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Marie sat on the bus as she did twice every day on her way to and from work. She had her MP3 playing her favourite songs as she looked aimlessly out of the window at the lush countryside. Marie was a country girl plain and simple but everyday she travelled into the city to do a job that paid the bills.

5.30am every morning Marie would wake, shower and dress up as the city executive she became as soon as she’d get to work. Marie would catch the bus at 6am and really enjoyed the hour drive to the centre of the city. The bus was usually empty and it felt like it was her private transport. The driver she imagined was her personal chauffer.

Marie flashed her bus pass at the driver as she caught the bus home. She noticed that it was her usual driver John.

“Evening John!” She said flashing her broadest grin.

“Hello stranger.” The bus driver replied giving her a cheeky wink.

Marie went to the back of the bus and put her MP3 player on. Marie noticed that John altered his rear view mirror so that their eyes met. Marie flashed a broad smile in John’s direction.

As the journey progressed the bus slowly emptied as the bus moved further away from the city. It had been a long Friday and Marie felt weary. It had been a very difficult week with lots of important meetings. She leant her head against the side of the bus. The gentle vibration of the bus travelled through her body and soon she was soundly sleeping at the back of the bus.

Marie woke up with someone gently shaking her arm. As she opened her eyes she could see John looking down at her. He stood there smiling down at her.

“You ok there sleepyhead?” he asked quietly.

“Oh I’m sorry. Oh dear I must have fallen asleep. You must think I am a right one!” She said apologetically stretching out into a full on yawn.

“I do but that’s because you are!” He replied smiling at her.

Marie was confused at his comment but she smiled as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Why don’t you come sit at the front you can keep me company? We can stop each other from falling asleep!” John held his hand out for Marie. She followed him down the bus and sat at the front seat. John got into the driver’s station.

They chatted politely as they travelled back towards Marie’s stop. It was surprising how much they seemed to have in common. Marie found herself laughing at his corny jokes. He was definitely a tonic to her otherwise boring day.

“So how come a beautiful woman like yourself is taking the bus?” John asked “Not that I’m complaining. I like having you on my bus!”

“It’s good for the environment” Marie found herself saying, trying to hide her reddening cheeks.

“Nice try but what’s the real reason?” John asked obviously noticing her blush.

“It’s embarrassing….” Marie started.

“It’ll be our little secret” John said quietly “There’s no one here but us.”

Marie weighed up telling him the truth. She judged that the worse thing he could do was laugh so she gave it a try.

“I love big vehicles. I think it comes from growing up in the countryside all the tractors and combine harvesters.” Marie giggled trying to divert John’s attention

“Big vehicles huh? So you like them big huh?” John tried his best to suppress the giggles that were now growing inside him. His eyes formed tears of laughter.

“I know it’s stupid. It’s just the smell, the noises and the way they make me feel! I’ll stop now I realise you’ll probably think I’m weird but it’s just how I am.”

Marie said not believing the words that were tumbling from her mouth. Not even her closest friends knew about her love of big vehicles.

“I think we should discuss this further” John said “except your stop is coming up. Unless of course you fancy coming down to the depot with me? I could show you around the depot and all the big buses.” John said slightly emphasising the words big and buses. “We could catch something to eat then when I’ve picked up my car I’ll drop you back later if you want?”

Marie weighed up her options a night alone in front of the television or a trip to the bus depot with a cute guy.

“Well if it’s no trouble? I could always get a taxi back!” Marie suggested eager to spend some time at the depot.

“It’s no trouble and there won’t be need for a taxi. I’d be delighted to give you a lift home. I’ll be on my best behaviour” John said slowly.

“You don’t have to be” Marie found herself saying quietly hoping John hadn’t heard her but his grin told Marie that he had.

The continued their banter down to the end of the line, the bus station in the neighbouring town. John explained that they’d catch another bus to the depot where his car was parked. They got off the bus and John transferred his duty to the next guy. John picked up his bag, the takings and all the other bus paraphernalia before guiding Marie to another smaller bus. They sat on the back of the bus and John draped his coat over their knees. Marie shivered having John so close. She was used to being so distant in business thinking that she had to fight men to get her opinions heard. It was different with John she found him easy to talk to and she had somehow let her defences down.

John leant closer to Marie and whispered into her ear softly telling her to relax. Marie didn’t follow what he meant. She was about to ask him when she suddenly realised. John had worked his hand onto her knee and was slowly working his way up her stockings inch by tantalising inch. His hand slid up the silky nylons but he didn’t stop. John simply smiled as his hand touched the lace at the top of her stockings. Marie breathed shallowly as John edged further and further up her thighs. She gasped quietly as he touched the now moistening fabric of her panties.

“Let’s see how much you like vehicles now shall we?” he whispered in her ear.

John pushed the fabric of her panties into her and it became obvious how much Marie was enjoying herself. John’s fingers were soaked in her juices. He started to pull his hand away from her but it was only to move the fabric to one side. John pushed his fingers deep inside her. Marie bit her lip trying to remain silent. Soon John was using two of his fingers to bring Marie closer and closer to orgasm. He relentlessly worked those two fingers around her clit so that the combination of his touch and the vibrations from the bus made her clit extremely engorged. Marie squirmed on her seat, her breathing becoming laboured as she was approaching orgasm.

John suddenly withdrew his hand shocking Marie into opening her eyes. John was slowly licking Marie’s juices off his fingers.

“We’re getting close to the depot. I wanted to make sure you could compose yourself before we get off the bus.” John said quietly. He stood up and led Marie off the bus past all the passengers oblivious of what had just happened inches from them. John exchanged a nod with the driver and they got off the bus.

“How about I show you inside the depot as compensation?” John asked.

Marie reached across and kissed John excitedly. He pulled her closer and they kissed passionately. Marie could taste her juices on John’s tongue. When they broke their embrace John threw his head back and laughed.

“Shall I take that as a yes then?” John smiled broadly at Marie.

John guided Marie through the depot. Marie was wide eyed which made John chuckle. There were so many buses in the depot being steam cleaned, washed and repaired. Marie got a few wolf whistles as she followed John around. She was hardly the sort of woman who was normally found inside the depot. Marie was catching eyes dressed in her pale grey business suit with her favourite pale blue blouse. John seemed to be taking full advantage of showing Marie off to his colleagues.

“This is my bus for tomorrow. Let’s go inside!” John said as they walked near the larger double Decker buses.

Marie followed him onto the bus. It smelt all clean and fresh.

“How about we go out for some food in a bit? You must be bored of all these buses by now?” John suggested.

“Far from it!” Marie grinned as an idea flashed through her mind. She stood a little closer to John and started speaking in a very quiet voice. “Tell you what I’ll cook you whatever food you want but I think you need to finish what you started earlier. Leaving a girl that close could leave to permanent damage. Let’s go upstairs!”

Marie walked away from John slowly to make sure that he was following her. As she climbed the stairs to the top of the bus she knew that he would be watching her long legs. That he would be able to see right up the slit in her skirt to the hold ups at the top of her stockings.

Marie could hear John scurrying up the stairs after her and she smiled briefly before turning around to face the stairs. John stopped on the stairs looking up at Marie towering above him. He wasn’t going to miss out on an opportunity with this sexy and attractive woman.

Marie removed the clasp on her hair letting it drop down around her shoulders. She then undid her grey jacket slowly and gently draped it over a nearby seat. Their eyes remained locked as Marie unbuttoned her thin pale blue blouse. John finished climbing the stairs and helped Marie remove her blouse. She felt in control of this situation. It was one of her all time fantasies and Marie wanted John so much at this moment. Slowly he revealed her beautiful body. Marie was wearing a black lacy bra with red stars embroidered on the cups.

“You look stunning!” John whispered, the smile fading from his face.

John moved in closer and started to kiss at the soft skin of her neck moving slowly across to her ear. John took her earlobe into his mouth and gently flicked his tongue across it, which made Marie start to gently moan.

“Lie down!” Marie said.

“Do you mean on the floor?” John questioned her a little surprised.

“Yes in the aisle” Marie instructed John.

John lay down on the floor obediently.

“Now I’m going to tease you! If you touch me then I’ll stop do you understand?” Marie said with a sudden authority.

John nodded whilst his mind whirred wondering what she had planned for him. Marie stood next to John’s head. She put a foot next to each of his ears then she squatted over his face. Marie wanted him to smell her juices off her panties. She hitched her skirt high up around her waist and slowly manoeuvred so that she was kneeling down. Marie leant forward and unzipped John’s flies to release his penis. It jumped to attention bobbing about now it was free from its confines. Marie smiled knowing she was having such an affect on him. It felt good to Marie to be in such control of a wonderfully sexy young man.

Marie needed to suck John. She needed to feel his dick in her mouth, to feel her lips pressing against his hard shaft. Marie leant further forward taking as much of his dick into her mouth as she could. Encouraged by John’s low groans Marie let her tongue flick wildly around his strong hard shaft. She held him tightly with her soft lips. Marie could hear John’s breath getting heavy as she sucked and licked him.

“If you keep going like that I’m going to be filling your mouth!” John said quietly between breaths.

“We wouldn’t want that now would we?” Marie said releasing his dick from the confines of her mouth. Marie slowly got to her feet and walked towards her bag.

“I didn’t mean for you to go! Don’t leave me like this!” John begged looking up at Marie with bewilderment.

Marie turned flashing John her biggest broadest smile as she turned around.

“Better be safe!” Marie said opening a condom packet.

Marie positioned herself and rolled the condom quickly down his hard shaft.

“Lie down!” John ordered her. “You’re going to stop teasing me you little minx. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!”

Marie was somewhat surprised at this authority side of John. It excited her further and she quickly complied by lying down on the floor of the bus. Marie was so energized by the situation that she no longer cared about the state of cleanliness on the bus. John quickly got on top of Marie squealed with delight.

John slid his dick deep into her wet pussy. With each thrust Marie brought her legs up until her knees were up to her chest.

“You’re a flexible little fucker aren’t you?” John said smiling.

“Shut the fuck up you fucker! Make me cum!” Marie groaned.

John moved up a bit until his dick was rubbing her clit. Marie muscles contracted rapidly against his dick. Marie bucked wildly. When the orgasm came it washed over her like a tidal wave. John had the stamina to give her wave after wave of orgasm. John slumped on top of Marie. She hugged him to help support his weight. John was breathing heavily.

“Sorry I’d better get up before I squash you!” John grinned as he got to his feet, quickly removing the condom. He then held his hand out to help Marie up from the floor.

“Such a gentleman.” Marie said getting to her feet.

“Wow well I know I’ll be having some vivid memories tomorrow!” John said grinning back at her.

“Oh yeah? What of?” Marie asked innocently as she rearranged her clothing.

“Of making love to the sexiest woman alive!” John said draping his arms around Marie’s waist pulling her closer. Their lips met. Marie playfully licked John’s lip before letting her tongue explore into his mouth.

“Now I think I remember promising you some food if you think you’re up for it!” Marie said trying to push her luck. She didn’t want the night to end.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to!”

“Maybe I want to.” Marie said smiling cheekily at John.

“Then I better get you home, although we’d better smarten up before we go back into the depot.”

“Yeah we don’t want to give your colleagues any ammunition now do we?” Marie said with a smile.

They both laughed nervously as they finished altering their clothing, making themselves more respectful. John led Marie quickly out of the depot and into the small staff parking lot.

John joked around calling his small car her chariot and soon Marie was guiding John through the country lanes to her house. She felt safe in his company.

“Are you sure you want me to come in? I could understand if you just wanted to use me and abuse me!” John asked hoping she would disagree with him.

Marie looked over at John who was sticking out his bottom lip and he was making his face look so very sad. Marie started giggling. She put her hands gently onto his ears and leant forward kissing his mouth again.

“Come in. I owe you some food for dropping me off safely after an amazing insight into the world of a bus driver.” Marie insisted.

Marie opened the door to her house. It felt a little odd showing John around her home. He was virtually a stranger but they’d been so incredibly intimate already. Marie felt so at ease with him.

Marie quickly set about making some spaghetti carbonara for her guest. Within ten minutes she was serving two bowls onto her dining room table.

“So she cooks too? Is there anything you can’t do?” John asked mockingly.

“Drive a bus!” Marie quipped without thinking then realising that she had said it at an audible volume she blushed deeply.

“Yeah and where did all that start? I’ve never known a woman so into vehicles.” He questioned curiously.

“I’m an original grease monkey. My dad and brothers always had vehicles in various states of disrepair. It’s in my blood. Don’t laugh at me…it’s an addiction. If I don’t ride a big vehicle twice a day I’m a grumpy so and so!” She replied automatically.

“You mean a bus. Don’t you?” John said gleefully trying to make her cheeks redden again.

“Why? What do you think I meant? Oh you dirty boy!” Marie suddenly realised what John had been implying and playfully tapped his shoulder.

Marie blushed suddenly realising what John had been driving at.

“I bet you have your pick of men. They queue around the block.” John could imagine that lots of men would be queuing up after Marie. She was so bright and vibrant that she would catch anyone’s eye.

“Why? Do you think you could handle the job as there’s a definite vacancy. Although I might have to set up an interview!” Marie said with a glint in her eye.

“I thought I had that down at the depot or is it still on the cards?” John said with a big smile on his face.

“I don’t know if you could handle another round.” Marie moved closer to John.

“I am sure I could go another few rounds if I got the right encouragement!” John put his hands and rested them gently on her waist.

“Well I need a shower after rolling about on the floor. How are you with back scrubbing?” Marie asked.

“Oh I am expert. It’s my speciality. That and long massages.” John moved closer letting his hands move across her back and down to her butt, giving her a taster of things to come.

“Well I’ll put these plates in the dishwasher and then you can show me!” Marie smiled before pulling away from John to go pick up their plates.

“I think they’ll wait but I know I can’t!” John said taking the plates from her and placing them back on the table.

John took Marie’s hand and walked slowly up the stairs. Marie followed guiding him verbally to her bedroom smiling. She couldn’t help watch his buttocks tighten his trousers as he climbed the stairs. Marie undid her skirt and threw it into the wash bin. She kicked off her heels and undid her blouse. Marie walked into her en-suite and turned her shower on her return to the bedroom John was quickly undressing.

“Fancy a shower?” Marie asked. John moved nakedly towards Marie and started kissing her soft lips wrapping his arms around her waist. His hands moved up to her bra and undid the hooks gently manoeuvring the straps down and letting the bra drop to the floor. John cupped her breasts as he bent to kiss Marie’s neck.

“Come into the shower with me I want to lather you up!” Marie insisted attempting to step back away from John.

John lunged at Marie but she moved too quickly shrieking with delight at the thought that he needed her so much. He soon caught up with her, put his hands on her hips and spun her around to face him. Marie was laughing but John liked the glint in her eye. Soon they were kissing again. John’s dick was growing now and pushed longingly at Marie. He so wanted to be pushing inside her eager pussy but her legs were firmly tight together.

Marie moved away again and quickly got into the bath tub and stood under the water. John didn’t have time to watch the water cascade over her naked body as he joined her under the water continuing to kiss her. Marie moved her hand to John’s erect penis and began stroking it firmly.

“Do you want to fuck me? Or should I suck you?” Marie whispered into his ear.

“Turn around!” John found himself saying very sternly “I need to fuck you now!”

Marie giggled at the effect she was having on John and eagerly turned around. Within seconds he was using his hands to part her buttocks and thrust his hard eager dick deep into her pussy. He looked down to see Marie holding onto the bath tub. John moved his hands from her buttocks to cupping her breasts as he pounded in and out of her hot eager cunt.

Marie started to moan she was clearly enjoying this as much as John was. He moved one of his hands back to her arse and started to use the thumb to rub into her tight arse hole. This excited Marie even more and she started swearing words he wouldn’t have imagined her saying.

“Fuck my cunt! Leave my fucking arse alone! Please! Fuck my cunt!” Marie found herself saying.

“Do you want me to fuck your arsehole…it’s so tight would love to open you up with my dick!” John asked.

“You’re so big you’d hurt me in there. I’ve never been fucked in the arse before!” Marie said between gasps. He was touching her tight arse hole in a way no one had ever done and now she was caught as the sensations were split from her arse to her pussy and it really excited her. Would he really put his dick up her arse? Would it fit?

Her hands were shaking as she put the papers down on the dining room table. She had been consoling herself that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, but they just had. They were going to lose their home. It had been a tough couple of months, and thus far she had held up under the pressure. But this news hit her like a ton of bricks.

It was bad enough that her husband was in jail, but she had held out hope that he would be able to clear himself once the case went to trial. After all, she was sure that he was innocent and the facts would ultimately free him. Then they could go back to their secure, yet indifferent personal relationship with one another. As strained and remote as their marriage had become, she still thought of him as an honest man and a good pastor.

After their daughter had died in childbirth the year after the twins were born, there had been a gulf between she and her husband Martin. Secretly, she blamed him. If he hadn’t insisted on her going with him on the church outing when she was almost at full term, it never would have happened.

If the woman from the next motel room hadn’t been there at the time, she would probably have died, as well as miscarrying what would have been their daughter. She still almost died as her husband and the woman rushed her to the local clinic in the remote desert community, unconscious and losing blood.

Jane’s thoughts returned to the problem at hand. She hadn’t counted on this. The church was going to evict them from their home of over 20 years. Even worse, the letter also said that they would be withdrawing her husband’s salary and her stipend to work with the church’s youths, leaving her penniless.

The church members had been very supportive at first. They too, didn’t believe that her husband had embezzled all those funds from the church. But as the evidence mounted and the size of the missing funds became clear, the members started to turn on their jailed pastor.

Jane’s phone had quit ringing with the supportive calls from the ladies of the church and the church office now referred all calls from the news media to her home phone number. The news cameras no longer hung out in front of the house all day, as they had in the first couple of weeks, they had moved on to the next big story. The throng of TV reporters, trucks and satellite dishes had been replaced by the snide notes left in the mailbox and the bricks that had been thrown through the windows on the front of the house.

Jane was glad, at least, that the twins were away at college and didn’t have to experience being ostracized by their friends. The boys were hundreds of miles away in Phoenix, attending college. She was also glad now that the boys and her husband had decided for them to switch schools and transfer from the local junior college.

Jane didn’t understand why they had made the sudden move, but that was something between them and their dad who made all of the decisions in the household, and it certainly seemed to have turned out for the best, in retrospect. Originally, she didn’t like the idea of them being that far away from home. Unlike their father, they were a bit on the wild side, free spirits, she liked to call them.

But what was she going to do now? Her husband Martin had always made all the decisions. He was 20 Years older than her and he had always handled all their affairs. How long would she be able to stay in the house before she was evicted? Where would she find a job? How could she afford to keep the boys in college? Their attorney had told her that the case probably wouldn’t go to trial for at least another six months, or longer. And because he was considered a flight risk, given the amount of the missing funds, they couldn’t afford to make bail.

Jane finally decided to call their attorney, Richard Saunders, and get his advice. She really didn’t want to call him, because he made her feel uncomfortable. He always looked like we was mentally undressing her and it really unsettled her since she was naturally very shy and wary of other men.

Her mind began to drift. She didn’t know much about men, she thought. Her parents had pushed her into marrying Martin when she was just barely sixteen. They were devout churchgoers and they thought the new, assistant pastor at their church would be an excellent match.

Within months of getting married Martin got his own church just sixty miles away, and the house the church provided, and then came the twin boys, just weeks later. It had been a good life, until she lost her daughter. Following the miscarriage Jane was left sterile and her life had become the same.

After that, there was a void that had never quite been filled. She put up a good front, but she had felt trapped for years, and now she might end up out on the street, completely destitute. The thought filled her with anxiety.

Thank God, she thought to herself, that her parents were no longer here to see this. The thought of them brought her back to reality and the task at hand.

Jane picked up the phone and dialed Richard’s office in LA. He should still be there, she thought, he wouldn’t be making the commute back to the Antelope Valley for at least another hour.

“Dixon, Murphy and Saunders,” the receptionist responded, “How may I assist you?”

“This is Jane Fields. I am calling for Mr. Saunders.”

“Just a moment Ms. Fields, let me see if Mr. Saunders is available.”

Strains of new age music filled the void as the receptionist put Jane on hold.

“Jane, this is Richard. What can I do for you? Is everything all right?” Richard paused to think and then said, “Forgive me that was a stupid question under the circumstances. Please, what can I do for you? If you are calling about Martin, we won’t have any further word until the next hearing in a couple of weeks.”

Jane thought, perhaps, that Richard may already know what she was calling about, since he was a member of the church board, as well as their attorney, but then, maybe the rest of the board had acted without him knowing, since he was representing Martin as well.

“The church sent us a registered letter this morning and they are evicting us from the house and taking away Martin’s and my salaries. What am I going to do?”

“I suspected something like that when the church called a board meeting without me last night. I’m so sorry,” said Richard soothingly.

“How am I going to support the kids and me without Martin’s salary? How are we going to pay you?”

“Don’t worry about my salary,” said Richard. “Let’s make sure we take care of you and the kids first. Tell you what…I’m just getting ready to leave downtown now. I only have one more client. I’ll stop by on my way home and we can discuss it. I’ll see you in about an hour and a half. Don’t call the church, let me handle that. From now on you need to let me deal with them. There may be litigation and I don’t want you saying the wrong thing accidentally.”

Before Jane could say anything, Richard clicked off. She would have preferred to meet him at his office the following day. She didn’t feel comfortable having him in her home, especially since she was alone. Too late now, she thought. She didn’t have much of a choice and she needed to trust him, since he was the only person to stick by her husband, and now with her, during this nightmare.

Jane decided to shower and change clothes before Richard arrived. She was depressed and hadn’t been out in days and had been wearing the same sweatshirt and sweatpants for two days. She was sure she reeked.

Jane took a long shower and as the warm water washed over her, pulsing into her flesh, she found herself reaching down below her ample bush to touch herself. As the pleasurable feeling started to wash over her, she pulled her finger away quickly. That is nasty, she thought. I have been doing that too much lately. I have to stop.

As Jane stepped from the shower she dried herself in front of the mirror. She wondered what Richard imagined she looked like under her dress when he undressed her with his eyes. Would what he imagined be better than what she was looking at in the mirror? She took stock of herself from head to toe.

The long blonde hair still showed no sign of gray and still possessed its natural curliness. Her body was still lean and athletic and betrayed no sign of childbirth. Her breasts were a bit small for her long and willowy limbs, but gravity had not yet taken its toll. Her face betrayed no signs of her age.

Jane had one of those Scandinavian faces that seemed to defy aging and her freckled flesh radiated good health. She would have looked like a tall Amazon princess, were her overall appearance not so girl next door wholesome. Overall, she thought to herself, not bad.

Then she stopped herself. What was she thinking? She blushed in shame. Her husband was in jail, she was about to lose her house, her kids future was hanging in the balance and she was wondering how a guy who gives her the creeps thinks she looks naked. What had gotten into her? She immediately put the disgusting thoughts out of her mind.

Jane hurried to the bedroom to get dressed. First she donned the not very attractive granny panties and then the sports bra and then finally the drab flowered pastel sundress that completely covered her shoulders and reached down below her knees. She was the very image of the parson’s wife. As she finished putting her sneakers on the doorbell rang.

As Jane opened the door she gasped quietly.

“Is everything OK?” asked Richard with alarm.

Jane blushed, and explained that she thought he would still be dressed in his business suit not a t-shirt and gym shorts and that she didn’t think he would be there so soon. Jane was staring down at the bulge in Richard’s shorts and was noticeably flustered.

Richard laughed and explained that he changed at the office, since he was off to the gym, immediately after he got through meeting with her and that his final client had cancelled at the last minute.

“May I come in?” he asked as he pushed his way through the door, brushing against Jane’s left breast, in an almost massaging motion, as he did so. She jumped backward as though she had just received an electric jolt. She never allowed herself to get close to other men, much less have them touch her breasts. The tingling sensation she felt startled her. What was wrong with her?

Richard sat down at the dining room table and read the letter from the church. When he was through he looked at Jane who sat across from him. She had a forlorn look on her face. There were tears welling up in her eyes that she could barely hold back.

“What am I going to do?” she asked. “I’ve never had to work. I’ve always been married.”

“I’m sure we can work this all out. First I’ll contact the church and see if I can buy you some time. Then I’ll make a couple of inquiries with one of my other clients. Perhaps one of them needs a receptionist or secretarial help. You’ve done a lot of that around the church, so it’s not like you don’t have skills. Let me see what I can come up with.”

Jane’s spirits brightened at Richard’s words as he was getting up to go. Perhaps things would work out. Jane’s momentary sense of relief took hold of her emotions and she began to sob openly.

“Just hang in there. This too shall pass,” said Richard as he stepped toward her and wrapped his arms around her, drawing her into a tight bear hug. It happened so quickly, Jane didn’t have time to react. Before she knew it her body was pressed against Richard’s. Jane felt the same tingling sensation as before, only stronger and she felt slightly light-headed as the blood rushed to her head. The tingling intensified and now seemed to be centered between her legs. She pulled away, realizing that the source of all the tingling was the hard pulsating muscle beneath Richard’s gym shorts that was pressed against her flat stomach.

Jane was beet red now and could barely speak as she stepped back. “Thank you so much,” she stammered. “Please don’t let me keep you any longer. I’m sure you want to get to the gym.”

“Absolutely!” said Richard with feigned seriousness. “You know what they say about muscles, don’t you? Use them or lose them.”

Jane blushed, an even deeper shade of red as Richard disappeared down the driveway.

“This is going to be easier than I thought,” Richard smiled to himself as he pulled away.

The Product Ch. 02 by darkdeceptions

Jane was all wound up and had a hard time sleeping that night. She worried about her husband. She worried about herself and her children. What would become of them?

When Jane would start to drift off, she was jarred awake again as her thoughts wandered to the giant appendage that had literally sent shock waves through her body earlier that evening. She had never known that a man’s thing could be that big. Martin’s was nowhere near as large and she had only seen his or felt it on the infrequent occasions when she found herself in the missionary position, tending dutifully to her husband’s needs.

Both she and Martin were naturally shy about their bodies and never allowed one another to see each other naked. Jane couldn’t get her mind off of what she had felt pressed against her. What did it look like, she wondered? She tried to put the wicked thoughts out of her mind but they kept intruding on her consciousness.

After a few hours of fitful sleep Jane awoke much later than normal, about 10 a.m. Jane felt out of sorts since she never slept in that late. The day was half gone, she thought. After breakfast Jane busied herself making lists. She made one list of the possessions they could sell to raise some money, another list of the things they would need to keep wherever they may have to move and a third list of the things they might have to put into storage.

The lists kept Jane busy for a couple of hours. She was hoping she might get a call back from Richard and that he would have talked the church out of evicting them, and if not that, perhaps at least some word on a job. Getting out of the house would be good for her, she thought. She was going stir crazy cooped up in the house all alone with no one to talk to and nothing but her worries.

As the afternoon faded away Jane’s hope that she would hear from Richard began to fade. Finally she worked up the courage to call him at his office, but the receptionist told her that he was out of the office and tied up in a very important meeting with one of his major clients and wouldn’t be available until the following day.

Hopes dashed, Jane decided to fix some dinner and turn in early. She was exhausted after a fitful night.


The sound of the phone jarred her from her sleep and she knocked the receiver to the floor as she fumbled for it in the darkness. Once she pulled the receiver up by the cord and placed it to her ear she heard Richard’s voice on the other end. He sounded excited. “Jane, are you there?”

“Yes, hello” Jane said sleepily. “I…I was asleep.”

“Sorry to wake you, but I wanted to call you right away. I think I have some good news for you.”

“Has the church changed its mind?” Jane asked hopefully.

“No, unfortunately. They were adamant in their position. As a matter of fact, they have retained other counsel and have decided to sue you and Martin for the missing funds. I have had to recuse myself as their attorney for now, but that isn’t why I called.”

“You said you had some good news,” Jane said. She had enough bad news already and some good news would be nice for a change.

“Yes, I just got done meeting with one of my major clients and they are about to roll out a new product. I told them about your situation and they seemed to think they might have a position for you. Given your background, they think you would be a perfect fit for them. They said you have the wholesome appearance they are looking for and that you seemed to be very well spoken.”

“How do they know that?” Jane asked quizzically.

“They saw you on the local TV news a couple of weeks ago when you were talking to the reporters outside your house,” said Richard.

“Oh? And all the negative publicity doesn’t scare them away?” asked Jane.

“No,” said Richard, “They don’t see it as a problem. What is more, this isn’t a low paying entry level receptionist job. They think you have some unique qualities that make you perfect for their project. They are willing to offer you a generous starting salary, plus bonuses if you meet certain performance goals. Even better, they are willing to provide you with housing while you go through training and a signing bonus that should take care of the boys’ tuition and expenses for the next few months, but only if you are willing to move forward quickly.”

“I…I don’t know what to say,” Jane said groggily as she tried to assimilate the information in her slowly awakening, but racing, brain. “It sounds too good to be true.”

“Well it is true, but what is important is that you need to move quickly on this offer before they find someone else…or have second thoughts,” said Richard. “They want to meet with you tomorrow morning. I’ll pick you up at your home at 7 a.m.”

“Yes, I guess, I…I’m sorry this is going so fast. What should I wear? What do I need to bring along? Do I need a resume or anything? Shouldn’t I drive in myself? I wouldn’t want to impose on you.” asked Jane as her mind continued to race.

“Don’t be silly,” said Richard, “besides it is going to be an all-day affair. I can give you a ride home. You won’t need a resume and just wear one of the outfits you wear to church, that should be fine. Make sure you bring your driver’s license and social security card. If you have a passport, bring that too, just to be safe. You’ll have to fill out an application and they are probably going to put you through their normal battery of tests.”

“Tests?” asked Jane quizzically.

“Yes, they are a big company and they put every potential hire through a battery of psychological tests as well as a physical. Don’t worry about it. That’s normal. Besides, I’ll be there to help you with any questions,” Richard reassured.

“Well, OK then. I guess I’ll see you in the morning. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am.” said Jane earnestly.

“We can talk about that later,” he laughed, “I’ll see you in the morning.”


“Well, she bought the whole thing. You’ll need to make sure you are ready in the morning. I’ll have her here at 9 a.m.,” Richard said to the woman sitting across from him as he hung up the phone.

“I think we need to proceed as quickly as possible. I want to be crossing the finishing line in two weeks. The faster we move, the less time she will have for second thought,” said the woman.

Both he and the woman got up and walked out the door as Richard clicked the light off behind him.


On the way into LA Richard filled Jane in on what was in store for the day. There would be an initial interview with the senior members of the team she would be working with. If all went well, she would then fill out an application, go through a battery of psychological test that might take a couple of hours and then, finally, take a physical.

Once all this preliminary stuff was out of the way, then they would get down to the contract and other agreements. According to Richard there would be an employment contract, as well as what he called the usual non-disclosure agreement. It seemed like a lot, but Jane had never had a real job, so she guessed this was the normal process.

It was just 9 a.m. as they drove through the gates of the complex in the San Fernando Valley. It was an impressive parklike complex with a tall fence surrounding it. It was on the edge of a commercial complex that contained the campuses of many companies, whose names she recognized.

There was no sign on the gate or on the front of the building like the other complexes. It was a very modern looking three story building with trees and lawn surrounding it with the parking in an underground structure.

The guard recognized Richard and opened the gate as they drove in. Richard quickly drove into the underground parking structure and parked his Mercedes in the space with his name on it.

“You have your own space?” Jane asked.

“Yes. I forgot to mention, I am on their board of directors as well as their corporate counsel,” said Richard nonchalantly

The elevator was just steps from Richard’s parking space and they took it directly to the third floor. As they exited the elevator they were greeted by the receptionist who ushered them into the conference room at the end of the hall. Sitting in the conference room were two men and a woman who rose to greet Jane and Richard as they entered the room.

The men were both in their early 40s and dressed casually in brightly colored flowered camp shirts and the woman looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s. She was movie star gorgeous with dark hair wrapped in a bun. Her red outfit was very stylish and professional, although Jane thought the skirt was excessively short. The tight fitting outfit accentuated her sculpted features.

All three greeted Jane warmly. The men shook her hand and the woman nodded to her from the end of the conference table, smiling at her warmly, but taking Jane in with what Jane thought were catlike eyes.

The woman was the first to speak. “My name is Deirdre and this is Tom and Kieran. I am the president of Edge Enterprises. Tom and Kieran are my operations manager and your potential team leaders, respectively. We are here today to assess whether you are the right person to be the face for a new product we are preparing to market in the near future.”

Deirdre continued. “As I think Richard told you, we became aware of you from the many times you appeared on the local news. When Richard asked if we might have a position for you at our meeting yesterday, we decided to extend you an interview. Based upon what we saw on TV, you look like you could be the perfect candidate for our new product. What you need to understand is that the position we envision for you is potentially very high profile and consequently we have to be completely sure that you are the right person for the position before we proceed any further.”

Deirdre paused for a moment to let what she had said sink in. “Do you understand what I have said thus far?”

“Yes, I think so,” replied Jane hesitantly.

“Let me be blunt. What attracted us to you is the wholesome image you conveyed on TV. You appeared to be just the type of person we are looking for to help us market our new product. Are you that type of wholesome individual?”

“Well yes, I think so. I have always tried to be good,” said Jane.

“Good then,” replied Deirdre. “We are going to ask you a battery of very personal questions. So you know in advance, we assume that you will find many of them offensive and highly invasive. There are no right answers or wrong answers, only your answers. It is very important to us that you are actually as you appear. Many media companies have morals clauses in their contracts, as do we. Do you understand?”

“OK,” replied Jane softly. She wasn’t quite sure what this was all about but she really needed a job and this one paid too well to pass up.

“Then let’s proceed. Kieran will be conducting this initial interview, since he will be your team leader. While Kieran is conducting the interview, I will be meeting with Richard to discuss the terms of your contract,” said Deirdre as she rose to leave the conference room. Tom and Richard followed her out the door.

“OK Jane, this is going to take a while, so let’s move over to the couch in the corner of the room where it is a little more comfortable. Would you like a bottle of water or anything?”

“No thank you,” said Jane as she moved to the couch. Kieran sat down next to her at an angle so he was facing her. She sank back into the plush cushions as Kieran sat on the edge, hovering over her, somewhat intimidatingly.

“OK, let’s get started,” said Kieran. “Have you ever had intercourse with anyone other than your husband?

Blushing, Jane replied “No.”

“Have you ever engaged in any type of sexual activity with another man?”

“No,” Jane quickly replied.

“Have you ever engaged in any type of sexual activity with a woman?”

Wide eyed, Jane replied, “NO.”

It was a long list of very personal questions, mostly having to do with sex to which Jane replied no. The long and the short of it was that Jane had never engaged in any sexual activities other than plain vanilla sex and only with her husband. For some of the questions Kieran had to provide an explanation of what he was talking about, with each explanation making Jane blush that much more.

When they were through, Jane was sitting quietly with her eyes downcast, completely humiliated by the questions. Strangely, Jane thought, part of her embarrassment was that all of her answers were no. “Is anyone else really as goody, goody as me?” she thought to herself almost in shame.

“Thank you for your frank responses Jane” said Kieran. “I know this was difficult, but you handled yourself really well. For what it is worth, I think you are a shoe in for this position. I look forward to working with you.” With that, Kieran leaned forward and gave Jane a peck on the cheek and squeezed her thigh as he got up to leave. It happened so quick she didn’t have a chance to react other than to note that the tingling sensation was back.

As Kieran left, he indicated that she should remain in the conference room and someone would come get her in a few minutes.

Jane sat in the conference room waiting for someone to get her and wondering if she hadn’t answered the questions correctly. Had she blown the opportunity that Richard had given her?

After about 30 minutes Tom appeared at the door smiling. “Well Jane, you passed the first part of the interview with flying colors and now it is time to have you complete a formal application. Please fill this out and when you are done drop it off with the receptionist. Please leave your driver’s license, social security card and passport, if you have one, with the receptionist to be copied. I’ll see you a bit later.”

Jane completed the application and dropped it off with the receptionist along with her documents. The receptionist thanked her and escorted her down to the second floor to another small office which was sparsely furnished but contained a desktop computer on the table in the corner.

The receptionist moved the mouse and the screen lit up. She navigated to a website and entered Jane’s name along with a password from a post-it attached to Jane’s application.

“This is a short battery of psychological tests to assess your personality type and to determine your suitability for the position you are applying for. As they probably already told you, there are no right answers or wrong answers, only your answers. Don’t try to guess the right answer, if you do, you will fail,” said the receptionist.

Jane spent the next hour answering the questions. She was thankful that they were not as intrusive as the ones asked previously. They seemed innocuous by comparison. When she was finished, she picked up the phone and called the receptionist as instructed.

A few minutes later a woman opened the door. She appeared to be a nurse judging from her white uniform. “Jane?” she asked as Jane looked up. “Please come with me. We are going to move on to your physical. Mr. Saunders is still working out the details of your contract with the president, so we thought we could get this out of the way.” The nurse talked as they walked down to the end of the corridor and entered what appeared to be an examination room.

“Please disrobe completely and put on this gown. While you are waiting, please fill out this medical history for our records and provide your family physician’s name. The doctor will be with you shortly.”

Jane disrobed and put on the flimsy gown which was open at the back. After 10 minutes or so the doctor arrived along with the nurse. He was a tall stockily built man with large hands and thick fingers. Jane’s hand disappeared in his when he shook it.

“It is nice to meet you Jane. I’m doctor Contreras and I will be conducting your physical. The position you are being considered for may involve foreign travel. I noticed that you do not have a passport. Is that correct?”

“Yes, I’ve never traveled out of the country.”

“That is OK. However, your new job may require foreign travel, so we may as well take care of the immunizations you will need while you are here, for when you apply for a passport.”

With that, the nurse produced a tray of needles from the drawer and began to prepare them. “You may feel a little groggy and out of sorts for a while following the immunizations, but don’t be alarmed. You may even feel a little warm, that’s natural.”

“Now sit on the edge of the table and we can get started.” The doctor went through the normal pokes and prods, examining Jane’s ears, mouth, eyes, etc. As the doctor did so the nurse proceeded with the vaccinations. Finally, he asked the nurse to assist Jane in lying down on the table and getting her feet into the stirrups.

Jane was somewhat surprised that they would be doing a pelvic exam and asked if it was entirely necessary. She indicated that her regular physician is a woman and that she was uncomfortable with the procedure.

The doctor frowned deeply and leaned close to Jane. In a quiet, yet stern voice he told Jane, “This really isn’t a time to be squeamish. This company is looking at making a major investment in you in time and money and I have been told that if you do not cooperate fully, I should ask you to leave. Do we understand each other?”

It was obvious from the doctor’s expression that he was dead serious. Jane replied yes and lay back placing her heels in the stirrups. Jane thought it odd that the nurse was buckling the leather straps that were attached.

Jane looked away and tried to avoid looking as the doctor peered at and prodded her most private parts that even her husband had never seen that closely. Jane was fully flushed with embarrassment now at having her legs in the air with a strange man moving his fingers around her special place.

Because she was looking away, she didn’t notice that the doctor wasn’t wearing surgical gloves. The doctor smiled at her embarrassment and found her blushing almost quaint. As he continued to probe around the entrance to Jane’s vagina he noticed that his fingers were moving freely. She was wet. He also noticed that Jane’s backside was involuntarily lifting from the table and following the movement of his fingers. The doctor looked up at the nurse who was standing behind Jane smiling.

“This is only going to take a little longer. If you could please spread your legs a little wider please, we’ll be through soon.” Jane just wanted this to be over as soon as possible. She was trembling now and was feeling light-headed as the doctor stuck his middle and index finger all the way inside. Jane shuddered as her body betrayed her, willing her to lift her ass off the table to meet his thrusting fingers, with her vagina closing around the doctor’s fingers as he moved them in and out.

“Your vagina appears to be in excellent physical shape my dear. You lubricate very well.” With that, the doctor’s thumb found Jane’s clit and her ass began to move up and down on its own following the movement of the doctor’s fingers and sliding thumb. Jane wanted to reach down and pull his hand away, but she realized that the nurse was holding each of her wrists behind her head.

Jane was frantic now. What kind of exam was this, she thought as she started to get even more light-headed. “What are you do…” Jane tried to get the words out but all that came out now was a deep guttural moan from deep inside her. Jane’s hips were wildly gyrating now. “Oh my God! NO! No I can’t let you…Oh God…Oh…” Jane was now completely lost in her orgasm. All that came out was whimpering and moaning. Jane’s hips and ass continued to move to the steady motion of the doctor’s fingers as her ass now arched high off the table. Jane continued to come again and again until her sweat soaked body had left the paper robe stuck to her, revealing the full outline of her heaving breasts.

The Product Ch. 03 by darkdeceptions

As Dr. Contreras pulled his fingers from Jane’s now wet and compliant pussy he looked up at her and said, “All right my dear. This portion of the exam is concluded. I’m sorry we had to surprise you like that, but there was some concern that you may have been physically incapable of an orgasm, given your limited sexual history. Obviously you are quite capable,” he said smiling. “While the company is looking for someone of your high moral character, it is necessary from their point of view that it is as a result of your virtue, not any abnormal physical condition. I hope you understand.”

Jane was still breathing hard. She had her eyes closed tightly and was trying to pretend that nothing had just happened.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said meekly, “I understand.” Jane’s head was spinning now. It was almost like she was standing behind herself. A neutral observer to what had just happened.

“Good. Now we can move on the final portion of the exam. It will be necessary to take a complete set of x-rays of your body as well as photographs. For this it will be much easier if you are completely naked. Please remove the gown and step over to the wall.”

Jane didn’t understand why any of this was necessary. She had physicals before and they didn’t include this, and certainly not her doctor bringing her to orgasm. “Why is this…” Jane started to say in exasperation but before she could get the words out the doctor was in her face again. “Do you want to leave? If not, do as I say and we can get this over with. I’m a doctor. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen a thousand times before.”

There was no use. Jane stood and moved to the wall. As she did, the nurse pulled on her gown from behind and it peeled away, leaving her completely naked. Jane stood there with her eyes downcast, humiliated.

“Please hold your head up and open your eyes.” As Jane complied she saw the first flash of light. For the next 15 minutes the doctor snapped off one photograph after another as the nurse held a small ruler next to various features of Jane’s body. The doctor spent a considerable amount of time photographing Jane’s breasts and face. When he was through he thanked Jane for her cooperation and had the nurse take her to the x-ray room.

Just as with the photographs, the x-ray technical spent a lot of time on Jane’s face and breasts. When the x-rays were complete the technician thanked Jane for her time. On the way out the door the twenty-something technician stopped and looked Jane right in the eye. “You shouldn’t be so embarrassed. You have a killer body. You should be proud of it.” With that he smiled and surveyed her body one last time, like a wolf looking at a lamb chop. “By the way, there is a robe hanging over there, if you want it.”

“Where are my clothes?” Jane asked.

“Don’t know. You’ll probably get them back later.” With that the xray technician was gone.

It had been a grueling few hours for Jane. She sat in the x-ray room in the robe waiting for someone to get her and she was starting to feel really woozy and she was feeling warm, just as the doctor said. Her anxiety at having been photographed naked and prodded and brought to orgasm by the doctor seemed to be fading. In fact, she was feeling downright relaxed.


As she sat back in the chair, nearly dozing off, the door opened and it was Kieran. “We are nearly ready for you now. But first let me take you to wardrobe and get you something appropriate to wear. We seem to have misplaced your clothes.”

Kieran had to help Jane down the hallway toward the wardrobe room. “Here, let me help you. Those vaccinations can really do a number on you sometimes.”

As they continued down the hallway, Jane’s robe fell open and her breasts spilled out. She was so groggy she didn’t even notice, but Kieran did. “With a little more work, this can be really something,” he thought to himself.

In the wardrobe room Kieran asked the attendant for something short, with an open back. As he helped Jane into the velvety purple dress it barely covered her crotch area and her buttocks were visible from the back. Jane was oblivious to the fact that she was standing naked in front of Kieran and that he was dressing her and taking liberties with her breasts, pussy and ass as he appraised them with his hands. The two strips of cloth on the dress that had been selected came up the front and tied around the back of her neck and were barely wide enough to cover Jane’s nipples. Jane didn’t even notice as the drugs were taking their full effect.

Kieran led Jane back into the conference room. Deirdre, Richard and Tom were already there. Richard was the first to greet Jane, walking up and giving her a big hug, fondling her breasts briefly. He looked over to Deirdre and asked, “You’re sure she won’t remember anything in the morning, right?”

“Don’t worry, tomorrow all she will remember is what we tell her. That is the beauty of that drug cocktail. If anything, all of this will seem like the memory of a dream.”

Richard and Kieran sat Jane down at one of the chairs and put a pile of papers in front of her. Richard placed a pen in her hand and told her that they had finally agreed to a contract, one that would be very lucrative for her. Then Richard stopped for a moment.

“Shouldn’t we film this? Just to be safe,” said Richard. Deirdre thought about it for a moment and agreed. “Kieran, go get one of the video cameras and something more suitable for our new protégé to wear at her signing ceremony.”

“Let’s get this on video and then we can go on about our more pleasurable business,” said Richard wryly.

Camera and robe in hand, the contract signing was immortalized on video in no time. They had to start and stop a few times and coach Jane what to say, but eventually they had enough on video that they could edit it into a plausible transaction. And more importantly, all the papers were signed.

“OK, now down to business. How long before the drugs wear off,” asked Richard?

“Don’t worry dear, you’ll have plenty of time to play with your new toy,” was Deirdre’s flippant response.

As Deirdre opened the connecting door to the next room she called back to Kieran, “Bring the camera. We may as well see out how much the lens likes her. Who knows, we might even be able to use some of this.”

Deirdre lead Jane into the room by the hand. When they reached the middle of the room Deirdre stopped Jane by firmly putting her hands on her shoulders. As Jane stood there motionless, Deirdre opened Jane’s smock and let it slip to the floor. Jane now stood completely naked before her new employers and they were all eagerly undressing so they could take her for a spin.

Deirdre had the sculpted body of a goddess and she was obviously going to be first in line. Now completely naked, except for her stiletto heels, Deirdre maneuvered Jane back onto the circular bed. Kieran had camera in hand and was filming everything. Deirdre climbed on the bed and immediately sunk her mouth into Jane’s pussy. Jane’s back arched as she responded to the warm tongue that was probing the wet pink folds of flesh between her legs.

Deirdre brought Jane to within an inch of orgasm but then pulled away. She let her tongue glance across the middle of Jane’s chest as it made its way up to her left nipple. Deirdre licked it and then bit it harshly causing Jane to scream softly in an almost disembodied way. Now Deirdre was whispering in Jane’s ear.

“Did you like that Jane? Do you want some more?” Jane nodded yes and Deirdre told her, “OK Jane but you have to be nice to me too. Can you do that? Can you be nice to me too? Answer me Jane. Can you do that? Say yes and we can both feel good.”

“Yes,” said Jane’s softly in an almost disembodied voice. “Yes.”

Deirdre repositioned herself on the bed and as she did, she tucked a throw pillow under Jane’s head to elevate it. Deirdre leaned back, placing her pussy directly over Jane’s mouth. Deirdre reached out with her hand and began to stroke Jane’s pussy with her index finger, letting it slide all over the warm wetness.

“OK Jane now it is your turn. Make love to my pussy like I made love to yours.” Deirdre was now rocking back and forth across Jane’s partially open mouth. Slowly Jane began to lick and suck the musky moistness that filled her mouth and nostrils. It was as though she couldn’t stop herself, as though she didn’t want to.

Deirdre continued to rock back and forth, her strokes becoming longer and more rhythmic. Deirdre’s eyes were closed now and she was squeezing and pinching her own breasts and nipples. She was getting closer and Jane’s head was now rising to meet each movement as Jane dug her hands into Deirdre’s ass to gain deeper access.

Richard was behind Deirdre now and he had two fingers up Jane’s pussy with his thumb stroking her clit. Jane’s ass was moving wildly now as Richard reached underneath her and drove his other thumb deep into Jane’s ass.

As Richard’s thumb disappeared up Jane’s ass it was just too much for her. Now Jane was bucking and sucking as hard as she could and she exploded as she sucked Deirdre even deeper into her mouth, licking feverishly.

Deirdre came at the same time with both their asses thrashing feverishly trying to absorb every last second of pleasure.

Deirdre rose from the bed and turned to Richard. “Well, I think the girl has some talent. With a little fine tuning, I think this is going to work out nicely.”

“Bad news boys,” continued Deirdre, “We don’t want our precious new investment waking up tomorrow with a sore pussy, so no fucking tonight for her. Your magnificent dicks are going to have to wait to be fed. Richard, if you want some of this, then you can give her a short course in proper blow job technique. I doubt this flower has ever had a dick near her face, much less down her throat.”

Richard didn’t need any further encouragement, rolling Jane over on her stomach and lifting her to the edge of the bed.

“OK Janey, now do what your daddy tells you and get up on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Come on now Jane, up on the end of the bed.” Jane slowly crouched up on her hands and knees, moving toward the edge of the bed, as though in a trance. As she moved her breasts flopped back and forth. As Richard saw them sway he couldn’t help think to himself how much better they were going to look, in a matter of a few days, but back to the task at hand.

Richard grabbed Jane’s hair firmly and positioned his now throbbing penis at her mouth. Jane looked up, dazed, not knowing what to do. “Open your mouth Jane. Lick it like a lollypop, just like you licked Deirdre.” As Jane opened her mouth, Richard quickly inserted his penis briefly and then let Jane lick and suck the engorged orb. Finally, Richard shoved his cock fully in Jane’s mouth and Jane began to gag slightly but was able to breathe through her nose.

Richard grabbed the sides of Jane’s head with both hands now and began the slow process of working his penis deeper into Jane’s mouth. He was making good progress. He could feel her tonsils tickling the head of his sensitive orb. Jane seemed accustomed to his cock now, so with a fluid movement Richard arched his back and drove his penis down Jane’s throat. Jane struggled, her body jerking violently and she tried to pull away as she had difficulty breathing. She was whimpering as Richard’s stiff enormous cock was driven further down her throat. But as Richard’s strokes became more regular she was able to adjust her breathing and he was soon in to the hilt.

Deirdre sat there amazed as she operated the camera and went in for several close ups. Richard hadn’t noticed but both Tom and Kieran had turned their attention to Deirdre. She must have felt sorry for them, although knowing Deirdre; it was more likely she felt in the need for some additional attention herself. Tom was hammering Deirdre’s pussy from behind and Deirdre was giving Kieran a blow job, off and on as they traded duties operating the camera.

Richard loved watching Deirdre fuck and the sight of Tom’s huge member up her shaved pussy was just enough to drive him over the edge. Grabbing Jane’s head more tightly in both his hands he drove his penis harder and farther down Jane’s throat. Jane was whimpering loudly now. She could barely breathe. With one final thrust Richard could feel his cum exploding into the back of Jane’s throat. Jane’s chest was really heaving now as she tried to breathe and with one last thrust Richard pulled out.

Jane immediately began to hack and cough as the needed oxygen mixed with the cum that filled her throat. She had swallowed most of it, but a little was dribbling down the corner of her mouth.

“She did well for a first timer,” said Deirdre as she wiped the cum from the side of Jane’s mouth with her index finger. Deirdre quickly licked her finger clean and winked at Richard.

“OK, that’s a wrap, boys. We need to give the girl some rest. The drugs are going to start wearing off soon and she needs to be fresh in the morning. I don’t want her remembering any of this, at least not yet.”

The Product Ch. 04 by darkdeceptions

As Jane awoke, she didn’t recognize any of her surroundings. The room was warm and she only had a light silk sheet covering her. Suddenly she realized she was naked as she looked up at the large mirror on the ceiling above the bed. She never slept in the nude. Where was she? The sun was filtering in through the window on the opposite side of the room with the light bouncing off the full length mirrors that filled the wall closest to the bed. She could see that it was a very well appointed bedroom, with expensive furniture. It looked like a very luxurious hotel room.

Jane got up unsteadily and made her way to the window. She immediately recognized the park like setting and the buildings beyond the fence. She was still at the Edge building. What had happened? She couldn’t remember anything beyond the beginning of her physical exam. She faintly remembered that she felt uneasy about the exam. She couldn’t quite remember why, but she thought that the doctor had done something inappropriate that made her uncomfortable, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

She sort of remembered meeting with Richard, Deirdre and the other two men again later, but the memory was hazy.

The door opened and Deirdre stepped in quickly shutting the door behind her.

“Good morning. Are you feeling better? We were a little worried about you last night.”

“I…I guess I’m OK,” said Jane slowly as she walked back toward the bed. Jane was wobbly on her feet and Deirdre caught her, assisting her to the bed. “What happened?” said Jane. “I don’t remember anything. Why am I still here?”

“You had a bad reaction to the vaccinations. We had just gotten through with signing the contract and the other agreements and you fainted just as we were about to go out to dinner and celebrate. Under the circumstances, we decided to let you stay here for the night. After all, this is going to be your new home for a while as you go through orientation and training.”

“But my things…I need to get some clothes and other things from home…” said Jane as Deirdre cut in.

“Don’t worry about that. With your new job, we will be providing you with a whole new wardrobe and I think you will find that the bathroom is more than well supplied with what you will need. It is just as well you stayed the night, because we are going to have a long day today. Now that you are aboard, we have decided to push the rollout date of our new product forward. So, things are going to be moving quickly from now on.”

Deirdre stroked Jane’s back and Jane shuddered as she remembered she was naked. She immediately squeezed her legs together and cupped her breasts with her hands. Deirdre smiled. You couldn’t fake that sort of innocence for a camera. It would pay dividends.

“OK, we have a long day. Let’s get you some breakfast. Why don’t you shower and I’ll have some breakfast brought up to you in, let’s say, half an hour. If you want a robe there is one in the closet as well as some other clothes to get you started.”

Jane waited for Deirdre to leave, but she wasn’t moving. Jane finally got up and walked to the closet, knowing Deirdre was taking in her every movement. Deirdre watched Jane put on the robe as she strode toward the door. “Breakfast is in half an hour!”

Once alone, Jane made her way to the bathroom. There was a large open shower at one end of the bathroom with floor to ceiling mirrors on the opposite wall. Jane removed the robe and as she did so she wondered why anyone would wear something like that. It was virtually transparent and didn’t hide anything.

Jane started the water and stepped into the shower. The hot water felt good as it pulsed into her head and neck and cascaded down her body, leaving her with a warm feeling all over. Jane began to relax. She thought back to the last couple of days. So much had happened. Events had moved so quickly.

As her body warmed to the pulsing hot water her thoughts were drawn to the strange dreams she had the night before. She had never had dreams like that, surrounded by naked men and women, doing the kind of things that they had asked her questions about in the interview yesterday.

She was soaping herself now and running her hands all over her body. She usually didn’t spend a lot of time touching her own breasts, but it felt so good now. Jane finished soaping her body and removed the shower head from its cradle and began to rinse herself. As she moved the pulsating shower head between her legs she hesitated there. It felt so good.

She always felt guilty about doing herself, as she called it, but she couldn’t help herself this morning. She reached up to the chrome shower pipe overhead to keep from slipping and spread her legs as she let the pulsing warm water find her sweet spot. Eyes closed, Jane arched her back as the water found its mark. Jane fantasized that it was Deirdre’s tongue flicking wildly on her engorged clit. Jane came hard, her body writhing as she struggled to hold on to the chrome pipe overhead.


The three cameras continued to roll as Jane stepped out of the shower, taking in her every move from all angles. The entire production team was in the next room on the other side of the mirrors and this was the first opportunity for all of them to see who they would be working with.

Deirdre began, “So what are your initial thoughts? George, how about you?

“That is one MILF. But I think the long curly blonde hair is just too cute. I think that with her skin tone and freckles, she would look better on camera as a redhead. And there is way too much bush.”

“Kieran?” asked Diedra.

“As we have already discussed, I think the major thing is to give the girl some new breasts that match that luscious body. The camera loves the jiggle and besides, right now they are too small to get one of those enormous cocks we have hired between them.”


“I agree. The tits need to be bigger and red hair would certainly enhance her raw sexuality. It should be shorter too,” said Tom. “All that hair gets in the way during the close ups. I think we need to do something with the eyes as well…and the nose.”

Tom continued, “Contreras ran some computer simulations of her face last night and I think he has captured a look that will work really well for her. He wants to narrow her nose and make it a bit more pixie like and to give her bigger and rounder eyes. In his computer model, it gives her an even more innocent look. Other than that, I think we are there. Now it is just a matter of molding her behavior to our needs.”

“I agree,” said Deirdre. “Let’s get her with Sophie this morning and we can at least get the hair situation taken care of right away. Kieran, get the studio ready. We’ll shoot some stills and a little bit of video later this morning. Let’s start getting her used to the camera. OK, that’s it game time!”


Jane had stepped from the shower and went to the sink on the opposite end of the room. She had a strange taste in her mouth and wanted to brush her teeth. It was a taste she had never had in her mouth before. It tasted salty. It must have been from the vaccinations, she decided.

As Jane brushed her teeth she wondered why she had fantasized about Deirdre as she did herself. That wasn’t like her, she wasn’t that way. Then again, Jane thought to herself, her usual fantasies were no less disturbing…or sinful, for that matter. As she finished brushing her teeth she gargled and noticed that her throat was a little sore. Maybe she was coming down with something.

As Jane returned to the bedroom she noticed that Deirdre was already there with a breakfast cart. “Here is your breakfast. I hope fruit and granola is OK. There is some yogurt as well. I wasn’t sure if you drank coffee so there is orange juice as well.”

“Oh, thank you. That is great.” Jane pulled the sheer robe more tightly against her as she crossed the room. Deirdre noticed and smiled. All that did was reveal her nipples all the more.

As Jane sat on one of the chairs in the corner of the room to begin her breakfast, Deirdre slipped a DVD into the plasma screen mounted on the wall. “I thought you might enjoy watching the grand signing ceremony from last night, since you said you didn’t remember much of it.”

As the DVD played, Deirdre narrated, “Here you are signing our job offer. Congratulations! The next document is the employment contract. The third is our exclusivity agreement and then our non-disclosure agreement. Oh, and that final document was the power of attorney you signed for Richard.”

Deirdre continued, “You are going to be a very busy girl over the next several weeks and Richard has agreed to manage your finances in the interim and make sure your children’s tuition and expenses are taken care of for now. As we discussed last night, Richard will arrange to put all of your personal things from the church’s house in temporary storage for you while you go through orientation and training.”

“I…I don’t remember going over any of this…” Jane began to say as Deirdre interrupted.

“Oh, and here is the champagne toast at the end!” said Deirdre. “It is all right here in the agreements. Here is your copy. I thought you might like to look through it again this morning, now that you are feeling better,” Deirdre said matter-of-factly.

Jane took the folder that Deirdre handed her as Deirdre got up to leave. “Finish your breakfast and go ahead and review the agreements again. If you have any further questions we can discuss it at our morning staff meeting. I’ll have Kieran escort you over in half an hour. You can just wear the robe you have on now to the meeting. You’ll be going right into makeup after the meeting anyway.”

“But you can see everything. All those people are going to be there and…”

Again, Deirdre cut Jane off. “Sweetie we are working in an artistic medium. You are going to have to get over your shyness. Everyone is a professional and there is a lot of nudity or near nudity at times because we are in the business of marketing products that appeal to a sophisticated adult clientele. It is just the nature of the beast. The product you will be involved in is on the edgy side (hence our name) and it is the blushing innocence you bring to the table that is going to make it all work and marketable to our customers. We have done a lot of market research and we are sure you are perfect to be an integral part of the team. That is why we made you such a generous offer.”

“By the way,” said Jane, “you keep talking about the product, but I don’t know what it is yet. Richard never told me.”

“The product is currently under development and for purposes of security; everything related to the product is being kept secret to all but a few key people right now. When the time is right you will be filled in completely,” said Deirdre as she smiled at her double entendre.

Jane finished her breakfast and opened the folder containing the agreements. She couldn’t follow most of it, it was in legalese, but it looked like the financial terms that Richard had negotiated were what he said and she wouldn’t have to worry about the boys for now. It also looked like she was under exclusive contract to Edge Enterprises and she could make a lot of extra money if she met their performance standards, which were to be determined later.

The only thing that bothered her was the termination clauses. Apparently if she failed to follow company guidelines and meet performance standards she could be terminated at any time and would be responsible for repaying the substantial advance that had been given to her and could be held responsible for any damages or lost revenue the company incurred.

Oh well, she thought, It was too late now. She had signed the contracts and anyway, she was sure everything would be OK, since Richard had reviewed them. He had said this was all just standard stuff anyway.


When Kieran knocked on the door Jane was jolted back into the present. She wasn’t real happy about having to parade into the staff meeting almost naked, but it looked like she really didn’t have a choice. The contract seemed pretty clear and she guessed it was finally time for her to get over her prudishness anyway.

As they walked down the hallway several people passed by them and no one really seemed to notice she was almost naked, much to Jane’s relief. In fact, several of them, including the men were also in various states of undress.

“They are on their way to makeup and then to one of the sound stages downstairs. I’m not sure if they are shooting video or stills today. They are involved with one of our most successful product lines that include perfumes, colognes, bath products and other items. The line has been one of our top money-maker for five years now,” said Kieran.

Kieran opened the door for Jane and as she entered the room all eyes turned to her. She felt completely naked and turned a bright shade of red.

Deirdre smiled. She was enjoying this. “Jane, let me introduce you to the rest of your team. Please, Kieran, introduce Jane to everyone. Kieran took Jane’s arm and led her around the table. As he did, she couldn’t avoid eye contact and as she shook their hands each of them got a really good look at all of her assets. Everyone who was on the other side of the mirror this morning was there, plus a young woman named Sophie and five other men.

Two of them looked like magazine models or Chippendale dancers and the other two had a rougher appearance, dressed in Levis and white wife beaters with an Edge logo on the front. The final man, standing next to Deirdre, was well dressed and had a professional air about him.

Sophie was in her early twenties and had bleached blonde hair with black and purple streaks in it. Her hair was medium length and she wore a leather vest from which her ample breasts spilled out. She also wore leather pants that barely covered her crotch or crack. Surprisingly she had no tattoos on her milky white flesh. With the studded leather collar and large golden bead on the end of her tongue, the persona was pure goth.

“Let’s get started,” said Deirdre. “We have a busy day ahead of us. Now that you have all had the chance to meet Jane, I am sure you will all agree she is a welcome new member to our team.” With that there was a round of applause as Jane sunk into her chair blushing, looking up only briefly to acknowledge the applause.

Deirdre continued, “After reviewing the results of the various tests yesterday, we have decided we can proceed with this project immediately and have moved the release date forward. But first let me review some of the key findings. First, and Jane this shouldn’t be a big deal for you, we have decided that you need a change of hair color. Our market research indicated that our target market responds more favorably to red hair and this is something we can take care of easily this morning. Sophie, that’s you.”

“Next, Jane as the face of our new product, you are going to be spending a lot of time in front of the camera. While there is still a lot of work to be done, it is never too early to get you used to the camera and working with your team. You already know Kieran, who will be your director and Dave and Phil will be your cameramen. George is our cinematographer and lead photographer; he will be assisting Kieran in setting up shots and scenes and will be operating the main camera during video shoots. Todd and Paul are two of the models who will be working with you in our photo shoots and video productions.”

“One final piece of business, the van will be leaving this evening at 7 p.m., so please don’t be late. Our flight takes off from Burbank at 8 p.m. and the flight will arrive at our destination around 11 p.m. Dr. Contreras is already there and we will joining him. The weather is warm, so bring appropriate clothing.” With that, Deirdre rose to signal that the meeting was over.

“Sophie, take Jane down to your studio and let’s see how she looks as a redhead at this afternoon’s photo shoot.”

With that, Deirdre was out the door, with the rest of the team following. Jane waited for everyone else to leave before she got up. Only she and Sophie remained in the room. Jane wanted to ask Deirdre what the trip was all about and if she would be expected to go on it. She guessed she could ask Deirdre later.

“You are so beautiful. I’m really going to enjoy working with you,” said Sophie warmly. “Come on let’s get started. Just follow me.”

As they went down the hallway it was empty, much to Jane’s relief. Jane and Sophie took the elevator down to the first floor and went through two large doors at the end of the entrance corridor. On either side there were sound stages and although they were sound proof, Jane could see the flash of strobes coming from the small windows in two of them. When they got to the end of the corridor, Sophie opened a door to a small room on the right. As they walked in Jane could see that it was outfitted with sinks and hair dryers and other styling equipment.

“First of all, I’m going to need to cut your hair and after we have done that we can color it. I think Deirdre forgot to mention that at the meeting, but long hair is often distracting and gets in the way when you are working with cameras. Take a look at the artist’s rendering on the table. This is the look that Deirdre has asked me to go for. Jane looked at the computer image and actually found it very attractive. The hair color would look good with her freckled skin, she thought.

“What do you think?” asked Sophie.

“The shade of red should look good on me. Of course, anything would look good on someone who looks like that,” said Jane. Jane was taken by the slender nose and large round eyes. If only she could look like that, instead of the plain Jane preacher’s wife from Lancaster, she thought.

Sophie smiled and began to draw water into the sink. “You’d better take off the robe. You don’t want to get hair coloring all over it,” said Sophie.

At this point Jane figured it was pointless trying to maintain her modesty. She sat in the chair as Sophie reclined it into position. The warm water felt good on Jane’s scalp and the gentle massaging of Sophie’s fingers as she rubbed the shampoo into Jane’s scalp was both relaxing and stimulating.

Once Jane’s hair was washed Sophie sat the chair upright and dried it a bit with a towel. As she did, Sophie kept drawing Jane’s face between her almost bare tits. It made Jane somewhat uncomfortable, but Sophie didn’t seem to give it a second thought.

Then Sophie cut Jane’s hair to the length shown in the computer image. As she finished, Sophie reclined the chair again. Jane assumed it was time for the hair coloring, but Sophie reached to the side of the chair and clicked two metal bars into place with stirrups and leather straps on the end.

“What’s that?” asked Jane in alarm.

“If you are going to do the drapes, you got to do the carpet. Right?” said Sophie is a joking sort of way.

“What do you mean?”

Sophie realized that Jane not only didn’t get the joke but didn’t understand what was next. “I need to trim your pubic hair before I color them both.”

Jane was stunned. “Buy why.”

“Like I said, the drapes need to match the carpet.”

“But why do I have to…”

“Look!” said Sophie in exasperation. “You are going to be taking a lot of photos and videos and sometimes the clothing you will be wearing will be revealing. We are not in the business of selling laundry soap. Look, just think of this as a bikini wax.”

“But I’ve never had a bikini wax, much less worn a bikini,” complained Jane.

“I don’t know what to tell you, but this is all part of the deal. Do you want me to give Deirdre a call?”

Jane thought about it a moment. “No, let’s get this over with.”

Sophie lifted Jane’s legs up into the stirrups which had been spread wide. “Here, let me strap you in. I don’t want one of your legs slipping out and for me to cut you with the razor accidentally. Deirdre would have my ass.”

Jane felt really vulnerable now, but at least it was a woman and not a man this time. Sophie worked quickly, lathering Jane’s pubic hair and trimmed it until it was just a small patch between Jane’s legs. Once she was done with that, the bikini wax was next. At this point Jane just didn’t fight it. When the waxing was through Sophie applied some lotion to the swollen area and rubbed it in. Jane could feel Sophie’s fingers glancing over her private place. It felt good thought Jane, much to her embarrassment. Unconsciously she spread her legs wider.

Sophie noticed the movement and looked up into Jane’s eyes. They appeared frightened, but full of anticipation. Sophie continued to rub the lotion around Jane’s pussy with a little more pressure and Jane’s ass rose to meet her massaging fingers.

Sophie looked up into Jane’s lustful eyes now and they locked on each other. Jane’s body was trembling with desire now. “I know what you want,” said Sophie softly. “Let me take care of you. I can make you feel soo good,” Sophie said warmly.

Jane couldn’t speak. Her entire upbringing was telling her to scream stop, but her body desperately needed release. She looked Sophie intently in the eyes for a moment, breathing heavily and then just laid back, closing her eyes and tilting her head to the side. As she did so her ass lifted off the leather seat to meet the onslaught of Sophie’s hot tongue. It was just too much.

Once the cold metal stud on Sophie’s tongue made contact with Jane’s clit it was all over. Sophie now had Jane’s ass gripped tightly in both her hands, as Sophie’s expert tongue brought Jane to one orgasm after another.

Spent, Jane lay motionless in the chair, breasts heaving, as Sophie prepared the hair coloring. Sophie looked up in the mirror and winked. She assumed that everyone was there and they had gotten it all on video.

The Product Ch. 05 by darkdeceptions

As Sophie finished blow drying Jane’s newly colored hair, Jane finally broke the ongoing silence. Sophie had thought it best to wait for Jane to say something herself after she had resolved their tryst in her own mind. “Sophie, I…I have never done anything like that. I just feel so ashamed. I am so sorry.”

“Sorry? You mean you didn’t like it” asked Sophie disappointedly.

“No…I mean yes…Oh I don’t know what I mean. Things have just been going so fast the last couple of days. I just mean I have never done anything like that before and it frightens me.” Looking deep into Sophie’s eyes now, “but mostly because I did enjoy it,” said Jane as a tear formed in her eye as a smile formed at the same time. Jane continued looking into Sophie’s eyes for understanding.

Sophie smiled back. “Look Jane, as far as I can see, you have been leading a pretty sheltered life, not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is so much more to life. And if you want, it looks like you will have the opportunity to experience as much of it as you want.”

With that Sophie leaned over and gave Jane a kiss full on the lips. Their eyes met again and Jane’s lips parted. Sophie kissed her full on this time, letting her tongue explore the inside of Jane’s mouth and Jane hers. Jane reached up grabbing Sophie’s exposed breasts in each of her hands giving them a soft squeeze. “What was happening to her?” Jane thought.

“Well ladies, it is good to see you’ve gotten to know one another.” It was Kieran. He apparently opened the door and came in without Jane noticing him. How long had he been there, Jane wondered.

“They are all set for the photoshoot, so come along now Jane. Everyone wants to see the new redhead, said Kieran as he led the way. Jane clutched her flimsy robe and followed quickly.

Kieran ushered Jane into the sound stage two doors down and it was brightly lit with klieg lights as well as other photo lighting equipment. Both cameramen and George the cinematographer were there as well as the rest of the team. Sophie followed behind.

As always, Deirdre spoke first. “OK we are just going to do some general photography today to get Jane used to the camera and the process. We’ll take it as slow as we can for you Jane because you are new to this, but normally we operate at a pretty quick pace. Time is money.”

“Kieran, what is the first set?”

“Let’s use the divan over here. Sophie, can you comb out Jane’s hair a bit more and get her in the pink teddy. Come on now. Chop. Chop. We don’t have all day.” Kieran was different now. He was obviously used to barking out orders on the set and being obeyed. He appeared to be in his element.

As the cameramen setup around the divan Sophie started to untie Jane’s robe. Jane began to reach up to stop her, but Sophie whisked her hand away giving her a look.

“OK is the lighting set?” said Kieran.

“Yes” replied one of the cameramen.

“OK then Sophie, touch up Jane’s makeup and add a little gloss to her nipples. Make sure they match her lips.” As Jane stood there stark naked everyone watched as Sophie applied the makeup and then pulled the teddy into place.

“Sophie! The panties! You forgot the panties. No not those, the crotch less ones, that’s right. Come on people, let’s stay on task,” Kieran barked.

“OK,” Kieran said. “Now we are ready. Jane, this is new to you so let me explain what we are doing. We are simulating a photo shoot for one of our many products. At this point it doesn’t matter which one because the product we have chosen for you is entirely different and will assist us in broadening our market in an entirely new direction. The tie-ins and distribution channels are endless. For now we are going to use this.”

Kieran handed Jane a sealed plastic package that contained a gold colored plastic object that looked a lot like a penis. The label proclaimed that it was a lady’s best friend.

It was finally sinking in, this company sold adult toys and God knows what else. Jane got up and started to leave.

“Where are you going?” shouted Deirdre.

“I’m leaving. I didn’t sign up for this. You want me to sell this kind of stuff? What will my kids think if they see me selling this stuff? What will the people at the church think? I can’t believe I was so naïve, especially after all those lurid questions!”

“Settle down Jane,” shouted Deirdre as she walked up and stood very close to Jane, invading her personal space. “No one is going to recognize you. Here, look in the mirror. You have red hair, it is cut short. With the makeup, you look like someone entirely different. Besides…do you really think anyone at the church cares now? And why should you. Get a grip on yourself and don’t blow this opportunity. Get back over there and do exactly what Kieran tells you …NOW!”

Jane shuddered as she was being yelled at, but as Jane looked in the mirror she realized that Deirdre was right. She did look different. Much as she might hate to admit it, better she thought. Besides, the boys would never see these products. Not if she had anything to do with it. And the money, how could she turn down the money. She would never be able to find a job that paid this well on her own. And she didn’t want to embarrass Richard after he had gone to so much trouble on her behalf.

Emergency over, Jane moved back to the divan.

“OK are we really ready now?” said Kieran with a noticeable tinge of annoyance in his voice.

Kieran was barking orders rapidly now. “Jane…down on the divan. Open the teddy so it is just covering your nipples. Now please! OK, spread your legs apart slightly and bring your left knee up toward you. That is good. Spread your legs a bit more. Good. Sophie, the panties have bunched up at the bottom. Please spread them so I can see a little pink. Good. Good. Now hand her the product. Jane, hold it down near the top of your panties. Keep your arms wide so you don’t block the view of your breasts. Perfect.”

With that the cameras began to snap over and over again. The two cameramen shot Jane from every possible angle as George continued to videotape the entire scene. Jane’s head was spinning. This was all going way too fast. She was ambivalent about all of this, but what could she do. Make the best of it, she guessed.

Kieran looked to the side to view the images that were starting to appear on the rack of monitors next to them. They had been black earlier and Jane hadn’t paid them any notice. Now they were filled with the downloaded images from the cameras with shots of Jane from every angle and depth. There were face shots, shots of her reclining on the divan and close ups, a lot of close ups.

Jane was looking at the screens now and she could see her erect nipples peeking through the teddies in some. Others were virtually macro shots of her pussy. Jane could see the gleaming moist pink flesh below the patch of scarlet red hair. Jane was both appalled and excited. Was this really her? Was she really doing this?

As Kieran viewed the images on the screen he knew they had struck gold. The shy, embarrassed, almost guilty look on Jane’s face was going to sell itself. Innocent and vulnerable, that was what was going to sell. At least as long as it lasts.

“OK, next set,” yelled Kieran. “Guys, can one of you break that thing out of the plastic wrapper for Jane and load the batteries?”

One of the Chippendale boys, as she thought of them, stepped forward and began opening the package. Jane thought she remembered his name as Todd. As he handed her the device he asked her if she knew how to use it.

“No,” she replied in embarrassment. “How does it work?” Todd showed her where the switch was on the bottom and told her that for this session, they probably wouldn’t want her to turn it on. He showed her how to control the speed.

“Sophie,” it was Kieran again barking orders rapidly. “Get Jane setup again. This time I want the teddy completely off her breasts and knead her nipples a bit. They need to be more erect. That’s right. Good. Now readjust the panties. Jane, get your legs back in the proper position again so Sophie can get you ready. OK, knead her breasts one last time to get them nice and perky. Great. Jane take the vibrator and hold it up to your cheek. Caress it with your left hand and look right into the cameras. Shoot.”

The camera flashes began to explode all around Jane almost blinding her. As they snapped Kieran continue to bark orders. “OK, now hold it up to your mouth and kiss the end of it. Good. Now stick your tongue out and lick it. Great. Now bring it down to your breasts and use it to circle your nipples. Fantastic! You’re doing great Jane. Now bring it down to where it belongs and stroke yourself with it.”

Jane hesitated for a moment.

“Now! Jane now! Rub the damn thing on your pussy. That’s what it is for,” snapped Kieran.

Although she found it humiliating, Jane complied. She was so embarrassed she closed her eyes and looked away. As she continued to rub herself, her hands began to tremble and she accidentally switched the vibrator on. She didn’t want to stop and get Kieran mad at her again so she continued to stroke the outside of her pussy with the now vibrating tool.

As she moved the golden vibrator back and forth she unconsciously opened her legs a bit further and the vibrator began to sink into the furrows of her soft pink flesh. She could hear the constant click of the cameras all around her and could sense the flash of the strobes through her tightly closed eyes.

Kieran wasn’t barking orders any more. It was only her and the click of the camera shutters and the faint hum of the vibrator. Jane’s hips were rocking back and forth now and she had repositioned her legs wide apart. From the new position she was able to lift her ass in the air to meet the vibrator on its arc. She knew everyone was watching now, but she didn’t care, if anything it just excited her more. Jane’s lust was consuming her. She needed another orgasm. Jane’s animal lust had hold of her. All Jane cared about now was satisfying her animal needs.

Jane didn’t notice when Kieran motioned the Chippendale boys forward. She barely noticed when someone began to suck her left breast and then her right. She looked down through half opened crazed eyes to see Todd and Paul sucking her entire breasts into their mouths. She could feel someone’s hair tickling her inner thigh as Sophie’s mouth joined the vibrator at her pussy. Sophie used her lips to press the vibrator deeper into Jane’s now swollen pussy.

Jane surrendered the vibrator to Sophie as she drove it deep into Jane’s slippery hole. When Sophie had it into its hilt she found Jane’s clit and sunk her studded tongue home. The vibrator accentuated the feeling of the cold metal stud on Jane’s clit and now she was in a whole new world. Jane wasn’t thinking anymore. She was just an animal completely consumed with lust. She didn’t want to think, only to feel and fill her needs.

As Sophie moved away from her cunt and pulled the pleasurable toy away, Jane could feel herself being lifted in the air. Todd and Paul were on either side of her now, lifting her off the divan. As they held her up in the air, Sophie peeled away the teddy and quickly pulled the panties off.

Todd slipped onto the divan below Jane and slowly he and Paul placed her directly on Todd’s chest. Through half open eyes Jane could tell that both men were naked now and their cocks were firmly erect.

Jane couldn’t wait to have one of them inside of her. Jane wanted them, needed them. Reaching down, Jane firmly grabbed Todd’s throbbing prick and guided it toward her hole. God how she wanted it!

Once it was in, Jane lowered herself onto the pulsing cock and began to rock back and forth. Paul was at the head of the divan now and he was holding Jane by either side of her head. When she opened her eyes she could see the head of his huge penis directly in front of her face, precum dripping from it.

Paul moved his penis back and forth across Jane’s lips to make sure she understood what he wanted. Jane looked up with a dazed expression and opened her mouth as Paul guided his throbbing cock to the back of her mouth. She had never sucked a cock before, she thought, but she seemed to know what to do. It occurred to her that was strange, but the thought was completely lost as Paul began his quest for the bottom of her throat.

Jane was whining softly now as she struggled to breathe as Paul continued to thrust in and out of her mouth. On the other end, Jane’s pussy was absolutely on fire. Todd’s penis was massively larger than her husband Martin’s. It was thick and long. However big it was, it was deep inside Jane and she was taking every inch of it.

Jane could feel Sophie’s fingers massaging her clit and Todd’s balls at the same time. As Sophie moved in closer she could feel Sophie’s tongue as it licked Todd’s cock as it slid in and out of her hole. Occasionally, Sophie’s stud would find the edge of Jane’s cunt, next to her asshole. Each time she did, Jane’s pussy would squeeze Todd’s cock a little harder.

Jane could feel Sophie’s familiar hands now, grabbing each of her ass cheeks as she spread them wide apart. Before she knew it, Sophie had driven her studded tongue deep into Jane’s virgin ass. Jane finally reached sensory overload…she exploded. Jane’s body began to shake all over. The orgasm was overpowering.

Both Todd and Paul could sense that she was trying to suck their cocks dry from both ends and they accommodated her, cuming hard in both her holes at the same time. As Sophie moved back, Todd and Paul continued to deposit the last few jets of their cum into Jane’s gaping cavities. Jane’s pussy continued to grasp Todd’s cock tightly, not wanting to let it go.

The room was completely silent. The grunts, groans and slurping sounds had been replaced with dead silence. No one wanted to speak.

Paul removed his now flaccid cock from Jane’s mouth and Todd’s softening tool could no longer be held in place by Jane’s slippery cunt. As Paul moved away to wipe himself with a towel, Todd gradually slipped from beneath Jane to get to his feet, rolling Jane over on her back on the divan as he did so.

As Jane lay there still numb from the experience she moved her head to the side and could see herself reflected on the largest of the plasma screens that was connected to George’s video camera. As she watched, he panned in on the cum dripping from her mouth and then her swollen cunt with more cum dripping down her legs and onto the divan and the droplets of cum caught in her red cunt hair.

The camera moved up her body and she could see the mixture of sweat and cum that coated her torso. She could see the outline of the boy’s teeth marks around her breasts. Finally the camera zoomed in on Jane’s face and captured the look of crazed lust that filled her eyes. The camera zoomed in closer on Jane’s eyes and as they looked back at her through the large screen, magnified to many times their size, it frightened her and she was overwhelmed with a desire to run.

The flight instinct had completely grabbed hold of her. She jumped from the divan and ran as fast as she could toward the door. The next thing she knew she was back on the third floor in her room lying face down on the bed, crying uncontrollably, eventually falling into a fitful sleep.

The Product Ch. 06 by darkdeceptions

“I thought you said you were going to take this slow?” said Richard, who had just arrived.

“We were,” said Deirdre, “we had no intention of letting things go this far today. That girl has a lot of pent up sexual angst that is trying to get out. Thank God we captured it all on video.”

“The footage is gold,” said George.

“Where is she now?” interjected Richard.

“She cried herself to sleep upstairs in her room. I thought I would leave her alone for a while. We have a couple of hours before we have to leave for the airport,” said Deirdre.

“Fine, but you need to know what kind of mental state she is in before we leave the complex,” said Richard.

“OK, I’ll take care of it. I think I know exactly how to handle the situation. Jane seems to enjoy the feminine touch,” said Deirdre smiling.

“I’m sure she does,” replied Richard with a lewd smile. “I wouldn’t wait. You may need the whole time and we can’t be late. That private plane is damned expensive per hour. And by the way, make sure the cameras are running. We wouldn’t want to miss any good footage. You still eat the lens better than anyone,” Richard said admiringly, as he looked at Deirdre.


Jane was still fast asleep as Deirdre entered the room. As she approached the bed, Jane stirred slightly and rolled over on her other side. Deirdre sat down on the edge of the bed and began to stroke Jane’s back gently. As she did, Jane awoke and began to sob quietly.

“Are you OK, kitten?” asked Deirdre in her most comforting voice.

“I’m just so ashamed. I was just completely out of control. I never thought I could be such a harlot.”

“Jane, you’re not a harlot,” said Deirdre with a smile, at such an archaic term, “You’re just a woman who has finally discovered that she has needs and you’re taking care of them. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by your sexuality,” said Deidre understandingly. “Although, I might take it a little slower in the future, if I were you. I’ve got to admit, that was really something today. I thought I had seen it all and you really had me going too. It was amazing. The camera loves you.”

Jane moved closer to Deirdre, resting her head on her lap. Deirdre stroked Jane’s hair and allowed her other hand to find Jane’s right breast, stroking her nipple with circular motions with her index finger. “Jane, we can’t afford to have you get out of control again. Do you want me to help you with that?

Jane shook her head yes in Deirdre’s lap.

“Good then,” said Deirdre firmly. Her voice had changed; it was no longer comforting, but demanding. “From now on you must do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”

Jane shuddered as she heard the loud crack of Deirdre’s hand and the pain burn into her right ass cheek.

“Do you understand?” Jane shook her head, just as the second blow was administered, this time harder.

“Do you understand? Speak when you are spoken to and the only answer I want to hear is yes!”

“Yes, yes. Please don’t hit me again,” sobbed Jane in confusion.

“Good then, if you do exactly what I say not only will you enjoy our time together, but it will make our work a lot easier. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” was the immediate reply.

“OK, now get in the shower and clean yourself up.”

As Jane padded off to the shower, Deirdre looked up to the mirror overhead and mouthed the words “are you rolling” as she smiled into the mirror.

“What the hell is she up to?” said Richard from the other side of the full length mirror.”

“I don’t know, but knowing Deirdre, it will be film worthy,” said George.

As Jane was finishing her shower Deirdre opened one of the mirrored panels on the adjacent wall. Hanging inside were whips and crops and various other bondage paraphernalia, including cuffs and other restraints.

“What the hell is she doing? Doesn’t she know we have to be on a plane in an hour?” said Richard with some frustration.

“Deirdre knows what she is doing. Don’t worry about it,” was George’s response.

When Deirdre heard the water shut off she chose a black hood from the shelf inside the hidden compartment and walked toward the bathroom. As she did, she let the dressing gown she was wearing drop to the floor. Deirdre reached the bathroom just as Jane was finishing drying her hair with a towel.

As Jane looked up in the mirror she could see Deirdre in the doorway. Deirdre was wearing a leather thong and bra, with her nipples protruding from the open front. Both leather pieces were studded with sharp stainless steel pikes. Deirdre had let her raven hair down out of the bun and it cascaded over her shoulders. Jane could feel the warmth coming back between her legs. Deirdre looked both wicked and stunningly beautiful.

“Jane you’re keeping me waiting and I don’t like to wait. Get over here and turn around. Quicker! I don’t have all day. Get over here and turn around.” Jane had been confused by Deirdre’s change in behavior, but she didn’t want to screw things up any further. When Jane did as she was told Deirdre finished drying her hair and her back and then her ass.

“Now turn around and face me,” said Deirdre as she finished drying Jane’s shoulders, then her breasts and stomach and finally her pussy. As Deirdre slid the towel between Jane’s legs Jane spread them wider, taking a deep breathe to calm herself. Jane wasn’t going to take any chances, she was determined to control her urges.

“Good girl,” complimented Deirdre. “You’re learning. As a matter of fact, from now on you may only have an orgasm when I give you permission. Do you understand?”

Jane immediately said yes without even thinking. She really didn’t understand why, but she wanted to please Deirdre.

“Good. Now do you know what kind of outfit this is?” asked Deirdre.

“I think I saw one in a magazine once. Isn’t it called a dominators outfit?” replied Jane.

Deirdre smiled at Jane but as she did so her eyes narrowed as she got back into character. “Dominatrix, and who wears a dominatrix’s outfit Jane?”

“Well I don’t know…” before she could get another word out Deirdre had reached over and twisted Jane’s left nipples violently. “Down on your knees, NOW!”

Jane got on her knees immediately even as her shrieks of pain became whimpers.

“This is what the master wears. I am your new master and you will do whatever I tell you from now on. You already agreed to that, didn’t you?” said Deirdre sternly.

“Yes, yes!” cried Jane as Deirdre abused her nipple even more violently.

Jane wanted to cry, but she was in shock at the way Deirdre was treating her. Jane’s eyes were shut tight trying to deal with the pain that was throbbing through her breast. What was happening? Before she could answer herself Deirdre had an answer for her.

Suddenly Jane was in total darkness; the black hood had been pulled over her head and pulled tight around her neck.

“Hold your hands high over your head and don’t lower them unless I tell you to. Now follow me,” demanded Deirdre as she grabbed Jane’s other nipple and led the way into the bedroom.

“Kneel,” barked Deirdre. “You were a very bad girl today and you almost upset all of our plans for you. I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” was the immediate response.

Jane could hear Deirdre just a few feet away and could hear the jingling of what sounded like chains. The next thing Jane felt was the cold metal of handcuffs being applied to her wrists. Jane was shaking now and crying openly. My God, was she going to be killed. She started to lower her hands and suddenly she felt a sharp sting on her right buttock, but it wasn’t Deirdre’s hand. “I said keep your arms up. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” was the replay, followed by another immediate blow to Jane’s right buttock.

“Yes what?” demanded Deirdre.

“I don’t…” Jane’s scream replaced her words as she received another lash.

“Yes what? Who am I?” snarled Deirdre.

“Yes master” Jane whimpered in reply.

“That’s better. From now on the only words I want to hear from you, unless I give you permission to speak, are Yes Master. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” was the immediate response.

“Excellent, you may make a good slave yet.”

Jane could hear Deirdre moving across the room again and could hear the sound of more jingling chains. Now the feel of cold metal was surrounding Jane’s waist.

“You may lower your hands now slave,” said Deirdre finally.

As Jane did so Deirdre locked the handcuffs to the front of the chain around Jane’s waist.

“We are about to leave now and we will be traveling for several hours. During the trip I expect you to do exactly as I say. If you do not, you will be punished very severely. Do you understand?” said Deirdre gravely.

“Yes Master,” said Jane in a low voice.

“Do you have any questions? You may speak.” said Deirdre

“Where are we going?” asked Jane, before she heard and felt the crack!

“You mean where are we going master?” corrected Deirdre.

“Where are we going, Master?” asked Jane haltingly as she tried to deal with the pain of the latest blow.

“Slaves don’t need to know where they are going. But I can tell you we will be there for at least a couple of weeks. It is in the desert and we will be meeting Dr. Contreras there. We will be at a very secluded ranch with nothing for miles around and you will be able to swim and get plenty of sun at the large pool. You should enjoy yourself. You should thank your master for being so kind to you. Do you thank your master?”

“Yes, thank you master.” said Jane meekly.

“Good. Now stand up and we can get ready to go.” commanded Deirdre.

Jane heard the rattling of chains again and felt one being dropped around her neck. Deirdre grasped the leash as she led Jane from the room. Naked except for the hood, Jane cautiously followed behind Deirdre. They rode the elevator down to the first floor and Deirdre lead Jane into the main corridor. It was cold. Jane could feel the cold air wafting across her body. The outer door must be open, she thought. Deirdre yanked the chain lightly and said, “Knell here and do not move until l get back.”

Jane knelt there in complete darkness shivering from the cold air. How long would she have to stay there on the cold floor, she thought.

Deirdre disappeared into the adjacent room. The rest of the team was there waiting for her. They all smiled as she entered. “Just like the old days,” said George. Everyone laughed.

“Don’t get your hopes up boys. I don’t plan on coming out of retirement,” said Deirdre sarcastically.

As Deirdre spoke, she put on the clothing that she had left out on her overnight bag, dressing quickly. As she dressed Richard came over. “At first I was worried, but that was pure genius.”

“It made sense,” said Deirdre, “she has a submissive personality, especially to put up with the zero Martin for all those years. I can’t understand why I didn’t see it sooner. We shouldn’t have any problems with her from now on. As a matter of fact, this actually plays really well into our overall game plan for her. This girl’s libido is off the charts. From now on we need get her close, but not let her have any orgasms. We need to get her as ramped up as possible and not let her have any release. When we get to pay day, it will pay off in spades.” Both Deirdre and Richard laughed at the unintended double entendre.

“OK everyone,” Deirdre said, “Jane is out in the hallway. No one is to talk with her or interact with her. From now on, Jane is my slave. That is not to say that we can’t share her on the way to the desert on the airplane, but you have to ask me first and she needs to hear you asking me. When I give you permission, then you can have your way with her. One more thing, you can fuck her brains out, but no orgasms for her. That’s really important. We want her all amped up when we get to D-Day two weeks from now. We’ve already paid for the satellite time and that is a hard schedule.”

“OK boss” was the group response.

“You mean Master,” said Richard. Everyone laughed.

The Product Ch. 07 by darkdeceptions

As they ambled down the corridor with their bags Deirdre walked ahead and picked up Jane’s leash. “Move slave. It is time to go.”

As they approached the open door it got colder and colder. Jane had goose bumps all over her naked skin. Everyone else was wearing jackets to protect themselves from the cold as they walked out to the waiting vans. Deirdre stepped up into the back door of the first van. Grabbing Jane’s arms, she helped Jane step up into the van without banging her shins on the vehicle’s metal frame. “Sit on the floor slave. The seats are for our guests.”

As Deirdre and Jane sat in the van, the rest of the team finished loading all the equipment and luggage in the panel truck behind them. The cameramen would drive the panel truck and the product team would ride in the van with Deirdre and Jane, with Todd driving.

The van was outfitted with plush seats on both sides. As the team sat down Jane was thankful the doors were finally closed as she sat shivering in the middle of the floor continuing to weep softly as she contemplated her fate. Everyone settled in for the ride to the airport. As they got out onto the freeway Deirdre reminded Todd, “No tickets.”

“No shit,” was Todd’s response, looking back at their chained and hooded naked slave. Todd had no desire to replace Jane’s sweet ass with his own at the county jail.

George was sitting directly across from Deirdre. When they finally made eye contact George gave Deirdre a questioning look and nodded down toward Jane. George never got to participate, since he was always behind a camera. Deirdre smiled back nodding her head yes.

“Slave, turn around,” commanded Deirdre.

Jane shimmied around clanking her chains as she went. Deirdre reached around Jane’s head and opened the Velcro snap located at the mouth of the hood.

“Slave, worship the cock that is about to be generously provided you.”

George’s pants were already down around his ankles and his cock was at full staff. Although it was not impressive by the standards of the other men in the van, George’s prowess was on the other end of the camera.

Even with the flap open, Jane couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t until George grabbed the back of the hood and guided Jane’s mouth to his cock that she could finally see the head, just as he pushed it into her open mouth.

“Don’t embarrass me slave. Do a good job. Suck that cock dry and don’t soil my carpeting. Swallow every drop.”

Jane went to work on George’s cock with a great deal of encouragement from George. He was fucking her face with reckless abandon. It didn’t take long. George never even got as far as exploring Jane’s throat. Jane could feel the pumping cum in George’s cock and she swallowed as quickly as she could, trying to keep up with the sticky paste. Jane swallowed every mouthful as it spurted from George’s cock. Jane sucked the remaining cum from the head of George’s cock and then licked the cum from his shaft and the cum that was dripping from the corner of her mouth. Jane sat back on her haunches, breathing deeply.

“Good work slave. That was an excellent job; with very little training you are proving to be an excellent cock sucker. After a couple of weeks more practice you’ll be ready for the big time.” Deirdre looked around and everyone was laughing quietly.

They were approaching the private airport and then quickly pulled into the hanger. Richard got out of the van first and went over to meet with the pilots. As he kept them occupied Deirdre pulled some sweatpants onto Jane and a hoodie over her top. The group walked toward the airplane ramp, keeping Jane on the opposite side from the pilots’ view. Richard kept the pilots busy until Jane was safely on the plane and sequestered in the rear private compartment.

Like the van, the back compartment had seating all the way around, forming nearly a complete oval. Deirdre led Jane to the middle of the room and told her to sit down on the floor. Jane was a quick learner and she already knew the drill. Jane lurched when she felt the riding crop brush up against her back, but Deirdre was only stroking her. “You have been a very good slave thus far. Until we get in the air, I don’t want to hear a sound from you.”

With that, Deirdre pulled the hoodie from Jane. “Stand up.” Now Deirdre removed the sweat pants. Again, Jane lurched at the touch of the riding crop on her bare bottom this time. Deirdre rubbed it across Jane’s bottom until she found the space between her legs. After removing the sweat pants, Jane was on all fours now. Deirdre stroked Jane’s pussy with the narrow crop as Jane lifted her ass to meet the leather. Deirdre began lightly slapping Jane’s moist pussy with the crop, teasing her with each light blow.

Deirdre could tell that Jane was getting close as Jane’s breathing became heavier. With one loud crack, Jane felt the pain singe her right buttock. “Remember slave, I told you, no orgasms unless I say so. Now get your ass on the floor.”

Jane was beside herself. She had been so close. The truth be told, she had enjoyed being a slave thus far. When she used to masturbate, her fantasies were often about being held hostage and being ravished. Jane sat quietly, excited about what might happen to her next.

The guys had loaded all the equipment in the front of the plane and the entire staff made their way to the rear compartment for the trip to Arizona. Everyone found their seats and strapped in. Deirdre helped Jane from the floor and put her in the seat next to her and strapped her in for takeoff.

As they whisked down the runway and lifted off Jane felt a rush at the unexpected liftoff. Jane wondered if she would be allowed to sit there for the rest of the trip. As they gained altitude and made the turn back toward the east, Jane sat back in the seat and relaxed briefly, lost in her thoughts.

Jane could hear the conversations going on around her. Deirdre was talking to Richard about the video they had already shot and how Jane seemed to be eating the lens. The cameramen were talking techno stuff, although their conversation would occasionally turn to how much they would like a piece of Jane’s ass.

Tom, Kieran and George were discussing the shooting schedule for the next day and strategizing about what they could do on the 4 or 5 days when they would have to go dark. They finally decided they would spend the time in the editing room and work their way through the video and stills they already had. Jane couldn’t understand how the few minutes of video that had been shot in the studio could take so long, but then, she really didn’t know anything about this business.

Jane was relaxed now and when Richard asked Deirdre if Jane liked her new hair styling and color, without thinking Jane blurted out, “Yes I think the color matches my skin really well. I’m really happy with it.”

The next thing Jane knew she had been tugged roughly by the chain around her neck and went sprawling on the floor of the cabin. Jane knew what was next and she didn’t have to wait very long. The crack of the riding crop and the burning sensation were almost simultaneous. Jane screamed loudly. That was the hardest Deirdre had hit her. As Jane got up on all fours she was greeted with another stroke, this time even harder. “I told you slave, not a sound.”

“Do you understand slave? Shake your head, if you understand.” said Deirdre harshly.

Jane shook her head furiously, not wanting any more punishment. Jane thought that she might have to rethink how much fun this was just as the next lash came, and then another. Jane started whimpering with sounds that were barely audible. One lash came after another until Jane collapsed to the floor of the cabin. Jane lay there whimpering for what seemed like hours, even though it was only a few minutes. She was thankful that the lashing was over.

Deirdre grabbed the hood and yanked Jane’s head up to her mouth. “I told you to be a good slave. I guess I was just too lenient with you. I won’t make that mistake again.”

Now Jane could hear Deirdre talking to someone in a low voice at the opposite end of the cabin. She heard the door open and close and then open and close again a few minutes later. Deirdre stood Jane up and moved her over into the corner. She could hear something being rolled out on the floor. She could also hear the murmur on conversation from the opposite corner of the room. As she was trying to make out the conversation Jane suddenly felt a familiar set of hands rubbing oil into her skin.

Sophie rubbed the oil into every inch of Jane’s body to the point where Sophie’s hands just slid from one spot to another. Sophie was leading Jane back to the center of the cabin now, but she no longer felt the carpet under her bare feet. She was on plastic and it made a crunching noise as she walked across it to the center of the cabin.

Jane could feel the handcuffs being released from the chain around her waist. Her hands were being lifted above her head. These were no longer Sophie’s hands, these were larger stronger hands and they were handling her roughly. The handcuffs were reattached above her head and she was left to hang there momentarily. Jane could feel ropes being attached to her ankles and tied tight. The ropes were smooth and were being pulled apart as her legs were spread wide. Jane was almost airborne now.

Jane’s heart was racing now. She had never expected this. This wasn’t part of any of her fantasies. She was shaking now. She couldn’t imagine what was going to happen to her next. She didn’t want to know.

Deirdre was whispering into Jane’s ear now, her voice so soft that Jane had to strain to make out the words, but her tone was menacing. “I told you slave, that disobedience would be dealt with harshly. Now you are going to find out just how harshly. You have no one to blame but yourself for what is about to happen to you.”

Deirdre removed the hood in one motion. Jane’s eyes struggled in the bright lights. There were photographic umbrellas set up all around the edge of the cabin. Jane’s eyes slowly adjusted to the bright lights and she could see the blue tarp beneath her. She could also see that her handcuffs were attached to a chain connected to one of the cargo hooks overhead. As she looked down, she could see that the ropes her ankles were attached to were tied off to similar hooks in the bottom corners of the cabin underneath the seating.

As Jane looked straight forward, she was surprised by what she saw. With the exception of George, who was manning the camera that was shining the brightest of the lights in her face, all the men were wearing black hoods and were completely naked. Like Jane, the men had oiled their bodies and to a man, they all had raging hardons. Most of them were stroking their cocks with their oily hands keeping themselves fully hard.

“You have the biggest cock, I want you on the bottom,” said Deirdre as she grabbed the prodigious cock and ushered him forward. “Trust me Jane, you’ll have a hard time taking it all. I do.”

Deirdre grabbed the next cock. “I want you out in front. And as she grabbed the third cock, “you get to bring up the rear. I know you have been coveting that ass for a very long time.” The rest of you can wait your turns, but let’s keep up the pace, we only have an hour and a half before we have to buckle back in for the landing.”

Deirdre stepped forward one last time and leaned over to whisper again in Jane’s ear, “After this, you’ll never disobey me again.” Deirdre smiled as she looked at Jane’s horror stricken face. Deirdre moved to the side where she would have a front row seat. “Boys, she is all yours.”

Jane’s body was really shaking now. As Tom moved forward he laid down on the tarp underneath Jane’s outstretched legs. Deirdre tossed one of the cameramen the keys to the cuffs and he unlocked Jane’s hands with each of the cameramen grabbing her by one of her wrists tightly, stretching her arms away from her body.

Slowly they lowered Jane toward the massive cock that awaited her as she shook uncontrollably, fearing the massive prick would tear her apart. Tom had really pumped it up with his own hand job. He held it up with his right hand waiting for the cameramen to impale Jane on it. Todd’s had been longer, but Tom’s was massively thick. Jane’s pussy began to quiver as she was lowered toward it.

As she could feel the head of the massive cock penetrating the layers of flesh on the outside of her pussy, she had to look away. There was Deirdre sitting there with an evil smile mouthing the words. “Don’t ever disobey me again.”

By the time Jane’s cunt had swallowed the first two inches of the huge cock she felt like she was being split in half. Each inch brought even greater pain. By the time Tom’s cock was half way in it was just too much and Jane screamed loudly.

Deirdre turned to Kieran, “Get a cock in her mouth before she has the pilots back here.” Kieran grabbed Jane by the hair and forced his cock in her mouth. He wasted no time in working his cock to the back of her mouth and began the pleasurable job of exploring the further reaches of Jane’s throat.

Tom was almost all the way in now and Jane’s ass was quivering uncontrollably from the pain of the massive cock. As Tom was finally in up to the hilt he paused for a moment and then began a piston like motion driving his cock deep into Jane at a rapid rate.

Were it not for Kieran’s cock in Jane’s mouth, her screams of pain could have been heard back in Los Angeles. The more Jane screamed however, the more the vibrations engorged Kieran’s cock as he stroked in and out of her gaping mouth.

“OK, it’s time to man the caboose and get this train really chugging,” said Deirdre now. Jane’s eyes got really wide as she realized what was going to happen to her. Her screams muffled by Kieran’s cock, Jane struggled to free her hands, but the cameramen held them firmly. As Richard stepped up behind Jane she could feel him slapping his cock against her asshole.

Jane was squeezing her ass as tight as she could, but the more she did so, the worse Tom’s cock hurt in her already filled pussy. Richard slapped his cock against Jane’s asshole again. When that didn’t work, he slapped her ass hard repeatedly on both side with each hand.

Out of the corner of her eye Jane could see Deirdre moving in her direction. Sure enough the riding crop cracked against her bare ass. “Loosen up Jane.” Deirdre commanded. Crack. “Loosen it up.” Now two more quick and forceful lashes to Jane’s already inflamed ass. With that she surrendered and Richard quickly began to force his enormous cock up Jane’s asshole.

Jane’s whole body was shaking like a leaf now. Jane’s was now just one raw nerve ending. Jane’s breathing was becoming labored and there was no fight left. The cameramen no longer had to keep Jane’s arms stretch out, her arms had gone limp. Both cameramen wrapped her fingers around their cocks and she was meekly jerking them off. Jane was completely defeated. There was no fight left.

As the three men got close to finishing, each pulled out. Jane collapsed to the tarp and the cameramen released her ankles from the restraints. They rolled Jane over and as they stood over her, continuing to stroke their cocks, they each shot their load in her face as she lay there flailing around on the tarp like a caught fish.

As Tom, Kieran and Richard moved to the bathroom in the back of the cabin to clean themselves and get ready to land, the cameramen, and the Chippendale boys took their place. For the next hour each of them took turns, with each of them taking a trip around the world. By the time the plane was ready to land everyone had cleaned up, the equipment was put away and Jane had been cleaned up by Sophie, since Jane could barely stand on her own now.

Jane had receded into her own world, completely detached from reality. As she sat on her seat, she continued to quiver, whining softly to herself as she rocked back and forth. Deirdre sat down next to her and in a soft voice whispered, “are you going to be a good girl now?”

Jane couldn’t respond but shook her head yes and you could hear her whine “ah huh” repeatedly as she continued to rock back and forth.

“I know you can be a good girl. So tomorrow we can start fresh,” said Deirdre soothingly. “As long as you do exactly as I say you will be treated well. Now go to sleep until the plane lands.”

When the plane landed in Scottsdale there was no reason to hood Jane again, she was fast asleep. Sophie dressed her in the hoodie and sweat pants and the cameramen carried her off the plane and to the waiting vehicles. There were three SUVs to get them to the ranch. It would be a couple hours of tough driving before they arrived. Jane was on the back seat of one of the SUVs with her head resting in Sophie’s lap.

Jane drifted in and out of consciousness on the trip to the ranch, with the bumpy road occasionally stirring her awake. Sophie would stroke her hair until she returned to her fitful sleep. Occasionally Jane could hear Deirdre and Richard talking in the front seat.

“Was that really necessary?” she could hear Richard asking Deirdre.

“Maybe not, but she needed to learn a lesson. Besides did you see the video that George captured? The guy is a genius. Poor lighting and on a moving plane! I think the bad lighting actually worked in our favor it makes the entire episode look even more horrific than it was and it was pretty horrific. Remember, we won’t be able to shoot anything after tomorrow and we’ll be dark for three or four days.”

“Yeah,” said Richard, “I suppose you’re right. But we have to go a little easier on her tomorrow. And no more yanking on her nipples or abusing her breasts. That could really set us back and we can’t afford that.”

Jane didn’t understand what they were talking about, but she was glad to hear her day tomorrow would be easier, as she drifted back to sleep.

The Product Ch. 08 by darkdeceptions

When Jane woke up she could feel the warm sunlight radiating on her through the window. She didn’t remember arriving last night, but vaguely remembered Sophie helping her to the bathtub for a warm bath. Sophie sponged Jane clean and washed her hair. Sophie had also applied some lotion to the welts forming on Jane’s ass to reduce the swelling and help her heal more quickly.

As Jane lay in bed she could see the saguaros outside her window and the mountains in the distance. The windows were open and the weather was really pleasant for February. As Jane got up, still a little wobbly on her legs, she moved to the window to take in the vista outside her room. She was amazed how still it was. Jane could hear a hawk in the distance and mockingbirds chirping in a nearby cottonwood tree. The most remarkable thing, she thought, was that there was nothing but open desert for as far as she could see.

The previous night on the plane had been like a bad dream. Jane decided to put it out of her mind. She would never cross Deirdre ever again. Of that she was sure. Jane had decided she actually liked the fucking and a little discipline was OK, actually exciting. But she never wanted to get gang banged like that ever again.

The door opened and it was Deirdre with a big smile on her face. “Feeling better today kitten?” Deirdre was carrying a breakfast tray and sat it down on the table in the corner of the room. “I thought I would join you for breakfast. The guys are all in the dining room and they are a rowdy bunch.”

Deirdre took a seat at the table and Jane sat next to her so they could both enjoy the view out the window. Deirdre poured Jane’s coffee and poured her cream. Jane was pleased that Deirdre remembered. It was a light breakfast of yogurt and granola, with some strawberries on the side. As they ate they made small talk for the first time.

“I’m so sorry about last night. But it was necessary. You do understand that, don’t you?” asked Deirdre.

“Yes, I think so,” replied Jane. Jane suddenly realized that Deirdre wasn’t demanding to be called master anymore.

“You look confused. What are you thinking?” asked Deirdre.

“You aren’t making me call you master anymore,” replied Jane.

Deirdre wrapped her hand in Jane’s and reached up and stroked her cheek with the other as she looked deep into Jane’s questioning eyes.

“Is that really necessary anymore?” was the reply.

“No. I’ll never disobey you again, I promise,” said Jane with the proper tone of remorse.

After finishing breakfast, Jane and Deirdre both stood at the same time and as they did, Deirdre stepped closer and kissed Jane fully on the lips. As Jane’s lips parted in surprise Deirdre’s tongue snuck past her lips and into her mouth. Jane wrapped her arms around Deirdre and kissed her back hard. As Deirdre ran her hand through Jane’s hair she could still feel some of the oil from the night before. As Deirdre stepped away she took Jane by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

“Your hair is still a little oily from last night. Let me wash it for you.” As they stepped into the bathroom Deirdre began to undress Jane, pulling the panties down to the floor as Jane stepped out of them. Deirdre could smell the musk of Jane’s abused pussy as she rose back up to pull the teddy over her head. As Jane stood there, Deirdre started the shower.

It was open just like the one back in LA. As a matter of fact, it looked identical, as did the bedroom. Deirdre slowly removed her clothing, almost as though she were putting on a show for Jane.

When she finished she took Jane by the hand and led her into the shower. As they shared the pulsing water from overhead the two women wrapped their arms around each other as they kissed deeply again. Deirdre’s breasts were uncommonly firm and her nipples seemed to be in a constant state of erection. Deirdre let Jane explore and play with them, eventually drawing Jane’s head toward her breast inviting Jane to suck on her nipples.

As Jane sucked on Deirdre’s breasts, Jane could feel the now familiar warmth returning between her legs. Sensing Jane’s arousal, Deirdre switched gears and reached for the shampoo. “Remember, we are here to wash your hair.”

Jane was disappointed, but she remembered what Deirdre had said about orgasms, so she quickly turned around to let Deirdre wash her hair. When they finished showering the women dried each other off. Returning to the bedroom, Deirdre laid spread eagle on the bed. Jane looked at her questioningly. Deirdre recognized the look.

“I said you couldn’t have an orgasm, I didn’t say anything about me.” said Deirdre smiling.

Realizing what was being asked of her, Jane made her way to the bed. Jane had been dreaming about burying her face in Deirdre’s pussy since the first day. She could almost smell Deirdre’s sweet pussy gyrating over her head in her dreams. Jane was still aroused but she knew that it was Deirdre’s turn. As Jane knelt between Deirdre’s legs she dropped down on the bed so she could give Deirdre’s moistening pussy her full attention. Jane had never eaten pussy before, or so she thought, so this was uncharted territory. The smell of Deirdre’s pussy was intoxicating to Jane as she buried her face in it.

At the first nip of Jane’s teeth, Deirdre realized that some coaching would be necessary. “Don’t use your teeth. Use your tongue to lick and your lips to suck. When you are a little more experience, then you can use your teeth.”

Deirdre smiled knowingly down at Jane who returned to Deirdre’s pussy with renewed enthusiasm. It took a while for Jane to find Deirdre’s special spot, but in no time Deirdre’s hips and ass were rising and lowering to the rhythm of Jane’s tongue and lips.

As Deirdre became more excited she reversed her position and rolled Jane over on top of her. As Jane returned her tongue to the depths of Deirdre’s wet pussy, Deirdre turned her attention to Jane’s asshole driving her tongue in as deep as it would go. Jane let out a deep gasp at the pleasurable feeling emanating from her backside.

Both women rolled over on their sides to afford each other deeper penetration into their respective holes. Deirdre was getting close now and the more she drove her tongue into Jane’s asshole and then reamed it on the way out, the more ardently Jane drove Deirdre toward her orgasm.

Jane surprised Deirdre by driving her index finger into her ass and the added excitement drove Deirdre over the edge as she tightened her thighs around Jane’s head and bucked herself to completion.

As Deirdre rolled off she could see that Jane was all hot and bothered. Good, she thought. Let’s keep her that way. Deirdre sat on the edge of the bed and she leaned over and kissed Jane on the cheek.

“Thanks. I needed that,” said Deirdre as she got up to leave.

Putting on her robe Deirdre told Jane to shower again and meet her at the far end of the hallway for a meeting at 11. “Oh and clothing is optional. As a matter of fact it is very optional.”

Jane knew better than to question Deirdre now. She would do as she was told. At 11 a.m. she was padding down the hallway in her birthday suit, not knowing what to expect next.

As she opened the door and entered the room Dr. Contreras and Deirdre were already there along with Richard. They turned and smiled at Jane as she walked in the room.

“Good morning Jane,” said Dr. Contreras, “so nice to see you again.”

Jane walked up to join them and as she did Deirdre decided to fill her in on why they were there. “Jane, as you know we have put a great deal of effort into this project and we are nearing the final rollout. There are still a couple of details to be attended to and that is what we propose to do over the next few days.”

Deirdre stopped briefly to let her words sink in.

“The final phase of the process is to help you transform yourself into the new ravishingly beautiful, sensuous and exciting woman you are becoming. That is why Dr. Contreras is here to assist us. I believe when Sophie was doing your hair you told her you were attracted to the image of the woman in the illustration she showed you. The image she showed you was one that Dr. Contreras produced and it is his rendering of how he proposes that you look in the future.”

Although surprised, Jane continued listening intently and said nothing. She didn’t want to say the wrong thing to Deirdre so she said, “Yes. I was struck by the image. She was beautiful.” Jane turned to Dr. Contreras and looked at him directly.

“Can you make me beautiful like that?” Jane asked Dr. Contreras earnestly.

“Yes, of course my dear, but those are not the only changes…improvements that I propose. Would you like to see them all? I can show you on the computer right over hear.”

This was going easier than Deirdre thought it would. Richard sensed what Deirdre was thinking and shook his head in silent agreement.

Jane was starting to like the new her and was excited to see what Dr. Contreras could do. She was so focused on seeing what the new her might look like she had completely forgotten that she was stark naked. Deirdre noticed it too. We have come a long way in a short time, she thought.

As Dr. Contreras moved the mouse the large plasma screen on the wall lit up. Jane could see a more detailed version of the new face that Dr. Contreras was proposing. He pointed out the changes he proposed to her nose and to her eyes. As he zoomed the image out the front of Jane’s body came into full view. “As you can see I propose to enlarge your breasts slightly and lift them. Not too big, but not too small either,” Contreras said smiling.

As Contreras spun the image to a side view the true size of Jane’s new breasts really became apparent. Jane was impressed. She had always wished she had larger breasts.

“I can only show you so much on the computer. If you would be so kind as to step up on this riser, I can demonstrate the changes more easily,” said Contreras as he guided Jane up on to the low riser, switching on the intense overhead lights. As Jane stood on the pedestal, Dr. Contreras outlined the places around Jane’s eyes and nose where he proposed to make changes. Jane could follow Contreras’ hands by watching herself in the full length mirror on the opposite wall.

Contreras now moved to Jane’s breasts where he lifted each of them from the bottom to show how they would now hang higher on her chest. He also pointed out where he would make the incisions to add the enhancements.

“While it isn’t critical yet, we could also firm up Jane’s buttocks as well,” said Contreras. “Could you please turn around for a moment my dear,” he said as he slowly turned her around. The doctor grabbed the bottom of each of Jane’s cheeks and lifted them to show how they could be firmed up.

“Would that increase the recovery time,” Deirdre asked Contreras.

“Only by a couple of days, three at the most,” he responded.

Deirdre looked at Richard and he was shaking his head no.

“I think that this is something we can come back to at a later date. We are currently on a very tight schedule as we approach this product rollout, said Deirdre. “So I think we need to stick to the procedures we have already discussed.”

“Very well,” said Dr. Contreras. “Perhaps by then the young lady will be ready to have her vagina tightened up a bit. As I told you the other day, Jane has a very lovely vagina.”

Jane would have gone beet red a few days ago, but today, she actually appreciated Dr. Contreras’ compliment.

“So we are agreed?” asked Dr. Contreras.

“Yes,” said Deirdre.

“And you young lady?”

Jane looked to Deirdre quickly and then back to Dr. Contreras. “Yes, of course.”

“Good, then there is no reason why we can’t proceed at once,” said Dr. Contreras enthusiastically. “Young lady, follow me and by tomorrow, there will be a whole new you!”

Jane followed the doctor out the door and down to the middle of the hallway where another corridor led to the opposite side of the large ranch house. As Jane stepped through the door at the end of this hallway she has surprised to see a full operating room on the other side of the glass paneled wall just inside the doorway.

“I’m going to leave you in the care of my surgical nurse now. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours at most. After that you will need to rest in bed for a day. After that, I suggest that you spend plenty of time by the pool and let the sun work its magic. You should be back to full activity in a matter of four or five days. You can look forward to seeing your new beautiful new self…as will I.” With that Contreras disappeared back out the door and left Jane in the care of the nurse.


The next few days passed quickly. For the first two days, Jane was in the care of the nurse, who brought her meals to her room on the surgical side of the complex. Jane didn’t see the rest of the team until the third day when she joined them at the pool. By day five most of the swelling had gone down and Jane was getting back to normal, but with new bigger eyes, her pixie nose and large beautifully proportioned breasts.

Deirdre was joining Jane for lunch every day now and they engaged in idle girl talk. Jane was opening up to Deirdre and was confiding herself to her. Jane had a bunch of questions regarding what was next, but the answers she got from Deirdre were vague at best. She guessed it had to do with the imminent product roll out.

At lunch the previous day Jane had confided that of all the things she had done since coming to work for Deirdre, the one thing she could never do again was the gang bang. Deirdre could tell from the way that Jane said it, that she was absolutely adamant.

With only a little more than a week left until D-Day, Deirdre was concerned and decided to talk to Richard about it. He had gone back to LA to take care of business, not the least of which was arranging for the movers to place all of Jane’s belongings in storage and to talk Jane’s husband into taking the plea deal that was being offered to him. With good behavior he could be out in five years. Richard decided to wait until after D-Day to give Jane the news.

Deirdre met Richard at the airport that night and filled him in on her concerns. On the way out of town Richard developed a plan, but he would have to stay in Phoenix one more day before returning to the ranch.

When Deirdre got back she took the rest of the team aside and set Richard’s plan in motion. With D-Day just a week away they would give Jane two more days to soak up the rays and become her radiant new self. In the meantime they would get Jane to buy into the new identity they had created for her, to become her online persona and public identity.

Deirdre called a staff meeting for the morning and they would review the plans then and fill Jane in at the same time. In the meantime Jane was getting plenty of rest and plenty of sun. This new sedate life wasn’t sitting real well with Jane. Now that her libido had been freed, she was hornier than hell.

The staff meeting was held early, so as not to interfere with Jane’s sun time. In typical fashion Deirdre opened the meeting and got right down to business. Deirdre went through all the marketing studies they had done and covered the findings from their focus groups and the bottom line was that Jane needed a new name, one that the target group could more easily relate to. This sounded fine to Jane, she didn’t want anyone who knew her before to know what she was doing now, and certainly not her children.

“What is the new name?” asked Jane, eager to find out.

“Your new name is going to be Jana Embers. That is the name that tracked best with our focus groups. What do you think?”

“I like it,” said Jane, “it sounds hot.”

“Red hot, to go with your flaming red hair and that raging volcano you have for a libido,” said Kieran as he smiled lustily at Jane.

“Good, then it is settled, Jana it is. We can start getting our marketing materials into production. I’ll make the calls to LA.,” said Deirdre as she closed the short meeting. “Everyone back to work.”

As everyone filed from the room Deirdre tapped Jane on the shoulder and asked her to remain behind. Deirdre closed the door and asked Jane to join her at the table.

“Jane…I mean Jana, I need your help on a very special project. In a couple of days Richard is going to be bringing a couple of very special clients to the ranch. They won’t be here overnight, only for a few hours. But while they are here Richard wants you…I want you…to provide them with some special entertainment. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Yes. I get the drift. How long am I going to have to ‘entertain’ them?”

“For as long as it takes, but it probably won’t be for more than an hour or two,” replied Deirdre. “But here is the important thing. Neither of these young men wants to be recognized so none of you will speak the entire time.”

Deirdre continued, “There is more, they both have this strange fantasy about repeatedly ravishing a woman together to Ravel’s Bolero, so it will be playing loudly the entire time you are with them,” concluded Deirdre. “Oh, I almost forgot, to make sure you don’t recognize them you will be required to wear a mask the entire time.”

“What are these guys, kinky movie stars?” asked the new Jana.

“No, but they have been on TV recently and you might recognize them or their voices so we need to protect their identity. I can’t tell you how much this may mean to the overall success of our product rollout. These young men are in a unique position to assure our success,” emphasized Deirdre. “Are you onboard?”

“Of course,” replied Jana, not wanting to disappoint Deirdre.

The next couple of days flew by quickly. Each day Jana got plenty of sun and her body looked better and better, especially as the bronze tan replaced Jana’s formerly milky complexion. Deirdre would have other members of the team join her periodically in her bedroom or at the pool to partake of her pleasures, but no matter how hard she tried, they never let her get off, since it mostly consisted of blow jobs. Jana’s sexual frustration was off the charts.

The Product Ch. 09 by darkdeceptions

Today was the day that Richard was going to arrive back at the ranch and that was especially exciting for Jana because she was finally going to get to have real sex again, even if it was with a couple of young kinks. As the day progressed Jana went through her daily ritual and spent time at the pool and took a long nap. As the evening approached Jana rose and showered. She was actually looking forward to this strange tryst after so many days without any sexual release. Jana was hopeful that she would finally be allowed to have an orgasm.

Jana could hear the car pull up, but it was on the opposite side of the house. Deirdre came in and said she was there to prep Jana for the engagement with the two young men. Deirdre had brought along an outfit for Jana to wear. Jana looked at it and was surprised. There was a lot more clothing than she was used to wearing since she went to work for Deirdre. There was a robe, a teddy, a pushup bra that would accentual Jana already more ample breasts, panties a corset and long black stocking that attached to a garter belt.

No wonder it might take two hours Jana thought. It will take them an hour to undress me. “Are you sure about all this?”

“Richard was very specific in his instructions, so let’s just go with it,” replied Deirdre.


“Well boys, I can’t tell you how glad we had a chance to talk a couple of days ago,” said Richard. “I’m only sorry that I had to be the bearer of such unpleasant news about your father. It was so nice to see you. I knew from talking to your dad that you both liked to live a little on the wild side, so I’m glad you could join me this evening. This should help lift your spirits and put a little money in your pockets too.”

“My friends here could use a couple of new talents like you. The stuff they do is very high class, not for your average guy. Are you guys sure you are up for this? I don’t want this getting back to your mom,” said Richard emphatically.

“No way! We are good to go. How difficult is fucking,” said Jim.

“Bring it on!” was John’s reply.

“OK boys but don’t say I didn’t give you a chance to back out,” said Richard. “Here is the setup boys…in a few minutes I am going to take you down the hallway to one of our rooms. You won’t be able to see the cameras because they are on the opposite side of the mirrors, but they will be filming you the whole time. Once you walk in you have to remain in character. You are brutal sadists bent on raping and humiliating the beautiful whore you have hired for the night. But here is the hook, she is to remain blindfolded the entire time and none of you may talk. Neither of you are actors and we don’t want you worrying about remembering lines. Plus, it adds to the sense of tension. Do you understand?”

“Sure,” said John.

“OK and one last thing, some classical music will be playing in the background. I’ve listened to it and it isn’t too bad and it kind of captures the mood we are going for. One last thing, you can rip her clothes off, in fact we encourage you to do so, and you can fuck her silly. But no marks on her body. She needs to be in tip top shape for a big shoot that is coming up in a couple of days. Got it?”

“Absolutely,” replied Jim.

“Well then, get your clothes off and follow me down the hallway. Remember no marks on her body and the blindfold stays on…and no talking!” Richard grabbed each of them by the arm for emphasis.

As they reached the end of the hallway Richard put his hand on each of their shoulders, “if you boys do well with this, we may have some more work for you down the line. The pay is good and you’re going to need it considering what happened to your dad. I just wish I could have gotten him a better plea deal.”

Richard knocked once on the door and Deirdre arrived to meet them. As she escorted the naked boys into the room she couldn’t help notice that both of them were really well endowed. That certainly wasn’t Deirdre’s experience with their father.

Deirdre stroked each of their cocks with her hands and then pulled them over to where she wanted them to stand near the foot of the bed. When they got to the edge of the bed Deirdre released their cocks and held her finger to her lips to remind them of the code of silence.

As Deirdre walked over to the stereo to turn on the music both boys sized her up from head to toe. Both thought they would really like to fuck that bitch too. With the first strains of Bolero coming from the stereo Deirdre walked back over to the bed and took Jana by the hand and escorted her to a point where she was directly between them.

Deirdre stood back a bit and again grabbed each of the boys’ cocks. She stroked them until they were really hard and at full staff. Deirdre leaned forward and whispered in Jana’s ear, “don’t disappoint me…and not a sound,” as she licked Jana’s earlobe. As Deirdre moved off toward the door she stopped briefly to turn and put her index finger to her lips one last time. The boys got the message.

Jana stood very still, trembling slightly, waiting for the young men to make their first move. It didn’t take long. Jim grabbed Jana from behind by the hair, almost lifting her off her feet. John grabbed the gown from the front and ripped it to shreds. With Jim’s free hand he grabbed the front of the teddy and ripped it away. Next was the bra as John reached between Jana tits and pulled it off in one clean movement leaving rope burns on Jana’s shoulders.

Jana was breathing hard now. This isn’t exactly what she expected. These boys were playing rough.

Jana’s chest was heaving as the boys each grabbed one of the newly freed tits. Jim cupped the huge breast and squeezed it hard. John sucked the other one into his mouth as far as it would go. Both boys stepped back now catching their breath.

As they surveyed their incomplete work they decided that the corset was next to go. Each boy grabbed the corset with both of their hands at the front and back and ripped it away, almost knocking Jana to the floor.

Jana continued to breathe hard as the boys surveyed what they thought were the most fabulous set of tits they ever saw. Next the garter belt came off in one quick motion as Jim ripped it away and both boys grabbed the corners of the panties and ripped them off viciously, burning the inside of Jana’s thighs.

Naked accept for her stalking, the boys pushed Jana hard back on the bed, sending her flying, each grabbing a stocking and yanking them roughly off her legs. Each boy grabbed an ankle and quickly spun Jana over on her stomach. Before she knew what was happening they had her legs spread wide apart and were tying her ankles with the stocking and then tying the stocking off on the legs of the frame beneath the bed.

Moving to the head of the bed, Jim tightly grabbed a handful of Jana’s hair and violently pulled her up to meet his cock as John grabbed Jana’s hips and pulled her back into his cock.

Neither boy was interested in the foreplay; each of them thrust their cocks viciously into Jana’s mouth and pussy. Jim was all the way down Jana’s throat in one quick motion, just as John’s cock was up to the hilt in her pussy.

Although neither had been paying any attention to the music, both boys found themselves adjusting their thrusts to the rhythm of the music. This was one good whore they thought, each looking the other in the eye and nodding their heads. They were going to want to take their time with her. This was just too sweet a piece of ass to not enjoy completely.

As the music continued to build, Jim got tired of mouth fucking Jana and slid down the bed. Knowing what Jim had in mind John withdrew his penis from Jana’s pussy to make room for his brother. Once Jim had the tip of his penis in Jana, John followed him in. Only the heads of each of their cocks were inside Jana now, but as the boys got into their rhythm each was able to gradually push their cocks deeper into Jana.

With a few more strokes both boys were all the way in and alternated their thrusts to the sound of the quickening music. Jana’s pussy felt like it was going to tear open and her body began to shake furiously as her ass quivered like it was receiving electric shocks. In spite of the pain, Jana struggle to remain silent. She knew that nothing the boys could do to her would match what Deirdre would do if she was disobedient.

They looked at each other and couldn’t believe that this bitch wasn’t making so much as a sound. Maybe the occasional whimper, but that was it. Normally the boys had the bitches screaming bloody murder by now, especially the good little church going girls.

Tired of sharing a hole with his brother, John decided he needed his own. As he made his next backward stroke in Jana’s pussy, he immediately drove his cock all the way up to the hilt into Jana’s unsuspecting ass. As Jana lurched in pain the boys smiled at each other. That will show the bitch who is boss.

The music was picking up to a frantic pace now and with it the boys increased the speed of their thrusts. You could hear the smacks of flesh as Jim and John drove their cocks hard into Jana’s holes. As the music was approaching its frantic climax the boys continued to pound Jana’s holes hard, so hard that the stockings snapped as the boys continued to pound into Jana’s holes driving her farther up the bed.

As they slowed down briefly to catch their breath both boys realized that Jane was not only continuing her rocking motion against their cocks but was literally sucking their cocks with the muscles in her pussy and ass. What a fucking whore. She was world class.

Both their cocks stiffened a little more and as the music approached its final climax both boys pulled out with each grabbing Jana by the hair, rolling her over roughly as they deposited their sperm all over her face and into her nose and mouth. Both boys slapped their spent cocks against Jana’s face until the heads of their cocks were free of cum.

As Jana lay there, cum all over her face she was utterly frustrated. The boys had almost gotten her off, but then pulled out at the last minute. Jana rolled over on her side and began to finger herself off as the boys closed the door behind them.

Before Jana knew it, Deirdre was back in the room and pulling Jana’s hand away from her swollen clit. “No, no, no,” Deirdre exclaimed and she gave Jana a sharp smack on the ass. As Deirdre removed the mask she sat on the edge of the bed.

“You did really well Jana. The boys looked pleased as they left. I’m so proud of you Jana…Jana…that has a nice ring to it. It really does fit the new you,” said Deirdre in a pleasant tone of voice. “Now go take a shower and get some sleep. Things are going to get busy around here very soon.” And with that Deirdre was out the door.

As Jana headed to the shower she was glad that Deirdre was pleased with her. For some reason she now craved Deirdre’s approval and almost felt compelled to please her.


Richard was in the car now with the boys and on the way back to Phoenix. “You boys did a fabulous job. The production people were very impressed with you. Remember, I may be in touch soon with some more work for you.”

“Thanks Mr. Saunders for the opportunity. That was one hot bitch,” said Jim.

“Man could that bitch fuck. And that other bitch was really hot to,” added John.

“Well you two boys are a couple of really stone cold mother fuckers if I do say so,” said Richard as he looked in the rearview mirror and caught the eye of Kieran, who was driving. They both smiled to themselves.


Jana woke to the sounds of activity outside her window. In what was usually the horse pasture to the left of the building and a hundred yards away, a crew had arrived and they were erecting a large black circus type tent. Just beyond the tent another crew was positioning a large white utility truck with a white satellite dish on top. Between the sounds of stakes being driven into the ground and the ropes that were hoisting the tent to the top of the center pole, Jana gave up on the idea of sleeping in any later.

After taking a brief shower Jana headed to the kitchen to get some coffee and see what she could rustle up for breakfast. The rest of the team was already there, except for Tom, who she had seen outside talking to the satellite crew. As Jana walked in the kitchen the conversation stopped.

Deirdre turned to see Jana and said good morning. “The rest of the team was just finishing up, but I’ll stay and chat with you for awhile. There is a lot to get done today and everyone has a great deal to do.” As Deirdre looked around at the others at the table they got the message that it was time to take a hike.

“Let me get you some coffee,” Deirdre offered as she pulled out a chair for Jana next to her. As Deirdre poured Jana’s coffee she continued, “The outfit you were wearing was torn to shreds. It looks like the boys got a little rough,” Deirdre said as she handed Jana her coffee and sat down next to her. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“They got a little rough, but I’ve had worse,” said Jana, looking Deirdre straight in the eye.

“We’re running short on time before the rollout. Are you up to going back to work today?” said Deirdre.

“I think so. What will we be doing?” asked Jana.

“The crew should be through setting up the tent for the rollout production later this morning. As soon as the props and sets are in place we want to do a run through so we can test the lighting and equipment and make sure we have the right positions for the cameras. We also need to walk you through the program so you know which marks to hit. This thing is highly choreographed and there are a lot of extras.”

“What time do you want to get started?” asked Jana.

“After the extras arrive, they should be here about noon, so we’ll begin sometime after lunch,” replied Deirdre. “In the meantime, get some sun.”

After breakfast Jana followed her regular routine and adjourned to the pool. She would swim for a while and then lay in the sun. Jana was acquiring a lovely bronze tan and the incision on her breast and the plastic surgery on her face had completely disappeared. Jana had become comfortable with her nudity, as a matter of fact, she kind of enjoyed the attention the gardeners and house staff gave her as they ogled her laying by the pool.

As Jana turned over and lay back in the chaise see saw that Todd was standing over her with a bottle of mineral oil.

“Deirdre asked me to give you a massage. She said she thought you could use one. I’m actually pretty good. I used to give them for a living, as well as providing other services to needy ladies,” said Todd with a mischievous smile.

“That sounds good. I’ve been really tense the last few days,” replied Jana.

“Front or back first,” asked Todd as he removed his own shorts and revealing his fully erect cock.

“I usually get paid for my work,” Todd said smiling as Jana looked intently at the raging hardon.

“Front,” was Jana’s reply as she tilted the chaise back to a flat position.

Todd had been right, Jana thought, he really did have magic hands. As Todd massaged Jana’s neck, torso, legs and arms she began to relax. The ordeal of the night before began to recede from the front of her mind as Todd kneaded the tension from her muscles. Every time Todd’s bare penis would brush up against her the tingling between her legs would increase.

As Jana rolled over on her stomach she was both relaxed and filled with sexual tension. Todd kneaded her neck, shoulders, back and buttocks as he worked his way down to her legs and then the bottom of her feet. Todd began to work his hands back up the inside of Jana’s left calf and thigh. Jana spread her legs wider and hoped she knew what his final destination was.

As Todd reached Jana’s pussy she was already very aroused. She had been lying there, eyes closed, and praying for release. Jana lifted her ass in the air now showing Todd where she needed further attention. She was gripping the side of the chaise to help lift her ass closer to Todd’s kneading hands.

Jana was completely frantic now and began to rock her hips and ass to the movement of Todd’s fingers. Eyes still closed, Jana was nearing orgasm. Jana’s new tits were flopping wildly in all directions as she began to grind her ass into Todd’s skilled hand. Jana was getting closer, she was so close. Jana was grunting, like a bitch in heat as Todd withdrew his hand and stood up. Jana continued to grind her hips and lifted her ass farther in the air willing Todd’s hand to return. Todd was standing over Jana now, “Sorry, Deirdre said only a massage. Doctor’s orders I guess.”

Jana rolled over to the edge of the chaise and sat up, reaching out for Todd’s erect penis. As she grabbed it she practically begged him to get her off. She was on her knees now stroking the full length of his penis and kissing his balls as she rubbed her face against his leg. “Please Todd, I need it so badly. Please! I’ll give you the blow job of your life. Please, please!” she cried.

“You don’t really want to disobey Deirdre do you?” Todd said as he removed her hand from his cock, picked up his trunks and walked back inside.

As Jana sat back down on the chaise completely dejected she looked up for the first time. A shocked expression filled Jana’s face as she realized there were two dozen, very tall, very athletic looking black men standing on the other side of the low wall that surrounded the pool. Their eyes were burning into Jana and their lust was palpable.

Jana felt like a little lamb surrounded by a pack of wolves. Jana hadn’t spent much time around black people, in fact none at all. Jana’s parents were from the south and had trained her to be wary of black men since she was very small. Her mother filled her head with stories of white women being brutally raped by black men.

She knew her parents were racists, but the seeds of fear had been firmly planted. Her parents had moved to the high desert so they could live among other ‘God fearing white people’ so she could count her encounters with black people on her fingers and still have several left over.

If her new tan wasn’t so deeply bronzed, the men would have seen how blushingly crimson she had turned in embarrassment and discomfort as she jumped to her feet and covered her pussy with one hand and struggled to shield her now ample tits with her other arm as she rushed to the door.

All Jana could hear were catcalls and whoops as she bounced across the patio deck and back to the safety of the ranch house.

As Jana ran toward her bedroom she encountered Deirdre in the hallway, who had come to investigate the ruckus.

“What’s going on?” asked Deirdre.

“Jesus, there are a bunch of black men outside standing next to the patio wall,” said Jana breathlessly.

“Oh yeah, they are the extras, they just arrived a few minutes ago,” said Deirdre, “Why are you so flustered?”

“They were standing there watching me naked,” said Jana.

“So?” replied Deirdre.

“Todd was giving me the massage and…”

“Oh, I can imagine the rest,” said Deirdre smiling. “I bet they got a real eyeful.”

“I was so embarrassed,” admitted Jana.

“Well, it is probably just as well that they got a really good look at you. That way they won’t be ogling you when they are supposed to be staying in character in a couple of days during the rollout,” said Deirdre matter of factly. “Come to think of it, when we do the run through this afternoon, you’ll have a chance to get acquainted. They are actually a bunch of really nice guys and they need to get used to being around you, since you will be working closely together in two days.”

“They are so big,” commented Jana.

“They were chosen for their size, they are all former pro athletes, who either had to retire because of injuries or didn’t make the cut on their teams. Most of them played football, although a few played basketball,” said Deirdre.

As Jana got to the door to her room, she repeated herself, “They are so big.”

“You have no idea!” Deirdre said under her breath with a smile as she moved off toward the conference room.

The Product Ch. 10 by darkdeceptions

As Jana entered her room she could still see the men milling around outside. She walked over and closed her curtain since they all turned to leer at her through the window. Jana was really uncomfortable now. She dreaded the walk through that afternoon.

Deirdre returned to the conference room and rejoined the meeting. Everyone was there except Jana. “Good job Todd. You put on one hell of a floor show. She was really spooked when she saw all those (sorry, no pun intended) black men. She really seemed to be rattled and flustered. I’m not exactly sure what is going on there. But the higher her natural anxiety is when we do this for real, the better. The camera won’t lie.”

“The inside of the tent is ready and the set is also complete,” said Kieran, picking up where they left off before the interruption.

“The satellite truck is ready to go and we have tested the feeds. No problems from my end,” said Tom.

“I’ve added two extra cameramen, for a total of four. We’ll have three remote overhead cameras as well. I’ll operate the remotes myself from the control room. We’ll probably get our best images from the remotes anyway,” offered George.

“Where are we at on editing the video from last night?” asked Deirdre.

“I have another hour or so to finish. I’m just editing the additional footage from the living room when the boys were going on and on about what a fine bitch she was, etc. etc. I’m sure it will warm mom’s heart to see what nice things her kids have to say about her.”

“Good, that may come in handy too, but I need it finished in the morning. At some point tomorrow we might need to use it,” emphasized Deirdre.

“Sophie, we need to have Jana in full makeup and costume this afternoon for the run through. Give her a little extra attention. We need to keep getting her to near orgasm every opportunity we have right up until game time,’ said Deirdre.

“Will do,” replied Sophie.

“OK, about later tonight and tomorrow, I’ve developed a schedule and each of you will be responsible for keeping Jana pleasantly occupied, but not too pleasantly occupied, beginning this evening through midday tomorrow. Here are copies for each of you. At around noon tomorrow everyone needs to be in the playroom so we can all really give Jana a real edge. Make sure to wear your birthday suits. It will be fun for all. Sorry camera crew, that doesn’t include you. You’ll be ‘through the looking glass darkly’ again.”

When Sophie arrived at Jana’s room she found her fast asleep. As she thrashed restlessly Sophie immediately picked up on the fact that she was having a really good dream. Jana was stroking her own breasts and quietly sighing. Sophie took her clothes off and joined Jana on the bed. Sophie lightly ran her hands across Jana’s body, barely touching her. Jana’s body immediately responded to the needed attention. Sophie continued for several more minutes as Jana sighed more and more.

Moving atop Jana, Sophie lowered her wet pussy directly to Jana’s mouth. The musky scent was intoxicating to Jana, even in her sleep. Sophie slowly rubbed her now throbbing pussy over Jana’s open lips. With each pass Sophie rubbed her clit on Jana’s nose until it was replaced by Jana’s awakening tongue.

Sophie leaned forward and kissed the inside of Jana’s thighs which were now spread wide. As Sophie teased Jana’s pussy with kisses, but no tongue, Jana’s pussy reached up to Sophie’s mouth crying out for more attention.

At the same time, Jana was now partially awake and licking and sucking Sophie’s pussy ardently. Sophie had been waiting to enjoy Jana’s body for over a week now and she couldn’t last any longer. As she sat up she buried her pussy in Jana’s face and rode it to orgasm.

Sophie slid down next to Jana and kissed her eyes and then her lips, sucking on each of them gently. As she slowly ran her tongue across Jana’s lips Jana opened her mouth, just as she opened her eyes taking Sophie’s tongue deep into her mouth. As Sophie pulled away, Jana looked up and said, “I thought I was dreaming.”

“You were, I just joined it,” replied Sophie.

“What time is it?”

“It is getting late. It is time to get ready. Deirdre wants me to style your hair and do your makeup and get you in costume too.”

“OK, let me shower quickly,” said Jana.

“Fine, I’ll be waiting,” replied Sophie.

“I was asleep when you came in,” questioned Jana, “before I woke up did I…”

“No sweetie, that’s off limits…even in your sleep, at least for now,” said Sophie as Jana made her way to the shower.

As Jana finished her shower Sophie grabbed a towel and dried her. Using another towel she dried her hair and styled it in the fashion shown in Dr. Contreras’ illustration. Next came the makeup, which only accentuated Jana’s new wide eyed look. Sophie next applied Jana’s lip gloss and colored her nipples similarly.

“OK, we’re done in here. Let’s get you dressed,” said Sophie.

As they walked into the bedroom Jana was surprised by what was laying on the bed. It was one of her drab preacher’s wife sundresses. Jana turned to Sophie with a quizzical look on her face.

“We told you that you were exactly the kind of wholesome individual we were looking for,” Sophie said smiling.

“Are there a bra and panties too?” asked Jana.

“No dear, just the dress. Be careful putting it on. It has been altered and it is breakaway, so it is very fragile. Come on let’s get it on and see the old you,” said Sophie smiling.

Jana stepped into the dress as Sophie helped her, buttoning it up from behind. Sophie retrieved the round box that was on the bed next to the dress. She pulled a blonde wig from it that was styled the same as Jana’s long curly hair used to be. Sophie held it above Jana’s head and fitted it into place. Next Sophie pulled a very unattractive pair of reading glasses from her pocket and slipped them into place on Jana’s face. The glasses were very bookish and they completed Jana’s transformation back to a boring preacher’s wife.

As Jana turned and looked in the mirror, she couldn’t believe that she used to look like that. She was far happier being Jana instead of plain Jane. She knew she could never go back.

Sophie walked Jana over to the tent. As they entered through the flap that Sophie lifted for her, Jana could see that she was back stage. Everyone else was there and Kieran, Tom and George were manning the various pieces of equipment on the far side of the room with a bank of video monitors mounted above them.

The percussive sounds of the drums emanating from the main set on the other side of the curtain were almost deafening. The drum beat was downright primitive, sounding like something from a pagan or African ritual.

Deirdre had been busy with Tom and Kieran reviewing the equipment check when Jana arrived. When she turned around and saw Jana she walked over and pecked her on the cheek as she took Jana’s hands in hers and gave them a big squeeze.

“So how do you like being the old you?”

“All in all, I much prefer the new me to tell you the truth. I suppose I should thank you. I never would have had the courage to change my life myself. So thank you,” said Jana.

“Well thank you, but we still have a long way to go, so let’s see if you are as thankful in a couple of days. You know how demanding I can be.” Deirdre said smiling.

“We’re ready on the set,” shouted Kieran. “Who’s walking Jana through the setup?”

“I’ll take care of it,” said Deirdre, “you don’t need me in here getting in your way anyway.”

Deirdre took Jana, or Jane for the moment, by the hand and walked her through the double curtain and on to the set. Although it was dark inside, fire red lights swirled and bounced off the tent walls and ceiling. The walls were lined with what looked like crackling flames that were really just a lustrous material being driven by fans below them. Overhead was a crystal ball that cast the reflected light from the pin lights that were pointing at it from around the room.

In the center of the set was an elevated area that looked like it was made from volcanic rock with a lava-like liquid flowing into the pool at the base that circled the podium. The pool of liquid was lit from below and as it bubbled, it looked like a pool of molten lava. A white stone staircase extended out past the pool of lava and connected with the platform on top. At the center of the platform was a large stone table mounted on two slabs made of the same material. It kind of looked like the altar at her husband’s church, Jana thought. In the center of the table was an ornately jeweled box.

Deirdre lingered awhile to let Jana take it all in. Finally, Deirdre leaned over and almost shouted it Jana’s ear to be heard over the pulsing drum beat that repeated itself over and over. “So what do you think?” Deirdre asked.

“This is really impressive. All of this to just introduce a product?” Jana asked.

“It is not just a single product. This new product can take many forms and be promoted over various media. And the tie-ins and spinoffs are endless, as Kieran told you. That is why it is such a big deal and that is why you are so important to our effort, because you are the one who is going to have to sell it,” said Deirdre.

“In this outfit?” questioned Jana.

“Well not for long. The script calls for you to go through a kind of metamorphosis,” said Deirdre.

Deirdre took Jana’s hand again and led her to the far corner of the tent opposite the stairway. As she moved forward Jana could see the silhouettes of large men lining either side of the stairway. When they got closer to the back wall they walked around the first two of the men who were at the front of the line. The men seemed to be standing on either side of a pathway made out of some sort of luminescent material. Occasionally one of the moving lights would catch it and it was reflected on the men who lined it.

“Are we ready to go?” came Kieran’s voice over the speaker. Deirdre looked up at the camera that had been tracking them overhead and gave a thumbs up.

They were now standing at the end of the two lines of men and they were suddenly awash in bright light from an overhead flood light. They were facing the wall, so the first thing that came into focus was what looked like the front of a white church with two large doors and a steeple on top. In front of the church was what looked like an apple tree with some real apples attached. Jana was startled when she looked into the tree and saw a large black snake slithering around. Jane stepped backward and Deirdre laughed. “Don’t worry, it isn’t poisonous. He is actually someone’s pet,” said Deirdre.

Deirdre grabbed Jana’s arm again and led her to the door. “Your first mark is on the other side.” Deirdre opened the door and escorted Jane through it.

When they were on the opposite side of the door Deirdre started to explain how the event was to be choreographed. Jana was to open the door and look apprehensively outside, as though she was wary of going out there. She was then supposed to spot the apples on the tree. A pin light would assist in making the point.

Jana was then supposed to walk outside and move apprehensively toward the brightly lit apple. When she gets to the tree she is to pull the apple and take a bite. She is then supposed to swoon, rocking back and forth on her feet. Then she is to feel her forehead, checking to see if she has a fever and close her eyes as she does so. When she reopens her eyes she finds herself drawn to the snake and is supposed to affectionately stroke it repeatedly.

“I know that is a lot. Do you think you can remember to do all that?” asked Deirdre.

“I think so,” said Jana, wanting to please Deirdre, but she was filled with dread having to touch the snake.

“OK, let’s give that much a try,” said Deirdre with encouragement, signaling Kieran in the overhead camera.

It only took Jana two tries to get the first part down pat. The first time through, Jana flinched as she touched the snake.

Deirdre began again, “Next you are to look up and see the two lines of men and then focus on the altar at the top of the podium. This part is pretty straightforward, since most of it is repetitive. Walk over to the middle of the path. Take two or three hesitant steps as though you are drawn to the altar. As you step backward, back into the first man on your right and spin around to face him. When you are facing him look down and gaze at his penis intently. After a few seconds reach out and touch it with both hands. Run your hands up and down it as though you are worshiping it. Then turn your head and look over to the next man and glide over to him slowly as though you are entranced. Fondle his penis too.

At this point it is just repetitive. Do the same thing all the way to the end of the line and then turn around and do the same thing back the other way. When you get to the last man turn and walk back down the path toward the altar slowly as though you are drawn to it. When you get about half way there, hesitate and then turn, running back toward the church. Got that so far?”

“Yes,” said Jana, “I…I’ve never…” Jana’s voice trailed off.

“What is it? You better tell me now,” demanded Deirdre.

“I’ve never touched a black man or even talked to one much less touched their penis!” said Jana with concern.

“Jana! A cock is a cock. Get over it. Can we move on?” said Deirdre with some frustration.

“Yes,” was Jana’s compliant response.

“Good! As you start running the men are going to close around you and block your path back to the church. As they do they will swarm over you, completely covering you,” said Deirdre. “Now this is important when they are hovering over you that is when two of the men will quickly tear away your dress and remove your glasses and wig. You need to lift yourself up so they can pull the dress away from you.”

Deirdre continued, “When that is done they are going to lift you in the air high above their heads and slowly pass you forward to the front of the line and they march in a procession toward the altar.”

Deirdre stopped for a moment before continuing. “It is really important that you squirm and behave as though you are trying to get away. You should be screaming with alarm at this point. The more distressed that you behave the better.”

Finally, Deirdre concluded, “Once at the altar they will lay you on it and one of the men will offer you the jeweled box. The box will have the new product inside. Open it and look at it. Hand the box back to the man who gave it to you and lay back on the altar. The box will be handed from man to man around the table and then they will raise the new product above the table and sample it one by one. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” replied Jana.

“Good, then let’s do a run through and if all goes well we can finish early tonight. Good job so far,” enthused Deirdre.

Deirdre gave a thumbs up into the camera overhead and Kieran shouted, “take it from the top,” over the intercom.

Jana returned to inside the church and prepared to begin. Jana took a deep breath and opened the door. She was less apprehensive about the snake this time so she stroked it and fondled it a bit more. It seemed to like her and started to climb up her arm and flick her breast with its tongue before she got it back in the tree.

As Jana stepped forward to begin the next part she didn’t have to feign apprehension. As she reached the edge of the path she hit her mark a few steps in. As she backed into the first man and turned to face him he dropped his robe to the floor. Jana’s eyes got wide as she looked at the enormous cock in front of her.

Not only was it wider than Tom’s it was longer to, much longer. Jana reached out and held it in both her hands as she had been instructed and trembled when she realized that it wasn’t even its full size yet. Jana looked up into the man’s face and he was leering at her.

Jana moved on to the next man and then the next. It almost seemed like the cocks got bigger and bigger as she went on. She couldn’t wait to have this over. When Jana got near the end of the routine she was actually hoping that she might outrun them and actually make it back to the church.

No such luck. Within steps after turning around the men descended on her like a swarm of bees. Before she knew it her clothes, wig and glasses had been peeled away but not before several sets of hands had explored every inch of her body as well as her pussy and ass.

As she was raised in the air high above their heads she was squirming for real as they groped and squeezed her all over. As they passed her forward to the front of the line, at each exchange, a new finger found its way into her pussy or ass. Jane didn’t have to feign distress as the men groped and prodded her repeatedly.

Once at the alter Jana was relieved to by placed on the cold stone slab. They finished the box exchange and the men raised the small empty box inside, which doubled for the product, into the air.

“OK, that’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen. Thank you and have a good evening, said Kieran over the intercom. “The product team will be meeting in the conference room in half an hour.”

The Product Ch. 11 by darkdeceptions

Back in the conference room Deirdre ran the meeting. “OK, any criticisms, suggestions?

As they went around the table everyone had something to critique, but the major concerns were that Jana needed to slow down when she was doing her cock tugging and that the lights needed to track her movements better. There had been some technical problems with the overhead cameras, but that would be resolved the following day. They also decided that Jana would look more exotic and eat more camera with the application of some body glitter. Other than that, they were good to go.

As the meeting ended Jana headed straight to her room. No sooner had she crawled into bed than Deirdre arrives.

“Here, I brought you a cup of herb tea. It should help you sleep. You have had a long day today and I know the run through was difficult for you. You toughed it out and came through like a real trooper. I just wanted you to know that the entire team was impressed with your performance,” said Deirdre.

“Thanks. I’m sorry I act like such a prudish ninny sometimes,” said Jana earnestly. Deirdre stroked Jana’s hair and cheek as she said, “Don’t give it a second thought. That is what makes you so special and what we found attractive about you in the first place. We hope you never lose that quality. Now drink your tea and get some sleep. By the way, we’ll be having a little get together at around noon tomorrow for the team, so get your sun in early. I’ll fill you in tomorrow morning,” said Deirdre as she left.

Jana propped herself up with a pillow and drank her tea, then slipped down into bed and quickly fell fast asleep.


“Is that the same stuff we gave her the first day?” asked George from the other side of the mirror.

“Yeah, it can be taken orally too,” said Kieran. “Give her about an hour for it to take full effect and we can get started.”


Jana was already thrashing around in bed dreaming about all the huge black cocks she had handled that day. In her dreams she was imagining them thrust in her mouth and ass and pussy and rammed between her new tits with cum spurting out all over her face and neck and chest.

Jana was completely lost in her lustful dreams as the soft red lights came on overhead and washed the room in light. Mist sprayed from nozzles mounted in the ceiling making the room look like it was filled with smoke or fog creating an almost dream like mood. Jana continued to thrash around in the bed still lost in her own dream world.

The reality was, that for the rest of the night the crew would be taking their turns with Jana and also taking care of their own pent up needs while still depriving Jana of any release. For the next several hours the crew took turns gently fucking Jana’s mouth, pussy and ass and tit fucking her as well.

With each session the crew members were able to get her close but never all the way to climax. They were through just as the sun was about to come up and then quickly held Jana up as Sophie cleaned her and then changed the bedding before they put her back into bed.

It was almost nine before Jana woke up. She usually didn’t sleep in that late. When she got to the kitchen the only person there was Deirdre.

“Where is everyone?” asked Jana.

“I’m letting them sleep in this morning. They all had a very long day yesterday. They were busy long after you went to bed last night,” said Deirdre. “How did you sleep last night?”

“I have been having some really lurid and strange dreams lately and it is always about one of you having your way with me. Now the black guys are joining my dream party too. But the most frustrating thing is, I can’t get off even in my dreams anymore,” complained Jana.

Jana reached out and took Deirdre’s hand. “When are you going to…” Jana said as she paused for a moment to summon up the courage, “When are you going to let me cum…Master?”

Jana’s eyes were pleading as Deirdre looked into them. “Soon kitten, be patient,” said Deirdre stroking Jana’s hair and cheek.

Deirdre broke the mood by getting up and getting herself another cup of coffee and refilling Jana’s cup.

“After you have breakfast, go get your sun. Remember, we’re having a staff get together later. It isn’t something you’ll want to miss. Fun will be had by one and all!” said Deirdre with a laugh. Deirdre put down her cup in the sink and crossed the room.

As Deirdre walked toward the door to leave she turned to Jana and said, “By the way, after you went to bed last night we reviewed the video and we decided there needed to be a few more tweaks to the script. We can discuss them this afternoon or this evening after the get together.” With that Deirdre closed the door behind her.

After breakfast Jana showered and got ready to go to the pool. Without thinking, she put on a robe before she headed out the door. As she strolled down the hallway she realized that this was the first time she hadn’t just gone there naked. She must still be uneasy about what happened there yesterday, she concluded.

As she walked outside and made the turn to the pool deck she stopped dead in her tracks. Ten of the black extras were lounging by the pool naked. Jana turned to go back inside as two more of the extras arrived, walking up behind her.

“You weren’t going to leave were you?” said the taller of the two men. He must have been seven feet tall. “You might hurt our feelings and make us think you don’t like black people or something,” said the giant as he leered at her through menacing eyes. Jana recognized him now. He was the very last of the men whose cocks she had fondled the previous afternoon. Jana remembered they he had the biggest cock of them all. Bigger than anything she could have imagined.

“No, no, I just remembered I left my suntan oil in my bedroom and…”

The giant cut her off in mid-sentence, “You don’t need to worry about that precious. We got plenty of suntan lotion and look how good our tans are.”

She could hear the other men laughing. They had gotten up and were crowded just behind her now.

“You know little lady…Jana isn’t it?” continued the giant, who appeared to be the group’s leader, “I don’t want to be critical, but I can give myself a better hand job than you gave us yesterday. You need to work on your technique. Let me give you a tip, unless you got throat yogurt all over your face at the end, you didn’t finish the job. Can you dig?”

Jana stood there frozen. She didn’t know what to do.

“My friends and I have decided that we are going to help you out and we won’t even charge you for the lesson.”

With that Jana could feel the men pulling away her robe and letting it fall to the pool deck. Their hands were all over her again, groping every inch of her body. Before she knew it, they had lifted her in the air and six of them were holding her belly-down by her tits and legs and ankles. Two others were holding her wrists pulling them forward on either side of her head. The giant was directly in front of her now.

“Grab onto this baby and let’s see if you can do a better job today. Remember, a job unfinished is a job undone,” he said as he squeezed lubricant on to her trembling hands.

For the next hour the men took turns, each of them depositing their ample loads of cum in Jana’s face. When it got to be the turn of the men who were holding her, they put her down on the pool deck and pushed her to her knees and crowded around her as she brought two of them off at a time, one in each hand.

As they moved away from her the leader picker her up like a rag doll and walked toward the pool. Jana couldn’t tell where he was going because the massive loads of cum continued to sting her eyes.

“I hope you found that instructional little lady. Who knows maybe someday you may even acquire a taste for dark meat.”

With that he tossed her in the deep end of the pool. By the time she struggled to the surface choking, they were already gone.

Jana got out of the pool and dried herself, trying to compose herself at the same time. She walked over and laid back on one of the chaises, on the now empty pool deck, shaken by the experience. She had better stay and get her sun, she thought. That is what Deirdre had told her to do.

Jana stayed at the pool for another hour. No one disturbed her, so she continued to enjoy the sun. She finally got up and went in to shower and grab some quick lunch. She spent a long time in the shower under the warm water, washing her hair twice to get rid of all the residual cum.


When Jana opened the door to the kitchen, the only person there was Sophie, who was finishing some yogurt.

“Come over and sit next to me,” said Sophie, “can I get you something? Would you like some yogurt?”

“No thanks, anything but yogurt. Is there any fresh fruit? said Jana.

“I think so. How about a banana?”

“No bananas, thank you,” said Jana.

“OK, then how about some strawberries or grapes?” said Sophie.

“Grapes would be great. Thank you,” said Jana.

Sophie put the bowl of grapes on the table in front of Jana as she poured her a cup of coffee, then sat down next to her.

“How are you doing today? Did you enjoy the pool? asked Sophie.

“It was fine, just fine,” replied Jana.

“Practice your backstroke?” asked Sophie.

Jana turned and looked directly at her. Sophie was smiling broadly.

“You know what happened, don’t you?” said Jana with some irritation.

“Yes. I ran into the guys when there were on their way back to the bunk house. They bragged to me about what happened. They even offered to school me too, but I told them I had a hall pass, since I was on my way to meet with Deirdre,” said Sophie.

“What were you meeting with Deirdre about?” asked Jana.

“I didn’t have a meeting with Deirdre silly, but that was a guaranteed get out of jail card,” said Sophie smiling.

“I guess so,” said Jana finally smiling.

“Look on the bright side, it’s always good to learn something new or improve on skills you already have,” said Sophie as she reached over and tickled Jana’s side.

“I guess so,” said Jana, mildly laughing now.

“Well, off to get ready for the get together. Got to brush off my birthday suit,” said Sophie smiling.

“Huh? said Jana.

“Yeah,” said Sophie “this is one of those very clothing optional types of parties. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky. If Deirdre is in a good enough mood anything could happen. Maybe today is your day.” Sophie tickled Jana again as she got up to leave.”

“What time do I need to be there and where is this party room? Deirdre never told me,” asked Jana.

“It starts in thirty minutes and don’t worry, I’ll come and get you at your room. Remember, we’re going dressed as twin!” was Sophie’s parting comment as she closed the kitchen door behind her.

Jana was feeling better now. Sophie always seemed to have that effect on her. Jana finished her grapes and returned to her room to brush off her own birthday suit. She had no idea what to expect, but with this crowd it could be anything.

The Product Ch. 12 by darkdeceptions

Jana was in much better spirits when Sophie came to escort her to the party.

“This is our first official date,” said Sophie brightly. “And we’re dressed as twins…well sort of, your suit has been altered a little better than mine.”

“Nonsense, you’re beautiful. And what’s more important, you’re beautiful on the inside too,” said Jana as she stepped forward and kissed Sophie with affection.

Hand in hand, they were off to see the wizard thought Jana, hoping that is wasn’t the wizard of too odd.

The party room was about halfway down the hallway that led to the medical rooms and on the right side of the hallway. As they stood in front of the door, Sophie knocked. The door opened slightly and Deirdre extended her hand out the door, handing a large red silk scarf to Sophie.

“Oh!” said Sophie smiling. “I guess its pin the tail on the donkey this time.”

“Pin the tail on the donkey?” asked Jana.

“Yeah, no, well not exactly, it’s actually more like pin the donkey on the tail,” giggled Sophie as she whirled the scarf into a blindfold and tied it over Jana’s eyes.

“You’re it,” giggled Sophie.

Sophie opened the door and guided Jana inside. Jana could hear soft music playing. It sounded very romantic. Suddenly Jana felt hands caressing her body everywhere and as they did she noticed that they were massaging her with a musky scented oil.

Jana’s body tensed suddenly as she remembered her ordeal on the airplane. Someone was licking her ear and sticking their tongue in it. “Relax kitten, it’s not that kind of party. This is all about pleasure.” It was Deirdre’s voice, who had recognized Jana’s sudden rigidity, as she continued to suck and nibble on Jana’s earlobes, occasionally sticking her tongue in Jana’s ear.

There were hands all over Jana, on her back, on her tits and legs and ass. Jana had never felt so aroused and relaxed at the same time. Jana could pick out Sophie and Todd’s hands. She was intimately familiar with them now. It was Todd kneading her back and neck and Sophie massaging her ass and inner thighs from the front. Occasionally Sophie would softly kiss her pussy, but never lingered there for too long.

Someone, or more precisely, someones were now licking and sucking her breasts and nipples, softly kneading them with a massaging motion. Jana was moaning in pleasure now.

“Oh God, that feels so good. Yes. Yes. Oh God, please don’t stop,” begged Jana. She was getting hot now and Deirdre could tell that she was filled with lust. Deirdre reached over and retrieved a large black vibrator from the drawer in the night stand and lubricated it, pouring a little more of the lubricant on her fingers.

Deirdre knelt behind Jana and stroked the cheeks of Jana’s ass with her lubricated fingers, eventually inserting one, then two, then three into the cavity as Jana rocked in pleasure. When Deirdre saw that Jana was stretched properly, she gently inserted the vibrator in Jana’s asshole, ever so gradually working it in until it filled Jana’s ass. Deirdre continued to move it in and out as Jana rocked her ass to meet it.

Jana’s moaning was louder now and she could barely talk. What words you could make out were not those of a preacher’s wife. “Fuck me, suck me, lick my tits, do me, don’t stop, oh fuck, please don’t stop.”

She was almost there, Deirdre thought, as she turned the vibrator full on with the next stroke up Jana’s ass. As Deirdre continue to work the now vibrating rod in and out of Jana’s ass she was squealing in joy. “Oh yes, yes, oh fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard, fuck my whore ass, I’m your slut, use me, fuck me, suck me, make me your slave, please don’t stop, I need more, more…” Jana words trailed off and became incoherent. She was only grunting and squealing now. She was lost to her animal desires.

Deirdre decided that Jana had had enough. Jana was way too close. As Deirdre removed the vibrator from Jana’s ass she signaled everyone that it was a wrap, at least for this portion of the pleasure torture. As everyone stepped back, Todd lifted Jana in his arms and carried her to the center of the circular bed, laying her on the bright scarlet colored satin sheet. Someone was straddling her moving her arms to her sides.

Jana knew it had to be either Sophie or Deirdre because there were no cock or balls pressing against her chest. The mystery was quickly solved when their firm breasts pressed together and Deirdre’s unstudded tongue disappeared into Jana’s mouth. Deirdre continued to kiss Jana passionately for some time before she moved her tongue to Jana’s ear. After nibbling and licking Jana’s ear a few times, Deirdre kissed her ear and softly whispered, “don’t move an inch, just lay here quietly and watch.”

The bed began to move beneath Jana and she realized it was a water bed. As the others joined she and Deirdre on the bed Deirdre removed her blindfold. For the first time Jana could see the room. It was circular, just like the bed with floor to ceiling mirrors all the way around and the ceiling was one large mirror as well.

On chrome racks throughout the room were candles of every size and color which provided the only light. The only thing they had it common was the musky scent they lent to the air. Incense was also burning in a large copper plate on the night stand.

Deirdre was standing now. She walked over to the nightstand and dropped the scarf. As she did, she reached up and flipped the switch on the mirrored wall above it. As she did, the circular bed began to rotate slowly as Deirdre returned and knelt to Jana’s right, facing her. The Chippendale twins, Todd and Paul, were in front of her and behind her. Deirdre smiled down at Jana and said “let us perform for you.”

With that she began to make love to Todd’s cock, licking it from one end of the shaft to the other and occasionally stroking is and rubbing the palm of her hand over the swollen orb. Paul had turned his full attention to Deirdre’s other end, alternately licking and sucking her pussy and assaulting her ass as she rocked it to meet his probing tongue.

Jana continued to lie perfectly still as Deirdre had instructed. As she looked in the overhead mirror she could see Deirdre taking Todd’s cock down her throat and Paul spreading Deirdre’s cheeks with his large hands as his tongue disappearing deeper into Deirdre’s ass.

On Jana’s other side Sophie was facing her now. Tom had his massive cock half way in her pussy now and Sophie had her eyes closed tight as she concentrated on taking the monster up her stretched hole. Kieran was lying on the bed beneath Sophie with his cock planted between her massive breasts as he pushed them together, rocking his hips back and forth as he tit fucked her.

Jana lay back in the bed taking in the wild erotic scene, thoroughly aroused, but with no way to find release. Jana was on fire and getting hotter by the moment. She wanted to reach out and grab a breast or a cock, but she knew she dare not move.

Suddenly both Kieran and Tom stood. Tom replaced Kieran on the bed and Sophie moved to straddle him. Sophie grabbed his glistening cock and guided it back into her gaping hole. Kieran moved behind Sophie and applied some lubricant to her asshole, sticking one and then two fingers into the orifice before he gradually slid his cock in until it disappeared up Sophie’s ass. Sophie was quivering now. Her eyes were closed again and she was grunting and gurgling and screeching as the two men seesawed on her gaping holes.

Jana watched wide eyed as Tom and Kieran assaulted Sophie’s ass and pussy. She had been watching the action so intently that she didn’t notice that the Chippendale boys had switched positions as well and Todd had slipped underneath Deirdre and his cock was now disappearing into her waiting pussy. Paul was kneeling behind Deirdre rubbing his cock with lubricant.

Deirdre shifted positions slightly and sucked Jana’s right tit into her mouth, just as Paul began to slowly drive his cock deep into Deirdre’s ass. As he did so, Deirdre’s screams were muffled by Jana’s breast which Deirdre had sucked into her mouth. Deirdre’s eyes were open wide and fixed on Jana as Paul buried his stiff cock into the hilt.

As Paul and Todd synchronized their rhythm Deirdre continued to suck on Jana’s breast grunting and squealing in what was pain or passion. Jana wasn’t sure which. Jana could feel her left nipple between Sophie’s lips now as she sucked and licked it. She too was grunting and squealing as Tom and Kieran jack hammered her hard.

Tom and Kieran were picking up their pace and Sophie too, was looking into Jana’s face wide eyed. Both Sophie and Deirdre reached out and grabbed one of Jana’s hands, squeezing them tightly as the men’s pace became frantic. The women released Jana’s tits at almost the same time as each of them let out a load scream as the men pounded their holes as hard as they could. As their flesh slapped together it sounded like the cracks of the riding crop on Jana’s ass when they were on the plane, she thought.

The two women continued to squeeze Jana’s hands tighter and tighter as their assed began to buck wildly as they approached orgasm. As they did, the men were about to cum themselves and finally pulled out as Sophie and Deirdre rolled over on their sides to face Jana, snuggling up to her and resting their heads on each of Jana’s shoulders both of them lost in the afterglow of an intense orgasm.

The men were kneeling above them on either side now and wildly pumping their cocks to completion, spraying their cum all over Jana’s face, neck, tits, chest and belly. Jana’s eyes were shut now as she felt the warm cum dribbling into them. Her head was spinning now, and her skin was on fire.

Jana could feel the men’s hands on her next, rubbing cum into her flesh. Deirdre and Sophie joined them, licking cum from her forehead and eyes, from her cheeks and mouth, sucking the cum from her nose and earlobes. Gradually they moved on to her neck and then her chest, licking her breasts and nipples clean as well as her stomach, all the way down to the hairline on her flaming red pussy.

Sophie rolled over on to Jana and stuck her tongue into Jana’s bell button rimming it and occasionally driving her tongue in as deep as she could go, sometimes sucking on it as well, kneading the sides of Jana’s ass the whole time. Deirdre had shimmied up the bed and was now kissing Jana passionately as she knelt on all fours straddling Jana’s chest allowing her breasts to flop into Jana’s as they let their tongues explore one another’s mouth and throat.

A fire was raging inside Jana now, hot as burning embers. As Sophie snuggled into Jana’s breasts, Deirdre moved to rest Jana’s head between her own breasts, slowly stroking Jana’s hair and cheek. As Jana lay there looking up into the overhead mirror she could see that they were alone now. The men had disappeared unnoticed. Jana was wound up tighter than a watch spring, craving release.

Jana looked up into Deirdre’s eyes longingly. She was hesitant to speak and break the spell. She summoned her courage and spoke, “Master, may I…” as Deirdre lightly pressed her index finger to Jana’s lips.

“Soon, very soon, very, very soon kitten,” was Deirdre’s only response as she kissed Jana’s forehead. The three women slept together in each other’s arms for several hours.

Sleeping fitfully because of her unfulfilled needs, Jana would occasionally awaken and look in the mirror overhead as the bed rotated slowly. Looking at Deirdre and Sophie’s bodies entwined with her, she was so close and yet so far from what she desperately needed. Fatigued and frustrated, Jana finally drifted off into a deep sleep.


Deirdre tapped Sophie on the arm to wake her as she stood above her. Sophie slowly unwrapped herself from Jana body and carefully got off the bed. They quietly padded to the door and slowly closed it behind them.

Once they were outside Deirdre turned to Sophie and said, “Let’s let her sleep as long as we can. They can monitor her from the tent on the closed-circuit. They will call you if she begins to stir.”

It was six now and they had a four hour window to work with. Both women showered and went about their last minute preparations. Deirdre headed to the tent and Sophie took her makeup case and other stuff over to Jana’s room so she would be ready.

Next Sophie headed to the medical suite to get the drug cocktail Dr. Contreras had prepared for Jana later that evening. Sophie wanted to make sure she knew how much to use and to make sure it wouldn’t leave too much of a telltale taste in the coffee, in which she planned to give it to Jana. The nurse was readying one of the beds for Jana and looked up as Sophie finished talking to Dr. Contreras.


As Deirdre opened the flap to the tent she could hear the buzz from the hive of activity inside. The church set had been struck and its replacement was now hanging high overhead. Black pipe and drape now hung blocking the view of the rest of the set. As Deirdre moved around the corner of the curtains, she could see that the rest of the set had remained almost the same. The only new addition was the tall wooden arch atop a low riser with a stone facade just beyond the blackout curtains.

As Deirdre proceeded across the set she passed the extras as they were getting into costume and having their full body makeup applied. That would take at least another two hours, Deirdre concluded. As Deirdre opened the flap to the control room everyone else was inside, including Richard.

“How are we doing” asked Deirdre. “Are we on schedule?”

“Everything is fine from our end. How is our girl?” said Tom.

“Sleeping like a baby, I figured we would wake her at the last possible moment. If she wakes any earlier, Sophie is there to keep her occupied. Just give Sophie a call if you see her stirring on the monitors,” replied Deirdre. “The more rested she is now, the better. It is going to be a long haul.”

“Are you sure she will go through with this?” asked Kieran.

“Absolutely,” replied Deirdre. “She is so amped up sexually right now, once her motor is running and she starts cuming she’ll be having orgasms for an hour. Beside, as far as she knows for now, it will be just she and I coming over to do a last minute run through of the changes that have been made to the set. The last minute element of surprise will work to our advantage.”

Deirdre continued, “You’ll need to stay quiet and keep the lights down except for the pin lights behind the blackout curtain when I bring her over. By the time she figures out this is the real thing it will be too late. Make sure the contraption is on the floor with the door open.”

“Yeah, I suppose you are right. It’s not like she will be able to run away,” said Kieran.

“Who is giving her the stimulant?” ask Tom.

“Sophie will take care of that when she is getting her in makeup,” replied Deirdre. “Doc says it will keep her going for 24 hours.”

“How fortuitous,” interjected George from behind the control panel sarcastically.

“Who’s got the dingus?” asked Richard.

“I do,” replied Kieran.

“Are you sure you want to use that?” Richard asked Deirdre seriously. “It looks like we are home free already.”

“Yeah, but that should really do the trick. That is the one thing that will stoke her emotions and resign her to her fate, I’m sure of it. But let’s make sure the cameras are on her from every angle when she opens the jewel box, especially close ups of her face. We want reaction shots, and there should be plenty of them. Once she sees the product, I have no doubt that she will start selling it right away to the audience.” Deirdre replied, raising her eyebrow.

“Do you want to queue up the music before or after the light come up,” asked Kieran.

“Let’s start the drums before the lights come up. At that point, she’ll still think we are alone and it will elevate her level of anxiety. As a matter of fact, queue the music as you start to raise the cage in the dark. We’ll want to catch her anxiety and fear immediately as the lights come up on camera and she will have had a couple of minutes to wonder what is going on. That will set the tone,” said Deirdre.

Deirdre continued, “Here is the deal, I’m heading back over in a few minutes to collect myself and figure out just exactly what I am going to tell Jana on the way over. Once you see that I have her in the cage and I have the door closed, I’ll give you the high sign. Kill the pin lights and lift the cage back up as high as it can go, starting the music at the same time and wait about 10 seconds before you gradually bring the lights up.”

As she walked toward the door flap, Deirdre turned one last time, “By the way, how are our friendly little phallic symbols?”

“We tested them out on Sophie this morning. They are the most well trained and most obedient little phallic symbols I have ever seen. Shouldn’t be a problem,” said Tom.

“OK then, I’m out of here. Break a leg everyone!” and Deirdre was gone.

The Product Ch. 13 by darkdeceptions

Back at the house Deirdre checked in on Jana and she was still sound asleep. It was almost 8 p.m. now, so there were just two hours to go. Deirdre wanted to check in with Sophie one last time before she had her wake Jana.

Sophie wasn’t in her room, so Deirdre decided to try the kitchen and sure enough Sophie was there, brewing some fresh coffee. “Oh hi,” said Sophie as Deirdre walked in.

“Are we all set to go?” asked Deirdre as she walked toward Sophie. “Is that coffee safe to drink?”

“Yeah, I haven’t prepared Jana’s Juiced Java yet,” said Sophie.

“That was certainly alliterative, I would expect no less from an English major,” said Deirdre smiling.

“Do we have time to sit down and have a cup?” asked Sophie.

“Yes, but just a few minutes, said Deirdre, “You’ll need to wake Jana soon. When you wake her make sure you sound alarmed that the three of us overslept. Tell her that I said that she and I needed to do a quick run through over in the tent to go over the changes and that we needed to do it tonight, so we wouldn’t be getting in the way in the morning because of all the last minute activity. Got that?”

“Yeah,” answered Sophie.

“Did you get the right mix of body paint and glitter worked out?” asked Deirdre.

“Yes, I tried it out on myself this morning when I was playing guinea pig. Oh, and the animal handlers were right, honey seems to work best,” replied Sophie, “Really well, as a matter of fact!”

“Good, then it looks like we are set. Go get her up and get a little yogurt or something in her before you shower her and get her madeup,” said Deirdre.

“Probably not yogurt,” replied Sophie.

“Huh?” said Deirdre confused.

“Never mind, you would have had to be there,” concluded Sophie as she went to fetch Jana.


“Jana, Jana, wake up,” said Sophie as she lightly shook Jana’s right bicep. “Come on sweetie, we’ve overslept. You need to get up.”

Jana stirred, still groggy. “What?”

“Come on, get up, we overslept. Deirdre too! She is getting ready, but she wants me to get some food in you, get you showered and made up in the new makeup, so the two of you can do a run through tonight. She needs to go over the script changes with you and we need to do it tonight because there is going to be too much going in the tent tomorrow morning to get it done, without getting in the way. So please sweetie, you need to get up.”

“Oh…OK. She wants to do it now?” said Jana still hazy from sleep.

“Yes sweetie, you need to get up now. Deirdre wants to get this done. She still has a lot of other things to get done tonight.”

As Jana rose sleepily, Sophie took her by the hand and led her down to the kitchen. Jana had some fruit and coffee.

“Come on sweetie, we need to get back to your room and get you in the shower. You go ahead and I’ll bring you another cup of coffee.”

“OK,” said Jana with a tired sigh as she padded back toward her room.

Sophie prepared Jana’s Juiced Java and followed behind her.


It was 8:45 now and Sophie needed to hurry to style and dry Jana’s hair and apply her makeup and body paint. Jana had finished her coffee after she got out of the shower and dried herself, Sophie helping and hurrying her.

As Jana entered the bedroom she was surprised that her dress and wig weren’t on the bed.

“Where are the…” Jana started to say as Sophie cut in, anticipating the question.

“They scraped the whole Church and Garden of Eden thing. When they watched the video last night they thought it looked too much like Wizard of Oz meets Mandingo. The visuals just didn’t work,” said Sophie as she applied Jana’s makeup. “They are going a different route. Deirdre will fill you in on the run through,” concluded Sophie.

Jana looked down at her body as Sophie began to apply various colors and shades of body paint, layering glitter on top. “Please stand still sweetie, I want to make you beautiful for the camera,” said Sophie.

“Sorry,” said Jana as she quit squirming around. When she looked in the mirror, she had to admit it looked pretty wild and sexy, as Sophie finished her ass, legs and feet.

Sophie stood back to admire her work, just as Deirdre arrived. “My, don’t you look wicked,” said Deirdre admiringly as she walked through the door. “You’re an artist Sophie.”

“Thanks boss,” replied Sophie.

“Jana, let’s get going so we can get this done. I have to meet the rest of the team right after I am through with you,” said Deirdre with some urgency.

They walked over to the tent with Deirdre setting a quick pace. Jana was almost out of breath when she got there. Her heart was racing and she couldn’t believe how amped up she felt. Between than and the cold evening air on her naked body, Jana was shivering. I can’t drink coffee in the evening, she thought to herself.

As Deirdre opened the flap on the tent, Jana knew they were about where the church set had been the previous day. There was pipe and drape obscuring the view of the rest of the set. The tent was completely dark except for a single pin light that was shining on to a primitive looking cage that sat approximately where the inside of the church had been.

The cage was made of rough-hewn logs about eight inches in diameter and held together by course rope. It was not tall enough to stand up in without crouching. Deirdre led Jana to the front where a simple door was located. It was swung open on its leather hinges.

“As I think Sophie told you, we’re going with a slightly edgier concept. Instead of exiting a church you will start in this cage. The whole apple thing was scrapped as well. Once you come out of the cage you can pretty much follow the lead of the extras. They will guide you through it. Tom and Kieran ran them through the choreography several times this afternoon while you…we, were sleeping. We’ve simplified it a great deal and it seems to work much better. As I say, just follow the guys lead and we’ll still end up ‘at the altar’ so to speak, and that part of the script remains exactly the same. Got it?” asked Deirdre looking at her watch. It was almost 10 p.m.

“Yes. It actually does seem a lot simpler,” replied Jana.

“Good, now remember, when the time comes, stay in character. Your need to struggle and pretend you’re frightened to death, at least until you get to the altar. You need to writhe as though you feared for your life, a lot of heaving breasts and so on. The camera loves it. OK, now let’s have you try out the cage to get you used to it,” said Deirdre as she led Jana inside and maneuvered her to the center as she held her by the hips.

“It is hard standing up in here,” said Jana as Deirdre tied the door shut with a rope.

“Well, you won’t be in there for long anyway,” said Deirdre.

“I guess it’s OK” said Jana.

“Now, about the performance,” said Deirdre, “There is some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?” Deirdre was smiling.

Thinking nothing of it, Jana said, “The good news first, I guess.”

“Well kitten, tonight and all day tomorrow you get to cum as many times as you want to, said Deirdre pausing. “The bad news is that the roll out is now.”

With that, Deirdre gave the control room the high sign and the pin light faded to darkness. Jana could hear the pipe and drape being pulled away in the darkness to the edge of the set. In the blackness Jana was calling out to Deirdre as the cage began to be lifted in the air, higher and higher.

“Deirdre, Deirdre, what’s going on. Please tell me. Deirdre, I’m scared. Oh God, I’m afraid of heights. Oh please, Deirdre answer me…” cried Jana vainly as the drumbeat filled the tent, drowning out her cries for help.

“Deirdre, Deirdre,” Jana was screaming at the top of her voice, “Pleassse let me down, let me down, oh please…”

As the lights slowly came up, Jana’s body began to glow. She could see her hands and arms illuminated in front of her as she frantically clung to one of the wooden bars for support. The inside of the tent was awash with black lights.

Jana was whimpering now and shaking as she could see how far off the ground she was. As she looked down she could see that the altar and the path were the same, although both had streaks of fluorescent paint that shined now. At the opposite end of the path there was a rough-hewn wooden arch on a stone platform with leather straps attached to each of the corner.

Beneath the center of the arch were two large wicker baskets, with two smaller ones at the base of the arch on either side. Just beyond the arch, on each side of the path were a couple of dozen mounds covered in black satin.

The cage began to descend back toward the ground and as it did fire bowls lit up throughout the interior of the tent, sending flames lashing into the air. As the lowering cage got closer to the ground Jana realized that she was descending into her own personal hell.

As the realization set in the black mounds began to move, slowly rising into the air as the cage got closer and closer to the ground. From beneath them appeared men, but not men really. Instead of skin, they had scales, like a snake and red fleshy horns that glowed on each side of their heads. Their faces were painted with fluorescent hues that made them look like grotesque monsters. And finally, and most frighteningly to Jana, their massive cocks were glowing red, like hot pokers.

Jana was frantic now, screaming at the top of her voice, “Oh please no, no not this, oh please anything but this…” as she remembered her ordeal on the plane. As the cage neared bottom Jana was screaming at the top of her lungs. Not words but screaming in absolute fear, screaming for her life, as loud and shrill as she could. Jana’s cries were blood curdling shrieks that could be heard over the deafening drum beat.

When the cage was finally on the ground, the men, devils really, began to slowly move toward Jana. As they did, they raised their heads for the first time. Jana could now see that their eyes were red and leering at her with a cruel lust that made Jana’s screams ever more blood curdling and frantic.

Jana was at the back of the cage now as the fiends untied the rope and threw the door open. Jana clung to the bars with both arms as the creatures tugged at her, groping her all the while. They were too strong for her, but Jana continued to try and clutch the wooden bars on the bottom of the cage, hard as she could in absolute desperation, as they dragged her out, leaving her in a heap of flesh near the base of the arch. Jana was in a fetal position now shaking like a leaf.

Suddenly someone grabbed her hair tightly and yanked her to her feet. Instinctively Jana tried to protect herself by covering her tits and pussy with her hands and arms. Other hands immediately reached out and pulled her arms away from her body, stretching them wide apart. Jana kept her eyes tightly shut, not wanting to meet the gaze of the man viciously yanking her hair.

There were more hands now and she was being lifted off the ground and as they did, they moved forward until her body was pressed hard against the man who suddenly released her hair. They raised her off the ground until she was face to face with the man she knew had to be the giant. Jana continued to keep her eyes closed tightly. The men had her pressed hard against him now. Jana could feel her hard tits pressed against his muscular chest.

Even as she was raised high in the air, his massive cock still pressed against her swelling pussy. The giant roughly grabbed Jana’s chin and brought her eye to eye. Eyes open now, Jana shuddered as he leered at her through his evil red eyes. “You’re lucky we have a script to follow, otherwise I would have them lowering that sweet little pussy of yours onto my cock right now.”

With that the giant made a hand motion and the men lifted Jana even higher in the air above their heads. They had formed a circle around the arch and passed Jana’s body all the way around several times. They were holding her face down, so that as they passed her feet first from man to man, they licked and groped every inch of her exposed body, licking and sucking on her tits and pussy as she went round and round.

On the final turn Jana was brought to an upright position facing the altar. There were men holding her arms and legs and someone had his huge hands clutching Jana’s ass, helping keep her high in the air. Jana was no longer screaming or fighting, it was almost as though she was no longer in her body, but was watching things unfold from a safe distance, several feet behind her.

The men were moving up the steps in front of the arch now and Jana could see the top of the arch directly above her head as they lifted her toward it. Many of the men were swarmed around her now and she could see and feel them tying leather straps to her wrists and ankles as they bound her spread eagle, tethered to the arch, suspended in midair.

Their job complete, the men receded from the platform and disappeared into the darkness as the lights dimmed and only Jana’s body remained washed in constantly changing colored lights. As Jana hung suspended in the air, her mind was racing. She struggled to find meaning and hope in what the giant had just said. They had really thrown a scare into her. I guess they got their money’s worth. All she had to endure now was whatever happened to her between here and the altar, and then it would be over. She could get through this, she resolved.

Suddenly the giant moved forward out of the darkness. As he did, he slowly ascended the stairs and came to a stop immediately in front of Jana. He reached up and ran his hand all over Jana’s tits and chest and down her sides. He circled both her legs with his hands and stroked her wet pussy briefly before he cupped her ass with both of his massive hands, drawing her body forward as his huge tongue lapped at her pussy a couple of times.

Although she was struggling to avoid his touches her body betrayed her and she thrust her pussy into his waiting tongue, but as she did he stepped back and looked up directly into her eyes with an evil red glare. The giant moved forward now and opened a small pot between the large baskets and dipped his hands into it, replacing the top before he rose toward Jana. He now reached up and smeared the sticky substance on both of Jana’s breasts and smeared it thoroughly over her pussy and ass, making sure he got gobs of it up her pussy and ass holes. Jana was frightened now. She was breathing hard and had no idea what to expect next. Were the men going to suddenly return and maul her as she hung there helplessly?

The answer was soon forthcoming. The giant moved to the smaller basket on the right and opened the lid. He slowly withdrew a long black snake like the one from the apple tree. He held it high over his head, directly in front of Jana’s face so she could get a good look at it and then moved closer and closer to Jana. As the snake slithered in his hands he thrust it out toward Jana’s right breast.

She was writhing now in the leather restraints trying to avoid the snake’s head that was being thrust toward her breast. The giant guided the snake’s head over her breast and rubbed it into her soft breast and nipple. The snake began to dart its tongue at the sticky substance, flicking its long tongue at Jana’s tender nipple. Jana was breathing hard and her chest was heaving ferociously. Jana was shaking in fear again as the giant draped the snake over her right shoulder. Slithering around her arm and neck, but eventually coiling itself partially around her left breast as it fed off the sticky substance.

The giant moved to the small basket on the left and retrieved another, slightly larger snake and repeated the process. Jane was shaking uncontrollably now as the snakes were coiled around both her breasts, slowly licking away the stickiness from her breasts and nipples.

As the giant moved now to the larger baskets, Jana was filled with both dread and a heightened sense of anxiety. The giant retrieved not one, but two more snakes, each twice as large as the first two. The giant brought both snakes up close to Jana’s face caressing each side of her face with the snakes’ massive heads as they peered at her through their dead eyes. The snakes tongues darted out and licked the sweat that was pouring from her forehead, darting their exploring tongues into her noise and ears and mouth as she continued to scream at the top of her lungs.

The giant now moved out of sight, behind Jana and she could feel one of the serpent’s tongues lashing into her ass as her cheeks quivered with each thrust of its darting tongue. Placing the rest of the serpent’s body on her right thigh, it coiled around her leg and continued to lap at the stickiness gradually working its tongue farther into Jana’s asshole. Hard as she tried and as repellant as it was Jana’s body was betraying her as she was becoming more and more aroused.

Next the giant moved back to Jana’s front and he held the largest of the snakes back in Jana’s face holding it directly in front of her mouth as its tongue darted repeatedly to the back of her mouth and then lowered it to the small patch of red hair between her legs. As the snake flicked its tongue across her moist clit an electric jolt shot through Jana’s body. Jana’s eyes were glazed over now and with each flick of the massive serpents tongue, Jana’s pussy thrust out to meet it.

The snake was now coiled solidly around her left leg and was greedily licking at Jana’s honey-sweetened pussy. Jana’s hips were rocking furiously now as the serpent drove its tongue into her dripping wet hole and then back across her clit. The harder she bucked the tighter the serpents coiled around her legs and tits, heightening Jana’s pleasure and anxiety as the serpents flicked at her tender nipples and squeezed her tits, all the while she felt the larger snakes thrusting their long tongues up her ass and pussy.

The tension of the last week of frustration and denial came to a boil and Jana finally erupted into one orgasm after another. Her body shook and rocked and writhed as she swung back and forth on her leather tether. Head flung back, Jana was screaming like a wild beast as the orgasms cascaded over her one after another. The giant had receded back into the darkness and Jana was now alone except for the serpents coiled around her writhing body, driving her toward oblivion. Jana’s orgasms continued to come in waves. The serpents’ tongues were relentless.

As Jana hung free on her leather restraints her hips continued to rock back and forth to the rhythm of the serpents tongues. The light was narrower now and exclusively focused on Jana’s heaving chest and quivering body as she shuddered with each orgasm.

The cameras overhead were capturing Jana’s every movement, as they had from the beginning of the ordeal. The other cameramen had moved in close now and were capturing close ups of Jana’s tit’s and pussy, revealing the wetness from her swollen pussy as her juices freely flowing down each of her legs and every flick of the serpents’ tongues on her engorged and sensitive nipples.

One of the overhead cameras was focused on Jana’s face. Her head was tilted back as though it were hanging loose from her body, her eyes wide open and rolled to the back of her head, her nostrils were flaring as she breathed, desperately trying to keep up with the latest orgasm to sweep across her body. Jana’s mouth was wide open and you could see from the contortions of her face muscles that she was screaming, but they went unheard, drowned out by the burgeoning drum beat.

The cameras continued to follow her every contorted movement, every breath, every thrust of her hips and jiggle of her breasts as the snakes remained firmly wrapped around them causing the front of her breasts to bulge out like balloons toward the onslaught of their tongues. Minutes, what seemed like hours, passed as Jana’s body continued to explode from the inside until a sense of almost numbness overwhelmed her body.

Jana’s facial muscles slowly relaxed and the only movement was the flaring of her nostrils as she breathed more slowly now. Jana’s body was now motionless except for her shallow breathing, hanging limply from the leather restraints over her head. The restraints at her ankles were loose now, having been stretched by her convulsing body. The serpents continued to feed hungrily on her engorged pussy and ass.

The Product Ch. 14 by darkdeceptions

“Well, you pegged it, almost an hour,” said George admiringly. “That was 54 minutes by my calculation.”

“Let’s give it another couple of minutes on close ups,” said Deirdre, “before we move on to round two. Make sure there are a lot of tight macro shots of all the important places. That will keep our discerning audience occupied for a while.”

“Tom. What do the numbers look like, so far?” asked Deirdre.

“By the time we were 15 minutes in we had doubled the number of online buys that we had on pre-order and they’re still going up. I’ve never seen numbers like these. I had to add extra bandwidth to handle the demand,” said Tom excitedly.

“Imagine what the residual sales are going to be on the DVDs,” said Kieran staring at the monitors intently as he switched the feed from camera to camera.

“We already have people ordering the downloadable version for tomorrow; a lot of them are the same people watching it now. This is something,” said Tom enthusiastically.

“We need to seriously think about getting the new line of Jana products into production as soon as possible while this is still hot stuff and fresh on everyone’s mind,” said Deirdre calculatingly. “I can see Jana body paint and glitter, not to mention blow up dolls, for our more socially awkward demographic. And all the little boys watching are going to want a new glow in the dark red cock to stroke their honeys with. Of course, they’re going to have to be much larger than anything we currently market.”

“Pity their poor wives,” said Kieran looking up from the console in front of the monitors momentarily, “we’d better include a tube of lubricant with every one of them. It’s a pity we don’t get a kick back from all the gynecologists” said Kieran with a laugh.” “They are going to be busy the next six months fixing lots of aching pussies.”

“Fortunately, the product team is already working on it and procurement is ramping up and busy scheduling production time in Asia,” said Richard in a business like sort of way. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves people, let’s focus on the job at hand.”

“Richard is right,” said Deirdre seriously. “We still have almost 22 hours to go.”

“Are you sure about using the photo of she and her sons in the box?” asked Richard again as he leaned over and whispered into Deirdre’s ear. “She looks like putty to me right now. I really don’t think it is necessary. It would be overkill…and it could be our ace in the hole down the line, if we need to control her.”

“You mean aces,” said Deirdre cynically as she looked up to Richard from the edge of the console. “OK. Yes then, I agree with you, looking at her now, you’re probably right, I agree, we don’t need to worry anymore.”

Deirdre reached for a pen and tore off a piece of white note paper from the pad in front of her. She quickly scribbled a note and handed it to Richard. “Give this to one of the floor team and have them substitute it in the box. But make sure they give you the photo back. We don’t want that falling into the wrong hands accidentally.”


Jana continued to hang from her tether motionless except for her shallow breathing. The demon like figures started to emerge from the darkness as the ground began to fill with a low lying fog-like mist. The demons made their way to the arch slowly and as they mounted it they began to unwind the serpents from Jana’s limp body.

Third and final part of the triplets tale. Sorry it took so long but I ran out of idea’s for a while. May (but only MAY) try to write this from the girl’s POV at some stage. Hope you like!


We were about two-thirds of the way through our parentless summer and for the three of us the days had settled into a rhythm. Every morning we did our designated chores for the day before spending some time doing our own thing; meeting friends, doing some personal shopping, maybe some reading, just stuff to give the outside world the idea that nothing else was happening between us. We got together for one or two meals a day, generally prepared by Pam. I offered to cook sometimes, but the general feeling I got from my dear sisters was that they’d rather starve. After the evening meal had been cleared away we’d talk; sometimes for just a short while, sometimes for longer. But we’d always end up in the same place; our parents double bed. Even then we didn’t always make love. On occasion we just lay with our arms around each other, enjoying the presence of our sibling’s naked bodies.

It was during one of those quiet nights that Pamela sparked off our next erotic experiment.

“I wonder how it feels to have two cocks inside you.” She said out of the darkness beside me.

I looked around into her eyes, bright in the night; she meant it.

“I don’t think I can help you there Pammy, I’ve only got the one, sorry.” I grinned.

“I think it sounds cool.” Pippa piped up from my other side. “Hey! Maybe we could get another guy?” The question hung in the air while we all thought about it.

“Nah!!” All three of us said at the same time.

“How about the vibrator?” I asked.

“I don’t think that would be quite how I meant.” Pam said dubiously.

“I know!” Pip sat up. “What about one of those harness things with a dildo that girls use?” She said brightly.

“You mean a strap-on?” I asked in puzzlement. Surely Pip knew what they were called? I had the feeling I was being set up again some how.

“You’re the porn expert.” Pip smirked.

“That will so work Pipsqueak.” Pam sat up too with a grin on her face, reaching across me to kiss her sister. Now I knew they had planned this earlier.

“Where are you going to get one of them?” I said as they kissed above me, deliberately teasing.

They broke the kiss.

“Well, I heard about this new adult store opening somewhere in town. Maybe I can find it tomorrow.” Pip said.

“Then I’m coming with you. I don’t think you should go into one of those sort of shops on your own.” I said firmly, trying to ignore the fact that Pips hand had now slid down to my dick and was slowly pumping it.

“I’m coming with you.” Pam said, her hand joining Pip’s.

“Are you sure Pammy? You might get embarrassed at the stuff in there.” I said, trying to ignore what Pip was doing. I was a little worried, I always knew Pamela was more sensitive than the outgoing Pippa. The way their hands were moving on my dick was making me sensitive in a different way. Much more of their digital manipulation of my cock was going to bring me off. I told them that and a little reluctantly they stopped but left their hands in place.

Pam spoke again, obviously having considered my worries.

“No. I’m not letting you two loose in a place like that; who knows what you’ll buy.”

“Pam! I’m shocked that you think so little of us.” I said in mock astonishment.

“She has a point though.” Pip laughed.

“Fat lot of help you are Pippa!” I laughed too, so did Pammy. “Okay then: Tomorrow the three of us will go and find this place.” The girls murmured their agreement and then went back to massaging my dick.

I had been ready to fall asleep but the feeling of the two hands on my cock pushed all thought of that aside. I lay back and let them do what they wanted. I sighed as the hands disappeared, thinking they had got bored, but sat back up as I felt two sets of lips replace them. I looked down and saw a pair of smiling faces at work around my rigid tool. Between them my sisters licked every part of it, from the tip leaking pre-cum to below my ball sack and every part in between. It soon became too much and I shot several strings of cum over both their faces.

“You both wear it well.” I smirked.

“Let’s clean each other off.” Pip said, licking at Pam’s face.

“After you little sis.” Pam replied. That was the last thing I heard as I finally got to fall asleep.

When I awoke my sisters were already up and about as usual, I could hear them moving around downstairs. I rolled out of the bed and showered before venturing down to join them. The pair of them were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when I came in. They were obviously waiting for me for some reason. Pam got up and made me a mug of the hot brown coffee, pushing it across the table to me as I sat down. I sighed as the drink finished waking me up. They were both looking at me expectantly.

“Ready then?” Pip asked as I finished the drink.

“For what?” I replied.

“Our shopping trip to the sex shop dopey. You are slow in the morning sometimes.”

“You meant that last night?”

“Of course we did.” Pam joined in. “Pipsqueak and I have done a little research and found out where it is. We can be there and back in an hour.”

“As long as you don’t get carried away.” Pip added cheekily.

“Me!? Whose idea was this anyway?” I rejoined with a grin.

“All right, all right. Just hurry up with that mug and we can get going.”

“Eager aren’t we?”

“YES!!” They chorused.

With a sigh I got up and swilled out the coffee mug.

“Come on then.” I said, picking up our car keys.

I suppose I was expecting a seedy looking back street shop. Instead it was a small unit in an industrial estate. Inside it was an airy warehouse with wide aisles and high shelving with the adult goods on display. Even though I was having sex with my siblings it felt strange taking them to a place like this: Hell, it felt strange just BEING in a place like this. The girls soon saw the sort of thing they were looking for and began to compare several different strap-on’s. I wandered off by myself to explore the rest of the place. I came up to the bondage equipment and stopped. As I looked at some of the more serious implements I found myself hoping that Pip had been kidding about going further than just having her hands cuffed. These things looked painful and I knew I could never hurt her or Pam even if they asked me. I moved away quickly in case they saw and came over to look. I found the ‘fantasy costumes’, short, plasticky versions of uniforms. They looked nowhere near as sexy as my sisters’ old school uniforms did. I walked away and wandered further down the aisles, wondering if there was anything at all here that interested me. I circled the warehouse and had made my way back to the entrance. It was then that I saw there was: My two beautiful sisters at the checkout with a bag each. I caught up to them and we left for home.

When we got back home my two sisters disappeared upstairs, clutching their carrier bags and giggling. It was obvious to me that they had bought more than just the strap-on we’d gone for but they were not going to tell me what. As I parked the car I had seen that it was about time the lawn was mown. I sighed to myself; that was one of my chores. I went to get the mower from the garage.

Trimming the grass didn’t actually take that long, but as I returned the mower the garage door got stuck. It took me well over an hour to fix it. Consequently I wasn’t in the best of moods as I entered the kitchen to clean off. In spite of being back for nearly two hours there was no sign of my sexy siblings so I grabbed a cola and went into the lounge to wait and see what the devils were up to. I had barely sat down when one of them appeared in the doorway, throwing a sexy pose before giving me a sultry look. For the first time in many years I was unsure whether it was Pam or Pip. The pose and the outfit, silky black lingerie and stockings, were pure Pippa, but it didn’t seem as effortless as usual. Just this once I was unsure which sister was standing in front of me. Whichever one of them it was, they sashayed their way over to where I was sat on the sofa and draped themselves over the arm at the other end to me. As I stared into the face I could tell that it was Pammy; her eyes told me. A further look told me she was nervous too.

“You look absolutely gorgeous in those Pam.” I said in a voice just above a whisper. “Truly stunning. Did you get them at the shop?”

“Yes.” She said a little breathlessly. “Pip said it was about time I got something a little sexier than my usual undies.”

“You look sexy whatever you wear.” I assured her. “And I suspect Miss Pippa wanted you to buy those wispy garments so that she had an excuse to get herself something as well.”

“So, do you like my new underwear?” Pam looked at me almost fearfully.

“Of course I like it silly. But you don’t have to impress me. I think Pip plays us both at times, so that she can get what she wants.” I paused, realising I was being a bit nasty about Pip without meaning to. “What did she get?” I asked to cover myself.

“I don’t know.” Pam replied. “Whatever it was, it was quite small, it went into the same carrier as the….you know?” She blushed in that delightfully simple way she had sometimes.

“No doubt we’ll find out later.” I sighed. “Now come here and sit on my lap in all your fine lingerie.” I smiled. “I need to investigate fully.”

Pam smiled as she slid across to me and threw her arms around my neck. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and our tongues danced momentarily.

“You don’t love Pip more than me then?” Pam asked as we pulled back a little.

“I told you before; I don’t love either of you more than the other.” I admonished her. “I love you both the same, but probably for different things. Things that I’m not going into detail about because I don’t want the two of you jealous of each other about anything.”

Smiling, Pamela lowered her lips to mine again, our tongues entwining as they met.

“You are a wonderful brother you know?”

“And you and Pip are very special, very sexy sisters.” I said, kissing her softly.

“HEY! No starting without me.” Pippa called out as she entered the room, naked except for the strap-on jutting strangely from her groin.

“Well hurry up then slowcoach.” Pammy grinned. “How long does it take to do up a couple of buckles anyway?”

“Wasn’t just the buckles.” Pip muttered, reddening at the same time. Pam and I waited. “What?” Pip said.

“If it wasn’t the buckles what was it then?” Pam sighed. Then with a sudden insight: “Was it the extra things you bought then?” As she asked that I noticed the two small battery packs clip to the strap-on harness. There was a lead from each one disappearing under the device, one towards her cunt, the other her ass.

“What did you buy Pippa?” I asked.

She looked down at the carpet.

“Two vibrating eggs.” She said quietly.

“Why?” Pam asked, genuinely puzzled.

“Cos I don’t think I’ll be able to cum just from using the strap-on to fuck you Pammy.”

“We could swap later on?” Pam offered.

“No, it’s fine sis.” Pip looked a little sulky.

I laughed.

“Just switch your new friends on Pip and we’ll try this. Who do you want where Pammy?”

Pam gave us a thoughtful look.

“Well, I really like your dick in my bum Petey….”

“Looks like you’ll be needing one of these.” Pip grinned, her sulk forgotten, as she tossed me a tube of lube. “I bought a couple of them too.”

“How are we going to set up for this?” Pam asked.

“It’s your fantasy sis,” I said, “how do you want us?”

She paused for a moment.

“I think,” she said slowly, “that Pip should lie down and I’ll lower myself onto the thingy, then Pete can get behind me.” Pip and I nodded. “But I’m going to take off my lovely new undies first.”

While she did that Pip and I cracked open the lube; neither of us wanted to hurt Pammy. Pippa lay on her back, the strap-on pointing towards the ceiling. When she was settled Pamela straddled her stomach and then, reaching between her own legs, she took hold of the plastic phallus and guided it carefully towards her pussy. She gave a little grunt as it entered her, parting her cunt lips. I watched in fascination as the thing sank all the way into her.

“Ooo! It’s cold.” She said. “But not as big as it looked.”

Pip reached up and began to fondle her sister’s breasts. I knelt behind Pam and gently pushed her down toward Pip so I could lube up her ass hole. The two girls kissed.

“This feels odd.” Pip said.

“What does?” Pam asked, jumping a little as I slipped my fingers into her butt.

“The way our nipples brush against each other.”

“I kinda like it.”

“Oh, me too. It’s not a bad ‘odd’, just a different ‘odd’.” They wrapped their arms around each other as they spoke.

“Ready Pam?” I asked quietly.

“What? Oh yes. Go on Petey.”

With infinite care I put my knob against her rear entrance and eased it in with a gentle pressure. Pam gave a low moan as she felt my balls brush against the backs of her legs.

“You two okay so far?” I asked, leaning forward.

“Fine lover.” Pip said, stretching her neck to give me a peck on the cheek.

“Just give me a sec.” Pam panted. “I feel so full of cock.”

“Just tell us when you’re ready for us to do more sweetie.” Pip said encouragingly.

“S’okay.” Pam breathed. “Hey, if we roll onto one side then you can both fuck me properly, yes?” Pip and I exchanged glances and then carefully the three of us followed Pam’s suggestion. “All right, I’m ready.” Pammy almost whispered.

Pip pulled her hips back a little with me following suit and then we began to fuck our big sister.

“Oh Pip.” Pam said. “Your vibrating egg thing, it’s making the strap-on vibrate too.”

Pip grunted in acknowledgement, concentrating on thrusting her hips back and forth. I couldn’t feel any vibration, but I could feel the fake cock occasionally rubbing against mine through Pam’s inner walls as my and Pips strokes coincided.

“Oh god! This feels incredible.” Pammy cried out. “I’m gonna cum so quickly.” Her body clenched and spasmed as her orgasm took her. Pip and I slowed our thrusts and then stopped. “NO! Keep. Going.” Pam managed to pant. “I want. You two. To cum. As well.” It was all the encouragement I needed and I began to pump her beautiful ass once more. Pip managed to find a slow rhythm fucking the dildo into Pam’s pussy. I realised it was odd for her to actually find a rhythm rather than respond to one but being Pip she found a way.

“Pam, Pammy, I’m not gonna last long.” I panted out.

“Just. A. Bit. More.” She gasped out.

Pip was strangely quiet. I could see the determination in her eyes; she wanted to do this for our sister, but wasn’t getting much out of it. Pam saw it too and began to suckle on Pip’s left tit. I leant forward a little more and managed to lick at her right tit. A light came on in her eyes and within moments our attention had increased her pleasure.

“Pam, here it comes.” I wheezed, feeling my nuts tighten.

“Me too.” She said, her ass gripping my dick as she orgasmed. That set me off completely, my spunk invading her butt-hole. I stopped my thrusting and let Pam get her breath back, lowering my head once more to Pip’s nipple. She too had stopped moving, but I could tell she wasn’t going to cum.

“Pammy, we need to get Pip off too.” I whispered in her ear.

I slipped out of her ass and she moved aside. Pip lay back looking at us, disappointment written over her face.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“Why?” I said, kissing away the tear that was forming in her eye.

“I couldn’t get off with the two of you.”

“We’ll finish you off sis.” Pam said, undoing the strap-on and pulling it away from Pip. She lowered her face between Pip’s legs and plunged her tongue into the wet slit. I stayed with her tits, playing with her nipples with my tongue, my teeth, and my fingers. Pam pulled the vibrating egg out of Pip’s cunt and thrust her tongue in instead.

“Maybe I should have turned it fully up?” Pip said as the egg came out still buzzing.

I kissed her.

“Shut up Pip. Let us do this for you. I think you just need to get used to it.” I paused. “That’s if you want to try again.” She suddenly stiffened as our joint ministrations took her over the edge.

Pip looked at us lovingly as she got her breath back.

“I think I do. I don’t like being beaten by you two.” She grinned.

“I know I want to try again.” Pam said from between Pip’s legs. “We can do it the other way round if you like. I’ll wear the harness and you can feel two dicks in you.”

With only three or so weeks left of our summer idyll I suddenly realised that some of the jobs that I had promised Mom and Dad that I’d do were still not done so I set a few mornings aside to work through the short list. Soon I was down to the last item; repainting the back door. It was a bright morning when I started, gradually getting warmer until I was sweating in my overall. By midday I had almost finished.

And then the girls, my sweet sisters who had been out all morning thus far, decided they were going to sunbathe in the rear garden. If that was all they had done I would have finished so much quicker. It was distracting enough having the two of them reclining nearly naked only a few feet away, but then Pip made up her mind that I was ripe for some teasing. She kept brushing past me, much closer than was necessary, on the pretext of getting a drink from the kitchen. Pam watched in amusement a couple of times and then decided to join in with the tease. Every time one of them squeezed past they made sure their ass or their breasts rubbed against me. My work got slower and slower. It wasn’t as if the scraps of material masquerading as bikinis covered up much anyway. Despite their not entirely unwelcome attention I finally managed to finish the door and went into the garage to take off my overall and get the paint from my hands.

As I looked out at my two gorgeous sisters giggling on their sun beds I felt a tinge of regret. Not over what we had done, but more a feeling that this would be the last time the three of us spent an extended period of time in each others company. I was due to go and work for my father when he got back; Pam was going to take a business degree; and Pip, well even Pip wasn’t sure what she was going to do, other than it would be an exciting adventure. I sighed and determined that we would make the most of the rest of our time alone. But first was the matter of revenge for the mornings teasing.

I got the garden hose out.

“Hey ladies!” I called out and opened the tap, spraying cold water over my two tormentors. They both squealed at their unexpected drenching but quickly recovered and dived on me, trying to wrench the hose from me. By the time Pippa had managed to pin me down helped by the fact I was laughing so much we were all thoroughly soaked. She sent Pam to turn the hose off and lay on top of me. Her nipples, made hard by the cold water, poked through the material of her swimsuit into my chest. I gazed lovingly into her face and saw the ‘naughty idea’ grin begin to cross her features.

“What? Out here?” I said.

Her grin just grew wider and she began to grind her pelvis down on my cock through my now soaked shorts. She bent her head forward and kissed me.

“Why not? We’ve done it practically everywhere else?”

“People will see.” I said, trying to ignore the raging boner she had caused to rise.

“I doubt it very much. The fence is too high.” Pippa said, reaching behind her and releasing her bikini top. She dropped it to one side and wiggled her perfect breasts in my face. With a roar I rolled over on top and kissed her hard, our tongues dancing around each other. Her hands went to the top of my shorts and undid them, pushing them and my boxers down and releasing my straining cock. At the same time my mouth was exploring her breasts once again; I would never tire of the feeling of sucking on her or Pam’s tits. Her hands came up to my head and gently pushed me lower. My tongue trailed across her damp belly, stopping at her belly-button for a moment before continuing down to the scrap of material covering her pussy. I teased the string ties of the bikini undone and revealed Pip’s exquisitely trimmed pussy. I stopped for a moment and then lowered my face between her legs. Pip was still, waiting for me to plunge my tongue into the folds of flesh of her pussy.

Author’s Note.

I am deeply indebted to Pickykinky and Mostera 1 for providing editing services and generally making this a better story.

For my US readers I would like to point out that what your colleges refer to as semesters, UK colleges call terms. There are only three terms in a year and they are between ten and 14 weeks long, depending on whether easter is early or late. Waiting for the Exeter Express

I brought the car to a standstill, dowsed the lights and waited. I checked the timetable. Sure enough on Monday night the express should be here at 10:10pm. I checked my watch. In less than five minutes the final stage of my plan would come to fruition. Five minutes to wait. Five minutes to go over everything. This was the culmination of a week of planning but the story started over a year before.


The first time I thought little of it. When you’ve been married for twenty two years you don’t expect every time to be a marathon. Now and again a time will come when performance is not up to scratch. When my cock started to go soft before either of us had an orgasm all I could do was apologise. When the same thing happened again a week later, I started to get worried. It was bad enough thinking that maybe I was losing the ability to satisfy my wife but to lose it, even temporarily at that point, was an absolute disaster.

When the first of our children was born, our sex life went down the toilet. Erica always seemed to be too tired, or at least that was the excuse. I’d be surprised if we managed once a month. It seemed like the baby took all the love she had and there wasn’t enough left over for me. I admit, I was jealous of my son and at the same time I was ashamed. I must have managed it somewhere along the line because eighteen months later along came son number two.

As the boys got older and less demanding, I expected things to get better, I was wrong. I found the rejection really hard to deal with so I avoided it by giving her time to get to sleep before turning in myself. Knowing she didn’t want me as much as I wanted her, hurt me deeply, but there’s more to a marriage than sex, isn’t there? I could get by on once every couple of weeks. What mattered was that we loved each other. At least I thought we did.

Things started to change when my youngest son, James went off to university. We spent more time together and Erica started to get more amorous. Once a fortnight was no longer enough, we were soon up to two or three times a week. Sex wasn’t restricted to bed time; occasionally she would jump on me as soon as I got home from work. When her libido went into overdrive we started having sex every day, twice on Sundays. It was like being newlyweds again. I loved it, not just the sex, we seemed to have reconnected. The kissing and touching increased. For the first time in years I felt loved.

I started to worry when she told me that she still needed more. She worked as a kindergarten manager and frequently found the need to go to the toilets to get herself off manually. At my suggestion she went to see a doctor. She seemed a bit down when I got home that night. The doctor had told she was experiencing the start of the menopause. According to our doctor it was her body’s way of dealing with the fact that she would soon become infertile. Her body was giving her the best chance to conceive before the eggs stopped coming. He told her it would only last a year to 18 months and advised her to ride it out. Being a man I couldn’t see the problem.

“I’m going to be infertile,” she whined. “It’s like the end of something special.”

“I had a vasectomy fifteen years ago. I did it because you didn’t like the pill or any of the other contraceptives we tried. Producing children ended for me then. I don’t remember getting all morose.”

“Well you wouldn’t would you? You’re a man. It’s not as important to you.”

“Hold on now. I’ll have you know that being able to sire children is very important to a man. It’s part of his reason for being. That’s why I was so reluctant to have the vasectomy. We decided, no you decided you didn’t want any more children. Now your complaining because soon you won’t be able to have anymore. To me it sound like whining because someone is taking away something you didn’t want.”

“Huh I might have known you wouldn’t understand.”

I tried a different tack. “I’m sorry Ric I really am, but I can see a positive side. No more period pains, no more premenstrual tension, That must be something to look forward to? He said you’ll only be like this for another year. Surely that’s a comfort?”

“I suppose there is that, I hadn’t really given it much thought, but at the time it seemed like such a blow.”

I sat down beside her and put my arm around her shoulders. “In a year from now you’ll be back to normal, doesn’t that make you feel better.”

“No! Not really I enjoy feeling like this. I’m having three orgasms a day and it makes me feel great.”

“Three? I’m only giving you one, who’s giving you the other two?”

“I am, with my rampant rabbit. I told you I needed more than you can give. It’s not your fault you can’t be with me all day. I have to do it. I get the tingle then the throbbing that can only be sated by an orgasm.”

“Sounds like you’re barely in control, and you say you don’t want it to stop?”

“It’s like having the afterglow of sex all day long. It’s exhilarating and I love the feeling. It’s not a problem, is it?”

“No, there’s no problem, our sex life hasn’t been this good in years. I must admit I’m a bit worried about you having to get yourself off at work. I doubt the parents would understand if you got caught.”

“Don’t worry, I always lock myself in the toilet. Nobody knows.”

I did my best to comfort her that night. In fact I comforted her twice. The more I thought about it the more I understood. She wasn’t just concerned about the end of child bearing, she worried about getting old.


I heard an owl hooting and it brought me back to the present. I looked at my watch. 10.15 PM. Where the hell was that train? The express is never late. I looked down the track but there was still no sign. The night around me was black without a sign of another human being. I started to get cold. My left arm felt particularly cold. I could start the engine and warm the car up again but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I decided to just wait. The train may have been a little late but it would come. My worries would soon be over.


My own personal disaster struck while I was trying to cope with Erica’s out of control libido. The first time I lost my erection Erica understood. It was her fault she said for being so demanding. However, as it became a regular occurrence she got more annoyed. I’d planned to see my doctor but before I got an appointment Erica presented me with a pack of Viagra.

“Erica, I need to talk to the doctor. These may not be the answer.”

“Yes but they may be and where’s the harm in trying? If they don’t work, go to the doctor.”

I didn’t know enough about my problem to argue with her and I saw logic in what she said. Our lovemaking already lacked spontaneity, and having to take a pill half an hour in advance made it worse. The good news was that they worked. I could even put up with the side effects. Every morning my face was on fire, my nose blocked up and I woke up with a hangover, but they worked, for a while. As the weeks went by the problem returned and I increased the dose. I reached the maximum dose and still the problem returned.

My work colleagues knew something was wrong. You can’t go to work with a hangover everyday without people noticing a loss of performance. I shared an office with the most gorgeous Cypriot woman by the name of Eugenia Vanesis. Eugenia was a beautiful woman, five feet tall slim with a lovely round arse. I don’t know if her face could launch a thousand ships but it certainly entranced every male student she encountered. The only area where she didn’t come up trumps was in the boob department. She was always conscious of this short coming, but she was the only one who found it important. We had been friends since I started at the college and more than once she had expressed a willingness to take it further. On one occasion, she walked in and looked at me.

“Kevin Johnson, when are you and I going to start our affair?”

“Don’t even joke about such things.”

“Who says I’m joking?”

“I love Erica; I’d never cheat on her. Besides, I can hardly afford one woman, let alone two.”

I laughed it off but there was definitely sexual chemistry between us.

At 32, Eugenia already had her own share of problems. An abusive ex-husband, Neville, had driven her away then tried to control her with threats of suicide. He stood six foot six inches and was a prop forward on the local Rugby team, and headmaster at a junior school. I’d supported her through all of that. Now she saw an opportunity to return the favour.

“Problems at home, Kev?” she asked.

“No, what makes you think that?”

“Come off it. Normally you hardly drink at all, but now you come in here hung over every day. Something must be very wrong for you to hit the bottle.”

“Look Gen. I am not hitting the bottle, it’s the side effects of the drugs.”

“What drugs are you on then?”

I had to tell her the whole story. She was horrified.

“She put you on Viagra? Have you seen a doctor? You may have a heart condition Kevin she could be killing you. You have to stop taking them until you’ve seen a doctor.”

“I might as well stop, they’re not working anymore.”

Eugenia hugged me tightly and made me promise to get checked out.

At home things went from bad to worse, without the little blue pills I didn’t even get an erection, let alone maintain one. I did my best to satisfy Erica with my mouth, fingers and her vibrators. She soon let me know it wasn’t enough.

“I need a man Kevin. I need a man’s weight on me while I’m cumming. I need to feel your arms around me when you cum inside me. Anything else is a poor substitute.”

The next day I made an appointment to see a doctor but being a Friday the earliest I could get was the following Tuesday. Erica wouldn’t wait that long. That night I waited for her to go to bed and followed shortly after. I was surprised to see a light on in my son’s room. I was even more surprised when I walked past the door and saw Erica climbing into the empty bed.

“What’s going on? Why are you sleeping in here?”

“You can’t do anything for me that I can’t do myself. To be honest, you only get in the way. At least this way I won’t have to put up with your snoring.”

I went to bed on my own feeling as low as a man can. I was a failure, unable to fulfil the most basic function of a man. I couldn’t satisfy my wife. Lying alone in the bed, listening to her groans and grunts made me sink even lower. I tried to sleep without success. Around 3:00am, with her words still running through my head, I saw things as they were. She’d told me she needed to be held by a man and now she was pulling away from me. Was it possible that someone else was doing the holding, maybe even supplying everything else that I couldn’t?

Erica kept out of my way for most of the weekend. Saturday she went shopping all day but didn’t seem to buy much. On Sunday she went to church and didn’t come back until the evening. I should have confronted her but I wasn’t sure I wanted to know where she’d been, and I was so tired.

I became convinced she had found a replacement and if I needed any further confirmation it came on Monday evening when I found Erica packing her case.

“Where are you going, Ric?”

“I’m sorry Kevin but it’s just not working for us anymore. I need more than you can give— which is really not saying much.”

“Don’t do this Erica. The problem is probably temporary. Things will soon be back to normal.”

“I know it’s only temporary, but even when it’s over I’ll still need sex occasionally.”

“I was talking about my problem not yours. Many men suffer erectile dysfunction at some time or another. It’s often a temporary thing.”

She stopped packing for a moment and put her arms around me. “I hope so Kevin I really do. I know you love me and I hate to do this to you, but he’s younger and so hard. He takes me to places you never could. It’s not your fault. I just need him right now. It will be over soon, my libido will calm down, or he’ll tire of me and we can get back to normal. We don’t love each other or anything like that. It’s just sex.”

She let go of me and went back to her packing. I left her there and went downstairs. It took her a little over half an hour to appear at the top of the stairs with two large suitcases, an overnight bag and a large holdall. She started to come down with the smallest bag and saw me watching her.

“It wouldn’t do you any harm to give me a hand.”

“Erica I am going to do nothing to assist you to leave this house. If you go it’s going to be entirely through your own efforts.”

She thumped down the stairs and took the small bag out to her car. When she came back she stared at me hoping I would weaken, I didn’t. She made a big show of how heavy the bags were and how difficult it was to get them out to her car. When she got the last one to the front door she stopped and looked back at me.

“It doesn’t have to be like this you know. It’s not as if it’s forever. Can’t you just be happy that I’ve found someone to take the load off you?”

“Please don’t do this Erica. We can get past this. We both know it’s not me you’re doing this for. If you stay there’s still a chance for us, but if you leave now you’re not coming back. Here, will you do it or shall I?”

I held my phone out to her. She looked at the screen and saw her mobile number highlighted.

“What the hell are you talking about now?”

“Deleting you from my phone—and from my life. Will you do it or shall I?”

“Oh stop being so melodramatic, Kevin.” She was starting to shout now. “Of course I’m coming back, it’s just that right now I need a real man not a limp dicked excuse……”

She stopped mid sentence realising what she’d said. “I’m sorry Kev; I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Yes you did, you have finally said what you mean. You had better go, go and bounce on that long, hard cock I hope it makes you happy.”

There was a tear in her eye as she turned and left. I pressed the button on the phone, and watched the number disappear. The door closed and I set the deadlock.

That evening I ran through the range of emotions. I started out angry. How could she do this to me? I had given her the twenty best years of my life and at the first sign of trouble she baled on me. Whatever happened to for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer in sickness and in health, and of course forsaking all others? How could she be so arrogant as to believe I would sit and wait for her to come back?

I tried to think about what I was going to do. I would find her young buck and cut his nuts off. I’d arrange a party for my students and have them fuck her within an inch of her life. When they’d finished with her I’d throw her out. All these things went through my mind and I tried to convince myself that I would do them all but in my heart I knew I wouldn’t.

As the evening wore on my anger gave way to guilt. It was my fault, I had failed her. She had needed me to see her through her problem time and I let her down.

Then the self-pity hit. I was less than a man. I couldn’t please a woman. I couldn’t perform. Of course she didn’t want me, what woman would? I could have lost an arm or leg and still felt more complete.

As I tried to sleep I slipped further into depression. Everything I could think of left me further down. I think I must have slept because I think I dreamt. I saw my students standing around laughing about poor old Kev who couldn’t get it up. I saw Erica and her lover giggling about how much she’d missed a real man. I saw Erica explaining to my son’s how their limp dicked father had let her down in her hour of need.

When morning came I found it difficult to pull myself out of bed. I made coffee but didn’t feel like eating. I called the college and told them I was sick then just sat around the house. I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn’t come. It was afternoon before I could function on any level. What brought me back to the real world was the ringing of a phone, a phone that I couldn’t find. After throwing all the cushions off the sofa, I found Erica’s phone. It was the first thing that gave me a lift, I picked it up walked to the bathroom and dropped down the toilet.

I knew I had to protect myself and my sons. I thought I could trust Erica, but I didn’t even know who her lover was so I had to protect my finances. I obviously needed to go to the bank. The people at the bank were surprisingly helpful. Following their advice I opened a current account (Checking account) in my own name and transferred sufficient funds to cover a month’s expenses into that account. With that done I took my name off of the joint current account we’d always used. I emptied our savings account. Erica and her fuck buddy might well have a good time but they wouldn’t do it on my money.

When I got home I called the insurance company that handled my life insurance. It surprised me how simple it was to change the beneficiary from Erica to equal shares for my sons. The following day I went back to work. Between lectures I went to Human Resources and arranged for my salary to be paid into my new account. I did the same with the college insurance as I did with my life policy. On Friday I managed to see a solicitor to change my will. That’s what led me to Monday night waiting for a train.


I had no idea why I felt so cold, and that damned heartburn was killing me. I’d just checked my watch again when it happened. I heard the bells, red lights flashed and the barrier came down behind me. I turned to look up the track to see the train coming around the bend. Soon it would be over, my misery was almost over.

Something was wrong, the train moved much slower than normal. In fact it seemed to be getting slower. In the distance but coming my way, were two flashing blue lights. The heartburn got significantly worse and I grabbed at my chest. Suddenly there were flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror. A police car had stopped on the other side of the barrier. I wanted to start the engine and drive off but I couldn’t pull my hand away from my chest. Two policemen walked up to the car. One tapped on the window but I didn’t move. The heartburn was getting worse. The officer asked if I was alright but all I could do was look at him. Unable to keep my eyes open I drifted into unconsciousness as the policeman kept talking.


I remember nurses fussing around me, machines beeping, doctors prodding and probing me as I drifted in and out of consciousness. Soft lips caressed my forehead and a soft hand held mine but then I was gone again.

The bright sunlight filtered through the blinds, beckoning me back to the land of the living. My eye lids fluttered and I looked out on a blurry world. I started to focus and soon picked out the TV screen above the bed and the magnolia walls of the ward. Someone was there with me and I started looking around. The nurses busied themselves at their station. I turned the other way and there she was.

“Welcome back,” she said. “You had us worried for a while.”

I looked at her beautiful face. Her big brown eyes showed so much love.

“Eugenia, what are you doing here?”

“Well someone had to be here. James is coming this weekend. Peter asked me to keep him informed and he’ll be here as soon as he can. It’s a long way from Durham.”

“But how did you know?”

“The hospital called me. Mine was the only woman’s number in your phone, they thought I was your wife. When they called I thought they were talking about my ex-husband. As soon as I found it was you I had to come.

“How long have I been here?”

“Two days, I’ve been here between classes and lectures. The college has been very good about it. They can’t wait to have you back, and some of your students want to come in when you are fit enough.”


“I don’t think she even knows. She hasn’t called you and she’s not at home. I’m not trying to hide it from her but I’m not going looking for her either. In my opinion she is the reason you are in here.”

She squeezed my hand and gave me a light kiss on the lips. When she looked at the monitor screen a smile spread across her face.

“You must be getting better. Your pulse went up ten beats a minute when I did that. Now I’ve got to get back to work for a while. I’ll be back this afternoon and we’ll find out what the doctors say about you.”

Eugenia was back with me when the lead surgeon did his rounds that afternoon and started filling me in about what he’d done.

“You are a very lucky man Mr Johnson. Lucky that someone found you when they did, and lucky that I’d had a particularly heavy day and I was still here when you came in. We did an emergency by-pass operation on you. You are going to be pretty sore for a while but things are looking good. What puzzles me is how it got this bad. Didn’t you have any symptoms? You must have been in considerable pain.”

“Not really Doc. I’ve been getting a lot of indigestion lately, you know heartburn, but I thought nothing of it, you sort of expect it at my age. I’ve been getting a bit breathless and tired all the time but I put that down to my sedentary life style.”

The doctor just shook his head. “No problems in the bedroom department at all.”

“Well yes, but I was using Viagra for that.”

“VIAGRA, are you mad? Who on earth prescribed them for you?”

“No one, my wife got them off the internet.”

“Bloody internet pharmacies. I’d close them all down tomorrow if I had my way.” He turned to Eugenia. “Well I hope you are satisfied Mrs Johnson. Your husband came very close to death. If he’d only seen a doctor none of this would have happened.”

“Now hang on Doc.” I yelled back at him. “This lady is not my wife. None of this is her fault. It’s my fault and my wife’s fault, but Eugenia urged me to go to a doctor. I’m the one who couldn’t see the point. I know it’s your duty to save me, but to be honest I wish you hadn’t bothered.”

Eugenia’s face immediately showed her anger. “Kevin Johnson, how can you be so selfish. What about your family, don’t they matter at all?”

“The boys would be upset for a while but they’d get over it. I’ve provided for them”

“That’s only money Kevin. They don’t need money, they need you. What about their children growing up without a grandfather? What about me? We all need you Kevin, don’t you dare say he shouldn’t have bothered. If you ever say anything like that again it will be the last you ever see of me.”

She asked for a private word with the doctor. He looked at me for confirmation.

“Sure doc, go ahead you’ll probably get more sense out of her than you will from me right now, and as for my wife, you’d have to find her first.”

Eugenia put her hand on his arm and went off down the ward with him. When she came back the look of anger was still in her eyes.

“She’s left you, hasn’t she? Is that really sufficient reason for wanting to die? I call it a cause for celebration.”

“You don’t know why she left.–I can’t do it any more, not even with Viagra. I can’t perform the basic function of a man. I don’t blame her for leaving.”

“Well I do. She walked out on a sick man. Even if she didn’t know about your heart condition she was well aware of the E.D. and what that was doing to you. All she did was pile the pressure on and make it worse. Now she’s walked out in order to satisfy her own selfish desires. Don’t defend her to me Kevin; I’m not prepared to listen.”

“That’s as maybe, but the fact remains that I’m not much use to any woman now.”

“You can’t say that. You might be fine once they’ve sorted you out. Anyway most women want more than a dick on legs. I like sex as much as the next woman, a lot more than most. I’d go without tomorrow if it meant getting a good man. Besides there are other things you can do without needing an erect penis.”

She sat beside the bed and held my hand while telling me about all the things that happened at work. She was still there when the police arrived to talk to me. I made it clear that I wanted her to stay while I talked to them.

They asked why I had stopped on the railway track.

“I didn’t know where I stopped officer. Something was drastically wrong so I pulled over before I had an accident.”

“I see sir, so can you tell us why you switched off the lights?”

“No I can’t really. I suppose it was habit. You know, stop the car, switch of the engine, and switch off the lights.”

“You realise of course sir, that we must report this to the licensing authority. You’ll need a doctor’s certificate before you can drive again.”

“I quite understand officer; I guess I am a very lucky man. Please pass my thanks on to the chaps who found me.”

“OK sir, we’ll do that. Now we’d better let you rest.” They turned to leave when I remembered something I needed to know.

“Oh, Officers, can you tell me what happened to my car?”

“It’s in the police pound sir. You’ll need to pay for the recovery costs and you can have it back. Now if that’s all we’ll leave you in peace.”

I turned to look at Eugenia. Her hands covered her eyes and I could hear her sobbing. She pulled away as I reached out to her.

“You were really going to do it, weren’t you? You stupid, stupid man. You were sitting there waiting to be hit by an express train. Why Kevin, why?”

“Because of the boys. If it were an accident, they would get a much bigger insurance payout.”

“Don’t make it all sound so matter of fact. You were trying to kill yourself. I’m sorry I just can’t deal with this.”

With tears running down her face she ran from the ward narrowly missing the porters bringing in the supper trolley.

Eugenia never returned that night. In fact she didn’t return until the afternoon of the following day. When she did come she gave me a smile that would melt a glacier.

“You needn’t think I’ve forgiven you for getting yourself in that state without talking to me. I thought we were friends.”

“I’m sorry Gen, I really wasn’t thinking straight at the time. You’re the best friend I’ve got. I should have talked to you.”

“Is that all I am Kevin? A friend?”

“Right now Gen, you are the best friend I’ve got. I can’t say more than that, I’m just so confused I am still supposed to be a married man.”

“Married? You still consider yourself married to her after she walked out on you? After she made you feel worthless, has she gone to find another cock to ride? I’ll tell you this Kevin Johnson, there is a lot more to being a man than having a stiff dick. If she can’t see that, she doesn’t deserve you.”

“How long have you been in here? Four days and she hasn’t even called you.”

“She probably doesn’t even know I’m in here.”

“Wake up and smell the coffee Kevin. If she cared about you she’d have called you at home and when there was no reply she’d have called your mobile. If she wasn’t a selfish bitch she would know.”

“I suppose my flushing her phone down the toilet didn’t help.”

“You didn’t.”

“I’m afraid I did. It was the day after she left. It kept ringing and when I found it, under the cushions on the sofa. I flushed it down the toilet. I think she must have comeback looking for it. Someone was in the house and tidying up last Wednesday.”

Tears had started to form in her eyes, as she started to laugh they ran down her cheek. “I’m sorry Kevin I just find that so funny. If she’s anything like me her whole life will be on that phone. Appointments, birthdays, her phone book, everything, all gone down the toilet. You really are a wicked man.”

She stood up and prepared to leave.

“I’m going home now. The college won’t tolerate lack of preparation, just because you are in hospital. I’ll be back tomorrow. You think about what I’ve said.”

I watched her walk away on her high heels. I admired the movement of her beautiful round bum. As she reached the door I called out to her.

“Gen.” She stopped and turned back to me.”You’ve still got by far the nicest arse I’ve ever seen.”

She blushed a little, smiled at me, turned and patted the right cheek before going through the door.

The chap in the bed next to mine looked over at me. “If my wife waggled an arse like that me I’d have had a heart attack too mate. No wonder you’re in here.”

“She’s not my wife, just a friend.”

“Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on. If she’s just a friend, I’m a monkey’s uncle. I’ve seen the way she looks at you. Wish she’d look at me that way. Take it from one who’s been around a bit. She wants to be more than friends and if you don’t do something about it you’re a bigger fool than I took you for.”

I thought about Eugenia. I definitely found her sexually attractive, most men would. I liked her as a person. She was fun, a bit of a spitfire at times but always fun. Was I in love with her? I didn’t know. We only really knew each other from work. There had been the time that I’d helped her deal with her ex-husband but that was two years ago. That was the nearest I’d come to being part of her private life. Now it looked like she wanted to be a big part of mine

The following day my son Peter came in to see me. He seemed more than a little upset.

“What’s going on dad? Where’s mum? I got no reply when I rang the house and her mobile goes straight to voicemail”

“I don’t know where she is, she didn’t say where she was going, just walked out.”

“You mean she’s left you. What did you do?”

I told him almost the whole story, leaving out the bit about waiting on the track for the Exeter express. He seemed shocked as it all came out.

“Hell dad, I knew you and mum were going at it some in the bedroom I heard you some nights during the summer break. I was proud of you, I thought it was great that you were still into each other in that way.”

“Peter, things aren’t always what they seem. We’d been drifting apart for a long time. I think you boys were what really held us together. I recent months things had been getting better and it brought us back together. I was looking forward to happy life together. It all went wrong when I started to have problems in the bedroom. Apparently linked to the condition that put me in here. That’s when I realised, she didn’t want me. She wanted any man who could do the job. All the time I filled the bill it was fine, but as soon as I couldn’t, she left.”

“I don’t believe that dad. Have you tried to talk to her? If she knew you were ill, I’m sure she’d be here.”

“I can’t talk to her, I don’t know where she is. She hasn’t been in touch with me. Were not allowed to use mobile phones in here because they reckon they interfere with the monitors. I have switched mine on a couple of times and the only missed calls are from you and David”

I gradually moved the conversation away from Erica. I told him as much as I could about my condition and assured him I would be back to normal in no time. Before he left I made him promise not to tell Erica about my illness.

“No dad, she has a right to be told. You can’t expect me to keep it from her.”

“OK Son, I’ll meet you half way, I won’t ask you to lie to her. If she asks you about me, you can tell her, but only if she asks you.”

“I suppose that’s fair. I get the impression you don’t think she will ask.”

“No I don’t. She can’t ask without telling you she’s not living with me. I think if she was going to do that she would have done it by now.”

Peter stayed with me until the afternoon. When Eugenia came in I introduced her as a work colleague. Peter gave me a questioning look but said nothing until she left us alone for a while.

“Be straight with me dad. This woman, Eugenia, does she have anything to do with mum leaving.”

“No.”I said emphatically. “She is a friend and colleague, and she’s been very supportive to me. It was her who called you and James. When I was admitted here, I wasn’t in a fit state to tell them anything. Hers was the only woman’s number in my phone. The hospital thought she was my wife and called her. She’s handled everything for me since then. She’s been a great support but if you’re thinking she was coming between me and your mother, you couldn’t be more wrong. Now try to behave like the gentleman I brought you up to be.”

Peter was a little warmer with Eugenia when she returned. Eugenia seemed pleased with the change in his attitude. He thanked her before he left and she gave him a peck on the cheek. She stayed with me until the evening before leaving to prepare for her next day’s classes.

Over the next week I had several tests and eventually all the monitoring equipment was removed. When the surgeon came to see me I was a different man. I thanked him for the superb job he’d done keeping me in the land of the living.

“Feeling a bit more positive now Mr Johnson? Well I have some news that may make you feel even better. Our tests have shown that you have a testosterone deficiency. It’s not uncommon in men of your age. The good news is we can treat it very easily. I can’t promise anything but that combined with your heart condition would explain your problems in the bedroom.”

“Well if you fix that for me I’ll be even more grateful.”

I told Eugenia when she came in that night. She teased me about whether it was working yet. She kept threatening to lift the covers and have a look. When my morning glory returned I kept it to myself. She still spent a couple of hours a day with me and insisted on talking to the doctors and made friends with all of the nurses.

I was a little surprised to find myself having to solve a problem for the ward manager. Eugenia was so popular with the nursing staff that they told her things they should not tell anyone but a relative.

“You see my problem Mr Johnson? All the staff can see that she has your best interest at heart But they shouldn’t tell her the things they do, without your consent. Of course, if you were to give your permission it would solve a lot of problems for me.”

“First of all sister, call me Kevin, everyone else does. Now do you need me to sign something, or will my verbal consent be enough?”

“Oh no! There’s no need for it to be in writing, as long as you are happy for her to know everything.”

“Well sister, I would like you to treat Ms Vanesis as you would my wife. Does that solve your problem?”

“It does indeed, thank you.”

I’d been there for ten days and the soreness from the operation was starting to subside. The doctor gave me what should have been good news but left me with a problem. I was apparently fit enough to go home as long as there was someone there to care for me. The problem was, that I had no one. I didn’t know whether I should lie, and go home, or tell the truth and be kept in hospital.

When Eugenia came to see me that evening, I discussed it with her.

“The doc says I can go home tomorrow, after I’ve had the stitches out, The problem is I’ve got to tell them there is someone there to take care of me. I don’t like lying.”

“Then don’t lie.”

“But that means..”

She reached out and put her finger on my lips before she asked the question that many men would give their eye teeth to hear.

“Kevin, how would you feel about me moving in with you for a while?”

“Gen, you do know I’m not supposed to exert myself don’t you?”

She slapped my arm. “Of course I do, that’s why I asked. The doctor say’s you can go home, but only if there’s someone there to look after you. I’m want to be that someone, if you’ll let me. Can you cope with all that healthy Mediterranean food, and me waiting on you? “

I laughed. “Well if it means getting out of here, I’m sure I can put up with it.”

“Good because if everything is alright tomorrow when they remove the stitches and I’m taking you home.”

I reached out and took her hand. “Gen the other day you asked if you were just a friend as far as I’m concerned. You are a friend, a very good one, but you mean more than that to me. I’m still a bit mixed up right now. The last two weeks have been rather a lot to take in. I’ve been a husband too long to be thinking about relationships with other women. If you are willing to accept that this old man might fall in love with his nurse, I’d be more than pleased to have you as my nurse.”

She gave me an impish grin. “You are just trying to get me in the uniform. You’ll be disappointed I’ve not got much to burst out of the top. I’ve been considering a boob job.”

“A boob job, why? What makes you think there’s anything about you that needs enhancing?”

“But you always laughed off my advances.”

“That’s because I was a married man. Besides what would a beautiful woman like you want with an old fart like me.”

“You see, that’s what she has done to you. You can’t see yourself as being attractive to women, can you? You’re not old, you’re forty six, that’s no age at all. I’ve got students who think you’re cute, why should I be any different? Erica treated you as if you are unattractive and you believed it.”

I was taken completely by surprise. It took some believing. I’d never considered myself as anything more than ordinary looking. My hair was turning grey and I’d put on a bit of weight. What was there to find attractive? I looked into her eyes and realised she was deadly serious.

“You really mean it don’t you?”

“Of course I mean it. As I said before, it takes more than a stiff dick to make a man. You are witty, charismatic and brave, but you don’t see it and that makes it even more powerful. Pack that up in a package that is really quite good to look at and what girl could resist.”

“Erica did.”

“She’s a stupid selfish bitch. Mark my words, she’ll be back but you’ll be more of a fool than I take you for if you take her back.”

“No Gen, I am not taking her back.”

“Good, then I demand the first chance at taking her place. Give me your house keys. If you’re going home tomorrow, I’ve got preparations to make and a nurse’s uniform to buy.”

She held out her hand while I rummaged through my locker and eventually produced my house keys. Her fingers closed on my keys and her other hand came up to my face. With one finger she traced down the side of my face and across my lips.

“Now you just stay healthy and I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon.”

She brought her head down to mine and kissed me. I could feel the stirrings while her hand was still on my face. By the time our lips parted I knew exactly what was happening. I looked down at the tent that had appeared in the sheets. Her gaze followed mine. She lifted the sheets and looked again.

“Looks like you’re both making a good recovery.” She smiled that million dollar smile at me again before leaving. As she reached the door she turned and blew me a kiss.

“She’s not the wife then?” The voice came from the bed next to mine.

“I’m sorry mate but I couldn’t help overhearing you two. You’re right; of course, with an arse like that having big tits would just be greedy. I don’t know what it is that you’ve got, but would you mind rubbing some of it off on me before you go?”

“To tell you the truth,” I laughed, “I haven’t rubbed anything off for some time. However if you want to do one with her in mind, be my guest. I’m sure she’d be flattered.”


The following morning I was out of bed and fully dressed before breakfast. I’d shaved and generally tried to make myself as smart and fit as I could. The nurses were impressed and all passed comment. Before the doctor’s rounds I was given another Electro-Cardio-Gram which the doctor examined before turning his attention to me. He looked at my scar and listened to my chest before giving me the good news.

“Well Mr Johnson, still feeling positive are we?”

“We most certainly are doc. I’m looking forward to going home.”

“I’m told there’s someone at home to look after you, so I think we can discharge you today. I must impress upon you that it is important you take it easy for the next two weeks. After that we’ll start on some gentle exercises, building up to a fitness regime in a couple of months.”

He shook my hand and wished me well.

“Come on Mr Johnson, the nurse has come to take you home.”

She bent over to pick up my bag and the overall pulled tight across her arse. She seemed to be enjoying the attention though I did notice her cheeks redden at times. As we walked from the ward we had our arms around each other’s waist and Eugenia’s face was bright and alive.

The ride home was entertaining to say the least. The hem of her uniform rode up and showed me she was definitely wearing stockings. My dick was rock hard by the time we got home, Eugenia waked around in her nurse’s outfit for most of the evening. To my surprise it kept me hard all evening. We sat on the sofa watching TV and she would occasionally reach over and squeeze my cock through my trousers. When time came to turn in she helped me up stairs. When we reached my bedroom she went on tip toe and pulled my head down to kiss me.

“Do you fancy some company?”

“How am I supposed to take it easy with you lying beside me?”

“You can’t use that excuse forever you know.”

“I’m hoping I won’t need to.”

I bent down and gave her another kiss.

“Goodnight … Oh and Gen, thanks for being so… so you.”

“Get yourself to bed Mr Johnson before the nurse decides she knows best.”


As the sun started to penetrate my bedroom, I felt some movement on the bed beside me. I rolled over and found a smooth, soft pair of legs next to me. I opened my eyes, looked up and saw a woman in pink sitting in the bed beside me. As I became fully awake I realised the person sitting beside me was Eugenia. She was wearing a thin, short nightie through which her small breasts and dark nipples were clearly visible.

“Good morning sleepy head. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Just to make it easier I’ve made some, so sit up and enjoy it.”

I hauled myself up into a sitting position and took the cup of coffee she offered. One of the things I really missed in hospital was a good cup of coffee.

“This is really very good. I was half expecting Greek coffee, full of sugar with all the mud in the bottom.”

“I have worked with you for six years, I think I how you like your coffee.”

She put her cup down and turned to me. She ran her finger down the scar on my chest. “It’s healing up nicely but it still looks somewhat angry.”

“Do you always sleep naked?”

“For as long as I remember. Pyjamas are reserved for hospital stays. I always like to be ready in case opportunity presents itself.”

“Hmm, does that go for little Kevin too. Is he always ready?” She nodded towards the tent in the sheets caused by my morning glory. She lifted the covers. “Well he’s just as much a gentleman. He stands to attention for a lady.”

She moved her hand slowly down my body, wrapping her fingers around my erect member. She pushed the foreskin down and my dick bucked as she did so.

“Ooh he likes that” she said pulling it back up. She pulled her hand away and slipped off the bed.

“Is that all he’s going to get? Are you just going to leave me all frustrated?”

“Better frustrated than dead. You know what the doctor ordered.”

“If you behave yourself and follow the doctor’s orders, we might take it further.”

That night she came to my bed and snuggled up to me. I was sorely tempted but every time I tried to start anything she shut me down. I’d been home a week before I got the green light for any sexual activity. It came when Eugenia brought me my coffee. As we chatted and drank our coffee she ran her fingers up and down my chest. She got up and knelt on the bed beside me. The touch of her soft fingers on my hard cock excited me. As she slowly moved her hand up and down I was in ecstasy. As little drops of precum oozed from the tip, Eugenia ran her tongue over the slit taking up the fluid. She ran her other hand over my chest again, soothing the scar. She looked up at my face.

“I can stop anytime you say.”

“I don’t want you to stop till it’s over.”

Up and down went her hand, changing position occasionally bringing the skin up over the head before peeling it back down. Her movement was deliberately slow, prolonging the feeling and putting off the inevitable climax. I slid further down the bed as I took in large gasps of breath.

“Oh, Oh, Gen are you trying to kill me?”

“No, just proving a point.”

I was on the point of cumming when she stopped. She held me until I started to soften, and then started again. She repeated the process several times, each time she stopped as soon as I started to thrust. I lost count of the number of times she brought me close. Eventually she took me the whole way. I started thrusting my hips and my juice shot all over my chest. She continued to milk me until the last of the semen ran down over her fingers. The sight of her spreading her fingers wide and taking each one into her mouth will stay with me forever. Once her fingers were clean she skipped to the bathroom and returned with tissues to clean me up.

“You do realise, you just stayed hard for twenty minutes, don’t you.”

I smiled. “I wasn’t counting. I must’ve had something else on my mind. So what were you trying to prove?”

“I’m showing you that you more than capable of making love to a woman, without chemical intervention.”

“Are you planning on proving that in the near future?”

“I might just do that.”

She got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom.

“Gen,” I called out to her. “That one hell of a nice arse you’ve got there.”

“Play your cards right and who knows what you might get?”

She disappeared into the bathroom. As I sat in bed listening to her taking a shower, I noticed a stirring between my legs. By the time she emerged I was completely erect again. She wore nothing but a towel. Grinning she peeled the towel off and threw it at me then ran off to her bedroom. I smiled at the sight of her delightful arse as she scampered away.

After breakfast she gave me a quick kiss and instructions to take it easy before leaving for work. I caught up with my emails during the morning and was just about to make some lunch when the doorbell rang. I answered the door to find Alan and Daniel two of my top students standing on my doorstep holding two pizza boxes.

“Pizza delivery.” They yelled as I looked at them astounded. “Come on Kev let’s get the coffee on and have lunch.”

I filled the coffee machine and switched it on and we all three sat around the table munching slices of pizza.

“Eugenia gave us instructions that you weren’t allowed to do anything.” Daniel told me.

“Yeah, you’ve been holding out on us Kev.” Allen joined in. You two have got something going on haven’t you?”

“Come on lads, a gentleman doesn’t talk about such things.”

“We’ll take that as a yes then.” Allen laughed.

“Hey this is one of your lecturers you’re talking about. Show some respect.”

“Yeah! It doesn’t stop her being hot though does it?”

I changed the subject and asked them who had taken over my classes and asked how they were getting on with things. They were not impressed. The college had employed a temporary replacement and the students were unhappy with his level of knowledge. It seemed that he hadn’t bothered to keep up to date on new developments and only knew text book solutions for any problem. My more advanced students were used to thinking for themselves. We had a saying. “The correct solution is the one that works.”

I made a mental note to contact my head of department and offer to set and mark assignments. The idea that my students might get penalised for knowing too much was something I couldn’t live with.

“Err Kev,” said Daniel. “I don’t suppose you would let us pop round here for an unofficial tutorial now and then. We’ll bring lunch and get the beers in.”

“I don’t see why not Dan. It’d be like an ideal job. I only get to teach students who really want to learn and they come to me. What can be wrong with that?”

“Well not getting paid is a bit of a downer.”

“Oh, but I am. I’m on sick leave, so I’m on full pay.”

“Is it OK if we bring a few of the others next time?”

That’s how I got to be running an unofficial annexe of the college. Within two weeks I was busy three days a week. Eugenia was none too pleased when some of the girls from the IT classes started coming round. I did notice that they wore skimpier clothes when they came to my house than they did when they went to college.

Being home all day, I didn’t have a lot of use for the mobile phone so I left it switched off. At Gen’s suggestion I let the answering machine pick up the home phone. She didn’t want me rushing to the phone only to find it was a marketing call. Peter and James knew all they had to do was start speaking and I would answer. However, one or two callers just left grunts of frustration or tried to talk over the machines announcement

The night after the boys came around, she made me a wonderful carbonara and after dinner we cuddled up on the sofa. When I went to bed that night she walked me to the bedroom door. The temptation was too much for me.

“Do you fancy coming in tonight?”

“Oh Kevin, you say the most romantic things”

“I take it that’s a no then.”

“Are you joking? I’ve been longing for that invitation for years.”

“I really miss sleeping with a woman. I don’t mean just the sex; I miss the holding and having someone moulding their body to mine.”

She took my hand and led me into the room. I left her in the bedroom, and then went into the en-suite bathroom to take a shower. In a matter of minutes I felt the cool air as someone opened the door. I turned to see her standing naked before me. She looked up at me.

“Would you’d like some company?” She asked.

I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her. Her head fitted neatly under my chin. She kissed my chest as I held her. Her small breasts pushed into my ribs and my manhood pressed into her stomach. She went onto tiptoes and started to kiss my neck. I kissed her on the forehead and she turned her head up to me. Our lips locked and she melted into me a little more as her hands moved over my back and traced the contours of my shoulders, slowly working her way down. As she reached my waist and arse, I couldn’t stop myself forcing my dick into her stomach. Our lips parted and she looked up at me.

“It feels like something down here needs attention.” She said before squatting down in front of me.

She ran her tongue over the tip of my cock before pushing back the foreskin and taking the head into her mouth. The water flowed down my back as she pushed her head forward. I dropped my hands to her head and held her hair as she moved in and out. Occasionally she would pull her head off my cock and lick the head while stroking the shaft. She cupped my balls and took me into her mouth again. For the first time in my life I felt my cock entering a woman’s throat. She had the whole of my cock in her mouth, moving her attention to my scrotum as her tongue moved as she shook her head from side to side. With this new stimulation I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I tried to warn Eugenia that I was about to cum. She pulled her head back and almost immediately I started pumping semen, filling her mouth. She pulled her head off of me and swallowed my sperm. I looked down and found that she was smiling up at me.

She held her position as I softened in her hand. As my cock softened, more semen oozed from the tip. She kissed my cock wiping away the fluid with her tongue. I reached down and helped her back up. We soaped each other and washed each other off. I turned her around and ran my hands over the front of her body. As I massaged her tits and pinched her nipples, she pushed back into me. Her skin was soft and smooth and I became excited as I ran my fingertips over her bald labia. I bent my head down to kiss her neck and she whispered to me.

“Let’s take this into the bedroom.”

Turning off the shower we stepped out, and I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. We both set about drying each other off. I led her back to the bed and we both climbed, naked, into it. I lay on my back and she snuggled up to me. Her leg swung over mine and our bodies were intertwined. I ran my hands over her back and her arm wrapped around me and pulled herself tighter against me. Her delightful little tits were pushing against me. I swept a hand down over her back to her arse. She pushed her pussy hard against my leg. My fingers slipped into her arse crack and the thrusting of her hips grew. She pulled herself tighter against me, moving further onto my chest. I soon got fully hard again as she thrust her hips against me. As my fingers started to circle her tight little anus her leg swung further across me and she scrambled up to lie on top of me.

“I thought I could hold out longer, but I can’t.”She whispered. “I need you Kevin. I need you inside me now.”

She reached down, took hold of my rigid rod and guided it into her hot pussy. As she squirmed around on top of me and pushed herself down onto my stiff cock. As I entered her she gave out a huge sigh.

“Aaahh! I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She pushed down hard on me, rubbing her mound against me. I didn’t imagine it was possible for me to get any harder but I did. By the time I was fully inside her the skin around the head of my cock became stretched. Then came the pressure as she squeezed me and then sensation was heavenly. She ground around on top of me and as the groans got louder the movement became quicker. I felt something like lips closing over the head of my dick and I started to thrust up into her. She uttered my name but everything after that was Greek. I was surprised that I was able to cum again but it happened. Everything was suddenly wetter as I pumped into her.

She collapsed onto my chest as I continued to stroke her back. We lay like that for several minutes as I softened inside her. She was resting her face on my chest, occasionally kissing it as I ran my fingers into her arse crack. She lifted her head and looked at me.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t say this but when I look at you I can’t resist it. I love you Kevin Johnson. I can’t remember when I’ve ever been happier than I am right now.”

“Gen I err-”

She reached up and put a finger on my lips.

“No need to say anything. Maybe one day you’ll love me back. I’ll live for that day. I can make you happy, I know I can.”

I have to admit at that point I was glad that she was so slightly built. Her weight on the bone that had been cut for access to my heart was starting to hurt. I said nothing but must have communicated something because she pushed herself up off my chest and looked down at me. As her eyes settled on my scar she gasped and almost leapt off of me.

“Oh my god, I haven’t hurt you have I? What was I thinking? Why didn’t you say something?”

“Relax Gen, it’s only a dull ache that’s all, it’ll wear off soon. I think we need to get cleaned up and then deal with the wet patch.”

She smiled at me and we threw off the duvet. We both got up and headed to the bathroom.

She sat on the edge of the bath as I set about washing our combined juices off of her. There is something very erotic about seeing your own love juice leaking from your lover’s pussy. I could feel a vague hardening and movement between my legs as I washed her smooth pussy. When it came time to change places, she gave me a beaming smile as she started to run the cloth over my balls. She kissed the tip of my semi hard cock.

“Wow Kevin you are full of surprises. Two in succession is good but we’ve nearly got a third one here.”

“Don’t be greedy, Gen. I didn’t think two was possible so quickly. You’re obviously very good for me.”

When we returned to bed Eugenia wanted to change the sheets but I just threw a dry towel over the damp spot and told her it could wait until morning.

The following morning I was awakened by the sound of a knife against chopping board coming from my kitchen. Shortly afterwards I was treated to the sight of a naked Eugenia holding two cups of coffee. She sat down beside me and nodded towards the bulge in the duvet.

“There’s no point in getting excited. We haven’t got time for a hand job or anything else this morning. I’ve got an early lecture today. Besides, I think we proved everything that needed proving last night.”

“Gen, what you said last night. I don’t really know how to respond. I’m still a bit mixed up. I mean I never knew.”

“You see what I mean she has conditioned you. You are a very clever man, that’s another turn on by the way, but when it comes to being attractive to women you just don’t see it. I’ve been attracted to you since we first started working together. “

“I fell in love with you when you went with me to get all my stuff out of the house I used to share with Neville. I thought I’d die when he threatened you but you just stood between us and told him to start acting his age and not his shoe size. He was so much bigger than you and really fit, but you stood up to him and he backed down.”

“He daren’t hit me. He’d have lost his job and never been able to work in education again if he’d been convicted of assault.”

“Nevertheless most men would have backed down, but not you. You ignored all the jibes and accusations, and told him to speak up if we took anything we weren’t entitled to.”

“Yeah but weren’t you surprised when he pointed to you and said, ‘Her, she’s my wife you’re not entitled to take her.’”

“That’s what clinched it when I heard your reply. My heart rose up in my chest and I knew I wanted you.”

“I don’t remember that bit, what was so special about what I said?”

“You just stopped, looked him straight in the eye and said –`No, she was your wife, she is not anymore. If you really consider a wife to be a possession like a car or a coffee table, you should never have got married.’ — I knew right away that you were the man I wanted. Intelligent, kind, loyal, brave, more than a little good looking, and a person who respects a woman in her own right. You’re a little bit overweight but I can fix that. The only real drawback was that you were already married.”

We went down for breakfast and I found out what all the chopping was about. Eugenia had prepared a fresh fruit salad, with Greek Yogurt. I looked at it with some surprise. She realised that I wasn’t used to that sort of start to the day.

“I told you, it would be healthy food from now on. Don’t worry eggs and bacon are not totally off the menu, but we are going to work on changing your diet,”

“Hmm! I’m quite happy with this but don’t expect me to start liking Corn Flakes.”

“Well why don’t you write me a list of what you don’t like and I’ll plan meals around that.”

We sat and enjoyed our breakfast. Once I added a slice of toast it was really quite good. As we drank our coffee I returned to the conversation we’d had in bed.

“So if Erica hadn’t left me, would you still be waiting?”

“I suppose so. I knew things weren’t right at home. You never said anything, but all those conversations we had about sex told me you weren’t getting what you wanted from your marriage. It was only a matter of time before the cracks split wide open.”

“And all that time I had no idea.”

“Why would you? I’m not a teenager, I didn’t go mooning around after you or anything.

She got up and cleared the dishes away. “Well one of us has to go to work, so I’d better be off.”

I reached out, took her hand and kissed it.

“Thanks Gen. Thank you for everything.”

She smiled at me, blew me a kiss and left.


The thought of aggravating my surgery wounds meant that our lovemaking tended to be mainly her riding me cowgirl or reverse. She wouldn’t risk me exerting myself or putting pressure on my chest. When time came to go back for my check up, she took the day off and came with me.

I endured a number of tests including the obligatory ECG. They stuck me on a treadmill for ten minutes then did all the tests again. All this before I even met the consultant. When I did get to see him he offered me his hand and I shook it.

“All going well then, Mr Johnson?”

“Yes thanks doc.”

“No more pains then? “

“No really I’ve been fine. I feel better than I have for a long time.”

“What about the other little problem, any improvement there?”

“The problems in the bedroom seem to be well and truly over.”

“Well I’m very glad to hear that. The results of your tests look very encouraging. We can leave it another two months before I see you again. In the mean time, I’ve made you an appointment at physiotherapy. They’ll work out an exercise regime for you, we need to make sure we don’t see you again for a while.”

I was relieved when the physio people didn’t recommend joining a gym. I couldn’t stand all that competitive muscle flexing. A rather nice young lady suggested I started off with a brisk walk every other day. Cycling and swimming were also recommended. I could see Eugenia eager to ask a question. When she asked it she managed to embarrass both me and the physiotherapist.

“What about sex?” She asked.

The poor girls face went bright red and she coughed.

“Well it’s good exercise.” She said as she recovered her composure. ” As long as it makes your heart work hard for five minutes or more.”

“Leave that to me. I’ll get his heart pumping.”

The girl smiled at her. “Yes, I’m sure you will.”

On the way out of the hospital Eugenia put her arm around my waist and pulled herself close to me.

“You see.” She said. “I’m going to be so good for you.”


Those weeks following my trip to the hospital were some of the happiest times of my life. Eugenia retrieved my car from the police compound and, following a letter from my doctor, I got my licence back. Having the car back was more of a comfort really, since I found myself leaving it in the garage far more often than I used to. I don’t know exactly when it happened but over the weeks I found myself watching the clock, waiting for Eugenia to come home. In the evenings we would go out for a walk instead of sitting in front of the TV. Saturday mornings we went swimming. It was one exercise I always enjoyed. Erica had always hated swimming, she was terrified of her head going under the water. I stopped going because like many things, it’s not much fun on your own. Eugenia was just the opposite, she wasn’t afraid of anything. She enjoyed being in the water and couldn’t wait to splash me anytime I came near. There was an added bonus to going swimming. Eugenia wore her bikini. I could see all the men in the pool following that arse with their eyes. It made me feel good for them to see she was with me. She, of course, was embarrassed about her small tits. She would come to me in the pool, lift her breasts and say.

“Are you sure I don’t need a boob job?”

My reply was always the same. “Gen you know I love your little tits. If you want a boob job, get one done, but do it because you really want it.”

After about a month of this she swam over to me and asked the same question about the boob job. I gave her the same answer. Then she surprised me.

“Do you really? Love them that is?”

“Yes Gen I really love them.”

“What about the rest of me do you love that?” I surprised myself with my answer.

“Yes Gen I really believe I do.”

She gave me the biggest smile and pulled herself up to kiss me. The lifeguard blew his whistle and pointed at us. Eugenia just laughed and pushed away from me while splashing me with water.

“You see I told you. I told you I’d make you love me.”

She was right. She’d really got under my skin. I realised why I couldn’t wait for her to get home. I felt better than I had in years. Her smile warmed me, her touch excited me, and the sex, the sex was fantastic. It had been so long I’d forgotten what it was like to be in love. But in that pool on that Saturday morning I knew that I was.

With my new love, my own personal college to occupy me and a new level of personal fitness, I was on top of the world. The boys would soon be home for the summer and I was busy getting the house ready for them. That Friday afternoon, I’d been doing a bit of decorating. I’d just finished off the gloss paint on the woodwork when I heard someone trying to open the front door. I got up, put the brush in some white spirit and went back to the door. She started cursing as I opened the door.

“Hi Ric what brings you here?”

“I live here, but what are you doing home.”

“I’m on sick leave, and to correct your statement. No you don’t live here. You used to live here. You walked out remember? Going on to find greener pastures, or harder penises wasn’t it?”

“If you’re just going to be crude I’ll come back later and let myself in.”

“Not with those keys you won’t. I’ve changed the locks.”

“You’ve done what? Why did you do that? I told you I’d be back.”

“And I told you if you walked out the door, you wouldn’t be coming back. It seemed easy enough to understand to me.”

“Kevin please, can’t we go inside and talk about this.”

I opened the door wide and she picked up her suitcase. I started to close the door.

“The case stays there. You can come in but you are not moving back in.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she came in. We walked through to the dining room and I offered her a seat. The coffee machine was gurgling away when I sat down.

“Now Erica what is it you wanted?”

“I’ve come home. The doctor was right my libido is starting to subside I can manage now.”

“Well that should be a real comfort to whoever you shack up with.”

The tears started to flow and black mascara ran down her cheeks. I realised for the first time that she had gone to a lot of trouble to look good for this meeting. I poured the coffee and brought her a cup and sat down again opposite her. She dried her eyes with a tissue.

“Why are you doing this Kevin? This is not like you. I hurt you, and I’m deeply sorry for that. If I’d been thinking straight I’d never have done it, but my hormones were in control. I love you, I know you love me. Can’t we just work on putting this behind us?”

“You’re wrong on both counts. You don’t love me, maybe you did once, but not for a long time. As for me loving you, I used to, I really did.” I unbuttoned my shirt to expose the scar on my chest. “They opened my heart up and all my love for you poured out.”

Her hand came up to her mouth. “What happened? Why did nobody tell me about it?”

“I told you what happened. They opened my heart up, pulled me back from the brink. I’m sure the hospital wanted to call you, but we had no idea where you were. If you’d tried ringing here I’d have told you. Face it Ric you were far too occupied riding that hard cock to worry about me.”

“No it wasn’t like that. I lost my phone, when I got another one all I got was that damned machine. Your mobile is always switched off, and all that girl on the college switchboard would say was that there was no reply to your extension..”

“And there was I thinking you just got distracted by a stiff dick.”

“Stop it Kevin, you make it sound so sordid. You might at least have told the boys, don’t you think they had a right to know you were ill.”

“Eugenia told them. Peter even came to see me in hospital.”

“So why didn’t they tell me. I’d have come if I’d known.”

“I asked them not to tell you unless you asked about me. I guess you never did.”

“I couldn’t. I didn’t want them to find out what I’d done.”

“Well they know I told Peter all about it and James called me to ask about it.”

“I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you told them everything. What about your little problem? Did you tell them about that?”

“I told them everything even your parting shot about me being a limp dicked excuse for a man.”

“No , No, They’ll hate me. How can I face them when they come home?”

“It won’t be a problem, you won’t be here.”

I heard a key in the lock and I got up and went into the hall. The door opened and Eugenia came in. She saw me standing by the dining room door and ran the length of the hall, jumped up, wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck. She planted kiss after kiss on my face and lips.

“I’ve missed you big boy, have you missed me?”

“Of course, but we’ve got to behave ourselves. We have a guest.”

She looked into the dining room. “That’s not a guest, that’s your wife.”

Erica sat with her mouth open, barely able to contain her amazement. Eugenia had slipped her legs down and stood hugging me when Erica found her voice.

“What the hell is she doing here and why does she have a key?”

“She lives here, which is more than I can say for you.”

Erica wasn’t about to give up. She looked Eugenia in the eye as she fired her opening salvo. “Well thanks for looking after him dear, but you can go home now. I’ll take it from here. You see Kevin has a little problem that he obviously hasn’t told you about. You should go back to your boyfriend, I’m sure he can look after you a lot better than Kevin.”

I felt Eugenia’s hand on my cock. It reacted immediately. By the time she pulled my zip down, it was bursting to get out. She pulled it free and wrapped her fingers around it.

“I think Kevin has all I need, thank you.”

That was the second time Erica was amazed. Eugenia just smiled at her.

“Well I guess some girls have it and some girls don’t.”

She put my dick away, pulled my head down and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m going up to get changed. I’ll leave you to deal with things down here.” With that Eugenia turned and ran up the stairs.

Erica’s face wore a surprised expression. “Am I missing something here? How come you can get it up for her when you couldn’t manage it for me?”

“When I had my heart attack, they asked me about it, Apparently E.D can be a symptom. If I’d gone to the doctor before taking Viagra they would have found out about my heart problems and I might have got away with less invasive surgery.”

“So now you’re saying it’s all my fault.”

“Of course not. I’m a big boy, I could have sought help at any time. Maybe I was frightened that I might find out it was permanent. You certainly didn’t encourage me to find out what was causing the problem but you didn’t stop me.”

“Are you completely cured now?”

“I’m recovering, but in the trouser department things are better that I can remember.”

“And what about that flat chested little tart? You’re surely not sleeping with her?” She seemed to be thrusting her chest forward as she spoke.

“Eugenia’s chest may not be as big as yours, but her heart’s bigger than yours has ever been. She really loves me, and yes we are sleeping together. So you see there is no place for you here.”

“But I love you Kevin. Can’t we go back to the way we were? I can be a better wife really I can.”

“It’s too late for that Ric. You couldn’t possibly love me and do the things you did. Why don’t you go back to Mr Stiffdick and let him keep you happy.”

This brought on another bout of crying. This time really deep sobs and masses of tears. I got her some tissues and as the sobs subsided she dried her eyes.

“Now what’s wrong?” I asked. “Surely Stiffdick would be happy for his fuck buddy to come back.”

Erica sat shaking her head. “I can’t go back, his wife’s coming home.”

“So he’s a married man. What possessed you Ric? What possessed you to shack up with a married man while his wife is away?”

She started sobbing again. “I didn’t know. He told me she’d left him but now I know she’s in New York on a work placement. She comes home on Wednesday. I’ve been so stupid, and now I’ve lost everything.”

“Not quite everything. It seems you have a secret bank account. Oh yes I found that when I was separating our finances. What was it five thousand pounds squirreled away and only you can touch it.”

It was Erica’s day for surprises. She hadn’t imagined that I’d have separated our finances, let alone discovered her secret stash.

“I was saving for our twenty-fifth anniversary. I wanted to take you away for a holiday of a life time.”

“Well that’s never going to happen now, so perhaps you should use some of that as a deposit for a flat. You’ve got a good job so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding somewhere.”

“Ah well that’s another problem, I lost my job. One of the trustees came in and caught us doing it in my office. They considered it serious misconduct and I was sacked. The fact that Ron was one of our parents made it worse.”

“My god Ric, It’s supposed to be us men who do their thinking with the little head. You’ve certainly been doing yours with your pussy.”

“So let me get this straight. You’ve lost your job, and Stiffdick’s thrown you out, so you decide to come back to me.”

“No, I planned to come back so I’d be here for the boys when they come home.”

“Well that’s not going to happen now.”

“Why not? Don’t do that to me Kevin they’re my boys, you can’t stop me seeing them.”

“I’m not trying to stop you seeing them. You can see them any time you like, just not here. There’s no room for you. You made your choice Ric and you ran out to be with Stiffdick.”

“But this is my home too. You can’t throw me out.”

“I didn’t throw you out you walked out of your own accord. Now there’s simply no room for you or at least there won’t be in a week.”

“But I’ve got nowhere to go.”

I thought for a minute. I couldn’t really throw her out on the street? How could I face James and Peter if I did? Clearly I had to do something.

“I’ll tell you what Ric you can stay for six days. You can sleep in Peter’s room. In that six days you will find somewhere to live. And move out. Once you’ve got somewhere to stay the boys can come and see you whenever they want.”

A look of relief spread across her face and I even saw the start of a smile. That disappeared with my next sentence.

“At no time will you be given a set of keys. If you go out and there is no one here when you get back, you will have to wait until we return. Is that OK?”

“I suppose it will have to be.”

Eugenia reappeared in jeans and tee shirt. The jeans were so tight they looked as if they had been painted on. The crack in that beautiful arse was obvious.

“OK, how many for dinner?”

I told her what I had offered Erica, but I needn’t have bothered she’d already heard most of it. She set about making a delicious Moussaka. Even Erica complimented her on her cooking. After dinner I took Erica’s bag up to Peter’s room and left her to unpack. With our normal routine disrupted, Eugenia and I snuggled up on the sofa to watch TV. Erica came down, but after a short while decided to go to her room. As soon as she left Eugenia started kissing me then whispered in my ear.

“I’ve got something special planned for tonight.”

“And just what would that be?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

“Would this something special take place in the bedroom?”

“Well that might be the most comfortable place, but we could do it anywhere.”

“Hmm, I think I like the sound of the bedroom best.”

I took her by the hand and led her upstairs. To my surprise when she went into the bathroom she locked me out. I heard the shower running and waited. She came out naked, slapping my arm as I tried to kiss her.

“Get yourself in there and come out smelling nice for me.”

I came out of the bathroom to find her on the bed on all fours with that gorgeous arse facing me. I walked over to the bed and started running my hands over her back then wrapped my arms around her squeezing her lovely little tits. As I did so her arse wiggled grinding back at me.

“Come on big boy, take me.”

“I rubbed my dick up and down over her slit. Holding it up to her tight little pussy, I started to push.

“No, not there, that’s not your special treat. You keep telling me how much you love my arse, now I’m offering it to you. I’m all lubed up and ready, now fuck me Kevin, fuck my arse.”

I moved my cock up to line up with her tight little anus. She started to push back against me and I got the impression that she’d done this before. I took it gently but soon her rectal muscles clenched, pulling me further in. I found myself pushed tight against her arse.

“Hold on a moment, let me get used to it.” I stopped moving and she squirmed, moving gently around while my cock was deep in her. She eased herself forward.

“Now fuck me Kevin fuck my arse.”

Eugenia was always vocal when love making but that night she excelled herself. As I worked my cock in and out of her arse loud groans started. I reached forward and started pinching her nipples and the moans got louder. With my other hand I reached down and started stroking her clitoris. The moans became almost screams as her orgasm started. All of as sudden she screamed out.

“Oh Yes Kevin, fuck my arse, fuck my arse, fuck my arse. Argh, Ohh, Ohh Yes.”

No Greek tonight, just very loud English. She was still screaming as my sperm filled her anus. I was still pumping away as her arms gave way and we both fell forward. I thumped down on her forcing my cock even deeper. Eugenia let out a loud scream. And I started to pull out of her.

“No don’t, just lie there, I love that feeling. I feel so full.”

I lay on top of her as I gradually softened inside her. I was conscious that my weight was becoming uncomfortable for her. I got off and fell over onto my back. Eugenia pushed herself up and started kissing my chest.

“That was special wasn’t it.”

“Yes it was very special. I think you must have done that before.”

She gave me a devilish grin. “Of course I have. It is called Greek sex after all.”

I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her to my chest.

We went back into the bathroom and got cleaned up, before we went back to bed. As we lie in each other’s arms she voiced her fears.

“Kevin, we are still OK, aren’t we? Now she’s back I mean.”

“Relax, we’re fine.”

“I would understand, if you wanted her back. You’ve loved her for more than twenty years, there must be something left.”

“I don’t want her back. I can’t see her out on the street, but I don’t want her back. There are two women in my house tonight, but you are the one in my bed and that’s the way I want it to stay.”

She kissed me again. “I do love you. Forgive me for feeling insecure.”

I hugged her. “What’s to forgive? Just make sure you are always here and I’ll be a happy man.”

“I’ll be here as long as you want me.”

Sometime later we drifted off to sleep.


The following morning I woke to find Eugenia moving her slight frame up and down on my morning erection. She was already well into it and her moans were already getting loud. She’d given herself one orgasm before I was completely awake. As the second one came upon her I was thrusting my hips up to meet her falling pussy. In a round of Sharapova grunts she came with a vengeance and collapsed onto my chest.

“I really don’t need to get a boob job do I?”

I smiled and hugged her head to my chest. “The next time you see me looking at a big pair of tits, remind yourself that you’re my number one. You once said to me, a man is more than a dick on legs, well a woman is more than a pair of tits and a pussy. It’s the whole of you that I love and none of it needs changing.”

I felt rather than saw the smile come to her face as in a whisper she said. “And I do have a killer arse don’t I?”

“Yes you do, and after last night I’ll worship it even more.”

“Not too much I hope. I do like it but I wouldn’t want it there exclusively.”

“Don’t worry, little Kev’s far too much of a gentleman to come in where he’s not wanted.”

She slapped my chest and started to get off me. My softening cock plopped out of her and she sat on the bed looking at it for a moment before taking the whole thing into her mouth. She sucked on it and ran her tongue over the tip picking up the small amount of semen still oozing out. She pulled her head off and licked her lips.

“I love the taste of us.” She got up and put on her short silk robe. “I’m going down to make the coffee and start breakfast. Don’t be long.”

I went into the bathroom for my usual morning ablutions. As I stepped out of the shower raised voices came up from the kitchen. I opened the bathroom door to find out what was being said. It wasn’t clear enough to follow so I moved to the top of the stairs.

“You’re wasting your time.” Erica said, “He loves me. He has twenty years invested in me and we have two sons. He won’t be able to turn his back on that.”

“Why not? You did.”

Ouch! I said to myself as I heard that. Eugenia really knew how to hit where it hurt most.

“That was just a blip. He’ll forgive me in time, and when he does you’ll be history.”

“What makes you think he can forgive you? You turned your back on him when he needed you most.”

“He’ll forgive me, because he loves me.”

“Well if he loves you so much, why is it me that has the taste of him in my mouth and his cum running down my leg?”

I’d reached the bottom of the stairs when I heard the slap. As I walked, still dripping, to the kitchen Erica came rushing out. I grabbed at her arm.

“What the hell is going on.”

She said nothing, just pulled her arm free and ran up stairs. I walked, wet and naked into the kitchen to find Eugenia rubbing her cheek. She had tears welling up as she came to me.

“Is it true what she said? Will you forgive her and take her back.”

“Yes and No.”

“What kind of answer is that?”

I held her to me, making her robe wet as I did so. I lifted her chin and kissed her gently. “I’m pretty angry with her right now, but I know that over time that will subside. So yes, I may forgive her. Hate is such a negative emotion. However, don’t confuse forgiving with forgetting. I will never forget what she did, and that means there is no going back. I gave her a week and that’s all she’s getting.” I ran my hand down between her legs where a gooey mess was drying out. “Now what’s this down here?”

“It’s your cum leaking out.”

“Why don’t you come back up to the bathroom with me? You can get cleaned up while I dry off.”

I dried off and left Eugenia in the shower while I got dressed. When I got back to the kitchen Erica was there looking for the frying pan. I put the coffee on to brew.

“If you want bacon and egg you are very welcome. Eugenia and I will have fruit, yoghurt and toast.”

She stopped and then put the pan away. “I don’t believe it. You’ve never turned down a fried breakfast before.”

“Yeah, well a lot of things have changed. I rather like the idea of staying alive.”

“Look, I’m sorry about earlier. I was a bit touchy after your performance last night. You really didn’t have to rub my nose in it.”

“I really don’t know what you mean.”

“Of course you do. All of that screaming last night. You are not telling me it’s normal.”

“Eugenia is quite vocal but perhaps last night she was a bit louder than normal, but that is beside the point. Your behaviour this morning was outrageous and I will not tolerate it. No matter how noisy she gets, if you so much as raise a hand to her again your feet will not touch the ground on the way out of that door. While you are living in this house you will treat her with respect.”

“She’s not right for you Kevin. She’s what? Thirty? She’ll want a family, and you can’t give her that.”

“She knows all about that, and if we decide we want a family then I’ll get the vasectomy reversed”

Eugenia returned and we had a very quiet breakfast, after which I reminded Erica that she had some house hunting to do.

“You can’t do this Kevin. This house is as much mine as it is yours, you can’t throw me out.”

“You want half the house? Divorce me. It’s no problem. I had a financial audit done as soon as I got out of hospital. That’s how I found out about your secret account. You can have half of what we were worth at that point. All you have to do is divorce me.”

“I can’t do that. I don’t believe in divorce. Till death us do part, that’s what we promised.”

“You also promised to keep yourself only unto me. You didn’t have much problem with that one. If you want a divorce settlement, there has to be a divorce. I’m certainly not paying for it. You’ll have to go against your so called principles.”

“Please don’t do this to me Kevin.”

“My mind’s made up. You want your half, divorce me. In the mean time you need somewhere to live.”


Of course she didn’t just go out and find a flat. We got as far as Wednesday and she still hadn’t found anywhere. Everything offered was too expensive, too far out of town or just not suitable. She was stalling, trying to find a reason to be living in the house when the boys came home. I wasn’t surprised, so on Wednesday afternoon we looked at a flat that was definitely within her price range.

She told me she liked it but couldn’t possibly afford the deposit and to furnish the flat. I kept from her the fact that it was Eugenia’s flat that we’d decided to rent out. As fast as Erica invented reasons to turn it down I changed the game. I’d get on the phone to Eugenia and pretend to negotiate. In the end we even threw in some of the furniture, including Eugenia’s bed. On Thursday evening we moved Erica’s stuff into Eugenia’s old flat.

Peter arrived home first on Friday afternoon. He gave me a hug as he came through the door then gave Eugenia a peck on the cheek.

“Have you heard from mum?”

“Yes, she was sleeping in your room up until yesterday.”

“She came home? After what she did to you, she just came back?”

“Yep and expected me to behave as if nothing had happened. She didn’t think I’d tell you. She expected me to act as if everything was normal.”

“You know Dad, I find it hard to believe she is the same woman that brought me up. How could she have changed so much.”

“She hasn’t changed where you’re concerned. Her world still revolves around you and James. It’s me she has a problem with. If I’m honest about it, my wants and needs haven’t mattered to her for years. I failed to see it. I started out giving way to her because I loved her so much. Later I did it to guarantee a quiet life. I didn’t want you growing up with parents fighting, so I let things ride, let her have her own way. I realise now that I was slowly destroying what little respect she had for me.”

Peter hugged me again. I saw tears in his eyes. “I’m so proud of you Dad, we both are, James and I. You got it so wrong though. We saw what was happening, we wanted you to dig your heels in and get what you wanted for a change, but you never did.”

“I was an addict, I loved her and you boys so much, I would have given up anything to keep what I had. Like an addict I had to reach rock bottom to force me to change. I certainly did reach it, and once there, the only way back was without your mother.”

James came home the following day. I’d expected a phone call to ask me to pick him up from the station. This time a pretty young girl in an old Vauxhall Nova dropped him off. I opened the door and greeted him with a hug. His first words surprised me.

Eugenia came out to greet him. She stood on tip toes and just managed to kiss his cheek.

“Hello James, it’s so nice to meet you at last.”

James stepped back from her. “So you must be the Greek floozy mum told me about.”

“JAMES.” I yelled.”You seem to have forgotten your manners. I suggest you go back and get them.”

He turned to me and slowly a smile spread across his face. “Sorry Dad, Mum called me last night and told me you’d thrown her out and replaced her with some Greek floozy. According to her your heart attack was something and nothing, definitely nothing to worry about. I couldn’t resist a bit of a wind up.”

He held Eugenia and kissed her cheek. “Hello Eugenia, I’m really pleased to meet you at last. Thank you so much for looking after my dad.”

He looked back at me and studied my face.” It wasn’t funny was it? Sorry Dad.”

“No! It wasn’t funny James, but it does lead me into something. I want you both to go and see your mother. You may not agree with what she’s done recently but she’s still your mother. For twenty years she’s done a damned good job of bringing you up.”

They spent the first week with me before starting their summer jobs. I know they visited their mother at least once.

As soon as they started work I didn’t see a lot of them. Most nights they went out but they did assure me that they both saw Erica once a week. Eugenia and I took a little holiday. Three weeks in Cyprus, of course. I got to meet all the family and I mean all of the family, uncles and aunts, grandparents and cousins. They held two parties in our honour and I had to learn to dance. Eugenia had a great time once she managed to stop the family badgering me about marriage.

At the farewell party, her father and brother took me aside. With both men slapping me on the back, The sudden change in the conversation took me by surprise.

“I love you Kevin.”Her father told me. “I love you like my own son. Iannis, he love you like a brother. My Eugenia, she love you with a passion you British will never understand. But I tell you this, you hurt my little girl and I will kill you. This is so Iannis, yes?”

Iannis nodded his head. “Oh yes, we kill you, but not now.”

“What about Neville?” I asked. “He hurt her.”

“I tell you this, if he ever comes to Cyprus we kill him.” her father said, “My brother works in airport security. If he comes here I will be told.”

Iannis agreed. “If we go to England we will find him and kill him.” He slapped me on the back again. “We talk of this no more. Now we dance, come, come.”

The bouzouki band started to play a tune that I only know as `Zorba the Greek’ and we returned to the dance floor. With arms on each other’s shoulders we danced. One by one all the other men joined in.

That night, in bed, I mentioned the threats to Eugenia. She laughed. “He doesn’t really mean he will kill you, it is a figure of speech here. When a Cypriot say he will kill you he means he is very angry with you. If everyone who said that killed someone we’d have no one left alive.”

I drew a little comfort from that but I still felt relief when we got on the plane home.

When term started in September, the doctors passed me as fit to return to work. Eugenia and I turning up together raised a few eyebrows, but apart from that nothing much had changed. Peter and James returned to university in October. The house became quiet, apart from the noise of our lovemaking. Throughout the summer break Erica barely crossed my mind at all, so it came as a surprise when she called me.

“What’s the problem Erica?” I asked

“No problem. I wanted to talk to you for a while. I’ve got a job.”

“Well that’s good news, what will you be doing?”

“The same as before, running a kindergarten.”

“So what do you want from me? Do you want a reference or something?”

“No Kevin, nothing like that, the job is in Taunton. I’ll be moving in with my sister until I get back on my feet. I was wondering if you would be good enough to drive me to the station?”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather take a taxi. I’ll pay if you’re a bit short.”

“No! Really, I’d like you to drive me if you can. It will give us a chance to talk one last time.”

“Okay When is it? I can do Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon.”

“Right, I’ll make it Tuesday morning. Thank you Kevin.”

Eugenia was convinced that Erica had an ulterior motive. I wanted her out of my life. I hoped she wanted to talk about divorce, but maybe that was too much to hope for.

The weekend flashed by and in no time it was Tuesday morning and I was parked outside of Erica’s flat. She came out to meet me, and invited me in for a coffee. We sat for a while and before she started to talk.

“I’ve been a selfish bitch haven’t I.”

“You’ll get no denials from me on that score.”

“Same old Kevin. Don’t sugar coat things just give it to me straight.”

“Well you did ask.”

“Yes I did. –Tell me Kevin, are you happy? Does she make you happy?”

“Yes she does. She really cares about what I want. We don’t fight for control all the time.”

“Is that how you saw our relationship?”

“Not at the time, but lying in hospital, I had plenty of time to think, so yes that’s how I see it now. Why, don’t you?”

“At the time I didn’t but I understand now. I always loved you Kev, but somewhere along the way I lost respect for you. Every time there was any conflict you backed down. I complained about your music, you stopped playing it. I refused to go with you to bike meetings and you stopped going.”

“Come off it Ric, you did more than complain about my music. You walked into the room and switched it off. When I argued about that you would start with `What on earth is that awful noise? The neighbours will think you’re killing me.’ You came at me with all guns blazing. I didn’t’ want the boys to see us arguing so I gave in, it didn’t seem that important. When it comes to the bike racing, you know it was more than just you not wanting to go. I remember all the emotional blackmail, telling me how the boys needed shoes while I was having fun going to race meetings. You told me I was always too busy to spend time at home but could wangle a weekend off to go bike racing. I worked long hours to give you the things you said you needed. I stopped going to races because to be quite honest it was a choice between that and giving up on my family, and I couldn’t stand the thought of losing my boys.”

“Looking back on it, I wish I hadn’t given up doing the things you didn’t like. With everything I gave up, a little piece of Kevin Johnson died. I wasn’t me anymore, I was just your husband, doing whatever you wanted to do. I actually enjoyed being at work. At least there I felt important. Colleagues respected me, my students looked up to me and twenty year old girls flirted with me. At home I was completely under your control but it didn’t make any difference, in fact it got worse even when you got your own way all the time.”

I watched as the tears rolled down her face. She was silent for a while, then dried her eyes and looked at me.

“I’m sorry Kevin, I can’t tell you why I did those things. I suppose it was because of mum and dad, they always had a stormy relationship. I suppose I thought it was normal. Mum would provoke dad they would fight and a couple of days later they would make up. When I provoked you, you just went quiet and kept it inside. I started to look upon you as some sort of wimp. Even my father fought back more than you.”

“As I recall he walked out on your mother when you were twelve. Didn’t that teach you anything? If that’s your idea of what a marriage should be like, I wish you’d told me at the start. We could both have avoided a lot of heartache. I’ll tell you now Ric, at the point when your sex drive went mad, I was all set to chuck it in. If we made love once a month it would have been unusual and even that was only if you’d had a drink or two. You didn’t even like me touching you.

Do you have any idea what that does to a man, constantly coping with the rejection. We were so far apart and I only saw it getting worse, but I stood by you. I thought that when we were on our own it would either get better or we’d have to call it quits. All that changed when you suddenly started being affectionate again. I really thought there was some hope for us. I soon found out it was all about you again. You wanted sex, I was just the most convenient source. “

She was sobbing again and I sat quietly while she got some control back. Eventually she managed to get a few words out. “I’m sorry Kevin, I really am. I didn’t realise how bad things were until I looked back on the way I treated you. When things started to go wrong for you, I should have made sure that you saw a doctor. I was too caught up with my own needs to see what it meant for you. I looked for instant relief and gave you the Viagra. My God, I could have killed you.”

“I don’t blame you for being angry with me, The things I did and said to you. Were unforgivable. I don’t know what came over me. I really thought I could do anything I pleased and you would just accept it.”

I looked at my watch. “What time is your train? Shouldn’t we be making a move?”

“The Exeter express gets to the station at 11:15am. I need to be there by then. I’ll get my bag and we can go.”

I carried her bag down to the car. It seemed a bit on the light side. As I walked past her car another question came to me.

“What’s with the going by train? Why don’t you drive and take all your stuff with you?”

“You know I don’t like driving long distances. Besides, parking is almost impossible in Taunton and Julie’s house is only a stone’s throw from the kindergarten. I’ve offered the car to James, if he wants it. If not, perhaps you could sell it for me.”

I nodded acceptance and got into the car. As she got in Erica smiled at me, such a warm loving smile it knocked me back a bit.

“I didn’t need to ask. I can see she makes you happy. You’ve got that sparkle back. The sparkle in your eyes, you had when I fell in love with you. I wondered what had happened to it. I guess over the years I just ground it out of you. I’m glad it’s back.”

The rush hour traffic had thinned out significantly and I got her to the station in no time at all. I found a space in short term parking and we sat in the car just looking at each other.

“It really is too late for us isn’t it Kevin?”

“Yes it is, this time you went too far. There’s no way back. Why don’t you just divorce me and get it over with?”

She stroked my cheek. “I can’t do that Kevin my love. Till death us do part I vowed and I’m not breaking any more. I’ll always be your wife, even if you divorce me.”

I shook my head as I got out of the car and grabbed her bag. We walked arm in arm into the station and out onto the platform.

“There’s no need to wait. You’ll need to get back to work.”

I nodded and turned to leave but she grabbed my arm. “Tell the boys, I love them.”

“Tell em yourself, Taunton’s not that far away.”

“No more pretence Kevin. They only come to see me because you send them.”

“Give them time. They’ll come round.”

She reached up put a hand round my neck, pulled my head down and kissed me with a passion I’d forgotten she possessed. As we broke the kiss she whispered to me.

“I love you Kevin Johnson and I will release you. Now go before I burst into tears.”

Water was welling up in my eyes as I turned and walked away. You don’t walk away from over twenty years without some sadness. I got in the car and without hesitation, started the engine and drove away. I’d just parked in the college car park when my phone rang. It was Eugenia and I answered immediately.

“Has she gone?”

“Well I guess so, I left her on the platform waiting for the Exeter express. She should be well on her way by now.”

“I doubt it. The express doesn’t stop at Braunceston Junction, and it doesn’t go to Taunton. Are you sure that was the train she was catching.”

“Well that’s the one she said she was waiting for—oh my god.”

“What is it Kevin? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t talk now Gen. I’ve got to get back to the station.”

I threw the phone down, started the car and with a squeal of tyres left the car park. I’m surprised I didn’t get arrested for my driving as I made my way back to the station. I broke the speed limit and ran red lights, anything to get me there quicker. As soon as I reached the entrance I could see I was too late. The forecourt was filled with police cars and an ambulance. I left my car in the forecourt and ran to the entrance. The mesh gates were closed and locked. After some minutes of my rattling the gates and yelling, a police officer came to speak to me.

“Give her all you’ve got Mr. Scott,” Captain James T. Kick yelled into the intercom from the bridge of the Starship, Enterprise.

“Aye Captain, I’m giving her every inch I have right now,” Mr. Scott yelled back as the view screen on the bridge switched to the engine room. A young female technician was bent over a console with Mr. Scott’s knobby dick flying in and out of her drooling pussy. Her big breasts swung to and fro from the assault. The slapping of his hips on her round ass sounding loud over the speakers.

“What the fuck?” Kirk asked.

The elevator doors opened behind Kirk and Bones stepped out with his big boner in his hand. “What can I do to help, Jim?” he asked quickly.

“I could use some ass-istance,” Mr. Spock said from the Information console.

Bones and Kirk looked that way. Lt. Uhura was kneeling in front of Spock with his long shalong jammed down her throat. The skirt of her uniform was up over her back, her white panties down around her knees, her dark rounded ass bared to both their eyes.

Bones turned and dropped to his knees. “Ass-istance is my specialty,” he said as he rammed his hips forward to impale Uhura on his boner.

Uhura’s head came up and she yelled. “For a doctor you sure don’t know an asshole from a hole in the ground.”

Bones jerked his hips back and rammed them forward again. Uhura’s eyes got as big as saucers as his big dick nailed her right up the ass. “Fuck!” she yelled.

“That was the general idea,” Bones said sarcastically. “I’m the doctor around here and a little lubrication was called for.”

“Lt. Uhura, please pay attention and not talk with your mouth full,” Spock said as he pushed her head down and jammed his long shalong back down her throat.

Uhura groaned loudly and bobbed her head in time with the big boner running in and out of her tight ass. She was the chocolate center in a reverse Oreo.

Kirk looked at them and then looked around at the view screen. Mr. Scott was still pounding away at the Technician. “Has this whole ship gone to the dogs?”

Mr. Sulu stood up, dropped his pants, and bent over the flight console. “I love it doggy style,” he whimpered as he wiggled his ass invitingly.

“What? You’re gay?” Kirk asked loudly.

Mr. Chekov, jumped to his feet, jerked out his long thin dick and stepped over behind Sulu. “I seen it first, Captain” Chekov yelled as he rammed his dick up Sulu’s ass.

Sulu’s eyes went wide and then he cooed, “Spank that ass. Make it go at warp speed.”

Kirk jumped to his feet. “Has everyone gone mad?” He yelled.

Electrical sparks flew around the room. Panels sparked and arched, small fires broke out. Kirk was the center of the energy field for a second and then there was a big puff of smoke. As the smoke cleared, Kirk stood there with a wide-eyed expression on his face and a baseball bat sized dick sticking out the front of his ripped uniform.

He lunged sideways and grabbed yeoman Colt. He lifted her up in the air and jammed her down, impaling her on the bat-sized dick. Her eyes were incredibly wide and her mouth open in a silent scream. The dick had ripped right through her cotton panties and was jammed halfway up to her throat. She stuck out her tongue expecting to see a dick instead.

“FUCK YOU ALL,” Kirk screamed as he rammed the yeoman up and down on the massive dick.


Gene Roddenberry looked away from the screen and asked his assistant. “Where did you find the fucking writer for this episode?”

“Uh, an internet site called Literotica. You said you wanted to spice things up.”

Roddenberry frowned and said, “Two things. Never go near that site again and for Gods sake don’t ever let my daughter find out about it.”

A few seconds later, Roddenberry groaned deeply and sat up straighter in his chair, his eyes open wide, his mouth open in a perfect circle.

“Uh, to late sir, I think she found the incest section.”

“No shit!” Roddenberry said with a loud gasp as the head in his lap started to bob up and down.

“I wonder if she is going to use a stunt double when he comes his brains out?” The assistant asked as he stood up to leave the screening room.


“Was it too over the top?” The writer asked as the assistance stepped out.

The assistant grinned. “Tex, you might say that but for my money it was right on. Just don’t look for a check in the mail anytime soon.”

“Rats!” Tex said as he jammed his hands in his pockets and walked off down the hall playing pocket pool.

Cherry Valentine was now a dick whisperer. Dick Whisperer sounded much better than what she had been called in high school, which was slut. In some ways, it amounted to the same thing but now she had a diploma from Mark and Madison’s School for Dick Whisperers.

Mark had been so helpful when she answered his ad on the Internet and Madison had even offered her an advanced course in Pussy Whispering absolutely free at their first meeting. Of course, Cherry had to pass the oral exam first and demonstrate her tongue fluttering technique to qualify.

After Madison’s third orgasm in twenty minutes, Cherry was accepted with honors. It was another ten minutes before Madison could even sit up. At which point, she groggily wandered off to bed muttering to herself.

“Is she alright?” Cherry asked Mark with concern in her voice.

“Oh yeah, she’s just peachy keen. I don’t think she expected such an excellent and advanced student.”

Cherry beamed at such high praise and from the head instructor of the school.

Speaking of head, that was the first of the many courses Cherry, took. Not to mention refresher courses, oral pop quizzes, and some very deep, and detailed cramming sessions in all course work. Overall, it was a very tiring and rigorous line of study. Mark even brought in four other guys to help him with the teaching after he found out she was such a good student.

Penile oral inflation and stimulation, better know in the vernacular as cock sucking 101, had been a breeze and she had even gotten through deep throat 101 and 102 easily. Skull fucking 101 had been hard and fast but she ended up swallowing the whole thing so she had passed with flying colors.


On the third day of classes, Mark decided that he might have bitten off more than he could chew with this student.

Cherry, who was on her knees as Mark stumbled over and flopped down in an old overstuffed chair, only heard the part about chewing and said, “I never chew. Well, not since my second boyfriend smacked me in the back of the head and told me not to, anyway. Although there was this one football player that liked for me to scrape my teeth over the head as I took it out of my mouth.”

Mark groaned softly, his shaky legs falling open. With a grin, Cherry knee walked over between his knees and leaned over to lick at his soft dick. When it did not twitch, she sucked the head into her hot little mouth.

After a few minutes and it didn’t start to harden, she let it slip out of her mouth with one last deep slurp. Looking up at Mark, she pouted and said, “I think I broke it.”

Mark nodded and mumbled about getting some help.

From the recliner across the room, Madison said, “Don’t look at me. One more orgasm and my clit will explode. I’ve had more orgasms in the last three days than I’ve had in the last three years.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, my dear,” Mark said sarcastically.

Madison only grunted as she got up from the recliner and wandered off down the hall toward the master bedroom. She paused at the door and turned around. “Call those lazy buddies of yours and be sure and charge them twenty, no, fifty bucks a piece. There are overhead expenses, you know, for running the school.”

Mark nodded and reached for his cell phone. Then he thought better of it and turned to Cherry. “I think we’ll call it a night early. I wouldn’t want you to get a strain or anything. Be here at eight tomorrow night and we’ll have a refresher course in what you’ve learned so far.”


At eight on the dot, Cherry rang Marks doorbell. Entering the living room, she faltered a step and then grinned. A cardboard wall had been erected at the end of the room that opened onto the dinning room. Four dicks with their associated balls hung through holes in the cardboard.

“Oh yeah, I love glory holes,” she whispered loud enough for Mark to hear.

“It figures,” Mark replied as he glanced at his wife in her recliner.

Madison grinned back at him and winked. “I’m kind of tempted myself, in a kinky sort of way. I know all four of those guys but wouldn’t touch any of them normally, but this way adds so much mystery.”

“Exactly,” Cherry said. “You get to suck a dick and have all the fun without ever having to know who it is on the other side of the wall. It makes my pussy all wet just thinking about it.”

“Not all the fun,” someone said from behind the wall with a laugh.

Cherry sat her purse down and slipped off her coat. Her hard nipples were trying to poke hole in the thin see through blouse she wore. Mark and Madison both licked their lips. Cherry did not notice as her eyes were on the four semi hard dicks hanging out of the thin wall.

She went toward the wall and then went to her knees a few feet from it. The first dick was black, thick, and a nice length for being only semi hard. The next one was brown and short but really thick. She wondered if it would lengthen out or keep its girth. She loved thick over long, although the two together were the best.

The third was white. It was neither thick nor long. It looked ordinary. The fourth was also white but it was very long and very thin. Cherry shivered as she imagined it slowly sliding up her tight little asshole.

“Where to start, now there is the question,” Cherry whispered as she looked around at Mark.

“That’s up to you,” Mark said and then added, “We’re here to grade you and to observe.”

Madison moved out of her recliner and went to her knees in front of her husband. She unzipped his pants and hauled his dick and balls out. She let go of his dick after looking at it closely. Then she turned and studied the dicks hanging out of the wall.

Mark and Cherry were both watching her closely. With a grin, Cherry asked, “Well?”

Madison looked at Cherry and then up at Mark. “So far I have the best of the bunch.”

Cherry shrugged and point to the black and brown dicks. “These two have possibilities and that one on the far end is an ass fucker if I ever saw one.

Madison eyed the three dicks in question and nodded. “Very good observations. Why don’t you start with the one you didn’t say anything about?”

Cherry nodded and moved over in front of the dick she had called ordinary. She flicked the end of her tongue against the tip and it jerked upward. It did not come down as far as it had been. When she touched the end of her tongue to the shaft, it jerked again. As it settled back, she licked the top third of the shaft and swirled her tongue around the spongy head.

As she licked and teased the shaft and head, the dick got harder and harder. It grew in length and got a little fatter. When it was standing up to the point of touching the cardboard, Cherry pulled it down with her hand and sucked on the head. There was a loud moan from behind the thin wall.

At the sound of the moan, Cherry swallowed the dick whole. There was an even louder moan and it continued as Cherry bobbed her head up and down, using her tongue to tickle and tease the shaft as she did. A few minutes later, Cherry moaned around the dick in her mouth, her hips jerking as she came right along with the guy behind the screen. She continued to suck but now it was just the head as she milked the shaft with her hand to get the very last drop.

Cherry released the dick and sat back on her heels. She looked around at Mark and grinned. “One down,” she told him.

Mark nodded but did not say anything. Madison had his dick in her mouth and was slowly moving her head up and down.

Cherry watched Madison for a moment and then looked up at Mark. “Am I supposed to suck them all off or can I do other stuff? I sure would like to take advantage of the ones on each end.”

Mark groaned and then made a soft sound of frustration as Madison took his dick out of her mouth. Looking at Cherry, Madison said, “Why don’t you do just that. In fact, I insist. I’d love to see how you handle three dicks at one time.”

Cherry turned back to the cardboard wall to find only three dicks. The ones on the end were standing tall, really tall. The brown thick one was also fully hard but it had not gained any length to speak of. Cherry leaned over and sucked the thick one into her mouth. She groaned, as did the guy behind the cardboard. He was a mouthful to say the least.

She raised her head and popped him out of her mouth, literally. She flexed her jaw a few times to loosen up the knotted muscles at each side. He was a jawbreaker for sure. Moving sideways, she licked the long black shaft from the base to the head. Two more licks and she got a soft deep groan from behind the wall. Encouraged, she wrapped her fingers around the base of it and swirled her tongue around the head.

The groan she got for that was louder and more forceful so she sucked on the large head. It wasn’t as big around as the brown one but it was filling and very tasty. It would stretch her little pussy so good. Her tongue was working magic on the spongy head as she sucked and bobbed her head slightly.

“Oh damn!” Came from behind the wall in a deep resonate voice.

His dick came out of her mouth with a slurping sound. As she knee walked to the other end of the wall, she heard. “Damn that girl can suck a dick.”

She grinned and replied, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

The long thin dick was standing up tall and proud. She used the whole width of her tongue to lick it from the very base to the small pointed head. She covered it from side to side and from the bottom to the top. Finally she pulled it down and sucked on the head. There was a soft groan from behind the wall.

Cherry looked at the dick for a second as she wondered just how much she could swallow. Then she tried to swallow it all. She got two thirds down easily but had to come up for air when it slipped into her throat unexpectedly. She took a deep breath and dropped her mouth over it as she moved her hand out of the way. It rammed down her throat like she was a sword swallower.

When she moaned loudly, the guy behind the wall yelled, “Holy shit.”

She lifted her head and turned to look at Mark and Madison. Mark was sprawled out in his chair and Madison was trying to grin and lick her lips at the same time. Seeing Cherry looking her way, she said, “That’s two down and three to go. Do you really think you can take them all at one time?”

Cherry grinned and stood up. “There is only one way to find out,” she said as she started to unbutton her blouse.

As she stripped off her skirt, she said, “Why don’t you three guys come on around here so we can get down to business.”

Three dicks disappeared and there was a mad scramble behind the cardboard wall. There was also some cussing as belt buckles hit the floor, along with shoes and other stuff. The black guy was the first around the wall and he was gorgeously muscular and powerful looking.

“Holy shit, Clyde,” Madison whispered. “I didn’t know all that was hiding under those baggy sweats you always wear.”

The white guy with the long thin dick was next. He wasn’t much to look at, thin and sickly looking but his dick was perfect for where Cherry wanted it. “I’m Marvin,” he said in a shaky voice.

“Hello Marvin,” Cherry said with a big smile. “Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass?”

When he quickly shook his head, Cherry’s smile turned into a grin. “Want to? I have a nice tight ass and that thing of yours will drive me nuts.”

Marvin’s eyes were darting all over Cherry’s body. “I… I’ll try anything once,” he got out nervously.

“What do I get?” Clyde asked with a leering grin.

“You get to be pivot man,” Cherry said, still grinning. “I’m going to sit on that big old black dick of yours and see just how much I can stuff in my little very wet pussy.”

“If Marvin’s in your ass and Clyde is in your pussy, what do I do?” The very Mexican looking man said.

“Poncho, there’s only one hole left,” Clyde said.

Poncho grinned and replied, “I know, I just wanted to hear her say it.”

“You get my small, warm, wet mouth and my tongue to go with it,” Cherry whispered in a sultry voice.

Poncho groaned and said quickly, “Then lets get it on.”

Looking around Cherry tried to decide where and what would be the best place to get it on, as Poncho had said. The couch was a little narrow but the coffee table looked strong and just the right height. With Clyde’s dick in one hand and the long thin one in the other she walked over to the coffee table.

“Clyde, why don’t you laid down on the table and let me see what I can do with this monster of a dick you have.”

With Clyde laying down on the coffee table, Cherry spread her legs and straddled him. She moved forward until her pussy was right above his dick. She sat down on the long ridged member below her and rubbed her slippery pussy along its length. He clit brushed against the flange below the head and she groaned.

“Oh yeah, this is perfect,” Cherry said as she grinned at the large man under her. He nodded and grinned back.

Looking around at Marvin, she leaned forward and wiggled her ass from side to side. “Why don’t you come over here and get that beautiful dick of yours all slippery in my pussy.”

Marvin swallowed hard but moved up behind her. Cherry reached between her wide spread thighs and guided his long thin dick to her pussy. It slipped in easily. She whimpered softly as it went deeper and deeper. She groaned as it finally stopped going in and his hips touched her ass.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good,” she whispered as Marvin fucked her with long slow strokes. Her hips were moving back to meet him on each stroke, which was rubbing her clit on Clyde’s shaft. An orgasm was building deep inside her sex.

When Poncho bumped the head of his beer can size dick against her cheek, Cherry turned her head and ran her tongue all around and over the head of it. When he moaned, she sucked on just the head and fluttered her tongue over and around it wildly. Her orgasm was building even faster.

Cherry moaned deeply and released the head of Poncho’s dick. She was getting into the two dicks much too quickly, not to mention too deeply. It was time to move to phase two so she looked around at Marvin. He was grinning like a fool.

“It’s time to move up a hole,” she told him with a smile.

Marvin groaned softly and stopped fucking her. “But that pussy is so good.”

“That ass is going to be even better,” Cherry said in return as she wiggled her ass back and forth.

Marvin gave her a wide-eyed look. “I haven’t ever tried it but….” He moved his hips back until his dick came out of her hot wet pussy.

Cherry felt the head rubbing against her asshole and moaned softly. “Just take it slow and easy. If I move away from you, just wait until I come back toward you. We’ll work it in slowly so I can get used to it.”

Marvin lined the head up on the tight pucker of her asshole and added a little weight to it. The head of his dick felt squeezed and then it popped through the tight ring. Three inches of his shaft followed quickly before he could stop pushing. Her ass was way hotter than her pussy and twice as tight. He groaned long and loud.

Cherry groaned right along with him and pushed back hard. Over half of his long dick went up her ass before she could stop her hips from moving. “Oh yeah, that feels so good,” she said loudly and pushed back again. Her ass bumped against Marvin’s hips.

“Oh shit!” came from Marvin.

With a big shivering shake, Cherry whispered, “Fuck me slowly, like before.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. Marvin pulled his dick out slowly until the head was just inside and then he pushed forward just as slowly. He was savoring the tight feelings around his skinny dick both ways.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Cherry said as she wiggled her ass from side to side.

She heard Madison moan loudly and looked her way. She had Mark’s dick swallowed as she watched Marvin fucking Cherry’s tight ass. Seeing Cherry looking at her, Madison lifted her head and said, “I’ve got to get me some of that thing.”

“He’s a perfect ass fucker if I’ve ever felt one,” Cherry replied and then looked down at Clyde. “Now for the main course.”

As Marvin pushed his dick in slowly, Cherry slowly straightened her legs. She used both hands to maneuver Clyde’s big dick into position so she could rub the head against her slippery hot opening. Marvin pulled out almost all the way and paused. Cherry saw her opportunity and sat down slowly on the dick at the entrance to her pussy.

It filled her up quickly and she had to lift up off of it several times to finally get it completely inside. She could feel Marvin’s dick in her ass even more now. Clyde’s dick had her stretched so good it almost hurt. Marvin moaned and then groaned as he sank his shaft to the hilt.

Cherry could feel her legs shaking as both holes filled up. She had never felt so full. Her orgasm had slacked off slightly earlier but now it was headed for orbit quickly. She pushed up onto her arms and turned her head to suck Poncho’s fat dick into her mouth. With all three holes filled she moaned long and loud.

Clyde hunched his hips and used short strokes to fuck her pussy as Marvin still made the same long slow strokes. She couldn’t get more than the head of Poncho’s dick in her mouth but her tongue fluttering over that sensitive surface had him flexing his hips and groaning.

Cherry was getting close to overload when Marvin groaned even louder than normal and slammed his dick all the way into her ass and came like crazy as he spanked her ass hard with little short hard strokes. The feel of his hot cum and the spanking he was giving her ass, pushed her over the edge. She throw her head back, abandoning Poncho’s dick, and sat up straighter so she could bounce up and down on Clyde’s big dick.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Clyde said loudly, as Cherry fucked him with wild abandon. She was bouncing up and down so hard that she pulled Marvin’s softening dick out of her ass. He moaned softly and sat down hard on the floor. This just gave Cherry more room to bounce.

Cherry was in another world of sparkling lights and electric jolts as her clit was trapped against Clyde’s big shaft every time she sat down on his hips. That long rub on the down stroke got so intense she had to lift up to get some relief. Then it was gone and she would sit down again. Over and over it went until her knees felt like rubber and would not lift her body again.

Clyde quickly sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he stood up. Cherry felt his big dick go even deeper as she slipped down slightly. He was definitely in virgin territory now. The next thing she knew, she was flat on her back on the coffee table and Clyde was kneeing between her legs.

As he began to fuck her with long full strokes, her eyes and mouth flew open. She was getting the fucking of her life. Then Poncho was trying to cram his big dick down her throat. It wasn’t long enough to go there but it filled her mouth completely. Then she was coming for all she was worth and trying to yell around the monster in her mouth.

Seeing that she was having trouble breathing, Poncho pulled his dick out of her mouth. Cherry took a deep gasping breath and then yelled long and loud as Clyde came what seemed to be gallons in her wide stretched pussy. She was off in another world again.

***** When she returned, she heard Poncho saying, “Man, you made one hell of a mess.”

“Uh, sorry about that.” Clyde replied.

“I don’t know about no sloppy seconds,” Poncho said as he shook his head.

Everyone had forgotten about Madison and Mark until Madison stepped in front of Clyde and knelt down between Cherry’s wide spread thighs. “I think I can fix this,” she said as she leaned over and ran her tongue over Cherry’s outer lips. Cherry groaned and then whimpered as Madison gently lapped at her swollen pussy. It felt so good after the pounding she had taken.

Ch. 2: Brent

I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to remain a kid forever. I loved to be outside and run. How my lungs would tire and seek air that was no longer there. That burn in my heaving chest as my eyes searched the trees, looking for whoever the subject of my chase was.

In school, I played sports and excelled at it. I didn’t care too much for my academics but knew that it was the top requirement of a student athlete. My best friend, Jason was my biggest competitor. We often dated the same type of girls, attended the same parties and had the same friends.

In college, not much changed. We took the same core classes but had different majors. My major was computer technology and his was sports medicine. We lived in the same dorm too.

After our first semester and the freshman jitters wore off, I focused on finding me a reliable source of pussy on campus and there was quite a selection. I took the liberty of dating college girls while I was still attending high school. That gave me a step up on all the other losers on campus. Drooling every time a hot chick with big, flopping boobs came by in a tight shirt. Giggling with her friends, pretending not to notice all the guys star struck by the balloons attached to her chest. I made it my personal mission to seek out and conquer that type of attention hungry slut. The more she flaunted herself, the easier she was to spot.

I learned that there was no such thing as a good girl. They all wanted the same thing; someone to heat up their snatch and then melt them like the pudding that they were. They needed a man who would raise his voice and command. They all craved a dick-tator to worship. All women had an inherent nature to be controlled that was often hidden away. But, I would be the one to unlock it.

That’s how I found Anna. She was tall and bushy-haired. She was a member of the study group I was in and was very talkative. She would lower her shoulders to expose more of her cleavage when I talked to her. She wore the tightest jeans that hugged her perfect round ass. I loved watching her reach around for items she squeezed into the pockets on the backside of them.

One day after a final exam, she asked if I was selling any of my books back to the bookstore. Most students took advantage of this program to get a little extra cash. I said that I was but had to go back to my room to get more books. She had on the lowest cut top that dipped so flawlessly at the meeting of her huge tits.

“I have like three more books I need to sell back as well, but they’re SO heavy. Can you carry them for me?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“Sure, but you owe me.” I said while scoping out her sweet ass. She kissed me on the cheek and said to meet her at her room after I got my books.


Before I could even knock on her door, it flew open. I stood there with a righteous smile on my face. My dick instantly grew when I saw that she had changed into some tiny shorts that made her ass look even more scrumptious. I didn’t wait for any instructions; I just walked in and slammed the door.

“Wait, what are you-”She began to say before I put my hand over her mouth.

“Sssshhhhhh”, I said, “I got this.” I lowered my hand from her mouth and stepped closer to her, putting my body on hers. Her mountainous breasts pressed up against my chest and I looked past her nervous gaze to them. I groped each of her large tits slowly while looking in her marble blue eyes.

I didn’t notice how gorgeous she truly was. Fair skinned with brown spotty freckles and dimpled cheeks. I probably hadn’t paid attention because I was too busy planning this very moment. Planning the day I’d take her. Watching her ass sway when she walked into class. Hoping that stressed button on her blouse would finally pop and expose her gorgeous rack to everyone.

She let out a soft moan and started unbuckling my pants. My dick flopped out of my drawers and she licked her lips. Smiling at me, she got down on her knees and began slurping on my waiting cock. I gathered up her bushy curls in my hand and started rotating my hips. I felt the back of her throat with the engorged tip of my cock and she gagged. Warm, precum oozed from it into her mouth. I told her to take her time and relax her throat.

“AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed. I felt her teeth scrape my shaft. Yanking on her wild mane, I jerked her head away from my bruised cock and asked if she was crazy. She whimpered and said sorry.

“Please, stop, you’re hurting me!”

“My dick hurts too!” I knew she hadn’t done it on purpose, but I took that as an opportunity to prove a point to her. I was in control. I shoved my dick between her pouty, red lips, back into her mouth. She widened her mouth to accommodate my large size. She wet me with her saliva and I easily slid in and out of her mouth. I sped up the strokes and shot my hot cum in her mouth.

I noticed she wasn’t swallowing it. I gripped her throat in my hand and lifted her to her feet.

“Swallow it.” I said, through clinched teeth. Her mascara had created dark brown streaks down her tanned cheeks. She took one big gulp and a small stream of cum trickled down the corner of her delicious mouth. I kissed her forehead and pulled my pants back up. After I fastened the button, she began to pout.

“But what about me?” she whined.

“Maybe later” I said dryly.

I fucked girls like Anna at parties on campus and in my dorm room everyday. I usually passed them along to my friends when I had no more use for them. Anna’s best friend, Kimmy was one of the best sluts on campus. I enjoyed fucking her sweet vagina. Her labia would swell after I gave her clit a good sucking.

I fucked her up against my door once. Her ass was so perfect. Not as big as Anna’s but still ripe for a good fucking.

After an afternoon swim in the lake that ran along the edge of campus, Kimmy came back to my room with me. We stripped off our clothes and headed to the shower that joined the next room. When she walked into the bathroom, I had one foot up on the toilet, stroking myself.

I wanted my cock in her mouth and she knew it.

Without a word, she lowered herself to her knees and tried to take all of me in one breath. I moaned and began pumping in and out of her mouth. She closed her eyes as I forced my cock deeper into her tight, hot throat. Her neck bulging as I pumped in and out and in out of her face.

I popped my cock out of her throat and stood her up. Bending her over, I inserted my pole into her dripping wet slit. Her hot, sticky foam coated my dick and we made gushing sounds as I fucked her juicy pussy. I withdrew from her and she whimpered as I pushed her into the shower, under the hot streams of water. I resumed my position and pushed a finger in her ass. I worked her puckered opening with my finger while I pumped my cock in her glorious cunt.

She moaned and vibrated and I knew she was coming. I spanked her hard, stinging her wet skin. She stood up straight and washed water over her heaving body. She turned and looked at me shyly.

“I’m not done” I said.

I led her out of the bathroom, our bodies still wet, back into my room. She walked toward the bed and twirled her ass seductively. I smiled and thought to myself, I’m about to fuck her into oblivion. I reached my hand out to her as I stood in the middle of the room. She reached for me and I grabbed her forearm. She had absolutely no chance of preventing me from what I was about to do. I towered over her small frame. My biceps were about the size of her head.

Pushing her up against the door and holding her there with my forearm on the back of her neck, I massaged her tight hole again with my fingers. I inserted one finger and then two into her brown hole. She whimpered again and I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She was so tight. I could feel her skin stretching and ripping as I went deeper and deeper. I knew her ass was untouched and that’s why I chose her.

I continued to pump her sweet, small hole until her body opened up for me. I unloaded so much cum in her ass that it bubbled right out and onto the back of her legs. A few drops of my milky reward landed on her gorgeous ass. She was panting and dropped down to the floor, unable to hold her weight any longer.

Kimmy was the best.

I hadn’t seen many of those whores from college after graduation. I moved back home before getting my own apartment a few blocks away from my job. I occasionally met and fucked closet nymphomaniacs. Jason would normally ask whatever chick he was seeing to bring a friend along so I wouldn’t be the awkward third wheel. That proved to be ideal because most women had single, cock hungry friends. They certainly didn’t expect the well dressed white kid to have an enormous cock and actually know what to do with it.

Last night at Jason’s apartment was a first for me though. I normally performed solo, if you know what I mean. I’d never met a woman that needed two cocks back to back as a way to be satisfied. As far as I knew, Giselle was a new breed of slut. A breed I didn’t realize existed. I needed to learn all there was to know about a woman like her. She was one woman I had to keep around.

Ch. 3: Jason

“Oh fuck!” I moaned.

I was pounding the life out of Maryann’s mouth. She had the best tits I had ever seen. After she agreed to show me them after very little convincing, I whipped my cock out and asked her to suck it. She refused at first but I wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

“Let me fuck those big tits then” I said. That got her down on her knees. She cupped her boobs in her hands and I guided my cock into that delicate space between her breasts. She had the tastiest dark nipples. Her large, plump ass would make any man weak. She had the sexiest hour glass figure and her soft, brown skin was heaven.

I began to slide up and down between her thick tittys. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and smiled. She knew I wanted her to taste my cock. She just wanted to make me beg. I paused when the head of my dick appeared above the curves of her delicious boobs. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and flicked it around my head.

I let out a grunt and forced my cock passed her lips into her mouth. She tried to back up but I just inched closer. I pressed the back of her head down until I felt my balls on her chin. She grabbed my hand and I let her go.

“Jason!” She yelled. But I knew she liked it. I looked at her with pleading eyes and she began to pump her fist up and down my shaft. I wanted to feel her wet mouth so badly, I pleaded,

“Please baby. I love when you suck me. It’s so sexy!” She gathered her long honey blonde hair into a ponytail. She opened her mouth and I placed my dick inside. Her tongue was so warm and soft. She made swirls with her tongue and left a trail of saliva from the head of my cock all the way to my balls. Once the moistness from her mouth on my cock met the air, it sent a cool chill crawling up my spine.

I felt my orgasm bubbling in the pit of my sack and involuntarily thrust my hips into her face, forcing my rock hard cock deeper into the pit of her throat. Gagging, she closed her eyes and tried her hardest to fit the length of me into her mouth. I sped up as my orgasm crept from the pit of my core. I could feel the warm liquid fill my pipe. I unleashed all my juices onto her face without warning.

To my surprise, she began to wipe her cum coated face and sucked her fingers dry. I guess Brent, my best friend was right. All women had an inner erotic nature that they hid away from society. She stood up and walked to the bathroom that joined the dorm room next to mine. I heard the faucet turn on as I pulled my pants back up.

“I have to get to class” She said and she brought her face up to mine by raising up on her toes to give me a kiss. I could still smell my scent on her breath. She turned to leave the room and I watched her hips alternate up and down as she left. I had a few hours to kill before my shift in the student computer lab.

I took that job because I needed something to occupy my time. Being with all the beautiful girls on campus who had the hots for a jock like me was entertaining for awhile. But truthfully I wanted more. I enjoyed the casual sex but that was all it was. A quick release. I hadn’t been fortunate enough to find a girl that could hold my attention long enough for me to be interested in anything other than what was beneath her clothes.

Maryann had come close. She was the symbol of a black goddess. She was confident, funny and intelligent. She wore her clothes too tight and kept up her appearance. She was very superficial though. Only fucked me so she could brag to her friends about how she rode my steel, black cock. I gave it to her whenever she wanted it though. She had the tightest pussy I ever had.

After my injury, I finished up my classes and graduated with the rest of my class. I had an apartment off campus during my senior year and found a job not too far away. I hung out with Brent almost everyday after work and normally on the weekends. He was quite a character but I loved him for it. He always had my back and I always had his.


I saw a woman standing all alone at the bar inside of a nightclub that Brent and I frequently visited. There was something about her that caused a rumble in my loins and I had to have her. After we danced and had a few drinks, I invited her back to my place. Brent was sweet on her but I didn’t mind.

Once we arrived at my apartment, we took turns with her. We seemed to naturally connect on another level. The level of arousal was through the roof. Brent worked her mouth first while I went to town her sweet smelling pussy. She had the hottest and wettest pussy I’d ever eaten. When I entered her, I discovered she had the tightest pussy I had ever fucked too.

I felt her muscles tightening around my thick meat. I bounced her up and down while I was inside her. Her juices trickled down my hard shaft onto my soon to be empty balls. I stretched her hot cunt until I dumped a load inside her; a first for me.

Giselle had me doing things in a matter of hours that I had never done in my whole life. She had an exotic appearance. Her eyes were a deep green with specks of brown. Her body captivated me and yearned to be covered in my kisses. I was impressed by the way she handled herself. She maintained her composure and let her desires control her every move. I liked her. I wanted her. I had to make her mine.

When she came sauntering out of my bedroom the next morning in my t-shirt, a smile crept onto my face. She smiled back and kissed me. Her lips were so full and soft. She embraced me and raised herself onto the counter.

“I’m making egg white omelets.” I said. I continued dicing the fresh vegetables my mother always gave me from her garden. She had taught me everything there was to know about the kitchen. Knowing how to cook impressed women and I wanted to impress Giselle.

“So you can cook?” She asked. Her face was angelic but I knew that there was a sex demon hidden behind that soft, innocent smile. Her nipples were piercing my t-shirt and I couldn’t help wanting to feel those black pearls in my mouth again.

“He sure can, better than you I bet.” Brent interjected. He came stumbling out of my bedroom too. We all passed out in my bed the night before or should I say earlier that morning, after we thrashed Giselle.

“Too bad you never had my cooking to make such a statement.” Giselle said in her own defense. We all laughed. Giselle told us about herself. She was from the nearby town and worked at a local dry cleaning store. She lived alone and had no children. Brent and I filled her in on our daily routine. Go to work, come home, have a cold beer and kick back a few nights a week at a local bar to play pool or watch sports.

Giselle said she loved sports and couldn’t wait for the upcoming football season to begin. She was beginning to appear like she could be the total package. Funny, independent and incredibly sexy. She could tell I was longing for her again and winked at me. Her smile melted my tough exterior.

“I have to go. Jase I will catch up with you later, bro.” Brent said, “And you-” He turned to look at Giselle, “I hope to see you again real soon.” Brent and Giselle exchanged numbers and she took my number as well.

“Are you leaving too?” I said nervously. She shook her head no. My heart rate slowed a little. I couldn’t let her leave before sliding my dick in her again. I had to feel that tight, wet pussy around my dick once more.

We ate and got better acquainted. She helped me with the dishes and then we disappeared into my room. She took off my t-shirt that she was wearing and her boobs bounced out. She was so beautiful. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I yanked off my boxers and I could feel the heat emanating from her juicy cunt. I inserted a finger and her pussy contracted around it. I slipped in a second finger and she closed her eyes while biting her bottom lip.

She began gyrating on my lodged fingers and I felt her juices oozing from her slit. I took my fingers out and licked both of them carefully. I lowered her over the bed and laid her back gently on the bed and put my cock at her entrance. She scooted down until my head penetrated her. I lifted my torso and slipped into her and she let out a gasp. I couldn’t entirely fit and I knew I would have to stretch her tight pussy again.

I pumped into her and closed my eyes and I felt her juicy snatch getting hotter. She arched her back and I placed my hand on her hip, gripping her waist. I began bucking into her like a mad man and her eyes widened again. She started moaning and put a hand on my washboard abs. I could tell I was going too fast and she needed me to stop to ease the pummeling her pussy was taking.

But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to quickly get as deep as I could. She screamed as I continued to rip her insides. Her pussy started contracting and her body began shaking once I finally got all of me inside of her. She fiercely came and continued to grind her hips into me, begging for my release. I looked down at her; her pillow sack tits were flopping all over and her tongue was pushing at the corners of her mouth. I think she wanted a cock in there.

I started to buck uncontrollably and lost sight of who I was, where I was and what I was doing. My orgasm took over and I splashed the insides of her body with my hot, salty semen. I collapsed on top of her and felt my hard pole begin to soften inside her cum filled cunt. What has this girl done to me, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

It was January 2, 2006, when I had just entered the Manhattan high-rise in the heart of Times Square where I work. I was the founder and CEO of Goodfella$, a successful American men’s magazine. Everybody in the building acknowledged me because I am the playboy known as the Nature Boy. I knew most of the women in my company, whether they are married or not, would sleep with me for bragging rights or career advancement. I often heard rumors about the women speculating the size of my dick. Hey, I cannot help if I had a noticeable lump running down the leg of my suit.

I boarded the express elevator and right behind me was a brown-skinned woman. She reminded me of those models that posed in men’s magazines. She was about 5’7 with shoulder-length blond hair and a flawless, shapely figure. She looked very nice in her button-up dress shirt and jeans.

“Oh, my God, you are the Nature Boy!” She said in an exciting voice. “Wow, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Kim. I love your Goodfella$ magazine.”

“Thanks, Kim.” I shook hands with her. “I’m happy to have you as one of my biggest supporters.”

“I love your work.” She admitted.

As the elevator proceeded to rise, I became more aroused. Then suddenly, the elevator came to a halt. Kim was so frightened that she literally leaped onto me like a pet dog. I loved the way her round breasts felt on me, as I consoled her.

“Don’t worry; we should be moving very shortly.” I told her.

After saying that, she looked deeply in my eyes and it felt like sparks were flying from our eyes like a Fourth of July firework display. She pulled me closer to her and we explored each other’s mouths in great anticipation. Slowly our attire came off, and we both were in awe at our nakedness. She lowered herself and engulfed my sixteen inches of love stick like a pro. As she performed fellatio on me, she also massaged my testicles with her soft cool hands. What really had me soared up to heaven was when she put each of my testicles into her mouth, and swirled them with her tongue. Yes! She looked up at me and I saw crazed with lust in her eyes.

All of sudden, the elevator began to move. We both laughed as we rushed to put on our clothes. The elevator stopped on her floor and she blew me a kiss like a naughty girl.

“Have a good one.” Kim walked off smiling.

“God bless you, thank you.” I responded.

It was 11pm, and I was ready to go home. I was about to leave the office when I saw Kim standing there. My body tingled, as I knew what she wanted to do. As she approached me, little by little, she removed her clothes. This reminded me of a commercial for a brand new soap the way she undressed and moved so slowly. My clothes fell off, and we kissed passionately.

I took Kim to my office, and stretched her across my desk. As I buried my face in her wanting pussy, my hands roamed all over her sexy body. Spitting and tonguing her love hole inside and out, I saw that I excited her by the way she moaned and moved around on the desk. Never in Kim’s wildest dreams, did she ever get this kind of feeling. I wanted to laugh at all the crazy faces she made, but I remained in focus.

Slowly, I penetrated her pussy with my dick, and could not believed how wet it was. Once my dick was secure in her love hole, I began my pumping action. I fucked her fast and hard, praying to myself that the condom do not break. Kim screamed like a banshee, and became more vocal.

“Fuck this pussy,” Kim cried out in pleasure. “This pussy is yours, daddy!”

“Is this dick bigger than your boyfriend’s?” I asked.

“Yes!” Kim shrieked her answer.

“Does he fuck you like this?” I groaned.

“No, you fuck me so much better than he does.” Kim replied.

“Yeah, I know you love this dick more than your boyfriend.”

“Oh, my God, I’m coming!” Kim announced. “You’re going to make me come, baby.”

We moaned and groaned together as we both climaxed. The smell of hot sex filled my entire office. I gazed down on her and saw a very satisfied smile on her pretty face. She got up and tongue kissed me good night for several minutes. After she left my office, I stared out into the night and thought to myself, Lucky me!

February 12, 2006, New York City was buried in more than two-feet of snow looking more and more like a traditional Christmas Day. I was in my Manhattan high-rise on Sutton Place, livid because I could not go out for dinner with one of my women due to the blizzard. Therefore, as an alternative, I decided to ordered pizza for dinner and stayed home. I knew it was going to take some time for the pizza delivery person to get here, but he or she had better get here soon if they wanted a nice tip. Security downstairs informed me I had a pizza delivery and I granted him permission to send the delivery person up.

The doorbell rang and I looked through the peephole; I saw a woman’s face. I unlocked the door and there was the sexiest pizza girl in the city. She was about five-three, with a mahogany colored complexion, shoulder length hair, a baby face and very nice lips. Her uniform did nothing to hide her voluptuous figure. She was definitely a goddess!

“Sorry, if I’m late, but the snow is pretty bad out there.” Her voice was soft and innocent.

“It’s all right, don’t worry about it.” I said. “Would you like to come in and warm up a little bit?”

“Sure.” She replied with a smile.

She walked in and I could not take my eyes off her fat ass. She was so amazed by all the artwork I had hanging on the walls. She was also very astonished with the view of the East River from where she stood. I thought to myself, Yes, baby, I have money and living the lifestyle that you dream about every night.

We sat at the table in the dining room, and we had a nice conversation while we drank hot cocoa. She told me her name was Melyssa and she was a college student and part-time model. I think Melyssa also mentioned that she was completing her last semester at Baruch College, and she wanted to start a small business soon. I love women that were driven and smart.

We stared at each other for a moment. I could not get enough of her big brown, wild eyes and fleshy lips. We both knew what we wanted and it was just a matter of time before one of us made the first move. Melyssa lifted her shirt over her head. The purple bra she wore barely held her full breasts.

“Are you going to just sit there or are you going to fuck the shit out of me?” She asked.

“You don’t have to ask me twice, baby girl.” I answered.

It was time for action. I approached her and kissed her sexy lips. I could taste the hot cocoa on her tongue as my hands explored her body. We were all hands, lips, and tongue from the dining room to the bedroom where we quickly removed our clothes. She almost gasped at the size of my erect dick.

“Oh my God, what is that, your third leg?” Melyssa said in a shocked voice.

“No, it’s a bad girl’s favorite toy.” I replied.

“I hope I am able to walk after this.” Melyssa joked.

Melyssa lowered herself onto her knees and had my dick in her mouth. The way she licked and sucked my manhood, had my body going through emotions. This woman definitely knew what she was doing. Sucking dick was an art to her, as she had me mesmerized.

Melyssa rode me like a porn star. I enjoyed looking at her face when she moaned and made sensual movements. She gave it her all, bouncing up and down, crying aloud. It did not take long for her to have her first of many intense orgasms.

Now it was time for me to put in work. As I licked and sucked Melyssa’s shaved pussy, she squirmed and twisted her body. I knew I had her in full ecstasy. What I did to her sexy body was new to her. I guessed her previous lovers did not know how to handle her.

I got on top of Melyssa, and her legs wrapped around my waist. I entered her pussy and began my pumping action. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head like casino lights. She yelled out, “Fuck me, daddy!” I pounded and stroked her pussy hard and fast like a racecar on a smooth road. Her encouragement made me fuck her even faster. We generated so much sweat that our bodies were virtually sticking.

As we lay there, our bodies glistening from the inferno of sex, we laughed and joked around.

“That was amazing, girl. You are one of the best.” I told her.

“My pussy is swollen. I never had a guy fuck me as hard as you.” Melyssa claimed.

“I didn’t mean to beat the pussy up like that.”

“Oh baby you don’t need to apologize.” Melyssa continued. “It was the best feeling on earth, and you made me feel so good. Oh, my God, I have to get out of here. My boss is going to be pissed.”

Melyssa jumped out of the bed and put her uniform on. She was in such a rush that she forgot to put on her bra. I walked Melyssa to the door with my hands on her ass. She took the money and we tongued kiss for about two minutes. As I watched her leave to catch the elevator, I noticed how funny she was walking.

“Are you all right? You are walking somewhat funny.” I joked.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Melyssa laughed. “Don’t forget, when you are craving for some pizza, holla at your girl.”

I shut the door and put a few slices of pizzas in the microwave. While I stood by the window, I was thinking to myself, I just fucked the sexiest pizza delivery woman in the city. Damn, I am a bad motherfucker!