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By Christmas, Sarah and I had been ‘dating’ for a few weeks. If you could call it that. I had been spending a lot of my time with her but I often felt more like a servant than her boyfriend. Most couples might curl up together to watch a film, I was more used to curling up at her feet. Worse, I was sure my friends realised there was something odd going on. Mark, who had the room next to mine often smirked knowingly at me. The others were always a little cold around Sarah and had started treating me differently.

The weeks had gone by in a sexual haze. I’d knelt between her legs to service her with my tongue more times than I could count. I’d feel her hands slip down the back of the panties she made me wear whenever she wanted to arouse or embarrass me. Once, I spoke sharply to her in front of my friends. It was a movie night and to get back at me she wrapped her arm around me under our blanket. I had to quickly suppress a moan when I felt her start to finger me right there. I then spent the next hour trying to remain silent, trying not to cum in my silky panties and mostly trying to ignore the feelings this girl created in me, seemingly unaware of my embarrassment. When we went back to my room, she had me lie over her lap for one of the many spankings I’d received over the weeks we’d been together. I was sure my friends heard them, I’m now certain Mark did.

In Mid-December, My housemates planned a party for Christmas and we’d decided to do a Secret Santa. Somebody suggested that one of the group should dress as Santa to give out the gifts people had been bought. I had no idea why at the time but Sarah immediately volunteered. The others laughed but suggested that I should do it instead. My heart sank as Sarah told them it would be fun and that I could be her beautiful assistant. I knew then this wasn’t going to turn out well for me.

I wasn’t wrong. On the night of the party, Sarah showed up dressed like a perfect, traditional Santa. She was a little too slim but she’d even found a false beard to give her some authenticity. My friends loved it and asked about my costume, only to be told to wait for the surprise. Sarah then dragged me to my room and stripped my clothes off, right down to the white and pink chiffon thong she’d left the night before. She hadn’t explicitly told me to wear it that day, but I’d known better than to ignore panties she’d left in my bed.

“Oh you’re such a good little boy.” She murmured, cupping my balls through her thong. “You always know what to wear to make me happy. Will you wear something special for me today? Maybe if you make me really happy, I’ll make you happy when the party is over…”

I moaned and just nodded, feeling her fingers trace further between my legs. I’d lost count of the number of times she’d hinted at sex to make me do things. I knew I shouldn’t believe her but something about the way she spoke was irresistible. Her fingers followed the material of my thong and I could feel her putting pressure between my cheeks; teasing me. Her free hand rummaged in her bag and eventually she handed me a pink box.

“Go shower and use this sweetie. No hair below your eyebrows and then you can try on your costume!”

I looked at the box and sighed, it was hair removal cream and I was terrified by what she had in store for me.


An hour later, the party was in full swing and I had a red velour dress on; greeting people as they arrived. Not just any old dress, a tiny red dress. The fluffy white trim of which barely covered my red lace panties. I was dressed as a slutty female Santa, complete with candy striped hold-up stockings and bright red heels. My matching gloves went to my elbows but barely covered my hand, so Sarah had given me long, red, false nails. Everyone laughed when they saw me but only in good fun. They seemed to think it was hilarious and complimented how I looked. Some even seemed a little too flattering! Only my friends, who knew Sarah quite well looked more worried than amused.

I was embarrassed but the good cheer stopped it being too humiliating. The only problem was Sarah, she wasn’t paying much attention to me. She even seemed to flirt with the other guys at the party, the ones not wearing slutty dresses. She finally pushed it too far when it came time for Secret Santa. At first people jokingly sat on her knee to tell her what they want for Christmas and be given their present. I stood to one side, smiling and organising everyone. Everyone laughed each time some joker groped the Sissy Santa (as Sarah took to calling me) and I tried to hide my reactions; the growing shame and occasional stirring in my panties. Eventually, most people had been given their presents and wandered away. At that point, my friend Mark was called up. I led him over to Sarah, blushing when he pinched my lace covered bum.

“Well now, you’re a big boy!” Sarah did her best Santa impression. “Maybe you won’t fit on Santa’s knee.”

Mark laughed and suggested she’d be more comfortable on his. I wanted to protest but she just jumped up and told me to lead Mark to his seat. When I helped him settle, Sarah immediately jumped into his lap. I was left standing awkwardly to one side as she put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear. I was sure the arm he was using to steady her was lower than it needed to be. I started to turn red as the guests who were still there all saw them getting too close, all saw Mark’s hand holding her ass. Suddenly, she squealed.

“Oh your present!” She said, looking through her present bag. “Oh no, I’ve ran out! I must have been your Secret Santa, I forgot to get you one!”

Somehow, I didn’t buy it.

“Maybe we can make it up to you later.” She was much quieter now and looked at me as she said it.

“It’ll have to be something great, Santa can’t just give out late presents.” Mark took this all surprisingly in stride.

“You can have anything you want” She whispered and I hoped it was only loud enough for Mark and I to hear.

It was too much and I grabbed her arm to lead her to the bathroom. I could hear a few awkward laughs behind me and just hoped everyone would be gone before we got back. Closing the bathroom door behind us, I turned to Sarah.

“What the hell are you doing with Mark?” I tried not to shout.

“I’m just having fun sweetie, I know you were liking the way everyone treated you and I thought I’d just add to that. Am I wrong?”

She was so close to me as she said this that my cock started to rise, Sarah didn’t miss it and immediately started to rub the front of my panties. I knew this is why I rarely get to cum, I knew she used my constant arousal to control me but I did nothing to stop her. She turned me around and rubbed my cock with her palm, her fingers cupping my balls. I was now staring at myself in the bathroom mirror, my short skirt around my waist.

“Don’t you like looking this pretty?”

I nodded, I had to admit I did. My make up was slutty but perfect and the wig Sarah got me was long and beautiful. I’m slim (Sarah had been controlling my diet more and more as we dated) and my hairless body had never seemed so sexy before.

“And you liked how the boys treated you differently to normal? Even the ones who felt your pretty little bum?”

I bit my ever-so-red lip and nodded again. Sarah smirked and moved to feel my ass.

“You have to understand then sweetie. Part of that is men like Mark, real men, will see me and you together and think there are two girls for the taking. If you were big and manly, he’d see me with you and know I was off-limits. Instead he hears the spanking at night and just knows I’m not over your knee. He sees you in that dress and wonders if either of our asses are off-limits.”

I’m stunned, it all made sense but I just couldn’t accept it. Some part of me wanted to resist and tell her I was a man. Another just wanted to cry but as I felt the familiar sensation of Sarah’s fingers inside my panties, I knew all I really wanted is for her to never stop touching me.

“That’s a good boy, just accept it. Why don’t you slide your hand down your cute dress and pinch those nipples for me?”

That’s when Mark walked in. He saw me leaning over the bathroom counter, playing with my own nipples whilst Sarah fingered my ass and rubbed the front of my panties with her hand like she was playing with her girlfriend’s pussy. He just laughed and walked out.

“Do you want to cum tonight?” Sarah asked me just as I was on the verge of tears.

“Yes please Sarah, you said if I made you happy, something good might happen?” I responded, I don’t know how I was so hopeful but I tried.

“Yes, now I’m going to talk to Mark. The party is over so go sit in your room and wait for me. If you do what you’re told without complaining, you can fuck me tonight.”

She spanked my ass hard and walked out, leaving me to compose myself. I couldn’t believe what she’d just told me. I thought she would never let me fuck her after the party. All night she’d seemed more interested in other guys and I thought that the last hour had labelled me a sissy in her eyes forever. I pulled my dress back into place and ran to my room, sitting on the edge of my bed just waiting for her to arrive. I wanted to strip off, be waiting for her as a man but I didn’t want to piss her off so I decided to wait for permission. As it turned out, this was the right decision.


Some time later, the two of them crashed into my room. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Sarah kissed Mark, her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. He’d lifted her off the ground and now gripped my girlfriend’s ass in his big hands. I wanted to protest but Sarah broke off her kiss and turned to me.

“Remember sweetie, no complaints if you want to fuck me.”

They moved backwards and fell next to me on the bed. Sarah straddled Mark, kissing him passionately and I watched in horror as he ripped her Santa costume off. She was wearing a red lace bra and panty set and my heart sank as I realised they are a perfect match to my own. Mark groped her freely, her body exposed to him and I could already see the differences between myself and him. The first time I was with Sarah, I meekly allowed her to strip me whilst she ignored all my attempts to undress her. She took her dress off for me slowly and only when she wanted to give me access to please her. Mark had the roles reversed; he was fully dressed and taking what he wanted whilst she gave herself eagerly.

Her bra came off and Sarah moaned, my cock strained in my panties when I saw Mark bite and suck her perfect breasts. Slowly, Sarah slid down the bed. She motioned for me to come over and started to undo Mark’s jeans. She pulled his cock out and I was stunned. It was 8 inches; long, thick and straight. His giant, cut cock looked beautiful in her tiny hand and Sarah smiled at me and the smaller cock that was straining against my own panties.

“Get over here sweetie, there’s no need to pretend you don’t want to! You’re clearly excited and although I’m on my hands and knees on your bed in nothing but panties, I don’t think it’s me you’re staring at.”

I blushed realising the goddess I’d lusted after was in my room in a position I’d only dreamed about and I was actually salivating over my friend’s cock. I knelt beside her, shaking slightly and watched her expectantly. Sarah slowly lowered her glossy lips to Mark’s cock. I watched him place his hand on the back of her head, pushing her down as the head of his cock disappeared. Then I felt it, a large, powerful hand on my head. I leaned forward, unresisting, and kissed the side of his cock.

Sarah reached out and gripped my ass, moving to finger me even as Mark pushed my head to his balls. I licked and sucked them, reaching out to return the favour for Sarah and the room was filled with moans. Side by side, Sarah and I played with each other even as we worshipped Mark. We must have looked like total sluts, working together bent over Mark’s cock. I wondered if I should have been in his place, if I should have felt pathetic for helping Sarah but that all went away each time Sarah brought me close to the edge.

Eventually, Sarah stood up and declared she had an idea.

“If you want your Christmas present Mark, let me give you my little pet’s ass.” She smiled as Mark’s face lit up.

“And for you Sam, do this last thing for me and you will get to fuck me.” She continued quickly, cutting off my protests.

I wondered how I could accept this. She was so quickly and obviously giving Mark anything he wanted, yet I had to beg and humiliate myself just to have sex with her. Even so, the thought of finally fucking her drove me on and as I thought about it, the idea of Mark’s wonderful cock fucking me was not entirely unappealing.

I was led onto the bed and Sarah came to lie next to me, holding a bottle of lube. Mark settled at the end of the bed to watch us make out, stroking his cock. We had our hands in each other’s panties, her newly lubed fingers driving me wild and my own girlish fingers finding her soaked pussy.

“Are you excited sweetie?” Sarah smiled at me as she asked, having noticed my hips moving against her fingers.

“Yes, Sarah” Is all I could whisper in response.

“I’m getting you ready to be fucked by your friend, of course you’re excited!” she laughed and slides another finger inside me.

Mark came over and had me sit up, his cock was directly in front of me and I knew what he wanted. I looked up at him and caught his eye, sliding my lips down his shaft. Sarah shifted to sit behind me, I could still feel her fingers inside me and I was eager for something more. Knowing that ‘something more’ was in my mouth, I sucked with earnest trying to turn Mark on so he’d be desperate to fuck me. His moans filled me with a strange pride and my enthusiasm increased until Sarah spanked me hard.

“Stop that, you stupid slut! I’m sure you’re just dying for a mouth full of cum but he’s here to fuck you.”

I was shocked. Sarah humiliated me, treated me cruelly even but she never sounded so abusive. Had I really made her mad? Mark laughed and Sarah pulled me back to lie on my bed. My tiny dress was up around my waist and my panties did little to cover me from Mark’s eyes.

“Now tell him what you want.” Sarah still sounded angry.

I took a deep breath and looked at Mark. Sarah was rolling a condom over his cock, and even then I felt a pang of jealousy at her touching him. Even so, the sight of rock hard cock and the knowledge that it was me doing this to him filled me with lust.

“Please will you fuck me? I’m desperate for a real, hard cock” My voice sounded breathy and pathetic, I just hoped it turned him on.

“I can’t believe you’re such a slut! I’ll fuck you, but not like this. If you want to dress like a whore and fuck your house mate, I’m up for it. We’re doing it my way though not like some sissy girlfriend-boyfriend fantasy.”

I struggled to respond, unsure what he wanted from me. Out of nowhere, he grabbed me hard, gripping above my hips. I was pulled up into the air, my slender frame posing no obstacle to him and he flipped me over. He pulled me onto my hands and knees and I could hear Sarah moaning behind me. She must have enjoyed Mark’s treatment of me. My panties were pulled to the side and I gasped, feeling his cock pressing against my now lubed and eager hole.

Sarah climbed onto the bed in front of me, completely naked and holding a bag. She must have stripped off when Mark was manhandling me and now her fingers were buried in her cunt. She was staring intently at Mark who had started to push hard into my ass.

“Play with your cock sweetie, it’s going to feel so good once you get used to it. You just need to relax.”

Sarah sounded reassuring once again and I immediately jumped to her command. I stroked myself, letting my friend push his huge cock all the way inside me. Sarah’s eyes were glued to us when Mark grabbed my hips and started to pull out a little, truly beginning to fuck me.

“Let me help you sweetie.” Sarah said, sounding truly caring now.

She slid down underneath me and pulled my head against her chest. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and feel my hand being pushed away from my cock, only to be replaced by hers. Any initial discomfort was gone, I was truly loving being fucked by Mark. I moaned freely and rocked my hips to help him enjoy it more.

“Do you remember what you get out of this deal, baby?” Sarah asks.

I was shocked for a moment. There was more than this? More than this beautiful girl playing with my cock even when I was dressed like a slut and letting my friend fuck me? Then I remembered, I was going to fuck her. As she lay under me, all it would have taken was for her to stop stroking my cock and direct it inside her instead.

“There’s just one thing.”

I moaned, what could be wrong?

“Do you like Mark’s big cock?”

I stared into her eyes and nodded, how could she not tell?

“Don’t you think I should get a cock like that?”

I didn’t know how to respond. I could see she’s planning something but I didn’t know what. She reaches into the bag and pulls out a large, pink strapon dildo, more like Mark’s cock than my own.

“I got this because I was going to fuck you tonight. Of course, Mark has claimed you for the night but that’s okay because I did have a second use in mind for this.”

She turned the dildo so the harness was facing me and I could see that it was hollow. My heart sank when I realised where this was going. Mark, however, was clearly enjoying my embarrassment; his pace increased when he saw what Sarah was holding.

“I don’t want to wear that Sarah, please!” I sounded pathetic.

“Oh but you do, sweetie! You don’t want to look silly in front of Mark. He’s doing a great job of fucking you isn’t he?”

“Yes, Sarah.” I could barely get the words out, Mark was fucking me hard and I was barely able to concentrate.

“So you don’t want to be writhing and moaning underneath him whilst I’m lying there looking disappointed with you!”

“No, Sarah but you won’t be!”

“Oh sweetie, of course I will! You’ll cum so quickly if I just let you fuck me and you’ll never satisfy me like that. If you wear this though you might last just as long as Mark and you’ll be able to please me with your big cock.”

I wanted to protest more but Sarah gestured at Mark and he grabbed my arms pulling me upright. I knelt with my cock pointing straight out and Sarah came forward to slide the hollow dildo over me. I struggled a little, I wanted to get up and leave but I couldn’t move away with Mark holding my arms and, if I’m entirely honest, I didn’t want to do anything to make his cock leave me. Mark stopped fucking me to take the straps from Sarah, leaving me waiting with him still inside me as he secured the dildo around me. My cheeks were burning and I couldn’t believe what was happening. With my arms free, I knew I could move away if I wanted to. Instead, with my panties around my thighs and this beautiful woman in front of me, laughing at my emasculation, I knew I should accept my role. My cock strained inside it’s pink casing and I hung my head, unable to meet Sarah’s eyes when I put my hands back on the bed and slowly started to lift my ass up and down on this real man’s cock.

“Mmm that’s right baby! Show Mark you know your place. You should be grateful I’m letting you near my perfect pussy, even with a dildo around that clitty of yours.”

I watched Sarah mocking me, furiously rubbing her clit and I moved faster on Mark’s cock. I wanted to please her, I wanted to feel more of him. Once the strapon was secure, Sarah slid back under me and started to kiss me. I could feel her grip the dildo with my cock inside it and pull it towards her.

“Fuck me, darling.” She whispered in my ear.

A gorgeous friend, whom I dearly love and who I know is hotter in every way than Sarah ever thought of being, but who keeps me at arm’s length, had the original idea for this story and for much of the humor. She didn’t want her name revealed, however, so I’ll just say thank you. She knows who she is.




Sarah banked her old Bell47 to the right and began slipping sideways barely a hundred feet above the ice covered ground. For her money, there was nothing like flying a helicopter. It was fun and exciting, similar to her ride on the Rock-O-Plane during her visit to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, plus there was a freedom to flying a helicopter. She could take off and land almost anywhere; fly slow, fast, high, low, forwards, backwards, sideways, even hover. She had only recently gotten her license, had worked hard getting it in near record time, and was proud of her accomplishment. She had rewarded herself with the old Bell47 and to give herself even more freedom, had outfitted it with extra fuel tanks for extended range and safety.

From above, sunlight dancing off the ice ripples covering the flat tundra created a glistening sea of sparkles for as far as the eye could see, dazzling flashes of brightness with occasional bits of color mixed in—bright rainbow flashes. It reminded Sarah of how the ocean sometimes appeared when she and Todd hunted seals or how the lake looked on that sunny day last summer when she and Levi stole away to picnic on a deserted island overlooking Russia. Beautiful memories she would cherish forever.

Sarah loved to hunt and hunting in Alaska was the best—hunting in Alaska from a chopper was the ultimate. She could swoop down on her game and chase it until it was too tired to run any longer, then hover and take her shot. Wolves were the most fun. They were smart and presented more of a challenge than bears, moose, or reindeer. She had gotten good at chopper hunting, too—she rarely missed. She loved having an animal in her sights—she thought of it as the moment of truth, that exact moment she wielded life or death power over another life, validating her superiority. It was exhilarating. After all these years, the kill shot still gave her a rush, a near orgasmic rush that made her ass tingle.

Imagining the loud clap of her rifle’s report and the solid feel of its recoil ramming hard into her shoulder, sending shock waves rippling across her chest, vibrating her breasts, then seeing her target, a strong swift wolf, crumple and slide face first plowing the snow and ice, leaving a bright red stain before expiring in a cloud of rising steam, gave her a visceral thrill. She clamped her thighs together and tightened her buttocks at the thought, then became acutely aware of the vibrations running up through the seat. She started clenching and relaxing her thighs, flexing her buttocks, squirming in her seat—she couldn’t help it.

She reached down to touch herself through the fabric of her jump suit—it was like pouring seal oil on a crackling campfire. Her thoughts immediately went to Levi and that fat cock of his that she so loved to ride, whooping and yelling as he smacked and bounced her ass. She turned the auto-pilot on, slid her hand inside her pants, closed her eyes and lost herself in fantasy for almost a half hour, nearly passing out when her body spasmodically jerked and shivered as she brought herself to multiple orgasms.

Regaining her composure, she suddenly realized that she had plunged into a blinding fog. Able to see only a few feet, she turned south, hoping to find clear weather, but the fog didn’t let up. She began to distrust her instruments—as beginner pilots in zero visibility often do—and flew in circles before heading north, believing it to be south. The fog ended, but she continued flying north for hours until she ran out of fuel.

The engine coughed and sputtered, forcing her to set down. Just before landing, she spotted smoke off in the distance—most likely an Eskimo hunting party. Thankful that there were other people nearby, she issued a Mayday call on her radio, hoping the signal could be triangulated, then began the trek over ice toward the smoke.

As she drew closer, she realized that it was not smoke at all, but steam—apparently from a hot spring. And there was a herd of animals standing beside it, probably drinking the melting ice. Relieved, Sarah said a little prayer. She had food, water and warmth—she could survive almost indefinitely until help arrived.

Her scope revealed a herd of reindeer, nine of them, and one was standing with its side to her in perfect silhouette. As she set up to take the shot, dialing the scope in further, she noticed that the animals were wearing harnesses, then one doe moved revealing a sleigh. They were hitched to a sleigh! People had to be close by.

Sweeping the spring, she discovered a rotund man with rosy cheeks, long white hair and a full face white beard soaking in the steaming water. Sarah first thought he was asleep, then saw his arm moving and it hit her that he was pleasuring himself—jerking off! And good googly moogly, he was using two hands! Even counting Levi, Sarah had never seen such a gorgeous bologna pony. She decided right then that she was going to get into that hot spring and ride that monster. Besides, she needed to get her panties off—they were soaking wet, an unpleasant, even dangerous condition in sub-zero weather. As the freezing cold cut right through her clothing, she quickened her pace and made a beeline for the spring.

The rosy cheeked man gave a big wave as she approached and roared, “Hello, young lady. What good fortune brings you my way? Ho! Ho! Ho!”

“Hello there mister. I’m afraid I’m lost,” Sarah said, shivering as she approached the spring. “Ya wouldn’t happen to know where I am, would ya?”

“You’re in northern Alaska, miss. Just exactly where, I’m afraid I don’t know. Ho! Ho! Ho!” the rotund man laughed again, furtively checking her out. “But we’ll get you back home safely. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. What’s your name, may I ask?”

“Sarah. Sarah Palin. What’s yours?” She couldn’t help stealing peeks at that huge beaver pleaser he was holding down under the water.

“Ah yes, Sarah Palin. Hmm, Sarah Palin. Just call me Nick, Sarah.”

“Okey dokey, Nick. Say, you wouldn’t happen to have a radio on ya would ya, Nick?”

“No, honey, not here I don’t, but there’s one back at my place. Warm yourself up here in the spring, Sarah, and then we’ll go to my place—get on that radio.”

“It looks mighty good in there, but I don’t want to get my clothes wet—there’s no way to dry them out here in the cold.”

“Oh, my goodness, Sarah, take your clothes off and get in here where it’s warm. There’s nobody around but me and I won’t pay any attention—no attention at all. Now you get out of those bulky old clothes and hop in here where it’s nice and warm.”

“Well, okey dokey, I guess you’re right. I won’t refudiate you,” she said and commenced to quickly disrobe.

Nick nodded in appreciation as her clothes came off. She had great tits, her cold nipples standing out like number nine thimbles, and the shapely lower half wasn’t bad either. “My, my, aren’t you a pretty. Ho! Ho! Ho!” he said.

“Why, thank you, Nick. I do my best—don’t want to look like no pig with lipstick,” she said shivering as she lowered herself into the steaming water.

“No danger of that. No danger of that at all. My you’re shaking all over. Come here and sit on ol’ Nick’s lap, Sarah, and let’s get you all warmed up while you tell me about yourself.”

Sarah didn’t know when she had met anyone nicer than Nick and she really was cold from the walk and disrobing in the freezing air, plus she wanted to get a closer look at that big pocket rocket of his. “Okey, dokey,” she said, then waded over and plopped down on his lap, immediately feeling the size and strength of his big taliwhacker. “Golly, gee!” she exclaimed, “This really is warmer.”

“Now just put your arm around me like this,” he said, draping her arm around his neck, bringing her breast into contact with his beard, “and let’s see if my body heat doesn’t warm you up real quickly.”

“Yeah, I’m warming up already,” she gushed as his beard tickled her nipple and that swollen cherry smasher of his was beginning to throb, pressing up against her bottom.

“Your lovely breasts must be freezing sticking out here in the cold air. Why your nipples are hard as ice. Here let me warm them up,” he said taking the nearest one into his mouth, as he tweaked and kneaded the other.

“Oh, my! You really know how to warm a girl up, doncha Nick. Gee whiz, I think I just better turn right around here and face you, so you don’t strain your neck,” she said, then turned to face him, wiggling her ass as she straddled his lap. When his big cunny creamer rose up between her legs, rubbing against her sex, she squeezed it between her legs and yelped, “Good golly!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! That won’t just get you warmed up, honey, that’ll get you fucked,” he said and ran his big donkey dick up and down through her squirming slit a couple of times then slid it into her gaping pussy.

“Holy yikes!,” she said as his giant Kong dong impaled her. It felt as if it was going to split her in half, like her bones were being pressed apart. She felt pressure from her chest to her ass as her pussy stretched to take him. It was the most glorious kitty pleaser she had ever encountered and it immediately set her ablaze. She began to move on it, carefully at first then with more and more abandon. Wrapping her arms around him his neck, she bounced up and down, squealing, screaming, and moaning with each bump, then clutched him like she was dying and came, wailing like a wounded coyote, frightening the reindeer, as she spasmodically jerked and clenched.

“That a girl, Sarah. That a girl,” Nick said and stood up, holding her tightly around the waist. He leaned her back and began to pound her, driving his massive puddin’ pounder into her sopping pussy as she wrapped her legs around his waist and clung onto his neck.

“Lordy, lordy,” she cried, then began yelping loudly, like a wolverine in heat, as that massive moisture missile brought her to orgasm over and over.

Nick shuddered and came, shouting, “Fuck, shit, damn, hell,” as the spasms racked his formidable frame while she quivered and moaned.

Not quite done, he bent her over a rock shelf in the middle of the spring, entered her from behind and fucked her doggie style, his large belly slapping loudly against her tight round ass as he squeezed her tits with his chubby hands and filled her pussy full with his big muffin stuffer. Sarah moaned loudly and yipped like a virgin puppy, then began to come over and over again as Nick pounded her like a bull rabbit on a doe in heat. His big yogurt cannon had her rattling all the way from her tits to her ass.

Nick was unable to hold out any longer and came himself, grunting loudly as he pumped ropes of cum into her clinching cunny. She collapsed, shaking and jerking, exhausted and completely satisfied for the time being. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Nick exclaimed and smacked her on the ass.

“Did you like that, Sarah?”

“Holy rollers! You betcha, Nick. That was wonderful! I just might get lost up this way again.”

“Any time, Sarah. Any time. Now get dressed sugar britches, and I’ll take you to my place where we can radio your folks while I get you some fuel.”

Nick hitched the reindeer to the sleigh and buckled Sarah in next to him. She couldn’t help giving his big ol’ love muscle a squeeze as the reindeer broke into a trot over the flat snow covered ground, their harness bells jingling merrily, but when they rose into the air she let go of that yogurt Flinger, hung onto the sleigh’s handles with all her might and screamed, “Holey moley! You’re Santa Claus!”

It was dark when they landed at Santa’s place and all Sarah could make out was a rather large compound like a farm or something. Nick got her settled into a cabin suite and excused himself, telling her that elves would take care of her needs and that he would get her helicopter refueled and ready to fly tomorrow.

A chubby little know-it-all white haired elf named Newt came to her suite with a radio phone and waited while she called Todd. She told Todd that she was okay, visiting a friend, and for him to go on to his snowmobile race up in Nome, that she would be home in a few days or so.

“A few days, huh,” Newt said with a smart assed attitude. “I thought we were gonna have you ready to roll tomorrow, Sarah.”

“Well, ya know, I wanted to be sure Todd didn’t worry about me just in case the weather turned bad or something and I didn’t get out for a day or two.”

“Nick gave you a ride on his big ol’ lap rocket, didn’t he. And you want to go again, don’t you?” Newt said with a knowing grin.

“Well, it was a darn good ride, I’ll say that,” Sarah smiled and gave Newt a big wink.

“You’re gonna like it here, Sarah, I see that right now, and we’re sure gonna like you. Ever been with an elf?”

“Well, no, not unless you count Michele Bachmann. But I think of her more as a midget than an elf.”

Newt laughed loudly. “You’re gonna like us elves, Sarah. You just wait and see. For now, let’s get you some clean clothes and a bath and some food. What do you say?”

“Sounds good to me, Newt. These clothes are a little damp.”

“Well, if you’ll just give me what you have on, I’ll get them laundered and while you’re in the bath, I’ll have you some nice clean pajamas sent over. So if you’ll get out of those wet things, I’ll get started.”

“What? Undress right now? In front of you?”

Well, just the jump suit. Leave your bra and panties on. Actually, we don’t pay much attention to nudity up here, so don’t be a prude.”

“Well, that was sorta what Nick said. I ain’t all that modest and I don’t want to go rogue or nothing,” she said and stripped down to her panties and bra.

“My, my, Sarah, you are a beauty,” Newt said, then frowned and took on a deadly serious tone, “Pardon me for noticing, but you have a very odd discoloration of your breasts—I can see it running above your bra.”

“Oh, it’s probably just bruises from the seat belt in the chopper.”

“Maybe, but I think it could be more than that. I’m a certified PA, Sarah, and I’d really like to get a closer look to be on the safe side. Here, get in the bed and cover up, then take your bra off, you can stay covered up while I do the exam,” Newt said in his authoritative command voice.

“Well, if you’re a doctor and you think I should,” she said and got under the covers, then slipped her bra off and handed it to him.

“Yeah, you need an exam, Sarah. You need a really thorough exam.”

Newt reached under the covers and squeezed her breasts, first one, then the other, with an expert touch, tracing along the underside of each, barely touching the skin, then giving them a soft squeeze, circling the nipples, giving them a tweak and a tough, sometimes feeling of both breasts at the same time, other times using both his hands on one. Sarah, knew that it was a medical exam, but it was almost like he was teasing her nipples and she found herself becoming more than a little aroused.

“Hmm,” Newt pondered. “I don’t know, Sarah, they seem okay, but I’d like to see how they respond to a temperature change.”

“Uh, okey dokey. You’re the doc.” He really was good with his hands and Sarah wasn’t ready for the exam to end just yet. She was even beginning to wonder if he might need to examine between her legs, just to be on the safe side.

Newt pulled the covers back, revealing her ample tits and blew on her left nipple causing Sarah to shiver, “Hmm, I think it needs to be wetter,” Newt said and took it into his mouth as Sarah uttered a moan. He ran his tongue around the nipple a time or two, then with both hands squeezed her breast up into a cone and blew on the now firm wet nipple, chilling it, before taking it back into his mouth.

Sarah moaned loudly and said, “Holy rollers, doc. Holy rollers.”

“I haven’t found anything yet, Sarah, but I think I should continue looking, don’t you?”

“Good golly, yes, doc. Maybe check down lower, too. I want to be sure.”

Newt reached down inside her wet panties and immediately found her clit with his small hand. He then circled it a few times as Sarah squeezed her own breasts and moaned, squirming under his touch. Next, he tossed the covers completely off and pulled her panties down. He massaged her clit for a moment, then worked his small hand into her pussy, expertly searching for her G-spot, found its spongy tissue and went to work on it with three fingers.

It drove Sarah out of her mind. She came unglued, kicking, squealing, tossing her head, pulling and squeezing her own tits, as she neared orgasm, then screamed and jerked as a bright white light exploded in her brain and her body was overcome with spasms. She began to have one orgasm after another and thought she was going to die.

“Oh, lordy! Oh lordy, lordy, help me. Help me,” she cried jerking from head to toe.

Newt, fearing she was going to have a stroke or something, withdrew his hand and held her until the spasms passed and she became coherent again. He had never seen a woman get so hot. Sarah Palin was one hot piece of ass. He wanted to fuck her, but figured it would be awhile before she would be ready again.

“Holy moley, ” she said, however, “I never. More. Do me some more.”

“Damn, baby! Turn over. I’ll do your pretty hot ass some more,” he said and flipped her over onto her stomach with surprising strength, then raised her up onto her knees, her ass nearly waist high to his short body, and gave her ass a stinging smack to let her know who was in charge.

“Ow! Holy cow,” she said, you’re strong.

“That ain’t all, baby,” he said as he stood behind her, holding her by the hips and rammed his surprisingly large cock into her sopping pussy.

She made a sound like the wind had been knocked out of her as his cock slammed into her, feeling like it was reaching up into her chest. She quickly adjusted to its size and began to moan loudly, moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Oh, golly. Oh, golly,” she gasped as his cock began to rub over her clit and G-spot at the same time, getting her hotter with each stroke.

Newt, had never had such a good piece of ass, not even Michele Malkin or Ann Coulter, hot numbers in their own right, who Nick flew in occasionally and who loved to fuck the elves. Sarah was something else and her wiggling, jiggling ass slapping against his stomach was about to make him come. He wanted that wiggling ass, wanted to fuck it badly. He slipped a couple of fingers into her tight hole, spreading it and giving her pussy a full feeling that immediately made her come again, squealing and jerking as her arms became too weak to support her upper body and her face dropped to the bed, scrunching into the pillow. Unable to hold out any longer, he grabbed her around the waist and began fucking her as hard and fast as he could—ramming his cock deep inside her while she yelped and squealed, unable to move—then pulled her tightly against his abdomen, drove his cock into her as deep as it would go and shot hard ropes of cum deep inside her pussy.

“Fuck! Take it, take it, take it. Oh shit!” he said, jerking with each hard spasm as he came trying to get every last bit of his big thick dick into her.

When a hot load hit her cervix, she stiffened and came again, clawing the sheets as she yelped loudly with each contraction.

“Damn, baby,” he panted, rubbing his still hard dick through her slit as he took a few deep breaths to get his wind back. “I was gonna get the other elves in here for an orgy, but not now. Baby, I ain’t sharing you with nobody.”

This story is my entry for the 2013 Winter Holidays Story Contest so, if you like it, please remember to vote! Thanks for taking the time to read, and Merry Christmas to all!


Katy silently sprinkled the last of the sparkling dust across the snow and looked up at the clear, night sky, watching for reindeer. Seeing the sky empty except for stars, she turned to admire her handiwork; the blanket of snow wrapped around her house shimmered with the silvery dust. As she trudged back through the powdery snow, her breath freezing in front of her, she stopped to admire her snowman.

His eyes were the same bright blue buttons she’d used for every snowman since she was a little girl, and he wore a red and green scarf wrapped around his neck to keep him warm. And Katy couldn’t help but smile as she looked down at his giant prick made of snow.

Her older sister, Lauren, thought it was hilarious to sneak out and put a penis on Katy’s snowmen and it had become an unofficial Christmas tradition. Even though Lauren no longer lived at home, Katy could see that this year had been no exception.

As Katy admired his frozen flagpole, she thought her sister had outdone herself this year. The snowman’s wintry whopper was at least ten inches long, thick and sticking straight up; she could never figure out how her sister made the frosty fucksticks so big without them falling off.

Lauren had also taken the pebbles that made up the snowman’s mouth and circled them in an O, as if he was having an orgasm, and moved his tree-branch arm to his frozen banana to make it look like he was jacking off. Katy put the arm back in its proper position and rearranged the pebbles into a warm smile.

“I wish you were my boyfriend, with your beautiful blue eyes and your beautiful smile. You don’t look like the type of snowman who’d cheat on his girlfriend with her best friend. And you’ve also got…that.” She looked down at his giant snow staff and bit her lower lip. Katy reached out her fingers and gently brushed them against the tip, wondering if cocks actually came in that size and, if they did, if one would even fit inside her tiny pussy.

Opening the bag of reindeer dust, she spotted a tiny bit left in the corner. She turned the bag upside down and sprinkled it all over his icy erection until it sparkled.

“I wish you were real…then I’d never be lonely at Christmas again,” she whispered.

Katy walked up the back stairs and stamped the snow off her boots outside the back door. Taking one last look at the yard, amazed at how the dust had made the snow sparkle, she headed inside to get warm.

As she took off her boots and threw her pink scarf on the kitchen table, her mom came into the kitchen and handed her a steaming mug.

“Did you use it all, honey?” her mom asked.

“Yeah, I sprinkled all the stupid dust.”

“Don’t be like that, Katy. You love spreading magic reindeer dust around the house to make sure Santa doesn’t miss us!”

“When I was, like, seven. I’m eighteen now. What’s this?”

“Hot cocoa. I always make it to warm you up after you’ve finished sprinkling the dust.”

“Cocoa? Why can’t I have rum and eggnog like Lauren?” she asked, as they walked into the living room where Katy’s sister was hanging the stockings while their dad rummaged underneath the Christmas tree.

“Because you can’t drink until you’re twenty-one,” her dad answered, as he sorted through the pile of presents.

“That’s crazy! I’m old enough to have sex, but not old enough to have a drink?”

“You’re not allowed to have sex either,” he added.

Katy rolled her eyes. “How old am I supposed to be before I’m allowed to have sex?”

“Thirty…no, thirty-five!” her dad answered.

“Ha ha,” she said, as her mom and sister gave her sympathetic smiles and tried not to laugh.

“Please, can I have just one rum and eggnog?” pleaded Katy.

“No, I’m serious, you’re too young. And besides, I think we’re all heading to bed now anyways.” He cleared the Christmas snacks from the coffee table and headed toward the kitchen.

“What? Why? It’s not even midnight!”

“It will be in five minutes,” her mom said. “You’d better get to bed so Santa will come.”

“He already came. Dad put all the presents marked Santa under the tree an hour ago.”

He turned and saw his wife glaring at him. “You said to put all the presents out!”

“Not those ones!” she whispered through clenched teeth.

“You guys go to bed. I need Katy to stay up a bit and help me with Aaron’s present,” Lauren said, as she kissed her mom good night.

“Okay, but don’t stay up too late. You girls need to be up early so you can open your gifts, and then I’ll make Christmas breakfast for everyone. Tomorrow’s going to be our best Christmas ever!”

As she closed the bedroom door, Shannon walked to the far side of the bed and put her glasses down on the nightstand.

“Why would you put out the presents from Santa before they were asleep, Tom?”

“Honey, Katy’s eighteen now — she quit believing in that Santa stuff ten years ago. I don’t know why you made her freeze her ass off spreading reindeer food all over the yard.”

“Not reindeer food — reindeer dust. Oh, Tom, I wish you could’ve seen the tiny, old lady who sold it to me; she looked like a little elf. She was so cute! I was in her curio shop and she promised me the dust would make Christmas magical again. And that’s all I want, for things to be like they used to be, when we’d all spend Christmas together.”

“Honey, we’re still going to see them every Christmas, but you can’t keep treating them like they’re little kids, they’re grown-ups now.”

“Katy isn’t, she’s only eighteen.”

“Well, Lauren’s twenty-two and Tyler’s nearly twenty.”

“I know…I wish he’d stayed home for Christmas Eve.”

“He’ll be back in the morning to open presents. He just wanted to spend the night with his friends.”

“But all five of us are supposed to spend Christmas Eve together, it’s tradition.”

“Well, there’s one tradition we can make sure to keep up,” he said, and gave her a wink.

‘You are so bad,” she said, trying to hide a smile. “You must have been on Santa’s naughty list a lot.”

“If I was, my name was right below yours.” He watched as his wife grabbed a plastic bag from under the bed and hid it behind her back.

“I bought something that’s going to make your Christmas Eve treat even more special. Get him ready for me.”

After she left the room, Tom undressed and got into his pajama bottoms. He lay on the bed and pulled his cock out, stroking it hard for when his wife got back.

Every Christmas Eve, as his present, Shannon gave him a hummer. This blowjob was special though, as it was the one night of the year when she’d let him shoot in her mouth and swallow his cum. He loved the naughty twinkle she’d get in her eye when she’d open her mouth, so he could see she’d been a good girl and drank every drop. As he lay on his bed beating his meat hard, he could hear his daughters’ voices through the walls.

They were in their brother Tyler’s room. With him out for the night, Lauren and her boyfriend would be sleeping in his bed.

The door was closed as she went to the closet and pulled out a huge gift-wrapped box.

“Wow! Who’s that for?” asked Katy.

“Aaron, of course!” Lauren smiled as she dragged it to the middle of the bedroom.

Katy was amazed at the size of the present. “What did you get him? A dishwasher?”

“Oh, yeah,” her sister laughed, “that’s what every guy dreams of getting for Christmas.”

Lifting the gift-wrapped top off of the box, Katy saw it was empty. “What’s supposed to be in it?”


Lauren opened her housecoat to reveal the sexy Christmas outfit she’d been hiding underneath. A tiny bikini top with a huge, red ribbon covered her breasts while a skimpy red skirt just hid her white satin panties. White, thigh-high stockings and red heels completed the outfit.

“Wow, you look amazing!”

“Thanks! I hope Aaron likes his present,” she said, as she adjusted her breasts in the tight top.

“Damn, I wish I looked like you!”

“What are you talking about, you look exactly like me. When we go shopping people think we’re twins.”

“I mean I wish these looked like yours!” Katy squeezed her small tits through her sweater as she stared at her sister’s high, round breasts. “Mine are like little lemons; your boobs are like big oranges and mom’s are like cantaloupes! When are my tits gonna get as big as yours?”

“I’m four years older, you’ll catch up.”

“I hope so,” Katy said, as she pushed her breasts up and together to see if they looked larger. “I wish I’d asked Santa for bigger boobs.”

She went to the box, climbed in and squatted down to see if she fit. “What do you do when he opens the box? Jump out and scare him?”

Lauren gave her sister a naughty smile and pointed to a round hole neatly cut into one side of the box.

“What’s that for?” said Katy.

“That’s where he puts his candy cane so I can give it a lick.”

Katy stared wide-eyed at her sister, and then she opened her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth at the hole and they both laughed out loud.

“You are so bad!” whispered Katy. “You’re going to blow him here? With mom and dad sleeping in the next room?”

“Well it wasn’t my first plan, I’d meant to do it at my apartment. But Mom kept begging me to stay over for Christmas Eve. I didn’t want to, but she’s an expert at making me feel guilty.”

“I know,” said Katy. “She had a huge fight with Tyler when he said he was spending the night at a friend’s house.”

“How did he escape?”

“Dad got in the middle and told Mom that he wasn’t a kid anymore, and it was his decision where he wanted to spend Christmas Eve. But he did make him promise to come home in the morning to open presents. Mom finally agreed, but I heard her crying after he’d left.”

“I know, Mom’s obsessed with us spending Christmas Eve together. I only agreed because she said Aaron could stay over too. I didn’t want him spending Christmas Eve alone, and now you guys can finally meet him.

“Help me get this box into the living room. I want him to find me wrapped under the tree.”

Shannon had heard her daughters talking in Tyler’s room as she snuck downstairs to Katy’s bedroom to change. After she’d undressed, she opened the sexy elf outfit she’d bought online and held it up to look at it. Seeing how small it was, she checked the package it had come in.

“A size ten?” she thought. “I e-mail them that my measurements are 38DD and they send me a size ten?”

Wearing only panties and with the elf tunic over her head, struggling to force it down over her ample breasts, she felt a chill breeze blow through the room. She lifted the top up far enough to peek underneath and was shocked to see a muscular, naked man standing in the doorway.

He had pale, bluish-white skin and short, spiky blonde hair with bright blue eyes and his only clothing was a red and green scarf. But his most striking feature was the huge hammer hanging between his legs, and Shannon couldn’t stop staring at it.

Realizing she was still standing with her arms above her head while wearing nothing but panties, as he stared curiously at her huge tits, she quickly dropped the elf outfit and crossed her arms over her breasts to cover herself up.

“Are…are you Aaron?” she asked.

He gave her a warm smile and entered the bedroom.

“I’m Lauren’s mom, Shannon…you shouldn’t be down here.”

As he walked toward her, her mouth fell open in shock as she saw his cock start to stiffen and thicken. “Oh my…that’s a…wow.

“Like I said,” she stammered. “You really shouldn’t be down here alone…with me.”

He walked toward her and, as she backed away, she toppled backwards onto her daughter’s bed. He stood right in front of her, his enormous erection inches from her face. She’d never seen a cock so big…so hard. As she stared at it, she thought it glittered.

Shannon felt like she was in a trance as she looked up into his cold, blue eyes and knew this wasn’t Aaron. She wasn’t even sure if he was human, but she sensed something magical about this beautiful stranger.

His skin sparkled like ice, and she let out a small gasp when he reached down and touched the curve of her breast with his cool fingers. He watched her in wonder, as she slowly lowered her arms so he could explore her body further.

As he touched her, Shannon savored his cock with her eyes and figured it was at least ten inches long. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly rubbed the head against her erect nipples, surprised at how cool his cock felt.

“Do you like that?” she whispered.

He smiled and cocked his head to one side, as if he didn’t understand.

He removed her hand and she watched as he repeated her action, rubbing his hard cock against her soft breasts. And then he lightly brushed his knob against her warm lips. She couldn’t resist flicking her tongue out and licking the tip as it slid by.

“You want me to teach you, don’t you?” she whispered, as she squeezed her breasts together and rubbed his thick pole between them. She looked up at his brilliant blue eyes, and saw they were filled with wonder, as if he’d never felt pleasure before.

He went to brush his cock across her lips again, but this time she enveloped the cool head in her warm mouth. Watching his eyes as she sucked on his knob, she used both hands to slowly pump his smooth shaft between her lips. Shannon loved how his pale cock sparkled and his pre-cum tasted like melted snow.

Her beautiful stranger reached down and caressed her large, pillowy breasts and brushed his fingertips over her sensitive pink nipples.

Shannon felt like she was floating through a dream as the huge cock stretched her mouth. The skin was so smooth as she licked her tongue along the underside while he probed her throat. She was bobbing up and down on it, trying to get as much of the monster into her mouth as she could, when he unexpectedly pulled out. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and tried to catch her breath.

She leaned back as he mutely moved on top of her, his big bat hanging between her legs, and she could see the curiosity in his eyes, as if he was experiencing all of this for the first time.

As their eyes met, she nodded in understanding, slid her panties off and put them on Katy’s end table. She had no fear of being discovered, and gazed into his magical blue eyes as she spread her legs and guided him into her opening.

Katy’s tiny bed creaked and squeaked as he pumped his colossal cock in and out of her mom.

Upstairs, as the two girls carried the glory hole gift box to the Christmas tree, Lauren was starting to have second thoughts.

“I hope Aaron doesn’t get weirded out that I’m doing this at my parents’ house, maybe I should have just stayed home tonight.”

“And leave me here alone with them?” said Katy. “You and Tyler are lucky you’re old enough to do what you want. I’m stuck here every Christmas Eve and can’t even have a drink. They treat me like I’m still a little kid.”

“I know, that’s why I came over, to keep you company. And to put a giant ding dong on your snowman.”

“I saw it! Is that how big your boyfriend’s is?”

“Ha! I wish!” Lauren put some Christmas music on and turned the volume low.

“Oh well, at least he’s rich.”

“Rich? Why do you think Aaron’s rich?”

“The BMW you drove here in. That’s his, right?”

“Yeah, but it’s only a lease.” Lauren turned on the TV and changed the channels, trying to find the one with the yule log.

“How’s he getting here if you have his car, taxi?”

“Yeah, he had to go to his company Christmas party. He wanted me to go with him but understood when I told him what Mom was like at Christmas. The party’s supposed to be over by midnight so he should be here soon.”

Lauren peeked out the curtains.

“Oh my god, Katy! The reindeer dust looks amazing. The way it sparkles against the snow…it’s like being in a magic snow globe!”

“I know, right? Mom used to give me a bag of oats and sugar with glitter in it to sprinkle before I went to bed. I don’t know where she got this stuff, but it’s way cooler!”

Lauren watched the dazzling snow and smiled, she knew this Christmas Eve was going to be special. As she watched out the window, a taxi pulled up out front.

“He’s here! I’m getting in the box, let him in and tell him his present is in the living room — and then make yourself scarce. He’s about to get an x-rated Xmas!”

Lauren climbed into the box and closed the lid as Katy ran to the front door.

She waited for a knock and, when there wasn’t one, cracked open the door and realized the taxi had left. Her boots were by the backdoor so she walked out onto the snow-covered front walk in her fuzzy slippers. The snow sparkled as if it was reflecting the stars.

Katy looked down the street and noticed the interior light was on in Aaron’s BMW. She tramped down the unshoveled sidewalk and saw the door was ajar and he was passed out on the back seat.

While trying to decide whether she should try to wake him up or go get her sister, Katy spotted something on the floor of the car — a half-empty bottle of gin. Hoping to get a Christmas drink after all, she quietly climbed across the back seat and was stretching down to grab the bottle; she was surprised when he suddenly grabbed her and pulled her backwards on top of him.

“Hey, Lauren,” he slurred, “I’m sorry I’m so late, baby. Don’t be mad at me.” He reeked of booze.

“Wait — ” Katy said, but was startled when his cold hand slid under her sweater and squeezed her bare tit. She could feel his hardon pressing against her ass.

She grabbed his arm to pull it out from her sweater, but he slid his other hand down her stretchy pants, under her panties, and rubbed her trimmed pussy. Katy barely stifled a moan; she hadn’t been touched like this in so long.

“How about a quickie?” he whispered, as he groped her while softly kissing her neck.

Katy closed her eyes as he touched her and visions of sparkling snow danced in her head. She reached her arm back and pulled the car door shut.

She couldn’t help herself as she lifted her bum and reached underneath to feel how big his cock was. Katy knew she should stop, but wanted to play with him a bit while she had the chance.

Aaron pushed his pants down to give her better access, and she wrapped her hand around his pole and sighed as she pulled on it. He pushed her pants and underwear down to her knees and ground his hot tool against her cool ass.

His erection popped up between her legs and Katy trapped it, squeezing her smooth thighs against his hard cock. Grabbing it by the head, she pulled it toward her, rubbing it against her pussy.

Meanwhile, Tom was lying in bed wondering why his cock wasn’t being sucked. He’d thought when his wife left she’d be right back, but now he was wondering what was taking her so long.

He got up to look for her, and also grabbed her Christmas present from under the bed. He’d managed to wrap it, but was hoping Lauren could use some ribbon and tie a nice bow on it.

Walking down the hall, he noticed the front door was open. He checked outside and smiled when he saw the snow sparkling from Katy’s reindeer dust. After he shut the door, he went to Tyler’s room and was surprised Lauren wasn’t there. He left the present on the dresser and went to see if they were down in Katy’s bedroom.

While walking past the living room, he noticed a new present under the tree — a huge gift-wrapped box with a small hole in the front. The lid of the box shifted, and he knew who was hiding inside.

“Shannon,’ he thought. “So this is her Christmas surprise!” He tiptoed to the box, pushed his pajama bottoms down, and shoved his stiff cock through the glory hole.

Downstairs, Shannon’s legs were sore from being spread so wide while her magical stranger punished her pussy with his huge cock. Panting, she told him she needed to change positions, and he watched curiously as she got on all fours and looked back, desperate for him to fuck her some more. He pressed his cock against her and she guided it into her sopping pussy, clutching her daughter’s sheets and clenching her teeth as he hammered her from behind.

At the same time, Katy was on her back while her sister’s boyfriend held her on top of him, rubbing his cock between her legs. He shifted underneath her, and she felt his cockhead press against her tight, wet hole. She froze with her mouth open in a silent moan as his thick cock slowly parted her swollen pussy lips and slid into her opening. Once inside, he held her tits while he fucked her fast and she couldn’t help moaning with each thrust.

“Shh,” he said. “You’re going to wake the neighbors. You’re so noisy tonight.” As he squeezed her tits, Aaron thought they seemed smaller than normal and he wondered if it was because she was on her back.

“Oh…fuck, Lauren…your pussy is so fucking tight tonight,” he said, as he kept thrusting into her.

Katy quickly sat up, his cock still inside her, and tried to catch her breath.

“What’s the matter, babe?” he asked, as he slid his hand under her sweater to rub her back.

Katy held her head in her hands. She knew she should stop, he was her sister’s boyfriend, but being fucked by him felt so good; she felt…compelled to continue. Footsteps crunched on the snow outside and she looked up as her brother, Tyler, staggered past the car. Ducking down onto the seat so he wouldn’t see her, she heard the front door of the house open and close as he went inside.

Aaron moved behind her and, before she could get off her hands and knees, slid his erect cock back into her pussy. She had to bite her lip as he fucked her hard from behind, and held on to the car seat as her head banged against the car door.

By the Christmas tree, Lauren was crouching in the box wondering what was taking her boyfriend so long when a hard cock appeared through the glory hole.

“Finally,” she thought.

Lauren smiled as she wrapped her hand around the shaft, stroked it and whispered, “Merry Christmas,” and heard the same whispered back.

She circled her tongue around the head of the cock a few times and then started to slowly suck the tip before letting the rest of his pole slide into her warm mouth.

“Wow,” she thought, “his cock is way thicker than normal.” She was happy to see he was enjoying his present, and wondered what he’d tell his friends when they asked what he’d got for Christmas.

Tom stood in the living room with his pajamas down around his ankles, as the willing mouth on the other side of the glory hole sucked him. He could tell his wife was really into it this year. Usually, she preferred the slow, sensual approach to oral sex. But tonight she was attacking his prick like she was a teenager again. He had to brace himself against the box as she wildly sucked his cock. He wondered if she’d taken a blowjob class or something.

Lauren furiously jacked the shaft into her mouth as she sucked on the knob. His cock felt so big, so good in her mouth. She tried to deep throat it but gagged, it was too long. As she bobbed back and forth she felt the cock stiffen, and then it erupted hot cum into her mouth.

Lauren was surprised, as Aaron had never come in her mouth before; he always warned her. But it was his Christmas present, so she took the load like a pro, swallowing it all while still stroking and sucking and hoping for more.

But she wished he hadn’t come so soon, she wanted so badly to get fucked by this big cock. Her hand was between her legs, as she’d pulled her panties aside to play with her pussy while she blew her boyfriend, who still hadn’t gone soft. She was surprised when his cock popped out of her mouth and disappeared through the hole. After waiting a second to see if he’d stick it back in, she lifted the lid to peek — the room was empty.

Tom ran into the kitchen, pulling up his pajamas to hide his hardon. He’d heard someone coming through the front door and was worried it was one of his daughters, but realized it was only his son, Tyler. He was just about to steer him to his bedroom to make sure he didn’t discover his mom in the box in the living room, when a naked man walked out the back door.

“Who the fuck is that?” thought Tom. Half naked, he grabbed Katy’s pink scarf off the table for warmth, and chased after him, holding up his pants with one hand as he raced barefoot down the back stairs and through the cold snow.

“Hey! Hey, you!” he yelled, thinking he was going to kill this guy if he’d just come from Katy’s room.

The pale-skinned man stopped but didn’t turn around, and Tom felt a numbing sensation as he grabbed his shoulder.

He was frozen. Completely paralyzed, Tom stood in the backyard like a statue with one hand reached out in front of him and one at his waist, with his pajama bottoms piled around his feet. He no longer felt the cold even though he was completely naked, with his still fully erect cock sticking straight out in front of him. The snow around him magically circled up like a whirlwind, and buried him beneath a wintry blanket.

Back in the living room, Lauren climbed out of the box and wondered where Aaron had gone. She checked to see if he was in the bedroom and was surprised to find her brother fully clothed and asleep on the bed.

“Get out of here!” she said, shaking Tyler awake. “We’re staying in your room, remember? Mom said we could.”

“Where am I supposed to sleep?” he drunkenly asked, as his blurry eyes tried to focus on his sister’s toned body in her sexy Santa’s little helper outfit.

“Wow, sis, you look fucking hot!”

“Get out!” Lauren said, and tried to cover herself up.

Tyler staggered down the hall to his parents’ room to find out where he was supposed to sleep, hoping his mom wasn’t still mad at him for going out on Christmas Eve. When he saw their bed was unoccupied, he fell backwards onto it and passed out again.

Downstairs, Shannon was lying on Katy’s bed with her long red hair splayed around her head, trying to catch her breath while her legs trembled from being fucked so well. Now that the stranger was gone, she felt like it had all been a dream, and couldn’t understand why she didn’t feel guilty at all.

She knew the stranger was magical, but in more ways than one. He’d made her come twice with his giant cock, and then pulled out and walked toward the back door without coming once himself.

Looking at Katy’s alarm clock, she realized she’d been down in her daughter’s bedroom for nearly ten minutes. Shannon was surprised her husband hadn’t come looking for her and hoped he’d fallen asleep. She headed back upstairs, wearing only her panties, and covered her breasts as she hurried down the hall to her bedroom.

Shannon shut the door until it was nearly closed and saw the outline of her husband sleeping on the bed in the dark, arm across his face. She left the light off, as she didn’t want to wake him — yet. He’d fallen asleep waiting for his Christmas Eve present and she wasn’t going to disappoint him. Climbing quietly onto the bed, she carefully undid his belt and unbuttoned his fly.

Meanwhile, Katy was on her knees in the back seat of the BMW as Aaron fucked her from behind. He laced his fingers through her auburn hair and gently pulled it, arching her back as he pounded his cock into her.

“Hey,” he said. “Did you get your hair cut? It seems shorter.”

Katy bounced harder on his cock in answer, and he soon forgot the question. She knew this was wrong, she remembered how hurt she’d been when she’d found out her boyfriend had been fucking her best friend.

But she didn’t feel guilty, she felt like she was lost in a magical dream, and she loved it. Katy had gone out with Jon for almost a year, but he’d never fucked her like this. She was used to two-minute quickies in back rooms at parties, not being rode for ten minutes like she was a hobby-horse. She could see why Lauren liked older guys.

Aaron was slamming her ass against his hips when he finally groaned that he was going to come.

“Oh, shit!” Katy thought, and looked over her shoulder at him. “Don’t come inside me, I’m not on the pill!”

“Who the hell are you?” Aaron pulled his cock out of her and tried to stop himself from coming, but it was too late. He couldn’t hold it back and, not wanting to get it all over his car, pushed Katy down on the backseat while he fired cum all over her tiny ass.

Aaron fell back against the car door, his spent cock hanging between his legs. “Oh, no. You’re not — “

“Hi, I’m Katy,” she said, looking back at him while she rubbed his hot cum against her smooth bum.

At the same moment, Lauren looked in the backyard but only saw Katy’s snowman, standing like a silent sentinel on the shimmering snow carpet. Then she went and looked out the front window and didn’t see Aaron there either. Going back to Tyler’s bedroom, she texted him: “Where are you?”

“I’ll be right there,” Aaron replied, as he watched his girlfriend’s little sister pull her undies back on.

Katy gave him a shy smile. “Do you think I could have a sip of your gin?”

After leaving the car, Katy went around to the back of the house, hoping she wouldn’t run into Lauren and have to explain where her and Aaron had been. As she kicked her fuzzy slippers through the powdery snow, she took a sip from the bottle of gin and made a yucky face. She sniffed at the bottle, thought it smelled like a Christmas tree, and took another sip.

Sneaking around to the backdoor, Katy did a double take when she realized her snowman had moved. She trudged through the snow and saw someone had also replaced his red and green scarf with her pink one.

And there was a giant candy cane sticking out where his snowman cock used to be. The thick, striped candy cane even had a penis-shaped head. She looked back at the house and wondered if Lauren had bought this as a joke. She grabbed the candy cane and tried to pull it out and, when it didn’t budge, she put her foot against the snowman and pulled as hard as she could.

Tom stood there frozen, trying to scream to his daughter to stop. She had her foot against his leg and was pulling on his erect cock as hard as she could. Relief surged through him when she finally gave up, and he was thankful that his prick was still attached.

Catching her breath, Katy saw her snowman’s bright blue button eyes were gone. In their place, someone had put brown buttons that were the same color as her dad’s eyes. And the pebble mouth she’d returned to a smile was now a frown again.

Katy took another swig of gin and couldn’t get over the terrible flavor. Hoping the candy cane would take the bad taste away, she bent down and gave it a long lick.

Tom was surprised to see his daughter drinking, but was shocked when she bent down and ran her soft tongue along the length of his erect cock. Why was she doing this, why wasn’t she helping him?

And then he glanced over and caught his reflection in her bedroom window. He saw her standing in front of a snowman, and realized he’d somehow magically been transformed into one!

The candy cane did take the bad taste of the gin away, so Katy gave it another big lick. As she wrapped her hand around the thick striped stick, she wondered if she’d be able to suck a cock this big. She crouched in the cool snow and licked the head a few times — it tasted so good. Stretching her mouth around it, she started to bob back and forth, pretending she was giving her snowman a blowjob.

Tom could only watch as his baby girl sucked his cock. He struggled unsuccessfully to move his arms, not sure if he wanted to push her away or grab her head and fuck her mouth.

In her bedroom, Shannon wished her husband had got into his pajamas like she’d told him to, and was surprised to see he hadn’t worn any underwear. She carefully pulled his half hard cock out and ran her tongue along it as it stiffened in her hand. She slowly stroked him, and was amazed at how stiff he was — he hadn’t got this hard since he was a teenager. After gently tonguing his balls, she wrapped her mouth around his cock and sucked it lovingly.

He woke up and put his hand on the back of her head to keep her mouth on his cock. He was really, really hard. Shannon kept sucking until he exploded in her mouth; she swallowed and swallowed — so much cum! She could tell her husband liked his Christmas present by how quickly he’d gone off; he normally lasted much longer.

When Tyler opened his eyes, he thought he was still at the party. He didn’t remember passing out, just waking up and discovering someone was sucking his cock. He wondered if it was his best friend’s little sister; she was always giving him the eye.

Whoever it was, she was a fantastic cocksucker; he thought she’d be mad when he unloaded in her mouth without warning, but she just moaned around his cock and swallowed every drop. Her soft tongue felt great as it cleaned his knob off. Tyler was just about to thank her when he heard his mom whisper, “Merry Christmas, honey.”

He sat up in shock and, as he watched her big tits bounce out of the room, realized she was only wearing panties. Finally remembering that he’d passed out in his parents’ bed, he wondered where his dad was. Maybe they’d had a fight and he was sleeping on the couch? Tyler felt like he was already dreaming as his head fell back and struck the pillow.

Lauren was in Tyler’s bedroom waiting for her boyfriend when she noticed a present on the dresser.

“Just like when we were kids!” she thought. Her mom always left a present in their rooms so they’d have something to open when they woke up Christmas morning. Lauren saw it was after midnight and decided she was going to unwrap it now. The gift tag was in her dad’s handwriting, and she was puzzled by the message: “For a very naughty girl, make sure you open this present where no one can see you!”

Lauren tore off the wrapping paper and was shocked when she looked inside. She checked the tag again to see if she’d opened someone else’s present by mistake.

In the box was a giant, purple vibrator. As she turned it around, amazed at how lifelike it looked, she realized there was more in the box.

Lifting out the cards, she saw they were sexy coupons. She read them and saw there was a coupon for kisses, one for a full body massage, one for a night in a motel, one for a tongue lashing and another that allowed her to ride his cock as hard as she wanted.

She looked on the other side of the coupons and saw someone had printed a photo of an erect penis. As she looked closer, she realized the picture had been taken in her parents’ bedroom — that was her dad’s dick!

She couldn’t believe this present was for her; it had to be a mistake. The present must have been meant for her mom.

Lauren’s pussy was still soaked from sucking off her boyfriend, and she hoped he’d be back soon; she needed to be fucked so badly. She turned the vibrator back and forth, and wondered if there were batteries in it.

Once she found the switch, she turned the sex toy on and felt it vibrate against her palm. And then she brushed it against her nipple and trembled as she felt a tingle. Lauren checked to make sure the door was closed, and leaned back on the bed as she slowly rubbed the vibrator against the front of her panties.

Her legs shuddered with pleasure as she played with herself. She wet her lip with her tongue and let out a soft moan as she pulled her panties aside and dipped the vibrator into her pussy. Leaning across the bed, she grabbed one of the pictures of her dad’s cock. She held it in the air and her eyes wandered over every inch as she fucked herself with her new purple toy.

In the backyard, Katy was on her knees in the snow but didn’t feel the cold. The sky was clear and all the stars were shining, while moonlight fell on the reindeer dust and made it sparkle as if it were magic. The night air was crisp and cool and the only sound that could be heard was Katy’s wet mouth as she sucked on her candy cane.

She couldn’t believe how real it felt and how wet her pussy was getting from the feel of it in her mouth. When she closed her eyes, she swore it felt just like a real cock. She stroked her hand up and down the candy cane, enjoying how smooth and hard it felt.

If Tom’s eyes could have moved they would have been rolling back in his head. His little girl was stroking his shaft as she bobbed her tiny, warm mouth on his knob. He couldn’t move, but he could feel every touch…every lick…every sensation. After blowing his load in the living room, he thought he wouldn’t be hard again until the New Year; now he felt like his cock wouldn’t ever go down again.

He was relieved when Katy finally stopped sucking on it. Part of him wanted her to come back and finish him off, but the rest of him was glad when she turned to leave. But then she stopped and, checking to make sure no one was around, pushed her stretchy pants down.

Her dad watched as Katy backed up against him, pulled her panties to one side, and held the end of his cock in her hand as she slid her wet pussy back and forth on it.

Katy looked between her legs; she must have been off balance — she could have sworn the candy cane cock twitched. She didn’t notice that the snowman’s pebble mouth was now shaped like an O, not the frown it had been a minute ago. She balanced herself with one hand on the snow and one hand on her knee as she slowly backed onto the snowman’s stiff cock.

Tom felt like he was going to come just from watching his little girl slide herself onto his pole. He felt every inch enter her as she slowly filled her pussy with his thick cock. When she was halfway, she couldn’t take any more and began to slowly ride him, bending her knees to bounce up and down on his frozen fuckstick. In the reflection from the downstairs window, he saw her push her sweater up, playing with her tiny tits as she rode his candy cane.

Inside the house, Shannon’s panties were wet as she went to the kitchen to get a drink to wash the taste of cum out of her mouth. While passing Tyler’s bedroom, she heard Lauren moaning in pleasure and assumed Aaron had finally arrived.

Shannon was surprised after the pounding she’d received in Katy’s room that she was still so horny. She loved sucking Tom’s cock every Christmas Eve, but once he came he was always out cold until the next morning.

As she listened at the bedroom door, she slid her hand into her panties and was teasing her clit while she listened to her daughter coming on the other side. Shannon was fingering herself to an orgasm of her own when she heard someone lightly knock and open the front door.

“Hello? Lauren…Katy?”

Shannon didn’t recognize the voice, but it was obviously someone who knew her daughters. She pulled her hand out of her panties and covered her tits as she ran into the living room, looking for a place to hide.

As she crouched beside the couch, she wondered why there was a huge, empty gift box in front of the tree. Realizing she could still be seen where she was, she quickly climbed into the box and pulled the lid shut.

Aaron closed the front door behind him and crept down the hallway, trying not to wake Lauren’s parents. He still couldn’t believe he’d fucked his girlfriend’s little sister by mistake — he didn’t think he was that drunk.

Before Katy had left his car, she’d told him that Lauren was waiting for him in the front room. Nearly fifteen minutes had passed while he tried to sober up, and he didn’t expect her to still be there, so he was surprised when he saw the closed gift box still waiting in front of the tree.

As he walked up to it, the box shifted and he realized Lauren was still in it. Amazed, but thankful that he was still hard after coating her sister with cum, he pulled his prick out and poked it through the hole, hoping she wouldn’t taste Katy’s pussy on his cock.

Shannon was hiding inside with her hands over her breasts. She wasn’t sure why the giant gift box was in the living room, but she noticed the air hole and thought maybe Tom was giving her a puppy for Christmas and had planned on putting it inside in the morning?

She was shocked when an erect cock poked through the hole and she heard someone whisper, “Merry Christmas.” What did he expect her to do? She couldn’t see well in the dark without her glasses, so she got a little closer and saw how stiff it was, how near it was. She could smell that he’d just fucked someone, as he was so close that she could’ve touched him with her tongue; her hand dipped back into her panties.

Aaron wondered why Lauren was hesitating, wondered if she suspected something. And then he felt her kiss the tip of his cock and give it a little lick. She took just the cockhead in her mouth, and softly sucked him even harder.

His girlfriend was giving him the most sensual blowjob he’d ever received; she normally liked to suck him fast and hard, getting him ready to fuck her. But this time she was going nice and slow, sucking and licking and teasing his cock until he was ready to explode. He steadied himself against the box as she pushed him toward the edge.

At the same time, Katy bounced back and forth on the candy cane cock, amazed that it felt so much like a real one. Her panties were around one ankle and lying on the snow as she looked back at her frosty fuckbuddy.

“Oh,” she moaned, “your candy cane feels so good Mr. Snowman. I wish you wouldn’t ever melt, so I could sneak outside every night and ride your big stick.” She kept bouncing back and forth and quivered as a tremor ran through her. “Unh…you’re gonna make me come!”

Suddenly, Katy let out a loud gasp and trembled as she came all over her dad’s cock. She slid off the stiff stick and saw it was slick with her sweet juice. “Wow, what a mess.”

Tom watched, frozen with pleasure, as Katy gave him a lewd smile and wiggled back into her panties. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and rubbed his candy cane one last time as she ran into the house. His cock ached from not being able to come.

Meanwhile, Lauren was in her brother’s bedroom teasing her clit with the vibrator and trembling with mini-orgasms as she looked at pictures of her dad’s cock, secretly wishing he really had meant this present to be for her. Tilting her head back, she was just about to come again when she heard a familiar moan from the living room.

Aaron felt his balls getting tight, as he was about to blow his load for the second time tonight. He started when he heard Lauren’s voice behind him.

“Aaron? What the hell are you doing?”

He looked over his shoulder and was shocked to see her standing there, wrapped in a blanket. He looked down at the box in dread, wondering if her little sister had tricked him again.

Lauren stormed past him and tore the lid off the box. She was shocked to see her mom on her knees, her chin glistening as cum spilled out of her mouth and down onto her big tits.

“I’m sorry, honey,” she lied. “I thought he was your dad.”


“Mom? Your mom!” Aaron quickly stuffed his dripping cock back into his pants. “I thought it was you in there, Lauren, honest!”

“You already came in my mouth once, but you thought you could come back for seconds and I’d still be in there?”

“What are you talking about?” Aaron said, starting to get really confused. “I just got here.”

“What do you mean…you just got here? I saw your cab outside fifteen minutes ago.”

“I was too drunk, I went and passed out in my car.”

Lauren was stunned. If he’d just got here, who’d come in her mouth?

“I think…I think you’d better leave,” she said.

“Lauren — “

“Please,” she said, pointing toward the door, “just go.”

She watched out the window as Aaron stood on the snow-covered street and called a taxi. Her mom came back into the living room after cleaning cum off her face and tits.

“Honey, I’m so sorry. This has been the craziest Christmas Eve ever.” Shannon still wasn’t sure what had come over in the box, wasn’t sure why she’d had the sudden urge to suck the strange cock.

“Its okay mom, I understand — you thought it was Dad, right?”

After her mom kissed her forehead and went to bed, Lauren sat on the couch wrapped in a blanket as she stared at the Christmas tree lights. She remembered climbing out of the box to look for Aaron and finding Tyler in the bedroom, and she knew — she’d blown her brother!

Outside, Tom watched Katy close the back door and, as soon as it shut, he felt the spell break and was exhausted as he fell to his knees in the sparkling snow. Completely naked except for the pajama bottoms around his ankles and the pink scarf around his neck, he looked down and saw his cock was still purple and throbbing from fucking his daughter. He pulled his pants up and tried to hide his raging hardon as he went inside.

Back in her bedroom, Shannon could still taste Aaron’s cum in her mouth even after she’d brushed her teeth. As she climbed into bed beside her husband, worried he might be able to smell it on her breath, she lay with her back to him and didn’t give him a good night kiss.

Tyler woke up as his mom came back into the room and watched her naked silhouette as she crawled into bed with him. He lifted the blanket and saw she was still only wearing panties. Hoping his dad was asleep in the living room, he moved toward her and put his arm around her waist.

Shannon was surprised her husband was awake, and was even more surprised when she felt his huge erection press against her ass. It had been a long time since he’d been able to get hard again so soon after being sucked. She reached behind and slowly rubbed her hand against his stiff cock.

“Take your pants off,” she whispered.

Tyler couldn’t believe how fast this was going. He was nervous as he removed his jeans, but figured his mom wouldn’t be telling him to get naked if there was a chance they’d get caught. He reached around and squeezed his mom’s big tits while she reached behind and played with his cock and balls.

“Mmm…you’re so hard,” she whispered. “Did you like your Christmas present? Did you like having your big dick sucked until you came in my mouth?”

“Uh huh,” Tyler groaned, as his mom jacked his cock while he kissed her neck just behind her ear.

Shannon moaned; she loved being kissed there. Her husband’s cock was so hard that she wondered if he’d slipped Viagra into his eggnog. Her pussy was soaked from her wild night and was getting wetter.

Tyler watched as his mom slid her panties off and reached behind so she could rub his cockhead against her nice, round ass and sopping pussy.

“You like that?” she whispered.

“Uh huh.”

“You want to put your big cock in my pussy?”

“Uh huh.”

She lifted her leg and slid his pole into her from behind. Her pussy was still sore from the pounding she took in Katy’s bedroom, but his cock was too stiff to refuse. As he thrust into her, he played with her tits as if it was the first time he’d felt them.

“Oh, that feels so good, honey,” she moaned.

Tyler just grunted as he fucked his mom hard from behind. After a couple of minutes, he rolled her onto her stomach and pounded her from the prone position. His mom’s ass kept bouncing forward as his hips slammed against her, and he tried to drive his swollen cock as deep as possible.

Shannon clutched at the sheets as she moaned into her pillow. After so many years of giving on Christmas Eve, it was nice to finally receive. She felt like she was being fucked senseless as she fumbled in the dark for the dresser drawer, feeling inside it for a small bottle she kept there. Her husband was stuffing her stocking so good that she wanted to give him a second Christmas treat.

“Pull out for a second,” she whispered.

When he did, she squirted Astroglide onto her hand and used two fingers to rub some on her sphincter. By the thin line of light shining underneath the bedroom door, she could just make out her lover’s silhouette as he kneeled on the bed, waiting. She reached for his swollen shaft and rubbed Astroglide all along the length.

Tyler didn’t know what his mom had planned, until she got on all fours and pressed his knob against her backdoor and, with a groan, backed up until the head of his cock was inside her. He couldn’t believe the first girl he fucked in the ass was going to be his mom.

“Go slow,” she groaned, as he pushed his cock inch by inch into her snug chute. The lube helped, but his cock was definitely one size too large for her ass. She unclenched her teeth and tried to relax as his balls finally pressed against her.

Putting her hand against his hip to make sure he didn’t go too deep too fast, she slowly slid her bum back and forth on his thick stick, wincing as it stretched her wide.

“Unh…your cock is so fucking swollen,” she said, as she got more used to his size and started to pick up the pace. “You like that, honey?”

“Oh, Mom…it feels fucking incredible!”

Shannon scrambled forward in blind panic, gasping as her son’s cock popped out of her ass. She pulled the sheet up to cover herself and fumbled in the dark to turn on the bedside lamp.

“Tyler!” she cried. “What are you doing in here?! Where’s your dad?”

“Dad? I don’t know — sleeping on the couch?”

“I mean, why were you…what are you doing in my bed?” she whispered.

“I was waiting for you…and then you told me to take my pants off.”

“I didn’t…I mean…why didn’t you say something, tell me that it was you?”

“I figured you knew it was me after you, you know, sucked me off.”

Shannon was shocked — that’s why his cock had been so hard! But where was her husband? She watched Tyler, kneeling between her legs and waiting, his thick shaft slick from being in both her pussy and her ass. She could see how she’d mistaken him in the dark for his dad; he was just as big. And his balls were so swollen, and she’d already made him come once tonight…

Down the hallway, Tom was trying to hide his hardon with his hands as he walked back toward his bedroom.


He looked in the living room and saw Lauren wrapped in a blanket and sitting on the couch near the Christmas tree.

As he walked in, wearing only pajama bottoms and a scarf, Lauren hid the photo of his cock she’d been looking at.

Tom tried to hide his erection, which refused to go down, and sat on the couch beside his daughter.

“Why are you up, still waiting for your boyfriend?”

“No, he’s not coming for Christmas,” she said, as she stared at the box by the tree and wondered where her brother was.

Tom followed her eyes and was embarrassed when he realized he hadn’t put the glory hole gift box away.

“Oh, damn! Forget you ever saw that, it was your mom’s Christmas present to me.”

Lauren sat up and, as she looked back and forth between her dad and the box, everything became clear.

“Dad…it was me in the box, not Mom.”

“No,” he said, refusing to believe the truth. “It was your mom…your mom was in the — “

“Dad,” she whispered, “you came in my mouth.”

Tom felt like the room was turning sideways. Had he really stuck his cock in both of his daughters tonight? “Honey…I didn’t, I mean…how — “

“It’s okay, Dad,” she whispered, as she went to put her hand on his leg and accidentally brushed her fingers against his hardon. “I liked it.”

Lauren could see the uncertainty in his eyes. He was still shivering from being outside, so she straddled his lap and wrapped the blanket around them both, pressing her near naked body against him for warmth. She shuddered as she lowered herself and felt his throbbing cock press against her mound. She ground her panties against his stiff pole and her dad tilted his head back, his mind reeling from pleasure as he opened the blanket to let some light between them.

Tom saw she was only wearing white panties and a red ribbon across her breasts. His gaze drifted up her toned, beautiful body to her long auburn hair, which spilled across her bare shoulders. He looked into her eyes as she reached her hand down and pulled his pajama bottoms back, admiring his big, stiff cock.

Seeing no sign he wanted her to stop, she reached her other hand down and massaged every inch of his cock and balls. Tom pulled the bow and her top fell open, revealing her firm, round breasts. As he pulled her close and sucked on her swollen nipples, Lauren wrapped the blanket around them.

She leaned close and whispered, “I want to cash this in,” and handed him the sexy coupon that allowed her to ‘ride his cock as hard as she wanted’.

She pulled her white satin panties to one side and rubbed the head of his cock against her clit, and then pressed it against her pussy and slid down his pole.

Tom felt like Goldilocks; Katy’s pussy was too tight, but Lauren’s was just right. She put her hands on his shoulders and steadied herself as she bounced up and down on his cock.

Downstairs, Katy was changing into her nighty and getting ready for bed when she saw someone standing in her doorway. She was happy to see his bright blue eyes again, and to see that he’d got his red and green scarf and beautiful smile back. But his penis was way bigger than when it had been a candy cane.

“Mr. Snowman,” she said. “Did you miss me? Is that why you came in from the cold — you wanted to come inside where it’s warm?”

As he walked toward her, Katy wondered if having her pussy wrapped around his candy cane cock was like wearing a magical hat and had somehow brought him to life.

He stood in front of her and gave her a warm, reassuring smile as he reached out and brushed a lock of her auburn hair back behind her ear. She nervously bit her lip as she gently brushed the soft palm of her hand against the tip of his huge hanging cock.

“Does it still taste like a candy cane?” she asked, as she gripped his cool shaft and bent down to give it a lick. He stopped her and looked up as if he could see through the ceiling. Katy let out a surprised squeal as he threw her over his shoulder and walked back upstairs.

In the bedroom, Shannon knew this had to be a dream; she’d never been unfaithful to her husband, yet tonight she’d already sucked three other guys’ cocks, including her son’s. She felt like she was trapped in some sort of naughty snow globe, and every time someone shook it she had to have sex. She felt the snow swirling again and knew she couldn’t resist the storm any longer.

Tyler was waiting and hoping and, as she leaned back on her pillows, still covering herself with a sheet, she beckoned him closer. As she reached out her hand and gently massaged his swollen balls, she could see how much he was enjoying it.

“I’m sorry we argued earlier, sweetie. You were right, you’re a man now.”

“I’m sorry too, Mom,” he moaned, as she caressed his cock. “I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” she whispered. “And you can make it up to me.”

“I think Lauren’s sleeping in there.”

Shannon wondered where Tom was; she remembered how she’d heard Lauren getting fucked in her room, and knew it wasn’t by her boyfriend.

“Wait here,” she said. “I want to see if your sister knows where your dad is.”

As she walked down the hall, she heard the now familiar sound of her oldest daughter being fucked, but this time it was coming from the living room.

She peeked in and saw Lauren was with someone on the couch, a blanket around her as she straddled him and bounced on his cock. Shannon wondered if it was Aaron, until she recognized the blue pajama bottoms piled around his bare feet.

Tom felt the heat trapped under the blanket dissipate as it was pulled away, and his heart stopped when he realized his wife had caught them. Lauren babbled an apology as she scrambled to get off her dad but her mom stopped her with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t,” she said. “I’m not angry with either of you. I don’t know why, but seeing the two of you together makes me feel…happy.

“Tyler, come in here,” she called.

Tom was stunned when he saw his son come around the corner, totally naked and trying to cover his hardon with his hands.

“We want to know if we can join you, and make this a Christmas Eve to remember.”

Tom didn’t know how he could argue with his wife and son when they’d just discovered him ball-deep in his daughter. He looked at Lauren and, when he saw that she was willing, nodded.

Tyler walked over and stared at her as she sat naked on her dad’s lap.

“Wow, Lauren, you’re so beautiful.”

She blushed and reached out to touch his cock, stroking it while her dad started bouncing her up and down on his pole again.

Shannon got on her knees beside them and slid her hand down the inside of her husband’s leg, caressing his balls while she grazed her daughter’s pussy on every down stroke.

“Honey, remember you said you were going to make me feel better?” she said to her son, and bent over the couch.

Tyler went to join his mom but his sister stopped him, and sucked on his cock a few times to get him ready.

He reluctantly popped his cock out of his sister’s mouth and kneeled behind his mom, gently spreading the cheeks of her ass. “Mom, do you think I can stick it in your bum again?”

Shannon was embarrassed when she saw the shocked looks on both Tom and Lauren’s faces. “Okay,” she told Tyler, “but you’ll need to go get the lube.”

He opened his hand and showed he’d already brought the purple bottle with him.

Lauren and her dad both watched as Tyler poured clear fluid down his mom’s ass crack and rubbed it into her opening with his index finger. He then rubbed the rest of the lube all over his cock, pressed the tip against her, and slid his shaft in. Soon his balls were smacking against her as he rammed her from behind.

Shannon was squeezing her husband’s hand tightly and groaning as her son filled her ass while her daughter bounced up and down on his cock beside her.

Tom grabbed Lauren’s firm ass as she rode his cock and slid his index finger into her tight sphincter.

She grabbed his hand before he got past the first knuckle. “Don’t even think about it,” she teased. “That hole’s out of bounds!”

The groans and moans and gasps and sighs mixed with the Christmas music coming from the stereo and drifted toward the doorway, where Tom saw that they were being watched.

The creature that had frozen him outside was standing there with Katy in his arms — a shocked expression on her face as she watched her family fucking in front of the Christmas tree.

Tom pulled Lauren off and covered her with the blanket while Tyler popped his cock out of his mom’s ass and tried to hide beside his sister on the couch.

Tom took a step toward the creature. “Katy! Get away from that…thing!”

“Wait, Daddy! He’s my snowman! He came to life.”

“He’s not your snowman, he’s some kind of monster. That wasn’t him you were with in the — ” He stopped, wondering if he’d said too much.

Katy got down, stood protectively in front of her snowman, and pleaded with her dad, watching him for some sign of understanding. She looked into his hazel eyes, recognized something, and looked past him until she saw her pink scarf discarded by the couch. And then she realized his erection, still glistening from being buried in Lauren’s pussy, was shaped exactly like her candy cane cock.

Katy searched her dad’s eyes for the truth. “Was it you?” she whispered. “Were you the snowman in the backyard?”

He grabbed her hands and squeezed them. “I’m sorry, Katy. I was trapped. I tried to warn you, to stop you, but I couldn’t speak or move!”

“I didn’t want you to stop me, Dad,” she said. “I don’t want this night to ever stop. In the backyard, that was magic. And so is he. He’s my magic snowman, and this is why he came to life, so we can all have fun together.”

Tom hesitated, unsure of what was real and what wasn’t, and wondered if he was dreaming.

Shannon walked over and took his and Katy’s hands. “This was my Christmas Wish,” she said, “for the five of us to spend Christmas Eve together.”

by SueNH © 1996

Christmas ought to be a magical time of the year.

But it had been a terribly long and tiresome day of shopping at the mall, trying to take care of all of the Christmas presents that I had left ’til the last minute. Having just hauled all the packages out to my car, I decided impetuously that I too deserved a present for myself, so I headed back into the mall with only a half hour to go until closing time.

As I walked from the car to the shopper’s entrance, a few light snowflakes dusted my jacket and tickled my nose. It was the first snow of the year, just in time for the big day. Anyway, I decided to head straight for the Victoria’s Secret shop, where I knew I’d find some seductive and slinky lingerie and nightgowns that would keep me warm in bed at night, one way or another (if you know what I mean).

With only a couple of days to go until the big event, the mall had been jam-packed with crazed consumers. But now, as the minutes ticked away toward the end of the day, the stores were emptying, and I had to fight my way against the stream of traffic funneling through the doors to the parking lot.

When I made it to Victoria’s, the last customers were paying for their purchases, and I headed straight for the silk nighties. I grabbed a bright red one and headed for the dressing room. Fairly certain I was going to purchase this item, I had no qualms about removing every stitch of my clothing; I wanted to feel its texture against my naked skin.

As I stripped down out of my work-a-day clothes and pulled on the oily-smooth teddy, I felt the tension flow out of my body, and my libidinous side came out of hiding. I hadn’t felt even a tiny tendril of sexiness all day, but suddenly, I was enveloped with a powerful rush of excitement, tingling through my skin. My hands took on a life of their own, rising up my flanks and massaging my breasts through the slippery silk. My nipples instantly hardened into gumdrops.

I twisted them.

I guess that I started daydreaming, since I sort of lost track of time as I got totally into the luxurious and sultry feeling of the sheer fabric on my flushed skin.

“Ma’am, I heard you moan in there. Is everything OK? I just wanted you to know that we are closing in five minutes, so if I can help you with anything, please let me know soon,” one of the sales women called out to me.

That snapped me out of my reveries. I told the anonymous voice, “Thanks. I ‘m fine. If you can bring me a velvet body suit to try on, it would save me the time of changing into my clothes again.”

She replied with a pleasant tone of voice, “Don’t worry, Ma’am. There’s no one else in the store except another sales woman, so feel free to come on out to choose whatever you want to try.”

When I did come out into the display area, I felt somewhat embarrassed and self-conscious, for the teddy was really a size or two too small for me, and it was stretched across my breasts, showing my jutting nipples. When I walked over to the rack with the bodysuits, I could feel the strip of red silk pulling up into my crotch. Even though there were only two female employees in the store, I felt exposed.

My embarrassment was tinged with a bit of exhibitionism, and quickly, my bashfulness transformed itself into brashness. Despite the fact that I knew that the teddy was too small, I turned to the women at the counter and asked, “Do you think this looks good on me?”

They both came over and made a great show of examining me. The tall redhead, whose name badge read “Judy” commented, “It shows off your lovely figure magnificently. The texture of the silk corresponds well to your skin and long blond hair.”

The other one, apparently “Megan” added, “That teddy ‘colors you beautiful’ Ma’am,” which is tired old sales jargon in women’s clothing stores.

Judy asked me to turn around, and she stood behind me and adjusted the spaghetti straps on my shoulders (which momentarily pulled the crotch up higher!).

Megan, who was the smaller and thinner of the two, circled in front of me and knelt down, saying, “It does appear that this teddy might be too tight in the crotch.” Then she reached forwards. Boldly grasped the lace edging right near my cunt with her dainty fingertips, she pulled the fabric down, literally pulling it out from the damp folds of my labia.

Something was cooking, both in these young ladies’ minds, and also in the hot cauldron of my libido. I could actually smell the bittersweet scent arising from my crotch.

Judy, speaking from behind me, said, “You know, I think you look great in this, and I’d bet anything that you wear this kind of thing a lot, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. It makes me feel different, more free and sensuous,” I replied.

“We both overheard you moaning and sighing while you were in the dressing room, and we know that you were beginning to enjoy yourself more that our average customer,” she hinted. “So, we were wondering… I mean if we aren’t being too forward…. would you be interested in joining us for a little after-closing party here in the store? We’ve already invited a special guest who deserves a special holiday treat. In fact, he should be here any minute, as soon as he gets off duty. You could be our present to him.” They both kind of giggled and winked at each other.

“Well, what the hell,” I thought. “All these Christmas obligations and the grinding effort of shopping has kind of dulled my senses. And after all,” I rationalized, “I did come back into the mall to treat myself to a little self-indulgence. Now maybe I’m going to get more than I bargained for.”

As I nodded my assent to their invitation, I heard a deep throated voice from the hallway outside the store.

“HO, HO, HO. Are there some folks in there who wish to receive their presents?” this masculine voice inquired with a chuckle.

Judy grabbed something from one of the racks and shoved it into my hands, whispering to me, “Put this on in the dressing room, and come on out when we call, OK?”

I dashed back into the back rooms while hearing them invite the gentleman into the back portion of the store. I could hear the metal grate being pulled over the front entry to the store.

I quickly skinned the teddy off of me, and looked myself over in the mirror. My skin was still rosy pink, and my nipples were still hard. My sparse golden pubic hair was tangled, and around my cunt, the moisture had matted the hair flat. I reached down and combed my fingertips through that hair to sort of fluff it up a bit, and I couldn’t help but take a moment to tease my clitoris for just a couple of strokes.

I picked up the package that I had been given. It was one of those almost-transparent body stockings that Victoria’s was always advertising. I suppose that I had been tempted to buy it on occasion, but it seemed too frivolous. Now I made haste to get it on.

Actually, it took a few minutes, for I had to bunch the whole thing up like an accordion, and gradually spread it up my legs, then over my hips, and finally up to my shoulders. When I stood up to check it out, I was amazed by the effect. It really didn’t look very much like a piece of clothing. It was more like I had been painted with translucent paint, and tattooed with black floral designs. My areolae and nipples could be seen plainly, with their pink color and all their tiny bumps telegraphing though the nylon fabric. The bulge of my mons rose from the juncture at the top of my thighs, and my patch of hair was clearly visible, creating a crinkly texture on the surface.

When I let my knees separate a little, I could see a brighter pink groove form in the material. The total effect was to make me appear (to my own subjective eyes) taller, more svelte, more mysterious, more wanton. I felt like a vixen, a cunning libertine.

I was ready. I was ready be both naughty and nice. I began to reenact the caresses that I had given myself when I tried on the teddy, and was not surprised to find my nipples still as big and rubbery as before. I dragged my fingernails over the nylon sheathing, and the texture of the material created a barely-discernible vibration in the flesh of my breasts. Looking down, I could see my chest heaving with the anticipation of what was to come. My fat nipples were encircled by the embroidered lace floral patterns.

When I let one hand slide down the slippery and insubstantial fabric, my fingers homed in automatically on my cunt, and I could feel the heat and moisture exuding into the dark nylon. If the two women hadn’t called for me at that moment, I might have lost all self-restraint and started to masturbate right there in the dressing room.

But I responded to their beckoning and walked back onto the back room display floor, which could not be seen directly from the mall. There, in the room that was dedicated to bras, panties, bustiers, and so on, was a scene that I won’t soon forget.

Next to an elaborately decorated Christmas tree, a Victorian-style armless side chair had been placed in an open area of the floor, and seated in it was the mall’s Santa Claus impersonator. He still had on all of his regalia: hat, beard, bright red outfit, black belt, and black boots. Beside him was a canvas sack, bulging with box-like shapes. And he was still playing the part to the hilt, with a twinkling smile and deep throated voice. You’d think he would have been sick of it after a long day of kids, whining and begging for all the latest expensive toys. But he seemed quite happy to continue his role playing for a while longer.

Of course he had some incentives, such as the two sales women, each sitting on one of his widespread legs. Although they were each obviously in their mid-twenties, they were acting like cute little teenagers, giggling and bouncing up and down. They had taken off their blouses and skirts, and were now clothed only in some of the sexiest and most revealing undergarments that Victoria’s had to offer.

Judy, with her long wavy red hair, had on a black satin and lace merry widow, with a lace-up front closure that served to cinch in on her waist and push up on her large, soft breasts, creating a deep and dark cleavage. Her nipples were covered, but clearly showed through the lace. Her areolae were incredibly wide and red. Black net stockings covered her taut muscular legs, and were held up by garter belts that drew my attention to the fact that her ass cheeks were fully exposed by the itsy-bitsy strip of satin that formed her thong panties, which insinuated itself into the crease of her rear. One of Santa’s hands was rubbing up and down her back, and occasionally following the arrow of the thong, tickling her rear.

Megan had her short black hair fluffed up with gel into a spiky arrangement. She was wearing a dark purple two-piece lounging pajamas, made of semi-transparent satin. Where the loose fitting material actually made contact with her skin, the plum color was transmuted into a dusty rose. The filmy night shirt closed up the front with big wide-spaced buttons. The pants were boxer style, with really wide, fluttery hems that were short enough to reveal most of her thighs. Santa’s other hand snaked around her back and under her armpit, so that he could cup and fondle her smaller, pert breast. Each of the women had an arm draped over Santa’s shoulder, and they were holding hands behind his neck.

“Santa,” said Megan, “we have a special present for you tonight, for surely you have been a very good boy all year, and you’ve been working so hard to take care of everyone else. This gorgeous lady here has agreed to be our gift to you….” (more giggling.)

“HO, HO, HO, its gonna be a VERY merry Christmas this year,” laughed Santa.

“But before you open your present, we were hoping that you might grant us our wishes. Ooops, I forgot, you aren’t a Genie, who can make the presents we want so much just poof into existence.”

“Oh, Santa knows what you want most of all,” he said, and with that he reached behind the redhead into his bag, and pulled out two brightly wrapped boxes, covered with frilly little bows. Jiggling around on his knees, the sales women tore open their packages and simultaneously held up their rewards.

They both had received vibrators, in the shape of life-like cocks. But they were different. The one held by Judy was 5 or 6 inches long, jet black and shiny smooth. When she turned it on, it emitted a high-pitched hum, and the end of the dildo twitched back and forth in a rapid wandering oscillation. Petite little Megan proudly held up an ivory colored vibrator that was huge. The working end of it was maybe 10 or 11 inches long, and it was fat around as my forearm. At the base was a wide flange from which protruded a rounded nub, clearly intended to stimulate the recipient’s clitoris. When turned on, this vibrator pulsed in and out with a slow pumping rhythm that extended and shortened the length a couple of inches. The clitoral stimulator twirled around a pivot point in the same relentless and methodical pace.

I suggested to the women that they must have received the wrong presents, for certainly the big redhead should have receive the larger instrument, and vice versa. But Santa interjected, “Oh no, I know what I’m doing, I never make that kind of mistake. So why don’t you two amuse yourselves while I open my present. Perhaps Sue will understand your gifts better in a little while.”

I had only a moment to wonder how this Santa impersonator knew my name, when my attention was drawn back to the scene before my eyes. Both women reached down, their hands colliding as they groped deep into the shadowy folds of Santa’s crotch. With all the cushioning that was part of his costume, I thought they would have trouble finding their target.

But they laughed some more, and Megan chortled, “Golly, Santa, what is this thing we have found in your pants? If I’m not mistaken, it looks like you brought along one of your tools from the workshop.” Looking right at me and winking, she then said to me, “Isn’t that what YOU asked for this Christmas? Come and get it.” They both hopped off Santa’s lap and stretched out on the carpet a couple of feet in front of his boots.

Finally, I got my chance to be part of the action at this party. I strode over to stand between Santa’s feet, and reached out to start unbuttoning his thick red chamois shirt. By the time I had unfastened him down to his tummy, I realized that this actor didn’t need to be fitted with padding for this job. He was the perfect natural shape for playing Santa Claus. His chest was covered in a dense forest of snow-white curls, and his belly was broad and layered with fatty rolls.

When I unbuckled his shiny black belt and unzipped his pants, he lifted his hips and allowed me to pull his pants down to his knees and over his boots. He wore no underwear at all. Compared with the immense size of the rest of his body, I expected that his cock would be comparatively much smaller, for that has been my past experience with the huskier men that I have been intimate with.

But Santa’s cock was proportional to the rest of his physique – very big and broad and soft. It lay ponderously off to one side, rooted in a bouquet of more bushy white hair. He was not circumcised and his skin sheathed his cock in a pale, loose wrap of wrinkled skin. It was very natural looking and alluring. I was surprised by the aroma that was emanating from his crotch. I had prepared myself for his being sweaty and pungent, given that he had been wearing this heavy outfit all day while kids climbed over his lap. But instead, I smelled the delicate fragrance of apple blossoms and almonds, with maybe a hint of balsam fir!

Fascinated by this unexpected pleasure, I immediately dropped my face down into his crotch, and licked up the length of his flaccid penis, burying the fingers of my left hand into the luxuriant pubic hair and finding his large testicles. What before I was perceiving through my nose, I was now tasting with my tongue, and it was deliciously sweet and fruity. Maybe all the sugar that made Santa so fat was seeping out through the bountiful flesh of his cock.

I wanted to savor more of this wonderful flavor, so I brought my mouth up to the head of his cock and sucked the flesh into my mouth. I let the tip of my tongue insinuate itself into the opening of his foreskin, and here the sweet taste was so much stronger than before, a syrupy liqueur almost like amaretto. This was his precum! Amazing. I slurped this incredible elixir deep into my mouth, imbibing the savory essences, and sucking at the rotund cock which produced them.

Santa was only human, so my hungry mouth-massage was having a predictable effect on him. His cock was already large in its relaxed state. Now, I could feel it getting warmer as it became engorged with an extra flood of his blood. Within the sucking vacuum of my mouth, the head of his cock swelled and pushed out from the end of the foreskin. I had the image of a flower blossoming in time-lapse film. Even more appropriate to the season, I had the vision of his “sugar plum” dancing in my head.

So, with some reluctance, I pulled my head back, giving myself a view of the effect of my licking and sucking. His pale flaccid cock had become a hard tube of pink flesh, glistening with the intermingled secretions of my saliva and his precum. His penis had definitely gotten into the spirit of things. The flavors and smells were almost intoxicating, and I attempted to bring my mouth back to the feast.

But Santa prevented that by touching my chin and tipping my head back so that he could look into my eyes with a soulful, penetrating gaze that made me feel safe and strong. With the last hold on my rational mind, I knew that the twinkling in his eyes was caused by the flashing tree lights next to us, but I let myself believe that the twinkling came from deep inside his wise soul. I then let go of all remaining grasp of reality, and allowed the illusion of making love with a real Santa to take hold of me completely.

“HO, HO, HO, time to open my present,” said Santa, and he laughed with a mirthful chortle that made the fatty rolls of his belly wobble and shake like the proverbial bowlful of jello. Then he put his hands gently on my sides and guided me back into a standing position. Then he turned me around so that I was facing away from him, and toward the two women who were entangled with each other on the floor before us.

Which should I tell you about first? The incredible scene in front of me, or the feel of Santa’s patient hands as he began stripping off my limpid bodysuit? They impacted my senses simultaneously, but I must describe them one-at-a-time. So let’s start with the two women, for since I had last paid any attention to them, they had figured out what to do with Santa’s presents.

The redhead Judy was lying on her back, and she still had on her merry widow, but her meaty breasts had exploded out of the containment of the stiff cups of the brassiere, and were displaying their broad dark areolae and the hard protruding nipples. Her thong panties were lying on the carpet near her head, but her garters and stockings were still intact. Her knees were raised and her thighs were splayed wide apart. I was struck by the image of her garter straps strung tautly above her groin, like precarious rope bridges. These black lines framed the view of her crotch, which was mounded with the luxuriant pelt of her pubic hair.

She had an amazing amount of hair, as red as the hair atop her head, spreading up toward her deep navel, and down beneath her cunt around her asshole. Not that I could see that far at that moment, for my vision was blocked by the big white dildo that the thinner woman had received from Santa. It may have been hers to own, but it was meant to be used to pleasure her partner, for she had her hand on the flange and was manipulating the angle of penetration to best stimulate the depths of the redhead’s cavernous vagina, and to apply pressure firmly to her clitoris. The pistoning action of the vibrator set up ripples in the pliant flesh of the redhead’s tummy, and the slowly revolving end of the clitoral stimulator flipped methodically over her clitoris, causing her thighs to twitch in synchronous rhythm. She was obviously deeply enjoying the stimulation of the vibrator, which was being so expertly applied that I could only assume that these two women were quite familiar with each other’s bodies.

[Note: This is my first work reposted with better editing and a few other tweaks.]

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Carol was determined not to let the bombshell that had been dropped on her ruin her Christmas. She and Derek had been looking forwards to their first festive season in the City, they had moved there together at the beginning of the year. New year, new life, they’d told each other. But it would be their first Christmas away from their families.

Carol and Derek had been high school sweet hearts and were engaged to be married. At least they had been until earlier that day when Derek had told her he’d met someone else and would be spending the holidays with her instead. Completely out of the blue, Carol was stunned. She felt as if her heart had been torn out and all of her insides had been taken with it. The phone had hung in her hand long after Derek had hung up and she slumped at her desk in a daze for the rest of the hour.

The office was almost empty that day, being Christmas Eve after all. No one had noticed that her usually cheerful demeanor had fled her. So caught up were they in their own last minute plans to meet family.

As the last few hours of her work day wore away, she began to regain her strength of mind and resolved to enjoy her Christmas, despite the shocking news. When she left for home she was almost happy again and nearly skipped her feet as she pretended that the evening would still be fun. That the presents she had bought for Derek were really bought by some mysterious admirer for her. Nobody wished her “Merry Christmas” as she walked to her car.

The house is chilly when she enters and when she looks she sees that the thermostat has been turned off. Must have been Derek before he left, she thought, does the bastard want me to freeze to death too? Dumping me on Christmas wasn’t enough for him. Reaching out she turns the dial up to the usual mark, Derek had always liked the place cool and had told her to wear more if she was cold. Fuck him, he’s gone, I can make the place an oven! She continues to twist the dial until it hits the top of its range and deep in the basement the furnace glows and roars into blazing life. She smiles as the noise of the coming warmth rumbles up from below.

As the furnace settles down into a steady hum Carol realises the house is earily quiet and, despite knowing that it’s foolish, she feels a tingle of fear as she walks along the hall to the bedroom they used to share. Looking quickly around she sees that most of his things have been taken, all that remains are a few old t-shirts and some junk he was too lazy to throw away.

She can feel the warmth coming through the floor vents now and moves to stand above one. With a foot either side of the vent the gentle breeze swirls up her long skirt and carresses her long legs. As the warmth reachs her body she looks in the mirror on the wardrobe door and begins to change out of her work clothes.

She slides the jacket off her shoulders and down her arms before folding it and throwing it on the bed. Catching sight of herself in the mirror she pauses and looks deeply into her own eyes. How could he have done this, after so long together? She sighs. What is this girl like that he’s left me for? She wonders and is quickly caught up in imagining the woman who has torn her life apart.

Running a hand under her hair across the back of her neck, she lifts the silky copper tresses away to the side, the bedroom light shines through giving her hair an almost golden glow. Maybe she’s blonde? She lets the hair fall away from her fingers in a rouge waterfall until it again hangs long and straight down to her shoulder blades. Maybe she’s brunette? Or an asian, hair like this but black?

She steps towards the mirror and peers closely at her face, examining herself. She wonders if there is something she has never seen in her own reflection before, which would cause Derek to leave her. Putting her fingers to the outer corners of her eyes she pulls gently outwards and up until her bright blue irises are peeping from an immitation of an asian face. No. She takes her fingers away and presses her palms against her cheeks, squishing her face forwards into a wrinkly mass then stretching it back. Maybe it’s the freckles, she thinks, examining her pale creamy skin, a smattering of freckles spreads from one check to the other, across her small straight nose.

Stepping back a little Carol cocks her head and purses her lips, what are her lips like, bigger? Smaller? Darker? She runs a finger along the line between the soft pink of her pout and the pale skin of her face, what would it feel like to kiss these lips? She makes a toothy grin and looks at her small, straight and white teeth, a slight gap between the top front two. There’s nothing wrong with these, she thinks, running her tongue across them.

She takes another step back until she can see her whole length in the mirror and admires her figure. The tailored blouse and long split pencil skirt hug and accentuate her curves. Her limbs are long and lean and the line of her waist to her hips make a graceful hourglass shape. I keep in shape, does she? She shrugs and begins to unbutton her blouse, stopping after a few buttons as her cleavage begins to show. Then folds her arms under her bust and leans forward, pushing her breasts up and exagerating her cleavage. Maybe she’s got bigger tits? I know these aren’t the biggest but he’s always seemed to enjoy playing with them and sucking my nipples. A doubt creeps into the back of her mind, had he been after something bigger all this time?

Feeling glum she finishes unbuttoning the blouse and slides it off her shoulders. A few stray freckles are scattered on her shoulders, down her arms and across her chest. She folds the blouse over her arm, then picks up the jacket and puts them on hangers in the wardrobe. Returning to the spot in front of the mirror she slides the zip down on the side of the skirt and lets it fall off her. She watches as her legs are revealed, first slowly as the skirt slips over her hips, them quickly as it falls past her thighs and into a pool around her feet.

Standing only in her underwear she turns and poses for herself in the mirror. She wears a well fitted biege bra with lacey detailing across the top and a matching panty. Her legs are tinted a dark brown by her stockings and on her feet are a pair of heels propping her up to a height of around 5 foot 9. She runs her hands over her body, down her thighs, around behind and up under her high, tight buttocks. She grabs her arse cheeks and squeezes them. Turns her back to the mirror, looks over her shoulder and lifts her checks up. Does he like a bigger ass? He always said he loved my ass though and I know all the guys used to watch me on the track in college.

She gives her cheeks a last squeeze and a circular rub, before turning again and running her hands across her hips to her tummy. She slids one hand up, feeling the flat muscles under her soft flesh. Slides the other down over her panties and lightly trickles her finger down over her pussy. She presses between her labia, feeling them spread under the pressure, I’m getting myself horny with this strip tease.

She moves both hands up to her breasts and pats them on the undersides, watching them bounce a little despite the constraint of the fabric. They’re a good size. She wears a B cup but they look larger on her slender frame. Reaching behind her she unclips the bra and shrugs it off. Throws it towards the laundry basket in the corner, then steps out of the fallen skirt and flicks it in the same direction with her toe. She lifts her left breast and rubs at the red line in her skin from the wire in the bra. Then repeats the action on the other side. She cups both breasts and gentle squeezes them. Then rubs one, then the other in a circular motion pushing up and rolling inwards. How long has it been since Derek played with me like this? Her nipples have become hard little pebbles conspicuously protruding from the domed centers of her areolas.

She pinches each nipple gently, then again with more force. Still holding them tight, she pulls them away from her body, watching the way her breasts stretch forward into elongated cones. Releasing the hard little buds causes a flash of pain to radiate outwards before quickly fading. Then she slides her hands down her body and slips her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties. Coyly turning her shoulder inward she watches herself continue the striptease. She slowly teases the panties down, first an inch with her left hand, then another with her right, until the first orange copper hairs begin to show above the lace.

She slides the panties all the way down her legs in one smooth movement. Bending at the waist she pokes her bum out at some imagined admirer watching her from behind. The knickers are thrown towards the basket with the other underwear and she straightens up. She clearly sees the neatly trimmed tuft of red fur, a small triangle pointing down to her waxed smooth lips. She absently flicks a fingertip in the short hairs as she turns left and right. Her eyes follow her curves down from her bust, scooping in at her waist and out over the flesh of hips and ass then down her legs to the small pair of heels on her feet.

Maybe i’m too tall for him, she wonders as she raises up, until only the toes of the shoes touch the ground. She lowers her heels, then crouches down and removes one of the shoes. Standing with one foot flat and the other leg bent, the heel still proping it up, she stands five and a half feet tall. Maybe i’m too short. She stoops and takes off the other shoe, puts them away in the bottom of the wardrobe.

In only her stockings now she turns away from the mirror and looks over her shoulder. Standing on her tip toes she watches how the muscles in her legs tighten, lift her calves and make her ass look high and round. Well, I’d do me! Hmmmm… I’ve got nothing better to do. Her eyes flick to the low cabinet beside the bed and she makes a quick girlish skip towards it. A naughty thought curls the corners of her mouth up into a mischievious smile. Gripping the handle she pauses as if she were a child about to steal forbidden cookies from a jar.

How long has it been since we’ve played? Her eyes widen with lustful glee as she slides out the drawer at the top of the cabinet and reveals her modest collection of immodest toys. Her waist creates a valley like contour above her hips as she lies on the bed and reachings her hand into the draw. She runs her fingers across one of the dildos feeling the smooth plastic surface of the slim rod, then moves her hand over the next one. This one a skin coloured latex member about 7 inchs long and thicker than the first. It has a dimpled and veiny texture.

She lifts the latex cock from the drawer and rolls onto her back. She puts the tip of it to her lips and gives it a delicate kiss while her other hand roams across her body. First moving to her breast, she grabs and squeezes a handful of the soft flesh, then tweaks her nipple. The nipple begins to harden and she moves to tweak the other too. She parts her lips slightly, allowing the tip of the fleshy fallus to press inside. Maybe Derek is having his cock sucked right now by that other… bitch. Her tongue meets the latex as it moves deeper and she licks the head, I feel like real cock now!

Her nipples hard, she runs her hand down her smooth tummy and across the little triangular tuft, then down between her legs. Gently she strokes the smooth skin of her outer labia before she presses a fingertip into the crease abover her clitorus. The fingertip slides downwards over the soft hood and she releases a tiny gasp as it passes over the sensitive nub. She slides the finger further down towards the moist opening of her sex. She circles the opening and moistens the finger, before sliding back up to press firmly on her clit. She gasps more loudly this time.

She repeats the motion several times. Sliding down, circling, moistening and sliding back up to press on the pink pearl of pleasure. As she does this she opens her mouth wide and slides the dildo along her wet tongue until she hold about 3 inchs of it in her mouth. She licks the lifelike member and spread the wetness from her mouth across it, twisting it in her mouth to spread her saliva all over the head. I think that will do…

She moves her left hand up and presses two fingers against her clit then down again. She opens them to spread her labia away, as she brings the dildo from her mouth. A glistening wet string connects it to her tongue until it stretches too far and drops a wet line on her belly. She manouvres the slick, warm, cock like shaft to the pink spread dampness of her pussy and presses it against the opening.

“Oooooh… mmmmm,” she moans as her pussy opens to allow the pleasure tool to enter. Slowly at first she slides it into herself, rubbing her clit as it moves in, then slowly slides it out again. Oh yes! Again she slides the meaty tool into her moist hole, then begins to increase the pace of the movements. Her head rolls back, mouth open, panting and eyes half closed she revells in the feeling of fucking. She grabs her breast again and twists, squeezes it as she pumps the dildo even deeper.

She sees her reflection in the mirror and watches herself, voyeur like as one stocking falls down her thigh. God, I look like a dirty slut, like I haven’t fucked in months. I haven’t fucked in months! She pretends she is watching another girl taking pleasure from the latex cock. Watches as the other girl bites her lower lip and rubs her fingers across her pink sex bud. Then rubs it in circles and pulls the hood back and pumps the rod into her pussy a little harder. She can feel the orgasm start to approach.

“Aaahhhh-oooh,” she rams the dildo into her hot wetness. Harder, faster, over and over agai, waves of pleasure begin to mount like breakers before a storm. A heat spreads from between her legs and radiates out through her body. The pleasure becomes more intense and she feels the orgasm building. She pinches her nipples and breaths hard as she begins to crest the heights of extasy.

Pleasure ripples through her body as the orgasm takes her, she almost screams as her body convulses. Rising up on her toes and shoulders she arches her back, grabbing her breast, showing her throbing pussy to the room. Then slumping she presses on her clit and squeezes her thighs together. Holding the dildo deep inside her she slowly pants out the last of the after shocks.

“Oh wow, Carol, ” she congratulates her reflection, “you were wonderful.”

Carol curls her knees up to her chest and lies on the bed for a few minutes. Her eyelids droop with weariness from her long day and the energy just spent pleasuring herself. No, I have to decorate the house for Christmas! I wont let Derek ruin this for me. Reaching down between her legs she wraps her hand around the bulbous, testicle shaped base of the dildo and, with a wet slurping noise, pulls it from her still hot and sensitive pussy. She brings it too her face and smells the musky scent of her pussy juices, then rolls upright and swings her feet to the floor.

Looking at her stockings, one fallen down to her calf, the other still around her thigh, she pauses for a moment. Then pops the dildo back into her mouth, tasting her sex, so she can use both hands to roll the stockings down her legs and off her feet. She throws them in the laundry basket too, then, dildo in hand, walks into the ensuite bathroom. She drops it into the sink and turns the water on in the shower. Washing quickly she wraps a towel around her hair and another around her body, tucked under her arms, then walks back to the bedroom.

Well, i’ve got no company tonight, I can dress down in something comfortable. She looks through her drawers and finds a set of winter flannel pajamas, then untucks the end of the towel and lets it fall away from her body. Balancing on one foot she begins to pull the pajama bottom on over her feet. Actually, that furnace has got the place nice and warm now (or maybe it was my little play before), I can wear something lighter. She bundles the pajamas together and dumps them back in the drawer then pulls open another drawer.

She rummages briefly before pulling out a pink pair of bikini style panties, she stoops and slips then on. Then grabs a black t-shirt, so old the Metallica print has almost worn off and pulls it over her head. Her pink wrapped pussy is just visible below the t-shirt. Satisfied that the flimsy garments and blazing furnace will be sufficient warmth she moves about the house closing the curtains before ending up in the living room.

Time to decorate! She picks up the box at the end of the sofa and drops it on the dining table. She opens the top and begins to pull out tinsel, ribbons, plastic candy canes, coloured lights and all manner of cheerful ornaments, until they are spread all over the table. From amongst the brightly coloured mess she pulls out a piece of textured plastic about the size of a dinner plate, shakes it to dislodge a string of lights. We’ll put Santa up first, she grins.

Going to the front door, she grabs some tape from the sideboard in the hall and opens the door. A blast of icy air slams into her and snow flakes drift up the hall. Fuck, that’s cold! She slams the door shut again. Better get ready first and try again. She peels some strips of tape off the roll and sticks them around the edge of the plastic Santa sign, then, bracing herself, grabs the doorhandle again.

She throws the door open and holds the Santa sign against the door, then quickly presses the tape down to the windows and wood panelling. Just check it before I get back inside, she leans back to see how it looks when another gust of wind comes across the yard and up the steps. The chilly breeze swirls up her legs and inside the t-shirt, pulling it up around her face and presenting a brow raising view of Carols slender body and pert breasts, nipples erect from the winds icy touch, to the old neighbour from across the street. She yanks the t-shirt down and throws the door closed, the neighbours view replaced by the bas relief of the cheerful Santa with the words “Santa, please come inside!”

Rubbing her bare arms to remove the chill she heads back to the table full of decorations. Flicking the TV on, she starts to hang the bunting around the living room and then goes to the closet in the hall to get the box with the fake tree in it. She puts it up in the corner next to the fireplace and begins to decorate it too. The fireplace was an idiosyncrasy of the house. It wasn’t needed because of the furnace but the previous owners had left it in and Carol had loved the idea of a fire, even if it wouldn’t be used. She had insisted on getting firewood so they could have a romantic evening in the firelight, Derek had thought the idea silly. I’m going to have my fire tonight, Derek, she tells herself defiantly.

With the tree up and decorated and fire made and starting to crackle she goes back to the box on the table, lifts it up and tips out the last contents. She picks up the rolls of red fabric and shakes them out into two white fur topped stockings. I love emptying my stocking on Christmas morning! All the treats and surprises mom – I mean Santa! – used to bring. She smiles and turns to the fireplace, looking for something to hook the stockings onto. Finding an old nail, posibly used for the same purpose, she puts the loop in the top of one stocking over it then moves to the other end of the mantle, looking for another,

“What!? Why should I hang Dereks?” She takes it back to the table and throws it in the box, then scoops up all the left over decorations from the table and dumps them in on top. She packs away the tree box and puts the decoration box with it in the bottom of the closet. The closet is where she has hidden the gift she bought for her former sweet heart, wrapped already and stuffed behind some old bags in the top. She reachs behinds them and gets it out, now starting to feel the negative emotions cracking through her smiles.

She walks with it back to the living room and puts it on the sidetable beside the couch. She pulls the card off it and opens it. She hadn’t had time to write anything in it before Derek came home the night she’d bought it, but had planned to do it in secret. I’ll write my note to Santa, she smiles again but with more difficulty this time. If that asshole can leave me like this… a tear begins to well in the corner of her eye. Then i’ll have this and i’ll leave Santa a treat too.

From the small bar in the corner she picks up two scotch tumblers and a serving plate, puts the plate on the side table and the glasses on the plate. Then she goes to the kitchen and brings out a packet of Christmas mince pies, absently putting them on the arm of the couch. Slumping onto the couch she picks op the fat tube parcel and holds it in her lap, then starts to pick at the edge of the tape holding the paper closed. Frustrated at the slow progress and angry at Derek, she stabs her thumb nail into the paper and tears it off. The box is a 21 year old Glenfiddich.

She pops the metal lid out of the box and slides out the bottle. I don’t normally drink it, but under the circumstances… She finds the little pull tab in the foil covering the cork and yanks it out. Twists out the cork, puts the open neck of the bottle under her nose and takes a deep breath of the heady aroma. Standing, she pours a measure of the brown liquid into each glass. One for Santa, one for me. Drinking. Wow! That burns. Looking down at the glass she replays the breakup in her mind. Could I have done something to stop it? How long had he been seeing her? The questions keep coming but without answers.

I’ll just write my note to Santa. I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I? She picks up the card and a pen, having another sip of the scotch. “Dear Santa,” she begins to write. “For Christmas I would like a…” The pen stops moving as the thought trails off into more black thoughts. A man. A man who wont leave me, a loyal man. A man who isn’t off somewhere fucking another woman. A man who isn’t fucking… FUCK!

The tears roll down her face, uncontrollably now. The pain breaks through the facade of happiness she has tried to build and she slowly falls to the floor, sobbing. For a minute, two, three, four, five. She cries until eventually she feels the pain subside. Wiping away the tears she gets back to her feet, picks up the glass and drains it. Refills it and drinks it in one gulp, ignoring the fire in her throat as she resolves, i’m getting fucken drunk this Christmas. It’s a Wonderful Life plays on the TV, she sits with another refill and begins to watch.

Her eyelids are drooping already when George saves his brother from drowning and stops the pharmacist, Mr Gower, from prescribing poison to a child. But the warmth in her belly has sent her into a drunken slumber before Harry, the brother, makes it to graduation.

* * *

Jingle, tingle, tinkle, jingle.

The bells on Santa’s sleigh play their delicate music as the reindeer gallop through the sky to their next destination. Banking, Santa directs the reindeer down through the clouds and towards the bright lights of the city below. Pulling a large scroll from a case on his belt, he unrolls it to scan through the names for the city below and chuckles a happy chuckle.

“Ho, ho, ho, here we go, it’s the house right below.”

The sleigh swoops through the air and pulls tightly into a left turn as it lines up with the crest of the roof below. Then slowing to a gravity defying walk the troupe of deer alight on the eaves and trot forwards until the sleigh is hanging only a few feet beyond the edge of the roof.

“Let’s get going!” Santa says, as he vaults over the edge of the sleigh onto the roof. He reaches into the back of the sleigh and with a flick of his wrist a huge sack comes flying up over the edge. With a deft twirl and a graceful turn that belies his bulk, the sack settles on his broad shoulders and Santa is marching towards the narrow stainless steel chimney projecting from the roof.

As he nears the stack he takes a double step and leaps into the air, coming down with his feet towards the chimney. Looking for all the world as if he’s going to crash into the chimney with his black boots, Santa is suddenly caught in the air and begins to stretch into a long ribbon as he is sucked into the chimney and down into the house below. In a flash he is gone and only the big black sack is left one the roof, poking out the top of the chimney like a giant lolly pop on top of a tiny stick. With a noise like water running down a drain, the swollen sack begins to shrink and shrivel as it is sucked into the chimney and with a sudden POP, it is gone too.

In front of the fire, old Saint Nick yanks one last time on the end of the sack and it comes swirling out of the flue and up into the air, inflating to the size of a large beach ball before flumping onto the carpet. Santa turns and surveys the room, lit only by the glow of the late movie on the TV set. Between the fireplace and the TV is a Christmas tree, currently home to no happy, enticing presents. In the middle of the room is a couch, complete with sleeping young woman, obviously she had thought to stay up and catch Santa at his work! A plate with a tumbler on it rests on the bar opposite the TV and there Santa spies the wish list card he has been looking for.

He crosses the room and picks up the card, opens it and reads the message inside.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Chuckles Santa, raising his eyebrows. He looks back towards the sleeping girl, red hair falling around her face. She stretches across the couch, one long leg hooked over the arm, the other stretched out towards the fire. A second tumbler rests on the floor, inches from her fingertips. The Master of Puppets graphic on her t-shirt hugging the contours of her breasts.

Santa picks up the tumbler on the bar and pokes his nose inside, sniffing deeply at the rich aroma. Smiling he puts the glass to his lips and tips it back.

“A very nice dram,” he smiles, approvingly.

He reaches for the scroll on his belt once again and quickly finds the girls name in the list. He reads the notes that accompany her name and frowns. This is not how a Christmas should be! He returns to the sack and opens the top. Rummaging deep down inside he finds a parcel and puts it under the tree, then returns to the sack and continues to search.

“Well, little Caro…”

“Santa!” Carol almost squeals with excitement.

“Ho, ho ho! No, little girl you are just dreaming, go back to sleep so Santa can finish his work,” he laughs in a deep baritone. The trick usually works and the child who has woken to see Santa is quickly back to sleep, dreaming of all the presents they will be opening in the morning. This time it doesn’t. Carol’s mind is still hazey from the Glenfiddich but the excitement of seeing Santa has given her a burst of energy which was stronger than the magic meant for children.

She jumps up from the couch and almost immediately falls as she finds her legs aren’t ready for the sudden movement. Lurching towards Santa she throws out her arms as she stumbles, old Nicholas steps forwards and catches her in a strong pair of arms. Still overcome with excitement, Carol is soon jumping up and down in his hold, unrestrained breasts bouncing, crosses on the t-shirt riding up and down with them.

“This is incredible,” she slurs. “You’re much taller than I thought you would be,” she says looking up at him. He is a head taller than her and broad, with thick strong looking limbs. He wears the traditional red suit, trimmed in white fur. Black boots and a fur trimmed red hat. His beard is long and thick, his face friendly and open. “Come. let’s have a drink!” She pulls him towards the couch and pushes him to sit then gets his glass from the bar.

“It was going to be a present for my bastard ex!” She says, too loudly. Grabbing the bottle she slops another dram into each glass, most of the scotch makes it in. “Drink up, it’s good!” She takes a gulp from her glass and snorts as the liquid once again burns it’s way down her throat. “Can I sit on your lap, like in the malls?” She flutters her eyelids, without realising the cuteness of her affectation.

“Of course you can, little girl,” says Santa cheerfully, unable to break from character after so long presenting himself this way. He pats his thigh and Carol quickly jumps onto the sofa, standing up infront of him, legs only a breath from his face, pink knickers peeking past the edge of the old shirt, Santa can’t help but feel a stirring in his trousers.

“Ooomph.” Just as quickly as she had jumped up she drops down, landing heavily in his lap, only spilling a little of the scotch. T-shirt riding up her thighs Santa finds his gaze drawn to the space between her legs, tightly wrapped in their own pink wrapper. Carol lifts her left arm and throws it around his neck. Santa suddenly realises how hot the room is, with his winter clothing on and this supple young thing clinging to him.

“So I tell you want I want for Christmas now, right?” Carol mind is clearing and so are her words but she is still so excited that she can barely think.

“Yes, that is what the children usually do. But I think you are a little older than normal, ho, ho.” Unsure where to put his hands, he decides that putting his right behind her on her hip and the other to hold the drink will do. He takes another drink and empties the glass. “What would you like for Christmas, young lady?” Her asks, remembering the words in the card on the bar.

“Well, I wanna… oh, you finished your drink! I’ll get you another,” she cries enthusiastically, grabbing his glass and leaning forwards for the bottle. She picks it up from the floor where she’d put it earlier and refreshes his glass, pushing it back into his hand. Then remembering the fruit tarts she had brought from the kitchen some hours ago she continues, “you wanna fruit pie thing too?”

Not waiting for an answer she begins to twist in his lap, looking for the packet. Her movements knock it off the arm of the couch where it had still been sitting from earlier in the evening. “There they are, hold this will you,” she gives him her glass and turns further, almost falling, as she reachs over the side of the couch. “Neeeearly,” she bends, reaching down to the floor, one leg stretching behind her for balance. Old Nick’s eyes trace the line of her leg, up and over the curve of her calf, the hollow behind her knee then up the sweep of her thigh. Her high, round butt, clad in the thin pink cotton, bobs closer and closer to his face as she reaches further over the side of the sofa for the mince tarts.

“Got them,” she says, spinning back to face him, plonking into his lap. She concentrates on opening the packet, then having succeeded, pulls out a pie and peels the foil tray off the bottom. “You want?” She barely pauses as she pushes it towards his mouth.

The sight of the long legs and full round arse pressing ever closer to his face has caused Nicholas to feel the heat in the room even more and he is soon pulling on his collar to let out some heat. A few beads of sweat form on his forehead as a flush spreads across his face and blood rushes to his manhood. He tries to adjust himself underneith Carol as she shifts around, only adding to the stimulation. Seeming to notice his discomfort Carol asks, “are you hot? Why don’t you take off your jacket?” She tugs at the lapels briefly before, “or that hat.”

Before he can react, Carol has reached behind Santa’s head and grabbed the trim on the red, velvety cap. There is soome resistance, as if it is pulled tightly down on his crown, before the hat comes away in her hand. She gasps as she sees that Santa’s beard is no longer on his face. Looking at the hat in her hands, she sees what looks like a false beard attached to it. Confused she looks back at the man whose lap she has been sitting in for the last few minutes. “What? Are you really Santa?”

“Well, now you know my secret! It’s part of the disguise. You don’t think I really look like all the cards show, do you?” The face looking at her now is younger, a strong jaw and neck visible where the beard was, only a slight stubble on his chin now. “I wear the hat and the beard when I work, that way I can live a normal life the rest of the year.”

“Oh.” She says, taking in this latest surprise. “I guess that’s a good idea. Can you still bring people presents when you are… not beardy Santa?”

“I’m still Santa,” he says easing his jacket open a little. “And i’m getting hot in here, that’s a mightly strong fire there!”

“Hehe,” she giggles, musically. “I’ve got the furnace on too.” She kneels on the couch, one leg either side of him and undoes the belt around his portly belly. Once it is loose, he leans forward and lifts his arms, she pulls the jacket up over his head and throws it on the floor in front of the fire.

“Huh! Santa!” She looks down at the man in front of her. No longer the portly old man but now a broad muscular man, middle aged but with a look of strength and power about him. Wearing a long john under garment, his belly no longer bulges over the trousers but is nearly flat and his chest and shoulders belong to a regular gym goer. “Also part of the disguise?”

“Ho, ho,” still the same voice. “Thats right. People have certain expectations of how I should look. I use a little magic to maintain the image.”

Carol smiles, she still feels comfortable with this man, despite him looking somewhat different to only a few minutes earlier. I guess I should tell him what I want for Christmas then. She settles back into his lap and puts her arm around his neck again, leaning close, feeling secure in his arms. He waits for her, ready to listen.

“I want… For Christmas this year I…”, she can’t find the words. She was going to say a new car, a new dress, a better job but all she can think of is Derek and the hole he has left. She loved him, loves him, but he has left her. Left without warning, left her alone in the world after so long together. She tries again but the memories fill her mind, until they are smothered by the returning pain. “I want… *sniff* *sob* *sob*…”

“It’s ok child, you can cr… ” he begins but is unable to finish as her tears come. She wraps both arms around him, she can only reach his head, and pulls him close as she begins to cry again. She holds him tightly to her chest, her breasts pressing into his face. His vision is blocked by the two mounds of hot flesh squashed against his face, his nose pressed flat he opens his mouth to gasp for air. She’s almost suffocating me! But what a way to go!

Carol continues to cry, like she had done earlier in the day. It doesn’t last as long as the first time and she soon realises that she is pressing her breasts into Santas face. She relises that the hot feeling on her right breast is his breath as her nipple and half of the fleshy mound press into his mouth. The warmth excites her and her nipples are soon hardening, Is that his tongue I can feel? She doesn’t realise the effect the pressure of her lithe body has had on the man, doesn’t realise that his manhood has been pumped with blood, that he is throbing with desire for her.

She doesn’t realise this until she releases her grip on his head and sits back into his lap. And still slightly clouded from liquor, she still doesn’t realise what has sudddenly made that lap uncomfortable.

“What’s this?” She says, reaching below her. “Have you got some keys in your pocket?”

Grabbing at his crotch she soon has her hand wrapped around his thick member and begins to yank it around, trying to move the hard obstruction from his pocket to somewhere more comfortable.

“Oh, ho, ho. Young lady, you should let me adjust that…” he says, trying to extricate his pulsing cock from her grip without revealing the embarassment of what she has a hold of.

Suddenly her mind is clear, Oh my god, I’ve just grabbed Santa Claus’s cock! He’s in my living room and he’s got a hard on! She lets go with a start, pulling her hand back as if she touched a hot coal. Their eyes meet, both faces redden in a blush, hers almost matching the colour of her hair. Santa laughs nervously but Carol is revisited by the memory of her moment of self loving in the afternoon and realises how much more satisfying than the dido would be the tool in the trousers now beneith her legs.

She adjusts her position on Santa’s lap, pressing closer to him, feeling the hard rod through the cloth. She puts her hands on his neck and leans closer, her bust close to his face. Her legs straddling him, pussy pressing against his cock, only a few layers of fabric between them.

“Santa,” she whispers into his ear, “I know what I want for Christmas now…”

“Oh, ho?” This is not what is supposed to happen but he knows he can’t resist, the feeling of her body pressed against him is an extasy. Every moment causes his cock to throb more fiercely, he feels hard as steel. His hands move, as if thinking for themselves. They are on her thighs, moving up to her hips, around behind her and sliding down under her ass. He grabs both cheeks and squeezes, moves one hand up her back, inside the thin t-shirt.

Her hands craddle his face and she looks into his eyes. His grip is strong on her back, her ass, she feels the excitement build in her body. He is about to say something but she moves the short distance forwards and presses her lips against his. She kisses him again, then again, then opens her mouth a little to let his tongue find hers. Sliding over each other like soft moist snakes their tongues roll around each other, writhing in each others mouths.

She reaches between their close bodies and inside his trousers. The old fashioned underwear hinders her but she finds that is has a buttoned up flap and slips her hand inside. She wraps her slender fingers around his hot, throbing manhood and presses it upwards against her mons. Rocking her hips, she rubs her pussy through their clothes against his cock. Her mouth fervently active on his, sucking his tongue into her mouth, biting his lip.

Giving in totally, Santa slides both hands up Carols back, pulling the black shirt up and over her head. She pulls one arm out and lets the shirt hang around the wrist of the hand holding his shaft. He yanks at the buttons holding the long john shut across his chest then, buttons popping free, his chest bared, he pulls her close to him. Her breasts flatten against his strong chest as he holds her tightly for a moment. Then he pushes her back and moves his hands to her breasts. One hand on each, both able to surround, completely encompass each breast. He squeezes them, lifts her up and pulls first one then the other to his mouth. His tongue flicking across each hard nub in turn. He sucks hard on the tender flesh and bites gently at the proud nipples. Rolling her head back she moans, a long low moan, as she feels the pleasure wash across her.

With a start she jumps up, stands in front of him and looks at his broad shoulders and powerful arms. He is big, like a man used to heavy work but without the hard looking surface of a body builder. She drops to her knees and grabs his boots, yanking desperately at them until he leans forwards and undoes the buckles holding them on. She pulls off one, then the other and tosses them into the corners of the room. Then she stands again and leans forward, puts her hands inside the waist of his trousers and pulls him upwards, he raises his hips from the sofa and she pulls the trousers down his legs, off his feet. The long john follows next and she admires his pulsing meat in the flickering firelight.

She knew that he’d agreed to be the Mall Santa this week as a favor to a local charity group, but she was bound and determined to tease the hell out of him. She dressed in a slutty miniskirt– no undies, of course — and a see-through nylon top that she knew drove him insane. This was all covered by a tasteful long leather jacket and topped with a demure little green elfin hat dressed with a festive red feather. So, to the casual observer, her outfit wasn’t a big deal.

She waited at the mall for the mid-morning lull. When there was no one waiting to see Santa, she scooted to the front of the line where an “elf” waited to escort the kids to Santa’s lap.

“A little old for this, ain’t ya, sister?” he wisecracked.

“Don’t you have some reindeer poop to scoop?” she snapped back. And wiggled her way up to Santa.

Seeing her, Santa broke into a big grin. “It’s okay, Eddie, this is my wife … she wants Santa to be real good to her this year. Why don’t ya grab a coffee and we’ll take a 15-minute break.”

Eddie the elf had already had his eye on a girl at the donut counter across the way. “Okay, see ya in a bit.” He pulled the drape across the entrance and set the velvet rope across the aisle where the line formed with the ‘Santa will be Right Back’ sign hanging from it.

She smiled and sat down on Santa’s lap, twisting and wiggling her bottom so that he could tell she was panty-less. “I’ve been extra good, Santa, so you can reeeeally stuff my stocking this year … okay?” After a peck on his cheek, ‘Mrs. Claus’ looked around. “Gee,” she whispered to him softly, her breath tickling his ear, “This is very private — the way they have things set up this year.” The new line of waiting children would be well out of sight of this softly decorated area set up to look like a large living room, complete with a beautifully decorated tree and a fireplace with stockings hanging from the mantle. Low light shimmered from the chandelier suspended by cables from the ceiling high above as well as from the electric candles arranged tastefully around the ‘room.’ A sham polar bear rug was laid over top other thick carpeting covering the bricks of the mall floor in front of the fireplace. The effect was to soften the usual high echoes and allow childish voices and whispered wishes to be easily heard.

His attention, however, was focused entirely on this woman occupying his lap. The grinding of her crotch on his legs was making him drool with the need to have her … what was it about her that drove him to such lust? After 30 years, his ardor for her had never cooled. In fact, it seemed to have swelled over the years.

“Well, little girl, what can Santa do for you this year? I hope you haven’t been TOO good!” He slowly ran his hand up her tasty thigh. She wiggled with delight and, after looking around, parted her legs a bit. Santa took immediate advantage and pushed his hand up between her legs, teasing the outside of her beautiful bush.

She blushed a little and said, “Why, Santa Claus, you always seem to know what I most want.”

With that, he pushed his finger between her pouting pussy lips and thrust deep into her hot, wet cunt. She gasped in surprise and pleasure — she had not expected the teasing to get this far.

“Honey, that is delightful … but we are in the mall, for crying out loud,” she moaned, squirming on his lap.

“You started it, baby; now I’m gonna finish it. You are the most wildly attractive woman alive. And I’m gonna have my Christmas goodies right now!” He stood up, and she slid from his lap. She was really nervous now, trying to see if there were any children or parents in line at the front of the display. But from what she could see, the place was still deserted.

She yelped in surprise when she felt herself roughly pulled from behind by the waistband of her skirt. She was twirled around and shoved into a dimly lit room. Her head was spinning from the combination of desire and confusion. Where the hell was this?

Just as she got her balance, she felt herself being bent forward over a table, and her short skirt pulled up from behind. She turned her head a bit and came face to face with an elf hammering on a small toy rocking horse. “What the hell…?”

She glanced around quickly and realized she had been shoved into the tiny house behind Santa’s chair that was part of “Santa’s North Pole Workshop.” She was now part of the display in the window looking out onto the Mall food court.

“No…we can’t… Oh, God…” she started to protest, until she felt the swollen head of his cock part the lips of her dripping pussy. How had she gotten so wet? This was much more of a turn-on than she had ever imagined! “Honey, lets go out to the … ohhhh.”

Her request was cut short as he thrust his throbbing dick into her from behind. Oh, how she loved the feel of him inside her! She knew that she drove him nuts with want for her, and she felt exactly the same. They were now and had always been the ultimate ‘every pot has a lid’ combination.

Almost unwillingly she began to push back against the cock ramming into her pussy, twisting her hip just a bit to get that rubbery hardness pushing up against her clit… Aaahh, that felt soooo good.

He grabbed her hips and was roughly pulling her back on his cock with a wild abandon that was almost animalistic — and she gasped at the image rising unbidden in her mind of being rutted upon this way.

Reaching up and under her coat, he pawed at her hanging breasts, pulling on the hardening nipples. Jesus! She was lost in a world of physical sensation and the warm glow of pleasure was radiating out from her tits and cunt to fill her entire body.

She reached across the table to grab onto the busily working elf to steady herself from the pummeling her ass was getting. She realized dazedly that she had grabbed onto his crotch and wondered what that must look like from outside the window…

“Oh my God — the window!” she thought, panic welling up through her. She opened her slitted eyes to glance out the workshop display window, only to see two old ladies watching the scene intently.

She was horrified and ready to throw him off, when she heard one of the ladies speaking:

“‘Helen, look — isn’t that wonderful? Santa is giving that poor elf the heimlich…”

Hearing that, a bark of laughter escaped her parted lips — and THAT DID IT! When no longer concentrating on or concerned about her surroundings, the physical sensations took over completely, and her body and psyche threw her into an explosive orgasm. She threw her head back and groaned loudly, “Oh yessssss! Oh, God! Oh, GOD … YES!”

She shook convulsively — her pussy spasming uncontrollably around his raging cock. Hearing her lose control pushed him over the edge, and he grunted as his dick began to pulsate and release a load of hot sperm deep into her belly. They moaned and gyrated together — enjoying the mutual feelings of love and lust for each other.

At last he collapsed over her back. Hugging her tightly, he murmured to her, “Oh, good God almighty! That was awesome, sweetheart! You are one hot piece of ass, love.”

She raised her head to look out the window at the two smiling old ladies and waved weakly at them. They waved back before toddling off, calling to her as they moved away from the window, “Glad you’re okay, little elf! Merry Christmas!”

Sandra has circled the block three times since the store front Santa waved at her. She had smiled and waved back as she drove past and then she had a thought; wouldn’t it be great to give the holiday spirit to that man dressed as Santa for all his hard work?

The idea spurred her pussy into action and very quickly she was wet. At the back of her mind, however, she thought it was too wrong and too weird. So she decided to circle around and that turned into another drive by and another. Finally after the fourth time around she decides to pull over. She rolls down the window and waves to the waving Santa.

The store front Santa rushes over to her window and peeks in. “Can I help you miss?” he asks. “I saw you drive by several times.”

“I think you can,” she says putting her hand out the window and over his cock.

Instead of pushing her away he smiles through the white fluffy beard. “I believe Santa can help you.”

He opens the door to the back and slides in. Sandra puts the car into drive and pulls into the nearest parking lot. Turning off the car she slips into the backseat with Santa and quickly gets busy. She opens his pants to quickly release his hard cock. It curves up pointing toward his face as he lay back in the seat watching her. She takes his cock in her hand; it feels nice, very hard and warm as it twitches with her touch.

Sandra leans down and licks it causing it to twitch more. She runs her tongue up the whole length of his shaft then she circles it around his cockhead, eliciting a moan from Santa. She starts pumping the shaft of his cock while licking his cockhead. After a few moments she takes his cockhead into her mouth and starts to suck on it tasting the precum that oozes out. Her free hand begins fondling his balls and her lips start to glide down his length until she has to stop jacking him off and slide further down his cock, letting it hit the back of her throat.

Santa lets out a long and slow groan, throwing his had back against the seat. Sandra pulls back, grazing her teeth along his shaft, causing his whole body to shake slightly with pleasure. She slides down and pulls back grazing her teeth along again. She repeats this faster and faster until she is ready then she slides down further onto his cock all the way to his balls, his cock hits the back of her mouth and down her throat.

She swallows to pull him in deeper. The contractions around his cockhead cause him to moan loader than before and then with a grunt he tries to pull out, but Sandra’s hands grab him tight and pulls him back in deep as he starts to pulse and sends a hot load of sticky cum into her throat.

“Oh fuck,” he grunts.

She keeps swallowing the cum which keeps stimulating his super sensitive cock until he is milked dry. He pulls back out of her mouth with a slurping noise. His cock still wet with cum drips out, slipping over her chin, leaving a pearly white line down it.

Before Santa’s cock even has the chance to soften, Sandra climbs onto his lap, straddling him and pushing his cock up between them. She unbuttons her blouse then presses herself into his body. The heat of his cock pulses against her stomach. Her lips brush against his and his cock twitches.

Softly, she presses her lips to his through the fluffy white beard. He responds by putting his hands on her hips and then running the length up her back to her neck and pulls her in closer. Sandra’s lips part slightly as she lets her tongue slip through to brush his lips. He opens them slightly, allowing her tongue to intertwine with his. As they stay locked in this embrace, he helps to remove her pants, revealing her panties-less pussy. Sandra’s hands slip down and take hold of his shaft. She leans forward, pressing herself right up to his ear and whispers, “It looks like Santa has a big gift for me.”

“Santa always has the right gift,” he says with a smile.

Sandra helps guide his cock into her warm, wet pussy and then with both hands Santa grabs her hips, pulling her down into his cock, thrusting it deep into her. With each of his thrusts, she thrusts back onto him forcing him in deeper and harder. His cock feels so big as he pumps it into her tight pussy. As he thrust in he leans forward to kiss her. She meets him halfway and their lips lock in a much heavier manner. Her tongue explores his mouth as she lets him explore hers.

Then burying her head into his neck, she starts to feel her orgasm getting closer. Then unexpectantly, his hands grab her around the waist, picking her up. He guides her to turn around and lean over between the front seats and immediately thrusts back in, causing the force of the thrust to greatly increase.

By this point, Sandra is gasping for breath. He thrusts his enormous cock violently into her, leaning his weight on top of her back. And then she feels the orgasm truly come to a peak and waves after waves of pleasure wash over her whole body, causing her to shudder uncontrollably.

“Oh, fuck yes Santa!” she screams.

It leaves her gasping for air, but he doesn’t stop. He increases his speed, thrusting hard and fast into her over sensitive pussy again and again. He sits up as best as he can and presses his weight onto her ass cheeks, spreading them wider apart and exposing her completely to him.

The force of his fucking is jolting her whole body. Her breasts bounce against the shifter, hitting her nipples, sending another wave of pleasure shooting through her. She can soon feel another orgasm building like a wave of pleasure filling up, waiting to burst and rock her body to its very core. By Santa’s grunting and groaning she knows he too is nearing his climax.

“Santa’s going to cum,” he says loudly. “I’m going to bust all over you.”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she answers. “Fill me up with your hot cum!”

He stops thrusting and buries himself deep into her. His cock pulsates, shooting his load into her pussy. The feeling of his cock pumping into her finally sends her over the edge and her body goes into a spasm. Her whole body tenses as her pussy violently contracts repeatedly around his cock, milking it dry.

They lie there exhausted as he pulls his cock out of her. It is immediately followed by a trail of cum leaking out of her pussy and onto the floorboard. Sandra lies there, leaning her head against the dash and says, “Thank you Santa.”

He replaces his cock in his pants and opens the door, stepping out. “My pleasure, Sandra.”

It was late on Christmas Eve, Emma lay in bed, restless and alone. The holidays always made her extra horny and she lay there contemplating using her favorite toy. She began to stroke her nipples through her thin T Shirt at the thought, they were hard and sensitive, it felt good, the sensation travelled south as it always did and she began to feel a familiar warm sensation between her legs. She allowed one of her hands to drift down there and began to rub gently against her lace panties. She groaned aloud with pleasure. She rubbed more firmly, squeezing her nipple hard at the same time, she began to buck against her fingers, her firm, round ass leaving the bed as she thrust her crotch against her own hand. Her pussy was getting very wet now and she reached over to the nightstand for her trusty vibrator, she fumbled around and just as she located it a loud crash startled her. She leapt out of bed, and rushed out to the landing. She could hear rustling and other strange noises coming from her lounge. She crept down the stairs and tiptoed up to the front room. She peered through the door and couldn’t believe her eyes, Santa was standing in front of her fireplace dusting soot from his red suit…

She stood with her mouth open unable to believe what she was witnessing, she was in shock, but not so shocked that she didn’t notice how handsome he was. His beard was neatly groomed showing his strong jawline, his shoulders were broad and powerful and his eyes were piercing blue. Santa was buff! Nothing like the Santa’s she had seen in the movies. She continued to watch as he took off his jacket to remove more soot from the back, he had nothing on underneath and she could see the full glory of his toned muscular body. She felt he nipples harden, oh my, she thought, I want to fuck Santa! The naughtiness of this thought made her giggle…

The sound alerted Santa to her presence, he turned, a look of surprise on his face. His piercing eyes fixed on her and they stood looking at each other for a second. She noted that Santa’s gaze lingered a little on her breasts, her nipples clearly visible through her thin t-shirt.

“Hello little girl.” He said, his voice deep and masculine.

“Hi.” She replied coyly.

“I am here because I have heard that you are a very naughty girl.” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

She looked at him speechless as he unfastened his belt, his trousers falling to the floor, revealing his huge cock.

Her mind flooded with questions, was this really Santa? Should she scream? Run away? Call the police? But one thought kept pushing to the forefront of brain, I want to suck that amazing cock!

She moved cautiously towards him until she was close enough to touch him, she dropped to her knees, face to face with his mighty appendage, she took it in her mouth and began to move slowly up and down his shaft.

“Oh yes!” He groaned with pleasure.

His enjoyment, spurred her on, she began to move faster taking it deep into her throat. She cupped his balls with one hand and used the other to stroke his throbbing tool. She loved sucking cock, and Santa’s cock was perfect! His groans became louder and she knew he was close, she gathered speed ramming his prick into her throat, willing him to come for her, she felt him tense, hard as a rock he shot his seed into her, she lapped it up hungrily sucking every drop out of him, devouring it, unwilling to waste any of his precious cum. It was delicious, and she swore she could taste a hint of gingerbread.

She remained on her knees looking up at him, he looked down at her eyes filled with lust.

“You are a very naughty girl.” He smiled, lifting her up and setting her down gently on the sofa. He knelt on the floor between her legs and ran his strong hands up her thighs, it made her shiver with anticipation. He pulled her panties down to her ankles and removed them from one leg, then he began to kiss her calf, working his way up to her knee, his fingers caressing her soft skin, he continued up her inner thigh, soft kisses making her tingle. He reached the top of her thigh and she could feel his warm breath on her damp pussy, she raised her pelvis, pushing herself closer to his face desperate to get some well needed attention on her neglected clit. She felt his lips move across her, and then he withdrew, starting the process again on her other leg.

“No!” She groaned, the anticipation becoming to much for her. He ignored her protest and continued his journey up her leg, finally reaching her now sopping slit. The first touch of his tongue sent her into orbit, he licked her firmly and deeply, his tongue working her into a frenzy, she reached for her nipples squeezing them caressing her breasts, lifting her t-shirt to allow better access and all the time Santa worked tirelessly on her quivering pussy, his beard massaging her lips as his tongue worked her inside and out, she had never felt anything like this and she grabbed the back of his head pulling him into her as she bucked hard against him, a huge orgasm ripping through her like a tornado…

She lay back on the sofa, enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm, Santa leaned over her, his cock hard and ready for action again. She opened her legs wider to allow him better access to her pussy, eager to feel that cock inside her. He moved closer rubbing the head of his penis against her soft lips, easing his girth inside her, her eyes opened wide as she felt him penetrate her, she thrust her hips towards him, taking him deeper and deeper. She could feel herself stretched to the limit, full of Santa’s big cock, she loved it. Once he was all the way inside, he slowly withdrew, then filled her again, she was very wet and as her pussy adapted to his size, he picked up the pace, thrusting into her more and more quickly. His strong arms pulled her towards him kissing her mouth and neck. She kissed him back, hard, their tongues wrestled, neither willing to submit to the other. His pace continued to quicken, she ran her fingernails down his back, grabbing his firm ass and pulling it towards her. She began to climax, it was long and intense, waves of pleasure sweeping through her, she was lost in her own world, crying out “Fuck me Santa, Fuck me!”…

Emma lay there, her body on fire, helpless as Santa rolled her on to her knees, his magical tongue licking her tight little asshole, she purred with pleasure as his tongue explored her tingling bud.

“Oh Santa please take my ass.” She implored.

“You are a very naughty girl.” He chuckled.

She heard the soft jingle of a bell and then felt cool lube spread across her behind, it made her tingle, then she felt Santa’s finger slowly sliding into her, she thrust backwards taking him up to the knuckle, she was so excited, she could hardly wait to feel his huge cock stretching her to the limit. Santa’s continued to work his fingers and lube until she was ready to take him. She felt the head of his tool pressed up against her puckered bud, he paused at her entrance before slowly penetrating her, she gasped as she felt his thickness, it took her a second to accommodate him, then she forced herself back against him until she had his full length inside her.

“Yes Santa, yes Santa, yes, yes, yes, fuck my tight little ass!” She screamed at him. Santa picked up the pace, fucking her ass hard and fast, she reached between her legs and began to strum her clit furiously. She knew she was going to cum again, she could feel he was close, his huge cock tightly clamped by her hungry ass. She came harder than she had every cum before, her body almost unable to cope with the waves of pleasure, Santa rolled her onto her back just in time for him to shoot his cum all over her bare stomach, she smiled at him before passing out on the sofa.

She woke the next morning alone in her bed. Had it all been a dream? She lifted the covers and looked at herself, she was wearing the t-shirt and panties that she had worn to bed last night. It must have been a dream, but it had felt so real! She headed for the bathroom, still unsure what had really happened, but certain of one thing, there was definitely the lingering taste of gingerbread in her mouth.

Merry Christmas!

It was the night before Christmas and the house was not quiet at all, see I had my wife’s favorite toy pressed hard against her clit making her moan out loud. It was a little plastic mouse where the nose would go in circles and back and forth. I guess you could say we are a little sick because we had the Christmas music on the stereo. My wife always had a thing for sex near the holiday time and we took it to the extreme.

It started a few years ago when she told me about her fetish about the holidays and we have became more and more involved every year. Since we were both orphans with no family to speak of no one ever sees out decorations or tree so we thought what the hell and took Christmas to a whole new level. Our stockings we hung by the chimney were not your traditional stockings but a pair of my wife’s most sexy fishnets. Our tree was lit up with normal lights but the ornaments were something to behold. There was no string of popcorn on our tree, in its place anal beads were hung, and where the star would be on top of the tree we had a dildo that lit up. And the regular trinkets were replaced by vibrators, prophylactics, and other various sex toys. In fact we had so many sex toys of various shapes and sizes we could probably open our own store.

Back to my wife though, she was decked out in a cute little red and white sexy Christmas number, her bra was low cut with white fluffy trim and she insisted on wearing her Santa hat. I had her matching thong pushed to the side while I continued my assault on her beautiful cunt, it was nice and wet now as she wiggled through her third orgasm. Just as she reached her peak I asked her if she wanted her special present now. She yelled in response, “Yes Santa Baby…Give it to me! Give it to me now!”

Sorry forgot to mention but of course my wife had me dress up for her in my Santa suit. I reached over the bed and pulled my red velvet Santa bag and reached in for her gift. It was exactly what she asked for. With all the various toys we had, we neglected to ever buy an anal plug and my wife hinted strongly how wonderful it would be to get one. She loved being fucked in the ass or having me fuck her pussy while I slid one of her toys deep in her anal cavity but the problem was when we both would get close to orgasm the toy would slide out so she hinted it would be better to get a plug so it could stay in place.

When I pulled out the medium sized sex toy from my bag her eyes lit up like our Christmas tree. “You remembered!” she cooed.

“Of course my love” I said throwing in a Ho Ho Ho. “Santa checked his list twice and knows you have been a very good naughty girl! Why don’t you get up on your hands and knees and let Santa see if it is a good fit or not…Ho…Ho…Ho!” I told her.

“Anything for you Santa!” She said and pulled off her thong and proceeded to get herself in place. Looking at her perfect ass I felt the lump of coal in my pants turn to diamond. I put my face against her anal bud and started licking, my fake snowy white beard tickling her in the process.

“Ohhhhhhh Santa your beard tickles…!” She cried. My tongue traveled all over her sweet tight hole. I made sure to get her nice and wet for her present. It wasn’t long before she shuddered through another orgasm and I knew she was ready. I took the anal plug and put it to her hole. Pushing it in I heard her exhale as she accepted the intruder. It was an awesome sight to see the toy pop right into her asshole. With only the base on the out side of her fine ass keeping the plug locked in place it was time for Santa to get a piece of the sweet Christmas pie.

Pulling my rock hard cock out of my red trousers I took aim at her puffy pussy and thrust all the way. The plug in her ass increased the tightness of her twat and it felt magnificent. “Oh baby your cunt is so tight.” I said.


I knew it wouldn’t last long as I drove my prick in and out of her and when she started cumming her pussy gripped my cock pulling the cum from my nuts.



It was a hell of a Christmas Eve.

Molly began her morning ritual as she waited for her alarm to go off, her eyes still shut. She ran her hands up her thighs and over her flat stomach to her breasts. She was always surprised she wasn’t a lesbian as barely a day went by when she could keep her hands off herself. Strangely, her breasts felt rough and jagged.

Before she could contemplate what that meant, a noise distracted her. Maybe it was just Richard getting ready for work. Molly thought for a moment before remembering that Richard had not been over the night before. She opened her eyes and saw a squirrel on her dresser, knocking over her cosmetics.

When she sat up in bed, her movements attracted the squirrel’s attention. It stared straight at her, but not in the face. In fact, it seemed as if it was ogling her tits.

Molly instinctively looked down at her breasts and saw that they had been replaced with pine cones. Suddenly, the squirrel leapt from the dresser to the bed and chattered as it began chewing on her tits. Molly screamed and tried to cover up with the sheet, slapping at the squirrel in a futile attempt to release it from her prickly globes as her alarm began to sound.

The squirrel became transparent and eventually disappeared as Molly realized that she had been dreaming. She confirmed that her breasts had returned to normal as well. Not all of her dreams were this strange, but she could have done without the second piece of cherry pie the night before.

It was Saturday and Molly had to do her Christmas shopping. Getting something for Richard was going to be difficult. After picking out gifts for her family and friends she still had not found anything that expressed how she felt. She did see some clothes that would look nice on him, but Richard already dressed very stylishly, and some more shirts and trousers seemed impersonal. On the other hand, they had only been going out for a few months, so it seemed too soon to go all-out on an extravagant gift like an expensive watch.

Strolling through the holiday department, Molly saw a tree decorated with pine cones instead of ornaments. Removing two and holding them to her chest, they were about the right size. She picked up a bag of them and on the way out she grabbed a large red bow.

Back at her apartment, Molly undressed and tried to figure out what to do with the pine cones. When she taped them to her breasts, they wouldn’t stay on and they looked unnatural. She wanted to substitute the pine cones for her breasts, as in her dream, but that wasn’t possible. Well, maybe it was but she didn’t want to go that far.

Molly thought some more and remembered the time she wore a coconut bra at a luau. Maybe something like that could work. She went to the kitchen and started cutting the pine cones with her biggest knife, being careful not to chop off her fingers. She ruined the first few but eventually she had two that looked OK. They weren’t perfect, but they completely covered her breasts and the tips pointed slightly upward.

After taping them in place Molly tied the bow around her hips and dug her phone out of her purse. She set the camera timer, balanced it on the counter, and used the bare kitchen wall as a backdrop. It took several takes to get it right, but when she was happy with the result she cropped the picture from her shoulders to her knees.

“Halfway done,” Molly thought as she removed the itchy things from her chest. Then she called the hair salon across the street, luckily they could fit her in tomorrow. It wasn’t her usual place but it was close, which was best for what she had in mind. Finally she sent the picture to Richard with a message:

Cum discover the true meaning of Christmas My place 5PM tomorrow Don’t be early Don’t be late

The next day Molly spent a couple hours in the chair having her hair cut and styled into glittering golden spikes of varying lengths. Thankfully the wind was calm when she left. Molly had already painted her nails green, when she got back she did her lips in a matching color. Taking a last look in the mirror, Molly grabbed her phone and took a few pictures of her hairdo for posterity. The stylist had done an excellent job, she looked like something out of a Lady Gaga video. She would have to get her hair trimmed short since there wasn’t much else she could do with it the way it was cut, she hoped that Richard wouldn’t mind.

Molly made her final preparations in the living room. After stripping, she taped the pinecones on and fastened the bow again. Molly became the Christmas tree that she didn’t have time to put up as she wrapped the tree skirt around her feet in the center of the living room. She stood with her legs together, bent slightly at the knees and waist, and put her hands on her hips with a few minutes to spare. After realizing that she had locked her apartment door behind her she quickly unlocked it and got back into place again just before her doorbell rang.

“It’s open.”

It was Richard, wearing a Santa suit. “Ho, ho… oh,” he said as he saw Molly and dropped his sack on the floor.

“What’s the matter, Santa – you’ve never seen a Christmas tree come to life?”

“Not one as pretty as you.”

Molly noticed that Richard was staring at her stomach and became self-conscious. Had she gotten some lipstick or nail polish on herself?

“The small mole above your navel. That was you in the picture? I thought it was a Warhol or something. And your hairstyle is amazing.”

Molly blushed at the compliments.

Richard continued, “You’re very creative for a banker. Now why don’t you come sit on Santa’s lap?” He sat on the couch and slapped his leg.

Molly stepped out of the tree skirt and straddled Richard, her arms wrapped around his neck.

“So, what do you want for Christmas, little girl?”

Molly thought for a minute, biting her lip. She could probably use a new couch since the flipside of the cushion they were sitting on was still covered with her cum, but Richard probably wanted her to be less practical.

She placed a hand on Richard’s crotch. “I’m not picky, I’ll take whatever’s in your sack.”

It was Richard’s turn to blush. “Have you ever seen the North Pole?”

Molly giggled. “What would Mrs. Clause say about that?”

“She gave me the boot a couple years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. You must be very lonely, unless you have an elf fetish.”

Richard chuckled and gave Molly a kiss. She pulled the beard down since it got in the way and it was kind of creepy to be making out with Santa. It looked like Richard hadn’t shaved for a couple days so there was some stubble that grazed Molly’s cheeks as they kissed.

Richard reached into his bag. “Would you like a candy cane?”

He had already stuck it in her mouth before Molly realized that it was plastic. Richard twisted the handle and it began to vibrate; it also chimed “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Molly sucked it like a cock as Richard thrust it in and out of her mouth. After it was coated with her spit, he asked “Would you like to have your stocking stuffed?” She nodded and after a couple of misses because the bow obstructed his vision he managed to pop it into her cunt. Molly leaned back as she felt the toy inside her. As Richard fucked her with it the song became louder and softer, louder and softer, causing them both to laugh.

Richard put his mouth to Molly’s pine cone tits and kissed and sucked them. Although she could not feel his tongue, Molly moaned anyway to keep up the illusion. She pressed her breasts together and wondered what it would feel like if Richard tittyfucked her (probably not pleasant, so she kept her thoughts to herself).

“I got you something else,” said Richard as he retrieved a bottle of peppermint flavored lube from the pocket of his Santa suit.

“I’m already so wet I don’t think I’ll need it.”

“Oh, I think you will. Bad girls take it in the ass, and you’ve been very naughty this year.”

Richard put his hands on Molly’s hips, moved her so that she was laying face-down across his lap, and began spanking her.

“I’ll be good next year, I promise.”

“I don’t want you to be good, I want you to be even dirtier.” Molly’s firm ass made a nice sharp sound with every strike as Richard continued to slap it. She began to squirm as her bottom turned red and her clit brushed against his knee. Molly humped Richard’s leg like a horny dog and with the candy cane lodged in her pussy she quickly came.

She grabbed Richard through his pants. “Is this package for me, too, Santa?”

He undid his fly and Molly put some lube on the head of his cock. The peppermint made her lips tingle as she began to suck. She wiped off the rest of the lube on her pussy and her clit twitched with excitement. Molly used her tongue while she continued to blow Richard, tracing the vein. She could feel his dick swell inside her mouth.

Richard lifted Molly’s hand from his thigh when it was time to proceed. Molly knelt on the floor, resting her wrists on the couch while he lubed up his cock. Then she felt a slight, pleasant burn as he lubricated her asshole. There was quite a bit of resistance as he started but Richard was gentle (as gentle as you can be when you’re trying to fuck someone in the ass). Finally the head of his cock made it inside. He started slowly until the lube took full effect. With the candy cane still hanging from her cunt, Richard drilled Molly’s ass, the bells on his coat jingling.

Molly looked back between her legs to get a better view while she adjusted the vibrator. Pausing to enjoy the action, the pine cone flew off her right breast and hit her in the face. Her hair was probably a mess already, but it had been worth it.

Richard quickened his pace and Molly rubbed her clit, bringing herself to orgasm right before he came inside her. Her contractions forced the candy cane from her pussy – it probably just fell out but Molly imagined that it shot across the room.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” Richard shouted as Molly thought “Best. Christmas. Ever.”

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