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This is a story of my twentieth birthday. My name is Mark. It was 1985, I was nineteen going on twenty. I was fit, a swimmer, blonde hair, green eyes, slim, smooth, fair skinned and considered good looking by most. I was around 5’10″ tall and around 150 pounds. I was smart and well mannered. I was just finished second year at university and was up at the lake in north, central Ontario where my parents owned a cottage and a marina business. My parents were both teachers and bought the lake property a while back when I was much younger as a place to spend the summers away from the city. They ran a marina to help pay for it all and it became successful. They purchased another cottage that they rented out for extra income. It became a gold mine for them. They were both able to retire early. It had been two years earlier that they finished teaching. My younger sister Gina and I have always helped out at the marina in the summers. It is a beautiful get away and the work was never too hard. Our jobs included; fuelling boats, selling bait, cleaning the cottages, and gathering fire wood. For that we got to spend all summer in paradise.

My sister Gina was one year my junior. Gina was petite. She was about 5′ 2″ tall and maybe 100 pounds. She had a tight athletic body with pert breasts but a cute, round bum. She was fair skinned too, with a few freckles but unlike me, she had curly, pitch black hair. I guess she inherited that black Irish gene. She had the same colour green eyes as me. She had been on our high school cheer squad and was usually the top of the pyramid and a flyer. She is very pretty and her looks get her a lot of attention.

We were both always good kids. We were never in trouble at school. We got good grades. We earned the respect of teachers and other adults who were always telling our parents how lucky they were to have such perfect kids. Neither of us ever went looking for trouble either. Now, our cousin Cheryl, that’s another story. Cheryl is my age. She is older by about a month. Cheryl is my mother’s sister’s daughter. My aunt had married a real bastard when she was young. The guy had knocked her up and after Cheryl was born, he got into a lot of trouble with the law. My aunt and Cheryl lived with us from time to time when she was a lot younger and her dad was in jail. Every time he got out things went bad on that side of the family. Since my aunt and uncle got divorced, my aunt had to work two jobs to keep food on the table. My parents, being the good souls that they were, always offered to take in Cheryl for the summer up at the lake.

Having Cheryl around was a treat for Gina and I. She was a wild one. It was probably due to her upbringing. I couldn’t image what it would be like in her home. We heard some gruesome stories. Cheryl always livened up our lives and having a third kid around was helpful at the marina too. Cheryl was also very pretty. She had the same fair Irish skin and had strawberry blonde hair that she wore in a shorter, pixy style. Her eyes were green too. She had developed early, which got her into trouble with boys. For the past few summers, every guy and even a some of the women up at the lake could not take their eyes off of her hour glass frame when she wore her daisy dukes and a tight top around or a bikini. Maybe that’s why business was so good. She was about 5′ 4″ and turned in a shapely 34C-23-35 frame. Cheryl loved being with us too. My parents treated her as they treated us, and she respected them for that. Cheryl told us that her favourite times are the ones she spends with Gina and I. She loved us more than anyone else in the world.

If it weren’t for Cheryl, Gina and I may have ended up as Saints. Every summer when Cheryl showed up, we got a real education from our cousin who lived on the wrong side of the tracks. Cheryl was a natural leader. She always took charge. She came up with the plans, ideas, schemes and scams. She lived dangerously and that intrigued my sister and I. We had our first beers with her, smoked weed she brought up north, and listened to her tales of trouble and of her sexual experiences. She dated bad boys, bikers, and even fooled around with other girls. She was never shy about giving details either. Her tales would always get me horny and gives me fantasies to carry me through the year. She had a similar effect on my sister. Gina never dated until Cheryl shared intimate detail with her about her sexual adventures. It was an awakening. We thought we knew about sex from school and what our parents taught us but Cheryl educated us on all the other stuff that they never talked about. Cheryl told us about oral, anal, bisexuality, gang bangs, S&M, feet, fists, and other types of kink. She brought up a Penthouse Letters magazine and would read the stories out loud around the campfire.

I was fascinated with my cousin. When I was back in school, I would look for girls like Cheryl. I wanted that bad girl type but I ran in a different social circle and only dated the nice girls. I was too intimidated of the bad girls. I was ashamed that I wouldn’t have the same kind of wild experiences to share in the summer camp fire stories. I had some relationships and a couple of girls had let me go all the way with them but I never had the crazy sex that my cousin Cheryl would brag about. I was pretty sure that my sister Gina was a virgin too until she was eighteen. Last summer however, it all changed.

Chapter One (summer of 1984):

Last summer, 1984, my parents had decided that since all of us kids were over eighteen, that we could be trusted to run the marina on our own for the summer. They just retired and wanted to travel. They planned to spend most of the summer in Europe. We had access to the bank account and we knew what we were doing after several years up at the lake. The difference is that we would have the run of the cottage and the freedom to do as we wanted. They completely trusted Gina and I and even though Cheryl could be a bit wild, they knew she would never do anything to screw them over.

At first, things were more or less normal routine but we all knew it wouldn’t last. Cheryl and I were both old enough to buy beer legally so our fridge was well stocked and she had brought up a bag of weed for special occasions too. One night around the campfire, Cheryl lit up a joint and got a little melancholy. She was talking about her ex-boyfriend, how he mistreated her, and how much she hated him. She cried and told Gina and I how lucky we were to have each other. I didn’t get it at the time. She also went on to give her opinions on bisexuality. “Who cares who you fuck, it shouldn’t matter so long as you like the person. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it,” she said. She continued by asking, “Mark, you would suck a guys cock or let him fuck you if you liked him or visa versa, right?”

I was uncomfortable answering that. Sure, I had been curious, but I was barely a novice with girls. “I guess I would, if you put it like that.”

“Gina would totally have sex with another girl, wouldn’t you babe?” she prodded my sister.

With an extended blush and a quick look at me, she let her long black curls cover her face and whispered, ” I don’t know. Probably, I guess.” She even threw in a exaggerated shoulder shrug.

Cheryl seemed to think long on the idea and was quiet for a while as she studied us both. Later she picked another subject to deal with. “I don’t see all the fuss people make about incest either. I understand the marriage part and having kids together because it spawns a lot of retards but hey, if two people, or three, or four, want to fuck each other, who cares, right?” That one only solicited silence and a long awkward pause.

Nothing else happened until the second long weekend in August. Everything was going smoothly. That Saturday night was hot as hell. After the fireworks ended, Gina turned in for the night. She had the early shift on Sunday morning and was dog tired and half drunk anyway. Cheryl grabbed a bottle of wine and told me come out and join her on the dock. It was quiet except for the crickets and my cousin and I sat out alone on that hot summer night. I had only worn my loose shorts and a tee shirt. Cheryl had on her miniscule daisy duke jean shorts and a two sizes too small white tank top that barely contained her voluptuous breasts. We drank and admired the moon. I was already half erect from just looking at her perfect body in the moonlight.

Cheryl had a glint in her eye and a smirk in her smile. She asked me, “So how long did you date what’s-her-face before she let you fuck her?”

Trying not to choke on my drink, I answered, “About six dates I think, maybe three months.”

“What? That’s absurd. Please tell me she at least sucked your cock before that?” she pried further.

“No, she never did that either, before or after,” I confessed.

“Did you eat her out?” Cheryl’s interrogation continued. I just shook my head in dismay. “Well, it was doomed for sure. Dude, she was totally just using you. You deserve better,” she said.

“I know, I just seem to always end up with girls like that. I just can’t get the girls that I really want,” I stated.

“What kind of girls do you want Mark?” She asked.

“You know, the naughty and wild type, kind of like you Cheryl,” I said before realizing that I may have said too much. She stopped herself before taking another pull on the bottle of wine. She stared straight into my eyes for what seemed like forever before taking that gulp. What was she thinking?

She studied me for a another long moment before speaking. “You know Mark? I think that you have to get over this shy routine. You need to learn how to talk to the ladies.”

“Probably, I get intimidated and don’t know what to say most of the time,” I confirmed.

“Practice on me,” she demanded, in a matter of fact tone. My stunned silence made her add, ” Pretend I’m this girl that you have a hard on for.” Could she tell that I did? I shifted a little. She continued, “Ask me, NO wait. Tell me what you want. Use those over full balls of yours for some confidence and tell me what you want.”

She was getting me so worked up and I couldn’t give a damn at that point. Maybe that’s where the confidence came from. For a moment, I thought of how James Bond would say it. I smoothly said, “Cheryl, I want you to come here and kiss me, right now.”

That seemed to get a reaction from her. She squirmed a little. “Okay, not bad, I think I got a little wet right there. Try it again, but this time, demand it.” She was already close to me and I could feel her warm breath on my face with the last syllable. I was almost jelly.

I steeled myself again and looked her straight in the eyes, just inches from me. Calmly, I demanded, “Cheryl, kiss me, right now.” And with that, she did. She planted her mouth squarely on mine and we kissed with a passion I had never felt before. I didn’t want it to end. My erection was almost busting through my shorts. She had to have noticed. I still wasn’t sure if we were still just practicing until she pushed me down onto the dock, straddled me and pulled off her tank top and pulled the string on her bikini. Her huge tits glistened with sweat in the moonlight. She dropped back down on top of me and pressed her melons into my mouth. I sucked on her nipples greedily. I could feel her hand touching my hardness through my shorts, sizing me up. I could feel her damp heat coming from her crotch as she grinded against me. She lowered herself so that we were kissing again. Her tongue explored my mouth. My mind was swimming.

Cheryl broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes. “What are you thinking right now?”

“I’m just wondering if we were still practicing and hoping that we aren’t” I answered.

To answer my question without words, she slid down me, dragging her breasts along my skin the whole way. She then grabbed the waistband of my shorts and in one motion pulled them all the way off. My strained erection sprung up immediately and she seemed impressed enough at it’s length and girth. She trapped it between her soft, warm breasts and I had no idea how I didn’t come right there. Cheryl then began to lick it, long and slow around the head. She was obviously an expert and had some style and technique. She kept eye contact with me as my cock soon disappeared into her mouth. She effortlessly took me all the way to the bottom of my shaft. She knew I wouldn’t last long and seemed to encourage me to come. She smiled as I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer and she kept her mouth wrapped around my cock as I pumped a monster load of semen down her throat. She savoured it and maintained the eye contact throughout. Cum dripped from the corner of her mouth over her full bottom lip. She raised herself to me and kissed me hard. I could taste my own salty cum on her tongue as we made out. It didn’t phase me a bit.

Cheryl then stood up and unbuttoned her cut-offs. She lowered them to her ankle and gently kicked them off beside me. Her pubic mound had a small patch of strawberry blonde hair over her snatch and wetness was already dripping down her thighs. Still straddling me she stood astride my head bare naked with an authoritative pose and began lowering herself and squatted on my face as she said, “My turn now.” Her sex covered my face and I instinctively began licking at her. She slowed me down and began directing me. She showed me where to put my tongue, when to lick, when to probe, when to suck. As she got close to her orgasm, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her, squashing her clit into my mouth and demanding me to “Suck it bitch. Suck me. Make me come.” I did as she told me. I wanted her to come so bad. Her body shook and her powerful thighs squeezed my head as she had her orgasm. My face was soaked.

Eating out Cheryl had made me hard as a rock again. Cheryl had noticed and was quick to place her dripping wet pussy onto it. With my back still on the wood dock, she again straddled me and impaled her beautiful, warm pussy on my throbbing penis. I was in heaven for a moment as she grinded herself on me and fucked me long and slow. After I caught my second wind, I decided to take some initiative and rolled Cheryl over and began fucking her harder. She responded by squeezing my hips with her thighs and pulled me to her for a long sensuous kiss. Me made love for the rest of the night and the rest of the summer.

Cheryl became my sex education teacher for the next five weeks.. She taught me about getting a girl off, delaying my orgasm. She got me try different things. She taught me about anal sex, giving and receiving. I actually enjoyed it when she finger fucked my ass. She would get her fingers really wet and pressed in slowly one finger at a time until she had three inside me. She would bend her fingers to press against my prostate which blew my mind. She could make me come just from doing that. When I finally got to put my cock into her asshole, I couldn’t control how hard I came. It was so hot and tight and so forbidden. She also got me in the habit of licking her asshole which I loved doing for her. She would do the same for me too. I had the perfect teacher.

We kept it cool around Gina. I was afraid of how she would react if she found out about me and Cheryl. It did make me feel a bit guilty at first. We usually would fuck when Gina was alone on shift at the marina. We all took turns doing that in the mornings especially. On the mornings when Gina opened, Cheryl would come to my room and let herself in. She usually slept in my parents bed. Gina and I had our own rooms at the cottage. Many mornings I awoke to Cheryl’s head bobbing up and down on my cock. When she sensed me awake, she would wrap her big titties around the shaft and squeeze tightly saying, “Good morning sunshine.” She would use her breasts to jack me off and smile as my jism sprayed her tits and her face. She would then kiss me and make me lick her clean before we got to some seriously fucking.

Whenever I was alone, I would get the guilty feelings. Sometimes it was when I opened the marina and sometimes if I was out fishing on my own, I would try to think of a way to tell Gina about me and Cheryl. I loved my sister. We always got along and I didn’t like keeping secrets from her but this secret was a doosy. Gina didn’t seem to notice anything. She was as happy as I had ever seen her. She smiled all the time and had a little extra bounce in her step too. I didn’t want to spoil that. I decided not to say anything.

One day near the end of the summer, Gina and I were cleaning the rental cottage just before Labour day weekend. She was wearing her cut-offs like Cheryl did. The top button was undone and the waist band turned down. They were hiked up high and cut so short that her sweet round ass cheeks showed below. She always wore a bikini on underneath and the strings would show on her hips. She was wearing a cropped and sleeveless tee shirt too, worn tight and her nipples seemed to strain the material in a lewd fashion. We had the stereo on blasting out music as we cleaned and Gina would dance and shake her ass to the beat as we cleaned. I caught myself staring and lusting after my little sister as she twirled and came to a pose at the end of the song. Her smiled beamed. I half jokingly asked, “What’s with you? Have you been getting laid or something?” Gina’s reaction was to raise one eye brow, grin devilishly, place her tongue between her teeth and bite gently on it. The music for the next song started and she twirled again, wiggled her sexy ass at me and continued vacuuming. Was she? If so, with who?

The next day it was my turn to open the marina and it was busy as the long weekend crowd started pouring in. I was busy all morning with the early fishermen. After the big rush subsided I was about to put more coffee on but realized that we were out. I knew that we had a big, full can in the cottage and decided to use the lull in the action to go get it. I slipped the “Back in 5 minutes” sign on the door and locked it as I sprinted the short distance to the cottage.

I slipped in quietly as to not wake the girls in case they were still asleep. The cottage was still and dark. I grabbed the tin of coffee and was making my way to the door when I heard the sound. It was a moan, a loud one. It sounded like Gina. Her door was closed and I stood quietly next to it. She moaned again in a sexy, lustful way. I could hear her grunting and thought that she might be masturbating. She started screaming, “Oh ya, like that. More, I love it.” Gina was very vocal. She continued, “Oh fuck that’s good, don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh fuck!” She could have put a porn star to shame. “Yes, yes, fuck!” I couldn’t believe how loud she was. She wasn’t holding back. I could even hear, wet, sloshing noises and wondered what she was using to do that. She seemed to be close to coming. “Yes, yes, fuck, oh fuck! Do it, make me cum, make me cum. Oh, fuck yessssss!” Gina was coming hard. The wet, sloshing sounds continued and the bed seemed to be bouncing too. “Oh God, you are amazing, that was so fucking good,” she exalted. Who was she talking too? Was she with someone? And why was she so loud? Wouldn’t she be afraid of Cheryl hearing her? Cheryl? I looked over at my parents bedroom. The door was wide open. I peered inside. The sheets were messed but Cheryl was not in the bed. OH! Suddenly the imaginary light bulb over my head clicked on.

I got back to the marina a little later than five minutes but luckily no one was waiting. As I brewed some fresh coffee, I tried to imagine my sexy cousin and my sister having sex together. Instead of being upset, the thought made my cock stiff. I was so horny but would have to live with the erection until Cheryl came to give me my lunch break in two hours. When Cheryl bounced into the marina she was business as usual and started getting to work. Before I left I gave her a small peck of a kiss. She returned it. What was that I detected on her lips? What was that taste? What was that smell? Was that my sister?

I never spoke to either one of them about it. My parents arrived back from Europe on the Labour day Sunday and us three kids went back to our regular lives for the time being. Cheryl went back home to her shit hole apartment that she lived in with her mom in the dingy north end of the city. She was thinking of taking a course at community college but would have to get a job either way. She seemed genuinely depressed to be leaving. Gina and I went home a little sad too but also very fulfilled with the knowledge that we had at that point, the best summer of our lives. On the drive home, I avoided the obvious questions but we did talk a lot about Cheryl. We both loved her, that was true. We felt for her personal situation and worried about who she hung around with. She seemed to only be genuinely happy when she was around us.

Chapter Two (in between summers):

As for Gina and I, we had University to worry about. Gina was starting first year and I was starting second. We were both attending the same school. Both of us were on academic scholarships. Since the school was local and we lived in a nice home, neither one of us lived on campus. It was a short fifteen minute drive from our house. I know a lot of kids want to get as far away from their parents home as possible but since our parents were retired, they were hardly around much. Sure, we saw a fair share of them, especially around the holidays but they would stay up at the cottage for a while and then take a trip somewhere warm during the winter and head back up north in the spring. A lot of the time it was just Gina and I in the house.

That first week of school was nerve wracking for Gina. I remembered how tough that was too. I helped her out, finding the right buildings, libraries, student centre, etc. I also watched over her during the frosh week, making sure nobody fucked her over. She was truly grateful to her big brother. We both hit the books hard at first and were back to being study nerds. Despite that, I now looked at Gina in a whole new way. Since hearing her orgasm, I tried to picture how she looked in the throngs of passion whenever I looked at her. Every time she moved she had a sexy strut to her walk. She had an air of confidence around her that was electrifying.

We didn’t see Cheryl again until Thanksgiving in October. She and her mom came to our house, along with a few other relatives. We were glad to see her but we couldn’t exactly talk the way we wanted to with mom and dad and a few aunts and uncles around. The three of us volunteered to do the dishes. That is Gina and I volunteered and recruited Cheryl. Cheryl had dropped out of College and had already been fired from one job. She had another minimum wage job but was miserable. She also had a new boyfriend, who was hairy and owned a motorcycle. That was probably not good either. She practically begged my parents to let her come back to work at the marina the next summer much to mine and my sister’s delight.

In that brief moment of doing the dishes, with Cheryl in the middle, she subtle asked Gina and I about our sex lives. We paused and looked at each other briefly. I confessed that I had been out with a couple of girls. I got laid a couple of time. Nothing major to write home about. Gina was very popular and got a lot of offers. She admitted to seeing a couple of different guys. She even admitted to getting laid too. When we had finished telling her that, Cheryl seemed to be waiting for more. “That’s it?” she questioned, obviously disappointed.

“Well ya, school is tough and there isn’t a lot of free time,” Gina defended.

Cheryl looked at me, expecting more and fighting to not say something else. “What?” I asked.

“Nothing! God, I can’t believe you two,” Cheryl blurted in her frustrated tone. Before we could say any more, our Aunt came into the kitchen to fuss, followed closely by my mom. The conversation was over.

A couple weeks later, mom and dad headed off to the Bahamas for a three week trip. The weekend was quiet for a change and neither Gina nor I had a date. We were both home and had nothing to do. I was watching a comedy on the television and Gina asked to join me. I grabbed us a couple of beers and made some popcorn. It was starting to get cold out and the house still had a chill to it. Gina brought a blanket with her to the couch and made herself at home with my popcorn. We had a little small talk about school first. As we chatted and munched popcorn, my sister snuggled up closer to me. Although we were both fully clothed including sweaters for the chill weather, we pressed closer together for body heat under the blanket. The scent of Gina’s hair that close to me sent a wave of lust through me. Her body touching mine only increased the effect on me.

After sucking up some liquid courage I decided to finally break the ice. “Do you want to talk about Cheryl?” I asked. Gina took a long drink from her beer and grabbed the remote and muted the TV.

“I guess we should,” she replied. She seemed a bit nervous and shaky. I put my big brother arm around her and hugged her.

I started, “I know that you and her were having sex.” I told her how I had come back to the cabin for coffee and heard them together that one morning. Gina seemed embarrassed and was blushing. She dug her head into my shoulder. I then confessed my own Cheryl experience. “I was fucking her too. Ever since the August long weekend,” I told her.

Gina raised her head and the colour started to return to normal in her face. She looked me in the eyes and said, ” She and I started doing it on her third night up there. What took you so long?”

I was taken completely by surprise. The whole summer? Almost a month more than with me? Wow! Apparently, every time I left the cottage to go into town or went out fishing, they were fucking. How did I miss that? With the cat out of the bag, the confessions of our individual escapades with Cheryl came out with ease.

We told each other everything, in detail. We grabbed a couple more beers and went back under the blanket and snuggled up again to continue our conversation. We talked about what we liked best, the kinky stuff we did. Hearing my sister describe in detail about how much she enjoyed eating out Cheryl’s pussy or how much she got off with fingers in her bum and pussy at the same time while getting her clit sucked was making me deliriously horny. I was pitching a tent under our tent. When I described my actions with Cheryl they seemed to affect Gina similarly too. She was squirming under the blanket and the scent I was detecting had that wet panties scent to it. She clung to my every word and bit her lip at some of the juicy details. She was breathing heavy and I could feel her warmth.

Gina asked me, “What is your favourite thing about Cheryl?” I thought about it for a while. I loved every thing about her; her pussy, her tits, her ass, her confidence, her eyes, her…

“You know what?” I started, ” I think it was her kisses. More than anything, I loved kissing her. Don’t get me wrong, everything else was awesome but those kisses are unforgettable.”

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing,” Gina replied. “She was incredible. She taught me so much. That’s why I am such a great kisser now.”

“How was I supposed to know that you have become such a great kisser?” I teased my sister. I giggled.

Gina giggled too. “What, you don’t believe me?” She faked feeling offended. The smile gave her away. “Fine!” she said. I though that she might storm off but instead she straddled my lap, put her arms around my neck and leaned into me. Our mouths met and our lips touched. It was electric. It felt so good and felt so right. It was gentle at first. Our tongues gently explored each others mouth. Then it became more intense. My sister and I made out with an unmatched intensity for the better part of an hour before I lifted her up and carried her tiny frame to her bedroom.

We were both in a hurry to get naked. Once we had ripped each others clothes off, we resumed our tender embrace. Gina’s breasts were a contrast to Cheryl’s. My sister had perky, B cup boobies which almost pointed up on their own. Her nipples were as I imagined, long and hard and very pink. I loved sucking on them. That made Gina super horny and she started getting loud. She moaned and cried and begged me to lick her lower. When my kisses reached her pussy, it was like turning the volume to eleven. She began bucking her hips at my face and I had a hard time keeping my tongue in contact with her clit. The screaming began, “Oh God, fuck ya! Yes, fuck, Ohhh!” It gave me a real thrill to hear my sister going off like that. Her pussy was juicy and delicious. Her labia were smooth and her tiny patch of black pubic hair was trimmed short. Pubic hair grooming wasn’t yet a big fad back then so she was ahead of the curve. I tried to put some fingers into her wet snatch to hold her in place. She kept bucking wildly. When I got a good grip and started sucking hard on her little clit she came so hard that she nearly broke my nose. She screamed at the top of her lungs. I was worried that a neighbour might hear her. Damn, she wild.

As she came down, she was still panting and I could tell from the fire in her eyes that she was dying to fuck as much as I was. I grabbed her ankles and put them on my shoulders. I ploughed into her with ease. She was really tight but the wetness made my cock slide in without difficulty. I thrust into her hard and she began moaning and screaming again. I planted my mouth on hers in a wet kiss to silence her. She eagerly returned the kiss and seemed to enjoy the taste of her own pussy. She was still moaning but the kisses muffled it. She dug her nails into my back. It was raw lust. Because she was so tiny, I was able to man handle her easy. I could hold her up and slam myself into her. She seemed to enjoy everything I did. I spun her around and grabbed her by the hips and entered her doggy style. He sexy butt was staring up at me. Her perfect pink arse hole was winking at me. She had the hottest ass I have ever seen. I couldn’t help but rub my thumb against the opening. She was plenty wet and my thumb slid inside. She did not object but instead started coming again.

“Oh yes! God damn, that’s fucking awesome. Fuck me! Fuck me! God fuck, I’m coming! I love it, Yesss!” she wailed. I pounded her pussy hard and was verging on my own orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum too,” I announced as I plunged into my sister’s love canal. Hearing that, she wrenched herself off of my dick and spun around quickly. She gabbed hold of my cock and wrapped her mouth around it. I began shooting my cum right down her throat. She coughed a bit and struggled to take my eruption of cream. She held on like a trooper and swallowed every drop.

We stayed in bed for the rest of the night and fucked until the sun came up. We then had a shower together and fucked some more. After that weekend, Gina and I made some rules for our new found relationship. She wasn’t on birth control like Cheryl was but she was going to start soon so for the meantime I couldn’t come inside her pussy. I was welcome to come in her mouth or in her bum as much as I liked. We also agreed to sleep in our own beds. If we had sex, we would go back to our own beds after. That was smart for not getting caught unnecessarily. We also agreed to keep seeing other people. We should not let get our relationship get in the way of normal dating. There was to be no jealousy or interference about other partners. We would never do anything when our parents were around. Gina was a screamer and didn’t have a mute button and if she was fucking, she would be heard.

This arrangement worked out well. Most of our sex happened in the mornings when we didn’t have to rush off to school too early. She would come into my room, usually wearing a night shirt, or a robe or nothing and start the morning by either sitting on my face or on my cock if I had morning wood or by sucking me. Gina was not overly skilled at blowjobs like Cheryl was but she always tried hard. Even the visual effect of her long black curls caressing my body with her sweet lips stretched around my knob and her pretty green eyes staring up at me did it for me. Her favourite things included getting face, which made her pop like a fire cracker and she even loved anal sex. She was enthusiastic about it and often initiated it. That was fine with me because her swank little bum was sexy as hell. It was very different than having sex with Cheryl. Cheryl was always in charge. She controlled everything. Gina was a wild card and more submissive. When I was with her, I took charge and she let me do as I wanted.

When our parents were around it was hard as hell to keep our hands to ourselves. We continued dating other people as planned. I think it helped our respective love lives. Gina had no trouble getting boys on the campus. She had a number of trysts. She told me about them usually. She even told me about getting picked up by a girl from the school’s soccer team. I made her give me full details on that encounter.

I was doing okay myself. I had more confidence with the ladies and that seemed to work on them. Despite my growing level of experience, I was still fairly naïve about many things. On one occasion, I was invited to a party by a friend, Andy, from one of my classes. He was a nice looking guy and friendly. I didn’t know him too well but there was nothing not to like about him so I agreed to go. I didn’t go to many parties and figured it was a good way to meet new people and maybe get lucky. When I arrived, his place was packed and the music was blaring. There was booze everywhere and a few joints being passed around. The main room was a makeshift dance floor and it was packed. It took me a while to notice that everyone there was a guy. There was not one girl to be found. Guys were dancing together and some wore no shirts. I got a drink and went looking for Andy. I found him in the kitchen refereeing a drinking game. When he saw me, he ran over to me and gave me a big hug. “You made it. Awesome, help yourself to anything. Beer is in the keg, booze is on the table, weed is floating around, dancing is in the living room and fucking is upstairs in the bedrooms,” he explained.

I thought for a minute that the small number of girls that might be there were all upstairs then. It wasn’t until I saw two guys over on couch making out together that I clued in. I looked back to the dance floor and saw some other guys kissing while they danced. That’s when I realized what kind of party it was. I felt like a boob for being so naïve. I didn’t know Andy was gay. He must have thought that I was or why would he have invited me.? Instead of getting upset or worrying about it I decided to just be mellow about it and have a few drinks before leaving. If my sister and my cousin had no problems with being bisexual I didn’t want to appear to be the hypocrite. How bad could it all be?

I participated in some of the drinking games and was feeling a little loose. I was almost ready to call it a night when Andy came to me and asked if I was having fun. I told him that I was probably leaving soon and it seemed to bother him. “No way party pooper, you haven’t even danced yet,” he complained. With that he grabbed my hand and lead me into the throng of bodies gyrating to the disco beat thumping from the speakers. I just went with it. I took a good hit on a joint as it passed by me. Andy seemed happy that I was dancing and encouraged me more. He complimented my style. It was fun. Andy kept looking right through me with his big blue eyes. I found myself staring back. He was a good looking guy. He had a solid, lean body, and thick brown hair, clean shaven with that boy next door good looks. Then, completely out of the blue he leaned into me and kissed my mouth. I let him. It was different that kissing a girl, and I was curious. We kissed pretty hard, Andy’s tongue was in my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and explored his mouth with mine. After few minutes I pulled back from him. He looked at me for answers.

As I licked my lips, I confessed to Andy, “You know Andy, I’m not gay.” I said it in an apologetic way. I’m sure he didn’t believe me since I had been making out with him for five minutes. His look was of disbelief. I continued, “For real, I’m serious, I like girls.”

He thought on that for a second and continued to study me. “You say that you like girls but you didn’t say that you don’t like guys,” he argued. He had a good point. I thought about that as we danced. “Your kiss tells me that you do. So do you?” he insisted.

“I don’t know. Maybe? ” I stammered. He leaned in and kissed me again. I didn’t resist. He pressed himself on me and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

“This tells me that you do,” Andy told me. He was right. I had a hard on. Andy was making me horny. “Maybe you’re bi. Want to join me upstairs and find out for sure?” he asked. I was silent and not sure what to do. I was curious and wanted to but also very scared. It was all so new. My lack of an answer helped Andy to decide for me. He pulled me off the dance floor and I followed him up to his room. As soon as we were inside his room, he pinned me to the wall and kissed me hard. While he kissed me, he unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped the fly. He then dropped to his knees and yanked my pants down. I was full on hard and he eagerly took it into his mouth. He sucked me long and slow. He knew what he was doing. He gave me a fantastic blowjob. He had serious skills. He didn’t let up until I came in his mouth. It was amazing.

I hadn’t noticed that Andy had pulled his own cock out of his pants and was stroking himself. He took off his shirt and revealed his chiselled torso. After swallowing my load, Andy said, “Thank you Mark. That was fucking hot.” He was thanking me when I was thinking it should have been the other way around. He continued, “I know your probably a bit scared and confused right now so I’ll understand if you want to leave.” He was giving me an out. At that moment I could feel his thick penis touching mine. I looked down at it. It was meaty and regal. I looked back up into Andy’s big blue eyes and pushed him down onto his bed. He was shocked but not surprised as I climbed on with him and pulled his pants off. I peeled the rest of my clothes off and planted a kiss on his mouth and then moved down to his cock. As I licked and tasted my first cock, Andy manoeuvred me so that we were in a sixty nine position and put my semi erect dick back into his mouth. We slobbered over each others cocks for a while until he stopped me and climbed on top of me and kissed me again.

“You want to try anal? You’ll love it,” he asked me.

“I’ve done anal with girls before, and I do love it” I confessed.

“Do you want to try catching then? You can see what its like from the receiving end,” Andy suggested. That had me curious again.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try but be gentle, its my first time, ” I told him. He got a devilish grin and reached into his nightstand and pulled out some KY jelly and a condom. He rolled the condom onto his throbbing seven inch hard on and began lubricating his shaft with one hand and fingering my anus with the lubricated finger from his other. His thick fingers were bigger that Gina’s or Cheryl’s who were the only other people to do that to me. It felt good. He had me on my back and pushed my legs up onto his shoulders. I felt the head of his fat cock against my hole and felt it slowly expand as his meat entered me. It was painful at first but he was gentle as he promised and took his time to completely impale me. When I felt his swollen balls touching my tailbone he let out a sigh. I couldn’t believe that it was all in me. I was breathing deep and slow and that seemed to help ease the pain. The buzz I was on helped too. He withdrew himself until just the head of his cock was still inside and then drove into my rectum with one strong thrust until his balls slapped my butt hard. He continued taking long, slow thrusts into me. I was enjoying it and enjoyed watching his fuck faces as he screwed me.

I grabbed my own stiff rod and stroked it as I got fucked. Andy began pumping me faster and harder. He was loving my ass. I beat my own meat faster and found myself yelling, “Yes, fuck me faster. Fuck me hard. Yes, do it!” That seemed to put Andy over the edge and I knew he was very close to coming and he pounded my ass hard. I was ready to come again too. I was loving it. Andy pulled out of me and tore off his condom. He pressed his cock against mine and with his hand he squeeze him together and pumped. He shot a geyser of cum as his cock erupted. Some flew all over me and some hit my face. That made me come too and my semen joined his all over me. As our orgasms subsided I licked the cum from my lips. Andy rolled over and was nearly unconscious. I got up, grabbed my clothes and got dressed. I kissed Andy on the cheek. “Ya, pretty sure I’m bi. Thank you Andy. See you in class,” I told him and let myself out.

I told Gina all about my night with Andy. It made her extra horny and she was antsy for a good hard fuck in the ass for days until we had the house alone again to work off our pent up lust. We hadn’t talked to Cheryl about any of this stuff yet. We didn’t get to see her and it was too intimate to talk about over the phone. We found out that she had moved in with her latest biker boyfriend. That was disturbing. When we talked to her, she always sounded depressed. We saw her briefly at Christmas but there was too much family around to say anything. She did tell us that she got a job at a strip club. She was making great cash but hated the dirty old men that made up most of the clientele. We asked her if she was still up for working with us at the lake in the summer. Instead of confirming or denying, she went on a rant about how much more money the business could bring in with a few of her ideas. She had visions of expanding the rental cabins, opening a low price camping section, adding an ice cream stand to the marina, fishing charters, and some other ideas. She presented her ideas to my parents. My parents shrugged it off and said that they were happy and content the way it was. It was simple and a labour of love. She seemed pissed off and it left us unclear if whether or not she would be joining us.

Things were pretty routine through to the end of the school year. I dated a few girls and a couple of guys. Gina had a steady sex life too with both guys and girls. We got together as much as we could when we were home alone. We studied hard for our year end exams and looked forward to heading up to the cottage for the summer.

Gina’s nineteenth birthday fell at the end of May, during exams. It is tradition in Ontario to go out and get drunk legally on your nineteenth. Gina waited until after her last exam and some girlfriends took her out on the town. She was dressed in a miniscule little pink dress that was skin tight. I detected trouble but stayed true on our oath not to interfere. I stayed home, close to the phone instead. Sure enough, around 1:00 am the phone rang and one of her drunk friends told me that Gina was in bad shape and asked for a rescue. I drove and got her right away. Sure enough, they had been kicked out of a club and Gina was passed out. They had her in a Tim Horton’s. I told her friends that they did the right thing to call me. One of her friends told me that she had gone into a bathroom stall at the club with two guys. I just hope that she didn’t do any coke along with the booze.

When I got her home I picked her up and carried her. When we got inside, I took her to the bathroom. She was nauseous and I held her hair as she had a long vomit session at the toilet. After her stomach was empty and her dry heaves subsided I got her into the shower and ran it cold. When I stripped her of her dress I realized that she had lost her panties. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She had some bite marks on her breasts and a red hand print on her bum. I got naked too and got in with her to hold her up and wash her down. The cold water was stinging but it had a sobering effect on my sister. As I cleaned her, I noticed a trail of cum leaking down from her crotch. Sure enough, she had sex with somebody.

After the shower, I wrapped her in a warm towel, made her drink a big glass water and two aspirins and then lead her to bed. I got a bucket and put it close by if she felt the need to puke again. I tried to put a night shirt on her but she ripped it off and flung it across the room. After getting her in bed I started to leave but Gina demanded that I stay with her. I did want to keep an eye on her and I decided that safety trumped our oath in this case. I spooned up behind her and she clung to me. She kept on stammering, “I love you so much.” as she fell asleep.

She woke up to go pee early in the morning then came back into bed. She almost instinctively placed her crotch on my face as was her custom for waking me. She seemed a little better off. I ate her pussy and her ass. She tasted different than she normally did. She still had traces of sperm from some unknown guy or guys seeping from her holes. It didn’t phase me. I licked her clean. She was far less energetic or vocal however, most of her energy drained from her previous night’s escapades. She managed to reach her orgasm just the same. After, Gina snuggled with me and kissed me. Her mouth had a vile taste but again, I just went with it. She gave me the full story of her Birthday night out.

Apparently, her friends and some unknown guys were buying her shots and she got drunk pretty fast. Then these two guys suggested giving her nineteen spanks on her ass for her nineteenth. She said she hiked up her dress and let them do it. They weren’t gentle either. Gina told me that it actually got her super hot and horny. It was her idea to take them both to the bathroom. She said that they all squeezed into a stall, she pulled her panties off and lost them. The two guys both fucked her at the same time. One penetrated her pussy while the other put his cock up her ass. She said that she also encouraged them to keep spanking her. She said it was amazing and she came so hard she passed right out.

She told me that she was sorry for letting it all get carried away. In a cute pout she said to me, “I’m a bad girl. I’m too naughty. I think I probably deserve a spanking.” With that my sister rolled over and lay across my lap with her red, and bruised bum wiggling up at me. I didn’t want to hurt my little sister but from what she told me, she really got off on it. I slapped her bum on the roundest part of the bottom where the damage was not too bad. She moaned and wiggled a little. I gave her another swat on her butt. She reeled a little at the pain but bit her lip and moaned. She practically begged me to hit her harder. “Yes, harder, I am a very bad girl, spank me, harder, yes!” I let out a volley of swats on her tight little ass until she screamed and tears rolled down her cheeks. I stopped and began kissing her red bum cheeks. She got off of me and got onto all fours on her bed facing away from me. She waited for me to take her. She was eager for a fuck. I grabbed hold of her hips and placed my cock at her vagina. She reached back and raised the head of my cock to her anal opening. She wanted it up her butt. I slowly pushed in and she grunted her approval as I buried my full, hard shaft into her rectum. Her ass was beet red and it didn’t phase her as I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. She was almost her loud, vocal self and when my fingers touched her sensitive clit she went off like a rocket. Her screaming orgasm brought on my own and I dumped my load deep in her bowels. We kissed as we both came down. She told me again how much she loved me and appreciated doing right for her as a big brother. She drifted back to sleep and I left her alone to make a big greasy breakfast.

Chapter Three (summer of 1985):

My exams finished a couple days later and we got ourselves ready to head up north for the summer. We still had no word from Cheryl. It was worrying both Gina and I both. We arrived at the lake the second week of June. We would prepare for the first long weekend of summer which is also when my birthday comes. I would be turning twenty. My parents were ready to leave for their trip. This time around, my parents told us that they were taking a cross country road trip to see Canada. Once again, we would have our run of the cottage for the summer. The summer before they told us not to have any friends come up. After seeing that we were responsible and hard working they trusted us more. They told us that we could have friends up for short stays if we acted responsible and it didn’t interfere with the rentals.

For a week, we got to work and it was business as usual. The only difference was that Gina and I were fucking every chance we got. A few days later we heard a loud, rumbling motorcycle pull up to the cottage. I was at the marina and looked over to see who was on it. I was both shocked but elated to see our cousin Cheryl arriving in style on her brand new Harley-Davidson bike.

Cheryl took her duffle bag off the back of the bike and went into the cottage. Five minutes later she was joining me in the marina. She brought two bottles of beer with her. She had already changed into her summer wardrobe of daisy duke cut-off shorts, two sizes too small as usual and an “AC/DC” concert shirt that she had been wearing since high school, that was now way too small also. It rode up on her leaving her belly button exposed. It could barley hold her breasts which seemed to have grown even bigger in the past year. She had cut the collar on the tee shirt into a V which left a lot of her ample cleavage exposed. She looked as good as I had ever seen her.

Cheryl opened and passed me a beer. “Checking out the goods?” she asked, busting me for staring too long.

“Hey, I’m just really glad you made it up here. We were worried that you might not come at all. It just wouldn’t be the same. Cheers!” We both took a long pull on our beer. Cheryl seemed to me sizing me up with an inquisitive look. I broke the silence again asking, “So, are you still seeing that guy?”

“Which guy?” she asked casually. I glanced over at her motorcycle trying to recall his name. Picking up on the clue, Cheryl answered, “Oh, you mean Mitch. I dumped his lazy ass over a month ago. He was dead weight just holding me back. No more losers like him in my life from now on. I’ve changed Mark. You’ll see.” She had resounding confidence in her voice.

“So why the delay coming up here?” I inquired.

“Had to take care of some loose ends. I set up a retirement fund for my mother. I had to testify at my Dad’s parole hearing, making sure that prick stays locked up. I had to see my broker about a few things and I had to wait for a part on my hog to come in,” she informed me. She sighed and added, “Not only that but I was also pissed off with what your parents told me about this place. I didn’t want to face them.”

I believed her confession. “Why is that?” I continued to dig.

“This place has so much potential. It can be a huge gold mine. They just shot down my ideas,” she said with real anger in her words. She went on, “Not only that. This place can go year round. Hunt camps in the fall. Ice fishing and snow mobile rentals in the winter.” She was full of ambitious ideas.

“Those are all good, legit ideas Cheryl. Mom and Dad just want to take it easy though. They’re retired,” I defended.

“They don’t have to do the work. I’ll do it. I can run it all,” she bit back. “One of my regular clients at the club, who dabbles in real estate told me that the property values up here in cottage country are about to sky rocket too and that this is the year to buy before it goes through the roof,” she added. Cheryl had obviously been doing her research and put a lot of thought into it. “I seriously want to buy in,” were her last words on the topic.

My head was spinning at all the stuff Cheryl had talked about. She had a new air to her. She seemed more confident than ever, sure and in control. “We should get Gina to get something out for supper for the three of us and we can talk more about it then,” I suggested.

“I got her to start supper already. We are having sirloin steaks and Caesar salads. Make sure you close up promptly at 6:00 pm. We eat at 6:05. I have more unpacking to do. See you at supper,” Cheryl ordered as she gave me a peck on the cheek, turned on her heel and marched back to the cottage. I drooled over her sumptuous ass as she sashayed away. I may have been left in charge of the property by my parents but there was no doubt who was really in charge now.

Over supper Cheryl caught up Gina and I on her personal life. She really was putting all things in order. She was all business. She had bright ideas, direction and started a pretty good bank roll, all on her own. If she were in school still, she could have crushed an MBA course. Gone were her burn out boyfriends too. We weren’t even sure if she was even having sex anymore. She never mentioned anyone. We wondered if the new Cheryl would have anything to do with her depraved cousins either. As we finished up our meal, Cheryl finally approached the subject. “So, enough about me. What’s going on with you two?” She looked back and forth to me and my sister.

Gina and I gave each other inquiring looks, wondering how much we should tell. I started off by talking about school, grades and stuff. Cheryl interrupted me. “No. I don’t care about that shit. I want to know who you are fucking,” she told me as plain as day. Gina nearly sprayed her mouthful of wine across the table. Cheryl patiently waited for an answer.

Gina was still recovering from her near choking so I started, “Well, Gina has had an active year. She dated a number of different guys and a girl from the school soccer team. Then there was the bathroom three-way she had on her birthday.” I smirked as I ratted out my sister. I knew that she wanted it all out there anyway.

Gina returned the favour to me. “Well, Mark sucks cock now too,” she grinned as she told on me. I did not deny it although I blushed a deep red. Cheryl had a devilish grin on her face. She waited for more.

“Hey, I fucked a lot of girls too. Don’t forget that,” I add in.

“Your ass got fucked pretty good by Andy too didn’t it?” my sister continued to tease.

“Well at least I didn’t pass out in a public bathroom and loose my underwear after getting double penetrated by two strangers,” I shot back. After that, Gina and I stopped our broadsides at one another and bit our lips as we stared each other down. Our eyes were locked as we wondered if we should say any more. Cheryl was silent, hoping to hear more. Our pause went on too long.

Cheryl seemed to clue in. Her grin widened. She sat back in her chair. She licked her lip. She nodded her head in mock approval. She then leaned forward on her elbows and with a raised eyebrow and the devil’s own grin, she accused, “You two finally did it, didn’t you?” Gina and I stayed silent, looking to each other only. Cheryl went on, “Yes, I knew it. It’s about fucking time. I swear you two have got to be the slowest students…” she cut herself off, then asked, “Okay, when did you start fucking each other and who initiated it?”

At that point, the confessions all came out. We left out no details. There were no more secrets among us. Cheryl gave us her approval of it all and was more surprised that it took us as long as it did to act.

The day of my twentieth birthday arrived. We had never much celebrated in the past. Because it fell on the long weekend, we were always very busy at the marina and barely had the time for a cake or anything like that. It never bothered me really. My loved ones were always with me and that’s all that mattered to me. This year would be entirely different. Cheryl told me that I was long overdue for a proper birthday party. The details of that she kept close to herself.

The marina was running efficiently. Cheryl had reorganised a lot of things, changed some of our advertising and business was good. The day of my birthday, Cheryl opened up so I was allowed to sleep in. I helped out in the mid day peak and Gina came in to finish the day. When Cheryl and I were both free, she took me into town and she bought me ice cream. Her girl next door looks really disguised her true nature. She was dressed in a pretty white sundress. She wore minimal makeup and her sandals revealed pretty pink toenail polish that matched her fingers. She was femininity personified. Still, she made me feel like she was my girlfriend. We spent time in town, doing our errands and such and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Cheryl checked her watch and said, “Gina should be closed up now, let’s head back to the lake.” I could not imagine what else my scheming cousin had in mind.

“So what’s on for tonight?” I asked hopefully.

“Never mind! You’ll see,” she coyly replied.

When we arrived at the cottage, I looked around to see that all looked normal. My younger sister Gina was in her room. Cheryl excused herself to go freshen up. After using the bathroom, she grabbed a big bag from her room and went directly to Gina’s room and shut the door. I fixed myself a drink and made myself comfortable on the couch.

A great deal of time passed , at least twenty minutes, and the girls were both still in Gina’s room. I was getting rather suspicious so I called to her to see if everything was alright. Cheryl yelled out for me to stay put as she was preparing my birthday gift. I of course stayed put. About five minutes later I heard loud footsteps coming my way and a lot of jingling and rattling noises. Then to my amazement, there before me stood my birthday present.

Cheryl was standing in front of me in long black leather boots with five inch heels. She was also wearing black fishnets, a tight leather miniskirt, leather push-up bra, black gloves, leather jacket and a German style biker hat. I almost didn’t recognize her. She was also covered in chains and zippers and adorned a cat-o-nine-tails whip in one hand and a dog leash in the other. On the end of the leash was my sister in a spiked dog collar. Gina was dressed in a short, black, see through robe with a lacy, black bra and garter belt on. She had seamed, charcoal nylons on with no shoes. A tiny black g-string barely covered her tiny bush. Gina was handcuffed and wore a ball gag in her mouth. Both of them had dark eyelashes, ruby red lips, and generally severe makeup.

Cheryl cracked her whip. “Take those cloths off right now bitch!” she ordered me. I did as commanded. She then gave Gina a sharp thrash across the bum with her whip. Gina stood up as tall as her 5′ 2″ would allow on her tip toes.. Cheryl grabbed the back of Gina’s g-string and pulled up hard on it, making it spread her wet lips lewdly apart until it hurt. Gina grunted into her gag.

“I can’t wait for this cocksucker to get naked.”, Cheryl claimed as she pulled her skirt up, revealing her nude and groomed love mound. She then commanded my sister, “don’t just stand there, eat my pussy!” Cheryl released the ball gag and pushed Gina down on her knees.

Gina clamped her mouth on Cheryl’s pink clit. My cock was fully erect now. I stood there stark naked. I watched Gina’s tongue licking frantically at Cheryl’s wet box as she parted it with her gloved fingers. Cheryl whipped Gina’s ass a couple more times to encourage her performance. It was the first time I had seen a girl eat another’s pussy before. It was so beautiful. Gina seemed to relish her cousin’s tasty pussy. She licked it expertly. I looked into Cheryl’s darkly shaded eyes as she was being eaten. I could tell that she was on the verge of coming when she tugged at Gina’s black curls pulling her from her dripping snatch.

“Your turn, dink!” she demanded.

I got down on my knees and shoved my face into her beautiful blonde love nest. I was greeted by a smack on the ass with the lash. It stung hard but I lapped harder at the wet twat that lingered with the aroma of Gina’s perfume. I sucked on her clit and tongued her hole as the lash smacked my bum again.

He could hear her walk in the front door. He was in his room working at his computer. She walked through the door. “Hi” was all she said as she dropped her purse and jacket on the floor. “Hey” he responded turning toward her as she slid her leg over him. Sitting on his lap she presses her chest against his and slides her hands up to play with his hair. He tilts his head back and she presses her lips against his. Sliding her tongue between his lips she teases him the way he likes it. His arms wrap around her and she can feel his bulge. She pulls away tugging on his swollen lower lip with her teeth.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to do this again,” he says.

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” she responds as she pulls his head back for more. Her heart is racing as they continue to kiss. She can feel his warm breath on her skin as he makes his way to that sweet spot on her neck. She gasps when she feels him sucking on that perfect place. He slowly works his way down to her shoulders pushing her shirt and bra strap out of the way. She bends her head over him to nibble on his ear the way she knows he likes.

She turns her head toward him as he presses his lips once again against hers. She can fell the intensity inside him. She breaks away and stands up pulling him out of the chair and into her arms. Their lips press together once again as he slides his hands under her shirt. Their kiss breaks off only for a second as he pulls her shirt over her head.

She’s wearing her black lace bra. Her breasts are already aching to be released. But he knows that and chooses to leave in on instead. He knows it drives her crazy.

He pushes her backwards until she’s pressed up against the wall. She kicks off her shoes as she slides her leg up his and hooks it around pulling him closer to her. He’s biting her neck again. She pushes him away. “Take off your shirt,” she says. He pulls it off in one motion and she grabs his belt loops and pulls him back to her, wrapping her leg around him once again.

She breaks the kiss, “We should move.”

“OK,” is all he can respond breathlessly.

She takes his hand, flicks off the light, and leads him over to the bed. The glow of the computer screen illuminates her body as she crawls into the bed. She turns over and lays down with her hair surrounding her face. Her chest rises and falls with her heavy breathing. He crawls on top of her and presses his lips against hers while he rolls over to end with her on top of him. She leans up and tosses her hair over her shoulder while wrapping her legs around him leaning in again to kiss him.

As one hand grabs her ass, the other slides up and with one quick flick of his wrist undoes her bra. “I love it when you do that!” she says as she tosses her bra onto the floor. Her perfect breasts are finally released for him to see. She rolls him over so he’s on top again and he slowly kisses his way down toward her chest. Her whole body responds to his moist, warm lips on her hot skin. He knows she’s already wet, but this is his favorite part. This is the easiest way to drive her crazy.

His hands push her breasts upwards as he slowly kisses the first nipple. Opening his mouth he slides his tongue out and playfully flicks it back and forth. His mouth surrounds the nipple again, this time sucking harder. He hears her gasp and he pulls harder with his mouth. She’s breathing harder and he stops. Pulls away. And asks, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she gasps out. He just smiles and bends down to suck on her swollen nipple. His thumb had been sliding across her other breast all the while. He switches over to the other breast as she arches her back grabbing at the pillow under her head. He’s only there for a short while before she grabs him and pulls him back up to her lips. Her intensity comes out as they press their hot lips to each other. She tugs at his belt and unzips his pants.

“Stand up,” she orders, “and take off your pants.” He slides off the bed and drops his jeans on the floor. He goes to crawl back onto her, “No, no” she says, “Boxers too.” He smiles and slides off his boxers.

“Isn’t this your job?” he asks.

“I like to watch,” was her response. “And while you’re at it, how about taking off mine?” He leans over and kisses her stomach. Undoing the button and zipper he tugs on her navel piercing with his teeth. He grabs the side of her jeans and starts to tug them off. Lower and lower until he realizes she’s not wearing any panties. “Hot!” he gasps as he gives one final tug leaving her naked on his bed. “I thought you’d like that,” she responds. He crawls back on top of her and she wraps her legs around him, pulling his naked body onto her.

Their tongues intertwine as she rolls him over. She begins kissing her way down his body. Lower and lower, sliding her hand around his cock. She curls up between his legs and takes his head into her mouth. Her wet lips slide over his as her tongue plays along the underside. She knows he loves this and that’s what turns her on the most. She teases him while rhythmically sliding her hand up and down. “You’re going to have to stop, or we’ll have to end the night early,” he says. She smiles as she leans over him. He rolls her onto her back and positions himself over her.

He leans down to kiss her as he enters her. As she gasps, he pauses, giving her a moment to get used to him. She relaxes and he slides all the way in. He hears her moan and knows she’s ready. She wraps her arms across his shoulders as he begins to slide in and out of her wetness. She pulls her knees up along side of him and hooks her ankles around his waist. She moves her hip in time with him.

He slides his hand down her side and along her thigh. He pulls her leg over his shoulder and she hooks her other around his ankle. He knows this is one of her favorite positions and while he supports his weight on his left hand he uses the other to squeeze her breast. Playing with her nipple he watches her. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open. Her gasps and moans are getting louder as he makes each push deep inside her. “Holy shit!” she screams. She may be sweet and nice in public, but in his bed, the better it gets, the worse her mouth gets. “Oh, Fuck!” He knows his roommates are sleeping, too bad for them. He loves hearing her scream. He knows she’s close when she grabs the headboard. Pushing hard against his hips. He pushes in as hard as he can as her muscles squeeze around his cock.

She moans and her body relaxes. She opens her eyes with a big smile on her face. He releases her leg and leans down to kiss her. “You like that?” he asks already knowing the answer.

“Oh, yeah!” she whispers, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he lays his head on her chest. Staying there only for a little while before he begins to kiss her breasts again, making his way back up to her neck and to her waiting mouth.

She pushes him to roll over and leans over him. Leaning on one hand she grabs his cock and slides onto it. As she positions herself and begins to ride him, he slides his hands onto her ass. Helping move her up and down. She knows how to squeeze her muscles around him just the way he likes. She does this as she slides up and down. She can hear his breath getting shorter and he starts to thrust back harder. She is also beginning to moan.

They continue for a while until he grabs her and rolls over. Pulling her legs up along his waist, he thrusts harder and harder. She’s moaning louder and digging her nails into his biceps. With one final push, he gasps and then collapses on top of her. She wraps her arms and legs around him, holding him until his breathing slows.

He leans up to kiss her and rolls her onto her side. Laying behind her with his arm wrapped around her their heat keeps both of them warm.

From behind her she hears, “I can feel your heart beating.” She snuggles closer to him and falls asleep in his arms.

Just a little fantasy of mine I’d like to share with you all. Enjoy! ;)


The front door is unlocked, you let yourself in, quietly climbing the stairs to find me naked in bed. My eyes are closed and I’m moaning loudly as I pleasure myself. You can feel your cock straining at your trousers, so you free him quietly and stand over me. I sense your presence and open my eyes. Before I can scream you jump on me, wrapping your fingers round my throat. The threat forcing me to lie still. You smile to yourself, knowing you control the situation, you slap your cock in my face. “Open up bitch”. I open my mouth and you slide in between my lips and over my tongue; beginning to fuck my face in earnest.

Sliding deeper into my throat, you can feel it contract around you. You pull back to let me breath, before sliding back in again. You enjoy watching my eyes streaming and hearing me gag on your dick. You reach down between my legs to my wet pussy; so wet and ready for you. You rub the juices over my clit and feel me wriggle beneath you. My muffled cries to stop sending vibrations through your hard cock. You buck your hips as you feel your balls tightening, ready to unload. “Shut up bitch and take it!” You moan as your hot jizz shoots into my mouth, wave after wave of pleasure as you empty into me. “Swallow!” you command. I do as I’m told, drinking every drop of your seed.

I close my eyes tightly against the images of your dick fucking my mouth. I feel your weight lift slightly and thinking you’re done with me, I begin to relax.

Your hands encircle my wrists, but before I can struggle you’re tying me to the bed. I begin to wriggle again, my huge tits bouncing from side to side. I plead with you not to do this, begging you to let me go, swearing I won’t tell anyone.

You tell me if I kiss you, you’ll consider letting me go. I nod in agreement. You kiss me deep and passionately, and I respond. Telling myself that its just so you’ll let me go, but enjoying your mouth on mine. I can’t help but moan.

Your hands move down to my tits, feeling the hard peaks of my excited nipples. You grab at my breast and squeeze hard. I gasp, unsure if its from pain or pleasure. Your mouth moves down my neck and I shudder as your lips skim my secret spot. I can’t stop the sharp intake of breath or the buck of my hips as delicious warmth pools between my legs.

Surprised by my reaction you stop to explore the area where my neck and shoulder meet. Your lips touch the area again, and your tongue darts out. My hips buck and again I gasp. My nipples hardening under your palm, as my breasts thrust into your grip. You smile to yourself at your discovery.

You open your mouth and bite down. I moan out loud and rub myself against you eagerly. My breathing heavy. You continue to bite and lick, driving me wild beneath you, unable to stop the need building. Your hand slides down to my pussy to find me absolutely drenched, and I rub myself against your hand wantonly, moaning.

“You have to stop,” I beg. “Please.” But I moan again, this time louder. “Please.” You keep your finger pressed firmly against my clit as I continue to move my hips and rub against you. My moans get louder, more desperate. The warmth spreads through me and I can’t hold back any more. You bite down again, hard. “No!” I cry as my orgasm erupts in waves. You hold still as I shudder beneath you, cumming hard.

Before my orgasm subsides you thrust your dick, now rock solid again, deep inside me, slamming in to the hilt. I scream. You wrap your hand around my throat “Shut the fuck up whore and take it! I’m gonna have some fun with your juicy cunt!” I shudder again. You laugh. “You like that? You like me using your whore pussy?” I try to shake my head. “Liar! Tell me! Tell me you like my cock pumping your whore pussy!” I try to shake my head again. You tighten your grip on my neck so I can barely breath as you slam home again and again. “Tell me.” You loosen your grip and I gasp in air.

“I like your cock pumping my whore pussy” I mumble shamefully.

“Louder” you command.

“I like your cock pumping my whore pussy!” I cry as you continue fucking me senseless. “No more” I beg, feeling my pussy start to pulse.

You feel it too and smile. “Again.”

“I like your cock pumping my whore pussy.”


“I like your cock pumping my whore pussy!”

“What are you?”

“A whore”

“Whose whore?”

“Yours!!!” I scream as my cunt grips hold of your thrusting dick, clamping down tight as I cum again and again. My orgasm bringing your climax too. We lie there panting. Your lips crashing down on mine and I kiss you back fervently.

I’ll make sure I leave the door unlocked again tonight.

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