought, ‘Could you be that type of man? I know you are aroused by my physical strength, but could you deal with me being the one in charge of our lives. You’re only seventeen; could you fall in love with an older woman like me? Maybe, maybe not, but I think at the very least we could help each other experience the physical side of love. I really want to be with a man, experience the feelings of making love to someone for the first time, knowing that person is experiencing the same feelings for the first time as well. Could I seduce him? Would that be even necessary; after all he’s a teenage virgin; or would he be repulsed at the thought of being with me? Maybe I should just ask him?’

All these thoughts were going through my head as we headed down the Interstate. Finally, I couldn’t hold it in any more.

“Billy, could I ask you a question?

“Sure, Gail, anything.”

“Billy, could you; I mean would you; I mean, …”

“Gail, just let it out.”

“Billy, would you like to make love to me?”

He sat there, in silence, with a stunned look on his face. ‘I blew it; he doesn’t like me.’

“Gail, I don’t know what to say. I’ve been sitting here fantasying about you for the last two days, knowing that you are a mature woman and I’m just a teenager. I never dreamed that you would actually want a little guy like me. I pictured you with a football player or a huge bodybuilder. How could I ever hope to compete with someone like that?”

“You wouldn’t have to. That’s not the kind of man I want. I need someone like you; someone tender and sweet; someone who could be gentle and kind.”

“But, I’m a virgin. I’ve never done it before.”

“Neither have I; we would be sharing all new feelings together.”

“Gail, if you’re sure; then my answer is yes, I would love to make love with you more than anything else in the world.”

We sat in silence for a few miles.

“Where, Gail, in the back of the cab?”

“No, I want this to be special for the both of us. When we reach Kirkwood, there’s a Quality Inn motel where I can park the truck and we can get a room for the night. There’s even a fast food place next door for a quick bite to eat before we retire for the evening.”

“That sounds perfect.”

“Not perfect, but it will have to do.”

“Gail, what about protection?”

“You’re so sweet for asking, I’ve been on the pill since I started out driving with my father. My period was always erratic and I needed to stabilize it for the long hauls we were doing, so he got me to a doctor who prescribed the pill for me.”

I think I drove just a little faster than normal after that. I was also planning just how I was going to make this special for the both of us.

We reached the town of Kirkwood at just about seven o’clock in the evening. I pulled off the Interstate and into the diesel stop. I filled both tanks and did a quick safety check of the truck, then went inside to pay. I drove about a mile up the road and parked the truck in the back parking lot of the motel. We got down from the cab, walked across the lot and into the lobby of the motel. I’m not sure what the guy at the desk was thinking when I asked for a room. He looked me up and down, then Billy, and then back to me. I gave him my credit card saying,

“We’ll be checking out early tomorrow morning, about 5:30, will the breakfast room be open?”

“Not for breakfast; but there will be coffee available by 5:00.”

“Ok that will do. Please charge the room to my card. We won’t be making any additional charges to the room.”

With a smile, he ran my card and handed me the slip and the key.

“Room 152 around the back, first floor; have a good night.”

Billy surprised me replying, “We plan to.”

We walked out arm in arm, laughing.

We crossed the parking lot, and walked next door to the Arby’s. It wasn’t gourmet food, but it was hot, tasty and the place was clean. Neither of us really wanted to linger over a big meal. We finished quickly and left, walking back to the truck.

“Get your bag and head over to the room,” I said. “Grab yourself a hot shower; I want that body of yours nice and clean. I’m going to stay here and do my work out, then I’ll take a shower as well.”

I leaned over and gave him a kiss.

I worked out hard, with a definite purpose in mind. I wanted to have my muscles pumped to their maximum when I got out of the shower and walked into the room. I worked out for about an hour, then grabbed my bag out of the truck and walked over to room 152. I knocked on the door. After checking that it was me, Billy opened the door. He was in his boxers; he was obviously watching the television from the comfort of the bed.

“Give me about twenty minutes to shower and freshen up. I’ll make sure you won’t regret the waiting.”

I took a quick shower; making sure that all my parts were clean. I also shaved my legs, armpits and my pussy, which I do on a regular basis. All the time I was thinking, ‘I’m really going to do this.’

Then after one last look in the mirror, I opened the door and walked into the room, naked. I went directly to the television and shut it off. I turned and stood at the foot of the bed with my hands on my hips and my muscles flexed.

“Well, was it worth the wait?”

“My god, you’re magnificent,” Billy said, his cock already straining to be released from his shorts.

I crawled up onto the bed, like a big cat on the hunt.

“These have got to go.”

I grabbed his boxers and tugged them off his body. His cock, slapped his stomach after it was freed. Now it was my turn to be awed. His cock was beautiful; about seven inches in length and an inch and a half in diameter. The head was large and was already damp with precum. I watched as it twitched with every beat of his heart. On his practically petite body, it looked almost obscene. I was having second thoughts, could I handle something that big?

“Gail, lie down and relax.”

I did as he asked; for right now at least he was the master and I was the student. He kissed me, gently at first, his hands lightly touching my face; then he moved down to my neck. I could feel his lips nibbling on my skin. I was already feeling my pussy tingle with desire for this young man. He moved over me and began to lick around my nipples, first one then the other. A low moan escaped my lips.

“Billy that’s wonderful, don’t stop.”

I felt his teeth, ever so gently, biting my nipple. I stiffened as the warmth of a small orgasm slowly moved up my body. He paused for a few moments, and then continued down my body, until he was kneeling between my legs. He began to rub the outside of my pussy, gently at first, then increasing the pressure, carefully avoiding my clitoris. He leaned forward and began to blow on my extended clit. The pleasure was almost more than I could take.

‘He’s not going to… he is! Oh, you wonderful man.’

Billy began to lick, first my outer lips, then parting them slightly, he ran his tongue up my entire inner pussy. He still hadn’t touched my clit, yet my pussy was leaking juices steadily at this point. He circled my clit with his tongue; now I was panting. When he sucked it into his mouth, I lost it.

“Oh god, Billy, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I screamed!

My ass left the bed, as I grabbed the back of his head and tried to pull him into my body. I shook as spasms of joy rocketed throughout my body. I saw bright lights, and then everything went black. When I awoke, Billy was laying next to me, a look of concern on his face.

“Gail, are you all right? I was so worried when you went limp and unresponsive.”

“I am so much better than all right; that was the most intense pleasure I have ever felt.”

I grabbed him by the back of his head and kissed him hard, my tongue invading his mouth.

“Now it’s my turn. I want to see and learn everything.”

I pulled him over onto his back and began to kiss his neck and his hairless chest. I took his nipple between my lips, gently biting it. His moan of pleasure was music to my ears. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was hot and hard, yet soft to the touch. Instinct made me start moving my hand up and down. I moved lower to get a better look at it. The head was turning a darker shade of red and was expanding slightly. Leaning over, I licked the top of the head, getting another moan for my efforts. I had heard of blow-jobs before, how the guys all seemed to want one. So I opened my mouth and took him in. I licked around and around the head as I slowly raised and lowered my mouth along his length.

“Gail, please, I can’t hold out any longer, let me out.”

I was enjoying the feeling of his cock in my mouth and the knowledge that I was giving him such intense pleasure, that instead of letting it out of my mouth, I took as much of it into my mouth as I could until I felt the head at the back of my throat.

“I’m cumming, yes, oh my god!”

I felt him arch off the bed, his cock began to pulsate and spurt after spurt of his cum filled my mouth and went down my throat. When he finally stopped I sucked out the last of his cum and after cleaning him, I moved back up the bed, and lay next to him.

I looked into his eyes. “Did I do it right?”

“Yes, that was heavenly. Give me a couple of minutes, we’ll try something new.”

We held each other, his hands gently rubbing my back and over my ass. Soon I felt his cock stirring back to life. He gently, but firmly, pushed me onto my back and got between my parted legs. He began to rub his cock up and down the length of my pussy. I closed my eyes, reveling in the sensations I was feeling, my breathing and heartbeat increasing in frequency.

“This may hurt a bit,” he whispered.

“I don’t care, please do it now, I need you in me now.”

I felt his hips elevate slightly, the head of his cock nestled at the entrance, then he slowly, but steadily, pushed his cock into me. There was no pain, just a feeling of fullness and sense of intense pleasure.

“Are you ok?”


He smiled down at me and began to slowly move his hips up and down. We got into a comfortable rhythm. Soon, I could feel my next orgasm building. It hit me suddenly, with the impact of a semi at full speed and I nearly bucked him completely off me. My pussy clenched tightly to his cock, never wanting for that wonderful feeling to end. His movements increased with intensity, as if he was trying to pound me through the mattress. Then he stiffened and I felt him erupt inside of me, causing another wave of pleasure to flow throughout my body. He collapsed on top of me and I held him tightly to my chest as we slowly came back down to earth.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“Are you sure you never did that before?”

“I guess all that reading really sunk in. Who said book learning is a waste of time.”

I held him in me as long as I could, but finally he pulled his well-worn cock out of my pussy. I felt empty, but momentarily sated. Reluctantly, I got up out of bed and walked to the bathroom. When I returned, I found Billy on his back with his eyes closed. I crawled into bed next to him, threw my arm over him and pulled him in close to me. Sometime during the night, Bill must have gotten out of bed because when I woke up at 5:00 I was on my side with him clinging to my back. It felt so right; I didn’t want to get up; but knew if I didn’t we’d stay like that for hours.

“Good morning, sleepyhead, time to rise and shine.”

“No, not yet, come back to bed.”

“No, we have a schedule to keep. We have to go.”

I pulled off the sheet, grabbed him under the arms and before he knew what was happening I threw him over my shoulder and headed for the shower. We spent a half an hour in the shower, cleaning off the aftermath of the previous night’s love making, only to become aroused for a quickie against the shower wall, and had to start all over again.

We made it to the breakfast room by 6:00, grabbed a container of coffee to go and headed out to the truck. We were on our way again, headed for St Louis by 6:15.

Chapter 9

When I told Bill that we were going to be crossing the Mississippi River in less than fifteen minutes, he got all excited.

“What’s it look like? It must be awesome.”

“No, not really, it just looks like any other river; not really a big deal.”

I remember the first trip I made with my Dad. I was just as excited as Bill was now. I had studied the mighty Mississippi in school, seen pictures showing this huge body of water, at some places close to a mile wide. I was so disappointed when we actually crossed over it. The river appeared to be less than fifty yards wide, where we crossed was in the middle of a major intersection of highways. What was more interesting was that we were just outside of Busch Stadium, the home of the Cardinals, and if we looked north we could see the Gateway Arch.

When we got there and I told him this was it; he had the same reaction that I had had when I did my first crossing.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

I brought the rig up to speed and headed onto Interstate 70; next stop Terre Haute, Indiana. We’d be having breakfast in about three hours.

The atmosphere in the truck was different somehow. The sexual tension between us was gone. We had satisfied our immediate needs and desires, now, more than ever before, we could relax and enjoy each other’s company.

We’d traveled about an hour, commenting on the lack of scenery and the traffic, when I could tell that there was something on Bill’s mind. I sat there, dreading what he was thinking, making up scenarios in my head.

“Gail, about last night…”

‘Here it comes, I thought, he’s going to dump me before we ever really dated.’

“That was the greatest night of my life. I really, really like you a lot. I’ve never met anyone like you. I know you’re older than me, much more mature and worldly, and you must think of me as a kid. But I’m mature beyond my years and I know I have a great future ahead of me.” All this came out in a rush. Then, “Would you consider going out with me?”

I almost drove the truck off the side of the road. This was something I hadn’t considered, not yet at any rate.

“Bill, I don’t consider you a kid anymore. Last night was very special for me too. Let’s take this one step at a time. Our age difference is one thing. It’s the fact that we come from two completely different worlds that bothers me more. You’re right, you have your whole life ahead of you and I believe you’re destined to do great things. I’m a trucker; it’s all I’ve ever known, and I love it. You also have an unsolved problem back in Arizona, which we still have to handle. I’m not saying no; but we have a lot to consider before we commit to each other.”

I could tell that he was disappointed, it must have taken a lot for him to build up the courage to ask; I just knew we needed more time.

We rode in silence for the rest of the distance to Terre Haute. Each of us thinking to ourselves; Bill, I’m sure, of ways we could make it work; me thinking of all the obstacles against us.

I pulled into the truck stop, parked and looked over at Bill. He gave me that cute little smile of his and said,

“Come on, let’s go eat; I’m staved.”

We climbed down from the cab, and walked — my arm over his shoulder, his around my waist — to the diner. Over plates of steak and eggs we continued our discussion of our futures, not coming to any conclusions, but not ruling anything out either. One thing was sure however, I really wanted to have company on my return trip to Arizona.

During the walk back to the truck after breakfast, I noted that, although it was only about 9:30, it was really getting hot and humid.

“Today is going to be a bad one; we’re going to be getting the three H’s; hazy, hot and humid.”

“I was thinking the same thing. Man, how do these people stand it out here? I can’t wait to get back to the Valley.”

I thought to myself, how funny that would sound to someone who lives here; back home the temperature was probably in excess of one hundred and twelve degrees; with the bright Arizona sun baking everything in sight. The thing that most people don’t realize is that because it’s so dry out there, even though the temperature is extremely high, as long as you stay out of the sun, the heat does not feel oppressive.

I started up, set the air conditioning on high, and pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the Interstate; next stop Springfield, Ohio. About half way there, Bill turned completely around and crawled into the sleeping berth.

“Bill, are you feeling ok, what’s wrong?”

He stuck his head back out of the curtain and with a mischievous grin said,

“Oh, nothing is wrong, I was just curious to see exactly how much room there actually is back here.”

“And your determination is?” I put on a high-falutin voice.

“There’s more than enough room for our needs.”

I laughed and gave him a punch in the arm as he returned to his seat.

“Getting a little too sure of yourself, aren’t you? I’m beginning to feel a little taken for granted.”

He looked over at me with a concerned expression on his face. I let him off the hook a few moments later when I broke out in a hearty laugh.


But he did get me thinking about our final stop of the day, Somerset, Pennsylvania; and the more I thought about it, the hornier I got. That little devil, he was really getting to me.

Chapter 10

We had a light lunch in Springfield, made the required pit stop, and then headed out to on the next leg of the trip. Most of Ohio is flat, boring countryside driving. They also have a fifty-five mile per hour speed restriction on trucks, so we kept the CB tuned to channel 19 listening for other truckers’ warnings of radar traps. Eventually we made our way through Ohio and crossed into West Virginia just below Wheeling. If you sneezed at this point you missed West Virginia and found yourself in Pennsylvania. We had about a hundred more miles to Somerset. I figured if the traffic held, we’d get there just after six o’clock.

I could have looked for a motel, but the thought of making love in the back of the truck was a real turn on.

I pulled off the Interstate and headed to my usual stopping point. We passed several motels and I could see that Bill was getting that disappointed look on his face.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “We’re just heading to a place called the Pine Hill Grill for a bite to eat.”

We parked the truck and entered an old fashioned bar and grill. The decor hadn’t changed in fifty years; but the beer was served ice cold and the burgers were the best around. We each had a burger and fries, I had a beer and Bill had a coke. Bill insisted on paying.

“If you don’t let me pay, I’m going to sleep in the cab.”

“Suit yourself, but if you do, you’re going to miss out on all of this.”

With that, when I saw that no one was looking our way, I stood up, placed my hands behind my head and flexed, expanding my chest to its maximum.

I looked at the shocked expression on his face and the growing bulge in his pants, laughed, and walked out leaving him with the check.

“I’m going to get you for that,” he said when he finally climbed back into the truck.

“I’m counting on it.”

We turned around and headed past the entrance to the Turnpike and proceeded down to the end of the road. There were about fifteen other trucks parked in a lot off to one side of the road. They belonged to a local trucking company. I pulled our truck into the lot, did a big circle and pulled back on to the street. I backed up until I ran out of road, shut the truck down, looked over at Bill and said,

“Here’s where we spend the night.”

“We’re ok here?”

“Sure, I always stop here for the night. No one ever comes down this road other than other truckers. Everyone assumes that our truck belongs to the company, they never hassle me.”

We climbed down from the cab, opened up the outer door for the sleeper and the other air vent. “

“The night air will cool down the sleeper.”

We sat on the running board, just talking and looking up at the sky as the sun slowly sank behind the mountains. Soon the stars began to appear. By nine o’clock it was pitch dark. I stood up and began to remove my boots.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going to turn in.”

I peeled off my jeans and shirt and stood in front of him.

“Well, are you going to join me or what?”

I climbed into the sleeper and stored away my clothes.

Bill was right behind me, dressed only in his boxers.

“You’re still over dressed.”

I stripped off my panties and pulled him down onto his back as I yanked off his boxers.

I threw my leg over his body and sat up; my head just cleared the storage bins above the bunk. I pulled his arms over his head and rubbed my pussy over his erection, whispering into his ear.

“Now what were you saying before… oh yea, now I remember, it was something about getting me or giving it to me, wasn’t it?”

I lifted my hips just enough to allow his cock to part my lips, then wiggled my way down his cock.

“Mmmm; I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

I started riding that wonderful cock of his, pulling up almost to the point of losing it, then sinking all the way back down. I leaned over and teased his lips with my tits, first one then the other. There was no doubt as to who was in charge here. When I felt his hips begin to push off the bed; I sat down hard, and squeezed him tightly with my internal muscles.

“No Bill, you can’t come yet, not before me.”

When I felt his crisis had passed, I started again. The power that I had over him was intoxicating, and soon I felt a series of orgasms rip through my body.

I held him off once again. I looked down at him, his eyes imploring me to let him cum. I lifted my hips and gave him some maneuvering room.

“Ok Bill, now you can cum.”

With that I felt his hips practically leap off the bed as he plowed up into me again and again.

With a series of grunts and gasps, he exploded. His arms flew up around my neck and he held himself against me until he collapsed back onto the bed.

“I guess I showed you, my beautiful Amazon,” he said with a chuckle.

“Bill, the night is still young.”

With a little bit of an effort, I managed to maneuver myself until I could take his deflated cock into my mouth. My intent was just to clean him, but I soon felt him coming back to life. He pulled on my leg until I got the message and lifted it over his shoulder so we were in a sixty-nine position. I felt his tongue part my lips and bury itself deep within me. I’m sure he was getting a mouth full of my juices mixed with his cum. He showed no signs of letting up and soon we were both on the verge of cumming again.

I screamed around his cock as I felt him latch onto my clit and suck for all he was worth. I ground my pussy all over his face; my hips rocked back and forth as I came. My actions set him off; I felt his cum pulse up through his cock and down my throat. Finally, when I could not stand it any longer I released his cock and fell off of him, panting for breath.

This time he crawled around to face me. I laughed when I saw how wet his face was.

“If you hadn’t rolled off me when you did,” he said grinning, “I would have either suffocated or drowned. But I would have died happy.”

I wrapped my arms around him and soon we were both asleep. Sometime during the night, I must have rolled over onto my back, because as I awoke from a wonderful dream, I found myself looking up into the Billy’s eyes. I realized that the wonderful feelings I was having in my dream were from Bill’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

“Good morning,” he said with a smile. “Time to rise and shine.”

“Good morning, I can see you’ve already risen”

“I told you I’d get you.”

“Hmmm, I could get used to waking up like this.”

He smiled down at me and picked up the pace; soon we both reach the point of no return. We cried out and held each other until we both calmed back down.

I sat up, stuck my head through the curtain and looked at the clock. It was just about 4:45; time to get up. With a groan, I reached for the door, opened it and climbed out into the cool predawn air. I reached into the storage bin, got out my exercise equipment, and since no one was around, I hooked up and went through my routine. Bill came out as I was about half way through.

“I could definitely get used to watching you exercise like that.”

His cock was standing straight and pointing right at me.

“Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Of you, never”

When I was done, I stowed my gear back in the bin. I reached into the storage bin above the berth and took out a box of baby wipes.

“Here, we use these when there’s no shower available.”

“You want me to do your back?”

“You do mine and I’ll do yours; but only the back. We have to get on the road so don’t get any ideas.”

“Spoil sport.”

We got dressed and closed up the sleeper, leaving vents open to air it out. Then we got into the cab, started up and headed out on the final leg of our journey east; Cranbury, New Jersey.

Chapter 11

A little over an hour after we started, I pulled the truck into the rest area outside Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania. We both needed to use the facilities. Afterward, I got a large coffee, Bill got a large coke, and we both got an egg on a roll, all of it to go. In less than fifteen minutes we were back on the road.

This last part of the trip is actually the most challenging. The first half is through the mountains of central Pennsylvania, east around Harrisburg, then we head southeast just to the north of Philadelphia. The traffic gets heavier as you get closer to New Jersey. There are a lot more cars on the road. From Interstate 76, we switch over to I-276 and soon cross the Delaware River into New Jersey. After linking up with the New Jersey Turnpike, we head north about twenty miles to Cranbury. The trip can take as little as three and a half hours or it could take six depending on traffic.

This morning the work traffic was relatively light, so we made good time. During the ride up the Turnpike, I thought about how I was going to explain Bill’s presence. Company policy is that we do not pick up hitchhikers. Technically, he was not a hitchhiker, he was a stowaway; but I didn’t want to fight that battle.

“Bill, when we get off this road, we are going to pass a Courtyard Hotel. That’s where I stay during my layover. I think its best that I drop you off there. Wait for me in the lobby; I should be there in about an hour or so. If anyone asks why you’re there, tell them that you’re waiting for me. They all know me there so you should have no problem.”

About a quarter to twelve, I dropped him off and headed down the road to the terminal. I dropped the trailer and pulled my tractor over to the holding yard. Once in the office, I called the company to let them know I completed my run and to get my next set of instructions. They wanted my return load on Wednesday morning, which meant that I’d have to leave here on Saturday morning; I’d have a day and a half layover with Bill. I discussed my plans with the dispatcher. My return load would be ready Friday afternoon. I told him I’d call to confirm on Friday and pickup the trailer early the following morning. I called a cab to drop me off at the motel and packed up my things and locked the trucked.

Bill was waiting for me in the lobby. I checked in, reserving our room for two nights. When we got to the room Bill filled me in as to what had happen while I was gone.

“After about fifteen minutes of hanging around the lobby, the day manager walked over and asked if he could help me. I told him I’m waiting for a friend, Gail Brown. He smiled and said you were a very nice lady and turned to leave; he then turned back to me, looked me up and down and said, ‘you’re a little small for her don’t you think?’ and left.”

“You’re plenty big where it counts. Let’s shower and I’ll check to make sure.”

I practically dragged him to the bathroom and stripped off our clothes. It felt wonderful having a man there, washing my back, worshipping my entire body. Then it was my turn, I washed his back, then turned him around and paid particular attention to his cock and balls. I soaped up my hands and ran them up and down his shaft.

“Gail, that’s wonderful; but if you don’t stop, I’m going to cum all over you.”

I thought about continuing, but then decided to save it for later. We rinsed off, stepped out of the tub, and dried each other. We couldn’t get to the bed fast enough. I pushed him onto his back, and crawled up between his legs. His cock disappeared into my mouth; I loved the feeling of power I had over him. I was going to make him cum and there was nothing that he could do to stop me. He arched his back and tried shoving as much of his cock into my mouth as he could. I grabbed his ass in both hands and moved him back and forth, in and out, at my pace.

“Gail, I’m going to cum, oh god, so good, ahhh.”

I practically picked him completely off the bed as I straightened up, his cock deep in my throat. It throbbed, and then spurted his cum directly down my throat. When he was finally done, I sucked him dry and dropped him back onto the bed.

“Now it’s your turn.”

I crawled up his body until I had my pussy hovering over his mouth, just out of reach of his tongue. I trapped his arms with my legs and began to rub myself all over his face.

“Oh yeah, this is so good; come on Bill make me cum.”

I felt the first wave of my orgasm surge up my entire body. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him up into my pussy. He managed to get my clit into his mouth and sucked on it hard, biting it.

“Oh God, oh God ……mmmmmmmm, yes.”

If I hadn’t grabbed onto the headboard I would have fallen off the bed; the room seemed to fade in and out of focus. When I finally came down from my orgasm, I looked down, Bill’s eyes were closed and there appeared to be no movement at all. Removing my cunt from his face and climbing off him, I yelled,

“Bill, Bill are you ok? Wake up dear! Oh God what have I done? Bill, speak to me.”

His eyes began to flutter and slowly opened. A few moments later he appeared to become aware of his surroundings again.

“Bill, are you ok? I’m so sorry. I guess I got carried away.”

“I’m fine. The last thing I remember is you screaming; then I felt your weight fall on my face. I couldn’t breathe; your pussy was on my nose and mouth. I tried to push you off, then everything went black.”

I ran back to the bathroom, grabbed a washcloth, wet it, and hurried back to the bed. I wiped his face clean and kissed him gently.

“You had me so scared; I promise never to do that again.”

“Are you kidding me, that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever known! Just don’t kill me. Get down here on the bed; I have something I want to try. Get on your knees with your head on the pillow.”

I did what he asked.

“I read about doing it this way, it’s called the doggie position.”

He got behind me on his knees and, after pushing my legs out a little to adjust the height, he pushed his rock hard cock into my pussy.

“Hmmmm, I like that. Is there more?”

He started to push in and out until he had all seven inches in me. He increased his pace and soon, the sounds of skin slapping skin filled the room. I grabbed onto the pillow with both hands and screamed as another climax ripped through my body. Bill continued to pound away until he suddenly leaned over me grabbed my tits and ground his cock in as deep as he could.

I could feel when his orgasm ended, my pussy full of cum, Bill draped over my ass, breathing heavily. Slowly he regained control of his breathing and after kissing me on the back, collapsed onto the bed, totally exhausted, and happy.

I rolled over next to him, took him in my arms, kissed him and held him tight. Soon we were both sound asleep.

We woke up about four hours later; cleaned up, dressed and went downstairs to the restaurant for dinner. The food was good and the atmosphere cozy. I told Bill about the return trip.

“I have to be back in Phoenix by first thing Wednesday morning. If I leave here Saturday morning I can get back there by mid-day on Tuesday.”

“Gail, you keep using the word I; are you dumping me?”

“Bill, I didn’t want to presume that you would want to go back to Arizona.”

“Now that I’ve met you, I’m not letting you go without me. I don’t care what’s back there; we’ll work something out. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m in love with you.”

My eyes began to fill up with tears.

“Oh, Bill. You don’t know how much I was hoping you would say that; I love you, too. I was convinced that I’d end up an old maid, never to fall in love with anyone. Then you came into my life. I’ll admit when I first saw you, I thought of you as a kid who was in trouble. But over the last three days, I’ve learned that you are much more mature than I realized and not a kid, but a man. I know we still have a lot to work out, but I sure as hell want to try.”

“It’s settled then, you and I are heading back on Saturday; it’s we, not I, right?”


“Let’s get out of here; we still have about thirty-four hours before we have to start our trip back and I don’t want to waste a minute of it.”

We went back to the room and spent about thirty of the next thirty-four hours naked in bed.

Chapter 12

We used some of that “clothed” time to do a couple of loads of wash, so that on Saturday morning, when we left the room, we had clean clothes for our return trip. Bill waited in the lobby while I took a cab back to the truck. A half hour later, I picked him up outside the hotel, and we began our trip back to Phoenix.

The trip west is exactly the same as the trip east, except that the most of the stopping points are different. For the first three days, we drove hard, ate well, and made love as often as we could. We spent the first two nights in the truck. I don’t think it’s possible to shake a semi, but we really did try.

The third night, I wanted to sleep in a real bed, so we stayed in a Quality Inn Motel in the town of Gallup, New Mexico, about twenty miles from the Arizona border.

We followed our usual routine; I booked the room, Bill went in to shower while I did my workout in the back of the parking lot and then I came in to take my shower. I was just finishing up, getting ready for a wild night with my man, when Bill yelled,

“Oh, shit! Gail you’ve got to see this. Hurry.”

I ran out of the bathroom; there on the TV was a picture of Bill; it looked like a high school yearbook picture. The caption under the picture read “Missing”. Bill turned up the volume.

“He was last seen a week ago. Anyone having information about this case should contact the Phoenix police department.”

“Gail, now what are we going to do?”

I sat on the bed. I had to think. I had to get him back to Phoenix; back to my house without being seen. Once we got there, we could use this to our advantage. Our normal route home would be, out Interstate 40, through Winslow, to Flagstaff, then to Interstate 17 south to Phoenix. I’d have to stop along that route somewhere to fuel up. There was a chance that since that was the most popular route, the state police would be looking for information at the various stops.

If I fueled up at Holbrook instead, and took the state roads through Payson and the Tonto National Forest, I’d run into much less traffic, and cut off about fifty miles of our trip.

“Bill, we’re going to take the back trail into Phoenix, there’s less of a chance of running into the police or anyone spotting you. We’ll drive back to the company, drop the trailer and you’ll come back to my house with me. After that we’ll figure out what to do next. Don’t worry we’ll be fine.”

We shut the TV and crawled into bed, holding each other tight. Our love making that night was soft and tender, as if we were reassuring ourselves that everything was going to be all right.

Long after Bill settled into a deep peaceful sleep, I was staring at the ceiling, reviewing in my head the route that we were going to take.

I remembered the first time my Dad took me this way. We were on our normal route when we heard on the CB that Route 17 South between Flagstaff and Phoenix was shut down due to a serious accident. Luckily we were still east of Holbrook at the time. Dad got off the Interstate and headed through town to a two lane state road. A sign ahead read, “Welcome to the Tonto National Forest”. All around us the area was flat with golden brown grass a couple of feet high and an occasional scrub bush. As we made our way, I’d see small green signs along the road every couple of miles; elev. 6000. We must have passed about five of them before I realized that that were elevation heights; the last one had read 6300 feet. We were climbing.

Most people don’t realize that the area from central New Mexico to central Arizona is a high plain. The climb is so gradual that you never realize how high you actually are. We continue through a small town, just a few commercial and residential buildings, and then followed the signs for Payson. The terrain was beginning to change; the grasses were replaced, first by small bushes and then by pine trees. Soon we were at 7000 feet and in the middle of a dense forest.

We continued through the town of Payson; a nice little town with commercial areas, shops and residential areas all mixed together. We made a left turn and were soon back in the forest, once again. We continued to climb, reaching an altitude of 7,800 feet. There were signs for camping areas and individual summer cottages all along the route. This was the area where the residents of the Central Valley, Phoenix and Scottsdale, escaped the extreme summer heat. We had traveled about ten miles and came around a bend in the road; there in front of me was a deep valley, completely surrounded by tree-covered mountains. It was breathtaking. Dad, pulled on to the side of the road, and got out of the truck. I thought we were stopped so we could look out over the valley; but Dad climbed up behind the cab and checked all the connections for the air brakes. When I asked why he was doing that, he pointed to a big sign on the side of the road: ALL TRUCKS MUST STOP AN INSPECT BRAKES. “That’s why,” he said.

We got back into the truck and pulled back onto the road and began our decent off the high plains and down towards the Valley of the Sun. Dad kept the truck in low gear as much as possible, using the brakes sparingly. Signs warned of several times of 6% decline for the next five miles as we wound our way towards the valley. Even with the brakes and the low gears, the truck continued to pick up speed. Dad appeared unconcerned, but I was scared shitless. We finally made our way to the valley below, the ride leveled off and we could relax. Outside, there were fewer trees and more clearings. We traveled about twenty miles in this valley, then, we began to climb again. The climb this time was a lot steeper, the truck straining to maintain speed until Dad had to downshift. We climbed for a couple of miles, traveled around a bend in the road, and began to descend once again. This time the decent was not as steep. On this side of the mountain the trees were gone, replaced by cactus and scrub bushes. The color changed from lush blue green to brownish gray. We had made it into the Valley of the Sun.

I finally fell into a restless sleep. Bill had to wake me a little after five. We dressed; I sent him to the truck with our bags, while I checked out and grabbed a couple of cups of coffee. By five thirty, we were on our way to Holbrook, Arizona.

Chapter 13

The drive west to Holbrook is a little less than one hundred miles and takes about an hour and a half. I left the Interstate, crossed the main road and pulled into the lone truck stop in Holbrook. I pulled up to one of the pumps and pumped diesel into the drivers’ side tank until it was half full and did the same on the passenger side. I figured there was no sense in carrying more fuel than we needed; less weight to carry up the hills. I told Bill to stay in the truck while I went inside to get our breakfast to go. While I was in there I checked the TV for any other news about Bill. Luckily there was none. I was carrying out our breakfast, and had just reached the door, when in front of me stood two state troopers. My heart stopped; then one of the troopers opened the door for me. I thanked him, and walked out to the truck. I looked over my shoulder as I reached the truck, half expecting them to be right behind me; but no one was there.

I started the truck, pulled out of the stop, over the Interstate and through the town. Five minutes later we were in the Tonto National Forest on our way to Payson. Bill and I talked about the scenery and I watched for his reactions to the views. When we got to the mandatory safety stop, his eyes were as big as saucers and his hands held on his seat as if he expected to be ejected at any second.

“Bill, what’s wrong.”

“I – I’m afraid of heights.”

‘Shit, now he tells me,’ I thought to myself. ‘No turning back now, he’ll have to just close his eyes or look away from the drop offs on the way down.’

“Close your eyes; I have to get out and check the air brakes, I’ll be right back.”

After my inspection, I got back in to the cab.

“Bill, I’m sorry; I had no idea you were afraid of heights. You’ve got three choices; you can climb into the berth and stay there until it’s over; you can stay here with me and close your eyes all the way down; or you can sit there and look out at the mountain side of the road. The decent is going to take about an hour.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

I was so proud of him; I knew he was scared, but he was going to stick it out and battle his fears.

On the way down, I glanced over at him when I could, he was a little pale, but he was watching the road with me all the way.

When we got down to the desert; I grabbed his hand, kissed it and said,

“That’s it; we’re in the valley now. You did real good, I’m proud of you.”

“When we get to your house, I think I’m going to have to change my shorts.”

We both laughed, the tension broken.

The last hour of the trip was uneventful. About a mile out from the factory, I had Bill climb in the back.

“You stay there, don’t make a sound, and don’t look out. I’m going to drop the trailer and then go into the office to hand in my paperwork. I’ll be out in about a half an hour. I love you.”

As he climbed into the back, he kissed my cheek,

“I love you, too.”

I was in great spirits when I climbed back into the cab. The operations manager was very pleased that I had completed my run early. They were running short on some of the materials that I had in my load. I had saved his butt, and he knew it. They were already beginning to unload the trailer. My next run was not scheduled until Monday morning; so I had the next five days off. That would give Bill and me some time to ourselves, and some time to figure out what to do about his problem.

“Bill, you still back there?”

“Yeah, but it’s getting awfully hot, let’s get out of here.”

I started up and we headed out of the yard and toward my house. I pulled into my driveway and backed the truck into its normal spot and killed the engine. Bill and I gathered our things, cleaned up any trash and headed into the house.

“Make yourself at home, Bill. I think you’re going to be staying here a while.”

I gave him the nickel tour, while I went through my usual returning home routine. The temperature was lowered on the air conditioner, my plants were watered, and our dirty clothes were thrown into the washer.

“You want anything to drink?”

“A coke if you have it. Water will do.”

I grabbed a coke and a beer from the fridge and we settled onto the couch. It was good to just sit and veg for a while after an exciting last day of our journey.

“Bill, I think we should call a friend of my Dad’s, if he’s not already retired he’s still on the Phoenix police force. We can tell him that you’re ok; and that he should call off the alert for you.”

“I’m not going back to my sister’s place.”

“I’m not suggesting that you do; but we have to tell someone what you heard. I think we can trust him. He’ll tell us what we can do. Worst case scenario is that you’ll have to go back into hiding again.”

“Can we wait until tomorrow?”

“Sure. You’ll be safe here.”

We watched a little of the local TV news, there was no other alerts for Bill. That was good. Suppertime, I took a couple of steaks out of the freezer, and with a couple of potatoes and a can of corn, we had the makings for a nice dinner. I preheated the grill, while Bill prepared the steaks and wrapped the potatoes. When the grill was hot I tossed the potatoes on first, then after ten minutes I put the steaks on. Bill set the table and opened the can of corn. Less than ten minutes later we were sitting in the dining room having dinner. Bill surprised me with how domestic he was. I guess he spent a lot of time doing stuff for his sister. After dinner, he helped me clear the table, rinse the dishes, and put them in the dishwasher. We spent some time relaxing in the living room and watched the local news again. I guess Bill was no longer a newsworthy story.

After the news, I got up off the couch and headed to the back of the house.

“Come on Bill; I have one more room I want to show you.”

I walked down the short hall and opened the door; then I stepped back and let Bill see the inside of the room.

“Wow; this is great.”

The room was void of furniture. The floor was covered wall to wall with mats. One half of the room held a treadmill, the other half of the room was dedicated to free weights. I had a heavy-duty workout bench, several bar bells and dumbbells, and about 250 pounds of weights. There was a large full- length mirror on one wall, and a wall unit air conditioner on the outer wall next to the window, which had a heavy curtain on it to keep out the heat of the sun.

“Most of this stuff was my Dad’s; I added what I wanted over time. You want to work out with me or do you just want to watch.”

“I’ll walk on the treadmill and watch if you don’t mind.”

“Ok for now, but we have to put a little more muscle on that body of yours.”

I started to take off my clothes, when I got down to my panties; I noticed that Bill was still dressed.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, that I usually work out in the nude. There’s no need to get my clothes all sweated up and since I’m usually here alone I just got into the habit. If you want I can get some shorts and a shirt.”

“No don’t bother, I don’t mind.”

“I didn’t think you would,” I said with a smile. “You should probably leave your boxers on; I don’t want you to beat yourself black and blue with that club you have.”

I slid my panties off and started my warm-ups. I did some pushups and some sit-ups, and some stretching. When I was warmed up, I walked over to the bench, took off two twenty-five pound plates and started my first sets of presses with one hundred fifty pounds. From the bench, I could see Bill walking on the treadmill, his eyes never leaving my body, with cock fully erect in his boxers. After I did three sets, I got up and added ten pounds to each side. I repeated my sets. Knowing that I was turning Bill on was really getting me worked up as well, so I removed the ten-pounders and replaced them with the twenty-five pounders that I had removed earlier. I pumped out three more sets, the last of which I had to work hard to complete. I put five more pounds on each side.

“Bill, can you come over here and spot for me.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Just stand here and, if I get in trouble, help me to re-rack the weight.”

He stood behind me, staring at my chest, his cock dangerously close to the top of my head. I grabbed hold of the bar, pulled it down to my chest then pushed it up for eleven reps; on the twelfth I began to strain.

“Help me, Bill.”

He grabbed the bar and helped me put it on the rack.

“Bill, don’t let go of the bar!” I told him emphatically.

I reached out and grabbed his boxers and yanked them down to his knees. His cock slapped his stomach then stood straight out from his body. I slid up the bench until my head was no longer on it. His cock was resting on my chin and his balls were hitting my nose. Grabbing it in my hand, I guided his cock into my mouth. With my head tilted back, his cock easily entered my throat. I grabbed his ass and began to guide his movements until he got the idea that I wanted him to fuck my throat. He got into the rhythm.

“Gail, I can’t hold out much longer!”

I could feel his balls begin to tighten and pulled him in as far as I could. My throat was trying its best to swallow the invader, constricting around it. I felt the head swell.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

He tried to pull back, but I held him firmly, as he began to pump his cum directly down my throat. That pushed me over the edge, my hips and ass came off the bench, as my own orgasm ripped through me.

When we finally calmed down, I allowed him to pull back just enough for me to suck out the last of his cum, then reluctantly I released him. Standing up, I took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom.

“Let’s grab a quick shower; I’m not through with you yet.”

Chapter 14

Later that night, after a long and mutually satisfying lovemaking session, I lay on my back, Bill asleep with his head on my shoulder, thinking about how my life had changed. Less than two weeks ago, I was a loner; my job was the center of my world. Now, this young man, ten years younger than me, had changed all that. He had released my pent up sexuality. I was falling in love with him. I wanted to share my life with him. But I was scared, was this only about the sex? We were both virgins when we met, did he feel the same about me? He was going off to college; soon he would meet girls closer to his own age, sharing the same interests and dreams. How could I compete with them? We were from two different worlds. The more I thought about it, the worse I felt.

The next thing I knew it was morning. Bill was still asleep as I eased myself out of bed, grabbed a pair of panties and a shirt and headed for the bathroom. I dressed, walked to the kitchen, made myself a cup of coffee and turned on the news. I continued my thoughts from the previous night.

I knew that no matter what else happened between us, I had to help Bill get out of the spot he was in. I went to the kitchen and pulled out my Dad’s phone book. I scanned the pages trying to remember his name. There it was, Jim Hill. It listed his home number and his department number and extension. I sat back and began to form a plan in my head.

“Good morning, ” Bill said as he entered the kitchen, dressed in jeans and a shirt. “What are you doing?”

“I looked up the number of a friend of my Dad’s. The last time I heard he was a detective on the Phoenix police force. We have to tell someone that you’re all right and what you overheard. They’re the only ones that can help you. You can’t keep running and hiding forever.”

“What if they want to bring me back to my sister’s house?”

“My Dad always said that Jim was a good guy, I don’t think he would send you back into that environment; but just in case, you won’t be here when he and I meet. I’ll explain the situation alone first. Then, if it sounds like he will help us, I bring you into the meeting. Sound fair?”

Bill nodded, but I could see the concern on his face, as I picked up the phone and dialed the direct line.

“Detective Hill.”

“Hello, Detective Hill, I don’t know if you remember me, this is Gail Brown, Ed Brown’s daughter.”

There was a slight pause, and then Jim’s voice boomed out of the receiver.

“Gail, how are you? Sure I remember you, it’s been a long time, must be ten years at least. I really miss your Dad, he and I had some good times together. What can I do for you?”

“Well Jim, a friend of mine has sort of a problem and I’d like to discuss it with you; off the record first if you don’t mind. Could you come to my Dad’s place this evening?”

“Sounds serious Gail, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine; better than fine actually. I’m just trying to help a friend.”

“Sure Gail, I can be out by 7:00 PM. Is that ok?”

“Great. Thanks, Jim; see you at 7:00.”

I hung up the phone and walked over to Bill.

“You’ll see; everything is going to work out fine.”

I picked him up in a big bear hug and held him tight.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, and cooking; the normal things that a couple would be doing. It felt so right! I hoped that it felt the same to Bill.

The doorbell rang precisely at 7:00. I sent Bill to the workout room and opened the door. There stood Jim Hill, just as I remembered him, about 5’10″ one hundred eighty five pounds, a little gray around the temples, dressed in a suit, without the tie.

“Come on in Jim; you haven’t changed a bit. Have a seat. Can I get you a beer or a soft drink or water?”

“Since I’m officially off duty, I’ll take a beer if you don’t mind.”

I got us a couple of beers and sat on the other end of the couch.

“Gail, you certainly have grown up, the last time I saw you, you were a tall, skinny kid. You’re not that anymore. What are you doing now? I saw the tractor next to the house, are you driving now?”

“Yes sir, I took over my Dad’s old job; now I do the cross country route about 50 times a year. How about you, the last time we saw each other was at Dad’s funeral, you’re still on the force, married, any kids?”

“No kids thank goodness, my wife is now my ex-wife; she couldn’t take being a cop’s wife, the hours, the danger, the uncertainty. She left about five years ago.”


“Don’t be. I have a lady friend that I’m seeing. But we won’t make any plans until I retire.”

There was a lull in the conversation, and then Jim spoke,

“Ok Gail, why am I here?”

“A couple of weeks ago a young man stowed away in my truck. I didn’t discover he had snuck into my truck until I was outside of Flagstaff. Not wanting to turn around I took him as far as Winslow. I figured I’d drop him there, but after I heard his story I let him stay with me all the way to New Jersey.”

“What’s his name, Gail?”

“Bill Young”

“Holy shit Gail, his sister has been frantic, calling the precinct every day. Is he ok? Did you leave him in New Jersey?”

“He’s fine. Before I tell you where he is let me tell you the story he told me. He overheard his sister and her scumbag boy friend planning to kill him and leave him out in the desert so that they could get the money in his trust fund.”

“I met the boy friend; you’re right he is a scumbag. But you have to tell me where he is; I have to know that he is ok.”

“I can arrange a meeting, if you promise that you won’t return him to them. He doesn’t want to go back there, you can understand why.”

“I can’t do that Gail. He’s a minor and his sister wants him back home.”

“No, I won’t go back there.”

Bill was standing in the doorway, ready to make a break for the back door if needed.

“Son, I have to bring you back to her.”

“She’s not my mother or my guardian; they never told anyone that I was living there after my Mom died. I’m old enough to take care of myself. They are planning to kill me for the money.”

“Jim, can’t you do something? Tell them that he contacted you; that he’s safe, but doesn’t want to return to her house. He starts at UA in a few weeks. He can stay with me until then. They’re going to kill him.”

“I hear you, let’s think about this. There’s no evidence to support your story is there?”

Bill shook his head.

“We can’t arrest them because at this point they have committed no crime that can be proven in a court of law. I can tell her that you’re ok, that you ran before I could take you into custody. But that only buys you a few weeks. They will know where you are as soon as you enroll in UA. I assume you’ll be living on campus. They can wait until you are alone, grab you off the street and do what they want. I have a friend on the job in Tucson. He could help me down there, but not for long.”

“What if you were watching them here; when they make their move to get him in Tucson, you could notify your friend. He could watch over Bill until they try something.”

“I can’t have Billy act as bait, it’s too dangerous. He’d be all alone. What if we lost them, or they hired someone else to do their dirty work.”

“He wouldn’t be alone; I’d be there with him. I have a few weeks of vacation coming to me. I can act like a student. I can protect him.”

“I don’t like it, not one bit. But what other choice do we have? I’ll talk it over with my captain and let you know. How can I contact you?”

“You can call us here until Sunday night. I have another run to make Monday morning. Bill will be coming with me; I won’t let him out of my sight. We’ll call you from the road.”

“I hope I don’t get fired for this.”

“Come on Jim, you know there’s no other way.”

We both stood up, Bill walked over to me and I threw my arm around him. Jim looked at the two of us, smiled and said,

“Now, I really don’t want to know anything more. If I don’t call you by Sunday, make sure you call me every day. This just gets better and better.”

Chapter 15

Later that evening, after Jim had left, Bill and I made love; slow, passionate love. Afterwards, as we lay in bed, holding each other in a lovers embrace, Bill whispered into my ear.

“Gail, I love you so much. It’s not just the sex — which is fantastic — it’s everything about you; your strength, your personality, the way you care for me, the way you handle tough situations. I’m totally and hopelessly in love with you.”

The tears began to run down my cheeks, as I hugged him tightly to my body.

“You don’t know how much I wanted to hear that from you. I love you, too. We’re going to have some rough times ahead of us, but I know we can work through them.”

“Gail, I’m not sure that I want you to get involved with those two. You could get seriously hurt. Maybe I should just move somewhere else, go to some other school. I could get lost for a time. After I turn 21, my trust fund terminates, and the money is mine. My sister would no longer have any claim to it, so my life would no longer be in danger.”

“Running away won’t solve your problem. You’ll be looking over your shoulder for the next four years. That’s no way to live. Besides this should be the best time of your life; don’t let them take that away from you. I’ll be careful. We’ll get through this together.”

Sunday evening we got a call from Jim.

“Everything is set. I spoke to the Captain; he agreed to let Billy stay with you, as long as you keep in touch with me. I called my friend in Tucson and although he doesn’t like the idea of using the two of you as bait, he agreed that it’s the only way to catch the two of them and put them away for a long time. I told him that we’d finalize our plans in a couple of weeks.”

“That’s all we could ask for. Thanks Jim, thanks for everything.”

“Gail, you take care; don’t forget to call me. Good Luck.”

Monday morning we started our east coast run with Bill in the front seat, except for the time when we picked up our load. During the next three weeks we made the round trip twice, making love in the back of the cab when and where ever we stopped for the night. We called Jim every day at noon his time. I also made arrangements with my boss to take a couple of weeks off starting on August 20th, the first day Bill would be allowed to move into his dorm.

Chapter 16

During the time off between our east coast trips, Bill and I were quite busy. Bill spent much of the time on the phone, calling the trustee that his grandfather had designated, making arrangements for his tuition to be paid, changing his mailing address to my post office box, and having funds transferred to his checking account for living expenses. He also called the school and had them change his mailing address and requested they send all the paperwork he would need to register. He explained the situation with his sister in general terms and requested that they not disclose his mailing address to anyone. While Bill was making his arrangements, I was working in the garage.

“Wow! Are those yours?”

I looked up from under the hood. Bill had just walked into the garage.

“It’s mine now; it originally belonged to my Dad. This is a 1968 El Camino SS 396; it was his pride and joy. The bike is a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. I bought that a few years ago to make quick trips around town and to ride out to the desert or the mountains.”

“We have a couple of errands to run, most importantly we have to go to the bank and put you as a signer on my checking account.”

“Ok, give me a chance to finish this oil change and clean up”

One hour later, we walked back to the garage from the house. I walked over the Harley.

“Well, what are you waiting for hop on?”

“I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle before.”

“Just sit on the back, put your feet on these pegs, and hold on to me, but watch where your hands go; no getting fresh.”

With a turn of the key the bike roared to life and down the driveway we went. It really felt great to cruise through the streets, under the blue sky and bright sunshine shine of the Arizona summer, with Bill clutching me around my waist. I almost forgot about the bank. When we pulled into the bank parking lot Bill jumped off the back.

“That was awesome. I wish we could take this down to Tucson.”

“Not this trip, we’ll be carrying too much stuff. During the semester, I’ll come down to pick you up and we’ll ride back home. Maybe someday soon we’ll get you a bike as well and we can cruise together.”

We walked hand in hand into the bank. Bill presented his ID and account paperwork. The banker not only added my name to the account, but removed Karen’s as well. On the way back to the house, we took a detour onto a back road that headed out into the desert. I opened her up a little and soon we were doing 80. Bill was on the back holding me as tight as he could, howling with excitement. After about ten miles we turned around and headed back toward civilization, a burger and a cool drink our ultimate goal. When we got back to the house I pulled the bike back into the garage.

“Do you really think I could learn to ride a bike like this?”

“In time I’m sure you could; but until we put a little more muscle on that skinny body of yours, I think you’d be better off on something a little smaller. There’s nothing worse than pulling up to a light, putting down your foot to wait for the light to change and having the bike become too heavy for you to handle and fall over on its side. It’s really embarrassing, especially if you can’t lift it upright on your own.”

Only two weeks had passed since I was hired to do data entry before I was called into Jane’s office. She was the owner of the small business, so I was immediately concerned my employment was going to be terminated. The job was my first since getting out of college, and I felt it was a step up from working retail or in food service. That’s why I was so worried as I walked from my desk to Jane’s office.

Jane was an intimating woman. She was taller than me, had a thick, curvy build, and always dressed in sharp looking business skirts and jackets. Her outfits never failed to accentuate her shapely form. Her hair was long, black, wavy, and worn in a prim bun or held up by a clip in the back. Occasionally she would wear it in a tight ponytail that looked as if it would pull her hairline back. Her face, with high cheekbones and a subtly strong jaw, was quite attractive, even without much makeup.

On top of that, she had a no nonsense attitude that often bordered on condescending and somewhat mean. Of course, if you stayed on her good side, she would treat you with respect. But the moment you did something wrong, the bitchy side became quite apparent.

Her life outside of work was a mystery to me. I assumed she was married based on the ring she wore on her left hand. But beyond that, there was little I had learned. I wasn’t even sure how old she was, though if I had to guess I’d say she was in her late 40s.

“You’ve been doing great work so far,” she said after I was seated across from her. She clasped her hands together on the desk. “How would you feel about being my personal assistant and getting a dollar raise?”

My eyebrows went up and I looked at her for a moment. “Sure, that would be great,” I replied and smiled. The relief I felt must have been obvious on my face.

“Good. You’ll start immediately,” she stated. “There’s much to do, so get whatever you need and bring it in here. You’ll be at that desk.”

I didn’t hesitate to follow her directions. Once I had what little I needed, I set up on a desk in her office. I was a bit concerned by the desk because it was higher than usual so that whomever used it could stand rather than sit. Nevertheless, I didn’t complain.

At first the work wasn’t any different than what I had been doing, except I was reporting directly to her and she was giving me tasks. However, as the weeks went by my work began to involve other activities that had nothing to do with data entry, and were more fitting of a secretary or janitor. First it was getting her coffee, then emptying her trash basket, cleaning the floor of her private restroom, and so on. Eventually she even had me scrubbing the toilet.

Not once did I object, complain, or ask why she was giving me such tasks. I was making decent money and didn’t feel like putting my job at risk. Perhaps she knew that and was simply taking advantage of the situation. Regardless, I accepted my role as her subordinate and continued to work hard.

“I need you to stay late today,” she told me one Friday afternoon.

“Okay,” I replied. I was a single 24 year old guy with a very minimal social life, so sticking around didn’t bother me at all.

When 6 o’clock rolled around and the other six employees had gone home, she closed the office door and locked it. This wasn’t all that unusual during normal hours when she had to place an important phone call, so I did not think much of it.

“Wet this for me and lather it with soap,” she said as she pulled a washcloth from a leather handbag next to her desk.

I did as she asked while wondering what in the world she was going to have me do next. I assume it was just another one of her unusual chores for me. When I was done, I found her sitting on her desk peeling the nylons from her legs.

“Sit,” she said and gestured to the chair in front of her. “Good, now wash my feet.”

I glanced up at her, and upon seeing her looking back expectantly, I held back on asking why. For the next several minutes I washed one foot, paying special attention to getting between her toes. Once she was satisfied she set the clean foot down between my thighs and presented the other to me.

As I washed the foot, I could feel the clean one moving closer to my crotch. I wasn’t sure what to think, and I certainly didn’t feel comfortable speaking up to express my discomfort with the situation. Jane was too intimidating, and I really needed the job. By the time I was finished washing, only the fabric of my pants kept her toes from touching my genitals.

“Good, now rub them,” she said with tone that suggested she was enjoying herself.

I sneaked a sigh of resignation and started to massage one foot. “At least they’re clean,” I thought to myself. Occasionally she would moan softly while I worked, so I felt confident that I was doing a good job. When I finally finished the first foot, she placed it in the same spot as the other against my crotch, and lifted the one that needed attention. Though I hadn’t found any kind of sexual appeal in what I was doing, my cock felt differently. It was quite hard and I worried that her foot would soon discover my arousal.

“You’re a very obedient young man,” she remarked while I worked and applied gentle pressure against my balls. “I’m very pleased by your efforts.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I’d like for you to refer to me as ma’am from now on,” she stated.

“Yes,” I said while massing the ball of her foot. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good,” she said with a content sounding sigh. “That’s enough. You can go now.”

I waited for her to put her high heels on and get off of the desk before I stood from the chair. “Thank you, ma’am,” I said.

I dismissed the foot washing and massage as a one time thing over the course of that weekend. However, the next Friday afternoon she told me – not asked – that I’d be staying late again that day. Once again she had me wash and rub her feet while using her toes to nuzzle my balls through my pants.

Upon finishing, rather than dismissing me for the evening, she said, “Now I want you to clean them with your mouth.”

For the first time I found myself very tempted to voice my displeasure of her request. I looked up to her face and my inner strength waned. I couldn’t bring myself to face her wrath should I object to her orders.

After a few moments of reluctance while studying one of her feet, I stuck out my tongue and licked the big toe with the tip of it. “Use you’re mouth, not your tongue,” she stated firmly. “Good. Swirl your tongue around it. Oh, that’s it. Keep that up until I tell you to stop.”

I washed her big toe for what must have been several minutes before she had me move on to the next toe. The process was repeated for each of them on both feet. While I was doing that, her free foot was much more active against my crotch, slowly creeping up and down, pressing against my erect cock through my pants, and causing me much internal conflict. I wasn’t sure if I should embrace the way she was exciting me, or if I should go somewhere in my mind that would fight against any sexual arousal I may be feeling.

Fortunately she did not take her contact with my private parts any further. Though by the time I finished with her toes, I was rock hard and could feel precum had been oozing from the tip.

I jerked off that night while thinking about Jane. Prior to that day I had never thought of her in a sexual manner. I imagined her foot covered in lube, with my cock sliding between the two biggest toes, as she moved it ever so slowly up and down until I shot my load.

She had me wash, rub, and orally clean her feet again the next Friday. As a result of my own fantasizing, I was less reluctant to please her the second time around. In fact I found myself trying to do as good a job as possible while cleansing every part of her toes with my lips and tongue. Once again, as usual, her free foot had been rubbing my crotch, though she had taken the liberty of pressing against my cock much more than my balls.

Perhaps she sensed my desire to do well, or maybe she had been planning everything out in advance, but when I finished she had me stand up in front of her. She lifted a foot and pressed it firmly against the fly of my pants where my hard cock was secured in my briefs.

“Show it to me,” she stated.

I hesitated and felt myself flush with anxiety. “You’re married, ma’am,” I said quietly and looked at the floor. For some reason I felt slightly ashamed, though I wasn’t sure why.

“Yes, I am,” she answered. “And that’s none of your concern. Now show me your cock.”

I looked up at her and swallowed nervously before finally relenting. I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped the fly, then pushed my briefs down while trying to hold both garments up. She reached out with her foot and tugged them down with her toes, so I let them fall around my ankles.

A soft moan emitted from her lips as she eyed my erect penis. It was hard enough to be pointing slightly upward. There was a beat of clear precum beginning to leak from the slit.

“Beautiful,” she whispered. “You’re so much larger than my husband.”

I thought that might be it, that I might be pulling my pants up at any moment. Instead, Jane slid off of the desk, pulled up her skirt, and tugged her panties down. After freeing the lacy black garment from her legs, she squatted down and pressed the cloth to her crotch. I could hear her sigh softly before she stood up and held the panties out between us. She turned them upside down and placed them on my head so that the part that covered her crotch was over my nose. The smell of her urine was quite evident.

“You’ll learn to enjoy that scent,” she stated as she returned to her spot on the desk. “Now come closer.”

I stepped nearer to where she sat on the desk so I was standing between her open legs. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my stiff rod and began to slowly stroke with a loose grip. I could already tell I wouldn’t last very long.

“I can feel you pulsing with excitement already,” she said before she let go.

As I felt a pang of disappointment, I was surprised to see her reach to the buttons on her top and unfasten them. Once she had revealed her substantial cleavage, her hand returned to it’s place on my cock and resume stroking.

“I bet you want to see them, don’t you,” she stated and I nodded. “Some day, but not right now.”

We didn’t speak while she continued to slide her hand slowly up and down my shaft. There was enough precum that loose grip didn’t require lube. I couldn’t recall having ever been so turned on in my life. As she stroked I could hear only the sound of her breathing and the schlicking noise of her hand on my flesh.

I would guess that only a couple minutes passed before I felt the wonderful sensations that preceded an orgasm. My hips rocked slightly as I tried to get more out of the motion of her hand. Out of nowhere my body jerked involuntarily.

“Are you going to cum?” she whispered so I nodded my response. “Good boy. Right here on my foot.”

My breathing had become ragged, and each time I inhaled I was reminded of the aroma of her piss. Without breaking her rhythm, she lifted a leg and planted her foot right by the head of my cock. Moments later the first jet of milky white fluid shot out and landed by her toes. As more cum followed, she pointed the head so that the juices covered the spaces between each toe. Once the last of my cum was out, she stroked a few more times and finally released her hold on me.

She reached up and held my jaw with her other hand. Looking into my eyes, she asked, “Are you ready to prove that you are worthy to be my young slut boy?”

I was still recovering from the powerful orgasm and didn’t think much about the question. Instead I simply nodded.

“Good. On your knees then,” she said and smiled. I held the desk while I lowered myself in front of her. “Clean your cum off of my foot.”

My brain suddenly cleared upon hearing her instructions. I looked at my load of sticky fluids that had collected on and between her toes. I’d always been repulsed by the idea of consuming my own semen, so I found myself struggling to please her.

“Do it,” she said firmly.

I moved my mouth to her foot and hesitated while I fought off the urge to gag. Once I recovered, I began sucking the cum off of each toe and making sure they were clean. I almost gagged a couple more times before I was finally able to get past it.

“Good boy,” Jane said when I finished. “Now clean yourself up. You’re free to go.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I said.

Once I had my pants in order and was headed out of the office, Jane called out to me saying, “Don’t bother packing a lunch on Monday. We’ll be going to my house.”

Monday morning was like any other in Jane’s office. She had a weekly phone call that never failed to become quite intense, which made it awkward for me to sit and listen to her side of it. Afterward she would always be very grouchy and that only added to the discomfort of being in the same office.

“I fucking hate talking to them,” she said after hanging up the phone. She sighed audibly and I could hear her hands smack lightly on her desk. “We’re leaving for lunch. Grab whatever you take home with you because we’ll probably not be coming back.”

I glanced at the time and saw it was only 11 o’clock which was an hour earlier than she let anyone go to lunch. I quickly grabbed my bag and packed my music player and headphones. A few minutes later we were seated in her car.

Neither of us spoke for a several minutes while she began driving to her house. Perhaps it was just me, but I felt that the tension that had been in the office was now in the car as well. I was worried that even moving to scratch my cheek might upset her in some way.

“We need condoms,” she said as we approached a drug store. She pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. “Come on.”

We entered the store and she lead the way to the contraceptive products. I felt very self conscious standing next to her while she glanced over the selection. Being completely unfamiliar with condoms, I wasn’t sure which ones were ideal. They all looked the same to me.

“Pull your cock out,” she said as she continued to look at the various products.

“Right here?” I asked quietly, suddenly awash with anxiety.

“Yes, right here,” she replied and looked at me. She was clearly agitated.

I glanced around and saw that there wasn’t anyone nearby. I hoped there weren’t any security cameras watching us. Reluctantly I unzipped my pants, tugged the elastic of my briefs down, and exposed myself.

Jane looked at my limp cock. “Good,” she said. “But I need you nice and hard.”

“But-” I began to object. My words were cut short when she knelt in front of me. Her mouth moved close and consumed my penis.

For the next minute or so I was wracked with a mixture of excitement and worry. I constantly looked around for anyone that might see us. Meanwhile she lathed my slowly hardening rod with her tongue. Normally I wouldn’t have needed much time at all to get a rock solid erection, but the circumstances hampered my progress.

I had to force myself to focus on her efforts, and watch her as well, in order to get in the mood, so to speak. Fortunately no one approached us in the time it took me to achieve a full erection. Once I had reached that state, she pulled her head back and stood up.

“Stroke it until I get back,” she said and immediately walked away. I damn near voiced my objection, but just gave into her orders. While I stroked I watched her move quickly to the office supplies, pause, and then come back holding a ruler in her hand.

“Not bad,” she said as she measured my length. As she grabbed a pack of condoms she laughed. “I knew what we needed. I just had to see if this would be too much for your obedience. Now put it away.”

She left me standing by the condoms as she walked away toward the front of the store. I quickly made myself decent and caught up to her. While standing at the register waiting for her to pay I felt a spark of anger gaining life within me. I felt like she had crossed the line, even if no harm came of what had happened.

I was pissed and it only got worse as we continued the drive to Jane’s house. I knew I needed to grow some balls and confront her. I was thrilled that she wanted to do other stuff with me, even if it was far more unusual than anything I ever imagined. And I felt like I could accept the fact that she was cheating on her husband with me. But I needed to express my anger. On the other hand, I couldn’t forget that my welfare was at stake. I had landed my job for Jane office after a lengthy search. Finding employment elsewhere would no doubt mean running out of money in the process, which was not at all desirable to me. Were it not for that, I wouldn’t have hesitated to share with her a piece of my mind.

We drove only a few additional minutes before arriving at her home. It was rather small and located in a neighborhood populated by other modest houses. She parked in the garage and lead me inside.

“Bring your bag to the bedroom,” she said.

We continued through the kitchen, down a hallway, and into a room that was quite large. In the middle was a king sized bed. Numerous pictures decorated the walls, a small desk was parked against one of those walls, and a dresser stood next to it. The room was very clean and smelled much like the faint perfume that Jane wore every day.

“Here,” she said, holding her hand out. I gave her my bag and she placed it near the dresser. She then turned to face me with what I thought was a hint of a smile on her lips. “You’re mad at me, aren’t you.”

I glared back. “Yes,” I replied. “You shouldn’t-”

“Good,” she interrupted and walked to where I stood. She got so close that I was forced to back up, and as I did so she followed until my back was against the wall. She pressed her body close to mine and her face was just a couple inches from my own. “I was starting to wonder if you were a pussy or if there was some emotion in there somewhere.”

“I’m not a pussy,” I replied with no attempt to mask the frustration in my voice.

“Show me,” she said as she smirked. “Come on. If you’re angry, show me.”

I looked at her confused. What was she expecting me to do? Just as I was about to speak, she slapped my cheek hard enough to make it sting a little bit.

“Come on!” she said and slapped me again on the other cheek. Her hand rose again. I grabbed the wrist before she could land another blow to my face. The smirk on her lips changed to a smile and her eyes opened wider. “What are you going to do about it?”

Her other hand rose and I quickly gripped that wrist as well. I wasn’t sure what her intentions were, but if she had brought me to her house to fuck, then we were going to fuck. I wrapped her forearms under one of my arms and used my weight to move her to the bed. With a bit of effort I pushed her further so she was on her back.

She started to put up a bit of a fight, getting a hand free to try pushing me away, nearly bucking me off as we move entirely onto the bed, and twisting her body in an attempt to squirm away. I managed to maintain control, however, though I did let her roll onto her stomach. That’s when I decided to take advantage of her.

As usual, she was wearing a skirt that day. I held her wrists secure behind her back with one hand and assistance from a knee while pulling the fabric of her garment up to expose her ass. I couldn’t help myself as I saw the beautiful shape of her buttocks and the way her lacy black thong was nestled in between them. Her continued efforts forced me to end my momentary admiration and resume by jerking those meager panties down to her thighs.

“I hope you’re fucking wet,” I said without thinking about it.

“You going to fuck me?” she said in a ragged voice.

I didn’t reply. I used my free hand to unzip my pants and raise my hips so I could free my cock. Once I had taken hold of both of her wrists I straddled her ass and began to grind against her, running my quickly growing penis between her cheeks. I was surprised by the speed at which my erection was becoming more and more rigid. I’d never thought that this sort of thing, forcing myself on a woman, would excite me.

As soon as I was rock hard, I tried to position my cock into her pussy. Her legs were still pressed tight together, and I didn’t have a free hand with which to guide it in. “Get on your knees,” I said in a tone that surprised me. “Now spread your legs.”

She didn’t resist at all. I was able to quickly penetrate her pussy and found that apart from a slightly dry entry and the sensations of her pubic stubble, she was very well lubed already.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasped as soon as I pushed completely inside.

My past experience with sex, meager as it was, taught me to go slow at first and savor the pleasure. I tossed that inclination aside and began pounding her. Each time I rammed into her I watched as her ass cheeks absorbed the impact. She was arching her back quite nicely, giving me a full view of my cock sliding in and out of her slit.

“Slap my ass,” she said, her voice a bit rough. I waited a moment before releasing both of her wrists, then used one hand to halfheartedly slap her left cheek. “Come on, you can do better than that. I thought you were pissed off! I want to feel it when I sit down tomorrow.”

I needed no more encouragement. I whacked her left cheek hard enough that even my hand stung. “Again!” she called out, so I slapped again. And again. Over and over as she asked for it. Left cheek, right cheek. Somehow I managed to continue fucking her at the same time. Only when both cheeks were pinkish-red did I stop slapping her bottom.

Before long I could see her body begin to quiver. Her back arched even more, her buttocks clenched, and she buried her head into the bed covers. A muffled, guttural moan came out of her as she experienced what looked like an intense orgasm.

“Shit,” she gasped when she finally began to calm a bit. “Oh, fuck, that was just what I needed.”

I was quickly approaching my own climax, so I gripped her waist and pounded into her even faster. She must have sensed my need because she repositioned her knees and braced herself for the constant slamming against her rear end. Moments later I began to unload my cum inside her pussy. I involuntarily leaned forward slightly while erratically continuing to slide in and out of her until I was finished.

For several moments I remained buried in her pussy before pulling out and sitting down. Both of us rested while recovering from the shared pleasure. Only the sound of our labored breathing could be heard in the room. For some reason, as I sat there, I realized that I hadn’t been wearing a condom.

“We didn’t use any protection,” I said in a panic.

Jane chuckled and then laughed. “Don’t worry, hon, I can’t get pregnant, and you won’t catch anything from me.”

“Then why did you buy them?” I asked.

“You’ll see soon enough,” she answered and turned over to lay on her back.