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The next morning, Ryna was awakened by a familiar weight on his chest. After opening his eyes, he found that Sensara was sprawled across him. Her left leg was over his stomach, while her arm was draped across his chest, and her head was nuzzled into his neck. His own arm was stuck in between her breasts, and she was slowly rubbing her exposed pussy against his hand.

“Girl, you’re a pervert even when you’re asleep, aren’t you?” he askedher sleeping form. After disentangling himself from Sensara, he quickly got dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. After leaving a note for Sensara and placing a pillow where he had been in the bed, he grabbed an apple from the kitchen and made his way to the front door of the dormitory building.

It was still dark outside, probably around 6:00, when Ryna finally managed to find his way out of the dormitory building, thanks in no small part to an elderly cleaning woman named Chicha who had given him directions. He quickly found his way back to the dome building he had taken his test in, then wandered inside until he found what he was looking for: the workout room.

He had been working out for two hours when he heard the door to the room open. Ignoring it, he continued to workout until a familiar voice called his name.

“Ryna, is that you? It is so good to see you again so soon!” called Laura’s voice from behind him.

“Hey Laura. You do realize that it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I saw you last, right?” Ryna asked without pausing his workout.

“That is why I included the ‘so soon’ part, silly,” Laura replied flirtily.

“You also realize that I have a girlfriend, correct? And she doesn’t seem overly fond of you,” Ryna retorted, catching her tone. She sat behind him on the bench, twirling a finger on his shoulder blade.

“That’s cuz’ she feels threatened by me. But that is no reason for you to not like me! I am here anytime you get tired of her,” Laura suggested, pushing her breasts into his back.

“Thanks, but no thanks. What you could do though, is tell me what there is to do around here until classes start,” Ryna asked. He stood up and grabbed a towel from a nearby wall, making Laura almost fall over from the sudden lack of support.

“Fine, be like that. The only thing that I know is happening today is a tournament of the beautiful game,” Laura answered. She picked herself up off of the bench and followed Ryna as he turned to leave.

“The beautiful game? What is that?” Ryna asked, continuing out of the workout room.

“Soccer, duh. You use anything but your hands and arms to put the ball into the opposing team’s goal,” Laura explained.

“I’ve never heard of that…oh wait a minute, I used to play a game called ‘football’ in the streets of Zyloth. We had to use our feet to put a small ball into a net. Is that the same game?” Ryna asked, getting excited.

“Yeah, I think it is. Anyway, the tournament starts in two hours in the big arena you took the Admissions Test in,” Laura said, getting excited as well.

“Cool, I’ll check it out!” Ryna called back to her as he broke into a run back to the dormitory. About 20 minutes later, he arrived back at the door to his apartment. Quietly opening the door, he smelled something delicious and cinnamon from the kitchen. He shut the door as quietly as he could, then tip-toed his way into the kitchen. Coming up behind Sensara, he waited until she didn’t have anything in her hands, then groped her tits through the apron she wore.

“KYAAAAH! RYNA STOP IT!” She yelled, weakly slapping at his hands while they pinched her nipples.

“If you say so…” Ryna whispered into her ear. He removed his hands and waited a couple seconds before he slid one hand in behind her apron, then feeling his way down to her clit. The sudden stimulation was too much for Sensara, making her knees buckle. Ryna laughed, catching her before she hit the ground then sat at the small table opposite from the cooking appliances. Sensara crawled after him, waiting until he was seated before she yanked at his sweatpants.

“I am not your plaything, Ryna!” She exclaimed, flicking his exposed cock.

“Owww, that actually hurt a little. Besides, I stopped, didn’t I?” Ryna asked sarcastically, a smirk crossing his face. Sensara opened her mouth to retort, but stopped when she caught a whiff of his cock, unwashed after the workout. Slowly, intoxicated by the musky scent, Sensara leaned closer to the source of the scent. Without realizing it, she took the head into her mouth, eager to taste the deliciously-tempting smell.

“Mmmm, Sensara!” Ryna moaned, breaking her out of her trance. She pulled up immediately, blushing fiercely.

“N-n-now is-isn’t the t-t-time for that,” Sensara stammered. She turned away from him and resumed cooking.

“Damn it, looks like my attempt at seduction failed this time… Oh well, at any rate, I am rather hungry,” Ryna remarked, his stomach growling right on cue.

“That was a rather poor attempt at seduction, don’tcha think?” Sensara asked, flashing Ryna a flirty smile, “If you had really wanted to get down to business right here, you should have said something really sensual in my ear. Instead, you groped me,” Sensara explained.

“I am a guy after all, you shouldn’t expect that much delicacy, especially when the only thing you have on is an apron,” Ryna joked, eyeing her exposed ass.

“You perv, it was just the most convenient thing to put on while cooking. I prefer to walk around nude when I am in a comfortable and safe environment,” Sensara replied, slightly irritated that Ryna wasn’t taking her seriously.

“This would be a safe environment if you weren’t so goddamn sexy,” Ryna flirted, watching her shoulders relax. She grabbed two plates from a cupboard above the stove, then served food onto both plates.

“You are such a flirt, we both know you don’t mean that,” Sensara said, turning around and placing the plates on the table. She sat down and was about to begin eating when Ryna leaned over the small table and kissed her. Lightly at first, he pressed his tongue against her lips until she relented, allowing his tongue entrance into her mouth. His tongue sensually brushed against hers before he drew back, breaking the kiss.

“Why would I lie about something like that?” Ryna asked, looking into her eyes.

“Because you want to get laid,” Sensara stated simply.

“Alright, what’s up? Why are you being so pissy?” Ryna asked, concern filling his eyes.

“Nothing is up, it isn’t like I need to ask you something, or anything,” Sensara huffed, looking away.

“So what do you need to ask me?” Ryna asked, leaning back and taking a bite of the roll-like thing Sensara made.

“I need to ask you what you are doing today,” Sensara said, still looking away angrily.

“Ummm… I think I am going to an all-day football tournament, why? This is delicious, by the way,” Ryna stated, taking another bite.

“Thank you, it is the first time I’ve made it-Wait a minute, you are already going to the Soccer tournament?!” Sensara asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah, why? Is that a bad thing?” Ryna asked, confused.

“No, it is fantastic! I have a team, but I needed a forward. Are you already signed up?” Sensara asked, her mood brightening considerably.

“Not that I am aware of, Laura only told me this morning,” Ryna answered, immediately realizing his mistake.

“Laura told you? Oh how nice of her. Tell me, when and where exactly did you two meet?” Sensara said through gritted teeth. Ryna noticed that her grip on the table was turning her knuckles white.

“Ummm, she sorta ambushed me in the workout room. Nothing else happened though, I promise,” Ryna assured her, affectionately putting his hand on hers.

“Alright, we are leaving now to register you with my team!” Sensara said, standing and going to the door.

“Love, you may want to put some clothes on if you want to go out in public, I really would rather not have to explain that to your grandfather,” Ryna said, eating the rest of the cinnamon roll whole.

“Ah! I totally forgot!” Sensara exclaimed, running back to the bedroom to get dressed.


Thirty minutes later, the pair were standing at the front desk of the building being used for the tournament, aptly named the “Megadome”. Sensara had thrown on a light orange sweater that clung to her curvaceous body and ended mid-thigh, as well as a pair of black pantyhose. “All in all,” Ryna thought, “Very sexy and good looking for a mere five minutes to prepare.,”

“What do you mean Ryna is already registered!?” Sensara asked a green rocky-looking alien at the desk, pulling Ryna out of his thoughts.

“It says here that Ryna Harcourt is registered as a forward on team Valkyrie,” the being answered with a gravelly voice.

“Team Valkyrie? Who is the registered manager of that team?” Sensara asked, her voice becoming sickly sweet.

“Ummm, let’s see here. The manager is a Ms. Laura Bann. I assume that you are this mister Ryna? The assigned locker room for Valkyrie is #13,” The being replied.

“Thank you so much for your help,” Sensara said, turning on her heel to face Ryna, “I have no idea what that bitch is planning, but it won’t be good, I guarantee,” Sensara said, the veins on her forehead comically popping out from anger. Ryna dragged her to the side of the entrance hall before he cupped her face with his hands.

“Have a little faith in me okay?” Ryna said, kissing her on the forehead, “I need to go now, but I’ll see you later. Don’t expect me to go easy on your team, by the way!” Ryna exclaimed as he walked off in the direction he assumed locker room #13 was in.

“Of course I wouldn’t expect any mercy, I’m gonna beat your team so bad it won’t even be funny. By the way, #13 is the other direction,” Sensara replied, feeling slightly more at ease. She laughed when Ryna spun around on his heel, mouthing the words “Dammit, I was gonna look so cool”.


After finally managing to find his way to the locker room, he took a second to plan his next move. Plan formulated, he pushed open the door, and was greeted with the sight of about 10 pretty girls in various stages of undress. A brief moment of silence passed while both sides began to comprehend the situation.

“Oh shit, I seem to have the wrong room. My baaaad,” Ryna said, regaining his wits first. He quickly exited the room and shut the door just as the first chorus of embarrassed screams began and the first volley of retaliatory items flew at the door. Taking a step away, he looked at the number on the door again.

“13″ he said aloud.

“You do have the right room, if you’re wondering,” came Laura’s voice from behind him.

“Like hell I do, there are a bunch of changing girls in there, Laura,” Ryna replied, blushing.

“That’s team Valkyrie. They are changing into our team uniforms. There is one for you in there too, so go change,” Laura said, pushing him toward the door.

“I don’t think those ladies would appreciate it very much if I barged in a second time,” Ryna said shortly, easily resisting Laura’s push toward the door.

“How about I go in and smooth things over, then tell you when you can come in, okay?” she asked, not waiting for an answer before she entered the locker room. A couple minutes later she opened the door and motioned him in. As soon as he set foot into the room, 10 angry glares found their way to him.

“Well, this is gonna be rather awkward…” he murmured, grinning sheepishly. “It seems we got off on the wrong foot.”

“Damn right we did! Not only do you come in and peep on us, but you take Mila’s starting spot!” One of the taller girls in goalie wear exclaimed.

“Hush Nieva!” Laura chided. She opened a locker near the group of girls and threw a red shirt with vertical black stripes at Ryna. Printed on the back was a large “10″, along with his name along the bottom.

“Laura, I’m not here to replace any of these lovely ladies,” he said, changing his shirt. The girls whistled appreciatively at the sight of his well-defined chest before they remembered to be angry at him again. “But, you have the number 10 printed on here. Tell me, does anyone know what the number 10 position is?”

“Not the forward, I’ll tell you that,” the one Ryna assumed he had replaced said. She was a short Iloni, a near-human race with a slightly red complexion and an incredible amount of stamina due to their heritage of being a slave race thousands of years back.

“I-it’s the playmaker, t-the central midfielder,” a shy-looking human girl with long black hair said softly.

“Hey, we have a winner! Yes, the #10 is the central midfielder. Do we have a central midfielder somewhere in this group?” Ryna asked, catching the pair of shorts that Laura threw at him next.

“Umm… Y-yes, that’s m-me,” the shy girl said again, “B-but I like to play d-defence more.”

“Well, that settles it then, I’ll be your attacking midfielder, alright?” he asked the group, receiving a collective murmur of assent, “Now that that is settled, could you ladies turn around for a second?” he held up the pair of shorts. Understanding quickly, the girls turned and waited for Ryna to finish changing.

“Why don’t we have some sort of introduction? I’m Ryna Harcourt, 1st year, Class C.” he announced as he finished putting on the shorts.

“I’m Nieva, the goalkeeper. I’m a 2nd year, Class A,” Nieva announced after a nudge from Laura.

“I’m Nina and this is my twin sister Anna. We are two of the center defenders, and we’re 1st years, Class B.” said a short brunette, pointing to a blonde girl of similar height standing next to her.

“I’m Spahana, the third center defender. I’m a 3rd year, Class F,” a tall human girl with her red hair up in a loose bun behind her head. Over the next couple minutes, Ryna learned the names of the rest of the team, Mila was the sole forward, Rafi and Jamina were the wingers, Dahlia was the shy-looking defensive mid, and the two wing defense girls were Decima and Lola.

“Now that we’ve finished with our introductions, I suggest we get a move on! Our first game is in ten minutes, and we haven’t talked about any strategy!” exclaimed an irritated Laura.

“Chillax, we’re playing a 5-4-1, so we’ll focus on defending, then catching them off guard with a counter attack,” Ryna said, removing his shoes and socks and leaving them by the door to the locker room. “Alright, let’s go win something!”

“Is he crazy, going out there without cleats, or even shoes!?” Nieva asked Laura as they followed him out.

“No idea. He says that he’s played before in the streets of Zyloth, so hey,” Laura said, shrugging.

“If you say so,” Nieva muttered as the team lined up near the half line so the referee could check them in. Ryna was looking around, marvelling at the change of scenery from the jungle that had filled the dome the day before.

“…young man, are you planning to play without any shoes?” the referee asked, pulling Ryna out of his amazement.

“Why no sir, I must have completely forgotten to put them on before I marched all the way out here,” Ryna said sarcastically, drawing a muffled snicker from both of the teams gathered at the half line.

“Well then, do you accept the risks involved with playing barefoot in a game surrounded by people with spikes attached to their feet. I will not give you any preferential treatment if you choose to play barefoot,” he announced, choosing to ignore Ryna’s sarcastic comment.

He pretended to think seriously for a second, “Well, spikes in my feet would be rather painful, but that assumes that anyone can hit them, so sure, I accept the risks, Mr. Ref.”

“Alright then, your problem. Anyway, this tournament is a single elimination tournament, so a single loss and you will be viewing from the bench for the rest of the day…” the ref continued on to explain the rules of the tournament and the game itself for those who hadn’t played before. Ryna wasn’t really paying attention, instead remembering the years he had spent playing on the streets.

The two sides took their positions on either side of the half line with the opposing team with the ball first. Ryna noticed that the other team was composed of mostly amateur-looking guys from the 1st and 2nd year students. The whistle blew, and the kickoff was sent back to the defence and passed around to the outside. Jamina intercepted a pass and smashed it inward toward Ryna. He received it easily, and began his sprint toward the goal.

“Mila, go into the box and get ready to break!” he shouted, watching the Iloni girl follow his order. One of the opposing players saw his attention shift for a second and took the opportunity to step into Ryna to get the ball. Exactly as he wanted. Ryna held the ball tightly with his feet as he flipped over the confused defender, resting his hand on his shoulder to increase his balance. He released the ball mid-flip, sending it flying through the air toward the next pair of defenders.

Then he was off again, leaving the very confused defender behind him as he caught the ball on his foot about halfway to the two midfielders standing to block his way. He lifted it again, juggling the ball over their heads as he passed their helpless attempts to somehow touch the ball. Finally, he had reached the back line. He sent a lobbed through ball over to Mila’s waiting foot, which smashed it into the back of the goal.

“Holy Shit! That was amazing! I’ve never seen anyone play like that,” Mila exclaimed as they were walking back to the half line.

“It wasn’t anything, really. I was one of the worst players on my street team back home,” he stated, leaving the girl standing in amazement that anyone as good as he was could have been one of the worst players on a team.

The rest of the game continued in that same fashion, with the other team giving the ball up to the Valkyrie’s defense, who passed it up to Ryna, who gave it to Mila after an increasingly impressive acrobatic show. The final score ended as 6-0.

The next game and the game after that were very similar, ending in similar scores of 5-1 and 7-2. A sense of trust and camaraderie built up, and the girls were soon protecting Ryna from the group of fangirls he had amassed with his flashy plays.

The finals match was set in the late afternoon on a centrally located field with small bleachers with those who chose to stay and watch. It was between team Valkyrie and a team called Rafae’s Fury. The players were allowed a short break before the game, and a familiar figure meandered his way over to Ryna.

“Ey mon! How are ya’?” Raas asked, waving enthusiastically.

“Raas? Hey man, wassup! How is your arm?” Ryna asked, walking over to where Raas was standing.

“Eh, it’s fine now. I heard we’re gonna be in the same class mon’, but that isn’t why I came over here,” Raas said.

“Oh, and why did you come over here? You trying to psyche me out before the big game?” Ryna asked jokingly.

“No way mon’, I’ma let the big boss do that! She needs a fix I think, and you being her lover and all…” Raas said thoughtfully.

“This is Sensara’s team?” Ryna asked, getting a quick nod from Raas, “Where is she?”

“Over there, under the bleachers,” Raas explained, pointing to the bleachers set up on the left side of the field. After giving Raas a quick “thanks”, Ryna sprinted off around the bleachers. As he got closer, he heard the tune of “Lonely” being hummed out.

“Ryna!? What are you doing here?” Sensara asked as she saw him come under the bleachers and sit next to her.

“What do you mean ‘what am I doing here’? Raas told me you were here and rather sad. And lonely too, judging from the song choice,” Ryna said softly, putting his arm around her and rubbing her shoulder.

“Of course I’m lonely! But since you’ve been out hanging with a bunch of pretty girls all day, obviously you aren’t!” Sensara exclaimed, pushing his hand off his shoulder.

I felt a lot of things for Mario. Jealousy was the salient emotion that flowed through me as I walked the halls that led to the gymnasium of his private school.

Far from the gunshots and drug needles that surrounded my school, St. Peters Academy was also one of the top high school basketball programs in the country. The glass trophy case, filled end to end with gold, made sure every visitor knew it when they came to a game.

Basketball program wasn’t the best way to describe it. Basketball factory was more like it. They had recruiters that scoured the state looking for 11 year old kids that looked like they could grow into elite high school athletes.

They were good at what they did, routinely sending most of their senior class to college on basketball scholarships, a few of them to Division 1 powerhouses like Kentucky and UCLA.

At St. Peters Academy, there were only 3 seasons. Spring, Summer, and Basketball season. And the playoffs were like Christmas eve for the hundreds of fans that came to watch their team play.

I wasn’t one of them. But I was amongst them, sitting in a sea of red and black team colors, except I was wearing a Blue Jacket. I was there to support my on/off again friend. His team had lost in the playoffs the previous 3 years. He was now a senior. This was his last chance to go out a champion. To cement his legacy. To live up to the potential those recruiters saw in him 5 years ago.

He was one of the most sought after high school players in the country, after making All State and All American by several national basketball magazines. But at a school like St. Peters, championships are the measuring stick for greatness.

Mario stepped on the court to a thunderous roar as people that didn’t know him cheered. Glancing around the gymnasium, I immediately spotted the college coaches who were in attendance for this incredibly hyped basketball game. They weren’t the only people there for something other than enjoying what was suppose to be fun and games.

I could point out the gamblers, who had thousands riding on the game. I could point out the groupies, who were looking for meal tickets. And then there was the press, just hoping they could get the perfect quote or picture.

Everyone wanted something from him, me included.

The game started with St. Peters taking the early lead, with Mario leading the way. Layups. Dunks. Jumpsots. He did it all offensively. I clapped as he scored his points, and thought back to how things used to be.

We were both stars on our middle school basketball teams. We overwhelmed those poor kids that we played, dribbling and driving past them with ease. We’d be winning games by 30 and 40 points by halftime. We won our league three years in a row, and caught the attention of local high school papers, who called us the next great basketball stars in our area.

It was ball that brought us close together as friends.

We balled every day. Before school. After school. Weekends. Summers. Our hobby became our passion, and that passion became an obsession. Though we were friends that always talked about going to high school and college together, and winning championships as a duo, it was only natural that we became rivals. We were the same height. Same position. Same city. There could only be one best player in the city. And we both wanted to be better than each other.

I knew his game. He knew my game. We were intense competitors, often playing one on one matches on the playgrounds that turned into fist fights because of how much we trash talked.

More often that not, I won those matchups. I was just a step quicker. A bit stronger. A tad more skilled. I was the MVP of our AAU team. I was the one that many expected to become a superstar.

The summer before high school changed our fates.

By halftime in the playoff game, Mario had scored 19 points and also had 5 steals. St. Peters was up by 7 and looking like the better team. Mario spotted me before he ran off the court into the lockeroom and gave me a nod. I nodded back. He didn’t smile. He never did on the court. But I could tell he was glad to see me giving him support. He hadn’t exactly given me the same support. But there were reasons for that.

Ball brought us close together. We shared the same dream. Both talked about playing in the NBA, and making enough money to bring our families out of the ghetto. We’d joke about which celebrity we’d end up dating. He always chose Sanaa Lathan. I always chose Gabrielle Union.

We lost our virginity in bunk-beds. Him on the bottom bed with a girl named Cassandra. Me on the top bed with her cousin Tia. When his dad got locked up, me and him took the bus ride four hours away to go see him, skipping school in the process. When my mom and her boyfriend argued late at night, I’d walk across the street to Mario’s house. He’d give me his bed and take the floor.

We were best friends. But things were always more complicated than that.

St. Peters held their lead in the third quarter, thanks to Mario. The opposing team could not guard him, even with double teams. After a beautiful play where Mario dribbled twice between his legs before crossing over his defender and driving to the basket for a powerful dunk, the entire gymnasium erupted. My ears were ringing. I was clapping. I was happy for my friend.

St. Peters went into the fourth quarter up by 9. I tried to watch the game, but I was really only watching Mario. Every move he made was mesmerizing to me, only because I knew them like I knew the back of my hand. I’d watched him practice these moves every day. I’d helped him hone his skills. I’d beaten those same skills in head to head games.

One in particular was that summer where our fates changed. We were playing a game of one on one at the local playground. This was the kind of court where only the most skilled players could play. The blacktop was cracked. The goals had no nets. The backboard was flimsy. There was a double rim, which meant every shot had to be perfect or else it would bounce right on out.

He was trying his usual moves. But at that time, he was smaller than me. Slower than me. He had to be perfect to beat me. And who is ever perfect?

The game got fierce because girls were watching us from the bleachers. We were shirtless, sweaty and exhausted after playing for hours in the 100 degree summer sun. The thick, hot air took a backseat to the tension between us.

He trash talked about my mom. I trash talked about his dad. He called me a bitch after he scored. I called him a punk after I scored. We were trying to get each other off of our game, just to win a game of pride.

I was going in for the game winning shot when he pushed me. Street ball is physical. You rarely call fouls, especially on a game point shot. I hit the hard concrete, and high on adrenaline, jumped up and punched him. He punched me back. We wrestled on the ground before the fight was broken up by a fat dude with a backwards hat.

He had been watching us play. He saw us for what we could be. He said he was looking for players for a 2-week long basketball camp up state. College basketball coaches would be there. A good performance at the camp could go a long way towards getting recruited.

We were only 13, but the opportunity sounded too good to pass up. Fights between us weren’t abnormal, so we got some Gatorade, went to his house and played video games while talking about going to the basketball camp.

High off raw excitement and caught in the adolescent stage of mutual exploration, we kissed each other on the sofa for what felt like hours. I don’t remember much about what I was thinking. It was if I blacked out while we were making out. I remember enjoying it, but feeling confused and guilty when it was over. There was no logical explanation for why it had happened. Two black kids kissing each other for no reason didn’t make sense to me. Trying to make sense of it overpowered the fact that I had enjoyed it. I think he was feeling the same.

He looked at everything but me. I tried to find a subject to talk about. We started talking about basketball camp.

Mario avoided hanging with me for weeks after that. I also found out I wouldn’t be allowed to go to the camp. My mom needed me to help with bills and had gotten me a job as a lifeguard at the pool.

Mario ended going to basketball camp, and catching the eye of both college and high school recruiters. Our paths were altered. He came back from the camp with a scholarship offer to attend St. Peters. His mom saw the benefit, so she enrolled him, and they moved out of the city the next month. I often wonder where they got the money to move, though the mystery isn’t all that hard to piece together.

We’re not kids anymore. He’s 6’2″, 180 lbs. I’m 6’0, 175 lbs. He’s the star for a team that is routinely featured on the front page of the newspaper. I’m the star for a city high school that barely gets a blurb on the back-page of the sports section. My team’s exit from the playoffs was met with apathy. His would be met with tears.

It always amazes me how a crowd of individuals becomes a single entity during a game. Sharing the same highs and lows, cheers and boos. I was surrounded by nervous energy that suffocated the gym as St. Peters lead was cut to 4 in the 4th quarter. I realized Mario hadn’t been playing as well. He was forcing his shot. He looked frustrated. The crowd could sense that his confidence was fading as the score became more and more uncomfortable for the home team.

And then it happened. The visiting team hit a three pointer late in the 4th to take the lead for the first time. It started to sink in that St. Peters could actually lose the game. I looked at the clock. It was only 2 minutes left. Everyone in the building knew the ball was going to Mario. Pressure.

I watched him dribble and shoot. He missed and his shoulders deflated. His confidence was completely gone. The opposing team scored again and went up by 3. Mario dribbled down the court again. His fate in his hands. The emotions of everyone in the building resting in the tips of his fingers. He passed it to a teammate, who made the open shot. St. Peters was now only down by one.

The crowd chanted defense. I became swept into the wave. I cheered for my friends team. I couldn’t stomach seeing him fail. I loved him too much to wish that upon him.

The visiting team missed the shot and Mario grabbed the rebound. Seconds ticked away. People held their breath. I mumbled a prayer to God.

Mario drove to the basket and was fouled with only seconds remaining in the game. He had two free throw attempts. One make would tie the game and send it into overtime. Two makes would win the game.

Mario stepped to the line. I could see his legs shaking, tension swelling beyond belief. An eerie silence overtook the once loud gym. He wiped sweat from his brow and bounced the ball twice before exhaling. I wondered what he was thinking.

Was he thinking about the days we’d shoot hundreds of free throws, practicing for a moment like this? When I’d make pretend to be a broadcaster, commentating on the game.

“Mario Berry, steps to the line. 2 free throws. For the NBA championship. If he makes them, he’s a champion. If he misses, he’s a loser.”

Then I’d make crowd noises. He’d calmly dribble and sink the shots, holding up his arm like Michael Jordan after the perfect swish. He could make 100 free throws in a row. I know he could. I’d seen it with my own two eyes. This should have been routine for him. But practice rarely prepares you for the actual moment of truth.

His first shot bounced off the front of the rim. The crowd reacted in disbelief. Mario looked at the bench of the opposing team, who were celebrating. I knew they were trash talking. And I knew it was affecting him. I knew what made him tic.

He dribbled the ball again. Fans around me held hands. I imagined the ball going in several times. Mario froze for a few seconds, as if he was looking for the courage to release the shot. It finally left his fingers with the perfect flick, from the perfect form.

It landed on the back rim, bounced against the backboard, and spun off to the side, as the clock expired. St. Peters had lost.

I felt nauseous. I was also ashamed of myself for being jealous.

The fans had been cheering him as if he was a God. Now they were booing as if he was a joke. The line was that thin.

“I’m glad he’s graduating. He always chokes,” one fan behind me said as we started exiting the gym.

“He definitely underachieved,” someone else said. “Good player, but never reached his potential. You can’t teach losers how to win.”

I waited for Mario after the game with his mom, younger brother, and uncle. He came out of the locker room with a hat hanging low over his face, hoody up. He hugged his mother. She told him she was proud. His uncle said he played a hell of a game. They tried to encourage him. But there is little you can say to someone who has just disappointed so many people that believed in him.

He turned to me, eyes red from the tears that had been shed. We embraced. I hugged him longer than his mother did. I didn’t tell him anything. I wasn’t going to lie to him by telling him nice things. I just wanted him to know I was there. For better. For worse.

He could have rode home with his family, but he said he wanted to catch up with me. We hadn’t seen each other in months. We got in my car. He started cursing. Pointing fingers, trying to find logic in his defeat.

“Stupid ass refs were blowing calls all game,” he complained. “It shouldn’t have even come down to that, Wesley.”

“Yeah, there were some fucked up calls,” I agreed.

“They were hacking us every play, kid. Every fucking play. And don’t get me started on our coaches. Had us trying to slow it down instead of being up tempo like we were the first half. Its fucking stupid. Stupid ass gameplan that cost us.”

I drove, letting him blow off stream that needed to be released. His diatribe went on for awhile, but when he ran out of people to blame, he exhaled slowly and looked at me.

“Wes, I blew it. I really blew it.”

“You carried that team all season. They wouldn’t have made it this far without you.”

“I have made that shot a million times. A million times. I shoot free throws every day. Every day, just for that moment. And I blew it. In front of the fans. The coaches. The recruiters. My family. You.”

“You ain’t have to prove it to me.”

“Did you see my dad? Over on the left on the gym.”

“I saw him.”

“He left after I missed the shots.”

“I saw that.”

He looked at me. We spoke many things through our eyes. He shook his head and laughed bitterly.

“I bet if I woulda made em, he would have at least said something to me after the game. I dunno why I was excited that he came to the game.”

“That man is lost, Mario. Don’t carry the weight of his flaws.”

“Fuck-um’. Never needed him before. Won’t need him going forward.”

“He’s the one missing out, bruh.”

He nodded. We’d always related to our fatherless homes.

“I’m glad you came through. I really appreciate it,” he said to me, after we’d given his venting a moment of silence.

“No doubt. Even though it’s kinda fucked up you didn’t come see me.”

“I’ve been busy kid. But that’s my fault. I should have been there. I followed it though. Read bout it in the paper. I saw you made the All Tourney Team.”

“Not quite All American,” I said sarcastically, “but it works.”

“You decided on where you going?” he asked.

“I don’t got the offers you have. I’m prolly just gonna end up staying local. You?”

“I haven’t told anyone yet. So keep it between me and you. But I’m going to sign with Georgetown. I want to get away from home. This area. I need to get away from here.”

I listened to him talk about their offense, and how he fit into it, but all I could really concentrate on was knowing he was going to be so far away. It made me reflect on all the empty talk we had as kids about playing ball together in college. The memories reminded me that things had changed so much with us. He was headed to a major college basketball powerhouse. I was likely headed to a division 2 school. I tried to be happy for him, but I failed.

“Mario, why haven you been avoiding me the past few months? I call. Don’t get a call back. No text. I mean, what? I’m pose to be your boy.”

He hesitated before answering. I stared into him while we were at the red light. Our breath was blowing like smoke from the freezing air. His dark brown eyes looked like glass, ready to break at any moment.

“Just alotta pressure man. I just been dealing with alotta pressure. My fault though. It ain’t like I don’t wanna talk or hang with you. You’re my boy.”

“Now you’re going all-la-way out to D.C.”

“We’ll still hang, Wes. I promise that, kid.”

Though we weren’t speaking things out loud, our words had esoteric meaning. We just were afraid to acknowledged the truth. Our high school years found us growing apart as friends, but closer as something else. When we’d hang, we’d end up making out or experimenting with mutual masturbation. Then he’d go months without talking to me, until we met up again to play ball, or go to a movie, and fooling around in the backseat of a car.

It had never gone beyond kissing and masturbation, but that wasn’t the point. There was a sexual chemistry developing between us that we never talked about. Our episodes were never planned, they just happened, as naturally developing as our fist fights.

But there was an aftertaste. It was very bitter, maybe even disgusting for him. He was far from being in a space where he could admit to being bisexual. He was far more reluctant to initiate touching than I was. We would play with our dicks while kissing, and as soon as he’d cum, he was quick to pull up his pants and want to get away from me. It was shameful, and embarrassing, and ugly. But it was something we couldn’t stay away from for too long.

“I missed just chillin with you,” I said, trying not to sound too needy. “I know it will be less of that when we actually do go off to college.”

“Like I said, we’ll do that. You don’t think I miss hanging with you? You’re prolly the only person I can actually talk to about this shit. Someone I know who understands.”

“You talking about ball?”

“Nah, kid. Everything. Ball, and the moments in life where we wait until we play ball again. All of it.”

“You wanna talk about it now?”

“Ain’t that what we already doing?”

“Nah, I mean really talk. Where you got my undivided attention.”

We locked eyes, and he gave me a nod. I found a spot to drive off road, where we could park in seclusion to talk. I kept the car running so I could keep the heat running and we wouldn’t freeze to death.

We talked about the game some more, but I could tell where the bulk of his hurt was coming from.

“I’m tired of thinking he’ll come around,” he said. His deep voice had become weak. Full of anger and pain. “Like, maybe I’ll finally make him proud enough to wanna be there.”

“Were you thinking about that? When you took those shots?”

“It was all I could think about, kid. I had like, visions. Visions of sinking those shots, and seeing my dad run on the court, just proud, man. Like yo, this boy is mine. I know he played ball at some junior college. I dunno if he sees me and sees himself, or if he sees me and sees a paycheck.”

“Maybe he feels jealous,” I said, halfway projecting. “Maybe he sees how much better you are right now than he ever was. Maybe he battles with that. Being jealous of his kid that he wasn’t there for.”

He shrugged. “I’d take jealousy over nothing. I feel stupid for leaving that part of my heart open. Reserving it for him for when he decides to really come around. He got off drugs and I thought, yo, maybe this is it. He moved back to the city, and I’m like, maybe this is it. I become an All American and I think maybe this is it. Wesley, even if this man only came around cuz he saw that I was about to be big time, I’d still accept him in. That’s how fucked up it is. I’d even take that over nothing.”

“Who you tellin? I remember my dad used to beat on my moms when I was younger. I witnessed that shit. 5, 6, years old. Hated him for it. But still would be giddy when he came to my birthday parties. My mom finally left him, but damn if I wasn’t wishing he was still around. Ion think that shit is healthy though bruh. Those muthafuckas don’t deserve us. Gotta accept that shit.”

He nodded and looked toward the foggy windows, deep in thought. He turned back towards me smiling softly.

“Yo man, remember when we skipped school so we could go visit my dad when he was in prison? And they wouldn’t let us in cuz we ain’t have an adult?”

“Yeah. Lucky homie at the front felt sorry for our black asses.”

“Word, kid,” he laughed. “You remember, during that entire hour visiting him. We only talked about ball? That was it. I think that’s really the only thing I’ve ever talked to my dad about in detail. On some level, I think that’s why I put so much into it. Trying to get better. I dunno. Maybe if I reached a level he could appreciate, then he could finally love me or sumthin. Kinda stupid, right?”

A grin was still on his face, but a tear had broken free in his glossy eyes. Before he let it fall, he wiped it away and shook the sadness away.

“It’s not stupid.”

“Thinking that man could love me is.”

“Him coming around because of ball wouldn’t be real love anyway. A real man would love his boy, if he makes the game winning shot or misses every shot. You missed the shot, but guess what? I’m still proud of you. You’ve come a long way since them ass whoopins’ I used to lay on you on the playground.”

I tried to lighten things up with the joke, but his face remained sad. He looked at me deeply. I saw words unsaid in his fragile eyes. It’s a very rare moment when you can catch a man in a vulnerable state, where tears fall like rain. When it happens, it’s shocking. But it’s strangely beautiful. There’s poetry to the sadness.

Tears fell in long lines down Mario’s face. He turned away from me and tried to clean himself up. I grabbed him by the arm so that he could look at me.

“I’m sorry kid,” he wept. “I shouldn’t have left you hanging like that. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to handle it sometimes. I dunno what to do with myself.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I tried to comfort. He wiped away tears and cleared his throat.

When he finally had himself together he looked me in the eye.

“Thanks for being proud of me. It means a lot. You hold me down, Wes. Even when I ain’t holding you down. I know I can trust you. I know you have my back, and that’s hard to accept. Hard to find. But it means everything to me, kid, fuh-real.”

We gave each other a hug. His cheek against my cheek. His body felt nice next to mine, in the bone chilling air. We hugged for a long time. Long enough to communicate our fears and desires with touch alone. When we did pull back, certain thoughts hit me hard. I began to feel lightheaded as I moved in my seat for better position to do what I wanted to do.

I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted him to forget about the pain of the game, and all of the subtext of losing. He was aware of it. His shaking revealed how much this scared him. His breathing grew heavier, as did mine as I started reached for his waist.

He remained silent and still as I worked the belt buckle and zipper. His stomach tightened and his breathing became shallow. I opened the fly and was greeted with the imprint of his hard erection. It wasn’t the first time he’d been rock hard after we embraced but this seemed to be by far the hardest.

Just a single pull of his boxers, and his dick sprang free through the slit. We both took deep breaths at the sight of it.

There are only two types of men. Men that hide their cocks in a public locker-room, and men that don’t. I never hid myself. Mario and I were cut from the same cloth.

This was my first time, but the chemistry with Mario was so strong, that it felt natural when I placed him into my mouth for the first time. There was a certain amount of pain in my jaw as I used muscles that had previously never been used in this way. But I pushed through the pain and took more of his penis into my mouth. He was moaning loudly, even softly whispering for God at one point.

The cold snowy night added emphasis to what we were doing. His penis was so hard and warm, that it was almost like warm dessert in my mouth. The contrast of cold car and warm body made me shiver from the extremes.

I started sucking slowly, admiring the feel of his mushroom head easing down my throat. I came up for a breath, and let the built up juice escape from my lips. When I brought him back into my mouth, I slurped up the juice, and he moaned again. I hungrily enjoyed sucking his dick until he couldn’t take anymore.

When he came, I gagged from so much of cum flooding my throat at once. I did lick a lot of the sweet, warm cum up. He tasted good. Unbelievably good.

He laid back in the seat with his eyes closed for a long time. His penis never really grew soft. Eventually, I took it in my hands and started playing with it. It grew hard again as I slowly beat him off. He kept his eyes closed, but was moaning again.

I went back down for seconds, but this time alternated between sucking him and rubbing his dick up and down with my hands. I didn’t have the neck muscles to give him head exclusively, but when he was about to release again, I opened my mouth wide and he sprayed squirt after squirt of his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed the entire load this time.

He put his penis away, and zipped up his pants. No words were spoken as I drove away from the secluded off road area.

When I dropped him off to his house, we gave each other five. We weren’t giving each other any eye contact.

“Talk to you later,” I said.

“Word. I’ll be hollering at you, kid.”

He avoided me for two years after that.


Mario came back to the city two summers later. After being a Big East Freshman All American his first year at Georgetown, he had shattered his knee, and was trying to rehab in order to be ready for the upcoming basketball season.

I followed his career. Watched his games of tv. Respected his privacy and didn’t bother trying to track him down. If he didn’t want to talk, I wasn’t going to force him.

We ran into each other at the movies. He was with a date, as was I. We exchanged numbers and he said he’d call me. I was surprised when he actually followed through and called me the next afternoon.

“Sup kid? I was glad I ran into you the other night. It’s been awhile, man. We should hang out while I’m in town.”

We met for lunch that day, and ended up going to a club later that night. Neither of us spoke about the last time we had been together. We’d never once discussed any of the sexual things that had ever happened. It was taboo. Hidden all the way in the back of the closet, like that ugly ass outfit you own, but are ashamed to wear.

Before I had ever sucked his dick, we were friends that had a lot in common. That fact kept us having fun as the summer heat set in. We went to amusement parks, shot pool, went swimming, and played video games, just like the old days. His knee was too weak to play any real ball, but we did a couple of shoot arounds and played horse a few times, me winning each time.

On the 4th of July, we brought home a chick from the club and had a threesome with her. She took him in the mouth. I fucked her in the pussy. It was a weird experience. There was some masculine camaraderie, as we laughed and joked about the experience afterward, but bringing sex back to the forefront of my conscious made me feel a bunch of things that I knew I couldn’t express.

I accepted Mario for who he was. But I also understood him for who he was, and I wouldn’t allow myself to get played again. I’d rather have him as a friend, than nothing.

Before the summer was over, he suggested us flying down to Florida, staying on the beach and fucking as many ‘bad bitches’ as we could. I took him up on the offer, seeing it as maybe the last time we’d get to bond for awhile.

The getaway was typical at first. We hit the beach. Hit the clubs. Brought some chicks back. Hit some blunts. Hit the pussy. Hit the bed.

Fun, but there was a giant elephant in the room that we weren’t acknowledging. We both would walk around the beach-house we rented, ass naked. And every-time we did, there were brief glances that had to send us both back to earlier moments in our friendship.

He didn’t have to say it for me to believe he would often fantasize about some of our most intense episodes of sexual exploration. Whether it be the first time he bust a nut in front of me, or the first (and only) time I sucked him off. I know I was thinking about it when I saw him walking around with his dick slanging everywhere.

A few days I walked around naked, save for a towel or something wrapped around my body. Even then, I could sometimes feel the heat of Mario undressing me with his eyes. At least that is what it felt like.

I couldn’t quite explain myself. I knew I had feelings for Mario. I was attracted to him, but it wasn’t necessarily anything physical. I was attracted to his mind, his personality. Our bond, our friendship, that really made me feel comfortable.

I would lose myself in conversation with him, losing all track of time, and anything else of importance. I really felt like I knew him. His smile. His mannerisms. What made him tic. And knowing a person that strongly created some intense ass emotions. More intense and overwhelming than any emotion I had felt for any of the many girls I had dated.

I was afraid to come to the conclusion that made the most sense. Going to that place meant opening up myself for the pain of losing it. I knew Mario well enough to know I couldn’t express these things without him closing up and fleeing. It wasn’t worth losing my friend over my feelings. So I suppressed them. Kept them dense. Avoided confronting the truth, like scared shitless teens who avoid getting tested for pregnancy because they already know they are. They can feel it deep inside them.

Toward the end of our vacation in Florida, we talked about our plans for the fall. It surprised me when his plans included inviting me to D.C. to see some of his games in person.

“Yeah kid, I can get you a ticket or two. Maybe you can bring a ‘bad bitch’ witcha to watch me play.”

“That’s wassup. I’ll have to come up there and be gone the next day, cuz I got my own season to play.”

“No doubt. You wouldn’t even have to get a hotel. You can stay with me. I got my own apartment up there.”

“Aight man, I’m counting on you. Don’t say you gon do it, and then not do it. I know how you operate.”

“What you talkin bout?”

“Ahh come on, Mario. Don’t give me no bullshit, you know what I’m talkin bout.”

“Nah, I don’t. How do I operate?”

“You’re my best friend one day. And you forget about me the next. It’s been like that since high school.”

“You gonna sit here and act like it ain’t a reason why?”

The way he said that caught me off guard. It made me angry as fuck too.

“What is the reason?” I barked.

“See, there you go. With the bullshit. You know.”

“Nah, I don’t. Tell me what the deal is.”

“I’m just sayin Wes. Y’know. It’s been some crazy stuff. No what, never-mind.”

“Why nevermind?”

“Just, nevermind, kid.”

The end to that conversation stayed with me for hours. Everytime I thought about it, I grew angry. He was implying that I was to blame for him avoiding me. As if whatever there was between us was my fault. It bothered me so much that I couldn’t even go to sleep that night. I felt weird around him, like he was looking down on me. I couldn’t take it anymore. We had to talk about it. Like grown men.

I met him on the sofa where he was watching tv. We small talked about bullshit. I told him we needed to talk about something. He muted the tv and focused on me. He looked worried. He obviously didn’t want to talk about it.

“Ima cut to the chase. I’m pissed off.”


“Of what you said earlier.”

“Which was?”

“You said it was a reason why you avoid me.”

“It is.”

“I’ve never avoided you afterwards.”

“Maybe you should. You don’t feel a certain way afterwards?”

“I do. And I feel a certain way before, in the middle. All the time.”

“What do you feel?” he asked, eyes focused on me.

“Feelings. For you.”

“Like what kinda feelings?”

“I dunno, man. Just feelings. I think about you. Wanna be around you. Wanna know how you’re doing.”

“Are you gay?”


“You’re not?”

“I like women.”

“So why we having this conversation then? I love pussy. You love pussy. That other shit was just some other shit. Lets leave it at that, kid.”

“All I’m saying is, don’t blame me for it. I care about you. Stop making me feel bad because of it.”

“I’m not trying to do that. I care about you too, man. But I ain’t gay.”

” Why it gotta be a label on it? I’m not labeling shit. All I know is I have feelings for you. And I’ve felt it for a long time. The same time all of this shit between us started. Shit you never once stopped from happening.”

“I’m not gay, Wes.”

“Do you have feelings for me? Just answer that. Am I alone in feeling like this?”

“I already told you. I’m not gay.”

His statement was bold and harsh. The kind of thing you say to end a conversation. I went to my bedroom. I didn’t sleep that night. I was too hurt to sleep. A mix of anger and sadness. A lot of loneliness.

The next day, we avoided each other. As predictable as anything in our friendship. I planned to go out that night to drink and possibly fuck the pain away, but while I showered, I heard a noise from outside of my bedroom bathroom.

I peaked outside of the sliding glass door and there Mario stood watching me bathe. He was naked. Intensely focusing on me. Much like previous encounters, no words were spoken as we began to kiss each other. The big difference was both of us were naked, steaming hot water soaking our bodies as our hands explored. His body was strong, unlike anything I had ever touched so intimately.

His tongue was deep into my mouth when our erect penises began touching. He was a bit taller than me, which gave him a stronger presence, and made me feel more fragile and small. It was something I wasn’t used to in a sexual experience. But it made me feel so aware of my humanity. So alive and humble. He squeezed my ass hard as I touched the tip of his penis and continued tonging him down.

He started kissing my neck, before sucking on it. I moaned, feeling bliss sweep over every inch of me as the pleasure of the water complimented his lips and tongue.

Loving a mans body felt so different. The curves weren’t as predictable. The tension in the skin was stronger. The facial hair and masculine moans and muscles were making my legs weak. For once, I felt as if I was loving an equal, not something to be fucked. It was a liberating feeling.

“I do have feelings for you,” he whispered in my ear.

“Do you want me?” I asked, matching his low tone.

“I want you, Wes.”

“Fuck me,” I said, before I could even think about my words.

I was losing my virginity all over again. Being fucked by someone I’d grew up sharing everything with. Now I was about to share my most private spot with him. I felt lightheaded and so unbelievably horny.

His hands maneuvered me into position. I was facing the wall, back turned to him. I was bending at an angle to allow him entrance. I braced for what I figured was going to be extreme pain, while at the same time impatiently wishing for him to be inside of me.

I felt his finger touch my anus, and his other hand helping to spread my cheek. I reached my hands around me and spread my cheeks for him, so he could use his hands to hold me into place. His penis touched against my ass. I closed my eyes. I was being energized by lust.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” I told him.

He exhaled quickly, as if what I said was breaking him down. He fumbled with the process, poking around the entrance before finally getting his penis pointed to the correct destination. He started pushing, and I tried to relax. There was resistance at first. My body’s attempt to hang on to it’s virginity for just a little longer. But I wanted him. I needed to feel the penetration. To connect with Mario’s body. To finally consummate this friendship that wouldn’t die.

Slowly, Mario’s penis entered me. He pushed forward. I pushed back. We worked together in completing the task. The more I took in, the more the pain showered over me. I felt so full, like I couldn’t possibly take anymore of him in my ass, but more of him was steadily being pushed in. I palmed the wall and made weird noises. He was breathing heavily, rubbing my shoulders with one hand, continuing to put his hard dick in with the other.

The process seemed to take forever. But it wasn’t anything I was wishing would be over. I wanted this moment between us to last and count towards something. Even the pain was something I wanted to last.

When he was secure inside of me, he moved his hips slowly back and forth. The movement was orgasmic inside of my asshole. My dick was poking the wall, being denied of stimulation, forcing me to derive all pleasure from my asshole.

I could feel my ass expanding as he grew harder inside of me. His thrust were slow at first, but were picking up in intensity and speed. I was over the pain of it now.

“Smack my ass,” I told him.

He smacked it, and fucked me even harder. As I palmed the wall, he placed his hands over mine. They were just a bit larger. They covered mine. Looking at our hand size difference even turned me on. Plus knowing he was restricting me from reaching down to try and masturbate as he fucked.

He ended up pulling me back from the wall, saying he couldn’t get all the way in me like he wanted. We left the shower, and ended up in the bedroom, kissing like madmen. I mounted him and climbed on top. I could feel the open gap of my butthole. There was a sense of pride I had in giving my anal cherry to Mario. But it wasn’t complete until he exploded inside of me.

He helped me onto his erection. I’d helped enough girls ride me to know what it was at least suppose to look like. But watching someone ride a bike and riding it yourself isn’t the same thing. I used his chest for leverage as I tried to ride him. Still getting used to his length (and my God, the width), and enjoying the hollowing feeling of having a penis deep inside me.

I looked down at my flapping penis and noticed cum oozing out. I was cumming, though I had yet to orgasm. I was focused on that when I felt Mario stiffen. I knew what that was. I rode him quickly, bucking like a bronco, rocking back and forth and side to side as he released everything he had inside of me. Warm cum, shooting so far inside is a feeling unlike any other.

He caught a second wind after moments of rest, and laid me on my back, spreading my legs wide. I looked into his dark eyes. “I love you,” I told him. I felt so free telling him. I’d held it for years.

He smiled and kissed me tenderly. When he was inside of me again, we locked eyes as we writhed against each others bodies. Wrapping my legs around his back, our hands gripped together, made me want to cry as he continued filling me with him. I was out of breath and energy.

He saw this and began stimulating my penis for me as he continued thrusting in and out of what he called ‘his pussy.’ It only took him a few times of calling my ass his pussy for me to shoot long, thick, hot layers of cum all over the both of us, most of it landing on my stomach and chest. He collapsed on top of me in a sticky mess of sweat and sex. We kissed. We looked in each others eyes. We said no words.

We slept after the episode. Got dressed and then went to eat. When we came back to our room we had sex again. He sucked my dick for the first time the next day, and he allowed me to enter him from the back, though neither of us got a release from it. He had more trouble taking me than I had of taking him. I figured we could work on it.

I woke up around seven to the sound of Brooke vomiting in the bathroom. As I’ve shared before, my sister was very vocal vomiter, and I’m sure the people in the room next door could hear her as well, if they were still in their room.

“My god, Brooke, what’s wrong?” I asked as I rushed into the bathroom to find her hanging her head in the commode.

“I don’t know. I woke up about twenty minutes ago and was really cold, and then I got really sick to my stomach. I don’t know if its something I ate last night or what.”

I walked over and sat on the side of the Jacuzzi and placed my hand on her forehead. She did feel like she was running a low grade fever, but she didn’t feel too hot. “You do feel a little warm, and that would cause the chills. I feel fine, so I don’t think its anything you ate, because we both had the same meal.”

After sitting with her for a couple of minutes, I got up and walked back into the bedroom to get her bathrobe. I brought it in and draped it over her shoulders to keep her warm.

“Thank you, Steven. I think I’m feeling better now.”

We both sat there for a few minutes to see if she was going to get sick again, but she didn’t. Finally, I put my arm around her waist, helped her stand up, and started walking her back to the bed.

“Now, I feel a little dizzy,” she said. I continued walking her to the bed and had her lie down. I removed the robe and covered her with the sheet and the bedspread, tucking her in.

“I think you should lie there for a while and see how you feel. Do you think I should try to find an urgent care or something?”

“No,” Brooke replied, “I’m feeling better now. I think I’ll just rest a while and see how I feel later.”

“Do you want me to get you something to eat or drink?”

“Mom always gives me 7-UP when I feel like this. Do you think they have any?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out. Do you want me to call mom and see what she suggests?”

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary; but if you could find some 7-UP, I think that might help.”

I threw on my shorts and T-shirt, slipped into my shoes, grabbed my wallet and room key and left. I remembered a 7-11 near the hotel, so I walked over there and got a bottle of 7-UP and some saltine crackers. I also got a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee for myself, and walked back to the room.

Brooke seemed to be much better now and was almost asleep when I entered the room. I told her what I bought, and she had me pour some 7-UP and she also ate a couple of crackers.

“Do you feel any better?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not throwing up, so I guess I do!” Brooke replied.

I let her sarcasm pass. I knew she wasn’t feeling well, and certainly didn’t want to get into an argument with her. I really felt sorry for her. She was very pale, and still looked like she was about to throw up again, but she never did.

I slipped off my clothes and slid back into the bed beside Brooke. She rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her and held her for a while, until she fell back asleep. After that, I got up and turned on the TV and watched the ending of some old movie.

I hoped that Brooke wasn’t coming down with something. The last few weeks she has complained of being tired all the time, but she wasn’t like that at all yesterday; and then this. Maybe I should get her over to an Urgent Care when she wakes up. Mom had wanted her to go to the doctor last week, but she said that she didn’t have time to go.

Brooke slept until around 10:00, when I woke her up to see if she wanted to shower before we left for the apartment. Check out was at 11:00, so we needed to get moving. She said that she was feeling better, so I helped her up and into the shower. Naturally, we showered together, with me doing most of the washing. Brooke was OK to stand in the shower as long as she could hold onto something, so that worked. I really enjoyed washing her off but felt bad that she was sick.

I had her turn around facing away from the shower so I could wash her hair. She usually liked it when I washed her hair, and I wanted to do anything that would make her feel better.

We got out of the shower, dried off, and then got dressed. I had Brooke lie back down on the bed while I took our suitcases out to the car. When I got to the lobby I checked with the clerk and she said that we could stay in the room a while longer if we needed to. I told her that we were waiting for a call from the movers and then we would head over to the apartment; but there’s no furniture in it yet, so I wanted to let Brooke sleep as long as she could before we had to leave. She said that would be fine.

I took our things out to the car and then went back to the room. Brook was sleeping again, and looked so angelic lying on the bed. Yeah, I know that she’s my sister-wife, but she is a great looking woman. I hated to see her sick.

It was around 12:30 when the movers called. They were about twenty minutes away, and were giving me a heads up call. I told them that I had the key to the apartment and that Brooke and I would be there to let them in. After I hung up the phone, I woke Brooke up.

“That extra sleep helped a lot, Steven. Thanks.”

“No problem; I’m just glad you’re felling better. Do you think you can make it over to the apartment? I could try to get the hotel room for another night if you think that’d be better.”

“No, I think I’ll be fine. I’m feeling better now.”

She did look a little better to me, so I helped her up and walked her down to the car, although she was able to walk by herself and did seem much better than she was earlier.

Brooke asked if I thought we could take the robes with us, as she liked them. I told her that I’d check at the front desk and see if they sold them, and that I imagined they did. On our way out I checked, and they had some new ones, so I put two of them on dad’s credit card. I didn’t think he would even notice, anyway. Brooke was pleased.

We drove over to the apartment and went inside to wait on the movers.

After they arrived, it didn’t take them long to unload all of our stuff. They stayed long enough to help me set up the beds and all the furniture. I had never done any of this, and their help was appreciated. They said that dad paid them a little extra to help out with the set up.

Brooke sat down in one of the over stuffed chairs that we had in the living room while I made up her bed. When I was just about finished, Brooke came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

“This is our new home, Steven. I really like it, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I like it, Brooke, but honestly, anyplace would be fine. I just want to be alone with you!”

Brooke took my hand and together we plopped down on the bed, facing each other.

I reached out and traced my finger along the line of her face, staring into her eyes.

“You really are beautiful, you know, especially for a kid sister.”

“Kid sister my ass. I’m your wife!”

“Oh, yeah, how could I have forgot about that?” I asked laughing.

“Can we just lie here for a while? I don’t feel like unpacking anything just yet,” Brooke asked.

“Sure, we can stay here as long as you want! We have all day and all day tomorrow, and the day after that. We really don’t have any plans so there’s no need to rush anything.”

“Thanks. I just want to lie here for a while with you . . . naked.”

I didn’t have a problem with that, either. I reached over and lifted Brooke’s top over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I then unfastened her shorts and slid them off along with her underwear. After undressing her, I took my clothes off and then crawled back into the bed so that I was lying on my side, facing her. I reached over and started tracing my fingers along her arms, shoulders, and her chest, to her soft moans of consent.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“O yeah, I like that. You don’t have to stop anytime soon,”

In the silence of our room, I continued tracing my fingers along my sister’s beautiful body, with the sole purpose of trying to make her feel better. I let my fingers trace down her chest to her abs, which were moving up and down slowly to the rate of her breathing. I traced them down to the soft patch of pubic hair just above her pussy, and down to her upper thighs, as far as I could reach. In just a few minutes, Brooke was fast asleep. I slowly got out of the bed and covered her with the sheet before going back to work on unpacking.

I started in my room, thinking that it would be quieter for Brooke. I unpacked my clothes and hung everything up in the closet and put stuff away in the dresser drawers. I sat out a few pictures, set up my lap top, and got my desk organized and made my bed, wondering how long it would be before someone slept in it.

After finishing with my room, I checked on Brooke and she was still sleeping, so I decided to set up the kitchen. It was small, so that didn’t take too much time either. I did unpack the new pots and pans that we bought at Wall Mart, along with all the other kitchen stuff we brought with us, and by the time I was finished, the place looked good.

I went ahead and set up the living room and connected the television, and got that room finished as well. Other than the bathrooms, which I thought Brooke would like to do, and her bedroom, everything else was finished. I was sure that Brooke would want to rearrange somethings, but that didn’t bother me. I just wanted to get things set up so it would feel more like home.

I gathered up all the boxes and the packing paper and carried it out to the dumpster, which took several trips. I checked on Brooke again, and she was still sleeping. I woke her up just to let her know that I wanted to run over to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner and the next few days, and she understood what I was saying. I left her and drove over to the Harris Teeter, which was not far away. It was a new store, and they had a good variety of things, so I was able to get all I needed.

I got back to the apartment in just over an hour, and found Brooke still asleep. I was getting a little worried, but she’s complained about fatigue the last couple of weeks, so maybe this was just what she needed. I put all the groceries away, and then went back into Brooke’s bedroom to check on her. She was asleep, so I crawled into the bed with her, stripping first.

When I got into the bed, Brooke rolled over and faced me, opened her eyes, and softly said, “I missed you, Steven,” and threw her arms around me, resting her head on my shoulder.

“I missed you too, Brooke. How do you feel?”

“I feel fine, now. I think maybe it was just exhaustion or something. Maybe dehydration. I felt nauseous, had a slight headache, and then got dizzy when I stood up, but now I feel better.”

“You don’t think you’re pregnant, do you?” I asked.

Brooke smiled and said, “No, Steven, I’m not pregnant. I’m on the pill, remember?”

“Yeah, I just thought, you know, maybe you missed one or something.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m fine there. It must have been a little bug or something. How about if we go for a walk? What time is it, anyway?”

“It’s about fifteen till six,” I replied.

“Maybe we could walk somewhere and get something to eat; I’m starting to get hungry now, I missed breakfast and lunch, you know.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, if you’re able to walk. Would you rather I drive?”

“No, I feel like I need the exercise. Let’s walk.”

Brooke and I got up and dressed, and headed out the door, hand in hand, with Brooke’s arm around me.

“I want every woman here to know that you’re taken, Steven,” Brooke said as she held onto me very tight. There were plenty of residents out walking and playing around. Some of the girls had on very skimpy clothing, what you’d expect for a college town.

We walked for several blocks before coming to a small diner, which Brooke said she wanted to try. We went inside and ordered some dinner and a couple of drinks.

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“I feel as good as new now that I’m eating something. I think I’m fine now.”

We took our time finishing our dinner before heading back to the apartment. Once we returned, Brooke was ready to get started, so she unpacked the bath things and set up both bathrooms with personals and with the throw rugs and all. When she finished, they both looked great. She also worked a little on the living room, adjusting the furniture slightly from the way I had it, and then started on her bedroom. She worked on it about thirty minutes before she announced that she was worn out. She looked fine to me, but she said that she was getting tired again, and didn’t want to over due it.

I suggested that we watch some television before going to bed, but Brooke suggested that we reverse that and go to bed to watch television. We could do that now, as there was a TV both in the living room and in her bedroom. We decided to do that, and went into her bedroom after closing up the apartment.

Brooke and I both stripped down before getting into the bed; big surprise there, I know. I put my arm around her and held her tight, with her head resting on my shoulder. We watched something on television, but after just a few minutes, I could hear Brooke softly snoring. I leaned forward and gave her a light kiss on the lips before turning off the light. It was early, but we both needed some sleep.

I got up around eight o’clock the following morning. Brooke woke up when I was getting out of the bed. “Where are you going so early?” she asked me.

“I’m going to take a piss, and then start breakfast. What would you like?”

“I think I would like some pancakes if you have them,” Brooke replied.

“I’ll fix them right up. Do you want them in the bed or in the kitchen?” I asked.

“I’ll come out there. Just call when they’re ready, will ya?”

“Sure thing,” I replied as I dashed to the bathroom to empty my bladder. After finishing up, I went out to the kitchen and started breakfast. I got out the new apron I bought and put it on to cover up my cock, primarily. I hadn’t bothered to get dressed and thought I should have something on.

When breakfast was ready I yelled for Brooke, who came out of the bedroom nude as expected and sat down at the table.

“Our first meal at home,” I said to her as I served her pancakes.

“Umm, they look delicious,” Brooke replied as I sat the plate of pancakes in front of her.

“Just about as delicious as you look, sis,” I replied.

“You’re just saying that because you didn’t get any last night and you want to fuck me after breakfast,” Brooke said with a sexy grin.

“Did it work?” I asked.

“Yeah, it worked. When these pancakes are finished, we’re getting back in the bed and break it in properly!”

Brooke was true to her word, too. When she had her last bite of her pancakes, she got up, grabbed my hand, and led me back into the bedroom to break in our new apartment properly.

She dropped back on the bed, slowly slid her hands down her thighs and legs, the back up to her crotch, spreading her pussy lips apart, saying, “This is all yours, Steven. Get started!”

I laughed as Brooke was almost ordering me to eat her out, which didn’t take any encouragement anyway. I crawled up onto the bed and moved over between her spread legs, took my fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart, and then went down on her, while moving my hands to her ass.

She tasted so fucking good, too. I lapped away at her pussy while rubbing her ass, finding my way up her crack to her back door. Brooke moaned as I stroked her, first grinding her pussy into my hand, and then her ass. She was getting turned on big time and I was glad I was there to help her out.

I licked away at her snatch, licking first the outside and then inside as far as I could reach with my tongue. I licked her inner thighs as well, and it must have felt good because Brooke was starting to cuss. She reached down and pressed my face to her crotch and started grinding her pussy into my mouth as I licked and sucked her.

“I love your tongue in my pussy, Steven, god that feels good.”

I pulled back long enough to tell Brooke that I liked my tongue in her pussy, too. Most of my friends didn’t like going down on the girls at school. I guess I didn’t like doing it either with the girls I dated, but somehow it was different with Brooke. I guess in one way that was because in high school I was out to get as much pleasure as I could, and now I want to give pleasure. When I went out in high school I really didn’t care how the girl felt, but now all I want to do is make Brooke feel good. I guess that’s what love does to you? If so, this is the first time I’ve been in love, because I’ve never had these feelings for anyone else.

I continued licking Brooke, and the juices were flooding out of her. She started gyrating her hips against my face, still pushing down on the back of my head like I was going to try to escape of something, which there was no way I was going to.

After several minutes of eating my sister, Brooke moved around so that we could get into a 69 position, something we’d never done with each other. Brooke crawled on top of me and lowered her face to my cock, while pressing her pussy back into my mouth. The harder I sucked on her pussy, the harder she sucked on my cock. She held my cock straight up and sucked it slowly, while grasping my balls and rubbing my thighs. I had my hands both between her legs, pulling her slit wide and sliding my tongue up and down her slit. Brooke was taking my whole length into her mouth now, still slowly stroking my cock as she sucked me off. I could see her pink pucker, so while she was sucking me, I dipped my finger into her pussy to get it wet, and then ran the tip around the cute entrance to her ass, and just circled it, which seemed to drive her crazy. I spread her pussy lips apart and flicked my tongue over the lips and continued licking around and inside her pussy while probing her pucker with my fingers.

Brooke continued doing a masterful job on my cock, sucking all the way to the base before sliding her mouth back up to the tip. By this time I had my index finger buried in her ass, about to explode from the feeling of her mouth surrounding my cock. Why we had never tried this position before, I’ll never know, but I assure you, this wont be the last time.

The more I worked her ass and pussy, the harder Brooke sucked on my cock. She sorta mimicked on me what I was doing to her, as far as the speed of things. She licked down the shaft of my cock to my balls, and while sucking my balls she began jacking my cock.

The taste of her pussy was driving me crazy. I wanted her and I wanted her bad. The feeling of her mouth and tongue on my cock intensified the feeling I got from eating her out. My face was wet from her flowing juices as I continued sucking her pussy and finger fucking her ass.

Brooke started bucking her hips against my mouth as her head rose off my cock. She then lifted herself off me, turned around so she was facing me, and lifted her pussy over my hard cock. I lined my cock up with her pussy, and Brooke lowered herself onto my waiting cock, while I grabbed her ass and started rotating her up and down on my cock. Brooke leaned forward and let her breasts hang down in my face as I continued fucking her. She was riding me hard now, shouting obscenities as I made rapid thrusts up onto her tight pussy. I held her hips still as I raised myself up into her rapidly. God it felt so fucking good as I fucked her and sucked her tits. Brooke was bouncing up and down on my hard cock now, with the sweat pouring off each of us. I kept pumping into her. Reaching around, I could feel her ass hole, and as I did so, Brooke pushed back against my hand, so I let a finger find its way into her ass as we continued fucking. I was thrusting into her rapidly now, and for some reason started slapping her ass, probably harder than I should have, but it seemed to stimulate Brooke, who was now sucking my tongue as I was fucking her hard.

I started fucking her faster as I could feel her pussy walls begin to spasm around my cock.

“Oh god, yes, yes, yes, I’m going to cum, Oh fuck yes. . .” I heard her say just as she had her orgasm. The spasm of her pussy walls caused me to lose it, and just then I started shooting my load into my sister. One, two, three volleys of cum shot into her, and then another three. I could feel my cum coating my cock as I continued ramming it inside of her.

I finally slowed down, and then stopped fucking Brooke. We both relaxed as my cock popped out of her pussy, and then I could feel my sperm drip out of her pussy and down onto my cock and balls.

I reached up and pulled her face to mine and drove my tongue inside of her mouth as she did the same. The feeling of her wet body against mine was an erotic feeling. I ran my fingers all over her body while kissing her like it was my last time.

“Can we stay in the bed all day?” Brooke asked me.

“That would be fine with me,” I replied.

I thought we were going to do just that until someone rang the door bell.

“Who the fuck could that be?” Brooke asked. “Nobody even know’s we live here, except mom and dad. Oh fuck, you don’t think its one of them do you?”

“I sure hope not. I’m sure it smells like sex in here. I guess one of us has to open the door. I’ll do it while you clean up this room a little and get your robe on,” I said to Brooke as I wrapped my robe around me and headed to the front door.

By the time I got there they rang the doorbell a second time, which was about to piss me off. I looked through the peephole, and it was Amanda. What the fuck was Amanda doing here? I hadn’t seen her or talked to her since we rescued her from the frat party, and after that I didn’t expect to ever see her again.

“It’s Amanda,” I shouted to Brooke.

“Oh my god,” Brooke said, running out of the bedroom while at the same time still putting her robe on.

Brooke opened the door and pulled Amanda in. They were both squealing like two long lost sisters or something.

I stood back watching the two of them hugging each other, Brooke in her robe, and Amanda in her short shorts and halter top. God, they both looked great to me.

“How did you find us?” Brooke asked, taking Amanda by the hand and walking her to the living room.

“I called the housing office last week to see if you two had made any housing arrangements. I thought it would be good to have somewhere to go to get off campus. I’ve been here for summer classes. I have to make up an English class to get up to speed, and it’s offered during the June term. Anyway, they gave my your address, and I was free this morning so I decided to drive over and see if you were here yet.”

“Yeah, we just moved in yesterday. Oh god, you haven’t seen this, have you?” Brooke asked, showing her ring off to Amanda.

Amanda screamed again, “Oh my god, you two got married? When did that happen?”

“Just last week. Our parents weren’t very happy about the two of us living together, so we eloped. They weren’t too crazy about that either, but it’s done. We’re both pleased, though. It’s really been great.”

“Well, congratulations to both of you!” Amanda said, giving Brooke and me a kiss on the cheek.

I sat there mesmerized as Brooke told Amanda all about our wedding, in detail. There was no fucking way I was going to remember all that, so whenever someone asked me about the wedding, I just let Brooke tell them.

The two of them kept talking about school, f’ockey, the team, and I learned that Amanda decided to come to St. Mary’s even after the episode at the frat party. She had a full ride, the same as Brooke, and her parents wouldn’t let her give that up, and there was no way she would’ve been able to tell them why. She and Brooke were talking about the frat party a little, and Amanda was talking about how embarrassed she was after “doing it” with all those guys. I started remembering the evening, and how Liz and the other girl did it on the floor, and must have got lost in my thoughts, because the next thing I knew, Brooke was giving me this strange look and then looking down at my crotch. I looked down, and my cock, which wasn’t entirely hard, but wasn’t soft either, was visible through the slit at the bottom of my robe. Amanda was facing Brooke and away from me, so she didn’t see it, but had she turned around, she would have.

I reached down and slid my cock back inside my robe as Amanda and Brooke finished talking. Amanda had to leave to get back to class, but Brooke suggested that she come over tomorrow night for dinner, and she said that she was free and would love to. Amanda left, and Brooke came after me.

“So what about that conversation gave you a hard on, or were you just that happy to see Amanda?” It was the first time in weeks that Brooke was yelling at me, and she was as angry as fuck.

There was no way I could lie to Booke, so I confessed that when she and Amanda started talking about that night I pictured Liz and the other girl fucking on the mattress, and sure, I got a little turned on, but I wasn’t going to do anything with them or anything. I told her that I wasn’t even aware that I was showing until she pointed it out.

“Hmm, does Amanda turn you on, then?” Brooke asked me.

“No, not really, it was just all the talk, I guess,” I replied.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have her over if that’s the way you’re going to react.”

“Really, Brooke, it doesn’t matter to me, she’s your friend and teammate. I’m not interested in Amanda, believe me. I’m not the least bit interested.”

“You sure?” Brooke asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. Not the least bit interested. I’m in love with you, and you’re the only person I want in my life.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” Brooke said as she moved in next to me, untied my robe, and put her arms around my waist, next to my skin, bringing our nude bodies together.

“You wanna do it again?” Brooke asked as she held me tight.

“We could, but we have a shit load of work to get done. How about we finish up the house first?”

“Yeah, it’ll be great to get everything put away and all,” Brooke replied, “but, I want you to promise me that we’ll have some fun when we finish. I’m just getting used to us sharing the apartment and I want to get the most our of it.”

I had no problem promising Brooke that we’d play around tonight after we got the apartment set up. Hell, that’s one major reason I wanted to room with her. We do have a good time together.

Brooke and I worked on the apartment all day. We stopped at lunch for a sandwich, but worked until early evening before we got everything finished and put away. Standing back and looking at the place, we were quite pleased with what we had accomplished.

“I’m gonna take some pictures and send them to mom and dad,” Brooke announced as she started taking pictures of the apartment with her iPhone. She had me pose in my bedroom, and she posed in hers. We took pictures of each other in every room, and by the time we were finished, we had sent about a dozen pictures to mom and dad. We were sure that they’d get a kick out of them.

“What do you want to do about dinner?” Brooke asked.

“I could fix something up if you want me to,” I replied.

“That would be good. I really don’t feel like going out anywhere, I’m worn out from all the work today,” Brooke said.

“Are you hungry for anything in particular?” I asked.

“Yeah, but you said we couldn’t do that until later.”

“Ha, ha. You can have that anytime you want, sis.”

“I know I can. That’s the fun of living together, we can have each other any time we want.”

“How about if I grill a couple of hamburgers for us? I have the hamburger and some things to go with. I also got some charcoal for that grill outside. Does that sound OK with you?”

“Sure. What are we going to have when Amanda comes over tomorrow?”

“I was thinking about making some Lasagna tomorrow. Does that sound OK?”

“Yeah, I’m sure Amanda would love your Lasagna. God, its good.”

“OK then, we’ll plan on that.”

“Don’t fix me a huge breakfast or lunch tomorrow then, I don’t want to gain too much weight before practices start.”

I got the hamburger out of the refrigerator and fixed it up. I have a spice mix I put into the hamburger along with some onions. I also had some cheese and all the other fixings. While I was grilling the hamburgers Brooke set the table and got some other things out of the refrigerator to go with the burgers, along with our drinks. I stood by the grill watching Brooke getting things ready inside, and thought that we really were acting like a newly wed couple, and I loved that idea. Yeah, I loved being “married” to my sister.

While Brooke wasn’t much of a cook, she was good at setting menus and setting the table and cleaning up afterwards. She even said at home that if I would cook for her, she would do the dishes, and she has continued that practice now that we were living together. I don’t mind cooking, but I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards, so this arrangements works perfectly for both of us.

After the kitchen was cleaned up, I sat down on a chair and turned on the TV. Brooke walked into the living room which opened up to the kitchen, so it wasn’t much of a walk, and sat down on my lap.

I reached up and brushed her hair out of her eyes and just looked at her for a few minutes before speaking.

“How’ve you felt today? You really were sick yesterday. I was worried about you.”

“I feel much better today. I did get a little dizzy a couple of times while we were working and had to sit down for a few minutes, and I’m really tired now, but other than that I feel fine.”

“You still look a little pale to me. Maybe tomorrow we can get outside for some sun. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day. How about a hike or something? There’s a state park not far from here.”

“That would be fun. Could we take a picnic lunch or something?”

“Sure, I could get some things together for that. Let’s do it,” I replied.

With Brooke still sitting on my lap, I reached up and pulled her face to mine and gave her a lingering kiss, letting my tongue slide into her mouth.

“Umm, I like that,” Brooke sighed.

“Yeah, I do to. What do you say, wanna move this into your bedroom?”

“We can move it into OUR bedroom, remember?”

“Yeah, that’s right. OUR bedroom.”

I lifted Brooke off my lap, took her hand, and led her into our bedroom. We slowly undressed each other before lying down on the bed.

“God, you are so fucking beautiful, Brooke. You never have to worry about me looking at another woman! You’re all I could ever desire. You have the perfect body, a great personality, and, Christ, I fucking love you so much.”

Brooke leaned into me and kissed me passionately after I said that, letting her hands roam all over my body, as I did the same to her.

Brooke pressed me back onto the bed and crawled on top of me, kissing me passionately and grinding her crotch into mine. I let my hands roam down to her ass, my favorite spot on my sister’s body, and gently massaged her firm cheeks with my hands. Brooke continued grinding her hot body against mine. She leaned back and brought her tits to my mouth, and I sucked one and then the other, while still massaging her ass.

After letting me suck her tits for several minutes, Brooke started licking her way down my front. She sucked on my nipples for a while, and then continued down toward my cock, which was growing rapidly. When she got to my cock, Brooke looked up at me and said, “Time to trim these pubes again, brother. They tickle my nose!”

“I don’t want anything to distract you from sucking my cock, Brooke. We’ll take care of that first thing in the morning! Now, get back to sucking!”

Brooke smiled, and then returned her attention to my raging hard on, taking it back into her mouth and started sucking it again. She used much more tongue action this time than before, and it really felt good. I looked down at her and could see that she was really getting into sucking and licking my cock. She licked from the base to the head, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, bringing me intense pleasure. Then she started bobbing her head up and down on me while twisting her mouth around as she did so. I don’t know where she learned this technique, but it was quite amazing and stimulating. I swear, I’ve been sucked off before, but no other girl made me feel quite like Brooke does. She sucks my cock because she wants to; other girls sucked it because they thought I wanted them to, and there is quite a difference. I liked the way Brooke sucked my cock.

After doing this for a good fifteen minutes, Brooke started licking her way back up my torso and brought her mouth to mine again, and drove her tongue inside. I sucked on her tongue, while dropping my hands to her ass and massaging her cheeks.

Brooke raised up on her pelvis and brushed her pussy against my erection. I loved how it felt when she did that. She reached underneath herself, put her hand around my hard cock, and brought it to the entrance to her sex and lowered back down on my cock, which entered her all the way. I was learning that Brooke liked to be in control when we were having sex. I didn’t notice this at first, but the more we make love, the more I sense that she likes to be in control. She shows this by taking the initiative most of the time, by climbing on top whenever she can, and by switching positions. Like this morning. I’d never done the sixty-nine position, and it was Brooke who moved us around into that position. I mean, hell, I’m not complaining at all, just pointing this out. She also likes me to eat her out, I can tell. When we start to have sex, she usually gets into a position where she’s on her back with her beautiful legs spread apart, showing me that beautiful pussy. She knows that once I see it I want to go down on it, so she makes sure I see it. I’m sure that before we’re finished fucking this evening, there will be an opportunity for me to eat her out. I just know there will.

Brooke continued gyrating her hips against my crotch, pressing down, taking me all the way, and then raising up, until I almost pop out, and then lowering herself back down on my cock. She likes to be in control of the position and the speed, and thats all right with me.

Brooke remained on top the whole time until she reached orgasm, which come on suddenly, violently, and loudly. With shouts of “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I could feel Brooke slow down, letting my cock bottom out and remain there while the walls of her pussy contracted around my hardness. I lost it when I got a look at her face. She had raised her head, but her eyes were closed as she shouted through her “fuck me” contorted face. It was the sexiest look ever, and that, along with the sight of her beautiful tits and body hanging over me, caused me to ejaculate violently into her. I started bucking my hips beneath her and into her as I came. After I shot my loads into her, I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her crotch tight against mine.

“That was great, Steven. I mean, I love you and all, but the fact that you’re such a good fuck is an added bonus. God, you fuck well, brother.”

“You’re a good fuck yourself, sis. I could stay in bed and fuck you all day long.”

“We’ll have to do that one day. Just stay in bed and fuck all day long. I think I’d like that; but before that, you have some more work to do.”

After saying that, Brooke leaned back and brought her pussy to my mouth and pressed down, causing her pussy lips to smear my juice and her’s all over my mouth. I held Brooke by the hips as I licked away at her pussy, enjoying the taste of our combined juices. Brooke is the only girl I’ve ever eaten out after we’d had sex. I never thought I’d enjoy doing this, but, hell, I think I’d do anything with Brooke. God I love her.

Brooke started getting off as I tongue fucked her and cleaned her out. She started pressing her pussy hard against my mouth, telling me to keep licking her. With our juices running down the side of my face, I continued licking her pussy as she started gyrating faster and faster on my face and particularly my tongue, buried deep within her pussy.

“Oh Christ, Steven, I’m gonna fucking cum again! I’m fucking cumming again!” She wasn’t lying either, just as she finished saying that, a flood of her juices filled my mouth. Brooke was panting breathlessly by this point.

“I’ve never done that, cum twice so close together! God that was awesome. You have a nice cock and tongue, brother! I wish I’d discovered that years ago!”

“Yeah, we sure wasted a lot of time hating each other! I’m sure glad we got over that.”

“Yeah, me too. What do you think about a shower, now, bro?” Brooke asked.

“I think we both need one.”

We got off the bed and walked into the bathroom together. Brooke leaned over and started the water.

“God, that must have been some wild sex, sis, you have a bruise on your right thigh, just below your ass,” I said, noticing the bruise, which was about the size of a large egg.

“Really? Where?”

I walked over and placed my hand on the bruise and said, “Right here. Do you feel it?”

“No, I don’t feel anything. Maybe I bumped into something while we were setting up the apartment today, I don’t know what its from.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I caused it, but I don’t think so.”

“No problem, it’ll go away in a few days.”

Brooke and I got into the shower and washed each other off.

“I think I like cleaning up almost as much as the sex,” I shared with her. “I love washing you and running my hands all over your body.”

“You can wash me as much as you want to,” Brooke said while I washed her front. When I got to her neck, Brooke reached out and grabbed my left hand and was just staring at it.

“What?” I asked.

“We need to go to a jeweler tomorrow. You need a ring on that finger! I don’t want any of the girls around here thinking that you’re a free man!”

“I never thought of that. I guess I should have a ring if you’re wearing one. We’ll take care of that before we go to the park tomorrow. I like the idea of wearing a wedding ring.”

“And you better never take it off, either.”

“Even when we go home?”

“Yes, even when we go home. I never want that ring off your finger.”

“So, are you ready to explain our relationship to mom and dad?”

“No, but I still don’t want the ring to ever come off once I put it on your finger, and I’m doing that in the morning; and you better not take it off around Amanda, either!”

“Brooke, you don’t have to worry about that. Like I already told you, I have absolutely no attraction to Amanda; plus, it wasn’t my idea to invite her over for dinner tomorrow night, either.”

“I know, I just feel sorry for her. I don’t think she has many friends, and I feel like we should have her over some, that’s all.”

“Well, to be honest, I’m not excited about the thought of her hanging around here all the time.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. I don’t want her hanging around here all the time either; but I did ask her over tomorrow night, so I can’t go back on that. We’ll see how things go.”

We got out of the shower and dried each other off, and then Brooke got our robes out of the bathroom closet and we put them on.

“Leave it open in the front, Steven,” Brooke suggested.

“I will if you will. I love to look at your hot body, sis.”

We left our robes open and walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch together. We didn’t turn on the TV or do anything other than look at each other for a few minutes.

“This really is awesome, Brooke,” I shared, “us living together, I mean.”

“Yea, it is. I never would have thought things would work out like this when we made our first trip up here. How long had you wanted to do something with me like that?” Brooke asked.

“For the past couple of years, anyway. I got really jealous when you would go out, especially if it was with someone I knew,” I told her. “I was jealous that it wasn’t me you were spending time with. I think I’ve been in love with you, you know, more than like brother and sister, for at least a couple of years.”

“That’s so sweet. I had a crush on you for about that some amount of time, but Christ, Steven, you were so fucking mean to me!”

“Yeah, I was, but that was because you wouldn’t pay any attention to me, that’s all. I guess we both loved each other and wanted something to come out of it, but neither of us was willing to take that first step.”

“That is, until you brought me up here. Did you really want to, or did mom force you to?”

“I let on like she was forcing me, and that I didn’t want to, but to tell you the truth, when mom told me that I had to take you to tryouts, I went up to my room and started beating off just thinking about it.”

“Really? You went to your room and started beating off?”

“Oh yea, and that wasn’t the first time I’d beat off thinking about you, Brooke. That happened many times over the past couple of years. Every time I beat off I was thinking about you.”

“Who were you thinking of when you dated? Me, or the girl you were with?”

“Honestly, when I dated one of your friends, I was thinking of you.”

“Even when you fucked her in the ass?”

I laughed at that, and replied, “Yes, even when I fucked her in the ass, I was thinking of you. I knew she told you about that, and I think the reason she did was to make you jealous!”

“She did, too! I not only got jealous, I got myself fucked in the ass too!”

“You what?”

“I got your friend Jerry to fuck me in the ass after a football game. I was so angry about you doing it with my friend that I let Jerry take me home after a game, and on the way home I had him pull off the road onto that deserted road and started making out with him. He wanted to fuck me, but I wasn’t on the pill then, so I told him he could fuck me in the ass if he wanted to, and he did. He asked me to suck him off to get him hard, so I did, but that didn’t take too long. The bad thing, though, I didn’t get his cock very wet, and when he got my clothes off, he just fucking rammed that thing in my ass and it hurt like fucking hell.”

“That’s why you told me to take it slowly when I fucked you in the ass then?”

“Yeah, I still remember how bad it hurt when he just rammed his cock in me. It’s a good thing he has such a small cock!”

That comment made me laugh. Guys always like to hear that their friend’s have smaller cocks than theirs.

“With you, Steven, its different. I can tell that you care for me, and you like to give me pleasure. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking advantage of you or something.”

“You don’t ever have to feel like that, Brooke, I love making love with you. God I do!”

“How many girls have you made love to?”

“Is this true confession time or something?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess so. Fuck, I told you about Jerry. You can tell me a few things.”

“Well, I want you to know that I’m perfectly happy with you and the way things are between us, Brooke. I’ve screwed around some, but that is over. It’s only you and me from now on.”

“I know that, and feel the same way; but I’d still like to know what all you’ve done.”

“Well, there really isn’t that much to tell. I’ve had sex with four girls, two of them were on your f’ockey team, and I’m sure you knew about both of those times.”

“Yeah, I knew about them. Who else have you been with?”

“There was a girl at school, the community college, named Trish. She was Asian, or maybe Polynesian or something. She would always hang out with me at the lunch room between classes. She shared an apartment near the school with a friend, and one afternoon she invited me over after a class we had together. I went over, and we, sorta, did it.”

“What did you do?”

“Well, as soon as we got inside the apartment, she was all over me, kissing me and all. Then the clothes started coming off, and before I knew what was happening, the two of us were on her bed fucking hard. I had to bareback her, too, as I didn’t have any condoms with me. After that I always carried one with me, but fuck, I never needed one after that. Anyway, we were fucking away and her roommate came home, and she decided to join us.”

“So, you fucked both of them?”

“No! Her roommate undressed and got into the bed with us, which didn’t bother me, but I soon found out that it really pleased Trish. She and her roomy started kissing and all kinds of shit. I watched for a couple of minutes, and then excused myself. Trish tried to get me to come again, but I told her I wasn’t into that shit. After that she never ate with me at lunch again, which was OK with me.”

“That’s so funny!”

“I didn’t think so at the time, but I guess it is now. You ever do anything like that with any of your friends?”

“No, but I’ve had the opportunity if I wanted to. Three or four of the girls on the f’ockey team are lesbians, and one of them hit on me several times, but I didn’t want anything to do with that either. One of the girls on St. Mary’s team hit on me when I came up for tryouts. She said that a few of the players were getting together at her house the night of the frat party. She put her hand on my shoulder and said, ‘we’re not really that much into guys, if you know what I mean.’ Hell, I knew what she meant and was sure I was going to the party with you after that!”

“That’s funny. Which one was it?”

“Julie. I’ll point her out to you when practices start up.”

“Brooke, I was sure but the way you sucked me and the way you were when we were making love that you’d had some experience, and I admit that I have as well, but I promise you, sex with you is the sweetest I’ve ever had, and it’s all I’ll ever want. I love you so much.”

After saying that, I leaned into Brooke and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, and she kissed back.

“Steven, I’m really tired, how about we go on to bed?”

“That sounds good to me,” I replied, standing up and taking her by the hand and leading her into the bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom, I turned off the light. The light coming in from the window gracefully illuminated Brook’s body as I slid the robe off her shoulders. The light highlighted her pert nipples, which I reached out and gently caressed. I dropped my robe and pulled her into me, kissed her on the forehead, the cheek, and then her lips.

“Brooke, I love you so much. The past is the past, and now we begin building our future together. I love you, sis.”

“I love you, too, bro.”

The two of us climbed into the bed and held each other tight as we fell asleep.

I awoke the following morning around 6:00. Brooke was still sound asleep beside me, and I didn’t want to disturb her, so after giving her a soft kiss on the cheek, I crawled out of the bed, put on my robe, and after a short trip to the bathroom, I went on into the kitchen to begin making the lasagna for tonight’s dinner. I liked to make my own lasagna noodles so it would take a little time, but not too much. I already had all the other ingredients in the refrigerator, so I got them out and went to work. I turned on the TV to catch up on world events as I prepared the lasagna. It only took about an hour to get it all ready, so I covered it and placed it in the refrigerator. That way all I needed to do was get it out tonight when Amanda came over and cook it.

I watched TV for a while and then decided to go get Brooke up. It we about 7:30. I went into the bedroom and softly asked Brooke if she wanted anything for breakfast.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“It’s about 7:30.”

“How long have you been up?”

“I got up about 6:00. I wanted to get the lasagna ready before we left, and its finished. I’m ready to fix breakfast if you’d like some.”

“Sure, that sounds great. How about bacon and eggs, scrambled?”

“Coming right up,” I replied. “Do you want to come out to the kitchen, or do you want breakfast in bed?”

“You’re so sweet to offer that, but I think I’ll come out to the kitchen. Just call me when its ready.”

“No problem. It’ll only be about ten minutes.”

I left the bedroom and went back to the kitchen and fixed bacon and scrambled eggs for us, along with some OJ and an English muffin for each of us. I was right, it only took about ten minutes.

“Brooke, your breakfast is ready! Come and get it!”

“OK,” was her reply.

I set the food on the table, and Brooke came out of the bedroom, not bothering to dress for breakfast.

“I really like the freedom to roam around the house in the nude, Steven. We did say that once we had our own place we were going to be nude all the time, remember?”

“Sure do, and it still sounds like a good idea to me,” I replied as I shed the robe I was wearing.

“Yeah, I like you better that way,” Brooke said as I tossed the robe onto a chair.

“I like you better that way too!” I replied.

Brooke and I chowed down on the breakfast and talked about the day.

“What time is Amanda coming over this evening?” I asked her.

“I think I told her around 5:30 or 6. I’ll send her a text later to remind her.”

“That should give us plenty of time. You wanted to go by the jewelry store and then we’ll have plenty of time to go for a hike in the park, if you still want to do that,’ I said.

“Yeah, that sounds like fun. Are you still going to pack a picnic lunch for us?”

“Yeah, I’ll do that now, and then we can get dressed and head down to the town center.”

I got up to clear the table, and Brooke helped. We took the dishes all over to the sink and I rinsed them and put the dishes and silverware in the dish washer. I cleaned off the table, and got out some things for our lunch. I thought I’d make a couple sandwiches and throw in some snacks, which shouldn’t take long.

“When you finish packing lunch, why don’t you come back in the bedroom for a while,” Brooke said with a seductive look on her face.

“You can count on that!” I said to her as I started getting things out for the sandwiches.

It didn’t take long to pack lunch, especially knowing what was waiting for me in the bedroom when I finished. Talk about incentive!

I put the food away and walked into the bedroom, and found Brooke waiting for me, lying on the bed with her legs spread slightly.

“Come on up, big boy,” Brooke said to me as I entered the room.

I crawled onto the bed, and onto Brooke, pressing my body against hers and kissing her.

“I wanted you earlier, but I didn’t want to wake you,” I said to her.

“Steven, you can wake me any time night or day for sex. That’s one thing that’s worth getting up for!”

“Umm, I like the way you think!” I said as I continued kissing my sister-bride. “How would you like it this morning?”

“Well, if I had my choice, I’d ask you to eat me out for a while, and then fuck the living shit out of me!”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied as I kissed her again and then started licking my way down her front side. Brooke hand’t showered yet this morning, so her skin had a slightly salty taste to it, which turned me on. I licked her neck, her chest, and then her tits. While doing this I was moving down lower on her body, and could feel the head of my cock brushing against her pussy lips. I was tempted to go ahead and fuck her right then, but decided not to, focusing more on her pleasure than mine at the moment. I did ask her how she wanted it and all.

I focused my attention to Brooke’s tits, taking them into my hands while licking the nipples with my tongue, swirling my tongue around them to get them really wet, and then rubbing them between my fingers. Brooke started moaning softly as I worked on her tits. I kissed and sucked each one for a few minutes before crawling back to kiss her again. I slid my tongue into Brooke’s mouth and tasted her sweetness. Brooke started sucking on my tongue, drawing it deeper into her wet mouth. I could feel my cock hardening against Brooke’s soft skin as I moved my hips up and down against her.

“Oh god, Steven. Forget about eating me, I want your hard cock in me now!”

“Really? I know you like to eat you out, and I was getting there.”

“Yes, really. Christ, I’m so fucking horny for your hard cock right now, I just want you to go ahead and fuck me. Please fuck me, Steven.”

I reached down and slid my fingers into her pussy to get her ready, but Brooke was right, she was ready. She was already dripping wet, so I brought my fingers out of her cunt and used her juices to lube my cock, and gently slid into her. I had the feeling of intense pleasure as I slid into my sister, with her warm, wet pussy surrounding my cock. I wanted to take it slow, but couldn’t. Something got into me, and all I wanted to do was fuck her hard, so I started ramming my cock into my sister’s pussy. I usually take my time with her, but I lost it this morning.

“Oh god, that feels great. Keep fucking me, Steven. Oh god, yes.”

I pushed my arms our straight to the bed so I could lift myself off Brooke slightly. I wanted to look down at her body as I fucked her. I could see my cock driving in and out of her, and that further stimulated me. It looked so fucking cool fucking her.

“That’s a beautiful sight, watching my cock thrust in and out of you, Brooke. God, that looks so fucking awesome. Every time I do this I think the same thing. ‘I can’t believe I’m fucking my sister.’”

“You’re not fucking your sister anymore, Steven, you’re fucking your wife, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember, but my wife was my sister before I married her, and I kinda like the idea of fucking my sister too.”

“Whatever. God it feels good, though.”

I continued fucking her hard. I loved watching my cock pump in and out of her, and loved watching her tits bounce with each thrust. I love looking at Brooke’s body, especially when we’re having sex.

Brooke reached down and grabbed both my ass cheeks with her hands and pulled me hard against her, causing me to bottom out inside of her before I pulled back out partway, and then plunged back into her. God, this felt wonderful.

We continued fucking for fifteen to twenty minutes, staying in the missionary position the entire time, until I started to orgasm.

“God, Brooke, I’m gonna cum,”

“Cum inside of me, Steven. O god, cum inside of me.”

It only took another couple of minutes until I came inside my sister. She said that she could feel my sperm squirting inside of her, and that caused her to orgasm. Brooke doesn’t do anything half way or quietly, and that goes for her orgasms as well. When she has one, there is no doubt about it.

“Oh god yes, yes, yes,” Brooke shouted as she shook beneath me. She continued shouting for a good couple of minutes. I didn’t know an orgasm could last that long, but it sure as fuck did for Brooke.

I emptied my load inside of my sister, and then collapsed on the bed beside her, and pulled her over on her side so that she was facing me.

“You are one good fuck, sis,” I said to her.

“You’re a good fuck, too, bro!”

I kissed her twice on the lips before speaking.

“Brooke, you have made me so very happy. You are the most beautiful and wonderful person I’ve ever known. I love you, sis.”

“I love you, too Steven.”

“How about a shower before we head downtown?”

We got out of the bed and walked into the bedroom and showered, each washing the other like every other time we’ve showered. After we dried each other off, we went to the bedroom to dress for the day.

“I’m just wearing shorts and a T-shirt,” Brooke announced.

“You wearing your hiking boots?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess so. Do you think I need to wear a bra?” she asked.

“You don’t need to wear one for my sake,” I said.

“It wont bother you if I don’t? We may pass others on the hiking trail, and I’m sure my nips will show.”

“Brooke, it wont bother me in the least. I’m proud to be married to you. You wear what you want. You’ve got it, so flaunt it!”

Brooke laughed when I said that, but I noticed that she didn’t wear a bra under her T-shirt either. She slipped on a tiny white thong and her short white shorts. She looked cute dressed like that with her hiking boots and socks.

“You look like you’re ready to tackle the hiking trail,” I said to her.

“I am! Let’s get started!”

We gathered our things and headed out to the car.

“Do you still want to go to the jewelry store first?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” Brooke replied.

We headed to the Town Center, which wasn’t far from the apartment. I knew that they had a jewelry store there. Once we got there, we managed to park in front of the store, and went inside.

“How can I help you?” the young girl working behind the counter asked.

“Were looking for a man’s wedding band. Nothing fancy but something in white gold to match my rings,” Brooke replied.

“We have several over here,” the worker replied as she motioned us to the other end of the counter. Brooke and I looked at several of the rings. The girl set out three or four trays of rings for us to inspect. Brooke liked one that was very simple, with an intricate design that you could barely see unless you looked close.

“How about this one, Steven?” Brooke asked.

“I like it.”

The girl at the counter took the ring, and then sized my finger. The one we were looking at was way too small, but she said that she may have one in the drawer, which she opened. After looking for only a few seconds, she said, “Here’s one in your size. Try it on to see how it looks on your finger.”

It slid right on my finger, and I thought it looked great, as did Brooke.

“We’ll take it,” Brooke said.

“I’ll write it up. Cash or charge?”

“Cash,” Brooke said as the girl walked to the desk to get a receipt pad.

Brooke looked at me and said, softly, “Steven, I want you to promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“That you’ll never take this ring off. I want you to wear it forever as a sign of our love for each other.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Brooke. This ring is never coming off my finger.”

Brooke leaned into me and kissed me hard on the lips, while throwing her arms around my neck. We kissed for a couple of minutes, only stopping because the girl returned to take our money. I reached into my pocked for my wallet, when Brooke stopped me.

“I’m buying this. I brought some money along with me to get it.”

Brooke took out a wad of cash and paid for the ring. The girl wrote up our receipt and gave me a box for the ring, which she put in a small bag.

“Do you feel more married now?” Brooke asked.

“Yeah, I really do,” I replied, “and this ring will NEVER come off my finger, I promise.”


We walked out of the store, got into the car, and headed to the state park, which was about an hour drive away, if that long. Brooke slept most of the way, but it only took us about forty-five minutes to get there. Once we arrived, I drove around to find the entrance to the one hiking trail I read about. It is in a more isolated part of the park, and not as heavily used by the public as the main hiking trails. It goes back in the woods a ways, and then runs along the river before coming back to the main road. I had heard some kids talking about it at the community college. They’d take their dates there on Saturday afternoons, and even then they found it to be quite isolated. They liked it for the privacy, and I thought that would be good, too.

After I found the right hiking trail, I pulled into the lot and parked the car. I had to shake Brooke to wake her from her sound sleep. We got out of the car and I got the back pack I filled with food. I also included a blanket to spread out on the ground so we’d have something to eat on.

“How do you know about this place?” Brooke asked.

“I heard some kids at school talking about it last year at school. They said it’s a good trail, quite secluded, and goes along a river after you hike back a ways. I thought you’d like it.”

“Sounds great.”

We started hiking back into the woods and walked about fifteen minutes before Brooke asked if we could stop for a short rest. We sat down on a log, and I asked her if she was OK. She looked a little pale.

“Yeah, I feel OK, just fatigued, that’s all. A short rest should help.”

We sat there in the shade for a few minutes, when Brooke announced that she was ready to go. I pulled a bottle of water from the backpack, and we shared it as we walked along.

After another fifteen minutes, we came to the river. It was really beautiful.

“Want to go for a swim?” Brooke asked.

“Sure, if you do. I didn’t pack a suit, though,” I replied.

“There’s nothing wrong with skinny dipping, is there? We can walk up river a little and have some privacy.”

We turned and walked off the trail alongside the river, far enough that we felt anyone using the trail couldn’t see us. There was a gently bend in the river, so we were out of anyone’s range of vision should they come along the trail.

It didn’t take us long to strip down, and the two of us walked down the river bank and into the water, which was fairly warm. We had a good time splashing each other and gently playing in the water. I loved the look of Brooke’s body when it was wet. The sun shining through the trees and onto her wet body made it look like a photo shoot for a model, which I said to her.

“That’s sweet, Steven. Do I really look that good to you?”

“You look that good!”

“Thank you,” she replied as she walked over to me and kissed me, while the two of us stood naked in the middle of the river.

I brought my arms around my sister and pulled her body to mine as I continued kissing her.

“I’ve always wanted to have sex outdoors, Steven. Do you think we could, you know, like do it here?”

“Sure. I have a blanket in the backpack. Want me to get it and spread it out?”

“Yeah, lets.”

Brooke and I walked out of the water, and I got the blanket out of the backpack and found a place to spread it out. Brooke sat down on the blanket, and I sat down beside her. I placed my arm around my sister and held her close.

Kissing her, I began rubbing her arms, back, and then her breasts, which I then took into my mouth and gently sucked.

“I owe you something from this morning,” I said to her, knowing how much she liked me to eat her out.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“This,” I said as I gently pushed her onto her back and gently spread her legs apart. Brooke lifted her knees up into the air and spread her legs wide apart, allowing plenty of room for me to get my mouth to her pussy. I immediately went down on her and started sucking away and licking her beautiful cunt. Using my fingers, I pulled her pussy lips apart, while driving my tongue as deep inside of her as possible.

“God, you’re good at that, Steven,”

“I’ve had a lot of practice on you!” I said as I continued eating her.

Brooke was bucking her pussy up against my mouth as I continued eating her. Her pussy was getting wet as her juices started to release, which not only made her more moist, but tasted great as well. I lapped away at her snatch as I gently rubbed her abdomen and her thighs. She had the smoothest thighs I’d ever felt, and I loved rubbing my hands over them.

“Oh god that feels great, Steven.”

I started lapping away with my tongue on her outer lips, which was driving her wild. I would do this, and then slowly enter my tongue deep inside of her, and slowly bring it back out. I loved the taste of Brooke’s pussy, so I enjoyed eating her. I licked from the bottom of her slit to the top, repeatedly.

As I reached the top, Brooke shouted, “Yes, right there, keep licking there.”

I focused on that particular spot for a few minutes, which drove her wild. She started cursing again, loud enough for anyone to hear us who was within a couple mile range. “Keep licking there, shit yes, keep licking there,” she shouted.

I continued working my sister until she shouted for me to fuck her. As she said that, I promptly slid up and brought the head of my pre-cum soaked cock to the entrance of her pussy, and gently rubbed it against her slit.

“Stop fucking teasing me, Steven, and fuck me with that thing!” Brooke shouted.

I slid my hard cock into her and fucked her hard and long. We were both breathing heavily and cussing before we finished. There was something about fucking my sister outdoors that was very erotic to me. I’d always been somewhat of an exhibitionist anyway, and doing it in public with Brooke, just made the whole experience that much more exciting to me. To make it better, about this time a group of teenage boys came around the corner in three or four canoes. I saw them coming, but thought that maybe they wouldn’t see us, but I was mistaken. They started shouting at each other about the couple fucking in the woods.

“Who the fuck is that?” Brooke asked.

“I don’t know, just a group of guys in canoes. Just ignore them. We’ll give them something to talk about.”

“Fine with me,” Brooke replied as we continued fucking on the blanket in full view of the kids.

We continued like we were before they arrived, with me ramming my cock into my sister, and Brooke cussing like a sailor as she reached orgasm. I could feel the intense pressure on my cock as her pussy spasmed, and then felt the flow of her juices, which I soon mixed with mine as I shot my load into her.

We lay on the blanket for a while, and then I got out our food and we ate our sandwiches and chips. Sitting there in the nude with my sister was still quite a turn on for me, and I think is also was for Brooke. We had a great time together being naked outdoors.

“I really enjoyed making love to you outside, Steven.”

“Yeah I really enjoyed that, too. I’d never had sex outdoors either. We’ll have to do that again sometime.”

“Yeah, I really like this spot. We’ll have to come back.”

Unfortunately, Brooke and I would never return to the park, and would never again have sex outdoors.

After we cleaned up, Brooke and I started walking back to the car. Brooke had to sit down again on the way, which was starting to concern me, but I didn’t say anything to her about it.

Once we got back to the house, we showered and then dressed for dinner. By the time we finished our shower it was time to put the lasagna in the oven so it would be done when Amanda got there. I also heated up some garlic bread and fixed three salads. I had some sorbet in the freezer and thought I’d serve that for dessert.

Amanda showed up a little early for dinner, and brought a bottle of wine along with her. Brooke took the wine into the kitchen as I greeted Amanda, who walked over to me once Brooke was out of the living room.

“I thought the wine might loosen you two up a bit,” she whispered in my ear as she brushed the palm of her hand across my crotch.

“What the fuck are you talking about, Amanda? You see this ring?” I said, showing her my new wedding ring. “Brooke and I are married, and she considers you a good friend. It would kill her if she know you were coming on to me.”

“OK, forget about it then. I just thought the three of us could have a little fun tonight, that’s all,” she said as she turned and walked into the living room.

As Amanda walked away, I could see that she was dressed for fun, too. Her shorts didn’t even cover up the bottom half of her ass cheeks, and her top barely covered the bottom of her breasts. If she wanted to get laid tonight, all she’d have to do is to walk around campus for a few minutes, and I’m sure someone would take her home. All I wanted at this point was to get this night over with, the Amanda part, anyway.

Brooke poured three glasses of the wine and brought them into the living room, where the three of us sat and talked for about twenty minutes, until the buzzer on the oven told me that the lasagna was done. I excused myself and went out to the kitchen and took it out of the oven, and put the breadsticks in to heat up while I made the salads. After I finished putting the food on the table, I called Brooke and Amanda, who immediately came into the kitchenette.

“I’m really hungry, and I’m sure you’ll like Steven’s lasagna, Amanda, he’s quite the cook.”

“I’m sure I will,”Amanda replied. From the way she was acting, Brooke had no idea what had happened at the start of the evening, and I hoped that she never found out.

We took our time eating our dinner and enjoying the remainder of the wine Amanda brought with her. After we finished dinner, I got the sorbet out of the freezer and served that. When that was gone, Brooke and Amanda went into the living room to chat while I cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Amanda offered to help, but I insisted that she and Brooke spend some time catching up with each other while I cleaned up dinner. I really wanted to stay as far away from Amanda as I could for the remainder of the evening, which I managed. I took my time finishing the dishes, and then made my way back into the living room. I looked over at Brooke, and she looked very tired.

“I think I need to go on to bed, you all,” Booke announced after a while. Looking at the clock I noticed that it was only about 8:45, which was early for Brooke and I to go to bed; however she did seem tired. “You two can stay up and visit some if you want, but I’m really tired all of a sudden,” Brooke continued as she stood. She walked over to Amanda and giving her a hug, excused herself from the room.

Amanda didn’t linger at all, saying, “Yeah, it is getting late, I guess. Maybe I better be going too.”

She crossed the room and gave me a hug before leaving.

“Seriously,” she whispered in my ear, “if you ever want a little variety, just give me a call.” She reached down and squeezed my cock through my jeans before she turned and walked out the door.

I stood there in disbelief. First, that Amanda would act that way, which shouldn’t surprise me after the way she was at the frat party; and second, that I got hard when she whispered in my ear and grabbed my cock. I felt somewhat ashamed about that, but had to admit, even if she is a slut, she’s still hot.

When I got to the bedroom, Brooke had already stripped down and climbed into the bed. I got in beside her and held her tight.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Steven. I got a little dizzy during dinner, but thought that might be the wine or something. Then, while we were sitting in the living room, I got light headed again, and thought I better come on to bed. Did Amanda leave?”

“Yeah, she left. I think I better take you to the doctor tomorrow and get you checked out.”

“That’s probably a good idea. I felt good all day long, other than getting fatigued while we were hiking. I’ll see how I feel in the morning.”

I thought about calling mom and talking with her, but didn’t. Brooke and I both fell asleep, and slept soundly all night. I guess the hiking and the sex by the river wore us both out.

Brooke didn’t go to the doctor the following day, because she said she felt fine. We spent the next week just messing around the house, and I started looking for work. I eventually found a job at the school in food service. They had several openings, and I selected a position in the Athletes’ Kitchen. They have a kitchen and dining room just for the athletic department, and I knew that Brooke’s meals were included with her scholarship, so I thought it would be good if I could work in the kitchen, and then maybe we could spend some time together when she came in for dinner with the team after practice each evening. I also got a job at a substitute cook at a Mexican restaurant downtown. That was something that might come in handy, especially if we were running short on cash, which shouldn’t happen with our inheritance and all, but a little extra spending money never hurt.

Brooke started the voluntary conditioning with several of the members of the f’ockey team in mid June. They worked out in the gym for the first hour and then they ran conditioning sprints outside. They weren’t allowed to get out field hockey equipment and use it, or have the assistance of a trainer or a coach due to NCAA regulations or something like that, Brooke explained; but the girl leading the conditioning workouts had everything outlined for each evening, and Brooke was sure that one of the coaches set that all up.

Brooke would come home in the evening exhausted, especially that night.

“How was the work out this evening?” I asked her.

“Exhausting,” she replied. “Kathy really worked us tonight. Shit, Steven, this is just voluntary conditioning. What the fuck to you think it’s going to be like once practices start next week?”

“That rough?”

“Yeah, that fucking rough.”

“Tell you what. Why don’t you get undressed and I’ll run the bath for you? You can soak while I get your dinner ready.”

“That sounds like a good idea, but I’d rather have you soak with me if you wouldn’t mind.”

I jumped at that. Getting in the tub with Brooke sounded great to me. We hadn’t had much physical contact in the past week due to her schedule and mine. She’d come home exhausted, eat dinner, and then go to bed and sleep all night. Tonight was my night off, so I was able to be home.

“Sounds good. I’ll run the bath water. You get undressed.”

Brooke went into the bathroom and I went onto the adjoining bathroom and started the bath water. I filled the tub and added a little bubble bath before going into the bedroom to get Brooke. I found her curled up on the bed, fast asleep. I shook her gently and asked if she still wanted her bath, and she said yes and got up on the side of the bed.

I pulled her up, and we walked into the bathroom, where I undressed and we both slid into the tub.

I sat down first and had Brooke sit between my legs, facing away from me. I pulled her back to me and put my arms around her and kissed her neck.

“Umm that feels good, Steven. I’ve missed being with you like this.”

She slid down a little and rested her hands on my thighs as I massaged her shoulders and arms.

“Oh yeah, keep that up, brother.”

I continued rubbing Brooke’s shoulders and neck area, and down her arms as well. She leaned forward and asked me to rub her back, and I complied. I rubbed from her neck to the top of her ass, back and forth, while reaching around her and gently rubbing her tits.

“God, Steven, you’re gonna make my cum from a back rub.”


“Yeah. I’m really sexually charged now.”

I continued rubbing Brooke’s back, arms, and tits for several more minutes, when she suggested we take it to the bedroom, which I was more than willing to do.

I drained the water out of the tub and then dried Brooke off and led her to the bed.

“How long has it been since we made love?”

“Nearly a week, I think. I’ve missed you, Brooke. I’m sorry our schedules are so fucking busy, I really miss being with you and making love with you.”

Brooke turned me around and had me lie own on my back on the bed, and climbed on top of me, and started kissing me. We made out for a long time, enjoying each others tongues, and rubbing each other’s bodies. We rolled around on the bed for a while touching, kissing, and sucking each other. I had Brooke roll over on her stomach, and when she did, I noticed a fairly large bruise on her right hip, about the size of my hand.

“Did you have a collision with someone today?” I asked.

“Yeah, I ran into one of the girls during practice. Why?”

“You have a huge bruise on your right hip.” I touched it and asked her if it hurt, but she said that it didn’t too much.

“How about I give you a nice rub down?” I asked her.

“How about I suck your cock first?” Brooke replied. “I’ve missed sucking you off.”

I rolled over on my back and Brooke crawled on top of me, and immediately moved her mouth to my cock and started working her magic on me. I had really missed the feeling of her mouth surrounding my cock, and this really felt good. Brooke sucked me and twisted my balls at the same time, which felt absolutely awesome. She got my cock really wet with her saliva, and then started slowly beating me off while she sucked me at the same time. I reached down and started rubbing her tits as she continued sucking me.

Brooke continued on me for several minutes, when I shifted from underneath her and, with her lying face down on the bed, I spread her legs, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and started kissing her ass, all the way down to her pink pucker. I kissed her there, and started licking her ass with my tongue, letting the tip penetrate her while feeling her ass with both hands. The musty aroma mixed with her sweet taste was making me very hard. I licked around her anus to her ass cheeks, and to her thighs. She lifted her pelvis up from the bed enough that I could lick her pussy. I kept doing this for some time when Brooke asked me to take her in the ass.

I moved my mouth back to her ass, and with my tongue and saliva, got her pucker as wet as I could before I moved up and pressed the head of my cock against her pink hole. I spit on her ass hole a couple of times to get it wet, and Brooke reached around, spread her cheeks wide apart, and told me to fuck her.

I pressed my cock into my sister’s ass slowly, but Brooke pressed back with such force it drove all the way in.

“Oh Christ, that feels so fucking good, Steven. Fuck me hard, brother.”

I fucked Brooke hard and fast, pumping in and out of her ass. It had been a week since we’d fucked, and her ass was so fucking tight I didn’t think I’d last very long, but I didn’t want it to be over too quickly! I fucked her in the ass several more minutes, When Brooke squirmed, rolled over, and had me fuck her in the pussy. The difference between her ass and pussy was great. While her ass was much tighter, her pussy was much wetter as her juices were now flowing. I fucked in and out of her, and we could both her my wet balls slapping against her ass as we fucked. Brooke started moaning, and then shouting as we fucked hard for the first time in a week.

“Oh yes, God damn I’ve missed this. Fuck me, brother.”

We were both working up a sweat as we fucked, it was so intense. I really had missed having sex with Brooke, and this was great.

“I’m going to cum,” Brooke shouted. “Don’t you fucking dare slow down until I finish!”

I didn’t, either. I continued fucking her hard until I felt her orgasm, which caused her pussy to clamp down on my cock like a fucking vice. That started me shooting my load, and I emptied it into her. Brooke slowed down, and finally let her hands fall to her sides as her orgasm subsided. I spread her legs apart and went down on her, lapping away at her’s and my juices, which were dripping out of her pussy. I licked her clean, then crawled up and kissed my sister several times.

“Oh god, thank you, Steven. That was awesome.”

“Brooke, you don’t ever have to thank me for fucking you. The pleasure is all mine. I love you so much.”

We held each other tight as Brooke fell asleep. I wasn’t that tired, but I stayed in the bed with her as I didn’t want to disturb her.

Over the next week, the team started their regular practices, preparing for their first game, which would be in just six short weeks. The practices were long and hard, and were taking their toll on my Brooke. I’d see her in the Dining Hall, and she looked exhausted. She’d leave each evening about an hour before I left, and when I got home, she was often in bed asleep already. This continued all week, when I told Brooke that we needed to talk when I got home, which we did.

I asked Brooke to come into the living room with me, and we sat down on the couch.

“I’ve been worried about you, Brooke. You seem to be so tired all the time. You weren’t like this after practice in high school. Is this that much worse?”

Brooke started to cry. I reached over and pulled her to me, and she placed her head on my shoulder as she continued.

“I don’t know what it is, Steven. I get so tired during practice that I have to sit out for a few minutes. The trainer says that it’s normal, but I don’t think it is. Then when I come home, I want to wait up for you because I really miss being with you. I miss making love to you, but I am so fucking tired when I get home, I just want to go to bed; and then when I get up in the morning, I’m still tired. Maybe I need some vitamins or something.”

As always, I thank my volunteer editors profusely. This is a story that took me by surprise emotionally, and it took some work to get it into shape.

Imagine a cool evening in the summer when the sun is about to set and the day’s heat is breaking. You are in a green park with a small pagoda for concerts and, in the distance, fields for playing soccer and open spaces for kite flying. Beyond sight, a fountain sprays its water into the air, and maybe if the world is quiet enough and you listen very hard you can just hear it from where you now sit. The park is looped by a well-laid white sidewalk along which old women walk slowly talking with their friends, young couples stroll with their children, and triathletes with well-toned bodies run past them all as they dream of finishing the Ironman. Not a hundred feet beyond the sidewalk’s edge lay the beaches of Waikiki with its small surf washing the feet of tourists and locals alike, while the ever-hopeful surfers out in the distance wait for the perfect swell.

It takes a little more effort when you get to 32 to keep the body you want. I remember eating anything I wanted to a decade ago, but now that just doesn’t work. To stay in shape I swim early in the morning at my favorite beach, and then twice a week I go for a run in the evening, when the sun is going down and the air is cool. Besides keeping my stomach flat, I treasure these times most of all for the clarity they bring to my mind. When I’m in stride, it’s hard to worry about the day’s little problems.

My little adventure started at mile 3. That’s where the sidewalk loops around a hedge and merges with a path from the opposite direction. I turned the corner and was immediately faced with a sight to behold. She was jogging in a pair of tiny red running shorts that hung so low on her hips you knew she shaved part of herself. On top she was adorned with a charcoal gray athletic bra that her bosom filled out nicely. She was taller than me – maybe 5’9″ or 5’10″ – and had her long black hair in a ponytail that bounced with each step. Her body was long and lean and yet curved. These were all the details I could catch as I ended up a couple steps ahead of her on the path.

I kept jogging, but my sweat-induced meditation was broken, because all I was thinking of now was her. I wanted to look again, but didn’t want to blatantly turn my head and stare. I just continued running, hearing her footsteps behind mine and feeling her presence. I wondered if she was even looking at me. Was I worth looking at in my dark blue athletic shorts? Would she notice my flat stomach exposed by my short t-shirt? Or was she looking up my legs to my rear, watching it move beneath the fabric? I knew the answer was “no”. After all, the chances of her also being a lesbian were low, and I was about 10 years older than her to boot.

I finally turned my head slowly to see her again. As I did, she looked me right in the eyes and smiled, not 3 feet behind me. I turned my head back immediately, my cheeks turning crimson.

She had caught me checking her out.

She was just running along, listening to the I-Pod strapped to her right arm, and she’d gotten caught behind an older woman whom she was too polite to pass and who was eyeing her. I didn’t turn my head again and decided to run a little faster.

I don’t know why I sped up. Was it to get away from her? Maybe I wanted to show I could still hang with her 22 year old body. For whatever reason I did it, I could still hear her behind me. Her long legs were taking fewer steps than mine, but they didn’t seem to be getting any further away or closer. I sped up again.

My legs were beginning to feel a slight burn as I lifted my knees higher, moving faster down the sidewalk. I could feel more sweat on my body being met by the cool air breezing past. My t-shirt was getting damp; my breaths were deeper, more controlled. However, my body kept up the pace, and the feeling of the surprising power tingled through me. Yeah, I still had it.

But I could still feel her footsteps. In fact, they sounded closer than before. She must be right there. Right at my hip.

I sped up again. The pace was now beginning to take real effort. My mind and body began to focus. I spoke inwardly to myself. Breathe. Keep your body relaxed. Feel your feet hitting the pavement.

But her footsteps echoed in my mind.

I finally turned my head to find her not one pace behind me. She was just as beautiful as I was imagining her. She grinned at me and then suddenly put on a burst of speed, pulling even with me.

So that’s how it was going to be?! I sped up too, keeping pace with her. We were both breathing hard. “Race you to the fountain,” she threw at me in one breath, and then took off, leaping ahead of me. Well, fuck.

I wasn’t going to be outdone that easily! I shifted my body into overdrive and we were flying. I hadn’t run so fast in years. Not with such delight. And I was immediately next to her again, actually pulling ahead. She looked at me, this time not with a smile as much as shock, and sped up too, finally putting her true abilities to the test. We were running side-by-side as fast as we could down the track. Soon it was hard to tell who was ahead though, as we had to dodge people, getting around the stroller, the woman with the small dog. I was going as fast as I possibly could.

My body felt so alive. My blood rushed through my body warming me before the cool air cooled me back down. But in the back of my mind was always her. I was going to give her everything I had. Wipe that smile off her face. Oh, but what a smile it was and how beautiful she looked when she wore it.

The fountain was in sight now. My lungs and heart were beginning to tire. After all, it was a mile to the fountain from her challenge and we weren’t pacing it. We came together again on the sidewalk still side by side. I stole a glance at her, and she was completely focused. I wanted to bump her, not so I could win, but so I could touch her. I got my mind quickly off of her and back on winning.

There’s a time to think with your heart and a time to let your mind get what your heart wants.

Everything else faded. I just saw the fountain ahead and heard her deep full breaths next to me. I concentrated on my legs and just moved them a little faster than I thought I could. The fountain was almost there.

She was right by me.

Faster. Just a little faster…

I heard the sound of the water, the sound of her breath.

Almost. . . there. . .

Move it, M-Y!

Slap! My hand touched the concrete of the fountain.

I had won.

Wow, I had won!!

“I can’t believe you beat me!” she yelled.

I didn’t answer. I just walked in circles trying to get my breath back. Damn, my body was bursting. My lungs had never worked so hard, but I hadn’t felt so elated in months.

“I can’t believe you beat me!” she yelled again, trying to regain her voice between deep breaths. “You’re amazing.” Deep breaths.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I couldn’t help but grin.

“I’ve never run so hard,” she continued. “My body is burning up.”

“Same here,” I replied. What an idiot. My first words to this angel were “same here”?

“When you sped up the second time in front of me…” she paused for a deep breath. “I just had to race you. I was sure I was going to win.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Leg length. Long legs,” she explained, kicking them out to explain. “And I run everyday.”

“I really wanted to win.” I was still walking, my lungs beginning to relax.

“I can tell.” She extended her hand and smiled again. Oh, that smile. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks. And thanks for daring me. I haven’t run like that in years.”

She laughed. “You’re welcome. I’m just kinda competitive.”

“I’m not. Usually.”

“Why so competitive this time?”

I blushed, unable to think of an answer I dared confess. She looked even better now. Little beads of sweat covered her lean body. I wanted to watch them glide down her smooth, muscled abdomen. Oh, how the water reflected the sun on her golden skin. “I don’t know,” I said, turning redder again.

She looked at me and her cheeks became pink as well. “You’re amazing,” was all she said. Was she checking me out? Her eyes seemed to wander along my legs. I couldn’t blush any harder at this point. “I’m Susana. Susana Kim,” she said.


There was that look again I’ve been hit on enough to catch the glances, but I knew there was no chance I had just gotten in a race with the world’s hottest lesbian. I bottled up the hopes and pushed them back down. Instead, I merely pointed at the sidewalk to indicate I wanted to keep walking with her.

“Do you jog here a lot?” she asked.

“Twice a week.”

“Four times here, but usually mid-morning. I had to change times today.”

I looked up to see the red glow of a sunset as the sun disappeared behind the mountains to the west. The surfers were packing their boards up to call it a night. I loved this time. “Isn’t it too hot then?”

“I like the sun on my skin.”

And my tongue? I wanted to ask, but kept silent. I finally got out, “Do you go to the University?”

“Graduated a couple of years ago, which was a bit early. You?”

“10 years ago.”

She seemed to stumble a little. “What? At 15?”

“Very funny.”

“No really.”

“At 22.”

“Huh. I was debating if you were 25 or 26 when I was running behind you.”

“You’re very kind,” I managed.

“Maybe you just have a great ass.”

I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows at that. She saw my expression and giggled. “Oh well! I knew you’d be straight, but I had to test it. Don’t take offense.”

My heart started thumping. And I thought it was beating hard when I was running! That was nothing compared to this. When running, I made my mind focus on the task at hand. But now, when my angel was hitting on me, I couldn’t think clearly at all.

I lowered my head and then quietly said, “Actually, I’m not.”

She stopped in her tracks and turned to me. I just looked up at her with my hands on my knees still breathing. She seemed to be searching my eyes for something. I watched a droplet of sweat roll along the curve of her neck.

“Not what?” she asked. I don’t think she believed what I’d said.

“I’m not straight,” I told her simply, raising my hands from my knees and walking beside her.

“Huh,” she said and without a further word we started walking again.

“Does that surprise you?” I asked.

“I just don’t trust my luck,” she returned.

“We just met.”

“I know.”

“I love those red shorts, by the way,” I said and felt my eyes twinkle with mischief.



“When you were running ahead of me, I absolutely hated your shorts.”

I looked at my plain blue cotton running shorts that stopped about mid-thigh. She was right. They were kind of boring.

“Yeah, they were in the way of what I really wanted to look at,” she finished.

Oh my, I thought. This was her second mention of my cute rear already. Maybe swimming was helping me out more than I realized.

“You’re very forward,” I replied.

“I know.” She actually sounded a bit chastened. This woman was a really curious mix of self-confidence and sensitivity. “It gets me in trouble a lot.”

I took her hand in mine. “I like it.”

We walked in silence for a minute hand-in-hand. I felt drops of sweat from our arms periodically slide over our fingers and on to the sidewalk below. After a bit she quietly asked, “Are you seeing anyone?”

“No,” I answered and felt my voice break. I could sense our hands slowly caressing one another, unable to stop our bodies from touching. “You?” I asked.


We continued walking. Our blood was pumping through our bodies, heating us up. I love good exercise.

Our hands began to wander more. Her hand would grasp mine as if she intended to not let it move, but then it would move beyond her control and touch the slip of stomach that my top didn’t cover. My hand also moved of its own accord along her back before I took it away again. But when the hands were together, they kept sliding up and down one another, unable to stay still.

“Where are you going now?” she asked.

“Car lot by the beach. You?”


“Oh. That’s just past, right?”


I noticed our breathing getting shallower. The tension between the two of us was becoming unbearable.



“I’m leaving the islands next week. Grad school at Berkeley.”

I closed my eyes, not letting the information overwhelm me. There goes another one, I thought.

“Unless you don’t want me to go,” she continued.

I froze. In her sexual excitement, she was willing to give up Berkeley to pursue something with me, a woman she had just met. It was crazy! This was just lust, wasn’t it? It wasn’t logical for it to be anything more. I tried to calm the thoughts running through my mind. It was my job to be the older one here; to tell her what was proper.

I took both her hands in mine and leaned forward to kiss her lips tenderly. Our lips brushed against one another, warm and inviting. I felt her breath on my face as I moved my head back from the soft kiss.

“I feel the same way,” I answered, “but you must go. It’s not just feelings. There’s all sort of other things in our lives we have to think about. I would be devastated to take you away from that. I am guessing it is something you have been working towards for years.” She put her head down slowly. “I won’t ask that of you,” I insisted.

We started walking again. The sun was down now and fewer people were around. The heat of the day was gone, but I felt no relief at the moment, because my heart was on fire.

She leaned over as we walked and kissed the side of my face. “We have a week though.”

I smiled. “Yes, we do.”

“That’s 188 hours.”

“Mmm,” I agreed. “I won’t calculate the minutes.”

“It’s a lot.”

“Yes, it is.” Almost grinning now.

“You can do a lot in a week.”

“You can do a lot in an hour with the right person.”

“I have an hour right now,” she said clutching my hand tight.

“I’ve got as many hours as you can give me,” I let her know.

“I’ve wanted you since I saw your cute little butt in front of me.” Her delightful aggressiveness was back.

“I thought you were a dream when you came around that corner.”

“I have an idea,” she said, pulling me towards the beach. I followed happily, not sure what she had in mind, but if she had any one of the thousands of ideas I had right then, then I was about to be the happiest woman on the planet. Half way there she stopped and unlaced her running shoes. I copied her and soon we were barefoot, walking, then skipping, then running hand in hand through the grass to the beach.

We hit the beach laughing. I pulled her into the ocean, the cool water lapping at our ankles and then turned to her again. Our lips met and this time there was no hesitation––only passion. Passion that we only had a week. Passion that we had just met. Passion that what we had hoped for on first sight was becoming reality. We held each other’s hands, as our lips tasted one another, as if we might explore the other person’s heart by exploring their bodies.

After several minutes we pulled back. I wanted her more than anything, but as I looked around, there were still many tourists along the beach. My dream of making love to her on the sand would have to wait. She saw me looking at the interfering tourists and smiled. “Remember, I had an idea. Follow.”

She led me a little ways down and then began to ascend the steps of one of the orange lifeguard stations.

The steps lead up to a flat second floor where the lifeguard would sit to watch the swimmers. Behind that flat area were two doors not three feet tall that closed off a small space behind it that was semi-private. It wasn’t locked and Susana pulled me into the little room.

“People can see us,” I told her.

“Not if we lay on the floor,” she responded with a grin and lay back on to the wooden planks, holding her arms out for me. I looked out to see some people strolling a little ways away. I wasn’t really an exhibitionist! Then I looked down at her looking up at me hopefully, and there was no way I was passing this up. I descended to the floor on top of her and our lips met again. This time we kissed in earnest.

Her mouth was wider than mine and she covered me with it. I searched for her tongue, finding it and taking it into my mouth sucking it into me. Oh what heaven. I felt her tongue moving against my lips moving from side to side. I ran my fingers through her hair as I sucked her mouth, and then our tongues met and wrestled again for victory. I quickly licked her face with my tongue, licking the sweat from her silken skin, tasting her, letting the salty feel of her linger on my tongue. I was still staring at her golden face, when she too attacked me with her mouth. We started to struggle over who would lick the other’s skin next. I wanted to giggle as our competitive spirit came alive again in this new fashion. Our hot breath mingled in the small space between us. I could feel the air from her body dallying around my mouth, nostrils, and eyes before I breathed it inside of me, taking a further piece of her into me. We grinned as we both tried to dodge the other’s tongue in order to lick our partner’s face. I went for her nose when she got me on the chin. She got her tongue on one of my eyelids and laughed at my reaction. But while her happy voice rang out, I made my move and got a tickling lick on each side of her mouth. She touched at the places I had licked with her hands, while still smiling at me. All I could see was her smile and her shining white teeth.

She suddenly grabbed my head so I couldn’t move and then moved her face up to lick my forehead.

“Hey, no fair!” I complained. And then I saw her inviting neck and covered it with my mouth, licking her salty skin, still covered in sweat. She moaned lightly at this new sensation. “Never mind,” I said as I continued to run her tongue around her neck.

“Oh, I am so gonna make you orgasm first,” she claimed.

You can never hear that too much, I thought.

“Oh, really?” I said, and pulled her ear lobe between my lips, at the same time placing my hand between her thighs, rubbing lightly.

She let out a squeak and then her breaths became very shallow as I continued rubbing her through those tiny red running shorts. The first sensation was the slickness of the material. The second was the feel of her outer labia through the fabric. Then after just a second, it was the slow warmth emanating from her, seeping into my hand. She was hot, steaming. I started to notice the smell in the air from her. I closed my eyes, smelling the sex, smelling her body, a body that was excited about, of all things, me.

Soon, she recovered enough to say, “Uh huh, I am,” and pushed her hand down my own shorts, finding my pussy under the soaked panties.

I gasped as her fingers pressed against my wet insides and said, “We shouldn’t do too much.” Both of us were breathing hard as we touched each other. “I’m very loud,” I explained. “I say things I shouldn’t.”

She started licking around my ear now, as she rubbed my panties into me. “Well, then, this time, be quiet, or we’ll have to put something in your mouth.”

I pushed away from her and sat up so that I was straddling her hips. I took the hand that had been touching me and pulled it up to my face. “Something like this?” I asked and sucked three of her fingers into my mouth.

Her face took on the loveliest little pout that said, “Oh, I didn’t expect something that good” and watched me, as I licked up and down her fingers.

“Talk about hot,” she said, closing her eyes and concentrating on the warm feel of my mouth on her fingers. “That run, you, and now this.” I said nothing and only licked her palm with my tongue and then began to nibble down her arms until my body was folded over hers, our breasts touching. “C’m here,” she said and started kissing me again.

Warm wind pressed my shorts against my body, making my uniform tighter. I shot across the field, kicking the ball in and out of cones, panting and shaking. I never let the ball get away from me if I could help it. I did not want to let him down. With one final thrust of my foot the ball was in the goal. The front part of my damp hair hung low over my face and I pushed it back.

It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was keen to keep up with soccer. I had just gotten a new coach, who had promised he would help me win a game for the first time in my life. We had only been practicing for a few weeks but I knew I felt close to him.

Coach walked over to me and set his hand on my shoulder. The weight and size of his hand had always stood out to me. They were hardened by his years yet soft on the underside.

“Nice shot”, Coach said.

Coach had a way of talking out of the side of his mouth, a quirk I found annoying and yet incredibly sexy. He was tall and stocky in his red shorts, and his whistle hung low to his waist. His hat was backwards and I was sure his eyes were smiling behind his sunglasses. Every time I looked at him I could only do it quickly, and always looked away bright red. I hoped he thought my red face was from running.

“Thanks, do you think I’m any good?”, I said with a small smile. He turned me to face him.

“I think you’re a natural. The way you move across the field, It’s almost….” His words tapered. His hand left my shoulder and I panicked inside. I wanted to feel that warmth again.

From behind the sunglasses I saw the coach look me over. My legs, firm from running and dotted with sweat, shifted from nervousness. I was thin but firm, a little tall for my age but that was never a problem for guys. I don’t know what he saw when he looked into my eyes.

“Lets go to my car, I have drinks”, he decided. I followed him across the park and into the parking lot. He opened the trunk to his small car. The sun began to set as he handed me a drink and slammed the trunk.

“Want to sit on the swings?” I offered. I was still tired from practice. He agreed and we set out to the swings. I sat on the middle one and chugged the last of the blue liquid down. Coach was twisting his class ring on the his finger, watching me tip the bottle straight up. Oh my god. While my head was upturned I was sure that I had seen movement in Coach’s shorts. His hands hung over his crotch, concealing everything. My heart shook violently. He took his sunglasses and set them on his head. His eyes were usually the color of peridot, but now were dark and clouded by his thoughts. He stepped forward and leaned down. His lips were thinner than mine but fit my mouth perfectly. My dick was so hard it hurt as it pushed against my shorts, begging to tear the fabric. My dick was lost in Coach’s grip and I began to feel faint. His tongue slipped in and out of my mouth, around my lips, finding my neck. He squeezed and pulled gently at my dick through my shorts.

Suddenly, he pulled back, away from me. For a moment I thought he was leaving and I almost screamed. He wouldn’t, couldn’t do that to me. He looked me over again with a curious expression on his face. As usual, I didn’t know what he saw. A boy gripping the chains on the swings so tight his hands might break, probably. He always looked at me, his eyes inspecting every inch of body, every birthmark. I lifted my shirt and pulled it from me. He let out a little laugh, looking at my nipples, the small creases in my body.

Coach stepped forward and pulled down his pants. His cock flopped out and rested lightly on his balls. Even though it wasn’t fully hard, it was huge. The head was large and looked impossibly soft. He saw me suck in my breath and lick my lips. With a a little swagger he walked over and put his hand behind my head, guiding me to his hips. His cock rested in my mouth, responding to the small movements of my tongue. It swelled and took up the majority of the space. My tongue flicked underneath it like a small flame to a log. I wanted to touch all of it with my tongue and moaned as I hungrily shoved more into my face. I choked a little when the tip of my nose touched his pubic hair.

A small sound escaped Coach’s mouth as I pulled back a little and went for it again. His big fingers twisted in my hair trying to get a hold. I sucked as hard as I could and it wasn’t long before his hips were moving back and forth against my face. Coach grunted as I pulled my head off his massive dick to catch my breath. A small thread of spit stuck to the glistening head and my gaping mouth. He looked at me in disbelief. “Damn kid, where’d you learn to suck a cock like that?”

“I don’t know”, I smiled coyly and wiped my lips, looking into his eyes for approval. I found longing and hunger in them, small sparks desire crackling.

“Get to the slide, pronto.” Coach pointed a few yards away to a small slide. I looked at him confused. The sound of his whistle shot through the air like an arrow. I jumped up. I looked around to see if anyone had heard as I ran to the slide. Coach jogged right behind me, as if he thought I might run away.

He ripped my shorts off, leaving me standing there in my cleats and nothing else. He picked me up and lay on the slide, holding my weight up with ease. He crouched and put his face under me. His tongue slipped around my asshole, applying warm pressure and wet kisses. He let me down gently and I slipped down the slide to my feet. Coach spit in his hand wiped down his dick quickly. He picked me back up on the slide, his hands gripping the soft flesh behind my knees.

“Take deep breaths”, Coach said quickly as he aligned his dick with my pink asshole. I took a sharp breath when the tip of his cock pressed against the muscles of my sphincter. He pushed forward with his hips. I wanted to scream. Never had I felt such pain. I gripped his dick with my body and tried to breathe deep. Further and further he stuffed, and my breathing got shorter and more rapid. My ass was burning in pain. I looked into Coach’s eyes which looked distant, then caught my gaze and hardened.

“Deep breaths, remember?”

I shook my head in agreement and tried to steady my breathing. Coach began to massage my insides with his penis, slowly working the tension inside me loose. His cock felt enormous inside of me, impossibly big. I watched the muscles in his arms stretch as he held me up and I liked the shape of his mouth as he pushed in and out. My body began to feel limp rather than electrocuted. He pushed all the way inside of me and I shook suddenly.

Coach gritted his teeth. Faster and faster he fucked me, each thrust trying to reach new heights inside me. Groans and grunts escaped his chest as he tightened his grip on my legs. My head shot forward and I felt my eyes pinch close. I opened them and saw Coach’s face. There was aggression written all over it, but not anger. His eyes met mine and he bit his lip. Through squinty eyes he asked me if I liked having my asshole fucked. I wanted to respond but I couldn’t find my voice. I let my head hit the back of the slide.

Suddenly the thrusts weakened and I looked down to my waist. Coach’s cock pulled out of my ass and he set me down. I had never felt so empty when his dick left my body. He looked down at me with a sense of power and authority. His smirk would have brought me to my knees if I hadn’t already been sitting.

He pulled his shorts back over his hips and knelt down. He kissed me again, not with the same hunger but with gratitude. Coach kissed my neck and I almost purred. His hand lightly stroked my forgotten dick. When his lips kissed the head of my dick I felt the world spin. Slowly he began sucking me off. My dick, not nearly as large as his, was easily lost in the dark softness of his mouth.

I watched the top of his head, still covered by his hat, as it twisted and turned, up and down, on my shaking cock. Slowly something in me began to rise, begging to be released. My orgasm felt like it shook the ground like lightning. I felt my thick cum spurt out of me and Coach swallowed all of it as if it were water. His head lifted up to look at me and I saw his tongue slowly cross his mouth from side to side.

“You taste sweet. Like a peach”. I had to clear my throat to speak.

“When can I see you again?” My breathing had returned to normal and I looked up at him patiently.

“We practice three times a week, you know that.”

With a quick sarcastic laugh he turned and walked away. I sat on the slide, still stunned. I put on my uniform and then pushed my damp hair back away from my face and smiled. I had almost made it back to my car before I realized I had forgotten something. I ran across the park, across the field until I found the soccer ball we had forgotten. I dribbled it all the way back to the car with a new lightheartedness that I had never had on the field before.

The day had started rather poorly. I was out running, doing some fast interval training at the track; well, I was attempting to. It was only ten in the morning and the temperature was already topping 80 degrees. My heart was racing from the laps and my head was pounding from the tequila fueled foolishness the night before. My workout was rapidly becoming a torture session. I was on a slow recovery lap and so engrossed in trying to shake off my aches and pains that I didn’t hear the runner coming up behind me on the track. She was good; it seemed as if she barely touched the ground as she ran by. Her stride had that quick powerful snap to it; she held her hands low and they swung gently with no wasted movement. Technically her running form was excellent; her progress forward was fluid and beautiful to observe. The day was taking a decidedly better turn.

Her body was also very beautiful. She had long raven-black hair in a pony tail, a graceful neck and shoulders which led to arms with just enough definition to show she worked them out as well as she did her legs. Also hard to miss was a long, lean torso that transitioned to a lower body defined by wonderful lines and curves. Her legs and rear showed musculature that hinted at the explosive power they held. She had run by me too quickly for me to see her face and eyes; I was hoping I would get the chance to see them also. Would they be as striking as her athletic beauty and running form were? As she pulled away from me on the track, her obvious running talent (and my masculine vanity) inspired me to get my butt back into gear and push my run harder. And as to her physical attributes? Well that inspired thoughts of a more primal nature. She was very quick and it wasn’t long before she came around and lapped me. As she passed in the lane next to me, she waved.

“You’re leaning forward too much, straighten up,” she called out.

And then she was off again. Her eyes were very attractive and shaded a deep mahogany brown. She had a pretty face, not the drawn look that some runners have but one with high rounded cheek bones tapering down to a somewhat angular jaw. I wanted to catch up and run with her, learn more about her, but her apparently disciplined mind, strong legs, and amazing ass conspired against that. This woman’s running was much smoother and faster than mine and I remained impressed with her as she steadily opened distance between us. You see, although I was having a bad day, I do keep myself in shape and put up better than average times in the running and obstacle races that I enter. I’m no slouch, but she was making me look the part.

A short while later, I finished my workout and collapsed on the trackside grass. I drank some water and watched her run. She was sweating freely and this caused her lithe frame to glisten in the sun. But despite the heat and her energetic pace, she was still in control of her form as she circled the track, it stayed tight and efficient. I lay back and began to doze, until a shadow crossed my eyes.

“I hope you didn’t mind the advice before. My name is Cathy by the way.”

I told her I didn’t mind at all, introduced myself and handed her a bottle of water. I asked her to take a seat but she replied, “We should really stretch instead.”

“You’re right,” I stated as I got to my feet.

I had never seen sweat look so good on anyone as it did on her. We chatted about the heat wave, running, and other small talk. Cathy seemed to be very comfortable in her skin and talking to her came easy to me. Then she said the words that made my heart skip a beat.

“Would you like to come to my place for brunch?”

Now I think I’m a decent looking guy, but to have this truly beautiful woman ask me over after having just met was almost too good to be true. It is rare that I meet someone and we start “clicking” together in such short order. It’s more often the case that when I’m with someone new, I hold back and leave the armor on; that often leads to them erecting similar barriers. So before I over-analyzed and ruined the moment, I cheerfully accepted her invitation.

It was a short cool-down run to her condo; a studio type with an open cheery feel due to its skylight, light-colored hardwood flooring, and spacious balcony. I tried not to stare too much at the comfy looking futon in one of its corners; I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high or look over-eager. We sat on the balcony sharing orange, mango, and melon slices. We spoke of our backgrounds, schooling and our careers. Cathy was a nurse and office manager for a dentist and was attending classes towards her MD. As I’ve already mentioned, I am usually not very open with people until I get to know them, but Cathy was easy-going and fun to talk to. She even laughed at my joke about mangoes coming from Mangolia (Yeah, sometimes when I’m a little nervous I tell corny jokes).

We carried our dishes inside to the sink. Cathy told me to sit and relax for a few minutes whilst she took a shower, and that I could shower up after she had. With that she walked off towards the bathroom, skimming off her sweat stained top as she did. She coyly spun around once as she reached the doorway; her breasts were small, pert and dome-shaped with dark, compact nipples. She cracked a smile that was both sweet and as hot as the temperature outside. She let her look linger on me for a few seconds, no doubt enjoying the surprised, goofy look on my face. Then she was behind the door. I recovered from the happy shock of her flash and began to enjoy the anticipatory warm tingling rush that began to flow through my mind (and elsewhere).

Cathy came back through the door a few minutes later, wrapped in one towel and drying her hair with another. The fresh flowery scent of her just cleansed body filled the room.

“Your turn, there are towels in there for you,” she said with a smile. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she lightly palmed my jockstrap restrained bulge. “Don’t take too long,” and with a wink she stepped away to finish drying her hair. Only my self-consciousness regarding the track grit and stink still on me from the run made me resist the impulse to pull the towel from her body and carry her to the futon at that moment. I gave Cathy a big grin and headed for the shower.

I took a hasty shower (though I made sure to thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies), but as fast as my shower was, my mind was racing still faster; I was doing it again, over-analyzing the moment and getting anxious for no good reason. But Cathy was so attractive and very comfortable to be with. I was worrying that she wouldn’t feel the same of me, or that I would somehow screw it up some other way. True also was that some of the dreaded performance anxiety had wheedled its way into my thoughts (despite the fact that my cock had sprung tall and remained so as soon as I had stripped off my jock). I just didn’t want to mess up right out of the gate; I was feeling something very good here. Yes, I’ll admit that her excellent body was a significant part of it; but it was more than just that, something further below the surface.

As I was toweling off she pushed the bathroom door open. Through the dissipating steam I could see that her long dark hair was loose and hanging about her neck and shoulders. She was wearing a shorty robe, loosely tied at the waist which left tawny skin exposed from her neck down to nearly her navel. Her ultra-toned legs seemed so very long from where they jutted below the high-riding hem of her robe down to her toes. Her cute toes were painted a sunny orange to compliment her tanned skin. I tossed my towel onto the counter and stood bare before her, taking in her sexy but so sweet image. For a few long seconds we both stood silent, not moving but just drinking each others image in. I moved to her and took her in my arms to begin our journey with passionate kisses; her lips were exquisitely warm and soft against my exploring lips and tongue. Her tongue was just as adventurous as mine and they danced together excitedly. That tingly head rush escalated in intensity, her kisses were phenomenally good.

As we kissed I caressed her face with one hand while my right hand moved from the small of her back to her rear. It was muscular but also smooth, soft and exquisite. I softly caressed and squeezed it. Cathy moaned into my mouth as we were lip-locked together; her moan was echoed by my own. I pulled open her robe and kissed down her neck to her breasts. Her small and now taut nipples were apparently quite sensitive as Cathy’s sighs and moans became more emphatic as I began to circle and tease them with my tongue. That verbal cue of her pleasure was followed by a physical cue, her hand dropping to my cock; her slender fingers wrapping around my erection, slicking it with its pre-cum and tugging at it with an arousing rhythm. This initial contact, her skin to mine, brought on a wave of sublime feeling and made me stone hard. I was alternating from kissing, sucking and nipping at her tits, to throwing my head back and howling at an attempt to keep from ejaculating right then. It had been a long while since I had been with a lover; that coupled with her soft, stroking hand had me already feeling that primal pressure to cum hard.

No way was I going to explode that soon, I wanted to keep the energy and anticipation high for the moment. I gave her another deep kiss and looked into her eyes. I think I saw much about her nature there, and by her studied gaze, I believe she may have learned something from mine. Passion, affection, heat and respect all seemed to be swirling about in her look, and between us. I fell to my knees and began to caress the backs of her legs and her butt with my hands. I planted soft kisses along her belly and then started to move them, very slowly, lower. Her hair had been groomed Mohawk style, the skin of her mound was very soft, and her labia were protruding pink and proud. I kissed well to the side of them, to tease her by kissing down her thigh instead. This elicited a low frustrated growl from Cathy followed by a soft: “Please?”

Her legs began to noticeably quiver as I began my ascent up her opposite thigh. I lifted her shapely left leg and slid my right shoulder beneath it, allowing the back of her thigh to rest on it. She held the doorframe for balance and gasped as it opened her pink folds to my meandering mouth. I held her hips with both hands as she was pushing her hips towards me.

“No Cathy”, I thought to myself “nice and slow for now”. I gently tugged at tufts of her pubic hair with my lips and alternated that with gently blowing my warm breath across her wanting pussy. Cathy’s first “please?” had been in a soft voice; she began to repeat the plea more loudly now. Slowly, slowly I laid random kisses and teasing tongue flicks across her lower belly, pubic mound and her silky inner thighs, drawing each kiss and lick out, inducing more anxious pleas from Cathy. Seeing that her pussy lips now glistened with her dew brought my hunger for her to a peak. Cathy produced a short high-pitched yelp as my tongue slid between those succulent lips to slowly circle her hot juicy opening.

Her fragrance and flavor were spicy-sweet, I savored the taste as I happily tongued her. After being deprived of this pleasure for so long, I was now overloaded with arousal for this woman, I could barely keep from abandoning my slow, deliberate pace; but I still wanted to hold back a bit, to keep the pressure building to make this an experience we both would remember. I slowly worked my kisses along her puffy lips. When not tracing soft little circles and figure eights about her juicy labia, I would catch them between my nipping lips and gently suck at the sweet silky skin. At first I had avoided her clit, but as Cathy’s moaning became more pronounced, I began stroking my tongue gently upwards towards it; her moans grew closer together to become one long aroused purr as I did. With my hands I could detect the muscles of her legs and butt tensing as my tongue moved deeper into her delicious folds, to where her hyper-sensitive bud was peeking out from between them. As my tongue discovered and began to flick about that magic button, Cathy reached down with one hand and used her fingers to further spread herself open to me; that, her taste, and her obvious arousal excited me further, but I noted a slight issue; because of her increased involuntary body movements and the precarious one-legged standing position Cathy was in, she was having a rough time balancing. I scooped her up and carried her to her futon. We shared a deep kiss on the trip across the room.

I laid her down on her back; her lower legs hanging over the edge of the futon. She was not quite satisfied with that and scooted her ass to the edge of it. Then pulling her knees back toward her chest she spread herself open completely for me.

“You are so beautiful,” I told her as I kneeled before the treasure she readily offered.

She smiled broadly at me and said “Just get your mouth back on me now… Please?!”

“Your wish is my command,” and I lowered my face between her sweet thighs again.

For a time I ran slow flicking strokes of my tongue from her clit down to just above her now exposed anus and then back. As she got juicer, I began to separate her lips and penetrate her with my tongue; her pelvis moving rhythmically and quite enthusiastically as a result. Her sweet breathy sounds climbed several more decibels as I suckled and tongue stroked her clit and slowly slid one and then two fingers into her hot core. As she pushed her pussy against my face and fingers she was using one of her hands to play with her nipples. Her other hand came down and rested on the back of my head, sometimes stroking my hair, at other moments pushing my mouth onto her more fully, urging me on.

And then, as a sudden breeze can fan embers into a flame, our smoldering excitement burst into a full blaze as Cathy began to cum; her legs crashed down on my shoulders as her hips bucked in violent little hops. Her hand on my head pulled my hair and mushed my face to the vortex between her thighs. I could feel the pulsing of the hot wet walls of her pussy around my fingers as at the same time she began to cry out, “oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Lover! Oh Yeah! oooOOOOHHH Mmmmm.” I pressed my tongue flat against her inflamed clit and moved with her hips, letting my face move with the frenetic dance of her hips. Her whole body was repeatedly tensing and relaxing in quick cycles; it was all very arousing and my cock was achingly erect as a result. Then I felt Cathy’s legs relax against my back as her arms fell to her sides on the futon; her body went limp as her breathing slowed to a less forceful rhythm. I disengaged myself from twixt her lengthy limbs and crawled up alongside her onto the futon. We both were smiling broadly at each other. I gathered her closely to me and we began to smooch again. Breaking off from our kissing, she said, “For that, I am going to be very very good to you.”

For some time we lay there being happy and just living in the moment. Cathy ran a hand from my chest down to my belly and then proceeded lower. She palmed my hardness bringing forth a groan of pleasure and frustration from me; she giggled. Her touch was soft, but caused wonderful sensations to my already hyper-charged system. Like water flowing over your body as you swim, it was an engulfing silky sensuousness; I lay back and let the feelings she was rendering flow over and around me.

As her strokes picked up speed, my pulse began to do likewise. I began to take my breath in gasps and groans. My pelvis began to move with her, bucking as I tried to stay in constant contact with her hand; I had been enslaved by her touch. All during this, her eyes were locked to mine; she was experiencing the intensity of the moment as much as I. I loved the way she was looking at me, the emotion I saw in her eyes. I realized also that she was paying close attention, and learning something about me at the same time. Yes her delightfully expressive eyes were disclosing a view to her true nature even as she sought out mine. They flashed with the fire of lust, but a kindness was also detected, a deep caring spirit separate from the primal heat we were generating. It seemed genuine and triggered something quite good, a very comfortable feeling within my psyche; even more of the internal armor I usually wear fell away. These “warm fuzzies” along with her smoldering gaze and the intense physical feelings of her talented cock massage brought me to the precipice of sweet orgasm. I was writhing on the futon, her hand quickly twisting and jacking my pre-cum slick rod. I felt my sack tighten and the “pins and needles” sensation of imminent orgasm flow over me.

My head lolled back, eyes closing as I heard my voice, low and guttural vocalize, “Caaathyyy”. Then the sudden feeling of… Nothing?! Cathy had let go of me. My head snapped back up to see a view of my curled toes and forsaken erection straining towards the ceiling.

I looked at Cathy, she was smiling mischievously and said, “I’m just going to calm you down a little lover, and then get you back there again; make it something very special.” She jumped up and walked over to her discarded robe and removed the tie from it. She came back and knelt alongside the futon, kissing me deeply and taking hold of my wrists. As she bound them together she saw the apprehension in my eyes (I mean even though we had connected so well, the fact remained that we had just met.). “Relax, I promise you will like this,” she advised as she pulled my now secured wrists over my head. After tying my hands to the futon’s frame, she then produced a scarf and blindfolded me with it. Placing a hand on my chest and holding it there, she waited until she detected my heart rate and respiration slowing from there previously aroused levels. My cock remained as hard as ever in anticipation of the coming pleasures.

Her hand left my chest and I heard her moving about the room. Next I felt a soft tickling moving down my bound wrists, along my arms and to my armpits, each in its turn. A feather! She began to tease my arm pits with a vengeance. I am quite ticklish as she quickly deduced by my thrashing about. As she continued her assault with a friendly weapon, she straddled my thighs to keep me in place. Now on top of the tickling, I was being aroused and tormented by the feel of my cock occasionally brushing against her wonderfully soft pussy as I writhed. She knew how this was driving me crazy and exploited that by occasionally reaching down and pushing my shaft against her, not allowing it to enter her, but to just ride between her hot and slick lips. I begged for more and she answered by moving the feather down my body, to my belly, my hardness and my balls, this to torture me further.

Then in a leap she was off of me and moving to a position by my side. One of her hands began to drag down my chest; nails raking along my skin with some force but not quite hard enough to draw blood. Then she worked my body with the nails of both of her hands, running them from my chest to my belly and then back up again. This was a quite different sensation from the tickling. Tickling is a pleasurable sensation that can become overwhelmingly so. Cathy’s nails dragging across my skin was a pleasurably painful sensation that somehow she had sensed I would enjoy; her intuitiveness and the sharp drag of her nails drove me to another level of arousal and caused me to wonder and anticipate about what else she may have planned for me. Her nails traveled along my torso in an unpredictable pattern, sometimes pausing at a nipple to pinch, twist or tug at it. As with the action of her nails, her pleasing punishment of my nipples was painful enough to elicit physical reactions from me, but not so painful as to make me not want more. For ten, maybe fifteen minutes this delicious agony went on with Cathy never touching my rigid erection. Finally, mercifully, she closed in on my cock and balls; she began to pull at the hairs above my cock, gently and slowly, just so I could feel my skin stretch with each tug. At the same time I began to feel her warm breath being blown across my pubic area. She was playing with me as I had with her. In conjunction, the two sensations had an electrical quality to them. With one hand, Cathy began toying with my balls, tickling, scratching and squeezing them. She also concentrated her breath on my shaft and its pre-cum weeping head.

The weekend was approaching fast, and Sean couldn’t wait for Sunday. Sunday meant football all day and night, and that was a slice of heaven. The thought made Sean smile because this weekend was the start of the NFL season. Finally! It felt like it took forever to come around.

Sean Adams was content to watch to watch the games at home, but the best times were had in the company of like-minded football junkies like himself. Only problem is, all of the like-minded friends Sean could think of seem to be out of town this weekend.

One name came to Sean’s mind, but the name made him hesitate—Tony Ryan. Tony was as big a football fanatic as he was. Both of them were in a fantasy football league together and he was sure Tony played in a flag football league, too. Tony would certainly burn an entire Sunday watching the games. But Tony long had an admiring eye for Sean and although respectful in his advances, he wasn’t shy about letting Sean know his interest.

Tony’s gay. Sean was straight. With just the two of them watching football all day, Sean was worried he would be the target of Tony’s sly, yet persistent flirtations. Not the best way to experience the opening weekend of the NFL season, Sean thought. Maybe he’d order just order a pizza and enjoy the games by himself on Sunday. Not his preferred option, but it would do. Sean picked up his tablet to check his e-mail and take a quick look at his fantasy football team—now that it was on his mind. Sean went to fantasy football league website first, curious to find out who his first week opponent would be. Oddly enough, it was Tony’s team. What an Interesting coincidence.

He flipped over to his e-mail. First message up was from…Tony Ryan:

From: Tony Ryan

To: Football Peeps

09/06/2012 8:32 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Subject: Sunday Funday

To one and all—

If you’re ready and willing, I’m hosting at my place in honor of the NFL season. Come one, come all and satiate your football hunger. Let’s celebrate the return of the great game by watching it all day and night this Sunday : )

The flat-screen is big enough to make us feel like we’re in the stadiums, the food will be tasty, and there will be plenty of adult beverages to force you to call in sick from work on Monday.

Let me know if you’re interested. All you need to bring is yourself. I have everything else.


Hmm. He was playing against Tony week one, and now this e-mail. Two signs in quick succession. Maybe Tony’s place is the place to be on Sunday. And with other people there to share the experience, it may even deflect some of the usual attention Tony would show him. Yeah, Sean decided. He would go to Tony’s on Sunday and enjoy the games there.

It was a quick two days to Sunday, but they couldn’t have been fast enough for Sean. He was itching to watch the pre-game shows building up to the 1pm games. Several of Tony’s friends responded to his invitation and we’re coming. Sean was relieved for the company. The more, the merrier in his mind. Tony invited his guests to come early. He sure understands the minds of football fans, doesn’t he! So by 10:30, Sean was out the door on his way to Tony’s place across town. It was Sunday and Sean always dressed causal on Sundays, but he was extra cautious because of Tony’s wandering eye. Tony often commented Sean’s muscular legs and his “tight hockey butt”, as Tony called it. Thankfully, the fall weather made sweats and sneakers a perfect outfit today. He could cover his assets in Tony’s presence without looking odd.

Sean was the first guest to arrive. Tony’s pleasantly surprised smile upon opening the door told him that much. Tony was barefoot in just gym shorts and a muscle tee. Truth be told, Tony earned the right to show off the results of his conditioning. He was well-toned physical specimen with a barrel chest and formidable biceps. He looked every bit the part of the Tight End position he played in his flag-football league.

“You’re the first one here, but I have the pregame shows up,” Tony said as he greeted Sean inside. He headed back to the kitchen. A delicious blend of French toast and Bacon perfumed the air, enticing his taste buds and reminding his stomach he was indeed hungry.

“You want some brunch?” Tony asked from the kitchen. The guy’s a mind-reader.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sean took a seat on the long sofa, right in front of the huge flat-screen TV. Tony came into the living room–plate and two beers in hand–just as Sean took notice of Tony’s open MacBook with the fantasy football website set on the game tracker page for their matchup.

“You gonna to lose to me today,” Tony quipped, pointing at the laptop, confidence in his wide smile. “My team’s too tough for you!” Sean took the plate and nodded sarcastically at his declaration.

“I guess we’ll see about that, buddy!” Sean responded with a laugh, taking a bite of bacon.

With the subject of football to talk about, Tony and Sean got along like best friends. The expected awkwardness of being alone with Tony in his apartment wasn’t a concern. He didn’t flirt with him at all. Tony was simply a football fan enjoying the first week of games with a like-minded bud. A few people cancelled last minute and a few more called Tony to say they would be late. He seemed to have no worries about the no-shows and latecomers. The 1pm games started and Sean was still his only guest. So engrossed in the games and all things football, it wasn’t until halftime that either Sean or Tony wondered where the other guests were. All the same, neither guy seemed to care. Both of them downed several bottles of beer and were feeling pretty good. Sean was starting to think he had found a weekly football buddy for the season in Tony. He was also starting to feel a slight buzz from the beer. Tony was well on his way to inebriation as well.

As the second half of the games began, it was still just Sean and Tony viewing the games. And out of the corner of his eye, Sean began to notice Tony’s body show what he thought was frustration over his expected guests standing him up. After all, he footed the food and booze bill. Bailing on Tony was a shit thing for his friends to do last minute, Sean thought. He was definitely the good guy for showing up, but he felt bad for the host nevertheless. Sean and Tony continued to enjoy the games together—flipping through channels to witness as much as they could while checking the fantasy stats on the laptop. Their fantasy teams were in a tight battle.

Tony’s leg was shaking nervously, his toes planted into plush carpet; his right bare heel lifting rapidly off the floor. His eyes were on the game same as Sean, but he was twisting his hands together slowly and pressing his lips inward like someone plotting revenge. The no-shows had to be getting to him and he was having trouble containing his anger. Suddenly, Tony turned to Sean.

“Are you a betting man, Sean?” Sean coolly turned to face Tony.

“It depends on the bet.”

“4pm game between San Fran and Green Bay. Who do you like?”

“What’s the bet?”

“Depends,” Tony came back with a coy smile and naughty twinkle in his eye as he turned Sean’s words around on him. Is he flirting with me? Damn he flipped the switch on that fast.

“How about $50″, Tony offered, taking a bill from his pocket, placing it on the table. Sean looked at the money, considered his options and took the bait.

“Green Bay’s gonna win at home. San Fran can’t stop their offense and don’t have an offense of their own. Their QB can’t do more than manage a game. I got Green Bay and I look forward to your $50!”

Tony just nodded, smirking at Sean; his eyes hungrily scanning Sean’s body—up, down and back up again. What the hell does this guy have up his sleeve looking at me like that?

“Okay. You have Green Bay. I have San Francisco. You win the $50 is yours. If I win, what do I get, Sean?”

Shit. Sean should have seen this coming. He jumped at what he thought was an easy-money bet. A straight money bet, but the tone in Tony’s teasing question made it clear he wanted something else if he won. Tony’s chocolate eyes danced as they bore into Sean, waiting for Sean to respond. Sean was hesitant to ask, but he had to man up to the bet.

“What do you want if you win?”

“I want to make that big cock of yours come right in my hands, Sean—plain and simple.”

There it was. The Tony Ryan Sean worried would emerge did so and upped the ante. Sean knew it was too late to renege. Tony bit his bottom lip nervously…eagerly waiting for the answer he wanted. The commentary on the screen was the only sound in the apartment.

“C’mon Sean. It’s just you and me here, and I don’t kiss and tell.” Tony’s body seemed to quake with a lust he obviously held inside him from the moment Sean walked into his apartment (maybe even from the moment Sean agreed to join him on Thursday). His movements were fluid, more expressive; his gestures–flirtatious and erotic.

“Alright,” Sean said in a meek, private voice Tony faintly heard. “But if I win, I want the money and no funny business, man!”

“A bet is a bet,” Tony acquiesced. They shook on it to make it official—Sean’s hand wrapped inside Tony’s confident grip.

The marquee game of week one was an epic clash of football titans from the beginning, but San Francisco on the road, showed poise and maintain a slight hold on the lead. Sean’s stomach was in knots as he watched his horse trail in the game. Tony had a wide, knowing smile on his face since kickoff. Every so often, he’d glance at Sean with dark passion in his eyes. Sean kept his eyes on the flat-screen as much as he could. Hope as he might, it was clear that this year’s team had an offense to go with that famous defense—and Green Bay had lost a step. Tony didn’t rub the score in Sean’s face, but by the end of the third quarter, it was a dominating and shocking 23-7 lead for San Francisco. Sean thought about asking for hard alcohol to prepare for what was likely going to be his first intimate encounter with another man. Instead inside, he became the biggest fan outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. To his surprise, the Packers mounted a comeback to make the game interesting. At this point, he desperately wanted to avoid Tony touching him a lot more than the fifty dollars. However, the comeback felt short as San Fran scored again and stopped Green Bay’s vaunted offense from scoring again. San Francisco won the game 30-22 and Tony won his pound of flesh. Sean glanced at the laptop. He was losing there as well. Jesus!

The host said nothing as he cleared the table and went into the kitchen. Sean’s mind raced how this situation would play out. He liked women and only women! How could he get himself into such as a bind? Damn Tony! As the internal curse crossed his mind, Tony silently came back to the sofa beside Sean, smiling slightly. To Sean, Tony’s whole demeanor eerily reminded him of an old Vampire taking in the sight and scent of human prey before draining them of their blood. His breathing was shallow. His eyes bore holes into Sean’s sweatpants at the crotch. Tony rubbed the back of his own head as if to contemplate his next move. It was then that Sean saw the rising and growing bulge between Tony’s legs. It was a meaty rope that indented Tony’s gym shorts like hard, immovable steel pressed against malleable metal. Tony’s large right hand descended on Sean’s left knee. He began to rub his thigh sensually with a hint of reassurance in his touch. Sean refused to acknowledge the electric surge of sensation that traveled from his knee, up his thigh and straight to his balls.

“You know…you may have lost the bet. But if you relax and just go with this, your body won’t know you lost a thing.” Tony stared at his own hand make wider massaging circles on the long muscles of Sean’s thigh—working ever closer. “The body doesn’t know gender when there’s pleasure to be had, Sean.”

Maybe it was the deep muscle presses into his thigh so close to his genitals or the phrase Tony just said to relax him, but Sean’s body tingled deliciously beneath Tony’s exploring hand at that moment. His pupils constricted and his smooth, masculine face flushed red. The way it does when the anticipation of sex with a desired woman is just about to turn into reality. It was fleeting, but the sensation exploded inside him stronger than ever. It was enough for his penis to pulse with blood pumping through the veins; for it to rise–newly aroused and wanting to be touched. Sean’s body betrayed the fears of his mind. Sean, the heterosexual, was slowly beginning to relent to the pleasure to be had from Tony.

Tony’s instincts read the shift in Sean’s body. More to the point, his hand felt the movement of Sean’s long member come to life just above his hand. A quick glance into Sean’s eyes confirmed it was more than okay to caress his cock, and he did. Tony ran his hand the length of it, feeling it respond to his touch and harden. Again and again, he stroked it–tugging it and pressing it with his fingers on the way back down Sean’s thigh. God, did he love this guy’s legs! Hand up on his Sean’s stone-hard cock once more, and Tony’s hand reached for the waistband of Sean’s sweatpants. Sean’s face was drunk with surprise and sexual hunger, his mouth open and his eyes watching another man’s hand on his hard cock. Pulling his pants down, Sean was eager to help Tony get them off of him now—shifting his weight on the sofa to facilitate its removal.

In no time, Sean’s naked, free-standing, throbbing tool was in Tony’s surprisingly soft hands. With confidence in their complete privacy growing, Sean began to moan from Tony’s capable hands. He was falling deeper and deeper into the jungle of sexual indulgence. Sean was getting delightfully lost in that jungle with every manual polish of his sleek shaft. Tony was an expert at this, Sean found. Sean couldn’t have touched himself this good. Sweatpants and boxer shorts down by his ankles, Tony worked skillfully over his cock with his right hand, and his balls with the left. Sean could feel the pressure building for release as his precum and crotch sweat made the motions of Tony Ryan’s hands run smoother and faster over his member. He was going to cum all over Tony’s sofa—in Tony Ryan’s hand! Shit, he was fucking his hand like a pussy! Damn, this was so good!

The manipulation of his loins would have pushed Sean over the edge eventually, but it was the way Tony looked at him—his deep brown eyes staring into Sean’s muted blue—that made his muscles twitch and quake and erupt in climax. Sean wailed as he came, gobs of semen shooting up like a geyser. Tony milked him for all he had and relished the result that coated his hands as well as Sean’s bare thighs. In the moment that followed his orgasm, Sean felt a twinge of shame. A man touched him sexually, and popped him harder and better than anyone before today. He wasn’t gay, but he quickly understood what Tony said. The body only wants to know pleasure. And his didn’t care about the gender of the person giving me such pleasure. In this private and secret moment, Sean didn’t give a damn about semantics. When he removed his thoughts from the equation and let his body guide him, he had to admit that he felt satisfaction like never before.

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