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A husband wants to know where all the white women in his conservative suburban town really go at night (NOT knitting circles and gin rummy!)


Rick’s wife Dina goes out nights and doesn’t come back until late – looking disheveled. She says she’s going to crochet and knitting circles or Tupperware parties or girl movie night or scrapbooking or Oprah book club night. But she always comes back so late and always seems so beat and exhausted, never even saying a word to him, just collapsing asleep. And she often stinks really bad, not taking a shower until the morning after sleeping in a while.

One night he follows her to see what’s really going on. She drives through the bad area of town and parks on the street. She walks down a block and down an alley. He doesn’t want to be seen, so he stays back and watches from a distance with his binoculars. As he waits he sees lots of other women from his neighborhood – his kids’ teacher, Miss Applebottom, their Church organist, the librarian, the cheerleading squad, his wife’s sister, their babysitter, etc., etc. He thinks maybe she’s telling the truth, after all, it is all women, but why drive so far out of the way to such a risky place?

He falls asleep in the car and is woken up in the morning by a basketball bouncing off his windshield. He’s harassed by a bunch of black guys and drives off. Looking down the alley, he sees nothing down there at all.

One day he accidentally finds rumpled up, stained slutty clothes stuffed in her bag she brings with her, instead of yarn and needles. He confronts her and asks what’s really going on.

She gives in and says, okay, she’ll tell him the truth. But she can’t describe it to him, she has to show it to him for him to understand. He says “let’s go”. She says it’s only open at night and there’s one other catch – only women are allowed in. But, she says, he’s always been a slim, kind of feminine guy, just an inch or two shorter than her and clean-shaven. She says they could take the day to go out and buy him some clothes and he could pass as a woman.

They spend the day shopping for clothes, she makes him try on really slutty stuff, g-strings and crotchless panties, picks out a wig for him, does him in really tacky make-up, pumps, a push-up bra, etc.

That night they head out. She takes him down the back alley, but they don’t go into any of the buildings. Then they turn the corner and he’s shocked at what he sees. Tons of anonymous black guys lined up in the alley doing all sorts of horrendous things to all the white women from his neighborhood that he saw before.

One woman recognizes Rick’s wife and walks over. To Rick’s horror, he recognizes her as Peggy, his boss from the bank he works at! He wants to run and hide, certain he’ll be recognized, but his wife holds him there. Peggy walks over, kisses Dina and asks who the new girl is that’s with her, sizing Rick up lewdly. Dina lies and says Rick (or, as she calls him, “Rachel”) is her friend from out of town and that it’s her first time. Peggy smiles and says he’s a lucky girl and calls Luke over, the ringmaster.

Dina explains to Rick that this is what the ladies call “Mandingo Row” – the black guys call it “Nigga Alley”. White women come here to be used and abused in anonymous, dirty, back alley sex. Luke comes over and Dina tells him that this is her “cousin” visiting from out of town and that “she likes it rough”. She pushes Rick to his knees and makes him suck Luke’s cock until he cums down his throat.

“Good, you may begin by repaying my hospitality. I want you to clear the table and rinse the china. You may then put everything in the dishwasher. When you are finished, I will continue your training.”

I obeyed at once, being very careful with the china. I wondered where Megan was while I was doing my domestic chores. The answer to that came a minute later. I was startled by first a flash then the unmistakable sound of a Polaroid camera ejecting a picture.

“Why did you do that,” I exclaimed? Remembering my prior instructions, I hastily added, “I meant to say why did you do that Mistress?”

“First, I am proud of you for remembering the proper form of address for your Mistress,” she replied. “As to your question, I took a picture of you simply because I felt like it. You must learn to never question me. Since you appear to be finished here, you will come with me. I’m afraid I will have to discipline you for your arrogance.”

Megan turned on her heel and motioned me to follow. She led me back upstairs, but not to our bedroom. Instead, she continued down the hall to the guest room. Using a key hanging from a ribbon at her waist, she opened the door and ushered me in. Megan had been busy. It was now one obviously intended for a girl. The bed was similar to Megan’s in that it had a wrought iron frame work and canopy. The bedspread was pink satin with a matching ruffled flounce.

As I surveyed her work, she spoke, “As you can see, I have installed a lock on the door. It will remain locked unless I decide otherwise. This is to be your room. This is where you will sleep unless I decide to allow you into your Mistress’s bed. It is now time for you to get ready for bed. You will strip off all your clothes and place them in the hamper. You will find the hamper in the closet. While you are there, I want you to select another nightie for yourself. As I’m sure you’re aware, a proper lady always wears something pretty to bed.”

I followed her orders, stripping my pretty lingerie. I looked in the closet and found two nighties there, one in pink the other in pale blue. They were both a frilly baby doll design with matching ruffled panties. I chose the blue one. As I pulled it over my head, I couldn’t help but marvel at how good it felt to be caressed by the soft nylon of the nightie. My nipples actually got hard as the sheer bodice cascaded over my chest. This was nothing compared to what happened when I slipped the panties up my legs. As they settled over my groin, my penis was teased by the slippery fabric, impelling it to erection. The panties were so sheer, there was no way I was going to be able to conceal my excitement from Megan. “Oh well,” I thought. There was nothing I could do about that and went back to the bedroom for her approval of my choice.

“I told you to merely select your nightie” she chided. “I said nothing about your putting it on. I suppose I should have known this would happen. What you have done is prove just how much you like wearing panties. I’ve turned you into such an eager little tramp, you act without permission. “Come here,” she ordered. “Let me see what it is that’s making such a nasty bulge in your pretty blue panties.”

I walked over to her and stood with my hands at my sides. She reached out and using just one manicured nail, traced the outline of my erection through the panties. “Would you look at the size of your clit?!’ she exclaimed. “Whatever am I to do with you? There is no way I can just put you to bed like this. You wouldn’t wait for the door to close before you started to play with yourself. I’m afraid I’ll have to take steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. I want you to go and lie on the bed, you know the position, so hurry up.”

I did as I was told and as before found myself with my arms and legs secured to the bed posts, again using four leather cuffs with lengths of nylon rope attached. When she was satisfied that I was completely helpless, Megan looked down at me and smiled at my predicament. “Now I can sleep securely in the knowledge that my new sissy slave won’t be able to get herself into trouble.”

She reached into my panties and wrapped her hand around my erection. “If I left you to your own devices, you’d start to play with yourself, doing something like this,” she teased as she began to slowly masturbate me. My whole body spasmed, aching with desire. “Look at this,” she said softly. “Look at how badly my sissy wants to come. Well, not tonight my pet, that is to be your punishment for not addressing me properly. In fact, you may as well come to understand that the only time you will be allowed any sort of physical release is when I deem it appropriate. That will happen only when I am satisfied that you are behaving properly and have truly earned the privilege. There will be times like now when it amuses me to tease and torment you without allowing you release. I have found this to me a wonderful discipline device. By the time I’m done with you tonight you’ll always remember the proper way to speak to me.”

She continued her stroking, asking in a husky whisper, “Don’t you wish you had been a good girl? Don’t you wish I’d tighten my grip and stroke you faster and faster until you filled your panties with your juices?”

“Yes Mistress,” I panted. ” Please Mistress, give me some relief, I’m very sorry, I’ll never speak to you in that manner again.”

“Not tonight my pet, perhaps in the morning if you are especially good, I’ll let you climax. For now though, I’m afraid I’ll have to continue your torment until I’m satisfied that you have truly learned a lesson.”

True to her word, she continued. Each time she felt me getting close to the precipice, she either slowed or stopped stroking me completely. My hips would buck involuntarily, striving to get release from my heightened arousal. This went on for several minutes before she removed her hand and pulled my panties back in place.

“Don’t go away,” she teased as she went into her room, returning with a pair of black lace panties and her Polaroid camera. “First, I’m going to take a few more pictures of your submission to me,” she said as she took several shots of my helpless situation. “My possession of these pictures will ensure that you don’t have any second thoughts about obeying me. Can you imagine the thrill the secretaries at your office would get out of these if I posted them in the ladies room?” I imagine they’d be quite jealous. I doubt any of them have a lingerie collection as vast as the one I have in mind for you.”

Megan waited a few minutes for the prints to develop before showing them to me. There was not a doubt in my mind that these pictures could ruin my career. They clearly showed me in tight bondage while wearing pretty lingerie. One shot in particular, showed my cock straining against my panties, proving how much I enjoyed my imprisonment. “Just one more pose and I’ll leave you to your dreams,” she continued. “I want you to be reminded of me while you sleep tonight,”she said pulling the black panties over my head. Once they were on, she arranged them so the crotch area was directly over my nose and mouth. Then, using a common safety pin, she took all the slack out of the waistband and secured them at my neck. I was now trapped inside her panties, forced to inhale a combination of her own sweet musk and the perfume she wore.

“I hope you appreciate these. I wore them at the office today and they are full of my scent. Now each breath you take will be a reminder of your Mistress and her sweet pussy. Unfortunately, that is as close as you’ll get. You have misbehaved and as much as it pains me, I have to instill some discipline.”

After taking more pictures of me, she turned and walked to the door, calling over her shoulder as she went, “Sweet dreams little sissy, I’m tired and have to get some rest. You must be tired as well and you’ll need your beauty sleep. I have a big weekend planned for you.”

The door was then closed and I heard the distinct sound of the lock being thrown. My erection continued to throb, causing me great discomfort. How, I wondered could something normally so pleasurable be so uncomfortable? I tested my bonds, hoping Megan had left enough slack for me to get to my aching tool. Of course there wasn’t any to be had. I reconciled myself to the fact that I would just have to try and go to sleep, that I was now alone, trapped until Megan decided to release me. Needless to say, sleep came very hard. The panty hood ensured that with every breath, I was filled with her essence. My erection was still there as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the morning to the sound of Mistress’s voice, “Come on, sleepy head, it’s time for you to get up.” I opened my eyes and through the thin nylon of my panty hood, I saw Megan standing next to the bed. She was dressed, if you want to call it that in a pink half-cup bra with a matching garter belt and seamed stockings.

“I told you I was going to put you on an exercise regimen,” she said as she undid the safety pin holding my hood in place. She continued speaking as she pulled her panties off my head, “We may as well begin now. Your tummy needs to be tightened and I can’t think of a better way than with a few sit-ups. These are going to be very special sit-ups. You are going to have the privilege of servicing your Mistress while you exercise.”

I wondered what she meant by that. How was I going to do sit-ups and pleasure her at the same time? My question was answered in short order.

Reaching into the drawer of the night stand, she retrieved two items. The first was a sturdy leather collar with several rings attached. Megan placed it around my neck and secured it with a small padlock. She then untied the rope holding my wrists to the headboard and reattached them to the collar. Next, she picked up what appeared to be a dildo with two latex straps. Placing the base of the dildo against my chin, she stretched the straps over my head. One went around my neck, the other over my ears to the back of my head. When she was finished, I had a six-inch latex cock growing out of my chin.

“Now my pretty, you are going to please me while you tighten your tummy,” she said as she straddled my face, while facing my feet. She lowered herself until the head of the dildo was just at the entrance to her pussy. “Now I want you to stroke it in and out of my pussy very slowly,” she ordered. “At the top of each stroke, you are to lick my ass, swirling your tongue around my rosebud.”

I hesitated for just a few seconds, not sure what she meant. This prompted Megan to reach into my panties and lightly squeeze my balls. “Get to work sissy, I don’t have all day!”

I immediately complied, using my stomach muscles to raise my head, driving the dildo deep inside her love tunnel. As she had dictated, I used my tongue to bathe her ass, swirling it around and trying to stick it inside. In order to do this, I had to hold myself in position with just my abdominal muscles, putting considerable strain on them. By about the fifth repetition of this, Megan began to breathe heavily, bathing me with her juices. Before long, Megan gasped, “All right my pet, rest for a minute. I want to change position so your talented tongue can be put to better use.”

I stopped at once, grateful for the chance to rest. Megan repositioned herself so her pussy was facing me and after a short interval, again lowered herself to the dildo. “All right, I’m sure you know what I want at that top of each stroke,” she whispered. “Give me some pleasure and I just might let you up.”

I repeated my prior performance, the only difference being this time I used my tongue on her clit. Her body began to tremble as the onset of her climax approached. I used this to my advantage, holding myself with the dildo deep inside her while I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue. This was more than my Mistress could stand. Her orgasm overtook her and she screamed her pleasure. “OH YES MY PANTY PET, SUCK ME, FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM.”

She ground her clit against my mouth, filling it with her pleasure honey. Her climax would begin to abate then another wave of pleasure would shoot through her, until at last she collapsed, resting against the headboard.

It took several minutes for Megan to regain her composure. Only when her respiration began to return to normal did she lift herself from the dildo. She sat next to my still bound form and while stroking my cheek said, “That was incredible my pet. The feeling of being penetrated and attended to orally at the same time pushed me to heights I’ve never reached before. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to use this toy and I can assure you, it won’t be the last.”

She unlocked the collar and removed the cuffs. “I want you to take a bath now. I have it prepared and to make sure you don’t do anything naughty, I will accompany you.”

With that statement all hopes of being allowed to relieve the pressure in my groin vanished. Megan was apparently intent on keeping me at a high state of arousal for the foreseeable future. I stood and undressed, placing my baby doll nighty in the closet hamper. I followed Mistress Megan into the bathroom where a tub was already filled with hot, scented water.

“Get in, sissy we don’t have all day,” she ordered.

I did as I was told, slowly immersing myself in the water. I began to wash, using the sponge handed to me by Mistress Megan. She next gave me a pink razor saying, “Now shave yourself all over. I don’t want to see any regrowth from last nights shaving. I know I did it for you last night but I want you to learn how to do this for yourself.”

Again, I followed her instructions, now without even so much as a second thought. While I shaved, I marveled at how much my life had changed in just a few short hours. This time yesterday, I was a typical single male, looking only for my own pleasure. I recognized the fact that now everything had changed. I was now just the play toy of a beautiful woman, trapped forever in her web of silk, satin and lace. What was even more interesting and in fact more to the point was that I was enjoying it! I found myself looking forward to the events to come. The questions I asked myself included; What would Mistress Megan dress me in when my bath was over? What color would she choose? Would I be allowed to wear a corset? All these thoughts and more occupied my mind as I finished the last of my shaving.

My reverie was interrupted by Megan’s next command. “All right my pet, it’s time to get out of that tub. We don’t want our pretty skin to get all wrinkled do we?”

I rose and stepped into the soft bath sheet she held and stood docilely as she patted me dry. “Come with me,” she said, leading me back into what I had begun to think of as “my room.” Once there, she had me sit, still wrapped in the towel at the vanity.

“You have such pretty features, I think a little enhancement would really bring out your natural beauty,” she purred.

With that, she set about giving my face a more feminine appearance. She plucked my eyebrows, applied mascara and eyeliner. Next, came the foundation and a little blush for my cheeks. The last thing applied was the lipstick, a bright crimson. She stood back, admiring her handiwork in the vanity mirror. “There’s just one thing missing,” she mused. “You need a more lady like hairstyle. You are such a lucky girl, I have just the thing.”

She left the room for just a moment, returning with a large round box. “Close your eyes my pet, I have a surprise for you.”

I closed my eyes in anticipation of what she had in store for me. I was sure by the size and form of the box that it would be a wig. My suspicions were confirmed when I felt Megan placed it on my head. She fussed with it for a moment, combing it into place. “All right, you may open your eyes now,” she instructed.

I opened my eyes and gazed at the creature in the mirror. The image was of a striking woman, one with shoulder length auburn hair. There was one thing that struck me immediately and I had to ask, “Mistress, the color is an exact match for my own hair and coloring. Is that a coincidence?”

“Of course not, my pet, I bought this several weeks ago in anticipation of this very moment. Once I was sure I wanted to turn you into my pantyslave, I took a chance that I could make this happen.” She reached down, trailing her fingers down my chest to the top of the towel. “Stand up now pet, it’s time to get you dressed.”

I followed her to the armoire where she opened several drawers. In each was an array of panties, bras, stockings and garter belts. There had to be at least a dozen sets there, all color coordinated. “Hmmm,” she mused as she inspected them. “Which color would be most appropriate for your first full day as my panty pet? Let’s see, since you are almost newly arisen to the realm of panties, I think pink will be perfect, yes a nice sissy pink for you today.”

She handed me a complete set of lacy, pink lingerie, indicating that I was to put it on. I took the stockings and rolling them first, pulled each in turn up my legs. Next of course, came the garter belt. This was quickly followed by the bra and panties. The bra was under-wired with push up pads sewn into the cups. Once in place, I once again had the illusion of small breasts. The panties were French cut, with lavish lace at the leg openings and side panels. I walked to the vanity so I could inspect myself in the mirror.

From behind me I heard Mistress Megan issue yet another order, “Go to the closet my pet, there’s a dress that will be perfect. You will also find a pair of white pumps that should fit you.”

In the closet I found the dress and shoes she had referred to. The dress was a white jersey knit, the kind that would cling to the body. The shoes were also pink with a white satin bow at the instep. I pulled the dress over my head and pulled it into place. The hem came only to the tops of my stockings. When I slipped the shoes on, the problem became even more pronounced, clearly showing the garter tabs.

Megan had come up behind me and her laughing voice interrupted my struggles to get the hem lower. “I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to look like such a tramp while wearing a virginal white dress. What a pity you can’t show yourself off to the world like that. You’d give a eunuch a hard on with that outfit! Wait a minute! Why not? You look quite convincing. If I hadn’t dressed you myself, I would never know there’s a cock in those panties. I think we’re going to take you out like that. I had intended to take you shopping anyway, so we may as well make the best of it.”

“Please, Mistress, don’t make me do that,” I cried. What if we meet someone I know, or worse yet someone we work with?”

“Not to worry, my pet. I know of an absolutely fabulous shopping mall that’s about a two-hour drive from here. There will be little chance of us running into anyone we know there. Besides,” she continued as she handed me a pair of wrap around sunglasses, “these will serve to disguise you further. Enough of your back talk, be a good girl and do as you’re told and perhaps your Mistress will give you a special treat when we get back. Come along now, we have some shopping to do.”

With that said she turned on her heel and headed for the front door. “We’ll take your car, my pet. That way your hands will be occupied and you won’t be able to get into any mischief the way you could if I were to drive.”

She stood at the side of the car and watched with amusement as I attempted to get in the driver’s seat. “Not that way silly,” she taunted. “The way your dress rode up, I could clearly see your pretty white panties. No lady would ever allow that. Get out of the car and I’ll show you the proper way to enter a car while wearing a dress.”

Mutely, I obeyed and watched as Megan showed me the proper procedure. She sat on the seat, facing out with her legs together. Megan then kept her knees together and holding the hem of her dress down, pivoted on the seat, swinging her legs into the car. “Now, you will demonstrate for me,” she said as she reversed the process to get out.

Megan rested for a moment, still recovering from her climax. After a bit, she stood and while making sure the butt plug was still deep inside me, closed the zipper in my panties. I was once again trapped in the silken caress of the purple panties, with my “pussy” filled. Megan kissed me gently on the lips while stroking my cheek. “Sleep well my pet, for tomorrow will come all too soon.” With that said, she left me and went to was now her bedroom. Obviously, with my ankles and wrists still bound to the posts of the bed, I had no option but to try and get some sleep. By this time my body had accepted the butt plug and there was no longer any discomfort, only a constant reminder of my submission to Megan.

As I drifted off to sleep, I realized that my submission was not a physical exercise, but a mental one. Obviously, I was physically much stronger than Megan and if I really didn’t want all this to happen, I could easily have stopped it. This left me with the conclusion that I was born to serve a woman in this manner. I reflected on how lucky I was that Megan discovered my secret. Obviously, she really enjoyed her dominance of me. My wife was now my Mistress, and to make things even better, a caring and gentle one. She had never done anything to me that caused anything more than momentary discomfort, and then only when absolutely necessary.

As I grew more drowsy, my thoughts moved to what was to happen the next day. I must confess to a slight feeling of anticipation mixed with a little dread. What would it be like to spread my legs and accept Megan’s strap-on dildo inside me? How much would it hurt? Would I start to enjoy the feeling of another person invading my most secret place? My reverie was cut short with the realization that my thoughts were those that had to have gone through the head of every girl ever confronted with the impending loss of her virginity. My last thought before drifting off was that I hoped I wouldn’t disappoint Megan when the time came.

Sunday morning came all too soon and I awoke a few minutes before Megan came into my room. She untied the ropes from the cuffs and allowed me to visit the bathroom instructing me, “I want you to remove the plug and wash it thoroughly. You may then relieve yourself. Let me know when you are finished.”

I hurried into the bathroom and to my consternation, the moment I pulled down my panties, the butt plug fell out! My body had adjusted to the point that unless I made a conscious effort to hold it in, it would slip out. I was about to put it back in before Megan could see that it wasn’t where it belonged when I noticed her standing in the open doorway.

She noticed my look of consternation as I vainly attempted to put the plug back. “I rather thought something like that would happen. You poor girl! It’s obviously too small for you now. Finish going to the bathroom. When you are finished, I want you to remove your pretty lingerie and join me in your room. There is no need to put the plug back in. I have something else in mind.”

It took but a few minutes to complete my morning toilet and I presented myself to Megan as instructed. She was sitting on my bed with a package at her side. “Come here girl and stand in front of me, facing away,” she commanded.

I did as she instructed, slightly nervous about what might be in the package at her side. “

Now bend over with your legs spread as far apart as you can manage and grab your ankles. Since you have obviously outgrown last night’s toy, I’m going to have to use another type to prepare you for your deflowering.”

I assumed the proscribed position and soon felt the cool moistness of the lubricating gel being applied to my backside. Megan took a moment or two to explore my pussy with her fingers, massaging my prostrate until I was erect.

She reached around me to feel my erection. “Would you look at that?” she exclaimed. “The minute I start to play with her pussy, her clit gets all hard and excited. It’s almost as though she’s starting to associate having her pussy filled with sexual fulfillment. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, eventually all girls do. You’re going to love what I’m about to do to you. This will feel so good. You’re may never want me to take it out.”

I felt a slight pressure at my opening and relaxed, allowing Megan to insert her new toy inside me. Because I had just spent the last eight hours with the old plug inside me, this one went in with no difficulty whatsoever. To my surprise, it was much smaller than the previous one and I wondered what Mistress had in mind. If I had problems with the last one, wouldn’t a smaller one create even more of a dilemma for me?

I needn’t have worried! I heard a strange sound, like the one a blood pressure cuff makes when it’s being inflated. With each repetition of this sound, the plug in my “pussy” grew a little larger. Just as I was about to tell her that I was getting uncomfortable, Megan stopped pumping and closed the valve at the base of the plug. “There you are my pet. You are now in the final phase of being stretched and prepared for your deflowering. If you start to feel as though it is about to slip out and needs to be larger, you are to tell me and I will see to it. If everything goes right, when I take your cherry all you’ll feel is the pleasure of being made love to by your Mistress. I think today will be an easy one for both of us. I’m going to fore-go your morning exercise regimen. I want you well rested for tonight. Besides, I want to allow my anticipation to grow as well. It’s not every night I get to take a girl’s virginity.”

She walked from the room, calling back to me as she left, “I want you to put on your pale blue baby doll nightie and join me in the kitchen. I’m going to make us a good breakfast and then we’ll relax a little.”

When she left the room, I stood and while marveling at how good it felt to be so filled, slipped the baby doll nightie over my head. Once again as the slippery fabric caressed my body, my “clit” began to grow. This was even more evident when I pulled the gossamer like panties up my legs and over my privates. I slipped my feet into a pair of white slippers and went down to join my Mistress.

As I entered the kitchen, she looked up at me and smiled her approval. “Very good my pet, you are excited aren’t you? I know how much you have to be anticipating tonight. Sit down now and eat the breakfast I’ve prepared for you.”

I sat at the indicated place. Megan had prepared some sliced fruit and a bowl of cereal for me. I thanked her and ate, savoring the flavor of each mouthful. My enjoyment was somewhat impaired by the unrelenting pressure of the butt plug. Sitting had exacerbated the feeling of being completely filled and stretched. Megan noticed me squirming a little as I tried in vain to find a way to sit that alleviated my discomfort.

“You will get used to it my pet. I don’t want you to hurt yourself though, so I think when you’re finished with your meal and have cleared the table, you had better lie down for a while. You may join me in the living room and I’ll make sure you’re comfortable before I go out for a little while. I have to do some more shopping in preparation for tonight. While I’m gone, you are to do nothing but rest and think about what is about to happen in your life.”

I finished the last of my cereal and quickly set about clearing the table. Once everything was spotless, I went into the living room to be with Megan. She was already dressed and ready to go out, one hand behind her back.

She smiled at me and said, “I know you want to behave while I’m gone, so I have something here that will help you. Pull your panties down a little and I’ll show it to you.”

Once I had my panties down, she moved her hand from behind her back, showing me the latest device in my torment. It was a metal cock sheath with a strap designed to lock it in place. Megan reached down and slipped the sheath over my cock before fastening the strap around the base of my genitals. Next she produced a tiny brass padlock and fastened it to the miniature hasp in the strap.

“There, my pet, now you won’t be tempted to play with your clit while your Mistress is gone. As you can see, you will still be able to use the bathroom, but there’s no way you can play with yourself, the sheath will protect my interests in that matter. In fact, I will demonstrate what will happen if you do attempt to diddle with yourself.”

She swooped down on the head of my cock, sucking it into her mouth. She ran her tongue over the head, flicking the tip against the underside of the glands. In just a few seconds, my cock was growing, trying to escape the confines of the sleeve. The larger it got, the more uncomfortable I became, until the pain caused it to deflate on its own accord. Satisfied that I had learned the lesson she was giving, Megan stopped and grinned up at me. “You see, if you attempt to play with your clittie, all you’re going to accomplish is to frustrate yourself. You will have to behave while I’m gone. If you’re a good girl, I will give you a present when I return. There’s just one more thing I have to attend to before I leave. As long as your panties are down, I may as well inspect your plug. Turn around and spread your legs so Mistress can make sure you’re properly plugged and inflated to the proper amount.”

I felt her tug at the base of the plug, checking to see that it was not about to come out. “That’s wonderful,” she exclaimed. “There has been no air escaping at all. It goes to show that when you buy a quality product, it really pays off.”

Satisfied that I was prepared for her absence, she pulled my panties back in place and turned to leave. “There’s plenty of mineral water in the refrigerator if you get thirsty and the remote for the television is in the drawer of the coffee table. I want you to relax while I’m gone, so feel free to make yourself at home.”

She kissed me on the cheek and left me to my own devices. I took a moment to examine the sheath around my clit and found it was as sturdy as I had first feared. There would be no hanky panky while Megan was gone. I contented myself with doing just as she had instructed and sat down to watch a little television. There was only one problem. I found that the only thing I could do was watch a tape Megan had left in the VCR. Every time I tried to change to regular television, I got an error message stating that option was not available. Obviously, Megan had intended me to watch the tape, so I got comfortable and pressed the play button.

As the tape played it became readily apparent that it was about the feminization of an unwilling male. The title of the video was “Forever in Panties.” The whole thing was taking place in an office setting. The man was an executive and the woman his secretary. The message was quite clear now. Megan was giving me a preview of things to come.

I watched with rapt fascination as the woman in the tape inflicted her will on her unwilling subject. The premise was that she had found a pair of lacy red panties and a magazine showing men dressed in their lacies. He had thought it secure in the top drawer of his desk, but had forgotten to lock it just one time. That was all it had taken for his secret to come out. She explained in no uncertain terms that unless he danced to her tune, the whole company would find out about what she referred to as “his dirty little secret.” This woman used none of the subtlety Megan had used in my journey into satin and lace. She pulled a bra, garter belt and stockings to match his panties from her purse and made him strip and put them on. Once he had completed this task to her satisfaction, she made him put on a pair of heels and model the lingerie for her. She instructed him in the proper way to swing his hips in an exaggeration of the typical runway model’s walk. Once she was bored with this, she reached again into her capacious purse and pulled out four pairs of handcuffs, the kind you can buy at a novelty store. She made him lay face down on his own desk and fastened his ankles and wrists to the legs. He was now spread-eagle, open and vulnerable to whatever she wanted to do. She walked around to where his head was and raised her skirt to show him that she had taken off her panties just before confronting him with her blackmail scheme. The camera zoomed in for a close up of her brunette pussy, framed perfectly by her mint green garter straps. She grasped his head with both hands and shoved her pussy hard against his mouth, forcing him to give her oral attention until she came, bathing his tongue with her oils.

If this slave thought she was finished abusing him, he was sadly mistaken. She used her previously worn green panties to gag him with, forcing them into his mouth before securing them with his own belt. She then pulled a dildo and strap on harness from her bag and after stepping into it, walked to where his ass was laying at the edge of the desk. He tried in vain to close his legs, but the cuffs prevented it. She slipped a finger first into a jar of petroleum jelly, then into his nether hole, coating it thoroughly. Sensing what was to come, he tried to protest, to ask for mercy but the panties in his mouth precluded anything but a muffled moan. She continued coating both his ass and the dildo protruding obscenely from her groin. When she was satisfied he was ready, she slowly positioned the dildo at his hole and thrust herself inside him with one smooth motion. This shot was taken in such a manner as to show his face as she entered him. The look of pain and surprise on his face was not contrived. I was sure he really was suffering, his ass screaming from the unwelcome invasion. She paid no heed to his pain, continuing to stroke herself in and out until the friction of the dildo against her pussy drove her into the throes of another shattering climax.

Not until then did she relent, pulling the dildo from his ass. She reached beneath him and finding his cock, teased him about how hard it was. She wondered aloud how could his cock stay so hard if he didn’t like what she had done to him. She removed the belt holding her panties in his mouth and using them on his cock, stroked and teased him, urging him to fill her panties with his semen. The hapless male was in no position to argue and his body betrayed him yet again, spurting his male essence into the silky folds of the panties wrapped around his cock. The video ended with the secretary handing him a fresh set of lingerie and commanding him to put them on. She let him know that this was not to be just a one time affair, in fact far from it. He was hers now and his life was to be spent “Forever in Panties.”

Watching the video had the predictable effect on my cock, and the restraint of the sheath had made me quite uncomfortable, not uncomfortable to shut the video off, just enough to constantly remind me that I was restrained in the most effective manner possible. I knew it would not be possible to attain any sort of relief while in the cock restraint, so I didn’t bother trying. The combination of the harness on my maleness and the constant pressure of the inflated butt plug coupled with thoughts of what Megan was going to do that evening and the effects of the video, made me as aroused as I had ever been in my life. To be that excited and at the same be denied the ability to relieve the pressure building in my loins was sweet torment indeed. I found myself looking forward to Megan’s return. I was ready to accept anything if only she would allow me some relief from the pressure building in my balls.

I went to the entertainment center to remove the tape and noticed a stack of books and magazines piled on the built in bookshelf. Curious, I picked them up and started reading the titles.

It immediately became apparent that Megan had been planning my submission for some time. Virtually every title had something to do with women putting their men in panties. Some were obviously works of fiction, others more along the lines of a “how to” manual. It was one of the latter that caught my eye and I pulled it down and began to browse through it. It was titled “How to Petticoat your Man”. The author took you step by step, all the way from identifying a likely prospect for feminization to the finer points of impressing on your new slave how enjoyable living in panties could be. While the author went to great lengths to impress the reader with the idea that men are here only to serve women, she also was quick to point out that at some point the slave should be allowed his own sexual release. It was also pointed out that at least initially, any form of release must be combined with either some form of bondage or humiliating situation, preferably both. A prospective Mistress was instructed to create a task/reward situation, associating obedience with intense pleasure.

At no point was a slave allowed to climax unless he was wearing lingerie. Furthermore, a Mistress must make sure he was denied the ability to “take matters in his own hands”. The only time he would be allowed the pleasure of release was when he was with his Mistress and under her control. The author suggested the exact same harness I was now wearing. This left me with no doubts as to where Megan was getting most of her information. I intended to read further in an attempt to find out what other sorts of training I could expect when I heard the sound of Megan’s car pulling into the driveway. I quickly put the book back and went back to the couch. I had barely settled there when the door opened and Megan strode in.

Glancing at the bookshelf, she commented, “I see some of my books are not where they were when I left. Were you doing a little light reading my pet?”

“Yes, a little,” I admitted. “I wanted to get some idea as to what sorts of things might be in store for me.”

“If our relationship is to flourish, you will have to leave that in my hands. You will have to learn to trust me and my judgement as to what is an appropriate training regimen.” Changing the subject, she continued, “I trust you watched the video I left for you before you started snooping in my library?”

“Once I discovered that there was no choice,” I replied. “I felt sorry for the man in that film, his Mistress wasn’t anywhere as gentle with him as you’ve been with me.”

“That was the primary purpose for my wanting you to see it. I want you to appreciate how easy you have it. Most women in my position don’t give a damn about their sissies. In fact, a lot of them only enjoy themselves when their slave is in pain.” She reached down and stroked my cheek, continuing, “You are fortunate that I would rather seduce you into your frillies than beat you into wearing them. I want us to share the pleasure of your submission. That can only occur if you are a willing participant in our playtime. I wanted to wait until later to take you to my bed, but I’m too worked up. It’s time to begin your final preparations. I want you to go up to the bathroom and remove all your lingerie. I will join you there in minute to remove your plug and clit protector.”

With no small amount of trepidation, I climbed the stairs and set about removing my nightie. I had barely closed the lid on the laundry hamper when Megan came in carrying a large rubber bag with a hose and nozzle attached.

“It’s time for your next lesson in feminine hygiene. I want you to be able to fully enjoy the feeling as I take you for the first time. Now that the plug has done its work, the final preparation will be to give your pussy a good douche.”

She put the bag down and used a small key to unlock the sheath from my cock. Next, she had me bend over and spread my legs while she deflated and removed the plug in my ass.

“Now, I want you to get down on your hands and knees and rest your shoulders on the floor,” she said as she began to fill the bag.

This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. If any differences occur between continuity, accept the one you like better as truth, and enjoy!

Here’s the last recap for you loyal readers out there (I apologize for the delay, life got hard, unfortunately, not the fun kind), Got your cocks out? Good, because let me tell you, this one’s gonna be a ride! Two weeks ago, I went on vacation from work, got stood up on a date, and the following day a package arrived at my apartment containing a pair of black panties with a pink heart. From there, I was compelled to suck dick, take it up the ass, and then my body started to shift to a woman’s body, well except for my cock, the only masculine thing left. I met another girl in a similar situation who helped me through the hardest change, then the other night, I had a three some with a woman and her boyfriend. But alas, this vacations almost over, and work looms ahead.

It’s now 6am in the morning, and Roy Barker is dead, in his place is Rachel, and I have work. I have to return to Roy’s job, Roy’s life, but I’m no longer him. I’m not the quiet submissive lanky man that used to be pushed around by corporate America, I was a woman, mostly, and I was a sexy beast that only craved to please. How am I to return to the dull life, and more importantly, what’re my coworkers going to think?

My phone rang then, 6am and someone was calling me. “Hello?” I answered, questioning who would want to call me at such a time.

“Roy, it’s Gary, listen, I know you’ve had a long vacation, so let me make today a little easier, sleep in a bit, come in at ten instead of eight.”

I tried to muster as masculine of a voice as I could, “Okay, Gary. I appreciate the time.”

“Don’t worry about it, when you get in, just head up to my office, I want to talk to you about what you’ve missed at the office.”

“Thanks sir, I will see you around ten then.”

I hung up and looked up at the ceiling. There was no way I was going to hide this body, double D tits are not easily hidden, nor do I want them to be. I’m proud of these breasts. I tried to fall back to sleep, but my penis was hard and stiff. I reached my hand down into my panties and released my morning wood. It stood straight up high, I rolled my hand over its seven inches as its pleasure rolled through my body. What is it about morning wood that feels so amazing? I moaned as I climaxed and then licked up the cum. I had not only grown accustomed to its taste, but I craved it.

I got up and decided to use my morning to figure out what I was going to do. I figure worst case scenario, I would be let go from my job and be a laughing stock, but I could get a new job and no one would know of my previous life, maybe if I’m lucky, no one will remember me and I could just say I’m new. Over breakfast, I figured I would go in, dressed as sexy as I could be, and maybe I could get myself a promotion for sucking enough cock.

I was stressing myself out over this. I took a long hot shower, letting the water roll off my back and down my slender legs. Body hair still didn’t grow anywhere but the heart shape pubes. I felt the smooth skin and remembered the few women I had the fortune of fucking when I was a guy. Maybe I could find myself a beautiful lesbian woman, and we could run off to an island. I could bury my face deep inside her muff and lick her clit for hours as she grinds her crotch into my face and moans and purrs. My penis was stiff again. I relieved it quickly this time and began to get dressed.

I slipped on a pair of dark stockings and attached it to the garter belt. I put a grey business skirt on, short of course, I have to show off these legs. A black bra under a white blouse, making sure to leave a few of the top buttons left open to reveal my ample cleavage. I put my hair up in a bun and wore a pair of fake glasses to complete the look. I was so generically sexy, but I loved it. A pair of hills completely the ensemble and I left for work, not sure where the time went.

The office looked the same as usual, the bland cold grey and beige walls and potted plants that should just be fake. I walked past the desk, attracting views from coworkers left and right. I caught women’s jealous eyes, and means naughty eyes. I pictured all the men undressing me, and fantasizing about my abundant bosom bouncing in their face as they fucked me. They had no idea of what was between my legs, but at this point, I did not care.

I knocked on Gary’s door and heard him call me in.

“Hello Gary.” I said.

He looked up at me, eyed me up and down, “Do I know you, miss?”

I stuttered a little, “Its-Its Roy, Gary.” Gary was a tall businessman, about fifty years old, his hair salt and peppered.

His mouth dropped, “Roy? Must have been some vacation.” He said, still in shock.

“Yeah, it’s been a crazy two weeks.”

“I can tell that.” He sat in silence for awhile, I could see him shuffle in his seat, and knew that something was growing in his pants. “Are you completely?”

“I still have the manly bits, if that’s what you’re hinting at.”

He seemed a little bummed but not discouraged. “What brought upon such a change?”

“I don’t know, I found a pair of panties, and soon after I was turned into this.”

“Well,” He thought for a moment, “We are an equal opportunity employer, Roy-”

“Rachel” I corrected

“Rachel, so we can’t fire you for personal changes, your job is, well your job.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I was worried.” I leaned forward a little, revealing more cleavage for his view.

“I-I could not fire you for personal choices, but some people might ask questions, ya know?”

I smiled a little, “Well, maybe there’s another position you’d rather see me in.”

“Oh, I can think of many.”

I stood up and walked over and sat in front of him on his desk. He placed one of his hands on my legs, and moved it up and down, gently rubbing. I purred at his touch. Now, I was horny too. I moved off the desk and sat in his lap, wrapping my hands around his head and started to gently kiss his neck. His one arm wrapped around my waist, as his other moved to cup one of my breast. He massaged it gently at first, but soon was putting more strength into it. I began to move my kisses closer to his mouth until we locked lips. His tongue swirled in mine.

We parted kisses, and I slid onto my knees, and began to unfasten his belt buckle. I could feel his stiff cock underneath the grey business suit. It begged to be freed. I reached in and pulled it out. It was stiff as a board, but the skin was soft as I started to work my hand up and down the thick shaft. It must have only been about seven and a half inches, not much bigger than mine, but it was thicker, that’s for sure. I kissed the head, and worked my tongue up the shaft. As I was about to stick the entire thing in my mouth, his phone range.

“Drat” he said, “Hold on one sec, hun, I have to take this.”

I felt disappointed at the turn of events. Here I was getting all worked up and excited, and it has to halt.

He spoke to the other person, “Alright, I’ll be done in a minute. You know, you’re timing his horrible, I just got one of my employees back from vacation and we were just catching up.”

He hung up the phone and stood up, fixing his pants, “I’m sorry, Rachel but we’ll have to postpone this. I’ll be back in fifteen.”

“You better be,” I purred, “you’ve got me excited.” He hurried out of the office, and I sat there on a floor for a few minutes rubbing my cock through my skirt. “When did I become such a pervert” I asked myself, but then I remembered the panties and smiled.

I got off the floor and sat in his big leather chair and spun around once or twice in it, before deciding to be naughty and look around his office. I opened the drawers in his desk, besides some papers, pens, and folders, I found a flask, took a swig of the scotch inside, found a box of cigars with the metal casing, and thought of naughty things I could do with it. Then I opened the bottom drawer, inside were a bunch of files, and one with a green label with a white clover on it.

I paused for a second and remembered Michelle. Her panties were green with a white clover on them. I took out the file and read. It was detailing Michelle before the change, where she got stood up on a date, and the next morning she received her pair of panties, and then there for photos of her, hidden photos taken of her from all over her house and out and about. The pictures went all the way until she met me, then they stopped the same time Michelle disappeared from my life.

There were several more files, and I finally came to another one. Black label, pink heart.

“Roy Barker, social outcast, little to no friends, family far away. Perfect candidate for MP 2.3.”

It detailed my change, including encounters that I don’t remember. It seems I had been a busy girl those first few days before my encounter with Mark in the schoolgirl outfit. Including Gary. I put the folder away and now I knew he was behind this. Hidden cameras in my house, using me without my permission, but the question of why bogged my mind.

I heard someone coming closer to the office and I made sure to clean up my mess quickly, and sat behind the desk in the chair, my legs resting up on the desk. Gary walked in and smiled at me. “Hello Rachel, I apologize for that, now where were we?”

I smiled, rolled the chair out from behind the desk and spread my legs, “I do believe that you were about to suck my cock.” I lifted my skirt to reveal the bulge in my panties.

He chuckled, “My dear, I do believe it was the other way around.”

“Nope.” I said, licking my lips, “My clitty needs a lick, and it’s looking at you.”

He moved over to me and kneeled down, “That’s a good boy, give me a lick.” This guy was getting nothing from me, and I had overheard one day that one of the girls that worked here said he was into being dominated. He pulled out my erect cock from behind the magic panties, for I had worn them today.

“Those are nice panties,” he said as he pulled out my cock.

“Thanks, they’re my… favorite pair.” I said, “Now stop chatting and suck my dick, you little cocksucker.”

He dove in, wrapping his lips around my cock, I could feel his tongue work over my erect member, and I began to moan. I could get use to this dominating thing, I thought. He bobbed his head up and down, driving my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, I could feel it hitting the back of his throat, but he didn’t gag.

“You’re good at this.”

He hummed an acknowledgement never removing my cock from his mouth. He finally pulled off, licked up and down my shaft, pleasing my member. He twirled his tongue over my head, and then dove back in. I could feel his tongue rubbing my shaft as he moved up and down, finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I began to shoot loads and loads of cum into his mouth, and he swallowed every ounce of it.

He stood up and fixed his tie quietly. He seemed almost ashamed of himself.

“You seemed to enjoy that.” I said as I got out of his chair and adjusted my outfit.

He looked over to me, and then started to undo his belt, “It’s my turn now, you’re going to finish what you started.”

“Not yet,” I said putting hand over his lips, “Why don’t you come over to my place tonight after work, and I’ll give you all the satisfaction you want,” I started to walk out, “Anyway, they’ll start to ask questions out there if I don’t leave here soon.”

He stood there in silence as I left. I left the office building and went back to my house. I had too many emotions in me right now. I knew the person who had done this to me, and I was angry that this happened. But I enjoyed who I was now. I was confident, sexy, and could have any mate I wanted.

I wanted to try to reach out to Michelle, tell her all about it, but there was a feeling that she already knew. That that may have been the reason she left, she helped me and she could get more, or get free, or I don’t know. I was confused and looking for an outlet. I couldn’t relax, I sat in my recliner just trying to figure out what I was going to do.

Then it hit me. I smiled. This was going to be a very exciting night. I went up to my closet and took off the office regalia I had on. I found myself one of my sexiest lingerie corsets: black with red strings and frills and a matching pair of panties.

I left the store quickly and met with a few older acquaintances for some help with my revenge. I got home, stripped to jus the corset and panties, and noticed that he should be here soon if he was leaving directly from work. I found a bottle of red wine and dropped a pill I had gotten off a friend into his glass. I filled the chalice and watched the pill fizz away right before a knock on the door.

I ran to the door and put on a giddy demeanor. Behind it was Gary, still in his suit and painted with a grin that he was going to have a fun night. “Gary! It’s such a pleasure to see you, I hope you don’t mind that I’m not dressed yet.”

“My dear,” he stuttered, “It-it’s not a problem at all, you look gorgeous.”

“As do you, you horny old man.” I showed him into my apartment and handed him his wine.

“I see you spared no expense at romancing your boss.” He spoke before drinking from the wine.

I let out a devious smile, “Why, I don’t think you know what kind of night your in for.”

He took another sip, then looked up at me curiously.

“Take another drink, and take a seat on the couch.”

He did as commanded. I already noticed that his actions were starting to slow. “I’m feeling very tired my dear, maybe some coffee to perk me up.”

“I think I know just the thing,” I whispered before he passed out.

Gary woke up, he had no idea how much time had passed. He tried to move his arms, but they were handcuffed to the bed. He looked down and saw all his clothes were gone, all that was on him was a pair of black panties with a pink heart.

“Isn’t it kinky?” I said from the doorway, wearing just a robe.

“Get-get these panties off me!”

“Why, don’t you think it’s sexy to wear a girls panties?” I said, playing dumb.”

“Just not this pair!”

“Afraid of becoming a girl?”

“No-no, wait.” Realization struck him. “You know.”

“I snooped around your office, I’m sorry I’m such a naughty girl.”

“I-you can’t! Don’t do this to me! How long have they been on? How long have I been out?”

“A few hours, I think, I lost track of time. Tell me, how would you like a hard dick up your ass?”

He stuttered, “I don’t don’t fuck give me your hard cock!” He looked scared of what he shouted, “No no no, don’t do this.”

“I think it’s too late, old man.” I sat down next to him on the bed. “What do you want right now.”

“You to set me free so you can fuck my ass raw.”

“That’s a good sissy.”

“You like my cock?”

“I want to worship it.”

“So tell me, because you have to give me information before I can grant your wish.”

“I’ll tell you anything, mistress! Please just give me your cock.” He was begging now.

“Why? Why did you do this to me?”

He paused, “Science, and because I can’t help myself, I love turning men into woman, the transformation gets me so hard.”

“Harder than my cock makes you.”

“Not anymore mistress, I want to serve your cock.”

“What happened to Michelle?”

“She…she helped you, so I gave her the final piece.”

“Piece? Explain yourself sissy, or I won’t fuck you.”

“I-I make them help in the transition, then I give them a new pair of panties that finishes the transformation, they can become fully female.”

“Where’s my pair?”

“In the safe behind my office, the combination is 42-23-17-40.”

“My, my, you’re a good sissy.” I undid his handcuffs and discarded my robe, leaving me naked lying next to him.

Like a good sissy, he sat up and instantly wrapped his mouth around my dick. I could feel his lips and tongue work their magic. He was going with much more fervor now, his head bobbing up and down much faster, and my dick sliding further down his throat with each thrust. Oh, he would be such a wonderful slut. When he had my dick lubed up with his saliva, he got up and bent forward, producing his ass for me. I pulled the cursed panties down and put my erect cock up against his tight asshole.

“Ever been fucked before, slut?” I called.

“No Mistress, I was always afraid!”

“Are you afraid now?”

“Yes Mistress! Very afraid!”

“But you want it?”

“I do! Please mistress, fuck me, fuck me like a good slut!”

How could I say no? I pushed my head in, slowly. I could feel his tight ass quench around it, but he eventually eased and I was able to slide it in further. Slowly I pushed my shaft deeper and deeper until I was right up against him. “How does my cock feel slut?”

“It’s perfect mistress!”

I began to thrust slowly. Pulling my cock almost out, then pushing it in. The suction and tightness made it so hard to contain myself, but I kept myself from filling him up, it wasn’t time yet. I started to thrust a bit harder, but he was still giving too much resistance. I pulled my cock all the way out from his ass.

“Mistress, don’t stop!”

“I’m not finished yet, slave.” I pulled a bottle of lube off my night stand and applied it generously to my cock and his ass. I positioned myself again and this time my cock went in with no resistance. He yelped a bit of pain, but didn’t protest. He was going to make a nice slut. I started to thrust harder and harder now. He began to moan louder and louder, I couldn’t believe that such a strong boss could be reduced to such a sissy. He was loving it, and I was so turned on. I began to pull my cock all the way out, then slamming it back in. I wanted to destroy his ass. The anger that was withheld was coming out, as I thrust harder and harder, I could feel his muscles quench and tighten around my cock, and it just made me thrust harder. He couldn’t stand the pleasure and pain, he looked back and I saw tears.

“Am I going to hard for you sissy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well you were a naughty boy.”

“I was, but I want to be a good sissy.”

“Then take my cock and the pain that comes with it.”

He accepted my command, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer, a few more good thrust and I felt his cock explode within his ass. I shot load after load into him, and as I pulled my cock out, the warm semen started to seep from his ass.

“That was a good sissy. Now go run along home, and I never want to see you again.

“Yes mistress, thank you.”

He quickly put on his dress shirt and pants, and fled my home, still wearing the magic panties. I got dressed and put on something casual and drove back to my old job. In his office, I found the safe he spoke of and unlocked it. Inside was a pair of black panties with a pink heart, and a note.

“You’ve received this because you helped another get through the transition. You’re reward is full femininity. Wear these, and you will be a complete woman.”

Do I want this? Do I want to get rid of all that’s left of Roy? Is it time for Rachel to take over?

I smiled and took the panties home. I think it was time to bury all that was left of Roy.

The End

I shiver and shift my weight, the straps bite into my flesh in all the familiar places. As I move the frame rattles. He likes it to have a little give so that it makes noise when he gets vigorous.

I’m waiting. He’ll keep me waiting. I hope it isn’t too long.

I’m on all 4′s, strapped firmly in place. I’m wearing the school uniform that he likes, my bum up in the air, quivering in my ‘innocent’ white panties. The uniform belonged to his daughter before she left home, now it’s mine. Sometimes he makes me walk the streets in it, and although I’m convincing as a woman, I don’t look like a schoolgirl… I look like a slut.

Suddenly I feel the quality of the light change. I shift about, trying to peer through my blindfold, see if he’s in with me.

Footsteps approaching. Taking their time.

“Hmmmm hey baby… You look so pretty like that” His voice is deep and strong. He reaches out and I feel his fingers lightly dance over my panties, teasing where the fabric stretches over my smooth opening. I try and wiggle back against him, but he pulls his fingers away.

“Hmmm… Keen aren’t you slut?” He asks.

“Yes sir” I reply.

He walks around, gently trailing his fingers up my body, sending electric crackles lighting up my pleasure centres.

“Kept you waiting long enough haven’t I?” He asks.

“Yes sir” I reply.

From his voice I can tell he’s directly in front of me. I try and peer through my blindfold again, but it’s for nothing. I just see dark. He chuckles.

“I don’t want you to see baby… I want you to taste”

I hear the sound of a zip and a scent of musk hits me. I lick my lips, getting them moistened and ready.

“Good girl… Here it comes…” he says.

I feel the tip of his cock brush against my lips. It is already slick with precum and I feel a jolt of pride that I’ve already got him so horny. I push my tongue out to its full extent, tasting the saltiness of the slit. He taps it against my tongue and I feel the warm weight.

“lick me” he commands and I set to work, swirling my tongue around and around the rapidly thickening head. If I could see now it would be getting shiny and slick, raising upwards to meet my lips.

“Ok… Open wide bitch” he commands, the words thrilling me as much as they did the first time. I lick my lips again and stretch my jaw as wide as it will go, bracing myself.

He slides it into my oh-so-willing mouth, my tongue gently swirling the underside of my cock, already huge but still not fully hard. With the skill of a genuine cocksman he pulls back just before hitting my gagging point, giving me time to adjust but keeping the head in my mouth.

“Mmmmm Babygirl… Don’t you just get better at this every day?” he sighs. I wiggle my bum to show I’m pleased with the compliment and he laughs.

“ok… Suck it good baby, ‘cos here it comes” he says, voice now thick with lust.

He pulls back, saliva rushing into my mouth, replacing it. Then he thrusts, this time going beyond my gag point and filling my throat. I swallow, trying to keep from choking too much. He moans.

“I’m going to fuck your face so hard… You look so sexy trapped like that, a big black cock forcing it’s way down your fucking throat” his voice is virtually a grunt now. He’s picking up pace, sliding in and out of me, using my throat for his pleasure.

I can feel my panties getting sticky with my own precum, but cannot reach down to touch myself. I can only wiggle, enjoying the friction on my cock and the tightness of the panties on my desperate hole.

“Mmmm Baby… I’m gonna have to let my dudes use this mouth sometime…” He says and I shiver all over. I’ve seen his ‘Dudes’. huge guys, fireman who work in the same station. What would they do to a bound little sissygirl like me?

Suddenly he stopped.

“Damn… I’m gonna have to stop… Don’t wanna be coming down your throat when I still got that tight little ass to destroy.” he said with a shaky laugh, drawing his cock out of my body. I try and grip it with my lips, reluctant to let it go, whilst equally keen to have it pushing against my eager hole.

“You ready to get bred bitch” he didn’t say it as a question, but I nodded as best I could through the restraints.

Without sight all my senses are super charged, my skin crackling with sensitivity. I sense him walking around, behind me. He pauses and sighs.

“Damn baby… That is such a fine ass… No bitch ever had finer” he says and I give him an appreciative wiggle.

His fingers trace up and down the thin white fabric that covers my hole, leaving electric trails of sensation. He hooks his fingers into my panties and pulls them down slowly.

Suddenly his hands leave, returning with a stinging slap that jolts my whole body. I let out a muffled yelp. Again and again the stinging blows rain down on me.

“Nothing better than seeing a little white Ass turn red” he says.

Suddenly I feel his moist tip touching my tight hole, he moves it up and down slicking me with his precum. I try and push backwards, back arched and practically purring.

“now… Please sir… daddy… Now” I say, my voice a whimper.

“Better use a little lube… Don’t wanna damage it… Too much” he says, laughing darkly.

I feel cold fluid drip between my cheeks and then he’s back, pressing against my entrance. I grip tight an brace myself, no matter how many times we do this, how relaxed I get, you can never ‘Get Used’ to this.

My whole body tightens as he starts to work it into me, slowly at first, he makes soothing noises. Then just as suddenly I relax, my body accepts this huge invader and opens up to him. He draws back and I gasp, suddenly empty.

“Ready now bitch” He says, not making it a question.

“Please Daddy… Fuck me hard” I gasp.

He surges forward, filling me completely and forcing me forwards against the restraints, knocking a girlish scream from me. The frame clatters but holds, as it always does… Although one day I’m sure the violence of his fucking will simply disintegrate it. I can feel his wiry hair scrape against the smooth skin of my buttocks.

“You love that hard cock don’t you?” he asks, but I can make no noise save shallow gasps and pitiful mewling sounds.

He’s pulling back and thrusting, my most intimate passage stretched and on fire. There’s so much of him that I can’t speak, my eyes are useless so all my senses are united in one, concentrating on my insides and where he’s opening me wide

He speeds up now, Taking his pleasure, ‘owning’ me. I buck back against him as much as I can through the restraints. He’s roaring now, his thighs slapping against my butt with the sound of a thunderclap.

“That’s it bitch… Ah… Ah… Take that fucking cock… Go on slut… Try and tighten against me” he commands and I obey, tensing those intimate muscles against his slick length. It doesn’t slow him in the slightest, but he moans satisfaction.

“oh yes.. That’s it… That’s it bitch… Grip me with that hot cunt… Suck the cum out of me” he snarls.

I try and grip against his thrusts, he batters away at my hole. I can feel his cock throbbing in the familiar way.

“Do you want my cum, slut?” he gasps.

“yes sir… Please” I say, my voice nearly a shriek.

“Beg me then cunt” he demands, not slowing… Pounding at me like a machine.

“please daddy… Please sir… Fill me with your hot cum… Fill me up… Breed me like the sissy cunt I am…” I plead.

His hands grip my waist like a vice and he thrusts forward, forcing as much of himself into me as he can. My hole shrieks electric sensations and my body jerks as he pumps cum, cock swelling with each spurt… 1 pump, 2, 3, 4… Finally he slows…his voice is ragged. He slumps forward against me. I can feel his hard, sweaty body press against my back.

“hmmm baby… Nobody takes cock better then you” he says and kisses the back of my neck. I say nothing, concentrating on massaging the last of his cum out with my tightening muscles.

Eventually he pulls out, his spent cock slipping out with a quiet pop. I can feel his cum inside me, and running down my legs. I can feel his eyes on me, admiring his handywork.

“Mmmm that’s beautiful babygirl…” he says, and something in his voice tells me he’s leaving again. He might come back later and let me out, he might fuck me again first… Or even take me out on ‘The lead’… But that’s for later.

I thank him quietly and he puts a kiss on my buttcheek, followed by a light slap.

Without a word he leaves the room, snapping the light off as he goes.

Around about 3 weeks ago, Sid had managed to acquire his very own maid; however, ‘she’ was not your normal run of the mill domestic worker. Oh no, Fifi liked to dress as a maid to fulfill her submissive cravings and the most notable difference was the fact that she had a penis. When working as a maid, she didn’t call it that, tucked away in her silky panties it was her ‘clitty’

She remembered her first meeting with Master Sid which explained her terrible frustration. You see, he’d informed her that if she was going to serve him, he didn’t want her distracted by her clitty rubbing inside those soft panties. Master Sid had explained the only way to combat this was to be put into chastity.

The first two weeks after having the small plastic tube locked around her clitty had been bearable and she had been an attentive and good working girl. By the end of week 3 things were very different. Unable to satisfy her sexual urges, her level of horniness had increased exponentially and now she was hardly able to do anything without thinking of getting her clitty out and gloriously rubbing it until she came.

And that made things worse! Every time she thought about it, she felt a familiar expansion of her organ, the longing, the need until it met with it’s cruel prison which stopped the process continuing and left her leaking her precummies but unable to reach full hardness.

Every act seemed to be a cause of extreme mental anguish. Take dressing for Master Sid today as an example. Having bathed and showered, she had dreaded getting attired properly for work. Normally, wearing all of those soft, feminine, sexy clothes would have been the highlight of any day, but today she knew what the act of putting them on was going to do to her.

As always she started with her black waspie, wrapping it around her waist, doing up the buttons, feeling it beginning to hug her waist the way she loved, cinching her in, providing those lovely curves and the suspender straps tickling her thighs.

This of course started the process, the frustrating need with no sign of release! Next was the thing she dreaded the most, Master Sid insisted on her wearing the most gorgeous fully fashioned silk stockings. Oh the way they rustled and caressed, the beautifully straight lines up the back of her legs and the pure erotic sensations she’d have to endure as she slid them up. And that was just the start, the whole day they’d be reminding her of how much she loved them as they rubbed together or slipped as she turned or bent over or stretched to reach something. Looking at the clock and knowing Master Sid punished a lack of punctuality; her hands shook as she balled up one of the stockings and started to slide it up her leg.

“Shit that feels nice, the way it flows and strokes my soft skin, it’s so good,” she thought as her clit crushed itself within the confines of its cage. She wanted to just yank the stocking up and be done with it, but her master was wise to that little trick and had ordered that she always slide them on sensually. She felt it reach her thigh, let out a little whimper and leaked some precum into the tube. Finally clipping it into her suspender strap, she adjusted the back one so that the line of her seam was perfectly straight and the clip joined at the exact point of the seam. At little shudder ran down her spine as she remembered the time when her seam wasn’t straight and the clip wasn’t joined in the right place. Master Sid had been most annoyed and gave her a lesson that meant sitting down had been painful for a number of days afterwards!

Next she rolled the other stocking up her leg. “Why did it have to rustle so? Why did it have to feel so good? Why did it look so damn sexy?” she thought as more precum leaked out and started to drip into a little puddle on the floor Looking down at the pool of glistening liquid, she know what she had to do, her master didn’t like her making a mess, so it had to be cleaned up right away! The strict instructions were that anything that spilled out of a cock or clitty had to be licked up immediately. She dropped to her knees, the stockings shifted, the waspie hugged her tight and she could feel the suspender straps digging into her bare flesh. A soft moan, a flutter of her eyelids and then her clitty expanding against that damn cage again bring her back to the task at hand.

Lowering her head seeing the pool of liquid shining in front of her, she opened her mouth and began to lick the warm salty fluid from the hard floor, lapping away at it, enjoying the saline taste. In no time at all the floor was nice and clean and the job of preparing herself needed to be continued. Next for the footwear, a pair of lovely black patent stiletto pumps. They were so pleasing to the eye, so nice to slip on and oh so nice to feel her bum and legs being accentuated by those lovely sexy heels she thought as she caught another drip of precum on her finger and slowly sucked it clean.

Now it was time for her to plug her ass pussy, Master Sid always demanded that she presented herself with her special plug in place. For the most part, the plug was pretty much the same as any other. It was made of rubber with a dull pointed top, a widening shaft with a quickly tapered end and a bar to ensure that it would slip into place but not slip inside. The difference was that this one had a special screw attachment built into it where items could be fixed. So far, she’d been given a tail, had thigh restraints fitted and most recently a feather duster attachment. That had been a tough day, having to squat in order to clean the furniture, swinging her buttocks back and forth, feeling the plug moving around inside her, massaging her ‘g-spot’ gland. Yes, she had to lick up a lot of her own precum that day.

Of course, Master Sid didn’t want it to be a simple task of covering the plug with lube and slowly pushing it into her tight hole. Oh no, he had a much better way for her to plug herself. Fifi looked over to the plug on its special stand the other side of the room, screwed into a short pole which kept the plug 2 feet above the level of the floor. She walked over, her heels clicking on the solid flow, the stockings gently rubbing and swishing as she approached the displayed toy. Preparing the plug for insertion meant grabbing the tube of lubricant next to the plug, squeezing out a generous amount of the jelly and working it all over the toy. When it was good and slippery she turned around and started to lower her pussy towards the point. It was her job to squat down and keep going until she was fully impaled. Only then was she allowed to release it from the display pole. Soon the tip pushed against her tight hole rubbing against her entrance. With her legs muscles starting to ache, she shifted her weight around so that it was nicely lined up and ready for insertion. Of course the rubbing of the end over her entrance meant she had to catch more liquid in her hand.

She let gravity do its work, stretching her hole, feeling her ass expand to take the girth, getting so full, so very full until she had to take a rest and prepare herself for the final, thickest part to slip in. She took a few deep breaths, and pushed her weight downward causing the plug to open her up that last little bit and it rushed past her muscle, which closed immediately around it, locking it inside her ass and causing her to arch her neck back and moan out loud. Managing to get control of herself and after wiping the juice of her smooth thigh, she unscrewed the plug. Now she had to contend with the plug stimulating her special spot, the heels echo so loudly and the stockings driving her to extreme distraction.

Next were her soft satin panties, master had left out a pair of black laced edge in order to cover up her naughty bits, pulling them up around her mid-section she felt a little upset that she wouldn’t feel them rubbing against her clit, but at least they’d catch all the nasty mess she was making. When they got there, she realized that they weren’t quite big enough to cover the plug and the chastity device and she knew this would mean constantly adjusting them, had Master realized this? He didn’t normally tolerate fidgeting; surely he would have understood what would happen?

Next job was the makeup, she sauntered over to the dressing table and sat down quickly to get on with it which caused the plug to be pushed hard against her hole making her gasp from the sudden extra intrusion. First was a nice heavy coat of foundation, followed by a few brushes of blusher to give her cheeks a nice glow. Following after that was a thick ring of eyeliner to enhance them, mascara on her eyelashes and blended blue eye shadow. She proceeded to glue her long false eyelashes, batting them at her reflection in the mirror. Now the French false nails were added and painted a scarlet red. Master insisted on immaculately presented nails. The last stage of the makeup was her lipstick. In the past, she relished applying the diamond shine slutty red colour as she always imagined it being a dick rubbing across her slutty lips as she applied it, but now as she rubbed it sensually over her lips completing the slutty look it just made her remember just how horny she was feeling. There were two more things to do before slipping on the maids’ outfit; to fit her long straight black wig and to put on her short fingerless white lace edge fishnet gloves.

At last she had reached the end of this ordeal, slipping the black satin outfit over her shoulders. Admiring her reflection in the full-length mirror, the shiny black uniform fitting so well into her curves, a white mini apron and white petti-slips completed the look. She definitely didn’t look like a normal domestic maid, those petti-slips were far too bouncy, the dress was far too shiny and figure fitting, the heels were way too high, the dress length barely covered her stocking tops and was sure to expose them as she moved and the makeup made her look like a total slut! She knew Master Sid would definitely approve!

By time she had polished, scrubbed, dusted and cleaned every surface she could find and prepared a hearty meal for him, she was in quite a state of arousal; her clitty ached from pushing up against the cage and her panties were soaking wet with her own juices. She so wanted to change them, to hide her shame but Master Sid had chosen them himself, if she didn’t report to him wearing them she was sure there would be trouble in store for her.

Taking glance at the clock reminded her that it was nearly the time her master would be home from his job on the building site. He was sure to have worked up quite a thirst and she knew very well she was expected to wait at the door and serve him a cold beer. Also, he would be sure to inspect her, she loved the inspections, her master taking his time to look her over, and it got her so hot! After taking the time to ensure that she was presented properly, she grabbed a cold one from the fridge, put it on her silver serving tray and waited patiently just behind the door.

Sure enough, right on time she heard the purring engine of his car rolling onto the driveway, the door shut and his footsteps echoing across the gravel pathway. Waiting for him to turn his key in the door, her heart started to beat faster, a nervous lump formed in her throat and she started to perspire. The doorbell rang, she took a deep breath and opened the door for him knowing anyone outside could see her. He knew her so well, her need for excitement and the possibility of humiliation. It was a heady mix. Fifi stepped forward opened the door and curtseyed, “Hello Master Sid, welcome home, I hope you’ve had a good day,” and offered him the tray.

“Why thank you my sweet maid, how thoughtful of you,” he passed by her and sat down gracefully on his favourite armchair. “Well, let’s have a look at you, time for inspection.” Mincing over in her high heels, she arranged herself upright in front of him, spine straight, legs together and hands clasped at waist height. Soon the order came for her to turn around so he could check her seams. He ran his hands up her calves and stopped at the knees, pulling them apart. ‘Bend’ a one word command, but as with all commands, expected to be obeyed immediately. Bending at the waist, her skirts rode up and exposed her ass, the suspender belt and her dripping wet panties. He pulled them down a little, grabbed the plug and wiggled it around ensuring that it was fitted properly.

“Your panties are wet,” he stated, “You must have really enjoyed your work today. I do hope you haven’t left any messes, you know I’d have to punish tardiness.” Having a look around, he found everything to his satisfaction and praised her, “Well, I must say, you’ve outdone yourself with tidying, presentation and my food today, well done Fifi!”

This caused her to smile brightly, blush a little and reply, “Thank you Master Sid sir.”

However, as he stood up, a glint of light caught his eye from the end of the coffee table, a small bead of clear liquid, he walked over to it, wiped it onto his finger and offered it to his maid, “Take a taste of this and tell me what it is please!”

She open her bright red lips slightly, took his finger into her mouth, and gently sucked the liquid onto her tongue. “Sorry sir, it’s my precum sir,” she said as she lowered her eyes in shame.

“Oh, Fifi, what a terrible shame to let yourself down like that, I’m so pleased with everything you’ve done, but you know this slip means I have to punish you don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes sir, sissy maids need to be punished to ensure that everything is done properly sir.” She stated.

“Very good, you learn well my pet, now drape yourself over my knees and I’ll correct you.” He ordered.

She lay over his lap, placed her hands flat on the floor in front of her, arched her back and stretched her legs out straight behind her, placing her weight on the tips of her toes. This had the effect of raising her ass well into the air, perfectly presenting it to her master.

He rolled up her skirts, leaving them bunched on her back, and slid the back of her panties down slowly. Suddenly she felt so exposed, so vulnerable and she knew he enjoyed that. His big hand started to caress her cheeks, prolonging the wait, “I’m doing this for your own good you know, how about 5 nice and firm slaps?”

It wasn’t a question, “Yes Master Sid, please give me 5 slaps to help me learn.”

She braced as his hand rose in the air, the familiar whoosh as it came hurtling down and then a loud slap, followed by a dull hard throbbing in her left cheek where the blow had landed. She gritted her teeth, held back her need to call out and gave the required response, “One Sir, thank you Sir, may I have another please?”

She felt his hand on the other cheek, could almost sense the smile on his lips as he softly caressed it, letting her know where the next blow would come. And come it did, just as the first one, causing her to jump a little, “Two Sir, thank you Sir, may I have another please?”

This time his hand felt both cheeks at the same time, she knew this meant a blow down the middle, a little relief inside her head; these weren’t as bad as the ones directly on a single cheek. “Three Sir, thank you Sir, may I have another please?”

He was teasing her; his hand wasn’t on either cheek so she didn’t know where the next one was going to land. Her worry was disturbed by a warming slap across the left cheek, making it glow even more, “Four, Sir, thank you Sir, may,” a light stutter, “may I have another please?”

She knew exactly where the next blow was going to come, on her other cheek to even things out. She tensed her body to lessen the blow slightly He liked to tease her on the last one, the hand was up, the clock was ticking in the room so loudly and everything seemed to move so slowly. Her cheeks started to quiver as she tried to hold them for the least discomfort. Just as she gave up on holding herself tight, the last one hit, impacting on her right cheek, sending a small shock through her body. She stifled a little grunt and asked, “Five, Sir, thank you Sir, May I have another please?”

“No, I think that five is more than enough for this small transgression, now you may dish up my meal.”

As she wiggled her way over, she could feel the panties rubbing against her glowing cheeks and realized that they had been made even wetter during her correction.

After they had finished the dinner (he had invited her to sit with him and they talked about their days), he moved over to the sofa and relaxed after his hard day at work. “Fifi dear, my feet are aching, would you be as kind as to give them a rub for me?”

She loved to take care of her master, so scooted down onto her knees, unlaced his shoes, pulled off his socks and got to work, rubbing, kneading and massaging his feet until he had reached a state of complete relaxation. Crouching down she gave each of his feet a small kiss. He looked down at her and smiled, “I’m going to relax a bit more here, why don’t you finish your cleaning up dear?”

Realising again how horny she was and how she wanted some sex, any sex, she put a little plan into operation. With every object she cleaned or dusted, Fifi did her best to bend at the waist, let her skirts roll up and expose her stocking tops and seams to him. She made sure she bent over a lot, facing away from him, knowing he’d have a great view of her exposed thighs and sexy nylon. Every now and then, she’d sneak a glance at him and knew he was watching intently. Her final gambit was to clean underneath the table in front of him. Crawling onto all fours, heels stretched out behind her, keeping her butt up high and head low, rear exposed , she reach and cleaned thoroughly under the table. A little cough from behind her, “oh Fifi, you little tease, look what you’ve gone and done!”

Turning around, looking at her master, he had a very noticeable bulge in his trousers, her eyes locked on it and she licked her lips, “Would you like me to take care of that Sir?”

“Well Fifi, do a good job and I might even think about opening your cage for you!” he said as he placed his arms behind his head and leant back.

She crawled over to him, feeling her cage get tight again and her juices once again running into her panties, she slowly moved up his legs, her hands sliding toward his zipper, “Does Sir have anything he wants cleaned the old-fashioned way?” Locking eyes with him, “You know a good spit shine?” and closed her thumb and finger on his zipper. Slowly she dragged it down until his erection was now bulging through the gap created, pushing against his underwear. “Oh Sir, that is going to need quite some work isn’t it?” she exclaimed as she popped open the button on his trousers and pulled them down a little. His outline was clearly visible now, making his underwear very tight. She kissed the tip, heard him sigh softly, and felt him twitch smiling at the lipstick trace she left.

Continuing down his shaft towards his balls, she continued to rain soft kisses on his throbbing cock enjoying his responses. Her hand slid onto his outline and gently squeezed, working it’s way back up, her mouth following after it. Hooking her fingers into his waistband, she pulled it down a bit exposing his swollen purple cock head. Gently, Fifi allowed the waistband to push down against his shaft trapping his cock against him with his knob lewdly poking out. Placing her hands either side of it, she lowered her head and tickled between his veins with her tongue and ran it all around the outside of his ridge causing him to gasp. Following this by pushing her wet flat tongue hard against his underside and licking furiously, soon precum was oozing from his tip and like the good maid she knew she was, slurped it all up nosily.

Master Sid told her, “You know what I want Fifi, you little tease!” although he was clearly enjoying this treatment.

His knees were shaking by the time her finally reached her apartment, he struggled to catch his breath. Clutched in his left hand was his high heels, he had kicked them off and started to run shortly after his encounter with the hobo. Timidly, he knocked on her door, but after a few minutes of no answer, he decided that she wasn’t home. Vicky was about to collapse onto the welcome mat when he remembered that she had given him a key, it was on the necklace he always kept around his neck since he was always losing things.

He trudged in and tossed the heels off to the side, too tired to care if Nicole became pissed with him. Maybe he could take a quick bath before she got back. His feet were caked with dirt, with gravel digging into the bed of his feet. From the back room he heard screaming, it sounded like it may be Nicole. Someone or something could be hurting her. Victor stealthily edged towards the room after he plucked a knife from the kitchen counter.


He hunched down with the knife firmly in his grip and nudged the door open. As he first walked in, he wondered if had the wrong apartment, the room was scented with the musky perfume of sex. Hovering over the bed was a slender but muscular chocolaty man. He also the wriggling flashes of creamy pink and white flesh. Strands of the ginger hair burning under the lights, it was Nicole all right. Victor also noticed her delighted expression.

“Ni—Nicole, what’s going on?” He finally stammered.

Her eyes glazed over as she smirked with him, “This is how a real man fucks, Vicky.”

Humiliation washed over him and with that said, he dropped to his knees, “What would you have of me Mistress?”


Vicky noticed that Reggie had very pretty green eyes, but when Reggie stared directly at him, he dropped his own blue eyes in shamefully. How can he ever look someone filled with such a masculinity in the eyes? It scared him to be with a man, would it hurt? Would this truly make him gay or a woman? So many questions began to flutter inside his mind, but butterflies roamed in Vicky’s stomach with curiosity. This was what his mistress wanted, Mistress Nic always got what she wanted.

Mistress Nic commanded him to suck Reggie’s cock, Reggie smirked but sweetly urged him on.

“Okay sissy,” Nic sang out, “come get your punishment. Reggie is going to make you a woman.”

“Come on Vicky. I promise it tastes like chocolate,” he said with a wink. It sent Vicky into a fit of giggles, he realized that he did sound like a girl.

He stared at Reggie’s cock, and started to panic. Nic brought out the spider gag, locking Vicky’s head in place and prying his mouth open for Reggie. Nicole gave Vicky a light kiss and seemed to pull the silk rope from out of mid-air, she bound him into a hogtie like when he was in the closet. He tried to beg for mercy, but the gag restrained him from such.

Reggie cooed, “You know that you’re a cock slut and we’re going to show you how bad you really want it Victoria.”

He then grabbed Vicky by the hair, causing him to gasp in surprise. He thought Reggie was going to be gentle, he roughly thrust his cock into Vicky’s mouth. Again and again, it was overwhelming but Vicky was starting to realize he kind of liked it. It was similar to having Mistress Nic’s strap-on in him, but entirely different. What had given him the right to be the one who started things in the bedroom, to have the upper hand? Why shouldn’t he be dominated, be the submissive one? He liked things like being called a slut. A sissy. Having no control. He was begging to have it all stop, it came out in strangled whimpers. But in reality he really wanted much more to be done.

Then Nic was jamming her strap-on down his throat just a bit at a time. He had had his eyes closed and didn’t realize Reggie had left. Suddenly, there were large calloused hands gripping his shoulders, Reggie’s firm cock entered Vicky’s ass. He explored further than Nic ever had, thrusting deeper. Vicky shuddered with delight, Nic slammed her strap-on into his face again. They worked as one, penetrating, thrusting. Sweating. Moaning. Vicky hoped that they never stopped fucking her.

In the months since Curtis had started his “employment” with Mama and moved into the rambling old Victorian mansion his life had changed considerably. HE had changed considerably… His hair, always full, and still dark thank goodness, had started growing out. The first time Mama had taken him to her salon to get his hair cut and styled was both hideously embarrassing…and in an odd way, wildly stimulating. Mama had dressed him “special” for the outing in a pearl gray satin bustier. The snug satin held him firmly, while at the same time stimulating him with its rich texture. Regulation pantyhose held “him” in place below wool slacks and a sweater. It was the first time he’d ever appeared in public in “dress” clothes.

Mama had chatted quietly with the attendants for several minutes before bending over him as he sat quietly waiting in the chair. Reaching under the capacious black styling cape, she fondled him to quick arousal while murmuring -

“Mama is going shopping now. If you’re a good little slut maybe Mama will bring you a surprise when she comes back,” her fingernails caressed his sack. “In the meantime you behave yourself and mind the girls!”

It had been an…”interesting” day. The girls had stripped him naked, chattering softly among themselves in their native language – he thought it might be Viet Namese or perhaps Thai. They oohed and aahed appreciatively over the size of his cock, enhanced by the some of the multiple rings and bands he was getting used to wearing. The ridged silver ring worn just below the crown increased the size and swelling of the head itself, while the ridging on the ring provided added stimulus to those on the receiving end of his attentions. Additionally he wore one snug latex band at the base of his cock itself, and another, larger band, around both cock and balls. Once banded he was able to stay erect for long periods of time without cumming, but without danger of totally losing circulation to his genitals. For ‘special events’ other rings would be added that would be tighter and some had special protuberances designed to particularly excite and please a partner.

Being stroked and fondled by so many women, although exciting in itself, was merely the start of his adventures that day. He had been pampered, massaged, oiled and loofahed. Manicure and pedicure along with the style and cut of his hair were next. Finally, after intense discussion and some forceful argument among themselves, he had been led into the back of the salon his robe removed again and told quite firmly to “sit” and “don’t move”. At the end of a sharply painful period of time that had brought tears to his eyes more than once, his glowing pink body was as smoothly hairless as Fleur’s.

Admiring himself afterward in the mirrors, seeing his gleaming enameled nails stroking the ridged purple head of his cock and the baby smooth bag between his legs, he nearly cried in thankfulness. The women all smiled and applauded at his obvious pleasure – then gathering once more they began stroking oil into his freshly waxed skin, seeming to pay special attention to the crack of his ass, his scrotum and rod. He knew he wasn’t imagining their focus when the first tongue tip reached out boldly to rim his anus. Another mouth hotly engulfed his balls, sucking first one, then the other into the woman’s mouth as she tongued them wetly throughout.

Thankfully Mama had returned before their little debauch could gather too much momentum and he nearly cried again at how pleased Mama was with his appearance. She had praised him for cooperating with the suggestions of the women, and praised and generously tipped the young women themselves for their work. Stroking and fondling him from shoulder to asshole she had exclaimed over and over again about how silky and flawless his skin was for ‘a mature man’.

As he began to get dressed again Mama had presented him with the first of many ‘surprises’ he was to receive that day and in the many days to come. The double-ring ‘trailer hitch’ style cock ring was beautifully light-weight, wrought in titanium and he was duly flattered that Mama had thought so highly of him that she had spent so much on what was essentially a sex-toy for him. The ring portion was tightly snug and even with a liberal coating of oil on his prick, took a little effort to settle into place. Once that was done, the women had him bend over a chair, ass in the air and several of them ‘helped’ his Mistress to oil and lubricate his anus and the ball hitch before inserting it in its proper location. The ball portion was somewhat larger than he usually took in a butt plug and he felt a little stretched before it finally popped into place, the neck of the hitch being long enough to allow it to nestle against his prostate providing continual stimulation. The feeling was amazing when he stood and moved around again.

That day they had returned to the house in time for one of ‘The Monsignor’s’ periodic visits, allowing him to meet the man. He didn’t know who the man really was, whether he was a priest in fact or only in fantasy. Whenever he appeared at the house he was wearing a clerical collar and cassock, and Mama had first introduced Curtis to him as ‘Monsignor’. He was an older man with short gray hair and if he wasn’t a real priest Curtis never knew it – in his clerical garb the older man looked the part. He certainly played the part well.

As was apparent from the nature of some of the rooms themselves, illusion and role-playing were major drives in the lives of many of the guests who came to ‘The House’. Mama kept out most of the ‘riffraff’ – those whose goals truly revolved more around pain and injury than around pleasure and its prolongation, or perhaps at times withholding overt pleasure as a means of intensifying the end result. Mama ruled everything and everyone who served The House with a velvet fist and there was nothing that any one of them wouldn’t have done for her. Some, like the lovely Fleur, never left The House and its environs, while others like the driver, some of the gardeners and Curtis himself, came and went at Mama’s discretion. He had his own set of keys now and his truck had it’s own reserved space in the barn-like garage.

Curtis had helped solidify many of the plans and designs for rooms of the house, redesigning a bath in one of the ‘harem’ rooms to appear as if it was a small, community pool built of stone. Shower heads and handheld units were artfully concealed in the faux stonework of the walls, along with growing mosses, hanging plants and vines. Several of the gardeners were promoted to handle ‘in-house plants’ and a number of clandestine ‘rewards’ of various types were meted out among various household members. The bath had proved to be quite a challenge, from providing sufficient light and circulation for growing plants through recessed lighting, a glass-block wall and antique Moroccan ceiling fans – to re-bracing floor joists to ensure sufficient support for the weight of the over-sized tub. Eventually it was accomplished by joining rooms on two levels. The added supports and braces in the cellar were used in a number of interesting designs.

Mama was more than pleased with the final result and had hosted a lively weekend party. The first truly “open” house event Curtis had experienced since moving in. He found himself, at one point, overwhelmed by both the sheer number of people in the house, and by the overwhelming eroticism of everything he was seeing and experiencing. In one harem room upstairs a naked ‘sheik’ was surrounded by half a dozen lovely odalesques in all shapes, sizes and colors. In another lounge a tearful slave, shackled to a wall, her backside already showing a crisscross pattern of red welts, begged for ‘mercy’, although her hips were thrust backwards for the teasing touches of her Mistress’ hand-held vibrator.

The community bath held a bevy of exotic beauties lounging in the water or on the plush benches. At one time his Mistress held court in the room and he’d watched, hard as a rock, while two, and then three other women had stroked her with their soft, manicured hands, drizzling warm scented oils over her skin. Mama had stroked and kissed them in return until it became difficult to tell whose flesh was whose and he had longed to join in, to suckle from Mama’s abundant teats and to nestle between her thighs – licking and sucking until she came against his mouth and face.

Through it all, the Monsignor had stalked like a dark-winged bird of ill omen – impossible to tell what he was thinking or feeling, Curtis only knew that the stern, disapproving man made him extremely uncomfortable.

The house reeked of rut and cum despite scented candles and bowls of of pot pourri scattered through the rooms. Maids in abbreviated French-style uniforms moved from room to room with trays of hot scented towels, clean sheets or refreshments, while ‘butlers’ wearing only leather chaps and hoods greeted guests, took coats and maintained the buffet tables, both providing other services as demanded. Curtis didn’t realize until much later that many of these apparent servants were, in fact, guest subs, either brought by their Dom/mes for the event – or known to Mama in some way and seeking their own Master or Mistress to serve.

Curtis was nervous and anxious – not simply because he had no idea who might or might not show up, whether or not it might be someone from his previous life, but also because he was not used to being around so many people. In many ways he felt quite at a loss how to behave, and his cock, as always with a mind of its own, wouldn’t have altered its proud throbbing stance if he COULD have taught it better manners. The simple fact was, he wasn’t sure, under these circumstances, just what DID constitute good manners, although everyone else seemed to feel quite comfortable in their roles. He still hadn’t been a member of the household long enough to meet all the guests and felt vaguely guilty and humiliated in the tobacco brown and gold, satin and lace teddy and tap pants he wore with the lace-top stockings and low heels. He had not yet mastered wearing higher heels, and despite his growing comfort wearing lingerie ‘at home among family’ it was the fact that so many strangers (at least he fervently hoped they were all strangers) were here today that made him so uneasy.

Additionally, he was ‘free’ today, under no constraint from Mama to withhold his orgasm, he might cum when, how and with whomever he pleased. But in some ways it was like sending a starving man to a banquet – EVERYTHING looked delicious and he had no idea what to sample first.

Looking into some of the other rooms he located Fleur, legs up in the stirrups, while a ‘doctor’ examined her closely – apparently testing her ability to orgasm. Seeing Curtis peering in around the door she winked at him solemnly when the man with her bent to insert a speculum into her dripping cunt. Assured that she was fine and enjoying herself, at least as much as their Mistress was, he moved on. Peeking into the ‘classroom’ he enjoyed watching what appeared to be a pubescent school girl (judging solely by the size of her small breasts, and the hairlessness of her snatch…and her pigtails of course), with panties around her ankles and a rosy-red bottom fresh from spanking, as she sucked her ‘teacher’s’ cock.

Feeling much as though there was no place in the crowded house where he belonged or ‘fit in’ he ducked into the library room. There at least it was quiet, and he could work on his plans for the ornate gazebo with its designs for the sex swing, the free swinging ‘bed’ and several heavily framed ‘trellises’ that would serve to not only screen the interior and its occupants, but would also support the heavy brackets and chains he had planned for restraints. Mama’s birthday was coming up in a few months and he’d been working on the plans in secret for weeks.

Bent over the desk and lost in his work he didn’t hear the door opening quietly behind him. He was startled when the cultured, slightly British sounding voice behind him said -

“I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t realize this room would be occupied…”

As Curtis stood upright and turned, the Monsignor’s face altered swiftly from a look of solicitous apology to one of venomous outrage.

“YOU!” he spat. “You filth! Abomination!”

“Monsignor?” he stammered. “What…”

“You disgust me and you disgust God you Man-Whore!”

The priest’s lean, ascetic face was flushed with his rage, his piercing blue eyes taking in everything, from the carefully styled hair and manicured nails to Curtis’ silky smooth hairlessness and still-straining erection, tenting the satin and lace tap pants. His hands appeared to Curtis to tremble slightly as he began to remove his cincture, doubling it in his hands. Shoving Curtis back, face down and sprawled across the top of the desk he began whipping him mercilessly, alternately cursing him and praying over him.

Curtis didn’t know specifically what had set the old priest off, but the braided cord was not the worst thing he had ever been spanked with. Laying face down he was in a good position to stroke himself against the satin of his lingerie, at least until an excess of religious zeal caused the Monsignor to rip the pants down and away, exposing his buttocks and the titanium ‘hitch’ linking the ball inside him to the coils around his cock. The sight seemed to inflame the priest even further and his arm was tireless as it rose and fell. He beat Curtis indiscriminately, blows landing on his thighs, back, and buttocks.

The repeated blows from the cincture began to have an affect. Curtis could feel his ass and thighs becoming more sensitive, increasing his stimulation and arousal. He pressed forward, rubbing against the desktop, barely stifling his lustful moan. The whipping stopped abruptly, and he barely heard the hoarse whisper behind him -

“You slut! You WHORE! You DARE to use this for your pleasure?”

He heard the man fumbling at his clothes and the sonorous whisper of a zipper, then a sharp pain as the large titanium ball in his ass was abruptly removed.

“Is THIS what you want then, cock-whore?”

Curtis felt the massive head and hot steely shaft of the priest’s cock pressing into him mercilessly. Without benefit of any form of lubrication he felt like he was being torn in half and tears sprang to his eyes as he pleaded -

“No, please, Monsignor, not yet….I’m not ready….please….let me…..”

“Let you what?” the older man demanded.

Half turning Curtis reached behind him, grasping the man’s girth firmly. Looking him directly in the eye at first, he then lowered his gaze to the meat in his hand, before looking back up into the piercing blue eyes again, and licking his lips -

“Let me….please?”

The Monsignor didn’t say a word, but he took a half step back, his eyes narrowing. Curtis took that for assent, standing and moving around to the other side of the desk, never removing his hand from the cleric’s prick. The older man followed him, taking a seat in the upholstered leather executive chair when Curtis nodded toward it. His eyes never left Curtis, as though he was a snake about to strike. Curtis parted the man’s knees, thankful for the roominess of the cassock that allowed him to nestle between his thighs. Licking his lips again he looked at the large, uncut cock, straining toward him. Skinning back the foreskin his mouth began to water at the appearance of the swollen, red head. Engulfing the helmet his tongue swirled around and over it, bathing it with his saliva.

From the corner of his eye he could see the priest’s hands tighten on the arms of the chair and he heard a barely muffled groan, tasting the first salty drops of pre-cum against his lips. Straining his mouth and his abilities to their utmost he bobbed on the cock he held, his hand working the loose skin further down. It was, by far, the biggest prick he’d ever had the pleasure of….pleasing, he thought. His goal not to make the older man cum in his mouth, but simply to coat him with sufficient saliva to hopefully ease his access. As his drool began to cover his fist and even drip into the thickly matted pubic hairs exposed around the man’s groin and balls, Curtis hoped it would be sufficient. His own cock was steel hard with excitement now too and freely dripping pre-cum. Wiping his hand across its tip he gathered as much as possible, reaching back to coat his anus with the slippery substance.

Rising again he bent across the desk, spreading his legs wide and reaching back with both hands to spread his ass cheeks as far apart as possible. With a whisper of cloth and a barely contained hiss of renewed fury at the sight the Monsignor pierced him to the core, driving into him in one hard push, only then pausing a bare half second to allow himself to adapt to the sensation. Even with the benefit of saliva and their now mingled pre-cum Curtis felt like he was being split in two, especially when the cleric began to pound against him in earnest.

The older man’s constantly muttered litany of prayers continued as he hammered into Curtis from behind and Curtis could feel the man’s heavy sack, swinging forward to slap against his thighs and his own scrotum with each thrust forward. His own balls were drawn up tight and hard as golf balls with his excitement now and there was a nearly steady stream of pre-cum oozing from his pee-hole. The priest fell forward heavily, propped now with his hands on either side of Curtis rib cage and he had returned to muttered curses and name calling. Curtis could feel the sweat from the man’s face dripping between his shoulder blades, wetting the satin teddy. He rolled slightly, just far enough to ease one arm below him to stroke the rigid length of his own cock, his hips flexing uncontrollably as the Monsignor continued to drive into him.

The older man paused then -

“You ARE a slut – a cock-whore!”

Standing he pulled his cock free, eliciting a moan of disappointment from Curtis. Reaching down he grabbed Curtis hair and pulled him around, pushing him down on his back on the desk, hips and legs dangling over the edge of the desk.

“Pull up your legs you….filth!” he expostulated, eyes once again narrowed and face flushed with apparent rage.

Curtis obeyed eagerly if it was going to mean the Monsignor was going to fuck him some more.

“Now hold your legs open to me slut….and keep your filthy hands off your….prick!”

Curtis obediently pulled his knees up and back, effectively lifting and spreading his ass as the priest leaned forward, thrusting into him again. Now that his anus seemed to have stretched the sensation was much more pleasurable and the length and thickness of the Monsignor’s shaft reached places inside him no living person had ever explored before. He leaned forward again, his blue eyes locked with Curtis’ own as he began to fuck with a skill no celibate should be able to demonstrate. Thrusting and rotating his hips the fat mushroom head of his cock stroked and massaged Curtis’ prostate without mercy, seeming to know exactly what he was doing and exactly what Curtis was feeling.

Finally, biting his lip to keep from shouting out loud with his pleasure, Curtis felt the boiling spasms as his hot spunk shot out over his own, face, chest and belly. Closing his eyes briefly he felt for a moment that he might never stop cumming, and as he did he felt the shaft inside him swelling as the priest gained his own release. It seemed briefly that he could feel gallons of the man’s jism spurting into his bowels, filling him to overflowing.

The gray-haired Monsignor collapsed onto the floor, face in his hands, weeping and Curtis clambered to his feet, feeling the man’s cum draining from his widely gaping asshole.

“Monsignor?” he began.

“Oh what have I done? What have I done? What have I done?”

“Sir, are you alright?”

“Oh, I’ve sinned…..I’ve sinned. I’ve hurt you and I’ve sinned.”

“No, Monsignor, you didn’t….”

“You must punish me!” the man exclaimed frantically, scrabbling on the floor for his cincture cord and thrusting it into Curtis’ hands when he found it.

NO, Monsignor, I can’t….” Curtis protested, appalled.

“You MUST punish me! I have sinned and YOU must punish ME!” the older man begged tearfully.

Stepping away from the priest he watched in disbelief as the other man crawled across the floor toward him, bending to kiss and lick his shoes and feet.

“Please, I have sinned….I MUST be punished.”

It was with enormous relief that he heard Mama’s voice from the doorway.

“Are you insane? What have you done to MY sweet boy?”

Hurrying to Curtis side she asked, “Are you alright child? You’re bleeding, did you know?”

Curtis felt his head swim then, realizing that it was not just the priest’s hot cum he felt continuing to slide down his thighs. That in fact his first impression of feeling split in two was likely more accurate than he had thought. Mama wrapped an arm around him tightly, using her considerable strength to hold him up while moving him to the Executive Chair to sit.

“Still feeling faint? No? Good…if you should start to again put your head down between your knees.”

Going to the door she summoned a passing ‘butler’. “Go to the Medical Room – see if Fleur and Dr. Morrisette are still there and bring them both here immediately.”

Coming back into the room she opened a drawer of the desk, groping in the back for the bottle of bourbon and glasses stashed there. “Tea might be better for you in the long run Curtis, but this may be more restorative.” She poured a healthy two fingers in both glasses handing one to him and draining the other. The old priest continued to grovel on the floor but she had ignored him since her first expostulation.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I had no idea this would happen, that he would react this way, it all happened so fast….”

“Curtis, sweetheart, you have no need to apologize. YOU have done nothing to be ashamed of and you have certainly never abused MY trust or the rules of this house!”

Fleur and the ‘doctor’ entered at this point. Curtis wasn’t sure of the doctor’s actual credentials, any more than he was of the Monsignor’s, but Mama had referred to him as ‘Doctor’ so he would give him the benefit of the doubt. Fleur had dropped to her knees at Mama’s feet on entering the room, but her Mistress had simply petted her briefly and sent her to sit by Curtis. She was now nestled between Curtis knees, watching the proceedings with her green eyes wide with curiosity. Mama murmured briefly to the Doctor who had promptly come to Curtis side, checking his pulse and color. Having him stand and lean over the desk briefly he announced -

“A small fissure only. The bleeding has nearly stopped now and there should be no permanent damage.”

Then speaking more directly to Curtis, “I’d advise a soft diet, high in fiber for the next few days to allow the tear to heal completely. No heavy lifting. I’ll prescribe some stool softeners and whatever you do don’t strain with movements or you’ll break it open again.”

“Thank you Glenn” Mama said. “I trust you’ll keep this…”

“Under my hat, Madam, as always!” Nodding toward the sniveling cleric he asked, “Do you want something to help calm him?”

“Only temporarily, Glenn. He wants punishment…he should be fully conscious during it.”

“I’ll send someone back with something for him then.” Pausing briefly to stroke Fleur’s hair back and away from her face he bent and kissed her lightly on the forehead, “Thank you for your assistance with my research, child. It’s always such a joy to see you and work with you…”

Picking the cincture cord up from where it lay on the floor Mama doubled it thoughtfully in her hands, walking around the desk to an upholstered wing chair in the corner, carefully avoiding the grasping hands of the priest, still weeping and muttering prayers. She was dressed all in burgundy red today a lace up the front corset with built in shelf bra that supported and exposed her coffee brown nipples, burgundy lace, finger-less gloves and dark red lace-topped stockings made to stay up without garters with burgundy mules completed her ensemble. Unlike so many of her staff she had a neatly trimmed and groomed thatch of pubic hair. Her nail and lip color matched the rich burgundy red of her corset today and the cane she carried was topped with a large, dragon head carved of red soapstone.

Settling back in the wing chair she snapped her fingers once -

“Fleur, another bourbon please.”

Curtis reflected that she was always unfailingly polite, saying please and thank you – as though, he thought, any of them would dare to deny her a demand. Wondering momentarily what might happen to anyone foolish enough to do so, remembering with a thrill his first meeting and interview when she had spanked and fucked him so thoroughly and thinking perhaps he needed to risk saying no again at some point. No, he decided – no point risking what he’d found, and it wasn’t, he thought, as though he hadn’t had plenty of rewarding spankings and fuckings since moving in. No, he’d grown to love this job and the people – Mama and Fleur were his family now, in ways his own father never had been.

Fleur had moved from between his feet to the desk, accurately pouring another two fingers into Mama’s glass and taking it to her. Mama, meanwhile had draped one leg over the arm of the chair and was absently fingering herself, staring thoughtfully at the Monsignor’s grovelling form. Fleur slid between her Mistress’ silk and lace clad thighs, her face pressed to the older woman’s crotch. In the quiet of the room, Curtis could hear the wet sounds of her lapping at Mama’s cunt, even over the sound of the priest’s continued tears and prayers.

Watching her curiously, Curtis was surprised to note that his Mistress, still thoughtfully staring into space, seemed as indifferent to Fleur’s attentions as she was to the sniveling priest, crouched abjectly in the middle of the floor. A quiet knock on the door announced a butler carrying a tray, and a rather stern looking woman dressed in a two sizes too small, old fashioned nurses’ uniform with white, button down shirt, skirt and white nursing cap. Her breasts seemed ready to explode from the tightly buttoned top and the skirt barely covered the garter tabs holding her white stockings in place. She seemed, however, to know the basic mechanics, lifting the back of the Monsignor’s cassock and summarily yanking his trousers down. She swabbed his ass with something before sticking him with the needle and depressing the plunger end. That done she handed the syringe back to the butler who left without a word, while she stopped by Curtis side to check his pulse again. Apparently satisfied she patted his shoulder warmly, paused to whisper something in Mama’s ear and left. Fleur never stopped tonguing her Mistress’ pussy.

As the priests’ broken sobbing and prayers dropped to occasional snuffling hiccups and murmurs, Mama patted Fleur on the head -

“Thank you child, that will do for now.”

Looking at Curtis she inquired, “How are you feeling now, son? Better?”

In some distress, feeling that perhaps he had failed in expected courtesy to a guest in some way, Curtis went to the side of Mama’s chair, his eyes filled with tears. Putting her hand under his chin Mama forced his head up so that she could look him in the eye -

“What’s wrong Curtis, my dear?”

Waving in the general direction of the priest, now curled in fetal position on the floor, Curtis said, “I’m so sorry, Mistress. I never meant for THAT to happen. I thought….”

“Yes child, what did you think?”

“I don’t know,” he exhaled gustily, dropping his head against the arm of the chair. “I guess I thought it was a role play, like all the others I’ve seen today. I just….feel responsible somehow.”

Cupping his chin and forcing his head up again, Mama shook her head firmly, the silver lock of hair at her brow catching the light and flashing around her head. “You are NOT to blame for any of this Curtis. For some, RP…role play, is more serious than others – more a part of the framework of their lives. If anyone is to blame, then I am to blame for misunderstanding how deeply the Monsignor’s ‘quirks’ lie within his psyche.”

At that both he and Fleur shook their heads vehemently, their Mistress finally smiling at their disagreement.

Tsk-ing at them both she said, “No arguments now, or Mama will have to spank.”

Seeing the glimmer in Curtis’ eye she stroked his cheek, “Not tonight sweet boy. My sweet sissy has to heal a little before Mama can ‘punish’ him for arguing. But let’s see if we can’t find some other way of enjoying ourselves, shall we? First though, Mama has to take care of that.” She waved expressively toward the priest – usually so coolly immaculate and stern – now tousled and torn, his blood and cum smeared dick still hanging from the front of his robes and his red face liberally smeared with tears and snot.

Rising from the chair she took the cincture cord she still held, loosely knotting it around the Monsignor’s thin wrists. Nudging him with the toe of her shoe she commanded -

“Get up!”

He tried to obey, stumbling once or twice on the hem of his cassock before finally attaining his feet. As he stood there swaying, his fumbling hands reached to stuff himself back into his pants and Mama slapped him so hard it rocked him on his feet, the imprint of her hand bright on the pale skin of his cheek.

“Did I TELL you to cover yourself?”

“N-n-n-no!” he stammered.

She hit him again, back-handing him across the other cheek.

“Did I give you permission to SPEAK?”

He shook his head dumbly this time, a thin line of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth where he’d apparently bitten his cheek or tongue when she hit him.

Glancing at Curtis and Fleur where they stood together holding hands, Mama gave the rope in her hands a sharp tug, “All right then, children, come along…”

She marched out the door, the disheveled cleric stumbling behind her with his dick flopping at every step, Curtis and Fleur bringing up the rear. Curtis was quite self-conscious of his appearance. Pantiless with cum and apparently blood smeared around his backside and possibly down his thighs he felt as though everyone must be pointing and whispering about him. He was unsurprised at one point to look back and discover a small crowd trailing them as they descended the winding staircase into the basement areas of the house. Fleur, naked as always, tossed her hair back over her shoulders and took his hand again. In that moment, her courage covering him like a blanket, Curtis fell quite helplessly in love with the petite red-head. Submissive or not, Curtis realized, in her own way she was as strong, spirited and courageous as Mama and he wondered again if they were really mother and daughter, or like he and his Mistress, no blood relation at all.

Arriving at last in the “grandstand” area of the main cellar, Mama let the cord fall from her hands, a one word command whipping through the air, as people silently filled the bleacher-type seats -


Curtis felt confused for a moment, but Fleur gave him a miniscule shake of her head, following the older woman to the deep sink area, where she already had water running. Following the two women Curtis realized they were preparing an enema bag. Warm water with a heavy concentration of castile soap filled the sink and Mama filled the heavy bag, clamping off the hose end before hoisting it from the sink. Curtis moved to take it from her but she said quietly -

“Not this time, sweet boy. No heavy lifting remember?”

He shook his head and flushed, chagrined, but Mama ran a finger lightly over his lips, then down to his groin to cup and fondle his balls briefly. She muscled the heavy bag onto the wheeled stand and Fleur took it to where the priest was still standing, hands cupped over his genitals. Looking at the priest in some disgust she shook her head.

“Are you deaf now too? I said STRIP! I won’t tell you again…”

He lifted his hands to his mouth to work the knots loose and the braided rope fell at his feet. He began unbuttoning his robe with shaking hands. Mama meanwhile turned her back on him to prepare other aspects of his forthcoming punishment. Opening the cabinet holding the various whips, paddles and crops authorized for use in the house, she fingered several items lightly before finally settling on a light, wicked looking riding crop. She’d used the wider crop on him once and he had to admit it was quite effective – the metal core giving it quite a bit of spring. But while it had stung and reddened his ass, this little thing looked like it could cut and hurt and he wondered if that was her true intent.

Another cabinet held various dildos, vibrators, harnesses, as well as an assortment of cock-cages. Those members of the audience who knew the contents of the various cabinets and dressers in the room sighed in appreciation of the implements she took. The cock-cage was built to hold both cock and balls, tightly compressed, with no allowance for erection, and in fact had some painful spines built into the interior of the cage which would make an erection quite excruciating. Additionally, his Mistress held a harness, built to hold various interchangeable dildos – although he would guess it had never been intended to hold the thing that Mama handed him.

The artificial horse-cock in every way resembled the stallions it was patterned after, as long and big around as his forearm it was made of firm, black silicon. Curtis noticed several women, and a few men watching who were so aroused by the sight that they were playing with themselves or each other. He wasn’t sure what Mama had in mind, but he was glad he wasn’t the one being punished. He knew for a fact the damn thing would have torn his ass apart under the present circumstances.

Spinning the older man around and shoving him toward the wall, Mama gestured to Curtis to handcuff him with the manacles hanging above his head. Fleur appeared, as if by magic, with a spreader bar and the two of them shackled the priest’s ankles into it. Mama, stepped up to face him -

“So priest,” her voice dripped with contempt, “you think you have the right to come into my house and abuse my staff?”

He shook his head, tears starting to fall again.

“Speak. You think you have the right to abuse MY people?”

“N-n-noo!” he wailed.

Gripping his balls and cock in one hand she twisted hard. The priest screamed. A high-pitched scream as much from terror as from pain at this point but his knees went weak and he hung limply from the wrist manacles.

“No WHAT?” Her voice cracked through the room.

“N-n-noo M-m-mistress!”

She nodded thoughtfully, “But you have the right to beat, verbally abuse and RAPE my sweet son?”

The priest’s only answer was to piss himself from fear. Mama nodded sharply to two of the heavily muscled, hooded “butlers” standing by the doorway, and although Curtis didn’t understand how they knew what she wanted from them the two went to a back room, bringing out a well padded pommel horse – just like those seen in any gymnasium in the world. They muscled the heavy piece over the brick and tile rim Curtis had built up around the drain areas. At another nod from his Mistress they loosened the Monsignor’s hands from the manacles, bending him over the end of the ‘horse’ and cuffing his hands round the pommel. The old priest’s lean white ass clenched and flexed with shame and fear but Curtis noticed with some fascination that his cock was starting to grow again. A murmured command from Mama sent Fleur scurrying to lock the cock and ball cage on and the cleric seemed to flinch away, as much from Fleur’s feminine touch, as from the pain of the cage itself.

The snap of latex gloves being pulled on drew Curtis attention back to where Mama stood next to the pole holding the heavy enema bag. Her heels clicking sharply on the cement floor, and the squeak of the wheels as she moved the pole closer to the old man were the only sounds in the room. The horse had been positioned in such a way that the ‘audience’ of party-goers all had a clear view of the proceedings, as Mama bent and pried his ass cheeks apart with one hand. A collective sigh seemed to be exhaled from the on-lookers when his puckered brown anus came into view. Snapping the fingers of her free hand resulted in Fleur placing the nozzle and a generous loop of hose in her hand, the clamp within reach of her fingers.

As casually as if she did it every day Mama slid the nozzle into the older man’s rectum, thumb compressing the clamp to release the flow of warm, soapy liquid into his bowels. Fleur stood by, ready to compress the bag with her hands, forcing the fluid out faster if desired. Mama strolled back to the cabinet, pulling out a large sized anal plug, bulb shaped with a large flange and loop. Walking back to the priest she stuck it in his face commanding -

“Suck this!”

The old man was pale faced and sweating profusely now from the cramping pain of his bowels. He sucked the butt plug like an over large pacifier, but when Mama pulled it from his mouth she sneered disdainfully -

“One way or another, this IS going in your ass – you might want to put a little more saliva on it.”

Curtis wondered if she knew how hard it was to manufacture saliva when you were scared – how true the old saying about being “scared spit-less” was – then realized she most likely did and her torture of the old priest was likely to be as intensely psychological as it was physical. He still thought she was over-reacting though and didn’t understand why. He wasn’t that badly hurt. He’d be fine in a few days, the doctor had said so. He’d even enjoyed it at the last – that old man knew how to fuck, priest or not.

While he stood pondering, Mama had removed the nozzle, still flowing, from the priest’s ass. Soapy water squirted from the tip over his ass and down his legs but nothing leaked from the tight pucker of his anus. Pulling the plug from between his lips again Mama leisurely, but steadily and with some force pushed it into his anus. It was a large plug, bigger than those Curtis normally took and he was somewhat surprised when the tissues parted and the bulb disappeared, leaving only the flange and loop in evidence. The Monsignor was making faces and noises like a fish out of water now, alternately gulping, swallowing and panting heavily, and his skin looked greasy under the overhead lights.

“Now then,” Mama’s strident tones echoed through the cement halls of the old house’s cellars, the tap of the riding crop against her leg, punctuating her sentences.

“We’re going to have a ‘little chat’.” She announced, and the Monsignor groaned, the muscles of his ass working against his discomfort. “Those of you in this room who know me well understand why the rules of this house – MY HOUSE,” and she lashed out with the crop against the back of the Monsignor’s thighs, raising a tight red welt in the tender skin.

“Why these rules are the way the are – why they have been so as long as there has been a ‘Mama’s House’, and why they WILL be enforced!”

Again she lashed out, fast as a striking snake, and a thin bloody line appeared along the crease of the old man’s buttocks. If not for the spreader bar he’d have danced in pain, but he howled loud and long until Mama slapped the riding crop on the leather of the ‘horse’ mere inches from his nose. He went nearly cross-eyed at that but shut his mouth with a sharp click of his teeth. His skin was shuddering now – like a horse in fly-time Curtis thought absently – and you could smell the fear-stink on him.

By Christmas, Sarah and I had been ‘dating’ for a few weeks. If you could call it that. I had been spending a lot of my time with her but I often felt more like a servant than her boyfriend. Most couples might curl up together to watch a film, I was more used to curling up at her feet. Worse, I was sure my friends realised there was something odd going on. Mark, who had the room next to mine often smirked knowingly at me. The others were always a little cold around Sarah and had started treating me differently.

The weeks had gone by in a sexual haze. I’d knelt between her legs to service her with my tongue more times than I could count. I’d feel her hands slip down the back of the panties she made me wear whenever she wanted to arouse or embarrass me. Once, I spoke sharply to her in front of my friends. It was a movie night and to get back at me she wrapped her arm around me under our blanket. I had to quickly suppress a moan when I felt her start to finger me right there. I then spent the next hour trying to remain silent, trying not to cum in my silky panties and mostly trying to ignore the feelings this girl created in me, seemingly unaware of my embarrassment. When we went back to my room, she had me lie over her lap for one of the many spankings I’d received over the weeks we’d been together. I was sure my friends heard them, I’m now certain Mark did.

In Mid-December, My housemates planned a party for Christmas and we’d decided to do a Secret Santa. Somebody suggested that one of the group should dress as Santa to give out the gifts people had been bought. I had no idea why at the time but Sarah immediately volunteered. The others laughed but suggested that I should do it instead. My heart sank as Sarah told them it would be fun and that I could be her beautiful assistant. I knew then this wasn’t going to turn out well for me.

I wasn’t wrong. On the night of the party, Sarah showed up dressed like a perfect, traditional Santa. She was a little too slim but she’d even found a false beard to give her some authenticity. My friends loved it and asked about my costume, only to be told to wait for the surprise. Sarah then dragged me to my room and stripped my clothes off, right down to the white and pink chiffon thong she’d left the night before. She hadn’t explicitly told me to wear it that day, but I’d known better than to ignore panties she’d left in my bed.

“Oh you’re such a good little boy.” She murmured, cupping my balls through her thong. “You always know what to wear to make me happy. Will you wear something special for me today? Maybe if you make me really happy, I’ll make you happy when the party is over…”

I moaned and just nodded, feeling her fingers trace further between my legs. I’d lost count of the number of times she’d hinted at sex to make me do things. I knew I shouldn’t believe her but something about the way she spoke was irresistible. Her fingers followed the material of my thong and I could feel her putting pressure between my cheeks; teasing me. Her free hand rummaged in her bag and eventually she handed me a pink box.

“Go shower and use this sweetie. No hair below your eyebrows and then you can try on your costume!”

I looked at the box and sighed, it was hair removal cream and I was terrified by what she had in store for me.


An hour later, the party was in full swing and I had a red velour dress on; greeting people as they arrived. Not just any old dress, a tiny red dress. The fluffy white trim of which barely covered my red lace panties. I was dressed as a slutty female Santa, complete with candy striped hold-up stockings and bright red heels. My matching gloves went to my elbows but barely covered my hand, so Sarah had given me long, red, false nails. Everyone laughed when they saw me but only in good fun. They seemed to think it was hilarious and complimented how I looked. Some even seemed a little too flattering! Only my friends, who knew Sarah quite well looked more worried than amused.

I was embarrassed but the good cheer stopped it being too humiliating. The only problem was Sarah, she wasn’t paying much attention to me. She even seemed to flirt with the other guys at the party, the ones not wearing slutty dresses. She finally pushed it too far when it came time for Secret Santa. At first people jokingly sat on her knee to tell her what they want for Christmas and be given their present. I stood to one side, smiling and organising everyone. Everyone laughed each time some joker groped the Sissy Santa (as Sarah took to calling me) and I tried to hide my reactions; the growing shame and occasional stirring in my panties. Eventually, most people had been given their presents and wandered away. At that point, my friend Mark was called up. I led him over to Sarah, blushing when he pinched my lace covered bum.

“Well now, you’re a big boy!” Sarah did her best Santa impression. “Maybe you won’t fit on Santa’s knee.”

Mark laughed and suggested she’d be more comfortable on his. I wanted to protest but she just jumped up and told me to lead Mark to his seat. When I helped him settle, Sarah immediately jumped into his lap. I was left standing awkwardly to one side as she put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear. I was sure the arm he was using to steady her was lower than it needed to be. I started to turn red as the guests who were still there all saw them getting too close, all saw Mark’s hand holding her ass. Suddenly, she squealed.

“Oh your present!” She said, looking through her present bag. “Oh no, I’ve ran out! I must have been your Secret Santa, I forgot to get you one!”

Somehow, I didn’t buy it.

“Maybe we can make it up to you later.” She was much quieter now and looked at me as she said it.

“It’ll have to be something great, Santa can’t just give out late presents.” Mark took this all surprisingly in stride.

“You can have anything you want” She whispered and I hoped it was only loud enough for Mark and I to hear.

It was too much and I grabbed her arm to lead her to the bathroom. I could hear a few awkward laughs behind me and just hoped everyone would be gone before we got back. Closing the bathroom door behind us, I turned to Sarah.

“What the hell are you doing with Mark?” I tried not to shout.

“I’m just having fun sweetie, I know you were liking the way everyone treated you and I thought I’d just add to that. Am I wrong?”

She was so close to me as she said this that my cock started to rise, Sarah didn’t miss it and immediately started to rub the front of my panties. I knew this is why I rarely get to cum, I knew she used my constant arousal to control me but I did nothing to stop her. She turned me around and rubbed my cock with her palm, her fingers cupping my balls. I was now staring at myself in the bathroom mirror, my short skirt around my waist.

“Don’t you like looking this pretty?”

I nodded, I had to admit I did. My make up was slutty but perfect and the wig Sarah got me was long and beautiful. I’m slim (Sarah had been controlling my diet more and more as we dated) and my hairless body had never seemed so sexy before.

“And you liked how the boys treated you differently to normal? Even the ones who felt your pretty little bum?”

I bit my ever-so-red lip and nodded again. Sarah smirked and moved to feel my ass.

“You have to understand then sweetie. Part of that is men like Mark, real men, will see me and you together and think there are two girls for the taking. If you were big and manly, he’d see me with you and know I was off-limits. Instead he hears the spanking at night and just knows I’m not over your knee. He sees you in that dress and wonders if either of our asses are off-limits.”

I’m stunned, it all made sense but I just couldn’t accept it. Some part of me wanted to resist and tell her I was a man. Another just wanted to cry but as I felt the familiar sensation of Sarah’s fingers inside my panties, I knew all I really wanted is for her to never stop touching me.

“That’s a good boy, just accept it. Why don’t you slide your hand down your cute dress and pinch those nipples for me?”

That’s when Mark walked in. He saw me leaning over the bathroom counter, playing with my own nipples whilst Sarah fingered my ass and rubbed the front of my panties with her hand like she was playing with her girlfriend’s pussy. He just laughed and walked out.

“Do you want to cum tonight?” Sarah asked me just as I was on the verge of tears.

“Yes please Sarah, you said if I made you happy, something good might happen?” I responded, I don’t know how I was so hopeful but I tried.

“Yes, now I’m going to talk to Mark. The party is over so go sit in your room and wait for me. If you do what you’re told without complaining, you can fuck me tonight.”

She spanked my ass hard and walked out, leaving me to compose myself. I couldn’t believe what she’d just told me. I thought she would never let me fuck her after the party. All night she’d seemed more interested in other guys and I thought that the last hour had labelled me a sissy in her eyes forever. I pulled my dress back into place and ran to my room, sitting on the edge of my bed just waiting for her to arrive. I wanted to strip off, be waiting for her as a man but I didn’t want to piss her off so I decided to wait for permission. As it turned out, this was the right decision.


Some time later, the two of them crashed into my room. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Sarah kissed Mark, her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. He’d lifted her off the ground and now gripped my girlfriend’s ass in his big hands. I wanted to protest but Sarah broke off her kiss and turned to me.

“Remember sweetie, no complaints if you want to fuck me.”

They moved backwards and fell next to me on the bed. Sarah straddled Mark, kissing him passionately and I watched in horror as he ripped her Santa costume off. She was wearing a red lace bra and panty set and my heart sank as I realised they are a perfect match to my own. Mark groped her freely, her body exposed to him and I could already see the differences between myself and him. The first time I was with Sarah, I meekly allowed her to strip me whilst she ignored all my attempts to undress her. She took her dress off for me slowly and only when she wanted to give me access to please her. Mark had the roles reversed; he was fully dressed and taking what he wanted whilst she gave herself eagerly.

Her bra came off and Sarah moaned, my cock strained in my panties when I saw Mark bite and suck her perfect breasts. Slowly, Sarah slid down the bed. She motioned for me to come over and started to undo Mark’s jeans. She pulled his cock out and I was stunned. It was 8 inches; long, thick and straight. His giant, cut cock looked beautiful in her tiny hand and Sarah smiled at me and the smaller cock that was straining against my own panties.

“Get over here sweetie, there’s no need to pretend you don’t want to! You’re clearly excited and although I’m on my hands and knees on your bed in nothing but panties, I don’t think it’s me you’re staring at.”

I blushed realising the goddess I’d lusted after was in my room in a position I’d only dreamed about and I was actually salivating over my friend’s cock. I knelt beside her, shaking slightly and watched her expectantly. Sarah slowly lowered her glossy lips to Mark’s cock. I watched him place his hand on the back of her head, pushing her down as the head of his cock disappeared. Then I felt it, a large, powerful hand on my head. I leaned forward, unresisting, and kissed the side of his cock.

Sarah reached out and gripped my ass, moving to finger me even as Mark pushed my head to his balls. I licked and sucked them, reaching out to return the favour for Sarah and the room was filled with moans. Side by side, Sarah and I played with each other even as we worshipped Mark. We must have looked like total sluts, working together bent over Mark’s cock. I wondered if I should have been in his place, if I should have felt pathetic for helping Sarah but that all went away each time Sarah brought me close to the edge.

Eventually, Sarah stood up and declared she had an idea.

“If you want your Christmas present Mark, let me give you my little pet’s ass.” She smiled as Mark’s face lit up.

“And for you Sam, do this last thing for me and you will get to fuck me.” She continued quickly, cutting off my protests.

I wondered how I could accept this. She was so quickly and obviously giving Mark anything he wanted, yet I had to beg and humiliate myself just to have sex with her. Even so, the thought of finally fucking her drove me on and as I thought about it, the idea of Mark’s wonderful cock fucking me was not entirely unappealing.

I was led onto the bed and Sarah came to lie next to me, holding a bottle of lube. Mark settled at the end of the bed to watch us make out, stroking his cock. We had our hands in each other’s panties, her newly lubed fingers driving me wild and my own girlish fingers finding her soaked pussy.

“Are you excited sweetie?” Sarah smiled at me as she asked, having noticed my hips moving against her fingers.

“Yes, Sarah” Is all I could whisper in response.

“I’m getting you ready to be fucked by your friend, of course you’re excited!” she laughed and slides another finger inside me.

Mark came over and had me sit up, his cock was directly in front of me and I knew what he wanted. I looked up at him and caught his eye, sliding my lips down his shaft. Sarah shifted to sit behind me, I could still feel her fingers inside me and I was eager for something more. Knowing that ‘something more’ was in my mouth, I sucked with earnest trying to turn Mark on so he’d be desperate to fuck me. His moans filled me with a strange pride and my enthusiasm increased until Sarah spanked me hard.

“Stop that, you stupid slut! I’m sure you’re just dying for a mouth full of cum but he’s here to fuck you.”

I was shocked. Sarah humiliated me, treated me cruelly even but she never sounded so abusive. Had I really made her mad? Mark laughed and Sarah pulled me back to lie on my bed. My tiny dress was up around my waist and my panties did little to cover me from Mark’s eyes.

“Now tell him what you want.” Sarah still sounded angry.

I took a deep breath and looked at Mark. Sarah was rolling a condom over his cock, and even then I felt a pang of jealousy at her touching him. Even so, the sight of rock hard cock and the knowledge that it was me doing this to him filled me with lust.

“Please will you fuck me? I’m desperate for a real, hard cock” My voice sounded breathy and pathetic, I just hoped it turned him on.

“I can’t believe you’re such a slut! I’ll fuck you, but not like this. If you want to dress like a whore and fuck your house mate, I’m up for it. We’re doing it my way though not like some sissy girlfriend-boyfriend fantasy.”

I struggled to respond, unsure what he wanted from me. Out of nowhere, he grabbed me hard, gripping above my hips. I was pulled up into the air, my slender frame posing no obstacle to him and he flipped me over. He pulled me onto my hands and knees and I could hear Sarah moaning behind me. She must have enjoyed Mark’s treatment of me. My panties were pulled to the side and I gasped, feeling his cock pressing against my now lubed and eager hole.

Sarah climbed onto the bed in front of me, completely naked and holding a bag. She must have stripped off when Mark was manhandling me and now her fingers were buried in her cunt. She was staring intently at Mark who had started to push hard into my ass.

“Play with your cock sweetie, it’s going to feel so good once you get used to it. You just need to relax.”

Sarah sounded reassuring once again and I immediately jumped to her command. I stroked myself, letting my friend push his huge cock all the way inside me. Sarah’s eyes were glued to us when Mark grabbed my hips and started to pull out a little, truly beginning to fuck me.

“Let me help you sweetie.” Sarah said, sounding truly caring now.

She slid down underneath me and pulled my head against her chest. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and feel my hand being pushed away from my cock, only to be replaced by hers. Any initial discomfort was gone, I was truly loving being fucked by Mark. I moaned freely and rocked my hips to help him enjoy it more.

“Do you remember what you get out of this deal, baby?” Sarah asks.

I was shocked for a moment. There was more than this? More than this beautiful girl playing with my cock even when I was dressed like a slut and letting my friend fuck me? Then I remembered, I was going to fuck her. As she lay under me, all it would have taken was for her to stop stroking my cock and direct it inside her instead.

“There’s just one thing.”

I moaned, what could be wrong?

“Do you like Mark’s big cock?”

I stared into her eyes and nodded, how could she not tell?

“Don’t you think I should get a cock like that?”

I didn’t know how to respond. I could see she’s planning something but I didn’t know what. She reaches into the bag and pulls out a large, pink strapon dildo, more like Mark’s cock than my own.

“I got this because I was going to fuck you tonight. Of course, Mark has claimed you for the night but that’s okay because I did have a second use in mind for this.”

She turned the dildo so the harness was facing me and I could see that it was hollow. My heart sank when I realised where this was going. Mark, however, was clearly enjoying my embarrassment; his pace increased when he saw what Sarah was holding.

“I don’t want to wear that Sarah, please!” I sounded pathetic.

“Oh but you do, sweetie! You don’t want to look silly in front of Mark. He’s doing a great job of fucking you isn’t he?”

“Yes, Sarah.” I could barely get the words out, Mark was fucking me hard and I was barely able to concentrate.

“So you don’t want to be writhing and moaning underneath him whilst I’m lying there looking disappointed with you!”

“No, Sarah but you won’t be!”

“Oh sweetie, of course I will! You’ll cum so quickly if I just let you fuck me and you’ll never satisfy me like that. If you wear this though you might last just as long as Mark and you’ll be able to please me with your big cock.”

I wanted to protest more but Sarah gestured at Mark and he grabbed my arms pulling me upright. I knelt with my cock pointing straight out and Sarah came forward to slide the hollow dildo over me. I struggled a little, I wanted to get up and leave but I couldn’t move away with Mark holding my arms and, if I’m entirely honest, I didn’t want to do anything to make his cock leave me. Mark stopped fucking me to take the straps from Sarah, leaving me waiting with him still inside me as he secured the dildo around me. My cheeks were burning and I couldn’t believe what was happening. With my arms free, I knew I could move away if I wanted to. Instead, with my panties around my thighs and this beautiful woman in front of me, laughing at my emasculation, I knew I should accept my role. My cock strained inside it’s pink casing and I hung my head, unable to meet Sarah’s eyes when I put my hands back on the bed and slowly started to lift my ass up and down on this real man’s cock.

“Mmm that’s right baby! Show Mark you know your place. You should be grateful I’m letting you near my perfect pussy, even with a dildo around that clitty of yours.”

I watched Sarah mocking me, furiously rubbing her clit and I moved faster on Mark’s cock. I wanted to please her, I wanted to feel more of him. Once the strapon was secure, Sarah slid back under me and started to kiss me. I could feel her grip the dildo with my cock inside it and pull it towards her.

“Fuck me, darling.” She whispered in my ear.

My wife’s control over me insures that I have no secrets from her no matter how depraved my hidden desires. This is the third in a series in which I confess my past experiences as a panty thieving college cross dresser. I have changed some of the names, but the rest of the confessions are, sadly, true. Please read the first two installments for context.


My two roommates from the year before had decided to study abroad for the semester in England. Because of their late decision, I had to scramble to find a place to live. I decided I would just try to find a place on my own and went back to school early to look. After a few days of looking, I found a one bedroom garage apartment that was owned by a professor in the business school. I moved in that day.

The garage apartment was furnished, and, like all good anal sluts, the first thing I looked for when I entered the apartment was something that would be fun to stick up my ass. I immediately noticed the bed posts at the foot of the bed. The posts had a large wooden tear drop shaped bulb on the top that was slightly pointed and then gradually expanded out and then narrowed before it met the rail. It was kind of shaped like a large wooden butt plug. I was fairly experienced at the pleasures of sticking things up my ass by that time, but the posts were big, more than 2 1/2 inches at the widest part. I am not saying that I made the decision to rent the apartment based on this feature, but it did not hurt (the decision that is, the bed post would actually hurt a lot).

Once I settled in, I began to enjoy the wonderful first weeks of school when everyone is glad to see each other, and there is nothing to do except drink and have fun. The first night at the fraternity house was great, but I drank way too much and woke up alone in my apartment at almost 11:30 the next morning with a huge hangover, edgy and horny.

My horny thoughts soon turned to my girly clothes, and I decided to dress up. I reached into my secret hiding place and pulled out the black silk stockings and the garter belt I had purchased from the cute sales clerk at home. I felt that familiar quiver from the pit of my stomach down deep into my loins, further enhanced by the edge of my hangover. I hurriedly fastened the hook and eye closures of the garter belt around my waist. Then I rolled up each of the stockings and carefully pulled them high up my legs before connecting them to each garter by pushing the button up into the reinforced stocking top and hooking the metal clasp over it. I pulled the sexy black string bikini panties on over the garters. I stood and walked across the room feeling like a sexy vixen. The garters pulled tightly on the stockings as I walked, reminding me of my naughtiness with each step. I stretched out on my bed and pulled my legs up to grab my stocking covered ankles imagining tied like this, helplessly spread. There was nothing cute about this outfit. It was pure feminine sexiness, and I adored how deliciously slutty I felt while wearing the sexy ensemble.

As I got up to grab some lotion and tissues, I spied the bed post that had captured my attention the first time I saw the apartment. The possibility of taking the huge solid post in my young ass was mesmerizing. As mentioned above, it was more than 2 1/2 inches around at its widest point flaring out from the base for two inches to its maximum girth and then gradually tapering in to a rounded point at the top of its 6 inch length. It was bigger than anything I had taken before, but my hangover and my naughty lingerie had made me reckless with edgy desire. After all, the whole appeal of the garter belt and stockings in our culture is the possibility of access to a woman’s pussy and ass.

I quickly walked to the bathroom, grabbed some Vaseline, and greased up the bed post. I returned to the bathroom for some lotion and tissues to catch what I was sure would be a flood of cum. Returning to the bed, I pulled my dainty panties down my legs and let them hang around my left ankle as another reminder of my sluttiness. I rubbed a dollop of the Vaseline on my asshole to prime it for the invasion.

The top of the post was only 5 or 6 inches lower than my waist so I had to back up to it and lift my body up on my black smoky hosed toes to position my asshole above the post. Rising up on my stockinged toes, I rubbed my greased and puckered asshole slowly over the rounded tip of the post to relax the tight ring of muscle that guarded my entrance. Encouraged by the naughty sensation provided by the tip, I slowly began lowering my wanton body onto the post. As the post widened from the tip, I felt my asshole slowly stretch to welcome each millimeter of the wooden invader. This was not my first rear end rodeo so the first few inches were easy, expanding my asshole to about 1 1/2 inches. I paused to gather myself. My semi-hard cock was already weeping creamy tears in reaction to the approaching depravity.

I began to leave the safety of my butthole base camp and slowly continued impaling my ass on the post. My asshole spread to accept the widening wood. At 2 inches, I did not know if I could make it all the way as I paused to see if my body could absorb the pain. My head began to buzz with the endorphins released to battle the pain of the post stretching my asshole beyond its previous slutty limits. The pain began to ease, and I pressed my ass down, sitting on the huge post to force my asshole wider. I saw little flecks of light in my vision as I reached the widest part of the relentless wood. Just as I hit the point where my asshole could not possibly stretch any wider, I felt sphincter slowly begin to slide down the other side of the post, closing around the narrow base at the bottom of the bulb. I realized at that point that I had been so overwhelmed by the huge post in my ass that I had forgotten to breath. Taking quick deep breaths, I began to gather myself. My ass had never been this full. The unforgiving pressure owned my body and my mind as my legs went slack and all my weight rested on the post in my ass and the crossbar at the base.

After a minute or two, I gathered myself and reached down to the bed and grabbed some lotion. Squirting it in my hand, I grabbed my weeping wiener, which had softened with the overwhelming distraction of the anal invasion. I stroked myself, hardening gradually as the nerves in my cock fought with my overwhelmed asshole for attention. I stretched my black hued legs out in front of me, pointing my toes on the ground. The thrilling sight of the lady like sheer black softness of my stockinged legs and feet spiced my growing pleasure with added delight. I felt my asshole and prostate attempt to contract and spasm around the wood that filled my being, but my ass was so tightly stretched around the huge wooden post there was no way for my ass to contract. Their thwarted path was my pleasure as my nerves endings tingled from the tip of my cock to the depths of my bowels stretched mercilessly around the thick post. I pounded my cock toward climax as my body throbbed around the wood within me, with ecstasy its effect. I finally approached the crest of my orgasmic peak, and my mind was blown by the intensity created by the unimaginable fullness in my entire system. I stifled a scream as I came around the wood that was my master. My body squeezed the wood within me over and over again with pleasure pulses. Gradually, the spasms released me from their grip, and I came down from the heights of orgasm, exhausted, drained, and spent.

Down from the extreme heights of my orgasm, I was now just a boy in stockings and a garter belt with a bedpost stuck up my ass. I was so fully impaled on the post, however, that, despite the power of my orgasmic contractions, no more than a trace of come came out of my slit. I suppose all of my tubes were blocked by the enormity of the post in my ass. I now had to pull myself off. I gathered my strength and used my legs to lift my ass off of the post. My wrecked rectum offered little resistance as the post popped from my ass, leaving my ass gapping and my sphincter temporarily slack. I collapsed on the bed with my shrunken cock dribbling cum released by the removal of the crimping pressure of the post. My edge was gone, and I soon fell asleep, too tired to bother to remove my stockings.

As the first semester continued, I was growing increasingly bored with my existing stash of girly things. In spite of my regular dress up sessions and my ongoing anal affair with my bed post lover, I was constantly on the look out for hot girls on campus. I was looking for women to date, but, unlike most guys, I was also checking out their cute outfits, particularly when they wore tights or some other feminine leg wear or dance or exercise clothes. My body warmed with envy whenever I saw a girl wearing something that tweaked my kinky desire for girly dress.

My accounting class was one of the best spots to look at these beautiful women and their wonderful outfits. It was a 5:30 pm class twice a week, and the girls were often coming straight from exercise class. It was spandex heaven. Most of the girls wore shorts and t-shirts or sweatshirts over their leotards and tights or other outfits, but my imagination could fill in the rest if given a mere glimpse of shiny spandex. Throughout every class, I ached with desire to wrap myself in their girly delights.

One girl in my class particularly stood out. Suzanne was a tall dark-haired beauty from a wealthy New England family. Not only was she unusual in that she was not blonde like 75% of the women on campus, but she was also on the SMU Pom Pom squad, a dance team for basketball and football games that was normally the domain of blonde Texas girls. Suzanne was tall and graceful, and I loved watching her perform with the squad at athletic events. She was a great dancer and brought a flirty sexy attitude to the performances.

Suzanne apparently had dance class or Pom Pom squad practice before accounting class, because she was always wearing dance tights and some type of leotard under her clothes. She normally wore aerobic socks and shoes, and like the other girls she would usually wear shorts and a shirt over her leotard and tights.

One day about two and a half months into the school year, she came into class wearing a large long sweatshirt over white footed shimmer tights and ballet flats. Think Flashdance with a much more polished and classier touch. I have a thing for footed tights, but normally could not tell whether a girl was wearing footed tights when she wore socks so I was already beside myself with lust for Suzanne and for her clothes. I almost came when she sat down in front of me and her sweatshirt pulled up offering a brief glimpse of her hot pink leotard cupping her ass.

She pulled the sweatshirt down and settled in for class, and I settled in to enjoy the view of this magnificent distraction. A few minutes into class, she crossed her legs and slowly slipped her heel out of the back of one of her ballet flats dangling it by her toes, and she wiggled her foot up and down. It was almost like she was toying with me. It was incredibly hot, and I was now no longer paying any attention to the professor. I could almost hear the leather ballet flat rubbing against her tights as her foot bobbed up and down swinging the back of the dangling ballet flat back and forth on her shiny white coated toes.

Suzanne took off both of her shoes resting her tights covered toes on the tops of her shoes. Then, about halfway through class she completed her dance of torture, by pulling her leg up under her and sitting on her leg so her tights clad toes poked through the whole in the plastic chair back right in front of my envious eyes. I almost came as she curled her toes back and forth underneath the white Lycra tights right in front of my eyes, which were filled with lust either for her body or her leotard and tights or all of the above.

The class was over much too quickly. As the professor finished, Suzanne rose to leave. I smiled at her and mumbled hello, but could not muster more with my mind fogged by her unconscious dance right before my eyes. My serial masturbation sessions into the night could not drain the excitement from my mind and loins. Thankfully, this would not be my last encounter with her leotard and tights.

My apartment did not have a washer and dryer and public coin laundry places are depressing so I did my laundry at a large apartment complex less than a mile from campus where a lot of students, including many of my fraternity brothers lived. I could do my laundry and have fun hanging out with my fraternity brothers in their apartments.

One Sunday afternoon later in the fall semester, I was finishing the laundry at the apartment complex and had the strong urge to look for some girly gifts. After carefully looking outside to make sure no one would interrupt my perverted perusal of the dryers, I began my search. My heart raced and my cock tingled with excitement as I fumbled through the mostly cotton panties and socks in search of something to satisfy my girly desires.

In the second dryer, I struck gold (or hot pink in this case.) I found a shiny, hot pink spandex leotard and what appeared to be white tights. I did not have time to inspect my find, but shoved the leotard and tights into my bag. I gathered my laundry and quickly rushed to the car. Once safely in my car and out of view, I had to see what I had “found”. My hands were shaking as I removed the leotard from the bag. It was heavy, smooth spandex fabric that was very shiny. I prayed that it would fit. I hurriedly removed the tights from the bag to have a closer look. My cock jumped with excitement as I discovered that the tights were a pair of white Danskin shimmer tights, size large. They were fully footed. I rushed home to try on the delectable dancewear.

I arrived at my apartment and hurried inside, my heart racing with eager anticipation trying on my new find. I stripped. I pulled the tights from my bag and rolled one leg of the tights up with my hands. I pointed my toe and pulled the tights over my foot and up my leg. I performed the same girly ritual with the other leg and then pulled the gloriously smooth and shimmery tights up my legs and high up my waist. I loved the thrilling feeling of the tights compressing my cock and balls. I reached down and lifted up the hot pink leotard. Holding it in front of me, I stepped into the leg openings and pulled the leotard up my legs so that the panty portion firmly cupped my tights covered cock and balls. I pulled the rest of the leotard up my body and placed my arms through the arm holes. I was in a dancewear dream as I adjusted the leotard. It fit me, but was very tight, which only added to the thrill and kept my cock pressed into a feminine mound under the shiny pink fabric. I turned to look in the full length mirror on my door. The leotard had very high cut legs that make my legs look amazing and miles long. It also had a high neckline. It was beautiful. From the neck down, I looked like a dancer–feminine, soft, and extremely girly.

I sat down on the floor and lifted my legs up, pointing my toes and reveling in the warm glow of femininity triggered by the tights coating my legs in a shiny white glow. As I stretched and posed in front of the mirror, I was lost in a pink cloud of delight from my new outfit. I continued to wear the tights and leotard all evening. I felt strangely complete as I moved around the apartment in my girly dance clothes, hanging out like a cute college sorority girl. The tights and leotard hugged my body. It felt amazing. I thought about cutting a hole in the crotch so I could access my cock, but the tights were too beautiful to be marred, so I just enjoyed the sexual tension from the unsatisfied edge created by the leotard and tights.

Lost in my hot pink cloud, I suddenly realized it was now late in the evening. I had an 8:00 class in the morning, but I wanted to cum. I grabbed my lotion and some tissues and climbed into bed still encased in my spandex splendor and mesmerized by the titillating feeling of my tights covered legs sliding beneath the sheets. I had planned to enjoy the luxurious feel of the leotard and tights between the sheets before pulling down the tights to jack off. Unfortunately, I fell asleep floating on a cloud of girly femininity. I woke up to the wonderful feeling of my tights covered legs sliding against the soft cotton sheets, but with my alarm clock screaming.\

“Oh shit, its 7:25,’I yelled as I jumped from bed still wearing my girly dancewear. I stripped off the leotard and the tights and jumped in the shower, sadly postponing my much needed release so I could make it to class.

After finishing my classes for the day, I planned to rush home and relieve the intense edge remaining from the night before. On the way home, I realized I had left one of my books over at my friend’s apartment when I was doing laundry. I went back to his apartment, retrieved the book, and was walking back to my car. However, I could not resist the pull of taking another quick peak in the laundry room to see if I could add to my collection. When I entered the laundry room to take a look, I saw a note on the dryers that said: “Missing, a hot pink leotard, Suzanne, Apartment 223.”

It could not be the same Suzanne. I had to know, so I went back to my friend’s apartment and asked to see his student directory. I looked up Suzanne’s name and confirmed that the apartment number on the sign was her apartment. I felt the terrible guilt of stealing Suzanne’s leotard and the conflicting thrill of knowing that I had spent the last evening prancing around in the very same hot pink leotard and white tights that had gripped Suzanne’s smoking hot body as she danced. I thought about returning it, but was too scared I would get busted and too addicted to give it up.

While I had managed to get over any guilt from my previous thefts and would in the future, Suzanne’s note shocked my conscience, so I felt penitence was appropriate. On the way home, I thought about my misdeed and decided that I would not allow myself to touch my cock on any day or night Suzanne’s leotard and tights touched my body. Given my love for having as many orgasms as I could flog out of my cock every day, I suspected this would greatly limit my use of the looted leotard and tights

I arrived back at my apartment, quickly undressed, and again grabbed the lotion for a jack- off session to dull the edge. I could not stop thinking about the fact that I had the very same sexy leotard and tights that Suzanne wore when she unknowingly tormented me with her spandex clad beauty in accounting class. I put the lotion down and looked over at the leotard and tights still hanging over the chair where I had stripped them off in a rush that morning. I was torn between my desperate need to have an orgasm and the delights of Susanne’s wonderful leotard and tights.

Despite the fact that I knew I could not touch myself if I put them on, I quickly stripped naked and carefully put on the tights. My stomach fluttered with excitement as I pulled the tights up my legs and high up over my hips, stretching them almost to my chest. Watching in the mirror, bent over and stepped into the leotard, pulled it up over my tights covered lower body and placed my arms through the straps, adjusting it so I again looked like a well put together dancer.

I spent the rest of the evening lounging around my apartment and studying in the lovely leotard and tights. I felt extremely feminine and girly as the Lycra and spandex massaged my body. The freedom of movement in the leotard and tights and the warm tingle in my loins had my body buzzing. I tucked my tights coated legs under my ass on the couch while watching TV. I imagined Suzanne lying around her apartment after Pom Pom squad practice or dance class and longed to come closer to the girly joys of her beautiful body and flirty personality. I slid my heel under the leotard covering my ass, enjoying the pressure in my orgasm deprived state as I rocked my asshole back and forth over my tights coated heel. I wanted desperately to come, but had to keep my promise to remain chaste. I could not wait until the next day so I could stroke myself to the point of sweet release, but my addiction would deny me again.

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