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This story contains fisting, BDSM, interracial and older younger themes. If this is not for you please move on

Rachel is twenty one, and married to a much older man who she loves with all her heart. Not only because he was the father of her child but because he was all that she could ever want in a man. Added to that was the fact that she was free to do whatever she wanted, with whoever she wanted. Though Rachel and her husband had experimented with all forms of sex from groups of men, to woman of all ages from eighteen to seventy, she had rarely ever taken advantage of the freedom he gave her.

Rachel was slim with a gorgeous body and a perfectly rounded arse. She was extremely naïve to the effect that she had on men. She had an air of innocence about her that just seemed to attract men like a magnet. But she had no idea the effect she had on men just by being in the same room. She loved sex and did anything that was fun, she had very few if any limits. Her main problem with sex was that she could turn herself on so easily due to a fertile imagination and a seriously over active libido.

Since being married she had dressed to please and now it was just normal dress code for her. Short skirts and never a bra. When she was working she would wear a house coat with only panties underneath. She was also extremely submissive. If a client told her to do an additional room she would do it without question, or cook a meal or any of many other things that had nothing to do with her normal cleaning duties. That submission was about to take housework and extra duties to a whole new level.

Rachel had got into housekeeping by accident. She had offered to help an elderly lady with her housework as she had just had a hip operation. She did so well that it became permanent. The elderly lady had spread the word and Rachel now had several regular clients as well as some one off jobs that she got now and then


She had been cleaning Simon’s house twice a week for several months now. Simon was about fifty and his son Carl and Carls wife Rita, both in their twenties, lived with him. Rachel had met both Carl and Rita who were often at home when she came round to clean the house. They had all at one time or another told Rachel to, make some tea, or cook some toast or even sweep the garden path. All of which she had done without complaint. They treated her like a servant which she accepted as part of her job. She had always answered questions about herself when asked not being able it seemed to refuse to answer them. These questions Carl had taken a little further a couple of times and asked about her sex life. She would blush bright red when he said things that hit the button, and the more she blushed the more blatant he got. Even Rita, who found out that Rachel was bi-sexual, and Simon, who found out that Rachel had no age problems, joined in with the banter sometimes. Rachel would blush and smile and, even though she hated to admit it, she would get turned on at the thought of sex with a black man Something she had never done before.

She went into the house through the back door as usual and went through to the lounge where Simon was sitting reading the paper. This was not unusual and she just carried on with her work after a ‘good morning’. She cleared away cups and glasses and then started to plump up cushions when Simon said, “You have a gorgeous arse Rachel.”

A little shocked she went to straighten up. “No stay there. Just like that.” Simon said calmly as he stood up. Moving over to her he added, “I have wanted to do this for a very long time.” He put his hand on her right buttock and moved in a circular motion. Rachel was frozen to the spot, her pussy already getting wet. She felt no fear or even shock, all she felt was hugely turned on.

As his other hand started to massage her other buttock she couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure, and as his hands moved over her hips and up to her breasts she felt her knees start to shake. His hand slipped inside her house coat and as he ran a finger over her nipple she could feel his erection rubbing through his jeans against her bum crack, she opened her legs slightly to accommodate it.

Simon pulled at the house coat and she felt all the poppers come undone. Now one hand moved back to her buttocks, this time touching naked flesh. The hand moved round to her hip and slowly between her legs feeling her sopping wet hole. She raised her head and sighed loudly.

“You really are so fucking hot.”

At that moment Carl walked into the room. “Now that’s what I call a goooood morning.” He said with a laugh.

Rachel was too far gone now to do anything and Simon just continued pushing his fingers into her hole. Carl dropped his dressing gown on to the floor and sat on the settee, lifting Rachel’s arm so that she was now perched over his erection. The sight of it made Rachel gasp out loud. This was the very first black cock she ever seen and the effect on her was electric. Without any hesitation she moved her head down and slowly took his erection into her mouth.

“Fucking hell Rachel your fuckin eager ain’t yer.” Carl said.

Simon moved away for a moment and when he returned Rachel could feel his naked erection playing at her pussy. As it slid into her eagerly awaiting hole she let out a cry of utter animal pleasure. Both men were quite large but she had been fucked by bigger cocks, it was just the thought of being fucked by two black men and the thought that it was father and son made it all the more filthy and all the more fun.

Carl put his hand on Rachel’s head and urged her to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth until she had his cock in her throat, something she had done before and enjoyed. “Fucking hell you suck like a fuckin hoover.”

“I can’t believe this.” Simon said, “I am fucking a young hot cunt while my son gets deep throated. This is so fucking horny.”

“Well save some of her for me you bastards.” Rita said, “I wondered where you had gone Carl you dirty sod. And as for you dad you should know better, corrupting your son like this.”

While both men had stopped thrusting neither of them attempted to remove their cocks from it’s place of pleasure. “Sorry Rita I just couldn’t keep my hands off her any longer. Anyway you said you wanted some of her as well so why not join in. I always wanted to see you naked.”

“Yeah come on babes.” Carl said, “Have a taste.”

“Oh fuck it why not.” Rita said dropping her dressing gown to the floor, “Why should you two have all the fun. Move over make room for me Carl.”

She didn’t give Carl much choice, she was so turned on that she just pushed him out of the way and Rachel found herself eating her first black pussy. The sweet smell of a woman now drove her even further into lustful passion. Carl slipped to the floor and, spreading Rachel’s legs got underneath her. Simon withdrew his cock and allowed his son to pull Rachel down onto his throbbing erection. That left only one hole available and Simon had wanked many times over the opportunity to put his cock into this bum hole.

Not sure just how Rachel would react he fingered her pussy and gathered some of her juice on his fingers, feeling his sons cock inside of her sent a wave of excitement through him that surprised him. He slipped a juicy finger into that tight bum hole and played inside before pushing another finger in. Once he had three fingers in comfortably he put his erection to that hot hole, waiting for some reaction from Rachel. The reaction was for her to push onto him, slowly he pushed his black cock into that welcoming hole. A little at a time to begin with but once she was into a rhythm with him he pushed the rest in, right up to his balls, which bounced on her gorgeous arse cheeks.

Rachel was completely lost now. The men had got into a rhythm that thrust Rachel onto Rita’s pussy and she was licking that clit with every stroke, her hands now gripping Rita’s ample breasts and tweeking her nipples out of pure instinct.

Carl couldn’t believe his luck. He had not fucked another woman since he had married Rita, even though they had all talked about Rachel before he never expected to be fuckin the same woman who was eating his wife’s cunt. Every time he thrust into Rachel he would grip her tits hard and when he felt his dads fingers enter her hole and brush his cock he almost came on the spot, which surprised him more than anything else.

Simon, who had started all this from lust couldn’t believe what was going on. Never in his wildest dreams could he have ever pictured himself shagging a very young woman’s arse while his son fucked her cunt and his daughter in law got a pussy licking. And try as he may he could not stop looking at Rita’s tits and so wanted to help Rachel play with them.

Rita knew that her father in law was looking at her and didn’t care, in fact to her surprise it turned her on. She had often wondered what he thought of her and now, seeing the lust in his eyes as he watched her tits being squeezed by Rachel she finally knew. She also knew that she was going to come, and come hard. Rachel certainly knew how to eat pussy, and by the looks of it loved what a cock or two could do for her as well.

Rachel was lost in all the action. She had given herself up to it in mind and body and as her orgasm mounted she just let go completely. She knew the guys were about to come as they both started to thrust harder and Rita was moaning out loud and pushing up in to her face.

When they did come it was all thrashing bodies and loud moans and even a scream from Rachel who had come both in her arse and her pussy at the same time, something else that was a first for her. Rita bucked up so hard she almost knocked Rachel’s teeth out. Finally the family stopped bucking and fucking and Rachel sagged to the floor along side Carl.

“I need a cock. Now.” Rita gasped. As Carl got up and smiled at her she added, “Not you. You had your bit on the side now I want mine.” And she beckoned to Simon, who instinctively looked at Carl.

Carl just smile and said “I am going to enjoy this as much as you will dad.”

Rita slid forward on the settee so that Simon could make easier entry. Simon started slowly but soon increased his pace. Rita beckoned to Carl for his cock and pulled it to her mouth. Rachel just sat on the floor watching the action and recovering from her own ‘ordeal’. It turned her on all over again.

Carl came first in Rita’s mouth and the sight of his son’s come dribbling down her chin drove him into orgasm which in turn brought on Rita’s.

Carl turned round as his father shot his seed into his wife and offered his cock to Rachel who took it deep, sucking it till it was clean. Then she cleaned up Simons cock and once she had done that she looked to Rita who sat with her feet on the settee, her pussy wide and leaking her father in laws come. Rachel smiled and eagerly cleaned out that come riddled hole while the men stood back and watched as Rita again went into orgasm.

Finally, exhausted, they all sat in silence. Looking from one to the other. After a moment Rita said, “What the fuck just happened.” And burst out laughing. Everyone joined in even Rachel who had still said absolutely nothing.

After a while Simon got up and went into the kitchen returning a while later with three cups of coffee. Handing Rachel one he said, “I don’t know if you take sugar, I will bring the bowl in and you can help yourself.”

“Thank you.” Rachel said quietly. She, like Rita, was totally confused at to what had taken place. All she did know was that she absolutely loved it and hoped it would happen again.

All was silent for quite sometime then Rita looked at Carl, “Are you ok babe. With….” She trailed off and looked at Simon then back to Carl.

“Me!” Carl said, “I fucking loved it. Why the fuck hasn’t it happened before?” He laughed

“Dad?” Rita asked

Simon looked at her and then at his son. “It’s not something I ever would have expected but, if you two are ok with it then….I fucking loved it as well. But maybe right now we should be thinking about Rachel who, after all only came here to tidy up. He looked at Rachel sitting on the floor, naked with her knees up. Carl and Rita looked at her as well, waiting for her to say something finally.

Rachel seemed lost in thought for a moment then seemed to wake up. “What! Me! Oh! Well I just had the best fuck I have ever ever had ever.” She had a huge smile on her face. “But I really must be going. I haven’t even started work yet”

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes of course Rachel. I am sorry we kept you so long. Maybe you should leave the cleaning for today.”

The looked on Rachel’s face mixed with the way Simon said it was just too much for them and they all burst out laughing again. Rachel slipped her knickers into her pocket and donned her house coat. “Well I will do a special job on Thursday when I come round.” This provoked another burst of laughter.

Simon reached for his jeans and took out his wallet. “I will still pay you for your work though.” He said with a smile. He took her wages out of his wallet and put it into her hand. He always paid in cash when she was leaving so nothing seemed untoward. Once Rachel was out of the house she took the money out of her pocket and was surprised to find a fifty pound note. She only charged five pounds an hour and she usually spent two hours at Simons so was expecting ten pounds. She smiled, she had wondered what he meant when he said ‘her work’ Now she realised that the ‘work’ he had paid for was the fucking he had given her. She felt really filthy and turned on all over again. Did this make her a whore she thought.

Walking home she wondered just how many of her other male clients looked on her in the same way that Simon did. It wasn’t something that she had ever considered before. Maybe she should take more notice in future. Once she got home she told her husband everything, he had always insisted on honesty so she had no fear of him being annoyed. On the contrary he had been so turned on he had bent her over and fucked her there and then. When she told him about the money he laughed and said, “Well you always wondered what it would be like to be a whore. Now you know you slut.” He did laugh which made her feel even better about it.

Later that evening Rachel was soaking in a much deserved bath. Thinking over what had happened at Simons house. She hoped he would still want her to do his cleaning for him as she couldn’t afford to really lose a regular customer. She also wondered if anything like it would happen again, deciding to play it by ear. She also decided to take more notice of her clients in future and if any of them wanted some extra work done then she would most certainly do her best to please them, if they in turn decided to give her a bonus that was up to them. She thought it a bit unfair to charge extra for something that she enjoyed doing. As it was Monday she would have to wait and see how things panned out with Simon and his family, if they wanted to give her some more added work to do she would be very happy to oblige, paid or unpaid.


Mrs Robinson and Mr Martin. Mrs Robinson was in her eighties and lived in a small bungalow. She only took about an hour to clean but sometimes Rachel would go to the shop for her so by eleven o’clock she was at Mr Martins. Mr Martin was in his sixties and was a retired gardener.

“Morning Mr Martin are you ok today?”

“All the better for seeing you my dear.” He replied

Mr Martin always sat in his chair by the fire, even when it wasn’t lit and watched as Rachel did her chores. Often he would ask her to do this for him or pick that up or go to the shop for him and on a couple of occasions he even asked her to go to the shop with him, holding onto her arm as they walked. Now and again he would put his hand behind her back, allowing it slip down to her bottom sometimes. All this had gone through Rachel’s mind as she walked to his house and she had admit that it probably wasn’t all innocent.

As she worked Mr Martin called out, “Rachel, Rachel.”

She walked into the lounge, “Yes Mr Martin?”

“Sorry to bother you my dear but could you get that magazine off the floor me.”

Rachel was fairly sure that the magazine had not been on the floor when she arrived so she bent down and picked it up slowly, glancing out the corner of her eye she could see Mr Martin trying to look up her housecoat which was of average length but if she bent from the waist was prone to ride up and show a fair amount of her legs. As she stood up she turned her back to him and undid one of the poppers on her housecoat baring a little more of her ample cleavage. She walked over to him and bent over to hand him the magazine.

“There you are Mr Martin.” She said, leaning forward. “Anything else I can do for you sir.” She deliberately added the sir even though she wasn’t sure why.

“No thank you my dear.” He said eyes glued to her cleavage and magazine thrust into his lap to cover, what seemed, a growing erection.

“I will carry on then. Just call if you want me sir. For anything.” She smiled and then left the room. Once out of sight she undid another popper. She could feel herself getting wet.

“You slut.” She said to herself.

Sure enough five minute later, “Oh Rachel, Rachel have you got a minute please.”

“Yes sir.” Rachel said, “Coming.”

As she entered the room he said, “Be a doll and plump my cushion up for me there’s a good girl.”

To do this Rachel needed to stand in front of him and pull him forward till his head was on her chest. Now that she had undone the extra popper his head was in fact buried between her tits and each time she punched the cushion he got pushed further into that wonderful cleavage. Once she had finished she pulled his head from it’s chosen place and moved him back. Still leaning forward she said, “There we are sir. Is that better for you.”

“Oh yes dear much better.” All this time his hand had been in his lap hidden under the magazine.

“Well if I can give you a, eeerr, hand with anything else you just tell me sir, anything at all.” Her gaze dropped to the magazine in his lap.

“Oh I will Rachel I will. Anything, you say? Anything at all?”

“Absolutely anything sir.” She smiled and waited for a second to see if he would ask anything else. He didn’t so she left the room. A minute later

“Oh damn. Rachel, Rachel dear I have had an accident.”

Rachel went into the lounge to find him with his cup in his hand and his tea in his lap. Now Mr Martin was not a shaker, his hands were always quite still so how this happened Rachel wasn’t sure but she knew what he wanted from her. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a tea towel. Getting on her knees in front of him she started to slowly wipe the tea up from his lap. Making very sure she brushed his erection frequently.

“Am I doing it right sir.” She smiled as he gazed again down at her cleavage.

“Oh yes Rachel. Perfect, absolutely perfect.”

“Do you like the view sir?” She asked giving an extra hard rub on his cock “Or would you like to open the curtains a bit more sir?” As she said this she raised herself up enough for him to reach the ‘curtains’ if he so wished.

“Well yes a little wider would be very nice dear.” His now uncharacteristically trembling hands reached forward and undone another popper. “Maybe one more.” and another was undone. Her tits were now on open view. He could clearly see that her nipples were engorged and her chest was heaving with her own arousal.

“Does that please you sir?”

“Oh yes my dear enormously.” he said breathing more erratically now

Rachel had dropped the tea towel by now and was blatantly rubbing his cock as she looked into his eyes. She moved her hand up to his zipper and still looking into his eyes she pulled it down and reached in for that cock. “If there is anything more I can do to help you sir tell me sir and I will do it sir.” His cock was now free of it’s restraint and Rachel was surprised at the size of it. It was only about eight inches long but must have been at least three inches round. Her small hands only just got round it.

“Well if you would like to move a little closer I am sure it would help enormously.”

Rachel thought he wanted a blow job so went to put his cock into her mouth but as she moved forward one hand went to her breast and the other to her head stopping her from putting it in her mouth. The hand on her tit was now squeezing her nipple hard, hard enough to make her moan with pleasure.

“Do you like that Rachel.”

“Oh yes sir it feels good sir.”

“You have wonderful hands my dear. Wonderful. Open your mouth there’s a good girl”

Rachel did as she was asked and with a final squeeze on her nipple Mr Martin shot his seed all over her face and into her mouth. Rachel had no idea the last time he had come but his stream just seemed to spurt jet after jet of hot semen onto her face. She swallowed what went into her mouth but that was soon replaced by even more until finally, exhausted and drained of fluid Mr Martin fell back into his seat.

“Thank you my dear that was most helpful. I would appreciate it if you stayed just as you are while you finish your chores.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.” She replied

She finished her work uninterrupted and when she was done she went back into the lounge. “I have done my work sir may I get ready to leave now sir.”.

He was reading his paper which he folded up and put aside. “Kneel down here my dear.” He said pointing between his knees. She did as she was told. “Now I want you to use your hands to wipe all that lovely come off your face and then I want you to lick your hands clean. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” She expected him to fondle her tits while she did it but instead he just watched as she wiped every drop of sticky dry come off her face and licked it from her hand. Once she had finished she put her hand in her lap and waited for him to inspect her.

“Very good my dear. Now you may wash yourself. Come and see me before you leave.”

As she washed her face she realised that the way she had acted with him, calling him sir, was purely on instinct and that the more she said it the more confident he got and the more demanding. Maybe she had found his true nature. She didn’t do her house coat up as he had not told her to do so. When she returned to the lounge he said, “Good I am glad you only did as I asked and left your self on view to me. In future when you arrive you will wear stockings, a short skirt and thin top with buttons. I may allow you to stay dressed or I may want you to walk around naked.”

“Yes sir.” Rachel said

“Here is your pay.” He said handing her an envelope which he always did. “Now I want you to leave your buttons undone till you have left the house when you can do them up. Understood?”

“Yes sir. Will that be all sir?”

“Yes, you may go.”

As she closed the door the feeling of excitement being half naked outside really turned her on. While she didn’t want to be seen she hoped she would be. Even when she started doing the poppers up she did it slowly and was disappointed when nobody walked past her. She did however leave an extra popper undone and decided that in future she would never go above her cleavage while working. When she opened up her wage packet she was pleased to see that he had put in an extra ten pounds for her ‘bonus’ work. Again she told her husband what had happened and again they fucked each other crazy. As he was a dominant man anyway he thoroughly approved of her behaviour, and as he put it, her etiquette. Complimenting her on her instincts.

As her husband had told her she could keep all her bonus money Rachel started to think of things she could buy with it. Deciding that she may eventually need to get some special clothing she chose to save it and see what happened. She also decided to take her housecoat up a couple of inches and in future she would wear stay ups or stockings and suspenders. But not till after Friday when she would see Sir again.


Today was an easy day if not a very nice one. She had the whole day free to do some window shopping and spend time with the baby. She only had Mr Roberts office at six this evening. Mr Roberts was the middle aged son of another of Rachel’s elderly clients. He was also a very rude man and very sexist. Always making remarks about how she would look stretched over his desk naked and things like that. The fact that Rachel never commented and completely ignored him seemed to drive him on to being more and more course. Secretly the fact that she disliked him turned her on as she would often fantasise about him doing what he wanted with her and then she could just say something like “Oh are you finished already” Or “Is that it then?”

She enjoyed her day and even bought a new set of suspenders and some stockings, in black of course, which she intended to wear next Tuesday for Mr Martin, or Sir as she called him now.

As Rachel arrived for work she was more nervous than usual, even anticipating what may occur. Her experiences thus far this week had been more than she would ever have expected. The second floor office was a single room with three desks on each side and Mr Roberts desk at the end. The office finished at five thirty except for Mr Roberts who stayed till Rachel had finished her work. As usual Rachel went to each desk emptying the bins first, Mr Roberts was watching her from the moment she entered. With her raised hemline and her lowered popper level she had no doubt that he was trying his best to get glimpses of her body that he had never seen before. As she approached his desk she was impelled to avert her gaze from him, something she had always done. She just couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Your looking well horny today Rachel.” He said raising one leg up onto the desk “Flashing all that tit for me are you?”

As usual Rachel ignored him, but she did take just a little longer than normal to empty the bin, bending over just that little bit further than needed.. As she stood up Rachel realised she was shaking. What the hell was she playing at. She was never like this. She always just ignored him and got on with her work as quickly as possible. Doing her best to seem calm she turned and walked away.

“Nice to actually see your tits for once Rachel.” He said, “Answer me a question will you?”

Rachel ignored him and continued walking away. “Rachel!” He shouted. The call was such a shock that she stopped. “Come here.” He ordered

Despite her head saying ignore him ignore him her feet turned her around and walked her back to his desk. Her hands shakily holding the bag of rubbish in front of her. He was still sitting with one leg up on his desk and the other on the floor, seemingly offering his crotch for her gaze. “That’s better. Now. You have shown me that you don’t have a bra on so would you answer me a question?” Afraid to say anything she just nodded in the affirmative.

“Do you have any panties on Rachel?”

The question was such a shock she looked, for the first time ever, directly at him. He had a huge smile on his face.

She turned round and, as fast as she could headed out of the office to the cupboard where she kept her cleaning tools, tears welling in her eyes. Why she had tears she didn’t know. It wasn’t anger, or embarrassment. So what was it? She really had no idea. Pulling herself together she grabbed her dusting cloth and went back into the office determined to completely ignore him. She dusted each section getting slower and slower, trying to avoid doing his section but all along knowing that she would eventually have no choice. He sat silently, watching her every move, smiling as she moved closer and closer. Finally she was at his desk. He wheeled away from the desk as he always did to give her room to get around it. Only this time as soon as she was in front of him he wheeled his chair back in with his legs either side of her, effectively trapping her. To get away she would have to step over his leg. He was so close to her that if she didn’t lean forward she would have fallen into his lap. Her hands placed on the desk for balance she said nothing, waiting for him to pull away and stop this silly game.

“I asked you a question Rachel.” He said in his most authoritative voice, “It seems I will have to find out for myself.”

She felt his hands on her naked leg and tried to say no but while the words formed no sound left her lips. As his hand reached her buttocks, and the edge of her panties “Yes.” She said quietly, “Yes I have some on. Now please let me do my work, please.”

His hands however did not stop. They ran over her buttocks and up to the elastic at her waist. “You should have answered me straight away Rachel. Now I think you owe me for being un-respectful. I will take these as penalty.” And he yanked her panties down to her knees. She gasped out loud, unable to stop him.

To her surprise he moved back, enabling her to stand upright. Then of course she realised this was for his benefit not hers as her panties dropped to the floor. “Step out of them Rachel.” With her back to him she did as she was told. Completely unable to justify to herself why she did not just run, or even object. “Now pick them up and hand them to me.”

Again she did as she was told. Her head was in such a mess, telling her no, don’t do it. While her body just obeyed. He took them from her shaking hand and put them to his nose.

“They are wet Rachel. I can taste your sweet cunt juice on them. You may carry on with your work now.”

Obediently she finished dusting his desk, all the while expecting him to again trap her. All the while screaming at her pussy to stop dripping juices.

Next she had to vacuum the carpet. This at least was noisy enough to stop him talking to her. She did the open area and then it was his area. She hesitated, waiting for him to move his chair away but when he did her knees almost gave way. He said nothing, he never touched her but she was in total shock. Mr Roberts sat with a huge grin on his face and huge erection where his trousers should have been.

“Well not so huge,” she thought through her shock, “in fact quite normal.” but erect he certainly was. She seemed hypnotised but it. The cleaner still running but not moving, it seemed impossible to avert her gaze. Even worse her mouth was wide open. “Run” her head said, “Run.”

“On your knees Rachel.” He said sternly.

The demand shook some semblance of reality back into her. But she didn’t move. She didn’t run.

“Now!” He shouted. Her legs collapsed. She fell to her knees, still gazing at his erection as it got closer and closer. Again she could feel the tears welling in her eyes but still couldn’t explain why, not even as she lowered her head over his erect phallus. “Now make it good or you could find yourself finishing your work naked like the slut you are.” His hand rested on her head

Slowly she began to work on his cock and then as the thought of being naked in his presence urged her on to greater effort. Her husband had always said how great she was at sucking cock and she used every little trick she knew. Flicking her tongue over the head, playing with his balls with her free hand, and taking him deep into her throat, where he delivered his seed. Without any warning his come went straight into her belly until he pulled out enough for the second jet to stay in her mouth. Quickly followed by another and another. She swallowed most of it but some escaped from her mouth and run down her chin. As he removed his hand she let him slip out of her mouth, unable to look at him she sat there waiting For what? She had no idea.

“Stand up.” He ordered. She did as she was told. “Not good enough Rachel. You allowed some of my precious spunk to get away. So I have no option but to punish you yet again. Strip.”

Shocked, she again looked him in the face, “I….I….Mr Roberts…I just….”

Roberts jumped out of his chair. “Now! Do not defy me.”

Rachel shrunk back, her hands flying to her poppers, dropping her housecoat to the floor. Her hands instinctively trying to cover her pussy, her dripping wet pussy.

“I have always wanted to see you naked Rachel. As I have always wanted you to suck my cock.” His hands roamed over her tits and down her back, she could smell his arousal which in turn aroused her more than her head wanted. He pinched her nipples and ran a hand between her bum crack. Her body reacted by opening her legs to allow him entry. He brushed his finger over her bum crack and then moved on round to her waiting cunt, throbbing in anticipation. Her legs shaking, almost giving way again.

“I knew you were a slut, a little whore. You love it don’t you Rachel?” She remained silent. “Put your hands on the desk and bend over. I am going to fuck you like the bitch slut you are.”

Her breathing was now heavy and erratic, her cunt throbbing for attention. She did as she was told. He pulled her back slightly and then rammed his cock into her as hard as he could. She screamed. Even worse. She orgasmed, instantly, constantly, from the moment of entry her body craved the violation he forced upon her.

“Didn’t I always tell you how much you would love it you slut.” Roberts said as he wildly thrust into her. “You cock loving whore, you fucking slut, whore bitch. Aaarrrggghhhh oooohh yes you fuckin bitch.mmmmmm” He shot his seed deep into her and kept thrusting until his legs could take no more. As he pulled out Rachel collapsed onto his desk, still in orgasm. Writhing in unexpected and uncontrollable ecstasy, she slid to the floor and rolled up in a ball.

“Get your filthy cunt juice off my cock bitch.” Roberts said, standing in front of her. Still shaking she got to her knees and slid her lips around his cock. She had done this many times so no concentration was needed thankfully. After a moment he stepped back and she fell forward, now on her hands and knees. “Now get your work finished. I have a wife to get home to.”

Suddenly hit with shame at the mention of his wife Rachel reached for her housecoat. He stamped his foot on it. “When your finished you can dress. Now get a move on.”

All she had left to do was wash the central vinyl flooring. Her orgasm was still raging though at least under some control. She didn’t think of him at all as she rushed to finish but she knew he was watching as she swished the mop from side to side that he would be watching the sway of her breasts. Thankfully he made no further moves on her. Once finished she returned to his desk and stood waiting for him to remove his foot from her clothing. He was now dressed and looked like nothing had happened. She quickly dressed and he handed her a wage packet. “As ever Rachel you have done a great job. See you next week.” She turned and in a daze left the building.

She needed to calm down and relax for a moment so she walked to a nearby park and sat down on a bench. She drank some coke from a bottle she always took to work and calmed her breathing. Thinking about it she had to admit that she loved every minute of it. Even though she hated the man she loved it all. It certainly did not go as she had fantasised, and she doubted whether she would ever have the courage now to say anything like ” Is that it?”

She opened up her wage packet and was disappointed but not surprised to find her normal ten pounds in it. She smiled to herself and made her way home. As ever she told her husband what had happened and he smiled at her, not having the energy he said to act on his arousal. She gave him a hug and went for a long hot shower.


Busy day today. Simon, Mrs Ash and Miss Applegate.

Rachel arrived at Simon’s house with some trepidation but decided to just go about things in her normal manner, though she secretly hoped something may happen. Simon was at home and seemed his usual self, a bit nervous maybe but his usual self. Several times over the next hour Rachel thought he was going to do or say something and was eagerly waiting for that hard black cock to enter one of her eagerly awaiting orifices in some way or other, but nothing. By the time she left she was hot, horny very frustrated and extremely disappointed.

Mrs Ash had left her usual written instructions. The only additions being that Mrs Ash’s two son’s were home from university and there rooms would need doing. Rachel took it in her usual stride. Mrs Ash was a very formal employer and Rachel knew very well that the boy’s or young men, would not be up for at least another hour or so. A little over an hour later as she was leaving the master suite and wondering if the boys were awake yet Jimmy walked out of his room wearing only his boxer shorts and showing what Rachel knew by now to be a man’s usual morning erection. She wasn’t sure who was most embarrassed. She acted like nothing had happened, apart from a red face, and went downstairs for a cup of coffee, allowing them further time to wake up.

As she finished her coffee Jimmy came into the kitchen, still in his boxer shorts, and started making some toast. Rachel’s instinctive response as he walked in was to see if he still had his erection, Just a little disappointed she saw it had gone, however Jimmy saw her looking and smiled at her which made her even more embarrassed. She went to rush out of the kitchen and ran straight into Mark, the elder of the two brothers, who was also dressed in his boxers. As she passed him her heart was pounding and her pussy was twitching like a maniac. She had been frustrated when she arrived because nothing happened at Simon’s, now she was screaming to be fucked, by anyone. She rushed to the bathroom and shut the door, spending five minutes to calm her raging out of control libido. Once calm she left the bathroom and went to the boy’s room. Knocking before walking in as the door was open.

The room was in fact two very large rooms with a huge adjoining door which was left open most of the time. The boy’s were sitting in armchairs eating toast and drinking coffee, still wearing boxers and , Rachel’s fertile mind believed, sitting to show off their bodies, all their bodies as they were both sitting with their legs spread wide.

Rachel did her best to ignore them doing her work as best as she could. Luckily Mrs Ash never expected too much from her when the boys were home but Rachel found herself doing more than she usually would, all the time glimpsing at one boy or the other. Several times she caught a glimpse of cock and, her face bright red, she averted her gaze. But found it impossible not to look again, and again. The boys giggled on occasion and she was sure they were teasing her deliberately. Finally she could take no more and gathered up her things.

As she was walking out of the room Mark said, “We can take the boxers off if it would help.”

Rachel stopped at the door and took a deep breath before moving on. “Next time then Rachel ok.” Jimmy laughed.

Rachel got out as quickly as she could before she lost all control. Mrs Ash always paid her money into the bank monthly so she had no wages to collect. She took a deep breath as she left the house and again spent time calming her severely aching pussy before continuing on her way.

She stopped at a local café and had her usual cup of coffee before going on to Miss Applegate. As she sipped at her coffee she let her mind wonder over the week. She still found it hard to believe it all but did admit that not one single part of it did she regret, except maybe Simon not fucking her again which she found a little confusing and hugely frustrating. When she thought about the two boys she posed herself a question. If they had tried something what would she have done. She knew immediately that she would have done anything that they asked, or should she say, anything they wanted, which was nearer the truth. By the time she had finished her coffee she was even more turned on than when she had arrived at the coffee shop.

Miss Applegate was a domineering woman. Very much in charge of her life and very demanding, often making Rachel redo something that she had already cleaned. Although Miss Applegate was single, at times it was obvious that her boyfriend had stayed the night though Rachel had never seen him. Miss Applegate worked in a nightclub till 2am somewhere in town so Rachel had her own key and was instructed not to use the vacuum till after midday.

Rachel let herself in and started by gathering up any glasses and crockery that she found in the lounge, taking them to the kitchen. It was only eleven thirty so she dusted and polished the living room and dinning room and then went upstairs to do the bathroom. She gathered up any clothing that was spread around and put it into the laundry basket, admiring some of the lingerie as she did so. Once cleaned she went to the spare bedroom to see if it needed any attention, it didn’t so she turned and saw Miss Applegate walking to the bathroom.

Miss Applegate was about five foot eight so quite tall for a woman and she had, what Rachel thought, was a wonderful body. Often Rachel had seen Miss Applegate semi dressed or as now dressed in just a short see through nighty. Averting her eyes from that body she said “Morning Miss Applegate”

Obviously still half asleep Miss Applegate looked up and said, “Morning Rachel. Is it that time already? Be a honey and make me some coffee.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel replied and shuffled off to the kitchen, head still bowed.

The coffee maker was still whirring when Miss Applegate sat at the kitchen table, still dressed in that flimsy nighty. Rachel had seen this before but for some inexplicable reason after the week that she’d had this week Rachel noticed for the first time the roundness of those tits and how they stood up without any help from a bra, the long thin legs leading up to a pussy with only the slightest tuft of hair at the point of her slit and the strong hips. How Miss Applegate’s hair, even straight out of bed, seemed to be just right. “Rachel. Coffee.” Miss Applegate said waving her hand in the air.

Rachel realised she was daydreaming about Miss Applegate’s body. “Sorry Miss Applegate.” She said. Turning the coffee machine off she poured out a steaming cup and put it on the kitchen table.

Rachel turned back to the sink and started to unconvincingly look like she was going to wash dishes which was rather silly as she knew full well that Miss Applegate had a dishwasher.

“Do you like my nighty then Rachel?” Miss Applegate asked.

Rachel kept her back to Miss Applegate as she replied. “Yes it’s….nice Miss Applegate.”

“Nice! Is that all Rachel? Nice!” Miss Applegate said, “Turn around and have another look.”

Rachel felt her knees begin to shake. She had always been just a little afraid of Miss Applegate due to her very dominant nature. Rachel slowly turned around keeping her eyes to the floor.

“Look at me Rachel.” Miss Applegate said smiling, “What do you see?”

Rachel looked in Miss Applegate’s direction but found it impossible to look directly at her. “I’m not sure what you mean Miss Applegate.” Rachel said softly her eyes back on the floor in front of her and her fingers entwined in front of her.

Miss Applegate stood up and moved in front of Rachel, so close that Rachel had no choice but to look upon those wonderful firm breasts. She tried to avert her eyes but is was impossible to not see them. “Do you like my body Rachel?” Miss Applegate asked with a smile, “Does it turn you on Rachel?”

Rachel was a little surprised at the question and almost looked up into Miss Applegate’s face but stopped feeling that she not, in someway, allowed to do so. She remained silent. “Our me another coffee and bring it through.” Miss Applegate said walking towards the lounge.

“Yes Miss Applegate” Rachel said. She nervously poured the coffee and took it to the lounge where she found Miss Applegate sitting on the settee with one leg on the floor and the other on the settee. In this position Rachel couldn’t miss the open view of Miss Applegate’s pussy. She was holding what looked like a piece of a leather belt but it was only about fifteen inches long so Rachel wasn’t sure what it was. Rachel put the coffee on the small table at the side of the settee and went to leave.

“Wait.” Miss Applegate said sternly. “Stand here.” She was pointing with the strap that she held to a point directly in front of her.

Like an automaton Rachel did as she was told. Hands held in front of her, head bowed. Miss Applegate stood up and walked around Rachel. “If I ask you a question Rachel, I want an answer. Understood?”

Rachel said nothing. The next second she felt a slap on her right buttock. Not hard but enough to get her attention. “Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said.

“Do you like my body Rachel?”

Rachel couldn’t bring herself to answer until she again felt a slap on her bum from the strap. This time harder, more painful. Sending shocks through her body down to her already wet pussy, why she was wet she had no idea. But she still gave no reply. This time the pain she got when the strap made contact was leg shaking. Rachel’s pussy throbbed in time with the throbbing pain on her arse. Before she even realised she had replied, “Yes!” Her legs were again threatening to give way.

Standing behind Rachel Miss Applegate whispered into her ear, “Are you gay Rachel?”

“No!” No hesitation this time more from the feeling of insult than any fear of the strap.

Miss Applegate now stood in front of Rachel with her arms crossed giving Rachel a close look at the strap that had inflicted the pain. It was about fifteen inches long and three inches wide and the ends were split for about three inches. Miss Applegate used the strap to push Rachel’s housecoat to one side so that she could get a look at her breasts. Not happy with the view she said, “Undo it.”

Now Rachel did look up at Miss Applegate. What she saw was a woman in her element. Dominant. In control. Miss Applegate moved out of Rachel’s view and Rachel heard the strap rush through the air before it made contact. The pain she felt brought a moan of pleasure pain from her mouth and her knees almost gave way completely her pussy felt like it ejaculated juice. She immediately pulled her housecoat apart.

“That’s better. Now I can see as much of you as you can of me.” Miss Applegate said., Still walking around Rachel inspecting her from all angles. “Now drop it.”

“Miss Apple….” Rachel didn’t get any further. The strap hit her buttocks with such force she fell to her knees. Her cunt was now on the very edge of orgasm. Slowly she got to her feet and dropped the housecoat to the floor.

Miss Applegate stood in front of Rachel now, “Have you ever licked cunt Rachel?”

Rachel found herself torn between answering and remaining silent and couldn’t understand why she didn’t just say “Yes.” This time the paddle slapped her hard than ever on her right breast. The unexpectedness of the location and severity of the slap was too much for Rachel who fell to the floor in orgasm.

Miss Applegate laughed and sat on the settee. She reached out for Rachel and pulled her by the hair to where she sat. “Eat my cunt you bitch. Now!” She said pushing Rachel’s face into her wet hole. Rachel hesitated but from somewhere Miss Applegate had pulled a belt or whip that she swung across Rachel’s back. It was long enough to not only slap Rachel’s buttocks but go between the gap and slice into her already throbbing cunt.

Rachel screamed but the sound was muffled as she threw herself deeper into Miss Applegate’s pussy. The more Miss Applegate used that whip the more frenzied both women became. Throwing themselves into the debauchery like a pair of wild dogs attacking prey. Rachel’s orgasm was now self sustaining. She didntneed to do anything to keep it going. Her legs were like jelly and not even strong enough to hold her on her knees. She was splayed out as wide as she could be and if she let go of Miss Applegate’s waist she new she would just slide like a boneless jelly to the floor. Her cries of pleasure and pain buried deep inside Miss Applegate’s writhing body.

When Miss Applegate finally came she ejaculated her juices into Rachel’s mouth and all over her face and still had enough to run onto the settee. Finally, both exhausted women collapsed in a pile. Rachel on the floor and Miss Applegate on the settee. Neither of them said or did anything for a full five minutes.

Rachel was the first to move. Crawling into the kitchen before she was able to pull herself to the sink and splash water in her face, clearing away Miss Applegate’s come juice from her eyes. “Go and have a shower Rachel.” Rachel spun round terrified that Miss Applegate was going to inflict more pain on her. “Go and have a shower Rachel. We need to talk.” Miss Applegate said. “Don’t worry you have completely knackered me out I could even raise myself let alone a whip.” She flopped into the kitchen chair and smiled.

Rachel didn’t say anything, just went up and again stood under a steaming hot shower after having some awesome sex with one of her customers. She had a feeling of pride that she had tired Miss Applegate out so much. Nobody had ever told her that before. Lots of other things but never quite in that fashion. As she left the bathroom Miss Applegate entered it. “Make some coffee I will be down in a minute.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said.

By the time Miss Applegate came down |Rachel had donned her housecoat and was sipping at a hot cup of coffee. She poured one for Miss Applegate and stood at the sink waiting for her to say something. “Sit down Rachel.” Miss Applegate said. Rachel took the seat she had been in and sipped at her coffee.

“Do you know what a Domme is Rachel?”

“No Miss Applegate.”

“Well you do now. I am a Domme. I enjoy inflicting pain on my sexual partners, usually men. But I have never felt with any of them the way I did in there with you. You are just such an innocent it seems. It has always attracted me but I never, before today ever expected that you would be quite so submissive. Or quite so….so…. passionate, eager even.”

“I’m sorry Miss Applegate.” Rachel said, “I didn’t mean….”

“You silly girl. It was a compliment. You sucked my cunt dry in there. I can’t remember ever spurting so much in all my life and I want more.” Rachel’s head shot up. Fear on her face. “No not right now. Maybe next time you come round. But I don’t know how you feel about it. I don’t even know if you enjoyed it, I was just so lost in it all.” Miss Applegate said, “Did you?”

“I don’t think I have ever not been able to walk after having sex. The pain was shocking but the feelings it gave me were like nothing I have ever felt before. I don’t know how much of it I could take but I would like to find out, slowly though. If that’s alright Miss Applegate.”

“So will you be my regular sub then. That means submissive which is what you are, a submissive and a bloody good one too. It’s so natural for you.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said. “I would like to be your….submissive.”

“Good. Now I think it is time for you to get home or your husband will be knocking on my door. I have you wages her. Plus a little bonus.”

“Thank you Miss Applegate. I will see you next week.”

Rachel left Miss Applegate’s with a spring in her step and a pain across her bum that was a constant reminder of the pleasure she had just received, and it would seem had given. When she opened her wage packet she was stunned to find a fifty pound bonus on top of her normal wage. At a rough guess she calculated she had made nearly one hundred and fifty pounds extra this week


Mrs Bolton and Mr Martin

Mrs Bolton was Rachel’s very first customer. She lived in a small house and only really used two rooms and the kitchen so it never took long to do her chores. The long chatting and constant cups of tea is what took the time but she felt that she owed it Mrs Bolton as it was her that started Rachel on the road to work, and she knew that the old lady was lonely. She did make comment on Rachel’s clothing but as she had the housecoat over her short skirt and her poppers all done up there was nothing untoward, just the shorter hemline which Mrs Bolton commented on with a little twinkle in her eye. Rachel, as ever, blushed but said nothing.

Rachel entered Mr Martins house and went straight to the lounge for inspection. She showed no surprise when she saw that Mr Martin sat in his chair naked and with an already rising erection. “Good morning Sir.” She was wearing a very short grey pleated skirt and a white blouse which was undone to the waist and tucked into the elastic waistband of the skirt. No panties and of course no bra. Her suspenders and stockings were clearly visible even without any bending over. She was the perfect St Trinians schoolgirl with her hair in bunches. This again was an instinctive idea she had that Mr Martin wanted her to be as young as possible

“Good morning my dear.” He said looking her up and down, his erection rising even further. “You look stunning. But look what you have done to me.” He looked down at his erection.

Putting on her practiced little girl lost look Rachel bent forward to get a closer look and to allow her breast to rub against the tightly bound blouse, enough of her tits were visible for Mr Martins erection to reach completion “Oh! I am sorry Sir. Have I been a bad girl Sir?”

“You most certainly have. I will have to spank your bottom my girl. Come here.”

Rachel knew what he wanted and lay herself across his knee. Doing her best to keep some weight on her open knees as she did so. She didn’t want to hurt his legs which she knew were quite weak. She felt his erection against her tits and his hand raise her skirt, bearing her buttocks. He ran his hand up her leg, feeling the texture of the stockings and then running onto the naked flesh, slipping a finger into the suspender as he rose up to her naked buttocks. She had never been spanked before. Miss Applegate had used a paddle. Slap! The first hit sent a shockwave through her that went straight to her cunt. Each subsequent slap followed the same path and after the third slap Mr Martins fingers were making contact with a very wet pussy. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier and his cock was throbbing so hard Rachel was sure he was going to come all over her blouse.

When he did come his hands couldn’t keep up with the spanking so Rachel rolled her tits over his erection to finish him off. His come on her blouse felt warm and sticky and she almost came at the thought of what a filthy dirty whore she was being. As Mr Martin relaxed Rachel stopped her rolling and waited for his orders.

“Let that be a lesson to you miss. If you are naughty like that again I will punish you even more. Now get that top off and get on with your work.”

“Yes Sir.” Rachel said and standing up she slowly removed her come covered blouse and placed it into Mr Martins outstretched hand.

She didn’t know why but as she walked around the house doing her chores she was bouncing along like a child, maybe it was just in keeping with the clothes or maybe she felt it was what Mr Martin wanted but she was enjoying it. She quickly did the kitchen and then went to the lounge dinning room which was open plan. Mr Martin’s chair was at one end, so from the moment she entered he could watch her at work. She constantly bent over for him and stayed that way longer than was needed just for his pleasure.


“Yes Sir.” Rachel said as she lay across the dining table.

“Come over here my dear. Bring a chair with you.”

She did as she was told and stood in front of him with the chair in hand. “Turn around my dear and put the chair down but don’t let it go.” A bit bemused she did as she was told. “No keep your hands on the chair and shuffle back a little will you. That’s it now spread your legs wide.”

Now she realised what he was doing. In this position he could see right into her wet pussy so she wasn’t surprised to feel is fingers probe inside her wet hole. He finger fucked her for a few seconds before entering another finger and then another till all fingers and his thumb were inserted in her now seriously throbbing pussy. She spread her legs a bit wider and squatted to accommodate as much of his fist as she could. He was fucking her hard now and her pussy was flooding juices almost as fast as her mouth was seeping moans of pleasure. She could feel him straighten his fingers out as he pushed further and further into her hot hole and then suddenly he was inside her. His fist entered with a pop. She had never had a full fist in her cunt before. Rachel exploded into orgasm, her legs almost collapsing which pushed his fist in so far she could feel him brushing against her womb. She was crying now and screaming with pleasure.

Mr Martin was grunting with each push of his hand as though he was determined to enter her womb. Finally Rachel had to fall to her knees, she couldn’t stay upright any longer. She pushed the chair back as she fell and rested her head on the floor. Mr Martin’s hand slipped from her throbbing wet cunt and she felt him move behind her.

“I have always admired your bottom Rachel. If it’s not too much trouble for you I am going to fuck it.”

Rachel knew that this was his way of asking permission. After all not every woman like her arse being fucked, unlike Rachel who loved it. “I am yours to do with as you please Sir.” Rachel said shakily still going through her orgasm. She felt a finger slide into her dirt box and guessed it was still covered in her cunt juices he slipped another in but at this point the must have been desperate to get his cock in that warm hole as he rose up, brushed at the entrance and then slowly slid into that dark place. Rachel’s orgasm immediately rose up again and as he started thrusting into her she could feel her anal orgasm rising rapidly. She started to push back on him and it took only seconds for him to come in her dirt box, but that was long enough for Rachel to reach a double orgasm in her arse and cunt. She was now ferile, thrusting back and screaming for more. But try as he may poor Mr Martin could go not further and slumped back into his chair while Rachel curled up on the floor till her orgasm finished. Finally she sat on her knees and faced him. “I’m sorry Sir for taking so long to recover.”

“That’s perfectly alright my dear. It’s nice to know that I can still do that to a woman, especially one so young. Now be a good girl and clean me up please.”

With a smile Rachel leant forward and took his soft cock into her mouth and gave it a really good clean up. So good in fact that it began to get hard again. She pulled away and looked down at the floor without saying anything.

“Well done child. As much as I would love to come all over your face I think for now we should call it a day. Go and get cleaned up there’s a good girl.”

Rachel put on her childish grin and skipped off to the bathroom. As she cleaned her self up she felt her fanny and was surprised how quickly it had closed back up. Her hair was in a mess so she took out what was left of the bunches and combed it straight. She went back downstairs and entered the lounge where Mr Martin was now dressed and waiting. He pointed to the floor between his legs and Rachel dutifully knelt on that spot with her hands in her lap.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your visits this week my dear and hope that I have not been too much trouble for you.” He said quietly.

Rachel looked into his eyes and smiled. “Not at all Sir. I have enjoyed it immensely and hope I can be of further service to you next week.”

“You certainly can my dear. However. Due to my, shall we say, lack of vigour I was thinking of inviting some of my friends around on Tuesday, if that would be alright with you. They would of course be happy to pay for the…. Entertainment.”

“I am here to serve you Sir and will be more than happy to do whatever Sir desires of me.”

“I hoped you would say that. Now put this back on,” He said handing her blouse to her, “and here is your wages for the day.”

Rachel put the blouse on and put the wages in her skirt pocket. Will that be all Sir?”

“Yes my dear, just one thing. I want you to go home just as you are, all the way home and dress in those clothes on Tuesday. I do enjoy you in stockings. Lovely my dear lovely. Off you go now.”

I shiver and shift my weight, the straps bite into my flesh in all the familiar places. As I move the frame rattles. He likes it to have a little give so that it makes noise when he gets vigorous.

I’m waiting. He’ll keep me waiting. I hope it isn’t too long.

I’m on all 4′s, strapped firmly in place. I’m wearing the school uniform that he likes, my bum up in the air, quivering in my ‘innocent’ white panties. The uniform belonged to his daughter before she left home, now it’s mine. Sometimes he makes me walk the streets in it, and although I’m convincing as a woman, I don’t look like a schoolgirl… I look like a slut.

Suddenly I feel the quality of the light change. I shift about, trying to peer through my blindfold, see if he’s in with me.

Footsteps approaching. Taking their time.

“Hmmmm hey baby… You look so pretty like that” His voice is deep and strong. He reaches out and I feel his fingers lightly dance over my panties, teasing where the fabric stretches over my smooth opening. I try and wiggle back against him, but he pulls his fingers away.

“Hmmm… Keen aren’t you slut?” He asks.

“Yes sir” I reply.

He walks around, gently trailing his fingers up my body, sending electric crackles lighting up my pleasure centres.

“Kept you waiting long enough haven’t I?” He asks.

“Yes sir” I reply.

From his voice I can tell he’s directly in front of me. I try and peer through my blindfold again, but it’s for nothing. I just see dark. He chuckles.

“I don’t want you to see baby… I want you to taste”

I hear the sound of a zip and a scent of musk hits me. I lick my lips, getting them moistened and ready.

“Good girl… Here it comes…” he says.

I feel the tip of his cock brush against my lips. It is already slick with precum and I feel a jolt of pride that I’ve already got him so horny. I push my tongue out to its full extent, tasting the saltiness of the slit. He taps it against my tongue and I feel the warm weight.

“lick me” he commands and I set to work, swirling my tongue around and around the rapidly thickening head. If I could see now it would be getting shiny and slick, raising upwards to meet my lips.

“Ok… Open wide bitch” he commands, the words thrilling me as much as they did the first time. I lick my lips again and stretch my jaw as wide as it will go, bracing myself.

He slides it into my oh-so-willing mouth, my tongue gently swirling the underside of my cock, already huge but still not fully hard. With the skill of a genuine cocksman he pulls back just before hitting my gagging point, giving me time to adjust but keeping the head in my mouth.

“Mmmmm Babygirl… Don’t you just get better at this every day?” he sighs. I wiggle my bum to show I’m pleased with the compliment and he laughs.

“ok… Suck it good baby, ‘cos here it comes” he says, voice now thick with lust.

He pulls back, saliva rushing into my mouth, replacing it. Then he thrusts, this time going beyond my gag point and filling my throat. I swallow, trying to keep from choking too much. He moans.

“I’m going to fuck your face so hard… You look so sexy trapped like that, a big black cock forcing it’s way down your fucking throat” his voice is virtually a grunt now. He’s picking up pace, sliding in and out of me, using my throat for his pleasure.

I can feel my panties getting sticky with my own precum, but cannot reach down to touch myself. I can only wiggle, enjoying the friction on my cock and the tightness of the panties on my desperate hole.

“Mmmm Baby… I’m gonna have to let my dudes use this mouth sometime…” He says and I shiver all over. I’ve seen his ‘Dudes’. huge guys, fireman who work in the same station. What would they do to a bound little sissygirl like me?

Suddenly he stopped.

“Damn… I’m gonna have to stop… Don’t wanna be coming down your throat when I still got that tight little ass to destroy.” he said with a shaky laugh, drawing his cock out of my body. I try and grip it with my lips, reluctant to let it go, whilst equally keen to have it pushing against my eager hole.

“You ready to get bred bitch” he didn’t say it as a question, but I nodded as best I could through the restraints.

Without sight all my senses are super charged, my skin crackling with sensitivity. I sense him walking around, behind me. He pauses and sighs.

“Damn baby… That is such a fine ass… No bitch ever had finer” he says and I give him an appreciative wiggle.

His fingers trace up and down the thin white fabric that covers my hole, leaving electric trails of sensation. He hooks his fingers into my panties and pulls them down slowly.

Suddenly his hands leave, returning with a stinging slap that jolts my whole body. I let out a muffled yelp. Again and again the stinging blows rain down on me.

“Nothing better than seeing a little white Ass turn red” he says.

Suddenly I feel his moist tip touching my tight hole, he moves it up and down slicking me with his precum. I try and push backwards, back arched and practically purring.

“now… Please sir… daddy… Now” I say, my voice a whimper.

“Better use a little lube… Don’t wanna damage it… Too much” he says, laughing darkly.

I feel cold fluid drip between my cheeks and then he’s back, pressing against my entrance. I grip tight an brace myself, no matter how many times we do this, how relaxed I get, you can never ‘Get Used’ to this.

My whole body tightens as he starts to work it into me, slowly at first, he makes soothing noises. Then just as suddenly I relax, my body accepts this huge invader and opens up to him. He draws back and I gasp, suddenly empty.

“Ready now bitch” He says, not making it a question.

“Please Daddy… Fuck me hard” I gasp.

He surges forward, filling me completely and forcing me forwards against the restraints, knocking a girlish scream from me. The frame clatters but holds, as it always does… Although one day I’m sure the violence of his fucking will simply disintegrate it. I can feel his wiry hair scrape against the smooth skin of my buttocks.

“You love that hard cock don’t you?” he asks, but I can make no noise save shallow gasps and pitiful mewling sounds.

He’s pulling back and thrusting, my most intimate passage stretched and on fire. There’s so much of him that I can’t speak, my eyes are useless so all my senses are united in one, concentrating on my insides and where he’s opening me wide

He speeds up now, Taking his pleasure, ‘owning’ me. I buck back against him as much as I can through the restraints. He’s roaring now, his thighs slapping against my butt with the sound of a thunderclap.

“That’s it bitch… Ah… Ah… Take that fucking cock… Go on slut… Try and tighten against me” he commands and I obey, tensing those intimate muscles against his slick length. It doesn’t slow him in the slightest, but he moans satisfaction.

“oh yes.. That’s it… That’s it bitch… Grip me with that hot cunt… Suck the cum out of me” he snarls.

I try and grip against his thrusts, he batters away at my hole. I can feel his cock throbbing in the familiar way.

“Do you want my cum, slut?” he gasps.

“yes sir… Please” I say, my voice nearly a shriek.

“Beg me then cunt” he demands, not slowing… Pounding at me like a machine.

“please daddy… Please sir… Fill me with your hot cum… Fill me up… Breed me like the sissy cunt I am…” I plead.

His hands grip my waist like a vice and he thrusts forward, forcing as much of himself into me as he can. My hole shrieks electric sensations and my body jerks as he pumps cum, cock swelling with each spurt… 1 pump, 2, 3, 4… Finally he slows…his voice is ragged. He slumps forward against me. I can feel his hard, sweaty body press against my back.

“hmmm baby… Nobody takes cock better then you” he says and kisses the back of my neck. I say nothing, concentrating on massaging the last of his cum out with my tightening muscles.

Eventually he pulls out, his spent cock slipping out with a quiet pop. I can feel his cum inside me, and running down my legs. I can feel his eyes on me, admiring his handywork.

“Mmmm that’s beautiful babygirl…” he says, and something in his voice tells me he’s leaving again. He might come back later and let me out, he might fuck me again first… Or even take me out on ‘The lead’… But that’s for later.

I thank him quietly and he puts a kiss on my buttcheek, followed by a light slap.

Without a word he leaves the room, snapping the light off as he goes.

(If possible read with Dubstep music – it will add to the experience)

Introducing, the third in the series of Clifftop College entries. Who ever said boarding school would be boring?

Evelyn had always been a rather sexual girl. Since losing her virginity at thirteen, she’d had countless amounts of sexual partners. As a student of the prestigious mixed boarding school, Clifftop College, Evelyn had plenty of men to choose from. However, since finding one man that fitted her perfectly in every way, Evelyn had been happy in her quiet, sexually pleasing relationship with Doni. Though, you can take the girl out of the adventure, but never the adventure out of the girl.

After a very satisfying three-way with her ex-boyfriend and Doni’s best friend, Smyth, Evelyn thought that her craving for sexual adventure had been fed. Not so likely. Evelyn yearned for more.

So, one night, whilst Doni and Evelyn lay in bed together — the dorm room empty aside from themselves — she turned to him with a beaming grin.

“I want an orgasm,” she said eagerly, taking the book from Doni’s hands to get his attention.

“Didn’t I give you one already? — like five minutes ago?” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist and gazing into her feline green eyes that sparkled with excitement.

“Yes,” she giggled “But I want more — multiple!” she exclaimed.

Doni raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend, trying to read her thoughts. He was a proud boyfriend and relished in her enthusiasm and wildness when it came to sex. Though a quiet, mysterious, artistic girl to most, he knew a different side to her. Evelyn was like an animal that could never truly be tamed. With hair the colour of raven feathers that trailed down the length of her petite torso, skin as pale as the moon and lips as red as blood, Evelyn was by far the most enchantingly beautiful young woman he’d ever met. Also, the sexiest. Even as she lay in only a pair of knee length school socks, his pair of boxers and his blue sports vest, she was absolutely gorgeous.

“Roll over then,” he winked cheekily.

He turned her quickly onto her back and leant down to kiss her when he stopped, her hands cupping his stubbly chin. He exhaled heavily, watching her pout. It was unlike her.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, his hands that were resting either side of her head, tangling themselves in her loose hair.

“I was thinking of accomplishing it more daringly,” her pout grew into a grin.

Doni shifted his body until his legs were between hers, thinking through her last sentence.

“How?” he questioned, also rather daringly. Evelyn never stopped surprising him.

“Well say like I want ten orgasms,” she paused, watching Doni’s eyes intently “Then I’d want ten different men to give them to me,” she left the sentence open, somewhat anxious to hear her boyfriend’s reply. He always embraced even her craziest sexual fantasies, but would he do the same with this one?

“I’ll see what I can do,” he winked again, burying his face into her sweet neck.

Evelyn grinned madly, excitement consuming her.

It was settled. On Friday night, Evelyn would meet Doni in his dorm room. He had been able to gather eight of his closest friends to help fulfil Evelyn’s fantasy. Those eight were also friends with Evelyn and five of them were Doni’s dorm friends. No one would walk in as the majority of the sixth formers at CTC were out on Friday nights. The plan was perfect. Now, all Evelyn had to do was allow the excitement to fuel her. She couldn’t believe that one, she was finally doing it, and two, that Doni was okay with it.

More than okay, he was incredibly excited. His cuckholding fetish had really taken hold of him. Though, protective over Evelyn in every other sense, when it came to the bedroom — watching her have sex with another man or woman, turned Doni on very much. He liked nothing more than to see the love of his life having a good time, whether it was him that was giving it to her or someone else. He wasn’t a jealous man and would feel greedy if he kept such a beautiful girl all to himself. And anyway, his favourite part of any threesome was the moment he got to take Evelyn back into his arms, for she was his at the end of the day, and he was hers.

Evelyn walked across the dark campus field wearing a thick coat. She carried a bag full of things she may need for that evening. Her stomach was doing summersaults she was so excited. Doni hadn’t told her which eight guys he’d found, though she’d assumed their closest male friends. She hated to admit it, but she was looking forward to having sex with Smyth again. He may have eyes for her best friend now and their love was long gone, but she knew there would always be a burning flame between them. She quickened her pace, trying to contain her enthusiasm.

She didn’t knock, she didn’t need to. Evelyn stepped inside the large dorm room to feel the heating on, see the bedside lights bright and only Doni stood in the room. She smiled at the sight of him, her heart racing; even now, after five years of being in love with him, he still gave her butterflies.

“Where is everyone?” she asked, closing the door behind her.

She spotted his bed was without a duvet and lying on it was a single black satin blindfold. She shivered with anticipation. Her eyes returned to Doni, who had stepped closer. He was only wearing a pair of white tight boxers, his bare firm chest on show. She bit her lip, already turned on. All day, whilst pampering, she hadn’t stopped thinking about the night ahead. Her friends had badgered her to find out what she was up to, but Evelyn was good at keeping secrets.

“They’ll be here soon,” he took hold of her hands, inspecting her up and down.

She was wearing her school uniform; her white blouse was tight across her large ample breasts; her blue school skirt was short and pulled up to her middle, only just covering her small perky bum. She wore her thigh high navy socks, a tie hung loosely around her neck and her hair was up in a messy bun on the top of her head. Doni always thought she looked beautiful, but she looked especially stunning tonight. With only a hint of make-up and her school girl outfit she was erotic perfection in his eyes.

“You look fantastic,” he smirked, taking the bag from her shoulder.

“Thanks. Ebony was a bit curious as to why I was wearing this tonight but luckily Ava stepped forward, assuming I was coming over here to play out a school girl fantasy with you,” Evelyn giggled, perching on the end of the bed.

“An extremely twisted, dirty school girl fantasy,” he laughed “You should’ve told me — I could’ve got us all to wear them,” he winked, sitting down beside her.

Evelyn raised a single neatly plucked eyebrow, mulling over the thought.

That would be very interesting

She glanced over at his bedside table where his phone sat.

“I think you should give them a text — you’re right, it’ll make for a very good fantasy,” she giggled, twisting around until she was on her hands and knees.

She crawled into the middle of the bed and flipped onto her back, opening her legs and grinning down at Doni. He beamed back at her, grabbing his phone quickly.

This night was going to be one to remember.

Evelyn observed as Doni strolled across the dorm room in his school shirt, trousers and tie. She bit her lip, the butterflies beating harder and lower in her stomach. She had to catch her breath. His black fringe tousled onto his forehead and the shaved sides were neat, revealing his two stretched ears. He gave her a wink and rolled up his sleeves.

“This means business,” he chuckled.

Evelyn watched intently as with each roll he exposed more and more of his tattoos and the muscles of his upper arms. Her breathing was quickening with every second, her heart drumming in her chest. Her eyes were fixated on him, waiting for his next move.

He gestured to the end of the bed, where she shuffled quickly and sat patiently. He lifted the blindfold to her eyes and began to tie it at the back. Now her view was gone, she relied on her other senses. The feel of the satin under her fingertips. The sound of Doni’s deep breathing. The smell of his cologne. The taste of his lips. She shivered.

“Now I want you to sit still and don’t remove the blindfold, understand?” Doni’s voice was stern, the playfulness gone.

She straightened her back and subdued a grin. It had begun.

She pressed her wrists together on her lap, staring forward into the darkness of the blindfold. She felt cold now Doni had moved away. Suddenly, she felt headphone slipping on over her head and onto her ears. Deep rumbling dubstep music pounded into her ears. Slowly, he was taking away her senses. Her heart galloped with apprehension and anticipation. She was now deaf and blind.

Evelyn was unable to hear the dorm room door opening and Doni greeting the eight boys who had agreed to join them. They fist pumped, patted each other’s backs and exchanged curious glances with Doni.

They stood in an awkward semi-circle around the bed where Evelyn sat, none the wiser as to what was going on around her. Doni joined them, turning the music up a little louder just to be sure his girlfriend wouldn’t be able to hear them.

“Why are we dressed like this?” Smyth laughed, gesturing to their attire.

“Evelyn’s idea, not mine,” Doni replied, crossing his arms, his eyes still focused on Evelyn who was tossing her tongue around her mouth anxiously. He enjoyed making her wait. It was all one big tease. He could imagine just how wet she was getting, her mind consumed with what they were about to do. Doni grinned to himself then turned to his friends.

“Looks as if this was entirely Evelyn’s idea,” Ted raised his eyebrows, looking to where Smyth was restraining a grin.

“I’m just gonna say this, before we get started. If any of you are unsure, leave now. And, there are rules to this game,” Doni’s voice turned firm, catching all of theirs attention.

They listened intently, afraid to get on the wrong side of Doni under any circumstances — let alone when it came to Evelyn.

“You know why we’re here. She wants to have ten orgasms, each with a different guy. As I could only gather nine of us, I’ll give her two,” Doni smirked, making the boys roll their eyes “So, after you’ve made her orgasm, your time is up.”

The boys nodded understandingly, switching their gazes back and forth between Doni and Evelyn, who was bobbing her head to the music.

“How you make her orgasm is entirely up to you,” Doni hinted to the bag sat beside his bed.

Smyth picked it up tentatively and glanced inside. He grinned and allowed the other boys to have a look too.

“You all must use condoms and keep it clean,” he stared them all down “And I can step in whenever I like. Plus, Evelyn can stop the whole thing whenever she wants.”

“Is there a safe word?” Wade questioned, looking more nervous than any of them.

Having spent the past two years dating the same girl — one of Evelyn’s friends, Ebony — Wade was inexperienced compared to the others, especially as Ted and Smyth had already slept with Evelyn. The others were looking forward to the opportunity to do so.

“Pineapples,” Doni nodded, watching as they repeated it under their breaths.

“So we can do anything we want?” Declan smirked, looking to Ted and Smyth who matched his excitement.

“Within reason,” Doni answered, taking a step closer “However, if you hurt her, I’ll hurt you,” he scowled, then softened, scaring Declan into silence.

“Who will go first?” Theo chirped up, having been quiet since he’d arrived.

Doni gave his ex-boyfriend a quick once over; he looked gorgeous in his uniform.

“You’ll pick a number out of this hat. While you wait, you can play Xbox or hit bongs on the sofas, cool?” Doni handed them the hat and walked over to Dexter first.

He pulled out a number 6. Soon, all of the boys had picked a number out of the hat and the night was about to begin. All they needed now was Evelyn.

Once the others had seated themselves, Doni pulled the desk chair up to the end of the bed. He sat down, his knees brushing Evelyn’s. She bit her lip at the slightest touch.

He reached forward, running a fingertip around in circles on her bare knees. Slowly, he slipped down one of her socks, taking her leg and placing it on his shoulder. Unaware of his audience watching curiously from the sofa, Doni began to plant tender kisses up the inside of Evelyn’s leg. She shivered, resting back on her hands. She rolled back her head, the headphones and blindfold still securely on.

“Oh Doni-,” she whispered; she knew his touch well. His hands were as familiar as her own.

He grinned smugly to himself, shifting closer. He took her other leg and copied his actions, his fingers running up and down the outside while his lips set to work. Soon, Evelyn was lying on her back, both of her legs up on his broad shoulders.

He pulled her socks back up to their original place and slipped his hands down further until they reached the hem of her small knickers. Biting playfully at her legs, making her giggle and squeal, he pulled down her blue frilly French knickers and chucked them to the side. With one hand, he grasped her bum and moved himself on top of her.

His lips met hers, passionately kissing her. She went to raise her arms to his cheeks when he grabbed hold of them and placed them above her head. He felt her gasp for air between kisses, their tongues dancing in each other’s moves; tongue bars knocking and tickling. Evelyn yearned to feel the ball of his bar rubbing against her.

He squeezed and released her bum cheek continuously, his lips grazing the skin on her collar bone. He popped open the buttons on her blouse with his teeth, his tongue working its way into her bra where he found her erect nipple. All the while, Evelyn moaned loudly, tugging at his hair and wrapping her legs around his back, grasping him tighter to her heated body.

“Save some for us, Doni!” Smyth called over, chuckling with the other boys.

He pulled his lips away for a moment, realising he was getting carried away. He shifted further down the bed and bunched up her skirt, revealing her beautiful pussy. He pressed back her thighs, opening her legs further. Doni licked his lips hungrily. He had been right; all that teasing had made Evelyn extremely wet.

Tentatively, he ran a finger from her small hard clit to her juicy pussy. He watched as she tensed, her hands clutching the bed sheet in anticipation. He liked to make her wait. He pushed her thighs back further, stroking the tip of his tongue across her clit. At the taste of her, Doni was sent into ecstasy. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

He dived in face first, moving her body up and down over his mouth as it ate hungrily. He nibbled at her clit, switching back to his tongue where he lapped and pressed in circles. All the while, Evelyn’s breaths became shorter and her screaming louder. Doni lost control. He was consumed by her, skilfully using his mouth to make her quiver and shake, her body convulsing under his fingertips.

Evelyn couldn’t think straight. All she could do was gasp for breaths between moans and hang on tightly to Doni’s hair as he sent her into a state of sheer pleasure.

She couldn’t hear or see, only feel as Doni’s tongue delved deeper into her tight wet pussy, then slipping up and flicking her clit; again and again, it was a sensual assault. She barely had a chance to understand what was going on before her hips were rising with her pulse and she met her first orgasm on Cloud Nine. Like a drug, it flooded her veins, pumping all the way to head. The music became distant, her limbs tingling as she came down. Her head was fuzzy, almost as if she was about to pass out.

With her legs still hanging over Doni’s shoulders, he straightened up watching as Evelyn’s body twitched, listening to her raspy breaths. He smirked to himself, glancing to the side of him to see Declan beside them. He raised an eyebrow to Doni who grinned, wiping his lips.

“I’ll tag you in, shall I?” he laughed, gently laying Evelyn’s legs down.

They dangled off the end of the bed. She hadn’t regained her strength yet and lay still breathing deeply. Doni fist pumped Declan and stood up to allow the first of the boys to begin.

He glanced over his shoulder to see Declan take off his shirt and gently lay down upon Evelyn, who took him with opens arms — and legs.

Doni smirked to himself again, wondering if he wanted to miss this. Unaware that the other boys were watching him, he stood with his arms folded as Declan set to work.

Declan knew that as the first of the eight he had to set a standard. He couldn’t repeat Doni’s actions but he was determined to make her scream louder and orgasm faster. He knew he shouldn’t be allowing himself to get swept up into the fight for Alpha dog, but he could at least beat his own target.

Though before now, Declan had never looked at Evelyn as being a potential sex partner, it didn’t mean he didn’t find her attractive. As he lay on top of her, he planted deep kisses on her plump red lips. He felt her legs wrap around him, grinding her groin against his ever hardening crotch. He could hardly contain himself. He’d tried not to watch previously when Doni had had his face buried in her delicious looking pussy, but it was hard not to. As her body lay open and ready for him, Declan felt a rush of primeval hunger.

He ripped open her blouse, revealing her ample bosom cupped in a black lase bra. He smothered her chest and breasts in kisses, sucking and nibbling, hearing her heart thumping away. Her nails were beginning to dig into his shoulders, urging him on further. With his face still pressed between her soft warm breasts, he ran a hand down her stomach and in between her legs. His school trousers grew tighter as he withdrew his dripping fingers. Carefully, he placed them against her parted lips. She licked blissfully, sucking his fingers free of her juices with a little grin.

Declan wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer if he didn’t get on with his original plan.

Evelyn ran her hands along his shoulders, still enjoying the taste of herself. She grinned happily, feeling her way up to his hair; shaved at the sides, fine on the top. She slipped back to his neck to feel only a small tunnel in his ear. She knew instantly this was Declan, even if she couldn’t see or hear him.

She lay at his mercy, trusting him completely. Out of the all the guys Doni could’ve gathered, he would be the gentlest and most good natured. She felt as he kneeled over her, obviously taking off his trousers and boxers. She waited excitedly; she had always wondered what he’d be like in bed.

Soon, his lips were returning to hers and she felt the hardness of his cock against her groin. She allowed him to take full control as he placed her legs back and onto his shoulders, pushing deeply into her wet hole. She threw back her head with surprise.

His long hard shaft moved slowly at first, back and forth, arching at just the right angle so the tip of his cock knocked and rubbed against her g-spot. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer and curling her body towards him as they rocked to a gentle rhythm, his cock drumming into her g-spot with each thrust. She gasped, scratching her nails down his hot back in long red strips, his steady rhythm teasing her beyond belief. She allowed her head to fall back and hang as he quickened his pace.

Doni sat down in the desk chair now adjacent to the bed. He watched as Declan pounded Evelyn until her head was knocking against the headboard. Her body was limp like a ragdoll as she moaned, taking the full force of Declan’s hips and cock as he pumped at a startling pace in and out of her pussy. He bit at his finger, completely focused on the scene before him. Seeing Evelyn being fucked by someone other than himself was an even bigger turn on than he’d imagined. It had been different in their threesome. Now, he couldn’t get involved. He could only sit and watch as the love of his life was pounded out of the stratosphere. It was a type of torture, he was sure; one that would push him to the end of his tether until finally he would be able to get his hands on her. He bit down harder, the sight of Declan’s dick pummelling his girlfriend’s dripping wet snatch, rocketing him into an alien frenzy.

Using her index and middle finger, she pinched her clit between the two, rubbing it vigorously whilst Declan stuffed her full. Soon, the pleasure was peaking. She stroked faster, her pussy tightening with each thrust. Three more pumps from his hips and Evelyn’s orgasm exploded, as did Declan.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get to fill his hot load inside of her as he’d stuck to the rules. However, as her orgasm rippled throughout her, she felt Declan slip between her legs to drink up the remaining juices that were slowly making their way down between her bum cheeks. He didn’t hesitate there either.

She giggled, stroking his head, lying in the blissful pleasure of post-orgasm. He kissed her inner thigh one last time before leaving the bed completely. She felt cold straight away until a new presence appeared beside her.

Doni sat back in his seat, ignoring as Declan redressed and fist pumped Ted. He was focused on Wade who had one knee on the bed, running his finger up Evelyn’s legs, across her stomach and to her breasts. She shivered under his touch, raising her hands to his ribbed firm torso. Wade tentatively placed the other knee onto the bed, the other side of her legs. Carefully, he sat her up and took off her blouse. He carelessly chucked it to the side and leant down to kiss her, softly at first, then firmer, running his tongue across her lips.

Doni viewed as Evelyn ran her nails down over each muscle of his stomach, grinning wildly to herself. Wade’s strong arms then gathered her up until she was wrapped around him. In one swift move, he was on his feet with Evelyn pressed against the wall. She gasped at the thump, hastily using her feet to push down his trousers and boxers.

Wade forgot about his nerves and threw Evelyn’s hands above her head, biting and sucking at the skin on her neck. She let out small squeaks and squeals, tightening her hold around his back.

With his garments now at his ankles, Wade moved back slightly to see Evelyn’s breasts sitting perkily in the bra. He briskly unclipped it at the back, leaving the tie to hang around her neck and dangling between her breasts.

He grasped one eagerly with one of his large strong palms and lapped at her hard nipple, his teeth teasingly tugging. Evelyn was lost, out of control. She leant back and enjoyed every second, her pulse rocketing, the adrenaline pumping through her.

Wade, with one arm around her waist, slipped on the condom and lowered her petite body until her pussy was hovering over his large rock hard cock. She bit her lip, drawing a small amount of blood as she did. She ached to feel him inside of her.

The music was blasting continuously into her ears, her other senses on overdrive. She drank in the smell of his cologne, the feel of his hot firm skin and taste of his lips. She savoured the sweet cider on his tongue and was hungry for more. She knew who this was; Wade was the only one of the boys with a body like this.

He stroked a hand up between her legs, feeling her hot soaked pussy against his palm. He dug his teeth deeper into her nipple, soon switching to the next one. With her hands still above her head, Wade pumped his hips upwards.

Evelyn wasn’t surprised by his largeness. She’d seen him in his boxing shorts on many occasions and had already assumed Wade’s cock would give many men a run for their money. She was overjoyed by the chance to finally see what he could do with it.

His strong hips propelled against her thighs, pummelling her higher and higher up the wall and closer to a climax. The feel of his lengthy stiff shaft stuffed inside of her was a fulfilling and carnal pleasure. She could feel her pussy stretching to cater for his girth but it was worth it. For each thrust he gave her, he brought her nearer to her third and maybe the best, orgasm of the night.

He felt her hot nectar dripping down his leg and the taste of her sweet tits inside his mouth. With the other hand, he grasped her bum. He had lost control over his loins. He had unleashed the animal inside and allowed his hunger to take over. He threw his entire strength into each pump of his hips, sending his cock deeper and harder into Evelyn’s snug pussy. She clenched and released, rubbing the walls of her vagina against his shaft. Wade, although not religious, was sure he was in heaven.

Doni opened his mouth wide, his eyes fixated on the scene in front of him. The sight of Evelyn squirming and moaning, her face full of ecstasy, was enough to tighten Doni’s trousers further.

Seeing her cum around another man’s cock was all one big tease. He wanted slurp up every last bit of her; taste her sweet cum on his lips and tongue. With his legs spread and arms folded, he observed the way Wade rested Evelyn back down onto the bed, leaving her with a sweet kiss to the lips.

He was itching to take Evelyn in his arms and show them all how it was done. But he had promised his darling girl he would be patient. So, patient was what he was.

Evelyn lay in waiting, still catching her breath and allowing the previous orgasm to wash over her. She wiggled her toes and fingers to make sure they were still there. She pushed a hand between her legs, her wetness fading. She was still extremely turned on but was becoming fearful of her next partner. What if they didn’t realise?

She turned her head to the side, music still pounding into her ears and the blindfold securely on. She tried to speak but her throat was dry too. Luckily, she felt two hands cradle her head and the cool rim of a glass to her lips.

Tentatively, she opened her mouth and allowed the refreshing ice cold water to pour down her throat. She gulped thirstily, clasping the glass but allowing the person to sit her upright. Whilst she drunk, one hand reached down her torso and slipped between her legs. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Someone else took the glass away when she hinted she’d finished and the person who had come to her rescue set to work. He started by getting rid of her skirt.

He sat behind her, his legs enclosing hers as she lay back against his chest. In his hold, she spread and allowed his fingers to wander. He caressed her neck and collar bone, keeping her attention up top until she felt a vibration against her groin. Her eyes shot open behind her blindfold and her grin grew. She was wondering when one of the boys would take advantage of her stash of toys.

“The boy’s being rather giving,” Smyth said to Doni as he handed him a beer.

He only nodded in reply, his focus entirely on Jake as he tickled Evelyn’s spread pussy and clit with a small vibrator.

“I think he’s worried what his girlfriend would say if she found out he’s had sex with her friend,” Doni chuckled, taking a swig of his beer. He could sit and watch Evelyn touch herself all day; seeing someone else do it to her was even better.

“Sofia didn’t seem too bothered about her boyfriend when she was sucking Ted’s cock in the summer,” Smyth laughed, his eyes also staying fixated on Evelyn, who was now laying limp against Jake as he added another vibrator into the equation. A bigger one that was he slowly probing the outside of her pussy with.

The two boys observed as Jake smothered the toys and Evelyn in lube, before pushing the silky vibrator into her glossier cunt. Her head rolled back to rest onto his shoulder, nibbling at his ear and digging her nails into his bent knees, urging him on further.

They couldn’t drag their eyes away from the sight of Evelyn’s large breasts rising and falling with each heave for air. Their attention slipped down in between legs, where Jake was skilfully using one hand to massage her clit with the smaller vibrator, whilst the other pumped the larger one into her pussy. It was a magnificent sight and one neither of the boys would ever forget. Silently, they fist pumped. Smyth was even more excited for his chance. He already had something planned that was fool proof.

For the fourth time that night, Evelyn’s pleasure had almost hit its peak. She ground her hips into every thrust from the dildo, the vibration sending her pussy into a frenzy. She wished she knew who’s name she should be calling out, though from his tender touch and the lack of intercourse, she could assume it was Jake. He was slim, his ribs prominent but that didn’t stop him from having excellent sexual prowess when it came to the female anatomy. He removed the larger vibrator and returned that hand to her breast, cupping and massaging tenderly as his other hand worked busily with the smaller vibrator, tickling and teasing her clit in circles.

Evelyn panted and moaned, her body quaking as she reached the climax she’d yearned for. She convulsed in his arms, pure bliss rushing through her. She collapsed into Jake’s firm grip. Her clit continued to quake when he didn’t stop, his teeth finding a hold on the skin of her neck. She wasn’t complaining. She would let him do it to her all over again. She giggled with delight and drew in a lungful of air.

“Time’s up, Jake,” Doni said firmly, placing his bottle of beer on the floor in case he had to get up.

Jake looked up with sad eyes and reluctantly withdrew the vibrator. Carefully, he lay Evelyn back on the bed and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She reached out for him tiredly, but Jake was already busy cleaning the toys and returning to his seat with the boys, who had just lit up a bong.

As Scott made his way over to the bed confidently, Doni stood up. He hushed them into silence.

He then quickly leant over the bed and paused the music in Evelyn’s ears.

“My sweet?” he said, though her hearing was still muffled.

“Uhuh,” she replied.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, stroking her hot flushed cheeks, the sweat gathering on her forehead. She looked glorious, sprawled on the bed with her legs spread wearing only a school tie and thigh high socks. Doni grinned wildly, his heart thumping his chest with excitement. Wouldn’t be long now.

“Uhuh,” she answered between drags of air.

Doni kissed her moist forehead and returned to his seat. Scott took that as his cue.

He grazed the skin of her ankles with the tips of his fingers. She squealed making him grin. He drew soft circles watching her expression change from a pout to a giggle. He observed the way her chest rose and fell faster. Scott couldn’t help but gaze at her wet slit, open, soaked and ready to take him. He had to control himself before he lost all restraint. Quickly, he unzipped and tugged down his trousers and boxers, revealing his hard dick. Unfortunately, she was still blindfolded. Though, at least she would get a chance to feel it pummelling inside of her.

Suddenly, he wrapped his large hands around her ankles and tugged her all the way to the end of the bed. Her giggles and squeals made the other boys turn and watch as Scott dropped to his knees. He gathered the lower half of Evelyn’s body, now dangling off the end of the bed. With her legs draped over his shoulders and her wet snatch brushing against his cock, he slipped on the condom and gave her one last pull until the tip of his dick was teasing the entrance to her tight hole.

Evelyn knew fully well this was Scott. His strength. His dominance. His soft hands. His hairy chest and broad body. She grinned madly, overly eager to finally have the opportunity to fuck the brute.

She gripped the bed sheet at her sides and relaxed, allowing Scott to push his entire shaft inside. Every inch was pure agony and ecstasy, his width stretching and pushing her pussy to its limits. Evelyn licked her lips hungrily, glad Jake had doused her with lube beforehand, otherwise she would never able to handle the beast in Scott’s pants.

He moved his hips in circles, his shaft rubbing against her g-spot while the tip of his cock was buried deep inside her cunt. Soon, he was picking up the pace. He clutched her legs to his chest, staring down at the sight before him. Evelyn’s moans were gorgeous, her bouncing tits were magnificent but the view between her legs was delicious. He bit his lip, watching as his cock delved deeply into her beautiful slit. He spread her clit with his fingers, rubbing vigorously with his thumb. He’d noticed it was the only way Evelyn could orgasm and he didn’t want to disappoint. So, as he pounded with all of his strength, his thumb stimulated her little hard clit whilst Evelyn cried with delight. He grinned smugly, thrusting non-stop until he felt himself coming. That wasn’t the plan.

He glanced over at Doni, whose eyes were entirely focused upon Evelyn.

“Doni,” he called, trying to catch his attention.

“Hmm?” he replied vacantly.

“I’m gonna cum soon and she’s not that close. What do I do?” Scott said between breaths, his eyes switching from Doni in the desk chair to where Evelyn was sprawled before him, taking the entire length and girth of his cock inside of her. He bit onto his lip to restrain himself.

Doni reached into the bag and retrieve the same small vibrator Jake had used. He handed it to Scott and gestured to Evelyn’s bum cheeks.

“Don’t be shy,” he winked and returned to his seat.

Awkward at first, with so many peering eyes watching him, Scott slowed his pace — much to Evelyn’s dislike — and ran the vibrator over the outside of her hole. After soaking it in her juices, he reached beneath her and spread her bum cheeks, cautiously turning on the vibrator and pressing it to the outside of her anus. She gasped, giggled then moaned, turning Scott’s nervous frown into a grin.

With his left hand, he used the vibrator to circle her sensitive rim. With his right, he returned to her clit. All the while, her legs dangled over his broad shoulders as he continued to pound her senseless.

Evelyn wasn’t sure where to concentrate. All she knew was that as the orgasm rippled from her asshole to her pussy through to her clit then shot up throughout the rest of her body, she was no longer there physically. Instead, she was floating on an extreme high that was threatening to take hold completely. She heard her own screams of sheer joy over the dubstep music, shocking herself back to reality. She rejoiced in the feeling of Scott’s large cock convulsing inside of her sensitive tightening pussy as he came and collapsed onto the bed. She was weak and still very distant, but there was no way she was stopping now.

The change over between Scott and Dexter was quick, whilst Evelyn was still on her high. Doni didn’t object. She would cum quicker this way and more intensely.

Straight away, a new pair of hands was taking hold of her. They were less strong but gentler as he turned her weak body. Soon, she was lying on top of him with her lips brushing against his cock. She grinned, gladly licking the tip where she tasted the saltiness of pre-cum. The show must be really turning on all of the guys. If only she could see them all.

Evelyn didn’t have much time to think before a tongue was stroking the length of her pussy and clit. She felt him bury his face deep, tingling all of her senses. She had always been a fan of the 69.

Finally, she would get to taste some cock.

With her forefinger and thumb, she made a loop around the tip and pushed it down the full length of his rock hard shaft until she hit the base. She squeezed and followed her fingers down with her lips, sucking, tonguing and caressing this new dick. All the while, his tongue explored further into her pussy. No wonder it was called eating out.

Dexter sucked at her clit, digging his teeth in ever so slightly and feeling her body squirm with excitement. He closed his eyes, his attention drawn to where Evelyn was assaulting his cock with her mouth. Her grasp was firm; tugging and stroking every inch of his dick. The ball of her tongue bar brushed the tip, making him quake; that was something he’d never experienced before. Infact, he couldn’t recall ever receiving such a good blow job. He busied himself in her pussy, slurping and lapping up her juices, his nose probing her pussy hole while his tongue tickled her clit, which he’d spread with her legs. He also couldn’t recall ever finding a cunt as delicious as Evelyn’s.

Doni grinned with delight as Dexter’s face was flooded with her cum. He relished watching his friend drink up every last bit of it, while Evelyn finished what she started. Soon, Dexter was exploding and moaning her name loudly.

Doni bit at the rim of his beer bottle, hardly able to contain himself. He grinned wildly, one hand resting on his thigh right beside his hard on. He was all about self-restraint. He was putting it to the test tonight. Especially as he caught another glimpse of Evelyn’s wet gorge when Dexter rolled her onto her back. He couldn’t wait to bury his erection deep inside of her taut moist cunt.

Theo grinned knowing it was his turn. Ever since the camp out in the summer where he’d come very close to fucking Evelyn, he had wanted the chance to do so. As Doni’s ex-boyfriend, he needed to know what all the fuss was about. Almost every guy at CTC fancied her and for a little while, Theo couldn’t understand why. However, since his experiences with Eliza had changed his sexual preference, he was ready to step into the deep end and explore the unknown that was Evelyn.

When he got to the bed however, Doni was taking off her headphones. He gave him a questioning look but Doni just winked in reply.

Evelyn looked relieved, gulping down more water from the glass Doni held to her lips. But when he took it away, he chucked Theo a pair of handcuffs. He smirked, grasping them in his hands.

Doni returned to his seat and gestured to where Evelyn was sat cross legged on the bed, wrists pressed together as if expecting the bonds that were to come.

Theo bit his lip keenly at the sight of her. The thigh highs socks were enough to make his heart race, but the single tie hanging down between her perfect breasts, her nipples hard and pink from where previous partners had tugged and played, was what pushed Theo forward onto the bed.

He knelt before her, the handcuffs jingling. He stroked her hot cheek gently; smug he had Evelyn at his mercy.

“Hold out your hands,” he demanded.

Evelyn did as he asked, holding up her wrists to him. He locked each into the handcuffs and allowed them to drop to her lap. He cupped her chin and stared at the blindfold that obscured her eyes.

“Lay back,” he commanded.

She lay back and spread her legs instantly. Theo grinned, reaching down to part her pussy lip. Upon inspection, Theo squeezed on more lube wanting her to enjoy every second of what he was about to do to her.

He took one of the pillows from the head of the bed. Theo then lifted Evelyn’s pelvis and slipped the pillow beneath, raising her hips. Her breathing quickened, her arms stretching above her head as she lay in his control.

Theo glanced to Doni who was already staring back at him.

“Did you ever think we would be here?” he questioned, slipping the condom down onto his cock, his eyes staying on Doni.

He shook his head, a grin still plastered on his lips.

“With your girlfriend, sprawled before me?” Theo grasped hold of Evelyn’s hips, clutching and tugging at her skin making her moan. He brought her legs up and spread them, her toes pointing up at the ceiling.

“Whilst you sit and watch as I fuck her?” he licked his lip and winked at Doni whose hand had crept across to rest on the bulge bursting out of his trousers.

“Because I’m gonna take great pleasure destroying her little pussy,” he winked again and shoved his cock deep into Doni’s girlfriend’s snug wet hole.

Doni slouched further in his seat, consumed by the entire scene. Evelyn’s tits bounced violently on her chest, while her legs quivered and threatened to collapse as Theo thrust vigorously into her. Each pound harder than the last. Each pummel deeper and swifter. Evelyn’s screams were not only loud, but carnal. From her lips she projected the intense pleasure Theo was giving her. Although rough and not at all affectionate, Evelyn could feel the next climax just around the corner.

Rachel was a curious 19 year old student, although she didn’t have the best of records at her private school. She enjoyed most of her subjects, however she wasn’t always the best at them. She found that she had a fascination especially within the sciences, and in particular biology, if not just for the subject. She was always interested further than most students in the new biology teacher. Not for his teaching abilities or his grasp of the academic text, but for his body. For weeks she had fantasised about Mr Brass, she had wondered what kind of body he had under his suit, wonder what he was like in bed and the size of his manhood. She had occasionally gotten lost in thought as she stared at his crotch from across the classroom. Finding her stomach filed with butterflies, she could feel her hands slowly move south under her desk towards the waist of her pleated skirt, finding the urge to secretly put her hands down under the waist line. She felt how wet her knickers got every time she imagined kneeling before him and taking his load down the back of her throat. She knew she was failing her class, she knew that she had no chance in passing the forthcoming exams, therefore Rachel decided to further her studies with a special kind of after class tutoring.

As most of her class mates stormed out of the room at the end of the day, Rachel had decided to purposely slowly pack her things, becoming the last of Mr Brass students to make their way to the exit. She stopped as she approached the door.

“Sir” she asked with an innocent voice, “what is your policy for extra tutoring?”

“As always Miss Gutter” Mr Brass replied, “my policy is to provide the best teaching to all my students. If you require any further help all you need is ask.”

“Sir, there’s no need to stand on ceremony here, please call me Rachel”. She turns swiftly to face him, closing the door behind her, and coyly without him seeing, she turns the lock with her hands behind her. “It’s just that, with the exams coming up, I’m struggling with certain areas of the subject. I’m worried that I’m going to fail certain aspects of my oral exam”.

Rachel walked seductively towards him, stopping and leaning slightly over his desk. Her white blouse seemed a size too short, a purposeful choice when she had dressed that morning. “So Sir, I was wondering if you … could … help me with my oral skills?”

Mr Brass had become aware in the past couple of weeks of how this student had looked towards him. He was not to say flattered, or surprised, as a number of his students throughout his career had grown to come attracted to him, after all they had warned about this in the training. However Miss Gutter had provided something new to him from previous admirers. He always had had a schoolgirl fantasy, imagining fucking innocent schoolgirls in their uniforms. But Miss Gutter’s body was amazing, not like those skinny slutty admirers of the past, she was a beautiful young curvaceous women; size 14 with an amazing set of breasts, and an arse to die for. He found himself suddenly wanting more, an urge to take this further.

“What oral skills do you think you need helping with then Rachel?” He asked, knowing in the back of his mind what she really meant. He could feel his cock swelling slowly in his trousers, something that he knew she had noticed when she had leant over his desk.

“Well you see Sir I’m having difficulty getting my mouth round the lengthy material.” she said noticing the now quite large bulge in his trousers. She could feel herself getting wetter every second of her foreplay, something that she could no longer hold back. She briskly walked round his desk and pushed Mr Brass onto his seat, “I’m thinking that it’s best to show you my problem with my oral skills, and let you be the judge of it”.

She knelt down before him, and slowly started to rub his cock through his trousers. As she pulled the zip down, unhooking the button to his boxers, she reached in, grasping the shaft of his now quite hard cock, pulling it out for the first time. She was surprised, she had never thought it would be this big, she stared at the magnificence of his 8 inch long member “Well Sir, you are full of surprises.” Before he had a chance of replying she started to play with his foreskin with the tip of her tongue, exploring inside the skin, slowly at first and then deeper. As she did so she pulled back the foreskin, revealing the head of his cock. She could see him slowly enjoying the feeling of her tongue circling the top of his head. She proceeded to take him in her mouth, head first, teasing it inside her mouth with her tongue and teeth, and further along his shaft. She started to speed up, sucking and rubbing his shaft with her grasped hand in synchronicity.

“Well I think your oral skills are just fiiiin…”. Before he could finish his sentence Rachel had deep throated the entirety of his huge cock, holding the full length of his member inside her throat for a few seconds. As she pulled back she smiled, knowing the fact she had wanted to do this for a long time. She wanted to taste his cock again and again, to taste the sweetness of his pre-cum. She proceeded to take him in her mouth once more, followed by another, rubbing his shaft and head during breathes.

Mr Brass was bathed in a feeling of ecstasy, he wanted to fuck one of his students for a long time, and especially Miss Gutter. He grabs her hair, quickly pulling her away. With one swift move he grasps one of her arms with one hand whilst swiping the contents of his desk to the ground with the other. Within seconds he had lifted her onto his desk, pushing her back. Pushing her legs apart, he began to kiss along her legs, making his way up past her knee high socks up towards her skirt, where he slowly lifted her pleated skirt revealing a pair of tight black lace knickers. As he licked the soft lacy material he instantly tasted how wet Rachel had become with the desire to equally fuck him. He continued, with every lick her body arching to and throw. He rubbed the surface of the lace, and as Rachel screamed out with desire he pulled the knickers to one side. He sucked and licked at her pussy, pulling her lips apart to find the clit, where he slowly licked it between his tongue and his upper jaw.

The sensation was amazing for Rachel, she could not control herself. With every lick that Mr Brass gave, a wave of pleasure rushed through her body. She held his head down onto her pussy, grasping his hair. “I want your big dick inside of me, I want to feel you cum deep inside my pussy and fill me up” she screamed. Mr Brass was the gentleman, duly arising to the wishes of his fair lady’s charge. He stood up, grasping his cock in one hand whilst rubbing Rachel’s clit with the other. He thrusted his long cock inside of her dripping wet pussy, almost instantly making her cum and orgasm with the sudden pleasure. Even though she could not speak he knew that she wanted him to continue. He started slowly at first, thrusting gently and then speeding things up, going deeper and faster. Rachel couldn’t hold on much longer, this orgasm was going to be a big one, she grasped the sides of the desk top as she felt her cum explode around the tip of his head.

As Mr Brass pulled out his long hard cock from Rachel’s dripping wet pussy, she pushed him back, kneeling down rapidly to taste her own cum still dripping from his member. As she licked it off she took him deep into her mouth, deep throating his long cock again and again, feeling him arch uncontrollably as he moaned in pleasure. Without warning he grabbed her hair, and she felt his member harden suddenly, much harder than it had been, and with a sudden jolt she felt the warmth of his cum hitting the back of her throat. The taste was amazing.

“I think your oral skills are exemplary” he noted with a smile. “Now let’s see what other areas I can work on to get you the best grade possible”. Mr Brass’s face suddenly changed with his desire focusing on Rachel’s body. He guided her off the floor, standing her to attention. His hands started to explore her body and face, making their way upwards finally grasping her hair. Without warning he pulled her head to one side and gentling started to kiss, caress and nibble at her neck. Rachel couldn’t help not show the ecstasy of the pleasure from this act, letting out an almighty moan, with her body arching with a sudden jolt throughout it.

“Please Sir …” she gasps, “please Sir I think I need further tutoring.” Her eyes rolled backwards as she feels another mini orgasm rock her body.

Mr Brass now moves his hands to her chest, grabbing her ample buxom, playing with her breast through her tight white blouse. He quickly unbuttons her blouse, revealing a white hugging strapless push-up bra. He reaches behind her back and with one quick move unfastens the clasps of the bra, allowing it fall suddenly and reveal Rachel’s amazing rack. He wastes no time in playing with these magnificent breasts, squeezing, licking and nibbling at her pert nipples. Again Rachel feels every touch throughout her body. After a few moments, she pushes him away, signalling him to pause and watch.

“Now Sir, I think you should concentrate on another part of this evening’s subject …” she says seductively, as she slowly turns to face the desk. As she slowly turns she begins to lift her pleated skirt, and bend forward raising her arse into the air.

The black lace knickers hugged the curvature of her amazing arse, showing off her pert cheeks and crack. As she pulled them down Mr Brass moved forward.

Suddenly Rachel felt the pleasurable crack of his hand slap against her cheek. Again, this time on the other cheek, varying between the two. The feeling was insatiable, a sudden joy rushed through her nerves on every slap, followed by the feeling of him grasping each buttock in his hand. He began to kneel behind her as she was bent over the table. She could feel him pull apart her cheeks, not only the movement but also through how wet her pussy had become once again from the thought of him entering her.

“Now Miss Gutter, sorry my apologies … Rachel, how deep into the subject should I tutor you on?”

“Well Sir, I think you should explore every part of the subject. I have a couple of holes in my subject area that need filling.”

Mr Brass didn’t hesitate. Almost on command from the end of her sentence he began to lick her arse, kiss and bite at it, making his way to the forbidden entrance. The tip of his tongue began to lick her arsehole, slowly brushing past it at first, and then quite intentionally, circling around before pushing slightly inside. Rachel hadn’t explored anal before. The pleasure was new, slightly confusing at first, but it began to heighten her already flustered body of ecstasy. He stopped, standing suddenly and started to tease her arse crack with his head, pushing at her arsehole, but not entering. Suddenly he thrusted into her pussy. Rachel jolted from the sudden feeling, screaming in pleasure. She knew that Mr Brass intended to pound her until she had been filled with more of his warm cum. Deeper and faster he went, slowing occasionally to suddenly thrust once more. Rachel came, experiencing an intensity of multiple orgasms. The feeling of her legs had gone to jelly from the excitement, and he did not disappoint her. He had filled her up, squirting more and more cum deep inside of her.

He pulled out, knowing that his cock was now well lubricated to explore new depths. He knelt once more to lick the mixed juices of both of them that were slowly seeping from her pussy. He wanted to explore one more avenue of teaching, so once again he moved upwards slightly, to her arsehole.

Rachel felt his tongue exploring and preparing her arse for a new experience. The anticipation was unbearable; she wanted his cock deep inside her arse. She wanted to feel his hot juicy cum somewhere new. The licking had stopped, and she heard him rise once again. His head was pushing at her backdoor, and then the feel of pleasure hit new grounds. He had entered her arse, pushing the tight ring apart with his firm head. With every thrust he started to slowly build his speed up. The feeling was amazing, strange to begin with but the ecstasy of it all had swept that aside. She could hear him groaning with pleasure, like he had done so previously to cuming inside of her pussy.

“Yes Sir, fuck my arse … fuck it … You know you want to fuck this schoolgirls’ arse and fill her up again.” She proclaimed, as she felt him cum deep inside her.

He pulled out after a while. Rachel was overcome with joy and pleasure. She turned around, rubbing her clit slightly, but the feeling was too much for her to bear. “Thank you Sir. I think that has helped me.” She stated as Mr Brass stared at her magnificent body, still half dressed in her school uniform. Her pussy and arse dripping with cum, she stood, looking longingly at him. “I was wondering Sir if I could, maybe, make a regular tutoring appointment?” Rachel wanted more of his cock, she wanted to explore anal, foreplay, bondage and more. She couldn’t wait to fuck Mr Brass again.

“Certainly Rachel, I can’t wait until out next tutoring session”

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I did go back the next morning. And it was strange. Belinda’s mum opened the door, friendly as she always was, and showed me into the sitting room where Fran and Belinda were sitting. Belinda had a pad on her knees and was taking notes while Fran talked about Jane Eyre. Nothing unusual about the scene except that Belinda was sitting exactly where Fran – Trixie – and I had fucked each other senseless with a double-ended dildo only a few hours earlier.

“Can I get you a tea or a coffee, Louise?” Belinda’s mum asked. I sat down on the sofa next to Belinda and her mum brought in a tray of mugs and a plate of biscuits. Then she went into the kitchen and I took everything in. The room looked different in daylight, but then most rooms do. Fran looked bright and cheerful. She was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, I noticed, with an orange scarf tied tightly round her neck with a big knot at the side. Very attractive, but I could just see the leather collar she was wearing underneath it. She looked at me and met my gaze: for just a fraction of a second she seemed to be acknowledging that I Knew but warning me not to say anything.

So we settled to talking about Charlotte Bronte’s use of imagery and different readings of the mad Mrs Rochester in the attic and for a time I found I could forget everything that had happened. Even Fran’s clothes came just to be a rather smart outfit she had chosen to wear. Then Belinda’s mum came in to offer us refills and I found myself wondering: what, if anything, did she know about what Belinda and the rest of us had got up to? Belinda and Fran had been having sex for three months and they had obviously done it here a few times – Fran clearly knew her way round the flat, even where the sex toys were kept. Surely Belinda’s mum must know? And where had she been so conveniently last night, but was obviously back again nice and early this morning? Was she going to be conveniently out tonight as well? Or maybe she genuinely didn’t know what Belinda was up to. Young people always tend to think they invented sex in all its forms and it just seemed impossible to me that Mrs Stokes could have any idea of what her daughter was into. I found myself admiring Belinda’s ingenuity in keeping it from her mother – until I dropped my pen. It had fallen into the magazine rack next to the sofa where I was sitting, and as I picked it up I noticed them: there, next to the Radio Times and Good Housekeeping, were the porn mags, Color Climax and New Cunts. There was no attempt to hide them. Belinda’s mum must have seen them, must know about them. It suddenly hit me – what if they actually were hers? Surely not…

I found myself looking again at Mrs Stokes. She was in her forties, I suppose, a good looking woman, with dark hair in a bob and wearing a sweatshirt and jeans that rather suited her. I knew she and Belinda’s dad were divorced; what exactly was the relationship between her and her daughter? Enough: I had to concentrate on Charlotte Bronte. Mrs Stokes would keep: she didn’t have A levels to pass.

* * *

It was getting late. I was still sitting on my bed, thinking back to all that had happened that crazy summer. How did I feel about it now, twelve years on? I smiled. It had turned my world upside down, no question, but God, it had been good. I wouldn’t have changed any of it – not for the world. I went back to the mirror. Why did I find the sight of myself in school uniform such a turn on? I always had done, even when I wore it for real. I undid the skirt and let it fall down my legs, just as I had done that night for Trixie. Fuck, but that looked good. A schoolgirl showing her knickers and her stockings. Oh yes, I would fuck her, that girl in the mirror, no question. Well, OK, if I was going to have a sexy time on my own tonight, ready for what tomorrow night would bring, then I’d do it properly.

First I switched on my laptop. My own one, not the one issued by the school. While it was warming up, I looked out my dildo. I sat at the computer, switched my dildo on to the lowest level of vibrating and ran it gently over my cunt. Mmmm – that’s always lovely. Then I looked up the sort of porn I always like – gay porn. I loved it. I loved to see those twinks – I was only ever really interested in them, not the older guys – sucking each others’ cocks. They seemed to do it more gently and more expertly than the women you see, who always seem to twist the cock with their hands, as if they need to screw it into place in their mouths. Of course, I look out the sites which show them in their school uniforms – lovely white shirts and ties so beautifully loose. But best of all is when you see the boys kissing … fuck me, that looks good.

I went onto a gay porn search engine and found a site that looked promising: Horny Twink College. Soon I was feeling deliciously horny and turned my dildo up a level. Oh yes – that was very good. Too good, maybe – I was wanting to cum. But I didn’t want that just yet. Right. Time for the best bit. I stood up and slipped off my blazer – no need to ruin that. I slipped off my stockings and knickers. Still in my white shirt and my school tie I paused in front of the mirror. I slipped the dildo inside my cunt – it felt wonderful. I wanted to do it now. I went into the bathroom, stepped into the shower, closed the door behind me, and savoured the delicious moment as you stand in shirt and tie under the shower head. The feeling as the jet of water hits you is one of the most intensely erotic sensations I know. I couldn’t wait any longer. Feeling deliciously naughty I put my hand to the shower and switched it on. And this slutty, filthy schoolgirl in her school shirt and tie was delightfully, sexily and so erotically soaked.

* * *

Of course the evening came in the end. After the tutorial in the morning I’d stayed in town, had lunch in a café and mooched around the shops, trying to keep my mind off the evening. Eventually it was time to go home and get ready. I knew I needed to wear my uniform again, but this time I somehow didn’t want to travel in it. So I disguised it: wore a denim jacket over my white blouse and kept my blazer, skirt and tie in a bag. Maybe I had a sense of what was going to happen tonight and felt the need to approach it with caution. I was nervous going up the stairs to Belinda’s flat, afraid of what she would say. But when she opened the door she was in sweatshirt and jeans, just like her mother that morning.

“I’m sorry”, I said, before she could say anything: “I didn’t have time to change. Can I change here?”

“Hi. Come on in”, she said. “Fran’s not here yet. Take your time. Do you want a shower first?”

“I just need to get changed. I’ve got everything here.”

“OK. You can change in my bedroom. I’ll need to get changed too.”

I knew where her bedroom was. As I made my way down the short corridor, I noticed a door open. It was another bedroom – her mother’s presumably. I hardly noticed it out of the corner of my eye, but something made me stop and look in. The bedroom was a bit of a mess, to be honest – why did I think only teenagers’ bedrooms get messy? – but what caught my eye was something laid out on the bed. It was a black leather corset. It looked as if it had been bought in a sex shop. It probably had.

Mrs Stokes, eh? Well well…

I went into Belinda’s bedroom and got changed. I put the tie on, loosely this time so I looked like a naughty schoolgirl right from the start. I slipped off my jeans and took out my sports skirt – I’d brought it because it was much shorter than the normal school skirt and showed off more thigh. I already had my hold-up stockings on, so the overall effect was of just the sort of schoolgirl slut I wanted to be. Belinda came in.

“Oh yes,” she said, looking me over, “just right. Totally fuckable. Louise, you are one horny slut, you know? Come here: I want to kiss you.” She gave me a lingering kiss on the lips, then pulled away. “I need to get changed now. You go and wait in the sitting room. Do you mind letting Fran in when she comes? Help yourself to the wine.”

I was being ushered out of the room: she obviously had a surprise she wanted to spring on us. As I closed the door behind me, I noticed Belinda getting something out of her wardrobe and I waited to see what it was. A black leather corset. The same one? As I went back to the sitting room I glanced in at Mrs Stokes’s room. No: the other corset was still there. Like mother, like daughter, eh? I was surprised and actually rather shocked at Mrs Stokes.

I went through to the sitting room and poured myself a glass of wine, feeling a bit awkward, like when you arrive too early at a fancy dress party and aren’t too sure you’ve got the right day. I picked up the porn mags and started leafing through them, just to put me in the mood, but I’d hardly started when the doorbell rang and I got up to open it. It was Fran.

“Hi, Louise.”

“Fran –” I gasped. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a very stylish white shirt and black waistcoat combination with her leather collar round her neck, clearly visible this time. I was so taken with her outfit that I just stared for a moment.

“Can I come in?” she asked, smiling.

“Sorry. Yes, of course. Belinda’s just getting ready,” I managed, when speech came back. “You look amazing.”

“You look pretty good yourself.” And she came up to me, put her finger playfully on the end of my nose and gave me a kiss. I kissed her back.

“Would you like a glass of wine?”

“I’d love one.”

I poured her a glass and we sat down. It was impossible not to notice the mags open on the coffee table. She picked one and glanced at it, then put it down and looked at me.

“You came back, then?”

“Yes, I came back.”

“I was a bit worried in case last night was a bit too much for you. All at once.”

“No need to worry,” I said, entirely truthfully: “It was amazing. I loved every minute of if.”

“You’re quite sure?” Fran was obviously concerned for me.

“Quite sure.” Then I paused. “There’s just one thing. Do you mind if I ask?”

“Go ahead.”

“The spanking. I’ve never actually seen it before.”

“You didn’t just see it, Louise. You did it.”

“I know. And – and, I liked it.”

“That’s good. There’s nothing to be ashamed or worried about, believe me.”

“But I don’t really understand it. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“You bet it hurts. That’s the idea.”

“So why do you like it?”

“Well -” Fran was obviously giving her answer some thought. “Firstly, I find pain sexy. Not all of it, of course, but some pain I find very erotic. Pain to my bum for example. I hurts like hell when it’s happening –”

“When you’re being spanked?” I said, to make sure. But really because I wanted to say the word.

“Yes, when I’m being spanked. But at the same time, the humiliation is very arousing. And after a while, my bum sort of glows and this gorgeous warm feeling runs through my whole body.”

“So it turns you on?”

“Oh yes. Weren’t you turned on when you were spanking me last night?”

“Yes, I was. But I thought that was because of you being a teacher. It’s a very sexy situation, isn’t it, a student spanking her teacher?”

“Louise, it’s one of the sexiest situations there is. Up there with finger fucking your teacher’s arse and fucking her with a double-ended dildo.”

I smiled. “Yes, I guess it is.”

“Do you want to try it tonight? Being spanked?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t think I could. If I enjoyed spanking you, I mean.”

“Of course you can. Louise, all of us have a dominant side and a submissive side. Some people have them more or less in balance, others – me, for instance – are very obviously tilted to one side or the other. It doesn’t mean I can’t be dominant, of course –”

“You’re pretty dominant at school.”

“Am I? That’s good to know. But in sex, I mean, I can be dominant if need be. Do you know, when Belinda and I started, I used to spank her. But I’ve always known that what I crave is to submit, to surrender completely to someone who will take charge of me. And allowing someone to spank you is the ultimate surrender.”

“Don’t you mind surrendering? Giving yourself up like that?”

“Mind? Darling, it’s the ultimate release. It’s like a liberation. I hand myself and all my worries, all my failings, to someone else. I’m not being silly – I feel more free when I’m serving Belinda as her slave than in any other part of my life.”

“Why do you take a different name?”

“It’s just something we developed. When I become Belinda’s slave, when I go into the zone, it’s as if –”

“You become a different person?”

“Not quite. It’s more that part of me that’s usually hidden or repressed comes to the fore and takes over. And we call her Trixie.”

The she looked me in the eye and asked, “Would you like to be spanked tonight?”

I didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll do it if you like. I’ll be gentle. If it will make it easier for you.”

“Won’t it hurt?”

“Oh yes. It has to hurt, otherwise it’s not a spanking, it’s just a game, pretending to spank. A spanking has to hurt. But it doesn’t have to hurt immediately. We can build up to it. And if it’s really too much for you or it’s not what you want, we can have a safe word. You choose one. Anything you like: marshmallow, wheelbarrow, Victoria Station – it’s best not to have anything sexual, to avoid confusion. You say the word and it means you’re coming out of role, you’re not happy and you want it to stop. And I’ll stop.”

” I see.”

“But only if you want to.”

I thought for a moment, and then I said it:

“Yes, I think I do want to. I think I want to very much.”

And then Belinda came into the room.

Another heart-stopping outfit: I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take. She was in equestrian gear, white shirt, jodhpurs and boots – needless to say, Belinda went horse riding – but she had her black leather corset on over the top. And her riding crop in her hand. We both looked up at her, speechless.

But because I had seen her corset it did briefly occur to me to wonder how she had managed to tie it up at the back on her own.

She was in role from the start. Without a word she walked slowly into the room, holding us both with her eye. She looked at Fran, stopped and raised her eyebrows just a fraction. Maybe Fran hesitated or maybe she wasn’t quick enough for Belinda’s liking, but Belinda suddenly whacked the riding crop against her boot. Fran stood up, guiltily. I just sat and watched, my heart in my mouth. I had never seen Belinda so strong, so masterful – so scary. She walked towards Fran and put her riding crop under Fran’s chin, lifting it up as if she was a guard and Fran was her prisoner. Still she didn’t speak, and Fran looked too frightened to say anything. Then, still acting like a guard, Belinda reached for a chain that was hanging from her belt and attached it to the collar round Fran’s neck. It was a moment of ownership; Belinda was claiming Fran as her property, like a dog. Belinda turned her back and walked back across the room; Fran had to follow. Suddenly Belinda whipped round, whacked her riding crop against her boot again and barked out, “Kneel, you fucking slut!”

Fran collapsed completely to her knees, like a building being demolished. And as she knelt there, I saw again the signs as Trixie emerged from within her and took her place. It was Trixie who now spoke.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Lick my boots, you whore.”

And Trixie lay herself flat on the floor, opened her mouth and began to lick Belinda’s riding boots. Licking first the left boot, then the right. Long licks, as if she was licking an ice cream. She closed her eyes, as if she was in ecstasy. She was licking up each boot now. Every now and again Belinda pulled roughly on the chain; Trixie kept licking. I watched, fascinated. I felt such a mixture of feelings: I was awed by Belinda’s power, still rather shocked by Fran’s – yes, Fran’s – complete subjection to her, and so strongly drawn to Trixie. I found Trixie’s adoration of Belinda – because that’s what it was – both sexy and enviable. I knew I wanted it: I wanted to give myself completely, utterly, just as Trixie was doing.

It must have been obvious in my face, because Belinda spoke to me. “What about you, you fucking schoolgirl slut? You want to do it too?”

I was too taken aback at the way Belinda spoke to me to reply. I just shook my head and shrank back into the sofa.

“Oh yes, you do,” she said, sneering.

“No. Honestly, I don’t.”

“Get on your knees, you slut, crawl over here and lick my boots.”

“Honestly, Belinda – “

“DO IT!!”

And I did. I slid off the sofa and crawled over the floor to her feet and lay there, next to Trixie.

“Lick them, you fucking slut.”

I looked up at Belinda, my face pleading with her not to do this to me. And she said the words, smiling, almost kindly:

“You know you want to.”

That was it. I did want to. I desperately wanted to. I wanted to lick her boots and kiss her feet and do anything else she told me to. I wanted to worship her. And now she was allowing me to. Those words were my moment of surrender. From that moment on, I was Belinda’s slave: I would surrender my will to her totally, do anything she told me, humiliate myself for her. As long as she let me do this. I leaned my head forward and licked her boot.

Yes, boot leather has a taste. No, it is not nice. No, I did not learn to like it. I hated it. I wanted to spit it out at every lick. I would rather have kissed her boots than lick them. But that would have been too easy. There was no surrender, so subservience in that. It had to be this way. I had to lick them. So I did. Both of them. All the way round each and right up to the top.

She didn’t ask us to lick the soles. Keep that for the lifestyle dommes or for erotic fiction: we were all friends here and Belinda was bonding us to her. As I now realise. There was no need to overdo it.

Eventually she told us to stop. And Trixie spoke.

“Please, Mistress.”

“Did you speak, whore?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

SLAP!! Belinda slapped Trixie’s cheek.

“Well, don’t speak without permission.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. Thank you for punishing me, Mistress. I require discipline from you Mistress.”

“Too right you do, Teacher Whore. I’m going to spank you so hard you won’t sit down at school for a week.”

“Thank you, Mistress. It is what your slave needs and craves.”

Belinda relented. “What were you going to say, anyway?”

“I was going to say, Mistress – with your permission – “

“I just gave it, didn’t I?” SLAP!!

“Thank you, Mistress. I am sorry I am such a worthless fucking slut, Mistress. I was going to say that Louise here, before you came in, expressed a desire to be spanked. I took the liberty of saying that I could spank her first, to get her into the feel of it. If that meets with your approval, of course, Mistress.”

“Spank Louise, eh? Well, well. Come here, you schoolgirl slut.”

I had been listening with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Talking with Fran about being spanked had been quite exciting – I really liked saying the word “spank” – but now it was going to happen for real. Would Belinda feel bound by Fran’s assurances? Or would she take over herself? I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

“So you want to be spanked, do you, slut?”

“Yes – er – Mistress?”

It seemed so strange calling my friend “Mistress”. We sat in class together, for heaven’s sake.

“You know, I think I want you to call me Miss. All right?”

“Yes, Miss.” Now Belinda was like my teacher and I was her schoolgirl. I smiled: this was perfect.

“Yes, you look the sort of nasty little brat who needs to be spanked. Are you a nasty little brat?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“What are you?”

“I’m a nasty fucking little brat and I need to be spanked, Miss. Please spank me.”

God, I loved saying those words.

“Oh, I’ll spank you all right. But I think we’ll start as Trixie suggests. Trixie, sit on the sofa. Louise, lay yourself over her lap.”

This is a stroke story. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing.


As I dressed, Alyssa busied herself cleaning up Kelly. Both of them were deeply in need of it. I’d just fucked both girls at one, sliding my cock in between their slippery wet pussies until all three of us came, and as a result they were both pretty thoroughly drenched with cum and cunt juice. We were planning on leaving the classroom we’d occupied in favor of Alyssa’s dorm room, but neither girl would go until they were squeaky clean. And since they didn’t have a shower, or any towels, or really much of anything at all the only option was for them to use their tongues.

Kelly had been on the bottom during our three-way fuck, so she’d come off the worse when I came. She was a young blonde, just eighteen years old, and until just a little while ago she’d been a virgin. She’d been visiting our college as a prospective student and wound up staying with Alyssa. Kelly was cute, with dirty blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes, and a lithe young body that must have gotten her plenty of attention from the boys back home. She was also a Christian, who’d made a purity pledge at some point, promising to remain unsullied until marriage. But unfortunately for her—or at least for her pledge—Alyssa was one of my women, and more than little bi, so when she saw the fresh-faced high schooler Alyssa had to have her. She enlisted my aid, and together we seduced poor little Kelly, introducing her to carnal pleasures that the girl could never have imagined. Now, Kelly had given her first hand job, her first blow job, and had her first fuck. What’s more, I had her promise ring as a trophy.

And the night was still young.

The nasty double-fuck had made me cum hard, and Alyssa wasn’t really making much progress trying to lap up all the pearlescent goo that was covering the younger girl’s body. I’d left lines of cum all over her, with a veritable river ending up between her tits and spilling into a small lake in her navel. Plenty had hit Alyssa too, and it was steadily dripping off, making a new mess on Kelly just as fast as she could clean up the old one.

Kelly, for her part, was trying to help, scooping up some of the spunk with her fingers and licking them clean. Even so, by the time I was dressed, the main thing they’d accomplished was spreading the mess around. Kelly’s tan skin was now covered in a thin sheen of sperm. “You made too much of a mess, mister,” Alyssa said. “We’ll never get clean now.”

“You’ll just have to get dressed and go home dirty, then,” I replied. “And don’t bother with your underwear.”

Alyssa slid off the desk and offered Kelly her hand to pull her to her feet. It took them a moment to find their clothes. Kelly had been wearing a yellow sundress, and she found it first. When she pulled it over her head, the sweat and cum and cunt juice that covered her made the light, floaty fabric cling to her curves, leaving very little about her shape to the imagination. Kelly saw my eyes on her and blushed and looked away. It was a cute mannerism. Alyssa had found her top, but was still looking for her jeans until Kelly spotted them. The young blonde went over to pick them up, kneeling down until I told her to stop. “Bend at the waist,” I instructed, and Kelly did just that, the damp dress riding up and revealing a little hint of her freshly fucked pussy. It was a little thing, but little things count for a lot, and more importantly it served as a demonstration of my control over her.

Kelly handed Alyssa her pants, and she shimmied into them, turning away from me as she did so I could watch her cute little ass shake. She didn’t bother putting any underwear back on, and when she turned back around it was clear she’d just been fucked—her nipples stood out proudly under her tank top, and slowly spreading dark spots marked it where my cum was soaking through the fabric. Alyssa went to stand by Kelly, and together the two of them made for quite a sight—one blonde All-American girl, one dark and lovely dancer, both bearing the signs of our vigorous sexual activity.

Once we were all ready, we left. I had Kelly’s promise ring in my pocket, and we took her Bible as well, though we left all their underwear and more than a little cum. The cleanup wasn’t our problem, but the Bible had her name in it, so leaving it would have been a mistake. The trip back to Alyssa’s dorm room was brief and uneventful. Kelly was jittery, looking around nervously the whole time and keeping to shadows where she could, but we didn’t see a soul up close. Alyssa, meanwhile, walked proudly by my side. I think she’d have done the walk naked with cum leaking from every hole if I’d asked her.

Kelly was at her most nervous while we waited to get into Alyssa’s dorm. Alyssa took her time getting her keys out, and that left Kelly standing with us in a pool of light by the door, her dress clinging wetly to her skin, her hair askew, her lips red and swollen from giving her first blowjob—and out in public without underwear for, I suspected, the first time in her life. An errant breeze might have flipped up her dress, or an errant hand from yours truly. Which is exactly what I did, lifting the back of her yellow sun dress and cupping her ass while Alyssa dug out her keys to open the door and let us in.

But no one came along to witness her state, and soon enough we were safe inside Alyssa’s room. Like most of the dorms on campus, it was made for two. There were two desks, two chairs, two dressers, two built-in closets. There used to be two beds, but Alyssa and Melanie had become very close and nowadays shared one bed (at least, when one or both of them wasn’t busy with me). Getting rid of the second bed gave them space for a cheap wood-frame futon and a footlocker. The futon was nothing special, but the footlocker was their toy box. Kelly’s small overnight bag was on the floor by the futon. Melanie was away for a few days, sadly; I would have loved a foursome, but c’est la vie.

I was last in the room, and I closed to door behind us. Kelly was standing in the center of the room, looking down at the floor, her hands clasped shyly behind her back. Alyssa mimicked her stance and said, “I know you probably want to do more to us, mister, but you made us too messy. We need to get clean so you can make us dirty girls again.” She took one of Kelly’s hands and placed it on my crotch. I was, of course, hard, and it was obvious that I was even without touching it. “I think he likes that,” Alyssa said. “Come on. Let’s go take a shower. Mister, there are some videos on my computer if you want to watch something while we get clean. They’re… they’re dirty videos, mister. But I think you’ll like them.” God, did my cock throb as Alyssa talked.

She told me to turn around and pulled some clothing out of her closet and her dresser. I assumed—rightly, as it eventually turned out—that she was grabbing some slutty little costumes for herself and her guest, and she wanted them to be a surprise. I heard the bathroom door open as she put the clothes in there and came back. Taking Kelly by the hand, she said, “We’re going to go get clean for you, mister. Please wait for us.”

I nodded—you could have run a heard of bulls through the building and it wouldn’t have gotten me out of that room. They left, Alyssa leading Kelly into the bathroom, and within a few moments I heard the water running. I turned my attention to Alyssa’s computer. I knew full well that there was porn there; I was in most of it. Alyssa, it turned out, liked watching me fuck, and so we’d filmed ourselves numerous times, as well as encounters with other women. Sometimes Alyssa joined in, sometimes she filmed, and sometimes she wasn’t even there. There were also some other videos, short little things about ten minutes long, in which Alyssa played with herself and talked dirty to the camera. I fired up one of those, a newer one that looked less than a week old, one with an unfamiliar filename.

Alyssa’s familiar visage popped up on the screen. It was a close-up, her face filling most of the frame. Normally, she wore little to no makeup, but in this video she’d gone all-out; she had on mascara eyeliner, and possibly a bit of blush, and her lips were painted a pale pink. Her dark hair was loose, framing her face. I was struck again by how beautiful she really was. Her eyes may have been her best feature. They were brilliant, verdant green and they sparkled with life. She was smiling, smirking really, and it called attention to her delicate lips and her high cheekbones. Her expression showed her confidence, her bone-deep knowledge that she was smart, funny, sexy, and a whole host of other things. All this was conveyed in just the first few seconds of her staring silently into the camera.

Hey, Alyssa has an expressive face. And maybe I was reading into things a bit.

Video-Alyssa started to speak. “Hello, Sir,” she said. “I wanted to show you something.” The camera pulled back slowly, first revealing that Alyssa was completely naked, and second that she was holding a truly enormous dildo at waist level. “I bought this, Sir, because it reminded me of you. It’s almost as long as your cock and almost as thick.” She paused and licked her lips. “It’s the biggest one I could find.”

Her hand stroked the plastic cock, fingernails grazing its surface. “I want you to imagine that this is your cock. I certainly am.” Her voice was measured, steady, but there was an undercurrent of raw desire in it as well. She let a long string of drool spill from her mouth onto the dildo and started to work it in with one hand, then continued. “I haven’t seen you in two days,” she said, “and I needed something. I made Melanie lick my pretty little pussy and eat my asshole but it didn’t work.” Melanie was Alyssa’s roommate; since our first threesome, Alyssa had made Melanie into, well, her bitch. She’d hinted to me that some nights, she made Melanie sleep on the floor of the foot of the bed, like a dog, and I knew she made Melanie service her at least once a day.

On screen, Alyssa kept talking, her strokes of the dildo growing faster. “So I bought this toy. It’s not as good as you but I need to be filled. And maybe someday you’ll see this and then you can fill me better than this fucking toy.” She lifted her legs and spread them wide, making a V shape that drew my eye right to her pussy. It was, as she had said, a pretty pussy; she kept herself waxed or shaved, and its lips were just a bit puffy. Her skin was pale, but right now she looked a bit pink—due to arousal and her roommate’s attentions, no doubt.

“I wish you were here, Sir. You could beat my pussy to punish it for being so greedy.” She started to smack herself with the dildo, and I actually winced—she was hitting herself pretty damn hard, and the heavy plastic cock had just enough flexibility in it to get a bit of a whipping action going. Each smack made her twitch, but she kept going, hitting herself at least a dozen times. By the sixth I had my cock out and was—very slowly—stroking myself. I didn’t want to cum. Well, I did want to cum, because shit, cumming is great, but I didn’t want to cum right there and then. So I kept things slow, a nice, steady, constant amount of pleasure, while I watched Alyssa use her toys and talk filth.

Once Alyssa thought she’d punished her pussy enough she brought the fake dick up and smacked it against her chest, hitting her sternum, her breasts, her nipples. She wasn’t hitting herself as hard now, but it was still enough to make her pale skin turn pink. “Beat me with your cock, Sir,” she said, her voice husky. “Punish me for thinking a toy could replace you. Show me… ggk” She cut herself off there, shoving the toy down her throat until she gagged. I knew Alyssa could suppress her gag reflex; she could deep throat me, and the toy was smaller. But this was for my benefit, and she knew that sometimes I liked to see a woman gagging. So she jammed the dildo into her mouth and coughed and choked and gagged and generally made a mess of herself. There was spit running out of the corners of her mouth, and her eyes filled with tears as her face turned red.

Suddenly, from the bathroom there came a stream of profanity. Alyssa was yelling at the top of her lungs: “Fuck! Shit! God-damned cunt-licking bitch! Fucking get your tongue in there!” I smiled. I’d been expecting to hear something like that. Alyssa probably knew I wasn’t going to leave them alone tonight, and while she’d objected earlier she genuinely loved getting other girls to go down on her. She didn’t often return the favor, and I figured she didn’t want me realizing just how much she liked making other women service her. In any case, I had suspected that Alyssa was going to give Kelly some extra training in the shower, and the cries coming from the bathroom showed I was right.

Her yells diminished in volume and transformed into satisfied moans, and I looked back at the screen. In the video, Alyssa had finished stuffing her throat, and she looked a mess. The camera was once again centered on her face. Her mascara and eyeliner had run, leaving black trails down her cheeks. Her lipstick was ruined, smeared badly, and I was confident there was plenty left on the dildo as well. Some of her hair had fallen in front of her face, partially obscuring one eye. She was talking, and while I’d missed the first part of what she said I did catch this: “… and I want you to do this to me. Make me look like this and then go to work on all my other holes. Destroy me. Even if I beg you to stop. I deserve it for being such a fucking filthy girl.” Then she stopped talking, and fixed a steady stare on the camera again. For a few moments, there was nothing but the soft sound of her breathing, and then it ended.

The moans coming from the bathroom reached a crescendo. I didn’t dare start another video; Alyssa knew just how long to keep me waiting, and I was going to be ready for them to return. I stripped and laid down on the bed, by cock stiff as a board thanks to the video I’d seen and the sounds coming from the bathroom. It laid on my stomach as I folded my hands behind my head and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. Soon enough the water turned off, and I could just make out some quiet conversation between the girls. I was sure that Alyssa was giving Kelly instructions as they dried off and, I suspected, got dressed in something sexy. And a few minutes later I was proven right again.

The bathroom door opened. Warm, wet air billowed out, and in the doorway stood two visions of loveliness. Alyssa had indeed chosen some costumes for them, and they both had dressed up as schoolgirls.

Alyssa had her own costume. She once told me it was actually her old high-school uniform, but with some substantial, ahem, modifications made. There was a navy blue pleated skirt that perhaps had once come down to her knees, but now it ended just below her ass. As she moved, in fact, I could see point where her firm little bubble-butt started. She also had on an untucked short-sleeved crisp white button-down shirt, unbuttoned just enough so I could see the lacy fringe of whatever bra she’d decided to wear underneath. A few of the bottom buttons were undone as well, showing off some of her midriff and her navel. A loose tie dangled from her neck, navy blue like the skirt. She’d put her hair in pigtails, and put on just a bit of makeup. I don’t know if she guessed what I was watching, or she heard, or if she just knew me well enough to guess what I wanted, but she had put on some blood red lipstick and some black eyeliner and mascara.

Kelly had on a uniform as well. She didn’t have one of her own, of course, but Alyssa had dressed her in Melanie’s. Mel didn’t go to a high school that required uniforms, so hers was a costume, and it was a bit less authentic than Alyssa’s but every bit as sexy. On Kelly, it looked good. Melanie was taller and broader than Kelly, so the skirt came down to mid-thigh and the shirt was a bit loose, but Alyssa had done wonders with it. The shirt had been left unbuttoned except for a single one, just under her breasts, and it looked like she’d put a clip on the back to pull it tight. The bra underneath must have been one of Alyssa’s, because it was too small, and it made Kelly’s C-cups bulge out and up. There may have been some other tricks at work there—I’ve heard you can use makeup to make cleavage seem more impressive—but I didn’t really care, because it all made Kelly look like a busty schoolgirl slut straight out of a porno. Her makeup matched Alyssa’s, and her hair fell loose around her face. She still had on her cross on the gold chain around her neck.

The two girls stood in the doorway, backlit by the lights from the bathroom. Alyssa had her hip cocked and one hand resting on it. She’d fixed me with a cool, confident stare as soon as the door opened. Kelly, in contrast, seemed a bit shy. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her head was down. She too was looking at me, expectantly.

I sat up in bed. “Ladies,” I said.

Alyssa reached over, took one of Kelly’s hands, and her led her to me. They stopped by the bed. “Excuse me mister,” Alyssa said, once again pitching her voice higher than normal. “My friend here has something to ask you.” I looked at Kelly. She blushed and refused to meet my eyes. “Come on, Kelly,” Alyssa said. “You said you wanted it.”

Nervously, Kelly spoke up. “Mister, I want to be a sl… a slut.” She stuttered a bit but forced the words out. “Alyssa told me sluts have more fun, so I want to be one. And she said you are the best at teaching girls to be sluts.” I saw her throat move as she swallowed nervously. “Can you teach me to be a good slut, mister?”

Well, how could I say no?

Watching Alyssa’s little video had given me some nasty ideas. I stood up. “Of course, Kelly. By the time you go back home you’re going to be a fantastic little slut.” I pushed both girls to their knees, my cock bobbing in the air between their faces, and continued. “You’ll be able to teach all your friends if you want.” She nodded, her chin bobbing in time with my dick.

I grabbed Alyssa by the pigtails and pulled her in front of me. “For now, Kelly, just watch. I’m going to show you some of the things sluts do. Watch this dirty slut and see how she acts.” I gave Alyssa’s pigtails a sharp tug and she immediately and automatically opened her mouth wide. Hey, she’d been well trained. Her eyes were bright and clear, challenging me to use her the way we both wanted. I slid my cock in past her painted lips and let it rest on her tongue, just for a moment, and then my grip tightened on Alyssa’s hair and I started fucking her face, just like she’d done to herself on her video.

Her pigtails made great handles for me, letting me hold her more-or-less in place as I put her mouth to good use. Alyssa knelt there and took it, keeping her lips locked to me as I stuffed her full of cock. This wasn’t the first time we’d done this, and when she felt the tip of my spear pressing on the back of her throat she swallowed, opening herself to me and letting me plunge deep into her.

Wet, sloppy choking noises soon filled the room as I battered against Alyssa’s gag reflex. She might have been a deepthroat artist, but that didn’t help much given how I was using her. Her eyes fluttered; Alyssa was trying to keep them open, but involuntary reflexes kept forcing her to blink. Soon enough tears gathered at the corners of her eyes and drool started to spill past her lips. My shaft was stained with streaks of blood-red lipstick. Kelly watched, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

“Your job is to please men,” I told her. “If they want to fuck your throat you should learn to love it like your friend here.” She nodded. “Look down,” I said, “between her legs. See her fingers? See how she’s rubbing her cunt while I use her?” And sure enough, Alyssa was doing just that. One hand had slipped into her shirt and was pinching and twisting her nipple, but the other was underneath her skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, but if she was they weren’t stopping her; her fingers were rubbing her clit in small tight circles.

I let go of one of Alyssa’s pigtails, moving my hand to the back of her head, and then I took hold of Kelly as well. I pulled her in close so she could get a good view of me violating Alyssa’s throat, plunging in past her lips and forcing her to gag and cough and choke and generally make a mess of herself. Alyssa was crying now, or at least her eyes had watered enough to make it look like she was, and black trails had started to form on her cheeks where her makeup ran. I was a bit messy myself; long strings of spittle clung to my cock and dangled off it, and her lipstick had left dark red smears all along my length.

It was glorious.

“Help her out,” I told Kelly. That earned me a confused look from the young blonde. “Help her feel good,” I explained. That she understood, and she gently moved Alyssa’s hand away from where it was furiously at work in between her legs—making Alyssa whine ever so slightly, almost inaudible over the sound of her throat getting abused. Kelly replaced Alyssa’s hand with her own, and with some more gentle prodding from me she pressed herself up next to the older woman, ending up cheek-to-cheek with her as I used Alyssa’s throat like a pussy.

I now had two girls looking up at me, one with her mouth stuffed with cock, the other just dazed at the proceedings. And I won’t lie, it felt pretty damn good. For the most part Alyssa was letting me abuse her to my heart’s content, but when she could she’d swirl her tongue around my cock or give me a moment of especially hard suction.

Time to show Kelly what a well-trained slut can do, I thought. I pulled Kelly away from Alyssa again, and with no other warning I shoved my tool all the way down Alyssa’s throat—and held it there. Alyssa made a *glug* noise as I forced my cock down, and her eyes went wide, but she made no effort to pull back. I savored the feeling for a moment, rocking my hips gently as Alyssa looked up at me in submissive adoration. Kelly’s eyes were on Alyssa’s lips, which were stretched thinly around the base of my shaft. She seemed stunned, as if she was seeing something impossible, and I couldn’t blame her. It was certainly an impressive disappearing act.

I kept hold of Alyssa’s head and resumed my abuse of Alyssa’s throat. But this time I went deep, over and over again. Lipstick wound up smeared all over my cock, mainly near the base, and spit and throat slime kept getting forced out of her gullet. Long strands dangled from my cock and draped my balls, and still more had soaked her chest and left her little top translucent. Her eyes were watering constantly, making her makeup run down her cheeks and giving her the look of a well-used slut. Alyssa’s face was starting to turn red, as well; she snatched quick breaths when she could but I rarely gave her the chance.

“Are you hurting her, mister?” Kelly asked, in a small voice. Her hand was still between Alyssa’s pale thighs, and while I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing it was clear she was doing something, and whatever it was Alyssa seemed to be enjoying it. At least, it looked that way given how Alyssa was rolling her hips.

I yanked Alyssa’s head to my groin particularly savagely and then held her in place again. “I am,” I answered, simply. “And she’s loving every second of it. Is her pussy wet? I bet your fingers are drenched.” Kelly nodded in confirmation. As I was speaking, Alyssa started struggling in my grasp. It was an odd feeling—she was trying to hold herself still, trying to fight her natural need for air, and I could feel her shaking as she fought to stay down even though her lungs were crying out. I waited a few more moments and then pulled her back. She came free, gasping desperately, but I had to restrain her as she tried desperately to get her mouth back on my cock. She wound up leaning forward, hair pulled taut, mouth open wide, panting and chasing the tip of my cock around and trying hard to swallow me up once more. “See?” I said to Kelly. “She’s a cock-crazy little bitch. And so are you, even if you don’t know it yet.”

That made her blush a bit, but she didn’t object. Alyssa managed to get her breathing under control, or at least managed to get close enough to say something: “More.” Her voice was a bit harsh and raspy, and all the more sexy for it. I gave Kelly a pointed look and then crammed my cock back down Alyssa’s gullet.

There was almost no resistance as I fucked myself balls-deep in her throat. She was trying to keep her eyes open; Alyssa knew how much I liked looking down at her lovely emerald eyes when I facefucked her. But she wasn’t having much luck, this time, as I drove every inch home again and again. Her nose touched my stomach on every thrust, my balls slapped her chin, and she just took it gratefully. Kelly was still playing with Alyssa’s cunt, and as my thrusts sped up and grew more aggressive so too did Kelly. Alyssa started moaning, as best she could with a fat cock plunging down her throat.

I wasn’t going to last long once that started, so I wanted to make the last few seconds count. I put both hands on Alyssa’s head and started giving her my all. I don’t know if it was the video, or Kelly’s presence, or something else altogether, but I fucked her mouth harder than I ever had before. I could see Alyssa’s brow furrowing as she tried to cope, each thrust bringing guttural grunts from her and making copious amounts of drool slop from her mouth.

“Oh my…” breathed Kelly. I almost cracked up at that. She was witnessing another girl’s throat getting destroyed not a foot from her and that’s what she says? Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty awe-inspiring, and I was kicking myself for not setting up the camera to have a more permanent record of it. But really, that was the best she could do? Oh well; not everyone is a wordsmith.

Kelly just watched in silence after that, her eyes wide as I got closer and closer to climax. Alyssa’s eyes started rolling back in her head as the lack of oxygen and the apparently fairly skilled work Kelly was doing with her fingers started to overwhelm her. She tried to scream—all that came out was a sort of croak—and I felt my balls tighten as my orgasm hit simultaneously.

The first shots went right down her throat, bypassing her mouth entirely; it seemed like I pumped my cum right into her stomach. As she started to go limp I pulled out, filling her mouth with my next spurts. The thick cream spilled from her slack jaw as I despoiled her face further. She already looked a mess, with her makeup destroyed, her eyes and face both red, her hair in disarray. But I could make her much messier, and I did. Kelly got to watch as I fired off a veritable barrage of cum onto Alyssa at point-blank range. Some splashed back, spattering Kelly with a few ivory droplets, but most clung tenaciously to Alyssa’s visage, thick white ropes that pasted her eyes shut and hung from her nose, her chin, even her ears. A few strands connected her lips, until she licked her lips clean—I think it was a reflex action, because she barely moved otherwise, just trembled and panted as the aftershocks of her rough use rolled over her. The last drops landed on her shirt, which was already soaked and stained with spit.

I turned to Kelly, my cock smacking into the side of her face. “Clean her up,” I ordered, and she knew exactly what that meant. I’d have been disappointed if she hadn’t, since she’d already done it once before. Last time, though, Kelly had been nervous and tentative; this time there was only the faintest hint of that as she stuck out her tongue and went to work. She went from the top down, cleaning the jizz off Alyssa’s forehead first, then gently using her fingers to clear her eyes. Kelly swallowed down everything she licked up, but the cum on her fingers she fed to Alyssa.

Kelly’s efforts got most of the spunk, but they didn’t help much with the ruined makeup; in fact, they made things worse. Alyssa’s lipstick was basically gone. Some was still visible on my cock, but even that had mostly gotten removed by her tongue and throat. By the time Kelly got done and Alyssa was mostly sperm-free, the younger girl’s fingers and tongue had smeared her mascara even more. Alyssa wound up looking like a crying raccoon, with dark circles around her eyes and messy black trails down her cheeks.

Yes, I know raccoons don’t get trails down their cheeks when the cry. It’s a simile.

Alyssa joined in the cleanup efforts midway through, shoveling some of the frankly excessive amount of sperm I’d doused her with into her own mouth and into Kelly’s. Before long the cleanup wound up looking more like a makeout session, with the two girls kissing, swapping mouthfuls of cum and spit, sucking on each other’s fingers, and whispering things to one another, things I couldn’t quite hear. Alyssa especially seemed to like sucking on the fingers that had been lodged inside her cunt. She’d always liked her own taste.

I had to break up their little love-fest, and I did it by main force, grabbing their hair and pulling them apart. Both girls whined a bit in disappointment; I’d yanked them away from each other mid-kiss and a mouthful of cum spilled out of Kelly’s mouth onto her tits. Kelly was quick to scoop it up before it dirtied up her still mostly-clean top.

“All right, Kelly. I have one more thing to show you and then it will be your turn,” I said.

“What is it, mister?”

“You still have one virgin hole, don’t you?” God, I thought I’d seen her wide-eyed before, but this really did the trick. I could see white all the way around her pale blue eyes. The phrase “deer in the headlights” seemed apt. “What, did you think you would go home before I’d fucked your ass?”

“I… I didn’t think you could do that. You’re too big.”

“Oh, little slut, you’re going to get such an education here. Alyssa, why don’t you get in position? I’ll show her that it will fit.” I released Alyssa’s hair and she scrambled over to the bed and crawled onto it. She put her head down and lifted her ass as high as she could get it and flipped her skirt up. Not that she needed to; it was too short to cover anything with her bent over like this. Finally, she started wiggling that perfect peach of an ass back and forth, clearly ready to get ass-fucked.

I walked over to the bed myself, pulling Kelly along by her hair and positioning her where I wanted, with her head resting on Alyssa’s ass (cheek to cheek, if you’ll pardon the terrible wordplay). “Are you just going to stick it in, mister?” she asked. “Won’t that hurt her?”

It was a fair question, and of course I wasn’t going to just shove my pole into Alyssa’s back end without making sure she was ready for it. I grabbed my cock and held it up by Kelly’s face. It had dried a bit while the girls ate up all the cum I’d left on Alyssa, but it still glistened with spit. “My cock’s wet,” I told her. “And once her asshole is wet she’ll be ready.”

“How will you get it wet, mister?” Ah, what an innocent question.

“I won’t,” I answered. “You will.” Then I used that handful of her hair to push her face into Alyssa’s ass. Kelly, caught by surprise, tried to protest, but all that came out was some muffled and unintelligible cry.

“Oh, you remembered!” squealed Alyssa. And indeed I had—Alyssa had sent me a text, hours ago, saying she wanted to make this innocent visiting student eat her asshole, and now she was going to get just that. “Remember what I taught you in the shower,” Alyssa said, speaking to Kelly now. “You’re just working on a different hole.”

I looked down at Alyssa. She had her head down on the mattress, but her face was turned to the side, and she looked back at me with a wicked expression on her face. “What?” she asked. “Did you think I wasn’t going to get something from her when we were in the shower?”

“Do I look surprised?” I replied. “Hell, I’m more shocked you didn’t make her do this already.”

“We didn’t want to keep you waiting.” Anything else Alyssa might have wanted to say was cut off when she let out a contented moan. I was still holding Kelly in place, and she must have been doing her job, working her tongue around and inside Alyssa’s rosebud. She seemed to be doing a good job, to judge from Alyssa’s reaction. Alyssa moaned again, and started to grind against Kelly’s face. Knowing her, though, her reaction probably owed just as much to the depravity of the situation as it did to Kelly’s innate talents. Hell, even if Kelly had been completely incompetent, I bet Alyssa would be getting off just from knowing that she was corrupting a sweet and innocent thing.

If I haven’t said it yet, I really should: Alyssa’s a hell of a woman.

I held Kelly in place for another minute or so, then let go. She’d picked up on what we wanted from her, and when I removed my hand she stayed in place. Kelly even put her hands on Alyssa’s ass and spread her open so she could get in even deeper, and from the way her head dipped I suspect she wasn’t confining herself to rimming my lovely dancer.

“Use that tongue, you dirty little bitch,” Alyssa said. “You make a good ass-licker. Such a good bi slut.” Kelly mewled but obeyed, and I just watched for a few more minutes as Alyssa kept berating Kelly, ordering her around in various ways to make her improve. She had Kelly trying to plunge her tongue as deep as she could into both of Alyssa’s holes, and then she changed course and had the younger girl lapping away at her. And she kept calling her names, too—my favorites were “twat-munching bitch” and “my personal cunt-cleaner.” Kelly’s eyes teared up a bit at the constant abuse—but when I put my hand between under her skirt, she was fucking drenched.

As it had done before, the slightest touch of my fingers on Kelly’s clit sent her into paroxysms of pleasure. Her hips jerked and twitched, but she didn’t stop her oral efforts. In fact she seemed to want to pass it on; she moved forward, and I could see her straining to plunge her tongue deeper into Alyssa’s ass. “Good girl,” I murmured, slipping a finger into her at the same time. Kelly whimpered, and her eyes closed; Alyssa wound up doing the same as Kelly found a sensitive spot.

It was quite a sight: Alyssa’s pale, lithe form was up on her bed, her face resting on the mattress, her perfectly formed ass in the air and framed by her navy-blue skirt. Kneeling behind her was Kelly, this high school girl-next-door whose innocence was being stripped away from her. Kelly’s tan, All-American body contrasted nicely with Alyssa’s. Individually, each girl was a vision of loveliness, but together they were a wet dream made flesh. Evidence of hard use could be seen on each girl; Alyssa’s ruined makeup, Kelly’s flushed face and chest, the faint sheen of cum and spit and sweat that clung to their skin in places. But they were still going strong.

I kept my hand where it was and just watched for a bit longer; Kelly’s hips bucked spasmodically, grinding against my forearm and my hand, but she didn’t pull away from Alyssa. Instead she did her best to make sure that the older woman was relaxed and wet and ready for her upcoming anal violation. And her best, it turned out, was pretty damn good.

Eventually, though, I decided it was time to get involved more directly. “OK, girls. Kelly’s had enough fun for the moment.” I pulled her from Alyssa, using her hair to drag her back on her heels. As an aside, can I just say how great it is when women have enough hair to do that? Don’t get me wrong; some girls look smoking hot with short hair, even pixie cuts, and hell, I’ve even seen a few who could pull off complete baldness. But there’s something primal and satisfying about grabbing a fistful of hair and hauling back on it while you’re balls-deep in her.

But I’m getting distracted. Kelly resisted for a moment but then acquiesced, letting me pull her away and off to the side. I took her place behind Alyssa. “Spread,” I commanded, and she grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, baring her pretty little pussy—still a bit red and swollen from our brief fuck in the classroom and Kelly’s recent attention—but more importantly her tight rosebud. Kelly had been thorough; it was drenched with spit, and I don’t think Alyssa could have been more ready to accept me into her.

“Watch close, Kelly,” I said, and the young blonde sidled around to the side so she could get a good view of Alyssa’s upcoming anal assault. I didn’t want to terrify Kelly, so while I could have been rough with Alyssa and just shoved my dick into her, I didn’t. Heaven knows she’d had it up there enough to know what was coming. I also didn’t want Kelly to think that popping her last cherry would be painless, so I didn’t exactly ease into her either.

Instead I opted for the middle road—a single long slow push that didn’t stop until every last inch of my shaft was embedded in Alyssa’s spit-soaked ass. As soon as she felt me stretching her ass wide, Alyssa started letting her breath out in a drawn-out f-sound. She kept it up the whole time I was burying myself in her, and when it ended and my balls made contact with her dripping-wet pussy, it turned into a single word: …fffffuck.”

I stopped there for a moment. “See what a good fucktoy she is? Her ass just opens up for me. Even if it hurts, she loves it.” I slapped Alyssa’s ass once and directed my next order to her. “Give me your arms, fucktoy.” She obeyed immediately, lifting her arms from the mattress and putting them behind her back, her wrists crossed near her tailbone. I withdrew from her ass (somewhat reluctantly; Alyssa was squeezing and releasing me, like she wanted to milk me of my cum even without thrusting) and grabbed her wrists.

When I said I didn’t want to terrify Kelly, that was a bit of a lie.

“Here’s what a well-trained toy can do,” I said, and a moment later I hauled back on her arms and slammed forward. This time Alyssa screamed something unprintable, a wordless cry that made Kelly flinch away. I’d done this to Alyssa many times before, and I knew it hurt her some. Hell, it sometimes hurt me a bit; her ass was just that tight. But she was playing up the pain, too, acting like it was far more agonizing for the benefit of our audience.

After her scream, Alyssa gulped in a deep breath and then said in a raspy whisper: “Again.”

Kelly’s eyes were wide as she watched me repeat the whole process, the slow withdrawal followed by the sudden lunge. Alyssa screamed again, not as loud or long as the first one, and once more she begged me to do it again. I, of course, obliged her. Let it never be said that I don’t know how to give a lady what she wants. We continued in this vein for a little while, with Alyssa alternating between loud shrill cries of pleasure and pleading for more of my rough handling. But soon enough Alyssa lost the ability to ask anything, because she was screaming and cumming wildly around my rampant prick.

I looked down at Kelly. Her eyes were wide, white showing all around her irises, and her lips were parted. She licked her lips as I watched. I don’t know if she realized I was looking at her; she seemed completely enthralled by the sight of my cock splitting open Alyssa’s tight asshole. I don’t know if she realized that one of her hands had found its way between her legs and that she was slowly rubbing her mound. Whether she knew it or not, it was exactly the reaction I wanted to see from her.

Alyssa managed to come back to herself enough to say, between gasps and groans, “See, slut? See how good it is to be a three-hole whore?” I hilted myself in her again and she squealed, and then said, “Oh god, you fuck my asshole so good, mister. Break it open. Fuck it like you own it—because you do. You own all my holes, mister.” It wasn’t the first time I’d heard her say something like that, but it never failed to make me shudder. And hearing her say it in the little-girl voice she’d used, mimicking Kelly’s innocence, well, it was almost enough to make me cum then and there.

Part 1: Welcome

I drove into the parking lot and took a deep breath as I prepared to get out of the car, apprehensive but excited about my first day at my new job. It was my first day at St. Mary’s school for girls, where I would be Vice Principal in charge of discipline, a position I’d been accepted for at the end of the previous school year. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the principal, Miss Murphy again; she was beautiful, voluptuous, with long dark hair, and for my interview she wore a low-cut top that showed off her ample cleavage. I remember I had trouble not staring, and I swear a couple of times she caught me, and smiled knowingly. Despite the distraction, I must have interviewed well as I was offered the job a few days later.

Just the thought of her had made my cock grow and stiffen, and for a moment I contemplated rubbing one out now in my car so I wouldn’t be so distracted for the rest of the day. A glance at my watch, however, revealed I didn’t really have time.

I stepped out of the car and walked across the parking lot and through the grand entrance to the school. The corridor was deserted as I made my way towards Miss Murphy’s office along the marble floor. As I prepared to knock on her door, I hoped my hard-on had dissipated enough so as not to be visible through my pants.

“Come in,” Miss Murphy said, and I opened the door and entered her office. I was thrilled to see she looked just as hot as I’d remembered, again wearing another top with a plunging neckline, and again I could hardly take my eyes away from her heaving breasts.

“Good morning Mr. Johnson. How are you?” she asked.

“Fine thanks. And you?”

“Very well thank you. Please take a seat,” she said, ushering me toward the chair opposite her desk. “Did you enjoy your welcome to the school this morning?”

“My welcome? I’m not sure what you mean.” I replied, sitting down.

“There wasn’t a girl at the entrance this morning to welcome you to the school when you arrived?”

“No…” I said, intrigued by what she was referring to.

“I do apologize. This simply won’t do. Excuse me a moment” she said, and pressed the red button next to the microphone on her desk.

“Will Lauren Spears report to my office at once” she said sternly into the microphone. By now I was even more intrigued about what was going on.

“Lauren was supposed to welcome you to the school this morning. She’ll be here in just a moment.”

“Oh…OK,” I replied. There was supposed to be a girl welcoming me to the school when I arrived? What did that mean, exactly?

While waiting for Lauren, we made smalltalk about how we’d spent our respective summers. She told me she’d spent most of the time on the beach, and my head was immediately filled with visions of her in a bikini, rubbing sun tan lotion all over her exposed body. My hard-on started to return and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

Less than a minute later, Lauren arrived. She was gorgeous – about 5’2,” with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, and while her breasts were not the biggest they looked very pert under her shirt. She was wearing a ridiculously short skirt which must have barely covered her panties, and they showed off her smooth, tanned legs. I wondered how a skirt that short could be considered part of the school uniform, and I had to stop myself from staring at her legs. By now, my cock was fully hard again and I worried the bulge would show through my pants.

“Lauren, our new Vice Principal, Mr. Johnson, tells me you weren’t there to welcome him at 7:30 this morning as we had planned?” Miss Murphy enquired.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I thought it was 8:30!”

“I’m very disappointed in you, Lauren. It was a very simple instruction to be there at 7:30″

“But I’m sure you said 8:30, miss, because…”

“Are you arguing with me?” Miss Murphy said, now raising her voice.

“No miss,” Lauren replied meekly.

“Good. Now get over there and give him the welcoming we talked about”

Lauren nodded and walked over to me, smiled and then dropped to her knees. I couldn’t be sure what exactly was going on here, but I think I had a good idea. Lauren paused and looked back at Miss Murphy, who nodded her approval back.

Why was she on her knees right next to me? I was sure Lauren would be able to see the bulge in my pants, as my cock felt like it was going to burst out.

“Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m here to welcome you to the school,” she said, on her knees and with her hands now on my thighs.

“Hi Lauren,” I replied, my heart racing and my cock throbbing with anticipation.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to greet you earlier,” Lauren said, looking up at me with her big blue eyes and an anxious look on her face, as she reached over and unbuckled my belt. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“That’s…that’s OK” I replied. Lauren was now unzipping my pants as my ever hardening cock urged to break free.

“Lauren is a senior here,” Miss Murphy said. “In fact, she just turned 18 yesterday.”

“Thank you for being so understanding,” Lauren said as she reached inside my pants, then inside my boxers and deftly wrapped her soft, warm hand around my throbbing member. I was so excited I was afraid I might climax right away. I looked up at Miss Murphy and she smiled back at me. Lauren took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it slowly and gently for about ten seconds.

“I hope this will make up for it,” Lauren said as she lowered her mouth onto my cock. Her tongue swirled around my cockhead and she licked up the precum oozing from the tip. The feeling was unbelievable as this hot blonde teenage girl engulfed my cock with her warm, wet mouth. I still couldn’t believe it was happening, and for a moment actually considered it might be a dream, but the pleasure coursing through my veins from the amazing blowjob I was receiving from this talented cocksucker was so great and so intense that I realized it had to be real.

“I hope that does make up for Lauren being late this morning, otherwise she’ll need to be punished,” Miss Murphy said.

I couldn’t respond, and shut my eyes and enjoyed Lauren sensuously sucking my throbbing member.

“Will you have to punish me?” Lauren asked about ten seconds later, lifting her mouth off my cock for the first time. A string of drool linked her mouth to my cock as she looked up at me with those innocent, puppy dog eyes.

“No, it’s OK” I replied, putting my hand on her head and guiding her back towards my cock, pushing it past her lips and back into her mouth.

“Nonsense,” Miss Murphy said. “She’s been a very bad girl and needs to be punished immediately,”

“No really…” I pleaded as Lauren went to town on my cock, sucking it like crazy and taking it so deep into her mouth.

“Don’t worry, I have a feeling you’ll like what I have in mind,” Miss Murphy said, rising from her seat. She walked round to my side of the desk, and put her hands in Lauren’s hair and slowly lifted her head from my crotch.

“I want you to teach this naughty girl a lesson,” she said as she pushed Lauren onto her hands and knees, her ass closest to me. Her skirt was so short I could now see her panties, and didn’t have to wait much longer to see a lot more. Miss Murphy pushed up Lauren’s skirt and pulled down her panties to reveal her snatch. From where I was sitting she looked completely shaved and it was so inviting I couldn’t wait to see what Miss Murphy had in store for us.

“Do you want me to spank her?” I asked, assuming that was Miss Murphy’s intention.

“Spank her? I think we’re way past that,” Miss Murphy replied. “Mr. Johnson, I want you to fuck some sense into this girl!”

Lauren looked back at me, pleading with her eyes, and I felt sympathy for this girl who seconds earlier had been giving me an amazing blowjob. But I looked at Miss Murphy and I could tell from her expression that she would be very disappointed if she didn’t do as she asked; I was Vice Principal in charge of discipline after all. And if this was Miss Murphy’s idea of discipline, I felt I was going to be very happy working here. I got down on my knees right behind Lauren and held her ass with my left hand as I guided my cock towards her pussy with my right hand, the head of my cock touching her snatch, my precum mingling with her pussy juices. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Lauren gasped as I suddenly thrust my entire cock past her pussy lips and deep inside her her hot, juicy snatch. I couldn’t believe how tight and wet she was, and before I knew it, I forgot myself and was really going at it, pounding Lauren’s tight teenage fuckhole. Since she was dripping wet, I figured Lauren must have wanted it so I no longer had any reservations about fucking the hell out of her. Lauren moaned and gasped as I filled her to the brim with my member, and it often felt as if the head of my cock reached the very deepest part of her snatch. I relentlessly thrust my cock in and out of her for about a minute before Miss Murphy said something.

“Lauren, which hole is he fucking you in?” she asked.

“My…pussy…oh fuck” she moaned.

“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear,” Miss Murphy said, and I paused fucking Lauren to look up at her. “Lauren’s been a very bad girl and needs to be punished appropriately. I want you to put your big, hard cock in her tight little asshole”

“Her…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence.

“Not my asshole, please!” Lauren pleaded.

“How dare you talk back to me! I was going to ask him to be gentle with you but it’s clear you need a more severe punishment.” She turned to me and said, “I want you to ravage her asshole”

“Please no!” Lauren begged, but I was horny as hell and eager to both please Miss Murphy and take this opportunity.

“You heard what Miss Murphy said. You’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished,” I said, hardly able to believe the words coming out of my mouth. My heart raced with anticipation, and I slowly pulled my cock out of her, a trail of precum and pussy juices linking my cockhead to her pussy. I put my hands on her perfectly pert ass cheeks and gently spread them, revealing her little starfish, and I practically drooled at the thought of penetrating it in a few seconds. First, I slid my cock between her ass cheeks as if I were lining it up, causing Lauren to gasp. Now I was ready, whether Lauren liked it or not, and gently prodded her asshole with the head of my cock.

“Oh my God…oh fuck,” Lauren moaned as I slowly pushed my cockhead past her sphincter and inside her, stretching her asshole. Her hole was incredibly tight, fitting so snugly around the head of my cock that I wondered if I’d be able to push the rest of it inside her. Her ass was even hotter than her pussy, and already my cock was throbbing. The feeling was so good and intense I would have been happy to keep it there, but no way was I going to pass up this opportunity. My cock was dripping wet with Lauren’s pussy juices and I used that as lubrication, very slowly pushing my cock inside her incredibly tight hole. Lauren’s groans grew louder the deeper I pushed inside her.

“Does it hurt, Lauren?” Miss Murphy asked with a knowing smile.

“Uh-huh” she mumbled, biting her lip.

“Good. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson”

Once I had pushed the entire length of my cock inside her, I slowly slid it out, her anal cavity seemingly gripping it as if it didn’t want it to leave. No sooner had I pulled it out than I reinserted it, again eliciting a moan from Lauren.

“Please, it’s too big!” Lauren complained.

“I’m very glad to hear that,” said Miss Murphy, smiling as she watched me sodomize one of her students.

“Please!” Lauren begged again!

I knew I would impress Miss Murphy by being assertive, so I grabbed a handful of Lauren’s hair and pulled her head back towards me, and leaned forward so that we were looking at each other.

“Listen, you naughty girl, you’re going to take it and learn your lesson!” I whispered in her ear, loud enough for Miss Murphy to hear. I looked up at her briefly and, still smiling, she nodded her approval, her eyes fixed on my cock slowly going in and out of Lauren’s asshole.

I pushed my cock in and pulled out faster and faster, until I reach the point where I was slamming it deep inside her, pounding her impossibly tight asshole. Her pussy was tight beyond belief but this was somehow even better, and the feeling was incredible. Lauren was groaning and moaning all the time now, louder and louder, but I didn’t care, and with a handful of her blonde hair I pulled her closer to me, forcing my cock deeper and deeper inside her, brutally assfucking this gorgeous girl. I wondered if this was her first time taking it up the ass, and if she had done this before, I certainly couldn’t imagine anyone fucking her as hard and indelicately as this. The thought of taking her anal virginity pushed my ever closer to the edge, so I tried not to think about it in order to prolong the intense pleasure I was experiencing.

“You’ve been a very bad girl haven’t you Lauren?” Miss Murphy, who had been silent since I’d been ravaging Lauren’s asshole.

“Mmm-mmm” was all Lauren could say as I relentlessly pounded her tight anal cavity.

“I want you to say it,” Miss Murphy replied.

“I’ve…I’ve been a bad girl” Lauren groaned.

“And what else?”

“I deserve to be punished”

“And what’s the punishment you deserve?”

“I deserve to get fucked up my tight asshole with a big hard cock”

The feeling of my cock being so deep in Lauren’s tight teen asshole was so amazing I felt like I could stay there forever, but hearing Lauren talk dirty like that was too much to take and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Even if I wanted to slow down to delay the inevitable, her anal cavity was wrapped so tightly around my throbbing member that even the slightest movement would have brought me closer and closer to the edge. And what’s more, Lauren was now rocking back towards me, creating more friction and forcing me even deeper inside her. The realization that she was loving having me fuck her so roughly from behind was enough to finally push me over the edge.

With one final thrust as deep inside Lauren as I could go, I reached the point of no return. I paused my thrusting and held Lauren’s ass cheeks still, as my balls tensed up and my cock twitched and spasmed, splashing what seemed like gallons of hot creamy man butter inside her ass. I’d never felt anything as good as this. Lauren gasped as the thick jizz filled her anal passage, some of it being forced up and out, dribbling out of her pink asshole. I pulled out slowly and I hadn’t finished climaxing yet, so I jerked off over her, spraying a few more drops of jizz on her asshole and over her ripe ass cheeks.

For about 10 seconds, Lauren and I didn’t move, me on my knees and her on all fours, spent and breathless after such an intense fuck. Lauren’s asshole was red raw and stretched wide, and some of my spunk continued to dribble out of it.

“So, Lauren, have you learned your lesson?” Miss Murphy asked.

“Yes, Miss,” Lauren replied, wincing with pain, her asshole stinging from the pounding I’d just given it.

“Good. Now go clean yourself up and go to class.”

With that, Lauren got up, and without looking back at me, walked gingerly towards the door and left Miss Murphy’s office.

“The poor girl probably won’t be able to sit down for a few days,” Miss Murphy commented. “How was that?”

“I think I’m going to like working here,” I replied, and Miss Murphy laughed.

“I had a feeling you might. Here,” Miss Murphy said, handing me a tissue to clean myself up. I squeezed out another drop of spunk into the tissue and wiped up the rest before standing up and pulling my pants up.

“Do you know why she thought you’d be here at 8:30am?” Miss Murphy asked, and I shook my head. “Because I told her you would be. I just wanted an excuse to bring her in here and watch you punish her.”

“Wow…” I replied.

“I had to make sure you’re up to the job, and I’m please to say that you definitely are. And I don’t see any reason why punishing the girls can’t also be pleasurable for us”

“That sounds…great,” I replied, stunned at what I was hearing, but also delighted.

I’d been at the school less than than 30 minutes and already I’d fucked one of the girls up the ass, while my boss looked on approvingly, and it sounded like that kind of thing was to be expected of me. This was turning out to be a job beyond my wildest dreams, and as Miss Murphy led me to my office down the corridor, my head was filled with thoughts about the pleasures to come.

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Four men stand crowded just inside the front gate to the pool club. They are unsure of what to do or where exactly to go. The air is scorching hot, but the guys can smell the familiar scent of coconut sunblock and faint chlorine indicating a refreshing pool is nearby.

The group of men would individually be considered above average in attractiveness to any interested female. Together, they could be confused for a roving pack of male swimsuit models. Two of the guys, Tony and Paul, are Italian. Tony is older and about average height with dark, wavy hair and a hint of a five-o’clock shadow. He wears a solid black swiimsuit and a mostly unbuttoned white shirt, with a tuft of jet black chest hair poking out.

Paul is younger, in his mid-twenties, and taller. His eyes and hair are also dark, but he has a clean-shaven face and very short, even length hair all around. Paul wears a longer, board-short style plaid green suit and a tight, but soft looking lighter green t-shirt. Both of the handsome Italians seem to be in great shape.

Rick is about the same age as Tony, and has the look of a veteran surfer. His dirty blonde hair is cut in a short, somewhat messy style, but it works with his high cheek bones and his crystal blue eyes. Rick wears Hawaiian style shorts and a white tank top, which show off his toned physique.

The fourth in the group, Jason, is the only black man. He is the tallest of the group and arguably the best looking. Jason is just a bit older than Paul. Sporting a very clean look, he is shaved smooth over his head and face. His imposing size contrasts his gentle eyes and demeanor. Jason’s body is not bulky, but appears strong and chiseled, the body of a lifelong swimmer.

Each of them had received a non-descript email telling them where to be and when. The email was so generic, it could have easily been lumped into a spam folder had they not known to expect it. Now they were all gathered at the Oasis, not really sure what to expect.

The sound of heels on the concrete walkway approaches them steadily…

Brittney walks down the hallway swiftly, aware that she is already late for her next group. Today is one of the most challenging days for all of the Oasis Pool Club’s lifeguards, but especially for the tall blonde. On this day, the girls have to recruit potential new members by servicing them for free. Britt is especially adept at learning what gets a specific member off and she is good at getting them there quickly. With all these new recruits, she is expected to be just as efficient at bringing the guys to climax, but without the background knowledge gained from repeat performances.

She turns the corner, remembering why she was late. Her last appointment was some high-profile lawyer who had run late because of his particular kink. The man had insisted on being on the phone in a banal conversation with his wife at the time of his climax. He had let Britt bring him about to the edge of ejaculation, then placed a call to his wife. She, of course, didn’t answer. The lawyer made Britt stop and anxiously left a message for the wife to return his call. While waiting, he did sign up for membership, which made Britt proud, but then they had to wait for the wife to call back.

After a slow and prolonged blowjob, she finally did, and the lawyer forcefully deposited a tremendous supply of sperm into Britt’s stomach while she deep throated him. The lawyer described some boring intricacies of a recent case while calmly erupting deep in Britt’s throat. His cock swelled repeatedly as he unleashed a load that must have been building for quite some time, but Britt took it like a seasoned veteran. Despite the drawn-out blowjob and substantial amount of cum, she was happy to have a new customer and to have detailed knowledge of what would get him off. Britt, however, was not happy about being late.

Each man in the group turns to watch as Britt approaches. As a recruiting tactic, Diane lets the girls wear skimpy costumes instead of their usual skimpy bikinis. It’s like Halloween in the summer. The costumes encompass just about any kind of fantasy that a man may have: French maid, slutty nurse, the storytale princesses… there was no shortage of possibilities.

The young blonde walks confidently toward the group of men wearing a school-girl’s uniform that is anything but traditional, her sharp heels ticking with each step. The men watch, unable to hide the arousal she inspires.

Britt’s long legs are tucked into the pink heels and covered by white stockings that are more than a little transparent. About half-way up her sumptuous thighs, the tops of the stockings are visible below the hem of her short pleated red plaid skirt. A tanned length of thigh draws the eye between the lacey tops of the stockings and the swishing skirt.

Britt’s white, button up blouse is tied around her waist, revealing several inches of her soft, flat midsection. The blouse is unbuttoned at the top and about as opaque as her stockings, boasting several inches of swelling cleavage. Her snug pink bra with black lace trim is prominently visible beneath the thin white blouse. Between her large Cs, a red and black tie dangles from her neck, tied loosely. Britt doesn’t usually wear glasses, but to enhance her outfit, she has on a pair of black frames with non-prescription lenses. Her bright blue eyes and glossy pink lips shine on her cute face as she approaches the men with a slight smile. To top it all off, her golden blonde hair is tied up in two high ponytails on each side of her head, complete with pink ribbons.

The young woman is practically radiating sexually and she knows it, fighting her smile from growing even larger as she feels all eight eyes locked on her every move. Reaching the group, she addresses them.

“Well, hello gentlemen.” She checks the clipboard she carries. All four invitees are present. “Welcome to the Oasis Pool Club. My name is Brittney and it would be my pleasure to show you around.”

The glasses slip down her nose and she peers up at the men. “Let’s see, Paul?”

Paul steps forward. He is visibly aroused, sporting a growing bulge. He waves sheepishly.

Britt smiles at him. “Don’t be shy,” she says with a wink, watching him eye her deep cleavage. “Rick?”

The mature looking surfer takes a step toward Brittney. He extends his hand and offers it to her. “My, my… They didn’t have girls like you at my school…”

Britt eats this up, allowing herself to blush. She takes his hand. “Well, I’m sure you can teach me a thing or two, Rick.”

They shake briefly and Brittney looks back down at her list. “Tony?”

She eyes the dark, handsome man approaching her. “Oooh, I just love Italian men…” she says, almost involuntarily.

Tony also extends his hand, but holds it flat. Britt understands the implications of the gesture and places her hand in his, twirling in a quick pirouette.

Tony and the others watch, enjoying the 360 degree view of the blonde. As she spins, they pay special attention to her rising skirt, looking for signs of matching pink panties. Not one of them sees anything.

“Miss Brittney… Brian told me all about how friendly you are, but he did not prepare me for your stunning looks. This outfit is gorgeous! You know Brian, right?”

Britt instantly recalls Brian, one of her regular members. The prominent real-estate agent visits her several times a week and enjoys going down on her, especially after pumping a fresh load of spunk into her young cunt. “Of course, how sweet of both of you…” She smiles brightly.

Her eyes then move to the tall black man. “And you must be… Jason?”

He steps forward, towering over the blonde offering his own large hand. “So nice to meet you, Brittney.” Jason’s voice is deep and soft.

She places her hand in his, instantly aware of how small it feels. “Please, call me Britt!”

Jason smiles broadly and pumps her hand. Then he joins the group.

Now all four men are lined up and Britt takes inventory of them as they do the same to her. She feels the recognizable flush of arousal, knowing that she will likely be sucking or fucking one or more of these guys within the hour. This is her normal reaction, but the attractiveness of these men brings it to an unexpected level. She feels the dewy heat between her legs.

Britt has worked at the pool club for a few years now, and believes she can predict a man’s endowment from sizing him up physically. At first glance at this group, it is a pretty safe bet that Jason has a huge cock. But, she remembers, Matt (the new male lifeguard) would not have come up on her radar for a big dick, and his was an absolute monster! Her eyes move quickly, scanning the men’s crotches. Paul was already sporting a good sized bulge, but something told her Tony or Rick might be a pleasant surprise and give Jason a run for his money.

“Ok guys, follow me!” she says cheerfully with a quick turn.

Again, four pairs of eyes watch her, dropping to the back of her skirt as she strides away. The skirt is short enough that the gap at the top of her thighs is visible. Even the bottom of her cheeks peek into view, curving pleasantly before disappearing into the skirt. Was that the profile of her bare mound? Did it glisten briefly? It was too quick of a glimpse to tell.

Britt leads Paul, Tony, Rick, and Jason into the pool club. They enter the bathrooms. Britt moves into a stall to show them a few features.

“Here is the gloryhole, there’s one in each stall…” she passes through the tight quarters of the stall, letting Paul enter as she leaves. To say she “brushed” up against him would be an understatement. Britt presses against him, lingering briefly to letting his still obvious erection poke against her tummy. He could feel the heat of her bare abdomen against his throbbing tip through his thin shorts.

Britt looks at him suggestively. “You might need a bigger hole…” Then she continues to the showers.

“This is a one-way mirror,” Britt smiles back at the group following her, then stands next to the mirror. “Would anyone like to try it out?”

The guys take note that they can see right through the mirror, like a window, into the adjacent women’s showers and Tony, who is at the front of the group, steps forward.

“Sure, I’ll take a look. How does it work?”

“Ok, you stand here and look in the mirror.” Britt says.

She leans into the mirror and brings her hands to her chest. Her fingers pull the lacey tops of her exposed bra down above her blouse, giving the guys a partial view of her breasts beyond the tan lines including her light pink nipples. They look to be rigid, poking straight out.

Britt looks into the mirror. “Can you see me?”

Tony smiles at her, not using the mirror at all. He gazes at her perky, exposed nipples and chuckles. “Yep, I can see you perfectly clear.”

It is obvious to them all that Britt has no idea what a one-way mirror is, but this realization makes her even cuter.

“Ok, Tony,” she lets go and her tits slip back inside the bra, “that’s all…” she walks to the shower entrance and leans on the frame, “…for now!”

The group continues on, exiting the men’s bathroom and shower area and crossing the pool deck. All of the men notice two girls milling around. The area has been converted to a makeshift office for the day. The girls are Samantha, one of the other lifeguards, and Lin, the resident masseuse.

Sam, dressed as a stripper version of a cowgirl, is sitting at the desk, filing paperwork. Lin is wearing some sort of tight silver dress and looks like she might be from the future. Lin is arranging towels on a large massage table.

Britt leads the men into a line by the pool.

“Ok, girls, can you help me with all these hotties?” She asks Sam and Lin. “Guys, this is Samantha, the hottest cowgirl north of Canada…”

The guys share a knowing glance. They are obviously south of Canada right now.

“…and Lin, who has come to us all the way from the Moon!”

Each girl gives a cute, quick wave with their introduction.

Britt moves to where Paul and Tony stand. Sam gets up and approaches Rick. Lin is closest to Jason, so she stands before him.

Paul and Tony watch Britt. She playfully removes her tie and unbuttons the rest of her blouse. It is so thin, it practically floats off of her on a light breeze.

Brittney, wearing her bra and skirt, stockings, and heels, addresses the two men.

“Ok guys…” She reaches behind and unclasps her pink bra. “This is where your tour comes to a finish!”

With a shimmy of her shoulders, Britt sheds the bra. She proudly displays her full, perky C-cup tits for the men, holding her arms out in a “Ta-Da!” gesture.

Paul stares, visually drinking in the image of the topless blonde. “What a body…” he says offhand.

Tony nods approvingly. “My favorite part of the tour so far…” he says slyly.

“Mmmm, so glad to hear it, boys!” Britt comments, dropping to her knees. She begins opening their pants, skillfully unfastening each with one of her hands.

At this point, Sam already has Rick’s pants open and is reaching inside.

“My my…” she peeks inside, then up at Rick. Her hands close on his cock and she pulls it out. “Already getting hard huh? What are we gonna do with this rowdy fella?” She smiles up at him with her mouth wide open.

Rick is also sporting a wide grin. “I think he likes ya, cowgirl!”

Jason, meanwhile, sits on a chair, kissing Lin deeply while she opens his pants. Their tongues flash against one another’s. Jason seems content to focus on enjoying the make-out session. Lin is making quick work of his fly. The small Asian woman breaks their kiss and looks down at his crotch as she reaches inside. Her tiny hand slides in and finds the curling snake of Jason’s stiffening cock. She pulls it out of the fly, lying it down along his thigh.

Lin’s hands rise to cover her mouth. She watches the thick, black dick elongate and straighten. It grows like a tree in a time-lapse video, bobbing and swaying until it becomes mostly erect and flops onto Jason’s bare stomach.

“You have verry big cohck, Mister Jason.” Her eyes are locked on his rising erection.

“Hmmm, thank you, Lin.” He says gruffly.

Jason places a hand on the back of her head. Lin’s gaze rises and she brings her small mouth to his. They resume kissing. Lin leans over him with her hands on his chest. As Jason’s cock approaches full arousal, it rises from his torso. His large, soft helmet brushes the back of her forearm. His other large hand unzips the straining zipper running down the front of her dress.

Jason slips his hand inside her silver one-piece and finds the curve of her right breast. Though she has full B-cup tits, his oversized hand easily envelops an entire breast and nipple. He feels the nipple stiffen against his palm.

“MMmhmmm…” Lin moans as they kiss.

One of her delicate hands stays on his chest and the other drops to grasp his shaft. Her hand closes over the ridge of his dick head where it meets the shaft. Lin’s thin, long fingers wrap around the diameter of Jason’s pole. It is too wide for her index finger and thumb to touch by at least two inches. She squeezes her fingers tight and slides them down his vein-wrapped rod.

“Aaahhh…” Jason’s mouth opens, breaking the kiss. He groans as her hand makes its way to the base.

She feels his cock surge in her hand, expanding.

“God… that feels good, Lin.” His dark eyes bore into hers. Jason moves his hand inside her dress to the left breast and gropes it. His other hand stays on the back of her head, caressing her soft hair.

“You dick big, Mr. Jason, but girrs here, we know what to do.” The hand at his chest moves to meet her other hand at his base. She grips the girthy trunk of Jason’s cock with her hands both deep in his wiry pubes. “We make you feel verry good…”

Lin leans forward to take the tip into her mouth. Jason’s grip on her hair tightens reflexively when he feels her wet mouth taking in his dick head. He pulls her loose hair into a bunch as Lin’s head begins to descend.

Sam has also begun fellating her touree. The brunette’s cowboy hat and coifed hair below bob back and forth on Rick’s solid stiffy. As a skilled cock sucker, she easily deepthroats Rick’s full length. Samantha looks up at him, opening even wider and stuffing his tight scrotum into her mouth, where his dick is already buried.

“Shit, little cowgirl…” he sighs, placing his hand on top of the hat.

Samanatha’s tongue stud works over the bottom of Rick’s shaft. She has both cock and balls in her mouth and stimulates him with skillful ease.

Rick looks down at the brunette, mouth stuffed full. “Don’t take this the wrong way, sweetheart, but I’ve had my sights set on teaching this impressionable schoolgirl a thing or two.”

Sam backs off of his cock. “Mmm, that’s ok, sweetie! I’ll be happy as a clam to sit this one out.” Smiling, she stands and walks off.

Britt has now found her way into a chair. She sits backwards in it topless with Paul in front of her and Tony behind as Rick heads toward them.

Tony watches her cute butt wiggle in the skirt. She looks back at him with a glimmer in her eye, then leans forward. Her hands hold the top of the chair as she arches her back. The short, pleated skirt rises up, giving Tony a great view of Britt’s tanned ass. His eyes lock in, watching her hips sway very slowly from side to side. Britt’s ass has a very pleasant curve and her skin is flawlessly smooth. She flips her skirt up to give him the full view, but turns her gaze forward to Rick, who watches as her glossy pink lips part.

Rick stands next to Paul in front of the writhing schoolgirl.

“Rick, Paul, I’d love to show you guys the kind of professional oral treatment our members receive…” Britt smiles at Rick and turns to Paul, resting her elbows on the back of the chair.

Rick and Paul share a glance, then step forward, out of their shorts. Each hard-on leads its respective owner proudly, guiding them toward the blonde like a heat seeking missile.

Britt looks down at the approaching dicks, bobbing with each man’s step. She shifts her weight to balance on her high heels. The guys step up onto either side of her. When their members are within Britt’s reach, she wraps each stiff shaft with four of her slender fingers and giggles. She brings each of her thumbs over the engorged tips and presses firmly on each one like a joystick. Her hands stimulate them with casual but practiced efficiency.

Stuffed in Lin’s mouth, the sheer girth of Jason’s tool is almost laughable, but she works it steadily none the less. She seems resolved to get his massive rod at least partially passed her lips. Lin opens as wide as she can and puts the tapered end into her warm mouth. Her eyes lock in on her two hands holding Jason’s cock at the base as she slides her lips toward them. Jason’s thick erection looms before her, dark and wide.

“MMMMmmm,” Jason moans, watching.

Lin’s thick lips stretch around his smooth dick head. They become so stretched that they almost seem to vanish. Her sparkly silver lipstick becomes virtually indistinguishable. Finally, she feels her taut lips slacken just slightly as they close over the ridge between Jason’s cock’s head and the shaft.

“nnnnnn,” she moans. Lin uses her tongue to create intense suction on the fat helmet in her mouth.

She takes a deep inhale through her nose, then pushes more dark meat into her face. Lin moves down deliberately, moving her head back and forth whenever her pace slows, as if she is snagged on one of Jason’s prominent veins. She takes his member into her mouth inch by inch.

He watches almost silently, emitting a low moan every now and then. Only one girl from his past was able to fit his erect cock in her mouth fully. At this point, Lin is making a good show. She is already throating slightly more than half of him.

“nnnnnn…” Lin moans again, then takes another deep breath.

She knows Jason’s dick is poking into her throat and will soon completely seal off her airway. Lin closes her eyes. As she focuses on opening her throat, she slides more dick into her mouth. Her two small hands begin to slowly pump the cock still outside of her lips, both moving together.

“Yes, that’s it, Lin…” Jason says, straining. He watches more of his dark, veiny shaft slip between her stretched lips. “Mmm, very impressive…” He squeezes her left tit gently for encouragement.

Lin is passed the point of no return. Jason’s rod is jammed so far down her throat, she can’t breathe if she tried. It is simply too wide.

Her eyes snap open. She sees at least four more inches of cock to go. It is hard to tell with Jason’s thick bush, but she perseveres. She moves her hands to his upper thighs.

Three inches left… Jason’s pubic hair tickles her nose.

Two inches… A vein on Lin’s temple becomes visible with her strain.

One inch… A strong gag urge rocks her body, but Lin fights it.

Jason pulls his hand out of her dress as her nose hits his stomach. He puts both hands in her soft hair and lets his cock reach its full size while he probes deep into her throat.

“That’s it… Oh… Sooo nice, Lin…”

Her eyes rise to meet his. Jason watches the vein on her temple throb. She holds him in her throat for a moment, looking at him seated. He looks very content. Lin fights another gag, then starts receding. Her hands stay on his thighs as she withdraws. Once his black pillar is freed completely, Lin looks at him, panting.

“Verry nice cohck… mister Jason,” she says between breaths.

“I can’t believe you just did that…” Jason looks on, impressed. “…took it all…”

Lin moves between his knees and takes a hold of his dick again. Jason leans forward and unzips her dress the rest of the way. Together, they work it down her shoulders.

“Yes, many girrs here can,” Lin says, making eye contact with Jason as she feels the warm air on her bare chest and nipples. “It is thing we take grreat prride in.”

Jason takes a moment to enjoy Lin visually. Her very pretty face is smiling at him. Her dark eyes shine brightly with her dark hair falling around her shoulders. Her full, raised breasts look quite voluptuous sitting up out of her dress in comparison to her dainty shoulders and arms. She has one small hand wrapped around his shiny, towering hard-on near the middle. He watches her lean forward to suck his cock.

“You are very beautiful, Lin.” He again places a hand in her hair as her head starts slowly bobbing up and down. “I can see that you, in particular, are very skilled and eager.”

She pulls her mouth off briefly. In a soft voice, she says, “Hoh, thank you.”

Both of Lin’s hands grip his wet shaft. Lin stretches her mouth around Jason’s head and gets back to it. Her bobs become longer and deeper with a squishing sound at the end. Jason groans in a low base tone. She sucks his dick earnestly.

He clears his throat. “I’d like to confirm my new membership.”

She stops her bobbing. Lin looks at him with one hand near the top and one hand near the bottom of his chocolate-colored tower. Her soft hair hangs down. Some of it sways softly against his shaft and becomes matted in the moisture.

Jason puts a hand out for her and she takes it. He smiles. “After I finish touring your facilities…” he says with a wayward grin.

Meanwhile, Tony closes in on Britt from behind. His hands find her warm, soft butt cheeks, one in each and he wastes no time, squeezing them hard. He feels his excitement rise when her small, pale anus peeks from between the cleavage of her cheeks. Unlike the rest of her nubile young body, the valley between her buns is starkly pale, punctuated by the small wrinkled flesh hole. Tony finds this incredibly arousing. The precum streaming from his throbbing cock head increases from a trickle to a steady flow. He kneels to bring his face level with the blonde’s pussy and ass.

Just then, Britt’s giggle turns to a gasp. Tony’s nose presses against her anus at the same time as his tongue meets her broad, swollen pussy lips. They offer no resistance as his tongue parts them, snaking into the blonde’s hungry pussy. Tony munches her mound beneath the superfluous skirt still hanging from Britt’s waist.

Now, Britt looks from Rick to Paul with her enchanting smile and stunning blue eyes. The fake glasses make her seem even sexier, in a silly/slutty kind of way.

Her hands move along each of their cocks as she begins stroking them. Britt loves how the tight skin of their swollen members seems to become even tighter with her manipulations.

She turns to the blonde man, looking up. “Hi Rick, I hope you are enjoying your tour.” Her eyes drop to his dick in her hand. It is curved significantly upward and his dick head is wet to the touch. “It sure looks like you are…”

Leaning forward, she presses her tongue against the wide part of his cock head, then closes her lips around the helmet. The taste of precum is unmistakable.

Rick’s moans gruffly. “Mmm… yea… Its nice so far…” His hands find her ponytails as her mouth moves forward, taking his arching cock deeper inch by inch.

Britt continues pumping Paul skillfully.

Tony enjoys tasting the blonde’s soft, juicy slit. As his tongue probes her depths, he inhales. Her pussy juice mixed with her asshole create a powerful potpourri that he can no longer only smell. His tongue makes a wet trail leaving her cunt, then finds the sensitive skin of her anal opening. Tony delves in, feeling her anus dilate and relishing the potent flavor.

“Gaahhh…” Britt gasps, pulling her face from Rick’s crotch. Her hand strokes his now spit-soaked manhood with a slick sound. She tries to concentrate while Tony eats her ass.

She turns to Paul, now jerking both men. “How about you, Paul?” Her blue eyes rise to his face. At the moment, he looks very young to her, like a boy about to open a present. “Do you like everything so far?” Britt pouts slightly, trying to look cute.

Paul nods, rocking his hips forward slightly so his dick head gently pokes her glasses. “God yes!”

“Oh, very eager I see…” She looks down at Paul’s erection, which has smeared the front of her clear lens with fluid. It is longer but thinner than Rick’s. It also seems to be very active. His entire cock throbs as she watches, then his dick head seems to expand noticeably in her grip.

Britt can’t help but giggle, thinking to herself that every dick is different, but the men attached to them are all the same. Her lips part as she takes his long cock into her mouth. In an effort to surprise the young man, she then tilts her head to line up his lengthy erection with her throat and drives it down to the base. Her glasses shift with the quick motion, but stay perched on her nose. She throats him deeply.

“Oooohhhh…” he says with a long exhalation. He places a hand flat on Britt’s head and tries to focus on holding out to enjoy himself.

Lin and Jason stand in unison, eyes locked together. Without saying a word, Jason leads her to a 180 degree spin and puts his hands on her hips, urging her toward the table. With the same devilish grin, he pulls the rest of her dress down. Lin carefully steps her glittery, silver high heels out of the dress.

“If you please, your shoes too…” Jason says from behind her.

Lin gracefully steps out of them and pushes them into a neat pile with her discarded dress. She leans over the table slightly, looking back at Jason.

He sheds his swim trunks and stands to regard her. Lin sees an Adonis of a man: very dark skin, muscle-bound, but not bulky like a pumped-up weight lifter. He has a bright, broad smile and almost completely hairless, save for his pubes. Jutting from the dark nest of his pubic hair, Jason’s immense black cock bounces in front of him. It is topped by his large, shiny head.

Jason takes a moment to look right back at Lin. She looks so diminutive standing before him, but also vibrant. Lin is leaning forward on her hands. Her gorgeous skin is dark, but much lighter than Jason’s and very radiant. Her soft hair cascades down her back, stopping just above her lower back tattoo. His eyes linger briefly on the mystic symbol, then move down. Lin’s perky ass curves pleasantly away from her lower back.

As she leans over, Jason gets a partially obscured view of her mound from behind. Between the cheeks of her ass, Lin’s smooth pussy looks small and tight. It is barely more than a tiny pink slit bound by her slightly puckered labia. Lin’s pussy lips look trim, slightly flushed, and almost buttery with wetness.

He can’t resist. Jason abruptly steps up behind her and hunkers down, pushing her lower back so she bends over further. Her full cunt rotates into view. Jason smiles, then dives in between her cheeks. He can feel the heat radiating from her skin against his face.

Lin gasps, then giggles quietly. Jason begins to lap against the outside of her pussy lips with his huge tongue. The tip of it finds her swollen clit.

Lin’s entire body shudders. “Ohhhh.”

Jason uses his tongue to swipe against her erect knob a few times, relishing how it causes her to tremble. Finally, he parts her labia and delves into her wet box. Lin’s pussy tastes sweet and syrupy.

Pressing back against Jason’s face, Lin throws her head back.

“Oooh…” She moans softly, swishing her soft hair back and forth against her ass.

Jason feels her hair brush over the top of his head. He burrows deeper with his strong tongue.

Lin is panting heavily and clutching at her own tits. Jason’s tongue is so strong inside her, she feels like he is lifting her up just slightly with each deep probe. Her weight is balanced between her elbows and her feet, but she can feel him supporting her with his deep licks. She tightens up, squeezing his fat tongue between the walls of her cunt.

Feeling Lin clamp down on his tongue sets off something in Jason’s mind. His cock surges and several clear drops ooze out of his fat head. He pulls his face away and stands.

Lin’s head is still leaned back and Jason’s handsome face rises into view above her. She feels the rigid pole of his shaft rise between her legs and ass.

Jason steps back. Looking down into Lin’s eyes, he puts his dick head against her pussy. The tip stretches her labia apart, then slips between them effortlessly.

“Let’s try out this little pussy.” He smiles down at her as he drives forward, lodging his massive member into her tight cunt.

“Awwwwww,” Lin says, scrunching up her face.

She lifts her head, still holding her breasts, and leans forward on the table. Jason does not stop, plunging into her until he nuzzles against her ass.

“Aw. Fuck. Mister. Jason!” Lin says, shaking uncontrollably.

He grabs her small hips, bending her further and cramming his cock head deeper into her womb.

“Mmm. Damn Miss Lin…” Jason says lowly. “Wasn’t sure I’d fit in your tight kitty cat.”

Jason pulls out a few inches, the reinstalls his dick to the hilt. “But, here it is.”

“Aaaww.” Lin squeezes her nipples hard. “Cohck so big,” She turns to look back at him.

Jason begins to fuck her doggy style on the table. He lunges into her deeply, gripping her narrow waist. His middle fingers are touching below her belly and his thumbs are separated by a few inches on top of her back. He eases his black rod in and out of the small Asian woman, jostling her at the end of each thrust when he barrels deeply into her. Lin’s head rocks back each time. It reminds Jason of a bobble-head doll.

“Well, I hope you like this, Lin.” Jason’s eyes lock into hers. “I plan on frequenting this little cunt of yours.”

Lin can barely concentrate at this point. She is turned back to him, but Jason’s stiff rod tries to straighten out her torso with each deep stab. The pleasure is building inside her.

“Aaawww. Fu-uck!” Lin gives up trying to look at the man fucking her from behind. She faces forward. “YES!” Lin’s voice is becoming desperate. “OH! You big man! Yes, fu-uck me!” She can feel the orgasm welling up from her stomach.

Jason emits a low growl. He sees a single step tucked below the table and uses his foot to slide it out. It must be for Lin when she climbs onto the table.

He pauses briefly to step up on the small step. This raises his hips a few inches. As Jason’s cock is fully embedded in Lin, her hips rise with him. Her feet leave the pool deck. She is balanced on her forearms and Jason’s driving cock.

At first, Lin isn’t sure what’s happening. She feels her weight being supported by the fat spear embedded in her pussy. She flails her feet to try to find purchase to no avail.

“Ahh!” She cries.

Feeling a total loss of control sends her over the edge. She plummets toward her building orgasm.

Still holding her hips, Jason resumes fucking Lin. Now, with his improved leverage, he shoves his hips back and forth, building speed and intensity.

Lin now begins to climax uncontrollably. “AH… AH… AHHHHHH!!!” Her face scrunches up as she wails.

Jason is fucking her hard, but not at full speed just yet. Her unsupported legs dangle helplessly down along his longer, sturdy ones. Without breaking his back and forth motion, he slides his hands down Lin’s hips to her upper thighs.

Lin is gasping for air, but feels his grip moving. She brings her legs up and back to wrap around his flexing ass. From this new angle, Jason crams a few more inches of black steel into her spasming cunt.

“AAIIIIYYYY!!!” She cries out.

“Yes, mmm…” Jason reaches her ankles, one with each hand, and turns Lin’s legs so that both of her ankles rest on top of eachother on her ass.

Pausing, he marvels at her flexibility, then looks down between her folded legs. Lin’s hairless snatch is stuffed full of his thick shaft. His black rod is wedged between her pussy lips, which are a creamy light brown. The color is a nice contrast to the deep chocolate hue of Jason’s tool parting her labia. He watches Lin’s tight pussy convulse around him visibly until she stops coming.


“Ok, Lin, please hold your legs here…” Jason says gently. Despite his calm attitude, he is holding back his own rising pleasure.

Lin lays on the table panting. The position Jason put her in is not painful or uncomfortable, it is just unfamiliar. She holds still for him.

He releases Lin’s legs and takes one of her wrists in each hand. Jason slowly rotates her arms until the wrists are on top of her ankles. He takes both wrists and both ankles in one strong hand and grips them together. His other hand gathers her hair and doubles it over in his fist. He presses down gently on her wrists and ankles while pulling gently on her dark locks. This brings her head up and her pussy down further on his pole.

Lin feels Jason handling her, positioning her body for his pleasure. He inches her down on his stiff rod, reigniting her orgasm as he crams even more of his swollen cock inside her.

“UNNNNGH!” Lin grunts. A second powerful orgasm begins inside her. “UUUUUGGGHHHH!” Her eyes and mouth are wide open.

Jason pulls back and barrels forward, jarring Lin stiffly. He holds nothing back, bashing his cock head roughly against her cervix as he assaults her seizing slit.

“Yeeeahhh…” he whispers.

Tony pulls his face from between Britt’s butt cheeks. He slaps first one, then the other, watching the blonde’s head move back and forth in front of Paul. The younger Italian man seems to be enjoying himself.

“Mmm, what a tasty little tart…” This comes out sounding almost like a growl as Tony rises to stand behind Britt. She continues sucking Paul while stroking Rick.

Tony pulls his shirt off. He is planning to fuck Britt roughly in the ass and he doesn’t want it getting in the way. Now completely naked, he puts one hand on Britt’s tramp stamp tattoo and uses the other to line up his excited cock with her slick asshole.

Britt feels Tony get in position behind her, ready to penetrate her ass. She pulls Rick’s cock out of her mouth and turns back toward Tony.

“Hey, why don’t you let me do that?” She asks him looking flushed. Some of her spit dangles from Paul’s dick to her lips.

Tony shrugs and Britt stands tall, still holding a dick in each hand. She walks around in front of the chair. Paul and Rick shuffle along with her awkwardly, but not wanting her to let go.

“Have a seat, Tony.” Britt nods back toward the chair, then looks at Rick. “Wouldn’t want your dick getting cold,” she says with a wink.

Tony quickly positions himself behind Britt, sitting on the chair. Britt, meanwhile, stretches her mouth wide open and stuffs Rick’s cock in.

“AAGGH-” she vocally wedges it in. “MMmmm…”

Rick sighs, watching her take his cock. “Atta girl…”

Britt, still holding Paul’s dick in her right hand, lets her left fall from Rick’s balls to between her own legs. She scoots back to hover over Tony, positioning herself directly above him. Tony watches her skirt catch on his cock, sticking straight up in the air, then whoosh past it. Both Paul and Rick shuffle with her. Britt’s groping hand finds Tony’s jutting erection between her legs and she rubs it against her aching cunt, coating it liberally.

“Mmmmph…” she moans, now working more of Rick into her mouth.

Tony feels the slippery wetness of her pussy on his tip. He puts his hands on Britt’s hips, coaxing her forward slightly.

“No, no, I want you to put me in your ass,” he says flatly.

Brittney, ever the skillful cock slut, handles the 3-dick situation masterfully. While stroking Paul with her right hand and sucking Rick’s prick, she uses her left hand to guide Tony’s large manhood to her rear opening.

As she begins to push down onto Tony’s girthy member, she can’t help but feel like she is playing a game of Twister, only with cocks. Brittney allows her mind to wander for a moment.

Tony feels her hesitate with his cock head pressing against her anus. He feels like his rod is almost painfully erect, seeking a tight hole.

Inside Brittney’s head, she can almost picture how the modified Twister would go. “Right hand to long cock. Mouth to curved cock. Ass to-” Her thoughts drift, almost giggling around the pole poking against the roof of her mouth-

Tony’s impatience gets the best of him. He pulls her hips down, reaming her ass.

“Mmmrrppphhh!” she groans, muffled by the dick in her mouth. Her eyes pop open wide.

Both Tony’s fat dick head and Britt’s tight rim are greased with one kind of lubricating bodily fluid or another, so after a momentary interface between wide cock and narrow anus, he slides into her steadily.

Rick is enjoying the way Britt is blowing him, especially with her moaning on his dick, but he feels like he would like to be in control. He decides to take matters in his own hands.

“This is nice, Britt,” he says, taking a length of ponytail in each hand, “but you can take more…”

Rick grips her tightly and drives his dick into her mouth. Brittney blinks resolutely, then keeps her eyes wide open. As Rick begins fucking her face, she lets go of Paul’s dick to brace herself, now holding Rick’s upper thighs.

This causes Paul to sigh. The scene before him with Britt is very erotic and he could feel a large load in need of release after being stroked and sucked by the adept lifegard. Now that the two older men were taking over, Britt seemed distracted and Paul definitely wanted one of the girls to get him off. He looks over to Lin and Jason.

Jason is behind her, holding her arms and legs in some kind of pin-fuck. Lin’s mouth is wide open as Jason fucks the daylights out of her.

“Perfect…” Paul thinks. He moves toward the small Asian woman on the business end Jason’s monster cock.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Paul, the younger Italian man in the group saunters over to Lin, his erect tool swinging unrestrained in front of him.

Jason continues to pound the senseless Lin while she stares off blankly.

“EEEEEEE – gasp – EEEEEAAHHHH!!!” Lin is obviously still in the throes of pleasure.

Paul looks over her body to Jason. The large black man is sweating lightly and holding onto Lin.

“Can I…?” he says, unsure of himself.

“Be my guest.” Jason says, unconcerned.

Paul puts his hands on his hips and lines his pale, long erection up with Lin’s gaping mouth. She stares forward, mouth agape. The young man shrugs, then leans forward, plunging into her open mouth.

“AAAHHH-ggggghhhHH!!!” Lin sputters on the cock jammed into her mouth.

Jason releases Lin’s hair and straightens out her legs slightly. Her knees stick out in a triangular shape on either side of her. He pulls Lin’s small feet to rest on both sides of his slick shaft. He continues driving into her, fucking her mercilessly. Her feet prevent Jason from going as deep, but the added stimulation is driving him wild.

“Hmm, hmmm, hmm” He breathes raggedly with each stroke.

Paul has his hands on his hips, fucking Lin’s mouth. She has now closed her silver lips around his erection and rocks back and forth with Jason’s thrusts into her. Still energized as her orgasm fades, she leans into the young man. Her hands are held behind her, pulling her stuffed cunt back toward Jason.

“She is really something else, look at her…” Paul says in pure lust. He watches the vein throbbing on her forehead, feeling his pleasure surge.

Lin is bouncing back and forth on the two thrusting men. She presses her feet together around Jason’s wide pole, feeling his pumping shaft between the bottoms of her feet. His steely shaft is hard and hot. Lin looks up at Paul. His cock throbs in her tightened lips. She feels it poking eagerly against the roof of her mouth.

“Uh, fuck… I’m… Guh!” Paul steps back and grabs Lin’s hair. She tastes semen as withdraws.

His dick head has turned a deep purple. It oozes steadily. “AH! Sign me up!” He says urgently.

From behind the group, Sam chimes, “Yes! One down…”

While holding Lin’s hair with both hands, Paul’s bare cock lurches, then spurts a thick, creamy stream of sperm onto her cute face. Jason watches, thrusting into Lin rhythmically.

“Uh!” Paul groans. His entire body jolts and he launches another thick wad. It lands across Lin’s lips.

Lin’s hands are still held behind her by the wrists. She can’t even really turn her face away from the young man’s streaming ejaculation.

“GUH!” He twitches again. Another sticky jet spurts across her lips.

“Pfffhhh,” Lin doesn’t so much spit it out as just exhaling strongly. Cum flies from her lips.

Paul makes an almost sheepish noise. “Haaaggh.” His pale dick jerks with his next emission. A heavy white gob splatters against Lin’s forehead and hair.

Jason’s persistent ins and outs shake the small asain woman. He isn’t letting up.

“Ah!” Lin cries, splattered with jizz and continuously jostled by the black cock plowing into her. “Where you come from?!” She looks up at Paul as his cum hangs on her face thickly.

Paul steps forward, poking his waning erection against Lin’s nose.

“uuuGH,” he half grunts, half shudders, leaking a final feeble spurt onto the bridge of her nose.

Then Paul shifts his hips down and forward. He puts his spent, but still stiff rod into Lin’s mouth, breaking through several sticky wads that hang between her lips.

“Uhhh…” Paul trembles, feeling Lin’s tongue squeezing the remaining cum from his shaft. “Waa-oow.” He shakes again involuntarily.

Britt is indeed distracted by the two men handling her. Rick is alternating between probing deep into her throat with long, pronounced pauses and using her hair to pull her mouth back and forth across the length of his dick. He makes a sound like he is relishing every bite of a delicious steak.

“Mmmm, MMMhh MMM!”

Tony holds Britt’s hips slightly above his own. His legs are together between Brittney’s, where hers are spread on either side of him as she leans forward into Rick’s crotch. Using the chair for leverage, Tony rocks his wide shaft into her ass with short, deliberate thrusts. He seems to be using considerable effort, either to position and control the tall blonde in his lap or to hold back from firing his load into her bowels, it’s not clear.

“Uggh!” he grunts, then pants as he inhales. He grunts again, each one in time with his thrusts.

To her credit, Britt is holding her own. She continues to maintain eye contact with Rick over the skewed glasses perched on her nose while he fucks her throat. She only looks away when he pushes her face against his toned abs. With each deep stab, Britt drops her gaze to straight forward: not to look at anything, but to focus on handling the persistent exploration of her tonsils by Rick’s dick head. Her own moaning is only broken by a quick inhale whenever Rick briefly pulls his cock out of her airway and when the moan rises in pitch as Tony plunges into her butt fully. A growing line of drool dangles from her chin.

Rick, absorbed in his own pleasure, seems to suddenly realize that the young woman won’t be able to keep up with his forceful impaling. He takes a step back.

“Gguaahhh…” Britt half sighs, half grunts as Rick’s tool is removed from her face.

Tony persists in bouncing the blonde’s ass in his lap.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh…” Now Britt starts getting into it, moving up and down on her own.

Rick gives his spit-soaked dick a few strokes, watching. “Ok Brittney, let’s see if this membership is really worth the price of admission.” His grin could not be broader. “Lean back,” he tells Britt. “Tony, hold her steady for a sec.”

Tony’s face remains serious, concentrating. Rick approaches the two and takes ahold of Britt’s long, stocking covered legs by the ankles of her heels. He lifts them up, over her shoulders, and puts her legs together so he can hold her ankles high in one hand.

He looks down at her pubic area, which is hairless and meticulously groomed beneath the hiked up skirt. The tight ring of Britt’s anus is stretched around the ample girth of Tony’s large shaft. Just above this union, her fat labia glisten with moisture.

Rick sucks in an appreciative breath through pursed lips and steps up to Britt. One hand holds her legs up by the ankles and the other holds his protruding cock.

“Aaalright, here we go…”

He gently slaps his wet dick head on her wet cunt lips. It sounds like someone smacking the surface of a puddle. Without further ado, Rick places the helmet head of his cock against her pussy and dips it in. Britt’s saturated slit offers no resistance. He continues driving into her, sinking down to his balls in one steady push.

“fuck.” He says.

Britt squeezes her eyes shut, leaning back on Tony.

“oooooooooohhh,” she says steadily as he slides in fully.

Rick and Tony make brief eye contact. Neither of them has ever put his dick in a woman with another man already inside her. They share a smirk, then each put their focus squarely on the tall blonde they are sandwiching.

Britt is also focusing. She has been in this position before, but it can be tricky being stuffed with this much cock. She remembers to breathe.

Inhale, exhale… Inhale, exhale…

She breathes deliberately, bracing herself against Tony’s chest with one hand. Her other hand is holding Rick’s shoulder. With her legs lifted, she has no leverage and must rely on the guys for balance and control. She feels like she is stuffed full. Her body begins to tremble slightly. The two men stay motionless momentarily as they settle into this complicated position. Britt feels each dick inside her and for a brief second, they both seem to grow slightly, filling her even more. Tony’s large prick stretches her asshole further as he swells. She swallows hard.

“Mmm,” Tony says gruffly, “you just made her ass even tighter, Rick.”

“Yea, there no room left inside her. She’s packed full.” Rick says as he places his free hand on Britt’s bare breast. He gives it a squeeze.

“You guys have some really nice cocks…” Britt says, sounding strained. “… filling me right up…”

The men slowly, but simultaneously, ease into motion. Each dick withdraws, then pushes back in. The guys begin moving in unison without realizing it. Britt times her breathing with the movements in and out of her, inhaling when the guys move back, then grunting an exhale with the thrust back in.


The group’s momentum starts slow, but quickly builds. Britt’s breathing becomes more frantic. Before long, the two guys drop out of synch. Tony resumes his deep, concise thrusts, pleased to fuck Britt’s tight ass while keeping his cock most of the way inside her. She also loses the rhythm of her breathing as the guys fuck her at their own individual tempo. She feels out of control and the intensity of this sensation is growing.

“Mmm, fuck me guys.” Her ponytails begin to flail around wildly. “You guys both have great dicks. I’d really love if you became members. OOOHHH!” Tony hit a particularly pleasurable spot deep in her ass. “Oh, yes. You guys could fuck me again just like this or have me all to yourself. I’ll let you both try my pussy, ass, mouth, whatever… ooooh! Whatever you want! OOOOOOOH!” She is holding on for dear life.

Rick strokes his entire length in and out of her, much the same way he was fucking her mouth a few moments ago. He even pauses on occasion after thrusting into her deeply to flex his cock inside of her with a groan. Her tight pussy starts to quiver on one particularly deep plunge.

“Hoooh…” Rick gropes her breast, paying special attention to her stiff nipple. “Fuck, looks like she is about to lose it, man…”

Tony also feels the pressure building. “Fuck, man, I’m getting there too.” He gives her a rough poke. “FUUUck!”

The rush of his orgasm surprises him slightly. He feels precum jetting from his tip, but clenches in time to hold back his full load.

“Oh… ooooh…” He sighs, slowing briefly. Britt’s twin ponytails dangle in his face, so he grabs them to have something to hold.

Britt loves it. She feels a sharp spurt into her depths as Tony’s cock expands to issue his precum.

“Yes, boys! Yes,” she pants. “Use my body. I want you both to…” Britt gulps down a breath. “…fuck me harder! OOOOHHHHH!”

Now she is moaning uncontrollably. Rick uses his hold on her ankles to push her legs together even tighter, sending her over the edge.

“OoOhOohOAAAAAAAHH! FUCK ME BOYS!” she cheers.

Tony holds himself motionless at the bottom of the threesome. He can feel Britt’s ass clenching around his throbbing member and he fights to control his own climax. His grip tightens on Britt’s hair.

“OH MY GOD! GIVE IT TO ME! YEAAAAHHH!!” Britt shouts out her ascendancy.

Rick is driving the group, controlling the motions from the top. He pounds relentlessly into Britt’s quivering cunt, using his up-curved cock to punch his dick head against her g-spot.

“GUUUUUUUHHHH!!!!” Britt punctuates her orgasm with a final push. “Oh fuck guys.”

“God, you are sexy!” Rick says, not breaking the pace of his thrusting.

He plunges in and out of Britt, nudging her back and forth. This causes her to bounce on Tony’s cock.

“Britt, I’m ready to sign…” Tony says urgently from below. “Shit…NOW!” He tugs sharply on her hair.

Rick pauses, holding back now himself.

“Ok, Sam, run his deposit!” Britt says cheerfully, making eye contact with her brunette coworker. She feels a pronounced expansion of the wide dick embedded in her ass. “Hurry! He’s about to blow!”

Sam rushes over to the table. “Ok, ok, I’m coming…” she huffs.

“uuuuUUAAAAAGGH!” Tony growls. “I’M CUMMING!”

He jerks Britt’s hair and pushes into her ass. The strong wave of his ejaculation surges pleasure through his body as he erupts. His dick twitches, sending a long pulse of cum deep into Britt’s bowels.

“AAAhhh…” he says.

Britt feels the warm flood in her rectum. “Oh my god.” Britt looks around nervously. “Oh, wow… that’s really warm…” She sounds slightly panicked herself. Tony’s spurting cock is bringing around her second orgasm. “OOOHHH…”

Tony continues to ejaculate. “Ahhhh… AAhh… THeeeere you go…” His cock twitches again and again as he deposits his load.

“Yesss,” Britt hisses. “Oooooooh… Fill me up big boy…” Britt says blissfully. Suddenly, she feels a hot rush coat her womb. “Oooh SHIT!” Her voice rises with surprise at the end.

As Britt climaxes again, her pussy clamps down around Rick’s shaft. He was trying to hold back, but this sensation sends him over the edge. He pulls back until just the head of his cock is stuffed between her pussy lips, then erupts.

“uh…” Rick’s entire body jerks and he launches a rope of cum into her belly.

The warm flood spreads inside Britt as both guys spray her core with hot semen.

“uh…” Rick jerks again, releasing another spurt.

“fuuuuck… fuuuuuck… fiiiiillling me…” Britt says breathlessly, quivering.

Rick slides his hips forward. He drives his jizzing cock deep into the blonde while issuing another jet.


A thick white ring froths out of Britt’s cunt around Rick’s driving rod. She is being pumped full of cum.

“uuauauaaaahhh…” She is out of her mind, sighing. Sperm starts oozing out as her holes become flooded. Jizz leaks from her pussy onto her asshole, then down the cock shaft nested there.

“uh. uh. uh.” Rick finishes with a few more jets into her.

Tony holds himself deep in Britt’s rectum. He can feel his warm load held in by her tight rim along with his large prick. He also feels the sticky trickle of the sperm overflowing from her pussy.

“woah.” Rick says. “I think I just saturated your cunt, Britt.” He can feel viscous goo dripping from his balls.

Britt takes the longest of the three to recover. Rick lets go of her ankles.

“Oh, boy.” She eases her legs down with both dicks still inside her.

Her heels click on the concrete as she finds her balance.

“Wow.” Britt looks down at her impaled young pussy. “Fuck, you guys! That’s a lot of cum…” She carefully unbuttons her skirt and removes it from around her waist, not wanting to add any more cum stains to it.

Tony groans from behind her. His softening cock is still gripped in her strong rectum.

“Careful now…” he says as Britt begins lifting herself off of him gingerly.

Britt is still breathing heavily as she rises. Tony watches her slide up steadily until just his head is still inside her. It catches in her tight rim, then pops out, causing him to groan again. As his cock flops over onto his belly limply, the load he just shot into Britt’s rear end begins to trickle out.

“Oh, aha haha…” This sensation makes Britt giggle.

“Mmmm,” Rick gives her heaving breasts a good-natured squeeze, then dismounts. He pulls his long rod out of her as steadily as he entered her. It is streaked with ribbons of cum. He is still relatively hard, so it bobs slightly when he frees it completely, still leaking sperm.

The trail of Tony’s cum is joined by Rick’s as it makes its way down Britt’s long, tanned inner thigh. Rick gets a great view of her soiled genitals as she leans over Tony, who is still seated.

The two make eye contact. Tony takes in her bright blue eyes behind the smeared glasses.

Britt smiles. “Your membership comes with a complimentary cleaning…”

She scoops up his soft, clammy cock and puts it in her mouth.

“Aaahhh… Mmmm…” Tony relishes the feeling of her tongue. He reaches up to palm her dangling tits.

“mmm, mmmm…” Britt moans, tasting her own musky anal flavor mixed with the cum she draws out of him.

She pauses to show a small white pool in her mouth, then swallows it with a smile and turns to Rick.

“Now, you are a naughty boy…” she says coyly. “I’m not supposed to let you cum until you are a full member…”

Britt bends at the waist, giving Tony a close-up look at her double cream-pie.

“I couldn’t help it, Britt.” Rick chuckles. “Go ahead and run it, though. I’m in.”

He watches as she brings one hand to his shaft and the other to his balls. Both are sticky with ejaculate.

“Ok, good.” She lifts his shaft and leans down. Her tongue jiggles his nut sack while she licks his testicles clean. “I was worried you were trying to take advantage of me…”

She tightens her grip on his shaft, squeezing out a fresh runner of cum. It seeps out of the tip of his cock.

“uuuuuh,” Rick grunts softly.

“Ok, Sam, you heard the man.” She places the dripping head in her mouth, letting the long dangle of semen hang from her chin.

Sam cheers gleefully, completing another transaction.

Rick takes a ponytail in each hand. He thrusts into Britt’s mouth. “Ok, take it deep now…”

Britt takes down the length of his dick, moving her hand to throat him.

“Yesss…” Rick hisses. “Worth every penny…” He looks down at her.

Britt looks up at him as she pulls back. Now his cock has lost its rigidity and it droops when it leaves her lips. Again, she opens her mouth to show the man what cum she drew from his cock. She rolls his clumpy sperm on her tongue before gulping it down.

“Ah.” She says briefly, then shows him an empty mouth.

“Lin, this may sound strange,” Jason says from behind her.

He has stopped thrusting into her. Lin turns back to him, holding Paul’s softening dick by the head in her mouth.

“I’m just about to cum. I’d like you to jerk me off with your feet. Do you think you can do that?” Jason asks, feeling his balls boiling, ready to explode.

Lin nods and faces forward again. Paul takes a brief moment to look down at her before finally pulling his tool out of her mouth.

Jason releases Lin’s arms. Her feet find the floor and she quickly spreads a towel on the ground before laying down face up.

“You stand here,” Lin indicates with a wave of her hand.

Jason moves toward her to stand by her feet. As he steps up, his towering cock casts a long shadow over Lin. She raises her legs and puts the soles of her feet on either side of Jason’s dick, pinching it between them. Then she starts sliding them along his shaft, stroking him. He groans loudly.

“This ok, mister Jason?” She asks.

Jason looks down to see his large, dark pillar between Lin’s small feet. Her soles are warm and soft and she squeezes them together while they glide back and forth along his pussy-lubed pole. She is smiling up at him with a cum-drenched face. Her hands absently hold her tits, pressing them together for him.

He grunts, nodding.

“Ok, big man, you cum as you prease.”

Tony is still watching the river of cum slowly working its way down Britt’s thigh. He shifts focus behind the leggy blonde to Lin, who is lying on her back on a towel. Above her, Jason’s towering erection protrudes out over her. Her feet are working back and forth along his horizontal black rod. An idea occurs to him.

“Britt, why don’t you feed our cum to Lin.” He suggests.

Rick agrees and helps her walk over to the small Asian woman lying before the large black man. Lin’s face is already smeared with several white gobs from where Paul ejaculated.

“Lin, get ready to eat my cream pie.” Britt says, looking down at Lin. Britt carefully steps a white heeled foot on either side of Lin’s long, silky black hair.

“Ok, Miss Bee.” Lin looks up at Britt’s messy pubic area. Cum is already dripping down toward her face. “You go verry srow.” The skilled Asian somehow manages to continue stroking Jason with her soft feet.

Britt, holding Rick’s hand, lowers herself to crouch over Lin’s face. Lin puts a hand on each of her approaching ass cheeks. Britt’s other hand moves toward the front of her pussy and she spreads it open, pushing.

Here’s the finished version of my first submission. I did a little rewording, correcting a few tense slips, and tried to lead it more smoothly into Part II.

It’s a work of fiction, all characters are 18 or older, etc. This story contains incest, so if that bothers you, feel free to pass.

Thank you everyone who’s added me to your favorites, voted, or left a comment!

This story’s quick and fun and completely unrealistic. Hope you enjoy!

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

The three of us had been in the same place, the same desperately lonely place, ever since Mom left. Even though we lived in the same house together, we’d been achingly lonesome without realizing that we could have each other.

That was my first, disjointed thought as I saw Kim sliding down on our father’s cock, heard her moaning into the air. The second thought rushed in, as though ashamed at being late. It was the sort of thing I should have thought, watching them fuck. How could they? The thought was full of righteous indignation. Incest. It was disgusting! How could he even get hard enough to do that to her? But he wasn’t having any problem with that. No, he groped her slim ass, guiding her up and down his stiff, shiny-slick shaft. So not only was he hard, but she was soaking wet. For her father!

But then the third thought swelled up and devoured the others, devoured everything. I wanted them. There it was, naked, unashamed. I wanted to ride his cock until he exploded inside me. I wanted to lick her and suck her until she gushed into my mouth.

That would teach them to leave me out of it!

They hadn’t even been careful. Yeah, I was supposed to be with Mom tonight, but they should know just how reliable she is. They could almost have counted on me trudging home disappointed, when mom was too busy with her newest boyfriend to take anyone shopping for anything but condoms.

They should have shut the bedroom door before they fucked, should have tried to keep quiet. Instead, the door was wide open, and they were moaning loud enough to wake the neighbors. They should have been watching to make sure the other twin didn’t stumble blindly onto their crime, made sure I wasn’t watching with shaky legs and sopping panties.

But he was on his back, helping her rocking on his prick. And she didn’t even seem to know the rest of the world existed. Head thrown back, eyes closed, squeezing her pert tits until I thought she would break them. They were so into it, I could probably stand there and frig myself to screaming orgasm without them even noticing.

“Yeah, fuck me, Daddy!” Kim whined, rocking on his member. “Give me that big old cock.” She was milking the schoolgirl routine for all it was worth, but my dad wasn’t complaining. Her hair was in pigtails, and she wore thigh-high white nylons, but if there had been any other pieces to that costume, it was lost on the floor somewhere. “Fuck your little girl!”

He groaned in reply, hips bucking up into her. Worse than the sight of them, worse than the sounds they made—their moans, the obscene squelching of her cunt sucking his shaft inside—worse was the smell of them. It filled the room, drifted out into the hall. Sweet and musky, sour and heady, they filled my nostrils, mixed and blended until I couldn’t tell them apart.

My fingers dipped on their own under the bottom of my skirt, sliding over my panty-clad pussy. Heat radiated from beneath the fabric, a humid warmth that slicked my fingers. I was wet. And as I leaned against the doorframe, prodding with fingers made clumsy by need, I couldn’t make myself ashamed. I was absorbed in watching my sister and my father screwing like bunnies.

Kim had leaned forward to suck on my father’s tongue, giving me a clear view of her pussy as it slid up and down on his member. He was so thick, stretching her slit around him until it had to hurt. But she grunted in pleasure.

Surreal. It was surreal. Because Kim wasn’t just my sister. She was my twin. Identical. Watching them screw was watching me screw him. Her long, chestnut-brown hair was mine, slicked with sweat and dangling from the pigtails. Her tall form, while maybe ten pounds trimmer, was still pleasantly soft, a touch too bottom heavy for an hourglass. Arching, rocking, shaking—mine. Her long legs, swollen slit, toned ass, working for release. All mine.

I shivered as I stared, as I stroked. It’s forbidden, disgusting. But in a way, it’s kind of the most natural thing in the world. A daughter wants to feel loved by her father, doesn’t she? And Kim certainly felt his love then, with his balls nestled against her ass.

“You’re so deep, Daddy!” she gasped, her voice whiny, tortured. “Your little girl is so full of your dick!” Her hips had started to undulate, like mine do in the seconds before. It was like she was throwing it in my face. Look what I have. What she had, what she was. What I wanted.

The fabric between my fingertips frustrated me, no matter how thin it was. I had to touch, had to fill it with something. I was a single, gaping hole of need. Warm, wet, throbbing. Biting my lip, I slipped my hand under the elastic of my panties, plunging two fingers inside all the way. The pleasure rushed on my skin, lingered on each hair. With a flurry of full strokes, I was almost caught up with her. My want dripped from my fingers, slicked my thighs. I was drowning in my lust, and in theirs.

“I’m gonna come, Kim,” he warned, his fingers digging into her ass cheeks.

“Do it, Daddy,” she moaned. “Pour it all in your little girl!”

I clutched the doorframe to keep from falling. A third finger worked its way in to join the others, spreading me with that sweet ache. My palm rubbed against my clit with every stroke. I roiled in that warmth. My head was thick with that fog.

“I’m coming!” he roared. If Kimmy hadn’t screamed in orgasm at that very moment, squirting her juices around his cock, my moan would have revealed me. The sound of her pussy milking his cock burned my ears; the sight of her juices trickling down him scorched my eyes. For a long moment, all I could do was clutch at the doorframe, let my hips jerk against my hand, bite into my arm to keep in my cries. Then that was too much, and I slid down the frame to the floor. Watching them hold each other.

Jealousy churned in the aftermath of pleasure. They left me out.

I retreated from the doorway as Kim moved, sliding slowly up and off his shrinking member, but peeking around the doorway, I realized she was just backing up so she could get him into her mouth. As she leaned down on all fours, sucking noisily on his balls, I could see her pussy. Pink pounded a raw red, lingering open after their furious session, it oozed a glaze of combined cum. the urge to crawl forward and lick her clean was almost too much.

“You taste so good, Daddy,” she cooed. Wiping saliva from my chin—thoughtlessly smearing some lingering slickness from my fingers to my lips—I believed her.

Shuddering, I retreated to my room, traveling most of the way on my knees. My legs wouldn’t have supported me. Later, lying in bed fingering myself, I thought about what I’d seen, heard, smelled. What I felt, what I wanted.

I thought, and I plotted.

- – - – - – - – -

“Yeah, I know, but—I’m not—I can’t, Jaime!”

The phone was a lifeless, silent hunk of plastic in my hand for a few seconds. That was rare with Jaime, who always seemed to think she had to say ten words a second or the world would explode. Half the time, I couldn’t even get out what I was trying to say.

“Well, that sucks,” she said finally.

I had to fight a laugh that wanted to break free. “You’re telling me? You’re not the one puking your guts out.”

“All right, I guess I’ll see you later. You think you’ll feel better tomorrow?”

I hesitated. “I doubt it. I’ll probably stay in bed all weekend. I’ll call you if things change.”

“All right,” she said reluctantly. “I’ll see you later. Love ya.”

“Love ya,” I returned, and hung up.

My best friend, since middle school. When school was a battlefield and my friends were spies and traitors, Jaime had been the one I could trust with anything. Still could, more now than then. She’d do anything for me. it hurt to lie to her, made my stomach tumble almost as bad as I’d told her it already was.

It just served as a reminder of how much I was risking. If I couldn’t tell Jaime, I couldn’t tell anyone. Ever.

I pulled the brush through my hair, again and again and again, though my hair was already smooth and the brush couldn’t find any resistance. My hand shook worse with each brush.

Three weeks had passed since that night, three weeks before I could work up the courage to make my move. Three long, sweaty weeks, sneaking peeks at their humping, weeks fingering myself to climax at least twice a day. But it was tonight, finally. The night I had to do it.

Under my red summer dress, my pink cotton panties clung to my pussy like a second skin. I kept myself turned away from my vanity mirror. I couldn’t look at myself, not now, not tonight. My face burned, though, so I was sure it was beaming red, enough to match the dress. I wondered what I’d see in my eyes, if I looked. Fear? Excitement? Shame? All three, likely, and a dozen other things besides.

My whole body burned, almost as much as my face. My nipples poked stiff against the cotton, and the dress seemed to pinch and tease them in return, as fingers would. I was sure I’d leave a dark stain on the chair cushion. Slapping the brush down on the nightstand, I snapped the hair bands off my wrists, pulling my hair into a loose tail.

I clutched the arms of the chair with both hands as I made myself stand; my knees were weak and watery. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes. “You can do this,” I said. I wanted my voice to be confident, certain, but it wasn’t. “You want this.” And that was more heated than I meant it to be. Pushing the short skirt of the dress down as smoothly as I could—it felt like my whole body sweated my desire, like I would soak through panties and dress to betray me—I opened the window to my room, grimacing when it squeaked. If they asked, I’d say it had been open, and I’d shut it.

Then, taking a deep breath, I grabbed my purse off the table by my bed, flicked the light switch off, and opened the door. My pussy was so swollen that every step I took rubbed it against itself, making me shudder. Stepping out into the hallway, I shut the door behind me, and stared for a moment at the floral patterns laying atop the peach stripes on the wall, trying to calm myself. My heart raced like a rabbit’s despite my effort.

The house looked exactly as it had in the hours before mom took off. All pink and peach and tan, all frills and French designs. My mom wasn’t one for subtlety. Not so much as a picture had been moved from where Mom put it. The house was a shrine to her. And she hadn’t died.

The master bedroom was off the living room near the front door, but both mine and Kim’s rooms were past the kitchen, just before the laundry room and the back door. The doors lined up from laundry to kitchen to dining to living rooms, so I could see the front and back doors from my place in the hallway. The laundry room was dark, but the living room glowed with blue light from the TV. I could hear some sitcom going to commercial as I turned that way.

Could I do this? Was it in me? My clit, swollen to exposure and unbearable sensitive, rubbed against my panties, making my legs tremble. I had already called Jaime and cancelled the girls’ night out. It was too late to back out. Besides, since that night three weeks ago, I’d been an empty shell of a girl. Longing was my only real companion. I couldn’t go on that way.

The bathroom door was shut. I could hear the clicks and clatter of Kim applying makeup. She’d opted out of the vanity, instead getting a pretty nice stereo that had cost the same amount. Great. I’d have to keep circling around the block until her car was gone. We’d both planned dinner dates with our friends tonight. It made me glad we didn’t run anywhere near the same circles. Otherwise, she’d find out I wasn’t doing what I said I was. And she couldn’t learn about it before I was ready.

I hardly saw the kitchen at all as I moved through it: fridge and sink against the wall facing the bedrooms; oven and counter and cabinets against the wall farthest from me; the island in the middle cleared but for a paper towel holder, olive oil, and condiments in squeeze bottles next to the rack. Oven mitts hung overhead, empty hooks behind them showing where the pots and pans had went before my mom left, when the dishwasher got emptied regularly. One of the few jobs she had, and neither Kim not I was about to take over for her. My sandals clacked against the linoleum as I walked through. The kitchen alone had escaped the pink treatment; everything here was mint green.

The living room was dominated by the landscape window—covered in blinds and thick peach curtains—to the right, and a flat-screen that stood on the entertainment system beside the alcove for the front door. It was lit in an ad for some furniture company, thirty percent off on weekends. A long felt couch divided the room in two, and a tan recliner sat at an angle toward the door.

Dad sat in the recliner, watching the commercial in a glazed sort of way that said it was the last thing on his mind. Walking closer behind him, I leaned over the side of the char and pecked him on the cheek. He jumped with a curse that was cut short as he realized it was me. My lips stung as if his cheek had been electrified, felt swollen and almost numb.

“Don’t sneak up on me,” he sighed exaggeratedly, holding his hand on his heart like Redd Fox, which was funnier because of how different they were.

My father was tall, with tanned Greek skin neither Kimmy nor I inherited, thick, graceful muscle, smoldering brown eyes, and wavy black hair that was always combed back off his face. Even if my father did have sweeping wings of gray at his temples, and even if he had the occasional smile line, I was hardly going to lose him to a heart attack. Unless he could suddenly read minds.

My own heart fluttered at the sight of him. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” I said, my fingers resting on his bare shoulders where his tank top failed to cover. I hoped he couldn’t hear the heat in my voice. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You’d better not,” he said with a roguish grin. Did his eyes flick down to my tits, where my nipples tented the breezy cotton? “Not when I’m letting you borrow the car.” No, he’d looked at my clothes to tell us apart. Kim always dressed trendier, sportier, and she had an infatuation with blue.

“Thanks, Daddy!” I said, as I had when I’d asked him that afternoon. Then I gave him an awkward hug over the side of the chair. My breasts mashed against his shoulder; I wondered if he could feel my nipples. “I’ll be careful.” What would the odds be that I would crash the car? I was only driving around the block. But he didn’t know that.

“They’re on the hook.” He patted my shoulder as I turned for the door. Fire seemed to leap from his fingers to burn me, where his hand touched the bare skin of my back. I wanted more, needed more. I pretended I didn’t notice. “Be back before midnight,” he called, as I opened the door, grabbing the keys from the hook nearby.

I turned, trying to hold down my smile, hoping he couldn’t see my blush. “I will be,” I promised. Long, long before midnight.

My father drove a beat-up Toyota, the same pick-up he’d had since before Kim and I were born. It was nothing next to the Mitsubishi dad got Kim for her sweet sixteen—I opted for the savings account instead—but it worked as well now as the day it came off the lot.

I opened the door and slid up into the driver’s seat, fitting the key to the ignition. As the engine roared to life, making the whole cab shake, I bit my lip to hold in a moan. The vibrations did something unbelievable to my swollen pussy. Shaking my head to clear it, I pulled out of the driveway and into the street.

To my surprise, it only took one slow lap around the block to find Kimmy’s Mitsubishi gone. Usually, it took her al night to dry and primp her hair and apply makeup. I guess she didn’t care if she caught the eye of any guys. She had Dad, now. I smile, driving back around to the alley behind the house. I left my purse in the truck as I took the key out and opened the door.

For the first time since she’d left, I was grateful mom had taken Charlie, our black lab, as I crept around the side of the house. Stacking milk crates I had snuck home over the last couple of weeks, I scrambled as quietly as I could back into the house.

I stood still inside my room, my heart pounding in my chest. Everything would be ruined if he heard me. Seconds bled by, wiping sweaty hands on my dress; I could hear something on TV, probably the same stupid sitcom he’d been watching before. But there were no other sounds. No footsteps, no warning to a robber that he has a gun—he doesn’t.

My breath escaped me in a relieved rush.

I flipped my cell open, using it as a flashlight to navigate the darkness of my room, open the door silently, and slide out into the hall.

The light of the TV lit the house in dim, fleshy colors. The realization of just what was really on the screen stopped me short outside Kim’s room.

“Do you like cock?” a deep, smooth voice asked off-screen. The blonde, maybe a year older than I was, blushed as she answered.

“Yeah, I love cock.”

“Oh, good,” said the voice. He sounded at least twice as old as she was. A hand reached out to toy with her chin; shrugging her shoulders up, she shied away. “And what’s your favorite thing to do with cock? Huh?”

The girl moved her eyes up to the screen. It seemed like she was talking right to me. “I like to put a cock between my big tits. I drool on it, and I let him tit-fuck me while I suck his cap.” All that was said slowly, her lips moving to clearly sound every word. Her tongue glistened wetly behind her lips. Obviously, as embarrassed as she was, she loved thinking about it.

Pussy aching in dull throbs, I opened the door to my sister’s room and slid inside.

It took me long minutes to find what I was looking for. First I searched the closet, thumbing through clothes hanging up in there. I could still hear the TV a little, now that I was listening for it.

“So, you just put it right here? Between these titties?”

The girl moaned, so the man must have been fondling her pretty nicely. “Oh, yes.”

It wasn’t there. But then, I realized, she wouldn’t have wanted me to stumble onto it on accident, if I wanted to borrow something. And she was so happy with her fashion sense she thought I actually would. Where else could it be, though? In her dresser?

“What about when you get him off? What then?”

She moaned again, louder; his fingers must have moved south. “I lick on his big, fat dick while he’s coming. I let him shoot into my mouth. I love to swallow jizz, but I need to feel it on my tits. So I open up, and let it leak out onto me. Make me slick and gooey.”

God, that turned me on. My breasts weren’t big enough to tit-fuck, not comfortably, but I wanted to feel Daddy’s cum all over me, wanted to drink it and drool it and rub it into my skin. Fuck, I had to find it soon, or I’d just crawl to him naked.

The dresser was a bust. Where in the hell else could it be? Why hadn’t I looked for it weeks ago, instead of on the night I actually needed it?!

Then, with all the clarity of a light bulb flashing on in my head, I dropped shakily to the floor, lifted the blanket, and shoved my open cell under the bed.

Aha! Kim had always hidden things under the bed, things she didn’t want other people to see. Alongside a metal bullet vibrator, a few booklets of—surprise, surprise, incest stories—and an abandoned teddy bear with one button eye and a cross-stitch for the other, like it was winking, I found what I was looking for. White button-up collared shirt, blue plaid pleated skirt, thigh-high white cotton socks, and brown dress shoes with thick soles. I was in business.

The sound from the TV had turned into the famous porn-actress gagging, the half-moan of a girl trying really hard to impress her partner. I could smell myself, I swear I could. Briefly, I thought about changing into the white cotton panties she had in her dresser. The thought of wetting the crotch of panties Kimmy had likely soaked through herself was so sick and twisted it almost left me thrashing on the floor, but I decided I wanted Daddy to see how desperately I wanted him. So badly that everything from my clit to my asshole was stewing in my juices.

Quickly, in the dimness of the cell-lit room, I stripped off my clothes and pulled on my sister’s kinky little gigs. Knees knocking, I almost left without an important piece; pulling the bands out of my hair, I made it into the famous pigtails. Then I was ready.

The girl was almost all the way down on the man’s cock when I looked. His hands were tangled in her hair, pulling her even further. Spit leaked out around him in thick strings, and she was gagging on him, but she let him have control. The sounds of her struggling for air were blaring. It was a wonder our neighbors couldn’t hear it.

My legs moved on their own, and I was in the doorway. I could see the top of my father’s head over the chair, but that was it. The reality of what I was about to do hit me in the head like a brick. How the fuck could I even think about doing this? He was my father! For long moments I stood with my hand on the doorframe, paralyzed by what I’d planned.

“Now I’m gonna fuck that little pussy,” the man growled on TV, spinning the girl around. He bent her over, pushed her head down until it almost touched the floor. Her naked ass stuck up, waving in the air, asking for attention.

Her ass and her pussy filled the whole screen, both a deep, hungry pink that made my cunt clench. I knew mine couldn’t look so different. She was glistening with need. Mine slicked my inner thighs. His cock pressed against her pussy, and she moaned like a whore as he pushed inside her. Gripping her hips, he pulled her all the way back, until her ass rested against his stomach.

“You like that?” he demanded hungrily.

Her reply was muffled by the floor, and mine was by my hands over my mouth. “Fuck yeah, baby,” she said, while I whispered yes. “I love your cock in my pussy.”

If I’d thought the cotton of my dress had caressed my nipples, the stiff starched fabric of the collared shirt was like fingernails scraping against them. my clit begged for attention, but I knew if my hand went anywhere near my panties, I would squelch noisily, and the surprise would be ruined.

I needed this. It wasn’t a want, a fleeting desire I could push away. If I didn’t take part in this, I would die of loneliness, die in envy. I couldn’t be alone anymore. And besides, it wasn’t like resisting this would make them stop. Incest would be a part of this house no matter what. I might as well enjoy the forbidden fruit, rather than let it dangle in front of my face until I moved out.

“Oh, fuck me, baby, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Her pussy stretched and clenched and sucked, and his stomach slapped loudly against her ass.

I managed to walk forward, just behind my Dad’s chair. He was lazily stroking his cock through his sweatpants. It made a big bulge that stole my breath away.

“That’s so hot,” I said, and he jumped at my voice, his hand reaching for the controller. But then I think what I said hit him, and the smoky way desire had thickened my voice. “I go crazy when you’re that deep in me.”

He turned to look at me, and his face melted from panic to relief. “Hi, honey. You made me jump. I keep telling you girls not to sneak up on me.” He looked me up and down, and something entered his eyes, heated his voice. “I thought you were out with your friends.”

My breath escaped in a rush. It worked! He believed I was Kim!

“They’ll survive without me,” I said as I stepped around his chair, trying to imitate the sway my sister had learned so easily. I felt clumsy, foolish, but I wanted to make him really believe I washer. “And I wanted to surprise you.”

Putting my hand on his shoulder, I stepped between his knees. Could he smell me, with my pussy less than a foot from his face? I could definitely smell myself. Legs shaking, I put my knee up on that big old recliner, and then the other one, straddling his hips. My slit settled on the long hardness of his cock.

“Did I surprise you, Daddy?” I asked, my forehead touching his, my hands kneading the muscle of his shoulders.

Roughly, he grabbed my head in both hands. “You sure did, baby girl.” He pulled me forward and down, forcing my lips to his, and kissed me hard enough to bruise. After a second stiff with shock, I melted to meet him, let him push his tongue between my lips. I couldn’t welcome it properly, though. I could only groan, grinding my hips down so his member rubbed my wetness. He gasped at the feel of me; he was expecting a trickle, and I was a flood.

His hands went to my shirt, started to undo the buttons, and fear rushed cold through me. “No,” I pleaded, grabbing his hands. “I want you to fuck me with my clothes on.” Aside from our choice in clothes and the sexy swing she had to her hips, the most noticeable difference between us was that, as a child, I’d caught on a fence. I still had the curving scar along my ribs where its edge had ripped my skin. If he saw that, he’d know for sure.

He grinned evilly, moving his hands to my hips, pulling me back and forth on his bulge. “Is that so?”

I grunted weakly, my arms wrapping around his neck as he rubbed me against him. “Please, Daddy, just fuck me.”

He chuckled, but said nothing. Behind me, the slap and squelch of the porn princess’s violation continued, along with her rising cries.

By now the crotch of my Dad’s sweats had to be soaked with my juices; the two layers of clothing frustrated me. I needed him. “Oh, Daddy,” I groaned, as he pulled me down hard, and his member prodded at my entrance through sweats and panties.

Then he slid one hand around to grip my ass under the skirt, while his other slipped under the elastic of my underwear. My hips jerked to meet his fingers as he grazed my clit. “You shaved,” he said, sounding pleased.

I’d been expecting that, since I couldn’t know how Kim kept herself. “Yes, Daddy,” I answered. Did my voice really sound like that? That high, that breathy? By now, I was close to begging him. “I wanted to try something new. Do you like it?”

“I love it,” he answered, kissing my neck.

I almost swooned as his hands explored the naked flesh of my pussy, as his fingers slid into me in one fluid motion. He stroked me slowly toward climax, kissing up to my jaw and finally shoving his tongue into my mouth. I had only ever let guys my own age touch me. His practiced movements were so different. Powerful. Confident. They made my spine tingle.

Or maybe that was the edge of the most explosive come I’d ever had in my life. I was almost there, like dipping my toes into the water.

“Please, Daddy,” I breathed, “Please, please, please…” Five more seconds, just a few more strokes.

I wanted to growl as he slid his hand out and away, holding me still against him so I couldn’t get myself off on his bulge. Instead, all that escaped me was a whimper. “I’m glad you decided to stay home, baby,” he sighed, holding my hips tight enough that it almost hurt. “I was afraid we’d miss our usual Friday night thing.”

“Wha…” I groaned. My brain was fuzzed and soft, and refused to think. Then, as what he said registered, I managed, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Just please…”

“Now, now,” he teased, patting my ass. “You know as well as I do that we can’t do it here. Get up.”

I was too far gone to ask questions, to feel much more than a mushy confusion. He pushed me off and, both hands on the arm of the recliner, I somehow managed to stand. My juices had soaked through to slick my inner thighs. I couldn’t take much more. I needed his dick in me.

He stood and took my hand, yanking me back as I started toward his room. “It’s this way, baby girl,” he said, the chuckle at the end of it telling me he knew just how close I was to losing it. Then he led me toward the kitchen.

Where was he taking me? Worry squirmed in my gut, that he was going to Kim’s room, that their “thing” was to read those incest mags together and have him used the toy on her. If we went there now, he’d see my dress, and he’d know. Or maybe their “thing” was to do it on my bed while I was gone; that made my legs tremble in anticipation. Maybe they started the dryer and fucked on top of it. At this point, that would send me into the fucking stratosphere.

I gasped in surprise as he bent me over the island in the kitchen, facing the living room and TV. I didn’t have time to ask what he was doing; he flipped my skirt up on my waist and yanked my panties halfway down my thighs. “Can’t do it with those on,” he laughed, patting my ass.

Why was it their weekly thing to fuck in the kitchen?

He grabbed one of the bottles beside me. Something warm sprayed all over my ass, on each cheek, trickling down my crack. My mind snapped to attention as his finger toyed with my rosebud. I felt…wet. Slick.


“Wait, Daddy don’t—”

“I love your little asshole, baby. And the way you squeal when I’m fucking it…”

He pushed his finger into my ass, and all I could manage was a wordless gasp. What could I do? He fucked Kim’s ass every Friday, and I was Kim, tonight. I’d never let anyone do that to me, never let a boy even touch it.

I guess I would tonight.

His finger withdrew, and before I could sigh in relief, something else penetrated my sphincter. I didn’t even have time to register what it was. Something warm and liquid shot up my bowels, filling my ass until I felt like I would explode. As he pulled it out, I felt warm, wet slickness pour out of me, down over my pussy, to splash on the linoleum. Then he put two fingers to my rosebud and pushed.

“Oh, fuck,” I sobbed, as his fingers forced their way into my ass. A sweaty kind of warmth spread up my spine as he pushed them all the way in, my insides too slick to fight him. My ass had arched up without my permission, pushed back against the invasion. Then he was in to the knuckles, and I gasped brokenly. He’d spread his fingers in my ass! I was going to lose it.

My pussy begged for a little attention, but he just made that unbelievable movement with his fingers in my bowels. “You like that?”

All I could do for a moment was groan quietly. “Daddy…”

He withdrew; I don’t know if the sound I made, as his fingers slipped free of my asshole, were in relief or frustration. I was so close, so close I could taste it. Why wouldn’t he just let me come?

“Ready, baby?” he asked. But he didn’t wait for an answer. I felt something hot rub against me as he positioned himself. Then he started to push.

I tried to relax and loosen that ring of muscle as much as I could, but he felt gigantic, bigger than any man I’d ever had in my pussy. Too big for my ass; he had to be too big. Hot wasn’t the word for the feel of him stretching me, relentlessly pushing, thrusting. I cried out helplessly as he grabbed my arms in his hands, using them to pull me back into him.

“You won’t fit, Daddy! Take it out!”

“So fucking tight, he growled, too lost in the feel of me to hear my cry. He gave another long, gentle push.

Stars burst in my brain as his cap popped through the ring of muscle and into my ass. I gurgled gibberish as the agony of penetration carried me over into climax. I know I thrashed against him as I came, because the next thing I knew, he was leaning over me, pinning me to the counter so I couldn’t hurt myself.

“Are you okay?” he breathed, raggedly. I could hear the worry in his voice alongside the lust. God, I was going to ruin everything. I’m sure Kim didn’t throw a fit like that when he plowed her ass. My muscles were jelly, though, and I squirmed helplessly beneath him.

It took three tries before I could answer. I had to swallow saliva back into my mouth; it felt like the head of his prick was right behind my tonsils. “More.” Fuck it. Even if he figured out who he was violating, I don’t think he’d stop now. Fear oozed under need at that thought. Too much. “More, please. I want all of you in me.”

“That’s a good girl,” he said, stroking my hair. Then he gripped my pigtails in both hands and started to push again.

My body burned like he was shoving coals inside me. But I didn’t ask him to stop. As he forced more and more of himself up my bowels, spouting a constant stream of curses, mixing words like “good girl” and “cum dump” like they meant the same thing, I realized something. I couldn’t make him stop. Even if I tried. Because until he was through with me, I was his. His toy. My back arched, my ass making obscene sucking noises as I pushed back against his invasion. Yeah, his toy. His little sex toy.

My throat opened with a long, low keening as his cock slid the last inch inside me and his balls rubbed my pussy. Not another millimeter, not another hair. Every muscle in my body screamed in fullness. I sagged against the counter, heaving the first gasps of air in what seemed like hours.

“You feel so fucking good, Kimmy,” he murmured into my ear. He took it into his mouth, sucking on my lobe. When he shifted, changing the angle of penetration, I gave what I could only call a squeak.

“Daddy?” My voice was quiet, breathless. Warm and sticky with the need that roiled in my stomach.

“Yes, baby girl?” His hands reached around to tease my tits through Kim’s shirt.

My ass writhed beneath him, my deepest places stretching, aching as they adjusted to his size. All I wanted was to stay this way forever, with him deep inside my ass. Had I really felt guilty only a few moments ago? All I felt now was lust. “Do it. Take me, Daddy. Do me hard. Please.”

I was sure Kim never begged him for anything, never had a voice soft and broken with the joy of being his plaything. Kim was a huntress; she took what she wanted, and what she couldn’t take, she smoldered after until it was given to her. But Daddy didn’t seem to notice how strange I was acting. Instead, he ripped my shirt open, buttons flying everywhere, and gripped my naked tits painfully, sliding mostly out of me.

It hurt when he shoved back into me, but I was too lost in the lava melting my bones to notice it. I was going to be covered in bruises when he was through, inside and out, but every time his fingers dug deeper into my tit flesh, I moaned. I would cherish every ache he left on my body.

My mouth was moving, while I didn’t think my brain could manage words. “Oh fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little girl’s ass. Can I be your slut, Daddy? Are you gonna use me? Oh please use me, Daddy. I want to be your girl, your good girl. Oh, fuck.”

His balls slapped my pussy each time he forced himself deep in my ass. I’d only come a moment ago, but I felt it rising in me again, clawing closer every time his cock stuffed me, every time he grazed the bottom of my clit. I was hot and wet and swollen; I wanted it to go on and on. If it went on much longer, I would never be good for anything else again. I would just be a lust-crazed toy for him to play with. My whole body wriggled in pleasure at the thought.

He grunted the dirtiest things in my ear, things that made me pant with hunger. “Fuck, your ass is so tight. You feel so good, so damn good. I think about you every day, baby girl. All day. Your sweet pussy, your tight ass. You’re such a good little slut, baby. My little whore.”

One hand took a big fistful of my pigtails, using it to fuck me hard, while the other hand moved down. His fingers were at my cunt in seconds, four thick digits pushing and shoving at my tunnel. I wanted to tell him I couldn’t take four, that he would tear me open. I wanted to growl at him to use his thumb, too, so his whole hand was deep in me. my pussy sucked his fingers eagerly. I’d never, ever felt so full. I grunted like an animal every time he forced himself home in me.

My muscles turned to jelly, my head falling limp on my hands, my eyes half-focused on the TV.

The man on the porno gave a few low groans, his cock pulled mostly out so only the head was in the starlet’s pussy. She moaned as he smacked her ass hard; I’d fucked enough, and watched enough porn, to know he was coming. And even if I hadn’t known… “Fuck, give it to me,” she sighed, her hips working around him. “I can feel you shooting inside me. I want all your dirty jizz in my cunt.”

Ecstasy, red-hot in my pussy, white-hot in my ass, scalded as it moved up my body. Numbed my toes, made my fingers prickle. My eyes were locked on the cock on TV as it throbbed and jumped. I wanted that, wanted Daddy to shoot off inside me. Pussy, ass, I didn’t care. I just wanted his cum.

Slowly, the man slid out; her tunnel sucked on him until he pulled free with a reluctant pop. I oozed want as I watched the screen. Her ass cheeks were pink, and there were handprints where he’d slapped her. Her pussy was stretched a raw, livid red. She was full of his cum, so full that the clenches her pussy still made in the aftermath of pleasure pushed some out to slick her slit, to drop in large, gooey driblets from her pussy and splatter on the floor.

Her face looked up from between her legs. Her eyes were heavy from pleasure, her face sweaty and flushed. Her hair clung to her face in wet ringlets. “Thank you for your cum,” she crooned, wiggling her ass playfully.

My whole body burned. I was so close, one foot already over the edge, the other pushing off. Still sodomizing me with smooth strokes, Daddy leaned in over me and whispered in my ear, “I love you, Missy.” Then his palm mashed against my clit, and my head exploded.

I sobbed in his arms; I felt myself squeezing and clenching and jerking, but I only held onto consciousness by my fingernails. I was thankful he had me pinned to the tabletop. Nothing I cried was anywhere near English, all a drooling jumble of pleas and thanks and exclamations of love. I burned like the sun with my pleasure.

As my seizure weakened to twitches, before I could catch my breath, and definitely before the name he’d called me could register, he said something, pulled me off the counter, lowered me to knees that felt like sacks of liquid bliss.

“What?” I asked dully. He’d done it. Just like I’d feared, like I’d wanted, he’d taken me too far for me to ever recover. I was his obedient sex slave, now and forever. Obedient if I could understand the simplest command, or think well enough to carry it out. The air stirred in the suggestion of a breeze as the AC kicked on, and my skin trembled.

“I’m close, Missy. I want you to suck it out.” He knew I still couldn’t understand him. That was why he gripped my head in both hands, pulled me closer until my open mouth found the head of his cock.

It still didn’t register that he’d called me by name, by my name. It didn’t even come to mind that his prick had just been in my ass, was still slick with the oil he’d used for lubricant. All that occurred to me was that Daddy wanted me to suck him. And that was what I wanted, too.

I moaned as my lips encircled his member. My mouth was suddenly full of our taste, the taste of his desire and my musk, beneath the oil. I lapped at him happily as I sank on my knees to sit on my heels. I ground against myself, and my hips jerked as heel met mound, but I didn’t let that distract me. My daddy was hard and pulsing in my mouth, harder than I’d ever made a man. Had my ass felt that good? It couldn’t have been half as good as sucking him made me feel.

“Clean,” he ordered, and I moaned unintelligibly around his member, sliding my tongue around on his shaft. Inch after gleaming inch I explored and licked and sucked clean. I took my lips all around him, up and down, my kisses interspersed with a long, almost senseless string of filth.

Her name was Melody, or Mel. Anyhow, everyone called her “Mel,” and she hated it. Nothing she could do. She was petite, standing a full height of 5’2″. Her auburn hair fell in gentle waves to her shoulders, and her pale face was freckled. Her father was Irish, her mother a many-generation American. Her 18th birthday had just passed, she had her driver’s license and was excited to be without the limitations of not being a legal adult. It was mid-October at the time, and she was diving into her Senior year at Oakbrook High.

Kevin was her boyfriend of 2 years, and their anniversary was coming up. He was a month older than her, and had gotten his license a while ago. He was much taller than Mel, not saying much. His eyes were a gentle blue, and his brown hair was always falling in his face. Both of their parents were unfortunately conservative, so their only time to get intimate was in the car. Being a good boyfriend, Kevin took Mel out the day after her birthday. Her parents required her for dinner on the actual day.

Mel was eagerly waiting at her doorway. As usual, Kevin pulled up in his silver Honda precisely on time. She always appreciated his punctuality. He rang the door bell and she ran out with a quick goodbye to her parents. He took her hand as they walked casually to the car. In the car, he handed her a box with a big pink bow on it.

“For me?” She asked, smiling.

“Of course.” He smiled back, pushing her to open it.

When she opened the box, she giggled. Inside was a very sexy set of lingerie.

“You always look lovely in blue.” He whispered in her ear.

A few minutes later, they pulled up to the deserted park. Making sure no one else was around, they slipped into the back seat. She pulled him into a kiss. Their tongues met in the middle and danced around each other. Soon, Kevin moved down to her neck, her shoulder, and her stomach. Mel slipped her shirt off to reveal a lacy black bra, that was quickly removed. He sucked her nipple, biting gently with his teeth. She breathed heavily, and his hands moved downward. Her skirt came off, and then her stockings. He ran his fingers gently over clit, and leaned in for another kiss.

The windows of the car were steaming in the cool October air. Her hips bucked, making the car rock gently. As she felt herself tensing, ready to explode, she leaned over and said “your turn.” Before he could react Mel pushed him backwards. The back seat of the car was unfortunately cramped. Her hands went down to his belt buckle. His manhood was already stiff when she took it in her hand. With a smooth movement, she took him in her mouth. He let out a groan of pleasure. She took all 8 inches in her mouth making him moan. She sucked slowly, watching his reaction.

Before too long, he gently pulled her into another kiss. His shirt was ripped off along with his jeans.

“Fuck me.” She looked at him with her deep green eyes, inviting him to fill her waiting pussy.

He entered her slowly, making her moan softly. She was always tight, and it felt like their bodies were made for each other. He reached down to massage her breasts. Slowly picking up speed, they rocked the car.

“I’m coming!” She yelled.

Their lips met in passion, as he put in a final thrust. He felt himself explode within her. They slowly cooled off and put their clothes back on. Checking the time, she gasped. “I better get home, or my parents will think something has happened.”

They hopped back into the front seat, and he dropped her off as if all they had done was take a romantic walk in the park. As she lay in bed, she touched herself as she thought of Kevin. Tomorrow, she had tutoring after school, so she wouldn’t have time to be with Kevin until that evening. She sighed, she could wait.

School passed slowly, as usual. And after history, her last period class, she walked to Mr. Berne’s room. He would coach her privately because her grades in math were horrible, and she wanted to get into a good college.

She knocked on the door, and heard a voice say “Come in!”

She entered the room, and sat down opposite John Berne. He got up and closed the door and turned the lock.

“Why…” She started.

“We don’t want anyone interrupting.” He smiled. “So, you want to better your grades? Yes?”

She nodded.

“What are you willing to do?”

“Anything,” she said, “I want to go to a good school.”

“Anything?” He raised his eyebrows. “Well then, let this first day be the day where you prove that you will do anything. Never speak of this.”

She stared at him with horror. She hadn’t meant absolutely anything, and now she was stuck. Everyone else would be gone from the school, so no one would come to her aid.

He smiled at her again.

“Mel, stand up, I want to get a good look at you.”

She did as she was told, not knowing what else to do.

“Ahh, beautiful. Exquisite, really. Now, show me more.”

When she stood there not doing anything he rose to his feet.

“Oh, don’t be contrary.”

He took a few quick strides over to her and forcibly pulled her into a kiss. She was too weak to get away.

“Don’t fight me. It will only make it worse for you later.” He gave her a cold, cold smile.

His hands quickly went down to the buttons on her school uniform. He ripped her shirt off and threw it to the side; her bra followed soon. His mouth went to her perky nipples, and in spite of herself, it felt good. She still stood there, doing her best not to react. Still sucking on her nipples, he removed her plaid skirt and panties.

“Spread your legs, slut.”

She glared at him at those words.

“Do it.” He said, when she hesitated.

Her stance was unsteady, especially with the man between her legs. He licked her clit, making her tremble. He slipped one finger in, then two, then three, stretching her pussy wide. She cried out in pain. He moved his fingers in and out slowly until her wetness was running down her legs. She shook in her orgasm. He took his fingers out and stuck them in her mouth.

“Suck them. Taste yourself.”

She did so slightly tearfully. How could this happen to her? She had a boyfriend, a loving family, and now… what?

He extracted his fingers from her mouth and removed his own clothing. His cock was half-erect, but even in it’s half-limp state it looked huge. Mel gasped. The tears welled in her eyes, she would have to take that?

“Oh, this isn’t as big as it gets, slut. Suck it!”

She slowly took the tip in her mouth. She was too slow. He shoved his manhood into her mouth, causing her to choke. He pulled out again and in and out. The tears dripped down her cheeks, she could hardly breathe. His breathing became faster.

“I’m cumming. Swallow it all, bitch.”

She nodded tearfully. Her throat burned. His chest heaved, and he shot his seed into her mouth. She did her best to swallow, tears still pouring. She sat back, maybe that was all she had to do, maybe.

“Slut, I’m not done with you. Up on the desk!”

She stood up warily. He pushed her back onto the desk, and pinned her shoulders down. She stared, terrified. His already big cock had grown to at least 10 inches. She was thankful that he entered her slowly. The walls of her dripping pussy stretched to accommodate his girth. She let out a moan.

“You like it big then, don’t you?”

She just lay there.

“Answer me, slut!”

She nodded slightly.

“Now what do you want me to do?”

She could feel his manhood throbbing, and she wanted to get this over with. She knew what she was supposed to say.

“Tell me.” He ordered.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

“Louder!” He shouted.

“Fuck me.” She said it loud enough this time.

He pushed the last few inches of his dick in. All the way in, Mel almost lost herself in the feeling. How could he be this big? He wasn’t gentle like Kevin. He fucked her hard, keeping her shoulders pinned down to the desk. When he was close to cumming he slowed down, and pulled out.

“Turn over.” He said.

“What?” She wondered.

“Bend over the desk like the dirty little whore you are.”

She bent over the desk like he told her too. He stuck two fingers into her pussy and pushed them in and out a few times.

“Time to take it in that pretty little ass of yours.”

She started. “No.”

“What was that?”

“Yes, sir.”

Her tears started to flow again. She had never done this before, and she was horrified that he would take her this far. His fingers slowly entered her hole. He stretched her hole, and her eyes watered. It hurt. He withdrew his fingers. He stuck his cock into her pussy to get some lubrication, and she felt the tip of his dick on her ass. He took his time pushing his considerable manhood in. She moaned, it felt so good and so painful at the same time. He stood for a few seconds to let her get used to the feeling of his cock in her ass, before he moved. He thrusted slowly at first and then faster and faster.

His breathing was ragged. Mel was sobbing from all the pain and the humiliation. He thrust harder and harder. Her ass felt like there was a fire burning in it. His breaths came faster.

“Fuck!” He let out. His cum exploded into her tight ass. Her chest heaved, eyes streaming. He drew out.

“Clean me up, slut.”

She collapsed on her first try to kneel. Her ass now felt open and empty. But she leaned forward and took him in her mouth again. She licked around his head and down to his balls. He groaned.

He dressed, and sat back down at his desk.

“Well, I hope you learned a lot today. You may go.”

She turned around and headed for the door.

“Oh,” she heard the voice from behind, “See you next week!”

She looked back. What had she gotten herself into? But maybe, after all, it wasn’t so bad.

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