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After their wonderful escape in the Caribbean, Miles and Dawn had drawn even closer sexually. They replayed the video of the threesome many times during later love-making sessions and tried to recapture the animal lust and satisfaction they’d experienced poolside with a willing masseur. They used her anal beads, fingers and other toys to fill her almost as completely as she’d been on that memorable day.

Dawn greatly appreciated the gift her husband had allowed her especially since there was no jealousy or demands coming later on. She began to dream up ways that she could repay his sexual generosity. She knew he’d love to have another woman join them in the bedroom, but doing so was a bit of a problem. It needed to be someone they could trust and wouldn’t gossip about such an encounter. They lived in a conservative area, a suburb where the country club circles they ran in loved to spread the latest about each other. It needed to be someone he was attracted to, she was attracted to and wouldn’t try to wedge herself into their close relationship later on. A great fling with no repercussions was what she wanted. But how could she pull this off?

She always felt that the anonymous partners she might find on the internet were either scam artists, cops, or blackmailers. She was also afraid of hiring a professional that ended them up arrested. Then it hit her. He had a conference coming up the next month in Las Vegas. “Wasn’t it still known a Sin City?”, she thought to herself. She pulled open her laptop and began to search.

They arrived at the modern hotel suite reserved for them during the conference a few weeks later and settled in. It had a large living room area, bar and separate bedroom and bath. After dinner and some blackjack, they retired for the night. Miles would be in meetings for most of the following day while Dawn planned to relax and shop a bit. He was already gone when she awoke the next morning. After a light breakfast, she left to rent a car and began her visit to one of the famous brothels located outside of the city.

She’d decided on this particular place from her online research weeks earlier. She entered the large, Spanish-style house from the dusty parking lot into a nicely appointed, foyer. She was quickly welcomed with a drink and sat with the female owner in the large living room. They reviewed what she hoped to do for Miles with one of the available young ladies that week. She was shown a large, photo-filled book with descriptions of each girl’s measurements, sexual acts she would engage in and prices. She really was shopping, but not for clothes like she’d told Miles. It was sort of fun. She knew he liked her body type (petite, somewhat athletic with dark hair and eyes) as she looked for the perfect third.

Soon, she’d picked one she thought would fit the bill nicely. She was twenty-six, 5’3 and 120 pounds with long, dark hair and a toned, petite look. Her eyes were dark brown and she had a friendly, bubbly look about her. Her recent medical testing was also up to date indicating a clean bill of health. Dawn thought to herself, “They really are a well-run organization here, very professional.” She paid most of the night’s fee in cash to reserve her for later that night.

Miles returned from a long day of meetings to a room service dinner from the hotel’s five star restaurant. His wife joined him as they relaxed and discussed his day. “I set us up for a massage tonight. I knew you’d need to relax after your long day, so someone will be up soon”, she explained. He shot her a suspicious look as he remembered the last time they had couple’s massage. “No other men this time. I got a young lady who seems very professional” she said without meeting his gaze.

He showered and put on a robe. As he entered the suite’s main room, he saw his wife already getting her rubdown on the masseuse’s table. The young lady eyed him for what seemed like a bit too long. She was massaging his wife’s back as she looked him up and down with a slight smile to herself. He poured himself a stiff drink and sat on the couch admiring the two beautiful ladies. They could almost be sisters. Both had the same build, coloring and friendly look about them.

Dawn was done and put on her robe. She strode over to the bar and started her own drink. Miles took his place under the sheet as he admired the sexy thing about to deliver some well-deserved relaxation. She started on his hands and worked her way up each arm to his shoulders and neck. She next moved slowly down his back and on to his hips. He kept his eyes closed and enjoyed her touch, trying not to get too turned on as she worked her strong hands over his ass. His wife was in the room and he didn’t need any embarrassment or later teasing from her. She rubbed his feet and slowly moved up his legs before asking him to roll over.

He did as asked and she began to massage his chest with oil. He relaxed and closed his eyes again thinking about how good this girl smelled. He felt another pair of hands take one of his hands and start to rub it with oil. He opened his eyes to see his lovely wife beside him, smiling and completely naked. She placed his oiled fingers to her nipple and used his hand to rub her nipples to erection.

His surprise was quickly overtaken by his desire. He felt a pair of slippery hands grasp his cock and start to slide over and over it until he was fully erect. Dawn moved his hand to her pussy and pressed herself up against him. His fingers circled around her clit as she moaned with pleasure. “I thought you deserved to have the favor returned”, she whispered. “Let’s move this party into the bedroom”, she said as she pulled him up from the massage table.

As he entered, he noted that she’d set up his video camera with a cable attached to the flat-screen nearby. Watching themselves as the action happened was a great idea. “I want you to lie on your back and relax. I’m gonna make you feel so good”, she explained. She kneeled between his legs and took him into her mouth. With no slow teasing this time, she began to deepthoat his cock with wild abandon. Slurping and licking the shaft, flicking her tongue over the underside, then pumping him with a slippery hand she made him crazy. The masseuse was now naked, on both knees and facing him on the bed. He stroked her wet pussy for a few minutes and slipped a finger inside. She squirmed on his hand and shut her eyes. She moaned quietly with pleasure and gyrated her hips with his movements.

She then swung her leg over his head and eased down onto his face. He licked her clit as she moved back and forth with pleasure. His wife stopped sucking and climbed up him as well. She straddled his hips and grabbed his cock with her hand, slowly easing herself down onto his manhood. She writhed on him and clenched her pussy onto him, gripping and squeezing him as he slid in and out of her. She was always so hot inside and her juices started to ease out onto his long cock. She reached back and rubbed his cock as he slid in and out of her. Her fingers were now wet from her own excitement, so she used her natural lubricant to rub her finger gently against her asshole. She thought back about the dual penetration she’d enjoyed with her man and a stranger when on their last vacation and laughed quietly to herself.

The two ladies were facing each other, riding his face and cock, smiling at each other and began to rub the other’s nipples. Pinching and gently squeezing with both hands, they groaned and giggled like naughty schoolgirls. They rocked back on forth on his cock and face using him like a sex slave. “I’m ready for a change,” said Dawn after a few minutes in heaven. Both ladies dismounted. Dawn eased onto the masseuse’s willing mouth in a sixy-nine position. They stroked each others pussies with fingers and lapping tongues as Miles stood gazing at the incredible site before him. He stroked his cock for a moment as he took it all in.”Get over here and FUCK ME!” she playfully demanded of Miles. He entered her from behind and slid his cock deeply into her wetness.

Dawn continued to hold herself over the kissing and licking mouth below. It felt incredible to have her clit licked as her man pumped her from behind. Miles looked over at the widescreen TV to see them in action. Watching a live porn movie of themselves was incredibly sexy. It was far better that any porn video he’d ever seen. Two hot ladies pleasuring each other and him at the same time was almost too much. He held back from spurting his cum into his wife and kept going. He rubbed dawn’s still wet asshole with his finger. She opened up to his probing and soon he was finger-fucking her ass, fucking her pussy with his cock and he watching her clit being licked on the TV.

He pulled out of her pussy and gradually eased himself into her ass. The girl below his wife slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and he could feel her fingers through the wall separating her ass from her pussy. She alternated fingering and licking with spreading open her pussy for him to see his wife on the TV. His wife started to tremble and breathe in short, gasping breaths. He continued to pump her ass with his cock and pushed as deeply inside as he could get it. She bucked and squirmed on his cock as he felt her ass spasm and release over and over indicating her waves of orgasm. He saw her squirting a little bit onto the face of the masseuse below her. The girl below licked at the still quivering pussy with excitement.

He felt his own spasms mounting. It began at the base of his cock and seem to flow up in waves as his cum poured out into her ass. His whole body clenched and released as his climax seemed to flow from every inch of his body, down and out his spasming cock. He pulled out of her ass and the girl below quickly grabbed him and licked him clean. They all collapsed into a heap of satisfied flesh on the bed. The girl quietly slipped out with her pay and they slept well into the next morning.

All characters are over 18.

This definitely follows Ch.01 and that should be read first.

Please note that there are several possible explanations of the “room with a view” came to be set up but I considered it preferable not to describe how.

Suffice to say that in the story it is envisaged as (a) for consensual use only (b) with the knowledge and control of all parties involved and (c) for use with over-18s only.


I followed Lucy up the stairs. I heard quiet music and muted voices from the back bedroom as I passed the door; it was a potent reminder that my aunt and Caroline’s partner, Jack, were there. It would have been sordid enough to have overheard them in the adjoining room. It was doubly sordid for me and my aunt to be having sex in adjoining rooms — with each other’s knowledge — at the same time. My senses were almost reeling.

Lucy led me to the main front bedroom and closed the door. The bed was king sized. There was an en-suite shower and wash basin in one corner. A mirrored dressing table faced the bed. The wallpaper and fitted furniture looked expensive.

The wall adjoining the back bedroom was clad in wood pannelling, though it looked like hardwood rather than cheaper knotty pine. It was rather retro, having been popular several years earlier, but a little quaint by now. Like the lounge, the windows were fitted were vertical blinds. They were drawn closed. Despite the rain outside, there was still adequate daylight to illuminate the room, however.

Lucy turned on the radio at a low volume and stood with her hands on her hips. She cast her eyes up and down me. Her subtly applied mascara emphasised the pale blue of her eyes. I admired her petite frame — her slender legs, waist and hips, and her B-cup breasts rising and falling under her red satin blouse. But I now felt unaccountably shy and after meeting her gaze briefly I looked instead at her slender body.

“Well James. This IS a surprise, and no mistake. It’s a long time since I’ve been with a young bloke. Have you ever been with an older woman?”

I shook my head, embarrassed. She flicked her tongue over her lips. As I mentioned earlier, it was a natural mannerism but it seemed very erotic to me.

“Relax. Would you like me to change into something more sexy? Or stay as I am? Would you like me to undress for you? Or would you like to undress me?” she asked softly.

I didn’t know what to say.

“I know…” she continued.

In one corner of the room there was a small desk — not a computer desk (though a laptop was on it), but just a small traditional desk. It appeared to be made of mahogany, and so did the hard chair in front of it. Lucy took me by the hand and led me to it. She gave my hand a little squeeze. I felt her wedding ring against my finger. My stomach fluttered and my erection tautened.

I blushed as the reality hit me. A married woman had brought me to her bedroom and was leading me by the hand to a chair. Her husband was right now indulging in foreplay downstairs with one of her friends, and my aunt was doing the same in the room right next to where I now found myself.

It was so sordid — yet so delicious — and Lucy motioned to me to sit down on the chair.

“We have an hour — or so — before we change partners. I’m so thrilled your aunt brought you, and that I drew first turn with you. Why don’t you relax and let me tease you to begin with? Hmmm?” she crooned.

My expression must have given me away. She laughed. Then to my delight she stood astride my thighs and leaned forward. I glanced inside her blouse at her white bra and her pale skin. She smiled encouragingly.

“Oh don’t worry love, I don’t mean whips and PVC clothing. I just mean taking it slow-ly “(she dragged the word out) “to begin with. You just sit there and let me do the work to begin with? How does that sound, James?”

I was tempted to say it didn’t sound as exciting as getting straight into it, but of course I didn’t. Instead I nodded. She stooped to kiss me. I’d kissed plenty of times before that, of course. But the next minutes were something special. The best way I can explain my experience until this fateful evening is this.

You meet a girl and begin to get serious. You respect her and don’t want to go too far too soon so you build it up slowly. Each date you get a little bolder. Your kisses become more passionate but as your hands wander they are gently rebuffed. So — for the time being at least — you make do with snogging. It becomes a substitute for what you really want.

But it is quite something to snog like that; because of course it’s a substitute for sex. You want to go further, but you can’t. So the kissing takes on a real passion. No wonder the old films used to show only discreet, fleeting, mouth-closed kissing. The snogging becomes very arousing and very erotic, too, because you are hoping that one day your straying hands will be welcomed rather than removed. You hope it’s a sign of still better things to come.

And — it occurred to me that night with my aunt’s swinging friend — you can lose out. Once a sexual relationship has begun there is still kissing, but not with the same intensity. I’d started to lose sight of that — until now.

To begin with, Lucy and I shared a few brief, tentative kisses. They became more lingering, firmer. I remained seated on the chair. Lucy hitched up her black skirt and sat astride my thighs facing me. She was only about five feet three or four in height and lightly built, but she was well proportioned, and her gentle weight felt good resting on me and rocking slowly back and forth. Her lips were not very full, but she knew how to arouse with a kiss, when to break off, when to return.

I put my arm on her narrow waist and caressed her back through the warm slippery satin of her blouse. She tugged on my lower lip with her two. I can’t remember which of us parted our lips first or whose tongue explored whose teeth first before testing whether touching tongues was okay. Suffice to say that soon we were kissing like two lovers on their second or third date.

Little whimpers and grunts escaped from us. Our tongues danced and flickered, then we reverted back to lip moulding, and back again to tongues. It was good to know that we had an hour or so ahead of us, and that there was no need to rush. I reckon we probably spent ten or fifteen minutes just snogging and hardly touching. She continued to rock slowly and irregularly back and forth on my lap. Once her crotch brushed my erection.

“You’re a big boy!” she giggled.

But she was careful not to do the same again, probably — and, to be honest, rightly — for fear of over-stimulating me.

I now felt guilty for wishing I had been drawn with Caroline instead. I was savouring Lucy’s actions and body. I found myself wondering how many times she had done this, and with how many different men. To be one of many felt very tawdry yet arousing. With a twinge of shock and excitement, even as Lucy and I snogged, I found myself wondering also about the number of partners my Aunt Anne had enjoyed

Lucy tilted her head back, and I nuzzled her neck and throat, inhaling her sweet perfume. She cupped my hands over her breasts and squeezed them against her modest but firm orbs. They were a delight to touch through the satin of her blouse.

She led my fingers to her blouse buttons.

“Time to unfasten this and give my tits a good suck, love,” she crooned. “And by the way — I’m no lady in the bedroom. I’m a slut, a slag, a whore — YOUR slut, YOUR whore. Call me names — tell me how nasty I am. If you like, that is,” she added, self-consciously. “But if you DO like, I won’t be offended. I find it a turn on in fact!”

Her red silky blouse was very alluring but it was indeed time for it to be removed to reveal her breasts. I unfastened the buttons down to the waistband of her skirt. She tugged her blouse free and I unfastened the remaining buttons. I peeled it open. I saw her white, lacy bra covering her modest orbs. Her skin was pale. Her bra stood out in contrast with it. The pretty pattern was offset by the smoothness of her skin. My heart was pounding.

Lucy smiled at me. I looked briefly into her piercing blue eyes, then at her slightly dishevelled hair and at her narrow lips. As well as licking her lips she also had a way of drawing her lower lip under her upper one, as if in thought. It was very appealing. She shuffled forward on my lap. Her weight and movement aroused me further. She slipped her blouse from her slender arms. It slid sensually to the floor. She was content to leave it there.

This fleeting image imprinted on my mind for a long time to come. I had always enjoyed the look and feel of a smartly dressed female, and loved foreplay and undressing my former girlfriends when they were so clad. But more often than not they fussed about not wanting their nice clothes to get creased, and about needing to fold them neatly before resuming. It was an understandable but annoying distraction.

Lucy’s blouse was smart, well tailored, and probably expensive. Her dropping it on the floor and leaving it where it lay seemed very significant. In that moment she seemed like a mature, cheating wife who wanted urgently to get down to business, and for whom a few creases or footsteps on her expensive, discarded clothes mattered nothing.

She ran her tongue over her lips again and leaned forward. She brought her shallow cleft to my face. I pressed into it, with one smallish lace-clad orb on each side. Her skin was soft and smooth, and her breastbone was hard. I cupped her breasts through her pretty, white bra and kneaded them. She stretched up and brushed her left orb against my mouth. I felt her nipple, and something hard. She chuckled softly and peeled down her bra cup. Though her mid-pink nipple she had a small gold hoop.

I’m fairly indifferent about piercings. But her age and marital status made hers seem alluring.

I took it between my lips and gently tugged it, pulling her nipple by it. I brought my teeth onto the gold ring and thrilled in the feel and the sound of it. I drew her nipple into my mouth and sucked the rubbery point, the soft surrounding tit flesh and the gold hoop. She cooed and whimpered.

I swept my hands over her back and unclipped her bra, then swept the straps from her shoulders and dropped it onto the floor on top of her blouse. I glanced down at the two carelessly discarded garments. The white of her bra made the shimmering red of her blouse stand out the more.

I kneaded her B-cup breasts and gently pinched her nipples. Her breasts were fairly firm for her age and only sagged a little. They were in perfect proportion to her slender frame. Her nipples went tauter now and jutted invitingly away from her breasts. She dug her hand down between her crotch and mine to rub my erection.

“Mmmm…. STILL a big boy I see!” she grunted in my ear. She flicked her tongue along my upper lip, under my nose, and we resumed snogging, but this time accompanied by my fondling her mature, smallish breasts and alternating with my kissing and sucking them. I grunted my approval. So did she.

She stood up and took my hand in hers. My eyes were drawn to her wedding ring. Again I thought of her husband and Caroline had reached downstairs, and pictured his head buried in her big, ripe bust. I thrilled at the prospect of doing the same with Caroline. With another twinge of guilt I thought of my dad’s sister, just a yard or two away on the other side of the wall of the room where I was embroiled with Lucy.

I tried to dismiss my speculation, but with a chill shudder, related questions flooded my mind. “Aunt Anne — are you thinking about ME having sex with your friend? Are you wondering what I’m doing, Auntie? I’m sucking her tits and chewing her nipple piercing, Auntie… but… oh Auntie — even as I’m doing it I’m wondering what it would be like to suck and fondle YOURS…!”

I drew a deep breath and tried to focus on the sight and sensations before me instead. However tantalising the thought, having sex with my aunt was so illicit, so taboo, I needed to dismiss it.

Lucy led me round the bed.

“I want to show you something, love,” she said in a conspiratorial way. “Whether you want to see it is up to you…”

She drew her lower lip under her upper one again. It seemed to heighten the mysteriousness of her words. But they were an unwelcome distraction to me.

“When we rolled the dice to see who got to fuck in which room, this one was described as the room with a view. Want to know why?” she continued.

I shrugged my shoulders non-commitally. I was more interested in getting on with screwing her.

She leaned forward over a low chest of drawers and to my surprise she put her face to the wooden-clad partition wall that separated the bedroom where my aunt was.

“Ho-ho!” she chuckled, then turned round to me — though I had already guessed what was going on.

“You may have noticed that some of the knot holes have come away from the wood…” Lucy said.

My stomach was churning.

“Bill drilled right through the partition wall in some of those places — to make this a ‘room with a view’. Some helluva view, at times, too. A view into what is taking place in the back bedroom at our ‘social evenings’.”

Already I was in the grip of an intense debate. To look or not to look? As well as my lust, anger rose in me, a desire to protect my aunt. Lucy must have seen the change in my expression.

“Oh it’s not what you think. Everyone who comes to our parties knows. The choice is theirs. They can cover the peep-holes. Whenever they choose to. IF they choose to! Putting on a show for each other isn’t compulsory! But…” her voice dropped lower as she added, “they often do!”

At this, my stomach churned again as Lucy’s words — spoken so casually, as if it was the most normal of accessories in a bedroom — sank into my mind. It appeared from Lucy’s reaction when peeping that my aunt had chosen not to cover the spy-holes and instead to provide the opportunity for me, her nephew, to peep at her!

I felt light-headed. It was surreal. It was too good — and too illicit — to be true, especially after the embarrassing episode of my aunt busting me watching the porn movie, and the mounting desire for her that I had felt since.

Lucy’s hand cupped my balls and squeezed them. I looked down at the rude movement of her hand.

“So, the question is, James — do you want to see the view? Hmmm?”

Had I been in the room alone I would have felt torn both ways, though I admit I would probably have succumbed quickly. But to admit to Lucy a desire to see my aunt having sex seemed too perverted.

“It’s cool,” Lucy murmured. The tension almost prevented me for noticing how corny this sounded from an English woman of her age. “She MUST want you to, or she would have covered the peep-holes, James. She was hardly going to forget that her own nephew was going to be in here fucking me while she herself fucked her friend’s partner, was she, now? Besides…”

Her fingers unzipped my jeans and slid inside. Her thumb brushed the damp, slightly sticky front of my boxers. I looked down and watched my jeans betraying the movements of her hands. I groaned at teh sight and sensation.

“Besides, she told me she thinks you’re hot and that she knows you think she is! Yes, she told me that!” Lucy added triumphantly as she saw the disbelief on my face.

“Why don’t you have a quick peek at your auntie? Hmmm?” she insisted. “The opportunity may not last, you know. She might get up any minute and cover the peep-holes, and you’ll have missed your chance. Just think how annoying that would be! Think how you’ll feel tomorrow, next week, knowing you missed such a chance as that! Hmmm? You KNOW you want to, James. You know that SHE wants you to, as well.

“And as for me — it’s cool,” she continued. “I really think so. I don’t see anything wrong in it! It’s not illegal or anything. It’s very naughty, of course… but it’s not just me that’s urging you to. Your aunt is — by leaving the peep-holes uncovered. She’s offering you a view of her you’ve never had before — and soon it may be gone, James! Gone — forever!”

Her hands were kneading my balls through my boxers. The inner conflict was intensifying, but Lucy spoke softly and persuasively, and her persuasion was accented by her hand inside my jeans. My indecision racked me. The surge of my mixed emotions was almost painful yet also a delight.

“Of course it’s naughty!” she continued. “But no-one else need know. And besides, the naughtiness is half the fun, isn’t it? Pushing the boundaries, I mean. It’s up to you, of course; I’m not going to make you. But you KNOW you want to see her naked, or half-naked at least, having sex or at least foreplay. I know you want to. Your auntie knows you want to. And, like I say, James, your auntie WANTS you to see her… that’s why she’s giving you the chance…”

In the end I justified it to myself by telling myself it would be wimpish to bottle out when encouraged by my sex partner. My heart was pounding as I took Lucy’s place and brought my eye to the spy hole…

I had to stifle a gasp, though the view I had was far from explicit.

Caroline’s partner Jack was lying on his back. He was only wearing boxers. My Aunt Anne was wearing a white, doctor-style, button-through jacket. She actually had a stethoscope, too. I suddenly remembered that her late father, my great Uncle George, had been a doctor in general practice.

Only the middle two buttons of her jacket were fastened.

I was longing to see her naked breasts. Their smallness, though, meant that despite the jacket gaping open, it only bared part of her orbs and kept her nipples hidden. Her bare, long, strong legs looked fabulous. She was still wearing her red stilettos. Her jacket revealed a small pair of lacy panties. They were bright red. They stood out in sharp contrast to her pale skin and the white cotton of her doctor’s jacket. And, being red, they seemed brash — brazen, even.

Through the spy-hole I saw Aunt Anne step over to Jack and place the stethoscope on various parts of his chest and sides, then his abdomen. Then to my shock and delight she lifted the waistband of his underpants. She slid the stethoscope inside. My erection solidified.

My aunt motioned to Jack to pull them down. He obeyed. He was hard — like me. His erection looked a little longer than mine, though not by much. And my dad’s sister was gazing at it intently.

Perspiration broke out on my brow. Aunt Anne gingerly raised his hard shaft then placed the stethoscope on it and on his hairy balls. She took his erection near the tip between her finger and thumb. She gave it a little squeeze, removed her hand and did the same mid way, then near the hairy base. It was no medical procedure, but she did it almost in a clinical way as if examining it medically rather than sexually.

I made myself look away. I hadn’t seen much of my aunt’s body. But I had seen her playing with the erection of a bloke whose partner was downstairs having sex with Lucy’s husband. And her role-play, whilst fairly tame, was quite a revelation. I had always considered her straight-laced.

But Lucy was standing next to me looking through another spy-hole. Her eyes were bright.

“Look at her, James… look at her examining his hard cock!”

Lucy’s crude language aroused me further. I found myself drawn to the spy hole once more. Aunt Anne was slowly shafting Jack’s erection with her hand while gazing at it with her head tilted, as if trying to check that it was functioning normally. She leaned forward and held it under her nose, again retaining a detached, pseudo-medical expression.

“I bet your auntie’s going to suck it!” Lucy cackled softly beside me.

I was having lunch with Fiona in the library cafeteria one day when Ben joined us. He was looking very smug and mischievous, and he handed me a present wrapped in silver paper. “Go on,” he said. “Open it.”

I unwrapped it carefully, and laughed. Fiona grabbed it from me for a closer look. “What is it?” she asked.

“It’s a butt plug,” I explained. Medium-sized, and worryingly large for all that. This was the Monday before that Saturday at his parents’ place. I was still an anal virgin, although I had been enjoying Ben’s finger in my ass recently while his tongue was busy elsewhere.

Fiona, in contrast, had no interest in anything anal. She handed the butt plug back quickly. “That goes in your…” She trailed off, unwilling even to say it.

“My ass. Yes.” I turned to Ben. “Now?”

“No time like the present,” he said, grinning.

I took my present, and the tube of lube he handed to me, into the toilets. In the privacy of a cubicle, I slicked the plug with lube, and spent a minute fingering my ass, readying it. I placed the plug on the seat and slowly lowered myself onto it. The pointed end slipped easily into my tight ring, but I soon felt resistance as the plug widened, stretching me deliciously. For a moment I feared it wouldn’t go in, that it was simply too big for me. The feeling of being stretched so wide was exquisite, intoxicating. And then suddenly it pushed through, slotting into place.

For a minute I just sat there, loving the strange feeling of my ass being full, then stood, adjusted my skirt, and left the cubicle. I looked at myself in the mirror. Smartly dressed, nothing to suggest a woman with a butt plug and no knickers, except my face looked a little flushed, and the points of my nipples pushed visibly against the fabric of my shirt.

I rejoined the others, conscious with every step of that unfamiliar pressure. I felt another pressure also, a very familiar wetness. But I pretended innocence, as if nothing special had happened, and munched away at my sandwich while Ben and Fiona studied me.

“Did you do it?” Fiona whispered, blushing.

“Would you like one?” I replied.

“No!” she hissed.

Ben chuckled to himself, saying nothing, but I enjoyed the fresh hunger in his eyes as he watched me. After lunch he followed me through the library to an aisle in a quiet corner (education in schools, I think). He pushed me back against the books and kissed me while his fingers bunched my skirt up and searched underneath, finding the hard base of the plug.

The bulge in his pants pressed hard against my crotch. “I’m sorry, Sir,” I said cruelly, “but you’ll just have to wait till tonight.” I fixed my skirt and walked off, waving goodbye.

I quickly grew accustomed to the plug. More than anything, the knowledge that only Ben and Fiona knew I wore it, that everyone else was oblivious, was what excited me the most. Going knickerless was a delicious tease, but the plug was a dirty secret. I imagined being hit by a car, and doctors discovering first my lack of underwear – shock! – and then the butt plug – horror!

Getting home that night, Ben was waiting, prepared. He didn’t let me undress at all, just dragged me to the bed, lifted my skirt and pushed into me. I loved his urgent hunger, his need for me. I loved the feel of his thick cock filling me while the plug was buried in my ass. My orgasm, when I came, felt twice as intense as usual, and seemed to last twice as long, as my ass clenched about that intruder.

I wore that plug every day that week, finding it easier each time I pressed it into place, and so I wasn’t wholly unprepared when Mr Appreciative’s slender length went where no man had gone before. To be honest, though, I was a little overwhelmed by everything that was going on at the time and can’t say I enjoyed my first anal experience beyond the knowledge that it was happening; at least it wasn’t painful.

The following week – on Wednesday, I think – Ben cornered me in medieval folklore just before lunch. We kissed hello, and I pressed my hand against his crotch, feeling the hard urgency contained within his jeans. “Later,” I laughed, and bent down to replace my books on the bottom shelf – well aware that my own bottom shelf was thus presented teasingly to Ben. I hoped he would take advantage and slip his hand beneath my skirt, knew that his fingers would touch the plug and move between my thighs to discover how wet I was becoming.

But it wasn’t his fingers that pressed between my thighs. His hand on my back forced me to stay bent over, and his stiff cock, wrapped in protective latex, nudged at my entrance, pushed between my lips, thrust impatiently into my pussy, stretching me deliciously, a little painfully. He fucked me slowly at first, but quickly built up speed, until the unmistakeable sound of cock pounding pussy would have made any nearby librarians rush to shush us. (“Excuse me, sir, but would you mind fucking her a little more gently? People are trying to study.”)

No librarians interrupted us. Two student girls passed the aisle at one point, stopped in amazement and watched us for a few seconds before wandering off in a gale of laughter. I was too close to my climax at the time to care, and it seemed the sight of the girls watching us was enough to trigger Ben’s climax. We came together, Ben’s cock pulsing while I tightened about him.

Possibly the funniest thing we did was on the plane over to Paris. Fiona, Ben and I decided to have a nice romantic weekend in the city of love, and while queuing at security we were joking about joining the mile high club, but it’s not really possible on a short flight in a tiny jet.

The flight itself was just over an hour, which is just enough time for the flight crew to serve drinks and biscuits before the final descent starts. There were two seats either side of the central aisle, and we had booked three of the four seats in the last row, on the off chance we could sneak into the toilet for a quickie. We didn’t do that, but the plane wasn’t full and we had the back row to ourselves.

Ben took the window seat and I sat next to him. During take off I gained access to his cockpit and with my hand on the stick I helped him to gain altitude. A little later we had a ten minute window of opportunity, while the flight attendants worked slowly towards the tail with the trolley. I leaned over and worked him with my mouth, using long deep strokes (as well as I could in that awkward position), determined to make him come.

And I did, and the trolley was still three rows away. I sat back, grinning happily while Ben tidied himself away. I was still smiling when the flight attendant asked me, “Would you like something else to drink?” The shocked expression on my face had Fiona giggling for hours. (It became a long-running private joke between us to use that exact question whenever Ben or Fiona were offering to get me a drink.)

Our hotel room was a family room with a large double bed and also a single bed, though of course we never used the single. It was on the third floor, and the large window looked out at another much larger hotel. Anyone there looking out of their windows could easily see into our room, and we chose not to draw the curtains.

We got back to the room late on the Friday after an excellent meal and a little too much wine. Even Fiona was relaxed enough for us to show her off to the world. We switched the main light off but left the reading lights on, enough to both reveal us and silhouette us to any curious watchers.

We stood in front of the window, stripping slowly, then Fiona knelt to take Ben’s rising cock in her mouth. I love doing this, but I’d had my turn that day. Fiona took her time, making love to it with her lips and tongue. I sat on the bed watching this beautiful scene for a while, then lay on the floor behind her and worked my head between her thighs until her pussy was poised above my thirsty mouth.

The position was awkward, but I was able to attend to her pleasure, licking her wet lips, caressing her clit, kissing it, sucking it. Her hips thrust against my head in a gentle rhythm as her own head bobbed up and down Ben’s hungry shaft.

As Ben started to get close, he withdrew and asked us to sixty-nine. We shifted position, me still on the floor but Fiona now facing the other way. Although officially we were girlfriends, we didn’t have sex with each other very often, so going down on me was a relatively new experience for Fiona. Ben sat on the bed watching as we devoured each other’s tender flesh.

A movement caught my eye. A silhouette in one of the windows that looked out at us. I was sure it was a woman, standing naked with legs slightly apart. I lost sight of her as Ben knelt above my head and pushed his beautiful cock deep into the pussy I was tonguing. I licked along his length as he thrust in and out of her, wishing he didn’t need to wear a condom – I don’t like the flavour. (We always insisted on condoms for vaginal penetration.)

After a while he asked to swap, and Fiona rolled over onto her back. I knelt up and looked over at the figure watching us. It was definitely a woman, definitely watching us. I moved into position and bent to resume my attack on Fiona’s gorgeous pussy. I loved that we were being watched. I hoped the woman was fingering herself to a lovely orgasm as she watched us. I wondered whether we could invite her over.

Ben knelt behind me and pressed the head of his cock against the tight ring of my ass. He had removed his condom and was slick with cool lube. We’d done anal a few times by that point, and I was still wearing the plug regularly, but Ben’s cock is thick. He had to really force it against my ass to open me. The combination of Fiona’s tongue on my clit and the head of Ben’s cock pushing into my ass triggered a powerful orgasm. I cried out as my tight muscles clenched around the intruder, and I felt Fiona drinking the sudden rush of my juices.

I lay there on top of Fiona for a minute, unable to think, my entire awareness being that cock stretching my ass. And then he started to move and the pain-pleasure of his cock sliding into me triggered another mini-orgasm. He built up a rhythm, and I recovered enough to pay attention again to Fiona, licking her clit in time with the cock fucking my ass.

I was in heaven. Ass-fucking clit-licking heaven. I wanted it to last forever, but Ben’s panting grew heavier, and heavier, until he cried out, his cock thrust hard and deep into my ass, and the glorious sensation of his cum filling me triggered another amazing orgasm, and I lost all control as I convulsed helplessly about his pulsing member.

Ben pulled out of me slowly, and I crawled off Fiona. I lay on my back, my ass towards the window, showing the woman (and anyone else who watched) exactly what Ben had done to me, though it was probably too dark for them to see anything. Ben and Fiona climbed onto the bed to play more, but I was happy to lie there by the window while my cum-filled ass slowly recovered.

I didn’t ask to be sucked down the rabbit hole of “Kimye.” Hell, it was the nanny agency’s idea. I don’t even know how they picked my agency, to be honest.

Yet for some reason, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian called my agency to find a male nanny for their new baby – North West, as all bloggers and comedians know – and I won the lottery.

For the next two-and-a-half months, I was driven privately to Kris Jenner’s mansion, where the new family was staying. Although Kanye wasn’t letting the Kardashian reality show cameras in to film the family, I still had to sign my share of non-disclosure forms.

I worked in shifts with a female nanny, while trying not to listen too much to the parents – both for the sake of my job and my sanity. While half the world would love – or hate to love – listening to them every day, the other half would likely blow their brains out. Between Kanye’s musical genius and love of being treated like a genius, along with Kim’s incredible body and….the personality it’s attached to, it was a maddening rabbit hole to get sucked down.

The body part wasn’t even that present, since Kim was working off her baby weight and was determined not to show herself off until then – or until they made the right deal with a magazine. The irony of not wanting to be seen would be….palpable under any other circumstance for them.

When I could block it out, I tried to give North a few moments of regular care a day – while she could still get them. This was the usual routine, so when I was driven to the back of the mansion for my afternoon shift on this day, nothing was out of the ordinary.

The Jenners and the Kardashian sisters didn’t pop up, which was somewhat rare but likely too good to be true. I didn’t even see Kanye, which made me raise an eyebrow. When Kim showed up with baby North – along with damp hair and a pink robe – I struggled not to literally raise my eyebrows or anything else.

Kim explained that Kanye was meeting with his producers all day, and the rest of the family was off on a shoot. My immediate reaction – at least my immediate public reaction – was to wonder if I was still needed today, but Kim insisted I was. She said she needed an hour to “get things done” and then she’d come down to help.

I and many others could have had some snarky comments, but my profession wasn’t in comedy. My real profession dictated I smile and nod, then stick to my regular routine with North while Kim was upstairs doing God knows what. With no one else around to distract me and further test the meaning of ‘guilty pleasure.’

Which meant I could clearly hear Kim cursing upstairs while trying to put her daughter to sleep. As odd as it was, she didn’t come downstairs to give any more clues. So I went upstairs to put North in her crib, then went to Kim’s door after I double checked her baby’s room for safety.

“North’s asleep now,” I informed after knocking on Kim’s door. “Do you need me for the rest of the day?”

I waited for an answer, then I heard a quiet, “Come in and we’ll work it out.” Confused for a number of reasons, I carefully opened the door and went into Kim and Kanye’s predictably garish guest room – complete with the giant mirror next to the bed. A bed that Kim was on while still wearing her robe.

“Okay. How do we work this out?” I asked. Of all the possible answers, I didn’t consider the one where Kim got up and untied her robe. When it came off, I saw Kim was wearing a barely effective white bra and panties, which was both a relief and….not a relief.

“I know the baby weight’s not gone yet. The fucking exercise programs ripped me off. Is it that obvious? I need to ask you before I ask Kanye and get into a fight. So?” Kim requested.

“I….I think you would be a better judge than I would,” I said the first thing to pop into my head. Even if it probably wasn’t her preferred answer.

Kim would technically be better at it, given her notorious vanity. Then again, given how much of her body I’d seen on the Internet, I could have offered some observations. Of course, since this was the first time I’d seen….so much of it up close, it would skewer my perspective.

Still, it did seem her breasts were even fuller than in her pictures and tapes – although that might not have to do with the pregnancy. Her notorious curves and thighs did seem to have more weight, but they’d already been so….well defined that it wasn’t so obvious. Of course to someone like Kim, any flaw and unwelcome change would stand out even more, if not too much.

As for the ass? Unfortunately, she didn’t turn around to help me out there.

Still, Kim seemed like how she always was. If no one knew who she was or what she symbolized, she could just be recognized as one of the most gorgeous women alive. Especially up close, recent pregnancy and all. It was when she spoke and reminded you of the other stuff that she became a very guilty pleasure – although it was harder to feel guilty now.

Then she spoke. “That’s the problem!” she started, reminding me of the actual conversation, whatever it was. “I hated it so much, I didn’t let Kanye touch me the first six weeks. It must have pissed him off, cause now he won’t touch me when I am ready. Now I don’t know what to believe. Why do you think I didn’t leave the house or let E! see me?”

I didn’t have many answers she would like, so I kept quiet. She continued with, “I miss my old body. I miss Kanye fucking it. I miss being touched down there too.” I willed myself to block that part out.

“I still see a lot of your old body. And the new stuff shouldn’t be enough to make him stop fucking you. Not at all,” I said, feeling better that I was reassuring her. At least until I realized what I actually said.

Before I could apologize, Kim answered, “You sure? I know I can’t be objective. Are you just saying that because you think I’ll cut your shifts?”

“I didn’t know that was on the table. But I still said that nice stuff before I did,” I cleverly worked around that, or so I hoped. Kim didn’t have a follow up, so she just took her robe and walked away to hang it up – allowing me to finally analyze her ass.

Like the rest of her, her ass was already thick enough that extra weight wouldn’t make a huge difference – to coin a phrase. Yet Kim judged her appearance differently than most of us would. Nevertheless, her ass still made me groan louder than I should have.

Kim still stayed blank faced, although she had made a career out of that already. She just sat on the side of the bed, while I stayed on my feet nearby.

“I wanted to look good enough so I could surprise Kanye when he got home,” Kim stated. “But I don’t know. I’m too nervous to have him….do that stuff by now. What if it’s too different for him? What if he doesn’t wanna do….certain parts now? If he looks at me different, you know they will too!” she reasoned, pointing to the outside world.

Even E! might not put this on TV if they were here – but it probably would have made her far more relatable to the rest of the world. I shook that observation aside and said, “It’s normal to think that way. Lots of women like you feel that way at first.”

“But that doesn’t help me now,” Kim scoffed, then asked, “Wait, do you know how they got over it?”

“Not personally,” I answered. “My shifts usually ended before I saw the clients work it out,” I added.

“Shit. Well, I need something to get me ready,” Kim admitted. “Is it just because I don’t wanna disappoint Kanye?”

“Maybe,” I offered. “Hell, if you could fuck someone else off the bat for practice, it might get the jitters out.”

You can nitpick this all you want, but I really wasn’t offering to volunteer. I just came up with the first funny thought in my head. But while I was laughing to myself until I came to my senses, Kim was actually thinking. “That’s not the worst idea….” I heard her mutter.

“What?” I snapped back into reality.

“I’m just nervous to fuck my husband again. If I warm up on someone who matters less, I can get everything out of my system for Kanye,” Kim declared. “It’s not like I forgot how to do this stuff! I just gotta feel sexy enough to do it. It’ll be easier if it doesn’t mean anything else!”

Although I hadn’t thought ahead before I spoke earlier, I was thinking ahead enough now to see where this was going. Before Kim even looked at me, I went through the whole spectrum of nerves, paranoia and full blown arousal. “He might see it different if he comes home soon,” I let my paranoia win for now. “And the baby…”

“Kanye’s too good at his job to get away right now. And you’re too good at yours to leave my sleeping baby in trouble in her room. Right?” Kim made sure.

“Obviously. I know too well how to do that now,” I assured her, hoping it discouraged her from using the blackmail option.

“I know too, baby,” she answered. So she was going for flattery now.

As her offer and everything it meant truly sunk in, I was still too uneasy to really look at her. But then again, if Kim still needed to feel sexy, it’s not like she would have minded me checking her out.

In fact, she was probably counting on it. In this scenario, she was smarter than most gave her credit for. So I gave her that small win by letting my eyes trail down her body again.

It was half genuine insecurity and half overdeveloped vanity that made Kim so worried about her body, even when she had little reason to. At least as far as I could see. If she really needed to see it another way, and if she was afraid to try with Kanye first….well, it might help the work environment more in the long term. Even if it made Kim bring the media and E! around here sooner.

I almost asked Kim what she wanted me to do, since I doubted everything was on the table here. But there was probably one thing she did need. “Lie down,” I asked, which qualified as my yes.

Kim got on her back as I stood in front of her and put my hands on the side of her panties. I pulled them down to expose her pussy – which had a baby come out of it over two months ago, and apparently hadn’t been played with since. Not by Kanye, anyway. For the sake of my guts, I put him out of my mind so I could help Kim with her nerves.

There was some unease in eating her out after what she just went through, yet that was her whole problem right there. Once I put that out of my mind, it wouldn’t be a problem at all for either of us.

To get the ball rolling, I bent down and put my head between Kim’s legs. But instead of diving in between them, I trailed my tongue over her upper left thigh instead, followed by her right.

“What the…” Kim questioned. Yet when I put my tongue right inside her, she finished with a more aroused “fuck….” than she first intended.

My tongue rapidly licked her up and down, getting the initial milestone out of the way. My hands also grasped her thighs, then slid up to fill them with her hips. I figured not going directly for the ass would impress her, even if there was no guarantee I’d see it later. In the meantime, my lips and teeth started to give my tongue some support.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” Kim moaned, trying not to be too loud. It might not have helped when I lifted my head up to let her see me lick her pussy lips. But the way her face flushed and bent back made it worth it.

I thrust my tongue in and out of her as my hands went over her hips, waist and stomach. I stopped underneath her still bra-encased breasts, not knowing if they’d be extra sensitive from her nursing. Since Kim then took my hands and put them on top of her glorious breasts, she didn’t seem to mind either way.

I sucked on her pussy like I would suck on her breasts, while squeezing the top of her tits to match. I even bobbed my head up and down and rubbed my face deeper into her, as Kim grabbed the back of my head. “Fuck, baby, make me cum….god, I missed this,” Kim groaned out.

I hoped that dipping my tongue down and licking below her pussy helped her nostalgia. Her deep breaths seemed to say so, and they got heavier when I shoved my tongue back into her. As my lips went in deeper, Kim arched her chest and reminded me to keep rubbing her tits, but I shoved my fingers in her cleavage instead.

My fingers fucked her ample breasts, mimicking what my cock would like to do if given the chance. Then again, it might only get to fuck one juicy hole today. Assuming I didn’t make her cum too soon to need it, and assuming it could stay ready either way. Since it was still trapped in my pants and had precious little room left, it might be a close call.

My right hand left Kim’s chest to pull my pants zipper down, giving my cock some much needed freedom. Kim couldn’t see it, but she still called out, “Get that up there and fuck me. I need a real cock…”

I breathed a sigh of relief into her, then added a few more deep licks. I might have blown on her to excite her more, but I didn’t want her to get dry — and I didn’t know if lubing myself up with her juices would bring me too close. So I bought extra time by standing up and letting Kim see my cock before it went in. Yet the hungry look in her eyes did more harm to my self control.

To be safe, I looked up when I finally put my head onto her. I heard us both breathe deeply as my tip pushed ever so slowly into her opening. Deciding to rip the band aid, I took a deep breath and pushed halfway in.

Many would figure she wasn’t super tight, for a couple of reasons, yet she still clenched me hard enough to nearly make me go right there. I kept breathing heavy and looking at the ceiling, ignoring Kim’s “fuck’s” and groans.

Finally, I felt ready enough to thrust slowly and look at her, as she had her eyes closed and her hands on her breasts. After a few more slow thrusts, I pushed myself in deeper and made her open her eyes.

“You miss that, too?” I asked. “You feel hot enough now?”

“Just make me cum on your cock already,” Kim said, her nerves clearly gone. To celebrate, I thrusted harder before pushing in all the way.

Kim wrapped her legs around me as I stayed on my feet and stood over her. I put my hands back on her chest and alternated between soft and hard gropes with every thrust. She laid her head down and relaxed while her hips lightly pushed back against mine. But I did most of the work, not minding too much since the work was good and this was supposed to relax her.

If she just needed to fuck once and be done with it, this was all I was gonna get. So instead of taking my time much longer, I squeezed her tits once more and gave her a hard series of thrusts. Kim cried out as I slid my hands back to her hips, grasping the curvy flesh while fucking her faster between it.

“Baby….baby, that’s so good. Oh, keep fucking me hard…” Kim asked and I obeyed. She finally pulled her bra cups down to expose the front of her jiggling tits, but I kept my hands on her hips. Yet I did squeeze them like I would with her breasts, then went underneath to get at least one handful of her ass.

“Mmmm…..oh, come on, baby, almost there. I need to cum again….” Kim demanded. “I’ve got so much cum to get out….all over you if you want it….”

“Fuck, what do you think?” I questioned rhetorically. Before she tried to answer, I slammed all the way inside her and humped furiously from there. Now Kim started to move around more and wiggle her body, which only fueled my efforts.

To give my cock a breather, I pulled out and immediately slid two fingers into Kim. Once her disappointed moans turned into satisfied ones, I started moving my fingers around furiously, bringing her closer to the edge while I took myself off it.

“Yes, yes, fuck I’m cumming!” Kim gave me my cue. As soon as she said that, I removed my fingers and put my cock right back in, resuming my rapid fire pace. Now it wasn’t enough to get me off quite yet, but it did the trick for Kim. She grit her teeth and let herself go while I barely slowed down to enjoy the sensation.

My slow pace continued until her orgasm subsided, then I picked it back up while she recovered. But before I could speed up, Kim called, “Don’t cum in me. Pull out and cum all over me.”

With those instructions, she finally found it wise to get up and remove her bra. Once she tossed it aside and completely bared her breasts, I pumped her hard in order to make them completely jiggle. Kim soon laid back down as I nearly lost myself, barely remembering not to grip her too hard and to pull out soon.

When I felt myself just about ready, I savored my last three pumps and pulled out, jacking myself off quickly before I regretted it. I studied Kim’s fully nude form and heard her moaning in anticipation, and the combination soon pushed me over.

I aimed the first few spurts on her stomach, went up to coat her chest and then got her lips at the tail end. I kept my mind from imploding by making sure none of my strands went on the bed — just in case Kanye or the others took a closer look at the sheets later. Otherwise, coating Kim Kardashian in cum – and being the first one to do it in months – took up most of my mind.

As I started coming down, Kim licked her lips clean and rubbed her chest dry, licking up what was left over on her hands. I didn’t see how she cleaned her stomach off, but she looked relatively clean as I sat down on the bed.

“Is that it?” I double checked. “Can you handle all that later?”

“I think I can,” Kim failed to surprise me. Figuring my job was done, I gave myself a few moments before planning to take my leave. Yet just as I got up, I heard her continue, “But that’s only one part of it. I haven’t done….my part in a while too.”

“Your part?” I couldn’t figure at first. When I did, I questioned, “I thought you were just hung up on….the two things I just did.”

“Yeah, but I haven’t done the other stuff I like in ages too. I haven’t been in the mood,” Kim explained. “If I’m rusty in that stuff and not rusty in the other stuff, it’ll look suspicious, right? Best not to take chances.”

Maybe she actually was smarter than most gave her credit for. “So what’s the other stuff, exactly?” I played along. “You know I might not look….excited about it for a while now.”

“That’s what this stuff is for,” Kim warned without explaining further. But perhaps the answer lay in how she got on her feet and walked right over to me. Before I could move off the edge of the bed, Kim dropped to her knees and I stayed right in place.

I and most on the Internet knew Kim could take cocks a lot bigger than mine. So it wasn’t a shock that she got my still soft cock down her throat on the first swallow, but it still shook me up. Yet since it would take a while longer to get hard, Kim went down to fire up my balls instead.

She lifted my cock up and licked the bottom of my sack, jiggling one testicle at a time with her tongue. She took one in her mouth and soon added another, and I could see my cock starting to respond. However, I couldn’t account for my sight when Kim’s tongue went below my sack and was pretty close to my taint. It stayed in place there until she licked up between my balls and up to the underside of my head.

As I stiffened up, Kim took my cock in one hand and my balls in another, working them both as her mouth worked over my head. Her enjoyment was reflected in her big brown eyes, especially as her pouty lips rubbed all over my tip. My erection got more prominent as Kim’s tongue went up and down my shaft, then she suckled the side of my head.

Soon her mouth went halfway down my shaft, with her left hand holding the bottom half and her right sliding between my balls. Once I was fully erect again, Kim took her hand off and let her mouth go down all the way, stopping both our breaths at the same time. She popped off with a satisfied moan and a sultry twinkle in her eyes.

“Whoh….you didn’t even do that for….” I barely stopped myself from mentioning her pre-Kanye collaborator.

(My thanks go to Linda62953. She did a great job of finding my mistakes and pointed out the errors in the story line that I missed.)

Sitting my father down and having a conversation about this with him, left him laughing so much, I’m sure they heard him in the next state.

“Dad, there is something else. As I left, Gretchen told me they are a package deal. If I agree to this, I not only get Victoria, Gretchen comes with her.”

My father sat and thought about this for a moment and nodded his head, this time he didn’t laugh.

“I suppose, given the amount of time those two have been together, the train wreck relationships that Victoria has had and the constant assault she has had to deal with in the boardroom, it would stand to reason they would seek comfort with each other, both physically and emotionally.”

As I stood to make us drinks, my dad continued with his conversation. He told me he had noticed how close they were when they came to visit. The strange thing was that my father seemed to take all this in his stride. We even talked of the logistics of their visit as though it was the most natural thing to have the owner of one of the biggest diamond companies in the world come visit.

“I must say, you seem to be taking this most bazaar of situations in your stride.”

It wasn’t until Dad had his drink in his hands that he spoke again, and what he said next made sense to me.

“Son we’re Ellington’s, we’ve had to deal with strange situations for generations. I’m not saying we’re unique in that, but we have sure lasted longer than others have. Even if we discard generations of our history and concentrate on you, no one could foresee Carol dying in childbirth, or what happened to Lou-Lou. Yes I know you went wild for a while and frankly, I wanted to kill you myself a couple of times but your mother and Connie knew you would settle down.”

We both nodded our heads in agreement.

“I want Connie to keep Lou-Lou for awhile yet. This whole thing needs time dad, and to be honest, I’m still not sure I know what I’m doing. Carol was my life all through college. Then she gave me Lou-Lou and then left us both. Perhaps I’m floundering around and all this was meant to be, or I could be another of her train crash relationships. Hell, I’ve not even kissed the girl, yet she seems to think I’m the one.”

My father listened to me rant and waited until I had finished. It was clear to me; he was holding his own thoughts in check by the way he held his cup so tightly.

“Lou-Lou told me she felt something the day she mapped Victoria’s face. Blind people connect with other people on a different level son. I think my granddaughter knew before you both did, the outcome of you going to Boston. She told Connie you would be a changed man when you came back and hoped it was going to be for the better.”

As my father spoke there seemed to be steeliness about him, he looked hard at me, almost to assess what he saw in front of him.

“Son, since Carol’s death your dick has either been in your pants or you’ve had your hand wrapped around it and that ain’t natural. If this…. this relationship is what you both or rather all three of you need, then grasp it with both hands. Victoria mapped your face. She has seen the real you. Not the one every sighted person sees and she’s not shied away from him.”

All I could do was nod my head. We talked the logistics of both Victoria’s and Gretchen’s arrival, he surprised me when he suggested we use the old house. When Mom and dad first got married, they lived in the old house behind the barn I had converted to a workshop. In reality, it was nothing more than a large cabin with two bedrooms. When I came onto the scene, mom insisted dad build out. Rather than that, he built her a new house and the old house became a place for guests.

The next day, dad organized a cleaning crew. A day and a half later, the place was spotless and smelling of all sorts of flowery stuff, we guys have never heard of. On my father’s insistence, all of the furniture was placed in one corner. When Victoria gets here, we would spend an hour or so letting her tell us where she wanted the furniture, so she could make her own map as we went along.

While the cleaning crews were busy, we set about digging a gravel path from the front door outwards, it split after twenty yards, one branch ended up at the front of my workshop and the other led to the front of dad’s house. Connie came by and brought Lou-Lou with her, we held hands and walked over to the seat that my daughter had first met Victoria and Gretchen and I sat her down.

It was one of the strangest ‘honey we need to talk’ moments I had ever had with my daughter. And one of those times I found out, she sure had Carol’s genes. When I had finished explaining my trip to Boston and what all three of us talked about when I was there, Lou-Lou simply sat and pondered for a moment.

“You know, this kinda reminds me of an arranged marriage, only with an Ellington twist to it.”

We both smiled and then a thought struck me, something that dad had said and something I had seen my own daughter do.

“Honey, you mapped Victoria’s face. When you did that, I noticed that you frowned for a moment, you felt something.”

At first, my daughter tried to brush my question away, but I kept at her.

“It was just a feeling dad. For a rich girl she sure is lonely. Grandpa told me that she came here with men with guns to protect her, I know rich folks do that sometimes, yet when I mapped her face their was a sadness about her.”

Lou-Lou reached out her hands and I held them in mine as she squeezed them.

“Remember last summer you took me fishing down by the creek. We sat all day and talked. Just as we were fixin’ to leave, that catfish pulled on your line. You took close to half and hour to get that damn fish out of the creek. The line you used should have snapped, but you adjusted what you were doing to what needed to be done to get him.”

My own daughter nailed her argument then and there.

“That’s Victoria at the moment dad, she is scared and desperately lonely. In a world that men hate her and want her gone, she has no one but Gretchen and that’s so dreadfully sad. Oh she will fight you, she will no doubt scream and shout at you, but I think in the back of her mind she has met her mate and now both your hearts and minds have to find a way to fit together.”

As I pondered what she had said, Lou-Lou never let go of my hands. When I told her that for a twelve year old she sure spoke better sense than most of us adults, she just shrugged her shoulders and said she was her mother’s daughter. As my body moved to hug her, my cell phone rang. Gretchen was telling me that everything was set for their departure tomorrow and they would be at the airport around three that afternoon. I handed Lou-Lou my cell so she could talk to Gretchen while I went to talk to my dad.

They were still deep in conversation when I returned ten minutes later. Lou-Lou handed me my cell back and walked back to the house. As I talked to Gretchen, I watched my daughter. Was it me or did my own daughter walk with a bounce in her step now?

“So, we have a cabin all to ourselves?”

“We moved all the furniture to one side and once Victoria decides where she wants stuff put, we can call it home. How long are you two going to be here?”

The giggle that followed let me know ahead of time that I was going to like her answer.

“Victoria is in a board meeting at the moment, she plans to drop the bomb at the end of the meeting. She has more than enough work for them all to keep them busy until the next meeting in six weeks time; she is slowly learning the meaning of the word ‘delegation’ so I’d better go and get ready to pry her out of the board room when the shouting starts.”

We said our goodbyes, dad, and I went back to putting some finishing touches to the cabin. Connie came back later that day with towels and bedding. We both looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders; she just said ‘men’ as she set about making the beds with Lou-Lou’s help, both were gone an hour later.


I watched her plane land; it still took another twenty minutes of hugs and putting bags into the car before they were ready to leave. The suit I knew as Marcus detached himself from the other two bodyguards and handed me a piece of paper. He explained that he had argued with both Victoria and Gretchen about leaving them both unguarded and had been over ruled, the number was a direct line to him and I was to use it anytime, day or night.

“I can have people here within the hour. Other than that, I wish all three of you a pleasant holiday.”

Neither one of us were dumb. Boston is more than an hour by plane, so he had people closer than that on stand-by. Strangely enough, I liked the guy, so I said I would keep it close by if I needed it. He seemed to relax a little and we shook on it, before he turned to the girls and told them that he expected them to keep in touch, even if it’s only by post card.

Dad and Lou-Lou were waiting on the porch when we got back. Connie wandered out of the house as the car came to a stop. Everyone was formally introduced and we all set about sorting the furniture. Both dad and I watched a strange bond start to develop between Victoria and Lou-Lou.

As furniture was being placed, my daughter would occasionally recommend an alternative, both would walk from the item they were next to and mentally map it. It would then be moved and inch or two either way or discarded for something more practical and once again would use there own starting point before both would agree.

The hour time frame turned into three before Victoria and Lou-Lou were happy with the outcome. With one more trial run from the door with neither of them banging into anything and me left in wonder as to how they did it, both announced the furniture was in all the right places. The few bits that remained were put out on the porch to be taken away later.

When I had returned, Victoria and Lou-Lou sat at one end of the couch deep in conversation. Gretchen pointed to the coffee pot on the cooker and joined the other two on the couch. By the time I had my coffee, there was a knock at the door and Connie entered. She scanned the room and once she spotted Lou-Lou, reminded her that they had dinner to cook before her husband came home and disowned her for being a bad wife. They would be leaving in ten minutes.

My daughter giggled and then hugged Victoria, stood and turned to Gretchen, waited for her to stand and hugged her as well. Her head turned in my direction and she gave me one of those smiles that said I couldn’t hide from her. We both walked back to the house, Connie and dad were waiting by her car both deep in a very animated conversation with each other. Lou-Lou heard my dad use the name Dixon before they both noticed us approach. My daughter gave a squeal of delight that her friend was coming to visit.

My sister managed to get my smiling daughter into the car, the hug and kiss goodbye were genuine. Once the car was out of sight, I turned on my dad.

“Want to explain or do you want me to wait until Dixon gets here and I ask him?”

My father was already headed back into the house; the temptation to follow him was close to overwhelming.

“Is something wrong?”

Spinning around to see both the girls on the gravel path and not even hearing them approach worried me a little. I’m sure the taking of a deep breath didn’t go unnoticed.

“Not that I know of.”

Squeezing myself between both girls I asked them if the would like a small tour of the place. Both accepted with glee and we wandered around. I explained to Victoria that the gravel paths only went from the main house to the seating area we had our first sit down talk, although it did branch about half way and went to the stables, while the other branch went down to the creek.

The path from the cabin went to the main house and my workshop, both said the creek in unison and I smiled while I shrugged my shoulders, thinking that this was something I was going to have to get used too. No sooner had we got there, than Gretchen said two words in that language of theirs and then seamlessly changed back and set about describing the scene in front of us.

“Oh Victoria, we are going to love this place, they have a boarded area directly from the edge of the gravel path. It extends out over the creek by twenty foot by about thirty wide and sits three feet over the top of the creek. We can sunbathe out here. The creek looks to be about thirty meters wide at this point although it does drop further down. Plenty of trees so we won’t burn and lots of areas we can sunbathe and relax.”

Even as Gretchen was finishing up describing what was in front of her, Victoria was already taking her sneakers off and pulling her jeans down. Gretchen simply watched for a moment and then shrugged as she followed suit. They were down to their underwear by the time she had finished explaining more details of there surroundings. Victoria held out her arm and both walked to the edge of the platform, sat down and sighed as their feet sank into the water.

We watched as Victoria closed her eyes and tilted her head towards the warmth of the sun. The smile was real and her whole body finally relaxed for the first time since she got here. It was a good ten minutes before anyone spoke again. It seems that Victoria’s determination for this to work came to the fore when she did say something.

“Your favorite food is Chicken Caesar Salad. You developed a taste for it at one of those fancy restaurants and whenever you go to any restaurant that has it on the menu that’s what you have, other than that, you have steak. You shave on a daily basis, the only change to that is when you’re troubled, in which case you don’t shave at all.”

By now Gretchen had turned to me and shrugged her shoulders, it was apparent that Victoria had found all this out from someone and I could well hazard a guess who.

“You haven’t had a sexual partner since Carol died and for many months after her death the only women that could even talk to you, were female members of your own family. You had a dog once, your father gave you one and he bit you. That same day you gave the dog back to your father and never had one since.”

The shocked look that Gretchen gave me, made me blush.

“You haven’t been intimate with anyone since your wife died?”

I’m sure the flush to my cheeks was noticeable.

“Your new source of information, aka my daughter, has had limited success. You don’t actually think I’m going to discus who I date with my daughter do you?”

Both stayed silent, waiting for me to fill the void with answers. At first, I was reluctant to re-visit that part of my life, the years may have continued, but that never stopped the pain, eased it a little perhaps. However, the emptiness that was my life back then was never going to be filled, because my priority was always going to be my daughter.

Slowly my thoughts turned to words as I explained that the sudden death of Carol took us all by surprise. It also seemed in times of crises, women can be more resilient than men. Mom and dad took care of the funeral arrangements and between mom and Connie; they took care of Lou-Lou. It took me a great deal of time to bond with my daughter; I didn’t hate her, far from it. But I couldn’t look at Lou-Lou without seeing Carol and the cycle of despair, the sheer hopelessness of the situation would once again surface.

Six months after her birth, I turned up at Connie’s and asked for my daughter back. The months and indeed years that followed have been what every parent has experienced with their children. The day of Lou-Lou’s accident brought home to me the tenuous link I had left with Carol, and any thought I had of ever dating again, was removed from my thoughts.


We must have spent close to an hour sitting by the creek with our feet in the water before I reminded them both; none of us had sun block on. My shirt got used as a towel and we all headed back to the cabin.

It was Gretchen that broke the silent walk back. “How did you end up in the city?”

“I was ganged up on. Dad and I were at the feed store; Cassidy Miller was a school friend of Carols and mine. She walked right up to me in the middle of the store and demanded a date. She even told me to my face that she expected dinner and dancing, lots of slow dancing. I turned her down and she went bright red, slapped me and stormed out of the store.”

Both had the same look that Cassidy had so I knew they sympathized with her.

“Dad said nothing all the way home. The next morning Mom, Dad and Connie sat at the kitchen table. Dad told me that I had been living like a hermit for far too long and I needed to snap out of it. The language that ensued would have made a sailor proud. Dad gave me a name of a lawyer he knew in the city. He told me to get my life back and start living again because he was fed up of seeing me existing, rather than living.”

Even though I had read most of what happened next in Victoria’s PI report I gave her the ‘me’ version. My parting words to my parents were, ‘that I was going to make a success in the city and came back for my daughter.’ Leaving her was the hardest thing I had done, since watching her mother’s casket being lowered to her final resting place. Dad’s lawyer friend found me a place to live and I started on the ground floor for the agency a week later.

Since I had no life or any friends, I was soon racking up the hours at the agency and started to get noticed. My ideas were being listened to and a couple of promotions later saw me with the Petterson’s account landing on my desk.

“I also feel I should dispel the thoughts you’re both still having. Six months after I moved into my apartment block, Marsha came into my world. She was only interested in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship since she was still working her way up the promotions ladder as well. Neither one of us had time to go looking, so when we did meet up; we never saw the need to leave my apartment.”

Although I was expecting some sort of question and answer session, nothing was said on the subject. It was clear to see from the look on Gretchen’s face that she fully intended to take her PI to task when they both returned to Boston. While I was making us all drinks, both the girls disappeared into one of the bedrooms and came out five minutes later in what seemed to be their standard casual wear, an oversized UCLA T-shirt and nothing else. Victoria’s orientation of the room was amazing to watch as she chatted to Gretchen while walking over to the couch.

“We have a problem, Gretchen and I are willing to accept that we can’t do anything about it tonight, but in the morning things will have to change.”

You can imagine the things that skipped through my head and in what order. What came out of Gretchen’s mouth next had me doubled up and crying with laughter.

“The bed’s too small; we need a bigger bed since all three of us are going to be sleeping together.”

Both sat and waited for me to calm down a little, well a lot to be honest, since I seemed to have stunned them with my answer.

“Doug we understood your reluctance back in Boston, it’s another reason why we gladly came here. Nevertheless, you are not sleeping away from either of us and you are not taking us individually to your bed. I get the piece of paper saying I’m your wife, but we get a ring each because in our eyes all three of us are married to each other.”

Even as I wiped the laughter tears from my eyes and digested what Victoria had just said, it was plain to see that they had thought long and hard about this. It was just a shame they never told me their thoughts back in Boston. The devil in me wanted to test this theory.

“Am I going to start finding nylons hanging in the bathroom from now on?”

“Only if you want us to, Gretchen and I usually wear dresses or business suits, although I can see us both going to town for a whole new wardrobe while we are here, we can add nylons to the list if you wish.”

I knew I was being baited for an answer and quickly moved onto my next question.

“Do either of you snore?”

It seemed it was once again Gretchen’s turn to answer. “No we don’t, we got curious once and taped ourselves. A few mumbles and a cough now and then but no snoring. You on the other hand will find yourself being pushed onto your side a couple of time a night since you do, and before you try and deny it, we heard you back in Boston when we started work and left you to sleep in.”

This was starting to feel like a game of truth or dare.

“So what happens when you get your monthly visit, do you both get crabby?”

Gretchen was quick to reply. “I get cramps and I feel like shit for a few days, once it’s over, I get super horny for two days and then calm down. Victoria and I are a week apart, her birth control is different to mine, it had to be because she always went straight to bitch for a week and was hell to live with. Now she just bleeds heavy for three days and then gets super horny.”

You know, there are times I just should have kept my mouth shut, this was one of them. Both wore one of those ‘that will teach you for asking’ smirks.

Victoria yawned and I realized just how long their day had been so far. They were right of course; the bed was fine as a double but tight for three adults.

“You can get those off as well.”

I was in my shorts, turning around and being greeted with the sight of two very hot women totally naked, their t-shirts now draped over the corner of the bed. This left me in little doubt they wanted to establish their own rules and right from the beginning of this relationship. It seemed pointless trying to hide my erection so I didn’t; both the girls felt it rub up against them as we all tried to make ourselves comfortable.

The strangest thing was, that night, I slept more peacefully than I had since Carol’s death. I was so used to waking in the middle of the night, be it for a drink of water or even to sit and watch the walls for an hour while I chased away the nightmares that had became second nature to me. This morning I woke with my hand cupping Victoria’s breast, it was obvious to me by her breathing that she was awake. She made it obvious to me that she knew I was when she pushed her ass back into my groin.

“I know as my future husband you have first dibs on these, but do you realize how long you have been playing with that one. That hard on you were sporting when you came to bed may have dozed off when you did but it soon woke up and spent the rest of the night bumping into places Gretchen and I would dearly like to have it.”

Victoria placed her hand on my hip and said. “Doug we understand and will wait for you. But please hurry.”

I’m so glad she couldn’t see the flush of my cheeks. “We need a bigger bed.”

She gently patted my hip once again; a small giggle left her lips.

“Yes honey, we do.”


We decided to hit the town with just a cup of coffee in us; we would swing by the diner and discus the game plan while we had breakfast. They seemed to have two priorities, clothes and a bigger bed. Other than that, it was an orientation of the town and back to the farm.

Ever been shopping with two women on a clothes hunt? It’s bad enough when I’m clothes shopping for my daughter, but this just got plain ugly. They were both insistent on boots and Stetsons and paraded up and down the shop wearing various colors and designs, I did tell them both that if they let out one single yee-haw I was going to get up and leave them there. When Victoria asked the cashier were she could buy some chewing tobacco, I hauled her ass out of that shop before he could answer her.

So five hours later and the back of my truck full of bags of clothes, we headed home. Both the girls were chatting so much that it took them until the gates to the farm to realize something.

“Wait we haven’t shopped for a bigger bed.”

As luck would have it, the van from Bernie’s Beds passed us on the way out. Cody gave me a wave as he passed and Gretchen was frantically explaining what had just passed us to Victoria who then burst out laughing.

“Let me guess, it was when we were giving you a trial run of Victoria’s Secret new line in Basque’s?”

Both girls giggled as they remembered me getting up and leaving the shop after the second time they both came out of the changing rooms wearing one each and asked if their asses looked big in these.

“You girls are just not safe let out on your own, you’re even worse with a guy present.”

By the time we had parked and walked in the front door of the cabin, my father was walking out of the bedroom with a few tools in his hand.

“Your new bed kinda looked a bit flimsy in places, so I’ve added some supports to take the punishment. I left the sheets and stuff on the bed, so it ain’t been made yet.”

I felt the heat rising up my neck and attach itself to my ears, the small smile on dads face let him know he had struck a cord with what he was really saying, but this was my father and that’s never stopped him coming out and saying it anyway.

“Son you have two very healthy and sexed up women standing next to you and judging by the state you left the last bed in, you best get a move on. Those two ain’t going to wait forever.”

The flush on my cheeks was one of anger that he was once again interfering with my life. The silence was broken in the most unusual way.

My dad said one word. “Victoria.”

It took barely a moment for her to answer. “Plan A was to leave him to get comfortable with the situation and continue to let him know that we both love him and wanted this. That lasted all of one night when that hardness of his kept bumping into both of us all night, we switched to plan B, which was to give it another couple of days and if he hadn’t come around we were going to lube up and slide on.”

I spun round open mouthed, when I heard what she had said. Both seemed to be standing just a little closer to each other now.

“So you both planned to take advantage of me.”

Gretchen’s hand inched towards Victoria’s, there fingers interlocked.

“Honey, taking advantage of you is such a nasty way of putting it. We prefer to think we were helping you make a final choice and the right choice when you made it.”

Gretchen’s voice grew in confidence as she continued. Victoria just tightened her grip to let her friend know she was in complete agreement with everything she had said so far.

“You told us you hadn’t slept so soundly in many years. Well, we were wide-awake most of the night with your cock being pushed into one or the other of us and both of us praying that you would slip up and slide in. Trust me when I tell you, you would have slid in, both of us were so wet and up for it that if you had started it, you would have been a drained heap by morning.”

So there it was. Not arrogance, just a statement of intent. I won’t say there were bells ringing, lights flashing and the girls covered in a ‘come get me’ aura. These two had started with an ulterior motive, to get Victoria married, somewhere along that journey they had discovered the human side of what they planned and both wanted it. I had never heard of a polyamory relationship until I had met these two and I truly doubt, they had either.

Their love for each other was willing to allow one more person into it. Both chose me and it was now time to decide what to do about it, I suppose even that small statement was wrong in some ways. The way they interacted today with each other and me, made my heart skip many a beat. This was the ‘them’ they were only willing to show the person they trusted the most. If this morning had shown me anything, it showed me that we fit, not in a coupling way, but as equals.

I could feel, almost touch the bond they had for each other. The reason I could do that was because that same bond extended out and held me in its grasp. Every sentence that was started by one of us, was always was finished by another one of us. A small smile came to Victoria. She loosened her grasp of Gretchen’s hand, walked up to me and gave me a hug, Gretchen followed suit.

Once Victoria pulled away, she looked at me. Her eyes may be dark to her but they held such light and shone so beautifully, these truly were the windows to her soul.

“I know you can feel it now. Gretchen and I are going to make the bed. Our clothes can stay in the truck for now, see you in a moment.”

Both walked over to my dad wished him a good evening and kissed him on the cheek as they walked toward the bedroom.

“Shall we flip a coin to see who gets dibs on him first?”

“Hell no, you’d cheat on the blind girl.”

“Are you saying I would ever cheat you?”

“Why not, I would.”

As they both broke into laughter Victoria’s blouse and Gretchen’s t-shirt had already hit the floor before they had even gotten as far as the bedroom. My dad and I just stood and watched this and shook our heads.

We walked to the door of the cabin; my father turned to me and said. “Son if you’re waiting for some sort of sign from Carol that what you’re doing here is ok with her, then you’ll have a long wait cos she’s dead and has been for some time. It’s time for you to stop being as dead as she is and start to live again. I’d say you have two very capable women ready to help you do that.”


When I closed the door, my head rested on it. He was right and I hated it sometimes, but he was right. Carol had been a part of my growing into adult life and became my life all through college and what I thought was going to be the rest of my life. That was never meant to be, I felt myself sigh, Carol’s parting gift to me was our daughter and I would love that girl right up until my last breath.

My life since the incident at the deli had changed dramatically. It brought me home and back into the arms of people I shouldn’t have ever left just so I could fulfill a childhood dream of earning my fortune in the big city and whisking Lou-Lou away to a better life. Yet, it was just that incident, at the deli that brought about a better life. Initially three people’s lives will change and as that change expands outward, it will start to affect other lives.

“Your father’s right Doug. We could wait but we’re not going to.”

As I turned to watch two very naked women slowly walk toward me, the stirring in my pants started to give me away.

“The only things we offer are us and our love. On the surface they are words, but honey when they come from two women that only want you and for you to be happy those are the most powerful words on this planet.”

They matched each other pace for pace, the fullness of Gretchen’s breasts as she walked made them swing ever so slightly, her stomach was tight and her hips, although slightly wider than Victoria’s were still breath taking. Her pubic hair was trimmed and shaped in what she told me later as a landing strip because the one guy in her life needed directions toward the fun bits. Gretchen’s legs were firm and shaped, this girl spent time working out and I had seen the effort she put into doing just that back in Boston, when I walked past the gym they had in their apartment.

“Honey, the more time we spend with you, the more we know you are him. All we can do is show you on a daily basis that we both love you, there are no rules, other than you must take us both together the first time. If you wish us to sleep with you individually after that we will agree to it, but not the first time.”

Both girls were now, almost half way across the day room; it was exquisite to watch them. They were a matching pair yet each an individual in there own right. Victoria’s blonde hair was longer than Gretchen’s brown. Her hair hung loose down her back. Her breasts were smaller than Gretchen’s yet her areola were bigger and her nipples although not totally aroused had already changed to a deeper red and her nipples became thicker. Her stomach was as tight as Gretchen’s and the clean area around her pubic bone left little doubt what was on display.

“We are here and we are not going away, unless you specifically tell us to. We both know you’re afraid. We were, when it finally hit us what we were planning. Come with us Doug, understand us and please love us, tenderly would be nice although we are both open to a little roughness as well.”

They giggled at Victoria’s attempt at humor and when I blushed, she must have sensed it because her hand came to my cheek and she smiled.

“Even the blind girl can see through you Doug, always remember that. We are going into the bedroom now. I want you to take a shower and join us, we are going to share every secret we have about each other and in return we want every secret you have, ok?”

I held her hand to my cheek and nodded my head; both girls had tears in their eyes and such big smiles on their faces to back them up. Once again, on some silent command one or the other gave, they turned and walked back to the bedroom as I watched. My eyes started at their shoulder blades and stopped at their asses, refusing all commands to move, until they disappeared into the bedroom.


As I approached our room, I could already hear moaning. If the noises from this room hadn’t made me hard, the sight in front of me sure would have. The scene had me rooted to the spot. Victoria was on her back and Gretchen was on top of her in a sixty-nine position. Gretchen was so engrossed in devouring Victoria’s pussy that she didn’t know I was there, until Victoria spoke.

“Oh good, you’re here. I’ve been busy on your behalf and spent some time rimming Gretchen. She’s about as pliable as she’s going to get, so Doug, please stick your dick in her ass.”

Gretchen visibly stiffened, yet her head remained buried in Victoria’s clearly soaked pussy. The moan of expectant pleasure caused through her body was causing Victoria to arch her neck, desperate to bite back her own moan. I felt a small tug on my cock, Victoria’s hand had wrapped itself around my cock and the distance between us diminished; there is something deeply erotic, watching with your own eyes as a woman placed your hardness directly at another woman’s ass and knowing the outcome.

As my hands finally grasped Gretchen’s hips her head came away from Vitoria and looked behind her, if the smile on her face hadn’t made my cock twitch, then the flush over her upper body would most certainly do what happened next. My cock got harder and with a firm grip, I slowly inched my way into Gretchen’s ass.

Her whole body seemed to stiffen and relax at the same time, her moan gave her away again and then she hissed and I stopped and after a moment, she relaxed.

“Sorry, I’ve never had a real one in there, I thought I could take it all in one go. Please go gentle it’s getting my body to adjust, that’s taking the time, other than that I’m pleased to say you’re a perfect fit and….”

I inched forward once again and she groaned, I heard her say ‘that was nasty’ to herself as her ass relaxed rather than clamped and by now, I was halfway in. Victoria spit on my cock and with a finger rubbed it around both Gretchen’s anus and my cock and I just felt like another pint of blood had poured into my cock.

Gretchen yelped. “Vicky, stop whatever you’re doing, I’m not sure how, but our husband has just gotten bigger.”

All Victoria could do was giggle and say, “Oh goody, I can’t wait for my turn.”

That comment earned her a slap across the pussy from Gretchen.

“Please stop. I need time to adjust and whatever this bitch is telling you to do, you can ignore as well. Only plastic and rubber dicks have been in both our asses, the real thing is taking me a moment to get used to.”

Although Gretchen was being serious, I’m embarrassed to say, I actually thought it was funny. The giggle that came from underneath us proved to me that someone else thought so as well. My cock still throbbed and Gretchen’s ass still clenched when it did, and at the moment, we were both at an impasse.

“Vicky honey this isn’t going to work. He’s bigger than our toys; I can’t get our husband in any deeper. Please help me baby.”

Instantly I felt Victoria shuffle slightly under Gretchen, within a second, a slow moan emanated from Gretchen as she slumped forward. I hadn’t anticipated her movement and my cock slipped out an inch. From the sucking and slurping noises coming from underneath and the long moans from above, I don’t think she had noticed.

A hand went between my legs and held my ass. When Victoria heard the right moan from Gretchen, she would gently push my ass to let me know when to push in a little more. I quickly realized what she was listening for and adjusted my inward movements accordingly, soon her hand left my ass. Well, once she had a good long feel that is.

Victoria seemed to put it to good use though, the squelching sounds that were now added to the sucking and slurping sound, told me poor Gretchen’s pussy and clit were in for a sore time when all this was over, and then skin touched skin.

Gretchen’s body once again tensed, she wriggled her ass a little and lifted her body so she could once again look at me.

“Vicky, he’s in, I did it.” The smile just kept getting bigger. “I’m his now honey, I have a husband and he’s all the way in my ass.”

Another giggle emanated from below us.

“I told you we should have butt plugged that scrawny ass of yours, so you would get used to this and we wouldn’t have spent the last ten minutes breaking you in.”

Both giggled, it still didn’t stop the sound of a slap across Victoria’s pussy and the gentle moan seconds later. Victoria used the pause in the activities to push cum from Gretchen’s pussy up to my cock, instinct made me withdraw from her about an inch and she coated as much of me and Gretchen’s ass as she could.

She had slowly eased herself out from under Gretchen, I watched Victoria for a moment as she run her fingertips up the side of her friend, when her hand came to her hair she grabbed hold and pulled her head back. Both shared a kiss and Gretchen’s pussy juices, my cock twitched in her ass and Gretchen giggled as their kiss ended.

“Our husband likes the show we’re putting on for him.”

“You know he’s going to fuck the shit out of you now, don’t you?”

Even as Gretchen nodded her head at Victoria she turned to look at me, there was something. I truly wish I could explain it, sadness, and a conflict within her perhaps I’m just not sure. The one thing I was sure about was this wasn’t going any further, I held her more firmly and started to pull out.

“Stop, please stop. I see it in your face; please leave it there while we explain.”

She didn’t even give me a chance to answer her.

“We never explained this to you and we should have, but after what your father told you this evening, we wanted you before you could have second thoughts. We are all realists here. Vicky will get the ring I will never be allowed to wear mine in public as long as I’m Victoria’s companion, lawyer and the board sits. We will make love tonight, loads of love but it’s important to me and Vicky that you have our asses first.”

Victoria grasped Gretchen’s hand as we both listened to Gretchen.

“Call it a mental state of mind if you wish. We are not slaves and you taking our asses first don’t make us such. But all three of us will know, we gave ourselves to each other tonight, from now on, regardless of where we all are, Vicky and I will always feel you in our asses and know our husband put his dick in there first. Vicky will have a ring on her finger, she will always feel that, but we will both have that feeling of you in our asses.”

The fear was still there, from both of them this time.

“No, this is wrong and it’s hurting you.”

“Doug, please stop. As I said we should have spoken to you about this, trust me when I tell you that Vicky and I want and need this. I promise you on all that I hold dear, we will talk as soon as you have had both our asses, and we need this Doug, please.”

To emphasize her point, her skin had once again touched my skin. She gave her ass a little wriggle and smiled. My first instinct was to pull out and leave the room, the fear on Victoria’s face that I would do just that, held me there. I was never big on rules, common sense was always my guide and with my dick once again buried in Gretchen’s ass, it seemed that common sense might have to be spelled out to these two.

“Listen to me, the both of you. Ok, so I’m stuck in Gretchen’s ass and I will admit to feeling rather good about it, even though a part of me is still concerned about her discomfort. I will agree to go as far as what you two have planned for tonight, but that’s it. We sit down and get ourselves on the same hymn sheet young ladies or the divorce comes before the wedding, do you get my drift?”

Two things seemed to happen in quick succession. First, I couldn’t believe I had just admitted to myself that I would even marry Victoria and second, was Victoria throwing herself at me, sticking to me like glue and sobbing, as she thanked me. Gretchen gave a small grunt, as the movement in her ass was unexpected.

“Hey girlfriend, you can thank our husband when he’s got his cock in your ass, as for now it’s in mine so let him alone and come down here. I need desert while he’s making himself at home back there.”

Victoria laughed this time. We kissed and she whispered in my ear that she would feel me soon and couldn’t wait. She then proceeded to kiss her way down my body, stopping at the connection I had with Gretchen, she seemed to spend some time licking her way around that and then up Gretchen’s back. Just watching, let alone feeling all of that, made me twitch once again in her ass, she moaned, and her head came off the pillow.

“You have got to be kidding me, how can you keep growing?”

All three of us laughed. By now, Victoria was lying in front of Gretchen whose own hands had wrapped themselves around one of Victoria’s breasts and she practically devoured it. Both moaned in unison. The wet sound came next and I instantly figured out why she was laying at that angle. Victoria had her fingers deep in Gretchen’s pussy. She let me know this on a couple of occasions when she wrapped her juice soaked hand around my balls.

“Ok my husband, can we start off gentle, please? I just need my body to get used to you back there.”

No sooner had she finished saying that, than her mouth opened wide once again and devoured Victoria’s breast. Not a sentence seems to go by now that the words ‘my husband’ doesn’t come out of either of their mouths. I just smiled; neither of them was looking at me, so I figured I could get away with a smile. In their minds and thoughts, I was just that. That conversation would still go ahead, it had to, we kept missing important parts, body language and even words for it not to.

Gretchen’s own move backwards reminded me where I was and my hands once again held tight to her hips, the soft sigh and faint ‘yes’ just before her head once again bobbed up and down on and around Victoria’s tits. I was still determined to go slow and easy and after maybe two or three minutes of making sure I only came away from her an inch or two, the little cries turned to moans and she began to push her ass back at me.

I’m sure the distraction, caused by what Victoria was doing helped as well, judging by the little mewing sounds coming from her as her mouth broke free of one of her friends tits just long enough to go hunting for the other one. My concentration once again turned to Gretchen as she suddenly positioned her weight onto her elbows and then leaned down to kiss Victoria. The steady thrusts into her ass meant they missed the first time but connected as I pulled back once again. As Gretchen released her lip lock on Victoria, her hand gently rested on Gretchen’s cheek.

“Isn’t it so wicked when we have our husband in our ass?”

Gretchen moaned as I stopped fucking her ass and buried my cock as deep into her as I could.

“Oh fuck honey; you are going to love this. I’m just so glad we waited for our husband to do this.”

I picked up the pace a little and her head once again devoured one of Victoria’s tits while her fingers pulled and twisted the other breast and nipple. A long steady muffled moan escaped seconds later. Gretchen was also using her own body to experiment as I thrust into her. At first, she would clench her ass as I pushed into her, the ‘ouch’ that followed made her change her mind and tried clenching as I pulled back. She must have liked it that way, because the ‘oh fuck’ that followed barely a second later sure made Victoria giggle once again.

“Has our husband found a hot spot in that skinny ass of yours Gretchen?”

Both laughed, the gentleman that I was, merely pushed deeper into her and kept that rhythm. Gretchen quickly picked up on the change of pace and rhythm and again attacked Victoria’s tits. My mind quickly picked up the slight change in motion from Gretchen’s ass as I thrust into her. The moan wasn’t from what I was doing; it was Victoria trying as hard as she could to push as many fingers into her friend’s pussy as she could.

All semblance of anything other than carnal came to all three of us as the smell of sex interacted and attacked all our own senses. In her defense, Gretchen moved a hand away from Victoria’s glorious tits and attacked her pussy with a vengeance. Victoria’s body would arch at every thrust her friend made at trying to get not only more fingers into her, but deeper as well.

Suddenly Gretchen let go of her friend, lifted herself off Victoria and arched her back as she cried out. “Oh God, oh my God, OH FUCKING SHIT!”

Her entire body tightened as she had a huge orgasm. I felt her ass clamp down tight onto my cock, trying as best it could to rip it from my body and I began spurting cum deep into her ass. With one last effort Gretchen swung her hand and slapped Victoria hard across her pussy, the sound shook me for a moment and focused my attention on Victoria.

Her body arched one more time and she came, as her own hands instinctively moved to protect her abused pussy. Her body slowly assumed a fetal position right in front of Gretchen who, although still in the process of coming down from her own orgasm, moved her arms to hold onto her friend as her own orgasm devoured her. I waited until my cock was soft, before pulling out and lying down beside them both, the sound of wheezing like an old man became clear to us all and both girls giggled when they realized it was me.

How long were we all laying there? Who knows or even cared. It was Gretchen who eventually moved and moaned as she did, she kissed me and thanked me before turning her attention back to Victoria, who needed both our help to sit up and rest against the headboard, her tits still moved at an extraordinary rate as she pulled air into her lungs.

“Well, that was fun. Doug, honey neither of us is brave enough to suck you clean so could you please wash your cock before it’s my turn.”

I both smiled and shook my head at her comment, she had spent time rimming and sticking her tongue into Gretchen’s ass to get her ready for me, but neither of the girls wanted to get me hard until I was clean. Women’s Logic, you just have to admire it.

Even as I moved to sit up, I knew I had to say something and it had to be now.

“Victoria. Are you a pain junkie?”

Gretchen quickly looked at her friend and went to sit next to her. I held her wrist and stopped her, Gretchen watched it all and Victoria heard it all.

“Yes and no. Does it bother you?”

“Some yes. It’s not in me to hit a woman, not even if she has a board around her neck saying take a swing at me, it’s not going to happen Victoria.”

“Even if I told you that whatever you do it will never hurt me?”

“Sorry Victoria, I don’t give a shit. I’m not going to slap you around if that’s all that gets you off.”

The smile on both their faces got bigger.

“Thank you.”

I replied with the only statement my now confused mind could think of.

“For what?”

Victoria reached out for me, I met her half way, holding onto her hands, and gently resting them back onto her lap, my own hands covered hers.

“Thank you for being you. I will admit to liking my sex rough sometimes, but it’s not conditional for me to have an orgasm, tender can be just as pleasant honey.”

“Then why?”

She paused for a moment while she thought how best to answer.

“I can only answer for this instant, Gretchen had a head start. She had our husband’s cock in her ass, she wanted above all for us all to come, as close together as possible and she knew the easiest way to get me there. Remember Doug we are both different, the skinny ass over there lights up real fast and when you get her there you can keep her there all night.”

Even my quick glance at Gretchen saw her cheeks flush with embarrassment, yet she still nodded at what her friend was saying. Victoria remained silent, that link that they have between each other seemed to have taken over because Gretchen spoke.

“The thing with Vickie is, that I can get three or at best four orgasms out of her before she passes out, she will literally pass out. The first time she did it I freaked.”

Gretchen moved to place one of her hands over mine and Victoria’s before she looked directly at me.

“It’s an example of how different we are and how we like to be treated in the bedroom Doug. We will all be learning new things about each other, it’s what people in relationships do, they learn and adapt.”

Her smile grew.

“You just get to learn twice as much, because you have two wives now.”

Both giggled and even I will admit to a small laugh. There was an honesty about these two that started with my time with them in Boston and it’s never seemed to let up. Subtle hints were never their forte. Both started to lean over to my groin area and sniff, they even pulled that Yuk face after they had. I believed it was time for me to wash up, when I looked at both from the door they were hugging each other, their smiles a permanent fixture on their faces.

I meant what I said to Victoria. If she needed someone to slap her, it would have to be Gretchen, my whole being said it was wrong to hurt a woman. It would be a deal breaker if they tried to change my opinion of that, but somehow I didn’t think either of them would.

The thing about relationships, even marriage is that you meet your partner or in my case ‘partners’ half way and know that they would happily feel the same. I had the bare bones of a plan. I just hoped that Gretchen would catch on real quick because with Victoria’s hearing, it would be impossible to pull her to one side and give her a heads up.

Gretchen had already started to warm Victoria up when I came back from the bathroom. Inwardly I smiled and shook my head at these two, they fit each other like a glove, they were the left to the others right and yet they both decided that I was going to be the middle of the three of us. Carol had been my world and I never looked beyond her until Lou-Lou arrived, that same feeling was within me now, with these two women.

Until I had met Victoria and Gretchen, I had never heard of a poly family. If I had sat back and thought about it, the whole idea other than the carnal thought of two women in my bed at the same time, I would have never believed it would ever work. Yet seeing how these two acted around me, I just knew it would. We all had a vested interest in this and I didn’t mean keeping Victoria on the board of directors.

Mentally we have shifted our attitude to take this relationship to its conclusion and not a hint of jealousy had crept into it at any level. They may have had a head start when it came to their own bonding together but both took the time to wait for me, if they thought I was dragging behind.

“Ah ha, well our husband as you can see, I opened her up for you, all that remains now, is to tie a plank to you so you don’t fall into that fat ass of hers. Although I’m sure those child bearing hips of hers will catch you before you fall too far.”

Victoria had to stop eating Gretchen because she was laughing so much, in retaliation Victoria lent back and pushed her pussy back onto Gretchen’s face.

“Jealousy was never a good side of you Gretchen, but does my fat ass as you call it, have competition with those store bought tits of yours?”

Whatever Gretchen said in retaliation was missed to both of us since Victoria’s pussy was still stuck to her mouth. Victoria did give a yelp and moved her pussy away from her.

“No dining out on the goods sweetie, I’ll make you a snack later.”

Both girls started to giggle again and all I could do was smile at them both. The interaction between them was something else, a warm feeling came to me then and I realized something. For the first time since Carol’s death I was, content. Even as I sat on the edge of the bed and watched these two, I knew I was probably the luckiest man alive and for a second I was sad about that.

Victoria seemed to sense something and climbed off Gretchen; her arm swept the area she knew I was sitting and connected with my shoulder. Her hand gripped me tightly; Gretchen quickly picked up on the change of mood in the room and automatically reached out for my other shoulder, both finally sitting either side of me.

“Doug honey, are you ok?”

I nodded my head and then drew breath.

“As I grew up I would never have imagined my life would be were it is now. I had a fun time in Boston and an even better time, here with you two. You both took a man who was doing nothing more than taking one day at a time and turned him into a married to two women type of guy and I would never have believed that to be possible.”

Gretchen went to say something I had to put my finger to her lips. I knew what I had said so far to them may have sounded off so I needed to finish what I needed to say, before either of them interrupted me. She looked at me for such a long time before she slowly nodded her head and my finger left her lips but not before she kissed it as the pressure left her.

“I came out of the bathroom and watched you both for a moment and I felt content. Like I was supposed to be here with you both, and the moment I felt that, one of those profound moments occurred to me. I was home and that home included you both, it may be a day to early to say to you both that I love you, yet when I stood in the middle of this room and knowing you two were here with me, I simply couldn’t think of anywhere else I wanted to be.”

For such a long time silence ensued as both girls grasped what I had said and tried to think of an answer. It wasn’t a competition for sentimental statements, I was asked and told both of them how I felt about them. They knew it was genuine because that warm feeling hadn’t gone away and sure didn’t intend to anytime soon.

Both women leaned into me and rested their heads onto my shoulders; they were twins with the wavelength they were both on. I could only hope to attune myself to it. They both kissed my neck and the warm feeling grew within me adding to what was already in there.

They even paused in their activities together for Victoria to say, “Doug honey, I understand what you’re saying and you are after all playing catch up. Nevertheless, you’re almost there honey and when you are, that’s the Promised Land. You have two wives and both will love you unconditionally, we don’t mind that you can’t tell us yet that you love us. We’re women, we have patience, and we can wait. Just remember the second those words leave your lips, we will be all over you like a rash so you may have to be careful where you say it, ok?”

The pause was momentary, the smile that grew should have warned me, and the words that she said to Gretchen just confused me. What happened next will live in that section of my mind known as fond memories, it seems since I’ve been with these two, that section of my mind just keeps growing.

“Gretchen, I think he needs headphones.”

Instantly she giggled and adjusted her position, barely a second later, Victoria did the same. I quickly looked at both of them and checked there hands for a set of headphones, when Gretchen watched me do that she giggled again.

“Its ok honey, we have our own way of giving you a set of headphones, just lie down and relax. This comes with a guarantee; if the headphones don’t work you get your money back.”

Feeling even more confused I complied and moved to the middle of the bed as both the girls moved to stay either side of me and lay their heads next to my ear and what followed got me so hard, it actually hurt. Both set about whispering into either ear, their erotic thoughts, dreams and sexual wishes. My mind raced to listen to one or the other then both, my thoughts would build a picture from what they were saying and when my eyes closed, project that image for me to see.

Sweat started to form on my brow as both girls continued there assault on my mind, whispering their own wishes, hopes and pornographic dreams. I had already seen, touched and played with their naked form, my imagination had little work to do picturing them through those whispered moments. Just as quickly both girls stopped, the silence made me sad; it craved those images once again. My mind screamed into the silence demanding more.

As my eyes opened both girls started again, as one finished a sentence, the other would continue. Eventually I had to close my eyes again as my mind raced over the words quietly building the most erotic picture in my head. My own closed eyes acting as a backdrop for those images to push my mind to even more pornographic heights, I could feel my heart race and my cheeks flush at the sexual secrets these two women whispered into each ear and just as quickly, it all stopped.

A hand enveloped my cock and just held it; I could feel both girls move around the bed and then stop.

“Doug honey, its time to take your second wife.”

A second later Gretchen’s mouth descended over my cock, soaking it with her saliva. She wrapped her tongue around it several times making it as wet as she possibly could. Just as suddenly she stopped, the warm air challenging the wetness of my cock making it twitch.

“She’s ready my husband and so are you.”

Victoria was on all fours beside me, as I opened my eyes hers looked towards me and I felt just a twinge of sadness that the eyes that were dark to her could never see the love that looked back at her from mine.

“It’s time Doug; I could lie and say I’ve waited a lifetime for this. But, I think you know I’ve wanted this since Boston, the difficulty we both had keeping our hands off you was immense, we don’t have to do that anymore. You are our husband, so please be so kind as to perform your husbandly duties on this ass of mine.”

“You say the most romantic things.”

Gretchen giggled in the background and Victoria smiled before saying.

“What can I say? All that time at college reading all those bodice rippers may not have gone to waste after all. Don’t you just love a college education? Now climb up here and be a little gentle my husband I want to make the same noises Gretchen made, please.”

I defy any red-blooded male not to take up any woman, on an offer like that. As I took up my position behind Victoria, Gretchen knelt beside her, both hands on her ass. As soon as she had pulled Victoria’s ass cheeks apart she spit on her rose and looked up at me, her face took on one of embarrassment.

The sound of birds intruded on my sleep. Vociferous birds. I definitely heard parrots, and as I gradually wakened, I found that I could hear a few other distinct species as well. I thought to myself how it was strange that their hullabaloo did not annoy me; if I were back in France, and had been awakened by barking dogs, I would have been in a high dudgeon. But here in Jamaica, I welcomed the sound of noisy birds.

I continued to lounge in my bed in a state of half-sleep, until I remembered what had happened the night before (which I have described for you in “Emma’s Initiation.”) Suddenly I was fully awake. There would be a change now in my relationship with Emma. I wondered for a moment whether Emma would regret our liaison, but after thinking for a moment, I concluded that she would not. She had gone into it with her eyes open, and with the apparent approval of Mrs. Hewitt, my gracious hostess.

I felt the daylight on my face, and opened my eyes just a little. The sun was just coming up. It would be an hour or more before Mrs. Hewitt would appear with my breakfast. I got out of bed, went to the sink to splash some water into my face, and then pulled on a T-shirt and some trousers to go outside into the yard.

The little forest of palms and fruit trees seemed otherworldly in the morning coolness, illuminated by the tentative rays of the arriving sun. The birds continued to make a cheery racket as they went restlessly from tree to tree. I followed them, idly inspecting the bounty of the lime and breadfruit trees, as I took stock of my situation in Jamaica. I had come to write a symphony in relative isolation. I had not planned to enter into an affair with a virginal young violinist.

I paused in front of a big Bird of Paradise plant. It was a voluptuous pink in color, and I began to imagine that Mrs. Hewitt’s garden was a metaphor for what was transpiring in my life: an innocent garden of Eden, where I had been presented with temptation, and had promptly yielded. Emma was as innocent and as exotically lovely as the garden. Well, not quite so innocent after last night.

As if on cue, I heard Emma’s violin. She didn’t normally practice so early in the day. I suspected that she had awoken early for the same reasons that I had. She was playing the Mozart E minor again. I could hear that she had made progress. She stopped a few times to work on some problematic passages, and then played the whole first movement. Then the sound ceased.

A few minutes later I heard a rustling in the bushes near the broken section of the fence, and I saw Emma stepping over it from the adjoining property where she lived. She saw me and smiled broadly. She walked to where I was and stood close to me, looking up expectantly. I looked around to confirm that the lime trees would shelter us from prying eyes, and then I leaned down to kiss her.

I brushed my thin Gallic lips against her full, plump, Caribbean ones, and her mouth opened to allow me to dip my tongue inside. At the same time, her hands took my hips and pulled them close to her. I knew she was hoping to feel my hardness against her belly. I did not disappoint her. Her kiss became more passionate. I opened my eyes briefly to reassure myself that no one could see us, and then I allowed my hand to slip down inside her shorts and panties. “Yes, do that,” she whispered, before once again engaging my tongue with hers. My hand traveled over her wiry pubic hair, and my fingers investigated her pussy lips, finding them parted and slick with her juices. I gathered some of the juice on my finger tips and traced a circle around her clit. Then, reluctantly, I stopped.

“Mrs. Hewitt will be coming soon with my breakfast,” I explained.

Emma pouted, and then grinned. “May I come to see you afterwards?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes,” I replied. “But give me an hour or two to work on my symphony first.”

Emma nodded. Then she embraced me and laid her head on my chest. “Touch me one more time,” she whispered, so I allowed myself the luxury of inserting two fingers into her pussy. “I like it,” she said with conviction. Then I broke free from her, seized her by the shoulders, and pointed her in the direction of her home. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled, and then sauntered back along the path between the lime trees.

I returned to my little abode, and before long Mrs. Hewitt arrived with a plate of callalloo and saltfish. I felt oddly nervous with her. Even though she had, in so many words, encouraged me to deflower her young protégé, I still felt self-conscious about it, and to cover up my anxiety, I spoke more than usual, telling Mrs. Hewitt at some length about the problems I was confronting in my symphony, my concerns about maintaining motivic unity, and so on. She seemed to enjoy the conversation and betrayed no awareness that I was feeling a bit agitated, or that anything had changed in my friendship with Emma. In fact, Emma’s name did not come up. Eventually Mrs. Hewitt excused herself, and I sat down to concentrate on my symphony.

I immersed myself in the work, and time went by quickly, until I heard a gentle knocking at my door. I thought at first that it might be someone that I was not expecting, since Emma had taken to just letting herself in the door as our friendship had developed. However, when I went to the door, it was indeed Emma. She smiled shyly and waited for me to invite her in, which I did.

Emma seemed hesitant and tongue-tied, now that we were dependably alone, so I took the initiative. I took her in my arms and kissed her teasingly, dragging the tip of my tongue lightly along her lower lip. She seemed galvanized by this, moaned aloud, pulled me close, kissing me aggressively. I opened my mouth wide and met her tongue with mine. I felt her hands groping for my cock through my trousers, so I brazenly pulled them down to my thighs and let my cock spring free. She gazed at it for a moment, fascinated, and then awkwardly bent down to try to suck it. I gently pushed her shoulders down, so that she understood that she should kneel on the floor.

My cock was jutting conveniently in front of her face now, and Emma wasted no time in taking it into her mouth. She no longer seemed awkward; she seemed to have a natural gift for sucking cock. I didn’t think that I could feel so hard. I interrupted her, pulling free. She moaned in protest. “Emma,” I said, “it’s my turn.”

I kicked off my trousers and led her to the bedroom. This time, without waiting for a cue from me, she began to disrobe, taking off her blouse and brassiere. This time, she made no attempt to hide her large, succulent breasts. Instead, she stood proudly before me and let me look. “Do you like them?” she asked. “I love them,” I replied, and bent to take one of her nipples in my mouth. “I like it when you suck them,” she whispered. As I turned my attention to the other nipple, I was aware that she was wriggling out of her shorts. I stood up and saw that she was wearing only a pair of sheer white panties.

I pushed her back on the bed, spread her legs and began to lick and suck her cunt through the panties. Soon they were soaked with her juices, and her hips and buttocks were bucking and contracting rhythmically. I paused to remove my shirt. “I want to show you something new, Emma,” I said. Her eyes widened. “Let me take off your panties.” She raised her hips to allow me to do so.

The daylight was bright in my room now, and I took a moment to admire her cunt. It was swollen and open, and the contrast between its pink interior and her jet-black pussy lips was exciting. I instructed her to lie on her side, and I lay down opposite her in the sixty-nine position. “Would you like to suck me some more, Emma?” I asked. “Oh,yes, Georges,” she replied urgently, and I moved closer, offering my cock to her lips as I buried my face between her thighs.

Emma took to this right away, sucking me hungrily while rubbing her cunt against my lips and tongue, anointing my face with her juices. She tasted and smelled hotter than I remembered from the night before. We fell into a slow, erotic rhythm, lost in the twin delights of sucking and being sucked. Finally Emma broke it off.

“Georges,” she said, “do you want to put it inside me?”

“Yes,” I said tentatively, thinking about the problem of lack of contraception.

“Wait,” she said, and got off the bed to retrieve her shorts from the floor. From one of the pockets she extracted a foil-wrapped condom, an American brand. She handed it to me expectantly. I looked at her, then opened it and rolled the condom on to my cock. Emma lay on her back, biting her lower lip, and spread her legs. I moved toward her and entered her. This time there was no resistance. Emma cried out in pleasure, and we began to fuck. I wanted to make it last. I lifted myself above her so that I might suck her nipples as we fucked. “Oh, Georges,” Emma gasped, “I like it so much!” She tried to say more, but the sounds became inarticulate and I realized that she was cumming. I slowed my pace and drove my cock in as deep as it would go. Emma cried out in pleasure and her face broke out in a lovely smile. I paused for a minute, and then began to pick up the pace again. “Georges!” Emma said. “I want you to have your orgasm.”

“Yes, Emma,” I replied, and began to surrender myself to the sensation of her luscious cunt swallowing my cock. “I’m going to do it,” I said, as I felt the approach of my climax. I held her tightly and fucked her deep and hard as my orgasm erupted.

We lay in blissful silence for a while, then I said, “Emma, may I ask you something?”

“Yes, Georges, anything.”

“Where did you find a condom?”

“I got it from Natalie.”

“From Natalie!?” Natalie was Emma’s young friend with the big hoop earrings, the clarinetist from the United States.

“Yes, Georges,” Emma said earnestly, “Natalie is very experienced with sex. She told me she brings some with her when she comes down here, in case she meets a boy she likes.”

“Why did she give one to you?”

“Georges, Natalie is my friend. When I saw her this morning I told her that we made love. She knew I wanted to.” Emma paused. “Did I do the wrong thing?”

I was silent for a moment. “No, I guess not, Emma. But let’s not tell anyone else, OK?” I took Emma’s hand, and felt her relax.

“I’m sorry, Georges. I guess it was a private thing. But Natalie and I confide many things in each other.” Emma was warming to her subject. “Natalie has told me many things about the lovers she has had, and the things they did together. Natalie was the one that told me that a woman can make a man have an orgasm with her mouth.” I silently thanked Natalie for that, thinking of my encounter with Emma the previous night. “You would not believe some of the things that people do in the US. Once Natalie had sex with two boys at once!” Emma paused to marvel at this. “Natalie was very impressed that we made love. She said you were quite a catch.”

I remembered the afternoon when Emma had brought Natalie with her to visit, how Natalie had been somewhat ostentatiously flirtatious with me, when not giggling and gossiping with Emma. She did not strike me as the woman-of-the-world that she seemed to be in Emma’s eyes.

During the week that followed, the subject of Natalie did not come up again. Emma had a steady supply of American condoms, which I assumed came from Natalie. Also, on Friday afternoon, Emma asked whether we might try it “dog style,” which might have been at Natalie’s suggestion. I didn’t ask, and I felt that the “dog style” was a resounding success, so if Natalie were responsible, more power to her.

In the evenings I would wander through Mrs. Hewitt’s garden and think. In this Caribbean paradise, the sun went down early, so I would try to take my walk right after dinner to catch what remained of the daylight. That particular night, I saw the Jamaican Hummingbirds, what they call the Doctor Bird, with their iridescent green bellies and festive streamer-tails. Once again I thought of Emma, who seemed beautiful in a specifically tropical way. Even though I was technically in the city, this little patch of yard seemed very rugged and exotic, and I feared I might somehow sully it with my jaded European ways, just as I had some misgivings about robbing Emma of her island innocence.

The following Wednesday, Emma came by in the afternoon and once again brought Natalie to visit. This time Natalie was a model of propriety. She asked me knowledgeable questions about the progress of my symphony, and even charmingly said, in a respectable accent, that she hoped it would be a chef d’œuvre, All in all, she made a much more favorable impression this time. When she and Emma were ready to leave, Natalie proposed that the three of us should have dinner together. I said it must wait for a few days, because I needed to go out of town in order to do a favor for my friend Sebastian, who had been responsible for finding me this island hideaway with Mrs. Hewitt so that I might write my symphony. Natalie said that she understood completely, and that we would have our meal after I returned. With a twinkle in her eye, she quoted the popular saying, Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup.

The next day, I rented a car in Kingston and drove to Ocho Rios to deliver some papers for Sebastian. I remained there for a couple of days to take in some local attractions. With a group of my fellow tourists, I spent an hour clambering up Dunn’s River Falls, which cascaded down through a deliciously cool glade, sheltered by the Caribbean forest. There were indigenous ferns to inspect, and horses to ride. Finally I returned to Mrs. Hewitt’s place in Sherbourne Heights near Kingston late Saturday night, and soon I was fast asleep.

I was awakened the next morning by Emma, who had taken the liberty of entering my guest house, wriggling under the covers, and sucking my cock. Conveniently, she had burrowed into the bed head first, and had thoughtfully removed her panties, so that I might bury my face in her cunt as she sucked me. We both seemed quite happy with this arrangement, because we both had lovely orgasms. Afterward, Emma snuggled up to me and said, “I missed doing these things with you. I think I’m addicted.”

“Yes, it can be habit forming,” I replied.

“May I tell you a secret?” asked Emma.

“Certainly,” I said.

“I told Natalie how much I missed making love to you, and how much I liked having an orgasm. So Natalie taught me to masturbate.”

“You had never masturbated?”

“I don’t think that people… do that here. At least, I never heard of anyone doing it.”

“Perhaps they just don’t talk about it.”

“Natalie said she loves to do it. She showed me how.”

“She did it right in front of you?”

“She said we must do it together. She does it with her friends sometimes in the US. I was a little shy, but she showed me to do it and it was nice. I practiced it by myself later while I was waiting for you to come back.” Emma giggled. “Natalie said boys like to watch her masturbate. She says it gets them excited.”

I admitted that it probably did. I told that there was a special French word, voyeurisme. But then Emma reached for my cock and the conversation was interrupted.

The dinner party was set for Sunday. I got up early that morning and went out into the garden. The sun was not up yet, and there were still a few bats whizzing around. I gathered a few breadfruits from the trees, stowing them away for lunch in a little knapsack. Then I went back inside and worked on my symphony.

The girls arrived at five, dressed to the nines. Emma wore a fuschia-colored dress, made of some sort of satiny fabric. Her hair was in its usual topknot, but there was some sort of sparkled band around it. Natalie wore a cobalt blue skirt and a sky-blue blouse, and her somewhat outlandish hoop earrings. Her complexion was a few shades lighter than Emma’s, and unlike Emma she was wearing eye shadow, one that matched her outfit. I was wearing a relatively mundane burgundy polo shirt with khaki trousers, feeling under-dressed. I was barefoot and they were wearing heels — I wondered how they had managed to make it down the rugged trail from Emma’s house. Emma deposited a platter of curried goat on the little table, and Natalie followed it with a plate of stewed peas and rice with pig’s tail. Then, as an afterthought, the bottle of rum.

We were all hungry and set right to work on the food, slaking our thirst with rum as we went along. We were engaged in an interesting discussion of the school orchestra where Emma played violin and Natalie played clarinet. They were preparing for a performance of the Schubert Symphony Number 8, the Unfinished. Natalie was describing what it was like to play the opening theme, which she did as a duet with the oboe. She was quite articulate, and I felt that I had misjudged her after our first encounter.

Meanwhile, of course, we were drinking rum, and plenty of it. I was beginning to feel the effects, and I suspected that the girls were getting fairly bourré. I was reclining on my little couch, and the girls each occupied an armchair. One moment everything seemed dignified and serene, and in the next, things sort of went out of control.

Natalie was looking at me, flashing a brilliant smile, and then her dress was up around her hips, and her hand was on her naked pussy. I glanced at Emma, who was staring at me intensely as if to gauge my reaction to what Natalie was doing. Then I more or less involuntarily glanced back at Natalie, who seemed quite absorbed in her masturbation. When I looked back to Emma, she, too was displaying her pussy and stroking it with obvious pleasure.

In moments like these, alcohol is the enemy of careful, rational judgment. I pulled my trousers down, allowing my cock to burst free from its confines. Emma let out a little cry and lurched tipsily across the floor, steering an erratic course toward the rug before my couch, where she knelt in front of my cock and engulfed it with her mouth. Natalie, who navigated with a greater degree of finesse, came up behind Emma, and soon her hands found Emmas breasts and pussy. With a shocked expression, Emma gasped, “Natalie!” But she immediately realized that to raise a protest, she would have to abandon her sucking of my cock, which she was apparently unwilling to do. With her mouth once again full of my phallus, she offered no further resistance to Natalie’s busy fingers.

I surrendered to the blissful sensations that Emma’s mouth was bringing to my cock, my qualms drowned in Jamaican rum. I thought that I might cum soon, when Emma abruptly ceased her ministrations and scurried awkwardly to her armchair, bowling over Natalie in the process. She rummaged noisily through her purse for a moment, and then triumphantly brandished one of those American condoms. “Come on, Georges,” she said urgently, indicating the bedroom as our destination.

Once there, Emma hastily shed her clothing and positioned herself on all fours on the bed. It appeared to me that she was requesting the “dog style.” I quickly donned the condom, got behind her, and plunged my cock into her delectable pussy. Natalie sat on the edge of the bed and watched, teasing her clit all the while. From time to time she shot me a mischievous smile, which I noticed even though I was close to the point of no return. Emma came once, then twice, and still seemed to be getting more excited by the moment. Natalie gave her an appraising look, and then, with a wicked smile, swung around and positioned her pussy in front of Emma’s face. I couldn’t see Emma’s reaction, but I felt her tense up, and it caused her cunt to tighten around my cock, adding a special thrill to the sensation that caused me to fuck her with renewed vigor. I felt Emma respond then, and I saw her head dip down between Natalie’s thighs. That put me over the edge. Later, I thought to myself that Emma’s horizons must have gotten perceptibly broader at that moment.

This story is totally fictional but I hope it gives you ideas. I’m my own editor so any grammatical mistakes are my own. Please let me know what you think, I welcome all comments! –Sultry81


We’re sharing the couch watching a movie that’s forgettable. You’re on one end and I’m on the other. Our legs are twisted together in the middle. You catch my eye and wink and a flurry of heat floods my system. You’ve always been able to do this to me and I love it. You know what you’re doing and I know you love what it does to me. I text you a message, “I’m thinking of a number with 2 numbers. It’s a special number and everyone knows what this number means. Do you know what it is???” You pick up your phone and answer without looking at me. “I need a clue…” You need a clue! I’ve got your clue!

“I’m going to watch this in bed, it’s more comfortable.” How’s that for a clue!

“I’ll come with you.”

We turn off the T.V. and head to the back of the house turning off lights as we go.

I lay on my side of the bed and you lay on yours but we’re both at the opposite end of the bed near the T.V. The movie hasn’t gotten any better and we’re twisting our legs and feet together again. My phone beeps and it’s you “69? :-) ” You know why I wanted to come to bed but you’re trying to make me make the first move.


I slide over to you and not so gently roll you onto your back as I take off your shorts and shirt. You grin at me and I can’t decide if I want to kiss you or go to sleep frustrated!

Sex wins like always.

“Stay put while I take this stuff off!”

You stay where I left you while my extra long t-shirt and panties find the floor quickly. You notice that my nipples are peaked but you also notice that I’ve shaved myself. Your lips purse and you realize that I’ve planned something. You try to scoot closer and manage a foot or so before I again turn you to your back and silence you protests with a kiss and another question.

“Do you know the truth about 69?”

I leave you to ponder my question and launch my plan.

I begin slowly sucking your cock from the side because I want all of it, every sweet inch. I’m gently holding your balls in my one hand while drooling all over and pumping you with my other hand. Your stomach is flexing under my breasts as I lean over you.

I moan around your dick because it feels so good and you are rubbing my butt cheeks with your big hands.

“Nobody gets me hard like you do,” you say to me. I giggle and suck harder.

You mumble something about making me suffer a little bit and move my hips and legs over your chest so that you’re staring at what I’ve shaved. You can see it flexing as I suck on you. You hold my legs apart and stick the tip of your tongue on my clit. I groan around your dick and you squeeze my butt in response to the vibrations in my mouth. I can feel you smiling as you sweep your tongue from my clit to my pussy and then stick it inside of me real quick before you pull it out. My thighs shake and you enjoy trying to make me lose control. I can’t talk because my mouth is full but you know what I want. You tease me with a finger and I moan in waiting. You laugh and stick a finger in and cream drips out of me. I suddenly begin taking your cock deep in my throat and begin rolling your balls in my hands.

I back off of you and then slowly reach over and suck on one of the balls. You yell out loud. I lick all over the balls while pumping and twisting my hands over your dick and you tell me that you’re going to cum. You want to cum. You need to cum, and I stop to turn a little and look at you

Your face has one word written on it ‘Payback.’

So after I stopped you were pretty frustrated with me. You really wanted to punish me. I was giggling uncontrollably and suddenly you wrapped your lips around my clit and sucked while forcing 2 fingers inside of me.

I yelped and immediately clenched my muscles trapping your fingers in my tight pussy. I don’t know how they fit!

You were enjoying my reaction but wishing that your cock was inside of me feeling my kitty muscles squeeze and relax.

I moaned and groaned around your dick in my mouth and all of the extra stimulation had you growing even more. I could feel the vein on the underside of your dick pulse in my mouth.

You groan around my clit and it makes me realize how close I am to coming, so I know I have to win! I take the kitty out of your mouth and kneel between your legs to really get to work.

My hands and mouth attack your cock. You pinch your eyes shut and fall into the pleasure I’m giving you. You can hear the deep slurping sounds I’m making and lots of moaning but you don’t know if it’s me or you.

Both of my hands are twisting around you and your head is spinning. My big sweet tongue is molesting that special spot just under the head of your dick and my fingers are lightly grazing the boys. Your thighs are jumping and your breathing is harsh.

Your hands are balled into fists and your abs are drawn tight.

All you can do is groan because you know I’m going make you cum.

I take one hand and rub my kitty and use the moisture to rub and pluck your nipples while taking you deep. I know you love this. I’m ready to let you cum.

I pinch your nipple and lick your balls while you’re in my throat. It’s over. You can’t take it. You cum straight into my throat. You grab my hair and hold on for dear life. Your back is bent and your head is pushing into the bed while you keep my head in place and grunt and groan. I rub your chest and stomach as you slowly come down and release my hair.

I lick the tip after I swallowed your load and smiled the smile of champions while you try to regain your breath.

I win!

“My kitty still needs attention.” I whisper to you.

I’m waiting for you to give me my tongue bath. My clit pulses with my heartbeat beneath its hood as your fingers reach for it. My breathing increases and you look at me as a predator would view prey. You know I need to cum and if you don’t make it happen, I’ll do it myself.

You put your hands on my breasts and guide me to the bed and as I lay down your mouth trails from my neck down my belly to my clit. Your tongue traces around my little pearl. Your hot breath is making me squirm and moan. Your tongue takes over and devours me. It beats at me. Your lips suck at me.

I can feel the tingling start in my belly and toes. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I feel like I can’t breathe.

“Don’t stop baby! Don’t stop,” I say. “I’m gonna cum, don’t stop! PLEASE DON’T STOP!” You don’t answer me.

You put your hands on my inner thighs and push them open to get better contact. You flick your eyes up and I can see them smirking at me.

My hips can’t stop and my chest is heaving. My eyes close and my hands are grabbing my breasts! “You make me this way. You do this to me!” I scream, as I cum and you don’t stop. My legs lock straight and my back is arched. You don’t stop and you won’t let me down.

I’m light-headed but you keep eating at me and I keep coming. I’m trying to push your head away from me but you’ll have none of that and you won’t let me go. I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve made me cum. I need to breathe dammit! I’m crying and you’re still attacking my clit. I fall away from you looking for a respite and you laugh in triumph!

Victory is yours?

Fifteen minutes go by and we’re still in bed except now you’re on top of me with your arms under me and wrapped around my shoulders using your hold on me to thrust into me so hard that I have to close my eyes every time you do it because you’re pushing into me so hard and so deep and it feels so good!

I have my hands all over your back and am reaching for your butt when you start telling me how good I feel to you and I smile into your chest and cum so hard that I’m short of breath after shouting at the ceiling and squeezing you between my thighs.

We are sweating all over the place and our skin is sticky but it doesn’t matter because I’m about to come again and you’re covered in my juices anyway.

I whisper to you, “I want you to cum so you can feel as good as I feel when you make me cum.”

You tell me “I’m fighting it! I don’t want to cum yet!”

I don’t want you to fight it and reach between your thighs and roll the boys in my hand while I lick your nearest nipple.

That’s all it takes. You’re mine!

Your body locks up. You grunt and moan and feeling you inside of me makes me cum again. I cum so hard and squeeze you so tight that it feels like I’ll never let you go.

As I finally begin to calm down and relax, you kiss me on the forehead and we both drift to sleep still linked still with you inside of me. The last thing you hear is me answering the last question I asked you:

“Do you know the truth about 69?

It’s a race!”

Alicia dragged her feet up the stairs, carrying a load of books in both arms while repeatedly blowing a stray strand of blonde hair out of her eyes and trying to remember what life had been like a week ago. “Go to Harvard,” she muttered. “Meet interesting people! Form valuable social connections! Discuss exciting ideas with other brilliant minds!” Eleven o’clock on a Friday night, and what was she doing? Getting back from the library.

Of course, even at Harvard, most students weren’t trying for a double major in philosophy and PoliSci. She’d known it wouldn’t be easy when she signed up for it, but the first week of classes had been kicking her ass all up and down campus. Classes all day, study all night–she barely had time to do more than dump her books in her dorm room between sessions at the library or the computer labs. Still, at least she had it better than her dorm-mate Holly.

Holly’s class load wasn’t quite as bad as Alicia’s–she was “just” a med student, working to become a psychiatrist–but Holly’s parents couldn’t help her out the way Alicia’s parents could. Which meant that every spare moment Holly wasn’t in class, she was also working a part-time night job to make a little cash. The two of them had barely even bumped into each other this week, and what little conversation they did have centered on just how hard it was to find any time to have a conversation. “When do you even sleep?” Alicia had asked.

“Between classes,” Holly had replied. “And hopefully not during them.”

But tonight was Friday, and that would give Alicia the full weekend to catch up on her classwork and get ready for next week’s fresh hell. She opened the door carefully, unsure of whether–yep, Holly was home. In bed and out like a light, poor thing. Alicia closed the door even more carefully and tip-toed over to her own bed. She didn’t want to get on Holly’s bad side by disrupting the first peaceful night’s sleep the girl had probably gotten all week long. After all, they were going to be rooming together for quite a while, and they’d need to be able to get along, even if they didn’t spend much time in the same room. Alicia wasn’t too worried, though. Holly seemed like a nice girl, very sweet and–

“hnnnyessmistreffff,” Holly said, rolling over in her sleep. Her dark hair spilled across the pillows as her mumbles subsided.

Alicia froze. What the hell was that? Did she just wake Holly up? She looked over at the other girl, trying to tell in the near-total darkness whether she was awake or not. She didn’t look awake.

The words came out almost as a cross between a snore and a recitation. “snmmmusssobeaaah…”

Oh, God. That was just perfect. Alicia finished pulling her clothes off and wriggled under the covers. Holly talked in her sleep. Her first night of uninterrupted, no-alarm-in-the-morning sleep in six grueling days, and Holly was going to wreck it. She got ready to throw a pillow at her room-mate in hopes of snapping her out of it, but Holly’s next utterance drove the thought out of her mind as shock replaced irritation.

“I must sink deeper for you, Mistress,” Holly said in distinct, but still sleepy tones.

Alicia looked over at Holly. There wasn’t much light in the room, but a streetlamp outside the dorm shone in just enough that she could see Holly’s face. Holly wasn’t awake, there was no question of that. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her face had the placid innocence that always seemed to come over adults when they slept. But those words…

“The deeper I sink, the better it feels, Mistress,” Holly said. Her eyes didn’t open. “The pleasure overcomes my resistance. Every time I find resistance, I feel pleasure when I overcome it.”

Alicia’s shock was melting into severe embarrassment. The tone in Holly’s voice, it wasn’t just drowsy and muzzy, it was…Alicia felt the heat on her cheeks as she blushed in the dim light. She hadn’t even known Holly a week, and it wasn’t exactly what you’d call quality time. She didn’t want to pass judgment on the other girl, but–

“Every word sends me deeper, makes me more obedient,” Holly said, slowly and dreamily. Well, it would be dreamy. She was dreaming, wasn’t she? “I feel good sinking deeper, so I must…” She shifted slightly in her sleep. Alicia suddenly felt like she should leave the room, but Holly didn’t wake. Instead, she sighed out, “So I must feel good obeying you, Mistress.”

Okay. This had gone far enough. Alicia got to her feet, and crept over to Holly’s bed. She reached out a hand, but uncertainty kept her from shaking Holly awake just yet. What would she say to her? ‘You were having some weird kinky lesbian S&M dream’? This was a total recipe for social awkwardness, and Alicia had never even thought of having to deal with anything like it.

“Obedience feels so good, Mistress,” Holly husked out sleepily. This close, Alicia could see that her skin was slightly damp with sweat, as though she was exerting herself. Or as if…Alicia tried to ignore the musky smell coming up from the other girl’s bed, but just then Holly twisted around again in her sleep, pulling the sheets tightly enough around herself so that Alicia could see the outline of Holly’s nipples under the sheets.

“I sink deeper and deeper with every word and every breath, now,” Holly half-moaned out, and Alicia could tell that her hands were moving under the bedclothes. Alicia was practically paralyzed with embarrassment now. If she woke Holly, she’d be waking her right in the middle of masturbating, and there’s no way that they could avoid that conversation, and she didn’t know how to…

Holly arched her back just a little. “Sinking deeper feels so good, obedience feels so good, must listen to Mistress’ words, must obey Mistress…ohh…can’t stop, can’t fight, must sink into the pleasure and obey…” Alicia felt curiously detached from the situation now, as if she was an observer in her own body. It was so strange; Holly sounded almost awake, but no waking person would just lie there and frig herself off like that with another person in the room, not unless…did Holly want Alicia to see her like this?

Holly sounded like she was definitely enjoying it, though. Even though she still had the slow, deep breathing of a sleeper, every exhalation was a moan, every inhalation a gasp. “And the pleasure is a gift from Mistress, a reward for obedience, and I want to earn more pleasure so I must obey…resistance is a path away from pleasure, so I must take the path away from resistance.”

Alicia’s breaths started to match Holly’s rhythms, and her pussy tingled as Holly’s motions caused the sheet to slide away further, exposing her left breast to the night air. With a start, Alicia realized that somewhere along the line, her body had started taking a voyeuristic pleasure in all this despite her mind’s stunned surprise. She shook her head a little, clearing her thoughts, and decided to end this before it got even weirder.

Alicia put her hand on Holly’s shoulder and shook it lightly. “And I…I musss… mussobeahuh?” Holly’s eyes fluttered open, glazed with sleep. “Huawhat?” Alicia pretended she didn’t notice Holly’s hand slipping quickly up from around her waist to rest nearer to her side. “…Lisha?” She raised her head from the pillow a little. “Whazzit?”

“Sorry, but…” Alicia hoped that the backlighting concealed her blush. “You were having a bad dream, um…talking in your sleep. I…just…” She trailed off, uncertain how to end the sentence.

Holly’s eyes opened fully, and Alicia could see just how exhausted the other girl really was. She thought she’d had it bad all week, but Holly’s bloodshot eyes, complete with dark shadows under them, made it clear that she’d been getting by on almost no sleep at all. “I was fine,” she groaned out in misery. “I wasn’t having a bad dream, I wasn’t dreaming at all.” She flopped back down onto the pillow. “I was having the first good night’s sleep I’d had all week.”

Alicia almost wanted to leave it at that. If Holly didn’t want to admit she was having a hot dream anymore than Alicia wanted to admit that she’d watched Holly have a hot dream, why not just let it lie? But she couldn’t quite stop herself from establishing a bit of an alibi. “Sorry, it’s just that I came in and you were…muttering something, I couldn’t make it out.” She tried not to make the last few words sound forced.

Holly just glared at her, obviously furious. “I do not talk in my sleep,” she growled out.

Alicia stiffened slightly in irritation. It was one thing to pretend you weren’t masturbating in front of your roommate, that was a polite social fiction, but to try to pretend the whole thing didn’t happen? “Yes, you do,” she said. “I heard you.”

“I do not!” Holly rolled over in a huff. “Next time, just…just let me sleep, alright?” She sounded simultaneously plaintive and pissed off.

“What, do you think I just woke you for fun?” Alicia replied sarcastically. Holly didn’t respond. After a moment or two, Alicia shrugged irritably and got back into her own bed. Despite her mood, the exhaustion of a full day of classes and study quickly overtook her, and she nodded off.

Even as she felt herself sink into sleep, she thought she could hear Holly begin again. “I must sink…” she heard, shortly before her brain finally switched off for the night.


Whatever Holly said after that, it didn’t seem to affect Alicia’s ability to sleep too badly…which was as much a testament to her exhaustion as anything else. By the time Alicia finally opened her eyes, it was almost noon.

She rolled over to see Holly just stirring out of sleep as well. Before Alicia could say anything, Holly said, “I’m sorry about last night.”

Alicia squinched her eyes together, the temporary blankness of sleep still crowding out a few of the details. “Last…” Then it all came back to her. “Oh. Right. Forget it.”

“No, really!” Holly said, hopping out of bed. “I was really, really rude, and I’m very sorry. It’s just…oh, this first week has been just terrible. I don’t think I’ve strung together more than four hours of sleep a day, and it’s all just been catnaps, and most of my teachers have just been, ‘Suck it up, honey, this is Harvard, not daycare’, and I’ve been studying at work and last night was the first night off I’ve had since I got here and…” She frowned contritely. “When you woke me up, I just went off on you because you were there, and I’m really sorry.”

Alicia rolled out of bed as well. “No, really, it’s all right. I’ve been pretty fried myself, double major, and when I got in and you were mumbling, I just let it get to me when I shouldn’t have.”

Holly said again, “I do not talk in my sleep!” But this time, Alicia could hear the humor in her voice that had been absent last night.

“You totally do,” she said, suddenly grinning. “I mean, what makes you so sure you don’t? It’s not like you’d know, you’re asleep when it happens.”

Holly was grinning too, now. “Oh, come on!” she said. “Someone would have mentioned it to me. My parents, or…” She blushed a little. “Someone.”

Alicia snorted in mock derision. “Maybe ‘someone’ is just a very sound sleeper.” Alicia thought about asking who ‘someone’ was, but she didn’t want to make it sound like it was a big deal that Holly was a lesbian. Because it totally wasn’t. Alicia had gone to a big school, and there were enough gay girls there that she’d gotten over any homophobia well before hitting campus. She was secure enough in her sexuality not to worry about her new roomie hitting on her.

Holly’s eyes widened just a little in recognition, and her shoulders slumped in dejection. “Oh, god, I do talk in my sleep, don’t I?” Alicia nodded. “Oh, I’m a terrible roomie. You’re going to need earplugs just to sleep in the same room with me.”

“It’s not a problem during the week,” Alicia pointed out. “You’re never there when I’m sleeping. You’d be amazed at how little noise you make when you’re not in the room.”

Holly giggled. “Alright,” she said. “But I need to buy you lunch to make up for it. Come on, last one to the bathroom has to wait for the other one to finish showering!”

A half-hour or so later, and they were both cleaned up, dressed, and heading out to a little Chinese place where Holly had been grabbing meals on the way to work to compare notes on the first week’s brutality.

“And so Doland walks in on the first day of class and hands out a sheet of paper, says to get ready for a test!” Alicia said. “Seriously, before even telling us his name! And it wasn’t a general knowledge thing, either. He’s all, ‘I posted the first week’s reading on the class website, and I expect that most of you have kept up with the technology of the 21st century well enough to know how to surf the web.’ You could practically hear half the class shitting bricks.”

“Yikes,” Holly said. “How did you do?”

“Nine out of ten,” Alicia said, trying not to sound smug, or at least trying to sound like she wasn’t trying to sound smug. “I missed a question on Plato’s influences.”

Holly gave her a high-five. “Hooray for Well Prepared Girl!”

“What about you?” Alicia asked. “You mentioned that most of your teachers were filled with tough love…”

“All except Ms Lassiter,” Holly said. “She’s my Psych 101 teacher, and if I didn’t have her class daily, I think I’d have gone nuts by now. You should really take Psych, Alicia. I know it’s not in your major, but everyone should know a little basic psychology, especially if they’re going into politics.”

Alicia grimaced. “I’ll add it to my schedule as soon as I can. How does 2025 sound?”

Holly laughed. “Alright, I see your point. But if you do take it? Lassiter over Cartland. I’ve heard fucking horror stories about his section. Seriously, I heard he literally reduced a girl to tears last year…”

From there, the conversation turned to horror stories about future professors, and then to general college plans, and they wound up spending almost two hours sitting and chatting before Alicia sheepishly admitted she needed to get back to the dorm and do some studying. Holly admitted to a chunk of unfinished reading as well, and as the two returned to campus, Alicia decided she’d gotten very lucky in her choice of roommate.

Several hours of eye-straining reading later, and Alicia decided to crawl into bed a little early. “Crashing already?” Holly asked.

“Yeah,” Alicia said. “I figured if I was asleep before you started your nightly conversation, it might not bother me.”

Holly cast her eyes downward in apparent shame. “At least you won’t have to put up with it tomorrow, I work a double on Sundays.” She giggled. “Hey, maybe I should wear a gag to sleep,” she said jokingly.

Suddenly, Alicia found herself thinking back to the exact substance of Holly’s sleep-talk, something she’d been very careful not to bring up at all during their conversations back at the restaurant. She hoped she didn’t sound too nervous as she said, “Nah, I should be fine.” She forced a smile. “Way I feel right now, I could probably sleep through a brass band in the hallway.”

She meant it, too. But obviously, her ears disagreed, because sometime in the middle of the night, Alicia surfaced just the tiniest bit out of sleep to hear, “Yes, Mistress. I will picture the spiral in my mind’s eye…”

Alicia winced a little, even though she was nowhere near awake enough to open her eyes. It really, really, really wasn’t that Holly being gay bothered her. It was just…’Mistress’?

“I draw the spiral in my mind, and the spiral draws me into its depths. The spiral turns, and I sink into it.”

Alicia knew she’d lived kind of a sheltered life. Trying to be a straight-A student on top of keeping up with swim team and choir and debate club and everything else that looked good on a Harvard application didn’t leave much time for dating. But even so, she hadn’t lived a life so sheltered that she didn’t have at least a vague idea of the kinds of things Holly must be into to have a dream like that every night.

“The spiral is so beautiful, perfect and total. It is inside my mind’s eye. Wherever I look, the spiral will be there. I cannot look away. I must sink deeper and obey, Mistress.”

Alicia tried not to be judgmental about it all. It wasn’t like she was saving herself for marriage, or anything. But all that…whips and chains, and ‘Yes Mistress’, and spankings and…Alicia’s limited knowledge of S&M ran out about there, but as she drowsily listened to Holly’s sleepy voice, she felt like she was finding out more than she really wanted to know.

“And the deeper I sink, the better I feel, and the better I feel, the deeper I sink. Mistress holds my sleepy mind, and I cannot resist. I do not want to resist. Resistance is a path away from pleasure, so I must take the path away from resistance.”

But Holly did sound like she enjoyed it, Alicia thought muzzily. She could hear it, in the stillness of the dorm when Holly went silent. The squishing, slapping sound of fingers pumping into Holly’s cunny. Between that and the tone of sleepy pleasure in Holly’s voice, it sounded like whoever ‘Mistress’ was, she made Holly very happy.

“Going deeper opens my mind, opening my mind gives me more pleasure still. Being open and receptive to commands feels so good, so hot, so sexy, and it just makes me want to open my mind even more and allow Mistress to program my sleepy, obedient mind…”

Alicia thought briefly about trying to wake Holly up again, but that just seemed like too much effort. She really wasn’t very awake at all, she realized. Just sort of skating on the edges of sleep. She half-remembered a high school science course, something about how the first stage of sleep felt like being awake, how you’d even think you were awake, but you were still asleep. And you’d be lying there, thinking you were just really really relaxed, right up until you dozed off completely.

“And I f-feel so good now, pleasure locking in the commands…pleasure takes me deeper…more I obey more pleasure I feel, ohhhh…perfect obedience is p-p-perfect pleasurrre…must cum, must cum and lock in the pleasure and the obedience and the commands and oh, oh oh…”

Alicia shivered a little as she fell asleep again.


When she woke up, Holly was just getting ready to go to work. They had little time for anything more than a wave and a nod, and then Holly was gone, leaving Alicia alone with her thoughts.

Which started off with Plato’s ‘Republic’, but quickly diverged into Holly’s…unusual habits. Two nights in a row, she’d been fingering herself like crazy with her roommate right there in the room, for God knew how long. Even now, Alicia could still smell the scent of sex all over the place. She tried to tell herself she was just worried about the effect it might have on her studies, but she knew better than to lie to herself. She was a little weirded out.

And that wasn’t wrong, she decided. It wasn’t Holly’s fault she sleep-masturbated, but it also wasn’t Alicia’s fault for wanting to hit the Too Much Information button when the list of things you found out about your roomie during the first week included ‘Into Kinky Sex’ along with ‘Loves Smooth Jazz’ and ‘Hates the Color Pink’. Alicia frowned, turning her attention back to her reading and pushing the idea to the back of her head. It wasn’t as if she’d have to worry about it for a few days, at least.

But between studying, classes, and an even more punishing schedule of homework, that second week passed quicker than Alicia could have imagined, and despite trying to wrap up her studies early to beat Holly to the dorm, she found herself once again trudging up the stairs late Friday night after another heavy study session to get into their room well after Holly had gone to bed.

“The spiral takes away my will, Mistress,” Holly was saying in her sleep. “It makes me sleepy, and heavy, and dizzy, and I love feeling sleepy…and heavy…and dizzy…”

Alicia groaned, but Holly didn’t stir for even an instant from her weird dreams. God, couldn’t this chick she was dating do something to satisfy Holly’s urges before she turned in for the night? Probably a long-distance relationship or something, because Alicia couldn’t imagine where Holly made the time to see a girlfriend given her schedule. They probably texted each other with kinky messages during class or something.

“My limbs are going limp, my eyes are getting heavy, my body is relaxing, and that feels soooo good…”

Alicia stripped down, trying to decide whether to wake Holly or not. On the one hand, she had no idea how she was going to sleep through Holly’s…Holly’s whatever-the-fuck-it-was. On the other hand…she thought back to last week, and the exhausted, frazzled look in Holly’s eyes when she woke her up. She liked Holly. Despite the weird fetishes and the sleep-talking and all of it, the girl was sweet. She wasn’t doing it on purpose or anything.

“And the path to relaxation leads to Mistress, and that path is obedience. The more I relax, the more I obey. The more I relax, the more I obey. The more I relax, the more I obey.”

Alicia sighed, sitting down on the edge of her bed and trying very hard not to look at Holly’s body as she writhed ever so slightly under her covers. Unbidden, the memory of last week continued in her head, the way that she watched Holly’s fingers pumping under the sheets, the way Holly’s voice had sounded as she chanted, the way that Alicia had almost felt like she couldn’t look away…

“The path of obedience is the perfect path. The path of obedience leads to pleasure. The path of obedience leads to Mistress. Mistress is pleasure. Everything about Mistress makes me feel so good, opening myself to Mistress opens me to pleasure.”

Alicia tore her gaze away from Holly and leaned back against her pillows. She stared at the wall, trying to decide how to handle this. There was no way in hell she’d be able to sleep with all this going on, but she couldn’t just wake Holly up every Friday night, not if they were going to be able to live with each other…

“And the pleasure makes me so sleepy, and the spiral makes me so sleepy, and everything makes me sleepy and weak and ready to be programmed by Mistress, all my resistance melting away as I sink down, deeper into sleep, so relaxed and open, a vessel to be filled by Mistress’ will…”


“Did you really go to sleep like that?”

Alicia blinked. She hadn’t remembered going to sleep at all. One moment she was lying there, trying to figure out how to deal with Holly, and the next… “Oh, my neck,” she moaned. She sat up a little, stretching out the kinks. “I think I need Tylenol.”

“You weren’t even under the covers,” Holly said, hanging up her towel and starting to get dressed. “You must have been bushed.”

“I…” Alicia swung her legs off the bed, feeling her body protest. “I really didn’t think I was going to get to sleep at all,” she said. “You were talking in your sleep again last night.”

Holly grimaced. “Sorry,” she said. “Honestly, I don’t remember having any nightmares or anything last night!”

“They weren’t…” Alicia realized she was blushing, and that Holly was looking at her funny, and she decided to clear the air a bit. “Look, Holly,” she said, trying not to sound too patronizing. “I know you’re gay, and I don’t mind, really. But–”

Holly gave her a look. It wasn’t an angry look, thankfully; it was really more of a, ‘Yeahbuhwha?’ type of look. “I’m not gay,” she said.

Alicia rolled her eyes. “Holly, you don’t need to pretend. I’m not freaked out, I’m not going to ask for a different roomie, but–”

Holly was actually laughing now. “I’m not pretending!” she said. “I’ve got a boyfriend, back home in Kansas! See?” She reached over to her bedside table and pulled her wallet out of her purse. Flipping it open, she pointed to a picture of a studious-looking young man with glasses. “Well, he’s not in Kansas now. I just can’t think of home without thinking of Steve.” She looked at the photo with a dreamy expression on her face. “We’ve been dating practically since puberty. He’s in California right now, though, went to CalTech–I wish we could have gotten closer schools, but CalTech and Harvard? Too good to pass up. We’ll cope, though. We email, we call, we’re planning a visit for Thanksgiving, and we text each other all the time. In fact…”

She pulled her cell phone out of her purse and tapped furiously away at it. “He’s online now.” After a moment, her phone beeped, and she tossed it to Alicia.

The screen read, ‘Roomie thinks im gay’. Below that, her boyfriend had responded with, ‘If U R, UR vry bad at it.’

Alicia felt like her whole body had turned beet red in embarrassment. She just looked at the phone for a long moment, not because she was having trouble figuring out what the message meant, but because looking down at the phone meant she didn’t have to look up at Holly.

“Shower first,” Holly said, clearly pleased by being the one to wrong-foot Alicia this time, “then Chinese, and you can explain to me why you thought I was a lesbian.”

Alicia tried to drag the shower out as long as she possibly could, but she knew she had to face the music. And at least when she explained herself, she wouldn’t be the only one blushing.

Holly seemed more amused than embarrassed, though. “So I’m saying something about this ‘Mistress’,” she said, “and…some sort of S&M thing?”

Alicia nodded. “Really weird-sounding, too. Very…intense. I don’t quite know how to describe it.”

“And you’re sure you didn’t dream any of it?”

“Three nights,” Alicia said. “One night, I could pass off as a weird dream, but every night we’ve slept in the same room, I’ve heard you talking. Really distinctly, too. You break off into muttering sometimes, but for the most part, you’re pretty clear.”

Holly’s eyes actually gleamed. “God, this is so fascinating, I wonder what I’m saying!” She caught sight of the look in Alicia’s eye. “Sorry, psychiatrist in training. I just keep wanting to take this to Ms Lassiter, see what she’d make of it all.”

“Your Psych 101 teacher?” Alicia asked.

“And savior,” Holly said. “She’s been helping me out with some techniques for maximizing sleep, some tricks for studying and concentration that have saved my life on a few of these tests…God, I wonder what she’d think about this.”

Alicia shrugged. “Too bad there’s no way to ask her. Unless you want to invite her to spend a night in our dorm room, listening to you mas…um, listening to you. In your sleep.” She was uncomfortably aware of Holly’s eyes on her.

Suddenly, Holly snapped her fingers, and Alicia breathed an internal sigh of relief. “Got it!” she said. “I’ve got a voice-activated microphone on my computer, for chat. There’s a program that can record, and I can just leave it running overnight, and see what I said in the morning!” She sighed. “Well, not tomorrow morning…another double shift. But I should have some time Monday after classes.”

“Alright,” Alicia said. “Just don’t blame me if you find yourself suspecting that you might be a lesbian.”

That night, Alicia found herself actually worrying as she got ready for bed. What if Holly picked tonight to stop doing it? Alicia would look pretty silly if all the voice-activated microphone picked up was snores. She crawled under the covers, picturing Holly mocking her, picturing herself trying to stammer out explanations…she lay there for what felt like hours worrying, and it was almost a relief when she heard Holly’s sleepy voice begin to drone, “Yes, Mistress…”

Relieved, she drifted off to sleep with the words, “I will picture the spiral in my mind’s eye, and let it take me deeper,” echoing in her ears.


But when she woke up, Holly had already left for work. She went over their class schedule in her mind. Holly said she’d be listening to it Monday after classes, but Alicia would be in class Monday until after Holly left for work. Tuesday, they always seemed to miss each other, Wednesday, she’d probably stop by the room between Civics 101 and Intro to Political Theory, but Holly might be asleep…it’d probably be Thursday before they could have even a brief conversation about it. Alicia sighed. Was it being nosy to want to hear a pysch student psychoanalyze her own sex dreams?

That night, Alicia found herself unable to sleep. Somehow, the room seemed a little too quiet without anyone else in it. She shook her head in disbelief. Had she actually started missing Holly’s weird little monologues?

If she had, Alicia suddenly realized, there was an easy way to fix that. She got up and crossed the room to Holly’s computer, grabbing her own mp3 player along the way. It was the work of moments to transfer the sound file Holly had created to her player, and the work of seconds to slip her headphones on before turning the light back out and resting her head against the pillows. She felt a little weird, but sure enough, the soothing sounds of Holly’s relaxed, quiet voice saying, “I will picture the spiral in my mind’s eye…” helped her fall asleep quickly and easily.

Even the Monday morning alarm, something she normally dreaded, didn’t seem so bad when she could still hear Holly underneath it, whispering how nice it was to be relaxed and open. Alicia practically leapt out of bed, and went to classes with a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye.

Which was kind of scary, really. Not that she was a prude, or anything, but once she got to thinking about it, it did seem kind of creepy that her new favorite way to get to sleep was to listen to a recording of her roommate’s subconscious sex fantasies. They seemed so…she thought back to the restaurant. ‘Intense’, she’d said at the time. But that didn’t even really describe it. ‘All-consuming’, perhaps. Holly seemed to just want to give herself completely to this Mistress, whoever she represented. Like she didn’t care about anything but the pleasure she got from sex with this fantasy woman. Alicia shuddered at the thought, resolving to delete the recording from her mp3 player when she got home.

But that was before a full day of classes followed by a full night of studying eroded both the spring and the sparkle. By the time Alicia got back to the dorm room, she just wanted to conk out hard and stay asleep all night, and somehow the idea of deleting the file didn’t seem nearly as attractive as listening to it. She slipped on her headphones and was asleep in moments.

Tuesday passed much the same way, except that Alicia’s Tuesday classes were easy enough that she could devote most of her attention to worrying about Holly. The more she thought about that recording, the more worried she got. Holly’s voice and that tone of mindless devotion in it just sent shivers up Alicia’s spine. Maybe it was her imagination, but she was starting to think that maybe it wasn’t Holly’s imagination. What if Holly really was hiding something? From her boyfriend, from Alicia…she frowned, doodling a spiral into her notebook. Nobody masturbated that much over ‘just a fantasy’.

That night, she listened to the file again, a bit more carefully, trying to find some sort of clue as to who the Mistress might be. But study and school had once again taken their toll on her energy levels, and Alicia nodded off before even ten minutes had passed.

By Wednesday, Alicia was aching to talk to Holly about the situation. She raced back to the dorm after Civics, hoping to just catch her for a brief moment, but when she burst into the room, Holly was laid out on the bed, sound asleep.

“…my mind is empty, a vessel into which Mistress pours her devotion. My body is empty, a vessel waiting to be filled with pleasure. My soul was empty, but then Mistress filled it with the joy of obedience…”

Alicia sighed and sat on the bed, not wanting to wake her friend. She just looked so helpless, though. Her dreams, monologues, whatever they were, they seemed to be getting more and more intense, more and more…complete? Consuming? Alicia didn’t know. It was like Holly was being…not altered, she was still the same person when she was awake, but…programmed, perhaps. Changes under the surface, behind the scenes, making her…

“…ready for Mistress’ will to fill me completely, and that will feel so good, because Mistress’ love is pure bliss, Mistress’ devotion is holy. Mistress completes me, and my submission completes Mistress. And so I must obey. I can do nothing but obey. I cannot resist. Resistance is a path away from pleasure, so I must take the path away from resistance…”

Alicia watched her friend writhe on the bed, wishing there was something she could do to help. After a while, she looked down at her watch and let out a tiny yelp. She’d managed to spend twenty-five minutes worrying about Holly, and that left a scant five minutes to get to class. Running like hell, she just managed to make it on time.

By the time Thursday finally rolled around, Alicia was almost ready to skip classes just to get a chance to talk to Holly. She shot out of her last class and sprinted across campus to get back to the dorm before Holly left for work. “Well?” she asked, without preamble.

“Well what?” Holly said, her face a picture of confusion. “Oh, and hi.”

“Hi,” Alicia said impatiently, giving a little wave. “Well, the recording! Did you listen to it, what did you think of it, what’s going on in your head?”

Holly blinked once or twice, each blink seeming to take forever. “Oh, that,” she said. “Ms Lassiter thinks it’s nothing to worry about. Just some silly dreams. I already deleted it from my hard drive.”

Alicia shivered. Holly had seemed perfectly normal when she’d said it, and probably a casual observer wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong. Maybe even a close friend wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong. But Alicia had been listening to that recording for four straight days now, and had been hearing Holly sleeptalk on three nights before that. And something in her voice just now had sounded exactly like the way she sounded when she was talking in her sleep.

“Oh!” Holly said. “Gotta run, work!” And with that, she was out the door.

Alicia waved, but her mind wasn’t on goodbyes. She was wondering exactly what kind of psychology Ms Lassiter specialized in.

And on Friday night, when Alicia got back to the dorm, the worries only increased. Not because Holly was asleep again, muttering, “I crave the feel of women’s bodies, I crave the taste of women’s pussy, sex with women is blissful, the soft curves of a woman’s flesh feels so hot, so good, so sexy…” Although that didn’t help.

No, what worried Alicia was that even in the shadows of the dorm, she could see that Holly was wearing a choker around her neck. She stripped down and got into bed, wondering exactly where Holly got the choker. Did Ms Lassiter give it to her? Did she tell her to wear it to bed every night, as she slept and dreamed of…

“…sex with Mistress, must give myself to her sexually in every way, feels so good, mindless and open and sexy and dreamy, Mistress’ good slutpet, Mistress’ sextoy, want to fuck Mistress, want to be fucked by Mistress, oh fuck yes…” Holly rolled over on the bed, and Alicia shivered as she saw the design on the choker’s clasp. A spiral…

And Holly just kept talking, kept gasping out, “Pleasure is Mistress’ gift for obedience, sex with Mistress is pure pleasure, sex with Mistress is pure obedience, I obey and pleasure Mistress and my obedience becomes pleasure in my own mind, must obey, must become a mindless fucktoy for Mistress…” And she was pumping away, fingers in her cunt and Alicia could hear it and smell it but all she seemed to be able to see was that spiral design, and there was just something so sexy about it all that Alicia had to slide her fingers down to her own pussy and play with it just a little…

“The collar is my chain, it binds me to obedience, I wear the collar and it locks my mind to Mistress’ will, locks my body to Mistress’ control. Even when I am not wearing the collar, I am wearing the collar, but I always want to wear it because it feels so good around my throat…” And then a little became a lot, and Alicia tried to tell herself that she wasn’t into girls, that she wasn’t into anything kinky, but something about the way Holly lay there, eyes closed and expression empty and mindless and blissed out and vacant, finger-fucking herself as she dreamed about her Mistress, it was getting Alicia so turned on that she couldn’t stop herself from diddling her clit and reaching her other hand up to pinch her nipples so hard it almost hurt, but the edge of pain was just the most intense pleasure of all…

“…need to cum for Mistress, need to cum because cumming is perfect pleasure and perfect pleasure is perfect obedience and cumming locks in all my programming and i, i, ohhhhh…” Holly shuddered, and Alicia shuddered right along with her. Time just seemed to slow down as her orgasm hit, as the sweet, dreamy pleasure overwhelmed her and Alicia didn’t even remember when her eyes closed down and she fell asleep.


Alicia woke up with her hand still snuggled in the warm nest between her thighs, and for a long, dreamy moment all she wanted to do was start sliding it in and out of her pussy again and let that pleasure take her over once more…but then she remembered Holly, her eyes opened all the way, and she looked to see if her friend was awake yet.

She was, but only barely. Holly’s eyes seemed to be just about as open as Alicia’s had been a moment ago. “Hi,” she said sleepily. “Chinese food?”

“In a moment,” Alicia said, getting out of bed. “First, I wanted to talk to you. About Ms Lassiter.”

Holly smiled blissfully. “Oh, she’s wonderful,” she said, a sigh in her voice. “Honestly, Alicia, I don’t know what I’d do without her. Every day, she seems to have some sort of good advice for me, or good ideas…”

Alicia’s voice was wary. “Like what?” she asked.

Holly’s eyes fluttered just a tiny bit as her smile widened. “Oh, you know,” she said. “Just stuff about school and life.” Alicia caught it again, that hint of dream-talk in her voice. “She’s just really nice. She’s really good at talking to you, you know?”

Alicia took a deep breath. “Holly…I’m worried that Ms Lassiter might be…doing something to you.”

Holly frowned. “Like what?”

“Well…you said she was a psych teacher, right?” Alicia saw the look on Holly’s face and decided to tread very carefully.

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, I was thinking…she gave you that choker, right? With the spiral design?”

“Yeah, so what?” Holly crossed her arms defensively. “It was just a present, she’s been happy with my schoolwork. It’s not anything important.”

“Okay,” Alicia said. “Then take it off.”

Holly’s hand started to move up to the choker, but even as it did, her eyes seemed to unfocus, just a little, and her mouth moved silently. “I don’t feel like it right now,” she said. “Besides, you were saying something about Ms Lassiter doing something to me, not about what I’m wearing.”

Alicia gestured impatiently. “Spiral design, psych teacher, strange behavior…come on, Holly, you’ve got to see it.” Seeing that Holly most emphatically did no such thing, she sighed. “I think she’s hypnotized you.”

Holly rolled her eyes. “No way,” she said. “Absolutely not. She’d never do anything like that. I trust Ms. Lassiter implicitly. She has only my best interests at heart.”

“There you go again!” Alicia said, sitting down next to Holly. “Don’t you hear what your own voice sounds like when you say things like that?”

“No,” Holly said angrily, “I don’t! And I don’t like these accusations you’re making against my favorite teacher! She’s just been helpful, that’s all. She hasn’t done anything to my mind.”

They were all three naked in Louise’s big king-sized bed. Bonnie was on one side, sucking gently on Louise’s titty, and Jeremy was on the other side, doing the same to the other titty. Bonnie moved up to Louise’s mouth and the two women joined in a long, soulful kiss. Bonnie had to be one of the best kissers Louise had ever experienced. Bonnie raised up slightly, and offered Louise one of her generous tits, which Louise kissed and sucked hungrily. At the same time, she felt Jeremy leave her breast, and work his way slowly down her body until he was between her legs. After pushing them apart gently, Jeremy began kissing and running his hot tongue and lips slowly up Louise’s thighs. It wasn’t long before she felt his warm breath on her pussy, now practically dripping with wetness. He kissed her tenderest parts ardently, and nuzzled her pussy hair. She could feel his lips on her labia, and then a warm, thick tongue pried her open gently, and Louise was suddenly awash in pleasure as Jeremy licked around her pussy lips and inserted his tongue into her. For the time being, he avoided her clitoris, lingering instead on her lips, and laving her from pussy to butthole. He circled her anus wetly, and inserted his tongue in there, also.

Louise could feel herself being swept away, down a swirling river of sensation, floating toward orgasm as if she was being swept toward a waterfall. Bonnie’s kisses inflamed her more, as her swollen mouth was smitten again and again with oral caresses. Louise loved to be kissed, and she loved to be licked, and these two young people were giving her plenty of both.

Bonnie lay down on the bed, and looked up at Jeremy, nodding slightly. “Louise darling,” Jeremy said, “go over and straddle Bonnie with your face between her legs. We have something special for you.”

Louise crawled over to Bonnie, and after giving her a quick kiss, carefully straddled her so that Louise’s face was between Bonnie’s open, shapely thighs, and Bonnie’s face was underneath and between Louise’s thighs.

Bonnie said, “Spread your legs a little, love. Bring that pussy closer to me.”

Louise relaxed her legs a little, lowering her pussy right onto Bonnie’s mouth. Pretty soon, Louise felt Bonnie’s warm tongue snake its way upward and into her hungry snatch.

“Lick my pussy, please,” Bonnie pleaded.

Louise looked down, and saw Bonnie’s pussy up close for the first time. She had neatly trimmed light brown pussy hair, and small, tight lips. A thick bead of lubrication glistened in the cleft between the partially opened labia. Louise bent and kissed Bonnie’s pussy searchingly, running her tongue smoothly up and down the wet, fragrant chasm, drinking in the sweet musky essence of young womanhood.

“She’s sweet isn’t she?” Jeremy asked.

“Oh yes, yes she is,” Louise gushed.

They went on like that for several minutes, languishing in the pleasure of their mutual sucking. Soon, Louise could hear Bonnie’s cries escalating a little, and although she was about to lose control and come herself, she decided to see if she could make Bonnie come first. She pushed the younger girl’s thighs far apart, giving herself greater access, and used her fingers to gently spread Bonnie’s cunt open. Then she licked and sucked as if her life depended on it. Finally sensing the girl was about to explode into orgasm, Louise took Bonnie’s tiny engorged clitoris into her mouth, and sucked gently but firmly.

Bonnie was groaning nonstop, and writhing in pleasure under the older woman. She began babbling and begging Louise not to stop.

“Oh Louise darling that feels so good! Your hot tongue is loving my pussy so well! Ohhhh! Please don’t ever stop licking me! Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh god I think I’m gonna come now. Don’t stop! Ohhhhh!”

And Bonnie cried out hoarsely as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. Louise, knowing instinctively how much pressure to use, brought Bonnie down gently until the young woman lay quiescent under her.

She started to get off, but Jeremy said, “Not so fast. We said we have something special for you, and we have.”

Jeremy put a small pillow under Bonnie’s head. Now she was at the perfect angle for her to relax and eat Louise’s pussy. Then Jeremy, sporting a very large, very hard cock, positioned himself behind Louise. Spreading his legs so that he also straddled Bonnie’s head, he eased his dick into Louise’s warm and hungry pussy. Carefully adjusting his position as he went along, he settled himself in deeply. Then, he started moving slowly, while Bonnie began licking both the underside of his cock, and Louise’s pussy.

Louise had never felt anything like it. The combination of Jeremy’s thick cock, and Bonnie’s warm tongue made her almost delirious with pleasure. Already very excited, all she could do was bury her face in Bonnie’s fragrant pussy hair while her own pussy was treated to a very loving fuck.

Louise lost all sense of time, and the pleasure she was feeling seemed to go on and on. Bonnie and Jeremy must have practiced this before she thought at one point, because they were very, very good at it. She began moaning and crying out, almost sobbing in her pleasure. Bonnie and Jeremy were also moaning. Once again, Louise felt herself being swept toward orgasm, this time even faster than before. Jeremy pumped a little faster, and Bonnie licked his sperm-laden balls on each in-stroke. Then she gently probed with her tongue into Louise’s nooks and crannies, before whipping it across the clitoris. This sent Louise into ecstasy, and soon she was screaming that she was about to come.

“Oh my babies! This is so good! You are making mama’s pussy sing tonight! That’s right, fuck me Jeremy! Lick my pussy, sweetie! Lick mama’s pussy out good. Ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh! Here it comes darlings. Mama’s gonna come. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ohhhhh!!” An earthquake of pleasure roared over Louise as climax after climax slammed through her. Her breath was literally taken away.

“Oh baby,” Jeremy gasped, “I’m coming too!”

He slowed his pumping, then Louise felt him tense. She swore that she could then actually feel his cockhead swell as Jeremy’s pent-up semen exploded into Louise’s grasping cunt, filling her with thick, creamy man-juice. Jeremy pulled out before he was finished, and Bonnie opened her mouth to receive his spermy offering right on her lips and tongue. He groaned deeply with pleasure, milking the remaining come out of his cock, and rubbing the head over Bonnie’s semen-slick lips and cheeks.

All three lovers collapsed into a tangled, sated heap, sighing deeply in pleasure. Louise felt very loved at that moment, and crawled between the two young people. After deep grateful kisses among all concerned, the trio fell into a deep, contented sleep.

Amy and I just lay there on the sofa in each other’s arms for a while, our naked bodies pressed against each other, gently kissing occasionally, waiting for us to be ready again. I had one arm wrapped behind Amy’s neck, reaching around and massaging her breast with my hand, while she gently squeezed my cock, tightening her grip ever so slightly, before relaxing and starting again.

I started stroking her breast a bit more, feeling her nipple flick between my fingers as they ran over it, causing her to shiver as it shook back and forth as it found the gap between my fingers, only to be pushed back down by the next one.

She started to stroke my cock gently, slowly jerking it with her hand, trying to coax it back into life. Amy moaned slightly, then spoke.

“Should we move somewhere a little more…comfortable?” She looked up at me through her eyelashes, and smiled seductively. I looked back down at her, and smiled back.

“Why not?” I replied, slowly standing up. Somehow, Amy managed to retain her grip on my now hardening cock as we stood up, and as we walked towards the bedroom down the hall, she kept stroking it gently, as if making a promise with it that it would enjoy what was to come.

I only live in a small flat, so there weren’t any stairs to navigate, and we made it into the bedroom rather easily.

Amy pulled me towards the bed by my cock, and swung me down onto the bed. She followed me, and kissed me deeply, still keeping a hold of my cock.

She pulled back, and turned around, straddling me in a 69 position, pushing her crotch into my face, and almost immediately stuck my cock in her mouth and started to bob her head and suck on it like she had before, working the rest of the shaft with one of her hands.

I grabbed her legs, and pulled my head forward, trying not to concentrate on her ravaging my cock, pressed my lips against her pussy, and started to lick at her with the same vigor she was displaying on my cock.

I heard and felt her moan against my cock, and I started to lick in circles around the edge of her cunt, teasing her with it.

I then stopped, and changed the direction of my circling tongue. She stopped and moaned, my cock pressing against the inside of her cheek. After a short moment of her ecstasy, she started sucking me off again, a bit quicker and harder than before.

I responded by starting to spiral my tongue towards her opening, and thrust my tongue into her drenched cunt, lapping at her pussy walls, causing her to push her crotch further into my face and moan again, my cock stifling her cries.

I slowly crept a hand towards her pussy, and snuck two of my fingers in there as far as I could, and started circling them around. Amy must have been getting close to cumming again, as her moans turned into screams, as she deepthroated me, faster and sucking hungrily at my cock like a wild animal!

I felt myself start to build up my own orgasm, and tried to focus my attention on Amy’s pussy so I wouldn’t cum again just yet!

Just then, my fingers bumped against a small, hard lump inside her pussy, that made her legs twitch and spasm slightly.

I felt around, trying to find it again. As soon as I touched it, I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, and she pulled at my cock a bit harder.

I then started rubbing my fingers against her G-Spot, desperate to make her cum before I could! I quickened my fingering of her, making short and fast movements with my hand. She dropped my cock out of her mouth, and let loose a strangulated scream, and a jet of warm fluid shot out of her pussy, and hit my chest and neck.

Another spurt leapt from her pussy and hit me in the cheek as I continued to rub against the small bump. A final shot dribbled out of her pussy, landed on my stomach, and her quivering form fell on top of me, her head ended up between my knees, and I felt her brests pushing into my groin, smothering my cock, reminding it of their wonderful experience together earlier.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing and panting, Amy managed to gather enough strength to crawl forwards, and pull herself up on the bed so that she was sat just above my groin.

She looked over her shoulder at me, and her body followed. She rose slightly, holding herself up on one knee, and grabbed my cock with a free hand, before angling herself so her hot glowing pussy was inches from my cock.

She stared at me, through her messy fringe, as if to say “Oh yeah! This is happening!” before slowly lowering herself onto my rock hard cock, slowly but surely, her tight pussy devouring every last inch of my throbbing cock at an agonisingly slow pace.

I felt her pussy walls part to allow me entry as she slipped the head in, and as the lips closed around the head, I felt my eyes shiver closed as I just let the pleasure overwhelm me. My head slowly juddered as it fell backwards, and she lowered herself a touch further down onto me, not even half of my cock was inside her, and she wasn’t going to let me off that easily!

Her vagina slowly ate up my cock, and as she reached the half way point, she stopped and paused for a moment, and tensed her abdomenal muscles, causing her pussy to tighten even more, and give my cock a good squeeze, before she began to lower the rest of the way.

The next inch made its way into her pussy, and as she approached the last part of my cock, I felt my cockhead hit the back of her pussy, and she sighed in pleasure, long and sensuously. She took a deep breath in, and let gravity do the rest of the work, and she relaxed, and let herself fall on top of me completely, so that my whole cock was inside her, the back of her pussy being stretched to the point of breaking.

She had stopped, and was now leaning backwards, propped up on her arms, breathing heavily. I don’t think she’d quite recovered from her orgasm yet, so I reached up, grabbed her hips, and flipped her over so that she lay where I had just been, and I was now over her in missionary.

Still holding her hips, I thrust forward slightly, making sure I was buried to the hilt, then drew back, taking my whole cock out of her pussy, keeping it lined up with her as she let out a slighty whimper, as the cold air hit her vagina.

I pushed my cock back in slowly, and the pulled back, but not all the way out this time. I began to thrust in a rhythm, and looked up to see her holding her knees back with her hands, and her breasts start to bounce back and forth in time with my thrusts.

I started to speed up, still making sure our hips made contact, eliciting a slight moan and whimper from Amy each time my hips hit hers.

I could feel Amy silently shaking beneath me, still sensitive from her previous orgasm, another one building up within her, ready to explode!

I started hammering myself into Amy with as much force as possible, feeling my own orgasm approaching, I wanted to have us both finish together. Amy was whimpering again now, louder than before.

I couldn’t hold off much longer, and I slammed my hips into her again, almost ready to cum!

I hammered myself home as hard as I could, and my cock erupted, sending her spiraling into her own orgasm, thrashing about on my cock as it unloaded inside her, ropes of semen splashing against her cervix, filling her pussy up.

As our orgasms subsided, I withdrew from her, a trail of our mixed glistening juices dribbling from my cock and landing on the bedclothes next to her glimmering pussy.

I fell forwards on my shoulder, and landed beside Amy, who was still shaking slightly. She turned her head and looked at me, before rolling towards me, and holding me against her, falling asleep in my arms.

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