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It was one of those bummer days, when I found out, at our year end meeting on Friday, about our company merger a couple of weeks before Christmas. It bummed me out, because I didn’t know if I was going to have a job after January. Saturday I was still stressed, so I just moped around the house. When Jim, a new guy that I’ve seen only once before, called me and asked me to a Christmas Party at the last minute, I happily accepted. Even though I wasn’t in the mood for partying, I needed a distraction. What better way to get my mind off my problems then to celebrate my favorite time of the year? When he picked me up at my condo, he noticed something was wrong. He asked if I was alright because I wasn’t my normal bubbly self. So I unloaded all of my job stress on him. He didn’t say anything, but just let me vent as we drove over to the party. I did feel much better by the time we got there.

We drove for into this gated mansion in the Hollywood Hills. I thought it was going to be a Company party by the way he described it, but it turned out to be a huge Christmas Party that a movie mogul has every year. Oh my god! When I walked in, I was in awe from seeing all kinds of celebrities from actors to sport figures. As we walked around and being introduced to a lot of stars that I never thought meeting, I completely forgot my troubles. A lot of them asked a few questions about Jim and me. It seems like the one question from the guys stood out over all of the others, “So you are Jim’s new girl that he’s been promoting?”

Not really understanding the meaning of the question, I just smiled and said something like I guess so. As we talked, they told me that I was more attractive than his other girls he had promoted in the past and should be quite popular. I hoped they were talking about acting, but I got the feeling it was something else. They also made nice commits about my dress.

Maybe I shouldn’t have worn the pink dress I bought in France. It was a very short with silver and white sequences. It had a front zipper that started below my boobs and could be opened down below my belly button. It tied around my neck and barely covered my assets. I had the zipper up to a few inches below my boobs showing just enough cleavage. I guess you could call it an easy access dress, at least that what Jim called it once we got to the party. In fact, it was Jim who took it from my closest, when he didn’t like what I was originally wearing. He said I looked fabulous in it and guys would be very attentive.

After an hour of meandering, meeting celebs and drinking many Martinis, we went into a back room. There were maybe 10 to 20 guys and girls in there. The smell of marijuana was pungent. As soon as I walked in, I was handed a joint from this hot blonde naked above her waist. She was giggling as she told me to take a drag. So I did, while watching another naked girl sniffing a line of some white powder. I had two more drags and went to lean against the back wall. The stuff hit me very quickly and now I was floating. Jim asked if I wanted some coke too. I said no and told him I really don’t do drugs.

As I was enjoying my high, Jim pushed me back against a sliding door and kissed me. Oh what a very hot passionate kiss. It instantly made me horny. His kiss just awoke all of my desires for loving. I had forgotten what pot does to me. I become so uninhibited ready for anything, when I smoke it.

I was giggling as he unzipped my dress all the down to the end. Slowly he moved the pink material off my boobs and exposed them to the smoky air. He began kissing my boobs and flicking the tips of my nipples with his tongue. My nipples were standing erect craving more. I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted too, because it felt so good. When he went to kiss me again, he reached between my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I spread them apart because it felt amazing. Suddenly I felt another hand on my breast and a guy saying something like, “Is she your new Provider Jim?”

He stopped kissing me and said, “I’m working her up to that Carl. I hope by the time the night is over, she will be all broken in and ready for a career change.” Carl laughed and asked if he could be first to break me in.

Jim moved back and Carl began feeling my pussy. As he did, he asked how much Jim was charging to fuck me. Jim laughed and told him that since it was his party, I was on the house, if he spread the word about me being available tonight for 200 a Christmas pop. Carl told him that he would be happy to help out.

Oh my God! I was so freaking high and now very horny. Being completely uninhibited and submissive, I didn’t care or get the meaning of those comments, until I remembered what was said the next day. It was like my body was on fire for some loving. I didn’t even care who was going to do me either, as long as he had a big cock pulsating in me. That is all I wanted.

Taking my hand he led me to an alcove (like a sun room without curtains) off the room I was in. It had a few couches and a view of the pool area. Another couple was on one of the couches and she was on all fours having sex. I was on the couch closest to the window. My dress was pulled up and I was kissing him, as his hands roamed my body. After a few minutes, he told me to take off my panty. As I was doing that, he took off his pants and stood in front of me so I could suck on his cock. When it became rock hard, he had me sit facing him so he could play with my excited boobs. It felt wonderful when he finally pushed his hard manhood into my wet passion. When I was riding him, it felt amazing with a cock buried in me. I was high and tipsy at the same time, while enjoying the sex more than ever. I kept telling him how good he felt in me and loudly moaned in sexual bliss. I came once and was building up to another as I was saying, “Oh yes! That’s it! Right there! Oh yes fuck me! God you feel so good in me! Don’t stop! I love what you are doing to me!”

He eventually turned me over on all fours. My head was over the back of the couch almost against the window. I had my eyes closed enjoying his cock buried deeply in me. I came again. Then I finally felt him squirting a huge load of semen in my drenched pussy. I do love the feeling of making a guy cum in me. Squirt after yummy squirt of his goo was drenching my insides.

After Carl finished unleashing his jism, I opened my eyes and looked out the window. There were many guys watching. I immediately stood up and covered myself up, although I almost fell down until Carl caught me. I could hear the comments of by those outside saying stuff like, “It sure looks like she was having fun. I wonder if I could have a turn too. Probably dude, that’s Jim new whore, etc.”

Jim came in and asked where he could put me to continue my licentious activities. Carl pointed to the small abode next to the pool. I was quickly taken in there, as his seed began oozing out of me and running down my legs.

Oh my god! I was now so freaking high, wanting to be fucked. Pot makes me so horny and why I don’t usually partake in smoking that stuff. The last time I had pot, was my senior year in college at a fraternity party. I had more than just a few drags and found myself up in a room having sex with three guys. The next day I felt so ashamed and guilty. I didn’t go to class for a week because of how humiliated I was. Wow! I forgot all about that event until now. So here I was high and horny again. I’m also now a different girl who just loves sex. Fucking is so fantastic when smoking a joint and I was about to enjoy some more incredible loving.

The abode was like a guest room. It had a double bed, couch, TV and a small bathroom with only a shower. After I came out of the bathroom, Carl closed the drapes and set me on the edge of the bed. Jim sat next to me and had me take another couple of drags of a joint. Then he put it out and told me I may need some later. Putting his arm around me, he said, “Kathryn the first time I laid eyes on you and fucked that hot unspoiled bod you have, I knew you would be ideal for this type of activity. You have a very beautiful face, easy on the eyes, and by what you told me, I know you have enjoyed lots of cocks. So I’m going to collect some money from guys to fuck you. I’ll give you half of what I get. I don’t know how many men will be partaking in fucking you, but we’ll continue this undertaking until everyone who wants you, has a turn. Just think of it as a career change opportunity and this is your audition. I even bet you’ll have a great time.”

What was I to say? Jim was rubbing my clit as he talked to me. I was so high and still very horny with my pussy tingling for cock. Even though I had no intention of having lots of sex when I left for this party, the idea of having sex over and over again was now very appealing to me. Pulling up my dress, I pushed Jim’s hand deeper on my clit and pussy, giggled, and answered, “Okay Jim! I’m so freaking horny. It sounds like fun too and I’ll do what ever you want me too.”

Then I laughed and told him that I couldn’t believe I just told him that. He told me to take off my dress but leave my heels on. He smiled and said, “I knew you would love doing this Kathryn.”

Jim left and I waited for a few minutes with my fingers playing with my clit. Then he walked in with this older guy. In the dim light I couldn’t tell who he was, but I did notice him being tall with a little pot belly. I was told to spread my legs apart and I did. I could hear Jim telling this guy that I was a new girl being introduced to this profession. The guy asked what he could do to me. He was told that he could fuck my ass and pussy, but not to cum in them. Then Jim laughed and told this guy that I loved sucking a cock dry. The guy laughed too, took some money from his pocket and gave it to him. Then Jim said that he had 30 minutes to pop or it will cost extra.

The guy came over to me and sat down. I turned to look at him and almost screamed. Oh my God! It was a famous actor that I had a crush on growing up. I used to dream about being one of his girls in the movies. He was a lot older now and out of shape, but still handsome in my eyes. When he said, “Kathryn, I hope you are as good as advertised by your pimp. You are really very attractive and I love the look of your clean shaved cunt. Can’t wait to stick you with my Hammer.”

He told me his name was Derrick, but I knew who he really was. Giggling, I answered, “Hi Derrick. This is going to so much fun having you make love to me. And your Hammer will be happy too.” I was really going to enjoy this, high or not.

We began kissing with him playing with my breast. When he went to suck on my nipples his hand roamed down to my pussy. He gently rubbed my clit and worked his thumb in between my pussy lips. Soon his thumb was in me and his fingers were rubbing my clit. I almost came right then. While he was enjoying my body, I reached over and undid his pants. He stopped, got up and quickly pulled them down. His nice big cock was standing erect right in my face, exactly what I had imagined. I grabbed it and put it in my mouth. He was getting harder by the minute as I sucked his tip. Then he told me that he had to fuck me before I made him cum sucking on him. So I laid on my back, leaned up on my arms and spread my legs apart. I wanted to watch his cock going in me just like in the movies. Instead, he took my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Standing in front of me, he asked for a condom. I told him that I was clean and if he was too, then we didn’t need any. I’ve had many dreams of him spewing his cum in me and I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

As I reached for his cock, he pushed my legs up over me. Slowly he pushed that lovely hard thing in me. I was in heaven as he slowly pumped me. I felt like I was in one of his movies being loved by him. Soon he was driving it hard in me. His groans of pleasure were music to my ears. I was moaning too, enjoying his rod plummeting me over and over again. I started telling him how good it felt having him fuck me. I even called him by his movie character name and yelled to fuck me harder just like one of his girls did in a movie. He stopped for a few seconds and said a line right out of that movie. I answered him back with the right line. Opening my eyes, I could I see him smiling and said, “All right then. Turnover and let me fuck that hot pussy of yours.”

He pulled out and I flipped on all fours. Reaching back I guided his cock back into my raging hole. I wanted it to never stop. It was just like I used to dream about, him making love to me. Faster and faster he continued ramming in and out of me. I just moaned in ecstasy loving every minute of him. It was some time until he finally told me he was ready to explode. Pulling out, I quickly turned over to get his load, but he was already shooting it out all over my hair and face. I managed to take his cock in my mouth for the last few squirts of cum. Then I swallowed it just like Jim wanted me too. When he finished, I got up and got a towel from the bathroom.

He took it and gently wiped his cum off my face and hair, but that was after he took his phone out and took a photo of his handy work. As he was wiping my face, he asked me if I had a crush on him. I giggled and said I did. So he asked for my phone number and told me he would call me for a sequel, when he’s back in town. Then he whispered that we could by-pass my pimp. So I took his phone and put my number in it. He was grinning as he left.

Jim came back in after Derrick left. He told me to clean up. So I did. When I came back out there was another guy waiting. I sat on the edge of the bed, opened my legs and motioned for him to come over. He gave Jim money and was told 30 minutes for the pop or it would be extra. It’s the line he used all night long.

Just like with Derrick, we started on the action of getting him hard so he could fuck me. He had a condom and he did me with it on. After he finished another guy came in and we started the fun all over again. This went on the rest of the night. I still don’t know how many guys I had sex with or remember each one. They all blended together except for my lover Derrick. I’ll remember him forever. I just hope he does call me.

After many hours, I was brought back to the party, still high. I had a drink and was given a present by Carl who was dressed like Santa. The whole party was now opening boxes of gifts. I don’t know what all everyone was given, but mine was a heart shape silver necklace about the size of a quarter. I saw a small inscription on it which said, “Kathryn is My Slut” We stayed another hour and I had one more guy, then Jim drove me home.

Jim followed me in. We went to my bedroom and we had sex, only in my ass, because I was still filled with cum in my pussy from the last guy. I didn’t even go clean up afterwards, but fell asleep cuddling with Jim. When I awoke around noon, I had a huge headache. Jim was already up and had coffee brewing. I had a cup then took a long shower. When I came out, he handed me 3 aspirin and a glass of tomato juice, which I guzzle down. After I began feeling better, Jim said, “See Kathryn, I knew you would be the perfect girl for those types of activities. Here are your earnings from last night. There is a lot more to come, when you do this full time. ”

He handed me $1000. Oh my God! I jumped in his arms, kissed him, and teasingly said, “So does this mean I’m now a whore?”

Jim laughed and answered, “Do you want to be a whore Kathryn?” I shook my head no. Then he said, “Well that’s good, because what you were doing last night wasn’t whoring. We don’t call girls whores any more. That’s offensive and impolite. We’ll call them “Providers”, because you provide a very valuable to service. Whores are usually referred to as street walkers and you are too beautiful to be a cheap street walker. What it means is that you are now my very attractive Provider and men are going to pay a lot for you. We’ll get you started after the first of the year, maybe even New Year’s Eve. You’ll probably like providing so much, that after a few months you’ll quit your job and only work a few nights a week making more money. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Oh my God! I see he has big plans for me. Even though it was fun and I came many times, it is NOT what I want to become. I like my job but I guess, if I don’t have one, this may be a temporary option. So I can live with doing something like this on a short-term basis. At least it wouldn’t be as bad as when I was on my French vacation. I guess I was a whore then, because I did do street walking with the van.

Anyway, this concludes my Christmas Party exploits. I just have too much going on in my life right now to make being a Provider an occupation. I’m still employed and may be promoted to a new position. The new director likes me. So all is well, although Jim has been bugging me to continue what he started for me, during that party. Last weekend during the Awards event, I had a few dates. It was fun, but I don’t want to make a habit. It is illegal here and I have too much to lose. Not like it was when I was in France.

I hope you guys contact me and tell me what you thought of my story. I love hearing from you all.

Kisses Kathryn

NOTE: Different perspectives (Third Person, and switching off of characters). This is my first time posting my work on an erotic space, please be kind. Enjoy!

*Third Person*

It was a breezy spring day and the family was planning to go for a little road trip. To visit some family. Lacey and Ryan were sitting at the back of the car, windows all the way down, both lost in their own worlds. Driving was Lacey’s stepfather and beside him, Lacey’s mother.

Lacey’s full attention was on as the car passed some lands, she snapped a couple pictures from her phone. A present from her stepbrother. Little did Lacey know, he was tapped to her phone. Lacey wasn’t the goody two shoes she was seen as. Ryan took this to his advantage yet he didn’t anything with anyone. Lacey was his. And his only.


(still third person)

The family was already in Colorado. Their hometown was Manhattan, New York and they were heading to Los Angeles, California. They were a stop at a relative’s house for picking up some cousins. The family’s car was small, and the back seat was designed for four, maybe five. Three relatives were coming in. Problem was Lacey wasn’t thin. Lacey had wide hips and just a body any man would never want to keep his hands off. Meaning, Lacey ended up sitting up on Ryan’s lap.

* Lacey *

Through the door pushed some cousins of Ryan. I kept scooting over till the point Ryan and I were pressed together tightly. I was a bit uncomfortable as my hips were pinched by their boney hips. I tapped Ryan’s shoulder, hoping he’d wake up. His head turned towards me and our lips brushed.

“Yes, Lace?” His nickname for me made my thoughts run. Now I was unsure whether I should ask him. He seemed pretty annoyed that I awoke him.

“Can I sit on your lap? My hips hurt.” I said quietly, not trying to offend the girls beside me. He smirked and pushed his bag off his lap.

“Hop on.” I slipped onto his lap and sighed in relief. I was no longer pinched. Besides, Ryan is really comfortable. He was currently wearing a pair of black sweats and a college sweater. His black curls reached the top of his forehead and his green eyes twinkle. His lush pink lips were puckered. I had always had a crush on him. He was well, still is my dream boy. Even if he were my older stepbrother, I would love to get him to bed me.

I shook the thoughts away as I began to feel myself get moist. I hope he didn’t feel it.

It was night time and we had to take a stop at a motel. Mom and Dad ordered a room, and so did the identical triplets. As I watched them go out the door, I was amazed. They were babes. Wild curly red hair stumbled down their backs and their blue eyes were dull. They were slim yet their breasts were their biggest feature. They wore low cut shirts, which let their cleveage show and their large pink nipple be seen. I could feel myself throbbing now. I quickly hopped off Ryan’s lap and sat beside him.

“Are you two sure you want to stay here? We can share the room. Honey?” My mom asked again.

“I’ll be fine, mom. I promise. And Ryan will be here and he’ll protect me.” I looked over to the already sleeping boy. Dammit.

“Okay Hun.” Her lips pursed. “I’ll be only a couple feet away. Call me if you need me.” She tossed me the keys and soon disappeared into the dim lighted house.

I placed the keys in my pockets and soon settled into my spot by Ryan.

“You know I could feel you.” His raspy voice suddenly spoke. Making me jump. I looked at him, in the dim light. Unsure what he meant.

“When you were sitting on my lap. When you had a little daydream, and then when the girls were leaving.” My mouth was gaped and thank goodness the car was dark. My cheeks were burning from embarassment.

“What did you feel?” I dared to ask. I bit down on my lip.

“You were wet.” He answered simply.

“How could you know? Maybe it was -” I began to defend myself but he interrupted.

“Oh please.” He grapped my hand and placed it over the spot I sat. It was moist. I closed my eyes and held back a moan as my hand also fell over his member.

“Well I can feel you too.” I gripped it in my hand and gave it a little squeeze then pulled my hand away. Surprised with myself. He chuckled and pulled me on top of him. He grounded his hips into my parted legs and the moan slipped.

“Can you still feel me now?” He grinded harder. Holding my hips in place.

“Yes,” I coughed up. “Stop it. I don’t like it.” I tried to wiggle away, only causing more friction.

“Oh really?” His big hands gripped my breasts tightly. He pulled upon their tips until they became tightened – hard. “Your nipples say otherwise.”

I took this advantage and sat by the window.

“Leave me alone.” I said crossing my arms. He laughed and began to grope me again.

“You see I can’t do that. And I wouldn’t be feisty because I know all your secrets and could easily uncover you.” I gasped and slapped his hands away.

“No you don’t. You’re making that up. Shut up. Leave me alone.” He sighed, finally giving up and I released the breath I was holding. Unexpectedly he grabbed me tight.

“I’ll show you tomorrow. It’s the big day, anyways.” His raspy voice whispered into my ear. His lips then pressed against my collarbone and he passes his tongue over it. His pierced tongue. I swallowed trying to ignore him, but he was such a turn on.


We finally reached Los Angeles. As soon as we landed on the park, I left the car, pushing Natalie off my lap. Her rack was best to watch when passing bumpy roads but her ass would jab into me harshly too.

The air was warm and I couldn’t wait to go to the beach.

We walked to our hotel, registered and went to our rooms. We all changed. And, met again in the lobby.

“Okay guys, we all have our cellphones. It’ll be dark soon but let’s enjoy what we get.” Lacey’s mom cheerfully announced.

Everyone else made their way out the door to explore and still no sign of Lacey. Where did she -

She walked in wearing a pair of high waisted shorts, a sweetheart neckline designed sleeveless shirt and stripped flats. Her lips were a red and her black hair was in wild curls. She stopped before me.

“I am ready.” Her whitened, with a tiny gaped, perfect teeth smiled up to me. Her square glasses rimmed her big brown eyes.

I nearly took her right here. In that outfit her hispanic curves were quite evident and her golden skin glowed.

She rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door. Her bubble butt swayed to the sides and I caught up to her before anyone else enjoyed the view of her.

– People passed by, gaping at the scene. In broad daylight.

Her little mouth was wrapped around my dick. Those full round lips rubbed against my shaft as she tried to take me deeper without gagging. Her small hands held my sides as her hear bobbed up and down. Her throat gripped me tight.

She moaned, purposely sending vibrations through my member and my knees went weak. I held onto the railing.

She sucked me harder as she nibbled her way to my too sensitive head. She flicked with the tip of her small tongue, my head and my orgasm quickly shook through me. I tangled my hands through her hair, held it tight and fucked her face hard. I grinded my hips deep against her lips as my cum shot deep.


He held me tighter as his cum flooded my throat. The tangy taste filled my tongue.

This was the first blowjob i had given him voluntarily.

His hands loosened and i looked up at him. He seemed even taller now. He glared down at me. His lush lips a dark pink and eyes dark with lust.

I took a risk and nibbled on his head softly before pulling away.

“You’re a slut.” His voice deep and raspy. I placed my hands against his chest and was on my tippy toes. I barely reached his chin.

“And you love me that way.” I giggled. His hands gripped my butt and slammed me against him. His still hard penis slipping into the small gap between the top of my thighs. Right against my pussy.

“You’re a very bad girl and need to be finally taught a lesson. This time not with my tongue or hands or belt. But with my Dick and everything you could imagine.” He smirked.

I suddenly snapped out of it. What was i doing! I just gave him a blowjob in public.

I pulled away from him and began running. I can’t have sex, I’m a virgin. And he’s my brother and -

I couldn’t think straight. It was late and now I just walked into an ally. Fuck.

I ran to the end and cringed at who entered it.

One thing to know, never leave Ryan unpleased or he will come after you, till he gets what he wants. I think he wanted to fuck me nicely before, but now. Now he’s going to tear me in half.

“Ryan, I can explain.” He threw my apology to the side and gripped me tight, throwing me on the floor. Goosebumps rose on my arms and I tried to escape but once he was on me, I couldn’t even breathe.

He pulled his dick out again and the head looked mean and pink. Even bigger and wider – I had made it swollen.

“I’m going to tear you in half and I know from how much a slut you are, you will enjoy it.” He growled. My lips trembled as he yanked my shorts along with my panties off. The chilling air blew against my exposed bare skin. His hands clasped on my wrist and held me down. I loved the sight of his muscles flexing as he sucked his way down till reaching my pussy.

He ran the hot piercing along my length and I shivered. He licked his lips and swirled around my pussy with those lush lips of his and that fucking tongue piercing. My pussy is throbbing and I could feel my hips buck as he plunges in two fingers and sucks hard on my cilt.

“Please, stop.” I whispered, biting my lower lip. Wincing at the tightened tips of my breasts. They peeked my shirt.

He pulled out completely and ripped off my shirt.

I layed naked in an alley , during sunset in Los Angeles.

“What’d you say?” He growled.

“Daddy , please stop teasing. Give me more.” I whimpered.

He gropes the swell of my breasts and twists my carmel tips hard.

Unexpectedly he plunges in. I gasp for air.

His breath his heavy and some sweat is drooling down him. I wrap my legs around his hips pushing him deeper. He slams repeatedly into me and i feel myself tearing – stretching me out.

“So fucking tight.” He plunges in and out harder and faster. My boobs are now bouncing meeting his rhythm. Before I almost lose it, above me is another penis. This one is thicker and pale. It’s long , longer than Ryan’s. His rough hands lift me from my back and starts poking me.

The man is searching for my asshole.

“Thanks son. I’d love to fuck this slut. Been waiting since I saw her.”

Ryan’s Dad?

Before i could protest he found the opening and slid in.

I clung to Ryan. Nails deep in his lower back and our tongues fightiglng for dominance.

His father holds my hair into a bun and picks up his speed. His fingertips were cool and pressed against my button. He was fast and I lost my breath.

“Daddy” I moaned.

“Yes Sweetheart?” He replied

“Daddy Daddy oh Daddy. That feels nice. Daddy Daddy ugh. Oh Daddy Mphm. Daddies fuck me so hard I won’t walk tomorrow.”

They followed my order and fucked me at a speed I couldn’t even feel them anymore.

I let loud moan escape. They pulled out quickly and ran their hands quickly over their dicks.

“Open your mouth, Lace.” There came that nickname.

My mouth was then flooded with a mixture of tangy and sweet cum.

I happily moaned and I swallowed it all down.

Before I could do a thing, Stepfather pushed Ryan out of the way and thrusted so deep into me, I shook violently from another vaginal orgasm.

What I didn’t expect was seeing Ryan slip into his father’s ass and fuck him to the point he cried for him to stop.

“She’s my slut only.” He pulled his dad off me.

He slid himself in and our hips met in rhythm, another climax coming.


It’s late as I have spent entirely too much time preparing for the hunt. I thought I started early enough but there was a wait at the salon and I wasted a bit of time flirting with the manicurist…She has the most beautiful green eyes.

I have three places to stalk this evening and decided to try the farthest from home first so if I don’t find my prey, the ride home will not be as frustrating.

I arrive at the club and even from the parking lot I can feel the pounding bass of the dance music in my chest. Entering I see a familiar face so I smile and nod my hello and continue my hunt. If there was ever a place to find prey this should be it, hot sweating bodies moving and grinding on the dance floor, the smell of alcohol in the air, well dressed men, and barely dressed women. I find a vantage point in the main room and begin my assessment. Beautiful women all around, some appear to be alone, other with friends, and a few with obvious lovers. Could I have my pick of the room? No, but I could easily seduce a few if I chose to take the time. The bass is beginning to distract me from my goals so I decide to move on to my next hunting ground.

I make my way downtown to a seedy bar. It’s the kind of place that would be considered a “last resort” for an evening that has gone terribly wrong the place where you’d go to find a warm body to fill a need and forget about the next day. Although it has its regulars no one takes the time to remember your name. I scan the room before finding a place to sit as the likelyhood of find my prey here is slim but always worth a chance. In the far corner of the room next to the worn down dance floor I see a prospect.

Long dark hair, gorgeous smile, and curves that set my inner beast on fire. Overdressed for this sort of place ( as am I ) she is talking with someone but her subtle body language says she’s not into him. I find a table with an angle that I can catch her eye when she glances away from him. We exchange a few looks and a smile or two and I am just about to come over and save her from this man when a waitress comes by and asks me what I’d like to drink.

“Just a soda please” I answer annoyed because she is distracting me from my prey.

“This is a bar not a rest stop Hun.” “There’s a two drink minimum.”

“Fine I’ll take a soda, you take a shot of whatever makes you happy and send the lady over there another of whatever she’s drinking” I reply without making eye contact.

“Your call darling, but just between you and me. That little philly over there has been here all night. Getting drinks and flirting with all the guys and then shuts them down one right after the other. I think she might be battin for the other team. If you follow me.” “You could do much better with someone like…..

I let the waitress’s voice fade to the background as I see the man stand and offer her his hand taking her to the dance floor.

She moves with grace and vigor to the upbeat music, always maintaining a distance between her and her partner. Her eyes closed and her hands seductively follow her curves. When the music changes to a slow ballad he pulls her close and respectfully places his hands high on her hips and back. Suddenly her natural grace is replaced by awkwardness and she steps, no, stomps on the man’s foot. As he breaks his embrace she mutters something I can’t make out and hurriedly goes to the table, grabs her handbag, and makes her way to the restroom.

She’s not gone long but the man she was with has already moved on to easier game. I follow her with my gaze as she makes her way to the door. I stand as the waitress shows up with the tray of drinks. I throw a bill on the tray and say “Thanks, that should cover it and more.” and follow my prey out of the bar and down the street.

She walks with a slow and deliberate pace down the street and to a narrow gap between two buildings. I follow knowing the chase is coming to an end. As I enter the gap I find her with her back up to a brick wall a hint of a nearby street light glimmers in her eye. Without a word I kiss her full moist lips. They taste of the wine she has been drinking and a hint of saltiness. My hand find her firm breasts beneath her blouse as the other follows her curves down to that luscious ass I was admiring on the dance floor. Our mouths begin a dance of their own exploring, teasing, and biting each other till she bite my lip hard. I pull away and turn her to face the wall. Lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down to her knees with one hand and pulling my throbbing cock out with the other I begin to stroke my cock between the cheeks of that beautiful ass. My hand makes it way under her blouse into her bra and grabs her breast pinching her nipple as I enter her from behind. She gasps in pleasure and I begin to pump forcefully. I feel her clench onto me as I without rhythm slam my cock into her as deeply as I can only pausing for an occasional grind. She orgasms uncontrollably milking me for my seed I remove myself from her and place my cock at the rim off her ass firmly prodding it testing if there’s enough wetness to enter she says the only words she will speak to me this evening “Do it I want your cum!”. I enter her. The tight heat feels amazing and she escalates with another round of even more violent orgasms I lose myself in her slamming my cock into her again and again until we both explode into orgasm my cock pumping cum into her like it will never stop.

When the orgasms subside I remove myself from her, gather my composure, turn and leave.

Making my way down the street to my car, my phone vibrates letting me know I’ve received a text.

“That was fun. Maybe next week I could stalk you?”

I smile and reply back.

“Sure! Just next time don’t trim my nails so close.”

This is the 5th and final part of this story, which has been a part of me for so many years now, it feels strange, and a little unsettling, to be finally putting it down; to be honest, there have been times when I really wanted to delete the whole thing and walk away in disgust.

Mriceman1964 persuaded me, a long time ago, to clean it up, polish and re-shape it a little, and to listen to my wife and her cronies,all of whom seem to have this unnatural, hormonal attachment to Robbie (and gin Martini’s, too, let us not forget that!)

This is how I tried to see the story ending all that long time ago, when I first started writing this in my spare time, while deployed firstly in Iraq, then in Afghanistan, but really, Mike, Bonnie Hurd, and of course, my darling wife Lori and her gang of really quite lovely ladies, all made it happen, so many heartfelt thanks to all of them!

I won’t be re-visiting this story again; I feel like it’s finished, all the loose ends have been tied up to my satisfaction, and all the people involved in the story have reaped their just rewards, so this is where I say my final farewell to Robbie, Casey, Sarah & Joey, Frank, Caitlin, and of course, Steve Dolan!

Thank you for bearing with me, I’ve enjoyed the ride, and I’ve enjoyed unravelling my mind at you, I hope you think it was worth the wait.

Auf Wiedersehen,




Part 1: Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice – Ephesians 4:31-32


I was transfixed, horrified, mortified, and shrouded in guilty shame; Kat, here, naked, with me, in my bed! Oh dear God, what the fuck was I thinking? What in the name of Christ had I done? How could I have been so stupid? She was my little sister, I was supposed to look after her, not drag her into my bed like some oversexed teenager and…and then…Oh my God, how could I ever fix this?

Kat reached out to me, smiling, her eyes still blurred and unfocussed with sleep, and I slid away from her, so fast, in fact, I slid right out of bed and landed on my ass with a loud thump.

I lay there, letting the shock take over for a few seconds, unable to contemplate the full, sheer awfulness of what I’d done; I’d bedded my baby sister, on her prom night, of all nights, I’d abused her trust, I was no better than her prom-date spiking her drink and doing her while she was passed-out. What was I going to do? How the fuck was I going to fix this? Ask Sarah? Not in this life; she’d skin me, then skin Kat, then come back and finish me off. Oh fuck, what a mess, what a complete, fucked-up, unbelievably stupid, God-forsaken mess I’d made…

Kat’s face appeared over the edge of the bed, looking down at me in amusement.

“That was funny, Frankie, but why are you still on the floor? Come on, get back up here, I’m cold, hold me!”

I nearly passed-out at that. Hold her? I shouldn’t even be touching her, not after what I’d done to her, not after…oh God, what was I going to do?

Something touched my head, startling me, and I looked up to see Kat trailing her fingers through my hair.

I shrank back, seeing the hurt puzzlement in her eyes.

“Frankie, what’s the matter? Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost, what’s wrong with you?”

I gulped, my head spinning as I sat there, desperately trying to think of a way to apologise to my baby sister for what I’d done to her…

“Kat, Caitlin, baby…I…I…we…what happened…I was…I didn’t think…oh God, I’m so sorry…!”

Kat lay on her forearms, watching me as I dissolved into a quivering heap, a small, knowing smile on her lips, her full, curving, desirable, kissable…stop that!

“What the hell’s wrong with you?” I chided myself, “you fucked up so big you’re gonna be a dead man when Sally finds out, you better start thinking of a way out of this, not mooning over Kat, and her lips, and her eyes, and her body, her delectable, desirable, beguiling, sexy body…!”

I groaned; I was a dead man walking, Sally was out there, she was waiting, and when she found out about this, (and make no mistake, she would, the girl could see through a brick wall) she was going to skin me alive, slowly, then shove her foot up my ass as a reminder of why it was wrong to fuck my baby sister…

“Alright, Frankie, enough. I don’t know what bit you, but if you don’t come up here right now, I’m coming down there! FRANKIE! Are you listening to me?” she grinned, her voice finally distracting me from my contemplation of my imminent death. I looked up at her miserably.

“Kat, I’m so sorry, I made you do…things, last night, things I’m supposed to protect you from, God, Kat, I’m so, so sorry, if you want to call the sheriff and have me arrested, I won’t run, I have to pay for what I did, I’ll tell him I forced you, no-one needs to know about us, what happened was all my fault..!”

Kat looked at me in amusement, her eyes sparkling with glee and good humor as I ground to a halt.

“Have you quite finished?” she grinned, and I nodded miserably, ready to take my punishment.

“Frankie, of all the lame-brained, half-witted, idiotic, bone-headed, gibbering nonsense I’ve ever heard dribble out of your mouth over the years, that little speech just took the prize for the stupidest, dumbest, most ass-headed garbage I’m likely to hear in this life or the next. Maybe I should call Sheriff Fatso, maybe getting your ass kicked by Fatso and his bozo deputies will shove your brain back into place, it must have got dislodged when you fell out of bed and landed on your ass!”

I gaped at her, unable to comprehend what she meant. Kat grinned even wider, beaming at me as she sat upright. The bed covers fell away from her as she sat, naked to the waist, artlessly, unselfconsciously naked, her white skin glowing dazzlingly in the morning sun, her nipples like jewels, a delicate pale coral pink against the milky whiteness of her skin.

“Frankie, everything that happened last night, everything, was because I wanted it; do you really think I’d have let you do anything to me I didn’t want you to do? Think, Frankie, this is me we’re talking about here!”

I was trying to hear her, but all I got was a sense that she perhaps wasn’t too mad at me or repelled by me after what we’d done; all my attention was riveted on just how deliciously, erotically, delightfully desirable she was just then, one half of me drooling over her, the other half disgusted beyond measure with me for sullying my baby sister, with a healthy dose of fear parked on the sidelines in reserve for when Big Sister found out…

My attention was dragged back to her face when she leaned down and clicked her fingers several times in my face.

“That’s right, Frankie, over here, baby, that’s it, look at me!”

When she was sure she had my attention, she smiled slowly, pulling the covers back up over and around herself, just like she used to do when she was younger, in the bad days after we lost dad, leaving her smooth white shoulders bare.

“Frankie, everything that happened, everything we did, happened because I wanted it to happen, and more; I’ve been trying to get your attention for months, I’ve been practically throwing myself at you for God knows how long, just about the only thing I didn’t do was pull my panties down and rub my ass in your face! Last night was supposed to be the clincher; you were supposed to find me irresistible, so do you know how disappointed I was that you let me go to that stupid prom? I wanted you to throw Cory out and drag me back upstairs, rip my dress off and yank my panties down, and do all kinds of bad, nasty, exciting things to me; why do you think I bought that stupid dress? To parade around in front of those slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging, drooling half-wits in that school? Frankie, all I ever wanted was you, I’ve been trying to make you see that for months, but apparently your normal state is to have your head shoved up your ass…

I looked at her in shock, amazed at the things that were coming out of my little sister’s mouth, her beautiful, sexy, desirable…

I pulled myself together enough to focus on what she was saying, finding it hard to credit that sweet little Kat could say or want those things.

“Kat…what are you saying, don’t you know we can’t…?” I stammered, watching as that little line appeared between her eyebrows; she was getting pissed.

“Frankie, I’m trying to tell you, again, how much I love you and how much I want you; I told you last night, you better not have forgotten!”

That’s right, she had, in all the fright and disgusted self-loathing of the last few minutes I’d forgotten that, now it flashed up again, that whole scene in that grimy motel room when she’d told me she was in love with me.

“FRANKIE!” she snapped, and my eyes snapped back to her as her voice penetrated my woolgathering.

“Frankie, if you’re not up here by the time I count to three, I’m coming down there, and if I have to come down there, I swear to God I will punch you so hard…!” she gritted, her sea-green eyes flashing like emeralds in sunlight. I tried one last desperate tack.

“Kat, we can’t, please, think; last night was wrong, I was wrong, you’re too young to make a choice like that, think what dad would say!”

She looked at me, one eyebrow arched haughtily, doing it even better than mom. Her face stilled as she leaned down to look closely at me.

“Francis Xavier Novak, if you don’t quit shivering like a little girl and get your ass up here and back into bed with me, I promise that anything dad would have done to you would be simple, painless, and over in a heartbeat compared to what I’m capable of; I didn’t spend all those years bringing you up just for you to crash and burn at the end. Now get up here this second, blondie, and I fucking mean it!”

I was lost for words at what she’d just said, actually spluttering as everything I tried to say tried to come out all at once. Kat looked on as I bubbled over, her expression slowly softening and mellowing into her beautiful dimpled grin as my sputtering and gibbering fizzled out.

“Right, are you done? Good. Up here, now, Frankie, don’t make me hurt you; I know where all your soft-spots are, I have sharp teeth and nails, and I will use them!”

Mentally crossing myself, I slid back into the bed, scrupulously avoiding touching her, thinking all the while of just how many ways this was wrong. Kat rested her head on her hand, her elbow on her pillow, and grinned at me, her other hand resting outside the covers, and once again I was struck by just how milk-pale her skin was, how vividly scarlet her hair was against that porcelain whiteness, and just how lustrous her smoky green eyes were, like the finest Colombian Boyacá emeralds.

“Frankie,” she murmured, “am I really so repulsive that you have to run away from me? I thought you loved me, or at least liked me. I need you, now; why won’t you hold me?”

Her grin faltered and her lip quivered, and I suddenly realised just how hurt she was by my sudden, panicked rejection of her; she really didn’t know, or didn’t care, just how wrong what we were feeling was, and believe me, I was feeling it strongly; all I could think of was her, and how much I wanted her, how much I needed her, and, at the back of it all, how wrong it all was, of course it was, no question; but it felt right; it felt natural, and normal, and unforced.

“Kat, I…” I began, and she slid herself over to me, her arm going around my neck as her lips pressed against mine, and I was lost; all my fears, for me, for her, and all those feelings of wrongness disappeared, wiped away by her lips and the feel of her silky-soft warm skin as it pressed against me, her lovely tight young body molding seamlessly into mine.

After a million years or so, Kat pulled away from me slightly, looking up into my eyes, her eyes sparkling green pools that a man would happily, unhesitatingly sink into, or like bright, sunlit glades in a secret forest, lush, green and verdant, brimming with life and the love of life…

“Are we good now, Frankie, does that make it right?” she whispered, her eyes wide and hopeful, but a hint of fear at the back, fear that I would finally reject her; she didn’t have to worry. That kiss had done what no amount of argument, soul-searching, or anguished internal debate could ever have achieved; it told me how things were between us, and how they were going to be from now on; I wanted her, and I didn’t care what I had to do to keep her, because she was mine now, and I was hers, period.

My arms slid around her of their own volition, around her waist and further down, to cup her taut cheeks and pull her closer to me. Kat smiled, her arms tightening around my neck and the back of my head as she pulled me down for another kiss, this time with my full and willing participation. I kissed her like it was the first time, gently, tentatively, slowly parting her lips with my tongue and slipping it into her mouth, to fence gently with hers.

As we kissed, she writhed and rubbed herself against me, obviously enjoying the feel of my solidly erect cock squeezing between us and poking into her firm stomach. The feel of her wriggling against me was doing all sorts of things to me, feelings and desires all slowly coalescing into one big thought; I needed to fuck her, hard, now. She must have seen the need flare up in my eyes, because she pulled herself tight to me before slipping her leg over my hips and pushing me, rolling me onto my back with her on top of me.

“Like this, Frankie, I want you like this….!”

she muttered, her moist pussy lips sliding along the length of my amazingly hard cock as it lay along my stomach, sandwiched between us.

The feel of her wet heat dragging along me as she rubbed herself up and down my length was overpowering any lingering doubts or apprehensions, and when she stopped I groaned in frustration. I was only momentarily disappointed though; she lifted up slightly and took hold of me, the feel of her warm hand wrapping around me at once a blessing and an urgent need, one I had to satisfy at all costs, otherwise I’d have exploded there and then.

She grinned at me as she rose up a little more, rubbing my cock-head against her damp swollen labia, the heat again making me groan with need for her. She looked me in the eyes, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she grinned at me, and slowly, slowly, lowered herself down on me, her warmth and wetness engulfing me at a snail’s pace and with lightning speed at the same time, until I was, at last, buried in her to the hilt. She leaned forward and kissed me once, lightly, on the lips, before sitting back up and smiling secretively, slyly at me.

“This is for you, baby!” she smiled, the smile morphing into a sexy pout as she began to slide herself back and forth, small movements, but combined with a rhythmic squeezing as she clenched and relaxed her muscles around me, squeezing and massaging me as she slowly pumped herself against me.

Now she began to shimmy her hips as she ground against me, the sight and feel of her so erotic I was nearly overcome with the power of it. I reached out for her, and she leaned forward, pushing her tense, straining nipples directly into my outstretched hands. I closed my hands over her breasts, kneading and massaging the soft, firm mounds even as I twirled and squeezed and rubbed those beautiful, stiff pink nubs, watching her face and neck slowly flush as I squeezed and caressed her breasts, her eyes closing and her breathing slowing and deepening as her arousal increased.

She began to grind harder and faster against me, her own hands dropping to rest on my midriff, holding herself steady as she pumped and ground against me, her hips pistoning as I began to pump and push back against her, increasing my penetration as she strove for more from me.

She came with a piercing cry, her eyes clenched tightly shut as she shook and wailed on top of me, her body shuddering as her orgasm flared and crashed though her. As her pussy convulsed around me, the hot, squeezing, pulsating sensation was too much for me, and my cry answered hers as I too surrendered to orgasm, my cock swelling and pulsing as my white-hot sperm boiled out of me and into her in long, hot spurts, painting her insides with my own creamy tribute as her rippling pussy milked me so thoroughly. I came in endless, jolting spurts as she shook and whined above me, her orgasm kicked into higher gear by the feel of my heat exploding inside her over and over, filling her with my essence.

Kat finally slumped down against me, her heart hammering against mine as she drew a long sobbing breath, forcing air back into her lungs after the long free-fall of orgasm, the bright flare of nirvana giving way to the mundane and the normal again.

I was in no better shape; having sex with her was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, a clean, heart-bursting, white-hot intensity that drove all rational thought from me and left me with nothing but the overwhelming need for her, for her kiss, her touch, the smell of her hair, the feel of her skin, and the chance to once again drown in the limpid, emerald-green pools that were her eyes.

I suddenly realised I had truly fallen in love, and, strangely, that thought brought no sense of strangeness or shame that I should feel that way about my baby sister, only acceptance and a deep and abiding sense of the rightness of it; society said it was wrong, but everything inside me said otherwise; Kat was the one for me, and I could feel the corresponding thought and need radiating off her with every breath she took.

My arms wrapped around her, holding her to me as I waited for her body to relax and recover, my hands caressing and gently squeezing her ass without any conscious thought or need on my part; they just went to the place they were most comfortable with and rested there, gently playing with those firm, satiny little cheeks.

At last, Kat stirred, raising her head to blearily look into my eyes, her tongue snaking out to lick my lips as she smiled like a little girl.

“Hi Frankie, can we do that again soon?” she smiled, her eyes still blurry with tiredness, and something else as well in back of them; trust; she trusted me to make this come out right for us both, and I knew I would, that I would do whatever it took to keep us together, whatever the outside world wanted to throw at us.

“Forever, baby, as long as you want to do that, and anything else, I’ll be there to do it with you; I’ll never leave you, Kat. I love you baby, and I always have.”

She smiled happily, seeing the truth of what I was saying in my eyes, sure now that we were finally together. She sighed and laid her head back down on my chest, wriggling contentedly on top of me, and making my half-hard cock still inside her suddenly twitch in reaction to her wonderful, tight young body lying so invitingly on top of mine.

“Give me a few minutes, Frankie, please, a lady needs to look her best…!” she giggled, obviously feeling my cock suddenly wanting to come alive again at the thought and feel of her.

My hands roamed lightly over her as she relaxed, a small smile on her lips as I touched and smoothed, caressed and lightly traced every line, contour, and curve of her body. She was lithe and slim, a willowy and slender but shapely figure, with a dancer’s grace and the body of an acrobat or trained gymnast, every muscle in her body honed and shaped into a perfect, harmonious whole. I had seen her walk, noting the unconscious poise and grace of her body in motion, her gait fluid, balletic, and elegant, and it occurred to me that I must have been watching her and storing up these images and conclusions for a very long time, and now, now that we had become what we were, now my mind chose to release the floodgates of memory and let me see her all over again in my mind’s eye, realising that she really was ‘Poetry in Motion’, as Johnny Tillotson so eloquently put it.

As my hands roamed, my cock stiffened; the feel of her was making all sorts of things happen in my head, foremost of which was the almost overpowering urge to fuck her, hard; I didn’t want to make love to her; I wanted to fuck her bowlegged, I wanted to ram my cock into her and make her gasp out my name, beg me to stop, beg me to do it harder, to groan with the force of me hammering into her, and make her beg me to fill her up.

Of course I did none of those things; she was my lover, yes, and we were naked, with my cock still buried balls-deep in her, but she was also my baby sister, and I would never, could never, treat her like that. Instead I fondled, squeezed and touched, wondering at how plush and silky soft her skin felt, how her vitality and life-force tingled through my fingertips with every touch or caress of her, how warm and soft her lips were as I returned periodically to give and take a small, tender kiss. Her eyes flickered over me, laughter and girlish amusement side by side with the needs and drives of a grown woman glittering deep inside them as I explored in minute detail her lithe, tight body, her porcelain skin, her stiff, beguiling nipples and the taut, sensitive bud of her secret place as my fingertips slipped delicately over it during the course of my explorations.

At last I couldn’t take any more; my cock inside her was aching with the need to pump her full of my tribute, I wanted to fill her, and hear her gasp for me as we made love, not lie here and grope as my balls ached to empty inside her again.

Kat sensed the tenor of my thoughts, and pulled my head down to her, pushing her nipples against my chest as her teeth lightly nipped the end of my nose, my bottom lip, my chin.

“Love me, Frankie, make love to me again, baby, please!” she whispered, something I was only too willing to do.

As she rolled away from me, I rolled with her, keeping my weight off her and on my knees and elbows, while simultaneously withdrawing and sliding back in again.

“Ooooh God, yesss!” she moaned, lifting up to meet me as I pushed back into her, enthralled with her expression as I slowly pushed my cock deep into her and withdrew once again. As I pumped she began lifting to meet me, her hips rising up in counterpoint to mine as I pumped down into her. At the same time, she pulled herself closer-in to me, holding me tight as I sped up, pumping as hard and as fast as I could. Kat was writhing under me even as she madly humped back at me, her head whipping from side to side as she gasped and groaned each time I thrust my cock back into her. I could feel my balls tightening as my climax approached; I couldn’t hold it much longer, and from the look of her, neither could she.

With a long, wailing cry, she climaxed, her pussy clamping down on me so tightly I was locked in place as she shook and trembled beneath me, her eyes screwed tightly shut as her orgasm surged and crashed through her. This was too much for me, and I came with a shout as my sperm blasted out of me, long, hard spurts of semen spraying deep inside her womb, again and again, until I thought I’d never stop.

Eventually the crashing, trembling sensations inside me died away, the bolts of semen shooting from me dying away to a trickle as I emptied myself into her. Kat shuddered and quivered under me as she too came down from that place into the calm of post-coital relaxation, her storm passed and tranquillity gradually returning. As I slumped down next to her, her hand came up to press against my chest, a small smile flitting across her lips.

“I can feel your heart, Frankie…so fast, like a trapped bird…”

She gently nibbled my chin as she rubbed my chest, her hands warm and smooth.

“Calm down, baby, relax, there, like that, that’s it…” she soothed me as I recovered from the exertion and emotional outpouring that was so much a part of making love to her, to my little sister. I knew I was caught now, I was in whatever this was for the long haul now; Kat and I were a couple, and it was surprisingly easy to admit that to myself. The hard part hadn’t even started yet.

One day Sarah would have to be told, and soon, before she found out by us giving ourselves away; what happened then was in the hands of the Gods; I couldn’t see yet how to make this work for Kat and me, and I still had no earthly idea how I was going to break it to Sarah and walk away with all my teeth…

Kat broke the train of my thought by posing exactly that question.

“Frankie, we have to tell Sally; I don’t want to spend my life sneaking around, only ever being able to be free with you inside our home; I want to be able to hold you close anywhere and anytime I feel like it, not just when we’re behind closed doors; Sally loves us, and we love her, and this is too big to keep locked up forever; I want to tell my big sister that I love the best guy in the world, and he loves me, and we want to be together. How are we going to do that, Frankie?”

Good question. I had no answer, other than knowing that walking up to her and saying “Hi Sally, nice day, by the way, I’ve been fucking our little sister, I like it, a lot, she likes it, also a lot, so we’re gonna keep on doing it a lot, if that’s okay with you!” was not the way; somehow I had to sneak it up on her in such a way that she didn’t go completely batshit and ream me out with the nearest blunt object to hand…

That question continued to squirrel around inside me for the rest of the day, and most of the night, and when I had to get up for work, I was thick-headed from lack of sleep and worry; Kat looked to be in no better shape; everything that was worrying me was also troubling her, and she’d tossed and turned the night away with me, both of us too preoccupied with how we were going to make this work to give much thought to rest and sleep.

By the time I got home from work, I was so dog-tired I could barely walk up the porch steps; my day had been a catalog of mistakes and missed opportunities, and eventually my boss, Max Donnelly, one of dad’s old friends and a man I’d known all my life, had taken me to one side.

“Frank, you look terrible; you look half dead, and I can’t stand to see you dragging around here looking like that any longer; go home and get some rest, maybe a good night’s sleep will put you back on your game; right now you’re no good to man nor beast. If you want a word of advice, whatever you’ve been doing to get you in this state, you need to keep it at home, not bring it to work with you, not when others are depending on you. Now go home, and come back when you’ve had some rest!”

It was a powerful rebuke, reinforcing even further that I had to resolve our problem, and soon; family friend or not, Max wouldn’t be so lenient with me next time, of that I was sure.

I took his advice, drove home in a haze and dragged my ass into the house. As I came in the door, I noticed something smelled delicious, and Kat popped her head out of the kitchen to smile that dazzling smile of hers. She was wearing mom’s old apron, and her hair was tied back into a ponytail; she looked cute, wholesome, sexy, and young, much younger than her more than eighteen years.

“Dinner’s nearly ready, get washed-up and sit down!”

Tired as I was, the smell of whatever she was cooking woke me up enough, and just as I was sitting down at the table she brought in a large stew pot. I looked inside, at the rich dark stew, my stomach grumbling at the heavenly smell, but then Kat turned around and I nearly forgot my appetite completely. Holy fucking cow, she was naked, only mom’s apron between her and the world! I gaped as she flirted her mouth-watering ass at me as she went back into the kitchen, bringing back a dish of mashed potatoes, and returning to fetch the other vegetables, which she placed on the table, and then sat opposite me, her chin resting on her hand as she grinned at me.

All I could do was stare at her, knowing as I did now that she was stark naked at the table with just an old apron covering her front, but still buck-naked nevertheless. She served me my food, and I ate mechanically, my eyes fixed on her, my mind constantly replaying the sight of her nakedness, her perfect skin glowing white as new milk as she ferried food from kitchen to table, the image of her performing such mundane housewifely tasks jarring only slightly with the fact of her complete, bare-assed nakedness!

“Do you like it?” she smiled.

“Huh?” was my considered response.

“The stew, Frankie, do you like it?” she asked again, her expression slightly less sunny.

I suddenly realised what she was asking me, and with that came the realisation that whatever it was I was eating, it was delicious; I could taste red wine, mushrooms, baby onions, pancetta, herbs and spices, garlic, and tender, succulent beef, and I began wolfing it down.

“You like it? Really?” she grinned, and I nodded, mouth too full to speak. At last, appetite temporarily sated, I asked her what it was.

“It’s French; it’s called “Boeuf Bourguignon”, it’s beef with mushrooms in red wine with herbs, I found it in one of Grandma Hennessey’s cookbooks, some English writer, Delia Smith or something like that. I’m glad you like it, Frankie, nothing’s too good for my man!”

She grinned as she said the corny line, and I grinned with her, pulling her close for a “thank you” kiss before broaching the subject of her current state of undress.

“Umm, Kat, quick question, baby; why are you naked?”

She gave me an arch look and raised one eyebrow.

“You were planning on having some dessert, weren’t you, Frankie?” she pouted, dropping the apron and shaking out her hair. I swear to God, I have never finished a meal so fast in my entire life…

Kat shrieked with laughter as I grabbed her hand and towed her towards the stairs; she’d stayed naked to tease and unsettle me, now she was going to pay the price, oh God, yes!

“Oh Frankie, you’re so dominant, so manly, oh you are, you are! Oh my goodness, whatever are you going to do to me?” she simpered modestly, falsely, a gleam of pure wickedness in her eye as she pretended to struggle, bouncing on her tip-toes to make her lovely, firm little breasts and tight little ass dance and jiggle most fetchingly.

“Oh Mr. Novak, are you going to do naughty, nasty, unspeakable things to me? Are you going to make me touch your pee-pee? My daddy warned me there were men like you, I hope you’ll respect me after you’ve had your wicked way with me!”

OK, that did it; I pulled her close, unable to keep my hands off all that young, alluring flesh anymore, and as I pulled her close and held her to me by clamping my hands to her tight, smooth, springy little butt-cheeks, her arms snaked around my neck to pull me down for a long, hot, incredibly sexy kiss. Kat has the softest lips I’ve ever kissed, soft, tender, and monumentally horny, and her kiss was doing things south of my belt buckle that needed addressing, and soon!

“Let’s go, Frankie, I’ve been bubbling inside all day, I need you to calm me down, baby, what are you waiting for?” she murmured in my ear, followed by a quick nip as she wriggled against me. My cock was like a lead bar; I’d never needed to get naked so much in my life as I did right then, with Kat draped around my neck, all my nerve-endings lit-up like Macy’s on Christmas Eve, and what felt like the granddaddy of all hard-on’s pressed against her.

That was my cue to hustle her upstairs and into my room, where she dived onto my bed and flipped around to lie and watch me as I struggled out of my clothes. Eventually I managed to get down to my shorts, at which point she sat up, and, grinning wickedly, yanked them down, my achingly erect cock swinging out and into her hand, where she squeezed lightly, making me gasp with the sensation.

Kat grinned sexily at me, and leaned down to kiss the end of my cock. I gasped again at the sensation of her soft lips against the sensitive flesh.

“Like that, do you?” she grinned, and licked slowly across the tip of my straining cock, drawing something between a sigh and a groan from me.

“Oh yes, you really like that!” she teased, winking at me before slipping her lips over the end and sucking me into her mouth. I’d only ever had someone give me head once before, on my prom night, and I’d always wanted to repeat the experience, and now here was my baby sister doing that very thing for me!

Kat kept up a slow, bobbing motion as she slowly sucked, her tongue occasionally dragging softly over the tip, making me screw-up my eyes with the effort to not unload there and then when she did that; I wanted to drag this out as long as possible, because it was fucking fantastic; either someone had showed her how to do this, or there was more to ‘women’s intuition’ than I’d been led to believe…

I was finding it hard to hold back; the sight of her little rosebud mouth stretched so obscenely around me, the feel of her tongue flicking and rubbing the head as she sucked me, the sensation as my cockhead rubbed against the roof of her mouth, all of these were leading me up to that grand finale I wanted to hold off as long as possible, but it wasn’t going to happen. My balls tightened as she gently squeezed them, telling her I was nearly there, if my agonised expression hadn’t already tipped her off. I started to groan as I felt my spunk rising, and Kat squeezed my balls one last time as she deliberately rubbed her tongue through that furrow in the tip of my cock and poked her tongue inside the hole in the end.

That was it. I lost it, nearly buckling to my knees with the force of my orgasm, the sperm bulleting out of me with almost explosive force. Kat felt the strong muscular contraction in my cock as I came, and pulled away from me, aiming my hosing cock at her face. Long ropes of sperm bolted from me, splashing across her nose and lips, her cheeks, and against her throat, one after another, spraying across her upper torso in long silvery-gray streaks.

I opened my eyes to see my beautiful Kat, my baby sister, streaked with my sperm, long splashes of the stuff criss-crossing her face and chest, and dripping from her chin in long shivering strings and rivulets as she moved.

“Oh Frankie, that was…incredible!” she murmured, “Jojo was right, it’s so hot, it’s just…wow!”

I dropped to my knees in front of her, resting my head against her knees while my heart slowed to normal, then looked up at her again, at her dreamy smile, her sperm-ravaged features, and my cock rose again, wanting her even more now. I picked up my discarded shirt and dabbed at her, wiping the drips and runnels of spunk off her knees and thighs, then Kat took the shirt from me and wiped herself off properly.

“We’ll have a shower later, Frankie, I see round two’s about to begin!” she grinned, looking pointedly at my now fully recovered cock. I was amazed; I’d never recovered that quickly before; obviously the Power of Kat was at work here.

Whatever it was, all I knew was I had a definite urge to pin her down and fuck her properly, to give her some of what she so urgently needed!.

I surged up and bore her over backwards, landing on top of her on the bed. Kat squealed and tried to get away, and our struggle to get into position quickly degenerated into a laughing, tickling, wrestling match. I had the advantage of weight and superior strength, but Kat knew I couldn’t possible hurt her, which gave her an unfair advantage, so she showed no restraint when it came to biting, nibbling, gnawing, grabbing and squeezing, finger-poking and unfair tickling. We rolled around, laughing, grunting, giggling and squealing as one or the other ended-up on top of the other, until at last I somehow managed to hold her down spread-eagled, lying between her outstretched thighs, my cock throbbing with urgent need.

“Say ‘Uncle’, you red-headed menace!” I growled in her face, with Kat grinning insolently back at me as she shook her head and stuck her tongue out.

“Say it!” I repeated, “Say it or I’m dragging you into the bathroom and dunking you in a cold shower!”

Kat grinned at me, her eyes opening wide and a look of carefully contrived innocence settling on her face as she fluttered her long, sexy eyelashes at me.

“If I say ‘Uncle’ will you fuck me really, really hard, Frankie?” she whispered at me, suddenly introducing my cock to a whole new order of magnitude of aching hardness. I could only nod as my throat and mouth dried up in sudden, overwhelming lust for this gorgeous fire-sprite spread so wantonly under me.

“Uncle, Uncle, Uncle, Uncle, Uncle!” she sing-song’d, grinning provocatively. I slid down so I could kiss and lick her cute little navel, making her giggle and squirm, then further down, to the delta of soft, gold-shot copper curls adorning her most secret place.

“Oooooh Frankie!” she breathed, quivering as my tongue brushed through the soft, crisp little curls and probed at the top of her slit, at the little hood concealing her love-button. Her scent teased and tantalisd me, sweet and fresh and strong, tempting and demanding, making me want her even more, if that were even possible.

As I slid my tongue along the moist slit of her pussy, she trembled and quivered, her eyes tightly closed and her breathing becoming shallower. Her thighs drifted even further apart, allowing me even better access to her lush, soft little pussy, and I dove in, probing her pink moistness with pointed tongue-tip, tasting her, teasing her, making her ready for me.

As I worked my tongue in and around her sweet little pussy, Kat writhed and wriggled delightfully under me, forcing me to take hold of her tight little butt-cheeks and hold her against my mouth as I licked and sucked and probed her.

“Oooh God, yesss, Frankie, yesss, harder, harder!” she groaned, pushing her wet pussy against my ravening mouth as I licked and sucked her into a frenzy, her head thrashing around as her pussy pulsed against my tongue. When I finally took her clitoris between my lips and sucked on it, tasting the slick juices pouring out of her all over again, Kat convulsed, then screamed soundlessly, a flood of her sweet, tangy juices filling my mouth as she orgasmed, straining against me as her pussy convulsed and shuddered under my lips and tongue.

As another wave of shuddering convulsions stormed through her, I slid up level with her, and she lifted her hips as I thrust forward, burying myself to the hilt in her as we both groaned with delight.

“Oooh God, yesss, baby, God, that’s so good, aaahhh!” she murmured, her pussy clenching around me and almost making me lose it there and then. I backed away, then pumped in again, making her cry out in delight, her hips pumping against mine, lifting to meet my thrusts, all the while giving little cooing noises as she enjoyed our tryst.

I was silent, saving my energy for her, making sure I gave her what she wanted most, and loved her to the best of my abilities. At last though it was too much; the feel of her wrapped around me, of her belly slapping against mine as we fucked, her sweet kisses, sharp and piercing as arrow-points, her cries as she ascended the heights of orgasm yet again, all combined to tip me over the edge, and I came like a furnace, like a steel-mill crucible, white fire pouring out of me and into her, driving her ever higher as we shook and shuddered together, Kat screaming her release as sexual energy crackled and sparked between us, all thought of the outside world obliterated by the intensity of our shared ecstasy.

I slumped down, utterly spent, my heart racing like an Indy car, Kat likewise spent and blown, her face flushed with the outpouring of sexual energy she’d shared with me. Finally, after a few minutes to calm our thundering hearts, she turned to me and smiled.

“Thank you baby, that was again, incredible, remind me to keep you!”

Something she’d said earlier surfaced and flicked a fin at me.

“Baby, who’s Jojo?” I asked her.

Kat yawned as she spooned against me.

“Jodie Hollister, that cheap slut Laurie’s kid sister; she’s sort of a friend, she told me how much fun a creamy facial was; she wasn’t joking! Oh! I almost forgot, I have something to tell you! Jojo’s pregnant, and guess who the father is?”

I had a funny feeling I already knew.

“Go on, surprise me!” I grinned.

“It’s that asshole Steve Dolan!” she grinned, and my grin got even wider; when the Hollister brothers, marines all, and three of Uncle Sam’s best trained killers, found out what Steve Dolan had been up to with their baby sister, his remaining time on earth was going to be measured in long, endlessly painful seconds, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…

Kat yawned hugely, and reached back to give me a friendly squeeze.

“I’m bushed, I wonder why, you stud you!” she murmured,

I had just enough wit and energy left to reach up and cuddle her boobs, making her wriggle contentedly against me, and lean over to flick my alarm on, before Kat pulled the covers over us and snapped off the bedside lamp.

“Good night, baby, sleep tight!” she yawned again, nestling up against me and falling asleep almost immediately. I kissed her ear and hugged her, and next thing I knew my alarm was jarring me awake, but this time I felt refreshed, invigorated, at peace with myself at last.

Work that day was, for me, a time for reflection and weighing-up the consequences of my actions with Kat; I was absolutely sure I was in love with her, and her own statements regarding her feelings for me were unequivocal; she wanted me, and felt about me the way I felt about her. This being the case, I felt it would somehow cheapen our new-found relationship if we confined it to our house and kept it secret, like it was something to be ashamed of; I wasn’t ashamed of how I felt about Kat, and I knew she felt the same.

There was no question left in my mind; Sarah had to know, I loved my big sister with a deep and abiding intensity, after Kat she was the most important person in my life, and I wasn’t going to lie to her by keeping silent about us and what we had.

As soon as I made the decision I knew it was the right one; all feelings of guilt or apprehension dropped away; if Sally got angry, she got angry; she’d bite, but then she’d calm down, kiss it better, then put her agile mind and fine intellect to work to help us find a way forward.

I called home before I left the office to let Kat know we were going to see Sally, and arrived home in a state somewhere between apprehension and ‘root-canal day’, but not frightened, not of Sally, despite my panicked, knee-jerk reaction the day before yesterday. Kat was in something like the same state, a little apprehensive, but not scared, and so we drove the short distance to Bixby and Sally’s place.

When I pulled up outside, a burnt gold Firebird with the ‘Firebird’ emblem stencilled on the hood was parked carelessly across Sally’s drive. I knew of only one person in this town with a car like that, and my insides tightened as I wondered what he wanted with Sally. Kat saw me tense up, and grabbed my arm.

“Frankie, what’s the matter, who’s car is that?” she asked, her expression worried. I took her hand off my arm and stroked her cheek gently.

“Stay in the car, baby, something’s wrong, I think Sally needs me. Wait here baby, and lock the doors!”

Now Kat looked frightened, but she bit back any more questions and nodded agreement; good girl.

I slid out of the car and scooted around to the back of the house, avoiding the squeaky step up to the back porch, and slowly turned the handle of the back door. To my good fortune, the door was unlocked, and so I slipped inside, hearing voices coming from the family room. I tip-toed through the house, hearing a male voice; I was right, it was that cocksucker Steve Dolan, and it sounded to me like he was laying down the law to Sarah, the arrogant son of a bitch!

“I don’t care what you say, or who you tell, no-one in this town will listen to you, or lift a finger to help you, Sarah, and you want to know why? Because this is my town; my family built this place, and we own all the little nobodies here; we make the rules, and if they want to keep their jobs and feed their kids, they’ll keep looking the other way. I don’t care if your bastard son is mine or not; I’ll never acknowledge him, he means nothing to me, he’ll never get a penny out of me, and if you need money, you know how to earn it; the same way you earned that kid! I swear to God, if you try and make trouble for me, I have ways of making sure you lose that kid permanently! This is your only warning Sarah, so take heed!”

Even as my blood boiled at this, I looked into the family room to see Sally standing in front of Steve, her eyes flashing like polished gold-flecked granite.

“Who the hell do you think you are, you piece of shit?” she gritted, her chin lifted proudly. “My son and I want nothing from you and your stinking family! Why don’t you go drink yourself to death like your worthless bum of a father and leave decent folk to get the rancid stench of you out of their noses!”

Steve raised his hand, and at that moment Sarah saw me over his shoulder. Steve must have seen the change in her face, and as he turned, his face a mask of rage, I let him have one, a left hook that came from somewhere near my knees, all my anger and outrage in it, spinning him round and dropping him like he’d been pole-axed. As he went down my foot was already in motion, like a soccer player taking a penalty, connecting solidly with his ribs, apparently with enough force to break some, judging by the sudden look of agony on his face.

As he writhed on the floor, I stepped forward and hovered my foot over his throat, ready to stamp down; for the second time in my life I came close to murdering Steve Dolan, although in my mind it would have been justifiable germicide.

“No Frank!” screamed Sarah, the sound of her voice cutting through the fog of murderous rage and bringing me back to sanity. I looked at her and nodded, letting her know I was past it, and kicked that slimy bastard again, hard, this time in the groin, watching him curl up in agony all over again. I knelt down next to him and slapped him a few times to get his attention, (although what I really wanted to do was keep ramming his head against the floor until I split his fucking skull…) and twisted my hand in his collar to pull him up close enough for me to talk to him.

“Alright Dolan, you remember me, don’t you? I fucked you up once, and I warned you what would happen the next time you crossed me; now you’re out of chances, so next time your body disappears, you got it, you little puddle of piss? If you come near my family again, any of them, after I’ve kicked the shit out of you, I’m telling Jethro, Jonah, and Jeremiah Hollister just who it was who knocked-up their baby sister. You’d better pay real close attention to what I’m telling you; all I’d do to you is beat you into a fucking coma; they’ll strap you to a tree and shove a chainsaw up your ass, you know how they get when it comes to their sisters.”

His eyes widened in fear, with good reason; the three Hollister brothers were gung-ho, super-fit, hard, humorless, trained killers, just one hairsbreadth away from being certifiable psychopaths; they doted on their sisters and rigorously defended their good names, despite the fact that Laurie had more fingerprints on her ass than the FBI had in their files, and they hated Steve and his family with a vengeance, so he had good reason to avoid coming to their attention. I continued, filling him in on how to keep himself alive.

“This is your life from now on, you little sack of shit; you never show your face here again, you never contact Sally ever again, you forget this family ever existed, you stay on your side of town, and you pray to fucking Christ I never see your face or hear of you again, because if I do, you’re dog-meat, got it?”

I shook him for emphasis, watching his head loll like a drunk’s.

“You want to sic your fat fuck of a pet sheriff on me? Try it; the instant I see him or his dogshit deputies I drop a dime, and after the Hollister’s have finished using that moron as a bayonet dummy for what he’s been doing with Laurie, they’re gonna come find you, and they will find you, have no doubt about that. Anyone gets after Sarah or her baby, I drop that dime, and you get to beg Jeremiah Hollister to kill you quickly, understand? You’ve got no friends in this town, Stevie-boy, and plenty of folks who want to watch you strung up with bob-wire and hanged ’til you fucking strangle, so if you want to keep living and breathing you keep your head down, your mouth shut, and your face out of this part of town, are you hearing me, fucko?”

He nodded vigorously, his eyes darting around fearfully, just as I remembered them doing last time I beat the shit out of him, which told me he’d taken my lesson to heart, so I dragged him to his feet, ignoring his gasp of pain from his broken ribs, gave him a head butt to the bridge of his nose, and the knee to remind him just how serious I was, and to make him fear me all over again.

I marched him to the front door with his head held back to stop his spouting nose dripping on Sarah’s carpets, and kicked his ass down the porch steps, watching in satisfaction as he sprawled full length on the drive. A muted, whistling scream of agony burst from him as he jarred his busted ribs and re-broken nose, but he still managed to struggle to his feet and reel into his car. The Firebird wheeled away like all the devils in hell were after him; mind you, I’d rather have all the devils in hell after me than the Hollister triplets, because I wasn’t exaggerating about the chainsaw…

Sally was waiting for me back inside, hugging me as she trembled in reaction. I held her and patted her back, soothing her until she stopped shaking and I could get her to sit down.

“Frank, what did you mean when you told Steve you’d fucked him up once before? When? What did you do to him?”

I tried to avoid telling her, but it somehow all came out, that I’d known what had happened to her, and I’d hunted down that worthless douche-bag and kicked his ass for him. Sally looked ashamed that I knew of her shame, but I hugged her, telling her that I did it because I loved my big sister and no-one was going to hurt her while I was around.

“And Kat, does she know too?” she murmured, and I just nodded, helpless to stop the tears that spilled down her cheeks.

“If it helps, Sally, she’s as angry as I am, but we don’t blame you; how could we? Just like we can’t blame that beautiful little boy in there; he can’t help who his daddy is, but he’s sure lucky he’s got you for a mom!”

Sally smiled sadly at that and stroked my cheek in gratitude.

“Sally, what did that prick want with you?” I asked, and Sarah stared into space as she collected her thoughts.

“He came here to warn me not to make any trouble for him and his family; I don’t know where he got that from, the last thing I want is to be reminded of that rabble, or what he did to me! Frankie, he threatened to take Joey away!”

Her voice cracked, and I could see the fear in her eyes; I promised myself, the next time I saw Steve Dolan, he’d pay again for frightening my sister! Sarah calmed down as I held her, telling her that Steve Dolan was too fond of his life to throw it away crossing me, while I thought black thoughts of death and vengeance raining down on that spoiled little asshole.

I had no idea where he’d got the idea that my family wanted anything to do with his pond-scum family, but at least now he knew where he stood with us; on the brink of death. My threat to tell the Hollister boys about him was real, make no mistake; one hint he was thinking of making any trouble for Sally and I’d make a call to Jeremiah Hollister, the meanest, angriest, most unreasonable, and most psychotic of all the brothers, and that Dolan prick would be just a memory and a couple of anonymous bloodstains somewhere deep in Bad Indian Woods.

“Thank you for being here, Frankie!” she murmured, “I never needed you so much as just now, I love you baby, and thank you for making Joey and me safe!” She wiped her eyes and then looked curiously at me.

“Why are you here, baby?”she asked, and I took a deep breath.

“Sally, I’ve…I have a girl, she’s perfect, she loves me, I love her, and we want to get married!”

Sarah’s eyes lit up a she smiled at me.

“Oh Baby, I’m so happy for you! What’s she like, who is she, when do I get to meet her?”

I drew another deep breath; this was it.

“She’s in the car, I asked her to wait while I took care of your…visitor, wait there and I’ll go get her!”

I went to the front door and opened it, beckoning Kat inside. She joined me on the porch, trembling but resolute. I took her hand and caressed her cheek.

“Are you ready, baby-girl?” I asked her, and Kat’s chin lifted bravely as she nodded. “Fine, then let’s do this!” I smiled, and led her inside.

Sarah smiled in welcome as she saw our little sister, and looked at the front door questioningly, waiting for this mysterious girl of mine to appear. When I closed the door, Sarah raised her eyebrow, her smile even more puzzled.

“Well, where is she, baby and what’s Kat doing here?”

Kat and I exchanged glances, and she took my hand, holding herself close to me.

Sarah’s eyes narrowed.

“Frank, what’s going on, where’s this girl of yours?” she demanded, her voice tinged with suspicion.

I held up our joined hands, and looked directly at her.

“Right here, Sally. Kat and me…we’ve…found what we want, and that’s each other, and we want to be together. I know you’ll probably think it’s wrong, but this is how we feel, and what we both want. Help us, Sally, please, help us find a way to be together!”

Sarah backed away from us, her hand to her mouth and a look of horror on her face, and when I made to move toward her, she backed away even further, her hand held up as though warding me off as she leaned back, increasing the space between us even more.

“No, no, no, no, no, you can’t be serious, no, this is not happening, this is a joke, both of you, say it’s a joke!” she pleaded, her face hardening when I shook my head. When I made to move toward her again, she backed away some more, until her back was against the wall.

“Don’t touch me, don’t you touch me!” she flared. “How can you stand there and tell me you want this? It’s disgusting, it’s wrong, you’re her brother, you’re not supposed to want your sister like…that, no, don’t…touch me, I feel sick, you make me sick, both of you! Get out of my house, get out, get out of here!”

She was almost screaming, her eyes blazing again, this time in revulsion and anger, and Kat looked at me in horror; this wasn’t how it was supposed to go; Sally was supposed to show us how to make this work, to help us because we needed our big sister, not reject us out of hand! With a strangled sob she fled, with me in hot pursuit. She jumped back into the car and slammed the door, to sit with her head bowed in her hands, her shoulders shaking. I didn’t know what to do; Kat was crying, and Sarah was furious, I needed both of them right now, but Kat needed me, so I climbed in next to her and started the car.

I drove away from Sarah’s house convinced I’d never see or hear from her again, she was so incandescently angry and disgusted with us, and my eyes stung with tears for both of them; for Kat and the hurt and rejection she was feeling, and Sarah for the burden we’d dumped on her by telling her about us, and for driving her away from us forever.

I drove aimlessly, on full autopilot, seeing only the expression of disgust on Sarah’s face, her tawny eyes blazing golden with anger and outrage, but gradually heading out of town, until I saw the sign for the Dew Drop Inn, and pulled into the parking lot on impulse; I didn’t feel like going home just then; Sarah was quite capable of coming down there to beard us again, and I didn’t have any stomach for that kind of fight just now; all I wanted to do was hold Kat and try and make it right for her again.

The Desk Clerk handed me the room keys with only the minimal amount of leering at Kat, although I have to say, she did look more than delicious; she was wearing a tight black pencil skirt, nude seamed stockings and black stiletto’s, and a short-sleeved teal-green silk blouse that set off her pale skin and tumbled cascade of blazing red hair to a T; with her tiny waist and clearly defined, tight little ass in that skirt, she looked like she’d stepped off the set of a movie from Hollywood’s Golden Age, and in spite of what had just happened, I could feel myself wanting her all over again.

Once we were in the room, which was clean, with fresh sheets, for a change, Kat let herself go, sobbing hysterically as she clung to me, and I held her close, rocking her and crooning to her just like I had when she was small, while I tried to figure out what to do next. Whatever we did, it looked like Sarah was out of the picture, which meant Kat and I were on our own, and I didn’t know what to do next.

Kat eventually stopped crying, but she still clung to me, perhaps because I was her most enduring symbol of care and comfort from her earliest days, but it was nice for me too, no matter what her reasons. After her sobs died away to the occasional sniff, she suddenly swung herself up onto my lap, and wrapped her arms around my neck as she buried her face in my neck. I had been rubbing her back as I soothed her, but now it felt different, somehow my soothing and calming my little sister had become sexier and it was getting to me. Kat wiggled on my lap as the evidence began to make itself felt, and her cheek against my neck had somehow become her lips as she kissed me softly, gentle little pecks as I smoothed my hands over her.

“Frankie, what do we do now?” she whispered between kisses, and I had to think on my feet; I’d had no plan as such, other than to get Sarah to give me a way forward.

“Baby, we’re on our own, I think that’s obvious. We should leave Springfield; too many people here know us for there to be any chance of a life together, so we’ll just have to sell-up, find jobs somewhere far away from here, and make up our own life. I’m sorry baby, I thought it would turn out okay, I thought Sally…I’m sorry…!”

My voice cracked as the sudden loss and desolation hit me; we really were on our own now, and Kat sat bolt upright, her hands suddenly cradling my face.

“Frankie, you still have me, and I have you. Mom’s gone, daddy’s gone, Joe’s gone, and now Sarah and Joey are gone, and it’s just you and me left, but we’re all we need, baby! You’ll be my family, and I’ll be yours, and we’ll make our family work somehow, have faith, baby, we’ll get past this!”

With that she kissed me, all rational thought suddenly fleeing as the full impact of that kiss hit me; my Kat certainly knew how to power-kiss! It obviously had an effect on her too, as she slid off my lap and reached behind to unzip her skirt. As soon as she did, she began sliding it down, with me appreciating just how tight that pencil skirt really was by the gyrations of her hips as she wriggled while tugging it down, Certain other parts of me had also taken full heed of the floorshow, and the constriction in my shorts was almost painful as Kat wriggled and shimmied in front of me, her skirt finally slipping off to reveal she was wearing a garter belt matching her tiny green silk panties.

I pulled her close to me, my hands automatically slipping around to cup and squeeze her taut little cheeks, my fingers slipping into the warm tight crease between those luscious little globes. Kat shimmied against me again, grinning as I nuzzled her pert little breasts, still concealed behind her silk blouse and bra.

Kat kissed the top of my head, then leaned back slightly to unbutton her blouse, sliding it off her milky shoulders and tossing it onto the chair, on top of her skirt. Her bra matched her panties and garter belt, and, with her beautiful features, clear, porcelain skin, and cascade of vivid red hair, she looked like a model from the Fredericks of Hollywood catalog; svelte, classy, and drop-dead gorgeous.

I was lost in wonder that this beautiful girl had lived under my nose for all these years, and that something so lovely could even be bothered to say ‘Good Morning’ to me, let alone pledge herself so completely to me.

“Frankie, hello, Earth to Frankie, are you receiving?” I heard her voice as though from a distance, snapping me out of my reverie.

“Do you want to help me get out of these things or not, baby?” she smiled, her arms already behind her, ready to unhook her bra. Of course I leaped to her assistance, what true gentleman wouldn’t? Besides, this was my present, I was going to unwrap it my way! I stood up and slid my arms around her, gently unhooking the bra, Kat sliding the straps off her shoulders and wriggling slightly to let the garment drop to the floor.

She then rested one foot on the bed and grinned at me, until I realised she was waiting for me to unclip the garter belt from her stockings. I obliged, of course, anything to touch and hold those taut, smooth thighs again. Kat smiled secretly at me as she slid her stocking off, before putting the other foot on the bed for me to unclip the garter belt again, and once again slowly pulled off the stocking. I pulled her close and kissed her as I unhooked the garter belt from around her waist and let it drop, and now she was standing in front of me in just her skimpy little green silk bikini panties.

“Your turn, baby!” she grinned, and I suddenly realised I’d stripped her but was still fully clothed myself. Kat giggled and loosened my tie, pulling it off over my head and throwing it over her shoulder, then slowly worked her way down my shirt buttons, pulling my shirt out of my pants and pushing it back over my shoulders. I pulled off my undershirt, leaving me standing in my pants, socks and shoes. I quickly lost those, leaving Kat the pleasure of yanking down my shorts and fondling my very engorged cock.

Still grinning, she led me to the bed, which I was gratified to see actually had clean sheets and pillowcases, and climbed on to kneel and pose for me, her arms behind her neck to thrust her breasts out at me. I looked at her in astonishment; she was absolutely gorgeous, and, in that pose, unutterably sexy; whatever else happened to us, I knew I’d made the right choice when it came to the woman I loved. Kat smiled at me as I stared at her like some slack-jawed hayseed, completely bowled over by just how stunning she was; the faint blue tracery of veins just visible through the translucent skin of her pouting little breasts, her large, smouldering green eyes and long sooty lashes, her hair a tumbled riot of burnished copper over her shoulder, glowing against her milky-white skin, and her softly pink nipples dancing with her every movement.

“Come here, Frankie, be what I want, be my husband!” she whispered, her emerald eyes glowing with an inner light, and I was helpless to resist; she’d caught me with that one word; husband. I wanted more than anything in the world to be just that, to keep her always, to be husband, lover, brother, best friend, all the things she needed or could ever want from me.

In a trance I climbed on to the bed, my hands slipping around her as shoe folded her arms around my neck, pulling me closer, her eyes fixed on mine as she molded into me, her skin warm and soft and silky, sparkling with life and the love of life. Kat looked up into my eyes and winked as she smiled at me.

“Love you, husband!” she whispered, then her lips were on mine, and once again I felt myself falling into her, lost in the wonder of her, our kiss lasting a million years or more.

As we kissed, we rolled until I was in top of her, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world for my aching cock to slip into her, Kat gasping as my girth stretched her open once again, then instinct took over, Kat bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts as I pumped into her, both of us straining and flexing together as we pleasured each other, and ourselves; my cock had never seemed harder, my excitement more durable, as when we made love that night, endless variations as we experimented with positions, with techniques, with our fingers, lips, tongues and teeth to explore each other, to try and discover what the other liked the most; it was a battle, of sorts, but not for dominance, rather, to see who could excite and stimulate the other more, to see who could gratify the other more.

Eventually Kat slid off me, my cock throbbing and unfulfilled, with a look of pure wickedness in her eyes.

“Lie back, Frankie, you’re going to love this!” she slurred, her expression sly, sexy, enigmatic, and I slumped back, trying to guess what she was planning on unleashing on me.

Kat knelt between my legs and slowly licked the length of my cock, coating it in her saliva, paying particular attention to the crown, where she lavished even more saliva, slathering it. I was wondering why the sloppy blow-job, when suddenly she answered all my questions; turning around and throwing a leg over me, Kat straddled me in a classic ‘Reverse Cow-girl’, and began gyrating her hips while holding my straining cock, rubbing her tight pink little knot of a rosebud with a slim finger, dipping that same finger into her pussy and trailing it back across her anus, wetting herself until she finally slipped her finger inside herself.

I could see her in the dresser mirror, her eyes were closed as she went into her own world, her face serene and relaxed, her soft lips parted as she pleasured herself. Her finger returned continually to her little honey-pot, drawing more of her juices out of herself to rub and slip into her tight little rosebud. As I watched, she slid another finger in, two fingers now rubbing in and out of her tight hole, her expression in the mirror now almost ecstatic as she frigged her anus.

My cock was straining for release at this erotic display, but Kat seemed to have forgotten me as she pleasured herself. How wrong I was.

Just as I was ready to groan in frustration, Kat looked back over her shoulder at me, grinning minxily and flexing her cute buns at me, and then she took hold of me and slowly, agonisingly slowly, rubbed my slick cockhead over her little pink anus. My eyes flew open as I dared to hope she might really do what I thought she was leading up to.

Kat grinned at me and rose up slightly, and slowly pushed herself down on me, the pressure on my cockhead almost unbearable as she pushed her weight down on my cock, forcing me into her tight asshole. As she did, through the sensations ringing in my head, I realised she was muttering and gasping softly to herself.

“Oh God, oh my God, ooooh Jesus, that hurts, ooohhh…!”

All I could focus on was the hot, wet pressure on my cock, the feeling of my head being squeezed so tightly, when suddenly the head popped through her ring and her anus snapped tight around my cockshaft as I slid past her ring.

Kat gave a whistling moan as I slid into her, forcing herself all the way down on me until I was in her to the hilt, her gorgeous little ass-globes quivering and her chest heaving as she adjusted to the feel of my cock buried inside her tight, velvety little ass. Finally she leaned back and wiped her face, and I realised with a shock she was wiping her eyes as well; ramming herself down onto me like that must have really hurt her!

“Kat, baby, if you don’t…” I began, to stop short as she looked back at me and smiled, her face composed and her eyes clear.

“I want this Frankie, I want to do this, so are you gonna fuck me or not?” she grinned, wriggling on top of me and clamping momentarily around me, making my cock jump.

“Aaahhh, yeah, like that baby!” she moaned, leaning forward to rest her hands on my thighs as her buttocks slid up to allow me to see her hole stretched so obscenely around my stiff cock; how I didn’t come at that sight I’ll never know, it was so fucking erotic, as well as downright pornographic!

I began thrusting up into her as she pumped down onto me, my hands finding her hips and holding her in place as we humped together, Kat pummelling her sweet little ass up and down on my throbbing cock. At some point, she decided to lay back, lying full length on me, her legs on either side of my hips as my hands found her breasts and squeezed her nipples in time to my thrusts into her ass, savouring each little “oh…oh…oh…!” as I shoved myself into her.

Kat, in the meantime, was rubbing her little snatch, teasing herself as I bit her neck and shoulder (but gently, oh so gently!) and squeezed her solid nipples, and when my hand drifted down to join hers, slipping my fingers in and out of her as I grazed and lightly caressed her clitoris, she came with a gasping scream, her back arching as her pussy clamped down on my invading fingers.

As her pussy convulsed, her ass squeezed me tighter than ever before, and that was my cue. I pulled her legs up and grabbed hold of her ass cheeks, holding her ass as I squeezed and clenched those delectable globes, my hands feasting on her satiny ass as I hammered into her, until it was finally all too much for me, and I came with a roar, my hands holding her ass cheeks apart as I exploded deep inside her, my sperm jetting out of me to bathe her interior in jet after jet of creamy heat. Kat convulsed, screaming my name, orgasm possessing her once again at the feel of me unloading so copiously inside her.

At last I stopped pounding my sperm into her; she’d taken every drop I had, and as I rolled onto my side, heart hammering like it was going to burst, I slowly slid from her, Kat once again convulsing as yet another orgasm ripped and blazed through her, making her gasp and call my name.

Eventually her storm calmed too, and she lay against me, murmuring contentedly as she gently ground herself against me as we spooned, exhausted but very, very satisfied. I supposed she was as ragged-out as I was, but then I felt her small hand gently rubbing up and down the arm I had around her.

“Frankie,” she murmured, “Was that good for you, baby? Did I do it properly?”

I nibbled her ear, making her giggle.

“Baby, that was…that was…fucking amazing! Where the hell did you learn how to do that?” I breathed in her ear, and even with my face buried in her neck, I could feel her grin.

“Jojo told me how to do it! She said if you do it right, it’s mind-blowing, but all I know is; I never came like that before!”

I grinned into her ear, mentally tipping my hat to ‘Jojo’, thanking her for the most erotically supercharged moment of my entire life to date!

With me fondling her, and Kat murmuring as she gently writhed and wriggled against me, time seemed to fly past, until I realised I had to get her home; it was too late now for Sarah to come out to the house and start anything, and I needed a change of clothes for work, so, somewhat reluctantly, I roused Kat and dragged her into the shower with me.

The powerful spray soon woke us up completely, and once we’d removed all traces of what we’d been doing, Kat insisted on washing my cock slowly and with great attention to detail (little minx!), while I counted and re-counted the tiles in the cubicle to prevent the male reflex, something she was trying so hard to kick-start!

We made it out of the shower without any further slippery games, and I was sitting on the bed doing up my tie when there was a soft knock on the door. Kat froze, then scooted onto the bed next to me, her eyes wide and frightened.

“Who is it?” I called out, and after a pause;

“Babies, it’s me, it’s Sally, we need to talk, and I want…I want to say I’m sorry!”

I could hear the sadness in her voice, so, with a quick glance at Kat, who bit her lip but nodded, I crossed the room and opened the door. Sarah was standing there, and strangely, so was Max Donnelly. I stood aside and gestured that they come in. I looked quizzically at Sarah, wondering why Max was with her, and indicated she take a seat.

“Frank, Kat, I…I wanted to say I’m sorry for going off at you like that. I have no excuse, I should have listened, we’re family, and family comes first; I’m sorry babies…”

At the mention of family Kat’s ears pricked up, my run-in with Steve Dolan and his threats to Sally obviously looming in her mind.

“Sally, where’s Joey?” she asked, worry and concern in her voice and expression.

Max grinned.

“Don’t worry, Caitlin, my Mary’s looking after him; he’s a lovely kid, I think she’s in love! Sarah told me how that little son of a bitch threatened her, if young Frank there hadn’t kicked his ass, there’s a couple dozen people I know who would have, me included! Joey’s fine, you couldn’t get him away from Mary with a towin’ chain!”

Sarah was looking at me sorrowfully, but without reproach or disgust, and my heart broke for her as I realised how she must feel, the shock she must have felt when we dropped our bombshell on her. Sarah finally forced her face into something resembling its normal lines, and squared her shoulders.

“Okay Frank, Kat, why don’t you tell me about it, and what your plans are.” She said in an almost normal voice, but I could see what it was costing her.

Kat looked at me, nodded slightly and turned back to Sarah.

“Sally, I don’t know where to begin; I’ve always known how I felt about Frankie; he was always my rock and my best friend, he looked after me, he looked out for me, and I’ve always felt he was more than just my big brother; I love him, Sal, I always have. Please don’t hate me, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I need Frankie, and he needs me, and we both need you, don’t leave us because of this, please!”

She was crying by the time she’d finished, her eyes fixed on Sarah, and for one awful moment I thought Sarah was going to look right through her, get up and walk away from us forever, just abandon us to our fate.

Of course our big sister did none of those things; instead she reached out and pulled her little sister close to her, letting her cry against her shoulder as she rubbed her back and nuzzled her hair, the way she used to when Kat was a little girl. Sarah looked at me.

“And you, Frank, what about you? How do you feel? Talk to me, baby, please!”

I didn’t know where to begin, so I started at the beginning, rambling on about how Kat had always been the most important thing in my life, how I’d steered her through the rough patches following all our losses, Joe, then Dad, then Mom, and how she’d always been uppermost in my mind, how I’d worried about her, and also how I’d felt when she began dating, the possessiveness and irrational jealousy, and how I’d finally realised what it meant, culminating in our mutual attraction, and what had happened on her Prom night, only a few days ago, I realized with a slight shock, finally winding down once I got to this evening’s confrontation in Sarah’s living room. Sarah listened attentively, nodding now and again as something became clear to her, never once letting go of Kat or ceasing stroking her hair or gently rubbing her back.

At that point Max cleared his throat.

“Frank, Caitlin, you do know what you’re doing is illegal, right?”

We both nodded, and he grinned wryly.

“So I suppose me telling you to stop isn’t really gonna work, is it?”

Again we both nodded, Max grinning as we did.

“Both of you, you look so familiar, and not just because I know you so well; Frank, you’re the image of your father, and you, Caitlin, you have Roisian Moran stamped all over you; your grandmother and your aunt Rosie both. I went to school with your parents, with your aunt Rosie, Caitlin, and I put that silver bangle on your wrist the day you were christened, so I think I have the right to speak to you now, not as Frank’s boss, not as a family friend, but as family. What you’re doing is dangerous; there are people in this town who will use that against you, who have reason to use that against you; you know who I mean, Frank. If word of this gets out, it will be bad, very bad, and will only get worse, for all of you. Sally asked me if I knew of a way to help you; I have one, but you may not like it; in fact I know you won’t; I don’t, and neither does Sally, but it’s the only thing we can do that will keep you both safe.”

Kat looked at me in apprehension, then squared her shoulders and lifted her chin to look him squarely in the eye.

“As long as Frankie and I can be together, we can live with it. What’s your answer, Uncle Max?”

Max clasped his hands in front of him, looking at the floor, a faraway expression on his face.

“The penalty in this state for In…for what you’re doing, is five years on each count, up to ten if the female is under 21, so you’re looking at a possible seven to ten for each count they choose to charge you with; that’s a lot of jail time, Frank, so you have to go; you can’t be together here. We have a new office just opened out of state, they’re in dire need of a good B2B sales manager, I mentioned you before to Human Resources when the vacancy first came up, they thought you were a good fit, now it looks like fate’s taken a hand, so the job’s yours if you decide to take it. The salary is pretty good, there’s a pretty generous relocation assistance package, and the company will pay for your basic accommodation for up to 90 days, which should give you time to find a place of your own.”

Kat looked at him, her lip quivering.

“Where…where is this job, Uncle Max?”

Max looked up, but not at her, rather he looked over her shoulder, fixing his gaze on the wall.

“Santa Clara…in the San Francisco Bay Area…”

Kat gasped, her hand flying to her mouth as she looked in shock at Sarah, who sat with her face expressionless, no flicker of emotion on her face.

“California…Frankie, no, it’s the other side of the country, how can we…Sally…Joey…!”

I was in shock too; even though I agreed with Max that we couldn’t stay here and be safe, to suddenly up-stakes and go all the way to the west coast…!

“Take it, Frank!” hissed Sarah, “You’ll never be safe here, not after today, not after what you did to that filthy bastard, they’ll find out about you somehow, and then…then…!” two big tears rolled down her cheek, but she dashed them away.

“I don’t want you to go, I need you, both of you, you’re all I have left of Mom and Dad, and Papa Mike, but I have to think of Joey as well as you; somehow, some way, those slimy Dolan bastards will find a way to get at you, I’m scared they’ll try and do it through my baby, so I have to ask you to go!”

I looked at Max, trying to see my dad’s best friend, not the man who was helping to break up my family (“but you did that Frankie-boy”, a small voice crowed relentlessly in the back of my mind, “this is your fault, boy, this is what it costs to drop your pants and drag your sister into bed…”)

“When do they want me to start, Max?” I asked, dreading the answer he would give, but when he did answer, it was even worse than I feared.

“Monday, Frank, they’ll want you there first thing Monday morning!”

Kat gasped, her head snapping round to look in anguish at Sally, a low keening rising in her throat.

“NO, that’s only five days away! Sally, I don’t want this, please, I want to stay with you, don’t make me…”

Sarah took her by her arms, then gently but firmly held her chin, stopping her head as she shook it repeatedly in an emphatic ‘no’ gesture.

“Stop it baby, stop it! Listen to me! You have to go, you have to get away from here before they find out how easy it would be to destroy you. You’ll be fine, baby, I promise you, Frankie will be there for you, and with you gone, Joey and I will be safe; Max and the boys will look out for us, and there’s always the Hollister boys to keep Steve Dolan in line; Jonah’s an old friend of mine, if I need him, I know how to get hold of him in a hurry, but as long as you’re here, we’ll never be safe; that piece of garbage will find a way to get back at us through you, so this is the only way to protect everyone. Do it for me, baby, if you’re safe somewhere far from here, out of reach of those vermin, Joey and I’ll be safe too, I promise!”

Much as I hated the thought of leaving, I knew she was right; the Dolan family was widespread through the state, in positions of power and influence at all levels; Steve’s arrogance and sense of entitlement was a common trait shared by all of them, and when circumstances dictated, they’d band together, just like the pack of hyenas they were. Sarah was right; we had to go, and the sooner the better.

Max caught my eye, and I nodded at him, letting him know I was ready. He leaned over and gently disengaged Kat from Sarah, his arm around her like dad used to do.

“Caitlin, your daddy and Frank’s daddy were my oldest and best friends, and I love you both like my own kidsr; it pains me and Aunt Mary to let you go like this, but you know I wouldn’t lie to you. This is the best way, baby-girl, this is how you protect yourself, and how you protect Frank, and Sally and Joey too, so I’m asking you to be strong for your family. I need you to be strong for Frank, to take care of him, to be his family and his friend, will you do that for me?”

Kat stared at him, her lip trembling, then squared her shoulders and smiled tremulously, nodding her agreement.

“I will, Uncle Max, I promise!”


We left two days later; Kat and I packed what we could of our own stuff, and as many mementoes and reminders of Mom and dad as we could, and in a frenzy of picture-taking, captured Joey and Sarah in a whole series of frozen moments, something for us to look at when we were so far away. Sarah helped us pack, although, to be honest, I did most of the packing; Sarah and Kat spent most of their remaining time together hugging and crying, and cuddling little Joey, who seemed to pick up on our sadness. I tried not to watch them together, otherwise I’d have pushed my way into the middle of that and spent all my time crying with them too.

At last the car was filled with our indispensable things; everything else would be packed by Max and his boys, and on the advice of Max, we arranged for shippers based in Phoenix to collect it all for transhipment to Reno, and then another shipper to collect and deliver it all to us once we had a place of our own; we daren’t use any of the local movers, they all had some kind of connection to the Dolan clan and we couldn’t afford to have any hint of where we’d gone leak back to that den of jackals.

Max would handle the sale of the house; we gave him power of attorney, and that, more than anything else, signified the end of our lives here and the breaking of our ties to Springfield; this was my father’s house, my sole remaining link with both my real father and the man who took his place in my life and in my heart, my mom, Joe, all the family we’d loved and lost. Now we were truly fragmented. Kat felt it even more keenly; she adamantly refused to look at the house as we drove away, knowing full well her last link too with Dad and Mom was gone now.


Part 2:

The wicked is driven away in his wickedness: but the righteous hath hope in his death – Proverbs 14:32


The drive took two days; we only ever stopped for gas, food, or sleep, anxious to get it over with; Kat was silent for the first day, her head turned away from me, and her eyes hooded behind sunglasses; I thought she was asleep most of the time, and then I finally saw the wetness on her cheeks. Stopping to comfort her only burst the dam as she sobbed uncontrollably. She wasn’t excited in the slightest to be moving to California, she was going into exile with me, or so she felt, only doing this to protect her family, and several times as she cried she almost asked me if we could turn around, go home, go back to how we’d been before we caused such an upheaval in our family.

For her, I would have; the sight of her so obviously heartbroken was doing all kinds of things to me, none of them good. I would have let her go in an instant if it would have healed her wounded heart, no matter what it cost my own, taken her home and tried my best to forget what we’d meant to each other, but when I wavered, Kat rallied back, refusing to let me go, reminding me that we’d promised ourselves to each other, and she’d promised to be there for me no matter what.

My company had secured a furnished, 2nd floor two-bed, one bath apartment for us in Santa Clara, not far from the office; if I felt like it, I could walk there in ten minutes, which suited me; it meant Kat was only ten minutes away at most if she needed me; as an added bonus, and something good for a change, Max’s younger sister Shelley, her husband Marty, and their three young teenage daughters lived in Sunnyvale, close to El Camino, and had been told by Max we were on our way, so they were waiting to welcome us to the Bay Area.

Shelley remembered my real father clearly, and she commented how much I looked like him; it was nice to have something from our home so far away , but Kat was a little overwhelmed, especially as she’d been dreading the loneliness and isolation of being new arrivals in a strange town, and

Shelley’s motherly concern caught her off-guard.

Shelley hugged her as she started crying, and she and the girls disappeared into one of the bedrooms to commiserate and generally make her feel better, while Marty and I waited for them in the living room.

For my part, I was feeling a little better; at least we weren’t completely alone all the way out here on the west coast; I’d been afraid for Kat, wondering how being alone out here would affect her while I was at work, but at least now she’d have someone to pass the time with, go shopping with and talk with on the phone, someone motherly who understood how it was for young girls (and Kat was still that, just a little past eighteen) and take her around and show her the Bay Area.

Marty had just recently started working for the same company I did, in a different section, and we chatted about the company, my role, and made tentative plans to get together the following weekend for a barbeque at their place.

I soon settled into my job; sure, there were the occasional pangs of homesickness, even more so for Kat, but she was a bright, gregarious girl, and she’d soon charmed the neighbors, the local stores, even the drivers on the bus route into San Jose, her favorite shopping spot, especially the Eastridge Mall, with her three favorite stores in the whole world, Macy’s, J C Penney, and Sears, and, of course, Victoria’s Secret for me!

Kat soon adapted to the Californian laid-back lifestyle, the anonymity and freedom of living in a town where no-one knew you or cared about your business, and the sophisticated, bohemian exuberance of the Bay Area. The first time we went sightseeing in San Francisco, Kat was awestruck by the sights and sounds of San Francisco, Union Square, the gingerbread houses, riding the cable cars for hours on end just for the sheer enjoyment of it, poking into every little shop and boutique on Market Street, and walking across The Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic symbol of California, to view the city from the Marin Headlands, ending the day by pigging-out on the buffalo menu meatball sandwiches in Tommy’s Joynt at Van Ness & Geary.

We kept in close contact with Sarah; though we’d made friends, some very good friends, especially Shelley and Marty and their girls, Sarah was still uppermost in our thoughts at all times. For the first year or so, Kat was plagued by bouts of almost crippling homesickness, and though they died away somewhat, they never really went away.

On her 21st birthday, I gave her the present she wanted most of all; a return airline ticket to Springfield. We’d been gone almost three years, so it was time she went home and connected with Sally again. I couldn’t go because of work pressure; the company was going through a period of restructuring and I was snowed-under re-organizing my department, so there was too much to do for me to take a vacation, but Kat went home to see Sally, and her beloved little Joey, although he wasn’t so little anymore. Joey was almost eight years old now, and the image of my father (and me at the same age), no trace of his worthless father in him, rather a Novak through and through, and already a Little-League and Pee-Wee football star, a taste of things to come.

Kat was away for three weeks, and by the time I collected her from San Francisco International, I was nursing an unfeasibly stiff and quite unbelievable erection, not helped by the sight of her slinking through ‘Arrivals’ looking like a vampy, trampy, femme-fatale, complete with Hermes scarf knotted elegantly around her neck, Pilot sunglasses, “Fuck-Me” ankle boots with teetering stiletto heels, skin-tight black leather mini-skirt, and a designer black leather jacket with a bandeau top on underneath, with her glorious, vivid copper hair cascading over her shoulder; heads were turning as this vision glided through the Arrivals lounge, pulled off her sunglasses, and glued her face to mine, the nearness and smell of her taking my already throbbing cock to new heights of arousal, something she noticed right away.

“Oh my, Frankie, I do believe you’ve got a present for me!” she grinned impishly, grinding herself against me for emphasis, watching as my eyes briefly crossed. With that she laughed, kissed me again and took my hand to lead me to the parking lot.

Getting home seemed to take forever; the traffic in Millbrae seemed to be going out of its way to prevent me getting to I-280 for the Lawrence Expressway and downtown Santa Clara. At last, however, we managed to get clear of the snarl of traffic in Millbrae and made good time home. Kat insisted I hand her out of the car, her sunglasses back on and her lips startlingly red against the porcelain whiteness of her skin, her scarf once more carelessly tied around her white throat, and her hair a cascading riot of scarlet; the sight of her taut ass quivering as she shook her hair out sent shockwaves up and down my surging cock.

I don’t think I ushered her indoors with unseemly haste, but my hands were under her skirt and squeezing her ass before I’d even got the door closed! Kat was just as hungry, her leg wrapping around mine as she ground her panty-clad pussy against my giant economy-size erection, both of us panting into each other’s mouths as we kissed so hard I thought we’d split our lips; we’d never been apart more than two days in the last three years, and it showed!

“Bedroom…!” she groaned between feverish kisses, and I obliged, lifting her so her legs were wrapped around my waist, but never once breaking our lip-lock, and carried her into the bedroom and collapsing onto our Queen-sized bed, my hands holding her delicious little buttocks as Kat continued to rain kisses on my lips, my face, my throat, everywhere she could reach. I hooked her panties and began to slide them down, intending to do what I always did as a prelude to fucking my sister; I wanted to taste her, I wanted to soak her pussy with my tongue, I wanted to make her scream as she orgasmed on my tongue, but Kat was in no mood for foreplay.

“No, Frankie, fuck me, fuck me hard, Oh God Frankie, three weeks, I thought I’d explode, just do it to me now, I want you inside me now!” she muttered in my ear while nibbling my earlobe. Never one to disappoint a lady, I slid upright and yanked my polo shirt off, laid down flat and kicked off my slacks, and toed-off my shoes and socks, leaving only my shorts on, with a massive tent in the front letting Kat know what she was doing to me, just in case she was unclear!

She got it right away, her eyes glinting as she yanked her mini-skirt off, unzipping and shrugging-off her leather jacket, and pulling her top off in one smooth move, allowing me to see once again her beautiful little pink-tipped breasts. That was all I needed; with an inarticulate growl I lunged for her, Kat shrieking as I grabbed her and rolled over so she was on top of me, pressed flat against me as we kissed wildly.

My cock felt three sizes bigger than normal after begging me for her for three weeks, and Kat obviously felt my need, no doubt matched by her own, as she straddled me, and with no further ceremony, slid herself down onto my stiff cock, hissing in satisfaction as she sank down on me until her bare little pussy was rubbing against the mat of hair at the base of my cock.

As she slid down she began screwing her hips from side to side, fucking me as I lay supine, totally enthralled by the sight of her gyrating above me, her fingers pinching and squeezing her nipples as she rocked back and forth on me. My hands slid around her hips, holding her to me as I began to push up against her as she ground against me, both of us straining and pumping as we relieved the tension and build-up of need over the last three weeks.

Kat suddenly stiffened, her eyes tight shut as her orgasm rose up and blasted through her, her body quivering and shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her, and her pussy clamped down tight around me, the sudden, delicious constriction setting me off, and I shouted out loud as I exploded inside her, pulse after pulse of sperm rocketing into her depths.

The feel of me exploding inside her obviously triggered another massive blast of pleasure, as she screamed piercingly as once again orgasm took her to a new height of pleasure. The convulsions in her pussy nibbled and sucked at me, milking every last drop of sperm out of me, until I slumped back, more dead than alive, as reaction to our mind-blowing mutual orgasm set in.

Kat slumped down on top of me, her sweet-smelling hair in a cloud about my face as she rested her head in the hollow of my neck, my cock still embedded balls-deep in her as our thundering hearts slowed together, and our racing pulses slowed to something more like normal. It felt like heaven to me, to lie there with my arms around the sweetest, most beautiful girl I’d ever known, and she was mine; life just couldn’t get any better than this.

Kat lay atop me for a while longer, slowly squirming and stretching, and making little liquid cat-like sounds as my cock finally shrank from her. By now she’d have said something, and I started to grow a little concerned that she seemed to be avoiding looking at me. At last I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer.

“Kat, what is it, there’s something wrong isn’t there?”

Her head popped up and a look almost of guilt flashed across her face, and my heart sank as I jumped to all sorts of conclusions. She’d met someone else, or she’d been with someone else, or she was leaving me for someone else, or she was just leaving me, period, and this had been my goodbye, mercy fuck before breaking the news to me, she was going…

Kat saw all this in my eyes, confusion now showing in hers.

“Frankie, what’s wrong, talk to me, Frankie!” she whispered, suddenly looking as panicked as I felt.

“Why don’t you tell me, Kat!” I husked, fearing the worst, but needing to hear it anyway. Kat looked at me strangely at my words, tears suddenly brimming in her eyes.

“Don’t hate me, baby, please…!” she began, and my world dipped and spun as I knew what she was going to say next; I was right, here came the worst news I never thought I’d hear…”

“Frankie, Sarah took me to the doctor while I was there, Oh Frankie, I didn’t know, please, don’t hate me for this, I know we always said…!”

I cut across her almost harshly.

“What’s his name, Kat, tell me that at least!”

Kat looked at me strangely.

“Doctor Fuller, who else, Frankie?”

I was aghast; he was at least 65, an old man; she was leaving me for an old man. I laughed harshly.

“I hope you’re both happy together, for however long it lasts!”

Now it was Kat’s turn to look at me in complete incomprehension.

“Baby, what the hell are you talking about?” she demanded, and I grinned mirthlessly.

“You…and that old geezer…what a joke!”

Now Kat was starting to look annoyed.

“Frankie, just what the fuck are you talking about? Answers, now, Novak!”

I looked into her deep, lush, limpid green eyes, storing the memory for when she was gone, not that I needed to; those eyes were imprinted on my soul. I drew a deep breath, steadying myself to say the words I never thought I’d ever hear.

“You’re leaving me; you came home to get your stuff, and now you’re going back to Springfield, to…him…!” I choked, unable to continue.

Kat’s eyes narrowed dangerously, then suddenly widened in shock as she realised what I’d just said.

“Frankie, oh God, no, no, no, no! Baby, I can’t leave you, I love you, where did you ever get…?”

Now it was my turn to look shocked.

“But you said…it sounded like…I thought you…oh God, come here!”

I gathered her in to me, holding her as tight as I could as I let all the fear and loss drain out of me; she wasn’t leaving me! Thank you, God, Thank You!

Kat was hugging herself to my neck, her lips buried in the hollow of my neck, and I could feel her trembling.

“Frankie, why did you think I was leaving you? How could you ever think I’d leave you? I told you once that you were all I ever wanted, that hasn’t changed, what were you thinking, baby, what did I say to make you…?”

I was feeling too happy to feel foolish, although that would probably come later.

“Baby-Girl, you asked me not to hate you, that’s like the classic first line of a ‘Dear John’; I thought you were home to give me one last fling, get your stuff and go…”

Kat rose up, her forearms resting on my chest so she was looking me in the eyes again, her eyes clouded, worried, scared.

“Frankie, I don’t want you to hate me, but I’m so afraid you will after you hear what I tell you. I know we said we’d wait, I know you’d like us to have our own place, not this rented apartment, but it’s too late. I was sick back home, so Sally took me to see Doctor Fuller, and he did some tests. Frankie, I’m sorry, I know what we said, that we had plenty of time, but that’s all changed now; baby, I’m pregnant…!”

I could have smacked myself on the head like one of the Three Stooges; of course! Doctor Fuller, Mom’s gynaecologist! Now I really felt stupid; two seconds later what she said actually hit me; we were pregnant!

Kat was looking at me apprehensively, chewing her lip in a completely adorable and overpoweringly sexy way, smiling tentatively as I grinned happily at her.

“Cammere, you!” I growled, pulling her closer so I could kiss her properly, and maybe bite her adorable lip as well, just a little…

She pulled away from me to look deeply into my eyes, her own emerald eyes darkening to grass-green as she looked searchingly into mine. I always knew Kat’s mood from the color of her eyes, right now she was scared and apprehensive, so I pulled her in and held her tight as I did my best to kiss her fears away.

“Are you angry, Frankie? I know we agreed, and I didn’t mean…” she began, but I kissed her and stopped that line there and then. When we finally broke apart, I held her close to me as we talked. We talked about Mom, about Dad, Sally, Joe, little Joey, family, reminding ourselves about our family, and now the thought of the new life beginning right here, our own little family growing day by day.

I did everything to allay her fears, because I really did want a family, with her, when she was ready; that had been my only reason for stipulating that we wait, that Kat had to be ready to take that on. She was obviously ready for it; as we talked I saw how her hand curled protectively around her smooth, flat belly, already unconsciously protecting that little spark of life glowing in there.

After that, life became normal, for us, anyway, or as normal as it could be, given our relationship; quickie courthouse wedding in Lake Tahoe, new home, mortgage, job, all the things you’d expect of a young suburban couple just starting their family. The day Kat found out she was having twins was a Red-Letter day for us, and the scan printout, with the two little hearts clearly visible, and the twin heart traces superimposed one on top of the other, is still my most treasured and carefully-kept possession, even after all these years.

We still kept in close touch with Sally; Joey was growing to be everything Joe would have been proud of, no matter who his real father was, and another snippet that concerned me at first, but I followed Sally’s lead in this particular case. Steve Dolan had shown he’d inherited all the business acumen his forebears had in such great measure. He’d rebuilt his part of the family’s business empire from the chaotic, almost bankrupt shambles his drunk of a father had left it in, turning around the problems caused by Jerry Dolan and becoming, at a commendably early age, the wealthiest man in Springfield, and one of the richest men in the state, with a chain of huge hardware super-stores across the Southwest.

However, the stories we’d heard all those years ago about how he treated his son were borne out by, of all people, Sally, who’d somehow wrapped herself around Dolan’s boy and taken him to her heart. She was obviously deeply taken with him, as was Joey, and from what Sally told us, Joey took extra care of his young half-brother, even though he was unaware of the relationship; he just knew and understood almost instinctively that young Robbie was special and needed protecting, and he stepped up; like I said, a boy for Joe to be proud of.

And so it went, my babies growing into tough, hard-headed, smart, spiky, erratic, brilliant, maddening, unpredictable and absolutely adorable miniatures of Kat, their Moran blood showing in every line and aspect of them. And then, one day, when Moira and Morag were just about 10 or so, I got a call from Sally that was going to change our lives. I’d just come in from a long and hectic day in the office, the girls were in the midst of one of their daily, never-ending territorial disputes, the central air was playing up, no joke in the South Bay in summer, and Kat had a splitting headache from the heat, trying to locate a repairman who’d come out at such short notice, and constantly dealing with our touchy pair of green-eyed monsters, when Sally called.

“Frank, I need a favor, and I need it quick. Young Robbie Dolan’s finally told that pack of swamp rats he calls a family what he thinks of them, and he’s here with me. Frank, the boy needs help; his pig of a father’s denied him any help, all his life, they’ve given him nothing, not a damn thing; everything he owns in the world is here in one ratty old holdall! He got a scholarship but he had to turn it down because his father refused to help him with living expenses, just flat-out refused; the bastard claimed they had nothing to spare for him, after buying that worthless tramp daughter of theirs a new car and a trip to Europe. Frank, the poor boy needs someone to give him a chance at a life; he’s a lovely kid, he’s just like Joey in so many ways, and it breaks my heart to see him left out once again; he deserves a break too, just a chance to make something of himself. I know how smart he is, he knows everything there is to know about game software, Joey says he’s a genius, apparently the University of California thought so, too, do you know anyone there in Silicon Valley who might be able to help him?”

As it happened, I did; my good friend and fellow A’s fan, Steve Vargas, who owned a small but influential and highly respected game software company in Palo Alto, not too far from our home. I gave him a call and asked him to at least talk to the boy; he agreed, we made the call, the rest you know.

When Robbie came to stay with us, I was struck firstly at how much, from certain angles, he resembled Joey (that would be the legacy of their pig of a father), but also how many of Angie Raynes’ features he had; she was always a looker, even if I did consider her the Queen Bitch of the Western World, and Robbie had inherited a fair portion of her looks; the next thing was how soft-spoken, diffident, and humble he was; I guess a lifetime of being nothing and nobody had given him zero expectations, but worst of all, no detectable sense of self-worth; it seemed he’d learned to live with it, but it wrenched at Kat’s heart, though.

This boy was her own close kin, and she couldn’t tell him, but I could see after only a few days she was completely in love with him, as were the girls; for them, he’d gone from being houseguest, to trusted friend, to big brother in just a few days, probably because there was absolutely no pretence or guile in him, and the girls instinctively fell in love with that aspect of him; the perceptions of the young are uncannily accurate, and it was no trouble at all for them to spot that Robbie was the real thing.

Robbie was honest, helpful, mild, and sweet-natured, unassuming, and smart as a whip, and before he knew it, he was one of our kids, just as much as Moira or Morag, never mind that he was almost eight years older than them. The sight of him sitting with the girls of an evening, after a long day at his new job, patiently teaching them basic calculus, or trigonometry, or algebra, his complete absorption in helping the girls because he wanted to, always brought a lump to my throat, and I’d look up and see Kat also watching him intently, a fond smile on her lips.

The only thing about him that worried me was his almost complete lack of presence; his entire life he’d been shunned by those who were supposed to love him, and he’d learned early in life that drawing attention to himself wasn’t possible in a household where no-one could see him, and so he’d learned how to “switch” himself off; it was a long time before we could get him to join in family activities, as he had no way of relating to them; he’d never been included, so had no real idea how to be included, and it confused him. His relationship with Joey was different, more one-to-one, but I truly believe that it was Kat and the girls who taught him how to venture out of himself.

Socializing with the immediate family was no issue, but taking him anywhere was always fraught with difficulties, as he immediately sank into himself and literally disappeared from view; it took him a long time to un-learn that, and Kat used to regularly curse Steve Dolan and Angel Raynes for turning their only son into a living ghost, a pale shadow of who he should have been.

Her relationship with Robbie was slightly different to mine; in her eyes, Robbie was her boy, she was fiercely adamant about that, and anyone who stepped between them was going down, period; the only people in the entire world she was prepared to share him with were Sarah, the girls, and me. That was the effect that boy had on our family.

As the years progressed, various things happened, some good, some not so good. Casey, Robbie’s sister, became involved with him, after she’d spent four years searching for him; she actually came to see us, to tell us what and how she felt, and I had to tip my hat to her for the bravery she showed by doing that; Kat was quite capable of skinning her alive and then slow-roasting her for what she’d done; after all, this was her Robbie we’re talking about here! I never commented on what they were doing, not when my own darling wife is also my baby sister, but Casey convinced Kat to let her in and be a part of our family. When that sack of shit Steve Dolan tried to attack Robbie, our boy did to him what I should have all those years ago, he hospitalized the bastard, and when we heard what Steve had been doing to Casey for years, I drank a special toast to Robbie; that was my boy!

In due course Robbie and Casey had a baby, the loveliest little boy I’d ever seen; he looks just like Robbie, and Kat and the girls absolutely worship him; as far as they’re concerned he’s theirs, Robbie and Casey just get to look after him once in a while! Of course, they also feel like that about Robbie; much as they love and adore Casey, Robbie’s theirs, he belongs to them, and they want him back.

All things considered, Robbie and Casey were happy; they loved each other, they had that beautiful boy, and his mom lived near him again. Sarah had met and married my buddy Steve, and had a little girl, Caitlin, a black-haired, flashing-eyed little Sarah lookalike, already a beauty at just two years old. Steve and Sarah lived in Novato, while Joey and Karen and my own great-nephew, little Joey Jr. lived literally around the corner from Robbie up in Daly City, so all the family was still close, and close by if they were needed.

With all this domesticity breaking-out, I was waiting for that call from Robbie, the same one I’d had from a panicked Joey before he got married. Something was up with Robbie, and I thought I knew what it was. In many ways, Robbie and Joey are mirror-images of each other, although they’d both look skeptical if you drew their attention to that fact; they think alike, dress alike, like the same food, the same baseball teams, the same TV shows, have the same sense of humor, and they both even have the same little facial quirks and mannerisms; it wouldn’t have surprised me if one day they hadn’t married lookalike girls!

So I waited for that call, and sure enough, Joey called me to give me a heads-up, followed a short while later by a call from Robbie. Joey had just needed a little reassurance, that he was up to the job, that he was doing the right thing, that he deserved someone like Karen, and Kat and I were happy to calm him and tell him what he needed to hear. It had been fairly easy; while Joey had never had a father, he’d always been a sporty, outgoing, gregarious and popular boy, worldly, confident, and self-assured, a typical young American male, and boosting his confidence and calming his jitters was accomplished with a pep talk and a couple of beers.

Robbie, on the other hand, was a horse of a different color entirely; he’d never had any positive reinforcement, no strong older male role-model, no-one to show him how to be a married man, or even how to grow into a man, only contempt and neglect, so the boy had learned nothing about how people worked, nothing except what young Joey could show him as they grew and matured together. Steve Dolan should have taken his son in hand, he should have told him things, and shown him by example, but the only thing that sack of shit had ever shown his son was how to be an invisible, valueless nonentity.

Now I had to try and give him the confidence to be what he should be; a man grown, embarking on one of the most important and significant adventures of his life. It was ironic, and not in a good way, either, that the man who was going to try and show him what a father should have, was the man who twice almost killed his father, only drawing back from the brink at the very last second. Something told me this was going to take a little more than just a chat and a couple of Coors…


Robbie was a little apprehensive as his uncle and aunt ushered him into the den and waved him onto the couch, after making sure the girls really were gone; they had a talent for eavesdropping and snooping bordering on genius, and it would never do for them to hear any of this. Once they were satisfied the coast was clear, they both sat down, Frank in his favorite recliner, Kat on the couch next to him, his hand in hers.

“So, Robbie, Joey tells me you’ve got something on your mind. You want to tell me about it, son?” asked Frank.

Robbie looked nervously at Kat, she smiled and nodded.

“Go ahead baby, there’s only us here, and nothing you say will ever go outside this room, I promise. Tell us what’s troubling you, baby, we only want to help!”

Robbie slid his hand out of Kat’s, nervously lacing his fingers together and looking at the floor as he gathered his thoughts, looking for a place to begin. Kat smoothed his hair back out of his eyes, something she’d done a million times before, and the familiarity of the gesture calmed him, reminded him of where he was and who he was with.

“Uncle Frank, Aunt Kat, you know…I…Casey and me…we…we…”

“Calm down, Robbie, take your time, we have as much time as you need, just tell us what’s bothering you,” smiled Frank, that and the sudden smile from Kat stilling him and letting him once more gather his thoughts.

“Uncle Frank, Aunt Kat, you know Casey and me, we…we want to get married, I asked her to a long time ago, I know she wants to marry me, but…what if I get it wrong? I know who I am, I know who my father is, what if I’m like him, you know, inside, what if all that stuff about the apple not falling far from the tree is true, supposing I …?”

Frank cut across him at that.

“OK Robbie, that’s enough! Listen to me, son, no,” as Robbie tried to interject, “hear me out first, Robbie, please!”

Robbie subsided, his face flushed, and Kat leaned closer, suddenly concerned; he looked almost…frightened, yes, frightened, scared; suddenly the confident young man she knew and loved so much was gone, and in his place was the lonely, traumatized outcast he’d been his whole life. Her heart went out to him, and it took a real effort of will to not just gather him in and mother him, hold him close and make the fear go away.

Frank also leaned closer, sitting almost close enough for their knees to touch.

“Robbie, you’re not like Steve Dolan, not in any way; I know him, I know him better than you think, and I see nothing of him in you, not one of the things that make him who he is! I know what he did, I know how he treated you, but he also did you the biggest service possible; he made sure you were never going to be like him! Your mom watched over you, she and Joey taught you things, almost without meaning to, about how to be a good person, how to be a kind person, how to be the man you are today; that’s who you are! All this stuff about the apple and the tree, that’s nonsense, I don’t know where you got that from, so just think on this; sometimes old wives tales only exist because old wives had nothing better to do with their time than sit around, spread malicious gossip, and stick pins in people!”

Robbie looked at him in astonishment; he’d never heard that tone or seen that expression before, and he suddenly realised Frank was deadly serious.

“Robbie, you’re like my own son; I really wish you were, and I’d never lie to you, so what I’m telling you now is the truth; you can never be like the man your father is, it’s not your nature; there’s nothing of the Dolan clan in you, and I know that because I know what went into you to make you who you are. Did you ever meet your grandmother, your father’s mother?”

Robbie looked completely lost at that question, at the sudden change of subject; why would his grandmother have anything to do with this conversation? He let his puzzlement show in his voice.

“No, Uncle Frank, all I know is she lives back East, in New York State, Albany or Oneonta or somewhere like that. I’ve never met her.”

Frank leaned back slightly, his expression suddenly less serious, and a quick grin quirking the corner of his mouth.

“Oneonta, eh? “Go Outlaws!” Perhaps you should meet her; it would certainly make a lot of things clearer to you.”

Now Robbie was really confused.

“Aunt Kat…?”

Kat looked at Frank and saw the small nod, telling her to tell him.

“Two things Robbie, but before I say anything I want your solemn promise you won’t say anything, to anyone, ever; do I have your word?”

Robbie had a pretty good idea what she was going to tell him, but decided to keep shut; he wasn’t supposed to know, after all, so he nodded agreement.

“I promise, Aunt Kat, not a word, ever.”

Kat sighed, her hands in her lap, slowly rubbing them together, obviously far out of her comfort zone.

“Baby, your Uncle Frank and me, we…we know what you’re going through, you and Casey; we know because we went though it as well. Baby, we went through it because Frank is…Frank is my big brother, or rather, half-brother. We never intended for any of our kids to find out, the girls don’t know, only you, please, please don’t tell them, God knows what it would do to them!”

Robbie slid over to his aunt, taking her hand in his and putting his arm around her shoulder.

“Please, Aunt Kat, it’s okay, really, I won’t tell anyone, I promised!”

Kat lifted her head to look into his eyes, her eyes suddenly widening a little as she realized something.

“You already knew!” she whispered, and Robbie, abashed, his eyes downcast, nodded.

“Mom…sort of let it slip the day she told Joey who his father was, that Casey and me were his brother and sister. She didn’t mean to, honest!” he blurted out at the look in her eyes. Frank nodded to himself, suppressing a small grin at Robbie’s complete inability to prevaricate or dodge the truth.

“Joey pressed her after she told Casey and me how difficult it was going to be for us, he worried at her about how she knew so much about it, and she told us how much it hurt her to let you both go, how she had to watch the family break up to keep it safe, how she had to lose both of you, we could see she was still hurting, even after all that time…I’m sorry Aunt Kat, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I knew, but I promised mom I’d keep my mouth shut, and I did…”

Kat reached up and cupped his chin.

“Yes you did, baby, thank you. How about Joey, and Karen, how do they feel about…Frank and me, all this?”

Robbie grinned.

“Aunt Kat, they’ve been here like a million times since, Karen leaves the baby with you when she takes the girls mall-hopping in Oakland, and she and Casey sit huddled together watching chick-flicks and crying in stereo, if she had a problem with any of this, I think you’d have heard about it by now!”

Kat smiled, a happy, relieved smile, and Robbie noted once again just how beautiful his aunt was.

“Thank you baby, you always know the right thing to say! Now there’s that other thing. Remember Frank asked you about your grandmother? We have a very good reason for asking. Your grandmother is Roisian Shelagh Caitlin Dolan, but her maiden name was Moran. My father was Michael Moran; he and Roisian were brother and sister.”

Robbie looked at her in wide-eyed surprise.

“So you’re…you’re…”

Kat nodded.

“Even before you came to us, you were my family; I’m your cousin, the girls may be your sisters now, but before that they were your cousins, so you see, you were always surrounded by family, even if you didn’t know it! I don’t think your mom knows, we couldn’t tell her, not after what your father…what Steve…did to her, so this has always been my secret, mine and Frank’s.”

Frank stirred once again, leaning forward to speak.

“I met her once, Robbie, she was a beautiful lady, she and your aunt could be mother and daughter, they look so much alike. My reason for bringing her up was because of the kind of lady she is, and she is a lady, make no mistake; she left because she couldn’t stomach Steve and his wife, and you’ve inherited her strength, her courage, and most of all, her character; what makes your aunt Kat who she is, you have in large measure as well, and that’s why you are going to be a good husband and father, a good provider, and a gentle and caring man, you come from the right stock for it! Your aunt’s father was my stepdad, but you’d never have known it; for all my life he was just my dad, and he and his sister were two of a kind, quality people, so never forget, you may have had the Dolan name, but you have the Moran blood in you, you and Joey, and it shows!”

Robbie looked at Kat, and she took his face in her hands once again.

“Baby, everything your uncle says is true; you come from good stock, some of the very best. Daddy was one of the best loved men in Springfield; most of the town came to his funeral, because of who he was; he made it easy for people to love him, and so many people did; you’re his sister Rosie’s grandson, and he would have been so proud of you, he would have seen his own father in you, and that alone is going to make you 10 times the man your father could ever be. Casey is a very lucky girl!”

Robbie looked away, embarrassed by the compliments, but Kat reached out and gently cupped his chin, turning his head to face her again.

“Baby, when you came to us, the first thing I saw was the man you were going to be, and I wasn’t wrong about you; everything you are, everything you’re going to be, it all comes from inside you, and what’s in there is a fine, honest man who’ll do everything it takes to keep his family safe, provided for, and happy, no matter what! Your father only ever thought of himself, of his own appetites and how best to feed them, and his children suffered and became casualties along the way; with you, it’s the other way round; everything you’ll ever be or do or achieve will only ever be for your family, for your children, so they too can be the best they could ever be; that’s the difference between you and Steve, and it’s a world of difference, believe me!”

She stroked his cheek fondly.

“You will always be my boy, just as you’ll always be your mom Sarah’s boy too, so I’m just a little biased when it comes to thinking about you, but I do know one thing for a solid fact; nothing of your father will ever intrude and interfere with your life with Casey; you’re not made like him, and nothing of him is in you. Casey loves you because she can see that, she always could, you both fit together perfectly, and nothing of your father or his ways will ever come between you! Go home, Robbie, marry your girl, make her the happiest girl on the planet!”

Robbie glanced over at Frank, who nodded and smiled at him.

“Listen to her, Robbie, she’s telling you the truth. We all know what a good husband and father you’ll be, question is, do you believe it now?”

Robbie looked pensive for a moment, but no longer unsure or hesitant, before replying.

“Uncle Frank, I think I know what to do now, you answered all my questions, and gave me a lot to think about, but I think I’m ready now. Thank you, both of you, I love you both!”

Kat leaned her head against his shoulder for a moment, then pulled him closer and kissed him on the side of the neck, her favorite gesture of affection.

“And we love you too, baby! Now that’s settled, you better take the girls out for pizza or they’ll scream the house down, and I don’t need that right now!”


Casey had just finished putting her son down for his nap when she heard Robbie come in, and was waiting for him with mixture of trepidation and relief. One look at his face told her all she needed to know; whatever Frank and Kat had told him seemed to have worked, his fears and worries had fallen away, and gone was that air of distraction and barely suppressed agitation; her boy was back, and she breathed a sigh of relief and a heartfelt prayer of thanks to Frank and Kat for pulling him out of the downward spiral he’d fallen into.

As he saw her, his face split into a giant grin, happy and delighted, happiness and restored good humor dancing in his eyes.

“Hey babe, wanna get married?” he grinned at her, catching her in a bear hug and squeezing her as she kissed him enthusiastically, before pulling back to look closely, searchingly in his eyes.

“Are you sure this is what you want, baby? I know why you went to see Frank, I know what’s been on your mind, we don’t have to, you know, not until you’re completely sure…”

Robbie pulled her in close, his arms around her, holding her tight to him.

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my life, Case; I love you, and I seem to remember I once asked you to marry me; in fact, I’m sure I gave you a ring…!”

Case grinned and showed him her ring finger, Gramma Novak’s engagement ring sparkling here.

“You mean this one here, baby?” she grinned in wide-eyed feigned innocence, before dissolving in soft peals of laughter.

Robbie’s expression changed, suddenly serious.

“I’m sorry, Case, I should have been more honest with you, I should have told you a long time ago, but…”

Casey cut him short with a fingertip to his lips.

“It’s okay, baby, I understand, no harm done, and now at least I get to marry you!”

Robbie grinned and kissed her, Casey kissing him back, sliding her tongue between his lips to lightly rub against his own. Robbie responded by sliding his hands down to cup and squeeze her ass, his hands curling around each curved sweet handful of her trim, taut little ass.

“Mmm, someone’s feeling MUCH better!” she murmured, grinding her crotch against the bulge she could feel growing in the front of his jeans, Robbie kissing her harder as he gently pulled her buttocks apart, making her gasp at the sensation.

“Ooooh, that’s nice! Let’s go in the bedroom, baby, I have things I want to do to you!” she grinned as she licked his lips, Robbie responding by hoisting her up so she could wrap her long legs around his waist as he carried her into their room.

Once there, Casey slid off him, her fingers fumbling with the button of his jeans, as his were doing with hers. Robbie grinned happily as he unbuttoned her blouse, eyeing her trim figure appreciatively; her breasts were slightly larger than before little Robbie’s birth, but still pert, firm and delectable, her waist was still narrow, her belly still flat and unlined, and her ass was still the taut, firm, twin hillocks he loved to squeeze and caress. Casey grinned at his scrutiny, well aware of the effect she was having on him. For her part, every chance she got to see and handle his toned, fit, muscular physique was time well spent, in her opinion.

As always, she wondered at his physical beauty; his perfectly proportioned body, well muscled without being heavy, kept in shape from the hours he and Joey still spent lifting weights and working out after work in the small employee’s gym at the office, and it was always a source of amazement to her that nobody had captured him before she came looking for him, and along with her love for him was a deep and abiding sense of wonder that he’d fallen for her, of all the girls there were, and had given himself so completely to her.

Casey pulled off her blouse and pushed down her cut-off jeans, Robbie’s eyes glinting at the sight of the pink lace thong she was wearing. Casey grinned and reached behind to unclip her bra, but Robbie pulled her close, squeezing her firm cheeks possessively with both hands as he ground against her before sliding his hands up to unhook and slip her bra off. As the cups fell away from her breasts, Robbie dipped down to catch a nipple between his lips, making her gasp at the sensation, a glow starting inside her as his hand slid around her to catch and gently squeeze her other nipple.

Casey wasn’t idle, either; she could feel the size of the bulge behind his zipper, and as he nuzzled and squeezed her nipples, her hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt and pushing at the waistband of his jeans, eager to wrap around his sizeable cock. Robbie helped her by standing back and stripping off, Casey watching enthralled at the sight of his rippling physique, his handsome, smiling face, and that adorable wave of hair flopping forward, making her itch to smoothe it back.

When he was down to his shorts, the front tented-out some considerable way, Casey grinned and wrapped her arms around him, pulling her mons tight up against that tempting bulge, making him gasp at the sensation. As they kissed, she slid her hand down and into the back of his shorts, gripping and squeezing a rock-like buttock, all the while thinking to herself “God, what an ass, and it’s mine, all mine!”

Robbie happily returned the favor, holding and fondling her as they kissed, his thumbs eventually hooking the sides of her thong and sliding them down. As Casey stepped out of the lacy wisp of material, Robbie’s hands once again clenched her ass cheeks, this time gently probing and searching in that shadowed cleft between them, his fingers brushing her anus lightly before rubbing along the length of her slit.

Casey jumped, then melted against him with a soft groan as he found her pussy, and slipped two fingers into her moist slit from behind as he kissed her deeply. As they kissed, Casey began a slow, circular motion of her mons against his cock, and now it was Robbie’s turn to gasp as she ground and slid against his tented cock. Casey broke their kiss, and slid to her knees in front of him, her fingers already tugging down his shorts. As the waistband slipped over his pulsating cock, it slipped forward, columnar, thick, and solid, 7 inches of perfectly sculpted flesh, hard as bone, and aching for her. Casey looked up at him with a rich, sexy smile on her face, and reached up to hold him, gently but insistently sliding her hand up and down his length, fondling his scrotum with the other, before slipping the end into her mouth and sucking gently.

Robbie gasped at the sensation of her hot mouth on him, his stomach muscles tightening and rippling involuntarily as Casey began to bob her head up and down on him, fucking his cock with her mouth as she squeezed him. Robbie had to try and not think about what she was doing, else he’d have filled her mouth there and then, caving-in to the avalanche of sensations and the arousal he was feeling. At last he could take no more, and gently disengaged from her, pulling back from her enticingly hot and talented mouth and helping her to rise.

Casey smiled and tugged him to the bed, pushing him down and straddling him, leaning down to kiss him, and impaling herself on him at the same time. Robbie’s hands automatically clasped her firm ass-cheeks, holding her as he began to pump against her. Their movements took on the smooth, fluid rhythm of seals or dolphins sporting in calm seas, muscles and bodies melded together in perfect harmony as they moved together, their attention fixed on each other, their expressions rapt as they lost themselves in their dance, and finally gave themselves up to their mutual pleasure, the ‘little death’ catching them in a perfect moment of shared orgasm, every muscle, sinew, and heartbeat perfectly balanced against that of the other as they peaked in their moment of attainment, before sliding down into that trough of peace, and silence, and stilled motion on the other side.

The sound of their son laughing and gurgling in the other room finally brought them back to reality, and Casey reluctantly climbed off the bed to see to him, or at least, she tried to. Robbie pulled her back, pulling her down to sit next to him.

“Case, now that I’ve fixed my…problem, we really need to think about this whole “getting married” business; I spoke to mom, and Karen, and when you’re ready, they want to take you shopping; mom’s decided she’s gonna be organizing our wedding, and she’s got a vision of how it’s going to be, so be prepared! Also, I’d like you to think about this; how about we wait until she’s recovered from the birth, then have a dual wedding with your mom and Elio?”

Casey gaped, then flung herself at him.

“You’d do that? Really? Oh Robbie, thank you, thank you, I know mom will love the idea, thank you baby!”

Just after midnight, Casey was awakened by the phone. She answered sleepily, but was wide awake a in a few seconds as Elio told her that Angie had gone into labor and had been taken to O’Connor Hospital in San Jose. She shook Robbie awake, and while he dressed, Casey strapped the baby into his carrier and packed the baby-bag for him.

The cross-town and freeway traffic was light at that time of night, and they made good time, arriving at the hospital less than 40 minutes after receiving the call, to be met by a jittery Elio, and the news that Sarah and Steve were also on their way. Casey took little Robbie to see her mother, while Robbie took Elio to get some coffee into him and calm him down.

Angie was in no danger; her pregnancy had been entirely normal, so the Obstetrician was unconcerned, even though she was almost three weeks early; his attitude was that the estimated Due-Date always had two weeks or more leeway, because of the inaccuracy in calculating when conception actually occurred, and in his opinion, three weeks early was as normal as three weeks late; that was enough calm Elio’s fears, although impending new-father jitters were still there, naturally enough..

Sarah and Steve arrived soon after, with little Caitlin in her carrier, and now the family was all there, awaiting the arrival of Angie’s daughter, Casey’s new sister.

Robbie offered to watch over the babies while Casey went into her mother, but Casey decided that she’d let Elio share this with his partner. It still gave Casey a small twinge now and then that Robbie still hadn’t found a way to connect with Angie, his biological mother, not even in the most superficial way; as far as he was concerned, she was just plain ‘Angie’, his business partner’s wife, and his prospective mother-in-law. Even though he was intellectually aware that she was his real mother, for Robbie there was only one Mom, and Sarah was it; after Sarah came Caitlin Novak, his beloved Aunt Kat, and there was no room in that particular niche for anyone else.

So while Robbie and Sarah sat and talked and watched their respective children, Steve and Casey nervously paced, both of them wearing a groove in the waiting area carpet. At last Casey could stand it no longer.

“I’m going in there, babe; she’s my mom, and she needs me too!”

Robbie grinned at her tone, and nodded his head in the direction of the Obstetrics Unit.

“Go on, Case, you’re making me dizzy with all that pacing! We’ll wait here, she probably does need you right now, go to her.”

Casey shot him a grateful smile and spoke to the Charge Nurse, who took her away to get her gowned-up. Robbie, Sarah and Steve settled down to wait for their newest family member to make her appearance.

At 4:45 A.M., Casey poked her head through the door of the delivery room.

“Guys, she’s beautiful! You have to see her, she looks just like Mom, God, she’s so gorgeous! Wait a few minutes, then you can come in one at a time!”

Robbie nudged Sara, who came awake with a start, indicating she go in first. The first thing Sarah saw was how tired Angie looked; healthy or not, this had really taken it out of her, and she was muzzy with exhaustion; she may have borne two children before, but that had been nearly 25 years ago, and she’d been a lot more resilient then; now, she was feeling every second of her 43 years, and she looked like exactly like a woman who’d just been through several hours of agonising labor, but she still had enough strength and composure to smile and beckon Sarah closer.

“Sarah, thank you for being here. I’d like you to meet your niece, Sarah Caitlin Vargas; Sarah Caitlin, this is your Aunt Sarah, say hello!”

Sarah’s eyes filled at the compliment, the last fragments of hurt from the old days finally disappearing at the olive branch Angie held out to her. Sarah held out her arms.

“May I?”

Angie smiled and passed her daughter to Sarah, who took her and looked in rapt wonder at the newest member of the clan. Casey was right; she did look like Angie, and a lot like Casey, as well.

“Hello, baby,” whispered Sarah, brushing the tiny forehead with a gentle kiss, “welcome to your family! I have a gift for you; when I was young, my name was Sally; now it’s time to pass the name on, so I’m giving it to you, because it belongs in our family; it’s your turn to keep it now, baby!”

Angie smiled wistfully as Sarah handed the baby back to her.

“I wish I’d been able to call you Sally back then; thank you for such a special gift, Sarah, I know how much it means to you!”

And that was the moment when the two women finally became true family, after a lifetime of being on opposite sides of the fence.

Angie asked Sarah to sit for a moment, as she had something to ask her. Sarah sat on the edge of the bed and waited to hear what Angie had to say.

“Sarah, Casey told me that she and Robbie have finally worked things out, and they want to be married as soon as possible. Elio and I, we want to get married too, and Casey suggested we have a double-wedding. I know Casey would like Frank to give her away, what I want to ask is, will you ask Joey if he’ll give me away? I don’t have anyone, and…”

Once again Sarah’s eyes brimmed as she smiled and leaned down to kiss Angie on the cheek.

“Of course he will, he’ll be proud and honored to do that for you, I promise you!”


All eyes were on the two couples at the altar rail; the groom’s in black suits and crisp white shirts, the brides in voluminous white dresses and long flowing veils, and the bridesmaids, two tall, striking redheads, in simple long gowns of teal-green, the objects of attention of every young man in the church. Robbie and Casey said their vows, followed by Angie and Elio, no modern, New-Age poetry, rather those that had been said for generations, as sanctioned by church rite, traditional and heartfelt, while the congregation looked on in rapt attention.

Sarah and Karen watched the children, little Joey, young Robbie, Caitlin, and now little Sarah, as their parents partook of the Sacrament of Marriage. Joey had given Angie away, Kat acting as her Matron of Honor, while Morag and Moira had been both women’s bridesmaids, and true to her wishes, Frank had given Casey away, as proud as though he was actually her father.

Sarah was so wrapped up in watching her boy get married that her attention momentarily wandered, only catching from the corner of her eye someone standing behind the pew where all four baby carriers were lined up. Suddenly Karen gave a cry and slumped sideways, As she turned in shock, seeing Karen slide off the bench onto her knees, she felt a blow to her face, the shock making her cry out, seeing a blurry shape lifting baby Sarah’s carrier. She shook her head to clear it, to see a shocking sight; Steve Dolan holding little Sarah’s baby-carrier, his face twisted in a horrifying sneer of mingled hate and triumph, and Karen sprawled over the three remaining baby-carriers, blood pouring from her split lip, desperately protecting the other three children with her body.

Robby and Elio both turned at the sound of her cry, their faces also shocked, seeing Dolan with Angie’s baby in his grasp, one hand holding the baby-carrier, the other holding a retractable utility knife near her.

Casey found her voice first.

“NO! No Dad, what are you doing? Put her down, you sick bastard!” she screamed, attempting to reach her father. Robbie held her back, realising their father had lost whatever tenuous grip he had on sanity, his expression showing nothing but animal hatred and rage.

“You fuckers took everything from me, everything I had, my wife, you and all those bitches, they all lined up after you fuckers destroyed me, they took everything you left me, everything! Let’s see how you like losing everything!”

Elio was raging, fear for his daughter and outrage flickering across his face. Frank and Steve having to use all their strength to hold him back, recognising they were confronted with a madman, a madman who had nothing to lose, and had a vulnerable child in his grasp.

Kat watched in horrified silence, terrified for the babies still strapped in their carriers on the church bench, waiting for the opportunity to edge her way to where Karen was kneeling with her arms around the three remaining baby-carriers, her eyes burning with anger, hatred, and contempt as she glowered at Steve Dolan.

“You took everything from me, Angel, you destroyed me, you made my daughter hate me, now my business is gone, my house is gone, everything’s gone, and it’s all your fault; but now, now I get to pay you back, now I have your little bastard, this little bitch’s bastard is gonna die, what are you gonna do? Fuck you, fuck all of you, this is all your fault, you brought this on yourself, you fucking whore, you and your fucking whore daughter!”

Yesterday was unbelievable. I did feel guilty about breastfeeding my nephew, but I didn’t really feel guilty about breastfeeding Monty. I am obsessed with my breasts and I will let anyone that is willing to look at them, play with them and feel them up! I masturbated three times that night and milked my breasts every regularly.

When I woke this morning, there was a fullness to them I hadn’t experienced since breastfeeding my own child years ago. I didn’t have time for a milking and decided it was for the best, I could get Monty to empty them when I got to his place.

I rang the bell and went in. I was surprised to find Monty coming to greet me instead of Kim. Not so surprising was the gape in his bathrobe.

“I don’t know why he bothers closing it all,” I thought to myself.

“She had to leave early so I said I’d watch him until you got here.” Monty explained.

As I removed my sandals and went up to get a coffee,I could feel his eyes watching my ass as I ascended the stairs. Monty sat down at the table and began to flip through the pages of his magazine as he sipped his coffee.

I wondered how to open the morning conversation as I stirred my coffee. I wanted to be casual about everything, but my breasts were aching with fullness and wanted attention, and I was horny, which made things worse.

Monty was Monty. His robe didn’t leave much to the imagination this morning. As I sat down, he leaned back and stretched his arms out wide, which pulled the robe open even further. His little brown nipples poked through the chest hairs surrounding them and gave them a gentle tweaking in my mind. Following the chest hairs down his torso, I noticed the one eyed giant waking up. I tried to figure out how long it was mentally and figured it was a good seven to eight inches. Monty’s manhood was thicker than most men’s, my petite hand wouldn’t be able to fully wrap around it. The brownish pink shaft was riddled with veins; I wondered how the veins bulged when his fat rod became erect. Right now, it was slowly revealing Monty’s somewhat excited state of mind. I reveled at the sight of the big bulbous helmet atop the slightly bent upper rod, it looked like a two big puffy pink mushrooms pushed together. This cock was pleasure perfect.

“Are you mad about yesterday? You haven’t said much” Monty asked.

“No, I’m good. I’m a little distracted, that’s all” I admitted to him.

“I see. If you don’t mind my asking, but what’s distracting you?” He ran his hand across his chest and scratched an itch.

“I was wondering what you were doing before I got here, I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” My eyes slowly wandered down his chest to the trimmed patch of hair from which his manhood was erected.

Monty noticed where my gaze had wandered to and shifted slightly in his chair, causing his dick to bob a little.

“Not much, just waiting for you to arrive…and hoping you were going to wear that sexy halter again.”

“Oh, well that explains your robe being half open.” I chuckled softly.

Monty’s hand went between his legs and wrapped it around the shaft. His hand slowly slid up and down the semi-hard tube,

“I always do this in the morning. You want to watch?” His free hand loosened his robe completely and spread his legs while stroking his cock.

“I love watching men jerk-off and cum.” I opened my blouse and cupped one breast in each hand, “How’s that? You like that?”

Monty couldn’t keep his eyes off my hands massaging my big plump boobs. “God, yes I love watching you play with your tits!” he exclaimed.

I squeezed the juicy jugs together and felt a trickle of milk seep from each nipple.

“Spray some milk on my dick, Donna.”

He pushed his chair back and I kneeled in front of him, still massaging my breasts. Leaning forward, I brushed my nipples against the head of his cock, covering it with milk.

My hand guided his wet cock to between my breasts, “Fuck my tits Monty.”

His hands grabbed my slick milk covered mounds and squeezed them around his throbbing cock. My tongue lashed out at his cock with each thrust he made, which made Monty moan loudly and thrust harder.

“God! Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum soon Donna!” Monty panted between strokes.

“Mmmm that’s it, cum on my tits. Cum hard Monty!” My mouth encouraged him vocally and physically.

Monty dropped my tits and grabbed his cock, “Gonna jizz on your tits Donna!”

I watched as my milk streamed from my nipples and sprayed his rock hard cock. Monty’s engorged head spewed gobs of cum all over my milky tits, “Lick it up Donna! Taste my cum on your tits.” I lifted my breasts to my mouth and slowly licked the warm sticky goo from them. My hand reached for his cock and guided it to my mouth. My lips parted and my tongue swirled the still throbbing head of his cock. I could taste his jizz mixed with my milk and savored every drop until I had licked it clean. I stood up to leave, but Monty grabbed me by the waist and pulled my chest to his mouth. His mouth quickly found a dripping nipple and greedily sucked at it. Monty exchanged teats as I straddled his lap and sat down, careful not to injure his exhausted cock. My pussy was wet and I needed to cum, but the baby made sure I wasn’t going to orgasm….at least not right now. I reluctantly removed myself from Monty’s lap and fixed my blouse before retreating downstairs to take care of Mikey. I left Monty sitting on his chair stroking his cock gently.

A couple of hours later, Mikey was changed, fed and back asleep in his crib. I quietly slipped outside to have a much needed cigarette. I leaned back in the lounge chair and teased my right nipple through my shirt. Instantly, it got hard and required more attention. I could feel my sexual tension spread from my breasts down through my pussy. I thought about Monty’s big hard cock between my tits earlier as my hand slid into my shorts. I was hot. I was damn wet. I was horny! My finger slowly circled my swollen clit as I exhaled a stream of smoke. I could feel my juices covering my fingers as I slid two of them inside me and pumped them slowly in and out of my pussy. Pulling my fingers out, I slid them inside my shirt and circled the taut nipples, spreading my cum over them.

Finishing my smoke, I went inside to lay upon the couch with my legs spread wide. I unbuttoned my shorts and slid my hand inside. My clit was still swollen and the juices soaked my panties. I closed my eyes and let my fingers explore my pussy. Next thing I knew, there was another finger finding its way inside my panties. I opened my eyes to Monty kneeling beside me with just his boxers on. Neither of us said anything as he removed my shorts and panties and his fingers brushed the lips of my pussy. My hips slowly writhed with pleasure as he carefully avoided touching my clit, which was begging for action.

I re-positioned myself on the couch so my pussy was facing Monty and almost brushing against his body. I put my hand on the back of his head and gently pulled it towards my pussy. He didn’t need to be told. He lowered his head and I felt the tip of his hot moist tongue teasing my clit. His hands spread my lips and his tongue slowly glided up and down each pussy fold while his finger teased my vagina.

“Yes! That feels sooo good, don’t stop!” I exclaimed as his finger went deeper inside me.

His mouth gently sucked at my mound of pleasure and I thrust my hips against his mouth hard as he slipped a second finger inside my pussy. My hips gyrated harder and faster against his mouth and fingers as I felt the first wave of my orgasm ripple through me.

“Yes Yes! I’m cumming!” I moaned loudly and pulled his face hard against my pussy.

My pussy writhed and pulsated wildly as the waves of my climax got stronger. I could feel my pussy squirting all over Monty’s face and running down my between my ass cheeks. I slid my hand between my legs and gently pushed his face away.

He wiped his face with his hand and asked, “What the hell was that? Did you just pee on me?” I laughed and told him no, I was a squirter and explained to him what that meant as I rubbed my pussy.

Monty’s cock was standing at guard, waiting for my attention as he pondered the squirting issue. I sat up removed his boxers and started stroking it for him. Monty stood up and slightly spread his legs so my hand could cup his balls and massage them while the other hand stroked his needy dick. My mouth went between his legs and gently sucked at his swaying sac while my hands reached behind him and started kneading his plump ass. My index finger found the crack between his cheeks and slid between them as my tongue licked his balls. I rubbed the pad of my finger around his puckered tight hole and my other hand pushed a cheek aside. Slowly my finger circled small opening several times before pressing the tip of it just slightly inside.

“Oh my god!” Monty gasped. “I love having my ass played with.”

He leaned forward somewhat and spread his legs wider as my finger wiggled inside his ass. My mouth was still working his balls, sucking on them while I probed Monty’s gaping hole with a second finger.

I removed my fingers from his ass and leaned back, “Get on all four,” I demanded of him.

Monty lowered himself to the floor and got on his hands and knees. I moved in behind him and used both hands to knead the big fleshy cheeks and watched his big meaty cock bounce between his legs. Taking his cock in one hand and stroking it, my mouth found its way to his rigid shaft and ran my hot tongue around it from top to bottom until it found its way to the tight pink hole in his ass and covered it with my saliva. Monty groaned loudly as my middle finger teased the puckered skin before slowly sliding inside. Monty rocked his hips slowly as I introduced a second finger and my tongue licked around them. Deep inside my fingers massaged his prostate while my hand roughly jerked his stiff rod. Drops of pre-cum covered the bulging mushroom head as Monty moved harder and faster against my hand. Sweat covered his body as I brought him closer to climax.

“Fuck yes! I’m gonna blow soon!” Monty panted between thrusts of my fingers in hungry ass.

“Get up and face me,” I ordered him, “Cum on my tits and face!”

One hand cupped his balls and played with them while my mouth took the bulging helmet inside and teased his cum hole with its tongue. I felt his balls tighten beneath my fingers and his cock twitched. Monty fucked my mouth with his rock hard cock.

“Gonna blow all over your face Donna!”

I felt the hot salty liquid fill my mouth as he grabbed his cock and pulled it out. His hand thrust hard on the erupting volcano and covered my face with the creamy goo. My tongue licked the jizz from my lips as he softly rubbed the empty tube against my breasts.

“Oh, fuck Donna!” he gasped as he tried to catch his breath. “I gotta go shower! I’m a mess.” He grabbed his boxers and ascended the stairs slowly. “I can’t wait to fuck you Donna!” I heard him yell from the top of the staircase as I went to the bathroom to clean up.

My nephew woke up shortly after and the rest of the afternoon went very slowly. I couldn’t keep my mind off riding Monty’s cock. It was going to be a long, long weekend! By the time I left, my breasts were so engorged with milk that they started to leak as I got into my car.

This all happened with me when I was in 12th standard of my school. I am from India and here we have standard system unlike the grade system of America. Here 12th standard is equivalent to senior year of American high school.

My incident is about my 1st encounter with sex in my life. I am a shy boy and here in India I belong to a small city where we are not much exposed to American culture of boyfriends and girlfriends. Hence you all can conclude that I was single by that time.

Now the 1st encounter is very taboo here because it was with non-other than my cousin. I still could not believe that the 1st sex of my life, the girl to whom I broke my virginity was my cousin. That was the best sex of my life as still I am single and didn’t have sex after that time.

Now let me introduce to the whole incident. My cousin is 6 years elder to me. I was 18 at that time hence she was 24 at that time. She was studying in a metro city of other state which is very big and modern compared to my city. Hence she was very forward after staying there. Now I won’t say I had a great tuning with my cousin but we were pretty good with each other.

After my 12th standard final exam I went to her city with my family for a small vacation as many of my relatives stay there. Then one fine day we all went to her college to see her campus. Now her college campus is very big so after some roaming my family member got tired and they insisted in returning back. I was enthusiastic about the college because after the result I too was going to get in some fine college and was considering her college as one option, plus the beauties out there in the campus attracted me more. I have not seen such beautiful girls in my entire life so I insisted in seeing the college campus more. Therefore my family members returned home and I went with my cousin for more campus sightseeing.

Now I was roaming with my cousin in the campus when we came across a garden. Love birds were all over the garden behind the trees making out. I was feeling shy with my cousin around me as I was really excited in checking them but could not look at them because of her with me. Suddenly out of the blue she asked me whether I have any girlfriend or not? I answered No and ask her instead did she have any boyfriend? She blushed at first and then said Yes. I asked her to make me meet him on which she replied that he has gone to his hometown for some function. As we were walking I didn’t knew that there was a stone in the path ahead. I collided with it and fell down. But when I felled my cousin in a try to catch me also fell on top of me.

Now I may not be the most handsome type of guy but was of average built with 6 feet height which gave me a decent personality. On the counter part my cousin was one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. She was short compared to me of around 5’1/5’2 height with slim body type. This is the reason why she was not able to help me from falling and instead fell upon me. On the flash of seconds when she fell upon me I didn’t release how but in an attempt to catch her to save myself from felling my left hand accidentally was on her right breast.

She didn’t realize this but I don’t know what happened to me but due to the sudden falling I accidentally pressed her breast. She was shocked and I knew I was going to be in a serious trouble. She looked at her breast and then towards me as I was holding her breast with a somewhat spark in her eyes after her initial state of shock.

Even though I knew she was looking at me holding her breast I didn’t release my hold. She wore a silky top a tight one though which gave me a pleasure feeling of her boobs. I realized that excessive holding has been done hence I immediately pulled back my hand and with a true guilt in my eyes and voice said sorry to her. She smiled at me and said its ok it was not my mistake though and told me to forget this.

I was now truly very embarrassed with my action and was not able to see at my cousin with direct eye contact. She took me to the canteen for some refreshments and asked me if I have some spare time as she need to complete some of her pending work at her house after which she would drop me back to our relative’s house. She was staying as a paying guest near the college so we went there. She was living with her 3 other friends who were all out at that time.

We went there and first she then I got freshened up a bit. She went to her room to complete her pending work and I was sitting in her living room watching TV. After some time she called me in her room. I went there and she was sitting on her study table and asked me to sit on her bed and we started some random chat. After some time she got up and sat beside me. She didn’t change her dress and was wearing the same outfit she wore in the college – The tight pink silk top with tight light blue jeans. Suddenly she asked me how the feeling was. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. She said about me holding her breast. I blushed and ignored to answer that but she insisted. I told her it was fantastic on which she blushed.

Then out of the blue she asked me whether I would like to feel them again. Now this time it was my turn to shock. I asked her in total disbelief that did she know what she was talking about. She said yes and confessed that this thing would remain between only us both. On this I said yes. She then asked me to hold them with both of my hands. I was still in the shock of disbelief so my hands didn’t work. So she took both my hands and placed them on her breast. The feeling cannot be described in words. I didn’t knew the size of her breast (until I checked her bra after our sex session when she was in bathroom to clean herself; it was 34C). She then ordered to unbutton her top. I did it. She wore a white bra with the cups covering her entire breast like a typical olden day bras.

Then she told me to squeeze them. I did that too. I did not believe my luck. I got a hard on which I didn’t get till that day. I thought I would just come with only squeezing her breast. Then she unclamped her bra from behind and removed my hand with her bra from her breast. I devour the best site of my life, the two peeks, the best boobs I saw in my life. As I said they were just beautiful with its size I can barely held in my palm. The aerola was light brown with the nipples stiff and protruding out of her breast. She asked me to play with them. I hold them and played with them. I pinched her aerola and nipples. Then she placed her hands around my head and drew me towards her right boob and placed my mouth on her nipple. I immediately got what she wanted and started sucking her breast. She started to moan slowly with me sucking on her breast. I licked, kissed; even bite her breast along with her nipples.

She then pushed my head back and asked me to stand up. I followed as she told me. She then pulled my T-shirt from my body and unbuttoned my jeans and also removed them from my body. She then knelled in front of me and pulled down my underwear. My penis sprung from the release. She took it in her hand and slowly stroked it. Then looking at me she put it in her mouth. Oh what a wonderful feeling was that. Her mouth felt like a warm cushion all wet. She sucked my penis even biting lightly at my penis head. Then she started playing with my balls with her free hands. I thought I was in heaven. She was blowing me so good that I came immediately as this was the first blowjob of my life. She licked me clean and swallowed all my cum. Then smiling at me she got up. She then asked me it was my turn now to return the pleasure.

I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She wore a white panty with floral print on it. I told her to turn around. Now I saw this move in one of the porn and tried to apply on her. I removed her panty. There was the site I loved the most and on which I still masturbate. Her Ass. Now I am an ass man and I love girls with beautiful ass. She had the best ass in the world. The cheeks were like inverted heart in shape. The fat was of fair quantity making them more desirable. I placed my hand on her ass cheeks and started licking them. Then I started to bite as if I am going to eat them. Cousin writhed in pain due to my biting at first but then stared to moan.

After finishing to worship her ass for quite a few time now it was the time to see here jewel. I turned her around and I saw a naked vagina live for the first time in my life. She had trimmed her hairs hence that portion felt smooth. I told her to sit on the bed edge, lie her upper body down and spread her leg. She did as I asked. Then I sat near her legs. Starting from her toes I started licking and kissing her legs from down towards the thigh. I stopped at her thighs and started to bite them too as if I want to eat them too. She was moaning heavily now as I moved towards her inner thigh near the vagina.

I first kissed the pubic region of her vagina. Then gradually I moved towards her vagina. First the outer lips then the inner. I sucked them for quite a few time. She was dripping wet at that time and I also drank her juice. It was sweet as nectar. I then moved towards her clitoris. No sooner did I sucked it and gently bite, she screamed and came like a wild river. Her whole body was shaking vigorously. Vaginal juices running through her vagina into my mouth and eventually on her legs.

She stood up and for the first time we kissed. It was a wonderful pleasure kissing her. We kissed and kissed playing with our tongues for a very long time. Then she moved upward in the bed and told me to lie on top of her. We again kissed and after sometime she pushed my head towards the breast. I sucked them as much as I can. She then looked at my eyes as if she was not satisfied and wanted more. She looked down and saw I was rock hard again. She then took my penis and guided it towards her vagina. She placed my penis head on her vaginal lips. I saw in her eyes and getting the idea what we were up to pushed my penis forward. With one stroke my penis was fully inside her. Her vagina was very tight and I felt like I had entered in a wall full of soft cotton. She gasped with the sudden entering. I leaned to kiss her. Then with slow strokes I started fucking her. My penis moved in and out of her in a steady rhythm. We never took our eye contact from each other during the whole process.

Suddenly she hold me tightly to her body and turned. Now I was below her and she on top. She then placed both my hands on her breast and started moving up and down on my penis. She increased the pace and in a sudden drift threw her head back and screamed as another orgasm hit her. I too was unable to hold myself anymore as her orgasm started to clench my penis more inside her vagina in contraction and expansion. I too came inside her. She fell on top of me and I hold her tightly. We laid there as it is for a long time. She then stood and went to the bathroom to clean herself that’s when I checked her bra size. When she returned, she had a smile on her face which stated she had the greatest satisfaction in her life.

Without saying anything she came near to her study table and bend on her table with ass towards me. She looked back at me mischievously. I got the hint and went towards her. I stood behind her and knelled there sucking and licking her ass. She then said that she wants to try anal with me. I got socked on her demand. I told her that as per my knowledge (thanks to the porn videos and internet) that asshole is tightest and it gives immense pain to the receiver when done anal sex. She said she is ready for the pain and asked me to properly lube it before entering.

For this I first licked her asshole and then spitted on it to lube it. Then she asked me to use her vaginal juice for more lubrication. I did that too by sucking her juice from the vagina then spitting it in her ass hole. I then let my index finger to enter her asshole. She cried out of pain at this. I asked her whether I should stop on which she said no. I then inserted my second finger and at last third. She started to moan on this. Then I stood and spitted on her ass hole and on my penis. Then I entered her vagina to use her juice to lube my penis more. Then I put my penis head on her asshole and with a strong thrust pushed it inside. She cried on this sudden attack. I then started to fuck her slowly in long shots so that she can get accustomed to my penis in her vagina.

Then she asked me to stand still and she started to thrust her body backward. After sometime she stopped and asked me to thrust as fast as I could. I obliged. I fucked her ass as fast as I could and in no time came rushing in her ass. She was playing with her clitoris and my Cumming triggered her orgasm. I laid on her with my penis still in her ass. I then hold her up and lay with her on my side in the bed for quite a long time. Only a ring on my cousin’s phone brought us back to our senses.

It was my relative’s phone asking when we are coming. She said within an hour and got up. I too got up and went with her to the bathroom. We both took the shower together cleaned each other up all while also kissing in between. We then dried ourselves, put our clothes back and headed off to our relative’s house. She asked me to keep this secret and never ever to talk about this to anyone. I promised her but also asked her if we can continue this anytime in future. On which she replied that all this lies on the circumstances and they would not try this to be intentionally. When we reached to our relative’s house we kissed each other for one final time. It was the last kiss we shared as we didn’t get any chance to do this again. She is now 29 and going to get married in few months with her college boyfriend. We didn’t talked about this anytime even when we were alone and tried to forget it as one event that happened accidentally…

“Thanks to Jenna for the inspiration and input in writing this story.”

Jenna and Kelly were having a blast. It was the third morning of their four day girls getaway to Las Vegas, and they had done so much already. As she showered in the huge shower in their room at the Trump, Jenna played back the last two days in her mind.

There had been shopping at the Fashion Mall and the Fourm Shops at Ceasar’s; dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill; a Cirque du Soleil show; and then dancing until 3:00 am at Tao last night. They had almost hooked up with a couple of cute guys, but that had fizzled when the guys got too drunk. She had even won $300.00 on the slots. She wondered what new adventures today would bring. She thought about their friend Laura who had to cancel out at the last minute and knew she would be jealous.

As she let the soothing spray splash over her body, she saw Kelly come barging in through the door into the bathroom. Typical Kelly, Jenna thought, as she watched her cross the room to the sink, naked as a jaybird, her big tits swaying. Kelly was the wild one of the two friends, always outgoing and looking for fun.

“Too bad about those guys,” she said as she fumbled for her toothbrush, “I was hoping we could fuck their brains out!”

Jenna laughed at the comment, thinking that she wasn’t so sure about fooling around on her husband, although she had to admit, she had been tempted last night. She knew Kelly wasn’t concerned about having a one night stand with her hubby hundreds of miles away. Kelly had reminded her several times, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Kelly was bound and determined to make the most of these four days.

“I saw you kissing that Todd guy while you were slow dancing,” Kelly said laughing, “His hands were all over that tight little ass of yours!”

Jenna laughed again, remembering, thinking of how horny she had gotten and how disappointed she was when too many tequila shooters took their toll on the guys.

“We’ll just have to find more mature men tonight,” she replied, “those two were probably 10 years younger than us.”

Kelly laughed again and went back to brushing her teeth. Jenna closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot spray, fantasizing about what could have been.

As she finished her shower and stepped out to towel herself off, she saw the reflection of her and Kelly in the mirror and said, “We are a couple of hot ladies, aren’t we?”

They both had great tits, although Kelly’s natural 36 DD’s made Jenna’s 34 D seem small. Kelly was taller and a bit curvier. Jenna’s long dark hair contrasted Kelly’s shorter and curlier blond locks.

Kelly turned and put her hands under her big breasts, pushing them upward as she blurted, “We’ve got the equipment, we just need a couple of hard cocks!”

Jenna blushed at the words and tied a towel around herself as she headed into the bedroom.

As they ate some yogurt and fruit, the two friends talked about the day and decided to spend the afternoon at the hotel pool. They needed some kick back time before tackling another night in sin city.

It was almost noon by the time they headed to the elevator to go down to the pool. Jenna had put on the new blue bikini from Brazil that she had bought yesterday at Molly Brown’s. Kelly had on a bright tropical print that looked hot on her curvy body.

The sun was warm as they settled into the lounges that the cute young pool attendent had directed them to. Jenna looked around as she applied some sunscreen and noticed that there weren’t too many people enjoying the pool on this beautiful day. Just as she was about to lay back she saw a tall good looking man entering the pool area and pointed him out to Kelly. He was probably 40 with a lean swimmers body and dark hair with a touch of grey at the temples.

“Where was he last night,” Kelly said as he walked past them to a lounge nearby.

Jenna glanced at him again and saw that he was checking her and Kelly out as he settled into his lounge.

The waitress came by and Kelly and Jenna ordered Margarita’s. When she came back with the drinks, the waitress said, “Compliments of the gentleman” and nodded to the man who they had noticed earlier.

That was all Kelly needed and being her outgoing self walked over and started talking to the fellow. In no time, she had invited him to come over and sit with them.

As he sat down, Jenna noticed his beautiful dark eyes which seemed to twinkle as he spoke. They found out he owned a small high tech company and had been in town for a trade show that had finished yesterday and now was taking a couple of days to unwind before heading home.

Kelly, as usual, was the chatty one of the two women, flirting openly with Aaron as they talked.

By the time they finished their second round of drinks, the desert wind had sprung up as it often did in the afternoon and the pool attendants were having trouble keeping the umbrellas upright.

Aaron suggested that they head up to his suite and have another drink and of course Kelly was quick to say yes. Still in their swimwear they headed to the elevator to ride up to his one bedroom penthouse suite.

Jenna and Kelly were impressed as they entered Aaron’s suite, it had a living room with big sofas, a dining room, bar, a huge bedroom and the view was spectacular. Aaron went to the fridge and took out a chilled bottle of wine. As he poured them all a glass, he told them that he didn’t usually book a suite, but had done so this time so that he could entertain clients from the trade show.

He handed them each a glass and they sat down on the sofas, Kelly making sure to sit beside Aaron leaving Jenna with the other sofa all to herself. They sipped the wine and chatted, Kelly again flirting, however a bit more aggressive than she had down at the pool. Her one hand kept brushing Aaron’s leg and you could tell by the bulge in his swimsuit that he was getting aroused.

It didn’t take long before Kelly leaned over and gave him a kiss, and he didn’t pull back. As the kiss deepened, Jenna saw Kelly’s fingertips brush over the bulge. Aaron’s hand moved to cup one of Kelly’s full breasts.

Jenna stood up, and took a step toward the door, saying, “I guess I should leave you two alone.”

Aaron, looked over at her, smiled, reached out his hand and replied, “No stay, it will be fun.”

Jenna was torn, her brain told her she should leave, but something inside made her stop and move toward the couple on the sofa. She and Kelly had often talked about a threesome, but she never believed it would ever happen, and yet here they were.

As she slowly moved closer, her eyes widened as she watched Kelly take off her top, her big breast swaying as she slid down, kissing Aaron’s chest as her hands slid into the waist of his swimsuit and she slipped it off letting his rock hard cock spring free. Kelly quickly slipped down to her knees and her lips engulfed him.

Jenn’s head was spinning as her fingertips met Aaron’s and he pulled her closer, leaning forward and nuzzling his face between her own breasts. She couldn’t believe what was happening, glancing down and seeing her best friend sucking cock as Aaron undid her own bikini top and his lips found her tingling flesh.

She closed her eyes as she felt Aaron’s tongue swirl around each taut nipple, seeming to linger at each little bump on her areola. She was trembling with excitement as she felt Aaron’s hand slip into the back of her bikini bottom and begin to caress her ass. Her own fingers ran through his hair as a soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Then she heard Kelly’s voice, “Jenn, come share this beautiful cock with me!”

Jenna’s eyes opened as she heard her friend, she was still torn, still unsure and now it was decision time. She could leave, or she could participate, there was no other choice. She saw Aaron’s face, his eyes twinkling, his smile, and his nod of encouragement. She smiled back, she had passed the point of no return, and she kissed his lips and then began kissing down his body.

As Jenna joined her friend, she smiled at her and gave her a kiss and then swirled her tongue around the fat head of Aaron’s cock, which Kelly offered her. “It is like a porn movie,” Jenna thought, “two hot women pleasuring a stud with their lips and tongues.”

She suckled the head as Kelly’s fingertips moved slowly up and down the length of the shaft. “This was so hot,” she thought as her lips followed Kelly’s fingertips down the shaft and her mouth was filled with hard hot man meat.

They took turns, alternately sucking and licking his beautiful thick cock, sometimes both flicking their tongues along the shaft simultaneously. As they did, they could hear Aaron’s soft moans of pleasure.

Kelly, moved in, wrapping her big soft tits around the shaft and letting it slide up and down in her deep cleavage. Then it was Jenna’s turn and she titty fucked him for a bit, leaning forward to lick the head of his cock each time it slid up.

The women could tell from the quickening of his breathing and the louder moans of pleasure that Aaron was quickly passing the point of no return. They quickened their efforts, Kelly sucking him while Jenna stroked his shaft and massaged his heavy sac.

“I’m going to cum,” Aaron cried out.

As he did, Kelly pulled her lips from him and spurt of thick creamy cum shot from the tip of his cock and splashed on her breasts. Jenna kept stroking him and directed his spurts onto both her and Kelly’s chests. Then Kelly took him in her mouth again and started sucking and swallowing the last of his cum as she massaged the globs of cum into her breasts.

Jenna moved back and watched as Kelly expertly cleaned Aaron’s cock with her hot mouth. She looked at Aaron and saw him looking into her green eyes and then he was moving, guiding her back onto the carpet and bringing his lips again to her breasts, licking the globs of cum from them. She moaned with pleasure at this new experience, and felt his hands slipping her bikini bottom from her.

Jenna’s head was spinning as Aaron’s lips began moving over her body. First her breasts, kissing, licking, sucking… then her belly, his tongue swirling around her navel… moving lower, his hot breath making her quiver as his tongue found her bare wet slit. She moaned and her body quivered as he licked slowly around the lips of her pussy, lingering here and there, as he explored her.

And then as Aaron ministered to her, she felt Kelly’s lips on her breast, suckling a very taut nipple as her fingertips rolled the other. The sensations were overwhelming and Jenna closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. Aaron’s fingertips spread her and his tongue began teasing the sensitive swollen button of flesh. Jenna’s hips bucked as his tongue flicked against her. She cried out, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Kelly had moved up so that her big breasts swayed above Jenna’s face. Jenna instinctively took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard, making Kelly moan with pleasure.

And then, as Aaron’s lips suckled her pulsing clit, she felt two of his fingers slip into her, hooking up, seeking and finding her ‘G’. She thrashed wildly as the wave of sheer pleasure washed over her. She hadn’t cum like this for a long, long time.

Aaron’s lips and tongue continued to pleasure her, until she could take no more and she pushed his head away. As she opened her eyes, she saw Kelly above her, grinning like a Cheshire cat and giving her a wink.

The two women looked over at Aaron and smiled as they saw that his cock was hard again. Kelly got on all fours, looked back at Aaron and said, “Fuck me hard!”

Aaron moved quickly behind Kelly, gave her round ass a slap and slid his thick hard cock into her dripping pussy from behind. Kelly squealed with delight as he entered her, pushing back against his thrust.

Jenna lay beside them, eyes wide as she watched them fuck. Aaron was pumping Kelly with a slow steady rhythm, his hands sliding around to cup and squeeze her swaying dangling tits. Kelly, was vocal, saying, “Fuck me!”, “Fuck me hard!”, “Push that big cock deep!”

Jenna moved closer, in behind Aaron and ran her hand over his buttocks as he fucked her friend. She saw him smile at her and slipped her hand down between his legs to lightly massage his balls. She heard him moan at her touch and raked her nails across the ridges of his sac.

Jenna’s eyes caught their reflection in a mirror on the wall of the room. “We look like a porn movie.” she thought as she pressed her naked body into Aaron’s side and the sounds and scents of sex filled her senses.

Aaron guided her down, so her head was near his thigh, then he pulled his cock from Kelly’s hot pussy and brought it to Jenna’s lips. Eagerly she took him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his thick shaft, tasting the taste of Kelly’s sex on his flesh. “This is so hot!” she thought.

Then he was fucking Kelly again and Jenna slid her hand beneath them and found Kelly’s clit, massaging it as Aaron’s cock pounded into her. Kelly was crying out in pleasure and Jenna could sense she was about to cum. Aaron kept pumping her hard as Kelly’s body spasmed and she cried out in pleasure.

Then Aaron pulled out of Kelly’s dripping pussy said, “Lie on your back, I want to fuck those big tithes of yours!”

Kelly smiled and quickly was on her back. Aaron straddled her and his cock slipped between her huge breasts. Kelly pushed them together around his shaft and he began fucking her deep cleavage.

Jenna moved in close behind Aaron, pressing her breasts into his back as she watched him fuck her friend’s tits. Her hand cupped his ass as it moved in a steady rhythm. Every so often, Aaron would push farther forward and Kelly would hungrily take the head of his thick cock into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it.

As Jenna felt Aaron’s rhythm increasing and heard soft moans of pleasure escaping his lips, she slid her hand down the crease of his bottom and pushed a fingertip into his asshole. She heard him call out and then she smiled as she saw his cock explode and a huge load of cum shot over Kelly’s face and then onto her big tits.

Aaron kept moving, and coated Kelly’s face, neck and chest with his hot seed. Kelly was obviously loving it as she was smiling and trying to pull globs of cum into her mouth with her tongue. “She loves being a slut.” Jenna thought.

Finally, Aaron was spent and moved off of Kelly and lay on his back beside her. Jenna, moved to lay on his other side, facing him as he pulled her close.

When they had caught their breath, Aaron suggested they all share a shower and get revived for maybe another round. Kelly, with her usual brashness said, “Fucking right we will have another round, I need more!”

Aaron led them to the huge marble shower in his suite and they had a playful time, soaping and exploring each other’s bodies. Aaron loved it when the two women rubbed their soapy breasts together. Jenna and Kelly took turns stroking Aaron’s cock first with their soapy hands and then with their tits. Kelly made a point of wiggling her round ass against Aaron’s semi hardness.

After they towelled off, Aaron opened a fresh bottle of wine and poured them each a glass as the three of them settled onto the huge bed. As she sipped her wine, Jenna looked out the window and saw that the afternoon had slipped away and that the sun was beginning to set.

Kelly put down her wine glass and moved closer to Aaron, bringing her lips to his and running her fingertips over his chest. As they kissed, Jenna moved closer and pressed her naked body against them both. She was surprised when Kelly moved her lips from Aaron’s to hers, and then said, “I think we should give Aaron a little show, just to heat him up again.”

The two friends held each other, breasts pressed together as they shared a long deep kiss. Kelly took control, her hands gliding over Jenna’s body, her lips moving over naked flesh. She slid her hand under Jenna’s breasts, pushing them upward as she brought her lips to one nipple. Her tongue swirled and her teeth playfully nipped as she teased her friend.

Jenna looked over at Aaron who was watching intently and smiling, obviously enjoying the sight of two hot women playing. She moaned softly as Kelly drew her nipple deep into her mouth, sucking it hard. Then Kelly was pushing her back, and her lips began moving downward, over Jenna’s belly and down to the bare mound of flesh between her legs.

Jenna spread her legs and ran her fingers through Kelly’s blonde hair as Kelly’s hot tongue began to play. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensations. When she looked again, Aaron had moved over to her and his revived cock was bobbing close to her lips. She took him in her mouth and began teasing his hot flesh with her tongue. Slowly she moved her lips down his thick shaft, feeling the head of his cock against the back of her throat.

She kept sucking him as Kelly’s talented tongue was sending sweet sensations through her body. Then she felt Aaron slowly pull his cock from her mouth and saw him move behind Kelly whose round ass was up in the air as she ministered to her friend.

Aaron ran his over Kelly’s ass and slid his fingertip up and down the crease. He moved quickly to a nightstand and took a tube of KY jelly from the drawer. “That asshole looks so inviting!” he exclaimed.

“Then fuck it!” Kelly responded.

He moved behind her again and lubed up his cock with the slick KY, then took more on his fingertip and slid it into Kelly’s tight asshole. She grinned as she felt his finger enter that most intimate of places. She had lifted up from Jenna’s pussy and now was totally focused on getting fucked by Aaron.

Jenna moved around beside them and watched as the fat head of Aaron’s cock pressed against Kelly’s dark star. She heard Kelly grunt and then moan as he pushed the head of his cock past her sphincter. Jenna moved close to Aaron, pressing against him and stroking his back as he slowly pushed his cock deep into Kelly’s bowels. Kelly was pushing back against him, crying out, “Yes, fuck me, fuck my ass!”.

Aaron obliged and began slowly fucking her, his cock pumping her ass. Jenna had slid her hand down between Aaron’s legs and was massaging his balls as he ass fucked her friend. She saw that Kelly had reached back and was playing with her clit as Aaron fucked her.

As Kelly’s body spasmed Aaron began to shiver and Jenna knew he was close to cumming. “Cum on me!” Jenna moaned. She lay down on the bed beside them and watched as Aaron pumped Kelly’s ass a bit more and then pulled his engorged cock from her and straddled Jenna. He only had to pump his cock a couple times with his hand before it erupted and showered her with glob after glob of hot cum.

Aaron slipped other his hand behind and found Jenna’s clit and began massaging it as he drained his seed onto her body. Being highly aroused, Jenna came almost immediately crying out as she did. Kelly had snuggled against them and was holding Jenna as she spasmed.

All three collapsed on the bed, happily spent and satisfied. They lay there for awhile, not saying anything, just savouring the moment and processing in their minds what had occurred.

Kelly was the first to move, heading to the shower. Jenna quickly followed and the two friends washed their bodies and enjoyed the hot spray as their bodies came down from the high of the past few hours.

When they came out from the shower, Aaron was still lying on the bed, smiling at them as they put their bathing suits back on and prepared to leave. He gave them his business card and told them to keep in touch, but they all knew this would never happen.

As the two friends left the suite and walked to the elevator to head back to their own room, Kelly exclaimed. “Well, that’s another check off the old bucket list, eh girlfriend!” They laughed together and wondered what their last night in sin city had in store.

R&R are a couple I know, Rob and Rayna. They found me through my profile on a dating site. They reached out by sending a private message along with lots of their pictures. I liked their pictures and their brutally honest bio. I found it spoke volumes about them. They were sincere, sweet and totally straightforward. They didn’t tell me I should go out or meet up with them. They didn’t brag about being a Ken or Barbie type and they didn’t brag about their conquests. They thanked me for sharing my pictures, told me what they like and offered to talk more to see if I was interested in meeting up. I never felt any pressure about anything through my interactions with them.

I also found Rob and Rayna to be naturally sexy. They are physically fit and she has soft feminine curves in all the right places. He is hung and ripped. Its not only about having great faces and great bodies, but confidence turns me on. I could tell from pictures of them at a nude beach, they have zero hang-ups about themselves and they are happy, healthy people. They have what I like to be around.

I am often extremely cautious but my gut told me to give a little of myself to R&R, to see how they handled it. Rob and Rayna were immediately responsive but not pushy. I quickly learned from them they started swinging and swapping lovers together at a very young age and have a seasoned cache of lifestyle friends under their belt. They had a good amount of certifications on their profile too; people who credited them with authenticity.

They told me they were laid back but I saw that for myself the more and more I talked with them. I eventually gave them my number and they extended an invitation for getting together after some chatting to find out what I like. I told them I like the water and the outdoors. On a Tuesday, They invited me to the beach with them for the following Saturday. I accepted their offer because I didn’t want to waste time with too much talk. If they were as cool as they seemed, I wanted to find out for myself. There was interest on both ends and so a plan was quickly discussed and put in place. I found them to be as direct as me and so easy-going.

I normally wouldn’t commit to an entire day with a couple (or a single) for a first date but it was made perfectly clear there weren’t any expectations to play. I didn’t even feel as if there would be. Plus, they were flexible on the time frame of the day too. I flat out told them my period was rapidly approaching and they still wanted to hang out and get to know me. They just liked how upfront I am and I liked the same quality about them.

I’m not normally a beach-goer because I have super fair skin and burn easily. Also, I loathe a lot of driving which it takes to get to the beach from me but I love the sand and the water. I wanted to let Rob and Rayna include me in their experience and they assured me they’d do everything to make me comfortable, including bringing an umbrella to shade me. They offered to pick me up on their way to the beach and drive. I excitedly accepted. They informed me we were going to a nude beach but assured me we could leave any time I wanted to. At my own cognizance, I decided I didn’t have to undress unless I wanted to either. I would play it by ear and do what I felt was comfortable. I had my two-piece set out for the day and planned on wearing it until I felt like revealing more. I’ve never been bothered by nudity. Bodies are just bodies.

I also wasn’t worried about receiving unwanted attention because there’s no need for me to deal with that. Most people I hope are respectful, and I wasn’t going to the beach to hook up. Anything beyond that, I ignore all unwanted approaches and they end up going away on their own. What’s more, Rob is a cop and Rayna has been going to this beach for over 12 years. A beautiful woman as she is could show me how she handles herself in that environment if it was necessary to. As the day would prove, a defensive attitude wasn’t necessary at all.

Rob and Rayna picked me up on time at a neutral place close to me in the spot we arranged. With their advice on what to pack beforehand, I was ready to go. We left on time. It was a very pleasant car ride and the weather was gorgeous. Rob drove Rayna’s Range Rover. They sat in the front and I was in the back seat. During the ride, we talked about work, life and future plans and we talked about some of our lifestyle experiences. Their ideas of fun seemed similar to mine. Low key and intimate. Like me, they prefer a house party rather than a dance club.

Interestingly, Rob also said that they almost didn’t message me initially because they thought I probably already get overly approached. I told them I do get hit on a lot but I weed out the phonies almost immediately and that I was glad they changed their minds. He said he couldn’t resist after seeing my beautiful pictures and noticing my sense of fun.

We stopped once for ice and snacks on the way at a little store near the beach and got back into the car. We arrived at the beach entrance around 10 am. Rob dropped me and Rayna off while he went to park in the lot and meet us soon after. As I walked the long beach entrance with Rayna, I quickly adjusted to the full on nudity. There were not attractive bodies left and right but there were a lot of people. Once the adjustment set in, I was able to see past the nudity. I became more aware of looking into faces and dispositions. They were friendly and there was nothing to hide. People were there to be free to enjoy the sun and sand and tan their bodies without tan lines. It wasn’t a sexual environment it was just liberated from clothing it was relaxing.

Rayna found a group of people she knew and immediately introduced me. Rob came to help set up a couple of minutes after us. I watched as they unloaded their buggy and unpacked in a specific, ritualistic way and then we all began to settle in. I felt happy and excited to get to know my new company more. I was sure they had a ton of questions for me, but they were so sweet and careful not to inundate me with questions on the way over. I appreciated all the restraint they must have used on themselves. I could tell off the bat they were very interested but we would naturally get to know each other better over time and as topics came up. There was flirting, between us but it never went too far until I wanted it to. A little tease here and there was enough between the three of us on the beach.

After Rob posted the umbrella in the spot Rayna picked and the chairs were set out, and the towels laid down we all started to relax. Rayna stripped completely and I tried not to stare at her naturally full and perky breasts. Her pussy was shaved bare. I took off my sundress to reveal a white sequined bikini and I sprayed myself with sunblock. When I finished, Rob asked me to rub lotion on his back. I purposely massaged him a little and when I was done, he pulled off his shorts. I told him I wasn’t going to do his butt! He laughed and we all sat down in our chairs. The arm of his chair blocked my view of his privates and I was a little disappointed but not worried. I still got an eyeful of Rayna as she massaged sunblock onto her breasts and nipples. I got even more of an eyeful when she bent down in front of the cooler and she completely exposed her pussy to me. I saw the hint of a clit hood piercing, which I’ve been wanting to do for myself. She turned back around to sit in her chair and she smiled coyly when she noticed me watching her. I closed my eyes for a bit with those images in my mind and Rayna closed hers to take in the sun. Rob stayed up chatting with his friends he knew that were sitting near us.

Some short time later, maybe an hour I opened my eyes when I heard rustling from the cooler. Rob was standing beside me in full view and I started to salivate a bit. It was also time for snacks and re-hydration. I drank a lot of water before and during but it was a super hot day and I felt a little hungry… for one thing or another.

Rob and Rayna offered some refreshments to me and everyone and soon it was time to take a dip in the ocean. She asked me to come with her and she helped me up out of my chair and cleaned up the empty bottles and packaging. I admired how neat and organized they were.

Rayna took my hand and led me out through the crowd towards the water and we walked in up to our waists. The waves were mellow and at first it felt cool until my body adjusted. I was sure my nipples were hard. Rayna’s nipples looked succulent and I wanted to lick them right there but that kind of behavior is definitely not allowed on the beach! Again we smiled at each other while we jumped and splashed in the waves. Everyone around us was doing the same it was so much fun. I felt like already, it was an amazing day and that I’d formed a good connection with my new friends. I think Rayna and Rob felt the same. She and I turned to leave the water and he was standing right behind us. He grabbed our hands on either side of him and we walked out together, all smiling and wet.

When we got back to our umbrella, blanket and chairs, we were covered in sand. Rob went to reapply suntan lotion but Rayna stopped him, saying “Not yet! Dry off first babe. Let me do it for you.” And she toweled him off while I patted myself down.

I thought, patting myself down isn’t as much fun and asked Rayna

“Can you please apply some more sunscreen all over me?”

“I’d be so glad to.” She said.

Rayna picked up the tube of sunscreen, not the spray and squeezed some on her hands. I lifted my hair and took off my top.

“Finally” I heard Rob muse and I blushed.

Rayna was smiling and she lifted each of my breasts, massaging lotion under, on and all around my torso and reaching around to my back. Then she turned me around to check her application was even and reached down the back of my bottoms. She was very fast and thorough which is good because I’m sure I enjoyed all the touching too much. And then she slapped my ass and told me I was good. I was sure everyone was watching but did not dare look around to check.

I heard Rob say, “I enjoyed that!”

And this time, I lay belly side down on the sheet to tan my alabaster ass and hide my slightly embarrassed face. I focused on the sound of the waves and tried to pass out again but this time, Rayna was at the cooler and pulling out food to eat for lunch. She handed me a plate full of tuna, crackers and vegetables. I turned on my side, snacked and lay back down. I was working up an appetite but for something else. This day was turning into sweet torture and I remembered that we could go anytime I wanted but we drove all this way and saw it was only 1pm as I quickly checked the time on my phone.

I couldn’t fall back asleep so I went in my bag and pulled out a magazine I brought. I was glad to have some distraction from the sex fest I could not publicly act on. Thumbing through the pages, I just waited till I couldn’t take any more sun or any more sexual tension. I know Rob felt the same because he was semi erect when I sat up to change positions.

After finishing my magazine, I got up and announced I was going in the water one last time and would be ready to leave soon if they didn’t mind. They said of course they didn’t mind and asked me what I wanted for dinner. I smiled and said whatever they’re having would be great. The time was close to 3pm. 5 hours in the sun was definitely enough for me and I wanted to see what the next part of the day would bring. The drive back would be at least an hour long with out traffic.

At my last dip in the ocean, the cool water felt wonderful on my warm skin. The waves were a little rougher but there were still plenty of people around. My hair was now trashed but I think we all expected it would be, as was my pedicure. One of my favorite things about the beach is admiring the pretty shells and smooth sea glass. I took one last look in before heading back to our spot in the sand. When I got there, I was surprised R&R nearly packed everything up completely. I thought packing up would take much longer but perhaps they were as ready for entertaining other ideas as I was. I didn’t dare ask, I just hoped so.

We started on the mile long trek back to the car all together but it seemed to go very fast. Once we reached the car in the parking lot, Rob opened the tailgate door and went for one more snack at the cooler. We all munched on peanut butter and celery and had more water. Rob turned on the engine and let the AC run while Rayna began to disassemble the rest of the items in their beach buggy, including the chairs, umbrellas, and towels and organize them into the trunk. Rob helped her as she needed but she did most of the work.

Finally, we all loaded into the car and I once again sat in the back seat as there was only room for one with the buggy taking up the other seat that was folded down. As we set off, I thanked Rob and Rayna for taking me to the beach and Rob responded:

“Don’t thank us yet, baby. The day’s not over.”

“I know but I’m thanking you for taking me to the beach. It was fun!”

“You’re very welcome. It’s our favorite place to be.” Rayna added.

Even though I was pretty wiped out, I felt special being taken to their favorite place. The music played low on the radio. It was a mellow ride back except this time, the conversations between us became hotter. At first we discussed health and fitness, a common interest and then the conversation turned a bit naughtier. We started discussing positive experiences with groups and bodily functions like squirting. Rob saw a picture of me gushing in the midst of an orgasm and he was completely fascinated but he held off from asking me too early on, out of respect. He said it turned him on so much to see a woman who can get so into sex that she ends up squirting. Rayna said she likes it too but not in her mouth. I took a mental note. I was so at ease with Rob and Rayna, I felt comfortable answering any questions. They always checked to make sure there wasn’t a topic that offended me. They really took the sense to get to know me and what I was comfortable with.

Luckily, having left when we did, there wasn’t too much traffic. We stopped for coffee mid-way, which was perfect timing since my tummy was starting to rumble. We pulled over at a Dunkin Donuts and we got out. Rayna got in line for coffee and I waited for the ladies room to become vacant. Rob headed toward the men’s room and he leaned in and stole a kiss. It took me by surprise but he said he’d been waiting to do that all day. I looked forward to a proper kiss where I knew it would be coming. I ushered myself into the ladies as soon as it was vacated.

We all piled back into the car and continued onto the next part of the evening. We headed back to their house for dinner, as we discussed on the beach. The rest of the ride was quiet and we pulled into their neighborhood and driveway a short time later. Rob got out of the car and opened the door for me. Rayna opened the door for herself because she was stiff from sitting in the car and couldn’t wait a second longer. I offered her a massage and she said she couldn’t wait for one!

Rob did most of the unpacking this time and Rayna led me in. Their property was very pretty and I noticed a hot tub in the back yard. Once inside, Rayna asked me if I’d like a drink or some coffee while they put up dinner. I accepted a mojito cooler she had in her fridge. Rayna took a blueberry vodka lemonade cooler for herself. We sat down and relaxed for a bit but I felt sticky from the ocean water. As Rob came in with the rest of the unpacking, Rayna started to get dinner ready in the kitchen.

Rob announced “I’m going in the shower, would anyone like to join me?”

“No thanks babe, I’m busy cooking.” Rayna answered and then they both looked at me. I did need a shower…

“Go ahead” Rayna said directly to me, smiling as she set out to light the grill outside.

Rob led me into the bathroom and turned on the water. He was naked in less than a minute and he got in. I watched him rinse as I stripped off my dress and damp bikini top. My bottoms were already off before the car ride.

I opened the curtain and he was completely hard and covered in suds sliding down his tan, muscular body. The soapy water glistened on his muscles and I stepped in. The shower was small but I placed my hands on the wall and asked him to wash me off.

“Gladly.” Rob said and I felt the warm water on my skin and then the slick bar of soap in his hands making it’s way down my body. My feet were hip width apart but Rob spread my legs further and there were no more words for a while. Just soft kisses and firm caresses. I didn’t turn towards him but he reached around to my front and turned my face to kiss his mouth. His hand reached down my front and then from behind to my back and bottom. I was clean and he turned me toward him. Rob put his fingers inside me and I gasped from the firm pressure. He got on his knees as he placed my ankle on his shoulder. He kissed me and fingered me as I moaned uncontrollably and came all over him in an orgasm.

“Dinner’s ready” Rayna said from the bathroom doorway. She looked happy and as if she’d freshened up while dinner was on the grill. I hopped out of the shower, allowing Rob to finish washing my juices off of him and I grabbed a fresh towel off their folded towel stack. I handed the towel to Rob as he shut off the water and I put on a fresh summer dress I brought with me. I started to put on panties but then Rob said “don’t bother putting those on.” My breasts lay on my chest under the dress sans a bra. “What’s the point?” I thought to myself. I slid on my flip-flop shoes.

Rob dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and he led me out to the back yard with him. He carried a tray with plates and cutlery. Rayna set out some fresh drinks and she was taking food off the grill and putting it onto a platter in the center of the patio table. We ate grilled chicken, Caesar salad, and grilled asparagus. It was a perfectly light meal after a full day of snacking in the sun and yet not too heavy of a meal to inhibit playtime that was obviously coming. We ate rather quickly, collected the plates and cleaned up. Rayna took the leftover food while Rob took the dishes back in the house. I carried the drinks and cups back in.

The day turned into evening and I had a very at-home feeling with R&R. I went into their bedroom and lay on the bed while they cleaned up from dinner. Rayna came to check on me and she gave me a kiss on my mouth.

“We’ll be in soon to join you.” She said.

As Rayna walked out back toward the kitchen, Rob came in the room and they kissed each other in passing. Rob laid on the bed next to me and kissed me too. I offered Rob a massage, which he accepted. He took off his shirt, laid on his stomach and I straddled his butt while my hands went to work. Rob reached to his nightstand and grabbed a tube of massage oil and handed it to me.

“Here, use this.” He said.

I opened the cap and squirted way too much oil in my hands. I pulled his shorts down to liberally apply the oil. He pulled them down a bit further and kicked them off from under me. I massaged Rob’s back for a couple of minutes.

“Don’t worry, you’re next.” I heard Rayna say as she approached me with something in her hands. She had something in a red velvet sleeve and I suspected it was a toy similar to one I have at home. I suspected it was a glass toy that I sometimes use for anal play. Mine came in the same red velvet sleeve.

Rayna reached from behind me and pulled off my sundress. She also removed her own. I felt her hands massaging my breasts as she kneeled behind me while I worked on Rob’s back. I took my hands off him and turned towards her. She kissed me and Rob turned around from under us. He told me to sit on his face.

Jamie was staying at Curtis’s beach house with him to celebrate end of term and the end of their exams. After living in a concrete box at college for the last few months, Jamie couldn’t refuse an invitation to a beach house of all places. It was late after noon and Jamie and Curtis were just finishing a swim in the ocean.

“Ah, I love the ocean!” Curtis said smoothing his wet red hair back.

The two young men, climbed out of the sea, onto the soft, warm sands and started back for the beach house.

“So how long have you had this place?” Jamie asked as they walked along a stone path through a hedge and along immaculately manicured lawns.

“I don’t know.” Curtis answered “As long as I’ve been alive that’s for sure.”

Once they were back to the beach house, the boys headed down the light colored hall to an incredibly large en suit bathroom. Curtis pulled off his bathing suit and walked around the spacious bathroom gathering soaps and shampoos. The boys had been roommate in the dormitories, and Jamie had gotten used to Curtis walking around nude, and had even picked up the habit himself sometime along the way.

“Well, this is a really nice place man.” Jamie said admiring the marble tiles and countertops in the bathroom, countertops which were repeated in the kitchen and other bathrooms as well. Jamie wanted to ask if Curtis’s family was rich, but couldn’t really work up the nerve.

“You’re getting some stubble man.” Curtis said running a hand down his smooth muscular chest.

“Yeah” Jamie said “I forgot to bring a razor.”

“Why didn’t you just say so?” Curtis asked as he put his soaps in the glass shower and bend over to look under the sink to get a razor for his friend. “Here you go” Curtis said, handing Jamie an electric razor “Shave.”

“Oh… Okay.” Jamie said, and Curtis turned around and went inside the glass shower.

“Let’s go jamie! Shave” Curtis yelled through the glass, seeing jamie hesitating. Jamie plugged in the razor and started to shave as Curtis turned the water on and took a shower to rinse off the salt. It was a quick shower. Curtis came out as Jamie was putting the razor away.

“Alright, your turn man.” Curtis said taping Jamie on the back.

“Okay, thanks.” Jamie said sliding his bathing suit off. He put it on the edge of the bath, like Curtis had done, and stepped inside the glass shower, which was completely transparent. As he showered, he could see Curtis waiting outside with a towel on his shoulder.

Curtis was a handsome red head, he had a nice jaw with rounded edges as it turned into his chin, a straight nose with a nice rounded end that bend down a bit, thin and pinkish lips and deep set piercing blue eyes that gave him a look of intensity. Curtis was a muscular guy, he had muscular shoulders and fairly big arms that looked hard with muscle. His pecs were more rounded, smooth and plump looking with soft pink nipples. He had a flat stomach with a hint of abs showing on the skin, but beautiful, and well defined adonis lines swooping down to his red haired pubis. Curtis’s circumcised penis was big and bulky and covered in short red pubic hair, hanging over his beautiful, tight scrotum with weight.

Jamie came out of the shower, and took to towel to dry off as Curtis looked at him intently. Curtis was quite handsome as well, he had a kind round face with a great big smile. He had short dark brown hair, and shining eyes. His body was leaner than Curtis’, but he was about an inch taller. Jamie had muscular shoulders, and nice arms with bouncing biceps. But the rest of his body was leans and flat. His pecs were fairly flat with small nipples, but he had well defines abs and a line of hair that led down from his navel to his cock. Jamie was also circumcised and had a nice, fleshy penis that hung over a loose scrotum filled with ample testicles, the whole thing crowned with well trimmed black pubic hair.

“Jamie, what do you think about my cock?” Curtis asked getting close to his friend.

“Uh… I don’t know man” Jamie said “It’s big…”

“I like yours.” Curtis said matter of fact, looking down at Jamie’s penis.

“Um.. Thanks.” Jamie said nervously.

“Do you mind if I feel it?” Curtis asked with a charming voice.

“What?” Jamie asked

“Yeah, just feel it.” Curtis said with his smooth glossy voice.

“Uh… okay…” Jamie said, always unable to say no to Curtis, which is probably why they got on so well, Curtis liked to have people do what he said, and Jamie gave in to peer pressure easily.

Curtis reached out and touched Jamie’s penis, wrapping his hand around it and squeezing and stoking it.

“Hmm, yeah.” Curtis said as his own cock swelled. “Wy don’t we take this into the bedroom?”

Jamie didn’t say anything, and the boys went out of the bathroom, into Curtis’s bedroom. Curtis pushed Jamie on his bed, and kneeled down in front of him, and slowly slipped his lips over Jamie’s fleshy cock.

“Hmm..” he said as his mouth went further down. Curtis started moving his head up and down the stiffening cock, and Jamie just sat there, unsure of what to do. Curtis kept up his licking and sucking with a few groans.

Then, Curtis got up, his immense penis standing straight out and hard as a rock, with its wet head leaking pre-cum. He pushed Jamie gently down, and straddled him.

“Open your legs.” Curtis said putting his face right above Jamie’s “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

Then, Curtis reached down and spread Jamie’s legs himself, and brought his hips forward and touched the tip of his cock to Jamie’s ass. And, with a somewhat clumsy, but scary and powerful hand, he maneuvered his penis between Jamie’s ass cheeks and onto his anus.

“Oh yeah.” Curtis said. And with a quick and powerful thrust, Curtis pushed his cock, and pierced Jamie’s anus. Jamie let a scream of pain as Curtis went inside him.

“Ah! Curtis!” he said squirming

“Shh sh sh sh…” Curtis said immobilizing Jamie “Don’t say anything… Let’s just enjoy the moment.” and with that, Curtis stuffed his massive cock all the way inside Jamie who moaned.

Curtis started to pull back and push forward, slowly at first, but sped up as Jamie’s ass loosened and lubrication became less of a problem. He moaned as his cock slipped back and forth feeling the smooth skin hug his cock tightly.

“Oh yeah…” Curtis said pining Jamie’s arms down “Oh yeah!”

Curtis was really enjoying it. He’d never outright admitted he was gay, and acted more like a macho jock in a lot of ways, but now that he was fucking Jamie, there was no holding back. Curtis bent Jamie’s legs up and bent himself down over his friend as he thrusted his hips against Jamie’s pale ass. Eventually Jamie took his erect penis in hand and held it down as Curtis shook his body with every thrust. He wasn’t sure why, but it almost felt good, he could feel his insides working to orgasm. And Curtis wasn’t letting up. He was started to groan louder. He was red faces and sweaty as he swung his head around with his eyes closed and yelling his pleasure. “Ooooohhh!” and “Aaaaaaahhhh!” with his hot sweaty body slamming against Jamie’s. Curtis’s face was twisting in all sorts of ways, as his huge cock slid in and out of Jamie, he was getting close to climaxing.

“Hmmm!” Curtis groaned “I’m gonna cum!”

And with that, Curtis thrusted his hips faster, and faster, and harder until he couldn’t go any faster or harder. Jamie screamed every time Curtis’s pelvis smashed against him with all that force. Then finally Curtis’s face compressed, his eyes closed and his jaw tightened before everything loosened as he screamed.

“Ah! Ahhhaaaaaaaaahhhh… AH! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… Ah! Ah! Ah! AAAHHH!!!!!!” Curtis screamed as his body let loose, and he fell back, almost loosing his balance. His wet, red, worn and cum covered cock slipped out, letting cum flow out of Jamie’s now wide open ass.

“Oh my god.” Curtis said letting himself fall on his back in bed beside Jamie “That was good.” But he didn’t look at jamie, enthralled in his own pleasure, still panting.

Jamie though, was somewhat traumatized, especially by his momentary enjoyment of the experience. He didn’t know what to think. But he was friends with Curtis, and thought, maybe he just act as if it had never happened, maybe they’d both just forget about it, maybe he would forget he liked gay sex, however briefly.

This is a direct follow-on from Part 2, so it would probably help to read that and Part 1 before ploughing through this segment. As before, I would like to point out that while this story takes place in what purports to be the real world, it isn’t, it’s my version, and while there are simiarities between the two, they’re not the same place. Any weight or credence the reader wishes to give to this version of reality exists solely in the mind of the reader, and any realism or reality the reader wishes to invest it with is similarly the reader’s own responsibility; or perhaps this is the real world, and you are all just living in the dream….

Everyone here is over 18, participating in sexual activites appropriate to consenting adults. Anyone who is shocked or offended by the subject of incest would be best advised find a genre of erotic fiction more appropriate to their leanings and tastes.

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Jack is gone; it has been so many months now since my Jack was gunned-down, but it still feels like it happened only yesterday, I remember it like it was only yesterday. I cannot stop the nightmares and the remembering; I hear that loud noise, and Jack looks at me, his eyes fade and darken, then all the blood, my Jack’s blood, all over his lovely face, my hands, his life pouring out of his head and soaking into the station floor.

I scream and scream, but no-one helps me, no-one wants to get involved; instead they stand back to give him air, and stare, and take pictures on their mobile phones and to send to their friends; the death of my life and hope is just another bad thing that happened today, in a city where bad things happen all the time, but it is the end of all for me. I wake up crying, knowing it is no dream, there is no warm hand on my hip, no soft breath against my cheek, no-one to break and banish my loneliness, no Jack, just remembering, and loss, and tears.

Jack is gone, and I still see their blank faces; don’t they know this is my world pouring away in crimson rivulets on the concrete floor? I ask and beg and plead for help, and blank stares and shuffling feet are the only answer until at last policemen come, and with them ambulance men in green jumpsuits, they try to take Jack away, but I can’t let him go, they are supposed to make him wake, and smile, and breathe again, but he is not breathing, he is not moving, his blood is all over me, the floor, his face, in his eyes, but he doesn’t blink, he does not flinch, how can he be alive, when his lifeblood is all over me, and the floor, and still more is pouring out of his head?

The police are kind and gentle, not like the police back home, they try to make me go with them but I will only go with him, I promise whoever will listen that I will give him my heart if it will make him live, I can see he is not breathing, I can feel no heart beat, that man took my Jack away from me for no reason, and now he has no heart left to beat for me, his chest is still and silent, and no breath escapes from his mouth; I hold my Jack closely and my world has stopped; so much blood, all of his heart’s blood is here, how can he live when there is none left for him?

Jack is gone, he is already in the dark, he has made no preparations for the ancestors, has sent no word ahead for them to prepare the way, how will they know he is looking for them? If I could take my heart out of my chest and put it in with his so he can live again I would do it, but now I see him with tubes in his head, and in his nose, in his arms, a mask on his face, his eyes closed, not moving, the only sound is the sound of the machines, machines to breathe for him, machines to give him blood, machines to feed him, machines to make his heart beat.

But Jack is gone; he is not there, his soul has passed through the gates into the darkness, it is all machines mimicking him, trying to convince me he is still here, to give me false hope.

Jack is gone and there is only a shell left, soulless flesh fading away day by day until there is nothing left; he is lost, and I cry every night when I sleep, I hear the shot again and I wake up, and I cry again for the life together that will never happen, for the children who will never be, for the loss of my love.

Jack is gone, and when I wake in the morning and see that he is still not here, I know and understand that he is gone, finally, beyond all hope of recall. I have prayed daily and made offering to Daigan Jizo-Bosatsu to force open the gates and bring him back from Hell, to Amida-nyorai to give him protection while he is in the land of the dead, and grant him forgiveness for anything he may have done to deserve this (but he found room in his heart for me, he brought me here to keep me safe, and gave me his family, what could he have done to deserve this?) and to Emmah-Oh, to grant me my revenge on the man who did this, to let him stand before me so I can tear out his heart, and take his head, and gnaw on his entrails, to take blood for blood, as is my right…

Jack is gone, and the gods of my people have not answered me, they have abandoned and shunned me for what I have done with my brother; but how can that be wrong? The world was made when Izanagi and Izanami, brother and sister, took their pleasure of each other and made all that is in the world, me, Jack, everything. But they have allowed my Jack to fall into the eternal darkness; how can this be right? I scream out for revenge, but they give me none, and no way to exact justice and punishment for what has been done to my world, so I must follow him instead, to atone for my guilt for making him love me, for condemning him to the darkness when he is innocent. Jack is gone, there is nothing of him here now, my tears have not swayed the gods to help me find him and bring him back, they are not listening, and they will not allow him to return, and when the people who think they are helping him understand this, and switch off the machines, and take away the tubes, I will follow him; I will choose an eternity of death if I am joined with my beloved jack, not an empty lifetime without him…


I could hear voices. Loud, bellowing, frightening voices, disturbing me as they spoke, meaningless conversations in echoing, thundering vowel sounds, no sense or order, just sounds to disturb and terrify me, rumbling basso-profundo, piercing contralto voices, everything in between, bellowing, barking, trilling and shrieking at me, the symphony of the damned and forgotten, light-blurred faces softly bellowing into mine, hands touching me and leaving pain traces a million years long, making me scream at them to stop, they were hurting me, but they kept doing it. I had no defence against their violation of me as they scraped and wore away my skin and raked sharp fingernails through my nerve endings to scrape along my bones in an agony so complete I had no way to vocalise it.

Someone is talking, the words seem real, but they mean nothing in my muddled state;

“He’s waking up, Mrs. Cameron; I think, on some level at least, he’s already aware of us. His pupillary response is good in both eyes, and all his EEG’s show a steadily increasing EP in response to various stimuli; he can hear us, and he’s beginning to respond; in layman’s terms, he’s at a stage something like a very deep sleep, with the added benefit that he seems to have begun dreaming again; all his monitoring team have been reporting a dramatic ramping-up of normal REM sleep, and extended bursts of Delta-rhythm, and have also noted that he’s transitioning from Stage 4 to Stage 5 sleep for longer and longer periods. He’s no longer in complete somatosensory lockout, instead he’s experiencing longer and longer periods of deep-dreaming REM sleep interspersed with more even Alpha rhythm; sometimes, it’s almost as though he’s lying awake with his eyes closed, then he transitions rapidly into Stage 4 then Stage 5 sleep again with the associated rapid eye movements of dreaming sleep.”

“He’s definitely more asleep than comatose, which is a very hopeful sign. He’s exhibiting ERP’s, telling us that he’s responding internally in more varied and complex ways to complex external stimuli; it’s another indicator of increasing cognitive ability and a start of normalisation of frontal lobe and cerebral cortex activity. The short story is: he’s almost back, hopefully in a few days we’ll be able to tell with more certainty what’s going on in his head. It’s been a while but I think there’s a distinct possibility that he may well regain full consciousness. When he does, however, there remains the possibility of him entering a fugue state, given the type of physical trauma he’s undergone, along with dissociative amnesia, which is something we may have to watch out for. If this is the case, we have to go carefully, as there may be partial or complete systemic amnesia for the entire period, and perhaps even temporary personality changes. To be on the safe side, I’m going to have him lightly restrained; one of the characteristics of Fugue is the uncontrollable urge to go wandering, usually with no destination in mind, so we will need to keep him as locked-down as we can to prevent that happening, until he’s at least aware of what’s happening with him, anyway.”


My eyes were open for a while before I thought to remark on it to myself. I was awake, and I was in a white room. Why? Surely I should be…where? Where was I supposed to be? My head was full of that feeling, the one you get where you want to respond to a statement but the opportunity is gone, and yet you know that what you were going to say would change the world forever, but now the opportunity to say it was gone forever. Something significant had happened, but what? I lifted my arm to pull away something resting on my top lip, discovering it was an oxygen cannula looped around my ears as well. Oxygen! Was I sick? What happened, I didn’t remember getting sick…wait, a pain in my head, darkness, dreams about…something, as I tried to hold onto it, it drained away, leaving me empty again as I realised I didn’t know who I was, I knew there was an ‘I’, but who was I? As I began to panic, I saw an IV cannula taped to my arm. Just what the hell had happened to me?

I sensed movement behind me, and turning my head to look, jags of pain briefly shooting up my neck and into my jawbone and making me whimper. I saw a figure silhouetted against the window, my pupils contracting painfully at the sudden influx of light and tears squeezing out of my abused eyes. A soft hand gently wiped the moisture from my cheeks, followed by a pair of soft lips brushing my cheek gently.

“Husband come back to me! I wait for him, always wait, I not think he come back, now he here, with me, again. I am so happy!” said a soft voice, the merest hint of tears in it as she spoke.

Husband? I had a wife? Who?

I opened my eyes properly to look at this ‘wife’ of mine. She really was exquisite, Japanese, maybe, with long straight dark golden hair, floating around her like spider-silk, big dark eyes, very fair skin and the deepest ruby lips. This beautiful creature was my wife? She couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen, but wait; how old was I, why didn’t I know, why didn’t I know her, what had happened to me?

I was starting to panic, but I couldn’t move, my legs were immobilised, and there seemed to be some sort of restrain around my midriff, but I couldn’t find out how to release it; I was spooked now, I just wanted to run out of that scary white room, from that ‘wife’ of mine, whoever she was, just run until I found something I knew for certain, something that would give me something to cling to while I tried to figure out who I was, what was happening to me, and why.

“No, Jakku-san, not to do that, you not well, please to lie down, stay still, please!” begged that beautiful girl (my…wife?), her soft cool hands on my face, and she did calm me; I felt an instant connection with her, an almost-memory, I had been here before, with her hands on my face like that, I was certain, but the memory was too elusive, and I gave it up as a fantasy. But she had the loveliest, softest hands, and she was beautiful; perhaps she really was my wife? I could do worse, a small part of me prompted from deep down inside.

As I looked more closely at her, I saw the tear tracks on her cheeks, the quivering of her bottom lip; she was crying, and smiling, and she had lovely soft little hands, three things I now knew for certain out of a whole world that was a complete mystery to me.

“Who…what…my name, what’s my name?” I finally managed to croak out, my voice sounding rusty and querulous. The girl looked quizzically at me, as if she hadn’t heard me correctly.

“My name, please what’s my name?” I asked her again, and now I saw a look of alarm on her face as she backed away from my side, retreating all the way to the door, to tug it open and start screaming for a doctor. A man in a dark suit came almost immediately, pausing to have a quick word with the girl, my…wife, then came up to my bedside, a smile on his face.

“Hello Jack, how are you feeling?” he asked me as he took my wrist and looked at his watch

Jack, my name was Jack, so far so good. My turn.

“I feel alright, except…I don’t know why I’m here, or where this is, or my name, or …anything. Who am I, what am I doing here, why can’t I remember anything?” I was beginning to panic, and he reached down and patted my arm, then pulled down my lower eyelid and flashed a tiny torch in it, doing the same with the other eye.

“In answer to your question earlier, your name is John Cameron, but everyone you know calls you “Jack”; does that ring any bells?”

I shook my head, feeling the panic start to rise up faster now, and he put his hand on my chest, gently but firmly pushing me back down again.

“That doesn’t matter right now, Jack, just relax, you had a serious head injury, and things are a little jumbled right now, but I hope your memories will begin to return as your recovery progresses. How do you feel, any pain or headaches, or anything else you want to tell me about?”

I shook my head as I asked him; “Who are you, where am I, what is this place?”

He began to examine my eyes, shining a tiny torch in each one as he pulled down the lower lids.

“My name is Michael Hunter, I’m Head of Neurology and Neurovascular Medicine here at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, in London. You were brought here after a head trauma, and have been here ever since. You’ve actually been progressing remarkably well; you’ve been slowly waking up for several weeks now, but this is the first time you’ve actually been lucid.”

Several weeks?

“How long have I been here?” I asked, almost afraid to ask, but I had to know.

He looked at me levelly.

“You were brought in here on Friday 22nd June. Today is the 10th of December, a day your young lady’s going to mark in her calendar! She’s been here every day, waiting for you to wake up again, and now here you are. Welcome back!”

I wasn’t listening. Six months, I’d been here six months! What the hell had happened to me, and why couldn’t I remember it, or her, or me, or anything?

Dr. Hunter leaned over me.

“Listen, Jack, I know this feels strange and upsetting, but we’re going to do our best to straighten this out and have you back on your feet, but I can’t make you any promises. You had a serious injury to the temporal lobe, and it seems to have disrupted your long-term memories; hopefully that will begin to resolve itself; Retrograde Amnesia such as yours is often temporary, and your injury doesn’t seem to have damaged the basic functioning of how you process memory storage; you can still remember how to speak, understand English, move, feel curiosity, basic functions, but encouraging.”

He tapped his teeth pensively with his pen as he wrote notes on a clipboard hanging on the foot of the bead.

“Your emotional responses seem to be at optimal, so none of the things that make you “you” have been severely disrupted; what seems to be inaccessible to you right now is your long-term memory. This may well be a temporary traumatic reaction and may dissipate as memory begins to reassert itself. Right now, though, your semantic, procedural and episodic memory seem to have been impaired, which is why you have no recall at present, but memory is a funny thing; not much is known about how it works, but current thinking is that it’s distributed throughout the entire brain, so there may well be a slow return to an almost complete recall; we don’t know for certain, but the fact that so much else of your memory encoding seems to be unimpaired is a good sign; you still remember how to talk and so on. Click your fingers for me, please, both hands.”

I did so, and he smiled.

“Good, now close your eyes and point at your ears.”

Again I did so, and he patted my shoulder.

“Okay, Jack, that’s good, open your eyes now. Your procedural and sensory memory seems to be functional, as is your spatial awareness; you remembered how to carry out a simple action without hesitation; It’s a crude test, but always a good sign, but what it means is, if for instance you could ride a bike before, or play the guitar, or paint, you probably still can. We’ll see if we can work out a way to get you back the rest of what you’ve apparently lost, but, and this is a big but, there are no guarantees; there may be lasting short-term memory retention or formation issues, we just don’t know; if you can remember this conversation tomorrow, we’ll know for sure. One of my professors used to say that if the brain was simple enough for us to understand it, we’d be so simple we wouldn’t be able to!”

He smiled encouragingly.

“There are no physical effects of your injury, other than you’ll probably feel a little wobbly for a few days until you get used to walking again; your motor skills are fine, just rusty, and you have inevitably lost a certain amount of muscle mass and tone through being immobile for so long, but after we’ve run a few tests, I see no reason why you can’t go home in a few days. However, I would like you back here as soon as you’re up to it so we can continue our investigations. And now there’s someone here who’s been waiting to see you again for quite a while now!”

He leaned forward and whispered “her name’s Teruko!”

As he made to leave I plucked at his sleeve.

“What happened to me? What kind of trauma? Was it an accident?”

He looked grave, his lips pursed as he thought.

“You were mugged; you tried to fight back, but the mugger had a gun, he…shot you, and the bullet struck you low in the left Temporal Lobe, before lodging in the cerebral cortex, traumatising the Reticular Activating System, which regulates sleep, arousal and the sleep-waking transition mechanism; a traumatic injury such as the one you suffered is what triggered the coma; in effect, it flicked a switch and shut off the lights. Luckily for you it was probably a defective round; if it had hit any harder we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I was the one who removed it and closed, but the resultant trauma was what kept you comatose. However, the brain is a remarkably resilient organ, and as we monitored you we were able to track changes and improvements along the way as the RAS gradually reasserted itself. I know it sounds trite, but, given the circumstances, you were remarkably lucky, or maybe there is a God, I’ll have to let you work that out for yourself!”

Lucky? Six months in a coma, and who the hell was I and what did I do now?

He patted my shoulder again.

“Rest now, your young lady wants to see you. Don’t go away now!”

He left the room, and the girl (Teruko?) shyly approached the bed, to take my hand and press it to her cheek.

“Husband come back to me, now I happy again!” she smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks. She really was stunning, and I could feel a powerful attraction to her; obviously somewhere deep inside I had some kind of a connection with this beautiful girl; God, if only I could remember her! She leaned over me to once again stroke my face, and I could tell there was a great deal of pent-up emotion there, she was almost memorising my face with her fingertips. I reached up to take her hand and felt her small slender fingers, but no ring.

“Are you really my wife?” I asked her, and she smiled at me, a really beautiful, dawn-is-breaking kind of smile.

“Jakku-san ask me marry him, we not yet have chance to get ring, he say he want special ring for me; I have this until then!”

She showed me a pendant, a milky, pearlescent jade carving no bigger than the end of my thumb, of two rats rolling an egg, the detail truly incredible, and I felt a small but powerful shock of recognition; I knew this piece, I’d seen it before!

I held it in my hand, knowing it was more than just a déjà vu illusion, willing myself to know more, but it was gone, but I felt unaccountably closer to her now; she really had been with me, now I had to work out how.

Teruko leaned closer to hug me, her arms cradling my head as she trembled, and I realised she was crying. I automatically curled my arm around her, my forearm circling her buttocks as my hand clamped hold of her hip, pulling her closer to me, again feeling that connection, utterly without foundation as it was, but deep and powerfully felt all the same. I stroked her hair as she wept, her sobs silent but powerful, shaking her whole frame as she surrendered to the emotions I’d sensed earlier.

“Jakku-san, I wait, I wait so long for this, every day I kiss you and call you back, now you came back, but you not come back yet! I help you, I make you well, mummy help, we bring you back home, Jakku san, my husband! Mummy, grandad, all you friend want you back, we all help you!”

I had a mother, a grandfather, I had family, there were people who could help me put myself back together again, that was something at least. The panic that had been bubbling in the background subsided a little as I realised this beautiful girl in my arms was even more frightened than I was, that she’d been wearing herself out waiting and hoping for me to come back, and I felt a little humbled at the devotion that implied. That I could feel like that also puzzled me; obviously I knew this girl in a special way, the feeling bearing out in some small way what she was telling me. She looked up into my eyes, her huge, beautiful eyes clouded with tears.

“I know Jakku-san not remember me, it not matter, I love him, and he love me once, he will love me again!”

She said it with utter conviction, belief ringing in her voice. I had to admit, it would be easy to love a girl like her, shapely, beautiful, devoted, and possessed of the deepest kind of love and belief.

She dragged her hand across her glorious eyes, and smiled brightly at me.

“Every day I make offering and ask Daigan Bosatsu-Kami to rescue you and show you way home, he is God of travellers and all who lost, and he bring you back! I make offering to ask for help, now I ask again, ask him help you find way back to me! I call mummy, she coming soon, be here few hours time, you must rest now, I will stay with you, I want see your eyes, it been too long since I see them look at me, and now you can see me again!”

She sat on the bed, and without thinking I moved over as much as I could to make room for her. She swung her legs up and stretched out next to me, her eyes fixed on mine as she put her arm across my chest. It felt normal, uncomplicated, to have her here with me like this, and on impulse I put my arm around her. Teruko smiled as she wriggled contentedly.

“So long, my husband, it been so long, I miss you…” she whispered, pulling herself even closer to me, and snuggling her head down against me with a contented sigh. It felt good, and right, and familiar; somewhere a memory was chiming that we’d done this before, and it was good to do it again. After a while I realised she’d fallen asleep, poor thing, she must have been worn out. I felt protective and caring toward her, and a part of me wondered; was I reacting like that because she was so beautiful, and so obviously into me, or was my hidden inner self trying to tell me something about her, and me, about us?

I felt like I was in free fall, there was no-one or nothing to hold onto, perhaps I could start with her, maybe she could help me rebuild the part of me that was missing (which was most of me, I realised. I had my sense of self; I knew there was a “me” to rebuild, I knew my language, I knew I wanted to get out of this hospital soon, and I briefly wondered how I knew what a “hospital” was, when I didn’t know jack-shit about anything else…)

I shifted slightly, and Teruko’s eyes fluttered open.

“Please to rest, Jakku-san, mummy be here soon, must rest so not fall asleep when she here, she wait and cry for you so much, she want see and talk to you very much!”

Teruko pulled the covers up over me, then sat up next to me, her arm through mine as she stroked my hair. I looked at her and was surprised to see tears trembling on her eyelashes, and without thinking, I reached up and wiped them away with my thumb.

“Why are you crying? I asked her, and she smiled brightly, but more tears gathered in her eyes, brimming and trembling on the brink of running down her soft cheeks.

“I so happy to hear Jakku-san talk, I thought I never hear husband voice again, for so long he still and silent, now he talking to me, eyes still beautiful, still have same smile, so I happy!”

I smiled at her happiness at something so mundane, and again, and even more powerfully, I felt that connection, that sense that we were part of something, sure that this was more than just common or garden attraction and horniness on my part; I knew this girl, I knew her well, I was sure of it! All I had to do was recapture her, maybe if I could, I could find enough of me to recognise myself.

Teruko slid back down the bed to lie against me, her arm warm and comforting around me, the peach scent of her hair suddenly familiar, evoking blurred images of her smiling, standing with wet hair in a shower cubicle, and making me think of…a hotel. Why would I associate the smell of her hair with a hotel room? Was it a real sense-memory, or just random associations triggered by a random stimulus? Whatever it was, there was no escaping the fact that she was soft and warm against me, and another reflex kicked in, obviously so. My body may have been tired-out, but a certain part of me didn’t care. Teruko felt it prodding her in her stomach, and she looked up at me and smiled.

“Husband better already! Must rest now, sleep, Jakku-san, mummy come soon, be ready for her, she very happy now, so sad for so long, now she happy again!”

As she spoke her warm little hand stroked my face, smoothed my hair, and rubbed my back between my shoulder-blades, the feeling restful and relaxing, easing me into sleep.

I woke refreshed, Teruko’s eyes fluttering open as mine did, and a ghostly half-memory of seeing this before flitted across my mind for a second before it was gone, but once again that sense of connection persisted, more than just déjà vu. I felt something on my wrist and looked, to see my battered old military watch strapped on my wrist, and out of habit I shook and twisted my wrist to seat it more comfortably, while Teruko looked strangely at me.

“Why you do that, my husband?” she asked, and I replied without thinking.

“I always do that when I put my watch on……” before I realised what I’d said. Teruko grinned at me, and lifted my wrist to kiss the watch and the palm of my hand.

“Husband always say this his lucky watch, now I know it true!”

I looked at the watch, at my wrist and replayed what I’d said and done. I’d done it because it was second nature to me; did that mean more would follow? What other habitual quirks and behaviours would resurface? I was excited, in a low-level way. Maybe what Mr. Hunter had said about recovery was already happening; the amnesia really was only temporary, maybe it was already beginning to play itself out. I hoped like hell it was; I really wanted to remember my life, this girl, what had happened to me, everything that was missing before I’d woken up a few hours ago with an indelible blank stretching back in time where my life used to be.

My mother arrived about an hour later; it was a very strange meeting, for me, at least; here was this person I’d known my entire life, and I was struggling to make contact with her, because she was nowhere in my head or current experience. I could see how distraught she was, but there was nothing I could do to ease her distress; she was a complete stranger, and her distress only fed mine. What tipped me over was when she was leaving, she hugged me and stepped back to tip my head up to look into my eyes, her own eyes brimming with tears.

“Jack, my baby, my own little boy, what has he done to you? I thought we’d lost you forever, wherever you are, please come back, darling, please!”

The raw emotion in her voice was too much for me, and I began panicking again as I finally understood what my being in this room meant, how much harm had been done to everyone in my family, even if I didn’t know them at all. Teruko hit the alarm button, and a few seconds later a nurse was injecting something into the cannula on the back of my left hand, and very shortly after the room began to go dim as the sedative took effect.

I woke in the bright sunshine of early morning, the clanging of the breakfast trolleys jarring me awake. Teruko was stretched out next to me, her arm thrown across my chest and her head lodged in the crook of my neck. Once again, as my eyes opened, so did hers, and she smiled to see me awake.

“Good morning, Jakku-San!” she smiled, and I grinned back, wondering if they were going to give me any food. Sometime during the night, the feeding tube into my stomach had been removed, my navel sore and itchy where it had obviously been in place for a long time, and I felt ready for some solid food.

I was just drinking-in the sight of this beautiful girl next to me when the door opened and Mr. Hunter came in. After a few pleasantries and the obligatory prods and pokes, he took my pulse, temperature and blood-pressure, and shone a light in my eyes again, before making some notations in the file clipped to the foot of the bed. I asked him what came next, and he paused, tapping his pen on his teeth.

“Right, Jack, I’m sorry, no breakfast for you just yet, we have an MRI scheduled for you for this morning, you can have something after, I’ve left a note at the Care Station, and you have a CAT scan this afternoon before lunch, and barring any major mishaps or discoveries, I think we may be able to let you go in a few more days; so far, your MRI’s have shown no anomalous structures, lesions or anything except the expected scarring, and other than the amnesia and a little weakness from your long immobility, there’s really nothing wrong with you, but I want to keep an eye on you for a little while longer. Once you leave, the desk will give you a list of follow-up appointments, it’s essential you attend here for them.”

As he spoke, the orderlies came to take me down for the scan, Mr. Hunter telling Teruko she might as well go home and freshen-up, as I was going to be in Radiology and Imaging for most of the morning, and she couldn’t be in there with me. Teruko told me she’d go home, grab a quick shower and a change of clothes, and be back to wheel me down to the cafeteria for a late lunch.

And so it went; when I first woke up, they’d told me they didn’t know anything about what was going on with me; ten days later they told me they didn’t know anything about what was going on with me, at which point I decided that as I apparently had a home to go to, I was going there. Teruko had been a complete star the whole time, helping me to regain facility with walking and my balance, encouraging and supporting me, soothing me when the periodic bouts of self-pity almost crippled me, holding me tight when I raged at my inability to remember anything about anything, wheeling me around the hospital gardens, and just being there to be the only tether in my free-fall existence, a crutch for me to lean on, and a soothing presence to ease my fears.

I was no nearer resolving who I really was, no memories had returned except ghost flashes and meaningless images of people, places, and things, and increasing bouts of déjà vu, but I was collecting a whole new set, of Teruko, her loveliness, her calm stoic belief I would completely recover, her boundless patience, and, increasingly, thoughts and fantasies of what she would look like naked.

Apropos of which, one strange dream unsettled me, because I wasn’t certain it was a dream; it felt more like something that had actually happened, in fact I was certain it was a real memory; if it was, it was a corker, believe me!

In the dream, I was in a room (hotel room? Couldn’t be sure…) with Teruko, she was naked, and smelled of peaches. She was caressing me as I reached out for her and then my hand slipped over her back, my index fingers circling her lumbar dimples before sliding down to cup and squeeze and jiggle her shapely buttocks. As we kissed I gently jiggled and bounced her bum cheeks, concentrating on lifting and separating them, sliding my fingers deeper into the cleft between them, until my fingers were tracing over the taut, crinkled little hole concealed between those gorgeous, firm cheeks.

Teruko sighed and climbed onto my lap, straddling me, and slowly sliding down onto me, the tightness making me groan along with the feel of the wet heat enveloping me. She slid up and down a few times, then raised herself up, allowing my erection to slip out of her. She immediately took hold of me and began rubbing the slick head of my cock against her tight little anus, slowly working me into that hot, tight, moist little hole.

At last the head slid into her, her ring immediately clamping down on me, and she began to slowly slide herself further and further down onto me, until she was completely impaled, my cock buried to the hilt in her tight anus. I began thrusting into her, and she responded by pushing back against me, grinding her pussy against the base of my cock and gyrating her hips to work my cock in and out of her tight hot little hole. I lay back and reached out to hold and squeeze her beautiful, firm, protruding breasts, making her gasp and smile as she rode me.

Now she began to move faster, her face flushing, the squeezing of her rectum even more pronounced as she ground and slid up and down on my length until she came at last with a hissing scream, her head thrown back as her anus clamped down on me, her pussy squirting a spray of hot liquid over my lower belly as her pussy quivered against me. Her rectum squeezed and sucked at my cock in time to the fluttering of her convulsing cervix against the thin membrane separating it from her rectum as her orgasm rolled on and on. I came with a loud groan, spunk blasting out of me and into the tight depths of her hot bowels, the feel of my swollen cock wedging tight in her arse and the fluttering of her cervix wringing jet after jet of spunk out of me and into her. I saw stars, my eyesight dimming and my ears popping with the force of my climax as I poured myself into her, and she fared no better, sobbing and gasping with the seismic intensity of her thunderous orgasm.

I awoke from the dream gasping, my heart hammering with the realism of it, the vivid quality of it convincing me it was a memory, but when? Did this mean my memory was beginning to return? And had I done things like…that…with her? Why did I feel a trace of guilt when I thought of the dream, most of it already fading, but the memory of Teruko’s face in her sexual ecstasy remaining vivid and lasting.

I’d completely accepted her assertions, borne out by my mother, that she was my intended bride, and I was determined to find a way to remember why I’d chosen her (or if, as seemed more likely, she’d chosen me…), although I was already falling under her spell. What Teruko had stated as a fact when I first awoke was coming about; I was falling in love with her again (or for the first time, take your pick), and it was the only thing stopping me giving up and fading away.

Coming home was an anti-climax; I’d hoped that being surrounded by the familiar would somehow jog things into place, but nothing happened, no sudden flash of returned memories, no emotional reunion, nothing. When Teruko asked me what I wanted for lunch, I had to be truthful and ask her.

“I don’t know; what’s my favourite lunch?” and the sudden flash of loss in her eyes as I said it reminded me how much she was missing as well, that I had to ask her what my favourite foods were, where the toilet was, what was my favourite shirt, a million things I suppose other people take for granted. I realised that I was missing a lifetime of memories and associations that you don’t even consciously think of as memories, just the things that form that great big holographic image of your world in your head. I no longer had that image, or maybe I still did, but it was locked away; either way it made no difference, I couldn’t access it anymore.

We sat and ate my favourite pizza, something I had no memory of ever eating before, but it was delicious, especially after the hospital food, which all tasted as though it had been boiled in a sock, and chatted about the hospital, my treatment, how I felt, because we had nothing else to talk about; I had no experiences, no day to talk about, no common experiences to talk and laugh over, something I’d seen people doing during the car journey across London. Young couples with their arms linked, laughing and talking, looking into each other’s eyes, a world of shared experience, of a life lived, between them, and all I could do was reflect on my loss of that. I had no single thing in common with Teruko yet, and the barren landscape of my world frightened me.

Teruko sensed that I was becoming morose and self-pitying again, and put down her plate to snuggle up against me.

“I not want you come home to empty house, so you friend Harry and fiancée come to see you later. Harry come to hospital nearly every day, he at school with you, he play sport with you, he is your best friend!”

I was interested to hear that one of my friends would be coming over to see me, maybe he could help fill in some of the blanks for me. As I was thinking about this impending visit the doorbell rang. Teruko jumped up and took the plates into the kitchen, then answered the door, the sound of a male voice and another girl’s voice sounding in the hallway. I started to stand up as they came into the sitting room, but the man who came in, a young man about my age, seriously good looking, with chestnut hair falling over one eye, made a patting motion with his hand, instead walking over to shake my hand. The stunningly beautiful young girl with him was obviously of mixed Chinese/European parentage; Harry and I obviously shared a taste for the same kind of girls!

“God, Jack, it’s so good to see you up and about!” he grinned, and the girl hugged me, which caught me off-guard a little, patting my back as she hugged me.

“We were so worried! Poor Teruko’s been wearing herself to a frazzle, sleeping in that awful chair next to your bed every night for the last six months in case you woke up and she wasn’t there! How do you feel, Jack? Honestly?”

I looked at both of them as they waited for my answer.

“Physically, I feel fine; a little wobbly now and then, but the hospital assures me that’s purely due to being immobile for so long, and should pass. As for the other thing; I have to be honest, you both seem like really nice people, and you obviously know me well, and I don’t want to offend you, but I can’t remember either of you at all; hell, I can’t remember anything prior to ten days ago!”

The girl, who’d introduced herself as Sai Fong, looked at me sympathetically.

“It’s okay, Jack, we’re not offended. Harry and I were so worried for you, and for Teruko, she’s been almost out of her mind; the only way we could get her to leave and get something to eat, or get some proper rest, was for one of us to wait there at your bedside. We saw you like that, so now that you’re back with us, we’ll take you as you are; we’re your friends, always remember that, and you can’t offend us!”

I was almost overcome; tears seemed to come easily these days, had I always been such a cry-baby?

Harry sat down next to me and put his arm around me, hugging my shoulder briskly.

“What Sai says is true, Jackie-boy, we’ll be there, and maybe we can find a way to get this fixed together; all your friends are worried sick about you; we’re just the tip of the iceberg, don’t forget that! If I have to take you every place you’ve ever been, I’ll do that if there’s a chance it’ll help you regain your memory. I’ve spoken with Doctor Hunter, and he believes that your amnesia is temporary, and perhaps it only needs one trigger to unlock your memories, we’ll look and try anything until we find one, if that’s what it takes; you’re not alone, old boy!”

Harry spent the rest of the afternoon talking to me about school and rugby, escapades we’d had (which sounded fun, I really wished I’d been there!) mutual friends, general conversation which did a lot to flesh out my world-picture, showing me pictures of us together, I presume in school, pictures of me in a rugby strip, one picture of me holding up a large trophy with him. Harry was good company, and he genuinely seemed to like me, which disposed me well toward him as well.

Sai Fong was a delight; warm, funny, witty, acerbic, a perfect foil for Harry’s serious-minded attitude; the fact that she was also a complete knockout didn’t escape my notice either! I was sorry when they had to leave, but Sai Fong said they’d be back in the morning; she had a free day from university, and Harry had to be at somewhere called Woolwich Arsenal, which sounded vaguely familiar, which was not far from the flat, so he’d drop Sai Fong off to spend the morning with Teruko and me, and he’d be along later.

Bedtime was a little embarrassing. Teruko had shown me my room, and after showering and drying-off in the bathroom, I walked into my room in just my shorts, with a bathrobe over, to find her in my bed.

“I’m sorry, I…I thought this was my room…?” I faltered, but she just smiled.

“It our room, Jakku-san, this our bed. Come to bed now, you must rest, you still not strong. I want to rest next to husband again, it has been too long since husband sleep in own bed!”

I gingerly slipped off my robe, conscious of the fact that I only had shorts on under the robe; I’d not expected company, and I was a little flustered, not to say a little embarrassed too. Teruko looked at me, her eyes sad as she slipped out of bed and held her hand out to me. She was wearing ‘Hello Kitty’ pyjamas that were slightly too big for her, and she looked absolutely adorable, as well as sexy, a hidden, deeper part of me noted, a definite stirring inside me at the thought.

“Jakku-san, you are so thin, you must eat, be fit again, I help you, my husband. Now husband come to bed, you look so tired, please come, sleep now!”

Somewhat hesitantly, I slid under the covers, lying back and pulling them up around me. Teruko fussed with them a little, tucking me in properly, and then surprising me with a small kiss on the side of my mouth.

“Sleep well, my husband!” she murmured, her fingers tracing my jawline for a second, her eyes clouded as she lay on her side, her eyes fixed on mine. On impulse, I took her hand and squeezed it gently to thank her for looking after me so kindly, and she slid herself up against me, her head fitting into the hollow of my neck as she hugged me gently.

“It okay to put arm around me, Jakku-san, you not hurt me!” she murmured, and I could hear the sadness in her voice; almost without thinking I slid my arm around her, holding her properly for the first time. It felt good, actually, it felt great; she was soft and warm, and she fitted against me as though she was a part of me, and once again that sense of déjà vu permeated me; I’d definitely done this before, with her, it felt so right. I felt her warm little hand on my back as she gently rubbed between my shoulder-blades, relaxing and calming me as she lovingly rubbed and caressed me. She looked up at me, a bright, happy smile on her face.

“Sleep now, my husband, in morning we will talk, you ask, I will tell, but now you must rest, please to go to sleep!”

I smiled at her expression, and lay back, unconsciously pulling her closer to me, but enjoying the warmth and feel of her as she curled up inside my arm.

I awoke in the dead of night, wide awake from a confused dream of faces and places, the images already fading, but one image remained clear; Teruko, much younger than she was now, sitting on a bed with me with a large black dog sitting up at her feet; she’d called the dog “Sinai” or “Sensei”, something like that; it was vivid and unfading, and I knew that I was remembering her as a young girl, which raised yet another question; how long had I known this girl? Were we childhood sweethearts? Where did I meet her, and when?

As I pondered, I slowly became aware of where my hand was; somehow, while I slept, my hand had found itself inside the back of her pyjama pants and was clutching her firm, warm, rounded buttock. I was stunned; what was I doing? I had no business touching her so intimately, and I tried to stealthily slide my hand away from the forbidden territory, but even that was enough to wake her.

I tried to take my hand away, spluttering apologies, but she stopped my hand by putting her hand on mine, and touched my lips with her fingertip.

“Sshhh, Jakku-san, it okay, you my husband, you allowed to hold me like that! It nice, please do not stop! Husband can hold me closer if he wish, he not hurt me, I would like him to hold me close again!”

All the while, she’d been gently undulating against me, and now that involuntary reaction was happening again; I looked at her in ashamed embarrassment, but she just smiled at me and ground herself against me a little harder, her hand going around the back of my neck to gently pull my head down so she could kiss me lightly on the lips.

“Husband and wife do lot of things together, all good; it part of love, Jakku-san want me show him how again?” she breathed, and I could only nod, my mouth suddenly too dry to speak.

Teruko knelt up on the bed, switched on the bedside lamp, and began slowly unbuttoning her pyjama top, smiling gently all the while. I watched half in anticipation, half in trepidation, wondering what she was going to show me, or if I was even capable of understanding what she wanted us to do, a strange, not uncomfortable tightness beginning to make itself felt in the base of my scrotum as my erect penis suddenly throbbed insistently. She undid the last of the buttons and pulled off the top, her breasts spilling out into the lamplight, perfectly formed, opulent without being excessive, with beautiful, pale brownish-pink nipples, solidly erect in the lamplight.

Suddenly, unaccountably, I had the urge to suck and squeeze those delicious looking nubs, and Teruko smiled as I reached out, almost mesmerised, to hold and feel those magnificent orbs. I suddenly looked into her eyes, realising what I was doing, and made to pull away, but she took my wrists and pulled my hands back onto her fabulous breasts.

“It is allowed; you are my husband!” she grinned, her eyes twinkling as she smiled, and so I once again took those beautiful breasts in my hands, feeling the stiff firmness of the nipples against my palms, hearing her soft sigh as I gently rubbed them as I slid my hands all over those alluring breasts. I hadn’t realised I’d moved closer to her, close enough to lean down and gently suck one of her nipples into my mouth, feeling the texture of the firm rubbery flesh against my lips as I nibbled, sucked and licked it, instinct filling in where knowledge lacked, my erection growing even harder and more insistent as sense-memories awakened, the almost cellular awareness that this was something I had done before, many times.

Without even realising it, my other hand took hold of her other breast, and began twirling and lightly pinching the nipple in time to my sucking and nibbling of the one in my mouth. Absently I felt her hands on my head as she twined her fingers in my hair, holding me against her as I suckled and teased, her sighs and soft rippling murmurs letting me know that I was doing it just right.

I felt her hand under my chin, and I looked up at her, to see her deep ruby lips smile invitingly, and instinctively, impulsively, I leaned in to kiss those curving red lips. As my lips brushed against hers, the sudden urge to kiss her rose up inside me, and I pulled her closer, her lips suddenly irresistible, my need to kiss her deeply suddenly almost overpowering.

Teruko wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back just as enthusiastically, her tongue slipping between my lips to brush and wriggle against mine, the feeling hot, and clean, and very, very sexy!

I broke off for air, to see her smiling happily at me.

“Now I know Jakku-san not forget how to kiss me!” she grinned, and I had to grin back; with the golden lamplight bathing her skin in soft light, and her nipples glowing like dark coral jewels, she was beautiful and desirable, and something deep inside me was clamouring for her, a voice I could almost hear…

Teruko slid of the bed, and turned slightly away from me to pull down the pyjama pants, wriggling the tight waistband over her shapely hips, her naked, beautifully firm buttocks jiggling delightfully and her breasts tolling like bells with her motion. She turned to face me again, her grin still very much in evidence, and her spectacular breasts now revealed in a their naked glory as she posed in front of me, her long, lithe legs and flat stomach a poem of symmetry and grace and feminine beauty. Her firm, protuberant breasts crowned with two stiff nipples atop delicious coral caps, her tiny waist and smoothly flaring hips curving round to her tight buttocks and inviting lumbar dimples, all formed an image in my mind that edged tantalisingly close to memory and recall.

Her flat, taut belly rounded down to a crease of folded flesh between her slim thighs, a glistening mystery that made my heart slam and pound in my chest, but why I couldn’t say. She was everything, and more, that I had imagined, and to now have her here, with me, ready to take me wherever I wanted to go, that thought was almost too much; how could I deserve something as gorgeous, as beautiful, as innocent as this?

My penis was now almost unbearably hard; my scrotum, normally so loose and flaccid, was a tight saddle under the root of my cock, the pressure on both of them urgently needing to be released, to be relieved somehow.

Teruko held out her hand to me, inviting me to join her, and I wordlessly slid off the bed, taking her hands as she gently teased me closer, finally curling her hand around my neck to gently, sweetly, but oh! so erotically, kiss and nibble my bottom lip, my nose full of the peach scent of her, and another, musky, tangy-sweet scent hovering just on the edge of perception, the smell of her own arousal.

As she kissed me gently but firmly, her free hand brushed against my rigid cock in my shorts, my cock twitching and jumping as her hand brushed it again, this time the fingertips lingering for a second, feeling out the shape and texture of my erection. Teruko broke our kiss to look up at me and smile gently.

“Husband excited, can I see please? I not hurt you, if you not like, I stop, I promise! “

I swallowed again; I wanted her to hold me like that, to help me relieve the pressure inside me, to make this feeling, this sweet agony dissipate somehow, but I was scared and embarrassed too. Her gentle question helped to quell that, and I found myself nodding apprehensively, although a part of me wanted that very much indeed.

She slid her hands down to my hips, and without taking her eyes from mine, began inching my shorts down, waiting for me to say ‘stop’, but I didn’t; she was all I knew in the world, right now she was all I had, and I trusted her.

At last my waistband slid over my hips and my shorts dropped to the floor. I looked away, biting my lip, in a fury of embarrassment at being naked in front of this beautiful girl, but Teruko gently turned my head back to her, her sweet smile still in place.

“It is all right, Jakku-san, not look away! There is nothing to feel shame for, look, I am naked too! This normal, it proper for you and me. One day, you will be my husband, I will be your wife, so there can be no wrong thing between us.”

I looked into her eyes and saw the truth of what she was saying. My erection, meanwhile, had paid no attention to my inner turmoil, and stayed stubbornly, resolutely firm and unflagging, and now her warm little hand wrapped around the base, to give a gentle squeeze. I nearly fainted with the sensation; it felt strange, wonderful, and intense, plus a welter of other things I had no name for, all of them pleasurable, all of them centring on this girl who held me so intimately.

Her hand began to pump gently, the sensation almost making me pass-out, it felt so good. She looked deeply into my eyes, and once again I was compelled to kiss her.

While we kissed, and as she pumped my cock, her other hand began gently stroking and caressing my balls, making my eyes widen as the sensations inside me ramped-up, the need inside me growing huge and unmanageable any longer. I cried out as something inside me reached a crescendo, white hot waves of pleasure radiating out from my groin as my cock suddenly spurted on her, long jets bursting out of me to splash on her belly and between her breasts in a fury of release. Teruko continued to pump and squeeze my cock, urging more and more out of me, the thick, translucent spray splashing and running down her torso in thick, viscous rivulets.

I stopped ejaculating, my cock still hard, still twitching, but that feeling of tension, of unbearable pressure had been relieved, and now I just felt relaxed; too relaxed, in fact; I was swaying with weariness, my knees feeling weak and my body almost overcome with fatigue. Teruko urged me onto the bed, where I flopped down, suddenly realising my heart was beating like a trip-hammer.

I tried to catch my breath, and Teruko slowly inched me back onto the pillow, to lie prone while she wiped her torso with her pyjama top before climbing into bed with me and pulling the covers over both of us. I was tired, true, but I had some questions, and now, as I had her full attention, it seemed like a good time to ask her.

“Teruko, what just happened? What was all…that…just now?”

She looked at me calmly, and began to explain, as well as I could understand, the facts of life, or some of them, anyway…

“So that stuff makes babies, yes?” I asked her, “So, are you going to have a baby then?”

She grinned at me.

“It need to be inside me for that, Jakku-san! I show you that soon. I not have baby yet, not until you ready for me have baby, but it nice to practice! In morning, if you ready, I can show you how, you like?”

I nodded, and she smiled, her face lighting up.

“Jakku-san not forget everything, I think! In morning will be better, must rest now, husband very tired, we have visitor tomorrow, so wake up early, yes?”

Again I nodded, and she smiled.

“Good, sleep now, my husband, dream of me, I dream of you every night, now dream come true, and I am so very happy! Goodnight Jakku-san, love you very much!”

I hugged her close as she moulded her lovely naked body against mine, her lips brushing mine before she nestled her head into the hollow of my neck and closed her eyes with a happy sigh.

When I awoke, I was surprised, and gratified, to discover I had a rigid, and rather impressively erect, penis poking solidly into Teruko’s rear as she spooned against me. As I woke, her eyes fluttered open as she turned her head and gently stroked the side of my face with her fingertips.

“I see Jakku-san truly not forget everything!” she giggled softly, her voice soft and melodic, musical and sweet. On impulse I nibbled her earlobe, and she giggled again.

“That nice, I like that, do some more, please!” so I did, listening to her sighing as I gently licked and nibbled her earlobe. I could see her nipples erecting as I licked, and again, responding to some inner prompting, I slid my hand over her ribcage to cup and squeeze her breast, feeling the nipple firm and rubbery between my fingertips as I teased it to a solid rigidity.

Teruko sighed, pushing her soft, yielding backside against my hard cock, the sensation awakening other promptings, urges that made me kiss and nibble her neck, her shoulder, and finally, as she turned to face me, her soft, invitingly red lips. As we kissed, the sensation feeling clean and safe, and exciting, her hands drifted down my now rigidly erect cock, taking hold of me as she had done the previous night, and rubbing the head of it as she squeezed the shaft.

Her hands were sending electric jolts though my body, the pleasure mounting up my spine until it grounded in my brain, and a light went on as I realised what she wanted to do with me. Almost without thought I moved between her wide-spread thighs, supporting myself on my knees and elbows as she kissed me hard and urgently, at the same time gripping my now painfully rigid cock.

As I thrust forward slowly, I felt the tip of my cock encounter a soft, warm heat, and a sensation almost like moist lips caressing me, and I realised I was almost inside her, something she wanted, by the look of encouragement, love and sheer need she gave me. As I dithered at the entrance, she slid down, her action causing my cock to slip inside her all the way. Teruko groaned, as did I at the tight, hot sensation of being so deep inside her, at the feel of her heat enclosing me, the firm, moist clasp of her pussy around me almost making me go off again like I had the previous night.

Teruko smiled and pulled me gently down to her, kissing me softly, and I kissed her back, her lips and the feel of her skin awakening things inside me that wanted her this way. I began to move, instinct awakening again and showing me what to do, and she encouraging me, gently thrusting back against me, her pussy squeezing me in time to my thrusts into her. She smiled at me, and tears ran from the corners of her eyes. I stopped, panicked, thinking I was somehow hurting her, but she thrust back at me and urged me on, smiling and wiping the tears away.

“Husband remember, Jakku-san remember how to make love, I so happy, I never think I make love to husband again, now he is here, he make love to me again, I am happy again!”

The sight of her here, under me, her breasts pale and firm with her stiff nipples pressing into my chest, her sleek thighs wrapped around me, and her soft, inviting lips parted as her face slowly flushed, all these were awakening memories, other times we had done this.

Images of her smiling, her big dark eyes wide open as she laughed delightedly, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she held me close, her head back and the tendons in her throat corded, the remembered feel of her body pressed against mine as she shook and shuddered against me, all these flashed through my mind as we made love.

I began to increase the pace of my thrusting, and she did likewise, both of us pumping and pounding at each other as we strove to reach that place I instinctively knew was the purpose of this coupling.

The end came as Teruko, her eyes tight closed and head thrown back, groaned out loud and held me tight, her arms locking about my neck. Her pussy pulsed against my cock, tightening around it like her hand last night. I lost all restraint as that feeling rose up again in me, that unbearable tightness looking for release. Suddenly it was too much, and like last night, my sperm blasted out of me and into her in long, satisfying, jets, spurt after spurt giving me blessed relief from that almost indescribable tension between my thighs and deep inside me.

I cried out in release, my eyesight dimming at the intensity of the feeling, and Teruko responded, tightening around me as she shuddered and shook, the waves of shuddering culminating in a scream of release as she too sprayed warm fluid over me as she orgasmed, her pussy clamping down tightly on me, making me groan and even more sperm shoot out of me and into her, her hands holding tight to the bunched-up bed covers as she shook and shuddered under me.

At last I stopped jetting into her, and her death grip around my waist relaxed, allowing me to collapse next to her, my heart pounding as I gasped for breath. Teruko lay back, her eyes tightly closed as her chest rose and fell as rapidly as mine, and I could see her pulse fluttering in the hollow of her throat. Gradually my racing heart slowed, and my breathing became more normal, as did hers. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

“Jakku-san ask me last night to show him how to make baby with me; this is how, and when he is ready, when he has remember enough of me, we will make many babies together!”

She gently pulled me closer, and kissed me softly on the lips, blinking away the tears that had gathered in her eyes and smiling brightly.

“And now we must get up, visitor come soon, friend Harry bringing Sai Fong, we go for short walk, show you around, you like?”

I nodded, so she led me to the bathroom where we shared a quick but satisfying shower, then Teruko helped me towel off while I dried her, a very rewarding experience!

She was just drying her hair when the door-bell rang, but she dropped the dryer and went to answer it, and I heard Sai Fong’s voice as she greeted Teruko. The two of them disappeared into the sitting room while I finished dressing, taking my time as I was still a little wobbly on my feet. At last, dressed and brushed, I went to walk into the sitting-room, when something made me stop and listen to the low-voiced conversation between Teruko and Sai Fong as they made breakfast in the tiny kitchenette.

Teruko was talking, and I could hear the tears in her voice as she lamented the fact that so much of me wasn’t there anymore, that a stranger who looked like me was in her home, and my heart wrenched inside me; why couldn’t I at least be allowed to remember and feel for her what she was feeling for me? She sounded heartbroken, all her bravado in the bedroom, when she was alone with me, was for my benefit; in reality, she was still alone; the Jack she knew was gone, maybe permanently, and there was a stranger left in his place.

I guessed I was slowly falling in love with her all over again, but right now, all I had for certain was attraction, God was I attracted to her, but there was no ‘Teruko, my girlfriend’ file in my head, and she knew there was no trace of her in my mind, nothing of the life we’d had before except my fragmentary dream images and quick unexpected flash images of her in different outfits, or naked, her eyes on mine, or smiling at me, or asleep against me…

“Ssshh, baby, don’t, it will be alright, I promise you!” soothed Sai Fong. “Jack is still Jack; I remember him from when I was younger, and there’s still an awful lot of him there, things he does or says, the way he moves or sits that tell me “That’s Jack Cameron!” Don’t try so hard; he’ll come around eventually, when he stops being so scared!”

“Jakku-san is frightened?” I heard Teruko say, her voice sharp and wondering.

“Teruko, think about it,” said Sai Fong, “He’s only a couple of weeks old, all he knows is what you’ve told him; he tries to hide it, but he’s probably petrified, I know I would be!”

Teruko sobbed.

“Taoists say be careful what you wish for, I wish too hard, and now the gods punish me!”

Sai Fong laughed, a silvery tinkling laugh.

“Don’t be so silly; no-one’s punishing you! Take it easy with him, and give him a chance; Jack was crazy about you, eventually he’ll remember that; you don’t easily forget something that’s so much a part of who you are; it will all come back to him, just give him a chance!”

Teruko sighed.

“I never think it be so hard to love older brother so much, is it same for you?”

What? Did she say ‘Brother’? I was her brother? Oh my God…

“Teruko, I fell in love the first day I saw Harry, the day he and dad picked me up from Birmingham Airport. I was only ten years old, but as soon as I saw him, I knew. I never cared he was my older brother, it never occurred to me to give a tinker’s damn about it, all I knew was that Harry was big, and sweet, and gorgeous, and he was going to be mine one day, and I made it happen. I couldn’t bear to lose him, and I don’t know how I’d cope in your place, but I do know I wouldn’t give up; I love him too much. Listen to me; under all that amnesia and fear and stumbling and fumbling around, Jack’s still in there, and we’ll all dig, and poke, and prod until we can winkle him out again, I promise you!”

I stopped listening, feeling like a voyeur, but also because my head was whirling; Teruko was my sister? How could this be? I had asked her to marry me, but she was my sister! I must have made a noise, because next thing the door swung open and Sai Fong was standing here, and Teruko in the background, just getting up from her seat.

“Jack, how are you?” she beamed, and I nodded, still stunned, confused and bemused by what I’d heard.

“I’m okay, thank you. Umm…”

“Sit down Jack; would you like a bacon sandwich?”

I nodded, and Teruko quickly pulled some bacon off the gill and buttered two slices of bread, slapped the bacon between them and cut it in half on a plate. She brought it to me and smiled down at me.

“Jakku-san, please to eat, you are very thin, sick for long time, now you need strength, please, eat!”

She trailed her fingers over my face and I flinched slightly, a minute movement, but she noticed it, and a small frown creased her smooth forehead. I schooled my features with a weak smile as I stared at her, examining her face for any trace of resemblance to me. This girl was my sister? How could that be?

I bit down into my sandwich, more for something to do than because I was still hungry. Teruko looked at me quizzically, aware that something was on my mind, then spoke to me.

“Jakku-san, what is matter, why you jump? Not be afraid, I not bite you, I promise!”

I looked up at her, and decided to take the bull by the horns.

“Teruko, Sai Fong, I overheard what you were saying just now, both of you; is it true, you’re Harry’s sister, and Teruko is …is my…sister?”

Sai Fong looked at Teruko and then back at me. “Jack, I think we all need to talk; don’t say anything, just listen, please.”

I nodded, so she continued.

“Jack,” she began, “Teruko and you…fell in love, it was unforced, it was natural, you were both happy. It was the same for Harry and me; you say you heard what I said, then you must have heard everything else as well. Jack, Harry and I are in love, I’ve always loved him, our father knows, and he knows that Harry and I will get married when I finish university; it was the same for you and Teruko. I know only a part of the story, why don’t you let Teruko tell you the rest? Jack?”

I was looking at the expression on Teruko’s face, seeing the longing and the sadness, and to be honest, I was feeling that as well, and something else; something or someone deep inside me was still desperately clamouring for her, but…my sister?

I rubbed my head, my finger absently rubbing over the faint indentation where the bullet had invaded my head and changed my life forever. I looked over at Teruko.

“How did…you and me…how…?” I stumbled, unable to ask her the question, feeling repelled, but also, strangely attracted and taken with that one fact in the middle of my confusion right now; that this beautiful Japanese girl was my sister, and that we’d been…romantically involved, lovers, prospective husband and wife.

Teruko leaned toward me, her expression serious.

“Jakku-san, you save me long time ago, you save me and bring me home, I grow in your family, your mother become my mother; but I am still your sister; that all change six month ago, we discover what we feel, we make love many time, it good, it feel right, it was right. Jakku-san say he love me, ask me marry him, I say yes, I mean it; I want to marry my Jakku-san, he the man I love, he is you, but now you not remember, I help you remember. I will stay with you, I not understand before, I very sad you not know me, Sai Fong show me what is wrong, we fix, everyone help fix this, but I will not go, Jakku-san still lost, I will help find him again!”

My head was spinning with all this, and I was in no fit state to try and make sense out of it; my world picture was still too small, consisting solely of what I’d gleaned from conversations with Harry, Teruko, and Doctor Hunter at the hospital; watching the television was incomprehensible, the news was meaningless, the programmes I watched had no points of reference for me, I didn’t know what they were talking about, the entire cultural reference library I needed to slot into this world was missing.

My head was aching now, and Teruko being so near was making it worse; I wanted her, badly, and the thought of wanting her that way repelled me, yet the thought of losing her frightened me deeply, a deep fissure of desperate need opening up in me at the thought of not having her with me; was that Jack talking to me, was it my own feelings and buried memories trying to communicate with me?

I stood up, rubbing that small indentation above my left ear again, as though it would somehow help me regain what I’d lost.

“What we did, last night, this morning? Brothers don’t do that with their sisters; why did you make me do that? It was wrong, it had to be, it feels so wrong now, I feel so…so…I don’t know what I feel, but I think I did something bad, and I don’t know why you let me do it!”

Teruko stared at me, her expression lost, shocked, horrified, but I didn’t know how to take it back, or if I should; my sister! Oh, this was bad, this was very bad! She tried to reach out to me, but I leaned back, away from her; I didn’t think her touching me was such a good idea…

“Jakku-san, please…!” she started,

“Teruko, please, my head hurts, I need some fresh air. I’m going out for a walk.” I paused, seeing Teruko’s stricken expression, and again that conflicted feeling swirled through me.

“Will you come with me? Please? I don’t know where anything is…” I asked her, not really knowing why I did; maybe I was trying to make up for the hurt I’d seen in her eyes just now…

She smiled tremulously, blinking rapidly to dissipate the tears in her eyes.

“Yes, I come with you, Jakku-san, please to put on jacket, it very cold.”

She rummaged in a closet and pulled out a green waxed jacket with a padded green tartan lining and a label inside that said ‘Barbour’.

“This Jakku-san favourite jacket, wear it all time!” she smiled, and I did feel a small shock of recognition as she helped me put it on. It felt loose, too big, and Teruko smiled, her lip trembling.

“Jakku-san lose so much weight, very thin, coat so big now, but always wear this before, it part of him!”

There was a pair of gloves in the pocket, and something bulky in the inner breast pocket. I took it out, it was my wallet. As I opened it, little bits started to come back. I saw Teruko giving me this, she was younger then, and there was a small picture of the two of usinside the front cover, her face pressed cheek to cheek with me to get both of us in the frame. Her face was the same, but mine was fuller, smiling, the eyes alive and sharp.

I riffled through the wallet, pulling out business cards and pieces of paper with cryptic notes and reminders scribbled on them, identity cards for somewhere or something called ‘DSG’, another one for someplace called ‘DES Abbey Wood’, and a Ministry of Defence ID card giving my place of work as ‘Woolwich Arsenal’. As I looked at it, at my strained expression in the ID picture, an image of tank treads and turrets, gun barrels and a large work space with overhead cranes and bright, harsh arc-lights, and a square office with a desk and a screen, the bare blockwork walls painted white, flashed through my mind.

I looked questioningly at Teruko, and she gently took the cards and papers away from me.

“This all to do with work, you not need to worry, you on sick leave, when you better, you go back to work. Doctor at work want to see you when National Hospital finish with you, until then, this not important, ok?”

I took her hand, trying to apologise for my outburst, making her pause and smile uncertainly, tiny droplets still trembling on her eyelashes.

“Teruko, where do I work?” I asked her. She looked uncertain, looking at Sai Fong in mute appeal.

“You work for the Government, Jack,” she said, “for something called DSG; you’re based at Woolwich Arsenal, you’re a Project Manager in the Re-Engineering Section, rebuilding tanks, personnel carriers, Warriors, Bloodhounds, that kind of thing; Harry works for them too, indirectly, designing helicopter airframes. When you were injured, you were given indefinite Sick Leave; you’re a Civil Servant, so you’d probably have to blow up Parliament and ravish the Queen before they’d have grounds to sack you, so you don’t need to worry too much about work just now! If they think it’s necessary, they’ll keep on extending your Sick-Leave indefinitely; you’re a very important part of the war effort, they need you, and they’ll do everything they can to keep you on-side!”

I remembered that Harry was down at this ‘Woolwich Arsenal’ place this morning, he’d said it wasn’t far from where we were, and suddenly I needed to see my workplace.

“Take me there, please, take me to where I work, I want to see it!”

Teruko and Sai Fong exchanged glances, and began pulling on jackets, and Sai Fong picked up some car keys from the dresser.

“I’ll drive, Teruko doesn’t know the way.”

We climbed into a big silver 4×4 (mine, I was told, although it didn’t seem familiar at all) and drove the short distance, by London standards, to the Woolwich Arsenal, driving though the grounds until we came to a series of low brick structures. The guard at the gate took my ID and made a call, then waved us through into the car park, just as a burly man in a dark suit came out of the entrance of one of the buildings.

“Jack, good to see you back on your feet, how are you feeling?” he boomed, shaking hands vigorously with me, then engulfing Teruko and Sai Fong’s little hands in his large mitt.

He looked at me closely, and I looked back, not a glimmer of recognition to give me a hint as to who this was.

“It’s true, then,” he murmured, shaking his head, “you don’t have a clue who I am…”

He indicated that we follow him into the building and into what looked like a conference room, where he asked all of us to be seated. Once we were settled, he started talking.

“Jack, as you’re still on Sick-Leave, I can’t discuss your job or the projects you were involved in when this all happened. I’m not sure why you’re here, and I think that, until the National signs you off and over to Whittington, our conversations need to be about your progress, not the work you were involved in. As of right now, you are on Indefinite Sick Leave, and will have to remain there until this has all been cleared up. On a purely personal note, you are very much missed here; I have all your colleagues coming up to me every day asking about you, and the National has been very good in keeping us updated on your progress.”

I was a little confused, and a little concerned; why had the hospital been giving details about me to my employer? I asked him as much, and he looked serious.

“Jack, you work…worked, I should say, on one of the most important range of projects currently occupying the Ministry; being assaulted the way you were raised fears that it may have had a terrorist connection, seeing as you were a specialist Project Manager working on some of our most secure projects. Your attack rang alarm bells in all sorts of places, and it fell to us to investigate every possible connection, no matter how seemingly innocent or outlandish.”

“And did you find anything?” I asked, dreading what I might hear.

He shook his head.

“As far as the Security Branch, MI6, The Metropolitan Police, SOCA and SO15 Counter-Terrorism Command could determine, it was what it seemed, a mugging gone wrong, a gang-wannabe trying to make his name as part of a gang initiation. We recovered the gun, a Glock nine-millimetre that went missing from an ISAF armoury in Iraq six years ago. It was recovered after a shooting in Hackney; the boy carrying the pistol attempted to kill a police officer, fortunately the officer involved was able to call in the Firearms Unit, and the perpetrator died in the ensuing shoot-out. He was 15 years old, but he chose to carry a gun, and use it against defenceless people; there’s an old saying, Jack; ‘He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword’; as soon as he picked up that gun, he sealed his own fate, always remember that.”

I felt sick; a kid had died because he’d wanted to join a gang, he’d failed with me and gone on to try again, and now he was was dead; he was a potential killer, but he was still only a kid.

His voice jerked me back to attention.

“Don’t feel bad about it Jack, his death was brought about by his own actions; the gang he wanted to join has a particularly nasty initiation rule; newbies have to kill someone at random to be considered for membership, he was attempting to kill a police officer and that’s what brought about his own death; you had no part in that, you were part of his initiation, but he didn’t kill either of you, so he went on to try again. Your young lady had a lucky escape. Remember this; that gun had been used in three unsolved killings, all similar to what nearly happened to you; don’t shed any tears over him, Jack, he picked up that gun willingly, and signed his own death warrant.”

Teruko was huddling close to me, and my arm was around her, holding her tight, although I had no memory of holding her, her eyes showing her shock.

He looked gravely at me as he stood up.

“Go home, Jack, you don’t need to be here, take your convalescence, and come back when you’re ready. Right now, you’re no use to me, nor to yourself; I suggest you spend your time resting and following doctor’s orders. Spend some time with your young lady, go home and see your mother, Defence Support Group will still be there when you’re ready to come back to work.”

We all stood up, and as we made for the door, I turned to him.

“You didn’t tell me your name…”

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