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“The doctor’s ready to see you now, sir,” the receptionist said, waving him through to the doctor’s office. It was like any other doctor’s surgery – magazines in the waiting room, a clean, professional doctor’s office with an examination table in the centre. The difference being that Dr. Litt only attended to a very specific clientele.

Timothy stood, thanking the receptionist with a quick grin. Timothy was a charming boy – at twenty-two, this was his first pet – a present from his father. He wanted to make sure that he did everything right, that the pet got all his shots and that they set up monthly health checks. He wanted to make sure that he looked after his new pet perfectly, wanted to make his father proud.

Pulling on his leash, Timothy guided his pet into the doctor’s office. “Come on, Fido,” he said, his voice low and commanding. His father had told him that you had to be firm right from the start, that you had to establish yourself as alpha male or they would try and push boundaries. He knew better than to expect anything less than immediate obedience – if his pet didn’t obey, it would be punished severely.

Fido crawled toward the office, trying to keep up as best he could. He was a cute pet, with dark brown eyes and floppy brown hair. The only thing he wore was a tail plug, his tail ‘wagging’ with every movement he made, his cock dangling soft between his legs, his body pale and completely smooth. He was boyish and cute, and new enough to this that being naked still made him blush. He knew better than to disobey his master – he knew that would only bring pain.

They entered the office together, the doctor looking up from his studies. He was an older man, though still virile. He had wrinkles around his blue eyes and salt and pepper hair. He was quick to smile, looking over his new client professionally.

“My, my,” the doctor said, his voice low and friendly. “I take it he’s new?” he asked, raising his eyes to Timothy. Dr. Litt was a handsome man – despite his age, he hadn’t lost any of his good looks. He was confident, and he loved his job.

“Yeah, I just got him earlier today. I wanted to bring him in for examination and vaccination immediately,” Timothy said, reaching down and rubbing a hand through Fido’s hair. “He’s cute, isn’t he?”

“Adorable,” Dr. Litt agreed, unable to take his eyes off the new pet. “Why don’t you put him up on the table? I’m assuming you want a full examination, including sensitivity. Is he a virgin?”

“Of course,” Timothy said, nodding his head. “We were assured that he was trained by the best, and that he was left fully intact and virginal, but I’d like a sensitivity and tightness test all the same, just to be sure. My father wants to make sure that he got his money’s worth.” Timothy patted the examination table.

Trembling, Fido hopped up onto it obediently. He was nervous – he’d been trained, but he’d never been examined like this before. The tail plug was the biggest thing he’d ever had in his ass, and it wasn’t much more than a finger. And he had no idea what a ‘sensitivity test’ entailed.

“Understandable,” the doctor said, watching the pet tremble with a smile. He reached for his gloves, snapping them on slowly, relishing the anticipation. It wasn’t often that he got to examine one this pretty, nor this new. He was going to enjoy himself.

Dr. Litt started by checking Fido’s eyes, ears and teeth. “Very good, very good,” he murmured to himself. “Excellent teeth, though we can have those removed if he proves to be unruly. I had the procedure done just last week to Mr. Lawrence’s bitch, Lavender. He says that she’s much more pleasant to face fuck now that those pesky teeth aren’t in the way.” He pulled Fido’s mouth open until the pet’s jaw ached, inspecting him carefully.

“We’ll see,” Timothy said. “He seems like a timid creature – well trained, so it may not be necessary.” He crossed his arms over his chest, watching the examination with interest.

“Mmm, sometimes, even if they’re not a biter, they can’t help their teeth grazing you, which isn’t pleasant. Of course, you can just use open-mouthed gags to keep his teeth out of the way as a short term solution, but if you’re ever looking for something more permanent, we can yank his teeth. I’d offer the same discount to you as your father, of course.” Dr. Litt grabbed a speculum, fitting it in behind Fido’s teeth and opening it carefully, stretching the pet’s jaw open painfully before pushing his fingers inside. He checked the gag reflex, sinking his fingers into Fido’s throat.

Fido choked and gagged, his hands twisting in his lap, tears coming to his eyes at the pain of having his jaw stretched open. It was a persistent ache, not helped by the way the doctor roughly finger-fucked his throat. He tried to swallow around the fingers, but he couldn’t help choking, his throat tightening as he gagged.

“Nice, tight throat,” Dr. Litt said, pulling his fingers out. “You’ll enjoy that, no doubt.” He left the speculum in, tutting at the pet drooled all over himself. “Dirty creatures. I hope he’s not a drooler. I suppose such a perfect specimen has to have a flaw somewhere.” He slid his hands down over the pet’s chest, twisting and pinching his nipples until they were tight and hard.

Shuddering, Fido whimpered – his nipples were exquisitely sensitive, sending bolts of sensation down his body. His cock twitched eagerly to attention even as his jaw ached fiercely. He flushed with humiliation at the doctor’s words, but with the speculum keeping his mouth open, he couldn’t stop himself from drooling all over his chin.

“Sensitive nipples,” the doctor noted. He grabbed a clamp, snapping it closed on Fido’s hard nipple, watching as the pet’s back arched and he howled. Dr. Litt nodded to himself and added a second clamp, tightening them both until Fido whimpered, whined and twitched. “Very sensitive nipples.” The doctor looked down at the pet’s hard, twitching cock. “Look, see how excited it gets him? He’ll respond very well to nipple play. Nipple torture will be a good punishment for him, too,” Dr. Litt said, pulling at the clamps until Fido let out a hoarse scream of pain.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with nipples that sensitive before,” Timothy said. He sat down in one of the chairs and reached down, rubbing himself slowly through his pants. “You don’t mind, do you, doctor? The thrill of discovery is very… stimulating.”

Dr. Litt released the pet’s nipples and looked around at the young owner. “No, no, go ahead, feel free,” he said. “I can certainly understand that this could all be a little overwhelming, especially for a first time owner.” Leaving Fido’s nipples painfully clamped, he slid his hands down over the pet’s stomach, checking him over carefully for any imperfections. “He’s got a little birthmark in his thigh here, but I’d say it’s more endearing than a blemish. Still, I can get it removed by laser, if you desire it. I know that some owners like their pets to be absolutely flawless.” He reached for Fido’s balls, rolling them carefully between his fingers, watching as the pet’s cock twitched and jumped.

“His testicles are intact – we can fix him for you, if you like. If your father has any female pets, there is a risk of impregnation if you don’t keep a close enough eye on your animals.” The doctor gave a quick squeeze to Fido’s balls, eliciting a pained whimper from the pet. “Of course, if you want to stud him, or if you want to keep his balls for personal reasons, that’s fine. But we do take care of those kinds of alterations at this surgery. Or any alterations you might require.”

“As long as he doesn’t prove himself too troublesome, I think I’d like to keep him intact, at least for now,” Timothy said, leaning back in his chair, rubbing his palm over the bulge in his slacks. “He’s a fine specimen – he could fetch a fair bit as a stud, and I do like it when they can come. So much more entertaining that way.”

“Ah, yes, I’ve got many a client that has the same opinion as you on that,” Dr. Litt said, nodding his head in agreement. “Though I’m not sure that your father will agree if Fido starts breeding his bitches. I suppose if he proves unruly and you want him to keep his balls, you’ll just have to keep him locked away from the females. They can’t help themselves, you know.” The doctor lubed up his gloved palm before stroking Fido slowly, feeling the pet’s cock jump and twitch in his hand. He pulled the foreskin back, exposing the pink, sensitive head. “Ah, foreskin’s intact. That’s nice, you don’t see that a lot. That means the glans and slit will be nice and sensitive. Of course, if you require it, I can remove the foreskin. But I recommend you leave it, especially if you’re into cock torture. They’re so much more sensitive that way. See?” He rubbed his fingers lightly over the head, circling the little piss slit slowly, watching as it twitched.

Fido panted and gripped the edge of the table, arching into the touch, his body awash with sensation. His jaw was in agony, his nipples clamped tightly and burning, his cock so hard that it itched and ached. He was expressly forbidden from touching himself and it had been two weeks since his last milking – his trainers had wanted him nice and horny for his new owner. He whined hopefully.

“Yes, yes,” Dr. Litt said, slapping the pet’s thigh. “Down, boy. I’ll milk you when we’re done.” He paused. “If that’s what you wish, of course, Tim.” Moving away from the table, he opened a drawer, retrieving a metal box. Opening it, he revealed a selection of slim metal rods, ranging from slimmer than a pencil to as thick as a finger.

“If you would,” Timothy said, nodding his head. “I want to make sure of full sexual function before I take him home.”

“Understandable,” the doctor said, pulling out one of the slimmer rods. “I’m just going to make sure his urethra is clear – no obstructions.” He lubed the sound up and pulled Fido’s foreskin back, revealing the sensitive head and the twitching piss slit. Pre-cum pooled at the tip. Dr. Litt teased the sound around the slit, dipping it in gently like he might insert it before pulling it out again. He repeated this a few times before guiding the rod slowly into the tiny hole slowly, inch by inch.

Fido had never taken a sound before. He looked down anxiously as it circled his oh-so-sensitive piss slit. He knew that he liked it when someone touched him there, but he’d never had something inside him like that. He panted, his toes curling as the doctor teased him with it. Eventually, the man guided it into him, and Fido groaned gutturally at the feeling. It was so sensitive down there, even more sensitive than the outside of his cock. Having that little hole stuffed felt so good and hurt all at once, burning and itching as it stretched him out, the cool, smooth metal sinking deeper and deeper into his aching dick as his cock ate it greedily. Lube and pre-cum oozed up around the sound as at least eight inches of it disappeared into his throbbing dick. Fido looked at the box desperately – if one of the thinnest sounds felt this intense, he couldn’t even imagine what the biggest ones felt like.

“Oh, he likes that,” Dr. Litt said, pulling the sound out carefully. It was covered in pre-cum, white streaks clinging to the metal. “I’d recommend urethral play with this one, he seems to enjoy it a great deal. I can’t feel any obstructions.” He let the metal sink back into Fido’s dick, watching as gravity took over. Every time the pet clenched, the sound squirted out a couple of inches before sinking back down again, fucking Fido’s cock in sweet, slick slides.

Fido whimpered, his hands clenching desperately so he wasn’t tempted to do something stupid like touch himself. It felt so good as the sound squirted in and out of his cock. He looked down at himself, moaning as he saw the metal gleam at the tip before disappearing back inside him. He was so hard that he ached, and he thought maybe he could come from this alone, but his master hadn’t given him permission to. His cock twitched and bounced as he shivered from the stimulation, finding the sight of his own dripping, rock hard cock arousing in itself.

“Yeah, he definitely likes that,” Timothy said, groaning and rubbing his cock slowly, fingering the head as he watched his pet shudder and whimper. “Is there a way you can keep it in there while you examine him?”

“Certainly,” Dr. Litt said, pulling out a cock plug. He fitted it carefully into place, sliding the tip inside of Fido’s sensitive urethra before fitting the ring into place, keeping the sound plugged deep inside of the pet’s cock. Hidden away, it still moved every time Fido clenched and relaxed, fucking his cock on the inside, stimulating him even though they couldn’t see it.

Having the sound plugged inside his cock made Fido pant. He was so aroused that he didn’t quite know what to do with himself, his skin tingling and his cock pulsing. He could feel the sound sliding, rubbing against the inside of his cock, the slick metal pulling sensation after sensation from him until he was a shivering, moaning mess. Through training, he’d never been this aroused and it showed – his skin was flushed, his chest heaving, his clamped nipples hurting every time he moved.

The doctor squeezed the pet’s rock hard dick and let out a low chuckle. “I think I’d better slip a cock ring on, or he’ll come before I’m even done with the examination,” he said, shaking his head. “He looks like he’s ready to explode just from the sound.” Reaching for a cock ring, he snapped it into place, separating Fido’s balls from his body, adding in a ball spreader so that each of the pet’s balls were separated and defined, the skin pulled tight. He added a couple of weights to really pull Fido’s balls down away from his body, making sure that he wouldn’t come until they wanted him to.

Fido whined – having his balls confined made them ache sharply. He looked down at himself, twitching at the way his rock hard cock pointed for his navel. His balls were smooth and separated out, pulled tight. With that on, there was no way he would be coming, and he ached to release a hot load.

“Right, time for your shots,” Dr. Litt said, turning away. “Little scratch.” The first few shots were just immunisations, and the doctor got those out of the way quickly. “I’m going to administer something special,” the doctor said. “Just something to make him more sensitive. I don’t believe in animal cruelty, and this shot will make sure that his pleasure far outweighs his pain. The effects last a few hours, so he’ll be extra fun when you get him home. Of course, I have vials for sale on the stand by reception, if you feel like buying. Lots of clients think it’s worth the money, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.” He gave Fido the last shot.

Within minutes, Fido felt it. He moaned quietly, his eyes glazing over, his chest heaving. What had been almost bearable before suddenly seemed impossible. His whole body was on fire, his nipples shooting pleasure and pain down to his dripping dick. His cock twitched and throbbed to the beat of his heart, the sound trapped away inside him making his breath come in sharp pants. He arched his hips, helplessly reaching for his aching dick. Even the leather wrapped around his bound balls was stimulating.

“Ah, don’t think it’s bad training.” Dr. Litt caught the pet’s hands, keeping Fido from touching his straining dick. “He’s over-stimulated. It drives them crazy. No amount of training would keep him from trying to touch himself. It’s very potent. The poor boy must be losing his mind with that sound in his dick. Just look at him. He’s ready to explode. Of course, he won’t be doing that until I’ve checked his prostate thoroughly.”

Timothy let out a low groan. “Fuck,” he gasped out, spurting inside his slacks, messing his underwear, his hips arching. “Damn it.” He’d meant to save himself, but seeing his new pet squirm was so stimulating that he couldn’t help himself. “Well, feel free to tie his hands so he doesn’t touch himself.”

“Of course,” Dr. Litt said. He tied Fido’s hands carefully behind his back before helping the pet to kneel on the table. The doctor arranged Fido so that he was using his shoulders as a brace, his ass up in the air, his legs spread, his balls dangling and stretched down thanks to the weights, his cock so hard it was up against his stomach.

“Right, I’m doing to examine how tight he is, first.” The doctor parted Fido’s buttocks with his thumbs, exposing the pet’s entrance to the air. He eased the tail plug out of the Fido’s ass, feeling the pet shudder involuntarily beneath him. Dr. Litt set the plug aside and patted the pet’s hip soothingly as he examined his hole. It was nice and tight – small and pink. Lubing up a finger, he teased it around the tiny hole, watching as it clenched and twitched. Carefully, he inserted the finger all the way up to the knuckle, feeling the way it clenched around him tightly.

“Yes, beautifully tight,” Dr. Litt said, ignoring how the pet panted and twitched under him, fighting against his restraints helplessly as he desperately tried to touch his aching cock. “I’m just going to check his prostate.” He carefully slid a second finger inside, stretching Fido out slightly.

Fido was in a world of hellish lust. He moaned gutturally as he felt the doctor insert a second finger into his ass. His hole clenched greedily around the two slick, latex-covered fingers. The stretch of it burned slightly – he’d never had more than one finger and that tail plug up there before. But with the aphrodisiac in his system, the pain of being opened up by those two fingers just felt good, his cock jerking underneath him. He groaned and whimpered, jumping as he felt the doctor touch a special place inside him that made him want to come on the spot. Only the snug leather and the weights on his balls were stopping him. The doctor touched it again, and then started to massage it slowly, making Fido tense and cry out. His hips started to jerk as he tried to fuck the air helplessly, his cock throbbing so hard that he thought it would burst, the sound sliding slickly inside his urethra as the doctor manipulated his body mercilessly.

“Nearly there, boy,” Dr. Litt said, slipping his fingers from Fido’s ass. “He’s very responsive to prostate stimulation. Everything looks fine. I’m just going to open him up and take a quick look.”

Reaching for a second speculum, Dr. Litt opened up the pet’s buttocks and slid the instrument carefully inside. He started to open Fido up, stretching the pet’s ass out painfully, working him open with the cold, unforgiving metal.

“Not too much, Doctor,” Timothy said. “I want to feel it when I fuck him later. No point buying a virgin if his hole is ruined by you first.” He leaned back in his seat, sighing happily like a man that had enjoyed a satisfying orgasm.

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Litt said. “He’ll be plenty tight when I’m through.” He opened the Fido up a little more, stretching him more than two fingers, but not enough to impede Timothy’s later pleasure.

Fido whined and panted against the table. The feel of having his ass stretched out was uncomfortably erotic. It hurt enough that his ass ached and burned, but his cock throbbed and drooled like it welcomed the pain. Maybe some part of him did. Between his aching Jaw, his clamped nipples and the speculum stretching out his ass, he was in plenty of pain. Despite that, he was still rock hard and so turned on that he couldn’t help flexing his hips forward a few times, searching for something to rub his dick against.

The doctor tutted and slapped the pet’s thigh. “Keep still,” he said. “I can’t take a look with you squirming around.” He aimed a small flash light up Fido’s ass, watching as the pet clenched around the speculum, futilely trying to close his asshole. The metal held him open – there was no give in it. It kept Fido spread open and helpless whilst Dr. Litt examined him.

Authors note: This is a Victorian Alt Universe type of story. Most of the “toys” and people I mention existed during the Victorian era, however some things were invented a few years after 1866. Please be patient with me. ;)

Pity my homegirl Brenda for having to beta this, and put up, with my abuse, of commas.

**Warnings:** This story includes femdom, drug use, BDSM, anal play, urethral play, nonconsensual sex acts, rampant misogyny, and a bunch of other nasties that I haven’t decided on yet.


~ Dr. Jonathan Maxwell’s office — London, 1866 ~

Jonathan sighed; today was dragging. Mrs. Parvoy left only moments ago and his last patient of the day was due in the office in ten minutes. Thinking of little Nettie, he shuddered internally; the silly girl sobbed almost the entire time she was in the chair. He didn’t understand why, as he was the one suffering the indignity of having to give her a massage for nearly 90 minutes. His hands were aching. He grit his teeth, the things he would go through just to get into the upper class’ good graces.

How someone like Victor Parvoy put up with the little chit was beyond him. However he had heard rumors that the young man had recently taken the beautiful Emma Frances on as a mistress, but nothing was confirmed. Considering the Frances woman’s assets and the way she flaunted them, he assumed that a lesser man would be able to forget his wife with her.

But Jonathan Maxwell wasn’t a lesser man. With new patients each day, and the word of his success rate spreading, he was slowly but surely working his way through the middle class. If this continued, his son would be able to attend university when he came of age. And perhaps someday they would be accepted into upper class society. It would be as “new money”, meaning they would still be looked down upon, but his son would marry well and he would be taken care of in his old age. His hands were sure to be arthritic by then.

Whenever he thought of his son, it conjured up images of his late wife Edith. Now she was a fine upstanding woman. She lay with him at night, did her wifely duty quietly until he finished, and most importantly, never ever complained. He would never have had to treat her for hysteria – Edith knew her place in the world. There were days, like today, that he missed her terribly.

Shaking his head to clear the depressing thoughts and focus on work, Jonathan dropped his utensils into a boiling pot in the corner to clean them. No, he didn’t give any credence to those charlatans that stood outside the medical college; he just liked his instruments to shine. Louis Pasteur be damned.

Walking back over to his desk while cracking his knuckles to ease the cramping, he looked over at his notes for the next patient before her arrival.

Miss Eliza Wesley Age: 26 Referred by her family. Notes: Former fiancée of the late Dr Clinton Lambert. Suffers from severe hysteria. Possibly brought on by masturbation, although this has not been proven. The family states that if I am unable to cure her of this blight, she will be referred to Dr Isaac Baker Brown for immediate surgery, and then will attend classes and lectures on morality. Her symptoms are as follows: Willful, irritable, energetic, prideful, and unable or unwilling to accept her place within our great society.

Jonathan frowned. Unlike many other medical professionals, he greatly admired Clinton Lambert’s work, and had wanted to attend one of his fitness camps up in the wilderness near Latchford. It was really a pity that the man had been killed while out running three years prior. A bear attack had to be a terribly painful death.

It was also a shame that his former fiancée seemed to be mentally impaired, possibly by something as insidious as masturbation. This whole episode of hysteria had to have brought on by Lambert’s death; he had no doubts that before then she was an obedient creature by nature. To be a member of the prestigious Wesley family and engaged to someone as well known as Dr. Lambert she had to have been upstanding.

Sitting down in his chair, he felt a grand daydream coming on. If he were able to cure her, word could spread even further about his humble practice through the upper classes. He might even be able to hire two more doctors! Yes, two doctors fresh out of school that would deal with his troublesome hysteria patients while he dealt with important issues like surgery and nervous system research. He smiled, and allowed himself to drift for a short time.

~22 minutes later ~

Jonathan angrily narrowed his eyes as he glanced at his pocket watch again. The damnable woman was over ten minutes late! How he hated tardiness. Well, perhaps she was too faint to make it. If that was the case, he could forget curing her, she could only be helped by the hands of Dr. Brown! Taking in a deep breath to soothe his anger and attempting to take his mind off the rudeness of his new subject, he let his gaze wander around the office. He noted with satisfaction that, while cluttered, everything therein was spotless and in its place. Just the way he wanted it. He absently arranged the inkbottles on his desk from large to small to insure that order was kept.

A knock broke into his musings, and Jonathan strode over to the door to open it. Henry, his sometime assistant, was taking the overcoat and hat of an older gentleman, while a woman he assumed was Eliza Wesley was slowly shrugging out of hers. Her back was facing toward him, but he could see that she was of lean build, and held herself with her back straight and head high. Like a *man*. This wouldn’t do at all. Women were supposed to be soft and meek, not filled with confidence and pride. Obviously he had his work cut out for him.

“Mr. Wesley, it is good to finally make your acquaintance.” Jonathan shook his hand, “What can you tell me about Miss Wesley’s condition?”

As the good doctor and her uncle walked into the examination room and began to talk quietly, Eliza shoved her overcoat into the arms of the confused redhead and angrily glared at the two men through the open doorway. Just like all the other bastards, this one didn’t acknowledge her presence either.

“My niece has been having troubles since her fiancée’s death. Our family has tried everything to get her to behave properly, but have thus failed. She has already seen six other physicians with no results. It’s gotten so bad that we’ve had to acquire a separate flat just so her behavior does not contaminate the minds of my young daughters.” The man shook his head sadly, “I’m sorry to say that if you fail Dr. Maxwell, it will mean that she has fallen to the moral disease of masturbation, and I will have no other choice but to bring her to Dr. Brown for treatment.”

“I understand.” Being honest with himself, Jonathan didn’t particularly like the idea of sending anyone to Dr. Isaac Baker Brown, as a physician, he heard things about the man that the public was still unaware of.

“My wife and I will await your diagnosis, and will make further arrangements if necessary.”

Assuring him that he would do his absolute best to help his niece, he bid the man farewell, as treatment would last hours. Jonathan also promised that he would insure her return to her flat afterward. As it was already late in the evening, he dismissed Henry as well, it made no sense to pay him hourly to do nothing but sit around gathering dust. Motioning for the young lady to come inside the examination room, he sat at his desk and began his assessment of her state.

Eliza Wesley was roughly a head shorter than he was, with skin like ivory, brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes that flashed at him with anger. Gorgeous? Preposterous. She was a woman under severe mental duress. He shook his head mentally and began to make notes in his file.

“Miss Wesley, I understand that you were once engaged to Dr. Lambert. I admired his work.” He stated absently without looking up, if only to make small talk. It was always good to make the patient feel at ease.

Eliza was surprised; most other physicians thought Clinton’s ideas about physical fitness and diet were bunk. If the good Dr. Maxwell only knew that her fiancée only pushed himself to be fit just so he could keep up with his other vices, he would probably choke on his own spit. She chuckled inwardly. And if he knew that some of Clinton’s more wild behaviors rubbed off on her, he would definitely not have sent his cute but dim-witted assistant home.

She also was acutely aware that if Dr. Maxwell failed to “cure” her, that she would be sent to that madman uptown. Clinton had called him a butcher. Well, that was just not going to happen. She was never going to be tamed, and she was not going to Dr. Brown. Acting the part of a subservient woman was easy, but inevitably she would wind up married, the truth would come out, and she would wind up in the same position she was in now. No, the best course of action was still to have a doctor in her pocket in case of emergencies. And the man in front of her was the perfect candidate.

Quietly, she began assessing Dr. Maxwell. He was young for a doctor, and once you got around the pompous personality he was really quite handsome. His black hair, light grey eyes, and pale skin nearly mirrored to her own features. He was not like the other physicians she had seen in the past few years. Most were too old, too fat, too unattractive. Letting them touch her was absolutely horrifying, but she persevered.

Watching how stiffly he stood while scribbling into his file, she surmised that while handsome, he was the typical specimen of a modern man. She knew the type well. Noticing his wedding ring, she surmised that he was a man who attended church every Sunday, has an exhausted wife from birthing too many children, and turns out pregnant maids from his employ. All while having a mistress on the side, and visiting prostitutes. One huge hypocrite. One very foolish hypocrite, she thought as she glanced back to the man and eyeballed the various bottles that sat on a shelf next to her.

“…lacks femininity and seems to be oblivious of her current predicament. Thus I must conclude that her intelligence, like most women, is below average…”

And this is why while Dr. Maxwell sat immersed in taking his notes; the predator he invited into his office was able to silently stalk up behind him, as silent as a cat. He didn’t even have time to react as a delicate handkerchief was placed over his nose and all went black.


Various A/Ns and random facts:

Hysteria was a “real” disease that women suffered from in the Victorian ages. Those considered to be suffering from it exhibited a wide array of symptoms, including faintness, nervousness, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, and “a tendency to cause trouble”. Women considered to be suffering from hysteria would undergo “pelvic massage” meaning the manual stimulation of the genitals by a doctor until the patient experienced “hysterical paroxysm” aka orgasm. It’s a pity that most doctors were not very good at this, as many complained that it took hours. Thus with the invention of electricity, the vibrator came into existence shortly thereafter.

Isaac Baker Brown was a real person in the Victorian era. He was alive and working in 1866. He was a “specialist” in gynecology and developed the clitoridectomy as a cure for epilepsy and hysteria, which he attributed to masturbation. He was later ousted from his position in London when it was discovered that he was performing these surgeries without consent. However, the US was a little late in catching on that this man was a quack, medical texts until 1936 suggested the removal of the clitoris as a way to curb promiscuity.

Louis Pasteur is real, was alive in 1866, and he supported the germ theory with diseases. He is most known for heating liquids to kill bacteria, aka pasteurization. He only got a brief mention, but whatever.


I accept all comments and constructive criticism – as I am an amateur author and still learning.

Warnings: Drug use and abduction. Don’t try this at home, as you will likely get arrested.

A/N: I’m just here to write delicious Victorian femdom smut. As always, a solid THANK YOU to Brenda for beta-ing this.


Upon waking up, Jonathan took note of a few things.

One- his head felt like it was stuffed with cotton, his limbs felt heavy, and he was acutely aware of the shifts of air in the room. Two – he was strapped to his own chair, not the desk chair, but the one he used for the women who came to his practice. His arms were secured above his head, and his legs were secured in the stirrups with the leather straps. Three – he was nude from the waist down and his shirt had been unbuttoned. He believed that it was his own handkerchief in his mouth and it was probably tied around the back of his head. Four – Eliza Wesley was standing over him smiling and holding one of his syringes. It was depressed and empty. Meaning she just injected…

“I was beginning to think I used too much Ether, you were sleeping for over an hour. And as far as this goes…”she motioned with the syringe, “I gave you a little opium to help you relax, lower your inhibitions. Don’t worry, it was not too much as I want you still coherent.”

Jonathan was beside himself. Not only was he being humiliated, but a female simpleton has also outsmarted him. However, the drugs did much to temper his anger for the moment.

Eliza smirked as she watched his brows furrow in confusion, he really was adorable like this. His pompous attitude was now gone, and his ability to move or talk has been taken away. Just the way she liked it. Now it was time to play. “You’re wondering how ‘a woman with below average intelligence’ managed to restrain you?”

He gave a slight nod, it was the only thing he was able to do. His mind was hazy.

She leaned on his chest with her face only inches from his. He could smell her perfume. “You see, Clinton was brilliant, but he needed a lot of help in the labs. He taught me everything. It’s probable that I even know more about the human body than you do Dr. Maxwell.”

He scowled. Impossible.

“Oh? I overheard you tell uncle that the procedure you were going to use was going to take hours. You must be pretty poor at pelvic massage. I almost pity the women you see on a day-to-day basis.” She smirked again, “I bet I can treat you for hysteria in under thirty minutes, and that’s only if I take my time.”

Jonathan was confused, his mind tumbling through most of what she just said. Men didn’t develop hysteria. It was a purely female condition! He tried to voice this to his captor, but even if he didn’t have something in his mouth, the words would have come out nearly unrecognizable due to slurring.

As if reading his thoughts, she continued. “Hysteria is a joke anyway. No one dies from it, so it’s a way for doctors to make money, as the patients need to come in weekly for treatment. Isn’t that right?” He scowled again and her face grew serious, “Besides, I believe that the most brilliant men do develop hysteria, even more so than women. Why, I had to treat my dear Clinton for it almost daily.”

Eliza looked down at the shiny levers and cranks on his chair; she had to give credit where it was due. It was obvious that he had drawn up the plans and had it built to his specifications. The thing was almost as ingenious as the Berkley Horse was nearly forty years prior, although she was sure that Dr. Maxwell had much purer intentions than Theresa Berkley. Oh yes, she was positive that her little doctor honestly thought that he was helping cure madness and save lives.

Chuckling darkly, she turned a crank, and the chair suddenly lurched backwards earning a groan from her captive. He probably didn’t enjoy the sudden movement all too much, but now he was in a more prone position. Turning to double check the instruments that she was going to use for Dr. Maxwell’s “treatment”, she was pleased to see that everything seemed to be sterile and clean, that was such a rarity in most doctor’s offices. Setting everything within reach just above his line of vision, she turned back to her patient.

She separated the only piece of clothing preserving his modesty, his shirt, and gazed at his pale body. He had small pink nipples that were now hardening due to the slight draft in the room. She ran her hands over the expanse of his chest watching the muscles dance just under his skin. It would seem that he did take Clinton’s advice about proper exercise to heart. His body, while thin, was all hard sinewy muscle. She has chosen wisely, as she was enjoying just touching him. Tickling his ribs, she laughed in delight when he bucked uselessly to escape from her questing digits.

While her hands were warm and being tickled was not entirely unpleasant, Jonathan couldn’t for the life of him figure out why she was focusing on his upper torso. Or why he wasn’t entirely upset about this at the moment. He scoffed, administering a pelvic massage until the patient experienced hysterical paroxysm was the standard treatment of hysteria. Not that he could be treated for hysteria, as he was a man. He shook his head slightly trying to gather his thoughts. Regardless, treatment had nothing to do with the chest. But when the pads of her fingers ghosted over his left nipple, he felt his traitorous manhood beginning to stir.



Theresa Berkley ran a high-class BDSM brothel in Victorian London that specialized in chastisement, whipping, flagellation, and the like. She invented the Berkley Horse, an apparatus that reportedly earned her a fortune in flogging wealthy men and women of the time. Upon her death in 1836, it was discovered exactly how many of her clients were part of the aristocracy. All letters and various correspondence were eventually destroyed.

Jonathan’s chair is a figment of my twisted imagination. Victorian doctors did not strap you down to bring you to orgasm. As you stood in their office, they lifted your skirt, averted their eyes to preserve modesty, and then brought you to “hysterical paroxysm”.


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Overhead, Jonathan heard Eliza snicker as she pinched his left nipple causing him to close his eyes and exhale slowly though his nose. He was beginning to get an erection from her gentle touches. Due to the opium flowing though his veins, he found himself not really caring that he was currently drugged and bound; the anger would come later. What he needed right now was more of whatever she was willing to give.

“Now Dr. Maxwell, you stated that I have below average intelligence in your notes. I think you need to be punished for that.”

He opened his eyes and looked at his captor questioningly. What was she playing at? His gray orbs widened considerably when she produced two clothespins from a tray from shelf. What on earth was she going to do with…OH GOOD GOD! She attached one to the stiffened peak of his left nipple, and flicked it lazily back and forth. The weight of the wood caused both pleasure and pain to spark up and down his spine, bringing his manhood to full attention. She then pinched his right nipple a few times causing him to squirm in the chair before repeating the same actions with the other clothespin. He tossed his head and groaned, saying something unrecognizable into the cloth covering his mouth.

Eliza stepped back and surveyed her struggling captive. It had been years since she had a man prone and begging for her touches. At least he looked like he was begging. It was hard to tell. She frowned; unfortunately she would not be finding release with the good doctor today. No, her needs would have to come later; there was work to do first. Dipping her hands in the warm oil that she left out for this occasion, she grasped his erection and began a slow languid stroke. Once his eyes closed, and he began to writhe from the stimulation, she then began stroking his testicles with her other hand in the same lazy rhythm before gradually moving downward.

Jonathan’s eyes snapped open in fear when he felt her oiled fingers tracing slow circles around his puckered entrance. She wouldn’t try to perform a pelvic massage on him, would she? He was a male! As the tip of her digit began to breach him, he began to buck to try and get away from the invasion. No! This was wrong! This was a sin!

“If you keep stiffening up, this is going to get very painful for you.” Eliza drawled, “I’d really rather not hurt you, but we *do* have to cure you of your madness.”

To punctuate her point, she reached up and flicked one of the clothespins. That action caused pleasure to dance along his nerves as she resumed the stroking of his erection with one hand. The other hand was prodding at his anus again, but between the opium and the mind-numbing bliss of her touch, he lost his will to fight. He was restrained anyhow. It was pointless, she was going to have her way no matter what.

“See? This isn’t so bad.” She stated as she began pumping a single digit in and out of his flexing hole, going deeper with each stoke, “However, this might be a little uncomfortable for a minute. Just breathe and relax.”

He felt a burning sensation in his backside, and Jonathan could feel her pushing two small fingers into the tight ring of muscles, stopping at the second knuckle then pulling out only to enter once more.

Eliza alternated between occasionally flicking a clothespin and stroking his now rock hard erection as she pumped her fingers in and out of his ass. With every thrust, she sunk her digits deeper into him until finally deeming him ready for her to move on to his prostate. Upon feeling the small protrusion, she then began to rub the pads of her fingers lightly against it to stimulate a response. Well, more of a response than having him moaning and struggling on the table. He would do that regardless.

Finally she knew she had made progress when he began struggling and trying to arch his back off of the chair. Perfect! She began hitting the now overly sensitive spot mercilessly while she pumped his cock, causing his manhood to leak a good amount of pre-come all over his stomach while he thrashed about. When she noticed his testicles tightening further and his stomach muscles begin to tense, she pulled her fingers almost all the way out. She also slackened the hand stroking him, denying his release. However, she absently continued to scissor the two digits still partially in his flexing hole as she looked down at his sweat-drenched face.

“Are you enjoying your pelvic massage Dr. Maxwell?” she smirked. She didn’t really expect an answer, but judging by the nearly purple erection and the way he trying to buck into her loosened hand, he was damn well enjoying it.

Removing both of her hands from his person and ignoring the noises of protest, she reached over to gather the last tools of her debauchery. She really didn’t need to use them, as the doctor would probably be able to release easily by being stoked alone. But Clinton always admired her creativity in matters such as this, and Dr. Maxwell admired Clinton, so why not?

While his eyes were closed and he seemed to be trying to gain control of his senses, Eliza dipped the metal rod into the bowl of oil. She then brought it up to his face and said, “I’m sure you know what this is, correct?”

He looked at the instrument nearly cross-eyed, since it was so close to his face. Then nodded slowly, with fear creeping into his mind again.

As if he never answered he continued, “It’s a dittel sound, a uterine dilator, and it’s not going to hurt you. If anything it’s another way to stimulate your prostate, which is what I was just doing a few minutes ago.”

Jonathan could only draw in air through his nose, as he started to shiver. When he was in university, he had seen these used on men who had episodes of syphilis. The only way to open the scarred tissue was by dilation with the various sized steel rods, one of which, albeit thin, was currently being held by his tormentor. His tongue poked against his gag as he tried to protest, but she was already grasping his erection and teasing his slit with the metal tube.

“Relax and don’t move, otherwise you will hurt yourself” she warned before beginning to apply a slight pressure to the handle, sliding it in painstakingly slow.

Jonathan was frantically trying not to move as he felt the thin rod begin to slide into his cock. His hands clenched as he stilled completely and took deep breaths to keep the blind panic from bubbling up in his chest. As the insertion progressed, he began to realize that he was in no pain, and while the feeling was strange, it was not entirely bad. It was just intense. Everything since he woke up was intense, and he was mindless from not only pleasure but also exhaustion from struggling mentally with what was happening. Taking a few deep breaths, he willed himself to go slack. He did not want this part of his anatomy to get damaged.

Once Eliza felt the tension leave his body, she slid the sound all the way in until she met with the barrier at the end of his passage. Stilling for a moment, she allowed Dr. Maxwell to get used to the intrusion. She then slid it slowly up and down his shaft to insure he was more comfortable. Honestly, she was surprised, it was obvious that he had never used this instrument before. How he managed that with the type of practice he ran completely baffled her.

Mentally shaking her head, she began to focus on the task at hand. Holding the sound in place carefully with her thumb and forefinger, she grinned as she reached up and loosened the knot in the back of his gag, pulling the fabric down and around his neck. Maxwell licked his lips and continued panting, his eyebrows knitting together again in apparent confusion. He really was adorable; she was glad that she was going to be keeping him.

She smiled down at him and pushed back the hair stuck to his sweaty brow. “I want to hear every delicious sound you are about to make.”

Turning her attention back to the tray, Eliza reached over and grasped a small tuning fork while maneuvering Dr. Maxwell’s penis to point slightly downward for better access to his already over sensitized prostate. She struck it gently on the side of the chair and held it to the side of the sound — the result was instantaneous.

Jonathan began crying out between his clenched teeth and mumbling incoherent half words. Every nerve in his groin had electric sparks shooting outward toward his limbs, and he was unable to control his shaking. His chest was heaving and his upper torso contorted painfully backward as the straps holding him down bit into his skin painfully. The clothespins on his nipples danced with his movements, making the pressure worse. He desperately needed to come.

“Pleaaase…nnngghhhah!” It came out half garbled, but she understood as she hit the tuning fork forcefully one last time against the chair and held it against the sound. As soon has he shrieked and his body wrenched upwards again, she removed the rod quickly. Heat tore its way up from his tightened balls, through his twitching shaft covering his stomach, chest, and even his chin, with thick white strands. He fell apart at the seams as wave after wave of euphoria continued to assault him, tears cascading down his temples and mixing with his hair.

Eliza was beside herself. She never had such a responsive male! And it was obvious he hadn’t released in a long time. Scooping most of the seed off of his body with her fingers, she poked out her tongue and tasted it before sliding the rest into his still open mouth.

“My, you are delicious. Now be a good boy and eat up.”

Any concentration Jonathan still possessed after the drugs was now gone after his orgasm, so he did as he was told and swallowed his salty cum with only a small whimper.


I’m aware that the Dittel sound wasn’t invented until 1880 or so by Leopold Ritter von Dittel (May 29, 1815 — July 28, 1898). They were invented to increase the inner diameter of the urethra and to locate obstructions within it, obstructions usually caused my STDs and kidney stones.

Tuning forks were supposedly used to diagnose problems with the central nervous system and hearing in the Victorian era, but I cannot find a date as to when this began. They were invented in 1711.


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Coming to the realization that she may have given her unwilling slave a bit too much opium, Eliza unbuckled the straps holding Dr Maxwell down. When she calculated his weight, he had looked larger in his clothes. Damn. Sighing dramatically, she quickly mopped up the mess she left between his legs, as it was obvious that he was going to be unable to do so himself. He was now free and had barely bothered to move off the table. If she didn’t act quickly he would fall asleep, and there was no way she could transport his dead weight.

“Wake up Doctor! It’s time for you to escort me home.”

Jonathan’s eyes fluttered open, and he regarded his former captor for a moment before closing them again, clearly dismissing her. “No.”

“If you don’t get up this instant, I will tell my Uncle and anyone who will listen that you took advantage of my delicate mental state.” She tapped her chin thoughtfully, “Hmm, I wonder what little Nettie Parvoy thinks of your pelvic massages…I heard she finds them quite horrifying.”

The doctor’s eyes snapped open and he glared at her, but the effect was lost as she could tell that his mind was still fuzzy. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Eliza smiled maliciously and slapped his inner thigh. “Oh, I would dare. Now get up and get dressed.”

Jonathan sat up on the table and nearly swooned as his head tried to keep up with the movements of his body. He felt sick to his stomach, not only from the drugs, but from what he had just been forced to endure. Yes, he would escort her back to her flat as promised, then he would insure that Miss Wesley was sent to Dr Brown, as she was clearly out of her mind and very dangerous. He would send a letter to her Uncle first thing in the morning, assuring him that she was incurable.

As her new toy was taking an eternity to put his clothes back on, Eliza wandered around the office, pocketing anything she could use at a later time or date. Kisuke’s old supplies were running low.

~30 minutes later~

The hired taxi was thundering over the cobblestones at a pace Dr Maxwell was not pleased with. As much as he wanted to be rid of the Wesley woman, he wanted to sleep more, and their current pace was preventing that. The carriage rattled again, and it was all he could do to keep the contents of his stomach down. Pressing his damp forehead against the cool window in an effort to try and ease his headache, he prayed silently they would reach Hiborn Street soon. He just knew the damned – yes, damned – woman told the driver to hurry as he was locking up the office. He was sure she was aware that her behavior was beyond deplorable and wanted to be rid of him.

Eliza glanced over at her current traveling companion, noting that he looked a bit green around the gills. She smirked. Telling the driver to rush was a good idea. Giving the driver a ten-pound note to follow her instructions to the letter was an even better idea. She was also positive that by now, her little doctor would give his left arm just to sleep. Both the opium and the release he obtained earlier would have sapped the energy right out of him. Yes, now was the time to find out a bit about her current procurement, if only to make sure that no one would be missing him for the next day or so. Not that she was worried about any middle class housewives.

“Doctor, does your wife complain when you work so late?” she nonchalantly asked while absently picking lint from her overcoat.

“Edith died two years prior, but when she lived she never complained.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure she was a fine woman.” To be honest, she wasn’t sorry about it, and she was positive his late wife was as dull as yesterday’s dishwater. But it solved any issues of a wife coming to look for him.

“Do you have any children? Relatives to look after?” she asked, feigning boredom and looking out the opposite window.

Why wouldn’t this infernal woman be quiet? “I have a son, he is four years old. He is my only living family.”

“Goodness! I hope you have a live in nanny with the hours you keep!” she falsely admonished while holding her hand to her chest.

He glared at her and sniffed, “Of course I do. I’ll have you know that I also employ a butler!”

Eliza turned back to the window and smiled at her refection. A servant wouldn’t go looking for their employer for at least a few days, and even then sending a quick note with the Wesley name attached would buy her more time if she needed it. She spent the rest of the ride watching the buildings thin as they headed to the outskirts of London.


Her voice brought Jonathan out of the light doze he had been enjoying.

“Father bought this building when I was a girl because he thought the little garden out back was just my size. He used it for business meetings up until his death six years ago. My quarters are on the second and third floors.”

His eyes half lidded, he nodded absently while the driver opened the door. She began to climb out, and then turned to him expectantly with an eyebrow raised. He scowled. She could not be serious; surely the damned woman could manage a flight of stairs in her own building! But he had promised her uncle, and he was going to need to stay in the man’s good graces with the news he would soon be delivering. Repressing a visible shudder, he grabbed his hat and stumbled out after her with none of his usual grace.

Looking around, Jonathan knew that the Wesley family was wealthy. For Miss Wesley’s Uncle to refer the building they stopped in front of as a “flat” was preposterous. The main building itself was over a hundred years old, with scrolling ironwork over the windows, and two shops on the first floor that seemed empty.

Miss Wesley walked up the few stone steps and unlocked a nondescript paneled door. She then turned to look at him expectantly before ascending the stairs inside. He followed. If he were any other man he would have sighed with relief. Only another minute or two of being in her company, then he could pay the driver to bring him home and wake him when he arrived.

However, as soon as his feet crossed over the threshold, Jonathan heard the telltale sounds of the horse and carriage pulling away. Spinning around, his head swam with exhaustion, and he nearly fell down in the small entry. Grasping the doorframe and panting, he looked on in horror as the taxi raced off. The driver must have thought he was having a dalliance with Miss Wesley!

“Oh, bollocks.” Eliza came back down the stairs frowning.

Jonathan didn’t say anything about her lack of decorum; he just continued to stare out into the evening willing back tears that began to gather behind his eyes. He scanned up and down the street, but it was deserted. If he hadn’t been dozing for the past thirty minutes, he might have a clue as to where exactly he was. Swallowing a sob and bile from his stomach, he realized the exhaustion was making him far too emotional.

He started when he felt a hand touch his shoulder. “You can stay here for the evening,” she flashed him a calm smile and held up her hands placatingly, “in a guest suite of course. Don’t worry, there will be available transportation at dawn when the market on Lexington opens.”

She looked at him with genuine regret before she ascended the stairs once more with him trudging behind. It took all of his will power to keep his hand on the railing and not climb up on all fours.

At the top of the stairs, Eliza smirked, knowing it was hidden from her newest acquisition. Unlocking the four bolts on the door to her suite, she opened it and allowed him entrance. Things were working out wonderfully. If he even thought about speaking to anyone about this, the driver of the taxi would note that he came home with her and spent the night there. Completely taking advantage of her delicate mental state.

Jonathan walked through the door and stood in the foyer of Miss Wesley’s flat. If he wasn’t feeling so utterly defeated, he might have thought it was beautiful with the large oak staircase and oil paintings adorning the damasked walls. It took all too long before his bleary vision noticed a maid with blonde ringlets kneeling on the floor with her head bowed.

“Dr Maxwell, this is my maid and personal assistant Ella Rose.” The girl glanced up at him either in surprise or quite possibly dread before masking her emotions with a too wide smile and motioning to take his coat.


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“She is mute Dr Maxwell.”

He must have been staring. Ella was still smiling at him, but she looked a bit perplexed as to why he hadn’t handed over his coat. He had never seen a girl like her before. While she moved with grace and held an ethereal beauty, there was something off about her.

“My apologies to you both. It’s been a long evening and I am very tired,” he explained.

“Ella, please show Dr Maxwell to our guest suite.” She smiled and turned it on Jonathan, “The bed is small as I do not have guests often; however, it’s in the back of the house so you may rest undisturbed.”

Jonathan could only nod stiffly before following Ella up the stairs.

Ella moved down the narrow hall in a manner that Jonathan could only describe as catlike. She was slender in form, her blonde curls swaying with every step she took. He was having trouble keeping up with her with his nearly lurching gait.

Opening a narrow door, she then ushered him into a small bath. Her smile seemed unnaturally wide as she thrust a towel into his hands before scurrying out so he could do his business. He closed his eyes, leaning wearily on the pedestal sink, and listened to the housemaid move away.


Walking to the back parlor, Eliza sighed as she reached up to pull out the pins that held her hat. She slapped the offensive mass of frippery on the bar before letting her attention slide to a thick sheet of crumpled vellum. There on the sideboard sat the same letter that she had been seething about before she departed earlier in the evening.

Grinding her teeth and growling, she picked up the missive again before tossing it into the fire. He did it, he finally bloody did it! Lord Addison had her ousted from The Order. The old white haired bastard evidently managed to get enough support with his constant preaching about consent and morality. Pets should be willing slaves, he said! Submission is a precious gift, he said! She snorted. A willing slave is an oxymoron. It was no secret that Marcus Addison was seriously ill. Maliciously, she hoped that he had a coughing fit during one of his grandiose speeches. A fit that would put him in his well earned grave.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm down enough to think, she walked back over to the sideboard and poured herself a glass of brandy. Yes, even though she was a woman, it seemed that she had picked up nearly all of her father’s habits.

Her father. He had helped create The Order thirty-two years ago to mirror the Hellfire Club of one hundred years prior. He was surely rolling in his grave over her expulsion. While they made no secret that as a woman she was only allowed admittance due to her blood relations, Eliza had hoped that at least David Longwood would have come to her aid, as his beliefs were parallel with hers. Unfortunately, he’s been weighted down with Scotland Yard sniffing about his private affairs for the past few years. It seemed that due to an anonymous tip, several members of the House of Lords had to get rid of evidence of their extracurricular activities. It worked out well in the end; that was how she had wound up with Ella.

Three years prior, she had passed along word she was looking for a new charge. It had only been a week when Eliza stopped by his townhouse. David wrapped the awkward thing up in a blanket and all but threw her into the carriage to be rid of her. She threw back the brandy in one go, feeling the burn down her throat.

She heard the floorboards creak overhead and was filled with the sure knowledge that her doctor had finished washing and was about to retire to the “guest suite” for the evening. She smiled when she thought of what was to come. Her father had really outdone himself when he redesigned the interior of this building to suit his needs. He kept many pets here over the years and taught her exactly how to dole out punishments for infractions. However, it wasn’t until she met Clinton that she began to see it as an art form. While her father was happy simply torturing his pets in various ways, Clinton enjoyed manipulating them not only physically but psychologically as well. She learned so much from him.

Dr. Maxwell…no, Jonathan, she mentally corrected herself. He was now her plaything and would be addressed as she saw fit, and would begin his training first thing in the morning. Finding out that he was a widower might prove to be even more beneficial. At first she was just going to keep him for a few days, then eventually blackmail him to keep the good reports on her health coming. Now he might have a bigger role to play. It all depends on his performance tomorrow.


A soft knock broke Eliza out of her musing. “Enter.”

Ella walked into the parlor with her head bowed and her eyes averted. “Dr. Maxwell has gone to bed Mistress.”

“Thank you Ella. Now that we have a guest, there are going to be some new rules. You are a clever girl, so I’m sure you figured out what rule number one is. No speaking in Jonathan’s presence. Ever.”

She nodded, “Yes Mistress.”

“Good. This is going to be an exercise in trust, Ella. I know that David used that collar I designed to keep you from speaking, but I’m much kinder than he was, aren’t I?

She nodded again, wringing her fingers under the intense scrutiny, “Yes Mistress.”

“But please know that if you slip up even once, I will utilize some of David’s old punishments.” Eliza leaned in close, “And I think you know that I can make them much more painful and bloody than he could ever dream of.”

Ella was shivering, “I know Mistress. I will not fail you.”

Eliza walked away to refill her drink. “I’m glad. I can assure you that Jonathan will not be waking up any time soon, so please maneuver him into a more prone position on the bed and make sure he is secured.” She turned and raised an eyebrow, “You can manage that on your own, I assume?”

She nodded eagerly, “Yes Mistress.”

“Tomorrow morning he will need food and water. Is there anything I’m forgetting?” Seeing the answering headshake she sighed, “Very well, you are dismissed. After you finish upstairs you may retire for the evening.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Ella all but ran from the room.


Jonathan came to consciousness slowly, thinking that possibly everything he endured the night before had been a dream. Correction, a nightmare. Eliza Welsey’s behavior must have been a figment of his imagination, brought on by an overwrought mind. Yes, he probably was scheduled to see her today and just dreamed the whole ordeal. However, when he tried to move his hands to rub the sleep from his eyes, the familiar feeling of restraints biting his wrists caused fear to prickle up his spine.

Opening his eyes, he realized that he was not in the same position he fell asleep in the night before. He was still on the tiny bed, but it had been pulled out from the wall and moved to the center of the room. He noted that except for a well-worn blanket protecting him from the chill in the room, he was once again nude.

That was when he noticed – he was not alone.



The Hellfire Club was a name for several exclusive clubs for high society rakes established in Britain and Ireland in the eighteenth century. These clubs were rumored to be the meeting places of “persons of quality” who wished to take part in immoral acts, and the members were often very involved in politics. Neither the activities nor membership of the club were easy to ascertain.


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The girl…no, he remembered that Ella was her name, was kneeling on the floor by his head and just staring at him. She reached down out of his sight and brought up a piece of bread with jam spread thickly over the top, holding it in front of his mouth. He could do nothing but look at her, incredulous. He noticed her hand was trembling. When he looked back at her face he saw that even though she was smiling, she seemed to be pleading with her eyes for him to eat.

“Release me.” He still had enough spine to try and look down his nose at her, but failed.

She shook her head; blonde curls swaying and pressed the sweet smelling bread against his lips more insistently. Her eyes were still pleading, but her smile was looking more like a grimace.

“You think I’m mad enough to eat anything you offer me?” Jonathan’s voice dripped with the arrogance that he had failed to give with his eyes.

The hand holding the bread trembled further and the parody of a smile disappeared wholly, as she lowered herself further in his eyes. Her gaze turned downward, and when she met his eyes again, the pain and sadness that reflected in her orbs seemed to come from her very soul. Although he did not know her outside of the brief introduction the night before, this expression seemed so wrong for someone of her beauty. She was but a serving girl, why was she so desolate? Jonathan felt something in his chest constrict, and against his better judgment, opened his mouth to accept her offering. Ella’s trembling smile reappeared, and in that moment, he knew her bonds were in some way worse than his own.

Biting into the still slightly warm bread, he realized he hadn’t eaten since lunch the previous day and it tasted wonderful. Swallowing the first piece, he continued to stare unflinchingly at the unnerving girl as he finished off three slices total. He didn’t speak another word, as she was mute and a servant at that. He knew who was responsible for his current predicament, he just as to wait for her to make an appearance. Sighing heavily, Jonathan lay his head back down on the thin pillow as Ella gathered up the plate and rose. It was then he realized a slight bitter aftertaste had just begun seeping into his mouth.

“Laudanum.” He thrashed on the small bed and turned his attention to the girl, baring his teeth. “YOU BLOODY BITCH!”

The servant looked as if she couldn’t draw in enough air, and the plate dropped to the ground from her limp hand, shattering before she sprinted from the room.


Upon hearing the shouting coming from the hall and the thudding footsteps approaching, Eliza could only surmise that the good doctor had just figured out what she had mixed into the jam to sedate him a bit. She opened the door just as Ella was about to knock, taking in the panicked look upon the girl’s face.

“Jonathan has eaten I take it?” It was more of a statement, as she could hear him yelling and cursing from down the hall.

Ella nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. In fifteen minutes meet me in his quarters. You know the appropriate dress to wear, correct?” Ella nodded again and Eliza paused for a moment, hearing her name from the end of the hall. “My, he does know some colorful words, doesn’t he? What a filthy mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Off you go then, get changed.” She shooed the girl out of her rooms.


By the time the door to his room opened again, Jonathan was much more sedate. He rolled his head to the side facing the entryway to see if the new intruder was who he thought it was, and he wasn’t disappointed. The Welsey woman stalked up next to him wearing nothing but a richly decorated white silk dressing gown hat she had tied tightly closed.

“Comfortable, Jonathan?” she asked looking down at him. She appreciated the way Ella bound his wrists and ankles. His eyes were slightly glazed over, but he still had a little fight left in him. No matter, another five minutes and that would be gone.

“Release me, you bloody whore.” He really tried to make it a command, but it came out as a mere whimper.

“No. For the time being, you are mine and I will do what I please with you.” She stopped, smirking down at him. “I think that today we will do something with that ghastly mouth though.”

Turning to face her captive fully, she pulled the tie to her white gown causing it to open. She gleefully took note of his face when he realized she was wearing nothing but a dark purple corset. His eyes widened in shock as he gazed at her breasts. They peeked over the top and she knew he could see the tips of her rose colored nipples hardening in the chill of the room. His frightened eyes then moved lower, down to her already glistening curls and she heard his intake of breath.

“Please, no.” Tears were forming in Jonathan’s eyes and he couldn’t even bring himself to hide them. “I promise on my wife’s grave that I will never breathe a word of this to anyone. I will give you a bill of health, anything you want…just please let me go.” He ended with a sob, tears sliding down his temples.

Eliza scoffed, “What part of ‘no’ do you fail to comprehend? You won’t be breathing a word of this to anyone regardless. If you did the carriage driver would state you spent the night here. It’s my word against yours, Jonathan. Who would they believe?”

A soft knock interrupted their conversation, and both occupants of the room looked up to see Ella enter with her eyes humbled. She was wearing an obscenely short blue dress. It was loaded with delicate Battenberg lace and other such inane frippery. It reminded him strongly of a child’s swimming gown. From his vantage point, Jonathan could clearly see her long boyishly thin legs all the way to the short ruffled undergarments she wore. Ella bowed low to her Mistress and then folded herself to the floor blushing and avoiding all eye contact.

“Well then, it seems that we are all here.” Eliza drawled, “This is what we are going to do. Depending on how things go today, you will earn some benefits. Perhaps I may reward you with your freedom. Do you understand?”

Jonathan swallowed his grief and nodded, never taking his eyes off of Ella.

“Good.” She moved to block his view, “We are going to work on your ability to bring a woman to hysterical paroxysm.”

“Fine, but I will need my hands unbound.” Though his words came out slurred, a small bud of hope built in his chest; if he could trick her into releasing him then he could overpower her easily.

“Oh no doctor,” she leaned down smiling maliciously, “You are going to be using your mouth to do this; your tongue to be precise.”

Seeing his look of absolute horror up close, Eliza laughed in his face, this was going to be great fun. She felt her womanhood throb with anticipation and clenched her legs together. Taking care to continue blocking his view of Ella, she took another step even closer to the small bed until she was nearly standing over him. One of her hands drifted down to her moist folds, sliding up and down languidly while the other began pinching and rolling one of her hardened peaks. He watched as if he was mesmerized. Good, the drugs were finally kicking in. Feeling another rush of heat to her nether regions, she inwardly sighed, the tension from the night before, coupled with not having a partner in a while was making her edgy and impatient.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to give you a proper lesson in anatomy today Jonathan, but I’ll let you know when you are doing something right. Ella, come to the head of the cot and watch closely.”

Ripping off the thin grey blanket that still covered the more interesting parts of his body, she stode up to stand above his head while taking time to admire the view. Between his pleading earlier and the perfection of his form, Eliza knew she was not going to last long today. Biting her bottom lip hard, she thrust her womanhood close to his features while her fingers continued to rub her clit in small hard circles, in order to make it poke out from its little hood a little.

Jonathan tried to swallow, his mouth felt so dry. This was wrong, so very wrong! Being nude with Miss Welsey torturing him and Ella watching should not be causing his manhood to stir again. It was perverse, sick! He slid his eyes back over to Eliza watching her open her vulva with two fingers mere inches from his eyes, giving him a lewd view of her sex while pointing with her other hand.

“This,” she stroked the organ lightly, “is the clitoris. If you want to bring a woman to hysterical paroxysm I suggest you put most of your attentions there.”

Ella had already taken her place closer and was watching, her eyes dull and a wide fake smile twisting her countenance. Eliza then crawled on top of him, positioning her backside over his patrician features. He began to feel blessed that he had the Laudanum in his system; otherwise he might be sick with what was transpiring rather than the beginnings of excitement.

Looking up in morbid fascination at the damp curls hovering inches from his mouth, he noticed that the smell of her aroused sex was nearly overpowering at this angle. In fact, he opened his mouth just so he could inhale the scent deeper, causing his blood to begin rushing south. The women in his office never smelled this way, or perhaps keeping them at arms length and in their skirts prohibited it from reaching his nose. Perhaps it was only if they were excited sexually? Recalling his memory, he was certain that Edith had never smelled as such, either. Did that mean…

“Doctor, do show me how well you can use the forked tongue I heard earlier.”

Shaking away his thoughts and possible failures as a lover, he lifted his head tentatively, giving a long slow lick the length of her slit. Smacking his lips, he found the taste wasn’t too bothersome. It was quite pleasant really. Why hadn’t he done this before?

Eliza ground her teeth impatiently; the ache between her legs was becoming unbearable. Perhaps the Laudanum was a poor idea, the doctor seemed to be off in his own little world. How much did Ella give him? His penis was now fully erect, but he had ceased any action to her person and seemed to be mumbling to himself from between her thighs. Rolling her eyes she once again took matters into her own hands. Reaching over she gripped his shaft and gave his cock a good hard pull, bordering on abusive.

Upon hearing the sharp intake of breath from under her, she tugged again to keep his interest. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you? Has your feeble mind forgotten how to administer your attentions?”

She heard a huff from under her, “Of course not, the clitor…mmmmffpph!” Eliza buried his handsome features between her legs and began grinding her clit on his mouth and nose before he could finish his thought.

After a minute or two of being smothered by her saturated womanhood, Jonathan finally regained purchase and closed his mouth around her clit. He wasn’t gentle when he sucked upon it heavily and flicked his tongue over it making her inhale sharply as she groaned and her back arched in bliss. Reaching up with her hands, she began to roll her nipples between her fingers while his tongue moved back and immersed itself into her dripping cavern..

Eliza gasped at the feelings his slick appendage was invoking. He was a blooming natural at this! Like a fish to water!

Her breath caught again as his mouth continued to work her over-sensitized pussy. Sometimes licking her clit softly and at others pressing the flat of his tongue hard against her swollen labia. She panted as her fingers alternated between twisting and pinching her nipples. When he ran open-mouthed kisses between her puckered hole and her clit, desperate sounds began emerging from her throat.

Jonathan pulled back and gazed at the button that was now swollen and poking out of its hood. Ah yes, the clitoris. He had been experimenting before, but he remembered that he had to lavish more attention there. Right now he felt euphoric, he just discovered that he loved the taste of a woman’s fluids and could possibly devour them all day. Perhaps he could live off them. He giggled at the idea, before running the flat of his tongue over the exposed clit in fast succession.

Her legs were quivering, and her inner walls were tightening and throbbing madly. It felt like lava was flowing though her veins and she was burning up from the inside out. This man was not going anywhere. Not ever. Even Clinton couldn’t compete with this.

Jonathan continued his eager attack, but the taste and smell from her sex was causing his erection to ache terribly. He stopped and groaned, squirming on the bed. Eliza looked at his now dribbling erection and panted, “Finish what you started and I will reward you.”

Jonathan whimpered, but continued. If he could bring her to paroxysm then maybe his overwhelming ache would be taken care of. It wasn’t as if he had a choice. As a last ditch effort, he drew her clit between his teeth, biting lightly, and began flicking the tip of his tongue over the nubbin

Eliza fell forward and had to use her left hand to hold herself up. Her right hand pinched and pulled her nipple hard. Her legs shook from the effort and a low keening noise erupted from the back of her throat. A familiar ball was tightening in her lower body, and the burn continued to build as he worked her over relentlessly. With each swipe of his tongue, caused her body to tense even further. Her breathing was ragged, and her eyes screwed shut with the assault on her body.

“Just a little more…nnnghhhaaahh!” The tension in her body snapped, her mouth open in a silent scream. More moisture leaked from her entrance, and Jonathan lapped it up like a starved man. His greedy tongue continued to work against her, causing her body to convulse sharply before she removed herself from his person abruptly.

Stumbling a few steps away from the bed and landing gracelessly on her rump, Eliza stared dumbfounded at her new acquisition. Never in all her years would she have guessed that the frigid doctor could do such wicked things with his mouth. She expected something barely passable, if not downright horrible. Oh no, this man was not going to be leaving anytime soon. She sighed; he was now looking at her and making pitiful noises while squirming on the bed. Suddenly remembering that Ella was in the room, she slid her eyes over to the girl’s flushed face and saw her try not to rub her thighs together.

“Ella, please help Jonathan release.” He had definitely earned his reward today.

Jonathan watched a blushing Ella stand up from her place on the floor and walk over to him. He wondered if he was going to service her as well and what she tasted like. Probably something sweet, he decided; the girl was appealing but so shy. He shot a hungry look at her that only seemed to cause her to redden more before she smiled genuinely and a predatory look flashed in her eyes.

Kneeling down, she took his stiff manhood in her slender hands, her fingers caressing the velvety tip and spreading out the fluid now leaking steadily from it. Looking up into his face, she smiled deviously once more before leaning in and giving his shaft a long lick from the base up. She then left a demure kiss on the tip, causing a strand of pre-cum to connect her bottom lip to his erection. He groaned at the erotic sight, and she took that as a cue to roll the fleshy sacs below in her hand as if to test their weight.

“Anytime now, Ella. You are helping him release, not courting him.” Eliza came up behind her with a disapproving look.

The girl pouted slightly knowing that her Mistress couldn’t see. She then closed her eyes and began to lick around his cock head, pausing only to dip her wet tongue into the slit, which caused him to inhale sharply. Her eyes flickered back up to him as she grasped the base of his erection and began stroking in time with her head bobbing. He had never experienced anything like this before, and couldn’t help the needy moan that escaped his throat. Ella looked very pleased with herself. She then closed her eyes concentrating on her task, leaving Jonathan to stare in awe at her dark blonde lashes and cheeks that hollowed out on each upstroke. His balls tightened with anticipation and he pulled at his restraints while trying to thrust upward into her warm cavern.

She increased her speed and suction, finally causing him to snap. Heat tore its way up from his sac, his back arched and his body gave a spastic jerk that caused his cock to hit the back of her throat. His cum began spurting hard and hot into her mouth, hips thrusting upwards of their own accord as his balls emptied.

“Don’t you dare swallow!” Jonathan only heard the command fuzzily. Then beautiful Ella was in his line of vision, with her eyelashes wet with tears and her face flushed. Did he do that? He wasn’t able to ponder for long, as her lips descended upon him prying open his mouth and releasing his own seed down his throat.



In the 19th century, Laudanum was used in many patent medicines to relieve pain, produce sleep, allay irritation, check excessive secretions, support the system, and as a soporific. Laudanum was made with Opium and alcohol, and was frequently mixed with sugar to curb the taste.


A/N: Unless I get extremely motivated before Thursday, there will be no new updates until January, as I will be visiting my parents in the frigid northeast. Mom likes to read over my shoulder while I work. Explaining this would be mildly awkward. -Sov

When I woke up he was gone. I listened for water noises coming from the shower, but I heard none. I started to panic I was still confused about what had happened last night. I wasn’t sure if he was overwhelmed from happiness, but maybe he was upset about being a father. Maybe he didn’t want to do this. What was I going to do then? What would I do if he chose his own death? How could I live without him?

{Gunnar……Declan where are you?} I wasn’t sure he could hear my thoughts. I wasn’t sure where he was. How much distance could be between us where we could still hear each other? I waited for his answer for what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t want to get out of bed I don’t know if it was because I was scared that if I got out of bed he wouldn’t be able to find me or if it was because if I got out of bed it might put just enough distance that he wouldn’t be able to answer me or maybe it was just because that was the last place he was with me and I didn’t want to leave his smell. Whatever the reason was, I stayed right where he left me like a scared fawn.

{Don’t fret Lorelei, I’m close. Go and shower. I’ll be there soon.} He said calmly and I finally relaxed.

Since falling from Grace I had all these strange emotions I had never had before. I had never felt guilt, I had never had self doubt until now, and now I felt like a small child alone in the darkness. I had never been scared, even when I had to face God’s wrath for offending him. I still knew that my punishment would be worth what I had done.

I jumped out of bed forgetting how high it was and fell with a loud bang on my hands and knees. During my plummet I had pulled all the covers and pillows off on top of me. I was so glad that Declan wasn’t here to see me. I quickly made our bed feeling a twinge of pain still in my right wrist and hand,but ignored it and ran to the shower.

The warm water felt good. We didn’t have hot water on the island, but it got pretty warm from being circulated around the solar panels. That was good enough. I started to think about the events of what happened last night and what he had said to me. We really didn’t talk much when we got back to the island. I comforted him and he let me.

I realized when we were stressed we forgot to use our new names and resorted back to the ones we had when we met. That was something we really needed to work on. I had to look at it like Abigail was the angel. Since I wasn’t an angel any longer I was no longer Abigail. My name was now Lorelei and Lorelei was fixing to marry Declan and they were going to have a son.

I hope he only has to have one name and we don’t have to change it. I wonder what his name was going to be. Do I get any say in it? Should Declan get to name his first son it was tradition? That kind of implies that we will have more than one child. Suddenly the biggest smile crossed my face I liked that thought a lot.

When I had thoroughly cleaned my body and I smelled like a vanilla bean I stepped out and remembered I didn’t have a towel. I wasn’t for sure where to look for them. I was stuck in this semi lighted room wet, naked, and starting to get cold.

Odd this cold I was feeling. Part of me wished I could speak to another fallen angel to find out what they had gone through if it was similar. The other part of me wanted to stay as far away from other fallen angels as possible. They were evil; when I had fallen I had good intentions. Then for a moment I wondered if any others had good intentions when they had fallen. Was I being too judgmental?

{Declan I don’t have a towel.} I called out to him shivering. There were no shelves, no closet nothing here just a shower head and drain. Suddenly Declan was before me and wrapped me in a large green towel that was soft and warm. I snuggled into it letting it warm me. It felt so wonderful.

“Thank you Declan.” I allowed the fuzzy towel to absorb more of the cold water “Can we talk?” I asked.

“Yes of course. Is this about last night?” He asked sullenly.

“Yes. What happened?”

“Lorelei, I think it just really hit me. I mean really hit me that I am not going to be alone anymore. I have fantasized about having a wife and children, a family like a normal everyday person, but never seriously thought about it because vampires can’t so I just….. kind of wanted to hold you, to be close and give thanks to God. I felt strange about letting you see and be a part of things like last night because you are soon to be the mother of my son. Those things….”

“Declan, my love, WE will be parents, but no matter we should enjoy each other completely and since we can’t make love until the bonding I think this is good for us.” I held his head in my hands and then kissed his mouth. “If you can’t enjoy those things with your wife, then what is the point in getting married? I know where you came from. Those ideas are very old ways when men put their wives on a pedestal and kept mistresses on the side. Is that what you want?”

“It’s hard to refrain when you are standing here touching me and naked. All I can think about is how much I want to enter you.” He kissed me and rubbed his hands up and down my body. “I am the luckiest being on this planet. I have found a beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, amazing, woman who is willing to put herself in danger to provide me with a dream. I love the fact that you are willing to try new things. I love how you make me want to be a better man. I love you. I am a very blessed vampire.” He looked up to the sky and then continued. “You need to get dressed. We’re going to go feed. The club has an excellent burger I’m told.” He smiled at me letting his beautiful white teeth gleam.

“I don’t have anything to wear. My dress from last night is ruined.” I said not wanting to bring up the fact that my cum had stained the back and his tears stained the front.

“I got it. There are a couple dresses and suits on the bed for us. We can thank Gideon: he liked you a lot which is odd. Gideon likes very few people. We must be special.” Declan teased.

“Where’s Magdalena?” I suddenly thought.

“Margaret is getting our home ready for us.” Declan corrected me.

“When do I get to see it?”

“After our honeymoon we will be living there, but the house needs some work and if you’re not opposed to staying here on the island at least until our bonding you’ll be surprised then.” Declan looked into my eyes seeking reassurance. “Dry yourself, get dressed, and get ready.” Declan led me out of the shower room and we started getting dressed on opposite sides of the bed.

“I think I would like to meet another fallen angel.” I sputtered out.

“I think that’s a good idea. I really do.” He said nodding.

“I have feelings that I don’t understand.” I said quickly.

“You can talk to me.”

“I just thought maybe someone else that has been through this.” I said almost ashamed.

“Damn Angel! Suddenly my pants are too tight. I feel like I need to unbutton them.” Declan exclaimed when he looked up at me. The only clothes I had on were a strapless black bra, black stockings, and a black lace garter belt I couldn’t help but to smile. It made me smile knowing that he found me that beautiful.

“You look pretty damn good yourself.” I said looking at my finely dressed man standing in front of me. This time he was wearing a pair of dark jeans, a tight black tee that showed off every muscle, a blazer, and a pair of converse shoes. I loved the way the tight tee showed his gorgeous rippled chest and the large bulge in his pants. He wasn’t lying the tip of his cock was sticking out of his pants. I wanted to ravage him. On instinct I licked my lips.

“No panties.” he noticed quickly.

“Why bother, I have no idea where mine are from last night?” I smiled, trying to look devious not hungry.

Declan walked over to me and through me on the bed. He crawled on top of me and eyed me carefully up and down. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit and ground it into my clit. It felt so good I met his thrust. I looked down and my very hard clit had disappeared into the slit of his cock. I loved the way this felt: like his dick was sucking on my clit. Pre-cum bubbled up soaking my clit he bent down and licked it off while he jacked off onto the floor beside us.

Declan brought me several dresses to choose from but since I knew blue was Declan’s favorite color, I chose the black suede dress that came just below my butt with blue satin cups that held my breast. I picked the blue satin chunky style strap sandals and wore my hair up and huge chandelier earrings with black and blue diamonds. There was even a necklace to match.

We flashed to the club and ended up in the same exact place as the night before. There in the alley were two vampires holding a third one down. They pulled one of his fangs out as he screamed then they punched him repeatedly in the face blood bubbled out of his mouth. The carnage turned my stomach. I looked up at Declan with pleading eyes to help the poor man out who was being ganged up on.

{The punishment for killing a human is to lose your fangs. During the time it takes you to re-grow them you’ll have learned a valuable lesson. If you’re caught doing it again you’ll be silvered and left for the sun.} Declan explained cold and clinical and then banged on the door.

{So you didn’t lose control with the girl from the other night, the drunk one?} I had wondered.

{No I had help.} He didn’t say anything else about it and I didn’t feel I truly had the right to force him.

He called out our names and we were once again greeted by the tiny slave hostess, who this time was wearing a hot pink negligee with black lace and a black lace choker.

“I like your outfit tonight.” I said to her cheerfully.

“Thank you, I picked it out myself. Your dress is very pretty too.” She said smiling at me. “A room was reserved for you tonight and your order is already waiting.” She led us away from the VIP section and into the corridor. “Your brother is entertaining here tonight again. He draws a big crowd. Master is pleased.”

“Thank you and if you see Lance please let him know we’re here.” I said.

“Yes Ms. Garret. Will there be anything else?” She asked.

“Yes Lorelei would like to speak with Aaron, and please give our regards to Gideon.” Declan gave the girl a hundred and fifty dollar tip. She looked up at him with almost a look of confusion. Once she was sure that he wanted nothing else, at least not yet, she opened the door to our room and walked out.

This room was different than our first. This one had a small table set for two, floor to ceiling windows (not real) with the view of the city. There was a cheese burger sitting on one of the plates the other plate was bare. Champagne filled my flute and blood filled Declan’s flute.

The walls were a midnight blue and our table was wrapped in a black tablecloth. It was beautiful and I was excited. The burger looked delicious thick meat, fresh lettuce, tomato, and what looked to be a fresh bakery bun. It smelled divine and I immediately dove in after Declan seated me.

“We are going to have to start feeding you more. I keep forgetting. Lorelei you have to let me know when you’re hungry. You will soon be carrying a child.” He said almost cross.

“That is something we can worry about after we are bonded and once I’m carrying our son. I just want to be a couple right now. I always feel a little strange eating in front of you when you have nothing.”

“Ah, but I do.” He said as he shook his glass at me. “So tell me what would you like to do tonight?”

“Are you picking up your dinner?”

“Yes probably, but if you don’t want me to. I will skip tonight. I had extra last night so it wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I would like to do that again. Bring a guy back here. I’ll finish my dinner while you’re gone.” I smiled.

“Yes dear. Not even bonded yet and you are ordering me around.” He said jokingly and smiled his dazzling smile at me. “Anything in particular?”

“Not that I can think of. Surprise me.” I said enjoying the power he was giving me. Soon after he left there was a knock on the door.

“Aaron as you have requested.” The waitress said with her head peaked in the door way.

“Thank you.” I said putting my food down and wiping my face off.

“You have requested to speak with me.” The man who was introduced said. He was tall about 6′ he had a very thin, but muscular tan body. He had short curly dark hair. He had hair growing onto his jaw line shaped like thin lightning bolts. His eyes were a hauntingly blue color against his medium complexion. Tribal tattoos traveling up and down his arms.

“You are fallen?” I asked.

“Yes sister, it is I Nuriel. You do not recognize me?” He said with melancholy to his voice.

“It has been a very long time. Why did you choose to fall?” I asked before I thought of the question.

“It was not that I chose Morningstar over God. I chose to be with my lover.” He said with his eyes cast to the floor.

“I did not know you had a lover.”

“Ubaviel, but she did not choose me. I was cast out and she was allowed to stay.” There was bitterness to his voice and I completely understood why. It would destroy me if Declan didn’t choose me. “I have heard that you were on the brink of being cast out. I am sorry to see it was true.”

“I fell of my own choice. I too chose love.” I said flatly.

“What do you want from me?” He said almost coldly.

“I am having feelings that I do not understand and I was hoping you could help me.” I was pleading with him.

“For half of that burger I will dispel all my secrets.” He said teasingly sitting in the chair Declan had just vacated with a smile on his face. I tore the burger in half and put half on the empty plate. He had an amazing smile. I did remember my brother. We did not spend much time together I was a watcher and he was the angel of magic and spells. Which was a big reason magic was pretty much lost here on earth.

“Once you fell you were no longer under the protection of God. He kept us from all the doubt. Its mostly what you’re feeling.” He explained to me. I just nodded my head listening to him. He took a bite of the burger we were splitting and nodded with enthusiasm.

“We are more human, but we are still immortal. We now share their fears, doubts, almost all of their feelings.”

“Like jealousy?” I asked.

“Yeah like jealousy, which can be a monster, most humans are accustom to these feelings because they have always had them so they have learned to deal with them. We are at a disadvantage because we have never delt with them so we have to adjust and learn to deal with them.” He said then taking another huge bite of the burger.

“How have you learned to deal with it, with them?” I asked then took a bite of my half.

“Depends on the situation and what feeling we’re talking about.” He said thoughtfully.

“How do you deal with self doubt?”

“I have self doubt about everything. I just have to keep going. I push through it.”

“What about sex?” I asked not knowing how to put it and keep my dignity.

“What about it? I really think the questions you need to ask about that should be to a woman. A mortal will work that’s pretty much what we are now.” He said.

“Are you happy?” I asked hoping his answer would be yes.

“There are good days.” He said finishing off his burger. We both sat there talking. The information he gave me was invaluable and I appreciated it deeply. He explained the more away I was from my own kind the more I would find these feelings bothersome and I would actually start growing old. That’s why so many of our kind congregated together, but they stayed away from those fallen that followed Morningstar. For many reasons, but most of all because of the evil that survives in their hearts can poison us.

I finished as much of my burger as I could it was a very large cheese burger. We talked a bit longer and then he left. It wasn’t too long before Declan reappeared with a very blonde young man wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket. He had long floppy hair that was swooped out of his brown eyes.

“Ky, this is my wife, and she would like to watch us this evening. Do you have a problem with that?” Declan said holding the boy around the waist.

“Is she going to join?” Ky asked arching his eye brows in a provocative way.

“No Ky, she is mine and I do not wish her touched by any other man. Do you understand?” Declan’s eyes became hard and the red glow shimmered for a moment.

“Yeah that’s cool. What are we going to do?”

“Ah very good question Ky. Lorelei what is it that you would like us to do?” Declan asked me eying Ky.

“You know husband, I feel so sorry for last night you received no pleasure. Tonight I think Ky should suck that amazing dick you have in your pants.” I said, honestly not believing that I’d said those words out loud. I couldn’t believe I’d even thought them. Declan gave me a surprised glare that said he was just as shocked as me, but he undid his pants and his cock fell out limp.

“My wife wants to see you suck me Ky.” Ky dropped to his knees and began licking Declan’s cock making sure it was moist enough for it to glide easily in and out. Declan’s gaze stayed on me as Ky began working the heavy dick in and out of his mouth taking more each time he went down the slurping noises filled the room. “You know he will never be able to get all of me in his mouth; I’m far too large.” Declan smiled his cock was still flaccid.

Ky grabbed the base of Declan’s dick jacking him off while sucking his dick. Declan’s cock grew and hardened slowly. Declan’s eyes started hooding over and his body relaxed as his cock was getting pulled he would sway. His breath hitched. “Don’t cum in his mouth. Shoot it on his face.” I commanded. Ky sucked and licked a while longer. Declan suddenly pulled out of Ky’s mouth and stroked his cock till he shot it all over his face. The man was covered in Declan’s cum.

“I would like to see you kiss him now.” I said breathy and starting to ache. Declan reached for Ky and kissed him the sight of Declan’s tongue mingling with Ky’s and the wads of cum between,it drove me wild and my hand slid down to my clit and I started rubbing it. Declan came to me and removed my hand.

“Damn angel I’m about to explode again watching you do that.” Declan kissed me and I could not only taste the wonderful taste of Declan, but also I could taste the woodsy taste of Ky.

Declan walked back over to Ky and wrapped him in what looked like a lovers embrace from behind. He nuzzled his head into Ky’s neck. Declan was kissing his neck and Ky started pushing up against Declan.

Ky dropped his pants onto the floor and was rubbing his ass even harder onto Declan. Declan looked over at me with questioning eyes not knowing for sure how far he should allow this to go, but his dick was already hardening. I smiled and nodded and again started rubbing my slick slit. Declan rubbed a little pre-cum around his cock’s head and entered Ky from behind. Ky screamed out and bucked harder taking Declan deeper.

“Oh my God, I’ve never had anal sex. You’re so big I think I’m gonna rip, I’m gonna…..Oh! Oh!” He moaned and screamed. He leaned his head back on Declan’s shoulder I could actually see the head of his dick swell and suddenly cum shot out of him like a fountain. The first shot straight up high in the air and landed on the floor in front of him in a splat. Declan picked that moment to bite down into Ky’s neck. Ky’s second two shots didn’t go up as high as one hit his pants the other his chest.

Declan stiffened and his eyes rolled back into his head. His movements became almost stiff and then cum and a little blood started bubbling out of the rear-end of Ky. When Declan pulled his fangs and cock out it the fluid poured out of Ky.

Declan licked Ky’s neck to heal the wound. Ky let out a shiver and suddenly looked embarrassed. He looked over his clothes which were cum stained. He hung his head and tried to compose himself. I didn’t know if he was going to start laughing or crying, but I started to feel bad for him and removed my hand from myself.

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