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A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

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The 4th of July weekend turns out to be a very good time for me indeed. Our movie is number one at the box office. Dominic, Skip and I are over the moon. Anna’s performance is masterful and there is Oscar buzz for her. Unfortunately, morning sickness is a nightmare for Anna. She has to be hospitalized for a month before it subsides enough to allow her to come home.

Marlene visits nearly every day with baby Lucia who is plump with squeezable cheeks. She and Dominic get married at the end of August in my house. Skip is his father’s best man and Rachel is chosen as Marlene’s maid of honor.

Brian and Daisy prepare all the food for the fifty guests invited. Daniel sends his regrets and a gift, a case of champagne. Dunge and Sheila arrive as does John and Amber. We celebrate another wedding.

Holding on to Anna’s hand, she looks at me with such love. Her baby bump is barely visible and I touch my hand at her stomach. Most nights she is in my bed and I wake up at night just to look at her. “Mistress.” She says in her sleep or “My wife.” Sometimes she says “Bry.”, but most nights she is dreaming of me.

I think of how much life has changed since Sir and I went to California to choose our submissives and wound up with three. I think back to Marlene. She is so in love with Dominic. She is also so helpful now and much less haughty then she was. The baby has made her even more beautiful. Marlene is a very good mother.

The only fly in our ointment is Rachel. She is moody. Skip has been asking her what’s the matter but she only answers him with an ‘I’m fine, please leave it alone. ‘They have moved into their own apartment now far from the house. Skip has brought a new project to our attention. We have put an option on the John Grisham book, The Racketeer and have signed sexy black actor, Brandon Heath as Malcolm Bannister.

Skip has more than proven himself a partner and working with his father has brought them closer together. I am also learning my new partner is a pretty smart guy and I love him even more.

Brian has taken his role as my husband very much to heart. He keeps the home working smoothly and meals are always served on time. Daisy and Andrew work well with him and things are going along perfect, too perfect and I am starting to wonder when the next shoe will drop.

The fall rolls around. Between work, doctor’s appointments with Anna and day to day living we are busy. Rebecca comes for a visit. She sees Rachel’s mood and finally gets her to talk about it.

Rebecca who is staying with us knocks on my door one evening. “Mistress, may I come to talk to you.” She says. Brian is cleaning up after dinner and Anna is helping Dominic with a project. Skip is on his way home to Rachel.

“Come in and sit down.” I say. Rebecca sits on the chaise. She is biting her lip and looking down at her hands.

“what’s the matter? I say and get up and sit down next to her. Anna comes into the room and I shake my head. Silently she retreats.

“Mistress, It’s about Rachel. I am going to betray a confidence.” She says quietly.

I take Rebecca’s hand, “You can tell me. I’ve been worried about her.”

Rebecca takes a deep breath and tells me the problem. When she is finished, I hear the shoe drop. Rachel has stage a brain tumor. She has refused all treatment and hasn’t told Skip anything. She is 29 years old.

This news hits me very hard, but I know that she will not go through it alone. We will be with her, but she has to tell Skip and she has to face it.

After speaking to Rebecca, I call Dr. Heart. I arrange for him to come to the house tomorrow for dinner along with a Dr. Durant, the leading neurologist at NYU Medical Center in New York.

Rebecca thanks me. She is in her last year of residency and will be a fully-fledged doctor. Rebecca has gone with Rachel to the doctor and she knows that Rachel will only have a year or two to live.

I don’t speak to Rachel when she comes for dinner, but I have spoken with Dominic who is distraught not just for Rachel but also what this would do to his son.

“Stephanie, how are we going to tell him? How is he going to deal with this? He loves this woman. Maybe something can be done?” He says staring at me as if I have the magic answer.

“That is why Dr. Heart and the neurologist are joining us this evening. However, it is not we who are going to tell him. Rachel has to do this. I’m hoping there is at least a treatment, but praying for a cure.”

Rachel arrives and she looks beautiful. Her blond hair is in a chignon and she is wearing a Phillip Lin overexposed sheer appliqué dress. Skip is holding her hand. He looks stressed. Dr. Heart arrives with a beautiful honey colored blond woman. He introduces her as Dr. Mary Durante, head neurologist at NYU. Rachel pales and then shoots dagger eyes at Rebecca. She starts to tremble and manages to keep from crying even though I can see the tears start to prick her eyes.

Skip turns to look at her and Rachel bursts into tears. She runs upstairs. He starts to go to her and I stop him. “Let me. I know what’s bothering her.”

He looks at me puzzled. Lightly I touch his shoulder, “She will come to you when she is ready.”

I speak to the rest who are gathered in the sitting room, Dominic and Marlene; the baby is with the Nanny, Anna and Rebecca; Brian is still preparing dinner with Daisy and the two doctors who both come up to me.

“Dinner will be soon. I need to go upstairs to Rachel. We will return.” I take Dr. Heart and Dr. Durante with me.

When we are gone, Skip turns to his father, “What the fuck is going on? Why won’t any of you tell me anything? Does everyone know what’s going on with Rachel except me?”

Anna shakes her head, “I don’t know anything.”

“Dad?” Skip looks again at his father. Dominic is silent for a moment as Marlene touches his arm. “Son, it is up to Rachel to tell you what’s going on.”

Upstairs, I find Rachel in her old room lying on the bed, crying hysterically. Dr. Durante goes to her and sits on the bed while Dr. Heart and I stand in the doorway.

“Rachel?” asks the doctor. Rachel is still crying.

“Please my dear, I know you’re going through an ordeal and you’re scared, but maybe I can help.” Dr. Durante looks at Dr. Heart and me. We leave, closing the door behind us.

Everyone comes into the dining room for dinner. Skip wants to ask questions. He looks scared and miserable. Dinner is served and the only one who seems to have a hearty appetite is Anna.

Finally, after a half an hour Rachel comes to the table. Dr. Durante sits down next to her. Her head is bowed and she looks down at her plate. Her eyes are red rimmed. Taking a deep breath, Rachel looks at all of us, her eyes resting on Skip who is sitting on the other side of her. His face etched with worry and concern.

She strokes his face, “I have something to tell all of you, but I want to tell my Skip first. So please let’s have dinner and then Dr. Durante and Dr. Heart and I will go into my old room and have a talk. “She looks at me, “Mistress, while we are gone, you may tell everyone else.”

I just nod. Rachel eats dinner as Skip picks at his food, a part of him dreading what she has to say. The meal is eaten mostly in silence.

After dessert, Rachel and the two doctors along with Skip get up and leave the table. Once they are gone, all eyes turn to me. Dominic bows his head and I tell them about Rachel. By the time I am finished with Rebecca filling in the blanks, Marlene is weeping, Brian is staring down at his plate. Daisy is saying a silent prayer and Andrew is just silent. Anna takes my hand, “Mistress, we will be here for her. We will do whatever it takes to help her and Skip through this.”

Dominic says, “Thank you all. It’s going to be hard for him to deal with this, but yes, we all will help my son move past this.”

In the living room, we talk, listen to music and wait. Dominic plays a halfhearted game of chess with Andrew.

Rachel comes down with Skip, his arm around her waist. Dr. Heart and Dr. Durante ask to speak with me. Dr. Durante begins by sighing, “it took some coaxing, but Rachel has given me permission to view her medical records. She will be coming to see me next week and we’ll see what we can do for her.”

Rebecca joins us, “Mistress, I’d like to stay. I have asked for a leave. May I?”

I nod and she returns to Rachel’s side. Dr. Heart notices me looking at Skip. He grins, “That’s a really nice young man. He loves her and that will help.”

My pregnant Anna kneels down in front of Rachel and takes her hand, “All of us love you. You should have told us. We will be here for you.”

Dr. Durante asks me, “She needs her family. I heard they were estranged because of her lifestyle. She will need them.”

I nod and say to the doctor, “I’ll reach out to them and see if they will come around.”

Dr. Heart and Dr. Durante stay for one drink and then leave. Dominic, Skip, Rachel and Marlene leave next. As a family, I believe they need to talk. Rachel whispers, “Thank you Mistress” to me and gives me a strong hug as she leaves. Andrew and Daisy return home.

Anna and Brian come up to me and put their arms around me. I hold out my arms to Rebecca and she collapses in tears. We all embrace her. While Brian is making Rebecca a cup of tea and sitting down with her at the dining table, I go into the bedroom and phone Sir Richard.

He and Diana are upset when I relay the news and give me the telephone number of Rachel’s mother and father. I learn she also has a sister who is 20 years old. Her name is Abigail. If I cannot get through to the parents, maybe I can to her sister.

Anna is sitting on the bed watching me. It has been a long day and I am exhausted. As I hang up the phone, she kneels down at my feet. “Mistress, let me love you tonight.”

I am speechless and just nod. I help her up and she goes to talk to Brian. She returns a few minutes later as I am undressing. Anna helps me undress. I am like a child. My thoughts are on Rachel and how to help her. Anna knows this. She puts on a very sexy black chemise with some black panties. She looks hot.

“Bry says goodnight and he will see you in the morning. Tonight is about you and me and…” She pauses and pats her stomach, “our little bundle here.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to know what it is?” I say bending down and kissing her belly still clothed. She pats my head, “no, I want to be surprised.”

She lifts up my face, gently kissing my lips. “You are my whole world. I am so honored to be carrying this baby. I just want a healthy, happy, beautiful baby.”

Anna hesitated a minute and put her arms around me. I looked at her knowing she wanted to say more. Biting her lip she added, “Mistress, I know that biologically I don’t have any claim to this baby, but I want you to know that in every way, this baby is mine and yours.”

I took her in my arms. She knew just the right thing to say. We were having a new life and looking at death at the same time. In this moment, Anna let me know that we were a family and would get through anything together.

I let my wife take the lead this night as she went between my thighs and teased my clit until I was begging her to cum. Anna kept on sucking and licking me. I am clawing at the sheets. My mind is totally, on what Anna is doing to me. She teases me until my body cannot take it anymore and I come completely apart grabbing her head and pulling her into me.

Tears spring to my eyes as I am overwhelmed by this orgasm that consumes my body. I am exploding and Anna keeps sucking me. I come again and…black out!

I awake to find Anna looking down at me, a smug smile on her face. Reaching up I pull her down to me and kiss her lips which taste of me. “Pretty proud of yourself aren’t you?”

She grins and licks my nipple, “I love watching you let go like that. It doesn’t happen often enough Mistress. Ever since the whole episode with Daniel, you have been very wound up. Bry and I have been worried about you.” Her face clouds over, “and now with this news about Rachel, we want you to relax.”

I look up at her and smile, “You and Brian have nothing to worry about. I know there is nothing I can do for Rachel except steer her to the right doctor. The person I am most concerned about is Skip. He’s young and in love. This must be terribly hard for him. He is like a son to me.”

“I know Mistress and he loves you also. We will all help him and Rachel get through this. I just want you to relax.” She kisses me gently then puts my hand on her belly. “We have a baby coming and I don’t want you to be stressed out.”

“Speaking of baby, would you like to start getting the nursery together. We could go shopping this week.” I say and she hugs me laying her body on top of mine. I turn her over until Anna is lying underneath me.

Lifting up the top of her chemise, I go after her nipples that are fuller and even tenderer. I suckle gently on them as she moans, “Mistress, I’m supposed to be taking care of you.”

“You have, my turn now.” I whisper. “In fact I plan to take such good care of you that you and our baby will sleep in my arms all night long.”

She groans as I pull down the panties. I put her legs over my back and dive in.

By the time, I am finished it is 1:15 in the morning. Anna is fast asleep and to my amused surprise, snoring. I get up and put on my bathrobe to go into the kitchen for something to drink.

Rebecca and Brian are still up and talking in the kitchen. They are sitting on stools sharing some tea. As I walk in, Brian comes to me and kisses me hard on the lips. “Would my wife like some tea?”

I smile, “yes my husband, I would like some.” We sit and talk of Rachel and how we are all going to see her through this.

Several days later Rebecca, Anna and I go with Skip and Rachel to NYU where Rachel undergoes a battery of tests as we sit and wait.

Skip and Rebecca stay with her overnight. At home, it is just the three of us with Daisy and Andrew. Our fish dinner is delicious, but we don’t really taste it. Until the results come back, it is the longest week of our lives.

Dr. Heart and Dr. Durante come over to the house a week later. Everyone is there including three visitors. Rachel’s parents, Ilich and Marion arrive as does Rachel’s sister Abigail.

Abigail is a striking blond beauty. Younger than her sister, she is quiet and demur. If I weren’t happily with my two, I would go for this one. She is a beauty at 5’11, a size 4 with long legs. Rachel has told me that she was a cheerleader in high school and is now studying fashion design.

Abigail’s parents are staying at the Plaza while Abigail has asked to stay with us. After meeting me and seeing that I don’t have horns or a whip in my hand, they agreed.

When they arrived earlier in the day with Rachel and Skip we talked. They had questions about me about Brian and Anna. I told them who I was. I talked about Sir and our life. I was honest. They asked about Sir Richard, I shared with them who he was, and finally they asked about their daughter. Skip started to answer as Rachel sat quietly.

“Your daughter is a submissive. It is who she is in the depths of her soul. Just like her blue eyes and blond hair. She is a woman who loves to serve.”

Ilich looked at me, but it was Marion who asked, “It can’t be that simple.”

Anna answered, “yes it can be. There is no greater joy that I have than taking care of my Mistress in every way.”

Marion said, “We read that book, Fifty Shades of Gray and we wondered if there was something that happened to her to make her this way.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. She had, had this conversation before. Brian answered, “Nothing happened to me. I had a normal childhood, but I knew that I wanted a strong woman. I wanted someone that I could work at pleasing, who would discipline me when I did something wrong or even just for her own pleasure.”

Ilich asked, “Doesn’t it hurt when she um, discipline’s you?”

He stared straight into Ilich’s eyes and said, “Sometimes, but it also feels good. I know that Mistress is disciplining me because she loves me. She doesn’t hurt me out of spite. She just makes sure that I correct the behavior or she discipline’s me to…” He smiles broadly, “keep me on my toes.”

Rachel slides down from the couch to sit at Skip’s feet. Her father raises an eyebrow. She says to him, “I love my Master and he loves me. He takes very good care of me.” Rachel looks at me, her eyes are sad, ‘I also loved Mistress Stephanie’s husband, Sir. He was kind, but also rough. I loved it. Master Skip is still learning. You will meet his father. Master Dominic is a Dom and a very strong Dom. His wife, Marlene is his submissive and they just had a baby. Mom, Dad, this is the life I have chosen. Please accept it. Here is where I want to be.”

Marion had tears in her eyes and got down on her knees to her daughter. She held Rachel in her arms. “I have only always wanted what was best for you. We love you. We are doing our best to understand who you are.”

Dominic, Marlene and baby Lucia arrive with the nanny and we talk. Ilich pulls me aside, “We don’t want to lose her, but if it is her time, then we will support her in whatever she wants to do. Was there anything we could have done so she wouldn’t be like this?”

I bit my lip, “No. it is like being gay. There is nothing you could do. This is who she is. This is the lifestyle she has chosen to live. All subs and Doms are different. She is very special your daughter and she’s also found love, not once, but twice. My husband adored her, but Skip…” I looked over at him with love in my eyes, “He loves her, not as a Dom and a sub, but as a man. He wants to marry her. This is tearing him apart. He will stand by her; he will walk this journey with her. He will do whatever it takes to get her through this. I love this boy and have known him all his life. His mother was a submissive who fell in love and married her master. They had a wonderful marriage.”

“Rachel told me she died in a car accident.” Ilich says and I nod.

“Please don’t worry. I will take care of all her expenses. She will want for nothing.” I say and he breaks down, “She’s my eldest, my brightest. We’ve been apart so long because of this. I’m so sorry.”

I hold him close as he sobs. Marion comes into the room with tears in her eyes and I release her husband to his wife as Anna comes to my side.

Dr. Durante and Dr. Heart arrive before dinner. We are anxious and you can feel the anxiety in the room.

Dr. Durante says they can try radiation to treat the tumor, but it is in a very difficult part of the brain. Surgery is not an option unfortunately and they will do all they can do for her. Treatment will begin in a week.

Questions are asked and answered by everyone in the room. Rachel agrees to the treatment and an appointment is made. We have hope for now, but I can see on the face of Dr. Heart that there is not much hope. While everyone else is optimistic, I am going to start preparing. For the next year or so, I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that Rachel’s life is what she wants it to be.

Abigail has been quiet through the day and she comes to see me when I go to my bedroom to change for dinner.

She kneels at my feet. I am surprised and dumbstruck. “Mistress, they don’t know about me. I do not want them to at least not yet. I wanted you to know.”

I help her up. “Have you had a master or a mistress?”

“I’ve been studying with Mistress Diana in California. Rachel knows.” Abigail says, “but no I haven’t had a Master yet?”

I make a note to call Sir Richard and berate him for not giving me a head’s up when Abigail says, “Sir Richard doesn’t know that I am Rachel’s sister.”

“Does Diana?” I ask so I know who to yell at.

2013©angelface195 — all rights reserved


Brian and I put on scrubs and taken to Anna’s room. Anna is breathing heavily, knees up, trying not to push. Beads of sweat pour off her face as the contractions hit one after another.

We stand on either sides of her each holding her hand as the doctor comes in. After a brief examination, Dr. Kennedy announces it is time.

We’ve taken the Lamaze classes and have learned how to breathe so we help Anna with her breathing as she pushes. I see a patch of black hair appear as the head comes out, then as Anna pushes again the shoulders and finally we hear the sound; a cry piercing the room.

Anna lies back exhausted as Dr. Kennedy holds up the baby. It is a boy and we already know what to name him, Stephen Brian Stone. I make the announcement and Brian starts to tear up. This was our surprise for him.

The baby is examined and wrapped in a blue blanket. He is handed to me. He is beautiful and asleep. I kiss his little cheek and then pass them to his mother. Anna bursts into tears. “He’s so tiny and so precious.” She kisses his little face and I kiss her forehead.

Looking up at Brian she passes the baby to him, “You’re a father now, Bry.”

He has tears in his eyes and holds the baby in his strong arms. He looks at me and I go to his side. I kiss him. It is all so emotional for us. “Mistress.” Anna says to me. “It’s Christmas day.”

I look at my watch. It is 12.20. Our boy was born on Christmas day at 12:02 am.

Calling home, I arrange with the help of everyone a special treat for the other ten babies born this day. I give them all stock in Gerber, a year’s supply of diapers and a gift certificate to Toys R Us. The gifts are to be given anonymously.

For the hospital staff I arrange lunch to be brought in and make a hefty donation. Anna and the baby are staying overnight. Daisy brings us dinner and she and Andrew decorate the room with balloons. Flowers arrive from Dominic and Marlene, Dunge and Sheila, Max and Adrian, John and Amber. Peter and Adam send a gift basket with baby things in a beautiful wicker basket.

We had a shower a few months earlier and everything we need is already in the finished nursery. Andrew comes over to me and says, “Everything is ready and I’ve made the adjustments.”

“Not a word. She’ll be very surprised.” I say and Brian nods.

The baby is in a bassinet next to Anna and everyone comes in and views our little boy who is asleep. Anna has decided to nurse. I have enjoyed drinking milk from her breasts these past months and so has Brian. She feels as if she has three babies.

Stephen stirs and she takes him. I take pictures of her holding the baby to her breast and just for a moment, I have a little jealousy. I will never know this feeling. I went through this whole pregnancy and never felt anything, but now seeing her holding a child that is mine by biology, but not born of my body, I do feel a little bit envious.

Brian seems to know how I am feeling because he puts his arm around me and pulls me close to him. “He is your son.” He whispers.

“And yours.” I whisper back.

“You know what I mean.” He whispers. “You will be a great mother.”

“But I will never know what she is feeling right now.” I say sadly.

Brian takes me aside, “I don’t know why, but something tells me that you will know this.”

“No, I told you I can’t get pregnant and if I do, I can’t carry to term.” I shake my head and turn to go back to Anna and the baby when Brian takes me in his arms and says, “Today is Christmas. Make this your Christmas wish.”

I laugh thinking he is joking, but he is quite serious. Brian glares at me, “I’ll make the wish and I bet that you will get pregnant with my child.” He kisses me.

I am shaken by this, but pull myself together to go to Anna. Abigail, Rachel, Skip and Rebecca come to see our new little prince.

Everyone leaves at 10 except Brian and me. We stay an hour more and then let Anna and the baby rest. As I kiss Anna’s lips, she whispers to me, “I love you more than I can say. You mean so much to me. We are complete now.”

“Yes, my darling. We are.” I kiss her lips gently, but Anna pulls me in for an intense kiss, that runs through my body.

I bend down and kiss my son. Bran kisses Anna’s forehead and the baby and we walk home hand in hand.

Brian tells me he will pick up Anna. He wants me to rest. I get into bed and fall fast asleep.

I feel a mouth on my pussy as I awaken. Abigail is between my legs. I grab her blond hair tightly in my hand. “What the fuck!” I am very annoyed.

Abigail smiles slightly at me as she lifts her head up. “Please Mistress don’t be angry.”

She lifts up one hand and I see a note. Flabbergasted I take the note from her as she tries to go back to my sex. I hold her at bay. The note is from Anna.

“My dear wife:

I know you will wait until I am able to get between your thighs again, but I do not want you to wait. Brian will take care of some of your needs, but I think there are other needs that I am better at.

Besides, you need to start teaching Abigail how to be a good submissive. She has had training from Sir Richard, but she needs some ‘practical’ training.

So talk to her as you do to me and see how good she is. With the new baby I will be busy, use her. I don’t want your needs neglected!

BTW, Brian agreed! “

I love you,

Your wife,


In a way, I had to laugh, but I was a bit pissed off. I released Abigail’s hair and she went back to munching on my cunt. She was no Anna, but damn, the girl was good. Lifting her head, she said to me, “Mistress, Anna said you would talk to me, please talk. I love the sound of your voice. Please teach me.”

Okay if that is the way, she wants it. I grab her head and thrust it in my pussy. I can feel her smug smile. “Let me tell you how I like my pussy eaten and later today I’m taking you into the playroom and paddle your ass for not asking me.”

I could feel Abigail shiver. So little girl is looking forward to her punishment, by the time I am through she will not be sitting down for a week.

I talk to Abigail about the new baby. I also talk to her about what my expectations are for her and about finding her a Master. She lifts her head and says, “I wouldn’t mind a Mistress if she was like you.”

“Did I tell you, you could talk?” I say annoyed because I am very close. She shakes her head and goes back to eating me.

Abigail licks and sucks. She does this thing with her teeth and her tongue that I have to ask her to teach Anna and I am over the edge. I practically stuff the poor girl into my sex as I come, but she keeps at it and I explode in her mouth.

Anna has told her to keep lapping me even after I am done to bring me down from my intense orgasm. She does and manages to bring me back up. I cum again and then, I pull her up to me. I kiss her soft lips. Feeling between her legs, I know that Abigail is soaking.

I start fucking in and out first with one finger, then two, then three. “Oh Mistress, ah, I, so good.” She moans.

I pull down the top of the nightgown she is wearing and latch on to her nipple flicking it with my tongue. She is moaning and groaning and I keep fucking her.

Abigail is licking her lips and I know she is close. Any other day I would leave her frustrated, but I am in a good mood, I have a son so I finish her. She screams my name as she cums.

Holding up my fingers, she licks them clean and nuzzles my neck. She whispers, “Anna is one lucky bitch!”

I laugh and swat her behind. “I will take you in the playroom tonight.”

She shivers. I cock my head and look into her eyes, “Why does that make you tremble?”

Abigail blushes, “The thought of you spanking me makes me so hot Mistress. I love having my ass red. It makes me cum hard.”

Raising an eyebrow, I smile. This should be interesting. I hold Abigail for a little while, then I get up, take a shower and dress.

I go into the nursery. All the work has been done and I can’t wait to see Anna’s face.

Anna, Brian and the baby come home after lunch. Anna looks beautiful, but tired and as I bring her upstairs, Brian is grinning. We open the door to the nursery and Anna gasps. The room had been all green and yellow, but just like magic, it had been transformed into a little boy’s room.

The wallpaper has been changed; the bed has been changed from white to a distressed slate, as has the dresser. The rug has his initial of SBS. All the accessories have been changed and there are the photos of the three of us around the room.

Anna starts to cry, “How, how did you do this? So fast. What.” She is speechless.

Brian laughs, “We had it waiting in the wings, just in case. We kept a few things you really liked, but the furniture has been given to a new mother at the hospital.”

Anna hugs us both, the baby in Brian’s arms. “I love you both so much. The room is beautiful.”

Daisy enters and takes the baby from Brian. She puts him in the crib and undresses the sleeping infant. It is the day after Christmas outside it has started to snow.

The baby stirs, but falls back asleep. Brian picks Anna up and takes her into the bedroom. He and I undress her and put her to bed as Andrew brings in a tray with food.

Anna eats and we talk to her about feedings and schedules, breast pumps and sleep. Before she is even finished, she is falling asleep. Daisy comes out of the nursery, takes the tray as Brian and I tuck our new mother into bed and kiss her.

In the nursery Brian and I go to look at Stephen. “He is a beautiful boy isn’t he?” I say.

Brian puts his arm around me, “Yes because he’s part of you.”

He kisses the back of my neck. “Mistress, I want you tonight in my bed.”

I kiss him. “Not tonight pet, we need to help Anna with the baby. Maybe tomorrow.”

He nibbles my ear, “I really want you.” He begs. Turning around I kiss him deeply and feel his very hard dick pressing into my belly.

“Maybe later, but right now. I have some work to do. “I try to disentangle myself but Brian pulls me close. “Did you have fun this morning with Abigail?”

I look up at him. I know what’s wrong with him, he’s jealous and feeling neglected. “Brian, let me go.” It is an order. He sighs, but releases me.

“Abigail was Anna’s idea with your approval. You need to be patient. We have the baby now and our lives will revolve around his schedule for a while. Tomorrow Anna will express milk for his 2 am feeding which you will do and his four am feeding. So maybe tomorrow night we can spend some time together. Tonight, we are here for Anna and our son.” I say then go to him and kiss his lips.

Brian pulls me close and lifts me off my feet. “I just need you. I think about Rachel and Skip…”

He’s really thinking about his Mistress that died. I kiss him. “We will make time tomorrow and after the 4 am feeding I will sleep with you. The nanny will be coming from England next week and she will be of great help, but I plan to spend as much time with the baby as possible. I’m hoping you will too.”

He sets me down, “Of course as he gets older, but babies kind of creep me out. All they do is eat, cry and poop.”

“You need to bond with him since you are his father. So no more of this. I have work to do and you have dinner to prepare.” I kiss his cheek and relent, “I love you. You just need to relax about all this. “

I leave Brian in the nursery. Stephen wakes and Brian picks him up. He kisses him and sits down in the rocking chair in the room. Cradling him, he starts talking to the little baby, “You’re going to learn how to cook as soon as you can walk. You and I are the only men around here besides Andrew and us men have to stick together.” He kisses the baby and takes him into Anna who is just stirring herself.

Anna sits up and pats the bed as Brian sits down. “Bry lay next to me.” She says and she opens her nightgown. The baby latches onto her nipple and begins to eat. She pulls Brian’s head to her other breast. “Suckle me Bry.” She says and strokes his head. He does. I walk into the room and see the three of them. Anna looks even more beautiful with her two men on each breast. She winks at me and mouths, “he needs you.”

I nod and mouth back, “I know.” As I leave the room closing the door behind me.

I spend the night with Brian. Daisy spends the night and helps Anna with the baby. He needs this and as he thrusts into me, I know I needed this too.

New Year’s Eve is spent quietly with just the four of us. Brian gets sparkling grape juice since Anna cannot drink while she is nursing. She falls asleep before the New Year comes in. Brian and I kiss her sleeping form as the clock strikes midnight, then we kiss each other. We are a family.

The Golden Globe awards are three weeks away and I arrange for us to attend. I am excited about going. We are all adjusting to having a little one and everyone takes turns. Our nanny arrives from England, her name if Bridget. She is 31 years old and has once worked for King William. We chose her because Sir Richard recommended her. She knows our life style, because her mother was a dominant and her father a submissive. She doesn’t participate, but she understands it.

She puts everyone on a schedule and soon our lives are organized. Anna has been working out with Bradley trying to get into the designer gown she picked out before the nomination. She might have been trying to act as if she wasn’t going to be nominated, but secretly Anna wanted this.

Bradley has recovered completely from his gunshot. He and his girlfriend have gotten married and used the money to buy a house. He looks good and I am grateful to him.

We fly out to California with two Nannies and two infants in tow. We are ensconced in five suites at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We order a bottle of champagne just to toast our day. Marlene looks spectacular in a black lace gown with a slit up the side, while Rachel looks like the picture of style and grace in a one-shoulder mermaid gown.

Anna comes out of the bedroom after checking on the baby in a white sequined gown. Her hair is swept to one side and she has a diamond broach keeping her hair back. As usual, she looks stunning.

I am wearing a red gown by Dior couture. I look very old Hollywood as if I belong in a Veronica Lake movie, my hair styled like hers. Before we leave, I kiss Stephen and Lucia.

Dominic, Skip and Brian offer us ladies their arms and we get into the limousine to go the award show. Dominic and I have our fingers crossed for best picture.

The night is fun with food and drink. Laughter is the order of the day as the comedian Harry Black hosts.

At the end of the evening, we win three of our four. Adrian Close looks very handsome and kisses Max as he steps up to accept his best actor Golden Globe.

Anna looks shocked as her name is called and she kisses me fully on the lips, then kisses Brian as she goes to accept her award. “I am very surprised and very happy. I would not be here if it were not for my wife and my husband. I am the happiest woman in the world.” She beams.

I lose out as best director, but I still get to go up and accept the best picture award for our film. However, Dominic acknowledges Daniel’s hard work and how he wished he were here with us. We invited him, but he refused.

We win several more awards over the next few weeks, but we are all waiting for the Academy Award nominations. In the early morning hours of January 27, I turn on the television. Anna is feeding the baby and Brian is in the kitchen.

Adrian is nominated for best actor, Anna smiles broadly, as her name is called for best supporting actress, our screenwriters get the nod for their screenplay. Dominic calls and I am holding my cell phone and anxiously waiting as we receive the nomination for costume design, cinematography, lighting and best song.

Finally, I get the nomination for best director and our film is one of the ten for best picture. I yell into the phone and hug Anna. I have taped the show and when Brian enters the room, I replay it for him. We have nine nominations; only one movie has more than we do.

The house phone starts ringing. Congratulations are said and hugs from Andrew and Daisy. Before the day is over we have designers offering us clothes, my stylist has phoned, my agent, attorney and everyone else I can think of. My publicist handles the interviews and designers start offering us clothes. Harry Winston’s calls and want us to wear their diamonds.

I’ve been through all of this before, but for Anna, it is all new and the press has been relentless. My publicist handles it all and we celebrate that night with a magnificent dinner prepared by Brian and Daisy featuring lobster.

Baby Stephan is turning a lovely café au lait color with a lot of milk. He is about three shades lighter than I am and I am light. He looks a great deal like Sir but his eyes are mine.

I spend many nights feeding and bonding with him. He touches my face and I melt. Anna expresses milk for his two and 4 o’clock feeding. I take the two and Brian takes the four and sometimes the six because he is up. We let Anna sleep as much as possible. This little one has three parents and we all take turns along with Bridget our Nanny who has really fits in.

I have taken Abigail into the playroom twice since Stephen’s birth. The first time as a punishment and she enjoyed it immensely, the second time with Brian that she enjoyed even more.

Abigail and Rebecca who is still with us are invited to the awards ceremony along with Andrew, Daisy, Dunge and Sheila. Anna has invited Sir Richard and Diana while Dominic has invited John and Amber. Therefore, we will all attend in March when the Academy Awards are announced.

We spend the weeks before going to California getting ready. Anna has chosen her gown and wants it to be a surprise. I have chosen Marchesa to design my gown. Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera have offered Rachel, because of Skip, a gown. She has to make a decision.

Marlene has also chosen her gown and I have seen it. It’s red, very sexy and fits Marlene like a glove; custom made by Bagdley Mischka.

Throughout this crazy process, Brian has been calm. He’s been helping with the baby, cooking and taking care of his family. One night after dinner, as I watch him I realize that we should give him more attention.

Since we have been married, I have not had a date with Brian. Anna and I decide that Friday I will take him out for a date and on Saturday, she will.

On Thursday, I inform Brian that he is to prepare dinner for everyone except him and me. We are going out. He grins at me. “A date?”

“Yes, and then into the playroom for a night of fun.” I say and he grins even more broadly. He lowers his eyes, “Thank you Mistress.”

When Friday arrives, I get a delivery of two dozen red and white roses delivered in an beautiful vase with the note:

All my love, my wife, my mistress


Going into the kitchen, I wrap my arms around his waist. “They are beautiful Brian. I love them and you.”

He turns around and kisses me deeply. How he has grown as a man. Little Stephen is at the table in his little seat. He isn’t yet ready for the high chair that was sent from England by Sir’s brother, Norman and his wife Bess. They will be coming to visit in the spring so they can meet their nephew.

I want Stephen to know them. Brian picks up the baby and takes him over to the pots and pans. “Smell. You will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I am going to teach you how to cook. “

The baby smiles at him and I laugh. Taking Stephen from him I say, “Not yet, he is still at his mother’s breast.”

I put him back in his seat and Stephen cries. Anna takes him and undoes her top. She puts him to her breasts. I watch as his fingers touch her breasts and he settles down. She sees me watching him and smiles.

A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

2013©angelface195 — all rights reserved


Work on The Racketeer begins in earnest and I am busy from morning until night. Monica Casey breezes into my office and I am, as is the rest of the world taken with her stunning beauty. Her sister Claudette is a friend, not a close friend but a friend who has invested and made very tidy profits from my films.

She is also beautiful but not as beautiful as Monica is. Monica has a sexuality about her like Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie to whom she is often compared. This role will help her be sexy and give her an edge. She is eager and I can tell that she is also interested in Brian who she eyes greedily when he brings down lunch.

“I’d like you to meet my husband.” I say as I introduce her to Brian.

Monica’s eyes go from the top of Brian’s head stop at his chest, hover at his penis area and then down to his feet. I can see Brian blush. She looks at me, “Lucky you.”

I get Brian out of the room as quickly as possible. Anna has a real strange reaction to Monica. She does not like her. I have never seen Anna dislike anyone at first sight, even Minerva. So my guard is raised. Monica Casey, actress is going to be big trouble.

Our house guests are settling in. Dylan and Stephen are like best friends. The two nanny’s have their hands full with those two and the girls. Misty has asked to help around the house and she does whatever is asked of her. She and Brian work well in the kitchen. They are becoming friends.

Anna is working with me most days in between spending time with the children. She’s a really good mother.

Anna and I have a date night on Friday. I have taken the night off because on Saturday we are having a get together with Monica, Basil, the screenwriters and a few others to celebrate the preproduction of our new movie.

Skip has been slowly healing and he and Abigail are becoming close. He has sent her to Sir Richard to complete her training and given him instructions on what he would like. With me, he is more and more like my son and speaks to me about Rachel often.

Rebecca has moved in with Basil and transferred to NYU Medical Center. Basil is the happiest I have ever seen him, new love, new job, new life in New York. He is writing material for a new album, but his focus is on our movie. The script is almost completed. He and Monica seem to work well, but I sense some hesitancy on her part even at the read through. We will be traveling down south to film in about three months so I am trying to work them through this. There is a connection problem.

On Friday after spending the morning, working on the script with Dominic and paying some bills. I have lunch with Dominic, Marlene, Skip and Lucia along with my family, Dylan and Misty. Our kitchen table is about to be changed because we have grown quite a bit. We take the children out including Dylan to the park near our house, but Andrew comes with us along with a security guard named Austin we’ve hired, who has a gun. Misty stays at home with Brian and Dominic.

She and Brian kid around and play. Monica has seen them together and one day she whispers to me, “You need to watch out for those two. She’s really leaning on him. Who is she? She looks a little familiar.”

I don’t pay attention to her and just answer, ‘She’s a friend who’s having problems with her husband. She and her son just needed a place to stay for a short time.”

Monica lets it drop, but I do start watching Misty and Brian together.

We take the kids to the park and they enjoy themselves on the swings and slide. The babies get their first ride in a swing. Rachel enjoys it while Renee cries to be taken out. I ride down the slide with her and she laughs.

Dylan goes up and down the slide repeatedly. He is a joy, a very happy little boy who really likes being with Stephen.

Skip takes the twins for a walk in their stroller while Anna and I sit for a minute watching Dylan and Stephen. I talk to her about Brian and Misty. “Stephanie, I’m not worried about Brian, but I am concerned about Misty. I understand it — she is leaning on Brian because he’s nothing like her despicable husband. I talked to her the other day and reminded her that the three of us are married and that we have children, I think she understood. I trust Bry.”

Biting my lip, I say, “I trust Bry too and I know she’s been treated badly. I am going to call Frederick and see how close he is to getting the documentation for her and Dylan to leave the country. I will sweeten the pot by loaning them the plane to take them wherever they want to go.

Anna agrees, then as we were watching Dylan and Stephen go up the slide again she gazed up at me through her lashes, “Stephanie, I um.” She hesitates then says, “I really don’t like Monica.”

I smile and take her hand, “I know, but why?”

“Something about her tells me she’s going to be trouble and I’m pretty nervous around her.” Anna says lowering her eyes.

I kiss her lips, “We’ll watch her too.”

“She wants Brian.” Anna states.

“She can’t have him.” I say and she smiles at me.

After a while, we collect the kids and go home.

Paul McKenzie is going crazy. He hasn’t found his wife and son. Her cell phone hasn’t been used nor has her credit cards. It is as if she has vanished into thin air. He also hasn’t found Tony, but he has everyone working on it. He takes out his frustrations on his staff and his submissive mistress, a former model named Charlene who he keeps in a cage and whips when he feels like it. Charlene is a pain slut and loves him beating her. She begs for it and Paul happily obliges.

Keith is given permission to fuck Charlene. He knows what is coming. As he sinks his dick into Charlene’s willing pussy, Paul beats him with a belt. Paul’s dick is hard with want and need and he throws down the belt. Getting behind Keith, he shoves his cock into Keith’s ass with one move of his hips, causing Keith to yell out.

Paul fucks Keith’s ass as Keith fucks Charlene. This is the only part he really hates not because he does not like it but because Paul makes him say, “Fuck me Master. I belong to you, all of me. I will do what you want, anytime you want. You own me. I am your slave. Fuck me harder.”

Paul loves the power he has over people and he loves to fuck. He slams his dick in and out of Keith, making Keith grunt and groan, “Thank you so much Master.” Keith says and Paul swats his butt. “I own this ass and I like fucking it. Do not cum until after I do, then you can finish up with Charlene. You can use her tonight just do not hurt her. She can sleep in the bed with you tonight, then tomorrow back in her cage.”

“Thank you Master.” Charlene moans as Keith slams into her pussy.

Paul’s mind is full of thoughts…where is that damn bitch and my son. Pulling Keith’s hair until he looks back Paul whispers in his ear, “Find my son or I will castrate you and shove your dick down your throat.”

Keith gulps and nods, ‘I’m doing my best Master. I’m looking for Tony and I’m working everyone on this.”

Paul pulls his hair harder causing Keith to grimace, “Find them!”

Keith nods. Paul finds his release, his semen spewing into Keith’s ass. He pulls out quickly causing Keith to wince and leaves to go into his bathroom to wash up.

As he comes out of the shower and looks into the mirror, Paul looks at himself and sees a powerful man who has lost control of his son and wife. He vows at that moment that whoever is helping Misty will pay. He will see to it.

I have gone to Evan, my attorney and put my affairs in order. Anna tells me I am being silly, but I need to make sure that everyone is taken care of. I also have three children I did not have before and I make sure that my beautiful little ones are going to be all right financially if anything happens to me.

A few nights later, Tony shows up on my doorstep. He is just checking in to see how Misty and Dylan are getting along. Dylan runs up to him and as Tony picks him up, he wraps his arms around Tony’s neck. “Hey there little buddy, how are you doing?”

Dylan looks at him and you can see the love the boy has for Tony, “Fine.” He says as he kisses Tony’s cheek.

Tony grins. Nanny comes to take Dylan who clings to Tony. “I’ll see you before I leave. I have to talk to Mrs. Stone.” He says kissing his cheek and handing Dylan to Nanny who takes him into the kitchen for his dinner.

I call for Andrew, Dominic and Skip who have come over for dinner and we all go into the living room with Brian and Anna who listen to what Tony has to say.

Everyone sits down except for Tony who stands in the center of the room. Tony runs his hand through his hair. He looks at each one of us and says seriously, “Paul is actively looking for Misty and Dylan. I’ve spoken with Frederick and it’s going to take two weeks before he has the documentation and another three weeks until he is ready for them to leave.” Tony looks at me, “Frederick and I both appreciate that you will loan Misty your plane. It will make it easier for them to get out the country.”

To Andrew and Dominic, Tony says, “Be on your guard. Paul is no fool and has unlimited resources.”

“I’ve called for reinforcements and Randolph will be here tomorrow.” I say. “Also I’m no slouch in that department either.”

Tony knows who Randolph is by reputation. He nods, then blushes, “I’m sorry Mrs. Stone, I know you’re very wealthy and he doesn’t know she’s in New York.”

We go over a few contingency plans. I will be much happier once Randolph has arrived. Dunge wanted to come but Sheila needed him. He offered to send a few more men, but we really wanted to keep this on the down low and not bring too many people into it so that we draw the least amount of attention.

Misty comes into the living room. She sees all of us sitting together and gets upset. Tony goes over to her and hugs her. “He’s still looking and searching. He did beat the nanny and your bodyguard. Paul gave them a payoff to keep them quiet. He’s really mad, but we are a few steps ahead of him.”

Misty hugs him and looks at us. “Dylan and I thank you for your protection. We wouldn’t know where we would be without you.” She hugs Tony hard.

Tony is persuaded to stay for dinner. Andrew pulls him aside, “Does Paul know about her uncle? I’ve told her not to contact anyone and he knows only to contact me.”

“Good, I don’t think he knows, but he might. Frederick is sort of the black sheep of the family, but we can’t be too careful. I’m helping him with the ID’s and if we can get something on this guy they would put her into Witness Identification, but even then he may have someone on his payroll. I think this way is better. “

Tony leaves soon after and life goes back to normal with one exception Randolph arrives. He sleeps in the safe room and only comes out for meals. Andrew goes in there with him and they go over all the equipment in there. I feel very safe.

Anna and I have a very nice evening together, dinner and a movie. When we arrive home, Brian and Misty are laughing in the kitchen and sharing a chocolate mousse. Misty lowers her eyes as we come into the room. We talk for a few minutes, then she leaves for bed.

Brian asks me, “Misty has been cooped up in this house for a while now. Stephanie I was wondering if I could take her for dinner and drinks at Daniels next Saturday?”

I frown. Misty cannot be seen, but she has been in the house hiding out and probably could use a night out. Also Daniel’s is only a few blocks away. We’ve taken Dylan out to the park. So I nod, “Yes, but take Randolph with you.”

Brian agrees and goes to tell Misty.

Anna is not feeling well so I take her to the doctor. Dr. Heart takes some tests and then brings in Dr. Kennedy. “How is little Stephen and the girls?” Dr. Kennedy asks with a serious expression on her face.

Anna puzzles answers her, “They are fine.”

Dr. Kennedy grins broadly and says, “Well it looks like they will be joined by a new addition.”

Anna at first looks perplexed, as I start to laugh. She then starts laughing and soon we are all hugging each other. She is pregnant with Brian’s child.

We decide to tell him on Sunday before everyone arrives for dinner then share the news with our friends and celebrate. Anna and I spend Friday shopping for clothes for the girls who have outgrown everything and buying a few things for Stephen. Rebecca is also coming to dinner with Basil on Sunday and I’m looking forward to all of it.

Anna and I are like schoolgirls with a big secret and giggle with each other all evening long. Little Stephen laughs with us even though he doesn’t know the secret as does Dylan. I am enjoying having all these children around.

In the nursery as we put the girls to bed, Anna lays her head on my shoulder, “Mistress.” She whispers, “I am so very happy. I love you and Bry so much. Tonight I want to be between your thighs, licking your clit and sucking your pussy. I want to be there all night long. I want you to fuck me and spank me. I want to feel your power.”

We read to the girls. You have never heard The Cat In The Hat with a Russian accent until you’ve heard it from Anna. I love listening to her read. She has been reading to the children since birth.

After the girls are tucked in, we go into the boy’s room and read Good Night Moon, a favorite of them both. We tuck them in, turn off the light and close the door.

Brian is just going to bed. He has already kissed the children good night and finished up in the kitchen. We kiss him. I will spend Sunday night with him. Tomorrow he is going out with Misty and Randolph.

Anna strokes his face, “On Sunday we will have something to celebrate.”

He raises an eyebrow, “And what is that?”

“It’s a surprise, so prepare something special for dinner.” She kisses his cheek, takes my hand and we go into the bedroom.

In bed, Anna devours me. She strips herself and me of our clothing in record time. As soon as we are in the bed, she captures my nipple in her mouth and sucks as her hand moves between my legs. Two fingers thrust themselves into my opening and she fucks me. “Anna”, I moan, “Yes, like that.”

“Don’t cum.” She warns. “I will spank you if you cum.” She says teasingly.

I chuckle and move her head down to my clit. She licks up at me. “Talk to me. How do you think Brian will react?” She says then sticks her tongue into my pussy and begins fucking in and out.

Grabbing her head inside me, I hold her there. I want to cum, but Anna is teasing me, playing with my pussy so I let her. “I think Brian will be excited and delighted. Expect to be fucked — I will give up my turn on Sunday or maybe we will all get into my bed and fuck the pregnant mommy.”

Anna lifts her head, “Would it be all right if I have the baby at home?”

I think for a moment, “Yes, but only if the doctor agrees.”

She goes back to licking me. “Fuck Anna, you’re driving me crazy. Finish me or I will take you in the playroom.”

Anna chuckles and latches on to my clit. It doesn’t take long before I am screaming her name and cumming on her face. Anna looks up at me and licks her lips. “Tasty.”

I grab her long hair and pull her on top of my body to kiss and hold her. “You are so very wicked.”

“Me.” She says not so innocently, “I just love eating my wife. You taste so good.”

I hold her on top of me, kissing her lips. Our tongues dance inside each other’s mouths and I love her so very much. Our kissing gets more intense. Holding her close I roll her over until I am on top. “Mistress.” She moans as I bend down to capture her lovely erect nipple in my mouth.

My sucking continues down her body and I stop at her stomach, kissing where I know there is another life inside. I lay my head there for a moment. I know how she feels. Anna holds my head there, “I would like this to be the last one for our family. Do you want any more?”

“No.” I shake my head. “The twins and Stephen and this little one coming will be all that we need.”

“Agreed.” She says. I continue my kissing and sucking and licking her legs and her feet. I get up and go to the drawer where I always keep a strap on; this one has a vibrator so that I can feel pleasure whilst I am fucking her.

Anna opens her legs wide as I am again on top of her. I feel between her legs. She is sopping wet. I shove the cock inside of her as Anna wraps her legs around my back. She moans, “Yes, my dearest mistress, take me. Fuck me hard.”

I move my hips and fuck into her, watching her face beautiful in its passion. I pinch her nipples and she groans. I slap them and she moans, “More my love, more.”

I am thrusting into her and feel that she is close and turn on the vibrator so that soon I am close. I am holding until she cums because I want to cum with her. I wish I had a big fat dick and would shoot lots of sperm into her already pregnant belly.

I pull Anna up until she is sitting astraddle me and I hold her as she throws back her head and screams her orgasm. I cum then too and she holds me to her.

We are both spent, but stay like that. She has her arms and legs wrapped around me. Kissing me deeply until we are both breathless, she stares into my eyes, and “I do so love you. I want us to be like this forever. The three of us that nothing and no one can separate. I am so happy. We have three beautiful, healthy children. I love my life.”

I nod in agreement and say, “And I love you forever my Anna.”

Finally, we untangle. I unhook the strap on and toss it on the floor. I will put it away before Stephen gets up and comes in. Ann and I snuggle together under the covers. She is in my arms and I drift off thinking of how wonderful our lives are.

On Saturday, I spend the morning doing some work while Anna helps Dominic go over some billing issues we have and writing some cheeks. We have officially hired her to work for our production company and we have never been more organized. She keeps the books straights, make the payments and sees that we have everything we need.

Brian makes a delicious brunch of pancakes, bacon, eggs, steak, sausage and ham. Daisy and he have the music playing and we enjoy our brunch with the children listening to music.

In the afternoon, we all take the children out to play with Marlene joining us and Randolph keeping watch. Misty stays home getting ready for her evening out.

I have had my hairdresser come to the house and dye her dark hair blond. Her hair is also cut short and she is wearing glasses. We don’t think that anyone knows where she is but we can’t be too careful. She dresses in a very sexy blue dress from Anna’s closet since they are the same size. This is her first night out in over a month and she is looking forward to it.

As Misty looks into the mirror, she is grateful to me, but also very jealous. She has feelings for Brian and has not told him. She feels guilty for her feelings but she wants him. He is so good with Dylan. I have Anna why can’t she have Brian.

We return for a late lunch and put the children down for a nap. In the evening after we have finished working and before dinner, Misty comes into the room. I notice how beautiful she looks and compliments her. She looks at me with an expression I cannot fathom and says, “Thank you for all that you have done for me and my son. I have never been so happy. I see how you and your wife get along and how much Brian loves both of you. Do you think it will last? “

I smile at her knowing she has had such a hard time, “Why would you ask that. Of course. We all love and respect each other?”

“But you have a wife and a husband? How does that work? Doesn’t Anna get all your attention?” She says.

“Both of them get my attention. I love Brian and we take turns for sex if that is what you mean. Sometimes we all get into bed together, but we have children together. I am not only their wife I am their Mistress. They are my submissives always. It works for us.”

A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

2013©angelface195 — all rights reserved


I know as I come back into my body that Rachel is about to leave this earth. My body floats back and I am in darkness.

When I awaken, I am in a room. Turning my head, I see Brian in a chair asleep.

“Rachel’s dying. You and Anna should go and say goodbye. I will be there as soon as they let me out of here. “

Brian who is now awake comes to me and sits on the bed. I repeat myself. Anna enters the room and sees that I am awake. She rushes to my side and kisses me. I tell her the same thing. Both she and Brian look at each other as Anna says to me, “How did you know, I just received a phone call.”

I smile and say, “I saw her. She looked beautiful. She told me to return. Please go. I will be fine. I want to see my daughters. Please go to Rachel and tell her I will be there in a day or so and to hold on just a little while longer. I will take care of Skip for her. All this talking has made me exhausted and I close my eyes.

Anna rings for the nurse who comes in and then shoos them out. Brian and Anna hold hands as they walk to the nursery to see the babies, then leave to say goodbye to Rachel.

It is two more days before I am released from the hospital. I greet the new nanny whose name is Sandra and leave her with the babies. I have to see Rachel.

I say my goodbyes and talk to Skip. I know he is ready and he goes in the bedroom. He releases her from this earth and as her family and her friends surround her bed, Rachel opens her eyes, tells Skip she loves him, closes her eyes and is gone.

I comfort Marion and Ilich. Marion especially is feeling pain I hope never to feel, the death of a child. Dr. Heart gives her a shot and she lies down. Abigail looks pale. She is just barely hanging on, but she takes her father’s hand as he weeps. She and I exchange a look and her look says I will be fine.

I don’t have enough breast milk so the babies are given formula. I will be with them later, but I know they are safe. Right now I need to help Skip and in some ways his father Dominic. I am sure this is bringing back all types of memories for him. Dominic is holding his son’s hand tightly. He is trying very hard not to cry. Marlene has her hand on her husband’s shoulder.

Her tears are flowing freely, silently. She wipes her face with her free hand. I hug her tightly and she hugs me. “I loved her. We did so much together. I will miss her.”

Dominic stands and so does Skip. We all hug. We all cry. Marion gets up and joins us. Soon Anna, Brian and even the Doctor join us. We stand in a circle with Skip, Marion, Ilich and Abigail in the middle and we cry…

Rachel is buried the next day. Her memorial service is held a week later, per her request at her favorite restaurant. All of her friends and family are there. We drink to her, we toast to her, we tell stories about her. Abigail stands next to Skip waiting on him, taking care of him. I see the sadness in both their eyes, but also see there is hope and the beginnings of love. It will take time, but they will heal.

Daniel arrives at the service to my surprise and delight. He looks healthy. He greets Skip and together they cry over lost loves. He hugs Anna and shakes hands with Brian. When he sees me, he comes over and kisses my cheek. I invite him to come to the house, but he says he cannot. He doesn’t want to see the house next door where he was abused. He still cannot face it. He will be leaving after the service back to continue his recovery. I curse Minerva.

Skip is my main concern, but I learn soon that I need not worry. Dominic reveals to me that Skip liberates himself by taking all his grief out on Abigail who accepts it willingly as Rachel knew she would. This was what they both needed. Abigail felt guilty because she was going to live and she wanted the pain. Skip needed to let go of his anger and hurt. However, as he had been taught by his father, and me he didn’t let the anger consume him and he didn’t hurt Abigail beyond her endurance.

Dominic helped him for a while. Marlene and Anna helped Abigail. I stayed neutral except when either of them came to me. Skip came just once to ask me about how long he could keep Abigail in a cage before he should let her out. It was a punishment and I shared information with him.

Abigail came twice. She wanted Skip to spank her harder and she wanted him to suspend her. I told her to go to Skip and tell him for the first one and to Dominic who knew more about suspension than I did for the latter.

My two girls are named Rachel Shirley (after my mother) Stone and Renee (after Brian’s mother) Anna Stone. Anna was excited and delighted. Little Stephen at age two was taught to gently kiss his little sisters. He helped by bringing in the diapers. On Sunday, it was interesting to see the three of us going to the park with babies and strollers.

Brian fell in love with his daughters from the moment he laid his eyes on them.

I went to church the Sunday after the babies were born before Rachel’s memorial. Besides making a very nice donation to say thank you for three healthy children, I gave a prayer of thanks. I have been so blessed by God and the Universe.

There have been tragedies there have been joys. My highs are really high and my lows crashed down upon my body like a ton of bricks, but I would not trade it for anything.

A miracle, no two miracles have been given to me. When I feed my daughters, I marvel they are here. I touch my body. Throughout my pregnancy, I was worried that I would lose them. I needed to just trust more. God does not give blessings then take them away. I am ashamed and here in church I ask forgiveness.

Anna, Brian and even Rachel have said that I made good choices, but I have been guided to those choices by the power that is greater than all of us. I might be a Domme, but I am also a mother, a wife, a black woman, a director, but most importantly I am a human being. I bleed, I cry, I laugh and I cherish all that has been given me.

I am a billionaire. I have a lovely home, but I would trade it all for Sir’s life and Rachel’s if I could. I am a very lucky rich black bitch and I wear that with pride.

Our lives have calmed down and I am enjoying the calm. I try very hard not to anticipate the storm, but I am sure there will be one, which we will survive.

Basil arrives back in New York. He has rented an apartment and is the new star of our movie. I could not be happier. Rebecca transferred her studies to NYU Hospital and she is back to living with me. She and Basil have decided if things keep working well she will move in with him in a few months. Right now, they are dating and enjoying each other.

Stephen is running around. Anna is teaching him at home. He has already been enrolled into one of the most prestigious nursery schools in the city and will start in the fall. He’s very active and curious about everything.

A decision was made that Brian and Anna except in the playroom would call me Stephanie. We do not want the children walking around calling me Mistress. Lucia started calling me that and it took three months to get her to call me Auntie S.

Discussions about who would be mama were decided. Anna would be mama or mommy. I would be mother or mom. Brian is dad to all the children. He and Stephen have dad’s day every Saturday and go on adventures during the day.

After three months of babies, we leave the children with Daisy, Andrew and the nanny’s. The three of us take a trip to visit a friend — his name is Master Frederick. He owns an inn and not just any inn, but an inn that caters to BDSM. We need a little excitement and I am ready to play.

Fall was in the air when we arrived in Simsbury, Connecticut. The inn is in the middle of a small forest. There is a pool and a spa. The spa however is different from any other spa in the country. It is completely a spa for BDSM. You have never had a massage until you’ve had one here. It is intense.

The Domme or Dom decides how intense and what treatments the subs are to receive. The subs also have extreme exercise. We will be here for three days. The Dom’s have submissives who work on them. Submissives who give the massages and treatments are rewarded or punished for their performance.

When I arrive at the spa, Master Frederick pulls me aside. “After you are settled Mistress Stephanie, I need to speak to you about a matter of extreme importance.”

I nod and tell him that I will see him as soon as I have a few moments with Anna and Brian.

We arrive at our two-bedroom suite. This is the Wisley Garden Suite. All of the suites are named after gardens in England. The décor is tastefully flowery. Anna is her usual organizational self and unpacks while Brian takes a walk and I suspect he will make a phone call to check up on the Nannies. He is a very protective father.

I take an elevator ride two floors to Master Frederick’s office that is located next to the spa. He is pacing the room of his office and waves me in. He looks deep in though. I sit in the comfortable chair and cross my legs. After a few moments, he stops pacing and looks at me.

He runs his hand through his dark hair and says, “I need your help…” He hesitates. “My niece has an abusive husband. I’d like to know if she can stay with you in New York until we find a way to deal with this son of a bitch.”

Master Frederick and I are friends and I would do anything for him, however I am feeling there is more to this story than he is telling me.

“Who is her husband?” I ask.

Frederick frowns, “Paul McKenzie.”

“The Paul McKenzie. Paul McKenzie the third richest man in the world. He’s…” I stop talking.

Frederick finishes my thought, “He’s charming, handsome, ruthless and deadly. I know.” Frederick sits down. He places his hands on the desk interlocking his fingers. “I know I’m asking a lot, and I thought of hiding her here, but he would find her and…”

“And?” I say really concerned now.

“It’s not only her. She has a three-year-old son. If she could stay in New York with you until I can arrange certain accommodations for her out of the country, then I know she will be safe. I am also working on a way to take care of her husband. I have spoken with Finch Reese and he said to ask you for help. He’s going to aid me in taking down Paul.”

I sigh. “I have to speak to Anna and Brian about this. We have children now. I don’t want to put their lives in danger.”

Frederick stands and comes over to me, he kneels beside my chair, “I know I am asking a lot Mistress, but I really need your help. You are the only one he does not know about. I will pay anything; do anything to ensure her safety. Misty is the only family I have left and little Dylan is my only great nephew, so I’m asking, no begging you to help them.”

I look down at him, “Master Frederick, you don’t ever have to kneel to me. I just need to speak to my family and make a few calls to New York, then I will let you know. If I decide to do this, you owe me nothing. “

He kisses my hand and stands. I stand too and we hug. Leaving the room I turn back to see him pacing again.

Over some snacks sent up by Frederick, I talk to Anna and Brian. Brian has concerns and reservations. He is worried about the girls and I understand this. Anna feels we should help them. She stares at Brian, “What if it were the girls or Stephen? She needs help, Bry, it is a no brainer.” Anna takes my hand, “Mistress, allow me to call Andrew and Daisy and tell them to make the guest room ready. I think that you should call Dominic and Skip and tell them what is happening.”

I look at Brian who reluctantly nods. Taking my cell phone, I walk out onto the little balcony that overlooks the garden and call Dominic. He and Skip are both working with the screenwriters and are in the office. They understand immediately and agree that we should help.

While I am on the phone, Anna is calling home to tell Daisy to make preparations for the arrival of our two guests. Brian is also on the phone. He is calling the Nannies to let them know that we will have another toddler in the house.

After the phone calls are done, we head to the spa to begin our treatments. Anna and Brian go to the submissive side while I go to the Master side.

I am given a luxurious robe and slippers and led to the massage room. The room is dimly lit, there is soft music playing in the background, the scent of vanilla hangs in the air. It is a beautiful atmosphere to relax. A beautiful young woman and man enter the room. The woman wears a bra, panties, and nothing else. The man wears a very sexy pair of underpants.

They kneel as I sit on the doublewide massage table. “Mistress Do you want your massage dressed or naked?” The young man asks. His nametag says Submissive Tom.

“Naked.” I say and they stand and disrobe. They help me off with my robe and I lie down on the table my face in the little hole. The woman whose name is Submissive Beatrice begins kneading my buttocks while Tom begins massaging my neck. His dick is starting to rise and is up near my face. He has a long large one and I lick the tip.

I have been here before and know that the submissives are only allowed to cum if I permit it and if they do a good job. Tom is kneading my back and thrusting his dick up into my mouth. He is moaning and I taste his pre-cum. He continues massaging my back, his hands are strong.

Beatrice is massaging my legs. She slides a finger into my pussy from behind and I move back on her hand. She inserts another finger and I maneuver up to my knees. Tom removes his dick as Beatrice slides underneath me and begins eating my pussy.

“Would Mistress like me to fuck her or the sub?” Tom asks.

“You may fuck the sub.” I say and he slips on a condom. As he slides his cock into Beatrice, her pussy licking gets even more exciting and she is eating me with abandon. Tom begs, “Mistress may this unworthy sub cum.”

“No.” I say as I am nearing my orgasm. Tom moans and keeps fucking Beatrice. Finally I reach my climax and clutch her had pulling her deeper inside and smearing my cream all over her face.

I release her and allow Tom to cum. Beatrice is still unsatisfied. She stands on unsteady legs and I turn over onto my back. I am still horny and pull her head into my sensitive but not fully satisfied pussy.

She raises an eyebrow but goes to work. I instruct Tom who has taken off and disposed of the condom to eat Beatrice’s cunt until she cums, which is not long and she screams into my pussy, which triggers my second orgasm.

I am exhausted and so are the two subs, but they finish my massage. I am left to sleep for half an hour on the table. Job well done.

In the subs spa, nearly everything is the same except the massages are given by Doms and are very intense. Anna receives an intense spanking which leaves her pussy unsatisfied and on edge. Her pussy is played with, she is forbidden to cum no matter how much she begs, and she begs.

Brian is paddled and stroked. He is also forbidden to cum, but he does and is punished by the Master, his penis locked in the dreaded cage and he is fucked by a dildo.

He and Anna both receive massages, which bring them close to orgasm. Brian’s cock is uncaged and he is fighting to stay calm. They are restrained. All of this is being done to prepare them for this evening — when finally Brian will get to fuck Anna.

Brian doesn’t know it, but Anna and I have planned this whole weekend. At dinner Anna is nervous and Brian on edge. He can hardly sit because he is so horny. “Mistress, may I fuck you tonight?” he begs.

I shake my head. I know he wants to ask why, but he does not. I know he thought we were here to relax and he will get the chance, but tonight I want him ready.

After dinner, I take Brian and dress him in black leather pants with snaps at the crotch and a leather vest. His hair is slicked back. He looks more like a Dom than a submissive.

I dress in a bustier and black leather pants with red heels. Taking Brian’s hand, we take the elevator down into the Inn’s dungeon. I call it a dungeon, but actually, it’s quite beautiful and romantic. There is a canopy bed with restraints, a cross and other implements of pleasure and pain. Anna comes into the room in a flowing red dress. Her hair is out and wild. Her makeup dramatic.

The room is lit in candlelight. Master Frederick and two subs, a male and a female are present.

Anna kneels in front of Brian. Her eyes are lowered. Her voice soft as she says. “Tonight, Mistress is giving me to you and tonight you are my Master. I have denied my master access to my pussy with his beautiful cock. Tonight I ask that Master whip me and then fuck me with his cock. I beg for Master to take his wife the way he should have been allowed to do after we married.”

Brian looks at me. Tears begin to form in his eyes. He knows what this means. He mutters “Thank you Mistress.”

To me. I say to him, “Tell Anna thank you for this gift. I will be with you watching.”

Brian lifts up her face and bends down so she is looking at him. “Are you sure?” He asks, his face showing his concern.

I marvel at this because the old Brian would have just taken Anna. My husband has grown and is now a man. The man of my house. I am proud of him.

Anna smiles, “I am very sure Master Bry.” She says a twinkle in her eye, “I should have done this a long time ago.”

He gently kisses her, “Thank you for your gift.”

Brian looks over at the female submissive, “unbutton my pants.”

He orders and she does. Brian’s cock springs out and is steel hard. Grabbing Anna’s head, he thrust his cock into her mouth gagging her. “Yes, my sweet Anna you should have done it sooner.”

I watch as Brian masterfully fucks Anna’s mouth. I watch as Anna lovingly sucks his cock. He moves her face up and down and Anna’s tongue that I know so well licks up. Her cheeks hollow as she sucks him He pulls her in deeper and she relaxes her throat as he goes past her throat muscles deep throating him.

I know that Brian is going to cum in her mouth and at his moment of climax, I kiss him, which surprises him, and he breathes deep in my mouth. He moans, “I love you both so much.”

He cums holding Anna’s head pressed to his groin. He cums so hard it leaks out the side of her mouth. Anna licks her lips then licks his penis clean. Brian pats her head. I bend down and kiss Anna’s lips. She pulls me to her, opens her mouth and we share Brian’s semen.

She gazes up at him shyly, “You taste good Master Bry.”

He laughs and says, “Please don’t call me Master, just husband. We have a Mistress and she is all we need.”

Extending his hand, he helps Anna up. The two subs come up to her and undress her. Her beautiful body is clean, shaved and glistening with body glitter. Master Frederick ties her to a pole. Her arms over her head, her legs spread open, her back facing us.

He hands Brian a flogger and me a whip. I look questioningly at him. I was only here to watch.

Master Fredericks says to me, “Anna has requested that you be a part of this since you are her wife and her mistress. She asks that you whip her.”

I pull back her head tightly. “So you want me to whip you then whip you I shall. I want you ready for Brian’s big prick to take you. “

Brian asks me to begin and I do. SLASH, the whip cuts through the air, THWACK, it makes contact and Anna cries out. The whip whistles as it strikes her skin. I give her five and I see the tears fall from her eyes.

Brian begins with the flogger. She is turned around and he hits her breasts and her stomach and finally lands one on her sex. I can feel the heat coming from her. I can see her juices running down her legs. She is ready and so…is Brian. His dick has risen again.

I point at the subs and the male gets behind Brian and begins licking his ass as the female sucks on his dick.

A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

2013©angelface195 — all rights reserved

Dunge, Randolph and Andrew hightail it back to the house before the NYPD get into the house. The police break down the front door and find a barely conscious Jacqueline near the stairs and a dead Phillip lying on the ground.

As they search the house, they find the playroom. “What the hell was going on in here?” asks one police detective scratching his head. An ambulance arrives, but Jacqueline dies on her way to the hospital.

The next day the Daily News Headline reads:

Massacre at House of Pain and Bondage

Dunge does not tell me any of what has gone on. He, Randolph and Andrew manage to go back into the garden and pick up any evidence that links them to the shooting.

Randolph is very upset about Phillip’s murder and vows to kill Marcus himself. He and Andrew are also upset that Minerva has gotten away. They now have to figure out where she is.

I call home the morning we are at sea after reading in the New York Times what happened on the ship’s computer. I can barely hear him, but I get the gist of it. I send him an email that says, “If anyone knows where Minerva might be, it is Denise. I will call you tomorrow when we are back at the hotel.”

I don’t share what has gone on at home with Brian and Anna because I don’t want them worried. I join them for our last night aboard ship. We spend the day together participating in ship activities and at night dancing. However, my mind is on Daniel and what torments he is now suffering.

I don’t sleep, but spend the night sitting outside staring out into the ocean and praying. Brian awakens about four and comes and sits with me. He doesn’t say anything and we sit holding hands and watching the sun come up.

As soon as we dock, we are whisked away in the limousine I have rented back to magical Disney World and the Animal Kingdom Lodge Royal Asante Presidential Suite.

I am anxious. Until they catch Minerva, my loved ones are still in danger and until they find Daniel, I feel very guilty. Perhaps even after they find him, I will feel as if somehow I could have prevented this.

At the hotel, Anna takes over and makes sure we have everything we need for our extended stay. She goes shopping dragging Brian with her because she knows I need space. I am very grateful.

I call home and speak to Dunge, Randolph and Andrew who tell me everything that has occurred. After speaking with them, I make a phone call to Michael Worthington, the President’s chief-of-staff. Michael makes a phone call to the FBI and they with his instruction take over the investigation. Dunge, Randolph and Andrew are in the clear as the FBI takes all of the evidence with them.

Dunge has phoned Denise who has some ideas where Minerva might have taken Daniel. My three are leaving in a few hours to go to two of the three places Denise has mentioned. They want to find Daniel before the FBI does and Randolph wants to kill Minerva.

Brian, Anna and I spend the day at Disney World — the happiest place on earth and I am not happy. I want to be home where the action is. I want to be a part of all this, but I know it is best for me to stay away. So I go on rides and try to have fun.

Daniel awakens in a room that looks like a jail cell with concrete walls. The door has a slot to send food through and a square metal plate to see inside. A small window allows some light. In the room are a table and chair, a bed, a sink and a toilet. He goes to the door it is locked. He is wearing white pants and a white tee shirt. He has been cleaned up, but there are still small cuts over his body from where Jacqueline cut him.

A few moments after he awakens, he hears a key in the door. A man he has never seen before followed by Marcus enter his cell bringing with them food. The man does not look at Daniel but sets the tray on the table.

“Eat and then the Mistress will come down and see you.” Marcus says briskly.

“I want to go home.” Daniel says firmly.

Marcus laughs, “You’re never going home.” He turns; Daniel stops him by saying, “Why is she doing this to me? Why are you helping her?”

Marcus whose shoulder has been bandaged turns around, “She loathes your former partner. You will be her revenge. Stephanie Stone will suffer because of your death. I am helping her because she is my Mistress and I love her.”

He and the other man walk out the door, locking it behind them. Daniel looks stunned. They are going to kill him for revenge. He thinks he is going to cry, but he does not. A quiet strength comes over him. As he sits and eats his breakfast, Daniel knows that I am looking for him and that gives him hope.

I am meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse and feeling very foolish. I want to go home. I want to find Daniel. I call Andrew’s cell phone. They have gone to the first place and found someone living there, they are now headed for Pennsylvania and a farmhouse that Denise owns and that Minerva knows well.

As they get up to the house, they see two cars parked out front. Randolph calls Denise and asks her if anyone is living at the house. Denise says that only one person should be there the caretaker. Dunge and Andrew get the equipment they need. They will wait until dark.

Minerva goes down to the cell. She enters alone. Daniel is lying on the bed and sits up when she appears. “Is that how you greet your Mistress?” She smiles a snaky smile.

“You are not my Mistress anymore. You abused your power.” He said with a strength he hasn’t felt for some time.

Minerva goes up to him and slaps his face. “You think you’re smart. You are mine. I will tell you now you will never leave here. Tonight will be your last night and tonight you will pleasure me. Your friend.” She spat the word friend out, “Will not be in time to save you. Maybe if you eat my pussy, then I’ll let you live a day longer.”

Daniel doesn’t even touch his face where she has slapped him. He glares at her, “I’ll never touch your disgusting sex again. Stephanie is more a Mistress than you will ever be.”

Minerva holds her temper. “Marcus will be here to whip you until you agree to pleasure me. As for your dear Stephanie, where is she? She’s on her honeymoon with her little pets. She did not want you. I am the only one who wanted you and this is how you betray me? You are nothing. To think you thought of yourself as a master.” She laughs cruelly. “You are not even good enough to lick my shoe or keep as a doggie pet. You are nothing.”

Daniel stands, “No Minerva, I am a man and I’ve been a very bad friend. You can whip me, you can kill me, but my loyalty is to Stephanie. So do your worse, I can only die once.”

“Ugh,” Minerva growls. “I can’t wait to get rid of your sorry ass.”

The door opens and Marcus comes in with the whip. Minerva leaves and Daniel’s torment begins anew.

Andrew can hear the screams. They cannot wait any longer. Dusk has just approached and they get ready. Dunge calls the FBI and then he, Andrew and Randolph get ready to get Daniel.

The caretaker sees them, but does not shout the alarm. He hates Minerva. He nods and lets them in the house. They follow the screams, which lead them downstairs. The door is open and Randolph points his semi-automatic gun at Marcus who turns. “Give me a reason not to cut you in half.” Randolph says and Marcus flicks his wrist, the whip catches Randolph’s hand and he shoots killing Marcus. His face is grim as he says. “That’s for Philip.”

Minerva hearing the gunfire runs outside with Andrew chasing behind her. Bloodied and in pain Daniel is on the floor and Dunge goes to him. Minerva turns and shoots. Andrew ducks behind a bale of hay and fires back, but she makes it to her car. She starts the car and drives as Andrew shoots and misses. He is angry.

Randolph is calling him and he shakes his head as he walks back to the house. The FBI arrives before the local police and they take charge as an ambulance arrives and takes Daniel to the hospital. Andrew rides with him while Dunge and Randolph survey the grounds and they find the hole dug for him as well as a DVD message for me from Minerva which tells his location and that he only has three hours of air left. They know I cannot possibly get there in time.

Randolph phones me, “Daniel is safe and on his way to the hospital… “

I wait, but he doesn’t say anything so I ask, “And Minerva.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. S. she got away, but we will find her.” He says apologetically.

“Don’t bother. She will get hers. We have to take care of Daniel now. I’m coming home in the morning.” I say.

Dunge gets on the phone, “She had a pit dug for him and a message for you saying she was only giving him three hours of air. What a foul bitch!” He spits out.

“I’ll be home in the morning. Thank you so much. I’ll see you soon.” I am starting to get upset.

Dunge continues, “You never have to thank me darlin’ you know I would do anything to protect you. I do have something to tell you and I’m ashamed I didn’t before, but I didn’t have enough proof.”

“Proof about what?” I say my voice cracking because somehow I know this news is something that will send me over the edge. I manage to say, “Dunge, you’re scaring me. What are you talking about?”I say.

“I believe that Minerva was responsible for Sir’s plane crash.” He says softly and gently, but it cuts through me like a knife. My stomach churns and I feel nauseous. I hadn’t expected this at all.

“What?” I say as if I didn’t hear him. Andrew gives him a dirty look and whispers, “You should have waited to tell her this.” Dunge shrugs and whispers to him, “What difference would it have made. I know her; she doesn’t like to be kept in the dark.” Dunge repeats the words slowly. I feel as if a knife has been thrust into my heart. “I’ll explain everything tomorrow. Please, I’m sorry.” Dunge says sincerely.

Tears spring into my eyes as I hang up the phone. Brian and Anna are out. I am glad because I take this opportunity to wail, really wail from the depths of my soul. I want to tear the room apart, I want to tear my chest from my heart, I want to rip Minerva from top to bottom with my bare hands. I want to scream, I want to fight someone, anyone, and all I can do is knock a chair over as I fall to my knees and weep.

Security knocks on the door. I manage to compose myself to open it. “Mrs. Stone?” The young man in uniform with a badge that says security asks, “Are you all right? We heard there was a disturbance.”

I apologize, “I just got some really bad news. I’m sorry I made so much noise.” He looks at me with sadness and understanding, “Is there anything we can do?”

“No.” I say softly and close the door. By the time, Anna and Brian return I am in the shower. I come out clean and temporarily sane, but Anna sees my red-rimmed eyes and knows I have been crying.

“Mistress?” She asks and the tears start again. I cry and I can’t stop. Brian comes in and lifts me in his arms and I cry my arms around his neck. I cry for hours and they both hold me as I try to explain, but the words come out choked.

Anna takes my phone and calls Dunge. He tells her everything and she gets angry. “You should have waited until she got home to tell her this. We will be there tomorrow. See you then.” She snaps at him and hangs up.

Anna brings a wet cloth. I am put into bed, covered with a sheet and Anna cleans my face. She orders some chamomile tea and cakes. Brian calls Andrew and learns that Daniel is at the hospital under guard. He has cuts all over his body and whip marks. He also has a broken arm and a damaged spleen, which has to be removed.

“It could have been worse,” Andrew says to Brian. “Minerva had intended to kill him. She had the hole dug. She is truly evil. I’m just sorry I let her get away.” He says wearily.

“Please tell Mrs. S that I will be staying with Daniel. Dr. Heart is on his way here. It will be a few days. I’ve called Daisy to let her know you will be home in the morning. She says everything is ready for your arrival.”

Brian thanks Andrew and returns to me. I am finally asleep. He takes Anna into the other bedroom. “We need to take care of her. She is stressed out. I want to kill that bitch Minerva. We need to find out where she is.”

Anna agrees, “I have an idea and a plan.” When she tells Brian what she has in mind, he smiles. “Not a word to her.” They agree. “It is our turn to take care of our wife.” Brian says and Anna nods.

Michael Worthington receives a telephone call from Anna. He already knows what has occurred at the farmhouse. She tells him her plan and Michael agrees with her. “I’ll take care of it. It will be my wedding gift to you.”

It takes five months, but the CIA finds Minerva hiding in Namibia. The team sent to her compound kills her guards and take her to an undisclosed location where she is raped by guards, beaten and tortured; they pull out her nails one by one and her teeth. They cut off each of her fingers and toes. Before she is to be buried alive, a DVD is played for her. Anna appears, along with Brian, Denise and a very alive Daniel, “You will now pay for all your crimes and for all the pain you’ve caused. This is for Sir and Rachel.” Brian says and then Minerva is taken away to her death.

I did not find out about this for a year after it has happened. When we return home, Daisy has everything under control. Skip, Rachel, Dominic, Marlene, greet us and to my surprise Rebecca who has vacation for a week.

I am told about all the police action across the street. Dunge and Randolph arrive later in the day looking exhausted. They have given their statements to the FBI. Daniel is undergoing surgery, but the prognosis is good. He will live. I call the hospital and spoken with Dr. Heart. As soon as he can travel, I want him here where I can keep an eye on him. I need to take care of him.

Dominic informs me that we have a movie to finish and we start shooting on a sound stage in Brooklyn in a week. The movie is nearly done, and then the editing begins. I have a week to get my head back in the game. I really need to calm down or my work is going to suffer.

Skip tells me that anything I need he will do. Marlene who is six months’ pregnant and glowing offers her help. Rebecca also volunteers. Rachel however says nothing.

Later in the day she pulls me aside, “This is my fault.” She says and I stare at her, “Why do you say that?”

“If I had not chosen Skip over him, he might not have gone off the deep end.” She says looking down at her hands. I lift her face up, “This is not your fault, it is mine.”

Brian comes into the room, “It’s not either of your faults — It’s that crazy bitch Minerva. She is out for revenge for crimes, which do not exist. It is her own guilt. Stop it both of you.” He comes to Rachel and hugs her, “Be happy with Skip. You both love each other. Daniel’s problems are his. He needs to work this out. It had nothing to do with you.”

Releasing her, he takes me in his arms. I feel his strong embrace and lean my head into his chest, “And you my wife, this is not your fault either. Minerva is crazy and Daniel is messed up.” He kisses my hair and lifts up my face so I am staring into his eyes, “I took the liberty of calling Sir Richard. Daniel should return to California. He needs serious help and therapy. Sir Richard has arranged for it. I don’t think he should return here, too many memories.

Every day he would see the house of horror across the street, every day he would feel even guiltier seeing you and Rachel. He should return to Sir Richard’s to get the help he needs. He can go to a facility. Please Mistress, call Dr. Heart and tell him to take Daniel to California.”

I know he is right, but I want to see him. As if he read my mind Brian says, “Mistress, Anna and I want to go to Pennsylvania with you to see him.”

I nod, “you are right. I’ll make the arrangements with Dr. Heart and we’ll go in a day or so.” Smiling I say, “So when did you get so smart my love.”

He kisses me, “I’ve grown up. I’m also a husband and the man of this house, so I have to be a man.”

Anna comes in and Brian tells her that we are going to go visit Daniel before he leaves for California. Anna agrees with all of it.

I make a phone call that evening to Mistress Diana and Sir Richard. I thank them both for doing this. Diana says to me, “We will take good care of Daniel and please come visit anytime.”

Sir Richard is very serious, “I never should have let him go. What she asked for was ridiculous. I should have stopped him.”

“He is a grown man, how the hell could you have stopped him. It was his decision. By the way, what was the one condition he would not meet?”

Sir Richard cleared his throat, “She asked him never to see you again. So she amended it to not speaking to you.”

“Oh” is all I say and the tears fall. Sir Richard and I are quiet for a moment and then I tell him what Dunge told me about the plane crash.

Dunge had in his possession a photo of a man who had arrived in Canada and was spotted near the plane that was to bring Sir home. Dunge had a photo of a group of friends of Minerva’s that was taken a long time ago at a party. Taking into account age and changes, he thought the photo was of one of Minerva’s friends. When he saw Marcus, he knew that it was he.

Dunge didn’t want to tell me this until he was sure. He hired an investigator and put the pieces together. Marcus is now dead so that part of over, but Minerva has disappeared.

Sir Richard offers to make some inquiries, but I tell him to let it go. Daniel will be out of her reach in California and she isn’t stupid enough to return to New York.

A few days later Dunge informs me that Minerva was spotted in Paris. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least she was out of the country.

Anna, Brian, Dunge, Randolph and I take the plane to Pennsylvania. We are going to visit Daniel and bring Andrew home. I go in first. Daniel is lying in a hospital bed with machines going on. He looks so tiny in the bed and I bet he’s lost at least twenty pounds. He opens his eyes as I enter and manages a weak smile.

“Hey, this is one way to get my attention.” I say with a lame joke. He starts to laugh, but feels pain, “please don’t make me laugh.”

I sit in the chair by his bed, tears spring into my eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

He grimaces, “For what? You didn’t do anything. All the stupid decisions I’ve made are my stupid decisions. You have done nothing but try to warn me, to protect me or just plain knock some sense into my thick skull. I am the one who couldn’t see past my own fuckupedness. I’m the one who thought I knew what was best.”

“Has Andrew told you that we want you to return to Sir Richard? How do you feel about that?” I ask cautiously.

He nods slowly, “I thought about that before when I was in the cell. I need to go back. I need help and now, I am willing to listen. I’ll call Sir Richard.”

I squeeze his hand, “It’s already arranged. As soon as you’re ready to go, Dr. Heart, Dunge and Randolph will take you back.”

He nods, “Please thank all of them. Also tell Anna and Brian I’m sorry I intruded on your honeymoon.”

“Don’t be silly. You are never an intrusion.” I stand and kiss his cheek. He manages a weak smile, “I’m tired. I’ll see you when I return from California.”

Daniel is dismissing me. “If you need anything, please let Andrew know.” I turn to leave.

Daniel calls my name, “Stephanie.”

I turn, and he again smiles, “I love you. I will always love you and I want nothing but happiness for you. I think you’ve found that after Sir died with Anna and Brian. I look forward to seeing your new film. “

I smile back ruefully, “You’re job is waiting for you when you want it.”

He shakes his head, “I think I just need to take my time. I want to do something different. Let Skip be your new partner.”

I have no response to this, turn, and leave. When I am outside, I say to Andrew. “Put ten million dollars into Daniel’s account,tell Sir Richard to do whatever is necessary for him and if he needs anything to call you.”

Our trip to New Zealand is busy. I am working from morning to night. Before we leave, we learn that Marlene is pregnant. She moves in with me so that Andrew, Daisy, Rachel and Brian can take care of her while we are gone.

Dominic is over the moon while Skip is also excited and Rachel just a little jealous. Skip is coming with us to New Zealand and so is Anna. Anna will stay for a month then Brian will come and stay for the next month.

Skip has truly grown as a person, a man and a Dom. There is a maturity about him that wasn’t there before. He is now my assistant and is learning more and more about being a director. He has ordered Rachel to help with Marlene and given her instructions to treat his soon to be stepmother and mother of his half brother/sister well. He has also decided not to have her come to New Zealand but stay the entire time in New York. He speaks with her every day by SKYPE.

Anna will be busy her entire time. She has a pivotal part as the girlfriend who is killed and her husband is blamed for her murder. She gets into the part, which is based on a true story and by the end of filming you really believe she loved this man and there was no way he would hurt her. It is an unsolved mystery and love story.

Anna is wonderful as an actor. The rest of the cast and crew love her and cries during her the scene where she is murdered. She has been such a great help to me. At the end of the filming day, Anna is worn out and asks me to take her back to our hotel room

I undress my very tired beauty and get between her thighs. “Mistress, please I should be sucking your clit.” She says moaning as I lick her pussy lips.

“Shush, Anna. You’ve had an emotional day. Let me take care of you.” I suck her sweet pussy, licking all round the edge of her lips, then thrusting my tongue inside. I open her legs and suck her pussy. I lick up and down. Anna is moving and I slide my hands under her ass and lift her butt up moving my face inside her, licking and sucking. “Mistress, uh, so good. Please more please. I feel so good. Thank you.”

I lick her and she is close. Removing my hands, I put one finger inside of her and hook it under her clit, bringing it up. I move back the hood and attack her clit, licking, sucking and gently nibbling. Anna is going insane, “Mistress, How, what are you doing to your Anna.”

She is moving, bucking her hips and I am holding on to her and sucking her clit as she explodes. Her orgasm is so violent; she lifts off the bed and holds my head inside her pussy. I don’t stop licking and sucking her and she cums again weeping and crying. She screams my name and cums for a third time and this one is huge. Anna releases her death grip on me and relaxes her legs that have tightened around my neck.

She sinks into the bed. I take her into my arms and kiss her. Before too long Anna is asleep. Holding her, I think about our journey and how in four months we will be married. I stroke her arm as she sleeps and her butt is pressing into my crotch. If I had a cock, I would fuck her with it because my dick would be hard.

As she sleeps, I hold her close. I am so happy to be marrying this woman.

After Denise arrives, we both help her get through her ordeal with Minerva and Dr. Heart puts her in touch with a specialist. She will see him when she returns to NY with Anna.

Denise is a mess and she cries everyday, which is not good for her health. A doctor here is treating her. She is a very wealthy woman and her eldest daughter is taking over at the company. Denise has told them she needs a break, but not that she has cancer.

I help her heal from the betrayal of Minerva and she returns to New York with Anna. I have a week before Brian arrives and am working day and night. My two actors are good and I have a feeling that this movie is going to be something special.

One night at the end of an evening, Dominic comes to see me. He knocks on my door and sweeps me into his arms. I have had a really hard week and surrender to his embrace. “Dominic, please stop.” I pull away from him. He releases me with a sigh, “You said while we were on location. I figured that since the boy won’t be here for a few nights, this would be a good time.”

I go to him and stroke his arm as he holds me, “It’s different now. Marlene is pregnant and she feels insecure about me already. I am sure it is driving her crazy that I am here with you all those months. You have a baby on the way and you’re going to marry her, so no my dear Dominic. We won’t be having sex.”

Before he can answer, Skip knocks on my door. He wants the script changes for tomorrow. I open it and he sees me with his father. “Did I interrupt anything?” He answers. Dominic shakes his head and leaves. He turns back once and nods at me.

Skip enters the room and I invite him to sit down. He looks up at me with his blue eyes that look like pieces of the ocean. Folding his hands together, he gazes deep into my eyes. “My father loves you. He really is in love with you.” He says. I shake my head, “Your father and I are friends.” Now it is Skips turn to shake his head, “I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I think you should know. After Sir died, my father was waiting for you to heal. He had planned to come and see you. All these years he has talked about you with the same adoration he used for my mother. He loves you, but I think he also knows it would be difficult to rein you in. I think he knows that you are more than he can handle but that does not stop him from loving you.

I also know he came here tonight to have sex with you. Please don’t. He should be with Marlene and their baby. If he sleeps with you he won’t ever want to be with her, not really.” He says looking down at his hands.

I stand and kneel down next to him. “You don’t have to worry about that. I love Anna and Brian. I told your father all of this.” Helping me up Skip hugs me. “you know I love you like a mother.” He says.

Tears spring to my eyes, “I love you too.” I hug him close to me and one of the crew knocks on the door. Skip and I break our embrace and I go answer the door. They need him, he kisses my cheek, and he is gone.

I sit on the bed and I am happy with the way things are going. My only problem right now is Minerva. I know she is up to something. I know that in my bones and I have to be ready. I have to be prepared. No harm can come to Brian or Anna. I believe they are her targets and unfortunately,…I am wrong.

When Anna returns home, she takes charge of Denise. She goes to every doctor’s appointment and reports to me. Anna makes sure that Denise takes her medicine on time. She goes to chemotherapy with her and keeps Denise engaged in what’s going on in the world. She helps her with the communications from her company. When Denise is too sick and too tired to deal with things, Anna makes sure she rests. Anna helps Denise when she is weak and gets her to laugh every day. I am proud of this young woman.

Brian comes to New Zealand and he has taken his time away from me to really grow. He gets off the plane with a confidence he didn’t have before. He is put to work and does whatever is asked of him without complaint. Dominic watches him and says to me one day, “I’m jealous. The boy is really growing up. He loves you, but he’s keeping it under wraps. He’s used his time away from you to become a man. He’s going to make a great husband for you.”

I agree. Brian even makes love to me differently. He takes his time and he puts my needs first. He doesn’t whine or beg me to tell him I love him. The month we have together is one that makes me fall more deeply in love with him. I won’t tell him yet, I want to see how he is when we return home, but I have fallen hard for this boy, or should I say my Brian is now becoming a man.

Minerva has made her room of pain and torture into a showplace. It is a dungeon and she is just waiting for her victim to arrive. Daniel is under training that is more strenuous. Sir Richard has repeatedly asked him if he wants to change his mine and Daniel refuses. He feels as if he needs to be punished. The therapist is also worried about him, but he has signed the contract. They only have a little while to change his mind.

After much thought about betraying the confidentiality agreement between Daniel, Minerva and Sir Richard, Mistress Diana speaks to her husband and they agree to contact me. There are certain things that Sir Richard does not allow and Minerva has just gone to the end of the line. Sir Richard is worried she may cross it after he gets with her permanently.

He calls me in New York and learns that I am in New Zealand. It takes him three days to reach me because I am on location where cell phones don’t work particularly well. Finally, I’m back at the hotel and he tells me everything. I am furious, I am scared, I am angry, I want to kill, and I do mean kill Minerva.

The same day that I learn about Minerva taking Daniel, is the same day that Denise sees her as she returns from therapy. Denise is upset. Anna calms her and calls me in the middle of the night in New Zealand.

That is the straw and Minerva has broken my back. I need to get home and we have one more week of shooting left. I call Andrew and tell him what Sir Richard has told me. He knows that Minerva is across the street and he’s furious as is Daisy, but when he hears about Daniel, he wants to take one of the guns from the playroom and shoot her.

“What can we do? He is a grown man. What is he thinking?” I say to Sir Richard. “I will have him phone you in a day or so.” Sir Richard says to me. “He only has three more days and then he must abide by the contract for one year.”

“Do you know what that vile bitch could do to him in one year? She’s evil. She will destroy him.” I say and Sir Richard sighs, “I told him, but there’s something in him that feels he needs this. The therapist has told him, but he says he wants to be her slave. You are the only one he might listen to. The only one who could stop this insanity. He’s been trained very hard and even Marco doesn’t want to discipline him anymore because he always asks for more. Daniel has even refused a safe word. He’s asked for harder punishment than I allow.” Sir Richard says exasperated.

Minerva, the evil bitch, the Curella De Ville and the Maleficent of doom has found a way to hurt me. Daniel was good and sweet. He was kind and gentle and she is going to hurt him and force me to watch. I have to find a way to talk him out of this. I have to find a way to make sure she doesn’t destroy this boy and I vow after hanging up the phone with Andrew, that I will do whatever it takes to destroy this evil black bitch. I will bring her down and I will make her pay.

It is a phone call to Dunge that stops me from going on half-cocked. He reminds me that unless Daniel is in danger, I cannot interfere with a Mistress and her slave. If I cannot persuade Daniel to void the contract in the next two days, then I have to stay out of it for the year. If I interfere, she can fight me for Brian or Anna. This is what she wants. I have to speak rationally to Daniel and plead my case. I have to be calm.

Sir Richard phones me the next day and after we talk, he puts Daniel on the phone. “Daniel how are you?” I say. I am trying to be calm with Brian by my side.

“I’m fine Mistress. Did Sir Richard tell you that I have a new Mistress? Her name is Minerva and I can’t wait to serve her.” Daniel says excitedly.

“Daniel, what about work? We have a project.” I say. He pauses then says to me, “I was going to write you or call you and tell you that my Mistress wants me to quit to be with her 24/7. So I’m leaving you. I am selling my apartment to Dominic if he wants it and all my belongings can be sent to my new home once my Mistress has given me the address. I will come and take what I need which Mistress says won’t be much.”

I hesitate and squeeze Brian’s hand before I say to Daniel. “I know your Mistress. She is only taking you on to get revenge on me.” I continue and tell him about her relationship with Sir.

Daniel interrupts me, his voice angry, “She told me all about you and her. She has forgiven you and doesn’t wish you any ill will. Mistress told me you would be trying to change my mind and turn me away from her, but I want to be with her. We have known each other a long time Mistress Stephanie and not once have I ever intruded into your life. This is my life and I want to be with Mistress Minerva.”

“Daniel, you and I are partners and friends. I am worried about your safety. Minerva is evil and she will use you to get to me.” I start to say more, but Daniel yells, “Shut-up! Do not’ talk about her like that. If you want to be friends with me then you must accept her.”

“Daniel do you know she moved across the street from me? Do you know that she broke up with her last sub and told her on the day she was diagnosed with cancer? Minerva isn’t who she appears. I’ve heard you are not asking for safe words. I heard that she is asking you to be hurt in ways that I would never discipline anyone. Please Daniel; please tell her you changed your mind while you can.” I plead as tears stream down my face.

All of this falls on deaf ears as Daniel says to me simply, “She is what I want. Go back to Anna and Brian.” He hands the phone to Sir Richard.

“He’s gone Stephanie.” Sir Richard says. “He’s made up his mind. I was hoping…” He sounds defeated. I feel defeated. I don’t know what to do and as I hang up from Sir Richard, Brian takes me in his arms and I weep. Round one goes to Minerva.

Brian holds me. “We’ll watch out for Daniel when he moves in. If it gets to be too much, we can call the police or we can call Dominic or Dunge. We will work it out Mistress. “He assures me.

That night the boy does me proud and makes love to me the way I like it. I love the way his hips move. I love his dick inside me. He takes his time and when he is done then he goes between my legs and brings me to climax again with his mouth.

He and I finally return home with Skip and Dominic. Dominic has received a phone call from Daniel offering him his apartment. Dominic buys the apartment from Daniel with the condition that in a year if Daniel wants it back he will sell it back to him at the same price.

We arrive home on a Thursday evening. As we walk in the door, we are greeted by Andrew, Daisy, Marlene, Anna, Rachel, Denise and to my surprise Evan.

Marlene is beside herself with joy and five months pregnant. She looks very cute in her maternity dress. She holds Dominic’s hand as he feels the baby kick for the first time. With joy and wonder, he picks up Marlene and kisses her. I am so happy for them.

Evan has arrived because he has some papers for me to sign before my wedding in a little over a month. I’ve redone my will. I have made a few changes and taken care of everyone I love. I know that I will at some point have an altercation with Minerva and if it goes badly then I want the people I love to be taken care of.

Dunge has been calling. He wants me to wait before doing anything. When I ask him why he says that he will tell me when the time comes.

The movie has a few more shoots in the studio in Brooklyn; the real fun begins with the editing. I spend my time with my friends and family. Dominic and Marlene stay with me while Daniel’s belongings are packed up and moved to a storage facility until he returns from California and they redecorate. Rachel and Skip are also here. Rachel has become more loving and caring.

Denise is weak from her chemotherapy and from seeing Minerva. Her hair has fallen out, but she wears the most beautiful wigs. She is having fun with those wigs and we never know which one she will wear. One night she looked like Cher, the next, Dolly Parton and still another night like Hedy Lamar. She and I discuss Minerva.

“Stephanie, I’m sorry about Minerva. I’m sorry for ever bringing her back into your life.” Denise says staring down at her fingers. I lift her face, “You didn’t know and since you found out you’ve tried to stop her. Daniel is going through something and I feel it’s my fault. Sir had started training him to be with me, but Sir died. I had already fallen in love with Anna and then Brian came. I made my choice, but I had no idea that Daniel would fall apart like this. He hurt Rachel, then went away and now he’s paying for what? I don’t know. I don’t know how to reach him.” My lips form a thin line.

Denise takes my hands in hers, “All we can do is watch and see what she is doing to him. All we can do is hope that she doesn’t damage him any more than he is damaged. Stephanie, after the wedding, I’m going home to Seattle. I need to talk to my children and tell them.”

“Are you sure?” I say to her, “You are welcome here as long as you wish.”

“Yes, it’s nearly time. You saved me. I was a mess. Anna has been terrific and you are so lucky to have her and she you. I will always be grateful for this time and if you ever need anything I will be there for you.” She says seriously.

“Have you seen Minerva again?” I say. Denise shakes her head. “I see workmen coming in and out, but not her. I think she’s left for a little while. She just wanted us all to know that she had bought the house across the street. What a bitch!” Denise says bitterly. “I loved her and in the end she treated me like nothing.”

I stare into her eyes, “God don’t like ugly and Minerva will get hers. We are all watching her now.”

I hug her and we go for dinner. The welcome back dinner is a triumph. Daisy has made all my favorites including fried pork chops and collard greens. For dessert there is a red velvet cake sent from my favorite bakery.

As I go up to the bedroom after dong a little work, I stare out the window at the house Minerva has bought. I am thinking of all the horrors awaiting Daniel and I shiver. From behind me comes Anna who puts her arms around me. I take her hands, as she kisses my neck. “Please Mistress don’t worry. We will all protect Daniel.” I turn to her, “You don’t know how evil Minerva can be and I’m afraid for you and Brian also. She wants revenge and there is nothing she won’t do.”

Anna kisses my nose, my eyes and my lips. “I have missed you and we are getting married soon. Tonight is your first night home and I want between your thighs Mistress. Let me serve you as your sub. Tonight it’s only you and me.”

I smile. “Yes, I’m sorry darling Anna.”

“While you were deep in thought I ran you a bath. I want to wash you.” She is wearing a blue silk robe that hugs her skin. Taking my hand, I slide it up her leg, but Anna stops me. “Not now. Let me serve you.”

Pulling her to me, which makes her gasp, I kiss her, “Have I told you how hot you look in that robe.” I bite her ear and she moans, “Mistress. Please, you know how to make Anna weak and tonight I want to please you.” She begins undressing me. When I am naked, she takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom. My senses are enjoying the sight of the candles all around the room, my eyes see the rose petals in the water, my nose smells the scent of vanilla and Anna hands me a glass of champagne.

She takes the other flute and clinks my glass, “To my Mistress and soon to be wife, I love you very much and welcome home.” Anna kisses my lips and helps me into the bath. The water is warm and inviting and I sink back onto the heart shape bath pillow.

Anna washes my body. She takes off her robe and I see her nakedness. She looks so good. All I want is her. “Mistress, I want to wash and dry your hair. I’ve missed you so much. I just want to please you.”

I’m relaxing as she washes my leg. “Have I thanked you for taking care of Denise and the rest of the house?”

“Denise is our friend. She is going through a horrible ordeal and that bitch across the street is making it worse. Mistress you don’t have to thank me for Denise. She is wonderful and I really like her and as far as our home. It is our home and I want you to come home to a happy house. Rachel has also been a big help with Marlene. They are getting along better.”

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