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Ilia had sat at the bar, watching her lover talking with the fierce-looking redhead. Her wife. The word still stung her heart. She felt like the biggest fool in Skyrim. While the married couple’s meeting didn’t seem to be proceeding particularly happily, Ilia found herself not caring about the particulars of their relationship. The fact that Myrna hadn’t mentioned her marriage at all was enough to fill the young conjurer with a mixture of sadness and anger. As Myrna and Aela seemed to fall into deeper conversation, as the minutes dragged by without even a sidelong glance from Myrna toward the bar, Ilia decided that, as she had feared so often already in the short time they’d been lovers, that indeed it had been too good to be true, that the Dragonborn cared nothing for her, that she was merely being used toward some greater end of which she had no understanding. She finished her wine and stepped out into the cool night air of Solitude.

When Myrna awoke the next morning, her body sore from the transition she had undergone as well as from the endless series of orgasms her werewolf lover had given her, she wondered for a moment where she was, until the shock of red hair that lay across her breasts brought back the memory of the previous night. Aela, she thought, feeling equal parts tenderness and remorse. Well, whatever her misgivings, whatever her feelings for the woman beside, Myrna had already made up her mind. A night of lust and passion wasn’t going to undo that. As stealthily as she could, and few in Tamriel were stealthier, she slipped her shoulder from beneath Aela’s head and rolled silently out of bed. She could feel flickers of pleasure from her still-swollen clit as she moved. Looking at the beautiful form prone before her, she pinched her labia together briefly, until, her resolve finally solidified, she began to dress in the tavern clothes she’d come to favor in recent days. The Nightengale armor she usually wore, she’d realized, was not necessary for everyday living. Her skills had been honed such that she was confident in her ability to quickly kill anyone who threatened her with harm before any damage could be inflicted upon her.

She’d just about packed everything when she heard Aela’s voice behind her.

“Running out on me again?”

Myrna stiffened and cursed softly to herself under her breath. She turned to see Aela sitting naked on the foot of the bed.

“Aela, I love you, and I respect you, and I care about you, and I have learned so much from you. But I cannot be with you. I cannot stay with you at Jorrvaskr, and I cannot ask you to abandon the Companions for me. I know you would willingly do so, but I also know, as do you, that it is with them that you belong. I have nothing else to say on the matter.”

Aela hung her head, not because of the sense of loss she felt but because she knew her wife spoke the truth.

“You are right, my love. They are my shield-brothers and sisters, and my oath to them goes beyond whatever vows we took before Mara. I wish that you would stay with us, but your choices are not beholden to my desires.”

“They’re closer to doing so than you know,” said Myrna, well aware from the tingling that still coursed through her groin that the sexual bliss she experienced with the gorgeous redhead was beyond anything she’d felt before. But sex was not her only passion. And then there was Ilia. Ilia needed her. Aela needed only the honor of battle, the thrill of the hunt. She was complete. Ilia, wounded, fragile, alone, was a battered soul. Myrna had almost marveled at the ways the former witch had healed and grown in their short time together, her confidence and capabilities increasing almost by the day.

Myrna walked to the edge of the bed and reached out for Aela’s hand. The Huntress took it and rose. The two lovers locked eyes, exchanging feelings beyond words. Myrna leaned in and kissed the redhead tenderly, then turned, hoisted her large pack and bow onto her back, and was gone.

The morning air, still shrouded in shadow from Solitude’s tall walls and towers, had lost little of its chill. Myrna hurried to Proudspire Manor, her house in the city, in hopes that Ilia would have returned there. Her housecarl, whose name escaped Myrna, opened the door.

“My thane,” said the young blonde, whose girlish appearance belied her skill with a sword.

“Jordan, is it?”

“Jordis, my thane.”

“Sorry. I haven’t spent as much time here as I would like to. I hope your duties haven’t been too…uneventful.”

“It’s been my pleasure. To not have to endure the barracks? This is more than a treat, even if I haven’t been able to really serve you.”

“Yet. Your time may come. My friend, Ilia. Did she return last night?”

“I did not see or hear her if she did. And I would have.”

“That’s what I was afraid of. Well, in that case, I must be off.”

“Can I help you find her?” Jordis asked eagerly.

“No. Thank you, but no. Please continue to enjoy the run of the manor. I hope you’re using the big bed upstairs, not the cot in the basement.”

“I did not think it was my place to do so, thane.”

“Well, it is now. I hope we can get to know each other better when next I’m in Solitude. Until then.”

“Until then, my thane.”

What a sweet little thing, thought Myrna as she headed for the city gates. Gods, I’m a slut. She smiled, chagrined at how easily a pretty face triggered that sparkly feeling in her nether regions. Well, she would have to wait until she found Ilia to satisfy her.

The guards hadn’t seen anyone fitting Ilia’s description leave the city since they’d come on duty at dawn, which meant she’d left in the night, and so had something like an eight-hour advantage on Myrna. The Dragonborn tried to put herself in Ilia’s place, no doubt angry, confused, and heartbroken. Not particularly social even when she was in a good state of mind, Ilia did not strike Myrna as one who would head toward another city or town. But nor, Myrna thought, would she seek refuge in a cave, for, despite her ability to handle herself, her confidence at the moment was probably shattered. Myrna paused at the crossroads, one path heading downhill toward the docks, the other west, to Dragonbridge and, further on, Markarth. Dragonbridge had a little inn that Ilia could have reached with just a couple hours’ quick march. But she would never head to Markarth. Myrna wished she had Aela with her; the Huntress could track almost anyone. Not that Myrna’s skills lacked much in that area, but they were of no use here. It was a rare moment of indecision for the intrepid Imperial maiden. She cursed herself for the way she’d handled Aela’s unexpected appearance the night before.

Unbeknownst to the Dragonborn, Ilia had not gone far. She’d paused in the night at the very spot where Myrna stood, wondering where to go. The plaintive toll of a bell from the docks below had given her the answer: as far away as possible, as quickly as possible. Though late, the busiest docks in Skyrim still showed some signs of life. Three ships were berthed; four more sat at anchorage further out. The first ship Ilia approached seemed deserted. At the next, a surly Nord guarding the gangway accosted her.

“Shouldn’t be down here alone at night, missy,” he grunted, the ample quantities of mead he’d consumed weighing heavy on his tongue.

“Because of drunken idiots like you?”

“What’s going on down there, Grund?” called another voice from the deck.

“A sharp-tongued wench is what,” the Nord replied. A sinister-looking Argonian, more sinister than most even, peered over the rail.

“We could use a wench,” the Argonian hissed.

“That’s what I was thinking,” Grund said, moving toward Ilia at the same moment the Argonian swung over the rail and landed gracefully on the dock behind her. Before she could react, the cool-skinned reptilian had pinned her arms behind her. Grund walked up to her and pulled her hood back, exposing her face to the moonlight. He smiled none too pleasantly.

“Aye, she’ll do us nicely for a spell,” he said. They were the last words his lips would utter. A bolt of electricity leapt from Ilia’s hand, blasting the Argonian behind her into the air. Grund, in his drunken state, fumbled for his sword. He’d had just enough time to get a good grip on its hilt when the blade of Ilia’s axe sliced into the side of his neck. The Nord would have died in a minute from blood loss; as it was, his nearly-severed spinal column ended his suffering even more quickly. He was dead before he landed on the planks of the dock with a thud, almost at the moment the Argonian splashed into the water. The whole thing had taken perhaps two seconds.

“I don’t have enough crewmembers to be sparing them like that,” said a woman’s voice from the ship up above. Ilia looked up to see a Redguard, a bow drawn tautly in her hands, the arrow aimed right at Ilia’s throat.

“I don’t think this one will be hard to replace,” said Ilia, gesturing contemptuously toward the corpse at her feet. “The Argonian’s probably still alive.” Indeed he was, for almost at that instant he clambered up a piling onto the dock and drew his sword.

“Shall I kill her, Kalissah?” he hissed.

“No,” said the Reguard quietly, loosing her arrow. Ilia froze in terror, waiting for the split second before her death, realizing only after it had happened that the arrow had whizzed past her head and buried itself in the Argonian’s forehead.

“Never trusted that one anyway,” Kalissah said, her bow now lowered.

“Well, if it’s crew you need, I’m available,” Ilia said, hoping her voice didn’t betray the pounding in her heart.

“You have any experience on a ship?” Kalissah asked.


“What can you offer?”

“Magicka. Destruction and healing especially.”

“Not bad with an axe, either.”

“No, not bad,” said Ilia, suddenly thinking of the woman who’d taught her how to use it, wondering if Myrna had even noticed if she was gone yet.

“What makes you want to get on a ship?”

“I need a change of scenery,” Ilia said.

“Well, we’re a fair-sized ship with a small crew. That means we work both hard and smart. We’re honest traders. Doesn’t seem like anyone else is. Between the East Empire Company and Gods knows how many pirates out there, there’s plenty of trouble. The Morning Star’s a quick one, though. Haven’t been run down too often and whoever’s managed it lived just long enough to regret it. I expect you’ll be handy if it comes to that. We’re heading for High Rock with the tide. Life on the seas isn’t for everyone. My money says you’ll want off by the time we get there. If not, you’re welcome to stay. Come aboard.”

“My name’s Ilia,” the Nord woman said as she stepped onto the deck.

“Kalissah,” replied the Redguard. “Pleasure.”

“I hope so,” said Ilia, almost without thinking. She looked away as the Redguard’s glance caught her eyes.

“Come,” Kalissah said, and led Ilia below decks. “Those two shared a berth. I guess it’s yours now.”

Ilia, naturally shy and reserved, was suddenly overcome with a boldness driven by her anger towards Myrna.

“Kalissah,” she said tenderly, vulnerably, reaching out and stroking the Redguard’s arm. “I’d rather not be alone tonight.”

Kalissah laughed. “It’s not so bad as all that, is it?” she asked in a playful tone. “Well, I’m always up for a romp. I’m sure my husband won’t mind. If you’re…amenable.”

Ilia hadn’t counted on that, but it made it all the sweeter as far as she was concerned. She only wished Myrna could somehow watch, to see how easily Ilia could move on. “Of course,” said Ilia with a smile that betrayed none of the sudden nervousness she felt creeping over her. The continued a few doors down until Kalissah threw open a door into a decently-sized room. A large Redguard man slept soundly on the bed. Kalissah kicked his leg roughly. “Wake up, Bergin,” she said. “Meet Ilia. New crewmember.”

Bergin rose groggily, his eyes struggling to focus through the sleep that still clouded his brain. When they finally did, he saw his wife kissing a beautiful, pale Nord girl. He could feel his member begin to swell instantly.

At the touch of Kalissah’s lips, Ilia felt a rush of remorse. She wanted to pull away, to run, off the ship, back up the hill to Solitude, to Myrna. What was she doing here? As the Redguard woman’s tongue darted into her mouth, she felt another mouth on her neck, strong hands wrapping around her upper arms. In a moment, she wasn’t quite sure how, her robes were on the floor around her ankles. Bergin’s enormous hands grasped her breasts roughly, pinching the nipples through the thin fabric that still covered them. Still kissing her with what felt to Ilia like an especially warm and wet mouth, Kalissah slipped her hand down the waistline of Ilia’s panties and slid a finger effortlessly into Ilia’s already-wet and hungry cunt.

Ilia felt as if she wasn’t really there; that what was happening was happening only to her body, that she herself was somewhere else in the room, watching these two coffee-skinned warriors explore their new crewmember.

Bergin, already mostly nude, quickly shed the loose trousers that covered his lower half. Ilia could feel his rock-hard prick press between his stomach and her back as he continued to fondle her breasts. Two sets of hands began to push her down toward the floor, slowly but firmly. She dropped to her knees, breaking the lock Kalissah’s lips had on her own. Kalissah stepped back and began to strip out of her leather armor while Bergin slid around into her place, his cock right in Ilia’s face. Knowing it was too late to turn back now, Ilia simply abandoned whatever inhibitions her growing lust had left to her, and wrapped her lips around the head of what by any measure was an enormous phallus, and was much the biggest the young Nord had ever seen in her limited experience with men. Bergin thrust forward, and Ilia could feel her lips stretch tautly to accommodate his massive girth. He was not even halfway inside her mouth when she gagged and pulled back. Kalissah now joined her on the floor in front of Bergin. She chuckled and licked at the thick saliva that clung to Ilia’s chin.

“Go easy, my husband. She’s no doubt unused to such a magnificent specimen,” she said, and then easily sunk the erect cock deep down her throat in one steady, gradual movement. She moaned in ecstasy as Bergin grabbed the back of head, pushing his shaft even further into her mouth and holding her there until she began to struggle for breath. As he released his grip, she looked over at the astonished Nord and smiled.

“See, my dear? It’s not so big as all that.” The two women took turns sucking on the massive erection, Kalissah swallowing every inch, Ilia trying to make up for her shortcomings with vigorous ministrations of her tongue on the underside of the head. After several minutes, Bergin moved toward the bed and lay on his back. Kalissah straddled him and let her own weight fall onto the rigid shaft of her husband’s dick. She gasped as he filled her, then started to slowly grind onto him, moving her hips in a circular manner. She reached out for Ilia’s hand and then gently pulled her around so that she was standing next to Bergin’s head, facing Kalissah. Ilia hesitantly climbed onto the bed, straddling Bergin’s face while Kalissah began to rub her erect nipples. Suddenly Bergin’s strong arms pulled her down onto him and his powerful tongue mashed against Ilia’s clit. The joint stimulation on her pussy and breasts brought her to climax within a minute, Kalissah kissing her just as her moans turned to cries that disappeared into the Redguard woman’s mouth.

“Switch places with me,” Kalissah said as Ilia’s orgasm subsided. “I want him to see which of us tastes sweeter.”

“Be gentle,” said Ilia, as she positioned the head of Bergin’s shaft into her sopping hole.

Bergin smiled. “I’m not sure who’s gonna be sweeter, but I know she’s gonna be tighter, my love,” he said. In response, Kalissah lowered her asshole onto his mouth instead of her pussy, giving him no choice but to lick it. Her didn’t seem to mind too much, distracted as he was by the way Ilia’s pussy gripped his cock as he slowly slid inside her. Ilia felt herself stretch to accommodate his monster cock; painful at first, she found that if she controlled the movements and lowered herself onto him, bit by bit, it gave her a very pleasant sensation of fullness. Only when Bergin tried to push upwards did the pain become too much, and then Ilia would lift herself up. After a few of these instances, Bergin let the Nord go at her own pace. Kalissah began to rub her pussy as her husband’s tongue swirled around her asshole, and she kept her eyes focused on the pretty face of the pale girl before her, enjoying the contrast between her husband’s dark skin and Ilia’s whiteness. She could see the pleasure and pain intermingling in Ilia’s expressions, and envied the girl her first experience with Bergin’s massive member. She smiled as she recalled her own first time, remembering how small her hand had seemed wrapped around the smooth, dark shaft, how she had come even before he was all the way inside her.

As Ilia began to slide up and down, her cunt greedily expanding to accept this new, enormous visitor, Kalissah reached behind her head and pulled the Nord toward her, their mouths meeting eagerly. The two women kissed passionately as each ground down on the man underneath them. Kalissah’s hands alternated between Ilia’s breasts and her own pussy, until Ilia began to moan more loudly. Then Kalissah concentrated on the Nord girl’s nipples, pinching and rubbing them, occasionally gripping her whole breasts and kneading them roughly. As Ilia began to feel another orgasm building inside her she started to buck her hips wildly, moving herself around the giant cock that impaled her. When she screamed, Kalissah pinched her nipples viscously, the pain distracting Ilia just enough that her orgasm didn’t quite reach its peak, but instead kept lashing her with waves of agonizing pleasure as Bergin thrust upwards into her still more deeply.

Exhausted, Ilia climbed off the giant cock. Bergin grabbed his wife and roughly threw her to the bed, entering her from behind with long and rapid strokes. For Kalissah, the sensation, as always when her husband’s cock really got going, was intense. She came quickly without any additional stimulation. Ilia watched for a few moments, admiring the muscular frame of the Redguard man, enjoying the clinching of his buttocks as he pounded his cock deep into the eager black pussy in front of him. Rubbing her own cunt, Ilia crawled between Bergin’s legs and lay on her back. First she held her tongue against the base of his cock, enjoying the salty taste of Kalissah’s juices that coated the rigid shaft. Then she eased herself a few inches further onto the bed, and began to lap hungrily at Kalissah’s throbbing clit. This threw the Redguard woman over the edge, and she writhed and cried out with another, even more intense, climax. Just as hers subsided, her husband let loose with a violent ejaculation deep into Kalissah. As his spurts began to let up, he pulled out, dripping the last of his cum onto Ilia’s waiting tongue. Her appetite whetted, the Nord buried herself into Kalissah’s open hole, reveling in the salty mixture of semen and pussy juice that flowed into her mouth.

She swallowed what she could, her hand still working her clit. Bergin, still mostly hard, slid his cock into Ilia’s cunt and gave several hard thrusts until the Nord came one more time. She looked up to see the two Redguards kissing passionately. Suddenly Kalissah’s wet slit was on Ilia’s mouth again, while Kalissah’s went to all fours to take her husband into her mouth. Bergin, already close to coming again, slammed away at his wife’s throat, treating it as roughly as he had treated her pussy a few minutes before. With the massive cock pounding at her throat and the Nord girl’s tongue slurping back and forth from her pussy to her clit, Kalissah came again, her throat opening up even more as she did. Feeling his wife’s convulsions, Bergin drove his cock as deep as it could go, his wife’s lips straining against his waist and his scrotum as he felt hot jets of semen escape into his wife’s willing throat. Kalissah swung around and began to kiss Ilia, dripping what cum she hadn’t already swallowed into the Nord’s mouth. Bergin, sated, tumbled over them both and lay down heavily on the far side of the bed. Kalissah and Ilia kissed wetly for several more minutes, neither wanting the revelry to end but both sore and satisfied. Finally, Kalissah tumbled into her husband’s arms, her ass pressed into his crotch. Ilia in turn lay on her side facing Kalissah, their breasts mashed together, their lips still locking from time to time. But soon all three were asleep, the warmth of their bodies and the lingering pleasure of their orgasms lulling them into the dream world.

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