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It’s amazing what a ponytail will do to a man’s libido. Just seeing you like that sends shivers down my forearms. Makes my pants tighter. It exposes your neckline. Your ears are nibble accessible. Your jawline is beautiful; not to mention imagining a handful of that ponytail is a huge turn on. The way you walk in that skirt makes it look like you’re floating. Whoosh Whoosh as you walk by. You smell so good today. Not fair.

How long do I have to compose myself? Can I have you now? Someone would definitely find out.. but I can’t wait much longer. That neck calls out to be kissed. Maybe a little nibble. Each time you pass me, you make a point of “accidentally” brushing against me.

I see how it is. One of these times, I’m just going to grab you and take what you keep offering, in not so many words. I think you’d like that. Your hips are screaming all the things that your lips are not right now. I’m getting it loud and clear. You walk into the supply closet.

How convenient. I need “something” from the supply closet too. I follow closely and quickly. The sound of the door closing startles you, but does not surprise. You knew I would follow. You’ve been thinking of this encounter for as long as I have. You slowly turn around, and give a sly smile. I have walked right into your trap, and have done so willingly. I wonder if you wore any panties under that skirt. I’m thinking I might get to find out. But first, I need to see if that neck is as supple and inviting as I have imagined it to be.

I walk up behind you, and run one hand across your neckline, gently tickling. The other hand brushes the small of your back. I can feel my pulse race in my chest and my fingers feel your heart beating in your neck. You smell so good today…

You don’t say a word: still facing away from me. I lean forward and breathe on your neck, just behind your ear. Good thing you’ve got that pony tail. So sexy. The smell of your skin gets me even harder than I already was. I didn’t think that was possible. A tiny kiss at first. Your body tingles from the warmth. Your skin is as supple as I had imagined. Thank you for this moment. Good thing I locked the door.

My hand moves around from the small of your back to the front of your hip. The motion pushes you back into me. You notice a pleasantly large bulge pressing into the small of your back. You’d definitely like to explore that a bit later, but first, this neck thing is feeling pretty damn good. Interesting how my tongue stud feels on your neck: it’s warm, smooth hard and foreign. . Irresistible, nonetheless.

A nibble on your ear elicits a moan. Oh yes. I imagine you’re getting about as wet as I am hard. the anticipation is killing me, but good things come to those who wait… Besides, you’ve begun gyrating your hips into my rock hard cock. This feels damn good on its own. I feel like a hungry animal right now. I want you so bad, it’s hard not to bite… No no. Just nibbles for now, and licks and a little sucking…. And of course my breath. Warm and sweet. I imagine you’ll taste warm and sweet when i finally get this tongue down that far.

My hand that’s been creeping from your back to your hip is inching ever closer to that moist mound; Your hips gyrate to the rhythm of my fingers. Your skin is warm and smooth. Your thighs are amazing. I can feel the heat from under those panties.

Oh yes. You want me as much as I want you. You move your feet apart slightly, allowing a bit better access. Thank you, lover. My fingers trace the outline of your panties. I feel warm, wet excitement between your legs. Your knees are shaking, your breaths are shallow and fast. The cotton is great for soaking up those juices. God, you’re turned on. I wonder if it was it the anticipation, the taboo of what we’re doing, my kisses, or just the fact that you know this big cock wants you so bad….

I reach up and grab a handful of hair. Fuck, I love ponytails. Suddenly, I push you to the door. Your skirt still up, my fingers are now under your panties. I push you against the door. Never letting go of your hair, I undo my jeans. Aaaahhh. Relief. It was getting way too tight in there. My shaft pulses with the idea of what I’m about to do. I rub the head, and spread the precum around. Not that I’ll need lube for what’s about to happen.. With a firm grip on your ponytail I push you forward. Bending at the waist, you use your hands to brace yourself. Forcefully, I flip up your skirt. I want to rip those panties right off you, but I’ll be nice. My cock is so swollen and hard. I rub the head on those now soaking panties. The heat is amazing. I can feel your clit through your panties. Glistening strands seep out from my cock. Fuck! I want this so bad. Harder, I push against your panties, rubbing up and down your lips. You tremble and moan. “Please, fuck me Pierce.” “Fuck me now!” Not yet. Anticipation.

I’m going to enjoy this so much. Finally, I relent. “Are you ready?”, I breathlessly moan. Pulling your panties down to your ankles, you kick them away. Skin to skin, cock to lips I rub now. Pushing my throbbing head to your eager hole, you lean your hips back. No, not yet. I grab the base of my shaft and swirl around. Tight fast little circles. You literally can’t handle any more of this torture. Stopping now, I rest the head right where you are begging me to thrust. I grab your hip, the other hand tightens around your ponytail. You can feel my heart beating in my cock. Breathing is so fast now. My heart pounds in my chest, ears, and neck Fuck. Here we go…

Or not. right when you think I’m about to shove this cock deep inside you, I suddenly back away. I said I was going to taste you, and I’ll be damned if I don’t. Dropping to my knees, I bury my face deep between your thighs. Holy fuck! You’re dripping down your legs. I lap you up like a man dying of thirst. I need you, all of you. Your lips are swollen with anticipation. Each lick is like a lightening bolt shooting through your body. Tingles come in waves, and are followed by shudders.

I suck your lips and flick your clit with the tip of my tongue. You are bucking your hips into me. I have to brace against your thighs lest I fall back. So hungry. I lick and suck you like a man possessed. My cock throbs between my legs; angry at me for how close it was to paradise just now.

Don’t worry my shaft. You’ll get to explore deep inside her soon enough. These lips need to surround you. I can taste it. They need you bad.

Long fast licks from your clit all the way back to some very taboo place that feels so good. Too good to think that it’s dirty what I’m doing to you. “Don’t think about it, just enjoy it”, you think to yourself. Yes. Just enjoy all of it. Back and forth, up and down my tongue drives you over the edge. Good thing there’s a door handle. You grip it tightly as an orgasm suddenly and violently takes over your entire body. You rock back into my face. My tongue fucks your tight little pussy as fast as it can.

I feel your lips tighten around my tongue as you cum all over my face. Fuck. I could cum right now just from that. You turn me on so much. Wave after wave of orgasm flows through you. Your knees want to buckle, but you won’t allow it. You need my mouth, lips, tongue, and stud to keep on doing exactly what they’re doing. Your face tingles. Your neck is hot. Nipples are rock hard. Sensing a golden opportunity, I reach up and caress each breast. I can feel how hard your nipples are. Fuck. So turned on. I can tell the volcano of climax is beginning to subside from deep inside you. Maybe now you’ll be ready for this cock. A stream of precum is extending from my cock all the way to the ground. My rod jumps and pulses with excitement. My shaft almost has a mind of its own, And that mind is thinking of only one thing. . .

You drop to your knees. The whole thing as been too overwhelming. Panting, you plead for more. You wish you could stand, but that’s not going to happen right now. A single tear streams down your face. Pleasure, ecstasy, passion all wrapped up in one little teardrop. As you collapse to your knees, you feel my cock throbbing against your ass. My poor cock. It was so close to where we both wanted it to be.

“Stand up” I say. “I don’t think I can”, you whimper. “Fine. This dick can do the lifting…” I push forward. The head of my swollen shaft pushes on your forbidden place. The pressure is amazing. Tingles. Electricity. Your mind races as your body shudders. You bite your lip and clench your ass at first. Your eyes are clamped shut, and little moans keep escaping your mouth. How can something so bad feel so good. Precum oozes out of the tip of my cock. It’s a great lubricant. I can feel your tight little ass start to relax, allowing my cock to start to explore….

Not yet. It’s too much right now, and I’m too big. As the force increases, and you feel your hole begin to relent, you strain to stand. Up we go. My rod pushing you back to your feet. Fuck. It felt so good. Maybe someday we’ll try that, but not today.

You turn to face me. My lips are salty sweet as you kiss them gently. Standing in front of you, my cock throbs against your navel. My hands massage your breasts as your fingers tease my shaft and balls. I hope you’re ready for this. I’ve held back long enough. It’s time to see how much of this crank you can take. I’m hoping to bury it all the way, but we’ll see. You’re definitely wet enough but are you capable. I reach down to feel, and yes… You’re more than ready with wetness. One finger and then two slide in with little effort.

I reach down and grab a thigh with each hand, lifting you up and hovering over my throbbing dick, slowly I lower you. Held above my cock, the throb acts like a pleasure/torture toy. Pump, pump, pump across your clit. You’re loving every second of it, but you want more. You NEED that iron rod deep inside you. You kiss my mouth with the same starvation I was showing earlier. Sucking on my tongue, you play with my stud.

Moans. Deep moans escape your lips as you beg. Plead. Please. “Fuck me now, Pierce!” What restraint I’ve displayed thus far is now completely and utterly gone. I lower you down further, and the head of my throbbing dick starts to spread your lips. Your body quivers with excitement. Here it comes. The moment has finally arrived. Your nails dig into my back. My hands cup your ass as you slide down onto my pulsing shaft. You gasp and yelp. “Shhh! Any louder and we’re both getting fired”, I growl with a smile. You reply with a bite to my lip hard enough to make me let my own yelp. Well played, my dear.

Good girl. All the way down you go. You’ve taken all of me inside you. It’s so tight; almost too much. It hurts good. Pure fucking pleasure. Up you go. I lift you so that just my swollen head is still inside your sweet lips. I flex my cock, and my crown swells bigger, filling you as tight as you can go. Back down. Taking my shaft all the way to my balls. They drip with your juices. Up and down we go. Two bodies moving to one beat.

Faster we grind, both feeling the rise of climax building from deep within. You begin to slap down on my shaft, rubbing your clit with each hit. Harder and faster we move. Breaths rise and fall as one. Deeper my shaft drives. The head swells even bigger, and my cock gets steel hard. You can tell I’m getting ready to explode. You know you’re about to do the same. Starting in your toes and fingers, that tingling begins. Moving upward and inward it creeps. Your throat and chest feel like they’re on fire. The back of your neck is cool with perspiration.

Each bounce on my cock is covered in a moan from those supple delicious lips of yours. Your ponytail bobs back and forth with each thrust. You tilt your hips forward further. You want more; want it all. How deep can you force me inside you? We’re about to find out. You lean forward and suck on my mouth. Out of breath and moaning, I can feel your heartbeat on your breasts as they’re pressed against my chest.

And then it happens. My shaft explodes with wanton desire. Every ounce of seed I had in me erupts violently from my cock. Deep inside you, I coat your walls with thick cum. As my load shoots forth, your lips and pussy tighten and convulse with the force of the strongest orgasm you’ve ever had. You can feel my sticky sweet cum filling you up, as your body takes you to a place you didn’t know existed. Your eyes roll back, and all sense of reality is lost in this moment. Your entire existence is focused on this feeling. This warm tingly pulsing electricity bursting from my cock into your walls, and all through you. Our bodies spasm as one. Rocked again and again with an ecstasy that has never been reached by any two people, and may never be seen again. Unless we’re lucky, and can find a way to sneak back into the supply closet again.

“Tomorrow work for you? Same time, same place…….?”

Author’s Notes: First and foremost, Always Faithful is a work of fiction; no characters depict any known persons. To the best of the author’s knowledge, there is no women’s clothing manufacturer by the name of Business Lady. Chapter 4.1 ended with Laura’s life getting more hectic with her new job, her desire to devote what home time she has to Greg, and Dan limited to a chaste date. Finally Laura promised Dan she would find more time for her married home life.


When her flight was at altitude, Laura accepted champagne from the stewardess. She used the four hour flight to go over the week ahead and the past few weeks of her ever more hectic life. Her first thought was Dan is really getting short changed by my new jobs. Laura hadn’t spent a full week with just her husband in a month. She knew she had to take steps to maintain her primary relationship.

Greg is showing strain too was Laura’s next consideration. Unconsciously she clenched her thighs and twisted her rear deeper into the leather of the first class airliner cushion. He is getting possessive, more demanding of his needs for me. Friday night was incredible. After four days of tender love making, Greg really needed to fuck me hard before I left. Laura laughed aloud and noticed a passenger across the aisle look. Who am I kidding, I begged him to fuck me hard?

We both needed the hard driving sex we had Friday night after dancing and playing in that club. We always fuck hard after a night out playing and showing off. If Greg doesn’t lead me to tough, I pull it out of him. I love wearing his bites and bruises; I love feeling my muscles throb. I can still feel him in my puss two days later. Again she laughed; I love taking my just fucked and cum filled cunt home to my husband Dan. Just the thought of going home to her Baby with Greg inside brought an air kiss to no one who would see her for ten days.

Laura’s thoughts turned to her new job at the firm. She knew she would miss working directly for Greg. Working for Greg wasn’t just under the desk BJs and after hours sex. She was his secretary for three years without a kiss before his last eventful birthday. Secretary for a senior lawyer was a challenging position. Her new job was higher profile, but it promised fewer day-to-day challenges.

Her coworkers, the executive girls was how Laura labeled them, seemed to accept her. Laura knew there would be more office politics at this level, probably some politics with other firms too. She considered that her other job with BL positioned her well in the politics game; she had some independence at work. The Executive Assistant to the Partners Committee would work her ass off before, during, and immediately following their quarterly meetings. The rest of the time, she could coast or help the other executive girls.

Champagne interrupted Laura’s reflection. Stimulation from the bubbles tickled her nose and triggered physical sensations. Laura played to the sensations as she felt her body calling; first rubbing the rim of her glass slowly over her lower lip. Another sip, the rim of the flute grazed over a protruding nipple lowering from her mouth. Laura looked around the cabin and saw only people absorbed in whatever. She could find no reason not to use the cool glass of the flute to excite her nipple further.

With eyes closed and head leaning back, Laura imagined Greg’s fat cock between her thighs and squeezed in response to hold the image of fat cock tight. Another sip of champagne, move the cool glass from nipple to nipple. Laura was well into private sensual bliss when she sensed someone near; she opened her eyes to a smiling attendant. “Would you like more champagne, or maybe something colder?” -


For almost an hour, at least four hundred miles in the middle of her journey, the stewardess shared Laura’s private sexual interlude. She brought a full glass of ice cubes, three little bottles of good vodka, and refilled the champagne flute often. On every trip from galley to Laura’s seat her eyes lingered on nipples peaked by the iced glass. Once she blew a kiss at them; she spoke softly and praised her passenger’s audacity. Finally, the attendant had to clear away bottles and glasses before serving a meal. Laura managed to pull her hand close pretending to answer a question. “Pinch one, please, pinch one hard for me.”

Four hours after takeoff, the pilot announced their approach to San Francisco International airport. An hour later the concierge helped Laura with her bags while she paid the taxi driver.

First phone call went to her husband. Hi Baby, I just wanted to call and let you know my flight was smooth. – I know we didn’t have much time together. – I know a romantic restaurant across the bay; is there any chance you could get way and come join me for the weekend? – Call me Monday and let me know. – I love you Baby, take care of yourself until I get back.

Laura decided while considering the coming ten days, Young Legal Counsel didn’t fit in her plans for this trip. With the obligatory phone call to Dan out of the way, it was almost time to call her lover, but first she wanted to get comfortable. After forty minutes in bed and bath rooms, Laura curled up in her love seat ready to call Greg. Getting comfortable translated to a quick shower and wearing the sexy black negligee Legal bought and Dan loved.

Hey Baby, I am calling to let you know I arrived safely. – Yes, easy trip, no bumps or delays. I even brought you along in my carry on stuff; I could feel you and you being with me excited me. Laura told Greg about playing with the cold glasses; how excited she felt thinking about him; and about her conspiracy with the attractive flight attendant. She concluded just as she had with Dan. I love you Baby, take care of yourself until I get back.

The three hour time difference between the east and San Francisco left Laura with a bonus of time on her hands; it was still early afternoon. Laura stretched across the love seat and admired her legs beneath the sheer black nylon. I wonder if Dan really believed me about only fucking Legal twice last trip? Probably not, Dan is sure Legal met me at the airport and I fucked him as soon as I hung up the phone. He might believe a quickie before I called home.

Laura’s fingers played absently over telephone buttons on the table beside her. Legal at home was button number seven on the speed dial. I told myself I wasn’t going to fuck Legal this trip. I told Dan that too. Greg doesn’t know about Legal; Greg would be furious. Dan is sure Legal’s dick is in my pussy right now. I wonder what Legal would think about all of the love bites Greg planted to mark his turf? I am wearing the sexy negligee he bought. If button seven had feelings, it might have wondered about the pressure. The inanimate button called its planned function, and Legal’s home phone began to ring.

Hey there you, I just called to say hello. – Yes, I arrived a couple of hours ago. – I don’t have anything planned; just get ready for work tomorrow. – Maybe we could do lunch, or have a drink somewhere after work. – Come here tonight? Let me think about that. I told myself no about Young Legal Counsel, but Dan is at home convinced he is here doing me already. Oh, what the hell. Sure, come on over and keep me company.

“Come in, I hope you appreciate I am wearing your gift?” Within five minutes, Legal joined Laura on the love seat wearing only his silk boxers and holding a gin and tonic. Legal attempted immediate intimacy; Laura held him off to a slow seduction. She deflected his hands and kisses away from her most sensitive spots. Laura knew teasing with men; she practiced often with Dan. As far as she was concerned, Legal needed a woman such as herself as tutor in the art of pleasuring a woman. Legal would get his pleasure when Laura decided he was ready.

“Kiss me. I’ll show you where and how.” Laura brought Legal to her lips. Her lips and responses guided his lips in How to Kiss a Woman 101. When she judged satisfaction, Laura guided his hand to her neck, and Legal’s lips followed. She guided him to a breast, and then on to kiss her belly. At each stop along the kissing trail, Laura had her lover kiss until moans of pleasure and her hand guided him further along.

In due course, Legal’s kisses came to the end of the trail over Laura’s body. His lips kissed Laura’s clit and his fingers danced on her labia. “Mmmm, yes lover, kiss me there. Kiss softly and then kiss me more.” Laura guided her lover’s kisses and touches with sounds, with encouraging undulation of her hips, and pressure with her hands. Her excitement mounted. I’m glad Dan expected me to fuck him. He was right; I can have so much fun teaching a young lover. Laura neared her peak, “Use your teeth lover, be gentle, but bite me there.” Legal nipped and Laura screamed her orgasm.

“That was good for me lover; now I want to have fun another way. Take it out; let me see some cock.” Legal reached for the waistband on his shorts. “Leave them on; they feel so smooth. Pull your cock through the fly.” Laura took cock in hand and began to fondle the shaft with a gentle touch. She kissed and made small bites over Legal’s chest while using her hands to guide his knees apart. Soon she was kneeling between thighs.

“My lover is a lawyer; I know what lawyers like best.” Legal opened his mouth to respond but stopped with a gasp. With mouth open wide, Laura thrust her head downward; she swallowed the length of cock using muscles in the back of her mouth as if to devour the man above her. “OH – oh – oh – oh – oh – godddd yessss – ohgodyessuck – oh sucking cocksucker.” Laura never pulled back; she kept her swallowing action strong on the cock now at the entrance to her throat. Young Legal was no stretch for her after Greg; he didn’t even compare with her husband. Laura had no intention of letting up until Legal pumped his load.

“Oh bitch, bitch, bitch, suck me, suck my cock, never, never, never like this, oh suck.” Laura was holding Legal’s hands away from her head; she knew he wanted to hold tight and face fuck. Laura intended to keep total control. She pulled away from Legal’s cock. “If your hands touch my head, I’ll bite and send you away; you are cock and I am sucker, understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Laura.”

“Yes WHAT?”

“Yes cocksucker.”

“Talk at me while I suck.”

Legal’s mind spun in confusion; cock had no confusion at all. Cock knew exactly what it wanted. Cock wanted that hot mouth that suddenly let cool air flow when mouth lifted to speak. As soon as Laura heard the trigger words, “Suck my cock you cocksucker bitch”, cock had every desire filled. Laura gripped Legal by the wrist to hold his hands away, and her mouth once again devoured Legal’s cock to its base.

The mouth enveloping cock was sucking, swallowing, licking and biting all at once. Cock directed a sensory message to Legal’s hips; push forward, get deeper. “Suck bitch, cocksucker, oh yes, suck me, teeth, suck, cocksucker bitch, teeth, oh teeth, watch owww, teeth, suck whore.” Laura responded to the exhortations; she was sucking and swallowing. Her lips and teeth pulled the bag of skin hanging below cock as far into her mouth as possible. “God damn bitch, you sucking bitch.”

Laura resisted the pressure coming from Legal’s arms; she would not cede control. With arms stymied, Legal began to clench his thighs. Clench and release, clench and release; Legal soon coordinated the muscles of thighs and hips. When Legal would clench his thighs and push forward with hips, Laura sealed her lips and sucked harder. Male and female cravings drove them higher. Intermittent phrases penetrated: cocksucker . . . suck slut . . . bitch . . . cum slut . . . cunt-whore-slut.

Time, now it’s time; Laura released her grip and wrapped arms around the hips thrusting at her. Legal finally brought his hands into play. He held tight and with a brutal push of hips he came half off the love seat, driving cock deep in mouth. Laura had everything now; she bit, sucked hard and swallowed as a flood of man cum blasted directly down her throat. Legal had to scream for both; his orgasm was total. He held tight, his thighs quivered, and his nuts emptied in spurt after spurt. “CUM – CUM – CUM – CUM – Yessssss.”

After some minutes of gentle sucking, Laura pushed Legal away, into the love seat. “That was good. Time for you to go now, we will do this again before I leave.”

“But – but – but, I don’t have to go. I want to stay, to be with you longer.”

“No, you have to go. I want the rest of the evening to myself. Get dressed – GO!” Laura kissed Young Legal goodbye at her door, and then once again in the corridor. Young Legal held her hand after their last kiss; Laura decided to walk him to the elevator. Legal received his last passionate kiss waiting for the ding of the elevator door.

If she had been wearing more than her sheer black nightgown, Laura might have entered the elevator with Legal; her resolve to send him away flagged after three passion filled goodbye kisses. They held hands across the elevator threshold until the doors began to close. One of Laura’s neighbors from a higher floor got an eyeful, and he whistled an approval that startled her. “Call me later tonight, Legal.” Laura quickly recited her phone number; she hoped her neighbor would take note. He appeared a handsome gentleman by Laura’s quick glance; she really didn’t care if Legal called at all.

Tuesday evening Upper Floor did call. He called early; Laura was still dressed in her office clothes. They played innuendo games over the phone as a getting to know one another device. Laura finally invited him to her condo if would bring brandy for a get acquainted drink. “I have French and local; I will bring both if you answer your door dressed just as I first saw you.” Laura negotiated forty-five minutes delay to shower and change clothes. Her last instruction told Upper Floor she expected his attire be appropriate to hers.

Laura decided to wear the short, sheer pink gown Dan bought; she responded to the bell chime and found Upper Floor wearing a blue smoking jacket over light grey pajamas. “I approve, of your attire and your brandy.”

“Your attire is even more intriguing than the first time I saw you.” Laura escorted her guest to the love seat and brought glasses for the brandy. She took every opportunity to model her nightgown and her body so thinly covered. Upper Floor took notice and smiled approval.

Laura and Upper Floor sampled both French and California brandy as they sketched their lives to one another. Her initial tidbit left her bedroom door ajar. “I am here in San Francisco only a week or so every month. I live East with a husband, a lover, and another job. My work here is just part time. Young Legal Counsel is not a lover, just someone at work.” A most interesting element of Upper Floor’s bio was a veiled reference to his second bedroom as playpen.

Laura got up to turn on soft background music; she let her body sway to the music for Upper Floor’s visual enjoyment. Slowly Laura recognized hand signals her new friend gave off. She adapted her dance according to his gestures drawing attention to every part of her body. In response to a twisting gesture from Upper’s palm, Laura turned and looked over her shoulder. She posed, nightgown drawn high, with hand on bare rump. Upper Floor clapped his hands in appreciation, and Laura lightly clapped hand on rump responding.

Upper Floor gestured closer, and Laura danced backward toward him still clapping herself until her hand was lifted away. His slap where her hand had played was a watershed in a growing friendship. Laura gasped, but with pleasure obvious on her voice, and bent forward to present a taught and stretched target. “Again please, just a little more.”

Bent over and getting her cheeks spanked just a little more strong than lightly, Laura took stock of her situation. She recognized the sexual potential Upper Floor offered. Laura shook her hips to present all sides for attention, and gave soft mewing sounds of approval often. Upper Floor could be a perfect partner for diversion, if diversion was her goal. Laura decided he was a keeper, but only if he agreed to her terms. “One more good pop on each side, two if you really must, and then let’s drink some more brandy and talk.”

Laura felt her body pushed forward and down to present her ass in perfect position. Upper Floor had his left hand under her gown in the middle of her back. Looking around her shoulder, she watched her neighbor wad panties into a narrow roll inside the crevice of her cheeks. Laura loved the drama Upper set and smiled approval. She blew a kiss just as his first hard slap thundered onto her right globe. “Ooowwww – Yessss!” She waited and watched; eyes open in anticipation. Upper drew his hand back again; Laura watched intently. “Oooohhhh – Yes – Yes – YES!”

Upper leaned into the love seat to admire the pink he created. Laura stayed in pose, bent and not moving. “Come sit by me and let’s drink; I may take you up on your seconds offer, or make a counteroffer later.”

Laura took her seat and accepted another glass of brandy. “I enjoyed, I think you did too. I am not the first woman you have spanked, am I?”

“No, my dear, I have some experience with spanking and other delights. I enjoy such things.”

Laura said could tell. “My lover enjoys spanking me, and using me very hard sexually. I love it when we have very hard sex. He is also a very tender lover, and I enjoy making soft, beautiful and very tender love with him. My husband is very tender as well, an even better tender partner than my lover. He can be forceful at times, but it is more difficult for him to be as forceful as my lover.”

“Husbands can have that difficulty; their love feelings restrain them.”

“I am not looking for another lover, and I have no need for another husband; mine is perfect for me. I might entertain an off-and-on dalliance for amusement. Would such a proposal interest you?”

“You are a very attractive woman, very confident in your beauty and your control. I have a feel that your control is most precious; even when you appear to give control to a lover, you keep taught reins.” Laura eyed Upper Floor intently; his words created warmth within. She turned attention to her snifter, drank from it, circled the rim with a finger, then with her tongue.

Her gaze returned directly to the man sitting next to her on the love seat; Laura pressed the glass against her lower lip. She was making a decision; Laura would put an offer on the table, or maybe the bed. “Control must be negotiable; it must be negotiable or it must be mine alone.”

Upper Floor stood, “Kneel before me and reach into my pajamas. I want to observe how you handle my sex.” Laura burst into laughter, but began to lift from the love seat.

“Is this your idea of negotiating control?” Upper Floor simply directed his eyes to the floor at his feet. Laura gathered the hem of her gown with her left hand, and reached with her right to Upper for support. She kneeled before the man.

Laura took another moment to assess the situation; Upper Floor was not Young Legal. She knew she could assert, and drive this man away. They could have some fun tonight and rarely or never again. Or . . .? What do I really want? Laura reached for the belt that closed the smoking jacket and pulled one end. Upper had a small paunch to his belly, but the paunch and his chest hid under a wild mass of graying dark hair. Laura had never been this close to so much hair on a man; she was intrigued, but not at all put off.

Fingertips tested the hair for texture; it was wiry and stiff with only slight curl. Closer, get close Laura’s mind told her; she rubbed her forehead against man hair, only touching hair, not skin. She sucked hair between her lips and wet a mouthful using her tongue. “Your hair is fascinating, I have never seen this much.” Upper Floor said nothing; he kept his eyes focused on the woman before him. Laura knew he was waiting for her to follow through with his original instruction. She reached through the opening of his pajamas.

The cock Laura extracted was thick, maybe even thicker than Greg’s fat tool, but not long at all. Cock didn’t have the rampant hardness both Greg and Dan always showed either. Laura held it from below with her right hand wrapping fingers around to get a sense of this new male cock. She reached into pajamas again with just her left hand to free Upper’s ball sack. She found the same mass of hair as on his torso.

Laura took her time and explored all of the flesh in front of her with light strokes. Next she raked the shaft lightly with fingernails; cock twitched and firmed somewhat. Laura let cock go to rake nails over Upper’s testicles. Cock jumped at the new stimulation and lightly tapped against her lips. Laura trapped cock against Upper’s belly and in turn rubbed each of her cheeks against its underside before taking cockhead in her mouth.

Leaning back on her heels, Laura released Upper Floor completely and asked if she handled her introduction to his pleasure? “Yes my dear, you did that very well. Stand up! You have earned seconds.” Laura got to her feet and reached to the waistband of her panties. “No! Not yet, not here. We will have one more brandy and then I will show you my playroom; I know you are curious.”

Upper Floor’s playroom catered to sexual games only; no children play here Laura knew. When her neighbor said, “Come, it is time to see the playroom”, she had no hesitation about going in her nightgown. Laura only asked slippers or barefoot? Upper led her to the center of the room before giving permission to open her eyes.

Laura first saw one wall covered with mirror tiles; she looked immediately to the ceiling but it was bare. “Not yet”, his voice whispered.

The wall opposite the mirrors sported a pipe frame with rings hanging from the cross bar. The frame would hold a subject mostly immobile; Laura stared at the frame and her imagination tied her in place. Whips and paddles, six of various types, hung on the wall flanking the frame. Several photographs interspersed between the whips. Laura went to a whip and examined it carefully; this one had a tightly wrapped leather handle and many thin leather straps dangling from the handle.

“That is called a flogger; it is made of buffalo hide. It will make your bum red used properly, but doesn’t leave marks.”

“I’ve never been whipped; my lover did use his belt once when I begged.”

Upper took her by the hand and led Laura to a long and sinister looking whip. “This is a true whip. It is over four feet long, and with it I can streak your back with welts that last for days if you can stand the pain.” Laura looked Upper Floor in the eye but said nothing.

The Master of the house led his guest to the far, curtain covered, wall. Laura watched as Upper Floor toggled a switch causing the heavy drape to pull clear. The view beyond the small balcony was spectacular. “I want to see it some evening at sunset.” Laura felt herself wrapped in her neighbor’s arms. “Open the sheers, I want to see clearly.”

Upper drew the last curtains and opened the sliding door; they stepped to balcony edge. “You’re right; it is beautiful, especially at sunset. It is also a perfect place to howl at the moon.” Upper felt Laura shiver and he drew close to cover her back.

Laura reached for a clamp she noticed on the railing, “Tell me.”

“I have cuffs that attach; I like to play out here too.”


“Hold these and wait here.”

Suddenly Laura stood in the spotlight. Upper Floor was beside her again attaching first one wrist and then the other with soft leather cuffs. “Our neighbors can see us if they notice the light. There is also a microphone if I want them to hear.” Laura moaned. “Have you seen enough for now; are you ready for another brandy?”

“Give me my seconds out here then we can have our brandy.”

“This is the French, isn’t it? It has a very smooth taste; it feels smooth.”

“Yes, you feel smooth too. Your bottom is perfect.”

“Tell me about the last woman you spanked. Was she young or older; did she ask to be taken out there for the neighbors pleasure?”

“Her husband brought her to me; she was older. I had him undress his wife in the living room, and direct her to obey me. He waited there. I took her to the playroom and cuffed her to the rail, I whipped her, and finally I fucked her.”

Laura thought about Upper Floor’s description; she still had questions. “Lights?”



“Yes, speakers loud.”



“Did she cry?”

“No, not really. She called out but did not cry.”


“Oh yes, yes oh yes. Both of us had orgasm.” Laura stretched her arm for more brandy.

“You seem fascinated by my balcony?”


“Many fix on the mirror wall; some find the leather furniture draws them.”

“I like to sing my pleasure when I have sex. Sometimes, maybe often, I want others to hear my song.”

“My balcony is perfect for your desire. I will whip you hard one night when the fog is thick; everyone will thrill at your pleasure in the mist.”

“Do you see others, others playing in their windows, on their balcony?”

“Sometimes I watch them play; more often they watch me play.”

“Let’s continue our discussion on the balcony. Bring the brandy; you can cuff me to the rail and hold my glass as I drink.”

“Yes, strip now, leave your gown here and I will spotlight you.”

“Oh yes, I like that idea.”

“You haven’t asked about the other furniture, just the toys and the balcony?”

“If I visit your playroom again, you can show them to me. The balcony is enough for tonight. I am comfortable on display; very few know me in San Francisco.”

Upper Floor walked her to the balcony and left Laura cuffed to the rail, on view for one-and-all. “Hold the brandy in your mouth; study the warmth and flavor.” Two sharp strikes with one of the toys warmed her bottom, but Laura couldn’t cry out without spilling. “Very good, now you can swallow.” Upper pointed out a few windows where neighbors might be watching, and then he left Laura exposed on the balcony with one last set of hard swats to her cheeks. Laura cried out and heard her amplified scream echoed against the next building as Upper left her.

Time passed and then Laura felt Upper behind her once more. His hands caressed the goose bumps on her sides from armpits to waist. “How long?”

“About ten minutes, just enough to excite you.”

“Touch my nipples.”

“You love this, don’t you? Has anyone seen you yet?”

“I don’t know.”

“Drink more brandy and then I will try to awaken an audience.” Upper’s left hand worked Laura’s cunt as he held the snifter and she drank. “Swallow this time, but slowly.”

“I am going to strike you six times; they will be hard on your bottom. Count each off loudly; you may cry out if you want to, if you need to cry out, but you must count each stroke before I will give the next. While I am gone, watch the windows, the balconies. When I come back, tell me everything.” Laura counted the six strokes as directed, and then there was only silence and light.

Laura looked from window to window; two turned from dark to soft light. She could make out shapes, but no one was recognizable. Noise from her left caught her attention, maybe from one of the balconies. Which one did Upper point to? Laura was alone, exposed in the light; she knew some strangers were watching. When will Upper return? City sounds gave background noise; interspersed Laura heard a few sing-song words that she didn’t quite understand.

Upper announced his return reaching between her legs for a tight grip. “Drink and then tell me what you have seen.”

“Shadows in those two windows, that is all. I am sure someone is watching. Also noise from the balcony over there; I think a man spoke to me but I couldn’t understand him.”

“You missed the small bedside lamp above; her name is Carrie. I am sure she is watching with a fat dildo inside her. I have had her here where you are.”

What about the sounds from the balcony, do you think someone is there watching me?”

“His name is Mario, he is watching, I called him. What did you hear?”

“It sounded like puta: puta – puta – puta.”

“Whore, that is how Mexican men call their women. Come whore, like calling a dog.” Laura sucked breath in hard. “Mario likes to watch, but will not turn the light on. He likes to whip girls even more than I do; he enjoys being cruel. If I invite him over he might whip you, he might fuck you, or he might piss on you.”

“No, I am not ready for that.”

“Are you ready for your time in my playroom to be over?”

“No, I want to stay, but I know I must go. Will you escort me home?”

“Of course, my dear. May I give one more stroke?”

“Yes Sir, two please, two hard strokes so I can sing my song.”

In her own bed, and alone, Laura replayed the evening activities in her mind with a smile on her face and a tingle in her ass. She met a new friend, the older man Dan suggested, and Upper as sexual friend will be far more exciting than Young Legal. Upper did look distinguished in his smoking jacket, and Laura loved prancing around the living room for his viewing pleasure. Laura accepted the show off style she had been developing along with her affair with Greg.

A rational segment in Laura’s brain was pleased they saw no other residents between her apartment and his. Barefoot wearing only a sexy nightgown and panties meant Laura was going for sex, pure and simple sex, no excuses possible. Their return trip, with Upper holding her panties and brandy in one hand and her bottom in his other, confirmed their sex play, but no neighbors saw them. Laura knew she almost, she wanted to, fucked Upper Floor at her doorway during their parting kiss.

Final thoughts of playroom and balcony came to mind as Laura drifted off to sleep. Everything about Upper Floor’s playroom had possibilities for exploration. Laura knew she wanted more play time with her neighbor in his special room in the future, but his balcony excited Laura and stimulated well developed desires in her sexual psyche. Her final thought before sleep overtook her was that sound from the dark balcony: puta – puta – puta, and Upper Floor’s description: come whore, like calling a dog.

Friday evening, Laura entertained BL president and the CFO with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. She wanted to open some marketing and new product ideas in an informal setting. Her main marketing idea was about models. Laura argued that looks were important but secondary. She wanted BL to select legal professional women from the top regional law firms to use as models around the country. The men bought in, and the president promised to have a formal development meeting during Laura’s next visit.

Changing subjects, Laura rose and modeled the lounging pajamas Dan bought for just such an occasion. “I wanted Dan to come out here this week but he was unable to coordinate his schedule and our production people. I hope he can next time. My husband is a man of unusual talents, and one of them is knowing what clothes a woman should wear to look good, feel good and make the best impression for almost any situation.”

“CFO, why don’t you make the necessary phone calls to Dan’s company to make sure Laura gets what she wants? If she has an idea about an outfit like she is wearing tonight and Dan is part of her plan, I want him here soon.”

Laura thought her after hours meeting went well. She confidently escorted her guests to the lobby to further make the point that elegant loungewear could be worn further from home than many thought appropriate. The doorman smiled appreciation as Laura turned for home. She paused to flirt for a minute, touched his cheek lightly and winked, and then continued on her way. She decided it wasn’t too late to call Dan.

Dan was asleep, but the phone woke him. Hi Baby, I hope calling now isn’t interrupting anything but sleep. – I love you too; I love you and miss you. – I just finished with the president and CFO or I would have called earlier. – Not that way, silly Baby, we talked business. – They want you to come next trip.- I’m flying the red eye Wednesday night. I will see you early Thursday; don’t schedule any early meetings – Yes, I’ll be hot and ready and I want you the same way Baby. – One last thing, can you set something up with Artsy for next weekend? – No I don’t want to spend it with Greg; I want to talk over some ideas with her, and with you.

Dan signed off with okay, goodnight Baby, I miss you, I love you.

Laura was still drinking her morning coffee when Liaison called; they had a girl’s day out scheduled. “I’ll pick you up at ten, okay?”

“Come early and we can have a cup of coffee before we leave.” Girl’s day meant shopping with a pause for a late lunch, and then later drinks before heading home. The sun had just set when two happy women carried bags of purchases to Laura’s apartment. “You take first shower, Liaison; I’ll pour wine and then call my lover. I haven’t talked to him since Wednesday.”

The lover’s phone call extended; both needed the only closeness they could have. Laura called out, “Oh my, hot, hot, hot! That looks great on you.” On the speaker phone, Greg piped in with, “What’s going on?” Laura introduced Liaison, described her and the slinky jump suit purchase she was wearing, and then briefly talked about their shopping trip. “Did you buy one too?”

“Yes, actually two, different colors. I am going to wear one of mine as soon as I shower.”

“Well, get in the shower. Call me back when you get out.”

“I have a better idea, here Liaison, have phone sex with my lover while I shower.”

“What, Laura, No!”

“Sit here and talk with Greg.”

“I can’t believe you did that Laura, he seems nice.”

“Greg is nice, and he is my lover, and we have great sex together, and we have something more than great sex.” Liaison paused and thought about all Laura had said. “Your husband knows.”

“Yes, Dan knows. Let’s leave it that he knows and understands; he lives with the understanding that I have a lover.”

“What about Young Legal?”

“Young Legal is history; let me tell you about Tuesday night with my neighbor.”

Laura told Liaison all about Upper Floor. She talked about brandy and her pink nightgown here. With a second glass of wine, she told the story of her elevator ride barefoot in sheer pink, and of Upper Floor’s playpen. A third glass of wine smoothed her tell all about the balcony. “Do you want to meet him? I can call and see if he is at home.”


“Of course you do, you will never forgive yourself.”

Liaison sipped at her glass with a furrowed brow and no words until, “Call him.”

“How daring do you feel?”

“Probably not as daring as you.” Laura talked her friend into changing once more. Twenty-five minutes after the call, Laura knocked on Upper Floor’s door with Liaison standing beside her. Both were barefoot, carrying a bottle of chilled champagne, and wearing very thin black nightgowns.

Laura handled introductions, and how she first met Upper Floor, while he poured champagne. Liaison laughed about Young Legal’s part, “He is so full of himself he is probably still wondering why you called out your phone number.”

Upper Floor was properly complementary to Liaison and asked her to model her gown. Laura was eager to show her friend the playroom, and almost dragged her to the appropriate door before remembering her manners. “Are we permitted to enter, Sir?”

Their tour of the playroom led naturally to the balcony. “Is this where . . .?”

“Yes, and I was nude. I loved it.”

“He spanked you out here?”

“Oh yes, please let Sir Upper Floor spank your bottom at least once. Please know what it is like.”

Liaison looked first at Laura, and then turned and stared hard at Upper Floor. “It would be best, easier I think, I you let me stimulate you first.”


“Just light kisses and touches to relax you, nothing serious or compromising I assure you.” Liaison looked at Laura; still she was unsure. She heard his words from behind, “Strip, Laura, and then undress your friend. I will get the lights and the necessary toys.”

Liaison stood nude in the spotlight and took three hard swats before calling STOP. “You next Laura, give her twice as many for talking me into this.” Laura did take six swats with the paddle, and after each, she cried out YES. Upper massaged his neighbor’s red bottom for a moment and then held his hand to Liaison, “Feel the heat.” The three returned to the main part of the house for more champagne. “We need to dress and go home, good night Sir.”

The women slept, had brunch Sunday, and socialized well into Sunday afternoon. Both agreed it was a fun way to spend time together. Liaison admitted their visit to the playroom was worth doing once, but she was sure she wouldn’t tell Significant Other. “You really like things like that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I can’t describe how much it excites me. I drip.”

“How does Upper Floor fit in with your lover and your husband?”

“He doesn’t, he is a diversion.”

Hi Baby, I am just calling to confirm my travel plans. – Yes, I am still on the red eye. – I will see you Thursday morning before you go to work. – I love you too, Baby. Save a kiss for me and maybe a little bit more. – Bye bye.

The red eye flight that carried Laura home from San Francisco left on time and benefited from a tail wind. Hers was the first plane to land in the morning; the captain parked at the gate a full fifteen minutes before the official earliest landing time the airport authority allowed. First class and no checked baggage meant Laura was at her doorstep at six-thirty; the light at the door was lit for her. She tried the door knob and it turned. That was always Dan’s way of welcoming her home, whether business trip or time with Greg, the door to Dan’s life and heart was always open for her.

Laura checked the kitchen before heading upstairs to the bedroom where she found her husband waiting for her. Their greeting was a fervent kiss, “Ugh Baby, you need mouthwash.”

“I need a quick shower too; wait right there for me.” Five minutes later Laura returned to the bedroom mostly clean, and mostly dry. Dan was ready and waiting for her.

“I’ve missed you Baby, I need you just like this. Let me do the work.” Laura made her announcement as she settled on her husband’s cock. She rocked forward and back, she swiveled with a twist, and she lifted only to slam down hard. Dan tried to reach and participate, but Laura held him back. “Let me fuck you; let me do the work. My Baby can just enjoy us together; it has been too long.”

Dan leaned back and tried to relax to control his excitement, but it had been almost three weeks with little sex. The first hard squeeze on cock from Laura’s muscles almost sucked sperm from his balls. Dan looked intently at his wife above him; her nipples looked hard and a little bruised. “Feed me some tit, Baby.” Dan sucked each in turn. He stared at the Vee between her thighs; Laura’s lips may be swollen, but they wrap my cock so tight, Dan thought to himself.

“Oh yes, that feels so good; fuck me Baby, just fuck me.” Laura squeezed tight and rocked forward. Dan screamed and spewed, filling his wife with stored produce of loin. They rested still joined, and played kiss face lightly. Laura’s homecoming was satisfying for both. Dan reached between them to play with Laura’s nipples. “They aren’t terribly swollen and bruised; haven’t you taught your young lover how to rough them yet?”

“Oh no, he is history. I didn’t fuck him at all this trip.” The BJ she gave Legal on arrival didn’t count to Laura; she knew she only called him because Dan was sure she would. “Let’s talk all about our last ten days tonight, it’s time for breakfast and then off to work.”

Dan was home when Laura came through the front door with two sacks of take-out dinner. “I thought you stopped for a quickie with Greg when you called and said you were going to be late.”

“No Baby, no quickie with Greg. I’ll work something in soon, but I want to be with you right now. I don’t go back to San Francisco for a month, and we are going to spend most of this month together.” Laura earned a kiss in appreciation. “Greg will have to make do with a little less of me, but I’ll make sure I see him enough to give you a couple of special kisses.”

“Want to eat on the floor in the den? That’s what I want; let’s go get into some comfy clothes.” Laura suggested Dan wear his black silk pajamas, and she put on her harem girl outfit. “We haven’t worn these in a long time.” They fed each other food and wine, and shared touches and kisses to build their appetites.

“Do you have a story to tell, Scheherazade? Is that why we are in costume?”

“No story, at least not much of one. Let’s start with business talk.”

Laura told about entertaining the president of BL and the ideas she presented. “He really wanted to try to get you out there right away. Whatever hang ups in schedule on our side will be resolved fast. President said he was going to call your VP direct.” Dan laughed at his wife’s our side reference and told Laura the BL production VP called his boss the next day. “I am supposed to fly out with you next trip, and talk with your VP on the phone at least once a week.”

“Okay, next new business subject, do we have something set up to meet with Artsy?”

“Yes, sort of, either tomorrow after work, or Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t sure about scheduling tomorrow; I know you like to be with Greg Fridays.”

“I like to be with Greg any day, and Fridays are nice, no work on Saturday. I want to talk with you and Artsy about BL stuff, important new things.”

“What’s so hot about meeting with Artsy; I didn’t know BL had a division for women artists.”

“I’m being serious Baby, don’t go silly on me. Artsy always wears the most distinctive clothes made just for her, by her friends. We have talked about her clothes before.”

“Yes, we have, and I agree Artsy almost always wears one-of-a-kind clothes for openings and things like that. You want to talk about the artists who do her things?”

“Yes, I do, and you are involved too.”

“How me?”

“I wore that pajama jumpsuit you bought when I had President and CFO to the condo. We talked about after work clothes possibly being a new line for BL. You picked that out; you have great instincts for women’s wear.”

“I have this great model for inspiration.” Laura climbed onto her husband’s lap and kissed her appreciation.

“Hi Sweetheart, can I intrude on your evening for just a few minutes?” Dan offered a more complete run down of Laura’s interests. Artsy suggested they meet at The Palette at six-thirty, “I’ll wear something suitable for the fashion lady. Tell Laura she needs to dress too. No Business Lady suit.”

“I’ll tell her, and I will see you Saturday evening as well. I haven’t talked with Laura about that; she can always find someone to entertain her if she doesn’t want to come along.”

“We are all set for tomorrow night Baby.”

“Good, that’s my business news for the week; how about with you, anything special?”

“Yes, but wait here just a second.” Dan returned to the den with a fresh popped champagne bottle and flutes.

“You must have had a really good week”, Laura offered.

“Let’s drink to the newest vice-president.” Dan held his glass high and Laura followed suit. She kissed her husband and wrapped him tightly.

“I had Artsy in last Friday to hang my newest office piece, plus two more from her gallery. VP insisted on making another to-do affair. Afterwards, VP, the president and I talked privately. VP is retiring later this year, Labor Day. The President told me I will be name to succeed him, officially on New Year’s Day.”

“That’s wonderful Mr. Vice President; you deserve it. You’re good, you’re good in business and other ways I can think of.” Laura put her glass down to congratulate Dan without spilling. “The three of us can celebrate your success tomorrow as well as talk about new business possibilities for me at BL.”

“Artsy and I celebrated a little last Friday after I told her. We did spontaneous dinner and dancing.”

“Good, at least you had her since you couldn’t come to San Francisco. Did you get lucky with Artsy?” Laura expected laughter and a good-natured denial, but she saw a head shake and mild frown. “Maybe a little, but not much, kiss and hug only.”

“I should respect her for staying distant; my life doesn’t have room for much more right now. I don’t need the competition. She would be good for you when I am busy there.”

“You have been known to get busy here with Greg, and now you have your BL life.”

“If Artsy would give you a good screw at least once, you would know what you’re missing.”

Dan thought to himself and then voiced, “Are you sure you want me to know what I’m missing?” “I did have the favor of a lady’s bed Saturday night. Mrs. Patron and I went to the country club, and then I spent the night with her. She is an amazing woman; we have sex, and it is very fulfilling sex, but what we really share is as much a mental exchange. I don’t quite know how to explain. I am not even sure how we fell into whatever relationship we have.”

“Baby, I think that woman has done wonders for your outlook. I admire the hell out of her. When I am sixty I may look for a thirty something bright guy to mentor the way she has you.”

“Mentor may be the perfect word; I often feel like a student in her classroom.”

“Okay, does that just about cover all of the business news? Want to hear about my social life in San Francisco?”

“Yeah, if Young Legal is out, tell me about his replacement.”

“He is a neighbor, the older man you suggested; I accidentally met him through Young Legal.”

“I am not sure I suggested you try to meet anyone else, Baby.”

“Sure you did Baby, you are the one who said not to waste my time trying to teach a child how to please me.”

“I think you mis . . . .”

“I followed your advice.”

“. . . understood me.”

“I met a neighbor, older, mature, more experienced.”

“Okay, how and why did Young Legal introduce you to his replacement?” Laura told her story about calling Young Legal soon after she arrived in San Francisco, she told about teasing and sharing oral pleasures only, and then sending him on his way.

“I walked him to the elevator to make sure he didn’t turn back. That’s when I first saw my neighbor.”

“He was waiting for the elevator too?”

“No, on the elevator when the door opened.”

“If you had just finished screwing around with the boy, what were you wearing?”

“When I saw how handsome he looked, I called out my phone number to Legal and said call me. Young Legal thought I was talking to him, I’m sure. My neighbor knew better.”

“And you were wearing?”

“Oh, that pretty black negligee Young Legal bought for me, the one I wore for you right here last month.”

“How long did it take for your neighbor to call?”

“He waited a couple of days; he was a gentleman.”

“My Baby is something special, a one-of-a-kind original sexpot.”

“Thank you Baby, that gets you a kiss.” Laura told about entertaining Upper Floor the first time, and then going to his condo to see his playroom and balcony.

“What did you wear when you entertained your new friend?”

“The pink one you bought; he loved it.”

“I’ll bet he did. Did you wear just that when you went to his place?”

“Sure, he was with me. It was okay.”

“I love you Baby; you get a kiss for your spirit.” Laura got more than a kiss. Dan used his hands to fondle everywhere, and one kiss turned into many. Finally they broke for more champagne.

Laura described her neighbor’s playroom and Dan listened with rapt fascination. He seemed to be most excited by her descriptions of the different kinds of whips, much to Laura’s surprise. Dan knew that Laura would get off on the balcony as a sexual playground; she loved to show off. “Did you have him fuck you in his playroom, or on the balcony?”

“Not the first time, but he cuffed me to the rail and left me on the balcony. He took my nightgown and left me in the spotlight. God how I loved it; I heard a man call out to me. He called me a whore.”

Laura leaned over the edge of the sofa and pulled her harem pants to her knees. “Fuck me Baby; imagine me naked on Upper Floor’s balcony just like this. Fuck me hard the way I wanted him to fuck me.”

“Did he fuck you like this?” Dan thrust hard, jabbing his cock in from behind with all of his muscle power as Laura held fast to the sofa arm.

“No, he didn’t fuck me Baby, he left me there. You have to fuck me for him. Fuck me Baby, fuck me and hear the man call me whore.”

Dan held his wife by her hips and fucked hard strokes; hard cock-to-cunt strokes that brought both to high pitch. Laura continued with blurbs of her story between gasps of pleasure. “Naked . . . in spotlight naked . . . only hear, somewhere in the dark . . . whore – puta – come puta . . . pussy dripping, alone in the light . . . come whore, come to me . . . fuck me Baby, fuck me hard Dan, someone fuck me hard . . . he’s out there, he wants to fuck me, use me, ohhhhhhhhhhh, yessssss, I want himmmmmmm.” Dan slumped exhausted on his wife’s back. He just went to the San Francisco balcony with Laura and took the place of the voice in the night.

The couple made love once more, in their bed, and slept cuddled and content. Both Dan and Laura woke full of energy; both needed the sexual bonding they shared as a rejuvenating balm. Breakfast was a normal time together as normal couples do daily. Laura packed a bag with her evening clothes, kissed Dan goodbye and out the door to work. Dan followed to his office shortly behind in schedule.

Laura made a round of her fellow executive girls as a glad to be back greeting, and to catch up on company news and gossip. First business with them was planning an out of schedule lunch for the coming week. She emailed Greg; it looked a bit cryptic on screen, but there could be no confusion. Friday lunch? – Usual place? – You drive or me? Shortly after noon, their waiter escorted them to their private alcove.

Suits with wrap skirts are convenient; Greg’s hand almost immediately found its way to Laura’s crotch. The hand rarely strayed during their lunch. Laura had no intention of pushing her man away. They had been apart almost two weeks, but it seemed longer. Their desire for each other burned. “When can you spend some time with me?”

“Not tonight, probably not Sunday, can I have tomorrow?”

“You can have all my tomorrows.”

Each used one hand to touch and fondle, and the other to eat their lunch. Laura told of San Francisco between bites. Greg did his best to distract Laura’s story fingering under her panties. Finally, Laura gave up eating and story telling; she leaned back and gave herself to Greg’s pleasure. “The waiter is on his way; he is going to ask if we need anything. Come for him.” Laura tried to swallow the sounds of her climax, but Greg’s fingers pulled them out to hear. Ahhhh . . . Ohhhh . . . Yes . . . Yes . . . Ohhhhhhhhhhh . . . Yes . . . Mmmmm.

Laura looked up and saw the waiter standing at her side. He had seen her cum other times, and he enjoyed the sight. He was pleased watching her now. Only his eyes asked if she needed anything more, “I’ll have another brandy please, one for me and my lover. Put it on a check so I can pay.” Greg shook his head slightly toward the waiter suggesting he ignore the lady.

“It will be the pleasure of the restaurant to serve you and your friend brandy Madam, we have missed having you share our hospitality.”

On the way back to the office, Laura told Greg to let his new secretary get away early today. “I have to change for my meeting with Dan and Artsy tonight; I may as well use your bathroom. If you can get rid of her by four, I will have time to check under your desk and make sure she isn’t doing any extra duty.”

“Come at four; I will send her home at four-fifteen. I want you to meet her, it is best you both know one another.”

Greg’s secretary seemed nice; she was just a bit younger than Laura, attractive but not stunning. If Laura thought she had any worries about competition over Greg she might worry. She walked confidently toward Greg’s bathroom to change as his new secretary walked toward the elevator. She put her blouse, skirt, jacket and stockings on hangers, then went to sit on her lover’s lap.

“We have a little time, not much, at least half an hour and then I need to get dressed to meet them. I’ve missed you.” They kissed and touched reunion; Laura through Greg’s business clothes, and Greg touching bare flesh and thin lingerie. Laura’s fingers worked shirt buttons so her hands could have equal opportunity to touch skin. Lovers kissed frantically. Lunch had been too public for the intensity they needed.

“Under the desk, I need you.”

With motions often practiced, Laura got to her knees in the cubbyhole as both worked with frantic hands to free cock from its confining cloth. Laura swallowed cock hard, deep into her mouth, and she sucked as fiercely as she could. The cock she really needed filled her mouth; others lacked compared to her lover’s tool. With sure knowledge that this one cock still filled and fit her mouth perfectly revived, Laura backed her mouth to titillate cock’s upper shaft and head.

Tongue and teeth now actively played. Lips kissed and nibbled. Her lover held Laura’s head firm and fucked little short strokes that shivered thrills from cockhead to spine to brain. Greg moaned a soft ahhhh that suddenly became louder to YESSssss. Cockhead now lodged into Laura’s throat, her arms pulled tight against Greg, trapping him deep. His hips bucked franticly until he spewed. Each twitch of cock shooting sperm in her belly sparked a thrill shock of satisfaction. Finally they released each other.

“You need to get a client in San Francisco.”

“I will scout for one; I need you as much as you need me. Two weeks is too long.”

“Take my panties off and eat me until you are ready to fuck. I want to go to Dan full with your cum.” Twenty-five minutes after Greg’s first lick of tongue, Laura was in his bathroom dressing in the lounging pajamas her husband purchased and putting on evening makeup. Her white lace panties and swollen labia formed a dam to keep her lover’s cum inside until her husband found his hot spot later tonight.

Laura arrived at The Palette first; rather than select a table, she ordered a cocktail and leaned at the bar rail observing. There were few customers at this hour; all dressed casual but not outlandish. Laura had never been here, but she did not feel out of place in lounging pajamas. She noticed the minute Artsy stepped through the door; her color brightened the room. Dan had changed clothes also, one of his leather outfits, deerskin slacks and vest. They seemed a couple; Artsy saw Laura and led the way.

All exchanged kisses and trivial greetings. “Purple isn’t a shy color, but I have never seen it that vivid. You light up the place wearing that outfit; I love it.”

“Dan called me early this morning, before noon, and told me what you were wearing. I think we both go well with this gentleman, don’t you?”

“I must agree; you have done wonders for Dan’s style away from the office”, Laura kissed her husband and stroked the soft leather he wore.

All had a round of drinks at the bar; they made polite, inconsequential, conversation and greeted a few people Dan and Artsy knew. Artsy admired the bolero cape that topped Laura’s outfit, “This cape makes the look complete. Wear it for an evening out, leave it off, or wear only the cape, in the bedroom.” After fifteen or twenty minutes at the bar, they decided to sit and have dinner.

At their table, they began with wine and appetizers. Artsy suggested oysters on the half shell. Dan visibly blushed and shook his head no; Laura grinned, but tried to cover with her hand. “You two don’t eat raw oysters, I’m surprised?”

“Dan had a bad experience with oysters the last time we had them; let him tell you sometime, when you are alone. Why don’t you order from the tapas menu?”

“Artsy, the reason I wanted to get together tonight is to talk about a possible new line for Business Lady; let’s call it Business Loungewear for now. I don’t know how much Dan has told you already.”

Artsy summarized what she already knew of Laura’s idea. “Where do I come in?”

“You know designers, fabrics and colors. Most important, you know how those things have to fit together to be stunning. I need a quick education, and introductions to the right creative people.”

“Tell me more about the clothing style, how do you see it, who would wear these clothes and to what sort of things.”

“I would say very dressy casual, early evening. I see what you are wearing, maybe not quite so much color, and what I am wearing, with a more substantial fabric, as the look I want. Maintain the professional image, but comfortably and with style; not sexy, certainly not daring, but dramatic and elegant. Does that fit?”

“I think I get it, sounds cool in fact. What price range, who are you customers.

“Price is two-fifty to five hundred, maybe six. Market is professional women, wives of executive and professional men, also very senior support people like myself. The market is women who are confident and want to comfortably show that confidence out of the office.”

“You can shade that price range higher just a bit. I am a junior executive, and I know I would pay four hundred without blinking to have the woman at my side help with a new client introduction just by looking confidently dressed and successful. I wouldn’t blink at six hundred because the potential reward is so high.”

“Do you see why I love to have him go shopping with me, Artsy? Dan, you are special; what other man would pick out a dress that cost nine hundred fifty dollars to wear on a date with Greg?” Dan blushed and Artsy decided not to respond.

“I can put you in touch with some people; I think a get together at your home, possibly an evening at my gallery or even Mrs. Patron’s home would work. Now I want talk about your home, about your living room art gallery. I am sure your portrait is feeling lonely in there by herself.”

“Laura and I have talked about this exact subject recently.”

“Let me make suggestions; trust me, I am the expert on this topic.”

“Your nude is a fantastic centerpiece. Every gallery room must have one piece of art that says what the room is about, you have it as your first piece.”

“Stay with nudes I hope you mean, not just nudes of me.”

“Exactly, but more exclusive than just nudes, show only paintings, sculptures, drawings, even quality photographs of ordinary people. Beautiful like you, of course, but not models, I think your gallery room should focus on men and women you know.”

Artsy led this discussion. Dan especially, also Laura, participated with ideas and questions. Their conversation was spirited, and Laura realized how much Dan was totally comfortable with the subject matter. Her husband seemed captivated by Artsy’s world in a very easygoing way. The artist’s mind, as well as her art world, had become his passionate hobby. Laura gave Artsy a tender kiss on the cheek, and was pulling away when Artsy pulled her back. Laura accepted Artsy’s warm lips on hers; she felt them quiver as though speaking inner thoughts.

“Give it to Dan, from Artsy”, Laura did her best to convey the exact kiss his friend had entrusted down to the quiver in her lips. Dan’s tongue snake darted three times between her lips as they vibrated on her husband’s. Laura pulled back, stared into Dan’s eyes, and saw those eyes shift to the other woman. “From Dan”, she spoke softly, but with emotion. Artsy accepted Dan’s kiss from his wife’s lips. Laura repeated the three light tongue thrusts and Artsy opened for them.

Taking a new job was stressful. I felt very nervous, unsure of myself, sick feeling. I needed this job for financial reasons, so I wanted to do my best and make a good impression. As we walked around the plant to meet everyone, I noticed this guy standing at his machine. He was tall, muscular, and build like a brick shithouse. Mmmm, I thought, which made my face feel flushed, hoping no one noticed. He was sweet, respectful, but playful at the same time. True Souththern gentleman, I thought. As he spoke I noticed his features, his big brown eyes, dark hair, the outline of his body. My panties were wet, just looking at him. Mmmm, I thought..what a wild ride he would be. I had visions of sucking his cock, fucking this man I didn’t even know, but just the site of him made me think of things I had long forgotten. But as usual, the guys I’m attracted to are always taken. Such a waste, I thought.So thinking nothing more, I started my job.

Weeks passed and Steve and I became good friends. I really liked him a lot. I realized that he wasn’t only a good machinest, but fun to be around. We exchanged cell phone numbers for work, which I was grateful in knowing that I could call him with questions. Doing a good job was most important to me. I wanted to be a good worker, dependable. He always helped me find my way around, explaining my tasks, and made me familiar with “plant” politics. He was flirty, but cautious. But I kept having visions of him deep inside of me on the greasy floor in front of his machine.

I realized, as time went on, that we had a lot in common, we both loved the same music, classic trucks, to drink cold beer and good moonshine. That made me so dam hot. My little pussy was soaked every day with naughty forbidden thoughts of him. I’d then try and focus on my job, thinking I had to control myself, but found myself fanticizing about him fucking me at his machine, in a king size bed, or sucking his hard rock cock in men’s room at work. It didn’t matter where or what we did, I just wanted him. He seemed to like me too, which made it hard for me to concentrate, with his flirting, innocent teasing, and pushing the envelope. I did this too, testing him to see how far he’d go. I really wanted to get to know him better, but I didn’t want to come across as desperate or a pest not knowing if he really wanted to play. So, I treaded lightly. I grew up being a loner anyway, always keeping to myself, resigned to the fact that most guys didn’t have a clue anyway and my last relationship ended so badly I wasn’t willing to do that again anytime soon.

Then one day, Steve and I started texting, teasing each other, then things got steamy. I had wanted this for a long time. I realized that he was just as hot for me as I was for him, wanting to fulfill a lot of the same fantasies, sucking his cock, fuck for a entire weekend, drink moonshine and get wild. Our texts were something out of an erotic story, not for the faint of heart, taboo fantasy at is finest, almost unbelievable. I had never met a man that thought like me, with the same fantasies of nasty places to have sex, or forbidden sex that most just dream about. I knew that Steve was no ordinary boring guy. He was different!

For weeks, we text back and forth. I was so hot for him that I could barely stand it. He was all I could think about and possibilities of what I wanted to do to him were endless. At work it was all that I could do to not walk up to him, unzip his pants and take hold of his cock. He called me his nasty little whore, which sent waves of excitement through me. No one had ever called me that before and he told me I was his “baby girl”. Which took me from one extreme to the other. He quickly became my “daddy”, which having forbidden sex with my daddy excited me. He told me what he intended to do to me and how he was going to do it. Never I read such ambrosia. We discussed the idea of taboo sex and roll playing. I knew I had to have him and soon!

Then we got our chance. He had to be at work at 3am! Excited, but nervous, I drove to meet him. We didn’t waste any time. I wanted this night to be totally about him. He led me straight into the men’s room and closed the door. I reached out and stroked his cock, looking in his eyes. Pulling me to him, he kissed me hard and deep, letting me lightly suck on his tongue. Mmmm, he is delicious I thought. Then unbuckling his pants, he let out a little moan of anticipation. He softly pushed me to my knees onto the filthy greasy floor, slid down his pants revealing his stiff cock. Mmmm, we both moaned. He took his cock in his hands and pressed it against my lips. I slowly opened my mouth. Mmmm, I softly licked, tasting his sweetness. I wanted to savor every minute of his delicious cock. He held on to it as he guided it into my mouth. He started slowly fucking my mouth -just as I wanted, pulling my hair our of my face, watching me sucking and licking his rock hard cock. I had my hands on his ass, feeling his skin, letting him fuck me. I felt his cock harden as I relentlessly sucked wanting every inch. I could feel his breathing change and his soft moans of excitement. I could feel him watching me enjoying sucking his cock. I wondered what he thought as he watched. “Baby I’m about to cum!” Steve exclaimed as I felt his body tense and with his hands in my hair, he buried his cock deep in my mouth shooting his thick white load down my throat. I tasted his liquid, as he kept cumming, I caught every bit in my mouth, swallowing every drop.

We quickly got his pants back on and it was time for me to go. Living out our fantasies together was going to be fun. This was just the beginning. I could tell that he wanted more and I couldn’t wait.

“How does it look?”

My girlfriend spun around, asking how I felt about her new dress. I hadn’t gotten this far in our relationship by always telling the truth.

“It looks great babe.”

I could see the reflection of Bridget’s frowning face in the mirror. “You don’t think it makes my ass look big?”

I wish it had. What man truthfully prefers a small ass? I never understood this preoccupation women had from my generation with being at their skinniest possible weight; the kind of skinny where bones stick out of their skin. I, for one, prefer looking at a girl with a big pair of knockers and a nice fat ass. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not lusting over the women from My 600-lb Life, I just want something to grab onto.

*Snap Snap* “Did you hear me?”

“Oh, yes… sorry, I did. Your butt looks good, babe.”

“I can’t even hold your attention for five damn minutes, Julian. Where’s your head at?”

“I don’t know babe. I was going over the things I have to do today.”

Bridget pulled out her work clothes, “That shouldn’t be a long mental list. Play around on the computer all day while your girlfriend goes to work.”

“It is a bit longer than that…”

Bridget walked into the bathroom and pulled the cap off the mouthwash, “Don’t forget the apartment’s handyman will be here around noon to fix the fridge,” she took a long swig of mouthwash and then sputtered out, “Let him in and make sure he doesn’t steal anything.”

“Oh okay. I’ll add that to the list.”

She slipped her new dress off and got her skirt and blouse on. “And if jerking off into the robe my mom sent me is on that list of yours, cross it off now.”

I moved closer to Bridget now, pulling her against me, “I already apologized for that.”

“I’m fucking serious, Julian. If I find one more cum stain you’re going to regret it.”

Bridget’s lips thinly pursed and I covered them with mine, “You know, I wouldn’t have to do so much jerking off if you’d…”

“Don’t bring this up now. Fuck, Julian! With everything going on at work, I don’t need you whining at me.”

“Okay, okay. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Bridget grabbed her purse and shot straight for the door. I loafed into the kitchen and thought I’d make myself some breakfast. Pulling open the refrigerator door, I smelled spoiled milk. Damn it. Noon couldn’t come fast enough.

For the next few hours, I knocked out some work on my laptop. Contrary to what Bridget thought, I didn’t just play around all day while she worked. After feeling particularly productive I pulled up one of my favorite websites. A buxom lady appeared on the screen and warned visitors under the age of 18 to close the webpage.

I clicked through that page and was greeted by dozens of pictures of the the most beautiful, big-breasted women in the world. I took my dick out and started a video.

I was getting close to cumming just when there came a knock at the door. Quickly closing the video and fixing my clothing, I tried to ignore my hard-on and opened the door.

“Hello, I’m Naudia.” A hand reached out to shake mine, “I’m here for the fridge, right?”

The handyman was a woman. My eyes took in her shape; a beautiful woman! Her hands were soft, but her handshake was firm. “Julian.” I spoke dumbly.

Naudia was around my height and instantly reminded me of the some of those woman I had been looking at online. The only exception being that she was much more beautiful. This lady was gorgeous!

“I’ll have a look at it.” She pulled her hand out of my grip and giggled.

Lugging a box of tools in her other hand, she walked ahead of me to the kitchen. Her pear-shaped ass captivated me. She snapped her hips back and forth on the way there in a pair of well-worn jeans that looked almost painted on.

Naudia got into the kitchen and asked if she could look inside the fridge. I nodded my head and warned her about the smell of the spoiled food.

“I’m sure I’ve smelled worse. I’m not so dainty.” She giggled again.

I lifted myself up on the counter and watched Naudia poke around for a minute. My eyes stuck to her ass like a heat-seeking missile. Bridget asked me to watch the handyman and I was going to take that very literally.

“I’m gonna take a look at the cord. Want to give me a hand in moving it?”

“Sure.” I hopped off the fridge and waited for her instructions.

“Alright, just grab it on the side and slide it with me when I say; let’s put those muscles to work.”

Naudia squared her body up with the fridge and then gave me the word. We huffed and puffed until the giant appliance finally moved.

“Good work.” Naudia’s full lips opened into a smile, “Let me just take a look.”

She bent down to inspect the cord and I got in a good look as well. The material of her pants rid up the crack of her ass even further. My cock started to swell. I nervously readjusted myself.

“Everything’s alright back here. Hmm… maybe it could be–yeah, I better check that.” Naudia opened a panel in the fridge and tinkered around.

“Alright, that’s it. You need a new component here,” Naudia pointed, “I’ll have to get one and bring it back. Will you be here tomorrow?”

“Umm.. yes.” I answered

“Are you okay?” Naudia smirked and I could have sworn her eyes flashed down to my crotch and then back up at my face.

“Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you for coming by.”

“Mhm, I know I’ll see you or wife.”

“I’m not married,” I said with a puzzled face.

“You live with a woman here, don’t you? Two names are on the lease.”

Oh yeah, Bridget. Duh. “Yeah, Bridget. She’s my girlfriend. She works during the day.”

Naudia gave me a funny look, “I don’t think I’d leave you alone all day if I were her. There are a lot of desirable women around here. Plenty would be willing to jump into bed with you, I’m sure. Especially if you’re as virile as you look.” Her eyes flickered back to my crotch again.

My face turned ten shades of red, “I doubt she’d worry about that with her busy schedule.”

“I think you make time for the things you want. It was nice meeting you, Julian.”

We shook hands one more time before she left. I opened the door for her and we waved goodbye. Until tomorrow that is, and tomorrow couldn’t come soo enough. My eyes followed the seductive sway of her hips once again before I shut the door and exhaled deeply. Jumping on the couch, I pulled my cock out. I pumped out two loads and I thought about Naudia while doing it.

Bridget got back a few hours later and checked the fridge first thing. “It’s still broken.” Her voice seemed more whiny than I remembered it.

“She’ll be back with the part it needs tomorrow.”

“She?” Bridget shot me a questioning glare.

“Yes, she.”

“A female handyman? A Handywoman! That’s a strange occupation for a woman.” Bridget thought for a moment, “Is she pretty?”

“Not as pretty as you, honey.” I lied.

Bridget rifled through the cabinets and couldn’t find anything to eat. “I just got home from work and there’s nothing in this house to eat. Why didn’t you go shopping? I’m starving!”

“I’m sorry. I’ll go out and get you something, babe.”

Bridget sighed, taking a seat on the couch in the living room. “Forget it. I just remembered I threw up at lunch. I don’t want to ruin my diet on fast food. Even you should know that.” She made an ugly face at me.

We squabbled here and there over the rest of the night before going to bed. Bridget rejected advances and rolled over, falling asleep. I couldn’t fall asleep and you better believe I was going over the time I spent with Naudia and those looks she gave my crotch.

The next morning passed quickly. I spent most of it on the laptop. Cleaning up a little bit after Bridget left for work, I put on some nice clothes.

I answered the door on the first knock and was greeted by Naudia’s sweet smile and what seemed to be a fresh coat of lipstick.

“Good afternoon, Julian. How are you doing today?” Naudia walked to the kitchen and set out her tools. She was wearing shorts today. Her legs looked impossibly smooth.

“I’m good, thank you. How about you?”

“Pretty good. I didn’t get much sleep last night.” She cracked her neck, “I’m glad to see you today. I meet a lot of… unsavory people.”

Naudia got to work on the fridge while we talked. I watched her work intently. The sway of her body and the way her breasts danced around in her shirt made every single action interesting.

“So long how long ago did your girlfriend leave?”

“A couple hours ago, I’d say.”

“And she leaves you all day?” I nodded yes, “You poor lonely soul. I hope I’m not gonna be your only company, that’d be a shame.”

I laughed, “That’s in no way a shame. Honestly, seeing you yesterday was the highlight of my day.”

“You really mean that?”

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t.”

“You’re a real sweetheart. This girlfriend of yours better keep you close before someone else snatches you up.”

“Yeah well… Bridget doesn’t exactly do that, but thank you.”

Naudia’s face softened, “You mean you two, you aren’t…?”

“No, no we’re not. She comes home in a bad mood and it pretty much stays that way.”

The conversation shifted, “Can you hand me a wrench?” She asked.

I looked through her box of tools and handed her the wrench. Naudia flashed me a smile and before long she stood up.

“I’m done. It should work now. It’ll take a little while to cool down again. Get rid of this spoiled food and you’ll be back in business.”

“Oh great. You’ve been wonderful.”

Naudia put her tools away and then stopped in her tracks.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, concerned.

She gave me a sad look, “She’s not even going to be appreciative, is she? Your girlfriend, I mean.”

“I doubt it.”

“Screw her then.” Naudia looked around for a moment and then back at me, “I have some time now before my next job. Want to do something exciting?”

“Uhh… like what?”

“Well, you’ve been checking me out for the past two days. You know what would really piss your girlfriend off, if we screwed in her bed.”

I nearly fainted. “What… are you serious?”

“Give me a chance and I’ll rock your world, mister.”

We both laughed and then just like that she was in my arms, our lips pressed together. Her full, soft lips were a revelation after spending so long only kissing Bridget’s thin ones. Naudia’s tongue slipped into my mouth and played tag with mine.

Naudia pulled her lips off mine and I struggled for breath. She spoke first, “There’s something I have to get off my chest first.”

“Please let it be your shirt.”

She giggled, “No. Well, really, it’s just a formality,” Naudia bright brown eyes looked into mine, “Umm…” She stammered.

“What is it?” I lifted her hands up and kissed each of them.

“I’m not your average girl, Julian.”

My hands slid down over the swell of her ass, “My average girl doesn’t even pay attention to me. She yells at me and probably fucks her boss.”

“I have a penis, Julian.”

“Oh shit.” I muttered. I mean oh shit. “You have a dick? …What the fuck?”

“Julian, if that’s a deal-breaker, I understand. I’m not going to apologize about it. I do have a dick. I love having a dick. It’s as dear to me as yours is to you. If you can’t handle that, I can be out of here in two seconds.”

I thought for a moment. Okay, she has a dick. But, I’m no homophobe. This vibrant, beautiful woman had stepped into my life and she could step out just as easily if I said the wrong thing.

“No, don’t go. I can handle this. It’s not a deal-breaker. You’re just as gorgeous now as you were a minute ago.”

Naudia’s lips collapsed on mine and she sucked my tongue into my mouth. “I knew you’d say that. I just knew it. You’re the one I’ve been looking for.”

The space between our bodies disappeared. Her big breasts thrust against my chest. My hands returned to her butt and I gave it a rough squeeze.

“How about we take this to the bedroom.” I tried to say as sexily as possible.

“You’ve got it.” Naudia jumped into my arms. I lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom Bridget and I shared while she covered my neck in kisses.

By the time we made it to the bed, Naudia had my shirt halfway off. She mewed like a cat, working the buckle of my belt open. I pressed my face between her shirt-covered tits.

“I think I’ve see you in pants long enough.” Naudia said while she slipped them down my legs.

A minute later all but our underwear was on the floor in a pile. I felt her cock lodge between my thighs as we frantically kissed and continued to scratch at the few articles of clothing we still had on.

Naudia slid her frilly panties down her long legs and I saw her cock for the first time. To tell you the truth, I was expecting a little pink cock. Instead, my eyes bugged out as I saw a thick, veiny, whale of a cock–even bigger than my own.

“She likes you, Julian. Just look at how big she got.”

“I can see…” I said, a little dumbfounded.

I looked up and Naudia had pulled her bra off. Her soft, round tits and hard nipples made my mouth water. I kissed up her stomach, pulling my boxers down as I did it. Our dicks instantly linked together. She laughed as I excitedly mauled each of her tits with my mouth.

“And it looks like your boy down there likes what he sees, too. Mmm… that’s good.” Naudia’s hands massaged across my back as I loudly sucked on her nipples.

“Those your girlfriend’s?”

I followed the trail of Naudia’s eyes and saw a pair of Bridget’s panties hanging off the knob of her nightstand.

Her nipple fell from my lips, “Yeah.”

A mischievous grin played across her face. She leaned over and grabbed Bridget’s panties.

“Is this a child size? I didn’t know sizes even got this small.” She giggled.

Naudia edged off the bed and I started to get a little frustrated, my dick aching against the mattress. She slipped the little pair of panties up her legs and they stopped midway up her thighs, unable to go any farther without snapping.

The eroticism of the moment took over complete control of my brain. My girlfriend’s underwear were on Naudia and they couldn’t even get past her curvy thighs. Meanwhile, Naudia’s rock-hard cock bobbed up in the air. I fell to my elbows on the bed and engulfed Naudia’s reddish purple cock head into my mouth. She groaned, her hands immediately covering my head.

Sucking my first cock felt as natural as anything I’d ever done. Naudia’s spongy, hard cock slid deeper into the warmth of my mouth. Her cock twitched and it sent tremors throughout my body. I could feel every movement of Naudia’s body; every intake of breath; every jab of her hips.

“Oh fuck, Julian, you’re more adventurous than I thought.”

I smiled around her cock, sucking deeply and running my tongue over the sides of her shaft. Her dick tensed and Naudia inhaled sharply. My hands ran up her smooth thighs and teased her low-hanging balls.

“I’m so charged. About to cum. I hope you don’t mind swallowing.” Naudia spoke slowly, pausing in between each sentence.

Naudia’s hands held my head more harshly. She thrust her cock deeper into my mouth than it had been before and then shouted, hot liquid suddenly spewing from her cock. I swallowed hard as several mouthfuls of sticky cum spilled down my throat.

“Mmm… I love a man who can clean up his own messes.” Naudia slowly wrenched her shrinking cock from my mouth while I licked up the last bits of cum from her shaft and balls.

I licked the sticky discharge from my lips, “How’d I do?”

Naudia arms wrapped around my back, her lips crushed against mine and her tongue ran in circles through my mouth. We embraced for a long moment, my hands kneading and spreading the bare flesh of her big butt.

“That was fantastic! I think my girl loves you forever after that. And you’ve never done that before?” She smiled.

“Nope. Never done that before.”

Naudia’s hand grabbed a strong hold on my cock; her hand stroked up my shaft. I was going to explode any minute–all this excitement had already gotten to me.

“A girl should clean up her messes too. I can tell your boy is about to blow. I’m sure he’d rather do that inside my mouth than out of it.”

I laid back on the bed and Naudia responded by kissing her way down to my crotch. She licked my lower stomach and then down my thighs. Naudia ended up between my legs when her hand resumed its stroking of my cock. Then her lips opened and she nipped at the head of my cock.

Her lips encircled my cock head and I felt her start to suck hard on the tip while her hand squeezed and stroked my shaft. Naudia nursed on the tip before pulling more of my dick into her mouth. Pretty soon more of my cock was in her mouth than out of it. The sound of sucking that ensued cut through the air. I moaned under my breath and wrapped her hair up in my hands.

“I’m gonna cum, Naudia. This “mess” is all yours.” Our eyes met in that immensely pleasurable–almost painful moment when your cock gives a powerful jerk as it orgasms and your piss hole doesn’t feel big enough to release the load you’re about to shoot.

Naudia kept sucking away on my cock, barely batting an eye when my dick started spurting. I could feel her throat closing in around me as she swallowed. I kept cumming, holding her beautiful head in my hands and giving up every ounce of cum my balls had.

We were both sweating and red-faced by the time it was over. Naudia gave my cock head a dozen kisses and then pulled her body up to lie down next to me. I felt her dick press into my thigh. It was hard again!

“That was your first time when you blew me, Julian. You’re still an amateur cocksucker. You have a lot of passion though–and a lot of natural assets to start with,” Naudia chuckled, her finger tracing along my lips, “I have a bit more experience in the art of cock-sucking. You could be a pro, though, if we practice together.”

I covered her lips with mine and tasted my own cum; which didn’t bother me at all. “I want to get better if you’ll help me.” I grinned. “We don’t have to stop yet. Bridget won’t be home for hours. And I think your “girl” is even harder than before.” My hand slid between our bodies and grasped her erection.

“Don’t worry, big boy. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere,” Her lips planted on mine. “I was actually thinking we might try something else–if you’re up for it.”


“Hmm,” Naudia’s hand rubbed across my hip, “How do you feel about… anal?”

“Great! Let’s get started,” I grabbed a handful of her ass.

Naudia’s laugh filled the room, “Excuse me, mister, but…” Her hand pulled on my cock, “You’re still a little limp. It’s my turn.”

I gulped. Before today, I’d never considered being fucked in the ass. What straight man had? Well after everything that happened today, I wasn’t so sure that I was straight. Those questions could wait until another day. For now, I had the woman I wanted in my bed and I was going to keep her there; that I knew.

“I’m game if you are. What… what exactly does this entail?”

Naudia seemed to read the uncertainty on my face, “It’s gonna be okay. We’ll take it slow and I won’t hurt you, okay?”

“Okay.” My hand caressed her tits.

“Turn over and we’ll get started.”

With a little apprehension, I turned away from Naudia. The next thing I heard was Bridget’s nightstand drawer opening.

“I hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind that we’re borrowing a little bit of lube. It’s going toward a good cause!”

Listening to Naudia lube up her cock felt a little cold and impersonal, but then I felt Naudia’s warm breath on the back of my neck. Her leg hooked over mine; she started places butterfly kisses on my neck. I feel her nipples dig into my back and then the slippery head of her cock brush against my ass.

“Such a cute little ass. My girl is one lucky bitch today.”

Her slippery cock poked between my cheeks and pressed against the entrance to my asshole. I tensed up, my teeth gritting and my back arching.


Oh, damn.

I pulled my arm out of my Italian wool suit jacket and examined the rip in the fabric. One of the seams under the right arm had split, opening up a large, unsightly hole that I was sure my little travel sewing kit wouldn’t be able to patch.

“Hello? Front desk?” I asked, picking up the receiver on the bedside phone.

“Yes, sir?” came the reply from the other end of the line.

“This is Mr. Sanders in Room 573. Do you offer tailoring services here? I’ve unfortunately got a nasty tear on my suit coat.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, sir, but we don’t have a tailor on staff.”

“Do you know of somebody in the area who might be able to do an emergency repair? I must have this for a meeting this afternoon, I can’t be late.”

I heard her fumbling through some papers. “I’ve got a name here for a tailor over on Fifth, might be able to help you. We’ve sent guests over before, might be worth a shot, mm?”

“That would be wonderful, thank you, I’ll be down shortly for directions.” I had a meeting in three hours and certainly didn’t have time to go looking for a new suit jacket. I cursed my luck.

The receptionist at the front desk gave me the address and told me how to get there. It was only three blocks’ walk, so I hot-footed it out of the hotel, suit jacket still draped across my arm.

Wandering through the old part of town down 5th Street, somewhat aimlessly, I saw the building the desk clerk had told me to look for. It was a rather unassuming brownstone but it had a green and yellow striped awning. I looked at the hanging sign displaying the street number – 415 South Fifth. Must be the place. I buzzed the door and it clicked open.

“Hello?” I asked, walking into the shop. It was a small place, one of those old-timey shops where you had the feeling the proprietor lived in the apartment upstairs and ran things out of the lower level. I half expected to have seen an old lady, her hair in curlers, running the wash through an upstairs window on a line between buildings.

“Hello, is anyone here?”

“Just a minute.” came a response from a back room. English accent, I thought, maybe Irish. Pretty girlish voice. I sat on one of the parson’s chairs in the front room, hoping I was in the right place. If not it might be quite the odd circumstance.

A redheaded woman ducked her head out a room down the hallway, then back in. “Sorry, just a bit longer.”

I fidgeted with my suit jacket. A cool autumn breeze blew into the shop and I noticed that the door hadn’t latched and was swinging open, so I went to close it. Finally I heard footsteps again, and the woman walked out of the room and down the hall towards me. She was maybe about 25, with long legs, shoulder-length hair, ample breasts, dressed demurely in tan pants and a white blouse that had a little lace ruffle at the top. Very pretty girl, I thought. I MUST be in the wrong place.

“Hello. May I help you?” she asked, smiling, her hands clasped together.

“Yes, I’m looking for Marcus? I’m looking for a tailor… do forgive me if I’ve stumbled into the wrong shop.”

“No, quite the opposite, but I’m afraid Marcus is out of town for the week.” She extended her hand. “I’m Julia. You’re …?”

“Lee. Lee Sanders. A pleasure, Julia.” I said, tipping my hat and shaking her hand. “I suppose, then, I’ll need to seek the assistance of another shop.”

“To the contrary. What’ve you got? I’m sure I can take care of it.” she said.

“Well, it’s a rather expensive suit — “

“Yes, I see,” she said, running her slender, soft fingers along the fabric of the suit coat. “You got this in Milan, did you?”

“Yes, how did you –”

“I recognize the stitching work. Marcus is my father; he and I go to the trade shows every year to make sure we stay on top of the latest. Can’t hardly mend something if you don’t know how it was put together.” she smiled.

I handed her the coat, noticing how pretty her eyes were. They weren’t hazel, but rather a light green with flecks of gold and a little bit of chocolate brown.

“Oh, this is. Mmm.” she frowned, her nose wrinkled. “Come with me, Lee.”

She led me down the hallway to a workshop, a bigger room than I expected to see in a small row house like that, where bolts of fabric lined the wall like books and there must have been ten different kinds of sewing machines.

“Julia, I’m afraid I’m in quite a hurry –”

“No worries, I can fix this. I just have to make sure I have the right threads. This is a specific wool we don’t use much. You’ve ripped this right up… you he-man, you.” she said, giggling and squeezing my bicep. She lingered there for a couple seconds. Her fingers were warm and soft and she blushed slightly before tearing off into another room.

She returned with two spools of thread clutched in her hand and flung herself into a side chair by a sewing machine. It was an old antique model, sat down into a ornate wooden table made just for that purpose. It had either been in their family for decades, I thought, or they had paid a pretty penny at an antique shop. All I really cared about was whether it worked.

I walked over to observe and stood slightly behind her chair as she turned the coat inside out. She reached down and pulled a tool out of an open drawer in the table, and then started to pull the lining apart. She worked quickly, but masterfully – she obviously knew what she was doing. And from where I stood, I also had a good view of her cleavage. Her milky white skin was lightly freckled on top of her breasts, held closely together in the blouse by a nude-colored bra. Her neck was the same color, and I suddenly longed to touch her, to run my hand along her soft cheek, to smell her hair. I felt a twinge in my pants as my cock began to stir.

Julia had continued to work, gently removing the lining from the affected area of the suit coat, oblivious to my admiring her beauty. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, her eyebrows raised and lowered. It was as if her entire body was involved in her task. She took some thread and raised it to her eye, squinted, and satisfied it was the right color, extended her tongue and licked the end of it. Her tongue was a deep rose red, and I could only wish that it was the head of my cock she was licking. Involuntarily, I let out a slight moan.

Julia’s concentration was broken and she turned her head to look at me. Her face was inches from my erect penis.

“Oh. My.” she said, bringing her hand up to her lips. “Is, uh… is that for me?”

I gulped. “Uh… I, I’m sorry…”

Julia turned her torso, giving me an even better view of her breasts. “Don’t be sorry, Lee. I’m used to men paying, uh…. undue attention.” She gave me a half-smile and shifted in her chair, uncrossing her legs again.

“I really should sit down so you can finish your work.” I said quietly, visibly embarrassed. I was surprised when she stood up.

“I think that can wait.” she said, and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her lips hovered an inch from mine, parted slightly. Her neck was tilted; her eyes were closed. Her body pressed into mine and the kiss happened naturally. I wrapped my arms around her waist and drew her closer to me, pressing my lips into hers.

She raised up on her tiptoes but couldn’t stay there very long. I picked her up and held her in my arms. She giggled like a teenage schoolgirl.

“Ooh! You are strong, aren’t you.” she cooed and kissed me again. I turned my attention to her shoulder-length wavy auburn locks, nuzzling her neck and her ears. She gasped as I nibbled her earlobe and planted soft, delicate kisses in a line down her neck to the collar of her blouse.

“Put me down on the table over there, Lee.” she whispered into my ear. “I want to suck your cock.”

I did as she asked, and she wasted no time undoing my belt and the zipper on my pants. She pulled my pants down to my ankles and put her hands on my hips, running her fingers up and down the length of my silk boxer shorts.

“Silk. Very nice. These look lovely on you.” she said, nervously. Her eyes were wider as she looked at my cock pressing against the thin fabric. “But I think they’ll look better down.”

She carefully slid them down to avoid snapping the elastic against my cock. My eight inch tool sprung free, stayed horizontal for a moment, then curved slightly upward. Julia licked her lips. “Oh, it’s beautiful!”

“Thanks, I guess.” I said. I’d had girls remark on how big my cock was before, but no one had ever called it “beautiful.” I wasn’t sure how to respond, but when she placed her hand on it, it twitched and I gasped. Her long, slender fingers wanked my shaft, sliding up over the head. Pre-cum oozed from the opening and she took some of it in her fingers, playing with it, watching the clear liquid string between her fingers like glue. Finally she laughed and licked it from her fingers.

“Mmm, now let’s see how the rest of you tastes.” She took the head of my cock into her mouth, her tongue arched, running along the underside and wiggling back and forth. My hips thrust forth, eager to feel more of her warm mouth on my shaft. She made a surprised noise, and then matched the movement of my hips, taking about half of my cock into her mouth. I could feel the head nearing her throat and was disappointed when she pulled back. A strand of drool stretched between my cock and her mouth. She wiped her mouth with her hand and looked at me in amazement. I guessed I was bigger than the last lover she’d had and I’d caught her unawares.

“Fuck! You’ve got a big shaft. Is that how you like it? Like to ram that thick tool down a girl’s throat, do you?” Julia said, stroking my cock with her spit. “Well, let’s have it, come on.”

She put my cock back in her mouth, stretching her jaw, slowly forcing more of me into and down her throat. I groaned with pleasure as her soft tongue slid along my shaft but she was right – I liked it harder than that. I put my right hand on the back of her head and began to fuck Julia’s mouth, driving more of my thick cock between her pretty lips. She fought the impulse to gag and her eyes rolled back in her head. She made slurping noises as a mixture of drool and pre-cum ran out of her mouth and down her chin. One of Julia’s hands pulled at the root of my cock and fondled my balls, and the other was down her own pants, playing with her pussy. As divine as this was, I had a hunch her jaw was getting tired and her pussy would feel even better. I pulled out of her mouth and encouraged her to take her pants off, which she did quite readily.

“I see we have similar tastes,” I said as she kicked off her pants leg to reveal a pair of white silk hipster panties, a significant wet spot shining in the middle of them. She smiled, still stroking my cock. “Although you would look better in a thong.”

“I would look better with your cock inside me.” she said, pulling her blouse over her head and unsnapping her bra. She was completely naked now, and she reached out, grabbing my ass cheeks. “Fuck me, Lee, fuck my tight little pussy.”

My eyes devoured the beautiful nymph seated in front of me, her hair tousled, her breasts heaving high on her chest with each breath. Her little pussy lips were the same color as her tongue, and seemed to bloom from her thighs, like a rare flower. She looked, for lack of a better word, delicious. My cock throbbed, aching to be inside her. I reached down and pulled her legs apart wide enough for my hips to fit between them. She bit her lower lip, and threw her head back.

“Oh, god, please fuck me.” Julia begged. Her nipples were engorged and she pinched at her left breast, her right hand grabbing onto my cock. “Do you know how long it’s been since I had a man?”

Even if it hadn’t been six months since I’d been laid, I would have needed no other encouragement. Julia took my cock in hand again and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and I pressed it into her, the mushroom-shaped head easily slipping inside her soft folds. She was incredibly tight, though, and she winced as my girth began pushing inside her. I gave her a minute or two to adjust, and when her breathing slowed and she began to rock her hips, I began to pump in and out of her.

“Oh, fuck, Lee. Ohhh, yes, fuck me. That feels sooo good… ohh…”

“Julia, you’re tight as a drum, oh, my god, your pussy feels fantastic!” I moaned, leaning into her. My cock slipped further into her pussy, almost as if it was sucking me in. I could feel her hips shifting on the table and I grabbed her ass, burying myself inside her in a single thrust. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she groaned loudly, but her mouth stayed open.

“You like that, Julia?” I asked. “You like having my thick cock in your pussy?”

“Yes, Lee. Fuck me. Oh, god, fuck my tight little cunt.” she egged me on.

I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy, afraid of hurting her. She inhaled and exhaled sharply through her nose, then opened her eyes and stared directly at me. The look in her eyes was pure, unadulterated, cock-slut lust.

“No. I said FUCK ME.”

With that, I pulled my cock out until the head was just barely inside her, and drove myself in to the hilt. She groaned.

“FUCK! Yes.”

I slid out and then in again, faster. Then once more.

“AAH! Fuck, yeah. Bang me, bang your little slut, I’m your little fucking cock-slut, Lee.” she spat, her eyes fully open, staring at me as my chest bounced against her magnificent tits.

I drove my cock into her tight little quim over and over. She was almost uncomfortably tight, but my cock didn’t care. I kept pounding away at her pussy, the little red curls on her pubic mound bouncing with each thrust. Julia was pinching her nipples.

“Fuck yeah, oh, god, fuck me, yesss… oh, god, yes, fuck my tight little hole with that big cock! Aah! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried, the sounds of wanton fucking filling the shop.

“Oh, god, Julia, I love fucking your pussy, I love fucking your tight little cunt, you’re so hot…” I moaned. I wanted to do this forever, but deep inside I could feel my balls welling up, full of sperm, waiting for the right moment to explode inside her.

She was waiting for it too. “Fuck, Lee, I need your cum inside me.” she gasped, her fingers wandering down to rub her clit. “I need your fucking load, come on, shoot it deep in my pussy. Ohh, god.”

“Are you… ohh, fuck… are you on the pill, Julia?”

She leaned up and whispered in my ear. “Not a fucking chance.”

Oh, shit. I have to pull out, I told myself. I have to pull out, can’t get this cute little 25-year-old pregnant in her father’s workshop…

but I didn’t. I couldn’t. Her pussy was too tight, too wet, and we were both nearing the edge. I slammed my cock into her cunt hard, driving it in and out like a jackhammer, feeling the head of my cock hitting her cervix. The table squeaked and I put my hands underneath her to keep her from falling. She squealed as her orgasm washed over her.

“FUCK! Fucking come inside me! Yes! YEEEESSSSSSS!”

Her pussy began to spasm, squeezing my cock like a vise, drawing it deep inside her. Under that pressure, I had no choice. I grabbed her hips, pulled her as far as I could onto my cock, and screamed as I exploded inside her.


I felt spurt after spurt of my hot seed filling her tight pussy, coating her inside walls and sliding down the shaft of my cock as she kept squeezing me, rocking back and forth on my cock, milking me for every drop in my balls.

Finally her entire body went limp, including her pussy, and I was glad I had hold of her because she would have fallen. She wrapped her arms around me and nestled her messy red head into my chest. I had never taken off my shirt and it was absolutely soaked with sweat.

“Fuck. That was amazing.” she said under her breath, a satisfied smile on her face. “God, you’re just… oh.”

I smiled, sweat pouring off my brow, still holding her in my arms. “Julia, you’re the one who’s amazing.”

My cock slipped out of her pussy with a *pop* sound. I looked down and saw her little dark pink lips, flushed with the pounding they had just taken, still quivering. My cum dripped out of her well-fucked pussy and puddled on the sewing table and the floor.

“Your, uh… your coat.” she said, reality beginning to take hold of her senses again. “I should finish your coat.”

“Shh.” I said, and drew her close to me. She sighed and sunk into my chest, her eyes closed, a look of deep contentment on her face. Finally she pulled away, claiming that she had to go to the bathroom.

She came back and slipped into her panties and her pants, but not her shirt. I took that as a cue to dress myself. I stood behind her again, rubbing her shoulders as she sewed and hummed to herself. Finally she tied off the last stitch and smiled.

“‘S a masterpiece.” she said, holding it up between me and her luscious tits. I slipped into it. She had built just enough give into the stitches that I slipped into the jacket without a problem.

“Juila, your father should retire. I think you’re a master seamstress in your own right.” I said, beaming.

“Thank you.” she said.

“How much do I owe you?” I asked.

“Consider this one… on the house.” she said. I kissed her, deeply. Her hand ran gently down my chest.

“Did you not say you were in a hurry?” she asked.

I looked at my watch. I had to be downtown for a meeting in thirty minutes.

“Oh, shit,” I said. “I have a meeting, you’re right.”

“You should go.” she said, wistfully. “Traffic’s hell this time of day.”

“Can I, uh… can I come see you after work?”

Her face lit up. “Come see me tomorrow afternoon if you can. Father will be out doing deliveries.”

I kissed her again and gathered my things, darting out the door. I saw her face pressed up against the window as I walked briskly back down the street to go get my rental car.

The next afternoon, just as agreed, I went back to the shop. I buzzed at the door, and just as it had the day before, it clicked open.

“Hello? Julia?” I asked.

An old man walked out of the back hallway, from the same room where Julia and I had madly fucked not twenty-four hours before. He was maybe sixty years old, with crinkled grey hair and a thick beard.

“Are you Marcus?” I asked.

“I am.” the old man responded, in the same kind of accent Julia had seduced me with the day prior. “Can I help ya?”

“I came to see Julia.” I said. “She helped me with a mend yesterday and I came by to thank her before I left.”

“Julia?” the old man said, obviously confused. ” ‘S no Julia here.”

I looked out at the sign hanging above the old brownstone. 415 South Fifth. “Are you sure?” I asked. “She was a young red-headed woman, about twenty-five, a little over one and a half meters tall? She said she was your daughter.”

The old man’s face turned from one of confusion to one of sadness. “Sir, I don’t know what you’re on about. I did have a daughter Julia, a beautiful redhead as you say…

but she died two years ago.”

He turned to look down the hallway. “She was a wonderful girl. Very kind, very caring… Green eyes the color of jade. Smart as a whip. Learned everything her pa taught her. I told her some day she’d take over the shop.”

I did my best to pick up my jaw off the floor.

“Sometimes when I’m lonely, I can still feel her beside me at the table. Handing me thread, working the pedals.” he continued. He looked at my suit coat. “She specialized in Italian work. Like your suit. Whoever did that bit o’ stitching, you were lucky their hands touched it.”

A cool breeze blew through the shop. I turned to look at the door.

It was closed.

Tara was centerfold material. She was tall, slender and had huge tits. She was attending a photo shoot because she needed some cute photos for her portfolio.

Liz was an amateur photographer and Tara’s best friend since childhood. They had experienced just about everything together from boyfriends to make-up to fashion. Who else could Tara possibly trust to take nude photos of herself?

When Tara arrived at Liz’s studio no one was around. However, Liz had given her a spare key so she let herself in. As she made a drink, she called Liz.

“Sorry I’m going to be late honey. I got stuck in the city and I won’t be back til tomorrow. Do you care if I send David over?” Liz sounded very regretful so Tara agreed.

When Liz called back to confirm he was headed over, she apologized more and offered to make it up to her if David didn’t get great photos. After Tara told her friend once again, that it was okay, she hung up and waited.

She wondered around the studio, looking over the decor. Liz had taken alot of time to find the perfect place for a studio. The breath taking view was what had helped her decide.

Each room had a theme. There was the kitchen, mostly used for cocktails and a quick meal or two. It was decorated in an old time kitchen look. Complete with fireplace to cook on. Then the bathroom had a huge hot tub and deluxe six person shower. It’s theme was Moraccan, lots of reds and blues. The bedroom had a huge California King sized bed and a large closet filled with tons of sexy clothes and gowns. It was filled with Chinese prints and statues. The best part of the bedroom? In the corner of the room was a beautiful vanity for customers to get ready. Everything was so nice here.

Tara’s favorite room was the living room, but it wasn’t actually used as a living room. Liz had hung a huge bar from the ceiling where she could hang back drops she had collected. She had alot of themes including jungle, moonlight, stars, sunrise, the beach. She had anything you would want and if she didn’t, she’d sure try her best to get it.

When Tara heard the door open, she turned to see the sexiest man she had ever seen. David was gorgeous, tall and stocky. The type of man who could wrap you in his arms and protect you forever. Who would beat down anyone who ever hurt you. Her type of man. A larger than life bad ass.

They began the photos in the living room. First she posed in her bikini in front of the beach scene. Then she chose a jungle scene and she dressed like Jane from Tarzan.

When she got enough photos there, she headed to the bedroom for some naughty photos. She stripped down to bra and pantys before bouncing on the bed. She was hot and she knew it! No way was she going to hide it! As she rolled over onto her knees, she gave her come hither look.

What she saw surprised her, David’s cock was bulging in his pants. She was making him hard with her little romp in the bed. She looked directly from his buldge to his eyes. His cheeks burned red and he tried to look away. Focusing on the Chinese symbols on the wall above the bed.

After a few photos of her on the bed, she stripped off her bra. Covering her chest, she flopped onto the bed and took a few topless ones. His cock was pulsing, she could see it from her perch on the edge of the bed.

She stood and walked to the closet for her next outfit. He was unraveled and back out the door. Excusing himself while she changed. She smiled to herself, coming up with a seduction plan. She quickly dressed, pinching her nipples to make them poke out of the thin fabric. Calling to David, she took her position.

David entered the room to Tara on the edge of the bed in a naughty school girl outfit. She was a naughty girl, pouting and puckering her lips. Pushing her breasts out further, smiling at him.

He clicked the shutter on the camera, photo after photo of her teasing him with her eyes, rubbing her hands over her body, she’d even snuck one in of her tits when she popped open her top. Before she could scare him off, she’d put them back in her shirt. She looked away and grinned.

She sauntered to the stripper pole she’d hooked up in the corner. She swung herself around behind it, pushing her tits around the pole. She rubbed them on the cold steel of the pole, teasing him. He continued to snap away.

As she dropped down on the pole, spreading her legs with her skirt open, David could see her bare pussy. She had purposely left her panties off. His gasp showed he wasn’t expecting that. He still didn’t stop snapping the camera though.

She asked him to take some quicker, rapid fire shots as she stripped. As her top came off, her tits bounced. They were bound by her bra, yet her nipples poked through the thin fabric. When she peeled the bra away, David’s cock jerked in his pants. She saw it and she took advantage. She pushed her tits together, teasing her nipples. He didn’t snap as fast, but he took photo after photo.

Soon she was completely naked before him wearing nothing but her thigh highs and stilettos. David’s tongue almost fell out of his mouth. She could tell he liked what he saw. She dropped down, her back against the pole. Her pussy spread, revealing her pink fleshy insides. She slipped her fingers down over the soft folds of flesh. Rubbing her bare cunt. His pants were tight, but he kept his finger clicking.

As David continued snapping, she slipped a finger inside. Fucking herself with her fingers, she was dripping juices. None of this stopped David’s snapping, in fact, he zoomed in to get close ups.

As she rubbed harder and moaned louder, David snapped away. Soon she had herself at the brink of orgasm, her fingers driving her to ecstasy. Her glistening cunt was the subject of more photos. When she orgasmed, she bucked back and lifted her eyes to meet his.

The look in his eyes screamed orgasm. She keep he couldn’t stop himself from fucking her. Even if he wanted to, which from the look of his pants, he didn’t want to anyway!

When she was finished, she went to slip past David. As she did, she rubbed against him. He let out a moan. She wrapped her arms around his waist and stood on her tip toes. Whispering in his ear, “Want to join me in the hot tub?”

Without another moment passing, David scooped her up in his toned arms and carried her to the bathroom. She had already set up the hot tub, so all she had to do was get David out of his clothes.

He pulled his shirt off as she unbuttoned his jeans. As she slid his boxers off, his cock sprang out. It was large, atleast nine inches. She didn’t know how she’d be able to handle it, but she sure couldn’t wait to try.

He climbed into the hot tub, relaxing against the corner jet spray. She slipped in too, getting cozy on his lap. His cock was pressed between her ass cheeks, rubbing against her pussy and asshole. Within seconds, her lips were on his. His hands worked their way over her breasts then around to her back. He was kissing his way down her neck, rubbing his tongue over her sweet spots.

As he neared her breasts, she slid closer, rubbing her pussy and ass harder over his cock. He groaned, she slid back. When he moaned again, she slid closer. She kept rocking her hips to create the friction between them. His breath on her nipples, making them erect. He nibbled on each nipple, sucking it in and out of his lips.

He lifted her bottom, his fingers found her sweetness. He rubbed her softly, getting harder with each stroke. She was loving his attention to her heated parts.

When she had her first orgasm with him, he didn’t let up until she dug her fingers into his shoulders. His fingers rubbed faster and faster as she exploded.

Not wanting him to be left out, she slipped off his lap and began massaging his long hard cock in her hands. He lifted himself up, exposing his hard cock to her fully. She flickered her tongue across his head.

Her hands moved up and down his shaft, then down to cup his balls while she gave the tip some attention. Teasing it with her tongue, before she’d slip it as far into her mouth as she could, gagging herself to get it deeper into her throat.

She bobbed up and down before coming up for air. She swirled her tongue around his erect penis before once again putting her mouth over his meat. He leaned back, forcing his cock deeper down her throat.

When she came up for air again, he slipped back into the water. He turned her around and pulled her onto his lap. She spread her legs wide and slipped him inside her. Rocking her hips back and forth to make all of him fit.

She bounced up and down, his hands cupped her tits. She loved this position, especially when the man knew how to please a girl. She loved when the man gripped her hips and bounced her. Thrusting himself deeper inside of her. David was good at pleasing her.

He pinched her nipples, licked her neck, nibbled her ear. All while she was bouncing on his huge cock. She was in Heaven! He was the perfect lover, paying attention to all her tender spots. Teasing and exploring them.

When he could feel her moans growing, his fingers found their way to her warmth. He used one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other to massage her clit. This was sending her into another orgasm.

David rubbed her harder and faster. She rode him faster and faster. Soon he had her panting, begging for release. He wasn’t ready for that yet, so he lifted her from him.

She was spread eagle on the side of the hot tub. He ran his tongue along her clit, flicking at her orgasm spot. She came again. Her juices instantly flowing, soaking his tongue.

He slid a finger inside her, then two. His tongue ran down to her ass. He spread her ass cheeks wider before slipping his tongue into her asshole. When he slipped back up to her clit, he fucked her with his fingers. She was panting harder. She had came again, this time leaving her juices covering his hand.

Within moments, David had her out of the hot tub and against the wall. He pressed his cock into her again. She wrapped her hips around him and hooked them. He lifted her ass slightly, enough to make her body rock. Jolting the sensations in his cock, making him explode.

He filled her pussy with his cum, his cock covered in their mixed juice. She rested her head against his shoulder, whispering into his ear, “Too bad you didn’t get any shots of that.”

He grinned, “I did, I’ve got cameras in different places. Each one capturing different views and distances. Your portfolio should be filled now.”

Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. For those people who have a problem with the lifestyle that we lead, either quit reading stories that are posted on an erotic web site or keep your prudish, ignorant comments to yourselves. I hope the rest of you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a comment if you like(Preferably regarding the story itself and not the choices that we have made in our lives!!!!).


It finally happened…I had actually had sex with another woman without my wife being present. I am quite shy so I wasn’t sure that it would ever happen even though Amy, my wife, and I had an open marriage and we had had numerous threesomes along the way. Of course it had always been easy for Amy to find a guy to fuck if she was in the mood but finding a woman for me isn’t that simple. She tells me that women are always checking me out at the clubs but I never notice when they do. I consider myself to be a fairly attractive 30 year old guy, 5’10″, 180 pounds with very short brown hair and a goatee so there is really no reason why I shouldn’t be getting checked out. My shyness prevents me from being able to approach any women that I find attractive so I pretty much have to rely on them seeking me out or Amy hooking something up.

I happen to work in a profession that is dominated by males which has actually helped me to shed some awkwardness around the opposite sex. Since there are so few women around, 25-30 out of 300 employees, you kind of feel obligated to make sure they’re comfortable and not left out of the conversations, most of which revolve around sports, drinking or sex. I am considered one of the less crude guys at work which may have something to do with how I found myself in the situation I am about to relay.

One of the women at work that I find most attractive, Violet, is the type that gets along better with men than with women and is often right in the middle of the sexually charged discussions. She is also very flirtatious and will start to massage your shoulders or jump in your lap at the drop of a dime. She is recently married but there have been rumors that she has had sex with a few different co-workers is places such as the sauna and gym in the basement and even in her car in the parking lot after her shift ended. Violet is about 5’2″, 125 lbs with shoulder length brown hair and will turn 40 later this year, though she doesn’t look a day over thirty. She works out regularly which keeps her body toned and helps to firm up what can only be described as a great ass, perfectly round and plump. She has a set of small B cup breasts that are very perky with nipples that seem to always be hard. It was always a good day at work when we were on the same shift and I got to check her out. I knew that I had little to no shot of hooking up with her but if the opportunity ever arose I would jump at the chance.

As luck would have it I would get my chance one evening when the two of us were both stuck working the midnight shift. The way our graveyard shifts go at work is that one person in each area works the first half of the shift and then the other takes over. Violet and I work in different specialties and we both found ourselves working the first half of the night. The midnight shift isn’t very busy so most people pass the time by watching a movie or reading a book. On this fateful night Violet happened to forget to grab a movie so she asked if she could look through the flicks that I brought in hopes that I had something she hadn’t seen. She flipped through my DVD’s and managed to find one that she wanted but there was an issue…it was the same one that I planned on watching that night. When I told her the bad news she looked so disappointed that I offered the movie to her and said that I’d find something else.

“I can’t expect you to do that. I know how awful these shifts are with nothing to do.” Violet said.

“Yeah, they suck even with something to do!” I agreed.

“Look, if we want to watch the same movie, why don’t I slide over here and we can both watch it?” Violet offered.

“Sure, that sounds fair!” I approved.

I was a bit nervous about having a woman that I was so attracted to sitting so close while we were at work but I didn’t want to leave either of us with nothing to watch. I was just afraid that I’d spend more time watching Violet than the movie and she would somehow get offended. Violet rolled a chair over and sat down a few feet away and I started the film. We had chosen to watch “The Hangover” and anyone that has seen it knows that we were laughing hysterically throughout the film. We were both having fun and the time was flying so we decided to take a break halfway through. Violet needed to use the restroom and I was looking forward to a cigarette. We parted ways momentarily and I went outside for a smoke while she headed for the washroom. As Violet walked away I turned around to check out her bubble butt as I always do and saw that her jeans were hugging her ass perfectly.

When I returned from my smoke I found that Violet had beat me back and it looked like she had moved her chair slightly closer to mine while I was gone. It was at this point that I really started to imagine the things that could happen between us if everything went my way. I sat down quickly to hide my growing erection before Violet noticed and we quickly resumed the movie. I pressed play on the DVD player and tried to stop my imagination from running wild so that my dick would go back to sleep before it was embarrassingly detected. All hopes of this were dashed when Violet began to laugh so hysterically that she ended up nearly falling off her chair and I had to reach out and catch her before she hit the floor. I managed to somehow avoid grabbing her in any inappropriate places as I wrapped my arms around her and prevented her from hurting herself. I pulled her back up into the chair and made certain that she was steady again before I let go. She continued to laugh all the way through her dilemma but I think it was due more to embarrassment than the scene from the movie.

“Are you alright?” I asked, unsuccessfully trying to hold back my own laughter.

“I’ll be alright! I haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while!” Violet added.

Once Violet finally settled down I rewound the movie back to where we left off and hit play. I was shocked when Violet leaned over and planted a light peck on my cheek and thanked me for saving her from falling on the floor. She gave my thigh a thankful pat as well and her hand seemed to lightly squeeze and linger for a moment. Violet then sat back and crossed her legs while we resumed watching the movie. Every once in a while I could feel her foot graze my leg when she laughed or shifted her weight around which certainly didn’t help the erection I was still sporting. I had to sit slightly turned away from her so that my uncomfortable situation wouldn’t be discovered. We watched the remainder of the film without anything out of the ordinary occurring and when it finished we only had another half hour to kill before our relief would arrive.

“I’m going to run out and grab something to eat, do you want to join me?” Violet inquired.

“Sure, I’m starving and I didn’t have time to make anything before I came in!” I said. I had brought some food with me but I thought if I was ever going to get a chance to sleep with Violet than this was it and I lied to increase my chances. This was going to possibly be the only time that I’d get to be alone with her and I didn’t want to miss out.

“I’ve got to check something on the computer and when our relief arrives I’ll meet you outside. ” Violet stated.

The next few minutes seemed to drag on forever as I anxiously awaited my coworker’s return and my much needed break. When my partner walked around the corner I jumped up, informed him of what was going on and hurried to meet Violet at the front door. She was already on the front steps when I arrived and I was greeted with a very sexy smile. She asked if we could take my car since she forgot to grab her keys and I readily agreed. I led Violet to my car and we started on our way.

“Where did you want to go?” I asked. “There aren’t many places open this late.”

“How does Wendy’s sound? Violet asked, “Just go through the drive-thru and we’ll eat back at work.”

“That sounds like a plan!” I agreed.

The nearest Wendy’s was only about 10 minutes away which allowed us a little bit of time to chat on the way. Violet and I had both been married within the last 2 years so we discussed how our respective marriages were treating us. I informed her that my relationship with Amy was amazing and I divulged that we were free to sleep with whomever we wanted. She was quite intrigued by my situation and had a few questions regarding our marriage.

“So you would let your wife go out and fuck another guy if she wanted?” Violet asked.

“Sure, I know she’s going to come home to me and tell me all about it while we have sex!” I admitted. “I’m not trying to brag but she is rarely satisfied after being with another man so she really needs me when she gets home!”

“Wow! So you have actually watched her with another guy and liked it?”

“Yeah, I love seeing her in action! She is so sexy and I love watching her having a good time!”

“Is she okay with you making love with another woman?” Violet inquired.

“Well, sort of…it wouldn’t be making love, just sex. And she has been encouraging me to do it since we opened our marriage.” I answered.

“So hypothetically, if I was to have sex with you, you would go home and tell your wife while you make love to her?”

“Exactly! It’s funny you mention that because she has actually brought your name up specifically!” I divulged.

“Really, why me?”

“We have talked about women that I find attractive at work and your name is always the first one out of my mouth!” I disclosed, feeling my face go red.

“Aww, that’s so flattering! Especially with some of the other women we work with. You are telling me that you find me more attractive than Tracy or Julia or even Crystal?” Violet asked.

“I do! I think you’re the sexiest woman at work by far!” I complimented as I looked her up and down again.

“Well thank you so much! I think you’re a great looking guy too!” Violet countered.

Our revealing conversation was interrupted when we arrived at the drive-thru and ordered our food. We drove back to work without saying another word and the silence was very uncomfortable. I was afraid that by letting her know I was attracted to her combined with the knowledge that I was free to have sex with other women outside my marriage scared her and that I had ruined any chance that I ever had. My concern was quickly dashed when we parked the car and started to make our way back inside work. I was walking slightly ahead of Violet when I felt her hand cup my ass cheek and give it a quick squeeze before letting go.

“What was that for?” I asked while continuing to walk.

“I just wanted to know if it felt as good as it looked!” Violet exclaimed. “And it feels great!”

“Well thanks, I guess!”

We made our way inside and Violet suggested that we take the food downstairs to the lounge where we could eat in peace. The basement lounge had a loveseat, TV, a few chairs, a coffee table and, most importantly, it was tucked away in a corner of the building where most people didn’t venture. When we arrived at the lounge I opened the door and allowed Violet to enter first. As she walked through the door I felt her hip slowly graze my crotch and I was certain she did it intentionally to see my reaction. By this point I was becoming accustomed to her flirting but that didn’t stop my dick from rising once again. Violet continued past me and took a seat in the middle of the loveseat before motioning for me to join her.

“Have a seat, let’s eat!” Violet invited, patting the small space next to her.

I managed to squeeze into the remaining space on the loveseat which caused our thighs to press tightly together as we began dining. Apparently we were both very hungry because we barely spoke for the next ten minutes or so while we devoured our meals. We both finished eating at roughly the same time and leaned back in the loveseat to relax and let the food digest. When Violet leaned back she let her head come to rest on my shoulder and her hand found my nearest leg. What she did next absolutely floored me as I was not expecting her to be so forward.

“So, why don’t you let me see what you’ve been hiding from me all night.” Violet boldly asked.

I tried to respond but before I could Violet dropped to her knees in front of me and started to undo my pants. Once she had released my belt her hand snaked its way inside and grabbed hold of my rigid cock. Her soft hand gripped my rod tightly as she looked up at me to see my reaction. The slightest movement of her fist caused my cock to twitch uncontrollably and my eyes to roll back into my head. I had been waiting for this opportunity for so long that I was in shock that it was actually happening and even more stunned that I was at work when it did. As her hand explored my stiff manhood she used her other one to finish undoing my pants which gave her a lot more room to maneuver. Violet started to rotate her hand as it slid up and down my cock and used her thumb to spread the precum that was leaking from the head.

“Your cock is so hard! I must be doing a good job!” Violet bragged.

“Your hand feels amazing and I can’t believe we’re doing this at work!” I exclaimed.

I tried to move into a more comfortable position while Violet continued to fondle me. I leaned back against the loveseat and Violet took the opportunity to finish stripping me of my pants. Sadly, she had to release my cock for a moment in order to slide my pants down my legs and pull them completely off. I was now sitting in the basement of my workplace with a very attractive co-worker on her knees in front of me and I was naked from the waist down. With my clothing out of the way Violet got a look at my stiff cock for the first time and she seemed quite impressed.

“You have a great looking cock!” Violet complimented as she eyed it from base to tip. “I hope it tastes as good as it looks and feels!”

Violet forcefully spread my legs so that she could move closer and get better access to my rod. She grasped the base of my shaft with her hand and aimed my dick toward her mouth while looking up at me with a mischievous smile. Her smile rapidly disappeared as her lips parted and wrapped themselves around the head of my cock. In the blink of an eye her nose was nestled in my trimmed pubic hair and my cock was deep in her mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the incredible blowjob that Violet was giving me. She certainly knew her way around a cock and proceeded to demonstrate just how talented a cock sucker she was. At first she took her time and allowed her mouth to explore every inch of my manhood, her tongue continuously dancing around my shaft. Once her mouth had coated my whole cock in warm saliva she allowed my dick free from her lips and proceeded to trail her tongue against my balls while lightly stroking me with her hand. In no time at all Violet had me on the verge of cumming.

“You’d better stop or else I’m going to cum!” I warned as I tried to hold back.

“Good! I want you to fill my mouth with your cum before you fill my pussy with your cock!” Violet admitted before continuing her magnificent blowjob.

As great as her mouth felt on my cock I knew that holding off my impending orgasm was going to be impossible so I decided to give her what she wanted. I grasped a handful of her hair and started to thrust my cock between her lips, fucking her warm mouth until I was almost ready to cum.

“Here it comes!” I groaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

My body stiffened and my cock twitched uncontrollably as I began to deposit my load into her mouth. Violet didn’t miss a beat as my cum splashed against the back of her mouth. She simply continued to suck my cock and swallow blast after blast of my warm jizz. My climax was so intense that I felt a little light headed as it finally subsided. I slumped back against the couch in exhaustion as Violet licked my still stiff cock clean. I was pleased to see that my cock had remained hard since I desperately wanted to fuck Violet. When she was done cleaning my dick Violet looked up at me with a proud smile and I could see the arousal in her eyes as she licked her lips.

“You should get rid of all those clothes so I can return the favour!” I suggested while helping her to her feet.

“That sounds like a great idea! It’s been so long since I’ve had my pussy eaten!” Violet admitted.

I pulled her shirt over her head to reveal the sexy red lace bra that hid her smallish tits. Violet reached around her back and unclasped her bra, allowing it to slide down her arms and expose her breasts. Her nipples were erect and stuck out like pencil erasers from her perky little tits. I leaned down and took turns sucking on each of her nipples while undoing her pants at the same time. I thought I heard Violet let out a low moan as I tongued her nipples. When I managed to undo her jeans I slid them down her legs and was shocked to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Violet stepped out of her pants and pulled my head down for a passionate kiss. She darted her tongue into my mouth while holding my head in place the whole time. My hand found its way to her pussy as our kiss lingered and I was surprised to feel how wet she was already. I teased her damp lips and clit with my fingertips without penetrating her which caused her to moan into my mouth.

Violet finally pulled away and broke our kiss, pleading with me to eat her pussy. I told her to have a seat on the couch and got on my knees between her legs. Before diving in I took a moment to admire her neatly trimmed mound and moist, puffy lips. I looked up at Violet as my tongue contacted her slit for the first time. She was desperate to feel my mouth and when I finally did taste her she flung her head back and let out a sigh of sexual relief. It had been a while since I had tasted a pussy other than my wife’s and the new flavor was very arousing. I took my time and made sure to lick and suck every inch of her pussy while paying a little extra attention to her hard clit. I was just starting to get into a decent rhythm when I felt Violet’s hand on the back of my head.

“Oh my God, you do that so well!” Violet complimented as she pushed my face harder against her mound. “I’m going to cum all over your face!”

I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt and fucked her with it as she began to buck her hips. I felt her body shudder as the first wave of her climax ravaged her body. Her tasty juices started to flow from her slit and I eagerly licked up as much as I could. When her orgasm started to subside she freed my head and allowed me to take a deep breath. My face was covered in her cum but I had no intention on stopping here. I sucked her clit between my lips and rapidly flicked my tongue over her hard nub which prolonged her climax and had her screaming my name over and over. Hearing another woman call out my name was such a turn on that I didn’t want to wait any longer to fuck her.

“I need to fuck you right now!” I exclaimed, “I have wanted this for so long!”

“Then get up here and slide that beautiful cock into me!” Violet demanded.

I positioned myself between her legs and aimed my stiff cock at her juicy slit. I sank my entire length into her with one long smooth stroke. We both moaned loudly as we enjoyed the foreign feeling of sex with a new person. I had already cum once so I knew that I could go for a while but I was also aware that once I came for a second time that I would probably be finished for the night so I took it easy at first to make it last. I pulled my cock all the way out and slapped it against her clit before slowly penetrating her fully once again. I took my time and enjoyed her wet canal with each rhythmic thrust and in mere minutes she was begging me to fuck her harder. I was slowly starting to build speed when Violet, who seemed slightly frustrated with my methodical technique, pushed me away and rose to her feet.

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Time: Five or More Years Ago

I’d worked at bank headquarters for several months and one of my employees, Sherri, and I were well into a steamy affair. Given my addiction to sex I’d previously kept it in the closet and avoided physical contact with workers, yet this one was different. She was a certifiable fuck freak.

Tall, golden blonde and athletic, the 30-year-old divorcee was as devoted to the sexual arts as was I. She was also a risk-taker, meaning that she’d tease me into a tryst wherever we might be…at work, out at night in a restaurant parking lot, or in the thousand places one can find in a mall during a weekend shopping spree. My obsession with her eventually ended my relationship with Elaine, the bisexual woman with whom I was living, who moved out after being with me for five years. This opened my after-work life up to an abundance of new female candidates and – Sherri notwithstanding – it was as if a dam had burst there were so many women. My hobby was producing plays, and I used my own acting ability to charm them all, with the goal of nailing as many as I could.

On the first weekend after Elaine’s departure, I invited a scrumptious, 20-year-old, raven-haired actress of Hispanic descent – Carlita – over for an evening. She was a very young-looking student in the Drama Department at the local community college that had produced a couple of Hollywood starlets. She played young ingénues in the college’s productions, and had flirted shamelessly with me at a party a few weeks before, hoping that I’d cast her in a production in my community theatre company. Just as shamelessly, I plied her with wine during dinner and afterward on this night while we read a few scenes from a comedy I would soon produce.

For a 20-year-old Carlita had the cunning perspective of an experienced woman twice her age. Born of Chilean parents, she possessed the womanly wiles of the archetypal south-of-the-border Latina yet her body bore all the healthy features of North American upbringing, including vitamins and exercise. Her skin was pale, and contrasted beautifully with her flashing brown eyes and thick black hair that grew to the middle of her back. Her face was oval, like that of a painter’s model, and her mouth was wide, able to light the darkest room with a smile. The rosy color of her bow-like lips captivated me – negating the need for lipstick – as if she were on a steady diet of raspberries.

But the most compelling thing about her was that she looked so young. When first meeting her I checked her driver’s license and was astonished that she was twenty years old. When she arrived at my door this night I was amazed at the sexy way she was dressed. She wore a black, one-piece outfit that went over one shoulder, showing the tops of her flawless 34B breasts and half of her back. Connected with the top was a gauzy portion that covered her midriff, which in turn was connected to a pair of very brief black shorts that covered her private parts. To make the whole thing a “dress,” the bottom was covered with a knee-length gauzy skirt that extended to mid-thigh. From behind, I could see through the skirt that what I’d first thought were shorts were nothing more than a disguised thong.

As we were reading a scene from the play after dinner she paused, putting her book down on the floor next to herself and asked, “Why haven’t you hit on me, Shaun?”

“Beg your pardon?” being as cool as I could be, though I’d been thinking how I’d get into her pants without being too rapacious.

“You heard me. Your reputation…I see the hustle you put on other women…why haven’t you given me a shot?” she asked, stretching her 34B-22-34 body like a cat.

“Maybe it’s because I’m twice your age…almost,” I responded. Playing hard-to-get was always part of the game.

“That’s an excuse, not a reason,” she pouted, and started to crawl across the room toward where I was seated. When she reached me, she stood up on her knees between my outspread thighs. “Is it because I’m not big enough for your taste?” she asked, nestling her breasts from underneath in her palms.

“No. Five-feet-four is tall enough for me,” I said, purposely misunderstanding her. Like a cat, I wanted to tease my prey…repeatedly…before I pounced for the kill.

“Stop treating me like a child!” she scolded. “Why can’t you just…”.

I interrupted her. “Fuck you? Is that all you want? You think I’ll cast you in a play just for a piece of ass? If I fuck you, baby, it’ll be for more personal reasons than that.” I stood up, towering threateningly over her as she knelt, and started toward the kitchen to get more wine. She stopped me by grabbing onto my thigh. Her restraining touch caused my cock to stir in one pant leg.

“There’s no reason to get angry. When we first met, I thought we were simpatico. I could have been wrong,” she said dejectedly, without removing her hand.

Just a little closer, I thought to myself. It’s so much sweeter when they realize what they might have missed, when they first touch it…and feel it.

“Sorry, Carlita. I’ve been stressed at work lately and am a bit short-tempered,” I said, playing for sympathy. I quickly sat down again, allowing her to cross her arms on my lap. As she nestled more closely she felt my erection in my pant leg, and I was awarded the look of recognition given a man by a woman that says further conversation is unnecessary.

Her movements were fluid. She leaned up with one hand on my chest and kissed me deeply, her surprisingly long tongue poking nearly to my tonsils. Then she tugged at my belt buckle and unzipped my pants which fell open to my crotch. I’d purposely not worn underwear this night, so my gnarled cock poked up at her young face, its veins protruding with blood. “Wow!” she said, leaning back and studying the rampant object before her. “You’re really big…so thick!” she continued, clearly mesmerized by what I’d always considered to be the most important part of my anatomy. She apparently thought so as well, since she grasped me at the base of my prick and – very slowly – slathered the crown of my shaft with her pink, fleshy tongue. My dick reacted as would any animal’s…preening and rearing its head for more. And Carlita didn’t miss a thing, attentive as any good actress is to a responsive audience.

“Mmmmnnn,” she mewled and licked me lavishly again, watching once more for my pulsing response. She got what she was looking for, since my prick jumped two or three times in appreciation, making her sigh and climb onto the couch next to me. She leaned toward me on one elbow and spread her drawn-back legs apart, her diaphanous skirt whispering down her thighs. I placed my hand lightly on the back of her head, gathering her black hair in one fist, and guided her hot open mouth onto my prick. Mewling again, she took me to the top of her throat half-a-dozen times, then reached between her legs to pull aside the crotch of her thong and diddle her clit with two fingers before returning to suck me slowly and deeply.

She was good, awfully good, as her cheeks hollowed time after time to take me deeper into her throat. As she did so, she began flicking her tongue outside her mouth on the underside of my dick so that, when I slipped into her throat for a long moment, she drove me half crazy by licking my bloated testicles.

I had to see and touch this young beauty now. My lustful fingers peeled the stretchy top of her dress off the one shoulder, exposing her pert young breasts, the rosy nipples of which now grazed my hairy thigh as she serviced my rod. I got to my knees with the intention of 69′ing her, and got the first close look at her incomparable pussy. It was clean shaven except for a half-inch strip of black hair above her plump, virginal-looking slit. Below it her moist outer labia barely covered a swollen clitoris the sight of which caused me to salivate. Her vacuuming mouth didn’t miss a stroke as I eased down between her legs and stretched her thong to one side before tasting her. With two fingers I spread her lips and opened her like a ripe fig, revealing her red inner vaginal lining covered with sweet nectar. It palpitated with each rapid heartbeat and smelled slightly of perspiration and a hint of peppered shrimp as my voracious tongue dug into its depths. She gave a pronounced groan as I first sucked up the rich juices from inside her, then concentrated on flicking at her clit with my tongue.

As I alternated between sucking at her opening and licking her engorged nubbin, her groans developed into moans, until finally she pulled off of my cock to begin thrusting her mound at me while calling my name. “Ahh!…ahh!…ahh!” she added with closed eyes, returning now to my cock with her hand and jerking it furiously. “Ohhh…gonna make me cu-ummm,” she said, whimpering, as she began drooling little kisses all over my groin. Finally, to push her over the edge, I reached up with both hands and touched her nipples, pulling at the puffy little pink thimbles. She screamed at the contact, “Eeee-yeeaahhh! Yeeaahhh! Yeeaahhh!” as her orgasm struck her and turned her young flesh into knots while she hammered her crotch against my slobbering lips. Her thighs clamped closed against my ears and opened as she thrust again, then closed and opened again…something she repeated for a full minute until finally she relaxed and – giggling embarrassedly – said, “Ohhhh…I’ve never had a climax like that in my life!”

I’ve heard that too many times before, sweetheart, I thought cynically as I finished undressing first her, then myself. Naked, she was breathtaking, weighing no more than 105 pounds, with firm B-cup breasts and a muscular torso that flared into hard, round, hips. Uncertain as to my agenda, she was completely submissive, and fell easily into my embrace, which raised her off the floor, allowing her to lock her gorgeous legs around my waist by the heels as I slipped into her halfway to my scrotum. I thrust into her a second and third time – the last to my balls – bringing a deep gasp from her lungs and stimulating an even deeper kiss. This could turn into one of the better sport fucks I’ve had in a long time, I said to myself as I repeatedly raised Carlita’s small body off my rampant prong while rutting with her in a standing position. Her energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her vocal expressions of appreciation, caused me to dig deeply into my bag of sexual tricks.

I started with a finger up her rectum, sliding it slowly in one knuckle at a time. When I approached the third knuckle, her colon gripped my digit tightly and she stopped thrusting up and down, apparently content to slide to and fro while rubbing her clit against my member. Her second orgasm was telegraphed by her trembling hips which – with her passionate cries – ended in a fit of screaming, as well as a scratching and biting of my shoulders and upper pectorals. One long “Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes” was her shout as she peaked, then her body quivered and relaxed by turns as she came down. Tired by this time, I fell to the couch in a heap with her perspiring frame glued to mine, her legs spread open widely across my lap with my erect prick still poking at her cervix.

I began stroking her front with my large hands, caressing the baby-soft globes of her breasts and rolling the corky tips of her nipples between my fingers as if they were clay. She groaned deeply in response and began rising and falling – humping – on my turgid cock as it girded itself for another round. As I manipulated her tits, she responded by probing my mouth with her thick, lengthy tongue, seeking out those places only a good tooth brushing can find. As she tongued me, she mewled with pleasure like a small puppy, particularly when I returned an especially deep kiss with an answering deep upward plunge of my hips.

We were both sweating profusely now, and I’d slid forward on the couch to allow her greater leverage in screwing down onto me. It also allowed me to nibble her nipples – first one, then the other – with my lips. As we progressed, I used my teeth and, as her plunging onto my cock became frenetic, she began a litany exhorting me to bite her…then bite her harder. Soon she began growling like a feral animal deeply in her throat as she humped me. Her cunt hammered at my groin with blinding speed as her juices soaked my pubic hair. Then she suddenly slowed and began trembling inside, signaling on onrushing orgasm, at which point I wormed my middle finger into her rectum again. I could feel her vaginal muscles quivering as I drove it deeper, and she began shrieking as I fucked her ass with my long finger. “Aahhhg…aahhhg,” she grunted as I plundered both of her nether holes. Then she whimpered once, froze and was immobile, holding her breath, finally to exhale, shouting “Aaaaaahhhhhhggg…mmmmnn, yeeaaahhhh,” and collapsed in a heap against me.

She lay there, limp as a dishrag for the longest time, while regaining her breath, then whispered in my ear, “How did you know?”

“How did I know what?” I asked.

“How did you know…to…to do my ass that way?” she questioned shyly.

“It’s all part of the package, sweetheart,” I said in a comforting, avuncular way.

“Will you do it again? Now, I mean. It makes me feel so full…so out of control…so mastered,” she admitted, quietly.

Whatever in your past has made you an anal submissive, I can live with, I thought, thanking my good fortune. A 20-year-old offering me her ass! Wait ’til my therapist hears about this! “Sure, baby, just turn around. Do you need any lubricant?” I asked, since I had a tube of KY jelly downstairs in my bedroom.

“Ohh…no. Spit always seems to do the trick,” said this comparative child…going on 40. She faced away from me, putting her feet flat on my thighs, and spat in her hand. She then coated her asshole liberally with saliva and eased herself down onto me, easily accepting my glans inside her anal sphincter. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh,” she exhaled as I penetrated her. “Tell you what, Shaun…I’ll control the up ‘n’ down…if you’ll tickle my clitoris.”

That way you’ll get excited and won’t think about the pain this must be causing, I thought, as I saw my bone disappear further into her colon. This girl was such a trouper that she could be one of my regulars – I told the addictive spook that haunted my conscience – as she took more of me into her with each downward push, echoing her gradual accomplishments with a verbal “Nnngghhh.” And as I rubbed her clit lovingly, she seemed to impart an incomprehensible life to her bowels, as if they’d come to serve a new purpose other than an avenue for waste. They began to flex, grasping at me with a soothing elasticity that I’d not experienced before. I’d never cum in a woman’s ass, but – I mused – everyone is a virgin at something. So my mind was set…my fate was sealed. As one of her supporting hands left my thighs to stroke my balls, I began to feel the desire to climax. Planted on me fully, this child-woman was coaxing seed from me that heretofore had found sanctuary only in oral or genital caverns, but it hardly mattered. I’d made “the Chilean connection”…and it was good.

“Aaaggghhh…shiiiit!” I growled, as my seed raced into Carlita’s colon. Time after time I shot bolts of hot spunk into her bottom. “Unngh…unngh…unngh,” I grunted as she soundlessly – yet sensitively – rubbed her butt against my gonads until they’d emptied. She didn’t stop until I did, showing a certain empathy, then quietly got up off me to close her anus and keep my jizzum inside her.

She sat across my lap with her legs drawn up and said, “Mmmm, that feels good. Uuh…do you mind if I stay the night? I’ve had a lot of wine and am afraid to drive. Besides, we’re just getting acquainted…aren’t we!”

The rest of the night in my bedroom we got much closer. We awoke Saturday morning after a rollicking night of fucking, during which she demonstrated the canine position to be her favorite. She obviously did her best to impress me as she worked her willowy body like a contortionist, offering all of her orifices up to me as an implicit promise of even greater things to come.

We nursed our light hangovers with a late breakfast. On our way back to bed, another theatre acquaintance dropped by unannounced. Her name was Susan, a chestnut-haired, bisexual, professional actress in her thirties with whom I’d worked on previous plays, and had shared carnally with my previous girlfriend. After a few afternoon margaritas, the two women and I fell into bed to enjoy an hour or two of salacious pleasure, which allowed more of Carlita’s imaginative talents – this time Sapphic – to be shown.

The phone rang as I lay back with a woman under each arm, both of whom were taking a post-coital nap. I smelled like some large, unwashed beast, covered as I was with their combined juices, yet I was far from being sated. It was my number one girlfriend Sherri calling. “Hi! Just happened to be in your neighborhood and wondered if I could drop in and visit!” she said, brightly.

“Uuuhh…I was just about to take a shower. Where are you?” I asked.

“In front of your house. I’m on my cell phone,” she replied.

What could I do or say? She’d driven over twenty miles from home! I couldn’t just turn her away without seeing her! “Might as well come in,” I relented. “I’ll be in my robe. Hope you won’t be shocked.”

“Are you kidding?” she laughed, as the doorbell rang. Not much shocked Sherri.

I slipped out from between my two female visitors, trying not to disturb them, and into a bathrobe as I made my way a half-flight upstairs to the front door landing. My heart was beating rapidly as I contemplated the worst of what might happen. On opening the door there she was, wearing a light blue, sleeveless tennis dress that zipped up the front, the skirt of which reached mid-thigh, showing her flawless, creamy legs. She hugged me closely and moaned as she lifted her head to give me a deep, probing kiss.

“Mmmm…you’ve been drinking, and…” she whispered.

“Yeah…a margarita. Want one?” I asked, turning quickly to lead her another half-flight upstairs to the living room and kitchen…anything to draw her away from my downstairs bedroom.

“No, thanks,” she said, giving me a suspicious look as she laid her purse on the couch, bending over just enough so that I could see her naked bottom under her skirt. “This is what I want,” she purred, opening my robe and running her hand down my flaccid cock, which was still sticky from several hours’ worth of two women’s discharge. She looked up at me, quickly sniffed her palm, and added, “You’ve been fucking, too! I thought you smelled pretty ripe. Anybody I know?”

“Just…a friend,” I said, deeply embarrassed. What would she say or do if she knew about our threesome?

“Is she here?” she asked.

I nodded in the affirmative.

“Don’t worry, Shaun. You and I aren’t married. I should’ve called ahead,” she said. “I don’t want to disturb your guest. But we should clean you up. Let’s try to keep quiet,” she whispered, holding her finger to my lips to shush me. With that she slid to her knees and – as always – in an instant I was a willing slave to her extraordinary mouth as her full lips engulfed my member. She seemed to take particular joy in lapping up the fetid womanly juices on my cock and balls, as she hummed to herself while raising my hard-on. So much so that I pulled her off her knees and led her to my sofa where I shrugged off my robe and sat down, then arranged her body so that she could blow me while her thighs were on my shoulders, making for what was to me a very comfortable “69.”

Shaun runs into his old obsession, Cam, in this chapter. For background, you should read Chapter 01 in the series. Don’t forget to vote…and send feedback!

Time – The Present

I hadn’t seen Sherri, or Cam for that matter, in three years. I’d missed them. I’d also undergone therapy for my sexual addiction during that time and had confined my physical pleasures mostly to weekends. So my recent chance meeting with Cam was pleasant, though – as always – platonic. We’d become good friends during the time I was her boss at the bank, but it was great to see her again and stir up what I thought were very private, hidden fantasies.

The past three years had certainly been kind to Cam, I thought, her divorce notwithstanding. If anything, her body was more toned and she had an air of maturity about her that I found compelling. To be honest, I found it very sensuous. I also shuddered with pleasure when I pictured her narrow-hipped, high ass – reminiscent of the bubble-butt that one sees on the finest black females – winking at me as she walked away.

What a fool Darryl was, letting such a fine specimen as that go, I thought of her husband. Then I had to force myself into a meditative exercise – prescribed by my sex therapist – to take my mind off of the carnal impulses I’d always felt when I was around her…and other women I lusted after.

Halfway through the morning after we’d run across one another in the bar – on a Wednesday – she called my client’s office, asking for me. “How did you get this number?” I asked.

“Shaun…you said you had an insurance client on the 40th floor. I’ve worked in this building for years and there’s only one insurance company there. I’m calling to invite you to lunch today.”

“Sorry, Cam, can’t make it. I’ve got a long meeting at noon. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Oooh, damn. I wanted to see you today, but…okay, tomorrow’ll do. Downstairs in the restaurant all right with you?”

“It’s a date. See you tomorrow at noon,” I said, wondering what was so important that she’d had to see me today.

Cam was waiting for me at the bar the next day, once again having a lunchtime glass of wine with her friend, Marsha. She was facing away from me, half-perched on a barstool, in a tan wool pantsuit with a maroon pin-stripe. Her jacket was expertly tailored and fit like a glove. Her pants…my Gawd, her pants! They highlighted her magnificent bottom, clinging to it and her upper thighs to the point that I thought their stitching would give way. Her feet were in her trademarked three-inch – this time burgundy – stiletto heels.

Marsha must have warned her that she’d seen me. As I approached them, Cam turned, beaming, and greeted me with a “Hi, sailor!”

“Sorry I’m late,” I apologized, at which point Marsha excused herself and left. I got the feeling that she was being used as a chaperone by Cam. Her independent manner told me that they didn’t work closely together.

Cam led the way to our reserved table and we settled in. “Like some wine? My treat!” she exclaimed. I had a light afternoon and needed to relax, so I happily said yes.

A half-hour went by and we’d not talked about anything more important than the weather. Our lunch had arrived and we’d almost finished it. What had been so important yesterday? I wondered. I decided to get personal…starting with a compliment.

“That’s a very handsome suit,” I ventured. I chose the adjective carefully, so as not to make my deep, lustful impulses too obvious. Under her jacket she wore a burgundy V-neck sweater that was so tight the inner slopes of her breasts swelled appetizingly over the garment’s neckline.

“Why thank you, Shaun,” she cooed. “I figured I’d better keep my legs covered so you’d listen to what I’m saying,” she added coquettishly.

I looked down at the table. She’d busted me. All those years before she’d noticed my slavish hunger for her legs, and now I was being held to task for it. I blushed, visibly, and stuttered a response, something like, “Ah…it’s just that…”.

“Don’t apologize, Shaun. I’d have to be blind not to have noticed your appreciation of my legs. But where’s your head now? You’re a successful entrepreneur, and I hope no longer just a skirt-chaser.”

Again I was speechless. I’d always admired Cam’s candor. At this moment it was hard to believe that at one time I’d been her boss.

“Okay…I’ll back off…and talk about myself,” she said quietly, unconsciously sticking a finger into the V-neck of her sweater…perhaps to free a nipple that had been caught uncomfortably in her bra. “My choice of Darryl was a bad one.”

“Why do you say that?” I questioned, now distracted by her tits.

“The first couple of years were great. Our sex life together was super and we were pursuing some great plans. Then he started to get really kinky.”

“Kinky?” I asked, probing for more details.

“Yeah…first he started bringing home sex toys – vibrators, plugs, dildos – then porn videos. Then we started going to porno clubs so he could get me used to watching other people make love.”

“Was he disappointed?” I asked.

“Not really,” she countered. “I’ve always been…aah…visually-oriented. Okay, I admit that I like to watch other people get it on. It excites me tremendously. But, finally, he really got pissed off when I refused to blow some guy in a bookstore glory hole.

“Understandable,” I muttered, astonished at her openness, “I mean…your refusal.”

“Really!” she huffed. “Think of the diseases I could’ve picked up! Anyway, then he tried to get me to join him with other women…you know, in threesomes.”

“And?” I queried, leaning forward with interest since I, myself, enjoyed immensely having two women at a time.

“Well…I almost caved on that one, but I didn’t…except…with one woman. I let him bring his dates…his girls…home, and I watched them screw. He even recorded them on video. Gawd, it got to be so weird, Shaun, but I allowed it anyway, since he was my husband. I loved him and wanted to hang onto him…and I thought it was just a phase we were both going through.”

My ears perked up at her admission of being in a threesome, ‘with one woman’. I wonder what were the circumstances. “He wanted more, though, didn’t he,” I said, sounding like my therapist.

“Yeah,” she said, now on a roll. “It got so every minute we spent together had some dirty sexual connotation. Remember when you offered me that part in the play? Well, he laughed, and told me that I could do it if I’d join him and his girlfriends in fucking after rehearsals!”

I vaguely remembered Cam being absent from work and out-of-sorts for a while before I quit the bank a few years before. But my memories had faded. Her story was all too familiar, since I’d tried to leave that sexually-obsessed life behind when I’d left. What that meant in practical terms was that I was still constantly being sexually tempted…always battling an inner demon that kept me horny on a continual basis.

“But you got pregnant,” I said.

“An accident,” she retorted, “but one that’s been the happiest of my life…having Amy. Shortly after that, Darryl and I stopped having sex, and that was three years ago.”

“You’ve been divorced how long…?”

“Two years,” she responded. “And that’s, basically, the story of my life since I last saw you,” she concluded, agitatedly, glancing at her watch, appearing anxious to leave.

“Gotta go?” I asked, sorry that our conversation was apparently finished. I wanted to hear more.

“Yeah…I’d better. Afternoon meetings, y’know,” she responded as she paid the bill.

We both rose at the same time and she gave me a quick, kiss-the-air parting. “See you soon,” she whispered, and walked to the elevators. She strode majestically with head high and shoulders back for perhaps fifty feet, then stopped to turn slowly…seeming to know that my eyes were devouring her gorgeous ass as it twitched invitingly. Seeing that I was watching her, she smiled to herself, turned and walked away, waggling her fingers in the air to say goodbye until next time. I couldn’t believe that Cam may have gone without sex for as long as two or three years.

All of the next day, Friday, I spent in client meetings, and looked forward to a free weekend. At 4:30 I descended to the parking garage for the commute home. I exited the elevator and started the twenty or so yards to where my car was parked. Even at that distance I could recognize Cam’s sublime, hourglass shape with her back to me, leaning over the windshield of my car and scraping a dead bug or something off of it. Unlike yesterday’s pinstriped business suit with pants, this afternoon she wore a very short, skin-tight, black silk skirt with a perfectly-tailored, black plaid-on-cream blazer that clung to her curvy torso and hips like a second skin. It matched the sheer black nylons and three-inch black heels with a single heel strap that made her extraordinary legs even more appetizing.

A rush of adrenalin hit me and my groin pulsed as I felt immediate sexual arousal. She’d made a point of contacting me each day since our chance encounter in the bar, and those efforts now seemed far beyond the boundaries of mere friendship. I hoped at that moment that my long-nurtured hunger for her might soon be fed. God help me, I thought, please let me have her!

I startled her from about ten feet away and she whirled around, wide-eyed. “What a surprise!” I said cheerfully.

“Gawd, you scared me!” she gasped, her palm against her chest, which was clothed in a black, translucent silk blouse under her blazer. “I…uuh…I was wondering if you could give me a ride home,” she said, breathily. I could give you a ride you to the ends of the earth, darlin’, I thought to myself.

“Sure! Hop in!” I said, hitting the remote unlocking button and opening the door for her. She sat down butt first, then swung her legs in, tugging at her skirt to cover herself while watching me ogle the tops of her thigh-high stockings.

As we drove home Cam seemed very agitated. Finally, she laid her hand on my forearm and said, “All night I thought about what I told you yesterday, and there’s just one thing I omitted. Sherri…was one of Darryl’s girlfriends.”

“I suspected that years ago, Cam. But, relax. Your family secret’s safe with me,” I assured her as we drove up in front of her building.

“You can park underneath,” she said, pulling a remote control from her blazer pocket to open an iron gate to the underground garage. “I want to show you my house.”

“Sure it’s all right?” I asked. “I mean, your daughter…”.

“She’s with Darryl for the weekend. He picked her up at noon.” I looked at her quickly and she looked away, saying, “Gawd, I’m such a phony, Shaun. I didn’t go to work today, but did errands instead. Then I took a cab to the bank parking lot just an hour ago, hoping I’d run into you.”

We glided into a parking space and my mind was rapidly trying to stay abreast of what was being said. “Well, then,” I soothed, “I’m flattered that you dressed so nicely for me. Let’s go upstairs and see your place,” I said, patting her soft hand as it nervously clutched my arm.

I was impressed. Cam’s townhouse was elegant, a mix of post-modern and minimalist Asian design. A large living room with fireplace and glassed-in balcony, and an adjoining kitchen, was surrounded by three large rooms, one a master bedroom, another one a suite for Cam’s daughter and nanny, yet another a combined home office and gym. “This is where I try to keep in shape,” she said. “I’d gotten so fat when Darryl and I were together.”

I hesitated before saying anything, then murmured, “I’ve never noticed you being overweight,” which made her blush. Her broken marriage must have destroyed her confidence in her body.

“Wine? Hope you like Chardonnay,” she offered, as she led me out to the small, glass-enclosed room on a balcony overlooking the bay from four stories up. It was dusk, the city lights were on, and the sunset ranged from light pinks to the deepest purples, reflected in a huge mirror that covered one side wall. I was transfixed by the stunning view and sat on the two-foot-wide arm of a plush sofa Cam had in the room.

She returned with our wine, offering me a glass with slightly-trembling hand, and turned away from me toward the view. She’d shed her blazer and now stood with her back to me, looking out at the view, her filmy silk blouse revealing a black bra that barely constrained her ample bosom. Single, solitary diamond earrings shone just under the curls over her ears. I felt short of breath as I fought the primitive urge to ravish this succulent blonde vision in foreboding black…sensuous, carnal and inviting beyond belief.

“Your place is lovely. You should feel proud,” I said, complimenting her on several other non-sensual things…including her intelligence, driving ambition, and courage to face the world as a single mother.

“Only in my best moments, Shaun. The rest of the time I worry whether I’ve done the right thing for my daughter…just like right now.”

That was the trigger, I thought…the final invitation. It was now or never, I figured. I placed my wine on a low table and grasped her waist from behind, causing her to inhale sharply, lay her head back on my shoulder, and mold her firm ass into my crotch. I kissed her on the side of her neck, over her jugular, and felt the blood pulsing to her brain. The quivering muscles in her body were as taut as steel springs as she whispered haltingly, “Ooohhh, Shaun. Every time…you look at me – from the very first – I get numb and heavy…all achy inside.”

My hands went to her fulsome breasts, kneading and plucking at her nipples, and she reached up to press my fingers into her firm flesh. “Uunnhh…honey…yesss…oooh, touch me all over,” she murmured, unbuttoning her blouse and unfastening her bra between its cups. She turned quickly, and my hands followed her, squeezing and fondling her thick, spongy nipples between my fingers. I felt her sweet, hot breath against my cheek as she looked up, regarding me with her gray eyes, eyes that begged for trust, yet were clouded with lust.

“Gawd, I want you…so much. I’ve fantasized…about this moment for years,” she whispered, pulling my lips down to meet hers with one of her arms behind my head. We both moaned together as our tongues danced in each others’ mouths while our hands began working frantically at disposing of our garments. You’re not alone in that fantasy, I thought.

We were hyperventilating from excitement. My Gawd, after all, this was Cam! She whimpered as I pulled the tails of her blouse free from her skin-tight skirt. I then dropped my coat, ripped off my tie, and shrugged out of my shirt. While I unbuttoned the waist band of her skirt and unzipped it down the back, she loosened my belt and dropped my pants. We kicked off our shoes at the same time and stood panting for a half-second before embracing, then we clinched and kissed passionately as her skirt dropped to the floor and our hands groped inside each others’ underwear. She quickly stripped my boxers down and grabbed two hot fists full of my cock and balls, squeaking in her throat as she did so, while I worked more slowly on lowering her gauzy, black silk thong that consisted of no more material than a couple of postage stamps on two cords.

Slowly I worked the g-string down over the jutting curves of her naked thighs that had entranced me for years. As I knelt on the floor her hands went to my face to stroke it gently. She moaned as I reached the lacy tops of her hosiery. I’d kissed and nibbled the creamy flesh above them in many previous fantasies, and now I did it for real, causing her to whimper again. My cock began pulsing in anticipation as I contemplated the feel of her soft loins yielding to mine.

When I’d rolled the thong to her calves it fluttered to the floor. From my knees I was finally able to concentrate on her breathtaking body, still partially clothed by her blouse and bra that hung from her shoulders. My hands traced up her stocking-clad legs, appreciating the muscular bulge of her calves as they swelled and nipped in at her knees, then up over her thickening thighs as they narrowed on the inside at her naked vulva, swollen pink from excitement. Once again I looked up at her flushed face as I licked my lips and reached around behind her to cup her firm, silken butt cheeks and pull her closer to me. Her knees were trembling from nervous desire and she spread them a bit to gain better balance. When she did her labia parted slightly and between them oozed a thick rivulet of her juice, seemingly waiting to be licked. Before I did so I inhaled the musky bouquet of the goo, then quickly split her cunt with my stiff, burrowing tongue. She cried out, “Ohh, Shaaauuunnn!” weaving her fingers in my hair while pulling my face to her crotch and moaning as I proceeded to lick the smooth, fleshy mound of her pussy clean.

Her hands tightened on my head as her excitement mounted and I glanced up at her to see her head thrown back in ecstasy, yet still she watched me in the large wall mirror through slitted eyes as I tongued her. “Sit, honey,” I whispered, moving her backward slightly to the wide sofa arm. She was breathing so heavily, her breasts heaving from excitement, that she didn’t hear me. “Sit here,” I repeated and she understood, stepping back at the same time she shrugged out of her blouse and bra to become naked except for her stockings. As she sat, she spread her legs widely, pulling them up toward her shoulders with her hands, and leaned her upper body against the sofa back. “Now you can watch us,” I mumbled, taunting her gently.

“Ooooh, Gawd…I love to do that…I can’t stop myself. I go crazy just thinking about watching us fuck. I wanna be such a…such a slut with you! Ohhhh, Jeezusss,” she gasped as I failed to respond verbally, instead spreading her plump pussy with my thumbs and flicking away with my tongue at her swollen clit. She began whining in her throat, then gradually lapsed into whimpers as her excitement reached a higher level.

Soon I spread the pink inner petals of her pussy with two fingers and twisted my hand in a corkscrew motion in and out, massaging her G-spot behind the pelvic bone. She responded by humping up at my hand, which increased in tempo as I returned to lick her clit. She was now groaning incessantly and had released her legs so that they draped over my shoulders, pulling my hand and face into her. Her smell was overpowering, and the amount of juice she was leaking would pose a challenge to whoever cleaned the upholstery on her sofa. But she was almost there…within a hair’s breadth of her first orgasm with me, and one that I hoped would be memorable. I’d had a lot of practice with scores of different women, but with Cam there was always the element of the unexpected…the unpredictable.

It came as an answer to my question, “Wanna cum, baby?”

“…am cumming,” she rasped through gritted teeth. “I’m cumming,” she grunted again, with eyes shut tightly. “Awww, fuck, Shaun…I am cu’…cum…cummmm-mmmminnngg,” she screamed as her body went rigid, then relaxed, rigid then relaxed, probably a dozen times as her climax reached its peak. That’s when she went wild. Rather than easing into an afterglow like most women would, she clawed at me, pulling me up and on top of her. Her hands went to my erect cock, grasping it roughly and trying to impale herself with it. “Come inside me! Please do me now, Shaun. I need it! Hard! Please fuck me hard!” she begged.

I grasped my cock and stirred its tip into her soft inner tissues, causing high-pitched cries, then finally eased my hips forward to sink deeply into her welcoming birth canal to its bottom. She watched in the mirror, moaning, as my probe invaded her body, licking her lips and seeing her thick juices cover it like a glaze. “Better?” I asked softly as I established a slow, regular tempo, along with circular hip movements designed to stimulate her tightly clasping vaginal ridges.

“Ooohhh, my Gawwd, baby…it’s so good,” she gasped and kissed me deeply as my hands went to squeeze both of her breasts rhythmically, timing my upward, milking grasps to coincide with my slow hip movements. “Please, do me harder…wanna get off again. You’re my first…since Darryl, honey…just fuck me…fuck me…please fuck me…”.

Cam had given me license to fill a void in her life, I thought to myself, as she filled my mouth with her tongue while grunting like a feral animal in her throat. Her hands clawed at me again from buttocks to shoulders as I drove into her cervix. Then she pulled her mouth away to gain breath and shout…until her screeches became silent and all she could do was look plaintively into my eyes and mouth silent words that looked like: I’m cumming again…oh, God, I’m cumming again.

That was enough for me. This would be her memorable orgasm. I punished her loins savagely, holding her hourglass hips roughly and driving my prick upward toward her heart as she climaxed again. Her fulsome tits flopped in circles as we fucked, so appetizingly that they almost distracted me from the task at hand. Finally, her body took over and she answered each of my thrusts with one of her own, accepting my plundering rod with abandon as her head thrashed back and forth and her nails dug into the sofa’s upholstery for traction until she lapsed into a soft mewling.

Then, the strangest thing happened. I felt a sudden urge to cum. My therapist had told me that, when that happened early during a first encounter with a woman, it was a sign of progress toward recovering from priapism, a symptom of my addiction. It indicated that I was submitting to unconscious pleasure rather than the manufactured idea of fucking like Superman until exhaustion. I uttered a groan of self-knowledge, which probably sounded to Cam like something totally different, something like the self-validating sound of pleasing one’s sexual partner.

“Gonna cum in me, baby?” she panted in a girlish voice, as we now fucked harder.

I responded with a groan and paused in drilling her, shaking my head rapidly to stave off the climax.

“Please cum, honey. Lemme feel your hot seed way up inside,” she pled, reaching down between our two bodies to feel my rigid cock slipping in and out of her cunt. “Oh, Gawd, I’m still…” she whispered, holding my hips still while I was fully-embedded inside her. “Feel me, baby,” she gasped, almost hysterically, as her extraordinary vagina repeatedly squeezed my cock without us moving. I allowed her to continue, holding my head in her hands and looking into my eyes, as her cunt began to pulse involuntarily around my embedded cock.

I don’t know who shouted first, Cam or me. I do remember blasting repeated geysers of spunk inside her as her cervical opening contracted and sucked my semen into her womb. I also remember the way her lovely legs locked behind my buttocks and – with each of my orgasmic pulses – pulled me deeply into her center as if she were operating a mechanical pump. I remember, too, the gentle way she murmured her satisfaction and stroked the spasming muscles in my lower belly with her thumbs as I spewed millions of sperm into her. I don’t remember how long we lay entwined on the arm of her sofa, shuddering and groaning each time one of us moved, but it was very sweet…very tender and romantic.

“Sweetie, let’s go into the bedroom,” she finally murmured, interrupting our mood. I was totally immersed in her, licking the tangy sweat from the crook of her neck.

“Okay, sugar…lead the way,” I whispered, lifting my body and causing my dick to slip from her, leaving a large cum stain on her sofa.

As she stood and walked ahead of me, she cupped her hand over her crotch to staunch the flow of semen that was running down the inside of her thighs over her stocking tops. My dick started to harden again as her deep butt crack and sacral dimples beckoned at me. Giggling, she minced into her bedroom and switched on a lamp beside her bed. “You’re running out of me,” she grinned, grabbing me around the waist, standing on tiptoe and kissing me. “‘S’cuse me while I go to the bathroom and clean up. I’ll be a few minutes, so make yourself at home.”

I flopped onto the bedspread and looked at myself in the mirror atop Cam’s dresser across from the foot of the bed, very pleased with the both of us. Minutes went by and I rose to retrieve my wine from the balcony room. It was now dark outside, as well as in the room, and I saw many residents of nearby high-rise apartments through their lit windows. As they went about their after-work lives, I wondered how many of them had witnessed Cam and me rutting passionately a few minutes before in what amounted to a glassed-in fishbowl. Not really caring, I went back to the bedroom, pulled back the covers, and lay down on the king-sized bed to sip wine for several minutes, awaiting her return.

When she finally did emerge, she looked refreshed, though her gaze still had that hooded look that speaks of a woman in a continual state of heat. She wore a silver silk pajama top that reached just below her crotch, with a tying sash that cinched it tightly around her small waist. Her stockings were gone, revealing the alabaster legs that for years had been the object of my lusty desire. She opened a nightstand drawer and put a tube of lubricant in it, closing the drawer. She then stood next to the bed, bending one leg and leaning one beautiful, creamy knee on the sheet.

“Sorry I took so long,” she said quietly, cupping her perfect, naked, 36C breasts underneath and slowly pinching her nipples so they pouted out at me through her silk top. “I wanted to get clean all over.”

“So long as you didn’t shower, I’ll bet I could find a spot or two on you that you didn’t get to,” I said, running my hand up under her pajama top across her naked thigh to her pussy.

She shivered and gasped, “I’m not much of a gambler. I only bet on sure things. For instance, if I were to take your cock in my mouth, I’ll bet I could make you cum in…maybe, three minutes. Let’s try it. If I lose, you can do whatever you want with me,” she promised, climbing onto the bed next to me and caressing my chest and stomach softly with her hand.

“You’re on, sweetheart,” I said, “but first, let’s get you out of your lovely silk thing here.” I untied her sash and she slipped the top off her shoulders, then knelt down at a right angle to me, kissing and licking softly at my flaccid prick, which lay lifelessly back on my belly. From that angle I could see in profile the beautiful arc of her back, her full, pendulous breasts underneath that hung from taut pectoral muscles, and the extraordinary curve of her ass as it protruded in the air. I couldn’t remember in my life having seen a more perfect feminine physique.

She used one hand to hold up my rising shaft as she placed her open mouth over the tip to smother it with her hot breath, then she closed her lips and, with hollowed cheeks, took me to the top of her throat and sucked long and gently while humming softly. She cast a sidelong glance at the mirror above her dresser – as if to check a fine point of technique, but probably just to satisfy a prurient curious impulse – and took several plunges as my rod poked at her glottal obstruction. I moaned with pleasure and raised my hips off the sheets, causing her to gag once, but with a few head twists and copious saliva she let me pass into her throat, a bit more each time her distended lips approached my groin. She then interlaced her fingers and – that part of me that was outside of her mouth – she began jacking with both hands, which felt amazingly like a muscular vagina clutching at my tumescent staff.

After a while she pulled off of me to relax her jaw. “You like that, huh, sweetie,” she gasped, catching her breath and moving from between my legs, her hands tugging at me the whole time.

She looked again at me in the mirror and – slipping her hot lips down over my stiffness – scooted her lower body up to me, a quarter-turn on her knees to straddle my chest, there to resume her oral labors.

Though I’d eaten and fucked her a half-hour earlier, at that moment it was as if I’d never truly studied her gorgeous saddle. With gentle, loving hands I stroked the silken globes of her creamy ass with wonder, pulling them apart to reveal the perfect, pink asterisk of her rectum, moist with a clear fluid that seemed to leak from her bowels. Below it lay the succulent, plump mound of her pussy, now slightly split apart to reveal the crinkly pink folds of her inner labia that I’d earlier probed so roughly.

By this time Cam was working on me with a vengeance, throating me almost in desperation, and hyperventilating as she did so. I’d made an unfair bet with her. Given the fact that I’d cum earlier, I could now last for at least an hour before doing so again.

Devilishly, I licked at her asshole, causing her to pull off of me and gasp, “Ohhh, honey, yesss!” I was as surprised as she was, since she’d obviously inserted some strawberry lube up her rectum. I gripped her firm buttocks hard, pulled them apart, and drove my stiffened tongue deeply into her colon, twisting it in circles to ream out its artificial sweetness, which made her cry out, raise upright and nearly forget what she’d been doing to me.

“Naughty girl!” I admonished between pokes of my tongue. “You must’ve known I love strawberries,” I muttered quietly, returning to rimming her tasty asshole.

“Oooh, baby, I had an enema…to get all clean for you,” she squeaked, as she returned to jacking and sucking me.

I’d won the bet, and now lengthened my licks to include Cam’s pussy. She’d obviously taken a douche as well, my taste buds told me. I thrust my stiff tongue forward, feeling her clit, and flicked at it repeatedly until she began groaning and jerking. I stopped, teasingly, then dragged my tongue back to her vaginal opening then up to her ass, twirling it in circles and lathering her with as much saliva as I could muster. At this point Cam abandoned using her hands on my dick and reached behind herself to spread her butt more widely as she noisily thrust her mouth and throat down onto me.

“Mmmnngh, you love it, don’t you, you nasty little thing,” I teased, as I broadened my tongue to lap at her from clit to rectum. “You’ve been shaking that succulent ass at me for years, hoping I’d nail it, huh!” Cam’s groans became louder as her head bobbed up and down faster on my cock. “You want me to fuck you in the ass, Cammie? You want me to fill you up back here?” I questioned torturously, sliding a thumb slowly into her asshole and stirring it around.

“Mmm-hmmmph!” she grunted, her mouth full of my rigid staff.

“Okay,” I said good-naturedly, but then returned to her clit. I sensed that she was just seconds away from an orgasm – perhaps a minute – and felt greedy in wanting to stimulate another one. With my thumb still embedded in her, I pulled her back closer to my face and pushed down on her waist. Her back arched even more, and her swollen, red clitoris now pulsed with blood before my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I stuck my nose into her pussy and flicked my tongue at her little nubbin until she started thrashing and losing all composure. Then I gripped her hips in my arms, immobilizing her, and nibbled at her clit with my lips as she pulled off my cock and started screaming my name.

“Shaun…Shaun…Shaun…Shaun…Shaun!” she shouted in total hysteria as her body launched into a chain of paroxysms. Her head fell to the bed between my legs, leaving my stiff member to wave in the air, as the muscles in her body continually contracted and relaxed by turns as if she’d been electrocuted. She groaned loudly for a half-minute, then moaned quietly for another thirty seconds as she kissed the inside of one of my legs, then mewled softly as I climbed out from under her, leaving her still on her knees and shoulders with her ass in the air.

Kneeling behind her, I stroked her elevated buns and probed gently at her puckered rectum. Breathlessly, she gasped a request, “Ohhh, Shaun honey, please use some jelly…in the drawer. Gimme the dildo, too…please!”

I pulled the lube from the drawer as well as a dildo, one of several stored there. As I squeezed a liberal amount of gel onto my prick and Cam’s anus, I studied the toy for a moment. It was about eight inches in length, with an on-off dial to activate a vibrating function, and was covered with dozens of very short, stiff, plastic protrusions, obviously meant to stimulate female orifices.

I handed it to her, somewhat surprised at the fact that she’d apparently kept the sex toys that her ex-husband had bought, as I nestled my glans into her nether opening. She was breathing heavily again, still excited from her previous orgasm, and whining as I gripped her hips and assumed the canine position to enter her. “Ooohh!” she cooed in anticipation as the head of my cock slipped past her anal sphincter. “Do me nice an’ slow, baby…slow ‘n’ deeeep,” she murmured, rising to brace herself on one hand while with the other she carefully inserted the pink, spiny dildo into her pussy. “Unh-uunnhhh!” she exhaled as both the toy and my fleshy probe drove to the maximum depth in her body. “Unh-uunnhhh!” she repeated, as I stroked again into her bowels. Then, she said, “Look at us, honey…in the mirror.”

I looked and saw her watching me gore her from behind, with a vacant though blissful smile on her face. Her jaw was slack and her heavy-lidded gray eyes occasionally would turn blank as they rolled up in her skull while she thrust her backside against me. “You like to watch yourself fuck, huh,” I grunted.

“Nnnghh, I like…to watch…you fuck me,” she mewled. “I love to…hear…smell…taste you…fucking me,” she crooned as her tight colon gripped my cock and we sped our pace.

“Such a dirty little girl you are,” I whispered, half-seriously, reaching down and turning on the vibrating toy sunk into her snatch.

“Ooohhh…I knowww. I’m jus’…awwfuuul,” she whimpered, as the buzzing dildo caused her elbows to weaken so that she dropped her head and shoulders to the bed and began moaning incessantly, so much that my priapic mood was broken. It was time for me to cum again.

I eased to my feet while still embedded in Cam, standing flat-footed on the bed and crouched behind her, with the intent of bringing us both to a blinding climax. She sensed this and reached between her legs to manipulate the dildo as well as her clitoris. I reached forward and held her shoulders, using them like some rough beast to bring her entire body back onto my rampaging prong. We fucked this way for five minutes – watching ourselves in her mirror – while we blistered the paint from the walls with our screams and shouts.

Our simultaneous orgasm was cosmic. I thought that I’d never stop rocketing cum into Cam’s ass. For her part, she trembled and twitched for a full minute, finally collapsing onto the bed with me still inside her. When our senses returned, she reached down and pulled the dildo from her cunt, tossing it aside. And when our breathing returned to normal, I reached over and shut the buzzing thing off. All was quiet as I lay on her, heavily.

I was briefly awakened from a slumber by her movements and kisses. She slid over and switched off the lamp on the nightstand. “Jeezus,” she murmured, “you’re an incredible lover,” and scooted back to me, spooning her body into mine.

“I was just thinking the same of you,” I whispered in her ear, gathering her in my arms, palming her fleshy breasts softly and nestling my dick into her silken butt crack.

We lay quietly for several minutes as I started to doze off, then Cam spoke to me in the dark. “Shaun, did you really used to fuck underage girls?”

“Of course not!” I exclaimed, raising up on one elbow. “Where did you hear that?”

“Well, Sherri told me about a little Mexican girl she saw at your place one time…a real beauty…said she looked about fifteen.”

“Her name was Carlita, she’s Chilean, and now is about twenty-four. She went to Hollywood a couple of years ago, changed her name, and is playing in a TV series now,” I said. “Sherri was just imagining things.” But she was probably jealous, as most women were of the little Latina bombshell, I remembered. I’d always have the sweetest memories of Carlita – who looked shy of 18 but was 20 at the time – and her boundless sexual energy.

“Well, Sherri’s always been sensitive about kids having sex, and for good reason. Did you know she was abused by a pair of foster parents? It went on for ten or twelve years.”

“No.” I wasn’t surprised, though, since my physical experiences with Sherri had always had a perverse undertone to them. It seemed reasonable that she’d had an unconventional – if not traumatic – early sexual background. “Why bring Sherri up, all of a sudden?”

“Well, she’s stayed in touch with me. In fact, I got an e-mail from her on Wednesday. She asked if I’d seen you recently.”


“I told her we’d run into one another.”

“That’s all?” I asked.

“On Wednesday that’s all I
could tell her. You and I hadn’t even had lunch yet.”

“Well, c’mere, sweetheart,” I said, running my hand down across Cam’s smooth vulva and swiping one finger up across her clit. “Let’s get back to what we were doing, so that next time she writes you’ll have lots of sexy things to tell her.”

“Oooh, Shaun, you’re such a dirty, dirty boy,” she moaned, turning her face up toward me and giving me a tongue-lashing kiss as I continued to masturbate her. “Do you like…how I feel?” she asked in a halting, breathless voice.

“What? Your pussy? Oh yeah, nice and smooth.”

“Good, ‘cuz I had it waxed…this afternoon just before I saw you, hoping…we’d end up like this.” She then moaned as I lifted her top leg and stirred my hardening cock into the moist petals of her slit. As my dick’s crown entered her wetness, she whined, “Gaawwd, honey, I’ve never felt like this with any man.”

I issued a male grunt as my ego was satisfied, and Cam raised her leg to lock it behind the knee of my upper leg to push her magnificent ass back into my lower belly. I held her in place by gripping her breasts and punishing her nipples with fingers and thumbs as she again thrashed toward a physical frenzy. In this position my cock abraded her G-spot as we fucked, causing an unbroken chorus of soprano lamentations to echo from her mouth. Along with everything else, Cam expressed her passion extremely vocally, and – though relatively submissive – she wasn’t bashful about demanding what brought her pleasure.

“Nnngghh…Gawd, Shaun…that’s it…fuck me hard! Harder…harder…harder!” she exhorted in a throaty voice. “Gawd, I love it! I love it! I love it!” she shrieked, immediately approaching yet another orgasm. It came, quickly, after I abandoned one of her breasts to reach down and strum her engorged clit. And once again she thrust back against me to absorb my prick to its base, there to squeeze the rampant organ dozens of times with her phenomenal internal muscles as she whined like a stricken animal for a couple of minutes. When she came down from her peak and entered a tender afterglow, she mumbled, “Yeeaahh…oh, yeeaahh. Nnnnggh. Mmmm. Gawwd. Mmm…can we…can we sleep for a while now, baby? You’ve totally wiped me out.”

I awoke at about dawn with Cam lying on my chest, dead to the world. Her head lay on my shoulder with her face toward me, smelling of the sweet and sour vapors of sex. The nexus of her legs was above my groin, and my early morning hormones were stirring at the feel of her, rapidly prompting a predictable erection. I raised my head and kissed her lightly, causing her to stir, groan, stretch and smile sleepily at me. “Mornin’, sunshine!” I whispered.

Our first New Year’s celebration after leaving Germany was, as it turned out, surprisingly eventful. Mandi and I had stopped in a small bar close to the Interstate highway, owned and operated by a Korean woman. She was tough but nice, and was generous to people who frequented her bar, especially couples who could be considered regulars.

We went there about once a week to drink a few beers and shoot pool. One evening in late November, when we were sitting at a table close to the fireplace, right after I had stirred the fire and added some wood, she came over to our table. I figured she would just do her usual chat for a minute, and move on. This night was pleasantly different.

“You guys are new, but I like you. You come here and have a good time, and don’t cause trouble. You dance sometimes. That’s nice,” she told us.

I thanked her and said we enjoyed her place, especially sitting with a cold beer by a roaring fire. As I spoke, she was digging into a pocket of the tunic she wore. She pulled out something in her hand and offered it to Mandi. It was two small, homemade tickets of some sort.

“We have New Year party here!” our host explained. “Plenty food, free beer, big party. You invited.”

We were slightly surprised, but gratefully accepted her invitation.

“Thank you,” I said, “We will definitely be here.”

We enjoyed the fire and talked with a few people, and went home. We returned a few more times before New Years Eve. Then the big day occurred.

It just happened to be a Sunday, and here in God’s country polite people didn’t drink on Sunday, thus the locked door and free party. We arrived about 2100 and the party was just beginning to kick. We had to knock on the door, and after it was opened a crack, a face partially hidden by the door asked for our tickets.

I offered them and saw an eye carefully scrutinizing them. The door closed almost shut for a few seconds, and then another set of eyes appeared, only to have the door swing open and our hostess appeared.

“You come in!” she cried with outstretched arms.

We entered and exchanged hugs as the door was bolted shut behind us. There was a decent crowd, not too many people but enough to have a kicking good party. We grabbed a couple of beers and hit the bar, where there was a buffet line of food set up. Our hostess had made a bunch of Korean food, including some delightful egg rolls. There was plenty of kimchi, and we helped ourselves to as much of the food as a plate would hold.

After grabbing an empty table, we dug into the food for a while, and enjoyed the music. We started dancing a little while later, and while dancing, accidentally and literally bumped into another couple. We stepped back and shared a laugh and went back to dancing. Then, for no apparent reason, we bumped into the same couple again. We backed away laughing and decided that the dance floor wasn’t big enough for the both of us.

Mandi and I bowed out and went back to our table. As we continued to eat, the couple we banged around with came over and asked if we wanted to join them. Since we weren’t really acquainted with anyone else at the bar, we decided that it would be fun to meet someone new. And with that, we moved over to their table.

The couple was Chuck and Wilma. It was the first time I knew anyone named Wilma, with the possible exception of Fred Flintstone’s wife, but that was her name. She was well built, nice plump tits, nice ass, and Chuck was tall, somewhat heavy but in reasonably good shape. He had a slightly brushy beard and longish hair. Wilma had auburn hair that was obviously enhanced from a bottle, but was really nice looking. She turned out to be in her early 40′s and Chuck was about 5-6 years older. She really liked dancing and kicking up her heels and he was pretty laid back.

When Mandi got tired of dancing, Wilma asked me to dance, so we jammed around the floor for a while, and then when they put on some slow music, I danced with Wilma while Chuck and Mandi took a slow tour themselves. Wilma had a pretty nice body, and I found myself getting horny from doing a slow jam and grinding my crotch into hers as we danced. I started getting hard, and she felt it and got even friendlier, grinding back with a passion.

This went on for a while, off and on until midnight when we all celebrated the New Year. Sometime before midnight, we decided that we should go back to our place since their kids were already taken care of, so not long after we saw in the New Year, we headed out. Mandi rode with Chuck and Wilma rode with me so if we got separated, we didn’t have to worry about finding our house.

We just got started when I reached over and grabbed Wilma around the shoulders and gave what was supposed to be a hug. She leaned toward me and kept going, right into my crotch. She had my cock out of my pants in seconds and swallowed it. This made driving a bit difficult, and I had to concentrate on driving just to keep from killing us. We managed to get to the house in one piece. Mandi and Chuck had already gotten there, and had gotten some drinks and beers out. We put on some music and danced a while, slowly slipping out of some of the clothes.

Mandi and I had partied and swung with some other couples before so this wasn’t our first time. It was for them. Wilma had a private conversation with Chuck and soon we had split off. Wilma and I danced to some hot music and stripped each other naked while the song played. Chuck and Mandi went into the kitchen and were playing grab ass. She was kinda mediocre about Chuck, but he seemed okay, and Mandi was in a party mood anyway.

While they started getting naked in the kitchen, Wilma and I hit the floor and I slipped into her so easily I thought we were a well oiled machine. We fucked on the living room floor for a while, and then Mandi and Chuck came back in, naked except for Chuck’s t-shirt, and he laid down on the floor and pulled Mandi on top. They did some slow moves for a while, and since the floor was getting a bit old for me I wanted something more comfortable to lie on.

Wilma and I moved to the den and got comfortable on the futon, fucking away like old lovers. We jumped into a 69 for a while, I fucked her from behind, and she had a couple of nice orgasms. Since I had quite a bit of alcohol, I had trouble getting an orgasm. But Wilma was a hot older babe, and she didn’t want to quit, so I was cool.

After a while, I asked her if she was into anal sex, and she said she hadn’t done it before. I got some lube, and got her to lay down on her stomach. After greasing her tight back hole with first one, then two fingers, she seemed to be okay with anal play.

I eased the head of my cock up against her ass. We didn’t have the lights on but I could feel it slipping right into the tight ring of her asshole. She stiffened up for a second, and when my cock popped in past the head, she squirmed in pain. I tried to get her to relax a bit, and she seemed to for a minute, but as I tried to push further into her ass, she balked and pulled away.

“It hurts too much,” she complained.

I tried to reassure her that it took some time, and she swallowed another drink and gamely offered her ass to me for one more shot. I used my fingers again, gently massaging her anus with well oiled digits. She told me to try again, but when I began to push in she still had problems, so I finally gave up. We relaxed for a few minutes, and went back into the living room. Chuck was still on his back and Mandi was doing a slow ride on him. I got another beer, and told them I was ready to crash, and Wilma and I left for the guest room.

The next morning I woke up with a bit of headache, and it took me a minute to realize what had transpired the previous evening. It didn’t take long, though, when I saw the auburn hair peeking from under the blanket. I had a raging hard on, and thinking back about Wilma’s ass made it worse. Just when I thought I would bust, and gentle hand wrapped around my cock and began to stroke it gently.

After a little of this, I saw a lump moving under the covers, and then a warm mouth sucked in the head of my cock. This time, Wilma took her time and slowly and carefully began to take a bit more of my cock at a time until she had pretty much gotten most of cock down her throat. Mandi was pretty good at giving head but this was really special.

Wilma slobbered and sucked on me for a few minutes, and then began playing with my asshole. As she stroked my back hole, I finally got the urge to come, and within seconds, blew a huge wad down Wilma’s throat. She gamely swallowed as much as she could, spilling a little on my legs. After this, I lay there panting and took a few minutes to recover. I returned the favor without a word, diving into Wilma’s pussy and eating her to a killer orgasm within minutes.

I got up and wandered off to the bathroom. When I went in the living room and looked out, Chuck’s pick-up was gone. I peeked into the bedroom and Mandi was alone under the covers, gently snoring away. I grabbed a beer, and some coffee for Wilma, and returned to the den.

As she sipped her coffee, I told her that Chuck had already left. She had planned a meal for some friends that evening and invited Mandi and me over for dinner. After just giving me a great blow job, though, she acted so shy when she headed for the bathroom, grabbing a blanket and wrapping up. While she was in the bathroom, I got dressed into some sweats, and when she returned, she asked me to take her home.

We drove to her house in almost uncomfortable silence. I finally broke the spell by telling her how sexy she was, and that she was the first woman that much older than me that I had sex with. She laughed and told me she had never had sex with anyone younger than she, and we laughed at the thought. About the time we got to her house, she leaned over and tweaked my crotch, told me she had a great time, and insisted that Mandi and I come for dinner that evening. I told her we would.

Mandi was ready to kill me! She was cool with Chuck and was getting into a strange fuck when he began mauling her nipples. When he actually pinched them, she got mad and slapped his hands away. He told her she shouldn’t be so bitchy since she was just a slut who fucked other guys while her old man fucked their wives. She had gotten off him, gone into the kitchen and grabbed my chef’s knife and came back in the living room and asked him if he wanted his hard-on sliced off.

He tried to raise up like some kind of redneck badass, but Mandi was ½ American Indian, and had a temper showed it. Chuck decided he would let discretion be the better part of valor and split. That’s when Mandi heard me and Wilma still going at it and went to bed.

I was almost afraid to mention the invite to dinner, and when I did, she said she didn’t want to get around a crude redneck bastard like Chuck again. She told me that we shouldn’t piss them off after what went on, though, and told me to go and offer her apologies for drinking too much and having a killer hang over. She would stay home and get some rest and maybe take the dog for a long walk.

I went on over to Chuck and Wilma’s for dinner, met the kids, met the friends, enjoyed a good meal, and drank a few beers. When I got ready to leave, Wilma walked out with me.

As we started down the walk to my car, she said, “I don’t think Chuck treated Mandi very well. I know how he is, and he was being a shit. He wants to try to swing with people, but he is way too jealous and he just gets angry with whatever female he can take it out on.”

I pondered this for a moment as she continued. “But if you want, I would like to get together with you on our own.”

I looked at her for a second before realizing what she said.

“Just the two of us?” I asked.

“Sure. Besides, I want you to teach me how to do that in my bottom. It hurt, but it is so dirty I got turned on by the thought, and I want to learn how to do that. Do you think you could teach me and get me to where it didn’t hurt?”

Well, an old horny butt bandit like me couldn’t resist this invitation and I told her, “I think I could do that.”

She laughed a low laugh, and turned toward me, reaching down with a hand between us to grab my cock.

“I can’t wait,” she said succinctly.

I gave her my work phone number, and she told me that Chuck drove a truck and was often gone for 3-4 days in a row.

“We can have some fun,” she said with a smile.

I left with a hard on and went home.

We actually got together alone for the first time about three weeks later. We had a good fuck on her bed, and Wilma was a willing if physically unable participant in anal sex. She just couldn’t seem to relax and loosen up enough to do more than get a pain in her ass.

I told her that maybe she could use some toys to loosen her up slowly, and when Mandi and I were down in the closest decent town, I slipped out while she was shopping to ostensibly grab a beer but also stopped by a sex shop and got Wilma a selection of sex toys.

She had a vibrator, but I got a couple more, a butt plug kit with different sizes, and as I was browsing, found the kicker, a latex panty imported from Europe that had two molded dildo-like probes for pussy and ass, and a small ridge to rub the clit of the wearer. The panty had been cast from latex rubber, and the probes and panty made a single, continuous piece.

Once emplaced, one simply poured some light sex lubricant into the panty and either walked around, exercised, bicycled, rode a horse, or did something else physical to make the probes move in and out of the pussy and ass and the clit ridge would stimulate the clit.

Wilma was almost aghast at the dildo panty when I showed it to her, but she was also a bit curious. She also liked the rest of the toys, and promised to use them. We got together for a couple of more sessions and she showed me how much fun some of the toys were, and she had me fuck her doggie style while she had a small butt plug in her ass. She got a killer orgasm from that one.

We would meet about once a month for a 2-3 hour session when I was able to get away from my training site early. Mandi watched her soaps in the afternoon when she wasn’t working, and didn’t like to be disturbed, so I didn’t tell her what time I actually got away from work. Wilma worked hard to get her butt hole loosened up for me to actually fuck, but the process was slow and painful. She worked hard getting her tight little hole to loosen up for me, and got to the point where she absolutely loved having me play with a probe in her ass while we fucked doggy style.

I was at work early one afternoon after the site was cleared of people, finishing up my training reports when I noticed a car pull up in front of the facility. I didn’t recognize it at first until I noticed a female get out of the car. It was Wilma. I thought this was a bit odd, but I welcomed the interruption since I was in no hurry to head home and had left one of the simulators running so I could do some shooting after I finished my reports.

As she came down the walk to the front office, I notice that she was walking rather gingerly, like she was sore or something. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a bright red blouse, sleeveless and opened at the neck. She was also wearing some red pumps. As she got closer, she looked a bit flushed.

She apparently didn’t see me sitting at the desk, even though the window was open and I could see her easily. She knocked on the door, and I told her to come in.

She slipped in the door, looked at me and said, “Is anyone else here?”

“Nice to see you too,” I replied, “and no, no one else is here. Why?”

She smiled and moved over to my desk, set her hands on it and leaned over to kiss me. I gave her a quick kiss and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were exposed from 4 buttons open on her blouse.

“Nice view,” I said, “Is that for me?”

She laughed and said, “Sure. And I have a surprise for you if you have a little time.”

Mandi wasn’t due home from work for another two hours and no one would be showing up at the site for about 3 hours for remedial training, so I was up for a surprise.

“I have some time. What’s the surprise?”

She laughed and said, “You’ll see. Now why don’t you show me around this place?”

I told her there wasn’t much to see, but if she would give me a minute to finish my reports I would. She asked if I had a ladies room, and I pointed her out in the hallway to where she needed to go. She walked away in that funny, slow walk, and came back about 5 minutes later as I was finishing my reports.

“Done yet?” she asked.

“That I am, let’s go,” I replied.

I decided to shut the windows and lock the door so I wouldn’t be interrupted accidentally, and we headed over to the left side of the building. It was actually a couple of large Quonset huts joined by a concrete block building in the center. We walked out in the open bay, mostly dark, lit only by the light that seeped in through the floor level vents. She looked around and noted the low lecture stage across the front.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“That is where we brief each class on their training, and also give some classes.”

“Oh,” she said and slowly looked around.

Then, after a short pause, she turned and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Are you sure you want that surprise?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, I am so horny I am running juice down my legs. I need someone to lick me clean. Can you help me with that?” Wilma asked.

“Oh you bet,” I quickly answered, “that sounds like you have an emergency on hand.”

“I do,” she laughed, and began to rub my cock through my uniform pants.

“And I need some help with something else.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

She took my hand and pulled it down to her thighs. I rubbed her bare leg below the skirt and she pushed my hand up under her skirt. I thought that she was definitely in a hurry so I ran my hand on up her thigh to her crotch, half expecting her not have any panties on, only to be blocked by a the feeling of rubber. I stepped back in surprise and then it dawned on me. She was wearing the dildo panties!

This was an unexpected delight, and I asked, “So when did you decide you would wear my little present for you?”

She laughed lightly, grabbed my hand and pushed in harder into her crotch. I took the hint, and began rubbing along the center where the clitoral knob of the panties would be, and she responded with a moan.

“I thought maybe I would try them out today, and decided I liked them more than I thought. They were nice after I finally got them situated. And after I moved around a bit in them they made me really horny. So I decided to surprise you and see if you would like to take them off me. I had an orgasm while I was driving over her and almost ran off the road.”

I chuckled and said, “Better be careful where you wear those. It could be dangerous.”

She pushed against my hand and said, “Rub a little harder.”

I massaged into the neoprene surface, and watched her breath quicken until she finally burst into an orgasm.

“Damn, these things are so much better than I first thought. When you gave me these things, I thought you were crazy. But the more I thought about it the more I figured I would give them a try. And you were right about the best way to put them on.”

I would like to have seen her wiggling around and getting the two molded probes into her pussy and ass, but there was time for that later. I had another idea in mind.

“So you got the back one in without a lot of problems?” I asked.

She chuckled again, and said, “It hurt a little at first, but I used some nice flavored lube and slowly worked both in at the same time. After I got them part of the way in, I peeled the upper part over my legs and then pulled them the rest of the way up. After I sat on my stool, both dildos went all the way in and have been there ever since. The one in my ass is still a little uncomfortable but I think I’m getting used to it.”

I liked the sound of that, since I was trying to be patient but really wanted to slam fuck that nice ass of hers.

“Well what say we get you out of them now and see if I can’t take care of your little problem!”

She laughed and said, “Sounds fine to me.”

I led her over to the platform and pushed her gently back onto it, laying her backward until her ass was hanging over the edge. I made a note that it was perfect crotch height. I pushed her skirt up and reached to the top of the panty, and began to slowly peel them down, turning them inside out as I went.

I got them past the level of her pussy when she squirmed a bit and said, “Be careful. Take them off real slow.”

I obliged and very gently eased them slightly down on her thighs until I could see the base of the probe in her pussy. I reached down with two fingers, and began to slide them out of her pussy and ass. I pushed the panty down a little further and finally freed both probes from their former hiding spaces. I finished slipping them off her legs and held them up. With them inside out, both probes stood straight up in my hands.

“Wow,” she said, “I feel suddenly empty.”

I laughed and said, “Come on. I have a surprise for you.”

I took her hands and helped her back to her feet, and we headed into the other side of the facility where the simulators were. It was dark in there as well, except for the machine I had left running.

The shooting simulator could be used in both the standing and prone shooting positions, but we generally left it standing. I carefully moved the weapon off the machine and placed it on some chairs beside the machine so I didn’t stress the joint on the recoil rod. She watched me curiously but quietly, and I retrieved a couple of more sandbags from another machine, and placed the sandbags on either side of the shooting area.

After I had things ready, I took her hand, backed her up to the machine, and lifted her by the waist until she was sitting on the platform. I told her to lay back on the platform, and pulled her toward me slightly and placed her legs on the sandbags on either side of the shooting position. I was face to face with her juicy pussy.

“Pull your tits out and play with them, “I told her.

She complied and I dived into her pussy, wasting no time in getting to her clit. I worked her clit into my lips and pushed it back out with my tongue, and got into a rhythm while she mauled her tits and moaned. I felt her building toward an orgasm, so I kept the rhythm steady and pressed my lips in a bit harder.

Just before she could launch into an orgasm, I slid two fingers into her pussy. This gave her a new stimulation and she moaned louder. After a few seconds I added a finger to her asshole, and finally added the last of my fingers to her ass, and began pounding my fingers into her like she was getting double fucked.

She jerked once, then twice, and let loose with a loud moan, writhing around on my hand and after a couple of more spasms, relaxed on the platform. I kept gently kissing her pussy and slowly probed with my fingers, until she finally raised her head and looked down at me with a grin.

She blurted out, “Damn, you have the knack for doing the right thing when I need it!”

I laughed and replied, “Glad I could help.”

She pushed herself up on her elbows and said, “If you’ll pull your hand out of my stomach and get me down, I think I want something bigger than fingers in my pussy.”

“Whatever you say,” I said, and after pulling my fingers out, I helped her down.

She held on to the side of the platform, still a little unsteady from the orgasm, and watched as I moved the sandbags back to their normal position and put the weapon back. I took her hand and we walked back to the other bay, and I slid her back on to the lecture stage again so she hung out over the edge as before.

I had a raging hard on in my pants, and I didn’t bother to take them off, especially with the combat boots I was wearing. I unbuttoned my pants and whipped my cock out into the cool air, and with no hesitation, suddenly plunged into her sopping pussy. She reacted with a quick groan, and then started moaning.

As I slid my cock in and out, I told her, “That pussy lube you used tasted good.”

I smiled at her and licked the fingers I had been probing her pussy with. I tugged her blouse open, unbuttoning the last couple of buttons and mauled her tits as I slammed into her pussy. She bounced her ass and moaned some more, squeezing her eyes tightly shut. This went on for a while until she finally opened her eyes, and I could feel her building toward another orgasm.

I slid a thumb down to her clit and gently massaged it until she rocked through several spasms, softly saying, “Damn, fuck me……fuck….shit this feels great….fuck me…..harder…..harder.”

She finally finished and relaxed, and looked at me.

“Aren’t you going to cum?”

I chuckled and said, “Remember, my job is to get you to where you can handle a cock in your ass. Are you ready to try again?”

She looked at me and said, “Well, the panty hurt a little and it isn’t as big as you, but I guess we can try. Do you want me to turn around?”

I thought about it for a minute but told her, “No, just stay like this. It might be easier for you.”

“Ok,” she replied, “be slow and gentle.”

I kept up the motion with my cock in her pussy for another minute until she settled back and relaxed. Staying in her pussy, I reached down under my cock and found that she had dribbled lube in her asshole and on the front of my pants! No time to worry now though, so I slid my cock out and slowly rubbed it around her crinkled little asshole. I pressed in slowly, and she began to moan again, this time without much pleasure.

“Easy,” she said.

I kept an easy steady pressure until I finally slipped into the tight ring of her asshole.

“Ow,” she cried, and I stopped moving.

“Don’t move and try to relax,” I told her.

“I’m trying,” she said, “but it hurts.”

I remained still, feeling her alternately grip and loosen her asshole around my cock. Finally, I eased a bit more into her ass. She had her eyes shut again, and I reached out and held both hands. She gripped my hands tightly and moaned again as I slowly pushed more cock into her ass.

As I began to withdraw the 3″ I had eased in, she moaned again and said, “It still hurts too much.”

“Try one more time,” I asked,” and try to relax some more.”

“I’m trying,” she complained,” but you’re too big for my ass.”

I chuckled and said, “Thanks, but I can’t make it any smaller without it getting soft.”

She writhed in pain as I tried to add a bit more of my cock to her ass, and finally said, “It still isn’t working. After I had the pantie on for a while I thought I could really do it because it started feeling really good having something in my ass, but I can’t do this.”

I looked down, and since my eyes were adjusted to the light in the bay, enjoyed the view of my cock partially buried in her ass while her pussy was gaped open, still dripping juice, her legs pushed back on either side of her tits and still wearing those red pumps. It was a stirring sight and my cock got even bigger.

She finally said, “Please take it out. I’m sorry but it still isn’t working.”

I reluctantly eased my cock out of her asshole, and she sighed.

“Can you finish in my pussy?” she asked plaintively.

I told her, “Let me clean my cock real quick and then finish me in your mouth.”

She smiled and said, “OK. I can do that.”

I dashed off to the men’s room and cleaned my cock and returned. She had spun around, taken off her blouse and rolled it up and placed it under her neck. When I walked up, she laid her head over the edge of the stage and opened her mouth. I slid my cock into her mouth and after a couple of strokes, pushed all the way down into her throat.

She pushed me back for a second and then pulled me in again. I face fucked her and reached down and fingered her clit. She started a muffled moan and I finally felt my orgasm building. I picked up the rhythm of my stroke until I was about ready to cum. I mauled her clit a bit harder and finally got her into another orgasm. This finally set me off and I splashed a load deep into her throat.

She gagged for a second, only to bury me balls deep in her throat again. I hadn’t noticed but she had a bit of a masochistic streak, but also seemed to have a dominant side as well. She sucked and slobbered until I finally withdrew from her mouth.

She slid back up on the stage and as she sat up, grabbed her head and said, “Whoa. I’m a little dizzy.”

I told her it was from hanging her head down like she did, and it would pass in a second. I helped her stand up on the floor, and leaned her against the stage. I picked up her blouse and put it on her, and buttoned it over her tits. I pulled her skirt back into place, and kissed her.

“You’re sweet,” she murmured as I led her back toward the office.

“What are you going to do with the dildo panty?” I asked.

She looked at me for a minute, and said, “Will you help me put it back on?”

Never one to run down a lady in need, I told her, “Let’s do it.”

I led her into the ladies room where I had stashed it and asked her if she still had the lube.

“It’s in my purse.” I watched as she dashed out the door, almost running into it before unlocking the latch. She returned from her car with a small bottle of flavored sex lube, and I greased up the probes for her.

She slipped both feet into the leg holes, and I pulled the center section up toward her crotch until the probes just reached her pussy and ass. She positioned them where they would go in, and then I pushed upward from under the center between the probes as she pulled the panty up and into position. She winced slightly as the anal probe slipped in, but quickly relaxed.

Once the panty was in place, she smoothed her skirt and said, “I better go.”

She headed for the door and I told her to come back again some time.

She smiled as she went out the door, and turned and said, “When is the next time you’re scheduled to close?”

I looked that the schedule but noticed that it was a day when Mandi wasn’t working, and told her it wouldn’t be until the next schedule came out.

“Maybe I can trade with someone,” I told her.

“Let me know,” she said, and started out the door.

She turned around for a second, though, pulled open her blouse, leaned over and shook her tits at me.

“A little something to remember me by,” she laughed and went to her car. I cleaned up, locked up and headed home.

Wilma and I got together a couple of more times in the next month, each time getting closer to actually getting into a good ass fuck with her, and she was really trying hard. She would wear the dildo panty when she could, and finally started getting to the point where she could handle the second size butt plug. She tried the largest one, which was the same diameter as my cock, but she still had trouble getting it all the way in.

During this time frame, Mandi had a death in her family, not a close member but someone that she really wanted to pay last respects to. She decided to go back home for a couple of days to attend the funeral and do some visiting, and made arrangements to fly out of the closest major city, a Midwestern hub. I took her to the airport, and saw her off.

The next day at work, I was closing up when I saw Wilma’s car pull in. She stayed in the car since there were still some people on the simulators, and I walked out to her car.

She smiled at me and said, “It’s a shame there’s people here. I need your help getting undressed.”

The leer on her face told me everything, as she reached down and pulled her skirt up. I got a glimpse of the dildo panty and she smoothed the skirt back down.

“I’m getting used to this thing, “she said. “Can you come over to my house one day this week? Chuck is leaving for a 5-day run in the morning.”

This was a pleasant surprise, since Mandi was away as well.

“Mandi is back home for a few days. Why don’t you come over to my place?” I asked.

“I’d love to but I need to stay close to home in case I need to go get my kids at school. Besides, I’ll pick up some beer for you.”

I laughed and thanked her, but told her, “Stick around for a minute and let me look at the schedule.”

I left her and went back in the office. I looked at the schedule and noticed that we had a down day in a couple of days, so I wouldn’t have to work at all.

I went back out and told her about the down day, and she said “Great. Why don’t you come over about 1:00. We’ll have plenty of time to play. And my kids have a late event at school that day anyway.”

I replied, “Sounds good. See you at 1:00. And wear those red pumps.”

She laughed as she started the engine, and smiled at me.

“Maybe,” she laughed, and pulled away.

As I pulled up the street to Wilma’s house, I noticed Ann’s car was gone. Ann was her best friend down the street, and never walked to Wilma’s house, even though it was only three houses away. She always drove her car. She was strange, too. A local, she had been married about 12 years, and had a couple of kids, one the same age as Wilma’s daughter.

Ann looked like a local too, kinda slim, not much for tits, plain looking, and appeared to have clawed her way out of a hard-scrabble family to a lower middle class existence. She had given me a sort of disgusted but amused look when we met, and I had little to say to her. Anyway, I drove on up to Wilma’s house, parked and went to the door. Before I could knock, the door opened.

When I stepped in, Wilma was behind the door, wearing a sheer gown and her red pumps. She had fixed her hair and make-up, and her reddish hair looked really good, better than I had ever seen it. Her make-up was flawless too. She had a drink in her hand, and asked me if I wanted a beer. I accepted and watched her walk into the kitchen.

Her ass was visible through the gown, and I started getting hard in my shorts as I watched that ass bouncing away.

When she returned, she noticed the obvious bulge and said, “Aren’t you just ready to go!”

I took a draw from the beer and laughed, telling her, “Just watching your ass going away started this.”

It was her turn to laugh.

“I’m glad I still have that effect on someone,” she quipped.

I moved over to her and grabbed her around the waist with one hand. I moved in and kissed her. I got a long kiss and some tongue in return, and she pressed up against me, wrapping one leg around my leg and moving it up and down in a slow stroke. I broke off the kiss and she looked at me.

“Wow. Nice way to start.”

She gently pulled away from me and said, “Come on in.”

I followed her through the house and straight into the bedroom.

As I entered I said, “Would you be in a bit of a hurry yourself?”

She laughed out loud, then looking back at me said, “You think I could actually get horny with you?”

I just smiled and said, “I hope so.”

She came up to me and said, “I can.”

She set her drink down and pulled me close, rubbing her tits into my chest. I could feel the hard nipples through my t-shirt. She ground her crotch into me and pulled me down for another kiss. As we kissed, she took my beer, and set it down and continued kissing me. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and pushed it back out with hers.

As I got harder, she rubbed against me even more. She broke away long enough to snatch my t-shirt over my head, and quickly leaned down and tongued one of my nipples. This was a surprise, albeit pleasant. She rubbed my cock though my shorts, and in a minute or so I was fully hard. She left my nipples, kissed down my stomach, dropping to the floor on her knees and pulled my shorts down.

As my cock sprang free, she engulfed it in her mouth. She took most of it down her throat and after about 4-5 slow strokes, stopped, stood up and pushed me toward her bed.

“Lay down on your back,” she commanded.

I lay back on the bed, and she looked at me with a serious but horny look, and slipped out of her gown. She climbed on the bed, straddling my head with her crotch and quickly dropped her pussy onto my face. She leaned down in a 69 position and swallowed my cock whole, gagging a bit at first, then started working a long steady stroke. I mauled her clit with my tongue, and my efforts were rewarded with a moan.

I began working her clit in earnest, stroking it with my tongue, and concentrated on not coming in her mouth from the nice suck she was putting on me. I noticed a sheen around her asshole and realized that she had already been doing something with her asshole because it was still lubricated. I pushed a finger into her pussy and one into her asshole, and was rewarded with another deep stroke down her throat.

I worked her clit until I thought she was about to orgasm, when she suddenly spit out my cock, and jumped off me. Before I could say anything, she straddled me, and slid her pussy down on top my cock. She slowly slid her pussy up and down the length of it without penetrating. She leaned over, placing her hands on my shoulders, and began to slowly stroke her pussy up to the head of my cock and then slide all the way down to where she would take just a bit of the head into her pussy.

This went on for a while, with her taking a little more cock into her pussy at a time, until finally, to my relief, she slid the entire length into her. Her pussy was hot and juicy, and she dribbled pussy juice over my stomach. She stayed fully impaled for a moment, eyes closed tightly, and then slid my cock out and stroked her pussy and clit on it again.

She did this for several minutes, and I kept still and watched with fascination. Her nipples were rock hard, and I reached up to play with them only to have her push my hands back to my sides. She kept riding for a while until after a few more minutes, when she had slid all the way out, I felt my cock began to penetrate again, only this time I was different than her pussy. There was more resistance. She pushed back, and with a slow intake of breath, pushed back until I felt the head of my cock entered her asshole.

She stayed still for a moment, then slipped out and rode up on top my cock again, grinding her clit into the head. She had yet to open her eyes. She slid back down and again backed onto my cock, this time slowly taking a couple of inches into her tight butt hole. She leaned up a bit and slid back down, this time keeping my cock in her ass. She pushed back some more, taking over half into her ass.

She pulled back out to the ring of my cock head and again pushed back, her face drawn in pain, stopping for a second, and then with another sharp intake of breath, pushed back until I was completely inside her ass. She leaned back, took another deep breath, and opened her eyes.

“Give me my drink,” she said.

I reached over, grabbed her drink and handed it up. She drank it down slowly, sighing contentedly, and handed the glass back to me.

She seemed to have gotten over the pain, because after I sat her glass down, she smiled at me and said, “I have your cock all the way up my ass.”

“I can feel it,” I replied, “and it feels great.”

She smiled again and said, “I want to do this now. I want to feel your cum in my ass. I want to know what it feels like to have a hard cock slam in and out of my little butt hole. I need this.”

I didn’t know what to say, but it didn’t take but a second before she leaned over and began to slowly slid my cock out of her ass, only to stop and slowly slide it back in, She rode my cock with her ass slowly, carefully, letting her clit press into my stomach occasionally. Then she stopped, and without saying anything, threw one leg over to my side, and carefully pivoted around so she had her back to me, never removing my cock from her ass.

She leaned down and set her hands on my knees and began to stroke slowly up and down. I had a great view of my cock almost pulling out of her pucker only to be completely engulfed again.

She finally began to talk. “Damn, I never thought this would happen but it doesn’t hurt anymore. Damn, this feels good. Fuck my ass you bastard. I want your cum in my ass. Put it deep in me.”

I got even harder as this went on, and found myself getting close to an orgasm.

That’s when she stopped, looked over her shoulder and said, “Please don’t cum yet. I want you to do it now.”

She slid my cock out of her ass, leaned over on the bed and stuck her ass high in the air. I sat up and got on my knees behind her. Her asshole had closed back up but as I probed into her again, she opened up and I slid back in with no trouble. Her ass was hot and tight, and she moaned when I had finally pushed the entire length into her.

“Damn it goes a lot deeper like this, “she complained.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No, please don’t. I want to do this.”

I eased back into to the hilt, eliciting another moan, and realized I was pushing past her inner sphincter, deep into her gut.

“God I can feel it in my throat,” she moaned.

She had her head pressed down on the bed and I began to slowly stroke in her ass, pulling a couple of inches out and slowly pushing back in.

“Why don’t you reach under and rub your clit,” I suggested.

She complied immediately, and began to rub her clit in earnest. I kept a slow stroke going in her ass until after a few more strokes, she hit her orgasm, and the spasms gripped my cock like a little hand. She rocked through her orgasm, and pulled her hand out. She reached back with one hand and pulled on an ass cheek.

“Come on, fucker, cum in my ass.”

I figured it was time, and I began to long stroke in and out of her ass, picking up the speed until I was finally getting to slam fuck that fine ass.

She started wailing in a high pitch, and I slowed down, only to have her scream, “Fuck my ass, goddamit.”

I retuned to the merciless pounding and she started wailing and moaning, and started saying, “Fuck my ass,” over and over.

I told her to reach back with both hands and hold her ass open for me, and she complied quickly. I grabbed her waist and slam fucked that asshole like there was no tomorrow, finally feeling a good cum building inside me. I told her to hold on to her ass so I could fill it full of cum. As she grabbed those luscious butt cheeks and pulled them wide open for me, she wailed even louder as she suddenly burst into an orgasm I didn’t expect.

This put me over the top, and I blasted shot after shot of cum, loading what felt like a pint into her ass. I had three or four small spasms, then finally I stopped stroking and pressed deep into her, not moving. She was breathing heavily and shuddered a couple of times. I let my cock continue to soften, and finally slipped from her ass.

She stayed on her knees for another minute, asshole gaped wide open, her pussy dripping juice onto the bed. She had a hand tucked under her chin, and finally eased onto her side. That’s when the first bit of brown stained cum began to leak from her ass. I rolled her onto her stomach, let her rest for a minute, finished my beer and got up to get another one. I asked her if she wanted another drink, and she mumbled something in the affirmative.

I fixed her drink, and returned with it and my beer, enjoying the sight of her naked body wearing nothing but her red pumps. Her ass cheeks were still red from where she had gripped them so tightly. When I sat down, I noticed that her asshole was still slightly open. I told her she might want to head for the bathroom first, and she rolled over on her side, looked at me, took her drink and sipped it. Then silently, she eased off the bed, and started to step away.

She suddenly put one hand behind her, and dashed for the bathroom. I chuckled and followed her, looking in to see her sitting on the toilet with my cum slowly dripping from her butt. She looked at me vehemently, and motioned me out. I took my beer and went back to the bedroom.

I had just sat down on the end of the bed when I noticed the closet door was partially open. She normally left this door shut. It was a large walk-in closet that doubled as her dressing area, and she normally didn’t let anyone see her closet. But before I could wonder about this I heard a strange noise, a kind of gasp, and realized it had come from the closet.

My first thought was she had let Chuck watch us fuck for some reason, and worried that he would be trouble. I figured I would confront him, though, and slipped off the bed and over to the wall away from the door handle. I quietly reached over and pulled the door open with a quick tug, to be met with a muffled shriek. When I looked into the closet, Ann, the neighbor, was sitting on Wilma’s vanity stool with a video camera. She was wearing a large t-shirt, and her eyes were wide open with fright.

Before I could say anything, Wilma came out of the bathroom said, “What are you doing?”

I looked at her, getting angrier all the time, and shot back, “What the hell are you doing?”

I looked back at Ann, who had fixed her gaze on my cock. When she realized that I was looking at her, she looked away, quickly turning red from embarrassment.

Wilma started by saying, “You said you like to watch. I wanted to watch too, especially since I was confident this was the first time I could take a cock all the way in my ass. In case I didn’t get to do this again for a while, I could watch it when I wanted to, and maybe let Ann watch it too. She needs help.”

I looked back at Ann, and she squirmed nervously, avoiding looking at me.

“OK, but you could have warned me first,” I spit out.

Wilma smiled at me, and walked over to the closet.

“Come on out, Ann,” she told her.

Wilma took the video camera from her and she stepped out of the closet. The two of us were still naked, and Ann seemed really uncomfortable. I went to put on my shorts but Wilma stopped me.

“Ann needs a lesson or two, and I want you to teach her.”

This was possibly an interesting development except for the fact that I found Ann anything but attractive. I’m not sure what she would do to get me hard but I doubted she would be able to accomplish it.

“Let me tell you some things about her,” Wilma said.

Ann looked at her with pleading eyes and said, “No. Please don’t tell him anything.”

I was curious though, and gulped down the rest of my beer.

Wilma said, “Let’s get a refill, fix Ann a drink and we can tell you the whole story. Ann, you stay right her on this bed until we return.”

Ann looked like a little puppy dog but sat down and stayed right there. We went into the kitchen, filled the drinks and returned to the bedroom. I sipped my beer and watched as Wilma walked over to Ann and reached down, took the t-shirt by the bottom and quickly pulled it up and over Ann’s head, throwing the shirt into the closet and shutting the door. Ann’s hand went instinctively over her beasts.

Wilma walked back to her, and handed her a drink, and pushed the other hand down on the bed. She looked at Ann with a mean look but she left her hand on the bed. That was when I noticed that Ann was wearing the dildo panty! That must have been why she made that noise. After watching and taping Wilma and I she had an orgasm in those panties.

Wilma began the story of Ann, telling me how Ann was a virgin when a drunk uncle had raped her when she was fourteen, and then she was told that no one would ever marry her since she was no longer “cherry.” This created a severe problem for Ann’s psyche.

Fortunately, she met a guy from a town several miles away who was there working a construction contract on the military post. They hit it off, and after a casual courtship of several dates, they got engaged. She was 16 at the time and wanted away from her home and redneck family. They got married, and she had sex with a man she loved for the first time. He was about as knowledgeable and naive as she was, and they struggled to figure it out for the first few times. Someone had told him that the woman was supposed to lay on her back and he would get on top and put his cock inside her, and that was all you did. She didn’t know any better, having only the most rudimentary sex education from a Sunday School teacher who had helped her after she first began to menstruate.

Ann and her husband had three kids, and that was the result of half the times they had sex. She would lay on her back, her husband would poke around until she was moist enough for penetration, slide it in and stoke away until he had an orgasm. Until Wilma had introduced her to a vibrator, she didn’t know what an orgasm was. And even worse, when Wilma, as many women do, asked Ann about how big her husband’s cock was, she really didn’t know as they never saw each other naked, but she said it felt about 4″ long or so.

When she used Wilma’s 7″ vibrator, she barely got half in before she was so full she stopped, saying that it was more than her husband. All this time, Ann sipped her drink and squirmed around on the bed. She kept an embarrassed look until finally Wilma told her to stop it. Wilma also told me that she had talked Ann into wearing the dildo panty while she taped us having sex so she could get loosened up in case she decided she wanted to join the fun. Ann got embarrassed again, and when Wilma gave her a dirty look she meekly looked away. Ann looked at least Wilma’s age but it turned out she was only 24, a few years younger than I was.

All this was interesting, especially when Wilma told me that to make getting the dildo panty on easier, she made Ann shave her pussy bald and gave her some of the flavored lubrication. She then told Ann to lie back on the bed.

Ann complied, and Wilma told me, “Take it off her.”

I grabbed another quick sip of beer and pushed Ann’s legs back. I started peeling the waistband down and slowly pulled until the probes were in sight, and stopped. Wilma was right, she was shaved completely bare, and it was a fresh shave at that. I pushed down on the probes and they began to slip from Ann’s pussy and ass.

Before I realized it, I noticed that Wilma had the video camera out and was taping me removing the panties. Ann put her hand over her face and turned away, but Wilma kept taping. I slowly pulled the probes free, making Ann groan under her breath. After clearing them from her legs and feet, I showed them to the camera, inside out so the probes stuck out.

That’s when Wilma told Ann, “Get on your knees with your legs spread.”

Ann was already looking like she might throw up any second, but now looked absolutely horrified. She opened her mouth to protest.

Wilma lowered the camera and asked her, “Do you want me to send this tape to your Mom?”

She almost cried, but turned around and raised her ass in the air. Her pussy and ass were slightly open from just having the probes removed, and the view of her shaved crotch from, quite obviously now, front to back was actually enticing. Wilma zoomed in for a close view, and pulled her shot back out.

She told Ann to sit back up and returned her drink to her. Ann finished the drink, and Wilma handed it to me and asked me to get her a refill. Ann tried to pass it off, but Wilma insisted again and I got a refill. Ann sipped a bit of it as Wilma told me what she needed from me.

“Do you think you can make Ann have an orgasm or two, like you do to me?”

I told her that it was up to Ann, but Ann was trying to sink into the bed. I doubted she would be cooperative anyway, and force was not my thing unless it was a mutual S&M game. But Wilma leaned over and said something into Ann’s ear, then something else, and Ann partially smiled and blushed again.

Finally Wilma smiled at me and said, “Ann would really like you to make her have an orgasm.”

Ann looked at me shyly and smiled, and then looked at my cock.

I figured, “What the hell.”

Wilma grabbed the camera again, and said, “OK, I am the director, and you two are my actors, and I want some action. So let’s get to it.”

As soon as the tape was rolling again she had me move over to the bed and told Ann to suck my cock until it was good and hard. Ann complied, slowly taking the head into her mouth. I thought she would throw up for a second, but she glued her eyes shut and valiantly gave it a try. As she sucked, she scraped her teeth on my cock, and I jumped in pain.

Ann looked scared and asked in a meek voice, “Did I do something bad?”

What hard I had gotten had been immediately lost, so Wilma stopped the tape and gave Ann a short tutorial on sucking cock. Ann nodded in understanding, and gave me a second try. She was timid at first, not wanting to hurt me again, but finally began to show a little enthusiasm. I looked down at that clean shaved pussy, and imaged what flavor it was from the dildo panty, and began to get really hard again.

I looked at Wilma, nice tits, still in those red pumps, great tits for her age, taping the scene. This got me really hard again, and finally Wilma broke off the shot and told me to get on the bed. I laid back and Wilma had Ann climb on top me like she had.

Wilma knelt at the bottom of the bed behind Ann and began taping again. She told Ann to reach down and grab my cock and slowly put it in her pussy. Ann responded, slowly easing my cock in.

When she had about half of it, she said quietly, “It’s so big.”

Wilma chuckled and told Ann, “That’s the point, sweetie. Push a real cock up in you this time.”

Ann began to slide back down my cock, wincing slightly from the pain of having a cock pushing deep inside her. By the time she got half of my cock into her pussy I was in virgin territory. I reached up and began to play with what little tits she had, slowly manipulating her nipples. They responded by getting hard, and Ann looked down at her chest and blushed again.

I pulled her to me and sucked one of those little tits into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the nipple. After a second, Ann let out an audible sigh. Wilma jumped up and ran around the bed to get some of this action. I pulled away and sucked the other tit into my mouth, applying the same action to the nipple. It responded by getting rock hard and Ann let out another sigh, this time easing down until she had my cock buried in her pussy.

Wilma told Ann to start riding up and down on my cock, and she responded, awkwardly at first, but finally finding a good position to work from. While obviously a rookie, she was starting to get some real enthusiasm into the deal, and from the feel of her pussy, I didn’t think it would be long before Ann had an orgasm.

Wilma kept the tape rolling and sure enough, Ann had a quiet, shuddering orgasm, and almost collapsed on my chest, panting with labored breath. Wilma stopped the tape, and had Ann get into a 69 position and told her to suck my cock while she taped. I licked Ann’s pussy, noticing the clean, slightly strawberry flavor.

I concentrated on her clit, and Ann lost all effort at trying to suck my cock, content to get eaten while she held about half my cock in her mouth. Wilma apparently roused her by pushing on the back of Ann’s head, and she almost gagged, but returned to stroking about half my cock in her mouth. Within minutes, she had another orgasm, this one more vocal and it rattled my cock with the vibration. That’s when Wilma stopped the camera again, and whispered in Ann’s ear.

Ann got off me and Wilma motioned me to get behind her. Wilma pushed Ann’s head down onto the bed and I got on my knees and aimed my cock for her pussy. Wilma motioned me to slowly push into her pussy, and I worked it in an inch at a time until I was in to the hilt. Then I slowly withdrew.

Wilma motioned me to get rolling, and I began to pound into Ann’s tight pussy with a passion. Ann began to moan and groan. Before I knew what was up, Ann was rolling through another orgasm, this one more violent than the last. My guess was she had been building up for this for a lifetime, and it was starting to come out now.

I had a death grip on her slender hips and pounded her pussy like a jack hammer. I looked down and she had her head turned to the side, eyes shut and was drooling on the bed. Wilma got down on the bed and shot a close-up of her face in the middle of her orgasm. After grinning at me, she motioned me to slow back down.

I let up on the pounding and Ann gradually began to wiggle her ass around. Wilma handed me the bottle of flavored lube, and had me lubricate Ann’s ass. Ann was startled at first when I poured the liquid onto her asshole, but after I began to work a finger in she relaxed and wiggled into it. I added a second finger and could feel my cock through the wall of her ass.

Wilma once again bent over and whispered something in Ann’s ear. Ann looked at Wilma and tried to shake her head no, but Wilma leaned over and said something else to her. She looked a bit scared at first, but pushed her face back into the comforter.

After watching me fingering Ann’s asshole for a while, Wilma returned to taping and came over to where she could get a good view, and quietly told me to put my cock in Ann’s ass. As I pulled out, Ann seemed to tense up, and I rubbed and stroked her ass gently, telling her to relax and just let it flow, like she did with the dildo panty.

She moaned when I put my fingers back in her asshole, and then after stroking for a minute, eased the head of my cock even with her little pucker. Actually, she had a smooth little hole, partially open from my fingering, and I pressed my cock head against it. Wilma was concentrating on taping and had a close-up of the action. I slowly pushed in until I popped free of her sphincter, and Ann let out a long, low moan.

I held still for a minute only to have Ann begin to wiggle her ass back toward me. I pressed in some more, and her asshole felt like a tight hand gripping my cock. As I went deeper, Ann began to moan louder and rocked her ass back and forth. I wasn’t sure if she wanted more or less. But I pressed on until I squeezed past her inner sphincter and pressed my stomach against her skinny butt.

Wilma stopped taping for a second and asked me if I could lift one leg up and on my foot like they did in porno movies so she could tape from underneath. I obliged, and although I had seen this done in movies before I didn’t realize until then how hard it was to really do any deep stroking with any power like that. But Wilma got the camera down on the bed, and moved the view finder around so she could get all the action from down under, and told me to start stroking into Ann’s ass.

Ann groaned again when I withdrew about half my cock and pushed back in, but she hadn’t pulled away, so I slid about half my cock out again and back in. Ann was suddenly quiet and not moving. I looked down, and noticed that she had her eyes shut and didn’t appear to be conscious at first. But she moaned again, and began pushing her ass back toward me.

I figured she was alright and began to pull more cock out before sliding back in. I slowly increased the rhythm and got some rhythmic groans in return.

As I finally started pulling my cock almost from her asshole before sliding back to maximum depth, Ann started a strange “Uhnn, uhnn, uhnn…” with each stroke.

It gradually got louder as I pounded harder. I got a grip on her waist so she couldn’t move and went at her asshole in a frenzy. Since I had already cum once this one was going to take some stimulation. I enjoyed the view of my cock pounding into her hairless ass, and from this view she looked very young indeed.

Wilma slid the camera out from under us, and I dropped back onto both knees, and hammered Ann’s ass. I wasn’t sure I could cum, though, until I felt Wilma fondling my balls from behind me. I could feel her nipples rubbing my back as I slammed in and out of Ann’s asshole, and Ann was getting louder all the time.

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