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I was in the island for two days.

Through one of my contacts I had arranged for a resident to show me around and a guy in his early 20s called Mussad (not his real name of course) was the dude who took up the job.

Upon arrival in the island in the morning Mussad offered to let me sleep in his room ‘because it will save me the money’ but just to be nice I offered to give him the money I had brought to rent a day room and he kindly accepted with a smile.

There was nothing ‘gay’ about him so I wasn’t expecting anything to happen that night as there was a lot of room on his king-sized bed and I figured that we could sleep peacefully both of us on opposite sides without ‘touching’ each other.

But perhaps I was secretly expecting something ‘naughty’ to happen because with island dudes, who are not cynical like Male’s somewhat uptight and urban dwellers, the fair amount of ‘surprises’ I get during my travels made me sense that this time too life will turn out exciting.

We hung around the whole time during the day so we got tired almost at the same time, around 3am, and my departure was at 8am.

I changed into my boxers and T-shirt and lay on the side of the bed that was closer to the wall.

Mussad came out of the toilet in his boxers too but topless and I felt a weird sensation at the thought of sleeping so near to a naked chiseled island chest.

So I turned to face the wall and tried to sleep.

I sensed him climb into the bed and lie down on the other side.

I lay quietly, fearful of making any movements that might suggest to him that something was not ‘normal’ with me.

Soon I grew very relaxed and started falling asleep…

Suddenly I opened my eyes when I sensed that something had wrapped itself around me.

I realized that Mussad had wrapped his right leg around my right leg and I began to wonder whether it was deliberate or not.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it suggested that I was asleep not for more than 15 minutes.

I know some Maldivians who do this ‘trick’ to seduce you: it’s just a form of testing.

The idea works like this: he ‘accidentally’ wraps his leg around you and if it turns out you are not gay and that if you confront him, he will say it was an ‘accident’ and there’s nothing you can do about it and so he can easily get away with it be feigning innocence.

But if he finds you ‘accommodating’, that is, if you didn’t make it a big issue he might give another nudge until you openly consent to it; or if you want it’s your chance now to acknowledge his ‘hint’ and start doing ‘it’ because obviously he has taken the initiative and he expects you to ‘confirm’ it by a ‘positive’ act from your part.

I lay quietly and he still kept his leg wrapped around me.

I then sensed him move closer and soon I felt his breath on my neck as I felt his chest press on my back, and I then I felt his dick, very hard, pressing hard between my butt cheeks.

He then started rubbing it between my bums and then got more excited and began thrusting harder — as if he wanted to enter me.

My anus started opening-and-closing in alternate succession as it grew excited itself and I thought, what the hell, I’ll let him enter, and if he later complained to me of ‘dragging him into a gay act’ I can get away like him too by claiming that I did it in sleep too and therefore I didn’t know what I was doing exactly.

So I felt safe as I dragged down my boxers and then I pulled my right arm over and pushed his boxers down as well and as I expected, he himself pushed down and got rid of his own boxers. Hmmm…

Now we were both completely naked and we were still lying in that position — my back to his front.

Now there was nothing blocking him from pushing his dick further and harder down along my anal area and the direct touch of his glans on my bared asshole and balls made me go into a frenzy.

But I caught myself and thought that I won’t have sex with a man who was pretending to sleep.

So I thought of blowing him, slowly, to work him into a frenzy too, so that at some point he would realize that I knew that he cannot be asleep anymore and therefore he can finally decide to act adult and accept what was happening.

In other words sex that is carried out with full acknowledgement is more satisfying than sex carried out in denial because even if the dude doesn’t view himself as gay, if he’s repressed he might act hostilely later but if he’s not repressed but closeted then at least his ‘opening’ up to you means that he is willing to share his ‘dirty’ secret with you and therefore the sex you have after that acknowledgement wouldn’t result in him acting confusedly later towards you.

I pushed my left hand down and caught the glans and began to squeeze it gently.

I felt it grow hard and full in my hands and then I squeezed it hard and that worked him into a frenzy again.

I did that a few times and then I felt him grab his penis in his right hand, guide it to my anus, and give a push.

It hurt a bit because I wasn’t naturally lubricated yet but I knew that the fact that he wanted to enter me without even the possibility of oral sex was a signal that he was wanting to cum. And soon.

So I got up immediately and bent over his cock and took it in my mouth.

I sucked on the glans only in order to keep him excited but not enough to make him cum. Not just yet.

Suddenly his left hand found my bum and his index finger found its way down my but crack and to my utter pleasure that finger playfully caressed my exposed anus which began to open and close in alternate non-stop turns, indicating that I too was getting excited enough to be entered.

He then suddenly thrust in the tip of his index finger, not unkindly, and began making rounding motions, feeling the inner walls of my rectum. I wondered whether it was his first time in getting to feel the warm, soft and ultra tight comfort of a male ass.

I knew that if he had continued that that I would cum before my own ‘plan’ became successful so I ‘politely’ moved away from his ‘fingering’ and moved around to face his crotch and with my two hands I lifted up his legs to expose the sweet dark opening that lay hidden down there.

I saw it alternately opening and closing, a clear and sure sign that it was obliging me.

I dived in.

He moaned.

And that made me lick him harder.

He gave out long gasps that went like a ‘ssssssssssssssss’ and my own erection went several notches higher.

But I wasn’t ready to ‘give in’ yet and as his body naturally tried to ‘withdraw’ from me, unable to take the onslaught on his asshole anymore, I held onto his legs in an iron grip and refused to let him go.

As I dug in into his ass, my tongue reaching inside his rectum, he moaned in pleasure and then I saw the telltale signs that he might cum when I sensed his balls acting ‘up’, a sure sign that the moment was imminent when he had to give up his sweet load, for Jesus’ sake.

So I stopped rimming and looked up.

His mouth was agape and he was breathing hard, as if he had been lifting heavy stones all day to build an Egyptian pyramid.

I could see that he was tired from all that excitement but he still did not open his eyes!

So time for another strategy I thought…

I slowly inserted my right index finger (I hope God will forgive me one day for desecrating that holy finger uncontrollably so many times in my life) into his ass and began making ‘up and down’ motions.

His body began heaving up in pleasure.

He began to move his body up and down, accommodating my holy finger, and I felt the familiar warm, soft and yet tight comfort of his anus.

At this point you might wonder, what trick?

Well the trick was this: I finger-fucked him yet at the same time I left his penis alone.

I continued finger-fucking him and soon I had the expected result…

He moved his right hand down and found his cock and began to stroke it.

He did it real hard and I knew he wanted to come no matter what.

So I firmly caught his right hand with my right hand and politely made him leave his cock alone.

He had no choice but to keep his right hand by his side on the bed because I knew that he knew that a ‘sleeping’ man was not supposed to make too vigorous ‘intentional’ moves and especially if he wanted to pretend that this sexual act was happening without his being aware of it.

I sensed him ‘playing’ with me so, in all my pride, I wasn’t about to give in too. Call it politics among males but I like to be treated equal and fair.

So I didn’t stop. Not yet anyway.

Then quite predictably I saw his left hand finding its way to his penis and beginning to stroke it. Again!

Not real hard this time because I think he may have thought that if he didn’t make any vigorous movements in masturbating I might leave him alone to his devices thinking that he won’t be cumming any sooner.

But my concern then shifted to the possibility that if I let him play with his thing however gently, he was already ready to cum and therefore it was a matter of time before he shot up his load into the air whether he masturbated slowly or harder this time.

So once again I politely but firmly caught his hand, made him withdraw it from his penis, and let it rest by his side.

I continued finger-fucking him and from then on he obediently left his penis alone but I knew that deep down he was dying to cum.

But I had him.

The excitement of my finger pushing deep inside him made him naturally unable to make himself immune to the pleasure I was giving, and therefore with no choice, no hope and no free will, like an automated robot he continued his up-and-down body thrusts, my finger inside his hole keeping his arousal not only alive but building him up into a foreseeable frenzy.

Now that I had my total control over him for the moment (my finger was inside his body after all) his penis which had a mind of its own had no choice but to keep on ‘dancing’ to my every ‘twist’ as well.

Strategically then, I pushed my face into his crotch area and the telltale smell drifted into my nostrils making me extra horny.

I wondered why I thoroughly enjoyed this somewhat stale smell that reminded me of rotten bottoms of dead coconut palm trunks and I guessed it was because we are all made up of the same material: the rotting clay of the decomposing earth.

How clever of Nature to ‘trick’ us into liking this smell, yet this is what all wars seem to have been fought for, for sex makes the world go round, as the cliche goes.

I began to lick his balls, taking one at a time fully into my mouth, and together with the finger-fucking he became really excited and almost thrust up into a sitting position.

But I strategically left his shaft and glans alone because I knew that a man can never feel fully satisfied, even if he came, if you didn’t directly play with the shaft and glans at the moment of orgasm.

And suddenly, but not surprisingly, I heard the familiar words: “Suck me.”

I looked up and saw his eyes open.

But his eyelids were heavy and his breathing coming in gasps as if he couldn’t focus his mind on anything else now that my assault on his genitals had reached the critical point of no return.

He looked serious as he said those words, “(please) blow (me)”, and I knew that he was now almost pleading and that it would be pure torture if I didn’t give in immediately to his request and make him cum ASAP.

I dutifully took his glans into my mouth and with my left hand, I began to stroke his shaft, making sure my fingers also continued touching at least some part of his balls.

I made sure that my simultaneously playing with his ass, balls, shaft and glans would give him the time of his life.

Then suddenly, but not unexpectedly, I felt him firmly grab the back of my head, and I felt him trying to push my head away from his penis.

I looked up and he was looking at me and in a weak voice managed to give out a croak that sounded like: “hey, I’m about to cum.”

Such ‘friendly caution’ comes sometimes when you have casual sex with dudes you just met.

It happens that some dudes don’t like to swallow cum although they are gay and this was a ‘courteous’ way of letting you know that you have a choice of swallowing it or not depending on your taste as all the groundwork (such as what we specifically like to do or not in bed) is not discussed beforehand as the encounter is casual after all. So you have no choice but to lay these little ‘ground rules’ while in the act itself.

But as it happens, when you have an erection, you don’t generally give a damn about anything else. All you want is to reach orgasm, cum, whether in the hands of a man or woman not mattering at all at that moment.

There are only a few guys I came across who were completely against my swallowing their cum and during those times some of them told me that they thought that bodily fluids are “disgusting” and that it’s different from sucking a cock because a cock is just a “rubbery muscle with no fluids on its outer surface”.

Could this dude also have an attitude like that, I wondered…

Basically I couldn’t care less because I find everything about the male body beautiful and delicious.

So as I said most guys I met after giving this ‘cautionary notice’ just let you suck on them if you insist on doing that and they are OK with you swallowing their cum.

I decided to take that risk with Mussad and I smiled at him to say that everything is cool and went down and continued blowing him.

But I managed only to take his glans into my mouth when suddenly, without warning, his whole body shot up in the air and into a sitting position, and his hard-as-a-rock cock found its way deep into my throat.

It was so sudden I almost choked.

He then grabbed the back of my head and forced my head down hard on him.

He couldn’t control it, I guess.

I felt his fresh-smelling pubes pushing into my nose and my chin buried deep into his balls.

As he held onto me like that for a split second or too, I felt the telltale heaving of his balls.

His penis at last gave its final violent push and I felt the familiar but welcome warmth trickle down my throat.

And I was extremely glad at the same time that I didn’t choke.

I guess I had deepthroated so many times that even in unexpected moments like this I was ready for it though in early years I had to go at it slowly because I felt like choking and vomiting whenever I felt a cock ‘filling’ the deep inside of my throat.

I gratefully drank all the juice flowing out of him.

And when at last I felt the last of the hot droplets, I held onto him and didn’t immediately withdraw.

Then slowly I felt his hand release my head and I knew that he was fully satiated.

I squeezed the bottom of his shaft and slowly, tightly, I withdrew my mouth, managing to bring out all the remaining liquid in his urinal pipe.

As I took his glans out of my mouth, I licked clean the last few droplets and seeing the ‘mouth’ of his glans as if it was ‘smiling’ at me with pleasure, I planted a quick light kiss on it and I looked up and saw that he was smiling :)

“Let’s go and wash in the sea,” he then said quietly, and added, “naked” — for emphasis I think.

I guess he was still horny so I didn’t mind.

It was around 5:30am and the sky was just lighting up but we didn’t feel afraid because his home was in a quiet falhu part of the island and it was just about 50 feet from the beach and there were bushes all around us right up to the beach that grew as tall as us and therefore would keep us hidden while we took the walk to the beach, naked.

We did some skinny dipping and after a few minutes of splashing around, came out of the water and still not spying anyone coming from either side of the beach, we decided to risk some more and sat on a patch of grass and relaxed.

He sat looking at the horizon as if in serious thought.

I sensed that something was troubling and that was not a good sign.

So I ask him: “Why? What’s wrong?”

“You know,” he began, “you shouldn’t have swallowed my cum.”

Then he turned towards me but I didn’t know what to make of that look so I pretended to be innocent and raised my right eyebrow to sign to him to explain himself more…

“Nothing’s wrong,” he replied, still holding my eyes, “but I’m uncomfortable because I think sperm is meant only for the pleasure of women since it’s a ‘sexual object’”.

I pretended to be indignant and asked him in a playful tone: “Well, your cock is also a ‘sexual object’, no? And yet you let me suck it.”

“That’s different,” he said, still holding my eyes.

“What’s different?” I pressed again.

“Well, the dick is just a muscular ‘ejaculator’ for the semen, hence, the penis is not a sexual object in itself. I think it’s a common error that people make because it acts as the medium by which the cum is delivered from the balls and out into the vagina or a woman’s mouth,” he elaborated, and then added, “So I don’t think a man should swallow another man’s cum although you may suck his cock.”

“I see,” I replied, my eyes also not letting him go.

Was it defiance?

I think it was more of confusion on my part and therefore I didn’t know what kind of a response would have been appropriate in that situation.

He didn’t say anything then so I thought I will say something to calm him down: “Alright, next time I won’t swallow your cum.”

Predictably he brightened up and smiled too.

Then, just on a hunch, I casually asked him: “Next time when you cum, where would you have it in?”

He immediately replied: “Your ass of course.”

“My ass?” I was dumbfounded.

Liwat or anal intercourse (also called sodomy) is haram (prohibited) as popularly taught in the Maldives though we know that Afghans believe that masturbation, gay sex and even bestiality with goats is halal (legal) in order to prevent oneself from going out of control and committing the “more graver sin” that is fornication with a woman.

Ironic but no two individual humans are alike in thinking and that’s a fact however difficult it makes things for ordinary humans like us — as far as staying within the so-called ‘decent boundaries’ are concerned when conducting our private sexual affairs.

Anyway I thought why the ass and not the mouth since the ass would be ‘more dirty’ than the mouth which will be relatively clean (because I also happened to brush my teeth before bedtime).

I didn’t actually voice this thought but he then started explaining by himself: “The ass is for shitting and therefore you can dump anything dirty down there since it’s already a dirty place down there.”

I didn’t know what to say to that.

But I thought I should take advantage when the opportunity had presented itself because who was I to judge another person’s opinion? After all when you really think about it he has a valid point of view because he has in his own way rationalized ‘gay’ sex purely on the criteria of what makes a ‘sexual object’ depending on its biological ‘function’ and ‘need.’

“But you’ll have to do it with a condom because I never fuck anybody or let myself be fucked without a rubber. It’s dangerous these times you know,” I told him.

He gave out an extended “ooookkkkk” and I knew that he wasn’t totally happy about it but I wasn’t going to take any risks with a guy I had just come to know so he would have to settle only for the ‘tightness’ of my hole, foregoing the ‘warm’ and ‘soft’ part of it. At least on this trip.

We walked back to his place and it was almost 6am and we could see things clearly now.

I took out two condoms and we did each other in turn.

When he entered me, it was in the doggy position and he specifically requested that position and later told me that that position made him really horny.

I applied the lubricant I always carried with me on my trips onto my ass and watched him put on the condom on his modest-sized cock. It always makes me damn horny to watch another guy put a condom on his hardened dick.

Colleen and Nathan had eloped the Monday after their prom weekend. Now they had to break the news to their families; to Nathan’s parents, Bob and Betty Baker and his sister Susan, and Colleen’s mother and father, Mark and Mary Quinn, and her siblings Rob and Kathleen.

Betty thought that, at eighteen, they were much too young, but she wished them well anyway. Mary was disappointed that she was never going to be the mother of the bride; Colleen had eloped, and Kathleen and Rob lived together in a committed incestuous relationship. Mark was elated that he didn’t have to pay for a wedding.

Bob gave them an all-expenses paid week at Club Orient, on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies, for their honeymoon. He and Betty had been there many times and really enjoyed it. He had a broad grin on his face when he gave them the tickets, like there was some secret he wasn’t going to reveal.

As their plane circled the island they could look down and see crystal clear blue water and miles of pure white sandy beach. When the shuttle from the airport dropped them off, they discovered their accommodations were a beachfront chalet with the sand right outside their door.

Inside they found a comfortable living area, a mini-kitchen and a plush king-sized bed. “Hey, let’s try out the bed,” Nathan grinned as they set their bags inside the door.

“Let’s do the beach first. We can spend all night in bed.”

Colleen stepped out in a rather modest bikini. She really wanted to wear her new thong, but she wasn’t sure of the decorum, and didn’t want to offend anybody. Nathan wore long boxer-like trunks. They grabbed a pair of the oversized beach towels the resort provided, hit the sand, and headed for the water.

A middle-aged couple cut across their path. “Oh my God, Nathan, they’re naked!” Then she saw the sign: “Clothing Optional.” Her lips curved into big smile. “Wow, a nude beach.” She quickly shucked off her bikini. “Come on, dude, get yourself naked.”

“Well, I, uh, um….”


“No, well, I just don’t want to, uh, embarrass myself.”

“You mean you’re afraid you might get a hard-on looking at all the naked women?”

“Jesus, I get hard every time I look at YOU.” She could see he already had a bulge in his trunks.

“Well, leave them on until we get on the towels, then you can roll over and nobody will see it.”

Colleen did a pirouette in the sand, her long blonde hair fanning out as she twirled. Nathan was enchanted. He was besotted. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen; waist-length blonde hair, blue eyes, long dancer’s legs, perfect rounded ass, full firm breasts with puffy areolas and pink nipples sticking out of them. She shaved off her pubic hair, because she knew he liked it that way.

“Oh, Nathan, this is wonderful. I feel so free. Your mom and dad knew about this place, didn’t they?”

“Yeah, they’ve been coming here for years, but they didn’t mention anything about this. I think they set us up.”

He wasn’t the only person watching her. The men who were clothed were staring, their wives glowering at them. One man was busy texting on his iPhone, and she could tell he was taking pictures of her, so she paused and posed provocatively. Even the hardcore naturalists, who took nudity for granted, stopped at stared at this young vision of loveliness.

She skipped across the sand, and watching her breasts bounce, made his hard cock throb. When she turned a cartwheel, he though he was going to explode right there.

Colleen found a spot near the water and spread out their towels. He watched as she slathered the sun block over her front. She lingered over her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples, which hardened under her fingers. He loved to watch her touch herself. She rolled over on her stomach and handed Nathan the bottle to do her backside.

He pulled her long hair out of the way, and started with her shoulders, digging deep into her muscles with his fingers. He loved touching and massaging her body, anywhere. He made his way down her back, digging deep as he went. She cooed at his touch.

He lingered over her rounded buttocks; God, he loved her perfect ass. He kneaded and rolled each cheek, digging his fingers into that sensitive crease where it joined her legs.

Starting at her ankles, he moved up her legs, over the calves, and up her thighs. From the inside of her thigh, he slipped his hand under her, fondling her outer lips. She sighed with pleasure and spread her legs a bit, giving him better access to her pussy.

Slipping two fingers into her already wet vagina, he used his thumb to stroke her clit. Her hips began to undulate, her ass rose and fell and his hand continued to plunder her. As she approached her peak, she fisted the towel beneath her, and went over in a shuddering climax.

“Jesus, Nathan, I love what your hands do to me. Now slip out of those trunks and turn toward me.” She took the sun block and squirted some all over his erection. Linking her fingers together, she used both hands, swirling round and round his swollen head. His hips began to buck as he fucked her hands. He came in bucket loads.

“Now that we’ve taken care of your little problem, let’s go in the water.” They had just waded in when an American cruise ship slid into view, steaming at barely headway speed. Orient Beach was a regular feature on that cruise line, so the passengers on board could ogle the naked people on the beach.

The tourists flocked to the rail of the ship, armed with cameras and binoculars. Colleen again struck a provocative pose and waved at the crowd. What ever happened to his shy, demure little Colleen, Nathan wondered. Not that he minded, of course.

They put on the swim masks that the resort provided and swam out into the clear blue water. Neither one of them had been skinny-dipping before, and were delighted with the freedom. He loved the feeling of the water moving over his genitals. She loved the water swirling over her breasts and between her legs.

Nathan dove down to the bottom and lay on his back, watching her body as she swam over his head, her breasts cutting through the water, moving with each stroke.

They caught a wave and body-surfed all the way to the beach. They lay side-by-side in that place where the water meets the sand, as the foam swirled around them. The incoming waves caressed their bodies, washing in and then back out again.

Wrapping their arms around each other, they kissed, stroked, and caressed each other, replicating a love scene from “From Here to Eternity,” an old black and white movie that had been scandalous in its day.

When they got back to their cabin, they noticed that it had an outdoor shower. It was right out in the open with no privacy curtain. They stood under the spray, washing the sand off themselves. Colleen unhooked the showerhead and directed the spray between her legs. “I think I’ve even got sand in my pussy. Ooo, that feels really good.”

They took turns soaping each other up. Very intimately, in fact. Nathan’s cock was standing at full attention.

Just then, a middle-aged woman sauntered by. She was overweight and had sagging breasts. She paused, and looked, and looked, particularly at Nathan in his full glory. “Newlyweds, eh? Sure wish my Roger could get it up like that. Have fun, kids.” She gave them a big smile and a wink. They were beginning to discover that, except for families with children, they were the only young people there.

Colleen giggled, then grabbed Nathan’s hand and dragged him inside. “Now we’ll try out the bed. I am soo horny.” She sat on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. He knelt on the floor, put her legs over his shoulders, and buried his face in her pussy.

His tongue found her vagina, his hands found her breasts. His lips had barely fastened on her clit when she fisted her hands in his hair, arched her back, then her whole body shuddered as she came, flooding his face with her sweet, musky juice.

“Fuck me, Nathan. Fuck me hard.” He took her legs off his shoulders, stood up, and wrapped them around his waist. With his feet planted firmly on the floor, he slammed into her. Hard. Fast. His fingers dug into her hips, with each thrust he pulled her into him. She grasped his buttocks and hung on for dear life. He ravished her, destroyed her. That’s exactly what she wanted.

He took her over one peak. Then another. And another. Reaching his own, he screamed out her name and emptied himself deep in her womb, then collapsed on top of her, gasping for air. She rained kisses all over his face.

“My Tarzan.”

“My Jane.”

“Nathan, I want to talk to you about something. For some reason, I find I really get off on being naked in front of other people. Does it bother you if other men look at me?”

“Not if all they do is look. It kind of turns me on, watching them watching you. Actually, I really got turned on when that woman came by and checked out my boner while we were in the shower.”

“I’ll get you a trench coat for your birthday and you can become a flasher.”

They soon discovered that it just wasn’t the beach, but the whole resort was clothing optional. “So let’s check out the bar. Do you think you can keep that bad boy down?”

“After what we just did, I couldn’t get it up with a skyhook.”

Every head in the place turned toward them when they walked in to the open-air bar. The men, clothed or not, literally drooled in their laps when this golden haired angel sauntered by. The women checked out Nathan pretty thoroughly, too, as he was quite a hunk.

They pulled up a stool. She leaned forward, resting on her elbows, her breasts lying invitingly on top of the polished bar. “We’d like a couple of those fancy drinks in a cocoanut shell, please, and don’t forget the little umbrellas.”

The bartender, when he could think about something other than the stupendous tits that were gracing his bar top, poured their drinks. There was no minimum drinking age in St. Martin, but he judged these two had little, if any experience in the states, and those cocoanut shells held four ounces of rum apiece, cleverly hidden under lots of fruit and sugar.

As they sat sipping away, the woman who had passed them in the shower pulled up a stool next to them. ” ‘Ello, loves,” she said with a British accent, “sorry I didn’t introduce myself before, but you looked like you were a little preoccupied. My name’s Miriam.”

Colleen and Nathan both blushed, as they held out their hands to shake hers. “Sorry about that, I know I’m not supposed to have an, uh, um… or get a, uh….”

“A hard on?” She laughed. “I loved the view; best looking cock I’ve seen since I was a young thing and had a good looking body. Not as good as yours, dearie, you’re what my Roger would call a knockout. I never had boobies quite that nice.”

“People aren’t offended then?”

“It’s perfectly natural, especially when you’re young and in love. Most of the old farts around here wish they could still get it up like that. We’ve been coming here for over thirty years. In the old days, there used to be orgies around the bonfires on the beach at night. These days, public sex isn’t encouraged, but it happens and nobody really cares.”

“So, where are you from, loves?” They told her the name of the small town in Illinois where they lived.

“What a coincidence,” Muriel said. “Do you, by chance, know Bob and Betty Baker? They’re in the swinging crowd.”

“They’re my parents.” Holy shit, Nathan and Colleen thought simultaneously. Nathan’s parents are swingers! They would certainly view them in a different light now. Holy shit!

They finished their drinks and the moment they set the shells down, the bartender handed them two fresh ones. “It’s on Roger,” he said nodding in the direction of a balding man with a paunch.

Colleen, full of the spirits of the potent first round, hopped off her stool and bounced, oh God how she bounced, over to Roger and gave him a kiss on the cheek, her luscious breasts only inches from his face. She looked down at his lap and saw his penis start to swell.

Miriam got off her stool, grabbed Roger by the arm and led him toward the door. “Gotta get him home before he gets out of the mood. Thanks, dearie.”

They turned back to the bar and picked up their fresh drinks. A man, dressed in Bermuda shorts and a flowered shirt with a thick gold chain around his neck, settled on the stool next to Colleen. She could feel his eyes studying her intently. “I think this guy wants to get into my pants,” she whispered to Nathan.

“You’re not wearing any pants.”

“Oh yeah, there’s that too,” she giggled in response.

The band took up the stage and started out with a hot reggae number. “Come on, Nathan, let’s dance.” She was a total reggae freak, and adored both Bob and Ziggy Marley. She loved the freedom of reggae dancing, and thought it would be awesome to do it naked.

The band had a guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone, steel drum, and a myriad of other drums and percussion instruments, and as many people to play them. Musicians would wander in and out of the group; some lured by the sound would show up with their own instrument and sit in.

Reggae’s origins are in traditional African and Caribbean music, American rhythm and blues, and in Jamaican ska and rocksteady.

Reggae dancing has a variety of different movements. It is not usually done with one partner, but like Texas line dancing, any number of people can participate. Several people took to the dance floor and just shuffled around, trying to keep time with the beat.

Colleen started out with the Bogel Dance, a Jamaican-born dance move which involves the moving of the body in a longitudinal, ocean-wave motion while at the same time raising the arms up and down, aiding the wave motion.

She was a picture of grace, thrusting her pelvis forward and her shoulders back, then reversing the motion. She was loose, supple, her body completely in tune with the music. Most of the eyes in the crowd followed the flowing motion of her breasts as they rose and fell with the wave action. When she arched her back to go with the flow, her nipples pointed up to the sky. All the other dancers left the floor and watched her perform.

A tall dreadlocked black man with a gold hoop in his ear sang the lyrics to the Bogel Dance:

“Bend your back and lift your head up

Turn side way lift your leg up

Bend your face and twist it up

And turn true side like you know you fed up Who

Turn roun like you know rose duck

Spin aroun cause you know how fi wuk

Lift it up back then you breast it up

Back it up cock it up my girl dutty wuk”

When he finished the song, he dropped the baggy shorts he was wearing, and took a position opposite Colleen on the dance floor, grinning at her with his milk-white teeth. Her eyes bugged out when she looked at the biggest penis she had ever seen. It hung almost down to his knees.

It was also the first uncircumcised penis she had ever seen. His foreskin hung down at least an inch from the end of his cock, with a small opening at the tip. She wondered how he could get what must be an enormous head, through that little hole. She also wondered how big it would be if he got a hard-on?

Nathan, at this juncture, sat at one of the tables, and joined the ranks of spectator. Colleen spotted a man in the clothed section with a video camera. She smiled and decided to play right into his lens.

She switched from the Bogle Dance to the Dutty Whine. The dancer moves her legs in a butterfly motion, much like doing the Charleston without the hands on the knees, while swinging the neck when the beat drops.

When Colleen leaned forward and swung her head around, her golden hair whirled like a fan, rising in the air, then touching the floor on the downbeat. Her jiggling breasts displayed themselves with a stroboscopic effect.

She didn’t know her now partner’s name, so she dubbed him “Rosta Mon.” As he matched her moves on the floor, his huge penis swung back and forth like a metronome, at times swinging in a circle.

She thought she saw his foreskin filling up a bit and, fueled by both titillation and rum, wondered if she could coax him into an erection. She giggled at the thought. “I was a teen-aged cock tease,” she mused.

Her legs began the butterfly moves. When she spread her knees apart, her shaved pussy lips opened, flashing a glimpse of pink, then closed when she brought her legs together again. She had definitely captured Rosta Mon’s attention. His cock began to swell a bit. He poured out the lyrics to this portion of the dance:

“Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I’m feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I’m feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I’m feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love”

The Kumina drummers began their frantic beat, and she began the Batty Moves, which involves gyrating the rear end. Shaking your booty, in Americanese. With her back to the crowd, she started to wiggle and shake in tune with the throbbing beat, her shapely, round cheeks bouncing.

With her legs spread apart, she leaned forward and put her hands on the floor. While she continued to shake her ass, her pussy was on full display, now wet and glistening with her excitement.

That was more than Rosta Mon could take. She watched as his foreskin widened and the giant, bulbous head of his cock broke through. His penis stood straight out like a battering ram.

She finished her dance by doing the splits, then bounced up and down in the split position. As her now completely engorged clit slid across the floor, her whole body shivered and shook and a cry emerged from her throat. It didn’t come from the dance, it came from the huge orgasm she had just experienced. She left a big wet spot on the floor.

As she stood up on her shaking legs, the crowd erupted in applause. Rosta Mon, his cock still at full attention, slipped off the dance floor, his arm wrapped around a bare breasted, chocolate skinned woman with a sarong around her waist. They had matching smiles.

When the band played a slow tune, Colleen grabbed Nathan’s hand and lead him back onto the dance floor. She wrapped both arms around his neck and pressed her sweaty body tightly against his. She slipped and slid against him, her hard nipples digging into his chest. His leg slid between hers and she buried it in her groin.

“No way am I going to keep it down when you do that,” he rasped.

“Who cares?”

When they broke apart to hurry back to their room, he sported a massive erection. The spectators applauded again.

“I need to take a quick shower to get this sweat off of me, then I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

“No shower, I want to taste you just the way you are.” His mouth touched every part of her body, licking, nibbling, savoring her sweat. When he reached the place between her legs, his taste buds adored the salty tang with the sweet musk.

She pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. True to her word, she fucked his brains out.

The next evening, at the bar, Murial again took a stool next to them. When they were well into their drinks, margaritas this time, she leaned over and asked, “a group of us are wondering if we could get you two to give us a show?”

“What kind of a show?”

“We’d like you to make love with each other while we watch you do it. You’re both so lovely, it would give us a real thrill. Talk it over with each other and let me know what you decide.”

“God, Nathan, I never realized I am such an exhibitionist; it makes me tingle just to think about it. What do you think?”

“Turns me on, too,” he said, pointing to his lap. “I’m game if you are.”

“Okay,” she said to Murial, “we’ll do it.” They made an appointment to join Murial and Roger in their chalet in an hour, then accepted another margarita from an anonymous benefactor. Then one more for courage.

Sometimes being a bit of a dork can be a good thing.

Take a minivan, for example. There are not many thirty-year old guys who purposely drive a Chrysler Town & Country. I have a reason why I do so. It turns out my van also helped take me on an incredible sexual journey.

My wife and I married young, had three kids quickly and then divorced. We were best friends since grade school. At some point we admitted our sexual attraction and acted on it. After marrying, we both realized that our attraction was all pent-up passion. Like an intense flame, it had slowly faded away. Finding ourselves less and less interested in our marriage, we drifted apart. Finally, we recognized we were just co-parenting and agreed to split.

As divorces go, this one was friendly. Bella maintained primary custody, but I could see the kids any time and had them every other weekend. I kept my minivan to cart around the kids and all their stuff.

To balance things a bit, I also had a five-year old Miata.

Bella called me and asked if I wanted to come over for a cook-out. She kept our old house, since we had bought it at a deep discount from her parents. Each of us being teachers, we couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. In the divorce we split our savings and Bella ceded control over some savings bonds her aunt had left her in order to compensate me for all the equity I gave up in the house. All in all, we each left intact both financially and, more importantly, psychologically. Even more remarkably, we became good friends again.

Bella said her two sisters were visiting and wanted to see me. I liked Bella’s family, including her parents, and especially her sisters.

Bella is one of five children. Isabella is her full name. Her sister, Cassiopeia, or Cassie, is the oldest and will be forty in a few weeks. Her youngest sister, Amanda, graduated from college three weeks ago. Bella has two brothers sandwiched around her.

Bella’s sisters were in the pool along with my kids. The kids love their aunts and were screaming with joy playing in the water.

Bella kissed my cheek and handed me a beer.

I sat and watched my ex-sisters-in-law play with our kids. You could easily see the family resemblance in the faces of the three sisters. Dark hair, light complexion, brown eyes and button-noses. Depending on how they were dressed and their attention to make-up, on any given day the ladies ranged from cute to beautiful.

Their figures did not show the same similarity. Bella was average height and built solidly. After four kids she was a little thick in her trunk and her breasts had increased a couple inches and a cup size. Still, she was an attractive woman. This fact was proven when she married Guy. He was my best friend, best man at our wedding and a decent person. He and Bella had dated in high school. They broke up and that was when I asked her out.

After Bella and I divorced, he asked if I’d be pissed if he took her out. I was honest and said a little, but that I’d get over it.

He asked her out and they got along great. A year later they married. After a while, I got to the point where I was happy for Bella and Guy. They had a baby, who was now approaching one year.

Today, Guy was visiting his parents with the baby, Guy Junior, or JR. He would be staying overnight and return tomorrow.

Cassie was climbing out of the pool and heading in my direction. It was clear that she and Bella did not share body-types. Cassie is long and lean. Even at forty, she has a tight figure, with long, toned legs. Her chest is not large, but her breasts always attracted me. I’ve only seen them in clothes or a bikini like the one she’s wearing now.

The simple black suit complimented her tanned figure. She glided toward me and, grinning, embraced me, her wet body dampening my clothes. She wiggled against me making sure I was thoroughly wet.

“You’re such a tease, Cassie,” I whined as I made an exaggerated show of wiping the moisture from my clothes.

“Happy to see you, too,” she said.

I really didn’t mind, especially after feeling her breasts push into my chest.

Cassie is a physician, married to another physician, and the mother of twin ten-year old boys. Looking at her figure in the bikini, you would never guess her age, let alone that she was ever pregnant.

Cassie took the beer from me and downed a long sip. She handed it back and headed inside. She smoothed her short dark hair with her hands as she entered the house.

I admit I’ve had my share of fantasies about Cassie. She is funny, smart and sexy. We tease each other and flirt, but it never went beyond that. Still, watching her tight ass bounce along under her wet black bottoms made my heart beat a little faster.

My attention was called back to the pool as the kids shouted for Amanda to throw them up in the air. After a few minutes of tossing and splashing, Bella called for a time-out.

Amanda seemed relieved to be freed from kid duty. She pulled herself onto the pool apron and sat there with her feet in the water. Standing behind her, I couldn’t help but look at her sweet butt-crack showing itself as her red bikini bottom slid down.

I also enjoyed the henna-colored tattoo running above her crack. Amanda is the sexiest of the three. Although the shortest of the sisters at about 5’4, Amanda oozes energy and sensuality. She was a field hockey star in college and has muscled legs and a tight butt. She has close to six-pack abs and large, round breasts.

I was roused from my contemplation of her almost totally exposed ass as an arm snaked around my shoulder.

“Enjoying the view?”

I turned my head and locked eyes with Cassie.

“I’m not…”

“Yes, you are. You are checking out my lil’ sis’s butt crack.”

Cassie handed me a fresh beer and offered a toast with her bottle.

“Hey, Amanda, you’re driving Tyler crazy.”

Amanda looked back over her shoulder. “What?”

Cassie pointed to her sister’s exposed rear.

Amanda reached behind her and felt how low her bottom had dropped, which now revealed almost all her white and tight buns.

She tried tugging it up, but to no avail.

Amanda shrugged and turned back toward the pool as she called over her shoulder, “It’s just my butt, get over it.”

“Well, it is a cute one,” said Cassie.

I nodded and sipped my beer.

Bella dried the kids and shuffled them into the house for a warm bath and something to eat. She told me she had a sitter coming over to mind them so we adults could have some time to enjoy our dinner.

“Not going for a swim?” Cassie asks.

“Don’t feel like it,” I said. “Looking forward to some grilled beast and more beer. That will be enough.”

“Come, let’s sit under the umbrella. I need to ask a favor.”

We relaxed at the table under the wide umbrella.

Cassie’s about to speak when her cell rang.

“Shit. I’m not supposed to be on call.”

She checked the id, smiled and answered.

“Hey, girlfriend, what’s up?”

I could hear a voice and Cassie smiled at the response.

The smile slowly faded as she listened.

“That sucks.”

Cassie sipped her beer and nodded. She said, “What can you do? I understand.”

After a moment, she added, “No big deal. We’ll find someone to go.”

After more listening, she said, “You, too. Take care.”


“Just a glitch in some plans. Actually, that’s what I want to talk to you about. The favor?”

I nodded for her to continue.

“I have four tickets to the Buffett concert in Marshfield. That was Aisha. She has to cancel. Now I need to find someone to take her ticket and she was going to drive us in her minivan. It’s great for tailgating.”

I had been to a Jimmy Buffett concert years ago and knew that the tailgating was at least as entertaining as the concert. I was amazed at the range of ages of the concert-goers. Kids as young as Amanda and folks in their 60′s all seemed to get along and hang out.

“Anyway, that’s what I was going to ask your help on.”


“Each year we kinda do a theme for what we wear, our food and other stuff. This year we’re going as island girls. You know, coconut bras, grass skirts, that sorta’ thing.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Oh, it will be. When we throw in drinks with umbrellas, grilled shrimp, and a ton of Corona, it will be great.”

I saluted her with my bottle of Corona.

“So, what’s the favor?”

“The bras.”


“I’ve looked around and all I can find are some cheesy plastic things. And, they only come in one size. I can guarantee that Amanda and I do not wear the same cup size. So, I was thinking why not get some real coconuts. We can get different sizes, cut them in half, and rig them to stay on. It will be cool. I think I’ll have to go with plastic grass skirts. I can’t find real ones anywhere and I’m not going to try to make them.”

“Sounds like a plan. What do you need me for?”

“You have to be the designer. You know, construct the bras. Geoffrey is totally useless when it comes to projects. Thank God he’s in OB and not neurosurgery. Guy is probably worse and I don’t think he owns a tool. You, however, are Mr. Handyman. I bet you could figure out how to cut them and make it all work. So, how about it? Will you help?”

“I guess so. But, what’s in it for me?” I was mostly teasing, since I would be happy to help them.

Cassie thought for a moment and then her face lit up.

“How about a free ticket to the concert and the opportunity to accompany three hotties dressed in coconut bras and grass skirts.”

“Really? You’d want me to go along.”

“Sure. You’d have a great time and we all love you anyway. We’ll have a blast.”

“So, who’s going?”

“Me, Amanda and her former college roommate, Holly.”

“Not Bella?”

“She, Guy and the kids are going to the Berkshires for the weekend.”

“So, when is it?”

“Next Saturday.”

I mentally checked my calendar and knew I was open.

“Sure, I guess.”

“Fab. And, would you mind driving? We’ll take your minivan. We can pack a ton of stuff in the back and then use it to change into our outfits. The tinted windows work really well. We’ve done that a few times before.”

“Ok. I guess I won’t be having too many umbrella drinks.”

“Well, you can drink early and then ease off. After the concert, you’ll be sober. The girls… well let’s say we will be ‘Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville’. And, you won’t have to drive all the way back here. We decided to stay in Providence that night. I already have reservations. Then, we can sleep in on Sunday and take our time coming home. What do you say? It will be a lot of fun.”

Amanda joined us at the table.

“What’s up?”

“Tyler is going to come to the Buffett concert with us.”

“Hey, cool.”

“And, he is going to help make our outfits.”

“Super. Thanks, T.”

“No problem, I think. I never made a bra before, let alone one made out of coconuts.”

“We have confidence in you,” said Cassie.

I began mulling over the challenge. Cassie was right in that I loved projects and was good with my hands. In a few minutes, I had a plan.

“I think we ought to get to work right away. I’ll need some tools from my place and we should buy a bunch of coconuts. We may have some trial and error waste.”

Cassie agreed and said she’d go shopping with me. We checked with Bella and found out we had a couple hours until supper.

Cassie pulled a sun dress over her bikini and we jumped in my Miata. First stop was the grocery store

With Cassie pushing the cart, we were soon standing in front of the selection of coconuts.

“So, what do you think, Cassie? What sizes do we need?”

“I know we won’t get a custom fit. I’m mostly concerned that they are big enough to cover everything. It’s one thing to prance around in a coconut bra, and it’s another to have your boobs falling out. Of course, I won’t have that problem. I could probably get by with walnut shells.”

We both laughed. Cassie was always joking about what she called her “teeny titties”. I never thought of them that way. I thought they were sexy as hell.

“Well,” I said, “Amanda will definitely need the larger ones.”

Cassie high-fived me.

“What’s Holly like?”

Cassie said, “Amanda plus.”


“Oh yeah, major wow.”

We picked three coconuts per girl, and tried to select appropriate sizes.

We next headed to my place. On the way, Cassie borrowed my phone and asked Bella if it were ok for me to sleep over tonight. She explained that we could get working this evening and then finish up in the morning. She had to go into the hospital early for her shift in the ER. Bella said it was fine. Cassie and Amanda were already planning to stay for the night.

I picked up a hack saw, drill, router bit, hammer and chisel, and some rasps and sandpaper. I arranged them in an old carpenter’s wooden tool kit I had. I threw some clean clothes and toiletries in a backpack and we were off to my old house.

As we rode along, Cassie called Amanda and asked her to invite Holly over.

We arrived at the house just as a Camry was pulling up. A blonde girl exited. I took one look at her chest and thought we would have a major challenge to stuff what was moving under her t-shirt into the largest coconut.

“You weren’t kidding,” I said to Cassie under my breath.

“No shit. I have major boob envy every time I see her.”

“Hey, Cassie, you have great boobs.”


“No, really they’re beautiful and look perfect on you. Very sexy.”

I couldn’t believe I just said those words out loud.

She looked at me and I turned red.

Finally, she smiled and said, “Thanks, Tyler. I appreciate that. I haven’t had a compliment on my boobs in a long time.”

Cassie introduced Holly and we headed into the house, lugging the tools and groceries.

It’s funny how old habits simply reappear. I soon found myself grilling, just as I always used to do.

Bella had prepared marinated chicken on skewers. I grilled them along with fresh veggies basted with herbs and oil. Bella made a potato salad earlier. Soon, we were gathered around the big picnic table enjoying dinner and some chilled Soave.

Cassie brought Holly up to date on our plans. She asked me what my plan was for making the bras.

“Well, I’ve been thinking. I originally thought that I would just cut the coconuts in half and then clean them out. I can drill holes for some sort of string and it would be pretty simple.”

“But that’s changed?” said Amanda.

I blushed a little and said, “Well, it seems not everything is equally distributed.”

“Huh?” said Holly.

“What he means,” piped in Cassie, “Is that you have humongous hooters and I have teensie titties. Amanda is sort of in the middle, but closer to you than to me.”

I nodded, thankful for Cassie’s intervention.

“So, I’m thinking I might cut the coconuts for Cassie in the middle, or even a little smaller, but for Holly and Amanda, I might need to leave more of the shell on.”

“How will you be able to tell how much to leave for Holly and me?” asked Amanda.

“Haven’t quite figured that out,” I admitted. “We can go with trial and error. I bought a couple extra coconuts, so we can keep trying until it works.”

“How about if we give you our bras,” suggested Holly. “Could you fit the coconuts around them or into them or something?”

The thought of handling their bras made me a little excited.

“That might work, but I think just kinda’ eyeballing it would be just as good.”

“Well, let’s get started,” said Cassie. “Then, if you screw up we can go out tomorrow and get some more coconuts.”

Bella, Amanda and Holly agreed to clean up. Cassie helped me get my tools and the coconuts. We set up on the now bare picnic table. It was June 21, the longest day of the year. Since it was only six o’clock now, we had plenty of daylight left.

The problem was stabilizing the coconut while I cut. I didn’t want Cassie holding it; that was far too dangerous. I then remembered I might have left a portable vice in my old workroom. While I went to look for it, I asked Cassie to strip off the coconut hair on her coconuts until they’re sort of smooth.

After rummaging around—it was obvious Guy was not into projects since the workbench was piled high with boxes of books and old financial records—I found the vise.

Back at the picnic table I was able to secure the vise on the edge of the table. I figured I’d better drill a hole to let out the coconut milk inside. I fixed the nut in the vise and after drawing a line on the circumference I drilled into the nut. I drilled another hole opposite the first one. The water trickled out. I then cut halfway through and readjusted the clamp and finished the cut.

The other women had rejoined us by now. Cassie and I cut out the white insides. I used some sandpaper to smooth the inside of the nut as best I could.

“Wanna’ hold these up for size?” I asked.

Cassie pulled her sundress off and placed each half over her bikini top.

“So, how’s it feel?”

“I can’t feel anything.”

I asked her to hold them tight while I made pencil marks on the sides so I could drill holes for the strings.

With half a nut back in the vise, I drilled two holes on the side and one hole at the top. I finished the other half. Bella got a ball of twine.

“I don’t know how much we’ll need between the cups,” I said. “Can you hold them up again?”

Cassie pressed them against her top. I held a piece of string between the cups to estimate how long it should be. I was a little nervous having my hands so close to her tits. I couldn’t feel anything because of the hard shells, but it was slightly intimate.

I cut the string and tying a knot in one end, slipped the other through both holes and tied a knot in the other end.

Cassie held them up.


“Well,” she said. “I really can’t tell because my top’s in the way.”

She turned her back and pulled her bikini top up over her breasts. She turned back holding the cups over her breasts.

Without the fabric of her bikini, the string was too long and the cups pointed out at a severe angle.

“I can shorten the string.”

Turning her back, she pulled her top back down and handed me the nuts.

I cut the string and retied it. Cassie once again turned, pushed up her suit and placed the nuts on her chest.

This time they were too close.

“No problem,” I said. “I’ll just try a tiny bit longer piece. Just turn around and hand them to me.”

She pulled her top down and gave me the nuts.

I fixed another piece and handed them back to Cassie.

Again she turned, pulled up her top and held the shells to her breasts.

This time the string was too long.

“I’ll get it right this time. Just get your top back in place and give me the shells.

Cassie looked at me and said, “Fuck it.”

She handed me the coconut halves, exposing her bare breasts.

My mouth opened, but no sound escaped.

Bella said, “Cassie!”

“What?” she said. “They’re just tits.”

“Yeah, that’s the point,” I managed to say. “They are naked tits and I’m a guy. And, they’re your tits.”

“Well, deal with it.”

Amanda laughed and shouted out, “You go, girl!”

I didn’t mean to do so, but I was staring at her breasts. They were smallish, but beautifully formed teardrops. Her nipples were dark and hard and she had hardly any areolas. Each breast pointed out at a slight angle.

“If you’ve studied them enough, let’s finish up,” said Cassie with a sly grin.

I cut a piece of string, fastened the cups together and handed them back to Cassie. She positioned them and this time the space between her breasts seemed perfect.

“Looks good,” I said. “How does it feel?”

“Well, I have a lot of room to spare inside.” We all laughed.

“It’s a little rough on the rims. I think if I wore this all day my skin would be raw. Also, where my tits are resting on the bottom, I can feel some rough spots.”

“I can fix that.”

Cassie removed the nuts and handed them to me. Her skin around her breasts was red. She massaged her beasts and pulled on the nipples to extend them. I was thankful for my baggy shorts at this point.

I used a rasp and sandpaper on the bottom of the shell where her breast rested and felt with my fingers until it was smooth. As I was working, Cassie trotted to the pool and dove in. She started doing some laps.

I used my router to round off the edges of the shells’ rims and sandpapered them to a smooth finish.

I called to Cassie and she climbed out. She walked toward me, her small breasts bouncing slightly as water dripped from her erect nipples.

She used her hands to wipe off the excess water from her breasts and I handed her the shells.

“Ah, that feels much better.”

She handed me the shells and I made a loop of string to go around her neck and two pieces that would tie around her back. We had to make several adjustments until the fit was good. I enjoyed getting it right, but enjoyed even more looking at her breasts every time she removed the shells to make adjustments. I had fantasized about them for a long time. In this case, reality was far better than my imagination.

Cassie said she was going to keep the bra on for a while to get used to it and see if there were any other problems.

By this time, the girls had shucked all the other coconuts.

“Next?” I called.

With a positively wicked grin, Amanda stood up. She unfastened her top and dropped it on the table.

“Ooh, no,” groaned Bella.

I know it’s not polite to stare, but her breasts were spectacular. About twice the size of her oldest sister’s, they were plump mounds resting on her chest. Her areolas were oval shaped, large, and deep pink. Her nipples were deep burgundy and stood out.

“Uh, you could wait until I cut the coconut,” I said.

“Hell, it’s cool, T. Anyway, we girls rarely wear tops, or even bottoms, when we’re hanging out at the pool. Well, as long as the kids aren’t here.”

“What about Guy?” I asked, wondering if he received a regular eye treat.

“Yeah, well let’s say there are no longer any family secrets.”

I gave Bella a look.

“Remember, my dear ex-husband, we didn’t have a pool when we were married. Guy put it in.”

I mentally added another item to the list to be pissed off about regarding Guy.

Back to the task at hand, I tried to figure out how to proceed. Looking closely, and a good carpenter measures twice and cuts once, I asked Amanda to turn sideways. When I asked if she could hold her breasts up, she readily complied and pulled them out by her nipples. I noticed that her breasts had a slight torpedo shape to them. I estimated that if I cut the coconut about two-thirds instead of half, that the cups may fit her better.

I went through the same process as before. Amanda took the shells and held them to her.

Her breasts squeezed out a tiny bit around her chest, but it added to the sexiness of the look. I figured we would not have to tie the string too tightly around her back and that may ease the pressure.

“My nips are pressing against the end of the shell,” she said.

“Show off,” called Cassie.

“We could probably put a piece of cotton or soft cloth there. That might help.”

“Yeah. Either that or I’ll cum about ten times walking around with my nips rubbing like this.”

I know I blushed. Bella just tsked-tsked her sister. She offered to give her a couple of her nursing pads that she wore underneath her own bra to soak up her leaking nipples.

Going back and forth we got the right string length. I smoothed all the edges and fit Amanda for the finished product.

“Feels a lot better around the edges now. I think I’ll wear it for a bit, too.”

I looked at Holly. We had only met a few hours before. Was she feeling as awkward as I was?

She dropped her top and smiled broadly. Guess not.

Her breasts were…well let’s say they were massive. They were round, wide and heavy. She had big brown areolas and brown nipples. Her breasts sagged a bit under the weight, but all in all were a big-titted fanatic’s wet dream.

“Jesus, Holly, those are totally unfair to the rest of womanhood,” called out Cassie.

She slipped her coconut bra off and stood next to the younger girl.

She cupped her own breast with one hand and one of Holly’s with the other.

“Amazing,” she cooed. “These are at least three times mine.”

“Try five times,” snarked Amanda.

“Maybe Tyler should get a feel of the difference before he goes to work,” said Cassie.

I was already hard inside my shorts and this comment made it twitch.

“Aah, I think I can do fine following what I did before.”

“Too bad,” said Cassie as she released Holly’s huge boob, whose nipples were obviously now erect.

I chose the largest coconut and cut it so the circumference was at the widest spot. After cleaning it out, Holly held the shells to her boobs. They covered about three-quarters of her mass.

“Well, how do they feel?”

“Really squished,” Holly said, “and my boobs are like hanging out all over.”

“But it looks super sexy, Holly,” said Amanda.

“Very sexy,” chimed in Cassie.

“Maybe I can thin out the inside a little bit to give you some more room. And, we can tie the strings looser and not pull them so tight against your chest,” I suggested.

Holly pulled her nuts off and rubbed her breasts to soothe them.

“What size are they?” asked Cassie.

Holly turned rose and said, “I guess about a 38 Double D.”

Cassie just groaned. I knew I did not have a Double D coconut.

I used my router to take out as much of the sides of the shells as I could. When she tried them again, she said it felt better, but they were still squished.

“Holly, I have an idea. If you’re a bit of an adventurer, I think we can rig up something that will not squeeze your…”

“Her tits,” offered Cassie.

“Yeah, them,” I said laughing.

“Sure, I’ll try anything.”

I took another large coconut and, after draining the liquid, cut just about one-third of the nut from each end, leaving a thick middle section. What I ended up with were two large caps.

“Here try these.”

Holly put them up to her breasts. The shells covered her nipples and a tiny bit of the front of her breasts. And, that was it.

“That’s fuckin’ awesome,” cried Amanda.

“I think that will work,” I said. “We can tie the string loose enough not to squish them, but tight enough to do the job.”

“Yeah, do the job with a lot of bounce,” said Amanda. “Jesus, guys will be following you around with their tongues dragging on the ground.”

“And their dicks in the air,” added Cassie, with a quick glance to my tent.

We all shared a good laugh.

I took the caps, smoothed the insides, and made the ties. Holly modeled the new bra and she looked incredibly sexy. The bounce factor was off the scale.

“Tyler,” said Cassie, “after wearing these for a while, the string is really irritating. I don’t know if I could stand it for an entire day.”

Holly and Amanda agreed.

I thought about the problem and then came up with an idea.

“Bella, do you have an old silk scarf or even a silk tie of Alex’s that you don’t care about?”

She went to look for one. The three ladies shed their tops and enjoyed the freedom of having their breasts unencumbered. Amazingly, I also enjoyed them not wearing tops.

Bella returned with a long, silk scarf and an ugly tie.

I took Holly’s shells and removed the strings. I measured the silk and then cut the pieces. The fabric was pliable enough to thread through the holes. When I was finished, Holly modeled it. She immediately said it felt tons better and proclaimed my new design a success.

I tried the tie with Amanda’s bra and she, too, admitted a great improvement.

I said we could shop for more silk tomorrow and I’d fix the bras for use next weekend.

We celebrated with a round of beers. The girls wanted to swim again and urged me to join them.

“I don’t have a suit,” I said.

“And the point is…” proclaimed Cassie.

“Yeah,” said Amanda, “we told you Guy skinny-dips with us. If it will make you feel better we can loose our bottoms.”

Bella spoke up.

“You ladies will keep your bottoms on. I have a sixteen year old babysitter inside who is the daughter of our minister. I do not want her seeing you guys running around bare-assed, let alone seeing Tyler with his business out. I do not need her spreading tales of wanton sexual behavior circulating through the congregation. It’s bad enough that she’s seen me with my boobs out as I breastfeed JR.”

The girls meekly nodded, but I caught something in Cassie’s eyes that told me she wanted to push our boundaries a bit.

“Tyler, come with me. I think one of Alex’s suits will fit you. I’ll put a suit on, too.”

Bella led me to the master bedroom. I had not been in here since we divorced. It felt weird.

Along the way, Bella checked on the sitter and the kids. All was going fine.

She closed the door and started rummaging through my old dresser. She pulled out a pair of trunks and tossed them to me.

She made no motion to leave.

I hesitated and looked at her.

“Christ, Tyler, we were married for seven years. I think I’ve seen everything you’ve got.”

I slowly removed my shirt and unbuckled my shorts. Dropping them, I hooked my thumbs in my boxers and eased them off.

Bella looked me up and down.

“Still looking good, Ty. I always loved your body.”

As she spoke she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. She had on a nursing bra. I remembered the type from when she breastfed our kids.

“Yeah, still nursing JR,” she said looking at the massive undergarment.

She pushed down her shorts. Her stomach was a little loose, but still she was an attractive and sexy woman.

“God, I feel like a cow,” she said pulling at the small roll of fat at the top of her pink panties.

“You’re beautiful, Bella. Always were and always will be. You look great.”

She blushed and softy thanked me.

She turned and rooted in her closet and pulled out a dry one-piece bathing suit.

Turning back to me, she undid her bra and threw it on the bed. Her breasts were bigger than they’d ever been. Her nipples were dark, hard and leaking some milk.

“I’m going to have to pump soon or I’ll explode.”

She dropped her panties. I was surprised that her formerly full bush was now just a narrow strip over her sex lips. The hair around her lips was gone.

“Sexy,” I said.

“Guy likes it this way.”

“Good taste.”

She looked at me and got the pun. We both doubled over laughing.

“You could always make me laugh. I think I miss that the most about you.”

“Not my prodigious love-making ability.”

Bella couldn’t hold my gaze. She looked down and said softly, “Well, that, too.”

After a pause, she added, “And, your cock. I miss your cock.”

Said cock was now well beyond half-mast. When Bella moved her eyes back up, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

“Oops. Sorry, Ty.”

“Happens every time a beautiful woman stands naked in front of me.”

Bella crossed and opened her arms. I welcomed her and our bodies pressed together.

My now full erection pushed against her stomach. I felt her large breasts mashed against my chest as some warm liquid seeped out from her stiff nipples.

I kissed the top of her head. She hugged me.

“We were good together,” she said into my chest.

“Well, we were good together when we were good. But, I let it slide away.”

Bella hugged even tighter. “We both let it slide, Babes.”

“Anyway, I’m happy that you’re happy,” I said. “You are happy?”

She nodded vigorously.

She tilted her head and I bent mine. We kissed gently.

“Just letting you know, I miss you sometimes. And, I love you,” she said.

I choked back a tear, and kissed her forehead. “Love you, too, Bell. Now, we better get dressed before something goes wrong.”

Nodding, Bella slapped my ass and stepped back.

“One last thing.”

I looked at her.

“Well, I don’t know how to put this, but watch out for Cassie.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that she is flirting with you big time. She’s always has been very sensual. Shit, make that sexy. I don’t know what’s going on with her and Geoffrey. She says they’re fine. But I keep getting these vibes. You know, they’ve been married fifteen years and so maybe the heat has cooled. Or, not. I don’t know. So, just be careful.”

“I have no plans to become involved with your sister. Wait, is it because she’s your sister that you’re bringing it up.”

“Ty, I know you’ve always found her attractive. Shit, let’s be honest, you’ve had the hots for her since the first time you laid eyes on her. I get it. She’s sexy as hell. I knew it was just hormones and never thought you would do anything behind my back. But, I’m telling you, just be careful. Or, at least if something happens, do it with your eyes open.”

“That’s the best way,” I said. “Otherwise you miss all the eye candy.”

“Asshole,” Bella said and punched me lightly in the stomach.

“Ok, Bell, I will. I mean, I’ll keep my eyes open. And, you’re right. I never did anything behind your back—with anyone. I hope you know that.”

“I do. This big boy was all mine all the time.”

Bella ran her hand up and down my hard-on and a chill ran up and down my spine. Her touch brought back a flood of memories.

She stroked me a couple times more and kissed me on the lips.

“Yeah, we had some good times,” she said as she cupped my balls with one hand and squeezed my dick with the other.

Breaking apart, we dressed. Thankfully Alex’s suit was baggy and a little big for me. It almost hid my stiff member.

Bella did not pull up the top of her suit. On the way back outside she stopped in the kitchen and picked up two baby bottles and liners. Avoiding the family room where the sitter and kids were watching TV, Bella led me back out to the pool.

The girls were in the pool and tossing a beach ball back and forth. Yes, I know it sounds like a scene from a bad titty-beach movie, but that’s what they were doing. I allowed myself to enjoy the sight of six tits bobbing.

Cassie noticed us and hooted. “Way to go, Sis. Nice to see the puppies out for a walk.”

“I have to express some milk. They’re killing me.”

Holly looked confused. “What’s express?”

“She has to milk the teats,” said Cassie.


“Yeah, you should go watch. It’s neat.”

“Would Bella mind?”

“Hey, Bella, can Holly watch you milk the cow.”

“Cassie, some times you’re just crude,” shot back Bella. “Holly it’s no big deal. C’mon up.”

Holly pulled herself out. I marveled at her boobs as they swayed with every step. I wondered if the movement was showing up on any seismic monitoring system.

Bella started massaging her left breast and soon a couple drops appeared followed by a thin line of milk flowing into the plastic-lined bottle.

“Awesome,” said Holly.

Bella pumped some more.

“Wanna’ try?”

“Can I?”


Holly took hold of Bella’s left breast. Bella showed her how to move her hand pushing the fleshy breast back toward her chest.

“Don’t pull on my nipple,” Bella said. “You can massage the areola, you know, squeeze it a bit as you push my boob back.”

Holly used her thumb and forefinger on Bella’s areola, as her other hand moved back and forth on Bella’s breast. Almost immediately a tiny drop of milk appeared at the tip.

“Rub it around my nipple.”

Holly let her finger move around Bella’s nipple.

“That’s what you do when you want a baby to latch on. The baby can smell the milk and will go right after it.”

“Did you every taste it?”

“Well, from a glass. Not from the source,” said Bella with a smile.

“Ty used to like it. Guy, not so much.”

Holly kept pumping and staring at Bella’s breast.

“Do you want to sample it?”

I didn’t believe my ears.

My fairly straight and conservative ex-wife was offering her lactating tit to a woman.

“Would that like be weird”?

“Depends, I guess. Both of my sisters have tried it. I don’t put any sexual connotation on it. If you’re curious, I’m ok with it.”

Cassie and Amanda had stopped playing in the pool and were glued to the scene unfolding. I was standing behind a chair so my now throbbing erection was not visible to the ladies.

Holly smiled and said, “Well, if you can’t do crazy shit when you’re twenty-two, when can you do it?”

Bella turned her body and Holly knelt in front of her. Slowly, she moved her mouth to the breast still resting in her hand. She extended her tongue, licked the drop of milk and swirled her tongue around the erect flesh. She kissed Bella’s breast and then moved her lips over the entire nipple and sucked. Bella eased Holly’s hand from her breast and pumped with her own hand.

The look in Holly’s eyes, told me that milk was filling her mouth.

She suckled aggressively and I could see her throat working as she swallowed. I also noticed that Bella was moaning slightly. I knew that when I used to suck her milk, Bella would get really turned on. A couple times she came just by doing it. I felt she was on her way.

Holly slipped her other hand onto Bella’s free breast and massaged it. I saw Bella’s hand drop between her legs and her arm started moving. Holly was sucking hard and fondling the other breast making more milk dribble over her fingers. Bella shot her head up and let out a yelp. I could see her shoulders shaking and knew she was cumming.

Her head dropped and her shoulders sank. She eased Holly off her tit.

Holly was also glassy-eyed. I wondered if she too orgasmed.

Holly got up and collapsed in a chair. Her nipples were dark and aroused.

“That was awesome,” she said.

“Oh, yeah,” said a breathless Bella.

“I guess I got a little carried away,” said Holly.

“Ya think,” retorted Bella.

“Did you, like, get off?” asked Holly.

“Did I look like I did?”


“Honey, that was way past sorta’”

They both laughed. Cassie and Amanda applauded from where they were standing at the pool’s edge.

I took this opportunity to quickly run to the pool and dive in.

I surfaced in the deep end and swam back to where Cassie and Amanda were standing in water that just stopped below Amanda’s breasts and left most of Cassie’s upper body exposed.

“Well, that was interesting,” said Cassie.

“Fuckin’ smoking hot, you mean,” added Amanda. “Big sister gets her rocks off with all of us watching. Hot.”

We all looked at each other and silently agreed we had witnessed a highly erotic scene.

“Did that happen when you two sampled the milk?”

“Hardly,” said Amanda. “I just sorta’ got a taste and then stopped. I’m not into lezzing my sister.”

“Is it just your sister that’s off limits?” I asked.

Amanda rolled her eyes. “Guys. All they think about is two girls getting it on. Honestly, Ty, do you think there is anything about another woman, like Holly, for example, that could possibly turn someone on?”

I looked at the blond sitting a few feet away. Her large breasts still heaved as Holly took deep breaths. Her nipples remained erect and dark. The crotch of her suit showed a dark spot.

Cassie was smiling as she watched me check out Holly.

“Nothing to say, Ty?”

“My mind is like mush right now. Any way, how about you Cassie? Did it turn you on to taste Bella’s milk?”

“Nah, same with me,” said Cassie. “I was always curious since I nursed the twins. Obviously with these jugs I could not suck my own nipples.” Cassie tried pushing one tit toward her mouth and reached down with her tongue. There was a huge gap.

We laughed. Then Amanda said, “You mean like this?”

Amanda quickly pushed her tit up and her tongue curled around her extended nipple.

My hard-on was bordering on explosion.

“God, I hate you,” said Cassie as she splashed her sister.

Amanda splashed back and we began a huge water fight. Cassie then grabbed the beach ball and cried out, “Keep away.”

She tossed it over my head to her sister. I lunged toward Amanda and she threw it to Cassie. This went back and forth for a bit. One of Amanda’s throws was off and both Cassie and I leaped for it. I won and Cassie crashed into my back. Her breasts and rock hard nipples rammed me. I turned and held the ball over my head. She then kept jumping up and rubbing her tits against my chest. Amanda came up from behind and tried to get the ball. Her large breasts smooshed into my back.

Giving up trying to get it, Cassie called out, “Sandwich.”

The girls moved against me and grabbed each other’s arms and pulled themselves tight against my body.

I could feel Amanda’s crotch push against my butt. What was more alarming was Cassie pressed against my front. I knew she could feel my erection, straining against the front of my trunks. They held the sandwich for a few more seconds and then released each other.

As Amanda moved away, Cassie rubbed her crotch back and forth, slowly and deliberately, against my hard-on.

“Impressive,” she said in a whisper.

She pushed hard again and then moved quickly to join her sister climbing out of the pool.

She adjusted her suit and I caught a glance of her smooth ass cheeks. She looked over her shoulder and with a nasty smile asked if I were getting out.

Not reacting to her smirk, I told her in a minute or so.

After drying her hair and upper body, she wrapped a towel around her waist. She slipped her hands under the towel and they emerged with the bottom of her bikini. She draped it over the back of a chair.

“Wanna’ beer?”


As she walked toward the cooler, I silently prayed for the towel to fall. No such luck, as she returned with a bottle in each hand.

She pulled a chair next to the edge. After handing me my beer, she sat and stretched her legs out. Although I could see nothing above her calves, I was fixated that the only cover she had was her towel.

My reverie was interrupted by movement behind her. Amanda was standing next to Holly and Bella at the table. She too dried herself off. With a quick movement, she dropped her bottom. Her white ass was in clear view. Cassie noticed my stare and turned to see what was capturing my gaze.

She chuckled.

“If I had known you liked that sort of view, I would have skipped the towel.”

I hardly heard her as I watched Amanda dry her butt and between her legs. I saw Bella say something and motion toward me with her head.

Amanda looked over her shoulder, smiled at me and wiggled her ass. She said something softly to Holly. Holly nodded and bent over and placed a loud smacking kiss on Amanda’s bare bottom. She then slapped the white cheek.

Amanda then bent and picked up her bikini bottom and gave me a full view of her pussy lips. I saw no telltale hairs and wondered if she were smooth. She straightened and wrapped the towel around her waist. She and Holly headed inside.

Bella had finished nursing, pulled up her top and carrying the bottles with breast milk, went into the kitchen,

“Nice beaver shot, eh, Tyler,” said Cassie.

I was speechless.

“Amanda’s such a tease,” said Cassie.

“I think it runs in the family,” I said purposely looking at her bare breasts.

Cassie laughed and tweaked her tits.

“These can’t possibly get to you when you have those two sets to look at. Hell, even Bella’s put mine to shame. I bet even the babysitter has a better pair.”

“Cassie, cut the crap. I admitted I like your tits. As a matter of fact, I think they are the best of anyone here. And, you seem to like torturing me with them.”

“Oh, is that what I felt in the water. Torture?”

“Well, if I don’t get relief soon, it will be torture.”

I regretted the words the second they left my mouth.

“Relief? Don’t tell me you plan to handle things later and all by yourself?”

“Whatever,” I replied limply.

“Yeah, well maybe you should save it up for next week. You never know, you might get lucky.”

Cassie was now definitely flirting with me. I had no clue where it was leading, but every thought of what may lie ahead only made my dick harder.

“You can get out now, Tyler. The others won’t have to know about what you have going on in those shorts.”

I pulled myself out of the pool and boldly stood in front of Cassie. The tent in my shorts pointed at her.

“Thanks, Ty.”


“For letting an old lady think she can still do that to a guy.”

“Cassie, you are hardly old.”

“Well, I’m ten years older than you.”

“Age doesn’t mean a thing when you look as good as you.”

“Now, you’re making me blush. But, I’ll take the compliment.”

We stared at each other, my eyes travelling to her breasts and hers to the tent.

I drank the last of my beer to try to open my throat.

“I think I’m going over to sit here until this guy goes away.”

“Yeah, I think I’ll go inside and get dressed. Of course, maybe I’ll spend some time in the shower imagining what’s hidden underneath those shorts.”

Cassie grinned and stood. She grabbed her bikini bottom from the back of the chair and headed toward the house. Knowing I was watching, she loosened the towel. It slid down exposing her small, white, and tight ass. I almost came on the spot.

Cassie looked over her shoulder and blew me a kiss. She then pulled the towel back up and entered the house.

I grabbed another beer and pushed the cold bottle against my hard-on.

“God, what is next weekend going to be like?” I mused as I tried to quiet the beast between my legs.

Later after changing, I played with my kids for a while, read them their bedtime stories and put each of them to sleep.

Only Bella was still awake.

“Thanks for taking care of the kids,” she said.

“I love doing it. Everyone else in bed?”

She nodded.

“A nightcap?” she offered.

I agreed and Bella poured us two tall tumblers of single malt Scotch. It was something we always enjoyed together.

We sat on the sofa looking out at the backyard glowing with just the lights from the pool.

“Foot massage?”

‘Oh, my god,” she groaned, “Really?”

I put my drink down and eased one leg into my lap. I worked her foot as she moaned and sighed.

As I was doing the other one, Bella slipped her other foot into my crotch and rubbed my dick.

“This guy was having a busy day.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I happened to look out the kitchen window when you were standing in front of Cassie. Honestly, Ty, think carefully about this.”

“We didn’t do anything.”

“I know, but you two were flirting big time. I’ve already given you my opinion. For both your sakes, Ty, be careful.”

In spite of enjoying her toes tickling my dick, I knew she was trying to be helpful to me and her sister.

“I hear you, Bell.”

“Thanks for the foot massage. No one does it any better than you. Now, I’m headed to bed. You don’t mind sleeping on the couch?”

“No problem. Hell, that’s where I spent the last six months of our marriage.”


“Sorry,” I said, “cheap shot. I slept here because it was best for both of us.”

“Yeah,” Bella agreed, “still sucked, though. You know, Ty, the only regret is that we never had a final fuck. I mean one where we knew it was the last. I feel bad about that.”

“You aren’t suggesting…”

“No,” she said with a sigh. “My pussy wants you, but I’m not going to do that to this marriage. I just regret the way it ended.”

“Maybe Guy could give you one hall pass,” I offered.

Bella laughed out loud. “Don’t think so and I don’t think I could ever ask him. Nice thought, though.”

We smiled at each other, kissed gently while Bella let her hand slide up and down my erection. Breaking away, Bella made her way to her bedroom.

Once again my dick was hard as a rock and was going to be disappointed.


Since school was now out for the summer, I spent my week sleeping late and waking with a massive hard-on after dreaming of the girls from the weekend. I wanted desperately to relieve myself, but Cassie’s challenge to save it up for the concert kept my hand still.

Was she really hinting at the two of us having sex? Or, was she just teasing and flirting? What about Bella’s warning? Did she think Cassie wanted to initiate sex with me? Even if she was willing, was I?

She’s my sister-in-law, well, technically ex-sister-n-law. Even so, having sex with a sister-in-law was not incest. Maybe it was not socially acceptable, but it wasn’t incest. But, she’s married. I never committed adultery and wasn’t sure how I felt about screwing a married woman. Then, again, Cassie is incredibly sexy. I could not get the image of her small and sexy tits out of my mind. Then, I flashed back on her ass as she mooned me. God, that was the best butt I might have ever seen. It was even better than Amanda’s, and hers rated a ten.

Was Amanda also teasing me? Hey, she flashed her ass and was topless most of the afternoon. Maybe she wanted to move in a new direction. Hey, how about Holly. She had no problem busting out her boobs.

I was driving myself crazy. And probably doing so in vain. Nice to fantasize, but really would any of those hot women really want to do something with a thirty-year old divorced guy, and their sister’s ex? Probably not!

I decided to put all that nonsense out of my mind.

Easier said than done.

I found a discount fabric store and scooped up a bunch of silk strands. I modified all the bras and hoped they would not only fit but also feel better. Of course, all I could imagine was how each of the women stood around topless last weekend.

I willed my mind to stop. My dick, however, was not subject to willpower and kept sprouting up at the most inconvenient times.

Saturday morning finally came. I had already cleaned out the minivan, gassed it up and pulled into Bella’s driveway around 8 am. Bella, Guy and the kids had left the day before for their trip. Bella’s house was the most central meeting point. They had all slept at Bella’s since they were coming from different directions and then would be ready at a decent time this morning.

Inside the girls were running around trying to get last minute things done. Cassie pointed out the stack of food and other stuff that needed loading. I assumed that was my job. I lugged the coolers, tables, chairs and bags of supplies out and packed the back of the minivan. I figured if I took care of all the hard work, they would be able to move along and we could get on the road sooner. It was a little over a three-hour ride and we wanted to be there when the parking lots opened at 1 pm.

Satisfied that everything was securely packed, I went inside. I carried the bag with the coconut bras and set it on the kitchen counter.

“Let’s see,” said Cassie and called for Amanda and Holly to join us.

The other girls ran into the kitchen as Cassie dumped the finished bras on the counter. I chose different colors for each. Cassie’s straps were a deep purple, Amanda’s bright green and Holly’s a blue that brought out her eye color.

“Let’s try them on,” said Cassie as she peeled off her thin t-shirt. Again, my eyes feasted on the petit tits and hard nipples. She was tying her straps as Amanda and Holly pulled their shirts off. I marveled at the difference each one presented. Silently, I thanked the Breast God for her work.

After the three had secured their bras, they walked around. Holly was bouncing and bouncing.

“Might need to tighten that up a bit, Holly,” advised Cassie.

Holly agreed and adjusted her top. Her boobs now plumped out more, but the movement was not as obscene as before.

The ladies all agreed the silk felt a lot better and thanked me. I accepted their gratitude, especially since it was accompanied by hugs and kisses.

They dropped them and set about finishing getting ready. None of them bothered to put a shirt back on.

“Uh, you guys aren’t going to travel like that, are you?”

Cassie beamed and said, “Why not? Don’t you like them?”

“Liking them is not the question,” I replied. “Getting arrested for public nudity as we drive down is my concern.”

“You mean that you’re concerned that you won’t be able to concentrate?” asked Cassie as she lifted her breasts and played with them.

I just shook my head.

Giggling, Cassie walked back to the bedrooms.

They returned in a minute with Cassie carrying a bag from a men’s clothing store at the mall.

I admit to being a dork, especially when it comes to fashion. Like the old joke, my favorite color really is plaid. Today I am wearing a pair of old plaid shorts and a well-worn striped shirt. I also have a floppy brimmed hat in the car to protect my nose and ears from the sun.

“Tyler, you are going to be with three hot women,” says Cassie. “You cannot go looking like a reject from the ‘Big Bang Theory’. So, with some guidance from Bella, we picked up a couple things.”

Cassie pulled out a deep blue Polo shirt, a pair of yellow shorts and cotton boxers with yellow and white stripes.

“Really?” I said. “You want me to wear those?”

“Definitely,” said Amanda.

“Put them on now,” commanded Cassie.

“Ok, give them to me and I’ll change in the bathroom.”

“Uh, no, you can do it here,” said Cassie.


“Hey, we’ve been practically naked, so I think we are all past any false modesty.”

“My modesty is not false,” I said.

“Bullshit, Ty, just put the clothes on.”

“Ok, but I don’t think I need the boxers. I have some on and they are fine.”

“Whatever,” said Amanda.

I turned my back to them and pulled off my shirt. I dropped my shorts.

“Oh My God,” cried Amanda.

“You cannot be serious, Ty,” said Cassie.


“Thomas the Train undies!”

I turned back to face the three ladies. I loved Thomas the Train and always read the stories to the kids. I found these boxers in a novelty store about five years ago. I never thought much about them. Now, I saw them for what they were: shabby and geeky.

The new boxers landed at my feet.

“Put these on,” said Amanda.

“Why? No one will be seeing them,” I replied.

“We will know that you’re wearing them,” said Cassie. “I am already afraid I’ll be having nightmares.”

“Well, ok, but I’ll definitely go to the bathroom to…”

“Don’t be such a wuss,” said Amanda. “You can turn around and do it quickly.”

I turned my back and dropped my shorts.

“Whoo, whoo,” yelped Amanda. “Killer ass.”

“Definitely a keeper,” added Holly.

“Tight bun award winner,” said Cassie and I felt her slap my naked butt.

I quickly pulled on the new underwear and the rest of my clothes. I turned and the three women applauded. They then jogged off to finish getting ready.

I repacked the bras and put them and a few other stray items in the van.

Ten minutes later we were on the road. The girls wore shorts and t-shirts. It was evident that none of them wore a bra.

I mentioned that fact and Amanda explained.

“We don’t want strap marks. So, you’ll just have to deal with it.”

“Don’t mind if I turn down the temp on the air-conditioning,” I asked looking at her in the rear view mirror and grinning.

“Well, pokies are cool,” she said and flashed me, showing her erect nipples.

I noticed Cassie looking over at my crotch, trying to see if I was reacting. For now, I was able to keep the beast at bay.

We settled down for the long ride. Soon, the women were chatting. Maybe it was because I was driving or it was the minivan, but soon they seemed to talk as if a man weren’t present.

‘How come a guy’s dick is a different color from the rest of his skin?” asked Holly.

“Maybe because it doesn’t get any sun,” offered Amanda.

“No way,” interjected Cassie. “Dicks are usually darker, not lighter.”

“Yeah, that’s strange,” agreed Holly. “Even black guys are like that.”

“You have experience?” prompted Cassie.

“Well, I dated this guy for a bit during junior year. His skin tone was more café au lait, but his dick was really black. One weekend we went camping and a bunch of his friends came along. We went skinny-dipping, and every one of the guys had dicks darker than their skin.”

“Was he a good lover?” asked Cassie.

“Pretty good. He had a nice dick. It certainly was not huge. I think that’s just bullshit about black guys having monster dicks. He knew how to use it, though. I liked screwing him, but he’s not the best I ever had.”

“Who would that be?” asked Cassie.

In the rear view I saw Amanda and Holly exchange a glance.

“He was a professor.”

“No way,” cooed Cassie, “you fucked a teacher!”

“Yeah. He was my Modern Poetry prof. He was older, maybe early thirties.”

Cassie punched my arm, “Hear that, Ty, Holly had the hots for a thirty-year old.”

I ignored her and pretended to focus on the traffic.

“He was separated from his wife, or so he told me. I went to him with some questions, but really just wanted to be near him. He was classic. Handsome, dark hair and moody. He suggested we meet at a local bar for a drink and talk poetry. I fell for this tortured soul who wanted to be a poet, but had to teach to make money. He said his wife didn’t understand him and that’s why they were apart. Of course, I bought the whole package. I still can’t remember the sequence but we were back in my apartment and fucking our brains out in less than an hour. He knew how to use his dick. It had this big curve in it when he was hard. It just seemed to hit all the right spots. God, I never came so hard with a guy.”

“So, how’d it end,” said Cassie, “No, let me guess. You could only see him at odd times, always in your room and he asked you not to call him. How am I doing?”

Holly groaned and said, “Pretty much on target.”

Cassie continued. “He really wasn’t separated. He just liked some under grad pussy.”

“Yeah,” Holly said with a sigh.

After a short pause she added, “But the fucking was spectacular. That guy had my number.”

“Was his dick a different color?” asked Amanda.

“I guess.”

“You guess?” said Amanda. “Didn’t you see it?”

“Well,” Holly said laughing, “it was usually dark in my room and he stuck it in so fast I never got a good look.”

The girls shared a good laugh.

“So, Ty,” said Cassie, “is your dick darker than the rest of your skin?”

I shifted uncomfortably. Talking about my dick with three beautiful women was not a common occurrence.

“Uh, I never really thought about it”

“Well, why don’t you take it out and we can judge?” Cassie said.

She put her hand on my thigh and made to move it up toward my crotch, slipping her fingers under the hem of my shorts.

“Jesus, Cassie, I’m driving.”

“Ok, but you’re not driving with your dick.”

Amanda and Holly were laughing and enjoying the exchange.

Her fingers were now all the way under my shorts and also under my boxers. They were just about an inch from my package.


She slipped her fingers around the head of my dick and started to pull it toward the bottom of my shorts.

Cassie!” I shouted louder.

“Oh, all right,” she said with a pout. “We’ll wait until later to conduct our investigation.”

She removed her hand and reached back to get fist bumps from Amanda and Holly.

The girls kept chatting and thankfully left me out of their discussions. When they started talking about monthly cycles, I started trying to recall the lyrics to every Coldplay song I could remember.

As we neared our destination, we began to see other vehicles obviously headed to the concert. There were sharks lashed to roofs, palm trees in the back of pick-ups and lot’s of cars with “Margaritaville Bound” signs in windows.

“Maybe I should flash them,” said Cassie as we pulled along side of a Jeep full of young guys.

“Maybe you should keep your shirt on,” I said.

“Party-pooper,” she said. Turning toward me she lifted her shirt and wiggled her breasts at me.

“This is going to be a strange day,” I thought to myself.

We arrived, joined the long queue and slowly made our way to the parking lot. The lot was already half-full. The attendants directed us to park next to a pick-up and we were soon joined on the other side by the Jeep with the guys that Cassie wanted to flash.

Piling out, we started unpacking and setting up. After about a half-hour we had our grill in place, the cooler placed in the shade of the van, table and chairs arranged and dips and chips set out. We toasted our work with the first cold beer of the day.

We made friends with our neighbors. The pick-up people were a young couple from Rhode Island. They were regular Parrotheads and set out to meet up with friends.

They guys from the Jeep were college students from the Boston area. They came prepared with cases of beer and not much else. Soon, they had stripped off their shirts and Amanda and Holly were eyeing the tight bodies.

Buffett crowds are nothing if not friendly. Soon, the guys were enjoying our snacks and everyone was chilling.

After a couple of beers, the guys decided to go scoping and seeing what they could scrounge for food. They figured that people would be sharing dogs and burgers.

The girls said it was time to get in their outfits. The three of them piled into the van. I slid open the door on the pick-up side. They pulled off their tops and put on their coconut bras. Cassie pulled a sack from the wayback and handed out the grass skirts.

She also grabbed a beach blanket and handed it to me.

“Tyler, open the front door, please?” asked Cassie.

I did as she asked. She then had me stand toward the back of the van and hold up the blanket with my arms extended. This made for an improvised changing room.

With their tops in place, the girls exited the van and dropped their shorts. Holly and Amanda each wore tiny thongs. Their cheeks were on display with only a thin strip of fabric in between. The thongs were low cut in front. I could not detect any pubic hair on Amanda, while Holly’s totally sheer panty showed she had some blonde bush behind it.

Cassie wore a small purple bikini panty. Most of her butt was covered, but still looked great. As she turned to face me, I drew in a breath. About an inch of dark pubic hair extended above the top of her panty. The purple fabric was pulled into her slit forming a sexy camletoe. I was happy the blanket covered my own little tent.

The girls pulled on their grass skirts. Cassie also had headpieces made from silk tropical flowers. With their outfits all in place, the three looked, well, they looked sexy. Hot. Nuclear. Pick your adjective, they were looking good.

Amanda and Holly shook their booties and you could clearly see their cheeks peek out from behind the strands of their skirts.

“Oh, man,” I thought, “I hope they get through the day. The hounds will be out.”

I put the blanket back in the van and locked it up.

“Let’s cruise,” said Cassie.

With beers in hand we set out.

Needless to say, we—well the ladies—gathered much attention. Holly opted to loosely tie her shells and her boobs were bouncing to their own rhythm.

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of cell phone pictures that were taken,

Guys got a kick out of laying their hands on top of the coconuts. I at first told them to look but not touch, but the girls vetoed that. Since they couldn’t really feel anything, the girls thought it was a hoot to have the guys’ hands on their shells.

Since I was the only one with pockets, I was required to carry their cell phones and take shots of every encounter with each phone.

I was surprised that there were as many women as men who wanted to pose with “Coconut Girls” as they quickly become known. The girls even wanted to fondle the coconuts. Cassie, Amanda and Holly reciprocated by cupping the bikini tops of the young ladies. No one was offended and it was all in good fun. Well, good drunken fun, since most people we met must have started partying early and were going strong.

We approached a large gathering of guys and girls. They all started whooping and called us over.

We accepted beers from them and the girls agreed to pose.

First the five women from the group surrounded the girls.

The guys started taking pictures and one shouted, “Show us your tits.”

My girls shook their heads, but the guys kept it up. Finally the other ladies pulled their bikini tops aside to expose five sets of boobs. I did my duty and took lots of pictures.

One guy kept yelling. “Coconut Girls, show us your tits.”

Cassie shouted back, “Fuck you. Show us your dicks.”

By now the other girls had pulled their tops closed. The guys were silenced for a second. Then the one guy said, “Hell yeah.”

He walked up to stand between Cassie and Holly. Grinning from ear to ear, he shucked down his bathing suit bottoms. His dick sprung loose.

“Yo, Gary, you da man,” screamed one of his friends. The girls in their group were squealing and laughing and taking lots of pictures. I imagined that YouTube was going to be hit hard later.

“Hey, come on you assholes, get over here.”

His four friends trotted over. With a little hesitation, they all dropped their shorts and underwear.

I and their girlfriends were shooting picture after picture.

The girl to my right said, “I never thought Gary had such a big one.”

Her friend next to her said, “Really, but I kinda like Tommy’s. See how it curves to the right that’s sexy.”

The girl on my left said to both of them, “I like them all. I’d suck any one of them.”

The girls laughed in agreement.

Cassie moved her hands in front of the groins of the guys on either side. Holly and Amanda did the same.

“Hey, don’t get too personal,” called out the girl who liked Gary’s dick.

“You mean like this?” answered Cassie. She grabbed the boy’s shaft and pulled it out.

He yelped and in a few seconds was erect.

Their girlfriends hooted even louder.

“Go, Gary.”

“Nice boner, dude.”

“Mr. Everyready.”

Gary soon lost his embarrassment and waved his erection back and forth. The girls took a few last pictures, and so did I.

Someone from the next vehicle shouted out that security was coming. The guys quickly pulled up their pants. The tip of Gary’s dick stuck out from the top. One of the girls slipped her hand over it and eased it back under the waistband. I imagined she would soon be reversing that action.

We worked our way down and back some more aisles of parked vehicles. We were offered and accepted some more beers, lots of guacamole, chips and other snacks. We came across some friends of Holly’s. She said she was going to hang with them for a bit.

As we walked on, Amanda said, “I think it’s pee time.”

“I’m with you on that,” said Cassie.

Cassie asked me to hit up some people for paper napkins and then we headed toward a line of port-a-potties. As we neared, we saw huge lines in front of every john.

“I can’t wait for that,” said Cassie. “Follow me.”

She headed for the woods on the edge of the parking lot. I noticed a lot of people both going and coming and figured this was the alternative to the port-a-potties.

Cassie led us away from a well-worn path where most people were entering the woods. She walked about a hundred yards farther down the edge and turned onto a smaller path. There were some people here and there, but not as many as the other spot. I could see guys with their backs to us and girls squatting behind trees. Cassie went deeper into the woods. We approached a large oak and she motioned us around the trunk. We came upon a small path that led deeper into the woods.

Walking ahead of us, she called over her shoulder.

“A friend showed me this place a couple years ago. It’s really private. Beats having to pee with a million people around.”

We entered a small clearing. The sun cast dappled shadows around the green grass.

Cassie turned to face me and dropped her grass skirt. Holly did the same.

“Hold these for us,” said Cassie. “We can never get all these strands out of the way and will pee on them for sure.”

I gathered the two skirts. I looked at the patch of hair above Cassie’s panty.

In a second I was staring at her bush. She pushed her underwear down and lifted them off.

“Hold these as well, please.”

I held out my hand as I looked at Cassie, naked except for her coconut bra and sneakers. She was magnificent. Her tight stomach extended to her pubic area, with her prominent hip bones forming a valley leading to the three-inch wide strip of dark curls that ended above her sex lips. Those lips were pinkish and tight.

“Hold mine, too, Ty. Good thinking, Cass. I always either pee on them or get them soiled on the ground.”

My gaze shifted to Amanda’s clean-shaven pussy.

I had only seen smooth pussies in skin movies. The first thing I noticed was her prominent mons and the second was that the three sisters all shared similar pussies. Their outer lips were pink and closed, with no inner lips protruding. They looked beautiful.

Almost in unison, they squatted with their legs wide apart and their bottoms close to the earth. I watched in wonder as first Cassie and then Amanda let a pale yellow stream shoot out.

“God, I needed this,” said Cassie.

“Me, too,” echoed Amanda. “That last beer really pushed me over the edge.”

Their pee puddled where it fell and each stream slowed to a trickle, then a few drops. They each pulled their lips apart as the last drops fell and I was rewarded with a vision of their deeper pinkness.

Cassie asked for the napkins and I gave a couple to her and Amanda. I had never seen a girl pee before and obviously had never seen one wipe herself. It was an amazing sight.

What was even more amazing was that I was not hard while watching two beautiful women expose their sexes. Maybe it was the burning pressure in my own bladder that kept the boy in check.

Cassie tossed the napkin and extended her hand to me. I grabbed it and helped her stand, then did the same for Amanda.

“Much better,” said Amanda.

“Well, since we’re here, you might as well go,” offered Cassie.

Neither one of them made a move to retrieve their skirts and underwear from my hands.

“Uh, I can probably hold out a bit longer.”

“Don’t be a doufus, Ty,” chided Cassie. “Did you see the lines? Go ahead, we promise to look.”

She and Amanda laughed.

I really did need to pee, so I was not going to put up a fight. If they wanted to watch, that was their business. Honestly, I was excited about the idea.

“What the hell,” I said. “Take your stuff and I’ll do it.”

“I kinda’ want to let my puss air out a bit. You know it was all sweaty,” said Cassie.

“Good idea, Sis.”

“Well, I can’t manage holding this stuff and pee.”

“No problem, Ty,” said Amanda as she knelt before me.

Before I could even react, her hand was on my zipper and pulled it down. She reached inside and extracted my dick.

“Oh, my,” exclaimed Cassie. “That’s a big boy.”

My dick is not huge and I said as much.

“Maybe not super long, but it is so nice and thick,” commented Cassie.

“I want the full Monty,” said Amanda.

“You’ve got it,” I said.

“Nope,” she retorted and undid my belt and opened the button. She pushed my dick back inside and pulled my shorts and boxers down in one motion.

As she tapped my foot, I lifted a leg and she pulled my clothes off and then repeated the gesture on the other leg. I stood naked from the waist down, in the middle of a clearing, holding two pairs of panties and two grass skirts, while two beautiful women with nothing on below their waists looked on.

“Well, it’s definitely darker than the rest of his skin. Ooh, I like his balls, too,” said Amanda.

“And, I think it looks good with some shrubbery around it.”

Amanda nodded and ran her fingers lightly through my dark brown patch.

“To think Bella gave this sausage up for Guy the Pencil,” said Amanda as she encircled my dick with her fingers. “God, I can hardly get my hand around it and it’s not even totally hard.”

Although Guy and I had been friends since high school, I had never seen him nude.


“Well, let’s just say that Guy is what we would call seriously under-endowed,” said Cassie.

“Yeah, and he like shaves it smooth. I guess some guys think it makes their dick look bigger, but on Guy it just looks pathetic. Even when it’s hard, it’s less than impressive. I bet this one is awesome when it’s up and ready.”

“Well, Bella always said Ty was a great lay.”

“Wait, you guys talked about Bella me in bed?”

“Ty, what do you think we talk about when it’s just us?” said Cassie. “We trade all sorts of stories. Now, I see why she had that wistful look when she talked about your lovemaking. You must have filled her up nicely.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just asked one of them to take their clothes so I could pee and not get it on my shoes.

“No need for that, Ty,” said Amanda. “Right, Sis?”

Cassie nodded and stepped next to me. She reached out and took my shaft. At this point I was slightly tumescent. When her hand joined her sister’s, I became immediately erect.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” said Amanda.

Cassie lightly stroked me and tried unsuccessfully to get her fingers around the thick part of my shaft. I didn’t know what to do, but my bladder called the shots.

I relaxed my inner muscles and a stream erupted from my dick. Both women shrieked and then laughed. My pee arched high and landed several feet away. Cassie directed it left and right. The relief in my bladder was blessed. Finally, the stream tapered off.

Amanda was still kneeling and looked at the hard organ in their hands.

She moved her head forward and captured my tip in her mouth. She licked my head as Cassie squeezed.

Amanda pulled away. “I tasted his pee.”

“Won’t hurt you,” said Cassie. “Really, pee is a lot cleaner than people think. You know some people drink their own as part of an extreme health practice. Then, you have people like trapped miners who survive because they save their pee to drink it. And, of course, you have some people who like Golden Showers and like to drink their partner’s pee. So, a couple drops won’t hurt you.”

Amanda kissed my tip and pushed her tongue into the little slit.

“Actually, I kinda liked it. But, there is something I like even more.”

She took half of my shaft in her mouth and started sucking. Moving her head up and down, while her free hand fondled my balls and Cassie stroked me.

My mind was swimming. I thought I should push her away, but my other brain was in ecstasy inside her warm and wet mouth.

Amanda moved in and deep-throated me. I knew I could not last long at this pace.

I looked at Cassie. She had removed her hand from my dick and had her hand was in her pussy, pistoning in and out.

“Amanda,” I croaked, “I’m getting close.”

She sucked harder and squeezed my balls.

“Aaah,” I cried as I erupted in her mouth. She took the first shot.

Cassie called out, “Let me see him cum.”

Amanda pulled away and pumped me as I shot two more ropes onto the ground. She slipped her mouth back on and took the rest of my orgasm.

I looked back at Cassie. She shivered violently and I wondered if she made herself cum.

She extracted her fingers from her pussy. She extended one to me and slipped it inside my mouth. I had another minor explosion into Amanda’s mouth as I savored the sweet liquid coating Cassie’s finger. She pulled it out and cleaned her other finger in her own mouth.

Amanda looked at her sister.

“Bitch, did you cum?”

Cassie smiled sweetly.

“God, I am soaking wet,” admitted Amanda.

Amanda slipped a finger between her legs and showed us her wetness.

“Let him taste it, Mandy.”

Amanda stood and offered me her finger. I sucked it clean. The taste was tangier than Cassie’s. Actually, it was closer in taste to Bella. In all three cases, I thought they were delectable and something I could easily feast on.

“I’m going to get myself off,” said Amanda.

She started to move her hand back to her crotch when we heard voices approaching.

We scrambled back into our clothes, with the girls just putting on their skirts and not bothering with their undies, just as three young girls, looking no older than high school, entered the clearing.

“Oops, sorry, we didn’t know anyone was here,” said a tall redhead.

“No problem, we’re leaving,” replied Cassie.

“Nice spot to pee,” said the short blond.

“Oh, yeah,” agreed Amanda.

We started back down the path. I couldn’t help myself and glanced over my shoulder. I saw three pretty, young and pale butts squatting.

Exiting the woods, we made our way back to the parking lot.

I felt the need to talk about what just happened.

“Guys, what went on back there…”

“Chill, Tyler,” said Cassie.

“Yeah, no problem, T,” said Amanda.

“But, we sorta had sex,” I said.

“No, you got a blow job. And, a pretty quick one, might I add. It’s not like that’s the first BJ I ever gave. But, I really like your cock. Sweet.”

“Its taste?” asked Cassie.

Laughing, Amanda added, “Actually, yeah. His stuff is sorta sweet. But, it was also nice.”

“Do you always cum that fast?” asked Amanda.

“Not usually,” I said. “I think it was just so unexpected and the fact that you’re my sister-in-law, or ex-sister-in-law.”

“Plus, you were watching Cassie get off. She’s a hottie.”


“Shit, Tyler, everyone knows you have lust in your heart for Cassie. It’s only natural, she’s beautiful.”

I had nothing to say that would have not sounded ridiculous, so I said nothing.

“So, be cool,” said Amanda. “It’s most likely a one-time thing. Let’s just say we all enjoyed ourselves.”

“One-time?” cooed Cassie.

“Well, let’s not rule anything out,” said Amanda with a wicked grin as she grabbed my dick through my pants.

We made our way back to the van and found Holly and a couple friends waiting. They had started the grill and soon the shrimp were popping and we were drooling with hunger.

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, drinking and walking around. I was treated to my fair share of tits as the girls in the crowd got more wasted and more daring.

Finally, the girls changed back into regular clothes and after packing the van, we headed into the concert. We snagged a great spot and spread out our blanket. I had sobered up quite a bit and knew that by the end of the night I would be in fine shape to drive.

The girls still seemed to be fairly high, but they were having fun. Like the rest of the crowd we were on our feet from Jimmy’s first song. When he began his cover of “Brown Eyed Girl”, both Amanda and Cassie started dancing with me. They were just letting loose and having a ball. I enjoyed seeing the look of pure pleasure as they sang along. At the end, Amanda gave me a big hug, pushing her chest into mine.

Cassie next stepped up, hugged me and kissed me hard on the lips. At first I was shocked, but then found myself responding. Her lips were hot and her body ground against mine. She slipped her tongue past her lips and I let her have entrance. I grew hard and enjoyed the feel of her breasts pushing against my chest, her nipples hard bullets.

Finally, she broke off and smiled.

“That was nice, Ty,” she said. “Thanks.”

She let her hand brush against my erection trapped inside my shorts.

“Glad you liked it,” she whispered into my ear. “I can be your brown-eyed girl.” She rubbed me and cupped my balls.

The performance ended with a great rendition of “Lovely Cruise” and the entire audience was swaying in rhythm. I was between Holly and Amanda and they each cupped my butt as we moved with the music. I returned the gesture and enjoyed the feel of two firm rears.

We trudged along with everyone else and slowly made our way to the van. After about forty-five minutes we were able to exit the parking area and headed to the highway.

I knew the motel in Providence where Cassie had made reservations and told the girls they could relax. Soon, all three were napping.

We arrived close to eleven. Cassie and Amanda woke and went in to register. In a few minutes they came back to the van and directed me to pull around back. Amanda and Holly were on the first floor and we dropped them by their door.

Cassie said we were at the far end on the second floor.

“Are our rooms close to each other?” I asked.


“Yeah, are they near each other?” I said.

“Uh, guess I forgot to mention, Ty, we’re sharing.”


“Well, originally it was going to be Aisha and me. When you said you could come, I never thought to change the reservations. Look at it this way, it’ll be my treat. It’s only one night; we can manage.”

I had mixed feelings about being alone in a motel room with Cassie. Bella’s words of caution kept echoing in my mind. Too late to worry about it now, since Cassie was pulling her gear out of the van and heading to the stairs. I got my stuff and locked the van.

She was at the door when I caught up with her. Slipping the card in the slot, she waited for the green light and then pushed open the door. She fumbled in the darkness for the light.

My heart dropped to my stomach when I saw the single king-sized bed.

“Cassie, there’s only one bed.”

She smiled and said, “Oops. At least it’s a big one. I’ll let you choose your side.”

“I can sleep on the floor,” I said without much enthusiasm.

“Don’t be silly, Ty. We’ll be fine.”

We dropped our stuff and collapsed on the bed without even pulling the covers.

“God, this feels great, but I need a shower before I crash. I feel like I’m covered with a ton of dust and dirt from today.”

“Yeah, I’ll take one when you’re through. I feel kinda’ gross too.”

“We can share,” she said as we both looked up at the ceiling.

The thought of my soapy hands moving over her taut naked body send a shiver through me. Bella’s warning echoed in my head.

“Why don’t you go first,” I answered.

“Chicken,” she said with a laugh and bounced out of bed. She gathered her bag and went into the bathroom.

I lay there thinking of her standing under the shower and wondering if I were crazy not to be there with her or crazy to think that we would ever have sex.

I heard the water stop. In a few minutes the door opened and Cassie stepped out naked. She was drying her back.


“Uh, I can wait til you’re dressed.”

“Ty, I’m as dressed as I’m going to be. This is how I sleep. Besides you’ve already seen all the pieces.”

“Yeah, but not all at once.”


“It’s overwhelming.”

Cassie laughed out loud. “Well, I’ve been called a lot of things, but never overwhelming. Anyway, take your shower and then I have a surprise for you.”

“What surprise?”

“Duh, if I told you it wouldn’t be a…”

“Surprise. Yeah, I get it.”

Cassie was now blow-drying her hair with the dryer attached to the wall in the bathroom. My only options were to strip in the bedroom and walk into the bathroom or to take my clothes off in there. The bathroom was small, so I opted to strip in the bedroom.

As I walked toward the shower, Cassie turned and looked me up and down.

“You really are a hunk, Ty. God, you always dress like a nerd. But, underneath you have a great bod.”

I mumbled thanks and stepped into the shower, drawing the curtain closed.

“Don’t be too long in there,” she called out, “if you get what I mean.”

I immediately stopped stroking my erection. “Shit,” I thought, ‘is she peeking or just clairvoyant.”

Almost as an answer to my thoughts she said, “Tyler, I just know guys. So, don’t think I’m spying on you.”

I washed and rinsed and pushed back the curtain. Cassie was not in the room, but the door remained open. I grabbed a towel and dried off. Wrapping the towel around my middle, I used the dryer to quickly dry my hair.

I walked in the bedroom to see Cassie’s back as she bent over her travel bag. I stared at her rear, admiring the perfection of the two globes and the rear view of her tight pussy lips.

Cassie straightened up and turned holding something wrapped in a small towel.

“Lose the towel, Tyler, really I’ve already seen it all.”

I pulled the towel off and tossed it back into the bathroom.

“Much better,” she said as she moved toward the desk. “Why don’t you pull down the covers so we can lie on the sheets?”

I yanked them down and sat on one edge of the bed.

Cassie turned, carrying two plastic cups, and sat on the opposite side.

“Crawl in,” she said. We each fixed our pillows so we could rest against the headboard.

Cassie handed me the cups.

“This suggestion comes from Bella,” she said as she unwrapped the towel around the object in her hands. “I thought we could just relax a bit before we go to sleep.”

Cassie unveiled a bottle of 12 year old single malt Scotch.

“Bella said you don’t use ice with a single malt. I’m willing to try.”

She poured us two generous amounts.

“Pardon the plastic cup and cheers,’ she said lifting the small plastic glass.

I returned the gesture and we touched rims.

I sipped the amber liquid and felt it warm my throat on the way down. It was good.

“Hmm, not bad,” said Cassie. “I usually don’t like hard liquor, but this is smooth.”

We sipped in silence for a bit.

“Thanks, for being a sport, Ty. Today was fun.”

“My pleasure,” I said as I let my gaze travel up and down her naked front.

Cassie watched me and then we both burst out laughing.

“Hey, I like being naked,” she said.

“Well, I like you being naked.”

“Not too shocking for you?” she asked.

“Well, getting a BJ from your sister was certainly not expected.”

“That was a surprise to me, as well. She is quite the little adventurer. She told me later that it was a combination of being buzzed and turned on by seeing your dick. She just went for it. I don’t blame her, you do have a nice dick.”

As she said this last part, Cassie ran her hand over my dick.

“Cassie, what’s going on here?”

“What makes you think anything is going on?” she said as she circled my shaft with her fingers and lifted it up from my thigh.

“Cut the shit. Really, are you…” I stopped to realize I was just going to sound like the guy in that old movie, The Graduate.

“Am I what?”

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

Her laugh was full and throaty.

“Jesus, Ty, am I that pitiful that you are not sure?”

She continued to fondle me.

“But, Cassie, you’re married. You’re my wife’s sister.”

“Ex-wife, Ty, so that makes me no relation to you whatsoever. As far as the married part, how about I tell you a little story?”

She paused and then added, “After we have some more of this Scotch.”

She refilled our cups and took about half in one swallow.

“Yes, I am married. And, I love Geoffrey. I believe he loves me. But, we have come to an understanding.”


“Yes, after the twins were born there was a period when I was in a bit of a post-partum depression. Not too serious, but it knocked me off balance. I was nursing the twins, working a couple shifts in the ER, trying to keep the household together. I was perpetually exhausted and quite bitchy.”

She took a small sip and slipped her hand into mine.

“Geoffrey tried to be understanding, but he had his share of pressures. One way he always was able to unload was to have sex. He is a good lover and liked to have sex four or five times a week and multiple sessions each time. I was not in the mood for anything and the best I could do was throw him a half-hearted fuck about once every two weeks. I knew he was frustrated, but I couldn’t bring myself to accommodate him. I even stopped giving him blow jobs. Actually, I found them more trouble than letting him fuck me.”

Cassie squeezed my fingers. She lowered her head and rested it on my shoulder.

“Do you mind listening to me, Ty? I sound so pathetic.”

“It’s fine, Cassie. I’m happy to listen.”

“Always said you were a nice guy,” she said and kissed my shoulder.

“I was sorry when you and Bella split,” she said. “I get it that sometimes it’s best to admit that staying together is more harmful than splitting. At least you two have remained friendly.”

“Bella’s been my friend for over half my life. I don’t want to let that disappear. I think she feels the same.”

“She does,” Cassie assured me.

“Are you thinking about divorcing Geoffrey?”

Cassie let out a long sigh.

“I don’t think so. Let me finish my story and then maybe you can give me your opinion.”

Cassie finished her Scotch. She poured some more into my cup.

“Scootch down a bit,” she said.

I moved my body down so only my head was elevated. Cassie then curled up on the bed, resting her head on my stomach. I could feel her breath on my dick. I willed myself to not get a hard-on.

I stroked her hair as she spoke.

“So our understanding is that we can have a lover, if we want. Not a mistress, not a permanent thing on the side, just a lover or a good fuck-buddy. We set four rules. One, you can only have one at a time. You can’t multiple date. Two, you cannot bring the person to our house. Go to his or her place or get a hotel, but no screwing in our house. Three, there is no emotional attachment. If you are falling in love, you must stop seeing the person. And, four, a condom must be worn at all times.”

Cassie rolled on to her back and looked up at me. “Bizarre or what?”

I smiled and said, “Unusual. So, how’s it working out?”

“Geoffrey is getting fucked and I’m still fucked-up.”

“So, you’ve not taken a lover?”

She sighed again and turned back onto her side. Her face a couple inches from my dick.

“I had one guy. He was a salesman who used to come around the hospital. He flirted a lot, but usually I just laughed it off. One day I was coming off a 12-hour shift and he was having coffee in the café. I grabbed a cup and sat with him. He asked if I had a rough night. I told him so-so. I don’t know what came over me next, but I just looked at him and asked if he’d like to go somewhere and fuck.

“After he stopped coughing on the coffee he inhaled, he grinned and said we could go in his car. We went to a local motel and went about three rounds. It was strange. The sex was pretty good, but not very fulfilling. I never went with him again. He asked a few times and I told him it was a one-off and it was not happening again.”

I looked down admiring her long body stretching across the bed. Her small breasts hardly sagged and her nipples stood out. I let my hand move up and down her side and over the swell of her hips, ending with a soft caress of her ass. She wiggled it and kissed my stomach just below my naval.

“And that was the end of it?” I asked.

“The end of me and another guy, but then something even more strange happened.”

“Want to tell me?”

“Sure, but I have to pee first.”

She went to the bathroom and sat down without closing the door. I watched her pee, wipe herself and wash her hands. She returned and poured some more Scotch for herself.

“I like laying in your lap, do you mind?”

“Not really. It’s just that I’m trying to concentrate on your story and not get a boner at the same time.”

Cassie giggled and put her head back down.

“You can get hard, it won’t bother me. And, Ty, I liked when you were rubbing me. That felt really nice.”

I slid my hands over her smooth skin as she took up her story.

“So, I never wanted to know who Geoffrey was banging. But, a hospital is a closed community and secrets are just about impossible to keep. One of my fellow ER docs told me he heard that Geoffrey was seen with a new OB/GYN doc. My colleague was a good friend and I told him it might be true, but that I was not bothered by it. For some reason I asked him who it was. He told me her name was Aisha Gomes.

“I recognized her and actually had seen her a bunch of times at the health club where I work out. We said hi a couple times. I decided I wanted to check her out some more. I tried to arrange my workouts when she was going to be there. Her usual schedule was to go after office hours. On the days when I was not working, I would hit the club at six. I began to see her and learn her pattern.

“She looked great in her workout clothes. I had discovered that her father was Indian and a physician, while her mother was white and a lawyer. She had black hair, dark brown eyes, perfect brown skin and what appeared to be a great figure.

“One night we found ourselves working on ellipticals next to each other. She said hi. She knew I worked at the hospital and we began chatting. I soon realized she had no idea who I was. Since I use my maiden name, I don’t think she made the connection. To my surprise I liked her. She was intelligent and had a great sense of humor. We hit it off. Soon, we were hanging around together at the club and doing the same routines. I noticed that some nights she would finish with a sauna. I never cared for them, so just headed home.

“One night I decided to see exactly what Geoffrey was enjoying. She and I finished our workouts and she said she was going to take a sauna. I headed to the shower. I waited a few minutes and then with a towel wrapped around me, made my way to the sauna.

“I went in. She was alone, sitting naked on her towel. My heart caught in my throat. She is gorgeous. Not an ounce of fat on her. Perfect breasts that stood up proudly. She had a thick dark patch between her legs. Sitting there covered with sweat she looked like a goddess.

“She seemed surprised to see me and went to cover up. I told her not to bother since it was just us girls. I dropped my towel and sat opposite her. Her legs were slightly parted and I could not help taking a peek at what was hidden.”

My dick was now somewhere between soft and erect, and definitely on its way to an erection. Cassie ran a finger down my shaft and said it was ok. That did the trick and my dick now stood straight up.

“So, what did you see?”

Cassie again ran a finger up my now hard shaft. “Mind you I had never been with a woman; never had any desire to do so. But, I thought her sex was the most exotic thing I had ever seen.”

“Did she notice you looking?” I asked.

“Not sure, but she did move her thighs together. Looking at her I decided to go for it. I told her she was beautiful. She blushed and started to say something. I cut her off and said I could understand what Geoffrey found so attractive. Her mouth dropped open.

“Before she could say anything, I said, ‘Geoffrey is my husband.’ I thought she was going to throw up. She bent over and let out a soft moan. She kept saying no and that it was not possible.

“Finally, she calmed down and pulled her towel around her. She assured me that she had no idea. I told her I didn’t think she did. I asked if she knew he was married. She avoided my eyes and nodded.”

I felt something wet against my thigh and looked down to see tears in Cassie’s eyes. I wiped one away and stroked her cheek.

“I told her I was not upset. In truth I was relieved that Geoffrey had chosen someone so beautiful. She tried to explain, but I reassured her that we had an understanding.”

“‘I must stop this now,’ Aisha told me.”

“I asked her, ‘Why?’”

“‘Because it is not right. I now know you. I like you. You are like a friend. I cannot do this,’ she said.”

“‘It’s ok,’ I said.”

“Then I said something that came out of no where. I told her I found her extraordinarily beautiful and attractive.”

“She looked at me and asked, ‘Attractive in what way?’”

“‘Attractive in a way that usually involves sex,’ I told her.”

“‘I am not like that,’ she said softly.”

“‘Me neither,’ I added with a chuckle.”

“We sat in silence for a while. Aisha was sweating and opened her towel to cool off. I asked if I could ask her something.”

“‘I suppose,’ she said, ‘But I may not answer.’”

“Nodding, I asked her if Geoffrey went down on her.”

My dick throbbed just thinking about it. Cassie pulled it to her lips and gently kissed the tip.

“What did she say?” I asked.

“Well, she sat there for a long time. At last, she looked at me and said ‘No’.”

I sipped the last of my Scotch.

“Why’d you ask her that?”

“Because Geoffrey will never go down on me. I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I won’t even try. After looking at pussies all day long and knowing all the things that can go wrong with them, he just has no appetite to go down on me. God, I miss that so much. I love oral sex. Not that I mind a good screwing and he can be good. But, there is just something about a tongue in my pussy and lips on my clit that make me purr.

“So, if he went down on Aisha, I was going to be pissed and worried that maybe he was falling in love with her.

“I asked if she missed that. She told me she did miss it—a lot.”

My hand was resting on her hip. Cassie took it and placed it on her right breast. My hand cupped her breast and I felt the hard bud push against my palm. Her entire breast fit perfectly in my hand. I gently squeezed and she moaned in support. I let my fingers play with her nipple. I pinched it and then let her breast rest in my palm.

“That feels so good, Ty.”

“It sure does. So, is that the end of the story?”

“Almost, but the best part is coming up. I said maybe there was a way we could help each other out. I again said I was never with a woman, but I did have some curiosity about being in a three-way.

“Aisha’s eyes widened and I suggested that maybe she and I could go to bed with Geoffrey. He would, of course, love it. Maybe in the context of being with a man, we could experiment with each other.”

I must have squeezed a little hard, because Cassie let out a yelp.

“Oops, sorry. That thought pushed a button.”

Cassie rubbed my hard-on and said, “Pushed my buttons, too. Come to find out it also pushed Aisha’s button.”

“She agreed?”

“Yeah. So, that night I laid it out for Geoffrey. At first I thought he was going to have a heart attach when I told him I met Aisha and that we had a long talk. But, he made a miraculous recovery when I told him we were up for a three-way.

“The next weekend Aisha arrived with an overnight bag. She has one child, who was going to stay with her parents. She had been divorced about a year.

“I’ll spare you all the details…”

“Don’t have to spare on my part,” I said as I fondled her breast.

“Well, I don’t want this to become a kiss and tell, or in this case, kiss, kiss and tell. Aisha and I took turns screwing Geoffrey. As one of us was riding him, the other would play with each other’s tits or maybe kiss each other. We double-teamed him on a blow job with us sharing our tongues quite a bit. When he was well satisfied, we made out and made a couple attempts at oral sex with each other. I really liked the sensation of her lips and tongue on me and, truth be told, my pussy was parched for oral. I was surprised that I liked going down on her. It was not as gross as I had feared. I even liked the taste. We did each other for a little bit, but did not bring each other off. Geoffrey was watching and got another boner. So, we took turns riding it until he was done. We then fell in a pile and slept.”

Cassie said everything so matter-of-factly that even my hormone-driven imagination was not over stimulated.

“Ever do it again?”

“No, that was a one-time experience.”

Cassie shifted around so that she was facing me. She looked up and said, “Kiss me.”

I bent over and pressed my lips to hers. Heat exploded along my mouth. Her tongue slid inside and I sucked it deeper. I pushed mine into her mouth. We made out for several minutes.

“Ty, you know that you were filling in for someone this weekend, right?”

I nodded.

“And, I think I told you that it was Aisha.”

I thought back and realized that she did say so after she hung up on the call she took at the pool.

“And, I made the reservations for the rooms?”

Again, I nodded and not understanding where this was going.

“Aisha and I were going to share a room.”

“I figured as much,” I said.

“Ty, there’s just one bed.”

It hit me square between the eyes.

“You mean you two were going to…”

“Yes, we were going to see if we could be together without a guy being involved.”


For some people, birthdays can be a pain, at least after a certain age. When you’re young, you look forward to birthdays. They’re another step towards maturity and the privileges that go with adulthood. It’s a positive event.

For most people, 29 is the turning point. After that, birthdays can just be another reminder of unfulfilled plans, lost opportunities and missed potential.

If the birthday is divisible by ten, it can be especially traumatic.

Ross didn’t do birthdays well, never had, no matter what the number. His wife Kate had learned to be gentle with him, don’t make a big fuss, and certainly no parties or public acknowledgement of the anniversary. Good birthday sex always helped, but even that was usually just salve on the wound.

She started thinking about doing something special almost a year before he faced his next decade marker, trying to come up with some way of making him really enjoy his birthday for a change. It wasn’t until February that she came up with the beginning of the idea.

While at a friend’s house, Ross was looking over the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Kate noticed that he was particularly enamored with the body paint section. For some reason, the thought of these beautiful women being naked, but not appearing to be completely nude struck something in his psyche.

He pored over the pictures a long time, looking closely, holding them up to the light at different angles, intrigued by the basic concept. Later, Ross had even asked Kate if she would let him paint her up like that some day. He was thrilled that she didn’t immediately say “NO!” Actually, she was already thinking about that exact idea.

During a Girls-Night-Out dinner a month later, she mentioned her plan and asked four of her closest girlfriends for more suggestions. Bridget knew Ross best and suggested “Nudity. Female nudity. And lots of it. How about taking him to a nudist camp for the day?”

“Ooh, not a bad idea,” said Kate, pondering the concept for a while. “But I think he’d appreciate a more intimate setting for his birthday. You know, just close friends.”

Jody quickly added, “Oh, so you were hoping that us four would all prance around naked for him just because it’s his birthday?”

Kate stammered, “Well, kinda. Not really. Maybe just help me out here. It should be no real big deal. You’ve all been naked in our hot tub. He’s seen you, and you’ve seen him. Well, everybody but you Tonya.”

Tonya squirmed, looking uncomfortable and didn’t say anything right away. She had a reputation as a bit of a prude, but she didn’t think of herself that way. But Kate’s request actually got Tonya momentarily picturing herself standing naked in front of Ross. Not with the other four women. By herself. She had her reasons.

Ignoring Tonya, Kate continued her plea to the three other women, “We could all meet up for the weekend at our cottage. The lake is beautiful at that time of year. There’s golfing, wine-tasting, we could do some shopping. C’mon, it’d be fun. And if we could work in a late night skinny-dipping episode or something for Ross’ benefit, I really think it would help take the sting out of his birthday. You gals wouldn’t mind that, would you?”

But Bridget and her husband already planned to be out of town that weekend, Jody had a nephew’s graduation, and Marge was scheduled for the city tennis tournament. With only Tonya available, Kate immediately wrote off that idea.

Until Tonya said, “Pat and I could make it. And I would be willing to go along with anything you have planned.”

The other four women all looked incredulously at Tonya. Kate was the first to call her out, “What? I’m stupified. I mean, you’re more than welcome to come up for the weekend. But you mean that you’re willing to participate in anything, and I mean anything that I set up? You? Tonya?”

“Well, not anything,” Tonya quickly responded. “I mean, I draw the line at being photographed, or swapping spouses or anything downright immoral. But I’d be comfortable being naked in front of you and our husbands. Why does that surprise you so much?”

Jody was the first to butt in, saying, “Tonya, during our ski trips, you’ve never been in their hot tub naked, even when Kate has declared a ‘girls-only’ session late at night. You still wear your bathing suit. I can’t imagine you playing strip poker or whatever else Kate has in mind.”

“Ooh, strip poker. That’s another good idea. I hadn’t thought of that.” Kate continued, “Tonya, I’m very appreciative of your offer, but you’ve got to admit this probably isn’t your cup of tea. Thanks anyway.” Then she dropped the issue.

Tonya was actually a bit miffed. She didn’t think she deserved the prudish reputation that all four of her friends had so obviously laid on her. So, the next day, she called Kate, wanting to set the record straight. “I was serious about coming up to your cottage that weekend, and if it’s just the four of us, I want you to know that I would be willing to flash a little skin for Ross’ benefit. In fact, I’d be willing to flash a lot of skin, and if the mood was right, I’d be glad to show everything I’ve got. So why does that surprise you so much?”

Kate stammered, more than a little surprised at the offer. “Is this really my friend Tonya? The one who never participates in skinny-dipping, hot tubbing or flashing? Why are you making a complete reversal of character for this one? Please don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate your offer. I really do, and if you’re serious, I would love to take you up on it. Either way, you and Pat are invited up for the weekend.”

Laughing, Kate added, “Should I be reading something else into this? Like, do you and Ross have something going on behind my back?”

Tonya laughed back. “No, I can assure you, I am not having an affair with your husband. But of all the guys in our group of friends, I have always liked Ross the best, and he is the one of them I would feel comfortable being naked in front of. To be honest, and I won’t name names, but one of the other guys has always struck me as a bit creepy. But you can tell by the way Ross looks at you when you’re flashing or something, he seems natural about it. Just the smile on his face says it, and he doesn’t stare at your breasts, he actually makes more eye contact than anything else. You can tell he’s more than appreciative, but he’s cool with it.”

Kate was still shocked by this revelation, and she wanted to pin down Tonya on exactly what she would be willing to do. “So let me get this straight. You’re willing, let’s say, to play strip poker in a well-lit living room if it’s just you and Pat and me and Ross? You’re prepared to sit there naked for more than a few minutes if you lose quickly? And let’s take it even further. You’d be willing to walk naked out to the lake at dusk, do a little skinny-dipping, and then get in the hot tub, naked the whole time?”

Tonya hadn’t exactly pictured it playing out exactly like that, and she pondered this ‘worst-case scenario’. She quickly decided that she wouldn’t mind it. Actually, she found that it might even be enjoyable. “Yes,” she answered, “I would.”

The Big Day

The day of Ross’ birthday dawned warm, clear and with just a little breeze at their cottage on a lake in northern Michigan. As usual, he got up an hour or so before Kate, and he decided to get in his exercise before it got too hot. He got dressed and headed out for a bike ride for a couple of hours.

All through the bike ride, he tried to convince himself that he didn’t feel older, but he could already feel the birthday malaise settling in. He told himself that it was all mental. It was just another day, nothing special. He pushed himself to go faster than his usual pace to prove to himself that he still had it.

Almost home, just as he was within sight of his driveway, he passed their lovely and charming neighbor Rita out walking her dogs and he slowed to say hello. She immediately said “Happy birthday. Kate told me this is your big day,” which was exactly that Ross didn’t need at that moment. Instead of making his usual flirtatious conversation with Rita, he thanked her politely and headed down his driveway.

He put his bike in the garage and walked inside the main house. He could hear Kate in the kitchen, apparently emptying the dishwasher, so he veered into the room to talk to her.

He was more than a little surprised when he saw her standing there, stark naked. “Holy shit, you’re not wearing anything,” was his first comment. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

All of a sudden, the day was looking a bit brighter.

They were alone at the lake house, at least until that evening when Pat and Tonya were due to arrive. But still, Kate didn’t walk around nude very often, even if it was almost 80 degrees just after nine o’clock. Ross leaned against the counter and admired her as she walked around the kitchen putting away dishes.

She gave him a hug, and said, “I’ve got a few things planned for you today. Nothing really big, but you should enjoy yourself.” He was enjoying himself already.

He watched her as she walked out onto the deck and shook out a couple of rugs. She seemed very comfortable as exposed as she was, but they both knew that the thick foliage on either side of the house prevented the neighbors from seeing anything and there was little chance a boat would go by on the lake.

He grabbed a glass of orange juice and sat down in one of the big deck chairs. He was disappointed when she went back inside, but she quickly reappeared with her beach towel, which she spread out on the deck chair right next to him and lay down.

She made a big production of stretching out, arching her back and then pulling her legs up over her head. She warned him, “Don’t get too excited. I’m just loosening up.” Ross thought to himself that she looked great, and he said so.

They talked for almost a half hour, long enough that they both seemed to forget that she was naked. Finally, the telephone rang, and Kate went back inside to answer it. It was Pat, and she didn’t hand the phone over to Ross right away. She talked to him for quite a while, walking around the deck naked. Ross was thinking that Pat would really enjoy this conversation if they had videophones.

She finally handed the phone over to Ross. After that, she could only hear his half of the conversation, which went, “Yeah, thanks. Yeah, we’ll see you tonight. When are you going to get here? OK, we’ll make dinner reservations for 7pm. Until then? I don’t know, Kate says she has some special activities to keep me entertained. Well, it should be good, she’s been walking around naked all morning so far. Yeah, I’ll bet you’d like me to put her back on the phone. What, Tonya knows about this? What is it? She wouldn’t tell you? Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough. Yeah, I’ll take pictures for you. Yeah, check your email in a couple of minutes. OK. See you soon. Bye.”

Kate feigned being indignant, “Why did you tell him I was walking around naked? He didn’t need to know that.”

Ross laughed, “No, he didn’t need to know. But he sure appreciated hearing it. He even offered to drive up here right now. And you seemed to be enjoying talking to him as you were walking around here naked.”

Kate blushed. She liked flirting with Pat. She’d never do anything more than flirt and maybe once in while let him see her naked, but she’d do that whenever she could get away with it. Ross liked to have her show off, so she could easily rationalize any such nudity. And later this evening, she fully intended to let Pat in on the show. She figured that Pat would reciprocate, and Kate wouldn’t be shy at looking over his big, tall body.

Kate went back inside and Ross followed. “So, what are all these activities you have planned for today? And why does Tonya know so much? I can’t imagine her being involved. Heck, she might be the biggest prude amongst all our friends. She’s not involved, is she?”

Kate answered, “Go take a shower, clean up and we’ll get started on the surprise. It’s warm enough already, so we can begin. Like I said, it’s nothing really big, so don’t get so excited. And the reason Tonya knows is that I told the girls the other night at dinner that I was going to make your birthday ‘special’, that’s all. Do you seriously think that Tonya would participate in anything racy? Hah! That ain’t gonna happen, is it?”

Ross nodded in agreement, chuckling to himself that even for an instant he had thought that Tonya of all people would be involved in anything that could be considered racy.

He peeled off his bike shirt and shorts and tried to give Kate a quick hug, hoping to press his naked body against hers. But she jumped back, saying, “Get away from me, stinky, sweaty man. Go take a shower, shave and come back out here. Take your time. It’s still early in the day. Relax.”

He obeyed.

When he returned, Kate had set up the camera on top of the tripod, with a big plastic sheet and some towels spread out in front of the big sliding door that opened out to the deck. There was a box with some small jars in it, some small paintbrushes, a couple of old beach towels and two old swimsuits. He wasn’t sure what Kate was up to, but he liked the look of this already. “OK, what do we get to do?” he asked with a big grin on his face.

Kate laid out her plan, “You get to use these body paints and paint a swimsuit on me, and you get to take pictures of your artistry. Then, I’m going to go out and lay around at the end of the dock. Eventually, I’m going to jump into the lake and wash it off, but we’ll see how long that takes. First, let me go over the ground rules. I am going to be the one to download the pictures on my laptop. Then I’m deleting the originals. These are not going to become public in any way, shape or form. I’m going to select one or two pictures that I will let you have. Of course, those will probably be of the final artwork – don’t think I’m going to give you one of the first pictures where I’m completely naked. Of course, you already have more than a few of those, so that shouldn’t be any big deal. So let’s get started.”

From the broad, gaping smile on his face, Kate knew he was thrilled.

She continued, “I want you to take a few pictures of me before you get started, and then I want you to take a picture every few minutes. I’ll tell you now, I’m going to try to make something like a time-lapse video. I can’t promise it will work, but let’s see how it comes out. Let’s start with a couple of pictures in poses that I’ve already got planned. So start clicking away.”

Ross gleefully complied, and took some front and rear pictures of his wife, buck naked with her arms stretched over her head. Then she had him take a couple more with her apparently trying to cover up, holding her hands over her breasts, and in front of her pussy. He was real curious what that was all about. She told him not to get too excited, saying it had to do with the time-lapse video, and she wasn’t sure was going to work.

But he was getting excited. Slowly but surely, she could see the bulge in his shorts getting more noticeable.

When he started painting, he first brushed on a microscopic g-string, with only a quarter inch wide stripe of burgundy colored paint front and rear. He had to use his hands to push apart Kate’s glutes to keep the brush strokes from dabbing paint on her tight little butt cheeks. In front, the thin stripe didn’t even cover her pubic hair. But it was his day, and she was going to let him do whatever he wanted. Using the camera on the tripod, he snapped pictures of her front and rear, topless, wearing only the scant g-string as she stood in the same pose as before with her arms stretched over her head.

Kate felt herself getting aroused and hoped that she didn’t get too wet, lest her excitement mar the bathing suit bottom he was so carefully painting on her.

Next, he made the g-string a little more modest, but not much, adding just a bit more burgundy paint in the front and rear. More pictures recorded the progress. A very small top was painted on next, with one square inch patches covering her nipples and thin strings connect them over her shoulders. Once again, he took pictures of her front and rear.

Within a few minutes, the swimsuit had become a normal looking bikini, covering a bit more of her breasts, about half her butt and all of her pubic hair. Ross had taken his time and fondled her gently as he painted the bottom half of her full breasts. Kate’s only complaint was that the brush tickled her.

She stopped to take a look at herself in the full-length mirror in the master bedroom. She turned and pirouetted and they both admired his artwork. Kate was surprised at how she really did look like she was wearing a bikini. But the air she could feel gently moving across her skin told her she was completely naked. If she looked closely, she could make out her nipples and pubic hair, and her butt was definitely well defined. But the darker shade of burgundy paint made it difficult to see anything. She was convinced that more than a few feet away, you couldn’t tell the swimsuit was just paint, even if you knew.

Over the course of almost an hour, the swimsuit slowly took shape, and each step added to the one-piece model that Kate had in mind. They must have taken fifty pictures total by the time Ross had finished adding details, accents and some dabs and stripes of other colors here and there for contrast. Kate tried to hold the same pose for all the pictures, with her arms stretched over her head, giving a close-up view of every inch of skin on her body.

When he finally declared it finished, they both went back to the mirror for final inspection. She turned and stretched, trying to see herself from every angle. She thought it looked great, even better than she had hoped. It wasn’t as detailed as the Sports Illustrated versions, but then again, she didn’t think she was in that league anyway.

As if he was reading her mind, Ross surprised her just then by saying, “You look even better than the pictures in SI.” Even if she thought he was just saying that to be nice, that comment still meant a lot to her.

He inspected his artwork and she let him look her over closely. He spent more time checking out her breasts, butt and pussy. She enjoyed the attention he was giving her body, so much so that she felt herself getting wet again. She noticed that he had to be fully erect, judging from the bulge in his shorts.

He was surprised when she said, “Now it’s my turn.”

“What do you mean?” was his startled response. “Aren’t we going out to the dock for an hour or so?”

“Not until I’ve painted you. I’ve decided you need to have your black bicycling shorts painted on,” she said as she started to unzip his pants. He laughed as his shorts fell to the floor, and she reached inside his briefs and pulled out his fully erect penis.

“And that’s why it won’t work,” he said. “I can’t go out there with a raging hard-on. In fact, I’ll probably have to wear my briefs under my swim trunks so that I’m not completely obvious. Look at me. Look at how excited you’ve got me. I can’t go out there like this. No matter how much black body paint you put on me, I’ll still look obvious. I could even get arrested. I’ll have to lie on my stomach the whole time.”

“Don’t worry,” Kate said, “I thought this out long ago. But first, I need some pictures of your fully erect cock for my collection. Maybe I’ll even put them on my iPhone. My girlfriends always share snapshots of our men when we get together. They’ll really appreciate it because now I’ll have something to show next time.”

Ross’ eyes widened. He knew she was just kidding. At least, he was pretty sure she was kidding. She was kidding, wasn’t she? After all the pictures he had taken of her over the years, he had no choice now but to stand there and let her click away.

She took pictures of him in the buff from in front and from behind, saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Just so he knew she was enjoying herself, she zoomed in closely on his penis, taking several close-ups.

When she was finished with the pictures, Ross said, “So now what? I’m still hard as can be and I’m sure you’ll agree that I can’t go outside like this. Do you really think I’ll settle down?

“You will if you’ve just had an orgasm.”

Ross’ eyes widened.

Kate sank to her knees, stroked his penis, gently kissing and licking the tip of his cock, and said, “and that’s exactly what’s going to happen right now.” He was quivering and twitching almost as soon as she put him inside her mouth, rolling her tongue all along the shaft. She toyed with him for a bit, just to build up his excitement level to a suitable degree.

Then she started to work him expertly. After all these years, she knew just where he was most sensitive. She also knew the signs of his impending explosion – first his knees would start to buckle, then he would start thrusting his hips, pushing himself deeper into her mouth, followed by moaning, and then loud ecstasy with convulsions that could pull him out of a lesser woman’s mouth.

Kate had actually developed a fondness for the taste of his semen. She called it “an acquired taste.” When she was much younger, she would gag and cough, swallowing as fast as she could to minimize the experience on her side of the blowjob. But seeing how much Ross enjoyed coming in her mouth had brought her a different kind of appreciation, and over the years, what had once been an ordeal gradually became more and more enjoyable.

On this occasion, she got Ross to come in a relatively short period of time. She knew he had been more excited than usual, so the birthday must have been going well so far. When his knees began to buckle, she started what she called her “end game”, forcing his erection further into her mouth at an ever-increasing rate, lips sliding over his shaft, faster and faster until he could hold back no longer. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes and he was screaming in ecstasy, spilling his semen into her mouth, trying to control his writhing and thrusting so that she could keep him in her mouth as long as possible. He hated “making a mess”, and he really enjoyed that his wife was more than willing to suck out every last drop of his semen.

She savored the taste of him until he had begun to shrink. She looked closely at his flagging penis, admiring her handiwork as one more drop of semen formed at the tip. She put his cock back in her mouth to suck out the last few drops, being careful to be extra gentle, knowing that he tended to get a bit oversensitive just after coming. He shuddered with pleasure.

Kate was proud she could give great blow jobs, and she could tell that Ross would probably rank this one right up there with her best. When she finally let him go, they both knew that unless there was some kind of really extra-special stimulation, he wasn’t going to be getting hard for the next half hour or so.

Kate gave him a minute to recuperate, then she got to work painting Ross. Her job was pretty easy – making him look like he was wearing black bike shorts only required covering him from just above his knees to just below his waist.

She started by painting on a skimpy g-string. She made a concerted effort to ensure that paint was smeared deep between his butt cheeks, every nook and cranny of his scrotum, and especially all over the entire length of his cock. Once again, she took pictures, just like he had with her.

Next came a Speedo style suit, low cut and minimal. She liked how he looked, even if the rest of his body didn’t look like an Olympic swimmer. More pictures, and the process repeated itself until he was covered with black paint that looked strikingly like bicycle shorts.

She stepped back and looked him over. Like her bathing suit, the painted-on version looked pretty darn close to the real thing, until you got close enough. Then, their more interesting anatomical features just couldn’t be hidden. Especially Ross – his cock wasn’t anywhere close to erect, but even painted completely black like it was, it was still readily apparent that it was more than just a bulge in actual bike shorts. She took quite a few pictures of him from every angle, smiling at the some of the results.

“Oh well, we better get out there while we still can, without you getting arrested,” Kate told Ross. She gathered the camera, tripod and their old towels and swimsuits and led him outside.

Ross also found the sensation of wearing only paint really amazing. The dry paint provided only the faintest of a feeling of being covered, and the slight breeze could easily be felt on areas of skin that didn’t usually get exposed. The black paint also absorbed the sunlight, warming his skin directly. “This really feels weird, but in a good way, a really good way. How about you? How do you feel?” She replied, “I probably feel better than you do because I know I look like I’m wearing a bathing suit.” She chuckled and said, “I have to admit, you look like you’re wearing only black paint. Being this close, I can already see most of the details of your cock. And it’s only going to be more and more apparent, and probably soon enough. But to be honest, maybe it wouldn’t be so obvious looking from farther away, like from one of the neighbors’ docks. Are you ready to go show off?”

Kate took him by the hand and led him down the flagstone pathway towards the dock. He kept looking around like he was afraid someone was going to see him and he was going to get arrested. But nobody was out. No boats, no neighbors, just the two of them walking out to the end of their dock. They just happened to be wearing only paint.

They stood at the end of their dock, laughing at the experience. Here they were, actually completely naked, standing in broad daylight exposed to anybody that might happen by. Kate set up the camera on the tripod and took quite a few pictures of them together from various distances and angles. They both laughed when they reviewed the closer shots, agreeing that his cock was more than a bit apparent, maybe even obvious in the closest picture.

They finally sat down on the old towels and dangled their feet in the lake. It felt invigorating. “Maybe we should try going to a nudist resort someday,” Ross suggested. “This is kind of a cool feeling. I mean, we’ve skinny-dipped before, but never in broad daylight. It’s really kind of liberating.”

Kate laughed and said, “OK, if that’s what you want to do, then that’s what we’ll do for your next big birthday. How’s that sound?”

Ross said, “Five years from now, you’ve got a deal. Or maybe next year? I’m feeling the birthday trauma coming back already.”

They talked for a half hour before they heard noises from the neighbors’ dock. “Happy birthday Ross,” shouted Parker. “I hear it’s a big one.”

Ross just waved back and said, “Thanks, it’s only a number.”

Ross wouldn’t stand up, but Kate did, waving back at Parker and Rita. Kate leaned over and whispered to Ross, “Come on, stand up, show Rita your bike shorts. You said she saw you this morning as you were both out getting your exercise.”

“Yeah, it ain’t gonna happen, I think I might need another blowjob because the effects of the last one you gave me are starting to wear off.” Kate leaned over and checked, but couldn’t tell any discernible difference. “Don’t worry,” Ross assured her, “I can tell.”

Rita and Parker waved again as they motored off in their boat, passing only fifty feet from Ross and Kate, still sitting at the end of their dock. They heard Rita yell, “Kate, is that a new bathing suit?”

“Yeah, Ross just bought it for me. It fits like a glove.” Kate stood up, and turned around to show off all of the “suit”.

Rita elbowed Parker and in her quaint southern drawl, yelled back to Kate, “What a nice husband you have to buy you presents on his birthday.”

Kate laughed and replied, “Don’t worry, he’s getting quite a few surprises for his birthday. I’m taking good care of him. Maybe we can tell you about them later.” She saw Ross roll his eyes.

After the neighbors had headed off down the lake, Ross stood up and declared it time for him to jump into the water. “I have two reasons. One – I’m getting sweaty, and number two – the cool water should, how should I say, calm things down a bit.” Kate reached into their boat and grabbed a small bag of shampoo and soap for him. As he stood up, she could tell that indeed, he was starting to get hard again.

He dove in, rolling over as he surfaced, rubbing his painted skin to clean up. The paint came off easily, and soon, she could see all of his body as he lolled around in the clear water. He swam back to the dock, standing in waist deep water. Kate handed him his old bathing suit, and he did a back roll, put on the suit in one quick movement and stood back up, clothed once again. “Ta-da!”

Kate jumped in and did the same, cleaning off the paint easily, finally swimming over to Ross who was standing in chest-deep water. He held her in his arms, enjoying the opportunity to look closely at her wet body. “That suit was great, but I like it even better that now you’re wearing only water,” he said. She kissed him and then swam back to the dock.

She looked around, and seeing no one, climbed the ladder and dried off, standing there in the sun, completely naked. “C’mon, we have to get going if we’re going to make lunch.” He followed her back to the house, surprised at her boldness, as she didn’t make any effort to cover up.

An hour later, they took their boat to a small bar/restaurant located right on the lake, tying up just off the terrace. Lunch was no big deal, but it was one of Ross’ favorite places – good burgers, cold beers, and as he liked to say, “The scenery is great.”

As they motored back home, Kate insisted that Ross steer towards the center of the lake. At the same time, she pulled off her t-shirt and the top to the bathing suit she was wearing underneath. Seeing this, Ross dutifully obeyed. When they were almost exactly in the middle, she told him to turn off the engine and drift. At that point, she adjusted the seats on the passenger side of the boat, and took off the bottom of her bathing suit, laying out naked in the sun.

They drifted for twenty minutes with Ross content just to look her over. She was aware of his gaze and gave an occasional gesture or touch of her body to provide him with just a bit more stimulus. Soon, she could see the bulge in his shorts appearing again, and she knew that what she was doing was having her intended effect.

Finally, Ross couldn’t handle it anymore and said, “I want to make love to you right here, right now, and I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I want you now.”

But she fended him off, saying, “Not yet. This is all part of my plan and that will come later. And speaking of coming, you have to take off your clothes and lie down here. I have another trick I want to show you.”

Ross glanced around nervously, but seeing no one within a half mile of their boat, he did what his wife had told him to do and took off his shirt and shorts and lay down where Kate had been. He was reveling in the fact that he was completely naked out in the middle of the lake, with his wife servicing him as she was. He was already getting hard, and she went right to work on him, stroking his penis with her hands until it was fully erect. For additional stimulation, she licked and sucked on his nipples, knowing that drove him wild. She could tell it was working because he was hard as a rock within a minute.

Now Ross was a bit of a neat freak, and whenever Kate had given him a hand job in the past, she always brought a towel or tissues for him to come in. Today, when he knew he was getting close to coming, he finally asked Kate, “Do you want to get a towel or use my shirt so I can come in that?”

He was more than a little surprised when Kate leaned over and whispered in his ear, “No, I want to see you come all over my hand, all over your stomach. I want to see how far your semen shoots when you come. I want to see you make a mess, right here in broad daylight, and I’m going to enjoy smearing your semen all over your body. I might even lick some of it off of you”

Ross shuddered with excitement. “Oh no, don’t do that. I don’t want to get messy. How will I clean up? No, just let me come in my shirt. No, please, don’t make me come all over myself.”

He was fighting to control himself. The thought of coming all over his wife’s hands, and all over himself, meant Ross had to surrender completely to Kate’s control. He was clutching the sides of the boat’s bench seat, starting to thrust his hips upward, hoping at the last minute, she would wrap his shirt around his cock before he came. He looked at her face as she was gazing at the tip of his penis, apparently waiting for his semen to begin erupting. He did not disappoint her.

He screamed as the orgasm began to rock through his body. Kate clearly felt the first contraction jolt his cock, but only a small drop came out. On the second contraction, his semen spurted all the way up onto his chest, the thick wad collecting in his chest hair. Kate watched closely as the third spasm shot only as far as his stomach, with each subsequent contraction spurting a little bit shorter until he was simply dribbling down his cock and all over her hand.

He continued to grip the sides of the bench seat hard, grunting and gasping as she rubbed him gently, just enough to extend his orgasm, but not enough to make him want to pull away. She knew exactly how much stimulation he could take before he became oversensitive as his orgasm wound down.

Eventually, he was spent, and she took some measure of delight in smearing his semen all over his abdomen, feeling the warm thick fluid run through her fingers and all over her palm. She liked how Ross had submitted to exactly what she wanted to do, especially since it went completely against his squeaky clean nature. She looked over his naked body, and smiled at how messy she had gotten him. She reached over the side of the boat, rinsed off her hands, and she was cleaned up already.

It took Ross a few minutes to recover. When he did finally sit up, he asked, “Now what am I supposed to do? I’m a mess.”

Kate gave him the obvious answer to his question, “Jump in the lake and wash off. Go skinny-dipping. You do it all the time back at our place. You should feel completely comfortable here.”

Ross looked over the side of the boat, saw nobody within a half mile, so he stood up, stepped over the back seats onto the boat’s swimming platform and dove into the cool water. He had been sweating because of more than just the heat of the day, so it felt delightful to splash around and cool off. He floated on his back close to the boat, the sun dappling across his body, until he saw Kate taking a picture of him with her cell phone. Based on her grin, she had gotten a very good shot of him too.

In a rather futile display of modesty, he rolled over and started to swim away from the boat, but Kate just took one more picture, this time with only the rippling water across the back of his naked body. She was giggling at how well the pictures had turned out. “Which one of my friends should I send these to?” she asked, “Bridget? She’d love them. Of course, she’s seen you naked more than a few times, so that wouldn’t be anything new. How about Gwen? She’s mentioned a thing or two about how well you’ve been taking care of yourself. I know what I’ll do, I’ll send the full frontal shot to Bridget and the backside picture to Gwen. They’d both be happy to see that you’re enjoying your birthday.”

Ross stopped swimming and asked, “Are you really sending them?” Kate detected a certain element of uncertainty in his voice, like he was just acting as though he didn’t want them sent, but that he would actually have liked Kate’s two good looking friends to be given some racy pictures of him. She wasn’t really going to send her girlfriends these pictures, but what harm would there be in making Ross think that she did?

She took another couple of pictures as Ross stood dripping wet on the swim platform as he got out of the water. He even posed for her, demurely covering himself for the frontal shot. She knew that this was not out of any feeling of modesty, but rather that the cold water had left him in a state he did not want publicized. Still, she said to him, “And this one is being sent to Tonya. Maybe she’ll want to see you naked in real life when they get here tonight.” Once again, Ross looked at her with that ‘you’re not really going to do that, are you?’ expression.

She watched as he toweled dry, admiring his body. She thought he looked great for his age. He hadn’t given up yet and everything he was doing to stay in shape was working. She told him so, wisely leaving out any reference to his age.

When they got back to the cottage, Kate sent Ross to take a quick nap, just so he’d have enough energy to get through the rest of the day’s activities. With all the ‘exercise’ he’d gotten so far, he agreed and disappeared into the bedroom, took off his clothes and lay down for almost an hour.

That gave Kate time to download all the pictures and assemble two very nice time-lapse videos of the swimsuits being painted. Then she assembled her video backwards, starting with the fully painted suit and culminating with the pictures of her appearing to try to cover up as her swimsuit disappeared.

Looking over the final products, she had to admit that they had turned out better than she could have possibly hoped. “If YouTube allowed nudity, these would go viral,” she thought to herself.

When Ross woke up, he heard Kate’s voice in the other room and initially thought she must be on the phone. But then he was sure that he could make out a second voice – the pleasing, lilting drawl of their neighbor Rita. He got dressed and went into the living room. As soon as he appeared, Rita smiled widely, put her hand to her mouth in surprise and only said, “Oh dear, maybe I better get going.” As she hustled outside, Rita glanced back at him with an expression he had never seen on her face before.

After their neighbor had left, Ross asked Kate, “What was that all about?”

“I was just showing Rita the videos I put together. You’ve got to see them. They’re great, if I do say so myself.” They watched the video of Kate about twenty times, especially in reverse, rolling with laughter as her swimsuit slowly disappeared and she feigned modesty.

“This is tremendous. That’s the best birthday present I could ever ask for. But I can’t believe that you would show this to anybody, much less a proper southern belle like Rita, ” Ross laughed.

“Well, Rita asked about my new swimsuit, and after I told her the whole story, I had to show her this video. She’s a lot more down to earth than you’d imagine. In fact, she’s got a downright racy streak in her. Nothing like the polite southern damsel you’d think she was. She really enjoyed the one of you.”

“Of me?” Ross was incredulous. “You did a video of me too? Let me see it, right now. And you showed it to Rita? No wonder she gave me that look on her way out. How bad do I look in it?”

Kate brought up another file, a much shorter time-lapse video of Ross’ bike shorts disappearing. In the video of Kate, the final frame had shown her trying desperately and somewhat futilely to cover up. But when the version showing Ross finished playing, the screen was filled with him standing there stark naked until Kate closed the file. Ross could only roll his eyes. “No wonder she looked at me like that and left so quickly. Now she’s seen everything I’ve got to offer.”

“Well, as long as we’re on the subject, when she walked over here, she walked across our deck, right in front of our bedroom. She happened to mention that you might want to close the drapes in the master bedroom when you take a nap in the nude,” Kate said. “In fact, I even dragged her back out onto the deck and we checked you out. Don’t worry though, she was very complimentary as we stood there talking about you. I wish I could remember her exact words, because you’d be proud. I can’t believe you didn’t hear us. You must have been really napping hard.”

Ross could feel himself blush. “You encouraged her to look over your husband as he lay there sleeping? Just be aware that some day, I’m going to get you back for this.” But to be honest, he was actually thrilled that Rita had said nice things about his body after she had seen him naked. She was definitely a hottie, a bit on the thin side, with smallish breasts, a real shapely ass, and that accent could melt any yankee’s heart. He would have loved to have the tables turned.

“So how many other people are you going to show these videos to?” Ross was curious how many of her friends were going to see him in such detail.

Just a few special friends,” she said. “Ones of my choosing,” she quickly added, noting how Ross’ eyes lit up.

Pat and Tonya arrived just before 6pm, plenty of time for a quick cocktail before they were to head into town for dinner. Naturally, conversation turned to the day’s activities, and Kate described the bodypainting. Pat begged to see the time-lapse video, and Kate finally relented. All four of them were rolling with laughter, and they watched it so many times that they were almost late for their dinner reservations. Kate never mentioned the video of Ross, and he was a bit disappointed that Tonya never asked.

After his busy day, Ross was starving, making short work of his surf and turf, with an Irish coffee for dessert. Service was quick, and they made it back to the lake house well before sunset.

Immediately upon their return, Kate took Tonya aside to discuss what she’d be comfortable doing that evening. Kate got straight to the point, “Well, are you ready for a quick game of strip poker? Or should we just drag the boys out to the dock and go skinny-dipping?”

Kate was more than a little surprised that Tonya quickly replied, “Oh heck, let’s do strip poker. I have to admit, I’ve never played, and since you have gotten me feeling so uninhibited lately, what the heck, let’s do it. But you’ll have to teach me how to play.”

“Oh great. Me teach you? I’m horrible at poker. We might as well just take off our clothes right now, because we’re going to lose. The guys know how to play, so we’re toast,” Kate lamented.

Tonya didn’t seem to mind, “Well, isn’t that the idea? You said the goal was to show some skin and give Ross a memorable birthday. Let’s at least put up a symbolic fight and make them work at getting us out of our clothes.”

The women went back to the kitchen where the guys were just finishing mixing after dinner drinks. Kate asked Ross, “OK birthday boy, we’ve got one more surprise for you and you get to choose what it is. Do you want to: A.) play strip poker, B.) go skinny-dipping, or C.) do some hot-tubbing?”

Ross immediately said, “I want D.) all of the above.” Everybody laughed, and even Tonya didn’t challenge his choice.

Kate got the cards and laid down the rules, “We all start even, so let’s each get down to four pieces of clothing.” Various pieces of clothing were shed to get to the prescribed starting point. Kate continued, “There’s only one winner of each hand and everybody but the winner has to remove one article of clothing for each hand. Pretty simple, huh? OK, I’ll deal, so you three better prepare to lose and get naked.” She dealt and Tonya won the first hand.

Tonya also won the second hand and the guys were getting a bit frustrated.

“She’s never played poker in her life and she wins the first two hands?” Pat lamented.

“Beginner’s luck,” suggested Ross.

“Well, at least one of us women is doing well,” said Kate, who was down to her bra and panties already.

“Cream eventually rises to the top,” was Tonya’s retort. The other three laughed at the irony of her remark.

Pat won the third hand, leaving Tonya’s capri pants on the floor, Ross in only his briefs and forcing Kate to decide between taking off her bra or her panties. Although she already knew the answer, Kate decided to let Ross choose, “Well, birthday boy, I’ll let you choose. Should I be topless or bottomless?”

Ross didn’t hesitate a millisecond, “Topless.”

Kate stood up, undid the clasp and slid off her bra slowly, stopping as her areolas started to appear, then letting it edge down past her nipples until all of her large, shapely breast spilled out in full view. She tried not to appear to be making a scene of it, and the effect on the guys was dramatic, especially Pat, who was openly gaping at the show. Ross’ eyes were filled with admiration for his wife’s confidence and how good she looked topless. Even Tonya appreciated how well Kate commanded their attention.

When Kate sat back down, she looked very self-assured, despite being half naked. Her shoulders were back, she was sitting up straight and she made no attempt to hide from Pat’s gaze. Actually, she welcomed it. He had seen her completely unclothed before, but it had been a while, and he was amazed at how good she still looked. She leaned back and put both her arms up along the back of the sofa, accentuating the display of her breasts. Ross knew that Kate was showing off, and that definitely excited him.

Meanwhile, Tonya had noticed Ross’ tight low-rise briefs and how trim he had kept himself over the years. He was not quite as tall as her husband – few guys were, and he wasn’t as big and brawny as Pat either. But she still found Ross very attractive, and she looked him over as much as she could without being too obvious.

It was Pat’s deal, and he had to be brought back to reality and at least temporarily stop his admiring gaze of Kate’s upper body. “Oh, sorry. I got distracted. Let’s see, where were we?”

He dealt and Kate won the hand.

Ross was beside himself, “I’m out already? I didn’t win a hand? Me? I’ve played more poker than the rest of you combined, and I lose four straight hands? I think I should get a couple of freebies for my birthday. You know, a couple more hands so I can stay in the game. It wouldn’t be right for me to go out so quickly, this being my big day and all.” He looked around for support, but the other three weren’t buying into his argument at all.

“No way Jose,” Kate said, chuckling and enjoying watching him squirm. “It’s time for the birthday boy to show us all his birthday suit!”

“Yeah, birthday boy. You lost. Time to pay the piper,” Pat chimed in.

Tonya was quiet, just waiting to see if Ross would actually go through with it. Kate had to make Ross stand up, and she gave him a quick hug, pressing her bare breasts into his chest. She slid her hands inside his briefs and pushed them down his legs before backing away, leaving Ross standing completely naked in the well-lit room.

Tonya giggled, stifling a small gasp, but she didn’t avert her gaze. Ross’ cock intrigued her more than she would have ever guessed. It wasn’t that much bigger in length or diameter than Pat’s. It was just different, and that’s what was so exciting. She wondered – was Ross going to get hard? What would he look like then? She thought about it – when was the last time she had seen another man naked besides Pat? It had been ages.

Moreover, she found herself enjoying the fact that she was seeing this good friend of hers stand in front of her, fully exposed for her viewing pleasure. It wasn’t like Ross was being a creepy exhibitionist, it was more like he was completely opening up to her; he felt so comfortable with her that he would let her see him naked. And she thought he certainly looked good doing it.

Suddenly, she wondered what it would feel like to be in that position. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been thinking about it she had made the commitment to Kate months ago. Actually, she had been more like worrying about it for the last week. Now that she was finally faced with what it would be like to be on display, the thought actually seemed to appeal to her. As if she was hastening the process, she said, “Well, Pat and I lost that hand too, so we need to take off a piece of clothing.” Pat quickly and without any fanfare took off his shorts, leaving him in only his boxer shorts – not a real noticeable difference.

Tonya undid the buttons on her long peasant blouse and let it slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. Having known that there was a good chance that she’d be seen in some stage of undress that evening, she was glad that she had picked out her sexiest bra and panties. She stood there, watching the other’s eyes look her over. When she saw Ross smiling, she pirouetted to show him the view from behind.

Kate kept the spotlight on Tonya, commenting first on her panties, low cut, lacy and skimpy. Not exactly a thong, these panties featured darting that tucked into her butt, hugging the contour of her shapely ass. Tonya went along with the show, proudly turning around and even wiggling a bit in Ross’ direction, which brought a big smile of appreciation.

Kate persisted, also complimenting about Tonya’s brassiere that pushed up her perky breasts perfectly, giving them a nice, full roundness. The material was sheer enough that her large, dark areolas were clearly visible. Tonya ran her hands over her body, turning and displaying her last two pieces of clothing. Then she sat down, secretly hoping she would lose the next hand. The thought ran through her mind – what would she rather be, topless or bottomless?

But she didn’t have to worry about it. She was dealt two pair, kings high, and she knew so little about poker that she didn’t even realize it. She had won. Pat and Kate leaned back in their chairs and rolled their eyes. Ross looked disappointed.

Kate watched intently as Pat stood up, slid off his boxers, turned around twice and slowly sat back down. She had seen him naked several times before, but each time she found herself thrilled to see every square inch of skin on such a large, well-built guy.

Kate was shaken from her reverie by Tonya, who gleefully said to her, “OK Kate, now it’s your turn.” Kate was already topless, and was already aware that Pat had been glancing furtively at her for the last couple of hands. She was more than happy to take off her panties in front of him, but in deference to her husband, she at least directed the show in her Ross’ direction.

Kate declared, “Well, Tonya, you won. Congratulations. Now, you have to strip for the birthday boy.”

Ross’ eyes widened. Pat laughed and said, “Yeah, let’s see you take it all off for the birthday boy!”

Tonya blushed heavily. She was suddenly faced with baring it all. Even though the other three were already completely naked, she hesitated. Kate and Pat clapped and chanted, “Take it off. Take it off. Take it off.” All sorts of emotions ran through Tonya’s mind. Insecurities again welled up within her. She knew her breasts weren’t as big as Kate’s, so how would she compare? Did anybody really want to see the rest of her body? Why did she get herself into this position in the first place? She had won the strip poker game, so why couldn’t she back out now and just put the rest of her clothes back on?

Tonya looked at Ross and saw an expression on his face like a kid on Christmas morning, gazing at all the presents under the tree, eyes wide with amazement and awe. He had such an appreciative look, almost childlike, that it calmed her, reassuring her that he would like what he saw. “Oh, what the heck,” she thought to herself, “I guess I can make his day.”

With all eyes focused on her, she stood up and undid the clasp in the back of her bra. She held the cups in place as the straps fell away from her shoulders. Like Kate had done, she ever so slowly lowered the bra from her breasts, stopping as her nipples started to come into view. But her hesitation wasn’t for drama, she still felt embarrassed. Pat and Kate had seen her naked before, but what would Ross think? Tonya looked at her husband one last time for approval, but his smile removed any doubt that everything was all right.

She watched Ross’ face as she dropped the bra, noticing the gleam in his eyes as he finally got to see her bare breasts. She could tell that he was having a good birthday and was pleased to be part of making him happy. Ross wasn’t staring at her, but rather his eyes darted back and forth between her face and all up and down her body. In fact, she thought he was making more eye contact with her than anything else.

“OK, halfway to complete nudity,” yelled Kate. “Keep going. Don’t stop now.” Tonya looked again at Pat, and he gave a silent nod of his head.

Her panties were very form-fitting, so she almost had to wiggle out of them to get them over her hips and down her thighs. Ross thought that this was for his benefit and let out an appreciative, “Nice!”

Tonya smiled at his reaction, turned around twice and said “Ta-da! There you have it. I’m naked! Happy birthday, Ross. I’ll have you know that I’ve never done this before, so that’s how special you are.”

“Well thank you Tonya,” Ross replied. “I’ve always known that you are a beautiful woman, and as I have long suspected, you have an absolutely stunning body.” He looked her over from head to toe, taking time to study her body closely, committing various features to memory, the shape and curve of her breasts, the size and color of her areolas, the soft shadows between her thighs, the roundness of her well-toned ass. He knew that there was a very good chance he would be the last male besides Pat to see her naked. “You probably have no idea how good you look with your clothes off.”

Tonya blushed again, and said, “Oh, you’re just saying that because I’m naked.”

“No,” Ross replied, “I’m saying that because it’s true. Both you women are absolutely beautiful, and you both have great bodies. You two are great examples of how completely different female body styles prove the vast range of feminine beauty. You are both magnificent. Thank you for making my birthday special beyond words.” Turning to his wife, “And Kate, thank you for setting up all this. I can’t believe you took the sting out of a birthday for me. You are the best wife in the world.”

“Well, it doesn’t have to end yet. The sun has pretty much set, so maybe we should go take a quick dip in the lake. What do you all say?” Kate suggested.

The insecure expression returned to Tonya’s face. “You mean go skinny-dipping? Outside?”

“Well, you can’t go skinny-dipping inside,” Kate retorted. “C’mon, nobody will see you, except us. Let’s go. Have you ever done this before?

“Of course not,” was Tonya’s obvious answer.

“Well, c’mon, there’s a first time for everything. Today might as well be the day you really let it all hang out,” Kate said. “I’ll go get some towels and I’ll meet you out on the dock. Go ahead.”

Ross took his glass into the kitchen, saying, “Does anybody need another drink? I know I could use one,” as he sauntered into the kitchen.

Pat was looking at Tonya and she found herself frozen by his gaze. She noticed a definite lusty aspect to his expression now, and she was a bit taken aback. She didn’t remember the last time he looked at her quite that way. She felt a mixture of pride and arousal and wondered why she hadn’t done things like this before. She knew it wasn’t something that she would do every day, and certainly not with just anybody. But Ross and Kate were good friends, good enough that she had enjoyed the whole experience. At least, so far.

Tonya was still a bit apprehensive about this whole skinny-dipping thing. Nudity inside was one thing, but outside where anybody could see her was still threatening. So she waited behind to talk to Kate as Pat and Ross walked out the back door. She watched as their bare butts headed down the flagstone pathway to the lake, illuminated just enough by the small solar-powered lights. They were so much at ease. Tonya thought to herself, “That’s men for you. It’s much tougher to be a woman.”

Kate appeared with the towels, and said, “Here, wrap this around you so you won’t feel so self-conscious as we walk down to the lake. Trust me, you can’t see anything, but I know you’re still feeling a bit uneasy.”

“Well, if I had tits as big as yours, maybe I’d be more self-assured,” Tonya responded.

Kate turned to her, grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing them back. “Tonya, you’ve got a great body. But you have to stand up straight and stop slouching. Be proud. Show it off. Every woman looks better if she is confident. You’ve got great breasts, and you have every right to be confident. Have you noticed how much Ross is enjoying the show you’re putting on for him? You’re helping me make his birthday a truly memorable one, so I appreciate it too. C’mon, let’s go cool off in the lake.”

Tonya noted that Kate had wrapped her towel around her waist, leaving her bare-breasted and she decided to do the same. The ladies walked outside and headed down to the lake. They could hear the guys already in the water, splashing and laughing.

Kate dropped her towel on the bench and dove right in, with Tonya right behind her. The two couples swam and frolicked for a while, stopping occasionally to sip at their drinks, standing in waist deep water by the dock. The sun had long since set, but the early summer twilight persists a long time in northern Michigan. On top of that, a quarter moon added just the right additional amount to the available illumination.

Kate made it a point to lean with her elbows on the dock, knowing full well that by now, the guys’ vision had adjusted to the low light and her breasts would be tantalizingly visible. Pat mistakenly thought that she couldn’t see him openly staring at her. Ross wasn’t shy about his gaze, his eyes darting back and forth between the two women’s bodies.

Eventually, Kate swan out to the raft, climbed up the ladder and stood with her arms and legs widely spread, yelling, “I’m the queen of the world!” The boys quickly followed, and eventually, Tonya did too.

The four of them lay naked on the raft, the slight breeze cooling them comfortably after the sweltering heat of the day. They sat and talked about a multitude of topics for about fifteen minutes. Even Tonya got comfortable enough to join in the conversation, and she noticed that she had almost forgotten that they were all naked. She even took the opportunity to check out the guys as they lay on their backs, and chuckled to herself when she realized that what she had heard was true – lake water does cause shrinkage.

Finally, Tonya declared that she was getting a bit chilled and was going to swim back to the dock. Kate asked her, “Do you want to go in the hot tub? We don’t use it as much in the summer, but maybe tonight would be good.”

Tonya quickly asked, “Is everybody going in the hot tub?”

Kate wanted to make sure that Tonya was still comfortable and asked, “Do you want company?”

Tonya’s response surprised Kate, “Sure, why don’t we all hop in for a while. It’d be a good way to wrap up the evening.”

One by one, they dove in and swam back to the dock. Ross toweled dry as he was walking back to the deck, where he uncovered the jacuzzi, slid in and turned on the jets. Trying to be a true gentleman, he stood and helped both women as they stepped into the tub. Since there is no graceful way to step into a hot tub, Ross made it a point to watch closely as each woman extended her legs, trying to reach the bottom of the tub. Pat missed the show because he had detoured back into the kitchen to mix four more drinks.

In the hot tub, it didn’t take long to drive the chill from their bodies. Soon, all four were taking turns sitting up on the edge of the tub, with only their legs in the water. Tonya followed Kate’s lead, leaning backwards, arms spread widely against a bench, striking a pose that invited the men’s eyes, and based on how they were staring, she could tell that they were not disappointed.

After a while, Tonya looked at Pat and said, “I think it’s time for us to go inside too. I’ve got a special treat for you, even if it’s not your birthday.” Pat almost jumped out of the jacuzzi, quickly following Tonya inside.

Author’s Note: This story is intended as a follow-up to my earlier story “His Favorite Birthday” under the topic “Loving Wives”. You’ll see why I reclassified this one.


The morning after his birthday, Ross had quite a vodka-induced headache, but he was smiling as he made the coffee. Maybe it was more like smirking. The day before, his wife Kate had given him one of the best blowjobs he had ever had, a sloppy but very satisfying hand job, and fucked his eyes out. He absent-mindedly rubbed his penis and noted that it was actually a little bit sore.

The fact that their friend Tonya had done a little strip tease for him was certainly icing on the cake, birthday or otherwise. For a prude, she had certainly stepped out of character. The surprising part was that she hadn’t seemed overly nervous or self-conscious about taking off her clothes right in front of him. It was almost as if she was enjoying it. He had committed to memory every second she had been naked, right there in front of him, and it had been for over an hour. He never would have believed it if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

“She’s always been one of my favorite women friends”, he thought to himself, “she’s so pretty, great face, smile and eyes that sparkle, easy to talk to, smart and funny. Now I can add the mental image of her naked breasts, hips, thighs, butt and pussy to that picture, and I will certainly remember that for the rest of my life.”

No sooner had he poured his first cup of coffee, he heard his wife Kate coming out of the master bedroom, humming to herself. She was in a good mood already, so that bode well for the day.

“So honey, whatcha got planned for me today?” Ross asked. “Can you top yesterday?”

“No way. Your birthday is over. You’ll have to wait another year, at least, maybe more,” she replied.

“So, I gotta know. How in the hell did you talk Tonya into all of that? She was the last of your friends, I mean our friends, that I would have thought would participate in that kind of thing. I always thought of her as more than a little prudish. Bev, Jody, anybody else, maybe. But Tonya? Never in a million years. What did you promise her? How did you talk her into it?”

“Relax,” Kate said. “It wasn’t that big a deal. She just took off her clothes in front of you. It wasn’t like she agreed to spouse-swap or anything. In fact, she made it quite clear that she didn’t want any pictures, and there wouldn’t even be any mention of swapping or anything sexual.”

“Well, that never even crossed my mind,” Ross replied, but the faraway look he suddenly got in his eyes told Kate he was certainly thinking about it right now.

“So you enjoyed that, huh? Who else in my circle of friends would you like to see naked? You’ve seen Bev a bunch. You’ve even seen Gwen a few times, and I think she’s almost as prudish as Tonya.” Kate moved close to Ross and looked up into his eyes. “And would you like to sleep with any of them? Who would be your first choice?”

“You,” was his quick reply.

“Right answer,” Kate shot back. “Seriously, if you could have sex with any of the women we know, even women from work whom I don’t know, or other places, wherever, who would it be?”

“OK, in this fantasy world, do I have your permission? And are you sleeping with her husband, or is this just a one-sided affair?”

Kate mulled it over for a second and said, “To make this simple, let’s say you have my permission, and I am not sleeping with her husband, and he and I won’t even know of your little tryst.”

“Hmm. Hmm. I guess my answer is still you. I like making love with you. I like how hard you come, and I know all the tricks to get you there. I’m not sure I could perform with another woman.”

“Liar!” Kate laughed, but she hugged him harder and rubbed her body against his, enough that she could feel his penis begin to harden. “Mmmm, all this sexy talk seems to be working.” She slipped her hand down into his pajama pants and took hold of his cock, feeling it stiffen quickly, causing him to shudder slightly. “Wanna have some morning sex right now, right here in the kitchen?”

But before Ross could answer, they heard steps coming down the stairs, and his buddy Pat bounded into the room. Ross laughed, and had to turn against the cupboards to hide his bulging pants, silently cursing Pat’s timing.

Pat went straight for the coffee pot and didn’t notice. “So, Kate, how did you ever talk my wife into getting that wild last night? As long as we’ve been married, I’ve never seen her get like that. She was like a different woman. What did you put in her drink, and how can I buy a lifetime supply of it? And, if I may say so, she even kept me up late into the night. We needed that, so I thank you.”

“Nothing, I did nothing,” Kate said, “Except maybe help her release her inner tigress.” All three laughed heartily.

“No, seriously,” Pat continued, “how did you ever talk her into it?”

“It’s a long story, but suffice it to say that I kind of shamed her into it by intimating that I thought she was a real prude.”

“Which she is,” said Pat, “and I should know, better than anybody in the whole world.”

Ross had recovered and turned to face the other two. “Well, I am glad I was there to witness it all. And believe me, I witnessed it all. She has an even better body than I would have guessed, what with all the baggy, loose-fitting clothes she usually wears. She sure could strut her stuff if she wanted to dress the right way.”

“Well, maybe this is Tonya V2.0 we’re witnessing this weekend,” suggested Kate.

“I can only hope so,” Pat shot back. “It would certainly make things better around our house.”

“OK, enough of that,” Kate said, obviously trying to change the subject. “What do you have on tap for today?”

“I’m going fishing, and real soon. Down to the Pere Marquette River, looking for rainbows and steelhead,” Pat said. “What about you two?”

“I’m going to go shopping in town, but I’ll probably wait for Tonya to see if she wants to go along,” Kate said. “Oh, and I have to take the trash and recycling to the dump.”

“Oooh, big time plans,” Ross snickered. “Me? I’m just recuperating today. I’m just going to sit at the end of the dock as long as it takes for me to feel better.”

Pat packed his fishing gear and was off, promising to be back by about 4pm. Ross went out to the deck and lay down on a chaise lounge in the morning sun. Kate ate a little breakfast and putzed around the kitchen until Tonya came downstairs about 11am. “Whoa, it’s almost noon,” Tonya said. “I guess I needed to sleep, huh?”

“Yeah,” Kate smiled, “based on all that noise we heard from the upstairs last night, you might have gone to bed before midnight, but you and Pat didn’t actually get to sleep until much later.”

Tonya blushed and looked at her nervously, “You didn’t actually hear us, did you?”

“Relax Tonya. You’ve turned over a new leaf, remember? Besides, Ross and I were out on the dock having our own fun, and I’ve got a story there. Don’t worry, you have nothing to be ashamed about. I hope you don’t have any regrets, because it was you who made Ross’ birthday special, not me. He even mentioned it this morning.”

Tonya looked even more nervous. “Oh no, he didn’t really, did he? Oh, I’m starting to think that I should never have agreed to all of this. How can I look him in the eye again?”

Well, you’re about to find out,” Kate said as Ross walked in the door from the deck.

“Tonya! How are you doing today?” Ross was positively beaming, and it immediately caused Tonya to relax. “I’m so glad you and Pat made it up here for my birthday. Otherwise, it would have been just Kate and me, and we can be pretty boring.”

“Well,” Tonya said, “I hope I didn’t embarrass myself last night. You two might be used to partying like that, but it’s a bit new for me.”

Ross tried to reassure her by saying, “Thank you for making my birthday so memorable. It was truly an honor to have you and Pat here. I’m glad you came.”

Tonya looked at him closely. There was no leering or anything lewd or lecherous about his expression. He wasn’t staring at her breasts like many guys do; he was looking her right in the eyes. He seemed sincere and there was definitely an appreciative tone to his voice. She suddenly felt sexy again, just like last night. This weekend was the first time in a long while that she had felt that way. She was coming to the realization that she liked that feeling and wondered how often other women got to feel that way. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Ross refilled his glass of orange juice and said, “My headache is just about gone, so I think I’ll make it. It was nip and tuck there early this morning. Pat must have been OK because he was out of here about an hour ago. Do you think he might actually bring back something for dinner?”

Tonya replied, “No, he always does catch-and-release. Says it’s more humane and doesn’t deplete the fishing stock. I think it’s just an excuse so he doesn’t have to admit he didn’t catch anything.”

After Ross went back out to his chair on the deck and the girls had the kitchen to themselves, Tonya asked, “So Kate, what’s the story you have to tell me about being out on the dock last night?”

“Oh boy, where do I begin? Let’s just say that Ross and I were at it hot and heavy out there at the end of the dock, and I have to admit I was probably making enough noise to wake the dead. We thought we were alone until we figured out that our neighbor Ruth was on their dock with her friend. I’m sure they got a great show. I’m surprised they didn’t give us an ovation when we walked back to the house.”

Tonya asked, “What were they doing out there at that time of night? And they couldn’t have seen anything, the moon had set, and it had to be pretty dark by then. I know I could still see pretty well when we were skinny-dipping and climbed up on the raft, but that was a couple of hours before when the moon was up.”

Kate explained, “Well, they’ve got these night-vision binoculars that they use to look at the stars. They really are amazing. You look at the Milky Way and what seems to be a cloud to the naked eye, you can tell that it really is millions and millions of stars. We’ve been over there a couple of times on clear and starry nights and gotten to use them. Maybe I should ask her if we can borrow them tonight, because they really are fascinating. Anyway, if you use the binoculars to look around you, not up in the sky, it really does make it look like it’s daylight, and it zooms in on the details too. We didn’t know that Ruth and her friend were out on their dock until one of them dropped the binoculars. You could hear the two of them giggling quietly, like they knew they were busted. And Ross said he saw the little reddish infrared illumination light pointing straight at us, so it was no accident. They were definitely looking at us. Funny thing was that as soon as Ross knew we were being watched, he came, and he came hard. I think he got overly excited at the voyeur aspect of the situation.”

“So how long were they watching you? Do you know?” Kate was surprised that Tonya seemed so interested.

“We had been out there for quite a while, and we would have heard them walk out on the dock, so I figure they were there the whole time. I’ll have to ask Ruth. She’ll tell me. I just saw her out in her yard, so maybe I’ll go over there right now. Want to come?”

“No, I don’t want to get in the way of your conversation,” Tonya laughed. “You can probably get more details if you’re alone. So go ahead without me.”

“OK, suit yourself. I’ll be right back,” Kate said as she headed out the door.

Tonya walked out on the deck and sat down on the other chaise lounge chair near Ross. She thought he might have fallen back to sleep, but he immediately turned to her and smiled. “So how are you feeling this morning?” he asked.

“I’m fine, but I didn’t have as much to drink as you and Pat,” replied Tonya. “It may have seemed like I had lots to drink, but I didn’t. I was actually relatively sober all night.”

“Really?” Ross looked at her. “I would have thought that it would have taken a lot of alcohol to get you so, how should I say, uninhibited. Yeah, that’s a good word – uninhibited. So, if you don’t mind me asking, what the heck got into you? Please don’t take this the wrong way, because I truly appreciate being the beneficiary of it all, but it seems a little out of character for you. Really, I really do appreciate you and Pat coming up here for my birthday, and you personally made it really very, very special. I hope that doesn’t come out in a lecherous nature, but it probably does. Oh well, I’ll stop babbling now.”

Tonya blushed and smiled to herself. Ross was actually flustered. She was the one who should be embarrassed. She was the one who had done a little strip tease routine for him in a brightly lit room. Of course, at that point, he had been the first to lose in the strip poker game and was already naked. But, like most women, she was usually more selective and careful when it came to nudity. She thought to herself, “Why is that? Guys will get naked at the drop of a hat. Why are we women so concerned with covering up? We spend so much time and money buying clothes and make-up, when men would simply appreciate less of both.”

She sat back in the chair and continued mulling over the topic in her head, “Why exactly did I do all of that rather risque stuff last night? How did Kate talk me into it in the first place?” Tonya knew that she had her reasons. It started when Kate accused her of being a prude. Tonya was actually a little hurt by that assessment. She didn’t really consider herself a prude, and it was sort of a shock to hear that apparently everybody else did, especially to the degree that Kate was making her out to be.

Tonya actually had other reasons for singling out Ross. Deep in the recesses of her mind, she remembered a number of occasions when Ross had made some of his off-hand, flirtatious comments or when he glanced at her in a certain way or how he flashed that just right kind of smile that made her feel sexy, desirable and beautiful.

Ross was never leering or creepy, and he had never came on to her, at least not overtly. He was too much of a gentleman for that. Tonya specifically remembered the previous New Year’s Eve party when he had mentioned that he was really smitten by the faux tuxedo she had been wearing. He had made a point to say that her outfit really struck a chord with him, and she noticed he was watching her all night. He had also made more than a little conversation with her that evening, so much so that she felt more of a connection with him than anybody else, even her own husband.

And then there was the time that she caught him openly staring down her blouse as she leaned over the picnic table to get some condiment or something. She had quickly realized that not having worn a bra that day with the loose fitting shirt was giving Ross a great look at her breasts. But rather than leering, he had this appreciative look on his face, she thought it was almost childlike, and she caught herself lingering in that exposed position, enjoying the attention he was giving her. She even made it a point to put the condiment bottle back in the exact same place, just so she’d give him a great second look. Thinking about it even a year or so later, his reaction still brought a smile to her face.

Ross was also the kind of guy who would help out a friend at the drop of a hat. One day, he had helped Tonya repair their lawn tractor before Pat could find out that she had knocked off the muffler by running into a tree. Ross didn’t think anything of spending an hour fixing it. After he had finished, she had asked him why he was always so helpful, especially to her. He pondered the question for a few seconds, and he said, “A psychologist would probably have a field day with my deep-seated reasoning, but being a red-blooded, heterosexual American male, it probably is based somewhere in my subconscious desire to sleep with you.”

Tonya was initially shocked at the forward nature of his comment. But she quickly realized that it wasn’t a proposition; he had simply been making a comment about the inner workings of the male mind. Deep inside though, she kind of wished it had been a proposition. She never would have taken him up on it, but she thought it would have been the highest compliment. She knew he wasn’t the kind of guy that would actually push the issue, but somewhere inside, she was secretly pleased that he was even referring to a desire to sleep with her.

“Nothing got into me,” Tonya explained. “I was just got caught up in the moment, being spontaneous. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself. This morning, when I got up, I was worried that you might not look at me the same way. I mean looking at me figuratively. Not literally. Oh boy, now I’m the one who is babbling.”

“You have no reason to be embarrassed,” Ross said, as he lay back in his lounge chair, his eyes closed. “In fact, you should be proud. You have a great body. You can tell that you’ve taken good care of yourself. You are one of the few women I know who still looks great in a two-piece bathing suit. And, if I may say so, you looked great out of the two piece bathing suit.”

“Oh come on now, you’re just saying that.” Tonya didn’t believe him, “My breasts are nowhere near as big as Kate’s, and my thighs are too big, and…”

Ross cut her off. He opened his eyes and turned to face her. “What is it with you women that makes you so insecure, especially you women who are really gorgeous? It’s like the more beautiful you are, the more unsure of yourselves you become. Tonya, you of all people should be holding your head high. Take it from me, because I’m being perfectly honest with you. You are drop dead gorgeous. You have a great body. Your breasts are perfect – ideally shaped, and if I may be so forward, I have to admit that I was particularly fascinated by your nipples and large areolas. I found your breasts extremely attractive, and it was all I could do not to gawk and stare. They’re so different than what I am used to. All men like all women’s breasts. Size doesn’t matter. We are simply grateful every time we get to see them. But another thing, with you personally, what really catches a guy’s eyes first off is not so much your body, it’s your smile, your face, the sparkle in your eyes. And I say this in the nicest way, but I hope that I get another chance to see you naked again some day.”

“How can I take that the wrong way?” Tonya asked, surprised at the graphic detail he was using to describe her. Moreover, she was thrilled that he thought so highly of her.

“I just don’t want to seem like I’m coming on to you,” Ross said, knowing that deep in the deep recesses of his mind, he probably meant exactly the opposite. He went on, “It’s just that you women need to be more self-assured. You’d feel better, and enjoy life more if you were more secure.”

They heard a scratching noise and saw Kate coming back from the neighbors through the bushes, with a pair of what looked like binoculars around her neck. Tonya was disappointed. She could have used more of this praise, but she was already feeling better about herself than she had in a long time.

“Oh boy, we’re gonna have fun tonight,” Kate quickly said. “They’re going to Mackinac Island in an hour or so, so they gave me their night-vision binoculars to play with this evening.” Ross rolled his eyes, remembering how he and Kate had been spied upon the night before. “Tonya, why don’t you come inside and help me with prepping the marinade?”

Tonya got up, knowing full well that this was just an excuse to talk in private. She and Kate went inside, leaving Ross on the deck.

Once inside, Tonya refilled her coffee cup and took a seat in one of the high-backed chairs along the counter. She put her head in her hands and said, “So I’ve got to know, how much did they see? Did she apologize for being a voyeur?”

“Oh, quite to the contrary,” Kate responded. “She and her friend were very up front about it all, seemed to have enjoyed every minute of it, and made no apologies. Her friend Grace asked if we did that thing all the time. I said of course not. The she even asked me how many orgasms I had. Can you believe it? I had never met her before and she wants to know how many times I came. When I ‘fessed up and told her three, which was the truth, she wanted to know if she could borrow Ross one of these days before she goes back to North Carolina. They apparently saw every detail. Of course, sound travels very well over water, so they heard every detail too. I was shocked at how forward their conversation got in only ten minutes. She started to complain about her husband’s performance, going into detail about how long it’s been since she had even one orgasm with him, much less three. I think they would have liked to carry on talking for a couple more hours, but they had to get packing and on the road. Oh well, they’ll be back Sunday evening, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing from them then.”

Tonya was flabbergasted, “You had three orgasms? That’d be a modern day record for me, although I guess I might have been closing in on it last night. All that exhibitionism sure got me horny as I’ve been in years. And they wanted to talk about it all? Wow, they are a lot more open about things than I would ever be with a stranger.”

“OK then, just between friends, have you ever thought about watching another couple do it? Or how about having somebody watch you and Pat go at it? Along those same lines, which would you rather do, watch or be watched?” Kate asked.

“I guess I never really thought about it,” Tonya said, not convincingly. “Well, maybe the thought had occurred to me at some point. Why, how did you feel when you figured out you were being watched last night? Have you ever done anything like that before?”

“No, never,” Kate said. “But I have to admit that it turned out to be really exciting, especially for Ross. He was on top when we realized they were watching, so he was much more exposed and he knew it. And I think he figured out pretty quickly from their giggling that it was women who were watching him. If I had thought it was a guy who was watching me, I’d find it much more exciting. Heck, I’d probably like to get on top and put on a show. I’ve always found it stimulating to have men look at me. What about you?”

“I’m not sure I could do it. Put on a show that is. I might be able to watch you and Ross tonight if that’s what you’re getting at. Is it?” Tonya asked.

“No, that’s not where I was going, but maybe we should talk about that later, after I’ve had a few drinks,” Kate said, laughing. “After last night, Ross would probably jump at the chance. He came so fast and hard, I know he found it exhilarating. I’ll bet I can get him to come in less than a minute if you’re watching me do something to him.”

“No you can’t! And you wouldn’t, would you?” From Tonya’s tone of voice, Kate could tell that she’d probably like to see her try.

Both women’s thoughts drifted off momentarily. Kate relived the details of the previous evening. Being spied upon had been exciting, but she knew that Ross had found it much more so. Why was that? Kate quickly came to the conclusion that it had to do with being watched by members of the opposite sex. Would it have been more exciting if it had been Ruth and Grace’s husbands staring at her through the night vision binoculars? Definitely so, she decided.

The idea of watching and being watched was also running through Tonya’s mind. She imagined herself on the neighbors’ dock watching Ross and Kate, their naked bodies intertwined only a hundred feet or so away, clearly visible through the night vision binoculars. The more she thought about it, the more interesting it sounded, especially if she got to see more of Ross.

Then, she pictured the situation reversed, with herself out on the dock, on top, riding Pat, knowing that Ross and Kate were sitting on the deck watching her through the night vision binoculars. She doubted that she’d ever have the guts to put on such a show, but after she thought about it for a few moments, she had to admit that being watched seemed more erotic than just watching.

Tonya broke the silence, “So for you, what’s more erotic, having somebody of the opposite sex seeing you naked, or seeing somebody of the opposite sex naked?”

“Oh definitely being naked in front of a man, rather than the other way around. Don’t you agree? Don’t you think all women feel that way? ” Kate asked.

“I agree,” said Tonya. “Like last night, seeing Ross take off his clothes was nice – he’s got a great body, and I really enjoyed it. And don’t worry, I have no designs on your husband. But I could actually feel myself getting excited when I was taking off my own clothes in front of him. Not so much in front of Pat, because he sees me all the time. But having another guy seeing me naked was definitely more stimulating to me. Did you feel the same way knowing Pat was looking at you? So why do us women feel that way? Guys don’t think that way, do they?”

“No, I’m sure they don’t,” Kate answered. “Guys would rather see a woman naked. I don’t think that they get off at all on being seen. Well, maybe they do. Maybe I should call Ross in here and we can run an experiment.”

Tonya’s eyes lit up at the suggestion, but she didn’t press the point.

Changing the subject, Kate asked, “And if you were watching another couple? What would you like to see most? Would you only be looking at the guy?”

“Yeah, of course. I’d only be looking at the guy’” Tonya admitted. “I’d probably really enjoy watching another guy besides Pat have an orgasm. Of course, it’s been so long for me that I’ve forgotten what another guy getting off might look like.”

“So – and this is a purely hypothetical situation – if I called Ross in here right now and offered to give him a blow job right in front of you, would you get embarrassed and leave the room, or would you stay and watch?” Kate asked.

“I’d watch, if I was invited, but you wouldn’t really do that, would you? And he probably wouldn’t let you anyway, right?” Tonya was suddenly sitting up straight and looking very interested, and Kate noticed.

“Be careful what you wish for, because I’ll do it.” Kate poked her head out the door and said, “Hey Ross, a purely theoretical question for you – do guys think it’s more erotic to see a naked woman or to be seen naked by a woman?”

Ross thought about it for about a millisecond and said, “Definitely seeing a woman naked. Why?”

Kate continued, “So do guys think it’s at all erotic to be naked in front of a woman?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess. I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about it. It would definitely depend on the situation,” Ross answered. Kate turned to talk to Tonya and closed the door so that Ross couldn’t hear their conversation. Intrigued, he got up, walked into the house and asked, “I don’t know what prompted those questions, but I like where you’re going with this discussion. Can I sit in?”

“Yeah, but you have to take off your clothes, right here, right now,” Kate insisted. Tonya raised her eyebrows, enough of a change in her expression that Ross noticed.

“Seriously?” Ross asked, “You really want me to strip right now? If I do, what’s in it for me? Will you follow suit?”

“Follow suit, as in ‘birthday suit’? How about if I promise to make it worth your while? Tonya and I were just discussing something of this nature,” Kate quickly replied.

“Well, I, uh, uh, I, um. That’s not exactly how I pictured this,” Ross stuttered.

“This is exactly what we want to know. Do you feel excited sexually when a woman sees you naked? So I want you to get naked and tell me how you feel. Do you want me to help you out of your clothes, just like I did last night?”

Ross drew back into the corner of the kitchen as Kate moved towards him, following Tonya’s eyes all the while. He saw her watching him, and he let Kate pull his shirt over his head. He put up a brief struggle as she tugged at his shorts, but eventually, he relented and he was left standing naked, both women sizing him up.

As their eyes roamed over his body, he could feel his penis begin to swell. Kate quickly noticed it too, and she nudged Tonya, saying, “See? He’s starting to get hard.” Kate moved in, and took his penis in her hand, and massaged it slowly. “See? He obviously thinks it is erotic to be seen naked by a woman, so we’ve answered that part of the question.”

Ross could see Tonya’s eyes running up and down his body, but he did nothing to cover himself up. Kate noticed and asked him, “You like having her look at you, don’t you?”

“If you want to put my body on display, I’ll let you,” Ross said. “You know I like to do that with you. But just remember this when Pat comes back this afternoon. Paybacks can be a bitch.”

“OK, we’ll worry about that then,” Kate said as she moved closer to Ross, letting her hand slide down the front of his body, brushing against his penis. She looked down and could tell he was well on his way to getting erect. “But right now, I’ve got something else on my mind.”

Once again, Kate took her husband’s cock in her hand and rubbed it slowly and softly. With Tonya watching, it didn’t take very long before he was as hard and big as Kate knew he would get. She stepped back so Tonya could see everything. Kate looked at Ross and saw he was watching Tonya’s eyes, which were focused closely on his erection.

Kate suddenly got down on her knees next to Ross and started to kiss and lick his stiffened penis. His knees buckled slightly as soon as she took him in her mouth, and he moaned with obvious pleasure. “Oh my God, what are you doing? Don’t. Please don’t. I’m not going to be able to hold back. You’re going to make me come. Oh no. Do you realize what you’re doing?”

Kate took a quick glance at Tonya, and saw she had her hand over her mouth in obvious surprise. But Tonya was making no attempt to avert her gaze; in fact, she was watching intently.

Kate pushed forward until her lips reached his body. She was taking all of him deep in her mouth, her tongue rolling around the shaft of his penis. Ross started to quiver and shake. She knew he was going to explode soon, real soon.

Ross’ eyes darted back and forth between looking at Tonya and seeing Kate sucking on his cock. It was too much stimulus for him, and he knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. He felt the orgasm rising within, and it couldn’t be stopped. Tonya was going to see him having an orgasm. He was going to come right in front of her, and he knew he couldn’t help himself now.

One last look at Tonya, seeing her eyes focusing on him, and he could feel the orgasm rushing upon him. His body started jerking violently as the waves of pleasure washed over him, the spasms ripping through him.

Tonya watched as his face contorted, his teeth clenched, his eyes rolled back. He let out muted, unintelligible sounds and his hips thrust reflexively as he poured his semen into Kate’s mouth. He sank back against the counter, twitching and jerking. Tonya noticed how he grunted and moaned in ecstasy without any sign of embarrassment or being the slightest bit self-conscious. The level of his voice began to subside as his orgasm wound down. Kate was still sucking on his cock, her mouth working expertly up and down the length of his penis, tonguing every last drop of semen out of him.

Ross’ eyes opened again and he looked straight at Tonya. The eye contact caused him to shudder and moan, almost as if he was having a second orgasm.

Tonya couldn’t believe she was witnessing all of this. How could her close friends feel comfortable doing this right in front of her? Comfortable? They were more than comfortable; they were truly enjoying themselves. Of course Ross was having a great time; he was still jerking and twitching as his orgasm ran its course. But Kate was looking very proud at being able to bring Ross so much pleasure.

But more interesting to Tonya was her own reaction. She wondered why was she enjoying the show so much? Not even a month ago, she would have been running upstairs in embarrassment. Now, she realized that she had actually loved watching. She could feel how wet she was getting – she knew she was literally dripping with excitement. If she was going to be running upstairs now, it would be to masturbate and bring on her own orgasm.

Ross was still twitching and gasping when he finally pulled Kate away from him. Tonya watched his flagging penis as it slid out of her mouth. It wasn’t as big as it had been a few minutes ago, and she could see it glistening in the sunlight coming through the big windows. Tonya watched as one last drop formed at the tip of his cock. Ross squirmed as Kate moved back in and licked it off.

He was spent, leaning against the counter, breathing heavily. Kate looked up at him and he smiled at her, helping her to her feet. “Thank you honey. That was wonderful. You are so good to me. I wish I could make you feel as good as you make me feel.”

Tonya couldn’t take her eyes off of Ross. There he was, ten feet away, right in front of her, still twitching occasionally as his orgasm wound down, naked but apparently not embarrassed. She saw that he was looking at her, a tired smile on his face.

Kate finally said, “Put your clothes back on and go back to your lounge chair.” Ross slowly complied and Kate shooed him back out onto the deck. “And Tonya, I hope you won’t tell anybody about this. Even Pat. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m hoping that it will be our little secret. What happens at the lake house stays at the lake house. I hope we didn’t embarrass you, but I just suddenly decided to do that. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I have to admit that I kinda liked it. I seem to have been getting a little crazy this weekend. I’m enjoying it, I know Ross is too, and I hope that you are too. Maybe we have to make it up to Pat somehow.”

“No apologies are necessary,” Tonya replied, still gaping in amazement. “You could probably tell since I stayed and watched with more than a little interest. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have to admit that I liked watching. I really liked it. As in really, really liked it. I’m not sure I can reciprocate with Pat, but maybe if I have a few drinks later this evening, I might take him out to the end of the dock and you can fire up those night vision binoculars.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Kate said.

While making lunch, the two women continued to discuss their own sexual fantasies and what was keeping them from acting them out. They found that for the most part, they both basically wanted the same thing – to feel wanted, desirable and sexy. The two women decided that they both deserved to feel that way. The real question was – how to make their men make them feel like that?

After eating, Ross moved to his favorite place in the whole world – the end of the dock. Kate packed the trash and recycling into the car and asked, “Tonya, want to go with me to the dump? We could just drive into town afterwards and do some shopping, or should we save that for later?”

“No, I’m going to sit and nap in the sun for a while. Is that OK, or do you really want some company? Can we save the shopping trip for later?”

“That’s fine. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Kate assured her, and she headed out the door.

Tonya walked out to the end of the dock where Ross was sitting, staring blankly out at the empty lake. He looked up and smiled at her as she arranged her beach towel on the other chair. “Well, I guess now I’m the one who should be embarrassed,” he said.

“Hey, like you told me earlier, you have no reason to be embarrassed,” Tonya countered. “You can tell you work out regularly because you have a great body, and you should show it off more often. Are you the one being the insecure now?”

“Point well taken.” Ross answered. “Yes, I probably was. But like you said about feeling that your breasts are inferior to Kate’s rather mammoth mammaries, I am not as big and burly as Pat, so I guess I know how you feel.”

“Well there’s no reason. Like I said, you’ve got a great body and I have enjoyed every minute of seeing you naked,” Tonya said, causing him to blush.

Ross continued, “Well, I guess my point is that being seen naked is one thing. Being witnessed in a full-blown orgasm is a much more, how should I say it – vulnerable, no, that’s not it. Open? Maybe. Exposed? Yeah, that’s it, exposed position. I’ve always felt that witnessing another person’s orgasm is like viewing into their soul. That’s why sex is so bonding. The experience makes you open up and let each other look into your inner nature, your very soul. So you have the advantage over me. Actually, if I was embarrassed, it was because of my performance. I don’t have the greatest endurance, even on my best days. I have to admit that you being there was the most erotic, sexy, stimulating feeling that I may ever have had. How long did I last? Maybe a minute?”

Tonya laughed and said, “Kate predicted exactly that. I think it was actually closer to two. I thought you did just fine, so don’t worry.”

“Well, I just couldn’t help myself,” Ross tried to explain. “Seeing you watching me was too much. Even now, just thinking about it, and I might have to jump into the water to cool off.” He got up and dove off the end of the dock. When he surfaced, he said, “That’s better.”

Tonya laughed as he climbed up the ladder and toweled himself dry. She rearranged the top of her tankini to expose her stomach to the late summer sun. Ross settled back in his chair and they both stared out at the open expanse of water.

“It’s amazing that on such a great weekend, there’s nobody out on the lake. Is it usually like this?” asked Tonya.

“Yeah,” Ross replied, “it’s a little busier down at the south end by the sandbar, but up here, you can sit out for an hour without a boat going by. In fact, it’s so peaceful and quiet here that Kate often sunbathes topless.”

“Is that a suggestion?” Tonya chuckled.

“I didn’t mean it that way. It was just a statement of fact,” Ross said. “But now that you mention it, feel free. I promise not to stare.”

Tonya looked around, and feeling reassured that nobody could see the two of them sitting on the dock, she pulled the top of her bathing suit over her head and let it fall next to her chair. She smiled when she noticed how Ross was looking at her out of the corner of his eye, and she felt her nipples getting hard as the soft breeze wafted across her naked torso.

“How long do you think it will be before Kate returns?” Tonya asked.

“It shouldn’t take her an hour or so,” Ross answered. “So, another thing I’ve been meaning to ask is why don’t you have any tan lines? It looks like you’re tanned all over.”

Tonya explained, “I’m pleased that you noticed. I have actually been laying out on my deck on my afternoons off, and Kate talked me into it when she came over one warm afternoon this past May. First she got me to lie out topless for a few minutes, just to get over my nervousness. Eventually, it progressed to full out nude sunbathing. See? I’m not such a prude after all, am I?”

“No, you certainly are not,” Ross admitted. “I have been pleasantly surprised at how relaxed you seem, especially now.”

They lay in the sun, chatting about everything and nothing for the better part of an hour. They were both aware that Ross’ eyes kept darting all over the exposed parts of her body, but they both enjoyed it. A couple of times, he found it necessary to roll over onto his stomach to hide the sight of his stiffening cock. Likewise, Tonya could feel a pleasing wetness lingering between her thighs the entire time they lay out in the sun.

Eventually, they heard Kate returning and Tonya pulled her top back on, saying “I don’t want her to find us like this.”

“Relax, nothing has happened, unfortunately,” Ross reassured her. “She’ll probably join us.”

Sure enough, Kate was already in her bathing suit, carrying a cushion and her towel out to meet them at the end of the dock. “So Tonya, has Ross talked you into sunbathing topless yet? Have you told him how you have been lying out on your deck completely naked? You should show him your tan lines, or should I say, the lack thereof.”

In response, Tonya laughed. “That’s exactly what we had been talking about earlier. And yes, I have been lying out here topless, but your husband has been a perfect gentleman. So why don’t you join us?”

Kate arranged her cushion and towel and sat on the edge of the dock. “I think I will. But first, I’m going to take a quick dip. And since I don’t really like the feeling of a wet bathing suit against my skin as I’m lying around, I’m going to take it off before I jump in.” she looked around and seeing no one nearby, she pulled off her one-piece suit and dove in. When she surfaced, she looked back at the dock and asked, “Why don’t you both join me?”

Ross chuckled and quickly said, “OK, I’m in,” but he didn’t budge.

“C’mon, take off that suit and jump in with me,” Kate persisted.

“OK, here I come,” Ross said as he finally stood up. He quickly slid his trunks down and Tonya got a great close-up of his bare ass as he dove in. He swam straight to Kate and picked her up in his arms, keeping her floating in the water that came up just below his shoulders.

“C’mon Tonya, join us,” Kate pleaded. “The water is wonderful.”

But just then, a commotion back up on the deck signaled that Pat had made it back from his fishing excursion. Soon enough, he walked out on the dock and sat in Ross’ chair next to Tonya.

“So, did you catch us some dinner?” Ross asked.

“No,” Pat replied slowly. “I always do catch and release.”

“Which means you didn’t catch anything, right?” asked Tonya.

“That’s right, not even a bite,” Pat confessed. “But it was great just being out on the river. I can’t imagine having a better time. What’s been happening around here? Nothing much?”

Tonya was literally laughing, and at almost the same time that Pat realized Kate was completely naked in the water. “Holy shit, Kate’s naked. Ross too?” Tonya nodded. “How long has this been going on? And Tonya, have you been participating?”

“I haven’t gone in the water yet. They’re trying to talk me into it, but I’ve been resisting.”

A few seconds later, Pat said. “I’ll do it if you do it.” He looked around and said, “Nobody but us four for miles around. It’ll be just like last night, right?” He took off his shirt, slipped off his shoes and slid quickly out of his pants and boxer shorts.

Standing naked in the sunlight, he offered his hand to Tonya to help her up out of the chair. As she stood up, he pulled her top up over her head, tossed in on her chair and pushed the bottoms down over her hips until they fell onto the dock.

They both looked at each other, surprised but inwardly pleased that they were actually standing naked together at the end of a dock in broad daylight. They lingered there, reveling in the freedom that only nudity can bestow.

Kate’s eyes were riveted on Pat. He was quite a hunk, and she wished she was closer to him so she could see his body better. She had enjoyed looking him over last night after he had lost in the strip poker game. He was built like a tight end – tall and broad-shouldered, a big burly guy with a trademark bad boy smile. Most women would love to have him wrap his arms around them. Actually, most women would love to wrap their legs around him.

Another thing Kate found fascinating about Pat was his almost complete lack of body hair. He had a great head of hair, and Kate couldn’t take her eyes off his thick patch of pubic hair, but his chest, arm, and legs almost looked like they were waxed or shaved.

By contrast, Ross had hair everywhere, and the older he got, the more it sprouted all over his body. It was even starting to bug Kate, and she had suggested that he look into laser treatment, especially for his back. But he’d have none of it, “At least I haven’t started to go bald,” was his response.

Pat dove in and rolled over, floating on his back, passing only a few feet from Ross and Kate. Tonya followed almost immediately, and the four friends frolicked in the refreshing water for almost a half hour. Not being shy, Kate spent more time talking to Pat, standing waist deep with her breasts well out of the water, completely exposed, nipples erect. Pat made no attempt to look anywhere but at her. Meanwhile, Tonya swam back and forth the hundred feet to the raft while Ross was making a futile effort to keep up a conversation.

When a boat was finally heard approaching, the girls ducked down in the water to prevent being spotted. After a day of unabashed nudity, the guys laughed at their attempts at modesty. The boat quickly passed a hundred yards offshore without so much as a look from its occupants.

But that was enough of a close call for Tonya. She swam back to the dock and climbed up the ladder and hurriedly wrapped herself in her towel. Pat chided her and threatened to swim to the dock and drag her back into the water. But Tonya refused, saying “Having you friends see me skinny-dipping is one thing, complete strangers is still another, at least for me. Plus, I’m getting chilled.” Without so much as dropping her towel, she slid her suit back on and sat down in a chair.

“Oh c’mon Tonya, that’s probably the only boat that will go by all afternoon,” Kate yelled. “It’s safe. Look, this is how secluded we are,” and with that, Kate climbed up the ladder onto the raft, dancing around naked and yelling at the top of her lungs.

Pat quickly swam out to the raft and joined Kate, dancing and whooping, both completely naked. Everybody noticed Kate’s large breasts as they bounced up and down as she danced and jumped. Even Tonya laughed, but she couldn’t be talked back into the water.

Eventually, Kate and Pat lay down on the carpeted raft, enjoying the late afternoon sun. Ross swam and lolled in the shallow water for a few more minutes before he joined Tonya back on the dock. They both watched as Kate and Pat brazenly looked each other over. Kate lay on her side, her head propped up on her elbow, her other arm drawn up, playing with her hair. In this position, Kate’s pendulous breasts were being pulled upward, displayed perfectly, featured just for Pat’s enjoyment. And from only four feet away, Pat was loving the view. He would have liked to lay there all afternoon, looking over this gorgeous, naked woman. He didn’t care if her husband and his own wife were watching from only about a hundred feet away. He only knew that the scenery out here on the raft was magnificent.

Kate was in her element. She felt so sexy. Here was this big hunk of a man, looking her over, all of her body exposed to his view and he was obviously enjoying himself. She loved being naked in front of such a wonderfully built specimen of manhood. The thought occurred to her that if she got to have sex with any man alive, even her own husband, she might just pick Pat. He was that good looking and desirable.

Kate rolled over to lie on her back while Pat shifted up onto one elbow. His eyes scanned her from head to toe. “God she has magnificent breasts,” he thought to himself, “and what I wouldn’t give to have one night with her”. He thought of all the women he had fucked over the years, and they were legion, but this woman might be the one he’d like to have the most, at least today. She was so lively, free and uninhibited, almost a polar opposite from his wife Tonya.

Kate could feel his eyes as they ran over her. She realized he was staring mostly at her breasts, but that’s exactly what she wanted him to do. She knew she had great tits, and she loved to show them off at every opportunity. She turned and looked down his body and was surprised to see that his penis was getting noticeably bigger. She felt proud that such a good looking guy was getting excited just by looking at her. She thought to herself, “I wonder if I would be satisfied if I fucked him just once, or would I want more? Could I ever get away with it? Probably not. Too complicated, and it probably wouldn’t be worth all the risks. Nice to fantasize about though.”

Kate and Pat lay on the raft talking for over an hour in the late afternoon sun. They were both completely dry by the time they looked back at the dock and realized that their spouses were both gone. “They must have gone back in the house. What do you think they’re doing? Should you and I worry?” Kate asked, laughing.

Pat laughed back. “Knowing my wife, I can tell you one thing I’ll bet they aren’t doing.”

“I don’t know, she’s been awfully risque this weekend. She might be taking it one step further,” Kate responded.

“Nah, ain’t gonna happen,” Pat said. “And I’ll also bet Ross is taking his afternoon nap, don’t you think?”

Kate laughed, knowing her husband’s second favorite afternoon activity was napping. Ross always said that a day couldn’t possibly get any better if he got to take a nap after his first favorite activity, which of course was sex.

Kate and Pat were both laying on their sides, facing each other, heads propped up, their bodies only three feet away with nothing, not even clothing in between. Pat reached over and brushed his hand along Kate’s breasts, his fingers sliding across her nipples. “You have absolutely magnificent breasts,” he whispered, as if anybody besides Kate could hear him.

She shuddered, not recoiling, but rather enjoying his touch. She looked back at the dock, and seeing nobody, she looked back into his eyes and said, “Thank you. I truly appreciate the compliment. Maybe in another lifetime we could have done more than just lay out here. But that’s all that can happen now. Too much is at stake.” She rolled over onto her stomach in a futile attempt to hide. She looked back at Pat and saw that bad boy grin of his and could only think of how much she would like to do whatever he had in mind.

She felt his hand ran down the side of her body, curling up across her butt and slowly massaging the small of her back. She felt the wetness rising between her thighs and she breathed deeply, wanting exactly what he wanted. She looked down his body and could see he was hard as a rock. She wanted so much to reach down and hold him, take hold of his cock, stroke it and feel its firmness. She could only imagine how good he would feel sliding in and out of her wet pussy. But not here, not out in the open in broad daylight, not with their spouses so close by.

Pat’s hand continued down her back, sliding in between her butt cheeks, finally plunging between the backs of her thighs. She felt his fingers probing the wetness between her legs, and she knew she couldn’t stop him. She didn’t want to stop him. At this point, he could have her right here on the raft, in broad daylight, no matter how easily they could be discovered by their spouses. It was as if she was paralyzed. The only thing she could do was spread her legs. She was his. He could do anything he wanted to her.

Suddenly, they both heard a sliding door, looked up and saw Tonya walking on the deck, headed back out to the dock.

“Uh oh, busted,” Pat said quietly. He rolled off the raft into the water. He surfaced and looked back at Kate, saying, “Let’s continue this discussion at a later date.”

“Just in the nick of time,” thought Kate. What would have happened if Tonya hadn’t come outside? Did she see them? Why had she been unable to say ‘no’? How much farther would they have gone out here on the raft in broad daylight? The answer to that question was very apparent to Kate – as far as Pete wanted to go.

She waited while Pat swam back to the dock before she slid into the water. He was talking to Tonya as she approached. Tonya confirmed that Ross was indeed napping, and she pointed out that it was getting time to think about dinner. The shopping trip would have to wait until tomorrow.

Kate took one last look at Pat as he toweled dry. Thankfully, she noted that the cool water had made his erection subside. Then she climbed out, letting Pat watch as she dried off. In spite of the long swim back into the dock, she still felt warm and wet between her thighs.

Both couples disappeared into their bedrooms for almost an hour. All four were smiling contentedly when they gathered for before-dinner cocktails.

The boys grilled the pork tenderloin and hung out on the deck while the women worked inside. “So you and Pat were out there on the raft quite a while,” Tonya eventually noted. “When was the last time you spent that much time naked with another man other than your husband?”

Based on Tonya’s tome of voice, Kate wasn’t sure if she was upset. Did Tonya see Pat groping her? “I’m sorry Tonya, I hope that I didn’t upset you. If so, please accept my apologies and I promise not to let it happen again. I hope it was OK. I mean, Pat missed all the fun this morning, so isn’t he entitled to a little thrill this afternoon?”

“Don’t worry, I’m just joking around,” Tonya reassured her. “Sure, he gets to enjoy himself, and I know he did. Both Ross and I could tell he would have laid out there until he was burned to a crisp, just to look at you lying there.”

“Well, I have to admit that he’s fun to look at too,” Kate confessed. “You’re a lucky woman to get to sleep with that kind of man every night. Ross isn’t bad, OK, he’s pretty darn good, but I’ll trade you any night you want. No, I don’t mean that, really. But a girl can fantasize, can’t she?”

Tonya laughed, “There are ups and downs to everything. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it. Maybe I need to appreciate him more. He’s always begging for more sex, but I just haven’t been as interested as I was when we were younger. Except this weekend. Suddenly, it’s all I can think about. When I came back out to the dock, I wanted to ask Pat to come upstairs to our bedroom so I could fuck his eyes out. That would have been something different for us. Afternoon delight – when was the last time you and Ross did that?”

“Truthfully? Before today? OK, it was last week,” Kate answered. “Since he usually goes to bed well before I do, it’s become our preferred time for lovemaking. I think he also likes to be able to see when we’re having sex. He’s kind of a ‘lights on’ guy. And I obviously have no problem with being seen, as you may have come to the conclusion this weekend.”

Tonya was still laughing when the boys brought in the grilled pork.

The conversation at dinner was lively, fueled by multiple bottles of wine. Ross had picked out a pinot noir to pair with the pork, but Tonya had insisted on opening a bottle of her favorite – chilled pinot grigio. The pleasurable experiences of taste and smell added nicely to the sensual nature of the weekend.

Afterwards, Ross made his special Irish coffee, his secret ingredient being a heavy dose of Bailey’s to go with the Jameson’s. Ross always appreciated how Tonya would admire how he would put a cross of creme de menthe over the whipped cream, almost as if it was a difficult feat to master.

The four sat on the deck talking until just before sunset, when they moved out onto the dock to watch the colorful show. “It’s beautiful,” Ross said, looking at the glowing oranges and reds in the western sky. “But I have to be honest, it doesn’t compare with you ladies. You are both infinitely more beautiful than even the best sunset.”

“Oh thanks honey,” Kate giggled. “But you’re just saying that because you saw so much of us this weekend.”

After the sun had gone down, the boys retired to the living room and found a baseball game on TV, irking the two women. “Damn, I was hoping the Red Sox wouldn’t be on TV this weekend. Geez, we’ve shown them everything this weekend and they still want to watch baseball,” Tonya complained.

“Don’t worry, they’re playing in Boston, so it will be over soon enough,” Kate said, trying to lighten the mood. “At least the Tigers played this afternoon, so Ross isn’t so interested in this game.”

“Watch, with my luck, they’ll go into extra innings and I’ll be in bed before the game is over,” Tonya groused. “Pat’s going to miss his big chance – sex twice in one day.”

“Well, why don’t you just go in there and drag his big butt upstairs?” suggested Kate.

“If Pat’s given the choice between the Red Sox and me, he’ll pick the baseball game every time,” Tonya whined. “And God help me if they lose. Why is that game so important to grown men?”

“So, let’s take the night vision binoculars out on the dock and look at the Milky Way. Wanna do that?” Kate suggested. “I promise, it is amazing.”

Kate grabbed the binoculars from the counter and the two ladies walked outside. The moon was still high in the western sky, and seeing their way along the dock was not difficult in the moonlight. The problem was that the brightness of the moon washed out the stars, making it tough to see anything but the brightest points of light in the sky, even with the night vision binoculars.

The women turned their attention to the landscape around them. Tonya looked at the neighbors’ dock, and found that she could see an amazing amount of details. “I can read the nameplate on the side of their boat. It’s as clear as day. My God, if they could see you and Ross as well as this, they got a great show. They must have seen everything. This would leave nothing to the imagination.”

“By the time Ross and I were out here, the moon had set, so it was quite a bit darker,” Kate explained. “Right now, it’s just a bit earlier, and the moon goes down about an hour later each day. But is amazing looking through those things, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” Tonya agreed. She hesitated, but finally blurted out, “Were you really serious about coming out here with Ross this evening?”

“Sure. I’d do it. Do you think that would draw Pat away from the Red Sox game? And what about you? If we go first, would you be willing afterwards?” Kate asked. If she knew Pat was watching, she intended to put on quite a show. And at this point, Kate would do anything for a chance to see Pat in action.

“I’m not promising anything,” Tonya insisted. “But I’m not ruling out anything either.”

“Let’s go back up to the deck and sit up there,” Kate suggested. “You can see our dock perfectly from up there. It’s even closer than the neighbors’ dock, and the moon will be up for another hour or so. Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel pressured. You’ve done more this weekend than I ever would have imagined.”

“Yup, I’m sure,” Tonya said. “Please never tell any of our friends I said this, but the thought really turns me on. Are you comfortable with this?”

“I am. Let’s do it.” Kate led the way back up to the deck. The two women sat down near the picnic table and looked down at the dock. The magnification of the binoculars was almost too much, and Kate showed Tonya how to dial it back. Then she called to Ross, “Hey honey, can you come out here for a minute? I need help with something.”

Ross showed up almost immediately. “The game’s getting boring. The Sox are way ahead. So, what’s up?”

“Can you come down to the dock with me? I need a big strong man to help me with something,” Kate said, stifling a laugh.

Ross was starting to get the feeling that something was up, but he dutifully followed his wife down the flagstone path and out onto the dock. “OK, what do you need? And does this involve something to do with Tonya having the night vision binoculars trained on us? Because I can see the little reddish infrared illumination light pointed this way. Are you being a naughty girl again? Tonya of all people is going to watch us twice in one day?”

“Just turn around and face her,” Kate insisted, as she pivoted Ross towards the deck. She hugged him from behind, running her hands up and down the front of his body. From behind, she pulled his shirt off and twirled her fingers around his nipples, which grew hard in the cool air. “I want her to see what turns you on, and I know this does.”

The summer over, Rob pulled into the Quinn family driveway in his new Mustang convertible, top down. He saw his friend and next-door neighbor, Susie Baker, sitting on her front porch swing.

He tooted his horn and waved at her. He had spent the last three months working for his Aunt Peggy at her home, a two hour drive away. They were both going to enter their freshman year at the local community college.

“Wow, nice car,” she hollered across the yard.

“Thanks, you’ll have to take a ride with me.”

Rob and Susie had been best friends since they were five years old, when the Bakers moved next to the Quinns in a quiet neighborhood in the small city in Illinois where they lived.

She had been very feminine, even as a child, wearing pretty dresses with petticoats underneath and Mary Jane shoes. Golden curls framed her pretty face and her eyes were as blue as the summer sky. She frequently enticed Rob to share a tea party with her or play “house.”

One day, they joined their younger siblings, Colleen and Nathan, in a mud puddle splashing contest, a pursuit that was completely out of character for Susie. Her mother, Betty, scooped them up, stripped off their filthy clothes, and threw the kids into the bathtub together. After their initial curiosity, they took their nudity for granted.

Susie took ballet lessons, which gave her beautiful shapely legs, but as she reached her late teen years she became too voluptuous to fit the ballet model. She took ballroom dancing lessons, too, and as there were more girls than boys in the class, she dragged a reluctant Rob with her to be her partner. He hated it at the time, but later he enjoyed the reputation of being an excellent dancer, and was much sought after at the school dances.

She was a straight A student, and often helped him with his homework. He would have flunked algebra if it hadn’t been for her help. They studied together most every evening, either at her house or at his.

They both enjoyed sports, especially soccer. In the summer they would ride their bikes to the park or down to the lake and go swimming. They confided everything to each other, even their deepest secrets.

When they reached puberty, Rob was the first person she told when she got her first period. And when she got her first bra, although he could tell by the outline of the strap that was visible through the back of her shirt.

He watched her breasts grow, from tiny buds, into the firm, round breasts she had today. She proudly told him every time she moved up to a larger bra size, from 32A, to 34B, to the 34C she wore now.

Rob shot up a foot. Already husky, he put on pounds of muscle mass. His voice deepened and his beard started to grow. He could tell, from observing the other guys in the locker room, that his penis was larger than average.

In high school, Susie, although she stood just 5’7″, was the star forward on the varsity basketball team. Rob, at 6 ’2″ was a starting tight end on the football team, and would have won a scholarship if he hadn’t blown out his knee during the final game of the season.

The suffered the normal teen-aged angst, playing the dating game, falling in and out of love. They talked about their dates, where they went, what they did, but, until just recently had kept their sexual experiences, or lack of them, to themselves, respecting each other’s privacy. They talked about sex, but it was in the abstract, not personal.

Rob walked over to join Susie on her porch. “Hey, Slug.”

“Hey, Toad.” They had branded each other with the nicknames when they were children, and they had stuck over the years. She was wearing pink shorts and a tee shirt, with a pair of flip-flops on her feet. Her golden hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“Gee, I haven’t seen you since the prom. How was your evening with Greg?” Susie’s date for the prom was Greg Reynolds, quarterback on the football team. She had entertained thoughts about how far she was willing to go with him after the dance.

“Not so hot. He got drunk with some of the guys and passed out cold, after puking all over himself. I had to call my Dad to pick me up.”

“How was your night with Sally? I heard rumors she was going to let you have something that night.”

“Well, I’ll tell you.” And he began the tale:

Rob and Sally parked a block away from her house after the prom, under the shade of the elm trees. She was the perennial virgin and had never let him touch her, she wouldn’t even French kiss. She had promised him a “surprise” after the prom, but he had no idea what it would be.

They started making out, as usual, and suddenly her tongue shyly entered his mouth. Then, without warning, she took his hand a placed it on her breast. He cupped it, and felt all around, marveling at her size and shape. Through the dress and her wired bra, he couldn’t feel a lot, and had to guess where her nipple might be. He started to slip his hand down the front of her dress, but she pulled it away and placed it back over her clothing.

Surprising the shit out of him, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his swollen penis. She gasped, studying it carefully, noting the purple veins on his shaft and the large red head that looked almost angry. She wrapped her hand around it; it was hard, yet soft, and she felt the skin move as she stroked it.

She held her breath, and closing her eyes, bent over and took it in her mouth. She had bobbed her head up and down about three times, when he felt the rush overwhelm him and shot his whole load into her mouth.

Her teeth wounded the head of his cock as she jerked her head away. Her screams were muffled by the gagging and choking. She spit out all of his semen and then projectile vomited, all over her dress, her shoes, his pants, and the floor of his father’s car.

She jerked the car open, leapt out, and ran home as fast as she could, leaving her shoes behind on the sidewalk. She never spoke to him again.

Susie, unable to suppress it, threw her head back and laughed until her sides hurt. Although it wasn’t funny at the time, he laughed with her at the memory.

“So, then, are you still a virgin?” Rob asked.

“Yup, still am. How about you?”

“Well, not exactly.” He told her about his summer with Aunt Peggy, withholding nothing from his best friend. How she had seduced him, then he was very explicit about everything she taught him. “When she finished, she said I’d make some woman a wonderful lover,” he said, partly with pride, and partly with some trepidation about how she’d take his confession.

“Wow, your aunt. Well, cousins make it with each other all the time, so this is only a generation removed. Nothing like an older woman to teach you all about sex.” She wasn’t appalled at all. She was slightly titillated, and started to look at him in a whole light; an experienced man, not a back-seat fumbler.

“Come on, enough chatter, let’s go for a ride.” She climbed into the Mustang beside him and he backed out of the driveway. A Rod Stewart CD was playing on the stereo. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day.

They drove up into the hills outside of town, fragrant pines assaulted their nostrils. Susie pulled the rubber band off her ponytail and let her hair fly free in the wind.

Rob, for the first time in his life, noticed how pretty she was. She checked him out as well; he had a great tan, and after a summer of hard labor, the muscles rippled under his shirt.

They grinned at each other and sang “Maggie May” along with Rod. The both had good voices and harmonized well with the song, and with each other.

They drove around the lake and parked near a quiet cove. Rob opened the trunk and pulled out a blanket and a large wicker hamper. He spread the blanket on the grass and placed the basket on it.

“Oh, goody, a picnic! I’m really hungry.”

He opened the hamper and pulled out containers of fried chicken, potato salad, and a salad of field greens covered with a bleu cheese dressing. Then he dug out a bottle of Bordeaux and two long-stemmed glasses.

Uncorking the wine, he filled two glasses and handed one to Susie. Raising his glass he proposed a toast, “to life and the pursuit of happiness.” They clinked glasses and drank.

They polished off the food, and after three glasses apiece, the wine was gone. They were both feeling a bit of a buzz.

Rob stood up, “Lets go swimming, it’s a great day for it.”

“I don’t have a suit.”

“I don’t either. I guess we’ll have to go skinny-dipping.”

“I, uh, uh…”


“No, it’s just that I, uh, well, nobody’s ever seen me naked before.”

“I’ve seen you naked. In the bath tub.”

She elbowed him in the ribs, “Oh you Toad, we were five years old.”

“I dare you. I double dare you. I’ll even double dog dare you.” That was the ultimate challenge; once you got a double dog you couldn’t refuse.

“Well, okay, but you strip first.”

“We’ll do it together.” He pulled his tee shirt over his head. Tan. Well ripped. “Now it’s your turn.”

Her reluctance had suddenly turn intro titillation. She stripped off her shirt. She wore a lacy bra that left the upper part of her breasts spilling over the top. “Now drop your shorts.”

He undid the brass button on his cut-offs, unzipped them, and let them drop to the ground. It took all his willpower to keep from getting a hard-on, but he still, even soft, had quite a bulge in his briefs.

She unzipped, then dropped her pink shorts. Her lacy thong matched her bra. “Now what do we do? I’m wearing one more piece of clothing than you are.”

“I guess you’ll have to take them both off at the same time.” He pulled his briefs down and stood naked. She looked hard at his ample penis, feeling a tug in her belly and a tingle in her loins.

Blushing all over, she unhooked her bra and let her breasts spring free. Round. Full. Firm. Pink nipples. Then she pulled her panties down. She had a close-cropped landing strip on her mound, the rest had been shaved.

Rob stood back and admired her body. God, she was gorgeous. Long, toned legs. Perfect ass, beautiful uplifted breasts. Focusing on the slit between her lips, he felt his cock begin to swell, and quickly turned toward the water. “Race you to the float.”

They were both excellent swimmers and matched each other stroke for stroke. Rob had been swimming naked before, but it was a new experience for Susie; the water felt wonderful rushing over her breasts and swirling between her legs.

They reached the float in a dead heat, and pulled themselves out of the water. They basked in the warm sun, admiring each other’s body, then swam back and headed for home. When they got home, Susie leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “That was fun.”

That night, Rob couldn’t get her image out of his mind. She was his friend, but his thoughts led him a new direction, and he found his cock rock hard. He stroked himself off with the image of her body in his head.

Susie couldn’t get his image out of her head either. He was her friend, but maybe he could be more. Her fingers went between her legs and she rubbed herself furiously.

Classes at the community college had started, and every morning Rob picked Susie up and brought her home at the end of the day. One afternoon, he asked “How about dinner and a movie Friday night?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“It’s not a date, it’s dinner and a movie.”

“Dinner and a movie is date.”

“Okay, I’m asking you out on a date. You can even pick the movie.”

“Sure, that sounds like fun,” she replied with a grin.

They went to one of the nicer restaurants in town, and ordered a chateaubriand for two and a bottle of merlot. “Wow, they didn’t even card us,” she said after the wine steward uncorked the bottle and gave him a taste to approve.

She picked a Sandra Bullock chick flick. Rob wouldn’t admit it, but he liked chick flicks. He also drooled over Sandra Bullock. They shared a tub of buttered popcorn. He put his arm around her, and she laid her head on his shoulder.

He walked her to her front door, then put his hands on her waist and drew her close to him. When he leaned toward her, she put a hand up in front of his mouth. “I never kiss a guy on the first date.”

“I guess we’ll have to have another one then.”

“Okay.” She raised up on her toes and gave him a quick peck on the lips, then raced into the house, stifling a giggle.”

On the next date she gave him a real kiss.

They ended their third date on the porch swing. Their kisses were deep, long, and filled with desire. His hand slipped off her shoulder and found her breast, massaging gently over her slippery silk blouse. Her hand went to his thigh, then over his throbbing erection.

“I want to make love with you, Rob. I want you to be my first. Not here, not now. Tomorrow night; my parents will be out of town.” She was really turned on by his exploits over the summer. She wanted her first time to be with an experienced lover, not some fumbling novice.

He carried the taste of her mouth home with him, and she with his. They both spent the rest of the evening living in an anticipatory dream-state.

He greeted her at the door with a dozen long stemmed pink roses. She wore a shimmering blue silk robe that matched the color of her eyes. Her golden blonde waist-length hair hung loose, brushed to a luxurious sheen. Taking him by the hand, she led him upstairs to her bedroom.

Candles lined the room, providing a soft, warm glow, a bottle of champagne was in a bucket of ice. Nora Jones poured out of the stereo. The bed was turned down, revealing red satin sheets. She put the flowers in a vase on her dresser, and handed the bottle to Rob. He popped the cork, poured two flutes, and they toasted, “To love.”

They came together, body to body, face to face.

His mouth skimmed over hers, gentle as air, erotic as sin. When her lips trembled apart, he slipped his tongue between them, teasing hers.

She fisted her hands in his hair and pulled him deep into passion. Both of them gasped, breaths ragged, a moan escaped from her throat.

He rained kisses all over her face, down the curve of her neck. He blew softly in her ear, then sucked the lobe into his mouth. The smell of her hair, like fresh strawberries, was intoxicating.

She quivered all over. “I’ve waited so long for this, for you.”

Unfastening her robe, she let it pool at her feet. Underneath it, she wore a lace see-through baby doll, in the same blue as her robe, with matching thong. It covered her breasts just above her nipples.

“God, you are so sexy.” He had seen her naked, days ago when they went skinny-dipping, but the hint of her body through the lace had his pulse throbbing. She blushed at the compliment, but she felt sexy, for the first time in her life.

“You’re pretty sexy yourself.” He had stripped down to a pair of silk briefs; his throbbing erection just peeking over the top. She ran her hands over both cheeks of his ass; the sensation through the silk was indescribable, sending waves of gooseflesh up his back and down both legs.

His lips, and his tongue, moved down her throat, across her chest, then to the tops of her breasts. His tongue dipped below the lace, searching for her nipples. She pulled the straps over her shoulders, baring her breasts.

She pulled locks of her hair forward, letting it spill over her, letting her breasts peek out from behind a golden veil. The image drove Rob crazy with desire; he fondled and massaged them with her hair.

His hungry mouth found her nipples. He feasted on her, sucking and laving her with his tongue. A moan escaped from her mouth, a growl caught in his throat as her hand reached under his briefs and caressed his throbbing cock.

He massaged her rounded ass cheeks, then stripped off her thong, stepping out of his shorts at the same time.

He led her over to the bed and she lay down gently. Standing over her, he was overwhelmed with the image before him. Her golden hair fanned out under her; her body against the red sheets, looked like it had been sculpted of white alabaster. “You are so beautiful.”

She reached out a hand and, grasping his penis, pulled him down beside her. Her touch had him quivering in anticipation. He hovered over her, bringing his lips down to meet hers again. Their tongues danced together, she nipped his lower lip with her teeth.

His mouth found her breasts again. When his hand cupped her vulva, she wriggled and moaned. When a finger slipped into her vagina, her body went rigid and she screamed, flooding his hand with her juices. It was the first orgasm that she hadn’t created with her own fingers


“Oh God, Rob, that was awesome.”

“We’re just getting started.”

He moved down to the foot of the bed, picked up her foot and placed it in his lap. Using his thumbs, he began massaging the soles of her feet. “Ahh, that feels soo good.”

Using the point of his thumb, he worked a variety of pressure points. One point made her scalp tingle, another sent waves up her spine, one more got her in the belly.

Putting both her feet in his lap, he traced slow thumb circles in the hollows just under the ankle bones, sending waves of pleasure up the legs and into her groin. He gently pinched the sides of her big toes, then rolled them between his fingers.

“Oh, God, that goes straight to my pussy.”

Her back arched and she trembled all over as another orgasm hit her. “Jesus, you can make me come just by playing with my feet.” He had downloaded a book on sexual reflexology and made Susie his guinea pig. It worked.

His hands made their way up her legs, stroking and massaging, paying special attention to the insides of her thighs. When he reached that place between her legs, his fingers stroked her mons while his thumbs caressed her puffy outer lips, opening and closing them rhythmically.

When he lowered his head to kiss her there, her sweet, musky scent assailed his nostrils. Her pheromones drove him wild with desire. He lifted her knees up to give him access, then spread her lips apart with his fingers.

Her lips were as straight and pink as the roses petals on her dresser. Her clit came out of its hood, hard and straight. When he looked at it closely, he thought he could see a pulse beat. “Wow, Suze, you have a beautiful pussy.”

He kissed it, licked it, sucked it. With the tip of his tongue he traced lazy circles around her clit, then took it his mouth and sucked. When he felt her approach her peak, he backed off and let her subside.

Then he started again. And again. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Then he took her over the edge; she fisted the sheets, her hips rose to meet his mouth. She shouted his name as her body was wracked. “I can’t stop coming,” she gasped.

Moving up, he found her mouth with his. She sucked on his tongue, tasting her own sweet musk. Kissing his way down her throat, he found a nipple again and drew it into his mouth. She shuddered yet again. “Fuck me now, please. I want to feel your hard cock inside my body. I’m ready for you.”

Rising above her, he held his erection in his hand and watched as the head disappeared between her lips. He felt her vagina stretch to accommodate his girth. Slowly, slowly, his cock moved inside her, until he felt a resistance; she was intact. He stopped moving. He’d never had a virgin before, and he was afraid of hurting her.

He backed out to her opening, then slowly moved in again. When he neared her maidenhead, she gripped his ass and pulled him down, thrusting her hips up at the same time.

Expecting pain, she felt only a pinch as he burst through and sank deep in her slippery wet cunt. When he bottomed out, she felt he had reached her heart. “You feel so good; you fill me up.”

She was so warm, so slippery, so tight. He was caught in a velvet vise. He moved in and out slowly at first, then overcome by his pure animal lust, he picked up the pace. She began to thrust her hips up to meet him, and they established a synchronous rhythm.

Special thanks to all the editors that helped me with this one. Jen litgirl, sexy tat, and DevilsRapture. You guys are great.

I sat at Mark and Debbie’s kitchen table, staring at the patterns in the oak. I was feeling somewhere between elation and shock. A little over two hours ago, I had been on Teardrop Tonya’s porch, my swimming trunks around my ankles and my dick shoved down her throat, for all the world to see. It all seemed so surreal. I could remember days when I would see Tonya, and of course she would always look gorgeous, dressed so casually but so provocative. The image of her would stick with me in my mind and later follow me to bed. I would lay up fantasizing about what it would be like to have any kind of fling with her. I would conjure her back up in my head and stroke myself into an orgasm.

And I had just cum in her mouth on her front porch.

She had toyed with me and taken advantage of me, and it amused her to do so. Whatever reason she had for doing that to me, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, or about her. Tonya was pretty much what everyone said she was, but she was so much more. She was a bad bitch, and didn’t care. I loved it. To see such fierceness and sexuality from an older woman was enthralling to me. Tonya had exploited my shyness and elevated my spirits with one single intimately incredible action.

I had come back to Mark’s house, fed his animals, and couldn’t think of a single thing to do for the past two hours except think of Tonya. I had drank a few sodas, but otherwise sat silent at the table. I was waiting for her to appear on Mark’s doorstep, for she had said she was coming over for a swim. With her ability to tease and manipulate, I wasn’t sure if she was leading me on or not. Tonya could very well be sitting in her house laughing, knowing I was waiting here eagerly for another taste of her.

Tonya terrified me a little. I was never ahead of her, never in control. I just wasn’t wired like that, and she was too good at it. I guess that was to be expected, her being twice my age. She was completely unpredictable. At the same time, she drove me crazy. Though I knew I was definitely not the first to say it, I was absolutely smitten with Tonya. Again, this was expected of the quiet type that I was but that made it no less intoxicating.

The doorbell rang suddenly and my heart leapt into my throat. It was her. Tonya was actually coming over to swim in Mark’s pool. I stood slowly, still able to feel my used dick in my trunks, the reminder of what she had given me earlier. I fought off my nerves and forced my weak legs to carry me to the door. Why was I like this? Tonya had just blown me two hours ago! I shouldn’t be so uneasy about all this!

I pulled the door open and there she stood. The sexy seductress stood on Mark’s front step, looking as stunning as I’d ever seen her. Tonya’s long, wavy, black hair fell down across her shoulders, her subtle blonde streaks glimmering in the afternoon sun.

I gawked in amazement at her body in front of me. She was wearing a bikini, of course, but I had never seen her this way, at least not up close. Tonya’s bikini was a black two piece and the top did its best to cover the round forms of her naturally drooping C cup beauties. I could see the tips of her nipples through the fabric, a body part that Tonya seemed to have trouble hiding with anything she wore.

She still had on a pair of cutoff jean shorts, though this pair seemed rediculously short and low on her curvy hips. It was here that I saw the straps of her black bikini bottom rising up out of the waistband, its strings hanging free over the jeans at her wide hips. Tonya had on high heels which had but one strap over her toes, her ankles and tops of her feet left exposed. These pushed her hips up and out, accentuating her lusty appeal.

This was all she wore, aside from her usual smug looking expression. That, and her tattoos, which were now on full display. I had seen her sleeves, the artwork faded, yet intricate and eye catching on her smooth arms, but I could now see a design on her bronze stomach. There was a crescent moon that circled her naval. From here, a trail of stars appeared to drift upward and out, making their way under her left breast. The stars were smallest by the crescent moon but got bigger as they reached her breast, where the trail bent and followed the curve of the underside of her breast up around to her armpit. None of these designs were colored, but were shaded in such a way that they seemed to glow.

“Well, you gonna move, Todd? Or do I have to stand out here all day?” She asked impatiently.

Shaken from my trance, I stepped aside and allowed her to walk in. Tonya did so purposely close to me, staring me in the eyes. I could almost feel an intense gravitational pull as she passed, drawing me to her. As I closed the door, Tonya strutted into the living room examining her surroundings. I stood nervously unsure what to do or say.

Tonya was nodding as she glanced around the house.

“Cute,” she said. “She has good taste. I like her curtains in here.”

I felt obliged to agree, surprised that she was complimenting Debbie but I wasn’t exactly well versed in interior decoration.

“Your friend got anything to drink, Todd?” Tonya asked, making her way towards the open kitchen.

“Uh… yeah, sure,” I said, speaking at last. “I think there’s some tea or soda in the fridge.”

Tonya shot me one of her looks over her tattooed shoulder.

“Surely he has something stouter?” She implied.

As though she had X-ray vision, she pulled open the freezer door. I thought to stop her, but figured it wouldn’t do any good. Mark wouldn’t miss a bit of alcohol anyway. I knew Mark always kept a few bottles of liquor there for when friends came over. Tonya studied the contents of the freezer, with one hand on her hip, which was cocked to one side. I now spotted yet another design inked onto Tonya’s lower back. It was an eagle or hawk of some kind, its wings spread wide across the her lower hip. The tips of its wings appeared to be catching fire. On its head, it wore an elaborate headdress of colored feathers. Judging by all the artwork I had seen on her incredible body today, I knew Tonya must have an enthusiastic fondness of Native American culture.

Tonya reached in the freezer and produced a bottle of spiced rum, a favorite of Mark’s. She set the bottle on the table and gave me a questioning look.

“Glasses?” She prompted, which I should have expected.

“Oh, right.”

“Get two.”

I hadn’t planned on partaking but I fetched two short glasses from the cabinet and proceeded to put ice in them. Just as I thought she would, Tonya poured the rum in straight over the ice, not bothering with a mixer. Following her lead, I clinked my glass to hers and drank. I started to sip mine, until I saw Tonya toss her glass back and finish the liquor. I followed suit, trying not to make a face afterwards as the rum burned its trail to my stomach. Tonya poured us another glass and returned the rum to the freezer.

When we were ready, I led her to the sliding glass doors on the back side of the living room. I pulled one open and allowed Tonya to step out on the back deck. Her back was slender and still smooth and muscled, even for her age. I watched the sway of her hips as she made her way to the pool’s edge to look in. The heels she wore caused her muscled thighs to push high into her round backside. It was then that I remembered the other reason people had taken to calling her “Teardrop Tonya”.

“The water’s, uh, pretty warm,” I said to her.

Mark’s deck was spaciously built around his above ground pool, and furnished with a decorative patio table and umbrella, as well as four beach chairs, the kind that were adjustable for sitting or lying. There was a wooden privacy fence around the perimeter of his back yard. Tonya stepped over to the patio table briefly, kicking off her heels and setting her glass down before returning to gaze in the water. I took a large sip of liquor and set the rum on the patio table as well, then removed my tank top. I watched Tonya closely, my eyes drinking in her curvy tan body that almost glowed bronze in the afternoon sun.

I built up enough courage to say, “Well, you did say you wanted to swim, didn’t you?”

Tonya glanced back over her shoulder at me, her black hair flipping around. She gave me a smug little smirk, which sent my heart sailing. I watched her slip her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and push them effortlessly off of her hips, never bothering to unfasten them. I was treated to the sight of her tiny black bikini bottom, which was wedged out of necessity of size up between her tight cheeks. Tonya, well aware that I was watching, slipped a finger in each side of the fabric over her ass and adjusted as much as she could before stepping out of the shorts.

Tonya then took two steps toward the edge of the pool and dove into the water gracefully. I moved closer to the pool, watching her curvy tattooed figure glide along the bottom of the pool through the clear water. She surfaced with minimal sound on the other side, wiping her face and running her hands back through her dark silky hair. Tonya turned to face me, and my mouth almost fell open.

Her left breast had slipped free of the small black bikini top and was half submerged in the water. The dark brown areola of her nipple was very large, complimentary to the size of her huge breast itself. I saw a glimmer from her nipple, and realized that it was pierced with a silver ring. It was no wonder I was able to see her nipples beneath every shirt she wore. Tonya followed my gaze to her exposed breast.

“Dammit,” she cursed. “This happens all the damn time.”

Tonya glanced back up to me. “The same thing happened at a water park several years back, with everyone’s kids were staring at me.”

Tonya crossed her arms over her breasts, took hold of the bikini top, and pulled it over her head. Her ample bosom fell free to the water, its silver adornments gleaming from her stiff nipples. She tossed the wet bikini top in my direction to land on the deck.

“Wow, w-what are you doing?” I asked her. I made a half turn, averting my gaze politely but awkwardly from her chest.

“I ain’t as shy as you are, honey,” I heard her say.

I stood motionless, my skin warm and flushed, but filled with a cold sensation of embarrassment. It felt like I had been in a microwave oven. I was unsure how to proceed. I knew Tonya obviously didn’t mind my seeing her topless and though I didn’t either, I was taken back by her boldness yet again.

There was another wet sound on the deck. I looked down to see another black article of swim wear near my feet. My eyes shot over to the water to confirm my suspicion. Tonya was swimming gracefully across the pool, her sleek back arched and her bare teardrop shaped ass skimming the surface.

All I could do was watch. Tonya rolled onto her back and waved herself gently along, her eyes shut and her almost golden tits glistening wet in the sun. Her hair fanned out around her head in the water like a bird spreading its wings. Her silver hoops shined like stars from her huge dark nipples. The stars below her left breast seemed to glitter and dance with the movements of her body. My gaze was eventually drawn to her pelvic region, where I saw her neatly manicured pubic hair between her thighs. All she had was a thin black strip that lead down to the hood at the top of her lips.

Tonya opened her eyes and turned to look at me.

“You coming in, or what?” She asked.

I reached over and fetched my glass and took two gulps of rum, trying to fuel up my confidence. Though truthfully, it terrified me to enter the pool with this nude goddess.

“Just enjoying the show,” I said as smoothly as I could.

Tonya smiled her smug smile. She motioned to my shorts and said, “Well, take those off and come be part of it.”

I drained the glass in my hand, the burn of the alcohol not quite as bad as before, though I could already feel my head floating. With a huge sigh, I untied my trunks and for the second time today, my shorts were around my ankles. With a glance to the fence I made sure the other houses didn’t have a view of my hard cock sticking straight out from my body. No one could see, though. The neighboring houses were too far apart and Mark had mentioned how he and Debbie had done this several times before.

I made my way to the ladder and eased into the warm water, trying not to stare at Tonya’s naked tattooed form in the water. The water had a slight coolness to it, not quite as warm as I had thought. I fell gently into the pool and began to swim. My nude lower body felt so free and refreshed. I had never swam naked until now, but I immediately decided that I loved it. I dove under and skimmed along the bottom for a bit, my hard rod swaying beneath me. When I surfaced, I saw Tonya watching me at the edge of the pool, her arms hanging on the siding, and her full breasts spread nicely on her chest. I wanted to swim to her and crush her to my chest and kiss her, to further endulge my every fantasy.

Standing in the pool, I had a thought then. Why didn’t I? Why was I shy? This woman wouldn’t turn me away or she wouldn’t be swimming nude in the same pool with me. It’s exactly what she wants!

I slowly eased into a swim, guiding myself to the tall sultry vixen at the pool’s edge. I was going for it. She seemed to know it, for she watched me with an amused but alluring expression. As I drew close, my gaze couldn’t help but dance between her large dark eyes and the silver rings that hung from her beautiful breasts. I couldn’t deny the horror I felt at making such a bold move, but I forced myself to her.

I came to stand close to Tonya, who waited with anticipation. Swallowing the lump of nerves in my throat, I moved my skinny frame right up to hers, sliding my arms around her smooth curved back, even daring as much to explore her ample backside. She didn’t draw away from me, but eased closer. I felt Tonya’s cold breasts press into my chest, sending a snake like shiver down my spine. Her arms pulled me close, our faces inches apart and my protruding bare dick glanced off her hip and pressed flat between us.

With our bodies now intimately entwined, my confidence now faltered. My breath caught in my throat. My chest felt pressure from both the water around me and Tonya’s heavy jugs crushing against me. I was lost in the dark brown depths of her big eyes. I could make out the subtle hints of age around those eyes, that somehow only made them look sexier.

Tonya gave a knowing smirk at my hesitance and brought her lips close to mine. I expected her to crash upon me with a wild kiss, but she merely closed her eyes and brushed her lips over mine. I could smell a faint hint of rum and smoke on her breath. My lips melted onto hers and I flushed warm at the feel of our embrace. Her tongue slipped inside my waiting lips and coaxed my own into a dance, a dance that she knew well. I didn’t try to assert any sort of dominance of the kiss, letting Tonya take control. Her hand slipped down to grip my firm ass while the other slid up behind my neck.

I don’t know how long we kissed like that, but knew the whole time that I didn’t want it to end. I explored her body freely with my arms and hands, guiding them along her smoothly sloped back up to her shoulder blades, or reaching deep to the lowest curve of her ass where it met her thigh and squeezing gently. I reveled at the feel of her smooth skin, even though I could feel that it wasn’t as tight as it might have been years ago. Still, she had the elegant curves and firmness of a younger woman.

Tonya broke our kiss and gazed into my eyes. She licked her teeth, attempting to suppress a sheepish little smile. This surprised me, for it was the first vulnerable emotion she had shown me. She slipped from the embrace and nodded slowly as she drifted away in the water. I instantly felt abandoned and yearned for her intimate company again. I knew she was teasing me and leading me on as much as she could.

“Not bad, kid,” she said approvingly.

I couldn’t fight my own smile. I watched as she found the ladder and ascended from the water. Water ran down the curve in the center of her back, through her shoulder blades and across her shapely bare ass. Her cheeks and her thighs wiggled slightly with each step she took on the deck. She half turned, and the side of her breast and the ringed nipple that capped it visible to me. It was as though she was beckoning to me silently.

I took her invitation and followed her out of the pool to a set of beach chairs. Tonya laid herself on one and reclined back flat. As she did, her breasts eased apart to lie naturally near her arms. Her areolas had drawn up around her pierced nipples, that were standing stiff and pruned. I marveled at her glistening tan skin, and my eye caught the black strip of hair between her thighs. I almost felt embarrassed seeing her exposed crotch, even if I had imagined it in my fantasies a thousand times.

I joined her as she lie wordless with her eyes shut, soaking in the sun’s rays and their fading heat peacefully. I reclined my chair only slightly, turning my head to drink in the tattooed beauty beside me. My dick lay stiff, pointing up at me. Sitting there naked next to Tonya, drunk on rum and passion, my confidence was bolstered enough to speak with her again.

“Tonya, can I ask you something?” I said.

Without opening her eyes she replied, “You just did, didn’t you?”

I ignored the wise crack and continued, asking, “Why did you give me a blow job earlier? I mean, you just met me.”

Her eyes did open then as she turned to study me. “Does it matter?”

I looked off at the pool. “Well, no… but yeah, it kinda does. That kind of stuff doesn’t just happen to me. Now here you are… like… like this and….”

Tonya gave me a little smile. ” ‘Seemed like you needed it. And you know something… maybe I did, too. I knew you wanted it. Every time you and your buddy are over here, I can see you boys watching me.”

I could feel myself blushing.

“See, us girls are supposed to act like we don’t know that you’re staring,” Tonya said, “but we know you do. That’s how we all get our kicks.”

Tonya appeared to think for a minute, staring at the clear water in the pool. She absently toyed with the ring that pierced her left breast, a simple action that made my bare dick nod.

“I guess I just got tired of that little game we play,” Tonya said. “I’m kind of a sexual being, in case you ain’t noticed. ‘Been a while since I had me a good fix, and I’m a bit burnt out on the bar scene and drunk old geezers slobbering on me, or young college punks thinking they’re just the greatest gift for me. You may not have much going for you in the way of charm, but at least you’re honest.”

I could think of no words to say back to Tonya, so I simply nodded, trying not to stare too much at her naked tattooed body.

“So,” she said, closing her eyes again, “If you’re done wonderin’ why I decided to make your day, let me soak up a little sun before it’s gone. And just know that your day ain’t through yet.”

I looked over her voluptuous body, watching how her smooth art covered skin seemed to drink in the sun’s rays and steal their color.

“You sure you don’t need lotion?” I dared to ask.

Tonya cut her dark eyes over at me and said, “Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you, hun?”

I shook my head and smiled as she closed her eyes again and lay silent.

For the longest time I watched her sunbathe. I studied the art on her arms, admiring the artist’s attention to shading and details. The ink served to accentuate Tonya’s skin and the curves of her body.

At one point, I felt a craving, and went inside to pour myself another glass of rum. It didn’t take me long to return to my private viewing beside Tonya’s marvelous form. The woman was twice my age, but it somehow only added to her beauty, and I couldn’t understand this.

As I thought back, never had I gotten to just examine a beautiful naked woman before. The few girls I had been with definitely weren’t as gorgeous as Tonya, and were simply straight down to business, wanting to fuck and be vulnerable for the shortest amount of time that they could. The sun drifted lower in the sky as I studied Tonya’s every intimate feature, and the rum drifted lower in the glass in my hand as I did. My eyes grew heavy, and my head grew light and weary. I was asleep nude beside Tonya before I could stop myself.

I awakened to stars and warm humid air. I blinked my eyes and stared at the clear dark water of the pool, gathering my bearing. I glanced over to find that Tonya wasn’t beside me. My first thought was that I had dropped the ball and that she’d gone home, but scanning the deck I found her bikini and her heels were right where she left them. She couldn’t have walked home naked.

I rose and slid open the back door, aware of my bare flaccid dick wagging free between my legs. I stepped inside and spotted Tonya in the kitchen pouring herself another glass of rum. She glanced up and made some remark or greeting to me, but I barely heard her. I was staring in awe at what she was wearing.

Tonya had a black and neon pink trimmed sheer baby doll nighty, split at the cups and flaring down to her waist. The see through mesh was so thin that it did little to hide the features of her breasts, her wide nipples and their hoops still plainly visible. The lingerie piece looked obviously too small for her, her ample C cup melons all but bursting from the smaller bra, and the tips of her nipples mashed against the thin sheer fabric.

Tonya was also wearing the matching sheer thong panties, her black patch showing through the thin mesh as well. The straps that wound over her wide hips were pulling tight into her skin, apparently too small for her, too. Though Tonya looked absolutely sexy in the baby doll, a wave of fear swept through me.

“Wh-where, uh… where did you get that?” I asked.

Tonya stepped into the living room, and admired herself briefly.

“You like it? It ain’t my size but I love the colors and this mesh,” she said, ignoring my question.

“But where’d you get it?” I said again.

Tonya put a hand on her curvy hip.

“It’s one ‘a little miss Debbie-cake’s naughty outfits. ‘Found it hiding in one of her drawers.”

I almost fainted. “You gotta to put it back. She’ll fucking flip if she found out you were here, or… or wearing that!”

“What’s ‘amatter, hun?” She teased. Her hand slipped down to rub at the dark strip through Debbie’s panties. “This not look good enough for ya’?”

Tonya tossed her head back and gave a wicked laugh. It was the first time I had heard that laugh and it was just barely short of menacing. Watching her take a rather deep sip from the glass in her hand, I began to suspect that she was starting to get a bit drunk. She was walking slowly towards me, her luscious form like a cat stalking towards its prey. Tonya put her arm around me, my throbbing cock pressing against her thigh. I felt her heavy breasts rub my bare chest, silky smooth under the sheer bra that contained them. My eyes, however, were lost yet again in her dark and dangerous eyes.

“You wanna have some fun again?” She purred, her lips barely not touching my own.

Again I smelt the aroma of smoke and alcohol on her breath, which somehow was an aphrodisiac coming from Tonya. I thought we might kiss passionately again, but she teased me and retreated from my every attempt to close in. I decided maybe I should give her the answer she wanted.

“Yeah, I do,” I whispered.

Tonya suddenly slapped my bare ass hard, stepping away and chuckling darkly.

“Well, c’mon then, stud,” Tonya said. ” Let’s go find some more stuff to try on.”

She was walking into the hall… towards the bedrooms. My trance was broken, I knew I had to try to stop her.

“Tonya, we can’t go back there….” I called after her as I hurried down the hall. “If they find out we were in their room-”

“I ain’t gonna tell if you don’t,” Tonya said.

She pushed open the door to Mark and Debbie’s master bedroom at the end of the dark hall. The light was on and I could tell Tonya had already been snooping around. Debbie’s closet door was open wide at the far corner of the room, as well as her panty drawers at her dresser.

Tonya made her way to the dresser, unclasping the hooks of the baby doll she was wearing and letting it fall to the floor. I watched her peel the matching panties off as well, slightly relieved that she took Debbie’s things off but also disappointed as well. It had looked outstanding on her.

“C’mon, Todd, do some prowling,” Tonya said. Her sleek back was turned to me as she bent over Debbie’s drawers, sifting through panties and other assorted intimates. When she bent over, I got a good look at her snatch between her legs and ass.

“I-I dunno, this isn’t a good idea,” I told her.

“I used to snoop around like this all the time when I was a little girl,” Tonya muttered, ignoring me.

I walked into the room glancing at the clock on Mark’s nightstand. It was only eight thirty. I hadn’t slept as long as I thought. I looked around Mark and Debbie’s room. They had a huge canopy bed with sheer curtains flowing down to the floor. The room itself was pretty spacious, even with the large bed in the middle. Both Mark and Debbie had their own walk-in closets, one on each side of the bed near the corners of the room. Both doors stood open with the lights on. It appeared Tonya had been sniffing around in both already.

“Ooh, look at these,” I heard Tonya say, and I turned to find her holding up a pair of black panties, embellished with dark blue lace. They were simple and sexy, but it was something I wouldn’t have thought Debbie would wear.

Tonya wasted no time stepping in them and pulling them up her long legs. The panties fit snug against her groin, her smooth mound outlined nicely by the fabric. She watched my enthralled expression with a calm amused face as I let my gaze wander up and down her body. She turned around to show me how the thong split her tight teardrop ass. Tonya smiled back over her tattooed shoulder and wobbled her hips, giving her cheeks a little shake.

I was aware of my nudity as my dick stood stiff, but I still felt as though we were trespassing.

“We really shouldn’t be in here,” I said nervously.

“I know,” Tonya said, her eyes flashing. “Exciting ain’t it? Don’t worry, hun, I’m gonna put everything back the way it was….”

Tonya reached down to rub the panties against her snatch with an sly grin and said, “Things just might be a little… wetter… when she finds them.”

She gave another wicked laugh before turning back to the drawers and snooping more. I stood licking my dry lips, still feeling nervous and worried. I couldn’t resist her, though, I knew that. Honestly, I was turned on by Tonya strutting around in another woman’s panties, especially since it was someone I knew.

“Oh my!” Tonya said dramatically. “What have we here?”

Tonya turned around, and there, in her fist, was a giant cock. It was a dildo the color of pale flesh, made to look as realistic as possible. It really looked like Tonya was holding an actual veiny erection in her hand. I was shocked that Debbie owned this cock or even used one, but what stunned me even more was the size of it. This thing was huge! It had to be about ten inches in length, and was extremely thick.

Tonya stared at me, as entertained as I had ever seen her. I didn’t know what to say. Debbie was a soft spoken, petite, sweet young girl that never cursed or did anything wrong. She was a really spiritual person, and rarely watched even the tamest of horror movies. Now, Tonya had found her secret. All ten flopping inches of it.

“Looks like your buddy ain’t giving her all she really wants,” Tonya said with her tongue in her cheek.

“Please, you gotta put that back,” I pleaded, taking a few steps towards her.

“Why?” She said. “I haven’t even tried it out yet.”

My heart almost stopped as she lowered the giant fake cock to her crotch. Tonya rubbed at her pussy and gave me a little teasing moan.

“Don’t! Please… just… put it- “

“Put it where, honey?” Tonya said cutting me off. She squatted, her legs wide open to display what was between them. In one hand she held the wobbling monstrous dildo, and with the other she peeled Debbie’s panties aside. I could see her pussy, which was now blossoming like a flower, her lips puckered and split open. The sight of it gave me nervous chills. Tonya licked her fingers, fucking me with her dark eyes as she did. She rubbed her wet hand down her lips between her thighs.

Before I could react in any way, Tonya had the head of the lifelike dick sliding up and down across her open lips. She reached up to clench one of her fleshy round breasts in her hand, pinching her dark nipple and toying with the hoop that pierced it. She was giving me a show, and I was petrified. The only part of me that moved was my twitching engorged dick.

My breath came heavier as I watched her shove the head of the dildo inside her slick mound.

“Fuck that’s big,” Tonya breathed. She moaned softly through closed lips.

Tonya worked the thick rod in and out of her slowly, dramatically pursing her lips at me and winking. She worked the fingers of her other hand against the hood that covered her clit, shoving the monstrous cock up into her as far as it would go.

“Don’t you wish this was you?” Tonya purred, continuing to pleasure herself with Debbie’s dildo.

As I gawked at her, all I could manage to say was, “I… I w-wouldn’t be near as big as….”

Tonya slipped the fake cock from her with a swift motion, the huge dildo glistening with her juices, and flopped it on the bed. She stood and marched straight at me.

“I don’t care ’bout that, hun,” Tonya told me. “I just want something inside me.”

Tonya was on me at once. Whereas earlier in the pool we kissed slow and passionately, this time was an onslaught I wasn’t prepared for. She flung her arms around my head, her thick pierced breasts crushing into me, and kissed me. Her lips pressed firmly at first, then her tongue fought its way into my mouth, wrestling my own forcefully.

I finally snapped out of my shock and threw my arms around her. I rubbed her back greedily before reaching down to clutch both of her firm ass cheeks. Our kiss broke, but it wasn’t enough for me. I brushed her hair over her back and dove at her neck, licking and sucking at her smooth skin. Tonya was shoving me towards the bed. She flung aside the curtain sheets that hung from the canopy and shoved me in.

I landed on the soft comforter facing up. Tonya immediately crawled up beside me, her heavy natural jugs hanging down from her chest and her silver nipple hoops twinkling. I let her take the lead, unsure what to do in the heat of the moment with a gorgeous predator climbing on top of me. However, she didn’t climb onto my naked lap. Instead, she was inverting herself, throwing one leg over my head and positioning her own head above my throbbing cock.

I had never participated in a sixty nine before. Yet here I was, with Tonya’s wet cunt hovering inches over my face. I could smell her, and the fragrance was delicious. It was a floral aroma, sharp and refreshing, mixed with the natural naughty odor of pussy. Tonya’s tits hung from her chest to rest on my stomach and pelvis below. For the second time today, I felt her hand squeeze the base of my cock before it was plunged into her hot moist mouth.

My legs jerked as she swallowed me and swiftly went to work on my swollen dick. Her hand again crawled down to find my asshole and a lone finger crept in to rub at my prostate. I knew this feeling, and I also knew there was but one thing I could do now. I clutched her left ass cheek in my hand, and with my other reached over her right and pulled aside Debbie’s lace panties. I saw her waiting lips before me, and plunged ahead. The taste filled my mouth and my nose as I lapped at the top of her slit near my chin, my nose all but buried in her pink opening.

My only view consisted of the split of the bottom of Tonya’s cunt, and her tight asshole between the peaks of her cheeks, which was barely hidden under the strap of Debbie’s thong panties. I didn’t know how well I was doing, but as she furiously swallowed my cock, Tonya moaned into me. She then began to rock her hips onto my face slightly, and my face was being smeared with her fluids.

Drunk on her cunt and the feeling of my now thrusting dick in her throat, I tested my luck and copied Tonya. I let one of my fingers creep to her asshole and play with her outer ring before plunging it in to the knuckle. With the same hand I groped her ass cheek while I continued to eat her dripping snatch.

After several minutes, Tonya climbed off of me, panting hard. She switched herself around, now straddling my crotch. I peered past her swaying pierced tits to where she took my slippery cock and guided it towards her pussy. My breath caught in my chest as my swollen head slipped easily into her, and my eyes met her piercing gaze. Her beautiful but messy black hair hung around both of our faces, and we watched each other’s ecstatic expressions as Tonya slid herself down my cock to sit on my balls.

Tonya gave a moan as she did, and she then placed her tattooed arms around my head, her breasts now smashing down on my upper chest. My every breath was now filled with the intoxicating aromas of her hair, her skin, and her quickening breath. Tonya had me locked in. She arched her back, her ass popping up as she slid her slick pussy to the tip of my dick. With a flick of her head, she whipped her black and blonde streaked hair onto her back, her chest rising. Those fleshy melons of hers were in my face now, and I wasted no time burying my pussy glazed mouth into them.

Tonya was riding me skillfully, popping her teardrop ass up to my tip and plunging it back down to my balls, over and over. I had never been ridden this way. The sensation throughout the length of my dick was unbearable, her warm hole swallowing me completely and damn near spitting me out repeatedly. I kissed and sucked at her heavy breasts, careful to alternate between the pair. My lips found a nipple and the cold metal ring that pierced it. I took as much of her huge areola in my mouth and sucked at it, flicking the silver hoop with my tongue.

Tonya let out a wordless cry of pleasure, increasing the speed of her rolling ass. I clutched her hips, holding on for dear life, biting hard at her fleshy tit and grunting loudly into her breasts. When at last I could bear it no more, Tonya knew it. The muscles in her cunt contracted, and my mind reeled from the incredible sensation. She curled her smooth tattooed arms tighter behind my head and crushed me into her bouncing rack.

My cock burst inside her, spitting the first stream of seed into her. She felt it and crashed her ass down onto my balls, shoving me as deep as I could go. Without retreating up my dick, she ground her pussy against me, her black strip of hair brushing against me. She wasn’t stopping. Tonya just continued to ride deep onto my pulsing dick as I shot my load into her. I screamed into her cleavage, biting down on one of her smooth jugs as I did. My hips bucked into her. My hands clawed her thighs. I was seeing spots.

When at last I was empty. My body went limp beneath her. Tonya pushed herself up from my chest to sit straight on my throbbing dick. Her naturally drooping breasts rising and falling with the heaving of her breath. She swept her hair from her face and studied my lifeless body beneath her with those dark eyes. Her tattooed sleeves were sleek and glossy with sweat.

Then she patted my stomach and said, “My turn, honey. Don’t leave me hangin’.”

Tonya then climbed from my lap, my shiny reddened dick slipping from her cunt to flop back to my stomach. She then stood beside the canopy bed, reached and took my arm, and guided me up. I stood beside her, my legs feeling weak and rubbery. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, and I couldn’t think straight, so I followed her lead again. Tonya then positioned herself on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass held high before me, and the flaming eagle above it glaring back at me.

I had never maintained an erection after an orgasm before, but looking down I saw that my dick was still standing straight out, with just a dribble of cum on the tip. I placed a hand on Tonya’s back, but before I could pull Debbie’s lace panties aside, she was handing me something. In her hand was Debbie’s giant dildo.

“You’re… you’re gonna have to get… a lil’ bit kinky to get me there,” Tonya said between breaths.

I reached over slowly and took the fake cock in my hand. It was soft on the outside, but hard through its center, like feeling my own dick. The only difference was that mine was nowhere near this big. My hand barely closed around it, and as I held the base of it, the dildo was so long that it fell to point its heavy tip straight at the floor.

“Um, h-how?” I asked, unsure of what she wanted.

Tonya shot a hungry glare over her tattooed shoulder. “Gimme double. Put that one in the other hole.”

I had what one might call stage fright. Only one girl had ever let me in her ass, and she hated it. Tonya wanted this monstrous thing that I held in my hand inside of her, and it belonged to Debbie! I started once to convince her not to use it, but this was just too hot. Tonya was getting a little impatient, for she spit in her palm and brought her hand around to lubricate her ass with it. I did the same, not wanting her to lose interest, spitting in my hand and rubbing the head of the huge cock with it.

Taking a breath, I pulled Debbie’s thong asside from her hole and guided the tip of the dildo towards her waiting ass. I pressed it gently against her hole.

“Harder,” was all Tonya said.

I gripped my hands around Debbie’s toy in an effort to keep it from bending and increased pressure. I saw the ring of her asshole slowly begin to stretch open around the dildo until the huge head suddenly popped right into her ass. Tonya let out a wail unlike I had ever heard. I saw the muscles in her legs and back tensing. I knew to be slow and let her adjust. I then noticed her hand rubbing furiously at the lips through her borrowed panties between her legs. Could that help her ignore the pain?

Thinking quickly, I reached under her to pull aside Debbie’s wet thong panties and directed the tip of my own throbbing dick towards her lips. Tonya’s rubbing had caused a creamy trickle of my cum to ease from her slit. I had thought something like this would repulse me, but instead it turned me on even more. I pushed my bulging head through her lips, sliding easily inside. Tonya let out a low moan of ecstasy.

I took Debbie’s dildo again and pressed it further into Tonya’s ass and stopped. I could actually feel this monstrous thing in her sphincter from the fleshy wall inside of her warm cunt. I pressed a little more and saw Tonya’s hands claw into the comforter of Mark and Debbie’s bed. She wasn’t stopping me though, so I kept going. Finally, both my dick and the fake one above it were bottomed out inside of Tonya’s holes.

Tonya began to back her ass into my dick, and as she did, the fleshy lifelike dildo was jammed further into her ass by my stomach. I pumped slowly, and every time I drew back, Debbie’s dildo tried to slide out from Tonya’s stretched asshole. I could also feel something warm run out of her lips and down my cock and my sack. It was my cum, I realized. Debbie’s black and blue laced panties must be a real covered mess by now. I shoved back in, my cock driving deep into her moist cunt, the dildo driving deeper still into her ass. Tonya was moaning loud, almost sounding like a long slow yell. She met my hips harder with her teardrop cheeks, flipping her black hair onto her arched back.


I was not sure where to fit this story. There is some public nudity, some spanking, and some NonConsent/Reluctance along with some form of BDSM… It’s a bit twisted, so I figured that it fit best in the NonConsent/Reluctance section… Tell me if you want to know what happens next… I am still trying to figure it out.


Chapter 1

Nicole stepped out in the mild autumn air. On Saturday nights, Wall Street was a ghost town. For the past 3 years, she had been working seven days a week and today she was finally done and she could relax for the first time in a long time. Where could she go though? No one was waiting for her. The time that she had invested into that last project had come at a high personal cost. She was single again. Her last boyfriend had been patient for the first two years but he had left her a year ago now. “What is the point of this relationship if I never see you? I never touch you and my hand has become my only lover.” Those were his last words as he carried the last suitcase out of her apartment and out of her life.

“It’s a shame,” she thought. As the fresh air filled her lungs, she was starting to relax. “I could really use a good man right now.” The memories of him awakened desires that she had ignored since his departure. “How long had it been?” The poor guy was right and she could not blame him. She had ignored every other aspects of her life while working on this once in a lifetime opportunity. She had succeeded and could even retire tomorrow if she so desired.

“Get out of here!” Her boss had forced her to take the next month off. “You need to have a life… and because this firm owes much of its success to your hard work… I need to make sure that you will not burn out… I don’t want to see you for now. We have it under control… Go live your life… you are young and you need to act your age for once… Go! Now!”

So there she was. Standing at the entrance of the building and looking lost; she did not know what to do or where to go. She did not feel like going straight home but she did not want to go get a drink by herself either. The cool breeze from Battery Park and the sound of the water beckoned her. A nice walk in the park seemed like a good idea.

Unbeknownst to her, she had been under observation from the minute she had stepped out of the building. Hidden in the shadows, they had been watching her while she stood. When she unexpectedly decided to head to the park they knew that they had the opening that they were waiting for. The five young men followed her at a distance and when she entered the park they spread out to get to her from all sides. She would soon be in their trap.

Nicole was leaning against the metal railing at the edge of the park. Feeling the wind in her face, she was deep in thought. She stood there until her face turned cold from the breeze; the lights from the buildings across the river had put her into a trance. She snapped out of it. It was time to head home. She needed to sleep and had decided that she would sleep until her eyes would pop open. There would not be any need for alarm clocks. What a strange notion.

When she turned around, a jolt of fear hit her. Five young men, their faces hidden by the shadows of their hoodies, were surrounding her. She was trapped with nowhere to go. She smiled and tried to walk past them but they clearly and firmly made her understand that she could not move.

“Strip!” The command came from the tallest man whose long blond hair was sticking out of his hood.

“Strip or we will tear your cloths off. Now!”

Fear had taken her voice and she looked at them in a state of shock. She stood there motionless with an ever-widening knot in her throat. The fear was suffocating and nauseating. She was a petite woman standing at 5’3″ and the men towering over her seemed like giants.

They stepped closer to her when she did not move so she raised her arms.

They stepped back to give her room.

After a few seconds of hesitation, she lowered her arms and removed her jacket. No words were spoken but their body language told her that she should not stop. They were ready to pounce. She needed to buy time. Maybe someone would walk by and help her out of this situation. She removed one shoe and the next. She would stare at them as she proceeded looking for any small opening to escape. She had been an athlete in a past life and she felt confident about her capabilities to outrun them. She would not need to run for very long. The park was small and the police patrolled the streets regularly. The park was probably under camera surveillance too, she thought. She just needed more time.

“Move faster or else!” came the warning.

She was now barefoot in her pantsuit and short sleeve work shirt. She opened the pants first as she thought that the shirt would hide her forms better. Time! She needed more time. The pants were off and soon the shirt was also on the ground next to it. Despite her fear she was calculating her options. There was still no one around to help out and even if there was she did not know if she could have yelled for help as her throat felt dry and useless.

However, when it was down to her cotton slip and panties she could no longer move. The idea of being exposed outdoor froze her. She pulled her arms up, afraid that her nipples would show through the fabric. The cotton camisole that she wore that day was thin and did not leave much to the imagination. It was her last layer of protection and she did not have the courage to remove it in front of them.

The leader made a hand signal and before she could say or do anything ten pairs of hands grabbed her remaining clothing. As if choreographed, they all stepped back in unison and tore the fabric off her body. She was naked and the gust of wind coming of the water’s surface sent shivers up her spine. It made her all to aware of her circumstance.

Nicole panicked and raised her arms in an attempt to cover up. Was this really happening? Bare as the day she was born in one of the biggest cities in the world? The young men were calm and confident. They did not seem rushed or threatened by the risk of police arriving anytime soon. They were in total control.

The leader spoke rapidly.

“This is our game and here are the rules: we give you a head start, you run and if we catch you then the fun really begins.”

They stared at her for a few seconds letting it all sink in. They then started to step away from her leaving her completely exposed to the outside world. The circle that they formed around her was widening with every step back they took. They knew from experience that it would take a while for the situation to register. In some cases, there was no chase at all to this cat and mouse game. The prey would just stand still, paralyzed, and would give in to her fear.

Nicole was different. Her nudity bothered her profusely but her flight instinct was strong. She had analyzed the situation carefully and had decided on a series of movements that she should follow. The key was to act without hesitation. She would have to put her modesty aside for now and let the adrenaline rush kick in. She was ready.

Once the men had withdrawn enough for her to squeeze by them, she immediately put herself in motion.

She grabbed her handbag and, before anyone had time to react, she swung it with all her might into the black NYC water. There! They would not be able to get her name and address; now her identity was protected.

As she had predicted, this act surprised and distracted them.

She used the diversion to start her sprint. By the time they turned back their heads towards her, she had already run past them.

There was no delay in her actions and it took them a second or two to react.

The girl was fast. She did not waiver and did not show any sign of timidity.

The leader started panicking. This was not the plan. “Guys let’s go or we’ll lose her. She is too damn fast. MOVE!”

He was right.

The girl had bolted into the darkness and could not be seen.

Nicole was moving fast from shadow to shadow choosing her spots, hiding, and avoiding the light cast by the lamps above her. She had managed to stay hidden all the while staying close to the railing overlooking the pier. She had decided that her best bet was the water. She was a competitive swimmer once upon a time. As the men started looking for her in the park, she lowered her body slowly into the sea and avoided making any splash that could alert them of her position. By alternating cleverly between underwater swimming and by hiding in the nook and crannies of the peir that was surrounding the park Nicole was soon going to be out of their reach.

The leader and his gang were frantic. For the first time ever, they had lost their prey. Once it was clear that she would not be found, the leader took out his cell to call the client.

Mike answered the phone. Who could it be at this hour of the night?

“This is Jay and we lost the prey”

Jay? The prey? Holly Shit! He had completely forgotten about the set-up. It had all been arranged such a long time ago. Months before he broke it off with Nicole. Jay was the leader of a group that specialized in making women’s fantasies come to life. In a safe environment, they would act out abduction and rape scenarios. Nicole had told him her wildest fantasy and he had arranged for it to happen. The problem was that he had never gotten around to revealing the present that he had planned for her while they were still together. In order for the set-up to work, the crew would not act for several months so as to surprise their “victim”. They had not given him a time frame for the act, and they convinced him that the less he knew the better the effect of the surprise to the woman. It had been over a year and he simply had forgotten about it. He had wanted to forget everything about her. It was just too painful.

“Hold on… I need to cancel the order… she is no longer with me.”

“What the fuck?! It’s too fucking late!” Jay was furious. “So she is unaware and she thinks that she just got attacked?”


“Well, we have disabled all the cameras in the neighborhood and there is no trace of our dealings… so we are getting out of this fucking mess… FYI: there is a naked woman running around the city” Jay hung up and tossed the cell in the river. He then raised his hand and signaled his troup. In a matter of seconds, the crew disappeared in the shadows of the park.

Mike sat-up bewildered. Where was Nicole and how could he help her?

Chapter 2

Nicky was now out of the reach of her assailants. She had swum up the West Side of the island but due to the strong currents her progress was slow. Knowing that the waters around the City had been deemed safe for swimming comforted her somewhat. At least, she would not over think the fact that she was completely exposed in that regard.

Now, looking at the landmarks she realized that she was still well below Canal Street. The water felt cool on her skin. It was her first time skinny-dipping and what a strange sensations it was. The water caressed and stimulated her sensitive breasts in ways that she had never experienced. The gentle cool touch of the liquid made her nipples as hard as marbles as she swam. She was hyper sensitive to the liquid enveloping her and exciting her all over. Her sex was also exposed to the water and the feeling was not unpleasant at all. She felt as if she was floating and as if she was being lifted out of the nightmare that she had just experienced. Her body was responding to this relaxing situation and she was starting to let go of her fear. She was nude and completely excited by now.

Now that the danger was gone, her mind was spinning in all directions. She replayed the attack over and over. Something familiar was striking a chord. A loud, “What the fuck!” escaped her lips. Memories of an old fantasy rushed back from some parts within her. The similarities were too close for it to be a coincidence. Was this a bad joke?

She needed to get out of the water and get to a phone. How would she go about it? A pay phone, did they still exist? How about placing collect calls? The problem was phone numbers. She remembered the ones from long ago but all the ones that she dialed these days were only stored on her blackberry’s memory. She drew a blank. She could not hope to reach her apartment by swimming all the way to the Upper West Side. She would have to chance it by walking along the riverbank. She could always dive back into the safety of the dark water if necessary.

She had swum her way up to TriBeCa, she thought. That neighborhood would not be as quiet and empty as Wall Street. The further uptown she would go the more people there would be. She would need to get past 57th street before the streets would quiet down again. She knew that the residential streets in the West 70′s and 80′s would be quiet. But her journey back home was just starting.

She hoisted herself out of the water in what seemed to be a secluded area of the park that trailed along the river. The air was mild for the season but getting out of the water was not easy. Her pert small nipples were still as hard as little rocks sticking out like the tips of pencil erasers. Once she was out of the water, she found refuge behind a trashcan. She wiped as much of the water from her body as possible. She needed to get dry fast if she did not want to be too cold. Her hands ran up and down her legs moving quickly. She jumped when one of her hands brushed the hairy patch between her legs. She was still as excited as she had been in the water. The hand lingered between her thighs. Her heart beat faster and, instantly, she no longer felt the cold. She pressed down applying more pressure on her mound. Time stood still. She could not breath and a feverish sensation was taking over her mind.


A dog startled her out of her reverie. The owner was a tall older woman sitting on a bench a few yards away. For the first time tonight, Nicole felt hopeful. This old lady would surely come to the rescue of a woman in distress. The dog got agitated as she got up resolved to ask for assistance. It growled and barked as Nicole made her way towards its master.

“Help me please,” whispered Nicole.

The woman looked at her startled by the nude form. She bounced up from the bench and started screaming at the young woman.

“What is this? How dare you walk around like this? Do you have any shame? You slut! You are depraved and I am not going to take this sitting down!”

Nicky was startled by the violent reaction. She turned red with shame and tried to step back. Nicole’s voice was failing her again and she was left mute for the second time that evening. The lady was actually not as old as she looked from afar and she was standing overlooking the petite frame of Nicole. She was fast and she was strong. She grabbed the young woman by the forearm and sat back down on the bench forcing Nicole to bend forward and down over her lap.

SPANK! The first slap came down fast and strong.

“This is what I did to my children when they misbehaved!”


Nicole felt the air come out of her lungs. This was happening to fast for her to process. She drew her hands up to her face in an attempt to hide. She had never felt this embarrassed in her entire life. She was kicking her legs in the air but the woman held her tight. Nicole felt like a little girl being punished. The woman was almost twice as big as Nicole and the contrast made her feel small and weak. She was being pushed down with the hand that held her while her rear was slapped with the other.

The problem was that Nicole was still aroused. She felt the friction of her mound of Venus against the woman’s legs. Between the humiliation and the excitement she would soon reach a climax if the rubbing of her sex against the woman’s leg did not stop. The slaps on her butt were pushing her down against the fabric.


The hits kept on coming as her excitement grew. Overstimulated and out of control, she started spreading her legs ever so slightly hoping that the woman’s hand would touch her sex. She needed that extra contact on her pussy. She wanted to come. She needed the release. Sinking her face further into her hands, she suddenly moved her free leg as far off the bench as she could. She was stretching herself as wide as possible and the following slap hit her square on the sex. “Ooooooh,” she moaned as she came close to her climax. Just one more slap and she would be experiencing pure bliss. Alas it was not to be.

Suddenly the woman pushed her to the ground.

“You whore! Have you no decency!”

It was the woman’s turn to be shocked into silence.

Nicky got up and quickly sprinted away as the woman was about to reach for her cane.

Chapter 3

What had just happened? Nicole could not believe that she had almost reached an orgasm over that woman’s knees. Her state of arousal had not diminished. She was now sprinting in the direction of the Village still following the park up the Hudson River. With each stride, the friction between her legs was driving her insane. She was on the edge of release but she could not reach the ultimate relief that she was craving. She was running fast hoping that the strain on her body would either help her reach the sexual summit or calm her down. But no! The heat in her loins remained constant as she went along. She was now zigzagging to avoid the light cast by the street lamps but honestly she did not care if she was seen. The park was not very full and whoever saw her would not really have time to react. If they managed to see her in the darkness, they would not see much, only a pinkish blur.

When she reached the edge of the West Village, Nicole remembered her old friend Lizzy. Lizzy was close enough to be one of a handful of people who could have known about Nicole’s fantasy. Was she responsible for tonight’s series of events? She definitely had a motive to plan such an attack and Nicole needed to find out. If she was, Nicole would confront her and apologize for the past and maybe Lizzy would help her out. If she was not, then maybe she would find it in her heart to help Nicole despite all the bad blood. Nicky was praying that she would not be punished for her past misbehavior. Lizzy lived in a brownstone close to the water. The streets in that part of town were small and quiet. Maybe she could find refuge there? It had been years since they had last seen each other. They had been really close until Nicole had betrayed her. She had seduced Dave, a boy that Lizzy really liked and Lizzy never forgave her. Back in those days, Nicole was a bad girl. She was at an age when she was discovering her powers over men and for a time she experimented with a lot of them. She had strung poor Dave along for months teasing him but never allowing him to touch her. He had fallen head over heels for her and she had broken his heart. She had behaved the same way with many others at the time. Nicole had deeply regretted her attitude of old but she had never found the courage to make amends. She had never apologized for her actions to any of the people who had fallen victim to her teasing.

She made her way to her old friend’s house weaving from stoop to stoop, hiding whenever she thought she might be discovered. The street was quiet and she pressed the buzzer.

“Who is it?”

“Lizzy? It’s Nicole… Remember me?”

“What do you want?” came abruptly.

“I am in trouble and I need your help… Do you have company tonight?” Nicole certainly did not want to be walking into a party naked as she was.

“I do have guests here tonight.”

“Can you please come down for a minute to the street? Please!”


“Please bring me some cloths.” But the buzzer had gone silent and Nicole did not know if the girl had heard the request.

It truly was a day to remember. I stepped out onto my pool deck that Saturday afternoon, aiming to bring the water up to the proper level and check the chemical balance. Three neighborhood couples would be at our home that evening to share my locally-famous smoked ribs. I wanted the pool to be crystal clear in case we decided to swim too.

I turned on the water then moved to the pool equipment enclosure next to our tall fence. Barefooted, I made no sound. I bent to retrieve my test kit when I heard a low moan coming from the other side of the fence. It wasn’t a hurt sound, but it aroused my curiosity. Although the fence is the board-on-board type for maximum privacy, age has warped a few of the boards so that there are cracks of daylight.

Silently, I put my eye to the widest crack to determine the reason for the low moan that I had heard. My next door neighbor, Brad, was lying on the deck on a pool float. He was nude and Julie, his young wife, was kneeling between his legs. As I drew in my breath, Julie bobbed her head, sliding Brad’s stiff cock in and out of her mouth. From my side view, I could see Julie’s hanging breasts sway as she ministered to Brad’s throbbing penis.

I knew that I should turn away. Brad and Julie would be joining us for ribs in a matter of hours. They would be mortified if they knew I had seen them in their oral embrace. This was the gal next door with two young daughters. The PTA mom who volunteered at the local elementary school functions!

I couldn’t move. As I watched, Julie pulled her lips from Brad’s dick and slowly moved up his glistening body. She leaned forward to plant a long kiss on Brad’s lips, then used her right hand to guide his length into her dark love tunnel.

Rubbing my cock through my trunks, I continued to stare through the fence as she slowly rode her husband’s cock. Brad reached up and began to massage her ample tits and I saw her dark rose nipples come to long, erect points between his fingers. It had never occurred to me that the young couple was so accomplished as lovers. Julie was neither beautiful nor homely. She was rather short and curvy, with long brown hair. Cute, perky, and quiet would be a pretty good description. Her clothes did a good job of hiding her voluptuous body, for she did have lovely breasts and a sexy ass.

Brad held off and Julie rocked on his prick for quite some time. I watched, hoping to get a glimpse of her pussy from the front. Finally, Julie began to slide back and forth rapidly and Brad grasped her hips, raising up to meet her. “Oh God, yes, yes,” Julie moaned as they fucked. Their frantic movements concluded as they both climaxed. Julie collapsed onto Brad’s chest and they lay there for a matter of minutes with his cock still buried in my cute neighbor’s slippery cunt.

Julie finally rolled to one side and Brad began to sit up. I moved away from the fence to avoid detection. Then, hearing a splash, I returned to the fence to see Brad in the pool and Julie at the top of the steps. I got a full frontal view of her curvy body as she stepped into the water. She had a dark, natural bush. It glistened with their combined juices and her nipples were erect in the center of dark rose areolas that appeared to be about the size of a half-dollar. Julie sank into her pool and Brad pulled her close. They began to make out. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his hips. They floated like that for a few minutes before drifting to the shallow end.

I left my spy post to turn off the water in my own pool and to check the chlorine level. When I returned the water test kit, I decided to take one more look to see if my neighbors were still swimming. I put my eye to the crack in the fence and instinctively jerked back. Julie was still in the shallow end of her pool, no more than ten feet from me. Brad was behind her and she was leaning on the pool coping. I watched, spellbound. Julie’s expression changed as Brad’s cock slid in and out of her submerged cunt. Julie’s pendulous tits and erect nipples were plainly visible to my gaze and I could hear her breathing and groaning as her young stud plowed her wet snatch.

I felt a quantity of warm, sticky liquid seep into my trunks and ooze down my leg. Reaching down, I covered my finger with a glob and brought my finger to my lips.

When they both finished for the second time, Brad held his cute, young wife up as she floated on her back. I got an ample opportunity to survey her entire body as they relaxed in their pool. “Mmm, it doesn’t get any better than this,” Julie cooed as the couple lazed in what they thought was a most private moment.

Finally, Julie stood up in the shallow end and I watched her shapely ass undulate as she stepped out and began to dry her hair. Brad followed and grabbed his towel. “Let’s take a shower together,” he suggested, “we’re supposed to be next door for dinner in another couple of hours.”

Their sexy show was over, so I finished skimming some errant leaves out of my pool; then took a short swim to rinse off the evidence of my voyeuristic adventure before going back into the house.

My wife, Barbara, was in the kitchen making last minute preparations. “Why don’t we take a nice long shower together before our dinner guests arrive?” I coaxed as I fondled her right breast.

“What’s gotten into you, Romeo?” she teased. “We still have things to do before our guests begin to ring our doorbell.”

I smiled as I continued to squeeze her. “It’s Saturday, and I’m horny. Get Julie to help you when she gets here. We still have time for a little fun before dinner. Hell, I’ll bet Julie and Brad are playing around in their own shower right now!”


Voyeuristic visions still raced through my fevered brain as the warm water played against our bodies and Barb’s lips encircled my stiff dick.

“I sure hope this turns out to be an early night,” I gasped as talented fingers fondled my shaved balls and my wife’s tongue played around the exposed head of my cock.

It took a while for my cock to respond to Barb’s warm lips and talented tongue. I couldn’t admit that I had cum in my trunks just a few minutes earlier! It was the way she used her tongue tip on the underside of my cock that finally did the trick. I closed my eyes, recalled how Julie sucked Brad’s stiff dick, and fantasized that it was really Julie sucking my cock.

By the time my cock was erect, Barb was breathing hard. “Hurry up, honey,” she gasped as she rose and turned to face the shower wall. Barb presented her rear and spread her legs to allow me access. I quickly stepped close, guiding my hardness into her slippery slit. The water beat down on Barb’s back and ran down her crack, merging with her sticky juices. It wasn’t long before I felt my wife’s body begin to tremble and her vaginal muscles spasm around my prick. Barb climaxed and her knees buckled. I held her ample tits in my hands and supported her as the waves of orgasms ebbed.

We finished our shower and hurriedly dried ourselves. “That was a nice surprise,” Barb grinned as we dressed. “It’s been quite a while since we’ve made love somewhere other than on our bed. I liked it.” Reluctantly, we both got dressed.

We spent the next hour or so making final preparations for the evening. I checked my ribs, took them out of the smoker, and put them in the warm oven to rest. “I’ll have everybody licking their fingers tonight,” I quipped.

Barb reached around me and squeezed my now-flaccid cock through my pants. “Maybe you’d enjoy licking something else after the party,” she chuckled.

“My, aren’t you the horny bitch today,” I replied as I slapped her ass playfully. “I hope you’ll keep my dessert warm until later. You know how I like your creamy treats.”

The doorbell rang before Barb could reply. She dashed off to greet our guests and I moved to the bar to begin pouring drinks. “This is going to be an interesting evening,” I thought as Brad and Julie approached the bar.

I shook Brad’s outstretched hand. “Don’t I even get a hug?” Julie pouted.

Feeling a twinge in my groin, I stepped around the bar where Julie stood with outstretched arms. I opened my arms and she pressed against me, her soft breasts against my chest. She leaned away and looked up with her large brown eyes. Without further prompting, I leaned down and gave her a neighborly kiss on her cheek. “That’s better,” she announced and smiled over her shoulder at Brad.

I poured Brad a scotch and got Julie a glass of red wine. Barb joined us and I poured two more glasses of wine. “Here’s to good neighbors,” I offered and we touched our glasses.

Brad took a sip of scotch, then turned to Barb. “Where’s my welcoming hug, eh?”

My horny wife quickly took the hint. She put her wine on the bar and pulled our young neighbor into a close embrace. “My goodness, where did you get all those muscles, Brad,” she asked as she gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Now, we’ve known Brad and Julie for a couple of years, ever since they moved in as a matter of fact. They have young children, as do their friends. We’ve always been friendly and I’ve invited Brad to the club for several rounds of golf. Barb always buys her Girl Scout cookies from Julie’s girls, and the wives have had coffee or wine together a number of times. It’s just that, being a few years older and without kids, we travel in different social circles as a rule.

We have helped each other when one or the other of us is out of town. They bring in our mail and paper, and tend our plants. We do the same for them, of course. I guess you would say we have been friendly neighbors, but not close friends.

Barb told me that she and Julie have confided in each other…girl stuff…without a more detailed explanation. “Has Julie told you about Brad’s prowess in the bedroom?” I have sometimes joked. “And, have you told her any secrets?” Naturally, Barb just smiles coyly and changes the subject on me.

“Our girls are visiting Julie’s parents this weekend. It sure is nice to have some time to ourselves once in a while,” Brad informed us. “We’re going to give the girls grandparent exposure more often,” he added with a wink.

Our two other couples arrived minutes later and the evening filled with stories, jokes, teasing, and idle chatter. My smoked ribs were a huge hit and we all laughed at the smacking and finger licking that are always part and parcel of rib dinners.

The open bar had its own effect. By eleven, we were all pretty well stimulated with alcohol. Our other guests were a few years older and soon announced that it was past their bedtime. The two other couples thanked us and extended invitations to come to their homes for dinner in the near future. Carl claimed he made the best burgers in creation and Fred wanted us to taste his famous chili.

“Hells bells,” Brad exclaimed, “it’s still early and half the party is already gone!”

Barb nodded. “Yeah, but that doesn’t prevent the four of us from enjoying ourselves.”

“I’ll help you clean up the table,” Julie volunteered. “It will go fast if you fellows will bring the stuff from the table into the kitchen.”

In no time, the table was cleared and the dishes in the dishwasher. “Whew, that was hot work,” Julie said. “Now, I’m all sweaty.”

“Tell me about it,” Barb responded as she wiped her brow with a paper towel. “I’m all sticky.”

Seeing an opening, I blurted out, “Well, we could all go skinny dipping and cool off.”

Three sets of eyes turned on me. Silence followed.

“It was just an idea,” I stammered defensively.

“Hell, why not?” Brad finally replied. “Haven’t done that since I was a boy.”

Julie shook her head. “You guys can do it if you want to, but count us out.”

Brad wouldn’t back off so easily. “You two were the ones complaining about being hot and sweaty. Evidently, you’re not all that uncomfortable.”

“Being sweaty and sticky is one thing, swimming naked with our neighbors is another,” she retorted. “Are you guys serious?”

“I’m sorry I mentioned it,” I said.

Brad put his arm around Julie’s shoulder. “Shoot, Ken and Barb are almost family,” he whispered. “What’s the harm in a quick dip?”

“You’re still horny from this afternoon,” Julie accused. “You just want to see Barb without her clothes on.”

Barb stepped in quickly. “Hey, you two, let’s just drop it, okay? Ken’s still a little horny too. He didn’t think. We don’t want to end this nice evening with a spat, do we?”

“No, we sure don’t,” Brad agreed with a chuckle. “I guess Ken and I let the booze do our talking. But, I still think it was a good idea, Ken.”

I looked at the young couple whom I had earlier observed making passionate love. “We can think of something else, of course. I just have one question. Brad, did you really just want to see Barb in her birthday suit?”

Everybody cracked up laughing and the mood lightened considerably.

Brad stood grinning at my wife. “I’ll have to admit, it would be quite a treat, Ken!”

Julie punched Brad’s arm. “You horny devil, do you always have to tell the bald truth?”

“That’s alright, Julie,” Barb giggled, it is kind of flattering to know that Brad finds me intriguing at my age.”

“You’re not that much older than us,” Julie offered, “and you’re a very attractive gal.”

Barb blushed at the attention and the compliment. “Why thanks, so are you, Julie.”

Brad looked over at me and winked. “Does that mean you’ve changed your mind about skinny dipping?” he asked innocently.

Barb smiled. “It wasn’t me who said no, was it Brad?”

“Barb! Are you seriously considering accepting their invitation?” Julie gasped.

“I will if you will,” Barb responded, much to my surprise. “I’m really hot and sticky.”

“Why does it have to be up to me?” Julie whined. “You’re putting me on the spot.”

Barb nodded. “You’re right, Julie, us girls need to stick together on this. Tell you what, it wouldn’t be so bad if we got in the pool first, then Brad and Ken could join us if they dared.”

“Hey, yeah,” Julie laughed. “We could cool off and they would have to be the ones exposed. That might be fun.”

Brad picked up on the compromise. “That suits us just fine, right Ken?”

It was my idea to begin with, so I couldn’t very well disagree. I nodded my approval, putting the decision back into the women’s court.

Barb seemed to have a strong interest in seeing Brad’s nude, muscular body. She saw me nod and came to a decision. “Okay, it’s settled. Julie and I get five minutes head start, so we’ll be in the water before you men can come outside, and so there’s no peeking through the windows, you will both have to stay in the TV room when we go to the pool.

“Agreed,” Brad pronounced. “We will give you five minutes of privacy. That okay with you, Ken?”

I nodded again and picked up my glass. “Grab another scotch, Brad, and let’s go watch the tube for a few minutes.”

As we left the kitchen, we heard giggles as the ladies headed for the back door.

“I still can’t believe that we’re doing this,” Julie said as she and Barb reached the edge of the pool. “How did they talk us into swimming nude like this?”

Barb glanced over at her neighbor. “Who knows?” Barb replied as she unbuttoned her blouse. “I don’t think they felt that we could turn the tables on them like we did.”

Julie watched Barb unclasp her bra in the front, an action that pushed her breasts together. Her mouth went dry as Barb casually dropped her bra onto her blouse, exposing her small pink nipples. Instinctively, Julie pulled her top over her head and reached behind her to unclasp her own thin bra.

Barb enjoyed the feel of the night air on her bare tits. She felt her nipples begin to harden and glanced over at Julie just as her neighbor slid her bra down her arms. “You have beautiful boobs, Julie,” she whispered.

“So do you,” Julie responded and grinned as the two of them hurried to remove the rest of their clothes. “We’d better hurry and get into the water before the guys catch us.”

Julie slipped her shorts and panties off in one quick motion, exposing her thick, dark bush. Barb stepped out of her shorts and hesitated, surveying Julie’s nude form. Julie, in turn, glanced over and watched as Barb slipped her bikini panties off, displaying her sparse patch of light brown curls.

Julie followed Barb into the pool, noticing her neighbor’s shapely rear. “Brad would get a woody if he saw you like this,” she giggled.

“I know what will happen to Ken if he gets a chance to see your body, Julie. I guess we’ll have to be careful.”

“Here we come, ready or not,” I announced as we opened the back door and strolled across the deck. There was just enough light to confirm that the women had, indeed, shed their clothes and were naked in the water. My mind reeled back to my earlier voyeuristic adventure, picturing Julie’s luscious body riding Brad’s stiff cock. The vision made my cock begin to swell.

Brad leaned over the edge of the pool, trying to see into the dark water. “Damn, Barb, I can’t see much of anything.”

The gals laughed and taunted us. “What’s the matter, boys? Are you afraid to get naked now?”

Brad gave up his effort to see into the water. I began to undress in full view of all, hoping I could control my semi-erect penis until the water gave me cover. Brad returned to the deck table and stood behind a chair as he undressed.

I was nude first and slowly made my way to the pool steps and felt the cool water begin to surround me. I knew that both women had ample time to check out my package. I rationalized that the low light probably masked most of the details.

Brad hesitated, but was finally forced to come out from behind his chair and make the journey to the pool. I knew from my earlier view that Brad was well hung. Barb, of course was seeing his swinging dick for the first time. Brad stepped into the pool and I heard Barb moan as his long, skinny cock disappeared from her view.

We waded across the pool and joined our wives, laughing at the situation. “I guess you girls got an eyeful,” I chuckled.

“And how!” Barb gushed, and we all laughed again.

Barb moved into my arms and pressed her body into mine. My hands cupped her ass and she wrapped her legs around me before kissing me deeply. I noticed that Brad and Julie were in a similar embrace, much like I had seen earlier.

“Maybe it’s not just the men who are horny tonight, eh?” I quipped. This time, nobody laughed; we were all engrossed in sexier feelings and thoughts.

My cock began to stiffen and plant itself along Barb’s crack. She moved down slightly to capture me between her cheeks. “That feels good,” she cooed in my ear.

“Damn you, Brad, not here,” Julie scolded in the low light.

Brad glanced at us and smiled. “Why not? You liked it earlier today and they don’t care.”

“Don’t mind us,” Barb told them. “We’re enjoying ourselves too much to pay attention.”

When I looked again, Julie had her eyes closed, head back on the pool coping, with her legs around Brad’s waist. It was obvious from the ripples that Brad’s cock was deep inside her. My gaze caught another sight. Julie’s soft breasts were afloat on the surface and her erect nipples pointed toward the stars.

“I think Julie’s getting fucked,” Barb whispered in my ear. “I’m jealous.”

Wordlessly, we adjusted our positions and I gently slipped my hard cock into Barb’s slick gash. It was obvious that she was greatly aroused. Normally, we have to use a lubricant to ease my entry into my wife’s tight cunt. As we slowly moved on each other, I whispered to my wife, “That’s Brad’s long cock you’re fucking now.”

Barb’s reaction surprised me. She shuddered and I felt her tighten around my dick. A fresh supply of female nectar surrounded my cock and her movements quickened.

“Brad’s fucking you good now,” I whispered, encouraging her fantasy even more.

“Oh, oh yes,” my wife groaned as our own ripples joined Brad and Julie’s. “Oh, God, oh, God,” she continued to moan as I gave her all I had.

Julie could hear Barb’s voice now and it evidently excited her even more. Soon, Julie’s moans joined my wife’s as Brad and I did our best to keep up. Barb began to climax and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I envisioned her being fucked by the young stud a few feet from us and shot several jets of sticky cum into my loving wife.

“Come on baby,” Brad groaned. “Cum for me now.”

Julie’s large tits swayed in the ripples as she enjoyed the multiple waves of orgasm flow through her. “Ah, yes, baby,” Brad urged. “Feel my hard cock squirting into your hot pussy.”

“Holy shit,” Brad finally said as the four of us returned to Earth. “That was unbelievable! What an amazing feeling.”

I looked over at our neighbors. Julie still had her eyes closed and was smiling. “Yeah, we enjoyed ourselves too,” I agreed.

Barb stared into my eyes. “Ready for your dessert?” she asked coyly.

“You mean right here?” I asked, hardly knowing what to say.

Barb nodded. “It will be nice and fresh.”

“I’m game if you are,” I replied smiling. “You’ll need to get up on the edge of the pool.”

I helped Barb onto the pool coping and caught Brad watching intently, surveying my wife’s lush figure. She lay back on her hands and spread her legs wide, giving us both a full view of her just-fucked pussy. Barb’s tits sagged to each side of her chest and her nipples were erect with anticipation and with the knowledge that Brad was leering at her nude body. Barb felt the rough pebbly surface of the deck on her soft ass and palms, but the idea of being licked in front of our neighbors made the discomfort worthwhile.

Julie opened her eyes and realized what was happening. “Oh my God, Barb, we can see everything!”

Barb just smiled down at her friend. “That’s okay, I promised Ken dessert.”

I moved between Barb’s thighs and began to lick our combined juices as they escaped from her now open labia. “Mmm, you taste so good, honey,” I mumbled as my tongue caught another droplet. “I love the way you taste.”

Brad watched as I took several more licks and inserted my tongue into my wife’s swollen cunt. “I want my dessert too,” he told Julie. “Here, let me boost you up onto the edge of the pool.”

Julie, by now, was past her previous modesty and she allowed Brad to perch her rump on the pool deck. Julie opened her legs and Brad dove between them and began to eat her sticky, hairy cunt with gusto.

“Oh, yes, honey,” Julie began to moan. “Eat me, eat my pussy.”

Barb’s thighs tightened around my head and I knew that another orgasm was overtaking her. New juice met my tongue and I swallowed as much as I could. When Barb released my head, I looked up to watch Brad lick his cute wife. A new idea zipped across my fevered brain.

“Hey, Brad, I need some help here. Barb is soaking wet. Want some of my dessert?”

I heard Barb moan as she heard my invitation. Her legs fell apart, providing her own visual invitation to our hunky neighbor.

“You sure?” Brad asked me.

I nodded and pointed to my wife’s open snatch. “She’d love it,” I replied. “Please, help yourself.”

Brad first hesitated, then moved toward us and Julie looked up with a pleading look on her face. “What about me?” she whined.

“Ken can help you,” Brad answered as he slid past me.

I looked into Julie’s wanton eyes and shrugged. “I guess it’s you and me, Julie.”

I halfway expected to be rebuffed. Instead, Julie leaned back like Barb and her legs fell apart. She looked down at me with an impish grin on her face. “I hope you like my dessert too,” she cooed.

My mouth covered her entire pussy at first and I sucked her hairy outer lips while my tongue explored her open slit. Julie jerked her hips in an effort to drive my tongue deeper, so I began to concentrate on tonguing her hole and licking across her clit. She had a slightly different taste, but it was still pleasant. I couldn’t tell if it was her nectar or Brad’s cum that made the taste seem sweet.

Overcome with lust, I let my tongue wander below Julie’s vaginal opening and onto the small, fleshy area just North of her tight rear. “Oh, God,” she moaned loudly, drawing her legs tighter around my ears.

Moving from that very sensitive area, I probed lower and used the tip of my tongue to trace circles around her crinkled hole. Julie squeezed even tighter and pressed my nose partway into her dripping cunt. “Mmm, uh huh, she groaned as she slowly rotated her hips on the deck.

After treating her ass to a brief teasing, I returned to her wet pussy, licking in earnest and tapping my tongue on her swollen clit.

I heard my wife gasp and moan louder. I knew that she was having another orgasm while my neighbor licked her just fucked cunt. Julie must have realized what was happening next to us, because she, too, began to moan and move erratically, holding my head tightly between her fleshy thighs. Her taste changed again as fresh nectar flowed from her.

As the two women collapsed on the deck, Brad and I rinsed off and stepped out of the pool. We dried off and took towels to our wives. We helped them up and patted them dry, wrapping the towels around them and guiding them into our house.

I finally broke the awkward silence as the four of us stood in the kitchen staring at the floor tiles. “That was an incredible experience just now,” I began tentatively. “Why don’t we move into the TV room where we can be comfortable and talk?”

“Maybe we’d better just get dressed and go,” Brad replied, looking to Julie to judge her reaction to my offer.

Julie surprised us. “No, I think we should talk now, Brad, okay?”

Brad smiled. “Sure, honey, fine with me.”

I led the way, followed by Julie and Brad. Barb followed them and sat close to me on the couch. She let her towel slip free and fall to each side, fully exposing herself. Brad and Julie took chairs across from us. Brad and I didn’t bring our towels inside, so Julie was the only person covered.

“I can’t believe we just did what we did,” Julie said quietly. “I hope you guys don’t think we do this all the time. As a matter of fact, we’ve never been naked with other people before at all…and certainly never done that other stuff before.”

“That’s right,” Brad confirmed. “We’ve been pretty conservative all along, until tonight that is.”

Barb nodded. “You’re not alone. We’ve never done anything like this before either. I guess it was the party atmosphere, the drinks, and the weekend horniness that caused us all to get a little wild and crazy. We don’t need to let it upset things though, do we?”

“I hope not,” Brad responded. “Frankly, I rather enjoy the freedom of skinny dipping. We did a little of that this afternoon, before we came over,” he added with a wink.

Julie gasped. “You don’t have to confess everything, Brad!”

“That’s okay,” Barb countered, “Ken and I had a little fun in the shower before you rang our doorbell. More than a little fun, actually.”

I looked around the room. This wasn’t the time to admit that I watched Julie and Brad as they played with each other. “Well, it seems we were already in heat before the party. We like to swim nude most of the time. It sure beats a soggy suit. By the way, that’s not the first time that I’ve enjoyed dessert on the pool deck!”

“Hey, ” Barb chirped, “you don’t have to confess everything either, big boy.”

We all laughed loudly at our absurd situation. I also noticed that Brad’s gaze was fixed on the space between my wife’s open thighs. “I must admit, I enjoyed our pool play, especially getting to taste two desserts. How about you, Brad?”

Brad glanced around and shrugged. “Yeah, it was really something all right. I loved being inside Julie in the pool, knowing you two were doing the same thing just a few of feet away from us. I can’t remember when I’ve been so hard.”

“Did you enjoy both of your desserts?” Barb inquired coyly.

Brad actually blushed and glanced at Julie before answering. “Uh huh, I really did. I couldn’t believe my ears when Ken invited me to, uh, move over so to speak.”

“I know Ken enjoyed his desserts,” Julie chuckled. “He even licked a cherry,” she added softly.

Brad looked over at his wife. “What do you mean, hun?”

It was Julie’s turn to blush. “Well, nobody’s ever put their tongue on my other spot,” she admitted. “It really pushed my buttons, I’ll tell you.”

“I’ve wanted to,” Brad replied, “but I was afraid you’d freak out. Now, when I do it, I’ll always think about Ken beating me to it!”

I shook my head. “Sorry, old man, I didn’t know that Julie’s ass was still virginal. Please forgive me.”

Brad looked up at me. “Aw, yeah, sure. I really should thank you for breaking the ice. I’ll be happy to take care of that area from now on, Julie.”

“That’s so funny,” Julie said as she reached over and stroked Brad’s arm. “You were afraid to do it and I was afraid to ask you. We need to be completely open from now on.”

Barb nodded as she ran her hand up and down my bare leg. “Good communication is always best. We like to tell each other what we want, and share our fantasies. We’ve talked about skinny dipping with another couple many times. I guess that’s why Ken thought about it tonight. I never thought we’d do it, but we did. Now, I wouldn’t mind doing it again.”

“I feel that way too,” Julie admitted much to Brad’s surprise.

“Really, Julie? You’d be willing to skinny dip with Ken and Barb again?”

Julie looked at Barb then nodded to Brad. “Yes. I guess that is a start toward good, honest communication. Are you surprised?”

Brad exhaled slowly and his cock twitched. “Actually, I am a bit surprised. Happily surprised, that is. I guess most men dream about doing things like we did tonight. I’m no exception, but I don’t want to do anything to upset you.”

Barb now held my semi-erect cock in her hand and she slowly stroked me as we listened to our neighbor’s exchange. I put my arm around Barb and began to fondle her right tit. “Brad, how did you feel when we changed partners for our second dessert?”

Brad mulled my question for a few moments. “Well, I was so anxious to taste Barb, I really didn’t think much at the time. It was such a thrill to lick her and taste the juices. Then I thought I about you eating my Julie. You know, instead of being upset, I got even more excited. I could hear Julie moaning and I knew that she was receiving wonderful pleasure. It made me work harder on Barb.”

“Ken, you were incredible,” Julie volunteered. “You brought me to the top so many times and I had a couple of little orgasms. Then, when you licked and teased my ass, I thought I was in heaven. Brad likes to eat my pussy too, but tonight was really special. I kept thinking about how your thicker cock would feel inside me. I’m sorry, Barb, I shouldn’t have said that.”

I’m sure that we had all noticed the differences between Brad and I. Brad was a bit longer and his dick was skinny. I’m just shy of seven inches, but well over two inches in diameter. Barb loves the way my thick cock stretches her vaginal opening.

Barb merely smiled at Julie. “Don’t apologize, Julie. I’ve seen you stealing peeks at Ken’s dick. I’ve done the same with Brad. Just a couple of minutes ago, I caught myself daydreaming about Brad’s long cock and wondering if he is long enough to reach bottom. Hope you don’t mind.”

Julie giggled and looked at both of us. “Not at all, Barb. I guess there are still some unanswered questions.”

A long silence followed Julie’s last remark as the four of us processed the last few exchanges.

I turned my head and caught Barb’s eye. “Honey, I won’t object if you decide you want to see if Brad can touch bottom. I know I can’t. I’ve tried so many times. Of course, the final decision will have to come from Julie and Brad.”

Barb looked into my eyes for several long moments. “You really mean that? You are okay with Brad doing more than just taking a taste?”

I nodded, then looked over at Brad and Julie. Brad’s long, skinny cock was as hard as a spike.

Julie noticed her husband’s erection and grinned. “I know what Brad thinks,” she giggled. “Barb, he’s been looking at you ever since we sat down.”

“Guilty as charged,” Brad admitted. “But I know what giving Barb her answer will mean. Julie will find out if she can stretch enough to accommodate Ken’s thicker, uh, staff. She’ll have to be the final vote on this.”

“I should halt this discussion right now, but I can’t seem to resist the temptation,” Julie shrugged. Maybe we’re all too drunk to think straight, I don’t know.”

Barb looked across at Julie and sensed the younger woman’s hesitation. “You’re right, Julie, we’ve had a lot to drink tonight. Things got pretty crazy out in the pool, but I think we’re all adult enough to forget that, given a little time. Let’s not let our earlier excitement possibly spoil our friendship. Why don’t we sleep on it and see how everyone feels in the morning when we’re sober?”

“That’s a good idea, Barb,” Julie responded, a look of relief in her eyes. She felt like she was on the spot and didn’t want to be the one blamed if things went wrong.

Brad tried to hide the disappointment, but his hard on gave him away.

“Besides,” Barb replied, if anything more does occur, I want to be able to remember every detail instead of being half in the bag!”

I could sense that Brad and I definitely wanted to keep the possibilities alive. I decided to try for a compromise. “It’s late and we’re all inebriated. There’s no reason for you guys to have to dress and go next door. Use our guestroom tonight and then we’ll be able to talk about things in the morning over breakfast. Okay?”

“Okay by me,” Brad quickly agreed. “Are you sure it’s no bother?”

“Certainly not,” Barb said as she looked at Julie. “You can have that end of the house to yourselves. Sleep as late as you like. You really should stay the night.”

Julie nodded. “It would be more convenient, I suppose. We can fix a big breakfast and take our time sorting all of this out.”


I kissed Barb goodnight and we cuddled together. “What do you want to do?” Barb whispered as we lay together.

“Why don’t we leave it up to Julie and Brad?” I replied tentatively. “I meant what I said about you being free to experience Brad, you know. That stands, even if Julie decides to forego any experimenting with me. So long as they are agreeable, I don’t have a problem.”

Barb pulled me close. “I love you,” she murmured in my ear. “You’ve always satisfied me in every way. You know that don’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

“But, I’ve never experienced another man in my whole life, and Brad seems so agreeable. He sure knows how to please a girl orally, I’ll say that.”

“He’s also got that long stiff prick,” I half-teased. “He was more than ready to give you a sample tonight, you know.”

Barb reached down to hold my cock in her hand. “Yes, I know, but Julie’s a neighbor and a friend. I don’t want to be the cause of any problems. She already told me that Brad is a terrific lover, and she told me about his long, skinny cock. He can actually touch her cervix inside. Of course, I had to brag right back. I told her how thick you were and how we used lubricant so you could stretch out my pussy easier. Aren’t we naughty?”

“I’ll say! Brad and I have never compared notes like that. Men don’t normally provide vivid details about their wives.”

“Well, I want one more taste,” Barb giggled as she pulled off the sheet and turned to engulf my semi-erect penis with her warm lips. Moving up between her legs, I licked her full length, again tasting the combined juices still oozing from our earlier activities and her recent re-arousal.

I felt the familiar sensation and precum began to form as she licked and sucked my head and shaft. “You’re going to make me squirt,” I warned.

Barb continued to hold my swollen cock tight with her lips and swallowed the small amount of remaining semen as my balls released. Turning back around, she gave me a long kiss and our tongues exchanged the flavors we’d collected.

“Goodnight sweet prince,” she murmured. “Let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings, shall we?”


“Good morning!” Barb said as Julie walked into our kitchen. I was already sitting at our breakfast table, sipping a mug of steaming coffee.

“Morning,” Julie responded sleepily. “That coffee has a wonderful aroma. It woke me up. I could sure use a cup.”

Barb poured Julie a pretty porcelain cup of coffee and motioned toward the table. “You take it black, right?”

“Yeah,” Julie muttered as she plopped into the chair across from me. She didn’t seem at all perturbed by the fact that Barb wore only a thin nightshirt and that I was still nude.

I smiled. “Brad still asleep?”

“Uh huh. He went right to sleep. I was awake for quite a while, but I finally managed to get some sleep. He snores when he’s been drinking, you know.”

Barb laughed. “He’s not the only one, Julie! How’s your head this morning?”

“I’ll be all right after I down this coffee,” she said nodding. “Then, I’ll be able to help you get breakfast on the table. Got any aspirin?”

I glanced across the table at Julie. She wore the clothes from the night before, but she hadn’t bothered with a bra. Her nipples produced noticeable dents in her blouse. “I think I’ll take Brad a mug of coffee and get the lazy sucker out of the sack,” she said as she walked back to the counter. Julie glanced back at me after pouring coffee into the mug. “I’ll let him know that you were too weak to dress, Ken,” and grinned.

Barb looked over at me. “Julie sure didn’t give us any indication about her feelings this morning, did she?”

I shook my head. “Nope. Maybe they haven’t had a chance to discuss the situation yet,” I replied. “Let’s wait for one of them to bring it up.”

“Right. Meanwhile, I’ll brown the sausage if you’ll mix up some waffle batter.”


“Something sure smells good in here,” Brad announced as he and Julie rejoined us. Brad seemed cheerful enough for all of us. Ah, youth and its vigorous recovery power! Evidently, Julie was true to her promise to tell him I was sitting nude in the kitchen. Brad, like me, was naked; his thick hair still tousled.

Brad pulled out a chair and sat down while Julie worked with Barb.

“Julie, turn the meat while I make the waffles,” Barb suggested. “We’ll feed our hungry lions, then relax and enjoy a nice cozy breakfast.”

“You mean feed my snoring pussycat,” Julie retorted. “He left me in quite a state last night…just gave me a peck, rolled over and went right to sleep.”

Barb laughed. “I did a little better than that, didn’t I Ken?”

I actually blushed slightly at Barb’s response. “No fair telling,” I whined.

“I just needed my beauty sleep,” Brad grinned. “Now, I’m a new man, ready for anything.”

“Anything?” Barb teased as she placed a plate in front of Brad and refilled his mug.

Brad looked up, obviously admiring my lovely wife. “We’ll have to talk about that later,” he replied cryptically.

“At least Julie and Brad didn’t rush out the first thing this morning,” I thought. “They must feel like discussing last night instead of running away.”

Brad put his fork down and finished chewing the last bite of waffle. “Everybody reasonably sober this morning?”

“Sober as a judge,” I replied.

“I’m okay, now that I’ve had some nourishment and two cups of coffee,” Julie agreed. “But, honey, you’ve got a piece of waffle caught in your chest hair,” she added, pointing at Brad.

We laughed as Brad looked down and captured the missing morsel. “It’s all sticky,” he announced. “I need to get the syrup off.”

“Heavens, Brad, I thought you liked sticky things,” Barb teased.

“It all depends on what that sticky thing might be,” he chuckled as he stood and marched to the sink, his long, skinny dong swaying in front of him.

Barb’s eyes followed his movements, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Julie, nor me.

So there we were… stranded, entirely exposed and nervously pacing in the woods by the pond. The sun was getting lower and lower by the minute.

We looked around and saw no one. My first thought was that someone ran off with our clothes. I wondered who. I also wondered if they were watching us at that exact moment. I felt so ashamed and afraid. Jenny started to get irritated, shouting into the woods at whoever was responsible.

“Hello? Come out and give us our stuff back!”

“Shut up Jenny!” I whispered strongly. “We don’t want whoever it is to see us right now. Let’s work on getting home.”

“Trust me.” She started to negotiate with the unknown pervert. She called out into the woods, as if someone was listening. “We’ll do whatever you want, just give us our clothes back.”

Her shouts were followed by silence.

“Okay, if we make out will you show yourself?” she asked loudly.

“Oh my God, I’m not doing that! You’re going to get us raped or something worse. This isn’t safe. Let’s just go.” I argued.

Jenny grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes and said “Trust me, this will work. Who doesn’t want to see two naked hotties like ourselves kissing? ”

She turned and faced the woods, waved her hands and said “Okay, we’re gonna do it now, you come out now.”

“Let’s give ‘em a show girl.” Jenny said with a wink and a sultry smirk. Then she pulled me in close, pressing her body against mine, and started to kiss me intensely. She kissed me as if we were boy and girl; she rubbed her hands on my bare skin and sent a rush of heat all over my body. Her hands explored my backside and her warm palms felt nice on my cold naked butt. We locked lips for almost 10 seconds, but it felt like forever. Her lips were so soft. I had always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl. It was actually very nice, my heart started to beat faster every time her tongue massaged mine. I started to put my hands around her, to grab her cute ass just as she had grabbed mine, but then she stopped and turned her attention back towards the empty trees.

“Are you coming out now?” Jenny said with a smirk on her face and a little flirt in her voice.

There was no answer.

“Jenny, I don’t think anyone is there. We need to work on how we’re going to get home. We can’t streak all the way to my house, someone will see us.”

We searched around for something to cover ourselves with. The two of us running around in our birthday suits wasn’t something I wanted to get caught doing. We needed to get to my house quickly, and without getting caught.

“I got it!” Jenny exclaimed. “We can use this.” She bent down and started to grab handfuls of mud from the edge of the pond.

“Mud! Your solution is mud?”

“Yep, you can thank me later.” Jenny started to smear the mud on me.

She started to make a makeshift mud bikini. She was pretty handy. She rubbed the mud all over my exposed parts, slowly I might add, and drew the appropriate lines to form the pattern of a bathing suit. It was easy for her because my skin was very tan, except in those places where my bikini would have been. My tan lines created a very nice pale template for her to go by. It was coming out pretty good. She was careful and very delicate with covering my lower half. “Oh… You shaved.” Jenny had noticed that my pussy was as smooth as the rest of me. “It’s nice, very cute.” When she was finished applying the mud and admiring my body, I had the cutest little mud-kini.

“Now you do me.” Jenny instructed me, putting mud in each of my hands.

I started to apply the mud to her abs and midsection very generously, and quickly.

“No, make mine like yours.” Jenny reached down and started splashing water on her front side to clear the design I had started. “Try again, and make mine sexy, baby!” She said with her cheesy Austin Powers impression. She was in a surprisingly playful mood.

I started over. Jenny’s boobs were so perky and stiff. It only took me a few minutes to finish her mud-kini. There were no tan lines to go by so I had to be creative. After that we waited for the mud to dry and then planned out our route.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Let’s go.” Jenny said.

We started to run slowly through the woods. We were careful not to run so fast that our mud would come off, so our running was more like a fast walk. We got halfway to my house and the trip was going good so far. I was actually starting to enjoy the feelings of naughtiness that went with frolicking naked through the woods. I wanted to get home, but I also wanted it to last a bit longer.

“Let’s go grab our backpacks.” I suggested.

Jenny agreed and we took a detour. I was sure to let her stay ahead of me because I wanted to admire the view. Every time I saw her naked body I felt more and more excited. I just couldn’t believe the day we were having. I would sleep very well tonight. Our naked excursion had given me something to masturbate to for weeks. I couldn’t wait to get back home, to the privacy of my room, where I could pleasure myself properly.

We got our back packs and made it all the way home. My parents had gone to see a movie and Mom left dinner on the table for me again. Jenny and I went upstairs to get cleaned up.

“Do you mind if I share a shower with you?”

“Jenny, haven’t you seen me naked enough today?” I felt obligated to say that. I should have said yes. But instead, I accidently said something more like “You can use my Mom’s bathroom.”

Jenny nodded went to the other shower to get cleaned up. I felt bad for turning her away but I was confused. I started the water and got under the warm shower. The mud-kini started to wash right off and my tan lines started to reappear. I grabbed the bar of soap, something told me that my girly body washes wouldn’t do the trick, and started to lather up. I stood away from the water and got soapy from my shoulders all the way down to my feet. Getting lathered up was starting to get me excited. I was instantly reminded of Jenny covering me with mud. I decided I did want to share a shower with her after all.

I turned off the water and stepped out. Still slippery and covered in soapy foam, I streaked down the hall and into the bathroom Jenny was using.

“Hey girl, I thought you missed me.” I smiled as I stepped into Jenny’s bath. She smiled back.

I wanted to be close to her, really close. I asked if I could help her wash and she welcomed the idea. She handed me the blue loofah sponge. “No thanks, I’ll do it my way.” I said. Since my body was already covered in soap, I put my arms around her and rubbed my bubbly body all over her. She smiled and pressed her body back against mine. We stood under the shower together and helped each other get clean; when she started rubbing our boobs together I started to giggle.

“We’re so gay.” Jenny laughed.

“But what you’re doing feels really good.” I added.

After our extreme lesbian shower scene, we went to my room to get dressed. I couldn’t believe what had gotten into me. What was I thinking getting into her shower and rubbing myself all over her like that? Jenny dropped her towel at the door and walked across the room then sat naked on my bed. She was getting very comfortable being naked around me. I went to the closet to start picking out clothes for her to borrow. I turned around and what I saw next almost made my heart jump out of my chest. Jenny was lying on my bed, rubbing her pussy as she was looking at me standing naked in my bedroom half dry.

“Oh my God!” I shouted.

“I can’t help it, I have to touch it. I didn’t think you’d mind. I thought you liked me.” Jenny sat up, looking very uncomfortable and ashamed at my reaction.

“Not that, Jenny.” I said. “Look!” I pointed her attention to the foot of my bed.

At the foot my bed was a small plastic grocery bag, all tied up. Inside the bag were our stolen clothes, and a note that read:

“Go to the pond at 8:00 AM Tomorrow, Bring your friend. I have pictures. –April”

April is a girl in our grade that lives on the same dirt road as me. She’s a smaller girl, and her height and small build made her the target of many mean girls. Her parents owned the small country store at the end of our dirt road. April and her brother, Jarod, ran the store after school and on weekends. She wasn’t very popular, at least not in a good way. She’s was in a totally different crowd. I’ll admit that Jenny wasn’t very nice to her.

One time in gym class, Jenny caught her in the middle of changing in the girl’s locker room. She grabbed April before she could even get her panties on and threw her out into the hallway. It was the middle of class change. Everyone laughed at her and kids teased her terribly after that. One of the boys at school even had his camera phone that day. It didn’t take very long for a video clip of a very naked April crying and pulling at the handle of the locker room door to start spreading around. Jenny humiliated her.

Whatever it was that April had planned, it wasn’t good. I wish Jenny had been nicer to her now.

(To be continued)