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I had work to do. I wasn’t here for my own pleasure, but for his. My Master left me clear instructions which I had to obey or fear the consequences, though my inner lusts wished for me to disobey him.

Bent over one of our love cushions, I ‘prepared’ my pussy by plunging a vibrator deep inside, as Master commanded. I had specific instructions to keep myself horny and wet for Master’s arrival. Master left me a list of ways to do so. The one that I chose to follow today was number 12: ‘Bend over like a little whore and insert a vibrator inside your tight pussy while playing with your clit’, with a side note, ‘watching porn is optional’.

There were other ways to ‘prepare’ for Master’s arrival home. One of my favourites was reading erotic stories while sucking on one of my silken dildo toys. Occasionally I would smear chocolate syrup on it, as though it were Master’s cum, and then spread it all over my face and breasts. I admired my breasts for a short while, convincing myself that I did have a good body at 24.

Today Master would be home late, but that was no excuse for me. I still had to keep my pussy wet until his return. I made sure that I was watching porn. The ‘optional’ extras on Master’s list were more like suggestions that I should follow if I wished to be rewarded. For a brief moment I stopped pounding my pussy with the vibrator to put on some lesbian porn.

Closing my eyes, I began thinking about being licked by another girl. I bit down on my quivering lower lip and felt myself nearing an orgasm, but stopped immediately. I knew that Master would not approve of me giving myself pleasure. He wanted me to tease and tease and tease myself so that when he returned home, I would be begging for his giant cock to relieve me. I couldn’t stand the wait, I needed him now!

I watched as the girls played with each other. Their moaning turned me on so much that I so desperately wanted to disobey Master’s orders and make myself cum. Turning the vibrator on to its maximum speed, I rubbed my clit and watched as the girls did the same. I imagined being there with them, screaming at one of the girls ‘moan for me, bitch!’ as I dived into her pussy, licking every inch of it. Sometimes I wished that Master would let me play with other girls. I don’t think he knows just how much girl-on-girl turns me on.

‘Master should be home soon’, I thought to myself. I pulled the vibrator out of my soaking pussy, and then plunged it even deeper inside, just for one last time. I gasped as I pushed the toy in as deep as it could go, and then pulled it out slowly. Master always told me to keep my toys clean so I obeyed, like always, and licked the vibrator clean before putting it away. I casually walked to my wardrobe and selected my Master’s favourite piece of lingerie, a satin corset with fishnet stockings and high heels, all black.

When I finished changing, I noticed an envelope sitting on the bed side table with the words ‘to my sex slave’ written on it. Panicked, I picked up the envelope and opened it. There was a list of instructions inside. I began feeling nervous. Master has never left anything like this for me before.

Anxiously I started reading the instructions.

‘Sex slave,

Your Master will be arriving home at 9 o’clock this evening, but he will not be alone. He has invited some friends over, so you will have to perform some basic tasks to pleasure them. If you do not satisfy them to your Master’s standards, he will hand down severe punishments.

Master trusts that you have been preparing your tight pussy, though not for such an event as this. Fear not for you will not be working alone. Your Master will be bringing along a playmate for you.

Get into your most slutty outfit, the black one. Master expects to find you lying on the bed rubbing your clit and moaning loudly for the guests to hear.’

Shivers ran up and down my spine as I finished reading the note Master left me. I looked at the time and realised that it was close to 9 o’clock already. Thoughts surged through my mind, ‘I have never done anything like this!’ I felt betrayed that my Master would offer me to his friends. My mind raced, and then I remembered my Master’s instructions, I should be in bed now. ‘Just relax, maybe it will be fun.’

My pussy was still wet though I couldn’t understand why. I crawled onto the bed and began playing with my clit, closing my eyes and drifting to another place. In the distance I heard cars pulling into the driveway and I began feeling even more tense. I tried to block it out and started moaning loudly as instructed by my Master. My moans turned me on and I rubbed my clit fervently, wishing to cum.

My Master entered the bedroom, “Nice work my dirty little whore. Our guests have been enjoying your moans. They wish to see you,” he paused, “oh and incidentally, your playmate has arrived. Please make her feel welcome.”

Slowly, I lifted myself from the bed and walked into the lounge room where the guests were seated. I was greeted by some whistling and ambiguous comments. I smiled to myself, feeling confident about my body. The guests all seemed roughly the same age as my Master, 30 odd years old. Teasingly, I ran my fingers through my hair, showing it off to the guests. Men enjoyed being able to grab onto something during sex. I started dancing one of my fingers along my bottom lip, biting and licking it, until my eyes were caught by my ‘playmate’.

She was a brunette like me, though she was a little slimmer which made me feel self-conscious once more. She wore the exact same outfit as me, only hers was red. She seemed older than me, 26 maybe. My entrancement with her was broken as I heard my Master walk into the room.

“A little treat for you all. We have two sex slaves tonight,” my Master announced with a wide grin. He was met with applause from the men, “But that is only part of the fun,” Master looked at me, still smiling. “What these sex slaves don’t know, and what you don’t know is that we’re going to play a game tonight. We’re all aware of the game Roulette, are we not? Well, this is a little simpler. Our two lovely sex slaves are dressed in the roulette colours, red and black. The numbers on the roulette wheel are assigned to various sex acts that the slaves must perform. I trust that you have all brought your wallets as instructed?”

The men nodded to my Master. “You will each place a bet,” my Master continued “on a number of your choosing. There are few rules involved in this particular roulette. If you so wish, you can ‘team up’ with another guest and increase your chances of winning, which will allow you to ‘team up’,” he added, winking “on one of the sex slaves.”

The men were excited and started cheering about the game, and I felt cold and alone.

“About the numbers,” my Master continued “one through to nine is oral; so a blowjob or cunnilingus, if you desire. Ten through to eighteen is a tight pussy for fucking. Nineteen through to twenty-seven is anal and twenty-eight through to thirty-six is anything you want!”

My Master talked some more about the rules, but I drifted away and looked over at the other sex slave. She caught me looking at her and approached me. She seemed just as nervous. I was about to speak to her when my Master caught us. He walked over. “You two will be known as ‘Miss Black’ and ‘Miss Red’ tonight. While we’re setting up the game why don’t the two of you entertain us? I’m sure my dirty little whore would love a sample taste of your pussy, Miss Red.”

Before I could protest, my Master pulled down Miss Red’s underwear and pushed her onto the nearest lounge then, grabbing me by my hair, my Master pressed my face into her wet pussy. I pulled away momentarily to try and stop this nonsense, but Master pressed my face into her pussy, and as I started licking her, I found the taste of Miss Red’s pussy was too alluring to stop. My own pussy began quivering as I got to my knees and stuck my tongue inside her. Her scent was delectable.

Miss Red started moaning in pleasure and slid her fingers through my hair before reaching to my breasts and pinching my nipples. The men took notice of us and started clapping and laughing, trying to encourage us further. I licked and licked and licked her little clit and it got me so horny. As my tongue worked faster and faster, I suddenly noticed that I had been rubbing my clit.

“Now, if you’re looking to find two dirty girls sucking your cock, you will need to play odds and evens. Miss Black shall be the evens and Miss Red shall be the odds.” I heard, as my Master continued. “Seem difficult? You’ll get the hang of it.” I drifted in and out of Master’s ‘rules’ and persisted in licking Miss Red’s pussy. My Master took notice and stopped me as I was having ‘too much fun’. Miss Red and I got up, feeling a little embarrassed.

My Master finished explaining the rules to the men, and it just hit me; the reality of the situation, ‘I was going to be used as a sex toy by these men that I don’t know!’ I tried to remain calm but it was evident to everyone how panicked I was. I was just so confused. I didn’t know what I wanted. Part of me wanted to run and the other part wanted to know what it was like to be wanted by someone other than my Master.

“Miss Red!” my Master yelled. “Hand-cuff Miss Black to that chair, it looks as though she might do a runner.” Miss Red obeyed and I did little to resist. I felt so naked as the men surrounded me and stared at my body, I was just an object to them. My mind went back and forth, conflicted.

“Miss Red, eat Miss Black’s pussy. I want her warmed up for tonight’s performance,” my Master instructed, with a smirk. I wondered whether Miss Red was being paid or if she was here against her will also, as she again obeyed orders and got to her knees in front of me. I eagerly awaited her to taste me. Miss Red took down my panties, slowly, then immediately went for my clit. I arched my back against the chair, thrusting my breasts out for the men to gawk at. My legs spread wide in response to her tongue.

Closing my eyes, I began moaning and clenching my teeth in utter pleasure. Oh God! I want it so bad! “Eat me! Eat me!” I yelled to her.

I opened my eyes and watched as some of the men were rubbing their cocks. One of them surprised me by coming right to my face and started pumping his cock, rubbing it against my cheek. “Suck it, bitch!” he yelled to me. I was so turned on by Miss Red’s licking that I couldn’t say no to him.

Taking the head of his cock in my mouth, I licked and sucked as best as I could, but he was not satisfied and grabbed my head roughly and started fucking my mouth. He was fucking my mouth so fast and deep that I thought I would die from gagging.

The men cheered him on and he responded by fucking my mouth faster. Eventually he slowed down and brought my mouth to the hilt of his cock and kept me there. I tried to resist but he wouldn’t let up. The man looked down at Miss Red and noticed that she had stopped her duties. “Lick her clit, you filthy whore!” he yelled to her, and she resumed eating me. I again closed my eyes in pleasure but I felt the pain of this giant cock in my mouth, gagging me.

The man was watching Miss Red and was encouraging her to make me cum. He then took his cock out of my mouth and pumped it, fast and hard. “Listen up! I’m gonna cum all over you dirty sluts and you will lick each other clean, got it?” I looked to my Master for aid but all I received was a hard slap across my cheek from the man, “Got it, bitch?” he repeated to me.

“Yes” I said.

“‘Yes’ what?” he demanded.

“Yes sir”, I cried.

The man then grabbed Miss Red by the hair, from my pussy and asked, “You got it too, slut?”

“Yes sir” she replied, cum dripping from her lips.

“Good,” he responded, smiling “continue eating her then.” Miss Red again obeyed. My pussy became saturated and I was feeling incredibly horny. The man proceeded with rubbing his cock, bringing it to my face, smearing pre-cum onto my cheek, tormenting me. I wanted to block it out and concentrate on Miss Red.

Her tongue was amazing; it was so insatiable, licking up all my juices, attacking my clit. I closed my eyes as I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm. I moaned and screamed, “Lick my clit! Lick it! Lick it! Lick it!”

The man, knowing that I was about to cum, slapped me again then pumped his cock faster, “You will cum when I tell you to, slut!” With that he forced his cock into my mouth and fucked it. “As punishment I will cum into your mouth, you dirty whore.”

The other men cheered and chanted, “Cum! Cum! Cum!”

He was so rough that I felt a tear fall against my cheek. The man grabbed Miss Red and made her suck his balls. “Oh yeah!” I heard him moan. “Take it, you dirty whores! Take me in your mouth! Fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum in this slut”

The men chanted faster, “Cum! Cum! Cum!” He sped up and fucked my mouth deeper until he paused and held my head in place, trembling as he came.

I could barely breathe as his cum coated the back of my throat and made me gag. “Swallow it, whore!” he yelled to me. I cried and gasped for air, but the man held me. “Swallow my cum, you fucking slut!” I gave in and swallowed his load. It was hot and sticky and tasted horrible. He let me go and I was able to breathe again.

The men all cheered and taunted me, calling me a whore. My Master silenced them and said that it was my turn to cum now. The men responded with disappointment as they wanted to take turns fucking both Miss Red and I. “The point was to get Miss Black all hot for the action later on, and I don’t think that’s what you did. “Miss Red, uncuff Miss Black from the chair, you two will 69 for us.”

This idea excited the men.

Miss Red took my restraints off and we both walked to the ‘centre stage’ assuming the position. The men ordered Miss Red on top. She climbed over me and positioned her pussy just above my face. I took hold of her legs and spread mine apart, bringing my knees up. I brought my tongue to her clit, it tasted sweet, then Miss Red’s tongue was on my clit and I felt a small quiver of pleasure.

I began moaning and this turned on Miss Red. She moaned too, and I felt the vibrations from her moans on my clit. Getting so horny, I dived into her pussy and moaned some more. The men were also getting horny. I watched them taking their cocks out of their pants. They were hard and big, and I started craving their cocks. I closed my eyes and fantasised about being fucked by one of their huge cocks and being licked by Miss Red at the same time, perhaps being fucked in the mouth by my Master also.

His cock is so fucking amazing. I wanted it so bad. Opening my eyes, I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm. I tried to yell to Miss Red for her to lick faster, but I was muffled by her delicious pussy.

I worked my tongue faster and faster, thoughts surging through me of being used like a toy by the men. My body was trembling as I started cumming all over Miss Red’s face. My orgasm must have pushed Miss Red over the edge as she came all over my face too. The juices poured onto my lips and I licked it all up, fervently.

Miss Red moved off me to lie on the floor and relax, but my Master stopped her. “You’re not done. Clean your cum off Miss Black’s face, you dirty whore!” Miss Red crawled on her knees towards where I lay and started licking my face and lips. I responded by kissing and licking her. The men all cheered again, yelling out “sluts!”

Master came to the ‘centre stage’ to address the men, ignoring Miss Red and I. “I think it’s time for the main event, don’t you?” The men stuck their throbbing cocks back into their pants and walked towards the roulette table, set up in the lounge room. Miss Red and I took this as an opportunity to clean ourselves up and rest, but Master had other plans.

“What are you two whores up to?” he demanded, startling us. “I am sick of your insolence! I have given you orders to be filthy sluts for us this evening, and you want to rest?” Master gestured to two of his friends and they grabbed both Miss Red and I roughly, pinning us to a wall, their hands over our necks, licking and biting us. I whimpered in protest but was stopped when a tongue was forced into my mouth.

A short time after, he removed his tongue from my mouth to suckle my breasts and then I cried out, surprised, when I felt a hand run over my wet, dripping cunt. “This is one horny slut!” I heard the man shout to the others. “She’s so fucking wet!” he announced as he stuck two of his fat fingers into my pussy. I moaned in both pleasure and shock from the sudden finger-fucking I was enduring. He got to his knees and looked up at me, feeding off my enjoyment. I bit my lip and moaned suddenly as he stuck his thumb right onto my clit, rubbing it.

I turned to find Miss Red, on all fours, having her arse licked out by another man. She was enjoying it, I could tell, but I knew that she didn’t want to enjoy it. The man pinched her breasts suddenly and she cried out. He continued licking around her rim until he abruptly stuck his tongue inside her arse. Miss Red cried out, even louder this time.

“These fucking whores are being so loud” I heard a man roar. With that he undid his pants and his cock burst out, big and hard. He got to his knees in front of Miss Red, grabbed her hair aggressively, pulling her towards him before forcing his giant cock into her tiny mouth. I heard her gag as she did not expect his cock to fill her mouth. She was being pounded in her mouth and pounded in her arse. I couldn’t help but feel aroused watching. The man that was fucking her mouth leaned over to her ears and said, “Try and scream now, you fucking slut!”

Two fingers became three, stretching my cunt, and I silently screamed, closing my eyes tightly. “Open your eyes, bitch!” the man yelled, startling me. “Watch me as I finger-fuck your tight little pussy!” I stared down at him but wanted to close my eyes in the moment.

Unexpectedly he took his fingers out roughly and spread my legs apart; I felt my juices as they slid down my thighs. He smiled as he noticed how wet I had become, “You want this, don’t you?” I felt embarrassed at how my body had betrayed me, though at the same time I really did want him to make me cum. I closed my eyes and drifted again into my fantasies, but opened my eyes again as I felt a sharp pain, my pussy had been struck hard, by him. I cried out.

“I asked you a question, whore. Now tell me that you want this.”

A soft “Yes” escaped from my lips, the blow to my clit was so hard I couldn’t speak any louder.

From a distance I heard my Master holler to me, “He asked you a question, slave, now answer him or you will be punished severely.” The men muttered something vague in the background. I could distinguish one of them saying that they wanted us to disobey the men. Another said that he thought it was ‘his turn’ to play with the ‘dolls’.

I swallowed then moaned to the man, “Yes, I want this.”

“You want me to eat your pussy, don’t you?” he said, smirking at my submission.

“Yes, please eat my pussy out,” I said in a sensual voice. The man grinned then wasted no time in lapping up my juices, probing my cunt and running his hand over my shaved mound.

“Tastes so sweet” he said, slightly muffled.

His hands ran over my thighs and hips, and then he took hold of my arse. He squeezed it, pulling me closer to him, pushing his face in deeper to my pussy. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue over my clit, nearing me to climax. As a reflex I grabbed his head and forced him in closer to my quivering cunt.

I opened my eyes momentarily to see how Miss Red was coping. I was shocked to find her in a different position without me even noticing. She was on her back, legs spread wide, taking a huge cock in her tight cunt, while the other man stood over her, pumping his cock, trying to cum all over her body. The men changed positions in unison, as though they knew what the other was thinking. The first man got down to his knees and continued fucking Miss Red, while the other man also got to his knees, behind her head and slapped her face with his throbbing cock, laughing as he teased her. “Taste good?” I heard him ask her smugly.

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