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In a society that otherwise resembles our own, mass slavery has persisted into the 21st Century. It is a common and accepted feature of public and private life. Males and females of all ethnic backgrounds are held thrall, without status or legal rights. They are quite literally living property, and may be bought, sold and used for any purpose, including: hard labor, breeding, menial work and sexual servitude.

This series of stories, which is not presented in any particular order, explores the daily life of a prostitute-slave named Sara. Purchased at auction by a Las Vegas casino, she is tasked with fulfilling the sexual urges of its clientèle, who pay for her favors along with room service and Wi-Fi access. Subject to their every whim, she has known both anguish and delight, but most often casual exploitation.

When she is not engaged by a guest, Sara must contend with capricious and underpaid corporate overseers and occasionally vicious slave stable politics.


Mina’s house was big creepy looking place on the edge of town. It had years of wear-and-tare on it, and Raven thought of every single horror story she’d ever read as it came into full view.

There were vines hanging on it and with a closer look she noticed black bars on the lower story windows. Sam’s car was out front. She was mad but still worried for her friend.

She knew Sam would never have agreed to this if she’d known what would come of it. Sam was far too kind for that. She’d been duped and taken advantage of. Raven didn’t know how, but she vowed silently to fix this situation for both of them if she could help it — and Liz as well.

Mina led her newly acquired slave into the living room and moved to a small closet. From it she extracted a small black collar studded and shiny.

“Strip.” Demanded Mina.

“And put this on… tight. It’s a sign of your obedience to me, your new mistress and master. Take it off at anytime while in my house and face the consequences.” Raven didn’t need to be told twice.

She did as she was bid leaving her clothes where the fell. She looked to Mina and shrugged as if to say ‘what now’

“Down to the playroom with you little birdie.”

Raven was led down a narrow staircase into a dimly lit basement. It was spacious but spooky, with pictures lining the walls. All of them young girls. All of them smiling, if nervously for the camera. For Mina.

At the end of the hall were two doors. On the right the door was slightly ajar and the room gave off a faint glow. On the left the door was closed, there was a large padlock sealing something inside. If Raven’s instincts were correct that is where the discs would be her goal.

Mina pulled her by the neck halting her steps. “Stop. Here. I want you to see these.”

The pictures closest to the doors were of Sam and Anna.

“My newest conquests. Your picture will go right there next to your little girlfriend’s. Now we take the photo. Stand here against the wall and smile.”

Raven did her best, it was an uneasy smile and her stomach hurt as she did it. She tried to think about it being over soon, but she knew she still had much to endure.

” That’s a good slave. I’ll have Anna get this developed and then we’ll frame it here for all to see.”

The look that came over Mina in this moment was covetous and creepy and made Raven think of Golem from Lord of the Rings.

“You know Raven, you are a first for me, I mean in the way I collected you. I usually just acquire slaves the way I did with your friends. Give them things till they submit. But you know, that way has it’s flaws, as there is no pretense of real ownership. They agree, and though I may blackmail them later for more favors — they always find a way to slip through my fingers, eventually. Not you little birdie, I shall keep you as long as I want. This way is much better I think.” She sighed heavily apparently done talking and led on into the room.

Inside there was a large bed with deep red sheets. Sam was there, tied to a thin black chair sitting upright with her hands tied and her mouth gagged.

She was naked and her hair was wild. She had been crying, that much was seen on her face. Her eyes fell on Raven pleading forgiveness. Raven felt terrible and cast aside all anger toward her friend, surely if she were like this she had meant no harm.

“Samantha here was a naughty pet. She talked back to her mistress and showed weakness for another. For this she is as you see her now. In time out. I will not harm her, permanently. But you should know that should you disobey me your fate shall not be near so kind. As punishment for her actions she will serve as our audience today. I will enjoy her discomfort and yours at is certain to be made all the richer.”

“Now slave the fun begins. On your knees. NOW.” Raven did as she was told.

“First you shall clean my feet. With your mouth.” Mina kicked her shoes aside and raised a foot toward Raven’s trembling lips.

“Lick them. Bottoms first then between the toes, then you suck the toes each in turn until I say your done.” Raven again obeyed tasting the sweat on Mina.

She had done this before with Sam but under that circumstance it had been erotic and pleasant. This was neither for the girl she took the task as nothing more than something to be completed with thoughts of freedom from this horrible woman as the only thing that kept her moving.

When she had given each foot a full fledged tongue bath she glanced up at Mina expectantly. “Good slave. Now on the bed and be quick about it. I want you flat on your back with that little tongue out and ready to please me.” Raven did this, looking over at Sam who was visibly shaken and sweating.

When she was in position Mina removed both her dress and panties so that she wore nothing save a pair a of pantyhose.

“Now Slave, I’m coming over to the bed and I want you to do exactly as I say.”

Raven expected that she would be made to eat Mina out or submit to being played with. Still she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Mina came over and squatted directly over Raven’s head and sat. She was on top of her mouth so that when she sat at first Raven could not breathe and made a muffled cry of fear.

Mina let her breathe — but only to issue a command ” Tongue out slave. Eat me, and eat me good. Pussy and asshole, I want that tongue as deep as it will go. No use in acting prissy I know what you like to do with your step-mommy. I even saw your encore this morning, though I didn’t have enough discs to record that. Such a pity. Horny little slut.”

She laughed and sat once more on Raven’s face. Raven closed her eyes and went to work licking and probing both holes switching from one then the other and back again between breaths of air. Mina smothered her prey and laughed in maniacal glee as she got just what she wanted.

When she eventually came, she spurted cum all over Raven’s face and in her hair. She made Raven clean that from her as well, she even bade her slave to lick up the remnants that fell to the sheets.

“Don’t miss a drop or we’ll have to start all over before me move on to the next round.” So it was clearly far from over.

Next Mina moved over to where Sam was sitting and removed the gag. She then made Sam spread her legs and felt her sex between them.

“Just as I thought. Wet and wanting. Little whore Samantha, you are so very predictable.” She slapped Sam once, hard. Sam didn’t scream but only whimpered.

“Well whore, if you can’t keep from getting all worked up watching your friend be made a slave then you shall have to do something with those idle hands of yours. I am going to untie you now, only your hands though. I want you indulge your lustful desires as you watch us — only because I know how greatly it will shame you.”

Mina moved to the far wall and selected a large black strap-on from her sizable assortment of toys which hung like weapons of war.

Raven noted that the one she picked was huge and from the looks of it the biggest one she owned. It was far bigger than the one Liz had used, and at the time that had seemed almost unreal.

Mina tied the strap around her waist and smiled wickedly. ” Raven, Raven, Raven, you are really going to enjoy this — or at least one of us will.”

She approached Raven with the strap-on and instructed. “Spit on it slave. This is all the lube you’ll get so make it good if you want to make this easier on your little tight holes.”

Raven spat on the the toy. “No, on second thought that’s not good enough. I want you to suck it make it really good and wet.”

Raven took the thing in her mouth and began to suck it. Mina thrust forward when it was in there and made Raven gag on it’s girth. She made pained noises and Sam winced at her friend’s predicament.

“Now slave open up those legs and spread yourself open. This is going to hurt and there’s no getting around that. Tears are acceptable even screaming. But the moment you recoil or try to close those legs you’re in trouble, got it?” Raven nodded and spread her legs preparing for the worst.

The entry was rough and fast. Mina cared nothing for being gentle as Liz had. The shaft spread her pussy lips to a point they’d never been. For a while she thought that she might actually tare skin or begin to bleed. Surprisingly she did neither as Mina worked it in and out.

When Raven screamed in shock and agony Mina spit right in her mouth. “Now Samantha I don’t see you diddling yourself and you heard my orders. I will inspect you after this is all over and if I don’t find evidence of your obedience I shall be a very unhappy mistress.”

At this provocation Sam began masturbating there in the chair watching. She tried not to think about what was actually occurring trying instead to think of the times she and Raven had played together and the fun they’d had.

It wasn’t easy to concentrate on those thoughts with Raven’s tortured cries filling the room but she did the best she could and almost cried in triumph as she felt her own cum wetting her fingers.

Mina continued to pound away at Raven’s increasingly sore sex and only stopped when she had nearly exhausted herself. Shamefully Raven had cum and was berating herself for giving Mina the satisfaction.

Mina was happy about it that was clear. When she felt the slickness between Raven’s legs she laughed heartily ” Good slave, you liked it didn’t you despite what you said earlier you fucking loved it, didn’t you you little bitch?”

She stuck her fingers in Raven’s mouth and said ” clean the fingers slave. And, tell your mistress how much you love it. How much you love her.”

Raven shook her head in defiance and braced for a slap, which she duly received. “No slave, refuse me again and you won’t like what happens, now tell your mistress what she wants to hear.”

Raven quietly obeyed ” I, I liked it Mistress. I l-loved it. I ll-love you Miss-Mistress” Mina was again pleased but her day of fun still had one more phase. The phase that was designed to break Raven completely.

Still wearing that ungodly strap-on cock Mina commanded Raven to put her ass up and spread her butt cheeks wide.

“You think you like playing this way do you slave? Well I am going to beat Liz to something at least. You want to lick your step-mommy’s asshole. Well I am going to make you into a real anal whore here and now. Spread those cheeks slave.”

Raven did as she was told once more. Again the entry was rough and she began to cry in pain. Her soft green eyes welled with tears and she bent far forward feeling the plastic member plunder her virgin asshole. Mina knelt on one knee for added leverage and thrust hard and deep. The strokes weren’t fast as they had been when she’d fucked her pussy but it hurt so so much more.

Once again to Raven’s growing shame she could not hold back an eventual climax and when she screamed in violent orgasm Mina finally relented than pushed her forward into a crying heap on the bed.

“There, there, little birdie. You made it through our first day together. Since it’s Saturday you’ll be staying over where I can keep an eye on you. You can go home only when I say so, and as has been discussed this arrangement will continue for as long as I see fit. I am going to rest just now, but I shall return and when I do you will be ready won’t you?” Raven nodded elated that she would be free of her company at least for a while.

“I am going to leave you unbound. But only because I know that if you try to escape you shall unleash your worst nightmare. Sam here can keep you company till dinner time — but if you two get up to any funny business you will face my wrath. Now, I’m going out. And don’t forget what I said”.

When she had finally gone Raven breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Sam and began to cry. Sam was crying too.

“Rave I’m so sorry. Rave, I never meant” Sam stuttered.

“I know you didn’t Sam you couldn’t have, you had no idea. Look that’s not important anymore we’ve got to get the hell out of this house and away from Mina.”

Sam looked scared “But we can’t if we do it’s all gunna come crashing down on us Rave.”

” No, listen to me, we can’t let her win. She is evil. Anyway I know where those discs are and I think if we can just get in there and take them we can be free of her. She’s got nothing on you right?”

” No, well right, she doesn’t. Other than telling my momma about this. But I don’t think we’re getting in there, that locked room I mean she keeps the key upstairs at all times.”

Raven was determined. “I refuse to quit, I made it through her games once, I have no intention of doing so ever again.”

With that Raven dropped the conversation and untied Sam’s legs from the chair. The two had no clothes but found garments enough to cover themselves at least before leaving the room and heading out into the hall.

There was a figure standing at the end of the hall, but it wasn’t Mina. Anna Sumner stepped forward from the darkness. She gave a single handed wave.

“Hey, where you goin’?”

Raven wondered how deeply Anna held loyalty to Mina and thought for a second they may have a fight on their hands. We’ll if that were the case it was two on one and favorable — the girls inched forward ready for anything.

What actually happened was a welcome surprise. Anna spoke “You wouldn’t be looking for these would ya?” Anna held out a key ring with two keys dangling from it.

She tossed them to Sam who caught them in her hand. “Lord Anna, you had me goin’ for a minute girl. You sure you ready for what happens when Mina finds out?”

“Don’t you worry what I’m ready for doll. I’ve got a score to settle with our former mistress and she’s the one who isn’t ready. Do what you gotta, but then get the fuck outta this house, it’s about to get really hot in here if you get me.” Raven and Sam had a good idea what she was implying.

The padlocked door opened with a loud creaking noise. It was little more than a closet with shelves on each side. What looked to be hundreds of discs lined the shelves.

Luckily they were labeled, a foolish convenience. Raven found the row with her name, and Liz’s. She figured they were all the copies of the same disc.

She removed them from their cases and the girls smashed them to bits. Time was of the highest importance but seeing all those other discs Raven couldn’t resist the impulse and she began to smash them all. She cut herself a few times on shards but felt no pain after all she had endured.

Sam grabbed her shoulder. “Rave babe, we better jet. Like now. We got all the one’s with your name. Plus Anna’s about to set this place off, all of it will be burned anyway.”

Raven wasn’t entirely sure, but she knew Sam was right that they needed to move fast so she went.

The girls rode Sam’s car out of there and thought they heard sirens fading in the distance. They prayed Anna would make it out alright. She had come out of nowhere and saved their asses. They really owed her one.

When they pulled up in front of the Robinson family home the sun was going down. They entered the back door to find Liz crying at the kitchen table. Raven ran to embrace her step-mother. There was a handgun on the table and Liz was dressed in black.

“Liz, Liz, everything is alright. We got out, and we got rid of all the copies of the disc.”

Liz was still notably distraught the news seemed to bounce off her.

” The video… it doesn’t even matter anymore Raven. I… I’ve just got a call from a hospital upstate. It’s your dad Raven. He, he was found honey. Found d-dead. There was a crash. Someone was with him in the car, a woman. They said she made it, but, she’s in a coma.”

This news hit Raven Robinson like a ton of bricks she couldn’t speak at first but then stuttered a question.

“What. What about the gun. Y-you weren’t..” she trailed off beginning to cry.

“No, no, of course not honey. I, I was waiting for it to get dark when I got the call. I was planning your rescue.” Liz shook with excess adrenaline and grief.

“I think I was ready to go and kill her.”

Everybody in this story is of legal age. All facts are pure fiction.

For better understanding, please read the first chapter of this story.


Two peaceful weeks passed since I had the overwhelming episode with my girlfriend’s mother. I was trying to forget that humiliating scene I had with Vicky, and, except the nights when I was masturbating two or three times thinking about her beautiful legs, it looked like everything went back to normal.

That is why I was very surprised when I’ve heard Lynette saying, while we were having an ice-cream at a downtown cafeteria.

“You know what? I wish I had my mother’s long perfect legs instead of those short of mine. Too bad I only inherited her round tits!”


“I always thought… She’s such a nice mix of a hard woman and sweet and funny too! She is so comfortable with herself, her body and sex life… She is the total womanly package, don’t you think?”

“Errr, I don’t know…”

My thought drifted away to her mother, while she was chatting. I remembered her high cheekbones and firm jaws. She was right, that sexy slut mother of hers was the kind that makes you pull your cock out of your pants instantly. But, fuck, she was talking about her own mother! If poor girl knew the hot scenes between me and her mom!

Vicky seemed to like me, and I was ready for doing anything to fuck that sweet ass of hers, at least one time in my life.


I was kind of struck when I recognized Vicky on my phone, a few days after. We only spoke a few words, she was expecting me that evening, her daughter will be in town until midnight. Her self confident and demanding voice was pissing me off. I don’t know why, but I felt I had no chance but to go to her. I had to get back there and face her. I was angry because she always acted like she was in charge. I was sure this time I will show her who’s wearing the pants, because it was impossible that a 42 years old woman was mentally stronger than me, and likewise to be physically tougher. My tall skinny yet athletic frame, was enough to give me a sort of confidence I’ll teach that cougar a lesson as soon as I’ll have the chance… and I was sure this was the lucky day …

It was strange, but I had an iron bar erection just in the second I’ve heard her. I couldn’t keep from masturbating right then. I jacked off furiously, imagining I was forcefully fucking her full mouth.


I had to wait a few minutes until Vicky finally opened the door. That crazy bitch, she wanted to test my nerves, for sure! I wanted to tell her something about that when she unlocked, but when I saw her, I was really close to fall on my feet there in the front of the door! Vicky was quite a sight that evening. I wondered if she had the courage to get out of the house dressed like that. Well, maybe the word “dressed” is a not a proper one… . I think “undressed” would be more correct… All she was wearing was a tight black thong barely covering her ass. Obviously, she didn’t have any bra and I was sure she didn’t’ have any panties. Her four inch high heels made her look very tall. She was obviously not shy about showing off her large breasts and fit body. Shy women don’t wear clothes like that. She noticed the lust in my eyes, so she asked me smiling:

“Don’t you like what you see, Mick?”

“Oh, it’s just… This is definitely the boldest dress I’ve ever seen…You look absolutely stunning…”

“Well, I worked so hard on my body for many years, I love the way I look, and I just love to show it off. I’m sure that men appreciate that. Come with me!”

Following her, my eyes stuck on her tight ass muscles stretching the very thin fabric of her thong. Her long shapely legs and the perfect definition they had were a jaw dropping show for a horny young lad like me.

I sit on a couch and while she was getting some whisky glasses to fire up us both, she broke the silence.

“I was out of town for a few days… I missed my cock…”

“Your cock?”

She turned her head and looking me square in the eye she said “You certainly know your cock is now mine dear! Are you trying to tell me you don’t want that?”

I wanted to deny, but her low voice and her perfect physique were so intimidating, and I just succeeded to kind of acknowledge her words.

She stepped close to me. The 4 inch heels of her black leather shoes, her long bronzed legs were hypnotizing me.

“Did you follow my rules, Mick?”

She sit next to me on the sofa, gracefully crossing her legs. Her thong slipped up on her hips, it was almost invisible by now. She was acting like she was my mistress. Did she really own me now?

“Yes, of course, Mrs. Vicki!”

Her hand beginning to stroke the impossible length of her tanned thighs. I felt obliged to continue “You should be sure I’m telling you the truth!”

“Really!” Her voice was suddenly steely. “Would I!” She leaned in close, her face inches from my own and whispered as if it was a big secret “my daughter told me you had the best fuck in the world yesterday!”

My eyes fell to the ground. I was too shocked to try to deny, and stood completely still. She closed in her face inches from mine.

“Do you remember the rules?”

“Yes, Vicki!”

“What a sweet boy!”

She pressed one of her stilleto high heels into my foot.

“Hey, you, that was my foot!”.

Her sharp fingernails lifted my chin, to be sure our eyes meet.

“I don’t remember I ever allowed you to fuck my daughter?”

I didn’t say a word.

“Yes …?”

“You’re hurting me. Please remove your heel!”

“Not until you apologize properly!”

That was one crazy woman, I thought. Then I received a slap. It was not a girl slap. It was a painful, deafening slap. I’d literally forgotten what I was going to say. It was useless to say anything, anyway. Next slap made me lean under the force of her strike.

“Please,” I begged her. “Please don’t!”

“Shut up, sissy boy! Take it like a man. Do you regret what you did?”

“I do.”

“You’re a big boy Paul…” Slap! “So I can be…” Slap! …”No” Slap! …” I must be…” Slap! “rough with you now!” Slap! “You must understand” Slap! “You have to face the consequences!” Slap! “For not listening!”

I was tired of taking her crap. I get up to kick her ass. But it was too late for my decision. I was already totally disoriented from receiving all those violent slaps which almost had shake my brains against my skull, and my face was burning like hell. She already had one of her hands firmly embedded in my hair and the other one punched my neck. That took all my breath off. I fell on my knees.

She mounted me with her knees and shins, and her weight transformed her exquisite legs into tormenting tools. Her hands imprisoned mine in a vise-like grip. I struggled helplessly against her cruel maneuvers but it was no use. I had no escape. What frighten me, was the fact that I expected her to be full of rage, but she was cool blooded and methodical. She just smiled and trapped my both arms while leaving her right hand free. Then her hand crushed my balls and I melt like clay.

She was having me right how she wanted me. I felt captured, broken and submitted. I was a immobilised prey, waiting to be devoured. Those shapely legs were obviously strong enough to trap me into the position of oral slavery again. How can a sexy woman be this strong?

Her skirt was lifted up on her thighs and for one second I had a close look of her moist pussy. Her thighs wrapped around my face and held me in position without taking any effort. My nose fitted into her vagina. She started dragging her pussy over my mouth and my nose. The only thing I could see were the muscles in her thighs working when she was raising to push herself heavier over my face. Finally, exhausted by countless orgasms, she layed on the armchair, continuing drinking from her glass of whisky. I was trying to recover myself.

“I’m sorry, Vicky!” She acted like she didn’t hear me.

“Please forgive me!”

She grasped my face with her hand to meet my eyes.

“I know that you’re sorry. Tell me something I don’t know: why you’re breaking my fucking rules!”

“Please forgive me, Vicky!”

“You just saw how powerless you are to resist me. Why did you disobeyed me? Do you remember my fucking rules?”

I kneeled in front of her, I don’t know why, but suddenly I felt that was the only way I could make her forgive me. I didn’t believe myself I was so easy to manipulate into submission.

“Tell me!”

“I’ll be your private fantasy when ever you want, whatever it takes.”


“I may not come without your permission.”

Around her right ankle was a golden ankle bracelet. I kissed it. I felt a hand grabbing a handful of my hair and I was pulled upwards to look straight into my eyes.

“Poor boy! This rule is driving you insane, doesn’t it? “

“I am not allowed to fuck anybody else, without you approval!”

“Now listen to me boy. Listen very carefully! I will not tolerate you any further disobedience of the three simple rules! Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ms Vicky!”

“You may not fuck my daughter or any other girl and not even masturbate, if I don’t allow you to! I will show you I’m a kind woman, and I’ll forgive you this time!”

She leaned in close to me, whispering: “We can have lots and lots of fun if you behave yourself. Too bad you lost a lot of fun today!” She stretched one leg out just inches from my face. “Look at my legs, I know you crave to!”

I was not able to take my eyes off those shapely legs.

“Have a close look… I know you’ve been lusting for my calves… You are trying to hide your stiff cock, don’t you? I bet you are anxious to go home to jack off again!” she said as she ran her fingers lightly along the ridges of her muscular calves.

“Take your clothes off, now. I really want to see your cock!”

Slowly, reluctantly, I moved my hands towards my zip.

” Look into my eyes, young man!” I felt her beautiful black eyes had something hypnotic “DO IT!”

I finally released my raging hard-on from my pants. I’m sure my eyes bulged as she proceeded to rip her clothes off revealing her amazingly tanned and toned upper body. My resistance collapsed like a house of cards when I saw the perfect mounds she just revealed. My hand moved automatically to my cock and grasped it.

“Don’t you like what you see, honey?” she asked while arching her back to push her marvellous tits closer to my burning face. Seeing them bounce like that should get any man hard. It’s irresistable tempting to blow your load watching something so lusty.

“Stroke it for me…do it slowly.”

I slowly started to stroke my cock.

“I’ve never done it like that before!”

“Like what? Wanking yourself off in front of a woman?”


She held me there on my knees, I was feeling I was totally at her will, while I begged in my mind for release. She was looking so sexy and the smell her gorgeous tits was so enticing….

“Come on, I know you like my body. Don’t you want to touch me, Mike?” She leaned her head and whispered “Give me your free hand!”

She reached out, taking my hand and put it on her thigh. When I hadn’t moved my hand after a few minutes she moved it higher up her leg. It was a maddeningly intense sensation. I caressed it gently, starring in her eyes. She was watching what I was doing.

“Don’t be shy, baby,” she said. “I won’t bite you.” I started to run my hand up and down her thigh more firmly.

“I know you need me bad. Real bad. Is that true, Mike?”

“You would like having one girl stroking your cock right now, don’t you, Mick?” she asked in teasing tone.

“Oh, yes!” I replied hoarsely. “You’re the most amazing woman I have ever seen!”

She grasped my swollen meat with one hand and slowly pumped up and down a couple of times.

“Oh, yes!” Do it harder, please!”

“I’m not hurting you, am I? Do you want me to let you spurt? The hot cum on my body drives me crazy.”

“Yes, Ms. Vicky! Please help me!”

“Not today, Mick. I don’t want getting my hands dirty with your sticky cum today!” she smiled, looking down at my penis, than turning her head to the left. I followed her eyes and found Jeanette watching us with amusement.

“Well look what we have here” she said, stepping into plain view. Jeanette was dressed in a red mini skirt, and a figure hugging red blouse open at the neck revealing a lot of cleavage. She was chewing gum.

“My boyfriend lost his clothes when he found himself alone with my hot mummy”. Her bubble gum exploded.

I was a sculpture made in stone. What can you explain to your teen girlfriend who catches you while her mum is jacking you off? My naked teenage boner was standing proudly right before her eyes.

“Me and mommy had a bet. Mommy said men are weak and she’ll make you into her dolly, and make you lose your mind”

Lynette stepped in close to me, and although she was much shorter then me, I felt pinned against the wall and suffocating me. She placed her small hands on my

chest then pushed me back.

“Oh Mick,” she giggled, “I enjoyed watching you so much. It’s ridiculously hot stuff. Your body and cock are just perfect toys for a sexy older skilled woman!”

“Just calm down, Lynette” I replied. “I’ll explain you.”

“It’s such a long time since I noticed you staring at mom’s legs without embarrassment. I know mom is a stunner and she has a great effect on all cock owners. Mom told me she was sure you can’t control your perverted urges, and you were jerking off thinking about her. I just thought she’s a crazy old bitch! That’s why, me and mommy made that bet. Mommy said men are weak, and she is able to make you into her dolly, and make you forget who you are, forget about me, forget about your pride and everything else. It was going to be easy. And you were forcing me to fuck me in the ass or make me suck cock!!”

“Hey, you two set me a trap! That was not fair!”

As she walked towards me there was a strange look in her eyes. I could not tell if it was hate, anger or lust.

“Shut the fuck up. I’ll make you suffer for betraying me!”

“You enjoy watching her long silky legs work, you little slut? Well, enjoy this!” To my surprise, she kicked my shin. It was very painful. She was not a is a shy sweetie anymore!

“I’m sick of you both, stupid bitches, I’m leaving this place now!

Right then Vicky slapped me hard across the face. I was stunned by her fast action, and, before I was able to react, her knee went hard into my groin.

I falled like a tree down the floor holding my broken balls, unable to breath anymore. When I tried to get back on my feet, grunting, I felt an iron hand grabbed my hair and dragged me again down on my knees. I felt Vicky forcing my hands behind my back and Lynette emprisoned me with handcuffs. Where the hell did they have them? I was beaten by a woman in a few seconds!

“That was really something, mom! I didn’t believe you can sport such agility” the younger woman said.

“Oh, dear, it’s all in the technique” her mother replied casually.

“You finished him off before you began! You floored him by a mere touch of your knee.

“It was not big deal! It’s just experience, darling! It’s not important how strong he is, the only important thing is to leave him no chance! Now let’s have fun with your pathetic cock-driven boyfriend!”

Her long muscular thighs wrapped around my body.

“I will show you just how powerless he is.”

She crossed her ankles and started to squeeze unbearable hard. I struggled to get free of myself, I even yelled, but they just laughed at useless efforts. She held me in any position she wanted very easily, watching with wicked delight while I was squirming helplessly in her crushing leg vice, with my hands tied at my back. Vicky was not a woman wrestling with a man, she was a butcher manipulating a piece of dead meat.

My struggle against her strong limbs made me soon to lose all my stamina. After a while, I realized that I was at her total mercy and I quit fighting.

“Now, you must admit you are at our total mercy!” laughed Lynette.

“Mick, be a dear and stay still” continued Vicky. “Maybe it would be harmful for you to continue to fight! I see you’re so full of sweat!”

“OK! I’m yours!” I had to admit.

Vicky released me for a brief second, completely, I tried to stand up, but maybe I was too tired or not fast enough, because she swept my legs and pushed my neck downwoards and I falled on my knees. I was lucky she caught my restrained arms, because I was close to hit the floor with my head. Lynette slapped my face twice while Vicky turned me with my face upwards and twisted painfully her legs with mine in such a way that my legs were open and my cock was exposed without mercy for her daughter to see.

“OK, I give up!”

“Did you hear anything, honey?” asked Vicky.

Her daughter kicked my abdomen.

“No, mom!”

“Please, I beg you, I give up!”

“Finally I’ve heared a proper addressing formula for two ladies!” Lynette acknowledged.

I felt Vicky’s strong body relaxing, but keeping a slight pressure on my limbs to secure me.

“I hope you’ve seen enough and you won’t try to something silly! Wrestling is for strong ones!”

“Mom, watch this.”

“I bet the bastard has a rock hard erection, doesn’t he?”

“You’re right! He’s actually enjoying this, weak bastard!”

“You know what? His penis is kinda cute!”

“Me and my mother, we make a good team don’t we?” Lynette purred into my ear.

“OK, let’s put it like this”, she said gently grasping my balls. “I will be honest with you, and I expect you the same thing. I want you to tell me why I’ve found you naked and begging my mother to jack you off”. An impossibly long tongue was inching slowly up my ear. “Otherwise…” Her hand gave my balls a vicious squeeze whilst she was biting my ear, making me shout. I squirmed but Vicky was far too strong for me to get loose. “You will be nothing more then a little fuck toy for two horny cruel women!”

She stood up, crossing her arms under her round tits.

“Is that clear, sweetheart?”

“Yes, it is!”

“Is this like a “truth or dare” game?”

Vicki started to laugh. She wrapped her left arm around my upper body and slapped the top of my head. “He’s dumb, I’ve told you!”. I was seeing stars while I was trying to understand her daughter’s words.

“You are really a dumb asshole! This is not a game! This is about returning home with your balls broken or not!”

“OK, I’m yours! Please free me!”

They sit on the couch smiling. I knelt in front of their crossed legs. Lynette started to talk.

“All I want to see is if you are able to speak the truth or not. I want you to be sincere and tell us why you wanted to fuck my mother. If I’ll find you had a strong reason, maybe I’ll forgive you!”

Vicky continued “If you don’t want to co-operate we’ll find a way to force you. Believe me, I’ve been very gently with you until now. But that can be changed! “

I began to confess in a tear-stained voice.

“Lynette, I really love you and this is the truth. You are a very nice girl and every boy I know is willing to get into your pants. For everyone would be ultra flattering that such a beautiful girl even notices him.

Too bad it happened you to be the daughter of an exceptionally attractive woman. This is my dilemma. You are a beautiful girl indeed, but your mother is goddess like.

Ever since I remember I know me as being a male, I really admired Vicky. Every time I was close to her seemed to bring me a sense of comfort and produced a wave of sexual excitement. Every time I see her I’m amazed at how smoking hot she is. But she is sweet and funny too! Her personality shines! What a suitable combination for a sexy seductress! She had always been the subject of many of my masturbatory fantasies.

I’ve been visiting your home for a little over a year, untill now. When you brought me inside your home, I caught myself looking after her when she bends down and shows her perfect, tight ass. Seeing her bounce it like that should get any man hard.

Kavya sat down on a small bench placed on top of the college building’s terrace. “This is a wonderful, warm place to sit and think. Come, join me,” she tapped the seat next to hers.

“Wow, I’ve been in this college two years, never seen this spot before.” Priya said. “So quiet and secluded.”

“And warm,” Kavya said. “Check out the view from here. You can see the college grounds fully.”

Priya sat down on the bench and looked out to see the college’s football field. “Nice! This is a good spot, indeed.”

“Told you so,” Kavya said, staring out into the football field. “And those are our classmates playing out there!”

“Yeah.” Priya smiled. “And there’s Rahul.”

“What about him?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. He’s just, you know, a very close friend…”

“Like a boyfriend?” Kavya asked.

“How could you know? I never told anybody about us.”

“I would know such things. I see the way he looks at you, and the way you look back at him.” Kavya said. “Your eyes get all big, and your breath slows down and your head turns sideways like this,” she said, leaning her head towards the left.

“You know body language or what?” Priya laughed.

“It’s just called good observation.” Kavya said.

“What about you? Don’t tell me there isn’t any mushy stuff going on with you…”

“Yeah there is someone,” she blushed. “Rohan,” she pointed to one of the players on the football field.

“Wow.” Priya said. “He’s a very nice guy.”

“Yeah he is.” Kavya said. “It was almost like love at first sight. You remember the debates we had during the first year?” Priya nodded. “I saw this guy with his beautiful chest, his strong manly voice and his charisma.”

“I understand. I like him, too.” Priya said. “Look at you, you’re almost drooling right now.”

“Yeah I know.” Kavya said. “Love him, love him, love him.”

“You both look like a wonderful couple, too.” Priya said. Just then, there was a noise behind them. A classmate named Manoj had tripped on the terrace’s door, and tumbled to the floor with his heavy bag. The girls watched him in complete silence as he recovered from the fall, smiled at Kavya, giggled and walked out of the terrace. “What just happened?”

“Oh, he’s a bit of a stalker.” Kavya said.

“He was your boyfriend or something?” Priya asked.

“No. No way. Yuck, how’s that even possible? You’ve seen how he walks? It’s like he’s walking on the moon or something.” Kavya said.

“So why’s he stalking you?”

“For two years he just kept staring at me and said nothing. Then last week he tried to ask me out and I said ‘no’. We’ve been bumping into each other since. It’s been so awkward.”

“You just said ‘no’?”

“I said that I’m not interested in him.”

“Oh dearie.” Priya shook her head. “That’s never enough with these losers.”

“What should I do, Priya?”

“Just wait right here,” Priya said, jumping off the bench and sprinting out of the terrace behind Manoj. “Hey, Manoj! Wait for me.”

Manoj was one flight of stairs below. “Yes?”

“Kavya wants you to come upstairs.” Priya stated.

“She does?” Manoj asked, turning around and climbing up and giggling like an enthused monkey.

“Of course she does.” Priya said, guiding him to go towards the girl.

Manoj got onto the terrace and cautiously walked towards Kavya. He pointed to her and then to himself. “She said you wanted to see me?”

“I guess so,” Kavya shrugged.

Manoj made his way towards the bench she was sitting on. “Hey, that seat is mine. Just stand in front of her,” Priya said, showing him a spot before the pretty girl.

“What’s happening?” Manoj asked, darting glances between the two pretty women.

“Well,” Priya said, standing next to Manoj. “Why don’t you start by asking Kavya exactly what you asked her a week back?”

Ask her out again!

“You mean?” Manoj swallowed. Priya nodded. “Kavya,” Manoj said, getting down on his knees. “I’m in love with you, since the day I laid my eyes on you. Please go to dinner with me, so I can show you how much we both suit each other.”

“Is that exactly what you said?” Priya asked.

Manoj shook his head. “Isn’t she the one who’s supposed to answer my question?”

“She will give you your answer, alright.” Priya said. “But I want to make sure that you’ve got the words right.”

“This was exactly what I said, Priya.” Manoj said. “I wrote it down and practiced it before the mirror many times, so I could get it right when I ask her for real.”

“Of course you wrote it down.” Priya laughed. “Now, do you know that Kavya is in love with Rohan?”

“She is?” Manoj asked, his eyes turning left, then right.

“You knew it, didn’t you?” Priya asked.

Manoj shook his head. “No way. I wouldn’t ask her out if she wasn’t single.”

“Hey, you need to stop lying to us. Everyone knows about the two of them.” Priya said. “And Kavya cannot stand dishonest men. Your only shot here is to be honest.”

“Alright,” Manoj said. “I knew about them and I was hoping I could still win her over.”

“That’s better.” Priya said.

“What about your answer, Kavya? Please go out with me?” Manoj pleaded.

“Tell him exactly what you had told last week.” Priya said.

“I’m not interested.” Kavya said, pursing her lips.

“Hey, don’t do that.” Priya said. “You’re looking embarrassed. Come on, you’ve got an awesome boyfriend who’s keeping you happy. Say it with more force.”

“I’m not interested in you.” Kavya said, frowning at him and shaking her hands towards his face as if she were brushing him out of her life.

“Awesome.” Priya said. “Now,” she caught Manoj’s hand and locked them behind his back using her tight grip. “He starts crying.”

Manoj looked up to Kavya with tears in his eyes. “I’m so sorry.” Kavya said.

“Hey, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about.” Priya said. “He wants to break you up with your perfect boyfriend and you are stopping him. Be firm with him.”

“That’s true,” Kavya said, raising her head. “Manoj, I want you to get out of my life. I would never go out with you.”

“Because you have a boyfriend, I understand.” Manoj said.

“Yes.” Kavya said.

“NO!” Priya screamed. “I’ve faced obsessive men like him before. It’s very dangerous to say that you can’t be with him solely because you aren’t single.”

“How is it dangerous?” Kavya asked.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.” Priya said, keeping Manoj trapped under her grip. “Once, a guy had asked me out in school and I said I’m with another guy. So the guy went and beat up my boyfriend.”

“Seriously?” Kavya asked.

“Yes.” Priya said. “You’ve communicated that the only reason he can’t be with you is one boyfriend. So in his head, he only has to eliminate the boyfriend from the equation to be with you.”

“You reckon Manoj is like that?” Kavya asked.

Manoj shook his head but Priya began before he could speak. “Kavya, I know these guys. Tell me, how long has he been staring at you?”

“Two years plus.” Kavya said.

“That’s just what he does when he sees you. Imagine what’s going in his head the whole day. What would he dream about at night? Obsession builds up like that, you know.” Priya said.

“That’s true.” Kavya said. She turned to him. “Hey, Manoj,” Kavya said. Manoj looked up to her. “I will never ever go out with a loser like you. You suck!” she said. Tears flew out of Manoj’s eyes as he twisted under Priya’s shoulder lock. “Look at you crying away like a pathetic loser,” Kavya said. “What makes you think a girl like me would ever be with a guy like you?”

Priya nodded and smiled. “That’s sensational performance! Keep going, don’t stop.”

“In what universe do guys like you get girls like me?” Kavya asked, pointing to herself.

“Beautiful!” Priya laughed, gripping Manoj tighter and making him squirm at her feet. “That’s right, loser. Kiss her sandals.” Manoj opened his mouth and went for a kiss to Kavya’s sandals. “That’s what I thought. He’s a perverted slave.”

That’s where you should be! Kiss her sandals

“You mean, the way he’s enjoying my sandals?” Kavya laughed.

“Exactly.” Priya said.

“Well if he’s enjoying my sandals,” Kavya raised her leg and kicked away Manoj’s face. “I will never let him kiss them again in his life.” She let her sandals drop to the floor and displayed her dirty feet to him. “You want to take a kick from these feet, loser?”

Manoj shook his head.

“Then that’s exactly what you’ll get.” Kavya said, delivering a hard kick to the reject’s face. “Take that, loser. And that,” she said, winding back her leg and pushing it forth for a hard kick that almost broke the bridge of his nose. “LO-SER. LO-SER.” Kavya said, kicking him once on the face as she spoke each syllable.

Take my kicks to your face!

Soon, Manoj’s face was combination of red from bleeding, blue from the impact of her kicks and black from the sticky dust she’d transferred to his face. Priya let go of him, and he dropped to the floor, defeated and soul deprived. “How do you feel?” Priya asked.

“Awesome.” Kavya said. “He deserved every bit of that.”

“Yes he did,” Priya said, smiling at the girl as she breathed heavily. “You feel like a big weight is off your shoulders?”

“I do, Priya. Thank you so much.” Kavya said.

“Let me test you, then.” Priya said, sitting next to Kavya. “What do you feel like doing to him now?”

“Grrrrrrr,” Kavya gritted her teeth. “I want to pound his head to the floor and watch him bleed. I want to spit on him. Then I want to pee on his ugly face and make him drink it. Grrrrr…. his mere presence pisses me off.”

“That’s perfect.” Priya said. “You have learned well, my child!” “How long do you think it’ll take for this guy to get up?” Kavya said. “I can’t wait to pound the life out of him.”

“You will do that and much more, just wait.” Priya said, waiting with folded hands for the reject to get up from Kavya’s ruthless kicks to his face. Manoj began to stir, his head reeled from the sudden paucity of strength in his body. He slowly got up and looked at the two women sitting over him on the bench. “Are you awake, loser?” Priya asked.

“Yes,” Manoj said, holding his head in his hands to see if the world could stop spinning that way.

“How do Kavya’s sandals taste? You want some more?”

“Shut up.” Manoj said. “You girls had no right putting me through that kind of violence. It’s not a crime to fall in love with someone.”

“It isn’t a crime, that’s for sure. But you kept staring at her and stalking her. You basically creeped her out of any possibility of ever liking you .” Priya said.

“That’s crazy talk.” Manoj said.

“Hey, who said you can talk now?” Priya asked. “Shut up and take off Kavya’s sandals.”

Manoj looked at the girl’s black sandals and then to her frowning face. He hesitated for a few moments. Then he crawled forward and took off the sandals one by one.

Kavya smiled with Priya. “How come he is obeying you so easily?”

“I control people like him all day with my voice and my words. It’s not hard to make him do anything you want.” Priya said.

“Let me try that, then.” Kavya sad. She rested the left leg on the right and showed the bottom of her dirty foot to the reject. “Hey, loser!”

Look how dirty!

Manoj kept his head down.

“Hey, you fuckin’ bastard! Why didn’t you respond to me just now?” Kavya asked.

“I didn’t hear my name.” Manoj said, looking up to her.

Kavya kicked his face hard with her dirty heels. “You are a loser. From now on, you’re going to respond to the call of ‘loser’. Is that understood?”

“Yes Kavya,” Manoj said, wiping tears off his face.

“That’s right. Now stop crying, you pathetic loser!” Kavya ordered. Manoj sniffled and rubbed off the tears in response. “That’s better. You are nothing but an ugly, creepy reject. You’re going to obey my every command. Starting with,” she stretched her left foot forward, “taking my dirty feet in your hands.”

Ask my feet out on a date!

“I will, Kavya.” Manoj caught Kavya’s dirty foot in his hands.

“Now ask me out again. But this time, you’re talking to my feet.” Kavya said.

“Kavya,” Manoj began.

“Talk to my feet, loser!” Kavya reminded.

“Kavya’s feet,” Manoj said, looking up to the bottom of her foot. “I have been in love with you since the day I laid my eyes on you.” Kavya laughed and Priya joined her with a high-five. “Please let me spend some time so you can see how much we suit each other,” he said, looking straight to the dusty feet.

“He wants a date with my beautiful feet!” Kavya said, sharing a hearty laugh with Priya. She then wiggled her toes. “My gorgeous feet on a date with a loser like you? I just don’t think it’s ever going to work out. I mean, look at my beautiful, flexible toes. You will never be good enough to go on a date with these toes.”

“Please, Kavya’s feet.” Manoj said.

“I will consider it if you kiss them.” Kavya said.

“Oh, come on. They’re so dirty,” Manoj cried.

“Do you want a date with them or not?”

Manoj closed his eyes and moved his head close to the feet, smelling their rotten flavor into his nose. He opened his mouth, converged his lips and pecked one of the toes.

“Oh my God! He actually kissed my feet.” Kavya said.

“Of course he did.” Priya said. “Don’t be fooled by the appearance. He’s loving every moment of it.”

“I’m done.” Manoj said. “I kissed your feet.”

Kavya caught her foot in her hand to check their bottoms. “There’s still so much dust on this foot. What sort of a loser are you, anyway? Can’t even clean my feet properly.”

“You told me to just kiss them,” Manoj said.

“Kiss them with your tongue. You know what a French kiss looks like, loser?” Kavya asked.

“Yes.” Manoj swallowed.

“Yeah. That’s exactly what I want you to do with my feet.” Kavya said, wiggling her toes.

Manoj caught the foot in his hand and opened his mouth wide. He went forward and mouthed much of her dirty heel, and kissed it with some intensity, cleaning up the sticky dirt surface with his agile tongue. “Oh my God. It tickles,” Kavya said.

“But it feels good?” Priya asked.

“Wonderful. We are putting this loser in his rightful place.” Kavya said.

Manoj’s tongue went up the arches of her feet, then to the two cheeks. He then sucked each of her toes. “That’s right. Put it into your mouth like a lollipop.” Kavya instructed. Manoj obeyed without question, and without the slightest hesitation. He was done in a few minutes; he stared at the foot as he sat back in place. Kavya checked her foot. “Hmmm, not such a bad job.” She then stretched her right foot forward. “But now my other foot is all dirty. Do them now, loser.”

Manoj obeyed swiftly, grabbing the feet and French kissing them with his tongue, cleaning up every speck of dust on them before placing them back on the ground. “Now, Kavya?”

Kavya checked the surface of both her feet. “You’ve genuinely cleaned them up with your disgusting tongue,” she nodded. “Keep both my feet on your face and ask them out again.”

Manoj picked up both her feet and placed them on his face, worshiping them like they were his Gods. “Please give me a chance with your feet.”

“You want to be a boyfriend of my feet?” Kavya asked.

“Yes. Please, yes.” Manoj cried.

“What do you say, Priya?” Kavya asked. “Is this loser good enough to be with my feet?”

“No way in hell.” Priya shook her head.

Kavya kicked off Manoj’s face. “You are rejected from that too. Not good enough for me, not good enough for my feet, either. That’s how much of a loser you are!”

You’ll never be good enough for these feet!

Manoj fell to the floor and began to cry uncontrollably. “What do you want me to do, Kavya? Say it and I’ll do it.”

“I will tell you what to do.” Priya said. “Sit down on your hands and knees.” Manoj sat as he was told. “Now turn around,” Priya giggled.

“You’re going to kick my ass, aren’t you?” Manoj asked, turning around.

“That wasn’t what I had in mind, but if you want it so badly.” Priya placed her feet in position and gestured for Kavya to do the same. The girls kicked each of his butt cheeks as hard as they could, sending him crashing head first into the floor. “You can have it!” The girls clapped their hands and laughed.

If you want your ass kicked so badly!

Manoj rubbed his buttocks as he tried to recover from the hit. “Hey, loser. Get in position again.” Kavya said. “Priya has something she wants you to do.”

Manoj sat on his hands and knees again, and turned around. Priya stood up and walked over to his front. “Have you ever been to the ladies restroom, you disgusting pervert?”

“Never, Priya.”

“Even while stalking this girl?”

“Not the ladies room, Priya. No.” Manoj said.

“In that case,” Priya pointed to his back, “Kavya will sit on your back. You are going to ride her to the ladies room”

“Wow,” Kavya got up to sit on Manoj’s back. “You’re my four legged horsie. Take me to the ladies room, loser. Giddiyap!” She slapped the back of Manoj’s head. “Move! Now!”

Manoj began to walk on his fours, guided by Priya. He made his way out of the terrace with Kavya sitting comfortably on his back. “What are you girls going to do to me in the ladies room?” he asked.

“A bunch of stuff,” Priya said. “You need to be shown how inferior you are to a girl like Kavya. It’s a crime for a loser like you to even ask out a girl like her. Heck, it’s a crime for people like you to even imagine asking her out. We’re going to make you sorry that you ever dared to do it.”

Ride me to the restroom! Giddiyap!

“I’m sorry,” Manoj said as he reached the stairs.

“You’re just saying that because you have to ride me down these stairs.” Kavya said. “Nothing doing, loser. Start going down, now!”

Manoj landed one hand on a step, the other hand on the next step and began to step down the stairs on all fours. “See how naturally you adapt to this job?” Kavya asked. “This is where you belong, this is what God sent you for. Now go down faster.”

Ride me to the restroom! Giddiyap!

Manoj struggled with her weight on his back as he crawled down four flights of stairs on his tired hands and knees. They finally reached the ladies room. Priya went in first and came out a few seconds later. “The coast is clear. Bring him in.” Kavya slapped Manoj’s head, just outside the ladies’ room. “Get inside, loser!” Manoj moved forward, pushed the door using his head and crawled inside with Kavya riding on his back. He rode the girl of his dreams into the restroom and stopped right in front of Priya. “Stop,” she said, planted her feet on the ground and slowly raised herself off his back.

“Kneel down,” Priya said, “and look at yourself in these mirrors.”

Manoj knelt on the cold floor and looked at his bruised face in the mirrors and started to cry.

“How do you feel?” Priya asked.

“Ugly,” Manoj said. “I took such a nasty beating from you, Kavya.”

“Hey,” Kavya shook her head, “you’re making it sound like you did me a favor. You didn’t.”

“I most certainly didn’t do it for myself.” Manoj said.

“It nothing but just punishment for your crimes.” Priya said, strangling the man’s neck. “Look at yourself in the mirror. And look at Kavya. How can it even be possible for a creep like you to get a girl like that?”

“I’m not…”

Kavya slapped his cheek, shutting him up for good. “You’re a creep. A loser. I’m going to punish you in any way I want, you just have to shut up and take it from me.” She adjusted her hair behind her head. “Speaking of which, that slap felt really good. Show me your face again.”

Manoj showed his cringed face to the girl. She took her hand back and brought it to his cheeks swiftly, delivering a nasty slap.

“That was beautiful!” Priya said. “Let me show you how to make it hurt even harder.” She took Kavya’s place and shouted down to the reject. “Hey, loser! Get up and take a slap from me!”

Manoj slowly sat himself up, his head shaking around with no idea of how he could possibly defend himself from the slaps. Priya brought all her fingers together tightly and showed her hand to Kavya. “Make your hand like a bat. Solid. No space between the fingers.” She then took her hand behind her head and brought it over to his cheek, nearly blowing it apart on impact.

“Wow.” Kavya said, clapping. “I will try to do that now.” She stood over Manoj, waited for him to get up and applied her newly learned slap technique, cutting into his skin with loud, devastating effect.

“Perfect!” Priya said. “The apprentice has beaten the master.”

“Thank you,” Kavya blushed. She then shook her hands. “My fingers almost hurt a bit from that slap.”

“It’s time to make him really sorry.” Priya said, grabbing Manoj’s neck and bringing him up to seat. “Hey, loser. Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” Manoj said, joining his hands together.

“You’re finally saying it,” Kavya said.

“I mean it, Kavya. I’m so sorry I ever asked you out.”

Priya shook him under her grip. “How far are you willing to go to win her forgiveness?”

“I’ll do anything, Priya.”

“Good. Kavya, show him your ass.” Priya said.

“What? Why should this loser get to see my beautiful butt?” Kavya asked.

“He should get a real sense of how superior you are.” Priya said.

“Hmm. Didn’t think of that.” Kavya said. She raised her skirt and stood before Manoj, displaying her butt. “Look at that, you ugly loser. The ugliest part of my body is prettier than your stupid face!”

How pretty is my ass? How ugly is your face?

“Yeah, you’re nothing more than a butt-ugly dog. Except you’re uglier than a butt.” Priya said, catching the back of Manoj’s neck. She pushed him into the panty-clad buttocks of Kavya. “Smell that. Taste that beautiful pair of balls.” She pushed Manoj’s face so that his nose piloted into the core of her butt crack and the sweaty surface of her buttocks spread all over his face, smothering him completely. Manoj went in and shook his face around for a few seconds, then caught the girl’s thighs and tried to get out of it. “Nothing doing,” Priya said, pushing him inside even harder.

Manoj spent the next moments in the breathless vacuüm, breathing nothing but the air between her ass cheeks. He moved his face around, feeling the gorgeous shape with his face, but he needed some air to enjoy the privilege that few men could ever get. Priya pulled back his face just in time to prevent him from passing out. “I would normally let losers like you die behind her ass. But you are such a loser, even that would be too good a death for you.”

You don’t even deserve to die here!

“Yeah,” Kavya said. She stepped back and caught the sides of her panties’ cloth in her hands, then brought them down to her feet and took them off from under her shoes. She dangled the divine panties in her fingers and taunted Manoj with them. “You want to eat this, loser?”

Manoj joined his hands and shook his head.

“Then that’s exactly what you’ll eat.” Kavya said, stuffing the panties into Manoj’s mouth. “There’s some dirt between the threads, suck them into your soul because that’s the only meal you’re going to get.” Manoj choked on the panties as she stuffed them into his mouth. She was stretching the limits of his cheeks’ flexibility and that of his throat with the forceful feed. “Good!” she said, once the panties were fully in his mouth.

Eat my panties for dinner!

“Now,” Kavya said, turning her back on him again. “I want you to ask out my ass.”

Manoj mumbled, and pointed to the panties stuffed in his mouth.

“Well, guess what?” Kavya said, bending forward. “There’s no point asking because you know the answer. You’re not good enough for my butt.”

“And you’ll never be,” Priya said, pushing Manoj’s face into Kavya’s ass, except this time, the buttocks were naked. He enjoyed the delightful scent and swam in the perfection of the girl’s butt crack for a few religious moments.

Kavya shook her butt left. “No.” She shook her butt right. “No way. A loser like you? Never!” She then twisted her butt round and round, smothering him in her crack.

Priya pulled him back after a few dozen smothering rounds. “Look at this guy. He looks like he’s just seen God.”

“That’s because he has!” Kavya said, flicking her butt with her forefingers. “To people like him, this is God!”

Delicious, ain’t it?

“Yeah.” Priya said. “Take those panties off your mouth, loser.”

Manoj pulled out the panties from his throat, fully wet with his saliva.

“Ugh!! Throw it into the dustbin and buy me new ones.” Kavya said. “Hand me your wallet now.” Manoj frantically pulled out a brown leather wallet from his pants and handed them to her. “Good,” she said, checking the contents, “there is enough money for new panties.”

“Now what, Kavya?” Manoj asked.

“I want you out of my life. So far out, I shouldn’t even be able to see you.” Kavya said.

“Or, you have one more option.” Priya said, winking at Kavya. “You can live the rest of your life as Kavya’s dog.”

“Him? My dog?” Kavya asked, clenching her face’s muscles. “I would have to take him home and give him food and everything.”

“No,” Priya said. “Don’t give him anything. He gets no food, no clothes, no nothing! He’ll be your dog for the rest of HIS life, as long as HE’s alive. Trust me, I know which life he’ll choose.”

Manoj had a guilty look on his face as he glanced at the two beautiful women standing over him. “I can go out and live my life normally, as long as I forget about you completely?” Kavya nodded. “Or I can live my life as your dog, with no food or water or money?”

“Exactly. Which one is it?” Kavya smiled.

“Make me your dog Kavya,” Manoj said, leaping to Kavya’s sandals and giving them a kiss.

“See? I told you.” Priya laughed. “I know his type.”

“Alright, dog.” Kavya said. “I’m going to take you home.”

“Hey, you have a car, don’t you?” Priya asked, slapping Manoj’s head.

“Yes, I do.”

“Give her the keys!” Priya demanded. “What would a dog like you need a car for?”

“Here!” Manoj pulled out his car key and placed it in Kavya’s hand. “It’s yours for life.”

“No hesitation at all! That’s a good dog.” Kavya said, fiddling with the keys. “Let’s go to my place, then. You can massage my legs as I drive your car.” Priya stepped into the dungeon with a clear sense of urgency. She left the door unclosed as she looked at me and two other slaves waiting in there for her orders. She caught one of their faces, turned him left and right, went “Hmmm,” and threw him back. With the other slave she did the same. She finally caught my face and nodded. “You! Come with me.”

My heart leaped with joy – she had finally selected me for something in my life! She walked out of the toilet and bolted the door close. I crawled aside to prevent from being trampled under her quick feet- not that that wouldn’t be enjoyable but she had some agenda that was causing the hurry and the last thing I’d want was to get in her way.

She darted across her living room and stepped out of her house. I followed her on all fours as quickly as I could, constantly keeping my head below the level of her knees. The bright world outside poked into my eyes, almost causing me to swoon right before the girl. She had thrown me into the dungeon four months back. I had never seen the light of day since that time, and as of the moment, I didn’t want to, either. Darkness was good, darkness was my life.

Priya walked over to her red sports car and unlocked the trunk. “Get in there, quick! And don’t ask me any questions.” I climbed into the little area and brought down my knees on the black, dusty mats. An overwhelming surge of dust particles went into my nose so I locked them with my fingers to prevent from sneezing in front of my Mistress. I closed my eyes, bent over and squeezed my head between my knees so she could close the boot of her car shut. She did, and there was darkness all over again. A dustier version of the darkness than I was used to, but good nevertheless.

Priya started her car and began to drive someplace. I kept myself alive with little breaths in the dusty void of her car. About ten minutes later, the car stopped and the trunk popped open. “Get out,” she ordered, “and come to my feet. You’re going to meet another Goddess like me today.” I crawled out quickly and knelt behind her as she closed the trunk We were in front of a big house, almost the size of Priya’s mansion. It felt like I was in front of a gigantic monument. She made her way to the gate and walked inside to ring the bell before the front door.

Kavya opened the door and greeted her with a hearty “Hello! So good to see you.” It was the very first time I laid my eyes on the beautiful friend of Priya’s and she was nearly as spectacular herself. The bright eyes, the perfect tall body, slender legs, always dressed in elegant clothes just like the Goddess. Even their names sounded similar; it was like they were both spawned from the same branch of heaven!

“Hi,” Priya said, hugging the female friend of hers. “I brought over one of my slaves,” she said, pointing to me. I gave her a short smile for a moment before bowing down and looking at her legs.

“Aww, that was so sweet of you.” Kavya said, approaching me. “What is this loser’s name?”

“Slave 31.” Priya said proudly.

“Oh my God. You don’t even remember their names, do you?” Kavya laughed.

“Who cares about a slave’s name?” Priya said. “I rename then once I take them into my custody.”

“With numbers no less.” Kavya said. “So, this is the thirty-first guy to ask you out?”

“No. Not at all.” Priya said. “He never ever asked me out. For years, he was my neighbor. Never spoke much, but kept staring at my legs. So one day we played a cards game,” the girls began to walk into the living room and I followed them. “The loser would have to become the winner’s slave.”

“And he lost of course?”

“No. He gave up.” Priya said. “I’ve had him for four months since. Think there’s around two or three more months left in him before I would have to replace him.”

“Cool! A born loser.” Kavya said. “My slave, in contrast, looks like he’s going to die today,” she pointed to Manoj who was kneeling down and waiting for her before the couch.

Two pathetic losers. Your loser and my loser.

The girls sat down on the couch, while I knelt next to Manoj. “Look at these two pathetic losers. Just kneeling down instead of worshiping our beautiful feet.” Kavya said.

I hastily went forward and picked up Priya’s bare feet, caught them in my hand and began to lick them and massage them. Manoj attempted to do the same for Kavya’s feet, only to get his face kicked off by her strong legs. “Haha!” she laughed. “That is your salary! Worship my feet the whole day and your payment is in kicks.”

“That was,” Priya began rubbing her chin, “not right.”

“What? Why?” Kavya asked, as Manoj recovered from the kick and came back to serve at her feet.

Start licking, losers!

“Watch how I do it.” Priya said. She stretched out her left leg and pushed my head into her left ankle using her right leg. “Observe carefully how I kick my slave,” she said, taking back her right leg and serving it hard to my face in the next microsecond. My nose took a hard pounding, but her merciless leg went back and came for a second landing, even harder and swifter than last. “You see?” she explained. “I trap him with my other leg when I kick him. That way, I don’t have to wait for him to get back from the floor.”

“Wow. That’s so clever.” Kavya sad. “Let me try that,” she said, trapping Manoj in her right leg and pounding his face with her left foot. “One.” The deadly legs went back and came forth. “Two.” She kept on going. “Three, Four…” until she reached “twelve,” by which time Manoj was bleeding uncontrollably through his nose.

“Yuck, what a hopeless slave.” Priya said. “Started to bleed at twelve. Worthless piece of dump is what he is.”

“Yeah,” Kavya said. “Let me try kicking your slave,” she said, gesturing towards me.

Which one of you is more resilient?

Priya let her feet down, freeing me for the task. “Sure, you can try him out.”

I crawled towards the other Goddess and picked up her feet to place them on my face. Kavya trapped me in her left ankle and began to pound my face hard with the bottom of her right foot. “One. Two.” Each time her heel landed on my face, it crushed into my skull and blew bits of my brain away from their place. “Twelve. Thirteen…” She was relentless and persistent, and her kicks were nearly as hard and ruthless as Priya’s. “Thirty Eight. Thirty Nine. Forty.” She said, dropping her feet to the ground. “Wow. You’ve got quite a resilient slave here.”

“I know.” Priya said, signaling for me to get back under her feet. “I think what your slave needs is a good blessing from you.”

“A blessing?”

“Yeah.” Priya said. “Sit on his back for a while. Let him get the energy from your bum into his worthless life.”

“Didn’t think of that.” Kavya said, stepping towards Manoj. “Get up, you dog! Let me sit on your back. Or are you too useless for that, too?”

“I’ll get up, Kavya.” Manoj said, getting on his hands and knees.

“Why can’t you be more like Priya’s slave there?” Kavya asked, kicking me with her knee. I couldn’t believe for the life of me that I was a role model to someone.

“I’ll try, Kavya.” Manoj said.

“You better.” Kavya said, letting her weight crush into the slave’s back.

“He’s taking your blessing alright.” Priya laughed. “Look at that bloody erection he’s getting now!” Kavya laughed with her, while I turned away, avoiding a peek at Manoj’s thing.

I’m going to bless only my slave.

“You know what we can do to test whether he’s getting blessed properly?” Priya asked, her eyes lit up with dazzling brilliance.

“What?” Kavya asked.

“We can put these slaves in a contest. My slave rides me around this room, your slave rides you. We’ll see which slave does more rounds before passing out.” Priya said.

“Like a horse race.” Kavya laughed. “Except it’s a slave race. Your slave versus my slave? Not much of a contest, but you’re on!” “On your marks!” Kavya said, sitting on Manoj’s back. I was next to him, with my body parallel to his and my hands and knees approximately at the same straight line on the floor. Priya was seated on my back. “Get set!” My heart began to pound nervously, even though my competition was weak as a dog trying to carry a human on its back. “Go!” Kavya screamed.

I crawled forth, rapidly moving my hands and knees on the floor to transport Priya all around the beautiful living room. I turned back to see how Manoj was doing; he seemed to be stuck at the starting line himself. Priya flicked my head hard. “Hey idiot! Don’t look at him. Just concentrate and ride me as quickly as you can.” I shook myself and turned around at the corner of the glorious living room, then the other corner and one more. Soon, I could see Manoj right in front of me struggling to carry Kavya even a quarter of a round, whereas I had done one complete round. This was the easiest contest, ever.

As I tried to pass Kavya and her slave, a deadly kick came over me from nowhere and brought me down by surprise. I fell down and hit the floor, crash landing my owner Priya into an unexpected fall. “Hey!” Priya cried. “That was cheating. Kavya, how could you kick my slave?” There was a hint of a smile in her voice, she wasn’t serious about me being kicked at all.

“I know it’s cheating,” Kavya said. “But look at my pathetic slave. I had to do something to level the playing field.” She pointed to Manoj, who was trying to trudge forward on his hands and knees, carrying her on his back.

“Oh yeah.” Priya said. “You should probably give him some time to get used to it. He’ll improve.”

“I don’t know.” Kavya said, sounding concerned. “He wasn’t good enough to be my boyfriend, he wasn’t good enough to kiss my feet. It turns out, he isn’t even good enough to be my slave.”

Manoj gathered up some strength from nowhere and covered one round before I could recover from Kavya’s blow. I sat up and stayed on the spot, to give Manoj some sort of advantage which Priya presumably wanted. “You know what?” Priya said, getting off my back. “You can take this slave. He’s all yours.”

What? I couldn’t believe Priya was just giving me away so easily. What about me? Would I have to spend the rest of her life waiting at her friend’s feet? It wasn’t that the feet were any less prettier, but I felt a sense of belonging to my Goddess. Changing Goddesses wasn’t so easy, but I began to contemplate the inevitable as the beautiful Kavya approached me. She stood over me and knocked my head with her toes. “Hmm. Sturdy build.” She kicked my stomach hard. “Ooh. He needs to work on that area, get a harder stomach for me. But better than my stupid slave any day.”

Kavya then caught my neck and sat on my back. “Giddiyap!” she shouted. I began to ride Kavya on bruised hands and knees all around the living room and quickly brought her back to the starting point. “He’s faster, too. Why can’t you be like this slave?” she asked, spitting on Manoj as we rode past. We went for one more round, this time her elbows jabbed into my back. I struggled to move forth, but her elbows jabbed down on me again. Soon, I had almost no strength left. I barely reached Priya and the other slave before I fell down, completely tired.

“Nobody is that resilient, I guess.” Kavya laughed even as I dropped right next to Manoj. She shifted one knee onto the other slave and kept one on me. “Now that both of you are down, I’m going to ride both of you together. Come on, slaves.”

Manoj and I rose to our hands and knees together, elevating the divine Goddess off the floor. We began to move in sync, slowly riding her across the living room. There was no point hurrying at all, there was no race left to win. It was purely for the pleasure of the Goddess that we traversed the perimeter of the room.

“You still haven’t given me an answer.” Priya said.

“Which question?” Kavya asked.

“Do you want to keep my slave for yourself?” Priya asked.

“Oh,” Kavya said. My heart began to overdo the pumping. “I don’t think so,” she stated to my relief. “Because then I would have two slaves. What the hell am I going to do with two of them?”

“Exactly.” Priya said. “I have to keep killing them off when they get so numerous, you know? Like right now, two slaves are waiting for me back at home. So I need to kill off two among these three. You’re better off with just one slave.” Despite the talk of death, I felt a peace come over me. Living and dying for Priya was the only true purpose of my life.

“Yeah.” Kavya said, catching our heads in her hand as she rode us along. Soon, we both dropped from extreme exhausion.

“So,” Priya said. “Who won the slave ride race?”

“We won!” Kavya said, standing on my half-dead body. “We girls are the winners, these boys are the losers! Yay!” she began dancing on my body.

“Of course we did,” Priya jumped onto Manoj’s exhausted body. “Girls are the best!” she held Kavya’s hands in hers and the girls began to dance on our bodies, and all we could do was lick the floor as our bodies took a pounding from their feet.

The divine women giggled and rejoiced their strange victory. “You think it’s something people are born with?” Kavya asked.

“You mean winners and losers?” Priya asked. “Of course. It’s not so much about whether you go out and achieve something, it’s always within you. It’s an attitude of unconditional love for oneself.”

“That sounds like one of those self-help books,” Kavya laughed.

“Who cares? We’re winners!” Priya gazed into Kavya’s eyes as they danced on me and the other slave. She bent towards the girl and kissed her lips. “Hmmm!” she said.

Kavya blushed and laughed a bit. “You just kissed me right now.”

“I know.” Priya said. “I just felt like doing it.”

“Me too, actually.” Kavya confessed. “How is that okay? You have an awesome boyfriend and so do I.”

“Hey, we’re two beautiful, straight women. Let’s not make a big deal about it. We shared a victory kiss and that’s all it was.” Priya said. I tried to turn back and look up, to see if they’d kiss again but Kavya’s feet stepped onto my head and covered my eyes.

Chapter 10: Orgy.

I have no idea how long it was until the van stopped. The assorted tracks of females moaning blurred into each other, and I wasn’t able to fully pay attention to what was happening.

Eventually, the van came to a stop, and Donna once again got into the back. Instead of releasing me, however, she merely sat on my chest and grabbed the MP3 player. She wore a wicked grin as she stopped the “music” I’d been listening to.

Much to my surprise, Donna reached down and removed my gag, although with the headphones on, talking seemed pointless. She then flipped her latex skirt up over my face. I felt her hand push down over my nose, and as I opened my mouth wide to breathe, she positioned her pussy on it and sat down.

She released my nose then and slid the skirt back, so that she was looking in my eyes.

All of a sudden, I heard Donna’s voice coming through the headphones. She’d recorded a track just for this?

“Sweetie, remember when I said that I had a fantasy I’d been dreaming about for years? Well, I’ve had guys lick my boots before, and I’ve certainly had guys eat me out. So those weren’t exactly fantasies, where they?”

Even though there was a pause, I couldn’t answer. I suspected that her previous experiences hadn’t been quite as bondage-heavy — even at twice Randi’s age, Donna seemed more innocent — but I was more concerned with what she had in mind now.

“Jane said that you’d also drank her pee. That’s one of my longest-held fantasies.”

I wanted to protest, since yesterday, I’d at least had a sponge gag to control the flow. Here, I had Donna already sitting on my mouth. There was nothing I could do.

I felt Donna’s thighs contract, and a steady steam of piss hit me. After a few seconds, my mouth was nearly full, and Donna lifted herself slightly and again pinched the latex skirt over my nose, allowing — forcing — me to swallow and then to open my mouth again.

She repeated the process six times. Throughout, I wondered at the irony that even though I had this gorgeous woman sitting with her vagina on my mouth and peeing into me, I still couldn’t see her naked, thanks to the leash holding my head and the latex skirt.

Donna never took her eyes away from mine. It was clear that she was as turned on by the look in my eyes as anything else.

When Donna finally let up, she placed her vagina over my mouth one last time and played another track on the MP3 player. “Now lick me clean!”

I suspected I had her shaved pussy clean in only a few seconds, but not surprisingly, she had me lick until she’d had another orgasm.

She then slid off, removed the headphones, and unattached the hooks at my leash and heels. Of course, with the full bondage ensemble, I was still basically stuck.

I heard the door open, and three pairs of hands helped pull me out of the van. We were in yet another house garage. It took me a second to get my bearings, but I remembered that Jane had been street parking before. Where were we?

“I know what you’re wondering,” Jane said. “I do have a garage, but if I’d pulled in here on the first night, you might have gotten a bit suspicious.”

I looked around, and aside from the washer and drier and the usual utility shelves one would expect in a garage, there was also what appeared to be some sort of modified stockade device, as well as a cage and a few other items. Even before the knowledge I’d gained over the last few days, I’d have realized that something was up if I’d seen those.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m not planning on using anything here. Yet.” All three of them were grinning.

“Now, let’s see what you look like.” Jane walked around me, examining everything Donna and Randi had done. She squeezed the hobble skirt over my cock, oohing when the girls explained the layers of Spanx they’d put over my cock to restrain it. She swatted my ass when they mentioned the dildo, sending a jolt through my body.

She finished looking over me and said, “I love the heels you chose.” She looked me in the eye when she said so, and seemed to be waiting for a response.

“I didn’t exactly choose them, Jane.”

“Don’t be silly! I’ve been watching you for months, remember? You always would steal glances at my feet. I thought it was a foot fetish at first, but you didn’t seem to care if I wore sneakers or mary janes. So I played around a bit. You seemed to get more distracted when I was wearing higher heels. And you nearly walked into a wall on the day I wore platforms! “So tell me again that this is what you wanted!”

She had me. Of course, it wasn’t what I’d wanted at all, but I did find her attractive when she wore these heels.

“I wanted these shoes.”

“Good boy. Now open your mouth.”

I knew that there was no point in resisting. She put a bit in my mouth and wrapped the gag around my head. I thought the gag was small at first, but then she started pumping it, and I realized that it was inflatable. After three or four pumps, my mouth was pretty full.

“This is your punishment. Not just for disagreeing with me, but for forgetting to call me by my proper title.”

Crap! I’d forgotten to call her “my queen.”

“Now apologize.”

I tried to say, “I’m sorry, my queen.” It came out more like, “I auugy y een.”

“I could almost understand that.” She gave one more pump, filling my mouth entirely.

The girls giggled, and Donna grabbed the leash and led me — slowly — inside.

They took me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed, attaching my leash to the headboard. Jane had changed the sheets, and I was on top of a leather-topped mattress.

“Did you two take lots of pictures?”

“Oh, we got plenty,” Randi said. “And lots of video, too. His entire transformation has been recorded.”

“Great! And you hopefully had some fun with him, right? The girls laughed, while I could do nothing but lie face down on the bed, immobile.

“Now let’s get changed for the next part, okay?” Instead of hearing them leave, I heard the sound of clothing being removed. Of course, I couldn’t turn around or move to see any of the changes.

If I’d had any doubts that they were doing this to tease me, they were shattered when I saw Donna’s latex cheerleader skirt thrown onto the bed past my head. This was followed by the rest of her clothing, as well as the clothing that Randi and Jane had been wearing.

After a few minutes, I felt a weight on the bed, and Jane crawled onto my back. She reached around my head and placed the familiar pair of goggles over my eyes.

“Much as I love how Randi bound you, we do have to make a few changes. Don’t worry about the shoes, though; they’re staying.” Oh joy.

The girls stood me up and moved my cuffed hands from my thighs to my collar. They then removed the hobble skirt, although the chain on the shoes kept my legs mostly together. They next rolled down the slimming panties. Horny as I was, the constant pressure of the panties and the skirt meant that I was only at about half mast, and before I had a chance to grow again, I felt my cock and balls again sealed in a pouch.

I was leaned over something — a chair back, I’d guess — and felt the dildo slowly removed from my ass. The ladies followed this by sliding a new pair of panties onto me. The final steps involved removing my sweater (unlocking my wrist cuffs first, of course), and then wrapping what felt like a tube top around me.

They had me stand up, and then removed both the goggles and the horrible inflatable gag.

The sight that greeted me was the mirror, and not a whole lot had changed. The top was a tight leather tube top, which hugged the fake breasts well and made them seem real. The panties were black, of course, and were crotchless, allowing my cock-pouch to show through.

But when Jane turned me around, I was blown away. All three ladies were wearing matching leather dresses, which hugged their hips, showed a nice amount of cleavage, and ended inches shy of their knees. They also had black stockings, and amazing black buckled knee-high platform boots, all with sharp heels. Other than lipstick in varying shapes of red, that was it. Simple, and gorgeous.

Jane grinned. “You like what you see?”

How could I not? “Yes, my queen.”

Jane smiled. I’d passed that test, at least.

“Wouldn’t you like to have sex with all three of us at the same time?”

I knew the question was a trap. But even if I’d had a choice, I’m not sure I could have given a different answer. Randi, short, plump, and more experienced at a barely legal age than I was a decade later, had a propensity for cruelty that worried me. Jane, my crush of so long, was utterly devious. And Donna, at least ten years older than me, seemed to view playing with me as a new, liberating experience. But the thought of being with all of them still got me excited.

“Yes, my queen.”

They all smiled. “Of course you do. Get on the bed and kneel!”

It was tough with my heels and my hands bound, but I managed it.

“No, move over a few inches.” I figured that Jane was messing with me, but I did so. It’s tough to shift without putting your hands on the mattress!

When they felt I was in the right place, Randi and Donna got on each side of me and wrapped a pair of straps around my shins, right below my knees. I felt a click, and realized that they’d somehow attached my knees to the bed.

Jane grinned. “One of the great things about leather, sweetie, is that it’s easy to put hooks and eyeholes into it.”

They followed this up by attaching a chain to the back of my panties — where I guess another hook had been added — and to the headboard. Randi then hopped off the bed, grabbed the leash, and threaded it through a hole in the mattress. With a grin, she started pulling on the leash, and thus pulled my head and upper body down. Since my waist was stuck facing straight up, I didn’t have much room to move, and soon found myself in the classic doggie-style position as Randi secured my collar to the mattress at the edge of the bed. Once my head was locked into place, they removed the chain from my waist, but in the position I was in, I couldn’t move.

Things got even stranger next. Jane pulled a small leather ottoman about a foot in front of me, took my left hand, and secured the cuff to a stud on the ottoman. She repeated this with my right hand, but added an extra twist. She took a condom and slipped it over both my index and middle fingers. She then slipped three more over them, wrapping a rubber band at the base to keep them tight. A little flesh-colored adhesive tape held my other fingers shut.

The ladies stepped back to admire their handiwork while Jane took a few more pictures.

“You know what the best thing about this is, sweetie? Every single one of those clips and buckles is hidden out of sight. Of course, we still have one thing to hide.”

With that, Donna kneeled on the ottoman, the skirt falling over my hands. She reached under and guided my double finger into her. She was wet enough that I glided right in, as she gasped.

Randi stepped between my arms. I wasn’t surprised in the least that when she lifted her skirt, she was wearing what appeared to be the same panty/strap-on combo she’d used earlier. “I bet you missed this,” she said as she slid into my mouth. I didn’t in the least, but couldn’t so anything about it.

Finally, I heard Jane get up behind me. I wasn’t surprised to discover that my panties had a hole in the ass for easy access. I felt the lubed tip of whatever strap-on Jane was wearing brush against my hole.

“Oh, honey, I forgot to tell you what Donna wrote on your ass. It says, “fuck me here, and has arrows pointing right to your asshole. Isn’t that cute?” With that, she slid into me, using a phallus that was certainly bigger than the one they’d taken out not that long ago.

For the next hour, I was their fucktoy, as they pumped my mouth and ass, and rode my fingers. They would occasionally switch positions, with all of them getting a turn at each “station,” Fortunately, Jane switched to a different dildo when she pumped my mouth (“because you’ve been so good,” she told me), but it was still humiliating and extended. I’d swear that the dildos got bigger with each woman.

The two older ladies eventually tired out (well after I did), but Randi, who’d been taking a turn reaming my ass, wanted to try one more thing, and Jane agreed to help.

Randi stood out of her panties, leaving the dildo stuck in my ass. She then wanted around to her initial position in front of me, turned around, and knelt over the ottoman. This placed her gorgeous leather-covered ass just inches from my face.

Jane sat next to me, her leather-clad body brushing against mine.

“Randi wanted to give you a special treat, so since you’ve been so good, we figure you’ve earned the right to see her ass.” Randi lifted her skirt, and there was, indeed, a nearly-perfect ass!

“Tell her what you think of it,” Jane whispered in my ear.

“It’s an amazing ass.” I wasn’t lying.

Randi giggled. It was exactly the sort of giggle I might have expected from a girl her age flirting at a party, but in her case, I knew she had something planned.

Sure enough, she slid the ottoman backwards, pushing her ass towards my face. At the same time, Jane held my head straight and guided my lips right to Randi’s asshole. “You know what to do,” Jane said. Given no choice, I went to work.

I soon felt hands at my collar, and realized that Jane had clipped my collar to Randi’s thighs and removed the clips from the bed. I was trapped licking her asshole until they freed me, with my nose pressed against the top of cheeks my only source of air.

Periodically, Jane or Donna would push against my head, making sure that my tongue was deep inside of Randi. After three loud orgasms, Randi finally decided she’d had enough, and I was released.

Jane undid most of my restraints, leaving only my head in place. The others got their clothes, and also picked up a bunch of mini-video cams. “We should have lots of fun editing these, ” Randi said. Jane hugged each of them goodbye, and each leaned down to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“I’d kiss you on the lips, but I know where your mouth has been,” Randi giggled.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Donna said. “Come into the salon anytime you need a touch-up.”

Once Jane walked them out, she came back in and sat on the bed.

“Now, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Chapter 11 — Take a breath.

The routine this time wasn’t too different from the last few times. I was once again led into the bathroom, chained and showered. Jane spared me the analingus this time, though, and when I was clean (and still naked), she led me back into the bedroom, where she tied me down again.

“I need to run a few more errands, and I’m pretty sure you’re worn out. Why don’t you take a nap? This should give you some sweet dreams.” With that, she slid a pair of panties over my head, with the crotch landing right over my nose. As she walked out, I tried to think about where my situation was headed, but Jane had been right; I was just exhausted, and even with her intoxicating smell in my nostrils, I fell asleep in minutes.

I woke up to the sound of the door slamming later. I had no idea how long had passed, but I certainly felt refreshed. I heard Jane’s heels click across the floor as she approached the room.

“I hope you had a good nap. I bought some really nifty stuff.” With the panties over my head, I couldn’t quite see her even as she sat down on the bed. She leaned forward and wiggled her fingers in front of my face. She’s clearly had a salon treatment, and now had very sexy black fingernails.

“You like? Of course you do, silly! I do pay attention to how you react to me at the office, after all. Whenever I wear black polish, you can barely take you eyes off of me. More than usual, that is.” She giggled and ran the tip of her index finger across my bottom lip.

She sat down on the bed, and I heard the sound of her heels dropping. “I also got a pedicure, of course.” She stretched one shapely calf out over me and wiggled her now-black toenails in front of my face.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice how much you liked looking at my toes, either. Every time I’d wear open-toe shoes, you’d keep staring at my toes. And you’ve got some sort of attraction to weird polish colors, too. When I wore the blue polish last week, you practically walked into a wall staring at me!” It was true. And her current black pedicure was just as enticing.

“Why don’t you show me how much you like it?” Jane moved her foot down to my mouth, rubbing her big toe against my lip. “Kiss my toe.”

I did so, giving it a light kiss.

“Now kiss the rest of my toes!” She slid her foot along my lips until I’d kissed each digit. She the slid the big toe back to the center.

“Now, suck my toe!” She bent her foot slightly and slid the toe over my lip and into my mouth. I licked it tentatively.

“No, suck it like it’s a tiny little cock!”

I did as Jane demanded, sucking and licking the toe for a few minutes. After a bit, I felt her shift the rest of her foot against my mouth, and she shoved the second and third toes into my mouth as well. I sucked and licked, but before I knew it, she’d shoved her entire front of her foot in my mouth, and was bracing her other foot against the back of my head. Jane’s feet were not large, thankfully, but the entire foot was every bit as wide as some of the dildos she’d had me suck. Her toes had a slightly musty taste to them, but for the most part tasted clean.

“I told you I had plans for other gags. Using my foot’s one of my favorite ones. It keeps you quiet and it keeps me entertained.” Her breath was becoming ragged at this point, and I suspected she was actually going to come from my attentions. I couldn’t tell if she was also masturbating while I sucked, or if it was just the toe action itself that excited her, but either way, she soon came.

She then got up and walked away for a bit. With her heels off and my eyes still somewhat obscured by the panties, I wasn’t sure where she’d gone, but in a few minutes, she came back to the bed and slid the panties off my head. She also placed a curved pillow below my head. I did finally get a glimpse of what she was wearing, but was surprised to see that it was a rather conservative full-body dress.

“Disappointed, sweetie?” Jane had obviously caught my reaction.

“Of course not, My Queen.” I figured that even if she saw through the lie, remembering her “title” would help.

She smiled. “Mmm. ‘Queen,’ indeed.” She reached down and grabbed something, and fiddled with the pillow. I couldn’t quite tell what she did, but I felt a soft cushion against my neck, and my collar was locked into place.

“Do you know what ‘queening is, hon?”

“No, My Queen.”

“Well, I’ll explain it to you in a bit. But first, let me go change into something more appropriate.”

She walked away, and a few minutes later, I heard heels clicking on the floor as she approached. She stopped just out of range, and with my head effectively locked into place, I couldn’t see her.

“You saw me in lots of leather yesterday, but I decided to go a little more extreme today.” Jane lifted her foot and showed me the sexy black leather high-heeled ankle boot she was wearing. “I’d know you liked this even without watching you at work. There’s not a guy on the planet who wouldn’t be turned on by these.”

I could also see the bottom of what looked like leather pants, but it wasn’t until Jane climbed on the bed and straddled my chest with her knees that I got to see what she was really wearing. It was a full leather bodysuit! It hugged every one of her curves, swelling at the breasts and showing off her hips perfectly.

Jane grinned through her bright red lipstick. “You like it, I’m guessing?”

“Yes, my queen.” I said. She’d already glanced behind her and seen how hard I was.

Jane stood up and walked around to the head of the bed, leaning over me. “You know, you always told me how much you’d enjoyed that summer in England. Do you remember when we talked about all those words that mean different things? like ‘Bobby’ and ‘boot’ and ‘lift?’”

As I nodded, she got up on her knees on either side of my head. With the strange pillow device restraining me, her knees weren’t touching me, but I still had a great view of how tightly the catsuit hugged her ass and crotch.

Jane looked straight down into my eyes. “Care to take a guess what ‘queening’ means over there?”

As I opened my mouth to answer, Jane quickly lowered her crotch right onto it, silencing me.

“It means ‘face-sitting,’” I heard her say, as she filled my mouth with her leather-covered crotch. “And I think you’ll find that leather is a little less forgiving than the lacy cotton Randi wore!”

With that, she shifted so that her ass settled right on my nose, and for the second time that day, I found myself unable to breathe. My senses were dominated my leather. I could feel it, taste it and smell it, and all I could see was Jane’s leather-clad back.

I felt myself starting to go a bit dizzy, either from the lack of air or the smell of the leather, but before I could lose consciousness, Jane shifted forward enough to allow me to breathe through my nose.

“Wow, Randi was right,” I heard Jane say. “You really are into this.” She leaned forward and gave my cock a squeeze. I’d remained rock-hard throughout. I tried to protest that I was not a fan of “queening,” but with Jane’s crotch still on my mouth, no words could come out.

“Oh, that felt nice, even through the leather! But I think we could have even more fun!” With that, she spun herself around again so she was once again seated on my chest. It felt good to finally work my jaw muscles a bit.

“That contraption over your head is a custom-made smotherbox. I think you can guess the point of it!” Jane ran her black-painted fingernail along my lip as she talked. “It allows me to keep your head still so that I can cover you whenever I want. But let’s add something to it, shall we?”

With that, she slipped a leather blindfold over my eyes. I felt her shift around, and even though I couldn’t see it, I knew that I’d be smothered again soon. Sure enough, I felt her settle down and cover my mouth and nose again.

Jane repeated the process a few times, spacing things out at different intervals, so I was never truly sure when she’d cover me again. The fourth time, she pulled a particularly mean trick, and just as she pulled away and I was about to inhale, she sat right back down, and I found myself inhaling nothing but leather. I was afraid that I’d actually lose consciousness that time, but she pulled off in the nick of time. Even with the blindfold on, I didn’t doubt she was grinning.

Even as I got used to grabbing a breath whenever I could, Jane added another item into the mix. As she settled on my face again, I felt her playing with my nipples, pinching and flicking them. And all of a sudden, I felt a burst of pain. She’d put nipple clamps on me again! These were definitely tighter than the ones she’d used earlier, and the pain made me shout into the leather mound over my mouth.

From Jane’s squirming, that was exactly what she’d wanted, and she spent the next few minutes both smothering me and flicking my nipples and adjusting the clamps, indirectly using my mouth to give her pleasure. There were moments when I was afraid that she’d forget how long she’d been sitting on me, but it was only when she finally orgasmed that things really got tense. As she shuddered, she pressed her ass firmly into my nose, nearly breaking my nose.

Jane finally slid off and turned around. After removing the clamps (which, after a fresh burst of pain as the blood rushed back in, was a relief), she asked me, “how are you doing, sweetie?” I couldn’t see her eyes, but she did sound concerned.

“Honestly, near the end there, I was afraid you were going to break my nose.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, hon! I hadn’t even though about that, but sexy as the leather is, it doesn’t really offer a lot of give. Hold on — I think I’ve got a way to fix that.”

With that, she slipped off the bed, and I heard her heels click away. When she returned a few minutes later, I didn’t realize it until she’d climbed on the bed. She’d obviously removed her shoes. I felt her kneeling above me again,

“Open up,” she said. I knew better than to resist, but was shocked when I felt the contact of flesh against my lips. It took me a second to even process that she’d lowered her very naked and wet pussy over my mouth. And by the time I realized the implications of that, she leaned back, embedded my nose in her crack. It wasn’t thankfully, buried in her asshole, but closer to the top of her crack. The skin did have a little more give than the leather, although breathing was still a challenge.

After yet another orgasm, she shifted around, sitting next to me on the bed.

“You know,” she said, “the pants weren’t the only thing I took off.” I felt her lean down and rub against my cheek. It took me a second to realize what I was feeling, but it was her nipple!

She rubbed it against my lip, and I strained to take it into my mouth. Alas, I was secured down tightly, and couldn’t.

“Oh, poor boy. So hungry for it!” Even with the blindfold, I knew she was grinning as she said it.

She slowly teased me, rubbing her nipples around my mouth and against my cheeks, never letter me taste them. After a few minutes, she relented and lowered one breast to my mouth. I sucked in her nipple and heard her gasp in pleasure. After a few minutes of my attention, she switched to the other breast. Then, just as I’d gotten completely caught up in the joy of the moment, Jane shifted forward, covering my nose with her breast!

Even as I struggled for breath, I knew that biting down on her nipple would make things worse, not better.

After a few seconds of my pointlessly struggling, Jane lifted herself up. “I’m sorry, sweetie! I guess I just got caught up in the fun!” I heard the teasing in her voice, of course. Not that I’d ever doubted she’d done that on purpose.

She leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“But that’s enough of that. Let me just get changed, and then you’ll have to make a choice.

With that, she walked away, leaving me blindfolded and confused.

Chapter 12: Decision

I heard Jane walk back in a few minutes later, and braced for whatever new torture she had planned. Much to my surprise, she untied me, removed the smotherbox, and even took off my collar. She slipped the blindfold off and sat next to me as I sat up.

She was wearing a pink sweatshirt and jeans, and had switched to a pink lipstick. I wouldn’t go so far to say that she looked wholesome — not after the last few days, and she still was wearing tall heels — but the look was certainly closer to what I’d grown used to from her at work.

“You don’t have to use my title for the next few minutes. I need to ask you something.”

I wasn’t sure how to react. Was this some sort of trap?

“Okay,” I said.

She smiled at my cautious tone. “Remember how I said that if you were good, you might get an orgasm? And get to see me naked? This is where you get to make that decision. I like you. And I’ve known that you’ve had a crush on me for a while. But I’ve got special needs, as I think you’ve figured out.”

She lightly brushed her fingers against my cock, which had been at half-mast, but instantly sprang to full attention.

“And I think it’s clear that, no matter what you might think, at least a part of you is enjoying this. So I want to make you an offer. You’ve got two choices: First, you can leave here tonight. I won’t stop you. If you do that, I’ll pretend this weekend never happened. I’ll smile professionally at work, but you’ll never have another chance to be anything more than a co-worker. And if you’re thinking of telling anyone what happened, I doubt they’ll believe you, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t do that.” She smiled again, and I realized it was true.

“The second choice is that you agree to be my slave.”

“What does that entail?”

“First, you move in with me. To the outside world, we’ll be just like any other couple. And we will be a couple; I can’t keep up this level of activity every day!” She grinned. “I like you because of our conversations at work about movies and books, so you’ll still have free time to read and see friends. And I wouldn’t dream of doing anything to interfere with your job.”

“As for what I will do to you, I don’t want to spoil all the surprises, but I think you’ve figured out that I like bondage a lot, and dressing you up, and a lot of other nasty stuff. I’ll do everything I’ve already done to you, and some stuff you haven’t even thought about. But I can make a few promises: First, you’ll have at least one orgasm a week. Second, the only people I’ll ever share you with are Randi and Donna. Third, nothing that’ll damage you. I’m not saying you’ll never get spanked, because you know that’d be a lie. But I get off on control, not pain. Make sense?”

I nodded

“And finally, you’ll never be bored.”

She grinned, and I smiled back. Whatever else I could say about the last few days, I was certainly never bored.

“So, how long do I have to think about it?”

“Oh, I know it’s a big decision. How about ten seconds?” She grinned.

I wanted to protest. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about being Jane’s pet. On the one hand, she’d had me do some stuff that appalled me. On the other, she was still one of the most attractive women I’d ever known, and I couldn’t deny that even as I thought about the last few days, my cock was still hard.

“Okay, I’m yours.”

Jane smiled and hugged me. “Oh, I’d knew you’d agree!”

Her thighs brushed against my hard cock, and I slid my arms down Jane’s back, planning to finally reveal her wonderful breasts, but she pulled back

“Hold on there! What did you think you were doing?”

I was confused. “I’m sorry, Jane. I thought that you’d said that if I agreed, well, you know. . . “

“Oh, that’s you’d get to see my tits and fuck me?

“Um, yeah.”

Jane smiled. “Oh, I love that you’re still that innocent. I wasn’t lying, of course, but those will happen on my terms. Kneel in the middle of the bed!”

I did so.

Jane stood up in front of me. With her heels, my face was level with her breasts, but I barely had time to notice how tightly the sweatshirt hugged her before she commanded me to look up into her eyes.

“Now, pet,” she said, taking something leather out of a bag, “this is my ownership collar. If you earn the right to wear this, you’ll wear it whenever you’re not at work, and it’ll let anyone know you’re mine. If you want it, beg me for it!”

“Please, My Queen,” I said, looking earnestly into her eyes, “may I wear your collar? I’m begging you to let me be yours, and for you to use me.”

“That’s a start. Do you understand that if I take you, I’m going to use you only for my pleasure, however I see fit?”

“Yes, My Queen.”

“And that if you wear my collar, you give up your right to question me, to fight me, to do anything I don’t feel like?”

“Yes, My Queen.” I was excited, but also scared.

She smiled, leaned down, and softly kissed me on the lips. Even as I got lost in the kiss, I felt her wrap the leather around my neck. It didn’t feel much different from the old one. She also attached a leash to it.

“This is the same type of collar as the other one.” As she said this, Jane kneeled on the bed and slid around behind me, whispering the words in my ear. “But it’s got the words ‘Jane’s Pet’ on it. If you’re good, I might let you see it.”

As she talked, she attached my wrist cuffs to each other, then had me shift so that I was sitting instead of kneeling, with my feel facing the end of the bed. It was tricky, but I managed it. Jane promptly attached my ankle cuffs to the bed, then stood on the floor in front of me.

Before I realized what was happening, she had kicked off her shoes and started wriggling out of my clothes. Alas, she wasn’t naked, but was down to a black bra and a pair of peach panties that tied on the side.

She kneeled on the bed and slid a bit forward, sitting right in front of my hard cock.

“Your begging earned you the collar, but you’ve got to work a little more to see my tits and especially my amazing pussy.”

“Just tell me whatever I need to to, My Queen.”

Jane smiled. I’d clearly said the right thing.

“Well,” she said, pretending to think. “I do think I can give you a consolation prize.”

She turned around and leaned forward until she was on her knees, her gorgeous ass sticking up in the air.

“You’ve never been very into politics at work, but you could make me very happy with some ass-kissing right now!”

As she said it, Jane tugged lightly on my leash, and I took the hint and leaned forward. It was tough, with my hands and feet immobilized, but I was able to kiss her left ass cheek, and then her right.

“Sweetie, only friends kiss each other on the cheek. Kiss me in the middle.” I did so, smooching the center of her panties.

“Okay, you’ve earned your first prize.” With that, she untied one side of her panties, letting them fall to the side and revealing her asshole. I was barely two inches away from her ass, and not far enough back to see her pussy, alas.

“See! You’re finally starting to see me naked! Now, give it a real kiss, honey. With tongue.”

I leaned in and repeated the actions she’d taught me in the shower. As I stuck my tongue in, Jane pulled the leash forward, and my tongue was driven all the way in. I was able to roll my eyes upward enough to see that Jane had tied the leash around her waist, effectively sealing me to her.

As I licked, Jane pushed against me, slowly bringing me back to an upright position, then pushing me down so I was flat on the bed, my tongue still stuck in her asshole. She sat firmly on my face, and even though my bound hands under my back made me uncomfortable, I knew that I had to focus on satisfying her. I thrust and licked with my tongue for what felt like hours, but were likely only a few minutes, and then felt her shudder. She untied the leash and slid off my mouth, but slid her panties on before I could glimpse her pussy.

“You’ve earned two more rewards,” she said. She then took off her bra, and I lost track of that what she was saying.

“Like what you see, sweetie?” She grinned. Her breasts were as perfect as I’d expected, and my erection was now painfully hard.

“Now, you get to make a choice again. Do you want one orgasm tonight, or two?”

I blinked. Had I misheard the question?

“Two, please, My Queen.”

“I thought so. Let’s work on one of them right now.” She reached under her skirt and untied her panties again, letting them drop to the ground. With a grin, she straddled my crotch and guided my cock into her pussy. She was wet and clearly excited.

“Needless to say, lover, you get to come when I say you do,” Jane said, as she started to ride me. My hands beneath my back made me uncomfortable, but not enough to slow me down, alas. I could feel my orgasm coming, and watching Jane’s beautiful breasts bouncing only hastened things.

“My Queen,” I panted, “I’m not able to hold it in much longer.”

“It’s okay, my pet,” Jane said, even as she continued to ride me, “I give you permission.”

The words had barely left her mouth when I came, shooting inside her again and again. I’d been teased and aroused more times that day than I could count, and I must have spurted more than ten times.

Jane collapsed and nuzzled my neck. “It’s okay, lover. I knew you wouldn’t last long that time. But you pleased me, and you earned your next prize.”

She slid off me, and quickly removed her skirt. Beneath it was her gorgeous pussy, with the hair neatly trimmed and demonstrating that she was, indeed, a natural blonde.

“See, you got your prize, and are finally allowed to see me naked. Was it worth the wait?”

“Yes, My Queen.”

“Now, let’s have you earn your next one.” Jane slid up the bed towards my head. “Open wide.”

As she dropped her pussy onto my mouth, I tasted my come as it dripped out of her. She rode my face long after I’d eaten all of my come, having me tongue her to two more orgasms.

She finally lifted herself from my head. “Yeah, I’d say you earned that second orgasm tonight, sweetie. I can’t even count how many times I’ve come today!”

With that, she slid down and took my cock in her mouth. I’d thought I’d be too sensitive after the previous orgasm, but my body responded to her tongue, and soon I was hard again. It took longer this time for me to come, but I still doubt I lasted more than a few minutes. Much to my (pleasant) surprise, Jane actually swallowed all my come this time.

As I lay there gasping, I felt her doing something around my cock, but before I really had a chance to wonder what was going on, I heard a click and felt something tighten around my now-flaccid member,

“Just a basic chastity belt, sweetie. I told you you’d get at least one orgasm a week, but this makes sure I get to determine when!”

“Now, let’s get your ready for bed!” She took me to the bathroom and allowed me to quickly use the facilities and shower before guiding me back to the bedroom. The belt meant that I’d had to pee sitting down, but wasn’t too uncomfortable. So far.

Jane stood me in front of the bed and stood behind me. She had me hold onto the footboard of the bed and lift my legs one at a time, and I felt her slide heels over my feet. These were much more severe than anything she’d used before — my feet were practically vertical! There was also clearly a platform, as I was now much higher than before.

I felt Jane sliding something up and over my head, and soon found myself looking through a pair of eyeholes. Even before I could question her, she forced something leather into my mouth and locked it into place. She turned me around, and looking in the mirror, I saw that I’d had a tight-fitting leather hood placed over my head. Only my eyes remained uncovered. My feet were stuck in black patent leather ankle boots with a ridiculous platform that had to be at least four inches, and another four inches of heel. I saw little locks ensuring I couldn’t get out of them, not that I suspected I’d get the chance.

Jane spun me back around, and with the heels, I nearly stumbled. I felt her attaching my boots to the bed, and with a gentle push, I tumbled onto the bed. The heels and the restraints kept my legs on the ground, and made my ass jut up into the air.

I felt Jane hop on the bed, and wasn’t surprised at all to feel her lube my ass. That was followed, of course, by a dildo, easily as big as the ones the girls had used on me earlier today. Once that was in, she stood me up, turned me around, and rechained my ankles.

“Enjoying this, sweetie? I figured you might actually want to watch me restrain you this time.” Jane hadn’t bothered getting dressed after the shower, and I could gladly have just watched her.

She grabbed a large leather item whose purpose I couldn’t quite figure out and wrapped part of it around my neck. It had a collar that covered my other one, and which attached to a piece of leather that ran down the center of my chest and spread out to cover my abdomen. Once she’d finished wrapping it around me, it covered my stomach and throat, but left large openings around my nipples. I’d guess that it was designed for a woman, given the size of the openings, which clearly were meant to expose the entire breast.

Even though I could see what was happening, I hadn’t figured out exactly what was going on until Jane had me slide my right arm into a leather sheath. As she got behind me on the bed and pulled the sheath around to my back, I realized that she’d placed me in a straitjacket! Although this certainly wasn’t like anything I’d seen in the movies. She repeated the process with my left arm, locking both arms into place.

The following was initially created for the Halloween Horror contest, though not posted until now for personal reasons.


The life of a trucker was by and large a lonely one. Long hours across the open road usually occupied by large big males who would meet at the occasional pit stop. Sasha was a notable exception to this of course, one of the few Female truckers; she nonetheless was a big, very big girl, a real cowgirl. She was a great Ebony woman, over six feet tall and in despite a large round appearance, in peek physical shape.

Currently the large dark woman’s was hauling down the interstate in her oversized rig. The large semi behind her clanked nosily here and there as she scanned the road, always on the lookout for someone to share her cab with, someone to break up the loneliness, someone that might feed her hunger. For while she looked normal, she had a dark and terrible secret, a hunger dwelled inside her unlike any other.

High on the crest of a hill, she spied a slender silhouette. She strained her eyes as she downshifted the big rig, slowing it down as she pulled along the apparent Hitchhiker.

It was a teen, a young one, thin and slender who looked around 18 or 19… Sasha licked her lips as she eyes him over from inside the cab. “He’s Perfect.”

Outside, the teen looked up at the rig, his heart beating a bit faster as it stopped next to him. His name was Tyler and he had been hitchhiking for the past few days leaving his small town him behind for dreams of finding excitement in the world. He had just turned 18 and he wanted to try and find something out in the world bigger then himself Looking at the window on the rig as it slowly lowered, he wondered what he might have found as he heard a heavy, husky voice from inside.

“Well hello there young cub, Your a long way from home it seems, what has you all the way out in the middle of no where?” Tyler looked up, clutching his small duffle bag of his belongings at he looked at the imposing lady.

“Ah, I was on my way to Central City I, had an interview with one of the talent scouts there, was going to get into acting” he said, his voice seemingly growing confident as he spoke of his anticipated work. The big black woman smirked, as she looked him over.

“Well sweetie, your in luck, I’m heading that way anyway and I’d love ta have ya abroad” She said as she popped open the door on the bigrig. Tyler gasped at the body he saw looking down on him, the Dark woman’s was amazon-esque in her statue and size, she seemed to be crammed into the cab of the rig. Tyler swallowed nervously as she reached a hefty hand down to him.

“But just so you know, I don’t let just anyone on board, if you ride with me, I expect certain services from my passengers” she said as she clasped the teens delicate almost efem hand. The teen was about to inquire just what she had in mind, but a hefty yank from her arm pulled him inside before anything could be said.

He fell into the passengers seat with a thud as the door closed behind him. No sooner then it shut, he heard the doors lock, the moment after that, he became aware of the smell… He gasped as he began to breath deeply, he hadn’t noticed it before, but the cab was infused with a deep Musky stench that made him light headed. The big dark woman grinned as she watched a familiar look come over the teens face. No mater who it was, they always seem unprepared for the smell, and it worked on them every time…

“So tell me, what’s your name cub?”

“Ty-Tyler, madam” he said, not sure why he added the ‘madam’ as he looked up at her.

“Tyler? Nice name sweets, I’m Sasha, though you can just call me Mama for now” she said as she shifted gears, pulling the huge Semi fully off of the road into an out of the way place as she gathered the teen up in her hefty arms.

“And how old are you Tyler?” she asked stroking him.

“Ah, J-Just 18 Miss Sasha” he responded shyly again as Sasha chuckled.

“18 are you? Well to me you are just my little boy. And you know Tyler, one of the things about being a Trucker, is you don’t get to make many stops, so its been a while since I’ve had a good bath you know, however, I’m thinking part of your ‘payment’ for the ride can be in performing, certain duties.” she said as she grabbed the teens duffle bag, tossing it in the back of the cab, she chuckled as she pulled the slender teen against her. The heavy musk of her body odor surrounded the teen like a cloud as she began to undo the heavy jacket she wore around herself as she stretched her legs, parting the immense denim dress she wore bellow.

“Now be a good teen and come to Momma Sasha, I’ve got such wonderful treats for you.” she said as the Teens mind swooned. Just moments ago he was simply waiting to get moving to his destination. In an instant everything seemed to change, thoughts of sex with the husky woman filled his mind as the scent of her body permeated the cabin.

He was not new to sex, but so far his only experiences had been with the other young girls in his town, few had barely been as tall as he was, now, he found himself embraced in a giant of a woman as he began to give into the stirring in his loins, letting his face sink into the immense pillowly breasts that took up most of her upper chest.

“Just relax, don’t worry about things my boy, Mommas going to make you feel so good, and you, are going to make Momma feel ever better.” She said as she undid her jacket full, revealing her naked flesh to the word. The dark smooth breasts seemed firm yet round, their nipples large as she pulled his face in between her basketball like bosom. As if acting on instinct he began to lap and suckle, pulling in her massive nipples into his face as she moaned pleasantly. Already her loins ached, the burning in them growing steadily as she cursed to herself… The Hunger in her called out…

The teen was so warm, so tender and full of life, she ached to enjoy him totally and fully, wondering how long she could hold off her more primal desires as she felt the teen suckle at her massive breast flesh.

She tightened her arms around him as she guided his face where she needed it. The teen moaned over and over as he lapped over her breasts, his face slowly moved along her chest and muscles..

His hands felt so wonderfully soft and delicate, his fingers sliding over her immense swollen breasts, dancing across the large orbs of flesh as Sasha let him explore her… Once more the Teen was simply stunned by the situation he found himself. He had experienced women before, but never on such a scale… His face licked hungrily across one breast, then the other, his face occasionally slipping into the tight crevice between the orbs as he breathed deeply of the sticky sweat that had developed inside. The huge dark woman’s sweat making his eyes water. He tried his best to ignore it as his lips clasped around one of her nipples.

To his shock and surprise he felt the nipple begin to leak. A thick creamy fluid flowed from deep inside her bosom, the teen couldn’t imagine it was milk; indeed it tasted thicker, richer, almost tart. Yet he didn’t care. He drank deeply as his eyes fluttered the more he drank, the more he needed. Moving from one fat nipple then to the others as the dark woman’s watched his belly grow.

Eventually she pulled the teen away, thick fluids oozing down his face as she looked at him and his cream filled belly. His face already getting a slightly blank expression as his mind fell into her trap “Ah, nice and full now,” she said, patting his cream filled belly, The Hunger stirred yet again…

“There’s a good boy, keep going, Mommas got a special surprise for you” She rumbled as she felt the time had come to move to the next step. She lifted up one of her immense arms to reveal her dank, musky and surprisingly hairy underarm. Not giving Tyler time to realize what was happening, she presses the teen’s soft face into the dank armpit. The teen didn’t know what hit him as the thick musk washed over him. Sasha simply laughed as she lowered her arm, trapping the teen in a cloud of sweat and hairy pit musk… To his credit she felt him begin to actively lick the sweaty thick underarm. Yet he could not possibly hold out for long, none of them ever did. He passed out within a few minutes, lungs full of pit sweat as she felt her cunt swell.

“Ah, that should keep you nice and docile, at least till we arrive at our destination…” She huffed as the Big-rig pulled back out onto the road, lumbering along as the great Dark woman’s watched the signposts. She was lucky to pick the teen up when she did. She was close to where she needed to go, the place she had taken so many others before this teen, where she could finally feed her Hunger.

About an hour later she finally pulled off the main street onto a seldom-used dirt road. Another ten minutes later she came to a seemingly abandoned motel. Appearing disused and rundown, yet the parking lot was not quite empty.. Other big rigs were parked in the lot, a few rooms where lit, yet with candles or lanterns instead of electricity as Sasha slowly slipped out of the large Truck, cradling the unconscious teen in her huge arms. She padded into the motel, no one in sight as she made her way down a hall.

From other rooms sounds of passion and cries of sex could be heard… Some of the cries where pleasure, some of pain, some of fear…

Sasha listened to them, as one would hear an old friend as she went into a room at the end of the hall.

The room was simple and run down, a huge bed dominated it, almost at the expense of any other furniture. It was not a normal bed, but one large enough for one of her size and bulk. The mattress seemed stained with layers of past fluids, cum, piss and cunt cream that mixed to fill the room with its stench. As the dark woman placed the teen down she fell back into the bed, drinking in the smells and rumbling, it was indeed like coming home for her.

It took a while for Tyler to regain consciousness as he was released from the prison of the Dark woman’s hairy armpit. As he came too, his eyes were filled with the sight of a fully naked Amazon like trucker.

“Oh my boy, your awake, Mommas been waiting for you, been… Hungry for you.” she said licking her lips as she lifted a foot, rubbing it into the teens crotch who looked down, finding himself just as nude.

“Oh! m-miss Sasha, ah ‘momma’ W-where are we?” he stuttered stiffening a moan

“Some place safe, just you and me. I have needs little teen, needs I can only get from someone else” she said pulling him forward as the teens head swam. There was no pretense of lovemaking or foreplay. She needed sex and the teen was all too happy to comply, hours of her scent and smells in his lungs made it all but impossible to refuse.

Sasha smiled as she used her broad foot to arouse the teen’s cock. Just 18, it was still quite large, and surprisingly uncut. The foreskin peeling back as it grew erect, the Teen moaning and whimpering as she used her toes to pull and play with it. Finally it was erect enough for her needs and she switched positions.

Moving she pulled the teen with her, giving him a clear view of her cunt for the first time. Even in Tylers musk addled state, he was still shocked at what he saw. Ever for her size, the pussy still seemed immense, as if unnaturally large. A thick, greasy immensely hairy bush greeted his eyes. Yet even through the thick black curly hair, fleshy swollen cunt lips could be seen. Again for a brief moment there was the feeling something was not quite right, the swollen sex pulsed oddly. Sasha smiled, this was one of the moments she enjoyed, when they began to realize how she was different, but she did not want him to think too much as she pulled him forward.

“It’s time my boy, time to give Mom your seed”

He almost fell into her, as her hands guiding his slender, but quite long Teenhood into her waiting depths. Wonderful wet warmth’s seemed to envelope his whole crotch as he hilted inside her hairy snatch with ease. As he begun to push, he felt more that it was no ordinary sex. Her cunt seemed to quickly swallow not just his cock, but his balls, and his crotch. He winced as it grew tighter and tighter around him, milking him almost as if it were ‘sucking’ his cock. “No, can’t be so big, impossible” he huffed to himself, even as he felt the tightness grow. The sark woman’ grunted and huffed as with enjoyment, her hairy crotch swallowing much of the teens’ crotch, yet squeezing tighter then a virgin’s ass.

“Ooohhh! There’s a good teen! Just keep it up! Give me everything you have!” the Big Black lady grunted as she ground back against him, her cunt squeezing his balls and cock together, with unnatural force. She wrapped her arms around Tyler, holding him close, gently, almost lovingly as her crotch ‘chewed’ his cock. She sighed, a part of her feeling a pang of sadness, he would not last long, they never did. It was only a matter of time before him whimpered and began to cum.

The teen’s orgasm seemed to be the most powerful of his life, as though her cunt was forcibly pulling the rich teen cum from deep in his balls. His head was thrown back as he huffed, moaning and crying over and over as his balls contracted.

The force of his first orgasm seemed to push him, almost unwillingly, into another, which crashed over his body. The dark woman’s huffed in time to the teen as she felt him shivering in orgasm. His seed pouring out from his loins into her hungry depths/ The big burly dark woman’s clenched tightly as she pushed herself into orgasm as well, a thick wave of femcum washed over the teen from her deep inside her cunt as the teen slumped forward and passed out.

Sasha rumbled deeply as she basked in the warmth of afterglow, her cunt gurgled with the seed from Tyler as she slide her large fingers slowly open and down the huge petals of her sexflesh; the oozing sexlips still fluttering from her orgasm, as she looked down to the exhausted teen. Raising one of her large hands, she slowly rubbed it over his body examining him, sure she might have left some bruises around his hips from the amount of squeezing her sex had done, not that it would matter much.

“Ooohh. You pleased momma very very much little teen. I think you are going to make such a wonderful cub for me. Sadly my dear no rest for you, there is still so much more to do” she rumbled as she slowly moved to pick up the exhausted teen. Lifting him till he was face to face she licked him till he regained consciousness.

“Wake up my lovely teen, you made mama very happy, but you also made a terrible mess.” Tyler whimpered soft, he felt sore all over, his cock throbbed painfully as it retreated back into its home as he shivered slightly…

“S-sorry ma-mama ..” he said, not sure why he was the one apologizing after the workout he had received from her, yet something in his mind seemed to demand it of him.

“Now now it’s ok, I know what a good teen you are, your going to clean Momma all up aren’t you, a good teen cleans up his Mess after all doesn’t he?” She said with a sly look. Tyler submissively nodded his head as he felt himself slowly lowered back down. His slender form slid between her immense legs as he was pressed down, slowly approaching the huge hairy pussy that had just taken his seed. Seeing it up close, covered in sweat and thick vaginal juices, it seemed all the more unnatural, yet, in his mental state he could not conceive of disobeying Sasha.

“There we go, good teen, start licking, Momma needs your tongue at work.” She purred as the teen looked into her immense hirsute Vagina. He wasn’t sure, but he could swear it seemed much larger then before, almost as if dilated. He shook his head, dismissing it as he pressed against the cunt flesh. His mind too saturated with musk and sweat to refuse her commands as he began to lick, tasting his own teen cum mixed with untold amounts of her own honey.

The stench from her hit him like a hammer; the smell at it’s most raw and primal here in the very center of her sex. His eyes watered as he continued to lick. Yet it was not long before his lungs began to burn and he pulled back gasping for air.

“Not so fast sweaty, don’t suffocate now. Take some deep breaths baby because my wet pussy needs your face and you. It needs it so much little Tyler you have no, no idea how badly” She said as Her cunt swelled more.

The teen sucked in as much air as he could as Sasha’s huge muscled legs clasped around his face, squeezing it back up into her hairy cunt. The wet cum soaked pussy was agape and dripping its juices over him as he licked quicker and quicker, feeling his face slip into the wet petals. Sasha felt she could do this all night, but her loins ached, begged for more, she needed him, the Hunger needed him and she did not know how much longer she could hold it at bay. She stopped hesitating as her full weight came down on his face. Tyler was suddenly plunged into tight wet darkness as her big vagina slipped down over him swallowing his entire face.

Sasha howled with pleasure as he was pulled inside, it would be so easy to finish him off right now, but not yet. She wanted to savor this for as long as possible, she knew she would not get another chance for a while after tonight. Mustering all of her will, she forced the Hunger down as she road his face.

Her fleshy cuntlips continued to ripple and pull around the teens face as she pulled him in and out, using his whole head like an immense dildo. Fortunately she would rise up enough that his nose and mouth would come out for an instant allowing him a breath as the thick rank musk filled his lungs. After a few minutes the Dark women could take no more and reached another strong climax, one Tyler could actually feel as her cunt spasamed against his face. Screaming loudly, she dug her hands into the bedding, nails clawing at the sheets as she felt her body seized in wonderful orgasm. Her immense hairy cunt contracted, spewing out thick vaginal slime that soaked the teens face.

Shuddering in ecstasy, she breathed deeply as she came down from her sexual high. Sasha sighed in pleasure as she felt her juices fully wash over the young teen, he was coated head to toe in her slickness, and slick, wet and lubed he was ready at last. The teen hung on the verge of consciousness as Sasha slowly moved him around… She sighed, as she knew the time had come, the Hunger could no longer be denied.

She shifted slowly as she moved Tyler, pulling his face out form her cunt with a lewd sucking “shurlop” sound as he was repositioned.

“Ah little cub, its time, oh at last its time, your all lubed up, mrmm so now my boy, my Tyler, my food… In you go!” She rumbled, her hands clasping his hips as she pulled him forward, his feet easily slipping up into her distended snatch as the teen let out a weakened but surprised cry.

“Wh-whats going on m-momma, miss. What are you doing!” Tyler whimpered, his mind clearing for the first time the whole night, shocked out of its lust induced haze as he watches his feet easily swallowed up.

“Oh dear I am sorry but I have to do this, I’ve tried to let the cravings go, but, ohhhh mrmmm, it would have killed me not to my dear. It has to be fed and there is simply nothing as enjoyable as having someone, fully inside me. Ah yes, you, are so perfect you know, just, ahh, just the right size. OH! And you taste sooo good!” Sasha moaned as the teen whimpered, trying to pull away as his ankles were pulled in… The strength of the Dark woman’s cunt like a powerful vice as it pulled him inside, the grip tight and firm despite the oozing fluids.

“P-please, I don’t want this, let me go. Please I promise I wont tell anyone” Sasha looked down and sighed, her cunt contracted again as she slipped a large hand over his mouth.

Ian Jackson swatted the last goblin-thing with his sword. It hit the ground, disappeared, the victory music played, and then Jackson was back in the stone corridor. The monsters left behind thirty-one pieces of gold.


Jackson never saw it. He never did. The gold was always transferred automatically to his inventory. Currently he was carrying 1,936 gold coins. In his pockets.

That wasn’t all. He was also currently carrying twenty daggers, fifty arrows, seven swords, seven axes, three spears, eight wizard’s staffs, two hammers, three shields, five helmets, sixty assorted bits of armor, six pairs of boots, a whip, and seventy-two medicinal herbs. And this was before even considering the slimeballs and other weirdness he didn’t dare sell off in case it turned out to be useful later. In a rucksack.

It was kind of stupid when you thought about it.

Jackson tried not to.

It was a stupid world.

The corridor turned around to the right. He must be getting near the heart of the dungeon. Nothing had leapt out to commit suicide on the end of his sword for the last fifty paces.

The walls were made out of crumbling old stone, lit up at regular intervals with burning torches. Foul smelling water oozed out of cracks and dribbled down the walls. The corridor continued for maybe a hundred meters or so before turning right again. Jackson was more interested in the big wooden door situated in the right hand wall, about halfway down the corridor.

Such an obvious boss location, he thought. So predictable.

He walked down the corridor and stopped outside the door. It was big—more than two meters high and wide enough for two men to walk through abreast. It was also in considerably better condition than the rest of the ruins. The wood was bright red in color and the hinges were freshly polished brass.

This definitely led to the area boss.

Jackson paused and checked his status. The last fight had taken him up to level thirteen. He had some new skill points. He put them into Sword and noticed how the blade in his hand suddenly felt lighter. He cast Cure to take his health back to full.

A little over a week ago Jackson had been living a fairly ordinary, if dull, life as a software developer writing transaction processing systems for a bank. It was as interesting as it sounded, but it paid well and Jackson felt fortunate to have landed the job straight out of university. In evenings he spent his time playing console games and at the weekend he hit the bars to watch sports with the guys from work.

All that had gone to hell when he’d been sucked into a computer game.

It was a long story.

The ending was simple. Beat the game and he was out. No problem. Jackson was fucking shit-hot at computer games…

…but did it have to be a fucking Japanese Role-Playing Game?

Everyone knew fantasy JRPGs were the turdiest of turds in the gaming world. Well, apart from the old nerds that still went misty-eyed at the mention of Final Fantasy VII. At least in Tron, Garrett Hedlund had Beau Garrett in a skintight silver jumpsuit to drool over. Jackson had bug-eyed morons with memories that would shame a goldfish. On leaving the first village he’d managed maybe forty meters before a giant cucumber had sprung out of the undergrowth and attacked him with a spear.

JRPGs were fucking stupid, and he was trapped in one.

At least it would be easy. All JRPGs were. Kill monsters until you leveled up enough to kill harder monsters. Repeat until the end of the game. Whenever that was.

That was the problem with JRPGs, they dragged on for fucking forever. He knew from bitter experience. Those bastards had sucked up months of his life before he’d finally grown up and discovered GTA and real games.

Maybe he’d figure out some kind of strategic exploit. All these games could be broken in half once a smart player figured them out. The only problem was Jackson was still working through the dull-as-shit early stages. It had already taken him over a week to find this, the second dungeon.

At least he was at the boss.

Okay, let’s do this.

He pushed the door open.

On the other side was a large throne room. Gaily-colored silk banners adorned the walls. The whole room was a massive contrast to the rest of the crumbling ruins. A thick red carpet scrunched beneath his sandals as he entered the room. Impressive chandeliers and candelabra bathed the room in a warm glow. At the far end of the room a golden throne sat on a raised dais.

So predictable.

A sexy and extremely sluttily-dressed girl sat on the throne. Demon girl to be more exact. As Jackson walked up to the throne she stood up and purple-black bat wings unfurled from behind her back. As well as the wings she also had horns and a long slender tail with the classic spade-like tip.

Not a bad collection of pixels, if you were into that kind of thing.

“Welcome to the lair of Moréhâgg the succubus, adventurer,” horny fetish-bait said. “I’m going to enjoy playing with you.”

“And ima gonna give your face a good turkey-slappin’ wiv my penis,” Jackson said.

Jackson had given up bothering to say anything sensible. It was a JRPG. No one had more than three lines of dialogue and it didn’t matter what he said anyway.

Demonic perv-magnet pouted at him. “Wouldn’t you rather I sucked it instead?”


No time to ponder what he’d thought she said. He felt that strange swirly dislocation that indicated he was about to enter battle. His vision blurred and then cleared. He was standing in the same location, but everything around him appeared crisper, as if he was seeing it all at a higher resolution.

That included the succubus.

Jackson smiled and shook his head. So predictable. Didn’t matter what age the game was aimed at, the dirty old developers couldn’t resist sneaking in an obvious fetish fuel character for them and their audience of adolescent boys to perv over. Jackson used to be one of those adolescent boys before he’d grown up and realized how sad it was.

Moréhâgg was worthy of a good perv. She looked like filth incarnate. She possessed the mountainous silicone-enhanced peaks of a porn actress welded to an impossibly thin wasp waist—the kind of figure that could only exist in hentai. Her costume wasn’t exactly there to preserve modesty. Her shiny purple top revealed more cleavage than it hid, and the glossy material was stretched almost to bursting trying to contain her abundant breasts. The eye-shaped clasp that held the thing together at her chest looked like it might pop at any moment. Most of her flat belly, including the little dimple of her navel, was exposed. Her long lithe legs were covered in kinky fishnet stockings that ran down to a pair of sexy stiletto heels. The stockings were attached to her waist with suspenders.

Fetish fuel. Pure filthy fetish fuel.

She was also the area boss. Jackson could tell—she had her own battle theme.

That was the other stupid thing. Every time he went into battle, music would start playing even though there wasn’t a single musician in sight. Usually it was something wibbly-warbly that was meant to be rousing, but instead sounded like someone farting through a tin in a bath full of semen. Moréhâgg’s music was different—slow and slinky. Dirty.


Jackson noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He looked between her legs and saw a neat little bar of trimmed pubic hair and the shadowy cleft of her pussy.

This was…unexpected.

He remembered her words before the battle had begun. Had she actually said what he thought he’d heard her say?

Moréhâgg stood next to the throne and gave her long red nails a bored glance.

“Are you going to do something, or do I have to wait here all day?”

That jerked Jackson to attention. Yes, it was his turn.

He charged forwards and slashed Moréhâgg across her ample chest. He felt the impact and Moréhâgg doubled up. Thirty-one flashed above her head in floating red numbers. Then she stood back up straight and Jackson saw no visible mark his attack had hit her.

None of his attacks ever did. Jackson had slaughtered hundreds of stupid gonks in the ruins above and in the countryside leading up to them and his blade was still as pristine and shiny as if it had been freshly forged. Kids’ game. No blood effects allowed here.

“Is that all?” Moréhâgg taunted.

Jackson knew he’d damaged her from the numbers he’d seen flash above her head.

She looked down at his sword.

“No wonder. You’re still using that? Why didn’t you get the better one at the last town?”

“Waste of money,” Jackson muttered at his toes.

Never buy weapons. There was always the same or better hiding in the next chest. That’s how JRPGs worked.

The demon girl threw a fireball at him and he smoothly dodged it. He didn’t know how much health she had left. Probably not much. The fetish fuel enemies were usually pretty flimsy, but they often made up for it with lots of annoying status-changing attacks. Best if he finished this quickly. Time to use…

“Oh, are you going to use one of your special attacks?” Moréhâgg asked. Her eyes shone with excitement.

Who was this? She was the first character Jackson had encountered that seemed aware they were in a world constrained by weird videogame rules.

“Come on, let’s see it,” Moréhâgg said eagerly.

Jackson took up a stance with his sword. He hated this part.

“Aww, are you embarrassed,” Moréhâgg said. “You know it doesn’t work if you don’t call it first.”

Jackson knew. Unfortunately.

“Super Slash,” he muttered through gritted teeth.

Stupid Japanese anime conventions. She was right though, it didn’t work unless he called it first. Jackson hated that. It always made him feel like the dorkiest Dork McDorkien.

The succubus put a hand to her mouth and giggled.

Flames flickered along the edge of Jackson’s sword.

Laugh this off, bitch, he thought.

He charged and hit her with an upward stroke that flung her backwards. Seventy-one flickered above her head in red numbers.

Yeah! That’s more like it.

“Like that, huh,” Jackson said. “After I beat you I’m going to use this ‘bad’ sword on you like a dildo. If I’m feeling nice I might even insert it hilt first.”

“Ooh, kinky,” the succubus said, standing back up with a smile on her full lips.

She threw another fireball. This time Jackson blocked it with his shield, taking no damage.

“But it’s your other ‘sword’ I’m interested in.” The succubus glanced down at Jackson’s waist. “Even if it looks a little small.”

What the fuck!

“Fuck you!” Jackson shouted.

He connected with another sideways slash and thirty-one flashed above Moréhâgg’s head.

“Fuck using my sword. I’m going to shove a hammer up there instead. No, one of my shields!”

Moréhâgg spun back around to face him. For all her exaggerated curves, her moves were as fluid as a dancer’s. She placed a long finger against her silky smooth cheek.

“You seem a very angry young adventurer. It’s time to use one of my special attacks. I think you’ll like it.” Her red eyes twinkled as she smiled at him. “How about it? Would you like to see my Puff-Puff attack?”

Jackson shook his head. Puff-Puff. Really. Those wacky Japanese, always trying to get crap past the radar.

“Isn’t that some lame euphemism for rubbing your titties in my face.”

Moréhâgg smiled. She placed her hands on either side of her swollen breasts and squeezed them together. Jackson almost expected to hear some kind of stupid boing sound effect.

“Why don’t you close your eyes, relax and enjoy it,” Moréhâgg said with a voice like crushed velvet.

“Yeah right,” Jackson said. “And when I open them you’ll be rubbing two of those stupid slime creatures against the side of my head. Or it will be two sheep rubbing their asses against me. Don’t bother trying to tease me. I know this is an E10 game. There’s no way you’re getting your tits out.”

Moréhâgg pounced, knocking Jackson on his back and pinning him to the floor. She straddled his chest and unhooked the catch holding her latex corset-thing together. Her breasts—big, pink and extremely bouncy—bobbed free.

They were…impressive.

“You were right with the first guess,” Moréhâgg said with a lascivious smile. She caught her swaying mammaries and cupped them in her hands.

Jackson looked up at the swaying mounds of creamy-pink flesh. He clearly saw the perky little pink points of her nipples. What the fuck was going on here? This didn’t happen in battles. They all followed the same ridiculous yet inviolable laws.

Moréhâgg’s red eyes twinkled. Her moist lips pouted as if for a kiss. “Puff-Puff,” she breathed.

She fell forwards, burying his head in the warm space between her large and extremely soft boobs. Jackson lay back, unable do anything as she covered his face with her bosom. She twisted her upper body from side to side and Jackson felt the soft mass of her heavy breasts paff his head one way and then the other.

Giggling, Moréhâgg pressed down harder. Her arms went around the back of his head and she scooped him up into the smothering embrace of her cleavage. Jackson’s head, wedged up between her soft boobs, moved from side to side as she twisted her body. Her skin felt like the smoothest silk as it rubbed against his cheeks. His nose and mouth were pressed so tightly into her chest it was hard to breathe.

Moréhâgg had no intention of suffocating him just yet. She let his head fall away enough to allow him to take a breath. He inhaled air saturated with the heady musk of her body. Laughing, she paffed his head with her swinging breasts. Then she was pressing down again and squeezing her tits together around his face.

“What do you think, adventurer? Nice aren’t they. Have you ever felt a pair as warm and as soft as this?”

Jackson hadn’t, although he couldn’t admit that. His mouth was filled with her overflowing chest. She let him take another hasty breath and then started squeezing her boobs against the sides of his face again, squeezing them like they were super-soft rubber balls.

Was this an actual attack? What kind of fucked up game was this?

Actually, it felt pretty sweet.

At least up until the point when Moréhâgg didn’t lift up to allow him to take a breath. Instead she responded to his squirming struggles by pressing her chest down even harder, smothering him as effectively as if she’d placed a pillow over his face.

“I need you nice and pliant for my other moves,” Moréhâgg said.

Jackson wriggled as he tried, unsuccessfully, to squirm out from under her. His lungs were aching.

“And now my other Puff-Puff attack.”

She lifted her smothering bosom. Her breasts shivered and two thick purple clouds of perfume puffed out of her nipples…

…right as Jackson sucked in a much-needed lungful of air.


The fumes rushed up to his brain and sent it sailing away on fluffy, perfumed clouds. He lay back on the floor and felt all his muscles relax as the tension drained from his body. Well, not all of it. Down between his legs he felt a great deal of tension straining against his underwear.

“Time to make you a little more comfortable,” Moréhâgg said. “It’s far too hot in here to be wearing all this leather armor.”

She went straight to his groin, undid the buckle and pulled down his leather leggings. Jackson didn’t resist. He thought he might be hallucinating as there were little dancing pink hearts floating in front of his vision. Moréhâgg pulled away his cotton underwear and his cock bobbed up like a hypnotized snake.

“Ooh, nice,” Moréhâgg said. She ran a moist tongue around her glossy red lips.

The hearts went away. Jackson noticed the comfortable paralysis that had kept him still had ended. He could move. He tightened his grip on his sword.

The succubus noticed too.

“Humph. Lucky roll,” she pouted. “The entrancement should have lasted for at least another two turns.”

Rolls? Turns? What was she?

Jackson started to raise his sword.

Moréhâgg poked his wrist with a single finger. “Block.”

Jackson’s hand fell back onto the floor.

Moréhâgg shifted position. The pink mountainous peaks of her naked breasts loomed over Jackson’s face.

“Double Puff-Puff.”

Her nipples were already expelling more clouds of perfume as she dropped down and mashed Jackson’s face up between the soft pillows of her breasts. Mewling in pleasure, she rubbed them against his face. Jackson’s vision vanished beneath jiggling pink flesh. Moréhâgg made a lot of indecent noises as she smothered him with her tits. Three times she pressed down hard enough to cut off his air, and three times she allowed him breaths tainted with her cloying, magical perfume.

At the end of it ‘Jackson is enthralled and cannot move’ was scrolling through his head like a child’s first attempt at a goto program. A silly grin was plastered on his lips and his cock was throbbing hard enough to burst.

“Better,” Moréhâgg said. “That should keep you still for a while.”

Jackson couldn’t move, but other than that his thoughts were relatively clear…apart from the distraction provided by his raging hard-on. Moréhâgg squatted right above it. Her vagina was completely exposed, naked and not even pixelated. Jackson’s cock wasn’t pixelated either.

This had gone way beyond lame innuendo. She was really going to fuck him. That couldn’t be right. Even the sleaziest of game developers wouldn’t dare going this far.

Well apart from that crazy dude who’d made that fucked up monster girl game.

“Um, isn’t this a children’s game?” Jackson said. “E10+?”

Moréhâgg cocked her head. “You’re over eighteen aren’t you?”


“Then quit complaining.”

She sat down.

On his cock.

Unable to move, Jackson watched as his throbbing hard-on slowly vanished inside her. It felt like he was pushing up inside a cup of some kind of warm, soft, gooey substance. Moréhâgg sighed as she reached the base of his penis. Her labia puffed up, forming a tight cuff around the root of his cock. Her pussy wriggled around him and a thick cloud of pleasure diffused down his shaft and through his body.

“Oh yes,” Moréhâgg sighed.

She closed her eyes. Her left hand squeezed the firm globe of her breast. Her pussy stopped wriggling and instead squeezed tightly around him, packing her soft squishy tissue up against every over-sensitized millimeter of his throbbing hard-on.

Jackson’s mouth fell open.

That felt nice.

At least until the familiar slap he felt every time an enemy’s attack hit him. Forty-four flashed above his head in red numbers. Moréhâgg gave a contented sigh. Forty-four flashed above her head in green numbers.

She was draining his health points to replenish her own?

Her pussy relaxed, feeling again like a cup filled with warm gooey jelly.

“Mmm.” Moréhâgg shifted position. Her chest, and the pleasant curves of her breasts, rose as she drew in a relaxed breath.

She breathed out and her pussy pressed tightly around his cock with a moist squish. Jackson’s legs quivered as he felt her soft flesh squeeze his erection with a pleasant pulsing motion.

The pleasure was again forestalled by a slap as forty-four flashed above his head in red numbers. The same number appeared above the succubi’s head in green.

She gave an indecent sigh. Her cheeks reddened. Both of her hands squeezed the bulges of her tits together.

“This is my second favorite action,” Moréhâgg said. “Do you like it.”

“I’m not sure I like what it’s doing to my health points,” Jackson said.

Moréhâgg tipped her head back and laughed. She shifted position in his lap, bouncing against him with little rocks of her hips. The gooey flesh of her pussy pressed tightly against his cock in another smothering embrace. Snugly gripped, Jackson felt more pulsing little sucks run up his throbbing shaft.

From My Journal – May 1986

“Ruth E. and I have been invited by the local television station to come down to the launch of a traveling exhibition being held in town. The exhibition is a celebration of a particular television program whose longevity and creativity have made it an icon around the world. We are invited inside the exhibition’s spacious and luxurious RV to wait for the guests of honor to arrive.

We make small talk and try to ignore the sexual tension in the room that always seems to pervade our time spent together. We each know that the other suspects what we do during our telephone “writing conference role play” and how we’ve become addicted to it, yet neither has the courage to admit it, and risk the friendship (and benefits) that we’ve both come to rely upon in the absence of any real relationship. For my part, I know that if given the chance, I’d sweep Ruth off her feet and show her exactly what she’s been missing through virtual sex.

Tired of waiting, we are about to exit the RV when the door opens. The exhibition coordinator, who I will call Mr. S, steps inside, followed by his boss and Peter, one of the previous stars of the show. Mr. S. introduces me to the pair and I tell Peter that Ruth is her biggest fan. He grins and she cringes and tries to shrink behind me. I bodily push her towards Peter and he gives her a big hug.

Ruth looks like she is about to faint. Knowing how much she is attracted to Peter and fantasized to me about him, I imagine she probably creamed herself as well. I can’t keep my mind off of that image. Ruth excuses herself and darts into the bathroom. We all chuckle. Everyone else figures she’s just freshening up and composing herself, but I know her better than that.

A few minutes later, the three gentlemen have left and I find myself all alone in the RV except for Ruth, who is still locked in the over-sized bathroom. I listen at the door and hear soft moans and rapid breathing inside. My cock pops up at the sound and I think that this may be my chance! I think about knocking but instead look around for an ink pen. I find one and quickly remove the top, extricating the ink cartridge and slipping it silently into the little hole in the center of the door handle. With a soft click I pop the lock.

In a fluid, quick motion, I swing the door open and watch as Ruth flinches backward on the closed toilet lid. She is completely naked, and her legs are spread wide and her dark brown pubic hair is slick and wet from her arousal. There is a small milky white puddle on the toilet lid, and her right hand is grinding against her clit while her index and middle fingers are buried deep inside of her wet pussy.

The air is heavy with the scent of her vaginal musk. She moans even as she realizes she’s been caught, looking terrified but so close to coming that she can’t stop herself. This is exactly what I’d always pictured her doing on the phone with me and longed to watch! Only the time for watching and waiting are over for me.

I smile, making a shushing sound and stepping closer, closing the door behind me and relocking it. My eyes never break contact with hers and I smile as she starts to whimper with pent up desire as she realizes that she and I are finally going to break the unbearable sexual tension that has plagued us for months. She remembers, as do I, all those long, long hours on the telephone play-acting with one another, fully aware that we were engaged in heated phone sex though too embarrassed to ever admit it. Now, she knows, we are going to get it on. Fuck. Screw one another’s brains out. Finally!

I kneel before her and watch as her legs part even more as she subconsciously grants me full access to her swollen vagina to do with as I please. The scent of her moist cleft has given me the most swollen erection I have ever experienced and I can feel it throbbing with an unbearable desire to plunge deep inside of her. She moans again as she feels my breath against her wetness.

I close my eyes and open my mouth to allow my firm tongue to flick quickly and electrically across her swollen clit. I listen to her moan deliciously as I slide my hot tongue into the folds of her pussy lips and into her wetness. To finally, after so long of dreaming of it, feel the walls of her pussy clinching around my darting tongue and to taste her sweet nectar is almost too much to bear without blowing my load in my pants.

I take one last plunge inside of her with my tongue then stand up, undoing my belt and dropping my pants to the floor around my ankles. One step, two step and I’m out of my pants altogether. My shirt comes off over my head. My near-bursting cock is fighting to escape my boxers and presses so hard against the cloth I think I can hear it ripping. Instead, it pokes through the flap and, like a guided heat seeking missile, aims it’s dripping head directly at Ruth’s mouth.

I move forward and press the rigid oozing red tip against Ruth’s lips and they part to allow my cock to slide inside. The feeling of her warm tongue as it curled around my shaft is indescribable. Immediately I begin to thrust against the velvet resistance of her tongue and mouth, feeling her soft lips wrapping around my member to form a perfect seal. I pace myself, pumping in and out, in and out as slowly as possible to prolong the inevitable.

In my mind I picture that moment ahead when my cock will erupt inside of her mouth and send all of my long-pent-up juices of desire cascading down into her throat in a torrent. At last Ruth will taste my cum, I think! Somehow I’ve become obsessed with the concept of my semen becoming a part of her as it’s slowly digested, the testosterone fueling her own wanton needfulness.

Sensing that I’m about to explode, Ruth opens her mouth and pulls back, grasping my shaft with both hands and massaging the saliva from her mouth into my tight skin. With one hand she reaches down to her crotch and allows the dripping river of her essence to coat it, then cups the sticky fluid in her palm. Slowly, teasingly, she lifts her cum-soaked hand to my cock and rubs her cunt-cream into my penis as a lubricant.

I know that I will erupt at any second! I only have time to twist my hips in order to aim my primed and ready to blow cock at her now fully open mouth. Ruth sticks out her tongue mischievously, begging with her eyes for me to explode against the glistening pinkness of it just as we’d fantasized illicitly with one another so many times before over the phone. The core of my being seems to burst into a nova-bright explosion of pleasure as my cum erupts in what feels like a never-ending ejaculation.

My aim, though deliberate, was off and streamers of white sticky semen coat Ruth’s flushed cheeks, her eyelids, her nose, her lips, her eyebrows, her hair… and still there is enough that landed on her tongue for her to savor as she closes her mouth in a huge smile, licking her lips contentedly. She loves the taste, the texture, as I always hoped she would. She’s going to want more, and often, and I will be the one to provide it to her!

Just then Ruth begins to convulse as she loses control over her orgasm and allows her pussy to spasm uncontrollably for what seems like minutes. I feel my feet become suddenly drenched as she ejaculates with such ferocity that I think for a moment she must have lost control over her bladder. However, one look at her goo coated face and the look of sheer ecstasy writhing upon it and I knew that she was releasing months of pent-up sexual energy as I had in one enormous and satisfying explosion of orgasmic bliss.

My energy to continue standing spent, I collapse onto my knees and allow my face to fall against Ruth’s sticky, dripping pussy. The essence of her sexual abandon instantly adheres against my flesh. I relish the sensation of rolling my face from side to side in her cunt cream in order for it to become as sticky with cum as her own face is. I look up into her twinkling eyes and can tell that she is already building up for another powerful orgasm. From our telephone sessions I know that Ruth is a multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac once started, and nearly impossible to satiate. But oh to try!

Though sexually drained, physically and physiologically, I’ve waited and dreamed for this day for such an agonizingly long time that I know I’ll continue to please her orally until I have regained my strength. I begin by slowly and deliberately using my tongue to lap up every drop of her heavenly juices from her pussy, sucking her still-swollen cunt lips into my mouth to clean them properly. Beads of her cum are glistening on the tips of her pubic curls, and I relish the deliberate care my lips and tongue give each and every one.

I begin to feel the temperature of her flesh heating once again as I press my cheeks against her sticky thighs. In my mind, I fantasize about pumping my next eager load deep inside of her cunt, grinding the tip of my cockhead against her cervix as if I could somehow burst through that tiny opening and empty my semen-laden balls directly into her womb.

Yet despite such visions, I continue my slow oral ministrations, listening as Ruth’s breathing becomes erratic once more. I can feel her muscles tensing and her thighs clamping unbidden against my head, trapping my face and nose and mouth against her pulsating pussy. I know what she has in store for me, as this was one of her fantasies, and I can feel my cock beginning to rise once more, untouched. I reach for it and began stroking the still tender flesh.

In a sudden flash of insight, I recall the end scenario for Ruth’s favorite phone fantasy… to ride her partners face to orgasm while they were helpless to escape the impending flood. I realize with mounting excitement that Ruth intends to hold my head against her crotch while she uses my nose like a mechanical dildo!

Ruth stands, and with her thighs clenched tight, I am compelled to move with her. She forces me to rise with her, then begins to press downward. My position is to be prostrated on the floor, laying on my back, with her astride me. Ruth’s pulsating sodden crotch grinds relentlessly against my face as she sits on it. My nose becomes quickly trapped inside of her cum-slickened slit and my entire world becomes her pussy. I have become her plaything!

My every tortured breath, squeezed out from the folds of her genital flesh, holds the essence of Ruth. Her scent is deep inside of my nose now, her juices filling my nostrils and making it impossible to inhale through them without sucking her cum into my sinuses. I can taste her and nothing else as her cuntal fluids trickled down the back of my throat. What a sensation this is, to taste a woman in this way!

Above me, I can hear Ruth moaning though her thighs cover my ears and clamp my head in place. I can sense her rapid heartbeat as it seems to pound all around me. I know that soon she will come again, and like before, she will open her orgasmic floodgates and unleash a torrent of hot, sticky juices against my nose and literally drown me. I have but one chance, and she knows it. I open my mouth and form a tight seal over her twitching vaginal canal, grinding my nose upward against her clit even as she works to grind her pubic bone into my skull.

With a sudden intake of air, Ruth E. begins to cum like I’d never thought possible. Her thighs are squeezing my head so tightly that I think surely my head will explode from the pressure. Her full weight is now bouncing up and down on my face as she rides me to the heights of her orgasm as if I were a human Symbian machine.

My last breath came a full forty five seconds earlier, and even then it was only a partial one. I begin to see sparkles as my brain reacts to the early stages of hypoxia. I imagine what it will be like to suffocate with the woman I love using my death to drive her to the ultimate pleasure. I wonder, does she know? More to the point, does she care? Would she sacrifice me for carnal bliss?

I pray that Ruth will begin to gush her ejaculate down my throat so that I might catch a quick gulp of air at the end. I prod her clit with my tongue to no effect. Does she realize I’m out of air? But Ruth’s orgasm is going to come on its own terms and not mine, I realize. Yet surely she must know I’m about to asphixiate for her pleasure… Unless her ultimate fantasy is to ride my face until I die, my now-engorged cock erupting at the moment of my extermination and giving her the ultimate satisfaction?

No! I thought and clamped my teeth down hard against her sensitive and swollen clit. The tender, soft flesh yielded and I tasted my lover’s blood as my incisors broke the skin. I feel Ruth react with an even harder grip on my head with her thighs. Her salty blood is flooding freely into my mouth now, and mixing with her pussy juices on my tongue. Despite feeling lightheaded from my lack of air, I realize that this is the last sensation of taste I will ever have. Yet I cannot ever remember tasting anything so utterly divine!

With only moments of consciousness left to me, and perhaps only scant moments beyond that of life, I begin to gnaw on her clit more seriously now, increasing the flow of blood and exciting Ruth still further. Pain, apparently, is something that she enjoys! I feel her spasm uncontrollably once, twice, then a third times before it finally happened.

Above me and around me, Ruth begins an orgasm so powerful, so intense, that her grip slackens just long enough for me to get in a gasp of sweet air. No sooner than I have drawn this lifesaving breath do I feel her pussy convulse like a seizure and the deluge begins – straight down my throat!

I swallow rapidly, trying to stay ahead of the flow, now worried I won’t die from suffocation but from drowning. Whether Ruth intends to fuck me to death or if she is just so far beyond reason in her ecstasy, I’d never know. Ruth’s juices cascade down my cheeks and I begin to sputter, engulfed in her ocean of sex.

I snap my teeth down on her clit once again, drawing still more blood, and she reacts like I’m poking her with an electric prod. Her legs release my head and I roll away, gasping for air as her pussy secretions dribbled from my mouth and nose. My face and lips are smeared with her clitoral blood, and I realize that I hadn’t even noticed that I’d blown my load in the process.

The evidence of this is dripping lazily from Ruth’s dark hair in gooey tendrils. Her face still carries a pearly sheen from my earlier ejaculation. The entire room smells like two hundred people had just had the wildest oral sex imaginable, and as I realize what has just occurred, I smile despite myself. We hadn’t even gotten past foreplay!

Looking into Ruth’s cum-be speckled face I see the most beatific expression forming. Her eyelids are heavy, her breathing shallow, and her limbs look lifeless, like limp noodles. My own cock is not in much better shape, I thought. Ruth, too exhausted to speak, as I was, collapsed against my chest. Her sticky, cum-slickened flesh pressed against my own mixed with her blood, exhausted and sighing with utter contentment.

Pt 4–Three days earlier, Wiley met Joe and then Tony. Now, Wiley decides to join the party at Joe’s.—

It was Saturday night and the Peachtree Bar was dull. There were no horny single women and the groups were all cliques. The women seemed to enjoy talking to each other more than the single guys.

I felt like I had a big “L” branded on my forehead for loser. I couldn’t make eye contact and twice I was rejected for a dance.

I left rejected and blue. I cranked the old ’56 Chrysler pushed the drive button and drove away feeling like an ugly duckling.

When I got home, I was surprised to see a note on my door from Joe. He wanted me to drop by and join the party.

Oh great, I’m picked up by queers but no pussy. What the heck, I was thirsty so I picked up some rolled reefers and walked over.

The house was lit up. I couldn’t tell how many people were inside. I grinned and wondered just how many vampires were there, I don’t know.

I walked in and was surprised to see quite a few women were there. Well, this might not be so bad after all.

People stared at me for a moment and I felt a little awkward at first.

There was a group in the dining room pouring beer from a tapped keg into plastic cups. I went in there and lit up a joint, took a deep drag and offered it to the person blocking the keg.

He took a drag and said it was some good stuff as he coughed. Some more awkward moments passed until I gradually got to the keg, found a new cup and poured a full beer.

I found a quiet area and sat down to enjoy the beer, a good buzz and some jazz playing on Joe’s stereo.

A couple came inside the room and sat on the couch where Joe and Tony took turns fucking my ass three days earlier.

I smiled a big white toothy grin and waved at her and she said hello. Skinny dude ignored me.

She was a medium build girl with auburn hair and she obviously plucked her eyebrows or she would have a unibrow.

That made me smile bigger. I almost giggled. I lit up another doobie and offered it her way. She jumped at it hard pulling in the sweet smoke into her lungs.

The skinny man she was with apparently knew everything. He wouldn’t shut up for a second.

She passed the joint to skinny dude who just puffed and kept right on talking. I had to interrupt and say don’t bogart that joint dude. She giggled and he acted annoyed. I wanted to knock him out but I just smiled instead.

The girl looked at me smiling back at her and she smiled back. The next time she looked at me, I winked at her and her face lit up a little awed.

They got up and disappeared somewhere and Joe saw me. He moved quickly over and pulled me up from the chair. I was a little stoned by then.

“I want you meet some people,” he said.

We walked around for a while sharing the doobie and I saw one girl with a sweet set of tits. I’m not sure about her face.

Most of Joe’s friends were snobs. They asked questions like “where do you go to school” or “do you have a big house like Joe.”

I was quickly bored with the introductions. I probably would never see these people again anyway. I finished my beer and like always, one beer isn’t enough.

The auburn haired beauty appeared behind me at the keg and she introduced herself as Julie. Then Joe told her that I was the young man he met recently. She really beamed at that but I was a little embarrassed.

What did Joe tell her about that meeting? I shared the remainder of the doobie with her again.

It turns out that Julie was Joe’s steady girlfriend. Geez, go figure.

“Do you like pussy, ” she snided.

“I love pussy,” I replied.

“He has a real fat cock, Julie, you would like it,” Joe said matter of fact.

Well I stuck around making small talk and started to leave when Julie grabbed my arm and whispered that she wanted me to go upstairs with her.

“Joe says its Ok to fuck you,” she confessed.

So off we went up the stairs to a large bedroom. We entered the room to find another couple half naked making out. This didn’t bother Julie; she just said good as we entered.

Julie pulled her dress over her head to reveal firm white tits with jutting dark nipples. Then she peeled her panties down revealing a dark Venus mound. I hesitated a moment but then quickly followed her lead and we got on the bed.

Her pussy was already soaking wet but I loved to eat pussy and moved down to inhale her pungent aroma. Later I wondered if she fucked skinny dude and laughed.

My cock was semi hard as my face found her pussy lips and began an assault with my mouth.

She raised her knees up and her inner thighs closed around my ears. I was deaf and smothered in her sweet pussy for several minutes until my hard tongue found her clit and began a steady furious rhythm of beating it.

I could feel her clit getting harder and her hips bucked under my sucking mouth.

She cried out louder and louder. The couple in the room stopped to watch us. Julie came and her juice squirted in my mouth and on the bed and her inner thighs beat on the side of my head. It was a flow of some power.

I heard someone in the room say wow he can really eat pussy; it sounded like Joe.

Julie was spent but my cock was rock hard and I mounted her with one plunge. My cock was buried in her very wet slick channel. She bucked under me and after three or four minutes of hard pounding she came again.

She was surprised that my cock was still hard. I rolled off of her on my back and she quickly mounted my cock. She bucked back and forth until she came again. Several times I felt I was close but still no cum.

Then I saw Joe watching us He was naked and Julie grabbed his long cock and was pulling on it with her right hand while riding me like a pony.

“Whew, this boy has made me cum three times and he just won’t cum,” she said out loud.

Joe suggested that she should mount my face with her pussy and suck my cock in a 69 fashion. She agreed and soon her pussy was on my mouth and my nose squarely in her bung hole.

I could smell her tangy poop hole stuck in my flared nostrils. She leaned down and began sucking my cock. I noticed Joe had a hard on. His left hand was stroking his 9 inch cock.

I felt someone lifting my legs up and then Julie held my legs back while Joe kneeled at my ass directing his large cock to my ass hole.

I could feel the soft head prodding between my cheeks. My hands held my cheeks apart as his big cock nestled in my anal ring.

Julie had a powerful hold of my ankles under her arms bending my legs up and lifting my ass up while she sat on my face.

The head of his cock was wet with lube and in a few short jabs; his long cock was half way up my ass.

“Hmmmpppfff,” I mumbled under the folds of Julie’s wet pussy. Occasionally I could breathe through my nose and inhale her ass. My cock was suddenly throbbing and the fullness within my ass hole was sweet pressure.

Joe wasted no time in a steady pistoning within my tight sheath. My ass hole and rectum was a perfect glove for his cock.

He was up to his balls and then he began a steady fucking with his balls slapping on my bottom. Julie began a motion back and forth on my mouth and I sucked hard on her clit.

Joe gripped my cock and was fist fucking it like a handle of a floor shifter in time with his thrusts. I could feel the spasms in my cock and I felt my cum boiling up to my pump rod.

It seemed like a long time because Joe was hitting my sweet spot with every stroke and suddenly I was spurting jets of cum in the air.

Most of the cum went on Julie by direction of Joe’s hand and a little on my stomach.. It kept on spurting till the well was dry and still my cock spasmed every time Joe thrust in me.

Julie pushed her cunt up and down over my face and I also licked her bung hole.

Julie cried out that she was cumming and then Joe said he was cumming.

Julie’s cunt flowed like a cup of sweet jism over my face and in my mouth. I think I felt Joe’s cock spurt in my ass.

Julie fell off my face on the bed and I started breathing again. Joe pulled his spent cock from my butt. We all laid there catching our breath, and then we started giggling.

Julie was very vocal when she said how great it was. I have to agree, it was better than great.

I smelled her tangy dung in my nose for several days after that and I liked it. I fantasized about fucking her in her ass some day.

As with most of my e-rotica, this one is a story with sex rather than the other way around and thus does not have an immediate climax….so to speak. Chapter one received criminally low scores from downvoters (placing it in the ranks of stories that repeatedly misspell “orgasm” and have no compound sentences) apparently upset at the story’s title, neglecting the finer points of plot and the coming conclusion. If the same happens for chapter two, I will disable voting again.

Re-cap: Humble logician Yusef Muhammad of the University of Minnesota woke up to find an irrefutable argument on his blackboard that proved the supernatural as humans understand it, meaning God or Gods, ghosts, spirits, etc. does not exist. Naturally this drew criticism and praise. It also affected those close to him, including frequent student Ellen with her seemingly heterosexual room mate Mary Beth, fellow professor Tina and her effeminate husband, and department’s head Arthur Zimmermann’s adoring secretary, Fanya. Is God’s wrath the strongest restraint on bad behavior? Is Yusef truly infallible?

Applause thundered within packed auditorium’s sound resistant walls, the protests outside grew as faint as a fluorescent bulb’s gentle hum. This particular speaker was such a hot commodity that he could only play the largest venues short of stadiums. Stadiums naturally were a grave security risk considering the number of death threats his tour organizers received on his behalf. This theater was smaller than he was used to but the demand remained high and continued to soar the more he continued. The public’s itch it seemed could not be satisfied as the speaker’s celebrity ascended to an unknown plateau. Realizing the importance of his speaking tour, the city had universally agreed to ignore its own occupancy ordinances and let people fill the aisles and line the walls.

“Thank you,” Yusef tried to overpower their applause to no avail. “No really, thank you,” he smiled and pleaded, his hands asking for quiet. His modestly false smile bathed the crowd. “Please, please, this is too much!” They gave a standing ovation and blew whistles that pierced Yusef’s ears but remained trapped and filled his already swollen head. Though embarrassing for the first few weeks of his book tour, he had come to adore their exaltation of his unimpeachable brilliance. After a minute or two, the applause finally faded and they sat down. On cue, a few stage hands carried three standing microphones into front of the aisles and plugged them into outlets at the stage’s base.

“Don’t all rush to them now,” Yusef warned. Before the organizers had learned their lesson, people would run and tackle everyone in their way to ensure their question got asked. “First off I’d like to pre-emptively answer some of the most commonly asked questions on this tour so we can get this all squared away,” he continued as he casually unbuttoned his dress shirt’s cuffs and folded them back. “I did not set out to destroy religion, I merely sought the pursuit of reason and a better understanding of the universe,” he started off with half a lie.

He never told anyone except for Arthur how couldn’t remember writing the formula even though it was in his handwriting. He did however continue to disseminate the formula for understanding—this part was true. “I will sign copies of my book for a half hour,” he continued to answer questions he knew would come. Money, along with understanding the universe, was the other reason he disseminated. “My favorite color is red,” he drew some laughs from the crowd. Jerking to a stop, he leaned against the podium and leered at them. “I’m not kidding. That’s a fairly common question,” he answered sternly. Though he gave more such answers for the next five minutes (he knew what to expect by this point), the moment he finished, the microphone lines snaked down the aisles. He pointed to the first one on his left. “You there.”

“Yes, um,” stalled a twenty-something man with sweeping blond hair and spectacles without a frame around the lenses. “I just wanted to say that, all my life I’ve felt like there was something wrong with me for not believing in a higher power,” he pushed the nose bridge higher. “Praying seemed silly to me but now I can be, uh, free from this all and so I thank you,” he awkwardly ejaculated. Most of the audience were young persons from San Francisco’s High Schools and Colleges; slowly taking their first breaths of free choice and living, the times when their developing minds would determine what jobs they would hold or what God they would pray to, he was instilling the burdenless liberty of atheism as the natural human condition whereas many Continental philosophers had argued to the contrary. As he saw it, he was setting the world right even as he witnessed the glimmer of God’s light disappear from the eyes of youth. The audience applauded the blond man’s statement.

“Well thanks, but I forgot to mention,” he held up one finger, “that I only allow one ‘Gee you’re great’ statement per lecture,” he humored. “Though I appreciate them, they take too much time. Next person please,” he used that same hand to point to the woman at middle microphone. His eyes wandered a bit down the line and fell upon a young Asian woman wearing a woman’s white dress shirt and a green plaid skirt like a parody of a Catholic schoolgirl uniform, distracting him from the asked question. Patiently awaiting her turn, she held her hands behind her, rocked a bit on her heels, and glanced at the backs of the audience’s heads before her to occupy herself. Yusef, a recent and enthusiastic connoisseur of readily available women, found this culmination of his two newfound fetishes irresistible and he could not take his eyes off her. Suddenly she looked directly at him, catching him in the act, smiled, and winked knowingly.

“…and so your move was entirely irresponsible,” the woman he had called on earlier continued, unaware he had ignored most of her question.

“I, uh,” he frowned as his hand massaged his temples, “do you actually have a question?” he interrupted.


“Then move aside,” he shooed her away, “and let that woman take her turn,” he pointed to the next microphone though his eyes dwelled on the patiently waiting self aware fetish. The questions continued until finally his raven haired angel stepped up to the microphone and awaited her turn. His heart thundered in his chest.

It was not to pass however because as the person in the first microphone began, only one question away from her, the protesters outside burst in and disturbed the satisfying air of anticipation for his every utterance. Undermanned for such throngs of people, the theater’s security was overcome but, remembering the disastrous protests during the Schock Prizes, unwilling to use their guns or pepper spray lest the media brand them butchers.

“ABORTIONIST, SATANIST, GOD-KILLER…” they charged as their placards flashed hand painted slogans and equally insulting remarks.

“Please keep this outside,” Yusef shook his head with weathered disregard. “You’re allowed to protest outside just not in here, okay?” He vainly reasoned with the mob. They could not hear him above their shouting but it was unlikely that they would have stopped anyway. Yusef had long since learned one cannot rationally argue with irrationally religious people—especially in this new day and age. The police, prepared but not deployed for the inevitable, finally arrived to relieve the burden from the guards. The righteous protest, buoying the zealous Faithists into an artificial high of moral outrage that neglected rationality, emanated an aura simultaneously buffering them from the threat posed by the men in blue but, like an addict fearing the withdrawal, reminded them that their high was fragile and temporary. Protesting against an irrefutable professional consensus takes a special kind of person, one who rejects to better informed judgments of others and instead goes with their gut, the “yuck factor”, that claims any progress as anti-thetical; this same factor fought Copernicus, the Wright brothers, and, at least in the uniquely misinformed and conservative American public, stem cells, and gay marriage, and would eventually lose—but not soon enough as far as Yusef was concerned.

Since most of the great protests in history were done by liberals demanding reform, there had been little theorizing of just how conservatives, effectively the franchised complete with home field advantage, could protest so heartily. In the preceding years Yusef had personally heard some members of the Christian right complain that “activist” judges were white-outing God from the government and history; that there was a blatant war on Christianity. Never mind that activist judges told Topeka, Kansas that “separate but equal” was unconstitutional. So the Christians, angry, bitter, and frustrated with their nearly complete domination of American politics and judicial appointments for 225+ years were not gonna take it anymore. Unfortunately for Yusef he was far more dangerous and an easier target than any activist judicial system.

Five minutes passed and still the crowd would not disperse. Yusef looked helplessly to East Asian beauty at the microphone. She shrugged her shoulders just as a burly officer freed himself from the fray and hopped up the stage, replacing Yusef at the microphone.

“If ya’ll don’t leave we’ll have to use the pepper-spray!” he screamed into the mic. Still the mob would not move. “Alright, that’s the way you want to play it. People,” he swept the air to cover the swath of the audience, “I’m gonna have to ask ya to leave using the emergency exits so the spray won’t affect you. ” Yusef nearly begged him to reconsider but instead looked helplessly for the young woman in the bustling crowd. Her hair flew high when she turned to face Yusef, briefly sharing his look of longing before turning around and calmly walking away amidst desperate audience members.

Those darn protesters had ruined his chance to get with that attractive young woman. Of course they may have saved him a mess of trouble if it turned out she was under 18. That first night in Sweden, where the woman in the red dress threw herself at him, he had done many no-nos. He fucked her without protection and, because his passion had overwhelmed him, forgot to pull out and filled her with his hot seed. Second, because she looked old enough, he did not check her ID even for reassurance. He knew better now and not two weeks ago when a girl who looked well into her twenties nearly serviced his johnson before he had the presence of mind to ask for her drivers’ license. When she confessed she was not even old enough to drive, he pulled up his pants and made a quick exit.

With his questions and book signing cut short, his organizer informed him he had an hour and a half to kill before they need to leave for another commitment. Thrilled at the prospect of free time, he insisted he be left alone to sit and read somewhere. Before heading out however he changed his dress shirt and pleated black pants to a plain gray T-shirt and deep blue jeans. His security adviser recommended he change clothes as often as possible so he was less likely to spot but the most famous face in the world tended to stick out anyway. He also grabbed a Giants cap to blend in with the locals and large black framed sunglasses to protect his eyes from the afternoon light as well as a deranged fan/critic’s recognizing glances.

He sat outside a coffeehouse just blocks from the auditorium, nearly burying his entire face into his novel. His eyes went from left/right top/bottom but his mind retained none of it; he thought about Tina. Since most of his free time of late was spent in bed with groupies or an infatuated co-ed, he repeatedly forgot to call her. The divorce from her outted husband had been hard, or so her weekly messages to his voice mail revealed, but his recollections and uneventful free time rarely coincided; he reached into his pocket for his cell.

“Excuse me?” a soft voice interrupted amidst the vibrant rush hour street noise. His unseen eyes looked up to the source of the feminine voice. Surprised, he placed his opened book face down, removed his hand from his pocket, and crossed his arms as he looked his standing guest up and down.

“It was hard to recognize you without the fetish,” he said deadpan. “So why’d you dress like that in the auditorium? To get my attention?” he asked.

“Well,” the woman began, “it was a less hostile way to ask my question and they were the only street clothes in my abbey. Dressed like this,” she swept her hands down to signify her black garb, “people tend to act differently.”

“I’ve yet to answer a question from a nun,” he answered honestly, continuing to examine her habit. The stiff black robe, her flawlessly white collar, and the coarse wool hat that merely contained her long black hair, ensconcing her soft high yellow skin, cheekbones, and stretched eyelids in piety only seemed to make her more appealing. Though Yusef had met a few young nuns as conventionally beautiful as this one, he always just saw them as nuns. Not “untouchable women,” thus implying desire, but as nuns pure and simple. “You know, you’re right. I would act differently. In fact, right now, I’m remembering you in that uniform and now in your habit, and I’m still quite attracted to you,” he said bluntly. The nun blushed at his forwardness. Before his book tour he would have never said such a thing out loud but the nun smiled pleasantly. “I suppose if I first saw you in that get-up I’d think nothing about how gorgeous you look.” She blushed deeper but sat down at his table rather than walk away.

“It’s good to know I’m still attractive.”

“Pffft!,” he waved her statement away. “You’re still good looking, sister. You couldn’t've been older than 25 to pull off that uniform.”

“Why thank you Dr. Muhammad,” she smiled and nodded politely but enjoyed his praise more than she let on. “And I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’m a novice—I haven’t taken my vows so I’m not officially a nun yet.” If Yusef had learned anything new from his recent experiences, it was that religion was a sensitive topic; he decided against asking if she planned to stay on with her Abbey. She crossed her legs and rhythmically bobbed her resting leg up and down, displaying her black patent leather and heeled embellishment. Yusef pointed to her dangling foot.

“Isn’t that a little ritzy for your vow of poverty?” The novice looked curiously at her feet like she saw them for the first time.

“Well, they’re new if that’s what you mean,” she looked to his face and shrugged her shoulders. “I bought them months ago, after you got that prize and the media wouldn’t shut up about you,” she continued with a humorous smile as she recalled the news blitz like an overplayed song on the radio.

“Ah, you experienced it as salvation then?”


“Yeah, it’s in my book. Chapter eight.”

“I’m only on five,” she lamented, furrowing her brow, frustrated with every duty over the last week that distracted her from the book. “And who remembers the introductions when there’s so little context?”

“Well not to spoil too much, there’re two kinds of people,” he removed his sunglasses and held up two fingers. “Those who experienced my formula as salvation in this modern sense were people who tried not to be gay, unwilling kids forced to go through baptism, etc.,” he wiggled one finger. “Then there are people who experienced it as a rupture. Unstable believers who actually physically needed spirituality like some drug, ministers, and, but I guess not in your case,” he pointed to her, “nuns.”

“Well I do like these shoes but I’d hardly say they’re a sign of your new salvation,” she mused. “Some of us did ‘rupture’. But our priest Father Ben went the other way. After much praying he finally decided to leave and go to college. He’s still quite young so he can have a career ahead of him,” she nodded as if to convince herself.

“Right. It’s not exactly what I meant but close. Why did he leave?” he sipped from his glistening ceramic coffee mug, a cream colored ring marking the former level.

“Well…,” she scrunched her face on one side, “he was a homosexual. Everyone knew because he admitted it—but he wasn’t practicing. That’s what really made the difference.”

“So I’ve learned.”

“Speaking of learning, I was hoping you could come to the Abbey and give us all a talk,” she changed the subject.

“I’d be delighted but I’ve an engagement in,” he thought of his agent as he looked at his wristwatch, “45 minutes.”

“Oh that’s all right, your appointment is with my Abbey.” Yusef checked the electronic organizer his manager gave him. She craned her neck forward and raised both eyebrows. “St. Clare’s?” she asked.

“Well sure enough, you’re right,” he smiled quietly.

“Would you like a ride? We can take my Honda,” she offered, pointing a thumb to an unseen location behind her. His security adviser warned him about taking unnecessary risks. In sex for example; his newfound appreciation increased proportionally with his fear of disease and pregnancy. Never without condoms on hand, he was vigilant and never strayed. Though his fear of carnal love’s fruit was high, he was unwilling to compromise on his pleasures while the iron was hot. For a brief moment he weighed the risks of riding with this young woman before remembering that, at least as far as laymen were concerned, she was a nun! Yusef had met many crazy fundamentalist Protestant and Muslim leaders but never once a Roman Catholic. In all his experiences he found the followers either lapse or passively dogmatic. As for their leaders, certain fear-of-God types like Bill Donahue preached the conservative social stigma against birth control and the like. Still some others were quite cool on a personal level and avoided the Hell and damnation bits of religion. Like a bridge or skyscraper built to sway instead of stand rigid, this ability to dismiss parts of ones own religion let it endure violent wind storms. The Catholic church certainly had a stance on hot button moral issues of the day but whether its adherents followed them or not, while still calling themselves Catholic, was an entirely different matter.

As his Oriental penguin playfully bobbed her leg atop her knee and waited expectantly for his reply, he remembered her holy station and determined she was probably of the cool variety.

“Sure, I’d love to,” he finally smiled, looking forward to a calm late afternoon of tea and conversation. If all the nuns at her convent were anything like…

“Say,” he began as they walked down the street, her legs colliding with her stiff habit, “what’s your name?”

“Huong,” she closed her eyes as she bowed her head slightly.

If all the nuns at her abbey were anything like Huong, it would be a fine safe time away from the rigorous schedule and adoring young women.

Though they came in through the side entrance, a plain brick and mortar extension of the grand but obscured abbey, his anticipation for a quiet evening in a historical building that dated to San Francisco’s Spanish founders mounted. The high ceilings and stone walls provided a stark contrast to San Francisco’s few surviving red brick stores and homes straight out of “Full House.” She continued towards the altar, accustomed to the vastness of the mahogany pews, stained glass, and carved stone embellishments that captivated and immobilized Yusef.

“How does this place survive earthquakes?” he muttered to himself.

“It was made to last,” Huong’s answer echoed just ten yards away. “All the stuff outside is meant to withstand quakes but not Father Time. They’ll all be replaced by more modern buildings when they’re outdated but this,” she raised her hands to the ceiling, “is meant to last centuries. Even in San Francisco.” Satisfied, he followed her to the front of the church and up three shallow but wide stairs to the altar. Yusef walked alongside and ran his fingers across its flawlessly smooth surface; though carved from marble and, to the casual observer, perfectly in place with the rest of the building’s furniture and decoration, its simplistic appearance lended itself to the theory that it was newer than anything else in the church. “That was installed after Vatican II,” Huong said as if to answer his unasked question.


“That altar,” she pointed, “is used by the priest to prepare the host which is given to all Catholics or even non-Catholics who genuinely want it. It used to be done semi-secretly over there,” she pointed to a smaller but grander one imbedded in the stone base for the story high crucifix. The cross made no bones about the many hours of torture Jesus endured before and during his Roman execution. Just below his punctured and bloody feet, imbedded into the altar’s high backed facade, was a gold plated niche resembling an expensive knick knack compartment. “He would prepare them with his back turned in the days when mass was done in Latin. My Grandma still goes to Latin mass every Christmas and I swear she knows it all by heart!” Huong laughed. Yusef passed her and stepped to the pre-Vatican II preparation site like he was on sacred land. Carved into it were religious symbols he naturally did not understand and intricate depictions of plants and animals he imagined were there just because they looked nice. “Many churches just ripped them out but we kept ours,” she smiled with pride as he continued admiring the craftsmanship.

“What’s that?” he pointed to the small niche protected by ornate gold doors.

“That’s the tabernacle. It’s where the host is kept before mass. As well as a few other sacred vessels.”

“You know, this might come as a surprise, but I don’t hate religion. It’s always fascinated me…”

“Has it?”

“Oh very much. You know, someone once told me that Catholicism isn’t based on the Bible. That it’s just traditions that have grown up around it.” Huong tilted her head rightways and her eyes looked to the left. After a few moments, she had her answer.

“Yeah, I suppose that person’s right,” she smiled and stepped closer to him. Still admiring the altar, he felt her small hands touch his back reassuringly like a teacher urging him to press on during a difficult portion of a test.

“Truly beautiful,” he muttered as he softly shook his head.

“I’m glad you like it,” she smiled as her hand delicately rubbed his shoulder and caressed his upper back. Yusef treated her comforting gesture with deference until it continued for a whole minute. His back stiffened and Huong withdrew her hand. He turned to her.

“What was that?”

“What was what?” she asked curiously. He nearly pressed her but thought against it.

“So where are your sisters?” he changed the subject.

Frowning slightly, she conceded her answer. “They should get here in a few moments.”

“Good. It’ll be nice to take a break from my routine,” he answered honestly. It seemed to him that he had been on the road for years, going from place to place, meeting so many new faces, and almost every time seen the backs of their heads while he fucked them from behind. Though as horny as ever, these nuns represented a welcome and refreshing change.

Sure enough the sisters, dressed in their habits, steadily arrived and sat in the front pews, idling chattering away. Unlike Huong they further encased their faces with the white hat support that separated their forehead from the cloth cap. They also wore a pure white cloth circle around their necks and over their shoulders like a tablecloth. Contrary to his image of the whizzened but well meaning Mother Angelica type, not one looked over forty and, perhaps because Huong’s little dress up at his speech had broken the barrier that prevented him from seeing nuns as objects to be desired, he could see they ranged from average looking to stunningly gorgeous. One, slightly older than Huong, had breasts so voluminous that, as she walked, they made the waist section of her habit billow several inches in the open air. Strangely this was more attractive than the waist hugging dresses of other comparably gorgeous but less endowed women. As if suffering from lower back pain, that same nun audibly winced as she sat down and adjusted in her seat for half a minute before finally settling—either from achieved comfort or acceptance of her uncomfortable position.

“So now that we’re all here…” Huong started.

“Wait,” Yusef interrupted, “I only count twelve. Aren’t there any more?” The large church grew awkwardly silent as the nuns ceased their chatter and looked uncomfortably at the floor. The oldest one finally broke it.

“There have been, uh, some changes since May,” she alluded to the Schock prizes.

“Yes, Sister Huong told me your priest left.”

“She’s correct. However, many of us had a crisis of faith—I think you call it a ‘rupture’ in your book—and others like our Mother Superior became fanatical.” She rolled her eyes and twitched her brow, suggesting more complexity than she was willing to detail. “They went off with her to D.C. to organize the Rally of the Faithful march planned for this month.”

“Oh of course,” he nodded as if this was obvious. Though Yusef never once thought of openly mocking the religious remnant, he solemnly believed attempts like these were rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. “And you all?”

“We’re kind of in between. We’re waiting and, I think everyone will agree with me on this,” she leaned forward to look at her sisters, “to hear what you have to say before we make our decisions.” The nuns all nodded in agreement.

“Alright then. Do you want to hear one of my prepared speeches or would you rather have a Q&A?”

“What would you like to do?” Huong asked eagerly, not sitting with her sisters but remaining behind him. Though she clearly intended to accommodate him, her anxiousness was strangely off putting since he was being asked to give these holy sisters direction.

“Well, I know my speeches by heart now but I’d rather just take your questions to mix it up a bit.” He did not wish to offend; when as popular and desirable of a speaker as himself ran the circuit, there was the inevitability that every engagement would be just another day at the office but, not embellishing too much, the event of a lifetime for a few attendees. Yusef was sure that many students, hanging on his every word, banking on more to come, and anxious to get their battered books signed, were cursing the protesters who took Yusef away from them. Both parties in this situation however were eager to accommodate the other and Yusef didn’t mind doing pro bono work provided it did not interfere with monetary gain. “So what kinds of questions do you have?” he asked as he sat on the steps before the altar. He spread his hands open, ready to receive whatever they could give. Huong joined him on the steps and hugged her knees.

Finally they spoke and for the next hour the nuns, all of whom seemed to have read his book, asked him to elaborate on cryptic or esoteric references to logic and the consequences of a-religiosity. Though he articulately answered every question, too much of the time was spent apologizing for the quality of his book. Though Yusef couldn’t explain why, the mere presence of the nuns made him feel guilty for every flaw.

“It was really rushed to the publisher—they wanted anything regardless of how well written because they knew it would sell,” he explained the first time. “When it comes out in paperback I’ll work on all that. Believe me, I have a list of problems I’ll fix,” he laughed. The sisters laughed as well but Huong, whose voice came from behind his ears, especially chortled at his humor. Since she was but halfway through his book, much of their session was brand new and either captivated her eager mind or lost it in a sea of confusion that only allowed her to helplessly laugh.

“Well what I was talking about there,” he answered another question, “was God’s role as a base in philosophy like evolution in biology,” he paused mid sentence as he heard Huong’s body slide closer, her hips touching his own, “and,” he squeaked like a pubescent teen, “that it would slowly wither to very little without Him.”

“Yeah, you really don’t like philosophy, do you?” Huong laughed, seamlessly pressing her body even harder. The nuns laughed at his startled shaking. Could it be they enjoyed watching Huong advance on him?

“I, um, like philosophy just fine,” he cleared his throat, “I teach it. It’s the ‘I think therefore I am’ stuff that I can’t stand. Guys like Mill are OK, they’re political philosophers. But people often think that’s what philosophy is and neglect logic so it just irks me.”

“True, true,” the busty sister replied. “I knew it existed but that was about as far as it went.” Excepting Huong, who stared longingly at the tan man before her, the fellow sisters nodded in agreement.

When no more questions arose, Yusef thanked the ladies for the discussion and slapped his knees to rise but Huong quickly placed her small hands onto his inner thigh to hold him down; this intimate contact after nearly two hours of obvious flirtation flooded Yusef’s dick and swelled it from a flaccid inch and a half to a hard seven in 4.6 seconds. He certainly could not get up now or else offend the sisters with it.

“On behalf of our Abbey I’d like to thank you for your talk, I’m sure we all found it most enlightening,” she smirked and suggestively raised an eyebrow, much to the amusement of the penguins sitting comfortably in the pews. Finding his erection, she squeezed it and abandoned any subtlety. Yusef laughed uneasily and looked to her and her sisters as if searching for a way out. Huong smoothly leaned her head to his ear.

“I need you, now,” she whispered loudly enough for everyone else to hear. Held in place by her still clenching hand upon his erection, he shifted uncomfortably. Sure she was attractive and under normal circumstances he would pursue her, but she was practically a nun and, though not raised in the faith, he recognized her purity.

“I, uh, can’t,” he answered facing forward as the sisters sat pensively and watched the scene unfold.

“You certainly seemed to like me in that little girls uniform,” she recalled. “You had no problem ogling me when you thought I was underaged,” she whispered again, her hot breath curling the small hairs on his lobe with its wetness. Though he’d been hoping she was of age rather than intentionally lust after jailbait, she had a point; he could find her attractive despite constructed obstacles like age of consent laws or her holy station. “Would you prefer it if I take off my habit? Would that make you more comfortable fucking me?” She seductively removed her cap and threw it to her sisters’ feet. Giving in far more easily than he feared, he gulped.

“Where can we?” he spat out.

“What’s wrong with right here?” Shocked, he turned his head to her.

“Right here? In the Abbey?”

“No, right there,” she nodded to the front altar, “in front of them,” she pointed to her pensive sisters.

“You’re crazy!”

“Not at all,” she squinted, her lips reaching for his ear “we’re liberated, Godkiller,” she whispered again as her delicate mouth gently nibbled his hanging lobe, drawing his eyes closed in pleasure. As if on cue, the nuns stood and walked over to the couple. Huong relinquished his ear and promptly stepped away from the scene as two nuns reached under his armpits and raised him. One briefly clasped her hands, knelt before him, unfastened his belt, lowered his zipper, and dropped his pants while another started pulling his shirt over his head, raising her arms into the air with seeming reverence.

“No, wait…” his eyesight obscured by his shirt, he weakly protested but was silenced by a smothering kiss from the bustier nun whose tits pressed against his chest whilst her hands simultaneously dropped his boxers. In a short time he stood exposed and surrounded by black and white in this holy place. He looked to the crucifix above the back altar, the saddened face of Jesus looking down upon the scene, then to Huong who remained in her holy dress but with eyes bereft of any lingering lustrous sanctity as she, and the others, stared longingly at his throbbing erection. She leapt atop the altar and laid herself down, spreading her knees within the confines of her ankle length black dress. “Aren’t you going to take it off?” he signaled his commitment to her request but showed a modicum of resistance.

“I wore this as I came closer to God,” she began as she genteelly rolled up her skirt like an old fashioned can of sardines, exposing her hairy black muff, “and now I want you to take my virginity as I cum farther away.” Indicative that he had chucked Huong’s divine station from his mind and out the stained glass window, her nakedness beneath her sacred garb but faintly resonated with him.

The sisters still hovered about, escorting him to Huong; he accepted his duty and climbed onto the altar. With eager eyes they looked on, his naked body ascending their still holy altar, and his body hovering over their young novice, her hair lay spread like a halo on the cold marble. He straightened his arms on either side of her anxious writhing body, careful not to touch his naked person to her covered but eager form or the frigid stone. Her hands reached up to his broad shoulders and wrapped themselves, forcing his heavy body upon her. Their mouths locked in a novel embrace, tentative like one would share with a new mate but with all the passion and want of two new lovers desperately wishing to explore further.

She moaned in delight at the new sensations of intimacy and lust, overwhelming her otherwise low intimacy baseline and twitching her body joyfully at his slightest touch. But unfamiliar with her own genitalia let alone his, her shyness forbade her to insert his cock herself. As they kissed, the sisters encircled, save for two who passed the altar to the tabernacle at the foot of the crucifix. They removed the gold plated chalice and perfume bottle sized containers of a red liquid that Yusef, between his delicate kisses of Huong’s face and neck, determined to be red wine. The sisters mumbled a few words over the wine and poured it into the chalice.

“Just stick it in, I don’t want to be a virgin anymore,” Huong moaned between their embrace, begging for relief from her lifelong celibacy. He gave her one soft kiss and, after planting his knees more securely on the slowly warming stone, grasped his cock before slowly inserting it into her sopping hairy hole. Even with just the head, he met significant resistance, forcing her beautiful face to wrinkle and wince. “It’s fine,” she inhaled sharply, “just keep going,” she lied to make him continue. Yusef saw through this of course but his lust made him act, slowly inserting each dry inch into her tight velvety wet pussy until he came to the hilt, her vagina whimpering in pain to accommodate his girth. He stayed their awhile, lowering his body to hers as she wrapped her arms around his back and embraced him.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, fine, just go…” she sighed with an eagerness that outweighed her obvious physical discomfort. Her forehead was sweating. He turned his head to the sisters, their gazes still locked upon them, and finally pulled his hips back, withdrawing to the rim of his glans before pushing it back it and drawing another but less prolonged wince from his Asian novice. With each withdrawal and thrust, she grew more accustomed and his cock slid more easily into her looser and lubricated walls. After a few minutes of cautiously slow but intimate penetration, her appearance softened and she briskly grasped his ears, pulling his head to her mouth, and kissed him voraciously. Her hands, free to move wherever they please on his naked body, had the distinct pleasure of exploration whereas his spent most of their time supporting his weight even as he lay upon her bodice. Though her petite breasts were hidden beneath her black habit, the religious uniform and his defiling of the woman wearing it was a greater turn-on than he’d expected and he surprisingly found himself pumping harder than he had for any virgin before her.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes…” she moaned while his mouth and tongue explored her steamy warmth of her delicate neck and engorged lips, tasting her salty sweat and tears. She pressed harder and wrapped her bare legs around his back as she hungrily received what he gave her with savage grunts for each deflowering thrust. “Yes, take me!” she cried, concentrating intently on the fast approaching orgasmic sin—the last step separating herself from a God with whom she had already devoted so much of her life. But just as her pleasure came to its peak, the 40ish nun carried the wine filled gold chalice to Huong’s level. She relinquished his head and removed her lips as she turned her body to the side, roughly grasped the chalice, and drank horizontally as best she could. She slurped noisily, possibly spilling more down her chin and dripping onto her soft flesh and hard stone. Yusef licked it off her chin and neck in short order only to be offered the cup himself. Embracing their ritual, he slowed his penetration much to the novice’s dismay, and thirstily downed the remaining wine as the nun’s chanted in unison.

“The blood of Christ…” He jerked it back to them and swiftly resumed fucking with all deliberate speed, pleasing Huong who resumed her audible whimpers as each attack brought her closer to the unknown limit of orgasm.

“I’m feeling something,” she moaned beneath him, sweat dripping onto the altar.

“You probably won’t cum your first time,” he answered knowingly. “Even experienced women don’t always get it during regular sex,” he punctuated each panting word with a quick breath.

“Then, then, what’s this?!” she arched her back and clenched her eyes as the muscles around her sex spasmed in glorious orgasm, spreading throughout her whole, filling her heart, and flooding her mind with divine relief of 22 years of voluntary celibacy. “Oh fuck Goddamnit!” she shouted as she pressed his lips closer with the strength of a woman thrice her strength. This was all Yusef needed and, sooner than he expected, his own orgasm boiled within his balls. He desperately sought an exit so he would not cum inside her. He struggled to escape her tight lock.

“Please, you have to let me pull out,” he begged her, his orgasm bubbling within his loins.

“No! I want to carry a piece of you with me!” she urged, clasping her arms and hands behind him. No longer caring and quickly complying, he impale more furiously than before until his cum raced through his loins and filled her with four voluminous spurts as he continued to pump his steadily softening sensitized cock. Sweating like mad above his clothed beauty, he collapsed his whole weight atop her, his head on her breast and his cock still inside. She lovingly caressed his head, keeping it close to her calming but still rapid heartbeat, as the realization of their location slowly resurfaced. The nuns gazed lecherously at the expression of humanity’s carnal nature upon their altar, some obviously struggling not to applaud the bravery of the display.

“The body of Christ…”

But naturally the fact he was naked atop a nun on an altar at the front of a church dawned on him once again and, as his limp cock finally pulled out of her cum filled hole, he descended from the altar and quickly tried to reassemble his clothes.

“No, no, no, no, no,” the sisters begged as their unseen feet stepped closer to him and their arms touched his bare body to prevent his dressing. “We don’t want you to leave yet…” one proclaimed.

“Oh, so you just wanted me to fuck one of your own. Is that it? Show just how depraved I am?!” he accused.

“No, you don’t understand. We already had our minds made up about whether we’d stay or not. We just wanted to be with the man who showed us the light,” another one continued. “You’re a wonderful philosopher like Jesus must have been 2,000 years ago, and we just want to be a part of that,” the older one explained. “Surely there’s no harm in that?” the busty one finished with a wince, displaying the same discomfort as she did when she first sat in the pew.

Though his mind was reluctant, his body was anything but the opposite and in no time flat his cock grew harder again, much to the delight of the women surrounding him. “On the altar?” he asked regarding the trivial matter, thus affirming his desire to continue.

“No,” the forty year old answered. “We’ll put you in the priest’s quarters. It looked like the altar was a tad uncomfortable,” she continued as if stating the price of gasoline. They looked to it and spotted a small pool of blood and cum below Huong’s sex. She was a virgin all right, yet she pressed him on to continue and had an orgasm despite the pain. He motioned to help her but the nuns stopped him. “Sister Andrea is our nurse. She’ll tend to Sister Huong.” He reluctantly accepted this answer and turned back around.

His cock bobbing with each step, they ushered him through the church to the plain dormitory style dwellings, leaving her shell-shocked and spread eagle atop the altar. Their heels clacked and echoed down the hallway. One opened the door to a room and told him to wait inside. The priest’s simple room had only a bed with a modest metal-columned headboard with no complementing furniture so, for lack of anyplace else, he sat naked upon it.

Scarcely a minute later, the busty younger nun entered with the same look of discomfort on her face. She stood there briefly before closing the door without locking, encouraging Yusef to witness her modest dress and chaste inference before letting him have his way with her. She playfully frowned, leaned her head forward, and meekly looked at the ground like she could not look him directly in the eyes. Even though Yusef knew this was an obvious rouse, her faux worship unsettled him. Because of his tour and the constant worshipping fucks with young girls (often several at one time) gave him, half of his pleasure was derived from their selfless dedication to have one night in bed (or anyplace he desired) to do anything and everything he asked. As the nameless statuesque nun stared at the ground, her cap pointing to him and concealing her hair, his erection grew firmer at the thought of the sister pleasing him anyway he asked. She looked to him and strutted his way, accentuating each swing of her hips and clacking her shoes. Grasping her collar, she ripped it down the center, spilling out her massive F cup breasts. Her elbows jutting and her hands at the torn cloth, her tits bounced joyfully like a dog finally freed from a kennel and running in the grass with its returning master. Even with all the women he had been with, he could not recall seeing such magnificently bulbous yet firm tits of any size let alone these gravity defying melons.

Like a newborn his hands instinctively reached for them. His palms over her erect nipples, he first grasped them like a basketball, testing their firmness and discovered, to his astonishment, they were natural. Oh God how natural they were!

His fingers spread out, caressing along the side, running a circuit as she sighed pleasurably and he drooled like an infant. Then, just like a baby, his mouth gravitated to the hard nipples and suctioned firmly onto them, his tongue running clockwise then counterclockwise along her small pink aureola.

“Mmmmm, I remember how good this feels,” she sighed as his hand caressed and pleasured the other breast as well. “I gave up carnal pleasure to be a bride of Christ,” she continued dreamily, her eyes closed and legs weakening as pleasurable memories rushed back to her and supplemented his pleasant beginning. Removing his mouth, he kissed a path between her breasts until it arrived at the other where he resumed, his hands reaching behind her to squeeze her firm muscular ass. His mouth did not limit itself to the nipple but explored all around it, neglecting not a single place he could comfortably reach in his sitting posture. His hands slowly bunched up the dress behind her, raising her hem inch by inch up her nylon stockings until the pink flesh of her ass was fully vulnerable to his attentions. He pressed his hands against her supple butt, letting the wrinkled dress fall beyond them, and massaged her softness, gradually nearing her warm sweaty cleft. Without warning his fingers touched upon something solid and obviously foreign; he immediately ceased sucking and looked up curiously through her tits. A slight double chin formed as she looked him directly in the eyes.

“What’s this?”

“A butt-plug,” she answered proudly. Yusef nodded, his chin lightly pressing into her slick sternum, finally understanding why she seemed so uncomfortable just sitting down and walking in the church.

“Why?” To this she looked at him like he asked a stupid question. “No, no, no, I mean, I know what it’s for, I’m just not sure why you want anal is all.”

“Well,” she smiled bashfully, “a nun doesn’t have to be a virgin. I had a few boyfriends in High School but…” she trailed off as if reliving her past experiences, “…but I wanted you to be my first SOMETHING. I’ve always wanted to try it and now’s as good a time as any,” she shrugged her shoulders. Finally understanding, pleasure replaced confusion and he delicately tapped the plug farther, making her shudder and wince from the sensation. Still pressing firmly upon the unseen plug, he rose to meet her face. Even with the high white artificial forehead and the black veil draping over her hair and down her back, she was quite obviously a beauty. Her hands rose to her headware but Yusef quietly urged her to stop, preferring her sanctity intact for the sinful act to come. Kissing her briefly on her soft sticky lips, he kept his hands on her supple ass to guide her onto the bed. She crawled upon it, her black draped ass widened by the posture that also hid her face and chest, pressing her cantaloupe sized breasts flat. Yusef teasingly rubbed the coarse fabric up her sheen white stockings and hairless legs, drawing unseen whines of protest.

Her ass completely exposed, the cherry red plug showed itself in all its preparatory glory as her rubbery anus vainly struggled against it, completely distracting him from the shy hairy cunny staring him down. He brought his nose to it, testing its cleanliness. Met with the faint smell of wet soap but only a touch of fouling alongside the latex, he determined she washed her ass but hours before, probably in anticipation for their encounter. Turning his head to the side and firmly grasping the plug’s end, he slowly pulled, stretching her eager pucker and forcing muffled moans of pleasure and pain from the plain white pillow she pressed her face into. His cock involuntarily throbbed as every agonizingly slow millimeter got him closer to its goal. With a loud pop, he plopped out the latex instrument, his surprised hands shot nearly a foot backwards from the momentum. Looking into her gaping asshole, he knew he would not have long before the two rubbery rings closed and complicate their pleasure; already it twitched, glossy from the hours old lubricant, and was closing altogether. Quickly he stood on his knees and guided his cock-head inside, drawing another unseen whimper from his black and white dressed bride of Christ. He grasped her covered hips and slowly inserted his cock inch by inch into her warm and foul hole, successfully penetrating his cock-head past her inner sphincter before it feebly closed ’round his circumcision scar. Her anus continued to spasm around his cock, reminding him of his duty to lock it in firmly but also increasing his pleasure for their taboo act.

“Ahhhhhh…” she moaned in either pleasure or pain when her cheeks met his cock’s hilt, forcing him to stop. “Oh that feels soooooooo good in there,” she continued, turning her head the side and exposing her blushing face beneath her secured white and black cap. Even as her spasms diminished and her rectum adapted to the intrusion, he noticed a small tear in her eye. “Keep going,” she urged. Ever one to oblige, he slowly withdrew until just the head remained, and the dove back inside, this time gently slamming into her cheeks and causing a small but not at all unpleasant ripple. “Yes, like that!” she encouraged, encouraging him to penetrate her colon even harder the next time, drawing a proportional plea for more, faster, and even harder than the last.

Though not new to anal sex, this was his first time without a condom and, just like vaginal sex, it was even better without. Had this been any other woman but a nun, he would never have considered sticking any part of him inside any part of her without protection. In his mind’s half day vacation from touring, he found himself fucking attractive women as he normally would after a lecture; this time however he gave his cock the holiday inside the orifices of a saintly order who worshipped him like Christ himself.

Unlike Huong, he took his time, finessing his wanting cock in and out, in no rush to end the wonderfully tight sensation as it rubbed against her struggling crinkle. Moaning with each thrust, she embraced their Dickensian sex and urged him to continue as if only she could possibly receive pleasure from their coupling. His right hand reached around under her stomach and searched for her hairy muff. Locating her wet pussy underneath, he delicately separated and rubbed her labium individually whilst pushing his cock harder and longer into her ass.

“Mmmmmmm…” she moaned again as she bit her lower lip. His massaging however became more crude as he pumped faster, steadily approaching orgasm and forcing her to cast his hand away and replace it with her own which, with the practice only coming from first hand experience so to speak, knew exactly what to do where and when. “Mmmmmm, yeah…” she continued as she furiously rubbed her sex, freeing Yusef to grasp her sweaty frame at the hip and pump her even harder, his orgasm slowly building. “Ahhh—hu-aaaaaaah” genuine clitoral moans passed her lips and tremors at her waist rather than the ambiguously ambivalent pleasure/pain of the treatment her virgin ass received, encouraging him to pump faster still and slam into her jiggling ass. “Ahhhh…” she cried open mouthed, “Keep going, yes, yes, don’t stop! Fill me up!”

After already cumming once in the last twenty minutes, his orgasm was taking its time but for the sake of simultaneous fun, and denying what she demanded, he paced himself and resigned to a slower gyration. Her fingers however were unrelenting and, minutes later, her whole body clenched, further resisting his invading cock, and she cried out joyfully in spectacular pleasure audible to whomever stood beyond the door. “Oh it’s been too long since I felt that!” she heaved several sighs for what seemed to take minutes. Knowing her end of the exchange was satisfied, he hurried, slamming his cock harder into her asshole, smacking his hips against her soft cheeks, sliding her whole body to and fro atop her flattened flesh pillows until he too cried in ecstasy and shot three small spurts of less viscous cum into her hot bowels. “Yes, yes! Give me your sperm!” she pressed her firm ass into his softening cock, crumpling him backwards and nearly off the twin bed.

Though not even middle aged yet, his two orgasms rendered him weary as if his life force was slowly drained. He pulled out, collapsing to her side, his beads of streaking sweat landing upon the sullied white sheets. Recovered from her orgasm, she draped her habit back around her ass and placed her steady feet upon the floor. Now composed, she adjusted her cap, hiding the few rogue strands of light brown hair that escaped during her receiving posture. Satisfied, she knelt down to pick up the dropped plug. Forced from her anus, a bit of his thinned cum dripped down her unseen thigh into her white stockings as she stood and exited, leaving him to stare equably at the cracked and peeling paint on the ceiling.

Though he was a slim man, he was not as young as he once was. Battling the weight of his stomach, he handily defeated the weariness but was still left with inklings of doubt. Breathing, like one’s heartbeat or digestive system, often continues without notice but unlike them breathing can be terminated by conscious action. Yusef loosed a large yawn as his body spasmed in a shuttering stretch and inhaled a large breath to compensate for any air otherwise not taken in. But just like any human function, breathing can easily be stopped by outside action—he was not so sure that fatigue from sex would go under this category. This paranoia lasted but a second when he reminded himself to relax and remember he was not nearly that exhausted. He sighed relievedly just as the door newly opened by the exiting nun was loudly closed. He slowly turned his head to it and through blurred vision he caught the carnal stare of the oldest sister in the pack.

Unlike the last one who looked timidly upon his naked body, her hands loosely locked together, this one kept her arms straight at her side and seemed to have no trouble looking directly at him. “So’our’re…” he mumbled past his heavy lips, trying to communicate with the new presence. Her shoes softly tapped upon the ground as she stepped closer, gray blur became articulate and so did his mind and mouth.

“So you’re the oldest one?” he ventured a guess, thinking he knew her. She looked to his limp cock with open disappointment before turning her eyes back to his half closed lids gazing someplace directly behind her.

“Is that a problem for you?” she asked without caring whatever answer he could give.

“No, I’m just a little out of mind, I guess…” he lazily waved his question away. “I’ve just always had a thing for older women I suppose….”

“How old do you think I am?”

“Forty-something,” he confidently replied, realizing it was a loaded question he had to answer anyway. She raised her left eyebrow.

“Forty-two,” she said sternly like the nun he envisioned on television. “It’s not polite to ask a woman her age…” she drifted off. Yusef faintly heard an Irish accent he had not heard before, strengthening her nunnish archetype.

“You asked me, remember?” he answered smartly. “And besides, that age thing has more to do with available women, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t get cute with me,” she squinted her eyes and poked the heavens with a disapproving finger. He half expected her to brash his knuckles with a ruler—the thought of which brought some sensation to his well used cock. She noticed his involuntary response to her anger but did not acknowledge it. Pressing her cloth at her hips between her fingers, she raised the dress above her ankles and softly kicked off her laceless shoes. The first scraped along the floor and, standing on the ball of her newly liberated foot, she stood poised and kicked the other which crashed into the wall and floor with dull thuds.

“How old are you Yusef?” she asked with the Irish accent more pronounced, convincing Yusef it was a conscious act on her part.

“I’m 31,” he answered more awake than before.

“Just like ouwr Lard and Savior. Tell me Yosef, do you feel bod for the domage you’ve dun?” She called him by his first name again. Though fame and celebrity had expanded his ego probably beyond its healthy limits, he found people usually felt so socially detached from him that they used his full titles. When he spoke to the sisters inside the church, right before they made him bless the altar with Huong’s broken hymen, they always called him “Mr.” or “Dr.” Perhaps because his last name was that of a one name prophet—soon to be devalued to the rank of other one named celebrities like Cher or Madonna without riots breaking out—people avoided just calling him “Muhammad” without an honorific. But they seldom called him simply “Yusef.”

“The ‘damage’ as you call it is entirely your own,” his thoughts and voice even clearer, “Any damage is done by you.”

“I disagree,” she stepped lightly towards him, her feet slapping the floor.

“You can disagree all you like but you’re still wrong. If I burn a flag in protest, the only harm that will come of it is from people who’ll hurt me. Same with stuff about my own people. You flush a Koran down the toilet or say a Miss Universe woman would be a suitable bride for Muhammad, the only damage from that is when people protest and then riot, usually killing themse…” she placed her palm over his mouth, cutting him off until his voice was but a muffle. She placed her index finger on her free hand over her lips and shushed him.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop talking?”

“Wah-wuh-wly, du whidn’t,” he tried to articulate despite her obstruction.

“Well then I just did and you talked anyway,” she removed her hand and stuck it palm up, curling her fingers to her. “Give me your honds, your knuckles need to know the cost of your behaviour,” her accent grew thicker still. It seemed she wanted to play a game and Yusef, a recent acquaintance of this sort of play, complied by sticking out his hands, falsely whimpered, and prepared for punishment. But rather than a ruler, he heard the clank of metal as she reached into a large front pocket. Almost instantly she produced a pair of hand cuffs, captured one wrist, wrapped it around a metal bar in the headboard, and snatched the other wrist. At first he laughed at her unexpected aggressiveness but as his immobility set in, he, however weakly at first, struggled with the cuffs.

“Oh don’t,” she offered indifferently, “they’re very real.” She sat upon the edge of the bed, her weight sinking his lower half and displacing his center of gravity, further unnerving him. She lightly touched his bare knee, sending a slight shiver up his spine and reminding him of his naked helplessness. Again she looked at his cock but this time she smiled approvingly at its steady engorgement. “I suppose you like this, huh?” she asked as she gently rubbed his leg like one would a large dog.

His experiences with this sort of play was, with but the occasional lapse, solely his prerogative and always his own dominance. As the nun looked upon his body, examining it in every detail, he realized she was the natural dominatrix or sadist, the perfect choice if he felt compelled for this treatment.

“Get me out of these!” he yelled as he fought the cuffs, sliding them up and down the metal headboard’s bar. He did not make this choice however and resented this non-compliance as she smiled to him like one would a naïve child.

“Awww,” she offered sympathetically. “You really want to get out of these cuffs don’t ya?” her hand reached for his cheek but he sternly turned it away from her. Rather than press on, she placed her palm upon his chest, swirling the sparse chest hair as it made its way lower until reaching his package. Grasping it hard, she lurched forward, her mouth millimeters from his own, and scowled.

“You sar are not being very coöperative,” she snarled as she clenched her hands like a spider and shook them, forcing a silent wince, “and you have to understand that the sooner you shut up the sooner this will be over and the other girls can get a shot…”

“What the fuck are you talking about, let me the fuck go! Do you know what you’re…” she forced her pursed lips upon him, pressing his head alarmingly hard into the pillow. Fearing his jaw would break if he attempted to open his mouth, and unwilling to accept her forced embrace, he determined to keep his mouth shut. A minute of this passed until the older nun grew irritated.

“Gawd, stop being so difficult,” she moaned behind her fevered kisses. She brought her thumbs to his cheeks and pressed them against his lower jaw, forcing his mouth to open just to relieve the pain she created. Hers gaped open, its tongue jutting inside his mouth and, as it felt to him, down his throat as well. Her wet lips smeared her slick saliva on his upper lip, instantly cooling after she moved elsewhere to repeat her stiff kisses. Though Yusef kicked in anger, his cock continued to grow steadily, betraying his aching prostate and testicles. Forming a tight seal around his mouth, she jutted her tongue farther and moaned delightfully when it was met with his own. Though his jaw was pried open just in case he might bite off her tongue, his body flushed with warmth and pleasure as he locked in a submissive embrace to the uniformed woman. She relinquished his mouth and freed his jaw.

“So you like that, huh?” she asked rhetorically.

“Yes,” he cried with mild shame, his eyes watering.

“You liked being dominated by a nun, didn’t you?”

“Yes!” he shouted this time.

“The great Godkiller himself, the man who’s ending religion gets off on it, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, just please fuck me!” She shot her head back aghast but checked his cock. Indeed, it was rock hard and by the gobs peaking from the head, eager to enter her pussy.

“I don’t think so…”


“Why that would be giving you exactly what you want, wouldn’t it? That’s not the fun of this.”

“But this is just a game! We’re only supposed to pretend a little…” he whimpered.

“I don’t know where you got that impression, but it’s simply not true. If you think you’re cumming from me, you’re sadly mistaken…” she trailed off, standing up off the bed.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!”

“Oh no Mr. Godkiller,” she began as she climbed back upon the bed, this time with her knees. “With just some of your logic formulas or whatever, you’re going to destroy so much of human progress,” she straddled her draped legs and sleeved arms above him as she stared lecherously. “Civilizations overextend and collapse on the inside, or get invaded by outsiders. Diseases make people abandon entire cities,” she continued softly as she crawled closer to his face. “Lots of times people blame their various Gods for such bad luck. Some blame Christianity for the Romans, or German and Scandinavian pagans, and archeologists believe some Mesoamerican diseases made the people think the land was bad luck or some such nonsense,” she stopped crawling atop him and labored to stand without tripping on her habit. “And now we have you to thank—at least it won’t happen to us because we know that’s bullshit,” she stood firmly above, looking down upon him. He smiled uneasily at her ambiguous praise but was increasingly discomforted by her posture.

“You’ve caused some domage, but you haven’t destroyed our civilization, Godkiller,” she bunched her skirt at the hips, raising it inch by inch, “you’ll keep it alive!” she threw up her skirt, bearing her naked legs and muff, turned around to face the other direction, and crashed her soft ass upon his chest, her habit enveloping his head and forcing him to inhale the stale heat of her ass and musky pussy underneath.

Having but momentarily achieved a comfortable breathing rhythm, the surroundings were not welcomed by his lungs. The handcuffs clanked up and down the metal bars as his arms and legs writhed vainly to repel the sister who, despite these efforts, remained firmly on his chest, her asshole merely inches from his mouth. He felt slight vibrations and his ears could faintly hear her voice through her clothes, so he knew she was saying something even if he had the no clue what it was. His frenzied state however refused to pay her words any mind and so he was totally surprised when her hands grasped his thighs and her hairy pussy scratched up his chest until his nose touched firmly upon her taint, filling his nose with her sweaty salty musk. Desperate for all the breath he could manage, he inhaled deeply and poorly, trying to convince himself that the smell was offensive and not one making his cock throb. The sister knew exactly how he felt as her right hand wrapped around the pulsing meter that gave every indication she should continue despite his protests. She slid closer, pressing her taint harder against his mouth and nose.

Yusef surprised himself when his tongue protruded, mingling the sweat pouring from his brow with hers as it slid up and down, seeking either source of the thick musk that surrounded him. He relaxed his legs and, though he dramatically struggled to free his hands, he longed to grab her tightly and press her harder upon him rather than throw her off. The sister smiled pleasantly at sensation and obvious enthusiasm his tongue had for her dripping cunt, even if it meant he was actually enjoying the treatment, and raised her hips so her hairy pussy turned downwards and hovered just above Yusef’s eager mouth. Using smell alone in the deep darkness, he knew her pussy had been wet and eager for quite some time, perhaps even before she stepped into the room. She swung gently from side to side, dangling her sex like a nectarous fruit out of reach. He raised his neck to her pussy and licked it once top to bottom with the tip of his salivating tongue, drawing a pleased shiver from the recipient.

They continued like this for a minute, her swaying, his periodic single stroke licking to entice her down, until her sweet pussy slowly lowered. Yusef’s drinking mouth gaped open and sealed over it as his tongue furiously suckled her delicious fruit.

“Oh, yeah…” he could vaguely hear her moan, encouraging him to double his efforts. “Oh, God…” her accent faltered, “Oh, gawwwwd!” she recovered it, weighing her pussy down farther each time he tongued her correctly. Like a river her juice flowed down his probing mouth muscle. Every taste bud was used, overwhelming his mouth with flavor, and produced matching levels of sticky saliva. His nose, pressed firmly upon her lower pussy, inhaled every odor her aroused body produced as the drenched hair atop it cushioned and enabled the thick air to circulate, cooling her hot flesh underneath with each desperately fierce inhalation. It was a great struggle to breathe and eat her magnificent pussy, but somehow Yusef managed to rock the middle aged nun to orgasm in five minutes, making her press even firmer and suffocating him. Stifled completely, Yusef abandoned his caution and continued to madly devour her cunt before she could take it away and expose him to the life-giving but cold world outside her habit.

“Yesssss!” she shouted as she stiffly ground her hips into his face, scratching him with her wet but coarse mat. A second orgasm followed unbeknownst to Yusef who contentedly munched away. Her breathing slowed and without ado she hopped off the bed, taking the warm wet air with her. Already collected, she produced the key to his cuffs and undid them, drawing a tired and glossy puppy eyed pout from the man drenched in her juices. She looked to his cock, disappointed to see it was lazily resting upon his thigh.

“It’s aroused,” Yusef answered her unasked question, “it just needs something new and it’ll spring to life in three seconds,” he finished wearily but clearly eager for more.

“Good,” her smile returned. But rather than return to his cock, she retrieved her shoes, stepped to the door, and closed it behind her without saying a word. Standing in the hallway against the door, she adjusted her habit and winked to fellow sister to her right. “He’s ready.” As she left the door, enabling the younger one to step into the room, the elder nun nodded knowingly to the row of eager sisters patiently standing in line. Though inexperienced with men, they knew he could not fuck the dozen of them in one swing. They agreed to give him a few hours rest after the sixth one before the assembly line resumed. And, if that failed, they could always hold him until morning. The police would not be able to make anything stick since men seldom admitted rape by women, and besides, they were nuns for Christ’s sake.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tina’s eyes listlessly scanned the shelves at her local Barnes & Noble, hoping to merely stumble upon the name for which she searched. The philosophy section was, as many of her failed students might claim, rightly placed beside the doorway to the bathrooms where bodily waste was excreted by the lifer caffeine fiends who ate too many biscotti and bran muffins. This attitude had most certainly changed in the year since Yusef’s book was published. The so called “mental waste” presently had a handsome and immortally important front man and the number of declared philosophy majors in the US alone quadrupled in the past two semesters.

When Tina’s eyes came to the “M”s, her mind sighed as she saw three rows of Yusef’s book, nearly a third of one case. Despite philosophy’s surge in popularity, it seemed people merely wanted to study Yusef. She plucked out a thick paperback and read the front cover. One could deduce the readership of an author almost solely by the presentation. Yusef’s name was stated dramatically in a red, bold, and raised font easily occupying one third of the space available. “New York Times #1 Bestseller” and the obstructionist B&N sticker took roughly a quarter more. Another quarter bore the name “Dr. Y. Muhammad” and beneath all this flair was a modest white background. The whole thing resembled a Stephen King novel but without the deus ex machina sketched on the front.

She flipped the book open, shaking her head amazedly that this one, now in its third edition, had sold more personal copies in just one year than any version of the Bible (excepting the Gideons) had in centuries. Many of those were repeat buyers eager for whatever new anecdotes, insights, corrections, and clarifications “Dr. Muhammad” (as he preferred to be called now) offered them. Many of those same people chose, however tongue in cheek at first, to abolish the revisionist year term “Common Era” in favor of A.G., “After Godkiller.” The year of his discovery was dated 1 B.G., “Before Godkiller,” thus making the year it was published as year 0 (zero) A.G.

Nit-pickers continued complaining well after the year 2000 that the millennium occurred in 2001 since there was no year zero in the Christian Calendar. This argument had always dissatisfied Tina because the act of counting to 1 was essentially counting the whole between zero and one just as 2 was counting the whole between one and two. So how could one travel from a “negative” year like 1 B.G. to the “positive” 1 A.G.? And furthermore, unless the globe simultaneously recognized the significance of Christ’s birth, which scholarship concluded was actually a few years earlier than 1 A.D., there were no years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and continuing. It could only have been after the fact, when other calendars were abandoned, that these year numbers existed.

The back of the book was of course filled with praise from peers, pundits, and even a prominent televangelist proclaiming that anyone simply reading the introduction will be “forever changed.” She closed the book and replaced it into one of the many open slots remaining from purchased books and walked to the exit, passing a table lined with yet more copies of his book, these complete with gilded edges and built-in cloth bookmarks. The usual lunch time rush of university students waited in line. Tina quickly glanced and saw at least two of them eagerly holding copies, then spouted a depleted chuckle from her worn mouth. It seemed the world, or at least the people on it who relied upon the assumptions of God and the spiritual, was not ending with a whimper after all, but rather the chimes of cash registers selling his book in over 60 languages.

Tina re-entered the February chill. The minutes inside the well heated store gave her a glow that nearly froze on contact with the subzero temperatures. The moment she turned her Nissan’s ignition, the heater kicked in and steadily warmed the weightily frigid air. She drove for nearly a mile before it was even tolerantly warm but she still shivered. Rather than take her turn-off back to school, she swung right towards Yusef’s new neighborhood. She parked in front of a modern 10 story condominium and put enough change in her meter for an hour. Though Yusef and the publisher who forfeited most of their potential profits to him just to publish the book were uber-wealthy following even just the first few weeks of sales, Yusef, perhaps out of newfound laziness, a love of the campus, or both, had simply moved to the ritziest place within a mile of his office.

Real wood paneled the tenth floor’s walls and an uncut oriental style rug centered along the floor. The price of quality wood flooring and the rug atop it made a statement of affluence greater than the now standard wall to wall carpets that could cover half the world. With most of its residents, mainly college professors and the University of Minnesota’s nostalgic (and wealthy) graduates at work, all but one door, the one she sought, seemed quiet.

She pensively knocked, imagining who would answer and in what condition they would be. The chatter inside ceased but no one answered so she knocked again. The door opened but the chain caught it, giving a couple inches for the shadow of a young person to view through.

“Yes?” a woman with an accent trembled through the crack.

“Hi,” Tina smiled to calm her, “I’m Yusef’s friend, Tina.” she explained casually. The girl was visibly taken aback by her simple address of Dr. Muhammad as “Yusef.”

“Um…” she bit her bottom lip and looked behind her, “What’s your business?” her accent was clearer now. Tina narrowed it down to a Slavic one.

“I’m paying a visit.”

“Oh, right…um…” she looked behind her again and spoke in Russian, to which received a reply also in Russian. The other one seemed louder and more authoritative, probably yelling or giving instructions to the one craning her neck to speak without showing herself.

“What’s going on out there? Who’s there?” a groggy male voice chimed in.

“Named Tina there’s a woman at the door Doctor!” the aggressive one replied.

“Well let her in then!” The one behind the door looked reluctantly to Tina, closed it so she could dislocate the chain, and slowly opened it, careful to keep herself on the other side as she stepped back into the wall. Tina casually walked in and scanned the living room. Along with empty pizza boxes and liquor bottles, it reeked of stale beer and the smell of freshly opened latex condoms.

“Welcome,” a nude blonde girl greeted her with a friendly smile. Seemingly oblivious to her nakedness, she casually stood, resting her weight upon one leg while her other bent slightly at the knee. The door swiftly closed, revealing the girl who answered the door. Like the other blonde, she was nude but, bending her knees together and hugging her body with her shoulders, hopelessly seemed to wish Tina would neglect to notice her. Quite the opposite happened—she realized the Russians had to be sisters close in age if not identical twins.

“Tina!” Yusef’s voice shouted from his bedroom. The aggressive one stepped out of the path and pointed her arm to the bedroom, making her pert breasts jiggle slightly. “He’s all yours, but we wore him all out!” she laughed. Tina, long since used to these encounters since Yusef returned from his book tour in October of last year, smiled politely and walked to the bedroom where Yusef sat upon his bed and stared lazily at the space behind Tina. A Korean student lay passed out and sprawled on the other half, her shaven pussy with its prominent labia shining from lubricant and saliva displayed for all the world.

“Hey buddy,” Tina began casually. “How ya feeling?” Yusef grasped his head and groaned. His hair was nearly shoulder length and unkempt despite his curls.

“I know why there are so many different kinds of alcohol. Every time you’ve a bad experience with…with” his right hand circled, searching for the right words, “…one particular kind, and permanently link it with that horrible moment, there are literally volumes of other liquors to choose from that won’t remind you!” he coughed as he laughed at his little joke, but quickly grasped his aching head again.

“So not too well?”

“Huh?” he asked, forgetting her first question. He vigorously rubbed his face and released a groan through his nose. His cheeks trembling beneath his stubble and his body quaking, it appeared he was stretching his muscles as if recovering from a work out. Seeming to lack the energy to support his head, he drooped it, stared blankly at the exposed woman next to him, and looked casually back to Tina. “So what’s up?”

“I had to cover your class again.”

“Oh, thanks, ‘preciate it,” he drawled as he sat up against the headboard.

“That’s the fifth time this semester,” she reminded him with a hint of irritation.

“And I appreciate it.”

“You know, you only have one class. You’re getting paid a shit load more than anyone else and you have only one class to teach now so the least you can do is show up.”


“Have you even made a lesson plan?”

“What’s up your butt?”

Tina considered herself a composed, on top of things woman. When he went on tour and neglected to call all but once, she defended him to her girl friends even as her divorce spiraled onward. When he ditched class like a super Senior just three credits from graduation so he could stay in his condo and fuck Russian twins and an East Asian floozy in a binge of booze, she excused it as simply the transition from touring life to the every day. But his pace only seemed to accelerate downward—something he failed to realize. This, as far as she saw it, was the worst thing of all.

“Get your fucking act together! This isn’t healthy! You’re like some fuckin’ junkie rock star with a one hit wonder!” she spat, finally losing her composure. He jerked his head back amazedly as if woken from a daze, and looked questioningly at her.

“What are you talking about?”

“This!” she pointed to the naked woman whose breathing became faster and shallower, preparing her body to enter the waking world at the early hour of one in the afternoon. “Those!” she pointed to the empty and nearly empty liquor bottles strewn randomly around the room like it was the set of some after-school special or “very special episode” about the dangers of alcohol. “If you just stopped listening to those girls’ praise about how brilliant you are, you might realize it means something else!”

“Like what?”

“That it’s not just a way to get your cock sucked by girls two thirds your age. I’m a woman, and your colleague, but more importantly, I’m a friend and,” she stepped to him and grasped his hand, “I love you too much to let you ruin yourself or let your talents go to waste.” She blurted, admitting her attraction.


“Yes, Yusef. You have no idea how much it hurts me to watch you do this. Before your formula you wondered about your responsibility to the world, and whether you should even drop this bombshell in the first place.”

“Yes, I remember. I was worried the world would destroy itself.”

“And it hasn’t, and it won’t, or at least not because of this. The world is doing just fine, its you I’m worried about. I love you Yusef, and you’re too smart for this to happen,” her eyes teared as she looked pleadingly with him. Yusef stared into her eyes and quickly broke out into fitful tears that fell upon the soiled bedsheets. She lunged forward and hugged him as he cried more onto her shoulder, his arms slowly wrapping around her back.

The naked girl beside them resumed deep breaths. She turned onto her side and refreshed her mouth with quiet lip smacks.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Here you are,” the waitress smiled pleasantly as she set two filled plates onto the table. Ellen and Mary Beth reciprocated as they looked directly into her large brown eyes. “Just holler if you need anything else, ‘kay?”

“Oh we will,” Mary Beth smiled as the server walked away, her hips bouncing with each step, showing her bear tracks lower-back tattoo. Mary Beth faced Ellen and raised a suggestive brow. “What do you thank’a her? Not too thin, blonde, decent breasts, maybe braces in Junior High?” Ellen laughed back.

“Whoever said teeth were important? As long as they’re not really messed up, who gives a damn? I do love however,” Ellen turned back to look at the waitress again, “her neck.”

“Her neck?”

“Yeah. It’s very lean and probably says a lot about how much muscle she has in her face,” Ellen twitched her eyebrows and smiled up to her cheekbones. Mary Beth laughed this time and slid her feet under the table until they touched Ellen’s. She returned the gesture and wrapped her ankles, unwilling to let Mary Beth take her feet away from her reach.

June 2018
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