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It was hard to tell if the sun was up when Chet rolled out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom. He was guided only by two decades worth of muscle memory and the slightest hint of light from the skylight. The time didn’t matter to him in the least, it was Memorial Day weekend and not only did he have no place to be today, he had the entire four day weekend with no place to go and nobody at home either.

Chet reached into his shower giving it a moment to warm up before stepping out of his boxers and into the shower. Even though he hadn’t played football since the turn of the millennium and his short professional career had ended a few years before that, he still had much of the physique he’d spent his high school and college years honing. Broad muscular shoulders turned light pink as the hot water washed over his flesh. His didn’t still have the perfect tone of a twenty year old but he had a job that didn’t let him spend hours every night in the gym anymore either. He still didn’t have a hard time selling tickets to the gun show. The only part of his body that he wasn’t particularly proud of anymore was his gut which was soft from his desk job.

Twenty minute later Chet grudgingly emerged from the shower and pulled on loose pair of satin Pajama pants and a t-shirt and wandered down into the living room. His wife, Penny, hated when he didn’t put on ‘real’ clothes but she was out of town for the week at a writers’ conference in Dallas so he was free to do as he pleased without listening to her complain. Chet honestly wasn’t sure anymore if he genuinely liked walking around in various states of half dress because it was liberating or simply because it reminded him of when he could. Either way it felt pretty good to strut down the stairs with nothing separating his skin from the smooth fabric.

Sitting down in front of his computer Chet immediately pulled up his Literotica account and settled into the plush computer chair he’d nicknamed the Throne. Even as large as the room was the Throne seemed to dominate everything else in the room.

Just as he settled into place he heard two pairs of feet coming down the stairs he stifled an annoyed sigh. It was easy to remember that your wife wasn’t home when you rolled opened your eyes and half he bed was empty and still perfectly kempt. It was much harder to remember that your twenty one year old was on vacation and had decided she’d rather crash at the house than with her friends like she normally would for a minor holiday. Stephanie wasn’t alone either, she’d brought along her best friend Tiffany. For the life of him Chet couldn’t figure out how such a pretty little girl managed to clomp around like a line backer but he could recognize her without even turning around. Chet was a little embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed her sooner.

“Hiya Daddy!” Stephanie called walking past him without pausing for a moment. Thank God for small miracles thought Chet while he quickly shifted the screen to conceal everything but the words of the erotic story he was reading. Tiffany clomped past echoing his daughter’s greeting with the same speed but quite a bit more volume.

Chet shook his head as the two young ladies started tearing the kitchen apart. In the two years since the last time she’d been allowed in the kitchen he’d completely forgotten why they didn’t let her cook. You’d think that an entire gang of angry hyenas had been loosed on the kitchen judging from the cacophony echoing out of the kitchen. Chet couldn’t quite stop himself from laughing as he imagined his baby girl as one of the gorillas from Disney’s Tarzan. She’d loved that movie so much she’d watched it every day for almost a year. She must have turned it on at the exact same time every day because Chet swore he always got home from work just in time to hear that damn “Trashin’ the Camp” song. To this day he still occasionally woke up and found himself humming the tune.

He must have spaced out as the song was playing in his head because he didn’t even notice his daughter walking over to him until she slid the plate of French Toast onto the desk between him and the monitor. “We cooked you some Daddy.” She chimed before giving him a quick peck on the side of the head.

The two girls walked past the computer again just slow enough that Chet had to resist the urge to close the window before remembering that he doesn’t have to hide anything from his daughter and her friends. Still his heart skipped a beat the same way it had years ago when his mother had nearly caught him with his father’s magazines.

Normally Chet would have said something to the girls about sitting at the table instead of on the couch but Penny wasn’t around to notice and besides, everybody was being naughty. There was some kind of thrill to knowing that his daughter was just five feet away while he was reading pornography. It was an old favorite about a girl desperate to pass her science class and how she eventually ended up being the play thing of the entire faculty.

It was nice slow burn of a story with the heroine, or harlot as Chet preferred, getting sucked deeper and deeper into the world of depravity at every turn. The beginning of the story was just her giving a lap dance but by the end she was a famous porn star. He was just getting to his favorite part of the story, the part when the Jenny was stuck in gym after a power outage and spent the chapter being passed around between the basketball players and even a few of the cheerleaders.

He always got a hardon when he got to this part of the story and knowing Stephanie was just a few feet turned what was normally just a regular arousal into an almost painful erection. It was a constant struggle to keep from slipping his hand into his pants. Instead he was doing his best to remain subtle as he pumped his heel. “Hey Daddy, me and Tiff are heading out to the mall and I need fifty bucks!”

“Yeah, well I want a blow job.” The words had barely left his mouth as he realized what he’d said. Chet simply froze in place hoping somehow that he hadn’t actually said it, he’d just been thinking extremely loud. If he waited another few seconds she’d think he hadn’t heard her and she’d ask again. That would confirm that He’d get up, careful conceal the bulge in his pants, get his wallet and give her the money. She’d leave and that would be the end of that.

“It’s just a blowjob. Why don’t you go over there suck him off and then we can get going.” Tiffany whispered nudging her friend from behind. “I don’t see what the big deal is, you suck him off we go get our shopping money. It’s quick and easy!”

“He’s my dad!” Stephanie hissed over her shoulder paying no attention to her father who was still paralyzed. Chet might have been hearing the words but he was still convinced that it was all taking place in his head. He was certain his daughter wouldn’t have had such a joking tone to her voice when discussing giving him, or any man for that matter, a blow job. Just a few more seconds and reality would kick in. All he had to do was keep staring at words on the computer screen and eventually reality would have to take over.

Reality was apparently taking its sweet time and Chet wasn’t certain if it was torturing him or simply enjoying the irony when Tiffany spoke again. “I know exactly who he is. He’s Chet “The Boulder” Tyler. He took the Raptors to state, twice in a row. Went to college and played for the Dolphins for two seasons. He wants a blow job, you want fifty bucks. If you weren’t his daughter it would be wrong for you accept money from him!” Tiffany exclaimed slapping her friend on the shoulder. “Besides you know you want to.”

Stephanie wasn’t denying the claim nearly fast enough for Chet. If he’d been imagining this right now Tiffany would have pulled her shirt over her head and told innocent little Stephanie to go upstairs while a woman took care of business. “It is just a B. J.” Stephanie repeated. “It’s not like it would be the first one I’ve given.”

“It wouldn’t even be the first one you’ve given to an older man!” Tiffany teased pushing her friend forward.

“Shut up.” Stephanie didn’t resist when Tiffany took her by the hand and lead, not dragged her to her father. Stephanie didn’t stop Tiffany put her hands on the back of the Throne. She rested there trying to regain her thoughts and waiting for her father to tell her to stop. Any minute he was going to put an end to this inappropriate joke and tell her it wasn’t funny. He wouldn’t give her the money either as punishment. Instead he remained silent staring at the computer screen.

“Hurry up. I want to get on the road before the traffic gets to crazy.” Tiffany whined.

“Shut up!” Stephanie hissed this time digging her fingers into the fake leather of the Throne. A shiver that wasn’t entirely unpleasant traveled the length of her spine as she spun the massive chair around to face her.

Chet hadn’t dared look at his daughter until then so it was a bit of a shock when he saw her. He’d seen the way she dressed in High School and he was expecting more of the same, short skirts, tight shirts. Stephanie had enjoyed listening to him protest as she skipped out the door looking like something out of a music video. . .or a porn video. To his shock she was wearing a loose black skirt that ended halfway down her calves. The light material didn’t do much to conceal her shapely hips though and if he stared hard enough he could see the outline of her underwear through it. Like her mother Stephanie had been blessed with a generous busom but instead of the tube tops she’d favored just a year before she was wearing a black and purple vest that did an adequate job of hiding her assets. That combined with her square rimmed glasses and hair done up in a bun and she looked of all things like a librarian. A slight laugh escaped Chet before he could stop himself.

Stephanie’s eyes widened but she remained still staring at him. “What’s so funny Daddy?” She managed to blurt out. For the first time in her life she knew what people meant when they spoke of butterflies in the stomach. It felt like an entire swarm of them were fluttering around in her belly trying to escape. He hadn’t noticed the dark lipstick stick she was wearing until he saw her plump lips pursing into a pout.

“Nothing.” He replied his eyes completely focused on the way her mouth moved. Her lower lip was quivering ever so slightly as she stared at him. “You just. . .” He tried to drag his eyes away from Stephanie but failed.

“Just what?” She growled.

“Look like a librarian.” He finally replied suddenly feeling quite small.

Tiffany stepped up behind Stephanie pulling a few pins out of her hair and suddenly it came cascading down over her shoulders. “Go get em’ champ.” She encouraged with a light slap on the rump.

It was Stephanie’s turn to have faith that someone would step in and stop her as she sank to her knees and slipped her fingers into the waistband of her father’s pants. She knew he would stop her. Stephanie bit down on her lower lip moving as slowly as she could he’d have time to say something, do something, anything to stop her. In the end he made only one motion. Lift his hips slightly so she could bring them down to his knees.

Stephanie swallowed hard when his erect cock sprang free of its confines. There was nothing particularly fantastic about it. She’d seen a few larger and plenty that were smaller. The thing that made this one special was that it was her fathers. Time seemed to stand still while she inched her way closer to her father’s penis knowing he was going to push her away with a laugh and they’d never speak of this again.

Chet knew that any second Stephanie would stop though part of him wanted to see just how far she’d take it. It was absolutely agonizing watching her moving so slowly towards him. The feel of her hair tickling across his thighs made him want to grab her head and force his manhood into her face but he didn’t. He couldn’t. She was going to stop this was just some absurd game that the kids were playing these days. It wasn’t any less absurd than that planking thing he’d heard about. She was getting closer and closer and Chet had to grip the armrest to keep from doing the same to her head. He was trying to convince himself he wanted to pull her away but the truth was as easy to see as the thick veins in his arms twitching every time his grip clenched down.

There was one thing Chet was still certain of. She was going to stop.

He was going to stop her. That was one thing Stephanie was absolutely certain about.

Stephanie was close enough to Chet’s cock to smell it when she paused for final breath giving him one last chance.

Chet could feel the warmth of his daughter’s breath on his cock. He inhaled slowly holding the air in his chest for as long as he could manage before slowly exhaling hoping she’d finally stop bluffing.

Both of them stopped for that long moment but it was Stephanie who started to move fist. She parted her painted lips and wrapped them around the tip of her father’s cock. The faint taste of soap still lingered on his flesh mixing with the slightly salty taste of flesh and despite herself a moan leaked out of her lips.

“You little slut.” Tiffany exclaimed moving closer for a better view.

Stephanie ignored her friend and focused completely on the cock in her mouth, the hard piece of meat slithering over her tongue and pressing against her throat. As soon as she had him as deep as she could manage she backed up wrapping her hands around his cock twisting them around the shaft while she sucked and slurped.

It had been years since a woman had been so enthusiastic about him. It wasn’t that Penny was frigid or unwilling, it was simply that decades of matrimony had dulled her flame. Stephanie was something else all together noisily slurping while bobbing her head up and down. Chet managed to keep still for a few moments but it was less than a minute before his fingers had combed through her hair holding her in place while he thrust his hips against her face.

“My God, that is so fucking hot.” Tiffany whispered. Her skirt was hiked up with her red panties pulled to one side so she could rub her fingers over her clit. “Look at you Steph, sucking your dad’s cock like a common little tramp.” Tiffany squatted down beside her friend squeezing her face in closer.

It wasn’t the first time that a man had been overwhelmed and simply taken her before. It wasn’t the first time that she’d had a witness to her cock sucking skills. It wasn’t even the first time that Tiffany had stood by cheering her on but it was her father. The sheer taboo of having her paternal flesh between her lips was driving her wild. Between her legs she could feel her panties go from damp to soaking. Stephanie’s mouth was watering dripping saliva down Chet’s cock.

There was a tiny part of Chet that wished he could stop but the rest of him was determined to see his daughter’s nose crushed against his pelvis. He felt her gag a little each time he pushed but he didn’t stop. Every single time he forced her just a little bit farther down on his cock until finally his baby girl had her nose nestled in his pubic hair.

Tiffany was wide eyed at the sight two slender digits pushed into her pussy as she watched. Her breaths were coming in quick gasps matching her thrusting fingers and rapid heartbeat. “Make him cum Steph.” She whispered into her friend’s ear before gently biting it and tugging.

It was too much for Chet who held his own daughter in place with his cock pulsing in her throat. He let his head fall back as his came pumping thick hot cum directly into his daughter throat. Stephanie moaned in response digging her fingers into his buttocks pulling him closer until the spasms of his cock finally stopped and even then she held still for an extra moment before finally pulling away from his cock. She squeezed the last drops of cum on to her outstretched tongue and turned to Tiffany. The two girls stared at each other for a second and then kissed sharing those last few drops before turning together toward Chet. “I believe you owe her fifty bucks.” Tiffany purred rising back up and running her slick fingers over Chet’s lips before bringing them to her own and licking them clean.

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