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Hay making time was usually mid June and the weather was always uncertain.

Despite all mechanical aids getting it from the field to the barn was a time when many hands made light work. So it was that Billy, a student aged 19 came to help out with loading and stacking. As it was only a job for fine weather and the work being hot and physical it was a nice excuse to strip off as much as possible and get a good tan. He loved outdoor work and I remember him saying that he wouldn’t mind if he never saw another lecture theatre or exam room in his life again. He was great fun, lots of jokes and general youthfulness.

But as we worked together I couldn’t help glancing at his long brown arms and slim firm muscles as he tossed the bales into stacks and onto trailers.

Others used to come and help too but Billy and I always worked together.

He was had a competitive nature and liked to challenge me over who was the fittest and who could toss bales the highest. Sometimes we would overbalance and end up in a playful wrestle on the ground. I remember how exciting it was making close contact with his body. Sometimes when he had to climb off from a high load I would guide his bare legs so he could find toe holds to get down safely. He had those lovely long brown thighs, they were so firm, and every time I would this throbbing erection.

Billy always wore these very brief shorts so his thighs were all too visible to everyone. And I found myself getting jealous when anyone else spoke to him. I couldn’t help this feeling I was getting; while he was quite muscular around his biceps ,his chest was really smooth and he had those lovely rounded shoulder blades that made him otherwise a bit effeminate looking.

Even before I ever saw his bare legs and his boyish chest I realised I had some attraction to him. It’s funny how you think of these things afterwards; it was the profile of his big rounded bum that first got my attention. It didn’t matter what he was wearing there was no concealing the fact that he was a really sexy boy!

It was because we were so innocent and lacking experience then that it took some time before we went much further but I would always finding excuses to touch him. Sometimes if we were walking and talking together I would put a hand on his shoulder without thinking, it was like a reflex and he used to turn to me and smile. I was pretty much in love with him without fully realizing but I wasn’t really fanaticising about having sex with him exactly. Sometimes my hand would drop around his waist and I would find my excitement quite embarrassing. On times like that we would fall silent and I sort of found it hard to make conversation.

Actually we sometimes talked about former girlfriends but really we were a couple of virgins when it came down to anything serious. I used to get all tied up emotionally about what to do next and too embarrassed to take a proper lead. The truth was I was getting carried away. Billy was having some sort of an emotionally effect on me.

Every Tuesday he had been in the habit of going off to town. Sometimes he would borrow money off me for the bus fare. He had said something about physiotherapy but I hadn’t really taken much notice. It wasn’t until hay making was all but finished that I found out what it was all about.

Billy and I had gone on top of the hay barn to tidy up some of the bales. We got very hot and after we sat down he said that he wished he didn’t have to go for this treatment. I asked him what it was all about and he said he had had a bicycle accident about a year ago and broke a bone in his leg. Now they said he needed to have physiotherapy because one of his leg muscles needed strengthening after being in plaster.

The thought that he should be going to someone else to be massaged or something just made me sort of mad. Why should he be going to town for this I could surely care for Billy better than anyone else. I knew I was getting unreasonable after all physiotherapy is an expert profession what did I really know about it?

“I would do it you know” I blurted out unable to stop myself.

“Do you really want to?” his reply surprised me. He even looked as if he liked the idea.

“Yes, er, I don’t know too much about the medical side but perhaps you can help” I said trying to steady my voice.

“Oh sure yes, but really you don’t have to” He replied nervously.

“Billy” I said “I want to… I mean , well, I would like to you know I mean I like you and, yea I suppose I wouldn’t just offer to massage anyone!” I was very aware of having gone extremely red in the face and I was sweating profusely. I got so embarrassed then that I had to change the subject and started talking about other things.

It was a bit difficult because with hay making finished I couldn’t afford to go on paying Billy because I had no regular work for him and the farm finances just wouldn’t be up to it. He liked coming and I liked having him around so I used to invite him over and he’d get meals and some pocket money. He was good at cooking too.

It was the very next day, as far as I remember when reminded me of my offer. He had got a bit wet walking over in the rain. All he had on was just jeans and a course knitted sweater. I took him straight up to my bedroom.

“You had better take your wet jeans off, I’ll put them to dry” I said. He seemed to look a bit embarrassed at first but I just grabbed his belt, undid it and was just about to undo his fly-zip when he nervously pushed my hand away. Then after a short pause he seemed to make up his mind and quickly pulled them down himself.

So there he sat on edge of the bed with his course damp sweater just covering his underpants. His smooth brown thighs emerged straight from the lower hem of his coarsely knitted sweater. He looked as if he could have had nothing on underneath. I was getting wildly excited and far from being able to adopt any sort of professional manner, I started immediately running my hands up his thighs.

“Billy your legs are just so perfect, Oh Billy! How could there ever be anything wrong with them. Ah I can’t believe it!” I said groping and squeezing his lovely strong thigh muscles.

I had to make quite an effort to control myself because I felt I was going to go crazy and frighten him.

“I’m going to do my best for you Billy; you really deserve it; you’re so fabulous! But please promise to tell me if I do anything wrong won’t you?!”

In this position I could see just that bit more of his thighs than I had ever done before, I mean I could see these white areas just below his pants that were not browned.

Billy was lying half propped up on his elbow so I asked him, “Why don’t you lie back, it would be more comfortable, you must leave it to me you know.” I thought perhaps he was wanting to keep an eye on me.

“I know it’s just that my sweater is still a bit wet you see, I didn’t want to spoil your bed linen.” It was such a perfect excuse so I removed his sweater and contrasted with the course rough wool his smooth damp body looked sexier than ever, I remember thinking ‘Oh shit I’m loosing control’ It about was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, it made me feel horny as hell!!

Billy had turned onto his stomach. In this position with his bum protruding upwards in the most provocative way, I really just wanted to fuck him right there! Anyway I got to work on the back of his thighs. I was massaging his firm muscles with all the force in my hands while he lay with his head sideways and eyes shut as if in ecstasy. It was like an adventure, I just had to go a bit higher each time until I was just slipping my finger tips under the lower elastic of his pants.

Watching his face, I was concerned he would try to restrain me? Now and again he seemed to sigh and to readjust himself a little, maybe he was getting an erection. Then quite suddenly I stopped work on his thighs and tried to move one hand right up under his pants to feel his bare buttocks but he grabbed my hand as if he was ticklish.

“I’m sorry I got a bit over excited. You are so fabulously sexy Billy!” But he just lay there with his eyes shut and a sweet smile on his face. I could see he wasn’t shocked but perhaps just a bit shy so I reverted to his thighs and tried massaging his buttocks from outside his pants. He didn’t seem to mind that either. I heard him let out a sexy groan and he began raising his bum up and down as if he was trying to masturbate.

I said it was time to turn over on his back so I could do the other side of his legs. He didn’t react so I had to ask several times. Then I tried to turn him over myself but he groaned. “No!”

“Why?” I said.

“It’s sort of embarrassing” he replied half giggling.

“OK you turn over or I’m going to rip your pants off” I said in a joking manner. But I he rightly guessed I wasn’t really joking. Damn right I wasn’t! I was longing to and was quite disappointed when he meekly complied! But the bulge in his pants really was very obvious and I found it hugely impressive!! I could see Billy was well equipped and for the first time I felt even more excited but in quite a different way. It may have been just his reaction to my massage but Billy certainly had a lot of masculinity about him.

I spent a few minutes massaging the front of his legs and as I worked upwards towards his pants I noticed his chest rising and falling in a faster rhythm. I couldn’t resist it any longer. I took hold of the pointed bulging area of his pants that was pushed outwards by his rigid cock. He put his hand on mine and tried to restrain me but I gripped him firmly. He began giggling as we wrestled together and then things started happening very quickly.

I had got a hold of his bare dick with one hand inside his pants, it was hugely hard and so utterly hard and firm! I lost all control; I had never done anything like this before — I put my mouth to the place where it pointed in his pants! It know it sounds crazy but I didn’t think of what I was doing. I just had to! I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself, I wanted him and this was the nearest I could get to Billy’s most intimate place.

He had his hands in my hair then suddenly he caught his breath and started groaning loudly. I could feel his cock starting to spasm beneath the thin material. Suddenly his big shiny pink prick burst through out under the elastic. At once I took his bare knob in my mouth but before I had time to suck I felt it. Billy was shooting powerful cum spurts first in my mouth then over his belly button as in the excitement I momentarily lost him. We were both utterly naked at this point.

The sight was the sexiest thing you could ever see! This young guy was so beautiful and fit with such lovely firm muscles and beautiful brown skin with sexy areas around his bum. Billy had spurted out his luscious thick boy-cum. I just couldn’t resist going down on him and taking his lovely sexy cock in my mouth. It was all covered in slimy spunk and I could feel his sensitive knob against my tongue as I gently sucked him as he groaned in pleasure. I well remember the salty taste of his youthful sperm and how near I was to his pubic hairs. His testicles were big and firm and he had lovely smooth white skin around his pubic hairs. There was a smell of intimacy about him and I could have stayed in that position for hours. His cock subsiding in my mouth as it oozed the last drops of his creamy spunk. I would always remember that special taste!

With a mouthful of his creamy cum I tried to bury myself in his bum slit. I wanted to lick his slimy spunk into his boy cunt so I could stuff my raging cock into his bottom and fuck this beautiful boy with all my pent up energy and pump his boy bum. All my emotions were pent up in my raging cock and I just wanted to expend everything I had deep inside his lovely body.

It was not quite to be so! Perhaps because it was his first time but Billy suddenly shouted “Oh shit!!” and sprung up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom. I lay on the bed for a moment and thought of masturbating, then I thought of Billy’s nude soapy body and ran to the bathroom and burst in on him.

“Hey Billy I owe you this!” I said as I forced my way in beside him in the shower.

“What do you mean?” he said nervously. We struggled together a bit as he tried to keep me at bay. Both our bodies were soapy and he was getting ticklish and trying to resist me by squeezing his buttocks together. But my cock was raging hard and I had only one idea. I got it in his cleft and was desperately trying to locate his bum hole as we struggled together. Billy was giggling and trying to play ‘hard to get’ with me but I just had to locate his asshole. It was very tight. It was too tight! In the excitement I lost control completely. I never did manage to penetrate him properly, his cherry was very tight, so I just had to jack off in his slit. It was a lovely deep smooth cleft between his buns. Billy was still clasping them so his tight slit was almost as good as being inside him. His buns were squeezing my cock and sending me insane. There were these tiny downy hairs all over the smooth lobes of his buttocks. It was sending me mad and suddenly I could take no more. A massive spasm took hold of me somewhere behind my balls. I had to shoot all the cum they had stored in me. It spurted out of me all over his perfect boy bum.

“You are fucking marvellous; next time I’m going to stuff you right up your fucking ass cunt!” I shouted at him but Billy was reeling with confused emotions by this time. He grabbed his jeans and sweater and dashed out of the house without saying anything.

He didn’t show up again until the following afternoon. I felt a bit worried about the way he had run off but I knew it was just reaction in a young guy who had never been done before. The weather had cleared up and it was really hot and sunny again. I was out repairing a fence in a field not far away. It was about 2pm and there he was walking up the hill with no shirt very much as usual and with just a very brief pair of shorts on. No need to ask his disposition it was obvious he had returned for the real thing!

“Hey you forgot your pants last night!” I said.

“Can I give you a hand?” he answered.

“You’re a bit late I’ve nearly finished.”

“I’m sorry I ran off yesterday I seemed to get in a panic. It was pretty nice actually! Well you know, I mean you seemed to be er pretty good at massage”.

“Yes Billy!” I replied acknowledging his understatement. “One thing for sure, you look like you definitely need more! So as soon as I’ve finished this last bit of fence you are to report to my bedroom and this time Billy Boy it’s Pants Off, OK?!!” Billy went bright red. I judged rightly that he was just ready for a serious fucking and, I was going to make another meal out of that fabulous boy-dick of his then give it to him all right up his beautiful voluptuous bottom!

When we got to the house he said he was going to have a shower himself and then he would do as he was told..

He was completely his old self and standing his ground against me. Hard to believe, but we did shower separately, Billy first then me.

I went into the bedroom nude and erect. Billy was lying naked on my bed on his side and with his knees forward. With his testicle sticking through the cleft between his thighs it was the best view of his balls and his bum I had ever seen. His white buttocks were full rounded and smooth coming together in a long deep cleavage. There was no sign of any pubic hair from behind. It was as if he was presenting me with his manhood and daring me to fuck him with mine.

I decided first to tease him a bit by confining my activities to his legs and pretending to ignore his cock and his ass. As time went on I could see he was getting more and more frustrated.

“Are you ready to have your buttocks massaged, Billy?” I said teasingly.

“I think a better question would be: Are you ready?” Billy replied with his impish grin.

Any embarrassment of the day before was completely gone. He suddenly sat up and grabbed my ass at first then somehow swung me round and before I had time to realise what was happening he was like feasting on my raging cock. He had gobbled in his mouth and was trying to take it down his throat. I couldn’t believe such an innocent boy could learn so quickly. I was ready to explode and at this rate I was going be shooting before I could get near his ass but now it was he who was taking an interest in my buttocks. He was giggled a lot as he massaged them then forcing them apart he dribbled some saliva into my cleft.

“You’re not going to treat me like a girl you know!” he giggled almost triumphantly. “Everything you do to me you’re going to get back right? and maybe I won’t wait! And maybe too it’s what you really want.” He went on sucking my cock even more wildly and I went straight down to him taking his firm pink knob in my mouth and pushing my right hand between his legs. I remembered I had a tube of cream by the bed and had to leave off to get it.

“What are you trying to do now?” Billy challenged me as I tried to reach out.

“I was just getting cream to lube your ass so I could fuck you”, I replied but he grabbed the tube from me and squeezed about half the contents into his hand. I still thought I could access his ass hole. We were in this 69 position but Billy was up to his old trick of squeezing his legs and buttocks together. I had to force my hand between his thighs while he was squirming around and giggling. I needed both hands to force his legs apart and so I had to leave off his cock as I was desperate to get at his bum hole. I had to use all my strength to restrain him and to force his boy buns apart so I could get my tongue into his cherry. And at last I got there! Oh wow! those star shaped folds of his boy-cunt were so exciting and licking him seemed now easy now I had accessed his anus. I wouldn’t bother with cream I could lube him with my saliva and work it in his hole with my tongue.

Billy was sucking my cock even more wildly now but I felt him getting more aggressive with my ass. It made me loose control. I felt a great huge unstoppable spasm coming on. This time it was somewhere deep inside me. I got these wild shooting sensations as I felt my spunk shooting through my sperm tubes and spurting from my knob. In seconds I was literally pumping my cum down Billy’s thoat.

But by then he had at least one finger well up inside me. It was something I had never experienced before and it seemed to have made my orgasm much more intense. I was just getting that huge satisfied feeling when Billy suddenly jumped up. I thought he was rushing off to the bathroom again but this young Lad had more than a handsome body, he was a young man too!

Without a hint of hesitation he pulled my buttocks apart and started feverishly licking my man-cunt. With his mouth still full of my cum he was working it into my bottom. Then all of a sudden he came down on top of me. I couldn’t stop him! I was lying on my stomach and I felt Billy’s whole weight pressing down on my back and my ass. Sure enough his hard dick was in my cleft. Before I had time to take in what was happening my ass was taking him in! He had slipped his boy dick into my slimy gaping hole. In next to no time I felt him coming right up inside me. This beautiful youthful lad was about to fuck me!

There I was with sticky spunk all round my asshole; all my manhood was now completely compromised, there was no way I could resist. I didn’t even want to, Billy had conquered me!

“So who got there first?” Billy crowed triumphantly as I felt his long slim cock coming deep into my bottom. I had lost the initiative despite having just given him a dose of oral, I had never had been done up my ass before. I couldn’t help getting this feeling of being really submissive to Billy. I had never even tried to struggle against him. An all the while Billy was sliding his dick in and out of me at an ever increasing tempo. His face had an expression of supreme confidence almost of domination over me. Then when he had been shafting me franticly for what seemed like for ever, he suddenly let out a yell so loud I was afraid it would attract attention. Billy face was contorted sweat was pouring from his brow, his forearms and biceps muscles were bulging. All I could feel were these waves of hot cum gushing up inside me. Billy boy was stuffing my hairy ass, he was fertilising my rectum. He had fucked me up my bottom!!

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