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Jill’s sweatpants were still wet in several places. She shifted her legs, and then frantically looked in her glove box for her insurance card. Her driver’s license was in her purse… in her bedroom.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Jill said between clenched teeth.

The police officer tapped her window with his pen. Jill lowered the window and presented her best real estate agent smile.

“Is there a problem, officer?” Jill asked.

“You tell me. Are you lost, little lady?” the police officer asked, eyeing the black bags in the back seat.

“No. I mean, yes. I think I took a wrong turn, but I’m okay now.” Jill’s smile holding steady.

“What’s in the bags?” the officer pulled out a flashlight.

“Ummm, party favors. They’re party favors for a bachelorette party for a friend of my daughter’s.” Jill offered.

“Mind if I have a look?” the officer asked.

“Do you have to? It’s a little embarrassing. Besides, I really need to get home.” Jill’s smile began to fade.

“Look, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. I see something that looks suspicious. You look out of place. Something doesn’t add up, and I want to check it out. If you’re not doing anything illegal, you’re free to go. Clear?” the officer explained, waiting for Jill to unlock the back door.

Jill slid her finger along the unlock switch and the police officer opened the door behind her. When he dumped the contents of the bags onto her back seat, he stepped back and laughed.

“Lady, if you’re not telling the truth, you have issues.” He smiled at her, closing the door.

“Can I go, now?” Jill asked.

“Yeah, you can go. Watch yourself, or someone else will.” He added.

Jill read his nameplate. Friendly.

“Thank you, officer.” Jill’s smile returned, not exactly sure what he meant.

“Friendly, Officer Friendly.” The policeman grinned. His white teeth were a stark contrast to his dark skin. He turned and walked back toward his patrol car. He spoke into his radio on his shoulder before getting inside, and then drove past her.

“He seemed nice,” Jill thought, remembering what Sammy had said, and dismissing it as coincidence.

Jill managed to get home before her husband or daughter and quickly hid the party favors under her bed. She would be able to explain over $700 worth of dildos and vibrators to her husband easily enough, but her 18-year-old daughter might get other ideas. Her daughter had started her freshman year of college only a month ago, but she still came home almost every other weekend to spend time with her high school friends or Jill’s sister with the huge in-ground pool.

It was Friday. Her husband’s flight was scheduled to land in an hour. She had just enough time to take a bath.

As Jill undressed, she looked at herself a little differently in the mirror. She remembered the video in the adult bookstore, and how the young white girl had her hairless pussy fucked hard by two hairless black dicks.

She may have been 38 years old, but her body looked better than most girls half her age.

Jill tugged at the barely noticeable tuft of orange pubic hair. She pressed some of her husband’s shaving cream into her hand, and then lightly tapped it on her pubic mound. She rinsed his razor under hot water, and then, with one swipe, shaved the few remaining strands of hair from above her pussy. Jill wiped her mound clean with a washcloth, and then stepped in front of her full-length mirror to admire the new look.

“Not bad.” Jill thought out loud as she turned side to side.

Naked, she walked back to the bed, and knelt down. She reached under the bed for one of the boxed dildos.

“Not that one,” Jill shoved it back under and reached for another.

“There we go.” Jill beamed.

She opened the cardboard box and let a chocolate-colored 10″ dildo fall onto the bed. The toy was molded after a porn star, and was one of the more expensive models thanks to the featured hand-painted veins and suction-cupped base.

The head of the toy was easily as thick as Jill’s wrist and became wider toward the base.

She walked back in front of the mirror and imagined herself being roughly handled while this black dick pressed against her face, her belly, and her ass.

Within seconds, Jill could feel her clitoris begin to throb. She rinsed the toy under warm water, and then sat in front of her full-length mirror. She turned her body this way and that until her position resembled that of the girl in the movie. The toy in her hand was easily twice as thick as the poles of the skinny black men in the video, but Jill was willing to improvise. Her wet pussy easily lubricated the dildo, but she had to push it in slowly. Only the first three inches would go in, but that was enough.

She eased the dildo in and out for a few minutes before changing positions. She wasn’t strong enough to push it any further inside her, so she decided to squat on top of the toy.

The bedroom was carpeted, so she moved to the tiled floor in the bathroom. The suction cup base held the large dildo in place, but now she couldn’t see what she was doing.

As she walked back into the bedroom to move the full-length mirror, she heard the garage door open.

“Fuck!” Jill said, frustrated.

She quickly took the dildo box off the top of the bed and threw it under. She almost slipped as she tried to unstick the dildo from the floor. The suction cup worked well. She finally dislodged the toy and folded it in a towel, then carefully stepped into the shower.

“Honey, I’m home!” Jill’s husband, Brian called.

“I’m in the shower!” Jill replied.

Brian climbed the stairs to the bedroom, and began to undress. Although he was exhausted, he was finding the energy to take advantage of the situation.

“Our daughter is going to stay with your sister this weekend. I just got off the phone with her.” Brian called out from the bedroom.

The water was finally starting to get warm. Jill’s nipples stuck out stiff from her breasts.

She hadn’t intended to rub her clit while she showered, but she couldn’t help herself. She abruptly stopped when Brian opened the shower door.

“Can I come inside?” He asked.

“Of course. We’re married, right?” Jill smiled.

“I meant inside the shower, Jill.” Brian corrected her before noticing her clean-shaven mound. “Whoa, what made you do that?”

“I don’t know. Just thought I’d try a new look. Do you like it?” Jill turned, giving him a view of her swollen clit.

Brian reached for her pussy as she reached for his thickening cock. They kissed hard while he ran his hand over her smooth mound and slid three fingers inside her. His thumb pressed hard and then rolled around over her clitoris. Jill’s knees went weak.

She squatted down and engulfed his manhood. He wasn’t as thick as the toy, or as long, but his seven inches had given her countless orgasms. She was familiar with every angle; every vein, and every spasm he would create just before climax.

She took his entire length down her throat – something she had never done before. The act surprised both of them and Brian came on Jill’s face as she gagged.

“Holy shit!” Brian exclaimed.

“Yeah, holy shit!” Jill looked up at him, his come instantly being rinsed from her face.

Brian had come on her face before, but this time she actually enjoyed it.

He helped her to her feet, and Jill stepped out of the shower first.

She reached for a towel, and caught the dildo before it hit the floor. Jill quickly wrapped the toy back in the towel and carried it to the bedroom.

Brian stepped out of the shower and searched for another towel, giving Jill just enough time to throw the toy under the bed and lay out her towel. She sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and then laid back. As Brian walked in, Jill pulled her legs back, exposing her smooth pussy and pink asshole. His mouth was on her pussy in seconds.

Brian had always made Jill come with his mouth. This time was no different. He rolled his tongue over her clit and between her labia, nibbling gently at first, and then pressing a little harder. He introduced two fingers inside her, pressing upward, rubbing up and back. Jill could feel the orgasm building, but she had been on the brink twice in the last ten minutes. She wanted him to take her over the edge.

Jill reached down and pulled his hand from her pussy, and guided it to her ass. Brian continued to use his mouth and tongue on her and grabbed at her ass cheeks. He squeezed hard, but Jill guided his middle finger to her asshole. When he paused, she bucked her pussy hard into his face, causing his nose to sting and his eyes to water.

“Finger my asshole.” Jill whispered.

Brian’s cock twitched. He was already hard, but now he was afraid he might come before he even had a chance to make love to her.

Brian licked Jill’s pussy faster as he carefully slid his middle finger into Jill’s rectum.

He had only pushed an inch of his finger inside when Jill let out a loud moan.

“That’s it! Yes!” Jill cried.

Brian pushed his finger in further, and Jill grabbed his wrist. He began to withdraw his finger from her asshole – afraid he’d hurt her – but Jill stopped him. Instead, she pulled his arm so his finger would go in deeper. She wanted him to finger-fuck her ass. He pumped his finger into Jill’s bottom faster and faster as he struggled to keep his mouth on her pussy.

In what would have sounded like a cry of pain to anyone else, Jill came hard. She flooded Brian’s mouth as her anus cut off all circulation to his finger.

Brian knew that Jill could have multiple waves of orgasm, so he continued to lap at her gushing pussy until she finally asked him to stop.

“It’s okay. I’m good. That was fantastic.” Jill panted.

She pushed him back, stood up, and then turned around. She crawled up on the bed on all fours with her ass facing him, then bent down to her elbows.

“If you promise to be quick, you can come in my ass, sweetheart.” Jill said as she looked over her shoulder. “It’s okay. We’ll just take another shower.”

Brian was beside himself. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, but he also knew that she hadn’t liked the two previous times he had wanted to fuck her in the ass. The fact that she wasn’t only willing, but asking him…

“My pussy first, please.” Jill startled him. “I don’t want you tearing me apart.”

Brian easily slid his swollen dick inside her wet cunt. She pushed back against him, forcing his entire length inside.

“There, that should do it, don’t you think?” Jill asked. She sounded almost drunk.

She pulled forward until just the head of Brian’s dick remained inside her pussy. Brian waited for a moment, then withdrew his slick member and placed the head at her puckered asshole.

Jill moved back as he held his tool steady. There was resistance at first, but she pushed back harder until the head of Brian’s cock disappeared inside her rectum.

Jill exhaled deeply.

Brian felt her relax and pushed himself in a little deeper.

Jill clenched the bed sheets. This hurt. She wasn’t sure what made her think it would be any different, and right now it hurt.

“Wait a minute.” Jill interrupted. “Come lay down. I want to be on top.”

Brian did as he was told and Jill positioned herself so she could ease herself down on him.

He had a perfect view of her bald pussy. He still couldn’t believe she did that.

She squeezed his dick hard as she guided it into her asshole, this time with less resistance.

As Brian’s come filled her bowels, Jill felt less and less pain. She bounced on his cock three more times before it popped out of her ass, followed by a seemingly endless stream of semen.

Jill leaned forward and kissed Brian all over his face.

“Thank you.” Jill said between kisses. “Thank you for fucking me in the ass, sweetheart.”

“Anytime?” Brian asked. “What’s gotten into you – not that I’m complaining?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like getting a little wild with my husband. Okay?” Jill asked as she stepped off the bed. Come dripped down her legs and she quickly stepped into the shower.

Brian laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling, while their daughter, Andi, quietly sneaked back into her room. He didn’t realize she needed to come home to grab some clothes for the weekend.

“Way to go, mom and dad.” Andi whispered. She witnessed her parent’s sex act from behind the partially opened bedroom door. Like her mother, Andi would get very wet when aroused, and the crotch of her jeans was soaked.

“That was awesome.”

After knocking on her door two or three times I walked around the side of her house. Going through the side gate I spotted her face down sun bathing in the nude. I quietly walked up to her feet and gazed at her sensuous body. Looking up her long legs to her ass, then up to the small of her back I notice the sheen of the sun tan lotion glistering in the bright sunlight. I stopped at her symmetrical shoulder blades and took in this beautiful sight for a moment or two before I cleared my throat.

She cocked her head quickly and said, “Bout time you got your ass here!”

“It took me awhile to find an excuse to leave the wife,” I responded.

As she turned on to her back she said, “Don’t just stand there. I know you want a piece.”

“Not with you covered with all that oil!” I exclaimed. “You remember the last time we tried to fuck, with you smothered in oil, right?”

“Oh yeah, I laughed so hard I had an orgasm,” she shot back. “Seeing you slide off me and falling on the floor was a hoot.”

“Yeah right, I busted my nose open and had a helluva time explaining that to the wife,” I boasted.

“You? I had to walk around a week with a sock on my foot,” she continued. “My husband wanted to know how our floor got stained with blood.”

Lifting herself up on her elbows she grabbed a glass and took a swallow. She laid back down and spit out an ice cube. It shot straight up in the air and landed right between her eyes. I chuckled.

“You’re a dick!” she shouted.

Then she grabbed another ice cube and spit it out again. This time it landed just above her belly button. She grabbed it and slowly rubbed it down her tan belly, over her clit and she stuck it in her pussy.

“Can you grab that with your tongue please, dear?” she said.

I answered, “I would love to take the tip of my talented tongue and retrieve that. As soon as you take a shower. No telling what’s been in there!”

I noticed she was getting perturbed as she took her hands and started to squeeze her perfectly tanned breasts. She then slowly spread her legs as she ran her hands down her sweat covered stomach and then to her womanly mound and opened her pussy. There she was, covered in oil spread wide and pleasuring herself.

In a sultry voice she moaned, “Fuck me now, baby. Come on I know you want too!”

I turned away and started to go inside saying, “Get up and take a shower. Then you’ll beg me to tie you up and fuck you silly. Not that you’re not already silly,” as an ice cube flew by my head.

I walked into the kitchen and made a drink. I sat down and waited for her to come inside. When she did she slipped and almost fell on her ass. I chuckled again when she said.

“Fuck you! Dick head.”

She made a drink and stood right in front of me and started to play with herself.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?” she said with a smile.

“As soon as you take a shower and beg me,” I answered.

In a pissed off voice she said, “I don’t know why I let you fuck me with that small dick of yours. I’ve seen bigger dicks on the neighborhood dogs!”

“Being a bitch I’m sure you know them intimately!” I shot back.

Giving me a dirty looked she turned and walked towards the bathroom.

“If you want to join me I’ll leave the bathroom door open, prick,” she said.

I gave her a few moments to cool down and went and sat down on the toilet while she bathed. Picking up a Victoria’s Secret magazine I flipped through the pages while taking in the clean fresh smell of her bathroom. The nick knacks placed around gave the room a feeling of million dollar mansion.

And said, “Damn there are some hot looking babes in this magazine. It’s funny…”

“What’s funny?”

“I don’t see you in any of these shots.”

That’s when she pulled back the curtain and a wet rag hit the side of my face. I picked up the rag and handed it back to her staring at the water running down her front. She was covered in soap and started to run the rag over her breasts. She turned sideways and her silhouette was outlined by the sun shinning through the window. The water was running down her chest, over her breast and formed drops on the tip of her erect nipples. The sun was bright enough to see the inverted window in the droplets. I noticed her all over perfect tan with no noticeable tan lines. Her body was bronze from head to toe. Such a delectable body.

Grabbing a can of shaving cream she lifted a leg up and placed it on the side of the tub right in front of me. She slowly made a pile on her palm that reminded me of a vanilla ice cream cone. Staring straight into my eyes without saying a word she spread the cream on her pussy. And gave me a wink. Picking up a razor she began shaving herself pulling her skin tight with the other hand.

When she was done rinsing her self off she said, “Too bad you’re not going to feel how smooth I am today.”

That’s when I knew the battle was on. Who was going to breakdown first!

She got out of the shower and dried off then wrapped her hair with the towel.

Bending over in front of me she remarked, “Be a sweetie and lick my ass will ya?”

I took my open palm and answered, “I’ll lick your ass for ya.”

Smacking her ass as hard as I could. Leaving a red welt on her right ass cheek. She turned around and slapped me. I chuckled. That was the sweetest slap I ever received and the first time she touched me all day.

I followed her into the kitchen thinking how I loved the woman’s movement. Especially when viewed from behind. Seeing her ass move side to side as she walked wearing only a towel, she looked like a Greek Goddess. We made us each a drink and went into the living room taking a seat next to each other on the couch. She turned on a porno movie on the TV.

As we watched a couple fucking she said, “Don’t you wish you had a big dick like that?”

I answered, “I’d need one to feel the sides of that big cunt of yours!”

She punched my in the arm. Then she pulled up her legs and sat cross legged on the couch snuggling up next to me. I looked at her smiling face thinking how lucky I was sitting next to such a beautiful woman. Her eyes sparkled like little diamonds. And her lips were moist and soft. Her complexion reminded me of the finest silk. I glanced at her naked breasts and imagined that a drop of water would run off her smooth skin like a marble on glass. I looked between her legs and notice she was getting quite excited watching the movie. It was the first time I thought about breaking down and having her right there.

I leaned over placing my hand between her legs and resting my other hand on the wall next to her head.

Leaning into her I whispered, “Just beg me to tie you up and we can both have some fun.”

She grabbed me and leaned backwards on the couch pulling me on top of her wrapping her arms and legs around me. Staring at each other nose to nose I could see the lust in her eyes and every time she blinked her eyelashes reminded me of little butterflies stretching their wings. She squeezed harder. I could feel her breasts against my chest and her heart beating a rhythmic cadence. Her warmness of her naked body waned through me. And the smell of her hair was mesmerizing.

“I know you want to fuck me right here right now. I can feel how excited you are,” she said in a sultry voice as she squeezed me again. “Just admit it.”

Pulling back I sat up. She got up and headed back to the bedroom. Being a smart guy I followed her quickly.

She jumped up on the bed and rolled over onto her back and started to play with herself. First two fingers. Then four. Then with both hands she was fucking herself. I walked over and stood next to her nightstand and watched her. She was arching her back and biting her lip. With every thrust her eyes rolled back and I oh so much wanted to have her right then and there. Then she must have had an orgasm as she stopped and smiled at me licking her sultry lips. Looking at me with her hazel eyes she jumped up on all fours and scooted over to the edge of the bed. Her breasts swayed as she stopped at the edge of the King size bed.

With a grin she said, “Bottom drawer under the sweaters. You win!”

I reached over and grabbed the ropes and a bandana. Then I caught her staring at me and we both just looked into each others eyes. We both just stared for a few moments then my eyes roamed her naked body. Her brown hair was long and curly falling down her sides framing her breasts. Her shoulders looked soft to the touch. I saw small goosebumps along her back. And her round ass, oh her lovely round ass was the work of angels. Her slender legs stretched to her lovely feet where ten of the most beautiful toes were waving.

She reach for my pants and unbuttoned them and began to give me head. I watch her lick my shaft up and down. Around the tip and slowly she started to suck my balls. All the while I was again looking at her lovely body. Her long curly hair was flowing along her shoulders bringing my eyes to the small of her back. Her ass jiggled as she jerked and sucked. After a few strokes I had the urge to grab her hair and force me into her soft mouth, but I resisted. I wanted her to do the work for a while.

When I felt I was about to climax I pulled out and told her to lay on the bed. It was my turn. When she laid back spread eagle I almost came right there. She was just so beautiful. Her eyes were sparkling and her naked body shined like a bronze beauty. Her breast were full and perfect. She had a flat stomach and a perfect belly button waiting to be tickled with my tongue. Her pussy was smooth and whispering for attention. But I had work to do.

Grabbing a length of rope I told her, “Babe, bring your lovely feet up to your ass please, Sugar?”

She complied as I wrapped her leg and thigh together and tied it securely. I did the same to her other leg while glancing between her legs.

“The rope feels good touching your skin doesn’t it?”

“Very good!” she answered.

Pulling off my clothes and grabbing the bandana I straddled her belly and gagged her. Even though she likes to be gagged during sex I did it mainly so I didn’t have to hear her complain about my knot tying abilities. She always complained they weren’t pretty enough. Then I grabbed her wrists and tied them to each ankle which pulled her knees to her chest. I stood up and told her how lovely she was laying there so vulnerable and I was about to have my way with her. I could see the corners of her mouth move up into such a beautiful smile.

I knelled so her right leg was between my legs with my cock rubbing against her. Putting both of my hands around her knee I proceeded to massage her leg going so close but not touching her pussy. Reaching under her I felt her ass up. I did the same to her other leg. I could see the wetness of her pussy and knew she was getting very excited. I leaned over her to massage her breast bringing my cock onto her underside of her thigh. As I felt her breasts I slowly rubbed my erection against her. I looked her in the eyes and licked my finger slowly and let her do the same. Then I reached between her legs and slowly massaged her asshole.

After sucking on her nipples for a few minute I worked my tongue slowly down her belly, over her belly button and softly licked her wet pussy. She tasted so fine. Grabbing her feet I pushed her legs back towards her chest bringing her ass up and started to lick her asshole. Then I slowly stuck my tongue in. She was squirming and moaning it at this point.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed my dick and slowly rubbed her pussy and pushed it in, but just the tip. I moved myself as to massage her for a few seconds the I thrust myself all the way in. Her moist pussy lips surrounded my dick and her warmth encased my shaft. I pumped faster and harder with each thrust. I had noticed that she closed her eyes and laid her head to the side. Her breasts were moving faster as he breathing became deeper with every thrust. I could see little droplets of sweat appear on her skin as I fucked her.

Wrapping my arms around her legs I pushed them as hard as I could against her chest and continued pumping allowing me a deeper penetration. We fucked in unison until I again felt an urge to cum. Then I pulled out and spit on her ass and firmly pushed my dick in her asshole. Very slowly until the head disappeared. With every thrust in her ass she screamed. I rammed as hard as I could. In and out. She was panting and wailing. Pulling on the ropes tied around her ankles. She was shaking her head back and forth flinging her shiny hair. She tightened her muscles just at the right time as I came in her. I looked down still pumping her and saw cum streaming down her ass.

I finally collapsed on top of her as she squeezed me with her legs. Catching my breath I got up telling her, “You’re such a great fuck dear.”

I watched the cum drip from her ass as I dressed and again I was mesmerized how lovely she looked naked and tied. I finally untied her so she could clean up.

“I need to head out of here dear. Hope you don’t mind me fucking and run, but I gotta go,” I said.

She winked and said, “Anytime. I really enjoyed it!”

As I turned away to leave I realized that she had been naked all day and I felt good inside that she spent it with me.

Disclaimer: This story could be in several different categories, but I chose the category it’s in due to the ending. Also, everyone in this story is over 18 years of age.

John glanced at the clock on the wall. It was nearly 6 in the evening, and Gina, his beautiful bride, was expected home shortly. He placed a bookmark in his novel and rose to check on dinner. He could hear the pasta happily bubbling away on the stove. Moving towards the oven, he flicked on the oven light and bent down to look at the pork roast that was slowly cooking its way to perfection. John and his wife had one rule for their marriage: The one who does the cooking gets to control the events of the evening for the same amount of time as it takes that person to make the meal. After that time was up, they tended to let the evening flow as it would. This rule was usually used solely for choosing movies, wines, or desserts due to the fact that both John and Gina worked standard 9-5 jobs. Thus, dinner ended up being fast food or a frozen TV dinner. Obviously since neither of these options take much time to prepare, the person who made the decision first on what to eat had between 10 seconds and 1 minute to be “in control” during the evening.

However, tonight was going to be different. John had recently received a promotion at his office. Not only did this promotion bring better pay, but it also gave him the liberty to work at home 1 or 2 days a week. While Gina knew about the promotion and the raise, John had kept her ignorant of the other perk. Tonight was going to be different because today he had worked from home. This had given him ample time to prepare a meal, and the meal he had chosen for the evening had taken nearly 4 hours to prepare. Yes, tonight would be different because tonight he was in control.

The sound of a key being slotted into a lock came from the front doorway. The lock clicked open, and he could hear the squeak of the door as Gina walked in, her purse jingling and her coat swishing past the doorframe. He stepped out of the kitchen and watched her wrestle with her coat. She was stunning. Shoulder-length brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. At 5′ 5″ she was the perfect fit for John’s lanky frame. Her lithe, compact body seemed to meld perfectly into his. Curvy in all the right places, she had a small, tight ass that he absolutely adored as well as small, but perfect breasts. John, was an inch shy of 6′ and well built for his height. He wasn’t muscular in the sense of a bodybuilder, but he had a strong, hard body. His own brown hair was a shade lighter than Gina’s, but his eyes were nearly the same sparkling blue. Their friends often remarked that John and Gina looked as if they could have been related, brother and sister or at least cousins. That always gave John a laugh, as he thought about all the things that he wouldn’t have been able to do if Gina really was his sister. He sighed as she walked towards him; the sway of her hips was a constant enticement to him. He wrapped his arms around her as she lifted her lips to his. The kiss was brief but full of promise.

She stepped back and peeked around him into the kitchen. “You made dinner?” She asked with a glance in his direction, walking into the kitchen and noticing the roast in the oven. As she bent over to scrutinize his culinary creations, John turned toward her and was immediately met by the sight of her glorious ass hanging in the air, as if it was on a podium. “You made a roast?!?” She asked in befuddlement and confusion. Her eyes narrowed as she poked a finger into his chest and furthered her inquiry, “Where did you find the time to do this…and how long did it take?”

“It took me 4 hours to make, and as to where I found the time, maybe I’ll let you in on that secret if you’re a good girl tonight.” As the words left his mouth, he stepped towards her and cupped her ass cheeks with his hands, pulling her close to him. Lowering his mouth to hers, he gave her a kiss. Her warm lips met his in what can only be described as pure delight. She hungrily and passionately returned the kiss. His hands, meanwhile, were enthusiastically massaging her ass cheeks. He let the kiss last for several minutes before breaking it off. “But first,” he said with a grin, “Let’s eat real food. You’ll need all the energy that you can get for tonight.”

As the meal came to a close Gina leaned over the table and whispered in a seductive way, “So what’s the plan for tonight? I assume you do have a plan, right? You didn’t just spend 4 hours making a delicious meal for the food, did you?” The implied question hung in the air between the two lovers. What was he going to use his hours of control for?

John finished chewing the food that was in his mouth. He wiped his mouth with his napkin, without breaking eye contact. “You’re just going to have to wait and see.” He grinned like a school boy with a secret, and rose from his chair to clear the dishes off the table.

“You’re not even going to tell me? Your own wife? Not even one little bit of a hint?” She asked in dismay.

He turned back to her and smiled, “It will be ‘fun’, I’ll promise you that.”

With the table cleared and the dishes in the sink, John walked back to Gina and helped her up out of her chair. He playfully kissed her before bringing his lips to her neck. He moved behind her and continued to cover the exposed skin of her neck and shoulders with his tongue and lips. She moaned softly and thrust her hips back towards his. He backed off and grabbed her hand with his. He lead her into the bathroom, and turned on the shower, as he found her lips with his again and kissed her with passion and vigor. Moving his hands under her shirt, he began kneading her breasts. She raised her arms over her head as her tongue fought with his for dominance in her mouth. They broke the kiss momentarily as he stripped her shirt off her. Their lips locked again while he reached behind her to unsnap her bra. She sent a hand down to his crotch and began massaging his dick through his jeans. The clasp on her bra snapped open and she dropped her bra to the ground. He placed his left hand on her ass and squeezed as his right hand found Gina’s now exposed breasts. He broke the kiss again moving his mouth in a line of kisses down her neck and onto her chest. She took the opportunity to get her hands under his shirt and to lift it over his head. He backed her up against the wall, capturing her right nipple with his lips. As he began sucking, softly at first but with growing ardor, her hands roamed around his back, leaving small scratches everywhere. She lowered her mouth to his shoulder and moaned loudly as he continued to suckle from her breasts. His hands unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She wiggled her hips and her jeans slipped down. She stepped out of first one, then the other pant leg and kicked her jeans towards the door. He removed his mouth from her breast and kissed her on the lips again. Then, he stepped back and yanked her panties down her legs. She kicked them free as he dropped his jeans and briefs to the floor. John grabbed her hands and stepped over the lip of the tub, pulling her with him. As the warm water hit his naked body, Gina came into his arms again and immediately began to grind her hips into his now hard manhood.

“Alright, the first order of business tonight is for you to start sucking.” John whispered in her ear. He punctuated his words by pressing his palms down on her shoulders. He turned his back to the water to block the stream from getting in her face. She dropped to her knees and eagerly took his burgeoning 7-inch dick into her hungry mouth. After one long suck, John turned his head up towards the ceiling and groaned happily. She let his dick slide out of her mouth and then swirled her tongue around the head. He lowered his eyes and watched as she licked his dick up and down the shaft. She returned her attention to the head as she glanced towards him. She made eye contact with him as she sucked him into her mouth again. .He groaned in pleasure as she swirled her tongue around his shaft while sucking. She moved his dick in and out of her mouth. John’s breathing increased and his groaned became more frequent. He started moving his hips with the rhythm that she’d created with her sucking. She pulled his manhood out of her hot mouth, a line of saliva connecting her lips to his dick’s tip. She looked up at him and asked in an innocent but seductive tone, “Do you like your dick in my mouth? Do you want me to make you spill your seed all down my warm throat?” She began sucking him harder and faster as he desperately tried to respond. She moved her left hand to his ass and inserted her, now quite wet, middle finger into his asshole. Gina began to slide her finger in and out of his ass, while she sucked his dick even harder.

John finally found breath to gasp, “Oh, god Gina! Oh, god! Please don’t stop now. Suck my dick! Suck it until I cum!” His hips began bucking violently with a mind of their own, forcing his 7-inches further and further down her throat. She took it all in stride and increased her sucking. Her right hand reached out and grabbed his balls. She began massaging his balls as she slipped her tongue down the underside of his shaft. It finally became too much for John to handle. He growled, and shouted, “Oh fuck!” as his cum shot forcefully into her mouth. Gina relished the feeling of the warm liquid spraying the insides of her mouth. She continued sucking lightly on his dick, but she popped her finger out of his asshole. Determined to milk his balls for all he’s worth, her hand continued to play with his balls, until his dick finally stopped leaking cum several seconds later. She let him pull his shrinking manhood out of her mouth, but she kept her lips open. Using her tongue, she pushed his cum toward the front of her mouth and played with it in front of him. Then, she moved it to the back of her throat and with a smile gave it one gargle before swallowing it in one fell swoop.

He helped her to her feet and kissed her, tasting the leftovers of his seed on her lips. They finished the shower by soaping each other up, kissing passionately every time they faced one another. John took the opportunity to slip a soapy finger into her ass as their tongues became intertwined. They rinsed off, and John shut the water off, while stepping out of the shower. Gina followed him onto the bathmat. He grabbed a towel and began drying her off. With both of them dry, John spread the towels out on the counter and lifted Gina on top of them. He nibbled at her ear and whispered, “It’s your turn.” He kissed her lips passionately but briefly, turning his lips to her body. He let his lips linger in the hollow of her neck, the warmth of his lips and the wetness of his tongue caused a soft moan to escape Gina’s lips. “Oh John…” she mumbled. His lips traveled from the hollow of her neck to her shoulder, trailing a line of wet kisses. He gave her left nipple a quick lick, then moved his mouth to just above her breasts. He began sucking, teasing her with the thought of where his mouth could have been. He moved his lips back down to her breasts and passed over them to lick and kiss her stomach. He briefly reached a hand up to her right breast and fondled it while kissing her belly button and moving ever closer to her nether regions. His tongue snaked out for a passing shot at her slit as he landed his mouth on her leg. He alternated kissing first one leg then the other all the way down to her toes, then he returned back up the way he came. Again, he gave a teasing lick to her slit as he moved his mouth back up her torso. This time, he did stop at her breasts. She moaned as he finally began to pay attention to her sensitive nipples. He began sucking lightly on one nipple, then moved to the other and swirled his tongue around it. Gina gently placed her hands on her head, forcing him to remain. He gladly accepted her choice and made a more detailed greeting with her breast. Sucking some of it into his mouth and twirling his wet tongue around the hard point. She moaned again, and he continued the treatment. He brought a finger up to her lips and waited for her mouth to open. He slid his finger into her mouth and felt her begin to suck on it. He moved his attention to her other breast, as he pulled his finger from her mouth. At this point, his hand found her slit and rubbed it gently, the saliva-coated finger pushing at the entrance of her pussy, begging entrance into her warm hole. He slipped the finger into her pussy and began moving it in and out. Meanwhile, his mouth left her breasts momentarily to kiss her lips. He moved his mouth to the hollow of her neck again and left a warm and wet trail to her breasts. He returned his focus to her nipples, while his finger fucked her pussy. She began moving her hips and moaning loudly. His finger, once coated in saliva is now dripping with her inner juices. He pulled his finger out and moved his lips ever so slowly down her body until he reached her sodden slit. His tongue began lapping up the juices as he burrowed his face into her pussy. Gina’s legs clenched around his head, and she turned her face towards the ceiling, moaning in ecstasy. John alternated between sucking on her lips and slipping his tongue into her slit. He continued this for several minutes until her hips began to buck and her legs put even more pressure on his neck and head. Finally, he turned his attention to the little bud just above her slit, licking it and engulfing it with his lips. He sucked on it softly. Immediately a loud moan escaped from Gina and he heard her shout, “Oh fuck! Don’t stop John! Please, right there. Please, don’t stop.” John, having no intention of stopping now, began sucking with renewed zeal. He slipped first one, then two fingers into her slit as his mouth focused its attention on her clit. He felt a tremor pass through her legs, as she shuddered in mindless bliss. She threw back her head and screamed, “Oh fuck me!” John lessened his sucking on her clit, but didn’t stop entirely as he waited for her orgasm to pass. Her thighs finally released his head from their death grip, and he felt her body relax. He lifted his lips to hers and kissed her with a love that can only be shared by lovers. “And this is just the beginning of the night” John breathed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he reached his hands underneath her legs and lifted her off the counter. Rather than drop her on the floor, he drew her body into his, and thrust is no-longer-limp dick into her drenched pussy with a satisfied grunt from both parties. Gina gave her hips a little wiggle, as she settled onto his hard rod. “Ooohh finally…we get to the really good stuff.” She cooed. She used her legs to push her hips away from his and pulled herself back again with the opposite motion. He turned toward the bathroom and began walking, briefly removing his hands from her ass to redistribute her weight. The action pulled her up his shaft and back down again, rewarding him with a small moan from her. He carried her in this fashion into the bedroom and dumped her, quite unceremoniously, onto their four-post bed. She landed with an “oommff” and glanced up quizzically at him. He flashed his I-have-a-secret grin and moved his hands down to her body. He gave her left nipple a tweak as his hands made their way down to her hips. Once there, he gave a gentle but firm twist, forcing her to flip onto her stomach or risk a painful experience. She did so with the grace and ease, as if she had practiced that very movement countless times. In truth, she hadn’t, but she was coordinated enough to make anything look graceful, even falling down a flight of stairs. John smiled to himself at the memory of her taking a swan dive down the last few steps on the staircase to their very first apartment.

He shook his head and returned to the present. His wife was face down in front of him, her ass smiling back at him. He used his dick to slap her ass cheeks, while he reached under the bed and pulled out a cloth bag that he had stashed there earlier in the day. He turned his attention to the bag as he dug for his padded ropes. With a small shout of success he pulled the ropes free from the bottom of the bag. Gina turned her head and stared at the cords in his hand. “Oh, so THAT’S what you have in mind!” She exclaimed. He just grinned back at her and grabbed both her wrists with his free hand. He looped the first rope around her wrists and secured it to the slats on the headboard. He picked up the second rope and used it to tie her left ankle to a corner post. He repeated the process on her other ankle. When the last rope had been securely fastened, he stepped back and admired his handy work. He had left enough slack in the ropes that had allowed him to position her body such that she was on her knees and forearms. But that was the extent of the slack in the system. She was trapped in doggy style until he chose to release her. She turned her head back towards him again and waited for him to make his move.

She didn’t have to wait long. John quickly positioned himself so that his right knee was on the bed beside her right leg, while he bent his left leg and placed his foot flat on the bed next to her torso. He cupped a breast with his left hand and slipped a finger from his right hand into her still-slick slit. He let his finger slide in and out of her pussy a few times before he managed to get a second finger inside. He began to finger fuck her slit in earnest now, as she began pushing her hips onto his fingers with each thrust. He let a few minutes pass before finally letting his fingers slide all the way out of her pussy. Gina knew what was coming next, but she turned her head in an attempt to watch. John, armed with the knowledge that she was sufficiently wet, moved his dick to the entrance of her pussy and, with a single stroke, thrust his bulging manhood all the way into her inner depths. Gina made a sound that was a mix between a low moan and a loud grunt as his balls slapped against her clit. He slowly slid his rock-hard shaft out until just the tip was still inside. He reached around her with his right hand until it found her other breast and began fondling both of them as he slid his shaft back inside her pussy again. He made his strokes long and slow, as he continued to play with her dangling breasts. Several minutes of this went by before Gina spoke up, “John, sweetie, this feels great and I love it, but you and I both know we could go on like this for a very long while…and I’d really appreciate cumming sooner than a very long while…”

John smiled when he heard these words come out of her mouth. “As you wish, my love.” He replied. At this point, John moved his hands from her breasts and grabbed her hips. He used her hips like handles to pull her body back towards his. At the same time, he thrust his dick forward into her slit. He quickly picked up the pace, and, within a few seconds, he was pounding his manhood into her perfect pussy. Gina began moaning louder and louder as his strokes came faster and faster. His balls beat against her clit with increasing frequency. John’s taut arms and legs propelled their two bodies together faster and faster until they were just a blur of motion. He fucked her hard for a couple minutes, relishing in the feel of her slick inner reaches. All of a sudden, he slowed his pace down to a fraction of what it had been. Gina turned her head to investigate the change in pace, but he used a hand to gently push her head back down to the bed. With his other hand, he reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. He popped the top open and tipped the bottle upside down directly over her asshole. He let a generous amount of oil flow from the bottle and land on her ass. Gina flinched from the unexpectedly cool liquid hitting her body. John closed the top and replaced the bottle in the bag. He removed his hand from her head and placed it back on her hips. He positioned his other on her ass, as he began to increase the pace of his strokes again. As he thrust his dick into her pulsing pussy, he slid his middle finger into her slippery asshole. The finger met slight resistance at the entrance, but Gina was relaxed enough for the finger to slip in anyways. His finger and dick moved in coordination as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could. Gina started to moan loudly again, and her hips moved back towards his each time he thrust. Gina noticed the familiar sensation in the tips of her toes. “Oh fuck me harder John! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meee!!” She practically screamed. Finally she couldn’t hold out any longer. The vibrations from his dick, balls, and finger where all too much for her clit to handle. Her hips bucked wildly and her toes curled and contorted into odd positions as her orgasm ripped through her body like a bolt of lightning. John felt the muscles in her pussy tighten around his dick, but he didn’t stop ramming his rod into her. She screamed in ecstasy and bliss as the waves of pleasure washed over her. As the last wave was fading, she felt the sensation in her toes again. Her breathing was ragged and she clenched the sheets with her bound hands as the second orgasm rushed from her legs. She gave a cry of pure delight as the second orgasm made all the muscles in her body clench uncontrollably. As the second orgasm passed, John slowed his strokes and pulled his finger out of ass. He let his dick slip out of her drenched slit and caught his breath. He noticed the look of rapture on the face of his wife. Her weakened muscles caused her body to droop, as her lungs fought for air.

The sun cooked Beau’s broad shoulders as he pushed the lawnmower across the yard. Clad in cargo shorts and sneakers, Beau tramped through the grass, sweat sliding down his back. His shorts hung low, revealing the very top of his meaty ass. He stopped, wiping his brow. Beau surveyed his surroundings. At his mother’s insistence, the 18-year-old was spending the summer at his aunt’s country house to keep out of trouble.

His aunt had devised a number of tasks in order to keep the boy busy and keep his behavior problems in check. His task today was to mow the lawn. What would have been a twenty-minute task at his mother’s house in the suburbs was a day-long affair on his aunt’s sprawling property. He had already been at the task an hour and a half and wasn’t even halfway finished. Beau put his hands on his hips and looked out at the vast lawn. His buff form was bronzed from all the time he had spent in the sun in the week since arriving at his aunt’s. Not only were his chores largely outdoors, he showered at least once daily using his aunt’s only shower, located in the backyard.

His initial hesitation at being completely exposed outdoors had been tempered by the scorching temperatures and the relative solitude. At this point he thought nothing of his mother’s sister-in-law seeing him naked, and the only other person to cross his path as he bathed had been the gruff, towering man who apparently lived down the road. Beau still thought of how the man had commanded him with practically no effort. The mark the man’s strong hand left on Beau’s bare ass had remained for a day. Thinking of it, Beau absent-mindedly rubbed his soft ass where the man had struck him. Beau was dripping with sweat to the point that his already-low-slung cargo shorts were a millimeter away from revealing the dark hair that surrounded his impressive cock.

“Fuck this,” he said, through labored breaths. He looked at his phone; 1 pm. No messages, of course; he got no service here. Beau wasn’t used to taking on his share of responsibility for the upkeep of a house. It was simple to him: if he didn’t want to do something, he didn’t. It was bad enough he had to spend his summer in the middle of nowhere; he wasn’t about to spend it getting heatstroke doing a bunch of stupid fucking chores. The lawnmower sputtered and stopped as Beau turned and walked across the front yard.

Rounding the corner to the back of the house, Beau kicked off his shoes. He turned the spigot of the outdoor shower, releasing a stream of cold water cascading onto the stone platform below. In one swift motion, Beau dropped his shorts and boxers and stepped atop the platform. He gasped as the cold water hit his neck and shoulders, falling down his toned body, his long, thick cock and his round, tight ass. His cock swung slightly as water droplets landed on it. He hung his head under the stream, letting the water wash the sweat away.

After a minute, Beau shut off the water, grabbed his shorts, and walked naked back to the house. He showered outside so often now that he thought nothing of walking around the house and the yard without clothes, his cock hitting his muscular thighs as he walked. He could swear he occasionally caught his mother’s sister-in-law letting here eyes linger on his cock. He didn’t blame her. It wasn’t infrequent that a friend of his would comment on what they thought was a massive hard-on in Beau’s shorts. “I’m not hard,” he’d reply. “I just have a huge dong.”

In his bedroom, Beau picked out a T-shirt and his other pair of cargo shorts, thankfully clean. He checked for clean boxers and found none. Briefs it was. He pulled up a pair of white Hanes, which barely constrained his cock. He finished dressing, slipped on a pair of flip-flops, and headed out the door. In his brief time in the country, Beau had discovered a bar within what passed for walking distance in this town. An hour’s walk down the road and he could at least get drunk; they never carded in this place, and Beau looked older than he was anyway. He began his walk down the dirt road and lit a joint he had rolled using weed he bought last time he was at the bar. Living in the middle of nowhere had its occasional privileges.

It was dark when Beau sauntered up the gravel driveway of his aunt’s house. He swayed as he walked, too drunk to even attempt a straight line, a bent cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. He had fallen a few times on the walk back, and it was all he could do to keep upright now. His time at the bar had been relatively uneventful. He had pounded back beers and tequila shots with some locals, and unsuccessfully hit on the couple women who had ventured into the bar. Drunk off his ass, he hadn’t been particularly smooth. Beau spit out his cigarette and stumbled as he walked in the door, and laughed to himself.

“What on God’s green earth do you think you’re doing, young man?” His aunt’s voice caused Beau to clumsily swing around. She sat in the living room staring at him, fire in her eyes.

Beau tried to stand up straight, but the room kept spinning. “Err… uhhh… heyassssSarah.” His words slurred hopelessly. He leaned against the wall.

She stood up and walked toward him. “God dammit! Look at you! Not only did you not finish your chores, which landed me in a world of shit with the appraiser when he came by this afternoon, you’re drunk as a goddamn skunk. Here I promise your mother I’m going to keep you out of trouble this summer, and you’re getting shit-faced with… well, I don’t even know where the fuck you were.”

“Mmsorry,” mumbled Beau. He attempted to slide off his flip-flop and landed on his ass in the process.

“For god’s sake, get up here.” The woman lifted the boy to the best of his ability. “Damn, you’re heavy.” She guided the boy back to his room and spilled him onto the bed. His long legs and big feet hung off its edge. “You stay there and sober up. Don’t think we won’t talk about this tomorrow.”

Beau tried to respond, but instead threw his head back and passed out, the room still spinning.

“Whu-h?” Beau sat upright. “Augh…” He rubbed the back of his head, which was pounding. He looked down at himself. Still dressed in last night’s clothes, a single flip-flop hanging off his left toe. “The fuck…?”

He tried to remember the night prior. He could recall being at the bar, drinking beer and doing shots, maybe talking to some locals, although it was a blur. He vaguely remembered walking back along the dirt road and… oh, shit. The confrontation with his aunt. “Fuck.” He couldn’t remember exactly what had been said, just that she had been angry. Stumbling out of bed, he walked out of his room into the kitchen, wondering if she’d be there waiting for him.

It was empty. On the counter sat a note.


Beau put down the note. “Fuck.” He rubbed his forehead. At least she didn’t give me any chores, he thought. Padding about the kitchen, he fixed himself some food and coffee, and threw back a handful of aspirin for his aching head. Must’ve drank a fucking shit ton, he thought to himself. He knew he’d have to deal with his aunt eventually, but this was hardly the first time he had been in trouble. Her fault for making me do her bitch work, he thought.

Having taken some time to nurse his hangover, Beau walked back to his room. He lifted his shirt over and off his head and ran his hands over his smooth chest. Shower, he thought. He dropped his shorts and briefs, wrapped a too-small towel around his waist, and walked out the door to the backyard shower. He dropped the towel and started the water. Standing under it, he could feel his headache subsiding. Another few minutes of this, he thought, and he may be able to bear the harsh glare of the sun in his eyes. He groaned slightly, looking forward to getting back inside and crashing until his aunt got home.


Beau heard. His eyes went wide as he recognized the voice.

“You are twice as dumb as I thought you were, and you are fucked besides.”

Beau turned cautiously. Henry. The man who a week prior had warned Beau from antagonizing his aunt again stood before him. Beau made a slight gesture toward covering his huge cock with his hands, before remembering where that got him last time and leaving his arms at his side. He unconsciously pushed his shoulders back and stood a bit straighter. “Hen – S-sir…”

“Oh no, not near good enough. You stand at attention when I address you, boy.”

Beau stood straight, wincing as his head throbbed. Looking down, he took in his visitor. Henry was tall as he remembered. Elevated by the platform, Beau looked down at him, but standing on even ground the man easily eclipsed Beau. Unlike last time, Henry came bare-chested. Beau could now see what he only got a hint of last time. Henry was built. Years of hard manual labor had given the man a massive, rock-hard body. Beau noted how different it was from his own; Beau’s body came from hours in the gym, from vanity. A life of backbreaking labor had sculpted Henry’s. Even where Beau and Henry had similarly-sized muscles, Beau thought that the man looked like he could break Beau in half if he wanted. The broad, solid chest was covered with a coating of brown hair, with a smattering of grey, matching the short, salt-and-pepper hair atop his head. The man wore jeans over massive legs, and work boots. Sweat dripped from the man’s grey temples onto the coarse stubble that covered his face, and his bare chest glistened. Beau wasn’t sure how old he was, but he appeared to be about forty.

“I thought that I made myself clear last time I was here.” The man’s voice boomed. “You do not fuck around with your aunt.” He stepped forward, his face inches from Beau’s chest. “So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call from her yesterday afternoon, hysterical, begging me to come over and finish mowing her lawn so that she doesn’t get fucked when the appraiser comes over. ‘Course, I’m happy to help out Sarah, but then she told me why she needed my help.” Fucking punk, thought Henry. All the same. Still, Henry knew how to break his type.

Beau had first been startled, but now he was tense and, he admitted to himself, fearful with the large man yelling at him when Beau was naked and vulnerable. Also a concern was the fact that Beau’s cock was centimeters away from touching the bare skin of the man’s chest.

“She needed my help because you,” Henry punctuated this last room with a sharp poke in the middle of Beau’s hairless chest. “YOU skipped out on your chores! Off getting fucked up some way or the other, I’d bet. Is that it? I said, was that it, boy?” Another poke.

Beau had to shift to keep his balance every time the man’s massive hand touched his skin. “Yes, sir. That was it, sir. I was at the bar. Getting drunk.”

“Fuckin’ layabout piece of trash. You think you’re gonna pull that shit on my watch? You think I’m not going to teach you a lesson?”

Beau had it. It was bad enough this creep was interrupting his shower. Bad enough that his shouting was aggravating Beau’s headache. Bad enough that he was manhandling Beau’s naked body. But if this asshole thought he was going to come over here and treat Beau like a bitch, he didn’t know whom he was dealing with. “Listen, old man,” said Beau, surprisingly himself with how forceful he managed to make his voice., “You think I’m going to punk out like a little bitch because some old-ass fucker doesn’t have anything better to do that fuck with me, you can just go to fucking hell. Now get the fuck out of my face, and get the fuck out of here!” Beau stood, his chest heaving. He stared into Henry’s eyes.

Henry didn’t move a centimeter. The older man’s hands were on his hips. His breathing didn’t change an iota. The expression on his face was intense, yet almost amused.

“I said fucking leave!” Beau swung his fist at the man. He had been in dozens of fights before, and he won them all. Other guys knew not to fuck with Beau unless they wanted to get their asses kicked, badly. He had sent guys to the hospital with broken bones. If this old man wasn’t going to listen to him, he was going to put him down.

Beau’s fist connected with Henry’s jaw. Henry staggered back slightly. Beau stood, still on the platform, arms at the ready, cock swinging between his legs. He breathed heavily, his eyes wide. The man had his head turned to the side, and a hand in front of it. A red drop fell onto the man’s hairy chest. Shit, thought Beau. Maybe I broke the dude’s jaw, or knocked out a tooth. Beau smiled broadly. The man spit on the ground. Beau shouted, “Not so tough now, are you, fucker?”

“Heh. Hah!”

Beau dropped his fists slightly. His look of glee was replaced with confusion.

The man dropped his hand and looked at Beau. He smiled from ear to ear. A trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth down his chin. He continued to chuckle. “Hah! Boy, I do not know where you are from, but that was the weakest, pussiest punch I have ever felt in my life. Fuck, your aunt could lay a stronger one than that on my jaw. Fuckin’ Hell, you do need me to break you in. Make you a man.” Henry stepped forward again. “Now, remember, boy, this’s for your own good.”

Beau didn’t have time to move before the man landed a blow square on Beau’s cheek. Pain exploded across Beau’s face. He blacked out for a moment as he flew off the stone platform and landed square on his ass in the grass. He fell back, his back and head hitting the ground, his legs outstretched, his cock flopping on his stomach. His head spun. He sat staring at the sky for a length of time he couldn’t determine. He knew he had to get up. The boy turned on his stomach, resting his weight on his elbow, and attempted to raise himself on his knees.

Suddenly, an irresistible weight fell on Beau’s back. He felt rock hard, sweaty muscles and coarse hair pressed into his back. He felt hot breath and hard stubble against the back of his neck. An arm like steel cable wrapped itself around Beau’s neck, putting the boy in a headlock. Beau felt a powerful hand on his ass, forcing his lower body into the ground. “What the fu-”

Henry cut off the boy’s words by tightening the headlock slightly. Henry beamed. The boy’s actions cracked him up, his arms trying desperately to pry Henry’s arms off him, yet not budging Henry a centimeter. “Now, you’re going to listen to me, boy. I know your type, like I said. Big, buff stud. Got all the girls screaming when you fuck ‘em with your big-ass dick. Yeah, I saw that thing. Bet you it impresses those girls. Not me, though.” Henry chuckled. It was almost cute how he could feel the boy’s muscles squirming beneath him. “See, I’ve been around the block. I know what separates a boy from a man. You’re about as useful as a horse and not half as smart. But I’m gonna make you better, boy. I’m going to make you a man.” He lightened his headlock.

Beau exhaled. He breathed heavily. He was using all his strength to try and get the man’s arms off him, and he couldn’t even manage to make Henry struggle. Beau didn’t know how this was happening. He had never physically been at anybody’s mercy. “Help!”

Henry laughed. “You forget where you are? Shit, you’re so dumb maybe you did. Nobody’s gonna hear you out here. Now, you play along here, you can learn something, and it’ll be better for you.”

Beau put all his strength into trying to push Henry off him. Beau succeeded in rising to his hands and knees, but Henry remained on top of him, an iron grip on Beau’s body.

“Gonna be like that, huh? No difference to me.”

Beau felt a hand that could have been carved from granite reach between his legs and firmly clutch his balls. Beau froze.

“Told you, boy. To me you’re just an especially dumb farm animal. If that’s how I gotta treat you, so be it.” Henry emphasized his final statement by squeezing the boy’s hanging balls. He snickered at the boy’s exclamation.

Beau’s mind raced. Think through this, man, he thought to himself. You’re on your hands and knees like a fucking animal. You gave this old dude your best shot and now he’s fucking owning you. He’s literally got you by the fucking balls. Christ, this hurts. Just play along for now, Beau. Get him off you, get your balls free, then wait until he turns his back and kick his ass. What’s that noise, anyway. Almost sounds like he’s spitting in his hand. “Ahh!”

In assessing his situation in his hangover-plagued mind, Beau hadn’t been paying attention to Henry. All he knew is that he suddenly felt something pressed… there. Beau felt something huge pressed against his asshole. His eyes went wider than ever in his life. He tried to yell, but was stopped by Henry’s arm around his neck.

“I told you, boy, ” the man said, “Your big dick may impress those little girls back home, but not me. You know why, boy?” Henry, smirking, leaned his head down next to the boy’s ear.

Beau could feel hot breath on the side of his face. The 18-year-old was trembling.

“Because I’m bigger, Beau.”

Beau shouted as he felt something huge penetrate his hole. He had never had anything up there, ever. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. He was being invaded. He could feel it sliding deeper and deeper inside. “Please!” He shouted. “Please stop!”

“Hah!” Henry chuckled. “You could’ve prevented this easy. Not my fault you had to be such a fuckin’ punk. Now, what you’re feeling now is my cock, lubed up and sliding into your sweet ass.” Henry gave Beau a full-strength slap on the ass, and grinned both at the yelp that issued from the boy, and the bright red handprint he left on the boy’s creamy, white, smooth ass. “It’ll feel better if you relax, boy. And you’d better, because I’m not even halfway in.”

Beau wanted to keep shouting, but knew that nobody would hear him. They were too isolated, and his aunt wouldn’t be home for hours. He could barely process the feeling inside his ass. The man’s cock felt like a fucking flagpole. It was huge. How could it not be in all the way? This man was bigger, faster, stronger than Beau, and his cock was bigger than his, too? What am I supposed to do, he thought. I can’t get him off me. Can’t shout for help. Is he right? Should I just relax? Beau’s thoughts went blank as he felt the man’s cock drilling deeper and deeper into him. He heard himself shouting. At one point he felt the huge tool hit something inside him, and Beau could swear that his shouting started to sound more like… moaning.

“There ya go,” said Henry. “Knew you’d come around. I’m almost all the way in you now. Trust me, once I start fucking you, you’re gonna forget all about the pain.”

“Y… you’re going to fuck me?” Beau could hear the fear and exasperation in his voice. He felt tears running down his cheek. It seemed like a stupid question when he thought of it. After all, Henry’s dick was buried in his ass already. But Beau never thought he’d be getting fucked by a dude at all, let alone be totally owned by some old guy.

“What was that?” Henry finally pushed himself entirely inside the boy.

Beau groaned loudly. “You’re going to fuck me… sir?” His voice was meek.

“Yes,”, said Henry. “Yes I am. It’s a learning experience. You see, you think the world revolves around you. You think you can walk all over everybody. You don’t answer to anybody. You gotta learn different. If you’re going to be a fucking little punk, then I’m gonna teach you that you belong to me.” With that Henry pulled his cock back and again sank it deep into Beau’s ass. “Trust me, when I’m done you’ll thank me.”

Beau lowered his head. He had never heard himself make the noises he heard coming from his mouth as the man again and again slid his cock in and out of Beau’s tight ass. What started as a slow, deliberate pace to Beau’s first fucking was speeding up. He became aware not only of the huge tool destroying him, but the older man’s hips slapping against his ass.

It was very crowded in the shower, what with both of us in there, but that just made it more fun. I soaped him from top to bottom, or at least as high as I could reach, and he did the same for me. His hand stroking my clit while his other hand teased my nipples felt wonderful. I kissed him deeply and found his own hardening organ, despite fucking me a few minutes ago; he was ready to go again. I turned to face the wall and spread my legs.

Trent got the hint and slowly slid his throbbing shaft inside my pussy. This time it was slow and gentle. We rocked back and forth in the shower for what felt like an eternity, but it was still over to soon for me. I pushed back against him and his hands came around me to rub my breasts and he remembered that I liked to have my nipples pinched, because his strong fingers closed around them and pulled them out from my body. I hissed in pained delight and his hand dropped down to stroke my clit. I groaned and fucked back against him harder. I needed to cum and to feel him cum with me.

He lifted me up, one hand holding my stomach, the other at my breasts, holding me to his chest. I had both hands against the shower wall to keep myself upright. I reached between our legs and grabbed his balls, my nails digging in slightly and he screamed as he shot his load into me. The sensation of his cum pouring into me sent me over the edge again and I howled with delight as I dribbled into his hand.

Finally panting with exhaustion, we kissed again and had another shower. Just a cleanup, but this time there was lots of gentle touching and kissing. I got out first and cleaned my pussy out and when Trent got out I jumped back in for a quick rinse. By the time I got out, Trent was in the bedroom dressing. I did my makeup, just a little lipstick, my face already had the glow I liked and I dried my hair and pulled the sides back off my face and held it in place with a spring clip.

I came out of the bathroom to see Trent downing a bottle of water and proceeded to dress. I attached my vagina and slipped into my powder blue g-string as Trent looked at me questioningly.

“Why are you wearing that thing? You don’t need it for me you know.”

“I know, but it gives me the right shape.” I responded, pulling on my short-short jean shorts, pulling them right up into my crotch. “Besides, this way I get a camel-toe that is sure to keep your attention.” I showed him the crease in my crotch and walked over to him still topless; I reached up and closed his mouth for him. “Close your mouth darling, flies will take advantage.”

I could understand why he was shocked. My shorts were barely worthy of the name. I had taken an old pair of jeans, nice and worn, soft and comfy and cut them off. The only problem was that I cut them a little shorter than I thought. I had to hem them to keep them from fraying, and when I did I found that the front pockets were visible and the back pockets were in the way. So a little creative sewing and I was good, I removed the back pockets and folded them until they fit and then sewed them back on, and then did the same with the front pockets. Now I had shorts with back pockets that I could maybe get my fingers in up to the first knuckle and front pockets deep enough for the second knuckle. Basically my belt was almost wider. They were low riders so they sat comfortably on my hips, but I put on a belt anyway. My blue bikini top and a white button shirt, tied just above my belly button, ankle socks and white deck shoes and I was ready to go.

Trent was dressed in bright orange jams, sandals and a tank top with a baseball hat, the perfect tourist look. We made it outside our door just in time to see Anna and Adam arguing, they both looked up relieved as our door opened and I stepped out.

“Good, you two are okay.” Anna said. “We were getting worried if you were going to make it to port.”

“Yes, and fighting about…” I asked.

“About whether or not we were going to bang on your door and see if you were coming with us.” Adam replied.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Trent replied cheerfully.

Anna was dressed in a white mini skirt with a matching tank top and flip flops, she grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall chatting happily the shopping and the sights to see. Adam was in fluorescent green jams, running shoes and a plain white T-shirt, he and Trent followed talking quietly, we got far enough ahead of them for Anna to whisper to me.

“You okay?” She asked softly. “Did he do anything?”

“Yes, everything I wanted.” I replied dreamily.

“You slut,” Anna gasped. “You didn’t let him…”

“No, I am still a virgin, but we had a long talk and made up, then made out.”

“I noticed the do not disturb sign and that the phones were off.” She responded. “I was getting worried.”

“No, we are fine.” I assured her. “Neither of us slept at all last night and we only started talking this morning. After that we went to bed to catch up on some sleep.”

“Okay, if you are sure. Then we can talk about the truly important things like shopping.”

I laughed and glanced back at Trent. He and Adam seemed fine. We made our way down to the gang way and stood in line to clear customs. Actually that went quickly and we stepped off the ship in time to see the parents waiting for us.

“Well, look who finally decided to join the land of the living.” Jason said smiling at us.

“Yes, you were all decidedly missing this morning.” Kevin said. “Anyone care to explain.”

“We were having an orgy in our room,” I said calmly. “Didn’t you get your invitation? I was worried when none of you showed up.” Everyone stopped dead staring at me. I simply stared back calmly. Finally Trent spoke up.

“Janie and I were up most of the night not talking to each other, this morning we worked it out and went back to bed to get some sleep.”

“Anna and I slept in a little then decided to wander the ship.” Adam said softly, looking at the ground. I thought this was curious, but let it go as I smiled sweetly back at the still shocked parents.

“Well, we better get going; we have to be back before eleven.” Trent said grabbing my hand and leading me off with Anna and Adam almost running after us.

“I can’t believe you said that.” Trent said as soon as we were out of earshot. He tried to look angry, but I could see the smile fighting to break through.

“You are such a shit.” Anna said giggling. “How could you say that to our parents, or Trent’s or your Mom?”

“Easy,” I replied, and everyone laughed. “They have to learn to let us live our own lives. Think of this as a wakeup call. I bet they are all laughing about it right now. Now let’s shop.”

We headed down the main street, or at least what I thought was the main street. It was awful narrow, but the shops were open and busy. We reviewed our shopping book and hit all the stores with the freebies. I got more loose cheap stones then I would ever need and we saw a lot of jewelry. This port was the jewelry port and I intended to do some serious damage. I had budgeted so much per port, but now I had added to it from my jackpot winnings.

We finally found a jeweler that we liked and started to wander thru his shop. I picked out some nice earrings and Anna found a gold bracelet that she liked. Adam was looking at a chain for himself and Trent was working on purchasing a really nice necklace Heather. I came up beside him as he asked the price and when he reached right away for his wallet, I knew that I would have to take over.

One of the things our shopping seminar told us was that here in the islands, haggling was a way of life. Only tourists paid full price. We are so used to paying the price shown from shopping at supermarkets and large chain stores that we don’t think to barter with shop owners.

I grabbed Trent’s arm and said loudly enough for Anna to hear, “we can do better down the street honey.” That was the code that Anna and I agreed to at the seminar. Hearing me say that, she immediately put the bracelet down and grabbed Adam’s hand and said “let’s go babe,” and she started to walk out.

The salesmen that were dealing with us leapt into action. Calling after us, they started the usual lines about the best merchandise, highest quality etc, etc. We paused at the door and turned back, they saw the serious glint in our eyes and the verbal sparring began.

By the time we left half an hour later, Trent had gotten his necklace, one inch wide tri-color gold, for about a third of the original price. My earrings were thrown in for free. I thought that we did okay until I talked to Anna, she practically had that guy give her the store for free. Adam smiled when he told us how she cut the prices down to almost nothing and would not give an inch. Obviously she would be doing all the haggling for us for the rest of the trip.

The next shop we hit was a retail chain, so haggling was not going to work, but that was okay. The place was called Del Sol, and carried the coolest stuff. Everything changed color in sunlight. Something about the UV rays, you could check out the changes under black light as well. All the shirts were white with black lettering and designs, until you went out into sun light then all the color appeared. They carried nail polish, hair clips, necklaces, rings, and all kinds of knick knacks. I dropped way too much money, but I could not help it. Even the tote bags changed color. My favorite was the nail polish called blind date, clear inside, pink outside.

From there we window shopped around the city, never straying very far from the dock. Finally at around seven we stopped at a place called Senor Frog’s. It was a college type bar, loud music, cheap drinks and not too bad food. We ate and danced there, just enjoying being with kids our own age. Another cruise ship was in port and the hotels were packed with spring breakers. I really worked Trent into a lather with my grinding him and finally at around ten thirty he said that we had to get back to the ship. We made it back aboard with fifteen minutes to spare and dropped our stuff in our cabins and changed into heels before heading down to the nightclub.

We hit the club, Quasar, and danced and shimmied till they kicked us out at two. I wanted Trent to be so hot and bothered that he would almost rape me when we got into our room. I don’t know what Anna was thinking, but it must have been along the same lines, because she was just as aggressive with Adam as I was with Trent. We stopped the show when we came together in the middle of the dance floor and started dancing with each other.

She towered over me and wrapped her arms around me as I ground my ass into her crotch. Her hands slid down my arms and then down my body. My shiver was not just for show, she really got me hot. Her left hand came across my stomach and her right went back up and over my shoulder. I brought my arms in and ran my hands up her thighs, catching the hem of her skirt on my watch, pulling it up to her hip before it worked loose. She spun me in her arms and slid her leg between mine and started to grind me with her thigh, I did the same for her. We rocked and ground against each other for most of the song, getting closer and closer all the time. With our hands on each other’s asses, we moved closer with each movement, our lips almost touching each time, our mouths open, our faces flushed with desire, but never quite making contact. I don’t know how long we kept this up, but the crowd just kept getting louder and louder before Adam and Trent grabbed us and spun us back into our partner’s arms to keep dancing.

After they closed the club Trent and Adam practically dragged us back to our cabins and pushed us inside. Trent shut the door, slammed the lock and turned to face me.

“Do you have any idea how hot you looked dancing out there?”

“No,” I responded innocently.

“You and Anna just about caused a riot in Frog’s and then you come back here and do the same.”

“We were just trying to have fun.”

“Well, you damn near put on a sex show, and I think that if you want sex that badly, I am just going to give it to you.”

“Oh sir, I am a good girl, I would never do that.” I said meekly.

“Well, you started this, and now you are going to get what you deserve.” Trent said advancing on me, undoing his pants.

“EEK.” I screamed and ran into the bedroom giggling.

“Come back here you hussy.” Trent said, trying to be stern, but smiling none the less.

He found me in the bedroom, sitting on the bed. He kicked off his shorts and stepped up before me. I grasped his manhood and licked him from balls to tip. He shivered and put his hands on top of my head. I held the base of his shaft and continued to lick and nip at him gently. He rubbed his penis up and down my face, making me look sluttier still as my own saliva now coated my face, but I still kept him wet. I opened my shirt and undid the straps of my bikini and lowered his pulsing member between my tits. Pushing them together, I started to rub him up and down, still drooling on him to keep him lubed.

Trent groaned at the feel of my breasts around him and held onto my head to steady himself. Every time the head appeared, I licked it or kissed it and he shuddered. The feeling of his dick gliding between my breasts was a new experience to me. I was able to please him and tease my own nipples at the same time. I knew that would be enough to get me off. Trent started to move faster and I could feel him harden still further as he was getting close. He tried to pull away from me, but I held him tight between my breasts and sucked on the head of his dick.

“Janie, I’m gonna cum.” He panted.

“Cum for me baby,” I crooned at him.

“No,” he struggled to get the word out and to get away from me. “I want to fuck you.”

“No baby,” I whispered, licking the head again. “I need you to cum now.” I sucked the head in again, wrapped my tongue around the crown then stuck my pointed tongue into his piss slit. That was all it took. Trent shouted in delight and started shooting his load into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked harder and pinched my own nipples. The feeling of him gifting me with his hot load and the pain in my nipples pushed me over the edge and I came with a small squirt.

I sucked until he pushed me away from his over sensitive shaft and I wiped the small amount of cum that had leaked down my chin. Trent stepped back and twisted to fall onto the bed. I leaned over him and kissed him with cum stained lips, he licked his own spend from my face with delight.

“That was fantastic.” He panted. “But why didn’t you want to fuck?”

“I need to clean myself out before we do that.” I responded. “Plus, this is more intimate don’t you think?”

“Yes,” he said after a moment’s consideration.

“Besides, I don’t want to you to fuck me; I want us to make love.”

“I see.”

“But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love a good fuck every now and then.” I said teasingly. “Now go to bed. I will be in right after I clean up.” I made my way into the bathroom and cleaned Trent off my face, brushed my teeth and stripped off my clothes. I came back into the bedroom and found him already asleep. I slipped into bed beside him and cuddled on his chest thinking, ‘Men, all they want to do after sex is pass out.’ I giggled at my own silliness, and drifted off to sleep content to be where I was.

Dawn came far too early for my tastes, we had left the curtains open and the bright clear sunlight blasted into our room hit me right in the face like a hammer. There is nothing worse than having a perfectly nice dream shattered by sunlight. Blinking in the bright light I saw that the sun was just coming up, the clock read six thirty and I groaned. This was day four and we would dock in an hour and a half. We had planned an excursion for this port and I was not going to allow us to be late.

I slipped out of bed and did my morning routine, dressed in my work out clothes and then climbed back on the bed to wake Trent. He was flat on his back; he got the small shadow of the curtains and was still blissfully asleep. I shook him several times, but he only grunted and refused to wake up, so I decided that it was time for something more drastic. I pulled the covers back and saw that he had his usual morning wood. I grasped it gently and licked the head, Trent groaned softly and then I took him into my mouth. He groaned a little louder as I took him deep into my throat, then I brought my teeth into play. I dragged my teeth gently up the shaft as I pulled him out of my mouth; he hissed but still did not wake so I bit him.

Trent shouted and sat up in shock. I looked at him innocently.

“That hurt.” He shouted.

“Yes, but it worked, you are up.” I said indifferently. “Now get dressed, we need to have our workouts before breakfast and we dock in less than two hours.”

“I can’t believe you bit me.” He said still surprised.

“Yes, but I didn’t hurt you, or even break the skin.” I smiled impishly at him. “Do you really think I would damage my favorite toy?” I leapt off the bed as he threw a pillow at me.

Ten minutes later we joined Anna and Adam in the gym and had our work out. We finished in an hour and headed for breakfast. Another light breakfast and a quick shower and change and we were only fifteen minutes late for getting off the ship.

I wore my biking shorts and a tank top over my bikini, my hair was pulled back in a tight braid to keep it out of the way and my flip flops completed my ensemble. Trent wore bright blue jams that day over his Speedo and a T-shirt with sandals. We joined the line to exit the ship with Anna and Adam and the parents. Anna wore a small tight bikini, another mini skirt, this time pale blue, no top other than her bikini and her deck shoes. Adam wore running shorts, a T shirt and flip flops as well.

Our parents started asking us about our day at the last port and we told them about the shopping and dinner at Frog’s. We asked about their day and they had just shopped and wandered the town. They had passed Frog’s but it had been too loud for them so the had a late dinner on board. The conversation was pleasant and polite until Jason asked about our return to the ship.

“I have heard this terrible rumor about two girls in one of the night clubs on board getting really dirty with their dancing late last night. Do you know anything about it?”

“Yes,” Kevin said, “I heard the same thing. These two young things just tearing up the dance floor then proceed to almost start making out with each other right in the middle of a dance.”

The silence was thunderous, but before I could say anything Anna jumped in.

“Yes, I heard about that, just scandalous what kids today get up to, don’t you think Janie?”

“Absolutely appalling,” I agreed straight faced. “Their parents should be ashamed with themselves for not teaching the girls better manners.” Mom snorted and Heather started to laugh out loud as we turned the conversation around on them yet again. “We’ll see you later. We have our scooter excursion this morning.” The line moved forward and we separated from the still glowering parents.

“Well done.” Trent said to both of us.

“Yes, very well played, but you know they are going to be all over us later.”

“We can worry about that then. Now let’s get moving I don’t want to miss this.”

Before we left home, I had booked two excursions through the travel agent. When I told Adam about it the first night out, he went and booked the same trips for him and Anna. This one was the first. We were taken out on a dive boat and toured the coastline. My camera was working overtime on that trip. Anna and I were on the front deck, with most of the other women tanning and snapping pictures. After about half an hour we arrived at the dive site and the fun really began.

On this excursion we were given underwater scooters and allowed to drive around underwater like we would on a scooter on a street. There was no dive equipment needed, you were completely immersed in water, but your head was in a clear bubble so that you could breath, you didn’t need a mask and could wear your glasses or what have you.

This audio was made in response to Angelofdesire’s ‘my little secret’ and all her other amazing audio submissions. I hope that she and anyone else can enjoy my version of the story as much as I enjoyed hers.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story includes both bi-female, threesome, group, and bi-male scenes. If you do not like or have an aversion to two men doing anything together, skip this story, or just read until the second male arrives. It wont leap into it suddenly, you’ll know its coming.


I don’t focus well during school classes. Today was even worse. After having sex for the first time with my adopted legal guardian last night, I spent the entire day thinking about what had happened, applying that experience to Kari, my current crush. She’s also my date for prom tomorrow night, so the last thing I wanted to do was tell her what had happened. I don’t have class with her this quarter, thankfully.

Usually it was a downer that we only had that one class together, but today I was relieved. I wasn’t sure I wanted to face her. When I was waiting for my first period class to start I got a text message from her that she had a doctor’s appointment during lunch period, so I knew I wouldn’t have to face her then. By the end of the day I wasn’t worried about it anymore. The initial fear had past and I knew as long as I didn’t talk about it, then no one knew and it wouldn’t come up. We weren’t really dating, but anytime you start an excuse with, “Technically, dot, dot, dot,” it’s still not going to end well. I would tell her once I got to know her better and could guess how she would react. Having decided that, the rest of the day was a breeze.

When my gym class ended at 3pm I got in my car and went home. I noticed Kate’s car in the driveway which was unusual. Her normal Friday hours put her working until 7 or 8pm in town at her boutique. When I walked in the front door I heard her talking in the living room, and when I went past on my way upstairs to my room, I saw her talking to her best friend, Sarah.

Sarah was like Kate, they both grew up in foster care, bouncing around like I did, and they were both close enough to each other that they remained friends for their entire teenage lives. She was petite, very petite, and much shorter than Kate and a year younger at 31 years old. She was around 5’0 give or take an inch. She had shapely hips but up top she was lacking compared to Kate, and only had small C cup breasts. While Kate was a brunette with a natural curl in her long hair, Sarah was a golden blonde, with straight as a rule hair that was cut just below her jaw line. She had pale blue eyes, not nearly as noticeable as Kate’s, and a flat ass. She was not a head turner when it came to her body, but her face was exceptionally cute. If you weren’t picky about bodies, then you would have no hesitation saying yes to her.

I noticed their conversation shift into whispers when they heard me come in, and immediately I was nervous. What had Kate told her?! I tried to act casual, and waved as I went upstairs to my bedroom. I heard a giggle escape from Sarah and I was glad the wall of the stairway hid my red face. I threw my bag onto my floor and collapsed onto my bed. I was completely embarrassed, and I felt like I had made a huge mistake the night before. I should have pushed Kate away, but I was too excited to say no. After lying on the bed for a few minutes I decided I needed a shower. I had the reek of gym class on me so I stripped down to my boxers and went to the shared upstairs bathroom.

Jim and Kate did not have a master bath in the house when they bought it, so one thing they splurged on was fixing up the upstairs bathroom into a luxury spa. They absorbed the small office next to it and gutted the entire room. They put in a huge Jacuzzi bathtub big enough for four people, his-and-hers countertop, and both a toilet and a bidet. The bidet was weird at first, but once you’ve used it a couple times, you won’t go back. There was also a small shower stall, but the Jacuzzi tub had wrap around nozzles in the wall, plus a waterfall-like faucet overhead. A drain trough built into the floor surrounding the tub allowed them to skip the walls around the tub leaving it open.

I skipped the tub today and used the small glass walled shower stall. I turned the water on letting it steam up as I gathered a towel from the small closet and set it on the counter. I threw my boxers onto the floor and admired myself in the mirror before climbing into the shower. The water was hot on my skin, the way I liked it. The glass of the stall had completely steamed up, and I just stood under the spray for a few minutes. I had just started lathering up with soap when I heard the door open.

“I’m in here,” I hollered, “You can use the bathroom downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.” I heard Sarah say. The door clicked shut and I went back to washing. I had scrubbed all the important parts and was letting the water rinse the lather away when the glass shower door opened. I jumped and spun and found myself face to face with a completely naked Sarah. She smiled at me and her perky breasts ended in large hard nipples. I couldn’t help but let my gaze go lower and I saw she was completely shaved, no pubic hair at all. She came into the stall and pushed me against the wall, closing the door behind her.

“I’ve heard you had some after school tutoring last night.” She told me. My mouth hung open, not knowing what to say. “Consider me another one of your tutors.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up, forcing me to catch her and hold on to her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her bare pussy rubbed against my enlarging cock and her hard nipples raked across my wet chest as she firmly kissed me. I pulled back, a hundred thoughts going through my mind, and uncertainty about which to listen to.

“I can’t I’ve got a date with Kari.” I managed, but even I didn’t believe it.

She narrowed her eyes seductively, “Are you two dating?” she asked. I shook my head weakly. “So it’s just a first date?” she confirmed. I nodded.

“Then this is okay,” she told me, and she reached up, put her hand on the back of my head, and yanked me toward her planting her lips on mine. I kissed back, letting my tongue explore her mouth as she explored mine. I slowly turned around, putting her back against the wall of the shower stall. Holding her up with my body I lowered a little and started sucking on her magnificent tits. I could feel the hardness of her nipples, and she cooed as I sucked and licked them, splitting my time between each. She pushed me back and lowered herself back onto the floor of the stall and knelt down. My cock was hard and she took hold of it and teased it, licking just the last centimeter with her tongue and lips, letting my desire build. Instead of taking its length into her mouth she kissed down the shaft and then down to my balls.

She sucked one in, rolling it around with her tongue and she sucked, and slowly stroked the length of my cock with her hand. She had her other hand on my thigh caressing it. She switched balls, sucking the other one, and going back and forth between them. After a moment of that she let her tongue lick from the bottom of my balls all the way up my cock to the tip and then gobbled it, taking most of it into her mouth. I fell back against the glass wall, closing my eyes as she sucked. I put my hand on the back of her head, letting it rest there and after a moment she pulled back, just lightly teasing the head of my cock again. I looked down, frustrated she had practically stopped.

“Next lesson,” she said, “Learning when girls want you to take charge.” I was confused, and she took my hands and put one on the back of her head, and made my other take a handful of her hair. “If you want more, take more.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, and she went back to merely teasing my cock. I tried to pull her into it, but I didn’t want to hurt her, and she easily resisted my timid pulls. “No, you’re just making suggestions at what you want me to do.” She shook her head, “I want you to MAKE ME do it.” She told me.

I gripped her hair tighter and really yanked her onto my cock; shoving her head and pushing her down, making her take the entire 7 inches of my hard cock. She pulled back and I shoved her down again, and she moaned as she went down, sucking eagerly. After a few seconds she pulled off of it. “That’s more like it.” She continued to suck me and I heard the door open. I nearly panicked, but Sarah kept going, her wet blonde hair sticking to her head and my hands. The door opened and Sarah stood and disappeared out of the cloud of steam.

I stepped out of the shower stall wiping the water from my eyes and saw that Sarah was kissing Kate hard on the lips. She was naked, her large tits pressing against Sarah’s, their legs gliding together rubbing and intertwining. I hadn’t thought it possible but my cock got even harder. As Sarah stepped away I saw Kate had a huge cock strapped to her hips. Leather straps wound their way around her hips like a funny pair of underwear. The cock was a natural skin tone white, and past the harness it changed shape into a long slender piece which disappeared into the crevices of her legs.

Kate saw me looking at it and explained, “It’s a strap on. It lets me fuck Sarah while the anal and vaginal plugs vibrate so I get off too.” Sarah turned and grabbed me by the arm pulling me into the hallway as Kate followed with her dong bouncing as she went. Sarah led me into Jim and Kate’s bedroom with a massive King size bed in the middle. She pushed be back onto the bed and climbed over me. I saw Kate reach into a dresser drawer and pull out a small bottle. She dribbled something onto the dong and then stroked it, smearing it around. She came to the bed and grabbed my hard cock, smearing the lube on it, then dribbled some more from the bottle and smeared that in until my cock was slick with it.

“I think Sarah’s pussy is plenty wet.” I told her. Both Kate and Sarah laughed.

“I’m sure it is,” Kate said, “but that’s not where you’re playing today.”

Sarah pushed me back against the covers of the bed and turned around. My cock waved in the air and she squatted over it and then slowly lowered herself onto it, letting it slowly penetrate her anus. I panicked, I was worried she was going to hurt herself and as soon as I felt her tight hole squeezing my cock I decided to shut the hell up about it.

She slid down my cock until she was all the way down. To test it she leaned back and braced with her arms pushing herself up and down on my cock, which slid easily in her ass. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed the mounds of her breasts as I slowly ground my hips letting my cock ride her ass. I could feel her tight around my cock, and felt each movement as my cock slipped up and down inside.

“Oh, yes!” she cried out. I felt something else with her and looked around her to see Kate kneeling in front of us both, pushing the dong into Sarah’s pussy. She thrust in and out and I just laid there feeling her thrusts rubbing against my cock in Sarah. Each thrust pushed Sarah up and back down, and I realized that we could both lie back and take it. I took the opportunity to tease Sarah’s nipples and kissed her neck and shoulders. She moaned and screamed as with both penetrated her. A few minutes later she cried out in orgasm, her ass clenching tight against my cock, pushing me over the edge and shooting my load into her. I felt Kate pull out of her and Sarah collapsed onto me, panting and repeating, “Oh my god!” again and again.

Kate smiled and climbed over by me. I was intimidated as the glistening dong bounced up and down in my face. Kate grabbed my hair, it hurt a little but I was more curious about her intentions, and she thrust the dong into my mouth making me suck off Sarah’s cum. After a few gentle thrusts she pulled it out and let go of my head. She reached around her waist and undid the clasps to the harness and let it pull out of her, trailing strings of cum from her pussy. Sarah climbed off of me and took it from her, sucking Kate’s cum off the vibrator part of the dong and then throwing it aside.

Sarah swung around and sat on my stomach as Kate moved around past my head. I was focused on Sarah, who was rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples when Kate climbed over me and stuck her pussy right in my mouth, her cum already dripping onto my lips. She leaned forward and started kissing Sarah and I greedily sucked her juices up. Sarah leaned down and sucked Kate’s tits. After a couple minutes Sarah climbed up and disappeared. I thought we were done, but Kate didn’t move, and just tweaked my nipples as I licked and sucked her pussy. A moment later Sarah returned and I felt her aggressively wiping my cock with a warm soapy towel. After she had scrubbed it clean she wiped it again with a soft wet clean towel.

“Never forget to clean your cock after anal play,” she told me. Kate leaned forward and took my still flaccid cock into her mouth, sucking and licking while I ate her out. Sarah climbed up next to me, snatched my hand from around Kate and forced my hand on her pussy. I didn’t hesitate to stick my fingers into her and she started gyrating back and forth in time to my thrusts. It hadn’t taken long for my cock to get hard again, and Sarah climbed down and took turns with Kate as they both sucked my cock and balls.

Not one to keep her toys to herself, Kate rolled to her side allowing Sarah to position her pussy over my mouth. I quickly started eating her out while she sucked me. She tasted slightly different from Kate; neither bad nor good. She was just different, less sweet, slightly salty but not overly so. I sucked up as much of her juices as I could, sucking on her swelling labia and clit, and sticking my tongue into her hole and swirling it around as she moaned on my cock. When she came again I sucked in her cum and it oozed from her pussy. She became extremely sensitive, and slid away from me. When I glanced over I saw Kate and pulled out a dildo, and was ramming it into her pussy while trading my cock with Sarah. I felt that now familiar sensation of building toward orgasm and still Kate and Sarah sucked. Just before I came Kate let go of my cock letting Sarah come down on it and I shot my load into her mouth. She sat up and I watched her move toward Kate and she dribbled my cum from her mouth into Kate’s. Something about it was so hot I felt like I could cum again. Thankfully I didn’t. And together they collapsed next to me, all of us panting. We cuddled together for a few minutes, and I fell asleep, exhausted from gym, and then the marathon sex with Kate and Sarah.

I woke up hearing the front door close and Jim yelling that he was home. I looked around and panicked, lying on Jim’s bed naked, with his wife naked at my side, and her best friend at the other. I heard him climbing up the stairs and I tried to wrestle out from underneath Kate and Sarah. I swore it felt as if they were holding me down but they were passed out. I start struggling more, getting my arm out from underneath Kate, and then from Sarah, my limp cock flopping around. I was free, and turned to see Jim standing in the door, still dressed in his suit, bag in hand. He dropped it to the floor, mouth agape.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled. I scrambled backward, toward the head of the bed. He came toward the edge of the bed on the left, so I scrambled to the right, climbing over Sarah, my cock flopping on her face, but I hardly noticed. Again he yelled, “What the fuck!?”

“Jim, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, it just happened, and I was naked, and they were naked, and they started kissing me, and sucking me-” I rambled, panicked, and then froze as all three of them, Jim, Kate and Sarah started laughing.

I was extremely confused. “Do you think I’d have fucked you last night if Jim and I hadn’t talked about it before?” Kate asked.

I had no answer for her. “Or do you think she’d have fucked you with Sarah today if she hadn’t called me this morning and told me about last night?” Jim added.

Again, I was completely blank. I swore my mind must have rebooted, Blue Screen of Death in my head. They laughed again, and Kate got on her knees, level with Jim and gave him a big welcome-home kiss. Sarah climbed over the bed next to them and joined in the hug, adding in her kiss as Jim squeezed her tit and then gave her ass a loud slap as she turned away.

I fell onto the bed, in shock and relief. I still wasn’t sure if I was in the right, or still wrong, but I wasn’t dead yet so it didn’t matter. Sarah climbed over, wrapping her legs around me and laying her head on my shoulder, looking at Jim and Kate. Jim walked to their walk in closet, taking his tie off, and hanging his suit jacket up. I saw him lift his leg up, flipping off his shoe, and then the other. I turned back to Sarah who started kissing my neck softly and I kissed her back.

Kate snuggled next to me on my right, and whispered in my ear, “We’re swingers.” She told me.

“I don’t know what that means,” I admitted. The two women giggled at my ignorance.

“It means we have sex with other people. It’s not something we broadcast, obviously, or we’d have never gotten to foster you, let alone adopt you, but we think what we do to get off is none of anyone else’s business. We’ve had entire orgies downstairs when you’ve been gone doing stuff on the weekends.” She told me.

Jim came out of the closet, completely nude with his huge cock flopping around. It was clearly a little larger than mine, I felt intimidated, but Sarah put her finger on my mouth, “Don’t get upset,” she said, reading my thoughts, “His is bigger, but yours is still much bigger than average. Don’t worry about it.” I let it go. Jim climbed up onto the bed and sidled up to Kate who reached down and started stroking his limp enormous cock. He quickly got hard and Kate spread her legs, letting him push into her lying on their sides with Kate facing Sarah and I. He fucked her for a few minutes as they traded looks, both moaning and grunting while Sarah just laid on me, snuggling.

“You’ve pretty much seen the basics.” Sarah told me. “There’s more,” she paused, choosing her words, “specialized fetishes, but we don’t really do most of them.”

I nodded, distracted by Jim thrusting into Kate. He was larger than me in physical size in addition to his cock, more muscular, but not what I would consider a Muscle Man. He didn’t work out, instead he rode his bike, or climbed, or anything else that he felt like doing outside. His new ambition was kayaking rapids, which he had hoped to learn to do during the summer.

“If you want another experience we can help with that,” Sarah went on, “But it’s completely optional, and not everyone is into it.” I nodded, curious.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, just like Kate and I are women and we play together, Jim sometimes plays with guys too. It’s called Bisexuality. We have our preference, Jim will take a girl over a guy, and Kate and I will always prefer boyfriends but we will play with girls if there’s no cocks around or if we’re playing in a group.”

“Okay,” I said, unsurely. She rubbed my chest, and I looked back at Kate and Jim.

“If you want, and you don’t have to, Jim will play with you.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not. I had never considered it. It didn’t put me off, but it really didn’t make me wild either. “I don’t know,” I told them, “I’m curious, but I don’t really have any feelings about it, one way or the other.” I admitted.

Sarah and Kate nodded and Jim shrugged. “It’s not for everyone.” He told me.

“I guess I won’t know until I try it,” I admitted. Jim glanced at Sarah and then at Kate who both nodded understandingly.

“Well he’s here right now,” she said, “Do you want to or do you want to wait?”

I couldn’t decide, I imagined Jim sucking my cock, and fucking his ass, but it wasn’t driving me wild. I thought about the reverse, sucking his cock, or him in my ass. I also remembered Kate sticking the soaking Dong in my mouth, and I hadn’t minded then. I didn’t think I wanted it, but when I looked down my cock was firming up slightly. I figured experimentation wouldn’t hurt and so I agreed.

I spent the next week moving the girls and myself to the new house during the day, and implementing some changes at the club at night. The house was even bigger than I had thought, and even after getting everything inside, the place still looked pretty barren.

“Well, John. I truly hope you are happy here. I’d almost say this place was built just for you.” Betty says as she walks through the place. The way she says it seems a little odd to me, but I soon forget it as I watch her ass move in her business skirt. The girls are all in school for the fall semester, and Betty wanted to come by the house to make sure everything was in order.

“It’s perfect,” I tell her, and look up in time not to be caught looking at her ass. By the way she smiles at me, I’m not sure I got away with it: half mischievous, half surprised.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” She asks, her brown eyes sparkling.

YES! My brain yells, but my mouth forms different words. “Not unless you know a really good decorator. We’ve got a lot more room to fill.” Was that a look of disappointment in her eyes? “We are having a housewarming party tonight, and would love for you to come. And bring anyone you’d like.” I tack on as an afterthought. If she didn’t always seem so proper, I’d try to make a move on her. Sometimes it surprises me how far I’ve come from that shy boy that found my sister stripping so many months ago.

“Oh, I’m not attached, if that is what you’re asking.” Okay, this time there is no doubt about the smile in her eyes.

I decide to take a gamble, and step a little closer to her. She is almost as tall as me with her heels on, and her dark ebony skin is smooth in the early afternoon light filtering in through the windows. “No boyfriend, then? Hmm…”

Before I know quite what is happening, Betty has me pressed back against the counter, her large lips mashed to mine. This was NOT the prim and proper woman I had been dealing with for the last week, but I wasn’t about to complain. My arms wound around her frame, and pulled her tighter into me. Our kiss deepened as our bodies pressed hard against each other.

Betty took an unexpected step back, and placed her hand over her not inconsiderable chest. I was left flailing for balance. What happened? Did my breath stink? Did I make some false move?

“I’m sorry John. I’m not usually like this. I don’t just…” she looked up at me, and I saw her eyes dart to the undeniable bulge in my pants, before forcefully being taken back up to my face. “Just… I don’t… Awe, fuck it!” She said in a rush, and threw herself at me, kissing me like a woman starved.

Her attitude had me hornier than I had been in quite some time, as I broke off the kiss to start kissing down her dark neck. She moaned as my lips brushed down her sensitive neck, and one of her hands gripped the hair at the back of my neck. I felt her other hand drop and begin to squeeze my ass. I let my own hands drop to her skirt covered behind, and gave a squeeze of my own. Her ass filled both my hands and then some and I loved the way it felt as I pinched and groped.

“That’s it, baby. Grab my ass. I really shouldn’t be doing this. Oh, I like that! Oh yeah, nibble on my neck! Oh baby, you are gonna have me creaming before I get this skirt off me.” I found the zipper to her skirt, and moments later it was on the floor, soon followed by my own pants. I stepped back as Betty started to undo the buttons on her blouse, admiring how her white garter belt and panties contrasted with her dark chocolate skin. She shrugged her top off, and I stood there admiring her massive tits being held in by thin white lacy fabric that simply didn’t seem up to the task. It, too, soon joined the rest of the clothing on the floor.

Her tits were even bigger than I had thought. They must have been seriously compressed in her bra. I judged them to easily be double D’s if not triple D’s. They sagged on her chest under their immense weight, but they were still firm and round. Her nipples were a deep dark shade of brown, and poking straight out.

My body took over from my stunned mind, and I grabbed her, spinning us and pinning her to the counter. I kissed her madly as I mauled her breasts, pinching her nipples between my fingers. I had to get my lips on these monsters. Breaking the kiss, I pecked my way down her jaw line, licked along her neck, nibbled for a second on her collar bone, and finally reached the top of her firm mounds. I lifted her right nipple up to my mouth, and sucked in as much as would fit between my lips. Her moans echoed through the large kitchen.

My right hand dips down under her white frilly panties and I easily find her swollen clit. I am quite surprised at how wet she already is. Her panties are soaked, and it occurs to me that she must have been leaking from nearly the time she walked through the door.

She shoves me away, and I look up to her in disappointment. What did I do this time? I see her fighting inwardly with herself, and I wonder just what this sexy woman is thinking. Her eyes once again drop to my enraged cock, and I see all doubt fly from her mind. “Come with me,” she moans, and grabs my hand as she runs by, nearly pulling me from my feet. She leads me to my room, and sits me on my futon.

Dropping to her knees, I figure she is about to give me head, but instead she places her voluptuous breasts on both sides of my cock, and then spits on the head. She squeezes her tits around me and begins to bob her chest up and down, spitting occasionally to increase the lubrication. I can’t stop from moaning as her glorious mounds caress my dick, in a brand new sensation. I begin to move my hips, and can occasionally see my head pop out from her tight cleavage.

Betty notices this too, and drops her mouth down to suck in my head each time it pops out. This is starting to get to me. “Betty, I’m coming close…” I warn, and then feel her hand grip the base of my cock as she releases her tits. Her thumb digs into my urethra, blocking off any chance of cumming.

“Not yet, you’re not, Baby. I’m getting this beast inside of me first!” She releases my cock, and quickly hits the levers turning my futon into a bed. I collapse backwards as it falls, and Betty climbs on top of me, still wearing her white panties. Pulling the fabric at her crotch to the side, she grabs my penis and starts to rub my head against her protruding lips. I can’t stop myself from thrusting my hips up as she does this, but each time I only manage to hit her clit, or slide back between her luscious cheeks. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this,” I think I hear her mumble, then without warning, she stops rubbing, and drops onto my lap, sinking my whole length into her in one fell swoop. I groan as I feel her pussy muscles tightly around my shaft, and she screams at the feeling of being filled so fully, so suddenly.

For a couple seconds, she just sits there, not moving except for the occasional shudder. I can’t stop myself from tightening my muscles down there, making my cock twitch inside her. A low moan escapes her lips each time I do, and when she finally looks down at me, I can see the animalistic hunger in her dark brown eyes. “Fuck me.” she demands, and I am all too happy to comply. I start to move my pelvis, grasping her hips while I do. I watch in amazement as she grabs first one tit, then the other, and pulls them into her own mouth, sucking her own nipples, and moaning as she rides atop my deeply penetrating tool.

Soon her actions are frenzied, spurred on when I place my left hand at our juncture and start to press in on her clit… “Oh, baby, that feels good. I can feel you so deep. Mmm, oh, I love it. Yeah, pinch it! Pinch my clit!” She releases both of her nipples, and drops her face to mine, kissing me as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, and her cream seeps out around it.

I decide that it is about time I finally get to have mine, and I grab her ass, and start slamming into her from underneath. I can tell this is extending her orgasm, and it only takes a couple seconds, before my own is finally upon me. I slip out of her, and keep pumping against her ass cheeks, spraying my sperm onto her rump, back, and my legs. I moan into her mouth, our tongues still entwined as I empty the last of my seed on us.

Betty lifts her head, and looks down at me, then down between us. As if realizing what she has just done, she jumps up and covers herself. Her breasts are too large to cover, however, and end up just spilling over and around her arms. “I am so sorry,” She tells me, her back turned, and shoulders humped. “I would understand if you called my agency to complain, but please don’t. I can’t afford to lose my job. I don’t know what came over me.” The rest of her words are lost, as she buries her face in her hands, and I realize she is crying.

Uncertain how we went from some great sex, to her crying, I am at a loss for words. I try to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she jerks away from me. “Don’t touch me,” she demands. “I practically raped you! I have NEVER been like that before. I just… I just…”

The rest was lost in sobs, and this time she lets me pull her into my arms. Thinking back, she had kinda of raped me, but then again; ‘You can’t rape the willing,’ so the old saying went.

“You didn’t rape me,” I tell her when her sobs lighten enough that I am sure she can hear me. “Believe me, I WANTED to do it. I don’t regret it at all!”

She finally turns to look at me, and I can see hope in her tear stained eyes. “You…” She swallows, trying to work moisture back into her mouth. “You won’t tell?”

I laughed, not in derision, but in joy. “I won’t if you won’t!” I say, giving her my best wink. Her arms flung around me, and hugged me tight, as she kept murmuring into my chest, “Thank you, thank you, thank, you.”

Betty got herself cleaned up with a little help, and soon had her clothes back in order. “Thank you for pulling out,” she says while we are at the door, and I can see that she is back in her prim and proper mode, “I’m not on any contraceptives.”

“Yeah, I don’t need to get another girl pregnant right now,” I say, thinking of Amber. I don’t regret getting one of my girlfriends pregnant, and am actually looking forward to meeting my daughter, but would rather try to plan the next one. “So… You ARE planning on coming to the housewarming party tonight, right?”

I can see her armor crack for just a moment as uncertainty creeps in. “You still want me to?” When I nod the affirmative, the uncertainty turns to relief and joy. I can’t help but smile as I watch her walk to her car. She gave a little shake of her ass as she walks, then turns and smiles as she catches me grinning.

I jump in the shower, deciding that I probably reek of sex. As soon as I get soap on my face, the water suddenly turns off. “What the…?” I say, trying to keep the suds out of my mouth. The curtain rips back, and I realize I am not alone. One of the girls must have come home early from their college courses.

I feel a hand start to play with my cock, and despite only cumming a short while ago, the expert fingers soon have me rigid, as she slides her fingers up and down my rod.

“Guess who I am without looking, and you will get a special treat,” I hear a whisper, and it is just too quiet to make out the voice.

I immediately discount Dixie, as this isn’t something she would normally do. Or is it her, and she is expecting me to discount her?

Whoever it is steps into the tub with me, and I soon feel her warm mouth kissing the head of my tool. The lips part around the tip and with my eyes tightly closed to keep out the soap, the sensation seems to be increased. I can feel every breath, and every light touch as my cock sinks deeper into her mouth, her hand still lightly rubbing up and down my shaft. I moan as I feel her tongue swirl around the sensitive (And even more sensitive now!) rim of the head.

I figure it is not Amber, as she is usually wilder, and this is more teasing. Dixie and Geo are the teasers, liking to lengthen the fun.

Her free hand starts to slide up my chest, and her fingers twirl around my pecks and nipples. None of the girls have ever done this before, and I find it strangely erotic. I hear a muffled moan as my penis slides deeper into her throat. Amber likes to moan when giving me head.

I am completely confused on who it might be. She pulls back, and in that same insufferably quiet whisper asks, “Who am I?”

Thinking hard and fast, I give an answer. “Geo,” I say, hoping and praying I am right, not only for the treat, but not wanting to upset whoever it might be. I figure it has to be her, though. Dixie is too diligent in her classes to come home early, and the touches were just too soft and gentle to be Amber.

“Awe, what gave me away?” I hear the sweet sounds of my sister’s voice. The water turns back on, and I am finally able to rinse the soap from my face.

I open my eyes to see my beautiful, strawberry blonde, green eyed sister, naked in the shower with me.

“I even tried to trick you by moaning the way Amber does when she gives you head.” I can see that she is pouting a little at not winning the game, and I can only smile as I lean forward, and cupping face in my hands, pull her into a kiss. I gently suck her bottom lip into my mouth, and feel her melt as my tongue flicks her upper lips.

I pull away, smiling as I see her discomfort at the kiss ending abruptly. “There is no mistaking my sexy sister,” I lie, and brace myself against the back of the shower as she mauls me, kissing me passionately.

Our tongues wrap around each others as Geo presses her delightful body against mine. Bracing my feet, I place one hand on the back of her head, fingers laced in her hair, and the other slides down to her ass. I note that it is smaller than Betty’s, and can’t help but smile at the comparison. I wouldn’t trade my sister for the world.

Geo moans into our kiss, as I squeeze her rear, and my fingers play with her hair. Her hand slips between us, and she grips my cock, rubbing it as our kiss deepens. The hand on her ass slides around her hip, and towards her front. My fingers soon find her slit, and moments later start to apply pressure to her clit. “Umpf,” she grunts, breaking the kiss. She smiles at me with those dazzling green eyes of hers, and asks, “Are you ready for your treat, little brother?”

Instead of answering, I quickly slide my fingers back, and slip two into her cunny. She moans as I begin to move my fingers faster and faster. “Oh, fuck! I’m supposed to give you the treat, not… Oh, fuck, that feels good!” She says, and I know I am getting her close.

I lean in close to her ear and whisper, “Sis, everything about you is a treat for me.” Then I nibble on her earlobe, and as expected this sends her over the edge, and she cums in my hand. I have to use my spare hand to hold her up as her body convulses, squeezing the two fingers still inside her.

When she finally starts to come down, she looks up at me, and I can see a familiar fire burning behind that look. “You are gonna get your treat, damnit, if I have to force your cock into my ass!”

Now this WAS a treat! She hadn’t let me back there, since the Viagra incident. And while she claimed she had enjoyed it, she also resolutely denied me access again.

Geo quickly squirted some conditioner into her hands, then reaching behind her, shoved first one, then two fingers onto her own anus. I marveled at the show I was getting. A real treat indeed! Geo used her other hand, and started rubbing her clit while she slipped a third finger into her rear.

“Oh, damn, that feels good. Having my brother watch me, while I play with both my holes. Oh, this is turning me on more than I realized. I think I am gonna make myself cum!” My sister’s words send me over the edge of reason, and like a wild animal, I step up to her, and shove my cock as far into her pussy as it would go. She clamps down on me, and I could still see her three fingers frigging her asshole, and could tell that she was still rubbing her clit while I fucked into her from behind, hard and fast. If it hadn’t been for the sex with Betty earlier, I know I would have cum already, so lost in lust was I.

Geo’s pussy relaxed and she pulled forward off of me. “Now, little brother, that wasn’t the hole I had in mind.” She admonished.

With my mind still in its lust filled haze, I only nodded, and stepped forward again, this time aiming for the proffered hole. Geo spread her cheeks for me as I gripped the base of my penis. Between the conditioner she had used, and her own cum on my cock, my head slid right in. Her hands immediately stopped me from going any further though, and I heard a whimper of disappointment that I realized came from me. The haze lifted enough for me to realize that my sister was offering me something special, and that I shouldn’t mistreat it this time.

“Okay,” she told me, after an interminable amount of time had passed, “Just go slow. You’re bigger than I remember back there.”

I grabbed the conditioner bottle, and applied some as I slowly pressed into her. I took my time, though it took almost all of my willpower to do so. The feeling of her sphincter, tightly wound around my prick, and the fact that my sister was willingly giving this to me, was nearly overwhelming.

“I love you, Geo,” I said, unable to hold back the emotion.

“I love you too, John. Now are you going to fuck me with that prick, or stand there all day?”

I looked down to see that I had slid fully into her colon. Smiling, I slowly slid out, till only my head remained in her. Setting down the conditioner bottle, I grabbed onto her hips, and pulled her back towards me. “Mmm, fuck, sis. Your ass is so tight! Thank you for this treat,” I told her as I slowly pulled back out.

“Enough talk. I said fuck me!”

Not wanting to upset Geo, I did as commanded, and slammed my full length back into her. She grunted as my pelvis slapped her ass, but I didn’t let up. Pulling out, and slamming back into her again. I used my hands on her hips to facilitate the movements, slamming into her harder and harder each time. Soon her grunts turned into screams of pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s it little brother! Fuck your sister’s tight ass. Make me cum while you’re sliding that massive dick of yours in me. Oh, Gawd, that feels… Ugh… I’m gonna…” She trailed off, and I gripped her sides, making sure she stayed on her feet, and instead of sliding into her, I began to move her up and down, matching the movements with opposite gyrations of my own.

Her tight hole clamped down on me as we moved, and her upper body shook as she came. When she had recovered, Geo wiggled her ass against me, and almost seemed disappointed. “You haven’t cum yet, little bro? Hmm…” She stands up, but does so in a way that I never leave her. Her ass is pressed to me, and her back arched, as she reaches back and pulls my head to hers. Our lips meet, and I feel her tongue tracing around my lips, as she starts to gyrate her ass against me.

I release her hips, and place one hand on her breast, pinching her nipple, and the other goes to her pussy, rubbing her clit. This new position adds a whole new realm of pleasure, as I feel her colon compressing my member. I stick two fingers into her, and can feel my cock separated by a thin wall.

“Damn, John. Holy, shit that feels good. Keep that up, and you’re gonna have your big sister cumming all over you again.” Her lips press hard to mine, and she moans as our tongues intertwine. My hand is covered in her juices, and this time it is too much for me, as I empty my balls into her sexy rear.

Geo continues the kiss as she pulls away from me, and I can tell this kiss is less passionate, but more loving from its tenderness.

“Thank you John,” she murmurs, when the kiss ends.

Miranda stepped into the shower and let the hot water trickle over her body. She took soap in her hands and lathered her body. She started with her chest and moved down to her breasts. She then moved to her flat belly and down to her thighs and legs. She came back up to her thighs and allowed her hands to drift toward her crotch, fingers slipping into her cunt. Her nipples hardened at the contact. Suddenly she felt cold breath on her neck. She spun around, but no one was there. She turned back around and felt cold hands on her hips and the breath again. She melted in the embrace for a moment, and craned her neck to find the lips of her lover, but there was no one there. She pulled away from the invisible hands.

“Who’s there,” she demanded.

“Me silly,” came a voice outside the shower. It was Angel, her roommate, who stepped into the shower.

“Hey babe,” Miranda said with a smile as Angel wrapped her arms around her neck.

“Hey sexy,” Angel said gazing up into Miranda’s emerald eyes. Angel was a good six inches shorter than Miranda, with tanned skin and brown hair to contrast with Miranda’s pale complexity and fiery hair. Angel had been the one to show Miranda the thrills of bisexuality. And while she was unwilling to let go of her love of men as Angel had, she did find herself in bed with other women quite often.

Angel ran her fingers through Miranda’s hair and kissed her neck and chest. Miranda caressed Angel’s back. As she did so, she felt the breath again, and the cold hands on her hips. This time cold breath was replaced by cold lips on her neck opposite of where Angel was working. It was almost as if the… spirit, demon? Miranda didn’t know what it was, but it knew that Miranda was unwilling to freak out in Angel’s presence. And so she was powerless to defend against its intimacy. As it confirmed that she wouldn’t struggle, it grew bolder. It grabbed her ass giving her a firm squeeze. It then slid two fingers into her pussy. Miranda gasped and arched her back, nipples hardening at the contact.

“Look who needs a good fuck,” Angel teased, oblivious to Miranda’s discomfort. She got down on her knees. Spirit pulled its fingers out just before Angel’s tongue flicked Miranda’s clit. Suddenly Miranda felt a cold sensation at the opening of her asshole. Spirit was a he, because that was definitely not fingers. Miranda’s eyes widened. She’d done anal before, but never without lube and plenty of it. Suddenly, Spirit rammed into her full force. She disguised a scream of pain with a scream of pleasure.

“That’s right baby,” Angel encouraged, “scream for me.” Her urging was encouraging all right, encouraging for Spirit. He slammed into Miranda again and again each time gaining speed and intensity. Finally she came loudly and so did Spirit. Angel stood up and pressed her lips to Miranda’s. Spirit thrust gently in and out of her.

“Wash up,” Angel said, “and meet me in bed. Don’t bother to put any clothes on.” she stepped out of the shower, leaving Miranda alone with Spirit, cock still buried to the hilt in her ass.

“Please, leave me alone,” Miranda begged. Spirit simply put his hands on her breasts and pulled her closer; he had no intention of letting her go.

“Well at least switch to my pussy and allow me some respite,” she pleaded. If she was going to be violated by the invisible man she could at least try to relieve some pain. Spirit did as she requested and Miranda felt a glimmer of hope. That is, until spirit slammed her against the shower wall and thrust into her. She squirmed to try to escape and Spirit put his cock back in her asshole. She gasped in pain and froze. Spirit slapped her ass, hard, but then moved back to her cunt. She decided to allow Spirit to have his way with her. If she never had anal sex again it would be too soon. He was going to use her as his little sex toy no matter what so she might as well go with the route that would allow her to sit tomorrow. As Spirit drilled into her, Miranda began to moan again, not from agony, but from pleasure. Spirit knew all the right places on her body and as long as she was a good girl and cooperated with his whims, he hit them for her. He took his hand off the back of her head. Miranda was grateful not to have her face pressed against the wall. Spirit’s right hand was occupied holding Miranda’s waist in place, but his left hand was free to roam and caress her body. Miranda forsook her fears, common sense, and anger. She let her mating instincts take over and welcomed Spirit’s onslaught. She pressed her back to his chest and wrapped her left arm around the back of his neck. He pressed his lips to hers and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She melted in his arms. No matter how good Angel was, there was nothing like a strong masculine embrace.

Spirit’s cum was cold like the rest of his body. It shot deep into her womb and made her gasp. He was pulling out.

“What are you doing?” she asked, “don’t stop. We’re not done. I’m not done. Spirit please.” In the steam on the mirror he wrote,

That’s what the other girl is for. I want to watch. Do as I ask and I’ll fuck you again. You have only begun to feel how I can pleasure you.

Miranda bucked her hips against Spirit, who pushed her away and off his prick. She felt around, but couldn’t find her wayward lover. Still wanting desperately to cum, she raced upstairs and leaped onto the bed with Angel assuming a 69 position. She pulled Angel on top of her and licked her clit furiously.

“Oh fuck that’s so good,” Angel moaned and then buried her face in Miranda’s cunt. The two girls raced to see who could get the other to cum first. Angel had the advantage because Miranda still needed to cum from the pounding Spirit had given her. Miranda worked savagely to recover lost ground. She flipped Angel onto her back so she could be on top. Suddenly she felt Spirit’s cold hands squeeze her ass. It was too much for her; she screamed into Angel’s pussy and came all over her face. This prompted Angel into an orgasm of her own. Miranda rolled off of Angel and lay back on the bed. Angel kissed her lips.

“I win again sexy babe,” she teased. Miranda smiled and watched Angel walk away, her Latin ass swaying side to side. When Angel disappeared from view, Miranda sighed and closed her eyes, but her rest was short lived as she felt Spirit’s dick pierce into her dripping wet cunt.

To be continued…

[MMF, Anal]

tag: I get together with Chantelle and Tom

The story to now: My friend Chantelle and I had a lot of sexual conversations over a couple of years during work trips (see the Prologue). She had a great sex drive and was very open-minded, but for some reason didn’t own a vibrator. She moved away with her boyfriend Tom, but during one return visit, her complaint about his absence led us to stop at an adult store and buy her a vibrator for the first time. Even with all her experience, Chantelle said she was a little nervous about using it, and I turned that nervousness into a chance to teach her how to use it (Chapter 1). In turn, she learned to use it on me, and we ended up in a great 69 (Chapter 2). That was the only time Chantelle and I ever got together, and it was over a year ago.


“I understand I owe you some thanks,” said Tom as started to grab a scoop of nachos from the plate in the middle of the table.

“Really?” I looked at him quizzically. “For what?”

He glanced around the restaurant, then leaned in close. “For Chantelle’s vibrator.”

I felt the blood drain from my face, and I choked.

As Tom pounded my back and the folks at the next table looked on, I thought about what might have led to that comment. My good friend Chantelle had moved to the southwest with Tom more than two years ago. Although Chantelle came back for occasional visits, they were usually pretty short. But on her last visit a year ago, we had a major encounter where I bought her a vibrator and taught her to use it.

Chantelle and Tom had invited me to dinner tonight while they were back visiting again. It was only the second time I’d really been out with them. Two days ago, Chantelle had stopped in my office with Tom to tell me she was back in town, and I had suggested we all go grab a beer. One beer became 3 or 4, followed by a few games of pool, and a lot of good conversation. I was pretty nervous at first, since the last time I’d seen Chantelle we ended up in a 69, and I assumed Tom didn’t know about it. I tried to keep my mind off that while we were at the bar, and it really was great to see Chantelle. I was surprised at how well Tom and I hit it off, too. All we really had in common was Chantelle, but apparently that was enough.

To my surprise, Chantelle had called me at work again yesterday, said that Tom had really enjoyed our night out, and asked me if I’d like to have dinner with them.

I barely had to think about it. “Sure, I have no plans. Actually, I’m flying solo at home because everyone else is out of town for the long weekend. I’d be happy to. We didn’t get enough time to talk yesterday. Although Tom will be there, so I’ll still have to keep it clean. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?” Chantelle laughed: she was one of the only people I knew who got Monty Python references.

“Oh, I don’t think you need to worry about keeping it too clean. Trust me.”

Trust me? What did that mean? “Uh, OK, but I’ll still behave, although I’m sure it’ll be hard.”

“I’m sure too, hah, hah. See you tomorrow at 6 at Friday’s?”

“OK, it’s a date, see you there.”

When I arrived at the restaurant, Chantelle and Tom were sitting at the bar. Chantelle was dressed in a short jean skirt and black tank, and jumped up to run over. She gave me a very big hug that I was not expecting, and a little pat on the butt. What was that about? A butt pat? Hmm. I guess Tom is more flexible than I thought if she can get away with that.

I settled in, and we again had a lot of fun talking. Since we were in public, not to mention with Tom, I didn’t get to talk to Chantelle about her sex life very much. When got up to move to our table, though, Tom went to use the bathroom and I took the chance to not-so-subtly remind her of what we had gotten up to before.

“Still using your toys after your last trip?”

“Why am I not surprised that you’re curious? Well, they’ve gotten a work out in more ways than you know,” She replied, winking at me. Intriguing, I thought. She leaned over, putting her hand on my thigh, and whispered “and you were right, Tom likes them too.” She straightened. “But I don’t need them on this trip.” Tom came back right then, so I had no chance to follow up, and I figured that was as much as I’d learn about that. But it sounded like teaching Chantelle had worked out rather well.

Tom and I continued to hit it off. We fell into “stupid guy mode” for a while, making under-our-breath comments about a couple of hot (read: slutty) young women at the bar. After Chantelle figured out what we were saying about the DD profile of the one woman, she hit us both, and said “Don’t either one of you think I’m getting something like that! You’ll learn to live with something a little smaller than that.” She stuck out her chest, and her B-cups, toward us. Either one of us? Tom and I started comparing our taste in breasts while Chantelle glared at us until we both agreed that going big and fake was not something she should do. I remember thinking again that Tom was a pretty relaxed guy. How many people would be OK with sitting there talking about the size of their girlfriend’s tits?

About then our nachos arrived, and we started to dig in. Chantelle excused herself to go pee while we loaded up our plates. Once she was gone, I remarked to Tom, “She looks really great tonight. You’re a lucky guy.”

“Yes, I am. Glad you think so too.”

“Yeah, I do.”

And that’s when he dropped the bombshell.

“I understand I owe you some thanks.”

“Really?” I looked at him quizzically. I had no idea what he was talking about. “For what?”

He glanced around the restaurant, then leaned in close. “For Chantelle’s vibrator.”

I felt the blood drain from my face, and commenced choking on my nachos. After he pounded on my back and I recovered my composure, I finally looked at him. “Uh, sorry?” Real intelligent. And panicked.

“Her vibrator. She told me about how she bought it on her last trip here. I have to tell you, it’s been great.”

“Uh huh.” WTF? What exactly did she tell him? “I, uh. Um. Good. Glad it’s worked out.”

He laughed at what must have been a pained expression on my face. “Dude, it’s OK, it’s cool. I didn’t mind. She needs every bit of entertainment she can get. I can barely keep up as it is.”

I started breathing a little easier. But only a little. “Hard to keep up with her. Uh, yeah. I can see that. She’s um, yeah. I guess you’re still trying to keep up, right? I’m sure it’s fun trying.”

“Oh yeah, for sure. But she’s got a lot of things she wants. I’ll tell you, I’m pretty good, but I can’t do it all.” Can’t do it all? Was I going to end up having the same conversations with Tom I had with Chantelle?

After Chantelle came back to the table, we chowed on our nachos for a while, and then Tom excused himself to wash his hands. As soon as he was gone, I leaned over to Chantelle and hissed, “What did you tell him?? He knows I bought you a vibrator! What else does he know about??”

Chantelle put her hand on my arm. “Relax – he only knows that you suggested it. Although I don’t think he would have minded the lesson, even. He might have liked hearing about it. We’ve had some pretty hot conversations. And he likes to experiment.”

I was still a little ticked about being blindsided by Tom. But this sounded intriguing. “Experimenting?”

“Yup. So we’ve used the vibrator all the ways you and I did before. We still haven’t gotten my friend Jess to join us yet, but we’ve talked about what it would be like. And we’ve talked about every possible fantasy we can think of. It’s made for some veeerry exciting evenings. The stuff you taught me was worth it.”

“He must be pretty open-minded.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve made sure of that.” Chantelle took a swallow of her drink. “You know I told you about the threesome I gave my boyfriend for a birthday present, years ago?”

“Damn right I remember! It was one of the most exciting stories you told me on all those trips.”

“Tom offered to give me the same thing.”


“We were talking about that threesome, and kind of fooling around…”

“Kind of?”

“OK, we were seriously fooling around. He wanted to know every detail.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“After that he asked if I’d ever been with two guys. I haven’t, you know. Then he asked me if I ever thought about it.”


“You know how you told me all guys fantasize about two girls? Well, I don’t know about all of us, but I definitely like the idea.”

“Wow. Nice that he offered. Have you taken him up on it?”

“Not yet. Maybe soon, though. He told me it would all be for me, since it was my present. And I think it would be fun.” She gave me a devilish smile. “We’re looking into possibilities. All he said was that we’d have to agree on who. Do you think that’s weird?”

Lucky bastard. “Hell no. You deserve to have some more fun. Do you want a guy to do Tom too? That might be harder to arrange.”

“No, he’s not really interested, and I really just want them to do me.” Then Chantelle realized what she’d blurted out, and looked a little embarrassed. “Wait, that came out wrong…”

I laughed. “No it didn’t! I have the feeling you probably know exactly what you want from this.”

“Well, there’s a few things I have in mind.”

“If you do the directing, I’ll bet Tom and this other guy would be happy to do whatever you want.”

At this point I realized that Tom had been gone a long time while we were huddled up, and I wondered where he was.

“Oh, I think he went to the bar to get another beer.” Looking over, we saw him there. “Let me go talk to him for a minute, be right back.”


Chantelle went over to the bar for a minute, talking to Tom intently. I saw her snuggle up and get a hug, whispering something in his ear. He looked at her, glanced at me, and nodded. I saw him leave some money on the counter, then they both came back to the table.

“Hey, Dave, can you give me a ride home? Tom needs to head back, and we still need to pay the bill.”

That’s weird, but making some time with Chantelle? “Sure, no problem. Tom, great to see you again, maybe I’ll see you on your next trip.”

“Yah Dave. Or you might see me sooner than you think.” For some reason, Chantelle gave him a glare, and pushed him toward the door. We sat back down to pay the bill.

Chantelle turned to me then and asked, “So tell me what you think, do you like Tom?”

“Yeah, he seems cool. I know why you like him. I think you made a good choice there. Gotta say, though, I didn’t think I’d hit it off so well with him. He’s easy to hang out with.”

“You guys do seem to get along well. The other night he told me that he liked hanging out with you too.” Chantelle seemed to be getting kind of fidgety as she asked me what I thought about Tom. We finally got our check, and dug around for the right change to leave. Just as we were about to get up, Chantelle blurted out,

“I, uh, I need to ask you about helping me out with one other thing, though.”

“Sure, anything, just name it.”

“Ok, Um. Well, let’s go outside.” Outside?

We got into my car. “Tom and I agreed that he would leave so I could ask you this.” What was this about? “I was telling you about the threesome Tom offered me? We’ve been trying to figure out who to ask.” You don’t mean…Oh my. “Tom gave me the OK for this back at the bar. You guys hit it off so well that…” Chantelle took a deep breath and leaned in towards me. “Dave, I know you are just giving me a ride, but…do you want to join us tonight?”

He shoots. He scores.


After Chantelle issued her invitation, I stared at her for a second. Her eyes were darting around, alternately looking at my face and away. She’s this nervous? Instead of answering I leaned over and gave her a big kiss. I also gave her a small grope. “Dave!” She squealed, smacking my hand away.

“Just trying to show you how I feel about this idea.”

“Hmph. Well, if you put it that way… let’s try this again.” When I leaned in for a kiss this time, Chantelle took my hand and brought it to her breast. “Feel familiar?”

“It’s been so long, I almost forgot. Let me see if I can remember.” I reached down and under Chantelle’s shirt, running my hand up her to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipple hardened quickly, while I kissed her, and I ran my hand to the other side. “I remember the last time I played with these.”

“I do too.” She licked up the side of my neck while I fondled her, and then reached into my lap. “I remember when I played with this guy too.” Then she said softly, “I’m ready to play more.”

“I’ll bet you’re ready. Hmm, let’s see…” I took my hand out from under her shirt and ran it down to her bare leg. Placing it on the inside of her thigh, I slowly ran it up under her skirt while watching her face. I was expecting either that she’d stop me, or I’d soon run into her panties. Neither happened. Instead, I found myself touching skin at the very top of her leg where it joined her body. Smooth skin. And wet.

“Chantelle, you’re not wearing panties!” And you shaved.

“Oh, really?? How’d that happen? Actually, I figured, special occasion.” She leaned in to nibble my ear, and whispered, “Why don’t you consider it an invitation?” Then she leaned back. “But – you haven’t answered my question.”

Considering her invitation, I began stroking her. Her lips parted slightly, and I quickly found my fingers coated with her juices. “You are ready.”

“Uhm. Always.” Unable to resist, I continued to stroke Chantelle. She made no move to stop me, but now was just staring straight into my eyes. “Dave – answer?”

“Yes, Chantelle, I’ll join you.” A small shudder of relief went through her, and she visibly relaxed. “Do you think I’d keep doing this if the answer was no?”

“I have no idea. I might have a hard time stopping you even if the answer was no.”

“I’d take that.” I continued to stroke her, dipping my fingers into her and rubbing over her clit.

“We just have one small issue, Dave. Where can we go?”

“What do you mean, where can we go?”

“We’re staying at my Mom’s. And she’s out, but still, I haven’t sex there since highschool.”

“It’s kind of a mess, but do you want to come to my place? Everybody else is out of town this weekend.”

“Oh, that would be much better.” She grabbed her purse and got our her cellphone. “Let me tell Tom.” She dialed, and I slowed my stroking on her clit while she told him to meet us at my place and gave him the address. “There, that’s done.”

“So tell me, little Miss Threesome, what exactly do you want us to do you tonight?”

“Hmm, well, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

“I’m sure we will, but give me some hints. I know we’ll be able to make you very happy. It’s your birthday present, after all.”

She sighed against my neck as my fingers pressed more deeply into her. “What do I want…I want it all. I’ve thought about everything two guys can do to a gal. I want both of you, at the same time.”

“Both of us, huh. How?” I looked at her, and she looked back.

“Every way. Any way you want.” She whispered.

Any way?”


I whispered in Chantelle’s ear. “I know you remember last summer.” She nodded, distractedly. “Chantelle – if you tell me anything – I’m going to want everything.” As I said this I pushed my fingers into her. One finger had also slipped below and was touching her asshole, and I wiggled it too. She gasped.

“Mm, yes, Dave, it’s all yours.”

Phew. I could actually do this. I could finish what we started last summer.

Then car lights swept over us. Oops. I’d totally forgotten that we were still in the parking lot. “We’d better get going. We can, uh, talk more on the way.” I took my fingers out and licked them, then started the car.

It took us 20 minutes or so to get back to my place. Each time we came to a stoplight, I’d reach over and run my hand up Chantelle’s leg, and she’d feel my cock through my pants. It was never long enough to get anything other than a good tease, but that was enough.

When we got there, Tom was waiting in the driveway. He grinned when he saw both of us get out of the car. He gave Chantelle a quick hug, walked over and shook my hand again, and said, “Glad you decided to come! I was getting anxious.” We walked inside and into the living room.

“With an invitation like the one I got, I couldn’t say no.”

“Oh?” He cocked his eyebrow at us.

Chantelle was standing next to me. “A very nice invitation. In fact…” I took Chantelle’s hand in mine. “I can show you. But Tom… are you sure about this?”

Tom looked at me holding Chantelle’s hand, looked in her face, then looked me in the eye and simply said, “Yes.”

“Then let me show you the invitation I got.” I moved and stood right behind Chantelle, both of us facing Tom. I put my hands around her waist, and pulled her back against me. I put my head over her shoulder so I could watch Tom, and slowly slid my hands up over her shirt to her breasts. Tom watched, and didn’t say anything. So I slid my hands back down and then back up, but this time under her shirt. I began playing with Chantelle’s nipples, which hardened immediately. Tom could clearly see what I was doing, and he backed up a step to sit on the edge of the couch. I was sure there was a bulge forming in his jeans. I kissed the side of Chantelle’s neck, still watching Tom to be sure there was no problem. Her neck was flushed, and I could hear her breath already starting to be heavier. She’d gotten pretty worked up in the car, and this was rekindling her pretty fast.

“Lift your arms,” I whispered to Chantelle, and she did. I pulled off her shirt in one motion, and then reached back around and took one breast in each hand again.

I looked at Tom. “First my invitation included these.” I caressed Chantelle’s round flesh, pulling her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger, but then cupping under them as if I was offering them to Tom. “And it was very nice.” I resumed playing, with Tom’s eyes glued to her. “But then I found something even better. Sit down, and I’ll show you.”

Tom sat down hard on the couch, and I walked Chantelle over to stand in front of him, just a few feet away.

I slid my hands down Chantelle’s side to the bottom of her skirt. She was looking down on Tom, and his gaze moved down from her face, over her chest, to my hands. I started slowly lifting her skirt, and Chantelle stood very still, just letting me expose her bit by bit. I slowly pulled her skirt up further until she was completely visible. I held up her skirt with one hand, and slid my other hand over the front of her thigh towards her pussy. “I found this, and it was warm. And wet.” As I said this, I slid my finger slowly down the crease between her leg and mound, over her lips, between her legs, and then I pulled up and in. She moved her left leg to the side a little bit, giving me better access. Her lips parted easily, and I slid between them and into her center. If it was possible, she was even wetter than before.

I was leaning over Chantelle a bit to be able to reach, and was able to glance at her face. Chantelle had closed her eyes when I pressed between her lips. I gave her a few gentle strokes, then brought my finger up to my lips and made a show of licking it. Chantelle turned to look at me as I did this, her eyes a little glazed. Her mouth was close to mine, and her lips slightly parted, and so I presented my finger to her too. She sucked it into her mouth, making a little noise as she did so. I gave her a small kiss, and looked at Tom to be sure he was still OK. He was staring at us, looking like he was just taking it all in.

I slid my wet finger back down Chantelle’s chest to her breast, wetting her nipple, before returning to her thigh. But now I reached the side zipper of her skirt and unzipped her. Her skirt fell to the floor, and she sighed. She was standing completely naked in front of her boyfriend, with another man behind her, touching her all over. I brought my left hand back to cover her breast, and I slid by other hand back to her pussy, this time not entering her, but just stroking lightly over her lips. “Tom.” I said. His gaze jerked back from her pussy to me. “Tom, you should come see how wet she is. This is one very naughty girl.”

Tom nodded jerkily, got up from the couch, and stumbled our way. He came to Chantelle and they shared a kiss. Then he leaned over to take a nipple in his mouth. He worked on it for a minute, then knelt down in front of her. I moved both my hands up to Chantelle’s breasts, and I could see Tom run one hand up her inner thigh to her pussy. I could tell when he touched her, because she moaned in my grasp. Turning her head, she sought my mouth with hers. She grabbed my right hand on her breast with her left hand, holding me tight against her (and maintaining her balance), while her other hand went down to rest on Tom’s head. Glancing down, I could see Tom staring at Chantelle’s pussy while his hand moved. Chantelle was undulating in time to whatever he was doing.

I sensed more than saw Tom remove his hand from between Chantelle’s thighs. I heard a disappointed sigh, but then Tom reached around Chantelle, and grabbed her buttocks to pull her towards him so he could bury his face in her cunt. She squealed and bucked. I had to imagine that he was tonguing her clit, and she moved her leg even further to the side to give him better access. I continued to work her nipples with my fingers, and alternated between trading kisses with her, and shifting my kissing to her neck and ear as she panted. She started to lean back against me, her hips wiggling forward against Tom. After a minute, I could tell she was already building up to her first climax.

I swung around to the front, still helping to hold Chantelle up by reaching around her back. I held on to her with my left hand, keeping my right hand one breast, and then I lowered my mouth to the other orb. I took her nipple into my mouth, flicking the tip lightly before really putting my lips and tongue on it to suck as hard as I could. I bathed her whole nipple and areola with the flat of my tongue before returning to her nipple. This time I took it between my teeth, very gently nibbling. This put her over the edge. She started bucking harder against Tom’s face, and then half fell on him, knocking him over. I tried to lower her more gently, but she ended up pulling me down too. She was still gasping, but something about the pile of bodies and the position we were in struck us all as funny, and Tom and I started laughing.

“Oh, God, stop it, you guys.” Chantelle muttered as her breathing returned to normal. We both adjusted ourselves to a slightly better position, so that Chantelle was now laying between us. We had barely made it 20 feet from the front door.

“So Tom, you see it was a hard invitation to resist.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

After a minute, I put my hand on Chantelle’s tummy, thinking how remarkable it was to have this naked body between me and Tom. Chantelle shivered, then she propped herself up on one elbow to look at me. “I think we should move somewhere else. And you guys have way too many clothes on.” She jumped up and took a few steps, then reached out to take our hands and pull us up. Playing a bit of the vamp, she wiggled her hips at us and said “Last one upstairs is the last one to get this!” as she slapped her ass. She then turned and fled up the stairs. Tom and I glanced at each other, and then both jumped for the stairs ourselves.

That Chantelle was quite the girl.

I managed to beat Tom into the bedroom by a hair, although I had the advantage of knowing which way to turn when we got upstairs. My bedroom was pretty standard, bed in the middle, night tables and lamps, a door to the master bath.

Chantelle had thrown herself on the bed, and rolled over and struck a pose on her elbow with one knee up as we entered. I walked over to stand next to the bed, right in front of her. “Now, about these clothes…”

Chantelle reached for my belt, pulling me closer to the bed. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it to one side. I went to undo my belt, but she put her hand on mine and said “No, let me.” She sat up on the edge of the bed, and taking two hands, undid my belt, then the button of my jeans. She unzipped me, brushing against my erection as she pulled down my zipper. She pushed down my jeans, and I stepped out of them, standing there in just my boxers with no doubt about my aroused state. Putting her hands on my hips, Chantelle looked up at me, and murmured in a voice too low for Tom to hear, “I’ve been thinking about this since… well, for a while.” With that, my shorts dropped to the floor, and Chantelle leaned over to engulf my head in her mouth. She put one hand behind me, and brought the other to the base of my cock. She swirled her tongue around my head and started to take me deeper into her mouth, rubbing my balls and the base of my cock at the same time.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could sense Tom moving to the base of the bed where he could watch Chantelle swallowing me. She was pulling me in deeper than I thought she could. After a few minutes, between her mouth and the pressure at the base of my cock, I was afraid I wouldn’t last long if she kept it up. “Mmm… Chantelle you may need to stop for a while. I think we have a few other things to do.”

She took a final lick and released me. She looked over at Tom and crooked a finger at him. I decided to climb on the bed behind Chantelle as she started to undress Tom to give him the same treatment I’d gotten. I kneeled in close behind her and reached around to hold her breasts as she started to work on him, my hard cock pressing against her back between us. I saw that Tom had much less hair around his package than I did, although he wasn’t totally bare like Chantelle, and I wondered if they played shaving games together too.

I began to tweak Chantelle’s nipples as she sucked Tom. Eventually I slid one hand down towards her pussy, stroking very gently. After a couple of minutes, Tom pulled away from Chantelle too, I imagine feeling just like I had. I pulled Chantelle back onto the bed, laying her on her back and laying next to her, my erection now laying against her hip. I kissed her neck for a second, then kissed down to her right breast. Tom came and took the other one, and together we licked her breasts while my right hand wandered back down over her abdomen. “You guys are sooo good to me,” I heard her say softly.

I stroked Chantelle’s bare skin very lightly, down the v of her legs, over her slit, not pushing in, just running back and forth. She parted her legs for me, but I continued to tease her on the outside, just enjoying the smoothness of her skin with my fingertips. The feel of her without hair was amazing. I could feel her heat and moisture as I reached further down, even though I hadn’t separated her lips. She began trying to push up as I ran my fingers over her mound, but I wouldn’t give her enough pressure to be satisfying. “Please…” I heard her murmur.

We were increasing Chantelle’s excitement level as we played with her and sucked her breasts, but the movement of her hips was starting to become more insistent and she started to squeeze her legs together. I moved back up to ear for a second and whispered to her, “Your skin is so smooth Chantelle. I think I’m going to have to use my tongue to find out just how smooth.” She nodded urgently, and I shifted my body around to put my face by her pussy. I licked her thigh, moving my tongue toward her pussy, and she opened her legs without urging. I licked the crease between her leg and body to where I would usually have found a fuzzy patch, and it was silky smooth. I licked across the outside of her lips to the other side, then back to the top of her slit. Not even a stray hair. I knew she was ready, and so I slid my tongue down the length of her slit while reaching with my right hand to open her up. My tongue slipped between her lips. God. It was slick, and incredibly smooth, and tasted salty. I pushed my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go, and I swear I got a true mouthful of her juices. I felt her grab my head, pulling my head to her and forcing me into her deeper.

I began to run my tongue up and down, rubbing it over her clit, then pushing it into her. I slid one finger, then two, into her as I licked. I felt Chantelle take my cock in her hand as I worked my tongue over her, stroking up and down my shaft. I wasn’t lubricated, so this was just play, but it felt good nevertheless. Glancing up, I saw that Tom was now kneeling by her side, and she had him in her other hand. If she wanted to feel both of us together, she’s got us.

After a minute, I wanted to shift so that I could get even better access. Extracting myself from her hand, I shifted around so that I was lying between her legs, looking up at her. I pushed her legs further apart and put my entire mouth over her pussy. Now I could really push my tongue in as deeply as it would go, and I heard Chantelle cry out a little as I pushed my nose against her clit as my tongue entered her. I sucked her clit into my mouth, then ran my tongue over it, and then plunged into her again.

Looking up past her belly and breasts, I could see that Tom had moved further up. Chantelle had turned her upper body to the side, and Tom was now feeding Chantelle his cock. She had both hands on him, he had one hand still on her breast, and was holding onto the headboard for dear life with the other as he looked down at her around his cock. As he thrust forward, I could see her cheeks puffing out and contracting.

I started licking Chantelle up and down, from her clit down to her vagina. Then, after dipping in her pussy one more time, I continued down towards her ass. Not much foreplay this time like we had during the summer – this time I just wanted my tongue on her. She felt where my tongue was exploring and lifted one leg a bit to give me better access between her cheeks. Another invitation I couldn’t resist. I took Chantelle’s leg and hooked it over my shoulder, then lowered my mouth to where I wanted to go.

Surrounding Chantelle’s anus with my lips, I commenced licking her with the flat of my tongue, feeling her ridged opening. I pointed my tongue and pushed in, feeling her yield just slightly, before returning to licking her from rear up to her clit. I returned below, continuing to lick over her while now pushing my nose into her cunt. My face was covered with her juices, and I had to turn to the side to get a breath now and again, but oh, was it worth it. I was unbelievably hard as I ate her. Don’t come on the sheets was all I could think as I took advantage of the complete access she was giving me to her body.

Chantelle began to writhe under me, trying to pull her leg higher to give me more access to her ass, and alternately pulling me into her with her leg to push her pussy harder against my mouth. I was licking her everywhere – feeling the hard nub of her clit, sliding my tongue into her pussy, licking past it to her rear where I couldn’t quite penetrate no matter how hard I tried… Looking up I could see her pumping Tom more rapidly in her mouth, and he had a look of intense concentration on his face as he now looked down at me working on her. I wondered if he knew I was licking her ass.

I could tell Chantelle was on the edge from this top to bottom stimulation. Giving a last lick on her asshole, I fastened my mouth to Chantelle’s clit and sucked it into my mouth, flicking at it with my tongue. At the same time I brought my hand up to her, dipped one finger into her wet pussy and then put it against her anus. She was soaked from her juices and my saliva, and I knew it wouldn’t take much to penetrate her. I pushed just a little, and she pushed down hard in turn, forcing my finger into her asshole. I heard another loud moan from her as I continued to slide in my finger in one motion until it was in to the hilt. Once she discovered what she liked, this girl sure did know how to get it!

Within seconds, Chantelle started spasming. I tried, but it was hard to keep my tongue on her as she thrashed under me and clenched her thighs around my head. She finally released me, and I returned my tongue to just licking her gently up and down as I pulled my finger from her ass. She continued to quiver slightly as I continued to lap at her.

Chantelle’s climax and the resulting action on him must have been too much for Tom, because I heard him grunt “Can’t… stop it!” and I saw him start to jerk too. He reached down to grab his cock and held it in Chantelle’s mouth as I saw his body clench once, then twice, and I saw her swallowing frantically. Her mouth opened, and Tom popped out and I saw a shot of come spurt across Chantelle’s face, landing on her cheek. Chantelle pulled him back into her mouth as he shuddered again. I saw her mouth working, and she gave him a final tug before he groaned and pulled away, collapsing on the bed. She reached up and rubbed his come off her cheek with her fingers, reaching over to his thigh and rubbing most of it off on him, then licking her fingers. Then she collapsed backward onto the pillow too.

Chantelle and Tom had both come, but I certainly hadn’t, and my erection had only gotten harder with Chantelle’s orgasm. Chantelle was lying there enjoying the slow licks I was giving her pussy, but I was hoping she could come again, and after all this I was desperate with need. I stopped licking and crawled up her. My erection was painfully obvious, and I knew she could feel it poking at the entrance to her pussy. I could feel it rubbing at her, where she was wet, and still very open. She looked up at me as I whispered.

“Chantelle – I’m ready to explode. I need to be in you.” I glanced up and made eye contact with Tom. He nodded at me.

She made a little sound, and whispered, “Come on in.”

With that she grabbed me and pulled me to her. I reached down to move my cock to get the angle right, and pushed.

Ohhh, she was still soaking. I sank in almost to the hilt in one push. I couldn’t believe how smooth Chantelle felt as I slid home. I pulled back just a little, pushed once more, and I really was all the way in. Hot, wet… I almost came right there, but managed not to. I saw Chantelle’s eyes widen as I pushed in, and she whimpered a little as I penetrated her. I knew Tom was there, watching me push into his girlfriend, but at the moment I just didn’t care. There was no way not to enjoy where I was.

I began to move in and out, slowly at first, just enjoying the sensation of being inside her. Her lips sought mine, and then she was past them to my ear, where I could hear her making little breathy sounds. On the downstroke, I pushed hard against her where our bodies met, twisting and grinding just a little on her clit. She made a little “Oh!” noise the first time I did this, and I continued to push tight against her every 3rd or 4th stroke. I began to pull a little further out before thrusting in, and her breathing became a little deeper.

“Can you make it again?” I whispered in her ear.

“Mmmm, oh yeah, not long.” she whispered back. I continued to stroke in and out of her, and sped up a little. She was so wet… and thinking about that, I knew I wasn’t going to last either.

“I’m so close,” I whispered.

“Go ahead, now, now… Come in me, Dave, in… me…” She was panting too. I felt her muscles contract around my cock, and that was it. I felt my cock pulse, and I came, spurting inside of her. I came, and came, and felt it get even hotter and wetter as my semen flooded her pussy, leading me to have an even bigger final contraction. Chantelle was over the edge too, and I felt her legs wrap around me as I felt her walls squeeze around me. I heard her murmur “Oh… oh… yes…” as we gave a final movement against each other, and then I collapsed on top of her, panting. We just lay there for a minute.

After a minute, I was able to move again, and I raised myself up on my elbows, allowing her to breathe a little better. I gave her small kisses, and after another minute, I flopped over to lie by her side. We both looked over at Tom, who was sitting on the other side of Chantelle, watching. He had gotten erect again. Chantelle reached out to it. “Enjoy the show?”

“Not half as much as you.” He leaned down and gave Chantelle a kiss, and then looked at me. “Good one. Secret technique?”

I laughed. “No, just a good effort. I think the secret technique for this one is to have two studs in her bed!”

Chantelle looked around the room. “Studs? Really? Where?”

“Oh, shut up, you!” I commenced tickling Chantelle’s ribs; seeing what I was doing, Tom joined on the other side, she curled up in a ball and in short order we had her yelling “I take it back, I take it back!” We let her collapse back to the bed. She made a long, catlike stretch, pushing her breasts, then hips, up at the sky as she did, ending up with her arms lying up over her head. Tom and I lay down on either side of her again for a few minutes.

Seeing her stretch led me to place my hand on her belly, running it up under her breast. I began to stroke her nipple idly. It hadn’t been soft for long, and I rubbed over it, it came to attention again. I moved my hand to the opposite side, making small circles on that side, watching the skin of her areola wrinkle and tighten as her nipple responded. I leaned over to give a small lick with the tip of my tongue on the nipple I could reach.

Chantelle rolled onto her side to present me both breasts, trying to lift one up to me with her hand. Sensing that they might like some extra attention, I slid down the bed so that my mouth was even with her breasts. My head was on the bed, and I stuck out my tongue, wiggling it to give her the idea that I was ready. She began to feed me her breast, first teasing me by putting it just close enough for me to lick the tip of her nipple, then gradually moving in so that I could get more and more in my mouth. When I couldn’t fit any more, she pulled back and gave me her other one. I just lay there and pretended I was nursing, sucking and licking, and pulling her into my mouth with as much suction as I could muster. A couple of times I nipped at her with my teeth, causing her to jump a little.

As I nursed at Chantelle’s breasts, Tom started to give her pussy some attention. I felt him reach around her, bumping into my erection in the process, and he reached her upper leg to pull it up. This allowed him access to her from the rear, and he began to stroke her pussy. I continued to suck one of Chantelle’s nipples while playing with the other one. I felt her shiver; glancing up, her eyes were closed, and glancing down I saw Tom’s fingers disappearing into her. I saw him pull out and rub over her clit, then put his fingers back in her again.

I had a free hand, and I brought it to my mouth to get wet and then down to her pussy as well. Now Tom could continue to push his fingers in and out of her while I rubbed her clit. Chantelle started to moan. I don’t know if she knew that it was both of us playing with her, but she was certainly enjoying it. I could feel Tom’s fingers moving in and out of Chantelle, occasionally bumping into my fingers on her clit.

Chantelle’s began to move her hips back and forth between us as we stroked and fingered her. I felt Tom shift on the bed, and then his fingers withdrew from her. What’s he doing? Glancing down, I saw Tom pull Chantelle’s upper leg up higher, and then his cock came into view. He slid his cock along the length of her slit a couple of times, brushing against my hand once, and then he found the right spot and slid his cock into her wet pussy. Chantelle gave a grunt as he pushed in. Tom took a couple of strokes to get all the way in, then commenced a steady rhythm in and out of her.

I had paused my activity while I waited for Tom to get situated. Now I returned my fingers to her pussy, rubbing over her clit and the top of her mound. When I put my fingers on her clit, reaching down towards her pussy, I could feel Tom moving in and out, the base of his cock rubbing against my fingers when we were both at a particular spot. I felt myself becoming harder at the feel of Tom moving in and out, coupled with the feel of her clit. I was enjoying this. What’s going on, I feel Tom and I’m getting harder?

I was a bit conflicted about what was going on. Chantelle was obviously enjoying the action of Tom in her pussy and my fingers on her clit and my mouth at her nipples. At the same time, it was a bit strange to be touching Tom, even inadvertently. And then I wondered: well, they invited me, and this seemed to be a night for exploring, so should I just go with it? I wasn’t sure if I’d ever want to do this again, but was there something more I could do that would help both of them out? Is this the most I can do for Tom?

By now, Tom must have been able to feel my hand when he thrust fully into Chantelle. But he was making no move to pull back. I tried to think about what he might be feeling and what he might like. I know when I am fucking a girl from the back, I like having her reach down to finger her own clit and stroke my balls. Well, I was in the way and there was no way for Chantelle to reach Tom, and I was already stroking her. That left just one issue, and solution I could come up with. I wonder what he’d do if… Making a decision, I reached out and touched Tom’s balls. I’d never done this before with anyone other than me, and I was a little tentative. But I quickly realized they were no different than mine, and after a moment I cupped them like I’d had my girlfriends do to me. He gave out a little grunt of surprise, but he didn’t stop thrusting. I continued to rub him. He apparently trimmed a bit with Chantelle, because his balls were fuzzy, but with no long hairs.

I continued to rub Tom’s balls, but was careful not to neglect Chantelle’s clit. I realized after couple of minutes that I was staring down to where my hand was on her pussy and his balls, and had stopped sucking her breasts. I looked up to find that Chantelle had opened her eyes and was looking down at me and my hand.

“Dave,” she whispered. “Are you rubbing Tom?”

I looked in her eyes and swallowed. “Yes.”

“Oohhh, God, that’s so hot.” She shuddered as she heard me. “Oh, please, keep going, touch him. Touch my boyfriend’s cock. And touch me.” She sounded like she was playing out a fantasy verbally, watching the reality of it as it came true. I obliged, rubbing her clit and returning to his balls. Since he was busy thrusting in Chantelle, I didn’t think Tom would want a handjob, so I didn’t try to grab his dick. But when he pulled back, my hand on Chantelle’s clit was right there, and pressed against the base of his slick shaft as it emerged.

“Tom? Tom?” Chantelle turned a little back toward Tom. “Baby, I know Dave is touching you. That’s hot Tom. Reach around me, touch him too.” Chantelle could see my very erect cock pushing up against my belly. Tom reached around her hip, and tentatively reached out toward me. I looked at him and nodded. “Come on Tom, do it, touch his cock,” Chantelle murmured. Slowly, Tom put his hand on my cock. I jumped at his touch. He took it in his hand, and began stroking up and down. His hand was larger than Chantelle’s or mine, and the sensation was a bit different. Chantelle was looking down and made a little hiss that sounded like “yess…” Her eyes were wide as she watched Tom wrap his hand around me. “Oh, that’s good honey, rub his cock for me. Good boy!” Tom gave a few strokes up and down. It wasn’t going to get me off, but it wasn’t bad. I let him keep rubbing me, angling my hips a little to point further up.

Chantelle began to breathe much faster as she continued to keep her eyes on his hand and my cock, muttering encouragement to us. I rubbed her a little faster. She began moaning louder, and faster, and I tried to keep a thumb on her clit as I held my hand on his balls. Tom began to thrust faster into Chantelle, his hand still on my cock. I increased the speed on her clit, then returned my hand to Tom’s balls. He began to thrust madly, and he released me to grab her hip.

I could feel Tom’s balls tighten, and then he groaned and gave a deep thrust into her as he came. His body shook, trying to push deeper as I sensed him shoot his load. Chantelle came at the same time, rocking back against Tom. I returned my attention to Chantelle, grasping the upper lips of her pussy and squeezing them together over her clit, then releasing them and sliding my finger into the top of her slit to be right on her clit. I put hard pressure on her clit now as I rubbed, and this put her over the edge. With Tom’s cock still in her creamy pussy, she started to spasm as well, pushing hard against my hand. She pulled her legs together, forcing me to stop rubbing her, and actually pushing Tom out of her. She moaned as he pulled further away, but then relaxed.

Tom and Chantelle both came down slowly. “Dave, that made me so hot,” murmured Chantelle, pulling me back up to give me a kiss.

“I could tell,” I whispered back.

My cock was still hard, and Chantelle could feel it pressed against her. She reached down to take it, idly stroking it as her breathing slowed. After a minute, she asked “What do you want now, Dave?” She kissed me again, harder.

In answer, I put my hand on Chantelle’s head and pulled her down towards my cock. “I think you can figure out something I’d enjoy.”

“Mm, OK. I can definitely make you enjoy this.” Chantelle twisted around and moved down, and rolled me onto my back with my cock pointing skyward. She started with long licks up my shaft, then slowly engulfed me in her mouth, lowering herself on me until her hair was tickling my belly. “Uh,” I grunted as I felt myself hit the back of her throat. She brought two hands to bear, one on my cock, just under her mouth, the other on my balls. She began bobbing up and down on my cock, stroking it with her now-wet hand when she was concentrating her energy at the top of it, and then taking all of me in her mouth again. Just as I had with Tom, she massaged my balls gently. But then she went further, sliding her hand further down over my balls until I felt her finger tickle the ridge running from my balls back to my asshole. I grunted, and pulled my leg up a bit to offer her access if she wanted it. And she did, bringing her finger up to rub over my dripping cock, and then returning it to rub over my rear entrance. (Did you think about inserting Tom into this scene, too?)

Chantelle continued to work on my hard cock with her mouth. But she began to push her finger more insistently at my asshole. I relaxed, trying to enjoy the sensations on my cock, and to let her in. She continued to tease at my entrance, just pushing in a little and then pulling out again. It felt great, and I began pushing back as she entered me. She got the hint, and pushed deeper into me. “Ohhhh,” I groaned as she finally penetrated all the way.

I could feel my orgasm building, fueled by the pressure of Chantelle’s finger in my ass. She could tell too, and began rubbing my cock harder as she simultaneously wiggled her finger. She deep-throated me once more, and I thrust upward and exploded in her mouth.

As my spasms subsided, I saw Chantelle swallow, and lick her lips. “Mmm,” she said, “Different than Tom. Still tasty.”

“Uh, OK.” I said. What else do you say when a beautiful girl tells you that you taste different from her boyfriend?

“She does give a great blowjob, doesn’t she?” remarked Tom. I’d almost forgotten he was there.

“She sure does. Like we agreed, she’s a special girl!”

Tom got up, saying he had to go answer the call of nature, and Chantelle and I just lay back with our eyes closed, resting and snuggling just a little. After a minute she excused herself too. I lay on the bed and relaxed, thinking about the evening so far… and what was still coming.


I opened my eyes a short time later when I felt the bed shift with Tom and Chantelle getting back in. Chantelle kind of draped herself over me, and Tom snuggled up to her from behind. “Mmm. Thanks for having us over, Dave.”

“My pleasure. LIterally. Don’t tell me you two have to go now?” She laughed.

“No, not a chance! I hope we can stay for a long, long time. We have all night.” We lay there for a few minutes in a pile of naked flesh. Chantelle’s breast was pressed against my chest, and she swung her leg partly over top of my thighs, just touching my cock. I could feel her warm pussy pressed against my leg.

“Well, I sure won’t kick you out.”

“Good. I’m not sure I could move easily right now. And maybe if we stay, you can help out some more.”

“I love to be helpful!”

“I know you love it, and I appreciate it.

“Awww.” Chantelle’s leg over mine and the feel of her skin had started to wake me up, and I could feel an erection just starting to grow again slightly. Tom’s hand was running along Chantelle’s side as he spooned up to her. A little self-conscious this time with Tom so close behind her, I leaned over to give her just a small kiss. “Mmm, minty.” Her tongue flashed out to meet mine, and we exchanged French kisses for a couple of minutes. Chantelle reached down and held my penis with her hand, feeling it as it hardened.

“Hey, uh, save some of that for me too?” we heard Tom ask. Chantelle and I broke our lip lock, and she flipped over to face Tom.

“There’s always some saved for you.” And just as if she hadn’t been kissing me a few seconds earlier, Chantelle’s mouth was busy on Tom’s. Easy come, easy go. I amused myself by running my fingers down Chantelle’s side now, from under her arm to her hip, and as far down her thigh as I could easily reach. She shivered as I ran them over her rib cage. I ran them back up over her buttocks and side, and then down her spine. The strokes were light, just enough to remind her that I was there. I could see that Chantelle’s hand had gone to Tom’s cock, as it had for mine, and she was stroking him as they kissed. Things were starting to heat up again.

I didn’t interrupt Chantelle and Tom. Instead, I started to concentrate on my fingers circling in towards Chantelle’s ass and pussy from the back. I slid my hand past her hip, then back up barely touching the side of her buttock, then down over one smooth, rounded ass cheek, and then back up closer to her crack. She was starting to rub herself against Tom, and had thrown her right leg over him, opening her up a bit from behind. After a final circle around her hip and buttock, I ran my fingers slowly down her butt crack and across her anus to barely touch the back of her pussy. I stroked her very lightly, slowly working in until her lips separated. Sliding my fingers through, I could feel that she was wet again (still?). I slid one finger inside her, while the rest of my hand pressed against her butt, helping her rub against Tom. “Mmm….”

I worked a second finger into Chantelle. Then I heard Tom whisper something to Chantelle, and she rolled back over just a little to whisper to me in turn, “Tom wants another turn.”

I grumbled something incomprehensible, but withdrew my fingers from her pussy. Chantelle slid over on top of Tom and sat up astride him, then lowered herself onto his cock. She started moving up and down on him, slowly. I kneeled and took one of Chantelle’s nipples in my mouth. Tom’s hand was busy at her other breast, and I straightened so I could kiss her again. I played with her wet nipple with my hand while we kissed, my cock poking at her hip. Chantelle started stroking my cock, and I could feel it getting a little slippery as my pre-cum leaked and she spread it out on me. I kissed Chantelle again and brought my hand back to her hard nipple as I felt my cock begin to slide smoothly through her hand. She continued stroking me with her hand as she developed a rhythm moving up and down on Tom. Tom was thrusting his hips up and down with her as well, but we were able to remain enough in sync. The sensation of sliding through Chantelle’s slippery hand, rubbing against her hip, was sensational.

After a bit, Chantelle said “Need to move” and lay down on top of Tom. I shifted to look from behind, and I could now see Tom’s cock going in and out of Chantelle’s pussy, with her pretty asshole blinking above that. I could see Tom stretching Chantelle, her lips clinging to him as he pulled back. Hmm, yummy, I thought. This would be the way for her to get both of us, and she did say everything. I continued to watch her ass move up and down, and I could see her anus pushing in and out as Tom’s cock went in and out of her pussy. I leaned over, running my tongue down Chantelle’s crack toward her anus. With the movement going on and the angle, I couldn’t quite get reliably to her lovely rosebud, although I did get in a couple of licks in passing. Chantelle did make an “mmm” noise when she felt my tongue those couple of times, which I took as a welcome.

I leaned over to open the drawer on the night table. I pulled out a bottle of lube and shifted back behind Chantelle. I poured a little bit onto Chantelle’s lovely ass, watching it drip down onto her asshole. Putting more on my fingers, I began to rub it into her. I rubbed with the flat of my fingers at first, getting her very slick, all over, delighting in the feel of her opening. She slowed down to allow me to rub her, and she turned and looked over her shoulder to murmur, “That feels nice.” Well, that was definitely the point.

Once she was thoroughly slippery, I slowly pushed my index finger into her ass as she held still, just holding Tom in her pussy. I could feel her relax as I pushed in past one knuckle, to two. I began twirling my finger, and she resumed her strokes up and down Tom. After a minute I pulled my index finger out and replaced it with my middle finger, pushing in as deeply as I could. I swear I could feel Tom moving inside her through the walls of her pussy and ass – I could really feel him fucking her.

After dripping a little more lube on her ass and my hand, I began to work both of my fingers in together. She was tight enough to resist this, and I spent more time just probing at her entrance before trying to enter her. She moaned louder when I began to gradually push in. Push, pause, wiggle; push, pause wiggle. Before long both fingers were in all the way, and I began moving them in and out at a bit of a regular pace. I felt her gradually relaxing as she got used to the feeling, and soon she was bouncing on Tom again, with my fingers in her ass.

Speaking of Tom… “Does Tom know what I’m doing to you?” I leaned over and spoke softly in Chantelle’s ear. They both answered.


“Yeah, I can feel you Dave, I can feel you in her ass. And she loves it.”

OK then, we’re all enjoying the same page still. I continued to move two fingers around in Chantelle’s ass. After another minute, I thought she was ready. I moved back, and pushed Tom and Chantelle’s legs apart so that I could kneel between them. Still keeping my fingers in her (I never wanted to lose that warm connection), I poured a little more lube around my fingers, and dripped some more onto my cock, spreading it out with my hand. I was super hard, and just like Chantelle had, I couldn’t resist a couple of strokes that felt really good as I moved my hand on my cock.

I pulled my fingers out of Chantelle then, and I moved up close to them. I murmured “Hold still for a minute,” and I then positioned the head of my cock at Chantelle’s anus. It was now reddish and wet, stretched by my fingers, and I thought it was ready for more. Tom was still inside Chantelle’s pussy, and he held onto her hips. I pressed in just a little, and heard Chantelle’s intake of breath. I paused, then slowly, slowly started pushing the head of my cock into her opening. “Relax, Chantelle, relax,” I murmured, and pulled back before pushing again. I felt her muscle relax and she pushed back slightly. The head of my cock popped in to an “Oh!” from Chantelle, and I held myself very still as she adjusted. “Oh, shit… wait… oh…” After a minute, I felt her begin to move again, and I pushed forward an inch. I then pulled back. “Just move when you are ready.” I murmured.

Chantelle began to gradually push herself back onto me, saying “Uh… Oh… Uh…” each time I went deeper. Tom was still in her, so she couldn’t move far, and after she worked back an inch, I’d push her back forward. When I was halfway in, I pulled almost out, then slid it back, eliciting another gasp. Even going slow, it didn’t take very long for Chantelle to take me in all the way. Chantelle’s ass felt different than her pussy, and tighter around the base of my cock. But it was just as warm and wet, and it felt awesome even to just make small movements while she adjusted to the feel of both Tom and me buried in her.

After a bit, I started to move with a bit more rhythm. Gradually, we reached the point where I was able to stroke in and out of Chantelle’s ass just like her pussy. Tom started moving again too, and like with my fingers, I swore I could feel his cock through her walls. I definitely knew when we were both in deep, with a tighter feel around my cock then, and when he was out. Chantelle grunted each time we hit a stroke and ended up deep in her at the same time. At first we didn’t have much of a rhythm, so we just fucked her independently. Then we managed to get a pattern where we would go in and out at alternate times. This fell apart as Chantelle started moving faster, and so we both continued to just move at our whim.

The times when we were both in her deeply at the same time seemed to push Chantelle towards new heights. Once, when we were all just resting for a few seconds, I heard her mutter “God, I feel so full.” She began grunting – there was no other word for it – in time with our thrusts this way. I could see that Tom’s face was sweaty and flushed underneath her as she alternately devoured his mouth with hers and placed it on his shoulder as she panted. I heard her start to say “Oh God… Oh God… Oh… Ohhh… Deep…. please…” Her vocals got me going as well, and Tom and I both sped up just a bit as she writhed in between us, grinding down on Tom as we went in and out.

“Oh… come… Both… come in me… I’m there… Oh, I’m there…” I heard Tom groan and then stiffen, thrusting hard up into Chantelle. This was it. Chantelle started to buck on top of Tom, and I sank as deeply into her as I could and then started to shoot my own load deep into her ass. “OHHH GOD….” she gasped. I could only imagine what she was feeling as I felt her anus tighten on me, and I imagined that she was squeezing Tom for all she was worth too. Chantelle thrashed between us, making incomprehensible noises through her own orgasm as we continued to pump our come into her. I felt like I pulsed a dozen times (but who’s counting), then my stamina gave out and I collapsed across Chantelle’s back.

Chantelle was still pushing up into Tom, but more slowly, as we both softened. She gave a little “ooh” when I pulled it out and her ass made a soft sucking sound, and collapsed on the bed next to them. Chantelle rolled off Tom as well, curling up a little with her legs pressed together as her body continued to shake. I spooned up to her, holding her to me, as Tom did the same on the other side. Gradually she settled down, kissed Tom and then turned her head my way to kiss me.

“Oh, God, thank you,” she said to no one in particular. “It’s like… I can still feel you. Wow.”

There was no need to reply, and we lay there in a pile for a while. Then Chantelle stirred. “You guys left me quite a mess. I’ll be back.” She scooted off the bed and rushed off to the master bathroom.

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