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Chapter 02: New Reality Revelations

RECAP: I highly recommend you read the beginning of this series Training Teacher: The Seduction to find out how Julia became the submissive of one of her student’s parents. Part 2 takes places the very next morning, when she wakes up…still at her new Mistress’s home…at the foot of the bed.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to the adorable, sweet, sexy Julia.

Credit: A special thanks go to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit.



I woke up in the morning from an amazingly surreal dream. A dream so vividly real I felt it had really happened. A dream that awoke in me a side I didn’t know existed. A dream where my greatest pain in the ass parent, someone I truly loathed, seduced me and turned me into her personal lesbian sub. It seemed so real, I could almost taste her on my lips.

I opened my eyes.

I sat up.

I was not in my bed.

I was at the foot of Constance’s bed, the parent that just yesterday was my biggest problem.

In one startling moment of clarity, I came to the frank realization that it was not a dream, but a harsh disturbing reality.

The events of the previous evening came flooding back to me. The aggressive seduction, her powerful orders, my need to obey and the earth shattering orgasms that followed. I closed my eyes and replayed last night in my head. Sure she had seduced me and sure she was incredibly aggressive and domineering, but I submitted to her willingly. I was not forced. I could have said no. But, the overwhelming feeling of freedom when I allowed Constance to make my decisions for me was liberating. The pressure, the stress, the loneliness of being a single mother, all vanished when I brainlessly followed the orders of the powerful Constance.

Part of me was mortified as I realized my current predicament, while another part of me was excited as I nervously waited for Constance to wake up. I desperately attempted to suppress the burning desire flaming in my loins as I tried to figure out how I was going to: one- deal with Constance; two- get home and dressed for work; three- get to work and explain why my vehicle was still at school; and four, most importantly, resist the growing temptation to submit to Constance again.

As I pretended to be asleep, my inner turmoil like a cresting wave coming crashing into the beach, I felt the bed move. I lay still like a statue. Anticipation resonated through my pores.

I was suddenly startled when I felt the bed shake briefly as someone seemed to get in. I was freaking out, realizing someone must have seen me in all my degrading servitude. I slyly attempted to peek and see who had joined us: who knew of my sexual debauchery? Sadly, I was right; someone was in bed with us. Unfortunately, all I could see from my awkward position was black heels and a woman’s ankle in black pantyhose.

My nervous curiosity didn’t last long. I heard the polite voice of Maeko Chung, Constance’s Japanese born, Chinese raised, maid and the mother of my best grade four student: “Good morning, Mistress.”

I felt some shuffling on the bed and Constance groggily respond, “Good morning, Maeko.” A lengthy silence followed before I began hearing soft moans and realized what Maeko was doing. I was shocked at the thought of the sweet, shy woman, doing what she was apparently doing. Yet my pussy was betraying me again, getting tingly while I quietly listened, like a voyeur, to the lesbian scene going on right beside me like I wasn’t there.


I briefly reminisced about the first time I was a silent bystander to a sexual performance. It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was on a girls’-only camping trip. I was sharing a tent with Sierra, one of my three closest friends. We had partied pretty hard with a bunch of college boys and I, quite drunk and worried I might do something I would regret, called it a night. An hour later, I was woken up by a male voice. “What about your friend?”

“Don’t worry about Hannah, she is passed out. An earthquake wouldn’t wake her. Now let me take a look at what you got for me.”

Still being half asleep, I didn’t instantly realize what was happening a foot away. But the realization was made abundantly clear when the male voice mumbled, “That’s it baby, suck my cock.”

The loud slurping sound confirmed Sierra’s exhibitionist extra-curricular activity. A couple of minutes later, I felt a leg bump mine, some shuffling into Sierra’s sleeping bag, followed soon after by Sierra’s unmistakable high-pitched voice. “Yes harder, fuck me harder. Fuck me like a slut.”

I listened stunned, not remotely able to believe Sierra, the vigilant feminist of our close knit group, calling herself a slut or having some summer fling. It was her idea to make it a girls’-only trip, so the irony was obvious.

Still drunk myself, I unconsciously found myself touching myself. As the fucking continued inches away from me, I got wetter and wetter.

The guy taking Sierra’s own name-calling as an invitation to treat her like a slut began to verbally assault my good friend. “That’s it you fucking slut, take my big dick. Beg for me to fuck your tight cunt.”

I cringed at the word cunt. Sierra, being the extreme feminist she was, despised the derogatory term and ripped apart anyone, boy or girl alike, who had the audacity to say it in her presence. I waited for Sierra’s usual lambasting and feminist rant, but instead heard her say the word I never, in a million years, thought would ever be uttered from her lips, particularly used in the way she used it. “Yes, fuck my cunt. Pound me. Fill my cunt with that big hard cock of yours.”

I let out a little gasp of shock from hearing her use the forbidden ‘C’ word. My hand, having a mind of its own, began rubbing my clit faster and with more pressure. The verbal degradation of one of my best friends should have angered me, but instead only increased my desire to come.

I listened to the naughty act of sin like a perverted boy watching his first porn. Each time the guy called Sierra a cunt, slut, or whore, I put more pressure on my own cunt, imagining I was the slut whose cunt he was ravishing.

As Sierra screamed, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m coming,” I simultaneously had the most intense orgasm of my young life so far. I muffled my pleasure, terrified of being caught in such an intimate act; terrified that they might catch on to the fact that I had masturbated to their fucking. Suddenly mortified by my actions, I quickly moved my hand away from my liberated vagina and tried to make sense of what just happened.


I was brought back to my present reality when I heard Constance scream, “Yes Maeko, get Mommy off, yes, yes, yesssssss.”

Another silence lingered as I nervously waited for the inevitable.

“Maeko, excellent as always.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Maeko, could you please wake up my guest with your special wake up call?”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

I held my breath, exciting trepidation overwhelming me. I felt hands pull the thin blanket off me. Warm hands opened my legs apart. I felt Maeko move between my legs. “Good morning, Ms. Hawkins.”

I opened my eyes, feigning surprise, but my very wet pussy gave away any pretence of innocence. “Good morning, Mrs. Chung.”

“Ahhh, my pet is awake. How are you this morning?”

“Goooood,” I moaned, Maeko’s tongue making contact just as I attempted to answer.

“Goooood,” Constance replicated mockingly, her condescending tone returning. Maeko licked my pussy with quick sharp licks, the teasing sensation driving me nuts. I wanted to shove her head into my cunt, to use her tongue as a small cock to fuck me.

Constance, recognizing my deliriously horny state from the teasing, said, “She’s fucking amazing isn’t she? I don’t know how she does it, but those teasing slaps she does with her tongue are one of a kind. Are you close to orgasm, my pet?”

Finding it hard to concentrate on Constance’s words, I mumbled through heavy breathing, “So close, Mistress.”

“Just tell the slut what you want. She always obeys completely. She was born to please.”

Desperate to come, I, out of character, ordered, “Finger me Maeko. Fuck my cunt.”

Obeying in record speed, she slipped not one, but two of her thin fingers inside my oasis of juice. As her fingers slid in and out of my pussy, Maeko took my clit into her mouth and sucked on it as she somehow simultaneously used her tongue to lick my clit. The dual pleasure was too much and I bellowed loud enough to wake the dead, “Oh my fucking God, fuck me, fuck me, yesssssssss.”

My body quaked and quaked, a seemingly never-ending flow of convulsions. Maeko quit fingering me and let go of my clit, but continued pleasing me gently by licking the juice from my pussy lips. My pussy lips, tender from the excessive attention of the last twelve hours, began to feel numb. I pushed Maeko away. “No more.”

It was like I had slapped her in the face. “I’m sorry if I didn’t please you, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh my God, no Maeko. You pleased me completely. So much in fact, my vagina is a bit tender now.”

“It’s called a cunt, my pet. Little children have vaginas,” Mistress Constance corrected.

“Sorry, Mistress. My cunt is sore from all the attention. It was been relatively neglected for quite some time, so all this sudden attention is a bit overwhelming.”

“Well, that won’t be a concern anymore,” Mistress guaranteed. She got off the bed and grabbed a robe. “Maeko will take you to the guest shower.”

“Thank you,” I absurdly replied. Constance ignored my words as she disappeared into her private washroom.

Maeko handed me a robe and I silently followed her to another bathroom. She offered, with a subservient smile, “If there is anything you need Ms. Hawkins, please ask.”

My face still flushed, I responded, “Thank you, I think I should be ok.”

Maeko walked away and I went into the washroom and turned on the shower. As the hot water washed away my sin, I realized I still had no solution to my problems. I bounced around different scenarios, but none seemed to get me back to normality. As I lathered my body, I thought back to how just yesterday afternoon I spent twenty minutes with Mrs. Chung, discussing her daughter’s unbelievable academic success. There was not even the slightest inkling of what was to happen. I was eternally grateful that I would not have another interview with her or Constance this year. I finished my shower and grabbed the robe just as there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and Maeko handed me my bra and a blue dress. The dress was very cute and, thankfully, school-appropriate. I went to close the door, but Mrs. Chung stopped me. “I am supposed to help you with the dress and stockings, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh,” I responded, slightly dazed.

I put on my bra and my dress and stood shyly, odd after what she had just done to me, while she zipped my dress up for me. Once my dress was zipped, she asked me politely to sit on the toilet seat and proceeded to slowly put the thigh high stockings on my leg. The dark mocha colour really gave my legs a sexy look to them and my pussy began to tingle again as I felt Maeko’s gentle hands slide the silk up my legs. Her expert tongue so close to my cunt had me almost salivating as I relived in my head the pleasure she recently gave me. Once both stockings were on, Maeko stood up, “Is there anything else I can do for you Ms. Hawkins?”

“My panties?”

Maeko’s face flushed, “Mistress doesn’t like any of her pets to wear underwear.”

“Oh,” I replied, slightly stunned by this newest piece of information.

She went to the door. “Follow me to the kitchen.”

I reached for her hand, dying to know the answer, “How did you become her, um, her….”

Maeko smiled genuinely at me as she finished my question. “How did I end up a full-service maid?”

“Yes, please tell me,” I exclaimed, thankful she understood my blabbering question and curious to know how Constance seduced her.


She retold the story, not once making eye contact with me. Her tone was not one of shame, but rather shyness. “I applied for the job as her maid two years ago. Mistress recognized me from some school function and the fact we had children in the same grade. She explained that she was a very demanding boss and expected perfection and total obedience from her help. I explained I was born in Japan, but grew up in China and lived in a home with a very domineering father and a mother with very high expectations. This seemed to please her and I was hired. For two months there was nothing obviously unique about the job; I even saw the Master of the house a few times. In retrospect, there were many small subtle things, but nothing that gave me any reason to be prepared for what would eventually be expected of me. For example, she often touched me gently whenever she spoke to me, she often complimented me on my appearance and she continually made alterations to my work outfit. What started as a simple maid outfit slowly changed into something much more provocative. The skirt got shorter and the blouse a little tighter. One day she informed me she expected her servants to always wear three-inch pumps. Although incredibly inconvenient for my job, I, of course, obeyed. Then two weeks ago I found a gift bag for me. In it were a dozen pairs of silk thigh high stockings with a note explaining she expected her servants to dress in classy stockings and not no-name pantyhose. I had never worn stockings before, nor did I even know such undergarments existed. It was clear she liked to demonstrate her power and our different social status. But once I put them on, I was surprised how sexual I felt and how good the silk felt on my legs.

Then the final deciding moment occurred. I came to work at my usual 6:30 time and found a note on the kitchen table to please come upstairs the moment I arrived. I followed the instruction and walked in on Mistress naked with a woman between her legs. I was stunned. I had never seen two women together. Mistress ordered me to the bed and once I reached her she explained that she was considering a major change in my duties. She explained that she wanted me to be a full-service maid. I didn’t respond, unclear of her intent. Mistress made it crystal clear as she ordered me to get on the bed and replace the girl who was currently serving her. I stood mystified by the request. She repeated her order, her tone domineering and clearly daring me to disobey. Without a word, I moved onto the bed and a very pretty woman, who I would later learn was the Mayor’s wife moved from between Mistress’s legs. I moved between them and waited further instructions. Mistress explained that while most people liked to wake up with an alarm and coffee, she liked to be woken up by having her cunt licked. She further explained that if I was to stay on as her maid, her
full service maid, this would be one of my duties. She also added that the full service maid comes with many perks including a substantial raise, a vehicle, and a clothing allowance. I would like to say I resisted, that I was forced into this role, but I, like you I am guessing, obeyed on my own free will. Oh sure she was dominant and very intimidating, but I accepted my role all on my own. I leaned in and licked her cunt. I had no idea what I was doing, having never done it before, nor had I ever had it done to me before either, my husband seeing it as something only sluts did. I licked and nibbled until she began moaning and telling me not to stop. Once she orgasmed on my face, I felt a strange tingle flow throughout my body. I felt a thrill having pleased her in such a way. I also felt a strange feeling of power in being able to bring someone such joy. Mistress, once she recovered from her orgasm, asked if I accepted my new terms. I shook my head in acceptance and watched as a triumphant smile spread across her face. She went on to tell me that it was time to get my first bonus. She instructed the other woman to please me. I attempted to object; explaining I was married and had never had that done to me before. I was first scolded for questioning her and then comforted when she came to grips that I had never, ever, been pleasured by a tongue, even my husband’s. She explained she too was married and that Pamela Washington, the Mayor’s wife, was obviously also married. She went on to explain that no man can please a woman like another woman and it was time for me to learn the forbidden fruit of lesbian lust. Mistress instructed the stranger to show me exactly how good sex with a woman could be. The pretty woman aggressively flipped me onto my back and gave me pleasure I didn’t know was possible. I came in less than two minutes. That night I went online and read articles on how to please a woman. Over the next week I also watched online videos. I was determined to be excellent at it, like I strive to be excellent in everything else I do.”


“Wow,” was all I could muster. I hid the fact that her story of submission had made me horny yet again.

Oblivious to my horniness and awe, she suggested, “We better go. Mistress will be wondering. Patience is not one of her strong points.” For the first time in ten minutes, she allowed our eyes to meet. She let a smile break her usual mask of obedience.

I followed her to the kitchen and saw Mistress at a large table eating. I went to sit down at one of the seven empty chairs but was stopped. “Your spot is over here, my pet.”

She pointed beside her. Once I reached her, I again attempted to take a seat and was rebuffed a second time.

“No, no, no, my pet. Pets don’t eat at the table, they eat on the floor.”

My cheeks went red with humiliation. I glanced down and saw a plate with sausage, eggs and toast on the ground. A glass of orange juice and cutlery was beside it.

When I didn’t move, Constance asked, “Is there a problem, my pet?”

Mortified, insulted and enraged, I wanted to scream yes there is a fucking problem, a big fucking problem, but instead responded like a good pet, “No problem, Mistress.” I sat down on the hardwood floor.

“Good,” she purred. “I didn’t think I would have discipline issues with you.”

We ate in silence, shame burning through my entire being. Here I was a mother of one, a respected teacher in the community, being treated like a household pet. Would the humiliation ever end?

Once breakfast was done, Mistress Constance announced, “Well we better get you to work, my pet.”

I stood up and followed her outside to her vehicle. We drove in silence for a couple of minutes until Constance informed, “My pet, just so you know, anyone you see wearing the collar you have on is a sub of mine. Understand that as soon as they see you wearing the collar today, they will know you are mine too. Also, as the newest addition to my growing list of subs, you are on the bottom of the totem pole. In other words, you are to obey any command any other sub of mine requests, as long as it does not impact your family or job. Is that understood?”

I had no response. I did understand, but this was getting way out of control. I attempted to reason with her. “Mistress I do understand, but is there any way to keep this between you and me?”

“Are you ashamed to be my pet?”

I thought briefly about the question. I was ashamed, but not because I was her pet, but because I was so weak. I was ashamed that I enjoyed my submission so much and that even now in this non-threatening situation I was already looking forward to the next time. That said, I didn’t want the whole world, or anyone else for that matter, knowing what kind of sexual deviant I was. I tried to explain my feelings to her. “No, Mistress, I am not ashamed of you. I am ashamed by my weakness and afraid for others to know the truth.”

Her tone was sweet and caring, a surprising shift from her usual up front and blunt tone. “Oh, is that it? The only ones who will know have already submitted to me, my pet. They know exactly what you are feeling. They have been exactly where you are right now. They will actually help you come to grips with your new reality.”

“New reality,” I murmured.

She smiled, “Yes. Your life will never be the same. Everything you thought you knew about yourself has vanished and been replaced by a new reality. In this reality you need to accept your role as my submissive, my sub. A reality where you accept you have no control over certain parts of your life. The sooner you do, the easier your training from lonely divorcee to eager submissive will be. You were not a happy woman when I met you. You were lost and lonely and searching for that missing piece. You just didn’t know what that missing piece was. You were searching for something that only someone like me could give you. You needed me. It is obvious, you desperately need to be told what to do, more so than any of my other subs, quite frankly. Your personality is submissive. Accept it.”

I tried to process this lengthy assessment of my character. As much as I would like to deny such an extreme assessment of who I am, I couldn’t. Everything she said was true. As I was about to respond, we arrived in the staff parking lot. Anxiety washed over me as I worried who might see me get out of her car.

Seeing my nervousness she chuckled, “No one is going to see you leaving a person’s vehicle and know that you are a cunt-licking sub who needs to have a Mistress, my pet.”

Of course she was right, although her vivid language had me red again. The best way to hide the truth was to act normal.

Her hand went under my dress. “You are pretty wet, my pet.”

I blushed, knowing she was indeed right.

Her finger slipped easily in my cunt and she finger-fucked me slowly. Smiling, she teased, “Aren’t you the least bit curious who else has submitted to me?”

I moaned, “Yes, Mistress, I am both curious and scared.”

Her fingers left my cunt and she licked off my juices. “I have to admit, my pet, you are fucking delicious.”

I couldn’t believe how happy I felt hearing such an absurd compliment. “Thank you, Mistress.”

Breaking the brief moment of intimate sweetness, she abruptly asked me to leave. “Now get out of here, I have an appointment in twenty minutes.”

I obeyed, getting out of the vehicle. She drove away and I walked towards the school, no one else knowing of my inner turmoil or my sexual descent.

I kept my head down as best I could and made it to my classroom without seeing a colleague. I prepared for my day and jumped like a guilty criminal when Alice came into my room. I noticed she did not have a collar on her neck and gave a silent sigh of relief. She asked how my Pederson interview went and I replied not as I expected, which was the understatement of the millennium. We chatted briefly about trivial work crap and she left.

Until recess, the morning came and went without any drama. I was on supervision this week and could no longer avoid all the potential colleagues who may soon learn of my, what did Mistress call it, new reality.

I did supervision was again grateful that both other supervisors were men. I made it back to my class and led my students to the library for their weekly book reading. I had my students sit on the floor in the reader’s corner like I usually did and sat down at the back so I could watch all my students. They seldom misbehaved, but every once in a while….

I was chatting with one of my students when Mrs. Hamilton began to read. I didn’t look up right away. She greeted the class. “Good morning, grade fours.”

The class replied in attempted unison, “Good morning, Mrs. Hamilton.”

I still hadn’t really paid much attention, distracted by a couple of students who had not yet settled down. “Today’s story is about secrets.”

Her deliberate hinting tone startled me. I looked up to our late 40s librarian, and recognized the collar on her neck. I gazed into her eyes and she gave me an all too knowing smile. I quickly broke eye contact and began to hyper-ventilate. I attempted desperately to control my breathing while Mrs. Hamilton read the story.

I zoned out as she read, trying to wrap my head around the realization that our married, mother of six, librarian, was one of Constance Pederson’s subs. If Mary Hamilton, the jolly, outgoing, rather chubby British librarian was a sub, then anyone on our staff was a possibility. Every female staff member flashed in my head, each now a real possibility to be a lesbian submissive.

I was brought back to the present when Mary’s tone changed for certain words in the story. I began to listen as it became clear she was attempting to give me a message, tease me or test me; possibly all. As she continued to read the story, she continued to stress certain words like: obey, secret, bad, surprised, ecstatic and soon. I took the coded message as a clear indication that Mary was thrilled I had joined this exclusive secret club and that she planned to do something to me soon.

As soon as the story was done, I ordered my students back to class, hoping to get out of the library without having to have a conversation with Mary. Alas, Mary made sure that didn’t happen. She instructed our students to sit down as our librarian assistant read a second story to them.

Mary invited me to her office and I reluctantly and nervously followed. She closed the door and immediately spoke. “I can’t believe it was you. Mistress said she planned to add one more sub to her group from this school, but I never considered you as an option.”

Much to my surprise, I got defensive, feeling insulted that she didn’t think I was good enough for Constance. “And why wasn’t I an option?” I cattily asked.

The librarian smiled and laughed genuinely. “Oh don’t take it personally, Hannah. I just thought you were too strong to be broken by her. But I guess if she can have Betty crawling on the floor licking all the cum after an eight person gangbang, no one is impossible.”

“Eight person gangbang? Principal Pierce?” I mumbled in complete disbelief.

“Oh yes. Betty questioned Constance in front of a couple other subs and was punished by being gangbanged by the college football team. She wore a mask so the boys didn’t know who they were coming on and in. After all eight shot their loads, our dear Principal was ordered to clean the floor with her mouth.”

I didn’t say a word. If my mouth could drop to the floor like in those Roger Rabbit cartoons, mine would have. Finally I asked the question I was dreading, “How many others are there?”

“Here or total?”


“At this school you are number five; in our school division at least another five; if you add others in the community at least twenty-five or thirty.”

The numbers hit through me like a tornado touching the surface after spinning for days. “Twenty-five or thirty,” I muttered.

“Yep. But I am thrilled she chose you.”

“You are?”

“Yes, I have had a crush on you for a long time,”

“You have?” I questioned, in a haze of flattered confusion.

“Oh yes, but now is not the time to get into that conversation. You should get back to your students, but we are not done here, my dear.”

I nodded in acknowledgement and returned to the library. Once back in my class, I cursed that I didn’t ask who the other two were. I made it to lunch, barely, my nerves near the brink of a complete Lindsay Lohan type of collapse.

I went to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. I checked slyly for any other collars, now wanting to know. None of the cafeteria ladies were wearing the symbol of submission. I grabbed my lunch and returned to my room without any further incident. As I ate my lunch, I couldn’t decide what was more stressful: actually finding out who the other subs were or waiting to find out.

Just as I finished my lunch, I was paged to the office. I tossed my plate in the trash and headed to the office. I wasn’t overly worried about seeing a collar in the office. Our secretary was 55 and a sweet grandma who often baked cookies for the staff. Our Vice-principal was a male so he was safe. Lastly, although I now knew that Principal Pierce was a sub, she was always on supervision patrol at lunch, so it was very unlikely she would be in the office. That said, my nerves began to shake as I approached the office.

I reached the office and let out a gasp. Our sweet-as-cotton-candy secretary was wearing the same declaration of obedience I was. I couldn’t even begin to fathom a situation where she would submit sexually to Mrs. Peterson could transpire. It was completely unfathomable. She greeted, in her usual sweet voice, “I heard you had joined our group.”

“You?” I asked, unbelievably.

She shrugged, “I really had no choice. None of us do.”

Still in a state of shock, “How?”

“All in good time, my dear, all in good time,” the collared secretary said. “Ms. Pierce will see you now.”

I took a deep breath and walked into our ice queen of a principal’s office and closed the door.

“I suggest you lock the door, Hannah,” Ms. Pierce recommended.

Expecting the worst, I did as suggested and locked the door.

I turned around. Ms. Pierce was at her desk, a devious smile on her face, “Well hi there, Hannah. How was last night?”

As expected, the collar was on her neck. I looked down, avoiding eye contact, but instead got another surprise. A pair of heels was protruding out from under Ms. Pierce’s desk. I returned my confused, stunned, nervous and uncomfortable gaze back to Ms. Pierce. Then suddenly anger filled me when it occurred to me that she played a prominent part of yesterday’s seduction. “You knew about this,” I accused.

She shrugged, like it was no big deal, “Yes, I did, Hannah. It wasn’t my idea, but when Mistress explained her plan to seduce you I assisted as requested.”


“Oh don’t play victim on me. You desperately needed this.”

“How could you possibly know this?” I asked, my anger bubbling to the surface.

“Am I wrong?”

“That’s not the point,” I replied angrily.

Ms. Pierce’s tone shifted from conversational to authoritative, “Look Hannah, it no longer matters, does it? You, like me, Donna, Mary and the dyke between my legs, are subs to Mistress Constance. How it happened doesn’t matter. We are the chosen few.”

I glared at her, curiosity of who was under the desk beginning to nag at me. “You had no right.”

“Hannah, this is getting old. I want to ask you a simple question. Would you go back in time eighteen hours if you could and do anything different?”

My rage began to simmer. I considered the question and had mixed emotions. On the one hand, today had been the most stressful day in my life and I was an emotional mess…and it was only lunch. If I could go back to when life made sense, life would be so much easier. Yet, on the other hand, I had never felt so liberated and never felt so free as I had last night. Giving myself mind and body to someone was the freest I had ever felt, and I definitely wanted to have that feeling again. Not to mention I had never felt such sexual pleasure as I did last night and this morning.

Her moans were also distracting and I couldn’t help but have a growing part of me want to be the girl under the desk. I tried to erase the image from my head, but it kept remerging. I hated this bitch.

“I’ll take your long silence as a no you wouldn’t change yesterday. Am I right?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, defeated.

“Come here,” she ordered.

I tentatively obeyed.

“Now just so you know, we don’t usually have sex at school, but today is a special day. It isn’t every day we get an addition into our special group.”

I held my breath, oddly hoping to be told what to do.

“On your knees, Hannah.”

Remembering Mistress’s instructions to obey every command from a collared woman, I obeyed, my pussy already beginning to leak.

“You want to please me, don’t you?”

Although my mind wanted to yell ‘no, I don’t, you fucking bitch,’ my body was in control and I heard myself almost beg, “Yes, Ms. Pierce.”

“Yes what, Hannah?” she asked, definitely attempting to exert her power over me.

Frustrated, horny and surprisingly eager to please and obey my bitch of a principal, “Yes, I want to please you.”


Fuck she really wanted to put me in my place. Frustrated and wanting to show a bit of a spine, I decided to answer boldly, “I want to crawl under your desk and replace the slut currently pleasing you.”

Mrs. Pierce smiled, obviously happy with my naughty and submissive answer. Wanting confirmation and using my own words, “You are offering to replace the slut between my legs.”


Ms. Pierce rolled her chair back and allowed the slut, as I called her, to crawl out from underneath her desk.

Who I saw, face glistening in cunt juice, was one last shocking surprise. I was face to face with my best friend for the past three years, my neighbour, Amy. Her facial expression, like mine I am sure, was one of complete embarrassment. Her eyes seemed to be pleading an apology. I couldn’t believe it. Amy the married mother of two, a four year old and an 18 month old, was also a sub. It seemed so improbable, I still didn’t believe it even though I was currently witnessing it.

Ms. Pierce, clearly amused by the last revelation and my reaction to it, asked, “Are you going to get under there or what? Class begins in fifteen minutes.”

I gave one last look back at Amy, whose expression was unreadable, before I disappeared under my Principal’s desk. She rolled her chair back and her pussy was instantly in front of me. Much to my surprise, it was quite hairy, although I couldn’t see that well under the desk. I leaned forward and began to please my principal, the person who, before yesterday, was number three on my most hated list, behind only my bastard of an ex-husband and Constance. Due to the abundance of hair surrounding her cunt, the pleasing was substantially more challenging than my first time yesterday licking Mistress Constance’s shaved pussy. Oddly, her aroma was intoxicating, seemingly held in by her pubic hair. Concerned about time, I used my finger to fuck her as I attempted to lick her. Luckily, Amy already had her very wet and the double pleasure I gave her had her moaning rather quickly and I knew when she squeezed her legs tight against my head she was close. I hooked my finger inside her cunt, searching for her G-spot. Although slightly elusive, once I found it, her legs pulled me in and she came all over my mouth. I continued to lap at her juices until the chair rolled away. I quickly crawled from underneath the desk and stood up, desperate to end this humiliation. I perused the room, but Amy was gone.

“Wow, for a rookie, you have great potential.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I replied, not sure whether that was necessarily a good thing.

“You better go clean up before you return to class.”

She pointed to the bathroom in her office. I washed up and was thankful that I was not much of a make-up person. I returned to Ms. Pierce’s office.

“One last thing, Hannah.”

I feared what else there could possibly be. “Yes,” I replied, my tone going for annoyed.

“When we are alone, you may call me Betty.”

“Ok, Betty,” I responded, the name sounding odd and slightly bitter on my lips.

I left her office and returned to class. Knowing all four of Mistress’s other subs lifted a major burden. The anxiety I was feeling had dissipated and was replaced by dread and I pondered my next conversation with Amy. When had she submitted? Why didn’t I know? She taught Devon last year after returning from maternity and complained about him as well. Then suddenly it stopped. That must have been when she submitted, over a year ago.

Amy had become my best friend since we started teaching together three years ago. Last year, she moved across the street from me and we bonded even more. I was still married then, but when my marriage ended she was the one there for me. She listened, she supported, and she even played a little tough love to help get me back on my feet. She knew everything about me, until my life-altering change last night. I thought I knew everything about her, but apparently I didn’t.

The day ended finally. I had just finished packing up for the night when Amy came to visit. She closed the door and sat on top of one of the student’s desks. I noticed, for the first time, that the skirt she was wearing, while school appropriate, had a generous slit that when sitting like she was, revealed she was wearing thigh highs. A small smirk crossed my face, realizing she and I were now in the same predicament.

Amy broke the awkward silence, “Hannah, I am so sorry I never told you before.”

I whispered, as if people could hear our perverse conversation beyond these four walls, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have told me? Plus, how does one tell their best friend such a humiliating reality? It is not something that comes up in everyday conversation. Hi, how was your day? Good I bought a new outfit, tried a new recipe and, oh yeah, I became Constance Pederson’s submissive slave.”

I laughed. What else was there to do? She was right. Our situation was absurd and it is extremely unlikely, 99.9999 percent that I would have told Amy my situation if it hadn’t come out the way it did. “I’m sorry, Amy, I am not mad at you, I am mad at myself.”

Amy hopped off the desk to comfort me, wrapping her arms around me. Yesterday this would have been a simple friendly hug between two women, but today it could mean so many other things. She spoke gently, “Hannah, it is ok. I have accepted my role as her sub and for the most part it is not much different than before it occurred. She doesn’t expect a lot of my time, but she does expect total obedience.”

Tears ran down my cheeks like a rapid flowing river. “I couldn’t resist, Amy. I tried, but I couldn’t. Then to make matters worse, I really enjoyed it.”

“It’s ok, Hannah,” Amy comforted, “It’s ok.”

“No, it’s worse,” I blurted, “I crave it. I can’t get it out of my mind.”

“Trust me, Hannah, I understand. I was in the same situation you were, just a year ago.”

“How did it happen to you?” I blubbered through a wave of tears.

She rubbed my back, “The same as you I think. It was parent-teacher interviews and one minute I am defending the critical comments on Devon’s report card and next thing I know she was fingering me at my desk. Half an hour later, I was at her house and the rest is still a blur.”

“How do we end it?”

Amy asked sincerely, “Do you really want to end it? I know your next month will be intense as she tests you to make sure you will be loyal. But after that, things settle down.”

“Yes…no…I don’t know,” I blabbered, an incoherent mess, as I backed up a bit.

“It’s ok, Hannah. It will take some time to come to grips with what has happened. I know it is very overwhelming.”

“That is an understatement,” I joked, attempting to lighten the tense mood.

“But seriously, Hannah, I am always here for you. If you need to talk about this, I am here to listen.”

“I know, Amy, it’s just I don’t even know where to begin. I feel angry, confused, ashamed, lost, embarrassed, and mortified. Yet, I also feel excited, needed, and important. If that makes any sense,” I attempted to explain, not remotely understanding myself.

“I completely understand Hannah. I have been through every emotion you are feeling as well. I have only recently accepted the reality of who I am.” Amy paused, her eyes swimming directly into mine. She took a deep breath and nervously announced, “Hannah, I have to tell you something, I have wanted to tell you for quite some time.”

I wiped my tears away from my eyes, before looking directly into hers. “Amy, you can tell me anything. Apparently, you know everything about me.”

“I am a lesbian, Hannah. I have known this for a long time, but I had never completely come to grips with it. So when Constance seduced me, I didn’t even attempt to fight it. I wanted it. I needed it. She saw that in me and she seemed to have seen it in you too. Now I don’t mean I am bi or just a submissive for Mistress Constance. I mean I am in love with a woman. A beautiful, sexy, smart, sweet woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

I was shocked by this admission; she seemed to be happily married. I could only recall a handful of times she had complained about Eric. Being a good friend, “It’s Ok, Amy, I love you for who you are, the same way I know you love me and accept me. You mean the world to me Amy and I will be there for whatever you need.” As soon as I acknowledged this, I knew it was true. Amy was my lifeline, the one who was there whenever I needed it, selflessly helping me through my divorce, my job and even looking after my daughter Elaine.

It was Amy’s turn to break down. Tears flowed down her cheeks like wine. Suddenly I wanted to taste them. I took my finger and caught a tear and placed it to my lips. The sweetness warmed me. Amy was about to say something, but fearing it would break this intimate moment and a thirst I was desperate to quench, I was impulsive for one of the first times in memory. I leaned in and kissed her. I didn’t think first, I just let my instincts take over. She had been my best friend for a long time and this seemed so natural after a long day of very unnatural things. She returned the kiss and soon we were having our first kiss. We kissed for maybe a minute and just as I could feel the tingle in my spine flow up my back and my pussy began to feel that special warmth, Amy broke the kiss.

She looked directly into my eyes, “Hannah, I don’t want to take advantage of you during such a vulnerable time.”

“I kissed you,” I pointed out, tapping her nose with my finger.

“Are y-y-you s-sure?” Amy stuttered, her nervousness clearly prevalent.

“One hundred percent,” I responded, being sure about something for the first time in the last twenty-hour strange hours.

“Hannah,” Amy’s tears began to flow again, “It’s you!”

“Yes it is,” I responded, kiddingly, unclear of her intent.

“No, Hannah. I love you.”

“I love you too, Amy.”

“No, Hannah. I love you, love you. I love you in the I want-to-divorce-my-husband-move-in-with-you-and-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you kind of love you.”

Suddenly the world stopped. In this brief moment of clarity, a moment that only happens a couple times in one’s lifetime, I saw her, my life and the world for what it was. She was the one. And if it took the complete humiliation of submitting to Constance to realize what was right in front of my eyes, well so be it. Fate had a funny way of playing, but I wasn’t going to let this chance of happiness slip through my hands. “I love you too,” I proclaimed, my whole body warming inside, telling my heart the words I returned were true.

The smile on her face and the glow in her cheeks radiated from her as she hugged me again. An embrace so sweet, so tender, that I was putty in her arms. In her embrace, I felt at home for the first time since before my marriage collapsed. I felt love.

It’s funny though, the awkward silence that follows a declaration of love. She looked at me words on the tip of her tongue and I returned the gaze with words on the tip of mine.

Finally, Amy broke the silence, “Well now what?”

“Well, bastard who shall remain nameless has Elaine until 8 o’clock tonight. So let’s go to my place and talk in private. My mind is already thinking of a trillion questions to ask you and another part of me is thinking of a trillion things to do to you.”

“Oh my, Hannah,” Amy exclaimed, “If I had only known sooner.”

“I myself didn’t know, so how could you know?” I shrugged, reaching for my bag. “Meet you at my place?”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Amy guaranteed and followed me out of my class and to the parking lot.

During the drive home, away from Amy, I had time to think rationally. Did I really love her or was it just the heat of the moment? After a pros and cons list like I always do in my head, I concluded that yes, I loved her. Not just a friend love, but indeed a ‘I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you’ kind of love. Was I ready for such love? I realized whether I was ready or not, it was here, and my heart was speaking for me. The excitement of being in love and in a relationship with my best friend was countered by the fact that I had a six-year-old daughter and she had two young children. My daughter, obviously, knew Amy really well and called her Auntie. How would I explain this to my daughter? Or would I? Was I ready for the complications that came with a relationship, especially a same-sex relationship? I arrived at my house with all these questions swirling in my head and not an answer in sight. My horniness was long gone and replaced by excessive anxiety. I began to place roadblock after roadblock on my relationship before it started.

Luckily for my over-reactive brain, Amy pulled up into her driveway and I had to suppress the million nagging thoughts pecking at my brain.

Once inside, I grabbed a bottle of wine, filled both our glasses and brought the bottle with me to the living room. Amy was sitting down on the couch and I handed her a glass of wine and sat down beside her like I always had. We looked at each other and as soon as I saw the twinkle in the green of her eyes and the resonating warmth of her smile, my worries disappeared. She sipped her wine and asked concerned, as she put her hand on my stocking-covered knee, “Are you sure, Hannah?”

The warmth of her hand had me instantly distracted and instantly feeling the heat down below. And although I was not remotely sure what the future held, or if there was really a chance for us to be a real couple, I answered with all my heart, “I have never been surer of anything in my life, Amy.”

Her smile grew wider and she took my wine glass and put both on the table. Returning to me, she put both hands on my cheeks and, without a word, leaned in for a kiss. I could feel fireworks explode in my head as our lips touched and her tongue slipped inside my mouth. The kiss began soft and tender, but slowly grew in heat and passion. We were making out like two teenagers on a first date, our tongues exploring every crevice of each other’s mouths. My breathing got heavier and I became desperate to do more. My hands began to explore Amy’s body. She did the same. Her hands caressing my arms and legs had me weak at the knees and I was thankful to be sitting. As if hearing my inner thoughts, Amy broke the kiss and pulled me up. She fumbled with my zipper as she fervently attempted to get my dress off. Once off, she gently pushed me back onto the couch and onto my back. I lay on the couch like prey, and as my predator looked me over, I could sense her need to devour me. Her smile of lust was like an aphrodisiac and I was desperate to be the main course. Much to my surprise, and at first disappointment, she didn’t devour me whole. Instead I became a full course meal. She took off my heels and took my pinkie toe in her mouth. She sucked on it, in essence making love to my toe. She continued this erotic teasing, taking each of my toes into her mouth and repeating the sensual tease. My moans continued with each toe. She followed the slow seduction, by repeating the process with my other foot. Time stood still as she savoured each of my toes through the sheer nylon. Once the last toe had been individually pleased, she lifted my foot up straight and licked the sole of my foot. It tickled slightly, but the sensation was unbelievable. She didn’t seem to miss an inch of my foot. Again, she repeated the process on my other stocking-clad foot, making me a bowl of jelly and she hadn’t even touched any of my special spots.

Speaking for the first time in fifteen minutes, “How are you doing, Hannah?”

“Exquisite,” I replied, being a bit coy.

“Oh, I haven’t even gotten started, my pet.”

‘My pet’. A chill went up my spine at Amy using the same pet name that Mistress Constance had just yesterday used in her seduction of me. I wondered if that meant she was my Mistress too, or was it just word play? I left the question unanswered. I was again distracted by the touch of Amy’s lips, which were ever so gently kissing my ankle and slowly, like a turtle walking, moved up my leg. As Amy’s head moved closer to my vagina, I thought I might explode. Her erotic teasing had me where I had never been before. Her head finally reached my pussy. She paused and deliberately made eye contact with me. She smiled and extended her tongue. Her tongue lightly brushed my pussy lips, yet another tease. After less than fifteen seconds of attention to my desperate pussy, she moved away and down my other leg. I thought I would explode, my body reacting to the incredible tease. She continued down my leg, kissing and nibbling my entire body. Once she reached my foot, she paused, bit my toe gently and slid her tongue up my entire leg. Again she reached my pussy and again she gave nothing more than a tease, rolling over it as she progressed up my body. She kissed my belly, tongued my belly button and moved up to my breasts.

Speaking for the first time in minutes, she ordered, although gently, “Take your bra off, Hannah.”

I moved up a bit and obeyed the command, allowing my small breasts to come free.

Amy purred, “Your nipples are hard, baby. Is that because of me?”

“Yes,” I moaned back, slightly embarrassed at how excited she had made me. “You are driving me crazy.”

Amy winked, “I am going to make love to you Hannah. Every part of you needs to be worshipped.”

I blushed even more, I imagine. Amy pushed me back onto my back and began kissing my breasts. At first she kissed and licked my breasts, occasionally allowing her tongue or lips to lightly touch my nipple. The teasing was both exhilarating and frustrating. I was not used to having my body worshipped. I was used to my body being used for the pleasure of others, by my ex-husband, the few boys I dated back in the day and most recently last night by Mistress Constance. I wanted to be fucked, to be used and was not sure how to deal with this gentleness. As if she heard my inner thoughts, she began to bite my breasts and once on each breast she sucked my nipple into her mouth. I let out a loud moan, her warm mouth on my nipples allowing a chill to flow up my spine. Amy continued up my body to my neck, another weak spot, and finally my ear, my ultimate wet spot. As her hot breath and tongue bathed my ear, she repositioned her knee so it was directly against my pussy. I let out more of a scream than a moan, while Amy whispered, “You like that, baby?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, my body completely at her every whim.

She bit my ear, harder than expected, before our lips met again. I attempted to hint to her my eagerness to come as I kissed her with reckless passion. Desperate to come, I attempted to rub my pussy on Amy’s leg in an attempt to get off. Amy broke the kiss, “No, no, baby. All in good time, baby. Just let Amy treat you like you need to be treated.”

I began, “Please Amy, I need….”

But she put her finger to my lips, “Shhhh, baby, just let Amy take care of you. I promise you it will be worth the wait.”

She moved back down my body, her tongue again meandering haphazardly on my skin. Once she reached my now wet pussy, she ordered, “Turn around, baby.”

I obeyed and was on my knees, my arms resting on the couch. I couldn’t see her well, but could feel her tongue and lips on my ass. She worshipped my ass like she had the rest of my body: with kisses, licks, nibbles and bites. I was a horny mess by this time. She pushed my ass slightly forward and pulled my ass cheeks apart. Much to my surprise, I felt her tongue on my rosebud. I couldn’t believe it. My best friend, who had been with me through thick and thin, was now tonguing my asshole. It was really incomprehensible. Even more shocking was how good her tongue felt in my taboo area. I let out another moan, the teasing and random pleasing driving me mad. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a finger slip inside my pussy.

“Aaaaahh,” I bellowed, shocked by the sudden penetration and just as equally thrilled by it.

Amy pumped her fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy for a brief time and just as suddenly pulled them out, leaving my pussy an abandoned mess.

“Please Amy, put them back in,” I begged, pushing my ass back, blindly attempting to find her fingers.

Amy spanked my ass, not hard, but not playful either. “Patience, baby, patience,” she instructed in a tone that hinted at dominance. I wanted to yell at her to quit teasing me and just fuck me, but I didn’t. A second slap on my ass followed, slightly harder, and she commanded, “Baby, turn back around.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I accidently replied. I attempted to correct myself, “I-I-I ….”

“Mistress,” Amy mused, her finger slowly caressing my inner thigh. Her tone shifting to serious, “Do you want me to be your Mistress, Hannah?”

Her eyes bored into me, her smile not giving away whether she was serious or not. Unsure what to say, I finally stammered, “I-I-I-um.”

“You do want me to be your Mistress, don’t you baby?” Before I could respond and admit my true desire to be her loyal, willing, unconditional sub, she, thankfully, went between my legs and began licking. After all the gentleness of the past hour, I was expecting a similar tenderness when she finally began licking me. Instead, I got an all out assault on my pussy. She went directly to my clit and sucked on it, attempting to swallow it whole. I let out an earth shattering scream the moment my best friend’s mouth made contact. I orgasmed in only a few seconds. As the orgasm quaked through my entire being, Amy let my clit slip out of her mouth, but kept licking. The continued licking of my cunt with constant pressure from Amy, kept my juices flowing and as the first orgasm began to dissipate, a second orgasm was already building. Amy kept licking, moving her whole head up and down, almost like she was bobbing on a cock. I watched closely, mesmerized by the sight of my beautiful, sweet, compassionate best friend, pleasuring me in a way I couldn’t even have begun to imagine twenty-four hours ago. Her eyes met mine and I blushed, feeling like I had just been caught stealing from the cookie jar. Yet, unlike shy and insecure me, I didn’t break eye contact. Instead I continued to gaze into the eyes of my best friend. She seemed to smile, although it was hard to tell with her mouth full of my pussy. She began to hum on my pussy lips, and a new sensation hit me. Almost instantly, a second orgasm flowed through me even greater than the first. I screamed, “Oh my God Amy, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Amy obliged, continuing to lick my soaking wet cunt. My juices flooded out of me like a tidal wave. My best friend licked and licked, continuing to please me as I almost hyperventilated from the pure pleasure. She slowed down while I slowly attempted to regain my breath. Just when I thought I was done, Amy surprised me again. She suddenly slid two fingers into my cunt. The suddenness made me scream in delicious joy and while she finger-fucked me hard and fast, she took my clit back in her mouth. Again unaware of my words, I screamed, “Yes Mistress, make your slut cum. Fuck her hard.” The intense double pleasure was too much and a third powerful orgasm hit me with full force. I realized my words only after they escaped my mouth. Amy didn’t say anything while she continued pleasing me. Long past propriety, I continued my vocal babble, “Fuck, Amy, I have never felt so good. Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk.”

The intense pressure was too much, my pussy raw from the constant coming and I had to push Amy’s expert mouth away. “Stop, stop, oh my God, I can’t take anymore.”

Amy’s smile was one of pure satisfaction. She stood up and said, her tone a bit more powerful than I had ever heard from her, “Ok, pet. Calling me Mistress once could be seen as a slip of the tongue, but twice, well that is curious.” She took off her shirt. Once off, she discarded it on the floor. While she unzipped her skirt, she explained, “Baby, you are completely submissive aren’t you?”

“I think so,” I whispered, somewhat ashamed.

Her skirt fell to the floor, displaying a beautiful shaved pussy, with a nice patch of hair above her clit. Her eyes never left mine. “So baby, are you ready to please me?”

I wanted nothing more. This time I knew exactly what I was saying when I responded, “Yes, Mistress Amy.”

Amy directed me to come to her using only her finger. I surprised her, I think, when I got on the floor and crawled the few feet to her. Suddenly anxiety filled me. I so desperately wanted to please her, I was worried I would be a disappointment, especially after what she had just done do me. She asked, “You want to taste your Mistress’s pussy, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress Amy,” I responded, “but I am worried I won’t please you the way you just pleased me.”

“Oh baby, just do what is natural,” she comforted.

Following her instructions, I sat up on my knees and began to lick Amy’s pussy while she stood. As soon as my tongue made contact with her pussy, she moaned, “That’s it baby, lick my pussy.”

Although difficult to get comfortable, I continued licking her pussy lips, her heavenly scent and taste were an amazing assault on my senses. Deciding to attempt to tease her and at the same time show her I wanted to be her submissive, I moved away from her delicious nectar and kissed her thigh. I slowly, like she had done to me, moved down her leg, kissing gently her stocking-clad leg. When I reached her foot, I bent down and kissed her perfectly manicured toes, like a servant waiting further instruction.

“Baby, you really are the most submissive woman I have ever met. You get wet being told what to do, don’t you baby?”

“Yes,” I answered, no longer even ashamed by the reality of who I really was.

“Kiss my feet, baby, suck my toes like a good little sub,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress Amy,” I eagerly responded, happy to be told exactly what to do. No longer surprisingly, my pussy began to get a special tingling again.

I sucked each of her toes one at a time, as she had mine. I took my time, attempting to suck each toe in my mouth like a small cock. Pleasing her feet so thoroughly was exciting, although a bit difficult because of the sheer nylons on her feet. Once done, I moved to her other foot and repeated the gentle pleasure.

Once I was finished, her breathing now heavier, she asked, “Do you have any toys?”

“Just a vibrator.”

“Well we will have to work on adding to your collection, baby,” she advised. Sitting on the couch, she ordered, “Go get it, baby.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed and began to get up.

“No, no, baby. I like you on all fours like a good sub, a good pet. I want to watch you crawl and get it. Bring it back to me in your mouth like you are carrying a bone.”

I fell back on all fours, “Yes, Mistress, your wish is my command.” I crawled away, feeling her eyes bearing down on me. Such an order should have humiliated me, yet it actually made me hornier. The feeling of complete submission, of unconditional obedience, was liberating. And, unlike with Mistress Constance, where I never felt safe and was always nervous and scared, with Amy I felt completely at home and safe, completely comfortable and eager to make her happy. The stairs were a bit awkward at first and somewhat humiliating, but I fulfilled the instructions, retrieving my fuck-toy and returning on all fours with the toy in my mouth. If going up the stairs was awkward, going down was an adventure in balance. I went slowly, scared to stumble down the stairs, but also determined to not disobey a direct order.

Brief Summary: Jenny attempts to fulfill an order from one of her two Mistresses, when she meets with her unknowing teacher to finish a seduction she had slowly been doing all week (a brief sub-plot in Bedding the Babysitter 3).

Note 1: I recommend you read parts 1-3 to know the complete story of Jenny from shy, nervous in the closet lesbian to submissive, sexy cheerleader and seductress. That said, you only need to read part 3 to learn the set-up of her seduction of her teacher that she completes in this chapter.

Note 2: A special thanks to all who have e-mailed me about Jenny and requested I continue the story.

Note 3: Last, but certainly not least, a special thank you goes to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit.


SUNDAY FEBRUARY 9th: Mission Completed

I dressed in my cheerleader outfit and red thigh highs and headed to Starbucks, getting there fifteen minutes early. I ordered my drink and bought one for Miss Morgan as well, and sat down at an open booth where I could see Miss Morgan when she arrived, if she arrived. I sat for ten minutes, fidgeting at my boldness. And at 11:28 Miss Morgan, dressed in a pretty, but conservative, blue dress and black pantyhose walked in the door. She surveyed the room and stopped, face aghast, when she saw me. She stood frozen for a few seconds before joining me at the booth.

I smiled, handed her a coffee, and greeted, “Hi, Miss Morgan”

She sat down tentatively and took the drink. I could tell her mind was reeling. She was clearly attempting to come to grips with the reality of the situation. Silence lingered between us. I waited for a response from her, my heart pounding.

Finally, in a whisper so soft I could barely make out her words, “I can’t believe it is you, Jenny.”

“Did you have no idea?” I asked.

“No, although based on the past week, I guess it makes sense,” she said, still dazed. “H-h-how did you change so much, so quickly?”

I explained, “This may be hard to believe, but I found a Mistress and she opened up a whole new world to me.”

Miss Morgan still looked completely out of her comfort zone. I could tell she was fighting her conscience. She took a nervous sip of her coffee, “Who is your Mistress?”

I smiled, I was pretty sure I had her, “Well my main Mistress is a neighbour of mine, Mistress Megan.” I paused, making sure she was listening when I announced my other Mistress. I looked deep into her eyes, “My school Mistress, the one responsible for my sudden popularity is….”

“Karen,” she whispered, putting two and two together.

“Yes,” I confirmed, “How did you know that?”

“Just thinking about the week and how odd you were acting and I recalled Karen’s smirks,” Miss Morgan reflected.

I agreed, “Yes, Mistress Karen has been giddy all week with the thought of your seduction.”

“Oh my God,” Miss Morgan gasped, “Karen knows about this too?”

“Yes, it was her idea, but it is ok, Miss Morgan. Mistress Megan is in control of Karen too and there is one key rule to submission. Never, ever, please and tell.”

Miss Morgan laughed and then caught herself. Her smile faded and a serious facade replaced it. “This can’t happen Jenny. I am your teacher.”

“If that is how you feel, Miss Morgan, I will respect that,” I responded. “But, before you reject me, keep in mind I will never tell. I will be your perfect little pet. You know that I always strive to do the best at everything I do.” I slipped my foot out of my shoe and allowed my foot to slide up my teacher’s leg.

This startled her, but as I hoped, she did not move away or ask me to stop. Instead, she asked, already wavering, “But what if someone finds out?”

“No one will, Miss Morgan,” I assured her, “Plus we are both consenting adults, free to ravish each other in any and every way imaginable.”

A second gasp and a flush of red escaped Miss Morgan while she tried to deal with her conflicting emotions.

Attempting to push the envelope, aggressive even for me, I offered, “If you wish me to show my true loyalty to you Miss Morgan, I will crawl under the table and please you right here, right now.”

“Oh Jenny,” she said, flushed, “Stop that.”

“Am I making you wet?” I queried, teasingly. She didn’t answer as I allowed my foot to slide up a bit more, now under her dress.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?” I asked.

“Not here,” she got out.

I reached for my purse and pulled out a piece of paper. I asked, confident I was right, “When you were chatting with me the other day you said you couldn’t stop thinking of a certain student. It was me, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” Miss Morgan answered, not making eye contact with me.

“And,” I began before pausing for dramatic effect, “you said and I quote you ‘I want to take you home and use you as my personal sex slave’”.

“Oh my God,” she blurted, looking up, “Did I really say that?”

I handed her the transcript of our chat. She reread the entire conversation before finally speaking. “Ok Jenny, I did say that, but it was role play and I had no idea I was talking to an actual student.”

My foot moved to within an inch of her pussy. Inside I was confident I had won. “Can we go back to your place?”

When Miss Morgan didn’t answer, I moved my foot so it was touching her panty-covered crotch. “I, um, we can’t, we just can’t.” To my surprise, she stood up and apologized, “Sorry, Jenny, I just can’t do this.” Before I could respond, Miss Morgan hastily made her retreat.

After she left, I finished my coffee, contemplating what went wrong. After a couple of weeks of living a very charmed life, I guess I was bound to fail. I texted Karen and told her of my epic failure. She didn’t immediately respond, so I finished my coffee and went to the bookstore, my personal solitude whenever I was feeling down.

I went to the teen section and browsed the new titles. There is just something so exciting about holding a book in your hand. Looking at the cover, reading the brief summary on the back or inside the book jacket, and reading other authors praise the book. I spent an hour browsing through title after title, making a list on my Ipod touch notebook of books that caught my interest. If I bought every book I wanted to read, I would never have any money. I finally settled on a novel called Delirium. It was about a time in the future, where when you turn eighteen you have an operation to prevent a disease…LOVE. It sounded interesting and different from other novels, plus I was definitely struggling with the word LOVE. I loved my time with Mistress Megan, I loved my one time at the Le Chateau Club, I loved the attention I got at school now, I loved being submissive to Karen and I loved the thrill of the chase with Miss Morgan, even if I did fail. But mostly, although I wouldn’t label it love, or lust either, my feelings for Ashley were different from anything I had ever felt before. I mean, I had greatly enjoyed my newfound submissiveness and all that followed, but my time with Ashley was different. I felt something more than just pleasure, something more than just the heat of the moment, something completely different and foreign. I couldn’t explain it, or quantify it, but none the less it was embedded deep in my heart. I wanted to call her, but really had no idea what to say. How do you attempt to have a normal conversation the day after such a night of naughty and yet romantic sex? Even though I was pretty confident she felt the same way I did, how does one know for sure? Especially under the circumstances we began our relationship, me a cheerleading sub and all. Not to mention, even if we did start a taboo lesbian relationship, I already had not one but two Mistresses. Could I give that up? Did I want to give it up? These questions spun in my head like a tilt-a-wheel until I thought I might be sick.

I grabbed a fruit smoothie and a muffin, and sat down to read and relax. I wasn’t three pages in when I heard a voice I knew. I glanced up from the novel I had just started and, sure enough, it was Miss Morgan ordering a drink too, a bag of books in her hand.

She hadn’t seen me yet. I contemplated the odds of seeing her again an hour later. Concluding they weren’t good, I took it as fate’s way of giving me a second shot.

Once she received her drink, a fruit smoothie as well, she turned around and saw me. I joked, “Fancy meeting a girl like you in a place like this.”

She chuckled nervously. “Sorry for the hasty retreat this morning. I just needed time to think.”

Realizing I might still have a chance, I asked, “Did you have time to think?”

She scanned the room, looking for I don’t know what, before sitting down beside me. “Yes, I did.”

She seemed to be struggling with what to say next. “And?” I questioned, attempting to lead her on.

“I can’t get you out of my mind,” she confessed.

Inside I was giddy with excitement, but outside played it cool, offering an olive branch. “The offer from this morning still stands, Miss Morgan.”

She seemed to be attempting to process this when I decided to take a risk. I kissed her; a quick, yet passionate three-second kiss. As expected, she didn’t break it. Instead I did and whispered into her ear, “I will be at the front of the mall in five minutes. If you want to take me up on my offer, pick me up. If you don’t, I will catch the bus and head home.” I bit her ear gently and allowed my hot breath to linger. She gave just the softest of moans, the evidence I needed to feel confident my seduction was working. Satisfied I had enticed her, I stood up and walked away. I was tempted to look back, but resisted.

I couldn’t believe how excited and nervous I was while I waited to see if my boldness paid off. Two weeks ago I was too shy to even complain when my order was wrong at McDonald’s. Now I had just propositioned my teacher. I checked the time, every few seconds, hoping I enticed her enough.

Just as I was beginning to think I had failed a second time, Miss Morgan pulled up. I got in the passenger side and she quickly sped off, like she was the getaway driver in a bank robbery.

Once on the road, she said, “I can’t believe we are going to do this.”

I attempted to comfort her and convince her she made the right decision. “Me either, Miss Morgan. I have wanted this to happen for a long time.”

“Really?” she asked, surprised.

“Miss Morgan, I began to think I might be a lesbian when I started taking your class. I began dreaming about you. I fantasized kissing you, touching you, pleasing you. I just never thought you might be interested in someone like me.”

“Oh my God, Jenny, I have had inappropriate thoughts about you all semester. Way before you began to dress so provocatively. I loved how cute, innocent and pure you looked,” my teacher confessed.

Insecurity hit me. “Do you mean you like the old me more?”

“No, but the old you was more the real you, don’t you think?”

The conversation was getting very real. I knew I had changed a lot these past couple of weeks in all areas, but not once did I think it was a bad thing. Was I losing the real me? Was the old me even the real me? If not, who was the real me? These thoughts ricocheted around my head like a racquetball. I announced my sudden insecurities. “I don’t know who the real me is anymore, Miss Morgan.”

“Just do what you want to do Jenny. Don’t do things for others’ approval. You are a great young lady and have a bright future ahead of you.”

Tears began to roll down my cheeks. It was strange to have someone tell me to be myself, especially when I no longer knew who that was. Finally, I spoke the only truth I knew for sure. “Miss Morgan I am still trying to figure out who I am. I don’t know what I want to do next year, I don’t know where I want to be next year, but I do know where I want to be right now.” I put my hand on her knee and squeezed gently.

Her face turned red and her breathing changed just slightly. “Jenny, are you sure?”

“Miss Morgan, I am unsure of many things in life. But when it comes to this,” I paused, “I have never been surer of anything in my life.”

We arrived at her house and pulled into her garage. Once parked, Miss Morgan seemed to hesitate, unsure what to do next. I moved my hand under her dress. Pantyhose blocked access to the pussy I now craved to sample. I leaned in and kissed her again, making sure she didn’t have time for second thoughts. My tongue parted her lips and, although tentative at first, Miss Morgan kissed me back. I pushed my finger hard onto her covered crotch as we kissed. She moaned into my mouth, and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. It was passionate, it was gentle. It was exactly how I had imagined it so many nights while in my bed with just me and my fingers. I felt a tingle down below and finally broke the kiss. I began to unbutton her blouse. She stopped me, attempting to catch her breath, “Let’s go inside, Jenny.”

Attempting to push the envelope, “Yes, Mistress Morgan, anything you say.”

She gave a slightly startled look, but didn’t say anything as she got out of the car and led me into her house. Once inside, we went straight to her bedroom and it was now Miss Morgan’s turn to surprise me. She pushed me onto her bed and crawled on top of me. She leaned in to kiss me. Her lips barely touching mine, she kissed me ever so gently. She followed the soft pecks by sucking on my lower lip. I had never been kissed like that and it was driving me crazy, making my pussy very damp. She moved down to my neck and gave soft nibbles and teasing sucks, spending enough time on each spot to potentially leave a hickey. Slowly she moved down my body and pulled me up so she could take off my shirt. “Oh, my,” escaped her lips when she saw my tight white breasts, still bundled in my white lace bra.

I shivered slightly, suddenly cold, and feeling like prey to my salivating teacher. She kissed the tops of my breasts while reaching behind to unbuckle my bra and release my breasts. Once freed from their confines, Miss Morgan cupped both in her hands and looked like a child in a candy store. She spent at least ten minutes adoring my breasts. She kissed, nibbled, and sucked on my nipples. The tenderness and deliberate teasing had me on the edge of complete ecstasy, desperate to come soon. I whimpered, “Mistress, please let me come.”

She bit my nipple, not hard, but hard enough to make a statement. “Princess, lay back and enjoy. I want to savour every minute of our time together.” She bit my other nipple, before sliding her tongue down my belly. I had never had someone use her tongue in my belly button, but the feeling was shockingly erotic. Maybe because it was so close to my pussy, maybe because I was so horny or maybe it was simply another erogenous zone in my overactive horny body. Either way, when her head moved lower and under my cheerleader’s skirt, I let out an excited moan.

Miss Morgan asked, “Is one of your orders no underwear?”

“Yes, Mistress Morgan,” I responded, my breath giving away my anticipated eagerness.

“Please call me Cameron, Princess.”

“As in Cameron Diaz?” I had to ask.

“The one and only,” she whispered, her finger making just the slightest of contact with my pussy.

“Aaaaaah,” I let out. “I thought your first name was Wanda.”

“That is my middle name. I can’t have people knowing my real identity online.”

“That makes sense,” I whimpered again, her finger teasing me.

“You have such a beautiful vagina, Princess.”

She leaned in and under my skirt. I moaned in reply, as her tongue made contact with my pussy lips, “Thank you, Mistress Cameron.”

Her tongue explored my whole pussy region. She slowly moved her tongue up and down my lips, lightly teasing me. Her tongue slid below my pussy lips and teased the crack of my ass. I wanted to see her, so I begged, “Can you take my skirt off, Mistress? I want to be able to watch you.”

She moved out from underneath my skirt and, without a word, reached for my skirt. I lifted my ass to assist her and soon I was only wearing thigh-high red stockings. She smiled seductively before returning to my feverish pussy. She continued the slow meandering teasing, still avoiding my clit. I could feel juice beginning to leak out of me, her teasing driving me to the brink. My moaning began to increase with each lick of my teacher’s tongue. Suddenly, just when I couldn’t take it anymore, she slid a finger inside my pussy while at the same time taking my swollen clit into her mouth. In a second, I screamed, “Oh my fucking God, Miss Morgan, I’m coming.” An electric jolt tore through my body as an orgasm exploded out of me and through me. Miss Morgan let go of my clit, but kept finger-fucking me as she licked the juices leaking out of me. Much to my surprise, the continued attention kept my body revved up and, as one orgasm simmered, a second began bubbling inside. I begged, “Oh yes, Mistress Cameron, don’t stop, make me come again.” A second finger slid inside me, joining the first, and I let out a squeal of delight. She again took my clit into her mouth and somehow licked it while at the same time sucking it in her beautiful mouth.

The sensation and the stretching of my tight pussy had me again on the verge of orgasmic bliss. To my surprise, Miss Morgan finally spoke, her words sending shivers through me, “That’s it baby, come for teacher, come harder than you ever have, Princess.”

Hearing my sweet, beautiful teacher order me to come was the final breaking point. My body shuttered to a second, smaller, but still gloriously beautiful orgasm. “Oh yes, Mistress, you are too good to me,” I moaned, pure pleasure resonating inside me.

Miss Morgan pulled her two fingers out of me. She lapped up my juices for another minute, before sitting back up and moving beside me. Lying face to face with me, my juices coating her face, she complimented, “You have the most delicious pussy I have ever tasted.”

The compliment sent a chill up my spine. I am sure I blushed as I responded graciously, “Thank you, I bet you taste divine yourself.”

It was Miss Morgan’s turn to blush. “I get very few complaints.”

“I bet you don’t,” I teased, before asking, “Anyone I know get the privilege of pleasing you?”

Her face went from blissful to panic as she responded, too quickly, “Oh, no, no. I was just talking hypothetically.”

Her reaction told me she had at least one lover and I wondered if it was someone I knew, but decided not to push it, deciding instead that it was time to return the favour. I attempted to be seductive, “Miss Morgan, is there anything I can do for you?”

I could tell she was slightly nervous, which seemed ironic after what she had just done to me. I could tell she was trying to find a way to tell me what to do, so I decided to do it for her. I moved up and kissed her gently. I pulled her up and unzipped her dress. With a bit of a struggle, I took off my teacher’s blue dress. I was then face to face with her beautifully firm breasts, barely being held inside her white lace bra. I kissed the top of her breasts while I fumbled with the buckle of her bra. Eventually, I released my teacher’s large breasts from her fabric prison and took one of her nipples into my mouth. Miss Morgan moaned and I cupped, fondled and sucked on her large ‘C’ breasts for a long time, becoming completely lost in them. Finally, I moved down her body and slowly pulled off her pantyhose. I suggested, “Miss Morgan, for future reference, it is way easier to get to your appetizing pussy if you wore thigh-high stockings.”

“I will have to buy some then,” she replied, her breath already anticipating my tongue.

Once I had her pantyhose off, I slowly removed her pink undies. I returned between her legs, eager to taste her. Her pussy was not shaved nor really hairy, just natural. I buried my head between her legs. Her legs stiffened, anticipating my touch, but I teased, “Miss Morgan, can I eat your pussy?”

NOTE 1: I highly recommend you read part one if you haven’t already. But to refresh your memory, or entice you to go read part one, here is a quite summary. In part one a happily married teacher is seduced by one of her tough pretty students and slowly her long lost and hidden sexual naughtiness is rekindled. In the end, she submits to the grade 12 eighteen year old and becomes her pet. A plot twist at the end adds a second woman…

NOTE 2: Part one was strictly a lesbian tale. Part 2 includes toys, a glory hole and interracial sex. If any of that offends you please stop reading now. Part 3 will return with the continuation of her final lesbian submission.

NOTE 3: This story is dedicated to Brittany who was the original inspiration for the Julie character.

NOTE 4: A special thanks goes to the thankless job of editing my meandering tales. Thank you, thank you, thank you…ESTRAGON.

NOTE 5: Lastly, a thank you to all my fans who voted for part one and who have e-mailed me their suggestions and compliments.


Three seconds after part one ended…

After her Mother left, Julie ordered I fuck her as planned before we were interrupted. I obeyed nervously knowing her Mom was in the next room. I went behind the 18-year-old and easily slipped the fake cock into her. Desperate to get done, I fucked her like a man: hard and fast. Julie seemed to like this as her moaning increased quickly and she began talking dirty. “Keep fucking me, my pet,” or “That’s it my pet, fuck your Mistress.”

It took much longer than it had for me to get off, but when she did she screamed loud enough for the earth to move and for her Mother to know as well. I was long past mortified, but was also long past the point of no return.

After she had finished enjoying her orgasm, my mind a muddled mess of what would happen next, she suggested we should go into Mistress’ room as she was not one to wait.

I repeated mindlessly, my facial expression clearly one of utter confusion and embarrassment, “Mistress?”

Julie shrugged and responded, “It’s a long story, my pet, which I’ll tell you about some day. But for now, it is time to present you to her.”

Still reeling in overwhelmed confusion, I repeated like a zombie, “A present?”

Julie gave a slight sigh as she explained to me, “Just do as you are told and everything will be fine.” She pulled me up and took me by the hand and I obediently and nervously followed.

We entered her mother’s room and I saw her mother on her bed still fully dressed, with an odd unexplainable smile on her face. Julie immediately went to the foot of the bed and kneeled. I mindlessly followed and knelt down too.

A dead eerie silence filled the room. An eternity seemed to pass before Julie’s mom finally spoke.

“So my Julie, who is your new pet?”

“It’s Mrs. Walker, the teacher I told you about, Mistress.”

I broad smile crossed the mother’s face. She looked at me and said. “Wow, my slut that was ahead of schedule.”

Julie responded. “Yes, Mistress, she desperately needed to submit, even if she didn’t know it.”

My face went an even redder shade if that is possible, my utter shame on display.

“Is that true, Mrs. Walker?” Julie’s mom asked.

I looked at her speechless, before eventually stuttering, “I-I-I don’t know.”

Her amused smile never left as she stated, ever so matter-of-factly, “Well it is very simple, Mrs. Walker. Did you enjoy submitting to my Julie?”

Still ruby red, I contemplated my answer. In truth, I had never felt as sexually alive and sexually needed as I did when Julie seduced me and then took me. But still, making such feelings verbally spoken, to her mother was mortifying. That said, I was naked on my knees, so really did it matter? So admitting the truth, I answered, “Yes, I did.”

Julie’s mother ordered her daughter, “You did well, my slut. Now come get your reward.” She parted her Hooters pantyhose covered legs to reveal her shaved pussy which was in plain view, having cut a generous hole in her pantyhose.

I watched, in stunned silence, as Julie, looked at me, smiled and winked, crawled onto the bed and between her mother’s outstretched legs.

I gave out a slight gasp as I watched the incestual sexual act. Julie’s mom, seeing my shocked expression, explained, as Julie’s head disappeared, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. Julie is not my daughter. She is a girl I took in last year after the overdose of her real mother, a co-worker of mine.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster, still bewildered by the whole scenario.

“Julie is a very good girl,” she moaned, Julie’s tongue clearly having an effect on the big breasted mother figure. She added, “You can call me Candy, Mistress Candy.”

I looked at her feeling overwhelmed as I tried desperately to filter all these mixed feelings in my head. Part of me wanted to run, rewind the past two hours and keep on living my mundane, but controllable life. Another part of me was curious about the final training Candy had mentioned earlier. Another part of me, just wanted to completely let go and submit entirely not only to Julie, but also to this unknown, but clearly dominant woman. I also wondered almost to in unhealthy obsession, who else was part of this harem, Julie had earlier referred to.

Candy, seemingly aware of the inner turmoil I was currently feeling, attempted to comfort me through a moan, “Don’t worry, my pet, you need this. You want to submit to me, your mind is trying to fight it, but your body can’t lie.” She held out her hand to me, implying I was to wait as I watched her have an orgasm. She screamed, “That’s it baby, make mommy cum. Fuck me faster, slut. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!”

I watched in fascinated silence, my pussy betraying anything my mind was repulsed by, as I felt wetness slithering down my leg.

Once recovered, she continued reading my mind, “Your mind is saying this is so wrong. It is adamantly trying to convince you to get off your knees and run. But your knees feel like they are cemented to the ground, refusing to budge. Your cunt is dripping wet right now, just anticipating your complete training, your full submission, isn’t it, my pet?”

I again looked at the voluptuous woman and wanted to say she was wrong, but the fire burning down below and the undeniable yearning to submit to her was too hard to fight. I answered, full of shame, yet flushed with anticipation, “Yes, ma’am, I am very wet.”

“Let’s take a good look at my daughter’s new pet’s merchandise. Get that cunt up here and straddle me, my pet.”

My knees instantly broke free of the invisible chains holding me down. I awkwardly got up, looked at Julie, who was watching me from between her guardian’s legs, and climbed onto the bed. I nervously presented my vagina to this older woman.

After straddling her face, I sat awkwardly as she touched and probed my wet and vulnerable pussy. Although I felt like a piece of meat, my body felt electric shots of pleasure with each forbidden touch. When her tongue touched my cunt, I let out an earth-shaking scream and felt an orgasm already building in me. In only moments of her tongue teasing, I was cumming like a high school boy, unable to control myself. I shook in undeniable pleasure, before collapsing forward.

“You got quite the pussy trigger, don’t you, my pet?” she teased.

Humiliated, I kept my face in the blankets as I tried to regain my breath. I felt a soft spank on my naked ass, and jumped slightly, turning around to look at Julie’s guardian, Mistress or whatever the heck she was.

Candy smiled, “You probably should be getting home, my pet.”

I looked at my watch, a wedding anniversary present from my husband, and was shocked to see how late it was and how much time had actually passed. I responded, “Yes, I should,” and began to get off the bed.

Both women watched me as Candy explained, “You understand that you are both my and Julie’s pet and sub, right?”

I looked her unsure as I wavered, “Um, this probably shouldn’t go on past tonight.”

“Really, is that what you want? To go back to your mundane hum-drum sex life you had a couple hours ago.”

“Umm, I don’t know, I…”I began, but was cut off.

“Every new sub must complete seven tasks to become an official sub of ours. Julie will give you the tasks over the next couple weeks. If you fail to attempt to complete one, failure does sometimes happen, I know you are not committed to being our sub. If that is the case, we will pretend this never happened and you can return to your suburban boredom and no one will know of your naughty escapades today. But understand, if you do reject this offer of submission, you can’t reconsider. It is a one-time offer. Now get out of here, I need to get some sleep.”

I grabbed my clothes hastily and retreated from her room a bundle of anxiety. I got dressed and was just leaving when Julie came out in a robe.

“My pet, Mistress has forbidden me to continue your training until she knows you are completely committed,” Julie informed me. She walked over to me and kissed me passionately and with cunt dripping tenderness. When she broke the kiss, she whispered, “Just in case you don’t submit.”

Before I could respond, she turned and walked away and disappeared into a different room, assumingly hers. I stood there, a ball of goo, before finally leaving and returning home.


I woke up the next morning in bed in a dreamlike state, my body in a perpetual state of contentment. As I slowly actually woke up, last night’s memories came flooding back to me. I let out a gasp as I recalled not only my submission to my 18-year-old student, but also my submission to her guardian and the decision she left me with.

To submit or not to submit…that is the question.

Is it nobler in my mind to suffer

the bores and chores of wife expectations

or to submit completely to my carnal needs and desires. To resist; to deny;

no more; and by submitting I may end

the boredom and loneliness of monogamy

That society is heir to, tis’ a temptation

Devoutly to be dreamed, To resist; to deny;

To ignore; to submit instead to society’s expectations: ay, there’s the rub;

For in this social slumber I will surely miss my true calling. To submit…

I know that probably sounded geeky, but since I was a teenager I have used the ‘to be or not to be’ speech to make a lot of my decisions.

School the next day was excruciating. I knew I was different, but no one else did. Also, I would be seeing Beth and Julie, the day after two very different sexual submissions. Beth came to class like she did every day, no sense of the secret the two of us held; that just yesterday she had ate my pussy under my desk at lunch. She gave me her usual smile, her sweet smile, the one I knew said so much more. I taught class as I usually would, my nervousness fading away as I did what I love to do…teach. The last class with Julie was also anti-climatic as Julie was her usual student self. When class ended, Julie waited until the rest of her classmates were gone before she handed me an envelope and sauntered off.

I opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dear Potential Sub,

If you have decided to submit completely to myself and Julie, which I assume you have, you will attempt to complete 7 tasks in the next month. The first task is simple. Starting tomorrow you will no longer wear any underwear. That means no panties (which Mistress Julie had already ordered you do obey) and no bra. Of course, you are allowed to wear underwear when it is a feminine necessity.

Mistress Candy

I looked at the first task. I was wearing panties today, having completely forgotten Julie’s order yesterday. I had never been one to go without underwear, even in my college slut phase, so this was a harder task than it sounded. I closed my door and quickly took my panties off in my classroom, trying to see how it felt. I worked in my room for another twenty minutes, or attempted to work may be a better description, before deciding to drive home. Surprisingly, after an hour or so, I got accustomed to not wearing panties.

The rest of the night was typical family stuff: supper, Big Bang Theory on TV, bedtime stories and a quickie with the hubby. Not surprisingly, while he pumped his cock in and out of me, all I could think about was Julie.


It took me forever to get dressed on Friday. Having decided to fulfill the first task, I had to decide what type of blouse to wear to hide the fact I was not wearing a bra. Now luckily, my breasts at 34b were small enough and firm enough to not need one, but I sure didn’t want my nipples to end up showing through. I decided on a dark purple sweater, a black pencil skirt and, as Julie had already ordered, thigh-high stockings.

At work all day I was self-conscious. Could anyone tell that I was not wearing a bra? It seemed unlikely, but it still filled me with anxiety. That said, another part of me felt hot and naughty knowing that behind the conservative look my students saw, I was dressed like a slut.

Julie gave me a long look when she arrived at class and I could tell she was trying to figure out if I had obeyed the first task. Like yesterday, when class ended and all my students had quickly evacuated, Julie came up to my desk with an envelope in her hand.

Very quickly, before I even had time to react, Julie squeezed my breasts. “She purred, “Good girl. I can assume you are not wearing panties as well.”

“Yes, that would be a correct assumption,” I admitted.

“Good slut,” she said and handed me another envelope. “This one you will have fun with.”

Once she left, I tore open the envelope surprised at how excited I was to see my next task.

Dear Potential Sub

I am very happy you have chosen to continue on this journey. I assume you had a day of both trepidation and liberation while you taught young minds that were oblivious to your naughty obedience.

Task number two you have all weekend to fulfill. Your task is to go to a gloryhole (the attached map has the two that we know of in town) and suck off at least three cocks. A good sub slut will of course swallow the whole load. If you wish, you may ask Julie to come with you if you are nervous. Just yahoo her. Good luck and have LOADS of fun.

Mistress Candy

After yesterday’s rather easy task, this one was quite extreme. Somehow I had justified cheating on my husband with another woman, or three to be exact, but sucking another guy’s cock seemed more wrong to me. I sighed wondering if I was able to do such a disloyal act. I truthfully believe my hubby would get turned on if he learned I had been playing around with some hot student, but I doubt very much he would be impressed if I told him I had sucked and swallowed three strangers’ cocks. I drove home in a bit of a stupor, pondering if I should follow through with task 2 and if I did how would I pull it off?

That night, while the kids were asleep and my husband was watching sports I logged into my yahoo and attempted to reason with Julie.

Nylon_lover69: You there, Mistress Julie?

TeenMistress: Yes, just getting ready to go out.

Nylon_lover69: I don’t think I can accomplish this task.

TeenMistress: Why not?

Nylon_lover69: It just feels morally wrong. I would be cheating on my husband.

TeenMistress: U already have.

Nylon_lover69: I know, but cheating with another woman seems less wrong.

TeenMistress: I see. Well if you want to submit to us, you must be willing to do whatever we order, no questions asked.

Nylon_lover69: I know…but I am worried about him finding out.

TeenMistress: Well, that is up to you, but based on our conversation on Wednesday, he has been with you when you fucked another guy.

Nylon_lover69: True, but he was there.

TeenMistress: True, but the reality is he allowed u to do it.

Nylon_lover69: I suppose.

TeenMistress: In reality, he has already treated u like a slut. If u fulfill all the tasks and become our full sub, we will have u sucking and fucking other men. If that is a problem, you better back out now.

I paused and thought about it. She was giving me an out. I could just pretend all this didn’t happen. I could turn back the hands of time. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I couldn’t go back in time. I hadn’t felt as alive as I did when I was with Julie since my college days. And the more I thought of the gloryhole, the more I began to get wet.

Nylon_lover69: No it is not a problem, Mistress. Thank you for calming me down.

TeenMistress: No problem, I very much want u as my sub, more than I have ever wanted someone, but u must choose yourself. I don’t believe in forcing someone.

Nylon_lover69: I am yours, Julie.

TeenMistress: That’s what I like to hear. Do u want me to come with u?

Nylon_lover69: Would u?

TeenMistress: Of course…tomorrow night, can u get out?

Nylon_lover69: I think so.

TeenMistress: Good, I will meet u at Zanders at 9…

Nylon_lover69: OK.

TeenMistress: Dress slutty.

Nylon_lover69: Ok.

TeenMistress: We can always go above and beyond the task.

Nylon_lover69: How so?

TeenMistress: That is for me to know and you to find out.

Nylon_lover69: Grrr….

TeenMistress: I gotta go…c u tomorrow.

Nylon_lover69: Yes, Mistress.

TeenMistress: Good night.

Nylon_lover69: Good night.

I logged out and contemplated tomorrow. My pussy was already wet with anticipation. All I had to do now was think up a lie to get out of the house.


The day dragged slowly. My head flipped flopped back and forth between good girl and bad girl, but I already knew I had made my decision, as much as I pretended I hadn’t. I told Jack I had a bachelorette party to go to for a girl at work and nervously drove to the seedy gloryhole.

I brought a different set of clothes to change in to. I pulled into a McDonald’s first and went to the bathroom and changed into a cute sundress, I was already wearing tan thigh highs and, of course, no bra or undies. I arrived at the Zanders and walked into the adult store. Julie was not there yet, so I walked aimlessly round, looking at toys. A couple pervs were checking me out and I wondered if I would soon be sucking their cock?

“Well fancy meeting my teacher in a place like this,” Julie said, pretending to be surprised to see me.

I turned around and Julie was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the opposite of my rather slutty attire. She walked over and kissed me. I melted into her mouth, oblivious to the onlookers who I assume were getting woodies watching two chicks go at it.

Once she broke the kiss, she walked over to the counter and greeted, “Hey Sam, is our room ready?”

The balding, late 40s man, replied, “Of course, Julie, and I believe there is already a cock waiting.”

“Yummy,” Julie flirted and grabbed my hand, leading me to a back room.

Once inside, the full reality of what I was about to do hit me full force. There was a stool and a hole. It was seedy and something I never thought I would do. I mean I admit I have done a lot of slutty things, ignoring my teacher-student transgressions of the past few days, but nothing quite like this.

I looked at Julie with trepidation. She smiled, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. If you want, I’ll take the first cock.”

I stammered, incredibly grateful, “Thanks Julie.”

As if on call, a reasonably sized erect white cock presented itself.

“Hmmm,” Julie purred and grabbed the stool, sat down and took the cock in her mouth. I leaned against the wall and watched Julie suck cock. Unlike myself, who tended to saviour a cock in my mouth, Julie bobbed up and down quickly, clearly trying to get him to come as soon as possible. I can’t explain it, but seeing Julie, my grade 12 student, suck cock was a great turn on and suddenly my anxiety went away and was replaced with a sudden hunger. It took less than four minutes and Julie swallowed a load of cum. Once done, she stood up and said, “Your turn, Mrs. Walker.”

I know she used the Mrs. Walker part as part of her dominance game, but I no longer cared. Instead, I said, “Good, because I am famished.”

My hunger was about to be filled. A small, but erect cock had popped into view. I walked over to the wall, sat on the stool and easily took the small five inch cock in my mouth. I tried to replicate Julie’s fast paced cocksucking, knowing I had at least two more to do. I also used my special saliva trick, where I make sure I have a fair amount of saliva in my mouth. This seems to make guys come quicker. After only a couple of minutes of focused sucking, I felt the first load of warm cum explode down my throat. For a small cock, he could sure cum. Once I had retrieved all his cum, his shrivelling cock disappeared and I stayed sitting waiting my next meal.

I didn’t have to wait long. A second cock, clearly of an older gentleman, about six inches, popped through the hole. I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth and slowly worked on it to get it wide awake. After a couple of minutes of slow attention, I began to bob up and down. It took longer than the first cock, but after a few minutes of consistent cocksucking, I was swallowing my second load in fifteen minutes. As I allowed the cock to fall out of my mouth, I heard a voice, “Thank you, maam.”

I chuckled and replied, “No, thank you.”

Julie, who I had almost forgot had watched my slutty performance, said, “Fuck, you are a nasty little slut. How many of your students would even begin to imagine the sinful whore their teacher really is.”

I blushed, but was distracted by the biggest cock I had ever seen live. It was thick, ten inches long and black. My mouth drooled.

“Ever had a black one?” Julie asked.

“No, but it is on my bucket list,” I joked.

I took it in my hand and gently stroked it, just as Julie left the room. I wasn’t sure where she was going, but I didn’t care, I wanted to taste this long, chocolate stick. I took it’s wide head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his mushroom top. Unlike the last two, I planned to take my time with this cock. I just started to take more of his great cock in my mouth when it disappeared out of the hole. My heart sank with disappointment, was I that bad? I attempted to peak in the hole, when another cock, almost poked me in the eye. It was a decent sized cock, probably 7 inches, but not the big black rod I now craved. I let out a sigh, but took it in my mouth. Now determined to get this over with, I began to suck quickly until I heard the door open. I quit sucking and saw Julie return with a large black man.

I stared in utter shock until Julie said, “A cock that nice needed to be met in person.”

“She’s pretty,” the 6 foot 4 black man grunted.

“Slut, Jim, Jim, slut,” Julie introduced. She pulled out an envelope and handed it to me, my pussy now soaking wet, craving his big black cock.

I awkwardly opened it and read it.

Dear Potential Sub

If you are receiving this, Julie has decided there is a delicious big cock for you. The good news is you now get to kill two birds with one stone. Task number 3 is to fuck this delicious cock. You may allow him to cum in you or on you that is your choice. Good luck, and you are crawling closer to being accepted as our full sub.

Mistress Candy

When I quit reading I glance up and Julie was devouring the big black cock. I joked, attempting to be raunchy, “Um, I think that delicious big black fuck stick is for me.”

Julie quit sucking on the cock and ordered, “Well get naked, my pet.”

I quickly obeyed. I noticed the other cock was still sitting there at full mass. I stood up, and said, “Come fuck my white cunt, while I suck this cock.”

I took smaller cock in my mouth and eagerly awaited the deep penetration I desperately craved. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt firm hands on my waist and soon felt his big cock slide inside me. I had to open my mouth and let out a slight scream as the wide cock opened me wider than I had ever felt. I returned to the dick in the wall and continued bobbing up and down. Once his monster was deep in me I again had to take the cock out of my mouth and scream, “Oh my God, your cock is so fucking big. Don’t be gentle, fuck me like a whore.”

I put my both hands on the wall, gobbled up the smaller cock with my mouth and prepared for a hardcore fucking. Not one to disappoint, Jim began to really pound his ten inch python in me. Soon he was pounding me hard while I sucked the glory hole cock. My eagerness with my mouth was rewarded with a full load of jizz and once the cock was satisfied, I was able to really just focus on the cock in my pussy.

I used the walls for balance and allowed the thrilling sensation of this massive cock to fill me. I came within seconds of focusing on his cock and screamed, “Yes, yes, I’m coming, don’t stop fucking me.” He obliged, hammering my pussy harder and spanking my ass.

“You like that slut,” Jim grunted, never slowing down.

My first orgasm never fully subsided, when a second began to rise. I was so enthralled by the pleasure his cock was having in me, I didn’t have time to think about my unprotected womb. He grunted, “I’m coming slut,” and before I had time to respond, I felt his seed fill be completely and I came a second time. Unlike most men, he didn’t slow down at all, just kept pumping his black piston in and out of me, shoving his cum deeper in me. He fucked me for at least three more minutes before he pulled out and I, without even a hesitation, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

“Fuck you are one hot white whore,” he grunted.

Julie concurred, “Yes she is. Can you imagine she is actually a grade 12 teacher?”

“I wish I had teachers like you when I was in high school,” he said, pulling his still big, but starting to shrink cock.

I sat still, unsure what to do now. I felt cum dripping from my pussy and out of the corner of my eye I saw another dick in the hole. I smiled up to Julie and said, “One for the road.”

Julie just laughed. I returned to the stool, my legs weak from the fucking and took another cock, my fifth, in my mouth.

Julie and Jim talked in the background and I did hear Julie ask for Jim’s number. Excited and fear mixed together. I wonder what she had in mind. I, now ready to leave, quickly got the last guy off and swallowed some of his load, allowing some to also hit my face and cheek.

I gave it a soft tug and stood up. Jim was no gone. Julie ordered, “Don’t wash off the face until you get to your car?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, not remotely surprised by the order.

As I got dressed, Julie complimented me, “Wow, Mrs. Walker, you have turned out to be a much better prize than even I could imagine.”

“Thanks,” I said, not sure if that was actually a compliment and if it was if it was one I should be proud of.

“See you on Monday, Mrs. Walker,” Julie finished and left the room, leaving me alone in my own sin.

I took a deep breath, finished getting dressed and took the walk of shame. I walked past a younger couple who starred as I walked by, the girl whispering something to her man. I just kept walking and quickly made it to my car. I drove away fast and it wasn’t till I was at a red light that I remembered my facial evidence of my infidelity. The light turned green and I had to wait a bit longer to clean my cum covered face.

I pulled over when I could into a fast food restaurant. I wiped my face off and went into the restaurant to fix my hair and make-up. Once looking like the prim and proper good wife I usually resembled, I returned to my car and drove home.


Truthfully, Sunday was a day of recovery. My pussy was raw from the massive cock I had allowed to ravish me. Shame burned through my cheeks, my sleeping husband lying right beside me. I felt guilty, yet I knew I could not go back to before my submission to Julie. I craved her orders, I craved utter submission.


I arrived at school and while I was getting ready for the day, Julie arrived.

“Hi, Mrs. Walker,” she startled me.

“Good morning, Julie,” I replied, feeling slightly giddy just seeing her. I slightly shook my head, feeling like I was a teenager again.

“What was the head shake for?”

“Oh, nothing, it’s just, well….”

“Well what?” Julie asked, seeming offended.

“It’s just I can’t believe how excited I just got seeing you. There is definitely something wrong with me.”

Julie warmed instantly. “There is something wrong with everyone. I like you exactly as you are: eager, sexy and bedient.”

I blushed, “Thanks.”

Julie handed me another envelope. “After this weekend’s tasks, this one will be very easy, I imagine. You can do it whenever you want, but I sure would like to be able to see you do it during my class.”

When Julie didn’t leave, I opened the envelope in front of her.

Dear Potential Sub

You are almost half way to complete membership. Julie and I are very proud of you. Your next task is relatively easy. You must masturbate yourself to an orgasm in class. WHEN STUDENTS ARE IN CLASS!

As always, good luck, my pet to be.

Mistress Candy

I looked up at Julie who had her devilish smile on.

“Oh, my God,” I said, astonished by the task.

“You have suck cock at a gloryhole and fucked a 10 inch black cock. I think getting off in class should be relatively easy,” Julie said, reminding me off my earlier transgressions.

“But a student may catch me.”

“Then be careful and quiet,” Julie shrugged, turning around and leaving. I watched her perfect ass till it turned the corner before contemplating my new task. I knew the morning was out as I was lecturing in each class. I contemplated a couple times during the afternoon, but just never felt I had the right opportunity to get myself off and get away with it.

After school, Julie asked, “So….”

“Sorry, I didn’t accomplish it, yet.”

“OK, well the sooner the better, my pet. You must have tasks 4, 5, 6 done by next Wednesday.”

“OK, why?”

“Because task seven is a full evening thing at my house and the date is confirmed.”

“Oh,” I replied, trying to fathom what that event may possibly be.

“And, trust me,” she recommended, her voice dripping with sexuality, “you don’t want to miss it.”

“OK,” I said, still dazed by the unknown upcoming event.

“Oh, I also suggest you come up with an excuse for your old ball and chain. It will be a late night.”

“What time does it start?”

“Not sure, probably seven, but Mistress will want you there earlier, at least at six.”

“OK, I will find a way to accomplish this new task tomorrow.”

“Show a movie,” my teen Mistress suggested.

“Of course, why hadn’t I thought of that?”

“See you tomorrow, Mrs. Walker, I will bring task five on the hope that you have finished task four.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, and watched her perfect ass disappear for a second time today.

That night, the whole family went out together for supper and a movie. The evening was so suburban family normal. I almost forgot what I had become. That said, when I saw a big black man who looked like Jim, it wasn’t luckily, I felt a tingle down below and all my sexual wickedness came flooding back. As my pussy begged for attention, I wondered what had I become?


I had decided to show the video during my Advanced English class. My theory being they were way more dedicated to their studies and thus more likely to focus on the movie and not their teacher.

I waited till fifteen minutes into the film before I slipped my hand under my desk and begin to rub my clit. Getting horny at first under such circumstances was really difficult. I couldn’t close my eyes and fantasize like I usually would, since I had to make sure no one was watching. I had been playing with myself for five minutes or so with limited success until I noticed that Beth was looking at me. It was like she knew my task and maybe she did. Her looking at me was enough to get the juices started and I could re-play her on her knees, under my desk and licking my pussy. Such naughty memories were enough to get me over the top and I had a small, but still intense, orgasm. I let out just a light whimper, but no one noticed, except Beth who smiled and immediately turned back to the film.

The rest of the day went by at a snail’s pace, as I was shockingly eager to see what my next task was. I had to accept the fact that I was completely at the whim of my two future Mistress’s and, although I should have been concerned, my only real thought was I needed more.

When Julie arrived, I nodded my head yes and she gave me a sly smile. Once class was done, she came to my desk. “How was it?”

“It took time to get going, but once I saw Beth watching me, it became very exhilarating.”

“Beth has that way with people,” Julie shrugged.

“So true,” I responded, my face flushed.

Julie handed me yet another envelope. “Have fun, my pet.”

Once she was gone I opened the envelope.

Dear Potential Sub

You are getting closer, my pet. I bet you can almost taste it, can’t you?

This task should be easy after what you just accomplished today. You will go back to the same store where you committed your glory hole antics. You are to purchase A Whisper Wireless Metallic Bullet. You will wear it one day at school this week. The task must be completed my Friday as task six you will need the weekend to fulfill.

Julie will come and see you each morning. On the day you are wearing the toy in your cunt (you may wear panties that day), you will hand Julie the remote control.

I eagerly wait your final training my slut.

Mistress Candy

P.S.-Feel free to suck a cock or two if the craving is there!!! Which I bet it will be!!!

I had no idea what a whisper bullet was, but I assumed based on the letter it was a sex toy.

I knew I had no time tonight to go buy it, having to be home for my daughter’s piano lessons. I would have to rush out right out at the end of the day tomorrow after school.


Julie arrived in the morning. “So, do you have a story to tell?”

I couldn’t believe how bad I felt that I had no story. “No, I didn’t have time last night.”

“Aaah, a pity,” Julie said, her voice showing just a tinge of disappointment.

Trying to make her happy, I quickly added, “But I plan to go right after school today.”

Julie smiled, which made me go warm inside, I couldn’t believe how much pleasing her was pivotal for me, “Awesome. Are you going back to the room?”

“I don’t know,” I responded, unsure.

“Will you for me?” she asked, flirting like a teen girl does when she wants their boyfriend to do something for them.

Without even a flicker of hesitation, I responded, desperate to make her happy, see her smile, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Fuck, I love when you call me that.”

“I love when you are happy with me.”

“I can’t wait till I can have you again as my sub,” she winked, and turned to leave.

As usual, I watched her perfect ass, in a tight black skirt, until it disappeared from view.

The school day came and went, like it often does and I rushed out of the school when the day was done like the place was on fire. I drove over to the seedy part of town where I had only a few days ago sucked cock after cock. I was dressed much more conservatively this time. I walked in and went to the toy section. I found the suggested toy rather easily and gasped to myself when I saw how big it was. Attempting to teach all day with that in me, never mind if it was on, would be a difficult task to complete. I purchased it and quietly whispered, “Is there a room open?”

The young man, probably no more than twenty, smiled realizing I assume, I was a slut, pointed, “Yeah, door two.”

“Thank you,” I absurdly said and went directly to the room.

I had decided I would only suck one cock, enough to please Julie, but still get home at a reasonable time.

I didn’t have to wait long before a solid seven plus inch cock popped through the hole. I assumed it was the cock of the young man who I just spoke to. I sat on the stool and took the cock in my mouth. I don’t know why, but I decided to take my time with this nice looking stiff cock. I slowly bobbed on the young cock, deep throating it every few bobs. I heard the moans of the young man and my focus became giving him the blow job of his life. I picked up the pace and using my extra saliva trick attempted to create an ocean of pleasure. It worked, as his moans became more constant and I was rewarded with an explosive load of cum. Once I had swallowed all he had to offer, he pulled out and I sat there oddly still wanting more. A second cock, a deliciously looking black cock, not the ten inch python from the other night, but still easily eight inches of solid black meat, popped through the glory hole. I didn’t hesitate, gobbling the chocolate stick whole. I craved his juice and unlike the first cock which I savoured, this time it was all about receiving the cum deposit I was starved for. Impressively the boy had stamina, as my sore jaw could attest to; I wished I could have pulled him in for some hardcore fucking, my cunt itching for action. It took almost twenty minutes before I heard him bellow, “I’m cumming you fucking slut,” which only made me hotter and I was rewarded with a warm spray down my throat. I continued bopping up and down, eager to retrieve any last extraments from his lovely cock. I finally let the delicious cock slip out of my mouth. The unknown owner of the big black cock complimented me, “Wow, you are one excellent cocksucker.”

I replied, for some unknown reason, happy for the whore approving compliment, “Thanks, you have a delectable black cock.” I shook my head at my geeky word choice.

“Delectable,” he chuckled, “what are you a teacher?”

Mortified, I quickly got up and left the room. I was almost out the door when I heard the worst possible words I could hear at that moment, “Mrs. Walker, it can’t be?”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“It is. Oh my God. Mrs. Walker just sucked my cock,” the now vaguely familiar voice said, clearly astonished.

I turned around slowly to see who this was, whose cock I had just eagerly devoured, and to somehow deal with the potential career ending situation. I looked directly into the eyes of Kane Canters, a student who had thankfully graduated last year. “Hi, Kane, this isn’t what it looks like.”

“It isn’t? Do you mean it wasn’t you who just sucked my cock and called it delectable?” he quoted.

Caught dead in my tracks, I changed strategies, I begged, “Kane you can’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, I won’t Mrs. Walker,” he said with a smile. I began to get a flood of relief when he added, “If you do me a favour.”

I could only imagine where this may go. “Yes,” I asked, full of trepidation.

“Well, next weekend is our big keg party at Pi Alpha Zigma and well I think you would make for some great entertainment.”

“I can’t,” I defended, attempting to be rational, “Others may know me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it is a costume party, you can wear something to hide your true identity,” he retorted.

“Isn’t there anything else?” I asked, desperate to avoid this.

“I can’t think of anything, plus if you liked my delectable black cock, I think you will really enjoy my frat brothers,” he teased. The thought of lots of black cock flashed in my head and I must have went red because Kane chuckled, “White teacher loves black cock doesn’t she?”

I looked down.

“Doesn’t she?” he asked a second time.

Humiliated, but unable to deny the obvious, I shook my head in the affirmative.

“Give me your cell number,” he ordered, his attitude having shifted from stunned earlier to confident.

I obeyed and said, attempting to control this already out of hand situation, “But if I do this, it will be one time and then you will keep your word and tell no one.”

Authors note: This story takes place about a year before chapter 1, the story of John and Maggie’s meeting, and eventually first time. Thank you to everyone who has patiently awaited this chapter. If you’re looking for a quick sex story, skip to the end.


John opened the door to the optical office and its little bells clanked against the door, sighing to himself for leaving his glasses on his bed during his nap yesterday. His alone time on Tuesday afternoon was disrupted.

“I’ll be with you in a just a minute, sir,” came a woman’s voice at a nearby desk. She was helping a young girl get fitted for her first pair of glasses.

John followed the sound of the voice to a sweet brunette in her mid twenties and exchanged smiles with her. “Sure,” he said roaming to the excess of men’s eyewear on the wall. He didn’t need new glasses but there isn’t much to do to pass time in the optician’s office.

He looked over at the desk from afar, specifically at the store associate, sneaking little glances as she giggled with the young girl. The optician showed the little blonde girl the mirror, “You’ll be rockin’ at school now,” she said.

The optician was sexy in the girl next-door sort of way. A woman who would bake for you and blow you while her delectable treats were in the oven. She was young, later mid twenties, but old enough to have seen the world and develop her life. She wasn’t terribly young, but compared to himself at thirty-eight, its was an acceptable age difference.

John tried not to stare and occupied himself as if he were picking out a pair of glasses. He tried on a few pairs that he couldn’t really waste money on with the mouths to feed at home. His ears listened to her voice, soft with a slight hint of southern twang, as she went over insurance information with the mother.

He was able to glimpse at her in the mirror when he was trying on frames. Her lavender blouse continued to draw his eye. She was professionally buttoned up, not flaunting her cleavage, but his mind strayed to where that small strip of skin led.

He fumbled to put back a pair of glasses on the back light wall, distracted by the sales girl’s alluring smile. His eyes were drawn to her glossed lips and pearly whites. He casually slipped his glasses back on his face and rubbed his mouth trying to sidetrack his thoughts, “Sloppy Joes, or spaghetti for dinner…”

As he stole peeks at the woman his glasses kept sliding off his face, reminding him why he was here.

The associate got up with the girl and her mother and led them to the register. Her movements drew John’s attention; he quickly admired her dark purple skirt that hugged her hips and thighs, flaring out around her knees.

While walking behind the counter, she looked over at her waiting customer, “What can I help you with today, sir?” she asked.

“Just an adjustment, take your time,” John said pleasantly. He wasn’t rushed from being in the presence of a striking younger woman.

She smiled back to him, genuinely thankful for his courtesy.

She went about her work, explaining the forms to the girl’s mother and paying her out. He watched how she interacted with her customers. Gracefully, was the only adjective that came to mind.

Her brown hair danced lightly just below her shoulders in soft layers. Her breasts gave the chest of her blouse a bit of a snug fit. He didn’t mind. It made her curves stand out even more.

He shook off his thoughts; he still had to talk to this woman. He saw her smile a cheesy grin with the little girl and thank them for their business. It might be because he hadn’t been properly laid in nearly a month, but he couldn’t help but ogle the features of this stranger.

“Let me see if I can fix those glasses for you,” she said kindly.

“I left them on my bed and one of my kids thought it would be fun to jump into bed to wake me up from my nap,” he said with an uncomfortable chuckle, approaching the counter.

The associate raised a brow and smiled, “Your kids attack you while you’re resting? That is so unlike anything I’ve ever heard about kids,” she teased him. “Well, let me have a look and see what I can do.”

She looked him over quickly. A man in his late thirties, some grey speckling in his brown hair, good height, his nose was large but it fit his strong features, and pretty darn handsome in a black sweater-vest, gray shirt, and tie. “Well hello there, handsome,” she thought to herself.

He came up to the front of the counter and took his glasses off his face, thanking God his vision wasn’t terrible and he could still look at the sales girl. He handed his spectacles to her and squinted at her etched silver name-tag, “Thanks, Maggie.”

“You’re welcome, sir,” she said looking at the bent earpieces. “I’m going to use the heat and bend these back into shape for you. I do have glasses, just wearing contacts today. You can trust me,” she winked.

Maggie smiled as John chuckled at her comment and turned around. She took a few short steps to the machine and turned it on, as she walked her hips swayed gently.

John got a slightly fuzzy, but good look at her legs for the first time, he looked down to her nude stockinged calves, “Are those stockings or pantyhose?” he wondered.

Maggie bent over just a bit as she used the machine, the slit on the back of her skirt opened up and he got a glimpse of lace stocking tops on her thighs. “Stockings! Fucking goldmine!” his inner voice screamed.

Suddenly his mind was invaded with visions of her bent over the counter and him plowing her from behind with her skirt pulled up over her hips. She continued working and he fantasized about the color of her bra and panties, if she was a moaner, if she talked dirty, and if she was wearing garters.

Maggie felt his eyes on her; enjoying the attention, she smiled to herself. She purposely bent over a little further and arched her back just a little bit more than she needed to. Her ass lifted up in the air for him, nonchalantly drawing more attention to her as she bent the earpieces back into proper shape.

His heart sped up a little and he closed his eyes, committing the view of her curved ass and hips to memory. His mouth had gone dry as he admired her body.

John’s collar felt tighter around his neck, his mind running rapid as he waited patiently, and his cock stirring under his black slacks. He imagined pulling on her brunette mane and spanking that round bum as he fucked her juicy pussy. He wanted to fuck her on top of the counter, her legs pulled back so he could dig deep into her holes, her lavender heels above her head.

He wanted to fuck this young woman properly, ravaging her body and make her scream. His cock was swollen and strained against his slacks. He wanted to do things to her he could never get from his wife.

Maggie turned around and John coughed. She smiled a knowing smile, blushing a little. “You should be all set, lets take a look at these on your face first,” she said a bit flustered, giggling at herself.

John leaned over a bit and let her slide his glasses onto his face, closing eyes to clear his thoughts. Maggie bit her lip in concentration sliding her fingertips along his temples, setting the earpieces behind his ears.

His nostrils opened, breathing in her scent as she moved in closer. She smelled like pure and clean soap. No fruit or flowery scents, just honest soap. She smelled natural, heavenly and intoxicating. He looked down for a moment and caught a glimpse of her breasts underneath her shirt, pushed up in her bra with shiny black satin cups. His inner voice praising the view as her soft, delicate hands adjusted the glasses carefully on his face.

“Look at me,” Maggie said taking her hands away from his face.

John cleared his throat, thinking he’d been caught looking. He raised his soft green eyes to hers. The hazel of her eyes was a gentle blend of brown and green. He found himself lost in them.

“Sorry,” he said, blushing.

Maggie smirked, “Nothing to be sorry for, I just need to make sure they fit properly.”

“Oh, oh, yes, of course,” John held still as she looked over the frames. He blinked a few times and took a few glances around at random places, feeling his eyes readjust slightly.

“Would you like me to clean these for you, too?” she asked and rubbed her glossed lips together. She gently pulled them off his face before he could answer and reached for a bottle of lens cleaning spray.

“That would be fantastic, thank you,” he smiled.

Maggie sprayed the lenses and picked up a cloth, her arms squeezed her breasts together as she cleaned his glasses. John couldn’t help but ogle her cleavage line that came further up her chest. He imagined what her tits would look like painted with his cum.

She handed him his glasses back with an innocent smile, “Anything else you need today, sir?”

“No, thank you, Maggie,” he said slipping his glasses on and blinking at the clarity. “You don’t have to call me sir, I’m John. John Gottschalk, or Professor Gottschalk on my better days.”

Maggie smiled and chewed her lip for a moment, twirling a brown lock on her finger. “Professor Gottschalk,” she said with a slight bow of her head, “well, it’s been my pleasure.”

He looked at her eyes one more time before leaving, she looked so innocent, but under he wondered what filthy rotten things she hides. “Thank you very much, have a great evening,” he said calmly.

“You too. If you need anything else, we’ll be here.” she said smiling.

John turned and left the office feeling giddy. His lips were curled into a huge grin and his mind was filled with fantasies of the cute, young optician. He could still feel her hands touching his face and her aroma in his nostrils. She flirted with him, gave him that bit of attention that no one could take away from him, something he’d been lacking for the past while at home.

He headed home and took a quick shower before his wife got back. While soaping up he let his mind run free with the image of Maggie pleasuring him. He stroked himself to the thought of enjoying her body in the shower. His imagination ran wild, with her on her knees, his cock in between in her pouty lips, hot water running down his back. He wanted to push her up against the tile wall and thrust in and out of her, feeling her limbs wrapped around him, the steam from the hot water filling the air. He imagined shooting his load into her cunt. Instead, his load was wasted, pulled apart by the current of the hot water and jettisoned down the drain.

As days passed, Maggie continued to think about her customer. She spent her downtime at work daydreaming of him. She knew he was married. She saw his ring and he talked about his children. “There’s nothing wrong with some innocent flirtation, right?” was one of many thoughts in her head.

Saturday night, John got an urgent phone call to go to an early season Chicago Blackhawks game. John convinced his wife to let him go have a guy’s night. He took this opportunity and went out for a night of beer and hockey with his good buddy William. Between the first and second period, they got overpriced beer refills out on the concourse. As the men made their way to their seats, they checked out women in the arena walking by in heels that aren’t meant for sporting events. They joked with each other about John’s wife giving him a hard time about going out tonight as they sat back down.

John and William took their seats in the eighth row from the ice. They were stationed above the penalty boxes.

Early into the second period, the Blackhawks scored and the crowd rose up in jubilation. Unfortunately, one of William’s wayward arms collided with John’s refreshing beverage. He stared out in horror as his entire beer rained down upon the woman one row in front of him.

The woman screeched, cold beer soaking her shoulder to her stomach. She quickly turned around, her brown hair swishing through the air. She glared at him for soaking her shirt, “What the hell?”

The Fratelli’s “Chelsea Dagger” blared on in the background as John’s cup spun to a stop at his feet.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” John yelled quickly.

The woman lowered her glare as she recognized him at the same time he did for her.

“Oh, Maggie?!” he asked nervously, trying to rise above the sudden din of the crowd. The woman he had imagined naked countless times in the last few days right in front of him.

The joyous crowd finally quieted down for John and Maggie to talk.

“I’m so sorry,” he fumbled to find the extra napkins he stashed for his nachos earlier. “I’m so sorry, please let me buy you a new shirt or something. I’m so sorry, you don’t deserve to be soaked all night,” he said, noticing her wet chest and the apparent lines of her bra underneath her black t-shirt as he handed her the napkins.

Maggie blotted the stain on her shirt, getting a hint of butterflies; she blushed for no other reason. “Yeah, I don’t really want to smell like beer the rest of the evening.”

“Are you okay?” Maggie’s girl friend asked.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. This is John, he came into the office earlier this week,” she introduced her friend to the man that had been occupying her thoughts, “John, this is Liz.”

John nodded and smiled, “Nice to meet you Liz, sorry it’s because I soaked your friend.”

William cleared his throat, wanting to get in on the conversation between his friend and two pretty young women. His eyes focused on Liz. She was blonde and petite with delicious curves that hugged the hips of her jeans and the chest of her red Blackhawks shirt.

“This is my buddy William. This is Maggie; she adjusted my glasses this week, and her friend, Liz.”

William took note of Maggie’s bubbly blonde friend with a smile of appreciation. Liz batted her eyelashes flirtatiously as she was introduced.

“Come on, let’s get you a new shirt. I told my kids I’d buy them something tonight, anyway,” John said.

Maggie stood up, her shirt half wet with beer and her medium wash boot-cut jeans hugged her bum. John raised a brow and smiled, committing another vision to his memory. Both of them told their friends they’d be back shortly. Maggie followed John up the stairs of the loud arena, thinking about giving his ass a squeeze through his khakis. “You really don’t have to do this, I’ll be okay. I was joking about smelling like beer,” she said as they entered into the concourse area.

They walked next to each other on the way to the souvenir shop. “I know I don’t have to. But I’m a gentleman,” he smiled.

“A gentleman who wants a free wet t-shirt contest,” Maggie teased him.

She unconsciously grabbed his hand and stepped in front of him, leading him through a crowd of people. John was shocked; her hand was so soft and small fitting inside his palm. He grinned and took her lead, savoring the slight touch of another woman. She expertly darted in between standing lumps of people, tugging him behind.

Maggie blushed and pulled her hand out of his when they got through the crowd, “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to lose you.”

“It’s quite all right, being led around by a pretty girl doesn’t happen often for me,” he said.

She smiled as he opened the door to the souvenir shop, thanking him with a bow as she passed inside.

“So you have kids, how old are they?” Maggie asked as she looked through the racks of women’s t-shirts.

John stayed closely behind admiring how she gracefully moved. “Three kids, ten, eleven, fourteen.”

Maggie looked over and raised a caramel brow, “Oh, I assumed younger from them jumping on your bed, like you said.” She pulled a shirt off the rack, looked at it carefully and put it back.

John chuckled, “Well, I lied. I rolled over my glasses, I thought it was a better story.” He picked up a standard red team logo shirt for his wife.

She shook her head and laughed, “I may have to report you to my manager!”

Maggie smirked and turned back to a set of shirts. She hummed softly as she picked out a dark grey fitted t-shirt with vibrant red and golden yellow diamonds in an argyle print and Chicago Blackhawks, printed in script at the breast.

“Ooh. This one’s cute,” she said softly, peeking over at him, wanting his approval.

He watched her pull the shirt off the rack and drape it over herself; grinning as he watched her.

Maggie looked at the price tag tucked far inside the collar of the shirt, grimacing a little. “It’s thirty-five dollars, that’s too much.”

“If that’s the one you like, get it. I think it will look good on you, and you can always remember me.”

She looked down at the shirt again and back at him, “Thank you. You are very kind, John.”

He hung on her words, the way she said his name wasn’t how he’d ever heard it before. Her tone gained eroticism when she said it and it turned him on. It might be the gentle southern charm in her voice that he wasn’t used to, “You’re not from here, are you?”

Maggie walked through the little store taking her time browsing, “That is correct,” she looked over at him, “I’m from Texas, moved here about two years ago when the company I work for opened a new store. Do I sound like a hick?”

“No. No, it’s very nice. You don’t sound like a hick at all,” John said, reassuring her. He looked at her feet as she browsed through the kids’ stuff, reaching up to pull something off a rack in her silver ballet flats. “Chicago is a long way from home, how was the move for you?”

Maggie stayed on her tip-toes, scanning through the shirts on the top rack, “It was hard at first when I didn’t know anyone. But I thought of it like an adventure.”

“We all need adventure in our lives,” John said, approving of her stretched legs and the contour of her bum.

“Do you have girls?” Maggie asked coming back down flat-footed.

John blinked a few times focusing again on the conversation. “Yeah, the older ones are girls.”

She pointed to a high rack for him to get something down from a higher up rack, a stylish black t-shirt with the noble Blackhawk’s logo faded. “They’d like those, I think.”

He reached up to take down two girls shirts, “I’d like you,” John’s mouth said before his brain could catch up.

He felt the heat rise on his cheeks as Maggie’s mouth dropped open in surprise, a shimmer of light on her silver tongue bead caught his eye.

Maggie fluttered her eyelashes trying to think of something to say. “Oh wow,” she gasped quietly.

John pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes for being blunt. Maggie’s lips kiss his cheek ever so lightly, sending warmth through his being.

“It’s okay,” she whispered then stepped back. “Let’s get something for your son.”

John nodded apologetically and held the shirt hangers on his fingers making his way to the novelties. Maggie followed close behind looking at posters. John rummaged through the mini hockey stick varieties.

“Does he have a favorite player? Or something more artsy like this ‘original six’ poster?” Maggie asked pulling out a tubed poster.

John smiled and settled on a hockey stick, “So am I going to tell my kids that this cute girl picked out all their souvenirs?” he teased her.

Maggie rolled her eyes playfully, “They will wonder how you suddenly got such good taste.” She handed him the poster and they walked to the register. While the cashier rang them up, they stayed quiet as Maggie and John exchanged a smile usually reserved for new couples. Then, he thanked the cashier and took his over-sized bag and gave Maggie the smaller one with her shirt inside.

They walked side by side until they neared the restroom. “I’m going to hop in there and change real quick,” she said.

“Of course, I’m going to grab a few more beers and I’ll meet you back here,” John answered.

Maggie headed off to the restroom to switch shirts and give her hair a quick brushing. John bought four beers and carried them in the holding tray. Maggie smiled as she came out seeing him coming up to her.

“That looks really good on you. I told you it would,” he smiled back and they went back down into the arena.

The Zamboni was cleaning the ice when they returned. Liz and William had chosen to sit next to each other on the lower row to watch the game together. John and Maggie filed into the upper row and sat down behind their friends.

John handed out the beers and Maggie tapped her friend on the shoulder and waved “hi,” as she sat next to her crush. Liz smiled and mouthed, pointing to William, “he’s cute.” Maggie winked and rested back into her seat.

They enjoyed their semi-alone time for a few minutes, sipping beer and talking while their friends took pleasure in each other’s company.

Maggie stayed close, leaning to her left but keeping enough distance. She felt oddly comfortable at his side, listening to his voice and her heart fluttered. “What do you teach?” she asked against his ear in the loud arena.

He leaned in against her earlobe and she closed her eyes as he told her about his career. “History. Early history, medieval is my specialty. Barbarians, the Crusades, Christianity in the middle ages, things of that nature,” John said.

“That’s sexy,” Maggie replied.

The Blackhawks scored again on a power play and the crowd rose up in cheer, breaking off their conversation. Shouting and singing ensued.

The uproar died down and both couples settled back down in their seats. Liz patted Maggie’s knee and giggled in a bubbly blonde sort of way and went back to her handsome “date.”

John leaned back, “Was that a joke?”

Maggie looked back at him as she slowly sank back in her chair. “What, you teaching history?” she asked.

John nodded taking a few gulps, finishing off his beer.

“Totally serious. There’s something very desirable about teachers,” she said quietly, making John lean in close to her mouth. “Professors specifically. You give the gift of knowledge and have a part in someone’s life. People respect you,” Maggie said as she trailed one finger lightly along his fingers on the armrest. “Professors are intelligent, dedicated and influential. I mean come on, how is that not sexy?”

John lifted his head and looked at his pretty, girl-next-door, fantasy woman, “You make it sound much better than it really is.”

Maggie shrugged and smiled, “I call it like I see it.”

The period ended quickly after and the fans celebrated a shut out win. William and John gave each other a “this is between us guys,” nod before escorting the ladies up the stairs and out of the arena. John picked up his souvenir bag and followed Maggie. The pairs parked on completely opposite sides so they said goodbye outside the gate.

“I really enjoyed spending some time with you,” Maggie said softly. “I guess I’ll see you around sometime.”

“If we’re lucky,” John said sadly. “I enjoyed myself too.”

He looked over at his unmarried friend occupied with Liz. He kissed Maggie’s cheek and she closed her eyes, appreciating the feel of his lips and goatee on her face.

He pulled back and blushed, “Goodnight.”

Maggie smiled, “Goodnight, John.”

They stepped away from each other and rounded up their friends. On the car ride home, Liz chatted about William, practically giving Maggie a rundown of everything about him. Maggie politely nodded, keeping things about John to herself as she listened to her friend.

When Maggie got home she stood in front of her full-length mirror, admiring her new shirt. She ran her hands down her curves and turned slightly to the slide. She looked at herself and her new shirt, “Something to remember you by,” she said to herself.

John was running wild in her thoughts. She was completely drawn to him after just a small amount of time spent together. “He’s married. He’s off limits. Don’t do anything stupid Maggie,” she kept telling herself.

Maggie pulled herself away from the mirror and pulled her shirt off her head, shaking her beer stained hair. She wore a shiny pink satin bra that stood out against her milky flesh as she undid her jeans and shimmied them down her hips, revealing her equally shiny pink panties. “I wonder what sorts of things he’d like,” she said out loud to herself, stepping out of her jeans.

Maggie walked across her nicely decorated bedroom. She had been quite happy with the soft purple walls. Her apartment was quant, but it was home. She sat down on the edge of her bed, leaning over to pull open the second drawer of the bamboo style nightstand. Inside were her toys, handcuffs, a few vibrators of various colors and styles and her vibrating tongue ring in its plush case.

She picked out a thin, curved rubbery plastic hot pink vibrator, the curve led to the bulbous head on the end. Then she turned the dial on the bottom to make sure the batteries still had juice. After she was satisfied she turned it off and set it in the middle of her bed.

She turned on the bedside lamp and leaned up on her knees to pull the light on the fan, turning it off. Once her room was pleasantly dimmed, she reached behind her back unclasping her bra and dropped it on her mattress. Maggie laid back on her queen size bed, settling into her pillows.

She opened her knees a small bit and rubbed her palm against her pussy over her panties. She bit her lip as her eyes closed, letting her mind go to John. Her fingers stroked over her panty covered labia, a rush of warmth settling over her.

Her mind brought her to a fantasy of fucking John in his office and she slipped her panties off and kicked them away. She had grown wet and dipped her fingers between her lips collecting some of her juices. Then she trailed her fingers over her clit, drawing elicit moans as she rubbed it with calculated care. Her clit jewelry, slickened by her own arousal, teased against the hidden contours of her nub.

Her thoughts drifted to her kneeling beneath his desk, throbbing hardness behind her tight lips. She knew she had skills that would make him groan and lose his breath. Maggie reached over and picked up her vibrator and brought it to her mouth. Her fingers continued to rub her clit, collecting more juices by slipping her fingers into her tight, squishy hole.

Maggie kept her eyes closed and licked the head of her toy and sucked it into her mouth, picturing sucking John’s cock. She wondered how big he was and imagined showing him her tricks she picked up over time. Her fingers slipped down to her cunt and she began steadily fingering herself. She was wetter than she had been in ages.

She smeared her fingers along her walls, softly pumping her fingers in and out. Her spread knees buckled a little as she began thinking of John eating her pussy as she was sitting on his desk. She turned on her vibrator and brought it to her clit. Its buzz made her moan and squirm.

“Oh god, professor,” she moaned. “You’ll make me feel so good, won’t you?”

Maggie circled around her clit with the head of her toy still fingering herself. Her cheeks became flushed and she rubbed her head against her pillows, arching her back with the pleasures she was giving herself.

She slid her fingers out of her slick hole and brought them to her mouth, tasting her own juices, “You’d love how I taste, professor,” she whimpered.

Maggie moved her vibrator down to her cunt; her heart was fluttering in her chest. She pushed the toy inside and began working it in her hole. She fucked herself with it and clicked the barbell of her tongue ring against her teeth. In her mind, John was fucking her on his desk, biting all over her neck, telling her how good she felt.

“Oh fuck me, John, Fucking fuck me,” she screamed out into her bedroom.

She dragged her heels across the sheets and her moans became more intense. She rubbed the toy against her g-spot as she pumped it inside herself. Her cunt was pulsing around the vibrator, making it harder to continue pushing it inside.

“Fuck, fuck,” she moaned, “you’re going to make me cum, professor.”

Her walls pushed the toy out and she dropped it between her thighs. She quivered and groaned as her cunt squirted her hot cum out of her. Her sheets got soaked and she was left shuddering in post-orgasm bliss. A sweet smile curled on her lips and she lay there for a minute, letting her heart calm down. Then she rolled over onto a dry area of her bed and drifted off to sleep smiling happily, thinking about John.

The next morning Maggie woke from her blissful sleep and cursed herself for sleeping in her contacts. She stretched her nude body, extending her arms above her head as she lay in bed, rubbing her head in the pillows and arching her back. She rolled out of bed to the shower, tossing her sheets and comforter across the bed.

Maggie opened the door to her bathroom and stepped onto the soft green shag rug in front of her sink. After brushing her teeth, and applying drops to her red eyes, she stepped over to another rug and pulled open her clear with retro style green circles shower curtain. One color matched her rugs, the other a complimenting darker green. After turning the water on she let it warm up for a few moments before stepping inside the garden bathtub. She let the hot water run over her body, waking herself up.

As she massaged shampoo into her hair John crept back into her thoughts. “I wonder what school he teaches at. Well, no harm in doing a little personal search on the internet,” she talked quietly herself, leaning in and out of the hot water, rinsing her hair. “A little search wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

Maggie let her mind wander while she conditioned her hair, and then lathered her body in exfoliating Dove body wash. She carefully cleaned her body enjoying the fresh smell of soap, cleansing her body of the previous day. “That wouldn’t be creepy, not like I’m going to just show up and stalk him outside his office.” She turned off the water and slid into her coral pink bathrobe, letting it dry her body as she blotted her hair dry with a towel.

Maggie picked out a thin white snug little t-shirt and a pair of simple black cotton boy shorts. Her typical loungewear was a t-shirt and panties. She let her hair air-dry and slipped into her minimal outfit. After hanging up her robe she slipped on her black, cute-nerdy-girl-style glasses.

She strolled into her living room and dug her phone out of her purse. She texted her mom back about dinner tonight then opened up her laptop. She went about her daily internet activities then made a bowl of cereal in her kitchen.

Maggie’s apartment was adultly decorated; she took pride in her home. The couch and chaise lounge were both black soft velour. The walls were a soft shade of green; she would have to repaint her apartment when she moved out. She decorated the walls with paintings and black wood shelving covered in books and picture frames.

She plopped back down on the couch and flipped on the television, settling on a news show. She munched on her Rice Crispies and did a google search on her crush. She quickly found his faculty page out of the several universities in the Chicago area.

She read about him, where he earned his various degrees from, what his area of focus is. His faculty picture showed him a few years ago with a younger, happier, dorky smile and longer curly hair. Maggie giggled and smiled as she looked at his gentle eyes. She closed her eyes and let her cunt tingle thinking about him for a moment. “Nothing wrong with a little fantasy,” she smiled to herself, and then wrote down his office number and building.

She chose not to write down his phone number or e-mail address. That would be too much too soon. She did, however, search the campus map for the location of his building and saved the page to her bookmarks for easy finding later.

She folded the piece of paper with his information into her wallet and went about her day.

Tuesday evening, after work, Maggie went to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities for baking snicker doodle cookies. She passed through to the dairy area and saw him. Her heart fluttered into her throat, and she debated if she should talk to him or not.

John saw her a second later. Maggie waved to him and took a step towards him. Panic flashed across the professor’s face, and he quickly shook his head, surprising his younger friend. With an armful of cheese, John’s wife returned, dumping it into the cart. Maggie ducked into the nearby aisle, and listened in on the conversation.

What followed was quite predictable. John’s wife spent most of the time complaining about the mothers of their children’s friends. This went on for the two minutes that Maggie eavesdropped on the conversation.

John and wife finally dispersed, and Maggie was able to quickly collect a dozen eggs.

She hurried to the floral section and picked out two gerber daises, one pink and one white. She held them to her nose, smelling their sweet aroma as she walked to the card section. She thought about John. Maggie picked up a little pink card, simple and plain. After she concluded her shopping she hurried to the registers, avoiding John. One run-in was enough for today, especially with his wife there.

The next morning she woke up early. She didn’t have to work until noon, but this morning she was going to John’s office. Maggie hopped out of bed, anxiously. She hurried in the shower and blow-dried her hair before slipping into a pair of grey pinstripe slacks and a white sweater with a pink collared shirt underneath.

Maggie’s heart was racing as she opened up her laptop to check the campus map once more, double checking the building’s location. She slipped on her glasses and stepped into her pink pumps. She looked in her fridge then closed it, “I’ll get breakfast after,” she said to herself. Then she plucked the daises out of a small vase on her coffee table, the card attached by a thin and curly, white gift-wrap ribbon wrapped around the flowers. She picked up the scotch tape she had set on the table the previous night and grabbed her purse, hurrying out the door.

The drive seemed like an eternity, though it was only a few miles away. Maggie wasn’t used to morning commuters on top of her time constraint. Her heart pounded in her chest, making it hard for her to breathe as she wandered among the buildings, wide-eyed, taking in everything in for the first time. She checked her watch and rushed several more yards to a brown stone building with large windows. She looked at the sign and back down at her paper “224,” she said aloud and went inside.

The building was quiet as she looked around for the stairwell, finding it just behind the wall with chairs lined up against it. Maggie took a deep breath and headed up the stairs, carefully climbing up in her heels. She arrived on the second floor, it was quiet but a few office doors were open with lecturers and professors checking up on e-mails and getting ready for their classes. Maggie walked quietly as she could, wanting to bring as little attention to herself as she could as she passed by the open offices.

She set her purse down softly in front of the office labeled 224. She glanced at the nameplate that read “John Gottschalk” next to the door and the schedule posted underneath. Maggie carefully taped the daises to the door, the pink one layered just under the white one, giving each one’s petals enough space. The card dangled on its ribbon against the door. Maggie gave it a little tug to make sure it wouldn’t fall off then pressed her hand softly on the door before scurrying off back down the hall.

Maggie checked her watch, hurrying to get out of the area before he’d possibly see her. She returned to her white Jetta and headed off to breakfast to snag a bagel.

When John arrived at his office, he saw the flowers on his door as he came down the hall. He smirked and set his brief case down against the door and cautiously peeled the tape from the door. He looked over his shoulders before he opened the card, inside in bubbly handwriting it read “From your secret admirer” and a little heart drawn under the words. John took a quick smell of the flowers before opening his office door. He had a good feeling who they were from and smiled big at the attention she was giving him.

Between classes in the afternoon John masturbated in his locked up office. He daydreamed of Maggie riding him in his executive chair, her pretty brown locks bouncing on her shoulders as she whimpered, digging his cock into her. His hand glided along his shaft, groaning softly to himself as his eyes closed. He imagined her smooth cunt gripping his cock as he held her ass, fucking her deep. He quickly rubbed one out into a tissue and cleaned up before his next class.

Friday afternoon, Maggie stopped at a local coffee shop after work. She saw John sitting outside, seemingly alone, in what looked like the same slacks and sweater vest he had worn during their first meeting. John looked up from his laptop as he heard her approaching and smiled.

“Fancy meeting you here,” John said, looking Maggie over in her black dress and white cardigan.

Maggie smiled, “Are you alone?” she asked then took a sip of her latte.

John pushed some papers over on the table, making room for her to sit down. “Yes, madam,” he replied.

She nodded and sat down next to him, admiring a stack of what seemed to be student’s papers. “A professor’s job is never done?” she teased him.

“It’s done when I want it to be,” John said sipping his black coffee. “Or when the students get ancy.”

Maggie crossed her legs and leaned to her right, towards John, “Do you mind some company?”

John shook his head, “Of course not, but I need to ask you a question first.”

“What’s that?” Maggie asked, raising a brow.

“Did you do some stalking and leave flowers on my office door the other day?” he asked writing a grade at the top of a paper then looked over at Maggie.

She blushed.

“Well?” he asked again putting the cap on a red pen, putting it down on top of the stack of papers.

“Maybe, maybe I did,” Maggie said, smiling softly.

John smiled, “I thought it was you.”

Maggie sipped her latté quietly, grinning behind the cup.

“Why did you do it Maggie?” he asked.

“Because you deserve to smile,” she replied softly, raising her eyes to John’s.

John looked at her pretty hazel eyes, part of him wanted to grab her and take her into the restroom and fuck her silly. But he pushed those thoughts away, “I smiled all day, thank you.”

“I’m glad I could help.”

They began talking about his work, plans for the weekend and standard coffee shop conversation. Eventually, Maggie had to know, “So, tell me about your wife.”

“My wife,” John looked at her slightly puzzled, “what do you want to know?”

Maggie made a thoughtful face and finished up her drink. “About her, about you and her, about your relationship.”

John sighed and fingered the insulator sleeve on his coffee cup, “Well, we’ve been married fifteen years and I’ve begun to split my days into good days and divorce days,” he said softly. Maggie listened intently as he continued. “It’s more often bad days.”

Maggie nodded, showing concern, “Do you fight a lot?”

John shook his head, “Arguments, no. But non-verbal quiet fights, yes. She’s my wife and I love her. But now-a days…”

Maggie reached over and gently set her hand on top of his, squeezing softly.

“It’s probably almost over, I don’t know how much longer we can last. Or, I should say, I can last like this.”

Maggie gulped, “I’m sorry.”

John squeezed her hand back, “Don’t be, it’s not your fault,” he smiled reassuringly.

She nodded, “Just do what makes you happy because you deserve it.”

John nodded back with his new friend and changed the subject, “Oh, this might sound silly, but I have a band.”

“A band?” Maggie asked, keeping her hand softly cupped in his.

John grinned, “Yes, a band. More like, friends getting together and playing to let off steam.”

Maggie playfully smiled, “What do you play?”


Maggie’s smile widened as she rubbed her slender fingers against John’s long callused fingers, “Bass, huh? You keep upping your sexy meter.” She felt his fingers, her mind wandering to how they would feel inside her.

John laughed, “Well, I’m not sure about that.”

“I am,” she said with a twinkle in her eye making John blush.

He cleared his throat before continuing, “Well, we have an open mic night show next Friday…” he trailed off.

“Is that an invitation, professor?”

John nodded, “I’d be very pleased if you came.”

Maggie let go of his hand, reached onto the pile for his red pen and wrote her e-mail address down on a napkin, “Send me the information, I’d love to come.” She folded up the napkin and smiled handing it to John.

John took the napkin and put it into his pocket. He looked down at his watch, “Damn, I was supposed to be home ten minutes ago to start dinner. I’m sorry Maggie, but I have to run,” he said loading up his laptop quickly and the papers and notes into his bag.

Maggie watched him scramble and picked up both their cups from the table and threw them in the trash. “I’ll see you next week, then.”

John stood and walked out of the coffee shop with Maggie, “I just hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of such a pretty lady as you.”

She chuckled and got her keys from her purse, “I’m sure you won’t. Have a good night, John,” she said and they both went to their cars.

As the week passed both Maggie and John continued having recurring daydreams about each other. Maggie wanted him: inside her, around her, over her. She longed for his lips on hers. She became infatuated with thoughts of him. She could go out of her way to see him, but she didn’t. Constantly she reminded herself he was married. Could she be the other woman? Did she have that in her? It’s just, so, wrong. But, when she thought about him, she pined for him. “I’ll be good. He’s married, it would be his decision to cheat, not mine,” she thought as she went to sleep Thursday evening.

John spent his week in and out of class, busy with his kids and attending open house at the eldest’s school. To his surprise, his wife came onto him Wednesday morning before she had to leave for work. He started slow with his wife, mounted between her thighs, driving his cock in and out of her. John used his fingers, tickling her clit as she moaned and sighed beneath him. She orgasmed quickly as her husband drove into her carefully digging himself inside her. Her cunt quivered and clenched around him.

Once she was satisfied, he picked up the pace. Unlike their usual lovemaking sex, he began ramming her, grunting as the force grew. He fucked her hard, thinking of Maggie, fucking his wife how he dreamed of fucking Maggie.

His wife groaned in disgust as he used her. She tried to get him to stop, complaining that she would be late for work. But he didn’t stop. He rammed and pounded into his wife, eyes closed, blocking out her pleas. He roared as he let out his built up seed into his wife, panting as she stared up at him wide eyed and terrified about what came over her husband.

John rolled over onto his back and smiled. His wife was stunned for a moment before shaking her head and crawling out of bed.

Friday was an eternity for both John and Maggie. The weather had turned colder, a hint at the upcoming winter. Finally, the sun had begun to set as Maggie drove to the edge of downtown to a quaint bar’s address she had written down. She wondered if his family would be there, if this was really a good idea. She parked her car and checked her makeup one last time in the flip-down mirror before slipping out into the parking lot. As she walked up the sidewalk, she grew nervous and clasped her hands into fists inside her coat pockets.

Maggie fumbled with her wallet to get her ID out of its window sleeve. She smiled as she handed it to the doorman.

He looked it over and looked at Maggie, “Twenty-six, I wouldn’t have guessed,” he said as he handed her ID back.

Maggie smiled and put it back into her wallet, “Thanks, I get it all the time,” and she passed into the bar.

Her heart fluttered as she looked around, unbuttoning her coat due to the warmth of the stuffy bar, exposing the full length of her dress. Her tea length dress sat just below her knees. Mostly white with a black flower pattern that grew thicker as the skirt of her dress flowed out. A black petticoat peaked out under the hem of the skirt and a dark red sash clenched high on her waist, tied at her back. Maggie looked for a small empty table and draped her coat over the back of the chair and hopped into the high seat, crossing her stockinged legs and hooking the heel of a black strappy stiletto into the bar of the chair.

Maggie’s eyes darted around and she felt her face heat up, a mix of nervousness and the over working heater making her go flush. A chipper waitress stopped by and took her drink order, and promptly returned with an Absolut screwdriver. Maggie thanked her and spun the straw in her drink looking around for John.

Suddenly she saw him out of the corner of her eye, his unmistakable face complete with a coarse goatee framing his mouth accenting his thicker nose. She tried not to stare, watching him talk with his wife. His kids climbing on him, too big to do so, but he didn’t seem to mind. Maggie smiled to herself with the straw between her lips.

He hugged his kids goodbye, who seemed to wish him luck, and kissed his wife gently on the lips. Maggie sank in her seat as she felt like someone had stabbed her with a knife when she saw him kiss her. She knew he was taken, even married. But she never thought she’d see him kiss her.

Maggie sucked the rest of her drink down and the waitress took note, returning with another. Maggie thanked her and tried to take deep breaths, closing her eyes to shake the hatred for a woman she didn’t even know rising inside her. Was she jealous of her? Why would she be jealous, it’s just silly? He had never lied to her. Maggie considered leaving, she didn’t know if she was up for this, whatever this was.

She saw John’s wife, seemingly happy, approach her. Maggie straightened out as his middle daughter started skipping and hopped into a seat in front of her. His family piled into the chairs around the table. Maggie rubbed her fingers through the condensation on her glass and took a few more deliberate sips. She told herself she was being stupid as she heard his kids start talking to their mom about how excited they were, sipping on their Shirley Temples.

Maggie tried not to stare, but snuck glances at John’s wife. She wasn’t ugly, or pretty, she had aged as her children grew up and the last time she actually cared about her hair was probably her wedding day. She was of average size, and had a few wrinkles around her eyes that got deeper with each passing year.

John had emerged on stage with his band mates, one of whom was William, setting up his drum kit. They did some last minute set up and sound checks. More people had begun filling in the open areas in the bar until it was full. It was a rather large crowd for an open mic night.

Maggie continued watching him, studying the way he moved, so focused. She smiled, adoring his punk-teacher look; he wore a light blue untucked dress shirt hanging around the hips of his chinos and a dark blue striped tie that was tied oddly around his neck. He wore his glasses and Maggie smirked as he ran his hand through his curly hair before picking up his bass and putting the strap over his shoulder. “You’re so fucking sexy,” she whispered to herself.

John fumbled with the strings on his bass, tuning it. He looked out to the crowd, to his children and wife and smiled and waved. Then his eyes moved just a bit further and he saw Maggie sitting up with perfect posture, sipping a cocktail from the tiny straw between her lips.

His heart leapt. She had come. She was here for him and that meant everything to him. Maggie bowed her head just slightly and smiled as their eyes met. John puckered his lips, it was meant for her, but his wife sat directly in front and giggled in response.

The singer and guitarist, a man about John’s age but seemed to have less of his life taken by stress and family came up to the mic and said, “Sound check. Check, check. One, Two, check.”

There was a moment of pause and some sound work done. All four men fumbled around with their instruments. The crowd buzzed, unfocused. But Maggie’s eyes were stuck on John.

“Thanks for coming out everyone. We are The Ruffled Feathers. I hope you enjoy us,” the singer said.

Maggie chuckled at the band’s name then batted her eyelashes and looked at John from across the room. He bowed his head this time and she smiled big in response, giggling in a giddy schoolgirl way. It was too loud in the bar for anyone to hear her delightful squeal.

The Ruffled Feathers opened with a funky song. The lyrics were kind of mumbled but Maggie didn’t care. She watched John pluck the thick strings on his bass, his fingers slapping the strings and body of the instrument. He was crisp and precise even with the funky bass line. Maggie couldn’t have told you what the song was about, but she didn’t mind.

They played three songs, all rock with funk and jazz undertones. The band’s nervousness seemed to fade, as they got deeper into the set. During the songs John’s eyes would dart to Maggie as if he was playing to impress her. Maggie slowly sipped her drink listening to the music and smiling when he smiled at her.

Between each song the crowd clapped and cheered, apparently a lot of people liked The Ruffled Feathers. She noticed that his son had begun leaning against his mom like he was getting tired.

“We have one more song for you guys, stick around for Billy Beane’s Prospect Farm after this,” the singer said into the mic.

Silence lingered for a moment. Broken by the sound of John’s bass slowly pumping out a heavy, thick line. The rest of the band slowly came in. Maggie watched more intent than before, she felt the sexy thrum of the rhythm between her thighs grow into a slow crescendo with the song. Maybe it was that she was a little bit buzzed and the reverberations of the music flowed out into the audience but she rubbed her thighs together. The words to the song became a blur to her after the first few lines. The tingles in her body, everything, telling her she needed to have this man.

The music faded down to the same bass line the song began with and Maggie clapped loud with a huge grin painted on her face when they finished. The band got their equipment off the stage to make way for the next band.

Eventually, John returned from back stage and headed for his family. Maggie bit her lip, sipped her drink and patiently waited. She listened and watched him interact with his kids and wife. The woman he was married to seemed distant and just plain exhausted. His wife sat quiet while his daughters climbed into his lap hugging him, telling him how great he was. Maggie nodded to herself in agreement with their statements.

Suddenly the girls’ bliss was broken, “Come on girls, we need to head home. Johnny needs to get home, he’s not feeling very well.”

“But I wanna stay!” the oldest daughter protested, grabbing onto her father’s arm.

“Me too! Me too!” the other chimed in after her sister.

Maggie giggled quietly watching how cute his girls were.

John kissed both his daughters cheeks, “You two need to get home, its getting too late for little angels like you to be out.”

“Are you staying?” his wife asked coldly.

The girls piled out of John’s lap as he replied, “Yes, its proper etiquette to stay and watch the other bands.”

His wife rolled her eyes and sighed, preparing to shuffle the kids out of the bar before it became overcrowded with youth. “Don’t stay out too late. We have brunch with the Donaldson’s tomorrow.”

John nodded and got up, holding both his daughters hands as he walked his family out.

Maggie waited patiently for him to return, in the mean time she ordered and received another drink and spun the straws ritually. She was infuriated with how his wife acted towards him. “You can’t show him any love when he just stood up there and played in front of all these people? Fucking bitch. And what was that about not staying out too late? He’s not a kid,” she mumbled to herself as the next band began their sound check.

John returned and went to his friends. He knew Maggie was there but he had priorities. She saw him across the room at a table with his band mates, cheering and downing a beer with them. She stayed in her seat for several minutes before picking up her drink and purse and walking across the room, squeezing between tables and standing patrons.

Maggie tapped John lightly on the shoulder. He quickly spun around, his eyes widened at her striking beauty accented by her delicate dress. John’s friends looked at her like they had never seen a woman before.

“Hi,” she said with a soft smile.

“Hello,” he returned the smile, “I’m glad you came out.”

“I am too. You were great.” She looked out to his friends and winked at William, “You were all great,” she said before looking back up at John. “You didn’t embarrass yourself one bit.”

John chuckled, “Well, thank you.”

Maggie ran her fingertips lightly along his shirt covered forearm, “That last song, who wrote it?”

“I did, why?”

Maggie blushed, “It was a really hot song, I mean really hot. Made me get all tingly inside,” she whispered.

John cleared his throat but his voice remained husky, “Is that so?”

Maggie nodded, “Yes sir. But, um, I should probably be going,” she continued whispering.

He frowned and looked down at her, “Oh, that’s not good news, I wish you’d stay for a bit longer” he paused. “Let me walk you to your car.”

“I need to grab my coat, I’ll be right back,” she said as she pulled her hand away from his arm and walked back across the bar.

John smiled as she turned away and he went back to his friends finishing his beer.

The singer chided him, “She’s fucking hot, if you’re not going to bang that, I will.”

“Shut up,” John hissed.

William gave him a knowing smile and shook his head behind his beer.

“I’m just speaking the truth,” his friend continued leaning his head to the side to get a better view of Maggie as she walked across the bar and picked up her coat. “I mean come on, look at those legs, that ass, she’s pretty and I bet she screams real loud while a cock is being pounded into her tight little…” His words were cut off as John jabbed his elbow into his ribs.

“I said shut up,” he grumbled. “She’s a lady, and you don’t talk about ladies like that.”

His friend rubbed his side and surrendered, “Sorry, man. Sorry.”

John looked over at the door and saw Maggie waiting for him. He put some cash down on the table and told the guys to get a round on him. He walked over to her. His heart raced. Was his friend right? Did she scream like a silly slut when she was being fucked? Was her cunt so tight it could suck the life from him?

He shook his head to get those thoughts from his mind as he neared her and replaced them with a smile, “Maggie, I really wish you could stay a bit longer. I promise my friends don’t bite.”

Maggie laughed and buttoned her black, wool, trench coat up, the hem of her dress peeked out underneath, “I said I’d love to come see you play, but I do have to work in the morning,” she said with a smile as they walked out the door.

“Fuck!” they both grumbled as the cold wind hit them on the face outside.

Maggie shivered and John instinctively wrapped his arm around her, bringing her close at his side. It felt natural. They walked, locked together down the sidewalk.

“You look gorgeous tonight,” he said, smelling the sweet smell of her hair against his chest.

Maggie made a little giggle, “Thank you. And you’re handsome as ever.”

John left his coat inside but her warmth was all he needed for the moment. “Can I see you again?” he asked as they stepped into the parking lot.

“If we’re lucky,” she teased him repeating the same words he said to her two weeks ago, nuzzling her cheek into his chest.

John kissed the top of her head before he let her go from his embrace, suddenly freezing, he wrapped his arms around himself and hopped around like a little kid needing to use the restroom. He waited for her to dig her keys from her purse and open the door.

He held it open and helped her slide into the drivers seat, “You okay to drive?” he asked.

Maggie nodded, her voice clear, “Yes sir. Pinky promise,” she smiled and put the key into the ignition. The smile faded as the car clicked but wouldn’t turn over. “But, apparently my car isn’t.” She tried again several times before letting out a sigh and slumped back into her seat.

John looked down at her. Her lips were folded into the sweetest pout, and she was suddenly a damsel in distress needing to be saved.

He placed his hand on her shoulder, “Pop the hood, I’ll try giving you a jump. I’ll be right back with my car.”

Maggie nodded, still pouting.

John ran to his car across the parking lot. The professor parked his black family sedan nose to nose with Maggie’s white Jetta. The married man retrieved his jumper cables and attached the red to the red and the black to the black.

Maggie peeked her head out from the corner of her open door, “Thank you.”

John smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Then he went to his car and started revving the engine. He and Maggie worked together trying to pump juice into her battery. After several minutes he undid the cables and she tried to start the engine once more. Nothing.

“Fuck!” Maggie screamed from the drivers seat, slapping her hands on the wheel.

John came over to her and squatted down by her open door, he placed his hand, tentatively, on Maggie’s knee. “Hey, hey. It’s not a big deal. The battery is probably just shot. Tomorrow, just come up here with someone and change it out. I’m sure it will be just fine,” he said calmly, rubbing her soft skin under her stockings, his fingers caressing her flesh.

Maggie frowned and pouted out her bottom lip, looking over at him. “Thanks, for trying though. Let me call some friends and see who can come get me.”

John shook his head, “That’s absurd. I’ll take you home, Maggie.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want to put a damper on your evening with the guys.”

John’s fingers stretched out and grazed across the warm flesh of her low inner thigh, he wanted to push his hand further up, but he continued to just touch her softly.

“I am sure. It’s no trouble,” he smiled reassuring her.

Maggie whimpered softly at his touch. She ached for more; she ached for him to take her for his own and forget everything about his life, at least for a few moments. She simply nodded after a moment and slid out of her seat and locked up her car. He took her hand and helped her out, watching her dress cascade down around her knees, flowing perfectly with the gentle petticoat.

“I have to run inside and get my coat then I’ll be right back. Go ask the attendant how much it will be to keep the car overnight. You don’t want to get towed,” John said, he reached into his wallet and pulled out a few twenty-dollar bills.

Maggie looked at the money then back up at him, “You don’t have to, you’re already doing enough.” She pushed his hand back towards his pocket.

John grabbed her wrist and crumpled the money into her palm. “You came out here for me, it’s the least I can do. I’ll be right back, I promise.” he said, leaving the money in her hand and hurried back inside.

When he returned, Maggie was returning from the attendant with a little card in her hand. She opened her door, stuck the parking pass on the dashboard and locked up again.

John came to the passenger side and opened the door for her, the case for his bass slung over his shoulder. Maggie smiled and slid inside, though she couldn’t help but think about how many times his wife had sat in this seat before. She wanted to be here with him so she shook off the invading thoughts of his wife as she buckled her seatbelt.

John slid his bass into the backseat and went to the drivers side and plopped down in his seat, and then started up the car, “Where to?”

“I live off Nottingham. It’s not even a mile from the store where I saw you last week,” Maggie said as he pulled out of the parking lot and took a left.

“Gotcha. You know, that’s not too far from my place,” he said as he joined the other cars on the road and started heading to Maggie’s apartment.

His arm rested on the console, fingers drumming nervously on the gearshift. He didn’t know what he was going to do when they got back to her place; it all seemed too easy, too perfect.

An awkward silence lingered for several minutes and Maggie stared out the window, “That last song, the one I liked, is it new?”

John rolled to a stop at a red light and looked over at her. Her beauty illuminated by the city streetlights, “Yes it is. Why?”

Maggie kept her eyes out the window and fiddled with her fingers in her lap, “Did you write it for me?” she asked softly.

“Sort of. Yes. I mean, no. Well, yes,” he fumbled for words.

Maggie laughed and looked over at him, catching his eyes with hers, “Well, what is it? I don’t think I imagined its intensity.”

The light changed to green and John hit the accelerator. Maggie rested her hand on top of his, slowly drawing her fingers over the bones of his hand.

“When I wrote it, I was thinking about you, yes,” he admitted. “You are my muse, if you will. I wouldn’t say I wrote it for you, specifically,” his nerves tingled at her gentle touch. “But, I would say you inspired it.”

Maggie smiled and returned to looking out the window, watching people pass by in their cars. After a few moments she spoke, “I’m glad I can provide you with inspiration.”

The rest of the ride was filled with common conversation until they reached her apartment and she led him through other buildings to hers. They pulled into her assigned parking spot.

“Would you like to come in? I baked cupcakes; tomorrow is my work friend’s birthday. I have plenty. It’s the least I can do for all your kindness,” she said looking at him, longing to stay together if only a little longer.

John turned off his car and took a deep breath, avoiding eye contact with Maggie. He went over the pros and cons of a cupcake that could mean a lot more in his head before answering. “Maggie…”

“I’m so stupid. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” she said rushing her words, shaking her head violently.

John squeezed her hand in an effort to calm her down, “Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’d love a cupcake.”

Maggie clenched her fingers around his hand, “Sorry, I just… Sorry.”

He leaned over and brushed a few stray chestnut strands from her face. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I’d love a cupcake, but first, tell me what kind it is.”

Maggie’s lips broke into a quivering smile, “Strawberry with cream cheese frosting.”

John made an approving sound and returned her smile. “Sounds delightful.”

They both unbuckled their seatbelts and Maggie led him across the courtyard to her apartment. They walked in silence, accompanied by the wind rulsting the trees.

She opened the door and let him inside, both of them too nervous to say anything. John looked around her apartment. The grown up decor was comforting. He knew she wasn’t an overgrown adolescent. She knew what she was doing, what she wanted and where she was going.

He watched her unbutton her coat and hang it in the coat closet by the door and walk to the bar to feed her four beta fish, each a different color and each in their own bowl. She glided across her apartment in her stilettos, her dress ruffling around her knees.

The apartment smelled of vanilla and cinnamon candles she had lit earlier. He was being welcomed into her home, her charm, her grace, and he wasn’t sure he would be able to control himself. He removed his jacket and draped it over the backrest of the chaise lounge.

“What are their names?” he asked as she fed the last fish.

Maggie turned and grinned, “This is Sammy,” she said pointing to the dark green fish, “Pinkie,” the pink one, “Hellfire,” the red one, “And this is Stinky, or Spot, but his nickname is Stinky cause he has the worst bowl to clean out.”

John came to her side and bent down to look at the separated fish, “My oldest, Abby, has a pink beta, like that one. He tries to jump out of his bowl too much for my comfort.”

Maggie giggled, “Yeah, I used to have one that liked attempted suicide as well. I put a screen over it and held it with a rubber band. It worked well.”

John smiled, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Good tip. Thank you fish lady,” he teased her.

She shook her head and sashayed her way into the kitchen. John couldn’t help but watch her hips sway and enjoy the ruffle her petticoat gave. He eyed her stocking legs for the first time. He knew they were stockings, this time he was sure. His cock stirred in his khakis as he watched her move. He settled down onto the chaise to block his view and calm down.

Maggie returned with a white frosted cupcake and a napkin and handed it to John. “Enjoy,” she said with a warm smile and sat down next to him. She could feel her heart beating in her throat, making it hard for her to breathe.

John took a big bite out the cupcake, smearing icing into his mustache. “This is really good,” he said covering his mouth as he chewed.

She winked and patted his thigh, “I have more where that came from.”

John coughed and then took another nervous bite of his treat. Did she want him as badly as he wanted herWas this all his imagination built on a fantasy that turned into a deep-rooted infatuation? He didn’t know her well, but he knew he needed to have her. Somehow. He ate slowly, enjoying the perfect cupcake, in this perfect apartment, with this perfect woman.

Maggie looked at him shyly, like she wanted to say something but kept her lips sealed. He finished the treat and wiped his mouth with the napkin.


“Yes, Maggie?”

She looked away for a brief moment then back at him, his face seemed to hide the angst bubbling inside him. “What time do you need to be home?”

He looked at his watch, “Sometime between now and an hour or so.”

Maggie rubbed her lips together before speaking, “Would you like to lay in bed with me?” John raised a brow. “Not sex, just lay in bed. I know it’s weird. I just want to lie together. I promise, I won’t do anything bad.”

John turned a bit flushed. He wanted to pick her up, take her to bed and ravish her. Not tonight. At least he didn’t think that would be tonight. “Sure,” he said.

Maggie stood and held out her hand for him to take and follow her into her room. He took it and followed close behind, watching her bum bounce as her hips swayed. He adored the red sash high on her waist and how it drew his attention to the curve of her chest. She looked over her shoulder to him as she opened the door to her bedroom.

Once again, he was delighted with the tranquility her apartment exuded. He stepped out of his shoes and left them below the foot of her bed. She chose the right side by her night table and sat down.

His pulse pounded as she crossed her legs and the skirt of her dress rode up and flowed down. He could see the taste of nude lace across her thighs a shiny purple garter attached. His cock stirred in reaction.

Maggie bent at her waist and leaned over, her cleavage inviting his eyes. He took a stuttering breath as she delicately unbuckled the ankle strap of her heels. Her bosom gave a delightful jiggle as she switched legs. John licked his lips as she took off her other shoe, and then pulled his eyes away. He went to the left and sat down on top of her crisp white down comforter.

He waited until Maggie laid back and he followed suit, falling into the soft fluffy pillows. Her bed was supportively soft. He always loved soft beds, but his wife wanted the really firm bed because it was better for her back. He let out a satisfied and content sigh.

Maggie smiled over at him, her hair beautifully draped across the pillows. She rolled over onto her side and softly laid her hand on his chest, stroking the silk of his tie. John scooted over a little, lessening the space between their bodies.

Maggie draped her leg over his, her fluffy skirt strewn over the bed. She closed her eyes breathing in his scent, complemented with light cologne. John closed his eyes and brought her closer with his arm around her back, hand resting on her side, just under the curve of her breast.

“John,” she said, looking up, trailing her fingers softly around the outline of his goatee.

His organ pulsed in his slacks as he ran his hand over her curve, fingers barely grazing the side of her bust. He felt the smooth fabric over her dress scratch under his roughened fingertips. He didn’t answer, instead he relaxed in the moment, her warmth against him, nervous but content with Maggie so close.

“I have a confession to make,” Maggie whispered, lifting her face so she could see his eyes. Their noses were close, barely nuzzling each other. “I’ve, um, I’ve been thinking about you since the day we met. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.”

John blinked his eyes and lifted his hand, caressing her cheek, “I know, I’ve felt it too.”

Maggie rested her forehead against his, and laid her head on his pillow. Their lips so close. It felt like sparks were passing between them. “I want you, but it’s wrong. I need you, but you’re married. I don’t want you to cheat,” she said as she trailed her fingers down the buttons of his shirt, carefully feeling his body.

Their mouths brushed against the others as they spoke, too timid to press together, but oh, so close. Every touch made Maggie and John both grow warm.

“I’ve never thought about cheating,” John said slowly, the words making him sting inside. “But, I met you and now it’s all I can think about.”

Their pulses grew steadier in unison, audible in their breaths. John traced his fingers along the lines of her jaw and collarbone, his other hand holding her. Maggie’s nose brushed against his and her palm flattened and rubbed his lower stomach, fingers daring to keep going.

“I could care for you, John. Maybe even love you. I could give you what you need and desire,” Maggie said. Her words making John’s manhood ache as he fought with morality. “But I can’t and it hurts.”

John used his hand to angle her head down and pressed his lips against her forehead, “I know,” he said after gently kissing her.

Maggie pushed her fingers down, grazing over the erection evident beneath his pants. She rubbed for a moment, John let out a hoarse groan feeling her hand on him, knowing the pleasure it would bring.

Suddenly she pulled her hand away like she had touched something scalding hot, “Sorry. I’m sorry,” she said.

John took her wrist and shook his head. He placed her hand back over his crotch and she obediently massaged his strained cock.

“See what you do to me. Do you see how you make me feel?” John whispered.

She whimpered and rubbed her stockinged toes against his calf. Her hand cupped and rubbed against him.

John groaned, “No one else has touched me for fifteen years, Maggie.”

Maggie rubbed her thighs together under her dress, her panties damp. His arousal prominent to her, she felt the ridge of his head through the clothing.

“I want this so bad,” she whispered, stroking her hand against him, her fingers reaching all the way behind his balls. “I don’t want to be a bad person. I don’t want people to get hurt.”

John covered her forehead in tender kisses, moaning against her face as she groped him. “You’re not a bad person. Naughty, maybe, but not bad.” He leaned away from her so he could see her eyes. They looked so concerned, yet full of lust. “But not tonight. If this is going to happen, it won’t be tonight. I have to get home. But god, Maggie, I want you. But not tonight, okay?”

Maggie slowly pulled her hand away and nodded, “I understand.”

“Are you upset?”

“No,” she said. “I’m not. You’re married. I can never be upset. Just know there’s a girl here who wants you.”

John smiled, “Be a good girl for me. If this is right, it will happen.”

Maggie kept her eyes on his, biting her lip and nodding. “I’m sorry,” she said hesitantly.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I took your invitation and came inside. I followed you to your bed. It’s choices Maggie. You didn’t make me do anything,” he said rubbing his thumb along her cheekbone. “You’re beautiful, you know that right?”

Maggie blushed and played coy, looking away.

John chuckled, “It’s true. And trust me, It’s hard to turn this down, but I have to get home.”

Maggie leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Let me walk you out.”

“I’d love that,” he said. He then sat up, leaving her warmth behind and got his shoes back on.

Maggie watched him, propped up on her elbow. She slid out of her bed when he was ready. John held out his hand and helped her out of bed. She led him into the living room. He put his jacket on and Maggie kept a soft smile on her lips though inside she was aching. This was reality.

They got to the door and John looked down at her. “Be a good girl, for me,” he said planting a kiss on the corner of her mouth.

“I’ll miss you,” Maggie whispered, reaching for the doorknob.

John nodded, “Just wait. The time will be right, someday.”

Maggie opened the door and let him out. He walked through the courtyard back to his car, unable to believe that he turned her down. Maggie locked up and went back into her room, undressed herself, leaving her clothing in a heap on the floor. She threw a pink t-shirt on with her purple lace panties and crawled into bed. She rested her head on the pillow he was using and fell asleep breathing in his scent.

Days passed slowly. Maggie felt like this was all a dream and didn’t want to push herself on him anymore. She fought with demons inside of her, begging her to act, begging her to do what she wanted.

On the way to work Wednesday morning, she found herself in the visitor parking lot of the university again. She picked up her purse and a sealed envelope out of the passenger seat and turned off her car. Her hands shook as she walked through the buildings. “Was this too much… Is this just a game?” she thought as she hurried through campus.

It was later this time. Late morning. It was too late for him to not have gotten to his office yet. She took a deep breath that came out in a fog before she opened the door. This time she new exactly where to go. Up the stairs to the second floor, take a left down to room 224, passed the other offices and weaving in and out of other professors and students.

As she approached her heart sped up. His door was open. She heard his voice coming out into the hallway accompanied with a voice of a young male. She stood next to the door and waited patiently, listening to John discuss the lecture topic from today with his student. Her fingers trembled. She continued to wait, rubbing her toes inside her pumps on the tile floor.

Several minutes later, the student came out of his office. She waited a few more moments, not wanting to be too obvious, and then she stepped into the doorway and rapped on his door. John looked up from his computer, delightfully surprised. He took in the view of her wearing a pink and red argyle sweater vest over a red button down, black slacks, a hint of stocking on the top of her foot inside her black heels. He was stunned, admiring how her layered top hugged against her tits that he had gotten so close to feeling in his hand. If only he had let down his guard.

John cleared his throat but his voice remained husky, “Maggie,” he greeted her.

“Professor, do you have a moment?” she asked and smiled, admiring his tan tweed suit, complete with a very professor-like yellow bow tie. Anxiously, she rubbed the bead of her tongue piercing between her lips. The silver of her tongue stud caught John’s eye. She kept reminding herself to be calm and professional.

He peered at her after the rims of his spectacles, “Come in, please. Have a seat.”

Maggie walked into his office; the room exuded his fine choices and education. She walked slowly, looking at his degrees and the over stuffed bookshelf.

She stopped at the front of his desk, resting one hand on top of the beautiful worn cedar, “Thank you sir, but I don’t need a seat. I just have something to give you,” her voice was soft, nervous for anyone outside the office to hear.

John raised a brow and leaned towards her, “You do? Let’s have it then.”

“Yes, sir,” Maggie placed the envelope on his desk and pushed it towards him.

Their fingers brushed and teased each other as he took the envelope. He leaned back in his chair, pressing all his fingers against the envelope. It felt soft and he knew something was in there besides a few sheets of paper, but he kept his cool.

“Thank you Maggie, I will get right on this after class.”

She nodded and leaned further across his desk. John could smell her familiar sweet soapy aroma.

She whispered, “It’s very important you are alone when it is opened.” She placed her hand on top of his, traced his fingers with hers and then turned on her heel and left his office without another word.

John looked at the time; he hadn’t opened the envelope and put it into the top drawer of his desk. He continued grading for the remainder of his office hour and another student came in with a few questions. His student continued with chatter passed his office time, he politely told him he needed to get to lunch and shuffled him out of his office. He closed and locked his door and sat back down behind his desk.

His stomach turned to anxious knots as he pulled the drawer open and laid the puffy envelope flat on his desk in front of him. “Professor Gottschalk” it said in beautiful flowing letters across the front. His mouth went dry as he opened it.

Green lace caught his eye, “Oh fuck,” he mumbled. He dipped his fingers inside and pulled out the flimsy green lace with genuine care. He laid the panties down on the desk, running his fingers over the lace.

He examined the details. Soft green sheer lace with an innocent flower pattern was dominant over the expanse of the garment. In the middle of the front ribbons came up from the crotch to the top in a criss cross pattern closed off with a pretty silk bow of the matching green. The hip band was made solely of lace and met together at the back forming a sweet classy thong. He picked up the panties in his hand, rubbing his fingers together over the sexy womanly lingerie. John opened the letter than had accompanied the panties. He quietly read aloud:

John, I need you to know how much I want you. When I go to sleep, I keep myself warm with thoughts of you and hope I will be lucky enough to see you in my dreams. When I find myself daydreaming, you are always there. When I think about you, my heart speeds up and my body aches. I want you, John. I need you. The attraction I have for you is stronger than anything I have ever felt. I know it’s terribly wrong and I won’t push you anymore. You have my word. Just know that there is a girl who is plagued by thoughts of you, who desires to give you everything you want, who wants to fill the void inside you. I know you have needs that you can’t deny. I know you used all your strength to not ravish me last week. But please, don’t do anything because of me. Do it because you want to, and when you’re ready, one day, you will be inside my panties. Until then, professor, know that you will be the object of my fantasies. Love, Maggie

As he finished reading his cock was aching, he was too occupied with the panties and letter to give it notice before. He unzipped his slacks and pulled his aching organ out of his fly.

“Oh Maggie, Maggie, what are you doing to me,” he said as he held the panties in his hand and began stroking himself. The lace was soft against his erection, carefully dragging his hand along his pole and his eyes fluttered closed. “I need you too, Maggie. I need your soft lips wrapped around my cock, sucking me inside your mouth. Oh yes, that would be so fucking good,” he mumbled, easing the tension in the shaft with his hand.

Inside his mind, Maggie was on her knees, worshiping his cock with her mouth, suckling and licking his erect flesh. She’d run her tongue over his balls and work her hand over his slick erection. “I need to know what you feel like, oh god. I need to be inside you… fuck…” He quickly grabbed a tissue and closed his eyes again, “You’re so pretty with a cock in your mouth, aren’t you, Maggie… Rubbing that tongue stud all over my cock,” he grumbled and groaned, “fuck,” his chest heaved as his cum emptied from his balls into the tissue. “A nice creamy load for you, Maggie,” he said quietly with his head back against his chair.

Days passed typically, and Maggie began to wonder if she had gone too far. She checked her e-mail regularly for any sign of John but always came up short. She had to remind herself he had priorities. He had children, and a wife. “I’m just being silly. This is just silly. I mean come on, this is stupid,” she had said to herself staring out the windows at work Saturday afternoon, willing John to come in.

Little did she know John had a terrible day. In the morning, his mother came to pick up the kids for a few hours. He thought this would be an opportune time for him and his wife to have some alone time. He was wrong. She was cleaning up after breakfast with his help. While he rinsed and she dried the dishes he looked over at her, “You know Tammy, we’re alone,” he said to his wife with a naughty twinkle in his eye.

“I know,” she replied, continuing to dry dishes.

John finished and turned off the water, he helped dry the last few plates and put them away. He set a skillet on the counter and came up behind his wife and kissed her neck.

She sighed as he began to softly grind against her ass, “Come on honey, and let me treat you to something special this morning. I want to make you cum for me, please, honey.”

“Not now, John, I, we, have things to do,” she resisted and nudged herself away.

He wrapped his arm around her, taking her breast into his hand, kneading carefully. “It can wait, I want to please you. I need to taste your pussy,” he whispered in her ear.

She almost gave in, letting her eyes close for a moment. Then she suddenly turned and pushed him away by his shoulders. “I said not now,” she growled.

“Come on. Why the hell not?” John demanded. “No one is home. This never fucking happens. All I want to do is let you lie down and relax and pleasure you. I don’t need anything, I just want to give to you.”

Tammy started scrubbing at a stain on the counter top, frustrated and annoyed, “You can’t just snap your fingers and have me at will. I’m your wife not some tramp off the street.”

John stared at her with his mouth open, “I never said you were ‘some tramp off the street,’ all I wanted was to have a good time with my wife. Fuck. You’re taking this too far.”

“Maybe I am,” she hissed, throwing away a wadded up paper towel into the trash. “Or maybe I just want to get some stuff done, like go to the grocery store without the kids begging me to buy chocolate and sugary pop.”

John closed his eyes and took a deep breath running his hand through his hair, “I’m sorry. I just thought… never mind. I’m sorry,” he said then left the kitchen.

The day went from bad to worse. The tension from the morning simmered all day, bubbling up around the edges. He left mid afternoon and went to his office at school to try to get some work done, but it was a pointless effort. He was too hurt from being turned down by his wife. His insides ached and turned. There was no way he could focus on work, so he came back home.

The kids had returned by then and Abby was practicing for her upcoming recital at the piano in the living room. He stood at the door watching silently as his wife was hard on their daughter. Every mistake she made was terrible, every blip and slipped finger seemed to be the worst thing in the world. It was too much, “She’s just a kid,” he thought, feeling anger nearly burst inside him. Once Tammy started her “Only quality counts and you should only be exceptional ” speech it was too much for him.

“Give her a break!” John thundered from the doorway. Both his wife and daughter gasped and turned around. “Abby, darling, it sounds great! Yeah there’s a few rough spots but you have a few days to work it out. It will be great, don’t let her get you down,” he said.

Then he turned his attention to his wife, “And you need to stop being so wicked. This is practice. That’s what you do; practice. Don’t make her hate it. Then, she won’t want to play anymore.”

Tammy stood quiet with her arms closed over her chest and Abby slipped off the piano bench, nodding to her father before leaving them alone. They had a quiet fight in the living room, not raising their voices so the kids wouldn’t hear. The subject went from piano, to work, and to all sorts of family problems. Eventually it all came against him. His wife was picking him apart right there in the living room.

“And you’re quite the model of perfection yourself, aren’t you John?” she said, glaring at him.

John clenched his fists together, finding some way to let his pent up anger escape without doing anything stupid, like breaking that lamp he hated that sat on an end-table. It was completely out of place. “I’m going to leave. I can’t be here. Not with you. Not tonight. I might come back to sleep or I might check into a hotel. But I don’t want to see you for a little while.”

Tammy just stared at him, mouth gaping. Once he left to go grab a few things, she realized he was serious. She hurried up after him into the bedroom, “You’re kidding right?” she asked watching him in the closet picking out a few articles of clothing.

“No, I’m not. I’m not leaving forever. But just leave me alone right now. Please,” he said as he stuffed a shirt and pair of jeans into a small duffel bag. He quickly got a pair of boxers out of a drawer then zipped up the bag.

“Why? What did I do?” she scoffed.

“You’re being yourself and I just don’t feel like taking it right now,” he said, slinging the bag over his shoulder. He felt taller and stronger in front of his wife than he had in a long time. “I don’t deserve to be torn apart and treated like dirt by you, or anyone. I need to get away for a little while. And if I don’t come back by ten o’clock, you’re going to tell the kids I’m spending the night at my brothers. Why? I really don’t care, you can figure that out.”

“No, no, you can’t!” Tammy gasped.

John turned and walked out the bedroom door, looking over his shoulder, he said, “Watch me.”

He quickly told his kids that he was going to the gym then meeting up with his brother. They begged to come but he said it was a boy’s night and that he needed some guy time. He promised them they could go with him next time.

It was still early in the evening when he left. He drove through the city. John went up and down busy roads for a few hours, trying to clear out his head. He passed by the office where Maggie worked. It may have been on purpose, but he wasn’t really sure. It was obviously closed at this hour on a Saturday night and he began to wonder if Maggie was home.

He tried to occupy his mind with other thoughts, but the gorgeous woman who said she could give him everything he desired kept popping into his head. John slammed his hands on the steering wheel in frustration. “I’m a thirty-eight year old man!” he screamed at himself, “A fucking man, and not some bitch to my wife.”

He stopped at a coffee shop, and stayed inside, sipping his caffeine and watching young adults chatter about their immensely difficult lives. At least it was a small distraction.

Around ten-thirty he left the coffee shop and drove to the nearest cheap motel. He checked in, put the room on a credit card, and got back in his car. He drove around to the back lot and parked his car and sat.

He closed his eyes, calming down for the first time, truly, all day. He left the car on for heating purposes only, and tried to figure out what he was doing. After a few short minutes, he put the car in reverse and left the parking lot.

He drove down the street, remembering clearly where Maggie lived. His heart began to race the closer he got, “Is this stupid? What if she’s not there? What if this had just been a string me a long kind of game that a young woman found amusing?”

He went through the apartments. He kept hearing Maggie’s voice in his head, directing him where to go. He passed by her parking spot and sighed with anxious relief when he saw her car parked. After searching the street for a spot, John got out, zipped up his coat, took a deep breath and headed for her apartment.

He hadn’t been this nervous since he went out on a date in his undergraduate years. His heart pounded in his chest, and its sound was audible to his ears. John arrived at her door, looking down at the familiar welcome mat, knowing he was in the right place.

John lifted his hand, took a stuttering breath and knocked on Maggie’s door.

Inside, Maggie jumped, startled from a knock on her door near midnight. She closed her book and pulled the blanket off her legs before going to the door.

He waited a few moments, rubbing his hands together to keep them warm. He looked up when he heard the deadbolts clicking. If his heart were to beat any faster, he’d go into cardiac arrest.

The door opened, and the beautiful creature standing inside took John back. She was everything he wanted, he was sure now. He was certain this was no longer going to be a fantasy; this was about to become real. It could be the worst mistake of his life, but he didn’t care anymore. He couldn’t live not knowing what could have happened.

He drank her in with his eyes. Suddenly the wind didn’t feel as cold against him. Maggie stood there, quiet, letting him look her over and take in everything she encompassed. Standing there in her foyer, wearing only a snug little white t-shirt, no bra and with the cold air coming in from the outside her nipples swelled quickly underneath, poking against the fabric, clearly visible. Her lower belly was on display above her sweet pink and white polka dot silk bikini panties.

She was everything he wanted, everything he had fantasized about since he was young. Standing there she looked like a teen rocker girl he would imagine before bed. But, she was real. She was Maggie.

Maggie moved to the side, stunned for a moment that he was here before she welcomed him inside. She felt confused, she wanted to ask questions, to find out what brought John to her door at nearly midnight. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and closed the door.

“John, are you alright?” she asked, watching him take off his coat and drape it over the back of her sofa.

He took a few steps to the stunned girl, seeing her tremble with excitement and a hint of fear. He held her face in his hands and brought her eyes to his, “I’m here, Maggie,” he said quietly, looking into her soul.

“Are you sure?” she asked equally quiet.

John leaned his face into hers, tilting his head just a bit to the left. “More sure than I have been about anything in a long, long time,” he said, bringing her mouth to his.

Maggie closed her eyes and shuddered a moan against his lips. She dropped her head back against the wall, letting his tongue glide over her lips and into her mouth, accepting him.

She raised her hands and placed them around his neck, bringing him closer. Their mouths opened and closed together, in perfect harmony. They tasted each other’s tongues and mouths. Maggie ran her tongue over his bottom lip, savoring every morsel of him. She felt him, his built up lust and desire spilling out into the way he kissed her. He was gentle and rough, tender and sweet, slow and fast, all mixed together.

John pressed harder against her, feeling her need. No words were needed. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it, giving him a hint to what that little tongue stud could do. She then gave him her tongue in return. He slid his hands down from her cheeks, over her neck and shoulders, past her erect nipples and down her belly, around to her round silk covered ass. He squeezed her cheeks and lifted her up, Maggie responded by wrapping her limbs around him, climbing into his embrace.

Their lips never parted as he brought her through the living room to her bedroom. Their kissing grew even more intense as he carried her, the lust boiling over. He held her ass and rubbed against her. He bumped Maggie against the door. She giggled against his mouth and reached over, opening it for them.

John brought Maggie to her bed and laid her down and he straightened out his back, looking down at her. She stretched out across her bed smiling sweetly, inviting him. Her eyes twinkled and her lips shined with saliva from the hungry kiss just moments ago. John admired her laying there.

“What are you waiting for, handsome?” Maggie giggled, sitting up a bit on her elbows.

John leaned down and put his hands on her hips, pushing her little shirt up over her tits. Maggie lifted her arms and shook her brown locks as he pulled her shirt off. Her breasts were more beautiful than he imagined, full, round and creamy with hints of veins running through behind her flesh. Her nipples were perky and erect with brownish pink areola surrounded by the sweetest little bumps.

“You are everything I have ever wanted,” he said as he looked at her body and trailed his hand over her hipbone just above her panties.

Maggie blushed like a little girl and bit her lip. Her stomach trembled as he touched her.

John leaned down again and kissed her lips, licking her soft mouth. Maggie loved how his goatee scratched her face as he moved his lips across her cheek to her neck. His hands groped her, holding her tight as if he was worried she would change her mind and run away. She reached for the bottom of his sweater and pulled it up. John’s hands only left her for a moment so she could pull it off.

Maggie opened her legs so he could climb on top of her. He lifted his knees onto her bed and pressed his chest against hers. Her swollen nipples poked through his chest hair. They found each other’s mouths again and fought for control of the kiss, playfully fighting with each other’s tongues. Loud smacking sounds filled the room as they greedily kissed.

John played with the tongue stud in her mouth, flicking it with his tongue and playfully pulling on it. Maggie hurried with his belt and fly then lifted her feet and pushed his pants down his legs; John kicked them off to help her.

John held her tit with his left hand and felt it’s weight, squeezing and tugging on it just a bit. He steadied himself with his other arm, holding his hand around Maggie’s head. Her hands gripped his sides and hips, pulling him closer to her. Together they began grinding against each other through their underwear.

Maggie’s panties were gathering wetness with each passing second and John’s erection somehow had not poked out of the fly of his boxer briefs. Their mouths parted for a moment and they both opened their eyes, panting against each other’s mouths.

“John,” Maggie said with heavy breath, “May I worship you?”

“Worship me?” John asked, raising an eyebrow with a grin painted on his saliva stained lips.

Maggie nodded, “Yes sir, please,” she replied then wiggled out from under him.

He rolled over onto his side and let her slip away. She got up onto her feet and shimmied her panties down her hips. John watched eagerly as her bare pussy came into view. He hadn’t seen a shaved a woman except in porn. His cock was standing straight up, making a tent of his underwear and he wasn’t shy about it. He watched as she slowly pushed her panties down, a lingeringly slow strip tease just for him. Finally, her lips came into view, shiny with juices.

“Damn,” John mumbled, “Maggie, you are utterly amazing.”

“Thank you sir,” she smiled sweetly as she stepped out of her panties and dropped them to the floor.

Maggie reached for his hand and he willingly gave it. She pulled him off the bed to his feet in front of her and leaned up and dropped a peck on his lips before dropping down to her knees in front of him.

“John,” she said as she pulled his boxer briefs down and his cock sprang out at her. Her thoughts were stopped for a moment as she ogled his length. He was on the larger side over average, thick and veiny. Throbbing and fully erect. Her mouth was near his cock and he could feel her breath on it, “I am going to worship you and give you the most amazing head you have ever had.”

“That sounds like quite a statement,” he teased and reached down touched his erection, just to make sure he was as hard as he thought he was. He couldn’t remember a time he was this erect.

Maggie’s eyes were up to his and she stuck out her tongue dragged it in a slow circle around his bulbous head. “I don’t lie, professor.”

From that small sensation John’s toes curled. He kept his eyes down on her and moved his hand to her hair, brushing a few strands off her face.

Maggie began to work, holding his cock around the base of his shaft and lapping up along his length, coating his flesh in a layer of saliva. She felt the ridges of his veins against her tongue as she licked and took the time to flutter her tongue against his frelenum. John stuttered out a moan.

Maggie grinned and spit onto his shaft. Using her spit as lube she began gently pulling him, slowly. Her small hand just barely closed around his girth. Her mouth disappeared under him and her back arched forward as she kissed his sac through his pubic hair. He admired her ass from this angle; it was perfect.

His eyes fluttered closed and he groaned as she sucked his balls one at a time into her mouth. He rarely got head and it never included attention to his balls. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled her in closer between his thighs. Maggie complied and slapped her tongue against his taut flesh, reaching back to his taint. She gently tugged on his ball skin with her teeth, and then kissed the area that she pulled on. The grip she had on his cock tightening now and her wrist turning just slightly as she stroked him.

“Oh god, Maggie, that’s good,” he mumbled.

Maggie sucked on his balls for a moment longer then pulled her mouth away, “That’s not all I can do.”

John just nodded, he had no reply to that and wouldn’t dare tease her about her skills.

“You ready?” she grinned, her hand pulling his cock hard and fast now.

“For what?” he wheezed.

Maggie dropped her hand and her mouth opened. Her lips spread over the head of his erection, he felt the warmth of her mouth as it surrounded him. John tried to moan but nothing came out from his lips.

She pushed her mouth further down his shaft and he praised how pretty she looked with her mouth wrapped around his member. Her lips stretched and cheeks were sunken in. He felt his cockhead pressing against the entrance to her throat.

Maggie reared her mouth back and spit on his shaft. Her spit dangled from her mouth to his aching flesh as she spoke “Oh my goodness, I can’t get it in my throat,” she said in a playful tone. “It’s just so big.”

John twirled his fingers in her brown locks, “It’s okay, don’t worry about…” before he could finish his sentence, Maggie’s mouth had swallowed his cock and down into her tight soft throat. She didn’t stop till her nose was pressed hard against his pelvis. “Fuck!” he groaned so loud it could have shook the walls of her bedroom.

He reached over and steadied himself on her dresser, his legs could give out at any moment.

Maggie fed on him, slurping and gagging, turning her head side to side, never letting his erection leave her throat. John’s consistent groans just encouraged her, causing her to work harder. All she wanted was to service her lover. Her lips slid up and down his cock as she looked up at him.

Her tongue wiggled inside her mouth, pushing her tongue bead against his organ, massaging the base of his shaft while grinding his cock into her throat. She pushed her tongue out of her mouth with his shaft completely hidden behind her lips and pulled his balls up with her hand to lick them.

John just stared, when his eyes were able to stay open, “Holy fuck, I thought that only happened in porn,” he moaned. His chest was heaving with heavy breath, he didn’t want to cum yet but he wasn’t sure how long he could hold off.

Maggie started giggling and had to pull back to keep from choking. His cock fell out of her mouth with a pop and he gasped. She spit lewdly several times onto his flesh and smeared it along his shaft. Her other hand found her warmth between her thighs and she parted her pussy lips and ran her fingers over her wet folds.

“I want to taste your cum,” she begged. “Please sir, empty your load into my needy mouth.”

John nodded and spoke in a husky tone, “You’ll get it slut. I’m going to fuck that pretty face of yours.”

Maggie grinned a Cheshire grin, her legs twitching as she rubbed her clit, “Oh goody!”

John took his grip of her hair and angled her head back slightly. Her mouth dropped open and he filled the void with his thick meat. Maggie kept her throat loose as he pushed inside. Quickly, he began thrusting into her mouth, drilling his cock into her throat. He felt strong and powerful, and Maggie willingly obeyed.

Dirty sounds of gagging filled the room with John’s groans. He pushed deep inside her and dug his shaft into her throat as far as he could. Maggie had begun digging out her cunt but he didn’t notice. Her mouth was the only thing on his mind and she gave it to him freely.

Her tongue slithered around his shaft when he buried himself inside her and her cheeks sank in as he pulled away. Drool spilled out of her lips and ran down her chin to her tits. He could feel his cock throbbing and the warmth in his loins about to explode. He pulled her face to his pelvis as his body started shaking.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” he roared as his seed shot into her throat.

Maggie gulped it down without hesitation and John pulled back allowing the last rope to drop on her tongue. His musky tasting cum coated her mouth and throat and he finally pulled away with a relieved gasp.

She wasn’t ready for him to pull away yet. Maggie suckled his vulnerable flesh, gently taking his cock back into her mouth. She swirled her cum splattered tongue against his member. The sensations were overwhelming and John’s entire being twitched.

Maggie sat up, one hand still working her pussy, with the other she wiped her lips after swallowing, “Very delicious, professor, slightly salty and musky, just how I like it.”

John shook his head and wiped the sweat off his brow, “You’re right, I never had a blow-job like that, ever.”

Maggie smiled, “You’re very welcome.” With his help she got back to her feet.

“I’m going to need a minute, I hope that’s okay,” John said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Of course,” Maggie kissed his forehead, “Would you like a glass of water?”

“You are the perfect woman,” he replied.

Maggie nodded, “I do my best,” and scurried off to the kitchen.

She returned promptly with a glass of ice water and handed it to him. She sat down on the bed next to him and gently trailed her nails along his shoulder. He gulped down the water then looked over at her.

“Tell me something, John,” Maggie bit her lip as she teased his earlobe with her fingertip. “Tell me something else you’ve never done sexually.”

John finished the water then leaned over her to place the empty cup on the nightstand, “Well, one thing comes to mind.”

Maggie nodded for him to continue then began kissing along his jaw line.

“I’ve never had anal sex.”

She lifted her head back up and had a concerned look on her face, “You’ve never fucked a girl’s ass?”

John shook his head, “Always wanted to, but the Mrs. would never let me. I stopped asking ages ago.”

Maggie kissed his lips, “I’m your slut John, and you can do anything you want with me.”

He nibbled her bottom lip, “That you are,” he said then pushed her down onto the pillows.

Maggie’s legs opened for him as he maneuvered himself to his knees and climbed on top of her. He got his first view of her available pussy and the shiny green curved barbell that adorned her clit hood. He flicked it playfully with his finger, “I’ve never seen this before.”

Maggie squirmed as the flick of the jewelry teased the hidden area of her clitoris, “Do you like it?”

“I do, it’s very pretty,” he continued to play with it, dragging his fingers over it and tugging just slightly. “Did it hurt?”

“Surprisingly not one bit,” Maggie replied as she stacked the pillows so she could rest with a better view of John. “The worst part was taking off my pants for a total stranger. But he was professional, and I didn’t even realize he had done it until he said he was finished.”

John chuckled as his hand caressed the beautiful pussy of his lover. Her lips folded in on themselves flawlessly. Her cunt was neatly tucked away behind her bare folds.

Her warmth radiated onto his palm, “So the rewards definitely outweigh the risk, then?”

“Oh absolutely, very much worth the fifty dollars and bit of humiliation it took to get it done.”

His has stroked her soft bare skin for just a moment longer before he leaned down and licked up the slit of her pussy. Her scent immediately over powered him and he was hooked. She tasted better than she smelled. Her folds were soft and the flesh behind them was like velvet. Her fluids coated his tongue as he tasted her. Maggie let out a soft satisfied moan and pinched her nipple.

His tongue poked into her hole and more fluids seeped out into his mouth. She tasted like heaven. He probed his tongue into her cunt. John groaned into her body then flattened his tongue as he lapped up to her clit. His tongue flicked against the barbell and Maggie squirmed. He drew circles over her clitoris and enjoyed feeling the jewelry move in his mouth.

Maggie’s toes curled and her moans begged for him not to stop. She cupped and groped her breasts, tugging on her nipples as he consumed her.

He held her thighs open. Her juices leaked over her ass and down onto the sheets. He sucked her clit into his mouth and gently bit on it. Maggie’s hips bucked against his face and his tongue slid back down to her cunt. He poked his tongue inside her, teasing her, and then took long careful laps from her hole and up to her clit over and over until his lover began panting.

“Please sir, please put your fingers inside me,” she moaned.

John kissed her hard clitoris and moved his hand to her cunt. He traced the outline of her entrance with his fingers, feeling her silken juices. John pushed his pointer finger inside her.

Her walls were soft; they felt like satin with sponginess along the top. He gently pushed his finger in and out. She was tight and he pushed his second finger inside. Her body welcomed it and her hips pushed into his fingers. He dragged his fingers along her smooth walls, fucking her tenderly.

He looked up over her body as his tongue wiggled on her clitoris. Her eyes fluttered between open and closed and her mouth hung open as she moaned. Her stomach sunk in with every deep breath showing off her hipbones and the outline of her ribs as he pleasured her.

He lifted his mouth off her pussy to get a better view. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Maggie was comfortable and in touch with her needs.

Her juices leaked over his hand as he dug inside her. Driving his two fingers in and out as Maggie fucked his fingers. Her hips rolled and ground onto his hand.

“Oh my goodness, that’s so good,” she panted.

John pushed her hand off her tit and he bit her breast. His teeth sank into her flesh as he drove his fingers into her body. He licked and kissed where he bit her and then drew his tongue over to her nipple. Her body was hot against him and her cunt was boiling around his fingers.

His cock had come back to life, standing at attention and begging to be touched.

Her body trembled violently and her heels dug into the sheets making them ripple across the bed. John lifted his mouth from her breast to watch the beauty of her face as she neared her orgasm.

“Oh my goodness, oh fuck” she whimpered. Her chest and cheeks flushed red as the pleasure over powered her.

“That’s a good girl,” John said, coaxing the orgasm out of her as she rode his fingers. He curled them up inside her massaging her g spot, “Cum for me, cum for me, my slut.”

Maggie spoke in broken words, only “fuck, oh god,” and “John” were audible between her purrs and moans.

Her cunt gripped his fingers, squeezing tight and releasing rhythmically, until forcing them out. Maggie had gone silent and her orgasm squirted violently put of her. Soaking John’s body and the sheets.

John was stunned.

Maggie’s eyes slowly opened as her breathing calmed, “oh wow,” she said softly.

“That’s… Wow, I’ve never seen that before either. You are just full of surprises aren’t you?”

Maggie rubbed her cheeks into the pillows as her body shook with post orgasmic quakes, “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Are you kidding me!” he laughed. “That was amazing!”

Maggie giggled as John settled down on the pillows next to her, “Thank you sir. I want to amaze you.”

He kissed her lips gently, “Please don’t stop.”

She pecked his lips several times, tasting herself on his mouth as she climbed on top of him, “I won’t, I promise.”

Her hand found his erection once again and she sat up on his hips, hovering over him. She placed her knees on either side of him and her pussy less than inch from his cock.

“John, I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you,” she said as she teased his cock against the folds of her dripping pussy.

“I know, I have too,” he said, looking at the stunning creature on his lap. “I haven’t wanted anything this bad”

Maggie smiled sweetly and lifted her body, settling his cock right at the entrance to her cunt, “Fifteen years John, fifteen years since you have been inside another woman, are you glad it’s me?”

“Oh god yes, Maggie. You are well worth the wait,” he held her hips as she lowered down onto his shaft.

Her heat engulfed him. Her body slid down his pole and settled on him, wrapped around his cock.

“Oh god, your cunt is so soft and wet and hot,” he groaned, looking up at Maggie.

Her heat spread to him and filled his body with warmth. The walls of Maggie’s cunt stretched to fit his girth inside. Maggie rocked just slightly on his lap, holding his organ deep inside her. Her mouth dropped open in pleasure as their eyes locked.

They were connected, completely, finally.

Maggie lifted her hands behind her head as she began bouncing on his erection. Showing off her body as her hips danced in his lap. A private show for John’s eyes as she rode him.

He lifted his hips and met her thrusts, grinding himself into her. His cock pushed against her cervix as her body came down on him. She let out a yelp of pleasure as she felt his member in her stomach.

“Holy fuck, you fit so good inside me,” she moaned, dropping her head back. Her breasts bounced in circles on her chest and her hair danced around her shoulders. Her hips rolled down into him, digging his organ inside her.

“I could fuck you forever,” he moaned back, in awe of her body bouncing and rocking on his.

“Please do!” Maggie squealed.

John groped her tits, squeezing them together roughly, and pulling her nipples between his fingers. His large hands filled with soft breast flesh, fingertips sinking in.

“Do you like my tits?” Maggie asked, biting her lip.

“I love them,” he grunted as she impaled her body on his erection.

Maggie dropped down and catching herself on her hands next to his head. She kissed his lips and moaned into his mouth. John grabbed her hips, digging his fingers into her skin, pulling her into him. Their bodies worked together in pleasurable unison.

Maggie’s walls squeezed John’s cock as she pulled up and loosened as she came down. She milked him with her cunt.

“I love how you feel inside me. You’re so thick, my cunt has to stretch for you,” she panted against his mouth.

“I can feel your fluids leaking on my balls. You’re such a hot slut,” he grunted then covered her mouth with his.

Their bodies rocked together firmly, filling each other’s needs. John’s organ slid into her and he pressed his hips up to fill her completely as she came down on him. Their tongues wrestled as they moaned back and forth into each other’s mouths. John relished the sensation of her hard nipples rubbing along his chest.

A thin layer of sweat coated both of their bodies. The room smelled of sex and the strong, delicious aroma of Maggie’s cunt.

John could feel himself getting close again and wasn’t ready for this delight to end just yet. He pulled Maggie’s hips down onto him. Her cunt continued to pulse around his throbbing erection.

“What’s wrong?” Maggie asked, nuzzling her nose against his.

“Nothing, nothing at all. I just don’t want to cum yet,” John grinned.

Maggie rolled her hips just slightly as she caught her breath.

“I still want your ass,” he said.

“So take it!” Maggie beamed.

With those words John lifted Maggie off him and put her on the bed. He slid off then pulled her off the edge by her ankles causing her to squeal.

“There’s lube in the nightstand,” Maggie said as she positioned herself on her hands, bent over the side of the bed.

John reached over and rummaged through the drawer, quickly finding warming lubricant. He squeezed a couple drops onto his finger and Maggie reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks open.

Her bud was tiny and welcoming. John smeared lube onto it, tenderly massaging the entrance to her ass.

Maggie looked over her shoulder as she giggled and squirmed, “Sorry, it tickles.”

John swatted her ass with his other hand, “Stay still slut,” he said firmly.

“Owwie!” she squealed, “Yes sir.”

“Do you like that?” he asked and spanked her again, harder this time.

Maggie’s body writhed and she wiggled her ass, “Oh yes sir, very much.”

He worked his finger into her tight asshole and lubed up his cock, “I should have known, sluts like you always like to be spanked.”

“I love it sir, it feels so good when you spank me,” Maggie moaned and pushed back against his finger.

John pulled out his finger and positioned his member at her asshole, “I make you feel good other ways don’t I?” he said then pushed his cock into her tight hole.

He pushed past her rim and her anus sucked his cock inside. He sank into her and Maggie let out a deep guttural moan as her back arched.

“Fuck yes, you do, professor. You make me feel wonderful,” she purred.

Her hands dropped from her ass and she held her torso up on the bed as she backed up into his pelvis.

John stood still for several moments, feeling Maggie’s tight ass suck on his erection as she rocked back and forth on it. He held her hips idly, breaking only to spank her, which made her anal walls squeeze tighter around him as she shimmered with pleasure.

“Fuck my ass professor, fuck my dirty little hole,” Maggie begged as she slammed her body back into him.

“Filthy little girl,” he groaned and pushed her chest into the bed and began drilling into his slut.

Maggie winced from the intense pressure of his weight slamming into her anus and gripped the sheets. His hand spanked her ass and the other reached under her and pawed at her nearest tit.

“Fuck yes, that’s what your slut wants, fuck my ass just like that,” Maggie cried out.

John slapped her ass repeatedly, drilling into her hot, smooth anus. He pinned Maggie to the bed with his weight. His balls slapped against her pussy with every thrust. He groaned and bit down on her shoulder. Maggie screamed out in gratification as his teeth dug into her flesh.

Pure animalistic lust had over taken them both.

Maggie slipped her had underneath her and found her clit. She rubbed it wildly, making her legs quake as he used her ass for his pleasure.

He licked her shoulder where a trickle of blood had leaked. Maggie was completely his now. He knew it. He bit down and sucked hard, leaving another mark on her shoulder.

Maggie’s anus milked his cock as she panted and moaned. John’s groans turned to roars as he pounded into her ass even harder.

John fucked his slut into the mattress, using her body, thrusting everything he had into her ass. Maggie screamed and cried out in satisfaction as he tore her anus open. He squeezed and spanked her ass so hard with his hand; he left bruises on her flesh.

Maggie whimpered, “Cum with me, please sir, I beg you.”

John wanted to say something to tease her, but he knew he was too close, he just grunted, “Yes, Maggie.”

He felt his balls tighten and the rush of intense pleasure flood through his cock and shoot deep inside her anus. He growled like a beast as he emptied what felt like a huge load inside his slut.

Just as he came he could feel Maggie under him, her body writhing helplessly. Her ass clenched tight, pulsing on his sensitive cock. Her breath was fast and her heart pounded as she gushed down her thighs.

He collapsed down on her, barley getting his knees on the bed so he wouldn’t slip off. His erection relaxed, but stayed snug in her ass as they lay together. Maggie slid her hand over and found his and squeezed it. He rested his hot cheek on hers. Both of them were covered in sweat, Maggie’s hair was stuck to most of her face.

Blissful moments passed before John slipped out of her ass and off her. He moved up to the pillows and laid back. Maggie followed him and snuggled up into his nook.

There weren’t any words needed, but John said them anyway, “Thank you Maggie, that was amazing.”

Maggie nuzzled into him and wrapped her arm over his chest, “No need to thank me,” she purred with her eyes closed.

His cum leaked out of her ass and down onto the sheets.

“Maggie…” John whispered.

“Yes?” she asked raising her face to look at him.

“I don’t want this to be a one time thing, you know that right? I don’t want to sound clingy, but that was the best sex I ever had.”

Maggie grinned and dropped a kiss on his mouth, “I know, it was, and I don’t want it to be either.”

John kissed her flushed cheeks and brushed the sticky hair out of her face, “I’m going to get in trouble with you around.”

The smile didn’t leave her lips and she ran her fingers over his nipple, “I can keep a secret, if you can.”

John pulled her face closer to his kissed her hard, with deep rooted passion, before slowly pulling away. “I absolutely can.”

Maggie nuzzled his cheek and whispered, “What do we do now?”

“We go to sleep.”

She laughed and pulled her face away to look at his eyes, “No, I mean, after tonight.”

John traced her cheekbone, getting lost in her eyes, “I go home tomorrow. Then we see each other when we can.”

Maggie opened her mouth to say something and John placed a finger gently over her lips. The realization of their relationship came over them and he could see it on her face.

“Maggie,” he said gently, “I’m going to see you any time I can. This is a new thing to me, so we are going to have to work out some kinks, but we will do whatever we can, okay?”

Katherine tried again to stretch and relieve some of the pressure on the balls of her feet. Although she was of good height for a woman at 5′ 7″, the hook above her head was too high and the ropes strung from it that held her hands raised together were too tight. She could only sigh and whimper and wait. Blindfolded and hung from a hook drilled into the wall near the ceiling high above her head, she could at least relax her spine against the cool wall. She was strung up too high to stand comfortably, so all she could do was shift every few minutes from supporting herself on one pair of toes to another.

She had no idea how long she had been hanging there. Sometime in the morning, He had woken her up by pulling her long dark hair and slapping her face. He had dragged her out of his bed while she was still nude and put the blindfold over her eyes and then tied her to this position. This wasn’t the first time, only the latest. He told her to wait there until He came back, as if she had a choice. Even on the days when the cleaning crew came in to attend to the rest of the house, she was always gagged and bound. They never came in to whatever room He put her in (she never knew which one). She once tried feebly to scream, but gave up as soon as she realized she was almost about to cum. Ashamed and humiliated, she had quieted herself and sucked the ball gag as if it was a cock and felt her pussy throb with a minor orgasm. Since then, she had learned to wait for His return.

She was usually left with a ball gag in her mouth and this time He must have been away for many hours because she was out of spit to form around it. Her chin was drying the last of her saliva and her muscles were beginning to cramp when she suddenly felt hands undoing the gag. Before she could work her jaw to form words, a cold wet cloth was shoved in her mouth. She sucked hungrily at it and felt some strength return to her limbs. After a few seconds, she felt a strip of leather brush over her nipples. Before she could guess what it was, the belt struck the side of her right breast and then her left. The blows were repeated and the sharp pain sent shockwaves through her body and she could feel intense throbs inside her vagina with each one. Her knees trembled and heels jumped against the wall.

The belt then descended lightly over her head in a loop and tightened around her throat as a hand pulled her hair out of the noose. The loose end was pulled between her large breasts, now swelling with blood from the lashes. As the loop constricted, she opened her mouth around the cloth in a gasp and immediately felt something sharp and metallic enter.

“Stay still,” He commanded.

She could feel the blades envelop her tongue and knew they were scissors. Her tongue pushed up through the cloth to hold them in place as He left them there. Her throat constricted more as the belt was pulled down again and she could feel His knuckles brush past her taut stomach and over her pelvis. The edge of the leather strip brushed her clit a few times and she thrust out her head and moaned around her difficult gag. In her distraction, she had let her knees move in closer than He wanted and she felt the sharp slap of His hand slam between them.

“Knees apart. Twelve inches. Always, until told.”

She complied and tried to breathe and relax and concentrate, but she could feel He was teasing her exposed labia with the belt tip. Even though she was mostly dehydrated, her pussy betrayed her and dripped juice down her thighs. Embarrassed by her own lewdness, she hardly noticed as He fastened something to the first belt loop hole and inserted it past her swollen pussy lips. As He gently let go of it she could immediately sense that it was some sort of steel hook. Dull, thankfully, but it still made her thrust her neck out even more so it didn’t threaten to rip up into her. Her breathing became sharp and ragged and she felt a small orgasm explode as her clit rubbed the metallic member. She almost cried with the humiliation and pleasure of it.

A few more seconds passed as she drooled past the cloth and through the scissors and down onto her breasts. She could faintly hear the click and whine of a camera as He shot pictures of her and she surrendered to another small orgasm at the thought of how she must look hanging against the wall blindfolded, with blades in her mouth and a strap tied around her neck pulling a hook up into her cunt. She trembled even more severely this time as her excitement passed and her body demanded rest. Her sex was still swollen and pleading and she almost wept for the extent of her sluttish needs.

Minutes passed, maybe an hour? Katherine no longer had any real notion of time. There was only the time when He came home and then a brief moment when He unbound her, just before she surrendered to sleep, that she consciously thought of the outside’s conception of time. She knew she had signed a contract with Him for a month of His attention, with no safe word for escape. She could not remember why she had done it and no longer cared. For the past few days (or was it weeks?) she let Him do anything at all at anytime He wished. All she knew now was the slut. The slut was that girl or woman or beast inside of her that craved only to be fed and cared for and fucked. It had argued against every piece of her mind for years and destroyed several relationships. It had finally won the war within and she could vaguely recall the armistice she signed in this man’s presence. She knew she met Him through some website she had tried on a whim, but even that thought she wanted to discard. He was here and was paying attention to her unlike any she had experienced before. She wasn’t even sure she wanted the contract to end or even if He would honor it, but even such a thought as this flew away under the pressure of the hook and the gag and the blindfold.

“Be still. Be quiet. Be good.”

The ropes that held her hands slackened gradually and she felt herself lowered toward the floor. Some part of her mind told her to turn her head in case she met the floor but another part – a part put there by Him – forced it away and said He would never let that happen. Indeed, the rope tightened again and she hung there at what she could only guess was a 45-degree angle. Her toes throbbed with pleasure to be released from gravity and her feet scrabbled to plant themselves against the wall. Again, her cunt throbbed as new sensations of relief and ultimate submission battled and flooded her. She groaned loudly and almost lost the scissors, but she clenched her jaw and felt the blades scrape the insides of her cheeks and pinch her tongue. She whined repeatedly until she felt the scissors being removed. She tried a muffled “thank you” past the cloth but was cut short as she was slapped across her face on each side.

“Be still. Don’t make me tell you again.”

The skin of her face was still stinging as he re-inserted the scissors. She concentrated on them even as she felt her knees being slapped further apart.

“Two feet now… further… good girl.”

She felt her ass cheeks slapped lightly. Her dripping pussy was now fully exposed and she could feel the air carrying away the moisture on her engorged lips. She wanted to drop her head and moan again, but was afraid of the scissors and of disappointing Him. Instead, she breathed harder and focused her thoughts on her cunt, just the way she knew He wanted her.


She could feel something moving across her ass cheeks and she let go of herself and simply hung there. A rubber object starting pressing against her asshole and she instinctively resisted, even though she knew she shouldn’t. A sharp slap landed hard and fast on her butt, followed soon after by three more. She whimpered and concentrated on the scissors. The butt plug was withdrawn for a second and then returned with a slick and oily texture. The lubrication worked on her hole and opened her without her even thinking. She tried to stop thinking and accept it. As the thick piece of rubber entered her, she stifled herself and pushed down in her stomach to take it all, just like she had been taught a good little slut should.

The plug entered her tight asshole and she breathed even harder through her dangerous gag. He pressed it deeper inside of her and she tried to relax and push down more to take it, but there just always seemed more to take. Her tongue stroked the scissor blades through her cloth gag as she tried to scream when He forced the plug all the way in. Panting and sweating, she felt His hands stretch tape across her ass to keep the intruding thing inside of her.

Next, she felt His hands gathering her hair and gently pulling it back and tying it into a ponytail. She could sense rather than feel Him standing over her suspended body, straddling her with his legs. She yearned to brush up against even one pant leg, but He was careful to avoid her body. She began to feel Him pulling slowly back on her hair and she realized she had let her head droop far lower than she had thought. As her head was pulled gradually back, the belt tightened and her neck constricted and the hook buried in her cunt was forced up into her. As it bumped into the thin skin that separated it from the plug in her ass, a long low wail began in her throat. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to ignore the pain even as a massive wave of excitement built and pulsed in her pussy. She had no idea how far He had pulled her back, but when the force of the hook pushing against the plug finally turned her wail into a scream, her tongue pushed hard against the scissors and the terrible pinching it suffered there only increased her pain and her pleasure. She knew she was cumming in a way she had never experienced before – a long terrible tide of pain and humiliation and raw pleasure.

The belt had finally constricted so far she could no longer breathe and she began to choke, but managed to keep from thrashing. Her hair was gently and excruciatingly slowly released so she could lower her head and slacken the leather strip. With every merciful centimeter He released she felt her cunt throb with smaller waves of ecstasy as the hook receded and her breathing returned. Eventually He let her hair go and her head drooped as low as it could and she felt herself giving in to exhaustion. Just as she thought she might pass into a delirium, she felt His hand stroking her back and her senses came alive again.

“Good girl. You did just fine, little slut. I’m very proud of you.”

Katherine moaned and managed to raise her head up to show how she could do even better and was ready. Some part of her mind recoiled at how submissively grateful she was for His praise and how she almost cooed at the feel of His gentle petting, but that part had become just a shred of a memory of her former self that she had put in a box weeks ago. She even giggled a bit as she looked forward to anything He wanted to do next. She could sense Him move and come to stand in front of her and she raised her head even higher in the hope that He would let her suck His cock. The anticipation of it thrilled her and the pressure of the hook and plug carried this feeling into an exquisite pulsing throughout her body. Even if He only removed the gag, she yearned to beg to taste his dick or lick hungrily at his balls or even just to beg for hours while He simply stood there considering her.

Instead, she felt a cold metal clamp being attached to her right nipple and a screw tightening it. The nipple pinched, bulged, thickened and was fastened. The same was done to the other one and the new sensation made her moan softly and repeatedly. She could feel her nipples being pulled up and closer together and guessed there was a chain between the clamps. As they rose, so did her excitement and pleasure. She heard a metallic snap and sensed that He had attached the chain to the belt buckle at her neck. She experimented with nodding her head slowly and was rewarded with intense waves of pain and pleasure in various parts of her body.

“Good girl. That’s my good girl. Show me how you can fuck yourself. Go on.”

Katherine’s head nodded rhythmically up and down as she used the tightness of the belt to yank her nipples and fuck herself with the hook. While she tried to bring her head as high as she could to show how good of a slut she could be, she felt something touch her clit past the metal of the hook. It began vibrating and she squealed. The rip of tape sounded and she could tell He was fastening it to her clit. As He let go and straddled her prone body again, she felt the vibrations increase in intensity. She also felt her hair being pulled back again and her head rising even higher than before. She moaned loudly past the chokehold on her throat, feeling the sensations of hook and plug and clamps and vibrator all at once. It was more than she could bear and she started to writhe.

“Patience, little slut. Just hold it a little while longer.”

Katherine’s body was in torment and overwhelmingly stimulated. She tried to focus on His words and calm her breathing and accept her torture. She managed to keep from screaming and only sobbed in supplication. Finally, the vibrations rapidly diminished and her hair was let go and as blood circulated to the areas that had been the most under pressure, her body shook with millions of tiny orgasms that left her utterly exhausted. She could only barely sense Him removing the clamps, then the scissors, then the belt and hook. She sighed and might even have climaxed again as they were withdrawn, but her body was spent. An oily substance was applied to her buttocks and the tape that held the butt plug in place was easily removed along with the object. Finally, the cloth in her mouth was gently extracted and he held her chin so she could have a few sips of water.

As He lowered her slowly to the floor and undid her bindings, she curled up and wanted nothing more than to sleep, but then felt her body being lifted by His strong arms. She still had the blindfold on, but even if she had the strength to do it, she would not remove it. He had not told her to and that was enough. Soon, she felt the air change to something warm and humid and felt she was being lowered into a tub of warm, soapy water. She fought the desire to slip into sleep immediately as He bathed and massaged her tired body. He removed the blindfold and she blearily saw only His smile as He cleaned her face. She managed a feeble smile and then gave in to exhaustion.

Katherine awoke at some point the next day. She stretched and sighed in the king sized bed He had always taken her to at the end of the night. She was surprised He had left without binding her up or tying her to the bed or hanging her from the wall. There were only a couple of occasions were He had left her unbound. She looked around the room and found to no surprise a long black evening gown hanging from the door. She knew in instances like this He liked to see her fully dressed and made up and ready to go out when He came home. They never went out, of course. He would only do things to her while she was dressed and make her feel like a whore pretending to be a woman of class. The first time it happened she was disappointed at first because she loved the gown and liked the way she looked in it and wanted to eat at a nice restaurant, but after He began to go to work on her she lost all thought of anything but pleasing Him. It was humiliating and degrading and now she couldn’t wait to be ready for Him.

She spent some time stretching and testing her aching limbs on the bed. He hadn’t put any clothes on her last night and she still smelled of roses and lavender from the bath. Her muscles were still a little tired, but otherwise limber and strong – very strong, in fact. After a month of His ministrations, Katherine noticed she had lost what little fat she had carried around her belly and her arms, legs and torso had developed a tautness she never knew before. Suddenly, her stomach growled and reminded her she had not eaten at all yesterday and she looked over near the door and saw a tray set on a small wooden fold out dining stand. She gingerly left the bed and was happy her limbs and back didn’t complain at all. She explored the tray and found cereal in a bowl and a vial of milk and container of yogurt chilling on melting ice. There was also an apple and an orange and a couple of fresh rolls and pats of butter. She ate hungrily of the cereal and yogurt, but decided to leave the rest for later.

She tried to open the bedroom door and wasn’t surprised to find it locked. She walked into the adjoining office space while eating her yogurt and ran her hands over the bars of the large golden cage placed there. It was 8 feet in diameter and took up most of the room and was floored with plush cushions and sported a central support beam she had often danced around when He came home on the days He had locked her up in there. She smiled slightly while thinking of it. She had always been a good dancer, but had never pole-danced until He requested. It didn’t take long to learn the basics of it. She just treated the pole as both a dance partner and a lover and that seemed to work for Him.

She let her hand trail off the bars and entered the master bathroom where she guessed He had taken her last night. It was perfectly cleaned – the cleaning crew must have come in while she was sleeping – and almost as large as the bedroom. She wondered about the cleaning people and what they must think of her. Have there been others before? She knew from the few dates they had before the contract that He had had several relationships and one divorce, but had He had many or any contracts? She had never thought to ask. She considered herself in the mirror after she threw out the empty yogurt container and decided she would ask as soon as the contract was up. She admired the new muscle tone on her body and tight skin around her belly. This wouldn’t be a bad life at all, she thought, if I could just get out of this damn room.

She felt the skin of her body as she turned in front of the large mirror over the counter sink. There were no bruises she could see and her breasts and ass seemed tighter and higher than she had seen them in years. Not so bad at all, she thought. She took up the razor and trimmed her pussy-hair growth and then began plucking stray hairs from various parts of her body with a set of tweezers that had been left on a washcloth near the razor. As she groomed herself, she thought of the last time He had allowed her to wear clothes and the evening they had spent together…

She pulled the tight white thong up past her thighs and over her hips and felt the silky fabric rub against her clit and asshole. She paused for a moment to accept the wave of pain that overcame her tired muscles as well as the excitement of the sensation. Moving gingerly to the dresser, she took up the white corset and wrapped it around herself. Thankfully, the corset only compressed her ribs and stomach and her breasts remained exposed. Her nipples were sore and tender after the treatment she had to endure last night. After tightening the lace in the front as far as she could and still be able to breath, she approached the silver evening gown hung on the door. She noticed white nylon stockings hung over the wire hanger and pulled them down and put them on, securing them with garters to her thin thong.

The silk of the gown was a relief to her aching body and she almost considered simply collapsing back into bed, but His note specified that He expected her to look her best when He arrived. If she wrinkled the gown, she wouldn’t know what He might do. A part of her almost wanted to explore His punishment, but the part of her that remembered the bruises earned from last night told her to go to the bathroom and put on make-up. She was voraciously hungry and hoped this eveningwear meant He was taking her out to eat. As her stomach growled, she applied eyeliner and lipstick.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror in the master bedroom, she plucked the last remaining stray eyebrow hairs as He entered. Immediately, she stopped and stood still in front of the mirror. He appeared behind her and smiled that dazzling smile she had admired when she first met Him.

“You look ravishing. I’m so very proud of you. Your beauty is beyond measure.”

She felt herself blush but then felt His hands lift her dress. The fingers of His right hand pushed down around her thong and met her pussy lips with a small metallic object. She inhaled as it was inserted into her cunt but stood still obediently as He wrapped the cord attached to it around her thong strap and let a small plastic device rest at the top of her ass crack as He readjusted her dress. The dress was bare-backed, but had slight ruffles at the small of her back which did well to hide what she could only guess was a vibrator controller.

“So proud of you,” He repeated as He touched the device through her dress and started a small vibration inside of her, along the top of her vagina, near the back of her clit. She closed her eyes and nodded. Tonight’s dinner would not be without a price, she decided.

He led her out of the room with her right arm crossed into His. They descended a staircase into a small crowd of well-dressed people. As He introduced her to them as His date, she felt a girlish rush of enthusiasm. She managed to forget all the nights He had locked her in a cage or the days He had chained her to a pole in the basement or a hook in a room somewhere. Tonight, she was His date and she felt nothing less than a debutante – a debutante with a bullet vibrating quietly in her pussy.

She managed to maintain poise until He introduced her to a man she knew by sight. “Katherine, this is Congressman Wyatt. Congressman Wyatt, my enchanting date for the night, Katherine.” She immediately wanted to launch into a tirade against this man she knew to be a staunch Right-To-Lifer and thick headed Tea Party hero. As soon as she opened her mouth, though, she felt Him turn up the vibrator to maximum and the sensation made her fall into the Congressman’s arms instead.

“I’m… just so… very pleased to meet you,” she managed as she struggled back off of him. Wyatt was surprised and gleeful and pinched her shoulders as she hung on him.

“My pleasure, I’m sure! Always glad to meet a supporter of our cause!”

The vibrations diminished and she could manage to stand upright while leaning against Him. He gave her a glass of wine and they moved on to greet others. There were about thirty or so people, she guessed, and as far as she could tell she met them all. Everyone was dressed beautifully and she enjoyed being the date of the host. While they mingled, He was careful to keep her glass filled and chose which foods she may eat. Whenever she reached for a second helping of something she liked as a waiter passed by, he pushed up on the vibrator control and her hands fluttered back to her breast. People noticed her odd behavior, but no one commented.

After an hour, Katherine’s thong was soaked with her own juices. She could feel them start to seep down her legs and invade her stockings. She tried to beg Him to let her go to the bathroom, but as soon as she did, He would steer her toward another couple or group they should talk to – all the while increasing or decreasing the intensity of the vibrations in her. She managed to keep her speech level, she thought, but her knees wobbled when there was a lull and her breasts heaved out at people when there was a climax. After a couple of hours, all the men in the living room could not resist staring at her and all the women glared.

At this point He guided her through sliding wood doors into an adjoining private study. He slid the doors shut and escorted her to behind the large mahogany desk, behind which there were only floor to ceiling windows which looked out on the spacious backyard, now darkened and covered in the shadows of night. He moved the chair out of the way and turned her to face the desk and doors. He reached down and opened a drawer and withdrew several things and placed them on one side of the desk.

“Eyes front. Don’t make a sound.”

Katherine wanted to look at the objects, but she did as she was told. She could hear the party going on beyond the doors and wanted to get back to it, but something inside of her told her that her place was to do as she was told and nothing else.

“Arms above your head.”

Katherine stretched her arms as high as they could go and felt Him unzip the small zipper at the side of her gown. A thrill ran through her as He gathered the material of her dress and pulled the whole thing up and over her head and arms. She remained standing there in her corset and panties while he draped the gown over the back of the chair.

“Head down on the table. Arms spread to the corners. Be good, little one.”

Katherine obeyed and bent at her hips to put her head down on the desk and stretched her arms as close to the far corners of the desk as possible. A few moments ago, she hadn’t really given a thought to being fucked, even though her sopping wet pussy screamed for it, but now she felt a rush of passion well up inside. He kicked her feet wider and she could feel him tie a rope from one ankle to a near desk leg and then another. Her pussy throbbed around the weakly vibrating egg inside of her.

He moved around to the front of the desk and stretched another set of nylon cords as far as they could go to secure one wrist and then another to the front desk legs. He moved back around behind her and ran his hands along her inner thighs and gently caressed her pussy lips pushing out around the thong.

“Awwwwwhhhhh,” Katherine screamed out at the rare gift of his hands on her sex. In return she received several sharp slaps on the back of her legs and ass. Her passionate scream was muffled and grew silent. He penetrated her vagina with two fingers and swirled them until he found the bullet. She breathed heavily and waited while He inspected it. He replaced it and turned up the intensity and Katherine almost hissed with desire.

“Please fuck me!” she blurted out. She knew it wasn’t her place to demand anything, but she couldn’t help herself. Several more sharp slaps landed on her ass and she winced in pain. He took one of the objects off the desk and reached around to fasten a ball gag into her mouth. She whimpered and tried to turn and lift her head to pout at Him, but He thrust her face back down on the desk.

He pulled up on the thong and it sank past her pussy lips and rubbed her asshole. She moaned and sucked on the ball gag as He continued to yank on it. It sawed through her moist lips and teased her ass and she tried again to beg to be fucked, but the ball gag was too large and she only gurgled and moaned again. The teasing stopped and she felt something large and oily rest against her asshole and begin to press in. She wriggled and tried to protest, but her bindings were too tight. Her pussy was aching with need and she wanted desperately for Him to fill it with whatever He wanted, but instead He continued to force a thick rubbery dildo up her ass. He slapped her burning cheeks again to remind her to remain still. She calmed down and focused on accepting it.

As the giant dildo slid deeper into her she felt the pressure of it press down against her belly. She whined softly, but opened herself more to Him. Finally, He ceased feeding it into her and then bent the large jelly dildo so the other end was now pressing into her sopping wet cunt. Her juices ran freely down her legs and the tops of her stockings were soaked. She squealed as the other end of the object thrust into her and pressed the bullet still inside her vagina closer to the back of her clit. The sensations overwhelmed her and she immediately came even before He was finished shoving it in. She bit down hard on her gag and felt the rush and tingle emanate from her vagina and raise goose bumps on her skin. The corset she wore restricted her breathing, so even though she wanted desperately to breathe deeply and enjoy the sensation, she had to keep her breaths shallow and rapid and this resulted in a long spread of orgasmic feeling over her instead of a sharp climax.

As the last tingle was leaving her and she opened her eyes, she noticed He was standing in front of her now. He stroked her hair, pulling it away from her face and caressed her cheek.

“You’ve done very well, Katherine. I’m very proud of you. Now, just stay here for me like this and I’ll come back when the party’s over, ok?”

Katherine managed only a “mmmfff” and “fffmmm” before resting her head back on the desk. As He left the room, she looked up to see if anyone looked in as He opened and closed the doors. Thankfully, no one did, but He left the doors open a crack and Katherine tried to moan loudly at Him in alarm. As she did so, she suddenly stopped and realized He was gone and her noises would only attract unwanted attention. The thought of this made her pussy tingle and she cursed her whorish impulse, before finally relaxing and allowing herself to imagine people taking turns at the door to watch her bound body strung over the desk with a giant rubber dildo shoved in her ass and cunt. After a few minutes of entertaining this idea, she was cumming again and moaning wildly past her gag.

As soon as she realized what a noise she must be making, she opened her eyes and looked at the door. Someone was very definitely standing just outside, but she could not make out whom. After a few seconds, the figure departed and quietly shut the door all the way and she could only hope it had been Him. Humiliated and weary, she rested her head back down on the desk to wait out the rest of the night while enduring the constant vibrations from the bullet.

Katherine shook herself free of the memory and gently removed the handle of the hairbrush she had shoved into her cunt during her daydream. She wanted to be ready for Him when He got home and she had no idea when that would be. She plucked the last stray hairs from her eyebrows and ran back to the hanging garment. She found the silky black thong and stockings and lacey bra strung up behind it and discovered a note taped to the dress. She took it off and scanned it and saw He intended to be home by 4 PM and expected her to be ready for Him. She discarded the note and looked at the alarm clock on the dresser. It read 3:34. She pulled on the undergarments, securing the stockings to her thong with the garters He had provided. She pulled the silky black gown over her head and down her lean and shapely body. It was a provocative piece, with a slit high up one leg and a deep v-cut between her breasts. She managed to zip it up her back and was applying lipstick and make-up in the bathroom mirror as she heard Him enter the bedroom. She gave one last look at her face and body and wished she had been given access to some kind of hairdresser. She sighed and pulled her soft brown hair back and secured it with a barrette in a loose ponytail before walking into the adjoining room with the cage to wait for him with her eyes staring at the floor.

He stood for a while in the bedroom, motionless as He examined her from afar. When He moved to stand near her, she fought the impulse to look up and waited patiently as He looked more closely at her while He tucked a stray lock of her hair behind her ear. His hand caressed one bare shoulder as He moved on to stand in front of the large windows. He took out a cigarette and lit and smoked in silence. From the corner of her eye she could tell He was dressed in a tuxedo. His broad shoulders and narrow waist complimented the athletic cut of the suit as the light from the window framed Him. She fought the urge to move and stand behind Him and embrace Him. He was beautiful, she knew, but the terms of the contract constrained her. It was not her place to try to hold Him.

He snubbed out the cigarette in an ashtray on a small stand near the window. He turned and approached her and grabbed her hair and pulled her into the bathroom. She swallowed a yelp and bent down and let Him lead her. He threw her against the sink so she was facing it and then stood behind her. She could see Him in the mirror as His hands moved up her legs and pulled up her dress over her ass.

“Please fuck me,” she pleaded into the mirror.

“Be quiet!” he commanded with a sharp slap on her ass cheeks.

He reached down and opened a small drawer beneath the washbasin and withdrew a butt plug. Katherine moaned with concern as she saw it in His hand. She had hoped that at last He would take her out somewhere, but her hopes diminished as He took some lubricant from the drawer and spread some of it on the fat plug. As He pushed it past her thong and into her ass she accepted it with practiced ease and concentrated on His hands working on her. Her pussy began to moisten and she dared to speak once more.

“Please… Please put your cock in me. Please.”

Several sharp slaps landed on her ass cheeks and her hands slammed down on the counter as she almost collapsed. When the waves of pain subsided, she looked back up into the mirror and saw Him adjusting her thong beneath the folds of her dress.

“Keep this in you tonight. Do not remove it until I tell you. Also, this,” He said as He shoved the small bullet into her cunt but kept the control in His hand. He pulled her dress back down and fed the cord through the slit along her side. He turned it on and looked at her face in the mirror.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

“Yes,” Katherine said in a husky voice as the vibrations spread throughout her abdomen. He led her out of the bathroom and she tried to walk naturally, but the butt plug combined with the high heels made it impossible. She wobbled and leaned against Him as they neared the bedroom door. He put his arm around her waist and supported her and paused before opening the door. He looked directly into her eyes.

“You’re beautiful, Katherine. You look gorgeous tonight.”

This didn’t mean anything to Katherine at first. Her beauty wasn’t something she needed anyone to remind her of, but it occurred to her that this was the first time He had said anything like that to her while looking her in the eyes. She smiled in spite of herself and whispered a thank you. He guided her out the door and down the steps, which she only managed by clinging to His arms, and into the dining room next to the study. A thrill swept through her to see those sliding wood doors again, but soon she was escorted into the room and He made her sit in a large wood chair at a long table. As her ass met the seat, the plug pushed up and she closed her eyes and bit her lip. He patted her head and whispered in her ear that she was being a good little girl.

He had placed her at the head of the table and He took a seat on her right – the side of her dress that had the slit and from which He could control the bullet inside of her. She noticed the table settings were set for just the two of them and was thankful for that. She wasn’t sure she could bear being humiliated by Him in front of a large dinner party, but then even that thought made her pussy gush out juice and she squirmed. He lowered the intensity of the vibrations and reached out and stroked her arm.

“Shhh… just relax now. We’re going to have a nice dinner and I don’t want you behaving like a slut during it. I rented a catering service for the night, so try to act like a lady.”

Katherine almost shot one scornful glance at Him but controlled herself as she heard the doors open behind her. A young male waiter entered and stood next to her left shoulder and asked Him if they were ready to order.

“Yes, thank you. The lady will have the fish and vegetables and I will have the steak and frites. Is that all right dear, the fish?” He shoved the vibrator to maximum and her pussy quaked and the plug in her ass was affected by the vibrations to massage her deeply and her hands slammed down on the table and she yelled, “YES!” He adjusted the controller back down and she tried to collect herself, but couldn’t suppress a giggle.

“She’s just so very hungry,” he explained to the waiter with a laugh.

“Of course, sir.”

“And open a bottle of white wine, please. Something nice.”


The meal was prepared in His kitchen and delivered by the waiter. The wine was poured and Katherine ate and drank and tried to remember the last time she had actually sat down to a nice dinner. She started to remember a time before her stay with Him and immediately dismissed the memory. There wasn’t much conversation during dinner. She had no permission to speak, so she had to wait until He asked her questions and He asked precious few of them. He managed to fill the silence, though, as He told her about the house and the land and a little of His family. She was curious about Him, so she listened attentively, but she still had so many questions for Him. She wanted to know why He liked relationships like these. How many others had there been? Had He ever been married? Ever been in love?

The house and grounds were lovely and she liked hearing about them, but He spoke about them the same way He seemed to move through them – like a ghost that haunts what should be a home but isn’t. She believed that someone that used such creativity and inventiveness to pleasure her could not possibly be as boring as He came off, but she accepted that He would never let her know Him any better and that it was probably for the best anyhow. She didn’t need to develop feelings for Him – that would just confuse things. Still, His handsome face and sad eyes drew her in and she had to purposefully keep from looking at Him. She focused on her meal and tried to eat like a lady, taking small bites and chewing slowly.

After it was clear they were finished eating, the waiter began to remove the dishes. “Give us a few minutes, will you?” He asked the young man. “And then come back and we might have some dessert in the study.”

“Of course,” the waiter said as he left with their dinner plates. After he was gone and had closed the doors behind him, He leaned over and barely brushed her ear with His lips.

“Stand up,” He whispered. “Take your dress off. Do it slowly and quietly.”

Katherine obeyed and began to rise, but the backs of her thighs and her ass protested as the butt plug wiggled and the pressure put on her legs weakened her. She bit her lip and forced herself up with the help of her hands on the table. Slowly and unsteadily she stood, trying to keep her breathing level and measured. Reaching down to the zipper, she loosened her dress and then gradually drew it up as she stared at the windows on the far wall. Night was rapidly descending, she noticed just before she lifted the garment over her head and let it fall onto the chair. Her breasts heaved against the tight lace bra as she looked down at herself. She could see the cord from the bullet inside of her trailing out from between and her legs and into his hand. The vibrations increased slightly and she shut her eyes and sighed.

When she opened them again, he was securing a long, thin leather belt around her throat. The delicate buckle pressed into the side of her neck as he tightened it.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

She stepped away from the chair and did as she was told, moving carefully to make sure the butt plug stayed secure inside of her. When she was down on all fours, he pulled gently on the leash and led her around the table and into the study.

“Come my pet. Be a good girl now. I just have a few things to do in here and then we’ll watch a movie together. Would you like that?”

Katherine was just trying to crawl competently enough with a plug in her ass and a vibrating bullet buzzing away inside her cunt – she could just barely keep up with him, much less answer his question. He stopped pulling her and stooped down to spank her ass twice.

Chapter 02: Second Coming

A warm summer wind blew through the tall maples and taller hemlocks of the undeveloped wood that stood amidst the quiet suburbs where Andrew lived. It had been a good, hot summer, but the evenings were beginning to cool off a bit. Andrew stood amongst the trees, waiting. His brother Mark would be arriving later that evening to visit him and their parents. Andrew was excited about this, excited to hear all about Mark’s adventures at college. What really thrilled him, though, as he stood waiting in the woods that stood the better part of a mile away from his house, was the fact that today he was scheduled to do yard work for the Wilsons.

He had been a bit hasty, though, skipping breakfast against his mother’s reasonable request that he get something inside him before all that yard work. As a result, Andrew discovered Mr. Wilson’s car was still in the drive at 1221 Quail Drive this early in the AM. Rather than having yet another awkward conversation with Mr. Wilson, Andrew decided to wait it out in the woods a few blocks away. He just wasn’t in the mood for a conversation with Mr. Wilson this morning. Andrew had arrived too early once before, and the resulting encounter with Mr. Wilson was just too awkward. Oh sure, Mr. Wilson was perfectly friendly and full of sporting admiration for the young man, but for Andrew it was a bitter way to start an otherwise dynamite day. For Andrew, it was just too uncomfortable bidding the man a good day mere minutes before standing in the Wilson’s kitchen getting a superb blowjob from Mrs. Wilson.

He looked at his watch once after willing himself not to look for what seemed an eternity of standing peacefully among the trees. It was a quarter to nine; late enough. Andrew left the wood and found the end of the sidewalk that lead to the Wilson’s house and beyond. The neighborhood was quiet. He turned the corner of Maple and Quail where he almost leapt for joy at the absence of Mr. Wilson’s car in the driveway. This morning he felt especially eager to avail himself to Mrs. Wilson.

It had been weeks since their first secret encounter; the night Andrew had gambled and won. Since that evening, Andrew had been with Doreen six times, each under the guise of Andrew doing yard work for the Wilson’s. Sure, he did a great job working in the Wilson’s back yard, but not before working on Doreen. It was usually fairly quick, but Doreen responded to Andrew’s affections with such white hot zeal that Andrew felt it was almost his duty to please her. Andrew found his heaven in their affair. Some nights he lay awake in bed imagining where this whole thing would lead him. Today would mark a new chapter in Andrew’s secret life.

Andrew knocked on the Wilson’s front door. Doreen answered after a few moments, holding the door wide and bidding him enter. Andrew entered and stood in the foyer with his hands tucked innocently in his pockets. Doreen closed the door and locked it. She turned to him, hands still on the door behind her as if to keep it closed.

“Andrew…” Doreen beamed uncontrollably at some thought that she just had to share. Her eyes twinkled and her cheeks blushed slightly, giving her that beautiful polished glow that only older women can achieve. Her hair was shorter now, with some highlights of lighter blonde amidst the light ash brown of her natural hair color. The Doreen Andrew knew from the past had successfully kept her figure a secret; wearing lose fitting flannel and denim, button up shirts and skirt suits fit for grandma when the occasion demanded it. Now though, Doreen playfully took to wearing things that would let Andrew know full well what her intentions were. Today she wore a black wool sweater, jeans and slip on shoes. Nothing provocative if worn by anyone else, but on Doreen that sweater looked completely sinful. Her immense bosom stretched the fabric taut across her chest and back. The graceful swell of her hips was completely given away by the jeans she now wore.

Hanging from a gold chain around her neck was the cross she always wore. It seemed now to emit its own light against the black of her sweater, reminding Andrew of his folly. He would go gladly into that dark pit of lust any time she bid him. Andrew yearned to hold her close and feel her body press into his more than anything he had ever known. Doreen was now Andrew’s one wish, his only true desire.

Andrew asked her what was on her mind, smiling at her reaction. She did a little side-step jump while clasping her hands together in a gesture of supplication. “Well… I was wondering if we could wait on today’s… activities.” Her voice was full of excitement. Andrew’s curiosity was piqued. He marveled at the way she remained the proper, dignified Doreen that he had always known, more or less, even after they had acquired carnal knowledge of one another. He loved that about her; it kept him wanting more.

“I am having a friend over today for our monthly gab session. We usually go shopping or have our hair done, you know, like women do. Today I thought we could stay here and have brunch and, well…” Doreen’s speech wavered for a moment. “Come, sit down Andrew.” Doreen gestured towards the living room.

Andrew took a seat in the great armchair at the head of the coffee table while Doreen perched on the sofa, near him. “Andrew, I have something to confess.” Her big, pretty brown eyes searched Andrew’s face for a mark of forgiveness. She edged nearer to him on her seat and put a hand on his. Her touch was so soft and loving that Andrew almost threw himself on her in his passion, but of course he listened to the woman instead. Doreen seemed worried, almost afraid…

“Andrew, I told my friend Clara about us.” She paused then, letting the information take its place in Andrew’s mind. “I told her that we have had sex numerous times, and that you made me extremely happy. Andrew… Clara is a very wonderful person and I don’t think you have any need for worry about her telling anyone that-”

Andrew interrupted her “No, no. Really, it’s OK, I trust you,” he said, smiling at her polite concern for his feelings. “I’m not worried.”

Doreen squeezed his hand and cocked her head to one side before speaking again. “Oh, Andrew, you are so good to me.” She held there for a moment of blissful tension before continuing. “I wonder though, if you wouldn’t mind meeting Clara. She lives in Allerton, and we get together at least once a month so she’ll be here today. It would be very good of you to stay and meet her. She’ll be here in another twenty minutes or so.”

Andrew assured Doreen that he didn’t mind a bit. “Well,” Doreen said, hands slapping her knees, “I’m making brunch. Come keep me company in the kitchen and I’ll get you some orange juice.”

Andrew sat at the breakfast bar at the kitchen island as Doreen prepared a few things for brunch. They flirted, laughed, spoke like old friends. Then, Doreen went quiet. There was a small, secret smile on her face and a coy look in her eye as she opened a cupboard above her. She produced three large wine glasses, one of which she set in front of Andrew.

“What are you…” Andrew was cut off by Doreen’s look, which said plainly “Shut your mouth, silly boy.”

Doreen filled the glass half-full of orange juice from the large pitcher she had made. Eyeing Andrew menacingly to be sure he did not speak out of turn, she produced a large, ice cold bottle of champagne from the refrigerator. Andrew smiled, enchanted by the spirit of fun that had descended upon the woman. Doreen was not finished.

Removing the foil from the top of the bottle, Doreen proceeded to open the bottle with experienced hands. Playfully, she let the cork fly and the foam run a little. She brought the bottle to her mouth as it erupted softly, catching a good bit of the foam in her mouth. She swallowed, then licked the bottle neck clear of any excess in a bewitching act of suggestion that sent a chill down Andrew’s back and a fire blazing deep inside him. Doreen poured a generous amount of the champagne into Andrew’s glass, completing the drink.

“It’s called,” Doreen said in a matter-of-fact tone, “a mimosa. We drink them with brunch.” She then proceeded to make one for herself and another for the guest yet to arrive.

Andrew drank deeply from his glass. It was cool, refreshing as orange juice always was, but there was a hint of excitement, a whiff of levity about the drink. It was, Andrew had to admit, the drink for that moment. Perfect. He hadn’t had much experience with alcohol aside from what his brother had shared with him, but he hoped that all of it was as delightful as this.

Doreen continued setting the little kitchen table, moving quickly, singing lightly to herself. Andrew’s eyes stalked their prey. The breasts that he had come to crave, to ache for, beckoned him like sirens so near to him. Like the sirens from myth, they would call him to his unrestraint; turn him to a slave in his own fascination. Still he sat; drinking his first champagne and watching this creature of lust go about her business.

She knew he watched her, knew he would have her sprawled across the table with her insides crammed full of him until he cried out in ecstasy, but she had him waiting. She had him in a hell so delicious that she knew he would come when she called him. The certainty of his need for her surrender was the surest thing she had known in so many years. She savored the feeling like that of a hot bath. She was in no hurry to end it before she’d had enough.

“Andrew, you answer the door if you hear the doorbell ring.” Doreen requested. “I’m going upstairs for a minute.”

Andrew waited at the bar, sipping his drink. It seemed that he had felt nervous at the thought of meeting this person, the only person who knew of his affair with Doreen, but now the feeling had lifted. No, anxiety had subsided, leaving him feeling warm and secure. After a time the doorbell did ring. Andrew rose from his seat, noticed an odd sensation as he passed from the kitchen to the hallway, and went for the door. He opened it.

There, standing on the front porch was Clara. Recognition dawned on her pretty, plump face as she greeted Andrew. “You must be the landscaper!” Clara said as Andrew took her hand.

“Andrew.” He said, noticing how supple her handshake was. “And you must be Clara I suppose.”

“That I am,” Clara announced as Andrew motioned her inside and shut the door behind her. “Andrew it’s lovely to meet you, but where’s my Doreen? We were going to have brunch this morning.”

“She’s upstairs I think.” Andrew stated. “But the kitchen is right this way.”

Clara laughed and proceeded in the direction of the kitchen. Click, click, click. Andrew suddenly felt his head go slightly swimmy. It was as if he was back on that night, weeks ago, when Doreen had invited him in to her home. The sound of Clara’s heels on the hallway floor was enough to trigger that blissful memory, and suddenly Clara had all of Andrew’s attention. He followed into the kitchen. Once there, Clara took the drink that she knew was hers and turned to Andrew who had taken up his seat at the bar once again.

“So Doreen tells me you’re doing great work out there.” Clara sipped at her mimosa, and seemed completely at ease. Her squarish jaw and button nose might have been at odds with each other if it weren’t for her beautiful blue eyes and smiling lips. Andrew spoke with her, finding it in himself to laugh and even flirt with this near stranger. He found this to be surprisingly easy.

Then it hit Andrew: Clara, after milling around the kitchen a little, showed one striking similarity to Doreen. Under the black sport coat and white silk shirt Clara wore were a pair of breasts that, after catching their profile, made Andrew’s heart skip a beat. She was a bit thicker than Doreen, but not at all unappealing. Her breasts were huge. She was beaming at him.

“…well?” She looked amused, expectant. She had just asked Andrew a question and he hadn’t the slightest idea what it was.

As if to save Andrew from certain embarrassment, Doreen clicked down the hall and into the kitchen. She was now wearing the sinister black high heels she had worn on that fateful night weeks before. The two women greeted each other with a good amount of laughter and boisterous babble. They hugged each other, exchanged jokes and laughed together until Andrew thought he was safely forgotten.

Friends though they were, the bodies of the two women faced each other as if on the field of battle; fighting a silent war for dominance. Andrew could sense this tension. From his solitary perch he eyed both women, drawing unavoidable comparisons.

Clara was perhaps a bit younger than Doreen. She was clad in a black wool skirt and black nylons which suited her legs very well, tidy as they were. She had a bit of a rump to her, which was in glorious proportion to her impressive upper-half. She stood shorter than Doreen even with her heels on. Her hair made her a true brunette; deep, dark and wavy. Her smile was honest and very infectious. Clara was a charmer.

“Andrew,” Doreen pulled herself away from their conversation, while snapping Andrew out of his quiet musings, “Would you like to join us for brunch?”

Clara smiled at him. “You look hungry, Andrew.” She nearly chided, “I’m sure the yard can wait.”

“You’ve done so much work for me as it is.” Doreen argued erroneously. “I think you deserve a bit of a reprieve. Join us.”

Andrew sat with the two women and ate merrily. He feasted upon cantaloupe and waffles while his eyes feasted upon Clara. Her suit jacket now removed, the white silk shirt rendered her breasts even more captivating than before. The buttons were all done up to her collar, removing any chance Andrew might have had of seeing any cleavage. Still, the sheer size and prime shape of the ravishing busts had him at full mast. The resulting erection was safely hidden below the table, allowing Andrew to bask in the fit of lust that had taken him.

Doreen suddenly expressed a need for music, and dashed to the living room to put something on. Clara smiled at Andrew, and it was all Andrew could do not to blush. This reaction made Clara giggle, as she reached for the bottle of champagne to refill her glass. Without provocation, she poured a bit more into Andrew’s glass.

“Why don’t we join Doreen in the living room?” Clara stood, without waiting for Andrew’s reply. She picked up Doreen’s glass and walked away, towards the living room and the source of the jazz that began to play. Click, click, click, went Clara’s heels. Her skirt swayed with the movement of her knees, commanding Andrew to obey. He rose, despite his condition, and followed.

As he entered the hallway, the effects of this unexpected amount of alcohol began to manifest. When he was seated at the table he felt fine, but walking was a different story. Clara’s body moved before him, intensifying the effect. It was as if he was on a ship at sea, and her hips controlled the motion. He made it to the chair at the coffee table, and found himself in need of another sip.

Doreen and Clara sat on the sofa, legs crossed, spirits high. Andrew drank his champagne slowly all the while, happily observing the two women in their revelry. The music massaged his mind while the champagne bewitched his heart. Though nothing could mesmerize him like the two absolutely imposing sets of breasts that contested for his adoration. He found it easy to amuse himself with the idea that this was all a show for his pleasure. He imagined that he was a king sitting on his throne. Another sip might help…

As if from nowhere, Doreen’s hand snatched Andrew’s glass from him. She stood, smiling down at him. “Oh I think that’s quite enough, dear.” She quipped as she drank what remained in Andrew’s glass. Clara laughed, tossing her head back in delight. Andrew had unwittingly become the subject of their fun.

Andrew stood from his chair, suddenly worried that he’d overstayed his welcome and that Doreen probably wanted him to get something done in the back yard. Just as quickly, he found himself seated again. He was quite drunk. This resulted in another burst of uproarious laughter from Doreen and Clara. Doreen collected herself politely, and asked if Andrew felt OK.

“I… I don’t know. I think I may be drunk…” Andrew answered through the haze that seemed to surround him. Clara giggled at his callowness. Doreen reached down to him and took his hand.

“Come on, Andrew. I think you had better go lay down. Come with me.” Doreen steadied him as he rose. She led him gingerly to the stairs, smiling warmly. “Can you make it up the stairs?”

Andrew felt like he could have done anything, if the room would simply stop spinning. He climbed the stairs, with Doreen close behind him. Doreen guided him across the landing to the guest bedroom, with which Andrew was actually quite familiar. Once there, he fell headlong onto the welcoming guest bed. The room was blessedly dark, but even with his eyes closed the spinning continued. He could hear music from the living room below, had it gotten louder? It resonated in the guest room, and lulled him deeper into the state of lethargy that overcame him. The door to the room clicked shut, banishing much of the din from the stereo below. Andrew became aware of a stirring in the room, sobering him momentarily. He turned.

Looking back towards the door, Andrew almost felt as if he were looking down on himself and the rest of the room. There, inside the room with him, stood Doreen. Next to her stood Clara. They returned his surprised stare with hunted, apprehensive looks that betrayed their hunger. Doreen moved first, knowing her place. She approached the bed and began to remove Andrew’s shoes. Andrew was completely immobilized by the excitement that he felt then, and it was as if he was tied to the bed by Doreen’s will.

“Let’s get you more comfortable, dear.” Doreen proposed. With his shoes and socks off, Doreen then moved around the bed to Andrew’s side. She tugged at his shirt and he cooperated. Doreen smiled down at him over her huge breasts. The cross glinted in the small light that came from the curtained window. Doreen looked up at Clara. “Clara, would you help the lad get his pants off?”

Clara moved, finally, and raised herself onto the king size bed. She crawled the short distance up his legs and stopped before his middle. There, as she held herself above his body, a gold chain freed itself from beneath the white silk shirt and there hung a cross; identical to the one that Doreen wore. It hung proudly between the massive breasts that bulged magnificently above Andrew’s body. Clara unfastened Andrew’s pants with slow, deliberate motion.

Doreen stood by in contemplative silence as Clara dragged Andrew’s pants off of him. There, resting hotly atop Andrew’s stomach and waist laid his great and ungodly penis. Clara knelt then, righting herself above his body, never taking her eyes off of the uncanny organ. “My god…” She uttered, licking her deep red lips.

“Yes.” Doreen mused, “Have you ever seen such a gorgeous cock?”

Clara swallowed hard. “No. It’s absolutely astounding.”

Doreen walked around the bed, watching the two of them. “Well, go ahead Andrew. Give her what she wants.” Then, without warning, Doreen reached around the front of Clara and tore her shirt open violently. Clara’s breasts burst from the confines of the cloth, one even wrenching free of the black lace bra that barely held the two glands in place. Clara gasped, shocked at her sudden nakedness. There was an eternity then, where Andrew’s naked cock and Clara’s bawdy breasts stood in the cool air of the same room. The air was ripe with lust.

Clara bent down, shifting her hips to lower her body upon him. She grasped his middle with her pretty hands and looked up, as if needing reassurance before she continued. His expression was almost that of fear, but a mad desire was behind his eyes, and she could not mistake his wanting. She paid homage to his great phallus, gazing on it with nothing short of reverence. She cocked her head to one side, lowered her head and closed her lips about the shaft of his penis.

So at last my newest creation. If you are familiar with the Becoming the Dominus series, you will recognize some people from here. I have to thank my editor Kira for being awesome. As always enjoy the story and vote and comment on it. Enjoy the show and maybe I’ll have a part 2 if you enjoy it.


The paper was done and she marveled at it. The hard work and long time spent interviewing thirteen dangerous people for a psyche report was finally done. Her notes and audio tapes littered the desk, but she was done. It wasn’t easy trying to tell a convicted serial rapist to say why he did it. The answer was glaringly simple: power. It was quite something else to tell a child molester that he hurt the little angels he so loved more than anything and make him believe it. The process of making real progress in any psychological case was that she had to dig into their souls to find the ugly truth of people. Deep down people try and behave as society dictates, but not everyone can. Jessi Allmon knew this better than most.

As a doctor of psychology for three years, Jessi had seen the ugly side of human nature up close. For four years of med school she learned the make up of the human body, but that didn’t impress her. The real challenge to her was the human mind, capable of great feats of strength when prompted; capable of making wonders that fill the city skyline… but also capable of sick and degrading torture and mayhem all at once. For all mankind is he is a cunning animal. Her research had shown that not only is man a savage animal at heart, he is also a sight to behold. As Shakespeare said “What a piece of work a man, so close to an angel in his perfection.” A phrase that she loved to say. But every time she said it another thought lingered in her mind, “And even now I see the angels in heaven wielding savage weapons.”

Jessi had seen many kindnesses in the world, from missionaries to philanthropists wanting to change the world and feed the starving. She had seen many good people in law enforcement that went out daily to make the world around them safer. For all the good, she also knew the other side of mankind. Man for all the good and all the bad was a very indifferent creature. As long as it didn’t affect them they could care less. She had learned the lessons of mankind throughout her short career and from what she took to heart made her a stronger person for it. She was indeed proof of how a strong mind can overcome anything.

Satisfied with the report she sat back in her chair and smiled down at herself. A stunning figure in the tight sweater and skirt. The deep red sweater and the dark black skirt contrasted against her pale body. Her long legs were wrapped in nude thigh high stockings and set in matching black pumps. She looked into the mirror and her thick auburn mane and green eyes shone in the light. Slowly Jessi stood up from her desk and stretched out feeling the relief from nearly two hours sitting and typing. She walked away from the desk and to her coffee pot only to find it empty. She growled in frustration and walked to the side table to make a fresh batch.

As she ground the beans Jessi looked at herself in the mirror. It was truly a hell of a ride, her life. She was proud of who she had become. Deep down in her soul she ached for the reason of her being. The thought that her mother was proud of her made a slight smile come to her full lips. She sighed as she thought of her mother. The feelings from the past came to her as she looked into the spinning beans.


She wasn’t always known as Jessi Lynn Allmon. Her birth name was quite different: Jessie Leon Allmon. Jessi was born a boy, but in truth he never was one. The start of who she was to become was when he was seven years old. It was innocently at first when he was playing with his mothers shoes and put them on. Happily he walked around the house to the laughter of his mother. His mother thought it was funny and cute, but his father had another opinion on the matter. He was always a cold man to Jessie. He saw a small frail little boy and wanted him to become a big strong man. Seeing his son playing around in his wife’s shoes was too stupid for him let go. He backhanded him across the back of the head and made Jessie cry.

“Boys don’t play with girls clothes Jessie!” he scolded him as Jessie ran to his room crying.

That started the trend over the next few years. His mother was always there for him, but his father never was. Early on he knew that something was wrong with him. Every time Jessie would look in the mirror he was confused by his own reflection. He saw his face, but it was always garbled by a false sense of reality. It was over a short period of time seeing her son frustrated in everything that she began to see the pain in her child’s eyes. Janice Allmon, his mother, would always wipe the tears away from his cheeks, but his father merely said it was him being a brat. Over time however Jessi was starting to emerge. The transformation was subtle, but there under the surface. Janice noticed he played with the neighborhood girls more than the boys and didn’t care for sports. His father was furious that he refused to go to sporting events with him. The times he went he was unhappy as he didn’t care for baseball or hockey. He just wasn’t interested in that side of life and took to reading more than playing.

After a while of the way things were going Jessie noticed his parents anger over the issue led them down a hurtful path. The end came when his father was dragged out of the house in handcuffs after viciously beating his mother. Jessi had come in to the living room when he heard his mother screaming and crying. As he came into the room the look he saw in his father’s eyes scarred him for life. The crazed, wild anger in his father’s eyes made him scream and run away. He was running for his life when his father caught him and began to slap him as well. His mother ran into the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and frantically called the police. It was a long five minutes before the door came off the hinges as three large deputies rushed the house.

By the time the deputies had his father in cuffs, Jessi was already bleeding profusely. His father was drunk and high on something. The mixture of large amounts of alcohol and methamphetamine was what led to the rage. The beating he took that day broke him of any happy feelings for his father. Janice was quick to file divorce. Using the beatings and drug use as a pretext for it the divorce was quick and to the point. His father was thrown in prison for aggravated assault and her mother got everything. When he was secured in the state penitentiary they ran away from the little town of Billings, Montana and went west. After a few months of drifting they finally found a new life in San Jose, California. In the safe environment of their new home Jessie started to change. It was slow at first, but it soon became more noticeable. Janice found her son playing with one of her skirts one day and it all became clear to her. On a hunch she had Jessie dress in it and noticed it seemed to be like a second nature to him. Wanting to make sure the beating hadn’t jarred his little brain she took him to the hospital for a thorough physical. The results were no damage to his brain. Still it persisted as another day she came home and found him in her make up. Fearing the worst Janice took her child to a psychologist were it all became apparent. Jessie suffered from Gender Identity Disorder. It seemed he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

At first Janice blamed herself and it nearly drove a wedge in between them. But after watching Jessie look in the mirror and cry at his own reflection she knew it wasn’t her fault. Janice cried that night as she knew the only way to make her son whole was to let the person trapped inside of him come out. Janice went a doctor to get professional advice for the procedure. It was a long process, she found out, but a relatively simple one. For her baby’s peace of mind Janice relented and signed the papers. Over the course of a year it was decided for Jessi that the transition begin to lessen the possible long term damage.

Over that time Janice became a focal point in Jessi’ life. She taught Jessi everything from bathing properly to hair care. To help her transition over better Janice even bought her some proper clothes to wear and was amazed at how comfortable it was for her new daughter. Janice weighed the options of education and decided, to keep her safe, she would have Jessi home schooled. It was a simple process that led to another amazing discovery; Jessi was a sponge for knowledge. In less than a year she had completed nearly four years of study and had it all committed to memory. Janice was amazed when Jessi took advanced placement classes in her spare time and aced the exams constantly. Janice was truly blown away at how easily Jessi not only learned the courses, but showed functional application to them as well. Over time Jessi also showed she had a knack for computers as she constantly fixed her mother’s as well as her own.

When Jessi was fourteen Janice figured to give her some social interaction as a new young lady. Knowing that dance classes would cause trouble she decided to teach her a practical way to handle her balance and enrolled her in a Tae Kwon Do class. It was no shock that Jessi took to the lessons very well. Jessi had amazing balance and flexibility and Janice noted that her legs became stronger and looked better in skirts from the training. The biggest lesson Jessi learned was self discipline. The harsh discipline her teacher imparted on the whole class was to have a major impact on her young life. She resisted the taunts of the fellow students, but showed them how much better she was by beating them in the class tournaments. Jessi would never stop her practice of the art and applied herself to it as strongly as she did own her studies.

Jessi life came to a near stand still when she was seventeen. In the class she met a young boy and they dated. Her mother was thrilled and helped her to find the right ways to keep the young man interested in her without wanting to simply get in her pants. It was easy for him to want to date Jessi as since she was twelve she had been on hormone therapy and her body had taken to them very well. The young man found out she had a massive cock however and left her high and dry. Jessi wasn’t hurt by it as she understood she was different and pressed on. Janice was duly shocked as she hadn’t anticipated her baby to be so grown up so young.

Time flew by for Janice and Jessi. Slowly she developed better hips and a new bust line as the hormones and corsets did their work. Her body hair was lessening and her thick auburn hair cascaded down her back. Janice was thrilled to take her out for her birthday and they had a great time. The days after Jessi turned eighteen were filled with preparation as the big day came to her. When the day came Jessi was nervous as she went for her surgeries. Over the course of three months she had her now magnificent breasts put in and a few other cosmetic changes done. Her face was given a smoother edge and a rhinoplasty helped make her nose much cuter. Her tummy was firm and her hips curvy due to the years of wearing a corset. Her Adam’s apple was also given a simple procedure and in a few short weeks afterwords she was very unrecognizable as a young boy. The only thing that gave her away was the eight and a half inch cock that was between her legs. Going with the advice of the doctors she left it as is until she was fully ready for the permanent change.

When Jessi came home from the hospital she was on pain medications for a while and during one day of being drugged up she came across the moment that changed her life forever. As she was in a daze from the pills she went to the laundry room for her pants. On wobbly legs she went down the stairs and a loud cracking sound snapped her mind to attention. She went down the stairs softly and the cracking sound got louder and more frequent. Jessi was breathing shallowly as she steeled her courage and went to investigate. As she peered around the corner the sight she saw froze her in her tracks. Her mother was dressed in a black corset with black thigh high boots on. Her left had had a paddle in it and her right had a handful of a young man’s hair as she viciously spanked him. The young man cried out under her spanks and Jessi was stunned. Jessi’ mind ran in circles as her mother spanked the young man and taunted him abusively. She couldn’t believe her sweet loving mother was doing this. To make matter’s worse she was becoming excited by the spectacle. She couldn’t explain as to why, but she suddenly saw herself with the paddle and that thought sent a jolt to her crotch. Her cock got massive and she couldn’t help what she did next. As she watched her mother spank the young man her hand found her dripping cock. When Janice put on a strap on and fucked him silly she stroked her massive member. She cried out uncontrollably as the young man did and before long her spurts went all over the floor and wall.

Janice was in the middle of her own orgasm when she heard not just her pet’s screams of pleasure, but someone else’s. Not wanting to be over reactive she slowly turned her head to the stairs and her eyes opened wide in amazed shock at what she saw. Jessi had a massive cock in her hand and was leaning against the wall that was covered in thick semen. A glance at the floor showed another puddle as well. Janice had no idea what to say to her and said nothing.

Janice quickly cut her plaything loose they went upstairs to the kitchen. They had an awkward moment of silence as they sat across the dinner table facing each other. Jessi was embarrassed that she had done what she did, but she couldn’t help it. With arms folded Janice looked at her daughter and was also embarrassed. She had never suspected Jessi to be two things. The first was massively hung! Her father was not a huge man and it shocked her to no end. She had seen him a few times naked when younger, but didn’t realize puberty had hit her so hard or well. The second thing that scared her more was that Jessi was excited seeing her spank and strap on fuck a young boy.

“Jessi. I know you are confused by what you saw honey, but you’ll be alright,” she said reassuringly.

“I’m sorry momma. I didn’t mean to do it,” Jessi said nearing tears.

Janice got to her feet and softly walked to her daughter. With the love only a mother could give she wrapped her loving arms around Jessi’ head and soothed her.

“It’s OK baby. I’m not mad at you. It’s perfectly normal to be excited by new things. In fact I am excited by new things myself,” she said smiling into her baby’s eyes.

“But momma I touched myself in front of you and I…” she tried to explain but Janice put a gloved finger to her lips.

“I said it’s all right baby. Now why don’t you tell me why you touched yourself like that.” Janice asked curious to know. She hoped it wasn’t to the sight of her as she didn’t want Jessi thinking of her like that.

“It was seeing him helpless under you and enjoying how you made him feel. I saw the outfit you had on Momma and you looked so beautiful. I…I…” she tried to explain and stopped. Jessi had truly seen and angel and Janice knew it.

“You really think your old Momma is pretty baby?” she asked smiling at the compliment.

“Your beautiful Momma. I only wish I was half as pretty as you are.” Jessi said and her eyes dropped.

“Jessi don’t ever say that again!” Janice said sternly. Her eyes got wide and a fire burned in them. Jessi had a bit of a confidence issue and she realized how to solve it. “Get dressed sweetie. I’m gonna prove to you how pretty you truly are.” she said and picked Jessi up. She gave Jessi a playful swat on the butt to get her moving.

Jessi dressed in a simple jean skirt and a cute top. She put on her high heeled sandals and went down to see her mother had changed to a tight pair of jeans and a loose blouse that she left untucked. Her legs had on knee high leather boots with gold buckles on the sides. Jessi beamed at her mother and was led to the car. Janice took Jessi to the mall and for the next six hours they went on a shopping spree. They went to nearly every store in the mall and had a great time. The bonding time between the two of them was well spent as they both tried on many things and bought much more. The good thing about Janice’s use of the money from the divorce was she invested wisely in several large companies and they paid a good dividend. It helped that Janice also had a very respectable job in a law firm so money was never an issue for them. Janice spoiled her baby and before long they had more clothes for Jessi than they knew what to do with.

When they got home Jessi had to give her Momma a fashion show. Janice mixed a drink and waited as her baby came out and over the course of the evening they had a great time. Jessi sparkled as Janice showered her with praise and then got an eager idea. Smiling mischievously Janice took Jessi upstairs and had her sit in front of the vanity in her room. Jessi had always wanted to do this and for her it was a special moment. Janice primped her hair and did her make up just right. Once she was done she had Jessi get into a very classy one piece blue dress and gave her the lingerie she had bought to go with it. Jessi dressed as she was shown in the lingerie and enjoyed the silky feeling of it on her body. The stockings she rolled up her long legs shimmered under the soft light. Slowly she stepped into the heels and walked out of the closet. When Jessi looked in the reflection she saw not just herself, but the woman she was always supposed to be looking back at her.

“Now look at this angel I see before me,” Janice said softly as she walked behind Jessi.

Jessi’s lower lip trembled and her eyes got watery. She was not sad, she was elated by the sight before her!

“Thank you Momma!” she sobbed out and turned to Janice and her arms wrapped around her mother as she sobbed into her shoulder.

“It’s nothing baby. It’s the beautiful girl you are that shone through just now. I want to take some pictures of you honey so stop crying and look up.” Janice said.

Jessi got herself under control and Janice had her pose for a few quality pictures. Jessi was blown away again as Janice got dressed and took her daughter to dinner and dancing. They ate at a classy restaurant and when they went to an all ages night club they danced and made more than one man stare. Janice had Jessi learn to dance from an early age. She had the movements down and after that Janice taught her how to dance like a pro as she had her exercise to videos every day. The poor young men had no idea the tigress they danced with was nothing short of a perfect woman. Jessi was having fun until she met a man who unwittingly singled himself out to be her first. They danced and even got into the rhythm of the dance. It was going great until he decided to ruin the evening and reach under her skirt. Jessi froze in place as he grabbed not a slippery mound, but a semi hard cock. The man’s eyes widened at what he found. He was about to scream when Jessi took the lead. She grabbed him and shoved him hard against the wall. He was in shock as she smiled at him devilishly. The coldest look in her eyes showed she was not happy with him groping her and decided to teach him a lesson.

Before he could react she had spun behind him and grabbed him between the legs. He was on his tip toes as she rudely shoved him forwards yanking on his balls to get the point across. Jessi drug the now helpless man out the side door of the club. In the privacy of the back alley she threw him against the wall. He floundered to get to his feet and when he turned he was scared. His rabbit eyes were pin points of fear as her heels clicked menacingly along the pavement.

“Now did I say you could reach under my dress you little pervert?” she hissed.

He shook his head no and Jessi laid into him. Jessi had no idea where this new person was coming from. It was like watching herself from above as she berated the man.

“You grabbed something you shouldn’t have little boy and now you made it happy. You do want me happy correct?” she asked and he was too scared to answer.

She grabbed him and spun him around. He yelped as she slapped his ass through his slacks.

“I asked you a question little boy! Now you do want to keep me happy correct?” she asked one more time and he fearfully nodded his head.

“Good boy,” she purred into his ear. She slowly turned him around and shoved him to his knees.

He hit the floor with an thud and looked up at her fearfully.

“Please don’t! I’m not gay!” he tried to protest.

“Do I look like a man little boy?” she asked harshly and he shook his head no.

“Then stop being a bitch and do what I tell you!” she barked at him.

He raised his hands to protect himself, but she slapped them away. He was in shock as she reached under her skirt and slid aside the panties. Her cock sprang out and slapped him on the lips. He was in horror as she grabbed his hair and shoved it into his mouth. He coughed and choked as she found the back of his mouth. She glared down at him as he barely had her in his mouth. A slap on the side of his head and he looked up.

“Relax or I’m not gonna be so nice. You have two choices, your mouth or your ass! Now pick before I do.” she said simply.

“Mouth please,” he begged.

“Well now. Because you asked me so nicely, I guess mouth it is,” she purred seductively.

He barely had time to breathe when she slipped back into his mouth. In all the man’s life he had no idea that he was capable of this. He would never in a million years have questioned he was a straight man, but this woman begged to differ as she slipped in and out of his mouth. Jessi made sure to let him know her pleasure by the soft gasps and moans as her cock slipped in and out of his mouth. He couldn’t take it all in, but what he did she was happy for. She looked down at him coldly and saw he was slowly bobbing his head to meet her thrusts. A wicked smile crossed her beautiful face as she purred down to him.

“Is my little slut liking this?”

He couldn’t help but bob his head as she continued to pump her hips in and out of his mouth. Jessi laughed a seductive laugh that sent a chill down his spine. She was so turned on it was scary. Her eyes shone with a luster she had never known. Her breathing was steady and calm as her hips worked. It was simple for her to say she was aroused, but it wasn’t the truth. Her soul was on fire by this feeling of superiority! She felt so alive with this little man on his knees sucking her cock and loved it. She looked down at him and saw her legs framed by the nude stockings and garter. Her smile became devilish as a new game sprang to her mind.

“Enough for now slut. Now kiss my legs,” she said smoothly and extended her left leg to him.

Shaking he took it in his hands and kissed her legs softly. Her eyes narrowed and she slapped his head making him fall to the floor. Roughly Jessi snatched him up by the front of his shirt and yanked him to meet her scowl.

“I said kiss them, meaning worship them you little bitch!” she scolded him coldly.

With a simple shove she slammed him to the floor and stood over him with her heels on either side of his head. He whimpered and nodded his head frantically and kissed her toes of her shoes lavishly. He was on his hands and knees kissing her feet and calves as a delicious notion came to her mind. She smiled as he finally got it right and shuddered at the attention he gave her. She stepped out of her open toed shoes and using one foot shoved him to his back. He fell on his back and looked up at her. She stalked towards him slowly and raised her skirt. He was shocked to see her tremendously shaped ass as it descended to his chest. Without ceremony she straddled his chest and pinned his arms to the sides by kneeling on them. Her cock sat but inches from his face and she grabbed his head and shoved his mouth back onto her cock.

“Now bitch, time for you reward!” she said with a laugh and began to fuck his face violently.

Jessi’s thrusts became a bit more frantic as she felt a tingling begin. He tried to take as much in his mouth as he could, but she was bucking her hips to fast for his comfort. She grabbed his hair and yanked him up to impale her length in his throat and he gagged. She felt the twinge begin and yanked out of his mouth. She straddled his chest with her knees on his shoulders and furiously pumped her cock. The first jet splattered along his face and nose. The second third and fourth hit him square between the eyes and in his mouth. He moaned as the hot spunk hit him and drenched his face. Her last shots were direct at his mouth making him cough as it hit the back of his throat. With a slap of her cock on his lips she made him open up and shoved in to suck the remnants out. He choked as he swallowed the load and she purred happily.

“Good little bitch!” she smugly said as she got off him. She was a bit light headed as she stood and he laid flat on his back. She stepped back into her shoes and shuddered. She looked back at him and smiled playfully.

“Now was that so bad?” she mocked.

He refused to look at her. She reached into her purse and got a handful of wadded tissue and threw it at him.

“Clean your face, you look like a whore!” she said as she walked away laughing seductively.

Jessi wasted no time in finding her mother. She was floating as she found her and hugged her tight. Janice was stunned to see her daughter so bubbly and energetic.

“Did you just win the lottery or something?” Janice asked confused.

“No momma. I did something far better!” she said jumping excitedly in place.

“And what was that baby?” Janice asked confused.

“I just had my first!” Jessi beamed.

Janice looked over Jessi’ arm and saw the man walk back in and the look on his face was not pleasant. She took her daughter by the arm and led her away.

“Jessi that was the son of the owner of this club!” her mother warned.

Janice knew of his reputation in the underworld of the city. Her law firm was almost always involved in the cases involving them. She knew that he wasn’t likely to take kindly to whatever happened by the look on his face. Quickly Janice hurried Jessi along and to the car. Jessi was confused at the reasoning for it. Without a word Janice paid the valet got in and drove away. Jessi sat in shock as her mother was now tight lipped and scared.

“Momma what’s wrong?” she asked and Janice looked at her sternly.

“That man is Terrence Briggs. He is a notorious drug dealer and pimp honey. What did you do to him?” she asked scared.

“I took him. I made him my bitch!” she beamed excitedly.

Janice pulled over the car and looked at her daughter carefully. The happiness of her voice was apparent as was the look in her eyes. She truly did something to him that was probably nothing he had ever done. Shaking her head she got back on the road and drove home. They made it home and Janice took Jessi to her room and sat her down.

“Now listen to me honey and listen good. I can understand you wanting to be a bit aggressive with the little boys in this world. But please use sense in who you take baby,” Janice warned her. “I don’t want to see you picking up some guy and he is a bad person or worse. Use sense honey please!”

“OK momma. I will. I just had so much fun making him whimper though.” she said smiling darkly. Janice laughed at that and had Jessi get ready for bed.

Jessi laid back in her bed. She took off the dress and panties. But left the bra and stockings on. She liked to wear them as they made her feel hot. Looking in the mirror suddenly she had an idea. Jessi took off the bra and stood up. Her magnificent mounds swayed softly as she did. Looking at herself she imagined the man beneath her and her cock sprang to life. She stroked it vigorously for what seemed like hours. She remembered the feeling of his lips wrapped around her cock and she sighed loudly. She laid back on her bed and stroked her cock furiously. Without thinking she stopped and reached into her drawer. She pulled out a dildo and lubed it up. Jessi had toyed with anal sex for a while and tonight she needed more relief. She slipped it in and the feeling of being full made her moan softly. Jessi began to slip the dildo in and out of her hole and stroked her self harder and faster. It was such a great feeling that before long she arched her hips and a massive load spurted out of her. It splashed on her neck and tits nearly coating them and she slumped to bed back as she shuddered on the dildo. Softly her fingers began to explore the hot sticky semen and rubbed it into her body. Jessi felt so alive as she did she lost herself to the moment. She licked her fingers clean and soon she removed the toy.

Jessi stripped off her stockings and curled into the bed. She was glassy eyed as she looked at the door and saw it was slightly ajar. She knew her mother was in the other room and smiled. She loved her mother very much, but nothing would ever come of it between them. They had the perfect love as mother and daughter, and nothing would ever change that.


Jessi’ beans were done being ground. She looked at the fine ground and took them to the pot. Carefully she poured them into the filter and set it in the holder. Jessi picked up the pot and walked out of her office and down the hall to the sink. While she filled it up Jessi watched as two of her colleagues walked by. They shared a friendly wave as they went back to their work. Jessi was always good at making good friends in the office. Her charm and personality was very contagious at times. The other thing that helped her make friends was that she was a good judge of character. Her long time as a shrink made her see people for what they were right away. After the pot was filled she walked back to her office and noticed a sheepish looking young woman sitting in a chair. The woman couldn’t be more than twenty one or so and she was very cute.

The first thing that caught Jessi’ eyes was her lithe firm body. At maybe five foot three she was tiny, but well developed. She had a firm B cup and her dark cocoa skin was very luscious looking. Her long curly hair was down as was her head. In her eyes she saw a look that saddened her to a degree. She saw defeat in her adorable eyes. Jessi’ mind fell back into itself as she remembered her own failures and successes in life. ***

Jessi’ first few years in the university was special. She had gotten a full ride scholarship in medical sciences and was admitted to pre-med at the young age of eighteen. She had accrued enough online college course credits to be accepted to the University of San Jose. Janice was excited that Jessi was happy to be in college. Janice was happy, but at the same time she was mournful that Jessi had to leave. They had a long goodbye as Janice took Jessi to a show and danced the night away. Janice even set her up with a sub of hers and Jessi made him beg and simper for hours under her mother’s careful guidance. The night ended on a high note when Jessi fucked him silly and unloaded deep inside of him. After he had gone Janice had her take a long bath then they went to bed. During that night Janice held Jessi in her arms like when she was young for the whole night. The parting was easy as Jessi made the first step to her adult life bravely and Janice watched from the car as she walked onto the campus alone.

Over the course of time Jessi made sure to call Janice regularly. It was a fun time for her as she made a lot of decent friends, and even a few lovers in the process. Jessi decided early on not to waste her time partying and knuckled down to study. The classes were very easy to Jessi early on. She made quick work of her homework and her assignments were easily turned in on time and she always got high marks. Jessi was indeed a prodigy at times and it showed in her straight A record. For a time she was called a party pooper as she never went to the frat parties after settling down. They never bothered her as she ignored the taunts and half handed attempts to get into her pants. The only thing that really annoyed her was her room mate Alison Edwards.

Jessi was lucky to get her room, but at the same time came to hate it. Studying was always made a chore whenever Alison came home and Jessi soon became a bit of an angry person. Jessi would get even more angry at times as she would come home and Alison would be on her back being fucked by some guy that she didn’t know. To make matters worse Alison didn’t even bother to go into the other room and simply laid their like a plastic fuck doll letting it happen.

Allison was a tramp in Jessi’ mind. Nothing more than a cheap slut that didn’t care whose cock was in her as long as there was one in her it seemed. It annoyed Jessi to no end that her studies got interrupted by the slut when she would barge into her room and ask if her outfit would show enough or if the guy she was with was cute. It took about three weeks before Jessi finally had enough. She was about to confront Allison, but instead something else happened.

The day she came home and had enough was when she found Alison’s thong in her bathroom and it was covered in semen and other things. She was disgusted that that dirty whore was fucking in her bathroom. As Jessi stalked into the room full of anger she found not her slut roommate, but one of her roommate’s many fuck buddies instead. Jessi knew him as a football player named Tyrone Leonard. He was a safety on the team and supposed to be a good one. Tyrone stood six feet two and weighed a good two hundred ten pounds of muscle. His dark skin and fashion dreadlocks made girls swoon over him, but not Jessi. She could care less if her was Adonis reborn, she wanted to confront Allison.

“Well now ma I didn’t expect for that ho to have a fine roomie like you,” he said with a slight street drawl.

“Where the fuck is Allison and what the fuck are you doing here?” she said coldly and he laughed at her.

The way he laughed at her was making her skin crawl, and it was not in a good way. She had been with a black man once before and he was a nice guy, but he was not all that special in her mind. A man was a man after all. And the man in front of her was annoying her.

“Well I was here to get my dick sucked by that fine ho room mate of yours. So I guess if that ho ain’t here you can fill in for her.” he said smugly.

A stinging slap stung his left cheek as her hand lashed out before he could react. Tyrone’s eyes bugged out as she stood there eyes blazing with anger.

“Yo bitch I said get the fuck on your knees and get to work!” he roared as he came at her.

Jessi reacted before her mind could see what was happening. Her left leg shot out and in a classic spin she brought her heel to his jaw and he was flattened. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he crashed into the bed. It took him a second to get his bearings back, but then he was suddenly aware he was flying. Jessi tipped the bed with him on it and he went to the floor with a crash. Before he could react his left arm was torn behind him in a painful joint lock and he felt something slip over his wrist. After it was secure his right arm was torn over his head painfully. Without warning the joint lock changed angles and he found his left arm joined painfully to his right. He groaned in agony his arms were extended over to meet the bed post that was now on the floor. Before Tyrone could organize a defense to get free he was viciously kicked in the side so he was forced onto his knees with his arms above his head. Briefly he tried to struggle but soon he realized the knot that was tied got tighter as he struggled. Cursing under his breath his hair was suddenly yanked back and he heard Jessi’ voice in his ear.

“I don’t play with little boys like you. But now you pissed me off. For that you have to pay the piper. I wanted to know where Allison was so I could tell her to pack her shit and go, but now it seems like I get to play with her plaything,” she said mockingly.

Tyrone felt a bit of panic set in as she got up and stalked around him. He saw her heeled boots were thick leather. The silver buckles on the sides added to the scary sexiness about her. He glanced up and saw her legs were wrapped in sheer black stockings and his lips wet. She saw him leering at her and kicked him rudely in the arm. Smiling at the pain she caused him she began to play like she liked to.

“Suck your dick? Please bitch you don’t have a cock that could be called a dick,” she laughed at him.

Before he could utter a response she snaked her hand between his legs and grabbed hold of his balls. He groaned as she painfully tugged on them. They were average sized and not too impressive in her mind. After she let them go she kicked him square in the ass crack with the point of her boot. He screamed in pain and she laughed.

“Oh get used to that pain bitch, because it is gonna be happening very often you see,” she purred.

“Let me go you crazy bitch!” he yelled and she laughed again.

“Why, so you can get your ass kicked again?” she said mockingly as she kicked him again. “I don’t think so. I don’t like you for starters. Then you make a huge mistake by coming into my room. And on top of all that you try and order me to suck your dick,” she said coldly, “Now lets just see what you got down here little boy.”

Without warning ripped his shorts down to his knees. In the same motion she had also taken his boxers. Upon closer inspection she saw he had a good seven inches. It was surprisingly erect and she laughed at him again.

“What’s this? The little boy is getting happy thinking of his Mistress punishing him. Well if that’s the case,” she purred. Getting to her feet she stalked to the door and locked it.

For all her complaining of the room she was fortunate to live in the higher end dorms. They came with their own bedroom and living room so sound wouldn’t be a problem. Jessi teasingly laughed at him as she walked to the dresser. She was pissed he was in her room to begin with and not Alison’s. Smiling at him darkly a simple, but evil plan came to her mind. As she opened her drawer she took her time adding to his terror as she milled about until she found what she sought. A beautifully evil grin came to her face as she pulled out her video camera and set it to record. Jessi stalked to the side of the room and angled it to the sight of him tied to the bed. A certain glee came to her mind as he was struggling and couldn’t get loose. Her own erection started to rise, but she held herself in check.

“Suck your dick?” she began softly, “I don’t think so little boy. I don’t do miniatures mind you,” she taunted and he gave her a dirty look that she ended by slapping him on the ass with her bare hand. He grunted in pain and glared at her.

“You come uninvited to my room and expect to take me? Silly little boy you have no idea who it is you are fucking with do you?” she mocked him and he gave her another glare.

This time the slap came at the end of a belt she snatched up. Tyrone screamed in pain as the belt slapped his flesh. She repeated the process several times and the last one she slipped between his legs and hit his balls. He mewled in pain as the agony spread through his stomach.

“Oh poor baby did Mistress hurt you?” she said in mock baby talk.

“Bitch when I get out of this your dead! I’m gonna make you beg me to let you suck me and then I’m gonna…” he went on but she silenced him with a vicious slap across the ass.

“You are going to do nothing little boy! Now shut your trap before I shut it for you,” she said coldly.

She walked behind him letting her heels click loudly along the floor. She smiled as she grabbed his dreads and ripped his head back. Her cheek pressed against his and she whispered to him.

“Don’t look now baby boy, but your on candid camera.”

He looked up and saw the camera pointed at him and he tried to get loose only for her to kick his ass crack again. He howled in pain as this time the point of her boot hit his exposed asshole. He groaned in pain and she got a cruel new idea.

“I think you need to learn how to talk to a lady like myself. And as you have wasted my study time I am going to make this my new work out time instead. I think you’ll do for now, but maybe in time you’ll learn properly to be of some use to someone somewhere.” Jessi coldly informed him.

His eyes got wide as he turned and the thought of this crazy bitch doing this to him was frightening. He was a man dammit not a fag! Tyrone frantically tried to struggle as much as he could, but her knot was perfect and it dug into his wrists painfully as he tried to get loose. His body was at a bad angle so he couldn’t get his feet under him. Jessi saw him struggling and she laughed at him trying to get up. A sharp slap on his bare ass by the belt made him scream in pain. The repeating stinging slaps made him fall forward to his stomach to avoid the pain, but it came on and on. Jessi was not going to let this slide and he was stuck.

Jessi was massively aroused as her slaps hit him again and again. She was looking at his ass and it was making her want to loose her composure and fuck him silly. Instead she decided to draw out his torture. A glimmer came to her eyes as she got up and left him simpering on the floor. He was groaning in agony as the cool air hit his now red hot ass. Her heels clicked across the hardwood floor as she went to her bag and found what she sought. She was in medical school as part of her requirements for her want to become a psychologist. The other day’s lessons had shown her something very devious. She slapped on a pair of latex gloves and got a small tube of lube. She stalked back over to him and this time she said nothing. He was shaking on the floor at her approach and she smiled devilishly at him.

“So the other day I learned some very interesting things about men. They have a very particular thing about their prostates. You see if it gets too large you can have erectile problems. If it not checked you can get cancer and die. Such a small gland, but a vital one to your health you know. I think that all men should be checked thoroughly. Especially if they are athletes like yourself.” she purred.

He squirmed about to get away from her or turn to his back, but she beat him to it by stomping her foot into his lower back making him scream and arch his back.

“Stop being a baby. When your thirty you’ll have to do this, now relax and I promise to be gentle with you.” she mocked.

Her lubed fingers found his asshole and he screamed out, “Get the fuck away from me you crazy ass bitch!”

She tilted her head and the two fingers burrowed in. His back arched as he tried to clench his ass cheeks to make them stop. She growled at him and with her free hand grabbed his erection and twisted it hard making him cry out. From the pain Tyrone forgot about the fingers and she sank them all the way into the knuckles. He groaned in agony as she found the gland and began to massage it. He stiffened up and squirmed uncontrollably as her fingers continued to tickle and probe the gland making him moan in agony. For all the man he was his body had a reaction that he was unprepared for. Jessi felt it and smirked as her hand stroked his cock and before long he uncontrollably spurted a load on the floor. He groaned and moaned as his seed dripped out of his cock as she continued to pump his spent cock. Her fingers stayed pinned on the gland as his cheeks clenched in response to being overstimulated.

“Now was that so bad?” she teased and he groaned as she stroked him tightly.

Jessi’s laugh filled the room as he started to whimper. She continued to tickle the gland and before long his cock started to get hard again. She noted the reaction and decided to put it in her notes for class. She stroked him hard and fast making him gasp uncontrollably. Her own cock was begging to taste this tight ass and she decided to go a step further.

“Well it seems I need to use a special tool to find any problems in there. Now relax as this one is a little bigger than my fingers,” she warned and he nodded his head submissively.

Jessi slowly stood up and slipped her panties off her legs allowing her cock to spring out. She sighed softly as the cool air hit her throbbing member and a smile crossed her features as she looked at the now well lubed asshole. She decided to be merciful and lubed herself up a bit more. She slipped on a condom and lubed it up then got into position. He was shaking as he felt her stocking clad legs against his and he fearfully looked over his shoulder. Before he could say anything she grabbed his braids and yanked them hard making him look at the sky. Her thick mushroom head found his puckered hole and before he could gasp it started to push in. Tyrone let out a half scream half gasp as it split his hole open and she started to sink in.

Jessi felt him clench reflexively, but she slapped him and he whimpered as she pushed in further. Tyrone whimpered and tears formed in his eyes as he felt a very thick insertion go deep into his bowels. He tried to struggle, but she had him secure and his neck was straining as she relentlessly held onto his braids. It felt like a painful eternity until she was finally settled into him. Without warning she began to rock her hips and he groaned and cried out as she did. Jessi felt the clench on her member and groaned in pleasure. She had him now and decided to make use of her other talents. Without warning left hand slipped under his chest and began to tweak his nipples. His grunts and moans intensified as she did. He was trying to hold still, but she was moving faster now. Her hips found his and he cried out as she surged deep into him. His eyes opened and his head slumped forward as she continued. He was panting in frustration as his cock slapped painfully against his leg. He was about to come again, but didn’t want her to know it. He tried to hold it off, but she sensed his clenching up on her.

“Ready to come so soon baby boy?” she asked through clenched teeth.

“No!” he lied.

A slap on his ass made him cry out as she grabbed his cock again and this time she stroked it furiously. Her hips found a fast rhythm and she began to slam fuck his ass. Tyrone moaned and groaned under the assault and before he could hold himself he fired off the largest load in his life. Nine massive spurts of seed splashed against the floor and he cried out with each spurt. His knees trembled uncontrollably and his body slumped to the floor. He cried tears of frustration as she kept her rock hard member in his ass. He never wanted to know this feeling, but it was in him now and he couldn’t hide the fact he enjoyed it. His body was shaking in the after effects of the orgasm and he was spent. His tears slipped down his cheeks and his shame was now on camera for all to see if she so desired.

Jessi felt him slump and pulled out of him. She was angry now. He came and his body went limp, but she was still not even halfway done. Her growl of frustration became a focal point of her anger. She slipped out of him and got to her feet. Her cock was still rock hard and Jessi was frustrated now. She was going to have to handle it herself it seemed, then she heard the outer door open. A grim smile came to her lips as she heard Alison walk around the dorm. She unlocked her door and let it slide open as she slunk behind the door. A plan came to her mind and she left Tyrone laying prostrate on the floor. He was moaning and crying like a little child and Alison heard it.

Jessi saw her brunette hair in the mirror and her full breasts. Alison had nowhere near the bust line of Jessi, but her hips were thick and her ass stood out. The thing that made her stand out was her tan. The deep bronze set off her look. The one thing Jessi couldn’t abide about her though was her personality. She was a stereotypical dimwit rich girl. Her daddy spoiled her for so long and now she was in college being a royal slut and general pain in the ass. Jessi waited and then her moment came. Alison walked in and saw him laying on the floor arms over his head slumped on his knees crying. She went to get him, but Jessi struck.

Jessi walked right up behind her and grabbed a handful of her hair. Alison screamed in shock but was silenced when Jessi slapped her ass hard. Alison jumped nearly a foot off the ground and Jessi used that as her moment. She slipped a foot in front of Alison and tripped her to the floor. Alison landed on her face and Jessi was on her in a flash. Alison found her own hands tied above her head. Quickly Alison joined Tyrone on the floor tied to the bed.

“Jessi what the fuck!” she screamed.

“Shut the fuck up Ali. Who the fuck let this asshole into my room and why the fuck is he here in the first place?” she barked.

“Jessi he was coming over so we could go out I swear!” she tried to lie, but Jessi knew it.

A stinging slap on her ass from the belt made her cry out. Jessi grabbed a handful of her hair and ripped it back.

“He knows where your room is you stupid bitch! Now again, why was he in my room?” she growled.

“I told him you needed to get laid! Jesus Jessi your so fucking uptight! I figured to…” she tried to say, but again the slap came cutting her off.

“You think a pencil dick little bitch like him would satisfy me?!” she roared and slapped his ass viciously making him scream pathetically.

“Alison, Alison, Alison, you never learn do you. Just because your a complete whore doesn’t mean I am too. Now he did do something for me, he pissed me the fuck off and left me hanging so now you get to fix the problem.” she purred.

Allison’s eyes bulged at that comment. She had been with a few girls, but didn’t think Jessi was into that. She welcomed the thought of suckling her large tits and making her scream, maybe even getting her to untie Tyrone so they could have a good threesome. Her hands were undone from the bed, but still left lashed together. Jessi got her to her feet and suddenly bent her over. The belt slapped against Alison’s ass twenty times making her cry out pitifully.

“If you ever send a brain dead piece of shit like this into my room again I will beat you so bad you’ll never be able to sit down properly again! Do I make myself clear?” she roared.

“Yes! I’m so sorry Jessi!” Alison whimpered.

“That’s yes Mistress bitch!” Jessi growled into her face.

“Yes Mistress,”Alison said her head shrinking between her shoulders to get away from Jessi’ snarling visage.

“That’s better bitch. Now on your knees and open wide,” Jessi purred.

Alison dropped to her knees and her eyes bugged out as the massive cock stared at her face. It was throbbing and so silky soft looking.

“Well?” Jessi said harshly.

Alison opened up and her mouth engulfed Jessi’ cock like a glove. Jessi grabbed her hair and began to buck her hips into her mouth. Jessi was amazed at her cock sucking skills and smiled darkly as she began to face fuck her Jessi shoved violently into Alison’s mouth, but surprisingly she didn’t choke. Jessi heard the loud slurping and saw the drool coming off Alison’s lips that was pooling on her chest. After a few minutes of the face fucking Jessi got her to her knees by shoving her back. Without a word Jessi ripped Alison’s top off and stabbed her cock between her drool covered tits and began to stroke herself between the valleys of the pert globes. Alison’s smartly flicked her tongue along the tip of Jessi and soon she began to leak pre-cum. Alison moaned as she tasted the sweet nectar and she couldn’t believe how sweet it was. She eagerly took the head of Jessi in her mouth and sucked it hard. Jessi’ head fell back as Alison resumed her deep throating.

Jessi felt her balls begin to tighten, but didn’t want it to end just yet. She tore her cock out of Alison’s mouth making her whimper pathetically. She grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her to her feet then threw Alison to the dresser. Alison grabbed the edge of it as Jessi appeared behind her. Jessi gripped the hem of her skirt and ripped it up over Alison’s back and tore the thong off her in one rip. Jessi slapped her ass making it jiggle and Alison bent over and spread her legs. Without a word Jessi speared her dripping pussy in one stroke. Alison was surprisingly tight and Jessi was balls deep in no time. She gripped her hips and began to violently plunge in and out of her. The slapping sounds of their hips combined with Alison’s grunts and whimpers filled the room with a strange energy. Jessi continued her assault on Alison’s snug pussy and soon Alison lost it. She came wildly and bucked her ass to meet Jessi’s hard thrusts. Jessi felt her own impending meltdown and continued on in her frantic pace. It was a loud affair when the orgasm hit Alison for the second time. She screamed and threw her head back as Jessi found that sensitive spot in her and savaged it relentlessly.

Jessi felt the trembling walls of Alison’s snug hole and soon she felt her own orgasm build up. She ripped her cock out of her pussy and threw her to the floor. Standing over her Jessi furiously beat her cock and then arched her back as a load came out of her that she didn’t know was possible. Her ropes of seed hit Alison in the face and neck. The load coated Alison as she laid back mouth open to catch as much as she could. Alison’s eyes were wide as the bath washed over her. When it was finally over Alison was literally covered face to tits in Jessi’s thick seed and was shaking as another orgasm ripped through her.

Jessi got it under control and got her eyes open to see Alison covered in her semen and licking her lips trying to get more into her mouth. Without a word Jessi grabbed the camera from the desk and took a good picture of Alison still glossy eyed and semen soaked. Something she would keep for a little leverage should Alison even think to become annoying again. When she took several good pictures she put the camera back and walked back to Tyrone. A smile on her face showed him what was on her mind. She took the head of her cock and shoved it into his mouth.

“Clean me up bitch!” she hissed and he complied.

His tongue cleaned all her semen and Alison’s juices off and then Jessi took it out. She got to her feet and walked back to Alison. A simple look at her showed that Alison was coherent and able to do as told. She reached down and undid the tie and looked at her dead in the face as she slowly spoke so Alison could hear her.

“I own you now slut. If I say come here and bend over that’s what you do am I clear?” she informed Alison who duly nodded her head. “Good girl. Now ground rules are simple; you fuck the people I say you can fuck and if you keep me awake again I will not only tan your hide but the man your fucking will also learn his place in my eyes. Do we have an understanding?” she declared.

“Yes Mistress,” Alison whispered softly.

“Good, now get the fuck out of my room,” she said casually.

Alison got to her knees and Jessi shoved her forward with the tip of her boot. Alison slunk away on her hands and knees as Jessi turned back to Tyrone. His eyes got scared as she slowly stalked towards him heels clicking loudly.

“Now as for you. If you even think of outing me you’ll find this lovely DVD as a boxed set for all your team mates and every NFL scout that may have looked at you. I think I’ll call it, “Tyrone Goes Sissy!” she said using her hands for emphasis. Looking back at him she coldly spat, “And if you doubt me then your sadly mistaken. I’ll have your sorry ass in a school girl outfit and fucked by as many men as I can find. Now get the fuck out of my room and stay away from me Tyrone. This is your only warning!” she declared coldly.

Jessi undid the hitch on his hands letting him slump to the floor. As he was about to get up she stopped him with a boot on his shoulder and shoved his face into the puddle of his semen on the floor.

“You made the mess, you clean it up!” she declared and he was forced to lick up all of it before she let him up.

When she let him up Tyrone pulled up his pants and left the room as fast as he could. The horrified look in his eyes as he ran down the dorm halls was apparent as he ran for his life from that crazy bitch and her skank room mate. Deep in his soul he didn’t want to admit that for all he tried to protest, he actually liked what had just happened. He ran from the dorm and left without a look back.

Jessi reset her bed and sat on it. She smiled darkly at her performance admiring how easy that was. The only thing she would have loved was to have her mother see him beg and simper like that. Jessi was about to lay back when the phone rang. She answered it and listened to the man as he spoke softly on the other end. Her mind went still as she listened to the news on the other end. The phone slipped down from her hand and hit the floor. It was quickly followed by tears.

Jessi made a mad rush to the door and ran out. She flew down the stairs and got into her car. She revved the engine and tore out of the parking lot and out into the streets. Her mind flared as she tried to keep her breathing in check. She was in tears as she finally made it to her destination. Jessi looked up at the hospital with tears streaming down her face. She got from the car and ran in. Quickly she found a nurse and frantically begged her to take her to her mother. Jessi followed the nurse and as she entered the room she saw her mother laying on the bed. Her body was still and her breathing was barely there.

“Momma…” she sobbed as she sank to her knees and grabbed her mother’s loving hand.

Janice heard the sweet voice of her beloved Jessi and though she couldn’t open her eyes a slight smile came to her lips and a tear streaked down her cheek as she felt her daughter’s cheek on her hand. Jessi looked up at her and the tears wouldn’t stop. Janice squeezed Jessi’ hand one last time and the strength flowed out of her body. Jessi felt it and screamed out in denial as her mother’s life faded from this world. The doctors frantically tried to save her from leaving, but it was too late. The car wreck had crushed her body and the only thing that kept her going was the final chance to touch her beautiful baby one last time.

When the doctor called it Jessi slumped to her knees and sobbed. She had never sobbed I public and couldn’t help it. Her mother was gone. The one person she always counted on to be a rock for her was not there. It hurt Jessi profusely as she sobbed into the room. It was at her lowest moment a hand of mercy found her soul. A strong hand touched her shoulder and she turned into it. She gripped the hand and sobbed her eyes out into a very powerful chest. She was slowly engulfed by a pair of strong arms that gripped her tight and didn’t let go. She had no idea who they belonged to, but it didn’t matter. They held her and she felt the strength to stop crying. Looking up through bleary eyes she saw a very large man. His pale skin was slightly tan and his crew cut showed he was Military of some sort. His dark blue eyes shone like beacons pulling her back to reality. His cologne was subtle, but nice and he looked at her warmly.

“Your gonna be alright honey,” he whispered into her ear and helped her up.

Fishing out a handful of tissue he handed them to her and helped her sit down. She looked at him and he simply nodded his head and walked away. She wanted to thank him, but he was around the corner before she could. She got up and looked for him ,but he was gone. They took her mother away and Jessi got to say her final goodbye to the woman who helped her become who she longed to be.

We have to go out. Really, we would both prefer to stay in but it’s a work function and we have to at least make an appearance.

I leave the bathroom in a towel having dried my hair and applied my minimal makeup immediately after my shower, and appear in the bedroom doorway.

You are standing in front of the full length mirror wearing your open dress shirt and your trousers — unbuttoned and unbelted, but zipped. I watch you button your shirt from the bottom, slowly covering your flat tummy, your chest, and then the cleft at your throat. You tuck the shirt in then close the trouser button and belt. I admire your long back and broad shoulders as you reach for your tie, still unaware of my presence.

You slip the tie on and I watch your beautiful hands tie it and smooth it down your chest and stomach. I love your hands; the length of your fingers, the definition in the knuckles and wrists, the size and strength of them and the deftness with which you do everything. They are truly man’s hands and I find them very erotic.

You reach for your suit jacket and see my reflection in the mirror. You turn and smile at me.

“You look wonderful already,” you say and I laugh at the sweetness of the comment.

I walk toward the closet to retrieve my dress and stand on my toes and lift my face to kiss you on my way past. Our lips meet softly and you lean into the kiss making it linger longer than I expected. I sigh as I step back and you grin at me as you wrap one arm around my waist and pull me to you. You lower your lips to mine in a firmer kiss; a promissory note lingering on the end of it. We smile at each other and I proceed to the closet.

I collect my stockings, dress, etc. and place them all on the bed, dropping the shoes on the floor beside and then sit on the edge to begin dressing. I look up and see you are sitting on the window seat, fully clothed, watching me intently. For a moment I am a little self-conscious but then I remember the intimacy of watching you dress and the faintly erotic twinge it gave me. I smile flirtatiously at you and lower the towel, coyly exposing more cleavage and my back.

You grin as your eyes flicker over me and I know you are taking a mental photograph. I select a stocking, raise my left leg, and slip it over my foot, slowly extending it up my leg to my thigh. I select the next stocking, raise my right leg, and slip the stocking lingeringly up my leg. It is incredibly arousing, this reverse striptease, and I find myself thinking about later this evening when the stockings will be removed.

I carefully avoid eye contact with you but I can see you out of the corner of my eye. You shift slightly but I know your eyes have not left me. The bra is on my left. As I turn to reach for it, the towel opens, completely exposing to you my back and the top of my buttocks. I remain turned from you and put on the bra, deftly hooking it behind me.

I glance at you over my shoulder with a smile and you chuckle softly.

I slip my panties on and stand to slide them into place. I remain standing as I clasp the garter belt around my waist. I turn toward you as I bend forward to clasp the garters to the stockings, knowing this gives you an exemplary view of my ample cleavage. I raise my eyes to you and find you shifting your gaze between the stocking tops and my cleavage. Our gazes meet and my breath catches with the intensity of your look. I can almost feel the realization that I am dressing for you, sink into you.

I straighten up, our gaze never breaking, and stay still for a moment, feeling your eyes travelling me, and then reach for my dress. I open the zipper at the back and slip the dress over my head. It falls into place and I slowly walk to you. You reach your hands out to me when I am mere steps from you and I turn my back, telling you in that universal ‘couple’ language that I need you to pull up the zipper.

The back of your fingers graze the skin of the small of my back as you grasp the pull and raise it as slowly as if you were lowering it. You lean forward and place a soft kiss between my shoulder blades and slowly stand as you raise the zipper the remaining inch.

“Thank you,” I murmur and then I feel your breath in the nape of my neck and it makes me shiver. Goose bumps rise down my neck and along my shoulders.

Goose bumps,” you whisper, “thank you.” You brush your lips against my spine at the edge of the dress and I feel your lips trail up the back of my neck and then to the right under my ear. You trace the line of my neck with warm, soft kisses to the curve of my shoulder and then gently press your teeth to it. I shudder and close my eyes with a sigh and you place a reparatory kiss there.

You place your warm hands to my neck and slide them down, over my shoulders and away, as if to dispel the goose bumps. My eyes flutter open at the break in contact and I sigh as I move away and sit on the bed to put on my shoes.

I slip my foot into the left shoe and you crouch in front of me. You take my ankle in your hand and place my foot on your knee and fasten the shoe. I slip into the other shoe and you do the same and then place my foot on the floor. You slide your hands up my legs slowly as though to smooth the stockings and spread your fingers up my legs until they reach the stocking tops. You trace the top of the lace around to my inner thigh and slide your hands up slightly.

Your fingers rest on the bare skin of my inner thigh close enough that I can feel the heat of your hands through my thin panties, but you don’t touch.

Our eyes lock, I can see the restraint you are using to keep your hands in place, and it arouses me further. My lower abdomen clenches and I ache to tilt my hips forward. I think you see it because you inhale deeply and say, “Two hours and then we are back here.”

I nod and you slip your hands from my legs and stand, offering me your hand.

I take it, stand, and you step to me, sliding your hand along my forearm to my waist and around my back. You lean forward and kiss me so softly that I can barely feel it but the slow, lingering return of your lips to mine is so deliberate that I feel it deeply everywhere else in my body.

You draw back slightly and we smile. Your hand in the small of my back, you guide me to the stairs and we leave to make our appearance.

In the car, you place your right palm on the top of my knee with your fingers draping forward down the front of my leg. You slowly pull your fingertips up my thigh until they reach the lace of the stocking and then curl your fingers under and trail the tops of your fingernails back down, slowly uncurling them as your palm reaches the top of my knee once again. The repetition is mesmerizing. Contrasted by my need to touch you; to feel the press of your body against mine, it is arousing in it’s minimalism.

When we arrive you open my door and hand me out of the car, closing the door behind me. You place a hand against my cheek and trace my cheekbone with your thumb, curling your fingers under my jaw as you trail your thumb down from my ear to my lips. Your rub your thumb gently along them and then down to my chin, pressing my chin up to you, and slowly lean down to kiss me. As our lips meet you press me between you and the car and I feel your growing arousal. My nipples tighten and I run my hands around your waist and up your back.

“Two hours,” you whisper, “and then we can do something about this properly.”

I murmur my assent and we make our way inside.

You stand behind me and take my coat and suddenly I feel exposed; as though you are undressing me in this crowded room. I become slightly self-conscious that everyone can see my aroused nipples and know what I am thinking. I glance down and see that they are not as visible as I had feared. You follow my gaze and smile.

“I can tell,” you tease, “but I don’t think anyone else will.”

“Well, good,” I reply, “it’s not for them.”

“Nope,” you smirk, “just for me.”

We mingle for the next couple of hours casting knowing glances at one another when we are apart and exchanging subtle but lingering caresses when we are together. Both of us enjoying the anticipation.

I am standing at the bar when I feel you standing behind me, your body grazing my back. Your breath cascades down the side of my neck giving me goose bumps that harden my nipples.

“It’s time to go…”

I turn and look up at you. “Are you sure we’ve ‘appeared’ enough?”

“Absolutely,” you say and you hold up my coat.

I grin and turn around for you to help me don it and feel your hand in the small of my back, guiding me to the door. I love when you do that; it’s such a proprietary and protective gesture.

We talk quietly through the drive about the party, the people, and conversations we had when apart. Your hand returns to its previous mesmerizing path along my thigh, as though you are gently reminding me of our purpose.

I put my head back and close my eyes, letting the sensations travel this time. I feel your touch resonate through me, travelling up my thigh and across my abdomen. My nipples tighten again and my vaginal walls clench briefly. It makes my hips twitch and the next time your fingers trail up they cross the lace to my inner thigh and curl down my mound before trailing to my knee. I shiver on the third passing and look at you. You smile but never take your eyes from the road.

When we get inside, you remove my coat and I again feel like you are undressing me, but this time, I welcome the feeling. I turn to you and we kiss slowly and softly at first but quickly the kisses deepen and we are soon wrapped tightly to each other. You trace my jaw and neck with kisses and my eyes close as I inhale deeply, letting the sparks travel through me. I drop my head back to encourage your path and you continue to my clavicle and follow it to the other side of my neck and up to my ear.

I am suddenly overwhelmed with the need to touch you; to feel your skin against mine, to explore your body. I slide my hands down from your back, around your waist and then up over your stomach to your chest, pushing the suit jacket off your shoulders. You shrug it off and drape it on the chair next to us. Next, I remove the tie, my eyes never leaving yours. I can see the flicker of arousal at having me undress you and it arouses me further. I toss the tie on the jacket and begin unbuttoning your shirt. When the first two are undone, I lean forward and kiss the exposed skin at the cleft of your throat and clavicle. You sigh and I continue unbuttoning you, kissing each new section of skin exposed until I reach your belt. Two more buttons to go but they are tucked into your trousers.

I begin to undo the belt and you hold my hands. I look up at you questioningly and you smile and turn me around. You begin to kiss at my hairline and trail slowly and deliberately down my neck and spine to the top of the dress. I feel the tug of the zipper being engaged and your lips and breath against my skin all the way down to the bottom of the zipper at my tailbone.

You slide your hands up my back and push the dress off my shoulders; it pools on the floor at my feet. I step out of it, turn, and realize that the disparity of you being mostly clothed while I am mostly naked is powerfully erotic. I step toward you and run my hands flat up your stomach, under the shirt and then over your already hard nipples. You shiver and I take great delight in knowing that I am getting to you. I lower my head and flick the tip of my tongue over the left nipple. It elicits a delicious moan from you that runs right through me to my pussy and it clenches in anticipation.

I press my teeth against your nipple and your abdomen clenches beneath my hand and you run your fingers through my hair. I suck the nipple into my mouth and run my flattened tongue over the edges. You tighten your fingers in my hair and moan, “Oh… yes.”

I suck the nipple further into my mouth and press my teeth firmly into your

pectoral. I then trail my lips across to the other nipple, repeating the pattern and eliciting a similar response from you. You cup my head in your hand and draw me up to kiss me. Your take my hand and step away. Your eyes drink me in for a moment and then, without a word, you lead me up the stairs to the bedroom.

You seat me on the edge of the bed and crouch in front of me. You grasp my ankle and place it on your knee and undo the shoe. As you slide it from my foot you caress my calf and kiss the inside of my thigh. You drop the shoe, place my foot on the floor and repeat the same with the other shoe. With both shoes removed, you stand and place them on the floor at the end of the bed and turn back to me. I part my knees so you are standing between my thighs, and reach to unbuckle your belt. This time, you don’t stop me.

I undo the belt and the final two buttons of your shirt. You remove your shirt and drop it to the floor as I trail my hand down the zipper, feeling your erection beneath. I press more firmly and your hips buck slightly and you exhale hard.

I slide my hand against you, back up to the trouser button and slowly undo the button and draw the zipper down. I slip my hands between the trousers and your hips and press them down and they fall to the floor. Your hard cock is now fully exposed to me and I literally salivate at the sight.

You reach down and pull off your shoes and socks with the trousers and nudge them aside with your foot. I slide my hands up the front of your thighs to your pelvic bones and then across your abdomen. I curl my fingers and gently retrace my path with my fingernails. I lean forward and you shudder in anticipation; it makes me want to prolong it so I kiss the crease between your groin and thigh and then repeat on the other side. You moan in frustration but I know you enjoy it so I continue my ‘torture’. I kiss your stomach, your pelvic bones, the gentle curve between them and your abdomen, and down the creases to your balls — never touching your balls or your thick, bobbing cock.

Eventually, the delay is more than I myself can take and I flatten my wet tongue and draw it over your balls and then up the underside of your cock to the head. I swirl my tongue around the rim and then wrap my hand around the shaft, pulling it down slightly, and press the head against my tongue. You run your hands through my hair again and I feel the insistent pressure in your fingers. I resist, tease the hole with the tip of my tongue, swirl my tongue around the head again, and then press it against the roof of my mouth as I slide you to the back of my throat.

“Oh… That’s it…” you moan.

I open my throat and tighten my lips around the root of your cock and thrust you into my mouth until I gag, drenching your cock in my saliva. I pull back, suck hard on your cockhead and then take you fully again with your hands gently pressing my head forward. Your cock is throbbing against my tongue; my nipples are almost painfully distended and pressing against the bra insistently. My pussy is drenched and aching.

You know what fellating you does to me, and you reach down, pressing my bra under my breasts, freeing my aching nipples. I continue to plunge your cock into my wet, hungry mouth, and slowly draw it out, varying the sensation between my tongue and the gentle scraping of my teeth. You tease my nipples mercilessly with your fingertips until I am sure I will climax from it.

You slide your hands from my nipples to my shoulders and press me back toward the bed. I release your cock and look up at you. You kiss me, placing a knee on the bed between my thighs, and continue to press me to the bed until I am lying back and then you trail your lips down my neck to my nipples.

You suck first one then the other into your warm, wet mouth, and my back arches, pressing them further into your mouth. Your tongue alternates between flicking them and swirling against them. I moan helplessly and you hmm against a nipple. The sensation drives me mad and I hear my breathing become ragged.

You kiss down my body to my abdomen and then kneel on the floor. I look down at you and our eyes meet. You hook a finger into the side of my panties and pull it aside, exposing my drenched pussy to you. You look down at my swollen lips.

“Mmmm,” you murmur, “and you haven’t even cum for me yet.”

I feel your warm breath against my clit and my hips tilt, aching for you to touch me. You smirk and lower your head. You tongue my anus and tease my labia until I am writhing and then, you delve your tongue into my cunt.

“O god, yes!” I cry out and you press your tongue into me over and over again. The pressure of your tongue delving into me pulls my lips open and rubs my hood back and forth over my clit. I moan repeatedly and run my hand over your head, heightening the awareness that it is your mouth pleasuring me.

You finally flick your tongue over my clit and a wave of pleasure rushes through me. My hips buck and I climax almost immediately. You abandon my clit, knowing this will keep me aroused and sensitized, and watch my pussy spasm over and over again.

Blind with lust, I am aware only that I need to feel you inside me.

“Fuck me,” I hear myself and it sounds almost like a plea.

You stand, grasp my legs behind the knee and raise them up. In one thrust you bury your cock in my cunt.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I shout.

“That’s it,” you growl, “cry out for my cock.”

I wrap my legs around you and you reach down and hold the panties aside as you thrust relentlessly into me.

My awareness that lust has also taken you, drives me over the edge and I am soon very near another climax.

“Yes,” you whisper when you see it, “drench me.”

My abdomen ripples and clenches and I feel my pussy clasp your cock as my climax surges through me, drenching you.

You stand very still, your cock hard and still buried in me, while I regain my breathing. Then, you reach down and release the stockings from the garters and slip the stockings off my legs. You slip a hand beneath me and undo the garter belt and remove it.

My breathing somewhat controlled, you slowly pull your cock from me.

“No,” I whimper

You grin and reach to remove the panties. “These have to go, too.”

I lift my hips and you slide them down my legs, tossing them aside.

“On your knees for me.” Your voice is low with arousal and it sends a thrill through me. I turn onto my parted knees, offering you full access to me. You run your hands up the back of my thighs, over my buttocks, and down to my hips. I feel your hands grip my hips and my legs begin to tremble in anticipation. You slowly enter me, your cock pressing deeper and deeper into me until I feel your thighs pressing against mine. You pull out just as slowly until your cockhead is resting between my lips and enter me again with the same deliberate slowness. It is an erotic contrast to the pressure of your hands at my hips and the anticipation of the thrust that will match that grip, builds a climax in me once again.

I press back to you instinctively and you begin to thrust into me. I match every thrust by arching back into it and you are soon breathing raggedly and taking my pussy hard and fast.

You reach to my clit and rub your fingers over it and around my lips and I gasp at the unexpected attention to my sensitive nub. You rim me with your wet thumb and then with your middle finger. I arch to that as well, with a moan and you slowly press your finger into my ass. I moan loudly and the image of your cock replacing your finger overwhelms all other thought.

“Take my ass,” I whisper, raggedly.

You moan and for a moment I think you didn’t hear me but then, your finger slides slowly from me and you pull your cock from my pussy. I feel the round, wet head of your cock against my anus and I tilt my hips back in invitation.

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Note 2: A special thank you goes to the great people who read my story in advance and give me suggestions and point out errors (Julia…you will always be my pet and Greg…who has sparked a few new ideas for me).

Note 3: As always, a special thank you goes to Estragon for his copy editing. You are a blessing!!!



My sister was a pain in the ass. She always had been and probably always would have been if she hadn’t become my personal slut. For my whole life, I have had to deal with the fact that my sister was incredibly hot. Now it wasn’t that I didn’t know she was pretty, but I didn’t see her that way for two reasons:

1. She was my sister and incest was morally wrong.

2. She was easily one of the most shallow and bitchiest girls I had ever known.

While she got the looks, I got the brains. I graduated high school at sixteen and at twenty was in my last year of my college degree. Unfortunately, being smart doesn’t get you the chicks and I was a twenty-year-old virgin. I wasn’t hideous looking; I was just the epitome of average. Yet, even though I could debate eloquently and with a vengeance, when I was face to face with a girl in a non-academic setting, my brain became mush and I became verbally impotent.

That brings me to Christmas 2011. I came home from Harvard as I usually did during my Christmas break. Also, as usual, my younger sister, who just turned eighteen a couple weeks ago, razzed me, the moment she saw me, “So has my big brother finally got his cane polished?”

My sister had been obsessed with my non-existent sex life for the past couple of years. She kept taunting me with uncomfortable questions like:

“Do college girls spit or swallow, Matthew?”

“Have you fucked some nerdy virgin yet, Matthew?”

“Hey stud. Any luck munching cunt, Matthew?”

Each question was dripping with sarcasm, as she already knew the answer.

Like every other time, I ignored her blunt question, my face red with embarrassment, and walked away.

I heard her call out, “Does big brother need some lessons?”

I kept walking, frustrated that I let my slutty bitch of a sister get to me. In my room, on my laptop, watching porn (a daily or twice daily routine), I closed my eyes and my mind wandered to teaching my sister a lesson; turning off her aggressive bitchiness and making her my little fuck slut. I came all over myself fantasizing about my sister sucking my cock. Once spent, I pondered, was there some way to make this kinky fantasy a reality.


Next day, I had already been up for a few hours when Sandra finally staggered into the kitchen in a thin robe that barely contained her big breasts. She saw me staring at her and asked, shocking me, “Is big brother getting hard checking out his little sister?”

Rattled by the seductive tone and the undeniable evidence growing in my pants, I stammered, “S-S-Sandra, stop it.”

Her smile dripped with a perversion I often saw in porn, “Stop what, big brother?”

She walked towards me and I held my breath, nervous, like I get when any girl talks to me. My palms get sweaty and my mind muddled. I attempted to pretend I was not distracted by her body and the white flesh I saw peaking out of her thin robe. “Stop talking drivel.”

She laughed, her voice syrupy sweet, “I’ll take that as a yes, big brother.”

Her hands now on my legs, I stammered, “S-S-Sandra, don’t p-p-put words in my m-m-mouth.”

She leaned forward, her hot breath on my ear, her hand cupping her breast, “Oh, I have a good idea what you would like in your mouth, big brother.”

I let out an involuntary moan, brought on by her hot breath and naughty innuendo, and was paralyzed.

She stunned me again when she squeezed my fully erect cock and with her tongue now in my ear whispered, “Oh my, your cock is rock hard. Are you hard for your sister, big brother?”

My brain no longer functioning at its usual capacity, I responded incoherently with a bunch of grunts and half words.

She bit my ear, her hand rubbing my cock through my jeans, “Has your little sister made you so fucking horny that my Harvard brother can’t even articulate a complete sentence?”

Still paralyzed with pleasure and stunned by her inappropriateness, I was unable to answer.

Her breast hit my face and she asked, “Have you ever touched a breast, big brother?”

I shook my head yes, having once touched my chemistry partner’s breast by accident.

As if reading my mind, she added, “On purpose and with consent?”

I shook my head no, my humiliation burning.

“Do you want to touch your little sister’s big breasts?” she purred.

My conscience attempted to scream no, but was silenced by the little devil in my head.

She gave my cock a solid squeeze and whispered in my ear, “All you have to do big brother is ask and you can see and touch your baby sister’s tits.”

All the years of loneliness and fantasy had built up inside and instead of doing the right thing, I did the thing that felt right down below the belt and let out in a whisper of a plea, “Please.”

“Please what?” she asked, opening her robe a bit to allow me to see more of her white flesh.

I stammered, desperate to see and touch her big breasts that had been untouchable for so long, “M-m-may I touch your breasts, Sandra?”

“You want to touch your baby sister’s titties?” she questioned, pushing me even further to the brink of no return.

“Yes,” I replied, wanting nothing more.

She let the strap holding her robe together fall to her side, and her big right breast popped out in full view for me. Her nipple was erect, which meant she was getting turned on too from this little charade, and I instinctively leaned forward and took it into my mouth. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right.

Her moan in my ear was all the approval I needed. I sucked it into my mouth and used my tongue to swirl around it, like I had read about on the internet. She whispered into my ear, “That feels so good big brother. Use your teeth a bit.”

Obeying her instructions, I bit her nipple gently and she moaned again in my ear, “That’s it big brother, you are such a bad, bad boy.”

Being called bad boy turned me on, as I had always been perceived as “Mr. Perfect” or “Mr. Good-Boy”. I bit her nipple a little harder and she let out a little yelp and gave a slight chuckle, “You really want to be a bad boy, don’t you big brother?”

I bobbed my head in the affirmative, refusing to let her luscious breast out of my mouth. She gave my cock another squeeze and said, “This is going to be your best Christmas ever, big brother.”

Suddenly, she pulled her breast away and kissed me on the lips shoving her tongue in my mouth. The sloppy but passionate kiss lasted only a second or two, but it was so intense I could feel my juices flowing like never before. Unfortunately, she broke it too soon and whispered, “All good things come to those who wait, big brother.” She pulled her robe back around her body and went back to her room. Just before she was about to disappear from view she turned and added, “And no jerking off big brother. I want you on the brink of pleasure at all times, understood?”

I nodded my head in reluctant agreement, my cock already near the point of no return.

She smiled, “Good boy,” and walked away.

I sat in my chair for minutes, waiting for my reaction to her sexual onslaught to calm down, as I reflected on what had just happened. I had just voluntarily attempted incest and wanted to finish the job. I tried to figure out what Sandra had in mind. She was a crazy girl and, I assumed, a pretty big slut, but seducing her own brother seemed unlikely. Yet, how else could you explain the past fifteen minutes? Unless she was setting me up to humiliate me completely. That scenario seemed just as likely, if not even more so than the scenario that ended with me fucking her. What was I thinking? Fucking my own sister was morally wrong on so many levels…yet, the only thing on my mind was making that absurdity a reality. I was even more determined to make my fantasy a reality, I was going to lose my virginity to my sister…one way or another.


That evening, around 11:30, I was in my room doing research for my one of my papers when my phone vibrated.

I reached for it, wondering who would text me at this time of night. It was from Sandra.

Sister: Big brother, get your ass to Beth’s house now.

I stared at the phone for another minute when another text came.

Sister: NOW!

I texted back: Fine, I’ll be there in fifteen or twenty.

I sighed as common sense had come to me after I had time to think about what had transpired between Sandra and me. Yes, my sister was incredibly hot and I desperately wanted to lose my virginity, but not to my sister. Still, I had decided she could be very helpful in teaching me how to talk to girls, and a party seemed like the perfect place to experiment with talking to girls. They would be younger, dumber, and I would not have to see them at school on Monday if I was rejected. I had also met a lot of her friends and they were all pretty hot and I assumed as slutty as she was. Maybe, she would set me up with one of her friends. Plus, the party was at Beth’s house and she was an incredibly hot British redhead friend of Sandra’s. On many occasions she had been the main attraction of my stroke fantasies. So I quickly got dressed and drove to Beth’s house. Quite a few cars were parked at the house and I quickly realized I was heading into a high school party as a college student. I had never been to a high school party, even when I was in high school, so trepidation quickly filled me. After reconsidering just turning around and going home, I figured fuck it, I am a twenty-year-old man, it was time to stop being a pussy. Suddenly feeling confident, I got out of my car and made my way to the party.

Once inside, there were wall-to-wall teenagers drinking, dancing and making out. I squeezed by the plethora of teenagers, looking for my sister. I was there for fifteen minutes, ignored completely by the masses, before Della, a chubby friend of my sister’s, saw me and grabbed my hand and said, while dragging me, “Come with me.”

She pulled me, through more throngs of people, downstairs into the basement and to a relatively secluded room in the back. She knocked twice and a few seconds later Beth opened it and walked away. I entered the room and Della closed it and locked it. Once in the room I glanced around and realized I was there with Della, Beth and Sandra. Beth and Sandra were playing some dancing game on the wii. Sandra was dressed in a short tight black skirt, a blue skimpy t-shirt and black pantyhose. She was shoeless; I could see her stocking-clad feet, a fetish of mine I could never truly explain. The sight of a girl’s feet in pantyhose was the ultimate turn-on, even though feet without stockings did nothing for me, just another bizarre quirk in my celibate life. Beside her was Beth, also in a black skirt, although not as short, and wearing beige pantyhose, with her stocking-clad feet also in full view. I watched, like a teenage boy, my cock erect, at the two girls moving their bodies to the beat of some song I didn’t recognize.

Della sat down on the floor beside the couch, which perplexed me, as the couch was completely empty. Although quite chubby, she was very pretty and had massive breasts that complimented her chubbiness. She was quite shy and seldom said much the few times she had been at our house. I didn’t move, but returned my gaze to Beth and her amazing legs. Every once and a while, my gaze would shift to my sister. As soon as my cock was erect, I began thinking with the wrong head and all logic faded away. My mind began to replay this morning’s events and I began to think dirty thoughts of my sister and me.

The song ended,Sandra turned, looked at me and smiled, “Hi, big brother.” She walked over and gave me a big hug, her large breasts squishing against my chest. The hug was definitely longer than any hug she had ever given me in the past, but not overtly sexual. However, after having her breast in my mouth a dozen hours earlier, the hug enhanced the sexual tension inside of me. When she let go, she kissed me on the cheek and walked to the couch, joining Beth who was already sitting down. Sitting down beside Della, her eyes never leaving mine, she surprised the shit out of me when she ordered, “Della, my feet are sore, please rub them like a good girl.”

I let out an audible gasp as Della, without a word, proceeded to take my sister’s stocking-clad left foot into her hands and began massaging it.

I continued to stare at the bizarre scene. I looked back to my sister. Her smile broad, confident and seductive, she asked Beth, “Are your feet sore too, Beth?”

Beth responded in a far too scripted way, “Actually, yes Sandra they are killing me.”

Sandra asked Beth, “Would you like my big brother to massage your feet for you?”

“That would be lovely,” she said, her British accent making my cock twitch.

Sandra looked back to me and said, ever-so-sweetly, “Would you be a dear, big brother, and massage Beth’s aching feet?”

I prayed this was all part of my sister’s plan to get me laid as foreshadowed this morning. If Beth was my first fuck that would be a legendary story. My cock leading the way, I walked over to the couch and knelt beside Beth. I eagerly took her sweaty left stocking-clad foot into my hands and began to massage her it. Her purple painted nails looked so sexy and enticing, covered by the beige coloured pantyhose.

My sister explained Della’s position to me as both beauty queens received foot massages. “So big brother, since you so obediently obeyed my request, I think I can explain what is expected of you. You are going to be my personal servant whenever you are home. This includes massages, getting me things, doing my homework and other, undisclosed, things.” Beth chuckled at the implication, as I assumed, of some things sexual.

“You see, at school, parties and cheerleading practices I have my own personal full service servant, Della here, isn’t that right Della?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied, never looking up from her current task.

My head spun with the power my sister had over this sweet chubby girl, and the power she assumed she had over me. It was the final straw. All the past two years of her condescending attitude over me had come to a breaking point and I decided it was time to turn the tides on my sister. My mind began racing at the opportunity of not just fucking my sister, but turning her into my personal full-service servant. She was like so many characters in the stories I read, dominant in theory, but really that was just a facade to her real sexual needs…to be controlled. I was suddenly determined and convinced I could make this happen, but I needed to set it up. So for the time being I would have to play along. Sandra continued, patting the chubby girl on the head, “Good girl. Now big brother, are you willing to be my unconditional full-service home-servant?”

Faking an eagerness to build her confidence and imply my weakness, “Yes, Sandra.”

“You will obey my every command?” she questioned.

“Yes,” I agreed, way too quickly to be considered anything more than eager to comply.

“Good boy,” she purred. “Do you want to fuck Beth?”

“Yes,” I replied, this time with no attempt at manipulation.

“If you earn your keep, you will get to do exactly that, fuck the tight cunt of my best friend,” Sandra bluntly announced, clearly showcasing her dominant power among her group.

I looked at Beth whose face was red, seemingly embarrassed by the offer my sister had presented to me, but she said nothing, showing the hierarchy of the group. Clearly Sandra was at the top of the cheerleader power play, with Beth beneath her and Della at the very bottom.

I briefly pondered if Beth too was a submissive to my sister. I switched feet and Beth let out a slight moan. Sandra asked Beth, “Does my brother give good foot massages?”

“Fucking amazing,” Beth moaned, her British accent making it sound even naughtier.

“Well, I better check it out for myself. Della go massage Beth’s feet while my big brother does mine,” she commanded.

Della and I switched places, making eye contact briefly. In her eyes I saw her embarrassment at how she was being treated, but also an excited eagerness to please, like so many subs I had read about. I took my sister’s stocking-clad foot into my hand and began massaging. I should note that I completely understood the science of a massage, and was pretty confident that I could get any women rather horny just by using the right amount of pressure and hitting the right spots…like I had been doing to Beth.

The room was silent as I attempted to trigger my sister’s erogenous zones in her foot that would bring spasms of pleasure throughout her whole body. A slight moan escaped her lips a couple of minutes into the foot massage and she eventually spoke, “Oh my, big brother, you are very good at this.”

I responded, pretending I had no clue what I was doing, “Oh really, I have never done this before.”

“Hmmmm,” she moaned, as I put pressure on a spot I was pretty sure would bring her tingles of teasing pleasure.

A couple of minutes later, Sandra talked to Beth as if I wasn’t there. “So, Beth, as I began to tell you earlier, my brother has a pretty big cock.”

Beth asked, “Have you seen it?”

“Not yet, but I got a solid feel while he was nursing on my breasts,” Sandra announced.

“What?” Beth gasped, clearly surprised by her best friend’s revelation.

My cock had been in an awkward erect position in my pants for a while now and I could no longer resist shifting its position. I tried to do it slyly, but my sister noticed. “Is giving your baby sister a foot massage getting you hard, big brother?”

Faking embarrassment, I stammered, putting my head down, “Y-y-y-yes.”

“Stand up, big brother,” she ordered.

I reluctantly let go off her stockinged foot, a touch I could hold onto forever.

“Show us your cock, big brother,” she demanded, her voice dripping with sexy sweetness.

Playing the game, pretending to be insecure, I responded with nervousness, “No, don’t be silly.” In reality, even though I was a virgin, and very nervous around women, I knew I had a pretty big cock. I had done a lot of research on normal size and so forth. I was a little over 8 inches long. And for some reason, maybe because I had turned this whole silliness into a challenge to defeat her and make her my sex slave, I was no longer nervous. I was determined.

“Now!” she demanded, her sexy sweetness gone. It was clear she was not used to having people say ‘no’ to her.

I shifted to fake pleading. “Please, Sandra, not here, not in front of other people.”

Her smile returned, “You have already agreed to be my personal servant.”

Again feigning innocence, I argued, “But that didn’t include showing my penis.”

“Your penis,” she cackled, “now that is funny. Don’t you mean your cock?”

I lowered my head again and pretended to be a prude. “I can’t say that word.”

“Say it!” she ordered, her smile gone, her tone demanding.

I whispered, so quiet no one could hear it, “Cock.”


I repeated the word loud enough to be heard, “Cock.”

“Show us your cock,” my sister demanded.

“Please don’t,” I pleaded one more time.

“Now, slave!” she ordered, pushing the envelope.

Deciding to look completely whipped, defeated and weak, I responded, making a very conscious word choice, “Yes, Mistress.”

As I began to unbuckle my pants, her smile returned and her tone implied complete triumph, “Mistress, I like that big brother. For now on when we are in private, you are to refer to me as Mistress Baby Sister, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Baby Sister,” I replied, like a brainwashed sub, as I allowed my pants to drop to the floor.

She pulled up her skirt a bit, opened her legs and tore her pantyhose at the crotch. I got a quick glimpse of her pink pussy as she was apparently commando. She demanded, “Slut, get to work.”

I watched as Della quickly crawled between my sister’s legs and dove into my sister’s pussy.

Sandra continued talking to me as if it was normal to have someone between her legs while talking to her brother, “Now your underwear, big brother.”

I discarded my underwear and released my fully erect cock to my sister and her beautiful redheaded friend. “Oh my,” Beth said, the impressed look on her face sending a chill up my back, and building me with much needed confidence.

“Oh my, indeed,” my sister concurred, staring at my stiff cock.

“Do you want to fuck it, Beth?” my sister asked, thoroughly matter-of-fact.

“Five minutes ago I would have politely declined, but now I may have to reconsider,” she said, standing up and walking over to me.

My sister offered, “Well, you better go and inspect the merchandise.”

Beth laughed, but surprised me by dropping to her knees. Her British accent was so sexy as she complimented me again, “I shouldn’t, but fuck, it looks so damn tasty.”

She took my cock in her hand and slightly stroked it. A spasm quaked my body and I was worried I might come.

Sandra, leading her on, teased, “Go ahead Beth, suck it. You know you want to.”

Beth looked back at Sandra and challenged back, “You want me to suck his cock, don’t you?”

Sandra shrugged, acting all innocent, “Maaaaaaybe.”

Beth turned back to me, looked up from her subservient position, “So Matthew, do you want me to suck your big cock?”

“Desperately,” I responded, no longer playing a game with my sister.

Beth looked back at Sandra and said, “Last chance to stop me. I know you want to suck it too, Sandra.”

Sandra shrugged, “Maybe, maybe not. But for now I will be content watching my big brother get his first blow job.”

Beth smiled up at me, “Matthew, you would get a lot more pussy if girls knew what you had hidden behind your geeky exterior.”

Before I could respond, Beth opened her pretty little mouth and leaned forward. Her warm mouth felt more amazing then anything I had ever felt before. My body melted and my mind went to mush. She began slowly moving up and down on my cock, taking about half of it in her mouth. In less than a minute, I could feel the undeniable boiling in my balls and knew I was going to come soon. Deciding to throw a slight amount of doubt into Sandra’s master plan of sibling dominance, I grabbed Beth’s head and held it in place as I quickly face-fucked the gorgeous red-headed cocksucker. She let out a surprised sound, but after only a couple of pumps between her sweet lips I was shooting my cum down her throat. When I was done coming, I let go of her head and quickly apologized, stammering for full-effect, “I-I-I am so sorry B-B-Beth, I don’t know what came over me.”

I looked up at Sandra who seemed surprised by my aggressive action, but seemed just as quickly to fall for my blithering idiot apology. Beth looked up at me surprised as well, but instead of being angry, responded, yanking on my cock one last time, “No problem, Tiger. I like a man who knows what he wants.” Standing up, she turned to my sister and added, “Your brother’s cum is yummy.”

Sandra moaned, as Della between her legs was clearly getting her horny as well, I assume, she was also getting horny from my little show with Beth. Sandra trying to re-establish her power in the room over the rest of us, demanded, “Get me off, my sub, now.”

Della’s head began to move back and forth a bit and I saw her right hand disappear between my sister’s wide spread legs. I watched intently while pulling my underwear and pants back up.

I announced, “Well I should get going.”

“Don’t you want to watch your little sister come?” she pouted dramatically.

“If you wish, Mistress Baby Sister,” I responded, attempting to manipulate her by giving her a deceiving amount of confidence.

“I wish, big brother,” she moaned, grabbing Della’s head and pushing it deeper into her pussy. “I’m so close, big brother. Watching Beth suck your big cock was so fucking hot. Be a good sub for me and you can fuck Beth. You can also fuck Della, she loves it up her plump fat ass. Ummmm, yes, I’m coming big brother, yes, yes, yeeeeeees!”

The thought of fucking Beth was enticing, as was the thought of getting in Della’s back door, but I was now more determined than ever to lose my virginity to the hottest girl I knew…my sister. I watched my sister collapse back on the coach as an orgasm exploded through her. Deciding now was the perfect time to leave, I looked at Beth and said, with sincerity and befuddled innocence, “T-t-thanks Beth, that w-w-was awesome.”

Beth chuckled, “No problem, Matthew, the pleasure was all mine.”

I had a witty comment back, but decided not to make it and said, “I hope to s-s-see you again, Beth.”

Beth responded, “You never know.”

“Oh, I know,” Sandra said, adding her two cents’ worth.

I gave a half wave and left the room and the party and drove home, my mind spinning deviously. Tomorrow I would start my plan to make my sister, my slut.


Sandra didn’t come home that night doing who knows what with who knows who, and didn’t arrive back home till the evening of the 23rd . I had a variety of ideas to turn my sister, but they all required being alone. Now that was no longer an option. Mom and dad were home and we were watching the news when my little sister dropped on the couch beside me.

Mom asked, her tone implying the answer better be no, “You are not going out again, are you?”

“No, Mom,” she replied, “the 23rd is tradition.”

“Good,” Mom responded, clearly relieved.

The 23rd was always Christmas movie night, a tradition since as long as I can remember. Sandra picks the first movie and I get second choice.

Sandra squeezed my leg subtly as she used it to push herself up. She stretched, her tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination, and said, “I am going to get in my jammies, then it is time to watch Home Alone.”

Mom stood up also. “Well, I will go make popcorn and hot chocolate while everyone else gets comfortable.”

I too got up and went and changed into my evening wear. My parents’ house is quite chilly in the evenings, so it usually includes flannel pyjamas. In my room, I took off my jeans and, on the spur of the moment, with a potential plan popping into my head, I also discarded my underwear. I threw on my flannel pyjamas and returned to the couch. I grabbed a blanket, one big enough for Sandra and me, and waited. The genius of the plan spinning in my head was that the way the living room was set up, both Mom and Dad sat on their favourite chairs, and neither could see us without turning back, which they seldom did. My plan relied on oblivious parents and my blanket. Sis returned in what could in no one’s definition be called pyjamas. She wore a halter top that barely held in her big tits and Lulu Lemon short shorts. It was the exact outfit I imagined when I fantasized about an all-girls’ slumber party. She smiled at me and joined me on the couch, slithering under the warm blanket before either parent saw her whore-wear. I wondered if she was thinking of toying with me in the same manner I was planning on toying with her. It was a game of sexual chess, and I was a whiz at chess.

Mom returned with popcorn and hot chocolate and like the 1950s June Cleaver Mother she was, she made sure we were both comfortable before the movie started. As the movie began, my head spun with how and when I should initiate the plan. Knowing we were watching two movies, I played it cool throughout the first movie. Sandra attempted to distract me by putting her hand on my leg a few minutes into the movie, but she was clearly not as confident and brazen, with our parents in the same room, as she had been in the kitchen just yesterday. I decided to make my move when the bad guys in movie were finally inside Kevin’s house. It was now my turn to be brazen. I grabbed her hand, and in one quick lightning strike, led it inside my pyjama bottoms to my semi-erect cock.

She let out a surprised yelp and both my parents turned around. My Mom asked, “Anything wrong, Sandra?”

Her face flushed, her hand wrapped around my cock, my parents completely oblivious to the incestuous act currently happening right behind them, and she covered well. “Oh nothing Mom. I just always jump when Kevin almost gets caught.”

My dad chuckled, “Oh Sandra, you never change.”

I thought to myself, ‘If you only knew the half of it, dad.’ The movie continued and I looked at my sister, my timidity now gone, my confidence now growing along with my hard-on. I reached under the blanket and, using my hand, made it clear what was expected…a hand job.

She smiled, seemingly impressed by my aggressive out-of-character action, and began slowly stroking my no- erect cock.

The rest of the movie flew by as my hot sister slowly stroked my cock. The movie ended, and when dad stood up, Sandra went to pull her hand out of my pyjamas. I grabbed her hand, startling her, and held it in place. My dad turned to me and asked, still oblivious to the power struggle happening right in front of him, “So what movie next, Matthew? Let me guess, Jingle All the Way.”

Every year since I was eight, I had picked Jingle All the Way, an Arnold Schwarzengger Christmas movie that was just so bad, yet I loved it. I wanted to be the Turbo Man when I was a kid. I let go of my sister’s hand and, as I expected, she didn’t move it off my cock, and said, “Of course, Dad.”

He shook his head, “Well you two are nothing if not predictable.” I barely was able to let out a laugh at that comment.

My Mom asked, “Any more popcorn for you two?”

“Sure Mom,” I replied, “and some egg-nog too, please.”

“Sure thing honey,” Mom replied, before asking my sister, “And how about you, Sandra?”

Clearly flustered by the fact that my cock was in her hand with our Mother inches away, she was barely able to answer, “S-s-sure Mom, egg-nog would be fine.”

“Are you ok?” Mom asked, leaning in and putting her hand on Sandra’s forehead, “You are not getting sick are you? You are really flushed.”

Sandra stammered, going even redder, “I-I-I’m fine, Mom. It’s just a bit hot in here.”

Mom stood back up, “Well, you have no fever. That is good. Hate for you to get sick before Christmas. Make sure you get lots of liquids in you.”

“OK, Mom,” she finished, as Mom left the room. Dad stretched, “I’ll be back in five, I need to check my e-mail.”

Once alone, Sandra hit me with her free hand and said, “Oh my fucking God, Matthew, that was so close.”

Knowing this was a key moment in the power shift I was implementing, I said, my tone implying who was in charge, “Sandra, are you wearing panties?”

“Yes,” she replied, slightly confused by the frank question.

“Get rid of them,” I ordered, before taking her hand out of my pyjamas and standing up.

Her facial expression was exactly what I expected, bewildered, yet impressed.

“What is big brother planning to do?” she asked, in a whisper.

“Just do as you’re told,” I replied in a dominant tone and walked away, leaving her hopefully stunned and more importantly, obedient.

I went to the bathroom, praying my plan was working, that my assessment of my sister’s sexual needs was right.

Just as the movie was about to start, I sat back down beside my sister, and asked, “Mom, do we have any baby carrots?”

“I think so,” she responded, “let me go check.”

She left and returned a couple minutes later with a bowl of baby carrots. I thanked her for being the best Mom in the world and the movie began.

Knowing that anticipation is half the battle in any situation of control, I watched the first half hour of the movie without touching or even looking at my sister, but I could tell she kept glancing at me, wondering what I had in mind, or if I was just bluffing. Finally, I made my move. I put my hand under the blanket, moved between her legs and as expected learned she had obeyed my request. I patted her pussy through her short shorts and reached for the carrot bowl with my free hand. I could tell she was watching me closely and curiously. Yet, her face also showed, for the first time in memory, nervousness. I put the bowl on my lap and took one carrot. I looked directly into my sister’s eyes with a confident smug smile, the same one she had used on me so many times, as I put my hand back under the blanket. I grabbed her hand and with some awkwardness got her to hold her shorts open so I could have easy access to her cunt. Her eyes went big when she realized what I was about to do. I slid the carrot into her cunt, fucked her with it for three quick strokes, and pulled it out. My eyes never leaving hers, and my smile never changing, I tossed the carrot into my mouth.

Sandra’s mouth was wide open in stunned shock. I reached for another carrot and surprised her again when I slid it into her cunt and left it there. Her eyes remained wide, like a girl in a horror film, as she realized what I had just done. I inserted a second carrot and she just looked at me stunned, paralyzed by the turn of events, the shifting of power. A third followed, as did a fourth, fifth and sixth, each time she bit her lip to not let out a moan. As I reached for a seventh, she shook her head no. I shook my head yes and inserted a seventh carrot inside her gaping, but now quite full, cunt. I reached for an eighth carrot and she again shook her head no, this time quite adamant. I smiled and moved my hand underneath the blanket one last time. She pushed my hand away and I gave her a glare that seemed to startle her. I inserted an eighth carrot, barely, inside her and slowly pushed her legs together. The look on her face as she attempted to not let out a moan, grunt, etc, was priceless, better than any MasterCard commercial.

I had her return her hand to my cock. She took it in her hand and began stroking it again. My confidence rising, I allowed her to just sit there, carrots filling her cunt as I returned to watching the movie. About fifteen minutes later, knowing I was close, I decided to take a big risk. I touched her mouth with my finger and pointed to my cock. She shook her head no, clearly mortified by my suggestion. I pointed to my parents who were, as often happened, both asleep in their chairs.

I repeated the suggestion, this time reaching for her head. She again shook her head no, but as expected didn’t resist as I slowly pushed her head down onto her brother’s cock. She took it in her mouth and I held her head there as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her mouth, my parents just a few feet away. If they were awake, there was no way they couldn’t hear the slight slurp sounds she made as she tried to not gag on my cock as I face-fucked her. In less than a minute, I shot a load of cum into my sister’s mouth. I kept pumping my cock between her lips until I was spent. I let go of her head and she moved back up and gave me a glare that should have scared me, yet only made me more confident that I would have her as my complete fuck-toy soon. I used my hand to open her legs again and pulled out a carrot. I popped it in my mouth and winked at her as I pulled up my pyjamas just as the movie ended.

Without warning, seven carrots still deep inside my slut sister, I said, “Mom, dad, wake up, the movie is over.”

Sandra sat up startled, closing her legs and letting out a whimper as the carrots still inside her teased her.

Mom rubbed her eyes and stretched before getting up. She looked at Sandra and said, “Honey, you are still flushed. You should probably go to bed and get some rest.”

Sandra gave me a look that could kill and agreed, “I suppose, I am pretty tired.” She wrapped the blanket around her and slowly stood up. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing.

Mom grabbed some dishes and Dad remained snoozing in his chair. Sandra glared at me one more time before heading to her room, walking so cautiously I couldn’t help but chuckle. I smiled, knowing she was going to be completely mine…soon.


I woke early the next morning in anticipation and preparation for the finishing move of my game. I had breakfast with Mom and Dad and they went off for their half-day workdays, promising to be home by lunch or shortly after.

Once they were gone, I stretched and went to put my final plan in action. One thing I knew was that my sister was a sound sleeper, which was perfect. I went to my parents’ room, grabbed some of my Mom’s pantyhose, and sneaked into my sister’s room. My sister was still in the same attire as last night and was sound asleep. I reached her bed and slowly pulled her arm up until it reached her metal headboard. I tied her right wrist snugly to the headboard and, as expected, Sandra didn’t even stir. I then gently rolled her onto her back and quickly tied her left wrist to the headboard as well. Content that she was restrained, I got naked and crawled between her legs. I pulled her legs apart and slowly pulled down her shorts. I was pleased to see she hadn’t bothered to put any panties back on. She was still dead to the world, but I hoped not for long. I moved back to my sister’s pretty mouth and started tapping her lips with my cock. I said, “Wake up, sleepy head.”

She let out a groggy moan, but didn’t move.

I continued tapping my cock on her lips and said, as I reached with my right hand to tap gently on her clit, “Baby sister, time for you to learn your place as my submissive.”

She let out an uncontrollable moan at my touch and her eyes attempted to open. She went to swat away my cock, but realized she couldn’t. She was awake in a heartbeat and staring at me and my cock.

“What the…” she began, but I shoved my cock in her mouth.

As my cock filled her mouth, I explained, slowly fucking my sister’s mouth, “I figured something out at the party the other day, baby sister. Although you play at being domineering with me and your friends, deep down you need discipline. My conclusions were confirmed last night when you obeyed my panties order, allowed me to shove carrots up your cunt and, of course, when you swallowed my load with Mom and Dad just a few feet away. All this time, as I thought you were teasing me out of spite, you were actually a very typical case of bully syndrome, hiding your true needs behind a false front. But I saw through it, you are a slut. A dirty little slut who has craved having her big brother fuck her forever, haven’t you?”

I pulled out my cock gag so she could respond. As expected, she played shocked, desperately attempting to hide her true needs and desires. “You sick fuck. Untie me right fucking now.”

“Oh yes,” I said, “your words say one thing, but your slut cunt says another. I bet if I touch your cunt right now it will be wet, probably drenched thoroughly, maybe even leaking a bit. So baby sis, what will I find?”

“Matthew,” she pleaded, knowing her pussy would betray her, “please don’t.”

“Really, baby sis? I think you want me to touch your cunt, don’t you?” I asked, my hand sliding down her belly and stopping just above her pelvis.

“No, I-I,” she stammered, clearly stunned by the turn of events.

“Beg your brother to check your pussy, little sister,” I demanded. I gave one soft slap on her clit with two fingers.

She let out a loud involuntary moan and begged, “Please, Matthew.”

I wasn’t sure if she was pleading for me to stop or continue, but decided to go with the latter and slid two fingers deep inside her very damp pussy, she let out a scream. “You are pretty wet, baby sister. Did the thought of becoming your big brother’s fuck-toy get you all wet?”

Part two is here and i have to Thank Kira for her work once again. It is also a fun thing to write and know that people enjoy the stories and what not, but it has been brought to my attention that a friend who writes on this site had her work stolen and some jackhole was making money from it on that sucks in so many ways. This is for your enjoyment and is copyrighted so please enjoy it, but be cool about it. Enjoy the show and as always comments and votes are welcome.


The days since meeting her sister went by slowly for Jessi. She was constantly busy at work as she got her paper done and submitted to the medical journal. It was well received and she got the formal dinner circuit for a while and she was always happy for that; free meals, drinks, and maybe even a doctor or two to play with. Sadly this time she met no one good enough, or even swinging that way to play with. She simply shrugged it off and went home after the eight days of the circuit. She knew at home she could easily check her emails and find a toy to play with.

Jessi, for the better part of two years, had gone into the underground circles of the local BDSM scene. She was well received, though not at first. A mistress of one of the clubs thought she was a sub herself. That same mistress was shocked when Jessi had her bent over and secured to a wall being pounded mercilessly. Needless to say she got a laugh out of it. The mistress didn’t and her tenure at the club didn’t last that long. Jessi did find a home with an exclusive club and soon she made a decent circle of toys to play with. A lot of them were simple, but a few made themselves her favorites.

As she walked into her house she saw the phone blinking as it had a message on it. She smiled as this was the phone one would dial for their mistress to answer. She picked up the phone and checked the messages.

“Mistress it’s Armand. I was wondering if your lowly servant could be graced with your loving presence. I have been as good a boy as I can, Mistress, and I need your help to keep me that way. Please let me know if you feel I am worthy to be seen.”

Jessi smiled at the pleasant request and touched her memory options. A quick call to his cell and she let it ring in the pre arranged signal. She had them all know that if they saw the number to let it ring two and a half times then she would hang up. If it did that she would see them, if she let it ring until voice mail she wouldn’t. She let it ring two and a half times and ended the call. The number was restricted, but her subs could see it and knew at once their mistress was calling. Once that was taken care of she went to her bedroom to change. She knew Armand had a particular leg and nylon fetish and tonight she had a special treat for him. She went to her room and stripped totally. She set her clothes on the hangers and put them in the dry clean section of her closet. Tomorrow Allison would be by to take them to the cleaner.

Of all her subs, Allison Edwards was her most loyal. The breaking in college didn’t stop with the time she fucked her silly in front of her ex lover Tyrone, it went on throughout the rest of their time in school. Allison still had many boyfriends, but only ones Jessi allowed. There were several that quickly learned a price of fucking with her as Jessi would turn the tables on them. For Jessi it was always amazing how quickly most would break. Sometimes she didn’t need to do much for it to happen either. Aside from her times making people beg and plead her, Jessi made short work of her schooling. From the time she felt her mother’s last wish of her getting up and going till she graduated she never stopped her pursuit of excellence. While not the top of her class, she was in the top three and they were all shocked when she, instead of going to medicine, went to psychology. She walked the aisle to the podium and a smirk came to her face as she realized something no one else knew. Her graduating class had a suddenly high number of new bisexual men for some crazy reason and Jessi could only smile wisely as to why.

As she smiled at the memories she began to dress for the evening. She went into her upper drawer and found the simple item needed for this evening’s fun. She slipped on a pair of shiny tan pantyhose. She pulled them up her long legs and got herself situated. After they were secure she walked to her drawer again and found a bright pair of orange shorts. She put them on and secured her still limp cock. Sitting on the edge of the bed she put on a pair of white socks. Then she went into her drawer and found the white T shirt with a certain logo. She put on the shirt and it did wonders for her cleavage. It was slit in the right spots to maximize the effect of her 42 E cups. She let her hair out and shook it so it was a wild mess. Seeing the effect in the mirror she smiled. Lastly she put on some simple white tennis shoes and waited.

As she waited she looked at the picture on her vanity. She tilted her head to let her eyes focus in it then walked to it. As she approached it she felt a strong pull of the picture and picked it up. It was a picture of the last gathering with her and her sisters. In the middle of it was the woman who had made Jessi the powerful woman she was becoming. She lovingly touched the image of the woman and smiled as her mind went into itself and a memory of the past flooded her consciousness.


The blubbering man was done and she knew it. He whimpered and cried as she untied him after the safe word had been spoken. She was miffed as he was supposed to be a strong one, but broke easily like all the others. Jessi tilted her head as the man crawled to her feet and lavished her boot heels in thanks for his pleasure, but she was angry.

“Get dressed and leave,” she said flatly.

“Mistress?” he questioned.

She said nothing as she turned on her heel and walked away. For over three months she had not found a sub that could handle her, let alone one that would call her back. Sighing she unzipped her boots as he left the room. She stepped out of them and sat in the chair and brooded. She had to pay more than one thousand a month in fees to be a mistress in the club, and it seemed like she had wasted the money. As she sat and cracked her toes she felt semi disgusted. There was a long list of people who were in the clubs and not a one that would be of use to her. Deep down in her soul she longed to find a couple, or even just one sub that would come back to her. But lately she couldn’t find a single one to last more than ten minutes with her.

Jessi was about to leave when the door signal sounded. Sighing she got back into her boots and zipped them up. Her heels clicked to the door and as she opened it she saw a pair of solid men standing outside of it. They both stood six foot one and were bald. They had intense blue eyes that burned with a smoldering fury. The thing that got her attention was they were identical twins.

“Our Goddess wishes to speak with you, Mistress. Do you relent?” one of them asked her very politely.

“I suppose,” Jessi said in a very undignified repose.

“That was not as polite as you should be, Mistress. Our Goddess is a refined lady,” the other growled.

“Then you can tell her to go to hell!” Jessi said harshly and went to slam the door.

The movement was stopped by a simple hand strike into the door by the left one. Jessi was stunned by the quickness of the movement and the strength behind it. Her eyes bulged as before her normally fast reflexes could kick in the door was shoved open and the men barged in. She tried to fend them off, but they were obviously well trained in some form of martial arts. She was taken and roughly slammed over the horse. Before she could resist any further she was spread eagle and secured face down. One of them pulled her hair back so she could look up.

“Behold your Goddess enters the room. Hold your tongue in her presence unless she speaks to you!” he said loudly and formally.

Jessi’s eyes widened in anger, then in fear as the other went out the door and stood to the side of it. A few seconds later she heard the faint click clacking of heels as they entered the hall. The smoothness of the sounds made her tense up in fear as she couldn’t move. The men obviously knew how to tie a solid knot and if they were the servants she was terrified to meet the Goddess herself.

The sight that greeted her was a stunning one to behold. The woman stood no more than five foot nine. Her graceful body was a very sultry one. Her smooth skin was a luscious creamy mocha and her long hair was permed straight behind her. The rich lustrous brown of it made her stunning sapphire blue eyes shine in the light. Her full lips were a graceful red and her smooth gaze made her tremor. The stunning woman wore a simple black skirt and a white blouse. Her long legs were graced with sheer stockings and her lovely feet were perched in black velvet five inch heels. The woman walked towards her with an ethereal grace and smiled a pleasant smile.

“Well now darling. It seems you are in a very unpleasant situation,” she purred.

The stunning woman’s voice was a very upper crust English accent that flowed like silk along her skin. Jessi was shaking as her soft hand tilted her chin and looked into her eyes. The woman smiled at her filling her soul with dread. The warmth of the smile made her suddenly think of her mother’s the way the warmth of it replaced the feeling of dread in her. The feelings were quickly replaced with ones of safety and security.

“Now it was very rude of you to rebuff me without even hearing the rest of my man’s offer. I can’t abide rudeness and now you need to be punished for your infraction,” the woman said gracefully.

With a snap of her fingers the men went into action. Jessi was stripped down to nothing but her panties before her eyes could register it. The men were obviously experts at the arts of BDSM and it showed. She was shaking as one of them went to her panties and she suddenly was afraid of showing herself to them and she struggled. The man holding her panties looked to his goddess and she shook her head.

“And what is it that makes you afraid of being without?” she asked in a very interested tone.

“Please… I can’t…” Jessi tried to say, but the woman cut her off with a finger to the lips.

“I wonder why it is you are afraid, sweetie. Let’s find out then. Tyler!” she ordered and the man ripped the panties off her.

As he did Jessi felt her cock spring out and it was semi hard. The woman laughed and stalked behind her. Jessi shook as the woman took hold of it and stroked it a few times. Jessi groaned loudly as she did and couldn’t help it when she started leaking.

“Impressive darling…Very impressive. It seems you are a beautiful woman with a bit extra. I do like surprises,” she purred as she let go of Jessi making her groan loudly.

With a snap of her fingers the man in the hallway came back in and opened his suit coat. Inside the waist was a black and red flog. It had beads on the edge of it and looked very wicked. He took it off of his hip and handed it to his Goddess. She took it and smiled thankfully at him. Jessi was shaking even more as the woman walked behind her and looked at her ass.

“Such a lovely body you have darling. It will be a shame to mar its perfection,” the woman purred.

Jessi felt the thongs of the leather slid up her ass and shook as it did. She was never in this position in her life and it terrified her. A playful swat with it made her yip and a smile came to the woman’s face. Another swat made her cry out as it stung profusely.

“I think you have two choices in this matter darling. One: you apologize for your rudeness to my men and take ten lashes. Or two: you accept the one hundred fifty lashes and they enjoy your screams of pain. It’s your choice darling and you had best make up your mind before I do it for you,” she said in a very dignified tone.

“I’ll apologize to them,” Jessi said, her voice shaking.

“Well as we are at two now I think the ten will be simple. Now for each slap you must ask your Goddess for it. Let me hear it sweetie,” the Goddess declared.

“Please Goddess, please make me a good girl,” Jessi begged

The lash cracked again and again making Jessi cry out and whimper. The woman was a master of it and it showed as she made her beg for each lash.

“Good girl. You know how to be polite. That is an admirable trait darling, but now you have to learn to hold your tongue and not lash out at people when you’re angry. My men came with a simple offer to you, and you got snotty with them. I think they deserve much better and you are going to give it to them, aren’t you?” she said in a final tone.

“Yes ma’am,” Jessi said humbly.

One of the men ripped her hair back making her scream and got into her face. His scowling visage showed his displeasure in her response. “That’s Goddess!” he hissed.

“Yes Goddess!” Jessi cried out and he let go of her.

“Well now. It’s time to make amends for your rudeness. Now if you would be so kind,” she purred and snapped her fingers.

The men got evil smiles and began to take off their coats. Jessi was terrified as they took of their shirts and the well sculpted bodies came through. Their bare chests held various tattoos and piercings. They smiled hungrily as they undid their belts and Jessi soon realized how she was going to apologize to them. When the first one reached into his pants and pulled out his cock her eyes got wide. His cock was very full and thick. It was as big as hers, but thicker and it took only a few strokes for it to get hard. She was about to say something when he took her open mouth as an invitation. He slid his cock past her lips and she moaned as he did. It hit her throat and she gagged. It took her a few seconds to get it under control as she began to relax and her throat took him down. He moaned loudly as he picked up the pace. Jessi was aware of the other behind her as he slapped her ass and she cried out with her mouth full. The one in front of her began to pump his hips slowly and she moaned on him. She did enjoy giving oral to men when they deserved it. But this time she had no choice in the matter. The one thing she did enjoy was how clean his body was and how soft his cock felt in her throat.

The other twin was handed a tube of lube from the Goddess and lubed his fingers up. Jess was busy sucking away on his cock when she felt the fingers insert. She whimpered softly as his fingers surged into her ass as did the cock in her throat. The twin behind her sank deeper into her as a second finger joined the first. Her moans became more frantic as he slid a third in. Her groans became louder still as he began to wiggle them around. Her tight rosebud was being stretch so painfully, but it felt divine to her. After a few minutes of the fingering he felt she was suitably loose enough for him. The twin slipped a condom on and lubed it up further. The twin in her font pulled out and pulled her hair.

“Lick it slowly Mistress,” he commanded.

She stuck her tongue out and licked his cock all over as commanded. She was so lost in the lust of the moment she didn’t feel it until the thick blunt tip of the other twin’s cock met her now ready ass hole. It pushed in and she cried out in pained pleasure. Inch by inch he slid into her and her eyes widened as it did. Once he was fully seated in her the other slid back into her throat making her moan as she was filled up completely. She had never done this before and it was amazing. She began to wiggle a bit and the twin behind her slapped her ass making her groan on the cock in her throat.

“Not until the Goddess says “Begin”,” he said softly.

She opened her eyes and found the Goddess sitting demurely on her chair. She had crossed her legs in a very lady like manner and the whip trailed down the arm of the chair. The sultriness of the woman in the chair made Jessi’s cock throb painfully. The beauty of the woman was maddening and she was very aware of it. With a subtle giggle she spoke finally.

“Are you ready to begin my pretty?” the Goddess purred softly.

Jessi bobbed her head softly making the man in front of her moan softly.

“You don’t release until both of them do. If you can mange that, then you win the prize that I was going to offer you. If not you have to earn it anew,” she said demurely. “Now Taylor, Tyler, make your Goddess proud my boys,” the Goddess purred.

With that signal they began to pump in and out of her softly. They began to slowly and made it easy on her. Jessi was enjoying this moment as they leisurely got her used to the fullness of their cocks. She had been with a few men in her life that made her feel good, but these men were better than the others by far. She felt them so deeply in her it made her soul catch fire. Her throbbing cock was rubbing painfully against the horse and she was using all her control to keep herself in check, but it was a hard thing to do. The men began to pick up their pace and she moaned and groaned wildly as they did. Jessi’s eyes closed tight as she felt the pounding begin. She had her legs tied in an open manner allowing the man behind her to begin to get a good angle as he began to fuck her ruthlessly. She moaned and whimpered on the cock in her mouth as he did and couldn’t stop herself from making begging whimpers as he continued.

In all her life she had never known this manner of pleasure and it was now that her mind began to slip. She wanted this so much and now it was upon her and with a vengeance as the men kept at it. She moaned loudly as the man behind her began to slow down his pace and switch from short hard strokes to long slow ones. His hands griped her hips as he slid slowly in and out making her moan all the louder. Jessi had no idea that the Goddess was sitting demurely still. Unaffected by the spectacle in front of her she watched with a sly grin on her face. Her men always did their duties well. From protecting her and her husband to making someone suffer, they did all that was required of them without question. A smile spread across her lovely face as she thought of the treat her men were getting and a new idea came to mind.

“Put her on her back boys. Let her watch as you take her,” she purred softly.

“Yes Goddess,” they said in unison.

Jessi was untied and flipped to her back without ceremony. She was taken off the horse and lopped on the floor and the one from behind her took off the condom and went to her face. She opened her mouth as he shoved in to her mouth. She hungrily took him in her mouth moaning loudly. The twin from her mouth rolled on a condom and slipped back in her ass. He picked her legs up and spread them wide as he began to pump his hips in and out of her making her moan and groan louder. He didn’t realize that he had found Jessi’s favorite position, but he soon found out as she began to buck madly to meet his thrusts. A smile spread across his face as he realized his new found fortune and he began to give her what she wanted. Jessi had let go and was simply enjoying herself now. For a long time she had wanted someone to make her feel good and these men were doing far more: they were making her feel amazing. She had never been a slutty type of person before, but now she was reveling in her inner slut and it was making her get close. She knew she had to hold it in, but these men were making it hard for her to do so.

The Goddess could see the straining of Jessi’s member and knew she was close. She truly wanted her to succeed and decided to tip the balance in her favor. In a seductive whisper she began to talk to the men.

“I want to see you cover her lovely tits and face in your come boys. Make your goddess proud now.”

“Yes…oh fuck ….yes Goddess!” the one in her mouth replied.

The one in her mouth she could tell was close and she began to suck him as hard as she could. In no time he yanked out his cock and aimed it at her open mouth. The ropes of semen shot out and hit her mouth and covered the left side of her face. She had her tongue out and was moaning the whole time. His last few spurts subsided and she was a mess. Her face from nose to the side of her jaw was coated with his come and her mouth was nearly over flowing. She swallowed it down making a good showing for the Goddess who laughed playfully as she did. She took his cock back into her mouth and sucked the last bit out as the one in her ass began to slam into her. She let it go and cried out many times as he continued his savage bucking. She fell flat on her back and lifted her hips to him as he bucked in and out and soon she felt him began to tense up.

He had never had an ass so fuckable in his life. Taylor was amazed at how much she could take and how eager she was to give him such pleasure. He slipped in and out of her ass like it was the finest silk and the warm snugness of it made him shudder. Truly she was amazing. He felt her cock against his belly as he slammed in and out. Without thinking he grabbed it and began to stroke it. She let out a tortured cry as he did. She looked up at him through narrowed eyes and her mouth was making what looked like words, but under her groans and howls he couldn’t tell. What he did know was she was urging him on. Her dirty talk was getting to him when he could hear it. Everything from “Fuck me!” to “Give me that baby boy!” he loved it. Without a thought he yanked out of her and stood up taking her legs with him. He repositioned himself so that her legs went over her head and the tips of her toes touched the floor and her ass was wide open. He stood over it and slid back in. she howled as he did. Jessi was on her shoulders with her neck tilted to the side to allow him to continue. Several deep violent plunges in and out made a garbled half screech come from her throat as he continued.

Jessi couldn’t believe this was happening to her, but didn’t care. She was lost in her animal lust and felt the inevitable beginning. Deep in her loins she felt her own explosion building and valiantly held on. Wanting to make him come first she frantically clenched her ass tight and made him howl in the process. Jessi felt him pump four more times then he yanked out. Opening her eyes she looked up as the huge load splattered her. Her open mouth caught some of it, but the rest splashed on her tits. She moaned loudly as it did and before she could say anything a hand gripped her cock. Lost in her own feelings she didn’t recognize the hand and it stroked her softly. She was moaning and suddenly she tensed up and her own load splashed out of her and onto her mouth and neck. Jessi moaned loudly and came violently. It lasted for what seemed like hours and suddenly stopped. Her eyes opened and through the bleariness she saw the Goddess slowly stroking her spent member. She was shaking and breathing in ragged gasps as her legs were taken down and she was laid flat on her back. The Goddess let go of her member and she laid on her back wheezing.

Jessi looked up at the Goddess and in that moment she realized she wanted nothing more than to belong to this woman. Something in her eyes captured her soul and wouldn’t let it go. Jessi got her breathing under control and the Goddess tapped one of the twins on his shoulder and he walked away. A few seconds went by and he came back with a wash cloth. He gently washed her skin clean of their lusts and after he was done they gently helped Jessi to her feet. She was held up as the Goddess walked softly towards her. The Goddess looked Jessi dead in her eyes and something in her eyes caught the Goddess’ attention. A gentle smile came to her beautiful features as she spoke.

“I offer you a chance to become my daughter child. It is a generous offer that none refuse. I ask this of you because I see the greatness in your soul and I wish to nurture it to become stronger still. Do you accept my offer?” she asked as she softly stroked Jessi’s cheek.

Tears came down Jessi’s eyes as the answer was so obvious, “Yes my Goddess,” she said through her tears.

The Goddess opened her arms to her and said, “Then show me your love for me my child.”

Jessi stepped forward gingerly and into the loving arms of her Goddess. She felt like a child in her arms and sobbed in them. She didn’t cry from anger or frustration, but of being accepted and an instant love. The warm arms of the Goddess seemed to envelop her and she held on like the woman was a life preserver. The Goddess smiled as her new daughter slumped in her arms and to her knees. She let her slip to her knees but remained standing. A soft touch of her hand to Jessi’s face tilted her face up to meet her eyes.

“Now sweetie, I ask that you get dressed and tell this club you are no longer going to be a member. Then I wish for you to meet with Tyler and give him your personal information. In three days you will be met by Tyler and Taylor. You will do as they ask and then you will meet your sisters. I am sure they will be happy to meet you, sweetie,” the Goddess said smiling.

“Yes Goddess,” Jessi whispered softly.

The Goddess smiled and leaned down. Her full soft lips touched Jessi’s and a sweet soft kiss made Jessi’s eyes close. The Goddess only kissed her for a brief moment, but in that moment Jessi felt a fire build inside her. As she stood up the Goddess stroked her hair and walked out of the room. Jessi watched the Goddess walk from the room and her heart became full. An emptiness came over her briefly as she walked only to be replaced by a warm feeling as the strong arms of the bodyguards laid upon her. They helped her dress and she was taken by how gentle they were with her. As she zipped her boots on her feet she was pulled aside by Tyler as he kissed her passionately. She moaned and sighed into the kiss. As she opened her eyes after it ended, Taylor also got his. His kiss was hungry and involved a double handful of her ass making her squeak. She giggled after it and hugged them both. They dressed and walked out of her area. They walked down the hall and to the office of the club owners. When she said goodbye the man who owned it got to his feet only for the twins to appear at both sides of him and shove him to his seat.

“The Goddess says she is now hers. Know your place in this world and accept it or the consequences will be dire,” Tyler hissed to him.

The man was a large man of six three and well muscled. He seemed larger than life, but against the two of them he seemed tiny. Jessi was amazed at how they went from calm and cool to dark and foreboding in a brief instant. The owner looked to her expecting her to say something but she said nothing as she turned on her heel and left. She hadn’t even had a decent time involved with his club and for her it was no big loss. The twins had some more words with him as she left that she didn’t hear, not that she cared. As she made it to her car they walked up to her.

“Your phone Mistress,” Tyler politely asked.

She handed him her cell. He took out the SIM card and updated it into a hand held PDA. Once he had what he wanted he reset her phone and programmed a number into it. Handing it back to her he politely said.

“Friday evening we will be at your apartment at 8 AM. Dress comfortably and in simple clothes. You will be dressed by a tailor that works for the Goddess. Once the outfit is selected you will be taken to have your hair and makeup done. After all is done you will be dressed and taken to the Goddess’ home. There you will have a surprise waiting for you,” he explained.

“OK,” was all she said.

They both gave her a curt nod and left. She watched them get into a limo nearby and as it drove by she saw the window was down and the Goddess waved to her as it drove off. Jessi got into her car and drove home. It was a wild night that she would never forget. She hoped that her new found Goddess would help her find herself in the world, but she had a certain optimism that she would. A smile played at her lips as she thought of the future and what it would hold.


Jessi put on a robe that went all the way to the floor. It hid the clothes she wore perfectly and she smiled at the thought of seeing Armand’s eyes when she showed him what she had in mind. For all he was Armand was a sweet heart. He was a good man who loved his family very much. His wife had left him for another man saying he was a weakling, but in reality she had no idea how strong he was. Their two children lived with him as he won their custody in the divorce. At forty two he was not exactly a catch, but his kids loved him and he them. She was always there for him since the day they met. She wasn’t exactly a marrying type, but she did care for him and she even counseled his children through the divorce. The kids loved their time with her, but not as much as he did.

Jessi heard the doorbell ring and walked to the door. As she opened the door he stood patiently outside.

“Armand! Hello sweetie!” she chirped to him.

“Hello Mistress. How are you this evening?” he asked politely.

“Very well sweetie. Come in, come in,” she said happily to him.

Armand stood five foot seven and was not very muscular. He had black curly hair and brown eyes. His skin was a deep mahogany as he was Haitian and Dominican. He spoke Spanish very well, but English was his first tongue. He was often mistaken for African American, but he simply shook his head and corrected people when they made that mistake. He was proud of his heritage and it showed. His hair was thinning in spots, but was still there were it mattered. He had a warm smile on his as Jessi took his hand and led him to the stairs. She opened a door and they slowly descended into the basement.

The basement of her house was also her dungeon. Like all the sister’s in Goddess Amber’s circle, they all had an on premise dungeon. Her’s was a simple, but efficient one. The horse in the middle as well as the rack and a few side tables. Her walls had various objects of sexual torture and pleasure lining them. Armand was nervous as they went downstairs and Jessi sensed it.

“Nervous baby boy?” she purred.

“Yes Mistress,” he whispered.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” she asked him.

“I think I met a woman Mistress. She is nice and likes the kids, but she doesn’t know about my secrets. And I’m worried she won’t like them,” he explained.

“I can talk to her if you’d like Armand. I have no problem in it, especially if she is right for my baby boy,” she said happily.

“I thank you Mistress,” he said smiling.

Jessi smiled and pointed to his clothes. He took them off and got to his knees. He knew full well all about his Mistress and was ready to please. Jessi smiled as she sauntered up to him and walked around him. Her robe hid all her clothes and he had no clue of what she had on underneath.

‘I suppose you have been a good boy. But I’m not certain. You see I have a second job you know. And I have been at it all day, I need a massage. Will you be so kind?” she purred

“Of course Mistress, anything you need,” he replied.

Jessi let the robe drop and put a leg over his shoulder. He moaned softly as her nylon covered leg went over him. He looked up and saw the orange shorts and his eyes bulged. He had never seen such a beautiful sight in his life as she looked like a Hooter’s Girl. His breathing became ragged as she drew the leg back up him. A soft whimper came from him as her waist met his back. She made sure her hips ground softly against him making a sigh come to his lips.

“Well? I’m waiting,” she demanded.

He turned and took her shoe off and began to rub her feet. He was enjoying himself and Jessi also enjoyed it as well. His loving hands rubbed the soles of her feet so well it made her moan softly. She moved to her seat and put her foot up. Armand didn’t miss a beat as he rubbed her foot and soon she put up the other. Jessi noted how stiff his cock was and smiled. He wasn’t a huge man at maybe six inches, but he was a nice one. She got a delicious idea as he continued.

“So you have been very good so far. I suppose I should reward you yes?” she asked.

“If it pleases you Mistress,” he said not stopping his massage.

“Then bring yourself here,” she commanded.

Armand got to his feet and walked to his mistress. Jessi smiled as he came up and she grabbed his cock. She softly stroked it making him groan. His body went stiff, but he didn’t move. She smiled as he held still and softly whimpered as she stroked his cock.

“A massage for massage after all,” she purred.

Armand couldn’t help the fact he was in such pleasure, but then he did something he shouldn’t have done. Without asking permission he came. He was so aroused by the foot massage and the long time in between that he couldn’t hold it. He cried out and came in buckets. Jessi sensed it and moved at the last second, but the ropes splashed on her thighs. She enjoyed the feeling of it, but she was miffed he didn’t ask permission first. She waited for him to finish spurting before she gave him one hard long stroke. He fell to his knees after he did and shuddered violently on the floor. Jessi licked her fingers and savored the taste. He didn’t taste half bad, but not as good as the man in her life. She sat back seeing him shake and the thoughts of her true love came into her mind.


The days went by quickly and then it was upon her. She heard a knock at her door and answered it. Outside was Tyler. He was stern faced as she answered her door in a pair of jeans and a t shirt. She was very nervous as he saw her clothes and a smile spread across his face. He held out his arm to her and she got her purse and took it. He let her lock the door and off they went to the waiting limo. The door opened for her from the inside and she was helped into it. As she sat in the seat in the back she saw Taylor in the limo already. She smiled to him and he took her hand and kissed it softly. She giggled at the gesture and sat back in the comfortable seat of the car. When Tyler got in and the door closed the driver started the car and drove out.

Jessi had only been in a limo once and it was with her mother. A bottle of good wine was uncorked and she was handed a glass. She took a sip of it and it was wonderful. They drove in silence, but Jessi was giddy the whole time. She fidgeted constantly as they drove and Tyler and Taylor smirked at it. They enjoyed the nervousness she had and finally Taylor took the lead. He snaked his hand out and yanked her to his lap. She shook as he softly massaged her neck and shoulders. She moaned loudly as he found all the right spots and slumped into his chest. Taylor kept up his ministrations as they drove to a place near a private airport. They got out of the limo as it approached the runway and Jessi was loaded onto a private jet. Once aboard she was ushered to a seat and handed a glass of wine. Tyler and Taylor sat across from her and the lane taxied off to the main runway. The rumble of the engines made her relax as the plane gracefully took off into the sky.

Jessi had never been on a private plane before and was amazed. She found a phone and computer as well as a fully stocked bar. The stewardess made her a second drink and she sat back. She was amazed as Taylor and Tyler seemed bored. They had a simple soda as they were on duty and couldn’t drink. They enjoyed watching her amazement and kept it in check. They flew in silence as they didn’t have much to say. She was curious to know what was going to happen, but remembered the Goddess’ request of not asking questions. They landed in what looked like San Francisco a few minutes later and as they taxied to the hangar a limo was waiting. In they went and off they drove into the commerce district of the city.

The sights and sounds of the city amazed her as they drove in silence. She had only been to San Francisco once before and that was a long time ago. They drove to an out of the way boutique and stopped in front of it. She was ushered in and spent the next hours being primped and fawned over. In the end she was dressed in a stunning one piece gown that went down to her feet. It had a long slit along the leg and showed her stocking top. Her feet were graced by white five inch heels. Her lingerie was all white to match the dress. The bra was a strapless one that was very lacy. The boy shorts matched as did the garter belt. Her stockings were truly amazing in her eyes. They had thick white lacy tops, but the leg was ultra sheer. They were nearly nude and it was a stunning contrast. Her long auburn mane was done in tasteful curls that flowed down her back. Her brown eyes stood out in the gown and she was stunned at her reflection.

As soon as she was ready Tyler had made a call and made an affirmative comment as he held his hand out to her. She was led back to the limo and taken along the way. They drove about forty five minutes out of the city into Marin County and as they came to the entry way to the house Taylor and Tyler got out. They did a security check and were let in. Jessi was driven up to the front of the manor ad her eyes bulged. The manor was massive. It was four stories high and several rooms across. She was in awe as she was led into the grand entrance by the twins. She was walked along the main foyer and up the stairs. As she passed the top she saw a massive ball going on in the upper level. She had never seen such opulence in her life and suddenly was terrified.

She was taken down a long tunnel from the third floor and into a massive atrium. It was a large circle with a raised dais. In the center of the room stood six very sensual looking women. On a throne in the middle of them sat the Goddess. She was wearing a sensual black dress ad matching stockings. Her legs were crossed and she looked so at ease. The women all looked at her and she was soon feeling very small.

“Welcome to my home Jessi. I am so pleased you came,” the Goddess purred standing up and opening her arms to her. “And look at you. You look stunning my child.”

Jessi sheepishly smiled. The women all smiled at her and she was led to the center of them. One by one the women all came to her and introduced themselves. They all shared a very tender hug and kiss on the cheek. The last one to approach her was a tall woman with black hair that was cut short. It barely passed her ears and she had stunning green eyes. Her look was one that showed superiority.

“Greetings my sister. My name is Rayne and I am happy to accept you as my family,” Rayne said smiling warmly.

“Thank you Rayne. I’m so glad to be here,” Jessi said nearing tears.

“Don’t cry sweetie. You are in the loving presence of your sisters and our Goddess,” she said happily.

Jessi believed her and hugged her tightly. She spent a few moments in Rayne’s arms and then released. After all the sisters had hugged the Goddess stood up and walked to her new daughter. Jessi wanted to drop to her knees, but she stopped her with an upraised hand. Jessi looked into her eyes and was stunned when the woman walked up to her and hugged her tight. Jessi’s arms went around her back and she put her head lovingly on the woman’s shoulder. The Goddess smiled at the show of affection and knew that her daughter was home. The Goddess smiled and patted her back releasing her. Jessi looked into the woman’s eyes and was stunned when she spoke plainly to her.

“Amber is my name. Only my daughters may call me Amber alone, to everyone else it’s Goddess or Goddess Amber. I have chosen you because I see your heart is a strong one and you are truly a mistress of good quality and qualities. In my loving arms you will find your life’s ambitions reached and exceeded as well as your own skill in the arts to be increased tenfold. Embrace me as a daughter and without question and you will always know my love. Disobey me or betray me and your life will stop and go in an unexpected direction. Do you understand Jessi?” she said in a serious tone.

“Yes Amber I do,” Jessi replied as she took her hand and kissed it.

“Good. Now enough of this heartwarming, we have a party to attend ladies! Enjoy the evening and my hospitality,” Amber said mirthfully.

The women all laughed and clapped excitedly as they followed their Goddess in a single file. Jessi joined in at the back of the line and was amazed at how the feeling of Amber’s power made her feel safer than any other time in her life. They walked down the tunnel and back to the party. Amber was announced and the crowd went silent as she descended the stairs. Her daughters followed her and the party began again. Jessi was lost in the sea of the powerful and influential. She had never been anywhere near this kind of money and it scared her a little bit. She walked to a side bar and ordered a drink. The bartender shocked her by bowing low to her after he made the drink. She smiled at him and turned around. As she did she bumped into what she thought was a wall. Upon craning her neck she saw in fact it was a man.

The man stood well over six feet in height. She guessed maybe six foot five or better. His body was in a very sharp suit that was of pure black Italian silk. Her eyes looked up and met his rich blue eyes and something in them caught her focus. She looked at him and the images flooded her mind to that horrible day. She had sobbed in public for the first time and was suddenly awash in the arms of a powerful stranger. Her eyes took in his face and indeed, this was the man. Her lips opened softly to speak, but no words came out. The large man smiled at her and leaned closely.

“Enjoying the party young Mistress?” he asked directly in her ear to be heard.

“Umm….yes,” she said blushing.

“I’m glad. My name is Daniel Patterson, and you are?” he asked taking her hand in his large one.

“Jessi Allmon,” she got out softly.

“Then the pleasure is all mine Mistress Jessi,” he said and kissed her hand softly. “Care to dance with me Mistress?” he asked humbly.

“You don’t have to call me Mistress,” she said blushing.

“You are the Goddess’ daughter. I am an employee of the Goddess, so I do. Besides it is fitting a title for a beautiful woman such as you, now shall we?” he asked politely.

She nodded her head and he took her to the floor. The music was amazing and the people around them were really into the rhythm as they danced and danced. Jessi felt all her inhibitions flow out of her as she danced with the large man. She smiled as he held her tight as the powerful music washed over them and soon she felt her own wants beginning to come to the surface. She had never had such an attraction wash over her as it did with Daniel. His eyes were dark and mysterious, intense and warm all at once. She was truly with what she thought to be an enigma. The song led them closer in each other’s arms and before she could stop she perched up on tip toes and kissed his lips.

For almost four years she had wanted to thank him for helping her like he had and now she did. Her soft lips crushed into his and their tongues lashed out. He gripped her tightly in his powerful arms and she found herself floating as he easily hoisted her up. His grip was like steel, and his body like a solid suit or armor, but the tenderness of his kiss melted her. They moved off the dance floor and to a couch where they continued their frenzy of lustful kissing. She straddled his hips and cupped his face as she kissed him and he gripped her lower back as he returned it. She unconsciously began to rock her hips on him and suddenly her eyes bulged as she felt a massive bulge in his pants. It started in his crotch, but went down his leg a long distance. He growled as her leg brushed against it and she looked into his eyes and the lust in them scared her.

“I’m sorry mistress, I forget myself,” he said softly.

She cupped his face and got off his lap. She led him from the chair to the veranda. He followed her careful to not show himself off to those around. They made it to the veranda and Jessi looked at him with her doe like eyes and her memories washed over her. The feeling of helplessness and the waning of hope as she saw her mother pass on. It all was there, but also was the warmth of the hug and the tenderness in which he held her.

“I remember you from the hospital.” she began softly. He nodded his head as she continued, “You held me as I cried into you and left before I could thank you. I never forgot your kindness and I hoped one day to meet you and thank you somehow,” she tried to explain.

“First off good mistress, I did what I did because a real man doesn’t let a beautiful woman sob on the floor and not try and help her. Secondly it was my honor after all to be some comfort to you in your dark moment, so thanks is not necessary,” he said softly as he cupped her face with his hands.

His large hands on her face made her eyes close as she tilted her head in his palm and he leaned in and softly kissed her lips. She moaned into the kiss and after it broke she whispered softly,

“Thank you.”

“Let me take you home if you wish Mistress,” he offered seeing it was late and the party was ending.

“OK,” she said softly.

He excused himself to tell the Goddess and soon returned with his coat and draped it over her shoulders. He led her to the entrance where the Goddess waited for her. Jessi walked to her arms and hugged her tightly. Amber kissed her cheek and smiled at her as she nodded to Daniel. He led her to his truck and helped her in. Jessi sat in the huge truck and wasn’t surprised a big man like him had a massive truck like this. It was a brand new Dodge Ram 3500 with a diesel engine. He climbed in and started the engine.

“Where do you live?” he asked.

Jessi blushed and said, “San Jose.”

“My place is closer if you’d like,” he said back smiling.

Jessi nodded her head and they drove. His truck was not a loud obnoxious diesel as most. She could tell he had modified the engine as the diesel was there, but it was very smooth. The truck also had a lot of power as he easily went over eighty miles an hour on the long stretches of the highway. They entered the city proper and he took a side exit into a decent residential neighborhood. They drove for a few minutes and came to a stop in front of a nice smaller house. He got out and helped her down then led her to the door. She was nervous as he opened the door and she was amazed at what greeted her inside the house.

Inside the house was a shrine. Two walls were shelved with books and pictures showing him and a squad of soldiers in full gear. The soldiers in the pictures looked more than ready for anything that could be thrown at them. The TV set on the far side of the room was a large plasma big screen. The furniture was simple, but nice and along the non shelved walls were plaques and awards from his time in the military. She saw one large display case held his medals and awards set in a lovely display and a series of patches next to them. Looking closer she saw a green beret at the bottom of it. She saw a black and yellow patch that said one simple word “Ranger” on it. She saw the awards and a lot of them had little silver and bronze attachments to them. She looked at him and he grinned.

“I was Army Special Forces for eight years. I did two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was there from the start until 2005 when I got out,” he said and when he said “got out” he looked disappointed.

“Why?” she asked softly.

“Because if you are a straight man you have nothing to worry about, if you are bi like me you are a freak no matter how hard or valorously you serve,” he said and his eyes got cold.

He recounted how he was outed by a fellow soldier. The tragedy was he had saved the man’s life in battle and he betrayed his trust. Daniel told her of how as he left he got his revenge. The Soldier was also dismissed for improper conduct as photos emerged of him sucking a very large penis. Daniel smiled darkly as he recounted to Jessi how his was the penis that he was sucking in the picture. Jessi shook her head and giggled as he told her the story. She understood revenge; in fact her college days were filled with similar stories. He went on to explain he was an intelligence specialist that was charged with snatch and grab missions. They would find the target and grab him before anyone got wise. He used his talents when he got out to form a private investigation firm.

“To this day I wish I was still in, but now I see something that makes me happy I am out,’ he said softly as he touched her hand.

She pulled him to her and kissed his lips making him lean into her. She let him pick her up and pointed to his couch. As he walked she undid the catch on the dress and it slowly slid to the floor. He got her to his couch and took off his coat and shirt. Her eyes got big as his powerful chest came to her eyes. The Tattoo on his chest was the same as the Ranger patch in the case. He was proud of it and it showed. He undid his pants and they came off and her eyes bugged out. His cock sprang out of the hole in his boxers and the sheer girth of it terrified her. He was easily six inches longer than her and almost twice as thick. Her eyes bugged out even further as a large dollop of pre-cum oozed out. She couldn’t explain why she did it, but she leaned forwards and licked him. He shuddered and gasped as she did. Her long loving licks made his knees shake. She shocked him and herself further when she opened her mouth and took the head in. He was so thick she could barely get her mouth around him, but she did regardless. Her mouth stretched to the limits as she got a good mouthful of him and he groaned loudly. She began to lick and suck him as best she could and he softly put a hand on her head.

Daniel had never had a woman so wantonly just go down on him before. Most were terrified of his size and a few that did take it were never the same again. He looked down in sheer amazement as not only did she get the head in her mouth, but she took a good amount of him down her throat. The purring she did as she sucked on him drove him to the brink of insanity. He had never had a woman do as much as she did in his life, and he wanted more. She couldn’t take him all the way down, but what she did she made feel terrific. Jessi’s tongue did wonders to the underside of his cock as she sucked for all she was worth. Daniel’s head fell back as she reached up and found his balls. She teased them and rubbed them softly in her soft hands making a tortured cry come from him as she teased him relentlessly. His hips bucked one time and she coughed him out. She nearly choked on that attempted and when he opened his eyes she was not looking at him happily.

“If I am your Mistress, then why did you ruin our moment?” she asked sharply.

“Forgive me mistress, I forget myself,” he apologized.

“Off with my panties and make up for it,” she demanded.

Daniel smiled hungrily as he found the edges of her lacy panties and began to slide them over her full ass. He gently rubbed his face along her thighs as he slid them off her long legs. As they came off he lifted her left foot and kissed her toes lavishly. Jessi giggled as he did and then sighed as he trailed the long kisses up her leg. She moaned softly as he softly stroked her other thigh with his hand and before long she felt herself being laid back. Her breath caught in a tight gasp as his warm mouth enveloped her cock. She let out a tortured moan as he sucked her deep in his mouth and used his tongue like she had on him. Her moans and cries became even more furious as a finger slid into her ass. She bucked her hips and he opened his throat to her. She cried out as he took her whole length in his mouth. She tried to grab his hair, but he had only a buzz cut and she couldn’t her legs locked around his shoulders and he continued his sucking. Jessi had never had someone so skilled do this to her since Allison and it showed. She could normally hold out as a person sucked her cock, but with him she couldn’t she felt the tension building up and before she could stop she climaxed violently. Her hips bucked and she spurted a large load into his mouth. Daniel didn’t stop as he swallowed all of it and licked the tip of her clean making her shudder even further. Jessi laid back and her eyes were glossy as he slowly pulled off her spent member and smiled at her. Reaching down she softly found his and stroked it lovingly making him shudder.

“Daniel, put it in me,” she whispered softly.

“Are you sure my Mistress? I don’t want to hurt you,” he cautioned.

“If you wish me to stay with you then you will,” she demanded softly.

“As you wish,” he growled softly.

Daniel got up and disappeared. A few seconds later he came back and was lubing his massive cock up. She got up and walked to the table and hopped on it. He smiled as she laid back and spread her legs wide for him. Daniel used two of his already lubed fingers and teased her hole. She whimpered and moaned as he did. Over the course of minutes he teased her and slid his long fingers in her. His fingers alone felt like some of her past lovers, she was scared about what she was going to do, but she needed it. Her dreams at night were haunted by him. That long time ago when she was at her lowest and he made her feel safe had sparked a want in her. The want to be with him. She remembered his smell, his touch, the warmth in his voice, and now she had the actual thing in front of her. She looked at him with pleading eyes and he relented.

Jessi bit her lip as the blunt head found her opening. He was delicate as if he was handing a newborn with her. He never shoved, only softly pushed. The minutes drug on and she was moaning loudly with each and every inch that disappeared in her body. The remarkable fullness he made her feel was making her light headed, but he was still going. He kept on until she cried out and he realized he was as in as he was getting. He stayed perfectly still inside of her as she adjusted to him. Her eyes were streaming with tears, but she didn’t care. The pain in her ass was terrific, but she endured. The only thing she wanted was him, and now he was here deep inside of her. She looked up at him and softly nodded her head.

He moved barely an inch at a time and at first she was moaning. Her moans became whimpers as his pace increased. Her whimpers began to turn to grunts as his body met hers. The grunts became screams, and howls as they found a rhythm. Jessi was being tossed around by him after a short time and she fucking loved it! She arched up on her elbows and the feral look on her face drew his to her. She savagely kissed him and grabbed his head as they kissed. She bit his lips hard and he groaned as he continued to pump his hips in and out of her. Her whole body was on fire as he continued. She didn’t realize it, but after a while her body relaxed more and more of him disappeared into her. Jessi was screaming out a feral cry as she suddenly felt his massive balls slap on her ass. Her face contorted with a painful glee as she had him all in her. Her cries spurred him on and soon he felt his own release building. He looked at his Mistress and smiled as he grabbed her cock and stroked it hard. Jessi wailed as the strokes triggered a second orgasm that ripped through her. The spurts flew out of her cock and hit him in the chin and on his neck. He angled her cock and some of it splashed on her tits and belly. Jessi whimpered as he pounded her and finally with a primal roar she felt her insides being scalded by a huge load. Daniel had come the hardest he had ever known in that moment. He was lucky he was buried in her or else she would have drowned in it.

The minutes drug on for them as they stayed still reveling in the aftermath of the fucking. Jessi looked at him and the pleading in her eyes made him realize she was hurting. Daniel softly pulled out of her and when he was out Jessi shuddered as the cool air hit her and his load dripped out of her gaping hole. Daniel went to the bathroom and found a towel. He cleaned her up gently and she moaned softly as he did. Without a second word he slipped her heels off. He took the bra off as well as the garter and stockings. When she was fully nude he took her in his powerful arms and into the shower. They washed each others bodies lovingly and they had a frantic kissing bout occur. She kissed him possessively and he responded in kind. The way they kissed was of two long lost souls that had finally been reunited at long last. She sighed into his chest as they stood in the shower. The water felt so good she felt herself drift off. When she came to she was in his bed and in one of his long t shirts. He held her around the chest and waist like she was his teddy bear. A smile washed over her as she turned into him and curled her head into his chest.

“I know you can’t hear me totally, but in the back of your mind you can. I never forgot what you did for me. I think I developed a crush on you and I was so lost without you,” she whispered softly.

Daniel opened his eyes and she realized he had heard each and every word.

“It was my honor I told you Mistress,” he said softly.

Her eyes filled with tears as she leaned in and kissed his lips softly.

“Is it wrong that I can’t stop thinking of you?” she asked confused.

“Is it wrong for me to want you to think of me always?” he asked.

“Don’t leave me again,” she pleaded, “Not like last time.”

“I won’t. I promise you that. Now come here and let’s spend the first night of what will be a great many nights in each other’s arms my Mistress,” he said humbly.

Jessi cuddled as close as she could to him and felt his body all around hers. For the first time since she slept in the same bed as her mother she felt warm. Her body wanted him as did her soul. The happy smile that spread over her face as they slumbered was one of a woman who had found her man.


Armand was panting as Jessi got to her feet. She smiled down at him and her cum stained hose were shining in the light. She padded over to him and he looked up as she did.

“You made a mess baby boy. Now clean it up,” she said as she put her leg in front of him.

Armand humbly licked the mess off. He moaned as his face rubbed along her hose covered leg. He was moaning and panting as he kissed and licked her legs lovingly. After he was done with the left leg he went to the right and continued on. Jessi smiled and stroked his hair as he did. She smiled as he was brought to hardness once again. She always liked him and this was going to be a good night for him she vowed silently. Her mind was made up to give him a treat she had done for him once, and she denied him since.

“Well now baby boy, I’m all clean and you did a great job of it. On the table, time for a treat,” she purred.

Armand went to the table and laid back on it. He was shaking as Jessi walked over to him and before he could respond she opened her mouth and took him in. He cried out as she sucked and slurped his cock. He was nowhere near Daniel’s size and she made short work of him. He was moaning and writhing on the table as she sucked away on him. He cried out as he neared his orgasm and begged her to stop. Jessi smiled on him and sucked him all the way down until he was in her throat and without warning two of her fingers teased his balls softly. He was writhing on the table as the inevitable happened. He climaxed with a loud shout and filled her mouth with his seed. Jessi moaned softly and took it all without a hitch. She got up after he was done and smiled at him. His head was to the side and he was panting in short gasps.

“Did my baby boy enjoy that?” she purred.

“Yes Mistress. Thank you so much!” he said through his gasps.

“Now for a super secret present I have for you, baby boy. Close your eyes,” she whispered softly in his ear.

Armand closed his eyes and Jessi walked to a cabinet. Inside she had several items of clothes, and she found exactly what she sought: a sheer pair of white thigh high stockings. She walked back to him and lifted his leg. Slowly she unrolled the stocking up his leg and repeated the process with the other leg. Armand felt the silky nylons and he groaned softly as they went up his smooth legs. Jessi smiled at the contrast of his mahogany skin against the white stocking. She had also got a tube of lube from the cabinet and started to lube up her cock. He was unaware of what was to happen next when he suddenly felt the intrusion. His eyes bulged as Jessi set his legs on her shoulders and began to slip in and out of him. The intense feelings he got from her was amazing. He moaned and grunted as she began to fuck him with gusto. Armand lolled his head side to side as she bucked her hips and didn’t relent. His mistress was giving him the ultimate pleasure she could bestow and he was grateful for it.

“So let me guess baby boy…ohhh…your little sweetie is a girl like me,’ she said through her pounding.