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Jill’s sweatpants were still wet in several places. She shifted her legs, and then frantically looked in her glove box for her insurance card. Her driver’s license was in her purse… in her bedroom.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Jill said between clenched teeth.

The police officer tapped her window with his pen. Jill lowered the window and presented her best real estate agent smile.

“Is there a problem, officer?” Jill asked.

“You tell me. Are you lost, little lady?” the police officer asked, eyeing the black bags in the back seat.

“No. I mean, yes. I think I took a wrong turn, but I’m okay now.” Jill’s smile holding steady.

“What’s in the bags?” the officer pulled out a flashlight.

“Ummm, party favors. They’re party favors for a bachelorette party for a friend of my daughter’s.” Jill offered.

“Mind if I have a look?” the officer asked.

“Do you have to? It’s a little embarrassing. Besides, I really need to get home.” Jill’s smile began to fade.

“Look, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. I see something that looks suspicious. You look out of place. Something doesn’t add up, and I want to check it out. If you’re not doing anything illegal, you’re free to go. Clear?” the officer explained, waiting for Jill to unlock the back door.

Jill slid her finger along the unlock switch and the police officer opened the door behind her. When he dumped the contents of the bags onto her back seat, he stepped back and laughed.

“Lady, if you’re not telling the truth, you have issues.” He smiled at her, closing the door.

“Can I go, now?” Jill asked.

“Yeah, you can go. Watch yourself, or someone else will.” He added.

Jill read his nameplate. Friendly.

“Thank you, officer.” Jill’s smile returned, not exactly sure what he meant.

“Friendly, Officer Friendly.” The policeman grinned. His white teeth were a stark contrast to his dark skin. He turned and walked back toward his patrol car. He spoke into his radio on his shoulder before getting inside, and then drove past her.

“He seemed nice,” Jill thought, remembering what Sammy had said, and dismissing it as coincidence.

Jill managed to get home before her husband or daughter and quickly hid the party favors under her bed. She would be able to explain over $700 worth of dildos and vibrators to her husband easily enough, but her 18-year-old daughter might get other ideas. Her daughter had started her freshman year of college only a month ago, but she still came home almost every other weekend to spend time with her high school friends or Jill’s sister with the huge in-ground pool.

It was Friday. Her husband’s flight was scheduled to land in an hour. She had just enough time to take a bath.

As Jill undressed, she looked at herself a little differently in the mirror. She remembered the video in the adult bookstore, and how the young white girl had her hairless pussy fucked hard by two hairless black dicks.

She may have been 38 years old, but her body looked better than most girls half her age.

Jill tugged at the barely noticeable tuft of orange pubic hair. She pressed some of her husband’s shaving cream into her hand, and then lightly tapped it on her pubic mound. She rinsed his razor under hot water, and then, with one swipe, shaved the few remaining strands of hair from above her pussy. Jill wiped her mound clean with a washcloth, and then stepped in front of her full-length mirror to admire the new look.

“Not bad.” Jill thought out loud as she turned side to side.

Naked, she walked back to the bed, and knelt down. She reached under the bed for one of the boxed dildos.

“Not that one,” Jill shoved it back under and reached for another.

“There we go.” Jill beamed.

She opened the cardboard box and let a chocolate-colored 10″ dildo fall onto the bed. The toy was molded after a porn star, and was one of the more expensive models thanks to the featured hand-painted veins and suction-cupped base.

The head of the toy was easily as thick as Jill’s wrist and became wider toward the base.

She walked back in front of the mirror and imagined herself being roughly handled while this black dick pressed against her face, her belly, and her ass.

Within seconds, Jill could feel her clitoris begin to throb. She rinsed the toy under warm water, and then sat in front of her full-length mirror. She turned her body this way and that until her position resembled that of the girl in the movie. The toy in her hand was easily twice as thick as the poles of the skinny black men in the video, but Jill was willing to improvise. Her wet pussy easily lubricated the dildo, but she had to push it in slowly. Only the first three inches would go in, but that was enough.

She eased the dildo in and out for a few minutes before changing positions. She wasn’t strong enough to push it any further inside her, so she decided to squat on top of the toy.

The bedroom was carpeted, so she moved to the tiled floor in the bathroom. The suction cup base held the large dildo in place, but now she couldn’t see what she was doing.

As she walked back into the bedroom to move the full-length mirror, she heard the garage door open.

“Fuck!” Jill said, frustrated.

She quickly took the dildo box off the top of the bed and threw it under. She almost slipped as she tried to unstick the dildo from the floor. The suction cup worked well. She finally dislodged the toy and folded it in a towel, then carefully stepped into the shower.

“Honey, I’m home!” Jill’s husband, Brian called.

“I’m in the shower!” Jill replied.

Brian climbed the stairs to the bedroom, and began to undress. Although he was exhausted, he was finding the energy to take advantage of the situation.

“Our daughter is going to stay with your sister this weekend. I just got off the phone with her.” Brian called out from the bedroom.

The water was finally starting to get warm. Jill’s nipples stuck out stiff from her breasts.

She hadn’t intended to rub her clit while she showered, but she couldn’t help herself. She abruptly stopped when Brian opened the shower door.

“Can I come inside?” He asked.

“Of course. We’re married, right?” Jill smiled.

“I meant inside the shower, Jill.” Brian corrected her before noticing her clean-shaven mound. “Whoa, what made you do that?”

“I don’t know. Just thought I’d try a new look. Do you like it?” Jill turned, giving him a view of her swollen clit.

Brian reached for her pussy as she reached for his thickening cock. They kissed hard while he ran his hand over her smooth mound and slid three fingers inside her. His thumb pressed hard and then rolled around over her clitoris. Jill’s knees went weak.

She squatted down and engulfed his manhood. He wasn’t as thick as the toy, or as long, but his seven inches had given her countless orgasms. She was familiar with every angle; every vein, and every spasm he would create just before climax.

She took his entire length down her throat – something she had never done before. The act surprised both of them and Brian came on Jill’s face as she gagged.

“Holy shit!” Brian exclaimed.

“Yeah, holy shit!” Jill looked up at him, his come instantly being rinsed from her face.

Brian had come on her face before, but this time she actually enjoyed it.

He helped her to her feet, and Jill stepped out of the shower first.

She reached for a towel, and caught the dildo before it hit the floor. Jill quickly wrapped the toy back in the towel and carried it to the bedroom.

Brian stepped out of the shower and searched for another towel, giving Jill just enough time to throw the toy under the bed and lay out her towel. She sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and then laid back. As Brian walked in, Jill pulled her legs back, exposing her smooth pussy and pink asshole. His mouth was on her pussy in seconds.

Brian had always made Jill come with his mouth. This time was no different. He rolled his tongue over her clit and between her labia, nibbling gently at first, and then pressing a little harder. He introduced two fingers inside her, pressing upward, rubbing up and back. Jill could feel the orgasm building, but she had been on the brink twice in the last ten minutes. She wanted him to take her over the edge.

Jill reached down and pulled his hand from her pussy, and guided it to her ass. Brian continued to use his mouth and tongue on her and grabbed at her ass cheeks. He squeezed hard, but Jill guided his middle finger to her asshole. When he paused, she bucked her pussy hard into his face, causing his nose to sting and his eyes to water.

“Finger my asshole.” Jill whispered.

Brian’s cock twitched. He was already hard, but now he was afraid he might come before he even had a chance to make love to her.

Brian licked Jill’s pussy faster as he carefully slid his middle finger into Jill’s rectum.

He had only pushed an inch of his finger inside when Jill let out a loud moan.

“That’s it! Yes!” Jill cried.

Brian pushed his finger in further, and Jill grabbed his wrist. He began to withdraw his finger from her asshole – afraid he’d hurt her – but Jill stopped him. Instead, she pulled his arm so his finger would go in deeper. She wanted him to finger-fuck her ass. He pumped his finger into Jill’s bottom faster and faster as he struggled to keep his mouth on her pussy.

In what would have sounded like a cry of pain to anyone else, Jill came hard. She flooded Brian’s mouth as her anus cut off all circulation to his finger.

Brian knew that Jill could have multiple waves of orgasm, so he continued to lap at her gushing pussy until she finally asked him to stop.

“It’s okay. I’m good. That was fantastic.” Jill panted.

She pushed him back, stood up, and then turned around. She crawled up on the bed on all fours with her ass facing him, then bent down to her elbows.

“If you promise to be quick, you can come in my ass, sweetheart.” Jill said as she looked over her shoulder. “It’s okay. We’ll just take another shower.”

Brian was beside himself. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, but he also knew that she hadn’t liked the two previous times he had wanted to fuck her in the ass. The fact that she wasn’t only willing, but asking him…

“My pussy first, please.” Jill startled him. “I don’t want you tearing me apart.”

Brian easily slid his swollen dick inside her wet cunt. She pushed back against him, forcing his entire length inside.

“There, that should do it, don’t you think?” Jill asked. She sounded almost drunk.

She pulled forward until just the head of Brian’s dick remained inside her pussy. Brian waited for a moment, then withdrew his slick member and placed the head at her puckered asshole.

Jill moved back as he held his tool steady. There was resistance at first, but she pushed back harder until the head of Brian’s cock disappeared inside her rectum.

Jill exhaled deeply.

Brian felt her relax and pushed himself in a little deeper.

Jill clenched the bed sheets. This hurt. She wasn’t sure what made her think it would be any different, and right now it hurt.

“Wait a minute.” Jill interrupted. “Come lay down. I want to be on top.”

Brian did as he was told and Jill positioned herself so she could ease herself down on him.

He had a perfect view of her bald pussy. He still couldn’t believe she did that.

She squeezed his dick hard as she guided it into her asshole, this time with less resistance.

As Brian’s come filled her bowels, Jill felt less and less pain. She bounced on his cock three more times before it popped out of her ass, followed by a seemingly endless stream of semen.

Jill leaned forward and kissed Brian all over his face.

“Thank you.” Jill said between kisses. “Thank you for fucking me in the ass, sweetheart.”

“Anytime?” Brian asked. “What’s gotten into you – not that I’m complaining?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like getting a little wild with my husband. Okay?” Jill asked as she stepped off the bed. Come dripped down her legs and she quickly stepped into the shower.

Brian laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling, while their daughter, Andi, quietly sneaked back into her room. He didn’t realize she needed to come home to grab some clothes for the weekend.

“Way to go, mom and dad.” Andi whispered. She witnessed her parent’s sex act from behind the partially opened bedroom door. Like her mother, Andi would get very wet when aroused, and the crotch of her jeans was soaked.

“That was awesome.”

Feeling my rapidly hardening cock against her leg snapped Megan back to reality. The gentle kisses that were so eagerly returned seconds ago were now ripped from her memory as she realized I would soon be using her body for my pleasure, and there was nothing she could do. She struggled against the rope holding her hands to the headboard, her eyes tearing up again.

“Please, no more! It’s too much for me, just leave, I’m begging you!”

I got up from the bed and reached into my bag pulling out a set of nipple clamps connected to each other by a small, flat link chain. Megan’s eyes went wide when she realized what was about to happen and she began to whimper softly. I placed the clamps on her flat belly and walked out of the bedroom leaving her there. I found her kitchen and saw a box of zip lock sandwich bags on the counter. Opening her freezer I took the ice cube tray and loaded 5 or so cubes into the baggie and snapped it closed. As I entered the bedroom again I saw Megan continue thrashing trying to escape from the ropes. She saw the baggie in my hand as I drew closer and looked confused. Leaning down, I put the ice cold bag on her left nipple and held it there. I felt her shudder as her nipple immediately sprang to it’s full height. I grabbed the nipple clamps and removed the bag, putting it on her right nipple. Quickly I attached the clamp to her nipple as she yelped in pain. A few seconds later the other clamp was applied to the right nipple as she yelped again. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she begged to have them removed. “Please! Take them off they hurt!”

I grabbed the chain linking the clamps and lightly pulled on it, pulling her already distended nipples further away from her massive tits. Placing my hands on her beautiful mounds I began to knead them softly as Megan began to moan gently. Reaching back in the bag, I pulled out an alligator clip which was attached to another, longer, flat linked chain, and attached it to the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Next I pulled out a 7″ vibrator and some duct tape, She looked on with horror as I made sure she saw each thing I removed. I pulled the chain down her stomach, making sure it pulled the nipple clamp chain enough to pull on the clamps. I ran the chain down over her clit and put a strip of duct tape just above her bush to hold it in place. Next, the end of the chain was wrapped and taped around the end of the vibrator. Reaching down I began to play with her cunt finding it was already wet. For all her protests, Megan certainly seemed to be enjoying this. I slid the vibrator about half way into her willing cunt, and slowly worked it back and forth. Her hips began to rise meeting the gentle thrusts. I sank the whole length of the vibrator into her hungry cunt as she began to shudder and moan ever so slightly while her eyes went closed. I turned the vibrator on low and Megan’s eyes snapped open as she felt the pulses deeply massage her depths and travel up the chain directly onto her clit, and up into her nipples. She groaned and her head began to roll from side to side as she felt things she never felt before. Silently I reached into the bag and withdrew a bottle of lube. Pouring some on my rock hard cock, I worked it over the entire length, then poured a thick line up the shaft, and put a large glob on the head. I reached down and put the vibrator on medium. Megan began to breathe in gasps, her stomach contracting. “Oh God, yes, yes! I’m going to cum!

I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders and pushed forward raising that beautiful ass off the bed. She was starting to cum hard now, her body convulsing, and her hips thrusting out. Megan was in full blown heat. Suddenly, a drop of lube fell off my cock and landed directly on her tightly clenched asshole. My intentions became clear as she pleaded “No! Please! I never have let anyone do that! You can’t! Despite her alarm the vibrator continued to drag her to orgasm. I looked down at that ass and got ready to claim my prize. I flipped the vibrator to high and she emitted a low moan as a trail of drool slid out her mouth. It was time. I placed the head of my cock against her brown eye and gave a hard push.

“Nooooooo! God your ripping me apart!” The vibrations now ran through my cock driving me crazy. Another hard push and my cock was buried to the hilt in the hottest, tightest hole it had ever been in. I held it in place and literally rode Megan as her orgasm ripped through the very soul of her. I began to gently fuck her as her ass accepted my cock, gripping it as I pulled back and sucking it in as I slowly slid it back in. Between the vibrator working her cunt, clit, and nipples, and my cock slowing reaming her ass she began to cum again.

“Oh fuck! Your making me cum you bastard! Fuck my ass, fuck it!” I started pounding her harder, my cock reaming her virgin ass to the perfect fit. I let her legs slid off my shoulders so I could hook my arms under her thighs, spreading her legs wider. I pushed her legs up so they almost touched her chest and began pile driving my cock in her ass. The vibrations were making me crazy and I literally tried to drill through her ass. Her hungry little hole began clenching hard on my cock as she went rigid, riding the wave of an intense orgasm. I thought she would break my cock in half she clamped down so hard! One last thrust I began shooting spurts of hot cum deep in her bowels. I left my cock inside her enjoying the vibrations until I slipped out, a stream of cum following my cock out of Megan’s ass.

I lowered the vibrator to low and kissed her. She returned my kiss, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I got off the bed and told her I’d be back in about 10 minutes. “Wait, turn it off, please.”

I smiled and walked to towards the shower, looking back to see her body stiffen again as the vibrator continued to work her.

The hot water felt great as I washed my cock clean of the lube, Megan’s juices, and the streaks of shit she deposited on my cock. I took my time showering becoming rejuvenated by the water. I got out, toweled off and went back to the bedroom where I saw her cum again as I got near the bed. I went to her, kissed her deeply again, and turned off the vibrator. Slowly I slid it out, and took the clamps off her nipples. They were swollen and a deep purple color. I kissed them lightly and gently licked them. I gently pulled off the duct tape above her bush. “Please, I need to use the bathroom.” I imagined she did at that point. I reached into the bag and took out a leather collar that I placed around her neck, to that I attached a long leash. I grabbed my knife and cut the rope from her wrists. I told her to get up and as she did her legs nearly gave out. I put her arm over my shoulder and helped to into the bathroom, placing her on the toilet. I turned and began to draw a bath. “I need privacy to go, please.”

“No, go now. It is the only chance you are getting.” She began to protest when I turned back to the bath, pouring in some bubble soap she had on the edge of the tub. I heard her relieve herself over the sound of the water. When the tub became full enough I turned off the water and looked at Megan who had just finished cleaning herself. “Come here.” She got up and slowly came towards me. “Get in the tub.” She slowly complied. “Move forward so I can get in behind you.” She slid up and I got in. Gently I soaped up her breasts, kissing her shoulders and ears. I whispered how beautiful and sexy she was and how she made my cock so hard. Megan relaxed and leaned back into me as I gently washed her. I had her get on her knees as I carefully washed her ravaged cunt and asshole. She began to make soft little noises as I took my time cleaning her.

I looked over and saw the razor and shaving cream on the side of the tub. “Sit on the edge facing in.” She did what I told her. I grabbed the cream and lathered up her cunt gently, making sure it was fully covered. I took the razor and began to slowly shave her neatly trimmed bush. I went gingerly, careful not to nick her and making sure to get off every hair. I rinsed her off and got out of the tub. I grabbed a towel, pulled her out and lightly dried her off. I finished her and quickly dried myself. I picked up the leash and led her back to the bed.

“I have enjoyed your cunt and your ass tonight, but now I want your mouth” I got on the bed on my back and Megan got on her knees beside me and began to bend down towards my cock. “No, let’s 69, I want your cunt on my face.” She moved into position and began to slowly lick the length of my cock as my tongue slowly worked it’s way across her bare cunt. Slowly she sucked me into her mouth and lightly raked her long nails across my balls. My cock began to respond as she worked her mouth up and down the shaft. My tongue found her clit as I lightly licked all around and over it, then rimmed her asshole. We were both moaning as we pleasured each other slowly. Her nails tickling my balls were having a the desired effect as I pushed my hips up putting more of my cock in her incredible mouth. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and began jerking my shaft up and down slowly as her other hand began to gently massage my balls. Her tongue ran circles around the head of my cock as her sucking increased in intensity. I was getting close and wanted her to come with me so I began licking her clit directly with more pressure. I started to suck on it as I licked and both our moaning became louder. Just when I thought my head would explode I began shooting ropes of hot cum into her mouth. When she felt it she pushed her cunt down onto my mouth and I felt her legs clamp around my head. Megan exploded into orgasm, drenching my face as she swallowed every drop of my cum. She kept sucking till every drop was pulled from my cock. We stayed that way for a minute or so, enjoying each others taste. I gave her a light slap on her ass and she got off me and turned around. I held my arms out to her and she quickly accepted my embrace, putting her head on my chest.

“By the way, what’s you name?”


“Well Megan my name is Rick. I was originally going to fuck you all weekend then leave, but I changed my mind. I am going to make you my cum slut instead and take you whenever and where ever I want.”

She slowly raised her head off my chest and looked me in the eye with a slight smile on her face. “May I call you master?”

A few months ago, my sister in law (we’ll call her Jillian) suffered through a bad breakup with her fiancé. They had been engaged for many months; but only a month before the wedding she put a stop to things, as their relationship had been going south for a while.

Towards the end he had gotten home drunk a few times and taken her against her will; that was the nail in the coffin. She returned home to live with her parents after this.

However, this week, her parents were on a two week vacation, so she came to stay with my wife and I during that time, not wanting to be in the house alone with her memory of her ex still fresh in her mind.

Now, my sister in law was a knockout; gorgeous brunette, 5’9″ 135 lbs (enough to give her some curves, which is what I like), long smooth legs, a nice subtle tan, and a robust large C/small D rack. She looks a lot like my wife, only a few years younger, a little taller, and a little slimmer.

My wife and I enjoyed a healthy sex life, if a little infrequent for my liking (par for the course for married men). I was still getting it a couple times a week normally, and was perfectly content. One of the ways I’d sometimes fill in the time in between was pumping off fantasizing about my wife’s hot sister. I’d been fantasizing about fucking her for years, though I knew it’d never happen.

I didn’t know what she thought of me (in that way); but really it didn’t matter. We got along fine, and over time I did become fond of her, pretty much thinking of her as an actual sister (not just sister in law) in many ways.

She came over with her suitcase on a Sunday afternoon, and I met her at the door. She greeted me with a huge smile and a kiss way closer to the lips than usual, but I thought nothing of it. She’d been acting slightly more “affectionate” I suppose since her breakup, but nothing outside the realm of brother/sister relations. The three of us made small talk while I carried her suitcase through the house, and we got her set up in the guest room.

We caught up a bit, and then made dinner; we closed out the night watching a movie; I ended up in between them on the couch. My wife rested her head on my shoulder, and after awhile Jillian did the same with my other shoulder; my wife didn’t seem to mind TOO much, do she did give an odd sideways glance at one point.

Again, I thought nothing of it (other than a slight stirring in my pants brought on by the sustained physical contact with the ‘forbidden fruit’ so to speak. Neither of them noticed said stirring, to my knowledge.

We retired to bed; my wife and I in the master bedroom, Jillian in the guest room. Having work the next day, I just went right to sleep. My wife on the other hand took the first couple days of that week off to spend time with her sister.

My wife always got up early to go to the gym (I could never bring myself to do that; I generally would work out after work). Faraway through my muddled sleepy head, I heard her alarm, and rustling through the dresser drawers, bathroom sink, etc. But then surprisingly after a few minutes, she crawled back into bed with me.

This was not unprecedented; she and I have enjoyed a little morning extracurricular activity from time to time. I reached over and stroked her smooth thigh. It was hard to see since the sun hadn’t really come up yet, and it was still dark in the room, but despite that I quickly realized she was naked. She pressed herself up against me, nuzzling my neck. Blood continued to rush to my rod until it was straining against my shorts (which were all I was wearing).

She quickly took care of that, removing the shorts. I closed my eyes as she dove under the covers, first cupping my balls, then licking the entire length of my shaft, from my balls all the way up to my cut helmet head.

I mumbled “C’mon, you sure we should do this, with your sister in the house?” She mumbled something inaudibly around my shaft, which she had just now taken into her mouth. She sucked me for a few minutes, then moved back up and nibbled my ear.

I reached down to her mound, brushing it across her ample tits. What I found was a little surprising; she was completely smooth around her pussy area, which was rare. She usually left a bit down there, complaining that shaving it smooth irritated her, and itched. She claimed shaving it smooth during our honeymoon at my request halfway ruined sex for her that week; whatever haha. But it looked like I was lucky today! I probed for her clit as she let out a small gasp. She was already soaking wet!

At this point she was ready to stop messing around. She swung her leg over me to straddle me, and positioned her hot vagine over my rock hard member. I squinted into the still near-darkness as I saw her dark silhouette reach down and guide my rod to the opening of her now dripping wet cunt.

She worked it in slowly at first, a moan escaping her lips. “Quiet, she can probably hear us!” I hissed. She ignored me and continued to rock slowly, feeding more and more of me into her until I was buried to the hilt.

She began riding slowly, gradually picking up speed. I was now thrusting my hips up to meet her. Wow! This felt amazing. Her tight sheath worked my rod, and her smooth mound bounced against me again and again. She was having an orgasm, as I felt her become even wetter, working my dick even more furiously.

I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me, planting a deep kiss on her. She was feisty today! I could feel it all building toward my best orgasm in months. This was a passion I hadn’t seen from her in awhile, and I was loving it.

I palmed her tits, and found nipples harder that I ever remembered. This was fantastic! I took one into my mouth and bit it lightly, eliciting another gasp. This drove her over the edge into her second orgasm. She wasn’t quiet with this one. I was thinking between that, and the now loud slapping of our slick pelvises, Jillian HAD to be able to hear us.

As this continued, I no longer cared; this was the best sex I’d had in a long time, and I groaned my approval as I felt my balls tighten. As my wife reached her third orgasm, I began cumming violently, depositing my seed deep within her.

“Yes!” I exclaimed as I continued to fill her up with my warm spunk. She kept slamming me and didn’t stop until she had put herself over the edge of her fourth orgasm; by that time my rod was milked dry, and began to soften.

She pulled herself off of me. I squinted over at the clock, as the morning sun was now starting to come through the window. “Heh, no gym for you I guess; you missed your workout class.”

After a pause, she said “Huh?” Light coming through the window a bit more abundantly now, I looked up at her face. It was still tough to make out, but….

“OH FUCK!” I exclaimed. It wasn’t my wife looking back at me, it was Jillian, confusion on her face. “Get the fuck out of here!” I yelled, as I all but threw her out of bed.

“But…” she stammered, “I thought you…” I was livid; I had essentially just been raped by my sister in law. No wonder about the strange behavior, and the couple odd physical characteristics I noticed.

“Get out, now!” I roared. She skittered away, hand between her legs as my cum leaked out and dripped onto the floor. “Fuck. …What have I done?” I said aloud once she had left the room. I looked at the clock again; my wife would likely be home from her workout class soon, and I needed to leave the scene ASAP.

I jumped in the shower to wash away Jillian’s sex (as if that were possible). I managed to get ready and get out before my wife made it home. Jillian was in the kitchen making coffee as I was leaving; she held a mug out to me; I ignored her and slammed the door. ‘Not now,’ I thought; had to figure out what the fuck I was gonna do.

The work day CRAWLED. Needed to get the fuck out of there… but then go where? Back home to my wife and sister in law? Return to the scene of the crime? After I had calmed down a bit, my mind started to wander, thinking of the amazing sex I had had that morning. My dick grew bigger at the thought… after all, fucking my sister in law was my number one fantasy; and it had been fulfilled, like it or not, willfully or not.

My wife was beautiful in her own right, but her sister just took that and brought it up a notch across the board. What a body she had, curves and proportions distributed just the right way, younger smoother skin, and (as I had noticed) a slightly tighter (and smooth shaved) pussy. It was undeniably wrong, but I had to admit that was possibly the best sex I’d ever had.

Maybe there’d be another chance to be alone with her later this week.. ‘NO’ I told myself… ‘STOP’. What the fuck was I thinking? I had just fucked my wife’s sister, inadvertently pissing all over our marriage vows, and now here I was thinking about finding an opportunity to do it again? No. This had to stop.

Despite my best efforts, I had a sort of half erection all day at work, unable to get my smoking hot sister in law out of my mind. I staggered through the rest of the day until quitting time, failing to get any real actual work done along the way. I drove home, heart pounding. I walked in the door to find them sitting on the couch watching TV.

My wife greeted me with a hug and a kiss. Clearly she, to this point, had no knowledge of what had gone on in our bed that morning. Moving to the bedroom, it appeared Jillian had cleaned up after us and made the bed (which I had not done in my haste to get the fuck out of there). Good.

My wife’s cell phone rang. Shit. I had forgotten that she had a conference call for work that she needed to participate in today from 5:30 to 6. She went into the study to take the call, leaving me alone with her sister in the living room. Jillian went to the kitchen, and I sat down on the couch. I changed the TV channel to something sports related (not that I could really focus on anything at that moment).

She came back with two beers, handing one to me. “Thanks,” I grunted. I opened mine.

She smiled sweetly and asked me to open hers for her, “I need my big strong man to open mine for me,” she said.

“YOUR big strong man?” I exclaimed. “I’m spoken for.” I opened her beer, handed it back to her, and then proceeded to down half of mine straight away. She sipped hers and sat down on the couch next to me, a little too close. I edged over, but she sidled up close again. She was dressed in a low cut blouse and a knee length skirt.

They’d been out downtown shopping earlier I guess, and she hadn’t changed out of that outfit. Despite myself, having her this close to me was once again exciting me on a carnal level. She looked absolutely stunning, as always. My hand inadvertently fell onto her smooth tanned knee, and I jerked it away.

“What the hell were you doing this morning?” I asked her, trying unsuccessfully to push her away. “What the hell were you thinking?”

She replied, “Come on, you obviously enjoyed it.” She had nerve.

“No shit, but I thought you were my wife. If I knew it had been you, you would have been thrown out of the room immediately.” I struggled to keep my voice down so as not to be heard by my wife. She smirked and reached over and grabbed my crotch, which was at roughly three quarters attention, despite my best efforts. I slapped her hand away.

“Come on now,” she said, “I’ve seen how you look at me sometimes, like you want to fuck me.”

I replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a beautiful girl, that’s all. But you’re like a sister to me, and you ARE my wife’s sister, so end of story.”

She sighed, “Well fine, have it your way; I just thought we could enjoy each other a little; my sister says you and she only do it once or twice a week; I figured I could help.” She sure as hell had nerve.

“You dumb slut!” I hissed. “What the fuck were you thinking? You go behind your sister’s back to take advantage of me without my knowledge, desecrating our marriage in the process, and you think that’s just fine? No consequences? And now you’re back for more??”

Great; now she was crying. I was about to blow up at her again, but looked in her eyes and saw a genuine angst. A genuine pain. She sobbed, “I know. I shouldn’t have. I know. It’s just… Well I thought you knew it was me…” I rolled my eyes, but now I couldn’t help but feel a slight amount of real concern. What was her deal?

She continued, “But anyway, I know it was wrong, and I know she’d want to kill us, but… Well since my breakup I’ve been miserable, especially after the way he treated me at times towards the end; coming home drunk, waking me up, then holding me down while he fucked me as I cried out for him to stop. Made me feel like a filthy sloppy, used up whore.”

I sighed; how could I really be THAT mad at her; I know she’d had a rough go of it the last several months. I’d heard a lot about it from her and her sister. At that moment my anger shifted more towards her ex-fiance than her. That fucking prick.

She went on, “So what I really needed was someone who could treat me right, love me as I deserve to be loved… I needed it after the way I was degraded by… him.”

I said, “But Jillian, I thought you were my wife while we were doing it; how does that fulfill what you say you needed.”

She replied, “Because even though you thought it was for her, I could feel the love and desire, and it was everything I hoped. It IS slightly disappointing that you didn’t know it was me, but I felt all the feelings I needed to feel.”

“Alright Jillian,” I said. “I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, and I’m glad I could help, but that needs to be the end of it. The line must be drawn here. This has gone far enough. This stays between you and I, and is never to happen again, clear?”

She flashed a look of disappointment, but then noticed again the bulging tent in my pants. “Your penis doesn’t seem to agree with you,” she said.

I groaned again, as I guzzled the rest of my beer. “Jillian…” And then she was kissing me. I half heartedly tried to push her away, but as she rubbed my dick through my pants, I knew it wouldn’t be that easy. I broke the embrace “Jillian…” I said.

She whispered, cutting me off, “I want this. More than you know. I NEED this. Please. You’re the only man that I trust, and I REALLY need to be with you right now.” Another tear formed and ran down her cheek, and my heart melted, even though I knew how wrong this was. I loved her dearly as a sister, but I was also wildly sexually attracted to her; and this made for a chaotic mass of emotions.

I brought her to me and wrapped her in a tight hug. “Jillian, you know I love you, right? But really that’s as a sister. And… I’m married… Your sister… How could we do this to her?”

She said, “I know; I feel badly about it, but I think if she really knew how I felt she might understand. And like I said,” a smile played across her lips, “I know she’s not giving it to you enough.” She clasped my hand as I kept my other arm wrapped around her. She sighed as I held her to me. I felt awful on many levels, but I also wanted to be there for her.

And there was no denying my powerful desire to be with her. After some minutes went by, she reached up and turned my head to her and she kissed me. Against my better judgment, I didn’t stop her. We kissed passionately for several moments, and then she reached down and undid my pants, pulling my cock out. Again, I didn’t stop her. ‘What am I doing,’ I thought to myself. “Jillian, she’s right there in the other room,” I said half heartedly.

“We’ll be quiet,” she replied. She knew we didn’t have that much time, as my wife’s conference call would be over before long. She pulled her panties off and put them on my face. I inhaled the sweet aroma, then shoved them in my pocket. A treat for later, I figured.

She whispered, “You know I’ve always been really attracted to you. Big strong man. And so sweet and caring.” I wasn’t THAT big, above average height and well muscled. But she had me on the second part of that I guess… Except for the betrayal of my wife taking place right now. That thought made me hesitate, and I was about to call the whole thing off.

But before I could stop her, she had straddled me, her skirt lifted up, and was lowering herself onto my steel rod.

As I slid into her, everything else left my mind. It felt so mother fucking good (or sister fucking good in this case). I kissed her furiously as she slid up and down on my manhood. Her arms up under my shirt, she squeezed my pecs. “Oh yeah, fuck me!” she whispered. She was working herself up to an orgasm, and I wasn’t far behind her. In moments I was spewing my cum deep into her body for the second time that day. She was so fucking hot! I normally don’t finish that fast but I couldn’t help it.

Just then we heard the door to the study swing open. Jillian hastily climbed off of me, and plopped down next to me while I zipped up, and not a moment too soon. My wife turned the corner to find us sitting on the couch watching SportsCenter. “How’d it go?” I asked, trying to be nonchalant.

“Fine,” my wife replied. “Let me go get started with dinner. Jillian, can you help me?”

She slowly got up, “Sure,” she said. I nudged her and pointed at the drop of semen running down the inside of her thigh toward her knee. “I uh, just let me go to the bathroom real quick and I’ll be right there,” she said.

While they were busy with dinner, I went to the bathroom myself to clean up a little. I still felt that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, almost dread, but I was still so turned on that I couldn’t help but beat off once again right there in the bathroom. I then grabbed another beer and sat back down on the couch.

I knew it was horrendous of me, but fuck it, I was already at the point where the shit’s so deep I can’t run away. I couldn’t wait for my next chance to get Jillian alone. As it happened this didn’t occur until a few days later; my wife ended up having to work late ahead of a big deadline, and informed me that she would be home late.

This left Jillian and I alone in the house for four maybe five hours. In the last few days, Jillian and I didn’t get any chances to do anything; just a couple longer than normal lingering hugs, and a small kiss here and there.

I certainly rubbed a few out thinking of her though, including during work the day of our big night. I also had her on my mind while fucking my wife the previous day. She commented that I was more vigorous than normal; I played it off like nothing was going on.

As soon as I got home from work, we wasted no time. We showered and shaved separately. Jillian changed into a sexy silk nightie. I dimmed the lights in the guest bedroom (couldn’t bring myself to fuck Jillian AGAIN on mine and my wife’s bed) and lit some candles. I poured us a couple glasses of wine. “Ohh, extravagant,” Jillian joked.

I said, “Just want to do this right, add a few little touches to make you feel special, feel loved. ” She said, “It’s working. You’re such a wonderful man. Why couldn’t I find one like you?” I replied, “It’s okay; I’m yours tonight.”

We sat down on the bed, and I kissed her tenderly, I slowly rubbed her breast through the nightie, moving slowly, trying my best to make this feel right for her. Our first two trysts certainly were more in the “wham bam, thank you ma’am” category, so I wanted this time to be more about expressing our feelings toward each other rather than JUST the sex (regardless of how fantastic it was).

She shed the nightie, and as she stood before me completely nude, she truly was a sight to behold. Relatively large, but perky, breasts, long shapely curves. Tanned smooth skin from head to toe. My burgeoning hardon at that moment was epic.

She wasted no time getting us on equal ground, all my clothes soon joining hers on the floor. She licked her lips, and pulled me to her. We engaged in another sensual kiss, my throb pressing up against her flat stomach.

This is the true (well, mostly true… from a certain point of view) story of a crazy night my wife and I had with a new friend (we’ll call her Julie). Unwinding after a long week of work, my wife and I along with a few friends went out to local bar to hang out and have drinks… and got way more than we bargained for.

We had a few drinks and were talking, and I noticed a knockout across the bar; we made eye contact a couple times but I thought nothing of it at that time.

A bit later on, after our friends had left, my wife and I were squeezing a drink in before last call, when my wife saw an entry box for some sort of contest on a table against the wall. Loving free shit as much as the next gal, she tells me to go over there and grab an entry form.

None other than the knockout I had noticed before was already over there filling out forms. She was fairly petite, but had on a short skirt with very shapely legs below, and nice medium C breasts under a tight top, along with medium-length blonde hair and an eye-catching smile.

I went over to grab one and she saw me coming and playfully hit my arm, “No way, you can’t enter, it’s gonna be ME who wins this contest”, flashing a winning smile.

I said “Nope, too bad,” grabbed a form, and walked back over to my wife.

My wife started filling it out, then said “Go back over there and get another one, we can do an entry under your name too.”

So I went back over there much to the chagrin of my new acquaintance, “You again? I already told you I’M gonna win.

I said, “Sorry sweetheart, always good to have some competition.”

She replied, looking straight at me, with “Suck my dick!” coupled with that aforementioned striking smile. I’ve always found it funny to hear that line from a female, and oddly arousing. (No, no, she didn’t actually HAVE a dick, as I would find out later on; this story isn’t in the Transexual/Crossdressers section for a reason.)

“You’re gonna lose and I’m gonna win!” she said.

I said, “What is this even for? What do we win?”

She replied, “I don’t know, but I WANT it!

I said “Alright, sure, of course you’ll win if you stuff the ballot box.” She replied, smiling (more seductively now), “It’s MY box, and I’ll stuff my box with whatever I want.”

“That’s what she said,” I replied. I realized it was a dumb line that I’m sure wouldn’t fly. However after a brief pause, she burst out laughing and playfully slapped my shoulder.

I walked back over to my wife, form in hand. “What the hell are you doing over there? Are you flirting with that girl?”

I said “No, not really.” She said ,”Good, because she’s hot; I don’t want you flirting with hot girls.” I stole a glance back at my new friend; she was busy filling out yet another contest entry form, but I saw her glance over her shoulder at me and smirk. My wife finished filling out the forms, and I walked back over to the box to put the entries into the slot.

As I tried to do so our girl grabbed my bicep, “Oh no you don’t!” she exclaimed. Her hand still holding onto my arm, I put the papers into the slot anyway. She squeezed my arm and smiled, “Oooh, you’re strong, I see you have nice muscles,” she said. I mean I’m no monster, but I do work out, and don’t mind allowing it to show.

Before I could stop myself (I WAS fairly intoxicated after all), I looked her up and down and said in reply, “Yeah? You’ve got a nice looking body too.” She smiled again. I thought that’d be it, and wasn’t really interested in anything else other than a little harmless flirting. Just enough to tell myself that I still have ‘game’. After all, I AM happily married.

She was still holding onto my arm, and before I could walk away, she stepped in real close and said, barely above a whisper, “I’m Julie; pleased to make your acquaintance. Wanna see more of it?”

I frowned, “Huh? See more of what now?”

“My body,” she replied with a devilish grin.

At this point I gulped, breaking out in a slight sweat. I was also now sporting a nice half-erection, and I don’t think it escaped her notice. I glanced over and saw my wife glaring at us. If looks could kill I’d have been dead where I stood.

I pushed Julie away slightly, and waved my wedding ring in front of her face and, trying to keep the mood light I said, “That’s an interesting offer. My wife said you’re hot too. But I’d better get back to her now.”

She let go of my arm, looking at the wedding band in annoyance. “Wife, what do you mean wife? Lame.” Then after a pause she smirked and said, “So, she said I’m hot?”

Now having no idea now where this was going, I stammered, “Uhh… yeah…, she said….”

She asked, “Where is she? Is that her over there?” She jabbed her thumb over her shoulder in the direction of my wife.

“Yeah, that’s her,” I replied. She smiled and waved at my wife. My wife tilted her head and did NOT look pleased.

“Not bad! I’d do her,” she said.

“You’d what?”, I said. She replied “Yeah, you’re wife’s pretty hot; I’d SO get it on with her.”

I laughed nervously, “Yeah right, she’s not into that sorta thing, at all.”

Julie narrowed he eyes and said “How do you know? Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure,” I replied.

Now Julie hooked her arm around me as if I were escorting her somewhere, and said, “Let’s go ask her!” I laughed nervously, removing her arm from mine, “No fucking way.”

Julie protested, and I finally said, “Sure go ahead, go over there and give her a little kiss and see how she reacts.” To my amazement, she gave another devilish version of her trademarked smile, and started heading in that direction. The look on my wife’s face turned from a frown, to a questioning look, then back into a frown as Julie approached. She again stared daggers at me. I was frozen in place as I looked on.

To preface this, my wife and I have been together for several years, and neither of us were ever unfaithful, or ever had any such interest to that point. On top of that, my wife, up until then, was an avid anti-lesbian, asserting that just the THOUGHT of anything like that was abominable.

But tonight, for whatever reason, that reasoning was about to be kicked to the curb. Maybe it was the booze, the mood, Julie’s stunning beauty, something else, who knows.

I finally managed to get my legs to move after several seconds, and I slowly walked over behind Julie. She had already quickly covered the short distance over to where my wife was standing.

And what do you know, she plants a big kiss right on my shocked wife’s lips. My wife pushed her away, and turned her head aside. My wife said something which I could not hear (I was again frozen in place). Julie gave a reply that I also couldn’t hear. My wife shook her head and fidgeted. Julie didn’t back down, and came in for another one, this time putting a hand on one of my wife’s own ample breasts.

This time my wife did not push her away, became a little more relaxed, and appeared to kiss her back. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it. There was my gorgeous wife, making out with another gorgeous woman, right there in front of me.

The two of them seemed to be drawing a little attention now, so I made my way over there, took my wife’s arm and pulled her away, and said, “Uh, honey, what the hell are you doing??”

My wife shrugged, and smiled seductively. Julie said “Let’s get out of here.” I looked at my wife and she nodded. I said “We live right around the corner; walking distance.” Julie said,”Perfect. We’re probably in no shape for driving anyway.”

There was a light drizzle outside, so we walked briskly. As we took the short walk back to the apartment shared by my wife and I, it was surreal. I couldn’t believe this was fucking happening. Unbelievably, Julie and my wife started chatting about some sorta girl stuff on the way, recipes or knitting, or some such shit. I have no idea; I wasn’t paying attention.

I smiled; glad they were getting acquainted, because if the night proceeded as I was now hoping, they’d be getting REAL close and cozy in the coming hours. I had a full-on boner the whole way over.

We walked into the apartment, and kicked off our wet shoes. My wife asked if anybody wanted a drink. We chatted for a few more minutes, and we each did a shot of my wife’s favorite, Absolut Citron. After that we just dispensed with the pleasantries and hit the ground running. Julie pinned me against the bedroom doorway and started forcefully kissing me.

I was unsure what to do until I noticed that my wife was busy unbuckling my belt. Now knowing that we were all on the same page, I palmed Julie’s tight butt with both hands and kissed her back just as forcefully.

My cock was already hard as a rock as my wife pulled it out of my pants. She began stroking it. I pulled off Julie’s shirt, revealing a lacy red bra. By now my wife had gotten my pants all the way off. I kicked them away, and lifted up Julie and threw her onto the bed. I threw my shirt off, and before I could get over there, my wife had jumped on top of Julie and the two started making out again.

As they were writhing on the bed embraced and kissing, I took that opportunity remove my wife’s jeans and panties. I reached between her legs to find that she was already dripping wet. I pushed her onto the bed next to Julie, and I removed both of their bras. Four perfect breasts laid out in front of me; I sucked on all four of them, as I removed Julie’s skirt and panties, leaving all three of us completely naked.

I bent down and started going down on my wife. She squirmed and let out a low moan of pleasure. Julie slid to the edge of the bed and reached between my legs, “I want that big dick,” she said. It was ample sized, not huge, but a solid 7 inches with above-average thickness.

She licked the tip tentatively at first while grasping my balls, then she suddenly took all seven inches into her mouth all at once, momentarily distracting me from my wife’s dripping wet cunt. Wow, this was talent on display here!

My wife grabbed my head and pushed it back into action. “Get back here, don’t stop,” she said. As I resumed, she shuddered, and I could tell she was building towards a major orgasm. As she climaxed the dripping wetness felt like it become a torrent, which I lapped up furiously while experiencing the sensation of my cock working in and out of Julie’s mouth and throat.

At this point Julie let go of my dick and pushed me aside, “My turn,” she said. And before I knew it her head was buried between my wife’s legs, going at it even more vigorously than I had been.

I climbed up onto the bed and gave my wife a deep kiss, letting her taste her own juices, as I rubbed her breasts. She grabbed my cock, still wet from the blowjob I had just been getting from Julie, and started stroking it. She was heading toward another orgasm, and it came swiftly.

She pushed Julie away and said, “I need that dick in me, now.” I lay back on the bed and my wife climbed on top as she had her breasts massaged by Julie. Her pussy was absolutely soaked needless to say, so my cock slid right in without much effort.

It felt fantastic, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer before I came. Julie climbed on top of me as well, and sat on my face, her dripping wet, cleanly shaven cunt right on my mouth. I worked my tongue over Julie’s clit while my wife continued to slide her own slick pussy up and down my pole.

She reached around and grabbed Julie breasts and let out a moan of pleasure “Yes! You’re dick is so fucking big, I want it deeper!” I could tell my wife was nearing her third orgasm. Julie still hadn’t had one. ‘That’s not fair,’ I thought to myself. I reached around and grabbed her long smooth thighs, and pulled her pelvis tighter onto my face, and worked her clit even more vigorously. I teased her asshole with a finger, already wet from the juices gushing from her steaming hot cunt. I slowly slid my finger into her anus, and she almost immediately began moaning; she too was reaching climax. Myself, I couldn’t hold out any longer either.

In an explosion of ecstasy, all three of us came simultaneously. As I felt Julie’s juices flow over my face, I felt my warm cum load spray up deep inside my wife. Julie moaned as now two of my fingers began to slide deeper in her asshole, and her hips continued to gyrate over my face. She leaned down and whispered, “That was so fucking good, this is what I needed tonight. But I want you inside me. Now.” My wife slid off of my now slightly softening penis. Julie swooped right in, lapping up the cum from the area and swallowing it all. “Get it hard again for me,” she said. In a team effort to make that happen, Julie and my wife both shared my dick and balls, working them with hands and mouths.

It was almost too much to take, but before I knew it my cock was once again hard as a rock. I threw my wife onto the bed, and pushed Julie down, bending her over on top of my wife. I took up position behind her, doggie style, and slapped her ass with my dick.

“Mmmm”, she moaned. “Put it in. I want you deep inside.” How could I disappoint her? I slowly slid my dick into Julie’s warm cunt… “Oh YES,” she shouted, and proceeded to bury he face once again in my wife’s snatch, which was now covered with not only her juices, but also the remnants of my cum. There I was, fucking this beautiful stranger hard doggie style while she ate my wife’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. I slowly worked a thumb into Julie’s ass which just made her moan even louder in pleasure. Since I had already cum once, I had more stamina this time, and we stayed in that pose for I don’t know how long.

I continued vigorously pistoning my cock in and out of Julie’s surprisingly tight pussy, while Julie ate my wife’s clit. I counted two more orgasms for my wife, and at least three for Julie before I finally once again could hold out no longer. Julie, sensing this, looked back at me, smiled, closed her eyes, then reached back and pulled my hips hard towards her, saying, “Yes, I fucking want it. I want it all. Fill me up.” Her words put me over the edge. I fucked her harder than ever, my pelvis slapping against her firm butt loudly as I felt my orgasm coming fast.

After just a few more swift thrusts, I let out a low grunt as my cum exploded all over the inside of Julie’s womb, in an even bigger orgasm than my first. She could feel this, and she pushed her cunt back into me repeatedly, reaching yet another orgasm herself.

Knowing that this time I would need a minute to recuperate, the two girls started to go at it while I observed. My wife licked Julie’s pussy clean, and then they made out again, likely swapping some of my cum, as they grinded their hot bodies together. They gave each other another orgasm in this fashion, and it only took a couple minutes of seeing this before I was ready to go again.

I wasted no time. I hopped onto the bed behind my wife and guided my cock into her still-dripping pussy yet again. She didn’t miss a beat, as she reached down and fondled my balls as I fucked her, while continuing to kiss Julie. My wife quickly came to another orgasm.

She leaned forward, causing my dick to slide out of her, and rolled over to the side. Julie seamlessly slid right into her place, and picked up where my wife had just let off. “Oh yeah, fuck me deep.” She grabbed my pecs in both hands and shouted, “Oh yeah, my big strong man! Fuck me deeper!” I clutched her ass and pulled it towards my dick, fucking her as deep as I could.

Julie came to another orgasm, but that didn’t stop her; she kept right on riding my dick. These chicks were gonna fuck me until my dick fell off! I again worked two fingers into her anus hole and started sliding them in and out.

“YES,” she moaned. “That feels so fucking good. I want your big dick in there. I’ve never done this before, but I want you to fuck me in my ass, right now.” My wife, who had been busy molesting Julie’s tits and kissing here while I was fucking her, smirked.

My wife and I had done anal a couple times, but hadn’t in quite a while because was painful for her, and not very pleasurable. My wife nodded, giving me the go ahead that I needed.

My cock was so fucking wet from these two hot vaginas I had been plowing for the last hour that I didn’t need any additional help getting my dick into Julie’s tight ass. I pushed two then three fingers into her asshole in preparation, then when I felt her relax enough, I slowly pushed the tip of my penis against her anus.

There was some resistance, but Julie took a deep breath and relaxed more, and now I was able to get the head of my dick inside her asshole. I tentatively slid about another inch in. Julie grimaced, but before I could pull out, she pushed back against me, causing another inch’s worth to slide on in. Now she smiled, “Oh yeah, deeper”.

I first worked the first few inches and in out of her deliciously snug anus, then I pushed most of the rest of it in, eliciting another moan from Julie. She pushed back against me again, and now my full seven inches was buried inside her ass!

I thrust it in and out, slowly at first, and then picking up speed, as I stimulated Julie in ways she had never been stimulated before. Before I knew it I was pistoning with enough force that my balls made a loud slapping sound against her ass cheeks with each thrust.

Julie shuddered as she had her first ever anally-induced orgasm. “YES,” she exclaimed; “I want you to fuck my ass as deep as you can!” I did as I was told, and before I knew it, she was having another orgasm, and I was shooting loads of cum deep into her bowels. I stayed like that for a moment, cock deposited deep inside Julie after the hottest fuck I had ever had. I slowly pulled it out, and Julie gasped as the head popped out of her anal ring. Cum started to seep out right behind it. My wife immediately took care of that, swooping in to clean it out with her tongue. I came around and gave Julie another forceful kiss as my wife finished up between Julie’s legs.

All three of us exhausted, we laid out on the bed gasping for air. Julie and my wife drifted off to sleep on either side of me, naked bodies nuzzled up to me. I lay staring at the ceiling, stroking the bodies of the two gorgeous women in my bed with me. I couldn’t help but chuckle. So ends the best night of my life, and I too drifted asleep before long.

My wife initially had a hard time accepting what had happened that night, and gave me lots of grief over it. We HAD basically picked up a random stranger we had just met that night and knew nothing about. Luckily for us she turned out to be a pretty normal individual overall, and like us, for her that insane night was the exception, not the rule.

I’d be lying if I said I myself didn’t feel at least a bit awkward about it as well. But after a bit of time for it to sink in, my wife couldn’t wait to do it again (and neither could I). So lucky for us, this turned out not to be the last time the three of us spent the night together.

It would in fact happen a few more times over the next year until Julie moved across the country for work. And in case anyone was wondering, none of us won that blasted contest from the bar. Too bad, eh. Luckily we had gotten something better.

After she moved away, we lost touch. But it was safe to say that none of us will ever forget those nights we shared, especially that first one, which I considered for a very long time to be the best sex of my life.

I was never one to go nuts fucking everything that moved when I was in college like some people. The opportunities were there at times, but I generally didn’t engage in that type of behavior. I generally reserved my fucking for people I dated, and knew fairly well.

However there was one notable occasion when the conventional wisdom was brushed aside. I dated this girl Jenny for a while. I liked her fine, she was reasonably good looking, and the sex was pretty good if a little bit infrequent as of late. But things didn’t seem to be going anywhere; we didn’t have anything in common, and she tended to have a cynical unpleasant demeanor, and could even be outright rude at times. Meanwhile, her roommate, Amber, was a fucking smoke show.

And she would flirt with me, all the time. Now, I don’t really think she was my type, so I don’t think I ever really had any interest in dating her. But what I DID do was imagine what it would be like to take a roll in the hay with her.

Amber became my biggest jerk off fantasy while I was dating Jenny, and sometimes when I was fucking Jenny in their dorm room, I imagined that I was on the bed across the room fucking Amber instead.

But as I said, I was usually pretty straight laced with this stuff, so having sex with Amber was never really part of any plan, flirtatious as she was, even after she and her boyfriend had a huge falling out and she was suddenly available.

As I made the 20 minute walk across campus to Jenny and Amber’s room, I again let my mind wander a little. Amber was fresh in my mind as Jenny had just informed me the other day that she and her boyfriend had broken up. I thought about undressing her long lean body (she was tall, 5’11”; nearly as tall as I was), running my hands through her long dirty blonde hair, and all over her smooth tanned body.

This was a nice thought. But even though things were winding down with Jenny, I had no plans of pursuing Amber. From what I could tell, she could be very entitled, self-centered, vain, and obnoxious, and there was nothing I disliked more than dating high maintenance girls.

I was young, and didn’t need that shit. She also wasn’t very bright; I often felt like she was playing with a few cards short of a full deck. The same could actually be said about Jenny. Being an engineering major, I didn’t want to end up with a moron.

Just as I was approaching the door, my phone buzzed and I had a text from Jenny. She was caught up late with her study group and wouldn’t be back for at least an hour. Well, crap. There was no way I was walking the 20 minutes back to my apartment just to have to turn around again soon after.

And there was really no way to kill time around this side of campus. I figured I’d see if Amber was there. I’d just hang out and watch TV or something. Fuck, why didn’t she let me know sooner? Stupid bitch. I had already been thinking that tonight would be a good night to have a chat with her about our future, but now I was annoyed, which made that chat even more likely to take place.

I heard a hairdryer inside. I knocked loudly so as to be heard over the hairdryer. I heard the hairdryer shut off, and footsteps shuffled towards the door. I heard the lock trip; the door opened a crack and Amber’s head appeared.

She saw me, then opened it farther, “Oh, hey. You looking for Jenny? She’s not gonna be back for an hour, she called me ½ hour ago.”

I seethed momentarily. She had called Amber ½ hour ago, but only texted me a minute ago? Inconsiderate fuck. “Yeah, I know; she just texted me. But I’m not walking back all the way across campus now… can I wait here?”

She paused, “Uh, sure, yeah.” She stepped aside to let me in. As soon as I saw her whole body my cock stirred. She was wearing only a bra and panties. “Don’t mind me; I just got out of the shower. Let me finish drying my hair.”

I nodded, trying to tear my eyes away from her. She noticed my struggle and smirked, and fired the hair dryer back up. She surely wasn’t modest. I was surprised she was so nonchalant about me seeing her in her underwear, but I guess I shouldn’t have been.

She definitely had the “let it all hang out” type of personality. Which actually annoyed me; she was one of those girls who was hot, knew she was hot, and took advantage of that fact in every way possible.

But boy was she magnificent. Long and lean, all 5’11″ of her. Her legs went on for miles. Not huge tits, but probably into the lower end C range, and perky. Basically the perfect 19 year old body (if you liked tall chicks).

I sat on Jenny’s bed and turned on the television and pretended to flip through channels, stealing every glance I could get at Amber’s lithe form. I fidgeted, trying to keep my growing hard-on restrained. After another minute or two she was finished, and switched off the hair dryer.

Much to my chagrin (or delight, depending on which part of my brain we are discussing), her next move was NOT to get dressed. She instead pulled out her makeup kit and turned toward her mirror and began applying light makeup.

“So,” she said, “You hear about Frank and I?” I nodded. I opened my mouth to offer token condolences, but she spoke before I could, “Yeah, that shithead was fucking his Bio lab partner. How dare he do that to me?”

“Yeah, sucks, what an ass,” I said. I thought to myself, ‘You probably deserved it somehow; I’ve seen you bitching at him left and right treating him like dirt bag; there’s no way that relationship was gonna last.’

“So yeah, that asshole,” she continued, “I beat the shit out of his Xbox with a baseball bat.” I chuckled; ‘Crazy bitch,’ I thought. This is why I didn’t date stupid high and mighty ultra-drama queen emotional basket cases. Now she smiled as well, “So what’re you two doing tonight?”

“Oh… uh. I don’t know. I don’t know..” I looked down into my lap and frowned.

She said, “What’s the matter?”

What the hell; I figured it couldn’t hurt to tell her, since I no longer cared about my relationship with Jenny continuing. “Actually I think I’m breaking up with Jenny tonight. Things aren’t going anywhere. Not her fault I guess, but whatever.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Amber said.

“Don’t say anything to her when she gets here or anything, I just want to talk it out with her, let her down easy, whatever,” I shrugged. Amber was now rifling through her drawers looking for clothes. She bent down to the lowest drawer, and I could see her perfectly lean but round ass in all its glory.

She draped a t-shirt and a pair of jeans over her chair, then walked over (still clad only in bra and panties). She had a bit of a seductive grin on her face. I was frozen in place as she got onto my lap and straddled me. She flicked her head to toss her long hair aside, then leaned in and said, “You know, I’ve always thought you were hot.” I gulped. That was all it took to get my cock to full attention. It now strained inside my jeans and poked against her lower abdomen.

She continued, “And I know you think I’m hot too. How would you like to fuck me right now? I need it, and I figure it’s all the same to you since you’re breaking it off with Jenny. We have an hour until she gets back.” I hesitated. She responded by rubbing my dick through my pants, “I need a good fuck right now, and you probably could use one too.”

I stammered, “Huh, uh, I don’t know, I mean…” What the hell was I trying to say? I had no idea. The only thing I knew was that my cock was suddenly out, and was passing between Amber’s hot lips.

Well, I guess I was gonna fuck my girlfriend’s roommate. I doubt this is something I would normally do, but Amber is really hot. And I was gonna end it with Jenny anyway. She pulled my shoes and pants off as she continued to go down on me.

She was talented. She was quickly able to get my entire thick seven incher down her throat and simultaneously lick my balls. Wow, Jenny had NEVER done anything like this. I figured what the hell, might as well make the most out of this. At this point I stood up, my rod still buried to the hilt in her face. I grabbed the back of her head, and started face fucking her.

This is also something Jenny would never do. But Amber could handle it. She gagged a little bit, but I could tell she was enjoying it as she reached down and began to finger herself. Before I knew it I was sending streams of hot semen down the back of her throat.

She swallowed every last drop (another thing Jenny refused to do), and licked me clean. “Done already?” she said. “Disappointing.” She stood up, and smiled, leaning in for a deep kiss. I could taste a hint of my own cum on her tongue.

She grabbed me by the arm, and with surprising strength, she pulled me away from Jenny’s bed, and shoved me onto her bed. She tore my shirt off. Somewhere in that sequence she had removed her own panties and kicked them off.

I was left wearing nothing but my watch, and she nothing but her bra top. I moved to unclasp her bra, and she slapped my hand away. “You want to see these? Not yet.”

She pushed me flat on my back on the bed. She straddled me, and I caught my first good look at her pussy. And what a pussy it was. It was shaved completely smooth, just the way I liked it. Back before I had convinced Jenny to start doing a better job shaving down there, at times it felt like I needed a machete to hack through and gain entry, and she still maintained it begrudgingly, only for my sake.

That clearly would not be a problem with Amber. Her pussy lips were slightly pink and swollen, partly from her arousal, and partly from fingering herself while sucking me off.

She grinded her wet pussy against my dick until it had regained full hardness. I longed to get my meat inside of her, and was sure that was what was going to happen next, but instead she moved up and positioned her snatch directly over my face. “Eat my pussy,” she ordered.

Before I could reply, she lowered her warm, slick, wet mound onto my face. I immediately went to work with my tongue and lips. If I wanted to ultimately bury my cock in her pussy, I would need to earn it.

Before long I had worked her up into a frenzy. I had a hold of her firm ass with both hands, as she rocked, grinding her pussy into my face as hard as she could. Good thing she apparently had JUST shaved just now in the shower, and I had done the same before coming over here. Otherwise stubble and friction definitely would have been an issue the way she was grinding.

She was moaning quietly, edging close to an orgasm. “Oh yes, you love eating my hot pussy!” she said through clenched teeth. After some time, her loins started spasming in the telltale sign of orgasmic bliss. Her juices flowed all over my face and I struggled to lap it all up as she continued grinding on my face.

I didn’t stop; she was gonna get her money’s worth. My raging hard on could wait a few more minutes. Dousing my ring finger with her pussy juice, I reached around to her anal bud and rubbed with my finger.

As she rocked against my face harder, I slipped my finger past her sphincter and into her asshole. There was very little resistance, and as it slid in up to the second knuckle she let out a much louder moan, and a second orgasm began almost right away.

As she ground my face with her pelvis, I was now full on finger blasting her asshole, and she was going wild. “Oh yes, finger fuck my dirty ass, ohhhh fuck!” Another torrent of pussy juices doused my face at the height of her second orgasm.

“Ohh, fuck,” she said, “I want that thick cock inside me.” I withdrew my finger from her asshole, and she backed off. I sat up, embracing her, and planted a fierce kiss on her. Still straddling me, she wrapped those long amazing legs around me and squeezed tight as we continued to make out.

I finally unclasped her bra, and unleashed her breasts. I grabbed them with both hands, squeezing. Very firm and perky if not overly huge. I moved my mouth to her tits and played my tongue over one of her nipples, then gave it a little bite. She shrieked, “Oh fuck! Come on, fuck me already, will you?”

As I pushed her down onto her back, and readied my rock hard rod at the entrance to her love hole, I wondered briefly what had brought this on. Had she been planning to seduce me all along? She certainly was half naked when I showed up and never made any effort to remedy that. However, she hadn’t known I was planning on ending it with Jenny.

I decided that none of this mattered, and with that, I pushed the tip of my cock into her warm, tight cunt. She gasped, “Ohh yes, do it. Deeper.” I fed the rest in until I was buried balls deep. I paused there for a moment as her pussy stretched to accommodate my rod.

I grabbed her tits again, and regarded the rest of her body. Nice flat stomach, smooth toned legs (which she was now again wrapping around me), and a deep tan all over. She squeezed me with those long legs, forcing my dick into her wet snatch as deep as possible. I leaned down and gave her another passionate kiss.

Her legs loosened their death grip slightly, and I was able to start working my cock in and out of her hot cunt. She was so fucking sexy. She was already moaning again. I always loved tall girls, but usually ended up dating short ones like Jenny for whatever reason.

Before I knew it I was slamming the entire length of my rod in and out of the warm sheath of her vagina, making a loud slapping sound as our pelvises met. I continued to pump her steamy cunt, as we both worked up a thin sheen of sweat. Her beautiful tits glistened in the bright lighting. I needed to slow down. I didn’t want to shoot my load too soon. Right on cue, “I wanna be on top,” she said.

I wasn’t going to argue. This would give me a second to settle down. I wanted this to last. She had been a bit bossy throughout this entire episode which pretty much fit her personality (and reminded me why I did NOT plan on ever dating her). But right now I didn’t mind.

I pulled out of her reluctantly, and lay down on my back. She crouched on the bed over me, and still crouching, guided the tip of my dick once again into her slick vagina. She lowered herself down until she was sitting on my pelvis. She then started bouncing up and down, maximizing the length of the movements.

I watched mesmerized as I saw the lower 90% of my pole (everything but the helmet head which remained concealed inside Amber) disappear and reappear over and over and over again. The bed was shaking, and the metal bed frame was slamming into the wall with each thrust.

She was cumming again and she cried out as she continued to violently thrust up and down. I saw a new torrent of her juices flowing down my rod. I held onto her smooth knees to help steady her as she appeared close to losing her balance a couple times. I watched in awe as her wonderful tits bounced up and down.

Her orgasm slowly subsided, and she slowed down, and stopped. “Mmm that was so fucking good,” she said breathlessly. I sat up and kissed her again. Without retracting my rod from her, I pushed her down onto her back essentially switching our positions.

Now I pulled out of her slowly, then rubbed her clit with the head of my dick. I grabbed her long legs and held them up and apart. I maintained my hold on one of them, and threw the other one over my shoulder, then used my free hand to guide my sopping wet dick back to the entrance of her pussy.

But this time it wasn’t to put it in; it was just to collect some more pussy juice for lubrication. Then suddenly, without asking permission, I plunged the tip of my dick into her tight puckered asshole. I was taking charge of this; no more following orders. She yelped in surprise, “Ah fuck, take it out, that hurts.” She squirmed, again showing surprising strength; she had been a swimmer in high school; but with great effort I was able to hold her in place.

I forced another couple inches inside. There was enough lubrication, but her asshole was so fucking tight. “Shh,” I said. “I’m gonna fuck you in your ass, bitch. Just fucking relax; you’re gonna like it.”

She frowned, then looked up at me, eyes wide, “Stop, it still hurts a little,” she said, grimacing. I pushed another couple inches in. She closed her eyes and moaned. “I’ve never done this before,” she said. I was genuinely slightly surprised by that. I smiled. I was taking this incredibly hot goddess’s anal cherry.

“It’s okay,” I said, “just relax and enjoy it.” Slowly, I could feel her anus relaxing, its vise grip loosening just slightly. I pushed the rest inside of my dick, until it was completely buried.

“Oh my God,” she said, “I’ve never felt so full before… Oh man… Okay, I think I’m ready, fuck me in my ass with that big cock.”

I didn’t waste any time. “Glad you’re on board, because you had no choice in the matter anyway.” I pulled it most of the way back out, and then plunged it in again. And again. And again. I picked up speed with each thrust. Before long I was slamming her just as hard as I had been slamming her pussy minutes before.

Not that her pussy was loose, but her sweet ass was so much tighter, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Her legs still slung over my shoulders, I reached down and shoved three fingers into her pussy, and started pumping her pussy with my hand while pumping her anus with my penis.

This was too much for her, and she starting cumming again. She grasped at her hair and the back of her head as she cried out again in ecstasy, and at that moment I felt my balls tighten, and I was soon shooting a massive load of cum deep into her bowels as I continued to viciously pump in and out of her asshole.

Just as I was finishing up, the door swung open and Jenny walked in. She got a full view of Amber and I, naked on Amber’s bed, my cock entirely concealed inside Amber’s ass. There was no time to scramble and collect ourselves, so we just froze. So much for letting her down easy.

“What the FUCK is going on in here,” Jenny roared. “Get out!” she wailed.

“Hey, Jenny,” I said, as I regretfully pulled my slowly softening penis out of Amber’s asshole a little bit sooner than I would have liked, and picked up my pants from the floor. “Look, I was gonna tell you tonight, it wasn’t working out…” I stole a glance at my watch and realized that amazingly, I HAD been there for almost an hour; I had lost track of time, focusing 100% on the mind blowing sex I had been having with her gorgeous roommate.

“Oh, so you go and fuck my roommate?? How long has this been going on? Or is this the first time? Actually I don’t care, I want you out of here. We’re done. Get out,” she commanded.

“Okay, Jenny, this is the only time, I swear,” as I pulled my clothes on haphazardly. Amber was doing the same, clenching her asshole so that the huge dollop of sperm inside would not gush out onto the bed.

“Whatever,” she replied, “I don’t care, get the hell out of here and I never want to see you again!”

“Okay, I’m sorry…” I managed.

“Save it,” she said, face red, and furious. “You’re an asshole.”

“I know. I’m leaving.” I looked back as I walked through the door. Amber was smiling at me behind Jenny’s back. She put her hand up to her ear miming talking on a phone, ‘Call me’, she mouthed silently.

After the door closed behind me, I couldn’t help but chuckle. I did have her phone number. I could now hear Jenny begin screaming at Amber faintly through the thick wooden door. That was the best sex I’d ever had to that point. Through my jeans, I briefly rubbed my slightly aching but fully satisfied cock. I thought to myself, against my better judgment, maybe I WOULD call her.

I didn’t know when I first started writing this, whether to make it a quick-read, or to tell the whole story. After getting into it I realized it is a GREAT story and merits the full telling. So here it is.

When my father died a little over a year ago, my wife Valeri, and I spent several days getting his house in order and ready to sell. He had been sick a long time and I had been emotionally prepared. We worked with purpose and as much humor as possible. In the process we ran across a box of old Penthouse magazines. That evening, after a good shower, pizza and a few beers, we sat in bed and looked through several of the magazines. Valeri, I believed at the time, was a little on the conservative side. She would not easily let her inhibitions go. So I was surprised to see her interest in the photos of these lovely naked ladies. While I found them admirable in so many ways, Valeri’s appreciation was a pleasant surprise. She made comments on their sexiness and on particular parts of their anatomy – the beautiful skin of this one, the perfect nipples of that one. She even said, “I wonder how it would feel to have a full Brazilian wax job like that. I mean a day later; I know it would hurt awful when it was done.” If she noticed the tent forming in my shorts, she didn’t let on.

We began reading some of the letters that people sent in. Some were outrageous and laughable. Others were exciting and sexy as hell. After I read one aloud that described a lesbian girl’s technique for providing oral pleasure to her mate, I saw that Valeri had become flushed. Beads of perspiration formed between her breasts and on her upper lip. I made a metal note of this as I kissed the dew from her lip. A moment later I felt a hand gentle slide over my tent. She had noticed my semi-erect condition, and she was turned on!

Then we read one letter from a women who had gotten her husband inebriated until he fell asleep on the couch. She slid him over unto the coffee table, bound him to it, and blindfolded him. She invited a few of her girlfriends over for coffee and “dessert”. He woke up, bewildered and confused. He only protested for a moment, though, as the women stripped him naked, took turns with him one at a time at first, then together. He totally enjoyed it, of course. But afterwards it drove him crazy because he never found out who the women were.

Valeri felt how rock hard I had become while reading this story. She said, “Wow, you really liked that didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said, just realizing it myself. “I guess so. It was pretty cool”. She got a little smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. I thought it was because she then slid down my body and started to lick and suck my penis. That’s what I thought then, in that brief moment where I could think, before her tongue swirled like liquid honey and her lips, incredibly soft and wet, made every other part of me grow weak.

She tenderly licked and ran her soft lips over, around, and up and back. She played me like a delicate new toy until I was begging to have her. She licked under my balls then gently sucked on each one. Then she clamped down on my cock with her lips and tongue and rode up and down my shaft with purpose. In only a minute or two she brought me to an amazingly intense orgasm, ejaculating with a force beyond that of my own power. Her mouth never relaxed its grip, until I was completely spent.

When my mind finally began functioning again, I opened my eyes to see her contentedly smiling at me. Emptied, and fulfilled, I could only smile back at her. I had no words. She slid up close, lay down on her side, and swinging her leg over me, placed her head on my chest. After a few minutes of just breathing, and wondering how I got so lucky, I thought about the Penthouse letter where the lesbian detailed the proper technique for perfect cunnilingus. My libido returned. I gently started touching her head and shoulders. Just lightly running my fingertips over her lovely skin. Then down her arm and onto her breast. Softly, barely touching. Next reaching down her side and along the crest of her hip to the end of my reach. I rolled her slowly unto her back, as she looked up at me with calm, deep liquid eyes. I sat up, and leaning over her, I kissed her hair. I kissed her lips, kissed between her breasts, and then down her beautiful belly to the thatch of hair that guarded her pussy. She moved her legs apart. I nuzzled her soft fur as I swung myself around and knelt between her legs. I bent her knees and pushed her legs up. Then reaching under her hips, I lifted her bottom up until her clitoris, cunt and anus were only a breath away from my tongue. I smelled her, savored her sweet aroma and let it fill my nostrils. Her clitoris glistened as it peeked out from its hood. Her labia, lightly covered in soft tawny hair, were full, moist, and puffed out with need.

She had the most beautiful anal bud, a perfect smooth pink star that moved in and out slightly with her breathing. I wanted to follow the instructions of the lesbian, but I couldn’t help myself. Instead, I applied my soft tongue to her bud, licking flat, back and forth. She yelped in pleasure with the first contact and moaned deeply as I continued; now moving in tiny circles around her anus. She moaned contentedly. I then began probing the little hole, forcing my tongue in as much as I could. Her moans took on a more shrill tone. After a minute or so I drew back and just looked at her. Her wet bud pulsed, opening slightly and closing. Her eyes were closed. Her tongue moistened her lips as her fist clenched the sheets of the bed. I let my breath, hot, moist and very close, expel over her pussy, moving slightly from her clit to her bud, teasing. She whimpered in anticipation. I wet my lips and clamped down on her clitoris sucking it into my mouth in one quick move. My baby shrieked and began to convulse in orgasm as I played my tongue over her captive organ. As her shaking began to subside, in a moment of inspiration I pressed my thumb onto her wet anus and she started her orgasm all over again. She had always reached orgasm easily, but this was surprisingly quick, even for her. I released my lip-lock on her clit and just gently licked it for a moment. Then I just held her there, with my breath caressing her bush.

My arms were getting tired of holding her up, but I hadn’t tasted that delicious cunt yet. I started licking her labia, softly sucking on one full lip through her pubic hair, then on the other. Each time I switched from one to the other my tongue brushed across her clitoris. And each time I did, Valeri interrupted her chorus of moans with a sudden, vocal, gasp. My arms ached, so I knew I couldn’t hold her up much longer. I changed tactics and plunged my face into her swollen vagina, trying to reach as deep as I could with my tongue. I tried to tease her clit with my nose as I tongued and licked in and out and up and down. She shuddered once, groaned long and low and began shaking uncontrollably. I ran my tongue and lips from her sweet anus to her protruding clit, penetrating as deep as I could into her tunnel each time I passed over it. My arms and shoulders hurt, my cock ached like it would explode, and she just kept on writhing in orgasm! Finally, as her shaking diminished, my left arm gave out, followed by the right. I tried to get a grip again but I couldn’t hold on. In the effort my finger ended up against her anus as I dropped her onto the bed. Without a moments thought, I pushed it in. She screamed and began convulsing again, though more briefly this time.

My head dropped face down on her navel. My one hand was trapped with a finger up her ass, and the other still underneath her butt. I didn’t have the strength immediately to lift myself up. So I lay there a minute, hunched over, with my mouth pressed against her stomach. As nice as it was, even with the salty taste of her sweat, I had to turn my head to the side to breath. She was breathing very hard, and her legs, still up in the air, were trembling.

I extracted my one hand from under her and pushed myself up. I was reluctant to pull my finger out of her beautiful bud, but couldn’t do anything else if I didn’t. So I gently slide it free, causing Valeri several quick, deep breaths. Her eyes remained closed. She was not ready to return from wonderland just yet. I held her legs, slowly brought each one down until they lay relax flat on the bed. I half lifted, half dragged myself from between her legs and dropped down beside her. Her anus was a new discovery. We had never had anal sex before. The magazine letters likely stimulated our sexual appetite, and I wondered if we had taken a step in that direction. That’s the last thought I remember until waking in the morning.

That was about a year ago. Now let me tell you about six weeks ago.

In an attempt to keep fit, I try to work out twice a week, jogging and then lifting free weights. On that particular Saturday, the day before my birthday, I had completed my five-mile jog, and was working with the weights. Since we both worked out, we had the weights, weight-bench, and other items set up in a room adjacent to the family room. I could see Valeri in the kitchen, on the other side of the family room, talking on the phone.

I was just getting to the point in my routine where I worked on bench presses. I put 180 pounds on the bar for the presses. I intended to do several reps at this weight and see how far I would get. I sat down on the bench and settled in. Valeri came in and leaned against the doorframe.

“How’s the workout?” she asked. “You don’t look too sweaty.” She had her teasing quality in her voice.

I positioned my hands on the bar, I grunted out some lame response, lifted and lowered the weight. The bar felt right and I began pumping in earnest. I had intended to keep each set to ten reps, but at eight it still felt good. I paused at the top of the press, then decided to press out a few more. In the third set I was really feeling the stress and my triceps had that good ache that says you are building strength. As I inhaled and started lowering the bar on the final rep of the set, Valeri leaned over me. Her long hair dropped in my face and I closed my eyes. But not before I caught the most delightful SEG spreading across her face.

“What are you doing?” I said between breathes. I knew she was going to do something to tease me. I started exhaling as I pressed the bar back up. I felt cold metal pressed against my right wrist, and almost immediately the same on my left. I then heard metal on metal sounds and felt a slight tug on the bar. My concentration was broken, so at the top of the press I cradled the bar. I saw that Valeri, my innocent sweet Valeri, had hand cuffed both of my hands to the bar. I smiled up at her and said again, “What ARE you doing?”

She smiled bright and wide, leaned over me again, and kissed me.

After a few moments she broke the kiss. With her lips barely brushing mine, she smiled warmly and said, “I…am going to have fun today!” And with that she held an awful smelling cloth over my mouth and nose. Before I caught on, before I could figure out anything to do, I was out cold.

Waking up was something that is not clear. It was more like a dream that gradually took on substance. Like swimming under water a long time, breathing just fine, but with your vision distorted and murky. It gets better as you rise to the surface. When you break the surface, this different world is a surprise, and your awareness, distant and lethargic, returns slowly. The first thing that I remember is sailboats, and rocking on the waves of blue water. Then I was hearing the song Blue Bayou. I watched the sailboats going by on the bayou, and then I was on the sailboat watching the bayou go by.

My body began waking too. I felt dead spots. Numbness from lying in one spot too long, and I tried to turn over. But I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t move. I tried to reach down and rub my legs. My hand moved, but I couldn’t reach my leg. It was very perplexing, until my faculties slowly kick in. Realization in small doses started flowing over me. I couldn’t see. Everything was dark. I could move my legs a little side to side, but I couldn’t lift them. I could only wiggle my feet, but otherwise I couldn’t make them move. The same with my hands – I could move them around, raise them up and down and sideways, but my arms were anchored above the elbow.

Suddenly, I put it together. I was bound and blindfolded! The realization scared me at first. I struggled to pull away. I growled and I jerked my arms, I tried to force my legs free, but to no avail. I tried to move my head around and push the mask or blindfold off. I could move my head but the blindfold moved with it and stayed firmly in place.

Then some of the recent memories came back. I remembered the last thing I saw – the shit-eating-grin on Valeri’s face. She had done this. It began to fall into place. I could now tell I was lying on the weight bench. She must have put me to sleep with some clinical knockout juice, and tied me to the bench. I could half-feel, half-sensed my ankles were tied to the lower legs of the bench. I wiggled my legs again and confirmed it. I think my ass was half off the bench, but it was kind of numb so I couldn’t be sure. My arms were bound just above the elbow and straight out from my sides. Then I remember the handcuffs and being handcuffed to the weight bar. That was it! I was strapped to the bar, but not with handcuffs, with belts or…duct tape.

I tried my voice. I could barely hear it, kind of horse. I said, “Val?” But all I could hear was some country singer praising his truck. “Val,” I said again, with much more strength in my voice. But I couldn’t hear any response. I got ready to scream out as loud as I could when I heard her voice over the music, or in the music. Then I got it. I wasn’t just blindfolded; I had headphones fastened to my ears somehow, so all I could hear was the music. She must have mixed a microphone in through the tape machine, or a Karaoke machine some way.

“Hi baby. Are you comfortable?” came Valeri’s voice. “I tried to make you comfortable. Are you OK?” Her voice expressed concern, but also held the element of teasing or smirking in it.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’m having a problem standing up”.

That tickled her, and she let out a quick laugh, but I didn’t mean it to be funny. She said, “Yes, that is going to be a problem for a while. You see, I have tied you up.”

That made me chuckle. “Really!” I said. “Well, I don’t see, as you can see, I’m sort of blind, so you will have to explain this to me.”

“There is nothing to explain, actually,” she said. “I’m just going to have my way with you!”

But I got more serious. “Val, what’s gotten in to you? What is this all about?”

She responded quickly. “It’s about me having my way with you. Now I don’t want to waste your time, so is there anything I can do for you?”

Waste MY time. Was I going somewhere all tied up?

“Perhaps a drink,” she said, “different music, I have a nice selection? Do you need scratching anywhere?” Her voice was almost giddy, and as such, infectious. Yet there was a finality to her tone that told me I really had only the choices she listed. I ask for water and in a moment she held a straw to my lips. I drank heartily as I wondered what she had planned, what it mean to “have her way with me”. As it turned out, my sweet siren wife had a side to her that I could never have imagined.

“Let the games begin,” I pronounced. Bolero began to play into my captive ears.

It was hard to gauge the passage of time. I thought about what she was up to, and I reasoned it would end in something sexual. She may be somewhat conservative sexually, but she wasn’t shy in bed. I don’t know how long I lay there thinking, but I was suddenly aware of a light, cold object on the inside of my thigh. I felt a tugging on my jogging shorts. I’m not sure when realized the cold was a pair of scissors and my shorts were being cut away!

“Jees, be careful down there” I yelled, but in a moment my shorts were laid open and yanked from underneath me. My penis and balls were exposed with no place to hide. Before I could feel the change in temperature, my shirt fell to the blades of the scissors. I lay there bound, helpless and quite naked. Knowing the intimate love I shared with Valeri, and the anticipation of her “having fun with me”, it felt good.

But there are some things you just never really ever think about. So you don’t get it immediately when a nicely warm and moist cloud descends over you genitals. It’s all sensual and sexual. It is shear pleasure… until you realize it is a shearing pleasure, and the cloud is shaving cream! The truth was conveyed to me with the first drag of the razor down my balls! I had never felt that sensation before. But I knew immediately what is was! My whole body jerked with the realization.

“Whoa there Mike,” Valeri rebuffed me. “Settle down…or the boys in the locker room are going to start calling you Michelle”. I protested. I said it was not right for a guy to be balls BALD! I was angry, but I was also excited, and a bit curious. It was hard to mount a successful defense when a beautiful woman is holding your testicles in her hands. Still, I protested, but there was no response except the razor scraping away my pubic hair.

And that was it. For the next half hour or so, my cock was pushed and pulled this way and that, along with my scrotum and balls. It was quite a sensation, and not bad really, if I didn’t think too much about the “little boy look” I would soon be sporting.

Yet through the whole process I felt that there was something strange going on. Something that was not as it should be. It was hard to perform any serious deductive reasoning with my privates being lovingly handled, so I let it go — the whole shaving balls thing was quite strange to begin with — what did I expect?

As a finale, a lotion of some sort was enthusiastically rubbed in everywhere, with special attention given to my erection. My breath started coming in short pants, and I found myself groaning. Again something strange flashed through my mind, but it couldn’t hang on. My groans became a growl. Then, just as my balls began to tighten, the expert rubbing of my cock abruptly stopped! Sadly, painfully, I was not allowed to cum.

“Oh really?” I said, “You’re stopping now? Come on, I need to cum after all that fondling!”

The response I got was cheery “Now you are squeaky smooth and pretty,” in Valeri’s pleased-with-herself voice.

I didn’t know I was “squeaky smooth and pretty” but that little voice in my headphones pronounced me so, as Lionel Richie sang “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady”. I’m not sure if that is irony, but all I could think of was the boys in the locker room laughing at my “lady trim”.

After several minutes, maybe more, long hair tantalizingly brushed over my chest. I could smell the hair, or thought I could. Something lightly touched my lips, and as I wondered what it was, it pressed down. I opened my mouth and sucked in a tasty nipple. I tongued it eagerly, as Valeri spoke again. “What would you like to eat?” she said, and proceeded to list choices as I sucked. Then she stopped, and said, “Never mind, I’ll pick for you”. And with that she popped her breast out of my mouth and was gone again. I was left wanting, my mouth not understanding, still forming an “O” in the air. I pulled instinctively…and futilely at my bonds.

I was left alone it seemed for what felt like a long time. It was probably no more than five or ten minutes. But time passes slowly when you are naked and bound. My thoughts wandered, but the whole time it felt like I wasn’t alone. No sound penetrated the headphones other than the music, no air movement, no vibrations of the floor or bench, just a silly sense of being watched. It made me wonder if Valeri was sitting right there, “having her way with me” in some unfathomable manner. I assumed she left me to get whatever food she decided I wanted, but I really had know way of knowing.

Then I did feel the slightest vibration, and a second later gentle fingernails dragged across my balls and flaccid penis. It didn’t stay flaccid. It pumped up by a third in anticipation. But the next thing I felt was something bumped my lips. It bumped twice more before I got that I was suppose to open my mouth. I opened it and a small round object was placed in. It was slightly warm, somewhat soft and wet. I wasn’t sure as I rolled it around with my tongue. I mashed down on it a little and a cool liquid oozed out. It was a grape. I chewed it up and opened my mouth for another. It didn’t come, and I felt pretty dumb lying there with my mouth open like a baby bird. I closed it.

I felt the bump again and eagerly played the game and opened my mouth. Again it was a grape, but it was warmer, and wetter. I chewed it up and again opened my mouth for the next one, but closed it again, not wanting to look silly. When I thought about that, I chuckled out loud. I was strapped to a weight bench by a 100 pound girl, stripped naked with shaved balls, begging for grapes — the looking silly ship had already sailed!

My lips were bumped again and I responded opening my mouth with a little pucker, like a kiss. The grape was placed on my lip and pushed in. The finger, of course, followed part way and I sucked on it as it withdrew. I almost immediately knew why the grapes were warm on the outside. The taste and smell on the finger was undeniably vaginal. So that is why it was so long between bites. The grapes were marinating in love juice.

I chewed it up again, smiling as I thought Valeri’s taste, and smell, were stronger, actually more tangy than usual. Laughing I said, “You need to go wash up a little baby, you’re pussy is more potent than usual.” At that point I thought I briefly heard a laugh. But it wasn’t how Valeri laughed, so it had to be something in the music. Another grape bumped my mouth almost immediately, and I formed my kiss lips again. Again the grape was place on my lips and pressed in, and again I suck on the finger as I pulled out. I must have cleaned the finger very well the first time because this time it wasn’t nearly as strong, and more sweet than tangy.

I received a few more grapes with the same routine, and each time the taste, smell, and finger were unique. I might have wondered about this, but the menu changed.

This time, instead of my lips being bumped, they were pressed, and a warm, mushy, almost liquid substance covered my mouth. It was chocolate pudding, served on a firm breast with a lovely nipple. I licked and slurped my way around that delicious orb until it was lifted away. But in a moment it was replaced with another serving, one that pressed a good bit harder into my mouth. Why should I mind? What a great substitute for spoons.

This went on for several feedings, sometimes mashing into my face and all around, sometimes held just about my lips or barely within my reach lifting my head as high up as I could. It’s hard to believe, I know, but I became tired of it, tired of pudding breasts. But I cherished my imagined image of Valeri’s beautiful perfect globes dangling over me covered in pudding. That would have to happen again when I had eyes to see.

“Ok, baby, the grapes and pudding were good”, I said in my most commanding voice. “But even a shaved blindfolded man need real food! How ’bout some meat!”

In a moment, over the chorus of Captain and Tennile singing “Muskrat Love”, or some equally stupid song, I heard “As you wish”.

Just as the music reached the peak and began down its crescendo, the softest, smoothest, wettest, pussy I’ve ever known descended unto my face. It was so unexpected, so perfectly choreographed in its simple one movement dance, that it held the magic of childhood awe and the mystic of a first time experience in unmatched pleasure. For the longest time I could not move. I didn’t want to move. The feeling of that warm flesh, the soft wet folds caressing my cheeks, nose, and mouth, was such an enthralling pleasure; I never wanted to leave that space.

Then reality set in and I had to tilt my head forward to take a breath. As I did, my nose pushed against a prominent clitoris. I felt that amazing flesh quiver and I inhaled deeply. I moved my nose back again, stimulating her clit and jammed my tongue into her wide-open vagina. She shuddered. The feeling of my mouth and tongue moving against her swollen lips, and clitoris was divine. That connection is so emotionally pure and physically intimate that it defies language to describe it. It is a communion beyond expression, an expression beyond communication.

I assaulted this treasure with slow, purposeful intention. My lips and tongue were my only tools, but I was the master, a craftsman, working as any serious artist, with every effort to achieve perfection. Sucking each wing of her cunt, caressing it in my mouth with soft, flat tongue, and nose occasionally circling her clit. Gently increasing the pace, but never forgetting to be gentle, until her body shook in orgasm. When it began to subside, I became aggressive, ceasing to be gentle with soft movements. I sucked each lip of her opening deep into my mouth and pulled it around and around. Then pulled on it until it popped out of my mouth and I seized the other one, back and forth, until finally going for her clitoris and sucking that with abandon.

I couldn’t hear her scream, but I felt it. Every muscle in her body, tensed in anticipation of the power building in her groin, suddenly shook violently as her second orgasm engulfed her completely. Wave after wave took her. Even the weight bench shook from the intensity. Her juices flowed over my cheeks and into my mouth. I was so proud, until her legs gave out and her vagina sagged hard against my face. Breathing was impossible under her, but I managed by turning my head to the side and pull my chin down. I took great gulps of the air, and with it, the smell of lovemaking.

I was rock hard. I hadn’t realized it until after she began to calm down. It had all been for her. God that felt good – that it was all for her, but now my cock ached.

She finally found her legs, and lifted herself off my head. That wonderful wet and soft pussy lifted away and was gone. It was good because I could breathe, but I missed the smooth flesh. She kissed me. Her hair brushed against my chest as her smooth lips press against my very wet lips, wet with her juices. Her hair brush over my face as she pulled away. It felt good, familiar. For a moment I was confused by an odd thought. Then it hit me.

“Hey!” I said, my voice a mix of enthusiasm and awe. “There’s no hair on your pussy! You shaved!” The realization astonished me. It was so out-of-character for her. Well, this whole thing today was so out-of-character for her — it’s like she was just being somebody else for the day, possessed. So strange. But…I had no complaints.

Her voice broke in over Aretha laying it down in “Respect”.

“No I didn’t”, she said, and then giggled. “I had a Brazilian!” She laughed again. “The bush is gone. The whole thing, sooo…. you can’t complain about your naked balls, or should I say…hairless balls.” She laughed again, and then I was alone, or it felt like it anyway. I heard only the music. Now it was Richie Havens cranking up on the Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun”. Where did she get this mix?

The ache in my balls and cock slowly let up and my hard-on softened. I tried to reposition myself for a little more comfort. My cock flopped back and forth as I moved, then finally went limp.

Many thoughts went through my head, but mostly they came back to Valeri, amazingly smooth pussy, a Brazilian no less, and this whole sex adventure. The “Wow factor” was off the charts. I must have been alone quite a while because I fell asleep. I awoke to a wet, hot mouth sucking my limp penis.

Maybe it was the waking up, but her mouth was hotter than I have ever felt any mouth. With the strong tongue movements and the pulling from wet firm lips it did not take long for my raging hard-on to be restored. I could hear my groans. I needed relief so bad. I prayed that those expert lips would grant me release. I was being well sucked. Swirling tongue and soft firm lips stroke up and down my shaft. It was amazing. Each time that mouth descended down my cock it went further down than the time before. She had never done this before!

I don’t have the biggest cock on the planet, but I am a pretty good size, and for the first time in my life I was being Deep Throated. Her nose and lips were bottoming out against my belly each time those hot lips rode down my shaft. Her hand was on my balls as they began to draw up and tighten. I was going to blow my load. My cock was all the way down here throat. I couldn’t believe the feeling.

Just as I was sure I would unload in the next couple of strokes, the lips slid up my shaft and stopped. They did a last sucking kiss on my knob, and were gone. I couldn’t believe it. I cried out, “No, don’t stop now!” I pleaded. “God women, have a heart, get me off!”

No sooner were the words out then my face was once again smothered by pussy. I tried to scream “Not fair” into the pussy, but the words were so muffled by the soft moist flesh that I couldn’t even understand them myself. I automatically started licking and sucking, but I was so frustrated with this dilemma, and actually getting angry, that I didn’t notice that she tasted different again, and the aroma was different too. I didn’t notice the taste and smell until I realized that I was licking and sucking hair again. What was she doing? My mind reeled.

It was a relief when I felt hands on my penis. Then a hot mouth enveloped it and fingers messaged my balls and ass. I thought, “Ok, good, at least you’re getting back to my cock!”

The deep-throating process began again, giving me unbelievable pleasure. Still, there was something distracting, something more unbelievable hammering at my blood-starved brain. With limited analytical powers, with licking an impossibly fury pussy, with my engorged penis throbbing deeper down a throat, I tried to put explanation to these events. How could she do it? Women in my headphones sang about having two lovers that she loved “both the same!” I wasn’t really listening to it, but I guess on some level I heard.

The truth of my situation flared to light like a match striking fire. THERE WERE TWO WOMEN! I screamed my muffled scream up the vagina on my face, “My god, Valeri…”

But that’s all I had. I couldn’t get my mind around the reality of it. My cock swelled, my balls drew up, and all thought ceased. Instinctively I kept licking and sucking the strange fury cunt, but all awareness and attention was focused on my imminent orgasm. My Valeri, my Lady Deep Throat felt it too and plunged my cock as deep into her throat as she could and sucked with unbelievable strength.

It was the strongest eruption I have ever had, by far. I exploded!! The power of my seminal release was nothing less than a launch. Every part of my body gathered together for that sole purpose, and let go in unison. Wave after wave of such intense pleasure racked my body so deeply that it, somehow, was painful. Exquisitely painful! After forever had come and gone, I started settling down. Lady Deep Throat, whose fingers were dug tight into my ass cheeks, slowly withdrew her mouth from my still throbbing cock. This act provided sufficient stimulation to generate multiple after-shocks. I trembled again with another, though milder orgasm. I had never before had a double orgasm.

Clouds of passion and confusion, of sweat and pussies and breasts with pudding, all swirled like snapshots and strobe lights in my head. My breathing returned to normal, and only then could I gain any sense of the last few…what… minutes…hours. My sense of smell returned, and I caught a whiff of that strange vagina, it’s juices drying on my face.

God, what happened? Surely this all had to be a dream! It was as impossible as anything in a dream. I needed perspective. Go back to the start…when did it start. And this I did. I tried to anchor on getting out of bed this morning. Then having that firmly rooted in my mind I followed the sequence of the days events. They story unreeled like a movie in my head. It had all the detail, all the senses, sound and touch, smell and even sight. Except now, even though sight was stolen from me now, that in itself somehow made it real. The whole thing was real! Bazaar as hell, but real.

Another thing was real too. I said, “I have to take a piss” in my most demanding voice. I don’t know what I expected, but for a minute there was nothing. “This is no joke, I have to pee!”

The next thing I knew my penis was being grabbed and pull. It felt like a condom was being put on my limp penis. It was not a gentle struggle. I think my cock was refusing to be stuck into anything again today, but the assault team was persistent. When my handlers stopped and my poor penis fell back to my belly, there was something encasing my abused organ.

The joyful tones of my dear wife broke in to my musical world, ” OK, big boy, take your leak.”

“What… here?” I said. “In front of whats-her-name?” Then I laughed at my own silliness. Being bashful after what just transpired was nuts. I peed.

“What is whats-her-names name?” I asked as my bladder emptied itself into whatever was attached to my penis.

“Who’s name?” my captor replied.

“The other women Val,” I said proudly. “I know there are two of you. You couldn’t deep-throat me with you pussy on my face. Or was that your pussy on my face and you didn’t really have a Brazilian?” I had only to taste my pussy soaked lips to know that the fury pussy was not Valeri.

“She giggled into my headphones. The giggle had all the bravado of the SEG I saw on her face at the beginning of all of this. She said, “So many questions. I’ll answer one. Her name is….. the Siren of Wind”, then she went silent leaving me with, of all things, Roger Miller singing “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport”. Did she plan the timing of this music?

I finished draining my pipes, and was happy when the devise was wrestled off my cock.

Valeri came on the headphones again. “Here, baby, take a drink of water,” and she pressed the straw to my lips. I sucked several sips. It tasted like pussy. Then she said, “Here take this too,” and popped a pill in my mouth, “Swallow”, she said giving the straw back to me, “Don’t chew”. I did and drank some more.

I was going to ask her what the pill was, when I suddenly felt a slippery finger sliding back and forth in the crack of my ass. After some soothing rubbing it stop on my anus and messaged in a circle around it, applying more and more pressure. I tensed up, but then the voice in the headphones whispered, “You had better relax that little port, don’t want it to get hurt”.

It wasn’t like I had options, and I didn’t want THAT to get hurt. I did my best to loosen up. The finger came back with more jelly and continued circling my “little port”. This went on only a moment before it slipped in. It wasn’t a new feeling, but it didn’t have Valeri’s touch, so I guessed it was the Siren of Wind up my ass. I broke out laughing at the thought. The finger paused, like it had been insulted, or curious about my laughter, but then wiggled around a moment and withdrew. Then it circled around then entered again. This play continued for a short while, maybe a couple of minutes, and I was getting used to it. Then two fingers pierced my anus. It made me suck my breath in, but the two fingers continued without hesitation. I have to admit it was pleasant. I started to feel aroused, a little. Then the fingers slipped out and were immediately replaced by something different – a dildo, or a butt plug, or…

I could only guess. I know it was larger than the fingers and seemed to have a part of it that was thicker than the rest of it. My captors just left it in there, stuck in or hanging out of my ass. It wasn’t being moved around so it was hard to determine much.

I seemed to be alone again. Alone with that “Wonderful Tonight” song, Eric Clapton I think. I wondered who the Siren of the Wind was. And what was Valeri thinking with this crazy thing she was doing to me. This is too wild for her. Tying me up, maybe. But to share me with another women, to watch another women put her vagina in my face, to watch me eat another women…that was not the Valeri that I knew. Maybe I was working too much, not being home enough, that drove her to this… this carnal conquest. I couldn’t figure it. And she had a Brazilian! A full-blown baby-smooth beaver! The thought just amazed me. Then she shaved me bald as an eight year old. She was something else. I wondered, was she stoned, or doing drugs? Was I?

Oddly, with nothing else going on, with no one touching me or making me eat anything or anyone, I was getting aroused. I guess having an unknown ass invader is more than just “nothing going on”, but I couldn’t believe that would make me start to have an erection. I tried to shift my position and it caused the “Invader” to shift in my rectum. God, I hope I wasn’t getting kinky and starting to love having my ass jacked! I could feel my balls pulling up a little, and my cock was rising up from the dead. Without thinking, I tried to reach down a stroke my cock, just to check on the feeling I was having. But my arms remain trapped, my hands only able to swing around from the elbow joint.

In a few more minutes there was no doubt. My penis was fully erect, and then some. I could feel the blood throbbing from the knob on down my shaft to deep in my body. The skin of my cock was tight, and I felt huge, pointing straight up. I also felt flushed and hot…and extremely horny.

Thinking I was alone I yelled out, “Val!”

“You don’t have to yell” the earphone said. “I’m right here watching you”.

“Something’s going on,” I said. “I have a raging hard-on”. Then I added, “And a missile up my butt.”

“Yes, I see,” came the reply. “We’ve been waiting, and watching you grow, baby. You’ve done a marvelous job”, she said mockingly.

“You’ve been waiting”, I asked. “For what? What are you going to do?”

“For the Viagra to kick in, of course.” Again she giggled. “And to answer you second question — everything!”

Viagra? Viagra! “You gave me Viagra?” I screamed. “It feels like I’m going to explode!”

“We will help you with that, baby,” my wife chortled. “Don’t worry”.

Don’t worry? I wasn’t worried. I was exploding. Why should I worry! Just as I started to yell again, the invader up my butt started vibrating. All the words for whatever I was going to say left my head. All I could think was that my ass was vibrating — way up there vibrating.

Something touched my lips. My recent programming took over and I opened my mouth. I started to lick, thinking I was being presented with another piece of womanhood. But my tongue touched something quite different. It was pushed gently into my mouth. I couldn’t really taste it, or smell it for that matter, not at first. Everything tasted and smelled like pussy. But apparently she was making sure I didn’t get hungry. It had a cake like texture, and after chewing for a short while I decided it was a brownie. It did have a taste, though still strong in the pussy flavor, but chocolaty, and I ate all of it.

Then warm, wet, softness engulfed my super monster cock, and slid slowly down. Slowly, teasingly, tongue rubbing-ly down, down, torturously down my cock. All I could think was “HURRY!!” The hot mouth took in all of me, I know I had to be deep down a throat, then it reversed direction and the sucking began as the mouth drew ever so slowly back. All the synapses that were my mind fired at once in unison. White lightening — the blindfold had kept my eyes in the dark. But for those few moments… minutes?… hours?…I don’t know…but for that span of time I saw white light! Then the amazing sucking mouth pulled off suddenly, releasing my cock with a force that had to create a loud POP, though I couldn’t hear it. I could only hear the blood pumping in my ears, my chest heaved and I gasped for breath. A hand grabbed my cock and in the next movement it was enveloped again. Not as soft as the mouth, but as hot and moist as before, it slid down until it bottomed against my bones. It was somehow different; it squeezed the base of my penis and released several times. It squeezed and slid up until only the head of my cock remained captured. The feeling was unbelievable. Then it relaxed and rapidly slammed down again with enough force that my groin felt like it was being flattened. The muscles tightened again, gripping my cock as tight as a hand, and made several shorts stokes up and down. Each time my groin was compressed. It held with that tight grip and slid nearly off again. Only the head of my cock was held. My thoughts were muddled, blurry, but it came to me that what was slamming into my groin were butt cheeks! One of them was riding with me up their ass!

That was a whole new world for me. Val and I had never done that before. We had played… a finger here and there, but not actually ass fucked. I didn’t know if we were doing it now! I could be sticking it up the butt of the Siren of the Wind! It wasn’t like I could stop and figure all this out. All my thoughts were fragments, pieces that blew through my mind like leaves on a fall day. Before I could wrap my head around this new realization, another set of butt-cheeks nestled down on my face. It took several moments for me to actually register that it was a set of butt-cheeks. With all the sensations I was feeling, true analysis wasn’t possible. Just that something warm, moist, and smooth, something definitely female pushed down on my face. I felt them push apart as they settled. They were too large and firm to be the tantalizing folds of labia, and as a rosy bud pressed against my nose – quit different than a clitoris — all doubt was gone.

I was on autopilot now. It was all sensory reaction. Stimulus and reaction. I stuck out my tongue without a though and rimmed that rosy anus. I licked and prodded with my tongue, poked it into the rose a deep as I could. At some point I concluded that it was Valeri on my face because I couldn’t feel hair when my tongue would be briefly presented with a taste of pussy, before that rose bud was slid back to receive more service. At first I felt good that it was Valeri. I wanted to please her.

But something wasn’t right. It didn’t taste or smell like Valeri. It didn’t taste or smell like Siren of the Wind either. I couldn’t think, couldn’t complete a chain of thought with the repeated slamming by the women’s ass riding my cock. I felt like I would come soon. I needed to come soon! Then the butt-cheeks withdrew from my face and were immediately replaced by smooth, very wet labia. The labia gyrated in slow circles, beckoning my tongue and lips. I could smell the fragrance of her, and I wondered if prolonged arousal could change Valeri’s sweet sexy odor of womanhood. I was wondering this when the circular motion brought my tongue and upper lip first to the clitoris, then a little further up the abdomen where I contacted hair. Just a little, a narrow patch, right atop the convergence of her pussy lips. It wasn’t Valeri. And it wasn’t Siren of the Wind either; she had hair over all of her pussy. As I licked and sucked, my mind, already in heavy overload, and my cock being ridden hard, I grasped the incredible truth, there were THREE women using me! No sooner did that thought take me, than the mystery pussy on my face let go with a torrent of juice. She flooded me — my face certainly, and my ears and neck, my nose and chin were copiously drenched in this magical vaginal nectar. As she shook with the spasms of orgasm, I drank her sweet juice like a man too long in the desert. All of which put me over the top.

I shot my load into the wildly banging ass that rode my cock! I groaned as my cock pumped an amazing stream into the hot, sweet, unknown, ass. With each slam against my groin, another torrent was ejected, and another deep body-aching pleasure-groan rose through my chest into the pussy still draining on my face. The ass slamming went on and on with my body jerking underneath.

I think I left the planet. The entire sphere of my being was sensory. No time and space, no logic or comprehension, no shred of tangible earthly known form existed. Only sensory input touched me, and auto-response, quite outside of thought-control. I lost all sense of self. Like a shipwrecked sailor too long on a raft in the ocean, I floated in a delirious sea of pleasure.

When I finally came back to earth, to myself, I floated in on the lyrics of “Nights in White Satin”. I mused about who had sung it, until it was replace by something from Stone Temple Pilots, something with a driving beat, but I couldn’t place it. I thought to get up and try to read the CD case for the name of the song, but I couldn’t get up. I tried, but I couldn’t. I felt woozy. I was woozy. Then it came back to me, or at least enough of it did. I remembered I was tied up. My Valeri tied me up! But why?

My penis was hard. I had a woody. That was funny. I was woozy. I had a woody. I had a woozy woody. Ha! I was stoned. And I had a woozy woody! So funny.

Hey, I was stoned! My head was so light. My woody was so light. Ha ha!

Why was I stoned? Why was I stoned and tied up? Valeri would know. I would ask Valeri. Bet that was a weedy brownie. Where did she get this music?

Then I felt something touch my hand. It pressed into my hand. It was big, round, and soft and squishy-like. Like a breast. OH MY GOD, it was a breast! I had a handful of breast! And nipple too. Then my other hand had a handful of breast too. Not as big and not as squishy, but still nippled.

“Val”, I said, ” Your boobs don’t match,” and then I laughed. A voice, Val’s voice, came across the sea from very far away, “Those aren’t my boobs, baby”.

“That’s good,” I said, still laughing, ” ’cause that’s one weird set of Tetons”.

I stopped laughing. It suddenly came over me that I had two different boobs in my hands and they weren’t Valeri’s. I fondled them. I palmed them; I thumbed the nipples, which were as different as the breasts. The smaller breast had a pointed nipple, while the larger one had a raised areola and a huge, very hard center part. Then they pulled away from me.

Next my woody was grabbed. In a moment I felt legs straddling me, and warm, wet, softness enveloped my erection. My woody was in a pussy, I thought. Pussy woody, I mused. It felt so, so good. Then my left hand had it’s own warm, wet, softness pushed down on it. I felt the folds of another pussy. I cupped it, then turned my hand and stroked the lips, until I pushed a finger, then two fingers into the vagina. It squirmed against my fingers. I had to be stoned and dreaming because the next thing to happen was to have another pussy against my right hand, and I inserted two fingers into that vagina. “What a dream this is” I spoke to no one.

Fragments of the past few hours, or minutes, or days, I didn’t know, came drifting back to me. My wife and two of her friends were fucking the hell out of me! One was on my cock and two were on my hands, and they were using me anyway they wanted. Wow, any way they wanted. It all seemed good to me and my woody! I laughed, then stopped. Then laughed some more. So, even though I didn’t add it up right away. I wasn’t surprised when another pussy descended on my face. Why should my face be deprived? It was getting plenty of pussy today. What’s another pussy? What’s a fourth pussy?

It moved on my face with a gentle rocking action. All the pussies were moving in a gentle rocking action. Moving together. Moving in unison. A cornucopia of pussies, an orchestration, a choreography of cunts rocking and rolling to the peaceful pace of Billie Holiday’s “Why Not Take All of Me”! They did. I would have smiled at this…if I could have.

When the music changed, they all left me at the same time, and a moment later settled back again, all four. Each time the music changed, they changed. They were playing musical chairs on me – Musical Pussies on me! Ha ha! I could tell they were changing places because of the different tightness of each vagina on my cock, and different hair and wetness on my hands and face. In the third song I lost my load again, and on the fourth my face was drenched again. Then again on the fifth song. Even my hair was soaked to the skin with vag-nectar, vag-juice of love.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody played through the headphones. It all took on a carnival quality. The calliope went round and round and the music changed with the zebra and the horse and the unicorn and the flying pig passing by going up and down. Soon my hands got tired. My tongue and lips were worn out. I couldn’t do it anymore. Only my penis stood tall and strong. My Viagra cock. Ha, my Viagra cock-a-doodle-do-it again and again. It couldn’t be put down. The ladies gave up on my face and hands, but not on that tower of rock cock. I don’t know how many time I came, or how many pussies quivered and clutched my member in the throws of their orgasm. I had no control, and eventually no sense of it until it seemed like the calliope was slowing down, coasting to a stop. I was breathing hard. My whole body throbbed. But it was slowing down. I think I said Valeri’s name — “Val”? Then that cloth with the awful smell, that strange sterile smell, was pressed to my face. My darkness changed to a pale blue, and then I was out.

When I woke up it was to a stinging pain like my skin was being ripped off my arm. I opened my eyes to blurred vision. Light colors moving, beige and deep red spots. Moving, swaying. When I achieved focus, I found I was looking at my wife’s beautiful naked breasts hanging over me, her cherry nipples only inches from my mouth. I heard a cutting sound that was immediately followed by the skin being ripped off my other arm.

“Aww god”, I screamed. My arms had been duct taped to the weight bar.

“Hi baby”, came Valeri’s happy voice. “So you’re finally awake”

I didn’t know if I was still high or not, though my perception was that something surreal was happening. Or had just happened. Not really a dream-state, but I didn’t have the clarity of being fully alert either. My mouth felt dry and I licked my lips. The taste of vagina juice brought reality, if that’s what it was, crashing back down on me.

I don’t know exactly what I said. Something like, “Did all that really happened?” or maybe, “Did you do to me what I think you did?”

I got a kiss on my lips, and her biggest smile. I tried to put my arms around her but it hurt to move them. Everything hurt. I glanced around. No one was in the room except Valeri. Nothing was out of place, except the weigh bench I was laying on was now in the family room, in front of the couch where the coffee table used to be. They must have moved it, with me on it, from the exercise room when Valeri first put my under.

I looked down, and to my surprise, I still had a hard-on. It was leaning a little left, like it was contemplating a nap, but couldn’t quite make it yet. I had no pubic hair any more. Valeri knelt down to release my feet and took my penis into her mouth for one quick, wet suck, then let go. It immediately sprang to attention like a soldier on the front lines.

“Oh, good,” she said as she cut the tape away from the leg of the weigh bench. “You cock still has some life. I wasn’t really through with that yet”. She turned her head and smiled her SEG at me.

RIP! The tape tore at the skin of my ankle. First the left ankle, then the right. I was sure it tore half my ankle off, just muscle and tendon, and bloody insides left. It was amazing how painful it was. I let out another groan, and tried to pull myself up to a sitting position. Every muscle complained. The posts of the weigh bench bar cradle were in my armpits. I struggled to pull myself through them. I swung my body sideways and pulled on cradle bars to raise myself up. I needed to pee. I tried to stand up, forcing myself through the stiffness and pain, and almost fell. With much effort I walked to the bathroom hanging on to anything I could grab along the way. I realized it would a futile exercise to get this cock pointed down at the toilet. I made it to the bathroom and peed in the tub. God, the relief felt so good. Everything else ached, but the relaxed bladder was wonderful.

Done with that I moved stiffly to the sink and washed my face and hands with warm, comforting water. It felt good to move and I began to loosen up. I walked some more, feeling the stiffness slowly subside, as I did a high step, trying to force circulation back into all my muscles. Still, I hung on to things, not trusting my balance yet. As I did I watched Valeri pulling tape off the weight bench and cleaning things up. Her body was so…beautiful. So perfect. So naked. The movement of the muscles in her legs, the rotation of her buttock, and the bounce of her breasts, were all in such perfect harmony, marvelously flowing sinew and bone, like liquid honey moving under her skin. I realized my hard-on became harder, rock hard again. She bent over to pick up several towels from the floor, and that sweet round ass, with those perfect, waxed-clean pussy lips, was an overwhelming sight. I nearly swooned. I told her not to move with a very forceful voice. She didn’t, except to turn her head and look back at me looking at her. I just stared at the glorious, angelic vision before me. The perfect butt, heart shaped with full hemispheres tapering down to beautiful firm thighs. And right in the center, that soft pink perfect star. Below that, not a hair in sight, the fleshy swell of full labia, cleft deeply in the center. At the end of the cleft a bright pink button emerged. I swear I nearly had an orgasm just looking at her!

She smiled at me. Not a shit-eating-grin this time, not that laughing SEG she had given me so many times, but a smile that held passion, that recognized I was loving her with my eyes. A smile that spoke of warmth and understanding. I was filled with wonder at the beauty of nature’s greatest creation- this woman. At that moment my heart and body surged with equal parts of lust and love, anxiety and appreciation.

I moved up behind her and dropped to my knees. I began to slide my fingertips over the round globes of her bottom. I was caressing this vessel of beauty. Moving my fingers, then hands around the shape of her. Not just exploring, but absorbing, feeling the perfection and knowing the joy of its touch.

I touched the star that formed her anal bud and she moaned. My fingertips danced down to her folds and lightly kneaded her flesh while my tongue started drawing wet circles around her bud. My fingers found her clitoris and gently massaged, pressed and squeezed. Another finger found it’s way into her vagina. She was wet to the touch and my finger spread her juice over her pussy lips and clit. The scent of lovemaking was heavy in the air. My tongue began more aggressive ministrations on her anus. She swooned, and wobbled a little.

I stood up and began rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her rear. Holding it at the base, I guided it from her clitoris gently up to her beautiful bud. I pushed just a bit at her bud and saw her bud contract, then push out. I slid my penis down slowly to her labia, pushing them apart, wet-slippery apart, moving slowly until I contacted her clitoris again. It had grown; thrusting further from it hooded shelter. I pushed passed it, rubbing my shaft along it as much as I could, then, drawing back, began the process again.

I did this several more times, luxuriating in every soft, wet, physical sensation. Valeri was moaning with each passage over her clit, and after a while, shivered in a mild orgasm. I move cautiously, not rushing her pleasure. I once again push my penis through her labia, but this time pausing over her vaginal entrance, moving the tip around those lovely full pussy lips. I caressed her opening that way trying to prolong her orgasm. Then I slowly pushed in until with one long continuous stroke until I was completely buried in her. Just as slowly I drew out again. I hand-guided my cock back to her clit, and back to her anus again. I returned to her tunnel and pushed easily in, still very slowly to full penetration. Valeri whimpered and I moaned. I thrust in and out several times and withdrew. I rubbed my cock against her clit again. Then back to her sweet bud.

“Was that you who stuck my cock up their ass toward the end there?” I asked as I moved my cock around her perfect star. She didn’t answer, but her little bud pulsed in and out. It push out hard when my penis pushed against it, and she moaned deeply. I pushed against her little hole several times, each time she echoed with a moan. She was very slick and wet from our combined juices.

I press once more, but this time I continued pressing. Her bud pushed out and in an instant I entered her. Valeri moaned so loud, with such a deep growl, that I thought I had hurt her, and I quickly pulled out.

“What are you doing?” she yelled immediately. “Stop teasing me!”

“I thought I hurt you!” I exclaimed. “You make a…”

She cut me off, “Don’t talk. Just do it.” It was an order. It was a command. Who was I to argue? I lined my cock up again with that pulsing, eager bud and pressed against it once again. There was almost no resistance. I slipped the knob of my cock past the firm muscle of her anus and she moaned with that same guttural deep voice. Her sphincter clamped down on my penis and made me moan right along with her. I pushed slowly in. It was sensational. I never felt anything so tight and so hot! I pushed gradually in until my groin pressed against the cheeks of Valeri’s butt. I held us together there, lost for the moment in the pure physical feeling, in the knowledge that I was buried in Valeri’s beautiful ass. This had been a day of unbelievable happenings, unimagined feelings and sensations. This moment, perhaps because it was just the two of us, perhaps because of its overwhelming intimacy, was the most wonderful and moving of them all. My revere was apparently shared.

Valeri said in a horse voice, almost a whisper, “It feel like you’re cock is so deep in me that…I can’t describe it, I can’t believe it.”

I began pulling out and she began to alternately tighten and relax her muscles. I couldn’t believe it either. When I was almost all the way out, when the head of my penis was half exposed, I reversed and push back in again. Both of us started a regular routine of moaning. It grew louder as I increased my rhythm.

Valeri couldn’t hold herself up any longer with me pushing against her. We duck-walked a few steps and she grabbed the weigh bench for support. Our pace continued to increase until I was slamming into her, our bodies making a slapping noise in chorus with my grunts and Valeri’s groans. I exploded moments before she did. I lost all coordination and thrust into her wildly. She bucked, and pushed back, until neither of us had anything left.

Valeri collapsed to her knees and her breasts dropped to the weigh bench, yanking my penis out as she dropped. I dropped to my knees and fell with my head against her sweating ass. My cheek was pressed against her cheek. Her bud, just inches in front of my eyes, was still open wide, pink and red descending into darkness down that tunnel where I had just unloaded. I watched as her well used bud pulsed and slowly closed.

I could do nothing but marvel at all that had taken place as I tried to catch my breath. Valeri spoke first.

“I could feel your sperm shoot into me, I didn’t know it could be like that,” she said, her breathing still somewhat labored. “It was amazing. And, to answer your question — no, that was not me, not my ass you fucked earlier. I don’t think I will tell you much about this day, but I just want you to know, what we just did was the first and only time I have done this. But I don’t think it will be the last”. I looked at her. There was that familiar, lovable, SEG again.

“So why won’t you tell me about today? You tricked me, KNOCKED ME OUT, shaved my crotch bald, used and abused me. You owe me! So out with it, give me all the sordid details, women!”

“No chance, Man!” she replied in kind. You were well rewarded for your… services. So just forget it. You get no information!” She was laughing at my plight.

I sat up, but not before licking her rosy bud one last time. She shuddered. I badgered her to give me details, names, and describe what took place, but she refused, laughing with delight as I continued to pester her. I had a pretty good idea of what went on, being that I participated completely, but I was really curious, and especially about who the other women were, and how many there were. My best guess was five. But Valeri would say nothing. I just didn’t know.

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

The following morning Avril awoke to find herself alone in their bed, starfish position in the middle on her front, face buried down between the pillows beneath a tangle of her long hair. Stretching out to the tips of her fingers and toes, she trembled at the tension and gave a groan, pulling herself from between the pillows and looking up blearily at the bright room, reaching up to push her hair back from her face. She wondered where they were, but then heard the sound of talking dimly through the closed door of the bedroom. They’d evidently got up and left her to sleep, which was kind given how tired she got when touring, and was certainly feeling much more refreshed now after a satisfying evening of sex and a solid night of carefree sleep. Pushing the covers back, she shivered and felt her nipples tighten at the fresh, cool air of the bedroom, a sudden change from the warmth beneath the covers.

Sliding daintily out of his bed onto her feet, she mused he did this to her last time she stayed over, sneaking out of bed to leave her alone. Looking around, she wasn’t sure what to wear, but saw his grey shirt from the night before still strewn on the floor with other clothes. She thought about it a moment, and then reached down for it, slipping it easily over her slim shoulders, engulfed by it as she buttoned it up over her gorgeous body, the bottom of the shirt skimming her toned thighs and just covering her bum, and hiding everything else. She glanced in the mirror and quickly pulled her dirty blonde hair down into a more respectable style, round over one shoulder before she smoothed the shirt down a bit. She was sure he’d like seeing her like this, and couldn’t help but just let her fingers slip under the shirt for a moment to just feel the perfect smoothness that awaited her…and him. Heading out of the room, she padded down the hall to see what was going on.

Beth had got up first, waking him as well, though he’d opted to stay snuggled up with Avril for a couple of minutes. He’d soon followed her however, and they’d enjoyed a nice morning kiss in the kitchen as the kettle boiled, and then shared breakfast with coffee like they usually did on a weekend, the sun shining on the windows into the main room from the balcony. It was still chilly but a lovely morning with clear skies, and he’d stolen outside to enjoy a cigarette, looking back in to see his gorgeous brunette of a girlfriend bringing their coffee to the sofa in his main room, smiling at him through the window. Quickly finishing his cigarette, he’d dropped it into his flowerpot and going back inside to cuddle up with her on the sofa and taste his coffee, before he went to fix breakfast for them, since she’d made the coffee. As he did that, Beth got a text message, which said her parents were swinging through town and to come meet up with them for lunch. They’d been doing a bit of a tour around different cities for a few weeks and made a stop over to see their daughter part of the plan. Timing was unfortunate, but she was sure he could take care of Avril for the day if she was free to stick around.

Beth had sneaked back into the bedroom quietly to get herself some clothes and got dressed, since the time was going on towards eleven and she’d need to head out soon. He didn’t bother, just sticking with his robe since there was no rush to go anywhere just yet. A little while later, Avril walked down the hall, making both of them look round to greet her good morning, though they both paused to take her in, dressed with such allure by just wearing his shirt.

“Morning,” he said, taking her in, mostly her gorgeously smooth, slim legs, disappearing enticingly up underneath the shirt.

“Morning,” Beth said more quietly, unable not to ogle the gorgeous singer, but also feeling a little usurped that she’d strut in wearing his clothes. That was her trick, and she could see the way he looked at her, however she also liked to see him happy, and as she knew there was something special between them, but it didn’t threaten her.

“Hey,” Avril said a little shyly, feeling underdressed before them now, even though he only had a robe on. She’d never woken up on a morning like this, and nervously reached up to push her hair back over her ear as she looked away with a bite of her lip, which caused her shoulder to pull the shirt up a few inches and give a momentary peek at the her shaven pussy beneath, not unnoticed by either of them.

“Sleep well?” Beth asked.

“Yeah thanks. How come you’re dressed already? Going somewhere?” she asked, noting Beth’s simple jeans and vest top ensemble, ready to go out.

“Yeah my folks are heading through town so I’m meeting up with them for lunch. I’ll have to leave you in his…capable hands,” she said, indicating him beside her with a knowing smile. Avril’s gaze flicked to him like she was a hawk sighting prey; she held his eyes a moment, a little smile sneaking across her lips.

“Sure,” she said softly, not even looking back to Beth, who knew full well they were going to be screwing like bunnies as soon as she left.

“I’m sure we’ll find something to do,” he said, looking up and down Avril before turning back to Beth.

“It’s a beautiful day outside, why not take her out on the bike or something?” Beth suggested helpfully.

“That’s a great idea actually,” he said, looking back to Avril.

“Sounds fun,” she said with a smile, before stifling a yawn.

“I’ll get you some coffee,” he said, hopping up and heading past her towards the kitchen, unable to resist reaching back to give her ass a little smack as he walked by, making her look back over her shoulder at him.

“He always does that,” Beth said with a smile, patting the sofa to encourage Avril to join her. She stepped round and sat down beside the brunette, carefully tucking his shirt down between her legs to conceal herself. Beth immediately leant over and gave her a kiss, taking her by surprise slightly but also turning her straight on, making her tingle and squeeze her thighs as she reciprocated. He came back in with her coffee, just catching the end of their kiss, giving a smile and thinking that this really was fantasy come to life. He put the coffee down on the table for her, and then Avril kissed him as well, feeling she should, but wanting to as well. After a sensual lip lock with her, she pulled away slightly and inhaled, taking in the smoky smell of him from his earlier cigarette.

“I could really use one of those,” she murmured, since she’d been banged hard the previous night and not followed it up with a cigarette. Picking up her coffee, she clutched it in both hands and sipped at it as he took his pack of Marlboro back out of his robe pocket, offering them to her.

“Have one if you want,” he said, flipping the pack open. Avril eyed them a moment, knowing she should really refrain, and then took one, sliding it from the half-empty cardboard.

“Thanks,” she said, using spare fingers to take his titanium lighter from him, the one she’d bought for him after stealing his original one. He’d never actually told Beth that, but Avril didn’t say a word on it and stood up, coffee in hand, to head for the balcony. She inhaled a bit as she stepped outside, not even waiting to get her jacket or anything, feeling the freezing metal beneath her feet as she shut the door behind her, popping the cigarette into her mouth and flicking the lighter, taking a deep first drag from it that completely hit the spot. Shivering against the chilly morning air, she took a drink of her coffee then let the smoke out into the air. They both watched her, then Beth stood up.

“I need to be going if I’m gonna make it on time,” she said, looking around for her things, dropping them into her handbag.

“Ok, any idea what time you’ll be back?” he asked, standing up with her.

“Not sure, you know how it is once you get talking and stuff, I could be a while. Don’t worry about it, just have fun,” she said with a beaming, naughty smile, nodding to Avril outside, looking away off the balcony.

“Ok then,” he said with a grin as he thought of what he could do with Avril.

“See you later, love you,” she said, drawing in to kiss him. Their brief goodbye kiss turned into a deep, passionate French kiss, their tongues sensually caressing and working each other’s before they broke apart.

“Love you too,” he said, noticing Avril looking back in the windows now. Beth looked round to see her, giving a wave and then heading towards the door of his place, treated to a swift spank as she walked past him, making her giggle in a knowing fashion. Watching him through the glass, Avril foxily raised the cigarette to her lips, drawing the smoke in slowly, before letting it almost tumble out of her mouth, rising thickly up from her lips, past her hair as he heard the door close behind Beth. She took a sip of her coffee as he walked towards the door, before raising the cigarette seductively again and putting it in her mouth, turning away from him to let get a look at the back of her sexy legs. He opened the door, feeling the fresh air again as he stepped out onto the balcony with her, just as she took hold of the cigarette in her mouth.

Stepping up behind her, he confidently slid his hands around her waist; fingers onto her tummy to pull her back towards him, where the diminutive singer leaned her head back, looking into his eyes as she took the Marlboro from her lips. There wasn’t a word spoken, or necessary, as he leaned down towards her, close to her lips but not touching, breathing in as she blew back into his mouth in the crisp spring air, taking it in fully before their lips touched, holding an intense, passion-filled kiss before he leaned back up and blew the smoke out into the air. Avril just rested back into him and sipped her coffee, which was cooling much faster outside, relaxing into him as if he were hers. It was like he’d traded one girlfriend for another; his foxy brunette replaced by a blonde with an equally smoking body, with just the same lust for him as he had for her and it was all his, fantasy bleeding into reality.

“So you’re taking me out for a ride huh?” she asked with a glance at him, taking a drag from the cigarette and blowing it out, sexily inhaling it back into her nose, a trick she’d evidently learnt since he’s last seen her, or never showed him before.

“Definitely,” he said, smiling as he held the Canadian close to him. He reached out to try and steal her cigarette from him, but she pulled it away out of his grasp.

“No, it’s my cigarette. You didn’t wake me up to share yours earlier,” she said with a playful smile, drawing in another lungful from her diminishing cigarette.

“You looked cute sleeping,” he replied, kissing her head.

“Hmm…good save,” she purred, taking a final inhale and then flicking it into his pot with the rest of the butts. She held it a moment, and then let it slowly out with her eyes closed, feeling relaxed and comfortable now, having got what she needed. He stepped back into the apartment, pulling her by the hand away from the chill and back into the warm. She immediately slid close to him, resting her head on his chest and then lifting up on her toes to kiss him again, sharing her smoky taste. It just reminded him of her, their encounters, their first shared cigarette walking to her hotel, conjuring up such juicy, illicit memories. It was amazing how scent just brought up memories so clear to the mind, and the smell of Avril and his brand of smokes drew up some of the hottest in his subconscious.

“If we’re going out, we’d best get dressed,” he said, glancing down at her, deliciously sexy in his shirt.

“Perhaps, but we can do more than that,” she said, putting a naughty edge on her tone and smile, letting him ponder it a moment before she slipped from his grasp, walking away down the hall from him. Glancing back to check he was following her, she flicked the back of the shirt up, giving him a glimpse of her tight, toned ass, which made his breath quicken at the mere thought of getting that right now. He followed her to the bedroom, watching the sway of her hips as she sashayed through the doorway, and then wasted no time in unbuttoning his shirt as he just stood and watched, shrugging it down her arms to expose her sexy back, leaving her stood naked before him.

“What should I wear for this?” she asked, turning back to him and giving him a side on look at her. She saw his roaming gaze on her body, and then turned to face him fully so he could take in every inch of her slender body. Her perky chest, slim waist, toned abs and smooth pussy, it was all just perfect, and he couldn’t help but pull her close to kiss her. As he tried to turn back her onto the bed, intending to pin her down and do far more than just kiss her, Avril broke away and pushed back, not letting him just take her as he had before.

“Nuh uh, not yet. A ride for a ride,” she said with a grin, stepping back from him and lifting her bag onto the bed. He just smiled and then pulled his robe off, joining Avril in being naked as he moved to find some clothes, aware Avril was looking at him as he did.

“Well, up to you, but a skirt could work,” he said, giving more than a hint at what he wanted her to do.

“Might that blow up a bit?” she said with a knowing smile as she rummaged in her bag to find a pair of panties.

“It might,” he said with a smile, pulling his jeans on and looking over at the naked singer.

“In that case, I’d best put these on,” she said, holding up a pair of red silk panties with a smile, before she bent down to step into them. They got dressed, with him quickly pulling a shirt on so he could spend the rest of the time watching Avril dress, ogling her blatantly as she put on a short, loose black skirt, adding a pair of fishnet stockings and then pulling on a nice padded red silk bra to match her underwear. She put a snug red vest top over the top and then put on her knee high boots, looking up to him with a smile now she was almost ready to go, his nice little prize to take out on the bike.

“Let’s go then,” she said with a smile, and he turned to usher her from the room, leaving her to find her jacket in the hallway as he got his own leather bike jacket and helmet, getting his spare helmet out from the cupboard, the one that Beth usually wore. Grabbing his keys and other bits he needed, he headed for the door to find Avril already outside it, waiting and looking down the stairs. He had no idea what people would think if they saw and recognised her, hanging around casually outside his door, but nobody seemed to have though as he joined her, closing the door behind them and heading down the stairs behind her to get out to his bike in the car park. The brightness hit them again as they emerged from the building, and then he went over to his Triumph, Avril clicking along behind him in her boots. Slotting the key into the ignition, he pressed the starter and gave it a few revs to get it going, taking a couple of seconds before it kicked into life, treating it to a couple of soft revs before leaving it to idle, wanting it to warm up before he took the Canadian beauty out in the sunshine.

He turned to look at Avril, working on adjusting the strap of the helmet with her jacket undone, and couldn’t help but smile at how cute she looked. It was almost as if she knew though, as she looked up at him from what she was doing, breaking into a smile of her own. She didn’t need any help though, and quickly got it adjusted, lifting it up onto her head and pulling it down over her dirty blonde hair. Reaching back, she set about tucking it into her collar and under the helmet to prevent it breaking loose as he put his own helmet on, clipping it up and doing his jacket up as the bike burbled throatily beside them.

“Let’s go,” he said, giving a nod of his head and stepping over to the bike, throwing his leg over it to drop into the familiar saddle. Giving a squeeze of the throttle, he felt the powerful bike throb beneath him, hinting at its potential as he gave it a couple of light warm-up revs. He was sure everyone hearing it would simply think him an idiot, Avril included, but he really was doing it to look after the engine properly. Glancing over to the singer, he watched as she walked carefully to the bike on her heeled boots, then carefully controlled her skirt and stepped onto the back, having to hop up using the foot peg since she was so short. Dropping on lightly behind him, she reached down to tuck her skirt down fully between her legs, sitting on it where possible to keep it down against the coming ride. Satisfied that she’d concealed herself, she put her arms trustingly around his waist.

He gave a glance back to check she was safely on with him, settled in the seat with her little black skirt wrapped over the top of her sexy thighs, exposing her fishnets and pale skin. It was enough to get him thinking, but he suppressed it as he took hold of the handlebars, giving a quick rev before he shifted into gear and pulled away, the reassuring thrum of the motorcycle underneath him them as he let the clutch out. With a sedate roll to the road from his parking spot, he saw it was clear and pulled out smoothly onto the street, getting lined up and then opening the throttle a bit to let the engine get going under load, feeling Avril hold to him securely as he did. Her light weight on the back of the bike didn’t make too much difference to him, and it’d be fine once she leant into the corners.

Traffic wasn’t too bad which was a blessing, and they weaved their way out of the urban jungle in the sunshine, heading for more enjoyable, twisty roads with good scenery. Avril enjoyed the bike beneath her, the way they seemed one with the machine as they cruised out of the city, him taking it easy as the bike warmed up fully. He headed for roads he knew, and within a few minutes had escaped the city for the open road, expanding out into dual carriageway. Unable to resist, and wanting to thrill Avril a little, he reached down for her hands, squeezing them tightly to indicate she should hold on, and as soon as he felt her tighten up, he bounced the clutch as he kicked it down a gear then opened the throttle. The Triumph beneath them gave a howl as the revs climbed, surging forward with incredible speed as he merged into the outside lane to sweep past the slower moving cars, climbing the slight hill of the road as he curved around a bank of trees.

He shifted up two gears as he just let the excitement of acceleration rush through him; not in a reckless manner, but one that made him feel free, released and able to chase anything he wanted. He let the revs wane in top gear and they lost momentum a little, rolling down to a more acceptable speed as he pulled back over and set about the few miles of cruising to get to the roads he wanted. Avril didn’t protest in any manner about the speed, and what he didn’t know was that she’d been excited by it, loving being on the back of a powerful bike with him, feeling the rush of the air past them. For her however it’d had an effect, getting right up her skirt and blowing intensely round her ass, though she’d managed to stay sitting on the front of it. Settling in the seat a little more, Avril looked round at the sun-bathed landscape besides the main road, with rolling fields, trees and a lovely blue sky.

Turning off the carriageway, he headed down a nice quiet country road, which simply headed miles out into the countryside. Opening the throttle, Avril held onto him tightly again as the bike accelerated, seamlessly shifting through the gears with his fine control as they sped through a tunnel of trees, sunlight dappling onto the tarmac through their leaves. He knew the section of road well, and kept the pace up as they weaved through the curves and turns of the winding road, feeling Avril lean effectively with him as they did, both of them enjoying the speed and feel of the forces in the bends. Flying out of the twisty segment, they burst from under the trees into the sunlight again as he let the bike slow, on a fairly straight but undulating section of road. If he hadn’t know Avril was enjoying the somewhat irresponsible high speed ride, he certainly did as she reached from her grasp on him to pat his leg and then point forward distinctly before grabbing tightly onto him once more.

Avril knew if her management knew what she was doing right now they’d have a fit; the famous musician out on a motorcycle, racing round country roads at high speed with some random guy. But right now, all she lusted for was the excitement of the landscape hurtling by in a blur, the feel of the throbbing engine beneath her, running through her legs from the foot pegs under her boots. She felt a surge of adrenaline spread coldly through her as he twisted the throttle again, the bike howling and giving a momentary judder as he hit the limiter, immediately kicking it up a gear and freeing them once more, making her feel the G-forces as she held him tightly, and then bounce behind him on the seat as they went over a bump in the road. They banked through a slight right hander, and then sped onwards, climbing a ridge in the tarmac and almost lifting the front wheel off the ground.

Pursuing the chemically-fuelled rush of high-speed riding, he pushed the speed more, flying along now at huge speed. He rode fast, but this was insane; tearing through the countryside on his bike, with a world famous Canadian singer on the back was like something from a movie, a reality he didn’t live in. But it was happening, here they were, and he couldn’t hold back from the consuming want that drove him, and her behind him. Hauling back on the throttle in top gear, the engine screaming, he hit what was a slightly bigger ridge, feeling the front go light on him and Avril squeeze on him tightly as they accelerated on the bumpy road. The wind rushed up Avril’s skirt, and as she lifted slightly over the ridge her skirt escaped, blowing up around her hips to expose her sexy red silk underwear, but she didn’t care. Even at their swiftest speed, they couldn’t break from the concrete, lifting the front wheel about a foot in the air as he controlled it and then pushed the front wheel back down, holding full throttle for a couple more seconds that blasted fresh air round every intimate inch of Avril Lavigne and then lifting off, keeping a calm, focused control on the decelerating motorcycle as they dropped from their peak.

Both his and Avril’s hearts were pounding hard, thumping in their chests as they took some deep breaths, the release of adrenaline and dopamine into their bodies a huge kicker that left them high but sharp…and wanting more. As the road levelled out, they toured through more trees and then back out in the sun as the petite singer pushed her skirt down over her panties. The landscape opened more out to their left now, the river dominating it as the road approached it more. Opening the taps again, the bike accelerated, though he kept it more controlled now. As their speed held steady on the smoother road, he felt Avril let him go, immediately sending a burst of panic into him that she’d fallen somehow, looking round at her. She was on the back of the motorbike with her arms outstretched as if trying to take flight, letting the air pass over her as she held on with her strong legs. He held the bike steady, but gathered a little more pace as she let her arms waver up and down smoothly like she were flapping, ignoring the fact her skirt had come up again to show off her legs and more.

He didn’t know where she got the courage to do it, but she pushed her heels into the pegs and took hold of him, then pushed up slowly, like one might do on a wobbly ladder, to stand up on the back of the bike. He locked into focus on the bike to control its every tiny motion as the singer stood up, pushing her arse out at first but then straightening her legs and leaning onto his shoulders as she held onto them, forward on the bike to brace herself. Her heart racing like the engine of the bike they straddled, she let go of him to shakily reach out again with her arms, resting her tummy on his upper back and shoulders, legs on the brink of shaking with the strength she was forcing them to produce as she air rushed past her, looking out over him at the road ahead and getting a better view of the corner of the world they were disturbing as they flew by. He sped up just a tiny bit, knowing she wanted it, making her bubble with terrified exhilaration before her common sense got the better of her and she took hold of his shoulders again, lowering her tight ass back down onto the seat, with another burst of relieved excitement spreading through her and making her shiver.

In her stunt, she’d seen something though; an area of grass under more trees coming up on the left towards the river, bathed in the sunshine of the spring day. Patting him again, she indicated she wanted them to head towards that area, hoping he got the point. He wasn’t entirely sure how to get there, but he turned off to the left down a smaller lane, much more tight and windy this time so he backed off the speed, heading for where she wanted. Plunging down through the trees into a shady hollow, he throttled up for the other side and then swung to the right to come nearly parallel to the river, under the trees back from its banks in the fields. There was nobody around, and no sign of anything going on; wooden fences cut from the trees themselves were old, broken in places and showing its abandonment. Spying a gate, he sat up as he shifted down and reigned the bike in, slowing to turn carefully through the gap where a gate should be, onto a dry dirt track into the field, running slowly with the bike onto the grass as Avril pointed where she wanted to go.

She indicated a shady area under the trees, where the grass ran out into sunshine at the bank of the river. He carefully rode across the uneven ground and into the somewhat relieving dark of the shade, realising how hot he was now from the ride as he parked the bike, kicking the stand out as Avril hopped neatly off the back onto the grass, her legs a little shaky. He stepped off as he let the Triumph tick over, running it down after what had been a very intense ride, rushing through the country with Avril at his back in a perfect memory. He unclipped his helmet and pulled it off, giving a sigh of freedom and taking a deep, fresh breath of air. Standing the helmet down on the fuel tank, he undid his leather jacket and slid it off, throwing it over the saddle as he watched Avril undo her own bike jacket and drop it down. Pulling her helmet off, she looked at him with a smile.

“You have helmet hair,” she said, sending a surge through him. It was the same thing Beth had said to him a couple of weeks earlier, and it instantly took him back there, but not in a bad way. It just made him somewhat project his feelings for Beth onto Avril, who he still felt more for than just being a brief encounter, regardless of moving on. He couldn’t help but smile at her though as he turned the bike off, the silence suddenly descending around them.

“So do you,” he said, taking her helmet from her and sitting it on the bike with his own. She self-consciously pulled her fingers through her bleached locks as he sat down in the shade beneath the tall tree, gazing out over the fields and river bathed in the sunlight as the sounds of the country started to reach his ears. Casting her jacket onto the ground behind the hot bike, Avril gave a little stretch and then turned to him, wasting no time in stepping straight to him, over his legs and then dropping down to straddle him, pressing her lips to his firmly as she grabbed his head. She kissed him passionately as she crouched over him, shuffling her feet forwards on the grass so her knees were under his arms, allowing her to lower her ass onto his crotch as her skirt hung out the way, pressing herself down to give a definitive grind on him, immediately stirring things. He couldn’t feel it, but he was turned on by the thought of her sexy red silk underwear sliding over his jeans.

They didn’t waste any further time talking as their kissing became more hungry, tongue twisting as Avril rocked onto him more, pushing him back and testing his abdominal strength. It was good, but it couldn’t last forever, even against the diminutive Canadian, and so Avril slowly pushed him back down onto the grass. He was curtained by her hair as she leaned down to continue kissing, her hands on the ground beside his head now as they made out, the singer having dropped into a classic doggy style position, no longer grinding onto him. His hands slid up the sides of her body, round onto her perky chest to squeeze at her humble breasts through the snug red vest top. Able to feel her sexy bra beneath, he couldn’t help but let his hands glide down her tummy to find the bottom of it, his fingertips pulling it up towards him as he drew it up over her tight body.

As he got it past her boobs she knelt up, pulling it off over her head swiftly and tossing it aside, immediately kissing him again. She was absolutely raring to go, and seemed to be completely apathetic to their public if secluded setting. With her energy and lust, he just decided to let things happen and kissed her harder, letting his hands run down over her smooth skin, taking in the taper of her waist and back to get to her little black skirt, his fingers immediately slipping into the waistband of it. As his fingertips touched her silk panties, taking in their sensual texture, Avril grabbed his shirt and pulled it up, making him rise up again as she wrenched it over his head. In the same move he abruptly pushed her skirt down over her arse to her knees, exposing her sexy knickers fully now. As he dropped back down onto the grass, he pulled his feet up to her sexy knee-high boots, hooking his toe into the top of one and shoving the loose leather down and off her leg. Avril knelt up and went to work on his jeans as he kicked her other boot off, and then took charge to fumble her skirt off, leaving her in just her sexy red silk underwear and fishnet hold-ups.

Keeping control, she hungrily lunged down to kiss at his chest, dragging her teeth over his skin as her dainty hands deftly finished with his jeans and then yanked them down. He kicked his own boots off clumsily as Avril kissed down his body, pulling his jeans off, tossing them aside with the rest of their clothes. She horny Canadian immediately pressed herself back down on top of him again, grinding herself down firmly in to him as she leant on his chest, making both of them groan deeply in pleasure and anticipation as her panty-clad pussy slid over his rock hard cock with just a couple of layers of fabric between them. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them off his chest, easily overpowering the singer as he pulled her arms out over his head, making her drop down towards him where he kissed her hard again, biting her lower lip enough to make her squeak as she shuddered down against him.

He released her hands and immediately grabbed her deliciously slender body, feeling her warmth as his hands slid round her back and over her bra strap, letting his fingertips take in its texture and suggestive sexiness as they traced their way to the clasp. Avril couldn’t help a little laugh as he flicked it undone without the least bit of hassle, making her perky boobs hang loose beneath her in the released bra.

“Hmm expert,” she murmured through her smile, greeted only by more kisses. His hands quickly pulled it off her, treated to the sight of her kneeling up topless for him as she escaped it, showing off her toned, tight body with its tattoos, glancing over as it was thrown aside with everything else. Leaning down, she pushed her hair back over her ears as she kissed him, more subtly this time. It was softer, more sensual and delicate, a mixture of passion and romance as her soft lips caressed his, her tongue just lapping gently against his rather than entwining deeply. She moved down onto his neck to make him shiver, and then kissed down his body, gradually building the tension in him. She didn’t disappoint though, as when she arrived at his stiff cock she immediately, but carefully, bit at it through his shorts, making him throb between her teeth as her hands set to work dispensing of them.

He sprung up to meet her slightly as she freed him, feeling a rush of excitement spread through him as she took the last of his clothing and then breathed hotly over his cock. He surged to his hardest as her soft lips slipped over his bulging head, letting out a deep, strained sigh as she pushed silkily down his cock, taking around half of him into her mouth with a smooth, controlled motion. She just let him relish the feeling, holding him a moment to suck firmly and tongue at him, wondering for just a second whether she could give him as good a blowjob as Beth did with her tongue stud. His groan of pleasure as she pulled slowly back up him to lick at his head pushed all such thoughts from her mind; looking up showily at him as she swirled her tongue around on it, she let him feel the soft underside with a roll of it from behind her teeth before she sank him back into her mouth again slowly as she kept her pressure on him just right.

She pushed her hair back from her face and then took hold of his hips, settling down to patiently suck his cock as she sank onto her front between his legs, letting her knees slip from under her. He just lay back comfortably and closed his eyes in the shade of the tree to bask in the fantastic brilliance of having the world famous singer-songwriter giving him a blowjob as he let his hand stray up to brush her forearm, while his knees squeezed in a little to feel her hips as her slim form nestled between them. They stayed like that for a while as he just enjoyed her efforts, which she was quite happy to provide, finally having him all to herself and loving it. He looked around at points to make sure they were alone, seeing no sign of anyone at all, treated only to the fantastic view of Avril Lavigne sucking him steadily, working slowly and smoothly up and down, applying her tongue and putting just the right vacuum on his cock. She glanced up and caught his eye at one point and simply gave a little flick of her eyebrow as she dutifully sucked him off.

Avril paused as she pushed herself up onto her knees, balancing and continuing to demonstrate her fantastic oral skills as she reached back for her underwear, matter-of-factly hooking her thumbs into the elastic and pushing them down to strip naked at last. She pulled her flexible leg up to get her foot into them and used her nimble foot to push her red silk panties down and off her sexy legs, kicking them aside to leave a fantastic view for anyone that would’ve been stood behind her. She was very horny, and had wanted to please him with a nice succulent oral session, but now she needed him inside her and with one slow, hard push down into her throat she ended the blowjob, slipping off his achingly erect manhood and kneeling up, smooth and naked before him. Avril crawled sexily up towards him, her perky breasts hanging firmly beneath her chest as she looked him lustily in the eyes, a naughty little smile spreading over her lips. He guided them to his as he leaned up to bring her into a kiss, their tongues colliding much more passionately now as she knelt over him.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned as his hand deftly sneaked between her legs, gliding over her smooth, sensitive lips to find her clit easily, pressing the captive ball ring down on her extremely aroused nub and circling it perfectly around the outside. She shuddered over him and kissed even as she trembled, rocking her hips gently as working with him as his two fingers worked around her button, first through the hood with her titanium ring and then underneath it as he used his little finger to tug it out the way, making her gasp and then melt in a quiver at the very direct stimulation she was provided. She didn’t want to let him make her come before squeezing him into her tight pussy and leaned on his shoulder with one hand as she reached down for his cock with the other, giving it a firm squeeze that made him push up into her grasp with a mumble through their kisses. She stroked him a few times as she pulled him up for herself, raising on her knees and lining him up at her dripping entrance even as his fingers continued to stimulate her.

With a couple of rocks of her hips to slide him through her beautifully soft entrance she built a tiny amount of tension, and then gave one push down that made him glide straight inside her, her incredible wetness causing his cock to plunge into her welcoming body. Both of them gasped and gave a groan as Avril pushed herself all the way down onto him, his hand shifting from her clit to her hip to help pull her down, burying every possible millimetre of himself inside the delectable songstress as he arched up towards her. She arched as well, giving a strained groan as she engulfed his thick cock, nerve endings lighting up and making her shiver as she took a breath before he dragged her into more deep, lustful kissing. He sat up a bit more underneath her, preventing her taking control quite as she’d intended to do, but she didn’t really mind and sat down onto him fully, pushing her knees past him and squeezing her stocking-wrapped thighs round his hips as his hands guided her own. She pulled her arms behind his neck as they continued to make out, Avril not riding yet but instead just rolling her hips back and forwards to feel him inside her, giving clenches of her muscles for him to enjoy.

They just moved together rhythmically for a minute or so, him able to feel her hood piercing as she pressed into him, his hands squeezing her ass and guiding her hips before she broke their kiss, brushing her distracting blonde hair back once more and looking into his eyes. They were both breathing deeply as they stared into one another, holding their gaze as Avril lifted herself up to the tip of his shaft and then sank back down, rolling into his body to take him completely again in a move that made both of them pause before sighing, smiling somewhat nervously like they were teenage lovers or something. They didn’t dwell though as Avril continued her moves, sliding up and down his cock easily, her sweet pussy feeling simply fantastic on his cock, so tight and wet as she started to ride him properly, working her thighs and hips to glide along the full length of his cock, letting him feel the sublime sensation of popping through her tight muscles every time she pushed down.

Avril didn’t go too fast, just keeping control much as she had with her blowjob, wanting them to enjoy it without either of them climaxing too soon. She pulled him closer to her, his head into her chest to press against her humble breasts, not letting him get away as she started to go a little bit faster, absolutely loving the feel of his hot, hard shaft inside her again. And this time it was just them, she was all his again, and she was going to soak up every moment of his undivided attentions. Avril loved the feel of his hands at her hips, slipping round to squeeze and spank lightly at her ass, stroking sensually up her back, reaching up to lightly rake his nails over the soft skin of her shoulders, fingers just teasing in her long hair, threatening to pull it.

He didn’t though, just leaving her to run things as she clearly wanted to, wrapping his arms around her slender back to hold her close and just stroke softly at her skin, leaving her long hair to merely tickle at his fingers as he relished the exquisite sensation of her pussy. She rocked slowly but powerfully on his cock as she tipped her head back, eyes closed to just enjoy the deep, soulful sensation of him penetrating her, rolling her hips to get him to hit in just the right places as she gave stimulating squeezes of her muscles for him. She murmured in pleasure as he started to gently kiss her soft breasts, making her tingle just a little as his lips caressed her skin and tempt her to arch her back a bit so he could get to her nipples, which he rewarded her with immediately, taking her stiff point into his mouth to firmly suck at it. Avril gave a satisfied, sighing murmur at the concoction of sensual sensations washing over her, accompanied by their steady, exerted breaths as they gradually built up.

The pretty singer shifted herself on him, leaning back and sliding her tactile fingers back to his shoulders, taking a sexily trusting grasp on him as she let her legs spread a little more to open up access to her body. He leaned back a little more as she eased away from him, pulling his hands down onto her hips as they became somewhat in tension with one another, balanced in a perfect moment as the Canadian started to thrust herself onto him a bit more aggressively, going faster and harder with short strokes that ground herself against him. It was strangely nice to feel her smoothly shaven mound rub against his own, a new sensation for him thanks to Avril and Beth the previous evening, and it added to the combination of stimulation he was receiving as she worked her G-spot with the bulbous head of his erection within her. She bit her lip with the intensity as their heart rates started to pump, her firm ass driving down into his thighs now as she got deeper, alternating back to slower but harder full depth thrusts that let their bodies lock together as she enveloped every last bit of him, a consuming sensation that made him lift up to meet her.

She was so wet; he was sure this was the horniest she’d ever been with him despite her restrained display, simply loving the sensation of him sliding deeply inside her and being connected to him. Avril let out strained breaths through her gritted teeth as she rode a little bit harder to press her polished titanium ring against him, making the ball bump against her clit, encouraging her to start rolling her pelvis as she took him in to make the little intimately placed ball slide around the outside of her hypersensitive button. He looked up as she gave a cry and buck of her hips, one of her more energetic grinds to pleasure herself having pressed the ball down directly on her nub and sent an intense, overwhelming jolt of sensations into her, making her tremble on top of him. His hands on her hips prevented her sudden kick from pulling her off his cock, though only just, however it did mean he was treated to the delicious sensation of sliding back inside her from tip to balls, getting to feel every stretch and squeeze of her pussy as she very deliberately pushed herself back down onto him with a lingering pressure to make absolutely sure.

As the perky star started up again she increased the tempo, refusing to rise so far off his cock that he might slip out of her and keeping him deep with shorter, harder thrusts as she sat up more on him again, beginning to ride rather than grind again as her hands moved reassuring onto the front of his shoulders to push him back down. He resisted a moment, fighting against her with his core strength as she tried to dominate him, lunging up to capture her in a heated kiss, feeling her immediately respond to it as she delved her tongue into his mouth. She knew he was a sucker for a passionate, affectionate kiss and used it to her advantage, moaning quietly with pleasure as their tongues entwined, pulling his out and sucking at it firmly, all the while maintaining the rhythm of her hips and pressing at his shoulders.

He finally relinquished with the break of their kiss, Avril following him down to the grass with a smile as she pressed him firmly to the ground, pinning him playfully as she leaned over him, looking distinctly into his eyes as she started to bounce up and down on his cock, both of them feeling the change of position before she gave another quick kiss to him and then sat up into a proper cowgirl, aiming to give him a very good ride as she swept her hair back for a pause. Her perky tits hung firm and proud from her skinny frame as she arched her back, his hands sliding onto her thighs beside him before she placed her own down on his lower chest with a wiggle of her hips, getting back in the saddle. He just lay back and watched as the luscious Lavigne rose and sank on his cock, feeling her give a definite clench of her vagina at the peak to make her extra tight on the way back down. Shuddering beneath her, Avril smiled at taking the upper hand properly and balanced herself perfectly as she started to ride freely atop him, impaling herself on the full length of his manhood by gliding neatly up and down in full control.

Despite the long strokes she was working at an increasing pace, riding him much faster now as they both breathed harder and faster, the singer using her strong legs to bounce up and down on him as her slick tunnel devoured every inch of him with ease. He grunted as she got a little bit faster, about as quick as she could manage without shortening her stroke and at the same time making her bouncing chest a touch more inviting. His hands easily found their way as he reached up to cup her, supporting and squeezing at the lovely handfuls, their stiff nipples tickling his palms as he gave a harder grope to elicit a growl from her. It came from behind a smile though as she swept her distracting hair back again, tipping her head back with it as she bounced up and down on his manhood, leaving him to study her lithe, toned form. Her pale skin contrasted starkly with her black tattoos, most obviously the black stars on her hip, which he let his hand glide down the taper of her body to stroke his thumb over as she slipped gracefully up and down his cock, as if they were long-term lovers.

Avril looked down at loving caress of her, noting how he was fixated for a moment on her stars, making her smile that she captivated him so. She knew she was a world famous musician and so he might be expected to be a bit awed by her, but with them it wasn’t like that, and now she just felt so in tune with him. Distracting him with a squeezing, slow push down his cock, she giggled as he shivered beneath her, rolling her hips as she sat on him a moment before continuing to ride him, pushing her hands down on his chest again. Curling her fingers to dig them into him a little, she felt him surge inside her, stiffening a touch for just a second before relaxing again, making her ride just a bit harder, starting to limit her bounce now as she picked up the pace, keeping him balls deep in her pussy each time and lifting up just a little bit less as she rode him vigorously. She rolled her hips to press her G-spot again, feeling an almost instant reward now, horny as hell and riding towards an orgasm. She always loved being on top, it got her off, and so now she was powering to a climax.

She turned her heels in on his legs and squeezed with her thighs to hold on tight as she rocked in the saddle, slamming her hot pussy down on his thick cock, closing her eyes as she gasped for breath, her perky tits bouncing up and down briskly before he restrained them with his hands, giving a good squeeze that made her tingle even more as he orgasm built up. Avril was only riding a few inches of him now as she thumped her ass down on his thighs, driving his head across her most intimate pleasure point as hard and fast as she could manage, losing focus on him now as she worked for her imminent climax. He saw his opportunity to seize control from the vulnerably pre-orgasmic Avril and took it easily, his hands releasing her chest to wrap around her slim back and pull himself up to the gorgeous Canadian as she knelt down over him. Locking them together, he gave one thrust up and rolled her over onto her back, pinning her down firmly on the grass with his bodyweight, which he also let drive his cock to its deepest inside her, causing her to grab him tightly round the shoulders, digging her nails in as she gave a loud grunt and a kick of her legs.

He immediately kissed her hard and reached for her now redundant hands, entwining his fingers in hers and pinning them down on the grass beside her splayed hair as he started to pump into her hard, intending to finish her off to the orgasm she was on the brink of. The sensations of him ploughing her intently cut straight through the sudden change of dominance between them and Avril arched up and broke from him with an ascending, gasping sigh of pleasure as she pulled her knees up beside him to orient her pelvis perfectly to his efforts. They kissed again, tongues battling as she just pulled her thighs in to let her smooth skin touch his sides through her stockings, connecting them more as he thumped himself against her, holding his own pleasure back as she bubbled to a deep, satisfying climax, breaking their kiss to look into his eyes as she gasped her last few breaths into an ecstatic groaning squeal of pleasure, unable to keep her eyes open as she came beneath him.

Her pussy squeezed blissfully tight around him as he continued to pump into her, sustaining her orgasm as she arched from the warm ground and shook beneath him, her knees pulling in to grip his waist, writhing under him as he pinned her down and almost wishing she could escape the pleasure as it endured deliciously by his thrusting. It was fantastic for him as her muscles clamped down and rippled around him powerfully, with a rush of her slick juices to make it even easier to pound himself balls deep into her oasis of pleasure. As her groans turned back into gasps from the exertion he knew he could let himself go, and with that thought relaxed into the incredible concoction of sensations coming to him from Avril’s hot body, rapidly feeling the building pressure deep within him of his climax. With the singer still pinned beneath him, he pushed up more on his hands to give himself more room to plunge his erection inside her, slamming on her as hard and fast as possible.

He held on as long as possible, Avril staring into his eyes intimately without blinking as she watched him take maximum reward from her, feeling him so hard inside her, throbbing as he restrained his energy to the last moment. With a groan he came hard inside her, driving himself as deep as he could, making her grunt again and quickly wrap her fishnet-clad legs around him to keep him there, watching him in the throes of his orgasm as he ground against her, his big, thick cock jerking and stiffening as he ejaculated deep within her, releasing his load into her womb as his hands gripped hers so hard it almost hurt. She loved the feeling of him coming inside her, the surges of his cock sending pulses of pleasure through her body and making her squeeze him as he finished, before he gave a last hard, grinding throb and almost collapsed between her legs, his shaky arms just holding him up.

He looked down at her, both of them breathing hard as they stared into one another’s eyes in a deep moment, before Avril craned up from the ground to pull him into a kiss, leading him back towards the ground with her. It was soft and sensual, working her lips gently as he let go of her hands, allowing her to pull them around his neck as he laid down to rest with her, sliding his arms down and then dropping his head down besides her. He was heavy on top of her, but she liked him there, feeling safe and wanted as he breathed by her ear, his cock softening inside her as they just lay together for a minute, not saying a word as they got their breath back.

“Is that how you make love to Beth?” Avril breathed, keeping her arms tightly around his shoulders. He slowly pushed back onto his elbows, looking deeply into her pretty eyes, seeing what she was seeking.

“Yeah, it is,” he replied, giving a smile and leaning down to kiss her as she smiled to herself, feeling a little rush and the tenderness in his kiss, before he slipped easily out of her and lay down on the grass, kissing her further on the cheek as she lay flat on her back, naked in the shade of the tree.

“But am I…” she started, being silenced as he put a finger on her lips.

“Shh,” he said softly, giving her another kiss on the cheek and pulling her close to him. It was an intimate moment, and Avril was glad he stopped her saying anything, pushing back into him a little as she rolled half onto her side, resting her head on his arm and just relaxing so they could both bask in the afterglow of their fantastic session. The peace of the countryside enveloped them as they lay still, their breathing normal now, not overwhelming the restful sounds of birds and the breeze blowing the trees on the bright spring day. It was just them, without a sight nor sound of anyone else to spoil it, and they just enjoyed the luxury of being able to lay naked in the open by his bike, a rare treat.

After a while lying together, where they almost dangerously dozed off, they were feeling like more than just lying there. His hand over her body couldn’t help but stray across her chest to squeeze at her humble breasts, only to see her hand sneaking over her tummy to stroke her fingertips idly at her perfectly smooth pussy. Nuzzling her long hair out the way, he breathed slowly across the back of her neck, loving how her skin goose pimpled as she gave a shiver against him, squeezing her legs together and tilting her head over so he could get at her more easily. Her nipples were hard against his hands, only tempting him to squeeze and grope at her more, letting his hand slide flatly down her toned tummy and press her back to him further, helping her feel his now stiff cock as it swelled to full hardness against her ass.

He grazed his teeth along her soft shoulder as the Canadian beauty started to rock her hips a little, arching her back to let the cleft of her bum rub up and down his shaft, helping to settle it a little further between and stimulate him to a deep murmur of pleasure. He thrust slightly against her to accentuate the sensations as he bit gently down on her shoulder and reached up to pull his fingers backwards through her hair, curling them through her dirty blonde locks to tug slightly at them. Avril curled towards him slightly as he did it, letting the eclectic range of sensations wash over her as her own fingers started to circle just a little above her pussy. She didn’t quite want to start going at her clit just yet or pull on her jewellery, instead opting for just teasing sensations to add to what he was giving her. His fingertips pulled back to stroke her breast and culminate in a tweak of her nipple that made her jump a little bit.

Her pussy was decidedly wet at the anticipation of getting his thick cock back inside her; it was so tantalisingly close, pressed into her ass, just inches away from where she wanted it to be. One push of her hips could get him there, and she knew he’d sink deep inside her so easily if she did. But she restrained herself, letting things continue as they were, not wanting to break the rhythm by going too fast or trying to get to the end, it was all about the journey after all. He made her gasp as he stepped things up by giving her hair a pull to tug her head back and then leaned over to threateningly drag his teeth over her neck, the hint that he could bite her accentuated by the little nip he gave to her as he withdrew. It made her gasp and turn back, twisting towards him to pursue his lips, managing to press hers to them for a ragged kiss as he pinched her nipple.

He pushed back to effectively lean away from her, bringing both hands onto her arched back and sliding them down, taking in the soft, smooth warmth of her body as he let his little fingers reach outwards to just take in the narrowing of her waist followed by the curve of her hips as he let his palms push onto the top of her ass. He used his pelvis to give another push towards her as his hands pushed her cheeks apart a little, letting him grind more thoroughly over her tight hole, causing her to pause a moment at the illicit sensation. She’d never enjoyed anal as much as she did with him and the stimulation to her was enticing, tingling through her and causing her to just let a fingertip hook into her titanium ring for a light pull at her hood. He pulled back in close to her again with another thrust against her that started lower, letting his cock slide up the back of her smooth thighs and almost bump at her juicy vulva, making her grit her teeth at the tease of it.

She couldn’t take it any more, and as he slowly pulled back again she raised her leg and reached down between them, letting his cock spring between and into her waiting fingers. Avril closed them neatly around his head and guided him up to rub over the front of her smooth lips, feeling her slick heat and the strength of her thighs as she squeezed them around him firmly. Avril reached up with her spare hand to hold onto his arm where he’d slid it back under her neck, turning his hand to squeeze her breast again as he let his other stroke over her hip and drag his nails lightly up the side of her ass. She used her fingers to just lightly hold his rock hard cock to her pussy as he thrust slowly between her legs, loving the feel of her legs creating a grasp on his shaft as her digits just stimulated under his head, working just lightly in little circles as she held him to her, the sensation of her polished hood ring an interesting one as it slid over his bulging head.

He made her give a ragged, moaning sigh as he sunk his teeth firmly into the curve of her neck, giving her a firm bite that send a twinge of erotic pain through her body and made her clench her thighs on him, only tempting him to go a little harder, making her give a little complaint and pull away from him. He released her to leave a good mark on her soft skin, noticing however that she was pressing him a little firmer to her and rocking her hips again with him so as to grind her clit against his shaft, helping rub the titanium ball against her nub. Her abundant juices were spread thickly over his cock now as she worked herself on it, ready to go and trying to press him a little more firmly into herself. When he gave one longer stroke, she took her chance and pushed him down between her legs and let his momentum easily carry him up and inside her, his head effortlessly gliding through her lips, engulfed by her velvet heat as he sank a few inches inside her, making the singer grunt and gasp in pleasure at finally getting him to penetrate. She was surprised and disappointed however when instead of driving his full length home inside her, he pulled back and let himself pop back out of her.

“No, Avril,” he said firmly, taking on a tone she’d not heard from him since sometime in their previous encounters as his cock slipped back between her thighs again.

“Why not?” she questioned urgently, pushing her ass back against him with a wiggle, desperate to change his mind so he’d give her the fucking she wanted. She wanted to make the most of their stolen time together, but he had other ideas as to how to accomplish that.

“It’s not what I want,” he replied simply, though it was certainly a difficult prospect to not just delve deep into Avril’s sweet pussy. Taking charge, he pushed on Avril’s hip and rolled her over onto her front, not getting much resistance from her as she let him pin her down on the grass, pressing her down to the ground with his cock lodged between her legs against her aching pussy. He pulled his feet inside hers and pushed her legs open, spreading her fairly wide so he could get at her in between, just pausing to lean down and kiss over her shoulders a few times, making her murmur slightly with pleasure as he rocked his hips a little. Sliding down a little, he pushed at her intently, his cock absolutely rock hard between her legs, sliding straight back between her lips again, dipping his head into her and then withdrawing it again as she sighed, giving a couple more testing thrusts before he took a moment to reconsider it. He slid up on her ass a bit more, and then pushed tentatively forward until he made contact, just above her pussy so he was nudging at her asshole, making Avril immediately pay attention.

“Wait, I…” she started as he pushed a couple of times, sliding over her anus and not getting purchase. She was silenced as he took a handful of her hair and pressed her face down into the grass, leaning over her to dominate as he got the angle of his hips just right to press again, his head taking grip in her tightest hole. Holding her legs apart with his feet, he continued to hold her hair as his other hand took grasp of her shoulder to pin her down totally as he let his bodyweight drive down into the Canadian cutie through his hips. He felt her asshole stretch a little but she was so tight that it was going to take some work to get inside her. He didn’t mind though, it only turned him on more and he was absolutely rock hard now that she couldn’t resist him as he gave little thrusting motions to help work his way into her, feeling her start to give under him. Avril didn’t complain, just biting her lip and trying to do her best to let him in, pushing her arse up a little and pushing out slightly to release her muscles, unable to deny that beneath her trepidation at unlubed anal sex she could feel a little fizz of arousal at the thought of the deep, forbidden sensations of having him back in her tightest hole.

Her sphincter held him back for a few moments but he sustained his pressure, and then felt the blissful sensations of her asshole stretching out around his head, pulling tightly down over it as he started to slide into her booty. He kept a steady force on her as she gave way, and then let out a satisfied grunt as his head popped slowly past her ring with a delightful sensation, feeling her clench at him as a little twinge of pain shot through her at the last stretch to take him in, flinching beneath him with hard breaths past her teeth that cut the quiet country air. He gave a couple of very short, slow thrusts, just rocking his hips to test her tightness a bit as she let out a murmuring sound of discomfort, followed by a strained cry as he pushed into her a little.

“I can’t, I can’t…” she breathed quickly, eyes shut as she turned her head to speak even as his hand still held her long hair.

“Oh, I can’t…” she whined in a drawn out protest as she felt him pushing down on her, letting his knees slide out from under him to drive his weight down on the singer and squeeze his stiff cock into her ass. She buckled beneath him, dropping down onto the grass, but it didn’t stop him as he inexorably drove himself into her booty, giving a groan of pleasure in contrast to her complaints of pain as he felt her tightness squeezing him every millimetre of the way, stimulating him intently as he arched his back to press his hips hard against her ass in triumph as he made her take it all the way, accentuated by her final cry as she felt it shoot through her stretched asshole.

“Fuck, that’s tight,” he growled, flexing his erection inside her as he leaned down to kiss her cheek quite softly.

“Yeah, too tight,” Avril breathed, still breathing deeply at the powerful sensations as he lifted up to slide his cock back a few inches in her snug hole.

“It’s not that bad,” he said somewhat dismissively as he pushed himself inside her again to the hilt to make her grunt uncomfortable.

“For you maybe,” she gasped, biting her lip again as he started to get going with short, powerful thrusts into her ass.

“You’ll be alright,” he replied, releasing her to push up onto his hands as he started to work himself in and out of her, pulling back carefully to feel how she responded, not letting her expel him as he enjoyed the squeezing of her muscles and, secretly, the strained sounds she made as he started to slowly thrust his manhood in and out of her. She was so tight that it almost hurt at points, and she gave a whimper as he gave a slightly harder push to break her in a bit more, stretching her dry arse open round his shaft. He pulled back so he nearly slipped out of her, feeling her trying to control herself, and then plunged himself back into her full depth quite hard, pushing against her lovely rear and making her cry out again, her nails digging into the ground as she lay beneath him.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed as he gave her a shorter, harder thrust, jolting pain through her as she struggled to take him, grabbing her long blonde hair and pulling it into her mouth to bite down, hiding herself from him as he plundered her delicious body. She could feel every move of him in her ass, his thick cock sliding stiffly in and out of her in the most illicit manner as he took her, and not to her liking either. He gave her good anal, but right now this was just not what she wanted, but strangely she didn’t tell him to stop. She didn’t want to protest too much or finish it, as she wanted him to enjoy himself and live up to everything he could want from her as his perfect little sexual playmate, so she intended to get through it. Hiding in her soft hair, she let out groans and grunts with every one of his now steady thrusts into her ass, feeling how hot he was for her, his thick manhood splitting her booty perfectly now. She pushed up to him a little to signify her willingness to him despite him hurting her, pushing out to him to let him thrust into her as he wanted.

Her little grunts and moans with every thrust of his cock into her ass only spurred him on as he started to ride her, leaning over her and pushing down against her booty with every rock of his hips, relishing the fantastically tight sensations of her muscles squeezing at him, trying to resist the plunging thrusts of his cock as he pushed her down onto the grass beneath them. Avril stayed buried in her hair as she took what he gave her, evidently trying to enjoy it as she pushed back at him a little and hadn’t closed her legs even though he was no longer pinning them wide with his feet. She was loosening up though and he was getting better, longer thrusts into her now, continuing to go balls deep in the luscious Canadian but now drawing back to almost the full length of his cock, more often than not feeling the back of his head pulling teasingly at her sphincter, ever so close to popping back out before he delved deep inside her again.

She was turned on by his intense breaths behind her ear as he leaned over her, pumping down into her tight rear, and now it was starting to feel different for her. Her ass was loosening up now, she was able to relax and despite the lack of lube he was now sliding quite easily in and out of her, which she could feel was spurring him to speed up a bit more now, feeling the pleasure that her tight sphincter was bringing him. Taking a deep breath, she went for it and squeezed her ass on him as he pulled back, giving a definitive pressure on his sensitive head as he drew back out of her, making him shudder with a peak of pleasure even as it sent an uncomfortable twinge of pain through her again, and a bit more as it encouraged him to start pumping into her harder now, grinding down deeply against her booty as she invited him to ravage her.

Once that little wave of pain had dissipated into her body however, she was left with the deep, satisfying sensations that anal sex could bring, feeling him gliding over nerve endings deep within her as he squeezed himself into her tightest hole, leaving her snug pussy unused and very wet now. Despite the pain she was turned on, massively, and was starting to want something a little more to bring her the kind of pleasure he was getting from this intense fuck. As she released for him he only pumped harder and faster, getting towards a good hard, fast pace on her that both buried himself deeply inside her and stroked a decent length in and out of her, surprising Avril that she was able to take him so much more easily now without anything to lube her up. She was aching a little though, a reminder that it’d taken time for him to loosen her sufficiently to allow this growing speed, which made her idly wonder whether Beth did this for him, and how well she could handle it.

She rocked her hips a little and found that matching his rhythm improved things, and gave a little shiver as she felt his cock start sliding into her ass better. Under her control, pushing onto him as he thrust, she felt a stretching, accommodating tingle of pleasure spread through her that only made her want more of him, starting to find it incredibly hot that he was squeezing himself into her ass so thoroughly and she was just taking it dry, pleasing her man to the utmost. She pulled her knees up under her a little so her pelvis was elevated, stretching her arm out to grab a handful of the grass as her other one immediately reached back to snake underneath her with a very particular target in mind. She let her long fingernail catch in her smooth ring, giving a little tug and then twisting it slightly as the tip of her digit settled in it, just allowing the sensations to spread through her in a light shiver, making sure not to squeeze her ass and mingle it with pain. She wasn’t quite ready to rub her clit directly yet, knowing it would all be too much too quickly as she felt the building, dominating sensations of their deep, intense anal sex.

He had no such convictions however, and could feel her responding more positively beneath him as he pumped the length of his manhood inside her, only making him pursue the pleasure her body could bring him more vigorously. Shortening his thrusts, he started to thump against her booty more firmly, pushing his hips into the petite singer as he ground himself down more, chasing the delightful sensations of pleasure that her tight sphincter brought to his cock. He pulled back so his head just started to slip out of her, letting her tight muscles squeeze him out before he drove himself back down into her, feeling the back ridge of his bulging head pop out and then into her again in the most perfect manner that sent a wave of intense pleasure through him, and reminded him how perfect the situation was he was in right then. After doing it a couple of more times to slow things down again momentarily, he pushed deeply back into her ass, rocking his hips against her firm booty as he leaned over her

“Fuck that feels good,” he breathed, just letting the tight sensations of her muscles on his incredibly stiff manhood sink in before he started to thrust again, quicker now, plunging himself powerfully inside her, plundering the cute Canadian as he wished with strong strokes inside her.

“Yeah it does,” Avril breathed lustfully in response, sending a shiver of excitement through him to hear she was enjoying herself, and then feel her arching tense of pleasure as she let her fingers roll round her clit directly, under her pierced hood. She felt ready to take it now, pushing her ass up towards him as she let the intense sensations course through her and force her eyes to squeeze shut, letting out a ragged gasp as her finger accelerated of its own volition on her most private point. Her finger turned to two, rubbing over and around, before giving a push to make her captive ball the centre of attention, driving the polished titanium against her soft flesh, making her shudder again underneath him as the almost unbearable sensations rippled through her. His strokes were short and fast now, increasing in momentum as he felt her relishing the combining sensations of her own work and his thick cock plunging into her ass.

“Fucking love this don’t you,” he breathed, leaning down closer to her tangled mop of hair as she gasped into the grass.

“Yeah, when you…” she managed with a strained tone, not finishing and instead giving a primal growl as he jammed himself deep inside her and gave a roll of his hips, before continuing his fast, hard pace, starting to pump himself strongly against her booty now. Avril’s fingers simply danced on her pierced hood, her naughty little secret, which was now twisting and grinding onto her clitoris to bring immense stimulation to her, combining with the deep, hard thrusts of her lover into her anally, that she was now taking just fine. Her pre-orgasmic quivers made her sphincter squeeze and clamp on him, but it didn’t hurt her now, only allowing her to feel the thick, hot shaft of his cock inside her, spurring her to push up into the harder thrusts it encouraged from him. She was absolutely bubbling now, on the brink of boiling over as he picked up the pace further, riding hard against her petite, tight ass now, feeling his own climax building powerfully as he slammed himself against the delicious singer.

Avril overloaded and went into orgasmic meltdown as he continued to smash her, her body rising into a muscle-wrenching arch as she climaxed, letting out a whining, ascending cry of ecstasy, followed by a shuddering inhale of breath as her fingernails dug into the grass, pushing up on her toes hard. He used her position to enjoy pumping himself deeply into the shaking beauty, burying his cock inside her as hard as he could now, his hips slapping into her booty as she shook through her climax, letting out groans and grunts as she continued to orgasm under him and her trembling fingers. He couldn’t hold on now though, knowing he was going to finish imminently and taking charge, grabbing hold of her waist and yanking her back up onto her knees more doggy style, yanking back against her sexy hips and slamming himself against her.

She let out a cry as her climax faded, her clit too delicate to touch now, letting her hand drop and help her trembling body brace on the warm ground as he set about destroying her it seemed. He gripped her tightly, breathing hard as he fucked her as hard and fast as possible, hammering himself into her tightest hole with short, rapid thrusts, feeling ready to pop and holding himself back as long as he could. He took in the wonderful feel of her warm, soft body in his hands, the flare of her hips, her tight ass on his cock, the perfect situation as he felt the point of no return. In a flash he grabbed her long hair, twisting up a big handful of the dirty blonde locks and yanking her head back hard, eliciting a yell from her at the sudden, dominating move, but she loved it deep down, feeling another tingle spread through her as she breathed hard, feeling him harden within her and the sun on her face again as he pulled her taut, holding her in place as he thumped into her as hard and fast as he’d even done her in the ass, right up until the point he burst powerfully inside her.

He let out a loud, guttural groan of release as his cock jumped powerfully in her ass, his hips jammed against her as he emptied his load into her petite body, causing Avril to a moan of satisfaction as he came inside her. She absolutely loved the sensation, and had to admit particularly so anally, giving a little shudder under his strong grasp as he revelled in his climax, brought on by her tight, squeezing asshole. His shaking arm released the tension on her hair a bit, only making her gasp as he reasserted it with a yank to grind his pelvis into her with his pulsing ejaculation, not pulling out at all but only seeking to bury himself more completely inside her as his hard cock stiffened intently with every spasm. The Canadian star just braced herself as he leaned on her, having built tension to an intense climax that lasted, pushing back with the heels of her hands on the grass to offer her body to him as he gave the last few, clenches to squeeze every drop of his load into her booty. With a final throb inside her and push against her firm ass, he sank back on his knees with a sigh, his hand releasing her hip and just resting on her lower back, letting her hair slowly but sensually slip through his fingers as she patiently dropped her head.

Only their heavy breathing broke the calm air, Avril’s heart pumping hard in her chest, the satisfaction of the pleasure spreading through her like the dampening of a rainstorm, getting into her faster as she let it overwhelm her soul. She couldn’t stay up, wobbling a little and letting her knees slide back out from under her once more, just slowly lowering down to the ground with him, dropping to lie with him on her back, still inside her, his heavy breathing behind her ear. He took just a moment to pull her hair aside kiss her gently on the cheek, adding a tender touch to such a primal encounter, before he lifted himself off her and rolled onto the grass beside on his back. Inhaling deeply, he looked up into the blue skies above them, taking in the sound of birds and the river, and the delicious musician’s post-orgasmic breaths along side. Avril remained face down for a couple of minutes, just resting on her arm with her eyes closed, sated but aching a little from the intense fuck she’d just been given.

He couldn’t deny the cravings he was feeling now, despite wanting to just lay back and rest in the warmth of the field. Pulling himself up, he stepped just far enough to grab his jacket from the bike, fishing in the pocket for his pack of cigarettes and lighter, stepping back and lying back down beside Avril, still face down in the grass, overwhelmed. Sliding a Marlboro from the pack, he put it in his mouth and then let his hand rest on her tight ass, giving a gentle squeeze to her as they lay nonchalantly in the open, with him taking a quick glance in case anybody was standing watching them. But they were alone, in their own little world where it was just about perfect.

Avril turned her head to him with a lazy smile as she heard the click of the lighter, half asleep now, but making the effort to shuffle over to him as he lit the cigarette, leaning in for a soft kiss as he exhaled the smoke, pulling just away to let him blow back into her mouth before finishing the kiss. She breathed out gently as she draped herself over him, pulling her fishnet-encased leg over his with a twinge of pain, wincing a touch as she rested her head down on his chest, holding herself protectively close to him. He let his arm slide round her shoulders, taking in the smooth softness of her back with his fingers, just relaxing to enjoy the warmth of her. It was like when Beth snuggled up to him, only this was Avril, his Avril.

He took another slow drag from the cigarette, then lowered it to her as she lay on him, putting it to her soft lips where she took a drag herself, just slowly inhaling the flavour of it and then resting her head back down with a contended snuggle, blowing the smoke out carefully so it flowed across his body and down onto the grass beyond. He just took another pull from it and closed his eyes, carefully lowering it back down to Avril to do the same, feeling her pout bump his fingers and then give a little kiss to his hand once she was done, moments later feeling it breathed out hotly across his body. The relaxing sensations of it spread through them both in the after-sex glow, completing them after their intense session as they basked on the grass. A couple more puffs from both of them saw it nearly to the end, where he offered it down to her again.

“Last one,” he said quietly, not wanting to interrupt the mood as she plucked it neatly from his fingers.

“You can share if you come and get it,” she replied, closing her lips on it to draw the last of its relaxing smoke into her lungs. As she drew it away from her mouth, his hands grasped around her slender ribcage, just under her arms, and pulled her strongly up to him, sliding her easily on top of him.

“Or bring it to me,” he murmured as she leaned down beside his head, quickly stubbing out the cigarette end on the ground, hovering over him with a slight, sly smile, just making him wait a moment before she swooped slowly down to him, nuzzling her nose against his and then breathing the smoke out intimately into his waiting mouth, hearing his inhale in contrast to her exhale as he drew it in. Spent, she leant over to nuzzle down the side of his face, just brushing her nose and lips gently over his skin, under his jaw line, feeling his slight, manly stubble and taking in his scent as he held his breath, and her body, his hands caressing and stroking her gently as she lay atop him.

Avril gave little sexual grinds of her pelvis, arching her back to let her soft breasts push at him as he blew the smoke out into the air, losing himself in the quiet ecstasy of having her so attentive. She gently touched his face to direct him back to her, meeting him immediately with a soft, passionate kiss; so careful were the caresses of her tongue as it coaxed his to entwine, yet so loaded with emotion and intensity. His hands took in her smooth skin and slender figure as they kissed, lost in a perfect moment until she broke subtly away with a suck of his tongue, giving a teasingly careful bite of his lower lip, just pulling at it slightly as she slipped away from him, back down into place beside him, delicately resting her head and soft hair back on his chest.

They lay together for ages, the sun passing slowly across the sky as they nearly dozed off, before he decided they really needed to head back. Prying the near-napping star from him, she grumbled at being disturbed and lay on her side as he pulled himself up, pulling his jeans over to get at his phone, intending to check the time. It was well into the afternoon, but also he had a message from his business partner, saying there was some problem at their shop and he’d need to come and check it out. In typically minimal style, his partner hadn’t elaborated, meaning it must be serious enough to warrant his presence. He gave a sigh, not wanting such an interruption with company such as he had. There was also a message from Beth, saying that she’d be home soon, giving a rough guess of later in the afternoon.

“I need to head back, something going on at my shop,” he said, putting the phone away and finding his shorts.

“What happened?” she asked, pulling herself up and giving him a lovely view of her humble chest resisting gravity perkily.

“I’m not sure, but enough that I need to drop in,” he said, pulling his shorts on and going to his jeans.

“What about me?” Avril asked, casually naked bar her stockings and not rushing to put her clothes on as she gave a stretch.

“I’ll drop you back off at my place, Beth will be home soon,” he said.

“Gonna throw me to the wolves are you?” she said, raising her eyebrows but giving a naughty smile.

“Maybe,” he said after a pause, giving a smile. Avril reached for her sexy silk panties, untwisting them and pulling them to her dainty feet.

“I’m gonna need these,” she murmured, knowing his loads would start leaking back out of her once she was sitting on the bike. Slipping the red underwear up to conceal her beautifully smooth pussy, she enjoyed him watching as she pulled her bra back on, retrieved from the grass to match her panties before she stood up. Looking at herself, she realised she had grass stains all over her hands, elbows and knees through her stockings, and she was sure she’d have some on her back as well. She didn’t concern herself with it though, and found her red top, quickly pulling it on as he got his shirt and boots back on, enjoying watching her. The sun beamed across the land to neatly illuminate her from behind, giving him an artfully sexy view of her as she pulled her token skirt back up her slender legs, then stepped them into her knee-high boots once more.

She didn’t show it, but she could feel her arse aching from the unexpected pounding she’d taken, which had brought her intense pleasure after a fair bit of pain, and she knew the ride home was going to be a bit uncomfortable. Pushing her hair back, she gave him a smile and then pulled close to him, her hands grasping at his shirt to pull him closer, pushing up on her toes to give him a sensual kiss, starting softly and then adding tongue, making it hungrier and more passionate. It was the kind that could lead them into another hard fuck, but they had no time for that now, and he broke it to spin her round, pulling his arms round her as if they’d been dating for years so they could look across the peaceful countryside in the sunshine. They took just a few moments to soak it up, looking across the river and fields, and around the quiet spot under the tree where they’d had such a fulfilling encounter that neither of them would ever forget. With a kiss to her head, the moment was broken, and he stepped to the bike, picking up his jacket and handing hers over, pulling it on as Avril pensively looked around a moment before doing the same.

“Ready?” he asked, finding the keys for the Triumph.

“Sure, take me home,” she said, giving a playful smile and a wink. He just smiled in return, pulling his helmet on and firing the bike up, just letting the still-warm engine get going again before the ride. Avril got her lid on, and then somewhat gingerly climbed up onto the back of the bike, swinging her leg over it and settling carefully onto the seat, giving a quiet grumble about it as her ass throbbed momentarily. She held the rear handle, waiting for him as he fastened his chinstrap and then hopped on, settling himself down in the seat and then feeling Avril pull her arms around his waist. Kicking the stand up, he put it in gear and slowly moved out of the field, carefully making his way back to the road, feeling the tyres bite on the smooth tarmac and the smoothly letting the throttle out, the air rushing past them as the bike accelerated away from their secluded spot. Avril rested her head on his back, watching the countryside rush past them as he wound back along the country road. He wasn’t going slowly, but it was nothing compared to the thrilling speed they’d ridden at earlier, and made a fittingly relaxing trip home as he just cruised back towards the city in the sunshine with his girl at his back.

Avril kept her elbows down on her skirt more now to stop it blowing up, hiding her sexy stockings as she let the thought of Beth cross her mind. She wasn’t really sure what to expect, and soon decided to forget it as they wound back out from under the trees, just enjoying her time with him and the hum of the bike beneath her legs. Traffic was busier now as he guided them safely back to his place, pulling into the car park and turning it round, ready to head straight out to his shop after dropping her off. She climbed a little stiffly off the bike as he found his keys for the flat, handing them to Avril, waiting as she took her helmet off, sweeping her hair back before taking the keys from him.

“I’ll be back soon,” he mumbled from under the helmet as she smiled.

“Sure,” she replied simply, turning to go into the building. With a cheeky squeeze of her ass, he then revved up the bike and pulled away again, nipping off out into the road and away towards the city centre. Avril just gave a glance after him for a moment in the sunshine, then turned and headed in, walking up the stairs and thinking of when he’d followed her sexily up them last time she was in town. Letting herself into his place, she closed the door behind her, realising how oddly quiet it was alone and that she had little to do but wait. She put the helmet down in the hallway and pulled off her leather bike jacket, taking a more detailed look at the muddy grass stains all over her arms and legs, making it pretty clear what she’d been doing, well to her at least. She pulled her soft boots off and left them in his room with her jacket as she milled about a bit; unsure what to do with herself, nosey curiosity got the better of her and she couldn’t help but go to the drawers and open them, snooping through Beth’s underwear.

She had quite the collection; the drawers contained a variety of sexy knickers and thongs, bras, garter belts, stockings of all sorts. In another drawer she had several corsets, Basques and a sexy fishnet body stocking. Avril couldn’t stop, knowing she would never have been so interested prior to her eye-opening encounter with Beth months before, but now she was interested and a little turned on as she snooped through her lesbian playmates underwear, letting her fingers just touch and feel some of them, the silky materials making heart squeeze a little bit faster. As she opened drawers by the bed, she discovered their far more naughty items, like bottles of lube, cock rings, vibrators, a dildo and handcuffs amongst other things. Picking up one of the toys, she just felt it and imagined them using it as they kinkily got it on, in the very bed beside her, evidently having an open and imaginative sex life…that she might just fit into.

Shaking herself from the thoughts, she put the vibrator back and closed the drawer, making sure things were as they had been and then walked through to the main room and looked out the French doors over the balcony at the bright day outside. She decided it would be nice to have a little rest, and she slumped down into the sofa gratefully, letting herself fully relax and just stop briefly, clearing her mind. She lay out fully with her dainty feet up for a while, almost dozing off in the quiet of the apartment, before she was alerted by a key in the door, breaking the enclosing silence. Beth came back into the apartment, checking her phone and hardly paying much attention. Avril quickly got up from the sofa, smoothing her skirt down and pushing her hair back, making herself more presentable, almost as if to look like she’d not been vigorously fucked by Beth’s boyfriend, even though the brunette was fully aware that was what was going on and absolutely fine with it.

“Oh, hi!” Beth said, surprised as she clapped eyes on the diminutive singer as she walked into the hall, not expecting her to be there.

“Hey,” Avril said, a little shyly, almost like she was laying in wait for her.

“I didn’t see the bike outside, I didn’t know you guys were home,” Beth said, walking to the main room and dropping her handbag down.

“It’s just me, he had to go to the shop and sort something out,” Avril replied, shuffling on her feet a little nervously.

“Ah yeah, that happens sometimes,” Beth said.

“How are your parents, nice lunch?” Avril asked, wondering what she’d been up to as they romped in the field.

“They’re good thanks, just passing through, and it’s a lovely day outside. Was a nice lunch in the sun,” she said with a smile.

“Sounds good, it’s lovely out there, was nice on the bike,” she commented, then realised what she’d said. Beth might be cool with it, but it was still a touch awkward to bring the subject up. Luckily, Beth just breezed over it no problem.

“Yeah it’s a gorgeous day to be out on the bike, I love going out with him when it’s like this. Have a nice ride?” she asked, glancing over Avril’s saucy outfit. She hadn’t been dressed when she left, and now she could see how she’d outfitted herself to please her boyfriend, knowing he’d have loved it.

“Yeah it was great, we went pretty fast, some nice roads out in the country,” Avril replied, thinking back to how she’d stood up on the back of the Triumph.

“Sounds great but…what happened to you?” she asked, indicating the muddy grass stains on her arms and knees, and messy blonde hair.

“Oh I…well…”Avril started, then stalled as she realised what she’d have to say to explain it. Cool or not, it was hard to tell Beth about it. The foxy brunette just broke into a grin however.

“Got it,” she said, nonchalantly turning to walk back up the hall, “I’m gonna make a cup of tea if you want one?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder sexily at Avril. She musician was momentarily caught in that gaze before she could reply, making her immediately think of more than just tea.

“No thanks, I’m gonna jump in the shower,” she said, leaving Beth to walk to the kitchen as she checked out her ass in her snug jeans. Avril walked down the hall, glancing to Beth in the kitchen a she did, and then went to their bedroom, pushing the door to but not closed. Peeling her top off, she quickly discarded her short skirt, letting it slip down her legs before peeling her stockings off to leave her in just her bra and panties. Glancing towards the door, she idly thought Beth might be there, but she wasn’t, and so unclipped her bra and dropped it, letting her perky breasts support themselves before she quickly pulled her knickers down, slipping the red silk off, noting how she’d leaked his load into them as she dropped them with the rest of her stuff. Glancing around, she realised there was no towels to hand, but figured there would be in the bathroom.

She opened the door and glanced out, with no sign of Beth around, just noise from the kitchen still. Avril stepped across to the bathroom completely naked, closing the door and then stepping across the cold black tiles to the large shower cubicle. It seemed much bigger and less exciting when she didn’t have him there with her like last time, when he’d helped to sexily wash her and then, at her behest, squeezed his cock into her ass. Avril turned the water on, checking there was a towel on the radiator as it warmed up, and then stepped in, letting her smooth leg lead into the cascade. She pulled the door closed behind her as she immersed herself under the hot shower, turning it up just a little bit more as she just stood beneath it, letting it engulf her body entirely, putting her head under it to allow it to soak her long hair. Her dirty blonde mane turned dark as it soaked up the water, Avril just breathing deeply under it as the water ran down her face, before flicking her head back and pushed it away from her face. She knew her make up would be running and used the shower and her hands to work it away.

Stretching herself out, she let the hot water get at every inch of her, running her hands over her delicious body as it washed away the evidence of her tumbles in the field. She worked at her elbows and hands, lifting her legs to do her knees to remove the grassy stains that illustrated so perfectly just what position she’d opted for. Reaching down, she let her fingers caress her smooth pussy, just stroking at herself a bit before hooking them inside somewhat, telling herself she was washing away their combined juices, but in truth she was a bit horny again, memories of times with him before and ponderings of future encounters tempting her. She carefully did the same with her arse, and then just enjoyed the shower, lost for a couple of minutes in idle thoughts behind the steamed up glass and beneath the pouring shower head.

She was interrupted as the door to the shower cubicle suddenly opened, spinning round and shoving her soaked hair back from her face to set her eyes on Beth as she hopped naked into the shower, closing the door behind her with a determined look in her eyes. Avril’s eyes fell to her sexy body, taking in her curves, pierced nipple and smoothly shaven pussy with a hint of jewellery to match her own, the flick of her eyes taking just a moment to absorb the delicious details of the brunette before looking back into her eyes. There were no words, and Beth simply glided onto Avril, pulling her into a deep, hungry yet gentle kiss, their lips locking together, tongues massaging one another’s as Beth’s hands pulled up onto her slick shoulder blades as the shower poured down on them. Beth gave a slight growl of arousal deep in her throat, making Avril tingle with excitement at the primal sound, her lust evident as she held her.

Their kiss became more intense; they both battled to take control as Avril decided to push back a bit and see what happened, their tongues darting and delving into each other’s mouths, Avril using hers to play with and feel Beth’s tongue stud as she enjoyed what was essentially her first one-on-one lesbian kiss. Her own hands pulled round Beth’s body, sliding down the wettening curve of her back, taking in the beautiful arch of her body as she let her hand slip down to her bum, just resting a little nervously on top of it before, with her heart pumping, she pushed down over it and took a good, proper squeeze. Beth just gave a smile that Avril could feel, her fingers rolling over to dig her nails lightly into the sexy singer, taking control as she pulled them down her soft skin and then pushed her back against the wall of the shower, pinning her shoulders playfully as she pulled away.

“Finally I get you all to myself,” Beth practically growled, leaning down to kiss at Avril’s neck, making her shiver and squeeze her thighs together. Hearing the brunette express her lust was a huge turn on, even though her heart was pounding as she was on the cusp of her first one-on-one lesbian encounter, with a girl who was considerably more experienced and aggressive. She totally intended to just go for it though, having thought of Beth plenty since their previous incident, where Avril had succeeded despite not having a clue what she was doing. The singer tried to push up from the wall to take control again somewhat, but Beth just pushed her back, smiling at her attempts and then leaning down to drag her pierced tongue up Avril’s face.

“I’ve waited for this for a long time,” she whispered saucily into her ear, making Avril first squeeze her legs together, then raise her thigh to rub at Beth’s, her hand again groping her ass.

“Me too,” Avril breathed, knowing it was true, “I’ve thought about you so many times.”

“Good, and now you’re all mine,” Beth purred, sinking her teeth firmly into Avril’s neck, making her cry out before she kissed her hard again, almost ferociously this time. Their passion was unleashed now and Avril shoved herself away from the wall so they were engulfed by the shower once more, their legs slipping together as they kissed deeply, hungrily making out as their hands roamed all over. Their tongues battled between them as they blatantly felt each others slippery bodies, their hands caressing curves, taking in waists and hips, stroking up backs, squeezing breasts. Avril let her nails drag over Beth’s full breasts, hooking her finger into her nipple ring and giving it first a pull and then a twist to make the bisexual beauty groan in pleasure. Beth’s hands also took in Avril’s perky breasts, squeezing her nipples lightly and then letting her hands diverge, one moving into her hair as the other slid down her back.

She stroked to Avril’s firm ass as they continued to make out, giving a firm grope at first, and then letting her fingers stroke between. The singer arched her back as her hair was pulled, and then bit Beth’s lip as the brunettes fingers slipped over her tight, tender arsehole, making her shudder at the intimate touch. She was still delicate from the impromptu dry-fuck he’d given her in the field, and to have Beth touch her there so nonchalantly meant it was an intense mix of thoughts and sensations. Beth pulled away a moment to look Avril in the eyes, sucking her lip.

“Get fucked in the ass?” she asked, even as her fingertips continued to gently stroke over her tight sphincter.

“…Yeah, hard,” replied Avril after a pause, deciding not to sugar coat it since Beth had asked. There was a moment between them, and then a naughty smile spread across Beth’s lips.

“I know how that feels,” she almost purred, letting her tongue flick out over her lips as her finger gave a more definitive push over her anus, pushing slightly inside and making Avril gasp. Beth was just pure sexual force once she got going; Avril had never met or been with anyone like her, not that she’d been with any other girls. If this was what her future lesbian encounters could bring, she was looking forward to exploring her sexuality further that was for sure, and couldn’t be at all surprised why he was so happy with her. Beth grinned excitedly as she pulled on Avril’s long, wet hair, tipping her head back and exposing her neck, like a vampire’s victim presented. She relished Avril’s gasp as she pushed her finger into her ass now, burying it past the second knuckle, gazing into the singers eyes as she continued to look down at her along her nose. With a slight pull at her hair, she leaned in to drag her pierced tongue up her smooth neck, making her tremble and close her eyes.

Beth bit lightly at her jaw a few times and then down onto her neck once more, engaging her teeth with the soft skin as she worked down to her collarbone, letting her teeth graze and bump at her threateningly, punctuating with little nips as she kissed her way down the petite Canadian. She worked along it inwards, then immediately down onto Avril’s humble chest, making her arch her back more to try and encourage the brunette. She didn’t need it, already working to the nipple, wasting no time in attaching her teeth to the delicate point, giving a little nip with her front teeth that made Avril squeak before she sucked on it intently, changing to nibbles with her soft lips as her tongue circled and flicked at the stiff peak. The singer was breathing with light moans of pleasure as her long-awaited girl-on-girl encounter with Beth unfolded, simply revelling in the soft touch of her skilled hands, completely lost in her grasp. Beth’s skilful hand slipped round from her ass to her delectably smooth pussy, letting the backs of her fingers just slide smoothly over the wet skin teasingly, before she curled them up to press at Avril’s clit, knowing just how to drive the captive ball around her stiff button to almost make her double over in pleasure.

“Ohh fuck,” Avril whimpered in surrendered intensity as the brunette held her head back by her hair and fingered her, digits dancing on and around her clit like magic as she showed just what she knew about girls to the Canadian beauty, making her arch and roll her hips to chase it harder as she gasped and moaned her approval to the rush of the shower cubicle. Suddenly it stopped though, making Avril lurch from the tiles, eyes snapping open just in time for Beth to kiss her again and push her back onto the wall. Using her grip on the singer’s long, dirty-blonde hair, Beth pulled her down towards the floor, making her resist slightly.

“You first,” Beth purred, looking into her eyes. Avril stared back with her blue pair, taking in Beth’s lustful wants. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she took a deep breath and went for it, lowering herself slowly to her knees, letting Beth’s hand rest on her head as she slipped her own hands down her sides. She’d been thinking of time alone with the gorgeous brunette for so long and now it was upon her as she knelt before her, taking in the perfectly smooth pussy that waited for her mouth, the curved barbell inviting her exploring tongue. Avril ran her dainty hands down the back of Beth’s thighs, just using her fingers to pull at them slightly and encourage Beth to open her legs a little more. She was happy to oblige and tipped her head back with a sigh as the singer’s soft tongue ran up over her lips, flatly stimulating all of her a little bit as it glided over her vulva. Her fingers curled in Avril’s hair as she slowly started licking with long laps of her tongue up her lips, thrusting it underneath to just let the tip split Beth’s lips and taste her juices as she pulled upwards towards her waiting clit barbell, just lifting it a bit as she passed over it.

She murmured with pleasure as Avril picked up the pace and started to eat her pussy, shoving her lack of experience to the back of her mind and getting to work. She’d made Beth come twice before with her tongue and was sure she could do it again now, feeling far less conscious about being with another girl now and enjoying the soft folds as her tongue glided through them. She took in the taste of Beth’s slick juices as they coated her lips and spread through her mouth, relishing the forbidden taste and texture as she started working her tongue over Beth’s clit, pressing the barbell down onto her clit beneath, trying to work it so it rolled around the sensitive button for maximum stimulation. She pulled her hands back up the silky, soaked thighs to Beth’s lovely, rounded ass, taking a good grope of it as she buried her face in between her legs, breaking her clitoral ministrations with long laps up the smooth lips.

“Mm that’s it,” Beth groaned, rocking her hips to help Avril do her best, loving the feel of her eager tongue as it swirled and stimulated her. The musician used her hold on Beth’s fine booty to spread it, exposing her and adding more threat to her work as she let her fingers creep inside towards her tight asshole. Avril paused to start working her tongue strongly between her labia, working into her soft inner lips to dip easily into the slippery entrance, feeling the heat and delicious yield of her body as she did. Beth gave a further groan as Avril’s fingertips found her tight backdoor, stroking at it deftly and tempting her to push back and encourage more. Avril did as she wished, stiffening her finger and letting the beautiful brunette push back onto it, squeezing her digit into her tight arse. With a couple of knuckles inside, Beth started to rock back and forth between Avril’s probing finger and questing tongue, feeling the energy behind the unskilled oral assault. For a beginner though, Avril certainly seemed a natural at eating pussy.

Avril slid her hand away from holding Beth’s ass, leaving the other to continue fingering her slowly as she brought it back round her thigh and then between them, feeling how smooth and inviting she was. Her flesh was so nice, tempting her to explore all of it, evident as she pushed her mouth deep between her legs, curling her tongue up to bury it hungrily inside her sweet pussy, hearing her exhale and feeling the squeeze of her vagina as she did so, sending a rush through her. Thrusting her tongue powerfully inside her again as she started a rhythm, the rock chick enjoyed herself as she brought Beth pleasure, pushing her finger just a bit deeper into her arse as she did, loving the slick, juicy sensation as she delved her strong tongue into her. She wondered what it would feel like if she had a tongue piercing like Beth’s, and as she’d lustfully suggested the previous evening as she revelled beneath her oral ministrations. Avril couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have and use in her tongue, and what she could do to Beth with it, and him, as she worked it into intimate places.

She didn’t let this distract her from what she was doing however, working her tongue in and around Beth’s sweet pussy, her other hand now curling to lightly scratch her fingernails at her toned thighs, dragging them over the wet skin as the shower continued to cascade down over them. Extracting her tongue from the clenching tunnel, Avril shifted back up to focus on her clit again, lapping at her a little slower and more firmly through her soft hood, working the piercing around a bit, properly feeling the curved stainless steel barbell and taking it in. She flicked at it with the tip of her tongue to bounce it as she slid her hand up, letting her fingertips lightly make contact with Beth’s juicy labia, just teasing her protruding inner lips. Avril held Beth a little more firmly with her arm across her ass and attacked her clit more, letting herself get under the hood to apply direct stimulation that made the brunette shiver, her hand pushing into the singer’s hair as she did, gripping a little as she easily inserted one finger into her.

“Mm keep going,” Beth encouraged, giving a squeeze as Avril started to work her finger briskly in and out of her, having no problem in her dripping wet pussy. She turned it to hook back against her G-spot for a moment, then quickly switched up to two fingers, finding them just as smoothly accommodated as she thrust them deep inside her lesbian lover. Beth spread her legs a little more as Avril started to pump her digits in and out, going at quite a pace straight away as she also worked her clit, using little flicking movements of the flat of her tongue. Beth hadn’t seen much action in the last fortnight, and to now have Avril going to town on her was certainly doing the business. She felt the Canadian singer working hard, evidently trying to get her tongue into as many stimulating positions as possible, as she also co-ordinated both her hands, thrusting two fingers deep inside her as her other maintained the finger in her ass.

Beth gave a throaty growl as Avril firmly pressed her finger deeper inside her ass, pushing back into it invitingly as she did, burying it to her knuckles now and making her shiver as Avril continued to lap at her clit. She was working side to side now over her button, making her curved barbell flick nicely across her nub directly as her two fingers continued to be driven deeply inside her, delving and searching into her pussy, slowing to hook onto her G-spot for intense, soulful sensation. Avril might be nervous, but she certainly seemed to be putting that aside and applying all she knew about the female body to stimulate Beth. She was starting to enjoy herself overall; the unique taste, the deliciously smooth lips under her tongue, the contrasting sensations of her two holes constricting on her fingers. Encouraged by Beth’s enjoyment of it, she tried to work harder, adjusting her tongue technique again and then giving a deep, twisting thrust of her fingers, before she pulled them back and unfolded her ring finger, barely breaking her rhythm as she pushed three fingers back into Beth. She felt the brunettes snug pussy resist her more this time, the muscles squeezing at her as she caught her a little by surprise in upgrading to three digits, making her push harder to get all the way to the knuckles on the first push, making Beth shudder and growl as she pushed down on them a bit. She loved the feeling of stretching out like this, and though Avril’s three fingers was only slight she still enjoyed the moment.

She was very wet and Avril had no problem in rapidly pumping triple digits in and out of her pussy, giving curling and spreading motions of her fingers as she did to stroke and stimulate every possible nerve ending she could reach. Beth murmured with pleasure at the combined efforts of the singer, which included the finger in her ass starting to work slightly in and out to compliment the rest of her efforts. Avril rested her tongue momentarily as she swapped to kissing and massaging with her lips, pulling at the piercing as she let her aching tongue rest in her jaw. Beth rocked her hips as her fingers twisted into Avril’s long, soaked hair, barely noticing the water cascading down over them as the eager Canadian worked her pussy. Avril worked her fingertips into Beth’s G-spot, feeling the slightest rough patch on the front wall of her vagina to work on, making Beth squeeze and push onto her fingers as the deep, more intense form of pleasure spread through her body.

Avril worked for a few moments, then switched back to thrusting her three fingers inside her again, enjoying the hot, slick sensations wrapped around her slim digits as she pumped them in and out. She wondered how it would feel over more, like her hand. Thrusting her hand up and down, she glanced upwards, treated to the luscious sight of Beth’s gorgeous body; her toned tummy, her perky C-cups hanging and dripping water down onto her, her pierced nipple, gasping with wet hair down around her face. It made her pussy clench with need and thrust her hand up a bit harder, her fingers sliding in and out rapidly as Beth gave a moan. She didn’t waste too much time with three though, and despite the firm squeeze on them she paused to add her little finger, curling the tips together and then pressing them into the waiting pussy, wiggling them to open her and then forcing four fingers into the brunette, making her stretch and give a strained, exhaling sound as her vagina was opened up further. Her muscles gave a tight squeeze that compressed Avril’s fingers for a moment, before she relaxed and let out a gasp, followed by more as the musician started to powerfully thrust her fingers into her.

She couldn’t go as fast, but she made them count, delving her fingers as deep as possible inside her. Her fingertips explored and felt every inch of her sweet pussy as she let her tongue get going again, immediately going to work with the barbell through her hood, working it on Beth’s clit to make her groan more deeply as she jammed four fingers inside her. Beth hadn’t been fingered so intently in some time and was enjoying the sensation, though taking four fingers from Avril as opposed to her boyfriend was quite a difference. Avril worked her fingers around, spreading them as much as she could and curling them, exploring her as if it was something she’d never done before. Perhaps it wasn’t, she mused. Avril seemed to be quite driven though, and as she licked at Beth’s clit she thrust four fingers in, and then slowed, folded her thumb into her palm and then pressed upwards again. She felt the tip of her thumb touch the soft labia and tried to push on, feeling Beth stretch a little more before she pushed up on her toes and squeezed to deny Avril.

“Mm you’re not gonna manage that,” Beth said, looking down at Avril.

“What, I…” she replied, like a rabbit in the headlights, jolted from her intent focus.

“I know what you’re trying to do. You won’t do it, not with me standing up like this,” she said, pushing Avril’s hair back over her ear. She didn’t respond, just knelt before her without withdrawing her fingers.

“I can do it, I have before with other girls, but you’d need me lying down and relaxed to get that dainty hand of yours in,” Beth smiled, looking into Avril’s pretty eyes.

“Oh,” she just replied, a little short of words at being stopped in her pursuits. They just paused for a moment, before Avril broke the mood by pressing her lips back to Beth’s juicy pussy, continuing to look up at the gorgeous brunette as she did so, burying her tongue into the slick folds to attack her clit, driving the metal bar against her clit to make her shudder deeply. She withdrew to three fingers again and started to work them in and out busily as Beth pushed down a bit in response, breathing heavier but continuing to look down into the eyes of the cute Canadian as she ate her pussy, her pout pressed firmly against her completely smooth crotch.

“So, you enjoy fucking my boyfriend?” Beth asked, looking deeply into her eyes. Avril was a little caught by the question, until she saw the brunette give a smile. Avril smiled slightly through her mouthful of pussy and managed a nod, holding her gaze as she continued to work at her as best she could. It was working, as Beth gave a little shiver and bit her lip, groaning lightly in pleasure.

“Bet you loved it, and you’ll enjoy this as well,” Beth murmured, reaching down to push her fingers through Avril’s hair again and pull her head gently away from her. The singer paused to see what Beth was up to, watching as she brushed her cheek with the back of her fingers and then turned around in front of her to present her toned, rounded ass. Avril hesitated, as she knew exactly what was expected of her here, and that Beth would remind her that she liked having it done to her so it was only fair. Taking a breath, the singer slid her hands up the sides of her ass, running them over the firm cheeks and giving a squeeze, before she pulled them apart to reveal her juicy labia and tight asshole. It was a unique sensation for her, her heart thumping as she exposed her first lesbian lover so intimately; as she took in the sight of her treasures, Avril knew she wouldn’t be her last. She got the feeling that the next sexy lesbian fan girl to make a pass at her might just get more than an autograph. Her hands ran over Beth once more, feeling the soft, warm femininity in her grasp, the skin so warm and wet under her hands as she squeezed and groped the brunette, prior to spreading her ass again and burying her face between her strong thighs with no further thought.

Beth gave a moan as Avril went for it, pulling her tongue up the back of her pussy, splitting the lips nicely on her way to licking over her tight asshole. Beth shivered deeply at the touch of the singers tongue on her most intimate hole, feeling Avril pause momentarily before she licked back over it again. The Canadian felt the tight ring of muscle squeeze at her silky contact, tempting her to glide over it once more, probing with the tip a little before she pushed at the tight hole. It gave slowly to her powerful tongue, Beth just pushing back a bit to her as she did, feeling the strong hole grasp powerfully at her as she did it, before it squeezed her back out completely. The brunette gave a shiver as Avril circled her anus with the tip of her tongue, giving a couple more licks over it before slipping back down to delve her tongue into her pussy again, relishing the taste now as she felt the snug, juicy tunnel engulf her. Thrusting it quickly in and out, she made Beth groan with pleasure, arching her back to let Avril access her more deeply as she did so. Avril was getting into the groove now, and knew she could do what it took to make Beth orgasm. Her hand slid from the side of her ass over her hip and then down her tummy, over her perfectly shaven pussy at which the mere touch made Avril hungry, to easily find the pierced clit hood that awaited.

Beth almost doubled up at the intense onslaught unleashed upon her by the singers fingers; it was like she’d been doing it for years, as she certainly seemed to know entirely how to push her buttons as the shower cascaded down over the pair of them. Avril continued to thrust and lick with her tongue into and over both of Beth’s holes, mixing the slick, juicy sensation of her pussy with the tight, tempting challenge of her asshole as she worked her fingers briskly. Her fingertips toyed with the vertical piercing, twisting and pulling at it, then driving it down and around her sensitive button. She let it go to use her fingertips directly, which rushed Beth towards her climax, which seemed to overtake her so quickly. Before she knew what was happening, her orgasm hit her, making her shudder powerfully and brace herself against the glass of the shower cubicle, her hands slipping on the steamy glass as the Canadian singer continued to stimulate her from both sides, driving her through her climax hard.

Beth let out a gasping, groaning expression of ecstasy at the orgasm, the first she’d had off another girl since the last time Avril had eaten her pussy for her. Trembling, she let the incredible powerful of the climax consume her soul, her thoughts spreading like a fog in her mind and dissipating into an intangible cloud as the pleasure took pride of place in her thoughts. She could feel every delicate dance of Avril’s tongue and fingers, only intensifying the pleasure, right up until the wave of it broke over her, making her suddenly shudder at the unbearable sensitivity of it all.

“Stop, stop…” she gasped, waving her hand back at Avril weakly to prevent the singer from going any further. Avril broke away with a gasp of her own, breathing hard after the intense effort she’d made to get Beth off. Her hand slid back to her hip, holding her with a squeeze as she rocked back onto her heels behind her. She gave Beth a playful smack on the bum as she let go, grinning up at the brunette as she turned round to look down at her, still catching her breath.

“I knew you were a natural,” she murmured, pushing Avril’s hair back over her ear, letting her fingertips brush down her soft face. The singer gave an embarrassed smile at being reminded what she’d done, biting her lip and carefully climbing to her feet in the unending deluge of the shower. Beth was waiting for her and immediately gave her a kiss, locking lips sensually with her; it wasn’t aggressive or pushy, just hungry and loving, her tongue gliding easily into her mouth to seek hers. The deep, intimate kiss lasted beyond more than a lustful moment, and then Beth broke away, turning to shut the shower off, the silence surrounding them in an instant as it went quiet, the last rush of water gurgling down the drain.

“Shower time’s over,” Beth announced, turning with a smile to push the door open into the steamy bathroom, leaving Avril stood naked and wet, a little affronted that Beth seemed to have had her fun and hopped out.

“But Beth,” she pouted, meeting her gaze as she picked up a towel and wrapped herself in it. She smiled at the singer and held up a towel for her, offering it invitingly. Avril withheld a grumble and stepped out into her arms, feeling quite spoilt as the brunette pulled it round her and held her quite close, smiling foxily as she looked into her eyes. Just holding the famous singer so casually was still surreal to her, but she enjoyed the moment as her hands took in the petite Canadian, rubbing the towel over her delicate curves and up through her soaked blonde hair. She let Avril have the towel to handle the rest, where she nonchalantly let it slip from round her body and reached up to work at her hair, quite comfortable now with Beth after what they’d done. Beth kept herself wrapped and just watched for a moment before Avril gave it a pull down over her shoulder and turned to walk from the bathroom, figuring playtime was over.

Beth followed Avril as she walked over the hall and mindlessly stepped into the bedroom, not really sure where to go now, pushing her hair over and down her back, letting the damp towel hang down from one hand to expose her gorgeous naked body. Beth took in her damp form, a little moisture glistening on her smooth skin as she took in Avril’s toned form, her tight ass and sexy legs as she stepped into the bedroom. She looked irresistible, and she didn’t intend to either; letting her towel drop to the floor, Beth pounced on Avril as she got near the bed, before she even had a chance to look round. The diminutive singer was knocked flat on her face, Beth landing on top of her and pinning her down, grabbing hold of her wrists and holding them firmly to the bed as she hungrily bit and kissed across the back of Avril’s smooth shoulders, feeling the smooth contours of her shoulder blades as she arched on the bed beneath her.

“Oh Beth, don’t tease me,” she gasped, already so wet from her shower action with her, in need of reciprocation. Beth didn’t answer, instead just biting harder on her shoulder and then sliding down her body, kissing and licking down her spine as her hands slipped down her elegant waist and over her hips. She didn’t stop, biting Avril firmly on the ass and making her cry out, but only want more, pushing her hips back and up towards the feisty brunette. Beth knew exactly what she was doing and wasted no time, spanking the singer hard and making her tight booty shake, before she grabbed her and exposed her, burying her face into her ass to firmly drive her tongue over her tight backdoor. Avril shuddered hard, her whole body caught up in it as she arched to offer Beth more access to her, legs sliding apart to reveal her juicy vulva for similar attention.

She wasn’t disappointed as the tongue delved down into her velvet-soft lips, the tip pushing easily and deeply between her puffy labia, tasting her juices and the hint of his as she got a first-hand taste of what Avril had been up to earlier on. Beth smacked the Canadian firmly on the ass with one hand as her fingernails raked shut in a threatening grope with the other, making her tremble on the bed. Her brunette lover was quick and aggressive however, seizing complete control of the situation as she buried her mouth into her once more, her tongue delivering long, tremor-inducing drags up Avril’s juicy pussy and over her asshole, making it quite clear where this was going and that she was downright eager to return the favour. Avril reached back to pull Beth’s face into her ass, her fingers tangling in her long, dark hair, feeling the warmth and softness of her as she did so. Beth let her do it for just a moment and then powerfully wrenched her head back, causing Avril to lose balance a little and grab the bed, presenting her with an opportunity. Beth grabbed her wrists, pinning them to the bed beside her open thighs as she delved back in once more, taking a firm bite of the singers tight ass on her way to circling her tight backdoor with her tongue.

Avril gasped and groaned on the bed, slumped down on her chest, face to one side in a sea of her blonde hair as she was stimulated in the most intimate manner, with another girl licking her asshole. Beth teased her with a circling and probing tongue, just testing the resolve of her sphincter a few times before she pushed down once more, letting her lips brush quite delicately over Avril’s, just meeting softness with softness, letting her breath spread hotly over the petite stars perfectly shaven vulva. Avril shivered, wishing to push back onto her mouth, but she suspected she’d be thwarted, left wanting if she did so. And to ask for it would turn to begging, something she also suspected Beth would like to hear from her, that she didn’t really want to do. But right now she was throbbing for attention, able to feel her titanium hood ring resting against her aching clit, every little movement sending tingles through her body. She decided to get over herself and just do what was necessary.

“Beth, please. Please don’t stop, please, I need it,” she whined, wiggling her hips enticingly from side to side. Beth just smiled and let her lips and tip of her tongue graze lightly over the beautifully soft body presented to her.

“Mm huh,” Beth murmured, just teasing and flicking her tongue quickly at the insides of Avril’s thighs, and underneath to catch her captive-ball clit piercing, making her visibly shudder and squeeze her thighs.

“Beth, Beth I’m begging you, please lick my pussy! My ass, please…” she gasped, broken by a surging, whining sound of pleasure as Beth went for it, hearing the magic words and giving the singer what she so desperately needed. Her tongue sank immediately to full depth inside her, feeling the natural squeeze of her muscles as they responded to the penetration; Beth loved that, the feel of a woman clenching on her as she buried her tongue deeply within her, the all encompassing sensation of them clamping down around her skilful, pierced tongue. Relishing it for a few moments, she pulled back on Avril’s wrists to arch her a little tighter and started to thrust her tongue rapidly in and out, pushing a deep groan of pleasure from the prone beauty and making her shiver as the pleasure spread deeply through her. She was already quite close and knew at this rate it wouldn’t take too long.

Beth pulled her tongue out to quickly flick her tongue against her latest lovers soft lips, just bringing her clit into it a little before she moved to her ass with one long lick, feeling her squeeze instinctively beneath her as she did, the tight muscle clenching as best as it could after the tough anal pounding she’d taken earlier that afternoon. Beth just worked her tongue around it in circles for moment, letting Avril feel her skilful tools in place, before she surprised her by pressing down and forcing her tongue intently into her ass, wiggling and squeezing it to work it as deep as possible, her barbell disappearing into Avril Lavigne. She gasped and moaned in pleasure as Beth’s powerful tongue started to thrust in and out of her with a strong, unstoppable rhythm, ignoring the squeezes of her sphincter as she did. Beth merely relished that, the feeling similar to before but magnified as she stretched her tongue as deep as possible into her. She’d been without a female lover for some time, so was absolutely loving the time she had with Avril.

She released the singers wrists and took hold of her hips, working her tongue more aggressively now and pulling back to let her feel her piercing. Avril’s arms slid up beside her head, pushing strongly into the bed but not trying to challenge Beth’s dominance, simply arching her back as tight as she possibly could and spreading her thighs a bit more to allow as much possible access to her beautiful, toned body. Beth was enjoying herself and the complete submission of her blonde beauty, working her tongue into her ass thoroughly, enjoying making her moan. She let her hand sneak underneath with a stroke to the back of her thigh, bringing her fingertips up to just start rubbing at her clit, letting her nails catch in the polished ring and pull her soft clit hood out the way, exposing her highly sensitive button.

Avril moaned deeply as she was assaulted with both fingers and tongue, the latter delving into her ass vigorously as Beth’s skilled digits worked briskly at her clit, running swiftly around her nub as her thumb just massaged at her lips, threatening to dip inside. It was all so much for Avril, already so turned on by the shower encounter; With a primal growl, she pushed back up into Beth, relishing and absorbing the pleasure of it all, letting it build her towards a fantastic orgasm that she felt growing from her soul. Beth didn’t tease her now, simply working efficiently to drive her ecstasy, loving the sensation of Avril’s tight asshole squeezing at her tongue as she thrust it into her, loving the feel of her tensing as she ran around it before she plunged it back deep inside. She buried her tongue as intently as possible as she inserted her thumb, curling it down to stimulate Avril’s G-spot as she massaged her clit with her fingertips, using two now for maximum effect.

“Ohh fuck…” Avril whined intently, smothering herself in the bed as she gave a quiver, her core muscles twitching as her orgasm built up into a sudden, intense hit. Her fingernails dug into the bedding as her whole body tensed in the most immense muscle spasm, shuddering and juddering powerfully as the acute pleasure sliced through her body, carving her conscience in two and completely disconnecting her thoughts from her body as she revelled in ecstasy. Her whole body was alight with it, and could feel her vagina give a very distinctive, powerful clench on Beth’s thumb as her sphincter clamped down on her invading tongue. Avril actually squirted slightly at the intense stimulation, making Beth smile slightly to herself as she continued to assault the gorgeous Canadian, letting her gaze take in her smooth, sexy back, complete with its tattoo as she buried her tongue deep in her squeezing asshole.

Beth loved making other girls climax, and Avril especially, partly because of who she was in general, but partly because of who she was to her boyfriend. It just pushed her buttons to get her hands on his sexy little prize. As the singer trembled to a stop, feeling intently sensitive and delicate in the wake of her huge orgasm, Beth slid her tongue from her ass. She stroked her bum with her spare hand as she carefully withdrew her dripping hand from her juicy pussy, finishing it with a gentle little spank to her. Avril just let herself sink down onto the bed, her muscles relaxing and just allowing her body to melt onto the covers, still gasping deeply into them. She seemed more sensitive in general, her sense of smell somehow sharper, taking in the deep, safe smells of him from their bed as her thoughts knitted themselves back together slowly, the warm glow of her orgasm wrapping around the outside of them. Pulling her hands up, she scrunched them into the sheets and pulled herself into the bed to snuggle up a bit.

Beth smiled as she slid onto the bed beside the sprawled Avril, letting her fingers drag over the back of her soft thigh as she did, rocking onto her hip to lie down behind her. She nuzzled gently along Avril’s smooth back as she lowered herself onto the bed, draping her arm across the exhausted musician as she snuggled in beside her. The Canadian lazily turned her head to look at Beth, giving a half laugh and a contented smile as she looked at the gorgeous brunette, who just bit her lip innocently at her with her own smile. They were magnetically drawn together for a lingering kiss, soft and tender, before Avril turned her head away again and then rolled back over into Beth, who pulled her close in to her with an arm around her body, the other under her neck as she was enveloped by Avril’s long blonde hair. They just lay together, catching their breath after their first one-on-one session, Avril’s first with another girl. Lots of thoughts ran through her mind, not all going the same way, but she didn’t say anything and soon dozed off with Beth snuggling her closely, both of them tired after their afternoon romp.

In their sated sleep, neither one of them heard the sound of his motorbike revving to a standstill outside, or him opening the door to let himself back into the apartment. As he unfastened his helmet and pulled it off, he glanced into the bedroom, slowing to take it in. Being treated to the sight of his two favourite ladies, his luscious Beth and fantasy-come-to-life Avril, entwined peacefully on the bed completely naked was something else. He just stared for a few moments, unconsciously taking in their gentle breathing, silky skin and evocative female forms, before he walked quietly towards the kitchen, deciding not to disturb them just yet. He took off the rest of his bike gear and made himself a drink, then went to the front room and slid down on the sofa to relax for a few minutes by himself with the television. It was more inviting than he realised, as he soon found himself hypnotised by the TV and dozing off in the soft cushions. He couldn’t resist the pull as tiredness gripped him, and figured that a few minutes with his eyes shut wouldn’t hurt.

He awoke groggily to fingers stroking through his hair over the back of the sofa; Pulling himself awake, he leaned up to focus on the clock, seeing he’d been asleep for well over an hour, the television talking to itself. Tipping his head back again, he looked over to see Beth standing behind him, a smile on her face as she pushed her fingers through his hair once more, knowing he loved it when she did that.

“You could’ve come and joined us babe,” she murmured softly, before she bent over and kissed him softly, both of them just enjoying the delicate moment as their lips met. As she pulled away from him he let his eyes roam down her body, wrapped lightly in a thin cotton sheet. He turned his head to let his gaze take in her hips and smooth, strong legs underneath it, the front just flicking open a little as she turned to step away from behind him.

“I didn’t want to disturb you,” he said, giving a stretch as he mused at Beth leaving Avril sleeping alone again.

“We wouldn’t have minded,” she replied, stepping round the sofa to half-sit on the arm.

“Have fun with her?” he asked after a pause, a slight smile pulling at the side of his lips.

“Plenty,” Beth replied, breaking into a saucy grin he knew well from her.

“Good,” he said, as Beth just thought back over it all with a tingle.

“I know you did,” she added, giving a little flick of her tongue. He just smiled, himself thinking of his antics with Avril hours before. They fell silent, just comfortable together, not feeling the need to continue speaking for a few moments. He looked Beth in the eyes, feeling their souls seize each other like a tractor beam, captivated, before he pushed up from the sofa. Beth’s eyes widened in momentary uncertainty at his intentions before he grabbed her and pulled her into a deep, soulful kiss, his arms wrapping strongly round her back, hands sliding up and down all over her slender body, the back of her neck, long hair, tugging at her sheet. They kissed with a frenzied intensity, devouring one another as their tongues battled and lips slid softly together, his hand giving her ass a firm squeeze as his other pulled into the small of her back to arch her against him, taking her as if he’d wanted to kiss her all his life.

As they broke apart, gasping for breath and both turned on, he simply pulled her up from the floor, making her instinctively wrap her legs around him, struggling for a moment with the sheet. She pulled herself to him and put her head on his shoulder, kissing softly into his neck as she did, making him murmur as he walked down the hall to carry her to the bedroom where a certain Canadian awaited. She was laid on her side, beautifully naked where Beth had left her, an appealing sight that was for sure. Beth pulled back from him enough to see his face, smiling a little at his evident pleasure at seeing her, knowing he had something special for his Avril. He let her slide from his arms to the floor, then pulled his shirt off over his head and quickly shoved his jeans off to leave him in his shorts before he gently sat onto the bed and laid out beside Avril, pushing over towards her so that Beth had room to get on beside him, leaving him between them.

As he disturbed Avril, she mumbled to herself and half woke up, knowing he was there, seemingly as much by smell as anything else, inhaling his manly scene as she rolled onto her side more to lean over and kiss him, getting him on the cheek first and then his lips, kissing him as if he were hers and then snuggling down comfortably under his and nestling her head onto his chest. Beth watched it as she slid in beside him, the sensation of his intense kiss still humming on her lips as she watched them, feeling a little twinge of jealousy that she quickly pushed aside as she let her sheet fall to the floor. He just closed his eyes, smiling as she kissed him lingeringly on the cheek, pulling her in with his other arm to be close to them. He was clearly tired because he didn’t even try and make a move, choosing instead to just pull her naked form into him, draping her over him with the equally naked Avril Lavigne, basking in their warm, feminine beauty as he relaxed into the bed.

They awoke later to the evening closing in around them, the last twilight silhouetting the building out the windows, the apartment dark. Avril stirred first, taking a few seconds to work out where she was, pushing up and clawing her hair back from her face, looking around the gloomy room and taking things in. She barely remembered him coming to bed, lying beneath her with Beth pulled protectively to him, even if his brunette was facing the other way now, cuddling the arm that held her close to him. Avril rolled away onto her back, sitting up with a little shiver and stretch, before moving carefully down the bed to stand on the floor, curling her dainty toes a moment and then padding round the bed to borrow Beth’s gown from the back of the door, slipping it on as she walked out towards the kitchen, leaving them snuggled up. She filled the kettle and put it on to boil, knowing she sure needed a coffee to perk her up, and they probably would too. She also hankered for a cigarette; she’d long needed a cigarette after sex, and it turned out it carried over to lesbian sex as well, and right now she needed the slender, smoky kiss of one to make her feel complete.

Padding softly into the front room, she looked around in the gloom for any sign of his smokes. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she spied them and the lighter she’d bought him on the table where he’d put them aside after returning home earlier. Avril picked them up and flipped them open, seeing most of a packet; he’d evidently bought more after they’d indulged with his last one earlier on by the river. Sliding one out with her dainty fingers, she took it and the lighter with her back to the welcoming glow of the kitchen, just as the kettle boiled. Avril put the cigarette in her mouth as she opened the window with the other hand, picking up the lighter and clicking it instantly into a flame. A quality lighter always worked, and she knew this was a quality item with what she spent on it for him, the perfectly shaped flame wavering a little as she raised it to touch the end of the Marlboro, drawing a deep breath as she let the titanium lighter snap off with a tactile click.

She held it for a moment, not opening her eyes, before pulling it away from her mouth and letting the smoke flow out in a slow, shuddering breath brought on by the instant satisfaction of it filling her lungs. After a pause, she put it back in her mouth for another drag of it as she poured herself a coffee, quickly stirring it into a stimulating aromatic blend as she let another steady breath out towards the window and darkness outside.

“He doesn’t appreciate that in here,” said a voice behind her, making her jump a little, but she managed not to show it. Turning round slowly with the cigarette in hand, wisps of smoke pulled magnetically towards the window, she found Beth stood behind her. She was dressed in a snug grey top and a pair of black panties, a look that seemed so simple yet effortlessly sexy, making the Canadian star bite her lip momentarily as lustful thoughts stirred in her mind. She slowly put the Marlboro to her lips again, inhaling as she stared into Beth’s eyes, before withdrawing it once more and holding it aside, taking a step forward with her bare feet to the gorgeous brunette. Without a word, she slipped her other hand round Beth’s back, under her arm, and pulled her into a kiss; it was gentle and tender with just a careful caress of her tongue, before she pulled away slowly and exhaled softly for her, letting Beth breathe in the smoke for herself with a little shiver.

“I think he’ll let us get away with it,” Avril purred, slinking back to lean against the counter with a smile.

“I think he might,” Beth whispered with a smile, reaching out to take the cigarette off the diminutive blonde for a far more pragmatic drag of her own as Avril picked up her coffee for an initial sip.

“Coffee?” she offered after she swallowed, taking the cigarette back from the brunette.

“Sure, I’ll go…get him up,” Beth murmured, pausing for a moment to give a little smile and wink, before she turned and walked back out of the kitchen, giving Avril a good look at her peachy bum, deliciously presented in the black panties. She set about making them coffee as Beth went to fetch him, which took a few minutes as she snuggled back into him, sliding over him on the bed to kiss him awake and draw him into a sensual little grope session, his sleepy hands pulling her close to him and finding their way easily over her delicious curves through the thin cotton. Beth ground down against him to feel his hardening erection through her knickers, knowing under different circumstances she might just pull them aside and slide herself easily down his shaft. Instead she just ground slowly and teasingly, knowing just how to work him up to a full erection as his hand squeezed her ass and the other clawed lightly down her back, enjoying his sleepy yet focused gropes.

“Gotta get up babe,” she said, giving him a last lingering kiss before she pulled away, sliding back off him and rolling off the bed, leaving him with a frustrated groan. Beth found her jeans and quickly pulled them on as he sat up with a stretch, rubbing his hand through his hair briskly in his groggy state. He watched her bounce out of the room as he took a moment and then stood up, rearranging his hardon in his shorts as he found his clothes again, pulling his own jeans on and then his shirt, walking out towards the kitchen where he was greeted by the gorgeous sight of Avril Lavigne in his girlfriends thin grey robe, holding a cup of coffee for him with a smile. Avril had finished her cigarette in the time they’d been fooling around, and only the smell was left on her. He couldn’t help but grin as he approached her and took the mug, seeing Beth glance back over her shoulder as she headed into the main room. She turned the lights on as they followed her, where he couldn’t resist reaching out to give a light backhanded smack to Avril’s ass as the petite star walked ahead of him, making her shake her hips invitingly for a moment to encourage him.

They joined Beth on the sofa, slumping comfortably into the cushions with her as she turned the TV on. They sipped their way through the coffee as they woke up fully, glancing out at the evening drawing in, a stark contrast to the beautiful day that had preceded it.

“What are we gonna do for dinner then?” he asked, glancing between the two gorgeous women he had for company. Avril just looked back, not offering a suggestion.

“How about we just order a couple of pizzas and chill out?” Beth suggested, which was a good idea since they’d all been busy during the day to say the least.

“Sounds good,” Avril agreed, pulling her knees up onto the sofa. Beth flicked through the channels as they decided on the pizza, finding a film to watch before he went to make the call for dinner. It was going to be a while, so they just relaxed and watched the movie as they waited for it to arrive.

When the doorbell went, they suggested Avril should answer the door, just to see if the delivery guy recognised her, but she refused, saying it could cause trouble. Beth had just rolled her eyes and gone to give the driver a tease instead, since her lovely C-cups were braless beneath her snug grey top. A smile as she returned said he’d liked what he’d seen, which was no surprise because even with a bra on she was gorgeous, and he was fully aware of it. She brought the pizza to them on the sofa and turned down the lights a bit, where they casually enjoyed it with the film on TV, almost as if they were a couple, even though Avril was now with them, accepted into their lives. As they settled down to chill with the movie, Beth sat to his left with her head leant back on his shoulder and hand on his thigh. Avril was to his right, running her dainty foot lightly up and down his leg with her hand across his waist, acting freely as though she was his girlfriend in the presence of Beth.

Rain started to fall outside, coming on quite suddenly as it changed from a few streaks down the glass to a full pelt, making all three of them look up to the sound of it smattering against the glass of the doors to the balcony. It made them happy to be indoors though, and they settled back for the movie, glancing up once more a few moments later as there was a flash and then a distant rumble of thunder from the heavy sky. The storm continued outside, much as the weather had hinted it might, with more flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder getting closer together as the storm blew across towards the apartment building. There was a respite for a couple of minutes, though the rain kept pounding down outside in the darkness, until there was suddenly a huge flash that lit up the room, followed instantly by a huge crack of thunder right over the building, making both girls jump and grab hold of him as everything went dark. The lights went off, as did the television and street lamps outside, leaving them in total darkness as the storm knocked out the power.

“Power’s out,” Beth said, after a few seconds pause to see if it was a momentary blip.

“Let’s get some candles then,” he said, prying himself out from his girls to get his lighter from the table. Beth headed out of the room to find some candles, opening and rummaging in a cupboard for them as he fumbled around on the table for his lighter, finding the cigarettes but not the lighter.

“Where’s my fucking lighter,” he grumbled, groping around on the table for it. It was at that moment that Avril realised it was still in the pocket of her robe, where she’d slipped it after lighting her stolen cigarette in the kitchen.

“Here, I’ve got it here,” she quickly said, pulling it out of the soft robe and holding it up at him in the gloom. She flicked it to light it, the flickering flame illuminating the room effectively in the darkness.

“Why do you have it? Was stealing one off me not enough,” he said, stepping back over to take it from her.

“It’s a secret,” she said with a smile that he could hear in her tone. He had smelt the smoke on her and knew well that she’d sneaked one of his Marlboro earlier on. Beth came back into the room with a handful of candles, little tea light type ones, but more than sufficient to light the room. She laid some out on the tables as he started lighting them, the warming glow filling the room and illuminating the gorgeous singer on the sofa, allowing him a glance up her robe as she moved her legs, immediately sending a rush through him as he could see she hadn’t bothered to put any underwear on. He finished lighting the candles and put his lighter down on the table as he sat back down next to Avril, who snuggled back up to him, closer this time.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” Beth said and headed out of the room, making him wonder where she was going now they had candles. There was no movie to watch now however with the power out, and he just enjoyed the warm sensations of Avril Lavigne pressing herself against him. He turned to her as she looked up, seeming to know he would do it, where there was a moment as their eyes met, before they engaged in a soft kiss, which went on for a few moments as they sensually devoured each other to the flicking candlelight. Breaking apart, she rested her head back on his shoulder with a murmur, closing her eyes and seemingly happy to just enjoy the quiet darkness of the flickering candles. There was the sound of Beth coming back down the hall, her feet padding on the carpet before she entered the room, walking quite purposefully round in front of them.

She was silhouetted by the flickering candle light, darkness outlining her sexy curves and the fact she was naked. Well, almost naked, as there was a strap-on fastened around her hips, visible enough in the light to make Avril’s eyes widen. They were locked on it, as it was meant solely for her, and she’d never seen one in person before. Her mind filled with thoughts of what Beth intended to do to her with it as she reached down to tighten the harness just a little more as the Canadian star glanced up at her and then back down to the nicely sized rubber cock she had for her. Since she’d been with him Beth hadn’t had any opportunity to use her toys or be so dominant, and now seemed like a perfect chance to feed those hungers as she had the petite and submissive Avril at her mercy.

She didn’t say a word however, simply reaching out for Avril, who seemed magnetically drawn towards her even through her trepidation. She knew what was about to happen; that she was going to be screwed with a strap-on for the first time in her life, right here on the sofa in front of him by candle light. Beth pulled her gown open, exposing her lithe, tattooed body to the warming luminescence and cool air as she pushed it off her shoulders, encouraging Avril to do the rest. She sat forward on the sofa to slip it off as Beth’s delicate caress found her firm, perky breasts, circling gently around her nipples to tease them into stiff peaks and make her shiver excitedly. With the gown removed however Beth continued to be far more dominant, sliding her hands smoothly down Avril’s legs to grab her ankles, before pulling her down on the sofa, spreading her legs wide open to reveal her beautifully shaven pussy in the process.

It made the singer gasp, although she didn’t protest as she jolted down the cushions and slid onto her back beside him, looking up to him to make sure that he was watching. She wanted him to watch this, though she wasn’t entirely sure why. Maybe just because she knew how much it would turn him on, and then want to fuck her himself after his girlfriend was done. She turned her gaze up to her brunette lover, standing over her in the flickering light with the toy at the ready, looking down once more to take in the size and shape of what would shortly be buried inside her. Due to the darkness she still couldn’t really tell, but it didn’t really matter and she knew she’d feel every contour of it any moment when Beth slid it into her body. As if reading her mind Beth leaned down to rest her knees on the edge of the cushions, letting the stiff toy at her hips hover enticingly over Avril’s sweet pussy as she got into position, just brushing and bumping at the smooth skin in a way that made the Canadian bite her lip. Beth got into position, feeling excited herself since it’d been quite a while since she’d had another girl in front of her this way, her heart pumping as she slid her hands down Avril’s soft legs and took hold of her toy, her favourite strap-on, and pushed it down to line it up with a rock of her hips.

The firm tip of the toy pressed into Avril’s juicy entrance, her slick lips waiting given how turned on she was, almost tempting her to push herself down onto it. But she refrained, choosing instead to let Beth lead the way and take her with it, knowing it was what she would want. Her brunette lover let her hand slide sensually over her thigh for a few moments, squeezing at her smooth flesh before she pulled on her and pressed the toy forwards with an effortless surge of her hips, the bulbous head of the strap-on taking purchase and pausing for just a second before sliding easily inside Avril, making her gasp and grasp at the sofa as she felt the firm rubber penetrate her. Beth gave a smile, unseen in the darkness, as she listened to Avril’s intense sounds of pleasure and sensation as she pressed her toy inside her, giving a glance across to see her boyfriend watching them intently. It sent a rush through her to know he was watching every little detail of her taking another girl, his Avril at that, which was something they’d not done in their relationship.

“Oh fuck,” Avril breathed as her pussy was stretched out by the toy, feeling the contours of it as Beth sunk it inside her with her hips, not holding back to let her get used to its size as she buried it to the hilt using a single, inexorable push. They both let out a held breath as Beth pressed the harness against the petite Canadian, looking into each other’s eyes in the low light before Beth let a smile creep onto her lips. Avril couldn’t help but return it, her mouth curling into it by itself as she pulled her legs back just a little further, spreading herself to present a completely vulnerable target even though Beth had already hit the bull’s-eye. Avril looked down to watch her lovers hips move backwards, drawing the toy slowly out of her and stretching her inner labia out with it as they clung to the rubber shaft before Beth immediately sunk it back inside her juicy depths.

Beth didn’t pause this time, aiming to get a rhythm going and slipping back out before pressing home again, letting Avril get a good feel of her first strap on. Despite her dominant position she was helping the Canadian to enjoy herself, since she did want her to get a taste for it. Beth didn’t know quite what it was, but she liked the idea of turning Avril over to girls, taking pleasure in giving her all her first experiences with other women. The Canadian let out a low groan of pleasure and rolled her hips to meet the incoming toy as Beth plunged into her once more, holding onto her slender body and squeezing her strong thighs to drive it home, working her hips to push it to full depth for the first time. Avril gave a little tense as it bumped against her cervix, then relaxed into it again as it slid from her, the ridges of the rubber stroking and caressing the thousands of nerve endings in her smooth, velvet tunnel. Her eyes were locked on Beth’s beautiful face as she controlled the strap on expertly, using what was clearly a well practiced technique to sensually drive the toy in and out of her, picking up pace now. Beth looked up from what she was doing, and Avril’s beautiful naked body, to catch her gaze

Beth held her eyes intently for a second and then smiled as she pumped in harder, wanting to get on with fucking Avril now. It only drew a moan of pleasure from the singer, spreading her legs a bit wider to invite it, rewarded at her trust in Beth and now relishing this aspect of being with another woman. It was new to her, but the feisty brunette certainly made her comfortable and enticed her to find out more about what it was like to sleep with another girl more regularly. It felt great though, and she dug her nails into the sofa as she looked over to him beside them; he was, understandably, watching intently and taking in every little thing they did, with a very clear erection. The scene before him of his gorgeous girlfriend taking Avril Lavigne before him on the sofa was so surreal and intense that he couldn’t pull his eyes from it even if he’d wanted to, taking in the toned body of the singer, her perky breasts and stiff nipples, flat tummy and bellybutton piercing, beautifully smooth pussy and hood piercing and then her slender legs. She was perfection, only matched by the other girl involved, his luscious Beth with her beauty and curves, currently dominating proceedings.

She glanced over at him, smiling at how much he was enjoying the show; she loved to make him happy, and finding that her dominating his Avril was turning him on so much gave her a soulful rush, spurring her to thrust harder, starting to jam the toy in and out powerfully, plunging deep and pressing the harness into her latest conquest with every stroke. Not that Avril was complaining since she was absolutely loving it, writhing and gasping beneath her on the cushions, disappearing into a tangle of her own hair as she twisted and turned beneath, reaching up with a hand to squeeze her chest and pinch lightly at the nipple. In a sudden move, Beth shoved Avril’s legs aside fully and dived down on her to kiss her passionately, catching her somewhat off guard, though she very quickly got on board with the idea, returning the deep, hungry kiss with Beth with as much intensity.

A muted squeal escaped between them as Beth ramped up the pressure, swapping to short, hard thrusts to jam the strap on as deep and hard as possible into the petite Canadian, pinning her hands down onto the sofa as she did it, knowing that he was watching her totally own his little mistress. In a blur of toe-curling intensity that had the singer unsure whether to beg for more or mercy, Avril writhed and struggled, only to give a huge gasp as Beth suddenly broke away and freed her, pushing off her thighs to slide the strap on out of her juicy pussy with haste that left her submissive beauty twitching and thrusting her hips up, she stepped away from her and looked over to him, sat beside them with barely controlled lust that threatened to boil over.

“Bring her,” Beth said softly her authoritatively with a little smile, before turning and walking slowly out of the room towards the bedroom in the flickering light of the candles. Avril was still laid out on the sofa with her legs open, presented and waiting, looking over to him as she caught her breath, clearly wondering what was going on. He wanted to find out though, and without a word he slid his feet onto the floor and leaned down to pull his arms underneath Avril, one gathering up her sexy legs as she other slipped under her back as she sat up a little to help him grasp her before he easily swept her into the air. She couldn’t help but tingle a little and smile as he carried her strongly from the room, the flicking of candlelight illuminating his face as she gazed on him into the darkness of the hallway, carrying her easily towards his bed. As they stepped inside, the gloom ebbed away in the warm glow of a couple of candles Beth had managed to get ahead and light; she was stood at the foot of the bed waiting for him, smiling as he walked in effortlessly holding their catch, still wearing her strap on and clearly intending on having Avril again.

He drew Avril into a kiss as he held her, quite sensually locking lips with her for a moment before he dropped her down onto the bed; the haste of his passion was quickly revealed however as he yanked his shirt off and quickly released his jeans, freeing himself and his throbbing erection from the confines of his clothing. Avril’s eyes locked onto it as it sprung to full hardness with his heartbeat, thick and rock solid for her, and moments later it was made clear she was going to get it as he surged onto the bed with her. Engaging her in another deep, tongue-twisting kiss, he pinned her down and slipped between her silky thighs, brushing her hair back with one hand as his other lined up his throbbing cock at her smooth, slick pussy. Avril gave a cry as he buried himself in her deeply, thrusting his hips powerfully to completely embed his thick cock into her to the hilt and stretch out the petite singer before immediately starting to pump swiftly into her ink-strewn body.

“Oh fuck,” Avril rasped throatily, her toes curling as he started to ravage her, taking all the arousal he had from watching her with Beth and unleashing it upon her as he thumped his big cock deeply into her, grinding his hips into hers as he pinned her heavily to the bed and indulged in the sweet, tight, succulent pleasure of her pussy wrapped around his cock. Even as she pointed her toes from the intensity, she wrapped her legs around the back of his and pulled her arms around his back, pulling him close to her and encouraging him to keep doing what he was doing. It was intense, almost overwhelming as he took her so hard and fast but she loved it, loved having him on top of her enjoying her body, and she knew it would ease in a minute or so to leave her with nothing but the pleasure of his hot, stiff cock deep within her, where it belonged. Beth had moved round to the side of the bed to watch, her fingers just curling slightly to tease at her thighs past her harness, staring intently as she watched him take Avril so lustfully. She felt a little twinge of jealousy but pushed it away, knowing he would take her exactly like this once this was done, and she was just letting him indulge with Avril, who was not a threat, even though she was looking at him in a certain way that said he was more than just a bit of fun to her.

Avril closed her eyes and bit her lip as she rocked her hips against him, working to feel every movement of him as his bulbous head and shaft stroked at her velvet walls. Pulling him in closer to her with her legs she made him thrust shorter, which only encouraged him to make up for it by going harder, jamming himself as deep as he’d ever been in her delicious depths to push raw, primal grunts from her, turning him on and making him keep it going as he took in the guttural noises from Avril Lavigne beneath his efforts. He relished the sweet feel of her unprotected pussy around him; the delightful softness of her slippery walls and the way she squeezed them down on him, the sensation as his tip bumped at her cervix and how she seemed to fit him so perfectly. Pulling his hands through her long, soft, dirty-blonde hair, he stared intimately into her eyes as she opened them, losing themselves in one another as he continued to squeeze himself into her, before they locked lips for a soulful but passionate kiss, their tongues entwining sensually as they joined together in ecstasy.

Watching the display before her, Beth was absolutely dripping wet; the sight of her boyfriend, the man she absolutely adored and connected with so thoroughly, screwing the brains out of a world famous musician in front of her and with her permission was absolutely incredible, and the way they were going at it was so hot that she was turned on beyond belief. It was too much for her to bear, and she knew she had to get back into the action with them to get another taste of Avril for herself. Stepping forwards, her legs felt heavy and her heart fluttered, approaching the bed and catching the Canadian’s peripheral vision, making her glance across, which in turn caught his attention and snapped them both out of their moment. Leaning up from Avril, he turned to look at Beth, catching her gaze, which lingered for a moment before she smiled and reached down to gently bounce the strap on dildo, giving a glance to Avril and a little flick of her eyebrows. He felt a little surge inside him as he smiled back at her, knowing what was coming.

He’d never shared a girl with Beth before, not properly and not since they’d been dating. It was a thought exciting enough to stiffen his cock even more inside Avril, something she felt along with some more energy from his thrusts, groaning her approval deeply as he pounded on her intently for a few seconds, giving her another enveloping kiss before he broke away with a gasp. Avril was glistening in the flickering candlelight with a sheen of sweat, looking up to him with complete faith as he pumped into her, before he suddenly dove down to kiss her again, pushing his arm under her neck and reaching back to hook her leg under the knee where it was pulled close to his own. With a sharp, swift pull he rolled over with her, pulling her with him and holding her on his cock, not letting it slip from her sweet pussy as she dropped down on top of him, his hand sliding up her thigh to give a good squeeze of her tight ass as he planted more kisses on her soft lips. Pushing up from the bed, Avril swept her long hair back out the way with a smile, loving how he had so cheekily rolled her over to be on top, though she hadn’t quite clicked why yet. Staying flat to his body, she slid up and down his throbbing shaft with rolls of her slim hips as she smiled before engaging him in more kisses, making her motions slow and loving. Avril jumped a little as she felt a hand on her ass, pulling up and looking back at Beth in the minimal light, learning everything she needed to from her smile.

“Oh,” Avril mumbled a little unsurely, a surge of adrenaline coursing through her at the prospect of being taken by Beth at the same time. She’d never been double penetrated before, so to do her first one with one guy and one girl sporting a strap on was somewhat surreal, though she did think it might help as Beth would understand it from her point of view. Not that she knew whether the brunette had ever tried double penetration, but she was assuming she had given what else she knew about her. There were a few long seconds as Avril stayed silent, holding Beth’s gaze as the prospect of what she wanted hung in the air. With her heart pounding in her chest and hips still rocking steadily on him, she reached back, gave a little cock of her head and then a couple of pats on her ass to invite her lesbian lover to mount her. Focusing on him once more, she brushed her hand down his face and kissed him softly as she started working her pussy on his stiff cock just a little bit harder even as she felt Beth slide onto the bed behind her. He felt it too as Beth’s smooth leg slipped over his on her way to Avril, sliding her hands over the firm ass of the singer to take a hold of her undulating hips as she shuffled up close to her.

Avril trembled a little with anticipation as Beth took a firmer hold on her with one hand and pulled in close, letting the rubber toy slide up over her ass in readiness. Beth took a grasp on it and then pushed it down towards her target, lining it up neatly with Avril’s tight asshole as she leant forwards onto it, getting ready to thrust it deep inside her. The singer was acutely aware of every little thing Beth did as she continued to ride him slowly, feeling Beth’s hands on her body and her legs brushing her own, the reality of the situation driving her heart rate into overdrive. He calmed her by reaching up to stroke her face and pull her down for a kiss, taking her mind off what Beth was doing behind her, helped further as his hands found her perky breasts and gave them a good grope, his thumbs stroking over her nipples. Beth pushed the firm strap on down to Avril, positioning herself and then giving a good drive of her hips to work the toy inside the Canadian cutie, pressing firmly at her asshole. Avril slowed on top of him and pushed back a bit, but with her nerves she was so tense that her muscles just wouldn’t relax to help Beth out, sphincter tight and unyielding to the attempted intrusion. Beth pressed the toy a little harder as Avril resisted, and then felt her give way, pushing slowly into her tight body and then a little firmer to get properly inside her as Avril pushed up on her arms with a cry and hard, gasping breaths as he gave a murmur beneath her.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” she hissed, rocking her hips unsure quite of what to do between them.

“Beth, baby,” he interjected, looking round Avril at his girlfriend. Beth looked down and leaned back a bit, and then realised her mistake. With Avril tensing so much she’d slid from her ass and managed to push down into her pussy on top of him, stretching the singer to new limits and giving him a sensation he’d never experienced before. Holding still for a moment, she contemplated things and then used her hands to encourage Avril to start rocking again as she gave gentle thrusts of her own, which only helped to bring him into the rhythm too.

“How does that feel, Avril?” Beth purred, deciding to just go with it and give Avril something else knew to remember. The singer breathed deeply and let herself slide back and forward on the two shafts inside her, with his hot, aching cock now pressed hard against her G-spot as the firm rubber counterpart stretched her on top towards her ass. It wasn’t painful, just different and knew, the stretch an odd sensation for her pussy though there was a hint of pleasure to things too.

“Different,” she replied as they started to work her between them, seeming to get into a good rhythm together in working Avril smoothly up and down, rocking her little body to smooth stroke both of them in and out of her, letting her get a good feel of it.

“But good, right?” Beth probed, wanting this to be a positive experience.

“Yeah,” Avril breathed as she relaxed a little more, starting to rock between them more easily now, testing the limits of things somewhat.

“Just so intense isn’t it?” Beth asked with a smile as they all started moving together to work in and out of Avril’s sweet pussy.

“I remember when I did it. It was just so overwhelming but it felt great, and once I got going…” she trailed off, thinking back to the time when she’d let two guys have at her, stretching her pussy out and taking her towards a powerful orgasm at the end of it. He didn’t say anything, choosing to put the thought of his Beth with other guys from his mind. He was comfortable with her past, but he didn’t intend to ask her about some parts of it, and this was definitely one of them. His hands went back to working firmly at Avril’s chest, teasing and pinching at her nipples in the process as he kissed her again, helping her to just go with things. She was starting to get into it though and was pushing back carefully to meet them, taking in the unique sensations of having her tight pussy stretched so much, the different feeling of his cock to her strap on and how they pressured different areas inside her. It was an odd feeling for him too to have the firm rubber of the toy on top of his cock, but it did give a distinctly direct stimulation as he slipped into Avril alongside it and he laid back to enjoy it, helping up the pace slightly with his girlfriend as they stuffed the Canadian’s sweet pussy.

After a minute or so of them loosening Avril up and drawing some very pleasurable moans from her, they were going quite well, delving deeply into her tight body. As she pulled back, Beth tried for a slightly longer stroke and slipped out, causing the singer to gasp and drop down on him as Beth rode over her ass. It didn’t slow her though as they felt the loss of the toy replaced by her silky walls wrapped completely around his cock once more, even if she was a little looser than she had been before. More comfortable, Avril started to ride deeper again to take him all the way inside her as they both groaned in pleasure. Beth decided not to squeeze her way back in alongside him again and this time go for her ass as she’d intended to, moving back in close and lining herself up, but without letting Avril get a clear idea of what she was doing. With her hand on Avril’s hip, she thrust the strap on forward intently, straight against her tight asshole and then inside, the singer being caught off guard, her body unable to react in time to stop the firm rubber dildo stretching her out and sliding in, Beth pushing well over half inside as Avril gave a cry and tensed up.

“Shh baby, I thought it was better this way,” Beth purred, reaching up to stroke Avril’s back soothingly even as she started to slowly thrust the toy in and out, tracing her tramp stamp design with her fingertips. His girlfriends sudden breaking in of Avril’s backdoor had a certain pleasure to him as it made her give the tightest clench of pelvic muscles he’d felt from her all night, a distinctly perfect pleasure on his cock, even as he felt bad at how he’d got it, looking up at Avril’s contorted expression of pain in the moment it happened, breathing hard and continuing to wince even as she relaxed into things. Avril braced herself on her knees now as they took her, with him thrusting up into her succulent vagina, his hands holding her hips just at her thighs, and Beth on top of her, her hands pulling back firmly into the pinch of her waist now as she built up to carefully use the full length of the strap on. It left the musician to revel in the combination of sensations from taking her first double penetration, taking a few seconds to focus on the feel of his thick, throbbing, familiar erection in her loosened pussy and then on the stiff rubber cock sliding smoothly in and out of her ass as its owner pulled back on her hips, clearly relishing the dominant position.

He kissed up Avril’s slender neck as she gave a low moan of pleasure, the conflicting sensations driving a very full, complete satisfaction in her soul. The full, sating sensation of anal sex was abound now the initial pain had faded, which combined with the usual enjoyment of a stiff cock thrusting thoroughly in and out of her velvet tunnel meant she was getting the best of both worlds. She closed her eyes to soak up the sensations, starting to roll her hips a little to maximise things as her two lovers pumped into her, considering for just a moment what she was doing as she was taken by two people at once, one them another girl. It was certainly something she had never imagined she would ever do, as was being with another girl at all, but here she was in the middle of her first double penetration, and she had to admit she was enjoying it. It was a lot to take and very intense, her heart was going hard and fast, but it felt damn good.

Beth was enjoying herself as well; it had been far too long since she’d worn her strap on and she was loving her dominating position over Avril, even more so since her boyfriend was beneath her pounding his cock into her sweet pussy. She had contemplated what it would be like to double team another girl with him and they’d even had a fairly serious discussion about it, but nothing beyond that, with her electing not to pursue it just yet and save him for herself rather than bring another girl into their bedroom for a thrill. She was enjoying it now though, getting her hands and more on Avril Lavigne with her boyfriend, which she knew he was absolutely loving, able to feel the tension in his muscles where her legs touched his own. They pushed Avril for a couple of minutes before Beth slowed down till she was barely inside her, reaching down to give him a tap. Looking down, he saw her give a motion that suggested they should swap, that she wanted her pussy again as she made Avril grunt when the head of the strap on popped out of her asshole.

Taking the chance, he pulled Avril down onto him to bury every possible inch of his cock into her perfect pussy for a moment, holding her down as he kissed her for a few moments, enjoying the simple touch of her soft lips before she pulled away from him with a smile. Allowing her to lift her hips, he pushed her up and off him to let his cock spring out of her, making her look down a little questioningly. He gave a little flick of his eyebrows and a cheeky smile as he seized hold of her to manhandle her petite figure, rolling her over in his arms as she playfully fought him, having a fair idea of what they intended to do already. She giggled as he pulled her back on top of his hot body on her back, biting teasingly at her neck before he drowned in her long blonde hair, reaching up to pull it aside as his other arm pulled strongly round her tummy to position her on top of him. Avril pushed herself down a little to rub her juicy pussy at his cock, the thick shaft and bulbous head pushing up above her smoothly shaven vulva as she wiggled on top of him.

“It needs somewhere to go,” she murmured with a smile as he kissed more softly at the back and side of her neck, making her shiver and melt a little. She’d always loved that, and he certainly seemed to know it, making her writhe aroused and so comfortable on top of him in front of his girlfriend. Beth just watched with a smile, quite enjoying how much Avril was having fun as he reached down to rub his head at her clit for a few seconds, grinding her captive ball onto her clit and making her shudder, gasping in pleasure before he pulled his cock down, sliding out from under her a little to line himself up with his favourite place; her tight asshole. The luscious Canadian pushed her dainty little feet down into the bed to raise her hips, helping to guide herself onto the tip of his erection as he sought her forbidden hole. In unison with him she found the right place easily, then pushed herself down firmly onto him, not too fast but with just the right pressure to match his defined push upwards, both of them feeling her tight sphincter yielding comfortably to them, stretching the tight muscle out so it squeezed and then popped delightfully over his head, the only lube her pussy juice from moments before, same as it had been with Beth. They both grunted and groaned throatily as he popped inside and then sank a few inches into her, Avril giving a good squeeze of her muscles round him to make him surge inside her.

“Now me,” Beth interjected with a smile, eager to get herself back inside Avril. Frankly she wasn’t listening however, and was far too busy rolling her hips and getting thoroughly into a deep, satisfying anal rhythm with him, his hands tucked into her waist to guide her motions perfectly. Slipping between the singers splayed legs easily, Beth lined up the contoured head in the minimal light of the candles, gliding the tip up and down Avril’s practically dripping pussy. Taking a second to enjoy the sight of his thick cock sliding easily in and out of her backdoor, she then pushed forward to effortlessly slip the strap on inside her, finding her so slick and relenting that she found no barriers to sliding the toy all the way inside her with a single stroke. Expecting Avril to complain a bit at the complete intrusion made her slightly more surprised when she gave a deep noise of pleasure at the stimulation of the firm strap on dildo gliding inside her to the hilt. Beth capitalised to press to the hilt and grind the harness against her pierced clit, making Avril grit her teeth with a near-growl of satisfaction as she was dominated in the most perfect manner.

“Fucking love that don’t you,” Beth teased, taking hold of Avril by overlapping and then interlocking her fingers with his at the singer’s waist. There was a pause as the beautiful musician swayed between them before she opened her eyes to look up at Beth.

“Uh huh,” she breathed with a dreamy smile, absolutely loving their double teaming of her now, especially with him burying himself deep into her ass. Beth smiled back devilishly as she looked down into Avril’s eyes and started to pump her hips, her fingers tightening her grip on the singer’s waist with him. Instead of getting straight into long, steady thrusting, she opted to slowly pull the strap on back to half depth and then jam it sharply into her, driving into her pelvis as she did, making Avril gasp intensely but also lustfully smirk for more. Beth obliged, pulling back to do the same again, and again, and again, taking her time to deliver deep, hard drives of the dildo into Avril’s welcoming pussy. Thumping her full weight against the singer made her grunt, Beth leaning over her, tempting Avril to push up from her position atop him to give her a quick, lustful kiss before dropping away with a grin. It was an invitation that Beth didn’t need; a girl tempting and teasing her to fuck was always a huge and irresistible turn on for the brunette, and when it was Avril Lavigne with her boyfriend’s cock drilling into her ass she was absolutely insatiable.

“Oh fuck,” Avril groaned as Beth pushed up from her knees to drive the dildo over her G-spot in the start of quick, full-length strokes of the toy, making every inch of the rubber cock slide in and out of her neat pussy. Beth loved watching her soft inner lips hug at it as she withdrew and then roll back inside as she penetrated once more, Avril’s slickness lubricating the shaft easily so she could go as hard and fast as she wanted. He could tell the singer was enjoying it as she tensed and clamped down at his cock, her tight sphincter giving fantastic stimulation to his cock as he thrust it busily into her ass, her toned booty bouncing perfectly onto his hips in the process. He bit teasingly at her neck again, feeling her shiver as he did so, squeezing at Beth’s fingers as they meshed with his own around the slender body of the Canadian.

“Fuck, fuck!” Avril exclaimed as Beth turned up the heat by ramping up to short, hard strokes, driving the strap on energetically into her juicy pussy, the sensations of the intense fucking catching up with Avril all of a sudden and sending her petite body into overdrive. Beth smiled as she overwhelmed her blonde lover, holding her firmly and hammering into her hard, breathing hard herself at the exertion as she slammed her hips forwards intently. Underneath them he was now pumping up harder and more intently into Avril, his throbbing erection delving deeply into her tight ass and helping to push the strap on up from the inside to rub at the musicians G-spot. With both of them working to thoroughly stuff Avril she was getting exhausted and utterly drowning in sensations from the incredible stimulation, the differing methods of which were twisting and turning her towards a unique climax.

Unable to speak, Avril could only gasp as she reached down to push Beth away, simply unable to take so much now as she approached an orgasm. Beth slipped out and rocked back on her heels, watching fixatedly as Avril rubbed vigorously at her pierced clit, using two fingers to strum the ring down against her hypersensitive button as he pushed up into her ass still, her legs starting to tremble as her eyes squeezed shut. Her dainty feet slipped on the bed as she shook and he took the chance to dominate her for the finish, feeling the delightful way her ass was squeezing down on him and knowing it wouldn’t take much more to climax himself. In one quick shove he rolled them over again, shoving Avril face down into the bed and pulling back against her hips as he didn’t allow his cock to slip from her tight backdoor and immediately picked up the pace again, now using his weight to drive himself down into her deeply, taking in the intricate tattoo he’d given her on her lower back in the process.

“Harder, harder!” she managed to gasp, her spare hand screwing up in the bedding as her other one worked in a blur at her juicy pussy, intently circling over her clit to bring on her orgasm, which was now rushing up on her as he pinned her down to the bed, leaning on her slender shoulders as he hammered into her ass as she pushed her hips up from the bed with a tight arch of her back. Avril came with a huge shudder and kick of her legs beneath him, letting out a stuttering, ragged series of gasping, grunting groans as her fingers continued to power at her clit, a slight burst of juices running down over them as she fingered herself, the intense sensations from her nub radiating out and mixing with the deep, completing pleasure of his stiff cock pounding into her ass. Her whole soul felt awash in the ecstasy of it all, having been thoroughly fucked to her limit as she shook and spasmed through her orgasm, her tight muscles clamping and grabbing at him as he pumped into her.

With her finished off he was free to let himself enjoy and it took only a few seconds of pounding into the tight, toned ass of the star to bring on the tingle of his climax. Pulling back, he let her muscles grab at his receptive head, the tightness pulling at the back ridge of it and squeezing down on it completely, making her wonderfully tight to push back into, bringing on a very intense orgasm of his own. Giving a shake as he held out on her as long as possible, he managed a couple more strokes to stimulate himself just as she went limp and collapsed onto the bed exhausted, before he came with a deep, growling roar of release, driving himself down into her as hard as possible under his full weight, burying every last bit of his length into her as he exploded, feeling like his entire being was rushing to escape for a moment as he stiffened immensely for a few hard, copious bursts deep inside her, his cock jumping as he emptied his balls as deep inside her ass as he could possibly be as she groaned in pleasure beneath him. Collapsing on top of her from trembling arms, he bit into her shoulder lightly as his body gave a final few squeezes, accompanied by Avril clenching tightly with her muscles to help draw every last drop from him.

After a minute or so of nothing but heavy breathing to recover, and some light kisses planted on Avril’s shoulders and neck, he stiffly lifted himself off her to slide himself from her ass and rolled off onto the bed beside her, utterly sated and completely zoned out. The singer was still knocked for six, practically unconscious and face down with no intention of moving it seemed. Beth, having watched their whole show, had found it absorbing to see him absolutely hammer on Avril and bring her to such a powerful orgasm, and unstrapped her toy with a smile at the fun they’d have. It crossed her mind that if they could find similarly petite, submissive girls to share their bed, that maybe it could be a lot of fun having one start joining them sometimes. Dropping her toy aside, she slid back onto the bed with them, leaning over to kiss him softly, smiling as he kissed her back and opened his eyes with a smile.

“That was fun,” she murmured, glancing to the comatose Avril beside them.

“Yeah,” he said with a cheeky smile after glancing over at her, before kissing Beth again. They kissed tenderly as she pushed herself in beside him, snuggling down beside him and resting her head on his chest. With her arm across his body, she just let her fingers walk slowly up and down his side a little as they relaxed, before he stretched out to gather up Avril to join them. She mumbled incoherently as he disturbed her, then pulled her in close to him, where like Beth she snuggled up instinctively beside him, working her hair out the way and resting her head down onto the other side of his chest, inches away from Beth. Without really thinking about it, the brunette leaned forward to softly kiss Avril, getting a sleepy response before they settled back into place, tucked under each of his arms closely. He could really do with a cigarette right now, feeling the cravings, but there was no way he was getting out of bed to go and get one. It seemed like only moments before they were asleep, their breathing deeper and slower as Beth watched, smiling to herself as she closed her own eyes.

* * *

As he awoke in the morning, he was aware of Beth rolling away from him and getting up, disturbing him and Avril, who had somehow ended up laid almost completely across his chest. Giving a stretch, her stirred and disturbed the Canadian more, with her giving a mumble and tensing to try and press him back down to the bed, not wanting to get up from beneath her cloak of long hair. He relented and let her hold him down, stretching his legs out from beneath her as he blinked away the sleep, light filtering in the windows past the candles, burnt to nothing. He could hear the kettle and Beth clinking around in the kitchen as he reached up to stroke Avril softly, making her mumble and move a little, still not wanting to get up. Footsteps in the hall made him look to the door in anticipation, where Beth appeared in her thin grey robe, having collected it from the sofa after the start of the previous nights’ antics, giving a slightly surreal effect with her back in it rather than Avril.

“Hey baby,” she purred softly with a smile, a coffee in hand, taking a sip from it.

“Hey,” he replied, smiling back to her and eyeing her up and down. She paused, and then reached into the pocket of her gown, pulling out his packet of cigarettes.

“You coming?” she teased with a playful grin, shaking them at him and slowly slinking out of the doorway and down the hall. The craving for a cigarette was at the forefront of his thoughts he had to admit, besides potentially giving Avril a morning screwing, giving him just a few seconds before he decided to carefully slide the singer off him onto the bed. She complained a little but didn’t get up, so he pulled on his own robe and padded down the hall, seeing Beth had made him a coffee, black, that was left on the kitchen counter. He smiled as he picked it up, taking a sip as he walked through to the front room as Beth just lit her Marlboro with the beautiful titanium lighter that Avril had given him. Sensually taking her first drag, she pulled it from her full lips with a smile as she exhaled slowly as he approached the glass doors, stepping out into the bright but chilly morning air with her.

She took a sip of her coffee and let him fish into the soft pocket of her robe, tantalisingly close to her soft body beneath, to retrieve the packet of cigarettes and the lighter. Pulling one out, he tucked them into his own pocket as he lit it with his spare hand, turning to shield himself from a slightly breeze that flickered the flame. There was something about coming out to the balcony for black coffee and a cigarette, hiding their bad habit as they sneaked out, drawing a lungful of satisfying smoke with a little shudder in the morning air. Beth sipped her coffee as she turned to lean back into him between his arms, letting him hold her shoulders with his elbows as he kept his hands to sip his own coffee and take much needed drags from his Marlboro.

“Sleep well?” she asked, pulling at her cigarette smoothly, the smile evident from her voice.

“Very,” he replied, thinking blissfully of the circumstances that had led to it. It was something from only the most incredible fantasy, and he’d lived it. Beth only gave a murmur of agreement as they finished their coffee, cooling quickly in the fresh air as she finished her cigarette, holding the last breath as she flicked the end into the flowerpot. She turned to him and snuggled in close against him, burying her head lovingly in his chest, feeling him breathe in as he took his own final drag on his cigarette, holding it as she drew back and leant up to him, kissing softly under his chin and then looking up into his eyes. With a smile he bent down to nuzzle slightly and nearly kiss her, then breathed out slowly to let the smoke fairly tumble over her soft lips as she parted them to inhale, letting him blow back into her mouth. He completed it with a kiss, locking lips with her, their tongues smokily caressing as they indulged in the sweet, lingering kiss. Breaking apart, she gave a smile and then pulled the door open, stepping inside away from the chill outdoors, with him following after disposing of his own cigarette end, taking the last sip of his coffee as he closed the door behind them.

“You should go and wake her up,” Beth said casually, walking back towards the kitchen with her empty mug.

“Sure I’m going,” he murmured, following her to the kitchen.

“I’ll be in the shower,” she said, giving him a glance and heading out the door. He couldn’t resist giving her playful spank, making her smile as she disappeared around the frame, heading into the bathroom. He poured another cup of coffee for Avril, then took it to the bedroom for her, absorbing the stunning sight of her smooth, naked body stretched out on his bed. Standing the mug down, he got his cigarettes back out; He didn’t usually like smoking indoors, but he was willing to make an exception this once, putting it between his lips and getting his lighter out. Reaching down, he trailed his fingers down Avril’s silky back as he flicked the lighter in the other hand, letting the flame soak into the end of the Marlboro for a moment to take the first drag as she murmured and stirred, rolling onto her side. Leaning down, he brushed the singer’s hair back away from her gorgeous features, running his fingers lightly down her soft cheek to bring her round more before he moved close to slowly exhale the distinctive smoke over her. She mumbled and instinctively inhaled, leaning up as she tried to open her eyes to follow the craving-crushing fix that was tantalisingly close.

“Good morning,” he said quietly, before taking the cigarette and turning it to place it carefully between her soft lips. She immediately took to it, settling it and then taking a deep, satisfying drag, holding it a moment as the relief spread through her petite body. Letting it languish at the side of her mouth she breathed out happily as she rolled fully onto her back, eyes still shut and unable to see how he ogled her lovely body, taking in her perky tits, toned tummy and beautifully shaved pussy.

“Morning,” she murmured, giving a bit of a stretch.

“I brought you coffee as well,” he said, just watching her lay back naked and smoking on his bed.

“Thanks baby,” she mumbled with a smile, reaching up to hold the cigarette after another breath of it. Opening her beautiful eyes, she took him in as he watched her and put the Marlboro back in her mouth so she could push herself up into a sitting position. She checked the clock as she picked up her coffee, taking a sip and stretching a bit more.

“I’ll need to get going soon, schedules to keep and everything,” she said, looking up to him.

“Sure, as always,” he said, knowing the drill after their previous encounters.

“There’s still time to fuck me if you want to though,” she said. There was a moment as he paused, the phrase running through his head as he contemplated the offer she so casually made. To have Avril Lavigne make such an offer was hardly a thing to refuse, though it wasn’t quite as simple as that. He was already a little hard having been snuggling up to Beth and then getting a full view of Avril’s naked body, and this latest thought only added to that, something that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the Canadian. She took a slow suck at the cigarette, the end flaring as she gave a playful little smile, holding his gaze before he glanced round towards the door.

“She’s in the shower, she’ll never know,” she purred, as if reading his mind. He looked back to her as her smile faded, looking earnestly into his eyes. She was teasing him a bit, but she wanted him more than just a little morning romp, and felt her heart flutter a little at the thought he might turn her down. She inhaled the last of the cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray by the bed, still there even though he rarely smoked inside. He didn’t reply, and instead made her beam by quickly slipping the robe off, letting her see how his cock stiffened to full strength as he slid onto the bed at her feet. She stood the coffee aside and blew the smoke showily up into the air as he immediately got between her thighs and leant over her, Avril obediently shuffling down a little on the bed and pulling her knees up beside him, letting her soft skin rub over his hips to welcome him into her. His erection rubbed smoothly over her silky pussy, the sensation of skin-on-skin so sensual as he looked into her big, pretty eyes, a moment holding between before they melted into a deep, loving kiss.

They both gasped as, after a pull back of his pelvis, Avril’s dainty hand guided him inside her, his rock hard cock slipping so perfectly into her body to be enveloped by the abundant liquid heat of her. Staring into each others’ eyes for a moment, they breathed hard as he pushed himself deeper before starting to slowly but powerfully thrust himself into her, feeling her velvet walls give way the last bit to let him sink his full length inside her and press themselves together. Avril pulled her arms round his body as they kissed again intently, their tongues sensually wrapping and caressing in their intimacy as they got into a rhythm, it all feeling so natural and normal as their bodies moved together. Her pussy was like silk around him, so wet and welcoming, stretching easily for him but at the same time wrapping snugly around his cock, such a perfect fit as she pushed her hips up to meet his strokes, both of them feeling the wonderful pleasure as he stroked into her hot body.

Beth, having finished her shower, stepped out of the bathroom and immediately heard the frantic breaths from the bedroom, making her stop still in the hallway. Pulling the bathroom door very gently closed, the brunette tip-toed very carefully over to the doorway. There was no doubt about what was going on but she wanted to see it for herself, gathering her hair to one side and then carefully peeking around the frame to see her boyfriend buried in Avril on the bed, entwined deeply as he gave slow, soulful thrusts inside her as they kissed, the singers hands stroking and pulling at his back as she arched beneath him, knees squeezing at his body every time he withdrew. Beth held her breath as watched as long as she dared, before slipping back behind the doorway, leaning against the wall as she took it in, hearing their intense breaths and rustling of the bed underneath them. She wasn’t the least bit surprised, but she was a little jealous. Not so much that he was with Avril, but because she wanted to be on the receiving end of him right now.

They weren’t fucking, they were making love; he was being gentle and loving with her, both of them lost in each other as they moved together effortlessly, completely in tune and enjoying every moment of it clearly. She knew that Avril was so much more to him than a fantasy, that she was so real and attainable to him. She’d got there before Beth, and without a doubt owned a significant piece of his heart, able to take a place in his life any time she showed up. He wanted her, but it wasn’t all one way. It was clear to Beth that Avril wanted him more than she let on, that she loved being with him and escaping her busy life in his arms. On the bottom line, Beth knew that they were in love, and whilst that could easily spur jealously in her, she tempered it by knowing that realistically it wouldn’t go the distance, and in reality they simply couldn’t be together, and that those aspects of their relationship seemed to make it so much more desirable and special when they came together.

As she listened to him gasp Avril’s name, she stole another glance round the door to watch them, seeing them going faster now, the singers fingernails digging lightly into his back, catching the moment that she pulled her legs up around his, locking her ankles to stop him getting away and help him thrust deeper into her delicious pussy. He was kissing at her neck in a sea of her blonde hair, making Beth bubble with arousal as she imagined it was her underneath him, where she should be, taking his stiff cock deep inside her. She would have it later, she told herself, every inch of him and his love for her; on her, inside her. Beth peeked again to watch him stroking his fingers through Avril’s hair as he pumped deep inside her, the Canadian’s legs tensing powerfully to squeeze him inside her as far as possible, toes curling. Avril’s grunts and groans announced her arrival and Beth couldn’t help but look again to see as he screwed he sensually to orgasm, still not going too rapidly but using a deep, intent motion that she knew from pleasant experience would bring climax.

Beth took in every contortion of Avril’s expression as she orgasmed, eyes screwed shut as she gasped and growled hard through her peak, digging her nails into his back and arching from the bed as he bit firmly into her neck. She would see Beth watching them if she opened her eyes, but she didn’t, far too immersed in the ecstasy of their love making. Avril softened back onto the bed as his pace picked up, seeing him pressing harder inside her, his muscles tight and powerful as he chased his own imminent climax, the clamping and clenching of the petite singers pelvic muscles having taken him close. Beth ducked back and listened to their intense, hungry kissing as he started to pump on her hard, hearing the bed bounce as he turned it up to finish, Avril grunting as he slammed himself into her, their sensual, intimate encounter coming to a passionate end. She looked carefully round just as she knew he would finish, watching him give a few final, strained strokes into her before he burst, jamming deeply between her thighs to shove a loud grunt from the singer as he came with a throaty growl of pleasure, his muscles twitching and clenching hard as he emptied himself into her hot body, pushing himself up on his hands over her.

Author’s Notes: Our story is told from two perspectives. Odd numbered chapters are written by me and told from the son’s point of view; even numbered by my mother, in her voice. Fair warning now, it’s a LONG story, so if that’s going to be an issue, press BACK now.

Note to category purists who don’t like cross contamination of genres – elements of exhibitionism, anal, lesbians and group sex are all present, but it is basically an Incest/BDSM story. It begins slow and lets events unfold naturally, with no category exhibiting strongly at the outset, more as an overall aim of the two protagonists. I do, however, like to think of it more as a love story than jack-off material. So if the latter is what you seek, you’ve come to the wrong place. Sorry ’bout that!

“Oedipus Spanks” by Sam Knight and his mother


Ch.01 Son develops feelings for his Mom.

Ch.02 Mom’s secret fantasy.

Ch.03 Son discovers Mom’s secret website.

Ch.04 Mom films herself naked in Son’s room.

Ch.05 Son threatens to spank Mom.

Ch.06 Mom asks Son to visit sex shop for her.

Ch.07 Son and Mom both need to masturbate.

Ch.08 Mom is still so horny.

Ch.09 Son walks in on Mom masturbating.

Ch.10 Mom shows Son her dirty video.

Ch.11 Son explains the rules of the game.

Ch.12 Mom becomes Son’s naked slave.

Ch.13 Son leaves naked Mom on public display.

Ch.14 Mom has an orgasm in public.

Ch.15 Son experiences aftermath of Mom’s orgasm.

Ch.16 Mom is led into town on a leash, naked.

Ch.17 Son denies Mom orgasm while he masturbates.

Ch.18 Mom is teased on a night out on the town.

Ch.19 Son ties Mom to a tree, stark naked.

Ch.20 Mom is laid out like a geisha to serve lunch.

Ch.21 Son plays a dirty game with Mom in water.

Ch.22 Mom lets son take her buttered backside.

Ch.23 Son invites lesbians to come pleasure Mom.

Ch.24 Mom naked outdoors in own street.

Ch.25 Son’s message to Mom, one year on.

Chapter 01

The global economy was in the shitter. When the financial crisis began, I’d only been out of school and in my new job for a few months. It was a case of last in, first out. It didn’t matter that I liked what I was doing, it didn’t matter that I was good at what I was doing, it didn’t even matter that I was a hard and dedicated worker; I was new, I was out.

Mom had been so proud of me the day she helped me to move out of the family home and into my own flat. It was a small place, basically just half an attic space in a three storey house that had been converted into six flats. As such, I hadn’t moved all the stuff I’d accumulated from 18 years living at home into the new place. There just wasn’t room for it all. I still had my bedroom at home and all my crap – my good crap – stayed put.

It broke Mom’s heart the day I called her on the phone and said I just couldn’t afford to live there anymore. The job market was in the toilet, I had no skills and very little experience, people just weren’t hiring teenagers for anything other than menial tasks at below minimum wage.

I packed my stuff into the back of Mom’s Volkswagen and couldn’t help but feel totally dejected as she drove me back to the family nest.

“Cheer up son,” Dad said as he stood on the front porch, welcoming me back. “It’ll pick up again soon. You’ll be back on your feet before you know it.”

Well it didn’t pick up again soon. Oh, I got another job, one which I hated. Serving people at a bread and cake chain store. I had to wear a hair net. I found it humiliating and degrading, especially when people I knew came in to buy something.

School friends would find it hard to keep a straight face when they came in during their breaks from college and I’d hear them laughing the moment they stepped outside.

I didn’t last very long. I was just so miserable there, Mom told me she’d rather I quit than see me so desperately unhappy all the time.

My parents weren’t poor. They weren’t rich by any means, but the house was paid for, Mom and Dad each had a nice car, we always went on holidays together and they had enough dough to see them through a rainy day or two if need be.

Dad had a job, but was not in a position to offer me a placement as the only positions he had any say about were graduate positions. And I wasn’t a graduate.

Far from being stupid. I just didn’t really have any idea what to study. Besides which, I’d been in school for a long time and wanted a change of scenery. I thought, maybe in a few years, I’d have more of an idea and go back and finish my studies then. And do so when I had some money under my belt to see me through. I didn’t relish being a poor, indebted student.

Two demeaning jobs and a couple of long stints on unemployment benefit later, Mom suggested I rethink my strategy of putting university on hold. She hated to see me mope around the house, not going out, not seeing friends.

Mom gave me an allowance, Dad did too, though as Mom didn’t work, I guess it all came from Dad. They had never been tight fisted. But that was besides the point. I loved them, I didn’t want to have to rely on them that way indefinitely, I wanted to make my own way.

But that just wasn’t happening.

So I took Mom’s advice and applied to university, two years later than all of my friends. My parents would pay, as they always said they would. They didn’t want paying back, they just wanted what was best for me. Seeing me twiddling my thumbs, feeling hopeless and not living my life was not what they wanted.

I only just got my application forms in on time. I hadn’t been planning on doing it this year, so everything had been a rush, even visiting my old school to ask for some references.

Mom was sat in the kitchen when I came down the stairs. Dad had already left for work. I had butterflies in my stomach and was slightly agitated. What if I didn’t get in? What if no one wanted me? It wasn’t like I had anything to show for myself, or any great skill, or achievement from the time since I’d left school.

“C’m'ere Babes.” Mom always called me that. I may have been twenty, but I was always going to be her baby boy.

I walked up to where she was seated at the breakfast bar, hands in my pockets, head down. I just stood there as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in close, smattering my head with little kisses.

“What are you and me going to do with ourselves this summer?” she asked. She wanted desperately to get me out of my rut.

“I dunno Mom.”

“You don’t know?” she chirped as if talking to a four year old, though without any patronising quality to her voice. “I’m sure we can think of something. You and me. There must be lots of things we can do together …”

I looked up at her and smiled half-heartedly.

“If you don’t mind being seen out and about with your old Mom, that is.”

“You’re not old Mom.” My response was instantaneous.

She smiled, cupping my cheeks in her hands and drawing my head to hers, until our foreheads were touching. As we looked into each others eyes, she wrinkled her nose and rubbed it against my nose, Eskimo style.

“Dad’s going to be quite busy over the next few months. He’s got two major accounts and he’s going to be away quite a bit. He suggested to me last night in bed, that you and I take a few little vacations. Not far. Just around Britain. A few nights here, a few nights there. Just to coincide when Dad’s away, that’s all. What do you say to that Babes?”

I looked up and thought for a moment or two. Far from being objectionable, I thought it was a cool idea. “Like where?” I asked.

“Where would you like?”

A smile came to my face. The moment Mom saw it, it made her so happy that she pulled my face to hers and planted a great big smooch on my lips.


“I’m sorry Babes,” Mom chuckled at the strength of my protest. “I just haven’t seen that smile of yours in such a long time. I missed it, that’s all.”

“It’s okay Mom. I’m sorry I …” I laughed myself. I had been taken quite off guard by the location of the kiss. “It’s okay.”

I raised my index finger to my lips and kissed it, then pressed that same finger against my Mom’s lips. Mom kissed them back and smiled at me. She stood up and wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight for a few minutes, gently swaying side to side, back and forth in her arms. She was so comforting, my mother. I loved her with all my heart. We’d always been friends. She was the one who would always sneak up to comfort me after I’d been disciplined or punished by Dad.

I’d hear the soft footsteps on the landing and the quiet knock on the door, then she’d just slip in and come lay down alongside me on my bed, put her arms over me and rest her cheek on mine. It was never long before she had me up and about and smiling again.

And Dad wasn’t nasty or anything. I loved him too. He was just the parent who dealt with all that sort of thing. It was only right that a young boy learn what his mistakes were and take responsibility for them. Dad saw to all that, so Mom didn’t have to. She was free to be the love giving parent.

And that was just fine. Given the choice of Mom coming up to my bedroom to give me a cuddle and a kiss or Dad doing the same – eurgghh – I’d choose Mom any day of the week.

“So where were you going to suggest?” she asked.

I looked at her and smiled, before giving my answer, making her smile too.

A few weeks went by before the first of Dad’s business trips. Mom had succeeded in bringing me some way out of my slump, but I still hadn’t heard back from the university people other than a receipt of my application form. Mom had booked the first of our trips. Cornwall.

Mom drove all the way, stopping at service stations every hundred or so miles, for a break, something to eat and drink, a pee, or even just to stretch our legs. We had a few CDs in the car that she liked to listen to and I hadn’t brought any. All my songs were on my mp3 player and required earphones. So most of the way, it was KT Tunstall, Alanis Morissette and Liz Phair, three of Mom’s favourites.

My Mom was a cool chick, with music to match. It may not have been my cup of tea, but it was so much better than Dad’s classical music that he kept in his BMW.

I’d never really listened much to Mom’s music in her car, because I only ever went on short journeys with her, five or ten minutes at a time and the music would be turned down in the background because we were usually talking. Whenever we went anywhere of some distance, it was always in Dad’s car, with Dad driving and Beethoven and Bach and Handel and the like on his stereo.

But this was probably the first time that I really got to listen to some of the stuff Mom was into. Oh, she played a bit of KT Tunstall around the house. I knew half the lyrics to ‘Suddenly I See’ myself, but Liz Phair was fairly new to me. And it came as something of a surprise.

There were two songs in particular that gelled with me. One was called ‘Little Digger’ in which the songstress kept repeating the line ‘My Mother Is Mine’ which made me feel kind of happy because for the next few days, my mother was going to be – all mine. And it made me feel close to my Mom, because she was hearing the line too and every time Liz sang it, Mom would look at me and I would look at her. She’d smile, then I’d smile. I don’t know what the song was about, but that line brought us closer somehow.

The other song was causing Mom to blush somewhat and she was refusing to look anywhere other than straight ahead. The display text on the central console readout simply had three letters. H. W. C.

The song hadn’t got off to the best of starts, using the F word – a word we generally didn’t use in our family, but it just spiralled from there. Several times Mom’s left arm twitched, threatening to leave the steering wheel to do something about the song.

If I thought the ‘My Mother Is Mine’ line had been repeated a lot in the other song, it was nothing compared to the repetitive lyric in this one – ‘Gimme Your Hot White Cum’. Over and over and over again.

Mom’s face looked like it was going to explode as I cast my eyes sideways in my head, trying not to blush myself. The song was all about a woman pulling back on her lover’s penis to make him ejaculate on her so she could rub it in her face and hair and all over her body to make her skin look fresh and youthful. I didn’t even know there were songs about that sort of thing out there. I’d never heard a song with the F word in it before today.

When the song finally came to a close what must have seemed like twenty minutes later, even though it was only about three, I turned my head to my mother and she turned hers to me. Without saying anything, I failed to keep my smile contained and the snigger that came out triggered a similar reaction in Mom. It wasn’t long before we were laughing so hysterically that Mom had to pull over, for fear of causing an accident.

“I’m sorry Babes, I’m so ashamed.”

I put my hand on my mother’s. “It’s okay Mom. I liked it. It was catchy.” I began to sing sheepishly, “Gimme your hot white cu-uh-uh-um! Gimme your hot white cum.”

I didn’t stop to think how stupid it sounded me singing it, asking for another man’s semen.

“Oh stop Babes, you’re embarrassing me.”

“Go on, sing it with me Mom.” I pressed the previous track select on the stereo and the song began to play again. Track eleven.

A minute later we were driving and smiling again, singing the song together, Mom and me, “Gimme your hot white cu-uh-uh-um, gimme your hot white cum!”

We hadn’t been to Cornwall for many years. I think the last time we went, I was about twelve, but I’d remembered it fondly, staying in an apartment in St. Ives, around the back, overlooking Porthmeor Beach where we’d watch the tremendous waves that would come crashing in on a stormy day.

But at relative short notice and with the onset of tourist season, which always started early in Cornwall, we hadn’t been able to find the ideal spot for a short break, instead having to book a hotel.

Cornwall is a little unusual for Britain. Most of the country is served by chain hotels, catering to both the budget conscious and the cost no object crowd. But what Cornwall was lacking, was those famous brand hotels, whether they be Travelodges, Premier Inns, Holiday Inns or Hiltons, because those hotels were usually set up on routes frequented by businessmen who travelled on the road, like Dad.

Cornwall was a bit of a dead end, geographically speaking, sitting down there in the south west of Britain. Indeed, the most southerly point in mainland Britain was located in Cornwall – the Lizard, so too the most westerly point – Land’s End. But far from being a scenic dead end, Cornwall was one of the most beautiful places in the whole of the British Isles.

But that left us in a hotel. The only place we’d been able to find that had space was in Penzance. And the rooms were a little pricey. A little too pricey to warrant two rooms, one each for Mom and me. After all, it was only for three nights and it was just the two of us. And at a cost of £150 a night, it was just crazy to spend £900 for two rooms for two people, particularly when bed, breakfast and evening meal for two was included in the cost of each room.

When we got to the room, we were in for a surprise. There was just the one bed. Mom went into a bit of a panic. She’d booked online and couldn’t recall whether this was correct or not. She was sure she’d booked a room with two single beds.

“Don’t sit down,” she called out to me, just as I was about to slump down and crease the corner of the double bed.

She rummaged through her handbag for the printout. The look on her face when she looked up at me told me it was Mom’s error. Her jaw was hanging in mid air. She raised her hand to her mouth.

“I looked at so many different rooms on the computer,” she said. “I was sure it was for two singles. I’ll go see if they can change.”

“Mom. Mom,” I shouted, trying to snap her out of it. “It doesn’t matter, it’s okay. I’ll sleep on the floor. I’ve done it before. I’ll survive.”

She walked up to me and stroked the side of my face with her hand. “No Babes. Bring the luggage, we’ll go back down to reception and see if they can put us in another room.”

The hotel was fully booked however and there were no other rooms.

We settled our luggage back into the room and used the facilities to refresh ourselves. Then set out for a little walk to see what was nearby. After about an hour, we returned to the hotel, but it was still too early for dinner, so we strolled over to the bar.

“What will you have Mom? My treat.” I always did that sort of thing. Even though the money I had was basically pocket money given to me by Mom or Dad, I at least liked to put my hands in my pockets when I could, if only to show my appreciation to them. Yes, it was money they wanted me to spend on myself, but I really took pleasure in buying Dad a drink every now and again, or surprising Mom with flowers for no particular reason, just that I loved her.

“Uh, G&T for me Babes. Lemon, no ice.”

“And a pint of Kronenburg for me,” I said to the hotel bar man.

£7.50. Jeepers. That was a lot, I thought, looking for some loose change to go with the five pound note I held at the ready in my hand.

We found a table in the window. It was a nice hotel and it had huge picture windows in the bar area, just off the lobby, that looked out to sea. We sat side by side on a leather sofa, facing out to admire the view, taking sips from our glasses and just generally relaxing, talking about our journey down, ribbing Mom about the song and discussing our plans for the next few days.

Without food, two rounds of drinks had made us a little tipsy when we went in for dinner – which was included in the price. We still had to pay for drinks. All in all, it was a very pleasant meal and Mom and I once again adjourned to the bar for a little night cap.

Mom had stayed on the gin and tonics and I had stayed on the lager, but the air conditioning in the hotel and the slightly salty meal had dried out Mom’s mouth and left her craving for something long and cool.

She gestured toward my glass, “Mind if I …”

I shook my head. “Go ahead Mom. Feel frrree,” I said, stumbling on my words with a giggle in my intoxicated state. I think if I’d been a little more sober I would have made some pathetic complaint about catching cooties from my Mom sharing my glass.

Mom lifted the near full pint glass to her lips and began to slurp. And slurp. And slurp. And before I knew it, all but a half inch at the bottom was gone from my glass.

My Mom let out a little belch, then wiping her lips with the back of her hand, said, “God, I needjid zhat!” Then smiled and began to giggle.

I went and bought myself a replacement pint and brought along a half for my mother and settled it down alongside her G&T glass.

“Whashat for? Are you tchrying to get Mommy dhrunk, Babesh?”

“Mom … I think you’re well past that stage. Jush enjoy it.”

We managed to get each other back to the room safely and we both seemed to sober up slightly when we saw our bed situation. Mom had insisted we share the bed, but I had insisted just a little bit more that we didn’t. I took a pillow and a blanket while Mom was in the bathroom changing and lay them down on the floor to the side of the bed.

I could hear water running and so assumed Mom was cleaning her teeth, so instead of waiting to use the bathroom to change after Mom, I took off all my clothes and sat nude on the edge of the bed, pulling up my pyjama shorts just in time to hear the water shut off and Mom’s hand on the door handle.

“Oh Babesh. I feel sho guilty about dish. Are you sure you won’t shleep in zhuh bed?”

“Mom. I’m fine. Stop worrying, will you!” I settled onto the floor and Mom, in a thin green satin nightgown, that barely covered her supple thighs, slinked under the covers alongside me.

It wasn’t long before she let her arm dangle out of the bed to hover over me, fidgeting, waiting for me to take it. I did. I held onto her hand.

“I love you Babesh.”

“I love you Mom.”


“Oww! What the …” I was shaken out of slumber by a blunt pain to my side, then another to my stomach. Wondering where I was and what was going on, I was suddenly the recipient of one of the most agonising experiences of my life. I cried out in pain as my Mom stepped on my balls with her bare feet, then stumbled, landing on top of me in a heap.

“Mom? What are you doing?” I cried, buckling over, clenching my little guy between my legs.

Mom’s face was about an inch from mine. It was dark, but I could still make her out. Suddenly I felt something wet on my face, missing my open mouth by a fraction, it trickled down my cheek.

Mom immediately lifted her hand to wipe her face and I realised, she had just inadvertently drooled on me.

“I’m sorry Babes. I forgot you were there.”

I helped her to her feet and into the bathroom, where the light blinded us both. Before I could turn to leave her in privacy, she lifted her nightgown and sat straight down on the toilet and started to go. I saw the briefest, most fleeting glance of my Mom’s pussy and turned my head immediately and left her alone.

Mom came out of the bathroom and took more care, stepping over me. As I watched her kneel on the bed, I caught a glimpse of her ass and Lord help me, but for some mysterious reason, completely unknown to me, my dick twitched.

“Night Babes.”

“Night Mom.”

I leaned over onto my side, facing away from my mother and tried to get back to sleep. Now, when I’ve been disturbed in the middle of the night in the past, I usually can’t just fall back asleep, I have to think of something.

What I think of varies, but it probably has something to do with that song from the Sound of Music. I try to think of my favourite things, but nothing too stimulating. I normally just try to picture some ideal future for myself, a house, wife, kids, that sort of thing. But no matter what I tried to think of, all I could see in my mind’s eye was the flash of brown fur between my Mom’s legs and her big, juicy, succulent, perfect ass.

What was wrong with me? This was my mother. This was the woman who gave birth to me, who let me suckle on her breasts, who bathed me and dressed me and took me to school, who was always there for me, kind and caring and loving, always with a sweet hug and a kiss. And I had a boner for her?

Suffice it to say, it was a long time before I finally drifted off to sleep.

Next morning, I woke on the floor, on my back. It took me a moment or two to realise where I was, before becoming aware, like I did most mornings, that I had an erection. It wasn’t sexual. It was just a need to pee. The chemicals that were released during the night by my brain to quell that desire had subsided and a new chemical sent word to my penis to wake me up to go start my day.

The next thing I became aware of was my mother, lying face down, sideways across her bed, with her arms crossed under her and her chin rested on them, looking at me. And the tent in my blanket. I twitched again and I’m sure a faint crease appeared at the corner of her mouth. Rolling onto my side, I said good morning to my mother.

“Good morning Babes. Sleep well?”

“Um, let me think about that, um …” I smiled, so too did she.

“You’re sleeping on the bed tonight.”

“Mom, it’s fine.”

“It’s not fine. You’re sleeping with me. And if you refuse, I’m going to sleep on the floor as well.”

“Mom, that’s ridiculous.”

“No. What’s ridiculous is paying £150 a night and my son sleeping on the floor. That’s ridiculous.”

“Mom, I can’t sleep with you.”

“Why not? I don’t bite …” A look of mischief came to her face. “Unless you want me to!”

I laughed. “Mom. It’s just not right. I’m not a little kid anymore and I’m not Dad.”

“What does Dad have to do with it?”

“Well you’re his wife, he’s your husband, you’re married, it will be like cheating.”

She scoffed at me. “Why would it be like cheating? You’re my son and I love you more than anything in the world. You’re my darling baby boy, not some stranger picked up in a bar. You’re sleeping in the bed tonight, or I’m sleeping on the floor. That’s the choice. Are you gong to make your poor, old mother sleep on a hard floor?”

“Mom, you’re not old.” Again, I was instantaneous. But I saw the look of seriousness in her eyes. Once she got that look, I knew she meant it and would be good to her word.

“Oh alright, I’ll sleep in the bloody bed if it’ll make you happy.”

She scooted out of the bed and knelt down alongside me, lifting my blanket and snuggled up beside me, pulling the blanket back over us both. She placed her head on my pillow and rested her palm on my chest.

“Oh God, how did you ever sleep a wink on this hard floor?”

Being drunk helped, I thought. After her mid-night foray into the bathroom, it wasn’t so easy after that.

She started to rub her hand across my chest. It was just a little bit hairy. I had a little in the centre of my chest and a little upside down V on my stomach around my belly button, but most of my hair seemed to be around my nipples. And it was those that her fingers began to circle, every so often tugging a little on those hairs.

Far from finding it uncomfortable, I found it mildly soothing. What she did next however, I found to be incredibly awkward. In an attempt to get more comfortable, probably not even thinking about it, or at very least, having forgotten about it, Mom readjusted herself, bringing her right leg up onto my left thigh. Her right knee was sitting directly on top of my boner, flattening it.

As every man that has ever been will know, a flattened boner is an anxious boner. My little guy pressed into the side of my mothers knee, throbbing, pulsing, trapped.

As her head lay next to mine, I looked at her, we were breathing in each other’s breath. My heart raced and her eyes fixed on mine. She was painfully aware of what she had done and was not quite sure how to extricate herself from this most unfortunate of positions that a mother and son could find themselves in. Again my erection pulsed.

Without further ado, my mother spoke, “Who’s first in the bathroom, you or me?” As she was speaking, she moved her leg back to the sidelines. She tapped my chest, waiting for an answer.

“I need to pee Mom, but then you can go before I do anything else.”

Why I said that, I don’t know. Yes, I needed to pee, but could I get up without showing my doozie of a boner to my mother? Whatever. I got up and went and did what I needed to do.

As I washed my hands in the sink, I looked at myself in the mirror. Actually looked at myself, almost accusingly. This woman was the most precious person in the world to me and I had spent half the night having illicit thoughts about various parts of her anatomy.

I pulled my pyjama’s down and let them fall around my ankles. The mirror in the hotel en suite was full length, no window, just a light. I looked at it. My penis.

Morning erections normally tended to diminish as soon as urination began. By the conclusion of urination, it was usually half mast, or semi-hard/semi-flaccid. This thing was throbbing. It was out of my foreskin and everything. That practically never happened with an a.m. boner. Yeah, I’d be hard, but not so hard that my mushroom cap would come out to play. That only happened when my mind got sexed up. As it was right now. For Mom.

Mom knocked on the door. “Can I come in Babes. Mommy’s really got to pee.”

I could hear her hand squeezing the door handle, so quickly reached down to pull my PJs up. I opened the door for Mom and she scooched past me and sat down on the toilet. This time I made sure not to look, instead taking me and my boner out of the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

I slumped back against the wall and my hand naturally found its way inside my slack fitting pyjama bottoms. I grabbed hold of my foreskin and forcibly pulled it back over my glans to cover it and afford it some protection from the harsh elements. I could however feel the telltale slickness of pre-cum all over my fingers and shaft.

I reprimanded myself for having the thoughts I was having. My own mother. My penis, hard as a rock, sliding between those delicious half moons I’d seen last night as she got back into bed. STOP IT.

Slipping between her legs to reach her fur, wrapping my arm around her body to touch the tip of my penis against her pubes, using my other arm to float up inside her nightie to cup her breast, give it a squeeze, tease a nipple. Kiss her neck from behind. Oh God, what was happening to me? I’d never been so horny in my life.

My fingers were in my mouth and I was licking my pre-cum off them. God, I was a pervert. A moment later my hand was back in my PJs and I was squeezing out another handful of my juices, again bringing them to my mouth to taste and swallow, somehow imagining they were my mother’s own juices.

Oh, I’ve got to stop this. I have so got to stop this. I had to have a wank. I just had to have a wank. There was no way I was going to get through today with Mom without jerking off thinking about her.

No, I can’t do that. I just can’t. I can’t I tell you. Stop it. Leave me alone. Why won’t you just leave me alone?

If I had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, the angel had his pants down and had his cock in his hand. The devil was already fucking my mother, twelve ways from Sunday.

Breakfast was an uneasy affair. We sat across the table from each other in the same seats we had occupied at dinner the previous night. I was fairly quiet, looking around the dining room, always averting my gaze when I felt Mom looking at me. Before long, Mom spoke up.

“It’s perfectly natural you know.”

“What is?” I asked, not for one moment thinking Mom would bring it up as a topic of conversation.

“To have an erection in the morning. Your Dad has them all the time.”


“Shh!” she hushed me. I’d been a bit too vigorous with my objection again. Heads were turning.

“Mom, you can’t talk about shit like that.”

“Why not?”

“Because …”

“Because what?”

“Because it’s sensitive.”

“Oh please. You make it sound like half the world doesn’t wake up in the exact same condition as you woke up. You had a boner. So what!”

“Mom!” I stifled my outrage.

“I didn’t raise my son to be such a prude.”

I had to smile at that. When I did, she smiled right back at me, her eyes positively glowing, perhaps realising the abject sauciness of her words at long last.

“Mom!” I said barely above a whisper.

She stood up and leaned across the table to kiss me on my cheek. As she took to her seat, her arm stretched out and her fingers wiped away the lipstick mark she had left on the side of my face.

“Come on. Let’s just forget about it, eh? It’s nothing. Penises have minds of their own. They stand up when they see a nice lady and they stand up when they need a pee. It’s harder for … I mean, it’s more difficult for men, having such an expressive body part. When women are turned on they’re a lot more subtle. It doesn’t show so much unless you know where to look.”

“Mom, I wasn’t turned on.” I lied.

“I know, I’m just saying, it’s the dual nature of … well, you know.”

“Can we change the subject Mom? I had a boner, yes, I have one every morning. It just means I need to pee. It doesn’t go away ’til I’ve had one.”

“Consider the subject changed. Right, I think it’s going to be a nice day, shall we go to St. Ives?”

I smiled and nodded, unable to disguise my delight.

“As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives, every wife had seven sacks, every sack had seven cats, every cat had seven kits. Cats, kits, sacks, wives, how many were going to St. Ives?”

“Two!” I replied. “Just you and me Mom!”

St. Ives hadn’t changed a bit. It was exactly as I remembered it, frozen in time.

Parking the car at the top of the hill overlooking Porthmeor Beach, we wandered down into the town. For some reason, I don’t know what, I don’t know why, Mom took a hold of my hand and we strolled about like that all morning, releasing only momentarily to pick things up or put things down, or hand over money or scratch our noses, but always returning to hold each other’s hand. It was nice and gentle in a caring sort of way and I didn’t feel in the least bit self conscious about holding my mother’s hand in public.

Mom bought me a new watch in one of the side streets, just because I liked it and she caught me looking at it. It came as a complete surprise, but such a nice one nonetheless. We sat down in a pub for some lunch, nothing heavy because we’d be eating late.

It was a lovely day, the sun was shining bright, it was warm, it was just beautiful, perfect in every way. Mom and me had only light summery clothes on, I was in shorts and a T shirt, Mom a skirt and a thin cotton T shirt. We really didn’t need anything more.

It was mid afternoon before Mom started to drive us back, but we needed to stop off for a few supplies along the way. There was a supermarket and a few chain stores, but Mom wanted to pick up some snacks and some drinks, so we wouldn’t have to spend so much in the hotel bar. We could take the alcohol up to our room instead and save a bundle.

As we walked into the supermarket, I said to Mom, “I think I need a shit. Where’s the toilet?” I had to be crude, to disguise my true intentions.

Mom pointed out the toilets and I said, “I’ll catch you up. I’ll come find you when I’m done.”

I found a stall, wiped the seat with some toilet paper, yanked down my shorts and pants and took my dick in my hand, shut my eyes and began wanking.

Toilet paper. I’ll need some toilet paper, so I ripped off a few sheets. It was horrible stuff, cheap, thin, longer than normal toilet paper, but incredibly poor quality. I dropped it onto my shorts around my ankles and shut my eyes again.

I tried to think of other people. Actresses, sexy situations. But Mom kept coming into my thoughts. That flash of bush. I was in the hotel bathroom with her. That green nightie of hers hiked up around her waist, her ass cheeks supporting her, knees apart. I could see between her legs, all that fur.

Ohhhh, my breathing got heavier and I had to reel myself in and remember where I was.

That white lacy bit that sat atop the plunging neckline, the thin pale green satin clinging to her breasts, my face getting closer to her hardening nipples. Looking up at her face, deep into her eyes. Those lips, kissing those lips, Mom’s lips, Mom, oh Mom, Mom, Mommy. I reached for the TP and blew my load. That had to have been some sort of record. That was less than a minute. I’d never come that fast in my life before.

I squeezed every drop out of my penis, before wiping myself off, holding the spent wad to my face, I sniffed it, thought of Mom, kissed it, thanked her quietly and then flushed it in the bowl behind me. I washed my hands and went and found Mom.

“You weren’t long Babes. I thought you’d be in there quarter of an hour.”

“Turned out I just needed a good fart Mom. I think I frightened the guy in the next cubicle. I couldn’t help laughing at how loud it was.”

She feigned disapproval at me, but secretly I knew she loved hearing me say stuff like that, even though this time, none of it had been true.

We finished the shop and Mom handed me the keys of the car to go load the shopping up. She wanted to nip into next door for something or another.

The sky had turned dark and the wind had picked up. There was now a chill in the air and rain seemed imminent.

I sat in the VW waiting, waiting. Then I saw Mom coming my way as the heavens suddenly opened and released torrents down upon my mother. She ran to the car and I reached across to open the door for her, but by the time she sat down, she was soaked through and shivering.

“Mom, you’ve got to take that off, you’ll get pneumonia otherwise.” That was something she always said to me when I came in soaked through.

“I can’t take it off, I’ve got nothing else to wear.”

“Yes you do Mom.” I immediately pulled my T shirt over my head and pulled my shorts down and handed them to her.

“What are you doing? Put them back on.”

“Mom, you’re soaked through. I’m dry. You’re gonna catch your death if you sit like that. Come on. Take your top off.” I helped her with it. She sat there in her pale pink bra and I could see her dark nipples underneath poking through. They were like bullets. She swiftly put my T shirt on over her head and noticed how it covered her below the waist as well since it was much bigger than hers had been.

“Put your shorts back on. This is fine.”

“Mom you can have them. You need to take your dress off, it’s soaking.”

“It’s not a dress Babes. It’s a skirt. There’s a difference you know.”

I didn’t know. I thought the terms were interchangeable. Whatever, she undid her skirt and took it off, flinging her wet clothes into the back seat, sitting there all wet and windswept in just my T shirt and her underwear and shoes.

“You can put them on,” she said. “I don’t need them.

“Mom, they’re the only dry thing in the car. At least dry yourself off with them.”

“And what are you going to do when we get back to the hotel? Just walk through the lobby in just your underpants?”

“No, you can go up to the room and get me some clothes, bring them back down to me, it won’t take more than a minute or two.”

She couldn’t argue with my logic. She was soaking and shivering, even though the engine was switched on and the fan was attempting to blow out warm air, with a cold engine, that air wasn’t so warm.

Mom physically shook from the cold as we sat there arguing, so I took my shorts and started to wipe her arms, then her hair. She took over from me and dried herself up, then as the fan started to warm up, she leaned over and kissed me on my cheek.

“Look at us eh? What would your Dad say if he could see us now?”

I looked at her, but looked at her differently now. Just half an hour earlier I had jacked off thinking about her. And since then, I’d got a real good outline of her nipples and she’d kissed me.

I got that telltale sensation in my pants and clenched tightly, digging my backside deep into the passenger seat. I couldn’t let Mom see my erection now. She’d know it was for her this time, if I did.

David Cameron. Gordon Brown. Tony Blair. John Major. Margaret Thatcher. Who was before her? I couldn’t go back any further than my own lifetime, so I switched to American presidents. Barack Obama. George W Bush. Bill Clinton. Other George Bush. Ronald Reagan.

That seemed to do the trick. Politicians always got rid of my hard ons. They were sure fire damp squibs.

Chapter 02

I walked through the lobby of the hotel in my son’s T shirt and my own damp underwear. I had seen his erection in the car and thought about it all the way back to Penzance.

I couldn’t very well rebuke him, he had done such a kind thing for me. We brought him up well, that’s one thing I will say for myself and my husband. We are good parents.

Although sometimes I wonder. If he only knew of my hidden urges and desires. If he knew his dear Mom lived a secret fantasy life in her head because she’s so sexually frustrated it aches.

Even now, walking through the lobby, feeling people’s eyes on me, I want to be exposed. How I wish my son had kept his clothes on and insisted I get out of mine. Out of my top, out of my skirt. But Mom, your panties are soaked through and your bra is all wet, I can see your nipples. You have to get out of those wet clothes and I’m not taking no for an answer. Strip. Do it now. Strip.

And then leading me, naked, through to the elevators. My pussy was wet just thinking about it. I’d been tingling all day. As I lay on the bed this morning gazing at my son’s cock bob up and down as he slept peacefully, as I placed my knee upon it and felt it heave, our breakfast conversation, I’ve been squirming down there ever since. I need to masturbate, but how can I do it with my son around all the time?

I need to send him out so I can have half hour alone, naked on the bed. Although I don’t just want to be naked in the room. I want to step out into the corridor naked, walk down the hall, maybe get as far as the elevator and go down a few floors and come back up again. Feel the danger, walk past the doors with their little peep holes and picture guests spying on my nude body, walking up to the window and pressing my body against it. Look at me, look at me. Please, look at me.

I want to be a slave. All the time. Subservient, submissive, exposed and humiliated in public. I want eyes on me. I want to be commanded, punished, whipped, spanked, oh God, I’m such a horny little pervert.

I let myself into our room. We’d had maid service, that was very evident. I stripped off my son’s oversize T shirt, took off my bra and panties and just stood there in the middle of the room.

My fingers found my nipples and began tweaking them. Harder. I pinched them and tugged them out, pulling my breasts away from my body. Ow. Then release. Again. Again.

My hand found its way between my legs. My God, I was like a swamp down there. Bad Mommy. I smacked my vulva. And did it hard. The pain shot through me. It was intense. So too the thrill. Once more, then I turned my attentions to my ass.

Smack. Smack. Smack. I slapped my bottom ’til it was raw. I might have trouble sitting down later. But I couldn’t linger. My son was sat in the car in just his underwear and I didn’t want him playing with his cock in public.

I slid my soaking wet panties back on, slipped my arms through my bra straps, pulling the cups down under my boobs before feeling around back to fasten it. I put my son’s T shirt back on and grabbed a pair of trousers and a T shirt from his case and headed out to find him.

When I got back to the room for the second time, I was not alone. My son was with me. It was still a few hours to dinner and we had our own alcohol now so didn’t need to pay the exorbitant prices in the hotel bar.

“I’m going to take a bath, Babes, okay?”

“Sure Mom. Why don’t you take a glass of wine in with you? It’ll help warm you up.”

I loved my son. He was such a thoughtful, kind young man. And he’d just had an excellent idea. I walked over to him as he sat on the corner of the bed fiddling with the TV remote and lifted his chin with my fingers. I edged my face closer to his, giving him an idea of my intentions and giving him plenty of opportunity to back away. But instead, he surprised me and let me give him a little peck on the lips.

I poured myself a glass of supermarket red and delved into my bag for my 7 inch tablet computer. “No more than two lagers before I get out of the bath.”

“Oh Mom! How long you are you going to be?” He could see I had my machine in hand.

“No more than two in half an hour. If Mommy’s any longer, you can have one more.”

“Okay,” he moaned. “I just need a quick pee, though.”

A few minutes later, I closed the bathroom door behind me, but didn’t lock it. I never did. No one ever came in, but it was the thrill of the possibility that someone could that gave me a sense of guilty pleasure. Besides, it was my intention to give myself a good seeing to.

As the water started to fill, I stood naked in front of the mirror. I had a sip of wine and placed the glass down. Then slapped my ass.

“Mom? Mom? Are you alright in there?”

Shit. He heard that? “I’m fine Babes,” I called through the door. “I just dropped something, that’s all.”

“Okay. As long as you’re alright.”

“I’m fine my love. Thank you.”

I lifted my right leg clean up onto the waist height counter to the right of the sink. Threading my hand behind my back and between my legs, I found my pussy and ran my fingers through my pubic hair, finding my soft, puffy lips beneath. I shoved two fingers up inside and my thumb naturally dug into my clit hood, pushing around to release my little nub from its prison of skin.

With my other hand I caressed my breasts, all the while staring at myself, like some kinky voyeur. I imagined it was a two way mirror with people watching from the other side. I felt the first waves rising within.

I stepped into the bath, carefully placing my glass of wine on the floor alongside then reached for my computer.

I’d married my husband at 17. We eloped, north of the border, Scotland and Gretna Green. George was a student in his final year of university at the time and my parents were not thrilled when they found out. They threatened to disown me, but even back then, it didn’t concern me. I wanted to be owned and I was owned, by George. His was the only opinion that mattered. I would have done anything for him. I guess in some ways, I did, I ran away with him. He was my man, my loving man.

George rapidly rose through the ranks in his company and began spending more and more time at work and away from me. It didn’t bother me much, because we had our little one and I was a full time Mommy. My little bundle of joy.

Aside from our child and George spending so much time at work, I was blissfully happy and wanted and needed for nothing. Sexually.

I guess I just wasn’t awake back then, when I was younger. Sex was always nice, but George was neither adventurous nor demanding. I wasn’t bothered. The highlight of my day was my son and his well being. One or two nights a week, George and I would make love.

He was a very considerate lover and I did enjoy sex, but, what can I say? It didn’t thrill me. It didn’t excite me. And it didn’t bother me if we didn’t do it for a while. For me, it was all about the love, the closeness, the companionship and the trust, always complete trust between my husband and I.

I knew George loved me. And I adored him. Still do. But as far as having any raw, unadulterated passion seething within my loins, well – I’m afraid I didn’t have any. I liked getting off, I would have orgasms. It’s just that, they weren’t the be all and end all. There was so much more to my life. And I loved my life. Still do.

But something happens to a woman when she approaches 40. She stops worrying too much about trivialities. Firm backside and breasts, washboard stomach, supple thighs. Bah! So what if there’s a little sag, a little cellulite, a slight pooch out front? So what if sometimes my neck and chin are not as sculpted as they once were?

None of that shit matters and a woman of my age finally stops fighting the inevitable and comes to accept her body as beautiful in its own right. So I don’t look like I came out of a glossy magazine. Uh, newsflash – I never did. I guess what I mean to say is, I’m comfortable in who I am. 40 doesn’t scare me. In my youth perhaps, it scared the bejeebers out of me; but in reality, 40 doesn’t phase me in the slightest.

And I think that’s what it took. That and one other little thing.

A year or two ago, a novel came out that sort of took the world by storm. It was an erotic novel, that had somehow managed to make it into the mainstream.

I’ve never read it. But some of my friends have. Opinions vary, most seem to think there are some good bits in it, but that the writing can be a little clunky at times and overall, while not a great read, it was at least a change from the usual suspects.

Like I said, I’ve never read it. But it did get me thinking.

My son had a computer, my husband had one; I however, wasn’t in the least bit interested. But one day I borrowed my sons laptop and asked him to give me a few lessons on using this internet thing. I’m a quick learner and my son is a patient boy. And he’s good to his old Mom.

After a few lessons, finding myself alone in the house, I was able to put it to use for my true intentions. I had been intrigued by this book and by what my good friend Shirley Madison had said to me one day – you can find better stuff on the internet if you know where to look. An innocuous comment perhaps, but one which had stayed with me.

I learned how to Google. I think I must be the second to last person in the world to do that – before some modern day Robinson Crusoe perhaps. It took me a little while to figure out the importance of the right search term, but when I did, typing in something like – erotic stories – I discovered a wealth of sites to explore and see what all this erotic stuff was about.

I must admit, even though I am an avid reader, I had managed to avoid Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Fanny Hill, The Story of O and their ilk. I just didn’t think it was proper or dignified for a lady to be stirred by such filth.

But I was approaching 40 and if I was starting to think ‘oh hell, sod it’ about my body, maybe my standards should fall by the wayside too.

One of my preferred sites to read this ‘literature’ turned out to be called ‘’. I perused the various sections, learned how to navigate and began to work my way down the so-called top lists.

Anal. Well I didn’t much care for that. George and I had tried it just the one time and neither of us had particularly enjoyed it. We had a hard time trying to figure out what all the fuss was about.

Next up was BDSM. I’d heard of it but didn’t even know what all the letters stood for. Bondage and sadomasochism I knew, but wasn’t sure of the finer details. So I gave it a miss and moved on down the list.

I liked a bit of romance, a bit of naughtiness perhaps and I found many stories that turned out to be very pleasant reads. Some turned me off instantly, but the great thing about reading these stories on the internet was that if I didn’t like it, I just forgot about it and moved on to the next one – it hadn’t cost me anything. And of course, nobody knew I was reading this kind of stuff.

My son had been very thoughtful and had warned me that my internet history would be recorded – by the stupid browser, he would say – and that when I was done, I should always clear the history and cache files. Not only did he show me how to do these things, but he wrote the instructions down on a piece of paper and sat down with me as I followed them to see that I could do it. I love my son, did I say that already?

One day, I woke up from a dream. My husband had already left for work. My son was back living at home after losing his first job. He was so disappointed. He’d been given a little bit of freedom with one hand and had it taken away with the other. I wanted to pay his rent for him but my husband rightly predicted our son wouldn’t accept such an arrangement.

Anyway, he’d gone out. I had the house to myself and this dream I’d had, no doubt triggered by the heavy reading day I’d had the day before, had turned me on like never before. I was actually wet between my legs. That sort of thing just never happened to me.

I’d been in school. Instead of my usual dream I would have about school – the one where I had exams but hadn’t done any work for them – I had gym. And I was in the showers. Naked naturally. In front of other girls, again naturally. It was something I did many times at school, showered naked.

But this dream had been a little different. I was at an all girls private school. And the girls were coming out of the showers, myself included and instead of an impending exam, we were lining up to get spanked.

I wasn’t just wet, my nipples were so hard and erect I could hang pictures from them.

At breakfast, I reached for my son’s laptop, visited my favourite website and found the search page. ‘Private School’ I typed.

Sure enough, potential stories appeared before me. Indeed, the first was even entitled ‘Private School Ch. 01′ but it was in the BDSM section.

Now like I said, I really didn’t know what it was. I thought it was people dressing up in leather and rubber and using gags and ropes and whips and I struggled to ascertain just where the fun would be in that. It did absolutely nothing for me sexually. But I was missing one vital piece of information, one key ingredient – the psychology of it all. The inner mind. The hidden desires. The submissive. The desire to be humiliated. The craving to be exposed and vulnerable.

I read chapter one of the story about an obnoxious rich girl being taken to a new school where she was bound and gagged, stripped naked in front of her mother with the express intent of humiliating her. My God. My fingers were in my pussy without my knowledge. My toast was on the table with barely a bite taken out of it and I was sat at the breakfast bar with my legs apart fingering myself.

The next three chapters could not come quickly enough. And neither could I. I sat there pulsating on the stool, writhing orgasmically as this rich girl endured a body cavity search followed by a degrading photoshoot. Then when her counsellor explained the photos were going to end up on a website for all to see, I came again and again, several times in close succession, riding on a crest like never before, sweat oozing from every pore on my trembling body.

My God, this person could write stuff to turn me on. I had to take a break. If I kept my fingers in my pussy that morning I would probably have died and my husband or son would have come home to find me lying on the floor in a puddle of my own sex, albeit with a huge smile on my face.

I had to cool off, I had to get out of the house, get some fresh air, go for a drive. I was still so unbelievably horny, despite a plethora of orgasms that morning, more than I’d probably had all year.

Schlank. The author’s name was Schlank. As I pulled over and tilted my head back, closing my eyes, a smile came to my face and I created a verb. The more I thought of how wild and horny I’d been, in a complete frenzy like never before, I decided I had just schlanked myself. Okay, it might not have been pretty, but it summed up how I was feeling and did so better than any other word I could bring to mind.

And for the first time, Schlank, or Diane Schlank, had provided me with the psychological perspective to understand the attraction. She had tapped into the innermost workings of my brain and ignited within me a desire I never knew belonged to me. She woke my pussy up. No, that’s not right. She birthed my pussy. She gave it life where there was none.

I spent my days naked within the walls of my house, reading Schlank’s stories that I prayed she would add to, touching myself, passion burning within me, my loins on fire.

Before, I had never masturbated in my life to a written story. I knew my son had jerked off his teenage penis to porn on television, but that was very much an industry set up in favour of the male fantasy. Truth be told, there wasn’t much in it for me.

I was more likely to indulge in fantasy of the mind picturing hot, muscled delivery men bringing parcels to my door which needed assembly on sultry afternoons. Taking off their shirts to reveal sweaty six packs and gorgeous pecs, slipping off their trousers, my fingers lightly hovering over the growing bulges in their skinny tight briefs, before allowing them to ravage me while my husband was at work and my son was in school.

But that was then, a lifetime ago. Now I found myself masturbating two, three, even four times a day whilst reading literature of the most erotic kind, naughty and dangerous and oh so devilish. I’d found the spark that was missing. So as the beginning of my fourth decade galloped toward me, like many women before, I endured a sexual awakening, my libido going into overdrive.

I couldn’t get enough to quench my insatiable appetite for this most intoxicating of fantasies. I read other stories by other authors in the BDSM category such as ‘The Vassal Academy’ by ‘SavannahMann’ and quickly became enthralled with the notion of being a slave, subservient to a master, to serve him with every fibre of my being, to exist solely for his pleasure. My pussy was his pussy, my orgasm belonged to him, he had power over me to command his every will.

Now I was never one to flaunt my body. Sure, I got naked when I had to. I was never a prude. I didn’t especially enjoy trips to the doctor, especially those that required I get naked and spread my legs for the camera, so to speak; I’d had a few of those in my life. I just didn’t believe it was ladylike to be running around naked at every opportunity. I had friends who enjoyed going to the gym or the spa and I could guess what would happen afterwards and it was never my thing.

I guess I felt that my body was my husband’s to ogle and not anyone else’s. So I never indulged in that sort of life. But all of a sudden I had this overwhelming hunger to show off my body, be vulnerable, so I started driving to towns perhaps fifty miles away and going to the gym, going to the swimming pool, so I could shed all my clothes, expose myself, shower naked amongst other naked women.

Some days I would drive from gym to gym, perhaps taking in two or three to feed my hunger. Oh God, if only I was a lesbian like the heroine of the Schlank stories, I’d be in heaven. But I wasn’t. And I wanted to feel the eyes of men upon my naked body as well as those of other women. I wanted everyone to look at me. See me vulnerable. See me exposed. And humiliated.

The wine in my glass was finished and so too was I. I’d done my best to keep quiet whilst I read some of my favourite bookmarked stories, many of which I had read more than a hundred times. My son was in the next room and he’d already been able to hear me spank myself even if he didn’t know what it was. Besides which, the water was much colder and if I stayed in here much longer, my baby boy would be plastered, pissed out of his skull before we even got to the dining room.

Chapter 03

My Mom was so beautiful.

Sat across the dining room table from me, cutting her bread roll with a knife, I couldn’t help but stare at her. Two times today I had pictured her while I masturbated. Once at the supermarket, once on my knees behind the bathroom door as she took a bath. It was lucky I remembered to nip into the bathroom to get some TP.

She smiled at me. I smiled back. She probably thought I was drunk. She would be half right. I wasn’t drunk on alcohol, I was drunk on love. I’d fallen in love with my Mom. And it had all happened today. And it had all taken me completely by surprise. It was like falling in love at first sight.

But how do you fall in love at first sight with someone you’ve known all your life? And how do you fall in love with your own mother?

I knew nothing could come of it, I mean, what was I going to do? Say, hey Mom, wanna go on a date, just you and me? I could take you out for a meal. Maybe afterwards we could have a drink or two. I could take you up to my room and – maybe we could sleep together. What do you think Mom? Do you fancy that?

I laughed to myself.

But I had it bad. I’d fallen for my mother as hard and fast as I’d ever fallen for any girl in my life before. And my Mom was gorgeous. I know she didn’t think so, she was so modest, but my Mom was a real knockout. And as I sat across from her at this table, I wanted nothing more than to profess my love for her and have her hold me in her safe arms, kiss my lips, just as she had done before she went into the bathroom. And I wanted her to let me know she’d be mine. Like that song in her car, ‘My mother is mine’.

Oh, what was I thinking? This was the one love that could never ever be. Never mind anything else, it was illegal anyway. We could get locked up for that sort of thing. Spend our lives in jail. I could never take the separation. I could never live my life without my mother in it. I wouldn’t want to go on without her love.

Our main courses arrived.

“Mmm,” Mom said. “That looks nice.”

I was having the lasagne. Mom had gone for the pork dinner, with gravy and potatoes.

“Do you want some Mom?”

“No sweetheart. You enjoy it.”

“It’s alright Mom, have a bite. I want you to.”

“Are you sure Babes?”


Mom reached across with her fork and had the first bite. “Mmm. Scrumptious. You’ll lurrrve that!”

I tried it. She was right. It was delicious.

All through dinner my thoughts were of one thing. Forbidden love. As she sat there, looking and smelling so fresh, I admired her contours. Her boobs were the perfect size and shape, Goldilocks boobs, not too big, not too small. The low neckline of her pale blue summer dress teased her cleavage – just that little vertical bunching together, before the material hid everything else from sight. I couldn’t help thinking of the physical similarities between a woman’s cleavage and a builder’s bum, one so perfect, one so awful and yet, cropped and taken out of context, hard to tell apart.

“What are you going to have for dessert Babes?” she asked, reaching under the table with her foot to rub my leg.

You Mom.

Oh! Shit! Did I say that? I didn’t know. Did I speak that or merely think it? I thought it so loudly, I could almost swear I’d given voice to my thoughts.

“Um. I dunno. What are you having?”

“Hmm? Either the profiteroles or the ice cream sundae. I can’t decide. You know I’m a sucker for whipped cream, but I’m so hot right now, I think I need an ice cream.”

“We’ll order both Mom. We can share. That way you can have both.”

“I thought you’d want the peach crumble.”

“Hmm? Not tonight Mom. I’m feeling hot too.”

Half hour later we had decided to pay our after dinner visit to the bar, but we were just going to order the one round. As Mom had started on the wine and had more waiting for her upstairs, she stuck with it, so I ordered her a Burgundy Pinot Noir – something a little finer than she had in the room. I didn’t get any change from a tenner this time, having to put down another twenty pence for just that and my pint. But my mother was worth it. And after what I had done to her in my mind today, it was a bargain.

We were both a little tipsy stepping into the brightly lit elevator. As the lift began its lethargic ascent to the third floor, Mom looked closely at herself in the mirror, bringing her fingers up to smooth out her crow’s feet.

“I’m sho old,” she slurred.

“You’re not old Mom.”

“I am. And I’m ugly.”

I wasn’t having my mother say such horrible, untrue and undeserved things about herself. If I ever heard anyone else call my mother old or ugly, I’d punch their lights out.

“You’re beautiful Mom. You are so very beautiful.”

She smiled in the mirror at me as I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her from behind. “You really shink sho?”

“I know sho … uh, so!”

I went to peck her cheek and just as I did she turned her face to me and I ended up planting one on the corner of her mouth. She started to snigger helplessly.

“What?” I asked.

The elevator reached our floor and I stood aside for Mom to exit first. As she started to move forward, with a little spring in her step and a girlish swing to her bottom, she held out her hand for mine and led me out.

“You sweet baby boy. Mommy loves you.”

As Mom had her left hand in my right, I walked around to her right tugging her hand behind her back and slipped my left arm up over her shoulder. I tilted my head down to hers and she reciprocated as we walked to our room.

All I could think was how lucky Dad was, having this beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, kind, sweet, endearing, magnificent woman as his wife. I was envious of him. He never seemed to show her much affection and Mom always responded so well to it. She always did. I couldn’t help but wonder if she craved more of it. Well, whether she did or whether she didn’t, she was going to get more of it from me, from now on. Or at least until she told me to stop.

Mom’s TV show was on. I didn’t much care for it. I just put her to lie on the bed while I went to the bathroom. “Need a shit Mom.”

“Another one?” she asked.

“I couldn’t go in the supermarket. It was just a fart remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” she nodded. “Okay. Have fun.”

I didn’t need a shit, I needed a wank. My mother was intoxicating. Her simple presence had increased my libido threefold and I just had to beat another one out before bedtime.

I locked the door and sat on the can, pulling down my trousers. I looked across the floor and saw her bra and panties. I couldn’t resist. I collected her panties and gave them an almighty sniff.

Shit! I nearly choked. The odour was so powerful, so dense, so – primal. That was not a normal smell. If that was normal, she’d have men falling at her feet wherever she went. That was intense. That was beyond words. That was – that was the scent of my Mom’s sex.

I beat off furiously on the toilet seat, my balls slapping between my legs. I continuously sniffed her panties and pictured my Mom’s face at dinner. I didn’t even need to imagine her naked, it really did not get that far. I didn’t need to picture my Mom’s body, I just needed to picture my Mom.

I lasted a little bit longer than my two record breakers earlier in the day. I’d come in less than a minute first time and lasted about three when Mom was in the bath. It took about five to ejaculate my load, which, for a third round of self abuse, was simply unheard of.

I couldn’t help myself. My dirty little mind got the better of me. Even though I had dropped my wad in the toilet beneath me, I was still milking white stuff from my bell end. I dabbed it with my finger and pressed it to the crotch of Mom’s panties, rubbing it in. That gave me such a thrill, but nothing like the thrill it gave me to actually place her panties on top of my penis to physically contact her moist patch.

I sat back on the toilet, shattered from chronic masturbation. At the side of the bath I saw Mom’s tablet on the floor. I reached for it and swiped it on. She had a few games that I’d put on there for her, I could play one of those while I pretended to be emptying my bowels.

Oh, bollocks! I pressed the wrong bloody thing by accident and now her internet browser was starting up. Come on, you stupid thing, back, back. There was a bit of lag on it. It returned to the screen I wanted but not before I became aware of the word cunt on the previous screen. Funny how things like that catch your eye.

I pressed for the browser to load again. I did see cunt. There was a story on the page. There it was again. Two cunts. Three cunts! Shit Mom! What are you reading? This was porn. My Mom was reading porn in the bath, I thought.

My eyes became transfixed by the story. It was filth. A woman being tortured and made to parade around naked, seemingly against her will. She was a slave and had her hands tied behind her back and affixed to a collar she had been made to wear. Hmm? Kinky!

I scrolled to the top of the page to see what the website was called. Literotica. Shit. My Mom was a perve. And for some reason that notion thrilled me. Because I was one too. I had just jerked off with my Mom’s knickers to my face and had touched the glistening end of my tip to her crotch.

I looked at her search history. Literotica, Literotica, Literotica. All the way down, it just kept going and going, each page she had visited had a different title, but from what I could tell, my sweet darling mother was into bondage. Well that was a turn up for the books.

I lost track of time and next thing I knew, Mom was knocking on the bathroom door.

“You alright in there Babesh? You haven’t fallen in, have you?”

“Just wiping Mom. I’ll be out in a jiffy.”

When I stepped into the room, I immediately felt it cooler. I guess there was a fair bit of heat in that small windowless bathroom, some of which was probably my doing.

Mom was already in bed, changed into her nightie and sat up, watching the TV. She tapped the bed alongside her and peeled back the corner of the sheet. “It’s gone ten Babesh. Time for bed.”

I grabbed my PJs and slipped back into the bathroom to change. I came back into the room and grabbed a pillow from the bed and turned around to go get a blanket.

“Hey! You’re not shleeping on the floor. I meant what I shaid. Into bed now.”

I placed the pillow back down and sat on the bed.

“I don’t bite.”

Maybe she didn’t, but I couldn’t guarantee the same for myself. If I were to roll over in the night and somehow end up with my head on her breast, she wasn’t going to be able to prize me away for all the tea in China.

I lay there awkwardly still next to my Mom. The lights were out and I could tell from her breathing she was awake. Next thing I knew, her hand was feeling for mine under the covers.

“This is nishe,” she said, before rolling onto her side to face me and put her hand on my chest in a mirror image version of this morning. But this time, her leg stayed put.

It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep; every so often I would hear a little piglet snore and then she’d lick her lips and just go back to quiet breathing. I lay there awake for the longest time, my penis had received more blood from my brain today than it’d had in a long time.

I just couldn’t seem to fall asleep, so many thoughts were floating around my head. Not only had I caught glimpses of my Mom’s pussy, her bottom, the outline of her nipples and been the recipient of a couple of kisses on the lips from my Mom in the last twenty-four hours, but I had also discovered my Mom liked to read erotic stories about bondage. Oh – and I’d fallen in love with her too. And now I was in bed with her sleeping next to me and my boner was climbing halfway to the stars. Hardly a normal day.

I think I saw daylight before I did finally fall asleep and I slept solid for a few hours before waking abruptly. I couldn’t remember what had woken me, but the first thought that entered my mind was that I was in bed next to Mom.

I opened my eyes to see that she was facing away from me, lying on her stomach with her left arm under her head, her long, wavy brown hair pulled my gaze over her back and shoulders, down her green nightgown, which I soon realised had ridden up on her body during the night. Not only that, but she had kicked the covers almost entirely off her body and they were now at her feet. The most startling thing however, was that her ass was bare and exposed in its entirety for me to view.

I sat up and leaned on my left elbow. Mom was still asleep. I think. I was almost certain of it. Without any authorisation from me, my right hand had gone slightly AWOL and was hovering just barely an inch above Mom’s bare behind.

My brain yelled orders at my hand to retreat, but my hand took no notice. It just sat there, floating, as if on a cushion of air. In a world of its own.

Just then, Mom moved, her ass lifting off the bed momentarily, just skimming my hand. I was sure I was done for. If she was just now this moment waking, she surely felt my hand on her ass as surely as I felt her sweet ass on my hand. I was done for and ready to apologise or make up some lie when all of a sudden, Mom rolled onto her left side, still facing away from me.

A moment later, she completed her roll onto her back and that section of her body that had been uncovered on her rear was now uncovered on her front. Her pubes. All of them. Not just a dark brief flash between her legs, but full 1080P HD Technicolour Dolby surround sound pubes. IMAX pubes. In 3D – glasses free. Layer upon blessed layer of them.

My eyes wouldn’t pull away from them. I tried turning my head, but my eyes stayed pointed at Mom’s thatch. I think if I could have made my head spin through 180 degrees, my eyes would be facing backwards.

Somehow, don’t ask me how, I managed to glance at Mom’s face. Her eyes were shut and her breathing was peaceful. Was she still asleep? God, I hope she was. She was magnificent. Simply without peer.

I lay my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes slightly so I could watch Mom and pretend to be asleep should she wake and feel the cool air on her snatch.

But Mom just lay there, without expression, just breathing. I raised my head to look at it again, take a mental photograph of this delight on show. If only I could have a real photo, or better, a video.

Why couldn’t I? The camcorder was on the bureau; we’d used it in St. Ives. I looked over my shoulder and saw it, clear as day. Could I get out of bed without disturbing her? Reach for it, bring it across, get back into bed, switch it on and actually start to film her? No. She’d be too near waking.

My heart raced. I had this once in a lifetime opportunity, handed to me on a silver platter. If I didn’t at least try, I’d never forgive myself. Unless it was a dream. That’s what it was. Damn. It just had to be. I was fast asleep dreaming I’d woken to find the goddess Venus herself in the bed beside me.

Or was I? If it was a dream, I could reach for the camcorder and at least try. It wouldn’t matter if I got caught in a dream, none of it would be real. But if it wasn’t a dream, this was my golden opportunity. And I just couldn’t pass that up.

Working with borrowed finesse, I crept back into bed. Mom’s eyes remained closed, her breathing uniform. Lens cap off. Power on. Record. Zoom.

I was not a religious man. But if I got away with this, I was going to get down on my hands and knees and thank someone. Thank something. I let the camera pan up and down Mom’s body as I looked in the swivel viewfinder screen at what I was filming. Up and down, in and out. I covered every conceivable shot, before panning out to get a full body shot. Mom. Her green nightie wrapped around her perfect breasts, outlines of her nipples against the soft satin material. Her bare midriff. Sasquatch. Her supple thighs and legs that went all the way down. Beauty personified.

Chapter 04

My son and I had been back home for a couple of weeks. That trip to Cornwall seemed to do him some real good. He was back to his old self. Actually, the way he was behaving around the house, he was back to his old teenage self. He was full of beans and a joy to be around. He was laughing and playing and going out with his father down the pub twice a week. The two of them were having a grand old time.

He’d heard back from two universities, each inviting him for interview, but not for another month yet. George’s next business trip was ten days away and my son and I were going to head north this time. A cabin cruiser on the Caledonian Canal. Loch Ness. Nessie! It was a midweek break, Monday to Friday and we were actually going to be away from home one night longer than my husband.

My son had been so attentive to me the last few weeks. He was like a transformed man and it made my heart sing that he was enjoying life again. And in some small part, I hoped that I had helped him regain some of that which he had lost.

I knew he had filmed me.

I woke that second morning in Penzance when I felt his weight get up off the bed, then creep silently across the floor. With his back turned, I could feel the air on my crotch and looked down and reached to cover myself up. But then I thought that would only embarrass my son if I did. He’d know that I knew that he had seen me.

I saw him pick up the camcorder and so I lay my head back on the pillow and shut my eyes and tried desperately to control my breathing. I felt him clamber back into bed and pop the lens cap. I even heard the faint whirr of the hard drive spring into action. My son was filming me. And I was displaying my womanhood to him.

And it was my every dream come true.

I had never fantasized about my son. I didn’t think of him that way, he was my son, the love of my life, my pride and joy, I would die for him in an instant, I wouldn’t hesitate. That’s what mothers do. They protect their sons.

But I was also a sexually frustrated woman on the brink, who had become prone to fantasizing about being on display, being naked on display, exposed. And knowing that my son’s eyes were upon me was the most sexually stimulating thing that had ever happened to me in my life. I just hoped I wasn’t doing him any mental damage as I used him to propel my turgid fantasies.

There was a film he wanted to see, so I had given him some money to go to the cinema and grab a bite to eat at some fast food place of his choosing beforehand and a little bit more so he could stop off for a pint on the way home. I thought I’d give him a nice day out, my treat. I also needed him out of the house because I wanted to watch that video of me again.

He’d been keeping the camcorder in his room, permanently plugged into his television via some cables, the charger at the ready on his desk. I’d first watched it three days after getting home. I was shocked by what I saw, but also incredibly turned on. Yes, my son had violated my privacy for his own carnal needs. But what were those needs? Was he in love with me? Or was he just like every other young man and just infatuated with the naked female form.

But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t be mad at him for that, because inadvertently or otherwise, he had stumbled into my deepest need, that to be exposed and vulnerable.

That first time I watched it, I trembled and fell to my knees as my legs just would not sustain me. Afterwards, I felt sick to my stomach. I thought I was a bad mother, leading my son on, allowing him a glimpse of something that could never be, that was forbidden, taboo. I was sure I was going to burn in hell for my sins. I’d corrupted my son.

That night in bed, as I lay next to George, I initiated sex. I never did that. Not only did I initiate it, but I led. I sucked my husband’s cock, I rode him like a cowboy. I had a screaming orgasm and he had to cover my mouth with his hand to subdue me. By the time my husband spilled his seed inside me, I’d come three times.

The second time I watched the video, I sat at my son’s desk chair and masturbated, right there in his room.

By the third time I did it, I had ungodly wanton desires to do it again. Expose myself and have someone I knew, see me.

But today, my son was enjoying himself at the movies. I went into his room. I switched on the camcorder and began scrolling down the file menu and discovered my son had renamed the titles. Gone were the date entries, in their place, he had given the files names. ‘St. Ives 1′ and ‘St. Ives 2′. ‘Hotel Room’. ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Oh, bless him. I played Sleeping Beauty and it was me, naked on my son’s TV. Well, pubes out naked anyway.

That was it. That was all the incentive I needed. I was going to make a video of my own and I was going to film it in my son’s room.

I opened the doors to our walk in closet and found an old blouse that I used for painting. With scissors in hand, I cut under the collar, removing it from the shirt, tossing the blouse back in a drawer. I then proceeded to strip off naked, all the while watching my reflection in the dressing room mirror. I took the collar from the old white shirt and fastened it around my neck. I looked like a Playboy bunny I thought, minus the dickie bow and ears!

But that was my slave collar. I’d never built up the nerve to visit a sex shop, even though I knew the location of one in town and had tried on more than one occasion to venture in, but I’d always become nervous at the prospect someone might see me going inside. Ironic, I know, seeing as that was my fantasy.

But fantasy was fine, reality made me nervous. Reality had consequences attached. There was just that one day when fantasy and reality collided and my son filmed his mother naked on the bed while he thought she was sound asleep – the most thrilling day of my life and it had somehow involved my beautiful baby boy.

I set up the camcorder to point into my son’s room. Then pressed record. I walked away from the camera, giving it a tasty view of my big, ugly ass. Then I turned to face it, hesitant at first, but then I felt the thrill build inside me. I knelt. Slaves had to kneel. I pretended the camera was my master and bowed my head before my master.

I had purposely placed the camcorder in front of the TV so I could watch myself on screen as it recorded. I had to turn the volume right down as it interfered with the TV speakers.

I raised my head and looked right at the 40 inch screen behind. It was me. I was naked, apart from my slave collar.

“Please may I touch myself Master?”

“No, you may not,” I replied in a deeper tone.

“Oh please Master, I beg of you. I’m so horny.”

“I said no, slave.”

“But Master, please, I need this so badly.”

“You dare to argue with me slave? Punishment time. Twenty lashes to your ass.”

I smiled and raised my hand above my backside before swatting it. With my other hand, I hit the other cheek, going one for one, ten on each cheek.

“Thank you Master for punishing me,” I said, utilising my meekest, most timid, voice.

I continued to play around, shuffling around my son’s room on my knees, turning every part of my body to face the camera, bending over and raising my ass whilst spreading my legs to make sure it filmed my puffy lips, even laying down on my back and spreading my legs to open my vagina and afford the little Panasonic a view inside.

“I did not give you permission to masturbate, slave. Punishment. Ten lashes to your vulva.”

“Oh Master, please no. Not that. It hurts. Please, I beg of you Master.”

“Keep begging and it will be twenty lashes to your vulva, slave.”

“Yes Master. I’m sorry Master. Please forgive me Master.”

I knelt and spread my knees. As I raised my hand between my legs, I cringed before swinging my palm to slap my vulva. I shrieked in pain.


I did it again. Two. Again, three. Tears were rolling down my face. It hurt so much. By the time I reached ten, my clitoris was humming. I just had to rub it.

“Please Master, I have to come.”

“You may not come slave, not until you have pinched your nipples ten times and slapped your breasts ten times.”

“Yes Master. May I please come then Master?”

“Yes slave, you may come then.”

I began to administer my punishments. Pinching my nipples and slapping my breasts. I barely even touched my clit with my finger when I came. It was beautiful and magnificent. A joy to behold.

When I’d finished acting out my little fantasy, I got up to press stop on the camcorder. I viewed the video immediately on my son’s television, fingering myself as I did, coming once again as I watched my subservience to a make believe master.

I got the low battery warning. Damn. I needed to transfer the file and delete it from the camcorder. The camcorder shut off and the TV screen turned blue.

I put it on to recharge and walked back to my bedroom to shower and clean myself up. My son wouldn’t be home for hours yet, I was under no pressure.

As I was showering I thought I heard the telephone ring, but switching off the water, I could hear nothing. I towel dried my body and ran the blow dryer through my hair, then dressed in the clothes I had worn earlier, placing my new slave collar in the back of my panty drawer.

I checked on the progress of the camcorder. It was charging just fine, but I thought I’d give it a bit longer so it would be at roughly the level it was at when I began using it, so my son would be none the wiser. I didn’t want him seeing this video, perish the thought. No one could see this video, not even my husband.

I went down stairs and saw that the answer machine was flashing. I played the message. It was George.

“Sweetie, I know it’s short notice my love, but you’d really be a godsend if you could put together a meal tonight. It’s this new client. His dinner plans fell through and I sort of … invited him for a home cooked meal. What do you think sweetie? Just him and his wife, you and me. Doable? Call me.”

My husband explained everything on the phone. It was important. He’d lose face and maybe upset the client if he couldn’t come through as promised. The pantry was almost bare, I was planning on going shopping with my son the next day. We had two frozen pizzas for tonight and I could hardly serve those to a client. There was nothing for it. I had to get in the car and go shopping.

Leaving the store, I suddenly remembered the camcorder, charging away merrily in my son’s room. And the very moment I thought of him, I could see him, walking up the road. Oh my God, what was I going to do?

I had to drive on past, hoping he wouldn’t see me. If I could get home before him, I’d have ten minutes to transfer the file to my son’s computer, copy it onto the memory card I kept in my tablet computer, delete it from the laptop and delete it from the camcorder, plug it back into his television and run downstairs and pretend nothing was out of the ordinary.

I may even have to just delete it from the camcorder if worst comes to the worst and forget about it. Have another go at filming something in a few days perhaps.

I could see my son up ahead of me. The one good thing in all of this was that we were both heading in the same direction and so he had his back to me.

As I got nearer to him, I thought, yes, I’m going to get away with this. Then no, the lights changed to red and I had to stop at the intersection. My son was maybe five feet in front of me. Oh no, he’s turning to check to see if it’s safe to cross. Why oh why oh why did I teach him the Green Cross Code? Too late. He’d seen me. The smile just jumped onto his face. He was delighted to see me. He opened the passenger door and hopped in.

“What you doing Mom? You didn’t have to come pick me up.”

I thought fast. “Your father called. A client is coming over tonight, so you’re going to have to help me. All hands on deck.”

“Sure Mom, what can I do?”

“Well you can carry the shopping in while I go and switch the oven on. Got to get that bird in the oven ASAP. Then it would be really great if you could vacuum right through the downstairs while I prepare the veg.”

“Anything for you Mom, you know that.”

I thought I’d have opportunity to rush upstairs and delete the naughty video and plug the camcorder back into the TV set while my son went back to the car for the rest of the bags, but wouldn’t you just know it, he carried all six of them in in one go, three in each hand. He was behind me at the door when I turned the key.

Plan B. If I gave him lots of things to do, he wouldn’t need to return to his room just yet and I could get up there at earliest convenience to do the deed. What was I thinking? He didn’t know about the video. He didn’t know his Mom had crawled naked around his bedroom floor in just an old shirt collar, spreading her legs and slapping her ass for the camera. I had to keep cool. The only person who was going to blow this was me – if I didn’t act cool.

Chapter 05

I just had to get back to my room. I wasn’t expecting Mom to come pick me up. It’s always the case, isn’t it? You do something naughty and it’s like the universe is onto you and tries to get you found out.

Why did I have to buy that DVD today? Why not some other day? Today of all days, I go into the one sex shop in town and buy a dirty DVD and there’s my Mom. I’m lucky she didn’t ask what it was. I think I managed to conceal it under my shirt without her seeing.

And why do they have to put tits on DVD covers anyway? Why can’t they be a bit more discreet? Everybody knows what sort of film it is, it’s in a sex shop for goodness sake, they don’t have to shove it in your face as well. I just had to find a chance when Mom wasn’t looking to go hide it in my room.

She was busy in the kitchen, stuffing a chicken.

“Babes,” she called. “I can’t hear the vacuum.”

“I’ll get right on it Mom.”

It seemed she had a never ending string of chores for me to do. No sooner was one task completed, she had another at the ready. And instead of just leaving me to get on with it, she kept checking up on me, popping her head around the corner. It was as if she knew and was just waiting to catch me red handed.

Finally, I managed to sneak away and make it up to my room. I had the DVD in my hand and just managed to hide it under my clothes in my wardrobe, when I turned to see Mom in my doorway.


She waved an empty four pint milk carton in front of my face. “I forgot to buy milk. You couldn’t just nip to the local and buy some more, could you Babes?”

“Sure Mom.”


She waited for me and we walked down the stairs together and she saw me out the front door. I just knew she was going to look in my wardrobe and find that DVD – and then she’d know everything. I was half expecting to return to the house and have her sat there on the couch with it in her hand, waiting for me to explain myself.

As it happened, she was busy in the kitchen, hard at work on dinner for Dad and this client.

“Can you find something to do with yourself tonight Babes? I’ve popped a pizza in the oven for you. Could you eat it in your room?”

“Uh, I guess.”

She smiled and ran her fingers down my cheek.

“I’m not banning you from coming down or anything, just …”

“I know Mom. I can make myself scarce.”

I’d just carried my pizza to the top of the stairs when Dad walked in with the client and his wife. He was some old geezer, much older than Dad, but the bird was about my age. Kinky old so and so, I thought. Must be rich. Sure enough, I looked out my window and saw a bright red Ferrari parked in our driveway behind Dad’s navy Beemer.

I had plenty of ways to entertain myself, but for some reason, I found myself on that website again. I’d read a couple of stories on my own computer since we returned from our holiday, mostly of the kind Mom was interested in. I’d looked on her tablet and made a note of some of the stories she had bookmarked. They were kinky to say the least and had turned me on sufficiently to give me an ever present boner and a permanent wet patch in my pants.

But browsing around on the site, I had been unable to keep my eyes from exploring the incest/taboo section. Now that was more to my liking. Just a few short weeks ago, I would have had the same reaction as almost anyone else on the street regarding incest. I would have thought of sick old men who raped their teenage daughters for some sick thrill and been utterly repulsed by it. And truthfully, it was just that kind of scenario I was expecting to find.

I was quite surprised then to see that the vast majority of stories seemed to be of the mother/son variety and many of the top stories were quite sensitively written. They actually had plots and some even had reasonably believable scenarios that – that a man in my predicament could fantasize about having with my own mother.

I quickly developed a few favourite authors – ‘alwayswantedto’ was an instant favourite, prolific too. Holy shit, this guy was more or less writing the manual for sons who wanted to seduce their mothers. I must have read a dozen or more of his stories, ‘Piano Mom’, ‘It all started in an elevator’, ‘The Platform’ – there was so much variety. It wasn’t all about getting to some lurid action, he made me care about his characters first and actually see them and come to know them.

And that was a common element in some of the better stories – they made me care. I looked at other authors and other relationships, the exquisite brother/sister incest stories of ‘PacoFear’ – ‘Words on Skin’ and ‘Stolen Kisses’; the incredible ‘Aunt Jean’ by ‘A_Satori’ about a boy and his disfigured aunt; the beautifully romantic cousins ‘Brenda & Ian’ by ‘Tony155′. These guys could write. Fuck Stephen King and Truman Capote and that bloke who wrote the Da Vinci Code – these writers actually made me want to read.

But I didn’t forget Mom in all of this either. I continued to read the stories she had bookmarked and I think I learned a lot about the inner workings of her mind. If I was going to attempt to go down this road with my mother, there was no way on Earth I wanted to hurt her, so I read all I could find on D/s – Dominant/submissive relations.

I learned protocols, responsibilities and the like. Better to be prepared and not use that knowledge than to find myself in a situation beyond my control.

Sooner or later, I was just going to have to make my move. And so, with Dad in work and Mom on her feet in front of me as I sat in the living room with my feet up, lazily watching the television, I spoke.

“Fetch me a glass of water.”


“Please Mom.”

A few moments later, Mom came back in with a glass. Handing it to me, I drank it down in one and held out the glass. “Fetch me another.”

“Hey. Have you forgotten your manners today?” she yelled, placing her hands on her hips to stare me down. “No, I won’t. Not until you ask me nicely.”

A few minutes went by while I drummed up the courage to do what I had to do, for both of us. “Fetch me another … or …”

“Or what Sonny Jim?”

Now was my opportunity. I had to act. Scowling at her I said, “Or I may have to spank you,” emphasising the spank.

My Mom turned pale with dread. I watched on helplessly as shock and fear washed over her entire body. “You watched it? You watched the video?”

I knew she knew. I was sure of it. That day in my bedroom. She was standing in the doorway as I tried to hide it in the wardrobe.

“I did,” I replied.

She burst into tears. “I’m so disappointed in you. I can’t believe you could do such a thing.”

She ran up the stairs sobbing and slammed her bedroom door so hard, the whole house seemed to shake.

I’d done it now. I ran up after her, tapped gently on her door and let myself in. She was on the bed with tears flowing more freely than ever before. She turned away when she saw me. I sat cautiously on the bed, placing my arm on her shoulder; she immediately wiggled free.

I lay down and snuggled up behind her, wrapping my arm around her waist. She again shook herself free of me.

“Go away,” she said in a tone, heavy with disappointment.


“Just go away.”

“Mom, I’m sorry. I just wanted to help you.”

“You invaded my privacy. How can I ever look at you again? I’ll never be able to get over you seeing me that way. It was bad enough you saw me naked in Penzance …”

Shit. She knew about that? Oh my God. I didn’t know that.

“But to see me … doing … what I did in your room. It’s humiliating.”

“Mom, what did you do in my room?”

“You know very well what I did. You watched the video.”

“Mom, what … what are you talking about? I watched the video I bought the day you picked me up from town. The one you caught me hiding in my room.”

“What?” She lightened up her voice and looked over her shoulder with puppy dog eyes that looked so desperate. Her sobbing subsided a little.

“The video Mom. The DVD. ‘Naughty Girls Need Spanking’. I watched it. I thought you’d caught me hiding it and found it and watched it yourself. I thought you knew my secret like I knew yours.”

She began sobbing again. “See, you did watch it.”

“Mom, watch what?”

“Don’t mess with me Babes. You said you knew my secret.”

“Mom, it’s not that bad. I read that stuff too. I wanted to be close to you, understand you. So I read it. And I found I liked it too. I read all the stories you like.”

“Stories?” Mom sniffled.

“I saw them on your tablet Mom.”

Her sobbing began again in earnest. “You looked on my tablet?”

“Mom, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I like … I like the …”

“You like the what?”

“Mom, don’t make me say it.”

“Say what?” Her expression was so vulnerable.

“I like the incest stories Mom.” I hung my head in shame. “You like the BDSM, I like the incest. So what? We’re both perves. Like mother, like son.”

“You mean the website?”

I nodded.

“You don’t mean the video I made?”

“Mom, what video did you make?”

Even though her face was wet with tears and her eyes were puffy, they were also filled with love all of a sudden. She turned over towards me and placed her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest.

“Mom, what video did you make?”

She spluttered a laugh and hugged me tighter. But did not answer my question. We hugged like that for about ten minutes before Mom went to wash her face and dab some cold water on her eyes. I waited on her bed for her and took her hand as we went downstairs.

“I just thought we could have a little fun Mom, just you and me, when no one else is around. I might not be able to treat you to a week in ‘Sessia’, but I could order you around like a slave, punish you when you misbehaved, give you a quick spank or two when you disobeyed me. I thought … I thought you’d like it.”

Chapter 06

Far from being mortified by my son’s announcement, I was actually a combination of relieved – that he hadn’t seen my slave shame – and turned on. I read erotic literature and I loved it. My son had found out my secret. And it invigorated me. It put butterflies in my stomach and a tingle in my knickers.

The only issue I had, was that this was my son. I was supposed to care for and protect my son at any cost. Who was going to protect him from me? I know it was hardly contributing to the delinquency of a minor – was that even a crime or just something we’d become accustomed to hearing on American TV shows? Regardless, my son was twenty and I wasn’t steering him into a life of crime. But that’s how I felt. I did believe that I was lacking in moral turpitude by allowing him to skirt the outer depravities of my inner mind.

When I came downstairs to an empty house and saw the bouquet of flowers on the breakfast bar, my mind danced through an array of emotions. Who were they from? What were they for?

There was a note and a packaged gift. The note merely said ‘sorry’ on the outside and ‘I love you’ on the inside. I knew the moment I picked the package up who it was from. The wrapping paper had snowmen and Christmas trees on it and we were about as far from Christmas as it got. My son had obviously been up the attic. I ripped it open and I didn’t know quite what I was feeling or experiencing. Shock? Joy? Naughtiness? Wanton desire? Maybe all of them. ‘Naughty Girls Need Spanking’. My son’s DVD.

I sat for the longest time just staring at the video. Picking it up. Putting it back down. Gazing at the flowers. Thinking of my son’s thoughtful gesture and adoring him for it. He’d upset me and this was his way of apologising. I clutched the note in my hand and stared at the I love you written inside. I felt so flushed. My hands came up the side of my body and swept past my breasts, up my neck and cheeks, through my hair and I let out a deep breath as I stretched my arms behind me. Could I do this? Let my son into my inner world? Did I have any choice in the matter? He was halfway in already.

He wasn’t around; I didn’t know where he was or when he’d be back. George was in work for the day. We just had the weekend together before my son and I headed north to Scotland. Could I watch this thing? I wanted to. I read the description several times over. 88 minutes running time.

I cleared away my breakfast dishes and took the DVD box in my hand. There were only two DVD players in the house – one in my son’s room and one in the living room. I walked over to the living room TV and opened the box. A note fell out.

Mom. It’s a nice day so I thought I’d go for a bicycle ride. I won’t be back until one o’clock. I promise. I love you.

I went and checked the whole house, looking in closets and under beds, before checking for a second time that all the doors were locked. I drew the curtains in the living room and inserted the disk.

It took all of five minutes for me to be lying spread-eagled on the floor with my robe undone and my buttons open, one hand pleasuring my nipples, the other inside my pyjama bottoms exploring my folds. I was well on the way to my first orgasm when I thought of my slave collar. I paused the DVD and headed up to my room, taking off my pyjama’s, fastening my slave collar around my neck and putting my robe back on to come downstairs. I again checked the doors and peered out behind the cutains.

A minute later I was kneeling on the floor, robe discarded, DVD unpaused. My fingers were back in my moist slit and my free hand merrily slapped away at my ass.

I could only watch twenty minutes of the video before I lay trembling on the floor, a shattered wreck. I’d seen a dozen different women nude, tied up, handcuffed, suspended in ropes, whipped, spanked, shaved, collared, leashed, led around by chains that hooked onto their intimate body piercings. I was horny as hell, but totally knackered. My clit was sore, my labia rubbed raw and my backside was on fire. And I’d had a tidal wave of orgasm wash over me.

I’d showered and dressed and got the house spick and span and it was only 11 o’clock. I lasted a full twenty minutes before I texted my son.

When he arrived back thirty minutes later, I was sat on the couch. I tapped the cushion next to me for him to come sit with me.

“The place where you got that Babes … do they sell other things as well?”

“They do.”

“Such as?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve only built up the courage to go in there twice. I often find myself standing outside there looking around to see if anyone I know is watching. And you never know who’ll actually be in there should you venture inside.”

I smiled at him. We weren’t so very much unalike after all, it would seem.

“Would you like to come with me Mom? We could go together, help steady my nerves.”

“I can’t Babes. I’d like to. But I just can’t.”

“What sort of thing would you like Mom? Perhaps I could get it for you.”

Oh my God. Was I blushing? I felt like I was. I fanned myself as I blew into the neck of my polo shirt, shaking it back and forth.

“It’s alright Mom. Relax. I know your secret and I’m okay with it. I love you for it. You can tell me anything. I won’t tell.”

I put my hand on his. “I just don’t know the kind of …”

“They’ve got a website Mom. You could order online. But then it would come to the house and show up on the credit card statement.”

I grasped my son’s hand tightly. I could imagine the look on George’s face as he saw it now. There was just no way on Earth.

“But you could just browse online Mom and then, then … I could go get it for you. And I don’t mind whatever it is Mom, if it’s a big twelve inch black dildo, then, then so be it. I’ll do it for you Mom. I’ll do anything for you, anything you ask.”

I made lunch for us both and while it was cooking we looked at the website together. I felt so kinky sitting next to my son looking at pornographic paraphernalia and items of bondage. But so exquisitely turned on by the thought that these items could soon be mine.

Over dinner we didn’t say much, I think we were both alone with our thoughts. One more quick look at the website, checking for in stock items, I made a small list. Three items. They should come to £45. I went in my purse and handed my son two twenties and two tens and told him he could spend the change on something for himself, but that if he was afraid or uncertain about venturing in, then not to, just come straight home.

It seemed like an eternity waiting for his return. The clock seemed to be going backwards. I was hot, I was cold, I was up, I was down, pacing around the living room and kitchen, checking the driveway, checking my phone in case I’d missed a text, though how I could I don’t know, it was in my hand the whole time.

He finally made his return. He walked sheepishly up to the front door and when I opened it and pulled him inside, he showed me a wicked grin.

“Did you get everything?” I asked, hardly able to contain my excitement.


“Let me see.”



“I’ll show you when we get to Scotland.”

“But …” I protested, eager to see my new wares.

“No buts. You can have them on the boat and not before.” He was so firm, but I was enjoying his dominance, cruel though it seemed.

But then we were in Scotland before we knew it. The weekend flew by, the drive went well. It was a longer drive than the one to Cornwall, but it was every bit as easy. Arriving at the boat yard, I seemed to drift through our orientation completely unawares, my mind was on three things. Three things my son had kept hidden from me in his bag.

We left the jetty and drove up river, pulling over about a mile later.

“Can I see now?” I was almost begging. My son picked up on this and decided a little role play was in order. I was so giddy, I didn’t stop to think what I might be doing to him, letting him boss me around.

He brought the first item out of the bag.

“Try it on for me Mom.”

It was the leather collar. Black, buckled at the back, four metal D rings. As I held it in my hand, I was overcome with eroticism. I just didn’t know if I should. But, this was the feeling I wanted. I knew that, I was sure of that. This is why I read this stuff, this was the kinky shit that turned me on, that electrified my body. But with my son?

Who else could I do it with? Not George. Not Shirley Madison or any of the other girls. Certainly not some stranger. I could do it alone. But where would the fun be in that? It just wouldn’t be the same. I needed a person to be involved in my shame.

I recalled the feeling of my son filming my body as I lay there naked in our bed in Penzance. Compare that to the feeling of me just lying in my bed, alone and naked. They were just two entirely different feelings. One turned me on and one was just completely normal and not in the least bit erotic or kinky. I had to face facts, I only felt a true thrill when I was being watched. Everything else, even masturbating alone to my son’s DVD, was second best. It was all academic anyway, I knew my sexual impulses were already getting the better of me.

I tried to place the collar around my neck but found myself struggling with my hair getting in the way.

“Let me help you with that Mom.”

“Would you please?”

“I will, but …”

“But what?” I asked.

He seemed pensive for a moment, but then spoke. “When you put on my collar, you become my slave. My property. I will be your master when that collar is around your neck. Do you accept my terms? Mom …”

I hadn’t thought of this and I didn’t know how informed he was. He said he’d read my stories, but I didn’t know which ones. But it didn’t matter, my whole body positively tingled at the idea and I found the notion to be highly erotic. I was so desperate for this after a weekend of torturous anticipation and the long drive, I think I would have said yes to just about anything at this moment in time.

“Mom. This is just a trial run. We’ll have to sit down and work out the fine details, but I can see you need this now. We can stop whenever you say, just for today. We can stop and start and stop and start. Just while you get acclimatised. So what do you say? Deal?”

“You’ll stop whenever I say?”

“I give you my word Mom.”

I nodded my consent. I turned away from him and held my hair up while he reached around my neck and fastened the collar at the back.”

“Too tight?” he asked.

I shook my head. “You can go a little tighter.” He followed my instruction. Oh what a thrill. I could only just get a finger between the collar and my skin, it was so deliciously tight.

“Kneel slave.”


“That’s what Master?”

“Hey, hey, hang on. Stop.”

“Mom … it’s okay. Come on. Let’s sit down and talk first. You need to be enjoying this. That’s the whole point isn’t it?”

We sat opposite each other at the dinette. I still had on the collar, but he reached out and took my hand.

“How does the collar make you feel Mom?”

“On fire,” I replied.

“With sex?”

“Babes …”

He smiled at me. “We all have those feelings Mom. They’re all perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. They’re as normal as having an erection in the morning. You told me so yourself Mom, that that was natural. Are you changing your mind?”

I shook my head. “It’s just awkward to talk about that sort of thing with my son.”

He laughed in my face. “When did you become such a prude Mom? I didn’t bring you up to be like that!”

Well, I deserved that one. I’d said much the same thing to him on our last holiday together.

“Come on Mom, let’s play a game together.”

“What sort of game?”

“A game that will be fun. For both of us. A game of trust. One of love. That will be sexy. For both of us.”

“Babes, I, I can’t. I can’t be sexy with you.”

“Are you kidding Mom? You can’t not be sexy. You’re beautiful. It’s actually physically impossible for you to not be sexy. I think you’re sexy, so I guess you’ll just have to learn to accept that.”

Oh, what was he saying? What was my beautiful boy saying to me? He didn’t give me a chance to think.

“And I can see it in your eyes that you want to. You do, don’t you Mom? That feeling inside of you that’s itching to get out. Let it. It’ll be our secret Mom. Can’t you trust me like I trust you?”

“Babes, I do trust you. I trust you with my life, but, this, it’s just not right. It’s not right for a son to see his mother this way.”

“Mom. I’ve done some pretty embarrassing things in my life, some that you know about. And only you know about.”

There had been many, I knew that. I’d caught him masturbating more than once – and neither time had it been dignified. One time I caught him in my shower, a finger up his own butt, the shower head clenched tight between his legs while he stroked his cock vigorously. And then there was the pile of my clothes on the bathroom floor and the smell upon them – his own. He just had to have been wearing them.

Another time I came home early and caught him naked in the back garden, drenched in olive oil, massaging his cock with both hands. As I tried to creep silently away, I knocked over a glass on my way out and startled him. I hurried into the lounge and called up the stairs to him that I was heading out again, trying to pretend I hadn’t seen him. But we both knew.

“Have you ever tried to humiliate me in front of anyone else with that knowledge?”

I shook my head. Of course not.

“Could you ever? Would you ever? You’d take it to the grave and you’d never judge me for it. That’s love Mom, that’s the purest kind and one that will never die. Men and women, they fall in love, they know each others secrets and they trust each other. But they often fall out of love too and use those secrets against each other and the trust is gone. It’s dead. I know in my heart, that you would never hurt me that way, you would die first.”

“I would Babes, I would.”

“I know Mom. I would too. The love you have for me, you know how strong it is. Believe me when I say Mom, that the love I have for you is every bit as strong.”

I felt the tears trickle down my face. And when he reached out to brush them aside, I trapped his hand between my cheek and my shoulder.

“I trust you with everything that I am Mom. And this is me telling you that you can trust me the same. And as far as I’m concerned, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! I’ll die before I betray your trust Mom. I will die.”

“Don’t say things like that Babes.”

“You need this Mom. I want to give this to you. That’s why I waited. I didn’t just buy you the things on your list. I bought a whole bunch of other stuff too.”

“C’m'ere Babes.”

I held out my arms for him to come and hug me and I kissed him and held him tight. We both had a little cry. We needed some release. “I love you Babes. Mommy loves you. Let’s …” I took a deep breath and gave my son the go ahead when I let it out.

“Slave, kneel.”

I knelt for my son, the collar tight around my neck.

“I have some more things here to punish you. But before I show them to you, I think you are overdressed. A slave must know their place. I shouldn’t really let you have clothes at all, but … for the time being, I’ll allow you to wear them. All except for your underwear. Slave, go to your room and remove your underwear, then come back and kneel when you’re ready.”

Oh God, I wanted this. The threat, the possibility that my son would have me naked. Exposed. Oh fuck. Who am I? Am I his mother? Or am I his slave? With the collar on, I was his slave. If I was just going to keep saying stop all the time, what kind of fantasy was that? I wanted to be commanded. I wanted to be given no choice. I had to steel my nerves and decide to be his slave. For the moment at least.

I went to my room and closed the curtains. There were people walking by on the path alongside the loch. I stripped myself all apart from my collar and socks. Then put my corduroys back on and buttoned my wool shirt. I could feel my boobs swinging freely underneath and the touch of my wet pussy, no longer contained within panties. And it invigorated me so intensely. I felt so alive.

I returned to my son and knelt before him.

“Please will you show me what you bought to punish me Master.”

God, this was kinky. And so exciting. I had visions of us spending the whole week no more than a mile from the boat yard and not looking for Nessie at all.

He pulled out the next thing on my list. It was a paddle. To spank my ass. It had been the cheapest thing I’d asked for.

“We’ll see how you behave slave. But if you’re naughty, you’ll be going over my knee and getting a severe spanking.”

He was good at this. He knew what to say to me and I knew how to respond. But then I guess we’d read the same stories, so we were just working from those scripts at the moment.

“Yes Master. I’ll behave Master. Thank you for getting it for me Master.”

The final thing was causing him some embarrassment. He said he’d get me a twelve inch if I wanted it. I didn’t. I can’t imagine any woman who would. That was just a crazy ridiculous size and I couldn’t think of any orifice I’d want a monster cock like that shoved inside.

My poor baby. His face was bright red. I’d asked for a finger vibrator, for massaging my clitoris. Shirley Madison had done nothing but talk about hers, I’d wanted one for years, but couldn’t bring myself to go into that wretched, wonderful shop.

“Well, you won’t be needing this slave. You haven’t earned it yet.”

“No Master. Whatever you say.”

Next, he brought out an item that wasn’t on my list, but when I saw it I felt such an ungodly thrill. He looked at me before leaning across, taking hold of my collar, then clipped a leash to the D ring at the front. He had me on a leash. My own son. On a fucking leash.

I didn’t know whether I was glad I’d taken my panties off or not. Without them, my brown cords were going to be stained in no time. Already I could feel that slickness between my labia, sliding side to side as he led me around the cabin on my knees. I put my hand between my thighs to feel if my wetness was showing through yet. He saw me.

“No touching slave.”

“I’m sorry Master.”

“You’re orgasm doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to me.”

I thought that was a nice touch. It had been a common element in almost all of the stories I loved. Orgasms belonged to Master.

“Yes Master. Please forgive me Master. I’m new to being a slave.”

“Yes. A slave. You must remember what you are. I think a punishment is in order. You must learn your place.”

“A punishment Master?”

I could see my son was thinking. His eyes were drawn to the paddle on the table and I licked my lips in anticipation. He sat down on the edge of the dinette seat and commanded me to bend over his leg. He hit me with the paddle on my backside and I hardly made a sound. Bless him. He was trying but he was no doubt afraid of hurting me.

The second strike was a little bit harder but not enough to cause me even mild discomfort. On the third strike I sniggered. My poor baby, I thought. My corduroy jeans were quite thick and even though I wasn’t wearing panties, there was enough material there to protect my bum from his half-hearted spanking.

The next thing I knew, he’d put the paddle down and was untucking my shirt from my trousers and manoeuvring them down a little. He picked up the paddle and gave me a short, sharp spank at the top of my backside, on bare skin, but really more on my hips than anything.

“I’m sorry Master. Let me help you.”

I desperately wanted to feel that paddle on my naked ass. I was so used to spanking it with my hand; it was the main reason for requesting the paddle. I unbuttoned my trousers and lowered the zip halfway.

“Try now Master. That should make it easier to pull them down.”

My son dutifully pulled my trousers off my hips and I felt cool cabin air on my bottom. He didn’t expose my whole backside, but enough of an area to administer my punishment.

Again, he was too timid, just giving me light swats more than anything.

“Will it leave a mark Master?”

He paused for thought and before he could answer, I spoke up again. “It needs to leave a mark Master. How else will I learn my lesson?”

He hit me harder. With each swat, I felt such immense sexual pleasure, no doubt in part because of my placement on his lap. While it was true I had started out, spread uniformly across his leg, all the adjustments we had made now caused my vulva to be situated right over his knee and with each spank, it ground further into a more pleasurable position. The stinging sensation on my backside was simply adding to that pleasure and I knew I was only a heartbeat away from ripping my trousers completely off and begging my son to spank my bare ass with his bare hand.

“Stop. Stop. Oh God stop.”

“It’s okay Mom. What is it?”

“I can’t do this. I just, I just, can’t.”

As I tried to get up off the floor and fasten my trousers at the same time, he helped me to my feet and wrapped both his arms around me, pressing his cheek tight to my own.

“I know what the problem is Mom.”

“You do?”

“Of course Mom. It’s pretty obvious really, isn’t it?”


“Well, you enjoy this. But not like you enjoy eating a cake or watching a TV show. This, this is sexual. It’s a sexual fantasy, that gets you hot. And you’ve just figured out that, that you can’t do that with your son.”

“I can’t.”

“I know. It’s stupid. Wearing a collar and lead like you’re a poodle or something, it’s ridiculous, to a casual observer, it’s absurd. But psychologically, it turns you on, it excites you between your legs.”

“Babes, please.”

“No Mom. It’s a game. It’s a psychological game, that’s all it is. It’s a switch that gets flipped in your brain and suddenly everything has a different meaning. You need to flip one more switch Mom. You need to flip the one that turns me from being your son into being your master. That collar, that collar is going to act like a switch for both of us. I’m going to stop being your son, you’re going to stop being my mother. Goodbye mother-son, hello slave-master. Just like that. The flip of a switch.”

He sat me down but kept his arm around me. I just didn’t know. I didn’t know if I could, I didn’t know if I should.

“Babes. I don’t know. I just don’t know if I can. The first part, yes, you’re right. It’s sexual. I get a thrill being treated like that. And by you too. That’s all part of the thrill.”

“So then what is it?”

“I’d be hurting you.”

“No, you won’t.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Mom, no. I want this. I’m a big boy.”

“Babes, I’ll be damaging you. Years from now, what do you think our relationship will be if I allow this?”

“Mom. There is no one I love in this world more than you. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Maybe some day I’ll meet a girl, but when I do, I’m not going to suddenly stop loving you or start to love you less. You’re always going to be my Mom. I could never stop loving you, any more than you could stop loving me.”

I looked up at him and kissed him on his cheek.

“This thing Mom, you have to get your pleasure from it. Sexual pleasure. And for today, you can go to your room and …” He trailed off.

“But Mom, I’ve got a bag full of goodies over there that are going to waste. Some of the things in that bag are to punish you, but some are to pleasure you. And as we’ve seen today, your clothes get in the way. If you’re wearing clothes, I’m just not going to be able to give you that thrill you need. So after today, when I put this collar on you, you’re going to have to be naked.”

“Babes …” I laughed, but he was serious.

“Answer me one question Mom and answer it honestly. Does that thought turn you on?”

Oh God. I’m going to burn in hell, I am going to burn in hell, I am so going to burn in hell. I nodded and hung my head in shame.

“Babes, I’ve answered your questions, now answer me a question.”

“What Mom?”

“What do you get out of all this?”

He didn’t have to think at all, not even for a moment. He answered me right away.

“I get to spend quality time with my most favourite person in the whole world. The person I love most. You.”

“Oh Babes. I love you. You know that don’t you? That I love you.”

“I do Mom. Of course I know.”

“Do I say it enough? I’ll say it more.”

“Mom …” he smiled. “You say it plenty.”

Chapter 07

“And besides Mom, it’s not just you that gets off on this shit. I’m as big a perve as you are, remember! And when you go to your room to touch yourself, I’m going to mine and I’m going to touch myself too. So don’t think you’re corrupting me any more than I’m corrupting you. We’re both adults, we’re not children, we don’t need protecting.”

I think I was beginning to get through to her. Even though I could feed her submissive fantasies, my own fantasies lay squarely in the realms of incest. It was my goal to make love to my mother. To be inside my mother, unsheathed and to ejaculate into her and eat my cum as it trickled out.

I decided to up the ante. And in the process, open up a way to allow my mother to be nude in front of me.

“Do you fantasize about being caught naked Mom? Bare, exposed?”

Mom squirmed a little, but her eyes and the corners of her mouth gave my answer.

“Would you like me to catch you naked?”

“No.” She was still resisting.

“Well, you’d better start being careful then Mom. You’d better start locking the bathroom door from now on because you just never know when I might walk in. Catch you on the toilet, catch you in the shower. It can’t be helped if you leave your door unlocked all the time. An accident is bound to happen sooner or later.”

I could see the way my mother was drawing her legs together and holding them tight that the idea thrilled her. She was turned on by it.

“Don’t you dare,” she said, before I startled her by removing my arm from around her shoulder and dropped it to her waist and with the deftest of touches, ran my fingers up the side of her torso, just skimming the side of her breast in the process.

She wriggled away from my hand.

“Don’t you like that Mom? Don’t you like when I touch you?”

“It’s not proper.”

“The things you and me think about are not proper, Mom. But who’s to say what proper is? Society? Society has so many rules that we don’t agree with anyway. Why should we conform to them? Let society conform to our ways for a change. Fuck society Mom.”

I made emphasis of the word fuck, the first time I ever used it in front of my mother. I didn’t use it much anyway, mostly a quiet ‘fuck yes’ while jerking off in my bedroom or bathroom, but rarely in public.

“Fuck society Mom. Behind closed doors, in our own home, we can do what we want. We can do anything, we want.” As I was saying it and Mom was thinking about it, my other hand reached up her front and touched her breast. “Society will never know about that Mom, not unless we tell them.”

Mom stood up and looked directly into my eyes. “I have to go Babes. I’m … I’m all kinds of horny right now. If I don’t, I’m going to explode.”

Frankly, I was about ready to blow myself anyway. I suggested to Mom we do just that, go relieve ourselves and then talk more later on. Baby steps.

My cabin was small, smaller than Mom’s. Mine was at the front of the boat, in the bow. V shaped berths. A small wardrobe and just enough room in the space on the floor for Mom to kneel.

I stood in front of Mom and gave her the command to strip me. She still had clothes on and she was still very nervous, but tentatively she began to undo my jeans and slide them down my legs. Her face was at my waist height and she couldn’t take her eyes away from the heaving bulge in my knickers. It was so strong and so powerful that it pulled the leg elastic away from my crotch and let cold air in the side.

A moment later I commanded her to touch me and she began to massage my cock through my underpants. It felt so good. But Mom was still in her shirt and trousers. That just wouldn’t do, a slave being clothed while her master was bared. I ordered her to stand and strip as I sat there and watched.

I’d seen her pubes before, just recently. They had been the object of many a masturbatory fantasy. They were engraved in my mind, hopefully never to recede. And if they did? Well, I had a video of them to refresh my memory.

Mom’s boobs were perfect in every way and I couldn’t help but take her nipple into my mouth and squeeze her breast.

“I love you slave … I love you … Mom.”

My semen shot up my belly and I looked down at the warm, white puddles and the trail of semen leading to my spent dick. I lay back and felt utter contentment. I just hoped Mom was having fantasies about me in her cabin, like I was about her in mine.

I stepped out of my door, naked. Immediately to my left was the tiny galley, my right, the bathroom. Up a couple of steps was the main saloon and dinette. Beyond that, there were some steps that led up on deck and also a set that led down to Mom’s cabin which had a double berth and its own en suite.

I opened the bathroom door, took a shower and cleaned myself up, wrapping a towel around my waist I poured myself a drink in the galley and went to sit up in the saloon. Mom was still in her bedroom. And the boat was vibrating. Only slightly, barely perceptible, but I could feel it.

I decided Mom needed a little enticement to start playing with me. So I sat in the saloon and waited. And waited. Mom was in her room for a whole hour more and when she came out her hair was slick wet. She’d had to shower too, no doubt to remove her sexual scent.

“Hi Babes.”

“Hi Mom. Did you have a nice shower?”

“I did Babes. Thanks for asking.”

“I was worried about you Mom. I nearly came in your room to see where you were.”

“You did?”

I nodded. “Did you lock your door?”

She bit her lower lip and shook her head.

“You see, you’ve got to be so careful Mom. Who knows what I would have seen if I’d just walked in earlier.”

My Mom was blushing. But I just knew my words were exciting her.

“And about that other thing … you know I’m right, don’t you Mom? A slave has to be naked. And if you want to be my slave, that’s something you’re going to have to accept.”

“Babes, I, I don’t know, I … this is … Babes.”

“It’s not so very hard Mom. It just takes the right mindset, the right commitment.” I stood up and when I did, my towel fell to the floor.

Mom diverted her gaze. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t see anything.”

“It’s okay Mom. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, right? Am I right?”

“Last time I saw it, it wasn’t that big.”

I smiled. “Things grow Mom. Something somewhere is always growing.”

I reached down to pick up my towel and wrap it back around my waist. Mom and I both went down into the galley to get something to eat and drink and replenish our energy levels. It was just so tight in that galley, that we couldn’t help brushing up against one another.

On one such pass, I made sure the towel dropped to the floor once more.

“Why you little …”

I laughed.

“Cover yourself up.”

“Why? You’ve had a good look at it now Mom. It doesn’t bother me you seeing me anymore. It’s freeing to lose your inhibitions. You should try it sometime.”

Mom was doing her damnedest to keep looking away, but I caught the little glances out of the corner of her eye to check whether or not I had covered myself up yet.

“It’s not right that a mother sees her son like this.”

“Oh Mom. Mothers see their sons naked all the time. It’s what makes mothers mothers. Or something like that anyway. You know what I mean.”

“Put some clothes on,” she said, covering her eyes, but peeking through her fingers, as she made her way up the steps with her glass and a sandwich.

“Mom, I don’t mind you seeing me like this. I really don’t.”

“Babes, please …”

“I love you Mom. There’s no one I love and trust more in this world than you. If I can’t trust you then, who can I trust?”

Mom kept her eyes covered but peeked to see if I was decent yet.

“You love me more than Dad?”

“Of course I do.”

“Why? He’s your father, he’s good to you.”

“I know he is and I love him. I adore him in fact, he’s the best man I know.”

“Then why?”

I reached down and picked the towel up from the floor, but instead of wrapping it around my waist, I slung it over my shoulder and walked up to my Mom. Taking her hand to remove it from her eyes, I held her face in my fingers and said, “Because I don’t want to do this to Dad.”

I kissed her. But properly. Passionately. And she let me.

She even began to kiss me back and when the kiss ended and I looked at her, she had her eyes shut. As they began to open I kissed her again, opening my mouth to pop my tongue out to lick between her lips.

That was as far as it could go without her approval. I wouldn’t go further if she were not willing. I just hoped she would consent. I probed further, begging almost, at her door. Please Mom, let me in. Just this once. Please. I love you.

And then she did. I felt her tongue on mine and I knew she’d be mine. And the song played in my head. “My mother is mine.”

Mom again waited a moment to open her eyes and when she did, she didn’t look at me, she just said ‘get dressed’ and left me standing there.

Chapter 08

I shut myself in my room again. This just wasn’t fair. The little bugger was making me so fucking horny. His big, fat, flaccid cock. He knew he was teasing me and he knew he was tempting me, tempting me into this – this way of life he seemingly had all planned out.

But how could I indulge? Had I already indulged him too far? I’d just kissed him for goodness sake. And not just a peck either. My son had gone further with me than his own father had in – in six months at least.

I sighed as I sat down on my bed and relived the moment in my mind.

He lifted my chin and with tears in his eyes looked into my very soul. I didn’t notice him leaning into me and I didn’t notice the beginning of our kiss. I didn’t notice when I shut my eyes and I didn’t notice when I opened my mouth to let his tongue slip inside. I didn’t notice any of it.

With my eyes shut and our tongues entwined, my mind just went blank and I enjoyed the moment. And that was the moment, the exact moment, the moment I saw my son had been right – I had stopped thinking.

More importantly, I had stopped thinking of him as my son and was only concerned with the pleasure he was giving me and the love I felt for him. The desire I felt in my heart.

I don’t know how long our kiss lasted, but there were long threads of saliva between our mouths when it ended and as I looked across at his chest, I noticed the fear had gone from my own heart. There was a stillness, a calm, a feeling that, while it wasn’t right, it wasn’t quite as wrong anymore.

I saw the collar lying there on my bed. The leash too. God, I wanted to know what else he had in that bag that he was keeping from me.

For the second time that day, I took off all my clothes and lay on my bed. I reached for the collar and managed to fasten it myself. I then opened my bedside draw and pulled out my tablet computer and just lay there, naked, reading.

I hadn’t read for long. It seemed that my stories just weren’t doing it for me anymore. They had ignited my sex drive and opened me up to new possibilities, but now in my time of need, the fantasies contained within just weren’t powerful enough to compete with my present reality. I was fast becoming the slave I so desperately dreamt of becoming.

Those other characters weren’t the stars anymore, I was. So I found the video I’d filmed that dreaded day, the one with me naked in my little boy’s room, naked as the day I was born with the exception of my makeshift collar, spanking myself and displaying myself to the camera in the most undignified way imaginable. I pressed play and began to finger myself. My door was unlocked and my son was on the other side. Would he go through with his threats? I guessed only time would tell.

I played with my nipples, circling them, pinching them. My breasts were a tidy size and shape and I was able to tease my hardening nipples into my mouth, licking them until they were glossy and moist. My fingers continuing to roll and pinch, squeeze and caress, tickle my breasts as a whole, running in wide circles with a light touch and a brief flick under a single finger as it came in contact with my nipples.

My chest was alive with my touch and everything was just so deliciously sensitive. I think if I had continued, I would actually have been able to bring myself to climax through massaging my breasts alone.

But neglecting my pussy was torturous in a despicably delightful way. Would my son really withhold my orgasms from me? I hoped he would. It would be just like in those stories then. All the slaves had more powerful orgasms because of it. They would be brought to the brink, over and over again, each time denied at the last.

It got them into such a sexual frenzy that by the time their orgasm did finally arrive, they would pass out from sensory overload. I wanted to experience that. I did. I so desperately did. And there was just no way that that was ever going to happen with George. My son was my only hope.

I replayed the video one more time, then set it back in my drawer. I’d been more than an hour last time when my son had threatened to enter. How long would he make me wait this time before making good on his promise?

Chapter 09

Mom had disappeared back into her room again. I’d got dressed as instructed and went and sat in the saloon. But she wasn’t coming out. I thought about going back to my room – if she was going to spend this entire vacation wanking in her room, maybe I should just do the same.

I saw the bag on the seat with the goodies inside. I picked out the clit massager and went and stood outside Mom’s door and listened.

After a few minutes, I gently placed my hand on the handle and began to squeeze. The door had a lock on the other side and I felt like I’d given her ample warning. When the door began to open, I looked inside.

Mom was completely naked except for her collar. Her eyes were shut tight and she had the fingers of her left hand rummaging around inside her while the fingers of her right rapidly strummed across her clit, which was poking out of its hood between her pubic forest and throbbing for all to see. Well, me anyway.

Her breasts were incredible. They were simply awesome. I’d never seen anything like them in all the years I sat in front of my TV screen wanking at the sight of some adult performer or Hollywood actress. Mom’s boobs were glorious. The way they sagged back on her chest, so naturally as to almost lie flat and yet retain a subtle curve. Her nipples were deep red and looked just like her clit, both in colour and erectness. As she writhed in pleasure at fingering her most sensitive parts, her boobs jiggled, like a wave, fluid and divine. It left me in no doubt that God was either a man or a lesbian, there simply could be no more perfect creature in all of creation – than woman.

“Oh master, master please …” she moaned quietly to herself.

With that, I slid the switch on the massager which was now firmly seated on my index finger and it began to buzz.

Mom’s eyes opened and stared right at me. She didn’t cover up or move a muscle; she was in too much shock. But the balance needed to be addressed. She was naked, I was not. Either I had to get naked myself and be her equal, or I had to step into the role of her master and keep my clothes on.

I had to take control right there and then. Mom had her collar, I had a vibrating finger. I leaned over Mom. I’d never seen her look more helpless in all her life.

“Don’t think Mom, just enjoy.”

I kissed her passionately on the lips and as we were kissing, my buzzing finger found it’s way between her thighs. I immediately felt Mom’s hand on mine as it guided me to where she wanted.

“Ohhh,” she moaned and plunged her tongue deeper into my mouth. Then, without warning, she withdrew, turning her head and pushing my hand away from her opening, she used her arms to cover her modesty as best she could.

“Are you my mother?” I switched off the buzzer. “Or are you my slave?” I turned it back on. “Mother?” Off. “Slave?” On.

Mom shut her eyes tight. And groaned. A moment later, the arm which covered her breasts fell to her side and the one that covered her vagina, pulled back on her clit hood to expose her little horny protrusion. She splayed her legs and whispered, “I am your slave, Master.”

Chapter 10

We moored that night about ten miles further up Loch Ness. My son and I had hardly spoken a word since that afternoon.

I wanted to. I wanted desperately to be able to tell him he’d given me the greatest orgasm of my life, the most cataclysmic, cataleptic, catatonic, caterwauling moment in the history of the world. I had felt nothing so intense since the day I gave birth to him – that very opening he found his way out of, he found his way back into for the first time today.

But every time I went to speak, I forgot how. Every word I thought to say, I lost at the end of my tongue. My tongue, which had been in his mouth and his in mine. I wanted to put my hand on his cheek and tell him everything would be alright, that he was right, that we could get through this.

He’d released me and awakened me. My son was right, I could do this. But as I looked across at him, I wasn’t sure he could.

He looked visibly disturbed.

As if the fantasy had taken over and had built itself up higher and higher in his mind, to the point where he had to do something about it, but now that it was done, it was out of his system and he was left with just the stark reality of what had passed. I feared he had come back down to Earth with a bang.

“Babes …”

He didn’t look up or respond.

I wiped a tear from my eye. All my worst fears. I’d damaged him. I’d ruined our relationship forever by committing the greatest taboo in western society. I went to my room, lay on my bed and cried my eyes out.

I didn’t know what time it was, all I knew it was dark. I was in my bed and my son’s arm was wrapped around me. I don’t know what time he came into my room or what he came in for, but he was here and his arm was around me and that was all that mattered. I wrapped my arm around him and went to sleep, blissfully relieved and in tears, hopeful of what tomorrow would bring.

We woke together, stirring at the same sound of a dog barking outside.

He smiled at me, with his eyes – and I back at him.

“Babes … are you okay?”

“Mom …” He sighed. “I just …” He sighed again. Then laughed. “I think I forgot how to speak.”

I started to cry, tears of joy. We were so alike, my boy and me. Emotionally we were on the same wavelength. Always had been. We were emotionally attuned. He’d had no words and neither had I.

I pulled his face to my bosom and threatened to never let him go.

“Mom, Mom, I’m suffocating. I need air.”

“Sorry Babes.”

He kissed me again; and again my lips opened to receive him.

I was crossing the line and I knew it. I was an exhibitionist at heart and a submissive. I wanted to be dominated and I wanted to be a slave. But I didn’t want to be just anybody’s slave. I wanted to be my son’s. Someone who cared about me.

God, I had read enough stories on that website to know that people’s fantasies ranged from the mild to the extreme, from the kind to the cruel. There were people on that site effectively writing about rape and non-consensual sex. Being forced or strong-armed and made to endure all kinds of wicked depravity. Each to his own, I suppose, but I could never partake of any of my secret fantasies except with someone I loved and who loved me just as much. That was so important, to have that trust and that bond, that mutual respect.

And my son, through no fault of my own, was turning out to be the one – the one that the universe had somehow selected for me – to be my partner in crime, so to speak.

I knew he had read stories of incest. He made no attempt to hide that little titbit of information from me. He had indulged me in my fantasy and was continuing to, but in so doing, we had crossed over into each other’s fantasies. And I found myself – I didn’t want to say it out loud or even acknowledge it in my mind, but – I was enjoying this illicit contact with my son.

We’d seen each other naked, he had masturbated me with a sex toy attached to the end of his finger and put some of his fingers inside my most womanly part. His mother’s most womanly part. He had kissed me and I had kissed him. Truly, madly, deeply. And I had loved every second of it.

Maybe, just maybe, I had some incestuous fantasy of my own rattling around somewhere inside.

I had never seen the appeal of BDSM until I read a story that let me in on the psychology of it all. Prior to that, I just thought it was weird. Before this trip, I had only thought of incest as truly wrong. But the lines between right and wrong were being blurred more and more with each passing day.

I had seen my son’s penis yesterday. It may only have been soft, but I just had to face facts. I was having incestuous feelings for my son. And at this present moment in time, there was no limit to which I wouldn’t go with him.

As I lay on my back on my bed in the aft cabin, my son lay across me with his head on my chest. I stroked the side of his cheek and planted soft kisses on his hand which I held in mine. The light permeated through the narrow curtains which encircled three sides of the room above us and as we lay there, neither one of us wanted to move.

I knew his mind in that moment as surely as I knew my own – there was nowhere else in all the world that either of us wanted to be more than where we were – in each other’s arms.

And I wanted to show him something.

“Babes, would you reach into my drawer please?”

He leant over and looked inside. There was but one thing in there, my tablet. He handed it to me and I swiped it on and located my secret video. My heart beat fast in my chest, but I wanted to share this with him. I thought it would help explain my fantasy with him and show him just what turned me on.

The first thing he saw as we lay there watching it together was his room back home.

“That’s my bedroom.”

I waited a moment.

“Fuck! Fuck Mom. Fuckety-fuck-fuck-fuck!”

He’d just seen me walk away from the camera, stark naked in his room.

“FUCK!” His eyes almost popped out of his head when I turned to face camera and he saw me in all my glory. He caught his breath. “Mom …”

He took the tablet from me and placed it down on the bed alongside us, then leaned over me and started to kiss me on the lips.

I squirmed. “Babes … that’s awful. What have you been feeding yourself? Your tongue tastes like a wrestler’s armpit. That’s just disgusting. Please …” I said, giggling. “Go brush your teeth.”

As he was cleaning his, I cleaned my own. He was back on my bed when I came out of my en suite. He was watching the video and I could see the erection in his pyjamas.

“Looks like you need a pee Babes.”

“No Mom. I just had one.” He turned to me and smiled.

I knew what was on that screen was like gold to him. It was like the best Christmas and Birthday present ever. I had shared this most intimate thing with my son and I would have understood if he had been unable to take his eyes off it. But the moment he turned to smile at me, his eyes only looked into my own. He didn’t even scan down my body to glance at my breasts in my grey t shirt or my panties lower down. He just met my gaze and just stayed there, willingly captured.

I had to smile as I knelt on the bed alongside and leaned over him, his boner involuntarily twitching just out of sight. I now had two fantasies fluttering around in my mind. Yes, I was secretly looking forward to a day of submission, being his slave, preferably naked if he would carry out his threat, but I was also now craving the incestuous love of my darling baby boy.

So what I did next was probably more surprising to him than it was to me. I pulled at the elastic at the front of his pyjamas, then let it snap back. I pulled it up, lifting it well off his body and bit my lower lip, all the while my son watching me. Again, I let it snap back. The third time my fingers found their way to the elastic, he grabbed my wrist and dragged it – and his pyjamas, down his legs.

I looked at it. His penis. It was hard as a rock and the tip had come out from hiding and exposed itself to me. He had never been more naked in all his life before me. His glans, that big purple mushroom, that I had never seen in its entirety, had shown itself to me. That was my son’s. It had never been mine, it wasn’t a mother’s to see, anymore than a mother’s clit was her son’s to see. His most manly part. Exposed.

I leaned over to kiss him and felt it as it rubbed against my leg, leaving slippery, slimy trails up and down my thigh as though a slug or snail had had its wicked way with me. And God help me, I wanted my son to do so much more with it.

At breakfast we had the talk.

Chapter 11

“So …” I thought about it for a moment, trying to get it right in my head. “You’re looking to be commanded, essentially having all decisions removed from your control, you do as I say and nothing else. I mean literally, you don’t take a piss without my say so.”

Mom nodded as she took a bite of her toast.

“You want to be exposed, stripped bare and similarly, have no say in it. If I order you naked, that’s how you remain until I tell you otherwise?”

“Yes Babes.”

“Well, that’s fine indoors, but what about in public? Are you looking to feel the humiliation of being nude in front of strangers?”

Mom sighed. “You know it turns me on, but, I just don’t think I can. Take it outdoors like that. I think I can do it in front of you my love, but …”

“I read your stories Mom. I read all about those women being made to parade around made up countries in the nude. Being forced into submission and having no say in it … it made those women hot like never before. I want that for you Mom.”

She put her hand on mine and gazed right into my eyes. And smiled. “I just don’t think I’m at that stage yet Babes. I’m not sure I’ll ever be.”

“I think the important thing here Mom, is that, it’s not your decision. As my slave, I will make that choice for you as and when the time comes. You will do as I say and just have to trust that I want what’s best for you. I want you to feel everything Mom. I’ll decide what happens to you out in public, not you. How does that make you feel?”

Mom was shaking like a leaf. I moved around to her side of the dinette and knelt before her, holding her tight. She shook in my arms and I asked her again, “How do you feel Mom? Frightened?”

“Yes,” she whispered into my ear.

“Frightened in a fearful way or frightened in a thrilling way?”


“But are you turned on by that idea Mom?”

She pulled away from me and I could see the fear in her eyes. She put her forehead to mine and looked into my eyes, then rubbed her nose to mine. “Like never before Babes.”

“Okay. So punishments. Spanking, yes?”

Mom nodded.


“No. What, what, kind of torture?”

“I mean mental torture, sexual torture really. Denial of orgasms, that sort of thing. Putting objects in you, without your permission.”


I smiled. I’d bought a few at the sex shop. I just couldn’t resist. I’d spent over a hundred pounds of my own money there.

“Do you trust me Mom?”

She nodded without hesitation.

“Then relax. The only thing you need to know is that I love you more than anything and I will not see any lasting harm come to you. Alright?”

“I trust you Babes.”

“Good. Now another thing. I’ve done a bit of reading, external reading really, not on that site. And it’s important for you to know, that I won’t tolerate bottom-up suggestiveness. You’re the bottom, you’re the slave. I’m the top, I’m the master. It’s me that controls this fantasy, not you. You don’t get to decide what you do and what you don’t do when you’re a slave, I do. Is that understood?”

Mom took a deep breath. And nodded.

“Afterwards, when you’re Mom again, you can express all your concerns, but when you’re a slave and I tell you to kneel, you kneel. And you say ‘yes Master’, you must always respond to questions and orders from your master.”

Mom was on tenterhooks. I could see that. She had a great deal of fear in her eyes right now and even though that was good, for her fantasy, I wanted to make some assurances to her.

“Mom, we have to have some rules.”

“Don’t I have enough rules already?”

“No. Not rules for you Mom. Rules for me. You have to know that even though I’ll play the master and give you orders and hand out discipline, ultimately, it’s you that will wield the true power, it’s you that will get to say stop and have it mean stop.”

Mom stroked the side of my face and I caught hold of her hand and kissed her palm. “Mom, it’s best not to have stop as a safe word, because it’s a perfectly normal response under duress and you might not actually mean it. It’s better to have a more unusual word. But I’ve been thinking. During a probationary period, while we both find our feet, I’d like to have a traffic light system. Like green is good, amber is careful, red is stop.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Don’t get used to it. It’s only temporary, while we’re both novices. But I thought maybe they should have a limited number of uses, or you’ll just be screaming them out willy nilly,”


“You bet! On top of your voice! You’ll have to decide if they’re really warranted, because once you’ve used them all up, you won’t have any more vetoes to fall back on. So you’ll have four single use safe words for dial back a bit. I thought, John, Paul, George and Ringo.”

“Oh Babes, could we leave your father out of this please?”

“Dad? Oh! George!” I laughed. “Sure. Um …”

“How about KT, Alanis, Liz and Britney?”

“Okay. Sure. And then you’ll need a word to stop things altogether and go back to being Mom without me questioning it. To return all power to you. Any ideas?”

“I do.” She leaned over and whispered in my ear. I smiled. That was a great word.

“I think most of all though Mom, this has to be fun. You want to feel the thrill, the danger, the vulnerability, you want the submissiveness. You want all those things right?”

“I do Babes.”

“So shall we begin?”

A tear came to Mom’s eye and she looked to me, I suspect partly in fear, but partly in wild anticipation too. “Just one more thing Babes.”

“What is it Mom?”

“I love you with all of my heart and soul. I love you Babes.”

I couldn’t help myself. Tears began to flow from both of us and I embraced my Mom.

Chapter 12

My son held out the collar to me.

“You know what this means. This means I’m not your son. This means I’m your master.”

“Yes Master.”

“You’re not my mother, you’re my slave.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now slaves are not permitted to wear clothes unless I give permission to wear clothes. And I have not given permission to wear clothes. So strip slave. Strip.”

“At once Master.”

Oh, I felt such a thrill rush over my whole body. I just wanted to touch myself all over, but I knew I wasn’t allowed and that just made me even hotter. If I had a penis like my son, it would be sticking out ten feet by now.

I unbuttoned my shirt first and let it fall, next my cords and pulled them down to my knees. I was in so much of a hurry to disrobe in front of my son that I forgot about my shoes, so I sat to take them off so I could stand free of my trousers.

I stood there in just my bra, my panties and my socks. And my slave collar, of course. I was tingling as I reached behind my back to unhook my bra. My son had seen me naked yesterday, but still, it gave me such a rush to expose myself like this to him. Next my thumbs gripped my panties and once they were past my hips, they fell to the cabin floor.

All the curtains in the boat were closed, so my son was my only audience. I lifted each foot in turn and removed my socks. I stood before my son, I mean, my master, fully naked.

My son looked into my eyes. “Good slave. How do you feel?”

“Naked Master.”

“Yes. You are naked. You are very naked. But …”

He walked around me and I felt his hand on my shoulder.

“But perhaps … not naked enough.”


He walked to the side window of the boat, the one that faced out into the loch. And opened the curtain.

Unlike the windows in my cabin which were perhaps three feet wide but only six inches tall, the windows in the main saloon were huge – bright and airy.

And now the daylight was shining through on my naked, exposed body. And I loved it.

There were also curtains over the front windscreen of the boat but they were roughly at chest height, which was why the cabin steering position was up two steps from the rest of the cabin floor. My son opened them too, but now, anybody walking along the towpath alongside would be able to see in.

This thought thrilled me, but also scared me and I considered yelling out ‘KT’, but steeled my nerve and resisted.

There was nobody on the towpath anyway.

My son walked back over to me and blew on my neck. “Hands by your sides slave. Any attempt to cover up your nakedness will result in punishment.”

“Yes Master. I’m sorry Master.”

Once more, my son turned away from me and reached for the curtains of the one remaining window – the one directly adjacent to the towpath.

Oh no, please no, don’t. I’m just not ready for that.

I watched his hand on the curtain and instead of drawing them back the whole way, he just parted them slightly so there was a four inch vertical strip down the middle.

“Face the towpath slave.”

“Yes Master.”

My son then climbed the steps to go out on deck, leaving the hatch open. He strolled across to where the gap was in the curtains and crouched down to peer through.

The next thing I knew, he was kneeling alongside the boat with his hands scooped each side of his face and his nose pressed up to the window. I smiled at him. He was so cute, peeking at me through the window.

A few moments later he was back in the saloon and his hands were on the curtains drawing them back the rest of the way.

No, no, I wasn’t ready for this. There were people out there and they would see me. “KT, KT!” I yelled.

“Mom? What is it?”

“I’m not ready for that Babes. Please, draw them.”

“If I do that Mom, you’ll have used KT and you’ll just have three more words left to use. Are you sure you want to use one so early on? We’ve barely got started.”

“I do Babes. Please. Draw the curtains on that side.” There were people coming into view. I panicked. “Please Babes. Now.”

With that, my son’s hands swiftly drew the curtains shut.


I nodded.

“Okay slave. I’m a little surprised you did that then, used up a safe word, I mean.”

“I’m sorry Master.”

“That’s okay slave, that’s quite okay, but …”

“But what Master?”

“Well, the windows are tinted slave. When I went outside, I couldn’t actually see in. I had to press my face to the glass before I could see anything. I just thought that it might give you a thrill to stand so naked and see people pass by so close.”

“Oh Master.” I sighed.

“Would you like me to open them again slave?”

“Please Master, yes.”

“Very well.”

He opened the curtains and now the whole cabin was flooded with light from three sides.

“Hmn. Let me see. What else do we have in this bag, slave?”

He went over to his case and opened it just a slither, just enough to pull one item out. Again, it was not one I had asked for and at first glance, I couldn’t quite make out what it was. Then I realised. It was a blindfold.

“Come here slave. Time for some sensory deprivation.”

“Yes Master.”

My son stood behind me and a moment later, I could see only darkness and nothing of the cabin or the world beyond. He shuffled me forward and sideways, then turned me around and then suddenly I had a shock. Cold all up the front of my body. I retreated instinctively and stepped on my son’s foot.

“Oh slave … tut, tut, tut. I think that calls for some punishment.”

A few moments later, my naked body was bent over my son’s knee and he slapped my ass with his bare hand.


The thrill. I was wet. I was pulsating. I just wanted to put my hands in my pussy and go to work on myself.


Oh. I wasn’t going to last the morning like this. This was a sensation like none ever before. This was my fantasy, this was my dream,

This was my reality.


I ground my pussy into my son’s knee, but he pulled me off it and back into place.

“Four.” It was a harder slap that time. I loved it. My son was really finding his feet.

With five came the moment pain and pleasure melded into one infectious addiction. I wanted more. It hurt enough to make me wince, but only momentarily before allowing the acute feeling of bliss to permeate deeper into my body, every inch of me now felt connected as if at the end of some super fast neural pathway.

Six. Nggghhhh. I gasped and whimpered. It was like scratching the beautiful itch, crossing the threshold, blurring the line between agony and ecstasy. Was this subspace?

I made it to seven before I could take no more and plunged my fingers deep into my pussy.

My son stopped his punishment and lifted me to my feet.

“Hands by your side slave.”

“Yes Master.”

Still blind to the world, I felt him grab my wrist and begin to wrap something around it. Then my other wrist, exactly the same.

“Hands behind your head slave.”

“Yes Master”

“Are you aware of what you did wrong slave?” he asked as I felt a chain being threaded through the loops of what were obviously wrist cuffs to match my collar.

“I touched myself without Master’s permission.”

“That’s right slave. So in order to keep your hands away from your pussy, I am chaining both your wrists to your collar. You cannot feel yourself up then and you will be displaying yourself in a most pleasurable manner.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now. I believe you have three more slaps awaiting you.”

“Yes Master.”

I found myself back over my son’s knee and I resisted the urge to grind into it again, though I was excited beyond belief. In my blindfold with my cuffs fastened to my collar, I bent naked and received my punishment from my son.

He shuffled me across the cabin again.

“Now try not to flinch this time slave. More punishment will await if you do.”

“Yes Master, I’ll try Master.”

Again, I felt the cold all down my front. On my breasts and stomach, on the tops of my thighs and I could even feel the cold on my pussy. My nipples were as erect as they had ever been. I was pressed to the window, looking out onto the towpath. I knew this, because it was the only window that I could stand against, the one overlooking the loch was alongside the dinette and I could not stand against that one.

“Now you stand there slave until I tell you otherwise. I’m going to the shops for some milk and the papers. But just to complete your sensory deprivation, I’m going to put some earplugs into your ears. Be a good slave and behave while I am gone.”

“Yes Master.”

Oh the joy. The bliss. I was naked and pressed to the window. This was one of my long standing fantasies. My whole body was alive and overloaded with sensuousness. I could feel the mild tremble in my breasts, the aching in my nipples, the butterflies in my stomach, the fire in my vulva. My buttocks twitched and I began to rub my inner thighs together.

They were already so moist, my juices were seeping out of me at an extraordinary rate. I just had to make use of them. So I ploughed myself into the glass window, gyrating, sliding, grinding, lifting my legs side to side to try and create friction in my loins.

The glass was so smooth and left nothing for my clit to rub against, so slick was the glass with my clear fluid that I stood on tippy toes so my exposed clit would have something new to slide against. And then it was smooth and slippery again. So I stepped to my side, for a fresh piece of glass to provide a moment’s friction to excite my clitoris.

Up and down the window I manoeuvred, side to side, around and around, pounding, grinding, slipping, sliding, splaying my legs and gyrating my mound into the glass.

Oh, if only there were people on the other side to see me now.

Chapter 13

When I got back from the shop, there was a small gathering of people on the towpath alongside where our boat was moored. And I could see why.

Mom was naked and pressed to the glass, her hands behind her head with her blindfold on. She was sliding up and down the window trying to pleasure herself, leaving sticky trails of vaginal fluid wherever she’d been. It was some sight.

There were about eight or nine people standing there watching Mom. All but two were kids. I say kids, they were teenagers, all boys, all with their mobile phones in their hands filming her. Good idea, I thought.

The other two were both women in their twenties and I could tell from the way they were holding onto one another that they were lesbians and clearly enjoying the show.

I stepped over to them and spoke quietly, so the teenagers wouldn’t overhear. “Would you like to touch her?” I asked.

I realised that came across as a bit bold and a bit awkward, but they wasted no time at all in answering with a resounding ‘yes’.

“I can arrange that,” I said. “She’s my slave. She gets off on this, as you can no doubt see. Come on.”

I filled them both in on my plan. I gave very strict instructions on what they were allowed to do. I had given them each one minute, alone with my Mom. To touch her in any place they wanted, just so long as they remained quiet, didn’t remove her blindfold and only used their hands.

I unlocked the cabin door and stepped inside. Walking across to Mom, I briefly removed one of her earplugs. “I’m back slave. Stay where you are and don’t move.”

“Yes Master.”

I replaced it and went back up on deck and gave word to the first of the lesbians to go down inside. I stood with the other one as she too, now filmed Mom, waiting to be touched up by her partner.

This was too good an opportunity to pass up, so I took out my cell phone and began filming, making sure to take in a shot of the crowd watching and taking photos of her.

The lesbian cupped Mom’s breasts and ran her fingers down her stomach, into her pubes, then over her clit. She massaged her clit for a few seconds longer, really finding a rhythm, then slapped Mom on the backside. I watched as Mom jumped.

The kids on the path sniggered. “Can we have a go, Mister?”

I shook my head. “Sorry lads. No men allowed. But you can take all the photos you like.”

The first lesbian came up on deck with a wicked smile on her face and when the other lesbian stepped on board she stuck her tongue down the first one’s throat.

We all watched on, filming, as the second lesbian found her way over to Mom, naked and exposed in the cabin cruiser’s side window. She slapped each one of Mom’s beautiful ass cheeks, before bringing her hands around to Mom’s frontage, delving momentarily into her pubes for a quick feel, then up her stomach, between her breasts, up to her neck, then back down to her breasts. She pinched each nipple in turn, before slapping her first breast, then her second. She finished up with a slap to Mom’s pussy, before re-emerging on deck.

“Show’s over boys,” I said. “Hope you enjoyed yourselves.”

I undid the ropes from our mooring and went back into the cabin, started up the engine and sailed away.

When there was nothing but water all around us, I returned to Mom, taking out her earplugs and removing her blindfold. I unclipped her wrists from behind her head as I figured her arms must be tired by now. Instead I went into the bag for my next goody. It was a belt, again with plenty of D rings. I clipped her wrists to her sides instead.

“It looks like you enjoyed yourself while I was gone slave.”

“Oh yes Master. I’m sorry Master.”

“While the cats away, the mice will play,” I said. “But now I know you can’t be trusted slave.”

“I’m sorry Master. Please forgive me.”

“Oh, I can forgive you slave. But I still have to punish you.”

“Yes Master.”

“Bend over slave.”

I went to my bag for my next surprise. Actually, it was two surprises. The first was a container of lubricant. I slathered some onto my fingers and ordered Mom to stand with her legs far apart. I found her little rosebud and plunged inside, making sure to wriggle my finger around inside her anus.

I pulled it out and showed it to Mom.

“Now because of your misbehaviour, my finger is dirty. What are you going to do about that slave?”

Mom wasted no time at all in responding. “Alanis.”

I laughed.

“Don’t even think about it Babes!”

My God, my Mom was so beautiful and utterly captivating. I was head over heels in love with her and as far as I was concerned, no one – and I mean no one, was as beautiful as her to my eyes.

“You sure about that?”

“I’m sure,” she said.

“Okay.” I went to wash my hands in the bathroom sink and scrubbed my fingernails with soap while I was at it. “Ready?”

She nodded.

“Bend over.”

I slowly felt around with the butt plug I had purchased, found Mom’s hole and gently pushed it past the threshold, into her anus.

“Thank you Master, for punishing me.”

“I think it’s time we went up on deck now, slave.”


“On deck. We can’t spend all our time in the cabin. It’s a nice day outside. It’s really warmed up since yesterday. I think we should go and get some air.”

“Master, please. I’ll be exposed. Someone could see.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about that slave. By the end of this week, you’ll have shed most of your inhibitions. Once you get used to being my slave and get used to not having the automatic right to wear clothes, you’ll adapt. And you’ll thank me for it.”

I could tell Mom was thinking of using her next safe word.

“Slave. If you’re thinking of using another safe word, you’ll only have one more left to use. You’ve used half of them already and it’s only the first morning. We have another three days of this. Do you think one word will get you through the rest of the week? Because if you use all your amber words, there’ll only be the red word left to use. And if you have to use that, all of this ends. At least for this holiday.”

I looked at Mom. It was hard, I know, but if she only played it safe, she wasn’t going to get the most pleasure out of this. This was Scotland. No one knew us here. It wasn’t like we were famous or anything, we weren’t recognisable to anyone.

“Come slave. Follow me.” I walked up the steps onto the deck above the aft cabin and waited for Mom to follow. Slowly, she poked her head above the hatch.

I went up a few more steps onto the upper deck, directly above the saloon, to where the external steering position was situated. “Now slave. Come now.”

Mom climbed the steps to the top deck and looked all around. There were a few boats in the distance, but none close enough to get a good view. It wasn’t like there were going to be any zoom-lens paparazzi lying in wait.

“Come sit with me slave.” I spread my legs on the seat and pushed myself back as far as I could go. I wanted Mom to sit between my legs, so I tapped the seat where I wanted her to sit.

As she slowly sat her naked ass down between my legs, my cock dug into her back. I reached around her with my hands and felt her nipples. I had to remember she was sitting on that butt plug.

I kissed Mom’s neck and ran my tongue down her cheek and into her ear, which I nibbled away at. She turned into me so she could enjoy my touch all the more.

I felt between her legs. They were saturated. Slick like something had exploded inside her. I kept my fingers on the outside of my mother’s vagina, not venturing inside and not arousing her clit, but just rubbing my fingers through her pubic hair and exploring the folds of her outer labia and the soft, saggy portions of her inner labia which protruded forthwith.

“Slave. What did you think about when I left you this morning?”


“What was on your mind? Tell me your thoughts.”

“Master, I …”

“It’s alright slave. You can tell your Master anything. I won’t be mad.”

“Master, I wondered what it would be like to have people watching me. Watching me naked, trying to pleasure myself. The thought turned me on.”

“Secretly you wanted it?”

“Yes Master.”

“You thought about people standing on that towpath, being able to see inside, being able to see your most intimate parts, bare and exposed. The idea of that thrills you doesn’t it?”

“Oh yes Master, more than anything.”

“What if I told you people were watching you?”

“But Master, they couldn’t have seen in. The windows are tinted.”

“Yes. And it was very difficult to see inside anything more than a shadow. But when I pressed my face to the glass, I could see inside clearly. And when I had you press your body to the glass, I could see you clearly from outside.”

“Master …” Mom’s breath became ragged with excitement.

“And so could everyone else.”

“M…” Mom choked her words and I didn’t want her using a safe word, so I unhooked her collar from around her neck.

“Mom …”

“Babes? People … saw … me?”

I wrapped my arms around my mother and held her quivering body.

“People saw you Mom. And they thought you were beautiful. They could hardly take their eyes off you.”

“How many people Babes?”

“Eight or nine.”

“Eight or nine? Oh my God. Oh. Oh God. What have I done?”

“How do you feel Mom? Excited?” I put my hands in her pussy and it felt like a river flowing in there.

“Oh Babes, I just don’t know. I would never have … oh my God, what I did. It was so obscene. People saw that?”

“People filmed that Mom.”

“Oh …” Mom got to her feet and began to pace around. “Oh fucking hell. Oh fucking hell, fucking hell, fucking hell.”

“Mom, do you want to see the video I filmed?”

Mom stopped dead in her tracks.

“You filmed a video too? You’re not just trying to scare me?”

“No Mom. I filmed a video too. And you were beautiful. You are beautiful. And I love you and I hope you can forgive me. You have to know, I only did it because I felt it was right for you, that it was what you secretly wanted but were too afraid to ask for.”

“Oh Babes.” She started to cry.

“Mom, I’m so sorry. Forgive me. Please. Forgive me. I couldn’t bare it if I lost your love. I’m sorry Mom. Please tell me you still love me.”

Mom came and sat down in my arms and held me.

“Please Mom. I didn’t do it for me. I did it for you. And I did it for us.”

“How could you think that you could lose my love Babes? That will never happen. Never. Not ever.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“Let me see the video first before I decide that.”

Chapter 14

As I sat naked in my son’s arms and watched the video, I was overcome with emotion. I think I would have cried at my ordeal, but I was having some kind of out of body experience. I was filled with lust for this poor woman who was on display to all these ogling eyes. She was making a complete exhibition of herself and God knows where those videos were going to end up. But that woman was me. And it was her vulnerability in all this that was turning me on. I thrust my fingers into my vagina as my son held his cell phone up to my eyes.

“Oh my God. You let someone else on board?” I said as I saw a woman stepping onto the boat. “Wait a sec … I thought I could smell perfume. I thought it was … oh my God, it wasn’t me? I thought my sex was overpowering it and that’s why it didn’t smell quite right. It was another woman. Oh my fucking Aunt Judy.”

And then she was touching me and I felt my son’s hand join my own at my pussy. He began to stimulate my clit as I plunged ever deeper inside and used fingers on both my hands to slop around inside.

“She’s the one that slapped me?”

He moved his hand up to my breast and began to touch my nipple, all the while holding the small cell phone in front of my face.

My orgasm was here, I was coming. I was coming and I felt like I was never going to stop. I could hardly catch my breath. That poor, exposed woman, I thought. She’s me. Oh God. I came. I came like crazy. I was gushing. Whatever it was between my legs, it was slathering all over the boat. It was oozing out of me and with each pulse of my private parts came an intense wave of pleasure. It was permeating throughout my whole body causing me to writhe in exquisite ecstasy. Never in my life had I felt anything remotely like this before. I had never imagined such a feeling was possible. And I just kept on coming. And another woman was making her way on board, kissing the first one, then coming down into the cabin to be with me.

And I knew what was about to happen. She had begun by slapping my ass cheeks. Which she was doing now. I was whimpering, tears were flooding from my eyes, bodily secretions were flooding from between my thighs. Oh God, I can’t take it. I was panting, my breasts were heaving, my breath was shallow and rapid, I was flushed all over. I was on fire. And I was outside masturbating and being masturbated by my son. In public. Outdoors. She was slapping my breasts.

I remembered in the boat, when I thought my son had slapped my vulva. That feeling was so intense I had nearly, but not quite, come. But seeing it, watching it, touching myself, being touched now, orgasm upon orgasm upon beautiful orgasm washing over me like an unrelenting tidal wave. God, I was going to fucking blow up. I screamed. At top of my lungs. I screamed out loud.



I fucking roared!

Chapter 15

I had to hold Mom up and keep her from falling. I thought she was having some sort of a fit. She was convulsing uncontrollably. I thought I knew what a female orgasm entailed from last night, when I had fingered my Mom’s pussy with a vibrator. I didn’t know shit.

I’d like to say it was ten times more intense. But this was off the scale. This was some scary shit. And I’d never been more envious in my life.

I always thought women came off worse than men when it concerned orgasms and their intensity. I mean, they just didn’t have the parts, did they? They didn’t have a penis. They had some tiny little thing that was like one small chunk of just the tip of a man’s penis.

And it wasn’t like they could work it in the same way. All they could do was rub across it. I’d tried that with my own penis once or twice, seeing if I could simulate a female orgasm from my own body.

I would tuck my cock down between my legs so that just the tip was showing and then just rub my palm or my fingers across the top of it. Without the ability to slide up and down, it just wasn’t the same. It was even quite sensitive doing it that way.

But I was sure I had a female orgasm inside me somewhere and I just had to keep trying for it. Even taking my shaft in my hand and pressing hard into my cock head with my other hand and rubbing across it, harsh and rapid like I’d seen women do. All it did was cause pain and that pain would soon become unbearable. It was just too sensitive to be so violent with my baby.

And so I never found out if it was indeed possible for a man to have a woman’s orgasm. I just figured, women got that same feeling that I got and mistook unbearable sensitivity for pleasure.

Because I’ve got to say, when I masturbate and when I come, I’m pretty quiet. I barely make a sound. Women are noisy. They’re screamers. And when I rubbed my cock in that unusual way, I cried out too. But not in ecstasy – in pain.

So I really did think that’s what women got to experience. Faced with that or nothing, well, it was probably better than nothing. It did at least feel sexual in some way, even if it wasn’t particularly pleasant.

Women would never get to feel that moment of inevitability, then a few moments later, that surge, then climax as we shot our load.

I’d even experienced different kinds of orgasm. Every so often I would have what I would refer to as a ‘double cum’ – simply put, I’d get that moment of inevitability, but the surge wouldn’t be present. I’d go straight to orgasm instead, albeit without ejaculating and my dick would remain hard and not go all sensitive on me like it would during the refractory period after a normal cum. I could keep going, having something of a plateau to enjoy and then anywhere between maybe twenty seconds and ten minutes, another feeling of inevitability, then that surge, then another climax and finally my load would shoot out, more voluminous than ever.

I was able to have multiple orgasms, well, two anyway, very occasionally – and by that I mean four or five times a year perhaps. If the perfect normal orgasm was rated a five, a double cum – or a sensational double cum, more like, would rate a seven on a scale of five.

But women. If the feeling they got from massaging their clit was the same as what I got trying to simulate my own female orgasm, then that was like a nought point two on my scale of five. And I kind of felt sorry for them. I really did.

It was better than nothing I suppose. And if they’d never known what it was like to have a man’s orgasm, then perhaps that nought point two was like a five to them.

But as I struggled to keep my Mom from spontaneously combusting on the deck before me, I knew I just had to be wrong. If what Mom was having was a five in her book, my seven seemed like a nought point two in comparison. And I really envied her.

I’d never lost control like that. If I hadn’t been there to hold onto my Mom, she would have been overboard and Nessie would have come to see what all the splashing was about.

For the first time in my life, I really wanted to be a woman.

No. I wanted to be a lesbian. Have the best of both worlds. I laughed to myself. I was such a typical man – and all men were lesbians at heart. That’s why we loved them so much. We didn’t give a shit about gay guys. The sight of two blokes kissing was enough to make us want to puke our guts out. But lesbians – we loved lesbians. Kind of the dumbest irony imaginable. We lusted after the very creature that by definition had no interest in us. God, how stupid were men?

Mom finally stopped seizing after about five minutes and began to calm down and open her eyes. By this point we were lying on the deck, completely out of sight of anyone except passing spy satellites. I smiled at her.

“Wow Mom. That was intense.”

The way she looked at me. In that moment, it was raw passion, plainly evident in her eyes. She grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers and stuck her tongue down my throat, almost fucking me with it.

As I leaned over her, my fingers went and located her clit.

“No!” she snapped, slapping my hand away. “No Babes. Mommy can’t take anymore down there. It would probably kill me.”

“It was that good?”

She burst into tears and sobbed in my arms.

“That was the best orgasm of my life Babes. And it wasn’t with your father, it wasn’t on my own. It was with you. I’ve never experienced anything remotely like that before Babes.”

She was genuinely sobbing. Tears were running off her face. She lifted her hand to her eyes and squeaked. “Hold me.”

I wrapped myself around my Mom and gently rocked her back and forth in my arms. This was the greatest moment in my Mom’s sexual life. And it was mine too.

I may not have experienced an orgasm of my own, but whatever Mom had had, it transcended her own body and seeped into mine. Spiritually, emotionally, I had finally experienced part of a female orgasm. My whole body was quivering. And I positively glowed from the inside out, contented like never before.

We called it a day for today. Mom couldn’t take anymore. She wasn’t likely to derive any sexual pleasure from playing games for the rest of the day, so we just enjoyed the day as mother and son as we boated about Loch Ness, on the lookout for a monster.

We had a good day. A real good day. One for the history books. And whether we were out on deck, or inside the cabin, we were real close, continuously touching, barely letting go of one another for an instant; toilet breaks, the only exception.

As night fell and we moored up on the north side, we had a few drinks and fell asleep, fully clothed, in each other’s arms, in the saloon at the dinette.

Chapter 16

For the second morning in succession, my son and I were awakened together.


My son kissed me on my cheek. I brushed him away.

“George? Is that you? The reception’s terrible.”

When my son realised it was his father on the telephone, he straightened himself up and shuffled over in the seat. I had to smile. We had gone beyond what any mother and son should, but I had no regrets. My new relationship with my son had become an intrinsic part of my life that I wasn’t about to give up without a fight. George filled me in on his last few days and checked that we were both okay.

“Yes honey. I’ll tell him. George? George?”

“Tell him what Mom?”

I smiled at my boy and kissed him on his cheek as way of apology for brushing him aside. “Your father said he wants you to take extra special care of me.”

The look in my boy’s eyes was priceless. And we were thinking the exact same thing.

“You’re looking a little overdressed this morning Mom. Or is it underdressed?” he asked, swirling my slave collar around in his hand.

“Can I at least have some breakfast first?”

“Hmn, I don’t know Mom. I’m thinking not.”

“Babes, please. I’ll play, I will, but let me get cleaned up first, washed and made up.”

“Sorry Mom. On with the collar, off with the clothes.”

The little bugger. I loved him. A minute later, I was naked and collared. And already I was feeling excitement sweep all over my body.

“Can I please put on my make up Master?”

“No slave. You may not. You’re too beautiful just as you are. Permission denied.”

“Yes Master.” He said the sweetest things. And I guess, if I was going to be chained to the inside of the boat today, it didn’t really matter. No one was going to see me. Or were they? I just had to wonder about what my son had in store for me today.

Once again, he left me alone in the boat while he went searching for a shop on the quieter, north side of Loch Ness, but this time, I wasn’t on public display, much to my chagrin.

When he returned about half an hour later, he was terribly excited. He had a newspaper and a pint of milk, but he also had an idea in his head. He relieved me of my slave status temporarily as he filled me in on his plan – and I nearly wet myself. He was trying to get me to use up all my safe words, I just knew he was.

“I didn’t see anyone on my way there. I didn’t see anyone on my way back. When I got there, I had to wake the woman up. She was asleep with her knitting on her lap. Mom … if you’re ever going to be naked in public, this is as easy as it’s ever going to get.”

I can’t really describe what I was feeling. I think if I had to choose just one word, it would be trepidation. But that would do a disservice to all the other words I was feeling too. I wanted to do it. And even though I was scared to death, I was thrilled by the sense of danger and the capacity for it all to go horribly wrong somewhere along the way. I was going to do it.

My son gave me the choice as his mother, not as his slave. My acceptance of the collar was to be my acceptance of his plan.

Shortly afterwards, we stepped out of the boat, my son locking up. I stepped onto dry land completely in the buff. Except for my collar, my leash and a pair of trainers. I was outdoors, nude.

There was no towpath anywhere near where we had moored, just fields, hedgerows and a glorious view to the south. As my son led me through the Scottish countryside, I felt absolutely fantastic. Liberated is not a strong enough word. I was rambling naked in public. It was great.

A short while later, we came to a lane. My son had said he’d walked along it for a quarter of a mile and nothing had come his way or the other. He hadn’t seen a soul. At the end of the lane was a post office and about five houses scattered here and there.

My son left me chained to the hook outside the post office that said ‘Dogs’ on it. Charming, I thought. But as he went inside and left me standing there out in the open, I couldn’t help but start to finger myself. This was such a delicious fantasy. And my son took his time too. He was a good five minutes in the store, but all he came out with was a book of stamps. And he’d caught me again.

He looked into my eyes and felt between my legs with his own hand, bold as brass he pushed his finger up inside me and crouched to his knees. He pulled his finger out and licked it. Shaking his head, he put his finger back inside me. I was oozing sex and I knew it.

Standing up, he put his finger in my mouth for me to taste. I sucked on his finger and was reluctant to let it go. If he’d put his finger inside me again, out here in the open, effectively in the post office doorway, I would surely have begun to climax.

“Come slave.”

He led me across the road to a public bench.

“Assume the position. Ten spanks for you. You’re a very naughty slave. I must remember to cuff you when we get back.”

“Yes Master.”

I can’t describe the joy I felt, bent over my son’s knee, in public, outside a shop where someone was inside, stark naked, being spanked. It was heaven.

My son had said he wouldn’t be able to take me to the imaginary ‘Sessia’, but this was surely the next best thing. I mean, this was real, this was happening. And happening to me. How far I had come, from reading about this kinky stuff on the internet to actually living the dream. I didn’t care about anything else in the world right now, because, simply put, nothing else mattered. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wasn’t going to pass it up, acting like a middle-aged, prudish, stick-in-the-mud. I was going to fucking enjoy myself while I could. You go girl, I thought to myself as my son allowed me to return to my feet, before leading me off back down the lane towards our boat.

He took out the book of stamps from his pocket. We needed some for the postcards, but we didn’t need a dozen. He’d bought an assortment – six first and six second class.

He tore off a first class stamp and held it to my tongue for me to lick it. Then he slapped it on my already sore ass.

Then he tore another one but licked that one himself. He slapped it on my left breast. The next I licked and he slapped it on my other breast. He licked the next one and that one found my other ass cheek. I hope he wasn’t planning on posting me somewhere.

Two left of the first class stamps. He tore them to have one in each hand. I licked the stamp he held out for me which he carefully stuck dead centre, just above my pubic hair. I smiled at him. He was such a cutie.

The final stamp he put on his lips and lightly brought them to my own. I just touched the bottom of the stamp with my tongue to taste that awful substance, when he pulled back and kissed me on the mouth, sticking the stamp over my lips.

“It’s all first class slave. It’s all first class with you.”

Chapter 17

True to my word, I cuffed Mom as soon as we got back to the boat. I decided to experiment a little with the sex shop goodies. After putting the cuffs and belt on Mom, I attached her left wrist to the right side of her belt and her right wrist to the left side of her belt in a way so as to accentuate her boobage.

Not content with merely lifting her boobs out, I decided to get a little bit adventurous, improvising with some rope I found on deck. I was no expert, but seeing as I wasn’t intending suspending her from the rafters, I relied on good old common sense and didn’t wrap or tie anything too tight. When I was done with Mom, her boobs looked like cartoon eyes on stalks. They were a completely different colour from the rest of her body, but she assured me, they were fine.

Next up, some clothes pegs I’d brought from home. I teased her first, placing one on her labia, but then settled for one on each nipple. She didn’t particularly like that at first, but I told her she had to give them a chance.

Next up was the rather messy procedure of inserting the butt plug, though what Mom didn’t know was that it vibrated. I just hadn’t turned it on yesterday.

After washing my hands, I again delved into my case. She hadn’t yet seen all that I had purchased. I was hoping to be able to punish her for some form of insolence, but the only thing I could legitimately punish her for was feeling herself up outside the post office.

I know I’d given her a spanking for that, but I had said that I would have to take a more preventative stance to deal with that problem in the future. And it was my intention to deny her any orgasms until tomorrow night. I had hopes that she might be so gagging for it, she might allow me to – well, I’d just have to wait and see and play it by ear.

Anyway, I had a ball gag. Mom’s eyes lit up the instant she saw it. She knew exactly what it was.

“Master? Have I done something wrong?”

I just smiled at her as I positioned it in her mouth and tied it behind her head. “Not yet slave, but I’m sure it won’t be too long now.”

I finished her ensemble off with the blindfold.

“Mom …” I didn’t refer to her as slave because I wanted her to know something important. “I think we’re up to ‘Liz’ next, aren’t we? Well, seeing as you have that gag in your mouth and you’re blindfolded, so I can’t see your eyes, the signal will be lifting your left leg as high in the air as you can and stamping your right foot. Okay Mom? Nod, if that’s okay.”

She nodded. So I led her from the saloon, down the steps into her cabin and helped her onto her bed.

“Lie down slave and don’t move. I want to take some pictures of you.”

A few minutes later, I had all the snaps I, I mean Mom, would want. And I took off all my clothes so I was naked. Mom had had the orgasm to end all orgasms yesterday and to say I’d been envious was an understatement. But regardless, I wanted my own orgasm right now, but I also wanted to tease Mom, by bringing her to the boil and denying her at the last.

I lay on the bed between her legs and spread them a bit. Then I licked her. It was the first time I’d done that, so I stopped and looked for the signal. When it didn’t materialize, I licked her again, probing deeper with my tongue.

Far from being upset, she appeared to be enjoying it. But I wasn’t going to pleasure her. I knelt over her next and took one of the pegs off her nipple and immediately started tugging it. Then I slapped her boob, before kissing it. It was the first time I’d done that too. I licked all around her areola, then blew on it. Then slapped it. Then replaced the peg.

Next I plunged my fingers inside her pussy, two at first, but then I added a third and finally a fourth. When they were all in there, I rotated my hand and watched her react. She lifted both her thighs, but her feet remained firmly on the bed, her toes curling and digging into the sheets.

I was only inside her about twenty seconds. Removing my hand, I slapped her pussy, then buried my fingers in her pubes and tugged away at them.

Again, I switched my focus of attention. Now I licked her face, those parts of it I had access to. I licked her lower lip and chin, nibbled on her ear, then engulfed her whole nose with my mouth and began licking her nostrils. Her head flinched to the side and I looked for the signal. Then carried on.

Aware that she needed her nostrils to breathe with that ball gag in her mouth, I concentrated on just licking one nostril, even trying to shove my tongue up there. As I was doing so, I reached between her legs and switched on the butt plug.

She nearly jumped clean off the bed. I smiled and looked for the signal. I then removed the peg from her other breast and began to kiss that one. I had placed the clit massager on my finger and slid the switch to turn that on too. Instead of touching her vagina with it, I ran it over her breast, which was the most tender shade of bright pink I’d ever seen.

I wanted to get her sexed up, but I didn’t want to push her over the edge. I definitely intended only to tease her all day today and tomorrow and deny her any release.

I wasn’t going to deny me any release though. And so I shut down the butt plug, I shut down the finger massager and I gave her pussy one more lick, just teasing each side and up to her hood, but not venturing inside or onto her clit.

I then knelt between her legs and started to jerk off my dick. This was a real life porno, right in front of my eyes and this was the one true love of my life, my Mom.

She must have known what I was doing, right there between her legs. Indeed, she even raised her head to ‘see’ why I had stopped pleasuring her. I decided to stand up off the bed and push her legs together. I then straddled her arms and belly so my erect cock and balls hovered just over her bright pink boobs. I snapped off both pegs, slapped each breast and shoved my dick in between the two.

There was a lot of rope in there, so I made sure to squeeze her boobs, such that my dick was able to slide comfortably between them. I turned around and looked for the signal. There was none.

I could only ascertain that Mom was okay with me masturbating myself on her. After all, yesterday and the day before, she had allowed herself to be masturbated by me. It was only fair that I should get my go too.

I sensed however, that if my cock were to end up anywhere near her vadge, the signal would go up like a flare. So I stayed away from it, but did take to reaching behind me, either to give her a brief finger or a quick slap.

I was very near coming, so finished myself off with my hand and aimed my spunk all over Mom’s breasts. Wow. Fucking A Mom. Fucking A.

I was spent and my milky white sperm covered Mom’s titties. It was such a contrast, like strawberries and cream.

I reached behind her head and untied her ball gag, carefully removing it from her mouth. I then kissed her lips and immediately felt her tongue reaching for my own. I slunk back down and began to lick my load off Mom’s right breast, scooping up as much as I could and held it in my mouth. I then kissed her again, open mouthed and her tongue instinctively reached inside to suck out all my salty goodness.

Mom was insatiable, she couldn’t get enough of it, her tongue was frantically digging inside my own mouth. She wanted more, more, more.

I placed my right hand on her left breast and scooped up more of my sperm with my fingers and put those in her mouth. She sucked and slathered, trying for every last bit of my semen. Game on Mom. Game on.

I managed to collect one last handful of sperm and instead of putting it in her mouth, I rubbed it all around the outside of her mouth instead, on her chin, her cheeks, even her nose. I sat back and watched Mom’s tongue work its way out of her mouth to try and get another taste. It was then that I looked down at my dick which was receding fast and noticed the last few drops squeezing up to the tip, so I knelt over Mom’s face and lowered my cock, little by little as her tongue delved around outside of her mouth to find every last morsel of her son’s sperm.

Just a little lower, then boom. She licked my cock. Her tongue went back inside her mouth, but I remained in place, hovering over her. A few seconds later, she tentatively began to stick her tongue out again and again it went back inside her mouth.

Then all of a sudden, her tongue was on my cock and she lifted her head and closed her mouth all around my shaft and began frantically sucking on me. There was no way on Earth that she didn’t know what she was doing. And she was okay with that.

Even though I was unable to get another erection, I did enjoy the feel of Mom’s mouth and tongue on my cock for a few minutes longer. Replacing the ball gag, I removed her blindfold.

I stayed kneeling above my Mom’s face so she could get a look at just what she’d been sucking. Then she began lifting her head so that the ball gag touched my penis. She chomped down around it as if longing to have my penis back in her mouth again. She tilted her head from side to side so she could caress my member with the sides of her face and chin and nose.

I lay down on Mom, being careful to keep my dick away from her pussy. I looked into her eyes as I kissed her face, then just lay, doing nothing but gazing into her eyes. I rubbed my nose on hers like Eskimos and went back down between her legs.

I switched the butt plug back on and also the clit massager and went to work bringing Mom to just below the boil. I brought her to 99 degrees, purely using these battery operated stimulators. Then when I felt her climax was close, I stopped what I was doing.

I untied Mom from all her accoutrements and left just her cuffs which I fastened to the front of her collar. I didn’t want her masturbating while I was gone. I ordered her to stay on the bed while I went and levered out the spikes that secured our boat to land. And headed off north easterly.

When we were well on our way, I went and fetched Mom and brought her to sit in the saloon. I was driving from the inside helm and liked having her sat naked at the dinette. We made our way up the Caledonian Canal and it wasn’t long before I had to get out and leave Mom inside while I went and moored up in the first loch. There was a loch keeper on hand to operate the sluices and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t see Mom through the tinted windows.

I felt it was time Mom had a turn at the wheel, so I released one of her hands so she could steer, then I took off my clothes and curled up on the dinette and started masturbating again, just watching Mom driving.

Every so often I would command her to look at me, then command her to look away. It was my intention to really rub it in that I was getting sexual satisfaction, while Mom was only getting sexually frustrated.

When I came, I squeezed my foreskin tight shut at the moment of ejaculation. I always loved the way that felt – urgent, pressurized, captive. I then got up and walked over to Mom, holding my dick out in front of me.

“Slave. Clean me up.”

“Yes Master.”

Mom got down from the helm while I took the wheel and carefully, she took the bunched foreskin between her thumb and forefinger and slid her mouth around it. When she released her grip, my tadpoles unloaded into her mouth and she began to suck on my penis once more. She rolled back my foreskin with her free hand and sucked and slopped away merrily on my softening cock.

We then hit a series of five consecutive lochs as we entered Inverness, so I gave Mom the order to go get dressed, but leave her slave collar on.

Chapter 18

My son had ordered me dressed as we approached Inverness. “No underwear slave,” he had said.

I didn’t have a huge amount of clothes with me, we had basically packed to keep warm but stay prepared for fine weather, such was the nature of British summers. My son had said he wasn’t releasing me as his slave, but I should put on a dress as we would get dinner in town.

I had only one warmish dress with me, a shirt dress in deep grey. It fell to just below my knees and would button to the collar if need be. I came out into the saloon with the top three buttons undone, still displaying my slave collar around my neck.

“Here slave.”

I marched to my son. He lifted the hem of my dress up high so he could check that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. He rubbed my bottom with his hands and gave me a playful slap. He spun me around and placed his hand inside my dress to cup my breasts and tease my nipples.

The thing that I found most remarkable about this last week, was how easily we had transitioned from mother and son to slave and master and indeed, to sexual accomplices. I still looked at him as my son, my Babes, but I thought of him sexually as well now. He was the greatest sexual partner of my life and I felt truly spoiled by his affection for me.

I know it could never be, it would be a paradox or some such, but I was in little doubt that had I met my son at the same time I met his father, if the two could have ever coexisted at the same age at the same time, then it would be my son that I would have chosen to spend my life with. I had fallen in love with my son; but I was still aware of my duties as his mother.

“Hmn. Let me see,” he said. “I’m not sure about the collar slave. Not on the streets of Inverness anyway. I wouldn’t want someone mistaking you for a goth or punk or whatever. But I need a way to maintain your subservience … as a slave.”

“Yes Master.”

He approached me and unfastened my slave collar. Then after looking at me again, he proceeded to do up my top three buttons. “I’ve had to improvise slave. Like you improvised with that first collar of yours. From now on, when we go out in public together and I allow you to wear clothes, you will always make sure you are wearing a shirt so you can do up your collar and demonstrate the necessary subservience.”

“Yes Master.”

“And remind me to buy you a tie to wear with it, to act as a leash.”

“Yes Master.”

“Okay. Let’s go.”

We caught the bus from our mooring into the centre of town. We sat at a sideways facing seat above the rear wheel arch and an oldish man wearing sunglasses sat opposite. He was older than my son and I put together and it was getting dark out, so the sunglasses seemed a little odd.

Next thing I knew, my son was adjusting my dress, raising it up my leg, ever higher to expose both my knees, which were together, as was only ladylike my mother always taught me, though it was a hard lesson for her to teach and an even harder one for me to learn.

“Legs apart slave,” he whispered in my ear. I had to obey.

I looked dead ahead at this man in sunglasses. As my knees drew further apart, his head drooped and he started to lick his lips. What a seedy old fart, I thought. But was excited nevertheless.

One stop later we alighted the bus and walked to the restaurant my son had picked out. We had a table for two and I sat opposite my son. Dinner conversation was virtually non existent. I was not permitted to speak unless spoken to.

About half way through the main course, I felt my son’s foot stroke my leg. It worked its way up until it was under my dress and didn’t stop until it was touching my vulva.

“Remove my sock, slave.”

“Yes Master.”

He ran his toe through my pubic hair and tried to tear out clumps by curling his toes and tugging. I grimaced when he was successful, but it was no more unpleasant than plucking a few eyebrows. Sexually however, it didn’t do a lot for me, only the knowledge that my son had his foot in my patch provided any thrill at all. He could have just stuck his toe inside me and done us both a favour instead.

“Slave. Take off your shoe and put your foot on my penis.”

“Yes Master.” He’d already unzipped his fly and was sporting a healthy boner. Thank God for tablecloths, I thought.

My son did not permit me to have dessert. He ordered two, one for each of us, but I had not been given permission to eat mine. And he’d ordered two of my favourites – profiteroles and panna cotta. I just had to sit and watch him devour both of them before my salivating lips.

While he took care of the bill, he ordered me to the bathroom and told me to come out with the entire bottom half of my dress unbuttoned, from my waist down. And I was to make no attempt either to cover up or deliberately cause it to open up.

He led me out of the restaurant on his arm. Immediately encountering the fresh night air, my dress blew open and gave a couple walking towards us cause to raise their eyebrows. As we passed, the female of the couple told me I might want to check my dress. “Thank you Madam,” was all I was allowed to reply.

Inverness at night, in June, is not exactly thriving. It’s not London. It’s not even Grimsby. So as we walked through ever lonelier streets, my son would ask me to undo another button on my dress and considering there were only six in the top half and one of those was my collar, it wasn’t long until all of my buttons were undone, except for my collar.

To be fair, my son did play fair. He allowed me to feel naughty walking through the lamp lit streets, but whenever someone got near, he would take me in his arms and kiss me passionately until they past by, his tongue in my mouth accompanied by his hand on my breast. I was fucking loving it. This was fun, but without real danger attached. I don’t know, maybe my son was right – by the end of this week, maybe I would lose my inhibitions about being naked in public.

Back on the boat, he had me stripped naked and back in my collar in no time. And I was to spend the night in his room, but I was to be cuffed so that I couldn’t touch myself. And I needed to touch myself or be touched. I was desperate. It had been 36 hours since my last orgasm and I’d been naked in public twice today already.

My son got naked too. I liked seeing him that way. He wasn’t in the least bit shy around me. And he had a nice penis. It was a funny old thing. I’d seen it in various states over the course of the day. Yesterday, when I saw it flaccid, I thought it was rather large, but having had a chance to eyeball it a bit more today, I realised it really wasn’t all that big at all; his Dad’s was much bigger.

George was what you might term a ‘shower’. He was about five inches soft and about six hard. His son on the other hand was about five inches semi-hard, which is why I had been impressed by him yesterday. I thought, like father, like son. Erect, my son was maybe an inch bigger than his father.

But curiously enough, when my son was soft, truly soft, like after an orgasm, his willy actually shrivelled up quite small. To only about two inches, I would say. I would guess that most men with a small package like that would be shy around women and no doubt other guys as well, but not my son. I’d seen his willy at two inches, at five and at seven and he had felt absolutely no shame. His cock was very pretty, smooth, blemish free and not in the least bit veiny.

Okay, so when it did shrink back, he had a lot of foreskin overhang, semi-hard, he looked just like his father. But sticking out and pleased to see me, that foreskin slid back over his penis head and didn’t have a lot of slack left over in his shaft skin. He was most certainly a ‘grower’ and if my Maths was correct, he grew by 250%, while his father grew by – twenty?

And he was masturbating. I was so envious. He wasn’t going hell for leather, but he was playing with it gently, not stroking as such, more fiddling with it, flopping it about from side to side, making it grow, but it still wasn’t hard.

I was laying flat on my back, collar around my neck, belt around my waist and my cuffs were clipped onto my belt. I couldn’t have touched myself if I tried.

Next thing I knew, he was coming over to my side of the V shaped berths, but he was getting himself into the 69 position. He straddled my head and dropped his hardening penis into my mouth, then fell further forward to sink his tongue into my genital region, separating my thighs to lick between them.

I began to suck his cock, but was unable to use anything but my mouth on it. I loved the way it tasted, salty, yet sweet. And I was so grateful his balls were shaved. I had thought about shaving my own nether region ever since I read those stories online, but was afraid of what George would think of me.

As he gently lapped away at my crotch, I prayed for more vigour. But he was my master and it wasn’t my place to ask. My purpose was to please master and my pleasure was at his discretion. His for the giving, his for the taking away. And I had a sneaking suspicion, he intended taking it away from me today.

Still, I sucked and lapped at his cock for all I was worth, hopeful that if I did a good job, he would see fit to reward me. When he did come, about ten minutes later, I was barely halfway stimulated. Pleasurable though it all was, I wasn’t anywhere near an orgasm. To be perfectly honest, I was hardly any more aroused than I would be, if I were having sex with my husband.

I got to swallow all of my son’s hot, white cum though and I couldn’t help but think of singing that song with him in the car on our way to Cornwall the previous month.

As I squeezed the last few drops of his spunk out of his shrivelling cock, he got up off the bed and pulled me close to the edge of my berth so he could pull my one leg over onto the other berth. I was assuming the position. Last time I was splayed like this in front of another man, he was wearing a lab coat and inserted a speculum. I had a coil fitted that day, an I.U.D. I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t see it, though the doc assured me all that was visible were two hair’s width wires. The only real difference I had noticed were that my periods tended to be a tad heavier on the second day. Other than that, George and I could have condom and pill free sex.

Oh God.

I felt him blowing on me. My mind had been elsewhere. He blew onto my vulva, tracing the line of my labia, up and down. Didn’t he know that if you blew on a fire, all you did was fan the flames? I looked down at him, looking back at me. His tongue was out of his mouth, fluttering in and out. But he wasn’t contacting my parts at all. Was he waiting for me to rise up to him? I hoped so.

I raised my hips and met his tongue head on. He just held it out and forced me to do all the work. He just knelt there on the floor, leaning towards me, tongue waiting.

I pushed onto him and wriggled around on his tongue, making him lap up my inner thigh, then trace my labia up to my hood, but every time I tried to make him lick my clit, his tongue receded back into his mouth. So long as I didn’t try that, his tongue remained on offer and I continued to lift myself to his face to pleasure myself. Ten minutes of that and I was at about 80%.

Five minutes more and my breasts were heaving, my breathing was ragged and I was close to the edge. I was slick with juices, when he raised his head just a little bit more and began blowing cold air onto me. Every time I raised my vulva to his face, he pulled away, then as I relaxed, he would blow on me. Oh please Master, I’m so close. Please won’t you take me all the way?

But it was no use begging. I just wasn’t getting any tonight.

He teased me mercilessly until I stopped begging for it. Then he settled me back onto my side of the bed and pulled the covers over me. He settled into his side and pulled the covers over his naked body.

“Goodnight slave.”

“Goodnight Master,” I said, tingles fluttering around my whole body. There was nothing I could do. I was helpless. Utterly dependant on him for my pleasure. And he had denied me.

I hadn’t long been asleep. It had taken me forever to drift off in the state I was in, but I had the impression I’d been asleep for a few minutes at best. When I felt his hand on me. Or, in me, I should say. Oh yes please. Please Master, make me come.

He shook his fingers inside me, still not touching my clit, but I think I’d remained at about 40% sexed up and I was rising rapidly, when once again, he just stopped. His hand was gone and I struggled to find my way back to slumber.

This went on throughout the night. I don’t know how he was doing it, but I saw dawn’s early light before I got any real sleep that night. He must have come to me five times, each time he utilised a different stimulus, be it his tongue, or his fingers, on my vulva, on my breasts. He even pushed my covers to one side and lay on top of me and I felt his penis pulsating between my legs, tapping at my vulva, though he didn’t try to enter. He just kissed me for twenty minutes as he lay there, feeling his cock throb against my petals.

He actually fell asleep himself while doing this and we spent the remainder of the night with just the heat from our entwined naked bodies to keep us warm.

Chapter 19

Mom was tired. I hadn’t given her much chance to sleep last night. I had set my cell phone to buzz silently at regular intervals to wake me. I felt pretty good and well rested. As I looked at Mom’s naked body, I decided to wake her with a smile on her face.

I carefully positioned myself between her legs and felt around in her pubes for her clit hood. I would have to get Mom to do something about those pubes before very much longer. They were spoiling my view.

Anyway, I managed to release her clit from its hiding place and began sucking on it, teasing it with my tongue, licking around in circles, up and down, side to side, changing it up a little. A nibble here, a blow there. But mostly I was sucking. I liked the feel of it in my mouth. It was soft, yet hard and a thorough delight to have access to. I loved Mom’s clit.

Mom started to moan and I felt her press upwards onto my face. I guess she was awake.

“Morning slave. Sleep well?”

“Eh? Wha…? Oh. Yes Master. Thank you for asking.”

“I have a treat for you today slave. It involves sensory deprivation, nudity and trust. Do you trust me slave?”

“Yes Master. With my life.”

That was all I needed to know. I was anxious to get back to the same place we’d moored at the day before, where I had taken Mom for a nude stroll. But I didn’t want to let Mom in on the location. If she knew it was safe, she might not get her thrill, so I blindfolded her immediately and attached her cuffs to the front of her collar. No masturbating for her for a while.

We arrived at my intended destination about four hours later. Mom had asked where we were going without permission to speak, so I had to give her a few swats with the paddle and then gagged her too. But Mom had no idea where we actually were.

The north shore of Loch Ness is not exactly a happening place; it is very beautiful, but not much else. I had happened to notice a tree, near the shore, the day before, that was highly suited to my intentions.

Prior to leaving the boat, I had bent Mom over and inserted her butt plug, I had tied her breasts up with rope to make them stand out straight, I clipped her cuffs to her belt, attached the leash to her collar and led her blindfolded onto dry land.

When we reached the tree, I helped her into position, with her back against it, then began tying her with some mooring rope, around the tree trunk. I tied her legs, her waist and at the top of her chest, above her breasts but under her armpits, all securely knotted behind the tree.

Then I had a change of plan. I had intended to keep Mom blindfolded and leave her, but then come back pretending to be someone else, like a dog walker or something, but seeing her there, I thought better of it. I removed her blindfold and ball gag.

“Slave. I’ve tied you to a tree. As you can see, you’re about thirty feet from shore with a clear view of the loch. Thing is, the loch has a clear view of you too. I have something in mind, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. But … that means, you’re going to have to tell me now if you want to use a safe word. I would prefer it if you didn’t, because tonight … tonight I would like you to have another orgasm. A big one. Maybe an even bigger one than the other day. And if you use the safe word, I don’t think you’re going to get one. So, do you trust me slave?”

Mom looked at me, into my eyes. I could see fear, but I was certain that fear would soon turn into a thrill. There was some part of her that wasn’t letting go.

“Slave, I release you. Mom … will you do this Mom? Everything will be alright, you’ll see. And tonight, you’ll have more pleasure than you can handle. So slave, do you want to use a safe word?”

“No Master. I trust you.”

“Okay.” I put the ball gag back in her mouth, left her blindfold off, then fell to my knees. I ran my fingers through Mom’s pubes and then snipped. With a scissors. A big clump of hair. I threw it into the wind. Then another. And another. And so on. Then when I didn’t trust myself with the scissors, I took out my shaving foam and brush.

Mom’s legs were quivering and she was moaning but with the ball gag in place, I didn’t know what she was trying to say. I continued her de-fleecing with my razor, taking extra care until she was bare. I wiped her newly unveiled womanhood with a face towel and kissed her naked skin.

“Beautiful, just beautiful … slave.”

Finally, I reached between her legs to set the butt plug to vibrate on its lowest intensity and rubbed my thumb over her clit for about five minutes. Then I turned around to head back to the boat when another idea popped into my head. I returned to Mom, pulling out my belt as I neared and was delighted to see that it would reach all the way around the tree – and Mom’s head.

So I strapped her forehead to the tree to inhibit head movement and walked back to the boat, hopped on board, climbed to the flying bridge and drove away, leaving Mom exposed, shaved and helpless. And looking at me departing.

I stopped the engine about a hundred yards from shore and decided to drop anchor. I then began to film Mom with the camcorder. The zoom on that thing was amazing. I could actually fill the entire frame with her nude pussy, but at that distance, every jitter was magnified and it was virtually impossible to keep a steady image. Even so, I took a few minutes of footage that would no doubt turn Mom on when she saw it. I went back down to the cabin and took off almost all my clothes.

I crept out on deck, keeping my head low and eased myself into the water on the far side, away from Mom. I guess it was time to find out if Nessie was a vegetarian.

I swam in a wide arc to shore, breast stroke, taking care not to splash and kept my head as low in the water as possible. It took me nearly ten minutes to reach shore, out of sight of Mom. I had to quietly creep around to get behind her without seeing me. The intention was to make her think I was on that boat that she could clearly see.

When I eventually made it around to the back of the tree, I could hear quiet sobbing coming from Mom. I wondered if I had gone too far and strongly considered stepping in front of her to release her. But then I heard the faint buzzing of the butt plug and figured she could just be highly aroused. She was after all, nude in public once again only this time she was receiving some stimulation as well.

The belt had been a masterstroke. I only thought of it at the last moment. She would be able to look down with her eyes, but she wouldn’t be able to turn her head to the side at all – and see me. As I knelt behind the tree, I snapped off a blade of grass and reached around with my hand to tickle her calf. As I worked my way further up her leg, Mom became aware of something more than, say, a fly. She tried to shake it off.

I started to work higher up her body with the blade of grass, tickling her waist and sides. Mom knew there was something on her because the quiet sobbing had stopped and she was trying to say something but the ball gag prevented it.

Then I put one hand on her. She shook all over. Every part of her that wasn’t tied down, began to quiver uncontrollably and she started yelling in panic into her gag. My hand found her pussy. It was already sopping. I just tickled her gently, found her clit hood and began to massage it. Round and round with my finger, just keeping a steady pressure.

I took my other hand and grasped her breast. It was hard from being tied up, but I was able to grab a hold of her nipple and start tugging away on it.

Then I put my fingers inside her vagina which was slick with fluid. I started to hump away inside her, all the while tugging on her nipples. Mom was screaming by this point, actively screaming. I think she was terrified and I regretted it at once.

I stopped what I was doing and was about to show myself to her and confess, when her demeanour changed. She wasn’t screaming so much anymore, it sounded more like she was requesting. And the way that her body had stopped shaking, but her hips were still squirming, I think she wanted more.

So I got back onto my knees and replaced my fingers in her pussy. And resumed my tugging on her tits. A minute or so later, Mom’s legs were shaking and I knew that an orgasm was close. I’d gained enough experience of her during the night to recognise this one thing about Mom.

So I broke it off. Stopped what I was doing and crept steadily away, returning to the water about ten minutes later, having returned to the spot I came ashore. Again I swam carefully out to the boat and climbed back on board at the far side. Once inside, I dried myself off and dressed, before coming back out on deck to wave at Mom. I sat and watched her a while, then used the hydraulic winch to draw up anchor, start the engine and return to shore.

I walked directly to her and removed her ball gag. Once she got some saliva back, the corners of her mouth curled. “Master, was that you?”

“Was what me slave?”

“Did you swim ashore Master?”

“No slave. Why would I do that?”

“Babes, please, tell me, was that you? Please Babes.”

“Relax Mom. It was me, my love. I’m sorry.”

Mom smiled and heaved a sigh of relief. She closed her eyes and waited for me to unstrap her forehead.

“Did you come Mom?”

“No Babes. But I need to desperately.”

“I know Mom. But not yet. Soon. I promise.”

Chapter 20

Back on board, I was hungry. Famished. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and all the sexual frustration had taken the life out of me. My son, of course, had yet more ideas in that beautiful head of his.

He lay me down naked on the upper deck, pointing at the sky, wearing my collar, cuffs and belt. He followed me up with a plate full of cold food, finger food and a saucepan he had filled with condiments and such.

He was also naked. And erect.

Then carefully, he began to lay out food on my body, as though I was some sort of geisha girl. He had Scotch eggs on my nipples, celery sticks propped under my breasts, he’d filled my belly button with brown sauce, there were sandwiches on my stomach and chocolate eclairs on my thighs. The piece de resistance was a washed and peeled carrot – that he had inserted deep into my vagina.

He lay down alongside me and began with the Scotch eggs, eating them himself, well, chewing them anyway. He then kissed me and fed the contents of his mouth into my own with his tongue. My baby was pre-chewing my food for me and instead of being repulsed as I would on any other day, it was a completely sexual act and I wanted it all, I wanted to be fed that way by my gorgeous son.

He took a stick of celery and dipped it into the brown sauce in my navel. He let me have the first bite, but then he put his lips to mine and began digging inside my mouth for the favour to be returned. I used my tongue to help him receive the chewed celery stick. He dipped his tongue into my belly button and brought it to my mouth, letting me lick the sauce off his tongue before allowing me another bite of celery.

He then eased the carrot from inside me and took a bite, replacing the carrot immediately afterwards.

“Mmm. That’s good slave. You have to try that.”

“Yes please Master.”

He took the carrot out again and allowed me a bite, crunchy raw carrot, slick with my own juices, fed to me by my naked son, his cock now somehow flaccid, scraping along the length and breadth of my body. He again replaced it, though less now protruded, it still deep filled me inside.

He reached for a sandwich next. It was just a piece of bread. He reached into the saucepan and pulled out a foil wrapped square of butter. He broke off a piece of bread and slotted it under his foreskin, then wiped the butter onto his penis. He leaned over my face and my mouth swallowed his cock, my tongue foraging for every last buttery crumb.

He liked the feel of that as much as I did, because he was eager to have another go. I looked at my son and he looked back at me. I was so hot for him, my whole body was lit up just for him.

“Thank you Master. More please, more.”

He continued to dribble bits of celery into my mouth, but he’d licked my navel clean with his tongue. The carrot tasted so fine, but the cock sandwiches were best of all. Fuck, I really did want to eat it, to take a bite.

With the savoury food finished, he reached for the first chocolate eclair. He straddled me and bit off the end closest to him. He turned it around and bit the other end. I could see fresh cream right the way through. He’d managed to keep his cock somewhere between soft and semi-hard all the time I was eating sandwiches, but now it was rock hard, in all its seven inch glory. It was a good job they were large eclairs. He pushed his cock into the open end closest to him, cream spilling out onto my tongue.

“Oh yes Master. Feed me. Feed me your huge cock Master. Please.”

Eclair. Oh. The rush. Chocolatey goodness. So sweet. I devoured his cock and the eclair upon it and was begging for the other. He didn’t disappoint.

My body had been cleared of food, but he hadn’t had much. Then I saw him reaching for another pat of butter, which he dropped onto my nipple and spread it around. Another pat and my other nipple. Mommy’s two buttered nipples awaited. He tore apart another slice of bread and dropped them onto my breasts then lowered his head onto them and ate lunch off me, lapping up every last bit of butter on my breasts. That looked and felt so good. I wanted the same.

“Please Master. May I?”

He again painted my nipple with another butter pat and fed my breast into my mouth as I could not, my hands still cuffed at my waist. He picked up the foil wrappers and wiped whatever butter was left onto his own nipples; then leaned over me for my tongue to pleasure him as he had pleasured me.

“Oh God Master. I love you.”

With all the food gone, there was just the cheese course remaining. Still straddling me, his cock just below my chin, he masturbated, reaching around to slap my now bare vulva every 30 seconds or so. I just lay there staring up into his eyes, mouth open, awaiting his goodness. Just before he came, he ordered me to shut my mouth. Then he sprayed all over my face, up my nostril, onto my eye, in my hair, my chin, my cheek. Then he rubbed his cock around on my face, spreading his semen around.

He collapsed alongside me and gently rubbed his sperm into every pore on my face. Oh this was paradise. If only he would give me that orgasm now, I would die happy and fulfilled. I certainly now knew what my last meal on Earth would be if I were ever given the choice.

As I lay there in the sun, my baby’s semen drying quickly on my face, pulling my skin tight, I dreamed of tonight. He wouldn’t have to do very much to me. I think if he just blew on me right now, I would come.

I’d actually fallen asleep and awoke to my son licking my face, licking all of my face. He was cleaning himself off me, but honestly, great though it felt, I enjoyed the feeling of being marked. Like he had staked his claim to me, coming on my face, rubbing it all in, I was his – his own personal property, to do with as he pleased.

I had absolutely no energy. My chest was heaving, my breasts were tingling and I couldn’t do anything but lay there, bound helpless. I smiled. He knew what I wanted, but he knew what he was doing too. There was no doubt about it, he was the master. He was my master. And even though all this may have begun as a perverted game, I think, from this moment on, I would always think of him as my master. Whatever he commanded, I would do; I would serve him. That was what I wanted. This was what I wanted life to be from now on – me and my son and only me and my son, slave and master.

Chapter 21

I was in heaven. My Mom was so beautiful. She was all that I desired and ever would. Perfection? In my eyes, certainly. She was just so radiant, her grey-blue eyes, her smooth unblemished skin, barely a wrinkle; her cute little nose, perfect jaw line, dazzling smile. My Mom was a true gem. And there was no part of her that I was unfamiliar with.

I’d shaved her earlier, without permission. I know I’d seen her clit and felt around inside her pussy lips, but seeing it bare like that, feeling her skin, slapping her down there, so moist and bubbling, God, I was so very definitely in my ideal vision of heaven. This is what I wanted, now and for evermore. If it could just be Mom and me from now on, that would most certainly be my wish.

And my nude cock wanted into her nude pussy. And I wanted in there tonight.

But I had to keep her sex up without allowing her to go over the edge. As we walked down onto the rear deck, I scooped her up in my arms and threw her overboard.

“Arghhh!” she screamed. The water was cold, particularly so after sunning up on deck for so long.

I dived in immediately after her and found my way under her, slinking between her legs and licking her pussy. She clamped her thighs around my head and I continued to delve deeper, pushing a finger into her bum, curling it inside her.

I had to come up for air. When I did I wrapped my arms around her from behind and whispered in her ear.

“I love you with all my heart slave. Do you love me?”

“Master, I love you with all of my heart too.”

“Prove it,” I said.

“Anything Master.”

I held up my fingers in front of her, five on each hand. “Lick them.”

One had been up her bum. She knew that. And I knew how she had safe –worded out at the thought of cleaning them before.

“Let’s make a game of it slave. We’ll go one for one. You start, pick a finger and lick it. Then you pick one for me and I’ll lick it. And we’ll keep going like that ’til between us, we’ve licked them all.”

She licked my thumb. That was a fairly safe bet. She then chose my right index finger for me to lick. She didn’t know which one had been inside her, but I did. And it wasn’t that one. I licked it and made a yucky face and spluttered in disgust to make her believe I had used the obvious finger.

She giggled and wrapped her legs around me as we tread water face to face.

“Go on slave. Next finger.”

“But Master, I thought …”

“Next finger.”

“Yes Master.”

She wasn’t sure now. Had I tasted the bum finger or not? She chose my other thumb and made me lick my left index finger. I just smiled that time. Next she went for the third finger on my left hand. No, not that one either. If only she had gone for the third on my right hand, she would have tasted it then.

She had me suck the middle finger on my right hand, while she went for – yes – bum finger. She tasted it in horror and stuck out her tongue and shrieked.

“Well done slave. I’ll reward you for that.”

I dived down under the water and came up between her legs once again, but this time I was at her back exit and I used my tongue to poke into her little rosebud. Her legs kicked under water and I held on firm to her hips and licked my way up her backside.

I came up for air and swam around in front of Mom. “Kiss me slave. Kiss me.”

She looked into my eyes. And went for it. Now we both sampled the taste of Mom’s bum. And we discovered that far from being gross, it was actually quite sexy. “Put your finger up my bum slave. And lick it.”


I looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“Yes Master.” She did as I directed. I was so hard.

“Do it again slave, but put the finger in my mouth.”

“Yes Master.”

I sucked her finger and wouldn’t let go. I just kept licking and sucking and slurping. Then I kissed her mouth and felt between my legs for my cock and positioned it in between Mom’s legs on the underside of her fanny.

“Mom. I mean slave. You know I want you, don’t you? I want inside you.”

“I know Babes, but … we can’t, we can’t ever. You know that don’t you?”

“But why Mom? We’ve done so much already. We can’t pretend that we haven’t, because we have. I’ve licked you, front and back, my fingers have been inside you. I’ve kissed every part of you, you’ve sucked my cock, we’ve come on each other, we’ve come all over each other. Why Mom, why can’t we?”

“Because you’re my son and … I can’t fuck my son, I just can’t. Don’t ask me to Babes, please don’t ask me, because …”

“Because what Mom?”

She didn’t answer.

“Because what Mom?”

She breathed heavily. “Because it’s taking all of my resolve to say no to you. I want it. I want it as badly as you do. I want to feel this …” She felt for my cock and began to stroke it. “… Inside me. I want you to fill me, stretch me. I want you to fuck my fucking brains out. I do. I truly do. But I can’t. You have to understand Babes. Mothers and sons just don’t fuck. It might happen on those websites, but they’re just stories Babes, they’re just fantasies. It’s my fantasy, it’s your fantasy, but that’s how it’s got to stay, just our fantasy. Anything else … I will do with you. I will deny you nothing … but that.”

I nodded my head. I understood. And while it didn’t dissolve my desire, it at least made living with it easier, knowing that Mom wanted it every bit as much as I did, she was just remaining strong for the both of us.

“Come on Babes, let’s call it a day for today.”

We swam around to the ladder at the back of the boat and climbed back on board. We walked into the saloon naked and dried each other off with towels.

Mom walked over to the draining board and rummaged into the condiment saucepan and pulled out a pat of butter. She looked at me with a glint in her eyes and went down into her bedroom and left the door open for me.

“Are you coming or not Babes?”

“I’m coming Mom.”

Mom was kneeling on the bed, her left elbow on the mattress, so too her head. Her bum was poking up in the air and she had the whole butter pat on the end of her right index finger, feeling around in her butt crack. She was spreading the butter all over her little pucker hole.

“Fill me with your seed, my son.”


I ran over to the bed and tackled her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her onto her side, “Mommy!” I cried. “I want you. I need you Mom. Please, just hold me.”

I was sobbing. Mom lifted herself up and held me to her bosom while my tears ran down her breasts. I just couldn’t deal with it. I was so utterly overcome with emotion at the sight of what my mother would do for me, the extremes she would go to because of the love she had for me. “Mommy.”

“There there, baby boy. Mommy’s got you. Mommy’s got you.”

She kissed the top of my head while I just cuddled in her arms. I was such a baby. In that moment, that’s all I could be. I was simply unable to react any other way. I needed my Mommy. I needed her more than anything. And in that moment, that’s just what she became.

Chapter 22

“Come on now Babes.” I stroked his cheek. “Feeling better?”

“I’m sorry Mom.”

“Babes. You never have to say sorry to me, not now, not ever. You are the light of my life.”

“I love you Mom.”

I squeezed him tight and then got back onto my knees. I felt my bottom and it was still slick with butter. “Come on now lover, put your cock in Mommy’s arse. You know you want to!”

He knelt behind me and I felt the tip of his cock prodding at my tight little hole.

“Easy now stallion.”

God that didn’t feel right. “Hang on, hang on Babes. Pull out a bit and try again.”

He pushed in again. It felt so tight and so, just not right. I tried to relax, thinking that might be it. He just didn’t seem to be making any headway. I was about to ask him to pull out again when suddenly he flew inside. Just whoosh, like that, right the way in, all the way.

I knelt there with my eyes shut, picturing myself as my son, fucking me up the arse, imagining I had the cock. He reached around for my nipples and planted soft, loving kisses all down my back. Then I felt his hand wrap around my stomach as he humped away. Slap, slap, slap went my titties and his balls as he filled me; then a slippery tight clench from my ass as his cock threatened to vacate my premises, before refilling me. I loved the slap of his balls on my vulva, but it was definitely the outstroke that was doing it for me. My bum hole felt all tingly, but sadly, I felt very little else sexually.

He only lasted a few minutes before I knew he was unloading his creamy, white goodness inside of me. He went still and his cock just seemed to heave in my anus.

He slipped out and a moment later, I felt his tongue, right where his cock had just been. Now that was an altogether different feeling. That was naughty, that was dirty, that was – fucking delicious. My whole body came alive with his loving licks.

I moaned as his fingers reached to my front, his thumb entering me, his forefinger rubbing back and forth on my hood, the two seemed to connect somewhere deep inside me. I don’t know if he knew what he was doing, but I think for the first time in my life, someone had found my G spot. So the damn thing did exist after all. Well, blow me!

George had never found it, I’d never found it, but my son had certainly found something. That was soooo good. So very, very good. Licking, stroking, rubbing, three different intimate parts of my body. And then –


He smacked my backside and stopped all other stimulation.

“No orgasm for you slave. It’s not time.”

Oh fuck no.

Once again, he tied me up in my bedroom, wrists cuffed to my neck collar. He shut the door, leaving me naked on my bed.

“Get some rest slave. We don’t want you passing out later.”

I heard the engine start up and we set off once more.

Oh God. It was two days now, two full days of sexual frustration. He had teased me, taunted me, pleasured me to the brink and not beyond. I had been naked in public, humiliated, filmed, shaved, slapped, spanked, filled, licked in places I’d never wanted to be licked, licked things I’d never wanted to lick, had food shoved in parts of my anatomy, eaten food off my son’s cock. And all without orgasm. I needed a fucking orgasm and I needed my fucking orgasm now.

I howled away at him for some reciprocated pleasure. All he did was enter my cabin, put the ball gag in my mouth, put my blindfold on and whisper that he loved me. He fondled my breasts and kissed my bare vulva and then he was gone.

Chapter 23

It broke my heart to leave my Mom go hungry like that. All I could hope was that what I had in store for her later would more than make up for all the teasing.

Right now, the boat just wouldn’t go fast enough. Not that it mattered. I’d arranged something for a certain time tonight and going faster wasn’t going to make a whole lot of difference on that front. Still, I felt hopeful that everything would pay off when we reached the south shore of Loch Ness, near where we had moored three nights earlier.

At a quarter to seven, I began preparing Mom. I temporarily removed her blindfold and sat her up. Looking into her eyes, I told her just what she meant to me and assured her I didn’t love her any less because she wouldn’t let me fuck her.

Once again, I lubed her ass and inserted the butt plug. I cuffed her wrists to her sides with the belt and gave her a quick, teasing buzz with the clit massager. Then, back in with the ball gag, on with the blindfold and I also inserted her ear plugs.

I positioned her centrally on the bed, with her legs splayed and pointing at the door. Then I brought out the one remaining toy I hadn’t shown her and I began to rub it on her body.

I loved teasing her without her knowing what it was. I teased her entrance, splayed wide for all the world to see, then I dragged it up her body, across her breasts, over her face, before placing it in her hand. And let go.

I stood there and watched her caress it, let her figure out what it was. Then I took it from her and inserted it where she wouldn’t let me go.

God, there was so much of it. I think it stuck out of my Mom’s slippery goodness further than it could have been inside. At least half of it was sticking out of her like an erection. A big, black erection. Yes, I’d bought her the twelve inch!

At seven o’clock, good to their word, my guests arrived.

I offered them drinks in the saloon but I knew they were excited and wanted to get right to it. I opened Mom’s cabin door and allowed them a peak inside, to whet their appetites. Then I went over a few things with them. This time, I was going to allow them to go much further than they had gone before.

I explained that I’d left the toys out and they could use any and all that they wanted. They could spank any sexual part of her with the paddle, tie her up however they wanted, play with the dildo, activate the butt plug, use the clit massager, remove the ball gag and kiss her, or put something in her mouth. They just couldn’t remove the blindfold or earplugs. Not yet anyway.

I’d set the tripod up in one corner, but for now, I would just hold the camcorder and film freehand.

There was just one slightly awkward thing to despatch with. We all took another sip from our drinks and set about stripping off in front of each other.

I’m sure the lesbians had seen each other nude before. And they weren’t likely going to be interested in me and what I had, but they were most definitely interested in Mom.

As the second lesbian had her wicked way with Mom in the window the other day, the first made me an offer that was difficult to refuse. She’d said, if we were ever coming back this way again, to give her a call – and we’d play.

And now, it was time to play.

They didn’t know that Mom was my Mom, as far as they knew, we were just a dominant and submissive, albeit, a slightly older one. I had asked just one thing of them – could they make out like there was just one person in the room. I wanted Mom to think it was just me in there, at least for the time being.

I could hold them off no longer and they were perfectly content to let me film everything as I had let them film the other day. Quid pro quo. Besides, they would be getting a copy via email a few days from now anyway.

The first lesbian – Louise, who had short brown hair on her head but none elsewhere on her body, dropped to her knees and blew between Mom’s legs, playing briefly with the cock before slipping it out and taking a long slurp of it. I was so looking forward to this. If I was sure of one thing, it was that lesbians knew exactly how to please women sexually. My Mom was surely in for a treat – and that was before any of the other stuff took effect.

The second lesbian with the long blonde hair had a dark brown bush that looked very much like Mom’s had before I shaved her. It was a classic case of curtains not matching the carpet. It surprised the hell out of me when Maya, her name, put her hand on her head and removed her hair. It was a wig. She was completely shaved up on top.

To say my jaw dropped almost to the floor and my dick sprung six foot into the air at the sight of what I witnessed next would be nothing short of understatement. Not only was her hair removable, her bush was too. She was wearing a merkin. Fuck me. I’d never seen anything like it. I was fascinated with it and picked it up to get a closer look.

Maya knelt down behind Louise and began massaging her tits as Lou tenderly danced up and down the sides of Mom’s vagina, where leg met crotch.

Mom was enjoying. That I could see. She was glistening down there and not just from Louise’s saliva. She used nothing but her mouth, whether it was to blow or lick, no hands, no nothing, just mouth. I squatted down as I zoomed in on Louise taking Mom’s labia in her teeth, ever so lightly, her touch exquisite, Mom’s movements giving her away, the pleasure she was feeling was intense and it was only just beginning.

Suddenly, I felt a hand cupping my balls as they hung between my legs and then another hand tugging back my shaft skin to expose my head. I took my eyes away from the view screen and both lesbians were looking right at me and smiling, each one using one of their hands on me. Fuck me.

They switched places and Maya now took her turn between Mom’s legs while Louise took Mom’s breast in her hand and began to tease it, tug at her nipple, roll it between her thumb and forefinger, pinch a little. Mom arched her back and let out a little moan through her gag.

Maya stepped back and wrapped her arms around Louise and they used a hand each to caress both of Mom’s breasts simultaneously. Then they took it in turns to lick Mom’s breasts, quickly alternating, swirling their tongues around her nipples. Next they stroked the sides of Mom’s face and Maya removed Mom’s ball gag.

The first word out of Mom’s mouth was fuck. And then she moaned a heavenly moan. She knew she was finally going to be getting off. Maya kissed her and plunged her tongue slowly into Mom’s mouth while looking directly at the camera, a saucy grin on her face.

Louise licked her finger and dipped it into Mom’s mouth. Mom’s tongue shot out, wriggling around, looking for it. It found Maya’s tongue. Louise was now stroking down the sides of Moms body, the gentlest of touches, just breezy, flowing down the contours of her breast.

The two women stood to the side and looked at each other, without saying a word, they smiled, Maya putting her finger in her own mouth, playfully biting it. The girls had a plan. A telepathic one.

Louise stepped between Mom’s legs and plunged her finger inside Mom’s vagina. At the same time, Maya was doing the same thing to herself. When Lou removed her finger from Mom, Maya dipped her own finger into Mom’s mouth, giving her a taste of another woman’s sex, for probably the first time in her life.

Louise licked her own finger and tasted Mom’s sex, then they switched and did the same thing over. My cock was bobbing and throbbing and there was no way I was going to touch it because the last thing in the world I wanted to do now was come – before this show was over.

Mom was teased enough. Her first orgasm was only moments away. The girls knew it and gave me the nod. It was time to push Mom right over the edge. Louise came and knelt between Mom’s legs again and began gently blowing on her hot sex. Maya positioned herself higher up Mom’s body, at the ready, I put the camcorder on the tripod and knelt next to Louise.

Louise began to eat out Mom’s pussy. As her climax approached, Mom wriggled and moaned. “Oh yes, yes Master, yes Master, please, please, pleeeaaaassse.”

That was my moment. I sucked on Mom’s big toe. Louise kept munching away and Maya took Mom’s breast in her mouth too.

Mom barely had time to react or figure out how she had three tongues on her, all at once. She screamed out in ecstasy, nothing but incoherent, carnal grunts.

I stopped sucking on Mom’s toe and went and kissed her mouth. At the same time I pulled out her earplugs.

“Babes. Babes … what … who’s here? Babes?”

“Relax slave.” I almost called her Mom. “Just enjoy.”

I went back to sucking on her toe as Louise dug deep in Mom’s vagina and now used her fingers too, some inside of Mom, stroking as she licked, but also strumming with her other hand right across Mom’s clit hood.

Maya was now kissing Mom’s mouth and fondling both of her breasts. And I continued to suck on her toes and caress her legs. There were just too many hands and too many tongues on Mom for her to understand what was going on. All she could do was scream out her joy.

“Babes. Babes please, show me who else is here.”

Maya looked at me and I nodded. She removed Mom’s blindfold. I don’t know what Mom thought when she saw these two women, she hadn’t seen them in the flesh on Tuesday, but she had seen both their faces on the video, though Maya now had her hair removed.

Mom’s head shot back onto the pillow as she started to come again, loudly.

Louise laughed as she continued to curl just the one finger inside Mom. She took it out and covered her middle two fingers with lube and put them both inside Mom. She then started to vibrate her hand so fast I couldn’t keep track of it. Maya took the paddle in her hand and began slapping Mom’s breasts with it. I went back to the camcorder and moved around for the best view.

Mom’s groaning became harsh and for a moment I thought she was in some distress. Just then, Louise removed her hand from Mom’s vagina and Mom yelped, simultaneously releasing a gush of water from between her legs and sending her whole lower body into spasm.

She was a squirter. My Mom was a squirter and I didn’t know it. It took a lesbian.

That was the moment that I decided God really was a lesbian after all. Because she made me come too. I hadn’t touched my dick for fear of coming too soon, but now I was feeling the inevitable urge and my dick was shooting spunk all over Mom’s leg and Louise’s face. Oh God, I hope she wasn’t angry.

Far from. She shuffled over to me and began sucking every last drop out of me. All the while, Mom and Maya watched on. When she was done, Louise lay directly on top of Mom, pussy to pussy, breast to breast, face to face.

“Do you want to lick your boy’s cum off my face? You ARE his mother, aren’t you?”

Mom and I were both shocked. I think Mom was shocked that I had told her such a thing, but I hadn’t. She’d worked it out all on her own, or was just guessing and being mischievous.

I didn’t have chance to say anything, because if there was one thing Mom loved, it was my cum.

I could go on and describe everything that happened to Mom and me and the two lesbians that night, but what would be the point? We had an orgy. Orgasms aplenty, no one missed out and no one was anything but completely satisfied. All the toys came into action and played their part. Everybody got to use at least one each.

The dildo did its share of fucking, the butt plug hummed away inside Mom on maximum setting, the clit massager saw action on all three women, I even got a taste of my own medicine as the three of them held me down and spanked me with the paddle – and gave me a taste of the ball gag and blindfold, collar and cuffs too.

I came four times, I shot my spunk onto every one of the women and I know for absolute certain, I was the one who had the fewest orgasms that night. I just couldn’t take anymore. But the women were insatiable. They came and came and came for hours after I had to stop.

All in all, I recorded five hours of camcorder footage. It was the wildest night of my life and Mom had the ride of her life. She may not have passed out as I think she might have been hoping, but she was certainly grateful.

It may have been a simple thing, but as we all sat around naked and spent in the saloon, all curtains closed, Mom sat in my arms on one side of the dinette as the two lesbians curled up together on their side. Mom turned to me and with tears in her eyes, she said, “Thank you Babes. From the bottom of my heart and with all my love, thank you.”

Chapter 24

Summer was half over, it was early August. My son had offers from three universities, all firm offers. He already had his A level grades and so wasn’t in limbo like this years A level students. He had a pretty good idea which one he was going to accept – the one closest to home – the one closest to Mommy.

We had continued to play our games at home. George was in work every day and most days, my boy and I played. We hadn’t done anything quite as adventurous as we had in Scotland, not even on our final short trip to North Wales.

Well, there was that one night – shall I tell you about that?

Oh, go on then. It was nothing really, my son had ordered me naked, except for a pair of heels and a mac. We went out on the town and every time he gave the command, I had to open up my mac and flash whoever was nearby. I flashed people on a bus, in a restaurant, in a bookstore and on the street. I must have flashed about a hundred people.

Afterwards, I put on the new belt attachment my son had bought that turned my dildo into a strap on. I buttered my boy’s backside and fucked him up his arse, all the while jerking his cock with my hand. That’s all, it was nothing really.

No. What we had done though, was become lovers, just enjoying each other.

We made love and slept together when we could, we spent lots of time naked and there was no shortage of orgasms. Even though we did do a little bondage now and then, none of that was a priority anymore. We just wanted to be together. Maybe once a week we would play the slave/master game, but truthfully, it was pretty much out of my system and had been replaced by a relationship of pure love.

But we still hadn’t fucked.

If truth be told, this was my biggest issue and the only thing that caused me any sleeplessness. I was wavering. I would think over it in bed each night with George – who incidentally, had no idea I was shaved now. Whenever George and I had sex, which was not that often at all anymore, I wore the merkin that Maya had given me. It was quite easy to glue on and George was none the wiser. He never licked me down there anymore anyway.

But I had this dilemma. Just why was I keeping the one true love of my life from fucking me? My son was the only man in the world I actually wanted to fuck and our relationship was stronger than ever. It just seemed natural to want to do it now. My son was my lover, why shouldn’t we go all the way? I was pretty sure I was going to let him before summer was out – a going away present.

Not that he was going away. The university he had all but chosen was eight miles away and he had decided to live at home. Still, it was something I wanted to give him.

My son had an idea when we got home from Scotland. He said, the way of life we had was thanks in no small part to the website. Even though I hardly ever looked there anymore – stories just didn’t cut it any longer, he suggested we give something back.

Literotica had brought us together and maybe we should write our own story – write it together, each from our own point of view.

“Babes,” I said. “I’m not a typist. It will take me forever.”

“Don’t worry Mom. You can dictate it to me. Or write it longhand and I’ll type it up. You could even try that dictation software on your tablet. Voice recognition is pretty good these days.”

So that’s what we did. Some days we wrote together, some days we wrote apart. He read my stuff, I read his. And as the days and weeks past, we had quite a story. We didn’t know what category to put it in though. We figured some readers might be purists and be put off if there was incest in the BDSM category or vice versa. The way our relationship had developed, I was leaning to the incest category which I’d even started reading – now that I knew the psychology of it and all! Anyway, we would just see how it goes and work it out when the time got closer that we’d want to publish.

There was just one other thing I needed to write about – the most intense sexual experience of my life. It had eclipsed everything that had gone before and came at the end of a day when we actually did play the slave/master game. Let me tell you about it.


“What are you thinking of today Mom?”

“I don’t know Babes, I um …” I was thinking if today should be the day.

“How about you be my slave?”

“I’m not sure Babes. It doesn’t really do it for me anymore.” Of course it didn’t. My fantasy now was to have my son’s cock in my cunt. There, I said it. Cunt. What a foul word. Cunt.

Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt!

I laughed. He had no idea what I was thinking.

“How about we up the ante Mom?”

“How so Babes?”

“I take away your safe word.”

“How would that work? I haven’t used a safe word since … since, um …”

“Since I tried to get you to pierce your clit.”

“Yes. Since then.” I failed him that day. He’d been so looking forward to it. He had dreams of piercing my nipples and my clit and belly button and having a chain run between them that he could pull me around by.

The idea had turned me on, but I didn’t want George to find out. How was I going to explain a forty year old woman suddenly wanting her tits pierced to him? But my clit. George barely even knew where it was. He hadn’t sought it out in ages and he could probably go years without seeing it again.

I was in the chair, spread-eagled nude for some tattoed, mohicaned kid with more metalwork in his head than Metal Mickey. If you don’t know who that is, Mickey was a robot on a TV series we had in Britain when I was a schoolgirl. All the kids watched it, shit though it was. It was also the name we gave to any kid who wore braces on their teeth.

The bloke though, his eyebrows were pierced, his ears had great big holes that you could almost squeeze a golf ball through, his nose had a bar through it, he had spikes at the bridge of his nose, I lost count of the number of rings he had in his lower lip and his chin also had a spike and his tongue had something in it too; he wore rubber gloves and was clearly trying to grow a moustache, but the moment I felt the tongs go on my hood and he marked his target with a pen, I had to safe-word out.

“So how about it Mom? Just around the house, but no safe word. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Just what does no safe word mean?”

“It means if you use one Mom, I’ll never play with you again. It’ll be over.”

I laughed at him. “You’d come crawling back to me in days.”

“Yeah? Wanna put it to the test, sexy Momma?”

The day was fairly uneventful. I had my share of spankings. He’d tied me up, tied me down, just the usual. It was all kind of ordinary and quite mundane now. I was going to tell him I didn’t get a thrill from it anymore.

When George came home, early.

“I don’t release you slave.”

“Master. Please.”


“Babes. Your father’s home. Let me go.”

“No. And you call me Master.”

“Master please.”

“Don’t you dare move slave. You stand right there.”

“Son? Sweetheart? I’m home. Where is everyone?”

He pointed his finger at me. I couldn’t easily move anyway. George was in the living room and I’d have to go past him to get up the stairs to dress. And there simply was nothing I could put on in the kitchen.

“Slave. Go stand in the larder.”

This wasn’t funny.

“Quick slave, Dad’s coming.”

I hurried into the larder and shut the door.

I stood there, feeling the chill, in nothing but my collar, belt and cuffs. My wrists were tied to my waist, but behind my back and to opposite sides of the belt. And of course, I was pube free. My husband had never seen me that way before. I was panicking. George walked into the kitchen. I could hear him through the door talking to our son.

“Home early today Dad?”

“Yeah. There was a fire in the building and all the sprinklers went off.”

“No way.”

“I kid you not.”

“Is there much damage? Has it burned down?”

“No. it was just a small fire. It’s ironic, but most of the damage will have been caused by the sprinkler system. Water damage.”


“Yeah! Anyway, where’s your mother?”

“Don’t know. Haven’t see her since lunch. Upstairs I think.”

“Oh, I’d better go see her.”

A moment later, my son opened the door to the larder. I was panicking like mad. All my boy did was smile and give me a kiss. Then shut the door again.

“Sweetie. You up there?”

George came back into the kitchen.

“Are you sure she’s upstairs?”

“No. I just, I don’t know. I thought that’s where she was. Maybe she popped out. Shirley Madison was on the phone earlier, maybe she went round there.”

“Maybe. Grab us a cold one will you?”

“Sure Dad. Oh wait. There’s none left. I had the last one earlier.”

“Are there any in the larder?”

“Yeah, two boxes.”

“Great. Want one?”


Oh fuck. I heard George’s footsteps come closer to the larder door. I felt his hand grasp the handle. I was royally screwed here. How was I ever going to explain this?

“Oh wait Dad. Mom must have restocked the fridge. There’s a bunch in here.”

He released the handle and walked away. Phew!

I could hear my husband and son talking, but they’d moved towards the back door and I couldn’t discern what they were talking about.

“I’ll go check now. It’s in my office.”

The larder door opened. My son grabbed my arm and pulled me out.

“Stay behind me slave and do as I say.” He turned to me and kissed me again. “Trust me Mom. If there’s one time in your life that you’re ever going to trust me, now is that time.” He kissed me once more and felt between my legs.

“Mmm. You’re really enjoying this,” he said.

“Don’t Babes. Please. Let me go.”

He shook his head.

“Trust me. Just … trust me, okay? I love you.”

My son stopped dead in the living room and reached out behind himself to pull me into his shadow.

“Yeah. I’ve got it here. Um … next Saturday.”

“Can we go Dad? Can we?”

“You’ll have to ask your mother. You know I don’t make the decisions around here, it’s just not worth my while!”

Why that! Just wait ’til I get my hands on him.

George went back into his office and my son turned me around and pushed me back through the kitchen door.

“Unlock me Master, please.”

“It looks like you’re going to have to go around slave.”

“What?” He couldn’t be serious.

“Babes, no. I’ll use the safe word.”

“Then mother and son is all we’ll ever be again. I won’t play with you. I won’t. Do this for me. Prove to me once and for all what I mean to you. Prove your subservience to me and I will never doubt you again. In fact, you can be my master and I’ll be your slave and we can play this game from a whole new angle. Please … Mom … go around.”

“Babes. I can’t. Suppose someone sees me.”

“That’s a risk you’re going to have to take Mom. Go around, I’ll sneak into the living room and release your cuffs and you can go upstairs and get dressed. Time to decide Mom, I can hear Dad coming.”

I headed for the pantry and he blocked my path. “You’re not going in there Mom. You either stand here naked in front of Dad and face the music, or you go around. The back door’s open. You’ve got about three seconds.”

I scarpered out the back door as fast as my legs would carry me. I hid behind the wall, looking out onto our rear lawn. I think I was going to have a heart attack. My hands were tied behind my back and every inch of my body was on display. I was naked, outdoors, in my own neighbourhood.

I could hear George and my son laughing indoors and I knew the longer I stayed out here, the more chance there was of getting caught. I ducked my head and crept under the windowsill, finding myself in the passage between house and garage. I had to turn around to lift the lever on our iron side gate then peeked through into the street, looking across the road in our quiet avenue for any signs of life.

Shit. Mrs. Gunderson was tending to her violas, next door. And the paperboy was on his bike delivering the Evening Post. I slunk back in behind the wall and counted to ten.

Oh crap. I could hear George in the garden. He was coming around the corner. I darted out towards the front of the house and ran, with my hands behind my back, tits jiggling, up the step onto the front porch, then ducked down behind the shrubs.

I poked my head up to see if anyone had seen me. The paperboy was still on his bicycle and not in a heap on the floor, so I was probably safe there. And Gooch-eye Gunderson was still on her knees. I couldn’t see anyone else, so I turned to face the street and felt for the door handle and turned it, stepping inside and shut the door behind me.

I heard a shout from the back garden and next thing I knew my son was standing in the doorway. “Yeah Dad, it’s Mom, she came in the front way.”

He walked over to me, felt between my legs. I was saturated. My sex was dripping out of me. He licked it off his fingers, delved in with his other hand and fed me a mouthful too.

“I love you so very much Mom, you’re my hero. I release you.” He released my hands from the belt. “Now go on upstairs before Dad sees you. I’ll make some excuse. Go on beautiful, go!” He slapped my bum.

When I came back downstairs, dressed, my son gave me an odd expression and made his way over to me, blocking me from his father’s view. In my haste, I’d forgotten to take off my slave collar. My boy wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek as he undid my collar from the back, sweeping it off behind my back and tucking it away out of sight.

“I love you Mom,” he said out loud for his father to hear.

“Love you too Babes.” I smiled and walked over to George, who kissed me.

“You’re home early today hon’. Quiet day?”

“Just the opposite. Building burnt down.”


He laughed. “No, just a little fire.”

“You’re kidding me?”

He shook his head.

I had to play things by ear for a little while to see what excuse my son had made for me going upstairs. But everything was fine. George was none the wiser and I’d just had the thrill of my life. Did this mean I was now a danger junkie as well?

That night, after George and I had gone to bed, I needed sex. I needed it more than I think I’d ever needed it in my life, even more than at the end of my two sex starved days in Scotland. And I’d come twice at my son’s hand this afternoon. But I needed it bad. And I didn’t want it from George. I wanted it from my son.

I waited for George to go to sleep. That’s one thing I will say about him – once he drifts off, he’s blotto for the night. I snuck out of bed and walked into my son’s room. He was lying naked on his bed, erection in his hand, puddle of semen on his belly. I walked over to him and my eyes grew twice in size when I saw all that cum laying there, ripe for the taking.

I lifted my nightie over my head and dropped it on the floor. He was holding something in his hand and I grabbed it off him. It was a picture of me. Just me. A headshot and nothing else. God, I loved him. I leaned over my boy and slurped all his cum off his body and swallowed the lot. I knelt down on him and shoved my pussy in his face, pulling at his hair to plough him into me.

“Mom. The door’s wide open.”

I turned to look at it. I’d left my bedroom door open too, right across the hallway from my son’s room. “Fuck it!”

I pulled him into me. “Eat me you little bastard. After what you did to me today, you owe me … BIG TIME!”

“Yes Mistress,” he said. It took all my strength not to laugh out loud.

“Stick your tongue in me slave. Fuck your mistresses slot with your tongue. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I began strumming my clit like there was no tomorrow.

Within a minute, I was gushing. My boy’s face was dripping wet, his hair was wet, his pillow, my thighs, his neck. And I was still squirting all over him, a steady stream into his mouth. Fuck. I’d never done anything like this before in my life.

My legs were shaking like crazy, my bum was wobbling, I was losing control of my body. I felt dizzy, I was going, I was going, “Baby.”

I fainted.

“Mom. Mom!”

My son was tapping lightly on my cheek.

“Mom. Mom.”

I was gradually coming to.

“Oh my God Mom. I didn’t know what to do. I was going to get Dad.”

“Babes.” I had to figure out where I was. “What? Why? What happened?”

“Mom. You went down like a sack of spuds. You’ve been out like a light for ten minutes. I threw water on your face and everything. I just couldn’t get you to wake up. I was so worried. Don’t do that to me again.”

The tears were dripping off his face.

“C’m'ere Babes.” I wrapped him in my arms and stroked the back of his head.

And smiled contentedly. Now I knew what it was like to have an orgasm so intense, it caused me to faint. I was in the club. Hoo-fucking-ray!

Chapter 25

I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday typing up Mom’s notes, so they were up to date with my own. I was looking forward to posting our story. I had tried to interest Mom in posting one of her videos to one of the other websites we had looked at together – for research of course, purely ideas, not some other – okay, I’ll admit it, Mom and I sat naked watching porn on the internet together. But that’s just something all mothers and sons do. Isn’t it?

Friday was the end of the week and the monster trucks were in town the next day. Me, Mom and Dad – and Bigfoot. I’d always wanted to see a monster truck in real life, so that was going to be so cool.

But it meant Mom and I had Friday to ourselves. Dad was in work. He’d been in work late every night since the fire – Mom told you about that, in the last part.

I was having a lie in. Mom knocked on my door. “You getting up today Babes?”

“Yeah Mom. Just give me a few minutes.”

She walked over to the bed, lifted the covers and settled in next to me. A second later she had her hand on my penis. Now I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but – Mom kind of made fun of me.

“Where’s it gone?”

“Har har Mom. Very droll.”

She smiled at me with her eyes and gave me a peck on the lips.

“No. I’m serious. Has it turned inside out?”

She flung off my covers and sat up to look at my little willy. It wasn’t much soft, I’ll admit that, just about, though not to anyone I know. Rock hard – it was impressive, like internet porn star impressive. Soft – I was like a girl with a very big clit.

Anyway, Mom played around with me, but I was failing to get hard. I don’t know why, I just, wasn’t in the mood. Even when Mom’s head dropped onto it and she took it all easily in her mouth. The size it was, she could probably have got six in there.

I’m not trying to be funny, this is just the chapter that – well, it’s the last chapter. And it’s the hardest one to write – because a lot has happened. And I know what’s coming and I don’t have a clue how I’m going to hold myself together to write it.

Right, Mom sucking on my balls. Not getting much of a response out of me. She even pulled me back to expose my baby mushroom. She looked at it, all forlorn. And then the skin that was tucked back behind the lip just flopped forward and rolled back over my head, all of its own accord.

“Babes. What’s wrong?”

“I was just lying here Mom, thinking.”

“About what?”

“About my dreams. My life. What I want.”

She could tell by the tone of my voice that I was melancholy and she came back up to my chest and lay her head down next to me and began running her fingers through the hairs around my nipples.

“It’s just that … Mom. The thing that I want more than anything is the one thing I can’t have. And everything else … it’s not even second best, Mom. It’s not third best, it’s not fourth best. It’s last. Everything else is in joint last place. Because first place is you Mom. You’re the only thing in this world that I really, truly want.”

Tears were flowing from my eyes, I could feel them. When Mom smiled, it just made me sadder, because she was just so damn, fucking beautiful. She tapped me on the chest, got out of bed and stood there. Looking at me.

Mom had taken to wearing shirts more. We’d had an alright summer – by British standards, it had only rained half the days and dipped into single digit temperatures every other day, rather than every day. But she was wearing thinner clothes, but fewer dresses. She was taking me literally. In Scotland, when we went out but I didn’t release her as a slave, I had told her to wear that shirt skirt thing she had and do her surrogate collar up.

Now back home, as a playful display of subservience to me, that only I would know about, Mom was wearing shirts and doing her top button up. It was even sort of coming back into fashion and when Mom and I would go out together, we wondered if all the girls who were dressing similarly were playing their own dominant/submissive games.

So Mom stood there. She had on a pale blue cotton shirt that was sleeveless. It had a white collar. And she had on a simple grey skirt, but was wearing braces, red ones, over her shoulders, clipped onto her skirt, a perfect match, colour wise, for the tie she had on, which was done up just shy of her collar.

Anyway, my Mom was stunning in her stealth subservience look – almost like she’d come off the catwalk in Paris or Milan or I don’t know, I’m not into fashion. She slid the braces off her shoulders and unhooked the clasp on her short straight skirt, unzipped it and let it all fall to her feet. Then she lifted the tie over her head and unbuttoned her shirt from the bottom up.

She didn’t have a stitch on underneath, no panties, no bra. She stood before me in all her glory and I thought she was teasing me – as she’d taken to in the last couple of days since I told her she could be mistress and I would be slave.

I turned over onto my side, facing away from her and shut my eyes.

“Hey, hey, Babes. Come on now. Cheer up chook!”

“I want you Mom. I want you.”

“I know Babes. And I want you. Why do you suppose I’m standing here waiting for you?”


“I’m waiting for you Babes. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck your Mommy.”

“Don’t tease Mom.”

She stood there and put her fingers in her pussy and spread her lips. “Wake up that thing between your legs and stick it …” She pointed. “Right here.”

I stood to attention in one second flat. She smiled. “Come on Babes. Mommy’s waiting.”

“Are you serious Mom?” I was on my knees in front of her, looking up into her eyes.

She nodded. “I’m serious Babes.” She shrugged. “If you want to, you know … you don’t have to.”

I sprung to my feet and scooped her off hers. I carried her to her room. We’d never done much in there, we’d certainly never done anything in her bed. I placed her down gently and she kicked all the freshly made covers out from underneath her. She lay back and spreadeagled herself, flinging her head and arms back.

“Take me son, I’m yours.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I lay down between Mom’s legs and began licking her. She was already wet with anticipation, but I was going to make this memorable. I took my time, just sucking on her lips with my lips, exploring gently with my tongue.

I’d been online and looked at the anatomy of a woman’s good bits. (They’re all good bits. A woman is a whole. She’s a package. Face, eyes, body, breasts, pussy, bottom, legs. But also her mind, her soul, her wit and charm, her tenderness, softness and caring, the way she’s always there for you, the way she makes you want to always be there for her, her intelligence, her brightness, her vitality, her sex appeal. Everything that it is to be a woman – sheer greatness. I feel inadequate in their presence, I truly do. There is nothing finer on this Earth – than WOMAN. She alone who is trusted to carry mankind’s future – humanity’s womb. I envy woman.)

But yes, I’d looked up the really good parts, but only because I wanted to be able to pleasure Mom like those lesbians, Louise and Maya, had in Scotland.

I learned that man and woman were not so different in the size of their sex organs. Okay, so the man had more sticky out bits, but the woman’s clitoris was a lot bigger than just a little erectile nub at the top of her vagina. It was actually more like a penis, with the shaft split in two, those two sides running down each side of a woman’s opening. The largest part was just hidden behind her labia. It was fully operational, it was erectile and everything, it caused her lips to get puffy when sexually excited. There really was more to a woman’s package than met the eye.

So I went for full stimulation. I played around with Mom down there for ages. Licking, rubbing, caressing, lots of things ending with -ing. I gave her two orgasms before I’d gone anywhere near her with my rod.

I worked my way up, stroking her body, her stomach, her breasts, kissing her neck, soaking up her essence. I lay on top of her, looked at her, looked at the expression of love on her face.

“Mom. I want to say something to you, I want to tell you something. There are three little words that I’ve used a lot. But I want to explain them to you, explain what they mean to me. Can I?”

Mom nodded and listened attentively beneath me.

“I don’t see love as a word Mom. I don’t see it as something you rationalise with your brain. I don’t think you do either, because we wouldn’t be here if either of us did. I see love as something you feel with your heart, you give yourself to it completely, go where it takes you and trust that it’s something greater than just you and me and have faith that it knows what’s best for us. I trust love Mom and I have never felt love anywhere near as strong as the love I feel for you. In my heart, in my bones, in my every breath, in my very essence and with every fibre of my being. I … love you … Mom.”

Then, for the first time, Mom reached between my legs for my penis and led it to her opening, eyeball to eyeball throughout, neither one of us deviated. I pushed inside her and the feeling I got was divine. It was home. It was where my penis truly belonged, I wished Mom could carry it always inside her for me. There simply was no other place in the universe, in all of God’s creation, that my penis ever wanted to be in again.

It didn’t want to be in my pants, it didn’t want to be in the fresh air, it didn’t want to be in my hand, it didn’t want to be in any other woman, it didn’t even want to be in Mom’s backside or her mouth. From this day on, it wanted to live inside my darling mother’s vagina. And so we were going to have a problem. Because we were going to look pretty funny walking around like Siamese twins, getting in the car, walking around the supermarket, sitting on the couch opposite Dad. It was just going to be awkward from here on out. My penis was exactly where it was going to stay. I was even going to go get some tape and wrap it around me and Mom, to facilitate our joining, our union, the embodiment of our future together.

I wasn’t exiting this hallowed ground not for all the money in the world. I felt sorry for the Rockefella’s and Rothschild’s of this world, all the billionaires in the fancy magazines showing off their fancy houses, with their fancy cars and their fancy yachts, they were never going to know the best thing on Earth, my Mom’s vagina.

Time stood still, time went backwards, time did some funny shit all of its own, Mom and me were living outside of time. We were just so wrapped up in each other, our eyes never parted, not once, other than to blink, the whole time we made love. And as for orgasms? I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d ever had one before, because what I was having now, with Mom, was without end. It was a magic carpet of pure bliss. We relinquished our bodies and souls to love and let it take us on wings of ecstasy, beyond the forbidden zone.

We heard a thud and for the first moment in however long, our eyes parted.

“Oh my God. George,” Mom cried.

“Dad?” I looked around. Dad was in a heap on the bedroom floor. We both sprang out of bed, naked and rushed over to Dad, rolling him over onto his back. He was expressionless. And not breathing.

Ed and Alice are punished by Miss Cunningham

All characters in this story are over 18, this story contains material of an adult theme. If you are under 18 or for any other reason not legally allowed to experience this kind of material look away now.

This story remains the intellectual property of the author, please do not reproduce or distribute without prior consent. All comments are welcome, this is my first foray into erotic fiction and your feedback is very useful – finally, enjoy!


Miss Cunningham was my mathematics teacher, and was difficult. If you didn’t take to her subject you could expect to be in trouble regularly.

I found her irresistible, she always wore classy clothes, loose blouses and business suits, I couldn’t help but gaze into her piercing blue eyes.

In her mid thirties she was in good shape. As she turned to write on the board my gaze drifted across her slim body, lingering on her buttocks in a pencil skirt that finished just above the knee. Trying to see if I could make out the outline of her knickers.

The more she chastised me the more attractive I found her, her discipline seemed unpredictable, even erratic, sometimes she would punish a student in front of the class for missing a minor detail, other times more serious incidents would go unpunished.

She always looked smart, and today was no exception, as we arrived in class I shifted awkwardly past her. Dipping my head and looking down at her shiny black leather shoes, her firm calf muscles wrapped in the sheen of her stockings.

In these moments of closeness I felt her power, her presence making my heart beat rapidly – awkwardly I found my seat.

In most classes you could sit where you like, but Miss Cunningham had a plan for each group, so she could control all aspects of her classroom. I sat at the front, and didn’t mind as this allowed me to have a better view of her incredible body.

BANG! She hit the blackboard with her stick, the sound snapped me back to reality.

“Today we will cover long division,” she said firmly, in her authoritative voice.

The class let out a collective sigh. As she turned around to write on the board again I played my familiar game of imagining what kind of underwear was hidden under her formal clothes. Maybe black knickers and a flimsy bra? With her nipples poking hard and the gusset of her knickers pressed firmly into the folds of her womanhood.

“Ed, ED! EDWARD!!” I met her glare, she had caught me staring.

“Maybe you would like to explain the methodology of long division to the class, as you obviously must already know.”

“Errm — err.” As I stuttered she interrupted me. “I thought not,” she snapped. Giving me a look that cut right into the centre of my being, making my guts churn with her eye contact. Expertly using my humiliation to exert her authority. I hoped that she had not noticed my eyes were fixed firmly on her body, had she realised I was staring at her?

She turned again to the board, glad that the moment was over I tried to concentrate on her lesson, but the encounter had left me feeling nervous and excited. I felt the familiar throb between my legs, my cock swelling under the desk.

We were assigned tasks and left to work them out, I really couldn’t concentrate.

Miss Cunningham slowly walked around the class peering into our exercise books. I watched as her weight shifted form leg to leg as she walked, her body gently swaying, alive with motion, sliding against the inside of her clothes.

I heard a commotion, Alice, a pretty petite girl with brown hair on the row behind had made some mistakes.

“Right, this just wont do,” Miss Cunningham said firmly and calmly, “come up to the front.” She was on a war path today.

Even though it was our last year and we were all over 18 we were still expected to adhere to the schools codes, including uniform. Alice was wearing hers, you could see the outline of her plain white bra encasing her small breasts through her blouse. Her pleated skirt ending mid thigh, displaying her youthful legs resplendently.

Alice was really nice, not like the other pretty girls who knew it, she was clever and had a great mix of confidence and innocence.

Normally her firm perfect young body would hold my attention, as I tried to peek up her skirt on the stairs, or watch the girls playing hockey, but Miss Cunningham’s womanliness overwhelmed even Alice’s charms.

I dreaded what humiliating task Miss Cunningham would come up with for Alice to perform in front of the class, but I also secretly anticipated the excitement of it.

Miss Cunningham gave a brief explanation and set some impossible tasks for Alice to complete on the blackboard. She then carried on walking between the rows.

After dealing with a few other students she came to my desk, and stopped.

I looked up at her waist, the silk of her blouse tucked into her skirt.

My heart raced as she commanded, “Let me see.”

She turned my workbook around to face her and slowly leaned over, her head getting closer to mine. As she lent I looked at her neat hair held up with a large clip, Intoxicated by her sweet perfume.

Time stood still as the top of her blouse slowly dipped open and I looked down into the opening, I saw her amazing breasts, encased snugly by a black lacy bra, cupping her breasts beautifully.

A shot of electricity hit my cock and it went rock hard, swelling immediately – her proximity overwhelming me. I desperately willed her not to see the bulge in my trousers. Using my elbow I managed to subtly tuck it under the edge of the desk.

“You’ve obviously not been listening to a word I’ve been saying,” she said cockily as she stood up, her hands on her hips. I looked pleadingly into her eyes, my cock throbbing dangerously in my trousers, so close to her.

I was struck with fear, the fear furthering my involuntary sexual excitement.

There was a pause, then came the words I was dreading the most:

“Stand up.”

She said it calmly, looking in to my eyes with a playfulness, like a cat toying with its prey.

Ermmmm, my mind was overloaded, I couldn’t speak and was paralyzed with fear. Then I felt my body moving slowly upwards, completely out of my control, unable to defy her command. My brain was not working; I couldn’t override this, or even begin to think of a way out.

My cock sprung eagerly up from behind the desk forming a grey rigid tent in my school trousers.

Miss Cunningham took half a step back, I hovered there not sure what to do – in a state of total confusion. My cock was burning red hot with arousal, hormones pumping wildly around my young body.

Luckily sitting at the front afforded me some privacy from the rest of the class.

It took her a moment to grasp the situation, then she glared into my eyes, “Sit down, I’ll deal with you later.”

As I sat down my heart pumped and my stomach churned.

“Did that really just happen?” I repeated to myself in my head, my erection did not subside. She seemed to be carrying on as normal, but was a little quieter then usual, avoiding eye contact and seeming distant. Alice was soon dismissed and seemed relived as she parked her pert little bottom back in her seat.

The rest of the lesson flashed past me, and before I knew it the rest of the class was filtering out of the room, I remained in my seat, my gaze fixed firmly down on my workbook before me. My heart in the pit of my stomach.

I heard a click as Miss Cunningham locked the classroom door, I looked up and scanned the empty room around me, Miss Cunningham had her arms crossed and was facing me. Staring.

I could see her chest rising up and down slowly, she seemed to glow, looking more beautiful than ever.

Now I was very scared, but also extremely aroused at the possibilities of this humiliating confrontation.

She broke the silence, “Stand up.” I stood up – my cock still rock hard. “What is this?” she said pointing to my erection.

“Erm err,” I stuttered.

“Are you as bad at biology as you are at maths?” She said sharply, “Go on, tell me what it is.”

“It’s my erection Miss,” I said quietly, still standing in front of her. I looked into her eyes, her eyes had taken on a more predatory stare – she was totally in control.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to display yourself like this in front of your teacher?”

I felt so caught that I couldn’t even speak. “And don’t think I haven’t seen you staring at me you vulgar boy”

“This level of disrespect towards a staff member is totally unacceptable, I’m going to have to get the headmistress involved, and maybe the police. As after all, indecent exposure is a crime.”

“Oh no!” I cried, my heart sinking even further – my parents, a criminal record! Expulsion from the school! I was really a good person, this would follow me forever.

“I’m afraid I have no choice you filthy minded boy, look,” she said, pointing at the tent in my trousers with her board stick, “You’ve still got a hardon, even now!” The attention drawn to my situation aroused me even further, I could feel a churning in my balls.

“Please, please,” I whimpered, believing that my time was truly up. She moved towards the phone on the wall in the corner of the classroom. I couldn’t take it any more I fell to my knees in front of her literally begging her not to make the call.

“Get your disgusting hands off me you filthy boy!!” she shouted, I let go of her ankles, “never touch me without permission again.”

“Yes Miss,” I said quietly.

“Move over to my desk,” she said sternly. I did as I was told. “You seem to be even more depraved than even I thought possible”

“Alright,” she paused, “as you’re in your final year and are now 18 I am prepared to administer a more suitable punishment, a punishment that will correct your disgusting behavior.”

“Oh thank you miss, thank you so much!” I said still standing by her desk.

“Shut up! don’t speak unless I give you permission, now go and stand in the corner while I think about your punishment.”

I shifted slowly over to the corner.

After what seemed like half an hour, she called me over, “Here are my terms.” She presented me with a hand written document, “Accept them or I call the headmistress and report your indecent exposure to the police – I will press charges.”

I had no choice, I didn’t even read them, I scratched my signature on the bottom of the paper, my hands shaking.

“Good boy,” My heart felt warm with her encouragement. I felt relived that the authorities were not going to be involved and also excited about the punishment that she had in mind. At 18 I was quite in-experienced with girls, I was finding her presence overwhelming.

“I intend to deliver a spanking on your bare bottom everyday for the rest of this week after school, you shall report to the outside of this classroom by no later than 4pm and wait for me to call you in.”

“Your punishment starts now” I was on fire! A spanking on my bare ass, how awful, but so sexy!

“Move then!!” she shouted, I did not know what to do, “Will I have to explain everything? my my, you do have a lot to learn you useless boy.” “I shall now explain 3 positions, listen careful as I will not explain them again.”

“Position 1, standing facing the blackboard with your back straight and your hands on your head.”

“Position 2, bending over the desk, arms stretched forward.”

“Position 3, standing in front of the blackboard, holding your ankles.”

“Get into position 1 – NOW!”

I jumped, and dashed to the front of the blackboard placing my hands on my head and standing up straight.

“Well, we may have actually found something you are good at you little perv,” She said from behind me. I heard her footsteps move across the room, like a predator.

I felt her breath on my neck, my hair stood on end, she reach around and undid my trousers, they got caught on my erection, so she harshly tugged them down my legs.

“Oh dear, what do we have here? Non regulation underwear?” Officially we were supposed to wear white pants, but no one ever obeyed that uniform rule, apart from one or two on their first day, definitely not a final year student.

“This will require extra punishment,” she said as she slipped her fingers into the elasticated waist of my black boxer shorts.

Her touch felt electric. She unceremoniously pulled my boxer shorts down, my cock springing back to attention. I stepped out of my trousers and underwear, she picked them up and placed them on a spare chair some distance away.

The evening sun shone brightly through the window catching the furniture and filling the room with a warm glow. Miss Cunningham moved to stand in front of the window, she was silhouetted by the bright sunlight shining through making her blouse appear slightly transparent, I could make out her womanly shape and the outline of her bra and breasts, I nearly exploded – a bead of glistening juice formed at the tip of my twitching cock.

“From now on I will also inspect you to see if you are wearing regulation uniform, all violations will result in extra punishment.” I quivered.

“Position 2!”

I leant over the desk reaching the other side, and she walked past me over to the side of the blackboard, fetching her pointing stick. I could feel her standing behind me, I anticipated her strike. Instead I felt the end of her stick trace the outside of my leg, touching gently, I melted under the touch. She then stroked along the base of my buttocks and down the inside of my thighs, as the stick pushed against the insides of my thighs I eased my legs open.

She gently tapped the underside of my ballsack. The cold gentle touch feeling like a thousand caresses.

She pulled away and ………….. THWACK!!

The stick struck across my shaking buttocks, it stung so bad and I yelped in pain. THWACK!! the stick hit me again. This was not a game, she hit me hard.

“This will teach you, you dirty little perv!!!”


“Displaying your arrogant little boner in front of me!”


“You think I haven’t noticed you gawping at my body for weeks, the only brains you have are in your scrotum.”


She stopped for a moment, I was nearly crying into the desk, still holding the other side, I hadn’t moved, or tried to hold my buttocks. The pain became an incredible heat, and then slowly pleasure. I felt the heat become wave after wave of pleasure that moved across my body, radiating from my buttocks.

“That should do for you first correction.” she said and I felt her hand gently touching my cheeks, she slowly stroked them, my erection had subsided.

“Your bottom has warmed nicely, you took that quite well,” pull up your trousers and don’t forget to report to me tomorrow.

She folded her arms and smiled smugly as she openly looked at my limp cock while I awkwardly walked over to the chair where my clothes were.

When I looked up again she was sat at her desk marking papers.

I silently slid out of the door.

That night I finished dinner with my family in record time and rushed up stairs. I must have cum about ten times, wanking furiously, imagining every possible scenario with my sexy teacher.

I couldn’t get her out of my mind, the thought of any future encounters making my heart beat rapidly.


The next day I walked quickly to school, there was a new spring in my step, I’d never felt this alive! The fear of the future possibilities amplified my excitement.

The day passed by in a haze, I kept getting in trouble, absolutely nothing went into my brain as it was all-consumed with thoughts of Miss Cunningham.

I saw her in the corridor and stopped in my tracks, unable even to breath, let alone walk. She passed by me without even acknowledging my existence, I inhaled deeply, adoring her scent.

The end of school finally came around, I hung around waiting for the right time, not wanting to be too early and definitely not late.

When I reached the corridor next to her classroom I was surprised to see Alice stood there waiting by the classroom door, she seemed surprised to see me as well. She looked stunning, in her pleated school skirt and blouse with her perfect toned legs and beautiful dark eyes.

“Hi Ed,” she said quietly, “Are you hear to see Miss Cunningham as well?”

I nodded.

At that moment the classroom door opened and Miss Cunningham waved us in.

“I’m glad to see that you two have managed to follow at least one instruction correctly,” she said as she clicked the lock in the door of the classroom, “Stand at the front of the room – both of you.” Alice and I shifted awkwardly to the front of the class.
“I’ve decided to administer your punishments simultaneously to save time, after all, I am a busy woman.” Alice blushed adoringly.

“Position one!”

We both jumped to attention and faced the blackboard with our hands on our heads.

“Alice you first, time for your uniform inspection.” I could see Alice breathing heavily, my cock started to swell.

Miss Cunningham paced slowly around Alice, with her now familiar predatory style, holding her pointing stick firmly.

“For each infraction you shall receive an extra stroke from the stick.” Miss Cunningham paused and continued to survey the young woman before her.

“One – Your socks do not match.” Alice hung her head. I gasped at Miss Cunningham’s reaction to this tiny detail, they were both white ankle socks, the difference was minimal.

“Two – your skirt is too short, the regulation length is 10cm above the knee.”

“Although this cardigan is very ‘a la mode’ it is not uniform regulation, that’s three. Take it off!”

Alice carefully unbuttoned her cardigan, her fingers trembling, I could only assume that Alice had signed a similar disclaimer to myself.

She glanced over at me, fear in her eyes, I tried to give her a reassuring smile, she seemed to relax a little.

Alice shrugged the cardigan off her shoulders and handed it to the waiting Miss Cunningham.

“Four – this is not a regulation blouse, take it off.”

Alice seemed to take on a new confidence, maybe she was resigned to her fate, her fingers trembled less as she unbuttoned her blouse, she glanced at the tent in my trousers, keeping her head lowered.

The blouse was also handed to Miss Cunningham, Alice looked adorable in her regulation white cotton bra, holding her small firm young breasts snugly, her young body toned and beautiful – I was rock hard.

Miss Cunningham then started to trace the hem of Alice’s skirt with the end of her stick, she looked her directly in the eyes as she instructed Alice to lift up her skirt so that she could see her knickers.

Alice gulped and proceeded to slowly lift her skirt for the teacher to inspect her, “Higher,” Miss Cunningham said firmly, “All the way up.”

Alice now had her skirt lifted high up out of the way of her knickers, all of them were visible, her taught abdomen showing,

Her legs and ass were beautiful, my cock throbbed wildly inside the constrains of my pants, her buttocks were so pert, her face was bright red. The knickers were small. Miss Cunningham leaned forward with her stick and traced the edge of her underwear, the seam over her bum, and up the sides leading slowly to her mound at the front. As she traced Alice quivered, almost as if she were enjoying this, I could see her squeezing her legs together firmly.

Miss Cunningham’s instruction pierced the silence, “Open your legs girl, shoulder width apart.”

Alice obeyed, looking straight ahead now, a deep concentration on her face.

Miss Cunningham stood in front of her and slowly leaned forward, the stick gently made contact with the inside of her ankle and slowly moved up the inside of Alice’s calf, she gulped, her breathing increasing. The stick slowly rose – passing her knees, now rising up the inside of her thigh. The stick made gentle contact with the gusset of Alice’s knickers, she let out a slight gasp, the atmosphere was electric.

Miss Cunningham continued to trace the stick up the front of Alice’s knickers.

“What’s this?” Miss Cunningham quizzed. Alice looked down, her body shaking. Miss Cunningham’s stick was resting gently on a tiny pink bow at the top of Alice’s white knickers.

Alice closed her eyes firmly, her breathing quickened, and then paused.

“Well what is it?” Miss Cunningham asked again.

“It’s, it’s a bow miss,” Alice managed to say.

“Alice, you know as well as I that the uniform regulations clearly state that girls are to wear plain white knickers, I’m afraid that this is your fifth infraction.”

“Take off your skirt for now, and return to position one, I shall come back to you later.”

Alice undid her skirt and stepped out of it, now dressed in only her bra, knickers and black school shoes with white socks. She placed her hands back on her head.

This vision before me was the sexiest of my life, I nearly lost control.

Miss Cunningham turned her attention back to me, I gulped.

“Well, we do seemed to have enjoyed this little show don’t we boy?” Miss Cunningham said as she poked my boner with her stick.

“So you’ve been gawping at Alice as well, did I give you permission to look away from the board?”

“No miss” I replied quietly.

“You look a Mess, have you made any attempt to conform with the uniform regulations?” Actually I’d been so distracted all day that I had failed to remember that my uniform would be scrutinized at all. I was wearing the wrong kind of shirt and had black boxer shorts on again.

Miss Cunningham oozed sexuality, “I don’t have time for this, just take off all your clothes.” My heart was beating out of control. “And lets see if we can teach you some calculus at the same time.”

Miss Cunningham moved to the black board and picked up some chalk. As I removed my shoes the chalk made contact with the board with a hard click.

“One, your shoes are too dirty. Two, you are wearing non-regulation socks. Three, your shirt is creased and non-regulation.” I was momentarily distracted by Alice’s beauty as the evening sun caught her body, showing the dimples on her skin, my erection swelled beyond all possibility.

Smack! The sharp pain of Miss Cunningham’s stick across by backside brought me back into the room.

“Get on with it, I don’t have all night!”

I pulled down my trousers, the tent in my boxers jutting wildly.

“And off with those too, you dirty boy.”

I stood before these two goddesses, completely naked, Alice blushed as she stared at my hard cock.

Miss Cunningham stood in front of the window, I was blinded by the evening sun as she issued her instructions.

“On the board is the number of your uniform violations. I counted seven, what do you have to say?” I gulped, my cock jutting out before me, as hard as rock. “You’ve made absolutely no effort whatsoever, it’s almost like you want to be punished.”

She looked at me, I saw her red lips part slightly and I dropped my head, “Put your hands on the board.” I felt footsteps behind me, and I tensed my body in anticipation of the imminent impact, but instead of the sharp pain of her stick, I jumped as I felt her hand stroke my back.

“It’s a shame, a body this nice is wasted on such a fool.”

I felt her hand trace down my back towards my buttocks, she grabbed a cheek, I heard Alice gasp. I imagined the cool breath pass her the lips of her petite mouth, her lips swelling with excitement.

“Spread you legs.”

I did as I was told.

SMACK!! she spanked me with her hand.

“Lets get you warmed up.”

SMACK SMACK SMACK, she quickly and repeatedly whacked by buttocks, I could feel them warming, getting hotter and hotter.

I was shocked when I felt her reach through my legs from behind and grab my testicles. “You’re dirty boy, we’re really going to have do something about your behavior,” she said as she roughly griped my cock.

She let go and there was a pause, I heard her cane slice through the air, THWACK!! she struck my bottom seven times. Tears ran down my cheeks.

“Turn around.” I shuffled around and met Alice’s gaze, her eyes darted down to my still hard cock. Her lips curled into a slight smile.

“What are you smiling at? Your punishment is still to come!” Alice’s face dropped, she looked adorable in her underwear, her brown wavy hair reaching down her back.

I felt Miss Cunningham step behind me, “Bend over.” I did as I was told, I now knew better than to disobey.

“Now for a little reward.” She walked over to the desk and retrieved a marker pen.

Miss Cunningham walked back behind me it suddenly dawned on me what might be about to happen.

I felt the smooth end of the marker trace slowly along my butt crack, I froze in anticipation, it felt electric as she slowly traced the pen over my anal ring, I’d never felt anything so good.

“Relax, all boys like a bit of bottom play.”

Alice looked on in shock, as the pen slid in I was overwhelmed with the sensation and came – in thick ropes all over the carpet in front of me. More cum than I had ever seen pulsed out in thick spurts.

There was silence.

“Oh dear,” Miss Cunningham said in mock surprise, “Look at the mess you’ve made! You’ll clean that up in a minute, at least we’ve discovered how to deal with your little problem.” She pointed to my now limp member with her stick.

“Alice, swap places with Edward.” I hung my head as Alice walked past me. I stood, still naked facing the front of the classroom.

“It looks like a week of detention is not going to be enough for you two, your behavior has regressed far beyond what I had imagined, we shall have to make some alternative arrangements.”

“Alice adopt position one.” She instructed as Alice turned to face the board with her hands on her head.

It was starting to get dark now, and Miss Cunningham drew the curtains, my bum felt sore, and my anus felt strange after it’s stimulation.

“Alright Alice, we’ll start easily for you.” Miss Cunningham started rhythmically spanking the beautiful behind with her stick.


I could hear Alice whimpering, her bum cheeks started to glow. I thought I could make out a dark spot between her legs, no, I definitely could, Oh my god! she was getting excited by this! Her whimpers became louder and Miss Cunningham did not fail to notice, as she instructed her to be quiet.

Miss Cunningham moved behind Alice and felt her body, her hands roaming from her shoulders, over her arms and down her back, she arrived at Alice’s Bottom, she moved her hand between the girls legs.

“What’s this!!” Miss Cunningham held up her fingers which were distinctly moist.

“Are you enjoying this as well girl?” Alice was silent.

“You two are the dirtiest, most unruly students I’ve ever had the displeasure to teach!”

“Get out of my sight! both of you!!”

Alice and I quickly got dressed and ran out of the door, she looked over her shoulder at me in the corridor, and without a word ran off.

Secretly I was disappointed, I was really looking forward to seeing Alice naked, and was hoping she would get some kind of ‘reward’ like me – but there was always the punishment tomorrow…


Today I made a special effort to conform with the uniform regulations, I think I genuinely wanted to please Miss Cunningham. Unfortunately the only white briefs I had were old and much to small, causing me some discomfort.

Spring really felt like it had arrived today, the sun shone brightly on my walk to school, I noticed the new flowers and fresh green leaves, aware of the fresh air filling my lungs.

I had a lesson with Miss Cunningham in the morning. She took my breath away with her light summer dress, again acting as if nothing had happened, virtually ignoring Alice and I.

That afternoon after school Alice and I found ourselves waiting outside the classroom door, we looked into each others eyes and felt a connection. She looked adorable today, her hair tied up in a bun on the back of her head.

We were called in.

“As you are aware today is Friday, and should be the final day of your punishment, but after your disgusting behavior yesterday I feel that this correction is going to take longer than I thought.” Alice and I hung our heads, our eyes fixed on the floor.

“I have decided that the only way to fully correct your behavior is to take further control of your activities. I intend to provide a residential workshop over this weekend, hopefully 24hr supervision may go some way to addressing the root of the cause.”

Alice and I glanced at each other.

“I have informed your parents of my generous offer to coach you over the weekend, as you are both slipping back with your grades, they were very grateful.”

“Position one! – I need some time to mark these papers.”

Alice and I faced the board with our hands on our heads, considering our fate, I was very excited about the possibilities, but couldn’t help but think that it might not all be plain sailing. After about half an hour Miss Cunningham told us to get our things and wait in the corridor.

We waited outside and after a few minutes MIss Cunningham exited the classroom, turning to lock the door.

“Follow me.”

We had no choice in the matter, I picked up my school bag and followed, watching her swaying ass in the light summer dress.

My heart was beating hard, I could not believe what was happening, I was going to stay for the weekend in the teachers house that I fancied the most, with one of the most beautiful girls in the school.

We followed Miss Cunningham into the car park, by this time most of the other cars and students had gone. Miss Cunningham clicked open the central locking of her car.

“You two can sit in the back.”

I felt like a child, sitting in the back of the car with Alice, a bonus though was that I was getting a generous view of her creamy smooth thighs. She took my breath away in the evening light, the sun caught the tips of the trees and illuminated the long streets, the golden world flying past our windows made me feel like I was in another world.

Alice looked at me and smiled, she was truly beautiful, I hoped that Miss Cunningham went easy on her.

Miss Cunningham drove quite slowly, and carefully. When I looked in the front I could see her sun dress riding up her legs, I got an instant erection. The tension was palpable. I tried to keep my eyes looking forward, not staring Miss Cunningham or Alice next to me.

We were soon rolling gently through a quiet suburban neighborhood, after a maze of turns we pulled through a large pair of automatic gates and up a drive, at the top was a large 1970s detached house. She got out of the car and waited for us, I noticed that there was a fair amount of privacy with no overlooking houses.

I awkwardly opened the door and got out of the car, my erection still rock hard, Miss Cunningham glanced at me and tutted.

“I shall explain the ground rules once we are inside.”

We entered through the front door into a carefully furnished house, the carpet was light in color and felt thick underfoot, everything was in tasteful pastel colors.

“Firstly you shall still address me as Miss, just because we are in my home does not mean that our student teacher relationship has changed.”

“Secondly, this is my home and I expect you to respect it as such, I maintain a high level of cleanness here and I expect you to live within my standards.”

“Thirdly, I am in charge, you shall only speak when spoken to and obey all of my orders without question.”

“There will be more rules to follow, but these will do for now.”

“Right, you are both unclean, remove your clothes.”

Alice and I were now accustomed to removing our clothes, but being in these unfamiliar surroundings put us on edge.

Miss Cunningham placed her hands on her hips as she waited for us to reveal ourselves, I could tell by the wry smile on her face that our presence here was not purely for our own benefit, she was definitely going to enjoy this too.

As I removed my school tie, I glanced at Alice, she was working her way down the buttons on the front of her blouse. I could see the swell of her breasts encased in her white bra.

“Hurry up! we don’t have all night!” snapped Miss Cunningham.

I took off my shirt and fumbled with my belt, I was soon down to my underpants, as was Alice beside me.

“I said remove your clothes! All of them, you need to start getting better at following my instructions!”

I quaked with excitement as I Removed my regulation Boxer shorts. Alice unclasped her Bra and slid her panties down her smooth legs, I couldn’t help but gulp as I saw her neatly trimmed bush. We stood there naked.

“Well there’s a surprise, you both actually managed to conform with the uniform regulations, now tidy up your mess!”

She motioned at the piles of our clothes. We bent to collect them, and held them in from of us.

Miss Cunningham held out a large bag. “Put all of your things in here, you will be provided with everything you need during your stay here.”

We placed our clothes in the bag along with all our belongings, my wallet, phone, keys and schoolbag, Alice’s purse and even our shoes.

“Your watches and jewelry too, you won’t need them here.”

We took of our watches, and Alice removed her necklace, her hard nipple brushed against my arm as she put them in the bag.

Miss Cunningham zipped up the bag and told us to stay put, we heard her moving around upstairs, a few moments late she returned without it.

“Don’t worry, your belongings will be returned to you when you leave, come with me.” She turned and started walking towards the carpeted stairs.

As we followed her up the stairs I felt a strange feeling of loss of control, now walking naked in this woman’s house, with no clothes or any belongs at all, we were completely defenseless.

At the top of the stairs we turned right, along a carpeted corridor, at the end of the corridor was a large bathroom, we could hear the taps running.

The bathroom was steamy and warm, with a large bathtub in the corner, big enough for at least three people, the tiles were light pink and the taps were golden and knobbly.

“As I said earlier, in my house I require a high level of cleanness, this starts with personal hygiene.”

She turned her back to us and checked the water in the bath, looking stunning in her summer dress. After adjusting the levels she told us to get in.

Alice and I stepped into the bath, the soapy water almost too hot. Alice looked amazing, she caught my eye as her foot grazed across my penis under the water.

Miss Cunningham turned and collected some bottles of soap and shampoo. “Right lets start at the top.” She said wrapping an apron around her waist and kneeling on a towel in front of the bath.

Taking the shower head she started to rinse our hair with the spray, after a few minutes I felt the cold squirt of shampoo in my hair.

“Don’t worry, it’s no tears shampoo, I know how sensitive you boys can be.” She said, maximizing my humiliation. Any attempt I made to appear manly in front of Alice would not be tolerated.

After thoroughly soaping and rinsing our hair, in a very businesslike manner, Miss Cunningham proceeded to soap up our glistening bodies. Taking time over Alice’s petite breasts, Alice let out a squeak as Miss Cunningham tugged on her hard nipples.

Ordering me to stand up she soaped my cock and balls, her wet slippery hand slid between my legs and found my anus, I gasped as she a slipped finger across my rim and slowly pushed it in.

“We need to make sure you’re clean here too.” She slowly slid her finger in and out of me, washing her hands in the bath when she’d finished.

Alice was instructed to stand, and the same ritual was repeated, I stared as Miss Cunningham finger fucked Alice’s bottom, her young body glistening wet, my jaw must have been in the water because Miss Cunningham told me to stop gawping and get on with washing myself.

“Right, you should have softened up a bit now, it’s time to remove your unsightly body hair, who first?”

Alice and I looked at each other, we were not expecting this.

“Right then, Alice you first.”

She told Alice to stand, then lathered up her supple body with shaving cream, first under her arms, then she told her to stand and place her feet on the edge of the tub. One at a time she shaved Alice’s legs, taking her time, using disposable razors to scrape away the fine stubble. Finally her legs were finished.

“Right, now for your hairy mound.” Alice was silent as Miss Cunningham instructed her to sit on the edge of the bath with her legs spread. Slowly lathering up Alice’s pubis Miss Cunningham worked her fingers into her folds, I could see Alice was getting excited, her berating was heavy.

“Lift your bum up please.” Alice lifted her cute bottom off the edge of the bath while Miss Cunningham worked the lather into her bum crack.

Miss Cunningham slowly began to scrape away at Alice’s bush, “Open your legs wider.” Alice stretched her legs wider as Miss Cunningham carefully removed her fine bush, taking time around the edge of her lips.

“Right now bend over the edge of the bath and I’ll finish you off.”

Alice stood up and turned around, Now facing me sat in the bath, she looked me in the eyes with a glazed expression as Miss Cunningham asked her to arch her back and spread her cheeks apart. Her lips parted as Miss Cunningham scraped the razor around her bumhole. It was a shame to see Alice’s soft bush have to go.

“Stay there.” Instructed miss Cunningham standing up and fiddling around at the sink.

“Now it’s time to get you completely clean, stay still.”

I could see the shock on Alice’s face when the head of the lubricated enema nozzle pressed against her anus, she continued to meet my gaze as Miss Cunningham Squeezed the bag and filled her with warm soapy water.

“We can’t have any dirt hiding up there can we.”

Miss Cunningham reached between Alice’s legs and massaged her stomach as she filled her with warm soapy water, she seemed to get bored and reached up to play with Alice’s breasts, roughly puling on her slippery nipples.

“Only a little more now.” Miss Cunningham softly said to Alice, as she squeezed in the rest of the contents of the bag, Alice seemed to be uncomfortable now and was groaning.

“Right it’s all in, now be a good girl and hold it in for a few minuets.”

Alice was obviously finding it difficult as Miss Cunningham continued to massage her stomach.

“Right, you can pop over to the loo in and let it out now.”

Alice dashed to the toilet in the corner of the bathroom, and the water from her bowels gushed out, she looked at me and her face went a bright shade of red.

“No need to be shy Alice, we all need to keep clean, now pop back in the tub, it’s Ed’s turn now.”

I gulped, in a way I wish that I hadn’t witnessed what was about to happen to me.

I stood up in the tub while Miss Cunningham covered my body with shaving foam, she opened a new pack of razors and got to work.

No part of my body was left unchecked, she shaved my arms and legs, taking every opportunity to force myself to be exposed in front of her and Alice.

After some time I was also instructed to get out of the tub and stand with my legs apart, first she trimmed the longer hairs with a pair of scissors, then set to shaving around my cock and balls, when I was hairless she asked my to bend over and spread my asscheeks.

Blushing I followed her orders.

“You two have very pretty bumholes.” Miss Cunningham said affectionately as she lubed up my sphincter and slid the nozzle in.

I squirmed as the warm water flowed into me, it was Alice’s turn to ogle at me in this compromising position.

“We’ll have to take care of you’re penis, dirty boy.” Miss Cunningham fondled my hard cock, then reached up between my legs and massaged my smooth slippery stomach.

To those of you who wrote comments and/or voted on Parts 1 and 2, thank you for the feedback and encouragement, it’s greatly appreciated.

Part 3 continues in the same vein, although it’s perhaps a little more extreme. If you haven’t already read Parts 1 and 2, you will find the story line makes more sense if you do so before starting Part 3.

Langley, Virginia (continued)

“OK, Amanda, now it’s time for your physical exam.”

Oh, shit, she thought. If that was the warm-up, then this part must be twice as bad. As she rose, she checked the seat of her armchair. She had grown excited during the interview, and she wanted to be sure she didn’t leave a wet spot behind. Apparently her skirt had absorbed the moisture.

“During the exam, we’re also going to take several still pictures for your S2 Profile Portfolio.”

“My what?”

“Your S2 Profile Portfolio. It’s what the decision makers use for candidate appraisal and selection.”

“And how do they go about making their ‘selection’?” She thought she knew.

“Well, quite frankly, a big part of it is how hot you are. Do you have what it takes to get a guy to do what you want? It’s partly raw visual sex appeal, but it’s also something else – something about your personality. That indescribable quality that triggers unbounded lust and overwhelming carnal hunger in any red-blooded male on the planet. We need that angle to come through too.”

“You’re talking about the ability to manipulate a man.”

“That would be one aspect of it. But every woman has her own style of interacting with a guy. One girl might be playful, another might tease, maybe in an archly provocative way. Some women are more verbal, using double entendres, for example, others use a more physical approach based on the way they move, or how they hold themselves, or how close they stand, or how they look at the guy, or how they touch him.”

As they spoke, he guided her into the examination room. “I think the qualities common to all are confidence, ease, being comfortable in one’s own skin. And the ability to put aside your own fears and hang-ups, to give yourself up to the mission, to leave yourself open to all possible outcomes. And most importantly, an ability to focus single-mindedly on the guy, to make him feel he’s the center of the universe.”

The room was vast. He made no move to close the door behind them. Then she noticed other doors stood open around the perimeter of the room.

“Amanda, if you would please remove your blouse, we can get started.”

Things were moving way too fast. She hadn’t expected to take off her blouse and let this man she just met see her with just her bra on. And what about all those open doors? One led to a major corridor, and two men had already passed by during the brief time they’d been talking. Someone could easily walk in on them. She needed time to think. But Dr. Miller was already looking impatient. She definitely didn’t want to make him angry again.

When he made no move to step outside, or even to turn his back, Amanda remained standing, facing him, and with some considerable apprehension, began unbuttoning her high-necked cream dress blouse. He blatantly ogled her, his gaze fixed most improperly on the swell of her bust, as she unfastened each button. The edges of the material began to part, revealing first her upper chest, then a section of her pink bra where the cups joined, and finally a narrow strip of her belly. He licked his lips.

Taking note of the doctor’s lustful stare, Amanda became even more self-conscious. He had seemed to immensely enjoy questioning her about her sexuality. Now, as she began disrobing, he was even more attentive. Why wasn’t he more clinical, more detached, as a doctor should be? But she had no time to further explore such considerations.

When Amanda’s hands reached her waist, she hesitated a moment before pulling the hem of her open blouse from beneath her skirt, revealing her pink lace bra more completely as Miller watched intently. Amanda felt simultaneously embarrassed and further aroused. She was a modest person, yet she had already become turned on during the interview, and now there was something about showing her body to this quite good-looking man that was further inflaming her desire.

Miller took a moment to admire the way Amanda’s generous, perfectly formed breasts so exquisitely filled the cups of her bra, to an extent only hinted at when she’d been covered by her blouse. The lace was translucent, so he could see the shadow of her areolae and the bumps where her hard nipples tried to poke through the thin material.

Amanda turned and carefully hung the delicate blouse on a hook behind the door, then faced him again. Her lips parted and she breathed heavily with a mix of passion and anxiety as she studied his face for a reaction. The ambitious, careerist, feminist part of her wanted to be indifferent to his response, or even disdainful of any indication that he viewed her as a sex object.

But there was another side to Amanda, a side that sought affirmation of her femininity, her womanliness. She was still young enough (and inexperienced enough) to be insecure in her beauty, somewhat aware that many men found her pretty, but nevertheless finding considerable fault with her own appearance.

In particular, she believed (erroneously) that she wasn’t sufficiently thin. Ethan had implied as much, before he dropped her for the more slender Caitlin. Since then, a number of jerks had chased her, but no other man of any stature in her own eyes had fully validated her as a truly desirable young woman.

As a result, here she stood, bare to the waist except for a flimsy bra that hardly concealed her lovely roundness, watching the face of an accomplished, successful, attractive man – one who stood in a position of great power and authority over her – and searching for an indication of whether or not he liked what he saw. The hint of a smile suggested that he did, and a bulge in the front of his pants confirmed it. But before she could take any pleasure in his obvious interest, he resumed his questioning.

“You certainly do like nice underwear, don’t you? That must be another bra from Victoria’s Secret. Is it a Wonderbra?”

The question took Amanda by surprise, and for a moment she failed to process the suggestiveness in his remark.

“No, actually, the Wonderbra has extra padding, to make your, um, breasts look bigger. Mine are big enough already, in fact Ethan thought they were too big.”

“Really? And what about the lace, did you choose it for my benefit, to call attention to your breasts?”

Now his innuendo was too obvious to miss. Amanda became indignant. “Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous! I would never!”

Miller’s expression said he was unconvinced. “But you did with Ethan.”

She felt her color rising again. “These were the only decent – well, I don’t have that many – they were – ” She grew more flustered as she stammered.

He seemed to be enjoying her discomfort. “If you say so. But were you hoping I’d like your breasts?”

Now here was a question that put her in a quandary. If she said yes, she’d contradict her claim of innocence about her choice of sexy lingerie. But if she said no, she would imply she wasn’t interested in him. She actually was attracted to him. And he probably knew. But she didn’t want to admit it.

“Now Amanda, we already talked about this. You know I can always tell when you’re holding back. It’s ok that you want me to like your breasts. They’re very beautiful, and it’s only natural that a young woman with such appealing assets would want to flaunt them.”

He was right. He could always tell. Her face flushed anew with shame, interwoven with confusion. His descriptions of her motives were painting an increasingly clear portrait of a vain, brazen whore. And yet, his statements also contained a flattering compliment which was aimed at her point of greatest insecurity regarding her appearance. The contradictions were steadily unraveling her self-confidence.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. At war with herself, she was at a loss for words. If only he weren’t so damned perceptive.

He chose that moment to strike. “Jenkins,” he yelled towards the opposite doorway. “Pictures. Now!”

Jenkins rushed into the room, adjusting the settings on his digital SLR as he scurried, and muttering about how some advance warning would be nice. But when he saw Amanda, he stopped short, and his rant ended abruptly. He had been doing his job for some time, but she was easily the most beautiful woman he’d ever been asked to photograph. However, he quickly recovered and tried to appear disinterested.

Amanda was caught off-guard and jolted by his sudden appearance. She knew that the translucent pale fuchsia lace of her bra did little to conceal her breasts, and her hands automatically flew up in an attempt to cover them.

“Jenkins, this is Amanda. She needs an S2 Profile Portfolio.”

“A complete one?”

“Jenkins. You stupid moron. When was the last time I asked you to do just part of an S2?”

“Um, sorry, sir, it’s just that she’ll need to, um, well, I’ll have to, um, well, it’s going to take a long time.”

“Yes, it will. So maybe you should get started.”

“Oh, sorry, sir. Of course.”

Jenkins switched on his flash, and framed his shot to show Amanda with a blank wall behind her, at a slight angle so that the wall would reflect the flash to one side. He pressed the shutter down, and took three closely spaced shots, as quickly as his flash could cycle. He captured Amanda wearing a self-conscious frown, her hands clutched to her breasts, her chin down and her shoulders forward as she tried in vain to find concealment where none was available.

“Um, Miss, um – “

“Amanda Stevens.”

“Amanda. You’re frowning. That’s not the look you’re going for here. You want a more relaxed, confident expression.”

“Well, I’m sorry,” she said, clearly not meaning it. “I’m not used to being photographed in my underwear.” But she managed to pull up the corners of her mouth.

“That’s ok,” he said, not unkindly. “You don’t have to smile, just part your lips a little.” He had her look at his feet, and was pleased at the way, her long, bowed black eyelashes stood out against her clear, light skin. He zoomed in to frame her face and shoulders, took several snaps, then had her look more directly at him so that the next series of shots captured the full depth of her large, dark eyes.

Amanda began to grow accustomed to the sound of the camera shutter, and in time she relaxed enough that Jenkins was able to get her to move her hands from her breasts to her hips. He racked his lens out a little to obtain several good shots of her nearly bare torso. Jenkins offered such positive encouragement that she became lost in the moment, and threw back her shoulders as she boldly thrust her breasts forward. Again she parted her lips, and her nostrils flared as Jenkins held the shutter release down, causing the camera to capture another long series of frames.

Miller’s voice broke the spell. “Now please take off your skirt.”

And just that quickly, Amanda found herself at another junction, another moment of truth. Was she going to continue to further expose herself to this admittedly appealing man and his assistant – and whoever else might be going to walk in – while being photographed? Did she really want to show them all her bare thighs and her very sheer little panties?

Given her career aspirations, did she really have a choice?

Miller and Jenkins both waited patiently, expectantly. After a moment of thought, Amanda was forced to concede that there was really only one decision she could make. And she had hesitated as long as she could. It was time.

Reluctantly, she reached to the small of her back to grasp the zip tab of her navy pencil skirt and drew it deliberately all the way down its track. Jenkins was ready, and his next series showed the deft grasp of her fingers and the narrow strip of left buttock and thigh they revealed. He took another long sequence as Amanda uneasily unfastened the waistband closure and slid the narrow skirt down her legs.

Miller stood rooted as his eyes traced the taut, youthful flatness of Amanda’s belly, the generous swell of her ass, and the well-toned musculature of her perfectly formed thighs and calves. Her pink lace bikini panties matched her bra. Meanwhile, Jenkins managed to remember his job, and he jockeyed for position to get several full frontal shots as well as a number from behind, including a couple of nice close-ups of her ass.

Amanda now stood directly in front of Miller, arms once again crossed tightly over the expanse of her breasts, and looked up apprehensively, her heart pounding.

“I bet some of those last shots don’t leave much to the imagination. Why do you need such explicit photos?”

“Oh, you don’t know the half…,” he began, before thinking better of it. “What I mean to say is, we find that, as the subject’s clothing is removed, her artifice also falls away, and we get a better idea of her personality.”

“Oh, I see, this is all about my personality. I feel so much better now.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm and bitterness.

His last statement had really upset her, but she tried to push her concerns from her mind, as Miller began checking her vital signs, recording them on his clipboard.

He then called in a phlebotomist (another male), and as blood was drawn for testing, he spent most of his time studying Amanda’s well-turned figure as she sat on the table in just her bra and panties, blushing furiously and wondering just how many more men would be stopping by to gawk at her.

After the phlebotomist left, Dr. Miller recorded Amanda’s height and weight. He then knelt and held one end of a flexible dressmaker’s measuring tape inside her ankle. He ran the other end up the inside of her right thigh, accompanied by a sharp intake of breath. He only stopped when he had pressed the tape into the crease where her inside upper thigh met her body, the back of his hand squished heedlessly but firmly against her damp mound.

She was all too aware of the position of his face just inches from the front of her panties. What could he see through the lacy fabric? She squirmed as she felt his hot breath on her pussy through the thin material. How strong was the musky aroma of her abundant juices?

Miller asked Amanda her measurements, and he recorded her answers as 36C-23-35. Instructing her to place her hands behind her head, she colored again as he checked each answer with the tape, wrapping it tightly around the fullest part of her bust, her chest just beneath her breasts, the narrowest point of her waist, and the widest extent of her hips.

“Are you sure you’re really a 36C? My tape says you’re a D cup. And your breasts are bulging out a little around the edges of your bra.”

This was a touchy topic for Amanda, and she fumed. The saleswoman at Victoria’s Secret had suggested she was a D cup too. “I’m quite certain I’m a C,” she hissed.

He smiled. “Whatever you say.” He turned to Jenkins. “Get your camera up.” He looked back at Amanda. “Please take off your bra now.”

Amanda’s face and upper chest flushed dark red as she processed the request. She licked her lips. She was growing more turned on by the minute, and more aware of his evident interest and swelling erection, but also more agitated by her exposure of the most intimate areas of her body.

Yes, he was a doctor, and yes, she had acquiesced to this examination. And, while she didn’t have extensive experience with doctor’s exams, she knew they often required removal of clothing. And, while she preferred to see female physicians, she was aware that most were men. However, she was accustomed to receiving some respect for her desire for privacy. She certainly didn’t expect to bare her torso in public. Was she really going to let this man separate her from her bra in what amounted to a public setting – with another man watching and taking pictures?

Once again, if she wanted to pursue becoming a field agent, it was clear there was no alternative.

Summoning her willpower, Amanda made herself sit up straight on the end of the table. She reached behind herself, unhooked her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders, and let the cups fall away from her breasts. Her sense of embarrassment deepened as she heard the sound of Jenkins’ camera begin to cycle continuously and she wondered how many other men would see the photos.

Again Miller stared obviously, unable to conceal his lust. Her breasts were just so full, so round, so bountiful, so perfectly proportioned to her body. He could admire them endlessly. His rock hard member tried to poke a hole in his pants.

In a thick voice, Miller told Amanda to turn away from him and place her hands behind her head again. The tension in the room was electric. As she rotated her body to face the wall, she understood that he was about to grasp her breasts from behind, and she wondered how it would feel. Would he be rough or gentle? Which did she want? Would he stimulate her nipples? They were so sensitive, especially when they were swollen, as they were now. Despite her feelings of embarrassment, she felt her juices flow anew in erotic anticipation.

Miller reached out to place his right hand on the front of her ribcage, just below her breast. She suppressed a startled twitch at his touch. He slid his hand upward until he cupped her right breast, splaying his fingers and curling them around the underside. He paused, taking in with his touch the confirmation of what he had just absorbed with his eyes: a series of delicious contradictions. Her high, youthful, taut firmness complemented her supple, pliant, smooth softness, to an extent far beyond his expectations.

The feeling of her right breast was so exquisite, he couldn’t help himself. He reached around the other side with his left hand to explore her other breast. He reveled in the sensation as his fingers roamed freely over her tender skin, weighing, pressing, prodding, squeezing. He felt her nipples harden as he pinched them.

Amanda suppressed a sigh at the sensation of Miller’s palms and fingers on her breasts. All this stimulation was getting her so hot. She knew he would notice her now fully erect nipples and she felt a growing sense of shame at her obvious arousal. Worse, she was horrified at the thought that he might realize how wet she had become.

Oh, shit, she thought. Was he going to make her take off her panties too? She very badly didn’t want to. But he had made her strip off every other piece of clothing she wore. And he seemed keenly interested in each new swath of exposed skin. What would stop him from taking away her last remnant of modesty?

The moment she dreaded came all too soon.

“Now please pull down your panties.”

At first, Amanda didn’t move. Miller stood waiting, his eyes boring into the side of her face. His look said, well? Amanda knew she had delayed as long as she could. She slid off the end of the table to stand in front of him again, and he enjoyed watching her breasts bounce freely.

Amanda drew in a breath, hooked her thumbs into the narrow sides of her bikini panties, and pulled them off her hips. She leaned forward, and the thin lace of the crotch panel slid down between her thighs as she drew the elastic edges down her legs. Amanda was mortified to see that the crotch was so obviously soaked.

Amanda stood completely naked before him, her thighs pressed tightly together, her arms once again crossed over her breasts. He instructed her to drop her arms, and after a moment, she complied. She flushed again as his eyes roamed freely over her perfectly proportioned, well-toned frame. Meanwhile, Jenkins moved in an arc around her, capturing a mix of close-ups and full-length images of her lovely ass and full breasts. Despite her closed legs, he noted that a bit of her bare cleft was visible, and he was careful to get some shots that highlighted it. Her lower lip quivered as she realized how exposed she was and how revealing these pictures would be.