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When I woke up that fateful morning I had no idea I would have the best sex of my young life later that night. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed an amazing sex life with myself, my girlfriend/mentor Angela and a small but rewarding number of men. I have pleasured myself with a wide variety of sex toys that I own ranging from the average vibrator, suction cup dildos, inflatable dildos, pussy pumps, anal plug’s and anything else you can find on the internet that I can afford on my students salary.

I had experienced a mind blowing threesome with Angela and her man and most recently I had brought a very nice man home and completely dominated him in every way that I wanted.

As great as all of that had been, it was just a foretaste of things to come.

When I walked in to our local pub to meet my girlfriends for our normal Friday night drinks I didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary. I found my friends and sat down for our normal small talk and gossip. After a few drinks I excused myself for the restroom. On the way back to the table I stopped at the bar to talk to our bartender and order another round for myself and the girls.

As I waited for the drinks he came up behind me. He placed his hands on my lower back with force. He began to whisper into my ear as he pushed his body into mine from behind. At the time I figured it was an old male friend or one of the girls just fucking with me. But when he spoke I knew that it was him. The young, plain, very kind man I had taken home and dominated just recently.

“I hope you had fun using me last time, I know I did. But tonight it’s my turn, and I am going to make you cum until the sun rises.” As he spoke my pussy began to get hot and wet from what he was saying and from my memory of the things we had done last.

It was an amazing night for me, the first time I ever controlled a man completely. The first time I did everything I wanted to do and made him know that I was using him for my pleasure as much as he was getting pleasure from me. It was liberating to say the least.

His words shocked me because the very reason I picked him out of the crowd that night was because I thought he was a complete and true gentleman. Opening doors for women he did not know, having thoughtful conversations and buying drinks without hesitation. He was raised with respect and manners and I knew from this that he could follow my directions very well. So to hear him (and feel him) commanding sex from me like I was his, like I belonged to him was not what I expected in the least.

Regardless of what I expected it certainly excited me! I turned to face him and as I did he pulled me in even closer to his body. I could feel his strength controlling my skinny frame and I could feel his hardening cock pressing into my stomach. A thousand words raced through my mind and not a single one of them was “let me go” or “get off of me.” I was most definitely ready for this night, or at least I thought I was.

“My place again?” I asked and with that he led me out the front door towards his car. As we walked out I caught a brief glimpse of my girlfriend’s faces with their mouths half open as they processed what was happening. I laughed to myself as I thought about the texts and stories they would all be sending and expecting.

He drove me to my house without asking for any directions. The whole time we were in a silence that was almost unbearable but oddly made me that much more intoxicated by the thoughts of things to come. My pussy tingled and grew wetter and wetter as I sat there replaying scenes of amazing sex in my mind. Sex that I had had before or things I had seen from others.

I thought about the drunk girl video who does anal and loves it (do a search for it) or one of my other favorites with the muscular amateur and his tight girlfriend. I love good amateur stuff because I always think to myself “I should be doing that!”

I love the porno of Jenna Haze and belladonna because both are built like me, skinny with not much in the curves department but love to have all kinds of great sex.

I also like Flower Tucci because of her squirting videos. She is a lot like me with her squirting, she has her best “squirt while fucking” sex from anal because the pussy isn’t so full that it can’t release.

When I am in a really “nasty/kinky” mood I can’t get enough of Extreme Kream, especially her videos with brutal dildos or machines. Of course it is graphic and not “pretty” by any means but a woman who can control her body, holes and muscles that well has to be appreciated in my book plus her squirting is amazing!

These are the kind of things I had going through my mind as we sat in silence at the red lights, stop signs and what not. I was getting more and more wet by the second and when we finally pulled into my drive I was careful to get up out of my seat because I was sure that my sun dress was soaked.

As we walked into my house he shut the door behind us and then picked me up and carried me to my bed. He tossed me down and in one fast motion he pulled my summer dress completely off of me to reveal my small bare tits and my black thong. I sat up to pull his pants down and get my mouth onto his dick but as I tried he pulled me up onto my feet and looked me right into my eyes.

“I am going to do things you have never had done to you. You are going to do everything I tell you to and you will do it until I tell you to stop.” He had a very stern tone in his voice. He was not asking me, he was telling me!

With that he turned me around and pressed me against the wall. He pinned his arm above my shoulder and with the other arm he pulled the straps off my dress letting it fall to the floor. Because I am so small in the chest department and never wear underwear I went from fully dressed to completely naked in one swift motion. I could feel his hot body pressing into me and I could feel my dripping wet pussy throbbing for release.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side so that he could suck my neck.

I don’t mind the hair pulling but this was just a little bit more forceful than I was used to so my body fought a little. He felt the resistance and instead of letting up on me he pressed me into the wall, not too hard but not soft either. It seemed that he was letting me know that he was the strong one tonight, I could not stop him and I would have no choice but to do what he made me.

A sudden panic came over me; I had never been dominated like this. Rough sex was always something I liked watching but I had never been in the fire feeling my body being controlled before. I began to panic a little bit and right when my mind started to race I felt the soft, warm stroke of his hand across my butt cheeks. Then lower onto the back of my leg. My heightened sense from the way he was handling me made me feel every stroke of him, every movement sent a tingle to my spine and straight to my brain.

Just as I relaxed his hand landed hard on my ass. Then again, and again. He spanked each cheek a few times and I felt the blood rushing to my ass with each sting he delivered. It didn’t last very long but I was gasping against the wall when he was done. My mind was racing, my body tensing. Then I felt his fingers running up my inner thigh. I felt his finger brush against my clean shaven, soaking wet pussy and I shuddered at the feeling it left behind.

He picked me up and carried me on his shoulder to my bedroom and threw me down onto my bed. As he began to take his clothes off he told me what to do to him.

“Get over here and suck my cock.” He said plain, deep and stern. And I listened.

I crawled on all fours over to the edge of my bed, opened up my mouth and began to swallow his dick all the way down to the back of my throat. I used all my best skills on him just like the last time and his cock grew steel hard in my mouth. Right when I thought he was about to cum deep down in my throat he grab my hair and began to slowly fuck my mouth like it was my pussy. The last time I had his dick in my mouth I faked like I was gagging on him to give that extra visual and auditory stimulation to him and his ego. This time however he actually made me gag as he increased in speed and literally fucked my mouth hard with a hand full of my hair. I could feel his balls smacking into my chin and I started to have a hard time breathing. But I wanted his cum in my mouth so bad I kept going. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I forced him out of me as I gasped for air.

While I was catching my breath he walked over to my dresser drawer where I keep all of my toys and he grabbed a bunch of things and tossed them onto the bed by me. With each toy he threw at me I grew in excitement of the possibilities of what he could or would do to me with them.

I sat up onto my knees and started to finger myself while he went through my draw of goodies. He watched me slide a finger, then two and then three into myself while he stroked his cock.

“Get on all fours” he commanded me, and I did as I was told as fast as possible. I could feel him climb onto the bed behind me and I braced myself for whatever was coming next. I felt cool, water like feeling on my back and then his hand began to rub me all over. All over my tight ass and my lower back. All over my pussy and asshole. He slid a finger in each hole but quickly pulled out so that I couldn’t get full satisfaction from him. When he was done I was covered in lube and ready to be used for the rest of the night!

As I reached the limit of how much I could hold back he started going to work on me. He pushed me down onto my stomach and started to finger the shit out of my pussy. While fingering me he used his other hand to spread my tiny ass apart and lick all around, in and out of my little rosebud asshole. Shivers ran up and down my spine as he did his work and my pussy reached the edge.

“I’m cumming” I said…..and right before I could he pulled away from me completely. The sudden shock of him not touching me was crazy and I immediately reached for my clit to finish the job but he grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me.

“Don’t you fucking cum yet. I didn’t tell you to cum for me!” But cumming was all I wanted to do. I could not believe he was making me resisting the one thing I wanted so bad!

“Grab your ass and spread yourself open for me.” He commanded, I could feel his warmth closing in on me and I did as I was told. His engorged cockhead touched the opening of my spread asshole and I shivered at the thought of him inside of me.

“Is this what you want from me?” He asked

“Yes” I whispered. And he pulled back away from me.

“Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you and I beg me for it.” My pussy was literally dripping wet wanting to cum and my asshole was throbbing from wanting him in me. The fact that he wasn’t touching me was driving me crazy and all I could think was…

“Fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock in my asshole. Please make me cum all over this bed. Make me squirt all over you and myself and grab my hair and don’t stop doing it until I can’t be fucked anymore!”

With that he placed his dick back at my tiny opening and started pressing his way into me. It was so amazing, the tight feeling of him opening me up. My ass resisted at first but opened to let him in finally popping him in past the first opening. Once he was in me I sat back onto him to get him all the way in. This wasn’t my first rodeo and I love getting my ass fucked so I started rocking back and forth on his dick. After about a minute I had him all the way into me. Deep inside where I could feel him in my stomach. I love that feeling, for me that’s where my ass cum’s the best. Unfortunately for me his smart self knew that and right as I was hitting my sweet spot with his dick he pulled out of my ass just like he did my pussy!

It was torture, my pussy dripping wet and pulsating, my asshole throbbing and empty. I wanted to finish the job so bad, I wanted him in me at full speed but he was not. He would not give me what I wanted and it drove me to the edge and past where I had ever gone before as I strained to hold back my orgasm.

As I stayed put on all fours waiting for him my anticipation grew. Then I heard him open the lube bottle and I gasped a little at the thought of what was coming, even though I had no idea what that would be. First I felt something touch my ass. It was cool but not cold. It started going in and I did my best to accept it in. but it got harder and hard as he pushed.

“Fuck” I let out as I tried to take it inside me. He responded by backing out all the way to either tease me or let me relax a little bit. Both plans worked as I got that feeling again of needing to be filled and my ass relaxed and took more and more in on the second try. By this time I had figured out that he was putting my largest anal plug in me. It is Pyrex (plastic glass) and its 5 ½ inches long and a little more than 3 and a half inches across at the widest point! It is just about 10 inches in circumference I think!! If you have no idea what I am talking about, do a internet search for it and you will see  It is a great stretch and pretty hard to fit in even for someone who enjoys it but you don’t have to take it all the way in have a good time with it. For me it is a challenge that I love to take on and this night was no exception.

Now that I knew what I was in for I reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy a little bit as he slowly moved in and out with my toy. It took a few minutes but finally I relaxed enough that the entire width popped past my outer ring and slid into me so nice, so full. The sudden fullness made my pussy get tight as hell just from the invasion and I was about to cum all over when he grabbed my hand and literally flipped me over onto my back!

“I still have not told you to cum. You think I didn’t see you playing with yourself? You will cum when I tell you to and if you cum before we will start this all over again do you understand me?” He asked with a hard voice.

“Yes, I understand. I’m sorry.” I responded. I was really starting to get into the submissive role and it was really turning me on being told what to do so forcefully. Just the thought of what he would make me do to him or the things he was going to do to me made me unbelievably horny.

“Lay back and close your eyes.” He told me and I immediately wished I had a blindfold! But I did as I was told. I’ll put the blindfold on my “things to buy list!”

I felt something touch me around my pussy and then I heard the sound of air rushing. Right away I knew he was using a pussy pump on me while my ass was so very full with my plug. I had obviously used both toys before but I had never used them together. The feeling of my ass being as full as it has ever been combined with the pull and blood rush of my pussy being pumped made me feel so tight I don’t think anything else could possible fit inside of me. It was amazing!

“Now come suck my dick some more.” He told me as he laid down on his back.

I got up carefully so as to not pull the pump off of my pussy. As I got down into the dick sucking position my ass went up into the air and the plug and pump shifted ever so slightly into a new, even more intense position. I had to stop everything to gather myself so that I didn’t cum right then and there.

After I got control of myself I went to work on his dick. Sucking, stroking, and jacking him off. I could tell he was close right before he grabbed my hair and pulled me off of his dick.

“Lick my balls.” He commanded as he raised his hips and pushed my face down. I again, did as I was told. I licked all around his balls, his taint, even his asshole. As I passed by his tight butt he grabbed my hair and forced my face into him, making me eat his ass. Normally this is not my favorite thing to do unless I am eating a girl and we have just showered but he smelled like soap and was completely clean of all hair so it was really quite a turn on for me. So I kept going, burying my tongue into his asshole as far as I could.

Suddenly he rolled off the bed, stood up and grabbed me by my face as he started to cum all over me. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as wave after wave of hot cum hit me and rolled down my young, slutty face.

“Oh my god.” He screamed out as I lapped up as much as he gave me.

He stepped back as I cleaned my face up and he caught his breath. Then he came to me again.

“Turn around on all fours.” I did so, as he took the pussy pump and released the pressure. The rush of blood leaving the area was so intense I started to cum.

“Oh my God please let me cum, it’s so good baby, please let me cum?” I pleaded as I tried to hold back.

I waited for an answer but got nothing. I flexed and squeezed all my muscle waiting for permission and when I didn’t hear him reply I closed my eyes and did everything I could to not release. Just then I felt his entire dick drive all the way into my pussy pushing me completely overboard and making me cum. I was so tight from my pussy being swollen from the pump and my ass being full with the giant glass plug that I could feel every single vein in his cock as it slammed in and out of me. Each thrust was another wave of orgasm hitting me harder and harder like a tidal wave getting ready to crash.

He pulled out fast and grabbed my hips. He swung me around so that I was on the edge of the bed and he flipped me all in one strong motion. He was literally manhandling me, not giving me any option as to what to do, and it was awesome!

I pretended to fight a little as he pushed my shoulders off the bed and down towards the floor but he over powered me and before I knew it I was lying on a pillow upside down looking at my own pussy.

He plunged his dick back inside my swollen lady parts and the orgasm picked right up where it had left off. After about a minute of stroking in and out of me and making sure I saw his dick going in me he pulled out.

“You came on my face last time, now it’s your turn. You can cum now and I want you to push that squirt harder than you ever have before.”

With that I started feverishly rubbing my clit as he slid two fingers inside of me and massaged my G-spot like it was a punching bag. The rough touch was just what I needed and I started to push as that “have to go” feeling came to me.

“Oh my god! Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!” I screamed as my juice sprayed all over my face, my tits, my stomach, my hair and the floor beneath me. I loved it, and when I opened my eyes and saw my swollen pussy pumping and pushing and opening I was in shock and in love with what he was doing to me.

I was pushing so hard I could feel the 3.5″ inch wide almost 10 inch around butt plug trying to pop out of my ass. I was a little worried about that both because of the obvious and because he had not told me to take it out. So I finally began to calm myself down and bring my orgasm back to earth. It had been about 5 minutes since I started cumming and I was literally light headed.

“Go take a shower and remove your toy. Then come back to me ready for more.” He told me almost reading my mind about how sticky and cum covered I was.

I got into the shower and turned it on hot but my legs were so weak I had to sit down on my shower stool. Sitting down on a butt plug that large is an interesting feeling to say the least and it shocked the hell out of me.

After I got my legs back and carefully, slowly removed my plug I washed myself from head to toe, got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a large towel. I walked back into my room to find him standing naked by my bed spread which was laid out on the floor with a strange device lying on top of it.

“Take off the towel and go stand in front of the spreader bar.” He commanded. I had seen spreader bars in those kinky bondage porn clips before but I had never used one or actually seen one in real life before. It was kind of tough looking. All black, a metal bar with chains and leather cuff straps on the end and in the middle.

Chapter One

The class read Sexology 344. The vague description followed as, “An in-depth study of past and present human sexual behaviors.” The class only offered 100 seats, of which 96 were already filled. If she wanted to graduate in May, Chloe needed a humanities course and this was the only one that fit into her current class schedule. No prerequisites were listed and the only requirement mentioned was an introductory lecture must be attended if students wished to continue with the course. Curious and desperate, Chloe decided to take the plunge and signed up for the 97th seat.

Two Weeks Later:

With her book bag hanging on her shoulder, Chloe entered the large lecture hall to find nearly every seat taken with the exception of a few near the front. “Great, I’ll be dead center and a target.” Chloe thought sarcastically. She made her way down the carpeted aisle way and gingerly tiptoed to the front middle seat. As she sat, Chloe glanced around with ocher eyes at her fellow classmates. Avoiding any real eye contact, she grazed the room before noticing the male peer sitting directly behind her. Clear, green eyes met Chloe’s and an exhale halted in her throat. Unable to look away, their breathless glance is broken by the tip tap of heeled shoes signaling the professor’s arrival. Chloe looked to the lecture podium to discover an incredibly beautiful man peering out at the new semester’s fresh meat. A deafening silence filled the hall as the professor remained quiet, penetrating each student with an unflinching stare. Chloe remained frozen in place, heart pounding, completely taken with her instructor’s presence. Appearing to be of Mediterranean descent, the professor wore his dark wavy hair barely above his shoulders and piercing dark eyes peer out of rimless glasses.

Finally, his accented, baritone voice cut through the muted room, “Hello class. I am Professor Angotti and welcome to Sexology 344. This course meets most humanity and a few science requirements. I realize the class description offered a less than clear idea of the nature of this course. This is my intention. The title and sketch of the class are to invoke a particular level of curiosity from interested students. This class requires all those involved to be curious and open-minded. The latter will be discovered today during this introductory lecture.”

Pausing, he reached into his tattered, leather briefcase to pull out a stack of papers before continuing, “I have here a non-disclosure agreement approved by the university. Let me assure and warn everyone wishing to remain, aside from those involved in this class, nothing is to be said about what goes on in this room. I have the full backing of the Dean as my research and lectures make this school a great deal of money. There will be swift and harsh discipline for any offenders.”

Dr. Angotti stepped up to the end of the first row to hand out the document and walked back to the podium. “I say this not to feed my ego, but to sidestep any misunderstanding of the nature of my lectures. I do caution each and everyone of you, my lessons can be quite graphic and even violent when the material demands.” He waited for this information to sink it. “Now, my credentials are comparable to your other instructors. I completed my undergrad at the University of Edinburgh in anthropology. I attended grad school at Stanford University, where I also obtained my pHD with a focus on the sexual behaviors of cultures throughout recordable history. Let me remind you, this is a real class despite the uncommon focus. We will explore in-depth, modern copulatory practices and their ancient origins. Also, please hold any questions for the next meeting time. This lecture is simply observational. In fact, after signing and handing back the non-disclosure agreement, please put away all materials for my first demonstration.”

There was a stirring of movement as students either packed up and left or passed the signed document to the front before putting their things away. Only five students left the building, leaving 95 students, including Chloe, eagerly awaiting their first Sexology lesson. There was silence once again as an air of uneasy curiosity occupied the room. Dr. Angotti moved to collect the signed agreements, shuffled through them and announced, “I have 95 papers. Allow me to once again stress the importance your discretion. I will not hesitate to act if I feel the integrity of my lessons are compromised.” Making his way to the back of the stage, the professor stepped out of sight and reappeared dragging a black folding table with him to the center. He adjusted his vest and continued, “My first demonstration is meant to thoroughly distance you from your comfort zone. I do not want you writing notes. I want your full attention and remember to hold your questions for the next session. Now, let’s begin. Class, meet Rae, my most dedicated TA.”

On cue, a tall, slim, honeyed haired woman stepped gracefully from backstage. Not a single student uttered a word as they took in her full appearance, but there was an evident shuffling, indicating their surprise. Rae was outfitted in only a royal blue torso corset and a pleated school-girl skirt that barely covered her perfectly round ass. Her perky, medium-sized breasts hung free and her small, pink nipples were trapped in silver clamps connected by a single chain. Rae wore her hair loose and long down her back and her feet were bound in 4-inch, blue stilettos. Proving to be the most shocking accessory, a black, studded collar surrounded Rae’s neck. She stood with her hands behind her back, her gaze downcast.

Chloe sat frozen in her seat, completely enthralled with the sight before her. She rides a rollercoaster of feelings from disgust to lascivious interest. Having only experienced basic sex with one man, Chloe never believed people like this actually exist. She thought it was made up by the filthy porn industry. Having a physical and sexual response only confused her more. Chloe’s private reverie was interrupted as the professor began his lesson.

“Being young adults, I’m sure many of you are familiar with BDSM in one way or another. As we establish the teacher/student relationship, I feel it is fitting to demonstrate a show of dominance on my part to avoid confusion as to who is in charge. While I am open to the majority of sexual acts and have a vague sexual identity, I find the Dom/Slave relationship to be the most exciting. Rae serves as my primary slave and will participate in today’s lesson.” Dr. Angotti walked over to his slave and leads her to center stage by tugging on the nipple clamps. He took a black, velvet bag from her clasped hands and faced the class while addressing his TA. “Slave Rae, display position.”

Without hesitation, the young woman dropped into a downward-facing position, arms in front with knees curled in. She had turned her back end towards the class so they had a clear view of her hairless labia and plugged, puckered hole. A few gasps were audible from the rows of students, but the professor paid no mind. “Slave Rae, rise and inform the new students of your training details.”

Rae rose from her submissive position and, eyes still downcast, verbalized her routine. “When I am to act as Master Angotti’s slave, I prepare both my holes by shaving off nearly all my pubic hair. I leave a small strip on my mons pubis as this is Master’s preference. I then shave any other unsightly hair followed by oiling my skin, my pussy, and my ass. Before placing my buttplug, I am to clean myself out several times with an enema and am not to remove the plug until I am told to do so. I am not allowed any panties and must keep the plug in with only my muscles. If I drop it, I am punished. I am also not allowed to cover my breast after I place the nipple clamps unless in the general public. I am only allowed to do this by wearing a thin jacket. Master likes strangers to see the outline of the clamps on my naughty nipples. I am to be ready at any time to be fucked.”

As the TA spoke, Chloe once again battled a feeling of both aversion and excitement. She felt a hot tingle low in her gut radiating down to her clitoris. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair, trying to stave off the growing ache.

After Rae finished, Dr. Angotti reached into the black bag and pulled out a red ball gag. He explained its function as he fit the gag to his lovely slave. “To heighten the experience of being filled, a slave must have all holes plugged to reach maximum satisfaction. A true submissive loves the feeling of being fucked completely and, commonly, against their will. The gag will act as a filler for the mouth and I will show you the rest as we go.” The professor paused and moved back to the table. He reaches into the bag again, pulls out handcuffs, a small bullet vibrator and turned back to his TA. “Slave Rae, over the table.”

The slave moved back towards the table to bend over at the waist, resting her elbows on the table’s top. The students could see her from the side and her ample breasts visibly pressed against the cool vinyl. Dr. Angotti moved to the other side, stretched Rae’s hands out in front and handcuffed them to a metal hook at the head of the table. He then reached underneath the table to retrieve a bar and kneeled down to latch it to the woman’s ankles, making any real movement impossible.

The professor continued his explanation as he stood up. “I’ve just restrained Slave Rae with a spreader bar, preventing her from closing her legs. Her wrist are bound and I intentionally left the clamps on because it is this slave’s preference. She reacts positively to the extra pain and stimulation the friction makes while clamped. Now, she is completely unable to move. Make no mistake, this type of relationship requires an enormous amount of trust for it to be truly effective. The next portion of this demonstration will be solely visible, with varied guttural sounds and phrases.”

With that, Dr. Angotti moved behind his TA and began to probe her pussy with his fingers. Rae moaned behind her gag and a distinct squishing noise accompanied the digital penetration only proving the slave was indeed ready to be fucked. The professor progressed to three fingers and the slave’s hips rose up to meet each forward thrust. Her face is turned towards the class, cheek pressed against the vinyl of the table, mouth agape and eyes open, Rae’s obvious state of arousal affected each student. The professor’s own excitement became evident as a visible, sizable tent grew in his pants. Rae’s hip thrusts became more and more frantic as the professor sped up the finger fucking. Her strangled moans echoed off the walls and the students, glued to this decadent scene, were unable to look away or at each other. Dr. Angotti suddenly halted his ministrations to prevent his slave from climaxing. Finally freeing his cock, the professor took no time in brutally penetrating the bound woman in one movement.

“OPHHMMM,” Rae screamed in surprise and slight pain. But the professor did not pause for adjustment, he pounded his slave without ceremony. Making slight grunting noises, he gripped her hips and pulled her back on his thick cock repeatedly. Once again, the slave’s breathing seemed to grow more haggard and Dr. Angotti stopped and pulled out of the wet pussy he owns. Taking a single step back, the professor began to lightly rub Rae’s ass cheeks. Turning his body slightly, Dr. Angotti suddenly and viciously slapped the protruding buttplug, driving it deeper into the beautiful woman’s depths. With each stroke of hand, the slave’s entire body shuddered and her small gasps accompanied each smacking noise. Rae’s punishment continued and the professor began to alternate between each well-rounded cheek, leaving bright red hand marks. Finally, the assault came to a close and Dr. Angotti gently touched the abused skin. The slave wiggled her ass in delight as the sensitive skin was soothed by delicate caressing. She sighed in protest when the professor ceased his administrations.

Chloe realized she was breathing heavily and tried to slow it down by breathing counting her inhales and exhales. A noticeable flush splashed across her cheeks and neck, Chloe grew aware of how warm she felt and the growing heat between her legs. She heard vigorous breathing from behind and looked to discover the same pair of green eyes staring back. Chloe looked downward at the large bulge straining behind zipped jeans and jumped as an electric jolt shot up her spine from her pelvis. Jerking her eyes back to the stage, Chloe’s flush deepened and the ache in her groin grew to a nearly unbearable wetness.

Reaching for the bullet vibrator, the professor spread his slave’s pussy lips and pushed the metal egg into her well-lubricated entrance with moist “pop”. “Oh yeah!” cried Rae, her whole body tensing as Dr. Angotti turned the dial to full blast. He rubbed the skin of her ass once again before pulling out the medium sized, black buttplug. This elicited a sharp inhalation from the bound woman and the professor repositioned his still hard cock at her back hole. He tested its readiness by gradually pressing his hips forward. As soon as his cock’s head broke through her anal barrier, Dr. Angotti began to slam into his slave with the same vigor as before, forcing his length deep into her channel.

“OH MY GOD! YES! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK YOUR SLAVE! FUCK YOUR DIRTY WHORE!” Screamed the willing slave. The professor groaned and leaned over to grip Rae’s hair, pulling her head sharply back and off the black table.

Speeding up to an almost impossible pace, Dr. Angotti breathlessly demanded, “Who do you belong to, Slave?”

“You Sir, you!” The bound woman responded.

“Tell me and the class what you want,” directed the professor.

“AH! I want you to fuck me like the slut I am! I want you to fuck me in front of all these people so they know who I belong to. I want you to fuck me anywhere at any time. OH please Master, may I come?”

With a satisfied smile, he replies “Look towards our audience and come slave!”

“AHHHHAA, YES, YES!!” Rae came hard as her body convulsed, pushing the bullet vibrator out to the stage floor. The professor smacked the side of her ass cheek for this transgression before abruptly stiffening and shuddering, signaling his own release. Dr. Angotti collapsed upon the bound woman beneath him, eyes closed while catching his breath.

Several minutes passed before the professor calmly moved to pull his pants up and addressed his student audience, “As you can see, my slave is prohibited from sexual gratification without permission. This also greatly increases the intensity of each release and much of an S&M relationship demands proper exploration.” He paused to unlock Rae from her handcuffs and she slid to the floor before assuming her submissive position once again.

“This concludes class for the day. If you intend to return to the next lecture, the merely suggested homework is to look up everything you can find on bondage and BDSM. While there is much to find on visual pornography sites, literotica and historical books are more informative. Also, please keep a diary of your emotional and physical response to each lecture. Your final grade will be based on this journal and a final exam. Remember not to disclose any information from today’s class, or I will be forced to…..punish you.”

Staring hard at the class one last time, Dr. Angotti stepped off the stage with Rae following closely behind.

Flustered, Chloe clumsily stood, grabbed her things and made for door as quickly as possible. Her thoughts racing with her feet, Chloe knew she had much to express in her newly required journal.

After doing my sets I realized I was pretty hungry and decided to stay and have breakfast at his apartment. At this point I was starting to feel like I was constantly living there part time already. I cooked myself a small omelette that included a variety of things I found in the fridge. I thought about the instructions he left me to use some sort of seat he had for me in the cabinet. I wondered what it was and went to see.

I pulled out a strange seat type thing and it took me a while to figure out how to mount it on the chair but I really just had to place it on top of the chair seat like a booster chair but the seat arched up like a saddle. I was confused because it had two things that reached downward and I realized they were for my feet to rest in but they were hanging down on either side of the chair so my legs would be spread. It wasn’t very high though and was thin, with a sturdy plastic like material but had a soft layer on the top to make it cushiony. There was an attachment that was obviously for my asshole and it had a small dildo like plug on it. The attachment was sticking out of a slit though, so I guessed it could be scooted upward in the seat for plugging my pussy. I was looking at it and a little nervous to sit on it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to but I knew I was supposed to while having my breakfast.

After some debating back and forth on whether or not I would comply with his instructions I went into his room to get some lube and tried to put a good amount of lube around my asshole like he normally does. It was weird to be applying lube to myself and I felt a little naughty doing it while I thought about sitting on something in my ass.

When I went back to the kitchen table I slowly tried to get on the seat and lower myself down onto the attachment. It was a soft rubbery like material but still smooth and felt nice. It took me a while to brace myself and ease it in. At first it hurt when the thick part of it went inside me but the rest of it slid in very easily and was snug since I had all my weight on it. I spread my legs and rested my feet in the little things on the side. I felt so vulnerable seated like that and my pussy stirred and moistened with my ass being plugged. I finally ate my breakfast and then got out of the seat. I noticed once I got up and put my dish away I was feeling … well…. I kind of missed the feeling from when I was seated. I had gotten a lot more comfortable than I expected on it.

I decided to run out to a local coffee shop to get my work done and took his notes with me. Throughout the day I figured I would memorize the statements he wanted me to look over. I was busy reading my own things when I remembered them and finally took them out for a look.


Heather, these are some things I want you to think about daily and you should memorize them so you can repeat them to me tonight.

"I belong to Luke, and my body belongs to him. I will not deny him access to his own property."

"My body will accept Luke's cum as a reminder that I am his."

"I will not pleasure or touch myself without first asking for permission."

"I will ask Luke for permission to cum when I want to."

"I will be honest and open when answering questions."


I imagined saying them to him. I didn’t think they were bad and I wanted to do them though. It was strange to see them spelled out and even more strange to imagine verbally telling it to him. I was nervous already and started trying to memorize and review them in between studying for other things. Oddly enough I guess I didn’t feel as weird as I thought — in a way I somehow already accepted these things and I wasn’t sure why I did so easily. I just knew that I felt good about it and I felt good when he did things to me.

Later that day he inspected me when he came home and then asked me to come to the couch with him to have a talk.

“Come sit on my lap.” I paused and was a little nervous. I shyly stood in front of him and got over him awkwardly to sit. He reached out and positioned me so I would stay facing him with my legs on either side of him. Once I was sitting he put his arms around my waist and this made me a little excited. I had never been this close to him before in this way and I felt protected while at the same time restrained like I couldn’t get away. I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head over his shoulder and rested while he held me. I started to relax while he lightly ran his hands up and down my back which made me feel calm.

I felt his cock getting hard beneath me when I would move to readjust on him. He finally moved and lifted me just slightly above him. He unzipped his pants and took his cock out and it sort of bounced straight up. It looked huge even from above and he started to lower me onto it. I braced myself holding on to his shoulders and resisted a little — I was scared it would be too big even though I knew it had clearly no problem spreading me open to fit before. I couldn’t help it and kept letting out little moans and taking in loud breaths while I took in more and more of his cock. It felt so tight and deep with me sitting onto it. I wrapped my arms around him while feeling my pussy adjust to being stretched and filled.

“Hey…” he said gently while easing me from his shoulder so he I could face him. “Did you memorize my notes for you?” he moved some hair away from my eyes.

“yeah….” I said quietly.

“Why don’t you tell them to me then…”

I tried to recall them from my head and was afraid I’d forgotten one already. Almost in a whisper I meekly stated all of my little statements he wrote down for me. Even though I was speaking so quietly I still felt so submissive saying those things out loud at all and with him so close looking right at me. Actually hearing myself say them felt a lot different and….real than when I thought about them in my head. I even almost forgot that his thick cock was stuffed into my pussy. As I said the last one I panicked a little and realized I was saying things I wasn’t sure I could do fully and I had no idea of the consequences of all this. I was scared.

“….And are you a little scared right now, Heather?” It was like he read my mind. I answered yes and tried to look away but couldn’t. “Why are you scared?”

“…I don’t really know…”

“Do you feel good?”


“Do you trust me?”

“I don’t know….what if..”

He leaned forward to me and I felt his cock shift inside me a little. He whispered to me “Heather. I won’t ever make you do anything that’s not good for you. You can always tell me if you’re scared of something so I can protect you or show you there’s nothing to be scared of. Are you afraid of me?…”

“Well, no…” I felt a little better hearing him alleviate my fear.

“You feel so good on my cock….” He was still whispering near my head toward my ear. “…I’ll take good care of you.”

“o.k.” I replied breathily into his ear.

I felt him start to stir underneath me and his cock start to move in and out. It felt so deep in me I thought it was going to make me split in half. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him to hold on to him while he carried me to bed with his cock still plunged into me. His walking made it go in and out a little and it felt nice.

He laid me down on the edge of the bed and fucked me while holding my legs straight up. It felt a lot better with it not lodged in so deep except for when he was pushed all the way in. I heard him grunting and he sped up, fucking me harder than he normally does. I tried to breathe but I could only moan and I kept getting louder without being able to help it.

“oooohhhh GOD!!” I yelled out and tried to push myself back at his stiff cock. I was grabbing the sheets around me and had my back arched up while moaning and screaming I was so close to cumming.

“Ask me you cunt!” He grunted at me and I could feel him start to tense up. The sound of him pounding into my soaking wet pussy and my own moaning made me go crazy.

“OH PLEASE! Can I PLEASE cum?!!! Oh Fuck me!”

“Cum on my cock!! …Aghhh!!” I felt him shove his cock all the way in and cum inside me. I started screaming and I felt the sheets tear a little as they caught on to something on the other side of the bed with me gripping and pulling them towards myself. We collapsed on the bed and laid there catching our breaths for what seemed like forever.

I slowly started to feel calmer again and I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt with his cum still slipping out of my pussy slowly. I couldn’t believe how horny and crazy I went when he was fucking me — it just happened and it felt so good to get pounded in so hard and cum like that. We got up and he asked me to shower with him. It was a quick shower and I didn’t have much to do there that night except run some laundry through afterward.

We ordered some food to be delivered and I had forgotten about the seat already. He sternly reminded me and I awkwardly straddled it to sit. I felt so embarrassed sitting in it with something up my ass and my legs spread and held open. He reached over a few times to stick his fingers into my pussy while we sat there having our food.

Later before bed he had his PJ pants on and his cock slipped out of it while he was sitting on the couch. I couldn’t help but stare at it — even when it was limp it seemed so big and strong. He caught me staring at it and asked me to come to him. I was nervous he would fuck me because I wasn’t quite sleepy and ready for bed yet. I felt like a child who was quiet when bed time came in hopes the parent won’t look at the time.

I sat down next to him and looked down at his cock.

“Do you like it?” he asked me.

“It looks big…” I mumbled.

“It can get bigger like it was before. …Touch it.”

I swallowed out of nervousness and reached out to touch it with a finger on the side. It started to grow just as he said. It was so fast — I couldn’t believe how big it was getting almost immediately. I touched it some more and started pressing on it with my fingers and grabbing it , gripping it with my hand and gently pulling on it.

“Does that hurt??”

“No. It feels good. Have you ever swallowed cum before?”


“…Have you ever sucked cock before??”

“…” The thought of sucking on it made me a little curious but I didn’t like the idea of swallowing cum or getting it into my mouth. I was jerking his cock around in my hands still. It was in a way kind of fun…playing with it and pushing it around and grabbing it. He seemed to not mind at all. I started lightly stroking it with fingers moving up and down softly, feeling the few ridges and touching it all over.

I pressed on the head of it and thought about if it would even fit in my mouth.

“Go ahead…do you want to?”

I leaned over and breathed over it and saw it twitch. I licked it just once. It tasted like nothing. I licked it all around the head a few times and then took it into my mouth. I felt him groan a little and put his hand on my head. He guided me up and down on his cock slowly getting it deeper each time. I started to slow down as it got near my throat and I tried to slowly get in as much as I could. I liked having it in my mouth. I felt my pussy get wet while I kept sucking and letting his cock fuck my mouth. I did this for a while and the head of his cock finally reached the back of my throat without me gagging. I felt my throat close in and out and this made him hold my head there. I tried to breath out of my nose and I felt his hand rubbing my ass and squeezing it. I flinched a little when I felt a finger slip into my pussy.

“Don’t scoot away from me…” He commanded and grabbed my ass back towards him. “…focus on your sucking.” I tried to continue sucking on his cock and letting it go as far as I could each time. My body started to relax and I accepted him probing my pussy and fingering me while I sucked on him. I felt my juices start to seep out but I tried to think about sucking and let my pussy relax and respond to his finger fucking. He got close to cumming but flipped me on my back and shoved his cock into my pussy a few times and came inside me.

Then he pulled out and told me to get on my knees in front of the couch and lick his dick clean. It tasted like his cum and my pussy mixed together. He told me to suck on it again and he held my head still while he spurted a little bit of cum he had left into my mouth. He ordered me to swallow it and I did quickly, afraid I would spit it out or it would taste bad. But it didn’t really taste like anything and I felt like I was his slut swallowing it as he told me to. I didn’t want to believe it but I enjoyed sucking his cock and playing with it. It was so hard but it still felt slightly squishy in a sense. But it was rock hard still and felt so strong.

For the next couple of weeks things settled down into being more routine and I was feeling pretty good about things. I was a lot more productive knowing I had to put time aside each day and had been to a few interviews at some jobs that I actually wanted. I did start to meet a few people from test prep places or just when I was out and about. It was nice to finally start making friends since it had been so hard to meet people without having a job or school going on yet.

I barely had enough to cover rent and utilities but with whatever extra I had I started learning to cook with and figured out how to cook some makeshift meals for myself when I wasn’t at Luke’s. I couldn’t wait till school started and I had a steady job. I figured if I could still help at Luke’s apartment I would be making enough to invest in some more kitchen appliances or just have nicer things that I would need since he was giving me enough for the basics.

I was going to his apartment 3 to 4 nights a week now but I wasn’t always working every night. I did a little each night to maintain things then always ended up staying for a while or spending the night. Whether I slept there or not though he was very consistent with tucking me into bed. I started to trust him enough so I gave him a key to my apartment so if I fell asleep he could lock the apartment when he left earlier than me. I still had my plug in me almost every night when he put me in bed.

Having something in either my pussy or my ass all day was starting to become routine to me and I barely even thought about it anymore until he removed it. Every time he wanted to see me or do things to me I started to get so turned on and even more wet than I already was. I always wondered why he liked doing those things but I never questioned it since I secretly enjoyed it. Although a few times he made me admit I wanted him to do them and it was embarrassing. The other night he had decided we could go out and have dinner, asking me if I wanted to eat with him. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a pleasant night. We had dinner at a nice place that I had never been to before and he held my hand to lead me around. He even ordered for me which I thought was nice. While eating we talked and I told him how things were going and how I was excited for school to start again and then how I wanted to get back into playing some sports or being more active outside. He mentioned that he wanted to bring me to some sort of event that his friends were hosting next week and said that he thought I would like them. I agreed but I was a little hesitant about meeting his friends and I wondered if he talked about me to other people. I wasn’t sure what … “we” were. We talked and I tried to bring it up.

“So would you like to come with me, Heather?”

“Well…yeah. It sounds like fun. …Would I be like….your date?”

“In a way, yes.”

“Well…we’ve been doing this…and I’m not – and I like it but…” I quieted down to barely audible, noticing other tables with people around us. “It’s just…I don’t know what all this is…”

“Do you belong to me?” He asked me. He looked at me calmly but he seemed serious.

“…Yes.” I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Well, if you belong to me….what does that make me, to you?” He quietly asked me.

I felt my face turn slightly red and feel hot. I thought everyone in the entire restaurant might hear us. Even the way he looked at me made my pussy leak.

“Well??” he waited. “Answer.”


“Who am I to you, Heather?”

I hesitated. I knew the answer but saying it was different. It was like making it real — acknowledging it and sealing it into stone in a way. I stuttered trying to get any sort of words to come out.

“….you’re my owner..” I was barely audible, even to myself.

“Good girl.”

He took me home that night and came in with me. We talked and I thought he would tuck me into bed like he usually does but he had something a little different in store for me that night. He took the box out that he let me keep at my apartment with the toys in it and took out the long bar with the cuffs at the end. He explained he would be using it to hold my legs open so I couldn’t close them.

I was visibly alarmed when he showed me and explained it so casually. I wasn’t sure what to think but I couldn’t stop him either. He reassured me I’d be safe with him in control and put the cuffs around my legs, mentioning that he would soon put the bar at my thighs to hold me open even wider. I could still move my feet a little bit but couldn’t fully close my legs when he put it on. It was weird to feel like I couldn’t get anywhere.

I was already used to him seeing me exposed and vulnerable but it was different to be held open like that in front of him. He slid his finger into my pussy a few times to feel how wet I was. I strained at his touch and he took his dick out and pressed the head of it into my already drenched opening. He teased me by pressing it barely in and out . My pussy felt like a well I was so wet I wanted him to press his cock into me. He held my legs up by the bar in front of him and rubbed his cock up and down my slit, stopping at my little pool of juices leaking out and teasing me every time. Finally he plunged his cock into me but that night he fucked me slowly and at a steady pace.

I was moaning and whining almost the whole time — my pussy was dripping but he continued fucking me slowly, pushing into me all the way and pulling out all the way each time. I thought I would never cum that way but slowly it was building up in me and I became so desperate I started screaming at him to fuck me. My pleas didn’t change his pace at all and that’s when I started to accept he was in full control right then. I relaxed and let myself just respond to his cock. Just when I let go I was already so close I started to cum and I felt like a wave ran over me — my back naturally arched up and I screamed and moaned while my cum gushed out all over his cock.

To my surprise after I came he didn’t fuck me as deep and just slid his cock into and out of my pussy half way in until he came. My pussy was just a hole for his cock to use however he felt to make himself cum. Eventually I came again while his cock spurted a load of warm cum inside of me.

A few days after that I was at home when I had a delivered package from UPS. I was a little surprised since I didn’t order anything but I took it in and opened it since it had my name on it. I figured it was from someone at home. I took the packing slip out and read the note.

“Heather, put this on and meet me at the office for my office party…”

/*** I guess I’ve just happened to be asking all the busy people for editing. If you want to be my editor for this story and are interested please contact me. More looking for style/diction/structure and then the other basic stuff too.

To answer some of yalls questions the story starts off close to reality then slowly mixes up and becomes more and more just my own made up story the further I go.

The story I am going to write about is the result of agreeing to become an obedient servant to my boss. This was after being given a choice of being fired or being a servant to her. Why; for having sex on the company premises, after hours, in a restricted area of the building.

I work in the accounts receivables department. My boss is a tyrant; most of the time. Managers love her because of her no nonsense attitude. She is also beautiful and that might explain the other manager’s interest. I will admit I am jealous. She is perfectly proportioned for her five foot-six inches. Her long, silky black hair reaching to her shoulder blades with no split or dry ends is the talk of the office. Those green catty eyes send the message, “Don’t mess.” She always dresses in office attire immaculately matched and always in slacks with medium heels, colors matching her outfit.

The rest of us usually wear jeans and sneakers. She reports to a female manager. There is office gossip that there is something going on between them but who knows since she always brags about what she and her husband do on weekends. My supervisors name is Geraldine and her supervisor is Mildred. Mildred is an overweight lady in her late forties. Geraldine is in her early thirties.

I have only been in the section a little over a year but with the company five years. There are ten of us in the section comprising of six women and four men.

Rumors have it that Geraldine has been with the organization for over ten years and this is the only company where she has worked.

It was a Monday, around nine in the morning when I received an e-mail from the tyrant asking me to report to her office at ten thirty. It was not an unusual request because we would go over invoices periodically. I reported as requested and sat in front of her desk. She was not there and that was normal; so no big surprise.

When she arrived she closed her office door behind her. Her doing that startled me because that was not normally the case. When she reached her desk, she lifted a manila envelope and removed what looked like pictures. She placed them on a table in her office and then asked me to look at the pictures.

I walked to the table and I nearly died on the spot. They were of me blowing a co-worker, him having me lying on some boxes doing me from behind, and me on my back, him eating me while I was mauling my breasts with my hands and another with my hands on his head pulling him to me for more action.

Geraldine had returned to her desk which I had not noticed. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard, “Sherry sit down and let’s get down to business.”

I returned to the chair and heard, “Sherry that action on company property, in a restricted area calls for immediate dismissal. Clear out your desk over the lunch hour and only take your personal items. Is that understood?”

By then I was bawling and felt a box of tissues landing in my lap. I could not look at Geraldine.

I managed to say, “Yes, I understand.”

I then heard, “Times are tough out there. I wish you luck in finding something. However there is an option. I will offer you an alternative which is being my servant; catering to my desires and wishes when I request that; think it over. If you desire to serve me, go out at lunch time and buy some cotton undies if you are not wearing them and be at your desk at one o’clock sharp. If not, then take your things and the best of luck searching for a suitable position.”

The tyrant left the room and I sat in shock while thinking about my options. I went to the ladies room, into a stall where I cried more and thought more about my options. It was eleven thirty when I returned to my desk. I called Ronny, the guy in the picture and said, “Just calling to check if you want lunch today.” He said, “Sorry babe but Jill is coming by.” Jill is his wife.

It bothered me that nothing was said to him yet. I then decided I would go out and buy panties, be back at one and I would quit anytime later if being the tyrant’s servant become unbearable.

I was sitting at my desk at one when Geraldine walked by and said, “Come to my office, Sherry.”

I followed her and heard, “Take this package and go to the ladies room. Put it on along with your new cotton panty. I don’t want to see your face until five-fifteen in my office; go now and do as you were told.”

When I reached a stall, I opened the brown sack and pulled out a battery operated clit vibrator still in its plastic wrapper. It was obvious it was remote-controlled and the control was not there but batteries were. It was in the form of a pink butterfly. I debated whether I should put it in place or ignore the orders and quit. I decided I’d better do it and put on a cotton panty suspecting something would happen during the afternoon hours.

I went back to my desk worrying about the vibrator all the time I was working. I was startled when in mid afternoon it began to vibrate gently. I tried to ignore it but that did not work. I knew if she did not turn it off or I did not take it off I was going to orgasm there at my desk. I could smell my juices lifting up to my nostrils from between my thighs. I knew then why she told me to put on cotton panties. I was being turned-on, scared and nervous all at the same time.

I headed to the ladies room and the vibration stopped. I decided to continue to the ladies room to take it off. I was soaking wet and tense so I brought myself to orgasm with my fingers. When I returned to my desk an e-mail was flashing, “I hope you did not take the butterfly off. If you did, put it back on immediately.”

I rushed to the ladies room and put the butterfly back in place. As soon as I sat at my desk the butterfly started again and a message on the computer said, “Don’t you dare head to the ladies room unless it is to use the facility for its intended purpose.”

It was difficult working while the butterfly was buzzing. I clenched my fist and muffled my moans as I had two orgasms at my desk about thirty minutes apart. The last one was at four-fifty-five and the vibrations stopped. I took a deep breath and hurried to get caught up on my work so I would be ready to go to her office at five-fifteen.

At five I said bye to my co-workers telling them I was behind and was staying. The butterfly began vibrating at five again. Linda, one of my co-workers stopped and asked if I was feeling alright because I looked flushed. I smiled and just said, “I feel fine. It’s probably because I am rushing to get out of here.” No one sticks around after five. We are all ready to charge the door at four-fifty-nine. Well I need to take that back. I would rendezvous with the guy in the picture at ten minutes past the hour.

At five fifteen I headed to Geraldine’s office. As soon as I stood the vibration started again. God I was going to have an orgasm in front of her, I thought. She did not look up from her desk when I arrived and said, “Don’t go anywhere. Take off your wet panties and give them to me.”

I stepped off to the side in shock hearing her asking me to do this in her office and decided I’d better do it. I stepped out of my shoes and dropped my jeans. God, even my jeans were wet. When I slipped my fingers into the waistband of the panties, the vibrator went into high speed and I shuddered with an orgasm. My body shuddering was telling her what the butterfly had done. I turned crimson in color and heard, “Awesome, Sherry. Now give me your panties when you catch your breath.”

I stepped out of my jeans and took the panties off and then put my jeans back on. Before pulling the zipper up I heard, “Leave the fly open my pet.” What was with this my pet? Was I to become like a dog begging for her attention?

I walked to the desk and handed her the wet panties. She placed them under her nose, smiled and said, “MMMMmmmm, they smell so sweet. I am glad you decided to be my pet. Soon you will realize it was a good decision. She stood and walked to me. We were looking each other eye to eye as her hand slid into my open fly. I had to close my eyes. Her finger found my hard clit. She started to massage it as her left forearm was placed on my right shoulder. I was on the verge of climaxing when she withdrew her hand and asked, “Have you ever tasted your love juice, Sherry?”

I shook my head no.

“Then it’s time that you did. Open your mouth and clean my fingers, now.”

I was horrified at the thought and scared at the same time. I thought if men can taste me; I guessed I could taste myself. I opened my mouth slowly and soon she swished the fingers around in my mouth while at the same time smiling and saying, “Friday night you can taste me at my place. If you have other plans cancel them. You can go home now but be sure you have the butterfly in place in the morning when you report for work. You can leave your soaked panties with me. I will sleep with them for the next few nights. They will stimulate my brain and other parts of me. I am leaking myself imagining what we might be doing Friday night.”

I was beside myself leaving. I had just tasted my own love juice and the aftertaste was still lingering. I was on the verge of an orgasm, and just being told I will taste her Friday evening. My mind was spinning as I staggered to the ladies room to induce that hanging orgasm. I lowered my jeans when I reached a stall. I rapidly brought myself to the needed orgasm. I then debated with myself should I or should I not taste my love juices again. I then lifted my sopping wet hand to my nose. I proceeded to lick it. When I had finished my hand was free of the juices it had been covered in. I sat on the stool shaking my head and wondered where this will all go.

I did as she requested for the rest of the week after receiving an e-mail Tuesday telling me to have it in place everyday henceforth. The rest of the week, twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon sometime I’d have an orgasm induced by the vibrating butterfly except for Friday afternoon.

An e-mail Friday gave me the address and time to be at her home. Ronny was out-of-town all week and it was impossible to talk with him. For some reason he was ignoring my e-mails which made it disconcerting.

I arrived at her place at the designated time. I was taking steps into the unknown but so long as I could tolerate it I would hang in there because I needed the job. The door was answered by a guy in his mid thirties. He was handsome with great looking abs standing bare chest in work out shorts, grinning and saying, “I am Ricky Martin’s look alike and the name is Jim. You can close your mouth now and follow me. Jim had black wavy curled hair, medium length. His cologne smelled nice as I followed him. Gerry is expecting you and so am I after listening to Gerry talk about you.” I was wondering if Jim heard my heart pounding in my chest as I followed him into the unknown.

I followed Jim down a flight of stairs and through a door. The room was dark except for a spotlight on Geraldine on her knees blowing a guy who was red ball gagged and blindfolded. His hands were in handcuffs behind him. Between his back and his hands, was a floor to ceiling pole that his neck and waist were attached to which appeared to be Velcro straps. It reminded me of those poles that girls use in Gentleman’s Clubs. His legs were spread apart with a spreader bar, cuffed and secured to the floor. When I spotted another empty pole nearby, my pussy woke up as my brain told me that was soon to be my pole and I’d be secured to it and someone would be eating me; but who.

Geraldine ignored me and was massaging the guy’s balls as well as deep throating him. The site of her silky black hair in a ponytail made her look all that much sexier. It was bobbing nicely as she moved her head blowing the guy. Who was the guy and why was he there crossed my mind. I thought I was going to be the only person there with Geraldine.

Jim stepped behind me, pushed my blond hair to the side, buried his nose into my neck, reached around, cupped my breasts and said, “Damn you smell good enough to eat which I will soon do, but first do you recognize the guy?”

I took a hard look and it was Ronny, the married guy that I was having some fun time with on the company premises. My mind went spinning. “Yes I do,” came from my lips.

I heard, “He not only likes your pussy but also likes what Geraldine is doing for him. Look at the hard-on he has for Geraldine. Have you ever seen it that hard? Take a good look at the veins. You can count them from here. I think it would blow up like a stick of dynamite but I’m not aware of one that has yet.”

I admitted to myself that his cock was the hardest I had ever seen. Her deep throating him was getting to him. His moaning and trying to move told me he was on the verge of cumming.

I stood silent as Ronny was showing signs of an orgasm. Jim was massaging my breasts still covered in a silk blouse but bra less. Then it crossed my mind that maybe this was why Ronny was not returning my e-mail or calls; he had been threatened.

Geraldine pulled her mouth from his cock, stood up, walked over to me, looked me in the eyes, then took my face with her two hands, pulled our mouths together and began kissing me as Jim was really massaging my bra less breasts through my blouse by then. I began to warm up even though I did not know what all was going to transpire later but had some inclination from the sights in front of me.

Geraldine pushed back and said, “I am glad that you obeyed and welcome. Tonight you will be taking your first step in learning how to serve me. There will be other steps to follow. Now shall we get started?”

“Notice Ronny there liking my mouth; he agreed as you did to serve me after second thoughts.”

“I promised the security guy who took the pictures that he could fuck you from time to time with my approval. He agreed to keep his silence about you and Ronny and what was going on in the storage room. Jake will be by later to sample that hot looking ass of yours but it’s Jim’s turn first. Do your boy friends compliment you on your ass? Ronny will have pleasure of watching you eat me while Jim fucks you doggy style. Now close your mouth, undress and join me on the mat over there.”

I wanted to bolt and run but run where.

I saw what appeared to be a mattress off to the side in a dimly lit area. It had what appeared to be a quilted mattress covering a brown colored rubber looking sheet. My heart skipped a beat knowing that there must be lots of fluids being collected on the quilted cover.

I began to undress as Geraldine went back over and sucked Ronny hard again since he had gotten soft. I heard Jim undressing. Ronny was hard in no time, he was groaning and shoving his hips forward so more cock would go down Geraldine’s throat with the limited movement he had. Geraldine pulled off of him before he could fire his load. She removed the ball gag and asked, “Do you want some water or refreshment, my horny pet?”

We heard, “Please Mistress get me off. God I am getting blue balls.”

Geraldine said, “For sure and they will ache all next week. Now I have a little show for you.”

As she reached to take his blind fold off, I turned my back to him. He had seen my hairless pussy many times but for some reason I felt overly exposed in front of the three of them.

I heard, “Turn around Sherry and say hello to your office lover. Come over here and blow him a little bit but don’t let him fire. But before you do that, give my pussy a few flicks of your tongue and then kiss Ronny with my juices on your tongue and lips so he will want more.”

I walked over to them with cold clammy hands, trembling, eyes focused on the floor. I knelt in front of Geraldine and heard her say, “Jim, doesn’t Sherry exhibit a lot of innocence?”

I heard, in unison, “She sure does Gerry,” “Come on pet, lick me quickly so we can have some serious sex and make Ronny here beg for release.”

I stared at her bald pussy, lips filled with blood and beads of liquid glistening on the inside folds. I knew then that was what she meant Monday when she said I would taste her.

Hesitantly I used my fingers to expose her clit. The aroma emitting from her was pleasant enough. It had been years since a girl friend and I ate each other in college. As a result, I recalled my technique and started with it. I then gave her slit some long swipes with my pointed tongue, realizing her juices were not going to be nasty but pleasant.

I then stood, placed my hands on the sides of Ronny’s face, placed my lips on Ronny and lashed at his tongue with mine. He was eager because his mouth was open for me. Just as my tongue entered his mouth, two fingers rammed into my pussy and began to fuck me. I heard, “Ronny my pet, Sherry loves this pussy fingering I am giving her. I bet you wish it was your cock doing her like you do at the office. Do you have anything left for your wife when you and Sherry are finished?”

Geraldine continued, “Alright, Sherry now follow me. Eat me nicely while Jim there makes a nice deposit in that cunt of yours but don’t you dare cum. If you do, those whips on the walls will have a nice taste of your skin.” More lights illuminated the room and in particular a spotlight focused on the mattress as the light on Ronny went out.

I froze in my steps looking at the different assortment of whips and ropes on the wall, ropes hanging from the ceiling and other toys displayed on the wall. Looking at everything caused fear to overwhelm me which surely had me not going for an orgasm.

I knelt and wrapped my arms around Geraldine’s uplifted thighs so I could hold her swollen pussy lips open. As I ate Geraldine from a doggy position, Jim fucked me from slow to fast. Sounds of him drilling me filled the room. His nuts were hitting my butt cheeks meaning his eight inches were buried deep in me somewhere. Every time I started to build, I glanced at the wall with the whips which cooled me down. The aroma of sex permeated the air.

Geraldine was muttered, “Oh god pet, you are good. You do not need any training on how to please a woman. My god yes, there that’s it, Oh Jim she is good at eating pussy; oh yes, yes, yes.”

Jim muttered, “You were right in assuming she would be tight love. This is the best selection you have made in some time. God she is tight. Jake is going to love her and I bet he will want to do her at least once a week if not more. You know he may even ask your permission to introduce her to some of his friends.”

As Jim was picking up his pace, mine was picking up on Geraldine. She had placed her hands on the back of my head pulling me tight to her gash and I heard, “Oh Jim I’m there, give her that nut juice that you have been saving all week.”

They both moaned as they had their orgasm which almost made me cum but glances from time to time at the whips hanging on the wall put my fire out.

When everyone recovered I heard, “Jim, bring Ronny here and let him clean Sherry up and then she can give him dessert if he can get her that far with his tongue. Lie on your back Sherry and let your office lover enjoy the cocktail in you.”

I then positioned myself on my back.

I was feeling sorry for Ronny. He was going to be slurping my juices mixed with Jim’s nut juice. Was he going to do it?

Ronny hobbled over to us with the leg spreader in place. Jim helped him to kneel and then I heard, “Jim your cock looks so nasty with all of your cum clinging to it. Why don’t you feed it to Sherry and let her clean it up.”

“No, please don’t make me do that. I don’t even let Ronny cum in my mouth. I have never let any guy cum in my mouth.”

“Well that’s alright pet, which whip on the wall shall I use to convince you that it would be a good idea to clean my husband’s cock?”

“Oh god, Okay, okay I will clean him up but please don’t make me gag.”

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